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November Light par Sunshine Production est une demo de 1996 pour AMIGA 1200 avec plein de graphismes 2D ! Une très bonne musique démarre cette demo et ensuite les effets s'enchaînent avec des transitions assez simples mais efficaces, principalement du fondu. Les graphs 2D de cette demo apporte beaucoup au global de cette demo et lui permettent d'être une excelente demo ! ( WoDK ).
Video Youtube :
Boing Balls ! :
GFX : 8 / 10
SOUND : 7 / 10
CODE : 7 / 10
87 %
Les + : Les GFX 2D.
Les - : Tout va bien !

Année de parution : 1996

Demoparty : Halloween 1996
Télécharger Amiga Forever !

Les démos AMIGA sont proposées au téléchargement dans leur format d'origine. Il faut un système AMIGA pour pouvoir les utiliser ou utiliser une émulation AMIGA disponible sur internet comme : WinUAE ou Amiga Forever !

Amiga demos are available for download in their original format. It takes a AMIGA system to use or use Amiga emulation available on the internet as: WinUAE or Amiga Forever!

Video quality : H264 - 50 FPS - 1080p
Les vidéos AMIGA de ces démos ont été capturé à l'aide d'émulateurs. Ces captures correspondent au maximum possible avec la version d'origine mais rien ne peux remplacer le vrai hardware de l'AMIGA ! Il vaut mieux donc les lancer sur de vrais AMIGA.

AMIGA videos of these demos were captured using emulators. These shots are the maximum possible with the original version, but nothing can replace the real hardware of the Amiga! It is better to start on the real Amiga.
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Group Logo
Site WEB du groupe : N.C.    
Configuration UAE
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Lien pouet.net Lien Demoscene.tv Lien Scene.org
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___ _ __ _ _ __ ___ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ ____
/ __//__ ___| ¬\_ _\\¬\| ¬\ / __//__ ___| ¬\_ (_) _\\¬\| ¬\ _\\___//
__\____ ¬Y | Y \ \ (_____ ¬Y:· l Y ¬Y \ \ Y __/_____
\_ (_)) _ | _ _ \ \ _ (_)) _ _ _ _·:. \ \ _ \ _ _/
_ _ _ _ _ _ ,_ . _ ___ _ _ _
\\\_ ._) | ' (_) _| (_l (_ ¯\ | (_) | / _`-. _///



Sunshine Productions are proud to present our winning demo at Halloween 96

' N O V E M B E R L I G H T '

Released 961108


About this demo:

This demo works on a A1200/020-28/4Mb Fast/HD, But this is NOT recomended!
Try to see this on a A1200/060-50/HD and More than 4Mb Fast for some nice
FullFrame routines and effects.

======== Simple, Just copy the files to your Harddrive and
Execute 'SSP_StartMe.BAT'

Code: Mr.Coke (Still hates the F_cking $e80's :) )
Music: Randall (mod.access_the_mind)
Graphics: MRK (Logo, EyePulp, Bu'bo_Bu'bo, Paul_Stanley, Klas_Lund)
Pad (Rose)

-=[ Enjoy this demo of 4:37 min pure pumping energy in 180 bpm. ]=-

(Turn da volume on MAX and fly away with us)

None of our coming productions will be nice
towards all A1200/020-28/4Mb users.
So Get yourself some power in the machine today and enjoy all
new demos (not just from us) coming in the future.



Hence (coder) joined Sweden
Nitch (coder) joined France
Bombas (coder) joined Sweden
SpeedDevil (swapper) joined Norway
MRK's Harddisk crashed (R.I.P.) (Lost his Phonesex-list)
Producer got himself a girl (damn ugly we guess :) )
Qen went to the hairdresser (at last, phew!)
Pad had his 18:th birthday, and has a hangover ever since..
Hence is in the army, and practise his tank movements ;)...
Mr.Coke..............well, hummmm............?
Randall is still high on paint, after painting walls.

Our Home-Page is getting updated and refreshed with a
FTP-Site with all files from SSP and our members.
Address announces later.



SSP-LC10.LHA (lzx checker for /X) V 1.0
SSP-LC11.LHA (lzx checker for /X) V 1.1
SSP-LC12.LHA (lzx checker for /X) V 1.2
SSP_TA10.LHA (Fastest TXTAdder Ever)
SSP_TXTAdder (Fastest TXTAdder Ever)
SSP_TXTAdder (Fastest TXTAdder Ever)
SSP_S&T.lha (Winning demo at Virtual Conspiracy)
SSP_C187.lha (short demo, depression-release by Mr.Coke)
SSP_Harz.lha (6 hour sick production)
SSP_NOV.lha (Winning demo at Halloween 96)


Message from Mr.Coke to:

Randall/SSP: Hi Randall!
Sorry for my destructive end of your module.
I had to add some patterns at the end, hope you
won't kill me next time :)..

Nitch/SSP Contact me as soon as you can.

Skutt/Led: Hi There 'Hata Telia!'.
Hope you didn't chew your knees waiting for this..
See you at Hogges place..

Skize/Led: Hi Dude!
Thanks for the moral support.

Pow/SSP: Get yourself an Internet connection.
And keep up the good work.

Producer/SSP: When will our FTP/WWW/IRC open?
Call me when your on the way back to Stockholm.

At last..... "HEJSAN" to all in Sunshine Productions.



ram jam
logic probe
limited edition
the black lotus
three little elks


Greets From Rooster to:

action/damage polen
adonis/impact dk danmark
albundy/jewels danmark
anti/infect tyskland
blaze/phuture 303 polen
braindead finland
buzzer/zenon finland
candyman/session sverige
carp/phuture 303^Strobe england
chewie/depth^x-trade sverige
decoy/passion danmark
devistator/eltech^twisted england
exl/megahead italien
exon/riot^jormas tyskland
fisherking/massive norge
fugazi/giants sverige
fashion/ramjam tyskland
gangsta/scoopex^c-lous tyskland
general lee/factor sverige
ghandy/gods tyskland
hardfire/intense^n.g.c frankrike
hawk/giants sverige
immortal/freezers polen
jamsam/finesse sverige
keldon/giants sverige
kestrel/syndrome tyskland
karpow/scoopex finland
loop/ram jam sverige
muffler/nah kolor finland
model/sonik clique finland
mj/iris norge
mike/mystic finland
mr.king/trsi tyskland
morkeleb/strange sverige
nemo/factor sverige
noodle/haujobb^desire holland
pantera/balance sverige
payday/ram jam sverige
punk/illusion^ozone free tyskland
qba/nah kolor^corrupt^pil polen
raptor/sector 5^void polen
react/monk holland
randy/subject sverige
sinister/the doodles&shock sverige
speeddevil/x norge
slurry/intense^depth sverige
splatterhead/freezers finland
subtopia/led^planet core sverige
swoop/rebels sverige
trasher/artwork^sanity^bomb tyskland
the trendy dealer/ramjam italien
vega/ramjam italien
xerxes/rage^balance sverige
zinko/polka brothers danmark



AMIGA Mr.Coke Coder/Organizer Sweden
Hence Coder Sweden
Bombas Coder Sweden
Whiplash Coder Sweden
Nitch Coder France
Pad Graphics Sweden
MRK Graphics Sweden
Atheist Musician Sweden
Qen Musician Sweden
Deelite Musician Sweden
P.O.W Musician Norway
Randall Musician Sweden
Opium Sysop Sweden
Rooster Swapper Sweden
Speed Devil Swapper Norway

PC Producer Coder/Organizer Sweden
Solomon Coder Sweden
HeadCase Coder Sweden
Kanser Musician Sweden



Sunshine Productions is looking for members. If you want to join
a friendly party, get in touch with our members.
Coders and Graphicians wanted, but also other creative people.
We have several projects in mind and will contribute more with our
talanted members.


Mr.Coke / Coder Qen / Musician

Mikael Rickan Ken M. Berglund
Vallhornsvägen 7 2tr Brantstigen 14
142 32 SKOGÅS 141 71 HUDDINGE
Sweden Sweden

E-Mail: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. E-Mail: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

Voice-Phone: 070-7540011
08-7717311 (After 15th November)


For Swapping:

___ ___ ______ __________ __
./ /_./ /_./ _ \. \/ \.
l___ l___ |_ _/ : sunshine |
/____ /___/ \____: productions |
·-----------/ zZ \----------------·
| |
| rooster / sunshine |
| Anders Lindqvist |
| Ängsvägen 16 |
| 820 75 Harmånger |
| speed devil / sunshine |
| Morten Martinussen |
| Sandsliveien 263 |
| 5049 Sandsli |



May the Source be with you!


End of text.

Merci pour votre aide à l'agrandissement d'Amigaland.com !

Thanks for you help to extend Amigaland.com !




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