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We can help! This month, Mega-lo-Mania gets big... Every month, we bring you the best reviews of the most up- to-date releases in all things serious, hardware or software In NEWS It's make or break time for the CDTV, but the signs are good with a price drop and an exciting new development giving more colour than ever before... Regulars Reviews t’s better than a The A500 Plus, one of many big events in the year of the Amiga on Page 26. I Polly put the colours on! This is the year the Amiga went full colour: see Page 34. Populous II is just one of our games of the year: discover the rest on Page 46. Three of these marvellous midgets are up for grabs on Page 1 61... The Year of the Amiga 26 From CDTV to A500 Plus, it's been a big year for the Amiga. Read about the big events that are shaping the future... The Year of the Compact Disc 30 In 1991 the CD Amiga arrived: in 1992 it'll come to us all. But find out how it can change your computing life... The Year the Amiga went full colour 34 Amiga graphics has changed with the arrival of 'True Colour', 16 million colours rather than 4,096. This is how it works... The Year graphics changed forever 39 Deluxe Paint IV and new 3D software has changed Amiga graphics forever. Know what you should be buying?

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Document sans nom Sequencer One FULL music package - Worth £89.95 SOFTWARf PAST ,, Plus Lemmings Three'new exclusive levels!
The big changes and the best buys of 1991 Graphics and music software worth a huge £170 - all yours!
Graphics Workshop FULL paint package - Worth £79.95!
What will be big in 1992
- the experts tell all IN OUR BIGGEST EVER ISSUE!
• More pages off game reviews
• More Gamebusters game tips
• More dead usefful Workbench TEHii iisiKre r 1 TitanSports, Inc.
Vl fellow Imaas!
Bartholomew J. Simpson here, with a very important secret: g(»CE.M«TV S A*» lM AWM»$ PWfs'GfieV.D That's right man! A buncha slimy, horrible, totally gross and putrid monsters are taking over the bodies of the people who live here and they wanna build a weapon that's gonna take over the MA+h entire planet!
Anyway, yours truly is the only one who can see 'em! I've gotta spray-paint things, get radical on* skateboard, use my trusty slingshot, and in general behave like a nuisance, man.
So if your decent person a patriot, and somebody who cares about this sorry planet, you'll do the right thing.
ACCLAIM" AND MASTERS OF THE GAME" ARE TRADEMARKS Of ACCLAIM ENTERTA NMI T MC THE SIMPSONS TM & 0 1990 TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM CORP ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Contents News 13 AJI the latest on the Amiga scene, including a special report on the World of Commodore show... Coming Attractions 64 Previews of everything that’s new on the games scene, featuring Epic, Abandoned Places and Turbocharge... Screenplay The monthly games review section tha: In GAMEBUSTERS Mega-lo-Mania is on enormous and challenging game: but if you're beginning to get stuck, all you need to do is consult our fabulous
player's guide.
In PD UPDATE Find out what we've named as the top PD game of the year, as well as the best 10 utilities and the top 20 demos... ABC AMIGA FORMAT 30 JANUARY 1992 ¦ EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT EDITOR Damien Noonan Features, news and non-games reviews contact SCREENPLAY EDITOR Trenton Webb Games and entertainment software reviews TECHNICAL EDITOR Pat McDonald Workbench, Coverdisk and technical enquiries STAFF WRITER Maff Evans Gamebusters and games enquiries PRODUCTION EDITOR Gary Lord Editorial freelance copy contact EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Clare Hodgson Competition enquiries, general queries ART
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Quote of the month: "Christmas? Bah! Humbug!
Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations.
I Registered Circulation 115,158 Jan - June 1991 HAM-E Spectracolor 182 ALF-3 hard drive controller 196 Paint and animation now in millions of colours!
A different approach to hard drive technology Genesis 186 Trojan Light Pen 198 The latest way to create pretty fractal landscapes Just look at this for a new mouse alternative!
ProWrite 3.2 189 FontGrabber 200 Does this updated word publisher cut the mustard?
Create your own fonts with this original program Home Accounts 2 191 Directory Opus 203 Trouble with money? Let Digita sort your account The power of the CU is put at your control GB Route Plus 192 Fun School 4 205 Fun and information with the top route planner The latest edition of the top educational series Trilogic A500 hard drive 195 Magic Storybook 211 A new contender for high-value mass storage space A fascinating new way of looking at education games-only mag: and this month it’s bigger than ever... Captain Planet 101 Shadow Sorcerer 102 FORMAT GOLDS Celtic Legends 104 Populous 2 80
Robo Zone 109 MicroProse Golf 122 Rugby - the World Cup 110 Formula 1 Grand Prix 132 Supaplex 114 Necronom 117 REVIEWS 4D Sports Boxing 119 Amnios 84 Fuzball 126 Deathbringer 87 Cisco Heat 129 Under Pressure 88 Lord of the Rings 130 Final Blow 90 Strike Fleet 136 Birds of Prey 94 Hagar the Horrible 139 Devious Designs 98 Covert Action 140 PD Update 245 The best of the latest in nearly-free software: PLUS this month, the best PD games, utilities and demos of 1991 Workbench 279 A very special edition of the top techie advice section picks out and answers ALL the most common Amiga gueries!
Letters 297 Join the fun in the world’s biggest forum for Amiga fans!
Special Offers 232 We pick out the best software and offer it at bargain prices Subscriptions 238 Make it easy on yourself: get your mag delivered!
Screenplay 'Outro' 147 Reviews of Titanic Blinky, Fort Apache, Wild Wheels and Baby Jo as well as latest budget releases and compilations PLUS the month's top-selling UK games AND the Chart of the Year Gamebusters 165 Stuck on Level Two? Beaten by the end-of-level boss?
We can help! This month, Mega-lo-Mania gets big... Every month, we bring you the best reviews of the most up- to-date releases in all things serious, hardware or software In NEWS It's make or break time for the CDTV, but the signs are good with a price drop and an exciting new development giving more colour than ever before... Regulars Reviews t’s better than a The A500 Plus, one of many big events in the year of the Amiga on Page 26.
I Polly put the colours on! This is the year the Amiga went full colour: see Page 34.
Populous II is just one of our games of the year: discover the rest on Page 46.
Three of these marvellous midgets are up for grabs on Page 1 61... The Year of the Amiga 26 From CDTV to A500 Plus, it's been a big year for the Amiga.
Read about the big events that are shaping the future... The Year of the Compact Disc 30 In 1991 the CD Amiga arrived: in 1992 it'll come to us all.
But find out how it can change your computing life... The Year the Amiga went full colour 34 Amiga graphics has changed with the arrival of 'True Colour', 16 million colours rather than 4,096. This is how it works... The Year graphics changed forever 39 Deluxe Paint IV and new 3D software has changed Amiga graphics forever. Know what you should be buying?
The Year we made a choice... 41 Throughout the year we've reviewed all manner of serious hard and software, here's a round-up of the best buys to date... The best games of 1991 46 What was the game of the year? Check out the opinions of the Amiga Format team and see if you agree... What will be the Christmas No 1? 50 There have been some excellent new releases in the run up to Christmas: here's the betting for which will come out tops Big in 1991, big in 1992 54 We ask twenty top programming teams in the UK what was their favourite game of 1991 and what will be big in 1992... Buyer s guide:
Genlocks 218 All you need to get into Amiga video is a genlock, which blends your Amiga screen with the TV. We pick the best in the field Win a video Walkman or a Camegear! 161 US Gold put £1000 worth of seriously fun technology up for grabs in the great G-Loc airborne challenge guiz... The Christmas Prize Crossword 227 Stretch your brain, test your word-power and have some fun: and you could win a special prize from Electronic Arts... Competitions • • • • Win stardom in Mega-lo-Mania! 77 ImageWorks are offering the once-in-a-lifetime chance to star as a villain in the new Mega-lo-Mania data
disk scenarios. Wow!
Welcome to Amiga Format!
Special features Sequencer One .
Your amazing complete song-writing program, worth £89! You can write songs easily, either just with the Amiga and sound samples, or with full MIDI capability and your electronic instruments. What a bargain!
Loading instructions over the page.
Complete instructions and an easy-to-follow tutorial guide in the - A supplement free with this issue!
Graphics Workshop PLEASE NOTE: NEEDS 1 MEGABYTE Your stunning, full-featured complete paint and animation package features the use of 'colour areas' to provide masses of colours on screen, as well as much, much more... Loading instructions over the page.
Complete instructions and an easy-to-follow tutorial guide in the A supplement free with this issue!
KS turn the page Graphics Workshop FULL paint package - Worth £79.95!
FULL music package - Worth £89.95!
Plus Lemming Three new exclusive levels!
If this is the first time you've come across Amiga Format, then welcome to the world's most popular magazine just for Amiga owners!
Every month we aim to deliver the most complete picture of the Amiga scene, so whether you're new to the computer or an old hand, there's plenty in here that you'll find useful and enjoyable.
Every month, there s news and reviews of everything that’s new not only on the games scene, but also in the way of hardware and in what we call serious' software: useful stuff like word processors, creative stuff like graphics and music programs and practical, useful utilities. And there s PD Update, which picks out the best in free software.
You II also discover special sections of the magazine set aside to helping you with your problems: Gamebusters for game- playing cheats and hints. Workbench for any hassles you’re having with the Amiga, your hardware or software.
And there's our special features, introduc ing new areas of the Amiga, comparing and picking out the best in specific types of hardware and software, and lifting the lid on things you'd always wanted to know about.
And don't forget that when you pay the usual price of £2.95, every month that includes your action-packed Coverdisk containing demos of the latest in games and serious’ software as well as much more.
But this is our bumper Christmas Special, the biggest Amiga magazine ever produced.
You'll find lots of extra treats for the festive season, including £170 worth of complete full-price programs on the Coverdisks and a special Lemmings game demo. Look out for our silly Top Tens, check out the big prize competitions and, above all, have fun!
Xmas Lemmings!
Oh no! They’re hack again! The biggest hit game off 1991 returns, and we bring you three exclusive special Christmas levels off ffun... SteveoMaster The latest in sound sampling packages In a completely useable demo fform. Microdeal bring you hours off sample-based enjoyment... Coverdislc Follow these instructions to guide you through this month's disks.
Also check out the tutorials in the Sound and Vision Supplement.
GETTING STARTED The only program lhal will nor run straight from the Coverdisk is Graphics W orkshop For all the other programs. Simply turn on your Amiga, pop the disk in the drive, and wail. Stereo Master on Coverdisk 30a. Will load immediately and should work on all Amigas.
For 30b [Lemmings and Sequencer One), turn on your computer and put the disk in It will ask you which program you want to play; press Y and Return for Lemmings; or N and return for Sequencer One.
For GF.V " orkshop. If you have more than one disk drive, and only I Mb of memory. Disconnect or turn off the extra drives this saves memory). Next, turn your machine on and load Workbench. Finally, take out Workbench and insert Coverdisk 30a. Double click on its icon with the left mouse button, and again on the GF.V " orkshop icon. A couple of notes on memory.
Lemmings and GFX Workshop need I Mb or more of memory The Stereo Master demo though, should work fine on 0.5Mb machines. Sequencer One will work on
0. 5Mb systems, but the only example song that you can load is
Sequencer One Gajits ¦ PAL7NTSC So you want to be a MIDI musician? This program is a fully-lledged MIDI sequencer, and can also sequence Amiga sound samples. It s a very versatile program, but before you rush to your computer to have a look at it, bear the following in mind.
For one thing, you can only use MIDI if you have a MIDI interface plugged Into the serial port of your Amiga, and a MIDI instrument or two connected to the interface. It has proved troublesome to include these with the issue - we did try a couple but they kept tailing off the newsagent's shelves.
Anyway, once you have it loaded, it will display a box explaining in technical terms how the Sequencer uses memory. Just click on OK with the left mouse button. After that, a flannel panel will display information about the origins of the program. Click on More to read on, or anywhere else inside the box to move on. The best thing to do next is to load an example song. Keep the right mouse button pressed, and move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen (it should say Files'). A menu will drop down - move the mouse pointer down until the words Load Song' are highlighted. You can let go of
the mouse button now.
A requester box will now appear (a panel that asks you to answer a question). After a few moments the contents of the disk will be displayed - click with the left mouse button on the songs drawer. Click again on the words A-Hip-Hop', and then on OK. The song should load. Click on the Play' button to listen to it, and then have a good read of the instructions included with the free supplement, written by music maestro Maff Evans.
Stereo Master Microdeal ¦ PAL only This Is a demo! It does have most of the features of the full-priced sample editor, but it cannot load or save sound samples. Instead, it has a sound sample built in, so you can play and experiment with it. Once loaded, It will display this sample In the upper area of the screen. To play it, just click on the play button with the mouse. The play button is not labelled as such. It's located towards the middle of the screen, along with fast forward and reverse - just like a tape recorder.
JANUARY 1992 The best way to find out how to use the program is experimentation. Most ot the features will put up a requester box, explaining the function and asking you if you want to continue.
There are also some menu options as well; to access these, keep the right mouse button pressed and move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen, then down over the relevant menu.
We hope you enjoy the demo, and do watch out for a full review in a future issue.
Graphics Workshop PALYNTSC Holosoft Technologies P|Resolution=|r |q| mam m m 320x400 640x200 640x400 OverScn The first thing it does after you have loaded the program is ask you which resolution you want to use for your pictures. Note that the program defaults to NTSC resolution (200 or 400 vertical lines) as opposed to PAL (256 or 512 vertical lines). Just click on the PAL button with the mouse to get the higher resolution.
After that little task is out of the way. The program will load (eventually - it's quite big). The best way to find out how to use it is to mess about with the controls until you understand them.
8 64 pal am If you need a more in-depth briefing on this complete graphics package, then simple turn to the Sound and Vision Supplement (Page 21) that's free with this issue of Amiga Format, for the full instructions, as written by Damien Noonan the Editor. Don't be surprised if it takes a while to pick up the basics - but once you get the hang of it you'll be amazed at the visions you can create.
Thii simple box appearing will appear on your Workbench screen - it's to select the resolution of your pictures, and how many colours they'll hove. The more colours ond resolution the picture uses, the more memory it will toke up.
Real Things, Coverdisk 29 There was a certain amount of confusion over the Real Things Shark animbrush on last issue's Coverdisk, which we’d just like to clear up. First of all, the warning on the Coverdisk pages that the Real Things demo was not on the disk was untrue.
Due to disk production difficulties, we believed at the time the page went to press the animbrush would have to be omitted. We later managed to remaster the disk to include it.
Furthermore, we used the wrong animbrush on the disk; it was not the one RGB Studios supplied for the purpose. And our hints for Its use - printed at the bottom of Page 25 - were not those provided by RGB Studios. These have, we understand. Misled people trying to use the sample on disk, and we apologise for any confusion.
RGB Studios would like to point out that, like all Real Things products, Sea Lite is constructed In a progressive fashion which increases your knowledge of Amiga animation bs you proceed through Xmas Lemmings DMA Psygnosis ¦ PAL NTSC Yes ihe legend of Lemmings lives onl And 10 celebrate the fact Psygnosis have released over 100 brand new levels for the game. And because it's Christmas, those wonderful people at DMA Designs have written a special Christmas playable demo for all the readers of Amiga Formal'. Plus four previously unseen levels!
ICONS f. PAUSE ARMAGEDDON SPEED UP RATE Of LEMMINGS In case you've never heard of this frustratingly fun game (which planet have you been on?) Lemmings is controlled entirely with the mouse.
You use the left mouse button almost exclusively, so just leave the right button alone unless the game tells you to use it for something specific. Don't worry though, because this only happens in-between playing different levels.
The idea is simple enough - you have to guide all ihe Lemmings (from wherever they start off their onscreen journey) towards home. The homes, though, are always on the opposite side of the screen. It can be quite tricky to negotiate all of the obstacles because y ou have a minimum number of lemmings to save on each level. If you don't save enough of them, then you have to play the level again. Oh no!
Once Lemmings has finished loading it will display an option screen. You can't do much from here except Quit (highly unlikely) or choose one player to get on with the game. As you finish the levels, access codes will be displayed - do write them down - so that it's easy to get at the later levels. Well, it's easy enough to get at them, but just downright fiendish to try and complete them.
Another screen will pop up. Showing a map of the level, to give you some idea of what you've got to do.
It also tells you what percentage of lemmings that the package.The Leopard Shark animbrush we gave you Is the most complex in the package, and is intentionally only partly-finished so that you can fine-tune it yourself. The animbrush we should have used Is the Reef Shark from the early stages of the Sea Lite product and is simpler to use, as well as taking up less memory.
Please do not be put off Real Things by our mistakes. The series as a whole Is slmple-to-use and makes an excellent animation tool at all stages of proficiency, from beginner to advanced user.
To help us make up for the confusion, RGB Studios have agreed to make an attractive offer. All those who were at the World of Commodore Show will remember seeing the Reef Shark 'movie' on the Real Things stand. This is what you could have produced If our last issue had come out right and is just a tiny part of the potential of Real Things Sea Lite. Here is the offer: you can get Real Things Sea Lite complete (two disks) at the World of Commodore Show price of £26 (normally £29.95) by writing to: RGB Studios. The Gables, Buxted, East Sussex TN 22 4PP or phoning 082-581 2666 before December 31
You need to save, and how many of (hem you get (o play with. Ii also (ells you how much lime you have left. Simply click on Ihe left mouse button lo continue (Ihe game will (hen pause because i( needs lo load more dala from (he disk).
The theory of playing Lemmings is simplicity in itself. At ihe bottom left of the screen are several icons, each one depicts a lemming doing a different task.
Above these icons are numbers, these show you how many times that you can use that particular icon. Just click on an it. And then on a lemming and they'll start doing that job.
The icons at the far left are for controlling the flow of Lemmings - the minus symbol slow s dow n the rate, while the plus icon will speed them up (useful when you’re running low on time and some of the lemmings are not even on Ihe screen yet).
Following on from those, the tasks that lemmings can perform are: Climbers, these little devils can climb up and down sheer drops, but unfortunately they can't deal with overhangs: Fallers can fall any distance: Bombers, will self destruct in five seconds (handy for getting rid of Blockers): Blockers slop other lemms from going past; Builders build bridges with 12 sections (they clang when they're about to finish); Bashers knock horizontal holes through obstacles: Miners dig diagonal holes; and Diggers, this lot scoop vertical holes out.
JANUARY 1992 The paw prints icon is for pawsing the game, and the nuclear mushroom cloud will turn all the lemmings that are left into Bombers - a very spectacular way to end a hopeless game. To the right of the icons is a map. Which will scroll the main screen if you click on it. A faster way to move around the level is to move the mouse pointer to the left or right screen edges, and then press the right button.
Lasy in practice? Don't you believe il! The secret of Lemmings is knowing when and where to activate them. If they are left to their own devices all they will do is just wander about, bouncing off objects and falling down holes. These guys have no idea of self preservation at all.
There are several types of natural hazard in the game.
The most common one is simply falling off the bottom of the screen. Next there's falling too far (lemms can fall short distances without injury , but there is a limit).
Next are the traps, nasty moving objects which can squash lemms flat. It s a tough life.
Finally, to all those of you who really do like to be first at sending in access codes - don't bother w ith the demo ones. No prizes will be awarded, because we've already got them!
ISjsing Your Coverdisk
1. Always write-protect your disk. Move the tab so a hole is
2. Copy the Coverdisk and use the copy, not the original. This
may sound like a complicated task suitable only for techno
buffs, but it's surprisingly simple to do, just follow the
simple instructions for copying the disk which are given
3. Read the instructions when using the programs.
Backing up your Disk There are two ways of making a copy of your disks, and this is the easy one. Don't be daunted by the fact that you need to use the Shell or CLI: its actually a lot easier than you might think.
Just follow these simple steps... m r A 'mi 1 kA 1 Itillltn *n** bomiM fart* 1 *1 1* 1 **• 1 load your Workbench disk. Open the disk, lind the icon that says Shell or Cll and double-dirk on it.
If you have a problem with the disk - and you re sure the disk is in full working order - then you may need a little help. If you ring us on any Tuesday, and ask to speak to Pat McDonald, he will do his best to help you. Please understand, giving this sort of advice is time-consuming and we are very busy people, so only call if you really have to and do be considerate if we can't talk to you just then. If the problem is particularly complex it is better to send it to us in written detail. It will then be dealt with in the Workbench pages of the magazine.
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple to use and have no known viruses. We cannot usually answer complex telephone queries on the software (see the Disk Problems? Box) and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the numerous programs that are on the disk.
COPYRIGHT Unless it is specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author of the program.
Because some of the programs on the coverdisk are not PD. Selling or distributing them without the author's specific permission is against the laws of copyright.
Disk not working?
We duplicate over 160,000 disks every month. Out of all those, obviously a few will be faulty. If the disk or any of the programs will not load or run properly, there may be a problem. Don’t panic!
First try using the DiskDoctor utility on your Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. In-full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user’s manual that came with your machine.
However, if your Coverdisk is faulty, you should send it back INCLUDING AN SAE for a free replacement within a month of the cover date to: Amiga Format December Disk Disk Copy Labs Unit A, Westmarch London Road Daventry Northants NN11 4SA Remember to include that stamped, addressed envelope!
EXODUS 3010: fin action packed space adventure game that will take your computer to its limits.
How will you handle alien lifeforms ? Some may be superior in technology and intelligence - all will be different. Shoot first or try and negotiate ? The onboard communication system will give you full control whatever your decisions.
Pcmonwgrc Takes You Beyond The Final Frontier.
EXODUS 3010 The new space exploration game from Demon ware places YOU in charge of a Galactic cruiser containing the last survivors from Earth s now destroyed civilisation. Have you the strength, ingenuity and courage needed to find a new home ?
You will have to complete over 60 missions plus many more tasks using all the resources and technology available to you.
With 50 highly trained and cryogenkally frozen pilots under your command you will have some help. Each pilot s personality can be specifically tailored to give him or her a unique behavioural pattern. Who reacts best under pressure, who has the intelligence to solve problems themselves, who can handle sophisticated equipment ? With more than 1 billion variations, it may take some time to find out!
DEMONWffRE - The power of the 90’s.
Exclusive marketing and distribution by DMI.
Unit 3. Poyie 16.
Hewiands Drive, Coinbrook, Berkshire SL3 ODX.
Telephone: 0753 6*6000. Fax: 0753 6*0363.
Screens shown are from Amiga version. Actual game graphics may vary. Please check availability before purchase.
Control up to 10 scoutships and other space craft. You can either plan your tactics and use the strategy display or take he controls of any ship and get stuck into the action. With fast and smooth 3-D vector graphics, you II believe you really are there I While you re busy fighting, don t forget to look after the rest of the systems on your ship ! You II need to find new materials to replenish your stocks, and with a bit of help from the laboratories you might even manage to produce a new photon drive, laser or computer. You II certainly need to master the art of manufacture if you want to
build new ships and equipment.
I At i M 1 If this all sounds a bit too complicated, don t worry, the easy to use point n click system let s you get straight in. And you can always leave the difficult bits up to the computer I But to ultimately succeed you will need a courage, skill, stamina and smart thinking.
EXODUS 3010 is available for your AMIGA priced at £29.99. Available from all good software sellers or direct below: TO ORDER: Send this form with payment to the address opposite.
I Alternatively phone with credit card details.
AMIGA VERSION Please send me EXODUS 3010 at £29.99 (ind. PSP) Expiry Date_Card Ho._ Cheque made payable to DMI Ltd.
Please debit my credit card account | Marne_Address_ I Signature--Post Code_ I THE GODS ARE BACK AND ALL HELL IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE Populous II has arrived and it’s everything you'd dreamt it might be - and more.
More earthquakes, more volcanoes, more tidal waves, more deadly swamps, in fact the most devasting natural disasters known to man, and a few he hasn't heard of yet.
This time you find yourself back in Ancient Greece, where as one of the sons of Zeus himself, your aim is to achieve immortality and take your place next to him on Mount Olympus.
But the old boy isn’t going to let you have your way without an almighty fight and he's conscripted 32 of his most powerful deities to stand in the way of your ambitions.
Design your own elaborate settlements with grand houses, roads and trees. Construct city walls in preparation against the oncoming rains of fire, whirlwinds, bolts of lightning and new, especially devious monsters like the foxy Helen of Troy, who leads people to their death with her beauty.
Populous II has 1000 worlds to conquer, I MB of graphics, 5,000 animations, dozens of new sound effects and a mind-blowing sound track.
To celebrate it’s release, you can also collect special Populous II T-shirts, mugs, data disks and interactive clue books from The World of Populous II which you will find in participating retailers.
16 Rgnuig Europe’s biggest show specialising in everything for the ST, Amiga and PC - Business, Education and Entertainment WEMBLEY Pre-Purchase your Fast Lane tickets before February 7th.
Save £1 and enter the FREE prize draw if you apply NOW!
4 Atari Lynx to be won!
Lots of prizes to be won Westminster EXHIBmONS Regular ticket prices - £6 Adult, £4 Child (Under 10) at door or after February 7th.
Fast Lane Ticket Prices
- £5 Adult, £3 Child (Under 10) ¦ 1 1 1 lb: 16 Bit SI St. Austt
how, PO Box 68, ill PL25 4YB I Westminster Exhibitions Ltd, I
enclose a cheque RO. Credit card details for £ Name Address
Postcode Telephone Credit Card No.
Expiry date Over 150 companies from all over the world showing the latest hardware, software, peripherals and consumables.
Bring the family for a great day out!
C r*oCompetitions!
14, 15 & 16 February, 1992 Open 10am - 6pm, Friday and Saturday. Open 10am - 4pm, Sunday.
Hall 1, Wembley Conference & Exhibition Centre, London Nearest tube station - Wembley Park (Metropolitan & Jubilee Lines) Easy access - On sire parking - Follow the signs to Wembley Wider gangways and facilities for the disabled OR phone 0726 68020 to book with credit carujg m 1IH. Mj 081-547 1311 Adult Fast Lane Tickets @ £5.
Child Fast Lane Tickets @ £3 ¦ Surrey House, 34 Eden Street, I Kingston, Surrey KT1 1ER %¦
- fy % including Atari hardware
* Terrific bargains!
I | 081-549 3444 Please send me Oh No! More Lemmings!
The exploding folk with suicidal tendencies are back this month, with the release of Oh No! More Lemmings from Psygnosis. The new disks contain 100 new levels and five new difficulty settings to torture and unbalance the minds of the Amiga gameplaying population.
Oh No', will be available in two forms, as a data disk and a stand-alone game. Those people already owning the original version of the game can get the data disk version for £19.99 while the stand-alone version costs £25.99. This means people who don't own Lemmings - is there anybody who doesn't own Lemmings'! - can get the game and play straight away.
The original has sold in excess of 365.000 copies across all formats and so the data disks look to be a sure-fire winner. These 100 new levels should keep most players busy well into 1992. When there's Lemmings 2 and a potential Lemmings coin-op to look forward to. Let's Go!
Commodore team up with Amiga Format on major ad campaign Increasingly dose ties between Commodore and Amiga Formal are reflected in the latest ad campaign for the Amiga. There are full-colour adverts appearing in national magazines and newspapers last month and this month to follow up from Commodore's Christmas TV ad campaign.
The TV ad features the song 'Sunshine on a Rainy Day' and shows how the Amiga brightens up your world, ending with the line ‘'Brighter by far". The full- colour magazine ad follows up with the line "Have you seen the light?" And includes a picture of an Amiga with Amiga Format lying next to it. "Why is it everyone w ants an Amiga?" Starts off the ad. Moving on to a description of the machine and the Cartoon Classics pack. "And to make the most of your machine, check out Amiga Format" it continues.
"It's a wicked mix of news, reviews, advice and hot tips, showing you exactly what's what."
Apart from the fact that the ad will feature on the first ever full-colour page in adult comic Viz, it's also notable for two other reasons. Not only is it evidence of the growing ties between Commodore and Amiga Format, which have been increasing since Amiga FormaI organised and gave its name to the highly successful World of Commodore show, but also we believe it to be the largest ever advertising campaign to be launched by a home-computer magazine.
CM O O' - who have come to the magazine after seeing the advertisements. Welcome to the brightest and best home computer magazine there is. The world's largest club for Amiga owners!
Once again. Amiga Format, the world's biggcst- sclling Amiga magazine, is setting new records! And we've just got time to say hello to any new readers A500 Plus memory configurations confirmed A500 Plus compatibility: the continuing story Further to last month's exclusive in-depth look at the new A500 Plus, we've managed to confirm a few details about memory expansions. It is now apparent that you can have an increased maximum of 2Mb of chip RAM as part of the 9 Mb total.
Existing A5(X) 'trap-door' RAM expansions are fine for use on the A5(X) Plus, with the proviso that only 5I2K of memory w ill be recognised by the new machine: so larger expansions are a shade redundant.
Already several firms are producing special RAM expansions for the A500 Plus, though we're still waiting for Commodore’s official A50I I Mb expansion. Phoenix have announced a range of expansions, kicking off with a 5I2K expansion expandable to I Mb using 256-by-4 DRAM chips and costing £34.99. Its complete big brother, the I Mb RAM module, will cost £49.99. Both expansions add to the Chip RAM total of the machine.
Ceniresoft, meanwhile, are putting a number of new RAM expansions into shops around the country in time for Christmas, under their Addxtra brand name. The I Mb model for the A500 Plus will cost £49.99 and a 4Mb unpopulated board is available for £59.99. with DRAM chips coming in packs of four (5I2K) for £5.99 each. Keep a look out for them in your local store.
Phoenix 0532 311932 We were expecting a flood of details coming in about more software that won t work on an A500 Plus, hut we've not had any such thing. We have, however, had details passed on to us by trade magazine C 3V of a number of titles which an independent tester has found not to work: these are printed in full on Page IX.
In last issue's 'Inside the new Amiga: compatibility' we listed all the titles so far known not to work. We also included a number of brand-new games w hich we had tested in the pre-release version and found not to work, and we can confirm that they do now work in the final version. This includes such titles as the excellent James Pond: Robocod and Knights of the Sky.
Compatibility problems (software not running on the new machinei are for the most part limited to older games (a year or more old I. Anyone w ho is thinking of upgrading their Amiga to the new Workbench 2 system and has a collection of older games they don't want to lose would be well advised to invest in a ROM sharer. These gadgets allow you to install the new Kickstart 2 ROM while keeping your Kickstarl 1.3 ROM in the machine too.
The latest on the market is from Centresoft's Addxtra label and will be available now at computer stores for £29.95. Phoenix also have a ROM sharer costing £24.99. w ith Kickstart 1.3 ROMs available to A500 Plus owners for £29.99. Phoenix say that all compatibility problems they have so far encountered are solved by sw itching back to the 1.3 ROM.
Phoenix 0532 311932 World of Commodore Show hailed as W ith Amiga Formal organising and presenting it. It could hardly go wrong. But the revitalised World of Commodore show (Earls Court 2. November 15-17) more than lived up to expectations, not only breaking all attendance records for a single-format computer show. But also creating a buzz of excitement that looks scry promising for next year's event.
Die show surprised many people by achieving the same exciting mix that characterises Amiga Formal, all the glitz and glamour of the games software houses, adding their spice lo the dedicated enthusiasm of the ‘serious' manufacturers and distributors, while consistently the busiest part of the show was the Christmas Shopping Mall. Many a bargain walked out under the arm of a happy purchaser.
JANUARY 1992 "I wish there were Amiga shows like this in the States", commented Gregg Ganiick of US hardware developers GVP. He was referring lo the edge of fun added by the presence of the games softies, but in their own way GVP caused just as much of a stir to the show' with several major announcements (more later).
Ocean showed off in good style, with the most impressive exhibit of the show: a complete fairground Waltzcr. Which was giving free rides throughout the three days.
They also had coin-ops Smash TV and The Simpsons on free play. Which consistently attracted the iga Format's very Gremlin were not far behind wilh Ihcir four-player Lotus 2 compeiilions attracting a good deal of inlercsl.
Micro Prose were also in a racing mood, w ith Formula Grand Prix on big-screen play and chequered flags picking oul their stand. Electronic Arts were sticking to the business in hand, with the opportunity lo try Deluxe Paint IV with lots of people watching your efforts on their large-screen display: and Populous 2. Just finished on the Saturday of the Show, getting the attention it thoroughly deserves.
Psygnosis were getting passers-by heavily involved by having a game of Leander played on a huge screen, while Mindscape sat behind rolling video demos, and the Bitmaps' stuff attracted a considerable amount of attention. Virgin had all their wares out on display, including the new Space Shuttle Simulator, and Jimmy White was wandering around, signing copies of his Snooker game. Some rather more glamourous celebrities adorned the System 3 stand, where you could get your photo taken w ith a top Page 3 model. Comments like "Can I have a look at your FuzzbalT!" Were not probably appreciated.
It wasn't a big show for new game announcements, with the Christmas line-ups mostly confirmed, but it was a great chance to decide for yourself what would be the best this year. It was. However, an exciting event for the more serious side of the machine, and full details follow on these pages.
All in all. It was an exciting, interesting and very popular event: the doors had to be closed in the morning on both the Saturday and Sunday as the hall was packed to capacity. And it's a big hall. The queues outside were kept entertained by jugglers and an amazing robot dancer.
Of the 36.000 people who flooded through the doors during the course of the show, very few were C64 or PC owners. With the success of this year's event, both among the visitors and w ith the exhibitors, it's looking good for an even bigger and better event next year: and. Who knows, by then it might simply be ihe Amiga Show!
A690: the first look Many people missed it. Lurking quietly on the Commodore stand in its non-descript case: but the A690 CD-ROM drive, which will bring CDTV titles lo the Amiga, was seen for the first lime in the UK. It's an ugly object, larger and more unwieldy than you would expect. Release is now expected in February, with the price hoped to drop as low as £259. The current version will only work with Kickstart 2: something of a surprise, as the CDTV has a 1.3 operating system installed. But this is one of the wrinkles which will be ironed out before final release.
Commodore 0628 770088 Workbench 2 upgrade exposed!
The details of Commodore’s upgrade pack to Workbench 2 were confirmed at the Show. The pack, containing the Kickstart 2.04 ROM. The three Workbench 2.04 disks and manuals is available now and costs £79. You can get it fitted for about £10 more.
We'll be taking a good look at what you get for your money and whether it's worth your while upgrading in the next issue of Amiga Format.
Commodore 0628 770088 Big announcements for CDTV Commodore's new TV advertising campaign for the CDTV reveals an interesting new angle: it's been renamed the Amiga CDTV. Acknow ledging the power of the Amiga name. It's also dropped in price by £100 to £499, which in itself should encourage sales. But there's more to follow.
AMKSA presents From about February next year. CDTV w ill gel the added graphics power of DCTV. Ignore the confusion of all those letters: DCTV is an add-on graphics box for the Amiga, a bit like the HAM-E. Which adds extra colours to the Amiga's display. Effectively, it means 24-bit True Colour' pictures can be displayed on the Amiga.
The crux of the matter is that the DCTV hardware is small enough to be fitted inside the CDTV case. From about February it will be. With a separate upgrade available for existing CDTV owners at the cost of £50. When CD titles appear using the extra colour provided by the DCTV. It could give the CDTV the edge it needs in the hotly-contested race for domination of the CD-ROM market. It's an exciting time for the future of computing.
Commodore 0628 770088 GVP go air out on A500 hardware A UK pncc drop for the basic Series II A500HD8+.
Dow n £100 to £399. Was also announced. This w ill of course get you a basic 52Mb model, but w ith no added RAM but it is an excellent opportunity for any new Amiga owner that is contemplating getting a hard drive. There was some equally aggressive price tagging for the new DSS (Digital Sound Studio I sampler, now only £59.
GVP. The biggest third-party manufacturer of Amiga hardware in the world, were perhaps a little surprised by the dominance of the A500 in the UK: over in the States, most Amigas are very worthy and hard-working 2000s and 3000s. But they were all ready for it. With some of the most exciting A500 hardware developments ever seen.
The world premier of a new accelerator caused a lew raised eyebrows: the 40MHz 68040 accelerator will be incorporated into a revised Series II A500HD8+. Giving an all-in-one combination of the best hard drive we've ever tested along with RAM expansion capacity of up to 8Mb and a top-notch accelerator. That's serious A500 expandability! The new combined unit will be available early next year and a price is not yet set: an upgrade will be offered to existing HD owners, because the new unit is slightly altered to accommodate the accelerator.
GVP are now badging an adapted version of Vortex's Atonce PC emulator, which will be available as a plug-in card to go on the expansion port on the side of the Amiga, rather than underneath. It can also be combined w ith the HD8+ hard drive.
Also on show were the amazing IV24 24-bit framebuffer card and the very rapid G-Forcc 68040 accelerator for the A3000. Currently the fastest there is.
We hope to review both soon.
Silica 081 309 1111 News in brief from around the show Checkmate Digital were showing not only the excellent HAM-E pseudo-24-blt colour box, but also the latest software for the system: HAM-E Spectracolor (reviewed this issue) and the almost-finished HAM-E version of simple 3D design program Caligari. Their A500 recase Tower System was also on display and looks very promising indeed.
Enormous success Checkmate 071-923 0658 Zone Distribution were making a noise with Dr T's KCS and X-Or, as well as demoing for the first time In the UK Blue Riband Bakery's JAM, a composer system which allows you to create tunes In particular musical styles.
JANUARY 1992 Zone Distribution 081-766 6564 Soft-Logik were previewing PageStream 2.2, the enhanced version of their top-end DTP package.
New features include better printer drivers with plotter support and compatibility with the Hotlinks system that allows any file being edited to be updated from two versions concurrently.
Soft-Loglk 0101 314 894 8608 Tinkling the ivory keyboard Two revolutionary new music-teaching systems were launched at the show. Mindscape's Miracle Piano Tutor incorporates a dedicated keyboard and software for the Amiga, using the computer display to create an easy-to-follow learning system, starting with the basics and moving on up. It will cost £299. Virgin's MusicColor for the CDTV uses the famous Candida Toobin's colour-based music teaching system to inculcate the basics of music reading and the techniques of composition. A price has not yet been set.
Programmers' joy!
One of the major new releases of the Show for hardcore Amiga users was the latest version of HiSoft's DcvPac assembly language. DevPac 3 is now 40 per cent faster than the previous release, and supports all Motorola processors from the 68000 up to the 68040.
Including maths co-processors. It also features a Workbench 2-compatible Editor w ith many improved features, and the debugger is updated to work at source level. DcvPac 3 will cost £69.95. with an upgrade for existing Des Pac users costing £34.95. HiSoft 0525 718181 Digitiser maestros go animation!
Rombo. Famed for their digitisers, were showing for the first time anywhere their revolutionary new high- value animation system. It's basically a HAM animation system, which makes it possible to grab images using the Vidi digitiser and use them in your animations: but the difference between this and something like Deluxe Paint IV is that it incorporates all the features you would expect in a professional studio animation set-up. All at the high-value price of £99.95. Rombo have also announced a clever new adaptor for their digitiser that allows you to use the expansion port on the side of
the Amiga rather than the parallel port, giving double the speed. It costs £69.95 and comes with enhanced versions of the Vidi-Amiga and Vidi-Chrome software Microdeal demonstrated (noisily, too!)
The new StereoMaster sampling system (as seen on the Coverdisk) and the revised AMAS2.
More details in the Imminent reviews.
Microdeal 0726 68020 Rossmbller, a German firm, had a whole host of RAM expansions, hard drives and accelerators plus a very new idea: a back-up system that saves data to a normal VHS video recorder. They currently have no UK distributor.
Rossmbller 01049 222 513 596 Performance Systems have now made their Mandala virtual reality system commercially available. The basic system allows a picture of the user from a video camera to be locked into a computer display, while a more advanced version adds pre-recorded video images too.
Performance Systems 081-207 2256 A Ml III IF High speed stereo digital audio sampler ALSO SOLD AS SOUNDMASTER v2 s2 4 auD masTR w Gel the sound in and gel it right with Aegis SoundMagic. Higher sampling rates and quai ity built-in from the components up gives you results on your Amiga computer that rival CD sample frequencies Built-in microphone lets you take quick samples from any sound source Now includes AudioMaster IV for improved results even at lower sampling rates SoundMagic features include:
• Input from any sound source including Cds and microphones mix
or dub over sound samples.
• Sampling rates up to 56K in stereo
• Real-time Volume control
• Mono and Stereo microphone input in addition to built-in
• Overload indicator keeps the "Ouch" factor out of your samples.
• Computer-controlled dynamic microphone select from
microphone's sampling range of 15K to 50K
• Draws power from computer works with any power standard
• Meter-length cable for ease-of-use
• Compatible with AmigaDOS 1.3 and 2.0
• Works on any model Amiga computer including the Amiga 3000
Painting With Sound AudioMaster IV brings new features to the
best selling sampling software for the Amiga computer With the
new Oversampling lea ture. Play sound files of outstanding
audio quality even if originally sampled at low rates.
New features with AudioMaster IV: i'4'4 Pin | fl 1 ¦BTTTt: to ¦ '1»! Tw- m ta ESPLU; ITW in "m “ 1 ¦ 1 Si Am Am*T| VI (U WU' kl_12=31 ION ana* toiuvr itttt Plus Improved Bonus Programs
• Audio Disk Jockey (new)
• Simulated CD Player with Oversampling
• PlaySound with Oversampling Plus the features which made
AudioMaster the leading sampling software:
• High-speed sampling to 56K in stereo
• Loop sequencing up to 999 loops per sample. Loops can be
played back in any order, to recreate the sample as a smaller
file, rearrange it. Or do effects such as "stuttering ".
• Interactive waveform editing in stereo create effects like
real-time echo, delay and flange.
Mix in positive and negative flange, reverse.
I 0009 rni i in- 5 | ’ 90! Q ¦¦ ramp up or down, do inversion and Mono-to- Stereo conversions. Add backward masking, digital filtering, pitch and time change.
AudioMaster IV supports all available digitizers for the Amiga, including PerfectSound"*
1. 2. and 3. Future Sound" 500. Mimetics “.
StarSound’’ and A M A.S. Rates to 56K in stereo available only if Amiga has a 68020 30 processor, and sampler is capable of these speeds.
OxxiAegis WE FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY P O BOX 9030V. LONG BEACH. C» 90809-0309 US To'opnor-e (2131 427-1227 FAX (213) 427 097 Aegis. Aegis AudwmaslerlV. Aegis SoundMag«. Aegra CD Player ana Audio Disk Jockey are trademarks oi Oxxi. Inc. Amiga is a trademark ol Commodore-Amiga Other products mentioned are trademarks ol their respective companies
CONCORDE BUILDING O 1 NEWLANDS DRIVE COLNBROOK BERKS. SL3 0DX DEALER SALES HOTLINE 0753 686000 j | PRECISION DISTRIBUTION 6 PARK TERRACE WORCESTER PARK SURREY KT4 7JZ DEALER SALES HOTLINE 081 330 6911 ? CENTRESOFT LTD UNIT 2 8 3. HOLFORD WAY. HOLFORD BIRMINGHAM B6 7AX DEALER SALES HOTLINE 021 625 3399 AudioMasfter IV leads big Oxxi-Aegis announcements PC Emulator for A500 Plus AudioMasler III. The top sampling software, has been coming under some heavy fire lately, with Audition 4 (reviewed in the last issue) in particular challenging it for the 'best sampler' title. Sample fans everywhere
will be pleased to learn that a new version is on the way very soon, leading a new wave of releases from American software producers Oxxi.
AudioMasler IV will include oversampling to give greatly increased sound quality and stretching or compression features that can actually change the length of a sample without altering the pitch, which was previously the domain only of the best hardware samplers. It also comes with a bonus program called Audio Disc Jockey, which allows you to play samples live at the click of a mouse. It all sounds incredibly impressive and we're looking forward to reviewing it very soon.
Also on the way from Aegis are Presentation Master, an all-new system for creating business presentations written by Gary Bonham, the man behind the Amiga's ANIM file format, and a new version of the 21) CAD program Aegis Draw 2000. Which will feature many important little improvements. More news on that little lot as soon as we have it.
SCALA moves onwards (and downwards!)
SCALA, currcnlly believed lo be the UK's besl-selling dcsklop video program for die Amiga, is going from strength to strength as it finds its way into a number of interesting applications and becomes available in an Amiga 500 version.
Meanwhile, you can expect to see SCALA- produced presentations appearing all around you in the near future. Digital Vision are having great results pushing the Amiga into corporate environments.
And if you’re in London, try and look out for the new London Transport information shops, where screens produced on SCALA will be running constantly. It's a really exciting time for the Amiga, which is the ideal platform for information systems such as this one.
Silica 081-309 1111 SCA1.A 500 is aimed more directly at home video titling than its sophisticated, professional big brother.
Digital Vision have done an excellent job on cutting it down, while retaining the case of use and high- quality results associated with the SCALA name.
Unfortunately, no price is yet available.
One of the potential problems w ith the A500 Plus is that the new configuration of the trap-door slot means that normal A500 version of the Vortex Atoncc PC emulator will not work on the new system. Vortex, a German firm, have been beavering away on the problem and have come up with a new. Improved A500 Plus version.
It's a complete AT emulator, as before, with the PC emulation running as a task under AmigaDOS. Which keeps everything nice and tidy. The board includes the 16-bit CMOS 80286 16MHz PC central processor, as well as 512K of fast RAM and a socket for an optional 80C287-I2 maths co-processor. The board is available now. Costs £199 and we'll be testing one in the next issue of Amiga Formal.
One curious sideline on the PC emulator story is that we've just heard that PC owners will soon be able lo buy an Amiga emulator! The board comes from Germany, and is effectively an Amiga on a card.
Although no further details arc currently available, we'll bring you the full story soon.
Vortex via Silica 081-309 III I 1st Down and a month to go!
At long last the full potential of American Football has been recognised and harnessed for the Amiga. Electronic Arts have announced that they arc converting John Madden's Fool hall.
Hopefully in time for this year's Supcrbowl XXVI. The game is being converted and upgraded from the Sega Megadnvc title. Using the latest player stats, the teams' potential and performances should be as realistic as possible, with you making those vital play calls that turn games.
John Madden’s Football is the bestselling US Sega title of all time - even beating Sega's own figurehead. Sonic the Hedgehog. The game reflects every aspect of Grid Iron from pitch conditions down to audible calls at the line of scrimmage. And even at the demo stage it already looks like being a cracking implementation of the game, being easy to play but crammed full of tactical possibilities.
The quality of the Sega game can be seen in the fans it attracts: World League Champions the London Monarchs and Soul superstar Barry White arc self-confessed addicts. EA are promising that John Madden's will Ire even better on the Amiga using 60 on-screen colours and a revised player interface.
The project is being handled by Electronic Arts’ in-house coding team, who have turned the title into an Amiga reality in less than six months. With luck the game will be available in late January, so we could all be enacting this year's Supcrbowl before a ball is kicked in the Hubert H Humphrey Metrodomc. Grid Iron fans should check out our in-depth preview next month.
OctaMED will work on an A500 Plus JANUARY 1992 Last month's giveaway of superior tracker program OctaMED was slightly marred for A500 Plus owners by the news that it won’t run on a Plus. But it can! All you have to do is strip out some less-than-legal coding from the Startup-sequence. All you have lo do is remove the offending lines calling the programs new and vcc, and you're away.
Three go out off business Three firms have ceased trading this month: Studio Software. Digicom and Original Media. Readers should not order anything from their advertisements in previous issues of the magazine. Anyone who has an order outstanding from these firms should write to Katrina Windows of our Advertising Services Department at our Bath address.
A590 troubles with WB2 You’ll have problems installing Workbench 2 on your A590 hard drive because the install procedure specifically asks for the Workbench 1.3 disks. You can.
However, get round this. Either cheat by renaming your Workbench 2 disks to ‘Workbench 1.3' and 'Extras
1. 3'. in which case you'll have to tidy up at the end by copying
across a lot of the new icons, or use Ed on the Hdlnstall
program, replacing references to the old Workbench disks with
the names of the new ones.
Either way. Run the new Fountain program afterwards to put the new fonts on your hard drive. Thanks to Graham Evans of Famham for the information.
A500 Plus incompatibility: the story continues... s As we suspected, a lot ot older Eliminator Impossamole Purple Saturn Day games won’t run on an A500 Plus.
Elvira Incredible Shrinking Sphere Pursuit to Earth Here’s a list provided by retailer Tim’s E-Motion Insanity Fight Megastore and trade magazine CTW of the latest non-running software.
European Super League Iron Lord Roadblasters Note that Cybercon and Out Run Exolon (Premier version| Run the Gauntlet Europa are currently being updated Extensor Joe Blade 2 RVF Honda by US Gold to work.
Eye Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match Scramble Spirits Atron 5000 Falcon The Kristal Seven Cities of Gold Fantasy World Dizzy Shadow of the Beast Bubble Bobble (Addicted to Fun Fast Food Leonardo Slayer and Hit Squad versions) Final Fight Star Breaker Beam Flintstones Mail Shot Star Wars Beverly Hills Cop Four x Four Major Motion Steel Black Tiger (Platinum version) Fusion Mike Read’s Pop Quiz Strange New World Bombuzal Future Dreams Full Contact Nebulus Transputer Captain Blood Fun School Netherworld Treasure Island Dizzy Chaos Strikes Back (normal and Premier versions) Trip-a-Tron Chicago 90
Galdregon's Domain No Excuses Turbo Classic Four Ghostbusters II Cogan’s Run Ghouls n’ Ghosts Oil Imperium UMS Crystal Hammer (Platinum version) Operation Wolf Custodian Giganoid OutRun Virus Killer Cybercon III Goldrunner OutRun Europa Grand Monster Slam Wicked Paladin Wizball Double Dragon II Hellraiser Peter Beardsley Dragon Ninja Heroes of the Lance Phantasm Zynaps (Premier version) Dynamite Dux Hole in One Plundered Hearts On the case Willy bites back!
- o NO NJ Jet Set Willy, I ho classic X-bit platform challenge,
is finally coming over to the big boys on the Amiga.
Software Projects, who also designed the Amiga flavours of Manic Miner, are at the moment working on the sequel. Jet Set Willy.
It should be available shortly after Christmas at a budget price. So if there are any nostalgia freaks out there who hanker after the days when the VIC 20 was king, they should be able to let the memories come fltxxling back and get down to some basic old-style computer gaming.
For further information call Computer Software Distribution, who handle Software Projects in the UK.
061 371 8423.
HIGH SCORE 800800 SCORE 000000 II Protext: the proper price The correct price of Amor's Protext 5.5 is actually £152.75 including VAT. Not £180 as was stated in the November issue of Amina Formal. For those who are not at all familiar with the Format Gold word processor. It's generally accepted to be the best there is for raw word-powcr and it's the one we use to write the magazine. So at nearly £30 less than we first imagined, it's even better value.
Amor 0733 68909 Philips Competition, Issue 29 There were a number of errors in the Philips CM8833 II monitor competition in the last issue, which may have caused a few problems. The correct code number for the Philips Personal CD Player is the AZ6897. The answer to question 3, "Which company makes the F-II7A Stealth Fighter", was none of the three listed: it is in fact Lockheed, but any answer that you put down will be accepted.
We apologise for any confusion. Incidentally, in an upcoming issue we'll be taking a look at how the winner of our original Philips monitor competition survived the rigours of flying in the massive airliner flight simulator... Premier Micros have unveiled their new range of Amiga consoles just in time for Christmas. The basic unit is the View Centre (£24.99) which slots over the back of the A5(X) to provide a monitor stand and shifts the joystick ports to the side. Next up is the Control Centre (£49.95). which adds a shelf to tidily contain peripherals, followed by the Control Centre Plus
(£74.44) with its two layers of shelves. All are constructed in sturdy sheet metal and come in a colour-matched finish.
Premier Micros 0480 300738 “The main essence of sport is a race a gains! Opponents rather than against time... to win is the mark of the master” COMPETE AT THE LEVEL
giving unsurpassed realism and gameplay.
Authentic scoring shows how you have performed in each part of the dive.
6 SPORTS COVERING 21 EVENTSI gameplay combining strategy with sheer powering on the joystick makes this sport like no other sport ever seen on computer.
MARATHON This strategy event linking all the other sports allows the competitor to compete in the ultimate challenge, with 26 weeks being the average training period and diet etc. being so important
• 4 courses • Choice of six different runners • Changes in
terrain, weather, altitude.
SHOOTING 4 totally different events offering a wide spectrum of challenges from pistol to double barrel shotguns.
EMPlBE SOFTWARE 4IH! SIANNETTS LAINDON NOB EH TfiADE CENTBE JASUDON ESSEX SSIS 6DJ. TEE 0268 541212 Swimming, Cycling, Show Jumping, Diving, Shooting and even the Marathon, all superbly recreated using a combination of stunning 3D vectors and big colourful sprites, to give Realistic Graphics and Enhanced Playability to do this?
Or this?
Or this?
Would you like to able DISK 31 Knightmare Exclusive piayapie demo ot Mmdseape 5 follow-up to Captive It could Oe the adventure game o( the year PLUS many other exciting and useful programs' NO KNIGHTMARE DEMO?
Well, why not give it a try?
Revealed: the secrets of games programming!
¦ Get the low-down on game-making from the masters of the art ¦ Create games the easy way: we show you how Is Workbench 2 worth £80?
Decide for yourself, but not until we've given you all the facts!
AAMEBUSTERS for the best in games tips • WORKBENCH for top hints & advice IEW TO THE AMIGA? Special feature will help you find your way around the CLI VND IN REVIEWS: DCTV brings extra colour • SCALA 500 The top video package lits home • REAL 3D Ray-tracing at its best? • AUDIOMASTER sampling heaven? Your guarantee of value
• Unique To fc-stick contro
• Sinning gr ph ,
• Over 50 levelsjo] furious action Special introduction price
only £19.99 SYSTEM Europe's number one I - U name in original
games I -ST System 3 Software Ltd.. 18 Peterborough Road.
Harrow. Middlesex HA I 2BQ. 081-864 8212 WHEELS OF FIRE CHAOS
(NOP) EXILE Amiga Software Games marked (NOP) will not work
on the AMIGA A500 PLUS.
Tat is ar AmiGA A500 PLUS9 latesl Amigas now selling have been updated with Kickstart 2. They have 1 meg RAM built in and are called the A500 PLUS. Some games are not compatible with these new machines.
1699 SPEEDBAU 2 9 . D* .E -:-_SESPP • ZE..A VU2 9 99 INOlANA
• E*US.:.‘ * •:** D€ -*t VJS’CCONST SET 49 99 BATMAN THE MOVIE I
(NOP) 16 99 SUPER CARS (OBH) 6 K KiLkE® Mei 22 4» VO 1* 99
HUNTER 1949 PiTFlGHTER 16 49 SUPER CARS 2 (NOP) 16 UA *f*S
(•-*. . • 54 9* M.eft.s 7 99 Pv *(R MANAGER 7 99 SuPfRMANGO* r
JB*'PK.OT tj . •»; MCAC S EOEi* 29 99 'AN BOTHAMS CriCKET 19 49
“UReC D- N£ * anaia’Cn i«. 7 99 POOLS Of DARKNESS 11 MEG' 19 99
SUPER MONACO GRAND PR' X 16 I AeuTRtS ?»* Dcv«w£ DojBU 3 „ VD®
7 99 DRAGCN aa&S *4, :~a.vip ONShip aTmlETiCS 15 49 (CHASE H O
TURR*CAN SwiTC**B ADE 1 16 16 99 DRAkk-EN *99 S-£oe-*$ E 2 99
19 99 E IADTiQN :• 99 AD VC*L*«5 Gol' 6 99 POWERMONGER 19 49
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Electronic Arts, Langley Business Centre, 11-49 Station Road, Langley, Berks SL3 8YN, Tel: 0753 549442, Fax: 0753 546672 MARCH Amiga goes I Mb at no extra cost with new Screen Gems pack.
SWIV blasts to the fore.
- sO SO NJ It started about the middle of last year. The
Hillman pack for Christmas 1989 brought larger numbers of new
Amiga owners into the lold than ever. Growth continued and the
Amiga was coming into late 1990 looking like a hot favourite lo
be the biggcst-sclling computer of the hig-buying season.
Whereas before, many games had been developed on the 16-colour ST and then ported lo the Amiga, now developers were working on the Amiga with full 32-colour game graphics and stereo-sampled sound, then porting cut-down versions over to the Atari.
In March 1991. The first I Mb Amiga pack was announced. By the middle of the year, more than 500.000 people in the UK owned Amigas. Anti throughout the year, sales of Amiga games dominated the charts, making up as much as 30 per cent of all games sold.
Tins Christmas, the Amiga - and the Cartoon Classics pack • is expected to outsell all other home computers. There will he more than 200.000 new Amiga owners by Spring
1992. Bringing the UK total lo more than
700. 000 But what about in the future?
Talk nowadays is of PC-compatible computers and games consoles. IT's are the standard business computer. There's millions ol them all over the country and adults arc increasingly buying them, perhaps to bring work home lo hut also to keep the kids entertained. Wisdom in the UK leisure-computing industry is that PC games are going to become big.
Games consoles: well, if you just want to play arcade games at home, what could be better? They are cheapish. Easy to use. Games come on cartridges (uncopyablc in the home: an advantage for the industry). They are read ily available through a toyshop, and a new generation of consoles, based around Compact Discs offering a whole lot more than just games, are on the way.
So these are the things concerning the industry. And in the meantime, what happened that almost caught them all by surprise? The Year of the Amiga, that's what.
IN A RKKI.KC'TIVK F.ND-of-lhe-year mood, we thought it would he interesting t" discover how much the Amiga has dominated the leisure computing scene in 1991 This industry is very aware of change, because it they miss out or they're too slow catching on - and there's been many cases of this over the last decade the end can come very quickly.
Underlying this is the constant belief that sooner or later computing is going lo become a proper mass interest thing: like hi-fi or video.
In Japan, we are told, there's a games console by the video and TV in almost every household. Will that happen over here? And if so.
What kind of machine is it that will be there?
Throughout the industry, it's widely agreed this was the year of the Amiga: so much so that the industry newspaper Computer Trade Weekly devoted a special issue lo contemplating its success Tel even that was concerned not simply with analysing the past: the other question was how long could the Amiga last, and what would he next1 Yes. You guessed it: more discussions of Pcs and consoles. These dominate the thinking of the UK software industry. Console manufacturers like Sega and Nintendo, who previously kept light control over who wrote software for their machines, have opened things up so
console versions of big Amiga games Lemmings for instance) are now a possibility. And everyone's doing IT' versions. Not selling them in quantity, maybe: but doing them anyway.
Now I know I'm pretty biased, but I reckon the Amiga has now. Finally, arrived in its rightful position at the top of the tree, and it s not going to disappear again overnight. Used to rapid changes in technology, the computing industry forgets (he Amiga has been around since 1985. And it s taken six years for its support lo grow and flourish to the current position. Now it's here, it s going to stay.
But what about those rival machines.
Would an Amiga owner prefer a games console? I don't think so. Sure, most Amiga owners play games, that's usually the main reason they have one. But the Amiga is more than a games machine: for years every Amiga sold has come w ith one version or another of Dehtxr Haim, an example of creative potential of a real home computer. And a real computer with a real keyboard is so much more uselul than a mere games machine.
Will people prefer to buy IT's for the home? Well IT's are an archaic technology, not half as sophisticated as the Amiga. IT's arc getting cheaper: but only with the expensive VGA graphics standard can you get games to rival the Amiga's. Even then, you have to worry about extra plug-in cards lo gel decent stereo, and there's no one standard. Amiga business software can take files from all the standard IT' word processors, databases and spreadsheets and all you need is a £25 program called Cro sl)OS for the Amiga to he able to read the data straight from a PC-disk.
The Workbench 2 operating system in new Amigas is as good as the expensive add-on Windows system on the IT': and all serious software works with it. The IT' simply cannot compete in terms of price for performance.
So what of the future? Can we set a date on how long the Amiga will last? The Amiga is the Last of the Home Computers. The three X-bit machines, the Spectrum, the Amstrad CPC and the Commodore 64. Arc growing old and fading, along with the waning Atari ST. Die worriers are. In a sense, right: consoles will grow in popularity and IT's will get cheaper, more flexible and useable, and begin to sell for use in the home. But this will make the Amiga stronger, not weaker.
Because a standard PC of some kind is going lo take over, no-one is ever again likely to develop a computer targeted specifically at use in the home. The Amiga is the last home computer. Since it's currently also the best small computer, and people want lo buy computers not games machines, that means it’s going to be around for a while. And if it keeps improving - W'hich on the evidence of this last year, it is doing faster than ever before - it's going to be at the top for even longer. Here's loan excellent 19921 '-J Its been a big year for the Amiga. Not only has it come to dominate the
home computer industry in Britain, but its also undergone some immense changes for the better. Damien Noonan encourages you to sit back, relax and reflect with him on the year's biggest events, both for the Amiga The yea and for the computer industry in general... THE YEAR AMIGA FORMAT HAD KIDS... 1991 sow Ike laundi of two new Amiga mogazines.
First was Amiga Shopper, Ike magaiine that's serious about your Amiga, witk its snubbing al game renews, its in-depth coverage of serious software, its comprehensive hardware ond software buyers' guides and commitment to answering your problems. It costs 99p a month, but you don't get colour! Then came the bouncing young Amiga Power, the magaiine with attitude, committed to proper, sensible game reviews, beops of tips: ond making its mark as the most reodabie and trustworthy of the games-only magazines. C2.9S gets you a Coverdisk containing demos ond full gomes.
In the middle of the year Amiga Formal became the best-selliag Amiga magaiine in the whole wide world when its official, independently-oudited circulation topped 115,000 copies a month. We were the very first borne computer mogaiine ever to odrieve sales like that for many a year, and we're still growing fast.
What's more, in an independent survey that was conducted by the trode mogaiine. Computer Trade Weekly, AMIGA Format was voted the mogaiine that most helped shops decide what to stock, so our reviews are the most trustworthy in the industry. What mote can you say?
We pioneered a new idea when we gave away the 30 classic Interphase. The reaction from the industry was of concern: if AF gave you gomes worth C30 for nothing, wbo'd buy theirs? An agreement was reached and we were prevented from doing it ogoin: but not before we'd given you Bahmte of Power, Archipelagos ond Vaxme!
Once again we've gone a step towards better value with this month's inclusion of top musk and grophks software worth Cl 60 in the Sound and Vision pockoge.
No more free games from mags.
Eye of the Beholder looks good.
MAY CDTV goes on sale.
Secret of Monkey Island revealed!
JULY True Colour really arrives.
Cybercon III: last 3D epic?
Cartoon Classics announced, flood god: it's Mega-lo-Mania SEPTEMBER Deluxe Paint IV goes on sale.
Jimmy White's Snooker hits the spot OCTOBER New A500 Plus appears in shops.
First Samurai really cuts it!
Amiga Format presents the World of Commodore Show what a success!
Robocod: Xmas no I?
Cow i s - t 7 November i an i Commodore Amiga Formal’s Sound atul Vision breaks new ground Populous 2: Xmas no I?
AMIGA ADVANCES OF 1991 It's been the most exciting year for the Amiga since it was launched.
Here's the five events we think were the most signifkant... 1 n The A500 Plu*, October 1991 Not launched, it just appeared: probably because Commodore see it as simply a new version. The entry-level Amiga now has 1 Megabyte of RAM on board, the new improved Workbench 2 and the Enhanced Chip Set (ICS) far even better graphks. A world-beating system. And we covered it in full last issue.
C ¦ The CO Amiga, JANUARY 1992 April 1991 The CDTV is bosk oily a CD Amiga, but wu'ru still waiting for the CD drive for the A500, now expected March 1992. Compact disc technology is the future of computer -based entertainment and ready does promise great things. It's a glimpse into the future. Get more info on Page 30.
9 m True Colour, Spring 1991 The Amiga's wider talents for serious use are mainly in its graphks power, and if it wasn't to be left behind it needed True Colour. More shades than the human eye could perceive are now available, mostly priced for professional use but also in o cheap version. The whole story on Poge 34.
4. Deluxe Paint IV, September 1991 Deluxe Paint is the most
widely-used program of all outside games, and probably
induding them. The world-beater set a new slondard in its
latest version with the ability to use 4,096 colours in HAM
mode as well as all the usual. The biggest software release of
the year.
5n Cartoon Classics pack.
July 1991 Definitely the best Amiga pock ever to go on sale, induding at first a free RAM expansion to I Mb and then the A500 Plus, as well as the truly superior Deluxe Paint III, the amaiing hit of the year Lemmings and top names Bart Simpson and Captain Planet.
What a combination!
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Whether you simply need to sequence animations, or you need to integrate full motion video with Toaster effects and MIDI, ShowMaker can make you a professional. And it’s PAL compatible. "For independent producers, ShowMaker is a big step forward." - Television Broadcast magazine 7 90.
Mifree-form personal information manager I lypcrBook is the ultimate Amiga tool for quickly and easily managing information and creating interactive presentations. Simply b pointing and clicking you can create -J applications like personalized appointment calenders, business presentations with interactive charts and graphs, and free-form educational teaching "books". "Value: Excellent. Nothing else on the market comes close." - Amiga Format 4 91.
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reproduction of the packaging used on the Deluxe Work Centre If unavailable contact us direct SRP £49.95 inc VAT Allow 7 days delivery p+p extra £4.50 "IS THIS THK H IT RK of home entertain men! ’" we asked on ihe eover of Issue 24.
When Amina Forma! Was the only computer magazine tn the UK to get its hands on a C'DTV and find out what it did. The CDTV could he more important for the future of home computing than anything that happened in 1991: and it could lie crucial for the Amiga.
In case you don't know what a CDTV is.
We ll recap On the outside, it's a smart, sleek black bon a hit like a video recorder. On the inside, it contains the workings of an Amiga 5(H) but with two major differences: instead ot a keyboard there's an infra-red remote control and instead of an ordinary disk drive, there's a Compaet Dise mechanism.
Apart from being able to play music Cds.
Like any CD player, the CDTV can also use software stored on CD. This is still just Amiga software: hut the difference is tile amount of it you can fit on. A normal floppy disk lor the Amiga holds XXIIK. A CD can store about 550 Megabytes ol data. That's equivalent to ( 40 floppies. And remember, because Cds use digital information, they re ideal for computer use So what use is all this extra space? Well, for certain purposes, none at all. Arcade style games, like Rainbow Islands. Robocod or First Samurai, are designed very cleverly to work within the limits ol RAM. The internal memory
storage area of the computer, and wouldn't gain greatly by having lots of extra room.
Lint anything that is very dependent on graphics and text while not being too depen dent on speed and the obvious example is adventure games, like I hr Secret of Monkey Island will easily be able to take advantage of all the extra space W ilh 550 Megaby tes to play with, you have room for heaps more pictures. Animations, text and even sampled sounds. And this opens enormous possibilities.
JANUARY 1992 It would always have been possible on a computer as powerful as the Amiga to have, for example, an encyclopaedia of wddlite that when you looked up 'Aardvark' would tell you all you need to know in words, while also being able to show you an animation ot the creature wandering through its natural habitat and playing a recording of the gloopy noises it makes while feeding. But you'd have run out of disk space before you ever got to Ant. Never mind Badger or Camel. To do the whole lot properly you'd probably need all those 640 floppy disks: and never mind the cost, even finding the
disk with the Aardvark on would he an absolute niehtmare So CD storage has the advantage of very high capacity, which makes it possible to do things on a computer you might previously only have done m a book But it also has the advantages of what's known as 'multimedia', which any computer guru will tell you is the Next Big T hing in computing. The essence of this is computers are better at sorting through and finding information than humble humans.
It brings all the advantages of the boring old computer database to interesting uses. So.
For instance, while you could simply browse through your Animal encyclopaedia from A to . You could also use it to pick out tilings ot interest If you wanted to know about animals that live in Australia, or mammals that lay eggs, you could get it to pick those out.
Or if you know that a particular animal looks a hit like a horse with a big nose, but you can't remember what it's called, you could look through pictures of horse-like creatures until you find the one you want, then find out all about it. And the beauty of doing it w ith a computer is that a well-designed program can make it all easy, presenting information on the screen as words or as pictures, for you to find your way through just by pointing at the thing you want.
The bare bones of it may not sound entirely thrilling, but the potential for CD-based computer software is enormous. CD-ROM. As it s known (ROM means 'read-only memory' and is just stuff stored on disk that you will use but not actually change) has been growing quietly for some time. You've been able to buy. For example, a whole year's worth of Guardian or liinrs articles on CD-ROM. Trouble is. You’d need an expensive drive and a PC to plug it into, and all you get is text.
CD is now about to take off in a big. Big way. Both the CDTV from Commodore and the forthcoming CDI system from Philips represent one end of the market, aimed at non- computer users. 'Dial's why the CDTV pretends to be a v ideo player: the idea is that people will see it as either a kind ol video hook, or as an 'interactive entertainment': in other words, a video you take part in rather than just sitting back and watching. They don’t need to know about it being a computer.
The exciting tiling for all us Amiga fans is that we ll get our slice of the action. Early in
1992. The A690 CD-ROM drive for the Amiga will go on sale,
meaning we can run any CDTV software. This will not only
make the Amiga the first home computer to have CD. It also
means that we will have ready and waiting the largest
range of CD-based software there is the CDTV range.
And when the CD-ROM drive for the Amiga appears. We Amiga owners will not only be at the spearhead of the CD revolution with the first home computer to have CD: we could also decide its future. CD games in particular. If they're to fulfil the potential, arc- going to be expensive to produce. What the games publishers need to know is whether they can sell enough copies to justify the investment. The fact that you can t pirate CD games will help: but that's not the whole story.
A weird new idea like CDTV is going to take a while to catch on with the general pub
lic. So far. Despite a massive ad campaign, less than 6.(KM)
CDTVs have been bought in the UK. But with 7(K).(KK Amiga
owners out there, that's a real market: and as soon as the
Amiga gets CD. The game producers will be jumping onto the
It's going to be expensive, at around £500 for the CD drive. But it could be worth it. To be there when it happens. When the CD drive appears we ll bnng you the whole story. In the meantime if you want to know more get hold of Issue 24 from our back issues department and have a good read. See you in the future!
Here's just some examples of what CD software is like... INTERACTIVE MOVIES They're coming, but not just yet. Best example so tar is On-Line s Psycho Killer, which uses digitised photographs and hi-fi soundtrack. The game's a bit lacking in play, but it was developed entirely on the Amiga with their desktop video system and shows how easy it could be to create some real movie-like games. Look out too for their Hound of Ihe Baskervilles. A much better attempt.
The year o The CDTV finally went on sale in June after months of delays and speculation. It doesn't look remotely like an Amiga, but really it is: and as Damien Noonan explains, it's what CDTV could give back to the Amiga that makes it so exciting... INTERACTIVE KIDS' BOOKS A Bun for Barney is narrated by ex-Doctor Who actor Tom Baker and takes the form ot a kind ot point-and-click adventure tor children.
There’s some lovely graphics and sound, with interesting surprises from the interactive element.
ORDINARY BOOKS Advanced Military Systems is a graphics-led coffee- "N EDUCATION There's plenty of colouring books and the like for kids, as well as the Fun School 3 and 4 series, but these don’t go far beyond the Amiga equivalents.
More exciting is Virgin's North Polar expedition, a phenomenal interactive replay of a genuine exploration with heaps of educational value.
KID’S BOOKS The Tale of Peter Rabbit is just one example of storybooks presented with nice graphics and narration: individual words can be spelt out and explained. the Compact table book on military hardware. Other less convincing examples of the genre include the com- plete works of Shakespeare and the Bible. AMIGA GAMES PLUS Sim City for the CDTV is a good example: it's basi- cally the game we had on the Amiga, but reworked -p with some new ideas. It also features what will become common on CD games:proper hi-fi sound, drvmofc recorded in a studio, playing in the background.
REFERENCE BOOKS The Hutchinson's Encyclopaedia, one ol two Cds you get tree with the £499 CDTV, shows how graphics and sound samples make reference more interesting. Atlases, other encyclopaedias and cookery books are other examples.
GRAPHICS CD storage has great potential tor providing large quantities of raw material, as with the CDTV collection of Eadweard Muybridge s famous stop-motion photographs of moving people, a really excellent source for animators.
KARAOKE The CDTV is already being sold as the complete Karaoke machine. There’s a whole collection of discs with song tracks on and the words are presented on screen for you to follow.
MUSIC CDTV can play audio and CD+Graphics discs.
There's the potential with stuff like CD-Remix, allowing you to loop sections of CD tracks for megamixes!
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Price W* V 19 fej Endorsed by the National Association of
Primary Education . THE WORKS PLATINUM EDITION WpHPiomu*
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TeUpFsnne: 0603 441443 FAX: 0603 440141 ; TELEPHONE: 0601 ' MM 61 TRUE COLOUR IF YOU’VE EVER SEEN a really good digitised picture in the Amiga's 4,096-colour HAM mode, you may realise that Amiga graphics can be something pretty special. If you've ever paused a video tape on a player with a really good freczc-framc, you may also realise that HAM images are just as good as your average TV picture.
But if you had ever tried doing a version of the Yorkshire TV logo on your Amiga (that's the one with the golden arrow plunging into a sea of liquid gold), you might have realised that HAM isn't really up to the job.
The problem, essentially, is colours. Any computer has a limited number of pre-set colours and shades of colour built into it on the chips: it's called a 'palette'. The Amiga has a palette of 4.096 colours and you can. In theory, use every single one of them at the same time in the clever graphics mode called HAM.
To do anything that needs lots of subtle shading, like that Yorkshire TV logo or a realistic human face, you needs lots of different but very similar colours. You can easily find out for yourself how many shades of any one colour the Amiga can do by looking at the palette in Deluxe Haim.
You have three sliders to alter colours, with notches along them numbered 0 to 15. Set them all to 0, and you have black. Set them all to 1. You have a very dark grey. Carry on setting them all up a notch and you'll go through lots of shades of grey until eventually you reach 15. 15. 15 which is white. From all Os (black) to all 15s (white) is 16 shades of grey: and that's just how many shades of any colour the Amiga can do. Incidentally, because you have three different sliders for Red, Green and Blue, each of which has 16 notches. 16 limes 16 times 16 gives you the Amiga's grand total of
4.0% colours.
JANUARY 1992 Now, if you want to do truly subtle shading, if you want to do genuinely photorealistic pictures of a human face, you'll need more than 16 shades of each colour. It's generally accepted that to do it properly, you'll need 256 shades of any one colour. Imagine your Deluxe Haim palette again, but with 256 notches on each slider. In total, you'd have 256 times 256 times 256 colours: that's a total of 16. 777, 216 colours. Wow!
This is what's known as 'True Colour'.
Once upon a time it was only available on extremely expensive (we're talking hundreds of thousands of pounds) 'graphics workstations' like the Quantcl Paintbox system, used by professionals in the TV studios to do things like that Yorkshire TV logo. But now True Colour is available for the Amiga.
It's still very expensive, mind. It involves owning a larger Amiga, a 1500. 2000 or 3000.
Bccaase the extra colours come from plugging in what's known as a 'framebuffer' card: and these cards can cost £1,000 upwards. But it’s getting cheaper all the time, and it already means professional on a tight budget and keen amateurs can afford to do what was once the preserve of wealthy TV companies. And it’s something any Amiga owner who is proud of his machine should be aware of.
The workings of it are essentially quite simple. Any picture on your Amiga screen is. As you know, made up of lots of tiny dots called pixels (computer jargon, incidentally, for 'picture element'), each one of which can be a different colour. The colour of each pixel is stored individually in the Amiga's memory: a whole picture is stored as a list of one pixel after another, starting at the top left and working across the screen to the right then line by line down to the bottom right.
The number of colours you are using on the screen dictates how much memory is used for each pixel. At its simplest, if you're only using two colours (say, blue and white) each pixel needs only a single 'bit' of memory: the smallest unit of memory there is, cither a one or a zero. Blue could be one, while white is zero.
If you’re using four colours - red. Green, blue and white - each pixel needs two bits of memory. Two bits gives four possible combinations: 1.1 would be red, 1,0 would be green, 0,1 would be blue and 0,0 would be white.
And so it goes on: each time you add an extra bit of memory per pixel, you double the number of colours available. Three bits gives eight colours, four bits gives 16 colours and five bits gives the Amiga's normal maximum of 32 colours. If you don't mind, we'll skip how you manage to get 4,096 colours in HAM on the Amiga: it's basically a rather clever cheat, and doesn't follow the pattern at all.
Now, for True Colour you need 16,777,216 colours. If you work it out with a calculator, doubling the numbers each time, you'll reach the conclusion that you need 24 bits of memory to describe each pixel. And that's why True Colour is also known as 24-bit colour.
As you can see, the theory is really pretty simple. The only problem is that when you have 24 bits of memory to describe each pixel, a picture can be pretty enormous. If you've ever checked the comparative sizes of a four- colour picture file and a 32-colour picture file, you'll notice there's a big difference. Imagine how much larger a 24-bit picture file is: each one can take up a whole floppy disk.
You tend to need lots of hard disk space and preferably an accelerator card too. And it's this as much as the cost of the True Colour hardware that makes it expensive. But you can get a pretty stunning Amiga set-up together for £4,000. Which for professional TV and video people is absolute peanuts.
The only other thing lhat you need, of course, is software that can actually work in 24-bit colour. Because it’s very difficult to paint with millions of colours, the emphasis tends to be on 3D modelling (most of the recent programs available work in 24-bit) or on digitising or scanning in photographic images with which to work.
And that’s probably 'nuff said for now.
We've been criticised for giving too much attention to expensive 24-bit hardware and software in Amina Format, but wc think it's a very exciting area and we will continue to keep an eye on it as it develops. And, hopefully. Gets cheaper! '2 Yes, you too In Issue 27 we looked at a clever gadget called HAU-E. Which effectively gives you the power ot True Colour but at a traction ot the cost. It'll set you back about £300 and has the advantage that you can use It with an A500. It comes complete with a basic paint program and an extremely good image-processing program called Image Professional.
The way It works Is this. The Inventor of HAM-E used a neat piece ot reasoning. If a high resolution pixel has lour bits ol colour • equal to 16 colours or 'registers' (2 x 2 x 2 x 2) - then a pair ot pixels would have eight bits, which is 256 colours (2 x 2 x 2x2x2x2x2x2). HAM-E therefore uses a hl-res display (640 x 256 non-interlace) but only uses pixels In pairs to give a lo-res screen with an apparent 256 colours.
The hardware controls the display by examining the first tew pixels of the image, over four to eight scanllnes. It It finds the right combination of colours at the top left comer of the image (a small block called the magic cookie ), HAM-E is triggered'. It the basic 8-bit registers are used ‘straight’, images can have 256 colours from 16 million. This Is register or 'reg' mode. H is also possible to use the information In the 'magic cookie' to set up more registers that allow an extended HAM mode, HAM-E.
Normal HAM uses six bits for each pixel. The first two are tor control, the other four contain data that defines, either one of the The year thi We've always thought that the Amiga's graphics were something pretty special, but over the course of the year something happened that put it right up there with the some of the best. Damien Noonan investigates the True Colour revolution.
SOFTWARE DIGIVIEW GOLD Digitiser that captures and outputs 21-bit images. Three-pass RGB system so slowish but results are excellent.
£149.95 HB Marketing 0753 686000 COLOURPIC Digitiser working with 16-blt colour. Works In real time but as a result needs high-quality pro colour video camera or player for good results.
£399 JCL 0892 75791 SCANLAB PROFESSIONAL Driver for Sharp JX-300 and up range of scanners giving professlonal-quallty full- colour scans. Very special and fab quality scans, as this one of Tank Girt shows.
Price £599 Silica 081-309 1111 plus £3,000 approx for Sharp scanner.
TRUE COLOUR can have lots of colours!
16 colours in the palette you have chosen, or the «vei of one colour. Red. Green or Blue. Each pixel is therefore either a palette colour, or is derived from She previous pixel with its R, G, or B value changed.
HAM-E mode uses a similar trick but with eight b«ts for each pixel and a 256 colour rather than 16 coiou’ register. It Is all a bit more complex than this oescnption but in effect HAM-E mode gives a possi- tx 262.144 colours on screen, and 256 palette colours, so supposedly no fringing. In practice you still have to be a tad careful, which can somewhat inhibit spontaneity, but overall, images do tend to look much better than with normal HAM - which is almost True Colour.
HAM-E Is getting encouraging support from graphics software manufacturers, and now available for use with it are special HAM-E versions of paint and animation programs: Spectracolor (reviewed this issue on Page 182) and 3D modelling program Caligari. More is to follow: a HAM-E version of The Graphics Workshop (as featured on one of this month s Coverdisks) is imminent: it's selling in an American NTSC version but some bugs in the European PAL system will delay it's release date slightly over here.
HAM-E comes in a basic version for £299 and in an advanced version with in-built anti-aliasing (which smooths off jagged edges in your pictures) for £399. It's made by Black Belt in the US and sold in the UK by Checkmate Digital (071-923 0658).
Amiga went full A quick look at the world of T ue Colour... HARDWARE COLOURBURST: Another simple framebuffer, is now available in the UK but appears to be having early teething troubles.
Phone for details.
Price N A HB Marketing 0753 686000.
FIRECRACKER: Seems to be a popular system in the US and is supposed to work fine on UK PAL systems, but we've not heard of a UK importer.
Manufactured by Impulse In USA: no details available.
GVP IV24: Just arrived in the UK, looks set to be a stunner with genlock and framegrabber plus 24-bit software: SC ALA, Caligari and MegaPalnt.
Price £1,799 Silica 081-309 1111.
HAM-E: This is not exactly True Colour but then again for the price and the performance. Who really cares? See 'Yes, you too can have lots of colours!’ above for some more details.Price £299 upwards Checkmate Digital 071-923 0658.
HARLEQUIN: The original True Colour card developed in the UK. Already proven in use in broadcast TV. Well supported by dedicated team.
Price from £1.000 Amiga Centre Scotland 031-557 4242 JANUARY 1992 DCTV: Similar low-cost A500-compatible type of system to HAM-E, just becoming available In UK PAL version. More news soon.
Manufactured by Digital Creations in USA: no details available.
VISTAPRO ART Fractal 3D landscape generator which can produce and save 24-bit results.
Excellent as a source for back- Harlequin card. A Rolls-Royce of a package, but with a price to match.
£900 Amiga Centre Scotland 031-557 4242 £79.99 HB Marketing 0753 686000 SCENERY ANIMATOR Very similar specification to VistaPro but with the addition of clouds and improved multi-frame generation for animations.
£59.95 Post Haste 0227 764204 REAL 3D 3D modelling and ray-tracing program uses very sophisticated solid modelling’ techniques to make organic shapes easy. Also excellent.
DEPARTMENT PROFESSIONAL Image processing that operates in full 24-blt throughout.
It loads and saves many different file formats, lots of effects, plus montage capacity. And it's truly excellent.
Price £250 Precision 081 330 7166.
DRAW 4D PRO 3D modelling but not ray-traced, strong on texture mapping, good animation features. Slight CAD-type leanings. Very good.
This Is probably the current favourite in 3D modelling programs. It has full ray-tracing capabilities and it's very strong on texture mapping. It's quite complex but highly effective.
INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA THE WORLD’S FIRST MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM FOR THE HOME Are you bored with the TV? Do you yearn for something a little more interesting, something which stimulates the old grey matter and indulges your desire to be entertained? Enter the Commodore CDTV, the world's first advanced learning and entertainment system which plugs straight into your television. Based upon the familiar compact disc player, the CDTV offers a rich set of information and communication capabilities. It brings together pictures, words and sounds in a new format, joining them together in a fascinating world
of audio visual challenge and experience.
The multimedia CDTV player combines a professional CD audio system, advanced computer technology and infra red remote control, to offer a wide variety of interactive applications. These range from games, music, gardening and personal health, to educational discs for any level. In addition, CDTV provides high quality audio reproduction for existing music Cds. CDTV is very easy to use and gives you total control over what you see and hear, offering you the chance to learn new skills and discover hidden talents A New Age In Home Entertainment And Education FOR EDUCATION For young children
learning to read can be an adventure! In the title Cinderella, for example, they can use the remote control unit to click on words and pictures to hear pronunciations, syllables.
(Ducxnon definitions and second language translations. And learning about the world can be fun too.
The World Vista Atlas provides detailed information in words and pictures on the history, architecture, language and geography of each country. This can be cross referenced to compare with details of other countries.
FOR FUN There is a wide range ot entertainment titles available for every age-group. Sherlock Holmes.
Consulting Detective, includes a video and audio tour of Victorian London. Players can choose suspects for Holmes and Watson to interrogate and can search issues of the London Times tor clues A CDTV disc's graphics capabilities take action and simulation games to a new level Falcon makes you a pilot of an F-16 fighter and has accurate simulations ot weapons systems, cockpit controls and flight characteristics allowing you to zoom like the ultimate stunt pilot with extraordinary realism.
FOR HOBBIES CDTV can also enhance your personal interests. The Gardenfax Series is designed for use by norice or expert and provides hundreds of full colour illustrations. As well as information on planting and requirements for care New Basics Cookbook provides full colour illustrations of recipes, talks' to you to offer tips as you cook and automatically substitutes recipes with a click of the remote control.
CDTV finds its place alongside the TV and Hi-Fi system in Ihe home. II Is similar in appearance lo existing video and CD players and. With its intra red remote control, is just as simple to operate But that 's just the beginning. CDTV transforms television from a passive to an active medium. The vast storage capabilities of the CD make it an ideal mass information provider, capable of storing and displaying a combination of colour pictures, text, graphics, voice and stereo music of the highest quality. CDTV offers a new realm of audio and visual experience for everyone.
FOR REFERENCE For ihe classical music buff it is possible not only to hear Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, but to see the orchestra perform, tollow the score ant) read about the composer's life and times. The Timetable of Science and innovation walks you through 6.250 key events in scientific history. It employs animated maps to show where every event occurred and a visual lift-off from the earth's surface. Key events are accompanied by audio presentations with graphics and sound recordings from the archives of the world's great museums Browse quickly or examine an exhibit in detail FOR COLLEGES
& BUSINESS When Toyota, decided to open a car assembly plant in Derby. Derbyshire County Council commissioned the production of Japan World', a CDTV title which
- allows students to explore and ex- ; y«» perience the
Japanese language.
V lifestyle and culture It also provides a O ) valuable insight to businessmen with in- formation on Japanese business PSOOUCTIVITY £499 INCLUDING VAT & DELIVERY - OrOer ref CCO 1000 FREE TITLES!
With every CDTV from Silica, you will receive: WELCOME - A GUIDE TO CDTV The Welcome' disc replaces a weighty printed manual with colourful and exciting animation, sound, voices and text.
LEMMINGS worth £34.99 Up to 100 loveable Lemmings drop in to over 100 screens full of danger in this best selling arcade classic.
HUTCHINSON'S ENCYCLOPEDIA worth £49.99 The first British multi-media encyclopedia It features over 1B million words. 700 biographies. 2000 pictures. 150 maps from ITN and 200 audio samples from the BBC sound archives FREE HOLIDAY HOTEL ACCOMMODATION Every CDTV from Silica comes with a FREE 72 page colour brochure with accommodation vouchers. These vouchers entitle 2 people to up to 16 nights FREE hotel accommodation (other options allow 4 people to stay up to 6 nights). There are also accommodation offers on hotels in London and France PLUS!
Uni a umm philosophy and negotiation protocol CDTV offers a seemingly endless range of possibilities for learning, entertainment and enrichment for everyone whether In the home, the classroom or In business.
1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent 0A14 40X W: eCOwnSPOpw HO Lew HpH OpWWiQ Hi No I MAIL OwerUeeeOpee Uor-S* iXm.-r-tCCor- LONDON SHOP SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOU 52 Tottenham Court Road. London. W1P DBA MO U NspW OpTHWfl e FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: Ol al COTV piayere shooed «i the UK mainland e TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team of technical experts at your sennca e PRICE MATCH: We normally match competitors on a Same product - Same price Oasis e ESTABLISHED 12 YEARS: Proven track reeorfl m sales and service
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tor large orders e SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training
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M RETURN THE COUPON FOR A FULL COLOUR CDTV CATALOGUE flLlCA SYSTEMS MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 081-309 1111 (i« noon. Oxford Street. London. W1A 1AB Tel: 071-829 1234 urn M»QM Ttmnaif mi ipm E'»w jew LONDON SHOP: cw» Hoi«i 1-4 The Me*s Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. 0A14 40X Tel 081-302 8811 SIDCUP SHOP Otwnang H vi Moft-S« 900«m-S30yr_IMm HgH u»Bi Tpm_fta Ho 0CT-30D 00T7 F Silica Systems Dept AMFOR-o-92-71. 1-4 The Mews HathereyRd. SrOcuo. Kent DA14 40 | PLEASE SEND ME A CDTV CATALOGUE ¦ MrfMrs Vs Initials Surname ..... Aoo'ess
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Whleh compuier(s). It eny. Do you own’ .. AAWMC pr M rd K*c'carcx-e c-«-ge Peue sn* ::xo- kr f er -~prw«to- ** usiness Centre, Cublington Ffoad, Wing Jne lr LeightoK Buzzard. Beds. LU7 0LB ORDER HOTLINES 0296 682277 GENERAL OFF VISA Dept AMFSC5. Unit 8A, )ER HOTLINy 0296 682277 GENERAL 0FFt£ET02£g 682248 0296 682290 A TFQjfefl or SOTT'H’A'R'E fbx ‘yOUK'&MlGO.
EDUCATIONAL ACCOUNTS MUSIC SOUND Pen Pi ...... Protext V5.0...... ProwntJ 3 .. Quickwma______ Scribble.. Transwnte .. Wortjworlh VI 1 GRAPHICS ANIMATION Prof Draw 2...... Pagesetter2.... Pagestream 2.1 Prof Page V2.0 29 99 4499
29. 99 ...59.99 159 99 ...21.99 ...2899 Show Digicalc ...
Maxiplan Plus Superplan...... 39 95 Answer Back Juntor (6-11
yrs)... Answer Back Senior (12-Adult) Better Maths (12-16
yrs) ... Better Spelling (8-14 yrs) ..... Count &
Add (under 7s) ..... Fun School 2 (under
C. irt Cnh inl 1 tc Q ------ 14 4*.
14 Q ..17.4R
12. 9$ .1295 12 95 run bcnooi t (o-o) ... Fun
School 2 (over 8) .. Fun School 3 (under 5)
Fun School 3 (5-7) .. Fun School 3
(over 7) .. 15JB 1 fb Fun School 4 (under
5)...... Fun School 4 (5-7) ... Fun School 4
(7-11) .. French
Mistress . W '6M I 1699 '699 1399
German Master . } 1399 Hennetta's Book ot Spells
(under Hooray For Hennetta (5-12*)..... 1749 . 17 49 Italian
Tutor ...... V Junior Typist (5-10
yrs) .. Lets Spell At Home (4-10 yrs) .... .
Lets Spell Out and About (4-10 yrs) Magic Maths (4-8
yrs) ...... Magic Storybook (6-14
yrs) ..3 Maths
Adventure . . 1399 ..11 99
.13 99 .1399 1599 19 99 5 99 Maths Mama (8-12
yrs) . Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing... 6 99 19 9
Mix and Match (under 5's) .. Puzzlebook 1
(5-Adult) .... Puzzlebook 2 (5-Adult) ..... 17
139$ .
13. 99 Spanish Tutor .... Spellbook (4-9
yrs) ... 1399 599 Spellbound
(716*1* ...... .17 49 Things to do with Words (5-12
yrs) . Things to do with Numbers (5-12 yrs)..... Three
Bears (5-10 yrs) .. 14 49 14 49 1599
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p35TIM»Q£1IVERY (£t overseas ¦ ' Please allow up .j -I L1.4V•
jl u i--- ’Home Accounts 2 .. PsltaKal Finance Manager 2
Small Business Accounts...... .System
3 ...... feystem
3E .... Amos . Amos 3D.
Amos Coj Art Depart!
Deluxe rai Deluxe p Digiview Gt Disney And Imagine 31 Pixmate... Photon Pi Spectra fi fccounts Combo Accounts Upe ase Persona! 2 . 512K Mem Upgrade . .44.99 'enpal ? 512K Memory Upgrade .79 99 Penpal * Superbase Personal 2 ...79 99 The WorVs Platinum Wordprocessor. Spreadsheet.
Database. Commun anon Package) 59.95 Gold Disk Otf.ce (Wordprocessor. Spreadsheet Database DTP) .... .89.99 The Complete Colour Solution (Vo Amiga . Vtt Ch'ome • RGB Colour Spatter Photon Pa»nt. PSU . Loads) .149 99 All m One • Gold Disks (Wordprocessor. Pamt Package Mus*c Package pijs 3 games with Tutorial video) 59.99 flB*.(S8M«« iOilisei| ..... A omasler «Sound Digitised • ... Bars S PiSmpLi (Music Package) Deluie M C| Set (Music Pack) Mastersoundrl d Digitiser) .... Music
X (Music Package) .. OuartetlMu Ackage) Sonix nlQKPaa-age) ..... SoundtraoTISJnd Sampler) ....
- chnosound Tupo (Sound Sampler) Nakshay louse (with Iree
Operation Steatth ighier) Video ase EO DIGITISING UTILITIES
BUNDLES tome ...109.99 (Also works
with Newtek I 64.99 NEW VERSION 1.4 Includes free fomi
modelling. 24 ways to bend free form objects. 24 bit texture
mapping, colour gradient mapping, key frame animation,
morphing, two new dithering methods... Now you don’t have to
imagine any more!
REAL 3 ¦ D We’re making waves Real 3D is a revolutionary 3D modelling, ray-tracing and animation package.
Includes sophisticated solid modelling. 24 hit rendering.
Superior material handling, fog effects, bump mapping... Real 3D is distributed in the UK by Alternative Image 6 Lothair Rd. Leicester LE2 7QB Tel: 0533-440041 Real 3D is marketed internationally by Activa International BV
P. O. Box 23260, 1100 DT Amsterdam.
The Netherlands Real 3D is a product of realsoft ky. Finland YOU’LL NEED TO BE PART-ARCHITECT, PART-GENERAL AND COMPLETE ¦¦¦¦ MONEY-GRABBING, TWO-FACED LIAR Electronic Arts 11 49 Station Road Langley. Berks SL3 8YN Tel: (0753) 549442 Fax: (0753) 546672 The peasants are revolting. And who can blame them?
You forced them to build your castles. You taxed them until they were eating their children. Then you gave them little more than pitchforks and told them to go and attack the neighbouring duke.
So you won't win any popularity contests playing “Castles”™.
A game that tests your skill at medieval architecture, “persuasive" tax collection and that particular blend of treachery and greed that goes to make a true tyrant.
Designed by the cunning folks at Interplay ™, Castles features realistic and fantasy settings, three difficulty levels plus the most intricate and detailed graphics.
Amiga £29.99 IBM PC £34.99 area which was still dominated by several three-year- old programs. 3D is the most sophisticated and professional area of the Amiga's graphics, so the new arrivals are particularly important to the growth of 24- bit 'True Colour’ systems on the Amiga.
Ray-tracing is the really flash side of things, although it's characterised by shiny balls against a chcquerboard background it is in fact a highly sophisticated technique that works out how light rays bounce off surfaces of different shapes and textures. Old stalwarts Sculpt-Animale and Turbo Silver were kicked into touch by new arrivals Imagine and Real .ID. A name to watch out for is 3D Professional, which disappointed this year, but a highly-improved second version is due next year.
The simpler 3D modelling programs, which don't use ray-tracing and so tend to give a more artificial 'computer world' look, took off in a big way this year.
Where before there was only Videoscape, a simple system often used for PD demos with a look of 3D 'filled polygon' games about it, this year saw the arrival of Draw 41) and Caligari. The former is carefully targeted at use in illustration work, while Caligari has great strengths in its simplicity and is expected to make quite an impact when the more straightforward new version is released very soon. '~J 39 JANUARY 1992 32 OR BA-COLOUR PAINT AND ANIMATION Deluxe Paint III_* * * * * £79.99 Electronic Arts 0753 549442 Superior paint and animation, now available free with Amiga bundles.
Deluxe Paint I and II_* Price etc not really applicable Older versions are available cheap or free: use to get cheap upgrade.
£99.95 Disney via Entertainment International 0268 541126 Quality animation, ideal to learn cartoons but has nothing very new.
Express Paint or Spritx_?
£44.95 Por Softwore via Silica 081 309 1111 lots of interesting features but old and hard to use.
Stick to Dpaint III.
IN AMERICA THEY see things a bit differently, but over here in the UK the whole painting and animation scene is dominated by Deluxe Paint. This is partly because every single Amiga sold in a pack for about the last two years, ever since the Batman pack in Christmas 1989. Has contained one version or another of Deluxe Paint. But it's also because Deluxe Paint III is a standard tool for everyone, including the programmers who create games - just the other day we were up at the Bullfrogs' HQ watching the closing animation for Populous 2 being put together in DPIII.
Deluxe Paint III is widely regarded as one of the most accessible and effective 'bitmap' paint programs ever made for any computer. But in Amiga terms, there was one thing it could have done that it didn't: and that's use the 4.096-colour HAM mode.
Two very good HAM (Hold And Modify) paint programs have been around since the early days of Amiga Format in Autumn 1989: Photon Paint 2 and DigiPaint j. The only trouble w ith this was that everyone uses Dpaint for painting in anything up to 64 colours (Extra Half Brite mode) but you'd have to use one of these two for HAM: and they're both very different from Dpaint in use.
The answer came only a couple of months ago. When Deluxe Paint IV was launched with an exclusive review and Coverdisk demo in Amiga Formal 26. Not only does the latest version use HAM. But it is also the only paint program that can also use the normal paint modes from two to 64 colours. We believe that it has effectively stolen the standard Amiga paint package market in the UK completely: there is no reason for anyone to ever buy anything else again. We do. However. Hope for a Deluxe Paint V: it could be quicker and refined to perfection.
The Amiga has finally grown up. And the maturing of Deluxe Paint to the final stage in its development is Amiga Format s authoritative opinion: how wo saw graphics software in 1*91 HAM PAINT AND ANIMATION Spoctracolor _* *** E79.95 Oxxi-Aegis via S«co 081-309 1111 Goad HAM-only point and animation, bat lacks a niche in the marketplace.
Photon Paint 2_* * * £79.95 Mrrolllusioas via Smco 081 309 1111 Good HAM-only paint, easy to use and effective bat now outdated.
DigiPaint 3_* * * £75 NewTek via H8 Marketing 0753 686000 Powerful HAM-only paint, sKghriy odd to use at first.
Also outdated.
Photon Paint_* £65 Mkrolllusions via Silica 081 309 1111 Poor, oged original version, not too great but it Is often available free.
‘MULTI-MODE’ PAINT AND ANIMATION Deluxe Paint IV _* * * * * £89.99 Electronic Arts 0753 549442 The only point and animation program you need. In a doss of its own.
A sign of this. Having jusl a 'standard' program that everyone uses makes life easier for everybody, and we expect to sec this happening in almost every area of Amiga software over the next year, 1992 will be remembered as the year that Amiga software sorted itself out and settled down, so that we can stop worrying about which program to use and get on w ith doing something creative.
As a last note on the subject of graphics, it's worth mentioning that both Photon Paint 2 and DigiPaint 3 can do a couple of little things Dpaint can't, so specialists might find them attractive still.
DigtPainl is from Newtek, who have much more on their minds nowadays with the famous Video Toaster, the complete graphics hardware and software solution, but they've turned their back on the UK market and are not planning to make a PAL (European TV standard) version of the Toaster. Somewhat forgotten about.
DigiPaint will be sold as part of a package called MediaStation with digitiser DigiView and presentation sequencer Elan Performer.
Photon Paint 2 seems likely to fade into the background somewhat, especially since a new version was released earlier this year in the form of Spectracolor from Oxxi-Aegis. Which features brush animation in a Deluxe Paint style but is basically still Photon Paint 2.
The opinion of Amiga Format graphics expert Maff Evans: "It's still got all the same problems Photon Paint had. Not as good as Dpaint IV.
The other enormous advance in graphics software came with several new releases in 3D modelling, an The year that grSp changed forever Graphics has always been the strongest area for serious' software on the Amiga, dominated by certain stalwart, but aged, programs. But it was shaken up completely this year as a new generation took over... THREE-DIMENSIONAL MODELLING Imagine _* * * * * £250 Impulse via Precision 081-330 7166 New top dog of the vector-based roy-tracers. Complex but great results.
Turbo Silver_it ¦» ?
£150 Impulse via Precision 081-330 7166 Older, weaker brother of Imagine. Good at textures.
Sculpt(-Animate) series _* * * £130-376 Byte by Byte via ACS 031 557 4242 Old classic ray-trocer, but still holds up well. Slowish and a bit lifeless.
Real 3D _* **** £ varies Real so ft via Ah emotive Imoge 0533 440041 Roy-tracing on top of 'solid modelling'. Very effective.
3D Professional_* * * £300 approx Progressive via Marcum 0604 790466 Ray-tradn& 'solid modelling' and clever ideas spoiled by poor feotures.
Draw 4D Pro_* WWW £199 or less ADSPEC via Surface UK 081-566 6677 Polygon modelling, but no roy-trodng. Good results and good animation.
Videoscape 3D_* ?
£150 Oxxi-Aegis via Precision 081-330 7166 Very old polygon system: looks like 3D games, very unsophisticated.
NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY If you've ever pictured yourself as a Brave Adventurer but have been put off by the complexity of Role Playing Adventures this is the game for you.
S Shadow Sorcerer has all the excitement and intrigue of ADStD''s more complex I adventures and also features the following "gamer friendly" innovations:
• 100% "point ’n’ click" icon control (no laborious typing).
• 3D isometric play area giving yolt more control on the playing
• Control up to 4 characters in a life or death struggle against
• Hexagonal grid map aids strategic ‘ planning.
• Comlwl action adventure.
Ws new concept in role playing adventures means that in minutes you could be confronting the Shadow Sorcerer, the down side is that within minutes you could also be dead!!_ V v v Ad va ne e H I Dungebnsf Dr ous ADVANCED DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, ADDD, DRAGONLANCE and thrTSR l ogo art trademark, owned by TSR. Ine, Lake Geneva, WI, USA and used under license from Strategic Simulations, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, USA. © 1991 TSR. Inc. V 1991 Strategic Simulations. Inc. All rights resen'ed.
U. S. Gold Ltd, Units2 3 Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B67AX.
Tel: 0216253366.
BEST BUYS picture with the TV picture), so we've taken a look at a range of different genlocks in this issue (Page 218).
As for video software: well, all you need is something you can produce titles and graphics with, so we've always argued that you might as well use Deluxe Paint rather than a dedicated titling program. But we will be taking a look at a complete approach to making your own videos in the very near future, including a detailed look at video software.
Music is another area we haven't covered in detail.
The music scene's been a bit dead for a while, but it's just kicked back into life again, something we've helped to do. Many of the Amiga fans who are into music arc using 'tracker' programs, which is why we gave away the best of the kind. OctaMED. On the Covcrdisk of Issue 29 (copies arc still available from our Back Issues department on Page 238). As for the rest, well it's an area about to be dominated by a couple of programs. Watch our posl-Sequencer One increased music coverage for more... WE'RE VERY AWARE that Amina Formal is not jusi an entertainment. But also a source of
information. This is particularly true of buying advice. Software and hardware arc both expensive, and you want to be sure that you spend your money wisely.
Which is why we regularly carry buying guides, comparing everything that's available in a particular field and picking out the best in quality and value.
The Amiga 'serious' software and hardware scene is so active that the answer to the question "Which is the best...?" Is constantly changing. With new releases and improved updates appearing all the time, no sooner have we looked at. For instance, all the word processors on the market than a new one appears. It might be better than the best, or it might be worth avoiding.
In our third issue of the year, number 21. We compared every single paint package that there is for the Amiga. At the time it a as impossible to pick an overall winner: Deluxe Paint III was our favourite, as it is for so many people - most Amiga games designers use it to produce the graphics - but because it didn't use the 4.096-colour HAM mode, we saw Spectracolor as a definite second purchase.
This year that all changed, with Deluxe Paini IV not only gaining HAM but also becoming the first major paint package to offer the ordinary graphics modes up to 64-colour as well. There would almost be no point taking six pages to cover paint anima- non programs nowadays: we could simply say "buy Dpainl IV".
The year we you a choice!
You know the feeling: you have a clear idea of what you want to do, but there’s a bewildering choice of things to do it with. Which is best for you?
Throughout the year, we’ve been comparing all the choices and picking the best. Here, for the first time in one place, are our conclusions... JANUARY 1992 Not every area of the Amiga changes so vastly with new releases: very often they just increase your range of choice. Since our digitisers round-up in Issue 22. For instance, a new high-qual- its digitiser has appeared called Snapshot (lssuc27). But there arc already a couple of equally good ones around and the choice remains a personal one.
Sound samplers are a slightly different case: since our round- jp in Issue 22 we've seen the arrival of a great revamped entry-level contender in Technosound Turbo (Issue 26) as well as an excellent new piece of software in the form of Audition 4 Issue 29). But there's also a whole lot of new stuff on the way.
Including Microdeal's improved Stereo Master and AMAS 2. As well as PanDAAL's new one. A promising contender from American hardware giants GVP and the latest version of the fabulous AudioMaster software. All cause for a new sampler comparison very soon.
Even the most recent of our comparisons are subject to change. There are three new hard drives ready since our test comparison in Issue 28. One of which is reviewed in this issue and :wo of which will follow next month. Since last issue's word-pro- ccssors-with-graphics piece a new version of ProWrite has appeared, and is reviewed on Page 189.
So. What with paint and animation programs, sound samplers, scanners, video digitisers, three-dimensional graphics programs, hard-disk drives, floppy-disk drives and word-processors-w i 111 - graphics: and all this accounted for over the course of the year, what else could there be for us to cover? Well, there's plenty.
Eor starters, there's video. The key to using your Amiga for video is having a genlock (a device which mixes your computer We’ve had a lot of requests for a good round-up of educational software, so there'll be a big one for the parents in the March issue. Issue 32. We haven't properly covered business-like software (databases, spreadsheets and accounts) in a while, so you can expect some more of that shortly after. The DTP scene is changing rapidly and when we have the latest versions of the Big Three (Professional Page.
Page stream and Saxon Publisher) we'll go into the topic again. We've also seen a sea of change in 'multimedia' on the Amiga over the last year, so there will be a special issue on that area and what it means to you coming up very soon. Too.
But is there anything else? Arc you facing a tricky buying decision at the moment, with no idea what you should go for? We'd very much like to know. If you have any suggestions for a round-up. A comparison or an explanatory feature in Amiga Format, then please write in to us at: "I’d like to see this in Amiga Format".
Amiga Format.
30 Monmouth Street.
Bath BA I 2BW.
Keep it brief: just a topic would do. But if you want to expand on it make it a few sentences at the very most. There's no prize, apart from the satisfaction of having your problems answered in the magazine. Remember, we can't give you what you want unless you tell us what it is!
FLOPPY DISK DRIVES Commodore CBM AIOI 1 34% £99.99 Commodore 0628 770088 Slow, noisy, no dust-ilap, no on-off switch and too expensive.
Zydec 50% £55 Evesham Micros 0386 765500 Quiet enough, has through-port, on-off switch.
Average really.
BSC Oktagon 500 52Mb 80% £499 Gastcinor 081 365 1151 Controller box with separate drive unit. Complex and techie but powerful.
Xetec FastTrak 65Mb 82% £599 Third Coost 0257 472444 Again, controller with enormous separate drive.
Again techie but powerful.
Golden Image 72% £64.95 Evesham Micros 0386 765500 Decent drive, quiet and quick with all you need plus a fancy LED display.
JANUARY 1992 Digita International 0395 270273 Good graphics, good text handling, slightly slow screen handling though.
£79.95 Gordon Horwood 0773 836781 Good text flowing ond graphics handling, great value but there is no thesaurus.
Kindwords 30% £51 HB Marketing 0753 686000 Incredibly slow, very poor feotures, really no appeal except cheapness.
Excellence! 2 80% £117 HB Marketing 0753 686000 Best text features with columns and grommor checker, graphics not great.
Pro Write 3.2 84% £143 Silica 081 309 1111 Now very good in every department except text flow and graphics speed.
£499 Power Computing 0234 273000 Internal, replaces floppy drive. Tricky to instoll but fast and stable in use.
IVS Trumpcard 40Mb 66% £399 Third Coast 0257 472444 large unit, slow but reliable, can be dismantled and fitted to A2000.
SupraDrive 500XP 50Mb 85% £?? Surface UK 081 566 6677 Good, expandable and competitive but slightly less reliable than the GVP.
WORD PROCESSORS WITH GRAPHICS Pen Pal 95% (FG) ICD Novia 30i 30Mb 73% £399 Power Computing 0234 273000 Tiny internal drive. Tricky to install, overage speed, but works well.
WORD PROCESSORS Quick Writer 88% £50 Silica 081-309 1111 Simpler ProWrile for 512K. Basic spelling checker, fast and good all round.
Office Write Transcript N A £130 in Gold Disk Office pack HB Marketing 0753 686000 Cheap V cheerful V surprisingly good basic system.
Comes in value pock.
Scribble 2 50% £50 HB Marketing 0753 686000 Simple, gets the job done with no fuss, really quite poor but still popular.
£129.95 HB Marketing 0753 68600 Excellent sampling hardware bundled with the superb Audiomaster III.
Intersound (software) 55% £50 Good software retailers Rather overpriced software. Only package which can get over complicated.
Audio Engineer 92% (FG) £199 HB Morketing 0753 686000 £179 Amor 0733 68909 Incredibly rapid, every feature under the sun, we use it: but expensive.
SOUND SAMPLERS Technosound Turbo 81% £35.99 New Dimensions 0291 690933 Simple but on effective system. Ideal for beginners to start sampling.
£179 Rombo 0506 414631 Combo of Vidi, Vidi-Chrome and an RGB splitter delivers groat value.
Colourpic 82% £399 Jcl 0892 75791 Real-time system. Pro quolity, but needs quality camera.
Superpic 82% £499 Jcl 0892 75791 Some as Colourpic, but with built-in genlock.
FrameGrabbor 25b 82% £599 Progressive Peripherals via Marcom 0604 790466 The best real-time grabber there is ond most expensive.
Vidoon 55% £99 HB Morketing 0753 686000 Full-colour in one pass but not real-time. Average quolity.
Dotol Video Digitiser 2 90% (FG) £89.99 Dolel Electronics 0782 744707 Real-time mono grabber gives excellent results and is very easy to use.
Snapshot 78% £580 HB Marketing 0753 686000 Full-colour with excellent results, but not real-time, which lets it down.
VIDEO DIGITISERS Digi-View Gold 90% (FG) £149.95 NewTek via HB Marketing 0753 686000 Slow three-pass RGB systom with mono camera, but superb results.
AMAS 61% £99.95 Microdeal 0726 68020 Rather dated, but includes MIDI interface. Version two is now available.
Audiomoster III bundled with the best sampling hardwore that there is.
Celtic Lecends is a strategy game PLAYED ON A HEXAGONAL GRID.
An appealing mix o magic and strategy cast spells (viruses, remedies, paralysis, "Graphically superb.
Celtic Legends boasts some ol the most colourful and detailed mythical creatures to be seen in a computer game." SI l( i rfltX THEMARK THE QUEST FOR ADVENTURE SERIES No. 1 CRUISE FOR A CORPSE w Y ii r Tl FOR ADVTM l HI s i: r i i: s AMIGA CRUISE FOR A CORPSE Based in the I920's, Inspector Raoul Dussenlier is aboard a ship in Ihe Mediterranean. But no sooner has the cruise begun when Raoul is summoned lo investigate a crime - Ihe murder of his host Niklos Karaboudjan, Ihe Greek shiping magnate. Il's up lo Raoul lo throw some light on this sinister mystery!
OPERATION STEAITH Operation Slealth plunges you headfirst into a brand new Cinematique1" Interactive espionage adventure • Superb atmospheric musical score • High definition graphics • Detailed animation.
INDIANA IONES1" and the Last Crusade - The Adventure
• The chase is on all the way to the greatest treasure in
history, the Holy Grail. • Indiana tones offers superb graphics
and a sensationally intriguing plot. • A no typing point 'n‘
click interface provides the player with quick and easy access
to a combination of verbs, objects and locations.
• Over 100 different sound effects. • 68 page Grail Dairy details
extensively storyline hints & tips.
MEAN STREETS1" The year is 2033. Your name is Tex Murphy, Private Investigator in San Francisco. You've been hired by the beautiful daughter of a university professor to uncover the facts about his death.
AVAILABLE ON ATARI ST. AMIGA & PC (VGA 256 Colour Only). ITII* j3T Itarompiu™. Mi US. Goid I Id. XI nrhh rrsmrd. Bhg 'a M f si 1 tolrW undr. Inmsr b U.S. Cold ltd BM» ACCESS liaam n Software Incorporated NliO HELP? CALI THE MIUSIAR • DRAGONS Of ILAMI • HEROES Of IHI LANCE TEL: 0(01 441015 CURSE Of THE AZUEEE SONOS • POOL Of RADIANCE • CHAMPIONS Of XRYNN TO: 0»»« 441016 LUCASfllM HELPLINE • COMPETITION • INDIANA JONES • TAX MCKRACXEN • MANIAC MANSION • LOOM • SECRET Of MONXET ISLAND • IATTLE Of BRTTAIN TO: Oil* ASA 111 Service provided by U.S. Gold Lid. Units 2 3 HoHord Way. Hollord,
Birmingham BA 7AX.
GAME Domination, wealth, power and justice are all part of the
game plan. Flex your muscles in the rough and tough world of
The Godfather, crushing other Don's scheming plans to take a
piece of your action! Nerves of steel and a cool head are
needed to keep the bad guys at bay.
• Digitised sound effects.
• Full colour allowing stunning detail and realism.
• Unique graphic interaction sequences.
• Superb action mixed with quick decision making.
• Collect hidden bonuses to advance through the game.
TMMdcmi Pjrjmnunt Pictures. Al rightsrrscrscd. TVGOOf ATHER is* rrgirtrrrd trademark ol Paramount Pictures US Gold authorised usee.
SHADOW SORCERER This new concept in role-playing adventures means that in minutes you will find yourself in the thick of the action, facing many enemies not the least of which is the SHADOW SORCERER himself.
• 100% “Point 'n' click" icon control.
• 3D isometric play area giving you more control in Ihe playing
• Control up lo 4 characters in a life or death struggle against
• Hexagonal grid, wilderness map for outdoor confrontations.
• 3D "animated miniatures" represent your cast of characters in
real-time combat action.
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. AMD. DRAGON! ANCI and Ihe ISR logo are trademarks owned by TSR, Inc., lake Geneva, W1, USA and used under license from Strategic Simulations. Inc., Sunnyvale. CA. USA. 1991 IS*. Inc. 1991 Strategic Simulations, Inc. All rights reserved.
GAMES YEAR Trenton Webb Doctor of Gonzo Journalism Maff Evans King of Sardinia Damien Noonan Editor-in-Chief Populous 2 • Electronic Arts The Secret ot Monkey Island - Lucastilm US Gold Battle Isles - UBI Soft Eye ot the Beholder - SSI US Gold Dueteros - Activision Mega-lo-Mania - Image Works Speedball 2 - Image Works First Samurai - Image Works Thunderhawk - Core Design Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker - Virgin Games JANUARY 1992 TOP FIVE MOVIES Terminator 2 Godfather 3 New Jack City Silence of the Lambs Dead Again (well I liked it!)
Killing Fields - Ice T and the Rhyme Syndicate.
Heed the Word - X Clan (OK so it was released in 1990, but I only heard it this year and it’s still spiffy).
FAVOURITE BOOK Hocus Pocus - Kurt Vonnegut. Viciously satrical look at modern America through the eyes of a prisoner awaiting appeal. Classic Vonnegut!
Secret ot Monkey Island - LucasFllm US Gold James Pond II Robocod - Millennium Lemmings - Psygnosis Speedball 2 - Image Works PGA Tour Golf - Electronic Arts Llamatron - Liamasoft SWIV - Storm Cruise for a Corpse - Delphlne First Samurai - Image Works Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 - Gremlin TOP FIVE MOVIES Akira Jacob's Ladder TOP FIVE RECORDS This World Must Be Destroyed - Front 242 Get Down. Make Love - Nine Inch Nails This is Fascism - Consolidated Smell of Teen Spirit - Nirvana Crawl - Controlled Bleeding FAVOURITE BOOK Toady - Mark Morris. A horror story set in a seaside town during a bleak
winter. The plot centres around a group of boys who call up an evil spirit during a seance and have to deal with the consequences. A tight, original story with a surprising twist.
Our It wasn't just the year of the Arr the hostages were freed and wh midnight oil they spent there tin Gary Lord Chief Group Sub Frank Bartucca Executive Designer GAMES YEAfj JANUARY I 992 TOP TEN GAMES Lotus Turbo Challenge Two PGA Tour Golt Lemmings SW1V Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker TOP FIVE MOVIES Godfather III Terminator 2 : Judgement Day Batman - The Movie (60s version) The Russia House The Doors TOP FIVE RECORDS The Doors - In Concert The very best of T-Rex The Doors - The Doors Where the Pyramid meets the Eye Peggy Suicide - Julian Cope rear
• :ne AF team weren’t burning the enjoying the following... TOP
FIVE GAMES PGA Tour Golf - Electronic Arts First Samurai -
Mirorsoft The Secret of Monkey Island - US Gold Lemmings -
Psygnosis Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker - Virgin TOP FIVE
RECORDS Losing my Religion - REM Hippychick - Soho Peggy
Suicide (the album) - Julian Cope Smells like Teen Spirit -
Nirvana Zoe - Sunshine on a Rainy Day TOP FIVE RECORDS Shiny
Happy People - REM Move any Mountain - The Shamen Can You Dig
It? - The Mock Turtles This is Your Life - Banderas It Ain't
Over til it's Over - Lenny Kravltz TOP FIVE MOVIES Akira - the
Movie Terminator 2 Wild at Heart Dark Angel Truly, Madly.
Deeply TOP FIVE MOVIES Cyrano de Bergerac The Silence of the
Lambs The Nasty Girl Thelma and Louise Life is Sweet ja. The
Gulf War came and went.
TOP TEN GAMES Lotus Turbo 2 Lemmings SWIV PGA Tour Super Space Invaders FAVE BOOK The Garden of Eden - Ernest Hemingway FAVOURITE BOOK The Great Gatsby - F Scott Fitzgerald FAVOURITE BOOK Vineland - Thomas Pynchon TOP FIVE RECORDS Gish - Smashing Pumpkins Peggy Suicide - Julian Cope Special Kiss - Gumball Nevermind - Nirvana Birdbrain - Buffalo Tom Lemmings - Psygnosis James Pond II Robocod - Millennium SWIV - Storm Llamatron - Llamasott Spindizzy Worlds - Activision PGA Tour Golf - Electronic Arts Lotus Turbo Callenge 2 - Gremlin Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker - Virgin Super Space Invaders -
Domark Rodland - Storm Marcus Dyson Art Director SWIV - Storm Speedball 2 - Imageworks Gods - Renegade MIG-29M - Domark Full Contact - Team 17 Narco Police - Dinamic Air Warrior - On-line PGA Tour Golf - Electronic Arts Silent Service II - MicroProse Sea Lance - PD!
Silence of the lambs Terminator 2 Cyrano de Bergerac Henry V TOP FIVE RECORDS Decade of Aggression - Slayer Metallica- Metallica Mindfunk - Mindfunk Mr Bungle - Mr Bungle Pat MacDonald Technical Guru Pack _y m,Sa 0 computer pl us Bart Simpson, Captain Planet, Deluxe Paint III, Lemmings (game of the year) rT 1 Pl us FREE 10 games: Dungeon Quest, Kid Gloves, Flight Path 737, E-Motion, Plutos, Artificial Dreams, Space Station, Eye of Horus, Power Play, Tower of Babel Pl us FREE 512K RAM upgrade, FREE Mouse mat, FREE Crystal gift Voucher "*Qnly" ' 399.9' (value £5) Amiga A500 computer FREE
512K RAM upgrade Pl us FREE 25 games Bart Simpson, Dungeon Quest, Artificial Dreams, Tower of Babel, Eye of Horus, Monster Slam, Ice Hockey, jump jet, E-Motion, Slayer, Starray, Microprose Soccer, Quadralien, 5 Gear, DataStorm, Thai Boxing, RV Honda, Space Station, Shuftlepuck, Warzone, Kid Gloves, Battle Valley, Starblaze, Star Goose, Steel.
Pl us FREE microswitched joystick, FREE deluxe mouse mat, FREE 20 blank disks, FREE Crystal gift voucher (value £5) r Only ¦449.9 DTP Word Util VVideo etc. Romt»' complete tolouf solution including: Vidi Amiga: Vidi Chrome. Vidi RGB (Photon Paint limited offer).... .... il 59.95 New Vidi Amiga Vidi Amiga: Vidi Chrome n Part: imted offer) ... il 16.95 Rente Vd RGB electronic colour splitter) inc. PSU.
1 £69.95 1 A-nisaVisrt’drsxicctndeo . £119.95 1 Elan Pencm-re- V2 .... £49.95 1 IV lext P-wessena . £113.00 I Video Srfecs 3D ... £139.95 ¦ Showmjker___ £269.95 DduxePart tl .... £39.95 D»r*Oor v 2__ __________£79.95 Image taramaiKT' ____£168.90 Walt Dtsnes anmatcn £79.95 Photon Paint 2___ £29.00 Vista . £55.00 1 Video Effects 3D vl 2A __£119 95 [ Modeller 3D ...... _____£51.99 X-CAD 3D_________________________________ . £269.90 Cross DOS ....
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..£49.95 rv ..... 1 Pjge ctter v2 ...£52.95
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£174.95 1 Professional Page
v2 .... .£159.95 1 Saxon
Si nr,1 Professional 184.95 1 Saxon Publisher (Ultimate
DTP) ..... ......£229.95 Kids
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2Mb ......1109.95 RAM
power supply ...... £31.95 Monitors
Visto Stereo 14' colour tor m Am*i 600 puts • MS lino. Ml.
Iwf Ind. OmpoMd IA'i‘1* mdrr licwcel.... 1239.95 Commodore 1084S stereo ilaM roM n In* to*! £259.95 Citizen Trinitron,Multi-sync .._ £349.95 Phibps Stereo 8833MUIi«tm F-19 te*r*hM 1249.95 : «m*i ST sn tent £7.« ¦*»»«* Mo Commodore 195014* multi-sync tflt swhel......1449.95 lincW« tier cablrlStP 2000 W00) Disks KAO
3. 5- DSDD135tpi bulk. All disks 10091 error tree.
Complete with labels.
25. .... £11.95
50. . 121.95
103. ... 137.50
200. .... 171.95 Rainbow packs 5 each of sin colours
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disk drive ...- -159.95 SupraRAM
500RX slimline memory expansion Uses expansion port with bus
pass, through test mode software orVoff switch.
8Mb exp with 2Mb installed ....£194.95 SupraRAM 500RX with 4Mb installed .£267.95 SupraRAM 500RX with 8Mb installed ..£418.00 Podscal 12*12 drawing inc puck pen-cursor ...£193.95 External 5 25* disk drive ....£145.95 8802 genlock .. £234.95 8802 mode switch box_____________________________£34.95 8802 extension cable .. £9.95 Minigen genlock £109.95 Naksha mouse ..I22.9S Optical
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This is the great new pnnter to follow that superb classic, the IC-I0. New features include 180cps draft 45cps nlq.
Mono, 8 fonts, friction tractor, paper park, auto load £169.95 Star EC-200 Colour mono. 9 pin, 4 Scps nlq 1180cps draft hi speed draft 225cps, 16Kb buffer, friction push pull tractor £209.95 StarkC-24200 Colour mono, 24 pin, 67cps nlq 200cps draft hi speed draft 222cps, 7Kb buffer, expandable to 39Kb. 10 fonts, optional font cards, friction push or tractor pull.
£295.95 Star 1C-2410
- Mono, 24 pin. 45cps nlq 180cps draft, 8 fonts, optional font
cards, paper park, excellent 24 pm ......£209. New' Star
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friction push tractor, advanced paper park, autoload, I year
on-site warranty
....£369.95 Star ZA
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pin feature, 4 SIQ fonts. 14 IQ fonts. LOOcps Iq 332cps
draft. 20Kb buffer________________________
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360x360 dpi graphics and a host of features. A superb pnnter
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Normally £29.95, when ordered with any printer, only
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38438 Government and trade orders welcome Crystals
Spellbinders Pack total retail value £1070.00 I manuals
operating i
2. 1 Md built-in disk drive
3. Commodore mouse pointer
4. Built-in Kickstart 1.3 or 2.0
5. TV Modulator
6. Built-in speech synthesis
7. 4096 colours
8. Power supply Commodore's Cl Multimedia system for the home.
A new dimension - A new lower price.
The ultimate in home entertainment and education INCL U DES 'CDTV ....489.00 .FREE Welcome. A guide to CDTV (value) 34.99 FREE Lemmings (Arcade classic) (value) 34.99 FREE Hutchinson's Encyclopedia (value) 49.99 Inc. Infra-Red Remote Control.
Pack value : £608.97 Other CDTV Titles Education Animate Colouring Bk.
.16.95 A Bun for Barney (3-5)...29.95 Barney Bear Goes to Entertainment School (2-6) .25.95 Battlestorm . .25.95 Cinderella (6+) ...... .34.95 Classic Board Games.... .29.95 Fun School 3 (3-5) . .21.95 Defender of the Crown ..25.95 LTV English .29.95 Falcon . .41.99 Mv Paint (3-91 . .25.95 Case of Cautios Condor.29.99 Paper Bag Princess (6+) .29.95 Battle Chess 38 00 Sim City ...... .25.95 ? Music Pro Tennis Tour II .. .25.95 CD
Remix .. .25.95 Psycho Killer .. .25 95 ?Music Maker .29.95 Sherlock Holmes ... .37.95 x Musicolour .. ..T.B.A Spirit of Excalibur .. .29.95. Team Yankee .. 25 95 Arts & Leisure Women in Motion ..25.95 This is a small list Trees, Shrubs, Conifers ..29.95 of titles available.
Indoor Plants . ..29.95 Full list is sent with orders.
Amiga A500 computer Plus 512K RAM expansion Plus Pro-write 2.5 - word processor Deluxe Paint II - art Deluxe Print II -pretty!
Infotile -database Music Mouse - at least it doesn't squeak!
Logo + talking turtle - Childrens art language learning Lets Spell at home - educational BBC emulator- read your oldbeeb files Plus 10 blank disks, deluxe mouse mat FREE resource i e-curriculum guide FREE introductory video-pop f into the VCR and relax REE 10 great games - tor when the serious stuff finishes FREE Crystal gift voucher (value £6)
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specified, and unless stated, consist of the following:.
| To order jxt telephone our sales hotline number - 04024 38438 9am to 1 Opm. Quote your full name and address, your Access Visa C red it charge number, along with “»our requirements. Include your da 1ime telephone number. Or, »end vour personal building society cheque bankers draft, with full details, to our mail order address: Unit 4,1 la Station Lane, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 6|L. All prices are inclusive of VAT.
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Backup service We honour the warranty's as given by the manufacturer, subject only to proof of purchase. Where Alan hardware has failed in the first 28 days, we will exchange that item with a new replacement. After 28 days equipment w'ill be repaired
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Special Saturday delivery can be arranged. All orders recieved by 4:30pm will be dispatched same day subject to availability, or unless otherwise instructed, i*.
Birthday present, etc. All above UK mainland only. (Export, BFPO.
Channel Isles - details on request) ' 'Euromouse' ST Amiga switchable.
RAM rm Unit 4,11a Station Lane, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 6JL, Tel: 04024 38438, Fax: 04024 44399 Showroom 174 High Street, Hornchurch, Essex.
(Dept AP1) wish it could li Place your bets, the runners are under starter's orders and ready for the Christmas software handicap hurdle. It's the race to see which game will hit the top slot at closing time on December 24. Game publishers have chewed their fingernails up to their elbows, eager to know whether they've made the big time during the Chrimbo software silly season.
Poveermonger look the lop Amiga hon- Drum'. Who is in line for w inning glory this ours last year, with those pesky Turlies year? Will hype or good game design win?
Coming close behind. In I'189 Batman - the Are we all licence lemmings or will another Movie stole the race, despile the handicap of original title take the Christmas chart crown, being bundled with all new A500s and the We've stacked up all the biggest names and all incredible sales of the number two title Hard the biggest games to rate their chances.
Oh No! More Lemmings! ¦ Psygnosis £14 99 £25.99 With a hundred industrious handlers, this horse is bound to be well groomed. Prefers solid ground and to stay with the group.
Double-edged sales pitch (as data disk and stand alone game) should give the lemms a numerical advantage. The success of the original Lemmings and its inclusion in the Cartoon Classics bundle mean there's a vast potential market for data disks, but take up may not be as sudden as a ‘new' release.
Tw ! ! T .
Populous 2 ¦ £29 99 Electronic Arts The biggest name in Amiga games has its second coming and could repeat the Powermonger success. It’s an instant classic but could not make the race because of final testing and packaging. If it makes it in time, this god game could rule the courses over yule-tide and for months to come. The strongest original runner in the field.
Cisco Heat ¦ £25.99 Image Works An honest law-abiding horse Known in the field as Frisky Ciscy. This eacitable filly can get a little too frisky, and sometimes doesn’t even make the track.
Christmas driving games are as traditional as Bond movies, but Cisco lacks the arcade appeal of Smash or (1-lot to really be a major contender. The conversion (Page 1291 is thorough but a bit smallish. Its claim to fame is also overshadowed by Formula I OP and Lotus.
The popular winged pony that has the gods on rts side is Dune's Tip for the Top. An especially kind runner, but can Hie up H it to pleases. An all rounder and world beater. It's going to be around for a while yet. A real winner. Bets on!
JANUARY 1992 Birds of Prey ¦ Electronic Arts £30 99 Usually gets off to a flying start, but lacks consistency. A at home in the air.
The long awaited multi plane flight sim has the reputation to demand Number One status this Christmas. Its complexity and release delays may have fatally wounded its chart chances. Do enough people remember it to make it a major Christmas force?
Pitfighter ¦ Domark £25.99 A huge arcade hit. The conversion is limited by the game it copied - it's just a weird beat cm up. Poor critical response from the press may have hurt its Anaggr vlv. ChanCeS’ «»«*¦«« has a strong hors*. Big name but little else to Attacks every support it’s bid for the trKk With world ,|,|c Unlikely to be real vehement. , .
Up there come the 24th MicroProse Golf ¦ MicroProse £30.99 PGA Tour Golf look the honours as (he year's best chaning marc (Page 1221 so hopes arc high for the MicroProse stables A cracking golf outing Golf has ihe stamina (o slill be racing well inlo '92 bui may noi have ihc sprint start needed for Christmas.
Another newcomer to rnce.
Tends to swing round bends with remarkable ease.
Captain Planet ¦ Mindscape £25 99 A newcomer to the Green stables. Has a good temperament, but may find this track a little hard.
Hmntml ll would be huge if the hype worked. Bui as nobody seems lo care about (or watch) Ihc cartoon series, the licence's power appears limited. The game itself (Page 101) and its inclusion in the Cartoon Classics bundle seems to have spoilt the Captain's chances.
Knightmare ¦ Mindscape £25 99 A bit of a dork horse Likes to come up from behind, but tends to Just stay there.
Evolved from the same breeding system as the award-winning Capltvc. Knightmare has cull TV coverage to back the game up. A good mix of licence and horse should make it a real front runner, but somehow it doesn't feel like a contender. More of a long distance game than an instant hit.
Super Space Invaders ¦ Domark £25 99 A nostalgia trip conversion of the ret .imped Taito arcade, this one had a slow start on the poinl-to- point this month - although this could reflect a late release during the monthly stakes. The name could benefit from the Granny Factor' with its famous arcade name pulling in pressie-buy ing folk. A dark horse may he?
This young coK has a lot to live up to. 13 years after his famous father started a revolution.
THE BIG RACE 2 Christmas l lo. Yi Robocod ¦ Millennium £25.99 Still trying to find a parking space.
Mm fN O' £ - D c,«S • "
• V-s" , G-Loc ¦ £25 99 US Gold The hugely successful Sega
coin-op aims to take over where Afterburner left off. An
absolute pig to convert. US Gold look to have made a good job
of cramming it onto computer. Can coin-ops. Regardless of their
conversion handicap quality, still make the _. ... .. grade as
major Amiga titles? It remains an This outsider could - ’ be in
the wrong race, outsider with big title support.
First Samurai ¦ £25.99 Image Works Vivid Image's stunning heat-em-up earned a Format Gold an issue ago.
Taking beat-em-ups further than ever before, it races fast over a huge track. Its debut race was scheduled for November, hut is delaved to give It a Christmas shot.
Known as Singing Sam. , . . .
This friendly colt plays a A maJor --omenUer. But an early release holy tune. Hallelujah! May set the initial pace too high.
Bart Simpson ¦ £25.99 Ocean Sky's Bart should make a major bid for the title as it backs an enormous licence with a strong colt.
The yellow man could be hamstrung by his appearance in the Cartoon Classics bundle, although it didn't hurt litilman back in 19X9. One of the favourites lo make it to the top of the stakes.
The wildest of the runners. A mustang with an attitude, he prefers eating jockey's shorts to hay.
Robocop 3D ¦ £25.99 Ocean ¦| A Chrimblc favc. Robmop is back but this time in 3D. The F-29 stable brine us this metal police horse m vector style. After a touch-and-go period it now looks a cert to make it out before the 24th. This time the game's out BEFORE the movie which could hamper Robo's top spot shot.
Robby tends to zoom out in front of the others, but he's been said to be a little rusty lately.
Smash TV ¦ £25.99 Ocean This stunning William s coin-op was a massive hit at the recent Commodore Derby and is a long-time favourite of the Format team. Hard-core blasting action is promised in the conversion hut that may not he enough to see it through the cut throat Christmas competition. Smash 7V leads the coin op charge.
The current king of the racing circuit. Lotus is unlikely to still he there come the 24th. It has sold in droves already, so is there anyone out there who hasn't already got it? Still, w ith such an overwhelming instant response it cannot be ignored. Has it got the legs to last the distance.
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 ¦ £25.99 Gremlin Core Design £30 99 A horse that has undergone some vigorous training.
A glorious isometric adventure and could go all the way. Its First day sales were phenomenal and if it can keep the pressure up it should give ’» ’ 2 a run. Core titles have a history of high initial platings that tail off into steady longterm success lower in the chart Wrestlemania ¦ £25.99 Ocean Yankee-doodle-dandy, going wrong way is handy.
Over-lhe-top American sty le action. 1UVI is phenomenally popular. It sells
200. 000 mags a month, and it should he a sure tire hit at
Aintrcc. An acid test of the 'sports' popularity, can a
heat-em-up stallion cut it at Christmas? Probable' An
awesomely cute platform game in a console style. Rohocod out
'Sonics' Sega's hedgehog in many pundits' opinions. Its pun
name may be its biggest liability. If there's any justice
this one should make a major impact as it's excellent in
terms of gameplav and technical construction.
Last year's Turilcmania has cooled down and may hamper the chances of this conversion.
Drawn from the strong arcade machine it's got every chance of making the grade as a game, but the subject matter may prove more of a hindrance than a help.
Llira-slick car sim (Page 1321 and interest in this one is intense. The test will be if it can race inti* the shops b the Christmas deadline. If it makes it to the retailers in time, then watch it climb. One of the best bets for Number One it it makes it in time.
Turtles Coin Op ¦ mage Works £25 99 One of the slower runners. Having to carry a lot of extra weight.
Heimdall I Populous 2 2-1 Z Smash TV 5-1 3 Wrestlemania 5-2 9 Pobocop 3D 7-2
5. Pobocod 9-2 & Dart Simpson 10-1
7. Heimdall 10-1 8 Oh Nol More LemmingsI 11 ~Z 9 Formula I Grand
Prix 11 -9 10 First Samurai 12-1 II Lotus 2 12-1 12 Super
Space Invaders I 1 13 MicroProse Golf IGI 19 Knightmare 20-1
15 Turtles Coin-op 33- 1C Cisco Heat 50-1 H G-loc CC-I 18
Birds of Prey 500-1 19 Captain Planet 500-1 20 Pitfighter
500-1 Which of these 20 has the chance of making fhc grade? If
Ihe world was fair and just: Populous 2, Smash TV or Robocod
should be tops on Ihe 24th. All three have that original feel
to them - though all three are developments of earlier
concepts! And of these. Populous 2 seems the best shot.
The winner, though will probably be WWF. Ocean are backing it up with loads of in-the-box goodies.
The other major contender is Oh No! More lemmings, but it will depend on peoples' willingness to torture themselves with another 1(H) levels of puzzle-based angst! It also depends on what state people left lemmings in. Judgment day is this 24th. Will it be a self-satisfied smug grin I’ve got on my face or just egg?
Tune into Issue 31 to find out. Who did what. When, and why.
- Race for the ChristnnasNol EPIC - A LEGEND BEYOND TIME A legend
is bom, a supremely advanced one-man starfighter of awesome
power and destructive A 3D 'epic' that reaches a milestone in
polygon technology in terms of speed, graphical detail and pure
out-and-out playability. A multitude of missions, ranging from
devious to manic, take you deep into the heart of this sci-fi
conquest of outer space.
EPIC - a masterpiece of software engineering.
Capabilities that, in the right l( B hands will wreak havoc amongst 'v ( inter-galactic transgressors - A that legend is EPIC.
CBM AMIGA OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED • 6 CENTRAL STREET • MANCHESTER • M2 5NS THE SPECIAL PACK OF ACTION GAMCS THAT WILL CAUSE A OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED • 6 CENTRAL STREET • MANCHESTER M2 5NS • TEL: 061 832 6633 FAX: 061 834 0650 Andrew Braybrook, GRAFTGOLD (Rainbow Islands, Realms) '91 "Turrican II - I Just had to finish it. The same with Lemmings. Now you can't get any of the team off Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker in the lunchtimes."
’92 "We are eagerly awaiting the Lemmings data disk, of course. And the sequel. Chaos Engine has a nice look to it. Particularly the way they use the colours. And we did like the look of Apocalypse. Excellent.” Ch-ch-changes: Who better to ask for their views on the best games of 1991 than the top programmers?
Gary Penn finds what they liked and what they're expecting to be big next year... Peter Molyneux, BULLFROG PRODUCTIONS (Powermonger, Populous 2) '91 "There wasn’t anything totally exciting. Utopia and Mega-lo-Mania should have been exciting, but Utopia had so many bugs and It crashes, and with Mega-lo-Mania, the formula for winning was quite simple. The caddy system on the CDTV is ridiculous."
'92 "There are few things coming around the corner. Civilisation (Sid Meier's latest) is likely to turn us on the most."
Paul Walker, ARC DEVELOPMENTS (Forgotten Worlds, Simpsons) '91 "The Amiga SOO Plus is good because it has the Meg as standard.
There's not much that played very well this year. Erm... Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker - we're still playing it. Every lunchtime. Lemmings was bl”dy addictive."
'92 "I'm looking forward to Populous 2. There's nothing else around really."
AMIGA FORMAT T* JANUARY 1992 Jon Hare, SENSIBLE SOFTWARE (Mega-lo-Mania, Wizkid) Colin Boswell, THE KREMLIN (Domark s HQ) '91 "Lemmings was the 'G' spot of our year because it's innovative and fun to play. By the time we’d played the demo disk we didn't really want the full game, but it's only really because we don't play much else other than Kick Off 2."
'91 "Alien Breed was a good shoot-em- up with a bit of intelligence. Speedball 2 was our favourite multi-player game.
Chuck Rock and Rodland because of the graphics. Hunter is popular with a couple of the people here."
'92 "It would be nice to see a few packages that take advantage of the CDTV's facilities. And stretching a bit further the virtual reality theme. I'd like to see some games with a bit more thought as to what you can use the CD- ROM for. We think we’ve cracked it with Trivial Pursuit. " ‘92 "Lemmings II, because the demo disk will be good. Doubtless we will buy Kick Off 3. It will be interesting to see what they do with it because we're writing a game which takes over from where Kick Off left off. And doubtless H will be good fun to play."
Karl Jeffery, IMAGES SOFTWARE LTD '91 “Lemmings, for its originality.
Lotus Turbo Esprit plays well.
RoboCod I liked, because there are lots of little cute things in it.
Technically, our own G-LOC is looking good for Christmas, combining sprites and vectors."
'92 “It would be nice to see a few more A500 Plus products, making use of the extra memory. That's the way to go."
Gary Liddon, STRANGEWAYS Richard Clucas, ARGONAUT (Starglider, Birds of Prey) ¦91 "Bird* Of Prey. I«'» about bl"dy time it came out, and it's really exciting because of the huge amount of things you can do in it. Lemmings was good - very addictive to play."
'92 “ATAC (Advanced Tactical Air Command). It's another flight simulator, but this one's for MicroProse.
You actually need to be able to fly to do it properly, and you can fly either a plane or a helicopter. It's due for release in the second quarter of next year."
'92 "Elite II. It sounds smashing. And Bodycount and Apocalypse. They are smashing - better than any other games with the same names."
Tony Crowther (Captive, Knightmare) '91 "There ain't been much to cry about. Definitely Lemmings - cute, cuddly and fun. The CDTV's nke, but it's flogged wrongly - it should be sold as a disc drive, not an encyclopaedia."
'92 “I'm looking forward to doing Recaptured. Knightmare is going through to '92: I'll be intrigued to see how it goes. Me brother's after a sequel to Indy
500. I'd like to see a new Blitter chip for the Amiga, one that
can do real-time reduction and x-flipping. Another sound
chip would be better - it hasn't got enough voices. What
might be nice is the Miracle (piano tutor from Mindscape)
taking off. For all the software that'll come through.
Simon Phipps, CORE DESIGN
• 92 “The sequel to Monkey Island... Indiana Jones and The Fate
Of Atlantis... We're all excited about a Heimdall sequel. And
Rob Toone's rabid for a proper sequel to Dungeon Master. Oh
yes. And the development of CD-ROM. So we can start putting big
things on the Amiga."
CH-CH-CHANGES Ronald Pieket Weeserik, STORM '91 “Lemmings is the best game ewer written for the Amiga. The Amiga operating system was made more mature with Workbench Kickstart 2, and the arrival of one Megabyte of chip RAM was good for obvious reasons. The Amiga outselling the ST was pretty good too."
'92 "We hope Elite II turns out to be good. Otherwise, we look forward to the further demise of the ST, and two megabytes of chip RAM."
Eric Matthews, THE BITMAP BROTHERS '91 "The wickedest thing this year was Richard's Speed ball 2 sound effects being put in. Delphine are doing some good stuff. Monkey Island was quite good. Lemmings, but that doesn't live or die on the Amiga - it works on any format.” '92 "The one Meg as standard is good, but the problem is why didn’t they do that at the beginning? I don't think people will design specifically for it. As you exclude the half meg market. We will do things for it. But it's a case of enhancing the half meg version."
9Ts top games and what to look for in 92 Archer Maclean (Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker) '91 “Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker.
95 per cent of games are never as good as the reviews say they are. I think Snooker is one of the few games that matches everything that was said.
Lemmings was pretty much the same - it was so well put together."
'92 "Birds Of Prey is looking impressive. Possibly Elite II - I think it'll be more of the same but technically excellent. And Snooker II. I've got some nice things lined up for that."
Neil Young, PROBE Dean Lester. TEQUE (Man United Europe, Pitfighter) ‘91 “Man Otd Europe was something I played a lot. Partly because I had to. But I enjoyed it. The speed and violence of Speed ball II was good and an improvement on the first one. Lemmings was fun because you didn't have to kill anything."
• 91 "It's been a bit of tie-in year, and that's always a bit
crap. Lemmings was good, because it was fun to play. And the 3D
in Thunderhawk knocked everything for six."
'92 "We reckon we'll crack it with Sha JANUARY 1992 '92 "My tip is something fantastic from Electronic Arts. I don't know what, but they always do the business. Those Bullfrog boys have been working on some stuff and I'm sure it'll be smashing. Aliens III: The Adventure will be excellent."
There will be a surge of RPCs and lots of people who dismissed them will start getting into them. The Amiga will grow from this Christmas, with the memory expansions as standard. The CD-ROM drives are not necessarily the answer. Budgets will take off - partly because of the recession, but also because there's a lot of good old stuff around."
John Twiddy, VIVID IMAGE (First Samurai) '91 "The Utopia and Mega-lo- Mania style of game. They're different. I don't know what it is about them, but I find them intriguing."
'92 "The Amiga having one Megabyte as standard, and that's important for fluid gameplay."
Steve Screech (Kick Off, Tip Off) '91 "The only impressive stuff I saw was Archer Maclean's Snooker. It was fast and smooth and very, very tasty."
'92 "Kick Off 3. It'll play with the new dual firebutton joystick - Tip Off does too. You can barge, jump sliding tackles, perform diving headers and volleys... We're thinking about a couple of different viewpoints, and it'll be tactically totally different - the game’ll revolve around the captain. And definitely Player Manager 2. It's a similar interface as before but a lot deeper and multi-player - hopefully."
David Braben '91 "Lemmings stands out by default. It's not particularly good, but it's an interesting idea. Archer's Snooker was good. Me put a lot of effort into the dynamics of the balls and the way it plays. Exile is great - it's a shame it was so long coming."
'92 "A lot of stuff is formularised.
And that's killing games. Piracy is a big problem. I'd like to see higher processor speed - H would keep the Amiga above water."
Andrew Beveridge, THE ASSEMBLY LINE (Interphase, Cybercon III)
* 91 "Lemmings was the last thing that caught our eye. I was
disappointed with CDTV - and how well have the public taken to
it? I'd like to see multimedia take off. It looks like a step
in the right direction, but it looks like it's flopped."
Shaun Southern, MAGNETIC FIELDS ‘91 "I like the look of Formula One Grand Prix.
The Snooker game looks nice too. And Exile. It looks like a 64 game but it really is fun to zip around and you feel involved. It's more of a game than graphics."
'92 “Delphine's Another World looks really nice. It's mainly vector graphics but with very high detail. I like the whole idea that you can do a lot of detail and it won't take up so much memory."
'92 "It's a good move to have the one Meg machine as standard. Actually. I'd quite like to see a nice cheap Amiga console which runs at twice the speed."
The next issue of PC Format is numbered, imaginatively, 4 and will be appearing on every good newsagent's shelves on December 19. You won't want to miss the essential guide on how to upgrade your PC C2.95 this fikJL 3 *f UG Ho OVdv j Horwc, fi&ur b*Amc, s, 605 (Contents subject to change without notice, because you never know when something is going to go horribly wrong.)
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* * Gfaph7c t , mng and rec0fdlng i . 5 : -MiDicor : Arexx
compatible i ! .sssr
• * *me8 of memory j ‘Amiga500.1000.2000.2500.3000 I
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Q. IOZUJ ZO$ OZ ONOOCsl CNOCOCMWCO including Altered Beast and
Joypad Atan Lynn Atari Lynx Console witn mams adaptor and
California Games £119.95 Atan Lynx Console witn mams adaptor
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- :e»ed Beast £27.95
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3:- c the Hedgehog TBA ¦cace Hamer II £27.95 o-oer £34.95 E
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Gear TV tuner TBA RecnargaDie battery oack TBA Atari Lyni
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Adaptor £12.95 It's not possible to list all Console Software
as we hold large stocks.
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£5.00 lor orders over £'50 00 Software and cartridges £1.25 per item Guaranteed TWO Day delivery £6.95 Guaranteed NEXT Day delivery £9 00 Remember!!! Remember!!! Remember!!!
Media Direct are a well established company with a reputation tor its quality and service A point to consider before purchasing your computer goods So why not buy from us and put our reputation to the test Make cheques and postal orders Payable to MEDIA DIRECT, Please send this together with your name and address, oaytime telephone number it possible and your order requirements, to All stocks o e*s a e subject to availability an j to bemg tne atesi advertised backs and pnces iPac- detartS may vary trom time to time) E & 0 E Media Direct Computer Supplies Ltd Unit 3 Railway Enterprise Centre
Shelton New Road. Stoke on Trent Staffordshire ST4 7SH HOW TO FIND US BY POST © 0782 208228 HOW TO ORDER oming IttAttractions Heart of China Role-playing games, graphic adventures, flight simulations, platform romps, beat-em-ups and the latest game news is all in ... ennanze: OG RE SS AMIGA FORMAT Wm JANUARY 1992 ' Dl * '““‘J" promises make high altitude bombing revolutionary graphics.
Tougher and when you re down low. 1:1 object scaling should make the vector landscape look more realistic than ever before. Tornado will be Dl's first flight simulation since the very early, but very good. F-16 Combat Pilot. It's been years since that war baby was released but it should have been worth the wait. Dl have been fighting their way back into the games mainstream over the last year with their Action 16 budget and Dream Factory arcade labels, but Tornado should help put them hack at the sim forefront where they belong.
Tornado will he Digital Integration's new sim uses detail to provide extra flight thrills. Tornado features Gulf- style missions hut it's the level of graphic detail that threatens to take it one step beyond the usual bomb runs.
Multi-role action is coming in Multiple cloud layers will Publisher Sierra On Line Release Late 1991 Early 1992 Sierra's Rise of the Dragon set excellent new standards for icon- driven graphic adventures hut their latest sortie should push the Amiga graphics even higher. Heart of China tells the tale of a swashbuckling oriental adventure shortly before the Second World War. The plot should take care of itself though Sierra are proven experts in the adventure field but it is its graphic style that should make major waves.
Heart of China is a graphic adventure that will he played front the first-person perspective.
Active 'hotspot' icons on most screens will precipitate the action, as items are collected and used to unravel the mystery. Previously, no matter how well drawn the graphics they still looked computer generated. In Rise of the Dragon Sierra broke with conventional computer adventure graphic styles, introducing an almost water-colour feel to the screens and with the next offering this hand-painted' look is taken further. These screenshots are from the PC variant, but with Rise they proved that the translation from 256 colour super CiA to 32 Amiga could be accomplished with no loss of
quality It they can repeal the process Heart of China looks set for the big time.
The volume of Codemasters output is absolutely stunning, and even if it was left to chance they would be bound to create the occasional classic. Sleg could be just such a title and chance has little to do with its solid gameplay trappings. It takes a Lcmmingcsque theme with you trying to save a horde of T'yun- gunz. But it is the overpowering cuteness of the piccies that imply something special may well be on its way.
In sixteen hundred and ninety two Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
As mnemonics go its a bit lame, but it serves to remind a whole nation of Americans that their continent was discovered almost exactly 300 years ago. Domark have remembered this too and are now planning an exploration game that will star the Spanish Portugucsc ltalian Luropean persuasion of your choice, adventurer sailing across the atlanlic pond. Curious but true!
Who's next Scott? Livingstone? Branson?
Red Baron Morane BuBef ®h=z*w~ Publisher Sierra On Line Release December 1991 Screaming around the Somme in a Sopwith isn't everybody's idea of fun.
But with the flight sim genre struggling to find a new direction this World War One biplane game has great appeal, with seal-of-the-pants living lakes over from constant gauge watching. What's more Red Huron will also bring slick, atmospheric screens to keep the interest levels at altitude between sorties. Wwl llight suns have been increasing in number and quality over the last year Acer of the Great. Wings. Knights of the Sky - and now Red Haron. Which looks set to hammer this trend home It should be "Chocs Away" in Ah'31.
PREVIEWS My Jones. Bo is not? Cuybrvsh Ttrammd in Monkey Island 2 is only a «**» months may. Can H ho as good as number one?
Eagle eyed, pirate fans may have spotted something weird about last month's Monkey Island II preview - the picture was of Indy IV and the Fate of Atlantis not Guybrush Thrccpwood. The real picture should have looked like this... JANUARY 1992 nother twist to the flight simulation theme is .oming with the landing of Airbus A.I20. It's Jiffcrcnt because it's a commercial, and not a military, affair. There are no bullets or bombs, hut prospective pilots should have more than .-nough to keep them busy. Designed by a real irbus pilot, the game stresses what 'normal' flight sims ignore. The pack
will come with all the correct charts, tables and maps pilots use lo :ravcl from I.HR toGLA!
"hrec cat burglars are in prison! Busting one f them out lets you go on a platform-based imraid for points. The critters special skill is tat they can walk on ceilings! So both sides i the platforms have to be jumped between to soid the traps and collect the swag. Blocked utcs, hole-filled platforms and creeping bad uys all make their lives just criminal.
A320 Airbus Publisher Thalion Release Mid-December 1991 Daylight Robbery publisher Electronic Zoo Release January 1992 Very French and very weird. Brainies is a people puzzle game but the people you're moving don't want to be moved. In fact the Brainies get more intransigent as the game progresses. These tribble-likc beings have escaped and must be guided to sleeping cells and therein lies the game Obstinate computer characters are rarer than most but should make successful level clearance sweeter than ever.
Slugging it out for the Christmas No I w ill be Wrestlemania. A WWF tournament. This popular sports entertainment hcat-cm-up puts fun before fists. Choose from three different heroes - Hulk Hogan. British Bulldog and Ultimate Warrior to fight for the title of WWF title. WWF mags sell 200,000 copies a month can the game do the same at Christmas?
Wrestlemania Publisher Ocean Release Mid-December 1991 Brainies Publisher Palace Titus Release January 1992 New boys on the software scene. Soft N Easy, just loved Tetris and utterly adored Klax. But they thought that they could do better. The result is Falling Jewels, a hybrid of both games it shares the same style of fast reactive thinking test for its gameplay base. It's currently undergoing a few final graphic tweaks and should be on the shelves real soon.
Shadowlands pjblisher Domark Release Early 1992 ’hotoscape is what coders Toque London call hen new RPG system which calculates real ime light and shadows in an isometric 3D jndscape. While adventuring the wilderness nd dungeon environments torches will cast a imited light. The game will stress individual's bilitics. So the party can split-up in order to onqucr certain pu zlcs and monsters.
Legend Publisher Image Works Release Early 1992 The RPG assault continues unabated with Image Work's soon to be released Legend. An isometric 3D. Four-character romp, it further explores the world of Blood wych but in a totally different style. One of the many innovations is a radically different spell system that uses chained spells to speed up combat. This will enable magic users to store sequential spells and casting the first will initiate a whole pile of magic! Bleeding Great!
Strategy with a human face is the speciality of Impressions, and they're excited about a batch of new winter releases. First on the agenda is Fighter Command which will be a sort of Football Manager cum Silent Service of the air. You take control wings of aircraft on missions and must make sure they are rebuilt and refueled for the next sortie. Impressions are also planning a detective bash. Crime Cityr. An icon-driven bid to clear the family name of shame. Published on the IF label it marks a new direction for Impressions. Another game from IF will be The Hand of St James. A Name of the
Rose-style monk murder bash!
GAMES UPDATE Mad TV - Rainbow Arts: Still not transmitting.
Dragon Fighter - Idea: Currently winging in from Italy.
Ehrira-Ttie Arcade - Flair Slightly late, a ladies prerogative.
“The Amiga was made for AMOS”* Creditcard order hotline - Tel.
Alternatively send a cheque with your choice of products clearly indicated to Europress Direct, FREEPOST. Ellesmere Port. South W'irral L65 3EB.
E WVPRESS SOFTWARE Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield. Cheshire SK10 4NP. Telephone: 0625 859333 AMOS - The Creator is like nothing you've ever seen before on the Amiga. For the very first time you'll feel really in control of your computer, and able to harness its awesome power to impress yourself and your friends.
AMOS is not a false promise. When AMOS first came out. Many Amiga users were sceptical that AMOS could do all that was promised - but these people are now ardent fans. There are now
45. 000 AMOS users, and AMOS is still the biggcsi-sclling
productivity package for the Amiga, and can be found on the
shelves of virtually every good software retailer.
It s so easy to create AMOS programs that almost every public domain library in this magazine now has AMOS titles in its collection.
These include graphics demos, music demos, disc magazines, arcade-style games, puzzle games, databases, educational software - and lots more.
Many commercial software packages are also written in AMOS. In fact most educational publishers use AMOS, especially ourselves with the best-selling Fun School 3 and 4.
AMOS was the perfect choice to create Fun School 4 - the results are first class !
AMOS has also proved to be perfect for producing CDTV packages: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. The Holy Bible. Mind Run I and II plus many others - all created using AMOS because of its versatility and ease of use.
What is AMOS?
AMOS is a powerful, easy-to-use programming language based around BASIC - the language which is taught in schools and colleges. AMOS contains more than 500 different English-like commands such as MUSIC. VOLUME, SAMPLE.
Now you can double Ihe speed of your AMOS creations with the AMOS Compiler - in fact, some commands are up lo five times faster! And using it couldn't be simpler - just two mouse clicks and you're away.
The AMOS Compiler also includes a cruncher which will compress your programs to half their size - which has enabled AMOS users to gel their work on magazine cover discs and earn them money.
GET FONT. ELLIPSE. RAINBOW. MENU BAR and CLOSE WORKBENCH - so you can create any result you want both quickly and easily.
AMOS comes with a clearly-written 300-page manual and more than 80 example programs.
These w ill guide you towards creating your first program, making AMOS the ideal introduction to programming on your Amiga.
What AMOS owners have said: "It's the best piece of software I've bought for the Amiga. Worth twice the price!"
- S Sweef. Herne Bay '¦Without doubt the very best basic
available on the Amiga."
- Paul Feazey. Oxford Unleash your creativity with AMOS '
-forjust £49.99 It takes just two clicks lo compile your AMOS
programs - it's that simple "Compiling programs has never been
so easy... Programs are turbocliarged beyond recognition"
- Amiga Format Make your AMOS programs race along
- for only £29.99 Compile " txiT O • AMOS 3D will enable you to
create any 3D object you like using the incredible Object
Modeller - you can even add transparent walls. Then you can
jump to AMOS and use the 4b new 3D commands to move, stretch
and animate up to 20 objects at once in real time for amazing
3D creations!
AMOS 3D provides all the tools you need to create your very own 3D world.
The 30 Object Modeller gives you easy access to the world of virtual reality "After a little more than a few hours you should he churning out M) demos at a blistering rate"
- Amiga Format Super-fast 3D at your fingertips
- forjust £34.99 AMOS Club I Lower Moor. Whiddon Valley.
North Devon EX32 8N'W Bi-monthly newsletter and technical support for a yearly membership fee.
AMOS Public Domain Library
25. Park Road. Wigan WN6 7AA Telephone 0942 495261 More than 300
AMOS PD discs are available.
Ring for a catalogue.
Useful contacts: The Digit a range,,, £54.99 Home Accounts £29.99 DGCalc £39.99 Mailshot Plus and much more £49.99 DGBase sc is for you 'ST £49.99 Day-By-Day i-v.-r.is £29.99 Personal Tax Planner ±Uz±i
• fiSEG TAX e 1 y P e The Digita range is available for Commodore
Atari ST and IBM PC unless stated otherwise, and even.’ program comes with a seven day money-back guarantee.
The only way to really appreciate Digita software is to use it. Phone 0395 270273 for more information, or write to Digita, FREEPOST. Exmouth EXS 2YZ. All pnees include VA F, postage and packaging.
• DIGITA INTERNATIONAL v; :.it £39.99 Cashbook Combo cnicnis.
£59.99 System 3e £79.99 Cashbook Controller £59.99 Final
Accounts £129.99 £79.99 inlworlh rn.iki iufdrarc tbats nub
£39.99 8*115 and SC ax 0395 2oi 893 Publisher Ocean Release
February 1992 Epic by name, epic by nature. It took two years
to make and has some propaganda to live up to.
Is a one-man affair, but the boats you have to protect and destroy are enormous. Added to this arc swarms of smaller fighters, who fly intelligently in wing formation. The intention is that players feel themselves a small, but vital, cog in a larger war machine.
The ground raids are where Epic is most impressive. Fans of flight sinis are used to seeing their buildings from afar - small piles of pixels thousands of feel below - but Epic's short-range weaponry will force fighter craft to go down amongst the smoke stacks and lowers. It will he possible to fiy underneath archway s or right up to structures and vehicles.
What's more, while everything at ground zero is perceivable huge, the frame rate remains nice and very fast.
Dream on?
There is a school of thought that argues Epic can never fulfil this early promise, and that the delay s on the project prove it is no more than a programmer's pipe dream. Doubters beware!
The team behind the game. Digital Image Design, have a hard-core pedigree in the 3D arena as the programmers of F-29 and Rohocop 3D. Some of the crew even worked on the original PC-to-Amiga conversions of Falcon! Epic works too: the various battle arenas are already coded and all that is needed now is for (he game to be stitched together and shoe-homed on to the disk.
It threatens to deliver a total package of 3D simulation thrills and space fantasy.
Imagine a world where F- 16s can hover, where tanks are the size of stadiums and space dogfights are an everyday occurrence, that is the world of Epic and it's set to blast off soon. O Space is big. Real big. It's so hard to explain just how enormously huge it really is. Movies like Star Wars relied on this essential 'bigness', using this vast sense of scale to achieve epic overtones.
Strangely, though, computer-based space adventures have never quite captured this 'awesomely large' feel. However. Ocean's stunning new space sim. Aptly titled Epic.
Promises to bring just such sense ot cinematic scale to the Amiga.
The scenario follows a race of humanoid types whose sun is about to explode in a supernova. Naturally, they decide to vacate the area and set off in a huge, space-refugee caravan.
As it happens - like it always does - this takes the humanoids directly into the path of a hostile warrior race who see their evacuation as an invasion. Cue massive space battles and tactical planet raids, with you living shotgun.
Lost in space Epic has two main threads: .ID combat runs and intermittent story sequences. It plays like a simulation and looks like an adventure. Before and after each battle the story of the fleeing convoy is advanced with shots of ships hurtling through space and bits of text that tell you what's going down. This explains where and why you have to fight next. And it's here the slick slideshow stops and the action should dig its hooks in.
The space battles rage in and around your mother ships - these are basically your aircraft carriers - and flying around them you begin to get a real sense of scale. These ships are big.
Real big, and thanks to clever collision coding you can get real close. The starfighter you fly JANUARY 1992 The ultimate games machine deserves the ultimate mouse.
The Naksha Upgrade Mouse is silky smooth, operating at a high 280dpi resolution. Supplied with Mouse Mat, Pocket and FREE Operation Stealth. No cables - no fuss.
Simply plug in and go.
Image Power Atari Amiga Handheld Scanner Available for the Commodore Amiga and the Atari ST range of computers, the Naksha A500 Scanner features switchable resolution between 200 and 400dpi. 32 grey shades and adjustable contrast.
Every Scanner comes complete with Express-IT! Software, an image utility which allows you to save images in formats which suit your favourite packages.
£99 or less from all good computer shops Naksha (UK) Ltd., 29 The Wharf. Warrington WA1 2HT Tel: (0925) 56398 Fax: (0925) 574375 W ... Sometimes just using a Joystick is not enough to beat today’s generation of I 1 computer games. L. J The Foot Pedal Controller works in conjunction with a Joystick ... By aligning any three of the Joystick functions to synchronise with the Foot Pedals it enhances any multi-functional game that includes flying, driving or playing sports ..'. games-playing will never be the same ... COMPUTER EXAMPLE In a car racing game using pystick ana Foot pedal together
RIGHT Change Gear
• Simply plug any standard 9-Pin Joystick into the cable supplied
• Connect the Foot Pedal into your Computer - Amiga, ST, C64,
Vic20, Amstrad CPC. Spectrum (with interface), BBC (with interlace).
• The Foot Pedal is now ready to use.
SLOW RIGHT This setting transfers the up. Down and tire controls trom Joystick to 3. 2. 1 buttons ol Foot F'edal respectively.
SLOW S ECTR jVIDEO.UNIT 27 NORfHFIELp INDUSTRIAL fSTAT(;. BEREjSFORCj AVENljlE. WEMBLEY.HAO II5IU. ENGLAND wmFn tci cdljokic r o arv PanQiMii p on') eeoc; qai cq Urvri ikic noi nno 001 * Eye of the Beholder was big, Dungeon Master was huge and Captive was immense. That's the pecking order for the three big. First-person perspective, RPGs 011 the Amiga. The Zoo's next release though, is aiming to join this illustrious bunch at the very top of the tree. In fact it will make Beholder look tiny. Dungeon seem like a brief jaunt and it will rival Captive in terms of the number and scale of its
Forget the size, though, and feel Ihc quality, because Abandoned Places, which is in ihc final stages of testing, has all the trappings of a major title. It has the scale, depth and the presentation to take on the best that dungeon adventures can offer. It also has an original edge that will help it stand out proud from the dungeon-bashing crowd: the ihc game's coders live in Hungary and this is their first project!
Go east young man!
Abandoned Places Artgame are as committed to role-playing as they are to computing, which already marks them out as something slightly special in the chaotic world of post-communist eastern Europe. It's not that cast Europeans arc against cither of these pursuits, but until two years ago exploring these fields was practically out of the question. Now Artgame run their very own RPG shop and have been coding Abandoned Places as quickly as their supply of machines will allow.
Publisher Electronic Zoo Release January 24 1992 An interesting coding background, though, doesn't automatically make a good game. What does is a solid understanding of a game's fundamental mechanics, its switches, its triggers, an awareness of where luck can carry you through and where a gamer's skill is required. Running one of Hungary's few RPG outlets seems to have given Artgame this essential knowledge.
Hungary isn't famous for being at the cutting edge of game's design. Come February though, that could all be about to change.
JANUARY 1992 Intercity Abandoned Places isn't content to stick your group of four brave adventurers down a hole and let that be that. Supplementing the dungeon sections - yup that's plural - is a wilderness and a city map. Central to the game, is the need to first of all find the right dungeon. As the story builds, the party will have to traverse a huge landscape looking for ihc clues that will tell them where the next underground section is located. They will also have to deal with townsfolk who won't lake kindly to the normal dungeon response of 'hack it till it drops'.
Abandoned Places takes you to cities where the normal dungeon etiquette of kill first and ask questions later doesn't work. You'll have to trade for goods and weapons not fight for space.
Once underground the focus sharpens significantly, as some major programming skills and astute gaming observations blend (o create an exceptionally promising dungeon romp. The animations are fast and the actions never slow , even when the spells start flying. Like any game, though, the coding supports the game and it is die design that is important.
One good inclusion on the Abandoned Places game screen is a small map that shows the nine squares which immediately surround the party. It's not intended to be a substitute for a traditional hand-drawn map. Bul makes drawing one far easier. And as it covers a standard area, it can reveal rooms you've not yet explored or didn't even know were there.
Abandoned Places also appears to have a chance of introducing more gamcplay elements to this four-person quest by introducing extra actions to the usual list of hacking, casting spells and clicking on the game window with the mouse. 'Push' 'puli' and 'climb' have been added to the usual abilities and while it's not yet clear how they will be involved in the solution of puzzles, their presence is really promising.
Competition time!
Abandoned Places will face some very tough, first-person perspective, dungeon competition from the likes of Might and Magic III (US Gold). Eye of the Beholder II (US Gold again) and Black Crypt (Electronic Arts). But it is definitely up there with a darned good chance though, its scale and innovative features will help it gain an edge.
Most important of all though is that it will hit its scheduled release date. It's currently being finished and tested, so after a little lay down to recover from its long modem journey it will be ready to be reviewed in full next month in A h i I. h For further information on Mindscape products and your local Dealer, contact Mmdscape International Limited, PO Box 1019. Lewes, East Sussex BN8 4DW Tel. 0444 86 545 547 In .1 t .it M || .hiiimI .ItH) II .1 bolt of seannq blur • n •• • i • « • ho oar flvotar tk«* oaken BlbiffiLiLLL'UCi Celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of ULTIMA!
The first Ultima developed on and lor IBMTandy compatible computers!
Watch for the deluxe, limited-edition of Ultima VI.
Available in all major 16 bit formats.
We create worlds.
Shooting it « Turbo Charge d 11 HaPublisherSystem 3 mi ¦ ¦ ifl ¦ ¦ V ¦ ¦ %i V Release January 1992 System 3 made their name with their Oriental beat-em-ups, now they're turning to the road, can they pass their drive-em-up test?
Which way now? ¦PPM**1 1 -- Even the best, mis- JANUARY 1992 enemy convoy turns, which should cause some drastic last minute crisis for high-speed drivers.
If you choose the wrong route then the local constabulary will ask you politely to help them with their enquiries.
International Karate and ihe Last Ninja series established System 3 as the undisputed masters of martial arts games. The arrival of ultra-cute Fuzzball (Page 126) marks a change of direction for them, continuing with Turbo Charge Challenge - a gun-toting, tyre screeching, road warrior extravaganza!
In the past driving has been a wheel- clamped genre that's held back by the restrictive nature of point-and-press gameplay.
Turbo Charge aims to change all that.
Borderline The game started life as Borderline, a name which reveals the split personality of this road based chase. In a souped-up. Tooled-up. Sports car the aim is to track down and capture a horde of terrorists who are nicking weapons from UN arms dumps. Their convoy is speeding towards the border: catch the lead vehicle before the border and the enemies are less aggressive, stray over the line and life becomes truly hellish. Car-launched cannon fire and missiles can be used to blast the bad guys from the road, or they can be rammed at turbo speed in the best Chase HQ tradition.
Turbo Charge should set a long list of problems for joystick racers to juggle: en route lurk land mines and fuel, which need avoiding and collecting; using your turbo eats up your fuel, but ensures you catch the crims real quick: the car is prone to damage, which isn't surprising because the criminals hang out of their cars and shooting you with the very ammunition you're trying to save; ramming causes damage to the car. But hurts them more than it hurts you.
Other driving games have exhibited some of these features, but none have had them all.
Only the most illustrious exponents of the art (ie Lotus and 2) have brought excitement to the genre, most are happy to offer fast-road action and one whizzy feature - gunfire in SCI. Turbos in Outrun Turbo Charge should have all the optional extras, and more besides.
Juggling drivers The gameplay bite should emanate from the complex mix of car criteria that need continually checking. First you need to beat the convoy to the border: a time-based test.
Layered neatly w ith this is fuel problem: going slowly allows you to collect the cans of gas but eats up time, while constant turbo work swiftly empties the tank but helps you overtake the terrorists. On top of this comes two forms of car damage, a percentage counlcr that clicks up as a result of collisions, while incoming fire puts bullet holes in the w indscreen
- hit 100 per cent damage or take seven shots and it's game over.
If all these elements weren't enough to inject extra gameplay power into the gear change genre. Turbo Charge forces drivers to take the right route loo. At every turn the criminals will try to confound your law enforcement effons by turning on to side roads. You'll have to watch and follow the convoy because one wrong turn will lead into Ihe clutches of the local constabulary.
Born to be wild Don't be misled, though. Turbo Charge is still a race game at heart. This is why System 3 w ill be using an innovative new car control technique for this tarmac blast. Instead of forcing the car to follow the road Turbo Charge will slave the road to the car. In terms of driving this makes one major difference: it's relatively easy lo stay on the right track. In terms of play, this means once you've managed to master the controls, avoiding the traffic is the major test and not sticking to the road. This change of focus should help transform the game from a reactive one into
an active one. Where you have to clear a path rather then follow one.
Combining these various styles in one game will be a challenge. Currently the System 3 coders have a fast and furious road routine running and are all set to add the enemy vehicles and route problems. If they can match their ambitions, then maybe at last sprite race games will finally make their mark.
J sissr 920 O” •«% UTOPIA Can you create the perfect society? Now's your chance to find out. Leading a colonising party to a barren planet you aim to create the perfect society, where everyone has a quality of life rating of 100%.
Do you spend money on weapons or social research? Build hospitals or tank factories?
The myriad of decisions to be made are yours, and the fact that there are over ten different alien races all bursting for the opportunity to wipe out the colony should speed up the decision making process.
An icon driven game with the main playing area presented in isometric 3-D, Utopia breaks new ground in computer entertainment.
Available on ST STE & Amiga (PC 1992) Gremlin Graohics Software Ltd.. 2-4 Carver Hoi SUSPICIOUS CARGO When you need something transported in space, and you don't want inquisitive customs folk asking questions, or tiresome legal documentation, then 'Lady Luck' is the ship, and Jonah Hayes is your man... This time though he's bitten off more than he can chew
- his cargo is alive (genetically speaking), dangerous and sought
after by a rival company who'll stop at nothing to cripple his
dodgy tramp freighter and take over the job!
An interactive adventure game set in the grand cyberpunk tradition with stunning action sequences, excellent animated location graphics, and a warped sense of humour thrown in for good measure.
Available on ST STE & Amiga PEGASUS Satan has travelled the five planes of existence and shattered the magical crystals which hold the souls of the incarnations of each plane. Satan now has ultimate rule over the planes and entire mortal world. You are Percius, and with your winged companion Pegasus your mission is to collect all the fragments of the crystals and revive the incarnations.
Earver Street, Sheffield SI 4FS. Tel: (0742) 753423.
GAM£S~X xxxxx
* **£96% LOTUS TURBO CHALLENGE 2 Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge was
widely acclaimed as the best driving game of 1990.
The best just got better with tFie release of Lotus Turbo Challenge 2.
• Synchronised play for up to four drivers with computer link
• One player full screen imagery
• Hair raising new hazards ¦ rain, lightening, fog, snow,
commuter traffic, tunnels, bridges and level crossing.
• A chance to race across the USA
• A choice of the sleek Turbo Esprit or the new stylish Elan
• 8 Death defying stages with over 60 Check Points Available on
ST STE & Amiga Do you want to box in the Fourth Dimension?
Mindscape and award winning developers DSI bring a new era of games to your home computer with the 4D Sports series. Here the 4th Dimension is realism and the action is amazingly real.
Modelled and simulated on real human movement. 4D Sports Boxing isthe most accurate sports simulation ever written. 4D Sports Boxing lets you create and save a camp of up to ten of your own boxers.
You dictate how tall, how heavy and how strong they are.
Next you train them and build them up into lean, powerful fighting machines
- then it's time to enter them into their first fight.
L or vour local dealer, contac t Mindsc ufH’ International I Id. Ihe ( oach House.
Hooklatuls Estate, Scaynes Hill.
West Sussex HH17 7 (,. «* . 044 486 7© I lor turt her information on Mindscape products and new releases please call: 0898 234214 IBM PC It Compunlilis.tCyC CCA. VGA'Ad ¦* Keyboard. Mouse or loystick 129.99 otlamtitqraphlcs. Kokmtl or Adlib sound cants Amiyo h Man SI available lanuun 1991 124.99 or choose atnozinq digital sound with no extra hardware required! * THE LOW-DOWN Yes, nol one bul two Amiga Format readers will star in the next episode of Mega-lo-Mania. You'll be whisked off lo a studio lo have your face digitised and your voice recorded and then processed into a sound sample for
use in the game. All the voices in Mega-lo-Mania were done this way. By proper actors, luvvy... and now you can join them... daaahling!
It's a unique, oncc-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually appear in a top Amiga game: your face will be seen and your voice will be heard by thousands of Amiga owners all over the world.
Now that's pretty special. So what we're asking you to do is answer a bunch of questions that prove your knowledge of Mega-lo-Mania. You don't have to have played the game: all the answers should be obvious if you've played our Covcrdisk demo on Issue 25. Read the review in Issue 26 or seen the Gamcbusters playing tips in this very issue.
Twenty runners-up will win a copy of the original game Mega-lo-Mania. So they can get in some practice in time for the new data disk, as well as a mug and T-shirt. Not bad. Eh? If you have already got a version of Mega-lo-Mania you can always give the new copy you might win to a friend and thus earn their undying respect and gratitude!
THE QUESTIONS 1 These arc the four original evil-looking villains: what are their names?
Win a very unusual prize: your chance to star as a villain in Mega-lo-Mania!
Both your face and voice will be digitised for the Mega-lo-Mania data disks, coming soon from ImageWorlc s... M k* vv?
1w . - s fN O' ; 5 Name four elements with joky names.
3 What arc the first four level names (A. B. C and D)?
Name four of the five most basic weapons.
HOW TO ENTER Simply write the 16 answers to the questions on the back of a postcard or a stuck-down envelope, along with your name, address and telephone number. Then put a stamp on it and send it to 'Dressing Room Mirrorsofl Compo'. Amiga Format. 29 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 2AP. All entries must reach us by January 20th, please. Easy enough, eh?
THE RULES Employees of Future Publishing. Mirrorsoft and Sensible Software are not allowed to enter. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered ...and 20 veiy lucky runners-up will win a copy of Mega-lo-Mania, a mug and a T-shirt!
MODOM'M’j [•ST wm It mis & M2 5NS T£UT061 83t'&tfS) FA 9 M ys' Bullfrog topped the Christmas chart with Powermonger. How can they top that? Easy... Religion has caused more wars than anything else in human history, so nobody should notice a few more.
This is what Populous 2 does best, set up two opposing deities and let them sort out who's boss. The sequel is couched in Greek myth and legend and picks up from where the mighty Populous left off. But is it just the same game with whistles and bells or have Bullfrog performed another coding miracle.'
Version 2 is a power trip. The power of life and death, the ability to bring down a rain of fire, the power to send tidal waves crashing across cities are all yours to command. With these powers you must conquer the world.
Currently, it is a land of heathen folk who prey the graven images of your Oly mpian competitors, but adept displays of your abilities will start the populace worshipping you.
The people live below, on a scries of scattered islands which must be conquered one-bv-one. The initial battles are fought with a few lowly powers against a sluggish, stupid, foe. Conquer them and you move up the god league ladder, to lake on more capable deities using increasingly pokey powers.
Battle Isles Gods need followers to flourish. At the start of each island battle, a few already worship you - some folk will believe anything! - and a few pray to your foe. It is from the devotions of your followers that your power stems. Promote their existence while inhibiting those pledged to your foe and your powers increase as the population grows. The prayers your people offer up is measured as 'mana' and this is what gives gods clout For each island you will receive a set of powers with which to protect, promote and punish the population Each power costs mana to use. And the pokier the
effect the more prayer power it costs. Working on a direct debit system, your mana level automatically display s and deducts the cost of each power This symbiotic relationship of god-to-people and power-lo-mana. Dictates your actions throughout the game.
The range of powers depends on the island. Gods always have the power to raise and lower land, to summon followers to their Papal Magnet' and to invoke Armageddon.
On offer are 27 other effects are and it is these which make Populous 2 a classic spectator sport. Swamps that suck foes to their doom can be placed in cities, hurricanes blow buildings into the sea. Whirlpools erode their land and firestorms can raise entire forests. These all cost major mana. Hut their judicious use is both amusing and effective. The downside of this is that the opponent god is also gathering Populous 2 man.i and anything you can do lie can do - belter? Gods that spend their time gloating can have smiles wiped in seconds when they realise that while they flooded the
enemy town their own one was being turned into ash. Play against the computer and you're assured a major fight, play down the wire against a friend and it's venom spitting time!
Homely bunch, and have to be forcefully clicked from their house to go to war or visit the Papal Magnet.
Leaders are important to these people too.
You can create one by hitting 'Go To Papal Magnet Mode' and the first man or woman there becomes your leader. People who follow them there are then absorbed into the leader, making them tougher and more efficient. Tins leader adds to the tribe's sense of security and can become a potent weapon in the Populous armoury. Leaders can become knights who seek the nearest enemy in an attempt to slay unbelievers. Both dogmatic and stupid they often need land raised from the sea to reach their foes, but the mana investment is worth it when you see the carnage they cause.
Battle Command Each island war opens with the small population scattered about the map and with the worship ratio 50:50 between gods. Neither god has much mana and all you can do is move your Papal Magnet or begin reforming land.
Dragging the magnet about is good for morale but levelling the land starts the settlers settling.
The populace of Populous are a hardy and obedient breed which is just as w ell. If you clear So where's the catch? What's the downside? Well, there isn't one.
It's a sequel, but in the best sense.
Land and slap them in Settle mode' they instantly build houses. Clear more space and their shack becomes a hall, and then a mansion. Which becomes a castle. And the better their living conditions the more praise - mana they offer up. Better housing offers them greater protection though, so they tend to be a At the end of each lewel gods are given awards that they can build up their powers with. Even losing gods get a few, but victorious gods get far more.
The awards depend on your overall popularity, efficiency and a few other hidden components.
It raises the game- play question of either playing for points or powers.
Cods are not off-the- peg creations. You get to choose your own face, name and specialised powers.
As the game progresses you can build up these areas to improve your abilities or go for a broad range of them. This will affect how the later games are played.
Stxrn the manu bejiiiiN to build up and the map metamorphoses as both gods cra ily create lehensratim The gamepla shills modes when the muna balance builds up. W ar erupts suddenly and thunder clouds appear above towns threat ening lightning, columns of lire wreck key buildings and conversion pools suddenly start changing the peoples’ allegiance. The once small island, swiftly changes complexion as tidal waxes destroy entire cities and causeways are created to allow armies to cross. The battle rages until one g«ni has the upper hand and then it's Armageddon time - when both sides
populations become knights and the ownership of the islands is decided in one final light.
Populous 2 can be played in full screen mode, with the icons and maps removed.
It's an excellent way to get an overview of the game, but hard to play from when the going gets tough and the fire columns start.
Victorious deities are rewarded with awards which can be spent to customise their powers. Any ol the six power types can be invested in. Or the axxards can be scattered around them all and only time will tell il you made the right choices lor your style ot play The new skills will be needed though, because your score on the last island determines where you'll light next. There are over
1. 000 islands in total but fast learning gods can leap frog
through early levels, advancing until they find their own
degree of difficulty.
The more advanced powers are offered slowly, and only given en masse on the later islands, providing the incentive las if any were needed i for the long-term play A g« od 'saved game' god will be needed if you want to use volcanoes or hurricanes on the Held of battle.
’o Hilom plays fast and I«h c. It has an absorbing edge that draws you into the world you control. Your div ine rod is the mouse and the cursor soon flies around ihe screen, dictating the outcome of this deity showdown.
Beautifully crafted graphics combine with the overriding design principal of playability.
Helpful information inconspicuously fills the screen, ready to read with just an eye Hick away. There’s power here and it’s as easy to use. As it is to let it go straight to your head.
Megalomania The power ot Populous is not just cerebral however. The speed of the play goes unnoticed. But the last mov ing map and crisp mouse responses allow real high paced action. Once embroiled in a battle you find yourself unconsciously draw n closer to the monitor in a bid to absorb all the information the screen has to offer. Start playing and the games only seem to last for few minutes, but look at your watch and hours have passed. Strangely, sacrificing evenings and weekends somehow seems worth it when you reach giddy new god heights.
Populous 2 hits the imagination where it hurts, every action is seen and can be believed.
The deity drama is fully acted out with small bright sprites fighting, burning. Building and drowning. They may only be tiny pixel people, but the precise artwork helps bring the abstract god concept home. You do have the power lo change the map. You do have the power of life and death.
Powermonger Populous I set the world alight w ith its sheer originality This should have handicapped Populous 2 because god games arc now commonplace. But it is strangely liberated by it.
Now the genre is established it doesn't have to labour lo gel the concept across, so Populous 2 is free to explore the possibilities of the game form. Populous 2 is not a rerun, quick copy or a cop out. It encompasses grand game ideas and presents them in a way that encourages players to explore the realms of their Amiga's given powers. You don't have to have been an aficionado of the first game to play, the Continued overleaf
1. Lightning bolt.
2. Whirlwind.
3. Lightning storm.
4. Create hero.
5. Hurricane.
1 JANUARY 1992 The sleepy enemy encampment is disturbed by a column of fire. This ignites the trees and starts a forest fire.
Principals can be learned in minutes, but play- ers of Populous I will feel they've found the promised land.
You are given tools and a challenge and you have to supply the solutions, but even player will ha e their own. The game creates an en ironmcnt and offers you powers to affect it. The problems are proffered in the design of each map and the effects allotted for it. But the outcome depends on the strategies you conjure up in the heat of battle. 30 effects would be enough for any mere mortal of a game, but Populous 2 is a god game and escapes such frailties.
All the powers that Hash forth from the cursor have hidden depths. The tornadoes that you use to whisk the other gods* worshippers away have positive uses too. If there's a city wall that your tr»H»ps cannot breach, then judicious use of a whirlwind can waft them over it and into battle.
Trees planted to please the population can become a deadly fire-trap if a forest fire spreads, fatal for any m ops wandering through. Tornadoes that wander over water start land-eating whirlpools. These simpler tricks soon become obvious, but off the wall, hatstand combinations often yield unexpected benefits. Their discover) lies m an understanding of each power and the ability to prise yourself from the present situation and look the facts in a cold gameplay light Captive So where's the catch? What's the downside?
Well, there isn't really one. A I'cw very minor niggles could be labelled as 'faults' but only for pedantic reasons. The heavy weight of animation sometimes strains the Amiga so it slows slightly, but then so much is happening that your brain's reeling too. The real pain with it is that any free time is swiftly swallowed in play. You may not mind, but family and friends will be seeing an awful lot less of you once you board this godly roller coaster ride to ultimate power.
Populous .’ is a sequel, but in the best sense. It takes an all-time classic and reshapes its essential elements into something new . The concept remains the same, with an almighty being able to change the w orld at the push of a button But. The developments and changes radically transform the game. In comparison Populous was a puzzle game, where each island had a solution and finding it was the challenge. Populous 2 is a game that poses a problem but expects no specific solution. The difference is subtle but vital. With the inclusion of more powers and a radically streamlined display that
looks less cluttered.
Populous 2 comes from the rich gameplay family ol Populous and Powennonger. But is the wealthiest of them all.
Populous 2 stands a top of Ihe games Olympus. It has everything a game should offer: it's fast to play but provides a long-term challenge: it balances control speed w ith tactical depth in a way that hitherto looked impossible, while excellent effects and swift moving graphics ensure that Populous 2 looks as good as it plays.
If you thought that your Amiga ran on mains power you're wrong. It was built to consume mana. Vast amounts of it Plug into the Populous 2 circuit and feel these god like abilities flow through the mouse and onto the screen. Bullfrog invented the god game as we know it and hat e brought the full force of their skills to bear in the sequel. Kiss your weekends goodbye, the game of the year is here!
Trenton Webb O
• I he most eagerly anticipated game of the year delivers the
• Furious and fast mouse work combines clcgantl) with tactics.
• Modem link mode allows some truly evil player games.
• l.tHH) islands. 30 god powers and a host of vicious computer
• I ndouhtedly the best game of lWl. Treat yourself to a copy NOW
M) 95% Populous 2 Electronic Arts ¦ £29.99 GRIME TIME: THE BOOK
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man Stevenson has finally written a book. He reckons Mountain Bikes: Maintenance and Repair is the most useful workshop aid since the alien key. But then he would say that, wouldn't he?
Actually, it's packed with inloon maintaining, repairing and upgrading your bike, clearly illustrated by cycling lens- god Graham Watson and MBUK photo ace Steve Behr.
Mountain Bikes: Maintenance and Repair takes you through from fixing punctures to replacing forks and building wheels in John's usual, clear informative style, with step-by-step photos to guide you on your way.
Exploding the myth that you have to be genetically endowed with mechanical ability. John gives you all the instructions you need tain, repair or replace every component on your bike, helping you to tackle minor problems skilfully and even major ones with confidence. It's a must for all the mountain bikers who have ever wished they could have a knowledgeable mechanic at their side when they lift spanners and start work on their bikes.
The perfect Christmas pressie!
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Telephone orders 0484 864955. Fax orders 0484 865443 A slimy creature is threatening to take over the galaxy. Can you beat it into submission in your lonely space craft?
Or will you just get involved in yet another scrolling shoot-em-up?
What kind of game shall we put together this time?How about a shoot-cm-up? Yeah, all right.
What about the graphics? We could do that horrible, slimy, genetic look. All right then.
Now. We need a plot to cover slimy genetic monsters and shoot-em-ups. Aha... Deep in the heart of Galactic Centre, a strange organism is lurking, it’s a strange genetic form feeding on the energy of the stars. Its name is Oncabloc.
Meanwhile, the Sapicn inhabitants of the planet Terra have been spreading across the galaxy, assimilating the cultures and lifestyles of various planets into their own to form a galaxy-wide cross-cultural species. As their explorations look them to new parts of the system. They eventually penetrated the dust clouds of Galactic Centre.
Unfortunately Oncabloc was waiting. It had been watching the spread of the Sapien Empire and w ished to absorb it into itself, harnessing the power of all the included species to become the most powerful organism in cre- ition. Its ambition was realised all too late by tne Sapiens, resulting in the most horrific . • d blood-thirsty attack ever seen in the H inegalaxy. It was decided that this would never be allowed to happen again, so the Elder Ni'nds experimented with genetic weaponry to produce Amnios.
Genetic engineering Amnios is a symbiotic structure combining state-of-the-art artificial intelligence comput- being. The fighters must either remove the humanoids from the organism, allowing the base ships to nuke the mothers into oblivion, or destroy enough of Oncabloe’s living tissue to make it shut down.
As a last ditch attempt to protect itself, each portion of Oncabloc launches a twisted guardian to try and wipe oul the Amnios ships.
These too must be w iped out before the particular strain can be removed from Galactic centre. Once this has been achieved, the attack team must move onto the next spore, continuing their quest until the hideous culture has been completely eradicated."
What about that for a plot then ? Naaah!
That's far to pretentious!
You play one of the pilots in the Amnios programme, flying into the Oncabloc to try JANUARY 1992 5*1-7 Jry.M* y Ml.' A f| • ¦ 'A
- - $ . M,: ! 1 IT : - * 'Vkv f kv A .f' ' A - t ¦ .
: ¦ V* . &
• Cj * A Humanoid has been picked up by Amnios, but that Snatcher
looks as though he's about to get pretty darned tough!
A quick zip to the Fathership is needed before things start to get ugly!
Amnios ers and living gcncfic material. This, in effect, allows the engineers to build a living’ spacecraft. Which can he controlled by - and respond to - the mind and nervous system of a specially adapted pilot. A few brave volunteers stepped forward to take part in the Amnios project, they underwent mutations and intensive training to allow them to fly the experimental craft.
Eventually, it was decided that the Amnios project was perfected enough to launch an attack on the Oncabloc. The liny ships were the only remaining hope of ihe Sentient galaxy. And so they were launched, along with a handful of 'Fatherships' to allow the rescue of humanoids captured by Oncabloc. And also to build weapons from genetic material taken from the cancerous OUT OF THE SLIME The Amnios ships have various elements that they must look out for in order to complete their mission. Here are a few of the more important elements: Snatchers - They guard the Humanoids and try to stop you from
picking them up. Once you have rescued a Humanoid, its snatcher will then hunt you down.
DIMA Strands - These can be deposited on the fathership to produce weapons. The colour of the DIMA strand refers to the type of weapon that they can produce.
F Humanoids - For the Sentients to launch an all-out attack on the Oncabloc. You must rescue the Humanoids and take them to the Fatherships.
Fatherships - These are the platforms where Humanoids are placed or DIMA is turned into weapons. Each Fathership can hold one Humanoid and process one DMA strand at a time. Hovering over a Fathership will help you to replace lost energy.
What little germs are made of Amnios is a nice-looking game, if you can call well-drawn and animated hideous genetic mutations nice that is (and you can't - Ed). But that's about where the appeal ends. The control of the Amnios craft itself is very unruly - the momentum and rather-loo-vvide turning circle make dodging bullets almost impossible, and the only way to restore energy is to try and hover over a Fathership.
This would he all very well if they didn't try and dodge you as you approached them!
The levels are all very similar, reducing the long-term appeal of the game by a substantial amount A deadly battle with a stream of eyeballs above a heaving mass of mutated skin and flesh. Sounds rather horrible to me. But H that’s what people want in video games... then you’re all silk!
Although the designer- have tried to put as much diversity into the game as they possibly can. The end result is just far loo confusing to get a proper grip on. Even when you have figured out. After several hours, what the hell you are meant to be doing. The levels are all incredibly similar, reducing the long-term appeal of the game by a substantial amount.
Squama - A scaly being with rocket-firing mouths and orifices.
Foliage - Various types of mutated plants sprout forth to attack your ship.
Epidermis - A large mass of skin and flesh with loads of eyes, mouths and limbs to try and catch you.
Shooi-cm-ups with genetic-style graphics are pretty old hat these days, but slapping on the most incredibly pretentious plot in place of interesting gamcplay just doesn't make for an innovative product. What's needed is fluid joystick control and some absorbing game- play. Two points which Amnios unfortunately lacks. If the idea behind the various game elements had been properly executed, then Amnios would have been interesting, but they haven't, so it's not.
Have DNA, will battle Each level has a number of body pans, including eyes, brains, hearts and ocher living tissue.
Destroying eyes stops Oncabloc from tracking vou. While wiping out brains and hearts reduces its ability to defend itself It you Maff Evans O Amnios Psygnosis ¦ £25.99 ? Gruesome graphics with plent) of colour gi'e Ihe game a suilahl) ‘eeeurgh* l«M»k.
? The dodg control makes fl ing the missions incredibly frustrating at times.
? All the leu-ls are remarkably similar, and doesn’t encourage you on to keep playing to the higher stages.
I The strategy elements are overpowered by the difficult and rather irritating shool-em- up elements.
I nice idea which hasn’t been implemented to its full potential... at all.
MO 61% Wolf Child - An arcade adventure f smooth 360° multi parallax scrolling, five levels and featuring over threw SCREEN SHOTS TAKEN FROM AMIGA VERSION super focough Tradeutlnds House 69 71A Ashbourne Road Derby DE3 3FS Telephone: (0332) 297797 Facsimile: (0332) 381511 Light relief Dealhbringer is fun as it brings a much needed lighter tone to the hack-and-slash genre - which generally takes itself far loo seriously.
Graphically , it does the business and the parallax is good enough to be worth mentioning three times in one review. As a game though, the lag between joystick movement and onscreen action takes it out of the major league.
Dealhbringer revives a flagging genre, its no classic but the clever balance between sword and warrior, all mixed-up in the weird maps make it worth a hack.
Trenton Webb O This dragon's a wimp. Just duck underneath his fiery breath and then pop up to cleave him in the head. Or that's the theory !
Deathbringer Empire ¦ £25.99
• Swctl parallax effects gi e il grace.
• (»ood gnim-play balance between xoul stealing sword and a
very mortal warrior.
Carry an Slaughtering should be ihe sub-lille for Dealhbringer. It's a camped up. Sword-wielding, monster- slaying romp with Karn ihc Barbie and his magic sword Abaddon. It's awash with swish parallax and evil end-of-levcl baddies, it's a Michael Moorcock adventure that's just made for Children's BBC: good clean fun with weird overtones. A mixed hag of ideas and images it maybe, but there's potential here for one of ihe best hack and slashers of the season.
Drallibringer has echoes of the Elric tales, as told bv the Hawkwind novelist Michael Moorcock. These darker fantasy elements of soul stealing have been taken firmly by the wit and made fun. The game stars Karn. A barbarian of little brain but a great reputation, and his soul-stealing sword. Abaddon. Together they form a pokey tag team - most of the time.
Karn is a run-of-the-mill, loincloth-wearing barbarian with a standard energy limit that's whittled down by enemy attacks.
Abaddon is another kettle of worms altogether.
Abaddon was a demon w i ard and he has now turned himself into a blade to steal souls.
The sword has retained the intelligence and bad habits of the original Abhy. So w hen Karn uses Abby to kill someone, the sword gets to keep the soul. If the sword is filled to overflowing then he gives Kant the extra souls back as fresh life energy.
This relationship works fine when there are plenty of victims, but if Abby starts to hunger for a soul I'ood-snack. And Kam can't top someone then the sword will start to steal Karn's life power. If the sword gets empty, then it just ups the hilt and impales the barbarian. Not that the lack of soul input is always Karn's fault - undead foes for instance have no soul to steal - and that's where the game lies. Keeping Abby happy and Karn alive.
To win. Kam must find the Inner Sanctum of the Society for Creative Armageddon. The road there is a twisted and convoluted one that leads through fire. Ice. Earth and dungeon levels. Karn must proceed, fighting anyone in sight and then trouncing Ihc guardians at the end of each level.
Guardians live at both ends of each road because Dealhbringer introduces a wonderfully weird interconnecting map system. Karn enters each new level somewhere near the centre and therefore has a choice as to which way he goes. There's 110 right way . Just longer and shorter routes, just as there are easier and tougher ones. Each different style of level and each specific level itself, has its own mix of combat intensity and distance to travel.
Combined, the map system, need for souls and avoiding combat damage sets the game's Deathbringer unfortunate’ effect of bringing the game's weakest element into sharp focus. Kam. You see. Is an uncontrollable lout. He does what you tell him. Eventually, but never immediately. There's a minute delay between the joystick initiation of an action and its enaction on screen. A running Kam has to he stopped a step early for combat, sword strokes in battle have to he anticipated and cannot he reaction based. The time lag is tolerable, and predictable. So it can be built into your game plan.
But when the going gets lough it annoys, as the earls promise is squandered.
Tension Maintaining a health and soul balance is difficult but essential if you want to see Kam gel shot of his sword as well as the w izards at the end of this trial.
Scary monsters?
All ihc dark trappings used In manufacture the pint arc neatly ridiculed by the graphics. The action takes place over a smooth parallax background while silly monsters attack in daft ways. At the end of each level well drawn big guys prove that looks can kill by being as deadly as they are pretty. While Karn himself runs in a high knee, camped-up fashion - Conun he is not! Dealhbringer uses sword and sorcery elements to create plot hut it doesn't have its gameplay terms dictated by them.
The slickness of the graphics - particularly the smart tiled parallax - do have the End of level guys are Deathbrlnger’s speciality. They come in many flavours, but the giants are some of the hardest to hill.
The trick is finding the right place to stand while hacking them limb from limb, an act made all the more difficult by the remote feel of the Joystick control.
They are still well killable though, regardless of the handicaps.
Collect gets pul towards your next powcr-up. If you can collect an extra four then you are allowed to claim a belter weapon. If you’re after a smart bomb for example, simply wail until you’ve the requisite number of shells, then press fire and crouch. Your eyes go red and you’re all tooled up. Next lime you press the fire-button. A smart bomb decimates all around you. Just like that.
...and on, and on, and on The baddies appear in various guises, each one is particularly vulnerable lo a particular weapon. Learning which weapon corresponds to which Achilles’ heel is noi always enough though, often you have loo many or nol enough shells at your disposal al the relevant moment. Bui Ihen again you can always opt lo spend your shells on extra energy after a really Under Pressure BIG sprites, lhat’s what you will find here. Unfortunately, not much more can be said about them though. The bad guys have captured your gorgeous galactic gal (coo!) And to make matters worse, have
imprisoned you in an ED-209-style robo-suil.
And what a robo-suit it is.
It resembles a rather disastrous cross between Max Wall and Wayne Sleep, and it is now your sorry lot lo plod, leap and pas de Jeux your way through three levels of baddic- infested wasteland in search of your gal. You have to pick up different weapons, leam how to beat the bosses and try and blast your way- through 57 varieties (well, almost) of extraterrestrial hard nuts.
JANUARY 1992 The dance goes on... The action is the standard left-to-right platform scroller, with occasional route deviations in the form of (semi-irrelevant) lifts and (completely irrelevant i teleports. Sometimes you walk up hills, and other times you have to bunny-hop down steps But there’s no chance of you losing your wav - everything you need to find is scrolled block-by-block into your monotonous path. Doors open and shut, bridges give way under metallic si e twelves 1 V ... :««saEon.75 el.c tVsv .-r pv»trVj *T •-»«' ’enfwfrhKJtre.'
Now you're cooking
- lot's Soar It for a ripple laser! Just one of the power-ups at
your disposal, but should you have saved Just another four
shells and got yourself something and laser beams sizzle
unconvincingly across your path. There's almost enough to
provide a challenge if only it weren't all so painfully slow
(BIG sprites, remember) and if it weren't for the fact that
it’s possible to complete the lion's share of stage one with
your thumb glued to the fire-button, your joystick stuck right'
and your eyes firmly shut.
As you destroy the bad guys, they release shells (the sea variety). Scattered along the bottom of the screen you'll find a whole Argos catalogue of weapons, and in this game - xeashells mean power-ups. Every shell you hard-fought skirmish. The graphics on the whole could really have been quite good, but sadly there are a couple of glaring glitches that just ooze laziness.
While going up and down in the lift, there’s no sign of movement (both background and foreground stay rooted to the spot) until all of a sudden the floor appears. The same occurs while falling to your doom. Also, the scrolling while jumping is all too often disconcertingly haphazard. But the real problem is the game’s pace - it’s just all too slow.
The whole business of rescuing girlfriends out of the evil clutches of should he fraught with tension and excitement. But both the comical animation of your hero and the hiss- whirr-clunk sound effects leave you worrying more about rusting to an undignified halt, than of the glorious liberation of your loved one.
Really and truly. Under Pressure is a bit tedious, monotonous and just a little bit unconvincing. It is a game that can only come unreservedly recommended as an ideal Xmas gift for practical jokers.
Neil West C5 Under Pressure
• BIIIIG sprites. They really are quile large.
• Bui this slows Ihe pace right down lo a sleep- inducing crawl.
• Uninventive game design really doesn't help relieve the
snail-like pace.
• No restart points, frustrating!) Putting you back to the start
of each level every time that a life is lost.
• The flaws in the graphics irreparably undermine any
credibility that the game may otherwise have deserved.
BORF'S BBCH V€NG€RNC€... rJust when you thought €orth wos sofe from the evil Commander Borf, his little henchmen, The Goons, hove blasted Borf with the Infonto Roy a second time returning him to his Ml oge - and evil, lead Rce through bottles with the goons and Borfs other allies until you encounter the evil Commonder himself in the ultimate bottle for the universe.
Spoce Rce II: Borf's Revenge brings the classical animation style of Don Bluth to the computer format featuring over five megabytes of full screen animation, digitized sound and new animations not included on the original Space Rce loser disc.
Sullivan Bluth Presents Available for IBM PC™ ond Compatibles, Rmigo™, Rtori ST1** and Macintosh®.
Ft**' Cv V.*r6grtoe*Itr*»»TVi»* * BWMvttfi I hi ',1«9 H Bwt-,Ktwngr ..ft U f] uwfir*l by StAvan HaVt Meudnv Mete W« OI»l ** irfeuttw* M»Ju irmI un*f fern-*
- V , Ham MAMO (MhliBeixiM! U .vKi me ClUMtJfli ItoW.' .IW!wbluih
• wm.i-.4M .JWrri kS t contBpl Sdhan Buh iMvaaiw Mcdu ire AU
RIGHTS RESlKVtO, PtogrammmQ W R«*ty5o»t ‘ t A iimwmm _ Armgj
AUH St ini IHM in KnkfllilV. Iv0xbrt Ol Commotion lulnnilmijl
Alili CmpoiitKm »m1 imvroMul Bu-Jfw. F jchunr. UmjtlvJt * 4
loQrJwwl ir*Jcrrui» of A*** Compute! Inc 4 The Stannetts •
Laindon North Trade Centre • Basildon • Essex SS15 6DJ •
Telephone: 0268 541212 So you wanna ho a boxer? Well now Storm
offer you ihc chance to he a contender. Start at the bottom
of the world rankings, lake on all comers and lake a shot at
the championship. The only clement of the fighter's story
missing is the appearance as the dame in a low-budget pantomime
after everything's gone horribly w rong.
But that's just the fate of no-hopcrs. Y ou, my budding hero, have a whole glistening Graphics are big and the sound effects are particularly gruesome
- but that's your lot.
Final Blow career in front of you. There's no-one's going to catch you in an oversi .e pinafore, false eyelashes and a pair of comedy breasts - you can do aftershave adverts instead.
There are two modes of play: knockout and league. Knockout merely pits you against a random selection of opponents - just keep on pummelling different fighters until sooner or later you get pummelled yourself. There's a certain amount of challenge to be found in seeing how many fights you can go without a loss, hut basically this just prepares you for the real championship - the nine-week league.
JANUARY 1992 There are ten fighters of differing shapes and sizes (actually that's a lie -they're all built like lowcr-blocks. But they do have different haircuts) and you can pick any one of them to be your young hopeful. It's now your unenviable job. In your newly acquired buiging-body.
To lake on a new opponent once a week. Win.
Lose or draw - it's then on to week two (and so on) until by the ninth week you've fought all the other sluggers.
Earn three points for a victory, one point for a draw and leave empty handed if you end up as canvas fodder. The league table is updated each week and your stats arc displayed for all to see. As time progresses, n quickly becomes apparent that some of the guys out there are better than others. Some weeks you lake on nancies, some weeks you take on wimps - yes. They 're all ridiculously easy to beat, but more of that later.
Either way. The bout unfolds the same way each fight. Click your joystick to tell Cecil (well, what do you call your Amiga?) That you've had enough of the statistics sheet thank you very much, and that yes - you're simply itching to gel on with it. A whirr-clunk from your disk drive tells you that your next pixillated victim is entering the stadium, the fight-screen scrolls down, revealing two bulging fighters and the ref. Both ugly lumps of pulsating manhood punch the air. The ref stands back and it's seconds away... Now the fun starts. There are two methods of fighting, and a survey of
various people around the office came to the unanimous conclusion that one of these methods is distinctly more likely to prove successful than the other.
But in true fight-night style, before announcing the w inner let's introduce the contestants. Over to our ringside host. Larry : In the red corner. Method One... "Thank you. And good evening fight-fans.
Straight into the ring we have the 'Diligently learning and implementing all the moves, keeping your guard up when necessary and a Just look at the ref! “Give me sunshine!... etc". He's not really doing a quick hot-shoe-shuffle, but whatever it was it was enough to put off old Demon Dave - he's taken one right on the chin. But it wasn't enough to stop our man. A few more well-placed Jabs and It's match over - an easy win to player one.
A boxer's life isn't all box, box, box. Well it is in Storm's arcade conversion, and it manages to make even the weediest of our reviewers look muscular. The last blow could be the final straw.
Even entered the ring. But here his opponent comes - unconcerned and looking decidedly confident - and what a strange looking chap he is' He’s going under the name of the ‘Putting your joystick on auto-fire and making a cup of tea or reading a book or something' method.
Quite remarkable."
Loi of fancy footwork ’ method. With all of the five different punches mastered: the upper cut; the swing punch: low and high long punches and a lean-back jab at his disposal, this boy (who has become known as ‘Technical Excellence") has got to be the hot favourite.
He can raise his guard or lower it. He can duck and even jump - as well as shuffling backwards and forwards as professionally as I've ever seen it done. He can read his opponent's moves and read to them. When his opponent aims high, his guard can cover it.
When his opponent slips up, then Technical Excellence has the weaponry to get in there and really hit him hard. Surely he can t fail."
...and in the blue corner. Method Two!
"Well. Technical Excellence would seem to have this match sewn up before his opponent's And the winner?
OK. So no prizes for guessing the winner of this bout. Yes. Your good old faithful auto-fire button will safely see you through all nine lights to collecting the World Championship crown. Yes. We're serious - but are Storm?
How can such a simple game (there are no skill factors, training sessions, management decisions, choices of opponent or player development I afford to be so remarkably easy?
The answer is. It can't. Final Blow is fundamentally flawed from the outset. Any game that can he finished on the first attempt in such a ridiculous fashion (the cup of tea bit wasn't a joke! Doesn't deserve to be pul within I00 miles of your Amiga. OK. So you could try the 'Technical Excellence' approach. But the animation is so haphazard and jerky any attempt to fight a skillful bout inevitably ends in failure. And soon degenerates back to a pummelling-the-fire-button-lhrough-ihe-floor approach There's no reward for thoughtful play, due largely to the fact that your opponent refuses to
stand still long enough for you to hit him. The action is brawlish. Frantic and ultimately frustrating.
This also scuppers what could have been the game's one saving grace - the two-player option. With so little skill involved and certain victory just an incy-wincy auto-fire switch away, there's no way that even the most ardent of boxing fans will enjoy this for long.
Final Blow seems doomed as a project, A while ago it was released for the Sega Mega Drive. It's only claim-to-fame then was as perhaps the worst-timed licensed product ever.
The name Janies Busier' Douglas Boxing (presumably a licence signed after he somehow managed to beat Mike Tyson) was a whacking 2(K)lb albatross by the time the game actually reached the shops. The Amiga version repairs none of this damage.
JANUARY 1992 The graphics are big and colourful and the sound effects are particularly gruesome - but that's your lot. Jerky (hence reading your opponent's moves becomes impossible) animation. Zero depth and flawed gameplay It could have been a contender, but is stopped in the first round by a technical knockout.
Anyone fancy some aftershave?
Neil West O Final Blow Storm ¦ £25.99 All gloss, no game. Another go«*d reason to keep arcade names in the arcade.
» Hawed gamcplay makes an attempt to introduce a modicum of skill to the proceedings simply impossible.
I Jerky animation lets down the otherwise respectable graphics.
Welcome to the meanest, toughest way of making a living!
Enter the World of Phfighting - fighting for money.
Do you rate your chances in a free for all, no holds barred bare knuckle fight?
You'll have to face thugs like The Executioner, Heavy Metal and Chain Man Eddie.
Use every form of fighting - martial arts,kickboxing, stab with knives, throw bar stools, beer kegs and anything else you can lay your hands on.
Remember you're never safe - even from the crowd - get thrown into them and you may never come out alive.
Incredible graphics, digitised from real fighters, and amazing real oK* time sprite scaling, bring you the perfect conversion of a Atari's No. 1 Arcade Hit.
You'll never tire of this brutally addictive game!! KR TEIXIGEIM Artwork and Packaging C Domart Croup lid.
PubMod by Domark Software Lid. Ferry House.
St 57 Lacy Road. London SwtS tPR 0% m YOUR CURRENT RIBBON PRICES In 1989 Western Europeans threw away over 128 million printer ribbons. They weighed over 9,000 tonnes in total and would reach right around the world if laid end to end.
A used ribbon cartridge is being thrown away somewhere in the UK every second of every day.
You can help put an end to this environmental waste and save some money at the same time thanks to RE-INK, a revolutionary new spray which brings new life to exhausted fabric printer ribbons.
RE-INK is cost effective and simple to use. Simply open up your plastic ribbon cartridge, spray a few squirts of RE-INK's special ink and lubricant formula and your ribbon is as good as new - sometimes even better!
BEST OF ALL * Wil1 S3Ve Up t0 ° o 0fl what y0U current|y sPencl on new r'ppons RE-INK IS AVAILABLE IN THIS SPECIAL READER OFFER FOR ONLY ? RE-INK-treated ribbons give clearer, blacker print than new ribbons ? RE-INK is a very high quality ink - no blotchy or patchy ink ? RE-INK is universal - it works with all fabric ribbons ? RE-INK can extend the life of your printer with its special lubricant oils £12.95 AVAILABLE FROM M» OFFICE SMPPP -
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Government, home i quality, reliability, value for money.
YOU SIMPLY CANNOT BUY BETTER DOUBLE SIDED DOUBLE DENSITY 50 DSDD 3.5 Plus deluxe storage box only. .£29.95 100 DSDD 3.5 Plus deluxe storage box only £44.95 This Months Special 200 DSDD 3.5 Plus 2 deluxe storage boxes only ...£74.95 DOUBLE SIDED HIGH DENSITY 30 DSHD 5.25 Plus deluxe storage box .£16.95 50 DSHD 5.25 Plus deluxe storage box .£27.95 100 DSHD 5.25 Plus deluxe storage box only ...£39.95 r?isrrr MD Office Supplies 18 Crescent Way. Farnboroufih.
Kent BR6 9LS Tel: 0689 861400 : Educational Sc Government orders welcome Features Include Both stack horizontally and vertically 90 Capacity 3.5 Very hish quality manufacture Anti-static Protective lock Colour coded dividers only £8*95 180 Capacity 5.25 or 130 3.5 Beautiful strong design Anti-static Protective lock Colour coded dividers Smooth draw operation only £16.95 What would happen it they started a w ar and nobody came? Well w ith Birds Of Prey you could do it all yourself. Because this game incorporates a large modem air war scenario with 4(1 types of aircraft taking part. And you
can fly them all. So if you're a fan of modem military Hying machines, you might just be in heaven.
When you've loaded the game and set up your saveable pilot, you're presented with 12 major mission types. It's assumed that a major war has started between forces using Western technology and those with Russian kit. You can play either side in this conflict and choose the mission type you want (air interception, for example) and then you simply select an aircraft for your mission.
There's a fair old choice, but the computer won't let you use something ill-suited to the job. Try using a Hercules to intercept some MiG 25s and your Amiga will laugh at you.
It's better go for an F16. FI5. Tornado.
Anything of that ilk. Next you've got to arm it.
Tumult in the clouds Choosing your weapons is bolh detailed and easy. Point and click on (he most destructive and you get to see the map. The playing area is a series of islands w ith the odd mountain and river chucked in. Bases. SAM sites and tactical buildings litter the war .one. and there arc even carriers floating offshore.
Choose a base and the mission can begin.
You always start off in a hangar, and once the door opens, you taxi out to the runway. If you're in a hurry (for an interception) you can hit full power while you're still in their this JANUARY 1992 Birds Of Prey lets you hit the runway while doing about ISO knots. Once you arc in the air. You can select various radar modes to give you air-to-air capability, navigation or bomb-aiming (once more, this depend on your mission).
The cockpit display takes up about two-thirds of the screen, w ith a familiar HUD on the top. This really contains all the info that you need (speed, height and so on), but to the right of the display is a large bank of dials which give you much the same information.
This display remains the same whichever aircraft you're flying.
Hitting the W key removes the cockpit altogether, leaving you w ith full screen graphics and an enlarged HUD. It's possible to conduct most of an operation in this mode, and it looks so much better, especially w hen viewing the plane in outside mode.
When you view your own aircraft, it's simply superimposed in front of you. The HUD (and cockpit display) remain, but the plane appears in from. If you try a side view the controls still remain in view. This makes for some spectacular views, especially in full screen display mode, but it's impossible to fly the plane accurately whilst watching it.
TEST PILOT 4 ton air- STEALTH BOMBING Only one choice here - the B2. Used in the Gulf, they'll never even know it's out there.
STEALTH RECCE The F117 is the prime candidate here, looking like It's been designed by a hyperactive child.
Fed up with war? Get away from it all with a Bell X15. It'll outdimb the SR 71, nearly into low orbit.
Why buy one sim when you can buy 40 for the same price?
Electronic Arts have produced a game which gives you the entire NATO airforce to play with, and the pick of the Warsaw Pact as well. But is it 40 times as good as the best of the rest?
The not-so-few The key to Birds Of Prey is its massive flexibility. There are hundreds of mission aircraft combinations, and although you only ever sec one cockpit display, you can certainly make out the difference between the planes.
The selection offered is so w ide that one mission might see you flying a Harrier from the deck of HMS Invincible, and the next ferrying in 500 troops in a Boeing 747-400.
The flight characteristics of the planes' differ so much that it's fun to swap between them during the game. You can also try out aircraft in missions that they weren't designed for (within reason. You can't put your SR71 Blackbird down on the deck of a carrier).
As you play the campaign, your actions affect what the enemy arc up to. If you manage to A10 his airfields, he'll withdraw to the edge of the map. Send a Stealth reconnaissance flight over to get a Polaroid of him licking his wounds, then send in a Hercules full of troops to finish him off. Any stragglers can be massively bombed by a nice B52 mission. And you can fly all of these.
It's certainly taking flight sims into areas they've never been before. Luckily the actual Hying details have been kept fairly simple. To navigate to your target you simply follow an arrow at the top of the HUD. Your radar w ill pick up any enemy activity in plenty of time, and it's up to you to take the appropriate action. What you should do depends on the plane you're piloting, of course.
Can you leave the landing light on, mummy?
FN O' 2!
Storing the details of the 40 aircraft has taken such a large amount of memory that ground detail is noticeably less impressive than in MiG-29 Supeifulcrum or FISII. There are bases, fields, coastlines, hills and targets.
These are all acceptable, though. (There's a particularly pretty snow-capped peak!)
The air-to-air views are good, but such is the nature of modem air warfare that you don't often get the chance to see the enemy. First it's a dot on a radar screen; then a dot in the sky and then it's a target. Hopefully by then, with any luck, it's dead meat. Trying to get close in to have a look sometimes yields excellent views of the opposition, but you'll have lo dodge salvoes of missiles to do it. It's in this environment that planes like the FI6 or Tomcat come into their own.
Hying the planes in Birds Of Prey requires a fair bit of practice. In the centre of the HUD is a lozenge-shape which indicates the position of the imaginary control column.
It's a bit unnecessary because when your joystick is centred, you’d expect the plane's joystick to be centred as well. It's been like that for centuries in flight-sims, and the added realism that a lozenge gives isn't really worth it. Until you get used to it, the plane (which ever one you're flying) wallows around, fish- tailing its way towards the highly amused enemy. The key is only to use small movements of the joystick.
Apart from this, the flying is straightforward. If you don't fuss with the controls, the Continued overleaf planes go in the direction you point them. You can select weapons by cycling through your payload, with the fire-button on the joystick operating missiles and the gun (whichever one you have selected).
It's also very easy to get yourself into a spin too. If you leave what the exports call 'the flight envelope' by for example stalling at a low or high speed, your aircraft will tumble groundwards at a frightening speed. You have to do this a few times to get the hang of recovery. But if you're quick you can click the mouse to pause the game and give you option menus. Sclecl 'Easy Flight' and you'll bounce of the ground harmlessly.
Fight and flight Birds Of Prey is a sim for the enthusiast.
There's a large and comprehensive manual supplied, but if you already know the difference between the Bl. The B2 and the B52 it would make things much easier.
JANUARY 1992 Although the cockpit display doesn't change, certain procedures depend on the type of mission you're on and the type of plane you're in. Fighters (FIS. F16. Tornado and so on) simply require that you switch on your radar and hunt for the enemy. You don’t have to worry about ground targets (unless they're firing surface-to-air missiles at youl and you just need to concentrate on the other fighters as the range between you closes Before each mission it's possible to specify wingmen. You can have up to three other planes (the same type as yours) who follow you into combat. If you
don't open fire, they will, and on Easy level your formation will be firing ripples of AMRAAMS and Sidewinders in the enemy's direction. It's a bit disappointing if you don't gel a kill and they do, but at least you'll have surv ived and. As leader, you will get the credit for it in the comprehensive debrief afterwards.
You don't sec these wingmen (which is a pity) but they're programmed to follow you wherever you go. So if you run for home they'll accompany you.
Bombing in the Bl or B52 requires you to line up so that you fly over the target at the height required by your payload. Then you switch to the bomb-aiming sight and w atch the target drift through the cross-hairs. It's tough but very satisfying when you get it right.
When attacking at ground level (in the A10. F15E or B2 Stealth bomber) you fire guided air-to-surface missiles such as the Pavcway and Maverick. The target acquisition is similar to that of the fighters, but it's only concerned with things on the ground. If you get close enough with the A10 you can open up with its mighty .10mm Gatling gun. This makes quite a mess if you aim it right.
Nor law nor duty bade me fight There is so much in Birds Of Prey that the flight-sim fan could disappear for weeks. The campaign scenario works well, the background detail is very strong and the variety of planes is. Of course impressive in the extreme.
Graphics are strong, especially the planes themselves, and the levels are set so that both beginners and hardened pilots can have fun.
Letting it down is the frame rate. The graphics aren't smooth enough and there is an annoying jerkincss. It might be understandable, but it isn't forgivable. The lozenge control system would work so much better if There is so much in Birds Of Prey that the flight sim-fan could disappear for weeks.
Ihc update rale was belter. As ii is. They combine to be irritating at the moments when you need to be clear-headed and quick.
It's this factor which stops Birds Of Prey getting a Format Gold. In every other respect it deserves one. Being able to fly 40 aircraft in a combat sim is no mean feat, and the war-game plot is strong enough to carry it off. But the flyability is the weakest point. Only a third of a screen is dedicated to outside views and the rest of the screen being filled with unnecessary dials isn’t too hot.
Oh. And a head-to-head link with another player’s Amiga, flying whatever plane he chooses would have been excellent. Still. Birds Of Prey is a massive attempt to produce the flight-sim. It nearly gets there, but the flying isn't quite slick enough.
James Leach O Birds Of Prey Electronic Arts ¦ £34.99
• 40 planes all in one game is a more than you will ever need.
The Tomcat blasts a missile at the enemy. If you've got wingmen, they'll often loose a whole payload, ensuring the fate of the hapless opposition.
Of all the carrier- borne aircraft, the Tomcat is still the best, especially in its newest variant.
EA have certainly done their homework, and the technical accuracy of Birds Of Prey can't be faulted.
• Fach plane is difTerent enough to make you want to experience
them all.
• Graphics and sound are up to standard, but are not exceptional.
• The campaign works well and makes a big sim into a big game.
ALL THAT IS EVIL IS AL] rn m MYTH HISTORY IN THE MAKING Magical tales of intrigue and myj thousands of years ago, as the ] believed that lujfthologic Gyj re spawned jjY iron law and powerful sorcery.
Something has now gone wrong... Someone must stop the spread of evil . YOUARE THE CHOSEN ONE... ‘.:K0i*X*5 ' Another m the long line ol award winning classics from Ihe System 3 stable. Myth brings the magical mysteries ol historic, demonic gods into the very heart ol your home Available on: Commodore C64 Cartridge £19.99 Commodore Amiga and Atari ST £25.99
V. - - . R • » V With a truly epic introduction sequence, this
superb game will pull you through a new dimension ol computer
lantasy . , 'ft'’’ 1 f ? ¦*¦ ” ’ .•» ze : . Winrw. ¦*
• •••?
• V Brilliant character animations have you lumping and slaying
your way through a true award
- MU winning classic Having scooped all the maior awards on the
smaller home computers. Myth looks set to emulate that success
on the Amiga and Alan ST System Three Software Ltd 18
Peterborough Road Harrow Middlesex HA I 2BQ Tel: (081)8648212
Fax: (081) 864 4851 After a set number of stages. JJ Maverick
has to face the evil Or Devious himself.
Watch out for the chair though, since it drops a cluster of bombs which bounce towards the plucky hero. But is everything as it seems? I rather think not... AMIGA FORMAT JANUARY 1992 became an obsession, causing him to begin experimenting with machinery to make everything into blocks. One night, in a dark area of Ihe misty city, a strange and my sterious figure, in a floating chair, was stalking around in a dark and dingy hack street.
Witnesses say that he fired a beam from ihe chair which turned nearby buildings into large orange blocks. Soon enough, the world became aware of this villainous activity, when the Pentagon was turned into a square and the Kremlin appeared as a cube.
Now accusations have been flying between the v arious nations, and a threat from Dr Devious has been transmitted to the various world leaders. He's perfected his machine and is now threatening to cube the Earth! Only one man can save us. A man who knows Dr LITTLE BOXES Occasionally items drop from the top of the screen to help JJ out: Bombs - Allow JJ to drop explosives on enemies along with firing his fireball shots.
© Fast Shots - Let JJ fire a stream of bombs and fireballs a lot faster than normal.
A D Devious Designs I you look up ai iliiv wcllon
• I the building here, you . Will be able lo see Ihe deli- eaie
carvings of ihe overhanging ledges on each lower. These details
give us ihe feel ol ihe absolute patience and visionary scale
of the architect's work. Now... wail a minute, where did that
gigantic orange brick come from.
Where's ihe church? Oh dear...” The ari world has always been an inspiration lo many people: from the moving appeal of paintings 10 ihe awesome spectacle of extravagant architecture One of ihe world’s most influential artists is Pablo Picasso. His famous C’ubisi work has long been regarded as some ol ihe fmesi abstract painting in history.
Unfortunately, not everyone is inspired by his work in the same way.
Dr Devious, ihe famous abstract scientist, has been an admirer of Picasso for many years.
Ins pride and joy was a cubist painting by the great artist which hangs in his laboratory.
However his love for this style of an soon Devious and has an insight into Ins warped mind. That man is super-agent JJ Maverick.
After receiving an urgent message. JJ zooms off to the Arctic, the last place the evil doctor was sighted. On Ins arrival, he notices an igloo has been cubed and split apart.
Obviously Devious' plan requires the results of his cubing experiment to in no way resemble their original shape, otherwise the machine loses its power. All lhat JJ has to do is stack the blivks together lo reform their original shape. Right, lime lo roll the sleeves up... Squaring the Circle You lake control ol JJ Maverick .is he tries lo reform various cultural icons that have been zapped b Dr Devious* manic experiment.
Being a super-agent. JJ has a lew tricks up his Extra Block - Fills a gap in the target shape. The blocks they leave can be shot if they're not needed.
Extra Life - Picking up one of these adds an extra life to JJ’s lives counter.
Dynamite - Picking this up causes a large explosion which destroys all enemies on screen.
Extra Time - Collecting the watch adds a few precious seconds to the level clock.
Cubist art is all very well and good, but when a megalomaniac scientist tries to cube the world things get out of hand. Cue strange puzzle game!
Additional items can be picked up to help him.
Including extra time and bonus bombs. Every 20th level is a showdown with the doctor in his fly ing chair - but all is not as it seems... dinner-jacket sleeve to help him on his way.
Not only can he pull, lift and throw blocks, but he can also drag them through mid-air. Walk up walls ceilings. This allow s him to grab the blocks from wherever they may be and reconstruct them into their proper form.
However. Devious has spotted the brave agent in his task, and is determined to stop him from succeeding. Each area that JJ must work in is linked to a timed explosive. If JJ takes too long in completing his quest, then the whole place will blow up. Taking anything remaining in the sector w ith it.
If this wasn't enough, there are also some of Devious' strange mutations prowling around, including deadly clouds, vicious dragons. Mutated whirlwinds and manic Cossack dancers. Fortunately. JJ has something to protect him - a flame gun. Using this weapon, he can fire a stream of deadly fireballs at his enemies, clearing the way for his quest.
Don't box me in Devious Designs is most certainly an odd little game. It combines shoot-em-up. Platform and puzzle game elements in one package, not on separate levels as in many other games, but at the same time!
This combination works very' well, providing some seriously challenging action. Some careful thought is needed to work out how each level should be tackled (especially on later levels) and you have to keep your trigger finger busy to take out the enemies.
The rather odd control method can be frustrating at times, causing masses of confusion as to which direction you're supposed to be moving the joystick. At times this makes Everything flips over completing the levels extremelv as JJ takes a trip to .... the land down annoy ing - especially w hen you know under. Rather a com- vvhat you're actually try ing to do on a plex shape needs to particular screen. This aside, though, the puzzles arc pretty challenging, especially when you are on later levels, and you will be kept on your toes as to what exactly is happening on screen. The graphic
style is also quite intriguing, being very different from the usual cute and abstract puzzle games that appear, and the intro sequence sums up the feel of the whole package.
Devious Designs is a very original game which boasts a lot of interesting features Devious Designs is a very original game which boasts a lot of interesting features, but the control method could prove too confusing for beginners to puzzling and downright annoying to those with experience in the field. If you can cope with this little quibble, you'll more than likely find Devious Designs quite a taxing affair, which makes it one of those games that are well worth digging out for a quick bash from time to time.
JANUARY 1992 AMIGA Maff Evans O Tetri* shap* Devious Designs Image Works ¦ £25.99 I The unusual graphics arc colourful, well drawn and well animated, giving the game an original appearance.
I The puzzles start ofT easy enough, but will soon have the most ardent puzzle fans tearing their hair out.
I The rather confusing control method makes the going tricky at times - especially when the action starts getting frantic.
I An interesting and well presented puzzle game with a feu rough corners, but jolly enough in its own way.
I MIC! 83% s MANIPULATING BLOCKS JJ can manipulate blocks in a number of ways: K| Pressing fire makes JJ grab a block. By pulling the Joystick sideways, you can make him pull the block along. If JJ is standing in a corner of a block, he can actually pull It along through mid-air.
After picking up a block, he can then throw K sideways or upwards until it hits a block or a wall. Alternatively, he can shuffle It along above his head and drop it on the floor next to his feet.
After grabbing a block, pushing the stick away from JJ's feet will make him lift It over his head. He can then walk along until he is in the right place to drop or throw it.
Players' skills, attributes and fitness together g| with the astute substitution of players and ¦« change of tactics banks by the coach, holds ll v, the key to success in basket ball. TIP OFF, hj therefore includes some managerial aspects o the game. The main features are:i 'I p
* Multi directional scrolling screen w t
* Five skill levels. Skill level of both r jjfi teams can be set
’ I to 4 players option. Option to play against the computer or ano player against the computer or another player or two players.
* Facility to practice skills and tactics.
* Facility to create a team at all skill levels and design
* Instinctive Joystick controls to dribble, pass, shoot or do a
There are two running speeds, two types of dribbling and passing ond five types of shots at the basket [Jump shot, Hoo shot, Skyhook, Running Jump shot and Slam Dunk).
* Each player on the court is an individual with a unique mixture
of attributes (Age, Height, Flair, Pace, Stamina a d Composure)
ond skflls (Passing, Dribbling, Stealing, Shooting and Jumpi
’ Two types ot Leagues. Ac ion Replay at 3 speeds.
* Extra moves are availabe using two independent button joysticks
us ng the EXORLENCE System.
EASY TO PLAY - HARD TO MASTER reemhol2: Shown MAOlNEtn 7 Millside Industrial Estate, Lawson Road. Dartford. Kent. DA1 5BH Tel 0322 292513 8 Fax 0322 293422 Is this the biggest cartoon conversion to hit the Amiga since the Turtles"? Well at least people watched the I leroes in a Half-shell.
The scenario's the usual Saturday morning stuff: five do-gooders out to right the wrongs of Ihe world. What's different about these meddling kids' is that each one's been individually chosen from a different nation by the almighty Gaia. To help them, lie's given each a special power: Wheeler (AmericaI has a fire ring: Gi (Japan) an ice ring; Linka (Russian) a wind ring. Ma-TilSouth American?) Has a growth ring and Kwamc (France) has a rock ring. When combined, these powers form the Superhero Captain Planet.
How to save the world Fed up with pollution. Soil erosion and animal cruelty?
Then Join Captain Planet and his Planeteers In their bid to make the world a greener place in which to live. Mere the heroic (?) Young American Wheeler is out to help save Mother Earth with his superpowered ring of fire which has nothing to do with the 70s Johnny Cash ballad.
That's the scenario, now the game? Well there arc six levels: Fire. Water. Wind. Heart. Earth and Showdown, each centres on a specific character. The first level's focuses on Wheeler and his powers of fire. To complete it you must destroy radiation canisters, board your Geo-Cruiser and exterminate all of Sly Sludges CFC balloons in order to save the ozone layer. This allows the seals (who sit on Captain Planet JANUARY 1992 More strange song echoes with Cl and her Power of Love.
She can cause plants to grow beanstalk style providing ladders for her to move around the level on.
Captain Planet Mindscape ¦ £25.99 clutches of Dr Blight. Bombs have been placed inside a temple and you must use her powers to whisk them away. The heart level is Ma-Ti’s moment of glory and she has to help withered plants grow into strong trees while rescuing some suffering animals in her Eco- Coplcr. The Earth level's an underground caverns job where you must clean up toxic- waste and the ponies trapped in it. The final level puts you in control of Captain Planet and you must save a whole nation from destruction.
The clouds!) To walk safely across the ozone layer to the south pole!
The second level is where you take control of Gi and the power of ice. She has to save the poor little dolphins who have been porpoise-napped and trapped in an evil water prison by the hideous Lootcn Plunder. The wind level puls you in command of Linka who has the control of the air. You have to rescue the ancient Egyptian relics from Ihe evil overtones - seals walking along the ozone layer! - make player logic difficult to apply.
Without this it's a guessing game and the vital visual clues you need aren't there Structurally Captain Planet should work well, giving each of the sub-superheroes a chance to shine. Their different powers should help vary the garncplay and create challenging new puzzles every step of the way. All the individual powers, though, exhibit inescapable control foibles that swiftly up the frustration factor. Add to this consistent, but strange platform edge detection, you've a mix that even Ihe best structure in the world couldn't off-set.
Apparently harmless looking objects kill w ithout any real need or warning. For instance, when cruising in your Geo-Cruiser, saving seals, you fly to the top of the screen and.
Whixips. You crash into a horrific killer cloud!
This is annoying because there's no warning of danger, which makes the game both tough and frustrating. This, sadly, makes Captain Planet almost a chore to play Award-winning game?
The tune's quite fun and bouncy and there's a tune for each level so you won’t be reaching for the volume control after five seconds of listening. The graphics are bright and bold but lack character. As a licence these cartoon folks should sit happily on an Amiga, coming alive under your control, but instead these do-gooders aggravate swiftly. They've the trappings of superheroes but none of the benefits.
Captain Planet is not a 'must purchase".
Unless your a veggie, a greenie or a member of the RSPCA who's desperate to act out you're good intentions through silicon, you're belter off giving it a miss. Anyway isn't it slightly hypocritical for the good Captain to promote global warming by heating tempers?
Ben Craddock O This is what Shadow Sorcerer is all about
- eyes down, shoulders apart, CHARGE!
The enemies you can see in this picture are Bozak Dreconians - simple warrior types who soon succumb to a stout Companion.
Other types are much more lethal.
This is where the game pari comes in. You use the mouse lo control the characters in hand-to- hand combat, long range weaponry, spell casting and the art of doing a runner. All combat is played out as it happens - fighting dragons gives a short, heated exchange.
Shadow Sorcerer If you've been a big fantasy fan since you were knee-high to a hobbit then this game may appeal to you. If you're into swords and sorcery: Conan the Schwarzenegger and so on. You may as well skip the next paragraph.
Shadow Sorcerer is set on the world of Krynn. Home of the Dragonlancc saga. The whole story is contained in an immense set of books, which was cleverly designed by TSR (owners of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game) to be the cornerstone of a marketing era. Put it another way - the background is Tolkicnesque with a few twists.
JANUARY 1992 The good guys in the game are the Companions. The game starts just after said crew have freed the slave population of a city called Pax Tharkas. And imprisoned the former master race (the Draconians).
The situation isn't as rosie as it seems.
The ex-slave refugees have now here to go and nothing to eat. The Draconians are not going to stay wallcd-up forever - they'll break out in a day or two. And they'll hunt you down.
You've got to find food and shelter for the refugees and get them to a permanent sanctuary. Blocking your goal arc a varied assortment of monsters, several mountain ranges, and a democratically elected group of refugee leaders who bicker all the time.
Thoughtful mayhem Shadow Sorcerer is played on two different levels. The game starts on the strategic map.
It's composed of hexagons and only shows the main mountain ranges. The objective is to get from the top end of the map to the southern part, where you understand a lost band of dwarves live, who might help you out with refugee resettlement.
You don't have the mundane task of moving the refugees around the map. Instead, you control a small scouting party of up to four characters, drawn from the larger group of Companions. You can also mix and match your small team.
There's a wide range of talent in the group, from a dark horse magus called Raistlin to a sweet old cleric named Elistan. The usual ensemble of heroes, cut throats and warrior maidens fills the gap in the middle.
The main body will follow your party, gradually. As you move through the terrain, detail gets filled in on the main map. The terrain varies from old roads to lakes (which are totally impassable).
When you find something of interest - whether it's a small group of monsters or a whole underground labyrinth - the view changes to an isometric close up of your group and any surrounding nasties.
There are magic items and weapons to collect which can help later on. Gradually you pick up the plot threads. Without giving much away, the manual gives plenty of clues (assuming that you read it).
Hit and miss It may sound wonderful, but I've got more reservations than a tribe of Red Indians. It's not so much the way you play the game - the method of controlling your heroes is simple to leam, and the tactics are straightforward (run away unless you know you can win easily).
No. It's the way the game behaves. The larger cave networks are teeming with monsters. It makes sense to send in your fighters through the door first. On the other side, your puny magic user thief gets beaten lo death, as the fighters migrate to the rear for no reason.
When a character 'dies' they mysteriously reappear at the main body of refugees, ready to be healed and sent into the fray. How illogical.
These are the tip of the iceberg. The game has no sense of humour at all. Yet I cannot take it seriously. It looks great, plays all right, but keeps tripping you up with its bizarre logic. No long-term fun at all.
Pat McDonald 1) Shadow Sorcerer US Gold ¦ £29.99
• Graphics arc excellent for this sort of game.
• Control is very easy, you soon get into the swing of things.
• Quite engrossing for a couple of days.
• l.acks real depth - most monster encounters are random. Not
enough to explore.
OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED • 6 CENTRAL STREET • MANCHESTER - M2 5NS • TEL: 061 832 6633 • FAX: 061 834 0650 The story so far: Sogrom. Who is the master magician's star-pupil-lumed- bad. Is lusting after the Rochebrume archipelago, and plans to make it his ow n. The only person who can stop him is Eskcl.
Another magician who docs a bit of righteous do-gooding on the side. The fate of the entire kingdom of Celtica is in their clammy hands.
Just a bout here you begin to wonder whether you've accidentally stumbled into a Clive Barker horror novel; but no. This is the plot of Celtic Legends, a good old-fashioned strategy war-game with lots of gratuitous spell-casting and a welter of silly names.
It takes the best bits from other games and combines them into a style of its very own.
Celtic Legends 104 You lake ihe pan of Eskel. And you have lo fight Sogrom over the 2? Islands of the archipelago Each island is div ided mio several interlocking hexagons, and each hex in lum can be one of seven landscape types: plain, forest, marsh, mountain, castle, cromlech or hill. You begin with a legion of creatures (known as unitsi each, you and the computer (or another playerl take turns to manoeuvre your forces around these hexagons. Each side has a number of movement points w hich are used at a rate dependent on the terrain that they arc try ing to cross. Once the movement points of
one side have all been exhausted, then the other side moves.
At any time, but usually when you meet your adversary, you can access a tactical screen. This is a blown-up version of the hexagon your legion is currently occupying, and it's here that the battles take place.
Boys and Gaels The tactical screen is itself divided into hexagons, each unit occupying one. Units can be given orders to move a number of hexagons, to cast a spell or lo Eight another creature by attempting to occupy its hexagon.
Your turn comes to an end w hen every character has used all its action points or when you click on OK. At this point the computer has some deep thoughts and bashes hell out of y ou via its creations.
As if all this wasn't enough, you also have to deal with the local population of the archipelago: the savages. Though not directly on anyone's side, they despise anything that uses magic and will attack it ferociously.
Savages can only appear in the pcnfaclcs al the middle of cromlechs, so occupying these hexagons staunches their flow.
And so it goes on until you or Sogrom manage lo annihilate the oilier side completely.
Become slightly tiresome after you've been playing for a while, and the logic of the game's layout is confusing at first, meaning you need to play two or three games just to get an idea of what you're doing.
Celtic Legends is a really absorbing, and pretty intelligent game that has real long-term potential and is only missing a bit of spit and polish on the effects side. If you're after something to make those long winter nights just fly by (and the only alternative is illegal or immoral), then you could do worse than to invest in a copy - even if you don't like Clive Barker novels.
Ed Ricketts 3 Celtic Legend UBI Soft ¦ £30.99
• Nice mixture of war. Strategy and cast-'em* up gumev combined
with conventional arcadc-stvle sprites.
• More animation frames and sound effects could have made this an
audio- visual extravaganza.
• Large range of spells, from the pathetic to the totally deadly.
• The statistics-and-hexagon-hased approach may put some people
• A strategy game for people who don’t like strategy games.
ic) 85% Archipelagos are nothing but trouble; someone or other is
always trying to take the darn things over. And of course it
always ends in tears. Just ask the people of Celtica.
Legendary There's no doubt about it though. Celtic Legends is simply great fun. It takes all of the best bits from other games - the style and number of creatures from Lords of Chaos, the hexagon and move-based approach from Battle Isles and combines them in what is an easily approachable, but thought-stimulating game with a style of its very own. There's enough variation in the islands to ensure that the action doesn't become too repetitive, unlike say a game like PowerMonger, where if you'd completed one island then you'd basically done them all.
There are faults, of course. The limited when you lo*e, all of Sojrom t minions come out to jeer obscenities animation frames and samples for the creatures at you and wave small pieces of paper at you. Or Is it large club- shaped weapons? Either way you’ve had It and you better hope you saved at the last island, otherwise It’s startlng-again time.
Celtic twilight The firsl Ihing lhat slrikcs you about Celtic Legends is the impressive intro. It's a short scene-setting animation, with a rousing battle- march of. Er. Bagpipes, which sound surprisingly tuneful. After that the effects tend to go downhill, though not by much.
The scenery and creatures for each hexagon arc well drawn, but not awe-inspiring. Some imagination has gone into their design but they're marred slightly by having only two or three animation frames each.
There's a general 'ow!' Sample when anything is hit and some reasonable background noise - howling wind on a plain hexagon, crickets in the marsh, and so on. On the whole, the effects have almost left the good region and are teetering on the edge of being realty good.
The World's N91 Choice OVER THIRTY MODELS . ALL FORMATS . COMPLETE CONTROL Bonduuell AWAII ABIC CdrtM All I SPEEDBALL 2 Noto«Pc Take control of Brutal Deluxe team, the worst team of all time and turn them into champions.
A real arcade action game attacking as well as defending. Individual or team statistics available for you to elaborate a strategy.
A new Ice Age grips the world and along with fellow pioneers you live on the Midwinter Isle, the last habitable Omaiiunai SoBmm UBISOFT Pure Entertainment !
ST-AG-PC Five huge levels of traps and puzzles, vertical and horizontal scrollings, varied backgrounds, sprites and sophisticated cartoon sequences.
FALCON From test flights to aerial combats in your F-16, defend your base from enemy tanks and MIGs attacks.
RICK DANGEROUS 2 MIDWINTER Saddlers House, 100 Reading Rd. Yatelet GU17 7RX Camberley. Surrey. (0252-860-299) A500 + Expansion Stand Only £34.99 including VAT & delivery Trade enquiries Mrs Leigh L Sharif Delivery 5 days Colour coded to your Amiga Fitted in seconds Shelf for disk drives ?
LEADS £7.99 PER PAIR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE 0908 262137 Cheques payable lo: AVA Developments Ltd 58 Burners Lane South Kiln Farm Address Milton Keynes MK11 3HD Tel. No.
GRL'NDV " TELEVISION © 1989 Grundy International Distribution BV Licensed by BBC Enterprises Ltd.
At the start of level one. Wolverine bat- ties it out through New York's underground. He can jump, crouch and walk - as well as fire an assortment of bolt-on weapons that he may find lying around.
The ear is 2067 and ihc Earth is in a real mess. Literally. Presumably ihe Hhic Y er-walching generation of 1091 never paid attention to the more sobre environment features that were in-between the cookery slots and gardening comer. Or perhaps the world's housewives husbands fell for the cynical TV advertising that fooled the public into thinking that as long as you use less powder and drive on unleaded petrol you were sufficiently 'doing your bit' and everything would be all right.
Robozone Either way. An uninhabitable, polluted world has been left under the charge of robot Wolverines'. Meanwhile the elite of the world’s population safely float Noah-style across the oceans on giant City Ships.
So here we have a dedicated exploration shool-em-up in environmentally-friendly clothing. You play the part of the last Wolverine, alone in a polluted world. Your enemies consist of disaffected humans and.
More scarily. Hybrid mutants known only as the Scavengers. Shoot anything that moves, explore the three different levels, oh - and don't drop any litter. OK?
And it's kind to the environment too Level one. This a stereotypical walking-jump- ing-crouching-shooting platform stage if ever there was one. Wolverine must explore his way through underground New York to the exit leading to level two. Pick up different weapons and extra energy at the same time as blasting seven shades of CPC's out of any liv ing thing in your path.
Stage three, a lovely little shoot-em-up sub-game. Vaguely reminiscent of R- Type? No, an obvious copy more like. Still, if you’re going to rip something off, why settle for second best?
Level two. The perspective has been changed to spice-up the action, but the game remains the same: if it moves, shoot it. A 2D scavenger-infested labyrinth faces our Wolverine, as the action slows down still further as game speed is sacrificed for the use of big sprites. As scavengers scurry through degrees of perspective. Wolverine must dodge left and right - like a driving game except in slow motion. Locate a human scientist named Tank, and it's on to... Level three, this is the final challenge.
Wolverine has just about managed to cobble together a jet-pack prov iding us with an entertaining horizontally-scrolling shool-em-up sub-game. You must complete this, and the Scavengers will he destroyed, the Earth can Environmentally friendly destruction Underneath all the death and destruction the ideology is OK. But what else can be said for it? The graphics are big and colourful, mov ing smoothly through all of the levels. But the action is slow and monotonous.
109 Ye- there arc three varied sub-games in the one package, but it's basically down to your tngger-finger which has to he at the ready for all of the games - so don't expect anything too inspiring or thought-provoking.
Only the last stage can truly be described as enjoyable (and that's because it's a neat rip-off of R-Type). But even here, the original was done belter. As a whole. Robozone is unfortunately really quite tedious.
JANUARY 1992 There’s nothing we'd like more than to give an environmentally-friendly game our seal of approval. But as with Coplain Planet.
Sound ideology is no compensation for failing to come up w ith the goods.
Neil West O Robozone Image Works ¦ £25.99 “After an excellent early drop-kick goal by the Zimbabwe team, England have fought back and scored a stunning try. Here Webb’s just about to attempt the conversion. Ian, you're three points behind Bill, for two points... what happened next?"
J JANUARY 1992 comes down on you. You can lob the ball down a line of players in the hope that one of them can make it to the try-line. Thankfully, this element of the game works brilliantly, and it's very easy for you to get the ball quickly out to your faster players.
If a scrum takes place then the idea is to push the other pack forward so that you gain possession of the hall. This is done by Rugby The World Cup Domark ¦ £25.99 Rugby World Cup ’ usl one question: why are the English such good losers? It's not as though it's anything to be proud of is it? We got stuffed by Australia and everyone's walking around saying: "Oh well, we put up a good fight". What rot! We lost and that's all there is to it. Anyway. I'm not a good loser and here's a game which gave me the chance to stuff the Aussics well and truly.
In true let's-cash-in-on-a-popular-sporl- ing-cvent style. Rugby The World Cup is a representation of the clash of 16 nations in Rugby Union. To this end. You can play either a one-on-one match, pitting one country against another, or start a complete World Cup tournament which enables up to 16 people to participate. In effect what Domark have attempted to do is create Kick Off for people who prefer their balls oval rather than round.
From the main menu, single or tournament games can be chosen, and the match length can be set. Once teams have been decided a match proper can start. The teams troop out on to the pitch, assume their positions and the side that won the toss, kicks off.
The up and blunder The beauty of the best sporting simulations is their simplicity. Kick Off (there's that game again), worked because of the simplicity of the controls. Domark have tried to bring this to RWC. But there are many more permutations a player can make in the game of rugby.
During the game you control the nearest player to the ball, who's in an on-side position.
Of course, the moment one of your chaps gets hold of the ball, he'll get jumped by about eight very large men. So you're presented with a couple of choices. You can either kick the ball, pass it. Or get tackled, in which case you either lose possession, or a scrum ensues.
In rugby, as any British schoolboy will tell you. You can't pass forward, so as the pack waggling the joystick as fast as possible in left and right directions. Win the scrum and your scrum-half can feed the ball out to your backs.
Should the ball go out of bounds, a line-out takes place, these are also' won by waggling the joystick. The thing is that line-outs and scrums take place a lot. So by the end of a game of WCR your right arm will feel like it's played a real game of rughy.
It is possible to create fast flowing rugby, though if you're controlling an England side, you could be accused of not playing in keeping with the side's style. Each team has its own quirks and attributes, so while it might be entirely possible to completely decimate a team in scrums and line-outs. You might find out that they've got much faster backs than you and thus you end up losing.
Step forward William Webb Ellis Graphically WCR works brilliantly. At the risk of accusing Domark of plagiarism, it's all terribly reminiscent of Kick Off, and as any Amiga owner will tell you. That's no bad thing. The screen scrolls quickly and smoothly around, the players are just the right size to be visible, but still controllable and the scanner option enables you to run for the posts rather than the comer flag.
Sound is bland, but then, few sports sims suffer because the sound is weedy. Gameplay is smooth and. For the most part, extremely rigorous. It's easy to imagine this being the kind of game which, if played against a friend, would lead to a very different kind of scram on the living-room fioor. Particularly if you keep winning scrums and line-outs.
Andy Hutchinson Sensitive.
Law-abiding Polite. Y Respectful.
don't think so, Now steal in on the game... Sheer, unadulterated addiction...which is guaranteed to last a lifetime...infuriatingly addictive game-play... k grab onto it with both hands" h ACE "Excellent graphics move well... the comic animation will raise a smile from even the most hardened hearts."
• WICKED 50 GAMES PACK 50 greol gomes lo gel you going!
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• Guickshol Turbo Microswitch Joystick
• High quality mousepod
• Tailor mode dust cover £399.99 GALACTIC PACK II
• CARTOON CLASSICS Bart Simpson vs The Spoce Mutont Lemmings •
Coplain Planet De Luxe Paint III
• ADDICTIVE HITS Rainbow Island • New Zealand Story Bubble Bobble
• WICKED 50 GAMES PACK 50 great games to get you going!
exclusive to FUTUREWORLD i Quickshot Turbo Microswilch Joystick
i High Quality Mousepad l Tailor made dust cover £399.9?a
dork *40 capacity lockable disk box *20 3.5" DS DD all for just
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COLOUR MONITORS PHILIPS 8833 Mk2 CBM 1084S £249.95* £269.95*
'Free F19 Stealth Fighter 'Free Silent Service II A YOUR
NEAREST WW*m jJQpXl STORE BEDFORD 70 High Street Bedford
Telephone 0234 217070 NORTHAMPTON 1-7 College Street
Northampton Tel: 0604 33996 WELWYN GARDEN CITY w 16 Church Road
Welwyn Gdn City Tel: 0707 390029 At certain moments in the
game, you'll find yourself doing a runner from several large
balls which threaten to explode on your hairpiece.
Here there are about 50 life-threatening balls just waiting to gather no moss.
Supaplex As soon as you pick up the box of inis game you start making a leu assumptions. The software house (Dream Factory i. the awful cover illustration (a ball striding across a circuit board with a 3.5-incli disk in its handi. The ominous buy-mc- because-you-ean-cnter-a-compctilion sticker on the front it’.otX) worth of Panasonic equipment i and worst of all: a software award from one of the more down-market Amiga magazines. All go to suggest that this isn’t going to be a tembly fulfilmg game. How wrong 114 assumptions can be Pacman meets Boulderdash Well yes. There’s Just no getting
away from it.
Supaplex is a your basic Boulderdash clone.
Way. Way back in the early to mid-Eighties.
There were a whole rash of these games tor 8-bit computers like the Commodore t 4. The idea of the game was to move a character around a scrolling level, collecting various treasures, while try ing to avoid getting crushed by great boulders which react to the normal forces of gravity.
Supaplex Dream Factory ¦ £25.99 What with this being ail Amiga version of the old game format, some new twists have been added lo the game, but it’s essentially the old game format trundled out because the software houses know there are loads and loads of new computer users vvho’ve never heard of Boulderdash before.
Supaplex starts with the user inputing his or her name and this is then stored on the disk.
This lias the advantage that once you’ve completed a level (there are III in all), you don’t even have to save the game to start from that point again, simply bung the disk in and start again from where you left off. Statistics are kept on each player stored on the disk, old 73% ones can be deleted, new ones added, the graphics used in the game can be explained, a demo can be left running and a hall of fame can be displayed.
Crushing experiences The game proper starts off easily enough with a level that’s entitled ‘Warm up’. Your little pacman chappie simply zips around getting flashing things called Infotrons (if you know Biiulderdasli. (hen for infotrons read crystals), trying 1101 to get crushed by Zonkls (ermm, boulders). The only major difference between this game and its older relatives is that if you hold down fire-button and point the joystick in the appropriate direction you can remove an adjacent object (providing that it is removable in the first place).
The graphics are pretty simplistic but at the same time effective, in other words don’t expect 16-level parallax scrolling in this game, firstly because you won’t find it and secondly because you won’t actually need it. The screen scrolls around smoothly enough and the hostile characters in the game, such as Sink Snaks (scissors to you and me brother) are animated pleasantly enough.
So. Given all the obvious problems with what should be a tired old game format Supaplex is far too addictive for anyone's mental health. This is the kind of game that you could drop behind enemy lines in a war and guarantee to demoralise the enemy within just a few hours.
Never mind one-morc-go. Appeal what you’ve got here is. One-more-48-hour-stint- before-sleep appeal. It’s a tired ancient format, but (in this game at least), it works a treat, ignore the plot and savour the gameplay.
Andy Hutchinson O W Jkg - OH NO!
- More Lemminas - vJUPMP is now available at your = local store
for your Amiga and Atari ST at £25.99* and for vour IBM PC or
Compatible Bemr for £29.99* Special Oflfer - For owners of the
original Lemmings, a Data Disk version of OH NO!
More Lemmings IS available (with hill packaging etc.) from your local store, at a specially reduced price of £19.99* for the Amiga and Atari ST and
125. 99* for the IBM PC and Compatibles.
Rctommcrxiad Retail Pnccs 100 Brand New Adventures!
Just when you thought they were finally safe those green haired numbskulls have blissfully blundered off towards new and greater perils.
Available for Amiga. Atari ST, IBM PC and Compatibles 4 stunningly real but I remarkably differrent racing sjmulations-tagether far the first • time in the fastest, m'Cst exciting • compilation pack ever produced!
E TOYOTA y 11 nr=* j’ - " ¦ •*!
J Featuring:. ••
on: CBM Amiga, Atari Sf STE. * Gremlin Graphics Softwate Lid:
Carver House , 2-4 Carver Street Sheffield St 4FS. Tel (0742)
753423 Th* little things that go from the right side of the
screen to the left side can be very tough. You either treat it
as a game of dodge-em* up or you die. That's life when you play
Necronom, so you better get used to the sight of your ship
Imecronom JANUARY 1992 Why does anyone write horizon- tally-scrolling shool-em-ups these days? They're all the same: they've all got a little ship that goes from the left to the right side of the screen (without ever getting there), shooting at other little ships that go from the right side of the screen to the left of the screen shooting back. All the little "ships that shoot back take three hits to kill, but such is the superiority of their ordnance that they only ever have lo hit you once.
They all have an end-of-lcvel guardian who never actually guards anything except the start of the next level, which is always like the last one. Except the green things that you aren't meant to run into arc no longer green, they're red. This is not to say that shoot -em- ups can't be any good, in fact they can even be great, but why would anyone bother writing one that was destined, from it's inception, to be absolutely crap.
A good shoot-em-up... And Necronom is crap, no two ways about it.
And there is no excuse for it either. It isn't as if ihe programmers have set out to do something new and innovative and failed through no fault of their own. They have set out to imitate firsl-ralc games like R-Type 2 and .-Out. and make a quick buck into the bargain. The only way they will make that buck is if there are enough fools out there ready lo be easily parted with their money.
Rather than look at what Necronom is, let's consider what it is that makes a good shoot-em-up good! Firstly, lastly and middlcly it is ganteplay. 16 levels of parallax scrolling, interactive HAM backgrounds and a full stereo soundtrack may add a little lo a game's perceived value, but if the ganteplay isn't there, then the game's a lemon. If it's any good it should start so easily that you think it's a bit of a doddle really, and it then turns nasty without you even noticing. A good shoot-em-up makes you feel that when you lose a life you were just got the better of. Even though you played
well, and next time you know what to do. And how to beat the bit that just relieved you of your last life.
A good shoot-em-up will leave you hanging on for the loading sequence to finish so you can get blasting again, it keeps you coming back! It is one of the most accessible forms of computer game known to man. A good shoot-em-up can have you addicted for life before you ever finish your first game. After 10 minutes with Necronom you probably won't ever want to play this game again, and after several determined hours, you'll probably want to throw your Amiga in the bin and take up train spotting.
Strange icons This game has none of the elements that constitute a good shoot-em-up. NONE! As with many of its peers, the first thing you do in Necronom is equip your vessel, and you then distribute a finite reserve of energy around the ship's attributes by means of a control panel with indecipherable icons. This only sets the relative strengths, so as you pick up 'global energy bonuses' throughout the game, your powers are upped in the ratios that were originally chosen. So to ensure a comprchen- sive spread of powers later on. You start the game with a little energy spread very thin,
making your shots, shields and smart bombs almost ineffectively weak to begin with. This is coupled with an array of aliens so fast, frequent and fireproof that you stand little chance of ever making it to more than one or two of the power-ups.
To worry about the lack of finishing touches, like the fact that the ship has little inertia, and has no feel, is rather redundant in a game which is so adrift in the basics. The intro sequence is gorgeous, featuring two sets of attractively rendered lettering drifting ghost- like in opposite directions across a CAD display of your fighter ship, eventually spelling out the name of the game. But this can't make up for the fact that Necronom just starts too difficult and is too unappealing and unoriginal to persuade you to pick yourself up. Dust yourself down, and bother starting all over
I should say this is a game for die-hard shoot-em-up fans, but unless you have every single example of the genre ever written for the Amiga and you really need this one to make up your set. You should steer well clear.
Marcus Dyson 1 Not a particularly original gamestyk. And no twists to make up for that.
I Joy stick response, and lack of inertia make the ship feel dodgy.
I ‘Kquip the Ship* routine is dull and difficult to understand.
I (iraphics and sound are run-of-the-mill.
I The gameplay is... wait a minute, what gameplay ?
Necronom Linel ¦ £25.99 ...WHICH DEMO IS CREATING THE BIGGEST STIR IN THE UNIVERSE... is it ANOTHER game Experience it at your local dealer now!
MU SCREENPLAY oxing. The sport of kings, where two men enter a ring in order to belt seven bells out of each other, has made little real impact on the computcr-games scene.
Which is surprising, considering the popularity of bcat-cm-ups. If you try to think of slugging tests then only Elite's Frank Bruno's Boxing.
Superior's By Fair Means or Foul and Storm's conversion of Tailo's Final Blots spring to mind, and not all for good reasons. The problem is these bouts are biased towards arcade action and against the rules of the ring. But enter Mindscape. With 41) Sports Boxing, a vector-based bashing spectacular which puts the player in the fighter's gloves - literally!
Beau goes in for a few practice rounds with the curiously named Larry Lunchbucket. This view from the stands is cinematic but isn’t much cop when the fists start flying. The fighter's eye perspective is good but a little to real - ie your head gets whacked every few seconds. It is good to have the Who is this Gym bloke?
To begin with, you've got to have a fighter, so it's off to the gym. Your prospective proponent of pugilism is created by the alteration of 4D Sports Boxing various values (height, weight, speed, stamina and punching power), which determines what division of boxing he’ll be fighting in (from the weak but nippy flyweights, all the way up to the slow but deadly super-heavyweights).
To complete the picture, the colours of the boxer's jersey, trunks and even his face can be tweaked to suit your whim! Once the boxer is built to a satisfactory level, the new contender can then either be put into a try-out fight to see if he fits the bill, or blast straight into a championship eliminator against another title- hungry hopeful.
The fights can be played from either of the fighters' lines-of-sight. Or from one of the stadium's various camera angles - there's even one which follows the fighters and always seeks the best view of the action. Once you've set this up. Along with the level of detail and the screen size, the bout begins.
All the boxing moves you'd expect are there, straight punches, hooks, jabs and uppercuts. And they all make a resounding 'thud' when they tag the opponent's body. The other fighter doesn't just hang about and let you pour on the punches, but he dodges, weaves, blocks, and tries to dish out as much damage as you. So leaping straight in and trying to club a fighter into submission is not the most sensible strategy!
Manufacturing your boner Is simple, but building a winner is tough. These basic stats can be beefed-up with gym work later. So here the real question is what weight you want to fight at.
Bar brawl Both boxers status screens contain four bars, the uppermost being an indication of the distance between the two boxers, with one each for energy, stamina and power. These have to be watched closely, because they arc your guide to how your fighter is actually faring.
A little tactical chicanery is needed with some fighters - a case of wearing the opposition down a bit at a time. However, unless you keep your wits about you and your guard up, your would-be champ will be the one decorating the canvas. But if it looks like your boxer is just about to get smeared half-way across the canvas, you can throw in the towel, but this will go against you on the boxer's records!
Depending upon who wins the bout, either your fighter (or your opponent) gets a nice little earner, so the aim of the game is to keep going to the top. Earning as much dough on the way as you possibly can. Once you're there, you've got to stay there!
A hop, a skip, a right to the jaw This fight game may not exactly be over-exciting to look at. But it plays well. The level of graphic detail determines the speed of the game - on maximum detail things have a tendency to slow down a touch, whereas using the bare bones (with matchslick boxers) things fly along. Each bout is preceded by animations, which the eager can jump through, which look good and add that all-important touch of realism. The staggering amount of views give you not only the option to look at the battle from your own eyes, but from those of your opponent. And a wealth
of camera angles (there's an especially nifty overhead view) which increases the TV feel expressed in the title.
Add to that some well-placed samples and an excellent thumping soundtrack, and the package is complete.
JANUARY 1992 4D Sports Boxing, with its excellent presentation and adrenaline-pumping action is enough to get anybody from the weediest wimp to the likes of Evandcr Holyficld himself sparring away from the word go. It's still a bcat-cm-up. But one with style and depth - much like the sport itself and as such, some folks will love, some will find it shallow and some will try to ban it. 4D Sports Boxing is the best implementation of the noble art so far and anyone who has ever wanted to be a contender. But doesn't like being beaten senseless, should give it a try.
Robert Swan O General Mouse Pod ...£1.99 Mouse house ...£1.99 Copy holder £2.99 Disk boxes
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• Air Combat Aces, by Ubisoft. Our price £20.99
• Air Sea Supremacy, by Ubisoft. Our price £20.99
• Battle Isle, by Ubisoft. Our price £TBA "Not only does the
Suberb Presentation put this game far above most others, it has
been designed with the general gamesplayer in mind and is very
accessible and highly playable" (The One)
• Unreal, by Ubisoft. Our price £20.99
• Music Master, by Ubisoft. Our price £32.99 "Create or modify
your own Sound samples and compose at will. Music master
transforms your computer into a synthesizer"
• Pro Tennis Tour 2 by Ubisoft. Our price £20.99 "The best just
got better - Pro Tennis Tour 2 puts the titles of the world
within your grasp! 90%" (The One) 111 Station Road. Suite 1,
Lower Stondon, Beds, SGI6 6TP. Tel (0462) 851855 Fax (0462)
851898 ws?
M Top Quality joystick + The Simpsons, Lemmings.
Captain Planet. DP2 + Gremlins 2. Interceptor, Nebulos, Football Manager, Las Vegas, Star Ray, Quadralien, Eyes of Horos, Star Goose, Battle Valley AMIGA 500 + CARTOON CLASSICS PACK RRP. £399.00 I FANTASIA’S Price £359.00 “*£385.00!
Top Quality joystick + The Simpsons, Lemmings, Captain Planet. D Paint 2 + Datastorm, Dungeon Quest, E-motion, Grand Monster Slam, Kid Gloves, Powerplay, RVF Honda, Shuffle Puck Cafe, Soccer and Tower of Babel deal?sia£385.00!
Advanced home computer with powerful img RAM. Professional style keyboard and mouse. T.V. modulator and built-in disc drive for 3V4 disc. Pack includes 3 cartoon games. "The Simpsons", "Lemmings'" and "Captain Planet" and "Delux Paint II" to create your own cartoons.
All Amiga 500’s are the new 500 Plus models with 1MB RAM, work bench 2.04 + enhanced chips for improved graphics.
Ijjpt NEW!
• - Cl |Rr £304.99 SEE FANTASIA SPECIAL OFFER Atari 520 ST
Discovery Pack Inc: Anar my control acc 3’ 2"Floppy 512K RAM TV
modulator SJSTjSS*’ Midi parts 4096 colours. Free Joysticks
super cyc» Nec mome AMIGA MONITOR Philips CM8832 11 stereo
Colour Monitor All our monitors are of UK specification are
covered by a 12 month warranty and come with a connection
cable. £219.99 AMIGA MONITOR Atari SC 1435 Colour Monitor Atari
medium resolution colour monitor. Compatible with all Ataris.
Connection lead included.
0202 514533 ....00 + VAT per box SOFTWARE: Postage paid FAX: (0202) 293456 FANTASIA ENTERTAINMENTS & LEISURE 18 MAGNOLIA HOUSE RED HILL DRIVE BOURNEMOUTH • DORSET OPEN SIX DAYS A WEEK - MON-SAT 9-5.30 Ah onces end manufacturers specrhcahons we sublet to change without notice. Please check smtabkkty with the menutectieers before ordering Goods are not ofieted on tnal basis.
Goods ere otlornd lor sale sublet to our slendwd conditions ot sale - available on request.
COMMODORE CDTV Package Includes:
• CDTV player
• Remote control handset with batteries
• Welcome - A guide to CDTV disk with Caddy
• Instruction manual
• Connecting cables to RF Input & to audio
• One year warranty "return to base" Plus two other titles
Hutchinson's Excyclopedia - 25,000 entries. 7.000 biographies
and 250 tables . Fantasia deal: £465.00 1 pi 1 9 n AMIGA 1500
Pack Includes: Battle Chess Populous & Promised Lands Sin City
& Terrain editor The works - Platinum editor Their Finest Hour
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Family Curriculum (Call for details) .£339.99
Quick Joy Turbo Joystick £8.95 Atari or Amiga PRINTERS
Citizen Swift 9 ..£199 99 Citizen 120D ....£149 99
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£210.00 Star LC10 Mono ...£call Star LC24 10
Mono £call Star LC 200 Colour Ecall Star LC 24 200
Mono.....Ecall Star LC24 200 Colour.....Ecall payment. Please
allow 5 working days for chegue clearance. All orders wtll he
fulfilled up lo 2t days unless otherwise notified Subject lo
availability despatch is normally effected within 2 days from
receipt ot cleared Ptea Eagle True to form the software cubists
have created their golfing world from polygons, just like their
flight and fight sims. This visual step is initially hard to
come to terms with, but it gives it an individual edge. The
obvious mix of polygon greens, vector graphic bunkers and
sprite players takes golf from the world of MicroProse are now
ruling the warring world w ith iheir awesome array of simu
lated firepower - Stealth lighters.
Ml tanks, Apache gunships and F-15s. Their latest simulation is different though, as it's possible for most of us to check its accuracy.
None of us will fly an F-117a. But we can all nip down to the local pitch-and-putt for a round of golf. MicroProse's reality reputation is on the line: do they make the par?
Games and into the realm of simulations. -Yo m,nr A, thoI. Am.H«n golf fan. Ar. So pro*, to shoo. Rh. Man her. I, obviously not «h. Man- m ques The sport IS Simple in concept - Stand in a tion «. H. has missed th. Hole. Hitting replay. Though, could show ««octly where th. Green breaks (and who broke H)t field, hit a small hard ball with a stick towards MicroProse Golf Bruce Forsythe does it, Tarby does it, even Nigel Mansell does it.
Now MicroProse are trying their hand at golf, but are the technowarheads going to score a birdy or a bogey... a little hole - but total control of the club, stance and swing is really needed if you arc to be able to play well. Simulated golf has to exhibit a similar skill progression structure, so experienced players perform far better, but also be easy enough to allow beginners to tee off painlessly.
Control is the key to MicroProse Golfs success. The system it uses is flexible enough to allow trick shots but demanding enough to test an expert's accuracy. A single mouse click initiates the sw ing, and its height is traced in a circular arc behind the player. Another click stops the upswing and starts the down stroke, which traces a second arc as the club approaches the ball. It's at this point that MicroProse Golf differs from the norm.
The swing, stance, club choice and the lie of the ball all affect the timing for the vital third click which dctcmiines when the ball's actually 'hit'. This ideal moment is shown as a small highlighted area on the downstroke arc and the trickier the shot, the smaller this 'window of opportunity' becomes. Try to hit the shot harder or further and the window' shrinks 122 to a single pixel, play within the club's range and the window stays wide.
The flexibility of this stroke system is exquisite, giving players the ability to punch out. Slice right and hook left if you need a Scvy-csque tweak to escape a bunker. You have total control of each shot because the exact parameters of a 'perfect' stroke are displayed and it's up to you to twist them to suit your own ends.
Once you're face-to-face with the flag then another break with golfing tradition becomes obvious. Golf games have been notorious for featuring uncalibrated putting power bars, so the skill lay in working out how the scale related to distance. Golf tells you the ideal amount of pow er to put into every single putt, for a level green of medium pace.
4 hanism Taking a drive In the woods can be hazardous to your handicap. The trees here may look a little lame but they prove to be a match for all but the very best. If you get wooded. It's always best to play for the fairway and not the pin.
IN O' £ - Return to main menu
- If you’ve had enough, or want to start another game.
Wind | VI* style, this shows the wind's strength.
PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - OR AT LEAST LEVEL PAR The penalty for such help is that you never get a level, medium-paced, green, so adjustments have to be made for each hole. A subtle difference, this mechanism forces a shift of focus from reading a power bar to reading the greens.
Birdie 2 Golf isn't just a sweet strokeplay sim. It squeezes every last drop of flexibility from both its 3D polygon environment and real world sport. Five spectacular camera angles allow each shot to be followed in true TV style. Each hole's horrors can be viewed with a zoom facility that races a camera down the fairway and straight to the hole, a stroke-by- strokc guide of w here not to hit.
When you get to the green the player options really come into their own. To help you read a green for the slope and break, an overlaid grid is used to show up any irregularities in the putting surface. To check that the line breaks aren't just monitor tricks, you can view each putt from the side and behind the hole. These views give vital clues that only MicroProse Golf is definitely top of the order of merit on the Amiga tour.
Fools and the heavily handicapped dare ignore.
Good shots arc rare birds - eagles or albatrosses! - so you always want to see them in replay, maybe even store them for posterity.
Once again the player comes first and on hand at all times are replay facilities and 'save shot' options are offered - so golden golfing moments can be saved forever. Quite who you'd show them to is another matter, but it's comforting to know they’re there.
Par 4 Golf offers ultra-fine control for the players willing to read the huge manual. Stance can be altered lo affect the outcome of a shot, the ball height on the tee is controllable as is the position of the tee itself. The wind gauge is easily read - unlike earlier golf games - thanks to the use of a simple radar-style display and power bar. Both must be read and adjusted for if your shot is to end up on the correct fairway. These features combined with the elegant stroke sys- Continued overleaf TAKING THE CADDY' OUT FOR A DRIVE K Rotate player.
Tcm ensure that lime spent on the driving range is time saved from the bunkers.
Golf isn't just about winning though, it's important but it is not the sole driving force.
It's about improving your game, round after round. Using a system borrowed from its (light sims. MicroProst Golf introduces an escalating system of challenge and reward. The real thing thrives on handicaps, where lesser players are compensated with 'free strokes' to make matches fair. To emulate this a player can be saved to disk alter a good round, which slowly lowers their handicap and makes the game tougher. Victories that rely on 'free' shots seem hollow once your handicap falls.
JANUARY 1992 Double bogey MicroProse's sim isn't fast, it's played at a steady stroll. Each shot takes a few seconds to line up and there are brief pauses while the screen is redrawn after a change of angle. In the old world of computer golf pauses were common, here they are brief by comparison.
Gentlemen choose your fete! How wilt you be defeated In a tournament, a best ball, medal threesome or a skins match - although the last two would sound more at home In the small ads In The Sunday Sport.
Entry to certain matches are restricted to saved and handicapped players - no novices t The weakest pan of the game is no doubt its sound. Golf the sport is not noted for its dynamic noise, but only the swing sounds good here. The ball dropping into the hole is just a dull plop - still a welcome sound on a tricky green - while hitting sand or water is is disappointing is it is disastrous. Such sound problems are a slight handicap, but they don't ruin Golf s card.
Here you have on offer everything that a budding tee merchant could wish for. There's a bag full of clubs, six different courses too and a variety of matches to choose from, but only one skill level - yours! Golf easily makes the grade in the options department but it is its balance of playability and accuracy that make it an albatross all the way.
MicroProse Golf is top of the order of merit on the Amiga tour. Its strong simulation roots allow it to borrow gameplay tricks direct from its source sport. It fleshes out every facet of the game from stance, through to club selection and shot choice. Folks seeking a few quick holes, can play on novice level unhindered by the wind or handicap. Serious green stalkers can take the time lo scour the manual for clues on how to improve their swing, MicroProse Golf is a simulation, not a game, so those who stick with the program will gain most from it - there's enough gameplay here to keep
even Messers Faldo and Woosnam clicking for months! The 19th hole was always considered to be the golf club bar.
But with MicroProse Golf doing the rounds it could well now be d(T):.
Trenton Webb h MicroProse Golf MicroProse ¦ £30.99
• All the options ou’d expect and many, many more.
• Handicap system allows early victories and spurs later
• Strong mix of vector graphics and sprites.
• Plaver-centric nature is reassuring.
• A toughl) realistic golf simulation that goes straight to the
top of the leaderhoard.
OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED 6 CENTRAL STREET MANCHESTER M2 5NS TELEPHONE: 061 832 6633 FAX: 061 834 0650 Life is h*ll, at laast It is If you'r* a fuzzball on a mission from Cod - wall tha local wizard raally. You're tha tha blua fluff ball that spits daadly shots to slay tha fuzzball invaders. Leaping around between platforms you have With echoes ot the gamostylee of yesteryear, to collect all the Fuuball mixes up classy cute graphics and Jewels, kill all the hard-nosed waggling arcade gameplay. Monsters and stay alive. What could ____ possibly be easier...?
¦ uzzballs have become a problem.
Springing from a sorcerer's magic box.
JL ihe fluffy crillers have lakcn over his lower. You. The sorcerer's apprenlice. Have lumed yourself into a fuzzball loo and as punishment are sent up the tower to round the others up. If you complete this penance then the wizard will turn you back into human form: fail and you're a fuzzball for life.
The tower provides one part of this tricky problem, the fuzzballs themselves are another.
Fuzzball At times Fuzzball would start Mother Teresa cursing, but once she got a high score... The tower is a platform palace, crammed with small ledges which provide an ideal hiding place for the escaped fluffies. The final twist is that the fuzzballs have raided the wizard's treasure room and scattered his considerable horde of gems about the place. Every single last jewel has to be collected and every fuzzball exterminated if you arc to regain human shape. If you think this sounds easy!
Then think again!
126 JANUARY 1992 The trouble with tribbles The trouble with fuzzballs is that they won't stay dead. Shoot one and they shrink inlo a tiny ball. At this point you have to leap onto the fallen fuzzball to nudge them from the ledge. Fail and they return in a tougher purple form which takes far more shots to kill.
If they are shot and left to regenerate again they tum black and that’s bad news. Not only arc black balls harder to hurt but they have a limited intelligence. The instant you shoot one they actively seek you out. Fail once more to top the critter and the fuzzball turns red. At this point they no longer wait to be shot, but just come hunting for your hide.
The upside of this vicious little trait is that the harder the colour, the greater the points value. Points are the key to success in Fuzzball as for every 100.000 an extra life is earned.
Luckily 100.000 isn't that high a total and forcing the fuzzics to cough up the necessary extra points for a bonus life has a peculiarly just ring to it.
The delicate balance between player points and punishment is continued through the game's time limit. If you fail lo clear ihe level within a set time - the lime limit isn’t displayed, but is generous - then a horde of bals escape and kill you. The first time this happens it feels real vicious, not just unpleasant. No! Just nasty, hut downright unfair. But.
When the screen clears however and you restart the level, it’s been cleared of all the fuzzballs and fatal traps. This allows you to romp home, get the goodies and get out.
The final part of the equation is the expected high level of ’stick skill. The maps are require pixel perfect jumps both to reach the safety of solid ground and to avoid the fuzzballs. Many platforms can be jumped through on the up too. So it’s vital that you watch the skies as well as the floor. If you hit a beasty on the hop then you die in most annoying fashion. But. If you insist on doing silly things you deserve to suffer. A fuzzball s life is a harsh but fair one.
Level headed Fuzzball is nol just a leap and shot number, each set of levels has a theme and their own particular hazards. The ice level for instance, tests control by adding a skidding momentum to each stopping move. It doesn't make life easier, but it sure makes life more interesting.
Most levels also exhibit maze tendencies, where the jewels have to be collected and the fuzzballs killed in a set order. Leap for the big shiny points magnet at the beginning of the round and you can find yourself safe but stuck.
So each layout has to be scanned for its route in advance, if you are to avoid the frustration of ending up stuffed and sat in a comer when the bats arrive on the scene.
A i shots Fuzzball is an exercise in control, of both your character and your temper. Despite being small and spherical you have surprisingly free movement. No fluke, this has been assessed and added into the game, with platforms and jewels in apparently inaccessible nooks and crannies. You have to calculate how to reach them and back it up with accurate joystick work. This can prove annoying, but in best puzzle style. You know why you died, and why you went wrong!
Minimalist moments Disguising the game's vicious bite arc heavy- duty cutesy graphics. The intro's awash with Fantasia overtones and it is System .Vs best They look cuddly but are as vicious as hell, that's the Fuzzball way. It's a platform challenge in the classic style, but do the furry critters cut it as cuties?
Opener to date. Once in the game the fuzzball's have an appealing minimalism. Like all classic cutesy stars, the simpler the design the stronger their appeal - just look at the Lemmings - and you can't get much simpler than a coloured circle with eyes. The fuzzballs all start plain and are increasingly dressed up to suit their surroundings. An array of plinkety. Plink tunes do their best to keep pace with the visuals, but eventually fall foul of the volume control.
System 3 were aiming to recapture the gameplav feel of the old arcade classics and mix it with quality 1990s graphics. They have succeeded in all areas save one. Whereas everything else is fair with reward and risk balanced. The regenerative monsters arc not. If a fuzzball is shot into black or red status and you die before jumping it in to oblivion, the game restarts with them still in ultra-hostile mode. The extra needed to slay them then throw this delicate skills test out of kilter. The red devils are too tough to kill from a vulnerable game restart position, and no amount of player
skill can escape this trap. The reds do what reds do best, and go for the throat - although where exactly the throat is on a ball of fur isn't that clear!
Balancing acts Fuzzball is a strong, cute, platform challenge that's best suited to the extremely patient. It has its rewards and does evoke many memories of yesteryear's playing styles, in terms of control and balance. It’s when this balance is destroyed by the fuzzballs who don't reset, that it falls down. This could have been offset with more frequent level passwords, but unfortunately these only pop-up every 10 levels, rather than at the end of each.
Fuzzball is playable and cute, but the vicious bite of the gameplay is overpowering in the early stages. Plough on and you will prosper, but you need to suffer for the points harvest to come. This one negative element has to be weighed against its fistful of excellent elements: cute graphics, neat intro, precise character control and a £19.99 price point. At limes Fuzzball would start Mother Teresa cursing, but then when she got a high score... Trenton Webb 'h
• It looks very cute und very cuddly but has a really vicious
• Great graphics and very slick intro.
• Finely balanced gamepluy is demanding but at the same time it’s
• Regenerative bad guys make life unduly tough and hard.
Fuzzball System 3 ¦ £19.99 STRATEGY-REALITY... iffi V Twenty-eight planets and satellites to explore in eight systems filled with exciting puzzles, dangerous subjects and interesting characters to encounter "Megatraveller 1 is one of the best science-fiction role-playing games ever for the computer" "Megatraveller 1. A game that truly warrants the highest level of praise, the attention to detail makes it exceptional" V' The no. 1 best selling book has now turned into the no. 1 best selling game Team Yankee is the definitive action simulation of modem tank warfare ’Team Yankee, . The critics’
choice" Team Yankee is designed to test your leadership and tactical skills to the quick.
STRATEGY PLUS This is a game and a half!
The use of four screens in one is simply brilliant - at times it’s almost like playing on four computers at once!
I quickly found myself hooked on a genre of game which previously held no interest.
AMIGA FORMAT Team Yankee presents a game, in a sims clothing, which when dealing with tanks has to be the perfect approach!
ACE The blend of thought and reflexes required to play Team Yankee is exactly right!
AMIGA ST FORMAT Hunting the Red Bear has never been so much furr1 You won't be able to tear yourself away from Team Yankee!
AMIGA ACTION The tanks have been superbly animated, with great attention to detail1 This has to be a must for everyone!
EMPIRE SOFTWARE. 4 THE STANNETTS, LAINDON NORTH TRADE CENTRE BASILDON, ESSEX SS15 6DJ TEL; 0268 541212 ¦ - AVAILABLE NOW FOR 1 “ ATARI ST, COMMODORE AMIGA AND IBM PC & COMPATIBLES The most sophisticated , character generation system ever devised: five military classes, more than seventy talents and abilities. Allows player to control character development through five services: Army. Navy, Marines, Merchants and Scouts.
TAKES SCIENCE FICTION ROLE-PLAYING LIGHT YEARS FORWARD Heralded the American computer role-playing game of the year!
Based on Megatraveller by Game Designers Workshop, the world's most popular science- fiction gaming system.
4 £ "W" !' You’re going lo San Francisco, be sure I to wear a flower in your hair." This is .A. what Scon Mckenzie told you. But if you're going to play Cisco Hem then forget about the flower, drive like a nutter and sound your horn continuously. This is Image Works' somewhat different plea.
Here we have a police race-and-ehase arcade that's set on the streets of San Francisco - a Jaleeo coin-op production! The California Highway Patrol have sealed off the roads in the city centre for a charity race to find the State's best police driver. There are no real rules to ibis race, other than finishing each of the stages within the allotted lime limit, so breaking the speed limit, crashing and sounding your horn in a built-up area are all perfectly permissible.
Golden Gate As the race revs up. You're offered two cars to drive. One's a classic cop black if while which is fast but can't turn very easily, while the other is a modern roadster which corners well but lacks pace. No sooner have you chosen your chariot than the lights go green and the tyre screeching starts.
Racing is all about screaming along at full w hack, dodging both the other competitors and rubber neckers who've strayed on lo the course. Tour fellow officers have to be avoided, but fortunately sounding your horn swiftly encourages the civilians aside. It’s like drag racing in a London cab. With the accelerator and horn in constant use.
San Francisco lends itself this dramatic car duel for two righteous reasons: it has spectacular hills which add that roller-coaster feel to the race, and like most US cities all the corners are on right angles. So. While dodging the trams and the traffic you also have to be ready for 45 degree slopes and 90 degree bends! The road obstacles and corners dominate Cisco Heal. You have to be able to spot trouble in the distance if you w ant to w in and as the race progresses, obstacles line up to form traps that require quick stick flicks to avoid. The corners are simply a matter of timing and
faith, point the motor at the right second, then hope to pull it straight on the other side.
Muscone Centre Cisco Hem works well. The roads flash by pretty swiftly, if not exactly smoothly, and the rolling hills are as good on the computer version as they were on the arcade. The controls are positive, thoughtfully condensed from two pedals, steering wheel and gear lever into joystick and keyboard combinations. They take a We're off for level three, which ends somewhere called Moscone Centre.
Knowing the route isn't all that important. Though, because large signs sit in the middle of the road telling you it's time to turn. Regardless of their size they're easy to miss when you're travelling at a ton plus. You know which way to go, it's the turning that proves real tough.
Little while to get the hang of but leave the drivers free to concentrate on their direction and not their driving.
Cisco Heat The driving has translated nearly as well as the control system, retaining the nip and tuck feel that was so effective in the arcade. In the comers though, the conversion falls foul.
On the coin-op you had to wrench the wheel around and hang on for grim death as the pneumatically-juddering w heel fought to break your grip. On the Amiga these tense trials are reduced to mild timing tests. The comers were Cisco Hem's primary claim to arcade fame, an effect that marked it out from the other car- based coin-ops. And without them the conversion loses power.
Your choice of car can make all the difference to the game.This Japanese- style machine is good on the corners but lacks top-end poke and power.
EnmnE’5 PEHFDHnnncE HilEVIGIfVE IIIIKvn rpn 3800-TURBO 32 3000 D0HC24 IIIII5PEED III (HEIGHT 170 1500 IIIIIPG rPM IIIIICC 300 6000 3000 Although it really tries to make the racing grade it fulls short in certain key areas. Arcade racers in general, rarely offer enough variety to sustain long-term gaming interest and Cisco Hem is no different. It doesn't have enough new tricks to throw at drivers to make the later stages a challenge Thiv makes Cisco Heat predictable and exposes the game's final, fatal, flaw: it's too short. Good sprite drivers will finish this course in a matter of hours and
even average stick wjclders should only take a little bit longer Nob Hill IN O' £ - 5 1 The Amiga racing world at the moment already makes the M25 look somewhat deserted, so new car games have to offer something special if they are to surv ive comparison with Lotus II - the reigning champion.
Cisco Hem has little to offer except the similarity with its arcade parent: and while it retains the arcade's brevity it loses the coin-op's cornering challenge. Sure, blasting through down town San Francisco is amusing in the short term, but short-term is all you get.
Trenton Webb O Cisco Heat Image Works ¦ £25.99
• Strong replica of the Jaleeo coin-op.
• light control system with a good keyboard joystick balance.
• I he right angle corners aren't as terrifying as they should
• (Graphically quite good: the roads and hills move along fast.
• Too easy and a bit ( h short to make it on the car game
Mti 62% tm JANUARY 1992 j successful completion of which gives you objects, people or information you need to complete the main quest. As you wander through the centre of the town, talking to the local hobbits. A number of sub-plots unfold around you. Rescue the lost child and perhaps his father may be grateful - who knows you might even find something that would be of use to you on your travels. If you stray too far from the beaten path, the game gently prompts you with suggestions, legend and rumour.
Unfortunately, although it's a game that you desperately want to like, there's a lot about it that's frustrating and infuriating. In particular, the game appears to be made for the American market where everyone has a hard disk, because disk accessing is endless. Every time a new character appears, the disk accesses. Every time a sound effect is played, the disk accesses. Every time you attack something. Yes. You've guessed it: the disk accesses. The effect of this is to slow the game Lord of the Rings Gollum screamed: "Baggins - we hales ii forever!”. Bui he's in ihe minority because
Tolkien's trilogy of Middle-Earth life must be one of the most well-read books in English literature. Even those who'vc never read it know about the heroic quests of Frodo. Bilbo and Gandalf. So it's quite a surprise that no one's turned it into a game before now.
Although the programmers have changed the encounters slightly, so that Tolkien fans will still find it a challenge, the plot is still basically the same. Frodo has been given the One Ring by Bilbo who has disappeared.
Gandalf. The Grey Wizard leams of the ring's power and. Realising that the forces of the dark lord Sauron w ill soon find it. He charges Frodo to take the ring to the elves at Rivendell and then on to - well, read the book if you want to find out. The intro sequence - one of the best this year - which tells the story of Bilbo's disappearance and the beginning of Frodo's quest. The atmospheric music w hich accompanies the intro is second to none and really does a lot to set the scene.
Flexible friend The game itself is instantly accessible. As Frodo is standing outside his home with tw o of his best hobbit friends, you can recruit them and wander off. It's best to be wary of w ading into a situation without thinking carefully about the consequences. Until you get a few.
More powerful friends, three, unarmed hobbits are not much of a match for any one.
The main way the adventure has been made play able for Tolkien fans w ho know the plot, is by adding a number of subplots, the down. But not as much as the terminally- involved control system.
The way y ou move Frodo and his party is by mov ing the cursor arrow towards the side of the screen you want them to walk to and pressing the left mouse button. This is fine when you want them to walk in these directions, but if you want them to weave through small gaps or walk along diagonal paths - which is often necessary - the control system is a pain in the butt. The icon control bar, brought up with the right mouse button is clearly laid out. But also suffers similar problems.
Combatants The combat system is amazing. If you get jumped by a wolf (which happens quite a bit), the wolf attacks. To counter attack you have to click on the attack icon and the wolf s name, wait until the disk loads the appropriate sound and then it will tell you whether you've missed.
Some early encounters can take over in minutes of button clicking just to kill a single wolf. Even more annoying is the fact it's very- easy to wander into deadly situations while you're still weak. Spending two hours trekking around the town isn't too bad. But when you get killed without warning (a horseman gallops down the path and slays your whole party) you have to do it all again: bit by bit the slowness of play begins to grate on your nerv es, Tolkien fans will get a lot out of Lord of the Kings, if they can bear the tedious combat and movement systems, and that a good pan of the game is
spent moving across the terrain between encounters. The less patient, such as those used to Eye of ilie Beholder and similar systems, will get more excitement, adventure and VFM by buying Tolkien's original trilogy.
Paul Lyons O
• Atmospheric intro and soundtrack.
• Vast, aried and some quite beautifully drawn landscapes.
• Enough new puzzles to keep even Tolkien fans guessing.
• Tedius combat system.
• Ridiculous copy protection manages to interfere with the
M 72% Lord of the Rings Elec Arts ¦ £29.99 STORM Tough luck marshal.
I ain't leaving town.
One of Formula 1'* most striking features is the fast blend of sprite and polygon graphics.
This means you have slick racing motors and realistic marshals flagging cars down and pushing them from the road after a smash.
Unfortunately you can't run them down no matter how hard you try.
Formula 1 comer and the field stans to spread out.
Pushing up through the box the speed mounts and the race becomes a test of high-speed skill from slow pace dodging. Following the white race line along the straight, you check the mirrors so any challenge from behind can be firmly shut out. Trackside signs warn of an approaching bends distance anil direction, while a dashboard indicator Hashes the best gear for that section of track.
The race reaches half distance, the field has strung out and now that the road is reasonably clear it's more a test of concentration than flat-out speed. Ihe pit lights Hash when the crew think you need a tyre change. Slowing as the lane markers appear the car pulls off the pit road and into your own bay. A rag wipes your visor, a jack lifts the car and a mad lollipop lady waxes a 'Brakes On' sign in your face.
Ole dock clicks off eight valuable race seconds before the wheels hit the floor and you power back out on to the track. The race is nearly half over: the rest is up to you. Have you got the skill and the stamina?
L driver Formula I has three obvious goals: learning to drive and qualifying above 26th on the grid, winning a single Grand Prix and taking Ihe I I drivers' championship. The first objective is JANUARY 1992 shifted to suit the new track. The lights go red and the revs pick up. Lights go green and you start shifting gears through quick joystick clicks, the mass of stationary cars becomes a swarm of speeding metal slewing around as the torque hits the nibber which hits the track.
Threading your way through the mayhem, you have lo find the right line for the comer ahead Ahead, two computer cars touch and one spins off. Fighting for the same line they come together in a Senna Prost style debate over who has right of way. The field constricts to work a path past Ihe marshals who are pushing the wreckage from track. Through the first Geoff Crammond changed Amiga driving forever with Stunt Car Racer. With Formula One it looks like he's up to his old tricks again!
Despile ihe best efforts of McLaren Honda lo lum this year's Grand Prix season inlo a 16-stagc victory parade, formula I retains its magic. The sheer power that throws cars forward faster than your average guided missile, plus the glamour of multi-million dollar automotive gambles, make it a very special sporting event. Now a 17th venue has been added to the racing schedule: your Amiga, courtesy of Geoff 'Stunt Cor' Crammond. And just like Stunt Cor Racer, it takes computerised driving further and faster than ever before.
Short circuit 16 world Grand Prix circuits await. 26 different cars are idling on the grid, and a team of mechanics are standing by to tweak the car s set-up lo your exact specifications. A full racing season is about to begin and you now have the chance to take the wheel in the world's most technologically advanced sport.
Each race begins with a qualifying round, where the pole position pecking order is decided. You've a few short laps in which lo climb from the back of the grid and earn a good starting position. Using a custom set-up and ultra-adhesive tyres you have to make your time mark on the pack and learn the line of the circuit. Scream around the track at speed and you're rewarded w ith a high-priority position on race day. Fail and you'll still start - there's no pre-qualifying - but from 26th place, which isn't alway s the curse it seems.
It's Sunday and the Grand Prix is about to start. The car's configuration has been changed: the wing's have been tweaked, different tyres selected and the braking balance Indianapolis 500 was king of the oval ring, but it has been dethroned by F1.
Pausing the game allows you to view the last 20 seconds from a variety of angles. It's a great way to watch the great shunts you cause by driving too fast too often. When the 20 seconds are up you are returned to a paused position. You can swap views while still racing but that leaves more than a little bit of the driving process in the lap of the racing gods.
Grand Prix easily achieved once you understand quite how ihese high horsepower machines have lo be driven, as well as how to sel Ihe car up lo suit bolh your driving slyle and ihe irack.
Any Irack can be chosen for practice, so all Ihe circuits can be visited unnl you find one that feels right. This goes for winning your first GP loo. Single races anywhere in the world can be set up. With ihe abilities of rivals restricted in order to give you a chance of success. Even with all the driver help functions enabled though, your fist victory will lake some serious work.
The Drivers' Championship always remains the real aim of FI. The season takes you to all 16 circuits in a random order, so vast amounts of practice are needed to gain a competitive edge. Luckily the liberal save function helps here, with the even an option to save a game mid-race, and a car already set-up in race trim, so that you can slowly build better positions and higher points scores. It's not strictly realistic, but it does add an element of gamesmanship to Ihe proceedings.
Lap land FI GP is racing at its best, real nip and tuck high-speed vector racing, that requires an addictive blend of skill and lunacy to ensure victory. It feels right, offers the right choices JANUARY 1992 and has the visual power to carry the illusion.
For a race game lo work it has to convey both the sensation of speed and control. Real life road drivers need visual proof - as tactile response is negated - to convince them that each action has a definite and quantifiable effect on the car.
FI gets the left foot tapping nervously for the brake with a host of tricks that make the car feel very real. Sudden acceleration or braking has the nose rising or dipping, an effect you hardly notice while driving because it's what you expect. Hit a kerb and the car bounces up. If you have the brakes balanced badly or ihe wrong wing sel up. And the car suddenly understeers horribly, while revving on the kcrbside grass gets you going nowhere except round in circles. The cars have that integral feel of being real models in operation on ihe proper world circuits.
The graphics are the only cue a driver gets
- ignoring the high- pitched engine whine - and if they fail, the
game itself is doomed. I I brings a mix of sprites and vector
graphics to the track. The road and cars are constructed from
polygons while the roadside objects, marshals and pit crew1 are
all sprite based. In lull detail mode Ihe screen is full of
information and peripheral Grand Prix graphics that give the
game an air of authority. In lower detail settings, the heart
of the race remains - track, signs and pit crew - but the
roadside dressing is removed.
Monaco, for example, is unmistakably when driving around in full-detail mode but the additional stress it puts on the machine causes a slight chug. If you remove the superfluous stuff and then Formula I flies. The tracks remain the same, the competition is just as tough, but the racing is fast enough to get drivers leaning when their sim cars are pulling turns at high speed.
Good sport As a true sports simulation. FI is like Jimmy While' v Whirlwind Snooker in one key respect: namely thai due to the skills it forces you to learn, a slow and inglorious start is assured.
Fortunately FI offers a bevy of 'cheat like' tweaks to help drivers through the learning process and into pole position. Braking, gear changing, self-righting after spins, no damage, having Ihe best line shown on the road and gear suggestion options are always only an F' kcy-prcss away. But even when these are activated and all you have to do is point, the racing is still competitive, just far more Continued overleaf THIS PLACE IS THE PITS!
Six 'cheat' options are offered for learner drivers, to help them around the first few laps of their CP career.
Ml Auto brakes - Slow you down on bends.
Auto gun tb* right cogs.
Spin - Sots cars the right way after spins.
Mo damage - Crash as often as you please!
Racing line - Displays white line on road.
Best gear - Tells the best cogs for bend.
El Opponent ability setting - Has Car info console - Detail level - Full, three settings even, graduated Tells speed, position medium or low. The or random. You choose!
And lap number.
Lower the faster.
Pit Stop light - Pull over when It flashes for tyres re pairs etc. friendly. Taking a leal from Indy 500'S bonk, crashes can be viewed and replayed from a muliiludc of angles, which helps soothe the initially rough ride. It's fun to watch the last 20 seconds of motorised mayhem from different positions. From within ihe game replays have little real purpose, other than encouraging gratuitous destruction, but they do help you weather the novice storm.
The ability range of opponents, the difficulty level, the performance of Ihe different makes of car. The weather, set-ups and even the length of the race can be tailored to suit your present skill level and time limits. Not everybody wants to race for two hours solid, so the race can be cut down by either laps or time. Then, as you progress, these aids can gradually be dispensed with, allowing the frightening fragility of an Formula I car to dawn on both the driver and the game.
JANUARY 1992 The manual helps you through those testing times w hen you try to gel more out of the game. Well presented and clearly indexed, ii offers a novice guide to a lap of Monza, a breakdown of all the tracks, set up tutorials and a trouble-shooting guide to what went wrong. It's reassuring, furthering the feeling of the game's structural and coding integrity.
Changes to the car or driving technique show a difference and make the manual essential reading - even to the non-Amiga owner who wants to know more about modem motor racine.
Long live the King!
Indianapolis 500 w as king of the oval ring, but it has been dethroned by FI. The chance to race on 16 different tracks - Indy only had the one - with the overall bigger prize of a Championship not just a single race victory draws you further into the game. In terms of tweaking your car both have much the same to offer, although FI is presented in a more friendly fashion. What really sets the two apart though is the polygon sprite mix achieved in FI. Marshals and pit crew are actually visible, the grandstands are still specks of colour pretending to be folk, but the roadside objects - trees,
houses, yachts etc - allow FI to stand proud. It doesn't run as fast as Indy in this mode but it's equally as pretty and as fast in the stripped down, low detail, mode. Formula One is a tough one to beat. The three implicit aims neatly provide the extra impetus needed during the learning process of how to build and drive your car. It gives you the opportunity to explore and participate in a sport which most of us will only ever watch longingly.
Now you can get out there and prove that you could be the next Alain Prosl. Ayrton Senna or Olivier Grouillard (?).
Trenton Webb O Formula 1 Grand Prix MicroProse ¦ £30.99
• A full (irand Prix season's worth in glorious vector polvgons.
• Highl) detailed or highl) fast take your pick!
• Loads of options, masses of detail and vicious racing.
• This is one for both techno race heads and speed junkies.
Wfc V -A ALL PRICES ARE FOR MAIL ORDER 61 Gainsborough Rd, Finchley, London, N12 8AA ruwcn; YOUR LOCAL SHOP.
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THE POWER SERVICE PRICE...POWER...PERFORMANCE VISA Postcode Credit Card F4 SE Please circle Card No_____ ____y_____ Signature .. Expiry dale .. AH produUs are sourced from (lie UK - no grey imports - SO rest easy with your official UK warranties.
PRICE Ql .WITTY POWER PRICE Address - Name (Mr. Mrs. Ms iiVE YOU THE PERFORMANCE Sca-fanng simulations are fast becoming as popular as those of the aerial variety: MicroProse's excellent Silent Service II proved that you don't have to be able to pilot the most expensive aircraft in the world to enjoy a damned good sinv. Now Electronic Arts have released Strike Fleet, which first surfaced on the C64 way back in 1987.
The idea behind the game sounds simple enough - you take control of a fleet of naval vessels (this is including deck-bomc helicopters). And head into one of four different combat theatres - campaigns based around the real-life Falklands and Gulf conflicts, as well as the now-redundant, due to idea of an attack by Soviet forces from the North Sea. Or the North Atlantic.
A life on the ocean wave Having selected which campaign to follow, the scene shifts to that of an Allied naval base, from which the player can choose ships, names and weaponry for the on-coming battles. Then it's simply a case of deciding where to go and steaming at full speed to face the foe. Once underway, however, things can get a bit dull (half the war is wasted waiting for things to happen!), so the game time can be Duck folks, here comes an Exocet.
Modern missile warfare makes naval combat a swift and deadly encounter.
You have to react and react the second that the missile warning hits the screen or you'll get a one-way ticket down to visit Davy ione's Cloakroom - or something like that!
Fleet Strike An essential aid for any modern navy are ships. Luckily playing the US Navy - as opposed to the British - means you've still a got a silly range of ships to play with. Once you've stocked up with crew, munitions and good luck charms, it's time to set sail and brave the cruel sea.
136 JANUARY 1992 accelerated to 128 times normal speed!
Eventually, with much steaming and time acceleration, vessels appear and depending upon their allegiance, either sit there or attempt lo blow you out of the water!
Oh deary mat Well It was like this Commodore, one minute no iceberg, the next it was an earfy bath! I? You fail in Strike Fleet then the punishment is severe demotion.
Still it's better than swimming home!
The opposition has all manner of ships with which to shoot you away, but the real killers are helicopters, subs, and the dreaded Exocel missile. Of course, you're not completely helpless, with a variety of deck guns, depth charges, torpedoes, anti-missile missiles, and copters of your own. But it's always a close run thing.
Radar can be used lo seek oul ships ai a distance. Lo discover which vessel is which (an early warning of battle readiness). With the radar on maximum long-range scan, enemy ships can be picked out and picked off. This is the essential spirit of modem naval combat, none of this short-range cannon nonsense, now the battle is won - if not fought - beyond visual range. This makes radar a tool no captain can afford to ignore if they w ant to win.
Once a specific aim is achieved (such as the sinking of a particular vessel, or fleet), it's back to base for repairs, refits, commendations and a well-earned mug of cocoa. Failure will mean a sw ift and merciless demotion, to something akin to captain of a garbage barge!
Ship in a bottle Strike Fleet's main attraction lies in the fact that the novelty factor is still relatively high - the original C64 version was good, but wasn't really atmospheric enough to keep would-be Reel Admirals stuck lo their screens for long.
With the Amiga's more flexible capabilities.
Strike Fleet is still a tough game to get into, but the rewards are far greater. Although not graphically brilliant, w hat is there performs the task more than satisfactorily, but a little more in the way of sampled sounds would have improved matters.
One thing's for sure - Strike Fleet is tough, damned tough. Novices to this sort of sim will be lucky to surv ive five minutes in the water before having an Exocel fly down their throats. Those who are a little more experienced in these matters will find this to be a solid, challenging game with endless possibilities. If simulations interest and experience you even only in the slightest, have a look at this one. Because you'll soon be absolutely hooked.
All ahead, flank speed... Robert Stwan Strike Fleet Electronic Arts ¦ £25.99
• Chunky manual with loads of information.
• Bit lacking in the sound department.
• The seas prove a bit heavy for the newcomer to the genre.
• Tough, challenging and highly absorbing.
WIN ONE OF THESE AMAZING PRIZES Printer of your choice can be a laser printer
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You could be one of the lucky winners.
Canon Zoom Camera Lynx Game Machine Sega Megadrive Geniscan GS-4500 + Photon Paint + D.P. All Computer Equipment supplied by BEYOND 2000 97 UPPER PARLIAMENT STREET, NOTTINGHAM.
CALL 0839 550057 0839 Calls cost more so please ask permission before (ailing.
Average length of call is S minutes.
Calls cost 36p ((heap rate) and 48p (at all other times) per min THE HIT SQUAD • P.O. BOX 350 • MANCHESTER M60 2LX Fancy a beer? You can bet yourself a pint that Hagar docs. The beer swigging overweight drunkard is back and this time he's in the form of a computer game character. Those familiar with Hagar will recognise him from the cartoon that appears in a daily rag. But for the unenlightened - you're obviously reading the quality press.
Hagar is your typical lager lout. He's always in the dog-house, but for now he has the opportunity to change this depressing image to that of a person that is reliable and can get things done. Can he do it? Can a leopard change his spots? That's up to you.
Er indoors said Helga. His dearly beloved w ife, has decided to test Hagar in w hat initially might seem an easy enough task. As everything docs when you arc The Horrible JANUARY 1992 jumping around what is basically a platform- orientated game, collecting various objects for different weapons, energy or. Unforgettably of course: beer! Along with these you must also look out for the objects that Helga has requested that you bring back home. And this is the tricky bit.
The objects that you need arc pretty valuable. And so are not easily obtainable. Like most platform games there is an clement of puzzling out required before the objects arc obtainable. This involves doing certain things in a certain order, or buying the correct items that you will need from the shop. Shop? Yes there is a shop, where extra lives, energy and weapons can be bought, to supplement the sword that Hagar has as standard to fend off any enemies, of which there are several - Hagar is not very popular in these pans!
As well as a shop, there is of course, a pub (or Tavcmc as it is called in the game).
Entering the pub allows you to spend the hard- earned money that you got by beating up your foes, and lets you buy yourself a beer. This isn't as foolish as it might sound, because beer is Hagar's main source of energy. Without it.
Hagar under the influence of alcohol (Not that we know - Ed) and she has challenged him to bring back various items of value strewn around a world of eight different levels - islands in this case.
Helga is a mean and mighty woman and unless she gets what she wants, it's chicken- feed and the garbage for Hagar. Travelling through each of the islands involves Hagar Horribly decent There is not much that this game has over any other platform-stylc game. The graphics arc- nice. And the sound effects arc decent, though not spectacular. In fact apart from the 'famous' name licence, it's an ordinary run-of-the-mill game. It's an easy game to play, with a simple plot and a straightforward path to travel along God knows where our hero would be.
Alongside the extra weapons such as knives, spears, axes and fire-balls, you also have the customary smart-bomb. To really show the bad guys who's boss! But Hagar also has another trick up his sleeve: his super sword. Holding down the fire-button for a while gives your sword that extra bit of thrust.
To get to the end of each level. There is nothing there that puls Hagar The Horrid above other games of this genre.
Three disks and slow loading, even for those with three disk drives, and plenty of memory, shows little thought of the game operation, much like the actual gamcplay. It's not a particularly bad game, and if you do not already have a platform game (where have you
• Nice scrolling graphics, with lots of cartoon) style colouring.
• (iood music and decent sound effects in the audio department.
• Average gamepla). With nothing special to look forward to.
• Dodg) collision detection - you can kill an enemy from a
Been?), you might find it a pretty amusing little jaunt - by all means give it a bash.
Personally. I'd rather stick to Manic Miner.
Now where's that Spectrum of mine... Asam Ahmad O Hagar The Horrible Kingsoft £25.99 A well-armed spy just can't be seen dead without his Kevlar body armour, cum dinner jacket.
All the kit on the left are offered to spies who want to break into buildings beginning with the letters Watergate.
Unfortunately only five of the seven items can be carried so something is going to have to be left to chance. But then the unexpected is what makes espionage exciting!
Covert Action In ihe world of espionage and counterespionage. There is one name that is synonymous with excellence, power, stealth and above all independence. That name is Remington. Max Remington.
Max is not your average sort of undercover agent. Max is a mystery. He once worked for the CIA. But was fed up with all the restrictions imposed on their operations.
Max left to start up his own freelance detective work to get away from all the red tape and continue with an operation only Max could handle Not much is known about Max and now. Through an identity change, he is almost untraceable - a legend.
Z C - •o NJ Get the max Max is good, and likes to promote this aspect by only ever taking on assignments that are personally challenging This basically means that Max is a last resort It ever there is a case of any major importance, that needs speed, deftness and a guarantee that it will be solved
- it will come to Max It's this guarantee that makes him
important to his contractors detectors to avoid encounters and
generally take care of your well being. The use of
machine-guns, grenades and other weapons is a must, and good
skills in this area are vital.
Two - Pursuit. Following suspects around is a major part of a spy's activities, and it is important that this task is done as stealthily as possible. You musi select for a good car balanced between, speed, manoeuvrability, and as inconspicuous as possible, in order lo keep up with any cars you might be following.
Three - Cryptography This involves translating and deciphering coded messages intercepted from opposing organisations.
This doesn't simply entail converting these There is only one exception to Max's rule, and that is that any case personally requested by the President will sec Max's personal attention, no matter how large or small Max's reputation has earned him respect and ot course malice. Sometimes Max is just too darned good... In every city a good agent has highly informative contacts. As a beginner you'll have to rely on breaking and entering, gossip and the tourist information board.
Your mission varies from a small starter mission of minor importance, on a local scale, to a massive and complex mission on a global scale, involving worldwide parties, requiring skills only Max. with all the new technology and raw thought power, is capable of. Utilising them to solve the mammoth tasks that these missions entail. Maxitnillian. Or Maxine - whichever you prefer, is trained in four fundamental areas of espionage.
The Four Commandments One - Combat. This involves the use of firepower and general tactics to overcome guards and other live agents in various ways, such as setting traps or using tools such as motion messages tu a readable form, it also requires a great deal of thought lo pick out hidden clues embedded within the message, invariably giving pointers towards certain people or places.
Finally - Electronics. This is where you have to he able to construct or modify electronic circuits in car tracers, or to disable alarms. You also have to be able to tap phones without being caught and be able to link partially-connected circuits together. Speed is of the essence here, with guards all to ready to foil your attempts.
Apart from having to go through these four major sections, all the way through the mission, there are a load of other incidental exercises, where a combination of all your skills in the four basic disciplines is required to complete all of the tasks. The game is a very deep and involved affair and employs a unique kind of gameplay suited to a style that a complex operation such as this would need in real life, with clues falling together in an almost random manner.
With a multitude of scenarios and compelling gameplay . Oner Actum is not a game you can easily put down once you have got into it. It s also very easy to come back to with a save-game option to take you right back into the thick of the action after a break It s also a good idea to save your game frequently as you progress, so you can go back a bit. Just in case you take a wrong step. The game doesn't run very Iasi, but this is mainly because you spend most of the time thinking about clues, and y our next mov e. This is a game that can really make you think, and put you in a M)7-lype
position, it beats the Living Daylights out of a shoot - em-tip any day of the week.
Asam Ahmad 1 Covert Action MicroProse ¦ £29.99
• (i Hxl colourful graphics, with prett decent animation to
• Not much on the sound front, hut what there is moderate enough.
• Excellent depth of gamepla). Requiring skill and deep thought.
• Not easj to get in to at first, pul perseverance reaps
• swum i stum A new Ice Age grips the world and, along with
pioneers, you live on the Midwinter Isle, the habitable oasis
on Earth A very real threat looms invaders attempt to seize
your sanctuary.
© 1990 Mirrorsoft Ltd .© The Bitmap Brothers.
• m haying
* Be entranced by graphics, sound effects and an atmosphere that
are out of this world !
* Over 1100 different places.
• mmwt Role playing fantasy great interaction environment. Argue,
- even lie through "Screen shots for different formats may vary."
Atari ST is a trademark of Atari Corporation.
Amiga is a trademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc. IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines IRON LORD
• wmm Entertainment Software Saddlers House, 100 Reading Rd,
Yatele, GU17 7RX Camberley, Surrey.
( J252-860-29V • ST-AG-PC QUEST & GLORY Compilation Trade enquiries welcome.
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» 3 • ¦•$ •$ .
I $ £-® $ .. ??*??? MK £ § " «• § § § •• V ???? l ®'£ § $ ¦ 5- ® § ? «¦
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®.®.®.&®.® * &.® -::
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. FlHBk.
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0898 343 911 -Sport 0898 34c fllllli 0898 343 928 -Pop Stars 0898 34 M»®S-* • •• , ¦ ' ' ¦: :: , , . ;. ; . ,- ..... .
'¦+'' »' '«''»' '¦»¦' '¦!:!-''¦!:!¦''-H-' 'M-' W '¦«¦' 'V '¦ffl1 »??????????????????????????????????????+++++++++++« _„t »rho__ r3to. A«H Aftn fe all nthcrtimoef nar VA ALL THESE GAMES REVIEWED AND TIPPED: Archipelagos, Atomic Robokid. Awesome, Back to the Future II and III. Car-Vup, Chip's Challenge. Chuck Rock, Crackdown, Drivin' Force, Dynamite Dux. E-Motion, Empire Strikes Back. ESWAT, Ghostbusters 2. Ghosts n Goblins, Gremlins 2. Hammerfist, Horror Zombies The Immortal. Ivanhoe. Kid Gloves, Killing Game Show. LED Storm, Line of Fire. Llamatron, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. Manic Miner,
Midnight Resistance Monty Python's Flying Circus, Narc. Ninja Spirit, Nitro, Operation Thunderbolt, Predator 2. Robocop 2, Saint Dragon, SCI, Shadow Warriors, Skidz, Spherical, Spy Who Loved Me, SWIV. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Toki, Turrican. Turrican 2. Virus, Viz, Z-out The ultimate games guide is back by popular demand!
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Name ORDER FORM I would like to order copy copies of Address SCREENPLAY 2 at the price of £9.95 (*1.45 per copy P&P) I would like to order copy copies of or SPECIAL LIMITED PERIOD OFFER _Post Code_ both SCREENPLAY I and SCREENPLAY 2 Telephone.
At the price of £1 7.40 (+1.45 per copy P&P) Please send payment with this order form in a sealed envelope to: I enclose cheque PO for £ Please debit my AccessA isa card. ;0e*te M , p(yocr'*'rl My card no. Is_ Expiry date _ AMIGA FORMAT SCREENPLAY 2 Book FREEPOST Future Publishing Ltd Somerton, Somerset TA11 7BR Signature _ No stamp required if posted m the U K Please allow 28 days for delivery OR Phone our credit card hotline 0458 7401 I RamDoll ------------------£699 Red Heal ......£699 Resdulon 101_____________£699 Road Blaster-------------------£699 Rodiet Ranger ......£699 R-Type
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II £766 ZortllArwgaorty)
Software 118a Palmers Road New Southgate LONDON N11 1SL.
30 Pod__ MartITT*-- imredBaui ... fcUraJ lAmga orty)
• (trail________ Bad----- Mn------ BartKun (ST orty)_ Barbaneri-
Batmen Caced Cnaader Batman The Mona - Beat* vdtoy__ BoodMone,-
Cabal lAmga orty)____ Cattoma Gamas---- Camar Command___
Carnet* Sguare--- OaudKngdcae- CocasusOass_ Ccransn* Cron--
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DduieStnpPdrer---- Doudeftaggi ------------ 1696 Oagcn
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ST AABGA Halt Meg Upgrade • doc* NA £2996 TOP TTTUS Code Name
Whee9iad Ccncrt--- CotJtt---_ Confer tie Cmmenan Corporator___
Ctven Acton ------- Crazy Cars tl ------- Chme Wave_______
Cruse to a Cow CyrtwCon II ..... Oartman-- Das Boot___ Days d
Thunder------ DemovM* ._____ Deuferee .. OoiMe
Dragon II ELF .. Bara Mslress ot Da* Bura II ja«5
ot Certain Epe Eye it tie Bender FiaTomCat F15 St*e
Eagle 11 F16 Cembai Wot F1I7A Steam Fighter FI 9 Steam fighter
F29 Retafcaicr Face Oil-Ice Hot*ey Fete c• Alants lArNture) Fan
ct Atants (Arcade.
Feudal Lordt ..... find Boa ... Finfe fight ...... final Wbste ... fimSanwai ... Fhgre d he Intruder Floor 13------ Fore Play------ FodOal Crazy____ Future Based*_ QlocR360 .. Gauntlet ¦ .... G»sha rtoen) . GengisKhan .. Get fiurg---------- Go*_______ GotOenAxe________ GodenSm____ Graham Gooch Cnr*et Grand Sir (Formula 1)... Gunboal-- GmAtp 20C0---------- Hard Siwn II ____________ Hard Ntwa____ Harpxr (1 Meg) HfemJal______ Hero's Quest Igrerwnl “* Brew Br.es ST AMGA £2396 12399 12096 120 96 £1999 £1996 £2199 £2199 £1096 £1098
£2399 £23 96 £2199 12199 £1699 £1699 11799 £1799 £1699 £1699 £14 99 £1499 £2198 £2199 £1599 £1599 £1996 £1999 £16 99 £1699 £1699 £1699 £14 99 £1499 £2198 12199 £2398 £2399 £15 98 £1599 £19 99 £1999 116 99 £1699 £2396 £2399 £1699 £1699 £21 99 £21 99 £19 99 £1999 11499 £1499 £1596 £1596 NA £17 99 NA £1799 £1699 £1696 £1699 116 99 £16 99 £1699 £9 96 £9 99 £1699 £1699 £22 99 £22 99 £2196 12199 H596 £1599 £’696 £1696 H699 £1699 H699 £1699 H699 £1699 H6 99 £1696 £2196 12199 £19 99 £1899 £15 99 £1599 £'6 99 £1696 £1696 11699 £2199 12196 £2396 £2399 £219912199 £2199 £2199 £1599 11599 £1696 H699 11999
11999 £1699 11696 £16 99 £1699 £16 99 £16* TOP TTTLES Home Akne Honor Zcmdes
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Meg) ... K * Oh II (5 Uegl_____ K«* Oh Wmrtng TaOts
Xttkng Game Sroe ----- Kings Ouesl V- Xngre 14am XuvgredneBy__
La* tenpin___ Laandv----- Laeure Sul Larry D----
Lammngp--------- Lemmngs - Oala Dot .... Lrte t
Dean________________ Logcat---------------- Loom----- Lord 01
tie Ftnge--- Lo* Part--- low Esprf-- Lotus T t oc Chalenge It
ut Tar* Rtaon______ Mad Prpessor Monarty Mage Garden----
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115*115* £19* 119* £15* £15* £19* £19* £18* £18* 120* £20* £20* £20* £16* £16* £20* £20* £16* £16* £16* £16* £16* £16* £23* £23* £14*114* £23* 123* £21* £21* £25* 125* N A £19* £15* £15* £21*121* £15*115* £16* £16* £16* £16* TOP TITLES Mysecat- ST AMGA 115* £15* £15* £15* £14* £14* 114* 114* £15* 115* £16* £16* £16*116* £14*114* £16* £16* £14* £14* £16* £16* £14* £14* £16* £16* 116* £16* £16* £16* NA £16* £16* £16* £14* £14* £21» £21 * £20* £20* £18* £18* £15* £15* £16* £16* £16* £16* £30* £30* £16* £16* £15* £15* £14* £14* £24* £24* £14* £14* £20* £20* £20* 120* £23* £23* £14* £14* 116* £16*
116* 116* £15* £15* £6* £6* £14*114* £15*115* £16*116* £15*115* £16* £16* £15*115* £13* £13* £21* £21* £19* 119* £16* £16* £15* £12* £19* £19* £14* £14* £29* £29* £23* 123* £16* £16* £15* £15* £15* £15* £16*116* H5* £'5» TOP TITUS Space 18® -------- Space Got _____________ Space Oueet IV . SpeedMI 11 Spnt ol Eicatbur...... Spot . StarContrd StarTreAV .. Startighter II Stralego Sander II--------------- Supaplex ... Super Cars ..... Super Monaco GP .... Super Space
Invaders Supremacy .. Susocious Cargo...... Snap ...... Snitch Bade 11 ... SWIV ...... TeamSunta ..... Termeialor II Test Onve III ..... Thar Fmesl Hour ..... Thar Fnesl Mssion Thunderhav* AH-73M .. Thunder Java T* 0(1___________ Ton .. Torval heWamor Total Recal ... TocmameniGoll Tumcan II TV Spcrls Base bal Ultma Martian Dreams Ulema V ... msmaVI ... UI6mateR.de . UMSH ...... l ider Pressure ....
LtiRad ...... UN Squafrcn UnlouchaBeS . USS John Young . Utooa ..... vendetta Vengeance d Escaitna vorsed .... Warlodi tie Avenga .. War Zone .. WtsteOealhO Meg) ... Wld Wheels Whg Command« II .... WizKd .... Wdf(aOt . Wcndatand .. WWE_____________ Ztsai . ST AMGA £20* £20* £15*115* £26* 126* £15* £15* ..£20* £20* ..£16* £16* .. N A £17* £16* £16* NA £16* £17* £17* £15* £15* . £16* £16 * .. £15 * £15 * .£16*
£16* £20* £20* .. £20* £20* . £16* £16* £16* £16* . £15* £15* £15* £15* ITS* £15* £15* £15* £15* £15* ..£19* £19* ..£10* £10* £21*121* £1699 £16* £16* £16* £14* £14* £15* £15* £14* £14 * £16* £16* £15* £15* NA £21* ..£20* £20* £19* £19* £20* £20* £1099 £10* £23*123* £17* £17* £1699 £1699 £15* £15* £14* £14* £16* £16* ..£20* £20* £16* £16* .. NA £21* 120* £20* £14* £14* . £1599 £15* £1998 £19* . £14* £14* £19* £19* £1598 £1598 £19* £19* £1999 £19* £15* £15* £16*116* NIA £1298 £2996 £3698 £16.99 £16 96 £1699 £1696 £21.99 £21 99 N A £1696 £1999 £1998 £1699 £1699 £16.99 £1699 £1599 £1596 £1699
£1699 £1598 £1598 It A £2196 £15 99 £15 96 1 Ueg Croat 30 Consruoon Kit 40 Sports Boring £68 Sub Asa* .. AlOTanA Klter________ AcSon Stations . ADS ... Agony------------------ Air Support------------- Alcata________ Aien Storm___ Alena Warns---- Altered Destny . Amazng Spdermen NevySrts - Nebula I----- Neveremtng Stay ¦ . thghtsnti .. Nrva Reno___ Operaton Smti-- Operaaon Tnasdartol OuaiaiEuopa---- Pang-- Panza fcttttMng------------ Paperboy 11 --------------- Pegasus ---------------- PGAGortToir .. PtFghier .....
Plotting------------ PopAaS-Stn City ________ PopJOjSH _ Pbeemoute -------- Predator H_______ PP Hammer ...... Prenstor* .. Pro Ftgrt ..... FtoTerrssTourH .... Pmce ct Penu _______ Puunc_________________ RaPoadTyaxn--- Ranbx wan*____ RBI 2 BaseMI__ Realms ___________________ Red Baron --------- Renegade (Con-op H«) ftc* Dangerous II _______ Rotei Hood------- RoCoad ... RotJOCDC . RobxopM---- Rooocooli _ Rod Land___ RMV Romy---- R-Type II-------------- ftrgby Wold Cup------- Sar*oi---- Secret due SaverBkres Secret Weapon LiAvafle
914DOV Dancer____ 9iad0»ctr« Beast 11... 9iadc « Scroeror---------- SiaJowWamar ...... 9iurttetieS«ii ...... S4em Seneca 11 ...... Srn Earti ... SimcBcne (5Meg) ____ SimtBois (1 Meg) .. 9=p[ e ..... Smash TV _______________ Amos 30 _______ N A £2399 AmosCcmpler_______ N A £1999 Amos The Creator -------- N A £3696 Armourgeddcn ______ £1599 £1598 Bat* to tie Future H ......£1599 £1596 Bat* B tie Golden Age £1699 £1699 Bartwian II (Pjygnoaa) .. £1696 £1696 BanfsTalelt__________ NA £16.99 BAT. N ..£2299 £2299 Battle Chess £15.99 £1598
BatleChessII ..£16 99 £1699 Bane Command__________£1499 £1498 Bane We. ......£19 99 £1998 Bane Master-----£19 99 £1998 Betayal-------£1999 £1999 BgRal__________£1699 £1698 EM and Teds Adventure £1699 £1699 Btlard Srmulalcr II ...£1699 £1699 Brtty tie Kd ..£14 99 £14 99 ardsolPrey £1999 £1999 SueUar ....._______ £1999 £1998 Sues Sceiert - Bomber Bob_ San Baser _____ But* Rogers_____ Cadaver______ Cadaver • tie pay dl Cacao.. £1699 £16 98 £1699 £1699 £1696 £1696 £1999 £1996 £1699 £1696 £1096 £1096 £1599 £1596 £1798 £1796 £1699 £1696 £15 99
£1596 £1596 £1596 £16 99 £1698 £16 99 £1699 £1696 £1296 £699 £699 £1496 £U99 £1699 £1696 £1696 £1699 £1699 £1699 £1699 £1698 £1599 £1596 £20 99 12096 Cardiau . Carnage ... Carve Up CttcaGT4Ra*y ..... Caramon_ Chaos S»*e Bat* Champwn 7 tie - a Chase HQ-------- Chase HQ II_____________ Chmo's Rerenge ... Qupa Chalenge Chudt Roc* .... Ow* Veagen AFT Coco Heal------- CVS An Combat .... WHEELS Of FTRE only I13J6 Ham cry' Cnssv HO. Pjrtnre. Lu-en O-r.
BOARD GENIUS AMIGA Orty 117.99 D*UX Mcroooy. 0»ui Soito* Oioo. Urn * HEROES ST 1KL99 Am a 116J9 I Ru w'p M»-. »n re u»c«ioM EOTTCet C»« ortyllL* Cb-M Inyrr ir-r i ~ *~ rcS «»t QUEST FOR ADVENTURE wVy 123.99 Comer $ *ar ran « lm O.um trc FALCON CLASSIC COLLECTION ST £21.99 AMGA 124.99 Fkoh. Mur Oe. ReUucr lie NhtjA COLLECTJON orty 113.99 : » »¦ W6- r D H-j k* COMBAT ACES orty 119.99 F»ccr rc‘(rwrt* SUPER HEROES orty 117.99 Rooatac ran jrrm im Hr a ¦ trc Sc* »"« o~c -m VWTUAL WORLDS orty 120.99 ’- Oyoi MOLLYWOOO COLLECTION only C 16.99 RoooCoo Oc*t».»wi 2. Ra»-j hwntuop* GFUUCSTANOorty 117J9
ljuil ix* Soa«r "o I*v»« Tol .
* *tc 0«m i«ort ore t-c Ctrvwta kflNO GAMES only 11499 Wgfoo trc
Cor«cf r Ei m RSTOf FURY only 116.99 [V'arni Ixa. -CO. Hr*
Papon ¦ VRTUAL REAUTY 1 only 121J9 Carat Ccrrarc. Sjrt Cm Rmjm Cm A »-i Sea*' 0*=*ng* SUPER SM PACK orty 121J9 ?n 301 •'mCroy Cm A
f. a'y90 irC k Xajr* Rarpar THE WINNING TEAM orty £16.99 Ixk* ?or
RoOt» yrri an APB. £**.
V-iocM' r% RJQKT COMAANO orty £1199 b"*MXr. Krc **-*t irnir S«y Fa re Oau FUU. BLAST onfyl17J9 Oxopo® Ro L»'proit Mpn»»y Piro2.
P«7. Ct~m C rr*rc i-c Hntr Hr’n a Ox POWER PACK only £14* «»xr 2. IV Soot* how. Fcooowycr, re Lor »rOR»ty PRO SPORTS CHALLENGE AMGA only 11298 Cfcm. Pomaroo*' USA. Me- Hoc«_* G-ww ho«» re jk Nc«m Hw Castm i9« BIG BOX only 11SJ8 Cactor Booc. Ipt Tr or r« Uocr S* ' Go**.
L«*-»p*(Xr**-. A»« F tiSnrDw Kyycr Egp B060 Hor pw TEST DRIVE ¦ COLLECTION AMGA only 120.99
A. k« Or C* Vu Oiryi 6-roo * C** orqa &.* S-jr Cn DOUBLE DOUBLE
BILL AMGA only £2298 T* Soors Haw. Ixroi ef r* R*'g Si ’.
ADOPTED TO FUN RAINBOW COLLECTION orty 113.99 Ham Imarc Sory. Boom.
Ri-oom Harat CHALLENGERS Orty 117J9 la Or. Suo« Sfc. Fprw Bonar.
Gna'. Ctx n »" i SsKar Ractt MAGNUM 4 orty H6J9 ATTnrir. DouM &*pcr. Cfcnw « re B«ir** Caoac O.uor TNT orty 114J8 HrflOvr. APB «» COApqrSor.
POWER UP orty 116J9 Kwte boat Ra-Mm loarc. I Ou Oi*e HO. Tw**e*n AIR, LAND, SEA only 123.99 FAI8 rwtao'9r. MB Ar c* SuO. NlybOO Address: Tel: Price Price Price P&P Total Access ? VisaQ Cheque Q P.O's Q] Please make cheques and P.O.'s payaWe to Eagle Soltwtre. P&P is£1.00 per order m the UK. Orders Name: under £10 please add 50p per item. Europe: add £3.50 per item. Elsewhere add £4.50 per Item. It tie title you warn Is not listed please phone trpnees. Free catalogue now available ¦ please phone or lick box.
Member No: _ Computer:_ Date_I I Title_ Price 37 Mail Order only 10iai I_______________J___|_0‘ai ____ Propnetors: E SPOe Lacey Postcode:.
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0291-690933 690901 £39.99 + £1.50 POST AXD PACKIXCi SPOUTRO
Bringing this seasonal issue of Screenplay to a close are
enough end-of-year charts to make Bruno Brookes and Mike Read
look decidedly intelligent... Spoutrotll 147 JANUARY 1992 8
develo ent.
10 Carnet are often reviewed using shorthand catchphrases. They're fine if you know what they mean but if you don't, read on.
1 Parallax - A visual effect used to create an image of depth. To supplement the foreground where the game's action takes place, a layer(s) of background is displayed behind. As the foreground scrolls (qv) the background is scrolled in the same direction but proportionally faster to enhance the illusion.
2 Scroll - This is the way the foreground is physically moved in response to your directional commands. The scrolling is usually initiated by the movement of your sprite (qv). Which stays stationary as the screen moves. The smoother the scroll the better the illusion of movement.
3 Player interface - Mow you tell the game exactly what you want it to do. The player interfaces with the game via a joystick, mouse or keyboard. A good interface - regardless of the control system - allows fast, accurate control and permits players to access all the games functions with the minimum hassle.
4 Sprite - Most moving objects characters in computer games are sprites. These are a separate series of animation frames that are pasted' on top of the foreground. Either the players actions or the game's program dictate which of the sprite's frames of animation need to be shown next.
5 Collision detection - The sprites you control are all surrounded by an invisible box. If a bullet weapon background passes into this box a 'collision' is detected and the relevant animation for a hit is displayed. If the collision detection is bad you may be killed unfairly, by bullets that clearly missed etc. 6 Frame rate - The number of times per second the screen display is actually changed. The human eye is deceived by rates in excess of 12 frames per second, so games that exceed this appear to flow smoothly. The complex maths involved in 30 flight simulations means that they can
fall below this and look jerky.
7 Vector graphics - To accurately model a three dimensional space on a computer is to use only geometric shapes. Any object can be described by its coordinates within this space. The coordinates are stored as vectors, and the multi-sided shapes they describe are three dimensional polygons. The objects in these games are not sprites and look as if they are made of flat panels.
Cial abilities and limitations which must be observed during play.
The more accurately a character description is adhered to by the player the better. RPC also stands for Rochet Propelled Grenade which no-one writes games about.
9em-up - A suffix that describes games with one primary motive. Shoot-em-ups are scrolling games where everything must be killed, fighting games become beat-em-ups. Platform games leap-em-ups. Sports games score-em-ups and football management simulations oh-god-these-are-so-boring-em-ups. These are prone to abuse for the sake of a cheap pun(em-upl).
Core parts of games programs are often 'ported' from one format to another, eg ST-to-Amiga. PC-to-Amiga, Spectrum-to Amiga (?). These multi-format' programs cannot utilise machine- specific hardware unless they are heavily reworked, and so often fail to get the best from the Amiga. Port is also a fortified wine consumed after dinner parties.
TOP 10 Top Ten of Games FS Review Gibberish RPC - Role-playing ginin originated with Dungeons end Dragons In the late 70s. The character descriptlo Port - Due to the prohibitive cost of ( Populous, the first god game ever. It's as good (god) as ever and only costs a tenner!
Populous Electronic Arts Star Performer £10.99 God ihis game is good. Or should that be this is a good god game? Regardless of the order, all the above apply lo Populous in a severe way. This is title that shook ihe world and introduced the concept of god games. The first aren't always the best, but Populous was a title that's only recently been beaten by the likes of Mega-lo-Mania. Utopia and Populous 2. Now it's out for a tenner, is it worth it? Yes. In Populous you fight head-to-head against an enemy god in a popularity contest. The aim is to win over the population of an island by
levelling the land, creating leaders for them and destroying their foes. The enemy god docs the same and the resulting power struggle is a rivetting test of tactics.
The relative popularity of both gods is what limits their power. The more people you've protected the more powerful godly weapons are at your disposal. Potent gods can cause earthquakes.
Hood landscapes and send their entire populations into battle. The effects look a little dated, especially when you've seen Populous 2 (Page 80) and the speed leaves a little to be desired Regardless of this though the game design itself is solid and as much fun as the day it was released. If you fancy a god game but don't w ant to risk a full pricer, check out Populous.
• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••a Stunt Car Racer Kixx £7.99
Screaming around a rollercoaster track in a souped-up dune
buggy trying to stay on the track and ahead of a competitor's
car. Stunt Car Racer brings a brand new twist to racing, with
its insane tracks and an addictive edge.
The game puts you at the bottom of a four league ladder and the aim is to race your way to the top. 16 stupidly wonderful tracks take you leaping vast chasms and up ridiculous hills. The stand alone game provides brilliant racing entertainment, hut it is multiplayer mode where it really becomes a tour dc force. Using a null modem lead to link two machines, two play ers can compete directly against each other. The dirty tricks this encourages and the sheer thrill of playing in somebody else's space is the nearest you can come to Virtual Reality without putting a silly hat on.
Titanic Blinky Zeppelin Platinum £7 99 You have lo guide Blinks in a-*.eek-and-collccl romp across ihe Titanic, which is being used by n megalomaniac to terrorise the world. Not much originality in the plot and gameplay there, but Titanic tit inky is cute and colourful with a few nice touches. It pretty cheap, and entertaining enough to while away the odd halt hour.
• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Not Fort Apache the Bronx, but
Texas. Impressions once again bring cute graphics to the
strategy scene. In the same vein as Charge t l the Light
Hrigatle - but using a more refined interface - Fort Apache
takes you into battle w ith American Indians in the late I8(HK.
Played on a day-by-day basis it runs through a never-ending
stream ot random’ events that have to be contained killed.
Diverting, but hardly rivelting it is a commendable war-game
with a different feel.
Wild Wheels JANUARY 1992 Ocean £25.99 Just when you thought all the permutations ot football had been covered, alone comes Wild W inds. The game is a 3D footy game played between teams of cars.
The idea is pretty original and the presentation is rather neat, but Wild Wheels lacks one vital element: gameplay . The challenge is minimal to say the least, meaning that the game is fated to li e out its days in the recesses ot the software cupboard.
Baby Jo in Going Home Loriciel £25.99 Cute platform games seem to he in at the moment, w ith many releases crowding the shelves. This one tries to he cuter than most hy pulling y ou in control of a lickle haby taah). Although the appearance is very sweet, with some amusing animation, the control method and overall game feel is sadly lacking. Proof that you can’t get by with cutesy graphics alone!
C Corner o Air, Land and Sea Electronic Arts £34 99 lniliumii ili .‘ 1X1, LA-18 Interceptor and 688 Attack Sub are brought together in this excellent sims pack. Itul Silt) was top of the 3D racing tree until MicroProse Formula One popped up this month. It’s a stunningly fast, real-time simulation of the great American car bash. FA-18 is still one of the best Bight sims around while bXX Attack Sub received S6 per cent back in A It) It looks a little pricey at £35 but all three have real stay ing power .
The Dizzy Collection Codemasters £12.99 Codemasters best-selling Egg hero hits back with this five pack extravaganza Treasure Island. Magiclund and Fantasy World Di y are primitive but jolly arcade adventures. Fast Food is a Pac Man clone with burgers instead of points pills and the best of the bunch: Kwik Snacks Dizzy is a platform challenge with some neat moments. None of them will change the way the games are written. But at all exhibit smart touches and gameplay flourishes.
Look out ¦ he's bark!
No window is safe. No fence is too high. The paperboy is determined to deliver the paper to his subscribers any way he can.
Tossing papers left and right, riding in three directions, jumping anything, this free-wheeling carrier visits more neighbourhoods and houses, faces more targets and obstacles, in more vivid colours than ever before.
Plus, rad stunt riding and BMX tracks in bonus rounds. Choose to ride as either Paperboy or Papergirl too!
Copyright 1991 Tengen Inc. Paperboy 2 is o trodemark of Tengen Inc. All rights reserved For your locol dealer, contact Mindscape International Ltd, The (ooch House, Hooklonds Estate, Scaynes Hill, West Sussex RH17 7NG. Tel: 0444 831 761 When sport gets serious... At MicroProse we’re serious about sport.
Because we know you are.
But it’s only a game.
Try to remember that when you’re playing our simulations AejCRO PROSE SIMULATION • SOFTWARE MicroProse Ltd. Unit I. Hampton Road Industrial Estate, Tetbury, Glos. GI.8 8DA. Tel: 0666 504 326 The Amiga Format 1991 Full Price Chart A This is compiled from the monthly Gallup charts and shows how the games of the year stacked up against each other. It measures both the time that was spent in the Top 30 and the positions achieved. How did Lemmings stack up against the Turtles? What was the most popular game of 1991? How did your personal fave do in this end-of-the-year report? Read on - and pay
attention, we'll be asking questions later!
Position Title Months Highest Score in chart position 1 PCA Tour Coif Electronic Arts 8 2 EG 90% 2 Eye of the Beholder US Gold 7 1 FG92% 3 Lemmings Pysgnosis 9 1 FG92% 4 Monkey Island US Gold _7_ 2 FG92% S F-19 Stealth Fighter MicroProse 8 2_ FG9U% 6 Kick Off 2 Anco 9 3 FG94% 7 Speedball 2 Image Works 7 2 FG94% 8 Armour-Ceddon Psygnosis_6_ 1 CO cn 9 Manchester United Europe Krisalis 5 1 80% 10 Cods Renegade 5 2 FG90% 11 Powermonger Electronic Arts 6 1 FG94% 12 Hero Quest Gremlin 5 5 85% 13 F-15 II MicroProse 4 1 FG90% 14 SWIV Storm 4 2 FG92% 15 Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker Virgin 3 1 FG91 %
16 Robocop 2 Ocean_3_ 3_ 80% 17 Lotus Turbo Challenge Gremlin 6 2 89% 18 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Image Works 6 2 35% 19 Turrican 2 Rainbow Arts 3 3 CO o 20 Cruise for a Corpse US Gold_____3_ 3 FG90% 21 Indianapolis 500 Electronic Arts 2_ 8 FG92% 22 Panza Kick Boxing US Gold 5 9 69% 23 Thunderhawk Core Design_3 2 FG90% 24 Silent Service II MicroProse_3 2_ 82% 25 Life and Death Mmdscape 5 11 70% 26 M1 Tank Platoon MicroProse 5 11 71% 27 Chuck Rock Core Design_3_ 3_ 80% 28 Switchblade 2 Gremlin 3 9 70% 29 Toyota Celica Rally Ocean 3 6 70% Position Title Months Highest Score 30 SCI in chart
position Ocean 2 3 76% 31 Terminator 2 Ocean 2 3 60% 32 Magic Pockets Renegade 2 4 85% 33 Kick Off - Winning Tactics Anco 2 3 72% 34 A-10 Tank Killer Sierra 3 7 75% 35 Toki Ocean 4 10 78% 36 Gremlins 2 Elite 3 9 79% 37 Supercars 2 Gremlin 3 6 80% 38 Viz Virgin 3 6 70% 39 Railroad Tycoon MicroProse 3 11 FG92% 40 Narc Ocean 2 10 63% 41 Supremacy Virgin 2 4 FG90% 42 Megatraveller Empire 3 14 70% 43 Captive Mmdscape 1 14 FG91 % 44 Golden Axe Virgin 3 10 80% 45 UMS II MicroProse 2 28 77% 46 Rugby - The World Cup Domark 2 6 82% 47 Utopia Gremlin 2 8 84% 48 Total Recall Ocean 2 12 77% 49 Elf Ocean 2
10 85% 50 Last Ninja 3 System 3 2 10 81% The Top Ten Games of the Year JANUARY 1992 8 THE AMIGA § FULL PRICE CHART I(-) New Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Gremlin £25.99 89% 2(-) New Alien Breed Team 17 _ £25 99 74% 3 ) New Mega-lo-Mania Image Works £30 99 FG% 4(13) 4 Final Fight US Gold £25 99 60% 5(1) ? Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker £29 99 FG91 % 6(22) 4 Rugby - The World Cup Domark £24 99 82% 7(4) ? Magic Pockets Renegade £25 99 85% 8(3) T Terminator 2 Ocean £25 99 60% 9(7) ? PGA Tour Golf Electronic Arts £25 99 FG90% 10(2) T Silent Service 2 MicroProse £34.99 82% 11(8) ? Utopia Gremlin £29 99
84% 12(-) New OutRun Europa US Gold £25.99 78% 13(5) ? Cruise for a Corpse US Gold £25 99 FG90% 14(9) ? Manchester United Europe KnsaliS £25 99 80% 15(11) ? Monkey Island US Gold _ £29 99 FG91 % 16(15) ? Rainbow Collection Ocean £19 99 Comp 17(12) ? Thunderhawk Core Design £30 99 FG90% 18(-) New 4D Sports Boxing Mindscape £25 99 79% 19(17) 1 Eye of the Beholder £30 99 FG91 % 20(10) 7 Last Ninja 3 £25 99 81% 21(-) New Board Genius Beau Jolly £29 99 Comp 22(25) 4 Kick Off 2 Anco £25 99 FG94% 23(16) ? Lemmings Pysgnosis £25 55 FG92% 24(-) New Super Space Invaders Domark 82% 2S() New Final Blow
Storm £25 99 42% 26() New Shadow Sorceror US Gold _ £27 99 74% 27() New Strike Fleet Electronic Arts £25.99 80% 28(18) ? F-15 Strike Eagle II MicroProse £29 99 FG90% 29(-) New Air Combat Aces UBI Soft £30 99 Comp 30(14) ? Flight of the Intruder wmmm Image Works £34 99 88% That's the Espirit!
BUDGET CHART 1(1) Return to Europe Anco £7 99 2(-) Populous Slar Performer £ 10.99 3(2) Bubble Bobble Hit Squad_ £7 99 4(7) TV Sports Football Mirror Image £9.99 5(6) Head Over Heels Hit Squad_ £7 99 6(3) Shadow of the Beast Sizzlers__£7 99 7(5) Full Contact Team 17 £9.99 8(4) Dragon Ninja mSquad _ £7 99 9(-) New Zealand Story __Hit Squad_ £7 99 10(9) Fantasy World Dizzy Codemasters £6.99 Gremlin's cracking Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 screeches to a halt on the Number One spot.
The king of the sprite-based racers has even defeated the mighty Jimmy White in this all comers popularity contest. Judging by the phenomenal number of peeps who'vc written to Gamebusters with complete lists of passwords it's a very big hit with everybody who's played it Most excellent, young Gremlin, most excellent indeed!
Team 2 Tower Critical!
After a long. Long, wait Mega-lo-Mania finally reaches the shelves this month and already Sensible Software's god game is a huge hit.
First featured on an AMIGA Format Coverdisk live issues ago. Its release kept being delayed.
But. It hxvks as if aspiring Mega-lo-Maniacs are patient folk and as anyone who has played it will know. Mega's worth the wait.
It may be Grim Up North but Yorkshire's Team 17 have found a way to lighten their day. Write best-selling software. The cx-PD coders first took the budget chart by storm and are now doing the same with the full price variety. Its popularity couldn't have anything to do w ith the range and nature of the cheats available could it? Legend has it that typing Ihc name of an ex-Amiga Formal Tech Ed or astute observations about Dolly Patton's physique into one of the game's terminals yield interesting results?
World in Union Domark may have missed the Rugby World Cup hype by a Gavin Hasting's-like margin but it hasn't hurl. It seems folk are hungry for fast, playable sports sims and Rugby fits the bill perfectly. It's reassuring to see that good games don't necessarily need hype to reach the charts semi-finals.
Spot the Snowflake Somewhere in Screenplay (from Previews to Gamebusters) we've hidden a snowflake, it's there but where? If you spot it and fancy one of those nifty AMIGA Formal T-shirts (see Page 272 for a piccy I (hen w rite the answer on the back of the dullest Christmas card you receive and get it to us by January 2(lth 1992. The worst card with the richt answer wins! Look, there it is You know what you want from your computer, that's why you 're choosing AMIGA ...NOW YOU’VE CHOSEN THE RIGHT COMPUTER, MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE RIGHT DEALER Anyone can be good at selling Amiga or CDTV, bui
sadly, that's often where it ends. So, when it's time to choose the best computer, it's also time to find the best supplier. The one who is not only always competitive, but the one who also gives you the best possible ongoing suppoit for you and your system.
Gordon Harwood Computers. Pioneers erf the 'Complete Pack' approach, have specialised in Commodore, from the earliest VIC 20, to the latest Amiga, for almost a decade... In fact, we've supplied so many, if you ask all your friends, the chances are that some of them can tell you already of our excellent service.
Our service means that we'll help you get the most from your new system straight away. But, if you do have problems, and need that extra hand, that's where we have earned our reputation.
The Closer you look, The Better we look.
Ww wwwxw' -J, t 21 MEGA GAME 1Mb.
ALL OUR AMIGAS ARE UNITED KINGDOM SPECIFICATION AND INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING 1 Mb. Disk Drive 1Mb Ram Memory TV Modulator 4096 Colours Multi Tasking Speech Synthesis 4 Channel Digital Stereo Sound Amiga Mouse Operation Manuals Workbench Disks ALL Connecting Cables PLUS...All OUR Amigas are backed by Harwoods Great Service Iplease see lull details in our Ordering Made Easy' panel linal pagel 3JS «ik!K Jl i::n:n '-••III!!
You can play the computer version ot this popular TV cartoon. By Ocean.
• CAPTAIN PLANET • created from the award winning TV show, now s
your chance to save the earths environment with this ultimate
adventure... your Eco-Copter is waiting. By Mindscape.
• LEMMINGS - Are you as smart as Lemmings are stupid, match your
intelligence against their lack of it as you play the 140
levels of the most original game of 91 (European Computer
Leisure Awards Winner). By Psygnosis
BLOODWYCH - Fantasy role-playing game, great interaction with
your computer created environment BUBBLE* - Help the dawdling
ghost and the soap bubble, escape trom the old deserted manor
house CAPTAIN BLOOD - Astonishing creatures and animated 30
graphics, this is a game you just have to play ELIMINATOR - A
progressive multi stage flying shoot 'em up. On a long winding
course, survive if you can!
HOSTAGES You must get your team and hostages out of the terrorist overrun embassy, without loss ol life JUMPING JACKSON • In a deluge of colour and sound save, the earth from sadness and melacholy music KRYPTON EGG - A classic Breakout game. 60 screens, separated by 6 combat sequences LANCASTER - Your mission is to fly the classic Wwll bomber on its dangerous raids over enemy territiory LOMBARD RAC RALLY - You drive your 300 bhp Sierra Cosworth through demanding stages of the rally PURPLE SATURN DAY - Four arcade games, an exciting high speed trip into total cosmic 3D space SAFARI GUNS - Live
the African experience in an animal sanctuary, track the poachers & ivory traffickers STIR CRAZY (Featuring Bobo) - Bobo & his inmates are planning a stunning trampoline jump prison escape SKYCHASE • Airborne combat for every simulation fan In this one or two player game, battle against your MIG flying adversary in your F-16 Falcon SKYFOX II - Skyfox II. The only ship fast enough to carry on the Skytox legend. Fight to blow your federation enemies from the Galaxy, at speeds of 9000 kilometres second!
STRIKE FORCE HARRIER - Puts you in the cockpit of one of Britalns most exiting tighter aircraft. Multiple skill levels let you progress to become an ace pilot TINTIN ON THE MOON - We've been captured by Colonel Jorgen and he s tring to scupper the moon mission.
Come on Tintm. You re the only one who can save us, and be the first on the moon TV SPORTS FOOTBALL • Strap on your helmet for American football simulation that looks like the real thing.
XENON 2 MEGABLAST - This time it's war! The Xenites are back and have thrown time itself into turmoil.
We reserve tire right to substitute individual software titles or pack items should Ihe need arise If you're thinking about presents why not buy a Haru'oods Gift Voucher (all values available).
HARWOOD'S BRILLIANT AMIGA 1Mb MEGA 21' GAMES PACK 3 That's right you get the fantastic Amiga & ALL THE EXTRAS detailed in Harwoods “Mega 21' Games Pack 1 (far left), plus F19 Stealth Fighter AND then you also get... THE SUPERB PHILIPS CM8833 II STEREOCOLOUR MONITOR T*n Stereo SpeaAers Own Screen Sw*n.
Lead » Ampi TaiOTODcs.'Cort' J HARWOOD'S BRILLIANT AMIGA 1Mb MEGA 21' GAMES PACK 2 That's right you get the fantastic Amiga & ALL THE EXTRAS detailed in Harwoods "Mega 21'Games Pack 1 (left), plus F19 Stealth Fighter AND you also get... THE SUPERB PHILIPS CM8833 II STEREO COLOUR MONITOR Twin Stereo Speakers, s special pack ffwhi marwooo s fob I o
• m:;;!
• ml!!!
Mm ip..... Ocli I'•••« "CO = MONITOR AND PRINTER PACK :;ii eft fji THE BRILUANT STAR r W " LC 200 COLOUR PRINTER 18S40 css. Ful CoOur 9 Pel HO Dot Maira Pnree. «o FREE Du9 Cover and cab* Ic yourAmga (See printer panel for defaifsI A SPECIAL MONITOR AND PRINTER PACKAGE FROM HARWOODS TO SET YOU UP COMPLETELY AND ALL AT A PRICE YOU'LL FIND HARD TO BEAT!
Tailored Dust Cover 12 Months on-site maintenance warranty (See monitor panel for details) €629 95 eft HARWOODS LEARN & PLAY "IT'S THE- BUSINESS" A TRULY PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE SPECIFICALLY FOR THE BUSINESS MINDED AMIGA USER.
• mi!!!
& PRIMARY S JUNIOR PACK A Get your children oft to the nght computing start with this software learn and play pack PROF. PutTS A HEW GAME PHOT LOOKS AT WORDS PROF MAKES SCNTEACES PROF HOWS FOR W0R0S
• Cm fTQuniQ young nra kM smioc r« CirtccocfUrKar CjteC Tf
•rtfiTMi rti teach O*v:»ucJur*0’FHX ontfworwto actrveertrq
Rfcws Htxr* C*nc*r»H C) MAVIS BEACON TEACHES TYP1N6 A V ¦»» tt
Mrr no«r»?«* F«DP?RlY PRIMARY MATHS COURSE A- ore rtft £, S
iKVCVt tfi FoDO«AC READING A WRIT*6 COURSE 24 wto cwx TeKVtg
tnr ztojv nt to am & r* 9 w POWERPRO !!„,.
PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL j III HI || o t PACK A pUs 10 GREAT GAMES TOO.. DaiasKm DnnV Fort* Pee Mana Dungeon 0*9. Rock-N-Fka. E-Moton low ol Bane Skwek. RVF *ma and G-anSkfcnsie: Slam I_ only «rurchasu) wm a powerrlay on rowerrso from Gordon harwoods HARWOODS LEARN & PLAY GCSE O’ LEVEL PACK B GCSE examination level studies on your Amiga compute! That5 fun!
MICRO ENGLISH. MICRO FRENCH AND MICRO MATHS A sel o* trw ccnpWf courvs lo GCSE level MithcaniHobe -j*dHmreviwi»oft Al program adher* ID the fUt-CAMl Cuntutun r«3 we d»grtf and toW r schccft by prof SS nai 5MCh« Mco irexft toMi tm spew* to rwc your axenr PEN PAL- Graplucal Word Processor Afantastc iKKfi processor «itr an tr tows yoeixec 10 cut* eflKt Vf •'iB*r »orX iut lor fen* proiKSrtc o* *or the fanW*s tener* Ttfrw irotrt gT»yia. Wen as you tyae1 intJudB i M! M database arc tom Uragr MAVIS BEACON TEACHES TYPING A V-ayBlumho-terrteFFIOPtRlY'lttm .
Us*, 2* nr-c* hr1 4 ifcw | kCCOTM *0 Ti** Wft* 0* iCTKT 3 t*C Pus... 10 GREAT GAMES TOO Dattssm. Drvr' Fcrc* P« Mar-a Cxrgecr Quest Rocfc-N-fici E-Uxcn T * Bawi Sr*e*i RVF Hcrca ire Graro San OM.» * IWHASEO MTH A PCWERPUY OR POWERPRO FROM GORDON HARWOODS £99” SUPERB PHILIPS CM 8833 11 STEREO COLOUR MONITOR (See Monitor Panel tor Specifications!
+ STAR LC200 9 PIN NLQ FULL COLOUR PRINTER (See Printer Panel lor Specifications) + A HOST OF BUSINESS SOFTWARE S ACCESSORIES PEN PAL V1.3 (Word Processor)...1Mb. SUPERBASE II PERSONAL (Database) SUPERPLAN (Spreadsheet)...1Mb. . DaBsto-m. Drwri Face. Pipe Mama.
CDTV ACCESSORIES DUE TO BB RELEASED SOON - Please callus lor latest avafaMfy.
Many Amiga Accessories & Peripherals (e.g. Printers, Disk Drives. Software etc.) are compatible with CDTV. Please phone us tor compatability information.
CALL IN AND SBB US FOR YOUR PERSONAL DEMONSTRA TION. OP PHONE US FOR YOUR FREE DETAILED CDTV INFORMA TION PACK PRO-GEN Amiga Genlock The Pro-gen AMIGA Genlock allows you lo mix your Amiga display with any PAL video signal whelher II is from a VCR, laserdisk player or a Camcorder. In lacl any item ol video equipment which outputs a PAL composite video signal.Combmed with the Amiga computer the Pro-Gen gives you the laolioes ol a special effects 4 video idling suite.
Take your own films 4 gve diem a professional look by OVERLAYING TITLES or by SUPER IMPOSING YOUR OWN GRAPHICS created m packages like Spectracolor or Deluxe Paint Pro-Gen is supplied with Oxxi's Spectra-a** pant 4 animation package FREE In Spectracolor every drawing tool and animation control is at your finger Ops - ovet 50 toots in tbe last menu Toolkit, plus poml and click access lo all 4096 colours, with independent right and left mouse button colours 4 modes. Add automatic animation generation easy mouse controls lor all (unctions, and the ability to paint with multi-page animated
brushes, and you've got a powerful tool lor artistic expression. With animation controls this easy it's simple lo put your ideas into motion Forget co-ordinate systems and reference numbers just move obtects with the mouse in tins inturtme and tnendly graphical environment Spectracolor supports Both ANIM 4 IFF Me formats, and an the video modes ot the Amiga, mdudmg HAM1 [Spectracolot requires nwi 1Mb memory) How it works: r . STOp press I ‘ I PWX3EN *3WftClUKSAVERV VERSATILE *J. Ti CCMPCWff VctO TO GptOCK CONNECTING CABLE «)T THIS ALLOWS PCOGEN ’O BE USED STRAGhTAWAY WITH UQS' popular VIDEO
* YCPTCvCfl«t AKJTroSTAflTOUOffWG-’F'OM T toes’* *OU CFEN '
BOT- Spectracolor ONLY £129.95 Mode Switch-box for Genlocks
Features Include
- Compatible With The Pro-Gen And Rendale 8802
- Supplied With Genlock Extender Cable Worth £9.95
- Switch-box Switches Between Foreground. Background. Video And
Computer Modes.
If you're thinking about presents why not buy a Harwoods Gift Voucher fall rallies available).
AMIGA STORAGE DEVICES I Features Include .'i Connecls lo sidecai bus on left hand side ol Amiga A500 i Autoboots with Kickstad 1.3
- t Sockets For Up to 2 Mb ot RAM i DMA Access A External SCSI
Pott A Complete With Power Supply A590 Hard Disk Including 512K
RAM Only £299.95 A590 Hard Disk Including 1 Mb. RAM Only g gg
A590 Hard Disk Including 2 Mb. RAM Only £349 95 .V Features
- V Long connecting cable
- V 1Mb. (880K Formatted) Capacity .'r Enable Disable Switch.
- V Throughport .V Access Light
- V Compatible with Amiga 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 and CDTV £57.95
V s
Features Include: ' Capacities of 52 80 105Mb available
- V Connects to sidecar bus on LH side of Amiga A500 .V Autoboots
with Kickstad 1.3. boot enable disable switch '( Sockets for up
to 8 Mb of FASTRAM with enable disable switch .V Autoboots
With Kickstad 1.3 Jr SCSI Pod & Amiga bus pass thru allows
other devices to be connected ' Includes Express Copy hard
drive Back-up Software .'r The 52 Mb version powered by your
Amiga (High Current Power Supply is only optional).
' High Current Power Supply is required £49.95 for 80Mb. And 105 Mb versions.
• £539.95 -£629.95 2Mb.
• £569.95 ’£649.95 4Mb.
£699.95 ‘£749.95
* £849.95 8Mb.
* 949.95
PRIMARY MATHS COURSE ¦ Ages 3 to 12. Complete £21.95 24 Programme Course BETTER MATHS • Ages 12 to 16. Higher level to Linear £21.95 & Quadratic Equations MICRO MATHS - 24 easy to use programs tor GCSEI O' £21.95 Level) revision or sell tuition MEGA MATHS - A 9 level step by step tuition course For £21.95 mature beginners, A' Level studies & Micro Maths users MICRO FRENCH - GCSE French tuition or revision course. £21.95 Covets Doth spoken S written French MICRO ENGLISH - A complete programe of sed-tuition up £21.95 to GCSE standard THE THREE BEARS • Ages 5 -10. Develops imaginative £22.95
thought reading skills.
SpeLl BOOK - Ages 4 to 6. Oevelopod with the help ol a £17.95 Primary School Hoad Teacher to aid spelling skills.
PLAY AND READ - Ages 4 to 9. The complete reading £18.95 tutor. Part 2 teaches spelling lo the beginner at reading.
These two packs are aimed at the user who needs to get a great deal from his Amiga. A superb qualify monitor, the PHILIPS CM8833 II has been pul with your choice of either the CITIZEN SWIFT9 or Ihe CITIZEN SWIFT 24 printer. You choose, but whichever combination you have the price has been designed lo SAVE YOU MONEY. Buying together will save you £££'s!
uS'SSmm » £569.95 I f Ny v U G cr C w % I + Citizen Swift 24E With a FREE PEN PAL worth £79.95 AMIGA SOFTWARE Music-X: The ultimate software tor professional MIDI sequencing. The software includes a configurable librarian and a synthesiser patch editor. All you need to recreate a song can be recalled Irom one performance file including sequences, MIDI routing, sync setup, keyboard maps & synthesiser or drum machine patch libraries. NEW LOW PRICES - £54.95 or just £74.95 with mldi-interface!
Pen Pali.,, V R1) !’K X USSC MXVI ABASK Wilh Pen Pal you can mix text, colour graphics A: data in ways no other w p can! "It's handling ol graphics is unsurpassed: Pen P.t! Is the only word processor 1 tested that will „ automatical!) Wrap text round graphic?*.. Amiga World.
July '90 VS& MIDI INTERFACE (5 Port): In. Out, Through plus 2 switchable thru' out. Includes cable. £24.95 AMOS: AMOS allows you to access the power ol the Amiga with ease. 500 different commands make AMOS a sophisticated development language. The AMOS animation language allows you to create complex animation sequences. 300 page manual and over 80 example programs £49.95 Amos Add on Modules: (BOTH require Amos prog.) TV.'Hi!; . J.' » ' 1W Amos Compiler Amos 3D SuperBase 4: Most powerful database available for the Amiga.Combines the ease ot use ot Super- Base 2 with a versatile programming
language so that you can tailor your data to your own specific needs lor cluMtusiness library records etc. £229.95 Lattice C: An idea! Tool tor the C programmer whether experienced or a novice. The best way to create applications for the Amiga.Fully supports Motorola chipset. Nearly 300 (unctions optimised to help the user write the tightest possible code. Includes screen editor. Most Amiga C books are based around lattice. (Requires either 2 floppy drives OR a hard disk drive) £199.95 Deluxe Paint IV: Latest version ol the Amigas first, and still the best, paint and animation package, now
including HAM mode. (1 Mb. Minimum memory or more recommended) £79.95 £79.95 PENPAL Vers .. WITH 5I2K Amiga RAM Expansion mih.J99.9S!
Vidi. The Complete Colour Solution: Vidi with RGB Splitter. Frame Grabber 8 Digitiser. Grabs moving colour video into 16 grey scale frames (up to 16 frames in 1Mb. Amiga) and digitises trom still colour video source in up to 4096 colours in less than 1 second1 Requires home VCR or video camera lor grabbing. Requires video camera or VCR with perfect pause lor digitising. Now comes with Spectracolor FREE!!! £179.95 ALFRETON DERBYSHIRE The Closer you look, The Better we look, MASTERSOUND: High quality 'mono' sampler (best for sampling instruments etc.) £36.95 THE ABOVE IS JUST A SMALL SAMPLE FROM
OUR EXTENSIVE RANGE OF THOUSANDS OF SERIOUS, EDUCA TION AND RECREATION TITLES. WE CANT LIST THEM ALL HERE SO PLEASE CALL US IF YOU CANT SEE THE PROGRAM YOU REQUIRE. ITS PROBABL Y IN STOCK PRINTER ACCESSORIES All printers in our range include the following standard features... Standard Centronics parallel port unless otherwise stated for direct connection to Amiga, PC's, ST etc, and come with a: 4 FREE CONNECTOR LEAD & A FREE TAILORED DUST COVER1 STAR LC200 9 PIN COLOUR PRINTER • 185 40 cps This is the one in our packs' _1 80 Column Dor Matrix _! 240 dpi-9 Pm COLOUR 3 16K Budor, 8 Resident
Fonrs _l Pushrpuli tractor 8 rear.totlom leeds _J Reverse paper feeds CITIZEN SWIFT 9 PIN COLOUR - 160 40cps New super high spec 9Pm colour prime' a SKBufler 4Fonts _l 240 x 240dpiColou'Graphics 3 Micro paper leed. Max paper width 11,T _I Supplied with colour 4 mono nbbons _) Paper park with aulo single sheet loading _l Programmable Irom Iront panel _l 12 month warranty 3 Push and pull tractor built-in _j Besr rext quality In our 9Pm range a Feed lor labelsmulti pan stationery _i 2 Yaar Citizen warranty STAR LC24 200 24 PIN MONO • 220 55 cps £249.95 New Star 24 pin that means business!
? 80 Column Dol Matrix 3 Paper park with aulo single sheer loading Micro paper leed. Max paper width 11 7" Supplied with mono ritOon Faster than the old LC24-10 Extra tom cartridges available Program from horn panel. No DIP switches 12 month, warranty ? 360 dpi-24 Pin MONO _l _l 7K Butler expandable to 39K _l J 10 Resident Fonts -I _l Front Panel Pitch Selection -I _l Push puH tractor J rear,bottom feeds -I 3 Reverse paper feed 3 STAR LC24 200 24 PIN COLOUR - 220 55 £299.95 Colour verson of tne IC24-200 Mono but wilh o: CITIZEN PRINTER ACCESSORIES: Citizen 120D+ Sheet Feeder £69.95 Citizen
120D* Parallel Interlace £49.95 Citizen 120D+ CBM C64 Serial Interlace £49.95 Citizen 124D32K Buffer £13.95 Citizen 124D Semi-Auto SheetFeeder £39.95 Citizen 124D Automatic Sheet Feeder £79.95 Citizen 124D Phnter Stand £24.95 Citizen Swift 9 Semi-Auto SheetFeeder £39.95 Citizen Swift 9 Automatic Sheet Feeder £79.95 Citizen Swift 9 Printer Stand £24.95 Citizen Swift 9XPnnter Stand £34.95 Citizen Swift 9X Automatic Sheet Feeder £139.95 Citizen Swift 24 32K Pnnter Butter £13.95 Citizen Swift 24 Semi-Auto Sheet Feeder £39.95 Citizen Swift 24 Automatic Sheet Feeder £79.95 Citizen Swift 24 Printer
Stand £24.95 Citizen Swift 24X Auto Sheet Feeder £139.95 Citizen Swift 24X Phnter Stand £34.95 HEWLETT PACKARD PAINTJET PRINTER ACCESSORIES: Hewlett Packard PaintJet Black Ink cartridge £25.95 Colour Ink Cartridge £31’49 Single Sheet Phnter Paper £17.95 Z-FokJ Phnter Paper £15.95 Transparency Paper.
Pack ot 50 Sheets £52.95 11 ’71 •• STAR PRINTER ACCESSORIES: Star LC-20 Mono Printer Automatic SheetFeeder £74.9!
Star LC24-10 Mono Printer 32K Butter £67.95 £67.9!
Automatic SheetFeeder £74.9!
Star LC-200 Colour Phnter Automatic SheetFeeder £74.9!
Star LC 24-200 Mono Printer 32K Pnnter Buffer £34.9!
Automatic SheetFeeder £74.9!
Star LC 24-200 Colour Printer 32K Printer Buffer Automatic SheetFeeder Star XB 24-200 Colour Pnnter Pull Tractor Font Cartridges - Styles To Be Announced 128K Centronics Pnnter Buffer Automatic SheetFeeder Dual Bin SheetFeeder Star XB 24-250 Colour Printer Pull Tractor Font Cartridges - Styles To Be Announced 128K Centronics Pnnter Butter Automatic SheetFeeder Dual Bin SheetFeeder ujSO n iu m E e
o fj cc Ui Q. H Z UJ LU = CC I ZfE?
LU cc CITIZEN 1200* CITIZEN 1200* BUCK ONLY BUCK ONLY CITIZEN 124 CITIZEN SWIFT 9 CITIZEN 124 CITIZEN SWIFT 9 BUCK ONLY BUCK COLOUR BUCK COLOUR BUCK COLOUR STAR LC200 STAR LC24 200 STAR XB RANGE STAR LC200 STAR LC24 200 STAR XB RANGE BUCK COLOUR BUCK COLOUR BUCK COLOUR | Phone for I very special :-:es NEW 24 Pin CITIZEN SWIFT 24E COLOUR -180 60 cps - Brand New, superb specification colour 24 Pm pnnter _l 80 Column Dot Matnx with 7 Fonts _J Pusnpul 6 bottom tractor leeds 3 360 dpi - 24 Pin COLOUR 3 Complete paper parking lacilnies, 3 8KBul1er expandable lo 32K 3 Supplied with mono 6 colour
nbbons 3 Easy ro use LCD panel controls_3 F.s 2 Yea-Ctzei Wa-arny_ NEW 24 Pin CITIZEN 224 COLOUR -160 53 cps- Brand New lowest cost colour 24 Pm pnnler, anywhere!
3 80 Column Dot Matnx with 4 Fonts _] Push S pull tractor leeds _l 360 dpi - 24 Pm COLOUR _l Complete paper parking facilities _l 8K Bune' expandable to 32K _i Suppied with mono 4 colour ribbons _l Easy to use front pane ccmtnM _| Pul 2 Year Citizen Warranty CITIZEN SWIFT 24 PIN COLOUR • 160 50 cps The ever popular "European Pnrte ol Ihe Year 1990". TuBy featured 24 Pm colour pnnter wtwh ol course comes with Crtaens 2 Yea' Warranty NEW FASTER STAR XB 24 PIN COLOUR RANGE XB24-200 6 XB24-250 - 275 80 cps These NEW lop ot the range Stars replace the XB24 10 4 XB24 15,4 offer the besr possible
quality dor matrix printing £399.95 £499.95 24-250 Colour 24-200 Colour 3 Buffer 29K(XB24 3 360 x 360 dpi Colour C , 3 ]2mthson-site warranty IUK Mainland) 4 76K(XB 242501 3 Exceptional pnnt quality 3 4 x 48Pm super letter quality fonts 3 14 x 24Pm near letter quality fonts HEWLETT PACKARD PAINTJET COLOUR A4 INKJET Our best quality full colour printer at a realistic price 3 ParallelCenrronics or Senal RS232 l F (specify with order. MAC option available) 3 For presenlatron graphics'DTP. CAD and tochnical'sdentilic applications 3 A lull page ol colour graphics in 4 minutes (typical)
- J Non impact printing. 3 Will pnnl transparencies
- 1 virtually silent 43dba 3 12 Months on-site wananty (UK
Mainland) STAR LASERPRINTER 4 • 4ppm MONO LASER to PC Amiga ,
£899.95 £749.95 Atan ST etc 3 Senal 4 ParaBet Interlaces 3
i2month on site warranty (UK Mainland) 3 Every desktop
publishers dream Ad laset Printer, will connect 3300 DPI 1Mb
Upgradable to 5M0 3 Emulations me HP Senes II. Epson EX800. IBM
LASER A4 Laser Primer, will connccl lo PC, Amiga, Atari ST 4
Apple Macintosh £1099.95 3 As the LASERPRINTER 4 but with
Slarscripl and 2Mb Memory. 49 Fonts and Appletalk SEE OUR LIST
All Ihe characters Per Second speeds quoted above ere OretVLO at lOcpi MONITORS & MONITOR TV's Harwoods stock a complete range of both Monitors & Monitor TV's to give you your perfect solution to the type of display to buy.
The ever popular 14-inch Philips CM 8833 Mkll. Is the most versatile multipurpose colour monitor available. Its versatdrty means you not only get excellent colour graphics & text performance with a wide range ol personal computers, but when connected to a VCR or optional tuner, you get an amazing 600 pixel TV picture. It's this 600 pixel resolution, that makes the 8833 essential for the senous user who wants to use his computer for text based applications. With the 8833 Mkll, Harwoods give you the complete set up. To get you going straight away Monitor. RGB picture and Stereo Audio Cables, Ta
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12 Month on site service warranty PO Q QC THE MOST VERSATILE STEREO COLOUR MONITOR AVAILABLE Commodore's Own Stereo High Resolution Colour Monitor ____ _ RGB'AVTTL. Composite Video Audio Inputs Can be used as TV with VCR or tuner. Twin Speakers for £269 95 Suppled with cables for A500. CGA PC.'Cl 6-64-128 PHILIPS TV TUNER.
£79.95 It's imponant to remember foal most TV Monitors, are still tirst and toremost televisions, meaning that their average 400 pixel tube display 50% lower resolution than a monitor) cannot be guaranteed to display 80 column text clearly without risking eye strain. It choosing a Television Monitor ensure it has the latest 2000 character tube capability, meaning it can handle the Amigas' 80 characters, by 25 tine output clearly.
% llilYlrtln Phone our Order HoaneMh you Access. Visa. Mastercard J or Lombard Creditchaige Card qurtngrurber 8 expry due (roaDixons. Currys.
NASCR end other store'cards »e Loneard CierXdwge end are accepted by us|.
Rrrtxt ruiYfo Make cheques, barters Dtridng society drafts or postal orders LXJ payable to GORDON HARWOOO COMPUTERS (Persanaktxiseiess cheques take Tdiye to dear tram day otreceptwhereipon your order wd be despatched) please send Name, Address, and most snporiardy I poaaMe. A Qaysme Telephone Nucber along wfo your order requremenls Please chedi you modem torn one otou West adverasesneres Delore posing (phonal you 10900 coriraaon) Please ron- enber tot lor example man, September pubfcaons appear dung August tieretore pneae you see may nave changed (eeherip or down)
FR£Ew4hn14«or uigdeys,UKUartmlor«y.OR win1- . Add £5.95 per mayor oem tor next wortng day defcery. UK Mainland most regens.
_v Xl’OnrOll'Hitt'i Most items are available at TAX FREE PRICES to non UK
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WHU SHU. BE IKHt_ nidtNICAI.' II li "injur You wd be gwen our
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require any he* or advice on any aspect ol die system you nave
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turnaround is GUARANTEED by our OWN ENGINEERS' i-ih.i.
iiMIWii'iio A computers are lesied prior lo despatch, and al
earns are stvpked weh mams pbg and leads as required • iust
connect» and use straghi away tmtamt wave hot jusrANom.H mail
utmit company.- All listed prices art what YOU PAY, and there
- ------- 1--- Our otters are NOT supplied on a trial basis.
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Starbyte Software. Nordring71.4630Bochum l.Tel. 0234 680460.
Fax 0234 680497 GO FOR GOLD THE LOW-DOWN Apparently G-LOC. The
name of US Gold's latest flight- combat eoin-op conversion,
stands for Gradual Loss of Consciousness (due. Would you
believe, to excessive subjection to G-forces). Much more
likely it stands for Gradual Loss of Coinage, because this
Afterburner follow-up has been more or less the only flying
game in the arcades over the last few months and its immense
speed, huge sprites and chaotic gameplay have made it more
than a bit popular.
We're waiting eagerly for the Amiga conversion, which we'll be reviewing next month, so you can start throwing yourself crazily around the sky then. But in the meantime, here's a fabulous flying competition to whet your appetite.
First prize is a stunning Sony GV300 Video Walkman worth £700. With 4-inch colour LCD screen, hi-fi stereo sound. TV tuner and 8mm videotape recorder-playcr. As a tenuous link, we'll also try to get something aeroplaney on a videotape for you. Three runners-up will win a Sega Gamcgcar hand-held games console, with a US Gold game of their choice: you might like World Class Leader board, or you might want to hang on for the soon lo be released Super Kick Off.
All you have to do is answer the following aero- planc-movic-rclalcd questions. Because it's Christmas, there's quite a few of them and we've made them a bit tougher than usual, to keep you busy while the umpteenth repeal of The Sound of Music is on. Younger readers might need to enlist the aid of a parent or two.
1. What famous arcade flying game is G-LOC the follow-up to?
2. What character did James Stewart play in the film The Spirit
of St. Louis'!
3. Who wrote the book on which lest pilot film The Right Stuff
was based?
4. What was World War I flying movie The Blue Mas named after?
5. Who starred in the Carling Black Label 'Dambusters' advert?
6. What type of WW2 aircraft starred in 633 Squadron?
7. Who played Tom Cruise's dying buddy in Top Gun?
8. What's missing from this plane movie title: One of our
Aircraft is ...I
9. What type of WW2 aircraft starred in The Dambusters'!
10. What were Dick Dastardly and Muttley try ing to catch from
their plane?
HOW TO ENTER Write down the answers along with your name, address and phone number on the back of a postcard or a stuck-down envelope and send it to G-LOCkenspiel Compo, Amiga Format. 30 Monmouth Street Bath BA I 2BW to reach us by January 20. The first four correct entries out of the bag win the prizes.
TEENSY WEENSY RULETTES Employees of Future Publishing or US Gold are not allowed to enter. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. No cash or alternative prizes will be offered.
G-loclc-in to win a fabulous Sony video wallcman or one of three Sega Gamegear hand-held games consoles in our amazing US Gold £1000 Christmas giveaway quiz for all the family!
(DOUBLE SIDED DRIVE ONLY) cr*©or stor e ft iitfKD D rqB«raGivr Moonstone - a remarkable combination of fast, aggressive combat action and subtle role-play set in a fantasy world, that uniquely challenges your brain and your reflexes - while covering you in gore.
0© a UCI'» Fax qocrix nit:: Oh, by the way, if the sight of so much blood upsets you, don't worry. The blood is an option!
Moonstone features nearly 1,000 frames of incredible animation in 2 Megabytes of monsters and creatures, over 60 beautifully painted backdrops and detailed scenery. Sound effects are high quality digital samples and includes a full musical score and stunning full screen animated introductory and game complete sequences.
.A. Moomtontcontains srenes of strong gtophx imagery mlhpoKKutor Cl991 MindscopeInternational timtw *IIngnts reserved Moonstone is a teoliim Although these soones ore optional, this product is voluntarily tiatlemoik ol MindKope international I anted tVnrten e, 00 Anderson rated 12 Parental Guidance is recommended lor younger players, however thn n not a legal requirement For your local dealer, contact: Mindscape International Ltd, The Coach Houie, Hooklands (state, Scaynes Hill, West Sussex RH17 7NC. Tel: 0444 831 761 X-BACKUP PROFESSIONAL The essential package for all your BACK-UP needs!
Ci (*HOT
* The most comprehensive back up utility includes floppy disk
backup, hard disk backup and file backup. *Also backs up ST,
IBM etc disks. *Checks disks for errors. Optimises data for
faster loading. *Fast formatting. Copies up to 4 disks in 48
seconds. *Full update service available.
AVAILABLE NOW ONLY £39.99 PLUS £1.00 POSTAGE AND PACKING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT. Siren Software neither condones nor authorises the use of its software for the reproduction of copyrighted software. The facilities offered by X-BACKUP Pro are intended to back up users own software, PD Software & other such programs where permission had been given. It is illegal to make copies of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.
X-BACKUP PROFESSIONAL IS THE BEST, GUARANTEED OUR GUARANTEE:- At time off purchase, iff you can find a program that is more powerful than X-BACKUP PRO we will refund your money.
Ordering X-BACKUP PROFESSIONAL Name Access Visa orders can be placed by telephoning 061 724 7572. For mail order, fill in the order form and send with a cheque or postal order to:- Siren Software, Wilton House, Bury Rd., Radcliffe, Address.
Manchester M26 9UR.
The marvellous hints to Megti-Lt'-Maniti took up most of the space, so there's only one pri e in the main section. The lucky winner is Andrew Cole for his (rather J extensivel list of Chip's Challenge codes.
If you've got a solution, cheat, set of tips or maps (preferably on diskl. Then bung them into us at Ganicbusters. Amiga Format.
.'0 Monmouth Street. Bath BA I 2BW There's dosh up for grabs' The helpful souls who answered the Helping Hand pleas get £25 for their efforts, the recipients of these well-earned tokens being Jonathan Bennet and Christopher Abbenon. II you want a helpful tip. Then write to Helping Hand at the usual address. Don't send in any self- addressed envelopes! There just isn't enough time to reply to them all. So replies | can only be printed in the mag. Sorry !
Game Busters What a treat! All those people who write in saying that they want more of the fantastic tips section, just have a look at this!
Mafff Evans has taken note of your pleas and put together six pages of maps, tips and cheats, so dust off thoes game disks you thought you'd never finish and have a real crack at winning.
The. Is one of those 'no prizes for a particular letter' sort of tips A lot of people have sent this one in. So it seems that the Bart phenomenon is taking off on the Amiga as well as T-shirts, stickers, key -rings and THE SIMPSONS the like. Any way, on with the cheat.
When the title screen appears (where the family is watching the telly) type in COWABl'NGA. Now when you start the game you should be able to play with infinite lives.
Another thing we found out recently is linked with the phone booth. Instead of just leaping on it to reach the w ires, try using a coin in it. Bart w ill then phone Moe's. Making her so angry that she comes out... but wearing a purple track-suit. Spray her lo bring the counter down by one LEMMINGS No wait! Don't be fooled by the appearance of this tip! It's not actually a repeat of the level codes, it's actually a set of access codes for the two-player game. Now why didn't anyone think of that before ’ Level Code
NHLFIJADN.X 2 0 ...HLFIJINE.NQ Steven I.mm. Wakefield.
W est Yorkshire THE RUNNING MAN ATOMINO Continuing the
nuclear phy sics theme, here is some help for those having
trouble with Psy gnosis' forray into the world of atomics.
If you keep having lo play the same levels, you may be getting bored by now. These codes might be the thing to lilt the tedium: Remember Amie's threat in this film? Well you should do. It's the same as in all the other films! He turns to the camera and says "I'll be back". Well threatening! It doesn't carry much weight in this conversion though, since he stands a good chance of being duffed up by the first opponent he meets. Not the way for a heroic film character to end up. Is it? Never mind, this might help.
Play the game until you reach the high-score table, and enter your name as DdliSsKk (that's disk' in upper and lower case merged together). Make sure you enter (lie upper and lower case letters in the same format otherwise it won't work. When you next play the game you should be able to act more like Arnie and duff up the opponents using your infinite energy .
Rotherham. South Yorkshire SO ...POISON
l. es Jcpson.
Barnsley. South Yorkshire
* iVlega-Lo-Mania Ah the glory of a successful contest! There's
nothing to beat it, except the dismal misery of defeat, that
is. If you are having trouble battling your way across the
islands, then these tips straight from the programmers may
offer some helpful pointers.
FINDING ELEMENTS In onlor [o make bee! Use of elements, you need to know where to find them. Follow this guide to locale useful substances.
EPOCH 1 ALOHA BAZOOKA CILLA 166 2 C EPOCH 2 DRACULA ETCETRA KEY | GATHERABLES OPEN CAST MINE | PIT MINE iC BEST STARTING SECTOR Useful Elements for Designs Rocks. Wood, Bones: Rock Weapon Catapult Spear Bow and Arrow Crossbow Valium, Parasite: Bow and Arrow Boiling Oil Musket Slate, Moonlite, Planetarium: Pike Longbow Giant Catapult Stick Weapon Spear Musket Aquarium, Paladium: Giant Catapult Bethlium, Solarium, Araldite: Catapult Pike Longbow Cannon Boiling Oil Crossbow Herbirite, Yeridium: Longbow Giant Catapult THE CHARACTERS after your assets! Being attacked w ith time on your side allows
you to defend by designing shields only using gatherable elements.
Although it's a bad idea to send unarmed men to attack buildings, it is sometimes worth sending a couple of martyrs in to see what kind of armies the enemy have hidden away.
Also, keep an eye 011 the map to see what the enemies are up to.
If you stan next to an opponent, try to ally with him right away to stop him from attacking you. It's also an idea to try and ally with an aggressor if you're just about done for.
After all. You have nothing left to lose!
FN O' £ fv 5 Shield 3 Shield 4 Shield 2 Shield 3 Shield 4 All elements can be used on all the designs with the exception of rock and stick weapons IBIZA General strategy tips Study the maps to find the sector with the best elements for the inventions you wish to make this time, then make it your starling sector.
If you invent something and the designer says. ''Ergonomically Terrific", it means that this is the perfect way to design it and reduces the design time by half. Note down the sector that it was in and look under Blueprints for the design, where you will sec a hand shaping an OK symbol. You should note down its components. If you see a sector later in the game with the same elements, you will know that this item can be churned out in next to no time.
Sectors w ith a lot of gatherable elements allow you to quickly produce weapons for a fast surprise attack. However, sectors with mostly gatherable elements are not as desirable if the game has gone on to the later stages, in which case you should try to find a sector with more sophisticated elements.
Whenever you mine a new seam it's best to check the Design menu first in case a new design has become available. If a seam has been totally used up. Making a design impossible to produce, bin the design on the Blueprints menu. You may still be able to produce it with the elements you have left.
Don't be too disheartened if designs aren't available to you straightaway If you want, for example, an army weapon, but you only have shields and building weapons, these may shift you up a tech-level, which will make another element available to you. This may lead to the design you require.
To produce designs that are cither quick to make immediately or can be manufactured speedily, try making as much as possible before you start mining, since inventions made from gatherables save time and man-power.
Always wait until clocks have fully ticked EPOCH 3 GAZZA Rocks Slate Bethlium Wood Moonlite Solarium Bones Planetarium Araldite Epoch I Shield 1 Shield 2 Shield 4 Shield 1 Shield 3 Shield 2 Epoch 2 Shield 1 Shield 3 Shield 4 Shield 2 Shield 1 Epoch .1 Shield 2 Shield 3 Shield 4 Shield 1 Shield 4 Valium Aquarium Yeridium Parasite Paladium Shield 3 Shield 4 Shield 2 Shield 3 Shield 1 Shield 2 away before changing the factory over lo production of a new object. Likew ise always think twice when designing, since aborting a design w hen you are half way through it w astes time.
Keep an eye on what elements are in the various sectors, because this can go e you clues to what the enemy are like to arm themselves with. And also keep your assignments of men balanced to keep up efficiency. You should only throw all your men into one task in an extreme emergency.
If you have time on y our side, try to leave as many men in the tower as possible so that they reproduce. Men are currency, so look SHIELD DESIGN Herbirite k Yes. 1 know. Its an old game and about those of you who still cnjo CHIP'S CHALLENGE we've printed hints for it before. But what Didn't think of that did you? These people might well need a f the game and don't want to use a cheat? Set of codes. Stone me! Here's set of Chip's Challenge codes'.
D Lcvt 1 Name Code Level Name Code Level Name Code 1 I ESSON 1..... ..H Dll P
50. . .....DICDIRT ...
99. ..... .CATACOMBS .... ......xuvu ¦ I
ESSON 2...... ......JXMJ
51. . .....1 SLIDE ..
.....IGGJ I(K)....
.COLONY ...... ......QJXR I
ESSON * ... ......ECBQ s2 .....THE LAST
101. .. .APARTMENT . RPIR 4 1FSSON 4
..... YMCJ si .....TRAFFIC
COP . ...CGN.X
102. ... .ICEHOUSE .. ......VDDU S
1 ESSON 5...... ..TQKB
54. . .....GRAIL ...
105. ... .MEMORY .... ......PTAC
() 1 ESSON 6...... .. NLP 55 .....POT
POL'RRI .. ......SJES
104. .. .JAILER ..
......KWNL *7 I ESSON 7...... FXQO 5(i..
.....DEEPFREEZE .. .....FC'JE
105 ... .SHORT CIRCUIT . ......YNEG s
57. . .....STRANGE MAZE .. ...UB.XU
106. .. .KABI.AM .... ......NXYB 9 NITS
58. . .....LOOP AROUND ..... ...YBI.T
107. ... .BALLS OF FIRE ..... ......ECRE 10 BL SHEIK
1:..... .V'L'WS
59. . .....HIDDEN DANGER ...BLDM
108. .. .BLOCKOUT ..LIOC
......SCOUNDREL ... .....ZYVI
109. .. .TORTURE CHAMBER KZQR 12 HI NT..... WVHI hi..
......RINK .... RMOW
110. .. .CHILLER ..... XBAO
I} SOLTHPOl E .....(X'KS
62. . .....SLO MO
III. .. .LAPSE .. KRQJ 14 ..
65. . ...GOHX
64. . IJPQ
115. .. .OPEN QUESTION . ..PTAS 16 .
67. . .....CHIPMINE
116. .. .BLOCKBUSTERS 2...... .....HXMF 19 DIGGER MRHR
.....EENY MINY MOE . .....RTDI
117. .. ..THE MARSH ... . .. FPZT
CITY ...... ...Nl.LY
118. .. ..MISS DIRECTION..... OSCW
......ICEBERG ... .LGRW 7(1.
......CORRIDOR ..... ...l.AJM
120. .. ..IN THE SOUP . .....FLXP .
....REVERSE ALLEY . .....EK1-T
GOLD ....IN 17.
......MORTON . ...QCCR
...BLINK..... ...PQGV
......PLAYTIME ..... ...MKNII
125. .. ..THE PRISONER . .YKZE 26
......STEAM . .....MJDV
124. .. ..FIRETRAP .. .TASX
...FOUR PLEX .... ...NMRH
125. .. ..MIXED NUTS ...... .....MYRT ''S PING
PONG...... I JDD
126. .. ..BLOCK N ROLL .... ......QRLD ARTICFI OW
......FORCE SQUARE ... ...GRMO
127. .. ..SKELTZIE ......JNWZ M)
128. .. ..ALL Fl'l.I ...
......FTLA KNOT RYMS 8(1.
129. .. ..LOBSTER TRAP ... ......HEAN
150. .. ..ICECUBE ......XHIZ ON
THE ROCKS...... ......BQSN
......SOCIALIST ACTION ......1.1.1()
151. .. ..TOTALLY UNFAIR .... ......FIRD *4 CYPHER
NQFI 81 .. UP THE BLOCK...... .....OVPJ
152. .. ..MIX UP...... ZYFA I EMMINGS VDTM 84
......WARS ... ...UVEO
155. .. ..BLOB DANCE...... TIGG '6 1 ADDER. .
......TELENET . . ...LEBX
154. .. ..PAIN .
......SUICIDE .. ...FLHH
155. .. ..TRUST ME .... ......LYWO IS ...
.SAMPLER . .....BIEA 87
......CITYBLOCK ... .....YJYS
156. .. ..DOUBLE MAZE
I. UZL iy GI I T ......ICXY
......SPIRALS ... .. VVZYV
157. .. ..GOLD KEY ......HPPX 40 FI
......BLOCKBUSTERS .. ...vczo
158. .. ..PARTIAL POST .... ......LUJT 41 I C MU .
....PLAYHOUSE . ...OLl.M
159. .. ..YORKHOUSE ...... ......VI HH 4** BEWARE OF
BIG. .
140. .. ..ICE DEATH . SJUK 4 ......LOCK
......VORTEX .. .....DPMI
141. .. ..UNDERGROUND . ..MCJE 44
......ROADSIGN ..... .....REKF
142. .. ..PENTAGRAM .. ......f CRY 4S MONSTER
145. .. ..STRIPES ......
......OKOR 46 THREE DOORS..... .. H DQJ
......FOUR SQUARE ..... ......BIFQ
144. .. ..FIREFLIES . ......GVXQ
......METASTABLE TO CHAOS... ......IOC'S Ian Pugh and Andrew Cole.
Gosnort. Haninshire 49 PROBLEMS ..... PPXI
......SHRINKING .... ...TKWD *0 JANUARY 1992 FANTASY WORLD DIZZY A xtrange land of dragons and adventure is hardly the safest place to he if you're only a little egg. All those struggling, oval adventurers out there needn't get too disheartened though, since help is at hand!
Stan the game and play as nonnal until you get onto the high-score tahle. At which point you should enter your name as IMMORTAL. As the nature of the cheat code would suggest, when you next start you should have infinite lives. Now you can reach the lofty adventuring status of a hero.
(;P Roebuck.
Rotherham. South Yorkshire RODLAND Off to rescue mummy, eh? Well a little chap like you shouldn't have to face all those nasty monsters alone, so here is a little bit of advice to help you on your way.
Well, not so much advice as a cheat (sshh.
Don't tell any body i!
Stan the game as normal, then press pause and press Help fiv e times. When you unpause the game, the life counter w ill still tick down, but the game won't end when you runs out of lives. That should help in your quest to save dear mama!
Michael Cordncr.
Rothcrsthorpe. Nnrthants SHADOW DANCER Now there's a rumour going round that the cheat code is GIVE ME INFINITIES, that's not true. So it's time we put the record straight!
Pause the game and type GIVE ME INFINITES followed by a Return and you will be able to press X to skip a level. Well there you go. What's an 'i' between friends?
No credit for this tip. I ni afraid, there were heaps of letters on the subject. Never mind, thanks to everyone that sent it in anyway.
ATOMIX Don't get flustered if placing all the atoms within the time limit gets too much. Try this! Go to the password screen and type TIME. When you start the game, you shouldn't have to worry about the time limit.
Zulfigar Haidar. Bearsden. Glasgow BATTLE ISLE 1 Appeals to all levels beginner to expert
• More strategy than chess Available on AG-ST-PC
• 32 unique levels: 16 maps tor one player mode, another 16 maps
lor two player mode, plus two secret map missions!
• Wide variety of units to control: from infantryman to aircraft
• Each vehicle in battlo has detailed statistics and abilities
You are the chief of your military staff and you have complete
control to mobilise your armies to attack the enemy occupied
"Not only does the superb presentation put this game far above most others of its genre, it has been designed with the general gamesplayer in mind, and is very accessible and highly playable."
Laurence Scotford - The One
- r nun Battle Isle is one of the highest quality strategy
games available.
RJ i rfl J ' Y i rj r i ¦3 Saddlers House -100 Reading Rd - Yateley - CAMBERLEY - SURREY - GU17 7RX Tel: (0252) 860 299 e got a hot one for ya... Throughout the year, Gamebusters tries to bring you the cheats for as many of the hot games as we can, but we thought the festive season seems like a good time to look back on the past 12 months and put together a mega list of the top cheats for some of the hottest arcade-action games of the year. FAB Virgil... Isn
1. SWIV II your having a liltlc trouble handling all that
military hardware, pause the game and type NCC-I70I 'including
the dash). When the game restarts, you will have infinite
lives 170
3. ELF A little munchkin isn't supposed lo deal with all that
danger, so a little more currency might help. To give him a
hit of a hand, type CHORQPOO at any point during the game. You
will then be given ‘W pets.
4. TURRICAN 2 The lone saviour of a race? Could be. But the
chances are slim it the person controlling him can't beat the
enemy For infinite lives and power lines, press Help to get to
the music selection page, press 4 to stop the music, then
press 2. After about 10 seconds of music, press Escape tw ice,
then play the game.
5. Z-OUT More shoot-em-up action to tease and frustrate you! If
this game is causing problems, then simply hold the J key
while playing and hit l-X to select the relevant level. If
this still doesn't help, hold J and press K for infinite
lives. To turn the cheat off (that guilty conscience getting
too much?) Just press J and K again.
6. CHUCK ROCK After a lifetime of TV. Beer, chips and gravy.
Chuck is hardly in the best of shape to carry out a rescue
mission. For infinite energy, type UNCLE SAMS on the screen
where the band is playing. Alternatively, type TURN FRAME to
switch on the level select mode. With this you can use the
number keys to select the required level.
7. KILLING CLOUD All alone against the crime world of San
Not very easy to handle with the limited resources available, is it? To boost your supplies, enter I KILLING as a mission code. You will then be given 28 PI PS and 28 nets.
8. CAR-VUP Feeling sorry for that poor little cartoon ear's
Well try entering R.J.TOONE on the score table for infinite lives. If the fact that you can't stop is bugging you. Press Z for brakes.
9. SUPERCARS 2 If your races are more a 'pile into the walls'
affair than beating the other cars, then try this. Enter
player one's name as 'Wonderland' and player two's as 'The
Seer' Y ou can now start a game in either one or two- player
mode with the cheat active.
10. PREDATOR 2 If that scaly monster is getting too much for you.
Then try some insults. In other words, pause the game and
type YOU'RE ONE UGLY MOTHER You can now play with infinite
energy. Bullets? Pah'
11. SWITCHBLADE 2 If a robotic arm isn't enough to help you
through the robot-infested ones, then try this. When the
title screen appears, type LEVEL and the number of the stage
you wish to jump to. For a more unusual trick, type CHROME to
enter a sub-game
12. ROBOCOP 2 'Your move, creep!’ BANG! Oh dear. Robocop gets
llattened! This might help, though: try typing SERI-
ALINTERFACE (no spaces) on the title screen. Now press F9 to
restore energy or Fit) to skip levels.
After receiving praise in the last issue of Amiga Formal. Gremlin's latest race game has obviously won a lot of fans - judging by the number of letters listing the codes that have been sent in.
To jump to the various sections, use these codes: Course Password Forest Course ..No Code Night Course ...TWILIGHT Fog Course .....PEA SOL'P Snow Course ...THE SKIDS Desen Course .PEACHES Motorway Course ......LIVERPOOL Marsh Course .BAGLEY Storm Course ..E BOW If you still can't finish any of the sections, then maybe a cheat would be beneficial. Try typing in one of these instead of a password: Whisper Softly ©The most frequent enquiry that people have sent in to
Helping Hand has to be concerning the password in Shallow of llie Beast II. Many people have replied to a letter printed a while ago claiming that the TEN PINTS cheat is the password, but this isn't true But now (drum roll please) we have the password’ And the word lo whisper is... SUNSTOVE.
The sender of this life-saving code is Christopher Abhcrton from Cleveland, who wins a mail order voucher for his trouble.
I'll Be Back I recently purchased Terminator 2. But unfortunately „ I can't get past level two. Please can you tell me if there arc any cheats or tips.
Mark Sinclair.
Milingarie. Glasgow Dear me! Tie all found the game far loo easy without a cheat I hence the 60 per cent score t. Still, if anyone out there knows of a cheat, then send it in to Helping Hand. It could he your lucky day.
Unfathomable I desperately need a cheat for The Untouchables (I know it's quite old) because 1 can't get more than 30 pieces of evidence and I keep getting shot.
Ian Morgan.
Hamworthy Poole If it's a cheat volt want, it's a cheat you shall have!
Type in SOUTHAMPTONGAZETTE and you will he LOTUS TURBO CHALLENGE 2 DEESIDE: Allows you to qualify for the next stage even if the timer runs out HELPING HAND able to skip levels by pressing FIO. If you press Help on levels two. Three and six you » ill be transported liulfwav through the level. Hope that helps!
Colour Me Magic Back in Issue 27. W e had a letter from K jf L'V Mark Hopkins who was having trou- ble with the staff section in the Seven Gates of Jambala. Well Mark, fret no morel Here is the correct combination to use. Brown. Yellow.
Violet. Red. Light Blue. Blue. Green. Jonathan Bennet from Hindley Green (near Wigan!) Gets a £25 voucher for sending in this reply.
Kick it In Please could you give me a cheat for Full Contact?
Please print it as it will make mv day.
Toni Hughes.
Wallingford. Oxfordshire § Hi : i 9 : v ! -* t !
- 11 Haw i i ’ 11 - HMR ?
4 Ah. Sorry, but I'm going lo have to ruin your day.
Finbar Bone-Anderson also wrote in asking for tips on this game, but I'm going to have lo disappoint both of you. No-one around here knows wlial the GAMEBUSTERS TURPENTINE: Gives vou infinite time So you're tired of driving around, eh? Well try entering DL'X as a password to access a secret game To get back to the racing, press the mouse button.
Some of you may be having trouble w ith the last two courses, since these require you to pick up domes littered around the track. On the Marsh course, the first time-dome section is on a straight, with the domes in the positions shown on the picture.
The next time-dome section on this course has all the domes placed on the inside edge of the bends. On Ihe Storm course, try to collect the turbo-domes found just off the centre of the track. These will give you enough speed to reach the checkpoint.
Yet again, there is no single accolade for sending this in. Since there were so many entries (more than any other lip this month). Thanks go lo everyone who bothered, though.
Cheat is. If anyone out there happens to come across one. Then send it in for a chance at winning the loot!
Let’s Go!
Can you help me on level 15 of Lemmings'! All the lemmings die! Worst of all. The lemmings get caught in the trap. Please help!
171 Matthew Summon.
Rochester. Kent JANUARY 1992 It sounds as though you've already got pretty far.
Since the difficult bit is at the beginning. Anyway, here's how to do it... Let one lemming walk dosvn the blocks, then turn the second into a Blocker as close to the last block as possible. When the first lemming gets close to the columns, turn him into a Miner so that he digs into the ground, then make him a Basher before lie tunnels off the bottom of llie screen. When he reaches the end, make him a Builder before he falls off, then set him bridging again when he finishes building.
While lie's constructing the second bridge, bomb the Blocker to set the others free, then go back and finish bridging the gap. When he climbs the first set of steps, turn him into a builder to bridge llie gap above the trap. The lemmings should all walk to freedom.
That's all we've got time for. If you've a senous problem, then we may have something for you Then Screenplay 2 is here! Following on from the original (you have bought a copy, haven't you?). This second volume contains a new set of over 100 games, with mini reviews for each entry You will find heaps of tips, cheats, maps and solutions to the top games as well as some older classics Christmas is just around the comer, so start dropping those hints!
Oh. And Mem Christmas’ If you're stuck on a game or have a solutionto one, then write it down and send it in along with the name of the game cheat on the envelope to HELPING HAND Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW mimmi «nr ou are setting forth intft'anottuffjplace; another time, another world, "said
* yTreguard, The Dungeon ‘Master, fm jdhat makes you thin f that
you four mere mortals und succeed in the QuiMfiwhen so many
others have failed?” I understood, at that imment, that our
mission was going to take all our endurance, all our collective
skid, and, most of ad a depth of courage, that I wasn’t sure we
Ever since ITV's award-winning series hit our screens, the world has been waiting tor a computer game worthy of the name The wait is over Tony Crowther's amazing re-creation has everything Using the same game system that made Captive adventure game ot the year for 1990. Knightmare' makes dungeons and dragons games seem like newts splashing around in a muddy puddle Knightmare' is a sophisticated role-playing adventure where you are challenged to solve complex puzzles, logic problems and riddles that reveal a rich, ever-more rewarding storyline.
Your journey lakes you deep into the dungeons ot Dunshelm. To a cataclysmic meeting with Lord Fear and the unthinkably horrible FrightKnight Whether or not the meeting is terminal is up to you You will need wisdom, tenacity, alacrity and. Above all. Courage But you have all those things, don't you .?
Available tor Amiga & Atari ST m Knightmare is copynght Anglia Television and Broadsword Television Game copyright 1991 Mmdscape International Limited Captive Copyright 1990 1991 Mindscape International Limited all rights reserved Written by Tony Crowther MINDSCAPE For your local dealer, contact Mindscape International Ltd, The Coach House. Hooklands Estate. Scaynes Hill. West Sussex RH17 7NG Tel: 0444 831 761 AMIGA FOR BEGINNERS by C Spanik Learn !he essentials ol the Amiga quickly and easily, from opening the box to your lust application. Revised for DOS 2.0. •Completesetupinstructions
• Backmg-up important diskettes • The Extras diskette • Setting
• Customising the Workbench • Introduction to AmigaBASIC •
AmigaDOS commands • Cll tips and short-cuts • Creating your own
icons • Includes Preferences 2.0 information. Using a hands-on
approach to teach the first time user every detail, in dear and
easy to understand terms, so you can get the most from your
computer. Introduces you to Intuition (the Amiga's graphic user
interface), the mouse, windows. AmigaBASIC and even the CLI
(CommanO Line Interlace). Clear step by step instructions.
Ref: 4256 Price:£15.45 AMIGA BASIC INSIDE AND OUT by H Rugheimer and C. Spanik A combination of beginner’s tutorial, advanced guide ano authoritative reference - the complete guide to learning and applyng AmigaBASIC. • Exciting graphics demonstrations • Graphic objects animation ¦ Vdeo tilling program for creating unique titles on your VCR • Powerful database
• Full-leaured Paint program • charting application for creating
detailed pie charts and bar graphs • Speech utility for
remarkable numan voice synthesis demonstrations • Synthesiser
program to create custom sound effects and music. Included are
a complete reference section, an AmigaBASIC Quick Reference
Guide, and detailed error messages descriptions with tips for
avoiding the "guru" next time.
Ref: 4257 Price:£22.95 ~r • , Amiga for Beginners iiitluulSASlC Inside and Out THE BEST AMIGA TIPS AND TRICKS Dy Bee- f aege¦ a-c We,-e- Dozens of tips on accessing libraries from BASIC. AmigaDOS. Sound 8 more. Includes companion disk with ready to run programs. • Using the new AmigaDOS. Workbench and Preferences! .3 8 Release 2.0 • Tips on using the new utilities on Extra 1.3 • Customising Kickstan for Amiga 1000 users • Enhancing BASIC using ColorCycle 8 mouse sleeper ¦ Disabling Fasl RAM 8 disk drives
• Using the Mount command • Writing an Amiga virus killer program
• Changing type styles • Learn kernal commands • BASIC
Kerkloh, Zoller and Tornsdorf.
Covers Ihe insides of AmigaDOS L'I=,r- from the internal design up to practical applications: includes many programming examples. Covers DOS 2.08 includes Workbench
2. 0 8 3.0 into. • AmigaDOS - tasks 8 handling • Amiga devices 8
how the CLI uses them • Customising your own startup sequence
• AmigaDOS 8 multitasking • Writing your own CLI commands in C
¦ Resetting priorities • the TaskPn command • In-depth guides
to ED 8 EDIT • Ref for
1. 2 8 1.3 CLI commands Incudes Arexx command summary and
sample application J2|Se£V programs.
Including quick reference section for last and easily accessible information.
WITH DISK AmigaDOS | Inside & Out USING AREXX ON THE AMIGA ¦ by Zamara and Sullivan The most authoritative guide to using the popular Arexx programming DISK lan9vage on your Amiga Filled with tutorials, examples, programming code 8 an expanded appendix that you'll use over and over. Including Disk with Arexx examples typed m to save you time. • Short history of Rexx Arexx-Thoroughoverviewof all Arexx commands
• with examples • Useful Arexx macros for controllong software 8
devices • How to access other Amiga applications with Arexx •
Detailed Arexx programming examples for beginners 8 advanced
users • Multi-tasking 8 inter-prorammmg communications.
The text is sprinkled liberally with tutorials, examples and sample code The power of Arexx is presented m adear manner Ref: 9386 Price 133.02-o'. *- AMIGA DESKTOP t VIDEO POWER byG. Wright A book for everyone who wants to use the Amiga for Video. You'll fmd disk inlormaIlon °n vllJeo basics, videotape equiptment. Video Amiga interfaces, artwork and more' Updated 8 expanded to include information about the latest advances in the desktop video market today. This includes extensive coverage of new products such as CDTV and the revolutionary TV Studio on a card' Video Toaster from Newtek Also
covers: • Genlocks • Digitising and scanning images
• Frame grabbers • Video recorders 8 cameras • paint and drawing
programs animation • titling • music sources 8 examples-special
effects • home and professional video techniques.
Written by Editor in chief of Amiga World Magazine.
Guy Wright Ref: 9382 Prlce:£27,93ncivAr UOIIYO ? ; WITH AMIGA C FOR BEGINNERS by C. Spanik A practical introduction to learning and using C language on your Amiga.
Basic and intermediate programming techniques without the jargon • Beginner's overview of C • Writing your first C program • Special features of the C language • Important routines in the C libraries • Input and Output using C • The scope of the C language revealed (loops, conditions, functions, structures) • Tneks and tips for finding errors • Using two of the most popular C compilers Explains the basic structure and peculiaritites of each C statement and function And shows you how to use many of the features of the Amiga’s operating system • windows, screen, text output.
DOS functions and more.
Ref: 5453 Price:£18.45 Using Are, on the Ami nor Amiga CP*?
,Jt*. *m AMIGA 3D GRAPHIC PROGRAMMING IN BASIC Altil zSD iStydhlp ttdjVcfufiiJte ih IvctlC by Jennrich, Scbullz and Massman Details the techniques and algorithms lor writing three dimensional graphics programs, including ray tracing, shading and light sources.
Topics include: • Basics ol ray tracing • An object editor lor entering 3D objects • A material editor for colounng. Shadowing and mirroring of objects • Information about wire models • Automatic computation about wire models • Adjusting the projection point and main point ol the graphic
• Adustmg the light source (direction and colour) • Saving
graphics in IFF forma! • Mathematical basics for the
Ref: 5452 Price:£18.45 AMIGA MACHINE LANGUAGE by S. Dittrich A practical, comprehensive guide for all Amiga users who want to tap an of the Amiga's true power using machine language Combined tutonal and advanced guide Many assembler programs presented, desorbed and explained: -Simple number base conversions -Text input 8 output • Checking for special keys • Open ng CON RAW.SER 8 PRT devices ¦ New directory program that ooesnl access the CU • Menu programming explained • Speech utility for remarkable human vok» synthesis • Complete intuition demonstration program including Rropo.-tp.nal.
Boofean 8 Stnng gadgets This is an essential tutonal and reference book for all Amiga machine language programmers Ref: 4259 Price:£18.45 GET REAL - GET Abacus AMIGA BOOKS Abacus § Call 021 706 1181 0 k»*our K rarest y stockist P'tces ate co ec: at am* ol going so press Out are suOjea to change pror node* UK DISTRIBUTOR: COMPUTER BOOKSHOPS LTD. BIRMINGHAM.
techniques enable up to 3 programs to fit on one disk. Now
saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos ¦ reloads independently of
the cartridge - even transfer to hard drive! Works with up to 2
Megs of Ram - even 1 Meg Chip Mem (Fatter Agnus).
SUPER POWERFUL TRAINER MODE - now with DEEP trainer. Even better than before • allows you to generate more or even infinite lives, fuel, ammo. Perfect as a Trainer Mode to get you past that "impossible" level. Easy to use.
• IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprite Editor allows you to
view modify the whole sprite set including any "attached"
• VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal
features to protect your software investment. Works with all
presently known viruses.
Now this super disk copier program is built into Action Replay Mk III. Just imagine a superfast, efficient disk copier program at the press of a key - no more waiting.
• SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can
be saved to disk. Files are saved directly in IFF format
suitable for use with ail the major graphic and music packages.
Samples are displayed as screen waveform.
PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE - Useful for removing ugly borders when using NTSC software.
(Works only with newer Agnus chips).
• SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own
pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to
help you through the tricky parts!
• RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will
continue where you left off.
• FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key now you can view
the Machine Status, including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, RamDisk,
Drive Status, etc.
• POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for
screens throughout memory. Over 50 commands to edit the picture
plus unique on screen status "overlay" shows all the
information you could ever need to work on screens. No other
product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of
frozen programs!!
JOYSTICK HANDLER • allows the user to select Joystick instead of Keypresses very useful for many keyboard programs.
• MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the
complete music in programs demos,etc. And save them to disk.
Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works
with loads of programs!!
• AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay III preference screen
you can now set up autofire from 0 to 100%. Just imagine
continuous fire power?
Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage!
Now many more external Ram Expansions will work with all Action Replay ill commands.
• DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection ol DOS command times -
command without a filename, then a file requestor is displayed.
• DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press of a button • faster than Dos
No need to load Workbench - available at all times.
• DISKCODER With the new "Diskcoder" option you can now tag' your
disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from being
loaded by anyone else. 'Tagged" disks will only reload when you
enter the code. Very useful for security.
SET MAP - allows you to Load Save Edit a Keymap.
• PREFERENCES Action Replay III now has screen colour preferences
with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste.
Very simple to use.
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor - displays disk
information in easy to understand format. Full modify save
PLUS IMPROVED DEBUGGER COMMANDS including Mem Watch Points and Trace.
IMPROVED PRINTER SUPPORT • including compressed small character command.
• Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor •
Load Save block • Write String to memory
• Jump to specific address • Show Ram as text • Show frozen
picture • Play resident sample
• Show and edit all CPU registers and flag • Calculator • Help
command • Full search feature
• Unique Custom Chip Editor allows you to see and modify all chip
registers - even write only registers! • Notepad
• Disk handling - show actual track, Disk Sync, pattern etc. •
Dynamic Breakpoint handling
• Show memory as HEX, ASCII, Assembler, Decimal • Copper
Assemble Disassemble - now with suffix names REMEMBER AT ALL
PLEASE CLEARLY MARK THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR PACKAGE ACTION REPLAY UPGRADE WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING Date4 E ectrorxs lw "?ther condones or authorises the use o' rts products for me reproduction of copyrght matenj!
Tn boc-«o *ao»tes of m product are designed to reproduce only software sucn as Put*c Domain matenal the users Own programs or software wwe permission to make backups has oeen dearly grven it rs •uega! To make cop*es even for your own use. Of copyrgnt material, without the dear permisson of the copynght owner, or the bceocee thereof MOW YOU CAM DIGITIZE PICTURES FROM AMY YIP 120 CAMERA OR VCR
• Completely newly designed interface that plugs into the
expansion connector of the Amiga 500 or internal connector of
the Amiga 2000.
• Standard phono video input 0.5 to 2.0 volts to take signals
from TV. Video or camera.
• Control brightness, contrast and throughport on A500 version.
• Frame grab in 1 50 second, record update up to 3 frames per
• Single or continuous update in 4, 8 or 16 grey levels.
• Play frames backwards or forwards up to 15 frames per second.
• Save Raw. IFF or sequence files.
• Automatically adjust for maximum number of frames according to
memory available.
• Display 256 x 256 pixels, but optional 320 x 256 IFF Save.
Screen editing features Cut, Copy, Brush, Paste and Undo. Effects menu to reverse pos neg, compress, etc.
• Second display editor controls sequence production: Record,
Play, Insert, Clear, Delete Frames.
• Set start and end position number of frames saved, number
frames, step backwards and forwards, loop, etc. Time lapse
feature adjustable in 1 second increments to 1 hour between
each frame.
Ideal for capturing flowers opening, sky movements, special effects, etc.
• Separate player programs included to insert into your own
program disks. Hard disk transfer program.
• Please state A500 or 2000 version when ordering.
• The Splitter unit plugs alongside the Digitiser and a lead is
supplied to couple the two units together.
• Full adjustment of Red. Green and Blue signals together with a
saturation control enabling you to take full control over any
ONLY £70.99
• The Splitter is switched in software and comes complete with
Digitiser Colour Software.
• You can select single continuous colour or B W input. Files can
be saved in Raw 4096 colour format. 8 or 32 coiour IFF files or
16 shade BW IFF.
• Features include full pallette control editing of frame and
colour retouch calculator.
• Input from camera, camcoder or video recorder (paused). No more
messing with colour filters.
FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 I t e d A F VIDIGI AMIGA PRO SAMPLER STUDIO II + DATEL JAMMER I__ ip«ti»3 iffiaiaHu* . »:iiJ rr kji mm mi ,» * ( « mm m » ¦ 91 m ma usm ytU hmdm eesi
• New design hardware now plugs Into expansion socket of A500
completely freeing the parallel port. • Save files In Raw or
single, multi-octave IFF format.
• Surface mount technology, twin A D converters for realtime
stereo sampling.
• Extensive filters for extremely clean and noise-free sampling.
• Through bus allows existing add ons. E.g. hard drive.
• The NEW Sampler 11 software has been completely re-written in
100% Machine Code and incorporates faster routines, bigger
displays and many new editing features such as Cut. Copy.
Insert. Replace. Mix. Erase, etc. • Stereo lock control.
• Separate zoom windows and controls for left and right channels.
• Multi-bank facilities for 1 Meg users.
Adjustable trig record level and sound monitor.
• Separate buffer for editing waveforms and improved wavc-cdltor
with instant update.
• Envelope control panel for ramping up and down rc-scale
amplitude, noise filter and scan waveform. • On screen display
of filenames sample rate, length, etc.
• Inputs for microphone or line 1 4 jack and DIN connections at
rear of unit.
• The Star 1X1200 Colour Printer not only prints In Near Letter
Quality for your regular jobs but also prints out your pictures
in genuine colour!
• No more to buy Just plug in and print!!
• Comes complete with printer lead.
• Fully compatible Midi Interface for A500 2000.
- MIDI Thru.
• Fully Opto Isolated.
NOW ONLY £14.99
• High quality direct replacement for mouse on all Amigas.
• Tellon glides for smoother movement.
• Rubber coated ball for minimum slip.
• Optical system counting - 500 mm.
SfMCi.l off.r - FREE Mou.c Mat . Mou*.
• If you can obtain your own Ram chips, we can supply the card.
• Accepts I6x41256DRams.
• Available with without clock option.
• Switch disable feature.
• Legendary Cumana quality now at an extremely low price!
• Throughport allows daisy-chaining with other disk drives.
• A full 1 meg of unformatted rapacity I880K fully formatted).
• A good length of cable Is provided for convenient positioning
on your desk etc.
• High precision head positioning.
• On Off switch.
• Extremely quiet and click free operation.
• Now an Internal interface for the Amiga 2000 and 1500.
Easily fitted In minutes.
Leaves serial port free for other uses.
• Midi In. 3 x Midi Out and Midi Thru.
• Fully compatible - Opto Isolated.
• Midi In 3 x Midi Out & Midi Thru.
• Full Midi Interface for A500 1000 2000 (please state which
model req.). Compatible with all leading Midi packages (In
D Music).
Fully Opto Isolated.
• A top quality 8 bit mono sampler complete with Pro Sampler and
Jammer software.
• Also compatible with most other PD Sampler software.
• Inputs for microphone or line
3. 5mm Jack and din connections.
• Utilises latest surface mount technology and Incorporates all
the features found on bigger, more expensive samplers.
• Easy to use - Just plug in and start sampling!
tff%klFF Buffer Save 1600 x 1024 pixels, dual buffer, scan matching and view Buffer.
LypP • Unmatched range of edit caplurc facilities and keyboard control simply not offered by other scanners at this unbeatable price.
Full keyboard control of most functions.
• An easy to handle Handy Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width
and 100 dpi resolution enables you to scan graphics and text
Into your Amiga.
Includes hard disk transfer to run under Workbench.
' • Adjustable switches for brightness contrast levels.
Screen grid overlay and configure menu to save parameters.
Full sizing menu of scan area.
• Genlscan gives you the ability to easily scan Images, texl and
graphics and even offers 200Dpt Dual Sean Mode.
Offt PAI sof
X. Y position readout and metric sizes.
• Save images in suitable format for most leading packages
Including PHOTON PAINT. DELUXE PAINT, etc. View window and
position control panel.
• Package includes Handy Scanner.
Interface. Power Park and Scan Edit IV software.
Icon menu to select functions.
» Powerful partner for DTP that allows for cut and paste editing of Images etc. COMES WITH FREE PHOTON PAINT
• Comes complete with Photon Paint Illustrator Software.
• Huge range of features.
• Top selling graphics package.
• Incorporating full optical tracking and counting - no ball so
no problems with clogging, slipping, etc.
• High count output for very fine movement.
• Two button mlcroswtich action.
• Direct replacement for all Antigas.
Complete with special Optical Pad
- supcrsmooth shape moulded to fit the hand, moulded 9 pin
No more to buy!!
• Full easy to follow instructions.
• This is the input method used on professional systems - now you
can add a new dimension to graphics CAD.
• Fast input of drawing by "tracing" is made easy - plus
"absolute reference" means you can move around the screen many
times faster than by a mouse.
O The Genitizer fits in the serial port of your Amiga 500 1000 2000 and "co-exists" with mouse.
• Unlike a mouse, the Tablet gives absolute co-ordinates so that
tracking and menu selections are possible from the tablet face.
• A pressure sensitive switch built into the stylus tip activates
the Tablet overriding the normal mouse input. When you are not
using the Tablet, you have normal mouse control.
• Complete system • Graphics Digitizer Tablet, Stylus, Deluxe
Paint Template, Power Adaptor, Test Software, Interface Unit,
plus Driver Program - no more to buy!
AOO Juf4A - Ssgl-
• With the Amiga Genitizer Graphics Tablet you can streamline the
operation of most graphic or CAD programs.
• The Genitizer Graphics Tablet utilises latest technology to
offer up to 100 dpi resolution at the tip of a stylus.
• Complete 9" x 6" digitizing area plus super accurate stylus
combine to enable fast, accurate and easy control.
• Works by "mouse emulation" so the Genitizer will work with most
packages where mouse input is the usual method • Deluxe Paint,
Photon Paint, CAD Packages, etc. etc.
• Supplied with a template for Deluxe Paint.
OPTIONAL PUCK Aft an alternative to the stylus input the Genius Tablet also has an optional lour button puck.
Free prize draw!
We will give away an Amiga 500 or Atari ST or £200 cash. Winners choice.
Automatic free entry with every order.
RUBY CLASSICS UNDER £10 RUBY CHARTBUSTERS AttetOumer Passing SW 899 899 Arkanoid II 694 699 KrgC* Chcago Prt*rnj»'.y 6 99 699 Bboa Money 899 8 99 Irorkxd 899 Ramoo3 699 699 9 ooOrrych 899 8 99 rasa 1990 6 99 699 Pecnea: 699 699 6 9) 6 99 blSePuS 699 6 99 Ptype 699 699 Caoai 799 699 LastNrxa ** 699 ; Gci fir- Tne Ga flei 699 699 7 Cendekkd Sqoa*es 6 99 699 999 9 99 699 XJ 699 Crazy Can 6 99 6 99 hew -Y.wv.l Sayy 699 S»3*Oer2 899 899 DetekxJei 0t be Gown 7 99 7 99 Tenvs Sm 699 699 Tarw Asac* 7 99 799 Fantasy Wond Duzy 69S 699 6 99 largar 699 699 Fast Toed 699 6 99 Onsaignt 699 699 Trrvai
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« Sen Outf (i2-A XA) ¦ Sew (Ai ages) Spe*r j (6-ii) sssiKr 14 50 14 50 (1?.
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Black Crypts • Blade Warrior • Blues Brothers The Bonanza Brothers Boston Bomb Club . .. Breach 2 (Enhanced) Cadaver .. Cadaver Levels Payof!
Captain Plane! • Cardinal Ol The Kri Celtic Legend Centurion Charge Of The Ligl Chase HO 2 Chintos Revenge ’• Chuck Yeagers A Cisco Heat Conan The Cinneri Cruise For The Cyber Fight Das Bool.
Deathbringer * Devious Desigi Dsk ‘ Double Dragon Dragon Lair..... Dragon Lair 2 T Dragon Wars Dynamite " EH Elvira Misti Elvira Mist!
Epic • Eyo a The Bebol Exile- F15 Strike Eagle 2 t F16 Combal Pilot F19 Stealth Fighter F29 Retaliator FI17A ...... Face OM Ice Hoci Fire And Ice *..... First Samurai" .
Final Fight .. Final Bio* ..... Flight Ol The Intr Formula One 3D Formula One Gr Gauntlet 3" Golden Axe Gunboat" ..... Gunship 2000 Hard Nova Heimdall • . Homo Alone" ... Hudson Hawk Hunler . International Ice I Play 3D Soccer Jimmy Whites " Joe Montana Fi Keys O! Marrar Kings Quest V ST Amiga 1 27 99 27 99
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We require the following staff: SENIOR PROGRAMMERS We are looking for classically trained graduate programmers who can write in both assembler and higher level languages such as C, C+ + and Pascal.
Ideally you will have experience of working as a leader or member of a larger development team.
PROGRAMMERS In the position of programmer we are looking for experienced programmers with more than one language including assembler. Alternatively we are looking for enthusiastic graduates. In both instances the necessary training will be given.
PRODUCERS Applicants must have experience of producing high quality entertainment product. A degree of liaison with intellectual property licensors and the ability to communicate ideas within a development team are essential.
Responsibilities will include everything from story-board through to implementation on several formats.
ARTISTS We require computer graphic artists preferably with experience of 3-D modelling and computer generated graphics techniques. Any experience of post production video would also be an advantage. People who have worked with high-end Amiga applications will also be considered.
Applications should initially be addressed to Ms. Jane Donald at the address below.
They will be treated in the strictest confidence.
Psygnosis Limited, South Harrington Building, Liverpool L3 4BQ TEL: 051 -709-5755 FAX: 051 -709-6466 BRUSH WRAPPING The vastly improved palette is very noticeable with brush wrapping. Photon Paint has always offered a pseudo texture mapping facility so that brushes could be mapped onto a series of built in 3D shapes and illuminated with a user definable ‘light source'. These facilities are unchanged except that the mapping and shading is much smoother as can be seen in these examples. The spheres on the left were mapped with Photon Point 2, those on the right with SpectroColot HAM-E.
182 SPECTRACOLOR HAM-E Available from Checkmate Digital 071-923 0658 requires HAM-E also available from Checkmate digital price £399.
Ft - _ that will allow you to use HAM-E in a paint program. What will this mean? HAM x 64 lets you have 262,144 colours at your disposal on screen Brian Larkman picks up a full colour Animbrush and gets all arty with... Spectr Ham-E HERE WE HAVE a multitude of firsts, and they are all very exciting ones too. This is not only the first mainstream' Amiga paint program that will support HAM-E (Hold And Modify - Extended) but also the first to animate in True-Colour (that means 24-bits per pixel) and in real time. In other words it shows you just what HAM-E can really do. Though even this is
only just the beginning.
Surprisingly , though, the HAM-E version of SpeclraColor is virtually the same as the Amiga original. 64 colours instead of the previous 16 are now- the Base Colours, so the palette, as well as the three Spectrum Boxes and the Blend Set requester are adapted to reflect this. Every thing else though, is identical in form and function.
Using the huge increase in colours doesn't seem to have slowed operations down at all; if any thing. SpeclraColor seems a little faster. In effect, the HAM-E version is just an adapted version of the standard SpeclraColor (which is in itself just an adapted version of Photon Point). It probably took considerable re-coding to achieve this result but it looks and feels the same. After all that Black Belt have been saying about the transparent way their HAM-E works we shouldn't be surprised In a way this is a bit of a disappointment.
Why? Well because all those extra colours just awaken a deep desire for more features - more ways for you to use colour. HAM-E gives you far smoother gradients and much more subtle blends of transparency but after all.
SpeclraColor is still the same old Photon Point but with animation bolted on. (A fine program in its lime but a hit clunky these days, especially with the new Deluxe Point IV around). By supporting HAM-E. Though.
SpeclraColor could have jumped into quite a different league altogether so we might indeed expect a few new features.
All the same, it is a very familiar environment to work in.: Photon Point with good animation and 18-bit colour can't be all that bad so let's just see w hat it can do!
The painting tools of this program have always been good and these are improved w ith the larger palclte. The Blend lool in particular is an outstanding feature providing almost unlimited control over levels of transparency and gradients with almost any tool Having such a large palette now means that Mach Banding l these are the ugly bands of colour- contours crossing any un-dithered gradient) is almost eliminated and almost every object is smoothly graduated without the need for much dithering at all.
Unfortunately. These smooth colour gradients within objects emphasise the si e of the Amiga's pixels at the edges, and stepping or 'aliasing' has now become the major problem with SpeclraColor. The Blend tool is still not very good at feathering' brushes to eliminate 'edge artifacts' either (which is its only weakness really ), so some form of anti-aliasing and a specific edge blending tool are probably now essential.
Some of the other tools can use the Blend setting very effectively. Airbrush for example uses it to give a more accurate simulation, though still rather granular. Setting the graphs low (very transparent), allows colour to build up gradually however, enhancing the effect of a true airbrush and avoiding some of the grain.
Such a gradual build-up is best with a large palette so HAM-E helps here as well, though less noticeably so.
You really notice the vastly improved paint palette when you start using brush wrapping.
Photon Point has also always offered a pseudo texture mapping facility so that brushes could be mapped onto a series of built-in 3D shapes and illuminated with a user definable light source'. These facilities are basically unchanged but the mapping and shading is very much smoother, giving an almost 'ray-traced' effect.
The most exciting feature about SpeclraColor is without a doubt its Animation, especially the dynamic transformations that can be produced by using the brush manipulation tools. These were described in more detail in the original SpeclraColor review (Amiga Format Issue 20. 19911. In short, though, any object or part of the screen can be picked up and moved from place to place over a series of frames. The path for this movement can he determined manually by pasting down on successive screens, or automatically by placing the brush at first and last positions and drawing the motion' path
between these points.
183 JANUARY 1992 If some transformation is set in motion before selecting the first point - re-si c. Twist, wrap, blend etc - two parameters can be applied, one after the first point is set and another after the second.
When the animation is set to render, the object will move along its path, performing the required transformation from initial to final state, with progressive 'inbetween' states on each frame. Just as the use of the large HAM-E palette improves single images, so it enhances animations. Colour, shape and lighting transitions take place smoothly, though again ihe smooth surface quality makes edge imperfections stand out. Emphasising the need for anti-aliasing.
Once a sequence is animated it is possible to pick up an animated' brush, or animbrush as invented by Dan Silva for Deluxe Paint III This can be used again in exactly the same way as a normal brush, allowing transformations of transformations to any degree!
Unfortunately. HAM-E SpeclraColor vs ill only recognise HAM-E brushes, anints and animbrushes. This is a real pain if you have loads of ordinary animbrushes that you want lo use. The only way to bring in a standard anint or animbrush is to save it as a series of frames ANIMATION Until Amiga HyperFormat is sold on bookstands, magazines are not the best place to display animations.
Nevertheless, this image attempts to give a flavour of SpeclraColor's animation style. The elephant is an animbrush produced by RGB for its forthcoming Real Things-Safari kit, converted (laboriously) to HAM-E. Using a path it was sent from right to left , over the background. The whole animation was then picked up again as an animbrush,and Wrapped onto a ball, varying the size, first to last.
The animated effect is of an elephant moving behind a zooming lens.
PAINTING WITH BLENDS The ability of Blends to simulate watercolour painting is greatly enhanced with the smoother gradients of HAM-E. HAM 'ramping' (fringing) can still be a problem if the main colours used in the drawing are not placed into the Base Colours boxes at the start of painting. Thinking ahead like this is not always possible and in any case means that artists are more limited in their 'spontaneous' use of the program as a replacement for traditional painting methods. This is a limitation of all Amiga HAM systems rather than of this program however.
COMPOSITING As it allows 24-bit files to be loaded, SpeclraColor HAM-E can produce very convincing photomontage images.
Here background, foreground and grass were mixed together quite effectively (the pig was colourised separately to avoid fringing problems). Nevertheless, the lack of fine editing and anti-aliasing tools meant that a lot of time had to be spent cleaning up edges.
COLOURISING Edge 'Ramping' can be a bit of a problem when Colour Mode tool* are used to process the image. In this case, some of the colours that are used to produce the pig spectrum created ramping and other edge artifacts (especially yellow, green and cyan).
Anti-aliasing might have improved these problems.
The most obvious and really the only competition to the standard HAM version of SpeclraColor is Deluxe Paint IV and overall it's probably SpeclraColor that loses out. D Paint IV has a bit more of a polished feel to it.
The animation sy stem is much better integrated into the program and easier to use. The detailed editing tools and anti-aliasing are far superior, and even the gradient fill is now almost as good. Adding HAM-E support redresses the balance though, for SpeclraColor can load and display 24-hit files almost perfectly, and produce some amazing, smoothly shaded, texture mapped objects - and this is impossible in Dpainl ' It can also apply complex distortions and twists, plus variable levels of transparency and blending that can be modified during animation to produce stunning transformations
and fades.
While we are on the subject of file in output, it must be said that this is the first major Amiga paint program since the early days, not able to save an IFF picture file. OK. It's true that HAM-E formal pictures can be loaded into linn,ge Professional and saved in either 18- or 24-bit IFF. But SpeclraColor should offer 24-bit save itself.
In fact it would be nice if all internal operations were carried out in 24-bit. But display ed as HAM-E so that full 24-bit editing could take place. This would he very slow but surely not impossible, and certainly very useful now that so many 24-bit and 18-bit display systems are arriving on the scene.
SPEED If Seems faster than Photon Paint - but animation rendering is almost at ray-trace speed.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • Good clear manual at last • with full reference and tutorial sections ACCESSIBILITY • • • • • Familiar Interlace ana icons plus excellent key equivalents (mostly Dpaint stanOarO keys).
FEATURES • • • • Excellent - Photon Patnt plus animation - needs anti-aliasing and more tine editing tools though!
VALUE • • • • Very good lor probably one ol the best paint systems available on the Amiga.
Il seems remarkable that two paint programs with such a huge and seemingly complete range of features in common should still come up with so many unique tricks so as to make it worthwhile to own the pair. The addition of HA.M-E to SpeclraColor has restored that situation. Once again you need them both! O and load these as individual pictures, a real FUN job! As we mentioned in the original review... "it would be nice if a series of consecutively numbered individual IFF pictures could be loaded in one go." Some things never change.
90% HAM-E Spcctracolor EXPAND your CsAMIGA A500 Plus with the PHOENIX A500 P us 1Mb RAM modules oiaer mduu win noi wotk wun me new A500 Plus if they are populated to more than 512k. Phoenix have developed a range of RAM expansion units specifically for the new A500 Plus.
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Unpopulated only £16.99 512K populated only £39.99 1Mb fully populated only £49.99 Chip Ram is required to unleash the full graphics capabilities of the Amiga 500 Plus The A500 Plus can only use specific RAM expansion modules that will do this such as Phoenix.
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Because some older Games and Business software will not run on the new Kickstart 2.04 ROM Phoenix have designed asharer for both ROM chip sets.
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Kickstart ROM1.3 2.04 sharer only £24.99 Kickstart ROM 1.3 chip only £29.99 Order Hotline Phoenix 1 Mb RAM modules come in either 512K, 1Mb or unpopulated configurations.
TEL. 0532 311932 All Phoenix product is backed by a full 2 year replacement guarantee.
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FRACTAL SCENERY The recent trend in fractal landscape programs has been towards 24-bit images, but Genesis produces its pictures using the Amiga's standard 32 colour palette. Not as impressive os a 17- million colour image maybe, but then you don't need over a grand's worth of hardware to get the best out of it.
Dry land. Genesis can also provide more realistic landscapes than the other stick-in-a- nuntber and-sce-w hat-happens type of scene generation programs.
To get the most out of this program you hav e to be prepared lo get to grips w ith the its own kind of macro maker, the picture script file. Writing picture scripts using a text editor GENESIS Is available from The Software Business 0480 496497 Requires 1 Meg minimum - hard drive advisable.
- The power of the Amiga makes it ideal for creating digital
landscapes. Marcus Dyson dons his explorers gear and takes a
look at I the third fractal scenery package to come our | way
in as many months Genes' ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER fractal land
scape generation program, that's the wav it seems to be here in
the Amin« h rmal offices.
Genesis, the third day is quite aptly the third such program we have reviewed recently, and it continues the trend for additional features for lower prices. Straight awav I have lo say that Genesis is not as easy to use as VistaPro and Scenery Animator, it doesn't support 24- btt colour modes, nor docs it directly utilise the DEM (US Geological Survey Digital Elevation Model) file format, but this does not mean it is w ithoul it’s own indiv idual v irtues. I say that it doesn't directly support DEM because there is a program on the disk called DE.M2Gen which converts DEM information into a
form useable by Genesis, just the first example of the programs seeming delight in going about things in the most circumvolved manner imaginable.
This program takes a far deeper look into the world of fractal landscapes and how they are generated, it offers an insight into how real landscapes can be imitated, and examines the interaction between springs, rivers, lakes and or Genesis' own Make Pic Script command, and executing them through the Genesis program allows you to perform some functions that are not available via the menus, (though why not I can't imagine) contour dithering (the breaking up of edges of areas like grass and loresi. Or rock and snow ) for instance is only accessible through picture scripts. The AND THEN THERE
WERE THREE.. VISTAPRO £79.99 ¦ Virtual Reality Labs ¦ HB Marketing 0753 686000 Relatively easy to use with excellent manual, features animation and supports DEM and 24-bit. It otters the opportunity to see things like the Julia set rendered as a landscape (see picture above). Produces excellent results but slightly pricey given the cost ot... SCENERY ANIMATOR £59.95 ¦ Natural Graphics ¦ Post Haste 0227 764 204 The same features as VistaPro (more or less) at a lower price. Completely menu and requester-driven system is incredibly simple to use, particularly tor animation. It producing 24 bit
output is your main concern, this Is narrowly ahead in a close-run race.
Seed: Seed for Randon Nunbers Click on OLD to use the previous seed, click on TIMER for a randon nett seed, or enter a specific new seed.
Sprins Probability for level 1 187 JANUARY 1992 need for picture scripts is created by the program lacking any true animation capabilities, but it is possible to write a picture script to create and save out a number of frames for using as an animation, but these have to he compiled into an actual anim by an animation creator like PageflipperFX. And no such program is provided, nor is an anim player, although these are easily obtainable from the Public Domain.
The program supports Arcxx macros, so it would be possible to batch create and compile animations using Arexx and the required programs running under the Amiga's multitasking environment if you had a powerful enough machine, but it seems a little complicated for something that Scenery Animator does automatically as an integral part of the program.
Genesis images are 32 colour, and while Scenery Animator and Vista Pro may be going over the top a little with their 24-bit support, they are both capable of producing HAM pictures that are vastly superior to Genesis standard Amiga palette offerings. Why have the creators of Genesis made a package that produces 32 colour pictures then included a 32 to HAM feature because they consider it important to be able to load their pictures into Photon PainI 2? And why is it so important to load their images into a HAM paint package anyway? Because early on in the manual much is made of Genesis'
abilities to produce fractal clouds and planets. But the clouds are just while landscapes with lots of water in them Next you enter a number which will determine how likely any given point on the landscape will be to be the source of a river. Each time you increase the recursion level (the level of detail in your picture) you will be asked to refine this setting Genesis now creates a wireframe of recursion level one. At this point you can edit the landscape by dick- dragging the points on the wireframe into a position that is more acceptable to you and by placing new springs on the
wireframe. It's quite difficult at this level to see what the final picture will be like but when you are happy, click on OK.
Now you should set your position, elevation and direction of view, the angle of vision is set by changing the focal length of your imaginary camera.
When you have done this you can keep increasing the level of incursion until you are ready to render your image. But if you go all the way to level 5 be prepared for a wait.
MAKING MOUNTAINS... YOUR OWN SPECIAL WAY Once you have loaded Genesis you need lo either create a landscape or load data from disk to enable you to render one.
This quickly becomes apparent since all the other menu options are ghosted at this stage. So lets create a new landscape.
The first thing the program requests is a seed for the fractal algorythms to use to create the random numbers which will shape your landscape, defining the height of mountains, meandering of rivers, frequency of lakes etc. I a aw : (which have lo be added to ground scenes in Photon Paint) and ihc planels are scenes wrapped onlo spheres using Photon Paint's ability lo do so.
11 seems tlial Genesis was written for people who like to do everything the long wav round. You certainly need time to spare if you wish to render things at high recursion (detail) levels on a standard Amiga, since it can easily take over an hour to render a 5-bit image with smooth Gouraud shading, this does not compare well with the competition, which manages to create HAM images in less time or 24-bil ones in Marginally more.
So what are the v irtues I mentioned at the opening of this piece? Well a lot more of the parameters which define the final landscape arc placed under direct control of the user. For instance the number of springs, which give source lo rivers and lakes is user definable, as is the degree of slope that will turn a river into a waterfall. The degree of meander of a river can be defined as can its depth. Each point in the landscape can he edited to give precise control over the shape of the final image.
Another I unique as far as I am aware) feature that Genesis boasts is the ability to save landscapes out as object files for 3D modelling programs such as Turbo Silver S.I). Sculpt- Animate -II). And Videoscape 2.0. It is this ability that will define its niche, because as a simple creator of landscapes for general use Genesis is really no better than its competitors, while being a great deal less easy to use.
If you are simply wishing to produce realistic looking landscape backgrounds for pictures, or animations this program is no better than Scenery Animator, and a good deal slower and more difficult to use. If you wish to study the large areas of the planet (most of them are admittedly on the North American continent, but European ones are on the way) they are available as DEM files, having to convert them using the DEM2Gen program is a bit of a pain. But if you want to learn about the process of fractal landscape creation, and study the generation of said landscapes rather than the
finished landscapes themselves, then this could be the program you are looking lor O SPEED •• Not very fast at all. Either get an accelerator or have a book on-hand when using this program.
DOCUMENTATION • • A very extensive manual for an extensive program. Both are over complicated.
ACCESSIBILITY • • Not as easy-to-use as the competition. In fact not particularly easy to use at all.
FEATURES • • No HAM. No animation no direct support for DEM format files.
VALUE • • • It's a bit choaper than the Scenery Animator but a lot worse.
4AHCU. _ (ferdic) 65% FRACTAL SCENERY Genesis Show the True Colors of Your Little Angel Using spectacular Amiga Graphics with the RocGen Plus, you can combine your favorite videos with text and studio effects of overlay, fade dissolve and keyhole options. So forget those boring Christmas cards and show your love ones how much you really care with RocGen Plus.
WORD PUBLISHER «First Name» «Last Name» «Rddress» «City», «State» «Zip» Dear «First Name», Just thought you'd like to see an example of i Its called ProUJrite, and ujith it I can finally letters. Rs you can see, I can use any combiij fonts, styles (such as bold, italic, and under I can even add pictures to the things I write top of this letter!'.
ProWrite has much better screen representation ol graphics ond multiplc-document and font capability os well as comprehensive mail- merge facilities.
ProWrite 3.2 Word Publishei ¦ £143 ¦ New Horizons graphic manipulation, with resizing to fit those gaps, and definable runaround for text. The
100. 000 word spelling checker and 300.000 word thesaurus are
there and also an improved mail-merge facility. The macro
facility has also been updated to allow more flexibility and
control, with new functions added and a more comprehensive
macro language, which allows for more support and general
operation keyboard shortcuts as well.
Pro-Write 3.2 is indeed good, and with these new enhancements, it is far better prepared lo compete with other heavyweight rivals such as Excellence 2 or Wordworth. It's lost it's speed slightly since 3.1. but for a far better program, it is only a small concession.
It's well worth checking out: the choice, as they say. Is yours. R~i 189 JANUARY 1992 if these are in the current ed upon, Opus acts accordingly, con and font files, or playing the relevant sanple etc. It also recognises SoundTracker type nodules and plays then autonatically when selected.
When it cones to reading those text files, Opus provides a very nice reading interface, with variable scroll - it even allows you to read files crunched with the excellent PowerPacier autonatically, to version I owners as well. Something that is becoming popular is providing a friendlier, and more professional control system. Other new facilities include speech: yes it can now narrate text to you. Or even say out loud the words you type, as you type them. This can be rather invaluable for the partially-sighted Amiga owners, although it can often be a little difficult to comprehend what the
Amiga is actually saying due to the translator device's idiosyncrasies.
Another new' addition is the auto-save feature, which can automatically back-up your work at programmed intervals so that if ever your friend and mine, the Guru, comes round to meditate, you only lose the most recent part of your opus - a life saver for those, who like me. Always seem to meditate.
All the other features are there that you would expect from an update: multiple fonts, colours and styles, multiple document capability.
The thesourus and spelling checker facilities do their best, olthough here, the dictionary has failed to realise that the word in question has the American spelling... ProWrite 3.2 SPEED • • • Excellent tont-henUling routines, but graphic handling Is slow.
DOCUMENTATION • • A good manual, updated by a good pamphlet outlining the changes ACCESSIBILITY • • • • As easy and intuitive as It should be, with good use ot keyboard shortcuts.
FEATURES • • • • Very comprehensive, with |ust about all you could need In the program.
VALUE • • • • It s not cheap, but with all the Improvements, It s a lot betler value than before.
PROWRITE 3.2 is available from HB Marketing 0753 686000 erdic: 84% A WORD PUBLISHER is an advanced word processor which has Ihe ability lo control the layout and final appearance of your document.
Although they are not quite as powerful as a dedicated desktop publishing program, for example ProPage or PageStream. Their output, especially something like ProWrite.
Can be quite superb. New Horizons have managed to take into account all the moans, groans and gripes that users had with version
3. 1 to release this new slicker and far more friendlier program.
This version sees an improvement in the graphics handling. The on-screen representation of graphics is much better, with images now stored with all their information internally despite only seeing a version of the image displayed in the number of colours of the current screen mode.
This means that although the screen may look awful, depending on your palette, the final printed result will be in excellent 4,096 colour quality. As a method of conserving memory though, screen graphics are not cached (stored in RAM) any more, so this means that screen refreshes can be tediously slow when moving around, especially in hi-res modes with interlace.
As well as improving the graphic printing, text printing has also been revamped to provide smoother, 'jaggic-frcc' output. This is done by actually using a font twice the size of that used in the document, and scaling this down for printing, to give a better resolution.
You then get a far better, and sharper, printout than before.
For those of you who are using Workbench
2. 0. there is no problem with this system, because fonts can be
created 'on-the-fly' to produce double-size fonts, but those
who arc- using Workbench 1.2 or Workbench 1.3, will have to
make sure that the extra fonts required are in the appropriate
font directory.
This time New Horizons have decided to add the PostScript output facility to ProWrite within the program, means an external module isn't now required. The system it uses is similar to ProPage's. Which uses font metric files to allow the use of the PostScript printer's internal fonts. This means that ProWrite can actually load ProPage'.v font and metric files, and even go as far as loading its text files as well, keeping all the style codes such as bold and italic intact.
In general, the program has been rewritten to take advantage of the extra facilities that Workbench 2 offers, with a new look 3D-style interface giving a Workbench 2 look and feel Word publishers that let you import graphics to brighten up your text are very Nineties.
Asam Ahmad churns in his copy using the latest, more powerful incarnation of ProWrite.
A1500 2000 PERIPHERALS DESKTOP PUBLISHING COMPUTER SUPPLIES Suppliers of Discount Software since 1984 Educational, Local Authority and government orders welcome. Overseas orders please call or write for quotations. All goods subject to availability, prices subject to change without notice. E & 0 E. Prices include VAT and deBvery by post.
Courier defivery available on any item.
TO ORDER: Please call the telephone number listed below to place credit card orders (Access Visa) or send cheques POs made out to MJC Supplies to: MJC SUPPLIES (AF) Unit 2 The Arches, Icknield Way, Letchworth, Herts. SG6 1UJ.
Tel: (0462) 481166 (6 lines) SUPRARAM ic space for up to 8Meg of extra Ram.
SUPRARAM with OK fitted £84.95 SUPRARAM with 2Mb fitted £159.95 SUPRARAM with 4Mb fitted £225.00 SUPRARAM with 6Mb fitted £289.00 SUPRARAM with 8Mb fitted £349.95 SUPRA HARD DRIVES Using the fast Wordsync 2000 controller and quality Quantum drive mechanisms.
(A1500 2000) SUPRADRIVE 52Mbdims) £349.95 SUPRADRIVE 105Mb dims) £499.95 GVP SERIES II HARD DRIVES Quality drives with the ability to add up to 8 Meg of extra Ram on board.
(A 1500 2000) 52 Meg (11ms) version £299.95 105 Meg (11ms) version £499.95 SIMMS Modules - £69.95 per 2 Meg Pagesetter 2 - (Free Clip Art)
44. 95 Pagestream V2.1
139. 95 Pro Page New V2.1
149. 95 The above programs all require at least 1 Meg and I 2
drives, Hard recommended.
34. 95 Big Alternative Scroller
42. 95 Broadcast Titler II
165. 00 Broadcast Font Pack (10 Fonts)
89. 95 Broadcast Font Enhancer Pack
89. 95 ZVP VIDEO STUDIO Great Video Production package - call for
details (requires l Meg + 2 drives) MJC PRICE C89.95 RENDALE
8802 GENLOCK Great value Genlock offering both Foreground and
Background modes.
MJC PRICE £159.95 8802 MODE SWITCH BOX • £29.95 PROTAR PRODUCTS Protar are a well known German company who have now opened in the UK. They produce a range of quality products for the Amiga at very reasonable prices. All products are backed by an impressive 1 year REPLACEMENT warranty direct from the manufacturers.
NOTE: Protar products due November.
PROTAR A500 HARD DRIVES A range of dnves from 20Mb to 200Mb all with an impressive list of features:
• Optional Ram expansion up to 8Mb
• Transfer rate greater than 1 Mb second
• Up to FIVE times faster than A590
• Drive disable switch
• External SCSI interface PROTAR A500 HD 20Mb version E279.00
PROTAR A500 HD 30Mb version C349.00 PROTAR A500 HD 50Mb version
C429.00 FREE Courier delivery on Protar Hard Drives PROTAR
VISTO MONITOR Based on the Philips CM8833 the Visto comes with
a variety of inputs and complete with leads.
MJC PRICE £239.95 FREE Courier delivery on Protar Monitors PROTAR 1 2 Meg Memory Expansions 11 Meg internal (trapdoorl expansion, latest 4 chip design with battery backed clock.
MJC PRICE £25.95 SUPRA 500RX EXPANSIONS New memory expansions for the A500 ¦ plugs directly rto the HD expansion port - NO INTERNAL CONNECTOR REQUIRED SUPRA 500 RX EXPANSION 1Mb £119.95 SUPRA 500 RX EXPANSION 2Mb £189.95 SUPRA 500 RX EXPANSION 4Mb £259.95 SUPRA 500 RX EXPANSION 8Mb £379.95 QUANTUM DRIVE MECHANISMS Quality bare SCSI quantum drives 52Mb (11ms) version C209.95 105Mb (11ms) version E299.95 COURIER DELIVERY AVAILABLE FROM JUST £2.00 - ASK FOR DETAILS SUPRAMODEM 2400 Fully Hayes compatible modem. Runs at 300, 1200 or 2400 baud rates. Own power supply.
Comes complete with FREE PD Comms software MJC PRICE £99.95 WORDPROCESSORS Kind Words 2 £29.95 WordWorth V1.1 £79.95 NEW PROTEXT Version 5.5 New version of this best selling word processor Now includes new dictionary files and Thesaurus very fast for serious WP applications. (IMeg) MJC PRICE £99.95 PROTEXT V4.3 ¦ Half Price £49.95 PRODATA - NEW V1.2 AMIGA £64.95 GRAPHICS Pixmate
34. 95 Digi Paint 3
44. 95 3D Construction Kit
37. 95 Digiview 4 Gold
94. 95 Deluxe Paint 3
39. 95 DELUXE PAINT 4 Now available MJC PRICE £59.95 DELUXE PAINT
3 VIDEO TUTORIAL Nearly 3 hours of how to with Dpam MJC PRICE
£17.95 AMOS • The Creator AMOS VI.2 - The Language £33.95
AMOS COMPILER - now available £21.95 AMOS 3D - now available
£24.95 SOUND MUSIC New Stereo Master £29.95 Techno Sound
Turbo (Stereo) £29.95 Harmom - Sequencer £29.95 THE MIDI
CONNECTOR Featuring Midi In, 2 x Midi Out. Midi Thru and
Serial port Thru + 2 cables.
22. 95 NEW - GB ROUTE PLUS The latest version of this popular
route planner (IMb required) MJC PRICE £59.95 NAKSHA UPGRADE
MOUSE 280 DPI with FREE Mouse House + Mat now also includes
free Op Stealth game MJC PRICE C21.95 Squik • Replacement
Mouse Same spec and design as Naksha mouse MJC PRICE £14.95
CUMANA CAX 354 DISK DRIVE Quality Brand name 3.5' second
drive includes thru port, disable switch and No Hassle 1 year
INCLUDES FREE VIRUS-X UTILITY MJC PRICE £54.95 AMIGA EDUCATIONAL Fun School 2 Fun School 2 under 6 .12.95 Fun School 2 6 to 8 .....12 95 Fun School 2 over 8 ......12.95 Fun School 3 Fun School 3 under 5 ....15.95 Fun School 3 5 to 7 ......15.95 Fun School 3 over 7 ......15.95 FUN SCHOOL 4 - Please call for prices LCL Software Kosmos Software Primary Maths Course ..19.95 Micro Maths GCSE .19.95 Micro English GCSE .19.95 Micro French GCSE .19.95 Junior Quit 6 to 11 14.95 French Mistress 14.95
German Master ...14.95 Maths Adventure .17.95 Learn to Read With Prof bv Prisma
i. is designed to teach a sight at 4* years.
Ks and a cassette.
:E £19.95 vocabulary of 63 words and is aimed, The pack includes 5 small reading boc MJC PRIC VIDI AMIGA VIDI COLOUR SOLUTION Vidi Colour package - including Vidi Digitiser, Vidichrome and Photon Paint MJC PRICE £89.95 RGB SPLITTER - for use with Vidichrome or Digiview. (includes PSU) MJC PRICE £59.95 COMPLETE COLOUR SOLUTION Package includes Vidi Amiga. Vidichrome and the RGB Splitter for a complete colour digitising outfit NOTE: For best colour pictures you require a video camera or perfect still frame VCR MJC PRICE £134.95 Remember - prices include VAT & delivery!
VISA Trying to work out your personal finances is the chore everyone dreads at the end of the month. Pat Winstanley checks how much change she has left with Digita's revamped home finance manager.
Home Accounts 2 Personal Finance e| XI Bl M A pswra her caizhstor yyrt najhss iiiJBWr* 1 at ai sJ AUTO-BALANCING HAN UAL TRANSACTIONS 11391 "Auto balancing" fill attaint to Identify idiick traniaotlonc should bo Roconoiltd to aohlses a tareet balance.
It vou choose "Auto balance" you wilt be fronted to enter the tareet balance, the date ranee of transactions to be Reconciled and the nunber of transactions ahich need to be Reconciled to achieve the balance.
If you disagree vith the conbmatton of transactions r, imich havebeen Reconciled, use the _ J "Auto balance aeain" coiwand.
M JANUARY 1992 This is one ol the help screens and it's an attempt to reconcile your bolonce with the one on your bank statement and tell you which cheque hasn't yet been cleared. It might take o couple ol goes to get it right.
HOME ACCOUNTS 2 is available from Digita International 0395 270273 Minimum A500 1Mb + Workbench
1. 2 or greater.
ONE OF THE prerequisites for u home- aecounts package is for it to be user-friendly, if a program is too complex then you may well resort back to your less efficient calculalor- notcpad-and-cheque-book method. What's so good about Digita's new product is there's a flexibility that will make it just as easy for a student to balance their grant, as it will be for the nuclear family to balance how much to spend on their 2.4 children, or a for a Yuppie to work out w hether he has enough to make it to San Moritz this year.
In the past. Digita were criticised for lack of documentation and their screen displays were somewhat boring. All that has changed with their revamped range, especially with the development of their Human Interface Protocol which pretends to run Workbench 2 on a 1.3 machine.
Various little touches are included which enhance both the look and usability of the screen For instance, requester boxes pop-up close to wherever the mouse pointer happens to be. Saving time and energy. A variety of colour schemes are available, and multiple window s may be opened, which are useful for comparing entries in different accounts, and the window positions and sizes are remembered for next time. Icons can be assigned to major files, such as bank accounts and different designs arc available for different function types. This all adds up to a scry friendly working environment.
Home Accounts 2 sports some similar features to its older sister, but the user interface has changed beyond recognition, and flexibility has been increased. For instance the number and type of transactions is now limited only by memory and cut paste facilities have been added. Other facilities include definable defaults, slanding-order settings for any period, automatic account balancing and auto- cheque numbering to name just a few.
Virtually everything the home user is likely to need is included.
One of the major requirements of accounting packages is the ability to set budgets and check deviations from the same. HA2 supports a s atiety of graphing facilities for both budgets and gencral-account balances. Pic. Line, scatter. 2D and 3D bar in both stacking and overlaid formats offer options to suit any purpose. Each graph is given its own window and several different graph windows can be available on screen at once. This is handy when pan of the data is confusing in one formal or another. The graph windows may be resized at will, with scaling taking place automatically.
Graphs can also be saved out in IFF format.
Printing reports from the data is just as flexible with the availability of headers and footers and style-and-pitch configuration.
Budgets, income and expenditure types, net worth and VAT are among the print options.
Reports may be printed to screen, printer or disk at your will.
In addition to basic home-accounting functions the package offers a variety of extra features designed to make life easier. For instance the timed autosave and back-up makes sure you won't lose too much work in a disaster. And if you already use the older version you can import data from that package, no need to type it in all over again.
Another handy feature is the interest and loan-repaymcnt calculator. This quick utility calculates just how much that instant credit arrangement in the High Street is going to cost you in the long run (ouch). A pop-up calculator is available too. Which offers the four basic arithmetic functions, but for some reason doesn't have a percentage button - rather a large omission. L'ser-dcfinable keys and keyboard shortcuts are handy though.
Minimum and maximum balance warnings help to monitor your accounts, pointing out Rrev I Next when it is time to transfer cash around to optimise interest. And if your funds really can't cope with the demands that are put upon them, both actual and projected budgets may be viewed side-by-side so you can sec exactly where your careful planning fell over. On-line help is available, and if you find everything getting a bit too much simply play the sliding puzzle game or go for a walk and let the built- in screen saver look after your monitor.
Digita have made great efforts to listen to their customer comments and the result is a package which will suit any household, especially those running a small or part-time business. The program is easy to learn and easy to use with a manual full o'' screen shots and explanations. The built-in flexibility makes it suitable for a variety of purposes and the simple user interface makes it accessible even for beginners. O H Accounts 2 SPEED
• • • Slows down somewhat when several windows are open together
DOCUMENTATION • • • Still a little patchy m places Pot a great
improvement on earlier oftanngs ACCESSIBILITY • • • • The new
Human Interlace Protocol works well.
Beginners will have no trouble.
FEATURES • • • • Everything the home user needs has been included - and more VALUE • • • • Well worth the meagre price when set against packages costing C100 plus.
Iferdic) 79% qitaB £54.99 ROUTE PLANNER.
Route What's the big deal about a program that lets you plan car journeys? Well, it can save you time, money and from getting lost. And as Damien Noonan discovers, on the Amiga it's not only easier but also rather fun... banner ¦ £79.95 ¦ Complt wail al any place you're travelling via. So your overall journey time accounts for your stops.
New features in the Plus version include extra routes, places and B roads as well as A-Rexx support and a number of other tweaks have been added lo the sy stem.
GB Route Plus is quick at finding you a route It's also easy to use and generally very accurate and reliable in the routes it offers. But it docs have a tew problems Included are around 3.7(H) places and 6.700 roads which makes over 25 million possible routes. But a lot of smaller villages and roads that y ou use frequently are not in the program.
This need not be a problem, because you can buy a separate program called GB Route Plus lulu. Tins lets you add new places and routes as well as delete or alter existing ones.
Normally it costs £39.95. but it's available for a limited period at only £9.99. GB Intelligent route Plus WHEN THE FIRST VERSION of GB Route appeared early last year, it tilled a surprisingly large hole in the market. There’s long been a route-planning program on the PC* called Autoroute, which is so popular that Amiga owners were clamouring for something similar. GB Route gave them it.
The limitation with the program is that, as the name implies, it only covers the UK.
Automate, by contrast, is a general sy stem on to which you can plug data disks to cover most ol Europe. But within the UK. GB Route does everything a route planner should. Let's take a look at how it works.
The basic idea is that you input your starting point and your destination and the program works out a route for you. Which it displays on the screen in the form of a road map of the country . You can browse through the map.
mulling in for greater detail, and you can also display and print out a list ot instructions for following the planned route. These instructions take the form simply of what road to follow and where to turn off it onto your next road. It’s eminently clear and simple.
The other important aspect is GB Route actually offers you three different routes: the fastest, the shortest and the cheapest. To make proper use of this, you have to enter certain facts and figures into a set-up table: the price of fuel, the average speed you tend to achieve on certain types of roads and the average miles per gallon you do on those kinds of road. So when it's set up. The program will give accurate information about how long a journey w ill take and how much it will cost you in fuel.
Other options when you first enter your route allow you to avoid a number of places or a particular road, or set up a circuitous route via certain places you want to visit along the way.
You can also specify how long you want to The other ni”nIe is hidden costs'. One example of this was when we planned a route from Bath to Cheshire: the fastest route was M4 M5, hut the cheapest by about 80p involved crossing the Severn Bridge.
Cniorttmately. This failed to take into account that the bridge toll is £1. This error is repeated for any routes involving tolls.
That apart. GB Routt' Rim does its job very well It's very fast and very easy to use and it's also fun to play w ith, even if y ou're not actually going anywhere. It's a lot easier to find your w ay around w ith a printout of your route and your turnings taped to the dashboard. The only problem is that it's also pretty expensive, especially when you consider the Edit program too. The original GB Route was only £39.95 and I'm not convinced there's that much more to the Plus version lo justify a price four or five times that of a really good road alias. 'Zi 192 JANUARY 1992 GB Route Plus SPEED
• • • • Routes appear very quickly: scrolling round the map Is a little slow.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • A very simple program needs very little explaining in a slim manual.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • • Very simple to use indeed All the options are all self-explanatory FEATURES • • • For the price, the lack of some routes and toll payments is a fault.
VALUE • • Let down badly by cost: twice the price of the original version.
Wamk* Iferdic) 68% What Could Be More Natural?
The Trojan Lightpen for the Commodore Amiga range of computers can be used as a direct replacement for the mouse in most applications.
The pen provides an instinctive and very direct method of control for users of all ages, takes up no desk space and is completely maintenance free.
Particularly useful in art or design situations the pen is compatible with most software packages that can be called from the Amiga Workbench, after running the short driver program supplied.
Even very young children find the pen simple tooperate and it is therefore ideal for use with educational software.
The pen includes KwikDraw- Trojan's own drawing program, and is available from all good computer retailers at £39.99 rrp.
Unit 7 • Dafen Park Llanelli • Dyfed SA14 8LX What could be more natural?
• Compatible with Dpaint III, IV anil other major art packages.
• Also available- Commodore C64 l ightpen plus Penmaster. A fully
featured art package.
AGONY PSYGNOSIS FREEPOST LIVERPOOL L3 3AB UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 051-709 5755 E3 2 Pit your magical powers against an equal but opposite mystical force.
Use your sorcery and fighting skills to battle through six graphically - excellent levels, each infested with hordes of beautifully-animatea conjured-up creatures.
Pick up potions and spells to help your valiant struggle to find the secret of Cosmic Strength.
Experience four layers of incredibly-smooth parallax scrolling, animated backdrops, a massive play area, hundreds of on-screen colours, unbelievable gameplay and an exorbitant sound track all expertly mixed together ana skilfully cast to bring you a spellbinding brew of computer gaming action.
Experience Agony with no pain!
SEEING IS BELIEVING Screen Shots from the Amiga version.
Dataflyer 500 A500 Hard drive ¦ £349.99 ¦ frilogic Hard drives are pretty expensive. If you want an all singing and dancing unit you have to pay the earth, so Pat McDonald examines the nearest thing to a DIY hard drive kit.
THE FIRST THING lhal strikes you about the Dataflycr hard drive is its size. It's huge!
More than twice as big as the A590! The odd thing is that it's also very light. Your left thinking that perhaps it isn't complete.
In a sense that's right. As bought the Dataflyer is just a hard drive. It draws all its power front the A500. And doesn't have any sockets to put RAM chips onto it. The good news is that the reason there's so much empty space inside is that you can buy optional extras and beef it up a bit. It will take a DataRAM expansion card, which will take the memory of your computer up by 2-RMb. You can also fit ihe drive with it's own power supply, either inside the box or out.
No other hard drive that I know of has an internal power supply, and I can't understand why - it's so convenient to just have a lead with a plug. Possibly because the magnetic field of a PSU can damage hard drives - but the metal cases should eliminate this problem.
Finally, for those who need a lot of storage space, you can fit a SCSI connector on to the back, to plug-in extra hard drives too. All of these options add to the price, but not everybody has £500 to splash at one go on a GVP.
195 As set-up at the factory, the Dataflyer can be used straight out of the box. As all hard drive users will know, it's necessary lo reformat a hard drive from time to time, because certain software (and viruses) can cause a hard drive to fail. All hard drives come with a separate floppy disk which contains the utilities needed, and this one is 110 exception. Reformatting this hard drive is unique, totally unlike any other I've seen. Rather than using a specialist program with a pretty graphical front end. Ihe Dataflycr's set-up procedure is contained in a Shell script. Clicking on the
Format-HD icon starts off a Shell window, and the computer asks you questions about how you want the drive set-up.
All well and good, but there arc a couple of snags with this approach. The first is that, if you enter a strange value, the script doesn't error check and just comes up w ith an error code. The second problem is that people (in general) really don't like typing - a point and click system is more approachable.
Tile re's one more thing I don't like, and that's the time it takes for the hard drive to work out it needs formatting, and boot the floppy instead. You're left waiting for over a minute w hile it mulls over w hether lo boot the floppy or not - no other hard drive is tedious.
On the other hand, you don't have to reformat it often, so it’s a small glitch.
THE DATAFLYER 500 £349.99 for basic model with an NEC 50MB hard disk unit. For further information contact Trilogic 0274 678062.
(A 2000 version is also available) In normal use the Dataflycr is really quite pleasant. It takes ten seconds or so to boot from the hard drive, which compares favourably w ith competitors' models. The data flies on to and off the disk fairly fast for a hard drive, and makes using the device a pleasure rather than a pain.
I really must mention the documentation.
This looks tatlv. And is photocopied into a small book. When you actually read it though, you'll be pleased to discover it's mostly written in English rather blinding you with pure jargon. Step-by-step instructions are given for getting it working, rather than vague, general ideas of how to do things.
It's also packed with lots of advice about the best way to use a hard drive - things like installing software on to it. Backing it up. And connecting odd types of hard drive. I really cannot fault the content, because it covers many different subjects concisely in a small space. If only they were all like this!
The drive has a few faults, notably in the setup software and in Ihe size. It s deeper than the actual A500 itself, and is offset to compensate. This means it goes 150mm (six inches) further back than the computer, and I can see this causing problems.
JANUARY 1992 On ihe other hand, the hard drive is pretty unique in terms of long term usage. If you get an A1500 or B2000, you can lake the guts of the machine out and install them in your new computer (you will need a longer hard drive- Dalaflyer card cable though). It starts off pretty naff, but then again you can build it up into quite a good unit. O Dataflyer SOO SPEED • • • • Compares quite tevourably with all other types in general use DOCUMENTATION • • • • It looks rather appalling Put it Is clear, informative and helpful.
ACCESSIBILITY • • The setup script is pretty dire, but you don't need It very often.
FEATURES • • • • • Starts dull, but you can expand it to a reasonably desirable system.
VALUE • • • Not a particularly attractive buy, in view ot Ihe cost of the extras.
(ferdic) 65% Looking for a seriously good hard drive? Pat McDonald peruses one of the best available.
ALF3 Hard Drive B2000 Hard disk card ¦ £299.99 ¦ Gasteiner If you don't have an Autobootcontroller, you mist no* specify ALL boards hosting in at your Machine.
After done so, click on INSTALL MODULES.
¦ ALF - ST412 506 ALF - SCSI AMIGAS PROMIGOS F4 | AMIGAS PROMIGOS E8 1 CT - LOOKALIKE VAULT SKYLINE XTENSION ALCOMP | 1ST CUSTOM SOFTSCSI 1 2ND CUSTOM SOFTSCSII 1 1 CANCEL SET MODULES [INSTALL MODULES I Neorly all of the software crammed onto two floppy disks is as user friendly ond powerful as the installation software pictured here.
That's the way to do it!
• o -o nj GIVEN THE AMIGA'S huge popularity in Germany, it's
surprising that vet)' little from that country makes its way
into the UK.
Gasteiner Technologies arc now importing products from a company called Bsc - namely the Oktagon 500 A5(X hard drive (reviewed Amiga Formal 28) and this little number for the AI500 B2000. ALF stands for Amiga Loads Faster; a silly name as there's really little doubt that a hard drive docs indeed let you load things faster. It would be foolish to laugh at the ALF3 though.
It purports to be the meanest, fastest hard drive controller around. ALFA can use old fashioned ST412 (MFM or RLL - whatever that means) or the much better, later, more reliable (but more expensive) SCSI types.
On the board, there's a selection of custom chips to help shift the data from and to the hard drive as quickly as possible. The construction quality is very high, as you would expect given ALF3's origins.
What you don't get is any facility for connecting extra memory. Most hard drives do have this facility these days. It's not really a problem though, as A15(X) B2(XX)s still have three connectors free for a memory board even when fitted with an ALF3.
Fitting the board into the computer is no different to any other hard drive. Just unscrew the case of your computer, clip the card into a slot, connect the LED lead (so you can see when the hard drive is active) onto the board and pul the whole thing back together.
Even if you've never done it before, you'll find it quite easy so long as you take your time. I suppose really timid people could lake 20 minutes, but 10 is a realistic figure.
Setting it up and configuring the hard drive is not necessary, as this is done at the factory.
However, when a virus strikes or you accidently turn off your machine while a file is being saved, the hard drive will have to be set up again. This is when you encounter what makes ALF3 special.
The set-up software is brilliant. At every stage it reassures you. Informs you. And wants you of any problems. For user friendliness and simplicity it's lops. You don't just gel one- floppy disk with one program on it - oh no.
You get two disks with a whole host of utilities to configure the system to do whatever you want it to do.
Just getting the thing going from scratch is easy enough, but I cannot stress enough the depth of support. The software won't make the lea, but it w ill do just about anything else you could possibly want if you ask it nicely.
The fly in the ointment is the manual. It's paperbacked but ringbound. So you can rearrange it in a smart binder for easy reference.
The trouble is that the translation leaves The ALF3 looks little different from ony other Zorro II (A 1 S00 B2000) tord.
Notke the Quantum hard disk unit mounted on the end the prite given does not indude this, although you will need one of some sort.
Expect to pay another £200 or so for this.
ALF3 is available for £299.99 (without o hard disk unit fitted
- that costs extra) from Gasteiner 081-365 1151 something to be
desired. Like a retranslation.
Honestly, the manual is virtual gibberish in places. I can understand why - ALF3 is a terribly sophisticated piece of kit. And it's hard enough simplifying such concepts in your native language, let alone a foreign one.
You gradually get to leant the ins and outs of the book (it's not very thin) but it really does take time to get to the nitty gritty of what you want. For instance, if you have a hard disk cartridge unit like a Syqucst connected to the back of the ALF3 via (he SCSI, a standard Amiga gets very confused when you whip one cartridge disk out and put another in.
ALF3 can bypass this quite easily (as can most others) but finding out how is a tall order without lots of coffee and a notepad. Even when you find the correct reference it takes some trial and error to get it working. It's not the software, it's trying to understand that dammed book.
There's really not much else to say. ALF3 has extensive SCSI support, for sharing a hard drive between Amiga* equipped with a SCSI interface (preferably all ALF3s of course). In terms of speed, though, it's the best - it just pips the GVP Series II hard card, but the difference is not huge - perhaps 5% or less.
For the buffs out there, that figure was attained on the same machine using the same Quantum hard disk unit.
If you're technically minded, and want the best hard card, then get an ALF3. If you're not prepared to spend a lot of lime musing over the manual, then avoid it. The manual problem is going to seriously limit its sales potential.
There's not a lot of point gelling the best hard card if you cannot w ork out how to use it!
Personally I love it. But there are a lot of people out there who should be prepared for a stormy relationship when things go wrong (as they do with all hard drive systems). O SPEED • • • • • The best B2000 hard drive card available on the market up to now.
DOCUMENTATION • All the intormatlon Is there, but it s disguised as a load ol nonsense.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Great set o( software to utilise the lull potential ot the system.
FEATURES • • • • Everything except more computer memory, not really a problem.
VALUE • • • As with everything In life, this sort ot quality costs that little bit extra!
WaMKik Yerdic: 82% AAXGk More Speed.
More Memory.
The protar A 500 HD Series - The ultimate Hard Disk Drive.
Your Amiga will have capabilities beyond your wildest dreams.
Protar A 500 HD.
Capacity 20 MB -160 MB.
On-board-RAM Option up to 8 MB.
1 year replacement warranty.
2 years for Hard Disks with Cache.
Flexible capacity for professionals.
Made in Germany.
Request for further information at protar Ltd. • Park House • Greenhill Crescent Watford Business Park • Watford Herts WD1 8QU Tel. 092 354 133 24 23 07 • Fax 092 321 20 46 Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga, Inc. EVER SINCE THE AMIGA was invented, it has always had a light-pcn facility (go and check sour manual if you don't believe met.
Before mice became popular, you could often see people sketching away on their screens; this was a popular shot for Seventies TV science programmes.
It's strange then that you don't see many light pens in use today or even for sale in your local computer emporium. So if it's a built-in facility, why aren't there any? Die reason is that there is a general lack of support for light pens, 99.9999 per cent of programs just ignore them (the situation is similar for light guns).
The reason is that, in the Nineties, everybody gets a mouse w ith a computer - strange that you don't get a joystick too. Because every Amiga owner has a mouse, that's the method for using most serious and some games software.
Mouse alternative ¦ £39.99 ¦ Trojan DnCOnnnCIBBEBSSDIIilBR AliT ¦ ¦¦¦¦¦¦ Which is where this product comes in. It seems that you don't get a lot w ith it - a boxy light pen with a lead and two buttons, a thin manual, and a disk. £50 doesn't gel you much these days. At least the box is fairly sturdy.
It is pretty easy to get the device working.
All you have to do is plug it into the joystick port, and run the enclosed disk. The disk is a copy of Workbench 1.3. and it automatically runs the driver program. The driver patches the way that the Amiga works, so you can use the light pen instead of the mouse. The strange thing is. Y ou can use the mouse loo!
This approach means that the light pen can be used w ith all softw are that uses the standard mouse procedures that are built in to the Amiga. If the program has it s own mouse reading routine, then it will not work with the Trojan Light Pen.
In short then, this will work line with Workbench, most graphics programs dike Deluxe Paint for example), a lot of ray tracers and scenery generators Draw 91). ista) and virtually no games at all. However, unless you don't get fed up with using a copy of the - -o NJ Light Pen SPEED • • • • Usually whizzy except occasionally when It freezes tor a moment.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • • Thin, but an easy read - contains everything you need to know.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Takes time to get used to It. Doesn t demand technical expertise to get working.
FEATURES • • • There s no ultra fine control, but otherwise It performs quite well.
VALUE • • • A bit expensive. A replacement mouse only costs about £30 or less.
THE THEORY The principles behind how light pens work is not complicated. The light pen is placed fairly close to the monitor; it docsn t have to touch It. As the screen is refreshed by a beam of electrons, the light pen sees the new information shining on the screen. It sends a pulse down the cable to the computer.
The computer sees the pulse, and works out where the pen must be on the screen for the exact moment it sees the new beam. By working out where the beam was at that time, and calculates the pen's position. All this happens 50 times a second! As for the buttons on the pen. They work exactly the same as the buttons on a mouse.
TROJAN LIGHT PEN is available from Trojan Products, 0554 777993 (ferdic) 78% Ttojan Light Pen enclosed disk every time that you want to use your Amiga seriously, you will need to know how to copy the driver program onto different disks - and for that you w ill have to use the Shell or CLI.
There is one group of people who w ill not be impressed w ith the way that the Trojan works: people w ho have just bought an A500 Plus or other Workbench 2 Amiga. It just didn't work
- the disk booted, the program signed on. But the mouse pointer
would not respond to the light pen at all.
This isn't good, but the reason is that the review version I had was sent to us before the Plus was released. A new version is now available which does work on the Plus. There will be some old stock in circulation, so do check to make sure y ou get the new version if you have an A500P.
There are a couple of faults, though, occasionally the pointer gets stuck in an area and won't respond for a couple of seconds. This isn't helped by a dirty screen, but even happens on a pristine system sometimes (usually on dark areas of the screen). Normal control is regained in a couple of seconds though.
The worst fault of the Trojan light pen is the shape. It has no contour at all to lit in the human hand, and the buttons are loo close to the end for my liking. It just makes it harder to control at first, in a similar fashion to an awkwardly shaped mouse.
For use in paint programs, the pen isn't brilliant. You haven't got the ultra line control of a mouse, which makes detailed work tricky unless you're zoomed into a picture. The other problem is found on all light pens - the screen is partially obscured by your hand. After you're used to these foibles, it's great. 'If If you're fed up with shunting a mouse around a desk, well then let Put McDonald tell you about a new version of an old idea - all you do is just draw on the screen!
Trojan hove done very little to contour their light pen. It does take a while to get used to the pen that's oil right angles, but after a day or so you'll find it a bit more noturol to hold. You never get used to the buttons though - they're too far forward ond too close together.
Tel: + 44 081-365 1151 Fax: +44 081-885 1953 Credit Cards Welcome bsc Trade and Educational Orders Welcome Personal Callers Welcome GASTEINER T Outstanding NEW products from Gasteiner Technologies THE TRACK BALL MEMORY MASTER ALFA DATA TRACKBALL Alfa Data performance ST. Operates Top quality mechanical design.
For Only ? £16.95 UK's LEADING TOP SELLING SCANNER Mk II Sugging into a free A2000-Slot.
Ptional data trasfer independent from 1299 A really intelligent SCSI controller for the Amiga 500.
* Autoboot by FFS
* Automatic reading from SCSI devices
* Supports up to 7 SCSI devises
* Multi tasking capable
* Login and password security ALL THIS FOR ONLY £149 A
half-length FastRAMN expansion with 4 MBIT technology
upgradeable 2, 4, 6 & 8Mb. No additional Wait State in the
Amiga 1500 2000 16 But-Bus-Technology.
Includes RAMtest program and detailed manual. £129 NEC 3D £499 QUADRAN 1480 £399 PHILIPS 8833 £229 PRO-MONITORS ALF 3 Outstanding quality, excellent value - this package includes a 100-400dpi scanner with dither options, plus the amazingly powerful TOUCH-UP software package which drives the scanner directly. Scanner includes viewing window & backlight for accurate scans. Scan either line-art or grey images up to 400dpi.
£149.00 Populated for A1500 - A2000 2Mb -? £99 4Mb -? £POA 6Mb -? £POA 8Mb -? £POA Switchable between Atari Amiga with the third button 'Click & Hold' feature this mustj be the best value trackball at only GOLDEN IMAGE RC 2000 = 2Mb-8Mb V*£34.95 ALFA DATA MOUSE ' Fully populated board
* Plugs into trap door expansion ’ ana connects to gray chip.
Populated RAM board with click
* •£34.95 Ram card Vi Mb £59 Ram Card 2.5Mb £139 100% A500
compatible Battery Back-up Read time Clock on Board Support
ON OFF Switch to enable disable expanded RAM.
GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE 512K RAM CLOCK CARD £27.95 GASTEINER Unit 12 a Millmead Business Centre, Millmead Road, London N17 9QU Tel: 081-365 1151 Fax: 081-885 1953 Opening hours Mon-Sat (9.30am-5.30pm) FONT CREATOR Font Creator ¦ £49.95 ¦ Getting snazzy new fonts to show off how flash your Amiga really is can be a difficult task to perform. Asam Ahmad tests out his very own ABC with a new utility which will make creating your own fonts far easier.
THIS IS ONE of those intriguing kind of programs, with no immediately obvious application area. It is in fact one of those utilities that you'll probably not get round lo using very often, but when you do it can be dead handy. There are two parts to Fontgrabber.
Integrated in to just one program for general font manipulation.
JANUARY 1992 Creating fonts on a standard font editor can be such a tedious and difficult task. These editors often do not have the paint facilities that a program like Deluxe Paint has and arc severely lacking in the manipulative ability that paint programs have.
It is far. Far easier to create a font in a paint program than it is in a font editor, but the problem is that you cannot use the new fonts that you have created in any other application unless it accepts IFF pictures. You need lo be able to cut characters from your font screen and paste them down on to your work screen.
And this is where the first pan of the program comes in to play.
The real beauty of Fontgrabber is that you can load up most IFF screens, except HAM and Extra-HallBrile modes. The screens arc translated into a single bit-plane black-and- white modes meaning that you cannot grab colour fonts for example, but apart from that, the fonts can be as big or as small as you want them to be. But you have to work to the constraints of the screen si e. The screen can be of any virtual size, eg overscan, as it is possible to scroll through the whole image at will. Once the screen has been loaded in. Though, it’s time for the fun bit.
Grabbing fonts is child's play. The program lets you 'pick-up' images of any ~ _ _j_ q!pc clef gl'Mjlc mnop qr«liww*y-2_ £ I |3Ct)EFGHiJKLKl " |vJOPQ5p.STUVW * i [7 XNZ1 -'• ( ) 0 & character that you wish by simply drawing a rectangle around the character as you would w hen selecting a brush in a paint package. You simply select the character via the keyboard and then pick it up.
Having just created my own spectacular new font, it is time to grab it using Fontgrabber.
Just pick up those letters. You can even mix fonts, or assign whole words to a single key.
Once you have read in the alphabet, or just ihe characters that you want, it is time to edit their positions, relative lo the baseline of the font. This is not as difficult a process as it sounds, as Fontgrabber has some clever routines built into it These can more often than not distinguish descenders and ascenders like those on 'p's and 'b's and act accordingly to put them correctly at the same level as baseline characters like say x's. These are often taken as the standard characters for determining positions of ascenders and descenders in fonts.
FONTGRABBER is available from HB Marketing 0753 686000 Once you have grabbed, the font can be saved to your FONTS: directory in the standard format for use in any application that accepts Amiga fonts. The second part of the program actually allows you to take any standard Amiga font, and then put it into a standard IFF screen.
The main purpose for this is lo allow the use of a paint package's superior editing capabilities to manipulate or just touch-up a font in lieu of a font editor. It also allows you to change the font information to an extent, by re-grabbing characters from the screens to alter their positional information such as height and kerning, as when editing characters like before. This process also doubles as a useful way of creating screens full of fonts, to print out and use as spec sheets, to see w hether or not some fonts have certain characters designed for them.
Fontgrabber Fontgrabber is an OK program, in fact it's quite a good program, but it does have some potential for improvement. The ability to grab and edit colour fonts would have been nice, and a slightly better user interface would also have gone down rather well - it is mainly menu driven and it does its job. But it is often a bit sluggish, especially when editing the character positions.
There are a few bugs, in that it will not load all fonts, but perhaps this is due to nonstandard fonts that do not quite match up to formal specifications, though you can still load them up in Deluxe Paint. It's a program that can be put to good use by creating good-looking new fonts especially for applications such as desktop video or just generally to extend the capabilities of any program that uses the Amiga's fonts. 'I) Fontgrabber SPEED • • • Relatively last In most areas, but a bit slow In the editing mode.
DOCUMENTATION • • • Brief and to the point, pretty easy to understand, with no complex bits.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Straightforward and easy to use, fully menu driven, with keyboard short-cuts.
FEATURES • • It does its job. Only basic font support, but good nevertheless.
VALUE • • • • Fontgrabber won t appeal to all, but it Is useful addition to anyone's collection.
HRSnSSfc. _ liferdic) 67% IFQoo© The Perfect if General*.
From the writer of EMPIRE this is a game of strategy and tactics based on a 12 year old series of tournaments. Featuring a highly refined yet simple playing system, two difficulty levels, various scenarios, one or two players and modem play, amiga £35.99 HARPOON Harpoon + Battleset 1 8c 2 £31.99 Battleset 2 "North Atlantic Convoys" £14.99 Battleset 3 "The Med Conflict" £14.99 and a Scenario Editor Amiga £19.99 BATnBBDDlC ( p** HLJ £ 16.99 Flight Simulations - Strategy - Sports Simulations Role Playing - Wargames - Adventures VISIT our SHOP in Hampton Hill or send for our 7th Edition
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swIk.nmui hk anal ai lime «4 jswig kiprc N Uikl arc Majcu kuiu v xxHi*art tarttl.aliat (iaakme tart *41.at j Ir.ul Kistspfc»Confall tuiwfcr IA * r'l V1 *v.w 'v , O' A 0 ce ,xV °* CP- viteS4 , S „ re,e S . ? as' cviv 6 ciSSP ¦ Nys?0'’U ts X (ft .?»'*' x A ** 0 c V- There's loads of useful things that only the CLI or Shell can do: but if you don't know how to use them, you're a bit stuck. Until now that is. Asam Ahmad finds a new way to get the power of the CLI, but without the hassle that goes with it.
Ll Gadget now D Function ll Stack size _J Text colour J a B I Close delay r ?
? &L Priority BG colour Qualifier EZ1 EZI J Shortcut key _| Joutput window THE CLI IS CERTAINLY a powerful beasl.
Bul it's also darned awkward lo use. It's all right if you've invested lots of time and trouble learning how to use it. But if not you're simply stuck with no wav of getting access to all that power. Until somebody cleverly came up with the idea of the directory utility.
The Amiga's great advantage as a mouse- controlled computer is that you can make control of anything as simple as pointing to a bit of the screen and clicking a button. This is what directory utilities do. Replacing all those hidden CLI commands with a list of options on the screen, all nicely laid out for you to click on.
Directory Opus is the latest in a whole series of easy-to-use CLI replacements. It comes on one disk with a handy installation program for putting it on to your hard drive, and also included on the disk arc several Public Domain utility programs.
Ad Auto iconify _lDon't quote filenawifiJ 203 Opus has all the functions that you would expect to sec from a CLI interface program: all the standard •housekeeping' functions that allow you to copy or move files from one place to another, delete files and so on. But it also goes much further than this.
It has the ability to recognise many different types of file: IFF. Graphics, fonts and 8SVX sound sample files. If a file of any of these types is in the current directory listing and you double-click on it. Opus acts accordingly: automatically displaying pictures, icons or font files, or playing the relevant sound sample. It also recognises SoundTracker music modules and plays them when selected.
When it comes to reading text files, it can even provide a very nice reading interface, with variable scroll - it even allows you to read files that have been crunched w ith the excellent PowerPackcr automatically, using the PowcrPacker.Library . That's not all of it though, it also allows you to view .ANIM brushes, and even CanDo decks using a CanDo.Library. JANUARY 1992 problems in this area, providing you with functions to list, add to and extract archives, all as painlessly as possible. It does this by a clever script-like language, where rather than you typing in commands, you simply
click on parameters with the mouse, making it all as simple as possible.
Another useful feature is the Encry pt option, which takes any file that you select and encrypts according to a password that you specify. Very useful to prevent those important files being read by unwanted eyes.
Anybody who has ever used BBS (a bulletin board) will know how useful an archiver can be. An archiver is a program that takes a whole bunch of files and compresses them into just one big file. Archivers, however, are renowned for their difficult operation. Opus has the power to sort out your Almost a complete front-end for your Amiga.
Opus also lets you launch and run programs automatically, by simply clicking on them or on a special button created for them. It has the facility for over 100 buttons and menu options combined, so finding room for them is not difficult - they can even be assigned hot-keys to allow immediate execution. To complete the picture. Opus also allow s you to run Arexx DIRECTORY OPUS is available front Checkmate Digital 071-923 0658 Directory Opus *1 HOC 1 PARENT 1 ROOT BYTE 1 HAKEDK 1 OELETE 1 CLQfC | COPY 1 RENAME HOVE EDIT 1 RUN I ENCRYPT | PLAY | SHOW READ HEX READ ADO ICON ASSIGN 1 PRINT 1 ARC
PS Irear scripts and programs for total control, assuming that you do of course have Arexx. Opus is really a work of art as far as directory utilities go. It is full of fab features and fully cuslont- iscablc. The customisation process itself is extremely easy to use and very powerful, allow ing you to assign functions to buttons in its extensive control panel or menu system.
But all this power makes for one slight draw back: the program requires at least one Megabyte to run.
There are a lot of directory utilities in the Public Domain, one of the best being SID.
Which is shareware. But Opus is an excellent utility, very powerful, fast and friendly, and they've kept the price down to make it very competitive. So. If SID just hasn't got the flexibility that you need, then get Opus.
SPEED • • • • • All the operations are as last as they could be.
Given AmigaDOS speed.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • A good manual with all the options explained relatively simply.
ACCESSIBILITY H| Fully configurable and very easy tor anyone to get to grips with.
FEATURES • •• • • Just about all you could want and more.
Expandable by adding new functions.
VALUE • •• • Very good value, although It does require one Megabyte ot memory.
S Executable | .idRun asynchronously _1 Recursive dirs jH jdCO source _|Reload each file 14J naxuenca iu iruni ICO destination Joirectory Opus to front _10o all files Other func | Other bank | Swap (ferdic) 89% Directory utility ¦ £39 ¦ INOVAtronics Configuring your own buttons is child's ploy, with on easy-to-use, but comprehensive programming screen, to customise the operations ot will.
¦ Joutput to file ¦ _|Workbench to front Pfd:PageStreawZ Pa9eStreanZ.1 Okay | Cancel | Directory Opus KCS POWER PC BOARD FOR YOUR AMIGA The best of both worlds in the space of one I- §§
o o
0. :§ £3 0 nj ¦o op E a Now Available with or without
MS-Dos See Below Version for the A500P will be ready Nov Dec
91, and will allow total 2Mb Chip Ram HARD DISK Most hard
disks are supported with version 3.0. To be sure give us a
The KCS Power PC Board adds 1Mb memory to your Amiga and a real time clock Think how much 1Mb memory plus a clock costs £_,.
Think how much MS-Dos GW-Basic Shell Dos-Help costs Which leaves the cost of an AMIGA PC just For so little outlay the Power PC Board turns your Amiga into an up and running powerful PC, with no hidden costs. The cheapest PC in the world?!
Run heavyweight professional PC software on your Amiga PC VGA Version 3.0 of our software (Nov 91) comes with VGA colour and mono Option. EGA VGA will work on Microsoft flight simulator 4.0 Some extra Goodies:
• FLICKER FREE FIXER in PC interlace mode. Will work with all
Amigas. Software emulated.
• PROCESSOR SPEED can Be slowed down from 100% to as low as 16%.
So if you nave never reached Ihe highest level in a game, now
is your chance.
• KCS PC-MOUSE driver will work with your Amiga mouse.
• PAUSE can be activated at any time during a game or program,
allowing you to continue at your leisure
• Excellent compatibility
• 704Kb memory in MGA'CGA mode
• 640Kb memory in EGAVGA mode
• 200Kb extra memory ie: MS-DOS RAMDISK (reset proof)
• 1 2Mb extra FAST Ram plus l 2Mb Ram Disk for normal Amiga use
plus real lime clock In all modes.
• All lulure upgrades are software driven
• Processor speed - 11 Mhz
• Video 1 runs faster than most AT 286 computers
• Disk dnve I
• Fitted in seconds and does not invalidate your guarantee
• In a moment your Amiga can be up and running as a PC
• Help-Line and excellent Back-up service EGA Available (Nov 91)
will work from the full EGA colour palette.
VGA will work on a standard TV or rvtrvnit r onH in mnc-t nnc-nr it PRICE Including MS-Dos
4. 01 GW-Basic Shell Dos Help and on-Board memory.
£219.95 inc VAT Carr.
Microsoft windows Excluding MS-Dos GW Basic Shell.
BUT incl. Dos-Help and on-Board memory.
£175.95 inc VAT Carr.
Bitcon Devices Ltd.
88 BEWICK ROAD. GATESHEAD, TYNE & WEAR, NE8 1RS ENGLAND TEL: (091) 490 1919, HELPLINE: (091) 490 0202 FAX: (091) 490 1918 Compatibility is excellent Out noone can guarantee every single program available, therefore if your purchase depends on a particular program, please ask us first or send m a copy of the program. (With suitable S.A.E. if to he returned). Pnce subject to change without notice.
PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE ADAPTOR FOR 1500 2000 3000 Available from your local computer shop (If they haven't got it - Ask them why not!). Or direct from Bitcon Devices Ltd.
Australia: HPD (Tel) 08 349 8486 Kaobc (Tel) 03 879 7098 SOM) Discovor Ini. (Tel) 957 47 89 38. Sweden Delikatess-Data (Tel) 31-300580 Canary Customs Chipx (Tel) 28 278830 Denmark: Betafon (Tel) 31 31 02 73 Portugal Softdub (Tel) 01 352 8452 Ireland: Computer City Dublin 745250 N. Zealand Pazac (Tel) 054-82949 All trado enquiries welcome. UK and Overseas (PAL only) And the kids will have Fun! Fun! Fun! Until Daddy takes the software away.
Gary Lord goes back to school with the latest of the popular educational software.
Fun School 4 Under Fives £24.99 ¦ Europress The Fun Train section makes kids match words with pictures: hat. King. Fish, boat and axc(!) Are just some examples. If you get all the questions right you are rewarded with a nice little animation of the 'chuff chuff pulling away with a hearty toot. Each level in every Tun School section has these dinky little animations which encourage the kids to get the answers correct so that they can see what Teddy will do next.
Extending your kid's vocabulary is taken one stage further with Teddy's Hott.se. where they leant different parts of the house as well as being encouraged to think about colours The final game for the under fives is vet another numbers game and finishes off the whole thing quite nicely by requiring the child lo guess what the number of the missing bedtime story book is. With each correct answer a little ted rolls over and goes to sleep. "Time for bed! (Boing!)-' - as a certain red and yellow spring used to say... 'Zf 205 JANUARY 1992 Fun School 4 The other lun level is Karaoke, which Holly
enjoyed, but she found it went ux quickly for her to sing along with the eight nursery rhymes. A second level allows you to tap the rhythm at your own speed and is good for teaching about rhyme and listening to a beat.
The other four games are standard stuff.
Each is divided into three or four difficulty levels, depending on how advanced a child is with reading and 'rithmelic.
The Addition section is set in the classroom and uses familiar pictures and numbers to help the child count up to nine. If he or she is successful in answering a question, a single Teddy per answ er can leave the room.
Speed • • • Disk changing can be a pain.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • Excellent read-through booklet.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Any child will get something out ot the program.
FEATURES • • • • • A nice variety of different games.
VALUE • • • • • As good value as a decent soot-em-up.
' AAKJ. _ M 79% ALL ASPIRING PARENTS want their little Jonnic to do well: to grow up big. Strong and clever. It's the mental exercise which is most difficult to provide, which is where Europress have hit the nail on the head w ith version 4 of their lively educational software.
The series is divided into three different age groups: pre school, for the under fives; then primary school, which is split in two: five-to-scvcns and seven-to-clcvcns. Each age group is associated with a different, identifiable. 'strcet-crcd' character that the respective age groups can identify with. These characters have proved very successful throughout the series and it makes sense to use them: everyone remembers their favourite toy or character, whether it was Thomas the Tank Engine, an eagle-eyed Action Man or your good, old- fashioned teddy-bear... Naturally Teddy appears once
again in the Tun School series, as in the preceding versions. He is a bit more of a dude, though, than Roosevelt's Ted. Yes. This Ted wouldn't look out of place in an EMF video as he dons a baseball cap and a pair of statutory Rccboks.
The idea of the program is that the parent or teacher sits with the child on the first time through the learning games. Obviously with pre-school kids you're going to have to take some time to go through key commands and mouse proficiency, but there is a uniformity throughout the range, with the same keys (space-bar and the return key I being used in the majority of the games in each age range.
Our test child. Holly, aged fivc-and-a-half sixrn grasped the rudiments of the programs (and the necessity to change disks for the other half of the games) and was soon ploughing through them by herself. She enjoyed the more fun levels out of the six that are included on the two disks, especially the painting section, which is called Teddy Taint.
The plot goes that Ted has come in from the playground, but kind old Teacher Ted has let them spend the rest of the morning painting
- oh. Wasn't life so easy then? It's simple enough to use: the
computer screen represents your easel and a blank piece of
paper. When you press Help, it will display what shapes and
colours the different keys will produce.
So all our young Holly did was find a shape, which you can use in the same way you might a paint brush with the help of the mouse. This section is great for kids to explore the computer keyboard - it's not as though they can make any mistakes, or get themselves covered in paint so they can just be left to use their imaginations and produce their own pictures. There are three different themed pietures that they can work towards - Beach. Country and Playground - and they can produce their very own fields full of swings, roundabouts and psychedelic cows!
Primary Education in the comfort of your own home? Gary Lord gets ready for class, goes through some gruelling times tables and finds how much money he should be taking to the shops... Fun School 4 FREDDIE THE FROG is your guide through Pondsville Park. Yes. The fun for kids in Fun School is enjoying the characters and reading through each program with mum or dad. The set-up is Ihe same as the other two in the series: six games with various difficulty levels to get through.
Following Freddie through his antics will still need parental supervision, however computer-literate your kids arc. Because some games are taxing for average fivc-to-scven- year-olds. The program follows the National Curriculum, but it seems likely that only a gifted six- or seven-year-old could complete some of the tasks. And what a horrible feeling of failure when they can't complete what appears to them to he a fun game.
English. Maths and Information Technology (typing, basically) are core subjects covered.
The Basketball game covers the alphabet and counting. Filling in the missing letter from the alphabet is what's required. A colleague who was peering over my shoulder didn't immediately get it because the alphabet was in reverse order and w ith a couple of letters missing in the sequence. Putting the difficulty flaw aside, though, the program does flow along nicely, and is packaged very well. It comes with a glossy booklet divided into two sections.
The first is the story, the second is the parent- teacher guide which gives a breakdown of what each game is trying to achieve: for example. When Freddie is building the Log Cabin, the aim is to teach addition and subtraction up to 20. Then 30. And the 2-to-12 times tables.
Ihe Information Technology section is important in a computer package The game here is Typing and it aims to encourage a child to understand the basics of a word processor.
The aim of the game is to stop Freddie being harassed by a crocodile: by touching the appropriate keys on the keyboard you help Freddie hop away to the safety of the pond, but you've got to be quick, which encourages kids to learn where the letters are.
The other games are nicely done, with Freddie whizzing off on his credibility skateboard if you get the answers right in Shopkeeper. Kids have to work out if you buy some beefburgers for £1.72. and you pay with £2, how much change you get. The problem is.
Though, the kid not only has to do some hefty subtraction, but understand coinage as well: that there are 100 pence in a pound.
Opposites teaches that right is opposite to left, near to far. Success to failure, truth to lies and so on (heavy stuff) and has some groovy frog-hopping animation. And finally Library sets the hapless task of filing all the books away in alphabetical order: which must be as popular with kids as doing the washing-up. But Freddie makes it a bit more fun!
Fun School will not actually teach your kids. It is an excellent package for revision and encouraging the child to want to leam more, but don't expect it lo w ork miracles. If you get a question wrong it won't sit and explain why it’s wrong and how to go about getting the question right next time - artificial intelligence hasn't got this far yet! Tj SPEED • • • Not bad tor two disks.. DOCUMENTATION • • • • The sections are nicoly divided and easy to uso.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • It won't take long to become tamiliar with.
FEATURES • • • • Nice triendly characters and tun animation.
VALUE • • • • Well worth keeping your kids quiet with.
Liferdic) 79% Fun School 4: 5 to 7 TiTTTTTTTn DOT MATRIX & NOTEBOOK CITIZEN GOOD IDEA ALWAYS A Silica presents some great otters on the award winning range of high quality matrix printers from Citizen. Each Citizen printer is built in the UK to exacting standards, ensuring superb reliability and output. Our confidence in Citizen's quality is such that we are pleased to include a 2 year guarantee with every printer Plus, if you buy a Citizen printer trom us, we will give you the Silica Systems Printer Starter Kit (worth £29.38), FREE OF CHARGE!
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Rd. Sidcup Kent. DAM 4DX Tel: 081-302 8811 Silica Systems. Dept
AMFOR-0192-55. 1-4 The Mews, Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DAM
| Mr Mrs Ms: Initials Surname .. Address ... Postcode Tel (Home) Tel (Work): Company Name (if applicable): Vhich computor(s). If any. Do you own? EAOf A0* niMd P»r t jno »D eil'C*iot « m», cfi«r o. Ruixn in* coupo* *y lf« itfM) .fiVymahoo The top end of the Fun School range takes in a couple more core subjects from the National Curriculum. Gary Lord stretches his grey matter over some taxing History and Geography
Educational Software ¦ £24.99 HERE IS THE first major change in the new Fun School scries irom the previous Fun School . Because Europress have done a bit of market research and found out that Sammy the Spy. Who is codcnamed Agent Q. is far more popular than the poor rejected Robbie the Robot. But this has allowed for some excellent scenarios and animations involving Sammy as he spies his way round the w orld Thr section comes on just one disk, so there •• no disk-swapping hassle, but it lakes far longer to load each game when you hop in and out of each exercise. This is also the first time
Ends arc introduced to Geography and History, about the age children in schools arc going to be start learning about other countries and understanding about time and the past The mathematics section is the introductory section and is divided in to three different levels, based on Sammy who is chasing the double agent. In order to do this he must pass the proportions test set by the double agent.
Tl.cn he moves on to the laboratory where he has to collect a secret formula and find out the location of the final test. The maths tests are on proportions: for example there are 10 spies and Sammy has to work out how many of them have got moustaches. A selection of tnswers are given on screen and by using the cursor arrows its possible to swap the answers so that they are percentages, decimal values or fractions. If Sammy gets the answers correct llten the double agent will pass him the secret message: the end-of-lcvel animation.
The beauty of this section is the changeability of the answers: a child may find percentages easy, but have difficulty with decimal values, so they can interchange between the two and learn to become just as familiar with the second as the first.
The difficulty level again may well be quite taxing for some eleven-year-olds, but just because there arc three tests does not mean every child who buys Fun School has to make it to the top levels of each section.
The other two maths levels are Exchange Kates and Timetable. The latter is excellent in helping a child understand time, and at the same time leant about addition and subtraction. This section is set in an airport departure lounge, and Sammy has to work out how long (lights have been delayed for. Another important lesson for kids to learn about: sitting around in Gatwick wondering how much longer your flight is going lo be delayed!
Exchange Rates may be a bit problematic because the figures kids will be dealing with are quite high, especially when you gel involved with, for example. Italian Lire. Plus they will have to be able to recognise all the countries' currencies and flags.
EuroPress have had a bit of a challenge with the history and geography sections, because these aren't as easy to transfer lo the computer as straightforward spelling and malhs tests. Spy Travels, works well: Sammy has to find his way to various continents, oceans, countries, cities, seas and major cities.
Children will find this section difficult: there arc many seas and rivers which I had difficulty finding the location of. But the program can actually show children where places are. If you've got to direct Sammy to the Pacific Ocean and you've placed him in the Atlantic, a compass pops up pointing you in the right direction. The infuriating thing is you have to be very accurate, so if you've got to locale Paris you have to put the cursor exactly on it.
And the world map you are given is very small: there were some debates in the office as to where precisely it is. So children will have problems but w ill learn from their mistakes.
History and general knowledge will be useful depending on what eras children have been studying. Desert Dates for example asks questions like "When was the first public dentist opened ". The thing is history is more than dates. It's not necessarily important to know the precise date when the first dentistry was opened but why it was opened: the effect on public health and the state taking more responsibility for its population: but this is maybe a slightly tricky topic for something at the level of Fun School to take on board.
As a whole, the series is very consistent and could be used through the majority of the child's formative years. It is nicely animated, the sound can become decidedly irritating, but no more so than some of the top shoot-em-ups.
It's important to remember that they will help reinforce what your children have already learnt, and would be an excellent replacement to boring homework assignments. Beware of some of the levels in each age group: they can get quite advanced and they may in some cases teach many parents a thing or two. Zj SPEED • • • The older section takes a long time accessing on one disk: the others have two disks.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • Nicely divided Into two sections: the tlrst covers the stories, then the teacher-pupil stuff.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • Children will be able to be left by themselves once they re familiar with the sel-up.
FEATURES • • • • Good animations, irritating sound, a nice updated character and story lines.
VALUE • • • • It you want to improve your kids’ core subject understanding, you can't go far wrong.
W4MKA. _ Mk) 79% ) o 5 THE ULTIMA CONSOLE UNIT Rigid, colour coded aluminium construction detachable, easy assemble side panels. 2nd drive aperture.
Excellent access and ventilation.
£34.95 in P&P MATHS Simple design enables smooth, single handed mouse operation.
Comfortably rests on operators knee. Supplied with or without mouse mat.
Lap Mat.... £6.95 inc P&P Mouse Mat £2.45 inc P&P adventure National Curriculum Maths for Ages 6-14 SUPER FREE Gli only for Kosmot mail order customers CASIO SOLARl CALCULATOR namimaMi!
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Af A perfect product for your favourite paint program « Answer all yon questions' Oj Hyperdemo wil astonish you Using Gold Dsk’s Hyperbook.1 mi have packaged our HAM8.IFF demos with two catalogue disks, and a "speaaT disk I with 12 super pictures on it (in IFF) for £9.90 all in! No Amiga user should be without it!!
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Decimals Using calculators Shape & Space Money problems Measurements Number patterns I Pictureware Disks JUST £3.50 Each tor 5 I People Disks 18.2, i Children Disks 18.2 4 Disks £16:00 I Motorbikes Disks 1-4, 1 Disk £4:99 Includes VAT & Postage ibept Icrescent.
IS I milli £ I The Nude Disks 1,28.3, 2 Disks £9:00 | Atncan Famine Disks 18.2 , Atncan Animals Disks 18.2, Siiverback Gorilla Disks 18.2, Views of Vietnam Disks 18.2, Edwardian Photos Disks 18.2 1 An In Photography Disks 18.2 I FilmCrew on Location Disks 1 &2 ORDER FORM j Please supply Ultima Console j Lap Mat Mouse Mat I i [ I enclose cheque or P.O for £..... Orders normally dispatched same day I 24Hr Credit Card Phone FAX Hotline 0792 645946 I When ordering by telephone please wait tor I “AX tone to finish, at which point you'll be
• connected to our telephone system) Brynmill, Swansea. SA2 OAL !
Name ders by rxist e- Nik Williams Broadcast, AF, Aspect House.
21_ Brynmill | Address, Tall Ships Disks 1-3 .
Aeroplanes Disks 18.2 I World Wildlife Disks 1-5 1 Cuddly Toys Disks 18.2 I Hothouse Plants Disks 1-3 I Compilation Set Disks 18.2 ¦ Mannas & Boats Disks 18.2 I Rocky Coastlines Disks 18.2 Beautiful Sunsets Disks 18.2 I Household Objects Disks 18.2 1 WESTLEY DEVELOPMENTS 12 MENTMORE COURTS MENTMORE LEIGHTON BUZZARD BEDFORDSHIRE LU7 OTZ Any enquiries please ring 0296 681658 wmm Visa, Access Cheques PO's No cash please *-*•- ONL Y A VAILABLE FROM NIK WILLIAMS BROADCAST 0792 470503 Hippos Disks 18.2 I Castles Disks 18.2 I Now you can learn, revise and check your progress in National Curriculum
Maths in a way which is challenging and fun to do. The computer can automatically adjust the difficulty level so you will never be out of your depth, nor will it be too easy!
By solving the Maths problems and learning as you go, you face the challenge of the lour games in the Adventure through Time. Start in the land of the cave man, and if you survive long enough, you can help Zen in his desperate struggle to defend a Martian city.
Topics included... Times Tables Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Fractions Telephone or write for our FREE 20-page catalogue of educational and leisure software. Please state your computer type.
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Mat 4.99 Dust Cover 3.99 Disk Drive cleaning kit 4.99 TOTAL
PACK VALUE £632.88 Our Price £399.99 Order HOTLINE
WARRINGTON BOLTON 11 Market Square Arcade, 27 Baldwin Street,
6 Mealhouse Brow, The Courtyard Smipgates Hanley, Stoke on
Trent Manager: Andv (Off Little Underbank), 50 Horbcmarket St
Shopping Centre Manager: Adrian Tel: 0744 27941 Manager: Ray
Tel: 0925 232047 Manager: Ian Tel: 0782 268620 Tel: 061 480
2693 Manager: Adrian Tel: 0204 365851 Open 6 days Closed
Thursday Open 6 Days Open 6 Days Open 6 Days and far away
there was a kinadon. People in this kinsaoH bei had becone
very frightened. Each day a dragon flew froM the Mountain and
breathed fire everywhere f This is lor our younger renders:
they con pick where they wont to pop o fire-breathing dragon,
ond help write the story ond print it out to show their proud
Ft S nenu | story | sou nd| oops play ? 4 back view Magic Storybook Education Software ¦ £29.99 ¦ Softstuff Software 3 JT~ ?
JANUARY 1992 f '• vl ¦ | 2’IFiY'V'irT' iilH1 l.i 1; priority - this adds real perspective to the animations. Giving them a professional look.
There arc nice little touches loo: the mouse pointer is a green pencil when picking your sprites, but changes to a magic wand when using the menu. The magic part is when you play the animation, and the sprites come alive: dragons breath fire, clouds drift across the sky and giants stomp along.
It doesn't follow a specific educational structure, but allows children to be creative. At a basic level it helps teach sentence structure: presenting words to make up the story. These are colour-coded and help explain how a sentence goes together: verbs - doing words - are in red. Nouns are in blue, describing words arc in green and the rest are in grey.
This is the Screen Editor, which is only occessible for the over eights. Here you con odd your own little touches to the bock- grounds and sprites.
Mouse commands con get confusing here.
Once your children have grasped adding sprites, sounds and words to animations, and wants lo do more, they can have a go at adding their own sprites and backgrounds. This is aimed at eight-year-olds upwards and resembles an early paint package: the next stage on from here would probably be Dpaint.
The Editing screen has three elements: the palette. 16 different colours; the menu strip, where you pick your tools depending on the shape you want to make: circles, lines and a The first tale, with the guide of the tutorial, is The Angry Dragon, and as when you click on the story the loading screen of the first page animates on the page: sprites run across the screen and cheers and roars blast out.
The screen is divided into three. The top third is the actual book where you will see the pictures and words. This resembles an open book with the other leaves of the book at the side: clicking on the next page with the mouse allows you to turn back and forth.
The next part of the screen is where you.
The reader animator, come in. The sprites, sounds and words to put in your story will appear as you build up each tale. It's up to your child to continue the animation pictures of the story after your first token animation.
The final third of the screen is the Main Menu Screen .which is the control area that lets you change between screens: whether you want to change the sounds, words or pictures, and allows you to access the Screen Editor To start adding characters to your story you click the left mouse button for a selection of sprites. To get them in your animation you click a sprite and place it in the picture. If you click on 'oops' you can erase the characters that you don't want in your picture Sprite priority checks that sprites that are highest in the picture are automatically moved furthest back and
subsequently have the lowest THIS PROGRAM TAKES parenting and learning far beyond Listen with Mother, and is galaxies ahead of Jackanory. This storybook is, according to the authors (or should we say ¦programmers') a very complex one.
Magic Storybook will help you get the most out of your Amiga, because at its most basic level it is a whole lot of fun: watching, and adding to. Animated stories on your computer. But at its most difficult, it will probably stretch parents and children alike.
Its starting age is five. You start listening to the stories and watching the animations, and later adding sprites (people and objects) and noises to the stories. Magic Storybook also lets older kids add their own sprites, backgrounds, and even their own animations and story lines: serious creative writing.
Loading is a two-disk affair: the main disk and then the Books disk which contains five different stories (Goldilocks. Robin to the Rescue. The Angry Dragon. The Selfish Giant and finally The Christmas Story).
To help you is a very detailed 100-pagc booklet, which gives you a clue as to the depth of the program. Getting Started takes you through loading a story, stcp-by-stcp. And you will have to go through it with your child first, because there are so many different elements and mouse configurations which your average tot will not be able lo work through.
Helping children write their own stories is taken one step further with this kid's animation package. Gary Lord creates scripts and animates some stories that would easily rival the BBC's Mr Benn... variety of sprites. Plus three main windows: Background is the current scene being animated; Sketchpad is the place to experiment with your own drawings; and the Scroll window is used to scroll sprites during editing.
The Editor is very complex and will take up a parent's lime to become familiar with, so that you can help your child design its own stories. Children will need a real interest to gel up to this level, which will take some time to become acquainted with. By the time they are capable of being left alone lo add to current stories they might find it somewhat limiting with stories like Goldilocks, but they can then create their own material.
Plenty of thought has gone into Magic Storybook, but the Screen Editor is not very user-friendly and is too confusing for young children. But if you and your kids arc prepared to persevere, plenty of fun can be had: if not you still gel excellent value and younger kids will love playing and animating. *2?
Speed • • • Loading time is slow but no more so than most Amiga programs.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • Very In-depth, but by golly it needs to be because ot some contusing commands.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • Younger children with parental guidance will find it oasy: but the Editor is somewhat complex.
FEATURES • • •• • Enough to keep a child going right through to its primary years.
VALUE • • • • • Good value for the basic stories, but it they ever update lets hope the Editor is simpler.. Uerdic: 81% Magic Storybook SC Marketing Ltd TEL: 0923 89 69 69 AMIGA ACCESSORIES AMIGA BUSINESS S W EDUCATONAL SOFTWARE THE MIRACLE PIANO SYSTEM Call For details Answer Back Junior Answer Back Senior ... Arithmetic .. Better Maths (12-16) ... Better Spelling (8-12) .. Donald Alphabet Chase ..... First Letters (Under 5) Fun School 2 (Under 6) ..... Fun School 2
(6-8) .. Fun School 2 (8 - Over) .... Fun School 3 (Under 5) ..... Fun School 3 (5-7) .. Fun School 3 (7 . Over) ... Fun School 4 (5-7) .. Fun School 4 (7-11) Fun School 4 (Under 5) ..... Goofy’s Railway Express ... Henrietta's Book ol Spells .. Hooray For Henrietta (5-12)..... Junior Typist (5-10) . Maths Mania (8-12) Mickey's Runaway Zoo ...... Mix & Match ..... Sesame Street Number Count.
Sesame Street Letters Naksha Mouse * Operation Stealth Squik Mouse ...I Optical Mouse (Golden Image) Trackball Crystal (3 button) I Golden Image Hand Scanner £ Naksha Hand Scanner ...
3. 5" External drive !
Zl-Fi Stereo Sound system (Inc speakers) .I 1 2 Mb Expansion Inc Clock ....i Power Supply Unit .¦ 40 " 3.5" Disk Storage Box 80 " 3.5" Disk Storage Box ......i Protar Colour Monitor . Philips 8833 ..£( Commodore 1084S ....£ SM2400 Serial Modem ...£ Vortex Atonce PC Emulator .. Protar HD 60 . Prolar HD 80 . Protar HD 100DC.
Protar HD 160DC.
Protar HD 20...... Protar HD 30...... Protar HD 50...... Protar HD SODC HARD DRIVES Ram Power Supply BOOKS 2865 Advanced Amiga Basic ; 6657 Advanced Systems Prog Guide 5452 Amiga 3D Graphics Prog Basic.....£18 45 2754 Amiga Applications ......£16 9 4257 Amiga Basic Inside 8 Out £18. 5454 Amiga C Advanced Prog .£32 45 5453 Amiga C For Beginners .-£1845 6035 AmigaDOS £11.95 5223 Amiga DOS Inside & Out ......-£18.45 6618 Amiga Desktop Video Guide ...£18. 5224 Amiga Disk Drives
Inside & Oul.....£32 4256 Amiga For Beginners ...E15. 6233 Amiga Graphics Inside 8 Oul .£3245 6502 Amiga Hardware Rel Manual ..£22.95 4259 Amiga Machine Language ....£14.95 8009 Amiga Pnmers In 8 Out (»DK) ,,,.£38.95 2755 Amiga Programmer's Guide ....£ 1745 5889 Amiga Rom Kernel Rel Aulodocks 6541 Amiga Rom Kernel Rel Lib 8 Dev (31.95 83% Best Amiga Trick 8 Tips (Inc DK)... :(3245 8010 Making Music On The Am (Inc DK) Star LC10 (9 Pin Mono) .... Star LC200 (9 Pin Colour) . Star LC24 200 (24 Pin Mono) ...... Star
LC24 200 (24 Pin Colour) ..... Panasonic KX-P 1180 (9 Pin Mono)... Panasonic KX-P 1123 (24 Pin Mono) Panasonic KX-P 11241 (24 Pin Mono) Canon BJ-10e (Portable Bubble Jet).
HP Deskjet 500 ... PRINTERS Amos 3D .....£ Amos Compiler ......E Big Band ...El Cash Book Controller (Digital ..E Cash Book Final Account (Digita)...£ Deluxe Music Construction Set E Deluxe Paint 4 £ Deluxe Video 3 * Inc Photolab . Devpac 2 .....£ Digicalc .£ Distant Suns ...£
G. B. Route Plus .....£ Hi-Sott
Extend .£ Home Accounts 2
(Digita) .£ Home Ottice
Kit ....£1 Home
Titter .£
Inlotile ... f K
Data .... K Spread
2 K Spread
3 Kmdwords
2 ..... Master
Sound .. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.
Maxiplan Plus (Spreadsheet).... Personal Finance Manager Powerworks ..... Prodata (Database) Protext V5 . Quartet Rombo Complete Colour Solution Superbase Personal 2 . Vista...... Vista Pro .... Wordworth VI. 1 (WP).. X-Cad Designer .... Ailin'; Amas Sound Digitizer LEISURE SOFTWARE 4 Wheel Drive (compilation) ....
A. T.A.C
Agony .. Air
Support . Alien Breed 1
Mb ... Alien
Aminos .
Aquaventura .. Barbanan
2 Bill Elliots Nascar
Racing . Blues
Brothers ...... Board
Genius . Boston Bomb
Club Captain
Planet ...... Challenge
Golt ...... Chan Attack
(Compilation) ..... Deluxe Strip Poker
2 .... Devious
Designs ... Fighter
Command . First Samuraiian Botham s
Cricket Flight Ol The Intruder ... Fort
Apache ... Formula One Grand
Prix . Goll
(Microprose) .. Great Napoleonic
Battles . Home
Alone ... tan Botham's Cricket
intelligent Strategy Games Jimmy Wh le s Snooker Knghts Ot The
Sky Leander lemmings Data Disk Lotus Turbo Chai'enge 2 Mage
Pockets Mage Story Boon Magnate Serous Voi i Megemana Mg 29
Super Fulcrm Never Ending Stones (Arcade).....
Pegasus ..... Pit
Fighter .. Rugby The World
Cup ... Super Hereos (Compilation) ...
Super Space Invaders . Terminator
2 ... Turtles
Arcade ...... Ultima
6 ..... 4 Wheel Drive
(compilation) ....
A. T.A.C
Agony .. Air
Support . Alien Breed I
Mb ... Alien
Aminos .
Aquaventura .. Barbanan
2 Bill Elliots Nascar
Racing . Blues
Brothers ...... Board
Genius . Boston Bomb
Club Captain
Planet ...... Challenge
Golt ...... Chart Attack
(Compilation) ..... Deluxe Strip Poker
2 .... Devious
Designs ... Fighter
Command . First Samuraiian Botham s
Cricket Flight Ol The Intruder ... Fort
Apache ... Formula One Grand
Prix . Goll
(Microprose) .. Great Napoleonic
Battles . Home
Alone ... Ian Botham S Cricket
intelligent Strategy Games Jimmy Wh le s Snooker Knights Ot
The Sky Leander lemmings Data Disk Lotus Turbo Chai'enge 2
Mage Pockets Mage Story Boon Magnate Scrolls Voi t Megemana Mg
29 Super Fulcrm Never Ending Stones (Arcade).....
Pegasus ..... Pit
Fighter .. Rugby The World
Cup ... Super Hereos (Compilation) ...
Super Space Invaders . Terminator
2 ... Turtles
Arcade ...... Ultima
6 ..... Utopia Utopia Video
Video Kid.
World Class Rugby World Class Rugby ‘538 Attack Sub At 0 Tank Killer . Action Stations (1 Meg) ...... Armour Geddon Amham .. Atomino . Back To The Future 3 .. Bat „ .. Battle Ot Britain ... Battlechess .... Betrayal . Big Box Bill Elliots Nascar Racing Blue Max ....
Brat .. Breach 2 (1Mb) . BSS Jane Seymour .... Buck Rogers ..... Cadaver . Captive .. Champion Ot Raj ..... Champions 01 Krynn 1 Meg..... Chess Champion 2175 Chessmaster2100 .. Chips Challenge ...... Chuck Rock ...... Chuck Yeager ... Chuck Yeager*AFT II ... Cluedo Master Detective . Codeman Iceman
(1 Meg) .. Coin Op Hits II .. Colonels Bequest (1 Meg) .. Colossus Chess X ... Colossus X Bridge ... Conquests Ot Camelot (1 Meg).
Cricket ... Cruise For A Corpse Curse Ol The Azure Bonds Death Knights Ot Krynn ...... Duck Tales . Dungeon Master (1 Meg) ... EH .... Elite . Elvira ..... Eye 01 The Beholder ...... F-15 Strike Eagle II .. F-16 Falcon ...... F-16 Falcon Mission Disk 2 F-19 Stealth Fighter . F-29
Retaliator .. Final Fight .. Final Whistle ..... Fists Ot Fury ..... Flames 01 Freedom Flight Sim II ...... Flimbo's Ouest . Full Blast .. Gauntlet III ... Giants Gods .. Golden Axe .. Gunship ... Hard
Nova ... Harpoon (t Meg) Heavy Metal ...... Heroes ..... Heroes Ol The Lance Heroquest Hill Street Blues .. Hollywood Collection . Hoyles Book Ol Games . Hunt For Red October ... Hunter Indiana Jones The Last Crusade Indianapolis 500 . Jack Nicklaus Unlimited ... Jones In The Fast Lane.
..... Kick Ott II . Kick Olt II (1 Meg) ..... Killing Cloud Killing Game Show ... Kings Ouest 1 .... Kings Quest 2 ..... Kings Ouest 3 ..... Kings Ouest V .... Knights 01 Crystallon Leisure Suit Larry 1 ... Leisure Suit Larry II ... Leisure Suit Larry III .. Lemmings ... Lite And
Death .... Line 01 Fire .. Lord Ot The Rings ..... Lotus Esprit Turbo ..... Ml Tank Platoon . Magnetic Scrolls Coll ... Manchester United European...... Manhunter II San Fran .. Megatraveller 1 .. Melal Mutant Mig 29 Might And Magic II ..... Monster Pack ..... Narc ... Ninja
Remix Pang .. Panza Kick Boxing 1 Meg .... PGA Golt Tour .... Pirates Platinum .. Police Ouest I ..... Police Ouest I11 Meg Pool Ot Radiance Power Up .. Powermonger .. Powermonger Data Disk ... Prehistorik Premier Collection .. Prince Ot Persia Pro Tennis Tour II ... Pro Flight .. Quest For
Glory ...... Quest For Glory 11 Trial By Fire.
RB.1.2 . Railroad Tycoon ..... Rainbow Collection . Rod Lightning .. Red Storm Rising ... Rick Dangerous II ... Rise Ot The Dragon ... Robin Hood ..... Robocop ll Scrabble Deluxe ..... Secret 01 Monkey Island Secret Ot Silver Blades Sega Mega Mix ...... Shadow Dancer ...... Shadow Sorceror .... Shadow Warriors ....
Silent Service II ...... Sim City Populous .. Space Ouest 2 . Space Ouest 3 . Space Ouest 4 . Speed Ball II .... Stellar 7 Stunt Car Racer ...... Super Monaco G.P . Super Ott Road Racer Team Suzuki . Team Yankee ... Test Drive II Compilation Test Orive II - The Duel The Winning Team .. Thundertiawk
Toki . Total Recall ... Toyota Celica G.T. Rally.
Trivial Pursuit Turrican II .....
U. M.S. II ..... Ultima V
Viz . War Game Con Set Wheels 01
Fire Supremacy . Super Sim Pack Con
Supercars II Wings (1 Meg) . Winning
Tactics ...... Woltpack ......
Wonderland . All Prices include VAT and
Q. Which is the only Amiga magazine solely dedicated to using the
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answer readers’ questions?
Q. Which Amiga magazine has monthly columns from some of the
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1. 0Mb £35.25
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There are a multitude of genlocks arriving on the Amiga scene. But which one do you need?
Gary Whiteley has rated and reviewed a broad selection that will satisfy both the hobbyist, who just wants to add scrolly credits to their sisters wedding video, or the hearty professional who wants to get down to some serious animation and graphics on the latest corporate promo.
The Gen on Genlocks - vO M A MISCONCEPTION aboul genlocks is (hey are merely devices for overlaying, or as il is (crmcd in video-speak. Keying', graphics on lo video by replacing a specific colour, usually Ihc 'background' with (he video signal. This is nol really (rue In (he video world a genlock is used for synchronising one video source (a camera. VCR. Video disc or another computer) lo another so that mixing, editing or other effects can he achieved.
Amiga genlocks arc produced with the idea ol adding graphics (captions, titles, animations etc) to video signals, though many now offer additional facilities such as colour splitting, video prtx'cssing and effects. These extras arc not necessary for genlocking but might well he useful w here extra creativity is concerned With new video formats like S VHS and VidcoX. And increasing popularity of broadcast systems such as M2 and Bctacam, Ihe range of genlocks has widened to encompass the highcr-quality component signals (Y 1C. YIJV and RGB) as well as the traditional composite (C'VBS) ones,
while prices have fallen as quality and features have increased.
How docs a genlock lock then? In order lo gel one video signal keyed on to another it isn't enough to simply add them together, l evels need controlling, as do the times when Ihe signals coincide. Timing is crucial to television and I don't mean getting the news on at Ten otherwise we wouldn't have the illusion that we perceive as moving pictures.
A UK television picture, called a frame', is made up of 625 horizontal lines of picture information. Each frame's subdivided into two 'fields' of 312.5 lines each, the first is composed of all 'odd' lines (1st. 3rd, 5th etc) and the 'other' of all the even ones, though numbering is regarded as being by field, rather than frame. So the lines in the 'odd' field are numbered one to 312.5 and the even 313 to 625 The fields are displayed in rapid succession - first odd. Then even, with each display lasting only one 50th of a second - at this speed the brain perceives the two fields as being
interlaced', resulting in one image.
Since there are 25 of these frames a second, the illusion of movement is easily created.
If you were wondering why they are displayed 50 fields a second, it's because UK 240V electrical supply runs at 50Hz, making it the ideal master 'clock' for the system.
Similarly, in America, where there is a 110V supply with a 60Hz frequency Ihe NTSC (American TV standard) system runs at 60 fields (30 frames) a second. These timing differences arc why American equipment and signals cannot he directly mixed w-ith PAL (the UK standard) equipment.
Il is important, with split-second timing, that additions to a video signal, must be timed to coincide with Ihe lines and fields of that signal. Since the start of each line and field arc identified by electronic markers (known as line syne and blanking respectively) you can use (hem like a clock to set the timing, instead of using the Amiga's own internal clock. A genlock’s purpose is to slave the computer to video (by GENcrating LOCK), so any graphics produced by the Amiga will be synchronised to the video signal arriving at the genlock.
Thus line one of the Amiga signal will coincide with line one of the video signal, frame one with frame one and so on. And with both signals in sync effects such as overlaying, mixing and fading can he correctly made. The mixed image can then be output to a video recorder, for instance.
Now, all this is very well, but what happens when the video input is substandard'.1 If. For example, a poor quality VHS tape is being played on an old VHS machine - and some of the sync information is lost When (he genlock receives poor information it cannot always lock the Amiga up. And instability can occur.
No matter how good a genlock is. The quality of the incoming video signal is critical.
Always remember every time a video signal is processed (unless it's entirely digital) you're going to lose quality. Systems with lower bandwidths (ic less room for information on the tape) like VHS will inevitably lose more than higher bandw idths (such as Bctacam) and composite signals will degrade faster than component ones like S-VHS or HiX. Similarly, poorer quality (though not always cheaper) genlocks can spoil your signals. Because all genlocks are connected to the RGB monitor Super Marcam Ltd £599.99 ¦ Marcarn ¦ 0602 790466 8802 port you may find sometimes you cannot use a 1084 monitor,
for instance, as the RGB information is not returned through the genlock for subsequent reconnection to the monitor.
Some genlocks use phono connectors for video (the type commonly found in hi-fi systems). These tend to be more difficult lo use ond ore less effective thon the usual BNC connectors used in most professional equipment.
Phono culprits include MiniGEN. RocGen and Pal genlocks.
If that's the case you'll have to use a composite connection (the video output from your record VCR will do) and the image quality on your monitor will be reduced, making graphics creation more difficult. Degradation is a problem only overcome by using higher standard, wider bandwidth equipment or by the use of expensive video processing equipment.
RENDALE’S NEW GENLOCK is aimed at the semi-professional professional market, going by the price and the S-VHS features.
Surprisingly it arrives as two boxes! Along with a modified 8802 genlock you also get a larger, wedge-shaped box with knobs on. This is the mix fade wipe controller and it connects directly to the genlock unit via a length of cable. It wasn't long, though, before I was having problems. The integral RGB ribbon cable from the 8802 is very short, which causes problems getting it to sit safely on the desk - especially if you have a 1500 or 2000 and a standard size desk. And if you're thinking of getting a 3000 Tower you'll have to prop the 8802 up if you want to connect it.
The rest of the connections arc straightforward. Connect a video input to the mixer unit (cither S-VHS or PAL composite), then connect the video output, hook the RGB back out to the Amiga monitor, connect the genlock and plug in the power. Switch on your Amiga and you're ready to go. Note that while both S-VHS and composite inputs and outputs are available you can only have one input in use at a time (selected by using a slider switch) although both S-VHS and composite outputs can be used simultaneously.
The separate mixer fader wipe unit has a host of knobs and switches on-board. There are four different sliders that arc marked (from left lo right) Mix Fade. Wipe. Cross Fade and Input Fade. There arc also four small push switches which are used to select the current wipe pattern. 1-astly there is a rotary switch for selecting the key mode (Foreground mode I. Background. Amiga Only. External Video or Foreground 2).
With such a wealth of controls come plenty of permutations which arc achieved by a mixture of sliders and switches. There arc 16 wipes available, all of the straight-edged, vertical or horizontal variety and the various combinations of switching each results in a different wipe being produced - ranging from plain up. Down, left or right to comer boxes and finally square to centre when all four basic shapes are combined.
During fading the position of one slider may not only affect the outcome of another but give rise to combinations of Amiga Video which could be either wipes, keys or key- wipes, Amiga-only or Video-only faded to or from black. And here's another small gripe - the good-looking crinkle finish of the case interferes with the sliders and makes smooth fading harder than necessary.
Well, what about the quality? OK. In general it's good, but it is disappointing to sec ghostly- wipe edges (appearing as dark and light lines) when they really shouldn't be there. This apparently can be corrected, but the unit would have to go back and be disassembled to make the adjustments. There was also some digital break up on the edges of wipes left midscreen. Otherwise, though, keying is good and all the controls arc simple to use. Once you have a grasp of their functions, though the selector switch has several positions which aren't marked, but still selects signal positions.
219 Overall I wish I felt better about this genlock than I do. Sure, it works pretty well, but why the two boxes? Presumably they are for upgrading existing 8802 owners. The connecting leads are so short that everything may as well all be in the same case - there certainly seems to be room! The build quality appears high and the documentation is generally good, though there is a lack of detail about all the functions of the control unit. Also the range of wipes will only have a limited use. Especially without any positioning control. So I reckon there's room for improvement yet.
JANUARY 1992 If you already have an 8802 genlock and wish to take the upgrade path to the Super 8802 you can do this for £420.00. You'll also have to return your 8802 to Marcam for modification.
There are now genlocks available which run the whole range of tastes and pockets, hut any genlock for the Amiga requires at least three basic things - namely connections for Amiga graphics in. Video in and mixed video out.
From simple beginnings there is ample scope to add all sorts of extras - software control, video effects, signal processing. RGB splitting for digitising, various input and output formats etc. And whilst many of these functions could be of great use in the right circumstances, you may not actually need any of them for the work you want to do.
All the genlocks reviewed here are external
- they plug into the RGB monitor output of your Amiga and should
work with any Amiga.
ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS Genlocks are an Integral part ot what's called desktop video'.
This threatens to do to video graphics, animation and titling what desktop publishing has done to the world ot journalism and printing: taking it out ot the hands ot 'pros' and thus allowing the enthusiast to do a professional job. But with just the aid ot a home computer at the comfort of their own desk.
What a genlock does In simplistic terms is it takes the two signals: the one that's coming out ot the Amiga (your video titles or graphics), and the signal of the VCR (the video you want to add them to) and mixes these two signals together, so that they are synchronised. A term that is often used Is a video source' which is just a techie term for referring to the Amiga or a video tape or recorder.
Rendale Super 8802 QUALITY
• • • Could be improved.
• • • • Skimpy on some details, otherwise good.
• • • Awkward cabling.
• • • • Well equipped.
• • • Comparatively overpriced.
Optimisation and data verification for fast loading Also backs up other formats: IBM. MAC, ATARI etc. Menu driven options which make it easy to use Also available for A1500 A2000 Quick and easy to install (second drive required) SLIMLINE DISC DRIVE ONLY £59.95 ROCTEC DISK DRIVE + MAC II + UTILITIES DISK ONLY £99.95 MAC II UTILITIES DISK BACK UP OPTIMISER. SPEED CHECK AND ALIGNMENT CHECKER £19.95 ORDER MAC II BACK-UP NOW AND YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO PURCHASE ANOTHER BACK-UP UTILITY AGAIN 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT. ASHCOM neither condones or authorises the use of this package for the reproduction of
copyrighted material.
The facilities offered by MAC II are designed to reproduce users own software, PD software & other such programs where permission has been clearly given. It is illegal to make copies of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder or the licencee thereof.
latest DRAM invalidate Commodore warranty, fits in trap door.
£59.95 AX508 8 MEG EXTERNAL RAM EXP AX504 4 MEG EXTERNAL RAM EXP AX502 2 MEG EXTERNAL RAM EXP £399.00 £269.00 £179.00 m A500 1.8MB EXP £139.95 44256 DRAMS £
4. 50 SIMM'S IMEGX9 £
MOUSE £24.95 MiniGEN This a rather small device which looks
strangely like a Commodore modulator and plugs into the RGB
port in the same way. The MiniGEN has video in and out. No
RGB pass through and a single three-way switch for selecting
Video or mixed signals, simply using Colour 0 as the Key Colour. One of the most basic designs of the current crop, the MiniGEN is obviously designed to be easy to use and. If you own an A5(X).
It probably is. Others may experience some difficulty getting at the selector switch when the MiniGEN is plugged in behind a larger Amiga.
If you want to sec what you're doing on your usual Amiga monitor then you will have to connect an output from your video recorder. For the price the quality is OK and as an entry level unit the MiniGEN may be worth considering.
99. 95 ¦ 0724 280222 ASDL
• •
• • ___ (ferdic) 65% This is slightly more up market than the
MiniGEN. And offers more features and far easier connection,
but still lacks the RGB pass through. Instead of being plugged
straight into the Amiga's RGB port the Rocgen is connected by a
sturdy cable that's a couple of feet long. In addition to the
output selection switch the hardback novel-sized RG300C has a
fader control which is used to either crossfadc between Amiga
graphics and video or lo fade the keyed graphics up and down
over video - depending of course on how the switch is set.
The result is that you can be more creative with the Rocgen than the MiniGEN.
With fade and key levels at your command. At this price you will be surprised at the output quality of this genlock and.
With a little practice, the fade control can be used smoothly to produce good results.
Rocgen RG300C RocTec ¦ £ 119 ¦ Silica 081 -309 I I I I JANUARY 1992 T ANK*.
FetM 72% Rocgen Plus RocTec ¦ £ 199.99 ¦ Silica 081 -3091 RocGen Plus QUALITY_____•_ There is definitely room for improvement.
DOCUMENTATION Not available with review unit.
ACCESSIBILITY • • No problems setting up at all.
FEATURES • • Fine If it’s for general use.
VALUE • The reduced quality reduces value.
(ferdic) 70% Slightly larger than the original this new device has more connections and more controls. RGB pass through has been added (a definite plus), as well as a second rotary fader. The Input video can be looped out again, providing extra monitoring capabilities. There's also Key Video input and again there's a 12V DC input for external power.
I was initially disappointed. But after some internal adjustments I produced an acceptable output quality that was superior lo the original.
Controls are smooth, though possibly a little limiting as they arc rotary knobs. As with the other original Rocgen. Video input must be supplied at all time for the RG3I0CP to control the Amiga properly. No video input results in loss of interlace at higher resolutions and it is even possible that crashes and read write errors could result.
Rendale 8802 Marcam Ltd ¦ LI89 ¦ Marcam (0602) 790466 Rendale 8802 66% The 8802 has been around for a good while now and was one of Ihe first quality genlocks to become widely available. It's connected by a short cable to the RGB port but it isn't always easy to accommodate where desk space is at a premium and often ends up suspended by string and rubber bands behind an Amiga 2000.
Bui don'l lei this put you off.
Once it is installed you have no need for access because it has no manual controls.
While the standard 8802 simply uses colour 0 for keying I he re is an option lo bring it under software control via the parallel port, permitting more advanced functions like inverse keying, graphics only and split outputs. Although it's been around for a some time, the 8802 is still a reliable and good quality genlock, which belies its 66 per cent verdict. Give it a good signal and it will return good, no frills, results.
Electronic Design PAL Genlock Electronic Design ¦ £350 ¦ 0257 472887 ED PAL Genlock QUALITY Good throughout all the features.
DOCUMENTATION Good, with clear hints and diagrams ACCESSIBILITY 222 OK for all but it Is the fattest fingered FEATURES JANUARY 1992 It s big on useful features.
VALUE You get plenty for your pounds.
Xt vwa. _ Kerdic) 85% This German offering gives colour processing (colour, contrast and brightness). RGB splitting for colour digitisers and inverse keying, along w ith controls for fading and superimposition levels. Much like the 8802. The PAL has RGB pass-through but at around twice its height this model sits solidly by the Amiga, connected by a flimsy integrated ribbon cable. It’s possible to remove all the colour (ie make a black-and-white picture) using the processing controls. The effects faders set the graphics key level, crossfade between Amiga and video signals, or simply fade
the video to black depending on how they arc set in combination. The only problem here was yo couldn't fade the graphics out completely - an annoying ghost was always present. Otherwise quality was good.
A Y C version's available which does all the PAL does, but has additional Y C input output for use with S-VHS or Video 8. The quality and price are higher.
G2 Videocentre VC3 G2 Systems ¦ £ I, i G2 Vidoecentre G £ QUALITY • • • Extremely good.
DOCUMENTATION • • Slightly skimpy, but enough lor the informed.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • Easy, for those who understand these things.
FEATURES • • • Most ol the things you want at this level.
VALUE • •• Broadcast quality, broadcast price.
I l » » I J I V . .1- V v V iferdic) 82% Amongst the league leaders, this is a genlock for the professional, designed to provide the solid output that is necessary to satisfy the stringent broadcast requirements. Since the majority of users of equipment of this standard will already have video mixers and effects generators there is little point in adding them just as some expensive extras, though d the optional controller will provide fade 8 and mixing levels.
The VC3 provides connections for all the major formats - Y C. YUV. RGB and composite - as both inputs and outputs and is the only unit mentioned here which provides the adjustments necessary for truly w- t professional applications - ie the Horizontal Phase and Sub Carrier settings necessary to completely align the genlock to the rest of the video system. All the required pro-connections are there, including Reference Video (which is commonly used in multi- YTR editing set-ups to ensure all equipment is synched to the same source). And as expected from professional equipment, the VC3 puts
out a very high-quality image.
• 512K AMIGA £329.99
• PHOTON PAINT 2.0 £89.95 TOTAL RRP: £649.72 YOU SAVE: £320.72
TOTAL RRP: £906.67 YOU SAVE: £507.67 £399 SILICA PRICE - INC
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Stencils, shadowing. ¦' contour mapping ana r QQ QC surface mapping. Lovihw J lltlBitMEr The new Arcade Action Games Pack is THE software compendium for Amiga owners, featuring ten top titles with a variety of different types of games for you to enjoy. Each title is packaged in its own plastic case, with a colour sleeve and full instructions. The Arcade Action Pack is FREEI when you buy your Amiga 500 from Silica.
[FREED _ £219.78 Every Amiga from Silica comes with a FREE 72 page, full colour brochure with accommodation vouchers. These vouchers entitle 2 people to stay up to 16 nights in one hotel (or any number of hotels to a total of 16 nights) with accommodation FREE (you could take up to six nights for four people, or other options).
Choose from the 250 hotels featured in the catalogue. All you have to pay for are your meals (prices are listed in the brochure). Reduced rates in top London hotels and hotels in France are also featured.
F|l»r 16 NIGHTS HOLIDAY rlVCS; HOTEL ACCOMMODATION ( TOTAL FREE PACKAGE) ARCADE ACTION PACK - £229.78: Asterix - By Coklel Vision ... £24.99 Chess Player 2150 - By cp software .... £24.95 Drivin' Force - By Digital Magic £24.95 Live & Let Die - By euib .. £19.99 Onslaught - sy Hewson ......£24.99 Pipe Mania - By Empire Software £24.99 Rick Dangerous - sy Firebird £24.99 ROCk ‘n Roll - By Rainbow Arts £19.99 Skweek - sy us Gold ... £19.99 Trivial Pursuit - By Domark
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aaoxmeooprn meleere Twmday until 6pm Aut tor extension 3918 SIDCUP SHOP: 7-4The Mews. Hathe-f. =: :cup. Kent.7)A14 4DX Tel: 081-302 8811 [“PLEASE SEND FREE AMIGA COLOUR CATALOGUE | Mr Mrs Ms: ... Initials: Surname: ... | Postcode: .. Tel: .. SILICA SYSTEMS MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 081-309 1111 Which computei(s). Tl any. Do you
own? ... EXOE Adve-laeo p-ces xnd ¦pentcebone may rn»«pe , fete.. me cooncn lor me meet enoenieoon ROCTEC RocLite The Slimmest and Lightest
3. 5" 880KB External Drive Classical 3.5" 880KB External Drive
5. 25" 360KB 880KB Switchable External Drive RocKnight Anti-Virus
Device Write Protection, Virus Prevention Track Location
Display Kocuen Pius Video-Thru and RGB-Thru Ports Variable
Fading Effect Inversion of Overlay Function External Key-In
Port Internal Drive for A500 A2000 2MB RAM Expansion Card
RocHard Hard Disk Drive Built-In Autobooting On-Board-RAM
Option up to 8 MB Optional IDE SCSI Hard Disk External SQSI
fort ¦ 512KB RAM Expansion card Manufactured by Trade
Inquiries: ROCTEC ELECTRONICS LTD. SDL Tel: 081 300 3399 9 F
Win Win Ind. Bldg., ZYE Tel: 0293 538 666 18 Lee Chung Street,
Chai Wan, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 897 3869 Fax: (852) 558 8099
Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc.
Vortex Atonce-Plus The 16 Mhz PC AT-Emulator For £ 248 For
Amiga 500, A 500 plus, A 2000 vortex Atonce-Plus is the high
performance 16 Bit CMOS 80286 AT emulator for the Amiga 500,
A500 plus and A2000. It converts your Amiga into an AT
compatible computer with multi-processor and multi-operating
system facilities. It provides a 16 Mhz clock frequency and
offers a Norton SI of 16,2.
Each Atonce-Plus is supplied with 512 KB vortex FAST-RAM and a socket for an optional 80C287-12 arithmetic coprocessor. Without any further RAM you get full 640 KB DOS memory. Memory above 1 MB can be used as Extended or Expanded Memory. Windows
3. 0 runs unrestrictedly in the Protected Mode.
Atonce-Plus runs as a task within AmigaDOS. It does not affect the normal operation of your Amiga and is totally transparent when not in use.
You may work with PC AT programs under MS-DOS or DR-DOS as well as with your Amiga under AmigaDOS.
Atonce-Plus accesses the entire environment of your Amiga: Commodore compatible hard disk systems as well as internal and external disk drives, the serial (mouse) and parallel interface, sound, RTC and CMOS RAM.
Video emulations such as EGA and VGA in a monochrome graphic mode, CGA with 16 colors, Hercules, Olivetti and Toshiba3100 are available.
The Atonce-Plus Gate Array, the Chip-Level Emulation and the Atonce-Plus AT-BIOS guarantee an AT emulation with the utmost degree of compatibilty and provide your Amiga with full system reliability.
Atonce-Plus is delivered with installation and emulation software (no DOS) and a detailed user's manual.
The compact SMT-PCB plugs directly into the socket of the 68000 CPU without any soldering, so all expansion slots remain free. 0 0 . Q Atonce-Plus for only 4o.
For further information please contact your local Amiga dealer or call CompuServe at 100015,330.
Vortex Computersysteme GmbH. Falterstrafie 51-53. D-7101 Flein . Tbl. +49-7131-59720. Fax. +49-7131-55063 All company or product names an- trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Atoncv is the registered German trademark of vaXex Comptlosysteme GmbH.
O cE cF ?
U. co K & s CO FIRST AMONG EQUALS would like to announce the
most important development to the AMIGA A500 for over 3 years
The New c Commodore AMIGA A500 Plus ©o o© K ro so N o The New
AMIGA A500 Plus Cartoon Classics Pack comes with:
* New Super Agnes gives 1 Mb of CHIP RAM as standard upgradable
to 2 Mb of CHIP RAM (and 8 Mb of FAST RAM), thats 10 Mb of RAM
in total
* Super Denise and improved Custom Chips allow connection of a
VGA or MULTISYNC monitor without the need of expensive Flicker
* New "PRODUCTIVITY" video display mode gives screen resolutions
up to 1008 * 800
* Built in Battery backed Real Time Clock
* KICKSTART ROM version 2.04
* Latest WORKBENCH 2.04, FONTS 2.04 and EXTRAS 2.04
* New improved user friendly manuals
* Software includes The Simpsons, Lemmings, Captain Planet,
Deluxe Paint 3 plus Mouse, Modulator, and Manuals only £374.99
in stock now!!
A500 Plus RAM Expansion by Phoenix The Phoenix Kickstart ROM 1.3 2.04 sharer Because some older games software will not run on the new Kickstart 2.04 ROM Phoenix have designed a sharer for both ROM chip sets.
Switchable between 1.3 and 2.04 ROM you can get all the benefits of the latest A500 Plus without the drawback of losing some of your favourite games software. This unit will also fit into older 1.3 machines including the 1500 2000.
Only £34.99 Kickstart 1.3 ROM chip only £38.99 Kickstart 2.04 ROM chip only £ P.O. A. E&OE RAM expansions made for the older A500 may not work with the new A500 Plus Phoenix have developed a range of RAM expansion units specifically for the A500 Plus.
Take your AMIGA up to 2 Mb of chip RAM without any soldering or internal modifications whatsoever. Fits simply and easily into the bottom expansion port.
Ft The Phoenix RAM will not invalidate your warranty.
Take your A500 Plus up to 1.5 Mb only £29.99 or 2 Mb only £54.99 12 month Replacement Guarantee IT'S PATHETIC!
The great Amiga Format Prize Christmas Crossword 1 Win a fabulous sporting trip courtesy of Electronic Arts!
I. Hear the Bullfrogs insult your father |8).
5 Antipodean home of golfing Great White Shark |9|.
10 Spoke clearly, but nine dot printed badly |7|.
11 Poverty-stricken position won't help your drive |4, 6).
12 Ad it away on is slimy fish |4).
13. Natural hazard when playing with a wood? |4)
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15. Face that faded to grey (6)
16. Vision defect causes golf-playing problems (3.3).
17. Good at chess, great at golf championship! (S. 7).
19. Picture in picture is hip with the crowd (5).
20. Of African origin (5).
23. Sufficiently hard? (6, 6)
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26. Clubbed over the head and defeated (6).
28. What carnivores eat (4. 4|.
29. First name of golfer who started at 23 |4).
30. Hi or lo it s still advanced |4|
32. Dry death Ed? No. But certainly short of water (10|.
33. O an ogre is wild, but it s not thyme (7).
34. Present shocks? |9).
35. Hired out again or on sale |8).
Muscular man not shot on the green (6).
Yearn for distant shot (4) Comprehends while beneath the bleachers (II).
The chap at fWoolpack is good at making games (4).
Pet shot? (6).
Get your first, before you are attacked (II. 2).
8 Tall people loads, snakes nil (9).
9 A large bird right now gets good score at hole two (2.
5. 2. 3. 6).
11 Desperate times when promises are made (7).
15 The one thing apart from the Amiga that nobody can programme properly (5. 8).
18 Two to halfway if you re on course (7. 4).
21 Thor's dad is head of the Family (9).
22 Respected as a god (7).
25 Wipes the screen (6).
27 Puts down again and passes the baton (6).
30 River on the course? (4) 31 Only a lake (4) We thought it would be nice to give you something to keep you busy over Chrimble.
And a crossword sprang to mind. Electronic Arts agreed to offer some prizes, so here we all are... EA's strikingly enjoyable PGA Tour Golf came out as the top game of 1991 in our chart of the year (as well as being my favourite game - Ed) so the crossword has a bit of a golfing theme. You'll also lind a few other familiar EA names in there, just to help you along with the due-solving.
As for the prizes: well, what with PGA Tour Golf having had such a successful year.
And with EA's John Madden's American Football promising great things for early next year, we thought a sporting theme would be nice. The winner will get a pair of tickets either to sec the London Monarchs play at home, or to see next year's British Open golf championship. You'll also get all expenses paid on your fabulous day out.
All you have to do to enter is fill in the answers on this page or on a photo-copy and send it along with your name, address and phone number on a piece of paper to Amiga Format Xmas Xword. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BAI 2BW to arrive before January 20th. The first correct answer out of the bag wins the prize. Normal competition rules apply.
NOTTS FOREST PRIZE ENGLAND FOOTBALL PRIZE Calls cost 36p (cheap rate) 4Sp (at all other times) per minute inc. VAT. Megafone Ltd, indylands Home. Morecmbe. LA3 1 DC. Average call duration 5.5 minutes. Aik your parents permission before you call.
TATE. BARNSLEY ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT A DELIVERY ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT A DELIVERY Evesham Micros] NEW FROM Evesham Micros] the chance to buy Quality, High Capacity Hard Disk Systems for the Amiga 500 at REALISTICALLY LOW PRICES!
O NEC SCSI Hard Disk Mechanisms for optimum performance 25ms Average Access time, with Autoparking O Includes its own Dedicated PSU, Commodore recommends against use ot peripherals without independent power supply.
O COOL! Due to popular demand, we have now fitted a cooling fan O Option for up to 4MB of additional RAM Expansion, made simple through the use of SIMMS - the modern way to upgrade O Includes SCSI Throughport at rear for further expansion O High quality metal casing, colour matched to the Amiga 500 O Includes Configuration Format Software, plus 'MRBackup Pro' P MRBackuf (S FREE withe 3 Professional P 'very hard drive! B) Included with every h. ottering hard dnve oi peace ol mind MRBac disk or SCSI tape sire ¦last' format leature. F interface, plus Data help reduce the quantil ard dnve is
MRBackup Pro wners lull data security and kup can backup tiles to floppy amer, with or without its own :eatures include Intuitive user Compression options which y ol backup media required MRBACKUP Available Separ PROFESSIONAL ately for Only C29.95
- -J dp.
Ej I Reference
INCLUDE VAT A DELIVERY • f t Ust Specially designed for the
A500, our new Reference SCSI Hard Drive Systems offer
exceptional value for money, incorporating top brand, high
performance NEC hard disks !
• AHSAnaa y iva samDNi SBDidd nv • 5WJIHUJPUS3A31 AH3AI7JO V IVA
BofllDNI SBDIdd 77V uuKiru* rauvc nocK a uclc yidck, icu9al»
unco will or urtn vfl n - rm « m%jnuAT-rKiu r iynTTT AMAZING
£49.99 including VAT & delivery rTTtrro PRICES INC.DELIVERY & VAT@ 17.5% Express Courier Delivery : (UK Mainland Only) £6.50 Extra HERE TODAY - HERE TO STAY Evesham Micro* F**X Fvsl lo* clwfct. Prior* and Fstablished tot over eight yew*, with a strong financial statu* and wcur* future.
Our Computerised Telesales Order Processing investment means fast, efficient service. Well appointed Retail Showrooms with Iwge product range on display. Our huge Customer database, high percentage of repeat custom and personal referrals underlines our popularity REMEMBER - when you need us. We will stiM be here Our eilensive expansion program means we could eventually be there as well... HOW TO ORDER... Call us now on 0386 765500 LineJ open Mon-Sat. 9am - 5.30pm DURING NOVEMBER ft DECEMBER, SALES UNES OPEN UNTIL 7.00PM, MONDAY TO FRIDAY.
RAM CLOCK UPGRADE Send Cheque, Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card details to: Evesham Micros Ltd.
Unit 9, St Richards Road Evesham. Worcs. WR11 6XJ ACCESS VISA Cards Welcome is?
AMIGA A500 SOLDERLESS RAM UPGRADES ONLY £27.99 512K including VAT and delivery Government. Education & PLC orders welcome Same day despatch whenever possible Express Courier delivery (UK Mainland only) C 6.50 extra Please note that 5 working days must be allowed for cheque clearance. Immediate clearance on Building Society cheques or Bank Drafts.
512K RAM CLOCK EXPANSION FEATURES: Mail Order Fax: 0386-765354 ¦it Direct replacement for the A501 expansion ¦it Convenient On OH Memory Switch it Auto-recharging battery backed Real-Time Clock ¦it Compact Unit Size : Advanced, ultra-neat design
- it Only 4 low power consumption FASTRAMs 512K RAM EXPANSION
4 ( 2 0 0 DC £ 0 X ( -J 1 h IU X 5 Glisson Rd. Cambridge CB1 2HA ¦Z? 0223 323898 Open • ' PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF ADDRESS OF OUR BIRMINGHAM 251-255 MOSELEY ROAD HIGHGATE. BIRMINGHAM B12 0EA IT 021 436 5050 fox C2i6AsSCiC open Mon-So* 0 00-5 30 • fosy Ponnrg Ntw • NEW • MEW • NEW• NEW Worcestershire WR11 6XJ
• zr 0386 765180 fox 0386 765354 Open Mon-Sot 0 00 5 30 A500
into trapdoor expansion area Increases total RAM capacity in
Amiga 500 Plus to 2Mb ChipRAM .V Convenient RAM On Oft Switch
• Compact unit size it Only 8 low power RAM IC’S it High
reliability 004Sat 0 30 5 30 ?c’ • Smaeaiei ONLY £49.99 A500
1.5MB RAM BOARD X Fully populated board increases total RAM in
A500 to 2MB !
Plug* Into tha trapdoor eipansion. And connects to GARY chip Includes Auto-recharglng Battery-backed Real-Time Clock Socketed RAM Ica on 512K7 1Mb for filling up to 1 SMB RAM ¦ZT 0386-40303 Monday to Friday, 10.30 - 4 00 Unpopulated RAM board with clock ....£ 34.95 With 512K installed £ 54.95 With 1Mb Installed £ 69.95 RAM Board lull populated with 1.5Mb FASTRAM installed ..£ 79.00 12 MONTHS WARRANTY ON ALL PRODUCTS A* ana.:; ccrreci s! Tm ot gong 10 cress • 43 poccs sjOta !o ft ah masminM Connects to your 512K RAM upgrade to give 1.5MB ONLY £59.95 3'A" Track
Display Drive MEGABOARD needs Kickstarl 1.3 to operate (Kickstart 13 upgrade available from us lor C29 95) Installation requires connection to the GARY chip Easy to follow instructions provided O DURING NOVEMBER & DECEMBER, TELESALES LINES WILL BE OPEN 9AM - 7PM • MONDAY-FRIDA iURING NOVEMBER & DECEMBER, TELESALES LINES WILL BE OPEN 9AM - 7PM • MONDAY-FRIDAY C- AMIGA 500+ SPECIAL OFFERS ZY-FI £369.99 mss?: VaJ AVAILABLE WITH 2ND 3.5 ' EXTERNAL DRIVE FORA SPECIAL PRICE OF £419.99 ONLY £39.95 GAZZA limps to Evesham Micros I in cwrbhlUant v»lue I Classics Extra Pack TOTAL OF 22 MEGA GAMES!
GAZZA 2 Battle Squadron Germ Crary Diet Riot "Treasure Trap UNDER PRESSURE SUBBUTEO NIGEL MANSELL ASTERIX High Steel The Ban Game Night Walk Block Alanche Lost N Maze DtskMan Tracksuit Manager 90
20. 000 League* Under The S Better Dead Than Alien Tank Battle
a500 C esa oi the 90 s Pack Class c* the 90s plus 3 5*
external d've Cor-mpqore AS90 20Mb Ha-d D«ve f«99 00 A590
512K MAM UpgiOe C 549 00 AS90 tMb RAM Uog-ade f 290 99 *590
2Mb RAM Upg-eoe €29 95 C 59 95 € 99 95 REPLACEMENT AMIGA 500
Representing outstanding value for money, this package combines fop quality scanning hardware with the distinctively powerful DAATASCAN PROFESSIONAL software At a gemu'n* aoOdp scanning -esoiution the new scanner' p*ocuces buy supe-b Quality scam Has a full 105mm scanning width vanat bnghtness control and 100 ’ 200 300 • 40O3P rescijton Daataacan Profetalonal scanning and editing sottware «i«ows real-time scanning in either line art or m up to 64 simulated grev scales Provides Dowertui edit't g leatu-es and excellent compatibility with most DTP and Paint Packages eg Deluxe Paint 4.
Touch-Up NEW! TOP VALUE 400dpi HANDY SCANNER Your Amiga produces Ire quality ht-li stereo sound Enioy quality stereo sound reproduction lo the fu with this specially designed great new two speake system' Features retiex ported speakor design with 3 separate drrvers m each unit and incorporates a buiR-m ampirtier with ad|ustobie volume control Runs from PSU (supplied) or Irom battonos (nol included) Speaker Dimensions 249*93* 125mm H*W*Dl REALISE THE TRUE SOUND POTENTIAL OF YOUR AMIGA WITH THIS PAIR OF FULL RANGE SPEAKERS!
ONLY £119.99 amplified( stereo TOP VALUE PACKAGE INCLUDES : - NEW AMIGA 500 PLUS with 1 Mb RAM.
1Mb Drive. Kickstart 2, Workbench 2.
TV Modulator, Mouse, etc.
R’33 CAPTAIN PLANET' (B?n -BART SIMPSON vs. THE SPACE MUTANTS' Features Amiga 500* Cartoon Classics’ Pack as detailed above plus Virus Protector. Mouse Mat. Top Quality Joystick plus 19 FABULOUS GAMES including : - CARTOON CLASSICS EXTRA' PACK A500+ CARTOON CLASSICS PACK £389.99 AVAILABLE WITH 2ND 3.5“ EXTERNAL DRIVE FOR A SPECIAL PRICE OF £439.99 Amiga 1500 State- Pack 1 Mt ram 2»3 5‘ Cok, Mom O'. Dpeirt 3 Pat «um vvotm ro-tw Accounts 3 x Gamws Wet € 979 00 PLUS! Wordwnght wordprocestor and Scale spreadsheet PdfMTCDC Price* Include VAT, I IS IIV I CISO delivery and cable GOLDEN IMAGE
HANDY SCANNER & TOUCH-UP Fully compatible with tMb unformatted capacty 9 Straighdoiward installation procedure KjI includes fun fiftng tnsTucbons EVESHAM MICROS SPECIAL OFFER !
Al STAR Printers Include 12 months On-Site Maintenance ONLY £41.99 ONLY £41.99 TRACKBALL LIMIT!D OFFCItll INCLUOES FREE DELUXE PAINT 2 NEW! STAR LC20 9-Pin Printer Outstand'ng Quality t*cel*nt ,a ue 'or money - tN$ psoage includes a i00-400cp tu"» wr Ct*4' ootom Pus t*e amazngy powe-'u TOUCH-UP sottware package wh n omes re sca-m* d-acty Sea"*- mciuoas veung window & backjgn: ik.'» scam eve'y tme Scan ei?e' me-*r o' g-ey images up to 4000p Ma-y image enhancement & speoa' t“ects ava-ac-e Irom within Touch-Up A sensP* mvestmen' 'or Des«tP3 Pub*«hng wo-* ONLY £145.00 any kmg* v Ala*. ST P.-ga
.mo ~cj* or Pir** por SvOf »r-ocr*' and eccva'e • p-ccaby wont w»n* to use a -noun agan atr uS'ng tNa TrackPV ’ Fu i one-handed control k Too quality ooto-rnecnan a'oes-g" gvmg k n«gh speed and accuracy eva*y :*-* No I_dr-»er tottwart needed1 ; Star LC 200 9-Pw Co*Our 4 l©rt$ '90 45cps Star LC 24-10 24-Pv 4 tort* '90 «Oep* Star LC 24-200 24-P.n 5 torts 200 67cpt Star LC 24-200C 7 cokx* v»r»o" c4 above Automatic Sheet Feeder *tx above prrte«* i p*» stare model) , NEW) Star XB24-200 COLOUR 24-p.n 90 col power porter i NEW' Star XB24-2S0 132 column ,kso" o* XB24-200 Olivetti JP-150 Inkjet ''sr
class quality eiceptonal value Olivetti JP-350 InkJet excellent h n «peed XX)dp prmier NEW! Hewlett Packard DeskJet 500C COLOUR TRUEMOUSE WE GUARANTEE that this is the smoothest, most responsive and accurate replacement mouse you can buy for the Amiga. Excellent performance, now with a 300dpi resolution. Amazing new pnce’ O 1C QQ SATISFACTION I
compatible • excellent travei+accuracy assured NEW LOW PRICE!
ONLY £29.95 REPLACEMENT A500 PSU Genuine Commodore Amiga A500
type replacement Power Supply Unit. Good quality switch mode'
type Super low pnce1 ONLY £39.95 STEREO SOUND SAMPLER tte»tng
full compile. Itty with aimcet any Amga Bu3 0 digitise'
PSCkaga oui Sounfl Samptet taaiu'es excellent cucuitiy ye'0-ng
Dtofeis-ona: 'e»u*s Tn xpm AD converter gves a dig tsmg
'esoiutton ot up lo 50KHz wH*- a 'ast %ew ita Two phono
socket* a-e provided tor ste'eo in mpui p:us a« opt'©" *oi
"vc-cp'one AdiuHabe gen is ecn*ved win buiS-m cont-o knee
Complete wnn pubx domain on contain ng sound sampling ace
ca'cn* .1 v« ONLY £29.95 msrn NTERFACE 1 Oi 'A x'xatm sair.
MC* ne"*a cvrtcs «r K-t* • » ¦ arc y tjn N 0L- 1 .*•*- ptttj
gxC ViC«.
'•aan IB) edtmt t taf vr dagncec ccr*ac | ONLY £19.95 VIRUS PROTECTOR Ou cor«Rt MS Prasdor y» Nsh to 9e Pat ol :*• » Qs» »**t r f j Ang» ntr paictrq U rum M imm Onvw hor boot Qaocl rrwH xcoc( l««lck to tmCW a OsAM the praKlen he My ONLY £6.95 NEW SUCCESSOR TO THE STAR LC-IO, WITH MANY FEATURES AND A FASTER PRINT SPEED PfOV'Oing Superlative paper handling tour eaceHent NLO fonts and a new Super.*ast pnnt sceed o' t80cps m draft end 44 cps in NLO the LC20 appropriately supercedes the phonomenaity successful LctO ' INCLUDES CONNECTION CABLE A 12 MONTHS ON-SITE MAINTENANCE' ONLY £139.99
SPECIAL!! STAR FR PROFESSIONAL SERIES PROFESSIONAL SERIES 9-PINs WITH CQLOiJRl UPGRADE EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER!! I J Versatile and fugged _ Mign Pertor - rg Profesvonai Ser.e 9-Pm Pnnters wflh Colour | Upgrade J 300 cps output «n diatt 76 cps « NLO mode (16 NLO fonts") j FuO Cortfol from I trort panel J 31k butter J AovanceP Pape- Parking I STAR FR-10 (80 column) ONLY C 199.99 STAR FR-15 (132 column) ONLY £249.99 Prices include VAT, Delivery, cable A t year on-site warranty Citizen PRODOT-24 COLOUR Professional 24-Pin Colour Printer • at a budget price!
J **“ ''» .«r*at«e «ner rx kty pr-rter J 20C cps Os pui n drat 66 cp* iQ mode 5 true lerter 4 'even jFj: ccvttrck trcrw t-ort perwi Gracvtcs res 360 ¦ 1800c* j 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty Mnormal RRP C 746.35 Inc VAT 10NLY £269.00 A590 ADD-ON HARD DRIVES A590 0WNE RS' E ipand your hard *s« storage further with one o« our add-on externally cased SCSI Hard D"vet. With 25ms autoparkjng NEC m«char»sms and separate power supply Plugs into the socket provided on the rear o* the A590 ix»ri External 40Mb SCSI Dnve cased with PSU lo directly add on to the Commodore A590 E 299.00 ExternaM00Mb SCSI
Drive cased with PSU £ 449.00 iff Ihlfi AinVFMRFQ A DFCFMRFR TFLFSALFS LI NFS WILL RF OPFN QAM - 7PM A MONDAY-FRIDAY AMIGA 1500 2000 UPGRADES HARP PR1VE RAM U.PQRAPE BOARD KIT Kits mdude tu« s ze hard dak cortrofier cards with unpopulated S'MMS RAM upgrade sockets tor fitting up to 8Mb RAM plus twgh speed NEC Hard disks 40Mb HARD DRIVE & INTERFACE RAM CARD E 349.00 100Mb HARD DRIVE & INTERFACE RAM CARD .... £ 499.00 PLEASE NOTE These re empty RAM soce*s • A* C80 00 pe' ZtJb RAM -ec.-ed NEW1 Commodore C 0 T V Including lemmings 4 Hutchlneone Encyclopaedia Starter Compact Dtsce € 499 00 C
11000 C 1695 C 64 95 VIOl-Amtge video dgrtiser package «nc VlDl-Chrom VIDI-Chrome Amiga cotour frame generate kit Irom B&W .mages VIDI-RGB colour trame generaton kfl from BAW images KC3 Powerboard Hardwate PC Emulator with Rs own 1Mb ol RAM on board. S12K useawe m Amga mode Kickstart 13 Upgrade Amiga 500 Duet Cover €229 99 € 29 95 C 4 95 Olivetti DM124C COLOUR Professional 24-Pin Colour Printer with full 12 Months On-Site Warranty Cover!
J 200 cps vi d'att 50 cps n LO mode j 7 Colour output Graphcsres 360 « 180dpi j Huge 40* butter j Traci or 4 S-ng* Sheet Feed _J 12 MONTHS ON-SITE WARRANTY OM124C Normal RRP C 389 95 Inc VAT Including VAT.
Delivery and cable ONLY £269.00 Deluxe Vooo 3 MR Backup AMOS MiSoft lance C GFA BASIC V3 GFA BASIC Compiler Devpac ? I% Disney Animation Studio Specie r Digffa Wordwonn f 99 00 Kind Words 2 C 37 95 Pro*ei1 VS €119 95 Digita Home Accounts f 23 95 Deluxe Paim 4 € 79 99 AMOS They call il The Creator! A superb easy-to-use programming language for creating games, educational programs - almost anything! Comes complete with AMOS Sprites MX). LATEST VERSION!
Description Price Order No AMOS £35.95 AM168 Stereo Master Tins updated version of Microdeal's MasterSound is an ideal entry level sound sampler. Its numerous features and improved easv-to-usc graphic interface make this an excellent bargain for budding music freaks.
Description Stereo Master Price £29.99 Order No AM234 AF T-shirt The extremely exclusive limited-edition Amiga Format T-shirl is now available lo Amiga Format readers. It features the Lichtenstein' cover of Issue 20 in a large four-colour back print, new AF logo on the front.
Description Price Order No Amiga Format T-shirt £8.99 AM225 Amiga Format Mail Order The latest and greatest offers at simply the best possible prices.
232 JANUARY 1992 Fun School 4 Home Accounts 2 Home Accounts.
• BSir- Hie latest v ersions of the top-selling home educational
programs are here! The Fun School series aims to leach basic
skills to children via enjoyable games. The new series comes in
three different flavours, aimed at three age groups: Teddy
looks after the under fives. Freddie the Frog caters for the
fivc-lo-seven year olds, w hile Sammy the Spy is there for
eighl-to-elcvens. Each age level has six different games, w
hich (caches and tests different facts and concepts.
© Digita's brand-new upgrade of their evcr-popular home finance system is further evidence of their commitment to quality in both presentation and functionality. Extensive features keep track of all your financial affairs, even if you run a small business. Il won the Format Col,I aw ard in our sister magazine ST Format and you can read our very own rev iew on Page 191 of this issue.
O Description Teddy Disk Frog Disk Spy Disk Price £17.99 £17.99 £17.99 Order No AM231 AM232 AM233 Description Home Accounts 2 Price £44.99 Order No AM229 Flight of the Intruder An excellent flight sim which lets you take to the skies in an F-4 Phantom jet as well as an A6 Intruder bomber. Authentic aerial thrills designed by the team who put the mighty Falcon together (AF rated 88 %).
Description Price Order No Flight of the Intruder £23.99 AM230 First Samurai If you haven't played the demo on Coverdisk 28. You should do! You'll be amazed by the look and sound of this oriental seek-and-slay game, but you'll realise the hidden depths of gamcplay. Too... Description Price Order No First Samurai £17.99 AM227 Jimmy White's Snooker The Format Gold snooker game, with an amazingly playable 3D system conceived by master programmer Archer McClean. One of the most enjoyable games of the year lo date.
Description Price Order No Jimmy White's Snooker £22.99 AM228 233 Technosound Turbo JANUARY 1992 The updated sampler from New Dimensions will not only grab digitised sounds but also allows you to sequence them into full compositions. It even features MIDI linking, so you can use it with MIDI instruments.
Description Price Order No Technosound Turbo £27.99 AM199 ISSUE Price Order No Issue 14 £4 (X) AMFI4 Issue 16 £4.00 _ AMFI6 Issue 17 £4.(X) AMFI7 Issue 18
- £5.00 AMFI8 Issue 19 £4.00 AMF19 Issue 21 £4.00 AMF21 Issue 22
£4 (X) AMF22 Issue 23 £53)0 AMF23 Issue 24 £5.00 AMF24 Issue 25
£4.00 AMF25 Issue 27 £4.00 AMF27 Issue 28 £4.00 AMF28 Issue 29
£5.00 AMF29 One binder £4.95 AM 108 Back Issues Why miss out on
invaluable information just because you didn't buy an issue
when it went on sale? Back issues even come complete with the
original Coverdisk: see Pages 238-9 to find out what was in
each issue. While you're about it.
Why not gel a binder lo collect your new issues?
See our remarkable Subscription offer on Page 238 Amiga Format Mail Order Naksha Mouse & Tracey Improve your mouse control with this high-quality replacement mouse. It comes with Tracey, a special tool (RRP £7.99 but free to you!) Which will allow you to trace pictures with the aid of your mouse.
Description Price Order No Naksha Mouse and Tracey £28.99 AM191 SEND THIS FORM TO: Amiga Format, Future Publishing Ltd, Freepost, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7BR Name Address AMIGA Post code Telephone No.
All prices include postage, packing and VAT I Mo Hidden Extras HOTLINE 0458 74011 Description Price Order No.
Total Order Method of payment (please circle) Access • Visa • Cheque • PO Please make all cheques payable to Future Publishing Limited.
Credit Card No. ___ No stamp required if posted in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man For overseas orders call Nikki for prices on 0458 74011 Expiry Date ( Sequencer One: the On the Coverdisk of this very issue is the best possible special offer you could have: the complete Sequencer One music package, RRP £89, for next to nothing. But it doesn't stop there! Why not make the most of your Sequencer One by taking advantage of the host of extras which build up to make your Sequencer One system the most powerful easy-to-use music-making system there is!
And here they are, all at the best possible prices!
From next month. Amiga Format will be running simple lessons in how to create your ow n music with Sequencer One in various musical styles, using new samples. Why not get a step ahead of the game by kitting yourself out with all you could need?
A music composition system to use with both Sequencer One and Sequencer One Plus.
It can help you to create professional- sounding drum tracks, bass lines and other accompaniments in a wide range of musical styles (eg ballad, blues, house, disco, latin, reggae or techno). Very little previous musical knowledge is needed to obtain frighteningly rapid results! Can you write a number one hit? Here's the kit to help you. Only £24.95 (RRP £29.95)!
Description Order No AM237 The Hit Kit!
User Guide Don't miss out on this incredible offer! Upgrade to Sequencer One Plus to lake advantage of a host of extra features including the unique Juke Box screen and Gajits' new 'Diamond Drag" note editing system. Also includes: tempo maps, auto count in, MIDI sys ex handling, track solo, extra quantize options, and much more! All of this will sell for £129.95 (RRP). For a short time only. Sequencer One Plus is available as an upgrade kit for Sequencer One owners (and that includes everyone who has the program from Amiga Format Coverdisk 30) at just £49.95 (RRP). But we're offering it to
you at a mere £39.95 for an amazing total saving of £90!
Description Price Order No Sequencer One Plus £39.95 AM235 GsjLts full program User Guide but also a personal _ User Registration Card The User Guide includes a beginners' introduction to sequencing and MIDI, lots of helpful illustrations and examples, and a full index.
The User Registration Card entitles you to free update information and the Gajits Telephone Helpline support service. You can benefit from all of this for the special price of only £6.95!
Description jjljjfce_Order No Sequencer One User Kit £6.95 AM236 THE SAMPLE SERIES A collection of five volumes of IFF format digital sound samples for use with Sequencer One and Sequencer One Plus (as well as other programs using IFF samples). Each volume contains up to RO high-quality samples and includes a specially-written demo song to demonstrate the capabilities of the samples. There are five volumes to collect:
1. Percussion and Effects
2. Guitars and Suing'
3. Brass and Woodwind
4. Synth and Vocals
5. Piano and Keyboards Each volume costs just £9.95 here (RRP
£12.95). The complete set can be bought for only £39.95,
Description Price Order No Sample Series 1: Percussion
* £9.95 AM238 Description Price Order No £9.95 AM239 Description
Price Order No Sample Series 3: Brass £9.95 AM240 Description
Price Order No Sample Series 4: Synth £9.95 AM241 Description
Price Order No Sample Series 5: Piano £9.95 AM242 Description
Price Order No Sample Series Complete Set £39.95 AM243 All
prices include postage, packing and VAT A Mo Hidden Extras
HOTLINE 0458 74011 Sequencer One order form Name SEND THIS FORM
TO: Amiga Format, Future Publishing Ltd, Freepost, Somerton,
Somerset, TA11 7BR No stamp required if posted in the United
Kingdom, Channel Island or the Isle of Man For overseas orders
call Nikki for prices on 0458 74011 Address Post code Telephone
Description Price Order No.
Total Order PO Method of payment (please circle) Access • Visa • Cheque 4 Please make all cheques payable to Future Publishing Limited.
Credit Card No.
* One Mb of chip RAM expandible to 10 Mb of RAM in total
* The new Kickstart 2.04 * Workbench 2.04
* Built in battery backed real time clock
* New improved user friendly manuals This pack also comes with
Lemmings, (the only game ever to get a 100% rating!) The
Simpsons. Captain Planet and Deluxe Paint 3 the incredible
paint and animation package plus mouse, modulator only £359.99
or £407.99 for 2 Mb version LvilVi! 4lAiC£A ttjQ UULUXH The
A500 Deluxe is an uprated version of the A500 Plus
incorporating the Phoenix ROM sharer because some older
software will not run on the new A500 Plus. The A500 Deluxe has
been developed with a built in ROM sharer so you can choose to
run either Kickstart I 3 or 2.04 only £439.99 or £487.99 for 2
Mb version EslSS L-ZxJjlv Take the headache out of buying a
computer this Christmas with our ever popular FIRST CHOICE XMAS
PACK. All the essentials required for the first time buyer.
Ideal for any Amiga and great value too!
* Top quality microswitched Powerplay Cruiser joystick
* Mouse Mat
• 223-33
* Dust Cover
* 10 Blank Disks
* Plus 3 Extra games.'.' Commodore Dynamic Total Vision
ISUU IHJUU IVA.OUS crDiv Complete with Hutchinsons
Encyclopedia. Lemmings and Welcome CD disk.
CDTV is a powerful media for both entertainment and education. Capable of handling up to 540 Mb of data, whole encyclopedias can be stored on just one compact disc.
The CDTV is also a high quality audio CD player. We also stock a large range of CD TV software all at discount prices now only £459.99 New CDTV keyboard by Phoenix Effectively transforms your CDTV into an Amiga so you can get even more I out of CDTV. With the aid of a standard 3.5" disc drive the CDTV will take most of I the normal Amiga software from word processing to entertainment only £79.99 Amiga 1500 Base Pack The Base Pack comes complete with 2 floppy drives. Workbench 1.3. mouse, manuals, and a separate keyboard only £579.99 Amiga 1500 with Commodore 1084SD Same as the base pack but
with the Commodore I084SD monitor only £819.99 Amiga 1500 Business & Classic Software pack Same as the base pack but with Deluxe Paint 3. Platinum Works (the best integrated pack available for the Amiga). Their Finest Hour. Sim City + Terrain Editor. Populous + Promised Lands, Battle Chess, and Amiga Format Tips Book only £679.99 or £869.99 with 1084SD colour monitor IslAl: I-'LIKILKS All Star printers inc free std printer cable and 12 month guarantee The New Star LC20 Our best selling budget 9 pin mono printer is I now even better value for money from First I Choice. We've dropped our prke by
another £10.00.” | Replacing the famous LCI0. The LC20 is faster at I80cps draft and 45 cps NLQ and quieter. The front I panel now has push button operation replacing the LCI0 membrane panel. Other spec is similar to the LCIO now only £139.99 cmm i wtis Ail Citizen printer* int. Free printer cable and come with a full 2 year warranty!
The New Citizen 224 If you want 24 pin quality, you want to print in , colour if necessary and you don't want to spend a fortune, the new 224 is an ideal solution. Using the same technology as the Swift 24. The 224 is basically a cut down version 192 cpi draft and 64 cpi letter quality with 3 built in fonts.
Only £219.99 £249.99 inc Colour kit Star LC200 Colour 9 pin printer with 8 resident fonts and a high speed of 225cps draft and 45 cps in NLQ. A4 Landscape printing now only £199.99 Star LC24-200 Mono and colour. 222 cps draft and 67 cps LQ 10 resident fonts A4 Landscape printing only £229.99 mono or £289.99 colour Citizen 124D (Micro Decision Best Buy) The I24D brings quality 24 pm output to you at the price of a 9 pin.
Only £189.99 The Citizen Swift 9 Colour Unbeatable value colour pnnter. 4 resident fonts.
192 cps draft and 48 cps in NLQ Highly recommended. This pnnter is also available in a wide carnage (136 column) version only £199.99 (80 col) or £289.99(136 col) Star XB24-10 Professional Series Colour vut£ w & mm jlt With Epson LQ and IBM Propnntcr emulation. I SJ48 is a revolution in printer technology.
The choice of many professional organisations, this printer comes with one year on-site maintenance. 240 cps draft. 80 cps NLQ 27k buffer exp to 187k, 4 super LQ foots and 25 LQ The fonts now only £339.99 Star LC24-10 24 pin quality at the pnee of many 9 pins 180 cps draft. 60 cps in NLQ. 8k buffer expandable to 37k now only £189.99 The New Citizen Swift 24e and 24x (What Micro Best Buy) The best budget 24 pin printer has just got better!
This must be the best 24 pin colour pnnter for less than £300 8k buffer expandable to 40k. 216 cps draft. 72 cps LQ and multilingual only £279.99 (80 col) or £389.99 (136 col) I The quality is almost as good as an expensive I I laser pnnter yet costs less than many 24 pm I I printers Portable *n size, very quiet, and faster I I than most dot matrix printers at 100 cps in f I LQ. Pnnter cable included only £229.99 I Auto sheetfeeder £52.99 I i-o With SI 2k of RAM as standard from First Choice expandable to 6 meg 6 pages per minute. HP2. FX. LQ Gq compatible I SO autosheet feeder. 12 months
onsite maintenance and pnnter cable only £719.99 Toner cartridge £59.99 11 in- Dbm m This very popular inkjet pnnter allows you to create laser |et quality without the cost, with 100 page auto sheet feeder, printer I cable. 3 page minute speed and 3 year UK warunlv only £359.99 Tlur Com :Il-ue Colour So utiou VIDI AMIGA Frame grabber.
High quality digitizing. Inc Vidi chrome colourismg software only £84.99 L? V IsOL'iliO 1 As official dealers for Rombo, we are 1 now able to offer this excellent package at a great price. The Complete 1 Colour Solution comes with RGB 1 Splitter, Vidi Amiga. Vidi Chrome .
1 Power supply plus Photon Paint 2 now only£ 134.99 liCD Sl:LUTLEl Enables you to Colour Digitize 111 .1 second Replaces red green blue filter set. Can be used with Digi view or Rombo products Tkli ICLilV L'llCUOliL?! ICL; AeeiiLLiU aeu Levuiee The VXL is an advanced 68030 accelerator for the Amiga 500 1500 2000 with space for an optional co-processor (CP) VXL30 25Mhz EC .....only £299.99 VXL 30 40Mhz EC only £499.99 VXL 30 25Mhz EC+CP....only £479.99 The VXL 30 2SMhz EC+FPU differs from the others in having Fast Page Mode. This allows it to accept an optional superfast 32 bit 2 to 8
meg RAM board running at 60ns 2 Mb of 32 Bit RAM (60ns)..only £21 4.99 8 Mb of 32 Bit RAM (60ns)..only £4 19.99 ICD Adspeed running at 14.7Mhz..£ 189.99 VL-LLE U J.C.D We are now able to offer you high quality scanning at a fraction of the normal cost with the new Zydec scanner. Complete with the high quality Daata-scan software this scanner is able to pick out text and graphics at up to 400 dp i in real bme. Daata-scan enables you to easily manipulate the image. Ideal for desk top publishing and . . . _ A £_Y D LiC- only presentation £ | | 9.99 COME IN FOR A DEMO U Lsll S0 1:l V kUl£ L1ALD
DkLVLib" IdiD LiMlI GVP Series 2 Hard Disk Controller Frame with 8 MEG of unpopulated RAM (uses SIMM I"8 9 cards) For the I 500 2000. Ideal for use with Quantum drives now only £I 69.99!!
Quantum Hard Drives (requires hard frame) | 52 meg....£ 199.99 105 meg....£369.99 GVP Hard Drives for the A500 Recognised as being probably the best large hard drives for the AMIGA. I GVP drives come fitted with fast access Quantum drives and 8 Mb of I unpopulated RAM GVP drives use inexpensive I Mb by 9 SIMM [ modules at only £37.99 per Mb 52 meg £379.99 105 meg £669.99 Amiga A590 20 Meg fonheA500 inc 2 meg of unpopulated RAM only £284.99 or populated to 2 meg of RAM nOW Only £338.99 WCKDWOKIK Version 1.1 DliLUXLi L: 4lUV IV Simply the best graphics package available on the Amiga. Now with I
Hold & Modify (HAM) DP4 gives you a pallette of 4096 colours.
Stunning innovation and probably the best software I package for this market" Steve Franklin Mdfor CBM only £59.99 1'LELnJIVa.L I This best selling word processor incorporates manyfeatures found I only in a desk top publisher. Also includes an easy to use database.
Highly recommended now only £54.99 Ik'lAVSlKLi I Imagine, the ultimate 3D animation rendering system now only £148.99 RAM CHIPS 256 *4 ideal for AS90 & I Meg by I chips suitable for 8 up boards and others.
QTY 4+ (52 IK) ...now only £3.99 8+ (I Mb) ....nowonly£3.79 16+ (2 Mb) ...now only £3.49 This is the best video titler on | the market however it does require 2 Mb of RAM nly £169.99 I DISK DlilVDS Zydec 3.5’ I meg external drive, high quality low noise and high reliability only £54.99 Cumana 3.5" I meg external drive. The best name in disc drives now at a super low price only £59.99 IK 4KSK 4 L'tOUSlE I This famous Hi-res mouse now comes with Operation Stealth, mouse mat. Holder and 2 year warranty only £24.99 IS12UIK MO USD ry similar to the Naksha t without the extras only
£ 18.99 llVlOKLVOlvS DISKS Commodore 1084SD1 1 Colour stereo monitor. 640 256 line resolution. Green screen facility, cable for Amiga 1 included only £239.99 All our disks 3.5" disks are GUARANTEED FOR A LIFETIME and arc CERTIFIED I00°t ERROR FREE KAO double sided, double density disks are recognised as being of the highest quality in magnetic media and are extensively used by duplicating houses Philips CM8833 MK2 1 Colour stereo monitor. 640 200 line 1 resolution, green screen facility, one 1 years on site maintenance, cable for 1 Amiga included now only £229.99 or £239.99 1 with F 1 9
Flight Simulator LvZ uO CD KAO L3ULLv liUAKUUD
10. ....£4.99 ....£6.99
25. ..£10.99 ..£13.99
50. ..£19.99 ..£25.99
100. £36.99 ..£44.99
200. £69.99 ..£84.99
300. £99.99 £124.99
400. .....£123.99 £159.99
500. .....£144.99 ...£189.99
1000. £279.99 ......£ 329.99 Disk Labels....500. now only
£6.99 Disk Labels. .1000.....now only £9.99 CF7 SuperVGA
Colour monitor |The CF7 monitor is a high quality VGA 1
monitor ideal for making your AMIGA linto a professional
system 1 iz i nn Li!k'iUl_ 4l OKS only tlov.vv with
Flicker Free Video card for the AI500 b2000 or £499.99 1
with Flicker Free video card for the A500 KCS Power board
PC XT emulator comes with Dos 4.01 now only £199.99 Amiga 1
500 adaptor only £64.99 AT Once emulator turns your Amiga
into an IBM AT compatible only £1 69.99 The
latest version of this highly acclaimed WYSIWYG word
Comes with multiple fonts, powerful theasurus, large spellchecker, speech synthesis I TQ QQ PL At llCUU’f I VL’OlilLK ;lil L’lffllli'iHKl 1-iLD We believe this to be the best all round integrated business package on the Amiga. It comes with Platinum Scnbble w p, spell checker, thesaurus.
Analyse ( a "Lotus 123" compatible spreadsheet with 3D graphics), a database, sideways pnnting utility and communications software.
Only £59.99 Image processing system only £1 14.99 c m: sonwAUii 3D Text Animate £19.99 Aegis Sonix ..£39.99 Amos Compiler ....£24.99 Amos3D ....£27.99 Audio Engineer .£169.99 l:ACliSlKliAUnC.l Audio Master version 4 ...£39.99 Calligrapher font creator.£75.99 A powerful DTP package that we use and recommendTSetter than any DTP package on a PC and better than most on a Mac only £129.99 Deluxe Paint 3 ......now only £29.99 Digi View Gold 4 £99.99 Flexidump
printer utility..£3 1.99 GB Route Planner .....£34.99 Gold Disk Office ...£104.99 Pagesetter 2 DTP ..£45.99 Pro Page professional DTP....£I 34.99 Pro Video Plus £149.99 Sequencer One .£74.99 SuperPlan Spreadsheet.....£29.99 Vista ...£29.99 Vista Pro (2 Mb required)....£69.99 Walt Disney Animator .£68.99 Xcopy Pro Utilities .....£33. m; mm mm Their Finest Hour. Sim City + Terrain Editor. Populous + Promised Linds and Battle Chess now only £29.99 !
1 Mb by 9 SIMMS I boards as used in GVP and I Cortex boards as well as| most IBM compatibles only £37.99 I Mb by 4 ZIPS as used in Supra boards 2 I Mb by 4 ZIPS equal I Mb | only £22.99 ir'Ul-U 4 li Alti ti?.l AlCblL iCb The ultimate Amiga A500 expansion.Take your A500 up to 9 Mb Fits onto the side expansion port Auto configured, qq software patching 8 Mb pop to I Mb £109.99 8 Mb pop to 2 Mb £136.99 8 Mb pop to 4 Mb £239.99 8 Mb pop to 8 Mb £389.99
l. f m. li UJi Ddmiuiiib-
I. S MEG POPULATED....£84.99
* Gary board supplied with all expansions boards. If you have a
Kickstart I 2 Amiga the board will be incompatible when
populated to 1.5 Mb Zydec Megaboard populated to I Mb this
board can be used with your existing 4 chip 512K upgrade to
take your Amiga up to 2 Mb in total only £57.99 litLii. K Ui'i
uamiL'ife- Top quality Pliot’ttix RAM expansions lor the A500
complete with battery backed clock and on off switch. This RAM
expansion will not inany way invalidate your Amiga warranty!!
Only £29.99 mi oiiDiiii i ||Order by telephone quoting your
credit card I number If paying by cheque please make payable to
FIRST CHOICE In any correspondance please iote a contact phone
number and post code TEL. 0532 637988 DEPT AMF, UNIT 8 ARMLEY
* All prices include VAT and fast delivery
* All products are genuine UK spec.
* Free postage UK mainland
* Next day delivery only £3.00 extra !
* Goods despatched same day as order unless otherwise stated.
Personal Cheque! Will Require Clearance Before We Can Dei* patch Your Goods All Price* | Correct At Time Of Going To Pre*s All Item* Luted In Our Ad*ertument* Are Ek Stock | Ready To Ship Unle** We Ad-
• ue Otherwue Computer* Are Alway* Tested Before | Despatch E&OE
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World - £7.65. Sorry. Issues 1 - 13. 20 and 26 are sold out.
See panel for Issues 18. 23 and 24. Which all came with
complete games.
What an amazing offer! Still available are these issues: 14 Public Domain special issue: what it is. How to make the most of free software. Plus complete PD game on disk.
16 Huge feature on CDTV. The future of home entertainment. All-time classic Captive is demoed on the disk.
17 24-bit graphics: the first full report.
Buyers' guides to word processors and hard disk drives.
19 Buying a new Amiga, new software or new hardware? Our Know your Rights' feature helps you get it right.
21 Get into graphics! All the paint packages reviewed, plus Amiga artists and their tips. Big disk demos Moonshine Racers and Hyperbook.
22 A spectacular guide to sound samplers, video digitisers and scanners.
PLUS play The Bitmaps' Gods on disk.
25 Discover the secrets and techniques behind DTP, from fanzines to magazines.
Play Mega-lo-mania on the disk!
27 The ultimate in computer graphics, the classics of computer gaming, and much, much more.
28 Find out the secrets of how a game with superb graphics is created, play the amazing First Samurai on disk, check our complete buyers’ guide if you want a new hard drive, listen to what an Air Vice-Marshal thinks of flight sims and heaps more besides!
W 236 page giant!
Amiga Format back issues with complete games 3D special: How 3D games are created - The Assembly Line tell all; massive guide to 3D graphics, and more!
Plus! Two disks!
Balance Ot Power - the complete game!
Atomino - playable demo! 3D Construction Kit - useable demo!
And more! £5.00 220 pages! CDTV special - is this the future of home entertainment?; Graphics special report, and more! Plus!
Two disks!
Archipelagos - the complete game! Vaxine
- the complete game!
And more! £5.00 tt) 260 pages!
([•) 300 page Xmas special! Games of the year revealed: Top coders make their predictions for games of the future: All the big Xmas games reviewed. Plus! Two disks! Interphase - the complete game!
Total Recall - playable demo! Lemmings - playable demo! And more! £5.00 Revealed - the new A500 Plus, the most Important Amiga upgrade ever. We tell you all about it. Plus: the first ever review of word processors with graphics: which Is best at pictures as well as words. AND on the second Coverdisk: complete music- making package OctaMED (worth £10)!
Remember! At various times throughout the year we produce bumper issues that retail at £3.95. But as a subscriber you won’t have to pay any extra and you’ve already got your gift software!
You not only receive an excellent gift when you subscribe you can also take advantage of our exclusive subscriber offers! An extra bonus or what? Just take a look! This month's special offer to sub- scribers is... game I wish I'd written - veteran codi I speak; Rainbow Islands Players Guidi over 40 new games reviewed, includir Exile. Gods. Cybercon III. Eye Of The Beholder. Railroad Tycoon... Plus! On I disk: Bombuzal - the complete game!
2 Creation. Bob’. Populous II - Bull Interviewed: 20 Amiga classics f £10.99 or less: Eric Matthews: Rainbow Islands continued; over 40 new games reviewed, including Monkey Island, iwitchblade II. Hero Quest. Wonderland... In the disk: Kid Gloves - the complete ga OlOVtt SUBSCRIPTIONS Receive a superb gift when you 00 * FIRST SAMURAI A gome of honour, hard knorks and the Hallelujah Chorus! First Samurai has that cutting gameplay edge ond is backed to the hilt with some of the most stunning visuals ever seen on on Amiga screen ond some cxtroordinory sound effects. A huge orcade adventure, it
takes seek and slash further thon ever before. Seen in excellent playable demo on Amiga Format 28.
MEGA-LO-MANIA It’s not even been released and already it's become o classic! Although inevitable comparisons have been mode with Populous, this is a gome with a style all of its own. Develop the technology to conquer other races ond win! Playable demo on Amiga Format 25.
JAMES POND 2: R0B0C0D This year's Rainbow Islands: one of the most colourful, ployoble and enjoyable games of the year ond a great contender for the Christmas no.1 slot. All the fun of Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog rolled into one keeps the Amiga way ahead of those console rivals.
HOME ACCOUNTS This home accounting packoge will help you plan and keep track of all your finances, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.
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I | A .. aTT* 0530 411485 * ASHCOM 0530 411485 THE OUTSTANDING FEATURES:
SIMS1M-9 £35.00 POPULATED TO 512K £53.95 256K-1 DRAM £1.00 SOUICK MOUSE £14.95 256KM DRAM £5.00 ASHCOM CATALOGUE DISC £1.00 512K RAM EXP + CLOCK £21.95 MAC*UTILS £49.95 512K RAM EXP £19.95 ASHCOM UTILITIES DISC £4 95
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For these answers and a whole trainload more, you'll need a new magazine called PUBLIC DOMAIN
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I And every edition of PUBLIC DOMAIN is backed by the full editorial resources of Europe's most successful news-stand computer magazine company, Future Publishing.
- sco'** TvhUVW U , r -4G PUBLIC DOMAIN comes to you from the
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Issue 2 on sale 5th December at £2.95 stereo faster When you ore considenngpurchasinga sound sample* there are plenty to choose from Why compromise? Your choice should be the new full featured STEREO MASTER for the Amiga, with software that is designed from our top selling Amiga sampler AMAS and a package that gives you mote extras than a M series BMW By purchasing this state of the ort product which combines a quality sampler with the expertise of over 10 years of software programming, you are purchasing a top quality product with the knowledge that It Is not only compatible with existing
Microdeal products but will also be with future ones What Is Stereo Master Stereo Master is a low cost, high quality sound sampler for the Amiga range of computers The sampler cartridge included in this package plugs Into the printer port at the rear of the computer and allows you to analyze the sounds coming In from devices such as Personal Cassette Players, Compact Disc Players etc. or change the way they sound using the Real Time Special Effects or record them Once In the computer STEREO MASTERS unique editor will enable you to edit the sound in practically any wav you can imagine Once you
have the sound sample how you want it. You may incorporate it into your own Demo's or use STEREO MASTERS own built in sample sequencer to play back the sample in sequence with other samplesl The Sampling Software Every feature you would expect to find in a professional editing suite including.
• Real time record play ghost markers • Playback volumes
• Cut or Delete selected sample area ' Decrease volume
• Mix sample with full or half volume * Increase volume
• Shrink in by 25% 50% 75% by drag ot wipe * Bounce sample
• Fade in out with selectable degree of fade * Paste sample
• Filter sample with soft medium hard filter ' Trigger recording
• Selectable trigger volumes " Clear left right samples
• Record frequency from 3.0 to 559 Khz * loop sample
• Full editing and control facility for left right channels MAIN
SCREEN The Special Effects Software For the first time ever you
can emulate special sound effects In tool time just like the
sound labs can for film studios, normally the hardware to
produce these effects would cost 100 s of times more than this
pockoge Features on the FX menu include:
* Built in real time special effects including Echo. Reverb.
Ramp. Pitch up down. Stereo bounce. Multi echo Chorus, Phaser.
Reverse ond Pitch bend
* FuBy programmable special effects so that customised effects
Analytical Software A whole host of pro-type analytical
functions include;
• 3D display of sample frequencies (Fast fourier transform)
• 3D display also includes 2D envelope display plus sample
• Built In Stereo spectrum analyzer ' Stereo Oscilloscopes with
Software Our built In sample sequencer allows you to take up to
18 samples (memory permitting) and sequence them into your own
Tronic' mixes, features on the sequencer include.
• Real time entry of sequences from keypad * Sequence copy
• Step tme entry of sequences * loop sample ' 2 stereo channels
for sequencing * Selectoble sequence speed ¦ Storyboard style
editing • Dump re-edit function ' Digital sequence position
display * Test function
• Fast forward rewind controls * 2 octave playback
• Program sample to keypad • Insert delete sample In step time
• Stand alone demo player displays IFF picture whilst playing
sequence Other innovative features We know this product is
years ahead of its time ond these additional features justify
our boast
• New style stereo cartridge * Includes wokmon type cable
• Produces stand alone executable sample files * PAL NTSC full
screen display
* Fully multi tasking * Can create workbench icons
* Saves in IFF Raw lnstrument 1 3 5 Octave * Save customised
settings BY PHONE WITH CREDIT CARD BY POST (0726) 68020 S K
Post & Packing £1 (All prices inc V.A.T.) Please allow 28 days
for delivery SEND TO: Microdeal PO BOX 68 St Austell Cornwall
England PL25 4YB
Postcode ...
Credit Card Type ....Expiry Date.
Number ... With cheque, Postal Order or Credit Cards.
129 Bath Road. 19 High Street, Slough, Old Town, Berkshire, Swindon.
SL1 3UW Wilts Tel: 0753 535557 Tel: 0793 488448 1599 1599 1699 999 1639
• 1799 1799 1799 ....20 99 999 20 99 i 1399 1799 1799
...1799 20 99 2099 26 99 1799 999 20 99 20 99 20 99 T
Sfwt 23 99 1099 1799 899 1699 15 99 1799 20 99 99 90 179 00 199
00 11900 404 99 79 90 249 90 264 00 399 99 34 99
59. 00 64 99
199. 99 144 99 23500 335 99 23500 1799 96 90 20 99 38 99 35 90 20
99 21 99 68 99 66 90 103 90 46 99 138 99 56 99 177 90 235 99
164 90 88 99 99 50 1490 Data Storm Days of Thunder Dungeon
Quest E-Motion .
Exolon ... Gauntlet H Grand Monster Slam
Heroes of the Lance 1 2 only Kri Gloves Netherworld
Mercenary Mcroprose Soccer Powerplay RVF Honda Shufflepuck
Cafe Slayer 1799 1799 17 99 20 99 25 99 20 99
• 26 99 27 90 1399 1599 1799 26 99 20 99 19 49 20 99 £120 £160
£150 £180 £220 £199 £155 C299 £115 £239 £160 £190 £329 £49 1299
999 999 699 1329 14 29 14 29 599 4 95 4 95 23 99 1899 899 695 6
99 GRAPHICS & VIDEO AMIGA 36 99 59 90 22 90 22 90 65 99 59 90
59 90 109 99 1399 .17.99 36 90 799
17. 99 799 22 99 1799 (PAL)
• = Available on Release Prices Include VAT ft 1ST CLASS POSTAGE
IN U.K. (Europe please add £2.00 per Hem) Return of Post
Service on Slock Items Please Send Cheques Postal Orders to:
HDTI IMF " ~ Availabl* on Release HAMMER SOFT (DEPT F) P***
HETHERSETT. NORWICH. (0603) 81 2416 Ieurop* p4~* •« Per "en l
NORFOLK NR9 3DS Return ol Pa* SenAoe on SlocH Hama Access.
Visa. Eurocard & Mastercard Accepted. Cheques Subject to
clearance SPECIAL OFFERS last) Amegas (ArkanoxJ done) 5 99 Art
of Chess 5 99 Back To The Future II 9 99 Barbarian (palace) 5
99 BatUe Valley 6 99 Burmuda Pro feci. Kstan 1 2 only 5 99 “ -
599 999 .599 6 99 699 8 99 599 699 599 599 499 699 599 799 599
699 499 699 AMIGA PACK 2: Cartoon Classes Pack 10 game pack
Commodore 1? Meg RanvCtOdi EXTERNAL 3.5" DISK DRIVE ATONCE PC Emulalor CfTIZEN 1200 * PRINTER CITIZEN SWIFT 9 COLOUR CITIZEN SWIFT-24 COLOUR Star LC-200 Colour HARDWARE U.K. ONLY (free delivery, courier £5.00) AMIGA PACK 1: (1 Ueg of memory) A500 plus. Cartoon Classes TV modjttlor Cap'n Plan*. Inwgi Bar Svrpwn Dpart III 384 99 Tower of Babel Zynaps ...... LEISURE Alien Brood AMOS Game Creator Altered Beasi Armour Geddon ATFII .. AWESOME . T Shirt BATTLE CHESS Battle Command Chase HO ll Chuck Rock Corporation DAMOCLES Deuteros . Ette
________ GODS Hunter . interphase Jimmy White Snooker K«ck Off II League vers Last N«n,a III Lemmings Magic Pockets Mega Lo Mama Mercenary III MidWinier II PGA Tour Goff Populous POWERMONGER Power Up Compilation Realms Shadow of the Beast ll Space Hamer ll SPEEDBALL II Time Sotter Toyota Cekca Rafy Triad II fTetns Menace BaaD Turbo Challenge II Utopia BARDS TALE III Chaos Stnkos Bad. (1 Mb) Dungeon Master (1 Mb) Eye of the BehottH (1Mb) F-15 Stnke Eagle F-19 Stealth Fighter Flight of the Intruder (1 Mb I Flight Sim II ... Southern U K . E ixope Scenery The
Immortal (1 Mb) Secret of Monkey island S-iem Servv** ll (1Mb) ULTIMA VI UMS II (1Mbi Wonderland (1Mb) 3D Construction Kit DELUXE PAINT III (PAL) 1 MB) REAL THINGS BIRDS 1.2...... Real Things. Humans DELUXE PAINT IV (1Mb) DELUXE VIDEO III (PAL) (1 MB) Digpamt III (PAL) DIGIVIEW 4 . Digpamt PHOTON PAINT ( PAL) ADVENTURE RPG & SIMULATION AMIGA OF EAST ANGLIA Home Accounts Home Accounts II Kmdwords 2 Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor MooGCSE MATHS. FRENCH or ENGLISH PENPAL (PAL) (1 MB) PROTEXT V4.3 (rec 1 MB| PROTEXT V5 0 1MB Pagesertor H PAI)(1 MB) Pagestream 2.1 (1 MB) POWER WORKS Kmdwords.
Infofite * Max plan Prolessional Page 2 (1 MB).
Superbase Prof 4 11 or 2 MB) Word Ped eel WORDWORTH WORKS PLATINUM Wortfcench 1 3 Softaw* • Manual Amga-Lmd Sena' Cab** Prrser Lead Monitor Leads Cdour Rpbor (LC10) Comp Pro 5000 Comp pro Extra idear auio) Soper Prof iautofire suction) Disk Drve C waning Kit A500 Dust Cover Mouse Mat Naksha Mouse 20 x SONY BRANDED DISKS . CALC 100 Capacity LockabW Disk box 10x3 5* DSDO Dwfcs . Labels BUSINESS & EDUCATION Distant Suns ....3 Excellence 2.0 ..... 6 FUN SCHOOL 2 Undor 6 s. 6 ffs or over 8*s 1 FUN SCHOOL 3 (5.5 7 or over 7| 1 FUN SCHOOL 4 Prolessional Draw 2(1 MB) Pro Video
Plus Pro Video Post Real 3D Beginners MUSIC APPLICATIONS OUALTTY JOYSTICKS 4 ACCESSORIES 35 90 69 99 29 95 299 A1500 Base plus software .£549.00 A1500 ? Philips CM8833 Mk2 Colour Monitor ..£725.00 A1500 + Commodore 1084S Colour Monitor ..£735.00 1 Meg 3.5" internal ....£49 1 Meg 3.5' external (Cumana)....£60 1 Meg 5.25" external .£90 Amiga A500 Screen Gems + 1 Meg Pack ....£299 Amiga A500 Screen Gems Pack . Tree disks » 10 extra games pack £339 Amiga A500 1 Meg Class of 90 s
(First Sleps) ...£369 (Software includes Lemmings. The Simpsons v Space Mutant, Captain Planet, Deluxe Paint 3) Cartoon Classics plus - £299 CARTOON CLASSIC PACK AMIGA A500 HARDWARE A1500 £549 a iWdpfcx S3 Star LC20 Mono Star LC20G Cottx (9 pm]_____ Star LC24 10 Star LC24 200 (24 pm)__ Star LC24 200 Cotta_______ KXPii24t__ KXP 1123_______ KXP1624 ________ Cdirsn 1200 •__ Crtusn Sw*i 24 . Cott r Jograde Cftirsn Swifi 9 • Cottx Upgrade Canon BJ 106 Inkjet .. HP D*sk*t 500 • Loads Sheetteeder---- Al above com* compile v New Staoef Bubbttet Pn**r. SJ48 Indudmg
leads 512K Ram . Doc* ..... C30 Joystick ..... £10 10 Blank disks m library £8 Mouse Mai .£3 Amiga1 Alan Mouse ...... £29 11 Meg Ram . Clock . £99.00 A500FWf SupptyUnu £3.00 Naksha Mouse plus Operation Stealth £24 00 Screen Filter for your monitors Protect those precious eyes El 5 (Woven nylon fibre, flare reduction 90%, cuts ultra-violet reflection by 85%) MONITORS Philip* CM8833 MK II Colour Monitor .
FREE Lead . £175 AMIGA HARD DRIVES (DATAPLEX) 69k* Hard Dak tor the Arn a 500. Uog'adabw to 8Mb. Onboard drive £349 . Y*T INTRODUCTORY OFFER SHOWROOM open: Mon • Fri
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UTILITIES 410 DpainI Cartoon Brushes 442 DpainI Fonts Disks (4) 458 HAM Radio Utilities (5) 580 Dope Intro Maker 591 Business Caid Maker 632 MSH (MessyDOS) 642 C Manual 682 Sound Applications (2) 684 Video Applications (2) 901 the Comms Disk 1022 AMOS Update 1.3 1095 Database Workshop (2) 1097 Dpaint Psetler Clip Arl (2) 1099 Video Graphics (4) HOME BUSINESS PACK A suite ol programs for serious users : Nag, Bank'n, Journal.
Qbase. Spread. Wordwright, AmigaSpell, Inventory, and morel 8 DISK SET ONLY £8 00 1117 Geneaology * 1228 ST Emulator (German) 1234 Tetra Copy 1273 C Light 1450 Superkillers (BootX 3.72) 1451 ElectroCAD VI.4 1535 Master Virus Killer V2.0 1536 North C (packed) 1537 North C (unpacked) (2) 1545 SpectraPaint V3.0 1550 FlexiBase V2.0 1569 A138 Language Tutor 1606 A176 Database Master 2.0 1629 ZX Spectrum Emulator 1663 Dynamite Cut n Paste Fonts 1858 Demolishers 202 Utilities 1878 Texlplus Shareware WP 1880 Dcopy 4 Utilities 1884 Equinox Intro Wnter * 1886 MEDV3.1 1893 DICE V2.06A 1896 Desk Bench (3)
1906 PageSetler Clip An (8) 1914 Slideshow Construction Kit 1951 King James Bible (3) 1954 Celtics Demo Maker 1960 RSI Demo Maker (English) 1961 FtSI DM Utility Help Disk 1962 TSB 3D Vector Designers 1987 Quickbench * GAMES PACK 1 (Some 1 meg - NOT A500.)
The ULTIMATE Games Pack!
37 titles on 8 disks including many old favourites!
(JAMES 315 Ftetum To Earth 496 Holy Grail Adventure * 648 Star Trek (USA) (2) * 680 Leam 4 Play (2) 727 Star Trek (Richter) (2) 766 Treasure Hunt 957 Pipeline 962 Drip!
987 Snakepit 991 Jeopard * 1004 Games Disk 9 1113 Wet Beaver Games 1230 Dragon Cave 1245 Rings Of Zon * 1411 A62 Arcadia 1520 A115 Balloonacy* 1533 The Jar * 1539 Megaball* 1544 Seven Tiles 1558 Adventure Solutions (2) 1577 A146 Fruit Machine * 1584 A153 Missile Command 1591 A160 Quizmaster * 1670 Wheel Of Fortune 1690 Hints Disk One 1700 Terror Liner 2 (X) 1711 Mental Image Games Disk 1 1715 Frantic Freddie 1720 Cabaret Asteroids 1746 Word Games Volume 1 * 1747 Word Games Volume 2 * 1748 Strategy Games* 1749 Truckin' (2)(2D) 1790 Serene 2 1827 Scum Haters 1832 Pom Pom Gunner * 1879 Sea Lance
* 1882 S.E.U.C.K Simpsons Game 1883 Bionix II * 1905 J Nicklaus Couise Disk 1 1916 Air Ace II 1926 Napoleonic War System * 1945 Island of Nephotons 1949 Dungeon Master Companion 1975 Raid 2011 Twintris* 2013 Zeus 2014 Cubulus 2015 Yelp!
2016 Downhill Challenge 2017 Mech Fight 2018 Wizzy's Quest GAMES PACK 2 (1 meg only - NOT A500 Plus)
* Baloonacy * Crossfire *
* Twintris * Wizzy's Quest *
• Arcadia* 5 DISKS ONLY £5!
MUSIC__ 654 Powerlords Power Musix 2 713 Flash! - Queen (2) 722 Bealmaster Club Mix 724 Technotronic Remix 746 Crusaders Bacteria 858 Sonix House 935 Madonna Hanky Panky 941 Soundtracker Jukebox 969 100 C64 Games Tunes 970 The Comic Strip Remix 976 Scoopex Beast Sonix SOUNDTRACKER SPECIAL Make your own music on the Amiga! This pack includes enough programs, songs, modules and instruments to get you started and keep you going!
8 DISK SET ONLY £8 00 986 Amaze Revolutions 993 PSA Music Demodisk 1 1026 Digital Concert VI 1107 Stop Right Now!* 1292 Crusaders Does Genesis 1630 Accession Sun Wind 1685 Depeche Mode Music Disk 1694 Art Of MED Music Disk 1695 Seal Crazy Remix * 1713 Spaced Out Vol 1 1714 Spaced Out Vol. 2 1716 I Think We re Alone Now 1717 Everybody Dance Now 1718 Betly Boo Doing The Do 1755 Amazing Tunes 2 (3) * 1763 Aamond Gallant Knight (3) * 1772 Taipan Music Disk (2) 1776 Crusaders Sheet Music 1777 Beatmasters Technology 1787 Magnetic Beats 2 1788 Magnetic Beats 3 1821 Academy Music Collection 1822
Brainstorm Best Of Grubi 1824 SCR Musax 2 1921 Computer World Music 3 * 1969 LSD Don't Panic 1973 Musical Dreams 1 * 1993 Cats Sing Kylie!
1995 Crystal Symphonies 1997 Prologic Music Disk 1 * 1998 Dimension X Music 1 GAMES PACK 3 (512k - A500 Plus Compatible)
* Dragon Cave * Drip! *
* Megaball * Zeus *
• Air Ace II* 5 DISKS ONLY £5!
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282 Forgotten Realms 617 Neighbours Slideshow 725 Diggy Pigg.es (2) 742 Madonna Slideshow 814 Viz Slideshow 831 Utopia Cartoon Slideshow 863 Scream Queens (2) 891 Creepshow 899 Madonna Slideshow 2 (2) * 942 Garfield Slideshow 968 Gorezone Slideshow (X) 1051 Total Recall Slideshow 1085 Comic Slideshow (X) 1103 Girls Ot Sports Illustrated 1210 Turtles Slideshow 1263 Crusaders : Richter (2)(2D) 1277 Fraxion : Divine Visions (2) 1279 Forgotten Realms 90 1708 Invisible World Slideshow 1719 Yabba Dabba Cartoons 1781 Reflections Ray-Traced 1835 Night Breed Sideshow 1876 Reflections Ray-Traced 6 1901
Leeds United Slideshow 1919 Debbie Harry (2)(2D) * 1984 Terminator Slideshow 1985 Fladiners Slideshow 1986 Aliens Slideshow 1991 Aquarius Images We stock Deja Vu Licenceware Price £3.50 per disk (2 disk sets £5.50) Full details of titles on our catalogue disk GAMES PACK 4 (512k - NOT A500 Plus)
* Card & Board Games *
* Frantic Freddie * Cubulus *
* Serene II * Mental Image * 5 DISKS ONLY £5!
DEMOS ANIMATIONS 906 Madonna Cartoon Anim * 1001 Station at Khern (3) ** 1033 At the Movies Anim ** 1105 Coonics Neverwhere Demo 1188 Fillet The Fish 1200 Raiders of Lost Ark Anim * 1229 Budbram 2 1238 Evil Dead Demo (X) * 1540 Amy vs Walker Anim * 1541 Batman Animation * 1552 Magician Ammatxin V2 0 * 1560 Phenomena Enigma * 1628 Do The Bart. Man * 1707 Decay Simpsons Demo * 1753 Life Of Brian (2) 1782 Carrotl The Chicken(2)(2D) 1784 Carroll lnsomnia(2)(2D) 1823 N-n-n-n ninotoon Demo 1837 Ptasmutex Demo AMIGA A500 PLUS A large amount of software, both commercial and PD, will not run on these
new machines. We are working on a list of compatible titles but this will take some time lo complete. If you own an A500 Plus, or ore planning to buy one, be prepared for problems and please be patient, wherever you buy your software from.
1841 Anti-Lemmin' Demo (2) ** 1846 Enterpnse Anim (2)(2D) * 1850 The Wall (6) (2D) * 1856 Betty Boo Anim Slideshow 1877 AMOS 3D Demo 1885 ftobocop Animation * 1900 Silents Ice Demo 1902 TomsoftVirtual World 1923 Star Wars Demo (2) (2D) * 1943 Windsurfer Animation (2) * 1947 Mr Potato Head * 1948 Mr Potato 'Chips Are Up!' * 1950 Super Woman Animation * 1956 Creature Comforts Demo 1976 Equinox So What?' (2) * 1982 Ftoal 3D Pinball Animation * These are just some of more than 2,000 disks in our library. For full details send 50p for our goodie-packed CATALOGUE DISK!
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10 capacity .99p 40 capacity £4.99 50 capacity £5.99 80
capacity £6.99 100 capacity.....£7.99 512k RAM UPGRADES With
clock......£31.50 Without clock . . . .£27.50 ACCESSORIES Dust
Cover £2.99 Mouse Mat £2.99 Naksha Mouse . . .
£26.99 Budget Disk Drive . . £49.99 Cumana Disk Drive . £59.99
1,000 Disk Labels . .£12.99 Stereo Audio Leads . £3.99 Drive
Cleaning Kit.. £1.99 POSTAGE UK,.Channel Isles. ..FREE
OVERSEAS AIR MAIL Europe, Eire ... add £2.50 Ftest of World
... add £4.00 Payment must be in Sterling PD UTILITIES Find
out what the best releases are from the wild and wacky world
of PD, in the bewildering company of Pat McDonald. He also
picks what are the Top 10 utilities and programs of the year.
245 O' £ cz.
LU CO LU u LU Q TextEngine is one ol the easiest, yet most versatile word processors you can get through the PD. A shame the document length is limited to 50,000 characters.
You can’t cheek spelling from inside ihe word processor (you have to save the file first) but in ihe main it's a very reasonable program.
Oh. Nearly forgot. There's something else on the disk called MiniTool (Fnarr Fnarr). It's a simple icon utility for switching your system between 50Hz and 60Hz, and also for turning the power light (which controls the sound filter) on and off. Not that amazing, but it can be useful occasionally.
SEA LANCE PD SOFT 2022 "All hatches closed... Board is all green... Dive! Dive!
Dive!" Sea Lance, in case you haven't guessed is a submarine simulator. Unlike all previous attempts at this tricky subject, it's got a relatively original plot, simple controls and good graphics.
Aliens from another galaxy have conquered earth, smashed the US forces and arc using the Russian TEXTENGINE V2. 1 AJVUGANUTS 1 194 Regular readers may remember Ihe original TextEngine. Which fealured on a Coverdisk some months ago. It's a word processor wilhoul frills, designed for priming ihe occasional small document.
There's nol much new in the latesi release. Il can be sel lo work with 60Hz (NTSC American) Amigas.
Which is thoughtful. There have also been a couple of bug fixes by the author. Nicholas Harvey. In Ihe main though you'd be hard pressed lo spot the difference between this and the original.
What is diffcren! Is the inclusion of AZSpell on ihe disk, a PD spelling checker writlen by Danny Hartley.
Although il doesn't come with much in the way of a diclionary. You can add words lo il lhal il doesn't recognise and so build il up to usable slandards.
Anyone looking for a cheap word processor need look no further. TextEngine is fast, simple lo learn, and will no doubt find many followers, ll's a shame lhal BUD C«*WD CORF STV1CE Being pursued by alien aliened (think about it) Russian vessels is just no lun lor a highly-stressed nuclear submarine commander.
The Weapons screen shows a sonar view of the local area, and any hostilcs in the vicinity. Launching an attack is simple - pick a weapon, pick a targel. The Damage control screen monitors damage and repairs.
Finally, the Trident screen is used to select targets for your missiles, and this is where the game gels irieky. You have 24 missiles. 20 alien bases, bul 40 possible cities! Which do you attack?
Sea Lance has slick graphics, good presentation, and manages to make a game out of one of the most tedious simulation types. Jason Bauer (the author) has spent ages getting everything right. I love il.
MUSIC BOX DEJA VU LPD45 For those who want a simple music program. Music Bax is quile good. It's presentation is very good, and it explains standard musical stave notation before getting on with the program proper (you can skip this when equivalents to police Ihe planet. The only Ihing left to defeat the invaders is Sea Lance, a modified Trident submarine crewed by varying nationalities.
The idea is that Ihe aliens have set up 20 bases around ihe planet. You have lo launch Tridcnl missiles al them. These have a small nuclear warhead, as well as biological warheads filled with a virus loxic lo Ihe aliens only. The nuke penctrales Ihe force field defence, and the virus knocks out the aliens.
The first thing you have to do is tool up. As well as ihe Tridents. Sea Lance can cam Tomahawk cruise missiles. Subroc II anli-submarinc weapons and conventional torpedoes. How many of each you carry is up lo you - but it lakes a brave commander to set sail wilh jusl torpedoes.
Playing Sen Lance is easy to pick up. There are just four screens to master - the bridge is used to alter course, speed and dcplh. And also lo abandon ship or increase air pressure lo combat breaches in the hull.
Satellite maps can be downloaded whilst surfaced.
You know what the program is all about). In use. All you do is pick up the different notes, and plonk them down on a slave. You can play Ihe lune at any time, lo see if you've made any mislakcs. It's also possible lo use different instruments for your tunes.
Maybe the content is somewhat lacking, but if you wanl to start at ground zero in music, this is the program for you. You can learn quite a lot just by entering sheet music into your Amiga. It's also gentle on beginners. Which has gol to be good. Well done Jeff Tullin.
XSTITCH DEJA VU LPD42 Needlecraft veterans everywhere, this could probably be jusl what you're looking for. Xstitch can read in standard Amiga IFF pictures (hut unfortunately not HAM ones) and it can print out cross stitch needle patterns for you to spend time working on. It's very easy to use. Bul the printouts arc really just configured for Epson compatible printers. If you have one of these, then why not go for it.
Continued on Page 248 j jy %j J j j j nii}jj Mmfjvj r r J j J r J i As you con see, all you have to do is pick up a note and plonk it down on the stave where you wont it.
J T UNITEtffPUBUCf DC NBS UPD F, 1 CHAIN LANE, NEWPORT, ISLE OF WIGHT. PO30 50A 0983 529 594 IPUO22 CHEMESTHET1CS Chemistry program lor molecule display » PU023 CHET SOLACE UTA8 26 utilities on this disk PA032 BONGO ANIMATION An,matron of a man playing the bongo drums PA033 BUSY BEE Cute animation of a freaky bee almost looks wooden i Meg PA034 CLOTHES PEG Bouncing clothes pegs and more M« bad 1 Meg PA035 COOL COUGAR A cartoon style arum, lefts the slory of cool Cougar IM PA036 Cxt SPACESHU A beauiriui sculpt 40 anmt of a sfMp cwcimgTgbbe iM PA037 DART ANWATtON Good ananaBon of a dart passmg
through an agg
- - Ibon of the cartoon game by OonBMhtM seiyi’: squmf chasmg a
Wabar 1 5M featuring batman and the |Oker 1 Meg GAMES PUQ24
CLERK Another program senAar to Journal, manages your bank
account PU02S 32 CUPART 8 disks crammed W ot some of the best
cbpml around' PU033 35 COUNTACH CUP ART (3) 3 disks packed fud
of ctipart' Vanous PUC36 CURSER BASIC COIWLER Just what you
need to speed up base programs PU037 tVCOPY One of the best PO
copy ubkoes available, very easy lo u*e PU038 OARKSTAR UTWTES 3
A d«k ftM Of assorWd usehA ubkbes PU039 06W Good PO ray tracmg
program me some picturesCLI Knowledge PUWO DEMOLISHER UT1LT1ES
168 «sy to use uMbes. Sorrwthmg lor everyone PG001 2 ADVENTURE
SOLUTIONS 2 disk* Ml Of etfventut solutions' (2) PG003 AJR
WARRtOfi This it a tligM simulator program PG004 5 ALL NEW STAR
TREK Great gam* from Tobias RfchMrt (2) PGO06 ANTEP & SLOT CARS
A graph** rtfa playmg gams A a car gm PG007 APOYA Mce demo ot t
horizontal shoot am up' PA037 van I anaa • t vn vwi •*unwi l» ¦
WALKER Cute and PA040 ER -S BATMAN A great arwnabon featuring
batman ai ____ PA041 ERC-S COTOTE 2 This ones a corker.coydte
up to this tncks 15 Meg P4D42 ErtC-S COYOTE STRKES BACK Mot too
good this hme tM stM popular t M PUD41 43 OESKBENCH f*ce
ahemabve workbench Jecrn . Bases (3) PGCtt ASSASS'NS 2 Gal
actc U PG010 ASSASSINS 3 UegsbaJ A One1 Superb breakout game A
platform gam* PG011 ASSASSWSl Jumper GomoAu.Cracker.
Ampy.Tubo(Aral A Kjondfc*' PGOi 2 ASSASSINS 5 Ra-d Go IcUy A
Retakalor 3 shoot am upe PG013 ASSASSINS 6 Oownh* chaaenge.
Pacman 87. Meta llamas A We*rix PGOU ASSASSINS 7 Oesbnabon
Moonbase Tm kfcghTwort* A Oaudt runner PG015 ASSASSINS 6 Aa act
I HbaU. Number Fumbler A Snakeprt' PG016 ASSASSINS 9 Battle
pong A Buzzard PG017 ASSASSINS 10 Escape. Pipeline Pickout A
Sys' PG018 ASSASSINS 11 Dad. Connex. Towers of Hanoi Reversi A
Tnppm' PG019 ASSASSINS 12 Uamatron. Car, Powerpoog A X F 11
PG020 ASSASSINS 13 Ban.Asterotds.Twinns.Block rt.SqoamWa A
Armgatration PG021 ATK ATAC A conversion ol the old classic
Spaclnjm game PG022 AWESOME PREVIEW Fantastic preview ol e
great game' PG023 BATTLEFORCE A strategy war game similar lo
Mechlorce ti«.-s VAIVU16 51 nmts BALK not too gooo ttvs nme out
sou popu v i u P4043 ER1C-S MORE AEROTOONS More hunouous
cartoon capers Great stuft tM PN ERfC-S SHUTTLECOCK Two Space
Shuttles piaymg with a sataflrte t Meg PA045 ErlC-S STEALTHY I
The M 29 and Stealthy bomber cartoon Greal.lU P4046 FRANKLYN
THE FLY Great amm of a day n the Me of a housefly' P* 47
GHOSTBUSTER ANIMATION Anim on the popular ghostbuslers theme.
PU044 DESKTOP PUBLISHER From Germany. Enghsh translation now r PU345 DIRECT ACTION A useful Ubfefy for edang animation sequences PUW6 DISKMASTER 30CU UtAKy program, copy Mas. Delete format d- J Uttby program , copy ft PUD47 DOPE INTROUAKER Make your own ntroe with IN* utibty PIW8 DYNAMITE FONT a Another popular disk Stacks ol *f tont»creens PUD49 DVNAMTCE FONTS Eiehent fonts «k*k lor use m Dpa.nt etc PU050 54 EDUCATION SET (5) Ftve disks full of educational programs good PU0S5 ELECTROCAO PREVIEW If your* Info circuit diagrams etc. by this PU0S6 EXILE FONTS More of theses superb tontscreens For
use with Dpemt PU0S7 FLEXIBASE DATABASE A simple to use database for the beginner PU058 FONTS AND RAM MANAGER Lots of fonts plus a software ram switch !
PU059 FONTS & SURFACES Lots of useful loots brushes etc for use m Dpa.nl' PU060 FRANZ MEGAUTILS OfSK Plenty of Font Eds end a good boot menu program PU061 GENESIS DEMO Superb fractal generator, realty good!
PU062 GRAPHICS UTILITIES Load of useful graphically orientated programs PU063 HAMLAB Convert VGA PC pictures to Amiga ham mode with Ifwt utility PU064 HARDORiVE UTILS Some good utilities for hard dnve owners PU065ICONMANIA loads of programs for icon creation & many icons!
PU066 ICONS Thu disk is just crammed with useful & vaned Icons PU067 MPIOOER V4 0 Very good crunching program, very efficient!
PU068 INTERFERON PRO 6eata protection bootWocks against viruses PU069 JAZZBENCH A great alternative workbench mu.h preferred by many' ' V I i ivn ainii VI 11 ------------ PA048 GYMNAST ANRIATtON AnimaUon of a gymnast swinging around the bars IM PA1M9 HAPPY ANIMATIONS HappyMan. TreeFrog, Wmdowman and Hammer AJI 512K P*O50 HIGHLANDER SWORD ANIMATION Arum of a Scotsman dancing on swords PA051 HOLIDAY ANIMATION Not too bad this one.
P*052 LAUREL ANO HARDY Brazzel Atkins select you film from the videos IM PA053 4 LIGHT CYCLES (2) Huge animation from the Tron film. Excellent. 1 Meg PA055 LUXO TEENAGER Father & son lamp animation converted to the amiga, IM PA056 MAGICIAN II this ones a bit Better, more glossier this time round IM PL057 MAGICIAN Similar to the juggler animation, but not quite as glossy 1M PM758 MINER A miner truck loading coals into a buggy to be taken away IM PA059 MR POTATO MEAD Watch the potato man m cabaret!
PA060 NEWTONS CRADLE ray traced animation, phis F-19 and Rock.ng chair PX061 PHAROAH ANIMATION An animation ot a Pharoah kingt mask PA062 PIANO ANIMATION This « an animation of a cartoony piano!
PL063 PORKY PIG ANIMATION Cute anim of the Porky pig character with sound' PX064 PROBE SEQUENCE Probe investigates new file forms on distant planel iM PX065 68 REAL 30 (4) Superb demo of the effects possible with Real 3D 1 Meg PL069 REAL THING HORSES demo of the animation package tor deluxe palm PX070 SHUTTLECOCK ANIMATION 2 shuttles playing with a satellite' PJ071 THE BOINGS Greaf arum of 2 Zebedee characters on springs!
PJ072 THE JUGGLER the old classic animation that sokJ hundreds ot Amiga s I P4073 THE KNIGHT DEMO Antmabon of a knight cl.mb.ng out of a book 111 P4074 THE WALKER DEMO Helicopter attacking Ihe walker Fmm style 1M P4075 THE WALKER DEMO » Walker Attacking the A20OD Not bad t Meg PJ076 UGLY MUG ANIMATION The ugfy mug goes lor i szxn' P4077 UMCYCLE ANR4ATION Extent arwnabon ot a uwcyde 6 a cart PG02S BUCK ROGERS A PG027 CHINESE CHECKERS Computer version ol Ihe popular board game PG028 COLOSSUS A WoflLO Two very good adventures Irom Software distillery PG029 CROSSWORO COMPILER Nice program lor
making crosswords!
PG030 CU8ULUS Nice rubik cube style game Irom Tobias RkNer PG031 DARKSTAFF A spectrum emulated ten adventure game PG032 DRAGONS CAVE great Dungeons game, mce graphics' PGG33 ED 209 Robocop style shoot em up' PG034 ETERNAL ROME A DOMINOES ? Nee PU071 JR COMM 1.02 Latest version of another superb comms package' PUD72 KEFRENS METALUON UTILITIES Great Uffl disk full of fonts & more' PU073 76 KING JAMES BIBLE Old testament & New testament A ten reader (4) PU077 LANGUAGES DISK All you ever needed ' Forth Module 2. X-Lisp and Logo PU78M-CAD Computer aided design package uses tv res mode. Good 1 Meg
flEW.DRAW.Ri .... PG036 FLASHBIER Over 200 levels PG037 FRANTIC FREDDIE Classic t PG038 GALACTIC FOOD FKGHT F*ht bouiderdash type game . Fun with good music ice cream cones fruit etc PU079 MACVIEW.DhAW.ROTATE Collection of W Interesting ¦“Cm" use PC • Amiga file transfer program. I PROGRAMS Geobme. Grocery kst Calculator e it tab*1 PU080 MESSY-SID E PG040 GAMES GALORE 2 . .
PG041 GAMES GALORE 3 Gravaftack Asteroids Pmgpong MinOast Ort-13d PG042 GAMES GALORE 4 Ur Munfc Diplomacy Car Mutant Chess Egyptian n . . .... . .vn ii vnivtwi in • 1*1 711. ¦ • : PI078 WINGS Superb quahty red baron taplane arwnabon Very nee indeed PJ079 ZEUS BUST AMMATlON * - *------------ ¦ PU082 MOBEO A very useful program tor eddmg sprrtes and bobs PU083 MORSE PROGRAMS Disk Wl of Morse code programs for r*»o harm PU»4 MYST1X HARDWARE MOOS Documents disk for hardware N Animation of a golden bust rotating' PG043 GAMES GALORE 5 Cosmo Cat A mouse Mareman Roflon Trtvta Pharoah PG044
GAMES GALORE 6 Tint Jumpy DefATC C-Robots SfflLme lUng rats SB PG045 GROWTH BrMiant game where you must shoot the br*n!
PG046 HACK Great ten adventure m the rtocom style PG047 HOU.YWOOO TRIVIA Nice trtaa game mth lots of questions' PG048 HOLY GRAM. A rue* ten adventure, one ot the best PG049 JETMAN remember the old game ,-etpec ? Wed here atMegs' PGOSOJEOPAROY Version ot the board game Risk' PGOSl KILLER CARS A greet car game with Med vector graphics ' PG052 LAMER GAME Sflttr to operabon wolf shoot am up PU085 NCOMM *1 92 Latest and best verson of th* e PU0867 NORTH C13 (2) A two dttk unpacked verson of above program !
PU068 NORTH C 13 (Packed) The complete C compeer by Sieve Mtwdn!
PR101 2 ANTI LEMMMGS (2) Absokrtley bnkant arwnabon • Get this now t2M Pf«3 AT THE MOVIES Cule amm from Enc Schwartz leMunng Amy squrref 1 5M PRO* 7 AUTOMATED LIGHT (4) Great batttestar gdaebca type arwnabon 3 Meg PW10 BUZZED (3) Great a...... Pflrtl 12 DATING GAME (2) * PfO’3 15 DRAGONS LAJR |3I Twte mtc power demo w P1016 GULF WAR ANIM F,nd out what happens to Hussem' Bnlhant 2mg' PU0S9 PASCAL COMPEER Now becorwig a popular language, now a PU090 PC EMULATOR Software PC emulator rweOs MS IX)S to run'CGA PU091 PENOLE EUROPA MEGAUTAJTCS 1 An esseroal cobecbon of over 2 PU092 PENOLE EUROPA
UtimES 5 Another great compact by tha Rad OevA PU093 PENDLE EUROPA UTILITIES 6 includes copiers and more ubbbat PU094 PENOLE EUROPA UTILITIES 7 A very popular utMy codecbon Try R !
PU095 PRWTER DRIVER GENERATOR Deson your own pnmer driver with bus PUD96 PRINTER DRIVER UTILITIES Vanous non-standard primer 1 I VWI Nun* yvftiu J Ireat arwnabon of a wasp crashing into things 3 Meg E (2) Superb new demo from Enc Schwartz. Get A 3 Smg' UR (3) Tnree meg power demo with souxd effects Great' PG0S4 55 LEARN A PLAY Great hm for the kids on two d PG056IASERZONE Greet okd 64 class* shoot m up!
PG057 LEAPING LARRY Simple plattorm game done ei Amos d primer drivers E(3)R PU097 PRINTSTUOK) VI25 Greet uMity tor accuraie Jitoutof j-cslei tart PU098 OBASE Database program, ample to use with PU099 OED A n e easy to use teit editor program ' Load. Save. Pnnt.
PPG327 STATION AT KHARN (3) Animation ot • a spacestabon.mcaly dona. 2_.
PPC» 33 UPGRADE (6) Wow ' CamberweK Green meets the Amiga ’ GREAT ' 5 Meg PPQ4 35 VAUX KILLERS (2) An old but qurte good 2mg demo 2mg PPG6 37 WALKER DEMO (2) The 2 disk 2mg version of this classic demo ppoa 39 WAVE SAILING (2) A r*e animation ot a wave sailer! 1 5mg PG059 LORE OF CONQUEST E.eileni space trading game DAD style!
PG060 MARBLE SUDE Puzzle game, build slides up' PG061 MASTER OF THE TOWN Shoo! The signposts in this game PG062 MENTAL IMAGE PACK 3 great games Grtdrunner Invaders A Rebound PG063 MORIA Ten adventure based around Dungeons A Dragons theme!
PU100 QUICK BASE A small database program, also Xspell & Ten editor on disk Pin01 OUICKBENCH Another alternative workbench system, very clever this one!
PU102 RAZOR 1911 Graph.cs rippers. Virus killers. Dtsksaiv powerpacker PU103 RE0 SECTOR OEMOMAKER Probably Ihe best demomaktr around' PU102 RAZOR 1911 Graphics rippers, V I OEMOMAKER Pro PU104 RSI VECTOR BALL EDITOR Devon vectorbeJls for use in RSI demomaker esign fresh new vector oOfeds tor above PU105 RSI VECTOR DESIGNER Design ft PHI06 RSI FONT DESIGNER Give your demos custom designed fonts' PU107 RIM 0ATABASE Very comprehensive relational database system Powerful PG064 NAPOLEONIC WAR SIMULATOR A nice strategy type game!
PG065 NESTOR CARD GAME Another card game, looks quite good' DEMOS PG06667 NETHACK Dungeon A Dragon adventure style game very popular* (2) PG068 NO MANS LAND M tech war games shoot em up PDC1 AGONY DEMO Brilliant graphics in this game demo.show it to ST owners PDC2 ALARM MEGADEMO Nice new demo with a good acid type video pari I PHI08 ROT A simpJe 30 drawing package for your Amiga Very popular PU109 SCOPE 114 Structured clipart for deskop puN.sh.ng etc' Ppaoe efc!
Put 10 SCOPE 115 Structured cBpirl for use in Protess*onal page ETC. PG069 NU GAME Shoot em up wrth good graphics, quite drffcull' PD04 ALF DEMO Featulng the cute character from Ihe TV show.
PDC5 AMOS 3D DEMO Shows you some ot the effects that are possible with 3d PD06 ANALOGUE MEGADEMO A great intro & novel demo selection' PDC7 ANARCHY INSPIRATION IS NONE Brilliant demo with some superb ray trace PM* ANARCHY MADNESS II Demo with Bobs and Filled Vectors, superb musicl PKXI9 ANARCHY SYSTEM VIOLATION Classy demo featuring Vector Bob Gtx Cool!
PI010 ANARCHY DIGITAL INNOVATION Their latest and best demo, superb' PKM1 ANIMATORS MEGADEMO A nice new megademo Horn the Animators PO'2 AURORA MEGADEMO Dramatic mbo. Good music with some Ham bobs Pot 3 BASS MEGADEMO Great megademo wrth some housey house music P014 BOB CRAZY A d sk (riled with Bob demos' Pot 5 BRONX WHAT A RUSH Nee new demo Poi6 BUDBRAWI Hilarious megademo, house music video and cartoon sketches P017 CASCADE MEGADEMO Cunous demo with a puzzle and an acO put' PG070 PETERS QUEST Rescue the maiden m this fun platform game e enemy aircraft m this Beechead o PG072 PROPERTY MARKET
Become a mfhonaira b 5 Structured cbparl PUI11 SfD V1.6 Newest version ot the Pin 12 3 SOMETHING FOR NOTHING 2 Sto use CLI utility. Essential!
Set fun ol video utrts. Lorn* etc. (2) PG07I POM POM GUNNER Blast the enemy aircraft tr e before you rt PG073 RAPHAELS REVENGE A turtles game done m SEUCK' PG074 RETURN TO EARTH Emt type space trading gam*' PG07S RINGS Of ZONk .... PU115 ST EMULATOR Run Atan ST software on your Amiga Needs 2 drives PU116 SUPER C DtSK As neat to a hard drive as mere mortals get!
PU117 SUPERKILLERS Kdis 172 viruses, more than Master Veut2.2 A must' PU118 SUPER WORKBENCH Yet another alternative workbench disk' PU119 TAROT An astrology program for your Amiga PU'20 TEXT PI US V3.00 Ona of the Best wordprocessors. Includes Anugaspef PG076 SEVEN TILES Superb futuresports speefbaM type game. Great!
PG077 SKATE TRIBE hang on to tour skateboard' Nee graphics 7 SKATE TRIBE hang on lo your skateboard' Nee graphics PG078 SCUM HATERS Shoot em up done by Brazil Atkins m SEUCK PG079 SEALANCE A submarine *traieg» game aeems very involved PG060 SERENE SHOOT UP Another good quality Shoot em up PG061 SERENE Dfoaow up to the above game PG062 SIMPSONS GAME Vertically scrolling shoot em up done m SEUCK' PG063 SPLITTING Puzzle game rearrange Ronald Reegans Natures' PG064 ST BASH Bias: the Atan Sts m this fun invaders game PG0B5 STARFLEET Mce Moe game done m SEUCK' PG06687 STAR TREK The US version by
J*n Barber very good (2) PU123 UEDfT LATEST RELEASE h eprograi PU124 ULTIMATE ICON DISK Contains Iconmatslar. Iconlab. Iconmaster A cons' Pui 25 ULTRAPAWT v3 A mce pa« package for IFF pictures’ Pui26UnuTlES COLLECTION Another graet coAecbon of uWdes about 100!
Pui 27 UtinES DISK 1 Another one for the coAectW About 60 or more P018 CHAOS ROCK A fantastic kghl show based on fractal patterns P019 COOL FRIDGE A plasma meagdem© 4 you hke these fx gel this one P 20 CRIONCS MEGADEMO InchSn the superb maddona demo and mon P021 CRIOMCS NEVERWHERE Superb demo with a Real world demo and Madonna L DESTRUOON Very mce plasma Fx pius a fcxkjn mus ' PU129 » VIOEO APPUCATtONS (2) Programs tor PU131 VtSICALC SPREADSHEET Smpie to use spreadsheet program based on VC Pui323W*400WS8ENCHAWmjows3Workbench2tookM* .verymce (2dmks) PU134 WORKBENCH HACKS Disk fuB N amusing
workbench hacks Pill35 WOROWRITE WOROPROCESSOR * PO72 CRIOMCS TOTAL C P02325 ALCATRAZ MEGADEMO ExeMnL a hugi demo, comes on 3 drtksMlT B P026 CRUSADERS SPACE DELiRJA Fama« mus by Dr Awesome A great effects PO?' CRYPTOBURNERS HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER Lovely filled vector demo Great' P028 DARKNESS MEGADEMO ¦ Another unknuwd bobs demo • Oo they ever slop ' P029 DANTSH KNOW HOW A class* demo ' well worth getting • PO30 DEAD DANCE THRASH Amazing thrash metal soundtrack & some wwrd pics' P031 DEFJAM PIXEL NATIONS Nice multipart demo with piasma.bobs etc P032 DEVILS LABYRINTH Great new demo with some
fab effects. RGB ham plasma' P033 DEVILS NO REALITY Another great multipart demo from Devils' I P034 DRAGONS MEGADEMO An old demo but still one of the classics'_ P035 ELVIRA DEMO An exeilent demo of • very good game! ¦¦ PGC89S7AR TR£K THE ShOCT -'u ,P PG090 SUBCULTURE Playable t« level of a good snoot em up-1 PG091 SUPER TwtNRlS Superb 2 piaytr tetrs game' A500* ¦ PG092 SWTV OEMO Superb demo ol an eieoent snoot em up'I PG093TENMS A good shareware term* paWing ¦ PG094 TRAIN CONSTRUCTION KIT maka your own back layouts PG095 TREK TRIVIA For you Star Trek beaks loads of questions' PG09697 TRUCK*
ON A trading game based around buck haulage (2 0 PG098 TURRfCAN 2 PREVIEW Great demo of superb shoot em up’ PG099 THE EVIL DEAD GAME B PG098 TURRtCAN 2 PREVIEW Great demo of superb ft E Blast the goobes m tha crazy game ANIMATIONS S CLUB Stocks & shares game, see how far you get PA001 AEGIS ANIMATIONS 3 amms. Juggler. Plane & Marlyn tr landing. B PD36 EPIC incredWe preview to a new game by Ocean. Filled vectors 1M PO?? E?PLANOJ2) Brill kalidescope patterns on this excellent demo' PA002 AGATRON 2 Misc • jef fighter landm PA003 AGATRON 3 Star Trek • Shuttle fly p .basic 0 pong gam* ssile,
If 1m P039 FILLET THE FtSH Sumlar to puggs, but not quile as good PD40 FRAXiON "REVENGE" Cartoon style horror video recorder! Vary tunny ' PG104 WONDERSOfT GAMES Golf. Congi, It PG105 W1ZZYS QUEST A very good arcade adventure game from Germany Windmill A Concenbate PA004 AGATRON 5 Star Trek Kjmgon fires torpedoes Im PAQ05 AGATRON 7 Star Wars Fighter Qo g loops efc 1m PA006 AGATRON 9 Star Wars • Fighter tty by. Impressive 1m PA007 AGATRON 10 Star Trek ¦ Enterprise m dry dock Good IM PA008 AGATRON tl Tron • Tank v Deactrvalor. Good vectors PA009 AGATRON 12 Tron ammatton Not one of the best PA010
AGATRON 13 Misc • Robo 1 A robot waving Im , PA011 AGATRON 14 Star Trek Workbee & Refaant. 3 shots megademo tr P044 HORIZEN SLEEPING BAG Great muftipart demo with vectors & funky music.
P045 INDIANA JONES DEMO Nice dip of the movie!
Pt 46 IRAQ DEMO Amusing demo of Saddam meeting President Bush .... Kaboom!
PD47 INTUITION MEGADEMO Includes a very good acid type section' P048 KATHARSIS MEGADEMO This is the famous Xcopy demo from Poland' PD49 50 KEFRENS MEGADEMO VIII Loads of filled vectors and brill music (2) UTILITIES & SERIOUS SOFTWARE I PA014 AGATRON 18 Star Trek - Enterprise fly by Short anim PA015 AGATRON 20 Huey 2 A hehcopter leaving a landing pad Neat i Meg PA016 AGATRON 23 Star Tre* fleet manoevre tm PA017 AGATRON 24 Kuli pen animation & Ping pong Great' tm PA018 AGATRON 25 The run . A suberb car chase tmg or over im PA019 AGATRON 26 A ship rocking at sea. Enterprise leaves dock 1m POS1 52
KGB MEGADEMO |2) A great house music video & vector drummers P053 54 LAUREL & HARDY Good demo leatunng The lonesome pine song ( PO« MAGNETI?_F! ?S_HY?IE?!?S Excellent vector graphics, plus music ' PU001 AMJCASH Brand new b » very easy to use g The lonesome pine song. (2) PU0C2 A-GENE Good geneotogy program, to trace your tam.ly name tmeg PU003 A68K 68000 Assember program lor the Armga rather drffcull lo use PU004 A64 EMULATOR Commodore 64 emulator program . Some base listings' PU005 AMATEUR RADIO i Some programs of interest to the radio ham!
PU006 ANIMATED POWTER PACK DiSktuBo PU007 AmtBASE 3 76 One of the best A P056 57 MAGNETIC FIELDS SPACED OUT (2) demo d.sfc with great music tracks PUSS 59 MAXIMUM OVERRIDE (2) Very rwcety done Idled vector demo by TSB.
PO60 MIRAGE MEGADEMO Another good Art*, this one copws it sett PC61 62 MONTY PYTHON (2) Bnlkant demo featuring the lumberjack song ' PC43 MONTY PYTHON NUDGE NUDGE Another amusmg sketch on 2 disks' l2i PC64 NEWTEK DEMO 3 An exeOem demo.uke you machme to the l«m»« (2) P064 NOT THE NINE OaOCK NEWS Some amusing sketches on these disks (2) Poe6 PHENOMENA ECES A very good demo with a light souced filed vector!)
PC«7 PHENOMENA INTERSPACE Is bme Uneer 7 We« get thrt demo and find out POW PHENOMENA ENK1MA Absomiety brdhant one of the al ume greatt' PO*9 PHENOMENA JOYRDE Another absokde corker of a dm1 pg 075 PMK FLOYD THE WALL (6) Oh yeah ' A huge Oj PA020 AGATRON 30 Contams Hyperspace animation & Landing animation im H a Porche rtsing out ..... PA022 AGATRON 32 Space - Space probe ftymg a PAQ21 AGATRON 31 Arnrn of a g out of a table 1 mg.
PU0069ANYLmCALC Now unpacked and ready to use' (2 disk version) PU011 Asf LABEL P e best label printing programs on 1 d*k PA025 AGATRON 35 Space- space probe ftymg away im - • «y. Loop the loop im PA026 AGATRON 36 Star trek Bird of prey, k .
PA027 AGATRON 37 Mrsc • Tob.es goes knackers' 1m PUD 13 ASSASSNS BOOT UtimES Loads of b PU014 BANK in A complete cheque book analysis program Keep tabs on cash PU015 BfORYTHMS 4 STARCMAHT Chack you Bkyythms * eiamma tha mgN sky' PU016 BUSINESS CARO MAKER Make you own with Bus useful ubtty PU017 20 C MANUAL I (4) New and better ' Version 2 now comes on 4 Osks ' PU021 C-UGHT RAY TRACER A commercial ray tracing package Mow PO "" PAQ29APPLECUSANSIA’ PA030 BAO BWD AMMATION Not too bad tMs one PAD31 BASKETBALL AC a bafl into the net 1 Meg i Lovely rr BUTTERCm UPD F, CLIFFE HOUSE, PRIMROSE ST,
KEIGHLEY, BD21 4NN 0535 667 469 PD • 1-9 £1.25 EACH • 10+99PEACH DEJA VU UCENSEWABE £3.50 UK - PLEASE ADO 50P PSP EC *25P PER DISK • NON EC *50P PER DISK All orders dispatched same day 1 ORDER BY POST Just send yiur order lo any ol Ihe lour distributors listed ORDER BY PHONE: Call any ol Ihe lout'omponies before 3PM quoting your credit card rJmber lor same day dispatch IMS ADVERIISMENI WAS WRITTEN. DESIGNED AND TYPESET ON THE AM C..US»NG F SIAM UPD F. 20 HOLMESIDE SUNDERLAND SRI 3JE 091 565 2506 IAIN DISTRIBUTOR POO78 PUGGS IN SPACE A class* demo. Ihe kids wiH love It POO79 PRISONER DEMO
Remember the old 60s series? Well hem the Amiga demo PDOeC PULLING THE TRIGGER Well laid out set of demos P0081 PURE METAL COOERS Present fractal demos disk, very nice PSOlO AUSTRALIAN SLIDE Lots of pics ot Australia in 32 colours PS017 CHAJNSAW SI*1 POOBS REBELS MEGAOEMO ¦ An old class* WaH from the past* PS019 COLOURCYCLESI PSC2C CREEP SHOW non -uOr ’,pe pctures E | PS021 OAHKLORO SUOCSHOW lots ot pctures m the Oarttords style PO087 REBELS SNAP A n*e demc wrth spooky style mus* track Poouiar * P0088 REBELS TRIPLE TROUBLE Nee new demo. . Some others P0089 RED SECTOR CeBIT 90 An old dass* MM
vector demo, loveiy mus* P009091 RED SECTOR MEGADEMO (2) SMI stood the test of time, very good !
POOW SCIENTISTS 451 MEGADEMO Greet megademo with some great soundtracks PD093 SCOOPEX CHROMIUM Superb demo with great graphics and mus* POOW SCOOPEX MENTAL HANGOVER One of the best demos of all time get It' n*e pctures r C-Oryk of D PS02526 DMME VtSKXS (2) A PD098 SILENTS ICE Latest demo from the Silent*. Brilliant music tracks1 PD099 SILENTS MEGADEMO Old but still up to scratch, vectors and music !
Song A pics of our favorite K POI02 SIMPSONS FREEHAND Slideshow with funky Bert Simpson mui ‘ rmo from Bra; POIOt SIMPSONS EQUINOX Remix o P01014 ST PEPPERS LONELY HEARTS Great 60s syle demo PO105 TECHNOFLIGHT MEGADEMO Not a bad little megademo PO106 TECHNOFRIGHT A spooky demo with good mus* & effects' ALL PUBLIC DOMAIN DISKS ARE NOW ONLY 99p WHEN YOU ORDER JEN OR MORE ' PO107 TIMEX HVPRA Great demo that looks like a piatform game A good if_ P01Q8 TQMSOFT TRIP TO MARS Old but very good 3D filled vector trip to mars PSO40 IRON MAIDEN SUOCSMOW C PO109 TOMSOFT VIRTUAL WORLDS An absolute Epic '
Best demo of the year " PottO TRIPLE TROUBLE Bnltaant plasma and copper fi with funky music track ' Pollf UNREAL DEMO Superb graphics A sound m this grtwt demo PO112 UNIVERSAL PICTURES Very vnpreswe Med vector demo m space PoltJ VANGEUS DEMO Great mus* A superb colour cycled graphics img P0114 VECTRA SINKING DEMANO Realty good Med vector demo P0115 WARFALCONS PURPLE MEGADElfc Another good ctass* demo P0116 WITH VECTORS TO HEAVEN New demo mat m. check tl out' PD117 WRATH OF THE DEMON DEMO Another to show off the machines graphics PDH8 XRAY MEGADEMO A demo m 6 separate parts P0119 REBELS OUTLAND
Latest demo from a prolific outfit! Excellent PS043 JOE SUOCSMOW t Very good quakty sl-Jeshows drawn in Dpamt. Joe sex PS044 JOE SUOCSMOW 2 More supeh p*s by Joe Check them out for yourself PS045 KELLY SUOCSMOW Some txcsBere quaMy HAM pictures Various sublets PSO*6 KIM VflLDC SLCCSMOW Lots of p*s but mamfy m Hack 6 wtMe PS047 48 MADONNA SUOCSMOW lots of pctures but needs 1 mg 4 2 drives (2i PS04950 MADONNA DICK TRACY SIDE Qurte n*e sltoeshow. (2, PS051 MILLER UTE Pictures and mus* trom the TV advert tor MaerUfc_ PS052 NAGEL PICTURES Greet h. res pctures from a famous at* APOl 81 OUNCE ON
OLIVER DISK 2 AP0182 PUX KJNGOOM Another good exptorabon g»we on 2 «sks APOl83 P1DE KJNGOOM 0tSK2 APO190 BLACKBELT Chop the blocks m this maroal arts game APOl98 BOMBS FROM 8AG0ADPROOIGAl SON APD205 R-ORAW i .48 Another wefl tato out drawing package AP0219 JIGMANIA Datadisk 2 AP0220 JIGMANIA Datadisk 3 AP022tAMOSBlNGOCRACKTHECOOE2gamesonthlsd.sk. AP0229 AMOS MULT1PAIHT Another Amos paint program' APD230 AMOS ASTEROIDS Four versions of the aslerotos game APD231 AMOK Your robot is trapped in a strange world img AP0237 SHAPES Very nice little puzzle game AP0238 Al M A p*ture convertor 4 image
processor1 PS0S4 NASA SUDES t Picture of the space shuttle landing etc. Not b SID ? Nevei heard ol him.... MUSIC DISKS 1 PS058 NIGHTBREED Yukky slideshow trom the film U PM001 100 GREATEST 64 TUNES Over 100 ctass* 64 tunes imortallsed ' PM002 4-MAT CES MUSIC About t0 great songs by 4-mat of Anarchv PS059 60 NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET SLIOESHOW great for all you treddy Ians (2) PS061 NIK WILLIAMS Some very well digitised pictures from the ptcturewar* PS062 NW DYNAMIC MAM More trom the Nik Williams aeries. Incredible quality A picture c AP00254 HOBBS GAMES Crapman. Battle. Adrian 4 80. 4 games
AP0257 CASSETTE LABELLER . MIXED SOURCE Make your own cassette labels w . Triarchy.
PM003 4-MAT REFLECTIONS 2 Four or Five good songs again by 4-Mat .“ ‘ Ixofthe* PM004 ALCATRAZ THE POWER Excellent re nlx of the song by the band Snap PS063 PENTAGON 4 DRIFTERS Very high quality Mi-res BW fantasy pictures PS064 PMOTMONTAGE I Slideshow on various subjects very nicely done PS065 PHOTOMONTAGE B Another greet slide of vanous subjects.
PS066 POP STAR PICS Pcdts of Mel 4 Kim. Madonna. Cunosity 4 PSB PS067 RICK PARK S ART Dpamt style pctures eH done m Hi Resolution AP027I WIZAROS DOMAIN Nicely done graphical adventure game AP0284 AMOSAGRAM Nice anagram program AP0292 WAR OF THE FOUR A shareware graph* adventure game APO 293 GRANO PRIX SIMULATOR Not a race game.more of a swnufabon PM006 ALCATRAZ SOUNDS OF ENERGY F- PM007&9 AMAZING TUNES 8(3) This ones a b«ogy loads of great music I PM010 AMEGA PARTY WINNERS Four EXCELLENT tongs that won the Amega party!
‘De la Vu License-ware £3.50 ‘Each PM011 AMIGA CHART BLACK BOX. QUEEN The mvwbte man and Rtde on tune PS068 ROGER DEAN Digitised pictures by the artist al in HAM mode Good 3H 43 (2) This is superb slides plus a great m PS071 SPACE BUBBLES Greet fantasy art pictures * rtertaced h PS06B70 SB.ENTSCM 4 it mus* track.
PM013 ANARCHY CAPTURED ilAGWATlON Some very mcefy presented mus* by 4-Mat PM014 BANGING RAVES Yeeh! Pump up the mus*. Kick* remu of some house PM015 BEAST SONIX Scoopex present the mus* from Beesl L * tunes PM016 BEATLES SONIX Lots of Beanes mus* done m Sonii' PM017 BCATMASTER 806 STATE Cub* and more of this type of mus* PM018 BEATMASTER I LOVE TECHNOLOGY More of the reve type mus* Great Stuff PM019 BRUNO S MUS1CBOXfl This is greet really Funky mus* with jazz -Ores PM02021 BRUNOS MUSIC BOX! Some superb ja funk mus* on this 2 disk set PM022 CLASSICAL MUSIC Great mus* of Bach. Handel etc trom
Rob Baxter PMQ23 CLASSICAL MUSIC B Another greet class*al mus* drek PM024 CRUSADERS BACTERIA Great music drek one ot the best ever!
PM025 CRUSADERS AUDIOX Another classic music disk, oreat music PM026 DEPECHE MODE MUSIC Nice soundtrackered disk of their music!
PM027 D-MOB MUSIC 3 A Great quality house music re-mii. Really good !
Textplus 3 - Commercial quality Wordpro PS072 SUPER MAM CARS Superbly dtgftsed shdeshow * toierieced HAM Mega' i SHOE Greet ray traced pctures o PS074 THE FABULOUS ART OF TOBIAS RKXTER Two d*k IP01 COLOURING BOOK Colour in the nursery rhyme p*tures LP02 ARC ANGEL MATHS An educational game to help ktos w*h mao IPO3 GALLEONS FoBow up to the popular doghghi B game LP04 Thing AM AJG Sup*vb j saw style game tor kids, easy to use LP05 JUNGLE BUNGLE icon dm adventure game tor the ktos LP06 PUKADA 4 SPRITES Avoto all the baddies as you remove the tn IPO7 FOUR WAY LYNX A 22 level puzzle to tiles lo a
mam cantor Me LPD8 WORK 4 PLAY 3 realty good educational games on this d*k LPD9 AMOS ASSEMBLER TW d*k requires AMOS lo nm.
LPOlO THE WORO FACTORY Great program helps the tods to spec IP011 GO-GETTER A card game where you have to pass go PS073 SUN CONNECTIONS isonthredisk PS075 TOTAL RECALL Mus* and pctures from the Arret s So * Mm Greet' PS07677 TERMINATOR B SUOC Greet skde of a greet Mm! (2) PS078 TRAVELLER SHOES Impressive Pctures drawn * Dpamt by the Traveller PSD79 VAX SLIOESHOW Pictures downloaded from a vax system. Very nee mdeed PS080 VIC REEVES P*s of our hero 4 sampled mus* • You woukJnl let H he!
PS061 WATERSM1P DOWN Cute s«Se of those rabbits, great tor the tods PS08283 WRESTLE MANIA (2) Collection of pcture and animations. Good ' PSOW WWF WRESTLERS Pctures of Hulk Hogan and the rest ol Em. Great!
PS085 VABBADABBA DOO Hey Hey Hey its the flmtslones! Wilma. Tred.... LP012 HYPNOTIC LANDS catch balls commg 0 | LP013 JIGMANIA A itgsaw solving puzzle 4 11».
I POM PLAY IT SAFE For the very young, helps to leach saitfy at home ..... "*.....afy of shapes MUSIC UTILITIES & MIDI Assassins Games.Thanks to Telebug 4 Arty III PM031 DIGITAL CONCERT 3 Another house mus* re-mix Great quality • Love it!
PM032 DIGITAL CONCERT 4 Four songs mciudmg Gof to keep on • Brilliant!!!!
PM033 DIGITAL CONCERT 5 The Power. Kaos. Keep Bustm. And Touch Me Brill' PM034 DIGITAL CONCERT 6 Latest in the series, very good quality House music PM035 DIGITAL DEBUSSY Great ciass*el mus* from Rob Baxter Claw de kme PM036 OIGITAL DEBUSSY 2 More greet Debussy tracks on this 2nd disk PM03719 DO THE BARTMAN (3) The Chari topping song sampled onto three *ski PT001 ALGORYTHMS Midi program lor synthetic music creation.
PT0C2 ART Of MED Disk full of Med mus* scores PT0C3 ASSASSINS AUOfO MAGIC CoBectlon of soundtraefcers and ripping programs PT004 ASSASSINS AUOIO MAGIC 2 Latest cohecbon of soundtracker programs' PT005 CASK) CZ EDITOR Superb program . 250 patches lor Casio C2 senes PTCC6 DELUXE MUSIC DATA Some scores need synth* (needs Deluxe muse) PT007 FUTURE COMPOSER A chip mus* sequencer Complex lo use. Bui good PT006 GAMES MUSIC CREATOR A mus* sequencer, sender to soundtracker PTOOS f F SAMPLES Great samples taken trom the Kawai t frgtt synth' PT01C JAMCRACKER Four charm* c*p mus* sequencer Also handes
samples PT011 KAWAJ K1 Editor tor changing you patches on your keyboard PT012 KAWAI K4 Thre re swndar to above • patch edrtor for K4 synth* PT013 MED 32 Very latest version of this superb sequencer. Great' PT014 MED MUSIC DISK Some recemed mus* on thre drek PT015 MIDI DISK Contains tots of useful rredi programs for synth owners PT016 NOISE TRACKER Mus* sequencer used by the pros Stacks of functions PT017 NOISETRACKE RE XE CUTE ABLE Convert modules to a stand atone program PTOf 8 PERFECTSOUNO SAMPLER Nice sample edit program with some samples' PT019 ROLAND D110 • S220 Converter program, convert
Roland samples to IFF.
PT020 SAMPLES DISKS ST-Oi TO ST-10 Venous disks available ring for details PT021 SOUNOTRACKER 2 6 New release of this popular program, new edrtor LP018 TOUCHSTONES An tshido type g LP019 X-IT-50 Shoof objects across the screen as* Amos ware wordprocessor program, quite good LP020 WOROY A bas* A . . .
LP021 OUMGO Great qua game m wh*h you play Bmgo LPO22LC10 FONTS New tones tor yo»aSt»LClO LC200p LP073 ESP Coftoct the aflers ESP PMMO ENCYCZ MUSIC OtSK NO 1 Great mus* d LP024 SHMNG WAY OF KUNG FU 2 Ms« game w«i good graph*«S 50) LP025 THE MBSiCN A great tort adventure wntlen m t*soh baa* |fX2) LP026 CYAD CoBaci me Mamoress m tres puzzle game I---------------------- LP027 FLOWER POWER grow ftoweo before bugs munch them ewey LP028 BuCCBASE Sanple to use database with tutorial LP029 BIG TOP FUN 4 great educational games tor youngar cMdren LPO30 SMYMER Nursery rhyme adventure game for young or
old LP031 CU PRINTER DUMP Prints a screen dump of the screen display LP032 HARO DRIVE MENU SYSTEM Has menu of over 3.800 items IPO33 CREATIVE ADVENTURE TOOLKIT Produce stand atone adventures (2d PM046 GENESIS LAND OF CONFUSION A sam e* tSfHei known track NTS (2i Two PM047 48 GOLDF1RE CEREBRAL DELIGHTS (2) Two disk* of mus* w«h tape select PM049 GROOVE IS W THE HEART Remi of the song by OeeUle' PM050 JARRE DOCKLANDS The keyboard wuard. Sampled and on your airuga Great' PM051 JUSTIFY MY LOVE Rema of Madonna song plus more mixed m!
PM052 KEFRENS JUKEBOX This ones super' Lovely mus* with a Juke box !
PM053 LSD DONT PANIC Superb new mus* disk, exetlem quality mus* PM0S4 57 MADONNA VOGUE (4) Sampled remix of the song, good quality sample !
PM0S8 MAGNETIC FIELDS CHIP FESTIVAL Crammed hrtl of great chip mus*!
PM059 MANIACS OF NOISE This is brilliant! Great Stevie wonder type music !
PM060 MIAMI VICE REMIX Sampled music . A digitised pic!
PM061 NEWTRONS MUSIC BOX Headbanger demo 1 Beets In time to Ihe music I PM062 PAT MUSIC I Collection of fantast* ripped music, by various arlisls.
PM063 PAT MUSIC II Another great collection of ripped music hare PM064 PAT MUSIC IH Another great collection of songs by Pat. Well cool.
PM065 PHENOMENA MUSIC DREAMS l Twenty wicked songs by twins of Phenomena.
PM066 PHENOMENA MUSIC DREAMS H Second m the senes More superb music !
PM067 POPE YE MEETS THE BEACH80YS Great demo very funny' German Ray traced Slideshow Yum I LP035 T-TECDRAW Technical drawing program with print t. IPO36 FRACGEN II Great fractal program generator LPD37 ROCKET MATHS Help children in maths with this game IPO38 AMOS ART Contains tots of tont*botosjprltes 4 scenery blocks IPO39 MAGIC FOREST fl Great sideways scrolling platform game PT022 SOUNDTRACKER A superb lour channel sequencer everybody uses this one!
R COMPILATION Compilation of tracker typeprogrmas PT024 ST-80 BEAST SAMPLES Lovely penftute sounds from Beast. Beast B PT023 SOUNDTRACKER C LPO40 SPRITE BANK EDITOR Makes sprites really easy to u LP041 RESCUE A 30 adventure game done with 30 construction set PT025 ST-90 SAMPLES DISK Stud* quality samples loads !
PT026 ST-91 SAMPLES DISK Stud* quality samples Bass, snares and more PT027 ST-92 SAMPLES DISK Stud* quatoy samples, drum* and more PT028 ST-93 SAMPLES DISK Studio quality samples. BRX.1 !
PT029 YAMAHA DX7 VOICE FR.ER Program tor 0X7 se PT030 YAMAHA 0X7 VOCE SORTER f LP042 X-STITCH Pnnt out pics for embroidering, with documents LP043 LAZERZONE A very me* shoot em up game IE CHALLENGE Nee road recto, Steve on his way to work Brunos Music J LP044 FORMULA ONE C LPD45 MU9CB0X AnuMC program tor ch*JremoT? JJTids PM069 RAZOR FACE ANOTHER OAY This is an mcredrtXe mus* track' PM070 RHAPSOOY M BLUE Greet conversion of Gershwin mus* by Rob Baxter* 1M PM07t 72 SA.ENTS BLUES HOUSE (2) Tangerine Oreem style mus* With game ' PUD73 SILENTS FULL POWER House R up mus* Includes Remix of tncky
disco PM074 SOUND OF SILENTS This is a must! Greet atmosphere Jesper Kyd mus*' PHOTS76 STAR DREK SAMPLED (2) Amuswig m*key take of Star Trek. Greet laugh PM077 TALK TO THE TREES Another very hmny sampled mus* Comedy track PUD 78 TECHNO TROUC REMIXES Pump UptheJamandGelUp-theyevensmgR' PM079 TECHNOTROMX REMIX AH of thee songs remuad into one greet track ' PM060 THE SOUNDS OF GNOME Mahoney and Kaktus mus* disk 46 great tunes PUD61 TlMEClRCLE MUSIC More Commodore 64 style mus* Very good PM082 VIVALDI • FOUR SEASONS (2) Superb rendition of 4 seasons by Rob Baxter PM083 ZARCH I Great music tracks
me. Ksy bltsy.oh no Timmy Mallet ARGMMHH!
PM064 ZARCH 2 Another great pack of exetlem tunes' PM085 ZARCH 3 More good quality tunes on this compilation LPD48 MAGP*S CUPART Lots of dipart, m* I LP047 DIRTY CASH An LP048 SPARX S STOCWNG FILERS 3 grere AMOS PUBLIC DOMAIN LP050 MAGP«S CUPART 2 More dtoNL A LP051 MAGICAL YOUNG ARTIST Contans 30 stances to colour m!
LP052 LC24200 FONTS Same as LP022 bul tor 24 pm pnreers’ LPD53 MAGPIES CLIPART 3 162 pwee* Xma* People. Scenes tools «8c?
LPD54 MAGPIES CUPART 4 169 p*c*s. Cartoons plants Insects beds ale' LP055 SPRITEX VI 32 New sprite edrtor. Superior lo ortgmal edrtor' LP058 CTEXT Vl23and 1.3 for programmers, use *on bank based tores' LP057 KIDDIES CUP ART New to not yet reviewed I Cai tor latest LPO Tutos' AP0002 TREASURE SEARCH Find the txwwd treasure * this tun game APO052 FORMS REALLY UNI BATED a Great lorm designer program APD062 ARCADIA A n*e version of the popular breakout game APO076 RAINBOW WARRIOR Pa*i with coppers and save them out' APD096 PAIR IT Match the cards to make a pair .easy to MITE DICK"...... JPAPUZZl ..
APD104 PICK UP A PUZZLE Datadrel lor above Advance Ham ¦ The view Irom NBS s window APD097 DYNAMITE t K Nice little amos game. Living sirdet APD103 PICK UP A PUZZLE Solve jigsaw pu«les,3 difficulty E Datadrsk for i ’ All ihe Muff ul i HS, Hlillerchips, Vally anil Stan wish you a very Merry Christmas anil a llappy Yrn Year !
APOl 09 WEIRD SCIENCE OEMO fl BIRDS OF PREY Nice slideshow APD110 CROSSFIRE N*e game, keep the kids occupied lor ages.
I AP0115 BALLOONACY Good vers*n of the class* Bomber game.
APD130 THE WOODEN BALL A shareware game 1mb | APD132 FAMILY HISTORY DATABASE N*e geneotogy program tmb.
APOl 35 SIMON 4 SPACE MATHS 2 educational games on tfus disk.
PM087 88 HIS MASTERS NOISE Mega new music disk by Mahoney and kaktus ! (2) SLIDESHOWS AIJ. Ihe disks listed above are available from ANY of Ihe four CPI) distributors. If you see a disk reviewed in this manaane just give us a call! Chances are we've got it.
PS001 ADO AMS FAMILY The Addams tamdy started when Uncle Fester PS002 ADVANCE HAM A collection of bnftanl digitised p*ture$ w PS003 AGATRON 5 Some superb HAM picture* created by Tobw d if you need to team Spares* APOl39 MASTER RACE A qua game set m outer space APOl48 DEMOUTtON MISSION Another rers«n of popular bomber game APOtS3 MISSR.E COMMANO N*a vareton of the old dass*!
AP0166 PICK UP A PUZZLE Dafadak 3 APD167 jtGMANiA Datad sk i ( needs LP013) APOl 76 DATABASE MASTER V2 toca databese program new 1 me APOl80 DUNGEON DCLVER Roam round mares collect keys etc (2 tfcsks) So remember. If its service and quality you're looking for then look no further...... PSOOS AGATRON 8 ExceBent HAM pcture* with some good mus* too Mega' « ...--- ---age* based on Star trek.
Gel tracking with pro- trocket... »SO06 AGATRON 9 More of Richters superb works. _ PSO07 AGATRON 12 Some more great pctures on this new drek »SO0l AIRCRAFT SUDE lots of pefcwes of hgftter aircraft PS009 ASTRONOMY SUDE N*e p*s of consteilations. Gel Cniied Public Domain Distributors • Ihe .Vo. Choice Vally PD A500 PLUS* OWNERS ALSO A VAILABLE FROM UPD DISTRIBUTORS: I ISH Due lo compatibility problems some PD will not DISKS I 560. T-BAG DISKS I -54. SCOPE LIBRARY work with the A500* Please coll us os we now hove AMIGAS SNAG SMAUG & MORE f
o range ot programs that are FULLY compatible with „ _ , the new
amiga Cal ,0( mor® de,ails 1 UPD F, PO BOX 15. PETERLEE.
Co. DURHAM. SR8 1NZ 091 587 1195 k A 2 0 BY ADAM AT START AND BRIAN AT VALLY ONLY IHE AMIGA MAKES (T POS38L: PD UTILITIES 248 JANUARY 1991 ’awafo.': wSntaom tk hex wnxnuw- now in t BoolX is excellent for checking different bool blocks, ond con also record the bool blocks from commercial gome disks a useful back-up if a nasty virus overwrites them.
ACC 1 7 AMIGANUTS Yel another dixk in the series for budding machine coders everywhere. The Amiga Coders Club has finally got off the beginners tutorials and is now tackling more serious subjects like testing the hardware lor 51111 or 6011 . Writing 3D vector ball routines and simple text screen printing. There's also a quick run down on how to use DOS routines in your own programs and more. Nov ice coders: miss this at your peril.
DISK LOCK VI.OB AIVUGAIMUTS Xavier I.eC lerq. Intrepid v irus hunter and author ol the Master tinn Killer, has taken some time off to create this useful utility. Have you ever been cautious about sending an example of your programs, in case somebody rips off your work .’ Read on!
DtskLnck can take a standard AmigaDOS disk (it must he no more than 95 per cent full - the program needs some space! And encrypt it with a password.
When you bool from the disk, you must enter the correct password or you can't continue w ith the program.
The clever bit is that the whole disk is encoded, and reads Not a DOS disk' when you try and look at it from Workbench. All right, so a hardened hacker could still get at the programs, but it does prevent casual rip- off merchants from taking your latest creation.
THE NEW SUPERKILLERS PD SOFT V391 This is the latest in a series from Norway - by Erik Lovendahl Sorenson to be precise. It's a regularly updated disk, containing the best in PD virus killers.
There's Virus Checker 5.26. which can look at different disks (including hard disks) for file viruses, and the excellent HooiX 5.SO. for boot block viruses. BontX can also save boot blocks. If you do this for your games, and a virus overwrites the game's hoot block, you can put the original back again - handy!
In addition, there's IT2.2S. a German virus checker (but you can pick out most of the features even if you don't speak the lingo). Finally there's that old lave.
ZeroVirns 5. With the update five brain file.
The disk can detect 172 different viruses. However, there are a couple of points lo remember. First, you have to use all the v irus checkers to get that good a detection chance. Second, every Sui’crkillcrs disk has a virus on it! It's a BGS9 type, which means that it's easily detectable by the virus checkers on the disk.
The reason why it's there is to make you look at the documentation (the virus is named See Important*, the name of the doc file) and also to be paranoid about all disks. It's a nasty way to do it - but sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.
Classic Games Pat McDonald looks back at the best that the PD has produced over the past years. Whether you're an arcade freak or a strategy type, you'll find something to insert here 1 SEA LANCE As reviewed this month. Sea Lance is one ot the best stabs ever at making a submarine simulator with a sophisticated background that's easy to play. Great tun it you like launching nuclear missiles in a good cause (sick, am I not).
2 AIR WARRIOR An odd PD program. Air Warrior Is a flight simulator ot World War I and II aircraft. Although It's fairly boring as It Is. You can link into the network with a modem and compete against whole squadrons manned by human pilots. Great fun if you have a modem, so-so. Though, if you don't.
3 LLAMATRON Jeff Mlnter's stab at producing a Robotron clone. Llamatron has lots of strobe effects, genuine arcade noise and the hairy mammals commonly associated with Minter’s work. There are 100 screens of absolute non-stop blasting that has had the whole world straining at their joysticks. There are, though, a couple of bugs in two-player mode though.
7 TINY BALL Surely the smallest game ever written. Tiny Ball crams the whole game of baseball Into the weeniest space. It's played on the Workbench screen (useful for when your machine is tied up ray tracing or whatever) and uses the mouse entirely for control. Cute and lots of fun.
8 DIRTY CASH The best fruit machine simulator ever. Dirty Cash lets you pit your wits and reactions against those spinning reels. Full of features found on real arcade machines, it's an addictive pursuit to try and beat the system. It also records an on-going jackpot plus record winnings to disk too.
9 MAGIC FOREST The best arcade game to be written with AMOS. Will II (Will Isn't bad either) has a standard plot: "jump and run to collect the apples'. Playing it is a different story though, as the bad guys tend to have you more often than not. Requires a lot of joystick skill to do well.
1 O INSIDERS CLUB Ever wanted to play the stock market? You know, buying shares in companies, launching a takeover bid and reissuing shares? This game lets you do all that and more. You can read the incoming futures markets. Make calculated decisions on share prices and even cheat' - get some inside information from the Club itself. Fun. If difficult.
4 MISSILE COMMAND Max Bithead's attempt to recreate the old flashing screen full of incoming nukes is just as playable as the original. Featuring some interlace graphics that aren't that flickery (for once) and a mean tine in sound effects, it s become very popular all over the place.
5 PLAY IT SAFE Not strictly speaking a game at all this. It s more of an educational program for young children, teaching them about the common dangers found in every household. It uses a point-and-click system that’s very slick and easy to master. One of the better (and more useful) pieces of educational software around.
A TRUCKIN' Australia is so big that It needs a huge fleet of transport vehicles to keep it running. Truckin' is a simulation of running your own Aussie transport company. Start off with one rig and try to meet contracts as fast as you can. Not an easy game to win. Because there are plenty of random elements - but quite satisfying when you make a payoff.
M mm CUT, TICK & POST.....CUT, TICK & POST SO Credit Card Hotline (0702) 466933 RED SECTOR Inc SECTION : J V085 - RED SECTOR DEMO CREATOR to r.n r cv *?* croo’orn jnder t Acefier- | J V330 - RED SECTOR EXTRAS DISK 1 : C* J V33i - REO SECTOR EXTRAS DISK 2 Ell PD Soft (AF30) 1 Bryant, Souttiend-on-Sea, ESSEX, SSI 2YD VARIOUS UTILITIES j VO 16 FISH TANK SIMULATOR A program r j VO2 3 APPOINTMENT CALENOAR NAG U j VO 2 4 BANKN ... j V02S SPELLCHECKER Cuned glossary canton j V029 HOUSE HOLD INVENTORY J V041 DPAINT ART ConoRns toods ol (K ture« J V048 TV GRAPHICS.VIDEO GRAPHICS (8) j V086 VIDEO
PROOUCTION (21 j V090 POS UTILS No 1 j V099 DPAWT ART I Ihndns kxtds c j VI08 AMI6ASE V3 76 TM * the Me I J VI09 PRINT- STUOK); .(0«onl lot |y J V13I C-UGHT THIS ts IN* most well knowr loona p'oram on (he Amiga lo dak?
J VI94 M R BACKUP HO A-Maa OS* D«« j V195 GRAPH* CHANGE j V210 ARP (VI 31 WB1 3 2 j V215 DISKMASTER V3.2 Copys flies from one lisk to anoiln-t DlSKSALV otreds & repairs J V259 MED Brand new version ft tndudos Med
- ings (2) Disk 2 pocked with M*xf moduk-s j V26I TEXTPLUS
(211 Woos Inter graled J V276 OISKPRINT V2.7 Prmts labels (or 3
S disks.
J V277 FORTRAN -77 VI 3c Compiler link.- ft run J V279 CROSSWORD CREATOR A program tha?
J V2B0 BUOGCT A pfogrom to hCH» wiin m«jnogv*g JV284MCAD PROGRAM The OotoCt Drowog J V2B5 EDUCATIONAL TYPING TUTOR J V2B6 DKB RAY TRAONG PROGRAM ' .ew 'rocer J V291 POSTSCRIPT INTIRPRESTIR VI 5 An J V294 EO S MED MUSIC MOOULES IN-OS j V298 NORTH C VI 3 (2) Unpotked Version of the J V301 EYE Of THE BEHOLDER HINT BOOK x J V304 CHAOS STRIKES BACK HINT BOOK x Mops Stratogy ft Solution J V306 A-GENE V3 125 is-.-.1 n-..- o'*.
JV307 VIDEO TAPE DATABASE PRGRAM j V311 JACK NiCKlUS COURSE DISKS IS) j V3I8 PRO TRACKER VI IB ft SOUNO TRACKER V2 6 j V323 ANALT1CALC SPREAD SHEET (2) At los1 a J V327 SOUND TRACKER CONVERTER ( onverls J V329 MESSY SlO Converts Transits Amga lex1 I to and from ony IBM PC d.sks Am,go J V332 AMIGA PUNT PROGRAM Horse rocing J V333 KING JAMES VERSION Of THE BOLE Pocked on tour orrx o disks (4J _l V338 TRANSFORMER V3.3 Tns ts the latoV J V339 SPECTRUM EMULATOR DATA DISK J V341 CUP ART COLLECTION 2 ( ' 181 J V349 SlO (VI.06) Pepk J V350 BUSINESS CARO MAKER Design voir own J V352 RADISH HOUSE MUSIC
SAMLES IH ft EMF SAMPLES ore Sampled sound. (2) j V3S4 POS UTUT1ES No 13 I roc Copy, r.mcMts JV3 58 GENESIS LANDSCAPE u J V361 POS unis u J V362 PLAYING MOOULES COLLECTION Ih J V366 600 BUSINESS LETTERS 'l.ore ore CW J V37S (ST-53 601 Terr j V389 QUICKBENCH MORE UTILITIES J V390 DESK TOP PU8USHR4G PROGRAM j V391 THE SUPER KR1ERS J V392 AMCASH ? Bi J V393 PDS Utl No IS | j V394 CHEMESTTTK _l V395 UEDET V2 6h j V398 MED MUSIC MOOLAXS No 2 j V399 PDS UTIL S No 17 proQrarr ft sMono 0 nOeo produdon scrote j V400 RAY TRACER CONSTRUCTION KIT j V401 WINOOWBENCH V10 (2)his isan j V404 HAM RADIO
Various utikties tor IN* + Podouser • t ' sp n'i|6l j V410 POS UTIL S No 1 PRNTUG UTRJTRS PPTyp® X**™ Vc-a Tr*y Phnt Tdtok 0 ?*?
IX-P-TM PPMor* lor.’iM rtart PmFore FaflJet JV411 NCOMMV1921 GWPnm 1 J V413 WORKBENCH 2 ft WORK STATION Th.s uswies -wlh ihe WorkberKh Ihomc Conlonls of Ihe (fc* SsrAnm.iSSSS -Cok S' i cdrtg KSbe h n y k-ent wjcs (21 ’ J V415 VKXO SCREENS I Another J V417 SUPERBENCH ft EXTRAS J V422 C COMMANOS T?»s dt j V424 POS UTIUTIES No 18 V429 DIGITAL MARKETING DEMO MAKER j V433 ANHAATKX STL**) j J V435 COMBENCM VI 0 («e*ed f dro uW*s j V438 OPT1 UTRmlES V2.0 TN» dfti rs pOCMto I J V439 AMIGA C MANUAL H h& tnonufl; S f* j V443 SPECTRUM IMUIATOR VI 2 By KGB j V444 PRINTER DRIVER UPDATE DESK U J V445
JRCOMM VI 02 » S IN? KJXV verson I J V446 JACK F CKLAUS COURSE DISK 7 A-o~ j V456 LABELBASE V3.0 - nt«elk*ni data pose j V457 POS UTIUTIES No 19 BOOT X V4 03 . FIAST NEWSFLASH EUROPE Enieriainmetii ft o -r-olw widion (2 dn* cottoctton ;|FF Vij 1111;f»il ons Imptoder 4 0 ¦ f*«ulablefik*compressor uncompressos Imptoder ex Lofl hop® deleted Nes Sy» mEo V2 36 drsptoys vO Only £4.99 MEGA DEMOS J 2042 STEVE WRIGHT . . J more orne? Advwn 1 titles To*® Be rtocr ft Io*d Re pmt j 2058 TM TOO SEXY vjmwed wwrd l?g“ J 2064 OCT COCA COLA ADVERT A-w-orcr J V340 - TSB VECTOR DESIGNER PROGRAM The vpoco
Sorwi revYtt The *SB vector oesg-er ft boo Cooras todes token *cm re ?, j 2072 AMPUFKR i bxe*en tofcxv JQ to »to J 2074 LANDING SEQUENCE ®Ke*enr 4Mp J 2078 WWF PICTURES Sweshow i3 ft Trr j* j 2081 WRGHT MOVES An exeftenr dsptoy d J 2084 TERMINTOR1 sompe ft P-Vct J 2091 KICK OFF M Sitoeshow Vom gone j V365 - RED SECTOR MOOULES MU5IQ : VanotS
- oodnc touxy House 2 ft Mor’c * ° J V374 - RED SECTOR BOBS
EDITOR Smvor to »to vector edaor os on do a wd easy*, create
Bob varous BoOs to hc®p you stort J V4S4 - RED SECTOR FONT
EDITOR’-aw you con coav? Ft f» i ony toots for ’.ore fonts to
use with the J 2099 PSYGNOSIS - HBTORY TR* :Vr«n Vom J 2105
QUAD - DEATH BY STERO tooxng J 2107 TB6 • SUKKARTi or% Skoeshow
DISK 1 The fc-mats rckxjngsprto4 Sente '6 Cooper IBM 118 -
A ! J 1618 K8G MEGA DEMO ® Tns d.-sk ¦ J 1748 THE SAINTS - ICE
1957 ALPHA OMEGA ’ N* Pue Meto* coders j 1976 ANARCHY - DIGITAL
J 1993 SUBCONSCIOUS DIMENTION An e* e»on J 1994 BASE SUBLIMINAL VISION Superb J 199S KEFRENS GUAROON DRAGON e totol J 1996 WHAM- NEW VECTOR DEMO ' ¦ e j 1997 DEVILS j 1999 DREAM OEALERS TRAAS Of A DREAM J 2006 AERO 91 OVER DIMENSIONS Neat Ocn* J 2043 PHENOMENA - OBVIOUS DISASTER V ; j 2100 CHAOS FIRE CREW Another cxceBenl n j 2101 PANK • 1000 WASTED DREAMS xea1 STAR TREK SECTION NCC 1864 n j ATTO ENTERPRICES .*-7ves IheStor Stolon Oot k NCC 1701-A Thcdasvc orumohon j AH4 GRABBER WORKBEE ir d$ on t*e (Mcr pnv* J AT16 THE STAR TREK Arvmahon ol the brto e ft j AT17 THE TWOK NCC-1860 ‘dtont ft the
NCC 1701 A(nlerpnv* MENSCH ROBOTER j AT18 TWOK-O An m NCC I860 Avenger ft NCC j AT22 APPROACHWG VESSELS Antfnofion. Bmory j AT23 STAR TREK FLEET MANEUVER NCC 1940 F HOT NEW AMOS I ™E TO DATABASE 561 | J AT26 THE SHH» A *nat*on rcxtog a1 SCO Sto* TrN 'ofMmoion NCC 1701-A Dry Oocfcmg J AT33 THE PROBE I Anrmaion g BRIO OF PREY An.mo’ou fto-n Stot Irek KUNGONHfT J AT34 LEAVING SPACE OFFICE Ammo:o' DOCKING Al mol on from stor Ire* AnACK MOOE J 1060 STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION 1 j 1081 THE Utl TIMA TE STAR TREK Game Dy loOav j 1107 Stor ’u1*. Ro Song I2.2DO j 12S4 sio» Trek IN? Shod m Up gome J
1696 'to Stor Trek trrvo gw; gome J 1835 -te New Sior Trek Gome ' MW J 2031 STAR DREK MUSIC (2) j 2033 STAR TREK MEGA DEMO 2 j SMAUG120 - ' • . ; : . • J SMAUG156 ’eSto 1te4 rtegomeby JrrtooBortxn IJ AMUSE19 TREK73 A sJrck trek Bottle Srmul-otor | J V367 STAR TREK INFORMATION A Doto bose 0* al j J V446 STAR TREK SAMPLES , VXKM sound from the DEMOS [ J 1698 REWCARNATION 0 SGT (2) PEPPER , j 1740 DRUMS ft PIPES V coVdon Ngh J 174110 MUSIC DISK Sotor prosenh th* gro j 1750 PINK FLOYD Another bnck m the won oomalon rewewed .n most manai es (6) j 1762 TERMINATOR U SUOE SHOW ’'tere s J 1772 HAM
PICTURES Totaly stunn tg groph J 1809 FRACTALGEN SUDESHOW An e*colk n J 1854 WRESTUMANU VH (2) All the Stors of J 1866 SEGA ADVERT REMIX .ery funny scrr© J 1867 THE KL EXTERNAL STEREO REMIX , J 19S1 CRYSTAL SYMPHONRS BY PHENOMENA J 2004 TfCHNOTROMC MIX 0M6 j 2010 ELVIRA n PREVIEW ake a took o' “ e j 2012 DUNGEONS Of EVALON PRICES ARE PER DISK J 2013 AGIUTY Animation j 2021 VtETHNAM CONFLICT Anma*«y J 2030 JESTER - SONIC BOOM A .merest ng 1 -5 Disks £2.50 ....6-10 Disks £2.25 11-20 Disks £2.00 21-49 Disks £1.75 50-99 Disks £1.50 100+ Disks £1.25 ALL ORDERS ARE DISPATCHED
WITHIN 4| HOURS J 2035 BUNSEN BURNER Arum d a |Ot dodgr J 2037 EMGMA SADNESS 1 Andher (Over GAMES SELECTION J SMAUGU9 MoflA V3 0 f x.v. -o« p. JlMTRAOCMCKiioMnrwdivd J 1420 DTRlS oyeO Te*s Ae« Th n J 1454 MEGA BALL Th ? S' Ai.,VV J 1486 SOUTAIRE 4 SOUTAJRE ROYAL ,.
J 1S34 THE HOLT GRAA. • U odventore V j 1561 TRITVRS This «the Dcs? Verson d T( J 1622 LORE OF CONQUEST y game v J 1664 THE CASTIE ADVENTURE ««*** J 1665 BATTLE FORCE Roti PLAYMG -gn J 1695 NAPOLiMC WAR SIMULATOR fxi J 1 07 IMPER1UM '-xjrher exo-Vmr Vra v J 1735 ASTERKX S IH C«G AndN*.
J 1747 UAMATPON GAME 2001 By Jefl A J 1749 SCRAMBLE "he OngrxXRerrerrfcO J 1816 SUPER TW1NTRTS £, owoe j 1870 PATO4CES ft DOMINOS J 1964 AMIGA COLUMNS Omous corwls J 1977 POM POM GUNNER oddownR J 1984 AIR WARRIOR to Ery red light s- j 2018 JETMAN Andher spectrum Oos« J 2019 CASTIE Of DOOM Vprher oOw-t; J 2020 JEOPARDY (RISK) a y*ncroi‘
- 12022 SEA LANCE IN? Vv Wr" ser.x® ' J 2054 ATK ATAC j AP052
APD318 BOMG am d gjrne » X J AP0325 HANGMAN V2 0 - .mr ok J
only £3.00 THE COMPLETE FRED FISH Only £4.99
* 4.000 jyaovotodedrectt- £1.50 (2 Disks) CHRISTMAS PACK PACK 1
STARTER PACK I ‘ - 5Cr ft The 1 'SSS ...... J THE MOUSE PAD
-h*0 to protect m, £2 99 j A500 AMIGA DUST COVER sedto £3 99 e
. £2 99 £10 99 £6 49 £4 99 £7 99 £19 99 £34 99 j 3 5 KH DISK
- DISK BOX -40. 3 5 BFCH j DISK BOX (M 3 5 NCH DISK BOX (2101 3
- ) 512K UPGRADES Inc o Ood ¦ 1 1 1 II !¦ » BY POST [jdven
Cheques ft Can you afford not to join?
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Join now. We promise you will not be disappointed ["Please enrol me as a member of the AMIGA PD CLUB and rush me my members pack and j membership number. I enclose a Cheque Postal Order for £19.95 payable to PAS.
I Enterprises.
PUBLIC DOMAIN Address Special Ojfcr 65p per tlisk. Large selection of Amiga I'D including, (lames. (Iraphics, Animation. Ailnll only. I iiliiies. Music. Demos. Fred Fish Disks. T-Hag Disks 1-56 lieloie is a small selection of lilies available 1005 Drip (Excellent Game) 2100 Bugs Bunny Show (1 Meg) 1035 Flasch Bier 4024 SID (CLI Utility) 1054 Balloonacy 4065 Noise Player 4.0 1077 Cubulus 4078 Master Virus Killer V2.1 2013 The Lost Ark (1 Meg) 5049 Xmas Song (2 Disks. Over 18) 204G Walker 1 (2 Meg. 2 Dlsksl 5051 BlackAdder 2 2055 Iraq Demo 5063 Sgt Pepper 12 Dlsksl 2068 Newtek 3 (2 Disks) 6042
Budbraln Megademo 2 2074 Heroic Dreams 1 6059 Indianapolis 500 20H8 Amy and Walker 11 Meg) 6060 Total Destruction Hlauk Disk HD DS. InJur : I JO. 1of,ri 10.10. ItXlfirx I? OO tl '- ' nulusiiei Sent! S A I far list of tides or Sop for mutlogite disk Please add 50f for postage and nuking to all orders if I'll Chvques paslat orders made tavalrle hr South Lines PD 10 Linden Rise, Bourne, Lincs. PL 10 9TD Tel: 0778 393470 GAMES GA040 Cubulus - Puzzle Game by Agatron GA042 Advanced Lode Runner • 64 Classic GA046 Atic Atac • Spectrum Classic .
GA047 legend Of Lothian • Ultima Style DEMOS DEI 50 Decay Simpsons Demo - I Meg DEI SI Phenomena 91 Demo • Brilliant DE1S6 VIZ Crap Jokes - 2 Disks DEI67 Devils labyrynth Demo UTILITIES UT104 Speedbench - Fast Replacement Utt 14 Anti-Flicker - Cures Interlace UT116 Windows Bench - 2 Disk PC Look UT118 K-RAM Disk 11 - Inc NUKE1* K-RAM COMPUTERS SCUTH LINCS Full catalogue disk £1.00. Cheques payable to 'K-RAM Computers" J Telephone t Postcode.
WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTORS OF THE DEDICATED AMIGA CODERS CLUB DISKS EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE T.BAG DISKS. Numbers 1 to 58 now available MASTER VIRUS KILLER 2.2 It recognises the dreaded Sha Validator virus £5.00 BUG-BASH: Kill the bugs, clean up the trash in the garden. A great kids game ..£3.50 NUCLEUS: An excellent underpriced arcade shoot them up by Mutation Software ....£3.50 877: 1 ACROSS 2 DOWN. A fully fledged crossword program (Data disk no 1 is supplied free) for only £5.00. Data disks 2, 3, 4, & 5 now ready at £2.50
1068: MOD PROCESSOR VI.92. Make picture and or music progs, adjust pic height width. This version will load the V2 8 Channel Octamed music and is excellent! £3.50 1161: INTUIMENU V3. The easy way to execute your programs. Treat yourself! ...£5.00 1199: AMNUTS TEXT VIDEO DISPLAYER. A brilliant new way to display your text. There is not much you can't do with this one. It displays different fonts in the size you choose. You can control colours, presentation of the display. It recognises powerpacked files, you can print all or just the
screen etc .£8.00 1201: The delightfully crazy and fun hotdog game.
Can you get through? ..£4.00 SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE If you would like to get hold of the Amiga Coders Club disks as soon as they are published, why nol send £33.00 and ask to go on the ACC mailing list now? We will send you each issue as soon as it s ready, (applies to issue 14 onwards).
IMPORTANT NOTICE! SUBSCRIPTIONS TO ACC WILL RISE TO £44.00 AS OF JANUARY 6th 1992 (Subscriptions from outside the EC, please add £6.00 to cover the extra postagel The new 1992 catalogue is available now! £2.00 (This includes return postage) Into coding? • Want to learn? The Annua Orders Club is for you! If vnu want lo team Assembly, using Devpac. (or our own ACC special Assembler disk), ibis is die club for you!
Each issue is C.l.OO. Introductory oiler issue ACC I to 4 only CJ.iHI. The Amina Cotiers Club disks are packed with source, bints, tips, advice Irorn many of the well known coders that are on tlte Amina scene today. Latest issue no. IS. 4CC 12 is our birthday issue, it is a 2 disk set. And therefore the price is (0 (10 Important notice! -ICC disk prices will rise to 14.00 each as ol January 6th 1992. Amiga Coders Club special! Here is a low priced Assembler package for all you coders out there in AMIGAland. I Instructions on dtskl. Deceived good review £5.00. A note to all customers, please
remember to add post packing, (see below).
DISKLOCK: this excellent program by Leclercq Xavier will turn your disks into non-DOS format, they will bool and run but cannot be pirated! A must! £10.00 Mike Simpson's A-GENE V3.29 (full 2 disk version) available directly from us. Price: Europe £15.00. Rest of World £20.00 * postage. The best genealogy prog.
AMIBASE PROFESSIONAL III The addibons to this new two d sk version database are excellent, (see reviews). Also contains a converter lo alter files saved with previous version.
Only £10.00 EC or £15 RoW (remember the postage) WORDS V3 by ACC editor Mark Meany. If you want to enter those anagram contests, see how many words a given phrase will make, this is the one for you. It has a massive glossary ot over 50,000 words'! An excellent program.
With the exception of Disklock all advertised programs will nm on the A500 plus. (V2 Chips). Programs lhal will run on the V2 Chip are also denoted in our catalogue disk. If making an enquiry, please enclose a S.A.E. - fax us on 0703 785680.
It now contains full notation, including a notation editor with notation printing 5-7 channel modes for high quality, non-CPU stressing audio split channels, sixteen track display for Midi use and a host of other new MIDI features. The final release of Teijo's PD 4 Channel Med V3.2 Is encoded into the program.
Price is £20.00 European countries (£25.00 R.o.W.), see ordering details below.
The progs advertised are copyrighted and not available from any other library. Please add the following to your order to cover return post and packing:- All EC countries (inc. UK) add 50p - Non EC Cl.00 - Rest of World add C2.O0. Payment must be in pounds sterling only, orders from overseas customers must be by bank draught Eurocheque etc. Iwe do not accept credit card orders .We would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Seasons greetings to: Mike (Diamond) - Paul (N.B.S.) - Darrell (Pacific PDI anil all those involved at Future Publishing for llte best Amiga
32p For 3*5"l 135 TPI DS DI) incl Labels and VAT.
Postage and Packaging £3.50p I(M)% (Guaranteed FREE YES FREE Send a stamped addressed envelope for a sample disk with information on our disks and other products including the new MegAChip for 2 Meg of chip in your 1.2 1.3 A500 or A2000 AQUARIAN PUBLIC DOMAIN. Phone 0703-6X5006
S. A.E + CHEQUES TO 78 Merridate road Southampton S02 7AD.
PENTIRE PD 10a Hag Hill Lane. Taplow, Maidenhead, Berks, SL6 OJH (0628) 666641 TRY SOME OF THESE GREAT VALUE 5 DISK PACKS: PACKS £4.25 each 3 OR MORE £3.95 each Please add 60o per order p&p ARTS PACK: includes all the programs needed lo design your own masterpieces and change olhetsll WIN THE SOFTWARE TITIE OF YOUR CHOICEII Design a loading screen lot Pentlre PD.
ADULT - Please state over 18 Pack l - slideshows Pack 2 - animations Pack 3- games GAMES Pack 1 - classics like Pocmon. Invoders etc Pack 2 - various puzzle type gomes Pack 3 - a variety of games to suit everyone DEMO MAKERS The superb RSI demo maker plus additional utility disks EMULATORS Relive the post! Play Spectrum and C64 games. Also ST emulatof and programs BUSINESS PQCk 1 - essential for aH home management needs Pack 2 - database, word processor spreadsheets, efc EDUCATION A variety of educational software for the younger ones!
UTILITIES A host of utilities designed to deal with most problems, fe. Copies IFF convertors, etc. BEGINNERS A pack designed for the beginner.
Lots of programs , MUSIC Design your own tunes, play samples It you kke music, this is tor youl PRINTER Got a printer?
Then get this!!
PREVIEWS 5 of the latest games In demo form. This month Includes: Barbarian U. Leander.
Robocod. Battle Isle and Ofkl If you are thinking ot buying these games, try them first!
OTHER PACKS AVAILABLE CONTACT US FOR DETAILS BLANK DISKS £4.50 for 10, inc. labels Tel: (0455) 850984 OPENING TIMES: 10.00 til 19.00 Mon to Sat 005 016 022 029 | 071 072 |0’8 157 169 I 186 I 206 364 HARDWARE SPECIALS | Commodore Amiga A500 plus Cartoon Classics Pock t l Mb chip memory expandable to 2Mb I Workbench v2.04 and Kickstart v2.04
• Modulator tor use with standard IV I • Manuals, mouse, dust
cover • Dpamt 3 and three games 15 PD disks ot your choice from
FORTISS PD We stock a wide selection of Amigas. Printers,
external drives, memory expansions, disk I boxes, disk labels,
etc. Please phone for details. A price list Is Included on our
November | issue catalogue disk. Please note that delivery
charges are not Included on hardware items.
Tor megaderr megaaemo OHM 5 -yfjtLtTtt HI HOWTO ORDER 081 - 125 (1Mb) 126 222 - 235 (IMb) 236 (IMb) 135 (IMb) 345 (1Mb) 346 (1Mb) 347 (1Mb) 348 (1Mb) 349 (1Mb) Qiflsnnq by PhDf 9.
¦ _ °booe our credit card order fcne between 10.00am and 7 00pm Monday to Saturday on IH (0455)850984 Coyote 1 - Coyote s Revenge Puggs In Spoce Walker l (2d) Wolker 2 (2d) At The Movies Stealthy 2 ¦ Dragons Lair Dragons Lair 2 i Education Ot Cool Cougar Space Ace Juggler (the original anim) i Coyote 2 - Road lest Miss Mam'selle
* Iraq Iron Light Cycles (2d) ' Amy vs Walker 3 Stealthy
Aerotoons i Star Wars the Bolngs i Shuttlecock i Anti Lemming
(2d) i Dating Game (2d) i Basketball i Batman i Superwoman i
wave Soiling (2d) i Fractal Flight i Fighter Plane i Bugs Bunny
Donald Duck i Juggette 2 - Revenge i Terminal by E Schwartz i
Buzzed (3d) (2 drives) Detjom 8 Red Sector megademo Dolle demo
compilation Budbraln (2d) Budbraln 2 Predators megaaemo (2d)
SAE compilation * 19 SAE compilation » 35 SAE compilation » 36
SAE compilation » 39 SAE compilation • 50 SAE compilation 52
SAE compilation r 53 SAE compilation • 54 1036 (IMb) 039 (1Mb)
Crtonics 101 Xenon 2 playable shoot-em-up 113 Swlv playable 130
Pipe Mon*a playable 267 Turrican ? Playable 268 Gods playoblo
260 Brat playable 270 Supefcors 2 playoblo 387 Nobukjs 2
playabo 388 Pphammer playoblo 395 Magic Pockets playable 403
Elf playoblo | 404 Pegasus playable 405 Prehstortc playable 406
Bioodmooey playable 407 Lotus Cnoiengo 2 playable 408 P-Type 2
playable Emerald Mine 2 Monopoly board game I Blizzord
shoot-em-up 1 Seven tiles (Speedball clone) 1 Drtp(lMb) 1
Pseudo Coo shoot-em-up Sealance submarine simulation 1
Battlepong bat & boll game ’ ST Bash shoot-em-up 1 Snakepit
(Centipede clone) 1 Balloonacy I Crosstire 1 Plxle Kingdom (2d)
1 Pom Pom Gunner shoot-em-up I Jetmon shoot-em-up I Excallbur
shoot-em-up NASA slides by Kerry Lancaster Spoce Bubbles by
Boris Voleio Mirage by Boris Volejo Demons skdeshow »2 Divine
Vsioos (2d) Diggy Pvggys (2d) Forgotten Reolms by Fra«ion Iron
Malden skdeshow Sun Connections slideshow *3 Psygnosis
screenshots Colourpic product sideshow Images From Aquarius
062-069 Agatron slideshows 1 -8 194-199 Fenntastic volumes 1-6
024 Crusoders presents Freekd Out 040 Jean Michelle Jarre -
Equnoxe 050 Dmob 2 060 Dmob 3 061 Dmob 4 (2d) 092 Hacktnck Crew
present J M Jarre 137 Block Box ¦ Ride On time 144 ByteRaper
Mussak disk 6 145 Hocktrick Crew present the Model' 149 SAE
Amazing tunes 2 (3d) 159 SAE Megatorce Music 160 Sounds ot
Knome by Mahony & Ka-*us 147 Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth
(2d) 038 Kytle Mnogue - 5 samples * pics (2d) 175 Kytie Minogue
- Made In Heaven 2d) 330 Kylie Mnogue • locomotion I 361
Madonna sample - Cherish (3d) I 362 Tittany sample -1 think We
re Alone Now I I 179 Vongels Somple I 363 Classix I (Mozart on
the Amiga ) I 379 Fu« Moon Soundtracker moaues *l 1381
technotroncs samples I 138-142 Digital Concert 2-6 151-155
Studio Music l-5 Disk Prices: Prce 'cx ix to 15 da*i £12Seoch
Prce fcx ’6 of rncxe data £!00®ocr Pnce t y co70og « oa*a £l
CO eocn Credrt card cydaa add 50d *c *c*o( PnC©S rYCkxJO Cy
frtf CO» OCC We take occe» Vao cr-J XB ccrat I 003 Wordwnght
word processor 1017 NIB vl.O disk copier 156 GFX graphics
utility compilation 173 Ncxseplayer v3 0 module player 174 Red
Devil disk & tile crunchers I 189 SI-00 Soundtracker v2 4 I 225
SI-00 Protracker v I 0 1200 Amibase v3.76 database 1201
Flexibase v2.0 database 1202 Module To Executable utility I 203
Master Virus Killer v2.1 1205 Hamlab Image processing utilily
207 Fortiss disk & file crunchers 208 Fortiss icon
tools utlllties 209 Fortiss preterence tools utilities 210
Fortiss workbench utilities 211 Fortiss workbench utilities 212
Fortiss workbench utilities 213 Fortiss workbench backup
utilities 231 MessySID v2 289 Printer Driver Generator *
drivers 290 Assassins Label Printer utilities 340 Rim database
366 Database Master v2 0 Ordering by Post Pleas© write Oown the
catalogue numoers of tno I 3*ks you r©Qu*e. Ond serxJ them
with your name. | oadress ana Daymeot nxx»e out to fortos PO’
to Fortiss PD. PO Box 2. Earl Shilton. Leicester. LE9 filU I _
_ DEJA VU Software (IX-pt Al l. 5 Park Road. WIGAN. Lines WN(
7AA Tel: 0912 |9S2 I iitten sy enthusiasts for enthusiasts
only £?..?; We are also the only Official AMOS PDI. In the
year of trading.
AMOS PD Disks (•denotes 1Mb) DFJA VU Licensed Software GAMES LPIH7; Dogfight II • IPI 2(.: Cvad * I-PD39: Magic Forest II • LPD44: Formula One Challenge * LPD47: Dim Cash •
I. PDS8: Licks. Kevs 2* Knemics ' LPIMil: l lie Final Chapter •
TITLES FOR THE KIDS LPDU: Play It Safe * LPD1S: Are Angel's
Shapes ' LPD27: Flower Pow er '
I. PD29: Big Top Fun '
I. PD.37: Rocket Maths '
I. PDlS: Music Box *
I. PDlH: SPARX's Xmas Disk ' LPD49: Marvin the Martian ' l-PDS 1:
Magical Young Artist * LPD39: Prehistoric Fun Pack ' IF’Drill:
Techno Snail ' NB: AMOS NOT REQUIRED GAMES APD2: Treasure
Search APD62: Arcadia APD96: Pair-It • AI I)')_: Dynamite Dick
* API) 102: Cltamsau Death * API) 103: Pick-Up-A-l’uz. le •
APDI 10: Cross Fire ’ API)I IS: Balloonacv ’ API) 1 30: Wooden
Ball • API) 123: Deadline * APDI 19: tiolthit Pontoon '
APD237: Shapes' APD27I: Wizard's Domain APD277: Battle I’ong '
APD292: War ol the Four ' APD326: Hyperball • NOW AVAIIABIE
AMOS PD 1 - 350 FRED FISH 1 - 560 TBAG I
* 3.50 each UK (ind: VAT), *3-75 each Europe, *4.00 each ROW All
prices include a royalty payment to the programmer.
AMOS PD PRICES: NOW *1.75 per desk UK (ind: VAT). *2 Europe, *2.25 ROW Choose 1 PD disk free with every 10 disks - add 50p P&P to total order.
Cheques PO's should l e crossed and made payable lo DFJA VU Software.
ENTHUSIASTS AFT Send *1 lor our catalogue diskt 1Mb) for
details of our Clip Art Collection, General PI), and llie
Official AMOS PI) list More than 60 DFJA VU Licensed Software
titles Ring for details of the latest version of tin- AMOS
updater disk Send
S. AF for details of the DFJA VU Software Club gyn », . Mmmm and
the current issue of DFJA VU Spotlight. ¦¦¦ AmigaWare is
available by single issue or subscription at £2.25 per issue
(£1.95 without cover disk) or £22 for 12 issues (£19.50-"
without cover disk). Chcqucs POs payable to AmigaWare :
AmigaWare (SubF),AmigaWarc House, 57 Oxford Road.BANBURY OX 16
9AJ CRKDIT CARDS 0295 279000 0MHI1 §(MMC®D§ Po®o DIMMED 192
Protocol Utilities U191 Windowsbench U190 Do Font U187 24 Pin
Fonts U189 Assassins Label Pnnter U186 Ham Suite (6) FREE
CATALOGUE WITH ORDER U188 Printer Driver Generator Kit U185
Radio Terminal U184 Slick Utilities U183 Vogue Utilities U182
Picture Help U181 Dip Dap Brothers Utilities U180 Convertors
Disk U179 Ozone Utilities U178 Words (2) U176 Easy Text Plus
3.0 U175 Word Frenzy U171 Messy Sid U167 PC Emulator U164 RSI
Add On 1 U165 RSI Add On 2 U144 Quickbench U141 Jas Super
Virus Killer U133 Slideshow Creator U127 Kevs Emulator U160
Cartoon Brushes U159 Flexibase 2.0 U158 Spectra Paint 3.2 U020
Jazzbench DEJA VU UCENCEWARE (£3.50 EACH LPD01 Colouring Book
LPD04 Thingmajic LPD08 Work & Play LPD09 AMOS Assembler LPD10
Word Factory LPD13 Jigmania LPD14 Play It Safe LPD47 Dirty
Cash LPD46 Magpies Clipart 1 LPD43 AMOS Lazerzone LPD45 Music
Box LPD37 Rocket Maths LPD29 Big Top Fun LPD39 Magic Forest 2
G052 Megaball G069 Pom Pom Gunner G064 Air Ace Sealance G001
Learn & Play (2) G027 Monopoly G020 Card Games G007 Ten Game
Compilation G02t Chess Compilation G003 Pipeline G063 Sierra
Solutions AMOS SELECTION At5t53~Fonts!
A004 Fonts 2 A005 Fonts 3 A115 Balloonacy A119 Electro-CAD A146 Fruit Machine A006 STOS to AMOS Convertor At 35 Simon Says: Space Maths A021 Word Square Solver A031 Screen Designer A035 Archivist A052 Forms Really Unlimited A139 Master Race A215 Fractal Workshop DT28 Mad on ER Demo (6) D111 Pink Floyd The Wall (6) D121 Taxi Driver D123 Flypast Animation D124 Virtual World D125 Electric Touch Demo D126 The Fantasy Force D127 Paradise Genesis Demo D130 WWF Demo 0131 Predator 2 Animation D114 Star Trek (2) D112 Sgt. Pepper (2) D119 Pogo Animation D101 Robocop Animation MUSIC M007 Queen Black
Box M012 Technotronic Comp.
M013 Amigadeous M014 Bagpipe Music M016 Aliens (2) M022 Jarre Revolutions M028 '19' M029 Iron Maiden (2) M045 Star Trek Sound Disk M048 Adamski - Killer M071 Mozart (2) M070 Nightbreed Demo 5 M076 Weird Wizard Collection M079 Vertical Mystical Tune SLIDESHOWS S050 50's Slideshow (2) S049 Betty Boo S042 Judge Dread S039 WWF Slideshow S037 Star Trek Images S026 Gremlins Slideshow S011 Aliens Slideshow (2) S008 Bioodsport S007 Reichter Slideshow S005 Total Recall Fred Fish 1-520 T-Bag 1 - 56 Amos 1 - 293 Deja Vu 1 -47 Prices 1-9......£1.25 10-19..£ 1.00 20+......£0.89 Minimum order 2 disks.
We weUome international orders.
TEL: 0236 737901 The above represents only a small selection of our collection. Please call for new arrivals, or why not call Into our showroom. _ Prices include postage and packing. Payment by Access Visa or make your cheques or P.O. 's payable to I Access VISA Office Choice:- Suite 14, Avon House, Town Centre, Cumbernauld G67 1EJ Our full range of software Is also available from our computer centre "Micro Choice" 30, Townhead, Kirkintilloch.
253 JANUARY 1991 Classic Utilities Want to know what impressed technical impresario Pat McDonald the most over the past 12 months? Well now's your chance. Here's 10 of the best.
1 BUDDBASE This is probably one of the smallest (it works on a 0.5Mb machine) and possibly one of the easiest databases, in terms of setting-up and using. BuddBase is a winner. It can handle very large databases, because they're all on disk, rather than being held in memory. It's also quite fast, which is rather unusual for disk-based databases.
2 BOOTX V3.80 The is the best boot block utility. BooIX can recognise many different types of boot block virus. It can also read game boot blocks and save them on to a separate disk. So if a virus wipes the boot block, you can put the original back on.
3 JvtVK 2.1 This is the last version of Master Virus Killer to be released into the Public Domain (2.2 and above are not PD), MVK 2.1 knows about 130 different viruses, including the elusive ROLE disk-validator virus.
Although a bit dated for a virus killer, it can still recognise the most for one individual program.
7 ACC ASSEMBLER VI Although not a new program (it actually uses the rather old A68K assembler), this Is quite a viable offering. It puts a text editor, assembler and linker onto one disk. Not as good as commercial assemblers, but reasonable for learning about programming in machine code.
8 PROTRACKER VI.2 The music program for amateurs (and a few professionals too). ProTracker 1.2 is the latest in a long, long line of similar programs ending in -Tracker. Although slightly easier to pick up than MED, It can't cope with MIDI instruments.
9 NORTHC VI.3 The chance of getting a full version of the C language in PD? Yes. And not only that, but a relatively bug free one at that! North C has become so popular that there's a special three disk manual for it in the PD, and some C tutorial books on C even have notes about the differences between this and the commercial Lattice C. 1 O MOD PRO VI .9 There's a host of music modules in the PD. With this program you can set up your own collection of personal favourites. Mod Pro can read SMUS. Old NoiseTracker and current SoundTracker modules, as well as MED modules. Then you can save the
resultant file and listen to the music just by clicking on an icon.
User friendly too.
4 ELECTROCAD VI.4 The full program of this demo isn't in fact PD. But even with just the demo, you can draw your own electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board layouts, and print them out too. For electronics enthusiasts everywhere.
5 IVIED V3.1 1 B The last version of MED to be put into the PD. MED is basically a sample sequencer for arranging samples into tunes. Although a bit difficult to use with a TV (the writing is a bit small) it can at least be used with MIDI Instruments, via a suitable interface.
6 NUKE! VI.2B This program was written to combat the problem of disk-validator viruses (viruses which hide in the disk- validator file commonly found on data disks). Can find and kill the Saddam and the ROLE virus, and will spot new ones too.
R = = B VIRUS KILtfR hvU nil rim Ini. *11 m feint « WASTELANDS NBS 0206 At long last, the first PD ID Construction Kit rears it's ugly head. Wastelands looks bland - do not adjust your mag. It's supposed to look like that. Die plot is the standard 3DCK waffle: 'save the world in an hour by wandering around collecting the keys and shooting the bad guys'. In this ease, the time limit is set by the Joshua missile, which is due to be launched and destroy mankind 4.000 seconds after the game starts.
You've seen one 3DCK game, you've seen 'em all.
Having said that. I did find it enjoyable, but it's not easy - it takes some puzzling to work out how to leave the first level. Freescape fans and those who have never seen such a game only. I'm afraid.
SPRITE BANK EDITOR 2 DEJA VU LPD40 This one is aimed squarely at AMOS programmers.
It’s a utility for loading in sprite banks from that program. And rearranging them according to your taste.
For instance, suppose you have a collection of AMOS sprites, but you need to delete the first and last five sprites, and then reverse the order. This is not an easy job if you're just using SprileX (the included sprite editor) but it's a doddle with this program.
It's also a good idea to use SBE2 to check that you haven't wasted space and duplicated some sprites. A utility that no AMOS programmer should be without, unless you'v e w ritten your own version of course.
CONTACT LIST: ASVUGANUTS PD: 169 Dale Valley Road, Hollybrook, Southampton, SOI 6QX DEJA VU: 0942 495261 PD SOFT: 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SSI 2YD 0702 61 2259 MBS: 1 32 Gunville Road, Newport, Isle of Wight, P030 SLH 0983 529594 PD TOP TEN UTILITIES PD SOFT
1) Desktop Publishing - V390
2) Spectrum Emulator 1.2 - V443
3) Jetman-2018
4) Red Sector Vector Demo - L18
5) AMIGAsh - V392
6) Air Warrior Flight Sim - 1984
7) BootX Virus Killer 4.03 - V457
8) Windowbench - V401 (Two disks)
9) Pom Pom Gunner - 1977
10) Printer Drivers Collection 3 - V444 PD UTILITIES BYTEBACK
Ring us now! 0636-79097 we're programmed to help DELIVERY
LPD 01 Colouring Book; Fun tor kids 02 Arc Angel Maths: Educational 03 Galleons; Battling Ships (Mb) 04 Thingamajig; Jigsaw Puzzles.
05 Jungle Bungle; Adventure (Mb) 06 Pukadu; game. PLUS; Sprites
600. Use in your AMOS programs!
07 4-Way Lynx; Puzzle Game (Mb) 08 Work 8 Play; 3 Educational games for children. Good! (Mb) 09 AMOS Assembler; (needs AMOS) 10 Word Factory; Educational 11 Go-Getter; Original game (Mb) 12 Hypnotic Lands; Puzzle game 13 Jigmania; Jigsaw fun (Mb) 14 Play II Safe; Educational (Mb) 15 A.A. Shapes; tun for kids (Mb) 16 Reversi 2; Classic game (Mb) 17 Dogfight 2; Arcade game (Mb) 18 Touchstones; Board game (Mb) 19 X-IT-50; Original game (Mb) 20 Wordy; Word Processor Good!
21 Quingo; Great Trivia Quiz (Mb) 22 LC10 Fonts; Plus font design 23 E.S.P. ; Original Arcade game 24 Shining Way ot Kung Fu; with digitised pics! (2 disks) (Mb) 25 Mission; Text adventure game 26 C.Y.A.D.; Puzzle game. (Mb) 27 Flower Power; Great game! (Mb) 28 Buddbase 1; Simple database 29 Big Top Fun: Educational (Mb) 30 Shymer; Kids Adventure (Mb) 31 CLI Printer Dump; (needs AMOS) 32 Hard Drive Menu System 33 Creative Adventure Toolkit.
34 Invoice Printer; Utility 35 T-Tecdraw; CAD package. (Mb) 36 Fracgen II; Fractal designer To order, quote: LPD ,nn (nn is number of disk, eg LPD. 01) AD 8 D Collectors ......21.99 Amnios .....17.99 Beast Busier 17.99 Blitzkreig ..19.99 Captain Planet ....17.99 Cruise for a Corpse ....18.99 Deluxe Paint IV ...59.99 Deuleros ..17.99
Ell 16.99 Eye ol the Storm phone Final Fighl 17.99 Finest Hour - Mission .12.99 Flames of Freedom ....24.99 Gauntlet 3 16.99 Hard Nova 17.99 Harpoon ...21.99 Hunter 19.99 Jimmy White Snooker 17.99 Kings Quest V .....27.99 Knights of the Sky ......22.99
Lemmings - Data disk 11.99 Little Beau 16.99 Lord of The Rings ......17.99 Magic Garden .....17.99 Magic Pockets ....17.99 Magic Storybook .19.99 Mega Lo Mania ...21.99 Mega Twins .16.99 MIG 29 Super Fulcrum ..27.99 Napoleon .19.99 Nebulus 2 .17.99 Never Ending Story ....17.99
Pegasus ...19.99 R Type 2 ..17.99 Rise ol the Dragon .....24.99 Robin Hood ..17.99 Robin Smith Cricket ..17.99 Robozone 17.99 Rolling Ronny .....16.99 Rubicon ....17.99 Rugby World Cup ......16.99 Shadow Sorceror 18.99 Shoe People 17.99 Silent Service 2 ...24.99
Simpsons .16.99 Spirit of Excalibur 21.99 Starflight 2 17.99 Super Space Invaders ...17.99 Terminator 2 17.99 Thunderhawk ......19.99 Turbo Challenge II .....17 99 UMS 2 - Planet Editor 12 99 Under Pressure ...17.99 Utopia 19.99 World Wrestling Federation phone 4D Sports Boxing 17 99
Armour-Geddon ..17.99 Battle Chess 2 ....17.99 Battle Command .16.99 Battle ot Britain ...19.99 Blade Warrior ......17.99 Captive .....15.99 Chase HQ 2 .16.99 Darkman ..17.99 Death Knights ot Krynn ..19.99 Demoniak .20.99 Elvira ..19.99 Eye of the Beholder ...21.99 Feudal
Lords 16.99 Flight of the Intruder ...27.99 F15 Strike Eagle II .....22.99 Geisha .....17.99 GODS 16.99 Golden Axe ..16.99 Halls of Montezuma ...17.99 Hard Drivin' 2 ......16.99 Kick Oft 2 (Mb) ....15.99 Lemmings 17.99 Lile and Death (Mb) ...15.99 Lotus Esprit Turbo .....16.99 Merchant
Colony .19.99 Mighty Bombjack 16.99 Moonbase 23.99 M1 Tank Platoon .19.99 PGA Tour Golf ....18.99 Pool ol Radiance 19.99 Powermonger .....18.99 Predator 2 17.99 Pro Tennis Tour 2 ......16.99 Railroad Tycoon ..23.99 RBI Baseball 19.99 Rick Dangerous 2 ......16.99
Sarakon ...13.99 Secret ot Monkey Island 19.99 Shadow ot the Beast 2 ...24.99 Speedball 2 ..16.99 Spirit of Excalibur (Mb) ..21.99 Supercars 2 .16.99 Super Monaco Grand Prix 17.99 Supremacy ...19.99 Switchblade II .....17.99
S. W.I.V .....16 99 Team
Suzuki 16.99
Toki ....17.99
Turrican 2 .16.99
U. M.S 2 ...19.99 Ultima
V ...22.99
Warlords ..19.99 Wings
(Mb) ..18.99 Wrath ol the
Demon ...19.99
Z-Oul ..14.99
Addicted lo Fun ...14.99 Board
Genius ......17.99 Falcon
Collection 20.99 Fists Ol
Fury .19.99 Hollywood
Collection .19.99 Master
Mix ...16.99 Monster
Pack ......19.99 Phantasie - Bonus
Edition 19.99
Platinum ...17.99 Power
Pack ..16.99 Power
Up .21.99 Rainbow
Collection ....14.99 Sporting
Gold ......19.99 Super
Sega ..21.99 Test Drive 2 -
Collection 21.99 Premier
Collection .....18.99 Virtual
Worlds .....19.99 Wheels of
Fire .....12.99 AB Zoo (Alphabet
Magic Storybook ..... ...5.99 .17.99 Fun School 2 (Under 6. 6-8 or over 8).
Fun School 3 (Under 5. 5-7 or 7-11).... Fun School 4 (Under 5. 5-7 or 7-11).... .13.99 ..15.99 .15.99 Donalds Alphabet Chase.
Goofys Railway Express.. Mickeys Runaway Zoo..... Micro Maths ... Micro French .. Micro English . .16.99 .16.99 .16.99 _i8~99_ .18.99 .18.99 BOOKS (Abacus) Amiga for Beginners ...... Amiga Basic Inside and Out.
Machine Language . Tricks and Tips ... More Tricks and Tips ..... System Programs ... Amiga DOS Inside and Out.. Disk Drives Inside and Out... ...12.90 ...18.90 ...14.90 ...14.90 ...14.90 ...32.90 ...18.90 ..£27.90 Disks to accompany books 13.90 ART AND DESIGN 3D Construction Kit ... Deluxe Paint (3) . Deluxe Paint (4) . Director (2) ..... Disney Animation Studio.. Digiview GOLD (4) .... Home Tiller .... ...32.99 ...59.99 ...69.99 ...79.99 ...79.99 .129.99 ...32.99 MUSIC
Audio Master (3) Deluxe Music Con. Set.... Dr. T Copyist Apprentice.
Mastersound .. Midi Master (Hardware).. Techno Sound .. .54.99 .49.99 .69.99 .29.99 .34.99 ..24.99 POLLYSOFT ONLY £3.00 each!
POL 01 Space Blob; Platform game 02 Mr. Dig; Dig Dug style game 03 Q-Bold; Tetris in Reverse!?
05 Subculture; R-Type style game 07 Dizzy Lizzy; Boulderdash! (Mb) 08 Lizzy's Funtime; Education. (2D) 11 Tron Dim X; Light Cycles (Mb) 12 Ultimate Grabber; AMOS utility 13 Bounty Hunter; Graphic Adventure with Arcade shoot outs! (Mb) 14 Classroom Maths; Educational 15 Crystal Caverns; C64 game! (Mb) To order, quote: POL.nn (nn is number of disk, eg POL.01) UTILITIES Distant Suns .... Visla Pro ... GB Route Plus.
Interspread Excellence Interword ... ..59.99 ..74.99 ..59.99 ..39.99 .84.99 .39.99 ..34.99 ..63.99 .42.99 ..84.99 BUDGET GAMES Kind Words ... Pen Pal .. Scribble Platinum.
Wordworth .... COMPILATIONS Batman - The Movie ....6.99 Bubble Bobble ......6.99 Last Ninja 2 6.99 Shadow of the Beast ....6.99 HARDWARE Cumana Disk Drive . Zydec Disk Drive . STAR LC10 Colour Printer... STAR LC200 Colour Printer.
...64.99 ...59.99 .179.99 .199.99 Centrefold Squares ......8.99 Corporation ..13.99 Dungeon Master ? Chaos 19.99 Elite ....12.99 Hero Quest ..13.99 James Pond ...9.99 Rick Dangerous ....8.99 Steve Davis Snooker ...8.99 Strip Poker .8.99 Sword Of Sodan ...7.99 Turtles 12.99
Wings .14.99 JOYSTICKS 500k RAM Expansion! ...34.99 FREE: 10 Public Domain disks!
Joystick 8 Mouse extension 4.99 Quickshot III Python .....9.99 Quickjoy III Supercharger .....11.99 Quickjoy Jetfighter .....12.99 Quickjoy TOPSTAR ...19.99 Competition Pro Extra 15.99 Sting Ray Handheld ...13.99 Zip Stick Professional 15.99 DISKS (100% Guaranteed)
10) ......4.49
50) ....20.99 Plus labels!
SONY boxed ( 10) ......8.99 plus labels ( 50) ....42.99 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & FIRST CLASS POST r THE BEST OF THE AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN GAMES (continued) UTILITIES DISK PRICES I to 9 disks .....£1.25 10 disks * file box .£9.99 II and over ..99p (2D = 2nd drive required) (Mb = 1 Megabyte required) (* = NOT Amiga Plus!)
We only stock the best Public Domain disks If we can't praise it. We don't list it!
GAMES AG.01 Star Trek; Superb strategy game.
Digitised graphics! (2D-Mb-3 disks).
AG.02 Various; Gravwars, Jackland, Pacman, Othello. Empire. Hanoi... AG.03 Star Trek (Agatron); Strategy game - Tobias Richter. (2D-Mb-2 disks) AG.04 Monopoly; Full version of the classic property trading gamel AG.05 Pacman 87; Multi level version ot this addictive arcade classic.
AG.07 Board and Card games; Cluedo.
Othello, Klondike and Cribbage.
AG. 10 Space Invaders; Arcade Classic version! Plus: Lander. Arroeba... AG.11 Tennis; excellent shareware sports simulation. (Mb) AG.14 Flascheiber; Boulderdash style game. Almosl commercial quality!
AG.15 Paranoid game; Arkanoid style.
Including a screen designer AG.16 Castle of Doom; Adventure game with graphics - beginners level AG. 18 Golden Fleece; Infocom quality adventure, Tron, Train, Star Fleet.. AG.22 Return to Earth; Elite style Space trading game, digitised sound AG.24 Drip; Arcade quality painter game.
China Challenge, Frogger etc. AG.27 Star Trek (USA); Strategy game.
Captain the Enlerprise. (2D-Mb-2 disks) AG.29 Chess; Superb Multi Featured!
Tiles. Telriz Two. Battleships elc.
AG.30 Twintris; Superb Shape dropping gamel MUCH better than original! (') AG.31 Simpsons; vertical scrolling shoot- em-up style game! (SEUCK) AG.32 Legotris; another Tetris style game, amusing digitised sound effects.
AG.34 Tile Game; AMOS games creator variation on the old 16 puzzle.
AG.35 Cave Runner; Commercial quality Boulderdash style game! Excellentl AG.36 Wizzy's Quest; Professional quality arcade puzzle game.
AG.38 Star Trek - Arcade game; SEUCK produced scrolling shool-em-up.
AG.39 Wacko in Wonderland; Platform game with large graphics! Cute!
AG.40 Metagalactic Llamas; Classic Commodore 64 game by Jeff Minter!
AG.42 Games Galore; Star Trek Trivia, Pharaohs Curse. Monopoly.
Mazeman AG.43 Gridrunner; Classic Jeff Minter shoot-em-up, Rebound; Arkanoid style. Invaders; Space Invaders version.
AG.44 Sorry; the board game, Flipper, Missile, Blackjack, Video Poker etc. AG.45 Seven Tiles; Superb Speedball style game with digitised effects!
AG.46 Megaball; Brilliant Arkanoid style game with Editor!
AG.48 Diplomacy; War Strategy game.
AG.49 Eat Mine; Emerald Mine Copy, 80 levels ot brain straining action AG.51 Frantic Freddy; Platform game, good conversion ot C64 tavourite!
AG.52 Block It; Superb Puzzle game!
AG.53 Nakamoto; Great Platform game.
AG.54 Downhill Skiing; Classic game AG.55 Amos-Defence; Shoot-em-Up AG.56 Assassins Games II; Invaders, Girl Action, Missile Command etc... AG.57 Battleforce; Fantasy Action. (•) SOUNDTRACKER SND.01 Soundtracker; Four versions ot this favourite Music creation program.
SND.02 Soundtracker 4: alternative version + instruments disk (2 disks) SND.05 Soundtracker 8 Track; Superb!
Plus converter for 4 track files... STI.01 to STI.08 Digital Soundtracker samples! 8 disks packed with 100's of files! (Buy one, or all 8 for £7.99) STS.01 02 Sampled effects! (2 disks) EDUCATIONAL AE.01 Blackboard Maths. Concentration Colourpad, Cat 8 Mouse, etc (age 5+) AE.02 Spellquiz. Wheel of Fortune, Tug 'o' Word. Maths Test, etc. (Age 5+) AE.03 Fractals, Desktop Calculator, Function Plotter, Evolution (Age 11*) AE.04 Gravitywell. Weatherman.
Gravsim, Airfoil... (Age 11*) AE.05 World Data Bank; CIA world map.
3D Plot, Calendar Factory. (11+) AE.06 Talking Spelling Tutor, Speech Toy, German Language Test, Elements, Globe, Geolime (2 disks) (Age 11+) AE.07 Educational Graphics; Technical illustrations; Biology. Astronomy etc. Load into Deluxe Paint etc. (Age 9+) SLIDESHOWS AS.01 Boris Vallejo 1; Professional quality graphics in interlaced HAM!
AS.05 Exodus Real 3D show; 9 very impressive Ray traced pictures.
AS.06 Swimsuits: Great pictures from the U.S. Sports Illustrated mag.
AS.12 M.C. Escher; Animated slideshow of Eschers paradoxical artwork... AS 20 Slideshow Construction; Pictures scroll up down, fade in out! Elc... AS.22 Viz; Digitised pictures from the wonderful Viz magazine.
AS.23 Agatron Slideshow 10; Ray Traced pictures ot Star Trek ships including shots from T. Richlers impending video AS.25 Fraxion Slideshow; Fantasy pictures. Expertly digitised in HAM AS.27 Tobias Richter Slideshow; Hi- Res pictures with a Sci-Fi theme.. AS.29 Colourpic; Digitised pictures produced with Real Time digitisers.
AS.30 Invisible World; Amazing Hi-Res digitised pics of fleas, bed bugs elc CLIP ART AC.01 Deluxe Paint; lots of quality pictures in low, medium 8 high res.
AC.02 Pagesetter Art; Animals, Food.
Computers, Fantasy, Holidays... AC.04 IFF Alphabets; 30* screens of character sets and surfaces... AC.05 Animals; Anatomy, Buildings... AC.06 Cartoons; People, Animals... AC.07 Holidays; Flags. Flowers etc. AC.08 Music; People. School etc. AC.09 Signs; Titles, Logos, Headings.
AC.IOTeddy Bears; ideal for present labels, greetings cards etc. AC.11 Nightclub; Vintage Cars, Bikes AC.12 Colour; Occasions, Transport.
Signs, Electrical. Architecture.
AU.01 Jazzbench; Workbench upgrade with many indispensable features!
AU.02 Uedit; Excellent file editor, a vast improvement on Ed!
AU.03 QL Emulator; plus 2 data disks packed with files. Superb! (3 disks) AU.10 Graphic Utilities; Fontfixer, IFF Convert, Palette Convert etc... AU.11 Starchart; Gives positions and movements ot all major constellations AU.13 Visicalc; Superb full featured Spreadsheet with manual on disk.
AU.15 Dope Intro Maker; Create Demos with this user friendly package.
AU.17 D Copy; Excellent disk copier, similar to X Copy, Good Nibble mode!
AU.18 North C; Complete C environment for the Amiga! Amazing value!
AU.19 SID; Workbench replacement.
AU.21 Avoiding CLI; useful uitlities otherwise only obtainable using CLI.
AU.22 Text Plus; Word Processor (v2.2) Professional quality program!
AU.23 Word Wright; Word Processor.
Plus: Amiga Spell; Spell checker!
AU.24 Spectrum Emulator; Run some Spectrum games on your Amiga!
AU.26 Complete C Manual; 11 chapters plus 70 executable examples! (3 disks) AU.27 Amibase (v3.76); Professional quality, multi-featured database!
AU.29 Mash Booter disk; 20* utilities AU.30 Mash Booter Disk 2; 25+ util's.
AU.31 Ghostwriter; Popular, easy to use Intro and Demo Maker (Mb) AU.32 Label Designer; Design and print black 8 white or colour labels.
AU.33 Nib; Powerful disk copier!
AU.35 Qulckbase; Easy to use Database Ideal for address book or similar!
AU.36 Rainbow Writer; Demo maker.
Scrolly text, 3D stars, various fonts, font edit, load Soundtracker modules!
AU.37 mCAD; CAD package, superb value lor money, professional features!
AU.38 Ultimate Icon Disk; Great icon creator, nice and easy lo use!
AU.40 Red Sector Demo Maker; Powerful program for creation of demos (Mb) AU.41 Mandelbrot Generator; Superb.
Written with AMOS language.
AU.42 Rippers Guide; Various music and graphic rippers. Very good AU.43 Master Virus Killer; Ultimate in Virus Killers, will detect over 124 different viruses 8 bool blocks!"
AU.45 Slideshow Construction Kit; easy to use Slideshow creator.
AU.46 Home Utilities; Wordwrighl, Word Processor, Scalc: Spreadsheet.
Label Print: Label Printing utility.
AU.49 Ripped Fonts 8 Logos; Character sets extracted from various demos' AU.50 Picturesque; Good art package.
AU.51 Business Letters; 600 plus to adapt and use in your word processor!
AU.52 C64 Emulator; Latest version, hardware available separately! (") AU.53 Speedbench; Load in 15 secs. O AU.54 Printer Drivers; 30 different.
FONTS AF.01 Cosmopolitan; Rangers, Peignet.
Avanl Guard, Aldous. Celtic etc... AF.02 Fancy; Hollywood, Park Avenue.
Broadway, Camelot, Courier.
Ham... AF.03 Publishers; Helvetica, Akashi.
Andover, Bookman, Boxie, Times... AF.04 Various; Unusual. Videofonts Large 8 Small fonts... Utilities.
AH.01 Adventure Game Solutions; More than 100 including: Dungeon Master, Future Wars, Ultima 1 to 5, Sierra. Infocom, Bards Tale.
Rainbird...Every Adventure players dream!
(2 disks) DEMOS AD.01 Walker 1; Classic animation (Mb) AD.02 Walker 2; Classic animation. (Mb) AD.04 Probe Sequence; Video pictures Irom an alien planet! Amazing!
AD.18 Puggs in Space; Amusing cartoon of alien creature exploring Earth!
AD.21 Busy Bee; Amazing Sculpl 3D animation of a large flying Bee! (Mb) AD.23 Ship and Sphere; Ray Trace film of space ship and glass sphere. (Mb) AD.24 NewTek Demo Reel 3; Incredible professional demo. (Mb-2 disks) AD 25 The Run; 3D film of Lotus chase through traffic with police car! (Mb) AD.32 Vision Megademo IV; Superb Digitised music and sound effects!
AD.36 Ketrens Megademo VIII; 10 demos including; Kill the Beast (Shadow of the Beast meets Xenon 2)... (2 disks) AD.39 Agatron animations; 3D film ol USS Enterprise attacking USS Reliant.
AD.44 Laurel and Hardy; Digitised clips from various films! (2 disks) AD.45 Star Trek, Dry Dock demo; The highly praised Ray Trace masterpiece!
AD.46 Stealthy Manoevre II; Cartoon style Stealth Fighter animation.
AD.47 Walker Demo; The incredible 2 Megabyte animation (2Mb - 2 disks) AD.48 Amy V Walker; Amy the Squirrel chases AT-AT with Monkey Wrench! (Mb) AD.49 Budbrain Productions; Quality animations including Movie! (2 disks) AD.50 Budbrain Demo 2; Greal sound.
Great graphics, another classic!
AD.51 Flshtank demo; Animation of sea creatures miming in time to music' AD.53 Iraq demo; Mini film involving Saddam Hussain and John Major!
AD.54 Simpsons; Digitised: Do the Barfman plus greal Bart slideshow' AD.56 Phenomena Megademo; Trip to Mars; Fly around 3D landscape.
Plus: Ray-Trace Fractal demo, Light Sourced World animation etc. GET THIS! (Mb) AD.58 Applecus; Ray Traced apples replace beads on animated abacus!
(Mb) AD.59 Plasmutex 91 by TFA; Super smooth animations! Truly amazing!
AD.61 Franklin the Fly; Very amusing series of animations.. (Mb) AD.62 Dating Game; Eric Shwartz, very amusing animation. (3M -2 disks) (") AD.63 Batman; Terminal 8 Lale Night; Three great Eric Shwartz anims. (Mb) AD.64 Shuttlecock; E.Shwartz (Mb) (') AD.65 Stealthy Animations; 3 great Eric Shwartz films. (Mb) (•).
AD.66 Substance; by Quartex, Fractals.
3D animations. Ray Trace Bubbles C).
AD.67 Interspace by Phenomena; (‘) AD.68 Universal Intensity Demo (") AD.69 Decaying Paradise Demo. (Mb) AD.70 Global Trash by Silenls; Ray Traced Space Ship, Superb Plazma effects, 3D animations..stunning!
AD.71 Ice Megademo by Silents; f) To order any ot our PD disks simply quole the required disk numbers.
Minimum Order 3 Disks!
• 363 LABEL PRINT V3.5
• 455 MEM MON
• 420 MENU WRITER 1-98 QBASE 1-338 SID
• 318 ZOPER 4-0 X-SPELL 440 3D PLOT 517 AMIBACK 361 BRUSH 4D
- 276 CUCK DOS
1421 A BREED ANIM 1.5 MEG NEEDED!!!!!!!
PD SOFT 2086, 2087 AND 2088 If you're looking forward to getting loads of nice computer pressies for Christmas, but can't stomach the idea of being given yet another copy of Joseph's Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat Medley by your auntie, then you need to get hold of some serious audio-visual entertainment. But where can you find this? The Demo Zone!
MAGAD! MEGADEMO PD SOFT, DISK 2028 257 JANUARY 1991 The prize for best demo of the month goes to this little masterpiece. Most of the 3D animations we see arc simple five-second pictures of bouncing balls or other suitably rounded objects. James Robinson has gone u'ov beyond that with Buzzed. Picture the scene: a peaceful meadow next to a quiet highway. The birds swoop through the sky. The sun shines and a busy bee flutters along the roadside. If he doesn't look out he'll CRASH! ...hit that post.
The animation style featured on Buzzed is nothing new. But the sheer finesse and precision involved are absolutely superb. The bee drifts around smoothly, with some beautifully coloured objects and scenery to back him up. The attention to detail is excellent, from the car that drives past, to the spider hanging under the mailbox. Excellent!
AMI-FX 4 AMIGANUTS UNITED, DISKS 1 1 80 (THREE DISKS) The original idea behind the Ami-FX range (which, incidentally, stands for Amiga Fractal Exchange) was to allow those interested in fractals to find contacts and make new connections within the Amiga community.
Unfortunately, this idea hasn't really been fully achieved, w ith the disks that do appear simply containing a few- pictures and animations based on fractals.
Some of the clips featured are pretty good though, including spiralling Julia Curses. Mandelbrot kaleidoscope effects and some very nice Vista shots, it may not be much of an information exchange, but it's very impressive to watch!
Following the recent trend of humorous cartoon-style animations. Alan Pichtel has put together a piece lasting jusl over four minutes! The clip consists of a bloke walking to the park with his faithful hound, only to find that it is closed for the day. The dog goes into a frenzy and drags his poor master across the city to find an alternative location for his daily constitutional.
Although the demo is touted as being four minutes long, this isn't really a deciding factor in the quality.
The action is pretty slow and drawn out. Making it seem as though scry little happens. Still, some of the antics are quite amusing - if a little predictable.
ALIEN BREED ANIMATION 17 BIT, DISK 1421 After their foray into die full-priced games arena, it seems natural that 17-Bit would want to promote their game through the PD demo scene. The Mien Breed Animation is the full version of the Tobias Richter spaceship anim used on the game's introduction sequence. The clip features a deadly-looking craft THE LEMMINGS ANIMATION MBS, DISK H665 If you're thinking that this is an extension of the Eric Schwartz AtUi-Lemmin' Demo, then you're wrong!
This clip was put together by Jan Paton of Rebclsoft and is very different to the acclaimed Schwartz, demo, both in style and content.
Whereas the last demo was very much a 'knockabout fun' affair, this one is far more 'deep'. The cartoon is basically a tale of guilt, compassion and honesty, featuring a large lemming splatting a smaller member of the species, only to be so racked with remorse that he is forced to go back and revive him. The end of the cartoon features a strange twist... but you'll have lo look at the demo yourself to find out what it is!
Seeing the word 'megademo' in the title of a disk is off-putting, since these usually consist of a few duff tunes, a handful of vectors and some banal scroll-tcxts.
The Magad! Megademo is different. The sound is a fast-paced dance track, with some very nicely drawn pictures and animations. The tiny clips are very much in the style of Japanese animators, featuring cute-faced girls with huge eyes and a surreal dancing panda. For a change from the normal megademo, this is ideal.
Swooping through an asteroid field and docking with a space station above the planet's surface. Although the game wasn't format Gold material, this animation is still impressive, making it well worth investigating.
Unglia PD (*» = I Meg (Pi = A-500 Plus C ompatible ALL DISKS STILL ONLY 99p EACH NEWT TRIVIA PACK 4 DISKS IE** Includes HntiymuJ Trma. Qmzmasser. Trek and nets Geurranum Trtnas NEW! SPORTS PACK 4 DISKS Li** Teams. Downhill Skiing. Car Racing. Tuo Player Soccer NEWT ASTRONOMY PACK IP) 4 DISKS LL** Shir Chart. AMIGAzer Deepstv. Gravity Well. Gear Sou Orbu. Planet NEWT PRINTER I SE* PACK F» 4 DISKS Li** Essential foe all printer emmets' * bakes. Label Designer. Label Printer. Printer Dr net Generator. Print Studio. Plus More' NEWT ARTISTS PACK (Pi 5 DISKS (4*5 Spei trapamt. C-tight. Image Lab.
Fiber pics. Image Tools. Direct Arman. Cbpa. Auto Pics. Hm Iff NEW! MCSC1ANS PACK 5 DISKS £4.*5 Med VS. Soundtroi krr Pro. Oksalnn ,8 Channel!).
Games Music Creator andLomJi of Samples" CLASSIC GAMES PACK 5 DISKS U.*5 Pa. Man. Invaders. Missile Command. Flaschbier iBoulderdashi. Slot Cars Othello. Chets and More' Pwzk note a pack dok mi br boacbt amg}} ut **p!
NEW! ANGLIA (OUR Ret NTS (P) 5 DISKS L4.*5 Commas 5 disks full •sngimd coiourfouti produced here at Anglia, ideal for cuprums, titles, etc. Out with Dpamt III CARD & BOARD GAMES tPl 4 DLSKS Li** Cluedo. Cnbbagr. Monopoly I English version!).
Mastermind and much more!
NEW! G AMES GAI.ORF. PACK 5 DLSKS £4.*5 Over 30 Games on 5 disks! Includes great games such as _ . Dad. Trek Tmva. Ftve-m-Lme. Diplomacy.
Monopoly. Othello. Space Age. Air Traffic Control.
Sh Fight , Chets Mor ITILITIES PACKS 1.2.J OR 4 EACH PACK - 5 DISKS C4.*S 4 different packs with all the utils you will ever need' Path I . Mums Chet SoUse disk (26 utds). Diskmaster r31 Daristar Otibtm 2.3 A 4.
EDUCATION PACK I (P) 5 DISKS L4.9S German. Globe. Geotime. Drawmap. Evolution. Clouds.
Formula. Airfoil. Gravity Sim. Weather. Wave Maker.
World Data Bank and more'' tThss pm k is one of our best sellers and is incredible value fee money) 283 494 BUSINESS BfOI Bonin A-iceUem home bonking package) IP) B303 Flrxsbate KiaadDBase muhfarrn designer) IP) BfiM W edur,gkg A«eat Weed Pm. Essor nxtk Mai Merge) iP, B32I Armgafoi Ienglish Desk Tip Publishing) iPI ADV» vn Rt PACKS I OR 1 EACH PACK -- 5 DISKS UK B!2t too Wm is*!*Ke l, to ual H Rack I Holy G'ail CaUa FI",,. Caul? . ,««. gj ; Sprodd*, (bay u, BnllumltPl Rm*. To Eon*. »o’U.CoUau*.AJ rmrr»nln »i;j a™J«« VJ 76 IT* l*a HIOmU**m!OUnH Bi24 Q Base The perfect database for
beginners) tP B3I4 Business Card Make* iDessgu tom Own) utilities H402 Master Virus Killer r2.1 iThe best Virus Killer) 0405 ST * (64 Emulators * MrssrDOS 0413 Sid si 6 i makes tern a master cfCU) IP) 0416 Cb Tuton*! Hewn all atvwt *) IP) 042? Oemotohtt l obneitmer X*) unhurt an enr JidxP) V430 khmrm • Siwhrct Mem mdsr « ..mprnr dmguyuit ti 047 X Copy III ri reeih* cmmmmlprog SamJO") P) 047b Typing Tutor (New! Great features ) IP) 04W Wind mi Bench i2Disks superb' Wortbrmh 20, U49I PC Emulator , latest and fastest Turbo XT') Pi I no Sen C Manual V20 )4 disk set, iP) 04481, onmama (Total
Icon control iery easy ) (P) U475 Me%nuJ(ReaJ . UrUe MSTMiS disksnnpU’KPl 0415 Hard Disk Valines tWoaJer yl for HD Users) IP, 04 4 Eon Bakup • Virw AU (Good HD backup W flfpi, IP) 0410 North C VIJ12 disks the best C language iP, 04*4 Postal 2 Asks brdbant language) IP) BUSINESS PACK (PI 5 DISKS M.*5 tea Pita 22E (Word prut. 4 databases including RIM Cirri (accounts). Sf rodshcrl. MCAD (graphics) * 2 Spellcheckers DESKTOP VIDEO PACK (P) 4 DISKS ti*6 DuisUMdine collection for video pnsducrts. Includes Rolhnt Credos. SltJriho*. Video Backgrounds. Spteud Fffrtis. Pattern Generator and amrr"’
PROGRAMMERS PACK SDISKS U.*5 Forth. Modulo 2. Lisp. Logo. Pascal. North C rIJ • C Manual disk NEW! HOME MANAGEMENT PACE DISKS tPt £1*7 Calender. Mortgage. Spreadsheet. Grammar. Murate.
World Tane. Budget Chequebook Omaha* Typing Tutor. Typewriter. Grocery. List Maker. Heme Banking BEG IN NMLS PACK (P) 4 Disks ISM CU Tutorial. Quick Copy. ESA Uhktses. Disk Master y3.0 ( IJPART PACKS 1.2 OR J EACH PACK = 5 IHSKS £05 3 Afferent pakstfS Juki, all full of the vert best cbpan foe TiParm etc tPl FONTS PACK L2«* 3 EACH PACK = S DISKS 14*5 J different packs of 3 disks, pack I iimlains. Publisher lonts. Earums fonts, fonts disk 2.Cosm.tpohtanfemts. large Jonts I loads of great fonts foe Dpamt etc.) IP) GAMES - t*=lMEG G602 MegabaU t Wonderful Arkrncnd game) (P) G66I English Monopoly
(Perfectfoe Chnumai) (P) G677 Anugoids iThe best Asteroids Game) (P) G6S6 Insiders Club tStockmarirt simulation ¦ get rich quick!) (P) G693 Cuhmlous tSuperb ruUks cube pmizle, (P G6B7 Napoleonic Warfare Simulator (P, A508 Return To Earth tlmprrsare Space Trading GameUP) G625 Dnp' C) (You must get this classic game!) (P) G624 Blu-Mnl (•) (PD's best shoot cm up, (P) G6B9 Pom Pom Gunner (*) fFjcellem arcade game, IP) CHILDRENS C70I Learn * Plgy (2 disks super education for 4-IOyetHP, C702 Trum Set (Biuld a track, set 2 trains going) tP) C703 Talking Colouring Book tP) C704 Simon Says Space Maths
(P) C705 Treasure Island X marks the spot ¦ with speech!)
C706 Snakes * Ladder i (Classic board game fun, C707 Pair It (•) tMauh the cards grealfun') (P, C708 Crotjirr t •) (Hcctu anode game) (P) C?09 Piue Kingdom (2 disks - save the pixies) (P) C7I0 Sumhler FumNer (Hiding block puzzle) P C7II Wacko m Wonderland (No better game madabU) (Pi a 12 Cmom Pod (New coicmnng book fee wungOen, (Pi GRAPHICS GR8IS Specirapatnt (The best paint package) (P) GRB07 Graphics Unhriet Disk (Loads of useful programs) (P) GRS26 Anglia Dtgtfoms (Vie Dpamt III and i oUrmtest program) (P) GRS2V Mandamm 'Mate mcnmg fractal backgrounds, (P) GR8I2 Image Lab (Alter any
picture in loads of uaysuP) Ml SIC M90I Med •30 (Best Muuc Package - PD ee otherwise, IP) M902 Sound Tracker Pro tBrilliant comiplalum disk, M903 14 Sample Ash tAppnu 100 samples on each dak) (P) M920 Future Composer (Create muac using the Amiga Chip) DEMOS DI40 Neptune Pies (2 Disks - SpeU binding space images) (P) DI4I No Reality (Eye-popping new demo) DU6 Puggs In Spat e (Brilliant 10 minute cartoon) DI2S Pussy Innership (Demo. Music * Game ’) DI07 Crvptoburners II DI2I FtUrt The Fish PUBLIC ANGLIA PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY IdepiAfi. RSRanolaghRoad fe!i slowe SuiWc IP" THU TELE O "EL CREDIT
Simply phone your order through or send a cheque postal order Please add f)()p to cover post and packing m AMIGA REPAIRS JUST £44.95 inc.
* Commodore registered
* Over 10 years experience with Commodore computers ? 20
qualified technician engineers at your disposal
* We will undertake to repair your Amiga 500 computer for just
£44.95 including pans, labour. VAT and post & packing ? Most
computers should be repaired within 24 hours of booking in.
? Prices include full service check, overhaul, soak-test and replacement of power supply unit if necessary
* Repairs to keyboard and disk drive also included (£25 extra if
these units are unrepairable and require complete replacements)
? All repairs covered by a 90 day warranty Upgrade your Amiga
from 512K to 1Mb of memory for just £25.00 SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE
OFFER: If you submit your computer to ourselves for repair,
enclosing this advert along with just an additional £25, we
will supply and fit a 512K memory expansion at no extra cost.
How to take advantage o, Ihis exceptional offer: simply send or hand deliver your machine to the workshop address detailed right, enclosing payment and lliis advert and we will do llie resl. Ilf possible please include a daytime telephone number and fault description!.
* If you require 24 hour courier lo your door, please add £5 else
your computer will he sent hack by contract parcel fiosl.
WTS ELECTRONICS LTD STUDIO MASTER HOUSE CHAUL END I.ANE LUTON, BEDS, I.U4 8EZ Telephone (0582) 491949 - (4 lines) WTS reserve ihc nghi lo refuse machines lhai in our opinion arc tampered with, lo an extent hevond reasonable repair COMMODORE 1084S STEREO MONITOR Including FREE lead : ONLY £219.00 ______________i , , J PHILIPS 8833 MK U i STEREO MONITOR Including Free Lead ONLY £219.00 KCS POWERBOARD PC Emulator For Amiga A500 C W MSDOS , ONLY £195.00 _ ""at ONCE AMIGA PC 286 AT EMULATOR FOR THE A500 ONLY £159.00 Open Monday to Saturday 9am -6pm Callers and Mail Order welcome Easy parking co
CDTV now in stock only £459.00 HARD DRIVES GVP SERIES n A500 52Mb Quantum Space for 8Mb RAM £379.00 GVP SERIES II A500 105Mb Quantum Space for 8Mb RAM £519.00 SUPRA 500XP 52Mb Quantum Space for 8Mb RAM with 1Mb free £369.00 SUPRA 500XP 105Mb Quantum Space for 8Mb RAM with 1Mb free £499.00 GVP SERIES n 1500 2000 52Mb Quantum Space for 8Mb RAM £289.00 GVP SERIES D 1500 2000 105Mb Quantum Space for 8Mb RAM £419.00 AMIGA A500 MAX PACK
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Basic, Workbench. Tutorial. Joystick, Disk Box. 10 .
I Blank Disks, Dust Cover. Dpaint H PLUS 13 GREAT GAMES Lemimngs, Simpsons. Captain I I Planet, Star Wars, Toobm. Barbarian U. Licence to Kill - James Bond Game. Running Man - With I ! Schwarzenegger. APB. Xybots. Dragon Spirit. Hard Dnvm. Voyager, 1 Meg ol Ram ONLY £399.00 Now includes NEW A500 PLUS_ _ J Please phone for other Amiga Packs Amiga A500, Mouse, Modulator. Manuals. Basic. Workbench, Tutorial, Joystick, Disk Box, 10 Blank Disks. Dust Cover, Dpaint B, PLUS 10 GREAT GAMES Star Wars. Toobin.
Barbarian n, Licence to Kill - James Bond Game, Running Man - With Schwarzenegger, APB, Xybots, Dragon Spirit, Hard Drivin, Voyager ONLY £389.00 NOW INCLUDES NEW A500 PLUS Please phone for other Amiga Packs SOFTWARE AND DISKS
PIXEL 3D V2 £79.00 AMOS +
V3.1 ...£75.00 TV
V4 ......£87.00 TITLE
PAGE ..£109.00 LATTICE C
V5.1 ...£149.00 GOLD DISK
OFFICE ......£99.00 PAGESETTER V2,
3D ...£109.00 PAGESTREAM. New Version 2.1
£125.00 DRAW 4D PRO ......£139.00
TOOLS ...£55.00 TV TEXT
Multi-format file
transfer .....£19.00
DigiView .£199.00 PEN
PAL, Excellent Word Processor (1
Meg) ......£49.00
IMAGINE 3D Animation & Rendering
software ......£139.00
ALL IN ONE, An package. Word Pro * Music
package ..£49.00 VIDEO EASE,
Video wipes, titling
package .£35.00
Animation .£25.00
package .£55.00
4 .£59.00
Meg) .....£67.00
PROFESSIONAL PAGE 2.1 (new) with
video ....£129.00
I________________________________I i I COMMODORE A590 20MB Hard
Disk, Unpopulated . | COMMODORE A690 20mb Hard
Disk - 2m RAM ... ¦ FRAME GRABBER PAL, Real
Time colour from video ! REND ALE 8802
Genlock, A500 B2000 .
I AUDIO ENGINEER PLUS 2 Sampling hardware software .... I
SOPHUS S5 Professional Stereo
Sampler ... | AOC Multisync
Monitor ......
¦ AMIGA compatible external disk drive, switch plus thru
pon.... I Sound
Master .....
IICD Flicker
..£279.00 £335.00 ....£480.00 .£185.00 .£174.00 £49.00
..£349.00 £57.50 .
£105 00 I .£229.00 I £19.50 | .. £249.00j PRINTERS i PHONE FOR LOW PRICES ON PRINTERS e.g. I
• STAR LC-24 200 COLOUR inc.
lead £269.00
lead ..£195.00
Lead .....£275.00
I I STAR Laser Printer
4 £719.00
I I---------------------------------1 AMIGA MEMORY SUPRA RX500
for A500 inc
1Mb ..£99.00
SUPRA RX500 for A500 inc
2Mb £125.00
SUPRA RX500 for A500 inc
4Mb £225.00
SUPRA RX500 for A500 inc
8Mb £309.00
B2000 1500 Microbotics 8M Ram Board + 2 Mb
RAM ...£155.00 Extra 2 Mb Ram for above
board ..£75.00
LA500 TARGET 512K Ram, With Clock +
Switch .£29.00 j AMIGA A1500 i -
i I The A1500 inc. Philips 8833 or CBM 1084S monitor, Twin
Drive. Dpaint3, | I The Works Plat . Home Accounts, 3 Games +
Joystick ONLY £845.00 I I AMIGA A500 part exchange available -
please phone I I________________________________I SUPRA BAUD
(speeds up to 4800) .£139.00 I Supra
2400 Plus, MNP5 & V42 Bis (speeds up to
9600) ..£165.00 ¦ Supra 9600 Modem (speeds up
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Microbotics Accelerator VXL30-25MHZ
£239.00 | I Microbotics
Accelerator VXL30-40MHZ .£369.00
¦ 68881 Floating Point Co-processor for
above ......£135.00 I ICD Adspeed
14.7MHz .£157.00
I Internal 1500 2000 Plus (speeds up to
9600) .£159.00 j All prices
Include VAT + Courier Service 16 BIT CENTRE Units 15-17,
Lancashire Fittings Science Village Claro Road, Harrogate Hgl
4AF Tel (0423) 531822 526322 HOW TO ORDER: Either call our
number below with your credit card details, or send a cheque PO
or credit card number and expiry date to our address. Make
cheques payable to THE 16 BIT CENTRE Price* subject to change
without notification.
EXTENDED WARRANTY AND MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS AVAILABLE ON ALL ITEMS. PLEASE CALL FOR FURTHER DETAILS Access VIETNAM CONFLICT PD SOFT, DISK 202 1 Come on. Jou didn't expect us to go for an issue without an Eric Schwartz animation did you? Following the All Anility aniui featured Iasi month, this one is yet another in the long running (and highly acclaimed) Ar’"itiiin series, featuring a cheeky little plane giv ing a hit of sauce lo a large bomber. Bravery isn't too much lo the fore in his personality though, as the closing scenes of the demo show I The animation is well up to Eric's high
standard, hut it has to he said that this is one of his shortest works' Fans of his earlier stuff should still add it to their collection though.
LATERNA MAGIC A 1 7 BIT, DISK 1 445 Classic Demos New PD demos are always being released, but there are very few that can be termed as classics. Here is a quick round up of 20 of the best demos featured in Amiga Format.. 1 . ANTI-LEMMIN' DEMO The king ol PD animations. Eric Schwartz, surpassed himself with this one. The cartoon master applied his sense of humour to Psygnosis' phenomenally successful little characters to come up with one of the most entertaining demos ever.
2. REBELS COMA This was actually featured on a few compilations
disks, but stood out way above the others. COMA is a serious
slice of acid music, with a series of incredibly wild images
to back the tune. The music and visuals wouldn't look out of
place on the Chari Show - they're that impressive!
3. LANDING Tobias Richter has long been acclaimed for his Star
Trek animations, but Landing is without doubt his most
ambitious effort yet. The pictures are superb, looking more
like models moving around the screen than computer graphics.
4. THE DATING GAME A second entry into the hall of fame for Eric
Schwartz with his Dating Game animation. The style and humour
are the same as his previous releases, but the attention to
detail makes this one of his best.
5. CLASSY ANIMATIONS Starting with a disk called Weird Little
Anims, Steve Pack created a whole series of animation disks in
a simple style which worked extremely well. The subject matter
varied, but all the clips had a cute quality which quickly
earned him a reputation. This was the series that brought the
character Chuck to fame!
A. NEMESIS Although this was a comic on a disk, it wasn't what
most people expected. Instead of being based on the 2000 AD
character, Nemesis was a totally original story with some very
impressive artwork. Unfortunately, only the first issue
appeared. A shame, since the whole story would have been
4- Slideshows seem to he getting rather thin on the ground these days, hut this one makes up for the lack of them in recent months The pictures have all been carefully drawn, covering such wide-ranging subjects as helicopters, weaponry and mystical lands. The M-Maybe' picture is a stroke ot genius, consisting of a Game Boy running a version of Di im I'mni lit could happen!), and a picture on the l.C'D being a Hoy Lichtenstein creation. Along with the pretty pictures, there is a swirling, ethereal soundtrack to give the whole thing an art gallery' feel MUTTLEY ON THE BOUNTY 1 7 BTT, DISK 1461
STUNT ANIMATIONS 1 7 Bn, DISK 1 ZKS3 Dave Henderson has released a couple of digitised animations into the Public Domain, but these latest disks are one of his most impressive to date. The Stunt Animations disk is a combination ol three cartoons, featuring a car and a bus performing jumps and an old car rolling dramatically across the arena. Mnlllcy on tlic Himniy is taken from a Daslttrillv wul Mullley cartoon (surprisingly enough), with some very silly seafaring antics to behold.
7. PINK FLOYD'S THE WALL - o o Coming on six disks, this is one
of the most ambitious demos ever to appear. The demo was split
into sections, each covering a different theme found on the
album The Wall. The quality of the sections varied, but the
overall scope of the piece was very impressive.
8. MARS FLIGHT Originally appearing on the scene through Senlac
Software, this is one of the slickest space anims to be
released. The scene is a colony on Mars, with a transport ship
swooping in for a landing. The style is very atmospheric, with
plenty of dark colours to portray the action. Very moody!
9. URANUS MUSIC As a whole, this disk isn't that impressive, with
some of the tunes featured being pretty ordinary. The disk is
definitely worth getting though, due to the best version of
Kraftwerk's Muslque Non Stop heard anywhere - including on
record. Don’t miss this, electro fans.
M Wmv
* 3 Software Expressions Introducing some of the best public
domain & shareware disks available for the Amiga today. Go
on...express yourself!
D049 D058 D060
D062 D223 D063 D067.
D069 G001 .
G004 G005.
G008 G010.
Gott G013.
G014 U001 U003 U005 U006 U012.. U014.. U016 .
U017 .
U101.. U020 .
U024.. U098.
U033 U035.
U104 U042 U043 U045 U049 U050 U106.
U102 U052 U099 U0S3 U105.
U108 U06I.
U062 U073.
U083 U103 U084 U089 Util.
U077 U090 U107.
U091 U093 U097 U114 U040.
U115 U113 D075 D078 D222.
D099 D210.
D103 D114 D117.
D126 D