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What it means is that they are continuing to trade with protection of the courts while they try sort out their financial affairs and problems. PossOy by linking with another company who can bnng much needed investment to their depleted vaults. It is worth noting that many companies recover trom such situations - Commodore's previous on-site repair company, Wang, for instance. And throughout the process Wang continued to operate in the UK! Thirdly, negotiations are proceeding with a potential investor David Pleasance told CU AMIGA that there Is an organisation very interested, lhat an announcement would be made, hopefully, in the next tew weeks, and if it went ahead this buyer would be keeping Ihe Amiga on sale and supported In Europe. One ol the reasons they have sought the protection ot the courts is to allow these, ‘active discussions regarding investment and re-organisation' to be sorted out. Mr Pleasance also told CU AMIGA that as far as he was concerned Commodore UK would continue as normal with all models of Amigas continuing to be sold and fully supported It is also believed lhat Germany. Scandinavia, Italy and Canada would also all continue CU AMIGA spoke to many of the UK and the world's largest Amiga developers. Dealers and distributors and they all remained very positive about the future. SDL, the UK's largest supplier of Amigas to dealers, said, ‘We believe there is a bright future for the Amiga, no matter what, and will continue to support it and independent Amiga dealers.' In short, while Commodore parent's company are having problems at present. The future is still bright and the Amiga in whatever form is likely to continue being sold and supported

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Document sans nom AMIGA
SO REAL 51991 WO 94 ISL. Cl992 WC 94 ISL 51994 US. Gold LTD. Al rights res*rod Ofteial licensee U S GoW IKJI. Units 2 i Hottord Way. Hollord. Birmingham B6 7AX. Tel: 021 625 3366 U.S. Gold it a registered traflemar* o' U S Gold Ltd SEGA' MEGA ORIVE' MEGA-CD MASTER SYSTEM and GAME GEAR are trademarks 0* SEGA Enterprises Lid.. ©1994 SEGA Eraerpnses Lid NmendO'5 Supet Nintendo Erteitanmenl System"*. GAME BOY'**, and me Nintendo Prodixt Seals arc trademarks o' Nintendo
• e ilkistralrve t gamepay and nc* the screen graphics *4iiPi
WorldCup JS 34 WorldCup SAM" n i Official licensed Product
Cu$ tom|SAT,on. More frames of animation and more playability
than any game ever, plus a few unique guaranteed to keep your
opponents guessing.
What we're talking about is a football game that gives you the feel, guts, smart thinking and downright inspired moves of real World Class Football.
So if you want to play real football, put your brain in gear I and get U.S. Gold’s World Cup USA '94.
...of a missed penalty in a SHOOT OUT that could take you to the World Cup final.
That's the reality of World Cup USA '94 from U.S. Gold.
Serious game play and the only one serious enough to carry the official license.
Y 0 u get more options, more ...this &rs.
It’s out on June 3rd and it’s the only one worth waiting for WorldCupUSAM Up M C'1«1 WC94 ISI The amazing Viper 030 board is a feature packed accelerator card which out classes the equivalent competitors 030 boards at a fraction of the cost.
The Viper will give an amazing 440% overall speed improvement over your Amiga 1200, making it even faster than an Amiga 4000 030! Some operations have speed increases in exces of fifteen Some floating point operations are an incredible sixty seven time quicker, faster than an Amiga 4000 040!
Viper Features
• Full 030 with MMU tunning at 28Mb
• FPU running up to 50Mb
• Industry standard 72 pin SIMMS
• RAM, upgradable to 128MB using 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32,64 or 128MB
• On-board battery backed dock
• Optional SCSI-11 adaptor » Full kickstart remapping (FASTROM
• 68882 maths co-processor (28MHz)
• Faster than an Amiga 4000 030
• Supports instruction ? Data bum mode 50% cheaper than the
competition Viper Standard (no FPU) .£159 Viper
2MB (no FPU) ..£239 Viper 4MB (no
FPU) ..£309 Viper 8MB (no
FPU) ..£479 20MHz
FPU ..£25 33MHz
FPU ..£60 40MHz
FPU ..£80 PC 1202-8 is an A1200
accelerator memory board.
PC 1202-8 Bare ......£79.95 PC1202-8 68882 20MHz ..£99.95 PC 1202-8 2MB (no FPU)......£159.95 PC1202-8 4MB (no FPU)......£239.95 Please enquire for software prices.
Good* art wld mhjttt to our nandard it dart auallMt on rtquttt. Sptnficatiom andpnttt art mbjttt to than ft without moOtt. And all rradtmarh art acknoultdgrd. All Power Computing Udptodtutt comt with a bat k w bow 12 montb Increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 2MB. MegaChip doe this by using its own 1MB of RAM and drawidg extra memory from any other RAM you have installed in your Amiga. No soldering is required.
MegaChip RAM.. £159 This Macintosh emulation board boasts to many feature to list all of them, for further details please contact Power. Some of the feature include full colour support, stereo sound, hard drive support, Mac 800K and Mac IBM l.44MB support, Appletalk, SCSI device, printers, scanners and CD-ROM etc. Basic ...£299.95 Basic ? Appletalk £349.95 Basic + SCSI Interface .....£349.95 Basic * Appletalk SCSI Interface £399.95 SCSI-2 adaptor ...£79 Up to 128MB of RAM on your Amiga 3000 400 using 4,8,16
and 32MB Simm modules.
This is a true Zorro 111 32-bit memory board.
DKB 3128 0MB RAM £279 SCSI-2 board for the Amiga 2000 including memory expansion capabilities of up to 8MB.
Octogcn SCSI-2.. The DKB 4091 (licensed by Commodore) SCSI Host Adaptor is a high performance board that connects up to seven SCSI device to your Amiga. The DKB 4091 feature: Full Zorro III implementation, fast SCSI-2 implementation, SCSI internal connector and ribbon cable, high density SCSI-2 external connector, direct memory access (DMA) and hardware to install a 3.5’ hard drive on the board.
£299 Use a VCR as a backup storage device. Two hundred Amiga floppy disks fit on to a 4Hr tape which can be used for an alternative hard disk backup system. What's more you can now watch television on your 1084s monitor. A Scart or Phono version is available.
Video Backup Scan £65 Video Backup Phono .....£60 For 1500 2000 3000 4000 ' Supports Mitsuma LU005 CD-ROM & FX001D double speed CD-ROM drives 1 Supports Syquest 3.5’drives 1 Supports IDE hard drives 1 Play audio CD utility Requires KickStan 2.04 and above Includes cables, software and manual Tandem CD-DE card ....£69 Tandem CD-DE & Double Speed CD .£ 2 29 All maths co-processors indude crystals.
20MHz £25 33MHz £60 40MHz £80 50MHz (PGA) ....£154 Produce 256 greyscale images (on a Agr machine), scan in 64 greyscales (non AGA Ami§ can only display 16), add colour to grcyscal images, special effects, new support for I8-bi scanner, add text to scans, available with mono c colour scanner. A1200 600 version available soon PowerScan 4 (Mono) ..£11S PowerScan 4 (Colour) .£23$ PowerScan 4 inc.
OCR ...£13S PowerScan 4 upgrade interface ...£5( PowerScan 4 upgrade software ....£2C OCR Full version ...£4S The GT-6500 and GT-8000 24-bit colon flatbed scanners from Epson scan up to A4 in si: with output resolutions of up to 1200DP1 on GT-6500 and 1600DPI on the GT-8000 in l million colours, greyscale or line an. The scanner include either PowerScan or Image FX scannin software.
Epson GT-6500 PowerScan ....£59$ Epson GT-6500 Image FX .....£68$ Epson GT-8000 PowerScan ....£84$ Epson GT-8000 Image FX .....£92$ Document Feeder £39$
• Can add 50% to your hard drive capacity at a strci
• Fast compression and decompression
• Flexible and expandable as new compressioi libraries are
• Works with all drives, including SCSI, ID Floppies, and even
the RAM disk
• Reliable in tests - no data corruption
• Once installed the program is transparent to the
• Works on any Amiga and any KickStart ROM
Share ...£19.93 ROM Share including
v2.04 ......£5C ROM Share including vl.3 .£3
ROM Share A600 ..£2$ ROM Share A600
vl.3 ..£5 POWER COMPUTING LTD 4 4 a b Sianlc
S ( r c e i Bedford M K 4 I ’’R'X' 3 000 Fax 02 3 4 33220“ n a
AGA iA Amiga greyscale w 18-bit I i mono oi able soon.
* u a stroke | ipression SI. IDE. I you can produce stunning,
high quality Features Power Amitek
• utpwt on paper, transparency film or even Anti-dick • • T-Shin
transfer from your Amiga. The Primera aim printer, recent
recipient of countless awards Anti-virus • • ¦ at DM-PC and
Macintosh markets is also the • pcffoa companion to any Amiga.
Primeri uses Sony mechanism • • w thermal transfer technology,
a technology Isolation switch • • maaUv associated with much
higher priced pmB Some of the features include, software
Thru’port • • Cm Amiga. PC and Macintosh, optional Upgradable
to 1.76MB • Cydone compatible chip • mi mu ribbon cartridges
available for text Built-in lockup hardware • P ««fy
printer ....£649 Amiga Format Gold •
X-Backup Pro(H*id»«rtoi(ndb»ui)£29.95 Order Form ..PwKmk.. £35
9. 95 £50 £39 £29 £55 I Fax 6c Data modem i up to 57,600 bps Fol
Haynes AT command set supported S pomdms 1, 2 and 3 fax
commands Cafl back security Optional power on auto-dial
Swppocts error correction . Detection Lcacd line support
Supplied with Amiga and PC software for Al cables 6l Power
supply included Cafcaa v J2 bis ,V .£169
Cakom *.32 bis inc. TrapFax .£199 refill kit
(100prints)..£250 refill kit (25 prints) £79.95 ribbon (80
prints) £38.95 ribbon (115 prinui £38.95 ribbon
(400prints).£31.95 i paper (A4 200 sheets) £18
transfer paper (A4I0ihcrol..£1 7.95 i & Studio DS software
£899 rkwaie n a Due 24-bit printer driver) The XL Drive can be
used with any Amiga Computer, and allows you to store a
1. 76MB on a high density floppy diskette. The drive can also act
as a standard 880K drive and can read and write disks written
on an A4000 internal high density drive. XL Drive requires
Kidutan 2 or above.
XL Drive external ...£89.95 XL Drive internal ulAnup.1 £79.95 XL Drive internal A4000 ...£89.95 The new Power Drive is the n disk drive of its kind on the market.
The drive includes a strong aluminium casing, an ano-didt device, virus blocker. Cydone compatible chip and the latest built-in backup hardware which allows X-Copy to copy and verify.
Power Drive ...£60 Cydooe & Blin Software ..£15 Power Drive 1.76MB Upgrade..£49.95 We use the same drive mechanisms as Commodore so that you get the kind of reassurance at a cheaper price than other internal drives on the market.
PC88I A500 Internal drive.. £40 PC882 A2000 Internal drive £40 We can supply SCSI or IDE 3.5' 2.5‘ hard drives in many different sites.
Induding cables and installation software.
80MB IDE 2.5’ Internal..... £160 130MB IDE 15’Internal... £229 170MB IDE 2.5'Internal.. £270 260MB IDE 2.5" Internal... £359 52QMB SCSI IDE ...... £169 80MB SCSI IDE . £179 160MB SCSI IDE ....£249 200MB SCSI IDE ....£349 PC880E Economy Drive £49.95
* r . This drive is a high quality external floppy
drive at a fraction of the price. As with all of our drives the
PC880E has a thru'port, disabling switch, anti-click and a 12
Name Address Telephone No.
System Owned Description I enclose a cheque PO for £ Credit Card No.
Expiry Date SYQUEST DRIVES r, ..£499
3. 5’ IDE External ..... £379
3. 5" 105MB Canridee .. £79 3-5" SCSI version
available £POA 128MB Optical Internal ...... £699 128MB
Optical External ...... £779 128MB Optical
Disk £35 SCSI Controller
A2000_______________ £129 Our Dual Drive it packed with the
many features of the PC880B whihl having two dims using only
one pott.
Dual Drive £123 Products shown with this distinctive emblem have been tested and approved by Commodore ensuring the quality and complete compatibility with Commodore computers.
Power Drive XL Drive Internal External Power Scanner 4 PC880E Viper 68030 Turbo Delivety next day £5.00 2-3 days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 deliveries are subject to stock availability.
Please make cheques payable to Power Computing Ltd » A*w «r nU* mn6ofp«ktu.„*m.ntj.E&Ol.AU mckJ, VAT1994 AMIGA OFF THE CUFF «¦ EDITORIAL
• Okay, so some of you may have heard recent rumours ol
Commodore's imminent demise. Well, don't worry.
The current I position is fully I explained on
* page 17, and David Pleasance gives his own version of events in
Commodore Writes on page 23.
Let me give you a worst case scenario though: Commodore UK go bust. Their warehouses all over the world are sucked into another dimension and prospective purchasers of their technology (some of the largest corporations in the world) suddenly have a cash llow crisis and can't afford to rescue them. In the short term, the only people likely to be directly alfected would be Chelsea Football club.
I’m not joking. The Amiga is a world computer. Upwards of three million have been sold in the last eight years and the peripherals, support and software industry that has been built around it is worth millions of pounds every year - this is not all going to fizzle out over night. You’ll still be able buy advanced software, you'll still get the best games, you'll still be able to have your Amiga repaired and you'll still have CU AMIGA. Don't panic, your investment is safe for the moment.
Alan Dykes Editor 100 RAGESTREAM 3 The powerful DTP system is nearing release version 3.0, We take a sneak peek.
104 IMAGE FX 1.5 Now that Art Department Protessional has upped the image process ing stakes, can Image FX keep up?
108 HANNA BARBERA ANIMATION STUDIO Cartoon animation made easy.
111 FMV CD32 COMPETITION We've got three FMV-equipped CD32s up tor grabs!
112 GP FAX Turn your Amiga into a tax machine.
115 A1200 RAM BOARD COMPARISON The AmiTek Hawk and Blizzard 1220 02 boards go head-to-head.
118 MICROVITEC 1438 MONITOR Fuzzy images? Blurred vision? Too many bits wobbling around?
You’re getting old - either that or you need a new monitor.
119 SHARP DV-3750H TV Use a TV instead of a monitor and watch Home and Away too!
122 PROGRAMMING GUIDE CU AMIGA'S guide to programming tools, and all you need to get started.
OET SERIOUS PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS PRODUCTIVITY REVIEW PRODUCTIVITY REVIEW We’ve got the lot this month when it comes to serious software and hardware reviews. There’s an exclusive behind-the- scenes look at the new Pageslream update, reviews ot Power Computing s new low-cost hand scanner and the clever GP Fax system, along with tests on the new Microvitec monitor, Hanna Barbara Animation Studio and stacks morel 98 POWERSCAN PROFESSIONAL We take a 400 DPI-look at Power Computing's latest ottering.
99 DISTANT SUNS 5.0 A planetarium in your Amiga - that's what's on the menu in Distant Suns 5.0. 99 DIR WORKS 2 It works, and it's tar trom dire! Dir Works 2 could be the answer to your SHELL nightmares.
99 AMIGA ASSEMBLER INSIDER GUIDE Read up on what’s what with everyone's tavourite programming language assembler.
24 ACID VS PROFESSIONAL VIDEO All over the world the Amiga’s abilities are being used tor much more than just gaming and word processing. Its advanced graphics and video capabilities are utilised by TV production companies, movie makers, museum interactive displays and even the London Underground (though not on the Northern Line we hear, it’s so slow it’s still using ZX81s|. Andy Leaning scoured the USA lor cartoons and movies, hung around underground stations taking down train numbers, and watched days ot television and video to bring you the latest on the best professional Amiga users
around. And Tony Horgan? He just partied around the country. From Land’s End to John O’ Groats, CU AMIGA’S very own VJ has pumped his jam and strutted his tunky stutf to find out who’s who in the underground video production scene. Plus: A buyers' guide to practically every graphics, art, and video package and peripheral you’ll need.
CONTENTS CU AMIGA 5m is f the- rer Robot Building In Beneath a Steel Sky.
Mr Nuts. Not our favourite game.
o roughly on* CtJiru GAMES EDITOR Tcny lonely chJtf Ntan
EDITOR Tcny Ban sample' Hagan ART EDITOR toonno Bye, by*
CONSULTANT (din Kennedy CONTRIBUTORS Andy Mechel. Vampyra, Sw,.
Keen. Mol fctxghton DESK COMPILER Kerry G»n-v ADVERTISEMENT
Nigel Ttytar I Koren Weiome & Fiono Moltach PUBLISHING DIRECTOR
M*e Frey CU Amiga Priory Court, 3032 Fomngdon lone, London Ecie
3AU Tel 07I 972 6700 Fa. 071 972
6701. DtWllxAon BBC Fionfcw Ud, Pork House Pck Pood. Pmerbaough
PE I 2TR. Id 0733 55! I6l Sctaaipions a-d «nqutnw Tew*
PuWlshrg. Lower House. ScwWgn Pori. LolhkE Si, Mo'k* Harbor
ought, leies IE 16 9EF Tel 0858 468 888 Annud Suaoipson
Poibs (r postage) (or 12 Bsees: UK A BFPO £47.50. Oserseos
sudtxe moJ. CCO OO. Ainroil Europe & Ere
266. CO, Airrrol Zone I & 2 £96.50 Sierra are trying their hands
at a Sensible beater, and they might have cracked it. Try a
match lor yourself. PLUS: Loads more ol Tony Horgan's sample
collection plus an exclusive look at the number one song lor
Christmas (well, not quite).
you we had the greatest review section in the world, we
wouldn't be lying. Where else can you “umb through the pages
and find everything you could want to read about, from the
brilliant James Pond 3 to the not so brilliant Mr. Nuts from
Ocean. We even review Monopoly1.
52 FIRST IMPRESSIONS 73 SYNERGY Puzzle games are a bit of a rarity on the Amiga al the moment.
Imagine our surprise when two turned up at once!
75 MR. NUTS Ocean Software have developed a console-like platform game with a cute and cuddly character. But is it any good?
78 ARCADE POOL Cha«i your pool cue and get ready to play with Arcade Pool.
81 MONOPOLY Invite some friends round, crack open the wine and start buying properly Or you could get Supervision's Monopoly.
82 SIERRA SOCCER Even more football craziness, and yet another good one. Again, if you don’t believe us, check the coverdisk.
84 BENEATH A STEEL SKY SOLUTION Part one of our two-part game solution will show you everything from how to blow up lifts to stealing drinks in clubs.
18 NEWS More exclusives! Frontier 2- The First Encounter announced! CD32 price drop! Plus an in-depth look at the Spring 1994 ECTS.
39 CD32 ZONE CD32 titles galore this month, with games such as Gunship 2000 and The Chaos Engine making the move to CD.
130 PD SCENE What’s the noise? That's not noise, that's Tony Horgan's PD scene 134 PD UTILITIES Thrills and spills aplenty in this month's three-page extravaganza.
142 ART GALLERY Lisa's had a bad day, so make sure your pictures are good.
Another chance to take an early look at some ot the hot new games coming your way, including Elfmania and Ruff n Tumble.
54 SIMON THE SORCERER 2 Can a month go by without us mentioning it? I don’t think so. Join us as we take an exclusive look at Adventuresoft’s sequel.
56 ISHAR 3 Silmarils are about to release their latest in a never ending line of enormous RPGs. Steve Keen gets in the mood.
59 VALHALLA You may not have heard much about it, but Valhalla could be the success story of the year. We take an early look.
61 WORLD CUP USA ’94 US Gold have got the official licence, and they’re very pleased about it. Join us on our American tour.
64 JAMES POND 3 That lovable tish finally reappears on the Amiga, and CU AMIGA were waiting with their fishing rod fo see what they could catch.
69 TACTICAL MANAGER Yet another football management game? Ah, but this is a bloomin’ good one. Check the coverdisk if you don’t believe us.
EEGIELAMES* COVERDISK 83 You’ve always wanted to make blinding music and graphics demos. Now you can with Video Tracker! Perfectly synchronised demos and videos are just a few mouse-clicks away with this fully operational demo-making package, and video users can go one better with the genlock option. Sorted!
AMIGA VIDEOTRACKER VIDEO THICKER Weve got three versions of Video Tracker on coverdisk 83 this month.
The first is written to work specifically on 1.3 Amigas, the second is enhanced for Kickstart versions 2.04 and higher, and the third caters for A1200 and A4000 owners with improved AGA features. See page 15 for instructions on loading the right version for your Amiga.
LOADING THE DEMO There's a demo included on the disk to give you some idea of what Video Tracker can do. Select LOAD VIDEO, and you'll be shown a file requester with two demos. It you’ve got a 1 Mb Amiga, select House (512K). If you have any more RAM, you can load the other demo (House) which is a little larger than the first.
Once it has loaded, select PLAY to view it. Clicking the left mouse button brings you back to the control panel.
Good question. Video Tracker lets you create your own top-notch demos and videos without any programming knowledge whatsoever!
The basic theory is that you load in an OctaMED or Protracker It'ideq to load, House House(512k) Video __ Disks | Parent | Cancel Soundtracker music module, and then build your audio-visual extravaganza around the soundtrack, assigning various effects, pictures and animations to the samples in the song, resulting in a perfectly synchronised flow of sound and vision. For the more adventurous video user, there’s a genlock option too, so you can mix your sound and Amiga graphics with any other video source.
Pretty smart, we think you'll agree.
GENERAL OPERATION Although they look very different, the three versions of Video Tracker all work in the same way. The main differences are the layouts of the control panels. These instructions will apply to all three versions, but before we get onto them, you'll first have to get the hang of working your particular version. Look at the two pictures above. The one on top is the main control panel of the 1.3 version, and the second is the control panel of the
2. 04 and AGA versions.
1. 3 USERS The 1.3 version uses a customised interlace with no
pull-down menus.
Everything is controlled from the main panel with just the mouse. To change the values in any of the boxes, move the pointer over the number, sample name or whatever. And click the right and left mouse buttons to increase and decrease the value, or scroll through samples and effects.
Minimise the risk of losing your work this way. (It can be most annoying.)
Clicking on the boxes with the white lettering has no effect.
To load a file into Video Tracker, use one of the buttons in the panel at the bottom right of the screen. If you want to load in a picture for example, click on Ihe PICTURE button. Likewise, when you want to save a file, use the buttons beneath the SAVE box. Routine Mode can be altered just like the other parameters. But it also has * and - buttons that add or subtract in steps of
1024. This is because a routine can have up to 65,000 variations,
and you probably don'f fancy the idea of clicking the mouse
button 65,000 times do you?
To remove the control panel and reveal the whole screen, click the small box in the top-right corner of Ihe panel. Click the left button again to bring it back. The box in the top left corner quits the program. Be very careful not to click on this accidentally, as there's no "Are You Sure?" Requester - it just quits straight out, wiping your current video from memory.
NB: Save your video regularly to The core of any demo made with Video Tracker is the sound track.
This can be a standard Protracker module or an OctaMED module. Your module is made up of a series of 'song positions’. Each time you add a block to the song in Protracker or OctaMED, you create another of these song positions. For example, song position 0 would be the first block in the song and song position 1 would be the following block in the song, even if you had repeated the same block twice at the start of the song.
For each song position, you can allocate a single visual effect or a string of effects for each sample.
Song position 0 might have a bass drum and a high hat playing. You could allocate a short animation, a picture or an effect to the bass drum, and allocate something else to the high hat. When the bass drum played, your chosen effect would be shown on screen, and the graphics for the high ha! Would be shown when the high hat sample played. If both sounds played at once, and you wanted the bass drum graphics to over-ride the high hat graphics, you would give Ihe bass drum sample a higher priority than that of the high hat. The graphics that are assigned to a sample will be displayed until the
the SONG POSITION counter to zero, and the PRIORITY value to 1.
Change the First Ettect setting to zero, which should also show the name ol the first picture you loaded.
Change the Last Ettect setting to 1.
Which should show the name of the second picture you loaded. Set EFFECT LOOP to ON (a tick mark on the AGA'1200 versions). Select PLAY and you should see your two pictures jumping back and lorth from one to the other each time the sample plays.
MORE AND tion ing
• ed, J is set to ettect r 0, which is Smile.brush (the sr-wey
face graphic in the form ot an rr brush). Last Ettect is set to
e«ect number t. ColourGrid.rot. The s one ot Video Tracker's
"rou- bnes*. Which is indicated by the rot t the filename.
Routines r effects like plasma, . Picture warps and so on.
, the two effects are i simultaneously, because they 9 compatible screen modes.
The Ettect Speed setting ol 1 tells
* e program to display them both, it No other ettects are set
for ) position 1. To check, move II the samples in the sound
track. And make sure that the Priority value IS set to 0 for
all the other samples The settings tor sample number 29 can
be completely different in each block, and are not
automatically 3 forward into the following In other words, it
you move to another song position, sample number 29 w« not
necessarily be set up
o show the lace picture and the colour background.
Move to song position I and go
• trough the list of samples, keeping an eye on the Priority
value to see mhtti samples are used to trigger eases «i the
second block Sample 29 now displays a screen ot concen- nc
arcJes. And then uses the PorreMove rot routine to move it L
ITS now joined by another
• caked -beep' which goes Y a sequence ol displaying four s of
concentric circles.
I Effect lot beep' is set to Ettect ¦wrest 42, while the Last Ettect is
- cr*ar 45 Each time the beep plays, « moves one step through its
amerce Irom ettect 42 to 45. Try cAanpng the first and last
ettect set- wigs for the beep sample, then play hf adeo 10 see
the results Maes around until you've got a ease dee cd how the
thing works, ref fOu can get on with making your own demos and
videos DO IT YOURSELF Up ed* your own demo, you'll weed Mher
OctaUED. Protracker.
Or a ien*ar tracker that saves out . Video Tracker r routine lor so you don't
I) to emulate Soundtracker mod Load your music program and I a
module, preferably using d samples rather than lots of I loops
This will give you more lo cue-up graphics in e music Save
your mod- if you don't have I-Look at the mnif«sont»it» Move
to song BQHon 0. And select sample number 29 Thm ¦ an empty
sample, which wm atokidad ui the original module as a cue port
The Priority value is set to
t. wvuchm the lowest priority. A sam- 0a w» a Pnonty sadlng ol 0
wfl have Load up Video Tracker once again, and select LOAD
MODULE. Leave ttie Video Tracker disk in the drive until the
access light goes out.
Replace the Video Tracker disk with the disk containing your music module. Click on DFO: from the devices list on the right ot the file requester, and then double click on the name of your music module when it appears in the directory listing. II you're running from a single floppy dnve, you'l be asked to replace the Video Tracker disk (referred to as VT). Do as it says. A couple of disk swops later, you should arrive back at the main control panel.
Now you need to load some graphics and ettects. Click on LOAD PICTURE. When the access kght has gone out. Insert the disk containing your graphics, and dick on DFO: Irom the devices list. Select a picture tile from the directory listing by double- dicking it with the mouse.
Once you return to the control panel, move the First Ettect counter forward by one, and then select LOAD PICTURE again Load in another picture. Any ettects or graphics are always loaded into the current First Ettect slot You should now have two pictures and a soundtrack loaded. Select PLAY and listen to Ihe soundtrack.
Pick out one ot the samples that plays in the first block, and get it up in the SAMPLE selector by cyding through until its name appears in the bon. Set OCTAMED USERS There's a bag in the player routine that handles OctaMED modules It a sample stops playing, and there s nothing else playing alter it in the same channel, you get a very high pitched whine. To avoid this, put loops at the end ol all ol your samples Irom within OctaMED. You don't actually want lo loop the original sample, you just want to keep it playing to avoid the whine when playod with Video Tracker. The best thing to do is
set up a very short loop right at the end ol the sample (the last two bytes), and change the volume ol these two bytes to mo.
That way. The loop will be silent Because the samples will actually still be playing, you won't get the whine. This is a bit ol a pain, but Video Tracker is just about the only program that allows the use ol OctaMED modules as well the usual Soundtracker lormat, so don t knock itl much RAM. Keep it short, as you'll need to leave room tor the graphics.
The other halt ot the demo will be your graphics. Use Deluxe Paint or a similar art package to create a lew pictures and animations.
Use low resolution and tewer colours It you need to conserve RAM.
Save these to disk and have them handy for loading into the Video Tracker program. You should now have a music module, and some animations and pictures on disk. Now you can really start cooking.
OKING WITH &?UA Some routines or ettects need data tiles in order to work. For example, the Vector L2.rot routine is for displaying spinning vector objects, but in order for it to work, you first need to load in a vector object file.
Routines such as this will take their object tile trom the ettect slot Immediately preceding them. So, if you wanted to have a spinning vector on screen, you would load a vector otyect file into ettect slot number 10, for example, and then load in the Vector L2.rot routine into slot 11. If you happen to have the Videoscape 3D program that we gave away on the November 1992 issue of CU AMIGA now out ot print and no longer available from the back issues department), you can design your own vector objects with the ROT program that was included on the disk Settings for samples and routines
must be made for each song position. When you move to song position 1 or 2, you'll find that none ol the samples are assigned to any ettects. This is to give you greater freedom to keep the visuals changing from start to finish, but it also means So long as the sound you've just selected doesn't play continuously throughout the first block, you should new be able to assign another etted to a different sample, which should jump in between the first ettect you set up Keeping the SONG POSITION counter on zero, move to another sample that's played in the first block, and then change the First
Effect setting to 2.
Load an ettect from the Video Tracker disk, or Irom your extra Effects disk that you decompressed earlier (see Loading instructions p 15, tor details on how to make up your extra Ettects disk). Change the PRIORITY setting to 2. This tells Video Tracker to give this sample's graphics and ettects priority over the first sample.
Mm There are two ways ot saving out your videos Selecting SAVE VIDEO will save out just the data lor your video.
In other words, it saves out the sequences that you set lot all your samples and animations, but doesn't save the sounds and graphics them- selves.This has the advantage of saving disk space and loading time.
When it comes to loading Ihe video back in, you'll be asked to insert any disks containing the relevant tiles.
SAVE VIDULE will give you an executable tile, which includes all the sound and graphics data. You can then run this from a CLI or SHELL window, or make an auto- booting disk and run it Irom a startup sequence script Belore you can use the SAVE VIDULE option, you first need lo save out your video with the SAVE VIDEO option Now select SAVE VIDULE. And you'll be asked lor a video lo load. Insert the disk with your just-saved video, and select it from the directory listing. Your video will now be re loaded, and you'll then be asked to select a vidule to save. Put you data disk back into the
internal floppy drive, and click on DFO: from the devices list. Enter a filename for your vidule (don't using any spaces or punctuation marks) and press RETURN Your video will be saved out as an executable file.
For into on how to make up an autobooting disk with a startup- sequence, consult the Amiga manual that came with your computer. FURTHER HELP The documentation included on Ihe disk is very good. II there's enything that you're still unclear about, load up Workbench it you have a 1.J Amiga, and double click the document icon. Apart from general instructions, this also gives very detailed descriptions ol each ol Ihe eltects and their many variations. This version ol Video trader does not entitle the user to the support disks that come with registration ol th* disabled public domain demo version.
Im%G SOFTWARE, Ho 11 and Shot.- Empire have teamed up with leading developer Graftgold. The masters of arcade excitement to create a total NEW soccer sensation!
Speed burst Power Drive - Snap shot Banana shot Super dribble - Super barge Overhead kicks Free kicks Sliding tackles Throw-ins Back heels Special long throw Headers - Diving headers Corners Passing Sendings off One two passing Penalties Keeper drop kicks Bookings Trap the ball Substitutions Action replays with special video control mode Fully variable skill levels Novice modes - Professional modes Atmospheric crowd effects Superb graphics Leagues Training - Exhibition World cup Tournament and customised tournaments 8 player competition • 32 teams Results + full game statistics IF YOU ONLY
Hgfl COVERDISKS COVERDISK 84 After Arsenal’s superb win the other week, we’ve gone football mad in the office. This month, the super football management game Tactical Manager graces Coverdisk 84.
MCTICAL MANAGER What would you say it we said we were going to give you a complete, piay.ih e demo oi one of the best football management games around? How would you feel if we told you there were absolutely no options disabled whatsoever The only catch is that after 9 Premier Division Saturdays or 11 Division One Saturdays, the demo ended, regardless ot any number of friendlies or international challenges.
We know that you d be over the moon. That's why we've done it.
Of course, when you ve got a game of this size, you cant really give full and complete instructions, after all, the manual is around 80 pages long! So what we'll do is take you through a brief tutorial that should outline the main points of the game, and then you're on your own.
Don't worry though, if you’ve played a football management sim before, you’ll feel right at home with this one.
FOOTBALL CRAZY Look at page 15 for full instructions on how to load the game. Once the game has loaded, you'll be shown the main screen, with the Talking Birds logo in the middle, a menu bar along the top and news scrolling up the bottom of the screen, the news for a bit and you'll see just how much information there is in the game To see more, click on the 'Options' menu and select 'Brief News', which will switch to 'All The News'. Now you can sit back and watch the progress of your favourite clubs.
If you want to view any teams at this point, go to the Action' menu and choose 'Select Club'. A screen showing the badges of all the clubs in the currently selected division appears.
Single click on one, and you'll return to the main screen with that club's badge shown on it.
To change divisions, dick on the large square on the left of the screen that is showing the current division.
So you want to check out a team?
Single dick on the badge you've brought to the main screen, and a small information window will appear.
Click through the options on it to see what they do. And then choose the Select' option A squad list will appear, and as you move the mouse pointer down the list of players, see how the large list of statistics on the right of the screen change. With that knowledge ol the game, you should be able to check out your favourite players and see just how authentic the information is.
Still, enough messing around Once you've had a look through the menus and seen what everything does (to get back to the main menu Yes, we ve even managed to cram another game demo onto this disk. If you've read the review this in issue, then you’ll already know how to play this simple but extremely addictive little Columns clone.
If you don't, then here's the basic breakdown: Blocks with symbols on them appear at the top ot the screen, and you have a limited time to position them before they drop onto the see saw below. Get three in a line in any direction to remove them, and try to keep the see saw balanced, as the moment one ot the sides touches the ground, it's game over.
Don't stack the blocks any more than four high, as the see saw drops a level under the weight, and there's no way of raising it again. Skull blocks can’t be removed, so you at any point other than when matches are being played, dick with the right mouse button), it’s time to choose a team Unfortunately though, you can't |ust waltz m and play the team ol your choice.
In the full game you have to earn management points belore you can handle really big teams, so you II have to go in at the bottom end Go to the 'Action' menu and select Managers A list of the current managers will appear, with Fred at the top ol the list. Select Fred, and three menu options will appear Choose ‘Edit’ and enter your own name, and then choose Join'.
A list of all the clubs in the game will appear, and you can select any with a rating ol three ot lower. Once you've selected one, dick with the have to be very careful where you put them. In our demo, all you can do is head for the highest score. In the finished game there are all sorts of challenge levels to work through.
Have fun now!
COVERDISKS CU AMIGA COVERDISK 85 Even more fantastic soccer! Play till you drop with this brilliant football game from Sierra.
SIERRA SOCCER gel some idea ol who are Ihe players lo watch over the next lew weeks.
What you may lind, however, is that your team isn’t among them. Time to sort out your squad Click with the left mouse button on your badge, and dick on Select' lo bring up Ihe squad details, then you’re ready lo go.
To change players around in your squad, click on Ihe first player lo move, and then click on the position you want them to move to. To change a player s style (for players who can either be Midfield or Attack, denoted by M-A after their name! Click on the MID, or ATT after their name If you want to position players manually, click on the word Manual al Ihe bottom of the screen, and you'll be shown a visual layout of the team. Clicking on a shirt allows you to drag the player to their new position Once you have the set-up you are happy with, click with the right mouse button to go back to
the main menu.
That should give you enough of an insight as to how to win in this game. Play around with the transfer list to improve your learn, and in no lime at all you should see Ihe malch results improving.
The game cuts out after eleven Division One matches, and if you aren’t winning by then, all I can suggest is go back lo the start and try it with abetter team.
Good luck' FOOTBALL MAD Before you start moving your squad about let s get straight into the first malch of the season Go to the Options' menu and make sure that me fourth item from Ihe lop reads Highlights'. If il doesn't click on it a couple of times until it does. Then e*ck on the centre circle of the pitch.
" the top right corner of the screen All the matches ot the first Saturday will be played. Wait until , our team appears on screen, and your match will start. Let it run for a the while, and then hold down the eft mouse button over your team’s badge The information window for tour learn will then appear with the
m. rd and fourth lines reading Normal strategy' and Normal play-
ng'. Now you can change the way your learn plays.
Click with the left mouse button on each line to cycle through the codons. And watch the difference it makes to your game. Choose Physical' from the fourth line, and watch how many of your players get booked! See if you can win your first match by finding Ihe right strategy and then return to the main menu after the game.
Take a look at the various tables and information under Ihe Tables’ menu, and you will already begin to What if football management games aren't your thing? Not to worry, CU AMIGA wouldn't want you to feel left out. Just for you we've added a third disk to this month’s issue, complete with a full, playable match between England and the Republic of Ireland in Sierra Soccer -the game so good you'll wonder why they ever spent so much time on adventures. One or two players can partake in this one minute each way, full-on soccer explosion. Reach Ihe end of the match in a tie. And it's into 20
seconds of extra time each way. Still tie at the end ot that, and it's penalty shoot outs. This isn't the kind of demo that Just gives you a minute and then cuts out. The only way out of this match is in victory The controls are remarkably simple for a game of this sod. The arrow above a player shows who you are controlling, and, as a rule this is : always the one closest to the ball. To ¦ take possession of the ball, you sim- : ply need to walk up to it, unless an | opposing player has it. When that happens, you need to perform a sliding tackle, done by simply pressing the fire button
The rest of the controls are just as easy. Pushing in a direction makes your player run that way. And pressing the fire button kicks the ball in the direction the player is lacing Aftertouch can be added by keep ing the fire button held down after the kick and then pressing the joystick left or right. On corner and free kicks you will see an 'arc of fire' which basically points oul Ihe direction your shot will go in. This can be moved with the joystick On throw-ins. Press and hold the fire button, then move the on-field player lo Ihe position you want him in. Releasing the fire button allows
your player to throw Ihe ball.
• including A600+A1200 Low Cost upgrading 1 2 MB
A500 £17.50
1MBA50O* ... £29 99 Hard
Drives ...P.O.A. Internal
Drives ....£49.00 X * NORMAL 1 SERVICE
1 rza.ee. pane free Quote I • GUARANTEED 1 SAME DAY SERVICE I
.c1000 ¦ computer* ocetved by 1 12.00 mid-day also Monitors
repaired Door to door pick up * delivery anywhere in Ihe U.K.
or see us St our workshop in Central London Central London IES
AVAILABLE 144, Tanner St.. Tower Bridge. London SE1 2HG Tel.
071-252 3553 12001 l makes use r tne improved graphics
capabilities o' -jpJk&A machines.
Put the Otsk in the internal drive and Sue Amiga on. You will be asked it rut Kickstart 1.3. It you do, enter Y an* press retun. It not enter N and I (If you see a hand It k when you tumoathe"com- Itadiskjfrthfdrive, you t .Smaehtfie) It you enter V lor ve'jDe-r3 version ot Video Tracker be loaded automatically, it you entered N lor no. The disk
• boot up to a Workbench screen.
Double dick the disk icon marked VT then double dick the VxleoTracker drawer icon. II you bar* an A500 Plus, an A600, or any omer Amiga running Kickstart 2 04 or higher, double click the icon I VideoTracker to load the II you have an At 200 or an
0. Double click the oTracker AGA icon.
Rcsmra at order to fit all the Video Tracker routines on the disk, they've all been compressed into a single tile. Belore m can use these routines, they
- eve to be decompressed onto a reparate disk. II you have a hard
dive, and run the installer program
• tars on the disk, these tiles will automatically be expanded
and copied over tor you. Follow these steps to make up your
Routines disk t Boot your Workbench disk 2 Format a blank disk
LOADING DISK 83 There are three | versions ol Video Tracker
included I on Coverdisk 83: one tor Kickstart
1. 3 Amigas.
Other for ' anO a third lorAli 3 ownererwhich mal NG
3. Replace the Workbench disk, double clfck os the Workbench disk
icon. ThenSoun|e click Ihe CLI or SHELL icon.
4. TypetheJpUdwmg pressing " r each line: tc:copy resident c:drr
resident c:list
5. Replace Coverdisk 83 into dIO:
6. Type the following, pressing RETURN alter each line (dIO: is
entered with a zero, not the letter O): cddtO: copy
archived.lha to ram: cddt0:c lha x ram:archived.lha ram: 7
Replace the Workbench disk when prompted, then wait for the
disk activity to finish.
8. Put your blank disk in the internal drive.
9. Tf you are using any Amiga other than an AI200 or an A4000,
enter the following, pressing RETURN after each line: cdram:
copy routine to dIO:
10. A1200 and A4000 users enter the following, pressing RETURN
after each line: cdram: copy routineaga to dIO:
11. You now can load these routines into the Video Tracker
NOT! FOR HARD DRIVI USIRS: A slight amendment to your startup- sequence needs to be made once you've installed Video Tracker on your hard dnve. Edit the startup DISK VIRUSES We try to ensure that all our coverdisks are completely tree ol viruses We always have the most advanced virus checkers available when the disk is compiled and every program goes through rigorous testing on all relevant Amigas However, we can not accept any responsibility lor possible damage incurred by viruses which have escaped our attention.
Sequence by entering: ed s startup-sequence (return) Move down to where the lines read "Assign NIL: etc...". enter the following and press return: assign nil: VT: dnvename: Change dnvename to the name of the hard drive partition where you've installed the Video Tracker program SOUND SAMPLES Both disks 84 and 85 contain sound samples lot OclaMED and other music programs. Disk 85 has nearly 30OK of samples, plus a super tune This can be loaded into OctaMED 4 or previous versions of OclaMED It can also be loaded into OclaMED 5.
But you'll need to load the samples in manually. Disk 84 also contains a tew samples, once again in a directory called Samples.
S you can, two blank, formatted floppy disks, we've had to compress the data to get it to tit - this is a huge demo!
You'll be doing a lot of disk swop ping, so move the small black tab in the corner ol your disk up so that the hole is open. This ensures that you don t accidentally write over your coverdisk.
2. Insert Coverdisk 84 into the internal drive of your machine,
and switch on your Amiga.
3. When Workbench loads, double click on the CU 84 disk icon, and
then double click on the Tad icon.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions swopping the coverdisk for
one of your blank disks when prompted.
The blank disk must be write enabled (with the hole closed). This is your program disk.
5 Repeat steps three and four, this time selecting the Tac2 icon, and insert the other of your blank disks This is your data disk.
6. To load Tactical Manager, reset your machine and insert the
program disk. After a while a screen will appear asking you
for your data disk. Swop disks, and away you go!
7. To load Statix. Switch oft your machine and insert the
Coverdisk 84 disk Switch the machine on and wait for Workbench
to load
8. Double dick on the CU»84 Icon, and again on the Statix icon
when it appears. The program will load and run automatically.
Dp-flPalP Make sure disk 85 is write enabled (with the hole cov-
* eredbythetab).
¦i and Insert the disk into the internal drive of your Amiga.
Switch your Amiga on and wait: before you know it. You’ll be shown the intro screen for Sierra Soccer.
Make your game selections from the menu, press fire to play and en)oy!
V YOUR DISK WON'T LOAD II tow coverflish doesnI utm to sDlh IS It itrniM. Ttoo follow mu simple guide Finny, remote all unaecetury peripherals, well at printers. Modem etc. Folios Ihe Instructions on Iheie pagei lo Ihe letter, and II. Altar that, you tlnd lhal Ihe disk still doesn't sort, call Ihe DlskXpress helpline on: 0451 061131 between Ihe hours ol 3pm and 5pm Irom Monday to Friday. II Ihey adntsa yoa lhal lha disk Is laully. Tin in your details halos, and send this lorm. Along sin no disk aad a Zip stamped sell addressed envelope lo tie lol- CU AMIGA dish returns. DlskXpress. Unit 3.
Old Coalyard Farm. Northleach.
Gloucestershire GL54 3EP Name: Address:__ Type ol Amiga owned: _ Disk number_ Oescribe euctty wbal happens when you try to load the disk?
Fully correct player details trom every competing country. Play in a world league or create your own player sides to play in which ever tornament you like. With lull editing facility!
Boasting player after-touch, superb responsive player control, huge positional tactical possibilities available right down to your subs! EVERY player trom EVERY team is ditterent with all skill ratings shown!
Full match statistics giving massive detail trom play percentage down to how many good or bad passes a particular player has made.
In the most versatile and comprehensive game of its kind!!! (with vast range ot shots crosses set pieces player control) AVAILABLE FOR: AMIGA 500, 500+, 600, 1200 I enclose cheque P.O lo the value of £24.95 MADE PAYABLE TO SOCCERSTAR ( Name 8 address on back of cheque please).
Name Address Postcode Daytime Phone No I wish to pay by Access Visa. My number Is C ModelZZZ ????????????????
..... Signature ... Exp date ... Send to: SOCCERSTAR, 9 Trent Drive, Hucknall, Nottingham NG15 6GR NEWS r .
Porting Amiga applications and know »our stun, then tontact Meridian Distribution (lei: 081 543 3 500). One of the UK's leading serious Amiga software suppliers, Meridian is looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable Amiga user to support their customers.
It's been a hectic month tor Commodore. Reports circulated that Commodore France had gone into receivership, then even more reports surfaced, to the atfect that one ol a dozen companies (ranging from the unbelievable to the very possible) would be buying them, and finally, that Commodore had been liquidated! In reality of course, things were very differ ent - but this didn't stop the rumour mongers going overboard.
Firstly, as part of their on-going consolidation process. Commodore France was closed. This was done because Commodore is restructuring its various operations and reducing overheads. As the operations in France were effectively being duplicated by those in other countries, Commodore closed their French arm and are now running their Gallic operations from Germany etc. Secondly, Commodore International Limited (the parent company of the UK operation) sought protection ot the courts in Bahamas (where they are registered) which is similar to Chapter 11 in the USA. This does NOT mean Commodore
have closed down, are in receivership or have folded. What it means is that they are continuing to trade with protection of the courts while they try sort out their financial affairs and problems. PossOy by linking with another company who can bnng much needed investment to their depleted vaults. It is worth noting that many companies recover trom such situations - Commodore's previous on-site repair company, Wang, for instance. And throughout the process Wang continued to operate in the UK!
Thirdly, negotiations are proceeding with a potential investor David Pleasance told CU AMIGA that there Is an organisation very interested, lhat an announcement would be made, hopefully, in the next tew weeks, and if it went ahead this buyer would be keeping Ihe Amiga on sale and supported In Europe. One ol the reasons they have sought the protection ot the courts is to allow these, ‘active discussions regarding investment and re-organisation' to be sorted out.
Mr Pleasance also told CU AMIGA that as far as he was concerned Commodore UK would continue as normal with all models of Amigas continuing to be sold and fully supported It is also believed lhat Germany.
Scandinavia, Italy and Canada would also all continue CU AMIGA spoke to many of the UK and the world's largest Amiga developers. Dealers and distributors and they all remained very positive about the future. SDL, the UK's largest supplier of Amigas to dealers, said, ‘We believe there is a bright future for the Amiga, no matter what, and will continue to support it and independent Amiga dealers.'
In short, while Commodore parent's company are having problems at present. The future is still bright and the Amiga in whatever form is likely to continue being sold and supported ¦
* *r, .• ‘ t 1 1 'iiAfc® ¦ 11 i • 1 P r j "I UPGI users an easy
processor upgrade path. In reality, no further daughler boards
have been announced, and Commodore have moved the CPU onto the
motherboard, although a daughter board socket is still ptesen
Although no reasons were given, it is likely the changes are
part of Commodore's continued drive to cut costs. By including
the CPU and ChipRam on the motherboard Commodore don't need to
produce daughter boards for each A4000.
Thus saving them money Commodore are on 0628 770088.
Commodore have updated the A4000 mother board, although no official announcement has been made. The changes include Ihe 68030 40 moving from ihe daughter board to the main board, and the ChipRam now being soldered onto the mother board.
Previously, the CPU (Central Processor Unit, ie the 68030 or 040) was held on a daughter board, Commodore's original plans were lo announce replacement daughter boards that would hold more power lul CPUs. This would give A4000 PHILIPS ¦ WF DANCES ¦ withB ORION m |hilips Media, distributors ol FMV I major studio to bring further block busters to VideoCD platforms. Including the CD32 with its FMV module Philips have tied up Orion films to bring blockbusters such as Silence ol Ihe Lambs, Dances With Wolves. Robocop.
Mermaids, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.
Married to the Mob and Mississippi Burning out on 5' CO disc.
The deal will see 10 titles released at first, and negotiations are currently in progress to sort out when these will appear in the UK and Europe.
Herb Dorfman. Senior Vice President ol Orion Home Video, said: "The high quality video combined with Compact Disc audio is an awesome combination and the ultimate in quality lor the home viewing ol prerecorded movies. " The Orion films will join existing blockbuster films on the VideoCD format already available Irom Paramount and MGM UA, such as Patriot Games. The Hunt lor Red October. Star Trek IV. And Naked Gun Two And Hall.
For further information on the new CD films you can contact Philips on tel: 081-781 8457 ffa t Jfji Co In a surprise move Commodore have slashed the price of the CD32 to just £249 including VATI For this price, you will now get Microcosm, The Chaos Engine, Diggers, Oscar, Dangerous Streets and Wing Commander*.
The move comes following recent announcements by Sega, which has announced a 32-bit games platform of its own. The price cut is obviously designed to preempt Sega's launch and keep Commodore ahead in the 32-bit console market - making it even more difficult for the Far Eastern console giant to compete with Commodore's now market leading system.
The new price also makes the CD32 the lowest priced system available for watching VideoCDs.
Commodore are on 0628 770088.
APOLOGIES TO... First to Softwood Products Europe, in our May issue we reviewed the amazing Final Writer, (an absolute stunner of a program says Andy Leaning!) Unfortunately, a mistake crept in and we inadvertently said that this product would only work on A1200s.
It will of course run on any Amiga lhal has Workbench 2.0 and above. 2Mb of RAM and a hard drive.
We'd also like to point out that when fully installed Final Writer eats up 9.5Mb of hard drive space, this being lor a complete installation. A minimum installation however will only require 2.5Mb ol space.
For users who purchased early versions ol Final Writer (prior to release 2) you can get the new version FREE, Softwood Products Europe do however require £2.95 for administration and postage. For users who purchased Final Writer before March 1st, there is an upgrade cost of £7.95 including post etc. Either way, it’s worth having!
Secondly, apologies to Gordon Harwood Computers for accidentally stating that the Blizzard 1230-11 has a SCSI-II port built-in. It doesn't, this feature is purely optional. The Blizzard A1230-II will have a price point of £89.95 including VAT and delivery.
Sincere apologies to both companies lor these mistakes.
Iower Computing are planning to release a new low-cost Amiga disk drive. The new drive which Computing invented anti-click disk drives - a mechanism which stops the disk dnve contantly clicking.)
At the time of going to press no prices were available but it is known that the drive will compete with many of the lower cost disk drives available, probably around £49.
Power are on 0234 273000.
SEALED UP Commodore (UK) has introduced an official Seal ol Approval lor Amiga peripherals and soltware. Commodore claim that any product that passes their rigorous tests in Commodore s US and UK offices'' will be a guarantee ol quality.
David Pleasance. Commodore UK's joint-managing director, said: 'We want to give users reassurance when they invest in a machine. The Seal of Approval will provide that reassurance."
Several leading peripheral developers have already applied lor the Seal of Approval, with Power Computing expected to get it lor their scanners, disk drives and RAM cards.
Some industry observers however questioned the value ol the Seal ol Approval, querying whether it would be worth the added cost, citing magazine awards, the CU AMIGA Technical Excellence award lor example, as possibly more cost eftective.
Power Computing are on 0234 273000.
Commodore can be contacted by calling 0628 770088.
FREE SHOW TICKETS FOR SPOT LIGHT 1994 A show dedicated to the Amiga and Atari ST will be held on 28th and 29th of May, 1994, at the Novotel Hotel Hammersmith.
This will be the second SPOTLIGHT show, the first was held last year and received an enthusiastic reception.
Dubbed ‘the thinking Amiga users show' it has been organised by a group of manufacturers, distributors and dealers to cater for all users. In particular, it aims to support users interested in productivity applications rather than games.
There will be a range of products from third-party developers, both new and old, on display. The products will include scanners, monitors, disk drives, applications, and development tools. The show will also provide visitors with a unique opportunity to see new hardware and software, watch demonstrations of different configurations, and ask experts from the many of the leading Amiga developers any questions you may have.
CU AMIGA should be there in force, alongside Power Computing, Golden Image, Meridian Software, Gasteiner, First Computer Centre.
Hisoft and many more.
The doors will open at 10am on both days, with tickets costing £5.00 on the door, or £3.50 for advance bookings. To help get the show off to a good start CU AMIGA have arranged with Gasteiner to give away free tickets to the first 500 CU AMIGA readers who call 081-345 6573 and ask for their free CU AMIGA ticket. If you are too late for a free ticket, call the above number and book your ticket in advance.
FASTER Global information network CompuServe has introduced high speed 14,000 baud modem links for the UK. The new modems will allow CompuServe users to access the information and files on CompuServe much faster than they previously could.
CompuServe has 1.8 million members worldwide, and 45,000 users in the UK alone. For further information on CompuServe call 0800 289378.
NEWS CU AMIGA KEEP TAKING THE TABLETS The boys and girls al First Computer Centre have released Tabby - a compact low cost graphics tablet lor the Amiga. The tablet has a price ol C49.99. which includes tablet and Amiga driving software, and runs under Workbench 2.04 or higher.
The driver sottware was written by Nik Lines ol First Computer Centre and includes on-line Amiga guide documentation, hotkeys and definition ol the tablets active area.
CU AMIGA will be reviewing Tabby neit month In the meantime you can lind out more about Tabby by calling First Computer Centre on 0532 391444 NO CHEAP FODDER UNTIL 95 Some readers found the recent story on The Hit Squad s batch of Virgin releases a little misleading concerning the release date lor Sensible's Cannon Fodder. Virgin Interactive Entertainment would like to point out that Cannon Fodder, although it has been signed to The Hit Squad, will not be released until January 1995, giving it at least 12 months as a lull-price game.
Sensiblt Jon Hot •» VIRGIN GREENS Sensible Gottis on the way, and by cnkey it looks good I Due for release in November, the Sensible team have abandoned the more traditional view of golf games in favour ol their tried and tested, top view with small characters system.
'Instead of having a boring landscaped 3D view or recreating Leaderboard tor the 35th time, we decided to take our totally original Mega Lo-Mama. Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder style and apply it to golf." Says Sensible chief, Jon Hare. "There are these lour guys walking around the courses, and they each have their own charm and personality. To appease the style- over-content consumers, we have decided to introduce a liberal sprinkling ol big snazzy graphics such as oversized pictures ol each bloke as he takes his shot."
The game looks like it's going to be very original indeed, with some striking new ideas built in. For example, as you play through the tournaments, you can earn money which is spent on better equipment, such as laser guided balls and rocket powered clubs! We'll have more news when we get it.
VIRTUAL REALITY An interesting development eppeared courtesy ol ICE during the ECTS. An American company. VldorMaii Technologies, displayed a virtual reality system that will even, lually work on the Amiga. 'What's so great about that?' You might say. 'I don’t want one ol those two ton headsets lying around my living room!’ Wall tear not, It's an estremely compact system, consisting ol a sel ol stereo headphones over your ears and the smallest possible pair ol television screens mounted just in front ol your eyes. Picture, II you will, a bum bag strapped over your eyes with the Is screens in
the hag pari and two small headphones nn each ol the straps. Now you’ve got it.
The version we saw was running on the PC with a specially developed landscape program and a copy ot Doom. Doom was impressive fit always is) hut it's still basically a ZD game designed lot a regular screen and you also needed to control it with the keyboard, hot this last point wilt be remedied sou. On the other hand, the 30 landscape was stunning The brilliant thing about this mini VB headset is that it worts in exactly the same way as its two ton arcade ancestor When you move your head right or lelt. Up or down, or even sideways. Sensors pick ap the movement and the view changes
accordingly The only part you need a joystick or keyboard lor is physically moving in a given direction or. Ol coerse. Shoot The PC version we saw had stereoscopic vision. Unlortunately, when the Amiga adaptor becomes available It will only allow monoscopic vision, but don't worry you’re not alone here: the Nintendo. Sega, and Jaguar adaptors will only allow a monoscopic view too.
Needless lo say most games will not have been programmed with the headset In mind, but VictorMAxx assure us that this will only involve minor tweaking to overcome.
ICE, who will distribute the system in the UK lor IfictorMaii. Are very conlident ol its appeal. Due lor launch during the summer (it everything goes according lo plan), II should be priced around the C500 mark. Watch this space lor more news.
A ACCELERATES 1000 you've probably been ng speed liy. A 33MHz will be avail.
Pgrade is a piggy-back board v f X-Calibur has a price of £499 » ECTSTv 0 T namt console product, plus Gunship 2000 CD32 and Impossible Mission 2025, the 32-bit update of the game that launched a thousand others. We ll have a full review ot IM soon. Another enormous stand holder was Virgin - they had three in fact - and it was the large tin box on the ground floor that was attracting all the attention. Admittedly, a lot was in the PC sector, but that didn't stop names like Sensible Golf, Crash Dummies' and LostEderf raising Amiga eyebrows (for different reasons).
Mindscape had a large comfortable suite, along with a poor person wandering around the show in a Pierre Le Chef costume, to celebrate the release of Out To Lunch soon. Not quite so comfortable, but hectic and busy all the way through the show were Millennium, with James Pond3 see our review on page 64) and their next big hit, Pinkie. Oddly enough, they didn't have any stuffed costumes, not even their old faithful Pond one. As a footnote, it's worth pointing out the promotional costumes that didn't quite come up to the mark (and there were a few), such as the Snowman who was wandering around
with a two inch gap where his neck should have been, or Nintendo’s Kirby character, who was seen having a terrible time actually trying to get up the stairs into the show. His costume was about two feet too wide!
There were plenty of old favouriles to be found at the show too, such as Cyberspace and Dreamweb from Empire, Nick Faldo from Grandslam, numerous Dizzy games from Codemasters, and even Simon The Sorcerer CD made an appearance. A good time was had by all.
* J noIher Pr( uct creating massive interest at the
* fjSTC'* MM ECTS was DPS's Personal Animator Card, or PAR ' 'or
short. This astonishing card was plugged into an A4000,
recording and playing back full motion, full t screen video -
but it wasn’t using MPEG or VideoCD compression standards.
, Instead, it was compressing the video in real time using a variant of the JPEG » compression technology and then storing the images to a hard drive. It pro-
* vides component video and S-Video in and out and will store the
images on
* high capacity hard drives. CU AMIGA will be reviewing this
exciting Amiga card
* next month.
T Elsewhere around the show Amigas in various guises could be found. Long i time Commodore trade distributor SDL was drawing crowds with the CD32 and » FMV card showing various films and pop VideoCDs whilst Empire software » were showing their recently launched Hanna Barbara Animation Workshop.
* Psygnosis were showing a CD32 being used to demonstrate a new
develop- j ment system called 'PSY-Q'.
, In addition to the various organisations with stands there were also a great » many serious Amiga developers wondering around, usually hovering near the » bar. These included Almathera. Hisoft, Power and Amitek.
* Considering that this show was essentially dedicated to games,
the large num-
* ber of serious Amiga developers and users around was surely a
good sign for t the Amiga in the future.
He ECTS was a veritable hotbed of games software lor the Amiga, although disappointingly, almost everything we saw has already been reviewed or previewed. Yes, we know we’re hot and last and everything, but you still want to have some surprises at the show.
Biggest promotion of the weekend has to be Ocean's Interno, which had a whole stand to itself, constantly packed with people wanting to take a look at the PC CD-ROM extravaganza.
Team 17 were inviting all and sundry into their back rooms to see what the future holds in store. The two most interesting screens on their stands were running the long awaited Arcade Pool, and interestingly enough. Superstardust from Bloodhouse.
Quite why Bloodhouse have moved from Daze on this one is unclear, but both parties seem happy with the product move.
Speaking ol Daze, both Robinson's Requiem and Ishar 3 were on view for all to see. And Silmarils boss Louis Marie didn't leave the meeting rooms once! Both games are looking wonderful, even if the Pcs they were running on did crash repeatedly! Just around the corner were Kompart and Black Legend, displaying Demomaniac, the product that everyone seems to want, Tactical Manager-as seen on this month's coverdisk. And Turbo Traxfrom Arcane.
Steve lies of Arcane was as proud as ever, but we re still not going to pass comment until we see it moving, Steve!
MicroProse had their usual enormous stand, displaying a wide range of PC and COMMODORE SHIPS ITS WARES pCTS is primarily aimed at the games ?¦playing market, something particularly obvious with Ihe number of Amiga games . On display at the show. But even so there were, scattered around, several companies , using the Amiga for other purposes.
The most notable of these was, not surprisingly, Commodore. The Big C didn’t just have a stand, they had a whole suite to themselves, in which they were showing otl their wares. All the existing Amiga models, 1 plus several new products, were on display.
These included the new CD-ROM drive for the A1200 (as exclusively revealed in last month’s CU AMIGA) and the new A4000 tower system. The tower system was shown sampling sound and graphics linked up to a high speed SCSI hard drive.
The Commodore suite was also used by several prominent Amiga developers to show off their new products, these included RAMIGA, PREMIER Vision, and other people , from Commodore’s ACE initiative. The products on display ranged from very large, very fast SCSI based hard drives and optical drives to the acclaimed Video Toaster running on UK systems via a PAL convertor.
, THE SPECTACULAR . ’SOt ‘'33 J.v. BEST SELLING MULTI-HELICOPTER GUNSHIP SIMULATION TAKES OFF ON THE AMIGA CD32 "“i»1 ¦¦i ¦I ¦ UJ All the thrills. All the excitement. All the helicopters you could ever want r Gunship 2000: Available now for Commodore Amiga, AI200 and CD32 r Requires 1 256-colour VGA, 2Mb of RAM and DOS 5 0; 486 PC and joystick _ recommended _ DISKS!
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review of Origin’s Pacific Strike!
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And more besides!
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TIPPEO! Compile* '.pintKm110 Cutid*! Kni NEWS CU AMIGA AN AWARDI EXPERIE Every year at the ECTS the giants (and the not-so-big) of the games and publishing industry get together and give each other awards.
This year, the ceremony was held in grand style at the London I Regent's Hotel on the first night ol the Ihree day show. Hosted by Radio I I DJ Mark Goodier with guest appearances from Dominic Diamond and I LAAe Edwards from Jesus Jones, the 18 categories were voted on by a I panel ot editors from games magazines around the world, along with I readers from certain regions. The full Amiga roll of honour is: Most Original Game: SYNDICATE Software Publisher Of The Year: VIRGIN BBC Live And Kicking Award: FRONTIER - ELITE 2 I The other 15 categories were predominantly PC and console based, with I
Lucas Arts scooping three awards tor Rebel Assault and X Wing Reactions to last month's European Computer Trade Show appear to be a peculiarly mixed bag. On the one hand the organisers tell me il was the biggest ever with around 7.000 visitors through the doors. But then again quite a lew delegates bemoaned the lack ot good new software ideas.
I found it a refreshing occasion, if an exhausting one. It was Commodore s first appearance at this important trade show in quite a tew years. That was my decision -1 believe it's crucial lor us to be available to the trade, whether it's publishers or retailers. Good communications has been the loundation of the Amiga's success. I want to keep it that way.
Well, I'm pleased to say that ECTS marked the beginning of some exciting new relationships - at least seven new publishers have committed to developing lor Amiga C032.
They obviously noticed that the machine now accounts for more than hall the CO software sold m the UK.
Those I can talk about include SCI who are working on Cybenraria game in the vein of Lamnmower Man). Maxis who will convert Sim City 2000 and may put compilations of their back catalogue out on CO and WRVTES Empire who are putting Empire Soccer out in about six weeks.
CU AMIGA readers will be aware of the fact that Mirage's Rise ot the Robots will be a CD32 title when it is launched in October.
We're delighted that this Is the case Nothing could really match Robots for the excitement it generated at ECTS What's encouraging for us is that Time Warner Interactive is distributing the title so we re dealing with a global player TWI are currently looking at developing more software lor our format From my meeting room behind our stand I could see what a bur; was being created. Two installations accounted lor this. First, was NewTek s VideoToaster which was being expertly demonstrated by our Californian friends with Primelmage s PAL converter. It s been called the best Amiga peripheral
ever - you could see why il you battled your way past the hordes of stunned onlookers NewTek are setting up distribution channels as we speak When that s all taken care ot I'm confident the Toaster will come to dominate UK broadcasting (ust as it has in the US Secondly, the Amiga 1200 CO drive Alter months of speculation there it was. In prototype form, at last. My position on the add-on is that we have to work towards a fair price. It can't support MPEG and I think this will be a disappointment lor some people unless we price it right. If all goes well, we re aiming at a September launch.
Finally, you may have read about our disappointing financial performance Don't be discouraged. We re on the right track - costs have been cut by 70 percent, sales are motoring. And the UK is still the heartland ot the Amiga. Where else does a specialist Amiga magazine appear amongst the top 100 best sellers as CU AMIGA does? No. The UK is special. That's never going to change TOAST THE SH OF HOW ¦ t was on the Newtek stand that perhaps the most 4 I exciting news ot the entire show could Be found ¦ Newtek are currently in negotiation with several tra distributors to establish an official
network ot UK dealers the Video Toaster and we should see the lirst Newtek supported Toaster and PAL converters available by mid summer. At the time ot going to press SOL are hotly tipped to be Newtek's official UK distributor. The PAL converter ms a £6000 Prime Image system, and II converted the NTSC signal the Toaster produces to an UK PAL signal wonderfully. According to Newtek they are now working on a real PAL Toaster, and although not definite yet, they nope to have versions ready 'sometime' next year.
Newtek are also evaluating the potential lor releasing Lightwave as a ¦aid alone application and selling it to games developers One of the reasons Newtek have at last decided to move into the PAL market is the new genera- son ot games consoles now appearing Modern games are no longer about try sprites and poor animations, but more olten 24-Bit graphics, 3D backdrops and rendered images - Rise ot the Roberts, Microcosm et al. To create such graphics software developers need hefty graphics workstations. Unless ol axurse they happen to have a Toasterl The advantages in speed and intuitive user
interface on display were enough to convince many graphic artists that r»y should spend their money on a Commodore-based system, and that was before they found out how much cheaper an Amiga system was compared to Swcon Graphics etc. It's ironic but Commodore is at last making a name for Nee and doing so by helping games developers on other platforms!
JARGON PAL • The standard for UK TV signals, most UK televisions can only handle PAL TV pictures and not American NTSC, and vice versa.
NTSC • The standard lor US TV signals. The Video Toaster (see Below) is designed to only work on NTSC systems, to use a Toaster in the UK you the pictures must be converted to the PAL standard.
LIGHTWAVE • an extremely powerful 3D image rendering application which only runs on the Video Toaster, and is only available with NewTeks product UGNTRAVE - A very handy software utility that allows Lightwave to be run on most Amigas. Even without a VIDEOTOASTER ¦ The best graphics card available for Amigas in
a. The Video Toaster lets the Amiga create special effects,
images and video captions equal to, if not better, than some
ol the lop TV pro- s workstations. The j Toaster is one of the
main y Commodore have II in America.
Those lovely people down al Sidmouth Software like CU AMIGA readers. In (act. They like them so much that they're ottering their top horse racing prediction program The Tipster at the knock down price ol £24.95 to you select tew thousand. It horse racing isn't your thing, they'll even do you their surprisingly accurate pools predictor The Puntertor the same price.
To lake advantage ol this most generous ol otters, simply till in the coupon below, and send it with a cheque or postal order made out to Sidmouth Software to this address: CU AMIGA Special Otter.
Sidmouth Software. PO Box 7. Sidmouth.
Devon. EX10 0TD Please send me copies ot The Tipster @ £24.95 Please send me ? Copies ot The Punter @ £24.95 I enclose a cheque postal order to the value et ... he cutting edge ot video pro duction is being sharpened to a point by Amiga usets ese people use iheirsfstems lo xluce videos be it low cost pro mnr gidof .
Bitii'dTesnbctatii Io.iiiAtX, 6 .it llok A the We start ott by look ng at the UK corporate market. One ol the tiigli est profile users ot Aniigas in the UK corporate mark, t at present is I the London Transpi Mps-im i The display at the t ondon [Transport Museum is aYinc era what can be achieved w- mga lor interactive wot* piece of it all?
CU AMIGA lean in source luced titles with ’ riya J W S-I Ition With the London 'ransport Museum w* et up by index operating out Ot . Index Information has isibh' tor setting upa Professional lewtflb ‘ Video Toaster ie oneWxluct that has rgettmdUie Amiga iiurW. Than all pror11 *i ts ai Lcompa of gyrating ravers on the under-TT J ground party cnann UIL_|1C :» a||lfccalterird -inn muv scene, wrnais u an .....- about, what kit do m'"Jlspi"dl11"' o UUU | Shistory oltrartspoii -i Iran.
You need, and ho wjyting I!- »- ¦' l the . It.t most t- ¦ III i can you get a Jemoost.ations T uses state • •
• he art technokxj, : m- piece of it all?'.onneoobi'cuie s » ...
...... Ihe Lindon Unde- - • -on CU AMIGA drivers pomt ol .
Mini .
. Ihtey don’t uso liigi p. a.m. d investigates... a ooos vcho even HeAi200 Noim- :ne &xceiien- r :?: :• • •• -mV plaser’ VklOOS.
0 ¦ ¦ jfessiona I setuphy Me.
I , I 111 P*"" ul" j I I I J Basingstoke hut- - e I I I I j been resnonsiht ' | | L great mav of th
- - now employing - and they le.idth. - 4 .
Here in the UK i • a. Itvj is they have snapp. • • i m • • BBC j « Scotland and Bn' !. - Index Intomi.in - 'u- Jt-.-e oped a ..... n lor use at the 11M •. - -h, CD32 Called IV • -ri.t. i- produce videos • ow cm rendering away in auctK nS to. Undem-und , mm. ‘1°° parties or more •jipens plUSn OfflCeS work used lor leaiui.jlilms : , ness presenialiorir..Id • otp around me world, adverts Over Ihe neKhwp On the other, it’s mindwarping XTESTlJ plasma tunnels I', and rough cut-up video samples through the pm slm. H.-.» r end o* Amiga vid*' mJ l or being chopped and Morgan men take- ft.* J rr Ac.d
video scene ' pasted together in MlrlD Tht G„ bedrooms, and pro- westanottbyioo.
EM unpor.ite market jected to masses ¦¦'.tproMeusursoi ••• ... I UK coroorati'ni.uk- Of gyrating ravers London Transoi ' Mosiu There's a Jeckyll and Hyde streak running through the world of Amiga video. On the one hand, it’s all shiny logos and spaceships, quietly
- la. I tan he came across the Anfckin! Iv* enticed by its
ability lo gin* ¦ -sisHy. Ihe large colour i . Itutte and us
general ease ol use «m he s worked his way up lo an Amiga 3000
'itted with an Opal Vision 24 t. ¦ graprtcscard a 1 giga byte
hard dnja. A Sham JX300 Scmner andl DPS Pjsonal Animation
acorder (PA h card. He also pet "unt. Soil. AdPro. And Jet ol
Ilf' work ha does is video Mini although with the DPS PAR
caiilleis "ow doing compositions and .fleets with videos ‘It
gives Ihe best qua ty playback I've seen Irom any tiard drive
system- says David.
I ,ir video titling he uses both K i .i and Broadcast Titter, but prel. Rs Titter as he dal'- II 'S more ft IS (MWf brs Girl whichy Wortunateiy still V.ith the fikMMfc c The him is broku .down intoRsef of chap teis md eacfMepter has a heading.
For the heading nr use i OpWPainl to create textured lilllBnd borders
• Another film tin worked on « called Away Da J ft»r tins lie
used tflt Stiarp scanneflftcan m source ||yti'ri.ii and tt»er'
prattix ** 1 titles with jHbr and Opal Pamt ' 0bve tiopes to
expand, and is cur- renfl fcperimentmg witti Hie DPS PAR can!
To see what else tie can do ROLL 'EM!
IIII ¦ I IK irt industry is another area wtm li hajj lefited Irom the power Bi'inardPelreelancadesigner who . Uses his Am Ja to n-oduce lilies and caplins lor *ns. He started with a two serial ports, a parallel port, net- woikinqfcjnd even an optional genlock This!eM Vts on has proved hugely is probably I done more j accepted by other relatai
- ilmcImHI Video lo. Is1erws.ho M explaml The Illustration shows
lop. Ihe Emmy award -winning VtdeoTotislrr Boilom Ihe stunning
DPS PAR card, and tar left a shot Irom RoDocop The Serres V vr.
CU AMIGA ATURE VideoToaster is an expansion card that plugs into the Amiga 2000, 3000 and 4000 and comes with a suite of powerful graphics software. It allows users to create animations, titles, 3D graphics and effects that are frequently beyond the capability of TV production systems.
It’s also far cheaper than any other comparable system.
The Toaster's appeal is widespread, finding favour amongst hobbyists, corporations, film companies (both small and large), and production agencies.
ROBOCOP The power and the price of the Toaster has created a vast market of professional users (sales of the Toaster have reached between 50,000-80,000!)
Robocop, SeaOuest DSV, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Babylon 5 are just some of better- known visuals that some high-end production companies have created using the Toaster. Hell this thing’s even won an Emmy Award for advancing television technology!
Robocop, The Series has also been receiving the Toaster treatment.
One of the most popular sd-fi TV series in America at the moment, it’s an extension of the film, with the same high quality of effects, gloomy future feel and satire of the original.
This American syndicated series is produced by Canadian-based SkyVision Entertainment, and is hugely popular throughout America.
In fact, the second episode got the second highest viewer rating across the United States the evening it was shown! The series has so far proved even more popular than Star Trek: The Next Generation: we re talking millions of viewers here!
The Amiga is used extensively throughout the show, creating many of the special effects both on its own, combined with traditional visual effects, and in conjunction with work subcontracted out to an agency using a Silicon Graphics workstation.
Thanks to the Toaster, SkyVision can save the time and expense of traditional special effects. Combined with the Silicon Graphics workstation, they’ve got all bases covered, as Lee Wilson, SkyVision’s Visual Effects Supervisor explains: “The combination of the two systems incorporates all the elements of visual and special effects design and computer animation with live action, against blue screen and mattes, creating an exciting and totally unique look".
The Visual Effects team use an Amiga 4000 with a Video Toaster, and although the Amiga system was not originally in their budget, SkyVision went for it in the hope that the added computer power would pay for itself. The result was unexpected.
“A few days after the Toaster arrived, I came in to work to find the entire visual effects crew still in the department after pulling in an all- nighter. The outstanding work they deliver is saving the production time and money, creating elements we don't have to sub-contract to other companies." Explained Stephen Downing, Executive Producer, SkyVision.
Typical uses of the Toaster include creating much of the imaging used in Robocop's visor - dubbed RoboVision - showing elements such as targeting, computer feed and systems diagnostics. Many on-screen animations and effects that would normally be either impossible or costly to produce are also produced using the Amiga.
Explosive pucks thrown by Robocop, for instance, are actually animated, and every shot of the puck after it leaves Robocop's hand is created by Lee’s team using the Amiga.
One example of the flexibility and power that the team have put the Toaster to is creating an entire helicopter flight.
Lee elaborated, “In a merging of the two systems [Amiga Toaster and SGI workstation - ed], the helicopter was built and animated in the computer using Toaster and the Lightwave 3D program then flown over Delta City and John Fraser’s beautiful matte painting.’’ Here the artist, John Fraser, created the futuristic cityscapes on the workstation, which were then dropped in, using a blue-screen matte, to live footage shot on a set. And the helicopter (created with the Toaster) was then added.
The end result is people in a city, with city scraper backgrounds and a helicopter flying in over them - yet in reality only the actors and their surrounding set actually existed!
What’s interesting to Amiga users is that rather than simply use the Amiga for static backdrops (if at all) the visual effects team chose to create the moving helicopter with it, and leave the still pictures to an, in theory at least, more powerful workstation! I don’t know about you. But I for one can’t wait for the UK showing. “ SEAQUEST Another guy doing wondrous things with the Amiga in the film industry is Tony Stutterheim from Amblin Images. Amblin are one of the most ambitious Amiga users around, using it to create some well known TV programs in the US. Most notable of these is
SeaOuest DSV.
Nearly all of visuals in SeaOuest are created with an Amiga, to do this they really push their Amigas and pack them with RAM, hard drives and accelerators - in the words of Tony, their Amigas are all 'maxed-out'. As a result they have some of the best Amigas you can get. But even so they would still like more power - particularly to increase the screen redraw speeds.
Most of the work is carried out with Lightwave and Toasters, although they also use Dpaint 4 for many of the graphics seen on the monitors on the ship. AdPro is also used to convert files from other formats.
But it’s not all action and adventure for the Toaster. Another avid user is Guy Bickel, a graphics designer and 3D-animator for Business Video Productions Inc of Denver and Tampa. Florida.
Business Video Productions produces a variety of different types of work for some major organisations and corporations in the states - and charges some major fees as well!
Their customers include Price Waterhouse, TCI International, AT & T, and Novacare. They use the Toaster for a variety of operations, such as video titling, 3D presentations, and business graphics. The work is used in training videos, employee communications, and sales and marketing. In addition to the Toaster Guy also uses Dpaint and AdPro - these and the Toaster run on an A2000 and A4000.
According to Guy they use the Amiga and Toaster because, "it’s both flexible and powerful.’’ He originally started using an Amiga, the A500, because “it looked like a happening machine ". He’s stuck with it ever since, and now feels that “it's more flexible than any other format."
GENIUS Another keen Toaster user, but one with a difference is Stephen Harris.
Stephen is odd. Odd because he is on his way to becoming one of the most sought after Toaster users in the US. Yet he’s only 161 His work is used on TV. Creating visuals for the WTVI TV channel, an organisation that has very high regard for his work - “You’re a genius!” is how WTVI director Stuart Grasberg described him - and he was only 15 then.
Stephen's work has also been seen on the mighty CNN, and on several other nationally shown TV shows.
His most recent work being for a program on women’s health. The animations included a camera moving inside a modelled-womans body and seeing a beating heart and various organs. It also included an animation of a medical balloon that travels in a blocked artery to unclog fat tissue, this will be shown across the USA on June 9th.
Stephen uses an Amiga 2000 with the Toaster and likes it because, “The Toaster is so easy to use and has the capability of a higher priced workstation."
With it he creates stunning 3D images and animations. “It’s fun" he says, “you can be as creative as you want to be.” As well as being fun, it also makes him a lot of money, his company, Optical Art charges about $ 120 an hour for modelling, and $ 250- $ 400 per second for the actual images! And this is cheap for corporate and film video, for which prices often run into tens of thousands of pounds. Steven is doing so well he recently bought himself a Mercedes - his first car! Not bad for having some fun with an Amiga.
CU AMIGA thanks everyone who assisted with this article. In particular David Bernard who can be reached through the CU AMIGA editorial offices and CIX.
Lee Wilson at Robocop productions.
Christina Knighton ol Newtek, Inc. Letitia McMasterfrom GVP, Inc. Stephen Harris Jr and Snr of Optical Art TO » NICK FALDO S GOLF SUPER TETRIS
6. 99 13.99 1KMGS-F0C
9. 99 LOTUS 2
9. 49
20. 49 12.99 13.99 13.99 BOOT BLOWS FIRST SAIAVEGA 10 MANIA
12. 49 13.99 14.99 14.99 13.49 AMIGA CD32 SOFTWARE
ALCftMttOltCOH) 19*
• khmioii mOwm it* FLASHBACK 1 MEG) .
FLY HARMR ......
• ORMULA 1 GRAND PRU GENESIA (1 MEG) .... 00*1 ...
TAYLOR'S BOCf lit* Itw %M ..... iinoii) no AO GCS£
ANY PRINTER 7.99 r* OISK (HOI 2)-------- MANAGER II MEG) .
MMRfaraHiTrM OmlrtllCOLENT.
SassM .
* 1200 COMPUTER * 80 MB INTERNAL 2.5" HARD DRIVE. .. .499.99
* 1200 COMPUTER * 127 MB INTERNAL 2.5" HARD DRIVE. 549.99 41200
COMPUTER + 200 MB INTERNAL 2.5" HARD DRIVE. 599.99 41200
32 BIT 68020 14 Mhz PROCESSOR. MOUSE.
WITH LEMMINGS AND DELUXE PAINT 3 ....275.9 A1200 LEMMINGS PACK AS ABOVE WITH INTERNAL 2.5" HARD DRIVES A1200 COPMUTER . 64 MB INTERNAL 2.5" HARD DRIVE ...415.99 A1200 COMPUTER . 80 MB INTERNAL 2.5“ HARD DRIVE 439.99 A1200 COMPUTER * 127 MB INTERNAL 2.5" HARD DRIVE ...489.99 A1200 COMPUTER . 200 MB INTERNAL 2.5" HARD DRIVE ...539.99 ALL WITH FREE LEMMINGS AND DELUXE PAINT3 SOFTWARE JOIN now from just £4.00 BEAD Special Reserve Magazine 48 Page colour club magazine sent bi-monthly to members only The latest Reviews. Charts & Release Schedule » (NOOSE from our
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AND ENTER our FREE competitions Six reasons why over 200,000 people have |oined Special Reserve, the biggest games club in the World!
COLUMNS. SUPtn NAM3 ON)...19.99 MICKEY ANO DONAIO - WORLD Of ILLUSION 1999 MICRO MACHINES .....2949 MORTAL KOMBAT ...3299 NBA JAM ..4299 NHL HOCKEY 94 (EA FOUR PLAYER GAME) 36.49 NHL PA ICE HOCKEY '93......19.99 PGA EUROPEAN TOUR ......32 99 ROAD RASH 2 ...1999 SCNSWlC SOCCER ...30.99 8MPSOMS ......17.99 SONKJ .... ,.1999 FOR AMIGA A1200
AT mi 120 [A(H ¦ MAST (ALL .AM- 85m mm SONIC 2 PLUS
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P. O. BOX 847, HARLOW, CM21 9PH Overseas Orders Surcharge (EC or
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0279 600204 ALL PRICES INCLUDE UK POSTAGE A VAT [ £ ChequeP O AceessVasiercardSwrtchVisa (Switch Issue No.
Card e«pry dale_Signature VIE ONLY SUPPLY MEMBERS BUT YOU CAN C«DFR AS YOU JOIN Uipnces nOuOe VAT a-dcenu a lo Ukmorla-a S-bwo10n*» lorn, to- i DAILY or by Fax on: 0279 726842 COLOUR CATALOGUE - JUST ASK Addres Phono Shiny company logos are all very well, but there’s a raw flipside to all of that corporate video stuff. It doesn’t have a name yet - it’s too whacked out to be squeezed into a cosy pigeon hole (although we’ve called it ‘acid video’). It’s the cutting edge of visual entertainment, and it’s all happening thanks to the Amiga! Digital sound-samplers totally revolutionised pop music
in the mid 80s - the Amiga is now doing the same for video. Weirdo videos are taking underground clubs and raves across the country to new-found heights, and you could be a part of it all.
Ith a few bits of ki! Anyone can oecome an ‘ureter grourc video jockey The g about it. Is that you don’t '."a' e-oensive hign end «noc*» ou' the kina o* mind- options a great deal. You II notice that both lists are reassuringly short.
BASIC KIT: Any An ga EXTRA KIT: A genic - Achro'-a*ey A video o gitiser A hard dri e A second VCR A camcorder Check out the buyers gi You ve probably aireaoy got enougl to get started already Just an Amiga and a copy of Deijxe Pamt alone is a ticket to trip-out city, if yo know what buttons to push.
KIT FOR STARTERS Forget Time Base Correctors Jlasti • -ettles and microwa.-r ¦n - you won t be needing via: ic lor now Here s a kst of what yc- neeo tc get started Allowed by a of e*ua k t that win e«pand your 32 Top footballing nations battle for soccer's biggest 9 prize - The World Cup.
W The stage is set for the worlds best players to display their J awesome skills. Flying Dutch wingers, j Masterful Brazilian Playmakers, J Powerful English targetmen. Every m team plays differently and no I two men perform in the ¦ _ same way.
Mos o Published by Anto Software ltd, Unit 7, Millside Industrial [state, Lawson Road, Dartford, Kent DAI SBH Tel: 0322 292513 [ax: 0322 293422 TECHNOHIAD Vjs We've all heard ol Djs. Now there's a new breed ot club entertainer: the VJ. Video Jockeys are the ones responsible tor the visuals that are titillating the eyeballs ol clubbers and ravers at the more expehmental parties around the world People are actually taking their Amigas out and gigging with them, live and direct lor the hoards ot sweaty party people at club nights - like Andy Weatheralls Sabresonic, Heaven's Megalopolis, The
Ambient Club and stacks more regular and one-off events all over the country.
HEX Matt Black ot Hex and Cold Cut. Is one ol the new breed ol Vjs currently doing the rounds with his technology to sample any moving or still image is now available at affordable' prices, and the options tor synthesising your own visuals is limitless. The question isn't so much
• What is it?- as "what ism itr At 200. A copy ol Deluxe Paint,
and a couple ol video decks. Mixing visuals from video tape
with spontaneous animations, created on the lly with Dpaint,
he takes the visual stimulation a step further than the strobe
and spinning lights ol your average do. Wild explosions ol
colour Irom Dpaint are cut up with the clinical animation ol a
ray-traced sphinx, which rotates and zooms around the screen
cloaked in a mass ol video feedback fuzz. Then there are the
slogans that worm their way into the subconscious, and stop-
frame digitised animation loops, not to mention all the rest ol
the weirdness that delies description Hex and Matt Black can
be caught at various dubs and parties around the country. Check
your flyers and the music press lor forthcoming gigs.
SP VISUALS Steve and Pod are the S and P ol SP Visuals. Using their Amigas to sooth the mind rather than hype it up. They supply the visuals lor The Ambient Club, which has recently got oil the ground in London. There's no wallet- busting hardware here - most ol the images and animations are created on a single A1500 (I told you, any machine will do).
Dpaint is the workhorse ol the setup, responsible lor most ol the output. Inventive use ol the animation features, and a good eye lor what works has lead to them building up a bank ol simple but very effective material.
SP Visuals are another collective who like to take their Amigas out with them and play live, but instead ol relying on expensive video protectors to get their visuals to the masses, they use a clever concoction ol slide protectors to combine transparencies ol screens created on the Amiga.
For more inlo on SP Visuals, contact Pod on 081 341 0655, or Steve on 071 281 0512.
DEEP EVOLUTION Exactly one year ago, we ran a small piece on Deep Evolution, an enterprising pair who had just released a 20-minute video called CyberDream.
Which was made up mainly ol fractal ettects, with a lew digitised animations thrown in to spice it all up.
Twelve months on, and Deep Evolution have progressed to lar more impressive things.
Vision man Alix Pennycuick and I DJ Steve Gnffnhs are now up to all sorts ol things. They're the ones responsible lor turtle picture which is gracing our Iront cover this issue.
Deep Evolution is now a major lorce in club visuals. From a humble setup ol an A500 and a video recorder, I they've now expanded the system to I include AGA Amigas and video digi- I Using lacilities. Provisionally titled Narcotix, the follow up to the CyberDream video looks like it'll be I a massive leap forward, with all kinds ol new ettects and tricks com- I ing into play.
The turtle shot is a Irame Irom a I looping animation, which sees the aqua-tortoise flying through a plane I that has sky both above and beneath, converging at a honzon in I the distance The turtle was grabbed I from a video, cut-out, and then put I over the sky backdrop, which was mirrored to give the ellect ol a second sky on the ground. It's nothing you couldn't do with the simplest digitising setup, and looks just amazing when it moves!
Combinations of digitised images and rendered objects courtesy ol Real 3D make up a lot ol Ihe rest ol the video. Even more mind-twisting I is the sequence that has a head being sucked down a plug-hole, and lightning last tunnel sequences Steve and Alix have even wntten- part ol the 40 minute video's soundtrack with OctaMED, and mixed in other MIDI music and bits and pieces from Steve's vinyl collection The real test ol all this is in a party situation, and so tar, the boys have had no complaints. Playing out at some ol the top nights in the North and Midlands. Deep Evolution have been
entertaining the crowds with a vanety ol visuals, with techno-tunnels and computer generated imagery lor the more ravey nights, through to short loops Irom old B-Movies. And digitised real world' images lor the handbag clubs.
For more information on the forthcoming video, or the live Deep Evolution experience, contact Alix on 021 443 3223. Thanks go to UDO Not just another ball game...!
SIERRA SOCCER - World Challenge Edition is not just another ball game. It’s a whole new concept in soccer simulation, with a level of realism never achieved and to all SS i hich is sue.
Ir force eset- sorder, stem to to digi- itled it'll be all scorn- rom a 5 the plane before.
Dribbling, Heading, Passing, Shooting, Lobbing and Volleying, specially designed corner and free kick features combine to give you the most comprehensive playability in a soccer game to date.
So when the referee blow that whistle, try that diving header, take that spectacular free kick, make that great run through the middle and who knows, you could be good enough to make the World Challenge Cup Final!
5 Digital sound effects and speech Over 4000 animated player images ® Penalty shoot-outs ® Free-kick practice Ref, linesmen, physio and stretcher team animations ® And much, much more...!
Base configuration: A500, 1 Mb of RAM Compatible with all Amigas including A500+, A600 Enhancements for A1200, A3000 8 A4000 Features: 1 lo 8 players £ Adjustable game duration of 2 to 20 minutes Over 500 team members, each with own ability levels t 26 of the World's top teams C Option to create over 40 new teams % In-game substitution and formation changes V VCR style replay includes slow-motion and freeze- frame «Frankly it looks excellent» - «Ifs shaping up to be a cracker» «Infact, Sierra Soccer could well turn out to be the dark horse of the season» -amiga action
• An especially high level of artificial intelligence that really
makes the players work like a team» - JOYSTICK SIERRA A
Dynsrrnix Production Sierra On-I.ine • 4 Brewery Court • Theale
• Reading • Berks • RG7 5AJ • Telephone no : (07341303 171 ©
and or TM designate trademark* of. Or licensed to Sierra
On-Line, Inc. All right* resorved.
FEATURE: BUYERS’ GUIDE CU AMIGA Graphics Cards is TV Paint. For value for money we Workbench (i recommend the Picasso II from on it). It can i First Computer. Name: Supplier: Z SPECIAL EFFECTS keyer is the shortened name of a 'chromakey', a miraculous video e which is used all the time in professional TV studios. A specific r in a live video signal can be forced to become transparent, allow- r graphics underneath to show through. For example, in a TV r man or woman stands in front of a large blue sheet. The r is keyed out, and replaced by a computer-generated weather olete with animated clouds
and raindrops. Both CineMorph and i Plus are capable programs, although Morph Plus has our vote.
Tage ot the superb colour range, the extra speed made possible t ROCKEY This is provides really only be lin professional will also need to get hold of a normal genlock (the Getting the lighting right takes time, but with lumakeying and options, this is one smart box of tricks. If you already have and buy one of these ut the best fun you can have with video ar by what you can dream up for it. If you w demo videos, then you must get hold of c some You it).
You’ve seen what the experts can create on their Amigas, now for the definitive guide on the hardware and software needed for Amiga video and graphics. Plus: A complete run down of the latest Amiga paint programs!
With the AGA chipset now present on all production Amigas, you might be tor- given for thinking that the demand hies cards would have , but in reality more
* s than ever want to sir visual style.
All the currently-available Amiga graphics cards offer true' 24-bit colour, which allows any pixel to be a colour picked from a palette of 16 million shades. Most of these cards work at very high resolution, and the better ones have a video output quality which is good enough for television s to broadcast directly.
Jenerally come i of some ling advanAll these cards are designed to fit inside a ’big box’ Amiga, which rules out the A1200 and lesser machines. They provide an excellent way for A2000 and A3000 users to get better-than-AGA graphics. In general they all use an Amiga graphics standard called EGS, and if you are considering buying a graphics card you should try to get one that complies with EGS. This standard is a way of allowing different graphics cards to remain compatible. EGS creates a common set of library calls, which means any EGS program will run on any card.
A popular EGS-compatible program and by the colour data PICASSO II
• est general- I ever, the i a drop-in t for the existing Amiga
graphics chipset.
The video pass-through means you only need one monitor to see the improvements.
Although it is not the fastest card ever, the Picasso is probably the besl al coping wifh fhe Amiga's standard Workbench Recommended.
Name: Picasso Price: £299 (1Mb) £335 (2Mb) Supplier: First Computer Centre Tel: 0532 319444 RAINBOW III The Rainbow is one of the most expensive video cards ever, due to b of high- slhan 5 high resolution, true colour screens) and the extra fast graphics chip used.
The fact that a 32-bit card requires an A3000 or A4000 in order to work may have something to do with it as well.
The Rainbow is also one of the available. It t as standard. Which means a new-look RETINA One of the first true colour graphics cards, the Retina is still a bit special. Not only does it come with the embarrassingly-named VDPaint, but it also manages to emulate the Workbench display which means a single monitor is required. Many existing programs will run directly through the Retina system which makes integrating it into your own system quite easy. One of its strongest features is the ability to SPECTRUM It might be cheap, but the!
Still one heck of a graphics card. It comes with either 1 or 2Mb of RAM, and can support the EGS standard.
An on-board blitter keeps up the pace, and takes advantage of the new slots in an A4000 (if you have the right buster chip). Only one monitor is d, as a special video pass- t system is used, tipie cards can be fitted to the e Amiga, which allows for really s multiple-monitor displays. It also i 7V Pain! Perfectly, so the drum is one of the cheapest ways Name: Spectrum Price: £349 (1Mb) b) 081 3091111 LVISION This was a card that promised so much - even as much as being the PAL answer to the video toaster.
Sadly, not many of the promised options have become available, but it ChartScreen 0425 475515 Supplier: Tel: fine graphics card.
. With a vast hoard of which really puts the rds to shame. The OpalPaint is excellent (rivalling other items of soft- the ease with which the Opal system integrates with existing Amiga graphics. As it connects to ntemal video slot, an isn't required.
Name: OpalVision Price: £350 Supplier: Indi Tel: 0543 419 999 HARLEQUIN The Harlequin is a broadcast stan- . Which has been . The video output is rock solid, and the list of features is impressive, with e alpha channel and c options. Software support is good too
- most of the top graphics packages can be used with it.
A second monitor is needed to see what Harlequin is up to, but Real3D v2 using the card to er on a separate display is a t way to prove the Amiga’s nical dominance to passing PC
5. There are many different ver- of the Harlequin, each with I
amounts of video RAM and ; optional genlocking c Harlequin
- -----from £800 Supplier: Amiga Centre Scotia Tel: 0896 87583 A
Genlock is a piece of hardware which is vital for superimposing
computer graphics over real, kve video. The mixing can be very
* cult. The signals need to be synchronised, and certain colours
in the computer video signal must be made transparent to allow
the live video to show through.
The more you spend, the better the quality of the output signal, and the more features. With better genlocks it is possible to fade in and out one or both of the two images, pick the colour you want to make transpar ent or even invert the transparent colour. We strongly recommend the GVP G-Lock.
MINIGEN How can you possibly go wrong at this price? The Minigen is an ideal first genlock and will open the door to all sorts of video effects. The image quality, admittedly, is tar from perfect, but it works well, especially with live Video from a camcorder Name: Minigen Price: £49.95 Supplier: Lola Marketing Tel: 0858 880182 MINIGEN PUIS Add £100 and you get some extra keying options, a fader and an extra RGB output for monitoring. The picture quality is better than the Minigen, but far from exceptional Name: Mlnigen Plus Price: £149.95 Supplier: Lola Marketing Tel: 0858 880182 ROCGEN
PLUS An altogether classier genlock, the Rocgen offers good image quality at a very reasonable price. It will fade and dissolve very smoothly, and is worth the extra if you are thinking of getting into Desktop Video.
Name: Rocgen Plus Price: £149 Supplier: Silica tel: 081 309 1111 VIDEOCENTRE Now here's something that looks a bit special - the VideoCentre from G2 costs a lot more, but delivers some really top-notch effects. It works with SVHS or normal VHS.
And offers all the standard genlock features and more besides - a miniature joystick controls video -windows of different shapes and also some rather advanced wiping effects. A recent price cut makes it excellent value for more serious video buffs.
Name: VideoCentre Price: £495 Supplier: G2 Tel: 0252 737151 G-LOCK Possibly one of the most techie looking genlocks available is the G-Lock from GVP. Don't let the little-black- box put you off: there are more features crammed in here than a typical issue of CU AMIGA Not only are the normal fading and mixing effects here in abundance, but the G-Lock will also cope with the much crisper SVHS video standard, as well as providing an integrated audio mixer. To top it all off. All G- Lock s features are totally under the soflware control ot Arexx which makes it ideal for those willing to
experiment. Definitely a bargain at the current price.
G-Lock Name: Price: Supplier: Tel: £299 Silica 081 309 1111 As far as computers are concerned. There are two types of images - those which appear as real live video and digitised graphics Turning one into the other is quite tricky, and will required extra hardware If you want to use your computer and Deluxe Paint to process pictures taken from your video recorder or camcorder, you first need to digitise them Tho process measures the levels of the primary colours: red. Green and blue and uses this mtormation to reconstruct the image on-screen in a standard image format This image can then
be loaded into a program such as Deluxe Paint lor the customary adding ot ndcukous moustaches.
Some digitisers can even capture sequences of video, which can then be used tor animation purposes.
For images which exist as printed pictures, such as an ordinary colour photograph, you'll need a scanner. Scanners come in two types hand scanners, and flatbeds.
Hand scanners, especially black and white ones, are relatively cheap Their great advantage is that you don't need a video signal, any picture will do Their disadvantage is the quality ol picture isn’t perfect Simple kne drawings work the best, but the results from hand scanning full-colour photographs won't be as good as pointing a video camera at the picture and digitising it.
GENLOCKS On the other hand, flat bed scanners give astonishingly good results
- much, much better than video.
The larger ones operate a lot like photocopiers and can capture pictures at very high resolutions (800 dots per inch for example) in true 24-bit colour For digitizers we recommend VLAB. Whilst the Epson GT8000 gets our recommendation fors VLAB From the same manufacturers as Retina. VLAB is an excellent piece of video grabbing hardware It's available as a Zorro card, or as a box which connects to the parallel port, but the Zorro versions are a lot faster Image quality is top notch, and the SVHS version can be used to digrtise entire sequences of video by making several automated passes
Name: Vlab Price: from £289 Supplier: Hobbyte Tel: 0727 856005 VIDI Rombo seem to have been churning out high quality low pnce video digitisers for yonks now. And a large per centage of Amiga owners either have or want a Vidi12 for their Amiga. With care, the image capture quality is pretty good and as all models of VIDI can be upgraded they are a good place to start. The Real Time versions make capturing colour images from live video footage possible.
A Time Base Corrector is essential if you need to combine two live video signals. The problem with video is that to mix it properly using tancy dissolves and overlays rather than basic edits, you need to synchronise the incoming signals perfectly Each video frame changes fifty times a second, and the start of each frame from both sources must be matched perfectly This is where a TBC comes in. Providing the complex circuits needed to sync' together two video sources The Amiga Centre Scotland have recently released their Tri-Code TBC. Which is well worth investigating.
Name: TriCode Price: ETBA Supplier: Amiga Centre Scotland Tel: 0896 87583 Alternatively. GVP also produce a TBC, cunningly called the GVP TBC, which provides everything you'll need in a TBC - CU AMIGA will hopefully have a full review of these next month.
Name: GVP TBC Price: ETBA Supplier: Silica Tel: 081-309 1111 VIDI Name: Price: (Vldl12) (Vldi12RT) Vldl24RT) Supplier: Tel: £99.95 £199 £299 Rombo 0506 414631 VIDEOMASTER One ol the first PCMCIA peripherals, VideoMaster will grab video frames and sound in real time directly into the memory of the A1200. If you experiment, you can create some amazing results, and the new software will allow standard IFF animations to be created Videomaster will also grab colour full-sized screens with quality comparable or better than Vidil 2.
Name: VideoMaster Price: £79.97 Supplier: HISoft Tel: 0525 718181 JXIOO With a scanning resolution of up to 200DPI in 18-bit colour, this miniature flatbed gives some amazing results The supplied software is a bit old these days, but ImageFX will drive it directly. Recommended.
Name: JX100 Price: £399 Supplier: Silica Tel: 081 309 1111 St«%I&0 8000 For top ot the range scanning, these Epson devices are the bee's knees.
With scanning resolutions in the thousands of dots per inch, these devices will scan an A4 page for you in monochrome, greyscale or 24 bit colour. The ultimatel Name: GT6500 8000 Price: E599 E849 Supplier: Power Tel: 0234 273000 » IT’S ALL IN Owning a genlock is only hall the story, you need software to help create and manage the graphics you wish to display. It's possible to get by with a program such as Deluxe Paint, but a dedicated titler is a better bet. These range Irom a program that does little more than allow text to be displayed in different fonts and moved up and down the screen,
through to a true multimedia development platform which will handle animations and sound effects. For video titling it has to be Video Stage Pro.
ISWffl!ira",VB Simple, fast and basic. Allows titles to be entered and displayed in a variety of ways, nothing complex, just simple and easy.
Name: Big Alternative Scroller 2 Price: £59.99 Supplier: Emerald Tel: 081 715 8866 A TITLE VIDEOSTAGE PRO A great drag and click interface, and plenty of options makes the latest VideoStage more than capable of generating your titles.
With an Arexx compatible genlock such as GVP’s G-Lock, some extremely advanced effects are quite possible.
Name: VideoStage Pro Price: TBA Supplier: Meridian Tel 081 543 3500 SCALA More an authoring package than a video titling system, Scala is renowned for its ease of use and professional results.
Super smooth fonts with many different effects makes it the top of the range titler.
Name: Scala MM210 Price: £149.99 Supplier: Emerald Tel: 081 715 8866 Most paint programs handle animation as standard - certainly both Deluxe Paint and Brilliance can be used to knock up some high-quality shorts. There are, however, several programs which exist only to aid in the development of animations. These programs offer an ‘onionskin' feature whereby previous frames can be seen faintly as you draw a new one, in the same way as a traditional animator would use several sheets of cells stacked one on top of the other. If you’re into animations then you should consider one of these,
although we prefer the more pricey Disney Animation Studio.
Animation A good place to starl is the Disney Animation Studio. It offers many features a beginner will need, and can produce reasonable anims, although advanced users may find it limiting.
Name: Disney Animation Studio Price: £79.99 Supplier: Infogrames Tel: 071 738 8199 MINMMnfco This package is aimed more at younger users, and as such doesn't have as many features or capabilities.
It can still create some basic animations though. (See the review on page 108 of this issue for more details.)
Name: Hanna Barbera Animation Studio Price: £49.99 Supplier: Empire Tel: 081 343 7337 Recently everyone needed to be able to morph to images. Why exactly this was so is open to question, but suddenly the ability to transform two images over several steps has became a much sought after feature.
CINEMORPH GVP’s first venture into software brought forth CineMorph, which is actually included in the image processing program ImageFX. It works by stretching a grid over the two images.The position of the points on the grid forms focal points for the image transformation, and when done properly the finished animation is impressive.
Name: CineMorph Price: £25 MORPH PLUS MorphPlus is the rival system from long-time Amiga graphics experts ASDG. MorphPlus is a set of extra plug-in operators for The Art Department Professional, and besides morphing (or warping), various other effects (spiral blur, twisting, perspective) are provided with typical AdPro control. Arexx makes creating complicated processes possible, although the animation support is still a little tricky to get to grips with.
Name: MorphPlus Price: £139.99 Supplier: Silica Tel: 081 309 1111 IMAGEFX At last, a true rival tor AdPro.
ImageFX otters just about everything that AdPro does (load and save images in every tile format you can think ol. Process the image in a zillion ways m between) but does it in a different way. The image is always displayed onscreen. Which means you can actually draw on it or specify sections to process You might prefer this approach, but somehow AdPro has a more stable teel to it.
Name: ImageFX Price: £199 Supplier: Silica Tel: 081 3091111 ART DEPARTMENT The King ol Amiga graphics programs has recently been given its most impressive upgrade yet.
Out is the tamiliar grey button festooned screen. In is the increasingly common multiple window treetorm interface The same features are here, but support tor a multitude ol graphics cards has been added. Still the best choice tor all sorts of image manipulation.
Y ZY i from perts extra d
g) . Vari- vided Rexx pro- Name: Art Department Professional 2.5
Price: £199.95 Supplier: Meridian Tel: 081 543 3500 VIDEO
TOASTER la America, the Video Tower it the one peripheral
which hit told more Amijij than any other Al one point, It wat
even possible to hoy a complete Video Toaster system without
knowing there was an Amiga inside. The Toaster is an NTSC-only
video manipulation system. It otters |ust about everything
that a prolessional TV studio or production house could need.
Irom simple video titling to astonishing special ettects which
put dedicated equipment to shame. Included In the Toaster
package is Lightwave, Ihe most advanced 30 rendering system
the Amiga has aver seen. More powerful than Imagine and Real
30 rolled into one.
Lightwave has been used in many television programmes to generate everything Irom submarines IseaOnest OSYi to spaceships Ibahyten 5).
Newtek are currently in negotiations with several UK companies to establish a distribution network and make the Toaster and its powerful 30 Image creation software - Lightwave - available In the UK. CU AMIGA will bring you lull details iust as soon as they are available.
DIRECTORY OPUS Possibly one ot the most useful Amiga programs ever written, Directory Opus soon becomes a vital part ot your Amiga. Not only does it make copying and moving tiles a lot easier, but you can view images, listen to samples, use archiving tools,alter dates and protection tlags
- in tact, anything you can do from the Shell or Workbench.
The following is a collection ot general utilities and programs that CU AMIGA highly recommend. II you intend to work with graphics or video on your Amiga, you'll appreciale Ihe power and flexibility that these programs provide.
Nome: Directory Opus Price: £49.95 Supplier: Emerald Tel: 081 715 8866 VISTA PRO Vista is a program which can be surprisingly useful tor quickly knocking up a tew backdrops for genlocking or painting purposes.
The 'Lite' version will work in only 2Mb ot RAM which means even owners ot unexpanded A1200S can experience the joys ol terralorming.
Name: VlstaPro Lite Price: £39.99 Supplier: Emerald Tel: 081 715 8866 The Amiga is very well served with excellent paint programs Most borrow heavily trom the grand-daddy ot them all. Deluxe Paint, which is the standard against all others are judged How do the current batch ot programs compare? Would the contenders take to the ring please... DPAINT Price: £99.99 Supplier: Electronic Arts Tel: 0753 549442 Dpaint was originally the program chosen by Commodore to be included with Amigas - and remained so until recently Over the years Dpaint was upgraded and improved, to the extent that is now
both powerful and very user friendly It is probably one ot the most used Amiga applications.
Dpaint is a classic Amiga application with menus along the top, tool bar down the right-hand side and a drawing area in the middle. Pressing F10 on the keyboard removes the menu and toolbar allowing you to you draw over the entire screen area. Features indude all the basic drawing painting tools you 11 need, simple text entry control, flexible block handling fallow ing you to cut. Paste and distort sections ol a picture), and a respectable number ot image manipulation facilities letting you rescale, rotate.etc. You can also create small animations (dependent upon memory available).
Dpaint supports all the normal Amiga display modes and new enhanced AGA screen modes.
PERSONAL PAINT Price: £59.95 Supplier: Meridian Distribution Tel: 081-543 3500 Personal Paint has now replaced Dpaint as Commodore’s chosen graphics program and has a very similar look and feel. Unlortunately. However it doesn't support the AGA or HAM display resolutions or, lor that matter, have any ol Dpalnts animation capability. The slow loading and saving times, and often confusing user interface may make you wonder why Commodore even considered Personal Paint.
Well it's not all bad Not only can Personal Paint support different tile formats, but it will also work with many third-party video cards (EGS and Picasso lor example). It also has a number ol file image processing facilities built in and has some impressive printing capabilities such as Postscript printing!
BRILLIANCE Price: £149.95 Supplier: Meridian Distribution Tel: 081 543 3500 Whilst Dpaint and Ppaint may be slugging it out. Another application, Brilliance, is tar in advance.
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Brilliance has a vast range ot drawing and painting tools, pretty similar block brush handling, support for the AGA resolutions, animation and similar brush ettects.
In conclusion. Bnlliance is quite simply the best graphics package on the Amiga, and extremely deserving ot the CU AMIGA 91% we gave it. JJ) A ind by Mail Order.
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GAMES EXCLUSIVE _ H ¦ Lucas tri*. Talks to PC Rjn;* WfiM ¦Ovn ttameslevic u- !
This month ' PC REVIEW is your complete guide to PC entertainment. And in a packed issue this month we present... How to make movies on your PC.... With the right hardware and software you can capture and edit video images and make your own computer videos. Read Mike James’ in- depth story for the products available now and the staggering implications tor the future.
2000 scenario disk ... all dealt with in PC Review’s inimitable style.
Ultima VIII: help is at hand with our easy to follow starter guide, plus full colour map to help you find your way around the world ot Pagan
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"CD-ROM is not the Holy Grail of the industry.
LucasArts tells you why.
The president ot Over 45 games previewed, reviewed and rated! Read PC Review's authoritative treatment of all the new games released this month on disk and CD-ROM. Myst, Genesia, Great Naval Battles 2, the first SimCity If it’s happening on the PC, you’ll find it first in PC Review!
CD32ZONE CU AMIGA To fill or not to fill, that is the question. I had quite a lengthy and enjoyable debale with Acid Software’s Mark Sibly alter the ECTS concerning ! Amount of space on a CD. And whether a developer really has to fill it to make it value tor money Take Frontier this month, for example, which appeared just too late to make it into our review section. The CD32 conversion ot the game is a straight port I with no added trills, such as improved music or the initially proposed texture mapping. The reason?
Gametek didn't think that the sales would deserve s amount of work that would have lo go into it.
I Obviously, there are two ways ol looking at this. From I one side, Frontier is a great game anyway, so why should it be improved?- especially it the price remains 1 the same on CD. On the other hand, Frontier only takes 1 up 650K ot the available 650Mb - which means that there is a lot of space lett over (some would say wasted). So ' which way does a developer go? Do they |ust bung on a ’ tew extra audio tracks, or a 15-mmute rendered intro, or ! Just stick to producing quality software and hang I the size. I honestly don't know, but it’s going to be tun ‘ tinding out.
1 Tony Dillon i Games Editor IT’S A MONSTER!
PC owners have been getting more and more excited at the prospect of Cryo's fabulous new adventure game Lost Eden. Now CD32 owners can begin to : tremble at the prospect of this monster ol a game thanks to Virgin, who are releasing the mammoth dino escapade in November. Set in a tantasy work) where dinosaurs exist alongside humans, you play Adam, alone against the : dinosaurs which are led by a mammoth T-Rex. Your basic role is to build a : citadel to keep the humans in and the dinosaurs out.
As you can see from these PC screenshots, it's an incredible looking game With breathtthwig rendered 3D dinosaurs and scenery, including caverns, forests deserts and undersea areas.
: it’s certakily one ot the most amazing games we ve ever come across We II
• have a lul preview m a couple of : months, but don t worry - we
II keep '¦ finding excuses tor pnnting more screenshots Contact
Virgin on 081 960 2255 tor more information.
SC toMhUytrz.-. ixTneSaies | C*g e W- CUT* ' working on the bigc -si CO game to date Cytrerwar II us- s the same gapf»c technology as B e* tea teg CO game The Law mower Um, based or the tilm ot the same name Taking up no less than three compact discs the game features stacks at ti screen ren- derec animations, and is quite a sight to behold. As lai as the PC version ol Cybermar goes, Doth an FMV and a style.
Ide, plus Pagan.
Printer sale 15 1-1 256 colour version are to development, with a C032 verson I due to be released lateronintheyear.lt ‘ has yet to be oeoded whether an FMV $ i C032 versor w* be ; Revolution Software are currently : putting the finishing touches to their j PC CD-ROM version ot Beneath A ; Steel Sky, one ot the best adventures : ever released in CU AMIGA’S opinion.
• Why are we telling you this? Because ; it's about to be
followed up with a : CD32 conversion, which will feature : 256
colour graphics, lull voice over : featuring the talents ol a
host of
• Spitting Image artists and an animated : version ol the free
Steel Sky comic as : an introduction. We ll have a full review
¦ soon so in the meantime DON’T ruin : the fun by reading this
issue’s solution.
CU AMIGA DIARY OF A GAME Out in Wales, where men are men and sheep are plentiful, two fine, upstanding members of the community are coding a game.
¦¦ fie story so far: John Jones I Steele ana Dave Rowe, other- I wise Known as the Stellar Genesis Agency are busy creating the ultimate CD32 game, featuring the kind of features you can only get on CD. The game idea has been developed and accepted by Mindscape. And John picks up the story. "Can four weeks have passed already? It seems that no sooner had I transmitted last months installment than this one became due ’ Firstly, tor those of you concentrating on the story so far. Last month there was a reference to an accompanying screen shot ot one of the rough mock-ups we are using to
speed up development "You will have noliced that it did not appear. Hopefully, this month you will be able to see this in all its glory (screenshot, far right). Also to be seen this month is the first view of the look and feel of the final "dressed" (ie complete with textures) room. This shows some of the features we will be using in the game, with realistic shadows from the wall lights and transparent walls (these walls have influenced the way the sprites are accessed - see later in the article).
BEGIN THE BEGIN , "As I said at the end of the last article, the full design of the game had now been accepted by Mindscape.
So the real work ot producing the game could start."
Even with the full design ready.
John still can't start coding It's the bane of a programmer's life thal they are always waiting around for other people to deliver the goods.
Before I could start properly on programming the game, the first level's rough art-work needed to be completed, along with the skating sprites. This was going to take Dave ¦ about two weeks so it ¦ seemed like a good idea ‘c' ¦ me to take a break Son was off to Gran Canaria tor ¦ iwo weeks ol serious Space ¦. Academy research (il you t ¦ believe that you will believe ¦ anything).
• » 1 Suitably refreshed, it ¦S. 1 was back to the grindstone and
or to Dave s lor an 9B update on progress The first thing that
had become apparent was how essential the models had been (see
the pictures of the models accompanying this article) To
produce the rough rooms.we only needed to rotate the model to
the correct viewpoint and then the room could be drawn "As can
be seen from the dressed room, the current room can be seen in
full, with lull lighting and shadows and with the adjoining
rooms visible - but with subdued lighting. As you leave one
room and enter the next, the viewpoint switches to tbe next
room by Hipping. As tonfl as memory allows, we are hoping
that the next room on either side can be cached in mem ory so
as to keep the delay between rooms to a minimum.’ CODER'S DREAM
Finally the coding can begin, and this is where the Stellar
Genesis Agency have to start putting their talent where their
mouths are.
Obviously, because the game has been designed by a programmer, the actual coding is already worked out.
All John needs to do is get typing "With the first 42 rooms, one level s worth, in my possession, the main programming could start Earlier, I said the spntes were influenced by Ihe graphics. There is one ofher reason The finished game will be coming out on both CD32 and DIARY OF A GAME CU AMIGA P?
! .each* glass ar PHONE 0480 498889 Fax: 0480 496379 Open 5 days a week 9am - 7pm CD32 TITLES ALIEN BREED 2 18.99 ALIEN BREED OWAK 16.99 ARABIAN KNIGHTS 10.99 BRUTAL SPOUTS FOOTBALL 19.99
19.99 ELITE 2 - FRONTIER 19.99 FLY HARDER 9.99 HEIMDALL 22.99
whether you require Disk o Visa Mastercard Switch Number:
CD-ROM. The ettects we want to achieve, ie sprites passing
behind glass and through shadows can easily be realised on a
system with 1 byte per pixel, but to do this on a pianar
system, as the AI200 and A4000 have, would be very time
¦Luckily on the CD32 we have the Chunky-to-Planar hardware that allows last conversion between PC- style sprites and the normal Amiga video hardware.
‘The way the effects are achieved is that as a sprite is being plotted to the screen, each pixel is checked to see if it is behind glass or in a region of shadow. I! It is. Then tne pixel is modified either darker for ¦he shadow region or lighter it it is behind a glass panel. This effect GOALPOSTS When creating a project of this size, oevelopment teams have to set milestones for themselves to break the whole thing down into manageable ks. SGA are no different.
- The first programming task, after me usual screen setup, was to
produce maps of each room which contained the positions ot
the walls to J«ow collision detection. With this i the main
character can now ? Around quite happily bumping mo the wall
• With this in place the first problem should be visible in the
screen shot of the jily-dressed room."
Into the and remove the skating c ters. He has I also Been working with the textures we mentioned last time, producing various flooring brushes ana waiipa- ( oer brushes
- eady for the task of completing the I fully dressed rooms |
once all the roughs are finished "At this point, I realised
that to go between the floor levei and the balconies I needed
the stairways to be available! We had already decided that all
stairs would actually be ani- mated escalators, so Dave
beavered away producing the animations for all views ol these
moving staircases.
• As I am typing away at this month’s episode. Dave is on his way
over with these animations. This article can now be
transmitted up to CU AMIGA'S modem and I can get on with the
ups and downs of the game1" And so we leave him at his key
board for this month, and look forward to next month's even
more exciting installment! occurred. In a usual isometric
game, the rooms are built up ot standard blocks which can then
be used for masking off the sprites legs or arms or whatever
happens to be behind them.
'In the design of Space Academy.
We are aiming for a fairly unique look for each room. With Dave busy creating different wall shapes, balcony barriers, doors and furniture tor each room, this technique witl not work.
"The answer to the problem has been to store depth masks of each object our hero can get behind along with a mask plane that holds the position of the shadows.
- This does mean that there is an enoimous amount of data stored
for each room, but that is what CD games give us, a huge amount
of data space on the disk itself along with more RAM in the
console so that this data is readily access.ble and does not
need to be reloaded from disk each time it is required."
Month, you thinking ti bit of a one-man operation at the so. As Dave has been working all ours in his valley home.
"Dave has been producing r frames of the character animations.
As soon as the masking works correctly. I can put noseir 'THEME PARK THE SETTLERS
17. 99 TORNADO
16. 99
18. 99
22. 99 URIDIUM 2
9. 99
19. 99 ?C00LW0RLD
0. 99 ? SIM LIFE
1. 99
3. 99
10. 99
19. 99 ?ZOOL
10. 99
9. 99 ?ZOOL2
7. 99
17. 99 THE BUG
10. 99
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| vocals, efc.
Only £7.00 MS Speed up the access of your tek drives with this memory re-udent disk acceferator. Runs quietly in the background of your Workbench Pack Price £4.00 TDK4-2. TURBO DISK TTTTI H A 6 disk compilation 0f I I ptrf ty ICO! '!)II crmtrl CVOI UmA'* TjjBwani includes fonts I vdeo backdrops, video
* ' 2* fillers. Lest cards otc Don't SI 16 s
15. 00 A six disk set of miscellaneous graphical r subjects,
including cars, people, sport, animals, etc. A bargain at
• "What a great game" That's what we have been told by everyone
who has tried this great Breakout clone, and we have to agree.
Version 3 now «... AAC10-4. ARCADE CLASSICS rmtMtmOHaca 1 Pkmin
Smcsinodes Wmfi Mwe gnaoB(M1sk cntyC'0l 5 AAC10-4. ARCADE Only
,h'ee Amiga Astronomy titles Stanwe* Planetarium 8 Astronomy
V2. A great Patrick Moore «*mar Ml MGB3-1. MEGA BALL AGA
Galaxians is Back! This the best version of this classic shoot
em up available It mill work on Amiga but is enhanced c the
Only £3 00 A must for all Sfar Trek fans, a four disk AGA cotecton of very Ngh quality pictures of Next Generabon Space craft.
Including: Enterprise.
Klingon & Romulon. Wei over 30 images.
Pack pnee Only £7.00 Only £7.00 Only £3.00 Only £3.00 The period companion for your Workbench. Edit icons in up to 8 colours.
Also supplied are over 100 ready made professional 8 colour icons.
Only £7.00 Qrun all your 48k Speccy software on the Amiga, very easy to use Over 40 classic Spectrum games supplied, you can toad from cassette via a standard sound Other games avaiiaWe' __ Pack price Only £5.00 ?_&PE5-3T SPECTRUM EM.. selection ol card including the Solitaire. Poker.
Ad loads more leledion ol card including the Solitaire, Poker.
D loads more Hundreds of general knowledge questions, liko Sport. General.
Entertainment. Politics etc. | Orfy £5.00 MM Only £10.00 CRD 10-4.
CRD 10-4.
¦M -r§« SpaceBalts Stale of Ihe Art IS lino of Ihe most Jk-r-r’in...1.! X |i BV ¦ f Amiga iave demos ¦ a'dund. Ncw.ho second f cad 'S heie even oiggei EC B a-c even setter 2 qre=f disks Unreal' SBL4-2. SPACEBALLS 2 A large collection of DIY hardware kits. Build your own Sampler. Memory expansion. Digitizer, etc. etc Diagrams induded.
Ony £300 Possibly the best graphes converter available Convert between PCX, IFF. Degas and loads more. 2 drives or hard disk.
Only £3.00 HW Pil. HARDWARE PROJECTS _ RLK5-10. TEN BLANK DISKS The largest collection of proper sound FX avafatxe on the Amiga. Subtects include: Anmal FX, Hunan.
An impressive collection of Imagine ob|ecls on a total of 10 desks, subjects include: Cars, Aircraft.
Startrek. Starwars, Animals & Dinosaurs.
Pack price £15.00 mmmmtmmmm maudes old. Power- •----k.i-HI'l . I ¦SnanBiNf imtbiweao*
- .-.I' ¦ ;:»r 11.
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CRM5-2. CRUNCH MANIA Patabas* (0 Word processor, Spreadsheet 0" J sp-«km«« « Dauwse nL_V Cjjf " powerful companion for wwuy i j an smaii bU5-MMS0S Si S9 Pack pnee Only £5.00 WEP5-2. W ORD FINDER SFX25-15. SOUND FX 1QD15-10, IMAGINE OBJECTS WFP5-2. WORD I A set of educational games for children ages between 5 8 8 All easy to e 8 load. Maths 8 || Spelling are covered.
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K PU9-4. KIDS EDUCATION IFC7-3. LITTL E OFFICE: A collodion of various hard drrve tools for backing up. Formatting, coping Wes. Repairing bad sedors elc. An esontial purchase.
H you want to play golt but don't fancy Ihe walk, then this is whai you need. 10 hole golf on the Amiga Easy to play.
Only £4.00 I A collection of easy lo use tools for degrading your w A1200 so if waB run most of the older Amiga games.
Only £4.00 require.
. Oflihe
* inAni.
Ih your Only £5.00 HDT5-2. HARD DRIVE TOOLS ? GLF4-2.18TH HOLE GOLF AR1 EPIC MARKETING, FIRST FLOOR OFFICES, 31a FARINGDON RD, SWINDON, WILTS, SN15AR NAUGHTY ONES CHAOS ENGINE RENEGADE £29.99 OUT NOW The Bitmap Brothers have been around q Renegade, but it wasn’t too long ago were the toast of the Amiga software Chaos Engine was one of the finest shi around on any horqe sysJem, and since converted to jusfabeut very other fo to see it corffng ffjme to another Co; The Chaos Engine is a gigantic m explore time dndspace - and it's goi The gigantic stfuaure has begun to badly that hum3Fr§volution
has beei human population has been mutai of monsters. The only solution is to team of men to find the machine and blow it to bits.
Enter the mercenaries.
Players can choose between six hardened guns for hire. Each party must consist of two characters, one either computer controlled or manned by a second player. Each of the six warriors has his own specialist skills. The Thug is incredibly powerful, but a little stupid, the Preacher has all the smarts and the ability to heal, but he's not too good in a fight, while others, such as the Gentleman, are intelligent and the Mercenary is a good, all round fighter.
There are four monster-infested worlds to explore, CHUCK ROCK 2 SON OF CHUCK CORE DESIGN £14.99 OUT NOW As the title suggests, the loincloth clad Neanderthal, Chuck Rock, has been passed over for the sequel to the popular Amiga platformer in favour of his much cuter son. Chuck Junior's his name and clubbing’s his game and we don't mean the get down and boogie variety either.
Junior's got to rescue his pa from the filthy Brick Jagger and to do this needs to swing his way through the jungle to the bad lad's lair.
The caveman kid starts each game with a full baby bottle of energy and when it's empty he loses a life. Simple stuff, but thankfully, if you lose one of those precious lives, you can just continue where you left off and not have to go back to the beginning. Junior may look as cute as apple pie, but you’ll notice that he comes complete with a rather hefty club. As you'd imagine, he can give out a fair old bashing with the weapon, but it also serves to protect the tot too. By pulling down on the pad you can balance the baby on top of the club, thus avoiding certain monsters that can't touch him
at this loftier height. In fact, there are a whole host of controls that are not at first obvious to those of us who prefer to use game manuals to rest cups of tea on, rather than read them. Junior can swing the club high to attack low flying dinos, he can leap on the back of some monsters who'll carry him safely forward and he can even jump on ropes and vines and swing like a veritable Tarzan across the screen.
The graphics are pretty dreamy, with six different scenes comprising of scores of varying zones. Junior can interact with some backgrounds by bashing them with the club and move rocks across the screen. This enables the youngster to move boulders over spikes and get over obstacles unharmed. There are quite a few surprises in store for the adventurer, with nice graphical touches including cavemen dressed up in dinosaur suits that disrobe as they get hit and huge walking dinosaurs that take up most of the screen.
What with all the different club antics, including a feature that allows Junior to set the club on fire to illuminate parts of a map. There's enough variety to make this quite an attractive romp. The sluggish Amiga cartoon intro has been speeded up to make one of the finest intros ever - the CD32 version finally does justice to the brilliant animation.
Chuck Rock 2 is now a well recommended purchase Steve Keen Flying througn me trees with the greatest ot case The naughty ones are John and Jim.
They've been trapped in the fantasy world of an evil king and the duty of traversing the five worlds and getting them back to their own land rests squarely on your shoulders. All you have to do is complete the various rooms that hold the heroes prisoner and then you can get back home.
Naughty Ones can be played as a single player game or you can team up with an equally mischievous buddy for simultaneous two-player fun. Each room consists of a cunning array of platforms, each patrolled by devious demons in various guises. Indistinguishable blobs scooch up and down the platforms whilst more sinister robots and mechanical contraptions have taken over other levels. Each of the five worlds has a different theme. The first. Mad Mechanics, has a mechanical mood to it with deadly cranes hidden cannons and heat seeking missiles standing between you and freedom. One of the more
devious worlds is Furious Fire, inhabited by compulsive pyromaniacs On this stage you have to extinguish all the beasts before they set fire to the level and bum it and you to the ground!
A platform game without pick-ups just wouldn't be on, so there's an ample smattering of objects to collect before you reveal the key to the level s exit You can pick up bouncing killer shots to take out baddies with, extra lives, immortality and extra speed to name a few. The monsters you encounter will also drop coins when they've been killed and it’s advisable to pick these up quickly to boost points and progress Naughty Ones looks cool enough on the CD32, but the main sprite graphics are pretty small, with some objects almost being missed due to their minuscule rendering However the game
possess some nice details such as conveyer belts and lifts to take you further into the game and some freak elemental problems such as flooding. Hidden levels and secret rooms are also included, scattered through out the five worlds and you'll notice that as the game moves along it gets harder with the enemy sprites CD ZONE CU AMIGA GUNSHIP 2000 MICROPROSE OUT NOW £29.99 G unship 2000 is regarded by many as one of the best Amiga flight simulators, if not actually the best. The one thing it had above all others was a realistic undulating tenain. Instead of taking a flat green landscape and iust
adding the odd pyramid. Gunship 2000 has a true terrain that you can property interact with, hugging the hills, following valleys and generally flying the game the way it was meant to be flown.
Coming from MicroProse. It goes without saying that the game is realistic, and a superb simulation, bul Gunship 2000 has much, much more than your normal flight simulator.
Now it's available tor the CD32, and boy are you lucky CD owners in for a treat. MicroProse have taken the Amiga version and enhanced it beyond all expectations For a start there's the wonderful intro sequence, where an AH-64A Apache chopper flies low over a lake and then goes into battle along a valley There's improved sound and music There's the 256 colour graphics There's increased speed and even a much smoother update Best of a«. Though, are the controls. On Amiga, Gunship 2000 used all sorts of key commands to do everything. On CD32. Only the important functions are kept on the joypad,
with all weapons, power settings and navigation controls at your fingertips. Secondary actions, such as changing your view of the game and examining the map, are brought up on a menu when the game is paused If you thought a flight simulator couldn't work on a console, then think again.
Gunshp 2000 deserves to be one of the big CD32 sellers. It's got stacks of action plenty of visuals, more explosions than you actually need and you can machine gun camels What more do you need?
Tony Dillon each with (our sub levels What makes Chaos Engine so mlnguing though is ts artificial intelligence. Each levet is slutted with different paths so that even
• hen a work) is completed you can go back and discover new
avenues to k*ow By picking up different coloured keys you can
move parts of the scenery to find hidden rooms and weapons or
by activating the various nodes in different order you can
reveal other levels. When most monsters a-e killed they throw
up all kinds of surprises, like weapons or special gadgets ot
destruction, allowing each player to have his abilities beefed
With improved graphics, a cool intro and brilliant sampled CD speech Chaos Engine more than stands tall on the CD32. In fact I'd say it’s one ot the best games you can buy for the machine. A classic shoot 'em up that's even better on the CD32. Definitely not one to be missed.
Let s hope that the team are working on some spectacular CD32 specific products - they'll be monstrous!
Steve Keen l pop video should be available by the time you read this. The movies on show this issue are The Hunt for Red October, Ghost, Naked Gun Two and A Half and the first music FMV title - Eurythmics, Greatest Hits.
This month sees the release of a film Alan's is just itching to get his hands on - yes Ghost has finally floated in. Quite why Alan wants to watch this timeless tear jerking romantic drama is beyond me, maybe something to do an unhealthy admiration of Patrick Swayze (heck he even knows how to spell his name!). Anyway, Ghost is a classic film, loved by practically SOUNDS All. RIGHT If you've got the CD32 and an FMV module and all you have it plugged into is your TV then you’re missing out on some amazing sounding experiences.
On the back of the CD32 are two phono jacks. Using standard phone cables connect these to your stereo via either a spare input connectors or the inputs for your CD player - remember CD32 has CO quality audio!
Next time you watch an FMV film or play a game, turn on the stereo and listen to the sound coming through, using your stereo to amplify the sound will enhance the FMV film experience even more.
Every woman I know, and more than a few men will admit to enjoying it - when pushed that is. As such this FMV version is probably going to go down a storm, and rightly so.
The sound is wonderful, with a depth and clarity that is up to anything yet produced. The visuals are pleasing, although there is a slight loss of detail in dark areas, but overall this is a good conversion. Ghost is a real eye-lash-drencher and worth adding to your collection.
Quick hand me a tissue!
The next film is one of my all time favourites, an absolute rip roaring semi-political, action drama. Originally released as the real East West cold- war was coming to an end, The Hunt for Red October charts the activities of a Russian captain trying out Russia’s newest and most deadly submarine. But instead of following orders he has his own plans and creates more than a few waves between Nato and the Warsaw pack in the process. A Strong plot, with the acting staring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin adding to a powerful atmosphere set both below and above the waves!
Like Ghost the conversion quality of Red October is well up to scratch. The sound in this film was particularly better than from my VHS video version, and came out wonderfully through my Dennon surround sound system (see box out).
The visuals were also more than up to recent levels and showed none of the fuzz that can be seen in early FMV films.
After overdosing on emotion with Ghost, and The Hunt for Red October getting more political than should be allowed, it’s time for some humour, and why not!
Naked Gun Two And A Half is fast paced, slap-stick comedy along the same lines as Airplane, and Police Squad. The film follows the antics of Frank Drevin as he stumbles his way through another investigation, if you find Police Squad humour enjoyable you'll love this.
It’s laughs a minute with this film, and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Sadly, Naked Gun has suffered very badly in the transition from master tape to FMV format - it’s the worse I've seen yet, apart from very early promotional titles. The picture blurs regularly, with a definite fuzziness throughout the film and there was also a loss of detail in several frames. Unless you’re a diehard Frank Drevin fan, avoid this one.
SWEET DREAMS When Commodore first unveiled the FMV card for the CD32 one of their biggest claims was that there would be a load of video Cds from the world of music. So far however, there haven’t been that many, zero to be precise, but now the first is about to arrive and it is a fine example of what is coming.
Eurythmics. Greatest Hits is, like the films reviewed, a double CD. As you would expect it features both the audio and video tracks to many of their best tracks, including Sex Crime, There Must Be An Angel, It's All Right (baby’s coming back), The King and Queen of America, and Would I Lie to You. There are 22 songs on the two Cds and added to this is a Eurythmics disography. The last track is a collection of still frames (why only still frames?) Showing their previous work.
BMG, the record company behind it, are also working on several other FMV titles, although no details were available at the time writing.
However BMG are one of the UK’s largest record company’s and represent other major artists like Lisa Stansfield and Whitney Houston so we should hopefully see some big releases in future.
Typical to the music business, which always tries to charge as much as possible, music Cds will be priced at £19.99, rather than the £15.99 that the films are being sold for.
Make the Connexion ? Eye el the Beholder CBM Amiga, PC & Compatibles 3.5' RRP £16.99 ? Winter Gold C64 diik. Atari ST, CBM Amiga. PC & Compatible! 3.5' RRP £14.99 ? Leisure Suit Larry 1" Atari ST. CBM Amiga, PC & Compatible! 3 .5'. Also available leiwre Suit Larry2™ RRP £14.99 M BrSB ? Another World Alori ST, CBM AMIGA, PC S Compatibles 3.5' RRP £14.99 ? Cyberton III Atari ST. CBM Amiga, PC & Compatible! 3 5' RRP £12.99 ? Cadaver Payoff Atari ST, CBM Am.90. PC & Compatible! 3.5' RRP £14 99 ? Police Quest 1™ Atari ST, CBM Amiga, PC & Compatibles 3.5' RRP £16.99 ? King's Quest I Atari ST, CBM
Amiga, PC & Compatibles 3.5' RRP £14.99 Also available King's Quest* II RRP £12.99 ? Hoyle” Book ot Games Vol. 1 Atari ST, CBM Amiga, PC & Compatible! 3.5'. Alio available Hoyle" Book ol Gomel Vol.2 RRP £12.99 ? Space Quest' 1 Atari ST, CBM Amiga, PC S Compatible! 3.5* RRP £16,99 K1XX. Units 2 3 HoKord Way. HoWord.
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Kingdom, Tel: 0203 681687 Fax: 0203 638508 Creating a PD disk
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CHEQUES P.O.'s - please allow 10 days. All orders despatched in plain cover. Mail Order ONLY. _ FIRST IMPRESSIONS CU AMIGA Be prepared to have your socks knocked off as you feast your eyes on the selection of games that we have for you this month. Can it get any better, we ask ourselves in a self-congratulatory tone?
Their hair is clean.
Their nails have been manicured.
Their shoes have been polished and their shirts carefully pressed. First Impressions can be so important, don’t you think?
SUPERSTi TEAM 17 THE GAMEPLA Y: Take Asteroids, add a bit of Asteroids, and for good measure top up with generous dollop of Asteroids. Alternatively, take the previous game Stardust, and add some more Asteroids. If you think you could be overdoing it slightly with the Asteroids, then add a stunning 3D tunnel sequence for variety.
WHAT'S NEW: Not a lot since the previous game. This is essentially an upgrade of the standard chipset game released through Daze Marketing late last year. Glorious 256 colour graphics, more ray-traced chunks of rock than you could shake a stick at, and the tunnel sequences have been greatly improved.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Bloodhouse, a Finnish company, are the team responsible, with their only other release to date being Stardust itself. Don't worry, though. These clever Finns aren’t a single dimension enterprise. They've got plenty of other games to come, and they aren't all based on Asteroids'.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: We loved the first game, so of course we are going to be a little biased towards this one. Provided they don't change the playability of the original too much (although it could be slightly easier?) Then this is a sure fire hit.
An Itchy trigger linger Is |ust j what's needed to play I Superstardust. And Tony Dillon?
He's Itchy all over.
THE GAMEPLA Y: Elfmania Is a beat 'em up lo end all others. A fat king has taken over a land by force, and you have to hire combateers to go in and rescue the turf that's rightfully yours. Every fight you win marks a cross on the board that is MEGADE A CU Screen Star Is for games scoring 85%- 92%. If a game gets one of these, It'll be of lasting quality and you can rest assured that. If you decide to purchase It.
You won’t be wasting your money.
¦I it 93% and a game's worth a Superstar. We hardly throw them around, but II a game gets one It'll be completely outstanding.
SUPER STAR FIRST IMPRESSIONS THE GAMEPLAY: Naturally a large Dart of the gameplay is actually Sensible Soccer, upgraded and
- pdated, but this time around there is a hell of a lot more to
see. How about every team and every player in every eague there
is? Pick a continent, pick a country and pick a division - all
your favourite teams are there.
WHAT’S NEW: The number of teams the game. There are games around "¦'at allow you to tailor leagues and cups like Sensible World Of Soccer does, but there aren't many that let you do it with African Second Division teams! All the strips are correct and even the colours of the players heads and hair is right. How do they get so much detail in there?
BEHIND THE SCENES: If you can't guess from the title, then you shouldn't be reading this magazine.
Of course it’s all been coded by Sensible Software. Who else keeps turning out games with very small characters? OK, DMA Designs... FIRST IMPRESSIONS: If I said it looked anything else but wonderful, then I'd get lynched. It's Sensible Soccer, so you can’t really go wrong with that, and it's been cranked up to a new level. It will go to number one and stay there for a year, as usual.
THE GAMEPLA Y: A fast platformer where you. As Ruff, have to race around enormous colourful levels, collecting a set number of coloured marbles to take you to the next world. Jump on thmgs to kill them, or shoot them if you can. And do all the other cute and crazy things that we keep seeing m platform games.
WHAT’S NEW: Not a tot. As far as I can make out from playing the game.
It’s a platformer. Borrowing as much from others as they aU do That isn't to say it’s not a good game, it just isn't completely original.
BEHIND THE SCENES: The game is being coded by Jason Perkins, who you will know from his previous work on Apocalypse.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: As I've said, it doesn’t come across as entirely original, but it’s playable enough and looks good enough to appeal to a wide section of gamers. At the moment there are a few playability bugs to be sorted out, but once they're done I’m sure it will be great.
The world, and when you get five in a i«ne you win! You only have a limited amount of cash, so being frugal at the start means you can splash out on the really big battles.
WHAT'S NEW: The Connect 4 idea.
:or iheTfrst time, we have a beat em mpletely mindless.
: fust having to work your dozen very similaf to play a rripre ling a pf ?__ Tiole d by t not bse new to com- t Stav was Nor some of the biggest t games eVer, particularly when ne to the ZX Spectrum.
Welcome to the Amiga, Stav.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The game is in quite a playable state at the moment, being only a month from review, so I can easily say it’s a great game. An excellently coded product, it’s almost guaranteed to fly off the shelves as soon as it hits them.
' 4r eei
r. M .. »ILL x
• IT ,
* "7 m ¦ WORK IN PROGRESS CU AMIGA Simon The Sorcerer is prepar
ing 10 make his big return. To some, i! Might seem like he has
never been away, but since the lirst game was finished the boys
and girls at Adventuresott have been beavering away like mad to
create the ultimate graphic adventure. There are those who may
think that Simon stands up quite easily against anything
other programming teams have to show But be prepared to be
amazed. Simon The Sorcerer 2-the lion the wizard and the
wardrobe really does look like it's going to be a whole lot
- We've really gone to town," proclaims Mike Woodrolfe, beaming
Irom ear to ear.
¦We've got seven full-time artists now, alter silting through over 300 applicants Irom one advertisement.
It's surprising how you can work through so much high-quality art. And end up with a shortlist of 20 to 40 artists, and then tind out just how many can't make the jump to computer art. One bloke came in lor a test, and walked out in an hour. He did superb artwork, but couldn't hack it on a machine.* With the CD32 version of Simon The Sorcerer out of the door, Adventuresott gets stuck into his second escapade.
Tony Dillon discovers that things are looking better than ever in wizard world.
FRUITY IMAGES Take a look around this page, and you’ll see the fruit of these seven graphic artists. Although the game is easily recognisable as the sequel to the original, the actual quality of the art is streets ahead.
"The artists started work on the something goes wrong, and Simon s dumped outside a shop belonging »o the good wizard Calypso, and hriarious consequences follow.
«awK wN YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED The puzzles in Simon 2 look far more complex than its predecessor - there e no way Vampyra is going to solve one in a day. For example, when Smon arrives outside Calypso's tf»op in the Wardrobe. Calypso tells
• **n that he'll need to get some Uucosade to generate the 1.21
G awatts of power needed to get the wardrobe going again. To
get some c* the Mucosade, you have to get nto the Royal Castle.
The King is ooking for a new magician, so he holds a
competition. When you arrive there are all these crusty old
wizards. And there's no way Simon could compete against these
guys with their heavy-duty magic. So the only way to win is to
cheat. He goes to the Street Of Traders, and buys a
Do-It-Yourself stink bomb kit. Then he has to get some swamp
stew from the Swampling who, in the meantime, has gone upmarket
and opened a chain of restaurants called McSwamplings and
doesn't make stew anymore. At this point things start getting
really complicated, and without wanting to give too much of the
game away, a Swampling costume is made, the stink bomb is let
off. Various things are done to various people, and then...
well, you’ll have to wait and see.
FAMILIAR FACES Once again, Simon Woodroffe, the author the of the Simon games, has borrowed copious amounts from popular fiction throughout the script.
¦Simon does this a lot," explains proud father Mike. "If you read through our games, you'll find quotes from all over the place. People like things they're familiar with. This is why Simon 1 has been so successful. They know the story of the Three Billy Goat’s Gruff. They know the story of Rapunzel. It all works for them. It’s familiar ground.” There’s no shortage of familiar faces in Simon 2, just in case you were wondering. Most will have already got the connection with the title (a tip of the hat to C.S.Lewis) and quite a few will have got the Back To The Future storyline, but there is
much more to it than that.
The Three Bears make an appearance in this game, but in this case Goldilocks is a persistent offender, and as a result the Bear’s cottage is like a fortress - they are so fed up with Goldilocks coming in and raiding it. The Lady Of The Lake makes her own waves in the game, dressed in a wetsuit and oxygen tank. You will need to get past her, but she won't let you until she sees the royal seal, which in true Simon tradition will .
Actually be a seal - the kind that do tricks with balls and catch fish!
One thing that Mike is taking into consideration for the sequel is the move to CD-ROM and CD32 platforms. Whereas the first game was a text-based adventure that moved eventually to CD. The script for the sequel is being written with the spoken word particularly in mind. And Mike has laid out for a Hollywood collection of sound effects for the game, which, when combined with the new improved script make the game just as enjoyable to watch as to play, as the running demo Adventuresoft showed at the ECTS proved. The inclusion of sound effects will also be a welcome relief for fans of the
original game who only had the choice of music or silence. Mike has listened very carefully to criticisms and praise for the original game, and is confident that Simon 2 will be the first graphic adventure to get it completely right.
The game should appear somewhere towards the end of September, so don’t hold your breath for it. We’ll have a full review as soon as we can, but until then, just drool over the screenshots.
0Daze software is fast becoming one of the largest RPG adventure specialists in Europe. Steve Keen gets the latest chat, straight from the intercontinental fax, on their latest spectacular creation.
¦ shar 3 is set To defeat Shandar you have to be in j-in?
WORK IN PROGRESS and taverns RPG fanatics on! Uro* that adventure games are loaded with options and features, and to mt be pleased to see that Ishar 3 la re different Players can choose thee own names, race, class, appeararxa and characteristics from over 100 1 different personalities. These indw* ual characteristics also affect the action in the game.
"We’ve given every character hisrher own individual style." States Louis Mane. ‘Some may be prone id stealing, others may not be trustworthy and lie a lot, whilst another grouo may be murderous and do away wr !_»]¦ *ftyg party members. The Hsrdpsflif programming le.r- "ave created real lr Mfj righting with wilj RfeptflJS tactical screens and ¦KM even impleniented a SyaVyJTB System mat can ,-¦¦¦ ruct co -bat ivo'y ™9hi 10 rta* * 1M lshar 3 ls l0,al|f mous« driven and all the actio- iwflttauj takes olace with the Ira ditional ooint and dick PpiWl interface. From first impressions Ihe sfyle
LvsHarK) leei ol ,,,e 9ame are m a class of Iheir EBB|Q own and. With its varied suo ccts - ”.r .- • is ’ inileiy not as JsHBJEJ stra ghttonvaid as other RPGs. Marie adds: "Linear is not a word you oould use to desenbe Ishar 3. There are always dil- lerent routes to take and alternate avenues to follow."
Although Siimarils have put humungous efforts into Ishar 3 they reserve the title of Most Technically Advanced Game that they've produced for the soon-to-be-reteased Robinson's Requiem. However, Ishar 3 is looking stunning and is delinitely one of the most eagerly awaited adventures we've seen tor a long time.
Louis Marie concludes:"Ishar 3 is an extravaganza of an RPG with undoubfably the finest graphics and Ihe best plot we've come up with yet Fans ot the previous two games will not be disappointed" And we’re certainly not about to argue with him. For now © I to ini oui exactly the right place at the right ¦ ¦* HiUJH ¦ snores m time, whenever imt tune may be.’ » .yrV 3 ® % June .I'd i • .-Kf program •let time s I'JtriW, IfluDy' •' '' mersSImanls are constantly factor n the enure Siimarils praduc »' ••V-MMdSf y&i updating me code, they are conliden: tio- schedule Tie.- u'ogrammers tdji that it
II keep its protected release have been beavering away on Ishar daw “-eolot for the third adventure Jforo.er yea- ¦ .v Out it 'ooks like goes like this: The evil wizard it s been worth the wan Shandar from s'iar3has made a "The AGA version teatures gor* surprising comeback His plan is to geous 2S6 colour graphics Nl¦»?!!¦ SBbAI tfj reirv arnat.- ¦ ms»n f anorhe- lorm enhanced vcurtl ..-nets a'd • iMer so the search is on lor another body gameplay than jusl about any other Putting out all the stops the mad wiz- RPG around." Continues Louis Marie.
Ard decides to come back ns a head ot the company s production lUNl ~ anflSW t,g ;-EllSrta'J gigantic 2.000 year old winged team "The CD32 version will feature Z-'' lure is immortal and the last mated li m sequences that we ve yet EB r-aSPf* I Wirr ~ remaining member ol the Black to announce All the action m ishar 3 H|CL Dragon race So it’s down to you to is in first oersor 31) ano the graphics B g? 55?®!® 8 destroy the mr-c-ta dr agor be'cve nave even tw. Dec- and -..ma-n Shandar can take control ot nis soul. Able atmosphere man the previous iplf "We’ve introduced a two games What we've
tneo to 00 BfflJiR ¦ ' whole new host ot tea- is recreate the leeling ot t lures for the new Tolkienesque adventures on the game," say the home computer and produce a Siimarils program- game ol exceptionally highly pot- who’ve been scanned in and digi-
- ¦ainr mers- rtn Ishar 3 ished. State-ol-the-art visuals, with a
tised Irom professional photographic ¦” you have lo Iravel
stunning plot. For us, Ishar 3 is rich portfolios. Every one
has their own back in time and in dream like images, colour and
personality and they develop as find the key plot sound and is
the closest anyone has individuals as the game goes on. A Ant,
points scattered ever come to producing a Tolkien- whole web ot
sub-plots keeps the . W throughout history like adventure on
computer." Game ticking along so that even by using the senes
. ..... when the final goal ot destroying the of
lime gates-oor- WHAT A PICTURE! Dragon wizard seems miles oft.
The ’ tals that ooen up Indeed Ishar 3 teatuies incredible game
nevei becomes boring pockets back to graphics with the added
novelty of because mere are always equally the past.
Photo-realistic characters. Exciting tasks to undertake along
¦¦“All the characters have been ere- the way.
Ated by photographing real people .
" . And digitising them into Ihe game. A-Z ANYONE?
J Louis exPlains Seven different locations appear in £ This gives the game an even the game including jungle fort'ess (BHBL moie realist - tee .mo se-ves to draw mountain and (0r«st scenarios K ca- create your owr .• depe-omg o-w'c-time : ban H choose the - aopi-arance trom a you re m plus tr-ere are scores ot series ol Fn-nc mooes. Indoo" locations like casino, temple Remember.
So many battles, tor, is short lived.
Is cast anew on the walls of the citadells... ance me new itself, in pursuit ot the dragon of Sith, s last survivor of the Great Black Dragons... the saga of the Kingdom of Arborea, Ishar 3 niverse ol the RPG. With its strange worlds, mythical adventures, imaginary creatures - possibilities of creating and reusing the characters Irom past adventures.
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1. Complex -Reoi *AGA* I
2. Foculty .ethol Dose 2 , .
L. Uewi iann Iromi |l F«l Goodl 4 Movement Mina Omittr *AGA*»
S. lomjom Toste The Difference * a 121
6. flying Cowvlome BBS intro 7,Crypt burner. -Brain** in q box.
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OF PRICE PER PAP DISKS DISK 1 10 £1 Cl II 25 95p Cl 25
90p Cl 50 ~ You may not have heard much about them yet, but by the end of this summer they will be the name on everyone’s lips.
Let me introduce you to Vulcan Software.
The Portsmouth based trio of Terry Carrington, Paul Carnngton and Lisa Tunnah are extremely excited Towards the end of last year they came together as a brand new software house, called Vulcan Software, with the aim of righting wrongs, fighting injustice and showing the world just what the Amiga is capable ot. Three months into production of their first game, coder artist Paul is sitting in the bath when he ones the proverbial ‘Eureka' and runs screaming to his keyboard. And so, Valhalla was bom
- the game that looks likely to revolutionise adventure games.
TALKING ABOUT THE FUTURE Valhalla is the tale of a sweet young fellow who has returned to his homeland to stake his claim for the throne which is rightfully his.
Before he can do this, though, he has to work his way through an enormous tower, puzzle solving all the way. Battling past guardians, pits, spikes, traps and just about anything else you can think of.
Still, he’s a resourceful young fellow and with a little luck and ingenuity, he will succeed at this most i impossible of quests. Oh, by the I way. This is where you come in.
LOOKING UP Playing the game at this early
e. things are looking quite S3S$ 88g:S amazing Ignoring the
typical side- on view favoured by the likes of LucasArts,
Valhalla plays from a top- down perspective, so you watch the
player Irom above as he smoothly walks through the castle, his
hair swinging with every step See him get trapped by a spike
See him tall down a pit Chuckle as he looks up at you and says
in a dear voice I'm scared What? Didn't I tefl you he could
speak? It s true, I say. Valhalla is the first ever talking
adventure to run off floppy disks. Four disks ol samples
provide you with scintillating conversation and amusing
insights into the work ing of the castle as you trundle around
fixing injustices Why else did you think Paul cried 'Eureka?
Okay, so CD owners might not be immensely impressed, but the
entire CU AMIGA team was when this disk appeared in the post.
The intention is to give you a character to play with, one you can identify with and enjoy controlling.
There is little text in the game, and the simple control method (five icons, indudmg the save and load menu!) Means that players will be able to concenea* on the game without worrying about missing anything or not using anything in the correct way If you try . The tttle guy on screen will look up at you w«h those imploring eyes and say 1 can t do that' SPEAK CLEARLY Vulcan are conwieed that this is the way forward for adventure games, and playing the fv* level of this five- level game, I’m indmed to agree.
Obviously, the samples aren't as dear as a CD adventure and they are limited to a couple of seconds at a time, but they do add to the gameplay a lot. Even Ms early on.
The one concern that Vulcan did have was that there was to be no disk swopping at all. Somedsng they have succeeded at. You switch disks between levels, but that s as far as it goes. Running from floppy will mean a slight lag Between selecting an option and heanng the speech, but as this will Be less than a second. There is no danger of floppy users losing out With some very dever programming and recording techniques. Vulcan Software have come up with a groundbreaking piece of software. As I speak, the game is about three weeks from completion - quite a feat considering it's only nine
weeks ok) at time of writing Quite why the game has developed so quickly is a little hard to pin down, But it could just be that Vulcan Software are a very dedicated and enthu- siastic Bunch, who love great games and are iri HP ' love wilh ihis one. Or JfM perhaps because Ihe only cnrrprses three people, the wailing time lor all the ¦ different elements of the game such as sound, graphics and so on is dramatically reduced because there are fewer channels for all the components to go through.
Valhalla should be released on all Amiga formats within the next month, with hopefully a CD32 conversion a little later down the line.
Until then you can dribble over these screenshots, and lor the A1200+40MEG A1200+64MEG A1200+80MEG A1200+170MEG A1200+212MEG A1200+250MEG A1200+340MEG A1200+420MEG A1200+540MEG £399.99 £439.99 £454.99 £499.99 £514.99 £539.99 £579.99 £619.99 £699.99 £27.99 WARRANTY COLLECTION ONLY ONLy ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY 40 MEG only E129.99 64 MEG only E1S9.99 80 MEG only E179.99 120MEG only £199.99 170MEG only E219.99 210MEG only £234.99 250MEG only £259.99 340MEG only £299.99 420MEG only £349.99 540MEG only £449.99 PAST niOPBSSXOIIAL MAILORDER
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m att). Hai crass lad*.
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drive, we cover your coaiputer for the reaiainder of ita
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11. 00 to 4M.ll nid.14 OV.r 1100.
I ha.uy or Ir.gil* lt*o xnt by lot only 1 4«*t 11.141 Ororugbt
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FREE fitting EX OVP Al230 2 40MH1 I aockat lo. PPG.
• • 11077 €1177 4Mn •• 111.7 11147 7404 11147 Cl.
..ww 11177 11147 GVP GENLOCK £289.99 MI MIGENLOCK FRO £144.99 4000 040LC 6MEG j:»e to iicr as mnai «n » 1410 TO *»«* 010 44TC P*! *» Vibl II ... viol liar .
Vibl 1417 .
. 114.77 . 147.71 . 114.77 . CP.11 I XJLAItn (aacKanqai SHARP TV MONITOR 1 I0C19T in Aaigi la*d.
ONLY t164,99.
Nirito ooww in pnxca
- :.r
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(429. 99 zi.z ju , „ art bik 4 cm aito . M, u.. iMnH k» Ik* tra
y*» r cWrl *.i .1... • .. .. CU AMIGA sometimes falls, but
by god does he Football eh? A game ol champions. What a
platform for modern heroes. What a good way to get your
head kicked in. Yes, we all love a good kick around down
here at CU AMIGA HO. And it s a good job too. Why? Read on.
Anyone who even halt reads any of the popular Amiga games magazines should already be more than slightly aware that we’re about to be set upon by a large huddle of footy games. (Incidentally, if anybody thinks they know the correct collective noun for footy games, please feel free to write in to us on a postcard - just don't be surpnsed il we bum it immediately). What you might not be aware of though, is that US Gold is the only company to have the official World Cup licence, and as a
• esult wili be producing what promises to be a real stonker.
The preview matenal for World Cup USA 94 is a hefty okt Bundle and features Strfcer, the World Cup's mucol very heavily ndeed As if to gloat in he faces of their com- peMors US Gold have slapped the footballing dog lust about everywhere. And have mvnated him, and I duote in 'a light- hearled and humourous way to show-off his ball control and lead the player through the generous opeons' (i.e. pranong around with the be! At every possible moment) From this port on its options ahoy and it's as good as guaranteed you’ll be playing the game exactly as you want it If Mr Perfection is your
middle name (like Tony Dillon, or is that Mr Plonker'?) Then you re ttely to be well satisfied by the package, as set piece practice a probably the most impressive option here The player is able to rehearse lust about any aspect ot the game, including kick- offs, comer kicks, throw-ins. Free kicks and penalties - you can even decide whether you want to play as the shooter or the goalie during penalty practices.
With each of the game’s training options you will be able to play either against a second player, the computer, or just an empty pitch (and if you've seen some of my tactics you'd be forgiven lor wondering it I could score even then!)
All of the qualifying teams are included in the game, but patriotic folk (i.e. those genuinely upset by tho fact that the British team was too sad to compete) will be glad to know that a special sad donkeys step this way' option has been included to allow you to play as any national team you fancy. This is done by editing the teams that are actually supplied, and yes, this even includes the sad bunch of rejects that is the England squad (let's not forget it was under Graham Taylor's rule at the time!)
More standard options are at your finger tips too. Allowing you to affect the players speed, the balls glue factor' (Well, Graham Taylor could be descnbed as a bit of a Pritt Stick), as well as the pitch type and weather You'll also be able to switch the offside and back pass rules on and off.
As far as individual teams go, you can not only change their appearance using the strip editor, but can also use the formation editor to either modify existing formations or to set up your own from scratch, allocating set zones to each player.
World Cup 94 hopes to inject atmosphere throughout, using a number of graphical drop-ins showing refs faces, cards issued, etc. as the game progresses, and after each game you'll also be able to enter a debnefmg screen which will show both teams' overall performances and various items of statistical data Though we stand to see many, many tooty games before the year's out. World Cup '94 promises to be a game to be reckoned with. But then again, don't they all! Tune in for a lull review next month (hopefully). S) Put Your Finger on the Buttons of the ‘Very Best Amiga Word Processor’
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Palettes • user definable tools, user buttons, paragraph sty!
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AU infomatiim correct at time of going to press. E&EOE All Trademark acknowledged.
The document shown war output on a low con Canon Bubble Jet.
SoftWood GAME REVIEW James' super Gravity boots allow him to stick to any surface - even it that means hanging upside down1 This makes tor some very strangely designed levels!
James Pond is back, and he’s bigger and better than ever. Tony Dillon can’t swim, but we stuck him in the fish tank anyway.
And surprise, surprise. He floats!
SUPERSTAR Ask anyone to name one ol the most influential Amiga platform games ever, and they'll invariably mention James Pond in one of his previous incarnations. Taking what made certain console games the huge sellers they are and making them better is what made Robocod the smash hit it was, and I'm pleased to be able to announce that in he sequel to the sequel, Millennium have gone even further. If you only ever « CCCC CCCC cccc cccc ¦ buy two platform garjjies for your A1200, this is vr one of them. (Bubble N’ Squeak is the other, but you don’t need me to tell you that).
If you’re expecting* another Robocod, however, then prepare to be shocked. Operation (Left, lop) For the molt pen, Jemee will spend most of his lime collecting moons.
(Lett) At the end ot each level Is a transmitter, which has to be destroyed.
Just because you can't see anything, It doesn't mean that there's nothing there. There are hidden blocks and switches all over the level, and sometimes |ust lumping through the right airspace can reveal a plethora ot moons or a new way across the level.
Starfish couldn't be further trom that only down to the intense speeds original smash, flobocodwas tar this runs at. However, betore I get more in tune with Mario than this you all excited over the game itself, game, which teatures more than a tip how about a bit ot the plot to get you of the hat to Some The Hedgehog, if really moving?
Play around with, and each one is absolutely huge, easily 20 to 30 screens long and who knows how '.many high. You'll find almost no similarity between Stem either. It's not as rl you can work out a strategy for completing levels like you could with Rohocod. The only thing that remains the same about each level is the fact that you start at one end and somewhere near the other end is a transmitter that needs to be activated by collecting a number of much of a level you complete when you reach the end - for example, il you only collect the bare minimum ot teacups to activate the
transmitter, instead of all the teacups on the level
- then more than one path can be displayed. Depending on how you
play, there are literally dozens ol ways to work through the
game, and the only levels you need see twice are the very early
As I've already said, this game takes a lot more from, say, Sonic than it does Mario Sure, there are still lots ol hidden blocks to head bang against, and there are plenty of enemy sprites to leap upon and destroy with your leet. But the whole thing is considerably taster than the last game In Robocod he rolled along at a leisurely pace most ol the time, occasionally building up speed when he came down a slope. In Operation Starfish, James has a , gearbox. You start the game * in walk’ | mode.
IfllP 81 TNI S!HPshpu SSY- Doctor Maybe, the ever pre- " k sent enemy of F.I.5.H., t has been keeping quite a I low profile lately, ever since being defeated at . The the end lot "Agents were ’ put on his tail after the battle I at the Toy factory, but he soon slipped surveillance, he next thing of any importance to happen was the disappearance ot a NASA Space shuttle. Maybe held a secret meeting in the desert, from which a large ftash was seen streaking heavenward.
Only one conclusion can be drawn - Maybe has taken the shuttle and set up a base on the moon! What else can F.I.5.H do but send their top undercover agent to that large ball ot cheese in the sky to track down Maybe and close down his opera-
• ons lor good.
In true secret intelligence style, Pond has been decked out with all f* latest equipment, such as boots
* »at allow him to move without the dscomlort of reduced gravity
and sized breathing apparatus I let him run around freely in an
5 environment.
As always there are dozens of
• ms left lying around for him to up and use to his advantage.
Provided you can figure out where to use them You don’t need me to tell you that Operation Starfish is a platform game, but what a platform game it is!
Easily the biggest seen on the Amiga, there are over a 110 levels to t you race around each ol the Imll.
There are all sorts ol goodies uniting lo he discovered Here is just a selec I lion ol Ihe toys on otter.
Ir crossing large spaces, Ihe I umbrella slows Pond s descent lo an I almost standstill, allowing him to make far I longer jumps than ever before.
GATEAUX GU this tiros a selection ot ditlerent trait, depending on the number ot power-ups you have collected lor it. It starts oft tiring bouncing apples, but as you increase its s -ae punch The whole thing is held together with an enormous map which, in true console fashion, grows as you work through it. At beginning, there is only a small section and a single level displayed.
Complete Ihe level and the path to the next one is shown Interestingly enough, only part of the 111 levels in the game need to be completed to reach the end. Depending on how capabilities, you can work all the way up to homing cakes. This gun is handy lor dear ing a path along the ground, but needs a little practice to make good use ol H when in the air.
Can be thrown at enemies, or especially at large boxes ol TNT. A short (use means that it will explode shortly alter being thrown, so you best get out ol the way as quickly as possible.
Evur lancied taking a piece ot moon roch home with you The cheese can he thrown at enemy sprites as a weapon, or can be used as a stepping stone to allow Pood to reach higher platforms around at , controllable . Rate but k can't 1 climb the J sides of ' mountains.
R Pressing the space bar takes him into 'run' mode, where no surface is too sheer, even hanging upside down Yes, Pond's boots recreate a field ol gravity, but they do it on any surface. Not necessanly the one that forms the crust of the moon Remember, this time Pond isn't racing around inside a conveniently-designed building. This is the moon we are talking about, and you couldn't hope tor a more uneven surface to run around on.
Still, unless you actually jump, Pond sticks firmly to the ground he's walking on, and as a result can often end up running upside down, up the side of a wall and even round and round a single block if you aren’t careful.
All this has made for some very dever level design, and Chris Sorrell stands to be heartily congratulated for the. A finer designer of platform games has never walked this earth, in my opinion. Even though the game is so large, you are very rarely left wondering where to go next. Every screen is packed with clues as to what to do, even if said clues aren't particularly blatant. A tree might extend above the top of the screen, or you might come across a blank wall with a considerable amount ol open space in front of it. It doesn't give the game away, but it does add a very nice puzzle element
to what is already a superb game Take the first level, for example.
Right at the very start there is a block just hanging in mid air. Leaping oft it » GAME REVIEW kfiRMM: m Mf-BfflMA m mis nm msi ei MnwffB Rfnet jt m 6f BMMMHVO!
Energy or a life, you know why and you know you could have avoided it.
There are no hidden, nasty surprises, and the controls are good enough to allow you to fly through the early levels.
The ultimate follow up? I think so.
Millennium have the Pond series (town to a line an now. And I should think so too considering the numbev ot platforms that Robocod got put out on. II you've seen the incredKNe Megadrive version ot this game, then you'll be happy to know that this is identical.
An amazing game - it's |ust a crying shame that non-AGA owners will have to miss out.® V'f v 'm4* 1 means mat it will take some people weeks belore they segpalt ol it.
There are enemiea just as tough as Pond, and it you can get through w level two without losing energy within the lirst titty times ot playing 1 me game. I'll Oe very surprised | It isnl frustratingly hard.
Mwtf| though, and that's partly .-.'•.ri man's me g.nvp so addictive.
Whenever you lose accomplishes nothing, nor does hitting it. Yet running along a hit you tind a bomb. Drop the bomb on the block and when it explodes, it takes the block with it, opening up a wormhole to a secret S bonus room Theresa f _ prize ot five games ot 3 « your choice to the lirst person to map out all the secret locations in this game!
Yep. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but Jim's Pond 3 - Opention Stirlish will not be available on anything but the A1200 A4000 series.
The reason lor this? The game is just tar too big to lit on the typical A500 set-up. There is no way the levels would ever lit on a 1Mb machine, and rather than take a risk on ruining the game by cutting it down. Millennium have cancelled the A500 version. It you really want lo see il on your non-AGA machine, then gel your 2 Meg upgrades now. And start p MILLENNIUM £25.99 O SOLE O MIO!
Visually, the game is wonderful.
Although it is very different to RoOocoa and Aquatic Games m mat it is nowhere near as colourful (but what do you taped when it's set in space?). It also doesn't seem as cute as me last two games Instead, mis is a tougher, meaner Pond we're seeing He's a fish ol action, not silly little dances and cute expressions. There’s bags of character in the game, too, although some ot the cuteness gets used against the player.
Take the sweet little chicks, tor example, who rush to meet you when you walk near them Happily they waddle across the landscape, until they reach your leet, at which point they explode taking some ol your energy with them. Gits.
One thing this game is, though, is very, very tough. The size ol it alone n our Pond expert. Smokey McArel.
As he takes a nostalgic look back at the bistory ol this incredibly success- to! Computer character: JAMES POND It all started as a tiny little platlorm game, with a t.sh who swam 1 a lot and rescued I other lishes. Erstwhile I CU AMIGA Dep Ed Jon Sloan swore by this one.
Thinking it to be the best ¦ thing since sliced bread.
Ii -i M | while current Dep Ed Lisa Collins is right behind him I on that one. 01 course, looking at it now it I does all seem quite primitive, with little ot I the charm and character that have made I Pond such a leading character, but at the I time, well, what can I say.
IS YOU* ROBOCOD The game dial made die llsh. Millennium really hit the nail on the head with this one. Taking the Mario lever that was sweeping die land and creating the perfect game with it. Dressed in a metallic body suit, Pond could extend his waist vertically to enormous proportions, allowing him to reach high pladorms and other interesting things in the sky. He had a whole selection ol vehicles and gadgets to play with, and one ol the most whistle-able soundtracks ever heard In a AQUATIC GAMES Bit ol a no-no. This om. It looked great, and played well, but there |ust wasn't enough game in
there to keep Joe public interested. Aquatic Games featured all sorts ot cute sntics and cuddly characters, but Ihe sight ol Pond in shorts just didn't leave much lor the imagination.
PLAYABILITY *96% One ot the best arcade games ever released for the Amiga. J OVERALL 94% THE ULTIMATE FOOTBALL MANAGEMENT SIMULATION FOR YOUR AMIGA The Tactician Select your team and play the transfer market using real player data to make your decision. Unique tactical section enabales you to have total control of individual players. Change your tactics during the game using the unique preset tactical options-should you hold onto that one goal lead or go for another?
Review the comprehensive and detailed statistics to plan your progress when you need to.
The Coach Organise your coaching and training. Get your scouts "on the ground" invest in your youth team and nurse your injury list back to full fitness. Select the best backroom staff to maximise your team's performance.
The Manager Deal with full post-match newspaper reports on your performance.
Take tough decisions, deal with your chairman, sponsors and fans.
The Businessman Negotiate your contract, look after yourself and make sure your're the boss of your own destiny.
The Winner You're a 35 year old new boy - how long is it going to take you to get promotion, fill your trophy cabinet and build a dynasty. Your time is up after 30 seasons at the top.
We have managed to create an ultra advanced ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE simulation of gameplay and player decisions. Relive the superb animated highlights of goals, saves and injuries. Everything you get in any other management simulation and more.
Amiga available in June RRP £29.99. Amiga CD32 to follow.
Distributed by: Published by: IMAGINE HOME ENTERTAINMENTS LIMITED for further information contact us on 0480 496497 AMIGA AGA CD32 pCTD rpr- j 1 Amiga - available now CD32-June 1994.
Amiga AGA - July 199- About £20 each HIGH QUALITY SOUND SAMPLES TM* toyt..MIVMlLHOIIttMl Ud. SB Iff*, ft*** low AC 13'
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DriMnOi. CtMt Sit Drum «(?3i 023 0BGAMS 324 BEILS _________CCS SOUND FX n*m«C 30) 026 FXPERC LOOPS P»m Tom. Snra t Bm StniihKio |N) 02' OftUM LOOPS 1 BaslSnaraiHMM CrfnMM 4 Ton |B3| 026 CRUM LOOPS 2 TN-WI. CM-71. LOCM Nc (64| sk&ssbbs’
(14) U*l«fM* * 16 KfMiWlMMMIMII FW Orwecilfl MaiPRlMKlin
SdN&FBKkM|9 ON PKKn. ! 9D-toi2S0«A 10-19 Omk* L2 00 each.
20o rare 41 V aA. The Ccoplnr in Add il 00 (wy sur onto)
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MUSCLE DYNAMICS is a new body building system based on principles developed alter years of exhaustive research. It is a total exercise programme involving Ihe very latest scientific breakthroughs in the field ol muscular development It is the fastest, most effective way to build muscles in existence.
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MUSCLE DYNAMICS,P.O BOX 70, DOUGLAS, IM99 tEH Tel: 0624 801023 (24 hrs) _ _ .--MTjjj
- -------------- .MUM Postcode . (A sump lor reply
appreciated) HASPLTINI Rasputin Software, 38)40 High Street,
Green Street Green.
Orpington. Kent BR6 6BJ. Phone: 0689 - 850770 The football management war starts to flare up this month. Tony Dillon reports live from the scene.
RhftJS UILMOT MAS LIGAMENTS PEDELEMS MO WILL MEED R FITNESS TEST AMIGA SCREEN STAR- market is as quite happily, buy every hat comes out. Why?
Jobs that ed in any all of whom 'XSXQN ONE Cammie is the man behind the successful Football Tactician series of games, a mail order only set, hailed by many as the most realistic available. The reason they are so realistic is that the whole thing really is j feasible. All the teams in t Tactical Manager ate set up M as they are in real life and A the highly-detailed player statistics aro as dose as you are kkely to get. The end result is realistic scores between teams, and authentic looking transfer deals. TM isn't about having a lot of money and buying the best players, unlike most ou could
care to mention. It's more about using the team and the limited finances you have to come top of the league.
TM features a multi-player system which allows up to 42 human players to play at once (any player can step in at any time to per- J form the act! Ons they want) so Jf no more tedious messing about [ with turns wth computer play- ft ers I lling all the gaps. It's your V job to win every singe league ¦ and cup you can. Wb le raising your own profile Each manager has a rating, and that rat ng decides the level of team you can manage. You won't be ablo to loac it the first time and manage Manchester United, for example, but after a couple of seasons, if you've played well enough, your rating
should be high enough for you to apply for the job.
WALK ON... This game has more menus and options than I could easily mention here but you'll already know that if you've played this month's coverdisk.
You'll also know that the matches aro presented in such a way that you actually want to watch j- them. Three fwrwnrS***"- levels com- ¦ mentary let you in on the ¦AAJ action. The simplest, and fastest commentary ft shows you the goals PW only. The second com- UfV montary gives you all the » match highlights and the third gives you ball-by-ball action.
The highlights work best, as far as I can see. Especially if you enter the 80-minute point a goal down. As you are only told the interesting parts, with a small rectangle moving up and down a drawing of a pitch to show position, things can actually get quite gripping. Try it for yourself, it's true!
Tactical Manage- might not be everyone's cup of tea. It doesn't have the smooth and flashy presentation ol many games, and it's simplistic layout may put some people off. However, underneath all of this it has a superb management engine grinding away.
Overall, TM is a very absorbing tactical game - one for the kit bag.
FULLING MILL LANE, WELLWYN, HERTS AL6 9NP. TEL: 0438 840004 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: MANAGEMENT TEAM: CAMMIE MAERTENS CONTROLS: MOUSE NUMBER OF DISKS: 2 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 42 HARD DISK INSTALUBLE: YES MEMORY: 1Mb GRAPHICS SOUND INSTABILITY PLAYABILITY ???? ????69% ??????? 96% ??????• 93% on the plethora: gement simulation games ly out there? Well, Cammie ens.TMs programmer, seems re cracked it. Anyone who reli- y plays football management s will already know that Extremely Involving. A great game.
L] I n |? LifpTsfp sisii i : ?:• !u*i oisis I Its!; r *«» o» m .t * uUrPI V M ! I 81 I i i II i 399193313 ||,,,Pls 11 111I 00 Capacity box 140 Capacity Box |200 Capacity Drawer
6. 95
8. 95
12. 95
12. 95
1. 99
8. 99
3. 50
3. 99 50 100
27. 99 200
53. 99 250
66. 99 500
129. 99 All products srt subject to availability - All prices
include VAT. Plaata Add £3.50 P+P for disks end boxes or
£5.99 if goods roguirod ovoroigbt E&OE DISKS ARE OVER
457111 2 Off 4off PRICE EACH Citina I20D I24D Swift 24
2. 75 155 Cltizee Sirift 24 Celoer
11. 95’ Pints,it KXP1080 1123 1124
3. 25
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4. 95
4. 75 Pontooir KXP 2123 Colon
10. 95* Slot LCI0 IC20
2. 68
2. 40 Slot LC10-4 Colour
5. 50
5. 25 Slor LC24-10 24-200 2-95
2. 75 Sler LC24-I0 Colour
9. 95* Slor LC200
3. 00
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9. 95* St., IC24-200 Celear
9. 95* HP Doshjei 500 Deehio Refill Com BJIOE Mr iUfill
9. 95*
9. 95* Ninan orkr - 2 riUm utofl lira eorkoJ rft ¦ iiTiriiE'
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Ouiekshot Maverick IM Joystick Suickshot Mouse ouse Mat Roil
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monitor cover Star Citixen huasonic 80 col. Printer cover
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• Disks supplied free orUywtw ordered direct from BS8 First class
postage tor Books and s*gle vdeo free toeU Postage E3 per book
(I C6perbooke Leave rxodxng to chance and invest in this
bumper-value pack which contains the Amiga A1200 Insider Guide.
Amiga A1200 Next Steps Insider Guide and a txghly polished
1-hour trairwig video The video teaches you how to set up your
Amiga and use the Workbench. The pack also contains tour daks
ot essential shareware software and documentation Please send
to: Bruce Smith Books Ltd, FREEPOST 242, PO Box 382, St.
Albans, Herts, AL2 3BR.
| I enclose a choque PO for £ ....made payable to Bruce Smith Books Ltd.
Alternatively charge my I-1-1-1-1-1-T I-1-1-1 I I I I j Vlsa Access Mastercard Number: Exoirv Date: ...Amount: £ ..... Name Address ... ..... Postcode Signed: .. J Mastering Amiga00S3 Vol. 2 ® E21.95..J
- J MasMing Amiga AMOS 0 £19 5 Amiga Workbench A to Z ®
£14.95 Amiga Disks and Drives 0 £14 95_____ Itettnng
AmigaDOS ScnfC0 £19 95 Assembler insxjer Guide 6
£14.95 .. Amiga A1200 UtskXr Gude 0 £14.95 _ AitigaA1200
Next Slogs 0 £14 95___ ? Maslenng Amiga System 0 £29.95 ... .J
Maamng Amga Assembly @ £24.95_ J UiSmqAmgiXRmSQI *.
? UasMfmg tags Dogmas 9 £1995- Mzsttnrg taga00S3 Vol. 1912195 J WoM«richTi«rWVk»0£1O.99- A1200 Bogmnets Pack 0 £3995 (lit VAT) pW £3 pip________ GAME REVIEW Game number one - Statix. Take Columns - the Tetris variant that had more in common with Connect 4 than anything else - and stick it on a see saw. That’s the only way I can think of to describe Statix, one of the most addictive puzzlers I have ever played. Okay, so it might not look like much on a screen- shot, and your first thought could well be the same as mine - it looks like a Gameboy title
- but believe me there is a lot more to it than that.
SYNER W Are Black Legend showing the console market that the Amiga is still good for a few more original puzzle games? Tony Dillon looks at Synergy - a brilliant double pack of two very different games.
SCREEN STAR The game starts with a brief description of what you need to do to finish the current level (build a certain number of lines in varying directions), and then all hell breaks loose. Pieces appear at the top of the screen, and you have a couple of seconds to position the block before it drops to the bottom. There The skull blocks cen't be removed, so you need lo be very carelul where you place them.
Who's been playing particularly badly then?
On* more block on the left, and this clown's had It.
Are five different types of block, and getting three in a row removes them from the pile. Essentially, all you have to do is make sure that neither side of the see saw touches the ground, which can be extremely tricky when you have the whole thing heavily loaded, and then you drop a block that removes half a dozen pieces from one side. To play this game well, you need to stay half a dozen paces ahead of yourself.
With various ways to I play the game, from a simple one-player set of j levels to a two-player challenge, this will keep you hooked for ages. Slatix is : not a very exciting game I to look at, but as far as I | am concerned it is a very j exciting game to play.
Admittedly, there are peo- pie out there to whom this p won’t appeal at all.
FtggS However, if you loved Mtetris, you’ll get a real kick out of this.
This is another unusual puzzle game, as far away from Statix as you can get. If you can remember US Gold's E-Motion, then you’ll have a fairly good idea as to what this game is about. You start off with a group of two or more balls at the start of a small maze and you have to get them to the other end. To do this, you fix one of the balls in their current position, while the others orbit it in a geometrically satisfying way. To move around, you need to change between balls by clicking on them when they are in the position you want. It might sound complicated, but in practice it's quite simple.
One way to explain it would be to imagine a line, with three points (A,B and
C) . You have two balls, and ball 1 is fixed to point A. As ball
2 swings around, it passes over point B. If you change balls
while ball 2 is over B, then ball A will swing around, passing
over points A and C. Get it?
Well, I would draw you a diagram, if I could.
The end result of this mind bending maths is a fairly addictive and extremely tough puzzler. There are all sorts of traps and spikes dotted about the levels that will destroy your balls on contact, and if you have less than two, you lose a life. It's that simple. What else can I say, except that it’s great fun, and you could do a hell of a lot worse with your money than buy these two games!
BLACK LEGEND £25.99 A500 9 *500. 9 A600 9 A1200 9 A150ofi A20QQ 9 A3000 9 A4000 9 BLACK LEGEND, FULLING MILL BARN.
2. 5* Internal Hard drives lor A600 and At 200
40MB .it 19
65MB ...£139
85MB ...£149
120MB £209
170MB .....£269
209MB .£329
2000 A3000 AND A40000
* Supports Mitsumi LuOOS or FX 001 ID CD Rom Drive « Includes
"PloyCD" utility for audio Dust Cown .... .... Did, Box*,
from . Monitor Slond Real Timo
Clock At 200... Scon Coble ... Printer
Coble* Modem Cable* .. Null
Cables .... SCSI Cable* ...
2. 5-IDE Cable ..
2. 5-» 3.5-Cable Au»o mou* Joystick
Switch....----- Philip* 8833II Cable .
Branded disc 110).,,, ....
3. 5" internal drive tor Amiga A500.
3. 5" internal drive tor A600 .... drf.lcdMe System Babd
CDFS ASIM CD-ROM filesystem and single photo Cds most IDE hard
drives » Supports TANDEM...... TANDEM ? CD ROM.... £69 £269
..£339 £289 ..£199 £389 ..£199 CDTV ADD ON FOR A500 or A500+ I
A570 .....£99
MULTIFACE CARD 3 Multi I O card for Amiga A1500 A2000 A3000 or
A4000 2 additional serial ports and 1 parallel port £99 £239
£260 £299 £479 ...£1399 3599 £159 £200 £249 £250 £124.99 £154
£154 £295 £129 £149 £199 £229 £299 £205 £819 SCANNER POWER
SUPPLY ALFADATA 256 Greyscale Scanners for A500 A500+ A600
A1200 A1500 A2000 A3000 new A4000 AD 105 with Touch up and
merge it software ...£119.95 ADI 05-* with Touch
up and merge it and OCR Software ......£169 (ADI 05*
require 2MB RAM od hard drive) ALFA COLOUR 256K 18 bit colour
scanner fer al AMIGA system AD
105C £339 M1GRAPH COLOUR BURST 262144
colour scanner with OCR ....£389 A500-A1200PSU
A2000 ... £34.95 £79 95 A 4000 (32 BIT RAM) l
MB £49.95 2MB
..£49.95 4MB
..£149.95 A1200 Ram with
dock upgrade- able FAST RAM board to 1,2,4 or Bmb with
optional floating point unit 1 MB no
fpu .£89 2MB no
bo ...£115 4MB no
bo ...£179 8MB no
bo ...£359 SPU lor above (alao
tor A4000) 20MHZ .£35
33MHZ .£79
40MHZ .....£114 50
MHZ ....£154 A600 RAM 1MB
no clock ....£23.95 1MB with
clock ..£39.95 A500 RAM 1 2 MB no
dock ......£14.95 1 2 with
dock ...£24.95 A500. RAM
A500+1MB ......£23.95 Simms RAM lor
QVP Hardrlvss 1 MB 32 bit ......£29.95
4MB 32 bit .....£149.95 Simms RAM lor
GVP (At 230) 1 MB 64 pin .....£49.95 4
MB 64 pin ...£179.95 PCMCIA CARDS
2MB ...£109
4MB ...£169 Hard
drive for At 500, A2000, A3000 and A4000 (Spec as above)
Controller only £89 65MB with
controller ....£209 85MB with
controller ..£249 120MB with
controller ..£279 200MB with
controller ..£299 250MB with
controller ..£319 340MB with
controller ..£339 420MB with controller
£369 540MB with controller ...£399 Haw
Oktagon 4008 SCSI-2 controller with up to 8MB upgradeable
tor A1S00. A2000, A3000.
Now A4000 Controller only £99 170MB with controller ..£299 340MB .....£349 540MB .....£549
1. 2 Gbyte £899 2 0
Gbyte ..£1599
4. 0 G Byte ..£2499 Amiga A500 +
A500plus IDE controller for A500 and A500+ with 8MB RAM option
for standard 2.5' or 3.5’ I P C.compatible hard drives
Controller only £89 65MB with
controller 85MB with controller.. 120MB with controller 200MB
with controller 250MB with 340MB Amiga A4000 040 .
Hard drive 85MB2.4RAM ...£1895 120MB 2«4RAM _.....£1919 200MB 2.4RAM .£1939 250MB 2.4RAM .-......£1979 340MB 2.4RAM .£2069 420MB 2.4RAM .....£2149 540MB 2.4RAM .£2299 Amiga A4000 030.
Hard drive 85MB HIRAM .£899 130MB HIRAM ...£969 200MB HI RAM ....£999 250MB HIRAM £1039 340MB HIRAM ...£1099 426MB HIRAM . £1199 540MB I. I RAM ._ £1299 Amiga At 200 Computers A1200 £285 AI 200 - 40MB ...£385 At 200 • 65MB .£440 A1200 . 85MB £465 At 200. 127MB £490 At 200 .
209MB .£540 Desktop Dynamite pack tor above please add £40 Amiga CD32 Console CD32 with four Games £289 Hewlett Packard HP 310 . HP 510 . HP 500 Colour . HP 550 Colour ...... HP1200 Colour . HP 4 loser Printer ... Citizen Swift 90 Colour Swift 200 Colour ... Swift 240 Colour ..... ProJet
M .. Seikosha SP 1900 SP 2400 SI 90 .... SI 95 .... Star 1C 20 ......- . 1C 100 Colour . LC 200 .. 1C 24-30 Colour ..... LC 24-300 ... SJ 48 BubbleJet .. Fargo Pnmero Printer . £58
EPSON .. £53 Epson GT6500 power scan .£699 £58 Epson GT6500 ASDG .....£789 Epson GT8000 power scan ..£1199 Epson GT8000 ASDG £1298 POWER SCANNERS Power Scanner 4 (mono) Power Scanner 4 (colour) Power Scanner 4 + OCR . Power Scanner 3.. Commodore 1942 Commodore 1940 Commodore 1065 .Itisync COMPUTERS PRINTERS SVGA Monitor .. ALFADATA 290 DPI mouse .... ..£9.1 ALFADATA 400 DPI mouse .... £13.1 ALFADATA optical mouse ...... £291 ALFADATA optical Pen mouse .£34.1
ALFADATA crystal trockboll ... .£291 GASTENER 400 DPI mouse ... £U1 low Cost Mouse .. 40MHZ AI 230 OMB RAM FOR AI 200 .... 40MHZ AI 230 4MB RAM FOR AI 200 ... 50MMZ A1230 II 40MB RAM FOR AI 200 .... 5QMHZ AI 230 II 4MB RAM FOR AI 200...... .. SCSI Module ... GVP ACCELERATORS MICE AND TRACKBALL ACCESSORIES Repair Service v service centre lor most Amige computers.
We offer a quotation service of £10 for which we will examine your computer and report back with an exact quotation price for the repair. If the ilr Is carried out the £10 is then deducted from your bill.
How to order When ordering by telephone please quote your credit cerd number followed by the expiry date and also your full name and address. If paying by cheque please make It payable to Gasteiner Technology. In any correspondence please quote a phone number and also a postal code, please allow five working days for cheque clearance.
M Delivery Charges s under ttw value ol CS« pWM add £3.50 P*P Other item* e.cept lasers, nexl day court- ar service £10 per Do. Oft snore and Highlands. Please call lor a quotation. In addition we otter the the following express services: Saturday Dalivary normal rate plua £15 per box, Morning, next day normal rala plua £10 per box. E ' change without prtor n riinai ibis l i J wx. Mvmiiii,, !10 per box. E & OE prices sutysct tc ». All trademarks acknowledged GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA Have Ocean Software come up with their own Amiga Sonic beater? Tony Dilion isn’t so sure.
Ocean have been very quiet recently as far as the Amiga is concerned. Even though they hold in their hands two of the most awaited Amiga games to date (Inferno and TFX), for quite a while now we've had little cause to chase the cheeky Mancunans for review software. So quiet were they that I almost didn't hear this package drop through the letterbox. While Millennium are jumping up and down with joy at the release of James Pond 3, Ocean are whispering that Mr Nuts has arrived.
£235 £349 | £369 £9.99
13. 95
29. 99
34. 95
29. 95
14. 95 £8 £6 £5 10 15 10 , £5 £8 £8 CUTESY Mr Nuts is a cute
little squirrel who has to save a planet trom the clutch ot
evil chickens from outer space.
Okay, so the plot might reek a little ot Allred Chicken, but we ll gloss over that tor the moment.
Using all his skill and judgement.
Mr Nuts has to work across the huge maps that make up the planet, systematically closing down all the chicken bases while helping his triends Mr Hitpoint, Mr Rabbit and Mr Pigeon.
He does this in two ways. Firstly, there's the scrolling platform bit, which looks absolutely gorgeous in these screenshots, you have to admit. Bright, vivid colours, large n levels these spaceships tly around ir some strange reason.
34. 95
79. 95 cute sprites, and if you could see that silky smooth
animation - oh, it would take your breath away. This is
only a small part of the game, however.
The real game happens in a Zelda- style scrolling walkabout around the map, finding bombs, opening chests, talking to characters and so on. For some reason this all takes place in a window that takes up no more than an eighth of the screen, which is incredibly frustrating. Mr Nuts is, basically, a mapper s dream, as they mark down all the paths with their twists and turns along the way.
Using teleporters, ladders, rafts and bombs you work through the map until you close down an island. Then it's off to the next level.
Looking at the game, it's quite obvious that the whole thing is perfect for the younger market. The characters are all done in a cute, colourful way. There are no real taxing puzzles and the platform sections are over as soon as they start. This is no justification for the low mark, however.
SHORTY The relatively low mark I’ve given it has come about due to the one major shortcoming that Mr Nutz, like so many before it, has suffered from: there is very little gameplay.
The map section is far too simple to be of any real value to a games- player, and the fact that everything happens on a tiny screen is unforgivable. Why not make it full screen? It would have made all the difference!
OCEAN SOFTWARE LTD, 2 CASTLE STREET, CASTLEHELD, MANCHESTER M3 4LZ. TEL: 061 832 6633 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: PLATFORM TEAM: NEON CONTROLS: JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 3 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1Mb It’s the platform section where the whole game falls apart. Mr Nuts can run at approximately 130 miles per hour. However, levels are only playable if you move at 20mph.
Interestingly enough you can belt from one end of the level to the other at top whack in around fifteen seconds and only lose a small Great presentation.
Shame about the rest.
Amount of energy. This game will only pose a problem to real games- players if they let it.
Just as well, really, as the colour scheme renders everything in the platform sections little more than a multi-coloured mess. I’m all for using hundreds of colours, as long as they aren't all garish green! What is the point of having a game so colourful that you can't actually tell where ihe backdrops end and the sprites begin?
I was getting hit by things I couldn’t see until they’d hit me, and avoiding things that ended up being nothing more than on-screen ’furniture'.
NO GOODY It’s just a real shame that this had to come out at the same time as James Pond 3. It really is. Not that I want to get too negative or anything, but there really is no competition. One is a last, playable platformer with puzzle twists and various other interactive elements, and the other is bright, colourful but ultimately thin and characterless. RfTT, OCEAN £25.99 Try out all the latest, greatest games at LIVE '94, the UK's most exciting consumer electronics event.
Meet the big names. Nintendo.
Commodore Amiga. Panasonic 3DO.
Philips CD-i. Sega. Enter the Games Zone.
Put the hottest new games from all the top software writers to the test.
© See the Nintendo Challenger and Panasonic 3DO Showliner. Quiz the gurus from your favourite magazines* in the Games Arena. Get the lowdown on some incredible tips, hints and cheats.
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Get your hands on a ticket. Phone the LIVE hotline or return the coupon now.
Remember - if you're under 16, you must have an adult with you at LIVE '94.
I --- ! Please tell me more about LIVE '94 and i how I can get a ticket to the UK's most | electrifying event.
I Name: | Address: .... Quickshot Steve Keen snatches up his Balabushca and rests his sweaty palms on the green baize table once more, as he tests out the latest pool game.
'm a bit of a pool demon and as such, I was really looking forward to playing this latest super-value release from the Team 17 stable. Call me Mr Opportunist, but when this month s software was up for grabs I grasped it with both hands and made a speedy retreat to my bedroom with a four pack of Tizer and family-sized packet of smokey bacon crisps. I just couldnT wait to rip the vacuum packed ding film off it!
MCAD I POT LUCK A lot of people can I understand the fascination poof gurus have with thumping a pack of different coloured balls around a cushioned table, but to most it's as addictive as a caffeine- filled Quarter Pounder with eirtra cheese. The version is specially tailored for enhanced Amigas. But win run adequately on most (1 Mb and upwards). The inclusion of the British red and yellow ball game, with English rules, is long overdue and. Particularly in the mode, the game has a distinct pub feel. The use of a cue that pops up every time you take a shot and actually draws back to the edge
ol the table is a lot better than other systems, where you just click a mouse button and stand back as the balls start to shoot off all around the table.
Now, you might think that playing Arcade Pool will be a doddle after hanging out with the big boys down at your local pool hall, but you couldn't be more wrong. The control system is simple enough, just drag the cursor over towards the ball you want to hit and place it down. In certain conditions and on certain levels a staggered white line will appear showing you exactly where the cue ball will go after II has made contact with the pack.
This Is very useful for positioning shots as you can quite accurately judge where Ihe while is going to slop by watching the animated shadow that follows the path of the white before you take the stroke Down on the bottom right of the screen are the power bars and a white ball with a tiny cursor in the middle of It. You can dick on this and drag it around inside the while to add side and screw-back, an acquired skill in both real pool and the computer variant.
• •
• .
• | '.9fTI!T 6 i flflOTVN BBOLUN Simple to appredate. Yes, but
incredibly difficult to master with any degree of accuracy. For
some reason I had more success with these ’professional'
skills during the American games I don't know if the pockets
were slightly bigger on the Yank tables, as they are in real
life, but a greater percentage of shots that I took whilst on
the blue baize table, were sank than on the green.
IN THE BLACK Loaded with options, the game has just about everything a would-be e MflQIO SRUOIfl hustler could want. Different table frictions, skill levels, shot aiming aids and set ups are just a few Most notable are the eight different versions of the game you can play, such as 8-Ball UK. 9-Ball US. Slraighl Pool and Survivor or Killer, as it's more commonly known in pubs. This is where you get together with up to eight mates and take lums to pot any ball. Every time you miss a pot you kill off a life and the last player left in the game wins.
There's even an option to try out those fancy trick shots and a custom pool game that allows you to practise plays Aside from the obvious versatility of Ihe game, not everything in the garden is rosy. The control method, a cross-haired cursor affair, requires absolute pin point accuracy if you want to avoid ricocheting the balls off the cushions in unexpected pinball fashion, and il lakes a trustratingly 9C3DPQ long lime to master. I play pool with a great deal of instinctive intuition as to what angles to use and had to totally readjust my aim on every shot.
Also, the computer Is a hustler in disguise - il hardly ever misses a shol. However, if you can keep up with all the different rules used in the different pool variations and have the patience lo learn the game again from scratch, it's quite a laugh. Alter watching the computer pot its fifth ball in a row off four cushions was left feeling well cheated! Therefore, lo gel the best out of the game play against a friend. --T.
TEAM 17 £9.99 500 9 500. 9 500 9 1100 9 1500 9 rOOO 9 3000 9 »000 9 TEAM 17 PROSPECT HOUSE, BUR0UGH R0A0, WAKEFIELD WF13AB.
* *??*?*?**75% PLAYABILITY
* *****»«*«7B% (Humungous value lor _ money tor pool Ians. 5
OVERALL 81% rvHi’s Requiem is a j| adventurc simulation sei in
a ly realistic virtual environment the i which has never been
seen before.
Venario «ied on an alien planet youraim is to escape. If you have to tie one of your own limbs to stay alive, then that's what you must do.
Es more than 100 variables managed in real time : your hotly tempera’ pain, disease, gangrene, hallucinations... Mson rular world in mapped 3D. Computed in real time. Over 3 square miles ol play area includes : canyons, hill'
• . And caves.
' hallengc
- nd gather food, find water, make your own clothing and weapons,
deal with health hazards and fight off predators, test survival
skills to the very limit, and get the hell off that planet!
Available for PC and compatibles AMIGA AMIGA 1200 ATARI ST STE Falcon Coming this September: Jaguar. 3DO. And CD32 versions !
SILMARILS UK, 2 CANFIELD PLACE, LONDON NW6 3BT TEL : 071 328 2762 FAX : 071 328 2738 DEPT CU06SC Unit 3, Cross Keys Shopping Mall, St Neots, Cambridgeshire PE 19 2AU TEL: 0908 3795SO Fax: 0908 277142 . - AMIGA GAMES OWB DAY Of 019* AMIGA GAMES Mr Nut*---------------- MrNut*lA1200) ... Mr Nut* (600| ...... Nick Faldos Go ..... Nobby The Aordvori.... Noddy's Big Adventure.
One Step Beyond .. Frontier Elite 2 £19.99 Mortal Kombal £22.99 Terminator 2 (Coin-Op).
T. F.X. (A120Q Tornado ~ .... Total Carnage
.. Tracksuit Monoger '94- Traps ond Treasures..... Turrkon 3
(A600). ... Turricon 3 (A 12001 ----- Twilight
2000 Twilight 2000 (A 1200)..
U96 UFO------------------------- UMS
Compilation .. ..22.99 :i«
- 13.99 ..22.99 ..19.99 8.99
- 31.99 ..19.99
- 16.99 8.99
- 22.99
- 16.99
- 19.99 ..28.99 Cannon Fodder £19.99 Anim.
DIRECT SPECIAL BARGAINS Walker Westem Grant------------ When Two Worlds Wor.
Wing Commander .. Joguor XJ220 (IMegl...... James Pond 2 ( Robocod) James Pond 3 ... James Pond 3 (A1200)- ...9.99 .18.99 .19.99 .19.99 .16.99 .10.99 .16.99 Dennis (A1200I..... Dennis & Gnosher.
Reolm Of Darkness ... Rise of The Robots .
Rise of The Robots (1200) Road Rash ...... Wi* N b .. Woff Child . Zool 2 (A1200).
Jimmy Whites (Bundle)______ Legends of Valour ..... lemmings 1 ...... Lemmings 2 FREE*FREE When you spend £50 or More on 3.5 or CD32 Games you Recieve Zool FREE FREE* EDUCATIONAL SOFTWAR AMIGA CD32 Amos Professional ....32.99 Amos Professiond Compiler ......24.99 Deluxe Point 4 (lMg) .55.49 Deluxe Point 4 (AGA) ......60.49 Home Accounts 2 ... ....-34.99 Kindwords 3 (Wordprocessor) ....._29.99 Mini Office (Wordprocessor,spreadsheet, Database * Disk Utifcties) ......35.99 Maxiplan 4.
The Publisher ... 29.99 Tecnoplus Business Pock Contains Wordsworth wordprocessor, K Spread 2, Spreadsheet * K Data database) Gulp . Gunship 2000.
(lmea) . 59.99 Wordsworth V.2...... 76.49 WE WILL MATCH PRICES !!! NEVER BEEN BEATEN 11 TRY US!!!
19. 99 Inferno ..
Akira ..... Alien Breed 2 ..... Alfred
Chicken ..... Arabian Knights Bubba N Stix .....
Bubble & Sqeok . Castles 2 . Chambers of
Shoolin Chuck Rock Dangerous Streets .... Deep
Core .. Dennis .
19. 99 International Karate Plus.
,17.99 International Soccer .
10. 99 Jamba la
19. 99 James Pond 3 ...
19. 99 Jurassic Park......
17. 99 Labryrinth ... , 10.99 Legacy of Sorasil 1700 i
17. 99 Uberation.
13. 99 Util Divil.
17. 99 Lotus Trilogy...
19. 99 Microcosm......
19. 99 Morph .....
19. 99 Nick Faldo.....
19. 99 Nigel Mansell.
19. 99 Psycho Killer... .19.99 Pinball Fantasies.
.19.99 .19.99 .19.99 .17.99 .17.99 .19.99 .19.99 .12.99 .10.99 .19.99
19. 99 .19.99 .19.99 .17.99 .19.99 .10.99 Robocod .....
.19.99 Ryder Cup ... .17.99 Seek and Destroy .23.99
Sensible Soccer... Surf Ninjas ... Summer Olympix &!!*=
.23.99 Total Carnage ... .19.99 Trivial
Pursuit .... .19.99 Trolls - ... .30.99 Uridium
2 ... . 19.99 Ultimate Body Blows.
.23.99 Whales Voyoge . .19.99 Zool .19.99 ADI English (11-12 yr* ... ADI French (12-13 yrs) .
ADI French (13-14 m) ADI Junior Counting (6-7 ADI Junior Rood mg (4-5) ADI Junior Reoding (6-7 i ADI Moths (11-12 yrs)..... ADI Moths (12-13yrs)...... Aft Mom |I3 I4vts‘ tvnvoo 3 » *r%i .
Fveachgol 3 .5 7 yri! . .
Kmwkool 3 7.
Furathool 4 Svyrsl . .
FvmwtwvsJ 4 V1 y ti Fvrockooi 4 7 «*ii .
Megosvuks A lewd I s ToGCSe .
M*ra t»enrf "lo Got! .
M*n Ger-von (To 0CSC .
W r«Mote1oGQl‘ .
Mera lo OCSe. .
Mxro -Socrvsh (To GCSI .
- rrrMs’ llrv .
Per* • Create lS.yv Prveory Moda ‘Tyrs .
Sc rngForT I3rv .
Please charge my Access Visa No: Expiry Date Please supply me with the following for computer: .. Post & Packing _TOTAL Postcode: Please make cheques Poyabl to : DIRECT SOFTWARE LTD DEPT No CU 06SC Unit 3, Cross Keys Shopping Mo* St Neots, Cambridgeshire PE19PP2AU LwSSSSdftS EEC £3.00 per item Non EEC £4,50 per Hem All Parcels A e Sent by Recorded DeWj AIT items sub,erf to ovoilabilty. All pda subject to change without notice E A Ct Some Garnet May Not Be Reieosed At fll Time Of Going To Press CU AMIGA JUNE 1994 Supervision are out to prove that
boardgames don’t have to be bored games.
Tony Dillon gets out his dosh and dabbles in real estate.
I have to say, I am one of those people who actually enjoys a good game of Monopoly, as long as it doesn't go on tor any more than an hour and the people I’m playing with know the rules. However, this situation is very rare as many people will point out. That’s why I was so pleased to see this little offering from Supervision. Aha, I thought to myself, here’s my chance to waste whole evenings going round and round a small n board trying to be a big |Ufl shot, and I won't have to H wait for anyone to take c me«r tum plus an the fid ,,, dly rules about things like mortgages ana auctions can be
figured out by the computer. Not quite heaven, but a good time to be had by all.
CAR, BOOT... If you’ve never played Monopoly, then I have to say you’ve missed out on something that everyone should have the chance to enjoy be subjected to.
It’s a game about buying and selling property Various streets around London have been divided into groups called Monopolies, and the aim is to buy as many of them as possible, develop the areas by building houses and hotels on them, and then bankrupt everyone else in the game by charging them a ridiculously high rent every time their counter lands on a square owned by you. Run out of money and you can sell property to the bank. Run out of property and money, and you’re out of the game.
I simple isn’t it?
T IP3 :t it i ; whpn rtp ;rrihpd likp No, you have to select the icon to demand rent, but you only have a couple of seconds to do it in. So you’ve got to wrestle the mouse off the previous player as quickly as possible.
TOP HAT, BOAT... The presentation of the game isn’t at all bad, if a little Simplistic for the (Left) All the usuel statistic* are In there.
(Below) Everywhere you go, you get a little animation of your piece arriving.
Presumably adult audience this game would entice. A collection of slightly amusing characters sit around the board and animate slightly when it’s their turn. For each move you see a little animation of the piece arriving at the destination on the board. Okay, so the places don’t really look like that, but at least the London skyline is realistic.
So what’s with the low mark then, you might ask. After all, Monopoly is a proven game, and one that has riv- etted families for years. Surely there can’t be anything wrong with a computer version? Unfortunately, there are a few things about the game that I don’t like, the biggest one being its speed of play. Okay, so Monopoly was never a fast paced game, but a lag of a second between selecting an icon and it actually registering just isn’t on. This renders the game very testing to play. There isn't a lot going on at any one time, and the rules of Monopoly aren't all that hard for a computer
to follow, so I can't see any reason for the pauses between every action. At times, I wonder why software houses put out games like this.
Why can’t they see that there are itibvious playabBRy flaws whicflPw I the game? I know that it's all too easy to get wrapped up in production to the point where you can’t see the wood for the trees, but if a game veers too far away from the original concept and mars your enjoyment, then all the effort will have been wasted.
DOG AND IRON Monopoly has all Ihe makings ol a great computer game. I have played a version of it on a Macintosh and could happily recommend that, but this Amiga version just falls between two stools. On one hand, it’s an adult board game, full of terms and rules that younger players wouldn’t have the patience for. On the other, it’s been presented in a way that will best appeal to a young market. As a result, it doesn't seem to fit anywhere ® SUPERVISION £27.99 A500 9 A500. 9 A600 9 A1200 9 A150oO A2000 9 A3000 9 AA000 9 SUPERVISION ENTERTAINMENT LTD, UNIT N3 METROPOLITAN WHARF, WAPPING WALL.
TEL: 071 702 9391 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: BOARD GAME TEAM: IN HOUSE CONTROLS: MOUSE NUMBER OF DISKS: 1 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 8 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1Mb that. Like I said, there are all manner of fiddly little rules that many choose to completely ignore, and a computerised judge and jury seems like the obvious thing to include in a game like this. SO WHY ISN’T THERE ONE!
The computer asks you to do very little. Leaving you to your own devices to figure out what’s going on. When someone lands on one ot your properties. Rent isn’t charged immediately.
GRAPHICS ??????' ???78" .
SOUND ??????????«!" .
LASTABILITY ???? ????68" .
It could have been so m good, too. Jp OVERALL 49% I'm sorry, but this doesn't look much like Kings Cross. There are no furry things near there.
Football lever hots up some more as Sierra release Iheir own entry into the computer game World Cup. And I'm pleased to be able to report that it's a very corvjbetent and extremely playable arcade soccer game. Falling somewhere between Striker and Sensible Soceer, the game is based around tie World Cup draw itself, and one of the most instantly playable arcade football engines yet seen.
Let's begin at the beginning.
Although the game is based around this year's World Cup. It is by no means an official licence. As a result, you can either play as a team in the official World Cup draw, or take part in a random one Up to eioht oeople can play at once, each selecting a team and playing through their respective groups until victory or rejection. Naturally, the team you decide to play has a large bearing on whether or not you actually stand a chance of getting through - Italy are far better team than England, for example, and because of that you are going to have a harder time with the latter. It's an
interesting way of setting the difficulty level for the Sierra? Doing a football game? And it isn’t an adventure? Tony Dillon is intrigued - he checks it out.
EF riovrs FIT f2o fTT ITT fir ITF I exit p.;.. -t. Tk. Ps. H-3. Ir.. : IFF Hcu-bean TT fTT fIT n7 nr IT? T ; 69 03535 ri7 TT HT FT? FIT Us ihUKBm rrr nr firm nr rr Tmwsssi-nrrrr rrr nr m nr kwwzzz-nr nr nr nr nr rr iff il* nr rr nr nr n- ii iff Pi«rc«-nr nr nr nr nr nr aBimc;-nr nr rr nr nr nr i - lie BndoTivS fiT Til fis n? N* m :;RtIc©5E ITT fa* fT ITT fi? FlT s game, and one that works surprisingly well.
Before each match, you are presented with the only managerial aspect of the game - the chance to alter your squad. You are shown all the players in your team, including all reserves and all the relevant statistics. If you like, you can move players around by simply clicking on the one you want to move, and then clicking on the person you want to swop them with. Adding or removing parts Tean Selection c iff Beasts nr nr iT7 riN fit nr h i»FiHau A nrnrnrn rrnTT
- iff ipcvktio. Nr nr n? Nr nr nr ? Iio (shore rc?
Fi? ?rcTfI3¦|TF 7 lie Kazoo** nrnrris nrmr* s lioBnbie ft* [I?
[IT FI* PT f»T isoipu*-nrnrrTnrnrnT L-nr EeeroHee-nr nr nr ry
nr nr li ist tsn««rof» nrriH rrnrris nr of a team (attackers,
offenders etc) will automatically change the ‘o'ma- tion you
play in. It’s a shame you can’t define team tactics, such as
playing aggressively or close marking, but perhaps Sierra
thought they would keep this one as simple as possible.
Then it’s out onto the pitch, where the game really comes into its own.
Whether you’ve an A500 or an A1200, you'll be amazed at the spectacular animation of the players on the pitch.
Over 4000 frirfles of animation have the players running, jumping, sliding, falling face down and there’s even a fully mobile referee, complete with working whistle.
A1200 owners get the benefit of a full 3D crowd too!
The game is viewed from about 45 degrees looking north, similar to the Striker viewpoint. Except the KIT 1 IH-S-2 2 Dcyi Mi-1 Ovw.-• !.!
£ *-.« nrr nrr rrrr rr? r stoi'-r..'rrrx i 12.0 1 *s.h TQCMjfiJ nXT I 1S.0 i 05.0 I il.t Pojsin rrrr rrrr rrco~ nrr Heo -r,afTTF I 10.2 I 12.0 I 13.0 ShOO*--n? I 07.7 I 18.0 I 17.5 ! 13.0 sprites are roughly the same size as those in Sensible Soccer. The end result is that you get a very wide view of a convincingly 3D pitch. Of course, it looks like one of the goals is larger than the other, but that's just perspective.
The set pieces have been ’borrowed' from Striker and games of that ilk too. When the ball goes out of play, or a free kick is awarded, all the players dash to their respective positions, and the person taking the kick corner throw in is shown with a curved line stretching away from them. This shows the projected path of the ball, and can be moved around with the joystick. If the computer player is taking the set piece, you can move your wall around to match their kick positioning, and f them from walking a goal.
Playing the game is incredibly easy, far easier than the Kick Offs and Sensible Soccers Jhhis world.
The reason being that there are none of the combinations and strange joystick positions of those games. The whole control method is far simpler, which means you can spend more time working on team play than just keeping the ball under control. Of course, it’s the learning curve that make Sensi and Kick Off the long there will be doubts that the instant M gameplay of this one will spoil the longevity. Have no fear, as Sierra Soccer is just as addictive and just as much fun.
It may not have a big licence behind it, but Sierra Soccer is still great fun to play, and well worth adding to any collection. £7) SIERRA £25.99
• 500 Si 500. SI 500 51 1000 51
• isooD 0000 Si 3000 SI U000 SI SIERRA ON-LINE, 4 BREWERY
TEL: 0734 303322 RELEASE DATE: MAY GENRE: SOCCER TEAM: IN-HOUSE CONTROLS: JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 2 NUMBER OF PIAYERS: 8 HARO DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1Mb GRAPHICS ??*???***?92% SOUND LASTABILITY ?»«?»«?'*«S6% PLAYABILITY ?????•' 0*89% L A cracking good ¦ soccer game! J OVERALL 87% 100 TDK HIGH DENSITY £73.99 . LOWEST PRICES best service RAPID DELIVERY I SALES HELPLINE 081 686 9978 081 781 1551 DISKS PISKS DISKS + t°2£»Li . 3.5" DELUXE LOCKABLE BOXES 3.5" STACKABLE BOXES 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE BOXES 50 3.5" DS DD £21.99 + 100 cap lockable box...£25.99 100 3.5”
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- C22S oooo EzgmnaanHZE Block Col*.
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f 144 99 . VcrlC 100 9jj.n colour £129 99 Citizen Sv*«*t 90 9
an coiow* £15499 HP Deskiet 560 CoW Ink,* C479 99 . Jn ve*»ol
P+«-*ei Stan?° C4 99 I aoo ca.oo roe oiuviry I Microvitec 1438
(some os Comm 1942).....£299.99 i V FREE LEAD - FREE DELIVERY A
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I * It I y" BEN j A1 m A, j} j n MX 1 V p ¦k |ml (4 WS'HB &OIM& TO HIT!
If living under a steel sky has been putting too much pressure on your brain then Michael Filby should be able to take that weight off your mind.
' tart oil by , snapping ’ oil Ihe rung lo the left e walkway and use it on the door 3 right. When you go back inside,
o down the stairs and through the door to the right. Use the
circuit board on the various pteces of junk until you get Joey
activated. Chat with Joey, then step on the lift. When Hobbins
arrives go to the right quickly, open up the cabinet and. Once
you’ve grabbed the spanner, return to the lilt room.
Examine the droid, then talk to Hobbins. He will tell you what is wrong with the droid. Then tell Joey what's wrong and he will lix it.
When the droid activates the lilt, quickly jump down the hole. When Joey arrives ask him to open the door Search Reich's corpse and take his belongings. Go right, then right again into the building next door which is the factory. Chat with Anita and when Lamb arrives, tell him you're security. Now go right, put the spanner in the cogs and then take it back out again.
Go left, examine the droid, and use the spanner on it.
Chat to Joey about a new shell and then go right. Try walking through the top-left door, then ask Joey to check out the storeroom. When he returns, tell him to disable the fuse box and when he has done this, walk into the storeroom. Pick up the walkway and get the small lump ol putty beneath it. Show this to Joey and he will reveal that it is a plastic explosive.
Tty Cut L J PILLOW TALK Leave the factory, go to the building to the far left of the walkway - this is the steam room. Inside, use the spanner on both of the buttons on jr Reich seems pretty UP about itjf COMPLETE SOLUTION CU AMIGA the boiler. Ask Joey to press the but ton on the right and simultaneously press the button on the left. When nan leaves, go to the left ot i and pull the switch.
»the light bulb and put the plastic explosive in the socket. Pull the switch again and two more switches will be revealed. Pull the one on the right downwards Now leave the steam room and go to the lift near the factory entrance Use Reich’s card in the slot and enter the room. Move the pillow and pick up the magazine. Leave and continue past the lift you have just been in.
Going right, you can now enter Travelco. Chat with the man there as much as possible, hand him the magazine and pick up the ticket Leave and go back to Reich's it door. Wait for Lamb outside and chat with him when he arrives. When he mentions going away, hand him the ticket.
Go back to the factory via the lift and chat with Lamb again. After the tour he will leave you outside the storeroom so now go right and talk to Anita. When she asks for your ID card, hand her Reich’s. Talk to her some more. Leave the factory and Use Reich's card with the LINC terminal. Select 4 and enter the code from your security manual In the game box. Select 2. Then 1 then 1 again, then 2 again. Exit the il and wait for Lamb Chat 1 him and he will authorise you to er his apartment.
BIODEGRADABLES Before going down In the lift, locate the cable to the right of the screen and ask Joey to cut it. Go down in the lift and pick up the cable. Now go to the apartment and use Reich's card in the slot on the right. Go into the apartment and use the machine on the right. Pick up the video on the left and leave. Go to the far left of the long walkway and you’ll find Burke s Bio-Surgery. Go inside and chat with the holographic protection and ask Joey to persuade the hologram to open the door Go inside and chat with Burke Offer Burke your testides(!) And hell give you the Schreibmann
Chat to Burke some more about everything. Leave the surgery and go right until you reach Anchor Insurance (next to Travelco). Examine the statue, then chat with the man about everything. Be sure to enquire about a special policy and tell him that Burke sent you. When the man leaves, ask Joey to use his welder on the Anchor. Pick up the anchor when Joey has finished. Leave, and make your way to the top level again.
Now go into the building opposite the steam room and you’ll find yourself back at the starting position. Go up the stairs and out of the door. Use your anchor with your cable to make a grappling hook and use it on the security sign on the wall of the facing building. Go through the door to the right and use Reich’s card in the slot next to the interface. Sit in the interface and. Once in LINC-space, pick up the ball. Now head out of Ihe right exit and use the Open program in your Inventory on the carpet bag. Use Decompress on the compressed data and Decrypt with the document FIND YOUR
WAY Go through the nght exit. Use one of your password programs with the Boor and then go right Put down another password, go left, pick up the password. Go up, put down, go nght. Down, pick up. Up. Put down, left, pick up. Up.
Right, down, right, down, put down, up, up. Then exit the room. Once through, collect the bust and the book, now Decrypt your two new documents.
Now Disconnect.
Use Reich’s card with the LINC machine and select 4. Enter the security number then select 1. Read all Ihe documents then select 0. Now select 2 and 2 again This gives you special authorisation and you should now exit the system Use Reich's card L H in the slot next to the lift and enter the lift. You are now in the Security Station. Leave, and make your way to the other lift. Use It and then go left to the next lift Your card , will now be able to access this lift, so use it. At the bottom, wait for the tat woman with the dog '. JCA Chat to her and then go left and chat with the club
Find the fat woman (Mrs.
I Piermontl again and ask her | to sponsor you.
Now go as far right as you J can, until you come to the f screen with the boy and the gardener. Press the button by ' the door on the right. Once inside, 'chat with Mrs. Piermont. When she ' makes her telephone call, place the video in the VCR. While the dog is distracted, get the dog biscuits from his bowl. Leave Go through the bottom left exit and examine the wooden double doors Use Reich’s card on the lock and go through the door. Pick up the secateurs and leave Go right.
NEXT MONTH Okay folks, you’re getting there It this lot hasn’t helped you finish Steel Sky then tune in next month for the final breakdown.
Then through the top left exit. Use the Oog Biscuits on the plank are) wait lor Mrs Piermont and her dog to turn up.
When the Oog starts to bare pull the rooe As the guard gets distracted, sneak into the cathedral. Go through Ihe top left exit and open all the lockers, then leave and go back to the top level via the lifts. Enter the factory and go to where you last saw Anita alive.
Wear the radiation suit that's hanging in the middle locker and go right.
NUCLEAR REACTION Access the control panel and select 2.
Exit, and enter the reactor room. Just to the nght Of the core you’ll llnd Anita s card on the floor. Pick it up, eave the room and close the door With the control panel. Go left and change back into your coat. Leave the factory and go back to the LINC- soace interface via the Security Station's lift Use Anita’s card In the interface slot and sit in the chair.
Once in LINC-space go right and use the Blind program in your inventory with the eyeball. Quickly go into the upper exit, go up again and use the Playback program with the well.
Go through the upper right exit, use the Blind program on the eye and pick up Ihe tuning fork. Now disconnect.
Leave the security buildings, go to ground level and talk to the gardener outside Mrs Piermont’s house. He'll tell you that his name Is Eduardo. Go left and left again, until you reach St James’ dub Go inside, wait up lo the jukebox and activate it. When Colston, the dub manager, gets up. QuicMy go over to his table and grab his glass.
Examine the metal plate next to the door at the Back of the club, then leave. Go to Burke's Bio Surgery via the lift, go inside and give Burke the glass Leave and go back to St. James’ club. Once inside, go the door near the back and use Ihe metal plate,
- r ..
- nP}» r 9‘H; .
O Since its launch. Pen Pal has become the most popular package of its type Not surprising when you consider the extensive features at your fingertips, combined with user friendly simplicity, it was bound to be a winner! In a comprehensive Word Processor test, Amiga Formal commented "There is lillle lo fault Pen Pal. Il deserves lo do well" - quite a prediction it seems!
Formal have since said that it's "Still the best value for money..." If you're nol a Pen Pal user yet. We hope you soon will he. Because ai jusi £39.95... ihe best just became better, even better value!
!*• P.
a. - m -v The Best Selling Word Processor and Database just
became even better... VAT T TP!
BUDGET GAMES CU AMIGA VfM Steve Keen checks out some top-class titles on a shoestring budget. If only everything in life was this easy!
Its surface, shortly followed by a par of waving hands that sides. Hang on a minute! This isn’t Pot Black. No, it's Jim Whirlwind Snooker and it certainly did make a few heads 1 spin) when it was first released.
Even today Jimmy White's game is the most accurate: tion you can get on any format. Every conceivable tool is table as realistic as In fact some have er - the game is ce who are afraid of mouse a good working over. The control menu can be displayed eit the side of the screen or. Much better and more discretely, running the top. You can rotate the table around 360 degrees, view it from a elevated angle and even zoom in and out on any ball.
Different tournaments and championships are available, as well trick shots and a choice of computer opponents that vary in skill.
Advice is to start off as low down this table as you can as it takes a the beast you’ll Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker does look slightly dated graphics department and the sound is distinctly smelly, but it’s best snooker game available and, let's face it, no one program 'em better than Archer MacLean!
HIT SQUAD OUT NOW £14.99 Graphic adventures seem to be ten a penny on the Amiga now. But there was a time when you'd have to walk 10.000 or more miles to find a decent point and click romp. The Secret Ot Monkey Island.
From LucasArts. Was the one that REALLY started it all. And hot on its heels came Lure Ot The Temptress, rich in atmosphere and loaded with new ideas on how to present an adventure.
You play Diermot. Imprisoned in one of Turnvale’s darkest dungeons while an evil race of marauding mutants, the Skorl. Led by the machiavellian Sorceress, have just hit town. In classic Great Escape mode you've got to figure a way out of the hellhole and find a way to finally rid the land of the evil monsters.
Lure Of The Temptress placed big emphasis on its character intelligence system, called Virtual Theatre. The principle was simple. All the characters that you meet on screen actually existed within the game as independent people. So. Rather than disappear from the game as soon as they're out of sight, they continue to wander around and you find yourself bumping into them later on. They may not be doing anything particularly interesting, but it’s nice to know that a guy you spoke to about the weather in the courtyard a few hours ago could very well end up sitting next to you in the pub at the
end of the day You could even pick a character and follow him around from one place to another - they just never vanish. More importantly, you can actually ask characters to perform tasks for you and they’ll wander off and catch up with you later, wherever you may be.
In short there’s tons to do, loads of people to meet, scores of cunning puzzles to solve and a detailed game environment to interact with. The game's also littered with impressive animated sequences that cut in to show you the action in more detail. Lure Of The Temptress stands the test of time more than most, and for me. Still ranks up with the very best looking and playing graphic adventures around. 87% I 've lost count of the amount of times I've settled down and tried to get my head around Dune the movie. If only they'd put it on TV earlier in the afternoon I might be able to stay awake
long enough to see the end credits! So, when the game of the film was first released, I didn’t really go out of my way to give it a whirl, but now I realise what I missed.
I won't go too far into the plot, suffice to say that the game is a lot easier to follow than the film. You take the role of Paul Atreides, son of a Duke who lives in the palace on the planet Dune, which is under constant threat from invaders who crave Spice, its precious mineral that aids space travel.
It's your job to make sure that there's a constant stock ot the stuff in the warehouses and that you recruit enough people to mine the substance.
You can travel around the planet in a number of ways. At first by omithopter, a mechanical insect style aviation machine that skims the desert surface and flys you to you destination. Sooner or later you'll have top venture out on foot, but take care, stray too far into the desert without a life support system (a 'stillsuit') and you'll fry, or worse still, be consumed by one of the giant worms that burrow under the sand and burst up through to the surface, taking you by surprise.
Graphically, the game goes for basic-looking locations and backdrops, but some of the desert scenes, animations and travel are visually stunning.
Of particular note is the cunning use of tinted colours that give the illusion of turning night to day. Best of all though is the music. So often in adventures this is put to the back of the list of priorities, but in Dune it's orchestrated with great style and atmosphere (just like the movie). The game's easy to control too, with little disk swopping and very fast updating, allowing you to move between locations quickly and with minimum fuss.
Dune in 1994 is well worth giving a whirl and if, like me, you never could get along with the film or books, don't fret, this adventure is much more accessible.
• ©•*9 '? • " i £55 A ? ¦ rALKER SLEEP] ol the tan-tabulous.
Pop-mongous, dream- re rounds when those big hearted, i were in
lull swing. The game even leatures Lenny Henry in the intro
Sleepwalkd labulous p smashing,] Ihe voices ol Ha I tradition,_Qeean Sottware opted lor a mildly f its bnel stmt with cha-adfy. The game centres d bee who is a.pompulsive sleepwalker and who, 9 window tor rradmghiejjo* ecjpss the roottops.
9 family dog, Ralph. And the hound gives fm back to bed.
To negotiate. Lee's in he comes inWttMTact with a particulariy dan- woken up and die ol shock. However, Ralph two heads and can employ any number of lozing. By running ahead and leaving Lee iral ol the traps that could harm Lee. For instance, Ralph can dose sewer drains, cover manholes in the road and knock out nightclub bouncers Alter you've eradicated all possible dangerous obstacles you must run back to collect Lee and guide him to the level s exit. It's not aH plain sailing Irom there though, as you still have to turn the youngster around and make him walk in the right direction Some
parts ol the game require you to make a human bridge out ol Ralph to prevent the boy tailing to his death level p b sleep, but ( gerous object he’ll 1 is as smart as a dolp tactics to keep the j behind, Ralph cart Quite a nice idea lor a game, but the whole thing appears lo have been a bit rushed (due perhaps to the deadlines imposed by its original Comic Reliel launch date) and the game graphics and variety ol levels leaves a bit lo be desired (although Ihe At 200 specific version has been enhanced).
Bonus levels are included, where you guide Ralph around a level collecting balloons tor extra lives and special icons. II you collect all Ihe objects in every round you'll be able lo see an extra animation when you've completed the game.
Variety ol gamepiay is what ultimately lets Sleepwalker down. Every level's against the dock too. So It's quite normal lor you to be sent back to the beginning ol a certain level, alter nearly completing it, because the lime’s run out. As far as I know, none ol the money lor Sleepwalker goes to charity this time round, and without the hype surrounding Comic Reliel this is a trustrating substitute lor lop platform- ing tun.
POOL HIT SQUAD £16.99 Not only have the Hit Squad acquired the superb Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker from Virgin, they've also snapped up the rights to Archer Maclean s follow up. Pool. It may not be as comprehensive a game as Team I7's Arcade Pool, but it still contains all the rules lor US and UK 8-ball and US 9-Ball matches.
Using the same graphic engine as Jimmy While's, with some speed optimisation (believe me. This thing really shifts on an A1200I) wllh a lew minor modifications, the game has the same natural leel and realistic gamepiay ol the former, with a lew minor twists. The big ditlerence comes in the US games, where the balls are spotted, striped and numbered Sadly, the balls don't actually roll like they do in Arcade Pool, gliding along the table instead, with the numbers always lacing you. But then the maths involved in creating rolling balls are beyond Ihe At 200's capabilities What do you want,
realism or speed?
It's a great game, and although it’s not very different from Jimmy While's, it's well worth owning both just lor the variety of game. And at such a great price, too!
8. Ardoch Gardens. Glasgow. G72 8HB Telephone: 041 641 1142 AMIGA
Desktop Video Amiga Systems AI2U0 12)1 MB HD
• Me Please ca Memory THE HISTORY OF COMPUTER GAMES contains 25
classics on 7 disks a?
Comes prolessionally lh 1 year on site warranty. Variou* mtem your exact requirements.
. AI20y 2MB .20MHz 68882 ... A1200 4MB +20Mhz 68882 £196.00 ....£245.00 A4000 A1200 4MB SI MMS .. ....£196.00 A4O0Q A120O 8MB SIMMS ... Other configurations available - please phone with ya IDE Hard Drive Hovm ...... 5 if 170MB All drive* come (Unformatted and indude cables Paint & Presentation Software Scala MM211 - .
- -f .... Scala MM
Medupoint ..JmL ......
- --------L ......£20040 ....£28040
Brilliance jB
..-IZI ..„£140-00
* f packaged with a definitive manual (in the history of computer
games. This nostalgic trip down memory lane is an absolute must
for your games collection at ?if Simply fill out the coupon
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Work m Scale, D Paint. Brilliance, Mediapoint Set One : Papers Various Paper types, including Parchments. Marbled. Papy Set Two : Fabrics Varied I abac h***rau*fc includine Silfa. Sans. C«M».
Set Three: Textures Various tunics inckding Stoneworks. W oods, Floocboarv amOtts Landmarks from around the wortd ; di or for Hoixio video tWc backgrounds Set Five : Weddings Including Parchments, Silks & Flowers, Satins.
“If yon uk an Amiga for yoor wedding video these set* ...They come highly recommended.” LO.V. Storyboard Magazine “Plenty of pictures for the pound ... These pictures look excallrnt" Amiga Shopper Price per set - £35.00 or buy the whole range for £150.00 NEW! NEW! NEW!
Nexus pro Videofonts Set This five disk set contains over 50 high quality scalable forts that are the per- i r. Compatible with £14.99 DELIVERY: Next day £5.00 2-3 Days £250 Deliveries ere subject to stock availability SIGNATURE: ' -hI°USE ™K AD
- £SSS? « iSfes l2sggss»'-r RACK FOR 414000 lokr high quality
imagn hen (0 (CD1V (D32 ot .oar m phologiapht pioioiioo onlo
Kodak" Photo CD) and input them lot manipulation Into any DIF
01 An patkago in any IF! Me found SofMo pio.idoi hill image
pnxmting ond output support lot 21 bit inploy tor* sudt os
Ktosso’w olo.OpolFnSolt. atSyn-totMfcal hioCDkOM tD32
SOFTWARE CD" Cm sole (with Oho. AGA Win. Cmmmi Dm ms st.Mii,
D«tr i .JnH nim lo* Hm CD37 fa* »**C U «£»G4WgW*IKJWI 1| shmU
fa . Slack (phono fa fat MC £239.99 Aivo. SCSI II (oatroi aai
software £399,90 as scsi £299.99 WHIN PURCHASED AT THE SAMt
T1MI AS A4000 S&- II- i
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pretetMr, AMI? 75 50 Mhi ce- I p.*..** option. 756.000 coWs
fra. 16 64*. K. doffing lo. Adi I U. display, Mhh, Amiga
3.5’ 1.76 Ml 3.5* drtv., Hard Drtv. Ot I b.lav., Amiga DOS 3.0
systam and ulRlWs.
I A4000 401C: Desktop as abova, ha! (.aiming the blsttrteg 61040 wi* M «oatb| pad! Fecltiai.
Tawar with hi 040 FFW MMU processor wMi SCSI-1 |Srwd *o Zool J. Jurassic Fork Cws I Enpmo ¦aty ol Jad acfcdo • hi (0 nd***fc|Mtt«hrf I si nsftng (DT tte art comperibM CD* I *11 sho jicy nomol this* Cds and (D-C ybl?
CD37 5 ! Months a! Boa* warmly CS1.t9 Irtre ?yn werreRty C39.99 CD” CROCOSM PACK AVAILABLE NOW!
i. w .n M Ma *4m moAM hr V MnraboMSXI_ KaybondforSn__________
Ffapory drwa lor SXI----- 1 WOO I A1200 IMB Stngie Drne 269
Desktop arm PMCKfU 3 MOT UST 1 ADO £4 OU AMIGA 1RADE-M* Hu best Irade in ollowance, extra for peripherals ond accessories. Trode in your old mochine lor o brand new AMO I 200 4000 CD3J or even a PC After trade-in, equipment is checked ond refurbished by oar enpeeers and n fan offered,at borgo* prkei, complete with 3 A500s FROM £139 AlSOOs FROM £199 _ A600 SD MD. From 159 Hds. Cenltolen from 179 A3000s from 499 CVP HDS 40 52. .209 229 am 179 XT AT Bbooid SO 91 A590 20 40MS ....129 159 •£¦&*•» OTHER ACCiSSOHFS - PIUS1 ASK. 09*”“ ' asmiss mu 4500 600'®“ PIUS W ARRAS
ADD £17.99 SIMPSONS, CAPTAIN PLANET, PLUS D PAINT III ADD £14.95 NCW 'Aaopeenco of pro-Y? Aotfaor aey he failed :« Ml to. Hi In.oyinotn ADO £44 ONLY £170 OBBYTE VALUE PACKS I ; oRcm r« » dumo M you ¦*. Ukito a) koaoMng hem parkagt drol umngs art! So, 3 you eien'l «Hd. Wmd er *tked. 5lu«nn*» and, yea la tletp Spam lit bant you I, baukaly net you rotate year opliant end get ted *e lor money heat Hobbyta Hobhyle ere fomous far their pods.
I •member, a bargain is only a bargain when yee Ike what you Poredroad does worse, if Basic THE HOT I OR I AT liedlvi packag.d am Bimf THAN MIST I!
TRAMPY'S AND NODDY'S PACK spKut Fun and a*K.HaMl lor WITH.» STARTER PACK A nnt lor MW WITH AMG1 UOM £59 nL1x:z?'t £,s £25 A500* TC3®*1 wffiwn.0 194 . 209.
£39 2 IP 11 MOT bt.mkwd
• Jlr.
10 h mbmrninmmAmmpPUm Cwc '•! ««» ««»,»sl*nn, fanes ___ Imbtpn dhl fa'nfalfamRRMm-ort t e«n* w 6 liB f ad fa*A 6 ytan mi ind* Pwt Mkrenrbdad n*1mW»arsai.h««..MK*raH»R i ieyilbk, 10 cep. FafaMe db hex. Dost Cera 5 6 -n4.it J 1» 3 M11 r*»'V *6y of HOT BUG GAMES PACK n"u"f,-“lfa,H»t*F'' WITH AMO. Atom i tClTt. £44 £59 aBissr taaartitassajt* SrtS'USS: OR Matot Math* b*-"h-a.
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SERIOUS USER'S PACK hter.Hedmmi. 110„ Tkop tbit pod It for yaw £39 iMn le ha* NO rnntm n SD a* IM * M* eMby M p««r drwm awl cd NO OTHER DEALER CAN BEAT au- e koned smH ri himlb oal IwM awl «• pawn-ultmdia.
1 gamn progroimirg o« tahn. JspRobh (uwEv non fan cnel) pa Mawy to Satonfa ond lO OoaRMd.SOpmSaiden PIUS Opm 9 6 pn ,__,_______, _____ .Smets PUIS lMn Rlhasdor(SiAk«oNy|faceeMNM5lw« . Fa od« and daRMroM • eer 1640. Ie h IfahMoM
• (eIrs mIoim Mr ed*a ond C ebeah
• iseaciSB"
• fafaw rJA faAB mj d emd iMf mi aleMr hy cafRN. Eeaed, Mp Eoa*
mrar sarm
• Ph drpexh MsAng r Lngo syltms
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product with ri sM monrenoncr)
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kap you »* to dm KiaiRit INJD* tehHgkv MhySJIpRR
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DESKTOP DYNAMITE EXTRA Werdsworlb 2 AGA. SPECIAL Defax. Paint IV AGA wnHAM * now sasis. ™ « (.W«i__ NobWmMr APMr RVRhrfam Mohbyt* A GfORtl ¦ C'ftlh »m iwtveiipf.'rk «l«'0:n XWDsjojp, Dennis Oscar AGA TrolsAGA PUIS 2 Hat Ust Htfas metoaa saeaas AWARD W1NNE fao»fa*.»*Of».Ppe*fa pclDK.U-. Wr. U;h -th .
UP • 09":-.' *»v» fa imjl »1 j(«r| T Aa Ifa nr »oR., M96 *ztr, | PAROQIURITSUTI 0«X*IK CIUT N
o wr *t?oocome rmiSAiT HOT JUST A ______ sasawigS Sa S?
OR«M ¦dpnfataeMri afumi "wmr 7%m* NEW COMStj mN ITtOHS PACT
* 85 * leads. ..... I dpi AGA manAx - veabcn ITOSCAN 1438 ll; 2
YTTTC AUTOSCAN 1438 14" 28dpl...«diMio« 1S4HUH
4000. Wnitk laiable «o» MB bMo I Sffli ldtlo.ll op bool- B Ihz
lor all AGA modes in this ronge. With Hit and swrml 294.90
C scon 1440 I4‘ 78dpi[withfun«r«ncoofcoll._ ...399.90
Cabman ,28dpi (w 1200 4000 cs abate, bat
2IT ....1039.99 Cib-scon .1782, 17* 27dpi, 29-82 Khz
twiz. Ston ......839.99 r AI2O0 Micrort« (not rcqared
lor 4000] or I438_ -....19.99 1S37 31 -62kHz 14" 519.90
Stereo Sptakm 4 Protroderl 7.49 lm 111021: 1790.90 ZyR
Speakers ..37.90 Zy-R Pro Speakers 57.90 a
131 T bl Dme onh-didi onH-wus ......56 JO
k ? Nfa-bak up oni sinus protector. (wkre ecmcolta 75.99 s
8806 ...
124.99 176MB en ihe lor eny Amiga (WB
2) .....88.50 174MB ur Arse for any
Armga (Wl 2). 10 HD Discs. 94.95 floppy f e»500 600 l
200 .....84.90
TTWreplofementintemol floppy [specify) 39.99 HARLEQUIN 32
• 16.7 mfton colour photo r edistic disdoy • rid linn 24lMt
animation • Alpha Chaonei - superenpose fu)h quetrty orop*ics
ento foe signd. Oi sroocAly Uend part images • Double Bafferiag
• 2.24 til displays insWtfy o.oiobk SUPPORTS: IV Point, Vtob.
Cellgari. Synpatka. M Pro. Leal 30 . Others PKASSO U 24 1FT
GRAPHICS CARD.« P4iM. JNR-.1 MB £314.95 «M-95 Men sot® sabs m**
n fu tnfakre. Sfettfe fian fa sBntod saw nole s*c» VIDEO
..._ £169.95
nwiiiT»!i»sru»0HYMj«iiu»«» . ADD £150 E1M 2 D 24 KT aumcs
CAM)_________________.£469.95 R An u l)OSM?A 4«. 4A k4m 2m IM
QmntA Wi AfefD MH, Mn tro, FI * . M SSSl ibs.t, PICCOLO 24 Bn
16. 7 mftcn iotas. Antaid bitter. M np to 2W wta RAM. Fub
pognrrmcbe wsfeftcn.
Dxtte biAamg - rruHpi* soeen * AriXX. Swrt_ ______ Sroats kofng patois ®*!**. !»P«IUlB| £379.99 RAINBOW III 24 BIT GRAPHICS CARD * VIDEO CONTROLLER SmfcitofciobUitafMWwtaRA*. Prwiestol600i 1280.
Tub in -6*o caHrriet nc 1 IOMHj dxt ....W.MUtt jn* ||f £ 1489.99 OPAL VISION 74 btvcfasbard WmiwiiymflM ..... ta (m famra. I« MW* «m miKHffi?.;?I«n®£ 647.49 CVPIGS 24 24 SptCItUM 24 »I CAMS IHJfBBl.. 2MB £3(9.90 U r,™ ate « »1 too. 1380 ¦ HO.60O » SKZEUMI £ 13(9.90 ACCESSORIES & DISCS A500 600 1200 print* centre-28.9V Amitec Mokdalor _...34.99 A500 1200 control centre 34.90 Ajien Batman T? Joystick... 10.99 A6D0 control centre - ....27.90 Buj Joystick ..._...11.99 8rickette CDTV Joystick adapt. . 39.99 Disc Expander_______________34.90 10 Blank DS D0 Asa in boi 4.99 50 Blank
DS DD discs 17.99 10 Blank DS HD Asa 6.99 50 Blank DS H0 discs .27.99 ntfflrdl LANSaii SAGA A LATKJNP bpoflWskn . V lob 24 bit real lime dbjteer 1200 600 500 ext... V lab 24 bit real time dbjtiser 1500 3000 4000 int V Lab 4000 3000 int SVKS .. EMULATION G GATE 386SX 25MHZ .POA AT ONCE. 214.
GVP 40 4 FOR 1500 ...94S.99 386 4B6 BRIDGEBOARD_P EMPLANT MAC EMULATOR Ruts dl krone s w • Mce tad tat canfrittv in U ccta, sunxre wbo cads (Prasso, Retre etcj. Mdtrtrrii ry co-bnctta of Mac Anigj cpci.oicm «h Ml ftk irotsftr • w cut patf bttnwr Mo Antg: Wir steces sajrd + sipcom HD's etc. m beft SCSI oftai. W W ratal.
SCANNERS & DIGITISERS MtWLkU $ EP«gna« 400 to 64 Greyscale. V3 Pwerscon sdtwre ......Mi EMPtAMI BASIC 289.95 EMPUMTAPPUTAIX .....339.95 STOP PRESS EMPIAJTSC5I .-339.95 EMPUNT DELUXE (Appletalk . SCSI) 389.9S HI. AM* ty tr Zot ajjaxd U*a Vets 6W20 » 40. «W tta t Ja SOO tWS 486 PC EMULATOR fOREMPUKT 95.90 bftmm ....47 JO SASAatteCWS 229.99 Ktal ...... _.J4.99 GatabaAVi ...U.S0 Gats lot Id* Orta 59.99 PfGGCI CDTV ®1 DISCS SHOAL - ANT 3*____1 Leeds aroMic Finer - n.
Wetbftaetm..... MUSK LO 10 I?Slide 16 Uir n--------- lakii nsw-tvo...... nr«*tF»»_..._ tUecSlede}.... ttdeeOrecter ... tHeeiHiOs3D.. MetHBM..... tv* Una, 17 0.
Dgeeealee ..*1.90 DtaCere----------.*1.90
• Fentnti Varige_____.*7.90 Lanes Pert 2 23.50
Ansa Pod .*7.99
Heart* ....140 iMismeliAm ......*7.90
leecc Wki ..*1.90 MSAHraA*.___________17.40
NMCaneil------16.49 HON Caras I 1M9
Naacesm ...M.90
• PaWem 2.0W Of IT L 19 Sands___________.4.79
• Srary PnmVlatim 11*37.5.0 SeesMeSacerHMA ...IB.90
SeeerPuVfAGA ...11.90 HrtdBMMnnO.mr.....32.50
• MelMB.------------*1.90 ttrtx Siper 5fe ti ....21.90 2nd
• Abe(DlVMM*le 'u»l34 99 IEP 7190 Vdtmiillrah .374.50 Megerti
49. 99 IV* 12 ted Vm, .
.137.90 IV* 74 led Tint
- 9199
134. 50
219. 99 asB=i=a »nnobl6Wseertsr«m 299.99
HXMedUe .249.99 WaeMeb.mitddt. ...529.99
LEISURE TofSJUItS AleeDwdllAOA .....*190 XcewPie.
Uti Fue Srted J er4.
• New’AMGCSE Pert t been----- SeefaiFN----------- ...
SseaMuthbaencLs UTUITIS LANGUAGES AJUIIPVa--- Artbxk +
Aieds ... Ann 30__ LnadaCrnttx .....
* 49.99
59. 99 ...JM9 ...30.95
19. 49
32. 99 ORDERING: TVLESALBS NO: 0727 8S6003 PAX: 0727 834944
Sara dm despenh fa debt cr emit card otas (toced takre Son
soteed n motoelr, Wmotw)* sert Sesjee. Wsttl ota. Torters
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CorrpjterCeme. LOMaietF5xe.StAbcns. Hm M3 50G. Rhm ota 7
wdtifldcys ter ctejce ctamce. Sutfect» wtai-i. Semldi a
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sl«wcoTts. On) prres mri'«ry (tot Md Onto prkes. (Vsrad
ciiers are asked to qurt His d to raw M Onto pabiesaec
DELIVERY CHARGES: uk mainland (not highiakosj Stalconsurxbtes
8 fecavhed xpat. Peaw ctak | L n [iirtiffj Wxr Itrrs.
EicWteens Nttfdc coinec service, £10 per box WMOmON WE OFFER
THE F0U0WIKG EXPRESS SERVICES: t YM'x rtneed tW satxtied
cotas d lie Ntotrt* crt a«e Ihmd pflen at tatare. Bet
raiitrl rftrd hi [4000* pia ti(. Tke laj) Pumn is the (WtH
ywi re bd«e ttr. Less feat o (twd Prnw: jHerr •
Hxtowitr.edibiditcttas • lbto4*e»es’rHnttaiiii it CO
LEAD---E689.00 PHOTO REALISTIC KIT [10 PRINTS)------£189.00
ta*piU+xept»hmMoiedoc.m VM ESOI I Feeling fed up because your
are stuck in the middle of your favourite game of all time.
Never mind, Vampyra is I here to raise your spirits and VAMP
kiss it all better with some smart tips on your favourite
CURSE OF ENCHANT1A I am stuck on the Curse ol Enchantia. In the Ice Wortd How do you get into the Castle? I've found the bits of ice sticking out. Do you have to play them in a certain order?
If so. What is it?
Andrew Humphrey, Chipping Norton.
T|7r know how I get into castles.
VV I jssst fly up to the battlements then crawl down the ivalls until I find an open window, but then don't suppose you know how to turn I yourself into a bat do you ?
You are quite correct that playing the pieces of ice is the solution. But you've got to push and pull them in the correct order.
The solution is found by ualching the penguins who are walking past in a certain order, and then push pull the icicles in the same sequence (Le.
Shortest to longest). Get that bit right and the door will open.
MONKEY ISLAND II I have been reading CU AMIGA tor two years now and never had a problem worth writing to you about.
BENEATH A STEEL SKY bought the brilliant Beneath a Steel Sky from Virgin after reading the review of it in your magazine.
So far in the game I have gone through the security headquarter’s window with the anchor and cable. However, when I i entered the Interface, the eyeball zaps me when I go towards the exit. The posses sions I have are the Charon, the passwords, the Phoenix program and document, the decompressor and the brief- i mg plus report documents. I | have also used the decrypter on all of the documents.
Jaaon Russell, Bristol.
JjfrU I haven’t actually W had time to get my teeth into this game yet, as I've been too busy biting more interesting things, so I rang ' the help line 081-9648242, (me ringing Virgin's Help Line, that's a laugh for a start!) And tried to explain your problem. The very nice lady at the other end told me you shouldn t have any problems providing all the question marks have been removed from your documents, plus a little man.
Welt that sounds like an interesting concept I thought. She went on to explain that if you look at the question marks using the magnifier they will disappear. She asked me if you had looked at But times change, and now my dear maiden I've got a tew lor you concerning Monkey Island II that need solving.
1 How do I get the pcture ol the parrot near the real one?
2. How do I get the book on Governor Phatt’s bed?
3. How do I win the spitting contest?
P. S. Please tell me whelher your arrival got anything to do with
Slingsby's departure?
Slgl Van Espen, Belgium.
Your little man with the magnifier? I told her that I hadn 't liked to ask as it seemed so rude. Is there a little man on your documentsif If so, what have you been doing to himf She also said you are supposed to ensure that you are disconnected from the interface. I hope that helps If not, fear not CU AMIGA has come to the rescue yet again (those heroic devils) there’s a solution in this very mag Stealth. Indiana Jones. Monkey Island I and II. Kyrandia and Enchantia, but Future wars has us beat. We have gone through the shuttle port, up the escalator, and been captured by the C rug
horns We have now found ourselves in a cell with an air-duct.
So what now? Please help us before senous damage occurs to the game disks, our Amiga 500 or indeed each other.
Mrs L. Butler, Nottingham.
TM hat you must do is remote the VV grille from the air duct, insert the gas canister, then place a newspaper over the grille to pment the gas seeping back into your cell.
The gas canister is found hiding beside the glass case which the girl was encased within in the Medieval World. The newspaper is obtained from the vending machine on the station platform.
Find the coin in the returned coin slot, then use it twice to make the machine work. Remove the grille from the duct using the key.
INFIDEL I recently bought an ancient text adventure, Infidel by Infocom, from a chanty shop. Do you or any of your readers with long memories know the answer to the following puzzle? I am in the pyramid, in a room with a recessed panel containing nine numbered bricks in rows of three.
On the assumption that there is a secret room somewhere in this area, what do I have to do with the bricks to gam entrance?
Mrs A. Bird, New Malden.
Tl Wi this could be difficult, for I J V know from personal experience that the ancient Egyptians got up to lots of tricks with bricks, some of which were quite painful.
Have you heard of their technique concerning the 'bricking' of camels?
No? Well I'll explain.
On one drink of water a camel can travel across the desert for a week, however there are some regions where there is no water available for at least two weeks, and only by - 'bricking' your camel can it make the As all fairies know, giants love a fried egg so obtaining one is your next task.
Get Fingus to stand behind the chicken while Winkle picks it up. Once the chicken ii firmly grasped, get Fingus to smash it on the head with a sausage and it will lay an egg. (And to think that you thought free-range eggs were cruelty free!) Once you get the fire going, use the egg on the fire.
LURE OF THE TEMPTRESS I know Lure of the Temptress is old hat. But I am still stuck at the beginning. I know I have to get a potion from Taidgh's house, but I have nothing to put it in. I have a broken glass, a knife, a gem, a lockpick, a diary and a few groats.
Kerry Clayton, Fife.
J think your trouble is that you are
M. wasting your life playing silly games and not enough time
chatting up girls in pubs. Go round to the Magpie Tai'em and
get an eyeful of Ihe barmaid; she's a girl worth getting to
know. Remember that diamonds are a girl's best friend, so
before she'll give you what you badly need, you 'U have to
give her what she uants. Isn't bartering a wonderful thing.
FUTURE WARS We are lour mature RPG enthusiasts having struggled with and completed games like Operation Oh no, not more questions about birds looking in mirrors. You know why girls are called 'birds' don't you ? It's because they pick up uorms!
Anyway, it’s not the picture of the parrot you need, it’s the mirror itself.
You can simply buy the packet of par- rot chou and then put the picture on the hook near the vain bird. Now you can pick up the mirror.
Go to the library and use the card index to find any book title you like, plus the Joy of Hex and the Pirate Quotations book. Ask the librarian for a temporary card to borrow the books. In the Governor's bedroom, use the extra book from the library on the book on the Governor’s bed.
To urin the contest you must buy a selection of drinks from the bar first.
Mix the blue drink with the yellow drink. Blow the ship's horn, and when the Spitmaster moves away, pick up the flags and switch their places. Use the green drink with the crazy straw then move to the Fault Line, launch your spit when the woman s sash flaps and the wind will give it some extra help. (My God this is gross).
As to the sudden departure of our former editor, Dan Slingsby, it was nothing to do with me. On the other hand I'm quite partial to our Games Editor Tony DiUon. Mind you, it’s well known that I'm partial to a bit of heavy metal head banging.
GOBLINS II We are having a little problem with Goblins II, and it is driving us mad.
The items we have collected so far are the stone, the bottle, the matches, the wine and the sausage.
We have lit the fire next to the giant, but that is as far as we have got.
Please, please help us.
Keith and Ian Worley, Warrington.
'm not a big fan of Goblins, but I do like fairies - they are always so beautifully dressed. Why is it that 'no- one loves a fairy when she's forty’?
Believe me boys, older girls are so much better.
I. 1 journey. The trick is to lead your camel to an oasis and let
it begin to drink. When it begins to suck in a belly-full of
water, you must surprise it by bashing its 'unmentionables’
between tu o bricks. The result is, in one sudden gasp it will
suck in double the amount of water that it normally could;
enough to last a further week. Don't be concerned because it
doesn't hurt - providing you avoid catching your thumbs
between the bricks.
To solve your problem you first need to get the Scrolls, (another painful condition). Starting from the Room of Selkis: get the ruby, go southwest twice, get Ihe sack and climb the rope. Drop the sack, wet your torch with the liquid, get the sack, go west, east, then south.
Drop the sack and get the scroll.
If you read the scroll it will show you that you need to take out the third brick and then the fifth to solve your little problem.
Fl' i Once again the bat on the wall says it's time for bed, so I must love you and leave you. One final thought girls: any woman who wants to be the equal of men. Is seriously lacking in ambition!
Write down your little but not unimportant problem and send il in a plain envelope to:- Dear Vampyra', CU AMIGA.
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L Mb Ram expandable to 5 Mb £ A I fa AA 1600 copies per toner. F Z| fa U Q Q KX-P4410 Laser Printing KX-P4430 be Postscript LED Page printer now available. Specification iove plus • 2 Mb Ram standard * Adobe Postscript level 17 Adobe Fonu ' Optional AppieTalk interface available SmapvMnm 28 resident fonu Optional 2nd rout I printer capacity 2x2i Low running costs Parallel Interface Saorpnrt (optimum resolution technology) 5 pages per minute HP laserjet III emulation, PCL S Stable fonts 28 bitmap St'c SSJ'SSL, New I Low Price*!
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Amiga 1200 WordworthAGA Print Manager Deluxe Paint IV AGA Oscar AGA Dennis The Menace AGA £319.99 1 Mb Hard Drive Pack £489.99 Mb Hard Drive Pack £539.99 Mb Hard Drive Pack £579.99 12 Months At Home Warranty from ICL WARNING totally The Superb Desktop Dynamic Frontier Innovations Pack ; Best Selling Panasonic KX - P2123 Quiet olour Printer with FREE Dustcover and ca ESI International S*or iStl?ngeenKr«jfo?di ool Croc Twins £ ( NEW price Desktop Dynamite or Frontier Innovations Pack Colour Printer Pack with fitted Hard Drive.
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™ TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 418 079 Pro««M M MUMIJ innurt I noun I r"P* I FT. T- I | Scan... I Print fj Mt«rory | Usad 98 POWERSCAN PRO DISTANT SUNS 5.0 DIR WORKS 2 ASSEMBLER GUIDE 100 PAGESTREAM 3 104 IMAGE FX 108 HANNA BARBERA ANIMATION STUDIO 111 FMV CD32 COMPO 112 GP FAX 115 RAM BOARD COMPARISON 118 MICRO VITEC 1438 MONITOR 119 SHARP DV-3750H TV 122 PROGRAMMING 130 PD SCENE 134 PD UTILS 142 ART GALLERY get SERIOUS Got those utility blues?
Got that ‘must buy, but can’t find the right thing’ feeling? Well look no further. You have entered the information zone.
The CU AMIGA lop rated accolade lor non-gamet products scoring o*er 90%. They will definitely be worth the money and are likely lo act as a benchmark tor future releases.
400 dpi, 256 Grey scale, hand-held scanner The Powerscan is a 400dpi. Grey scale model scanner, capable ot creating 256 grey scale images (on AGA machines) from a scan head capable ot recognising 64 grey scales It you own a pre-AGA Amiga (A500 or A600 tor example) you will still be able to use this scanner, but it will only allow the viewing ot 16 greyscales.
The Powerscan Professional does a good job on most black and white images and has a good crack at colour pictures too. At 400dpi, the results are. Given sufficient time, very impressive I say given enough (me because there is such a large vanety ot drawing tools and basic image manipulation controls In the software that accompanies the scanner. For example, features include picture smoothing (takes olt the hard edges and remove the dots that so often plague scanned images), darken and lighten, edge outlines and bas-relief effects. These ettects are complemented by a selection ot drawing
tools which allow you to make pixel corrections and changes to your scans. These tools vary from freehand to till and shape (box. Circle etc) drawing. You can also add text and colour it you wish.
With Power's reputation I expected this scanner to be a good all round product, and in most cases it meets these expectations.
There are. However, a lew problems. For instance, the hardware interlace box which plugs into the Parallel printer port ot the Amiga blocks access to the RS232 serial port. It you use the scanner with a serial printer you have to disconnect the scanner interface before using the printer1 Another problem is the sluggish response times to user interaction Irom the software (at bmes. The response to keyboard and mouse activity was so slow I found myself wondering it I'd actually pressed the mouse button! This is most obvious when entering dimensions for the scanning size requester).
Niggles aside the Powerscan Professional is a nice hand held scanner, which, it given time, can produce some very impressive results.
Power Computing Ltd. 44ab Stanley Street. Bedford MK41 7RW, Tel: 0234 273000 f-TTftl Price: £119 0?
Darfn | Lighfrn PrOMM StOOiD | OutWf I Astronomy Program oPJM£RKS 2 Very few humans can comprehend the true enormity ot the universe. One who did get close was Douglas Adams, author of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. As Adams put it, 'Space is big. Really big... I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the pharmacy, but that’s just peanuts to space."
Adams' words may seem rather I unscientific, but it’s these words that introduce Virtual Reality Laboratories' I new Distant Suns 5.0, a program designed to allow Amiga users to roam I the known universe without having to I hitch a ride from a I passing Vogon spacecruiser.
Distant Suns displays what can best be described as an interactive planetarium on your Amiga. Once you’ve set the date and the direction in which you’d like to look, Distant Suns then displays an accurate representation of the night sky. You can then click on individual stars and planets and read lots of interesting facts about them. It's perfectly possible to recreate famous events in space - the passing of comets and asteroids, the alignment of planets (the so-called 'Jupiter Effect’) and so on - simply by adjusting the date.
Most of us probably think of space as a rather dull place where the only interesting thing you’re likely to see is the occasional comet. With Distant Suns, however, the night skies come alive, revealing more detail than you could shake a lamb at.
With a single click of your mouse button you can view the movement of stars, star 'trails’, constellations (including the rather naff Canes Venatici’ - it's just two stars joined together!) And you can even zoom around the solar system viewing the planets as you go. Distant Suns’ rendering of the planets is well handled allhough the planets do look rather ’flat’ as they lack any texture. Some form of texture mapping certainly would have made the planets look far more realistic.
Animation is another interesting feature of Distant Suns. Instead of simply viewing the skies as a static collection of stars and planets, you can create animated voyages through space by turning on Distant Suns’ Time Lapse facility and then recording the results into a standard IFF Anim file.
You could, for example, view the orbit of Hailey’s Comet as it passes the inner most planets of the Solar System.
Distant Suns may not be the most immediately satisfying program that you could buy for your Amiga but it’s certainly one of the most fascinating. Even if you don't enjoy staring at heavenly bodies for hours (don’t worry, I’m not going to crack a tired double entendre about heavenly bodies). Distant Suns is one of those programs that totally envelopes you in its subject matter.
For budding astronomers everywhere, Distant Suns 5.0 is a must.
Meridian Software Distribution, East House, East Road Industrial Estate, East Road, London Swf 9 1AR.
Tel: 081 543 3500. Price: E59.95 I f you're the sort of person that has about as I much technical knowhow as your average high street electrical store salesman (which, I can assure you, isn't a great deal), then you’ve probably already been tempted to buy yourself a Directory utility, one of those oh-so-useful little programs lhat allows you to get to grips with the Amiga's disk operating system without having to swot up on the Shell beforehand.
Possibly the most popular Directory utility available for the Amiga is INOVAtronics' Directory Opus 4.0 which can be found running on more Amigas than any other program. A new challenger to Opus’ throne is Dir Works 2.0 which has been expertly written by Chris Hames, the author of the infamous 'PC Task’ emulator package. Chris’ program looks very similar to just about every other Directory utility available for the Amiga with the usual Source’ and Destination' directory listing windows accompanied by a wide variety of buttons that allow you to perform such disk maintenance tasks as copying and
deleting files, formatting disks, playing sound samples and modules, and the list continues.
Nothing special so far. Indeed, so far Opus still leaves Dir Works 2 standing simply because of its elegant design. What makes Dir Works somewhat more interesting, however, is the sheer level of configurability that the program offers - what this basically means is that if you don’t like any aspect of Ihe program (including the screen design), Dir Works 2 allows you to change it. Indeed, you can even create a whole new user interface from scratch. What's more, the final result doesn't even have to be a Directory utility - Hames himself includes a demo user intedace that gives full Workbench
control over GVP's G-Lock genlock!
Rating a product like Dir Works 2 is surprisingly difficult. On the one hand it fails to even come close to the one product that it is aimed at (Dir Opus) but on the other hand it offers such a high level of control and flexibility that calling it a Directory utility just isn’t doing the program justice. If you want a Directory utility then buy Dir Opus 4.0 but if you want a program that will allows you to create Workbench front ends for any Afiexx-compatible programs or AmigaDOS commands, then Dir Works 2 is worth checking out. Perhaps the publishers should consider a change in direction for
the product?
Meridian Software Distribution Ltd, East House, London SW19 1AR. Tel:081 543 3500.
Price: ETBA AMIGA ASSEMBLER INSIDERGUIDE Book Following on from its successful At 200 and A600 Insider Guides, Bruce Smith Books have launched the Amiga Assembler Insider Guide. Written by Paul Overaa, the prolific author of a number of BSB's famous Mastering Amiga... books, Amiga Assembler is a compacf and easy to follow guide to programming your Amiga in its native language. 68000 assembler.
The book starts with a leisurely stroll through the basic architecture of the Amiga’s processor, its various components and how these relate lo assembly language programming. Paul then moves onto the more practical subject of addressing modes, data and address registers and he even finds time to introduce a few basic assembly language instructions. Before you know it. You’re ready to go head first into OS library calls and 'LVO' values. Personally though. I would have thought that it would have made more sense to have built a solid understanding of the 68000 instruction set before moving on
to such an advanced subject!
Mga The flow of the book’s content is broken up still further when the book seems to take more than just a couple steps backwards by looking at how to operate the PD assemblers A68k. Blink and HiSoft's DevPac. Surely this should have been at the start of Ihe book near the chapter introducing assemblers?
The book then moves onto more code-intensive subjects including macros, programming under Intuition and a brief overview of the Amiga’s graphics functions.
Documenting such a complex subject as the Amiga's operating system would obviously need a much larger book but I still can’t help thinking that perhaps Ihe author presumes too much prior knowledge from the reader. Indeed, you really need the Amiga ROM Kernel manuals to be able to follow many of the examples scattered throughout the book.
Covering the OS routines is all very well but you can’t expect the reader to automatically know the parameter formats of every OS routine! In lairness, however, Paul does try his best to document many ol the routines that he discusses. I still feel, however, that it would have been a much better bet to have built a more solid understanding of the language itself before getting too bogged down in OS coding.
The Amiga Assembler Insider Guide is a brave attempt to introduce assembler language programming to the layman but unfortunately it fails to hit Ihe mark as the language used may still be too technical for most beginners to understand clearly.
Bruce Smith Books, PO Box 382, St Albans, Herts AL2 3JD. Tel 0923 894355.
Prlce:£14.95 FASHIONS DESIGN SOCIETY PRESENTS,,, that tream is one of the DTP applications on ja. Now Softlogik I version 3, it beats the QuarkXPress on and leaves issional Page for Leaning takes id first look to s me of the new js it will offer.
R EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW PageSlream has always been one ol the muscle men ol Amiga DTP heavyweights. Yel. No matter how many steroids Sottlogik pumped into it PageSlream never developed enough muscles to become the Arnold Schwarzenegger ol Amiga DTP software.
ALL-IN-ONE AND ONE-IN-ALL Al £299. PageSlream 3may, af first, seem expensive, but before putting your credit card back in your wallet and going home consider what you will get lor your money. PageSlream 3, the package, is far more than |ust a OTP program.
In addition to the page layout program, you also get a bitmap graphics editor, BME. For creating and editing pictures, a text editor called PageLiner and a whopping collection ol over 50 fonts.
Although £299 may seem high, you will getting everything you need to create documents with and as such it has to be good value. And, of course, existing users will have an upgrade path, which will allow you to upgrade for less depending upon which version of PageSlream you have Now, however, with the imminent release ol version 3, PageSlream may be ready to kick sand all over Ihe competition PageSlream has changed considerably Irom its original design. When first released on the Amiga, it was more or less a straight conversion Irom the Alan ST implementation. Over the years, however.
Softlogik have adapted it to look and behave more like a proper Amiga application NEW LOOK On loading PageSlream 3, It s obvious lhal the new version is more than just an update to keep up with developments in Workbench refinements, indeed Softlogik claim the program was completely I rewritten for the new version. Although the familiar menu, window and drawing tool pallet Balow: paragraph formatting haa unrtergona Borne aubtla bui significant Improvements.
Nation has a completely new command tool bar, a feature that’s becoming increasingly common on Amiga applications. Many of the most popular commands are available as buttons, providing access to options such as Undo. Redo. Cut.
Copy, Paste. Change Page. Magnify. Open, Save and Prtnt. The Left indent o- lefore to p|Relative (X) Eirst line i- after to ?|Relat ive (X) Sight indent i- P|Justified | ? Drop cap Foot Mantique Olive Bold Keep together |Lines 1 Characters (1 | L "«[5 Start [3 | End [3 | LisJ apply 1 JancMj EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW CU AMIGA I J P»g*Str&am before and after. PageStream 2 verses PageStrMm 3. Notice the new tool bars and edit pallets.
Drawing tool pallet (called the toolbox) can also now be customised, changed to lie either vertically or horizontally and can be displayed in two different sizes (like Wordworth 3).
The Edit pallet provides information on objects, text etc such as the position, width, height, and rotation angles ol objects. You can edit all the settings via the pallet (rather than working your way through menus), which can be automatically increased and decreased via ‘nudge’ arrows.
Anyone who has used QuarkXPress will recognise the power and speed that this window will bring to PageStream and it is, in my humble LET'S COMMUNICATE PageStream has always had the potential to be better at communicating with other programs than almost any other Amiga application. Sottlogik were one ol the first Amiga developers to use modules lor Importing and exporting files to other programs whilst the Hotlinks system allowed PageStream to automatically update tiles In a document as they were changed in other applications.
Etely 9W the idow allet icar- jm- y °f com- Dle ling such )ut.
Inge pen, he With release 3, however, Sottlogik have gone even further. Amiga lovers will swoon when they find that at long last an A ton port has been provided, better yet, it's a full command set.
It’s been a long time coming, but worth the waitl The import modules have also been enhanced, with the ability to read text (with the style and attributes intact) from Final Copy, Final Writer. Word Worth, and ProWrile to name just a few. Perhaps the most dramatic new facility however is the ability to import ProPage files, the manual also documents the different concepts between the two programs and also provides on-line help for ProPage users!
Assuming all these features make it into the final version, PageStream could well become the AdPro of the text and DTP market - the ultimate in file convertors.
Opinion, perhaps the single greatest improvement to PageStream, as it allows experienced users to edit and change their documents far faster than previously possible.
Iype ?iLeft A4000 or A1200 owners will now be able to see pictures in full colour. Although a major upgrade to PageStream, this facility has been available on ProPage tor some time, and isn't really that significant, although it’s still a welcome improvement.
PRODUCTION If you use a DTP program for serious work you'll probably miss some of the advanced document handling facilities found in QuarkXPress on the Mac and PC. For example, the problem of not knowing what files, fonts and graphics are used in a document. A classic instance would be going back to edit an advert or flyer sometime after it was originally created, only to find that when printed the pictures are missing, or you haven’t got the correct fonts installed. Previously, the only way around this predicament in PageStream was to wade through the document looking at every font and pic
ture, to reinstall them. This got more difficult as the number of fonts and images increased.
Quark users have long had the benefit of simply being able to call up a list of the fonts and pictures used in a document, but there's never been a similar facility in any Amiga DTP package. Until now, that is. PageStream has requesters telling you exactly what fonts, pictures, and articles are used in t t r t EiU P | Eos it ion |2~ | ftelgte | apply Tab stops can now be set very easily precisely where you want them, you can also choose to fill the tab spaces with a character of your choice.
A document and where they are! Even better for frequently-used files, the program keeps individual revision numbers so you can be sure that the file you are editing is the most recent.
The applications’ tools for long documents has also been dramatically overhauled. Now, not only are there tools for formatting the contents of documents over one page (chapter subchapters, chapter numbering, automatic indexing and table of contents) but also a massive number of structural layout editing facilities which can be used to manipulate the location of pages, double page spreads and master pages.
To long-time PageStream users many of these will seem like a wishlist come true. You can, for instance, now change the objects on a master page for each individual page without effecting others, and join two single pages into a double page spread.
Softlogik have, at long last, followed the rest of the DTP industry and adopted Pantone colours. The Pantone system is a means of
- i specifying a colour via reference numbers that denote how
the colour is made up from Cyan.
Magneta. Yellow and Black components. Using these numbers you will be able lo generate exactly the same colour no matter what system you create, output and print your documents on.
Pantone is a true industry standard tor colour repro and its inclusion in PageSlream is well overdue, but very welcome.
Along with the new look and improved production aids, the programmers have also incorporated a number ol new graphics tools and page creation aids. Sadly, there are far too many new drawing and obiect handling abilities in the program to do them all justice in the small space available here, however, as a taster: objects can now be placed across page spreads, graduated colour fills are now available, variable shaped text frames (rather than just square rectangle) can be created and edited, objects can be anchored to text, drop cap creation and automatic scrolling pages as you drag objects
near the window edge CU Amiga Pagestre' TOOLBAR
i. This MW aMIUon to PaoeSlroama armoury malar me Sodlogtk
program a |oy to ItlMS aa many ol me moil Iroquently ated Menu
commands an now instantly svsil- nt.
Linked taxt franai.
Ornatt ing.
R Facing Pagee: View and adit two pages a Ida-by-aIda.
Edit Pago: Edit tha page setup and choose tha nastar page.
Bo to Page: Choose a page to view and adit.
Previous Pago: View and adit tha previous page.
Next Pago: View and adit tha next page.
Custon Scale: Set tha view nagnificatIon.
Execute and edit PageStrean nacros.
Recess the online help systan.
Opan: Opan an qxlsftlno docunrnl.
Sava: Save tha currant docunant.
Print: Print tha currant docunant.
Cut: Cut tha aalacted taut or ebjacta.
Copy: Copy tha aalactad taut or objacta.
Paata: Paata tha clipboard contanta.
Craaa: Dalata tha aalactad taxt or objacta.
Undo: Undo tha laat action.
Rada: Redo tha laat undona action.
Link: Link axlatlny taxt fron Unlink: Braak tha link botwoo Paragraph: Sat tha paragraph Tab: Sat tha tab stapa.
Haw: Craata LOGIKAL UPGRADE I've known Softlogik for a great many years, being one of the very first people in the UK to see the original versions of PageSlream almost five years ago. Back then it was called Publishing Partner Master and was released on the Atari ST. When Softlogik originally released PageSlream it was nice to look at. But get in close and you'd up getting frustrated with some of the features PageSlream has now grown up. Providing Softlogik releases PageSlream 3 in a bug-free state they've got a winner, and one which will take GoldDisk a long time to catch up with, if at all.
Contact: Meridian Software Distribution Ltd, Tel: 081 543 3500. ® graphics
• Contrast Control • Irregular plctare cropping • Display
pictures in colour (AA support) • List all pictures in a
document • Split drawing into paths shapes
• Extend objects across page spreads • Colour gradient tills •
Fill line strokes with a fill style • Merge and spirt drawing
paths NEW FEATURES IN BRIEF Typography 1ex! Handling
• Automatic drop caps • Automatic bulleted paragraph
• List loot! Io a document • Variable slaped teat Irames
• Hanging Punctuation • Baseline grid Interlace
• Toolbar for common menu commands • Edit pallet for object
coordinates etc • Drag page lo scroll • Auto scroll
• Areix Support Wort Procouiag
• List snides in a document • Dot leaden (for tabsj • Smart
quotes 1 Dashes • Showltlide Invisible characters Object:
Select, nova, scale and nanlpulato objects.
A Or A Reshape: Manipulate paths. Crop EPS. Pictures and drawings.
Magnify: Increase and decrease tha view nagnificatIon.
Layout Aids
• User defined grid coloir and grid strength d Adjustable ruler
offset and zero point • Mix rr ment in system fields Colunn:
Draw taxt colunn objects.
Lina: Draw diagonal, horizontal and vertical lino Box: Draw rectangles and squares.
A ?
O Sl A Al Rounded Box: Draw rounded rectangles and squares.
Ellipse: Draw ellipses and circles.
Rrc: Draw arcs and pie slices.
Polygon: Draw regular polygons (triangles, haxago Pan: Draw connected paths of Unas and curves.
Freehand: Draw connected paths by sketching.
Long document handling
• Chapter nembering • Automatic indexing • objects to text •
Continued fromAo numbers • and subchapters Colour 6 Printing
• Pantone colours • Trapping • Plate control • Suppress printout
ol selected items • Print empty pages option File
• Revision numbers • Job numbers • Auto save tMIGA PC UTILITIES
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Guide .£13.95 I
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ir Insider Guide .....£14.95
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of Workbench
...£14.95 I g
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| ¦ Creale 30 images Bom scratch, or from 20 pictures.
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DESKTOP PUBLISHING NlM UK .. ....£29.00 Personal Write .... Wordworlh 3.0 AQA ..... ....£19.95 £99.00 Professional Page v4.1 Pro Page v4.1 ? Pro Draw v3 .... £109.99 £150.00 Pageaetter v3 ..... [Pagestream v3.0 ...... £39.99 £249.95 TypeSmlth 2 Fom onqrw ....
Final Writer UK .... Final Copy II UK .. £118.95 ...£99.99 ...£64.00 Turboprint Professional .... Personal Font Maker . | Protext V6 NEW) ...£34.99 ...£40.00 ...£94.95 HOW TO ORDER and PAY [Cheque made payable to 'Emerald Creative’. Allow|j Jat least 7 working days for cheques to clear.
Credit Card. Visa, Mastercard. Delta. We will billF lyour card when we process your order and ship thek [product, not before.
|Pricing:All pricing indudes VAT, but not carnage. [ [We reserve the right to change prices. You will befe [informed of any price change before your order isl [accepted.
Post and Packaging charges within the UK areR |£2.50. Registered post is an extra £0.55 Next day I ¦courier is £4.95 inc VAT within the UK Mainland.| [Please ask for Overseas pricing.
[Problems: Faulty product will be GLADLY replaced) jor repaired within 30 days of purchase. Phone us I [and we will tell you what to do. Will refund if wecan'tl [Irepair your faulty product.Keep your Invoice. E&OE |
1. 5 has all the hall-marks ol a major league application. It's
all there; huge box. Thick manual, and loads ol disks (lour of
them in all). Starting couldn't be easier. All you do is pop
in the first disk with the install program. This is a standard
Commodore installer which takes you through the various
options and away you go.
CHOC A BLOCK Once it is set up and running, the size and scale ol ImageFX is amazing. Not only does it have most ol Dpamts drawing and painting tools, this program also has a huge selection of image composition, manipulation and processing functions, the like ol which only ImageMaster could only hope to compete with.
Budding artists will welcome the support lor numerous types ol hardware such as graphics cards, scanners, and trame grabbers. This wide selection ol hardware input devices ensures that ?&iYR°Hjl ORPH Cmtmorph is GVP'S ether sttsmpt St stand Slone software.
It is a software application mat lets yon create animations where one Image Is magically converted to another.
Similar effects haie been soon in films snch as Tirmliulor I and tar too many car adverts Why am I twittering on about CineWorph in a review ol ImaitFX. Simple. CmMogih is inclnded in the price, and not only has ImapeWbeen upgraded, but so has the special effects program.
The new version ol Onamorph doesn't include any ma|or league new features, but has heen tweahed internally to take advantage ol Ihe AGA chipset and Workbench
3. 0. and also make response times laster - particularly
mid-operstioa cancels Whether these improvemenls will see
their way Into Ihe standalone Is anyone's guess. Cinemorphwas
undecided at Ihe time ol this article going to press.
TEST SILICA £149.99 j orogram v e fftefti iMck out thanks to its ability er 20dmWr0nt file formats.
A graphics package to rival those on the Mac and PC.
OVERALL 91% SAVE TO BE LOADED Just like AdPro ImtgeFX is modular, allowing you lo add loaders' and savers' as you wish. Loaders and savers allow the program to read lile formats other than its own, letting you process and edit artwork created in foreign' applications. You could, lor example, create a picture In say. Windows Paint, then load it. Make some changes in tmagaFX and finally save it In Mac Paint format ready for further editing on the Mac. Unlike AdPro however you get a great many loader and saver modules with the program, you don't need to buy them at a later date With the program,
there are some 30 different loader saver modules supplied, these Include the common (.GIF, JPEG. PCX, TIFF. ANIM, IFF Including 24-bit. DCTV, Retina. HAM-E) and the not so common (Alias. DPIIE BMP. Flick..ICO. Impulse, info. PPM and PGM. Sculpt. Rendition. Targe.
IFF FAXX) There are also plans lo release further loaders shortly, and several PD software developers are already looking into writing some more loader and saver modules.
Terns from one area of a picture to another whilst drawing and painting. You can, for instance, paint in third eye on a face, and because you are drawing with pixels picked up from the original eye you can get far better results than a straight block copy operation would provide - wonderful!
There is a facility very similar to Pantograph in Photoshop on the Mac and PC. And its provision in ImageFX is very welcome It gets better. In addition to these drawing and painting tools you can you should have no problem getting raw picture material into ImageFXfor further processing. And if you already have your desired artwork in a com- r tilesv tpe program will allow you to convert Jnc Other tools include pens, draw (more of this later), airbrush, smudge and finger-paint, freehand draw, Sne and arc. Rectangle, ellipse, polygon and, last of also leather’ the edges ol any new drawing Edge
leathering takes the edge ol the new drawing and blends it into the background image. The blend lasts tor a specified number ot pixels trom the edge, either away from and into the new drawing area. Using this facility you can mix new elements into an existing picture without any ot the rough edges that normally occur FABULOUS FEATURES Alongside the actual drawing and editing facilities are a whole bunch ot other tools which I lump together under the title ot image composition and manipulation functions. Facilities include making changes to the colour space of a picture ie changing the colour
components, and a vast number of other snappily-named effects including Motion Blur, Sharpen and Unsharpen Masks. Dynamic Range. Wave Distort, Oil Transfer, Implode, Explode. Black Hole and Spiral to name just a few The composition functions are both powerful and flexible. Composition is the process ot taking one image and combining it with all Of[ another image and formst "" number of art apply a merge Map composition to combu Merge combines two im.
Replace any colour in ther_ contents ot the buliu uiflyuu can specify t colour and how dose to it other colours should be before they are replaced with the buffer image data. Add and Subtract will add or subtract the value of the buffers to the pixels of the main buffer, this makes bright pixels brighter and dark pixels darker. The Image Map paints the hue and saturation of individual pixels in Ihe main buffer with those of the swop buffer without touching the contours and textures of the main butter.
All these functions, and indeed all others tionsin ImageFX. Are yoursatt button.
In addition lo controlling toojoWwitn Dio mome. Ton i alio summon up a dodlcaled ImigeFXcommand shell. This allows ydu lo access most lunctlons In the program tla lls own lert command soguenca You may ash win such a leature has boon incorporated Into the program, and the answer Is ono which Is hound lo causa endless arguments. For experienced users the ability lo typo In commands will provide a taster method ot operating than the normal moose gadget combination No you probably don I believe it. Neither did I in tho past, but consider this: In the lime it takes you to move tho mouse lo a
gadget, click on II. Move through several reguestert and then finally select the desired gadget, last typists could have tapped a lew keys and achieved the same thing. And lor straight lile conversions etc. this is all that’s needed - so it does work out guicker!
[you _ 1 through the eye16 I|S 8,8 ftool bar which lies across the bottom of the screen, from this tool bar every feature of the program is controlled - there are no menus in ImageFX.
PROBLCMS GVP. Have on the whole, got «n*« Tknn now ever, a couple of areas that codd be noMC "me handling could be easily enhanced a reamer e ing tor text is not particularty outstarxJng But mtm really lets the program down, is the tact fob you can only enter one line ot text at a time. Some ot»» requesters are not overly intuitive or helpful either Another annoying oddity is the xiabdity to speedy a magnification level - yes you can magnify up and down on an Image but you can't set a percentage CONCLUSION ImageFX 1.5 is a diamond of a program. It shines in practically every respect, making
other applications look like cheap gemstones by comparison. But unlike the average Diamond,«isn't expensive, in fact, it’s exceptional value for money given the pnce ot similarly capable applications on Macs and Pcs.
All that remains is for GVP to file off some of the rough edges and ImageFX will become the crown jewel of Amiga graphics programs Owners of previous 1.5 should gel the new version immediately, admittedly it's not a major upgrade, but the subtle changes make all the difference in the world. ® PIU ON THE ADD-ONS ImillFX 1.5imports 1 matsivt range ol luntwjm addons lor the Amiga These cao broadly be brakes down in to two categories.
1: Input: IrruppFXsupports the following input devices - Epson ES300C. VUB and Sharp JX100 scanner. IV24.
Framegrabber 156 and PPSS Irame grabbers, digitising tablets
2. Viewing: ImageFX can render images into a viewable source
lor all major Amiga screen lormats and enhancer graphics
cants, including the AGA chipset. HAM E, DCTV, Firecracker,
IV24. OpalVision, and EGS.
The new version also has a preview mode called SuperAmiga. This lets magaFXsupport any ScreenModa that is detailad In the Amiga s Display Database fas looad in Workbench 2.1 and higher!
V V W XX C A. V WTS Electronics Ltd, Chau r vy End Lane, Luton, Bedfor AMIGA 4000 PACKS AMIGA 1200 PACKS 12-bit 68020 full power Two joysticks A mouse Free paint package software Mouse mat A1200 standalone 4U 68030 40 processor Co-processor option 2MB 4MB RAM A4000 030 with 80MB HD & 2MB £99«l A4000 010 with 80MB HD A 4MB £9W| A4000 0 30 with 120MB HD A 4MB £1 *9 A4000 040 with 120MB HD A 6MB I1W New A4000 Tower Systems .. IPO* I £274 A1200 with 20MB A1200 with 40MB A1200 with 60MB A1200 with 80MB .. Al 200 with 120MB A1200 with 200MB.
Comb.it lnnovations pack arid to above £45 Easy to install 2.5* upgrade kits full «*unuiw and tables whm- necessary All drives supplied with formatting instructions and software Free fitting available- phone for details 20MB HD upgrade kit ...£85 £169 £209 40MB HD upgrade kit ..£135 60MB HD upgrade kit ..£156 85MB HD upgrade kit £169 120MB HD upgrade kit £199 200MB HD upgrade* kit ......£279 HIGH CAPACITY HD’S These prices include collection, delivery and free fitting, all guaranteed 3.5* drives. Phone for details.
250MB £199 340MB £249 540MB £399
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stand Full UK warranty Commodore 1084 1085 s.. £194 Philips
I4155A monitor TV £184 Men. VH.I .' i NJK ... • .• £10* A1200
SVGA monitor . £229 (diioU. Hi p.ndiid.vitv modrv no?
Drlaulll | Commodore 1940 .. £284 Commodore 194’ .... £334.
1. 5m monitor ext, cable..... £14.99 (Simply .nlil iifl (o»
workstation ol ,»ur chonH when pun has. N» the above) PRO ROM
Facilitates up to three external floppy drives Made in Ihe UK
Strong and robust Aesthetically pleasing Keep your desk neat
and tidy Supplied complete and assembled with free mouse mat
A500 Workstation .....£34 A600
Workstation ..£32 A1200
Workstation ...£34 Workstation coverall dust
covers....£7 Mouse House £4 100
Capacity lockable disk box £5.99 Squick
mouse ..£13.99 Mouse mat TDK high quality DSD(IO)
disks£9.99 Computer Mall DSD(I0I disks £6 let Fighter
joystick .....£13.99 Apache
joystick .....£6.99 Python joystick
£9.99 Zipstick
joystick ...£14.99 A50Q A600 A1200 dust
covers £4.99 A500 modulator ...£36 Bug
joystick ..£13.99 4-Way mains extension block £7.99 TV
RF lead ....£4.99 A500 internal
replacement drive £47 Allows image processing in a usclul and
unique lashion Comes complete with manual One ol the fastest
growing applications lor home and prolessional users High
specification coupled with cost effective pricing 64
greyscales 100-400DPI fully compatible with Delux Paint 4
Advanced software Power Scanner 3 (A500 A12O0). £102 Naski
mono (A500I ...£89 Power Scanner
4 .....£116 Power Scanner colour
4 ......£229 Fpson GT-6500 (inc.soltware)... £599 Swap
between Kickstart chips Fits A500. A500+, A600. A1 500 Auto
swapping via keyboard control Flexible cable allows the
swapper work In conjunction with accellerator Simple to lit-
lull instructions Pro ROM Swapper . £1 Pro
ROM Swapper* 1.3 ROM £3 Pro ROM Swapper* 2.04 ROM.... £4
KICKSTART ROMS KickStart ROM 2.04. KickStart ROM 1.3 .. i nn
h vrpl i pn cp A VUA XjilWilViiVV' lforlU4 8EZ Telephone
(0582) 491 949 (6 Lines) EST 1984 PRO AGNUS 2MB Provides a
full 2MB of Chip Memory ior the Amiga 500 and Al 500 2000 •
Designed and built in England • Supplied with 8375 Obese Agnus
• Includes 2MB Memory on board in the form of low power Zips •
Allows Ihe processing of elaborate animation and sound
sampling • Provides the same max. (hip memory as the
A1200 A4000 & 500+ •Increases addressable memory space from
9MB lo 10MB
• Complete with full instructions and flying leads •British made
Pro Agnus 2MB £129 If rw fining
available - phone (or deuilsi A500 MEMORY EXPANSIONS A500
Pro-Ram O.SMeg Upgrade Allows I MB software to run Chip memory
compatible British made Without clock
£899 £1069 £1999 £POA A500 Pro-Ram 1.5Meg.Upgrade Gives a full
2MB of memory...... A500+ 1MB Meg Upgrade .. WER SUPPLY
addition of peripherals ut damage to computer or r supply
»risk damaging your expensive kit e" one simple investment
will ore total peace of mind now and
- lulu re Ich mode design v bar projection
• nade
o Power supply unit ...£44.95 ) Power supply unit £54.95 D
Power supply unit ...£44.95 J Power supply
unit ...£44.95 HD Power supply unit £49.95 2 Power supply
unit ..£44.95 High Quality Renowned and proven reliabilty
Anti-click Long moulded cable Slimline design High impact
plastic Cumana external drive ...£57 Cumana
external drive + 100 capacity disk box
.....£61 Cumana external drive + 100 capacity
disk box 20 blank disks £66 A500 A500+ Internal replacement
disk drive £47 A600 A1200
Internal replacement disk
drive £59 A2000 Internal
replacement disk drive £57 High
quality premium range of Amiga printers Two year manufacturers
warranty Complete with cable Citizen registered for dealer plus
service Swill 90 Colour.. Swift 200 Colour £157 £189 Swift 240
Colour ... £219 £135 Panasonic KXP 1170 Colour il
pin BO col mm, iwCR Drain Panasonic KXP 2123 Colour 124 pin BO
colunw, 192CPS Draft) HP Deskjet 500 Colour . KickStarl
2.04 . KickStart 1.3 ... KickStarl
ROM Swapper.
Is»jp Kicttuml fatter Agnus 8372 .. Obese Agnus 8375 . Hi & ' »« sap ¦ S Si- Ti J.bipl .
V. B . « ,« 32 Simm 1 MB ... 32 Simm 2MB ... 32 Simm 4MB ... 32
Simm SMB ... A500 modulator t «|* i% * 'WA! 11 JVM- Asflft
Irre- al 0*1 (V AbtjUAt OC wna. ,) .«*
3. 5" IDE 2.5' IDE cable..... Spike surpression plug i r
Now ,he P°wer modem is within your grasp with the advent of
these cost effective Pro range of hi-spec modems. Auto-dial
auto-answer, Hayes compatible.
Pro 2400 FP - Fax Modem v22, v22 BIS, V21, V29, V27 TER, 300-2400 BPS Fax 9600.....£79 Pro VCI44E - Fax Modem v22, v22 BIS, V21, V29, V27 TER, V32t V32 V44 BIS ......£189 All modems inclusive of Comms software, leads and power supply.
How lo make your Amiga into a robot controller - Ask for catalogue ILES hotline 0582 491949 (6 LINES), 0480 47111 7(24HR), fax 0582 505900 Credit card ordering by phone is easy. Simply phone our sales hotline quoting your credit card number., expiry date, name and address and the products you wish to order and we'll do the rest. Alternatively write the above details on your letter when ordering by post.
When ordering by post in cheque form please write your cheque card guarantee number on the reverse of the cheque and send along with your order. Postal orders are also accepted.
MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT £15.00 NO DELIVERY CHARGES TO UK MAINLAND. Should you wish your order to be sent by courier service please add £5. This method secures the item with full insurance, not express.
WARRANTY: One year warranty return to base. ONE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY: Available on all products at 10% of purchase price when ordering.
Computer Mall Bedford The Harpur Centre Bedford 0234 218228 Psw*ak» 28 d»yv kr **e|. Ow to i. mb W tn) Itr Ir (Snail njtarr cl Km iratffl Where to find us!
Head Office ITS Electronic Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton
• 582 491949 Computer Mall St.Neots Priory Mall Shopping Centre
St.Neots 0480 471117 Computer Mall Hertford 49 Railway Street
Hertford 0992 503606 Computer Mall Dunstable 84 High Street
North Dunstable Bedfordshire 0582 475747 swt BrUri "u occw r
a 28 djys.I S It CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST Yabba Dabba Doo! Tony
Horgan tries his hand as a cartoon film maker with Empire’s new
animation package.
Until now there were two main choices tor Amiga cartoon animators: Movie Setter end Deluxe Paint- both very different, but both very capable. Hanna Barbera's Animation Studio now otters a third alternative, taking a more traditional approach to cell animation. Bather than go tor an all-out bells and whistles extravaganza, the designers have decided to make Animation Studio as easy to use as possible. Maybe inevitably, this means that you won't lind a stack ot ground breaking features. Instead, the emphasis is on simplicity, with a customised icon system replacing the normal Amiga menus.
Ixe Paint, Animation trames into two parts: still backgrounds, and animated foregrounds. Each animation can have just one backdrop, over which all the action happens.
The foreground frames are created on a separate screen, and then overlaid on the backdrop. Once you've created your first frame or cell, you can move onto the next. Thanks to the "onion skin" feature, which means that the previous few frames show through as progressively lighter images behind the current frame. As the program doesn't have any tweening features, this is essential when you’re moving a character or object across the screen, in order to get a smooth transition.
The drawing functions for creating your backdrops and foregrounds are very simple. All you get are the basic tools: line circle, box. Freehand, fill, undo and dear. There are also a tew different brush sizes to choose from. Amazingly, there's no way of loading in foreground cells or backdrops that you might have created in another program.
There is no support for IFF images at all - it won't load them or save them. Even your tinal animations cannot be saved as standard Anim tiles. An animation package that can't use IFFs? Strange but true I'm afraid. The result of this is that everything has to be created from within the program, unless you have a VIDI digitiser.
The digitising section is by far fhe best feature of the Animation Sludio. Connect your Amiga up to a Rombo VIDI digitiser and a video source, and you can grab black and white images tor use in your animalions. Anyone trained in traditional cell animation could use this to transfer hand-drawn trames trom paper or film to the screen. You could also make your own stop-lrame animations, or “n Captain Pugwash- style cartoons using cardboard cutouts. There's more potential here than meets You might not be able to match tho excellent demo animations, but you'll have tun trying.
The whole program la controlled from picture icons like these, which should make It more accessible to younger kids.
The eye, and with a bit of imagination, you could easily build some very original animations in a matter of a few minutes.’ ring-bound boofc of black and white outline images comes with tflifc.
Software, including animation frames to be digitised, as well as a dismembered Fred Flintsone for you to cut out and animate.
KIDS' STUFF Animation Studio is designed for kids, which explains the simplicity. It’s easy to use, the VIDI support is excellent, the little animations that come with the package are great, and ¦ there's even a tutorial video included in H the package, but it still has some major ¦ flaws and omissions.
It would have been nice to see some simple sound eftects features. For exam- pie, IFF sound samples could have been tagged to certain trames. This would be an H incredibly easy feature to implement, and ¦ would add a great deal lo the tinal cartoon H • after all. What is a cartoon without sound ¦ eftects? Then there's the incompatibility H with IFF images and animations, which is ¦ inexcusable. Moving backdrops and multi H pie scenes aren't on the menu, and there's SB59 no way of replaying your animations out- mQQ side of the main program.
Animation Studio would make a good starting block for young animators who don’t want to do anything more than construct a short cartoon sequence over a still backdrop. It's certainly not rival for Dpaint.
If you want powerful paint an animation, you know where to go. If you want to give your little ones a chance to make their own cartoons, then this is definitely a better bet. GU EMPIRE £49.99 4500 9 4500.9 4600 9 41200 9 41500 9 42000 9 43000 9 44000 9 EMPIRE, THE SPIRES, 677 HIGH ROAD, NORTH FINCHLEY, LONDON, N12 ODA.
TEL: 081 343 7337 »????' ?90% KAIUEFOR MONEY ????65% A very good starting point for kids, but otherwise limited.
OVERALL 69% ClIT, TICK & POST_CUT, TICK & POST-CUT, TICK & POST _ Telephone hotune's (0702) 466933 Fax (0702) 617123 r ’k BiZB UWLM PD Soft 1 Bryant Avenue, Southwo-on-Sea, ESSEX, SSI 2YD Y . .. HIICUlUKMMe Oi* p;x ex. Tom -HI. A Mato ¦ Mm *ra Tsnraus Woime I.H. U *-M US(vnoo d4 I'issis-'ississs ¦ J- ¦ !P.,£i-a!US»S'pl'i. 0"pl»i bwu no hi-I mt- fwj, rrpppi m toirw toMroxtow i*bm (• wdn- t- in.;. 1wto«H,ww.ievoaAiaT
- "»il or.)
J - . VI1S4 fl STAR .1 0 pirn’ll Pmktoi UN la I01T0 rooe. WalP. W J • . MitoOROuux* , .TMiivrrif. .HH-p 17 papnt OH. 1H .iltoarr io»H, into eanini on ftp.
Ni.nl uNh-i .. . IfiWJiBloUaCaU.
3” 141* OMU ONSS 40 1 lirmto .c.| ;ito. Lu nWAi-.-HOi .H-W l t -M pp n -11 Ih. 1 ivnom • too pe lm no cmnoHLMK'FMt a sow MK'srjiissr,., .. J” VllSS MPMASnR.llM-MJWl pioqoni tool tndMi lo Yant*P2ia(4fM vmttos J WI Inneei Ta Air.,.. umI a*.
Uodfon WBOWMMVlB hlWrtoi.
GAME DISKS Jl - 1071 Tjim ORMBMAThn t toa ¦;cs!SBSS5r..«. TaMtoahpiBbplNMm 3*. 174* SCRAAMU rgral tod dto 1-MBN jama Kn to. 0ROd«l j - . 1*77 PCM POM OUMNBI -MM 'WO oytow r.. LB n.
J • . InioORI p-i iSSdtor to. A-»,1 ttnn on toa C*4 Oyjrd n*
• an »iS iiAMtoPwc*»i»aadar» l •. *7*1 CCAOM* comoast
• I-.., rai 01 J • . 1744 «MB SatAMM® mm
* ¦ "9*
- o.
C • %P* *¦» an PO u - . 70S. And ATAC 1 -HHjtoip i toa Ptn SKSS-,.- J - . 777* OAO IP MNP M* p» mnwt iatoi.vmi J - . 22BO DMIORAACT IMB Oow.
• - y ~w • ••'u' J.l 0 iohoi i-.ulmh. ¦npflifitoT.lr u-iN. -Arm
J ’ . 1101 OUACMBSI ¦ l*m to-
a. Gar
* ¦ h'»p C r-rnoH3 *w Oaiv. «•» J * 1447 COMORO I’.H wnJaW
«N.wmrtagmM"xxlai Jl 244* CRAZY M V.l»» 1.U ..... J • . 2.91
IK4IC or 10TMAN ! ... Ipni otf* d)ma to to. Hmi ol Ulmi j - •
74** AMOS CRKKET '.. uwr u. ..nip irKl- am.Nito- «Ni n«•
- 1* • 2414 TTTRENh 4 IwlMVMIB Tha 7 (* r» *r"P n Hh»i I Imnl 3"
. 7417 oOUIRNOLOBS I: UW1-0 ' P 7 B***1 '¦«»¦ B»%to« a 1 d to.
"i *Dddtor ijp-« •w'w «r*rt n-.
. . 470 OR MASK) mSm’RomVn to. Rb il wmgm atJ cirt H ink Om J* - 141* IAOAI TO THE 04ATH Tto.1
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NailoKr d top Prrln Overt J‘.VimiA0U PVAYER .11 SSSSSSSSSSST”'
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cisscsr-ssers I a* to. CEP mot-. TiMW ; SfiSBSs.. m b tow N o
anm. -Yo ' • Sac? TO Tcmckh ‘win mM*Bto*flvnoW««ltK*.
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- »*OTW*bO«« 6nUTV DISKS
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n MJ » I EYE C. THE BE HOIOiR I- . *
* Map* VdW* ft SdWoo . -VU2 AMIGA KJNT , lt V, PI.
»S3» IS£fi5S: MWM«KCT«lr0 .-•SWKBMI.. _ bHVMUCIHH n • uit:ni f.w«hi 411 onto. Am mtm to mm I BIACKBOAM) Y7 0 B» -»«* O
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*• M* & Cr-Mwi Edtan
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- UW4 KARATE MASTER 0 SM« t* «•»•- « w I ''MHmMHltTHndM
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NT ID J * . V*«l ITARUNOVU 1.S LlrO pop-sB "««U i..Wom rroML.
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Rsaaai : UTTERS * * Un*«tsproiW(crmnatiO ul.l»«f lap. Poap'paK*' .7 ~ liOMmExvi. Swfo »ui» A TW» _ bJS. BOCAWO. C«r N. AM K-a |& J - . VRV4 TX MONEY PROGRAM N S IpMnmbOi upl o iyximj" EQ jfjaaa-sjjsfcvw AmatpobyOo-iKrdin BowaE»ld it Oao t*:n T.-*. -r a an* . VWI VatORPM Olljv*-
O. BI»x«Tl"aDM,'«iinl H-W .C ' l?’a ° ***'* fcor"' B AB J l -W-
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diOAgieietoweiouwi . V100* TURBO TUT M I (««*i« R .Afi .or,
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? * ’ VwatUMROMKvlMAK Mo-Ew l*e Atw Ckrt om Iti* MAC VTOM EANC* H0NT*« -o.
¦ Pop* vl Z 0"J CW Pi« .1 ST V16M tMAW VI0 q " na. On V,
* . -»M OiWW d *T- n Oojra~.
? * . VHM1 EASY CALC PLUS A *~ d «toN ObotimI to ba Bmh am, to top 8u« r rcdrl Pap womti 3 * - V0S4 ADVANCED U*i 1 CorpMM K.qEydvwOai ti.VnNi Ben* CcwvnoOoca OoMtoaart Cl la.
J* ViSoBS8S? »rrre !'* ¦* «. »BV«.
BSEir-1* j • • VTU* IAQAE iMa 4 A404*»n kf* lyvm Imi Ctoudi ho-4 Akj k-POP NTSC4MTSC Po*hPo.nl..
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* a mi*Bt»i»c*c J* . V142 RE-OR0 vB.n It - ... ma-Mn da c«4*ww %r
AmraCdS J * . V1141 IMAGE 10 OBJECTS V* srdsa HO tom » biaMa,
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(I) (Mir RBI 14 ro *4 Im IW prtoifi i ib.Ii orIt mu. «p nr l*Wh
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-------- ifTBi iBBiw . Bol,toMM«C«-tM.AUe
’SSf'SWffisa’.S r top (on,
T. .i mmmm PosKodr | plrlfphon T ” Card Card No I am ordrrinK
from: Amiga repairs Repairs undertaken to Amiga 500 computers
at £44.95 inclusive of parts, labour. VAT and return
postage packing Commodore registered for full technical
support Computers repaired in the quickest possible time All
machines will be overhauled with a full soak-test to ensure
optimum reliability Entrust your machine to the experts, full
90 day warranty Repairs to disk drive and keyboard also
included (extra charge possible If found to need complete
replacement) Repairs to other Commodore systems undertaken -
phone for details Upgrades and expansions supplied and fitted
- phone for details £44.95 advantage of this exceptional
offer, simply send or hand deliver your computer to our
workshop complex, dress details below, enclosing this
advertisement voucher, payment, fault description, return
address, along with your daytime and evening telephone number
and we will do the rest.
Should you require Group 4 Security return delivery, simply add SS 00 to the repair charge.
M gp m Electronics Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton Bedfordshire LU4 8EZ Tel 0582 491949 (6 lines) (We reserve the right to reject mach*ne» which. In our opinion, are beyond repair- Normal charge applies!
A rans omi
mtwtotw HEADHUNT mEDasa AtiamiNite mmwmx OREGON WET BLOCK!
* JL MfUBRGPHy mcum WOBBLER (O[p0mnjo0s© PefcEE POUICRtlflCR
SfarStruek This month we’ve joined forces with Commodore to
bring you the biggest competition yet!
If you’re a regular CU AMIGA reader you’ll know how impressive the CD32 games console is.
With its state-of-the-art 32-bit internals. Near photographic quality graphics, stereo sound and Amiga compatibility the CD32 can play some really impressive games.
For gamesplayers the CD32 is simply unrivalled. Whilst other console manufacturers announce new super consoles, the CD32 is already out and about, and it's a true 32-bit system to compete with the new models from Sega, whenever they arrive.
But it’s also got a lot more. If you've read the review of the CD32 FMV module in our February issue and the review of the first FMV films in the May issue you’ll know how stunning Commodore’s CD32 upgrade is.
If not, take our word for it, with a CD32 and FMV module home entertainment will never be the same again!
Wire up the CD32 and you can watch top films like Patriot Games, Star Trek and Black Rain with better than video quality pictures, CD sound, and perfect digital freeze frame - amazing!
You're probably already thinking about buying one of these amazing beasts. Let’s face it, with a new price of just £249 for the CD32 and and £199 for the FMV card there's never been a better time.
But how would you like to win both of them right here? Thanks to Commodore we've got three of these stunning combinations to give away, all you need to do to stand a chance of winning one is answer these three simple questions:
1. How many games are now available for the CD32?
2. What does FMV stand for?
3. How much is the CD32?
Now put your answers on the back of a postcard and send it to: FMV FOR ME! CU AMIGA, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R3AU.
1. This competition is not open to employees ol EMAP or
2. The Closing date is 31st June, 1994.
3. The editor’s decision is tinal, and don't bother trying to
bribe him (unless you’ve got lots of money!)
4. No correspondence will be entered into.
5. Multiple entries are not allowed.
CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST Class War has raged long and hard in Amiga Comms, but at last peace has broken out thanks to the very latest version of GPFax.
All modems you can buy these days come with lax capability. However, nine hundred and ninety times out ol a thousand the software in the box will be something like WinFAX Lite-a very good piece ol software, but unfortunately it is only compatible with the PC Also, the majority ol the Amiga software that you can use has what's called Class 2 Fax Capability This is line il you have a modem such as those made by Supra, but most ol the low-cost modems trom USRobotics only support Class 1 The difference between these Class 1 and 2 isn't great, but it is enough to prevent the favoured Amiga
GPFax. From working After spending £250 on a small-but-perfectty-formed Sportster, it was incredibly frustrating not to be able to use the fax facilities with my Amiga.
Thankfully, help is at hand. At last, due to popular demand, GPFax has been updated to include both Class 1 and Class 2 modem support. Now, both USRobotics and Supra fans (and any ofher make of fax modem) can make the most of their tiny little bleeping boxes THE FAX OF LIFE Using GPFax is brShanNy simple Before you can send a fax you must first convert text files or pictures to a suitable fax format, a process which takes GPFax only a few seconds You can then take a name from your on-screen phone book, or type one in directly. Adding a cover page is simplicity itself.
You hit 'transmit' and the modem dials a number and sends the fax. End of story.You can also choose to have the GPFax program appear as an Icon on the Workbench when loaded, which is handy if you want to include It in your Workbench Startup drawer Although converting a text hie is dead easy, believe it or not there is an even easier way to create suitable faxes GPFax can be set-up to intercept any files which have been sent to a pnnter.
Which means that any program which has a ¦Print' 0 I-' -fl The main control screen can be displayed on the Workbench, its on screen or even collapsed into a single Icon. Even when iconitted, it le always ready to spring into action and answer the phone, or redirect printer output option can be used to create suitable faxes When combined with a good page publisher such as Fetal Writer ot WordWorth. The results are extremely professional looking. In fact to get similar results with a standard fax machine you would need to DTP your letter, send it to a laser printer and feed it in by hand. II you
use a fax for business, having a fax modem and GPFax will actually save you a lot of bother Receiving a fax Isn’t a problem either. You can trigger the fax reception by hand (useful if you have a main telephone switchboard to get through) or invite the modem to automatically pick up the call. Received faxes will be converted to standard IFF images which means you can display them on-screen before deciding it they merit being sent to a pnnter. It goes without saying that this is the cheapest way to get a plain paper fax machine - no fading or curling pages (unless your printer is broken). You
don't even need a printer as most laxes are perfectly suitable for keeping in IFF format on disk, which can be a lot safer in a security conscious environment.
The excellent Arexx support offered by GPFax means that system operators who run bulletin boards will be able to add fax support to their sys terns. Details are given in the manual to integrate GPFax with Trapdoor- the popular electronic mailer program When set up properly, it's possible for the BBS to accept faxes on behalf of the board's users, and forward them automatically as image files. This sort of system requires a Class 2 lax modem in order to work, as only Class 2 systems will correctly differentiate between a fax call and a normal modem data call.
JUST THE FAX M'AM There are only a few little biddy bugs and omissions in GPFax at the moment - for example, when using the redirected printer output, the software spits up an error if you happen to be running an application in an AGA screen mode. You can ignore it. But it s a pain. It would also be nice to see multiple faxes onscreen. And be able to rotate incoming pages m steps on 90 degrees too.
You should remember also that GPFax won t produce ASCII text from received files, only an IFF Them ere many opttons avadabte lo ft no-tuna your particular setup, Including fai resolution and auto-answer Soma option* are only applicable id good old Claes 2 modems, but at least the Sportster can now be used.
- SjflU -1 1 iiii lijV i'l-iii! I J,! 1 | i-1 1 w ii wr. 1 1 SWT
1 I image. To interpret the image into raw text, a specific
Optical Character Recognition is required.
CONCLUSION GPFax is a terrific program which although offering (remendous power, does il all in a very non-techie j way It is by no means essential lo be comforiabie with Comms and modem largon before you use GPFax In fact in many ways it s actually easier to use than a dedicated fax machine With its friendly point-and-click interface, and GP Fax offers practically all Ihe features available on PC specific fax programs. In fact, as (he Amiga multitasks properly and offers Arexx. Once again an Amiga set-up will ouf-perform and cos! Less than a similar solution on any other computer plalform.
O 3 Work* on any Amiga with a lax compatible modem. Extra memory recommended for large image*.
FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE, UNIT 3, ARMLEY PARK COURT, OFF CECIL STREET, STANNINGLEY ROAD, LEEDS LSI 2 2AE. TEL: 0532 319444 VALUE FORMONEr 94% OVERALL THE TWO-IN-ONE MONITOR FROM MICROVITEC There’s a new, highly versatile, dual purpose colour monitor that’s unbelievable value for both business and games use.
Irer, jf Compatible with all workbench modes, the Auto-Scan 1438 has high performance electronics and an ultra fine tube for sharp, crystal clear images.
Designed and built to exacting standards for assured reliability and quality by Microvitcc, the UK's leading monitor manufactu features include: q 14" screen 0.28mm dot pitch 15-40 kHz Fully autoscanning 9 MRPII compliant £ Designed and manufactured in the UK MICROVITEC WHEN PERFORMANCE MATTERS Microvitcc Pic. Bolling Road, Bradford BD4 7TU Tel: 0274 390011 Fax: 0274 726866 Amiga Sir £ ffyi 1 il. I, t' f1 'i.? Ilil'jBgjeji Touch UP , Merge It a ‘snrrial OCR enftware msm New Low Price Including OCR 4 Just Amiga Monthly £139.00 ID A 400 dpi high resolution Opto-Mcchanical Mouse.
Top quality construction ensures rapid and smooth with micro switch buttons.
A new low cost replacement Mouse for all Amiga Systems.
260 Warranty.
SCSI-2- Controller with upto 8 Mb upgradeable RAM for Amiga 2000 3000m 4000(T) The Oktagon 2008 offers comprehensive solution to the most diverse SCSI devices and to the most diverse problems.
A stylish Pen Mouse with qunlily construction and smooth fist movement.
Micro switch buttons. Ideal for DTP artwork, etc Includes Optical Pad NEW TANDEM CONTROLLER FOR CD-ROM DRIVES WITH IE® INTERFACE.
This is a dual multifunction controller card for the A1500,A2000,A2500,A3000(T) The ideal kwr-OMt Xddooeal I" ' Amiaa CD-ROM £34.95 £69.00 Colourful Animal Jungle or Dinasour Design Mouse Mats.
Ptaaae add £3JO portage tad packing to all crdo* under £10000 and Ordni over £100.00 add £100 portage and packing. COURIER CHARGE £10.00. All prkca inckide VAT. Golden Image accepts paymenta by Vi«, Acocaa, Cheque cr portal order EajQE. Price* lufcject to change without notice. Goode abject to availability.
Specification abject to change without notice. AD Ttade Marki are Acknowledged.
Tel :081 365J1Q2 . FaxiQUl 801 8356 Unit 12a, Millmead Business Centre, Millmead Road, London N17 9QU UK LTD OLDEN IDE HARD DRIVES FOR AMIGA A500 A500+ I500 2000 3000 4000 with Optional Ram Upgradeable from 0 to 8Mb Controller Phis 40Mb Hard Disk £ 179.00 Controller Plus 85Mb Hard Disk £ 279.00 Controller Plus 120Mb Hard Disk £ 299.00 Controller Plus 250Mb Hatd Disk £ 329.00 HARD DRIVES FOR AMIGA 600 1200 with IDE Cable.
209 Mb Hard Drive £ 299.00 65 Mb Hard Drive £ 149.00 120 Mb Hatd Drive £ 219.00 170 Mb Hard Drive £ 239.00 numi Automatic Switcher between two input devices with a elide of a button.
E. g. mouse joystick Superb 300dpi Optical Mouse with effortless
micro switch buttons. Fast, smooth and reliable.
Includes Optical Mouse Pad and Holder £29.95 AMIGA by adding 2 se: " ' port, which wor possible transfer rate.
Y-lSE Full OCR for all Amiga's £ 49.95 Junior OCR £ 39.95 Touch Up & Merge It £ 39.95 Scanning Tray £ 49.00 Merge It £ 15.00 Touch Up £ 35.00 Touch Up Upgrade V3.x £ 29.00 Upgrade to full OCR £ 35.00 Only available lo Rgartered ukm at OCR Junior ColourBurst Color Scanner with Scan Kit and OCR £ 399.00 The multiface card III expands your . Idding 2 serial ports and 1 parallel port, which wotk at the highest Exclusive Distributor* of Alfa Data Production in the UK BOARDS hallenge Wm « mu MSN 279 N A 1.34 649 169 143 2.96 1.101 192 134 2.50 652 N A 5.05 1.139 HO’ 066 4.43 HST MACHINE
SpfCIIICAHOHS: A1200: Standard A1200 with no extra memory or FPU A1200 Power A1200 fitted with Power PC1204 card including 14MHz 68882 A1200 Amitek: A1200 fitted with Amitek card with 33MHz 68882 A1200 Blizzard: A1200 fitted with Blizzard 1220 card No FPU available.
A4000: Standard A4000 with last memory, 68030 and 25MHz 68882.
I first? Read on and see... ¦ t doesn't take an AI200 owner to realise that r I they need more memory and more speed A I hard drive may solve the 12 disk dance ol mis ery which certain Word Processors impose, but il you’ve tried using large pictures you'll know by now that simply adding some memory to the trapdoor expansion slot will have the added benefit ol freeing up the graphics (or ‘chip’) memory and boosting performance.
Programs will automatically load into this Iasi' memory, and a doubling ol the standard A1200's speed isn’t unknown. Some memory cards will improve things even further by including an FPU (or Floating Point Unit) on the card Maths inten sive programs, such as ray tracers or Iractal landscape generators, will use the FPU to cut processing times still further.
DEAL THE CARDS The two latest cards to come into the CU AMIGA testing labs are the Amitek Hawk and the Blizzard
1220. Both promise extra memory, a real time clock and a good
injection ot steroids to boot Both lit into the trapdoor
expansion ol Ihe At 200. And so the on-site warranty is
therefore left intact.
The HAWK card is quite large, mainly due to the inclusion ol a single SIMM socket Using mem ory in the SIMM package means that upgrading can be done in steps, Irom 2Mb to 4Mb to 8Mb Unfortunately, the provision ol only one socket means that you'll need to throw away the SIMM that's already present when it comes to upgrade The size ol the HAWK makes lining a little tiddly. And It certainly looks a lot less hi-tech than the superslim featherlite Blizzard. The Blizzard is a 'hall height' trapdoor card, which comes with 4Mb ol RAM surface mounted. Another 4Mb can be added by clipping on an extra
card which tills the remaining trapdoor space.
TESTING TESTING In use. The HAWK turned in a rather poor set ol figures. Compared to the older Power PC 1204 it flagged badly, and even lining a jolly last 68882 FPU didn’t give it too large an improvement over the Power board's 14MHz chip. By comparison, A1200 memory cards for a spin around the block.
Which one makes it back John Kennedy takes the current batch of the Blizzard nearly flew off the desk.
The blurb on the box promised a huge speed increase due to an -automatic memory dock doubler, something I originally put down to advertising license. However, the results from the tests were so good I removed to card to get a better look. Guess what? There in the corner was a 68020 processor, clocked to run at twice the speed ol the original 68020 lined the A1200. Obviously Motorola 68020’s are gening pretty cheap these days... Frighteningly, the Blizzard card ran faster man my A4000 030. Which leads to me mink (a) evil thoughts, and (b) me original A4000 isn't as good as I first thought it
was Perhaps CBM will send me a new A4000 Tower as a goodwill gesture In conclusion, the Amitek HAWK is definitely just another memory board', and not a very good one at that. The Blizzard on the other hand gives some bargain 68030 cards serious competition. II you can live without the MMU which lull 68030s come with, this could be best way to-get A4000 performance Irom an A1200.
TEST DETAILS In the test on me right, both versions (Integer and FPU) ol Imagine were used to render exactly me same image on various Amiga systems. The result given is me length ol time in seconds which the computers took to perform the render.
Amazingly, and to my great jealousy, me Blizzard Accelerator Cards (1 33 Ormskirk Rd, Preston, Lancs, PR1 2QP Ladtxok* Computing International are one ot the longest established home computer dealers in the U.K. We have developed an extensive customer service policy which involves testing ot all hardware prior to despatch to ensure that goods arrive in working order, offering free advice and support over the phone and keeping customers informed. Although our prices are not always the cheapest we do endeavour to offer consistently good service and backup.
All prices specifications are correct at copy date 31.-3.“94 (while stocks last), and are subject to change without prior notice. All prices include VAT but exclude delivery.
How to Pay You can order by mail Cheques Postal Orders made payable to Ladbrcke Computing. Or givo your credit card details over the phone.
Delivery Postal delivery is available on small items under £40 (Normally £3, phone for details).
Add £7 for courier delivery Next working day delivery on mainland UK subject to stock (£20 for Saturday delivery).
Open Mon-Sat 9.30am to 5.00pm. Ladbroke Computing Ltd trading as Ladbroke Computing International.
• Quantum SCSI Hard drive
• Ultra last 11ms access
• Up to 8MB RAM on board SPECIAL OFFER 170MB NO RAM £349 240MB NO
RAM £399 2Mb SIMM Upgrade 4Mb SIMM Upgrade £49.99 £99.99 Amiga
600 Wild Wierd Wicked Pack £189.99 Includes A600 with 1Mb RAM.
A1200 Race & Chase £279.99 Includes A1200 with 2Mb RAM.
Trolls and Nigel Mansell A1200 Desktop Dynamite £329.99 Includes A1200 with 2Mb RAM, Digita Wordworth, Digita print manager, Deluxe Paint IV, Dennis, Oscar Amiga CD32 £279.99 2Mb RAM. Dual Speed CD ROM.
Multi session, plays music CD’s, 256000 colours on screen, includes 4 games, Oscar, Diggers, Wing Commander, Dangerous Streets Amiga 4000 030 £999.00 Includes A4000, 030 processor.
2Mb Chip RAM, 80Mb Hard drive.
Samsung C13352X £169.!
14" SCART input TV with remote control and on screen display (requires SCART cable for high quality display) Commodore 1085S £189!
Commodore Colour Stereo Monitor including cable Microvitec 1438 £289.
The Microvitec 1438 is a multisyrx monitor compatible with the A500* A600, A1200. Requires Amiga VG Adaptor Colour SVGA Monitor £229.9 High quality Colour SVGA Monitor .28 dot pitch.
Amiga VGA adaptor £9.9 Falcon VGA Adaptor £9.9 Philips SCART to Amiga £9.9 8833 MKII to Amiga £9.9 "°a*° 030 Fax: (0772) 561071 Tel: 9am-5.30pm (5 Lines) Star Star LC100 Colour £129.99 Star LC24 30 Colour £209.99
• Builf in 55 sheet feeder
• 24 Pin Colour Starjet SJ48 Bubblejet £210.00 Star SJ144 £369.99
• Thermal max transfer colour printer
• 144 element head
• Glossy colour output
• 360 dpi resolution Citizen Citizen Swift 240 Colour £250.00
Citizen ABC 24pin Colour £179.99 Hewlett Packard HP DeskJet 520
£279.99 HP DeskJet 310 £239.99 Lasers Ricoh LP1200 £699.00 Add
£3 for Centronics cable and £7 for next working day courier
• 16MHz 286 PC Emulator mM Printers
• Norton raling 15
• Plugs into GVP II HD GVP PC-286 Emulator £89.00 r &gend rrakba"
• Ergonomic design
• 320 dpi resolution
• Easy to use
• Microswitch buttons ONLY £29.99
• Video processor provides real time software control of
brightness, contrast, saturation, hue.
Sharpness, filtering, gain etc.
• Audio processor with two audio inputs, software switchable or
mixable, with software control of Volume, Bass and Treble
G-Lock Genlock £284.00 Plugs into PCMCIA slot Fully external, doesn’t affect warranty 170Mb Overdrive £349.99 Phone for higher capacities.
• 290dpi resolution
• 2 Microswitched buttons
• Opto Mechanical mechanism
• Switchable between Amiga ST
• Direct Mouse Replacement Eklipse Mouse £11.99 lEfioppy prives
• 880K formatted capacity
• Double sided, Double density
• Through port Amitek 1Mb external drive £59.00 Amiga 500
internal drive £49.99 ¦ades A500 512K upgrade £16.99 A500* 1 Mb
upgrade £24.99 A600 1Mb no clock £34.99 Plugs straight into
A600 trap door compatible with A600, A600HD Al230Accel ,M
• 40MHz 68030 accelerator
• Makes your Amiga 1200 run over 7 times quicker.
• Allows up to 32Mb RAM
• Optional FPU A1230 0Mb No FPU £289.00 A1230 4Mb No FPU £429.00
A1230 4Mb 68882 FPU £529.00
• 16MHz 32 bit 68030 Central Processor. 16MHz Blitter, 32MHz
56001 Digital Signal Processor
• 1.44Mb 3.5" Floppy, up to 14Mt RAM. Displays 65536 colours from
262144 palette
• 6 Channel, 16 bit, high quality Stereo sound sampling FALCON 1
Mb No HD E499.C FALCON 4Mb No HD £699.( FALCON 4Mb 64Mb HD
E799.C FALCON 4Mb 127Mb HD E899.C FALCON 4Mb 209Mb HD E999.C
Falcon Screen Blaster £89.C ices
* eP*'SerVl Our Service department can repair Amiga’s in minimum
time at competitrv rates. We can arrange for courier picki and
return delivery of your machine to ensure it’s safety. We even
have a same day service which will ensure yo machine is given
priority and subject tc fault, completed the same day. We offi
a Quotation sen ice for £15 for which v will examine your
machine and report back with an exact price for repair. If you
do not wish to go ahead with the repairs then just pay the £15.
Howevei you do go ahead then the charge is included in the
minimum charge. Pleas note: The minimum charge covers labour,
parts are extra.
Quotation service £15.t Min repair charge £35.1 Courier Pickup £11.1 Courier Return £7.1 Same day service £15.f AMIGA A500 AND PLUS CONSOLE UNIT
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Ribbon prices Am lr»d DMP 2000 3000 2.WI Amslnd DMP VXD 3.66
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5.7S Selkusha 5190 92 95 5.70 StarLCIO 20 100 2.29 Star LC200
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listed A1200 CONSOLE UNIT Monitor console and keyboard unit
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9.00pm (No ansaphone!)
Lockable Disk Box S5-99 with orders of 510+ 25 Dinks SI2 S18 50 Dinks S21 S31 100 Dinks S36 S56 250 Disks S83 SI28 500 Disks S162 S238 Prrtormatlcd (MSOOS) disks avaSable ai 2p extra dirt All Disks Certified 100% Error Free and INCLUDE FREE Labels.
Miscellaneous Items Roll 1000 3i" Disk Labels 3r Disk Cleaning KM Parallel Printer Cable (18m) Mouse Mat
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Cheques or P.O. payable to "LCL" NO NEED TO PHONE AROUND - We
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LCL (DF.PT CU) THAMES HOUSE, 73 BLANDY ROAD. HENLEY-ON THAMES. OXON RG9 1QB Phone 0491 579345 & it will be sent within 24 hours .» *¦ Andy Leaning looks at a cheap alternative to buying a flash and expensive monitor.
Does your family take particular satisfaction in watching Easterners when you really need the TV to play Chaos Engine on your CD32 or write a letter to the Frontier fan club on your A1200? Yes? Then why not kill two birds with the one stone and invest in a secondary TV. You'll be able to play and watch what you like - and tell your siblings to get lost whenever they want to watch It.
With this in mind I took it upon myself to check out one of the sharpest Tvs available, the Sharp DV- 3750H TVI It would be wrong to describe this Sharp unit as a dedicated display for the Amiga, or even a monitor, it isn't. It is a ordinary, low cost TV that is now available from many Amiga dealers. And as such it can be used as a secondary TV as well as a display for your Amiga.
Setting it up is fairly straightforward. Plug it in using either a normal RF aerial cable or the supplied Scart lead. Using the Scart lead is Since Christmas there hasn’t been very many new Amiga compatible monitors available - in fact there’s been none!
Now however, a UK based monitor manufacturer has produced a monitor capable of working on all machines. Andy Leaning tried it out.
If you've tried to buy a monitor recently you'll have hit a slight snag. That aren’t any!
Stalwarts of the low resolution Amiga market, the 1048S and Philips 8833, aren't available anymore. Neither are the AGA hugging 1940 and 1942 models.
So what can you get instead? Well, since Christmas there hasn’t been an obvious alternative. Sure, you could get hold of PC SVGA EGA thingy monitors but trying to use these in low resolutions on an Amiga will prove troublesome.
Now, however, MicroVitec are making a concerted push into the Amiga market, with a monitor suitable for any Amiga. But is this MicroVitec 1438 monitor any good?
MONITOR MONSTERS Unless you happen lo be wearing a NASA radiation suit, don't even consider using a monitor. Yes, the radiation levels coming out the back of your monitor will distort your DNA and turn you into a hideous monitor the like ol which could only be matched in the ugly stakes by our very own Tony Dillonl Seriously, the rumours regarding the amount radiation coming out the back ot monitors have been doing the rounds almost as long as monitors have been usedl In reality, monitor radiation is far less serious than most people believe. But if you are worried about such things, or
environmental concerns, you’ll be pleased to know that the MicroVitec addresses several of these issues and complies with the Swedish MPRII standards for environmental standards. It has also passed stringent tests by the EEC (directive 90 270 EEC, passing both EW 29241 Part 3 and 2H1-618 If you're interested).
Well, where looks are concerned it's certainly no super model, but it's also no worse than any other monitor on the market. It quite happily sits on top of an A4000, and whilst being slightly larger than the now sadly extinct 1084. It should fit on most tables, computer desks and shelves (or whatever else your Amiga is used on). Its colour scheme (being white-with-a-hint-of-Commodore-Grey) will go nicely with most Amigas, whilst the tilt and swivel base will allow you to position the screen conveniently for most locations.
Connecting it to the Amiga is slightly more difficult than other monitors but is still easy enough for even the most inexperienced of users to handle.
However, the monitor was designed for use with A50()9 A500+9 A600 9 A12D0 9 A1500 9 A2000 9 A3000 9 A4000 9 SILICA SYSTEMS, 1-4 THE MEWS, HATHERLY ROAD, SIDCUP, KENT, DAI 4 4DX. TEL: 081 309 1111, OR MOST OTHER DEALERS.
EASE OF USE ??80% You shouldn 't need to mess around with adaptors when you 're paying 1300. Otherwise very slraightlorward VALUE FOR MONEY ??????????90% Not brilliant. But good value tor money, and pretty cheap compared to what you could end up paying EFFECTIVENESS ??????????85% Does what you 'd expect and does it well, although it should have internal speakers FLEXIBILITY ??????????85% Handles alt Amiga screen resolutions, what mote could you want?
INNOVATION ??????????80% Doesn't really break any new ground, but then what can you do with a monitor as tar as MO is concerned?
£ Any Amiga owner would ® appreciate this monitor.
Solid, reliable performance: does everything you’d want.
OVERALL 84% recommended as this will give better quality pictures than a normal aerial cable. You’ll also have to use the Scart connector it you have a higher end Amiga, such as an A4000, as these don’t have TV modulators (the slot where the aerial cable normally goes).
This is really a television, which means that it doesn't automatically display the pictures trom your Amiga. To do this you must first tune it in. This isn't hard to do (it's the same as having to tune in a video recorder) as the remote control has buttons tor searching and it's simply a process ot selecting the auto channel search and letting it hunt through the various channels until you can see the Amiga display and hear the sound. Then all you need do is fine tune the picture (although this may not be necessary) to give the best results and you’re away.
Given the higher price ol this unit compared with cheaper models available it would have been nice to see some kind ot channel numbering indicator while searching, instead ot the natf on- screen display which simply consists ot a row ot dots, along which an indicator bar moves as it changes channels -1 mean, it could be a lot more informative.
ARTHUR, MICHELLE..• Having tuned in there’s not a lot else to it. Contrast, Colour, Brightness and a picture sharpen mode (picture tone) can all be controlled via the remote control, but there aren’t any buttons on the front of the set. This last point actually proves quite annoying after a period of time as you often need to change the brightness and contrast and rather than just leaning forward and pressing the button, you need to keep the remote control close by. Given the intended use with an Amiga, and that most users will therefore be using it at close range (and would simply be able
to lean forward to change the contrast etc) it is strange that most dealers have chosen a TV that doesn't have these controls within easy reach, requiring instead, as it does, you have to hunt around for a remote control, which will frequently disappear under a desk of paper work!
The pictures are bright and clear, and the sound respectable. The only slight niggle I had concerned the sound. It was a little tinny and lacked depth. Also, the review sample had a minor fault in the tube producing a slight blurring at the top of the picture but this glitch was only present on the first review sample and didn't appear on others I checked. Other than that there was little to fault with this product.
GRANT AND PHIL This Sharp TV presented me with a problem.
How can I describe it? It offers pretty standard picture quality (for a TV), reasonable sound reproduction (if a little on the tinny side) and is fairly simple to use.
If you’re in the position of sharing the family TV, and the evening entertainment is a choice between Eastenders and Microcosm then the Sharp TV could be the answer. It provides a simple, cheap- ish, alternative to the main family box, and in this light does all it sets out to. As long as you don’t buy it expecting to get a display that’s superior to a TV’s then you won’t be disappointed.
FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE £ 1 84 A500 01 A50I+ 01 A600 01 A1200 Of A1500 Of A2000 Of A3000 Of A4000 Of UNIT 3, ARMLEY PARK COURT, OFF CECIL STREET, STANNINGLEY ROAD, LEEDS LS12 2AE. TEL: 0532 319444 Lack ol controls on the Ironl ol the moniloi pa.
¦ves annoying and il should really com pre-tuned VALUE FOR MONEY ???????? A lillle expensive compared lo some ol the Tvs Irom high street multiples, hut not excessively: (?70V.
Has Ihe advantages ot a Scart socket which is o missed on cheaper Tvs EFFECTIVENESS ???????? ?*sx II does its job lair and simple, and does it well ? ?80V.
It's a TV, its a monitor what more do you want! Suitable lor all types ol serious application ? ?70 V. Nothing new or exciting.
A good, solid, secondary TV “ suitable lor use with an Amiga. No more, no less.
OVERALL 80% PC, which explains why the cable coming Irom it has a 15-pin D type plug on the end (standard for Pcs) which won't directly fit into the Amiga 23-pin monitor port. To solve the problem a conversion cable is included, which goes between the two, providing a 23-pin plug that can then be fitted into the Amiga's monitor port - just fit the conversion cable in place and away you go.
One major omission in the 1438‘s specification is speakers, or rather lack of them. This isn’t really surprising as it was originally designed for the PC market and as basic Pcs don't have very good sound capabilities PC monitors haven’t until very recently needed them.
On the Amiga, however, it's a different story, and any Amiga monitor should have built-in speakers. However, don't give up just yet. Most dealers that are selling the MicroVitec are providing speakers with it, and in several cases they are including them free, so you'll still be able to hear the latest CU AMIGA OctaMed samples on on cover disks!
This is a fine monitor with decent picture quality. It does practically everything you'd hope for and its internal circuitry is well put together. It is also priced very fairly for what it offers.
It would have been nice to have built in speakers, but as some Amiga dealers provide external speakers with it at no extra cost anyway this isn’t a big problem. All in all this is a peripheral that's worth purchasing in a monitor starved world. ££ In display terms the monitor can handle all Amiga display resolutions, from low res, through ECS productivity, and up to and including AGA resolutions. As such it is a considerable improvement upon the 1084 and 8833 (which couldn’t handle the new AA chipset resolutions of the A1200 and A4000), whilst also offering a slight improvement over the
later Commodore 1940 and 1942 models which couldn’t handle the Super 72 mode.
But what about picture quality? Well, the .28 dot pitch ensures that all pictures are crisp and sharp, which means that gamesplayers will appreciate the clear, well-defined detail on screen and clean colours. Serious users will find the quality even more pleasing, with all resolutions displayed sharp and well focused.
For reliability and stability we chucked the monitor through a battery of tests to identify various flaws in the monitor's design. These all showed that the 1438 is built to a good standard.
Intensity, image size regulation and colour accuracy trials all produced results that more expensive monitor manufacturers would be Dieased with.
The only minor glitch in the display was that monitor tube produces a slightly dark image, resulting in slightly dim colours, but this can be corrected by increasing the brightness.
Overall, colours and picture quality are clear, sharp and clean.
IF I RST computer centre (LEEDS)Tel:0532 319 CD ROM Drives PRINTERS U SUPRA MODEf HOW TO ORDER m Order by telephone quoting your credit Wordworth 2 Special offer In any correspondence please quote a phone number & post code. Do not forget to include the delivery tariff & Dept. code, j&j Allow5workingdaysforchequeclearance.
Only £ 19.99 when you purchase any printer.
Star LC100 colour .£119.99 9 pin colour, 8 fonts, 180 cps draft, 45 cps NLQ Star LC24-100 Coi--------------------£126.99 Star LC24-30 Col---------------------£199.99 A4000 040TW. I GIG HD* £2549.99 ¦ All th. Above example, come with 6 Mb of RAM a, Standard I
• The hard drive only h not covered by on (Me warranty |
irwriwMva I Univedrsal PrinterStand... ..only £4.991 PRINTER
CONSUMABLES RIBBONS Citizen Swift mono ribbon ..
Citizen Swift Colour ribbon
- ----..£4.99 ______£13.99 Star LC 10 100 mono-----------------
Star LC200 mono ..... Star LCI0 100
colour__________ Star LC200 coW-------------- ....£3.69
. £4.99 ____£7.99 ____________..£12.99 _________£8.99 Star
LC24-3Q 200 Colour ZZ1ZT Re-Ink Spray for mono ribbons ™ COVERS
Star LCI 0 20 cover._____ Citizen
Swift ABC HP
500 550 510_______________________ Star LC
100 200 . StarLC24-300 30
......_£l 1.99
- --------------£11.99 ----£4.99 ___________£5.99
- ------------.£5.99 ________£5.99 AMIGA 4000 The ...£1009.991
A4000 030,130 Mb HD ...£1114.991 A4000 030.2I4 Mb
HD* .£1174.991 A4000 030.540 Mb
HD* .£1469.991 A4000 40 A4000 040LC, 120 Mb
HD* .£ 1569.991 A4000 040LC.214 Mb
HD ...£1614.991 A4 000 04 OLC. 540 Mb
HD* .£ 1859.991 A4000 40 SCSI Tower
A4000 040TW.214 Mb HD*... A4000 040TW,525 Mb HD*... 80 Mb HD...
A600 & 1200's 2.5" HD kits
• Just Add £ 10.00 for fitting 60Mb....*£ 134.99 l20Mb...*£2l9.99
80Mb....*£ 159.99 250Mb.. *£309.99
3. 5" H drive upgrade kit no HD only £22. 9 purchased direct from
the showroom Fanfold (tractor feed) ...500
sheets...£4.99 Fanfold (tractor feed) .1000 sheets £8.99
Fanfold (tractor feed) .2000 sheets. 17.99 Single
sheet ..500 sheets...£4 99 Single
sheet 1000 sheets ..£8.99 Single
sheet 2000 sheets. 17.99 Delivery for
2M0 shuts iS.W when pwthased without print** PRIMA A I 200
REAL TIME CLOCK AMEX I checkfor compatibility Only £ I 3.99
SERVICE tLINES' 0532 3 I 9444 FAX: 0532 3 19191 SHOWROOM
STANNINGLEY RD, LEEDS, LSI2 2AE From the M62 take the M62I and
follow the turnoff for LcedtfYorit. This will merge with the
Armley gyratory.
From Or* Ml folow signs for the M621 (ignore ex* for town centre). Take A64J Eland Rd turnoff from M421. Follow signs for A58. This merges with Armley gyratory. | From the AI take the turnoff for the AM. This merges with the AS8 (by-passing Leeds town centre) which meets the Armley gyratory. After "Living World" at traffic lights take a right, left, left again. 8 2nd left to get to FCC J UK MAINLAND DELIVERY TARIFFS
• Standard Delivery £ 1.50
• Guaranteed 2 to 3 day (week days)
Delivery .....£2.95
• Guaranteed Next Day (week days)
Delivery .....£4.95 AMIGA
REPAIR CENTRE I We offer a FREE quotation on your Amiga I
peripheral (monitor*, printer* etc). A delivery tariff I of
ju*t £5.00 i* charged or alternatively you can vi*it lour
thowroom. We can alio arrange a courier pickup n additional con
of £ 11.00._
• All prices include VAT @ 17.5%
• Finance available, phone for details
• Large showroom with free parking
• Overseas orders taken
• Educational orders welcome
• Established Multi milloin pound company Internal SCSI CD-ROM
drives for the A1500 2000 4000 ¦ (with suitable SCSI
interface). All drl.es Include driver!
Software 8 will read both CDTVI CD32 8 PC ISO 96001| | standard disks. External kits for A3000 also available NEC Multispin 2X1 in,emd £194.99
• 26SMs Access time «355KB transferrate |TEAC CD-50 Internal
£339.99 (Amiga 1500 2000 compatible only)
• 320Ms Access time e300KB transfer rate TOSHIBA XM340 I Interna.
• 200Ms Access time • 330KB transfer rate £321.99 TOSHIBA XM4101
• 38SMs Access time e300KB transfer rate lntemal.£219.99
External. 14.99 Mitsumi LU0005 single Speed....£99.991 Mitsumi
FXOO11D Dual Speed.£ 169.991 | Tandon IDE CD ROM Controller [
with Mitsumi only....£69.991
1. 991 The AMIGA A I 200 A1200 Standard packonly £259.99 I
Computer Combat pack only £334.99 1
- »» t a» Cv w Srtw. «* • licn ZM4LWwW-wt» 2. Arf-I "-p.
RACE & CHASE pack only £289.99 «* H«m» FI •«* T'WHI DESKTOP DYNAMITE pack Wov KXVh 1ACA. Rmi Mm .. OT4 AC*. Owm bw« Omw only £329.99 HARD DRIVE VERSIONS STD p?.ck R&C pack D D pack 64Mb...£419.99......£439.99......£489.99 8SMb...£479.99......£489.99......£537.99 127Mb.£499.99......£519.99......£564.99 209Mb.£569.99......£589.99......£629.99 f not place your orders on our | new Bulletin board.
| First Comm is however not just a | means of ordering, it also gives you access to read or download | technical support files and advice. | Tel. 0532 637988 THE CHAOS PACK!
• SYNDICATE only £29.99 or £19.99 with any AMIGA.'
NEW! FI RSTcomm Bulletin Board | for use v I GVP A4008 SCSI controller 122.S I Citizen printers have a 2 year guarantee I I New! ABC Colour printer £154.991 1 tlmple (at eaty at ABC) to ute 24 pin printer. Comet f 1 at standard with SO sheet Auto theet feeder. ' Tractor feed optional at £27.98 only £ 139.99 if bought without the colour option Swift 90 Colour ..£ 156.991 Excellent value 9 pin colour. Highly recommended I Swift 200 Colour £ 181.991 Same out put as the 240 but with lets facilities Swift 240 Colour £218.991 24 pin. 240cpt draft,
10 fonts, quiet mode, 240ept.
Projet II £254.991 new inkjet printer with built In auto theec feeder I Swift Auto Sheet feeder .£79.99 f I RSI HEWLETT HPm PACKARD HP 310 Portable £229.991 NEW! HP 520 mono £249.991 HP 500 Colour ...£344.991 NEW! HP 560Colour ....£499.99 [ even faster than the old HP550C | All HP printers come with a 3 year warranty I I All our printers are UK spec, come I I with ribbon toner, pnnter drivers I (if available), paper & cables Canon I Canon BJIOsx .....£ 182.991 I Later quality output. Large buffer
Canon BJ200 ......£231.991 I 3 page a min speed. 360 dpi. Tmall footprint 8 80 I I page sheetfeeder Canon BJ230 ......£31 9.991 I wide carriage version of above Canon BJ300 ......£419.991 I Desktop bubble Jet with later quality Canon BJ330 ......£464.991 I Wide carriage version of the BJ300 Canon BJC600 Colour ...£532.99 I I new bubble jet from Canon Bl 10 Autosheetfeeder ...£49.991 I complete with automatic *heet feeder. 192 eps draft I Star LC24-300 Col £249.991 ft, 80 cps LQ » and quiet r I Star
LC24-200 colour ...£219.99 [ I Colour version with 30K buffer expandable to 62K |StarSJ48 Bubble jet ......£209.99 | I lurr quil.iy, ultra quiet. Epson ton.patlble X po.tU.lc NEW! Star SJ144 Colour Thermal lunnbi, sfloedable coJour p-Ut« 1 PtM. P.- rurnin,eost.
Only £349.99 Star Sj48 Autosheet feeder only £49.99 I Star LC 100 colour.... |StarLC24-30CoL I supra f-fiXMttdem 21 |NEWSuperfart! IB,800bpi.K.*«d 'hoiut lor more details Only £299.9*1 | Supraj JUtModom 14
V. 32 bis (14400 baud!)
I Low cost version of the clastic V328b Fax n I Features as below but clast I fax only and LED 4 only £159.99 XsuprorMXModvmvs.
I This modem has full 14400 baud, includes V J I V.32, V.22bit, V22. V2I. MNP2-S. V.42, V« I Clan I 8 2 commands. 9600 14400 Group 3 « I Includes free modem comms (not Fax)s w 8 o only £209.99 supraf-MX Plus £119.1 I Even faster than the standard 2400 from Supra ¦ dial 8 auto receive. 9600 bps Hayes c I V22Bis. V42 Bis, M N P 2-S 8 auto adjust to mai I transmission speeds. Includes free modem c I (not Fax) i w 8 cable.
Skjet Plus, Canon Bj 10 20 80 130 200 301 if SJ48, Citizen Pro range of colours availa Single refills (22ml) Twin refills (44ml) Three colour kit (66ml) Full colour kit (88ml) Bulk refills (125ml)_______________ Canon BJI0 cartridge .. Double life 500 cartridges ..... HP550 S00 Colour cartridge Star SJ48 cartridge ..... Sur SJ 144 cartridge (pack of 3). .. Sur SJ 144 mono cartridges (3 pack) I Star SJ 144 colour cartridges (3 pack)..£2l Miscellaneous Printer Switch Box 2 way.__________________________£ 12 Printer
Switch Box 3 way ... £ 17 Printer Stands (Universal) .....11 3 Metre printer cable .£6 5 Metre printer cable It 10 metre printer cable I All our monitors are UK spec. All monitor* | I come complete with a free Amiga li Sharp TV Monitor £ 184.99 | Include* remote control, stereo sound Microvitec 14" Multisync e-u™, .....£399.| I •free cable for A4000 only. A1200 cable £6.99 e I NEW Microvitec Autoscan 141
1. 28 dpi, I S 38 Khz, all Amiga modes. AGA o no audio, tilt 8
swivell stand.
Now only £289.99 I NEW! Acorn AKF40 £249.9 PREMIER Ink Cartridge Refills Save a fortune in running costs with y bubble jet. Compatible with the I Deskjet Plu*. Canon BJ10 20 80 130 2 Star SJ48. Citizen Projet and many others. F MONITORS Stereo, colour monitor with similar spec to the Philips 8833 and Commodore 1084S If you thought V32bis wu fast try the tcrbo!
Come with a 5 year warranty dl or* BABT Appr
2400. . I Get on line using this great value fast modem « I auto
dial 8 receive. 2400 baud Hayes comp. • 1 BIS. Includes
free modem comms s w 8 c ' ‘ I Supra modem* are not BABT
approved, however ¦ I perform as well 8 often out perform
BABT a I modem*. Supra Modems have a 5 year limited w I
Courier V32bisTerbo+Fax £4 IcourierHST Dual l6.8Fax £4 I
Courier HST Dual l6.8TerboFax.£5S I WorldPort 14400+Fax I
Courier HST(I6.8).. I Sportster 2496+Fax... I Sportster
A500 512k RAM pansion (no dock).£ 19.991 A500 Plus I Mb RAM
xpansion £34.99 | 600 I Mb RAM expansion
ith clock) .£39.99 I M88| £J£. 9 ¦ . £;5.7v|
)1 BIT RAM (for A4000 etc) i2". W ¦ 25 Mhz 33 Mhz 50 Mhz
£53.99 £71.99 N A SCANNERS ACCELERATORS Ami Disk Salv V2.
D-Copy V3------------- Edword Pro V4_______ Easy Cak Plus__ Fairtight Virtual Dreams.. Grapevine 17- RelokkkIJ---- KlondykeAGA.
TRSI Misery Demo____________ Fit Chix.----------------------------(PDA030 9 Fingers Rave Demo ..(PDA033 Mean CD Machine ------ Fit Chix 2-----------------, The Mini AGA. CD Wars ..iPOA039 State of the Art. .. (PDA024 Andys Workbench 3 UtiK. (PDA031 Desert Dreams Demo ------------ Origin Complex.-------------- Ray World AGA Demo CLI SHELL Help----------------- Clipart I-MacArt-------- Clipart 2-HacArt__________ Clipart 3-MacArt-------------1 Clipart 4-Food------- Clipart 5 - Food________ Clipart 6-Smart!------------ Clipart 7-Xmas... ----------
Cbpart 8-Comics-------- Cbpart 9-Garfield-------------- Cbpart 10-VW- Clipart 11 - Wllsttfe Cbpart 10 pack.------------ CD ROM drivers (Ami) CD ROM Bonus Utils.------ £52.99 ¦ ..£14.95 ..£99.99 [mb by 8 9 SIMMS (I Mb) £34.99 f Mb by 9 SIMMS (4 Mb) ...£144.99 Mb by 4 DRAMS( I Mb)______________£39.99 I Mb by 4 Zl PS( 112 Mb) ...£22.99 6 by 4 ZIPS (each) £5.99 6 by 4 DRAM (DILs)___________(each) £5.99 B 1202 A1200 RAM board £84.99 I 2 32 bit SIMMs. Has an optional FPU. See
• e for prices ickstart 1.3--------------------------£19.99
t2.04 .. £24.99
12. 05 (for use in A600)...£26,99 cter Agnes
8372A--------------------£26.99 per
Denise ......£ 18.99 1571 -0326
Keyboard controller 13.99 8520A I O
controller____________£8.99 HAWK CO-PR & RAM allse the full
potential of your A I 200 with H it trapdoor expansion, inc
real time clock IMBRAM ...£98.99® I
MB RAM .£134.99*
• MB RAM .£198.99*
• MB RAM .£394.99® I MB & 20 Mhz CO
PRO....£ I 47.99® I MB & 33 Mhz CO PRO....£ I 98.99® ¦ MB & 40
Mhz CO PRO....£294.99® [MB & 40 Mhz CO PRO....£494.99® FULL 2
YEAR WARRANTY :e 030 40 Mhz 4Mb RAM_________________£S99.99| ¦d
Drive mounting kit for G-Force .. 34 9 i | GVP
- ------------------------------£64.991 11 SCSI Mocfaie for A l
200... B Mega Chip II (2Mbchip RAM).- .£169.991
gives 1 Mb of chip memory on A500fA190*2880 ROCHARD DRIVES from
£214.99 (42Mb) for the A500 A 500*
* s standard IDE hard drives, expandable to 8 g I Mb SIMMS. Inc.
PSU A Installation software I t 3S1 CD Rom Amiga A570 only
£98.99 SUPRA A500 RAM ...1197.99® I ,.,£99.991 forHD8« A530...
A1500 2000 4000 Products £244.99 £437.99 £535.99 £634.99
£369.99 £564.99 £664.99 £759.99 A1200 Products Dmhz 68882 for
A1200 SCSI RAM----------£1 temal SCSI kit SCSI RAM__________O
NEW A1230 MK II Accelerator Board I H EfflSl SmSBI IvkleoS
hama on demo now; The Professional answer | hama
292 ....£269.99 S-Video, and composite
compatible | hama 290 ....£674.99 S-Vldeo, and
composite mixing, plus far more I GVP Genlock ..only
£289.99 features professional SVHS output iRocgen
Plus ....only £152.99 I Includes dual control for overlay
and keyhole ef- I fects, extra RGB pass thru. Now AI 200
1 Rendale 8802 FMC..only £164.99 I Rocgen Rockey only £ 152.99 j For creating special effects In video I production with genlocks.
NEW! Golden Image drive with LCD track display....only £49.99 NEW!
AMITEC I mb 3.5" drive Features Anti Click.
Anti Virus, Sony Mech, 2 year warranty only £58.99 I Cumana3.5" only £56.99 I I meg external drive. The best name In disc drives I A600 1200 internal drive ......£53.99 1 A500 internal drive .....£49.99 | Wordworth 2 AGA with Print Mgrf....£29.99 ?
Workbench 2.04 software and ROM upgrade (complete with manuals) only £49.99 Roboshift automatic mouse joystick switch only £ 13.99 or £ 16.99 withmoun emulation and rapid fire push on modules Alfa Data Alfa Scan hand held scanner with 2S6 greyscales and up to 400 only £ I 19.99 or £ 139.99-HhocRMfrw. Alfa Data Alfa Colour Scan IB bit scanner with 2S6K colours Inc colour correction only £329.99 Power Scanner V4 £1 19.99 With the latest version 4 s w for bright A sharp grey scale Alpha Data Mega Mouse n% rwtu.. iw Dpt £ 10.99 or £ 12.991°. .oo Dp, iou DATALUX CLEAR MOUSE hi*, quality ttov 2
button mom £ I 9.99 Zydec Trackball ......£29.991 Golden lmageTrackbail.£37.99| lolour version only £239.99 EPSON GT6500 Colour Flatbed only £587.50 pious tor t.t.u. Art Department Pro Scanner S W..£ 109.99 compatible with Epson ES300C, ES600C.
ES800C. GT6000, GT6S00 A GTB000 J Deluxe Paint4 AGA I Make Path for Vista | Pagestream 2.2 DTP ..... 1 Xcopy Pro plus hardware... N Tcchnosound Turbo ..... I Technosound Turbo 2 ... I Vista Pro 3 .... MICE &TRACKERBALLS DISK DRIVES I A4000 internal HD drive... Directory Opu ..£39.99 ....£25.99 VIDI 12 Real Time £134.99 Real time colour digitizing from any video source. Full AGA support VIDI 24 Real Time £223.99 24 bit quality real time colour digitizing from any video source. Full AGA support VIDI 12 AGA £70.99 Full support for AGA
chipset. Colour Images captured in less than a second, mono Images In real time with any video source.
Multitasking s w, cut A paste.
VIDI 12 Sound & Vision AGA with built in MegamixMaster £98.99 TAKE 2 £35.99 Features Include load and save from D. Paint animations and IFF files. Supports HAM graphics.
Megamix Master £26.99 B bit. High spec, sampler. Special effects include echo that can be added In real time, fully multitasking A easy to use.
MICRO BOTICS MBX I 200Z with 20 Mhz FPU ......£88.8* MBX I200Z with SO Mhz FPU ....£214.99 expandible to 8 Mb 32 Bit RAM (sec RAM prices) New M1230 for A1200 withup to 128 Mb fast KAMI Ml 230 XA 33Mhz, 0Mb ......£245.99 Ml 230 XA 40Mhz, 0Mb ......£264.99 M1230 XA SOMhz, 0Mb ......£334.99 VXL 30 25 Mhz (for A500) ..£184.99 VXL 30 40 Mhz (for A500) ..£259.99 VXL 2 Mb Ram Board (for A500) ...£ 189.99 expandible to 8 Mb 32 Bit RAM (tee RAM prices) SUPRA 28 ACCELERATOR for the A500 A500+& AI
500 2000 28 Mhz. Uses A500 tide port so there is no Internal fitting only £144.99!
40 CAP LOCKABLE DISK BOX________________£3.99 100 CAP LOCKABLE DISK BOX .£5.49
• 90 CAP STACKABLE BANX BOX. -...£9.99
• adl £101 Mtery I purchasing (ust eae Posso c» Bara box. Normal
tehery atm purchased with ocher product or *hen buyirg 2 or
AMIGA A500 DUST COVER.______________£3.99 AMIGA 600 COVER.--------------- £2.99 .-.£6.99 | Real Time A1200 Internal dock module...only £ 12.99 ise joystick manual port switcher____only £ 13.99 | Computer Video Scart Switch- ... only £19.99 2 3 4 way Parallel port sharers £POA Amiga Sound Enhancer Plus by Omega Propels. Hear the Amiga’s sound be you've never heard It before! £36.99 QUALITY MOUSE MATS.-------------- £3.99 10 £4.49 £5.49 30 £12.99 £14.99 50 £20.99 £22.99 100 £37.99 £42.99 200 £69.99 £79.99 500 £168.99 £190.99 1000 £324.99 £365.99 All disks are 100% error free guaranteed New High
density 3.5 inch bulk and branded Please phone for best prices!
AMIGA TO SCART CABLES.---------------£9.99 STD 1.8 METRE AMIGA PRINTER LEAD £4.99 MODEM AND NULL MODEM CABLES £9.99 AMIGA CONTROL STATIONS A500or 1200VERSION----------- - ._£36.99 A600VERSION------------------------------£29.99 Branded disks come complete with labels Disk Labels....500 ......£6.99 Disk Labels.. 1000 ......£9.99 PRIMA ROM SHARERS 14" MONITOR DUSTCOVER... NEWI Keyboard Membrane Covers... ACCESSORIES This high quality ROM sharer features a flexible ribbon connection so that it can be positioned anywhere within your A500 Plus or A600. Full 2
year replacement warranty now only £ 17.99 or £24.99 for keyboard switchable version I-SO I (PDA003) I disk.£1.50 I (PDA004) I disk.£1.50 I ¦ (PDA005) I disk.£1.50 I (PDA006) I disk £ 1.50 I (PDA008) I disk.£1.50 I (PDA009)3disk.£2.75 I (PDA0I I) I disk.£1.50 I (PDAOI3)3dWt.£2.7Si Last Stand in Hoch (PDAOI4)4disk £3.50 I Mlndwarp AGA Demo.--------(PDA0IS I disk.£1.SO | Prlma A600' 1200 Hard Dn-e setup software. This is I the best setup software on the market £5.99 I Quarterback Tools .£54.99 I Quarter bat k Toms
Deluxe £64.991 Xcopy Pro inc. hardware. ....£25.991 VIDEO AND GRAPHICS Art Department Pro 2.5-----------------£ 145.991 Art Department Scanner softw Brilliance Pro. Paint and animati Callgari 24 3D Design and animi BUSINESS Maxi Plan 4_____ Mini Office- Money Matters----------- MISCELLANEOUS Distant Suns 5--- X CAD 2000------------ X CAD 3000_ MUSIC SOUND Clarity 16 sampler HAM), UK thesaurus, spelling checker £ much more. I Final WrterDTPNEW ..£99.99 I Penpal
1.4 ...£29.99 |
• packed word publisher with d
l. K.versk Techno Sound Turbo
Ar-otCrr.intr .. £J4 9?| Amos
Compiler .....£21.99
| Sccnag Animator V4 (3Mb reqired)... WORDPROCESSING®TP
Pagestream 2.2 U.K Pagestream 3 U.K. version.... Vista Pro J
(4Mbrequired)... Quarterback V6NEW!.... Techno Sound Turbo
..£105.99 ¦
- 9 I 114 79 ¦ Prowrite 3 J NEW!.... Amos 3D- 64 99 II UTILITIES
AmlbackTooh---------------- Amiback Plus Tools Bundle------
PUBLIC DOMAIN Top 50 ftOm £1 .SO! (monymorttMctovoih Base Prov 1.8 ..(PDA0OI) I d ."47 99 ¦ is mm to be amrne The Amiga may be one of the most powerful computers ever, but how do you go about programming it? John Kennedy looks at the current batch of coding - ~ tools for DIY fans.
At times, programming the Amiga may seem to be an impossible task. The Workbench may be user-friendly, but the Amiga can sometimes appear almost impregnable to would-be programmers, leaving its excellent graphics and sound hardware totally out of reach.
Older computer users will probably remember a time when home computers came with a programming language (usually BASIC) built-in, but now the younger contingent ot users may look at games such as StarDust and think, 'How could I even start to write something like this?'
Thankfully, rolling up the sleeves and getting into the Amiga needn't be difficult, and there is an ever growing number of ways of doing it.
From the politically correct Pascal to the hard-hitting Assembler, possibly the only language missing trom Ihe Amiga developer's toolkit is COBOL.
And there shouldn't be many tears shed on that front.
Still though, the novice Amiga programmer is faced with many decisions: Which language to use?
BSJg§!g82 InMrpnm "T Machine Code A iaierp MOVEff CMP.U$ 13D8(R4)!0 BCC.S $ 7567284 M0VEM.L D1-D6 AS-R6 MOVER.L A0,R2 MOVE.L D0,D2 Lefl $ 756D8F8,R4 MOVER.L 4.W.R6 LER $ 756EE48,R3 MOVEQ 0,D1 MOVE! $ D6,D0 BRR.S $ 75671F4 MOVE! D1j(R3)+ DBF D0,$ 75671F2 MOVE! R7,$ 1830(R4) MOVE! A6,$ 1558(R4) MOVER! $ 114(R6)jR3 MOVE! $ AC(R3),D0 BEQ.S $ 7567216 LSL.b MOVE MOVE LSL.
MOVE SUB. I ADD I 0 = W75dH2B5 0H 0000 1 = 0*7*0 0000 000i 2 = 00t 3 = 00C* 4 = 00000000 5 s 00™r 6 = 00 6 = 07
- D6 flo-ll6 -Cfl7) ;07j What reference books are needed? Is it
WHAT IS A lSSS8SSB,ng At the heart ot the Amiga is a micro-processor. The microprocessor unit (also know as a CPU - Central Processor Unit) is the chip which controls the rest of the computer. The video display, the disk drives, the keyboard; all these devices are controlled by other chips but all are orchestrated by the CPU.
In an Amiga computer the CPU runs a program, a list ot instructions, called the Operating System. The Operating System (OS) provides a way of loading and running application programs, including the Workbench environment, as well as games and utility programs The OS makes it easy for these programs to share the computer's resources, such as memory, disk access and use ot the parallel and serial ports lor input and output. The OS resides internally in special permanent memory chips called ROMS, and is also partly loaded from disk at boot-up time.
In order to create your own programs. You need to produce a list of instructions which the CPU can understand. These instructions are called Machine Code, and they are the only instructions the CPU can work with Every program must be converted into machine code at some point in order for it to be executed It's possible to program directly in Machine Code using a program called an Assembler, such as HiSott's DevPac. DevPac will allow you to enter a list ol assembly language instructions which it will convert into machine code ready tor execution It's almost an understatement to say that
programming in Assembler is a very time consuming task.
Something which can appear very simple, like displaying a letter on the screen, can take many, many lines of All aspects ot the AittmMr - which chips your computer Is using, whether the code Is to stand alone1 or be mixed (linked) with other code - can be set from the editor.
Machine code instructions to achieve.
The next step up from Assembler in the language evolutionary ladder is called C. A program wntten in C looks a lot closer to English than Assembler, as unlike Assembler each C instruction can represent dozens of lines machine code.
Creating functions and subroutines is a lot easier in C, and it's also possible to handle complicated data structures. The advantage of C is that it loses hardly anything of the power of Assembly language, but yet it is still possible to deal directly with the computer hardware.
AC source file (the list of C instructions) must be compiled' into machine code before it can be used A typical program to do this is DICE or SAS C BOOKS It you plan on making use ol tha Amiga's Intuition operating system, or you need lo know what makes the Amiga tick you'll need some documentation. The official works are best - make sura you gal Ihe dark grey third edition - and start olt with the Libraries volume, as this Includes general tips on many aspects ol Amiga programming. The source code In these books (all ioC. By the way) Is widely available from many Bulletin Boards ¦ tor cm*
Ktornfl g lilt Nmn I Hit CondlM* flrit Cm* llitta F4 W . Ctrl-f4 Did of Block ..Ctrl-] "ot Error F5 Cop-Block .... St-fr*c JotlpSvWl I toft* ( klite Blcck . M-ftogi d CtrHtai Sun* I Ctrl-6 Ctrl-€rd Swrftrt fcplaw I .. CtrH CtrK SnrtfiApin .. .. (UK F3 Dflolo lrwrt 1 Kioto lino • . Ctrl-Y ditto to EM of U*.. Ctrl-6 bi'oro frlotti Lint .. AIM Confiyttitn Scrwn I.. CtrW With full on-line hypertext help screens, the S4&C editor gives even dedicated text editors a good run for their money.
Pascal is a programming language which, at first glance, looks at lot like C. It is subtly different though and, in fact, is a lot more more 'user friendly' and forgiving. Many colleges and universities use it to teach the fundamentals of programming.
Pascal is an elegant language which tries to be as straightforward as possible, whilst still offering much in the way of functionality. Pascal is another compiled language, and therefore it runs quickly. Like C, Pascal is a very structured language - code is packaged into clearly separated functions which helps minimise errors.
BACK TO BASICS BASIC has always been a popular programming language on home computers, and the Amiga is still well served. AMOS and Blitz Basic are derivatives of BASIC which have been heavily expanded to include many Amiga specific extensions. For example, if you wanted to write a program in C to load an image from disk and display, it would take many lines of code. You would need to prepare the screen, access the floppy drive, decode the graphics data stored in the file and then work out a way of copying it to the screen display. With AMOS and Blitz this can all be achieved with one or two
simple commands.
The disadvantage of these COMPARISON CHART Assem Arexx Amos Oevpac Blitz SAS BASIC HiSott BASIC CanDo C Patc l__ 4 4 5 C 5 C______ 4 I 3 There are C compilers in the Pubic Domain (DICE, NORTH C) but the best is SAS t from HiSott. Likewise there are PD Assemblers available, but DevPac is the best. Note that Blitz, SAS C and HiSott’s High Speed Pascal include an integral assembler.
Hisoft tel: 0525 718181 • Europress Software tel:D625 859444 • Meridian tel: 081 543 3500 • Emerald Creative Technology tel: 081 715 8866 Key: 1=poor, 5=excellent BASIC programming languages are mainly those of BASIC: it's not a fun system to develop large programs in, and depending on the implementation, you tend to loose control over the finer points of the hardware. Blitz is, by default, another compiled language, so it runs very quickly. AMOS on the other hand is interpreted -ie each line of AMOS BASIC is processed one at a time. You can buy a compiler for AMOS if you need some extra
speed and the capability to make programs ‘stand alone' without the need for a BASIC interpreter. Arexx is a BASIC-esque language that is supplied as standard with all post Workbench 1.3 Amiga systems. Its main purpose is the expansion and inter-connection of existing application programs - for example, adding a word count feature to Cygnus Ed or linking The Art Department with a third party video digitiser. Arexx can also be used as a programming language in its own right, but unfortunately as it is interpreted rather slowly; Arexx isn’t a particularly fast language by itself.
However, it is still eminently suitable for file manipulation programs and general small utilities.
There are other development systems available; CanDo and Helm are two which actually use a heavily graphics orientated approach to creating programs, as well as the programs themselves.
These systems are great for producing multimedia systems, such as graphic adventures or Point of Information Sale systems.
You can even write basic file maintenance programs if you put your mind to it, but they won't run particularly quickly.
INTUITION POWER The Amiga’s operating system is an incredibly powerful and flexible system. Arguably second only to the SlS, state-of-the-art NeXTStep platform.
Intuition is a fully multitasking operating system which can be relied upon to create a reliable and consistent user interface; but only if you want to use it.
It’s entirely possible that your program won't benefit from pulldown menus (how many arcade games have you seen which do?), but if you're writing an application it makes sense to use the code that’s already present.
How the Intuition system can be used depends largely on the programming language you are using.
At the most basic level, using Assembler or Cwill require you to set up data structures and call the operating system routines or 'libraries'. This isn't a particularly easy thing to learn about (one mistake and you Guru the computer), but once you have written one application you can usually re-use your code with only minor alterations.
A more user- friendly development system, Blitz Basic 2 for example, includes BASIC commands for controlling the Menus and Requesters. This simplifies the construction of normal application programs greatly. The user of your program normally won’t be able to tell if your program was written from scratch in assembler, or using Blitz as the Intuition menus all look the same.
Mumm1 There are many different programming environments available, and picking the right one can be a difficult business. If you want to jump right in at the deep end by equipping yourself with C, a good compiler and all the necessary documentation, it could cost you over £350 - but there are plenty of cheaper alternatives.
Perhaps the easiest system to start with is with Blitz Basic. The integrated editor and compiler makes writing programs quite straightfonward, and GE TOOLS No matter what you might think at 3am when you need to squash that bug, you are not alone. Other programmers have been before you, and the more altruistic ones have left some tools to help you.
Take GadToolsBox tor example. Here is a program that will save you weeks it you use standard Intuitions menus and gadgets in your programs.
Using GadToolsBox you can actually draw your program's user interface onscreen, and then click a button to generate the source code. You will still need to know what to do with the code, but believe me using a program like this can not only save your sanity but improve the appearance of you program.
Blitz is certainly powerful enough to create both serious applications and stunning arcade games: check out Skidmarks if you don't believe me.
If you have your heart set on learning C, the DICE compiler is an excellent place to start.
Unfortunately, the PD version won't come with the Commodore Include libraries - the routines which you need to access the operating system. You can either get them directly from Commodore for about £25, or else pick up the March April Fresh Fish CD-ROM (reviewed on page
134) which happens to contain a drawer with them all inside.
Remember to check out the PD libraries for more obscure languages: E is one to watch for, promising the power of C in an easier to use way.
Your choice of programming language is determined by several factors. Do your programs need to run extremely quickly? What previous programming experience do you have? Will graphics and sound be important to your programs?
How much can you spend on the programming environment?
In the chart to the left, the most common Amiga development languages are rated. Please remember that although C has a low score for, say, graphics support, getting hold of the necessary C source isn't very difficult - if you know where to look.
|SAS&v§.51 nere are several c compilers 1 in the Public Domain (and 1 Shareware) Libraries, bul none can compare to SAS C. The update from v5 to v6 was such a or a wot.
* 3*3 r Of 1 -KJ’X* 1 10*8 1 wrffo. | ft ” S ft 1ft "iiiii® '1
major step forward in terms of compiled code speed and comft
OT* JWIflM WKOf I ft Mr I pactness that for a time it seemed *
ft *.
I ft no further advances could be made. SAS C has overruled this assumption, by adding C++ compatibility and doing it in a very » 1 nice, point.
«• S,r = Tsaveti = 1 2 0CA4) 8(A4)
6) , A3 ,D0 IN SAS C V6.51 ilementafion, compatible with the AT&T
CFRONT. C++ tiles can be compiled like any other Cliles.
Lssxv;ace:!r.er» „e,eo,oS0 ¦iraSiBirjsjHBTOafrr tot. It*.t Qll'NT' -J .0! ™ ftift-bUwau Ol •« Ol bit -J Ultw term 61 W first I fclwt... b fir* fc*1 fctwt... a «¦ Hr* I fclwt... ,D0 DevPa®v3,04 a lot easier and more useful than any assembler included with other languages. When programming the Amiga, mixing code produced by vari- (C, Assembler, Pascal) dually quite easy and having a each certainly In an ideal both SAS C for DevPac to help C(A4) ),D0 4 ,D0 4(A4) ,DI Public DevPac is a to use. It features the Highspeed all the available ftmd Ml SmtOi kbOr from The speed of the assembly
process is blinding (especially after using a C compiler) and the many processor and optimisation options means that the code can be tailored to your exact specifications. If you need ultimate control, there is no EJ, other way. The integrated m®* environment makes The DevPac Assembler cc with Its own text editor, w will save you a lot ol both 0(A4) C(A4) ),D0 clever way. C++ is an 'enhanced' version of C, offering much more in Ihe way of data structures and object orientation. With C++, data can be packaged into units which include their own sptecial functions. The result is an excellent
development system for large and complex sys- processed into standard C files which are them compiled in the normal way - a rather time consuming business. SAS has managed to indude the C++ parts of their compiler as standard, which means that there's no mucking around. Even j using the excellent iy with is many text editors a good run tor their money. With multiple files, split screens and integration into the C compiler, you won t need to spend any more cash on a good entry system. The on-line help comes in idy when you can’t CodePmbe system, C++ code can be examined in every detail.
For time critical applications, the special profiler will examine your pro- ak down the amount tion which come in the box. As long as there are programs of this quality available, no one can ever say the Amiga is in trouble.
This is truly professional level software.
GhSpegd fiscal vl .10 is not only to teach but it powerful in its own right, than stop with a t only implementa- ’s Highspeed is with all the libraries, or ‘units’ as they to write proper Intuition based programs. It’s even possible to hit the hardware if this is your cup of tea.
The typical HiSoft environment is very well designed, with an excellent editor allowing full control over all the At first glace, Pascal programs look a little like C, but on closer inspection they are actually rather easier read and therefore write.
HiSoft Pascal Is compiled directly to machine code, In the same way as a C compiler. Pascal programs won’t hang about, which makes It very useful tor commercial software development and for teaching.
Loved by academics, it’s only until very recently that Pascal has lost its position as 'top language’ to
C. Designed to teach struc- Returned by Hal dei (Mlext!ifl»l
Value relumed ty fiat Ven CWIextlsVal) rocedn hext; er p,e:
... £29.99 30LF ...
£34.99 CHAOS PACK £125.96 j-emmng Language.. £50.00 i Pirnrq
Package £89 95 FREE DELIVERY TOTAL VALUE: £265.91 VERY
• •UAT ITV MOOULATOR ' WLUX* PAJKT B ET999 fWMf.ua--------- C21W
MH FWNUICA|t. «iM f'» 96 TOTAL PACK VALUE: £*31.93 Hit PACK
SAYING. C?«2 93 2 127 £499 2; 200 £549 2;- 340-.. £699 TOTAL
• Up lo 1024 x 788 Resoliaon
• 15-3MH Hoflz Frequences
• AnalOQuo RGB Input
• Eitemai Centro* BngNness Contratl. Horizontal and Vertical
6h2_14|£1999 6 525 £2299 1»;- £2599 THE SILICA SERVICE INICAL ANC 1700 slaN • Wi jra sold. M KM wO p-oliUBK ess • eouca rtoN. Government.
PIUS BRANCHES AT: CHELMSFORD Tal 0245 355611 0 aw NN*. 27m St Cl lien (Ml CM1 ID* CROYDON TNM14M44S5 Dawftirm oeNrt 11-31 tea EM. CNUM. S*»r. CM IBP GLASGOW Tel 041721 MU C**rfum» i» **. 97»f»SL SMJOe G? BAR IPSWICH W: 0473 221313 Debenrtims '?* iwl Weslgate Street. Iptwch. IPI 3EH LONDON 52 TottWwn Court RoW TH: 171-580 4000 DrterMm* mi na»i. 33* Oxlord Si Til 171-403 3735 Stfndps hmM 369 (Word SI Tal I71-B29 1234 MANCHESTER Ttl M1B32 MU tw-SWaServKe’ TREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY Ol Ml lurtMuri ordm Ui.«M m Hu I* rurMnd (Ban a i imsl thjr p* io Sevdiv demwyi a TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE « wan
a aornca eoecs -n o* « tow miyci HiSoft BASIC 2 _ at Iasi!
B A S I c HiSolt BASIC 2 is a complete development system which is I ideal lor both the professional and the casual programmer Jft'i'???______... . Your programs can be written with the integrated, multi-window editor where there is a complete range of iss-'.-aiw».;:iaa4 features that allow you to create, edit and run your BASIC ” programs without ever leaving the comfortable interactive environment: block marking with the mouse, cut, copy and paste, bookmarks for quick reference, fast, case-sensitive search and replace, flexible organisation of your text windows, compilation at the
touch of a key and much more The editor takes full advantage of the new features of HiSolt BASIC 2 shows oil its AGA support Workbench 2 and Workbench 3 and there is a version of HiSoft BASIC 2 shows off its AGA support the editor that emulates many of the advanced features of The Compiler Workbench 2 under Workbench t.3. The Compiler HiSoft BASIC 2 is a compiler that feels like an interpreter when you use it from within the integrated environment. It takes source code either directly or via the include statement and produces fast, efficient 68000 code; it is also possible to pre-tokenise your
source code to obtain maximum speed of compilation. The syntax is highly compatible with other implementations including Microsoft QuickBASIC " (PC), AmigaBASIC etc. allowing modern, structured programming with a high degree of portability between different machines. The graphics commands built into HiSoft BASIC let you take advantage of the AGA chip set.
You can link with assembly language and SAS Lattice C programs and compile to memory for testing or compile to disk to produce your final, standalone masterpiece.
IX s t i IX c t have you got it?
The Debugger There are times when your program does not behave in wuiis 14~;- ¦¦-H.-::.: “is.’.': the way that you planned. On these occasions, you can IMHJBgr. ¦ - - use TRON TROFF statements to trace execution by line number, or you can invoke the HiSoft BASIC debugger. ’ This is a medium-code-level debugger, which displays the source code and object code of your program at the same time. You have access to all your BASIC sub- program and function names and you can step through the BASIC source code by line, setting breakpoints as appropriate The Libraries A ' Even Animation Datatypes
are easy!
HiSoft BASIC 2 comes with libraries that let you access the features of all versions of the Amiga operating system from Workbench 1.3 up to Workbench 3.1. The standard Amiga names are used, as described in the ROM Kernel manuals, making it easy to translate examples from C. There are examples of using and displaying IFF files. Datatypes. Gadtools gadgets & menus. Tasks, Sound etc. The Package Credit Debit Card Orders 0525 718181 HiSoft BASIC 2 is supplied with a comprehensive, 640-page manual which, in addition to user and reference sections, also contains an extensive tutorial on using the
The system works on all Amiga computers with 1Mb or more of memory, at least one floppy drive, keyboard and mouse, in all 80 column screen resolutions. We recommend 2Mb of memory and a hard disk if you intend to work on larger programs or to take full advantage of the new operating system features.
Phone Between 9am and 7pm Monday lo Fnday lo place an order usmg your Mastercard. Access. Visa. Switch.
Connect etc card We vm quote you a Arm defevery date on receipt of you order which will be no longer than 28 d usually within 5 days. For goods in stock we can | offer a next day delivery service for £6.
Registered users if HiSoft BASIC version I can upgrade by telephone - please call tor information ¦ Name: Address: Upgrade from HiSoft BASIC 1 ® £39.95 + £2 p&p Card N .
Signed: Expiry and Issue : Please rush me HiSoft BASIC 2 for my Amiga computer (with at least 1Mb memory) HiSoft BASIC 2 ® £79.95 + £2 p&p Order Form 31 Faringdon Rd, Swindon, Wilts, SN1 5AR HE ’ £~ Tel: 0793 432176 Fax: 512075 ra » VIRUS FREE PD, CLIP-ART LATEST GAMES COPIERS IJM If COPIERS 1177S PAOAAN COPHX Pla, Purnao wMU. M, MR ? 2)12 KARmARE COPID Hpjura tr Xixm iR uJe w wcet ? 2)14 AN DRK COPIERS UvnOedM •* mpirn ? J074 MBCAD HIE COPIIR IMICOPY ? 1*8 3CD2»2 3 CD2070 3(02071 3coai72 3 (DOM 3 CD2226 3 012*2 3 DCI573 ? (D24I7 ? CD2418 ? CU244I Canrn. Seiknha DRIVTR JAKT46 ? J«N) A IIOO ?
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0) 493 DISK SALVB 2KSZ'3Recum damaged ce omup Bo Veey eaay n «w
0) 494 IfMMDOS 2 HD PAItH IM lainvm 2 ™ ywr hard U
0) 4* PRM A CARD V2
3) 425) AMAITUR RADIO baoa td Kob Inr al ban raSo bob ? 55554
KING 1 AMP. BIBIT The Bmr un oxifaen*
3) 511 Hf-OPAX Koep M joar U4e ? )2* GRAMMAR (HBCKO Chttk v
oarnrur. -Or al ASCII jTCTTO) TM1RIS 3 pUrer .rnko JTWTO4
CUTSIS Noiiaadnr J TFT104 IXGnAL. TTTRIS EktOem rpaht. Bril*,
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JTFTXH7 mWSPRO ?*49 fxspoiAi unimp.
CoRMiMrfniWaaawb ? 29» DI3T0P PUBUNHR ? 10W EBDOLAL mUHES 2 Os com cranlm.Vnp kikra JTETOB GAMEBOYTTTOS na die Cambny Tetna » LETTOX vMd 3 TET010 KlAKTSPi 3TETOI1 DOZY DIAMONDS _ Cduurlid raiuOcm 3moi2 amiga omw* A FF.W TOOI5 SHAFfS F« n Ihe atapr.
TTTRJX irmsMmucA ! AAMPies (tar.-jnlurilo MUSIC BAS* VII NLMPADfceAW hmWto*Utonto Frc.apfontfo,** moa*****
• Bitmap ftmls cm be used in Faitif Pmpal WurrJuUftA. ATMluun*
*« Xxmpugrapbu 6 Adobefo*U ate okay tmb Page Stream. ProP .
Tordoonb and more all us fa font compuuhllly information m colour cuprivts 5* KmANDioyrirros
* 42 BmiAP PONT):
Laep Bmup F.cO (OK loi Scab) 1482 BITYLAP POND.
1714 RSI DeMO-KLXJ POMiS 1721 EXUT. WIOVT4 2048 RSI PONT El'irjR
BITMAP HINIS 1 '2520 FONT FARM 12*49 GU ;M1F CUP POND, '2929
wprtb cubat 5nu 13063 FONT VIEWER I 2
1) 591-2 ADOBE KIND Fee P-SBeam. PioPaRC rtc
1) 428 FCCT • PS FONTS
1) 45) FONT FARM » Q«50B«aipfonB I COMPICRAFHIC FONTS 1*91
158) 4-10 C010UR TFXT FONTS l3*AI0 PAGESTREAM FONTS I-10 »erlWW«
1) 4* FCTANL20) Rua POT cn the Anup
1) 494 KICKSTART 5IM Only Borta on A4*R* ‘A60)
120) 1 PC EM 3 2879 ATARI ST EM KS2 An Alan ST enulaw far A500- J
31492 Ql EMULATOR 3 2W7 KICKSTART 2 IM WA400-.
3 5047 KICKSTART 15 A war d maki« note dd (tana run Ihe AI2XVA4000 3DOS PC DOG DDK H. me weh ar EmuBa I.V40 pane, fee «(44 . IOBS GARDEN 1 animal Land i 52 MR MEN OLYMPICS pebbed Decadil.it casie f« i GIDOY ? *46 MARK)) W0NDERUND A fan paced arcade pla*«a br.-cp PD Prices per dis!.
Gfcdbb om 2-5dabL«f_.», dab U74rad. 11-JOdab Li *oil
• ur 6 Padiv « dr IK A.U Vf « aq ,-~ei m i-W
laHnamaeSriR.MMrtral' issrr.
• rll ami a Anee cn Ihe
• okbenS eu irarg an .odMgccpyMBddae.r ASSASSINS (iAMES PACKS
MasI CI.R lilies Most CI.R lilies ok on A1200!
K. East T.mocton of ruid"-?-. As?*’*)** nywhero no* al wtotxoi
on A1200! Trough ¦ games «Mll nxi (Something hat everyone!
UE CLE049 TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS 3 IS the latest TCI to join this exeWm wm & uses a nr* layout giving you ¦ dino tnage ft into button* onever, page' it octodes mo now superstar ol the dno world VotodraptOf ¦ you ara at all ntcrested in Oinoaaurs thee a must lo complete your Dino*aur ttorary'!
Over 30 images stOpliM on 3 disk* only £5.50. The Central Licenseware Register 'onwicrcuil Quality nrcerann. Til a PI) priie CLE01 TOTAL CONCEPTS OINOSAURS Have your children ever wanted to know about the anoent world c tho dinosaur? ¦ so then ihH is tor you an interact** encyclopedia covering Jtxasaic. Than* ft Cretaceous penod* compMno «th pictures and intormabon. This program is pka corr* att to ft comes on two disks only £4.50 • CLE41 BASICALLY MEDICINE A Title wntlen by members ol the SI John * AmOjlance brigade. This « a superb title covering Ooeases.troatmwnt. Medicine & Drugs. Meath
ft uness. Base equpmem noodod ft the medical pioneers who helped create modem Medionei A realy useful title Comes on two disks
4. 50. • CLE03 TOTAL CONCEPTS OEOLOOY This Olte is ihe second in
the senes ol quatty programs by Cnns Hill, using the GotdOnk
Hyperbook system, it wft guide you and your chSOron on an
interactive guded tot* through the Incredible worn ot
volcanos, rocks and minerals Two (Saks orrfy £4.50. * CLE0B1
PAINT PASTE ft DRAW This is a Wjnnrrg drawingcotoumg book, con
taring Iocs ot background pictures, brushes to paste on. Ptos
edtor to design yot* own . You can even add your own artwork
to the picture A superbly presented program, ihis one is a
must tot young chHdran't disk £3.50.. CLE03 TOTAL CONCEPTS
SOLAR SYSTEM Now our most popular Mia I The one invites you to
loam all about the solar system, with information on al ot the
planets ft systems with pouros suppled by Nasa. This « a
superb educational packago tor children ft adults Tho title is
so big * is suppled on Threo disks and is CLEOS A-CHORD So you
wars become the next Ene Clapton then tr»s o fust what you
need I This program wit teach you nearly every single gutti
chord indudng angering techniques, it wd even ptay the chords
using the amgas bo* m sound ct»p A must tor ovory single gutar
player beginner ard exports alke Pro £3.60. CLU03 TYPING
TUTOR A program here now tor all you budding office cteiks.
Learning lo Type can bo a real pain, lessons cost a torture,
but not when you have an amlga I This program will take you
stop by step through a to* typing oourso. Showing where to
place your fingers and tots more. Batoro king you'll be able
to type as fast as I can I Pro* £350 .
CLE15 PAST FRET 8y Keith Klatworthy. This program Is a guitar scales tutor, the very thing lor the budding lead guitartsll Wil play the scatos through tha Amiga* sound chip with ayustmenl ot speed lor every level ol skit required' There are many exorcises in many scales so you too can become the ne«t rock legend!
Supplied on one disk pneed £3.50 - BMImlelMx ijoiifwll-r . «i - ... & r ' .V CLG041 Ft RACER This « a very professional game. 3d graphcs in a Formula one type vein as viewed trom the dnving seal Speed is subject to the speed of your machmo (it really tooms on an Amiga 4000!) Loss ot ton tor anyone who Him driving games with super graphics ft sound! Very wnpressrre game I (Ask £3.50. • CLE035 TOTAL CONCEPTS SOLAR SYSTEM 2 In tois sequel lo our most popular title. Chns Htl brings you tho very latest on Ihe Solar System! AS the very latest planetary misoons are covered ft I you thought the .mages
«i TCI Solar Sysiem were good wait until you see these 40. Imagesl Ths is a must it you have TC! Solar System Svgphed on 3 disks only £5.50.. PumMO MM * c courier i P1.MS7 AS VIDEO TITlERS vi putw as « i bei*:h asunis PU4S9 XIG DATATYPES Fa Won.
PU46I AS! Smir.is™ Aiit PU*» PPOCAO RFCTI**: VI 4u pu*e?.e weopn3S orv «u*ie«i FW»70 SCA1A BACKGRdAiOS 1 nun cotv cost aontop hh.
I «A«1KD FACTORY CLE07 TOTAL CONCEPTS FRESHWATER FISHING 2 daks 4 50 * OLE08 NIGHT SKY Exeaent gudo to Ihe stars, t disk 3.50. .
CLE09 WORDS ft LADDERS Good speling program. 1 disk 3.50.. CLE10 BASICALLY AMIGA guide to AnYgadosi 3 daks 5.50. .
CLE11 LET S LEARN For children ot 5-7 years i disk 3 50. * CLE12 ALPHABET TEACH spelling program lor the kkdsll disk 3 50.
CLE13 HOME BREW Create your own Brews! 1 dak 3.50. - CLE 14 TOTAL CONCEPTS ECOLOGY Loam ecology 3 disks 5 50. .
CLE 16 KINGS ft QUEENS A history lesson! 2 daks 4.50.. CLE 17 THINGAMAJIG An electronic fgsaw. 1 dsk 3.50. .
CLE 18 WORK ft PLAY 3 educasonal programs 1 dsk 3 50 .
CLE 19 PLAY IT SAFE Teaches safety n the home. 1 dsk 350 .
CLE20 BIG TOP FUN Four programs t dsk 3 50 .
CLE21 JIGMANIA Jigsaw soNtng ft construction set! 1 disk 3.50! .
CLE22 CHESS TEACHERteach chew in a ton way! 1 dsk 350. .
CLE23 MINO YOUR LANGUAGE improve speech 1 dsk 3.50. .
CLE24 SPEED READING Tests your readng speed 2 dsks 4 50. .
CLE25 CHORD COACH This « a supoib Piano Tutor. 1 dak 3 50 .
CLE26 SNAP An educational game lor languagos. L disk 3.50. .
CLE27 C.A.T.T Superb Tarot reading program 2 disks 4.50! .
CLE28 FUN WITH CUBBY 6 superb games tor tods' 1 dsk 3.50.. CLE30 PEG A PICTURE Maka prefixes with pegs 1 dsk 3 50. .
CLE31 UNDERSTANDING AMOS( NEEDS AMOS) 2 disks 4 50. - CLE32 SPITFIRE! The legertoary Wwtl hghler! 2 disks 4.50.. CLE33 MESSERSCHMITT BF109 And the German! 2 disks 4 50.. CLE34 YOUR FIRST PONY All you need to knowf 2 dsks 4.50.. CLE36 THE TIME MACHINE Teaches kids to tell time. 2 daks 4.50.. CLE37 DtSCOVERY AMERICA Learn about the USA! 1 disk 3 50.
CLE38 HOME WVENTIONS inventions since 1750. 2 disks4.50. CLE39 MY LITTIE ARTIST colouring book Needs I mg 2 disks 4.50. CLE40 BOREALIS JUNIOR Drawing lor young chadren t dak 3.50 .
CLE42 COMPOSITION Photograph Tutorial disk 1 dak 3 50.
CLE43 AMOS LANGUAGE QUIZ Heps leern Amos 1 disk 3 50.
CLE44 PORTRAITURE 2nd photo tutorial program 1 dsk 3 50.
CLE45 FUN WITH CU8BY 2 Another 7 tab tods games! 1 disk 3.50. CLE46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY Good tor education Idak 3,50.
CLE47 SEA SENSE Learn al about boats' t disk 350. .
CLE48 ROCKET MATHS Easy maths tor tods! 1 disk 3.50. CLE50 0RATV2 4 Runecaster. Translator, needs 1 5mg 2 dleks4 50.
CLE52 TELL THE TIME Just what Ihe tods noed 1 dak 3.50. CLE53 LET S LEARN 2 Super early teaming disk! T dek 3,50.
CLE55 BASICALLY BASIC Learn Base programming I disk 3.50. CLE56 BASICALLY CHEMISTRY A good Ghomtstiy Tutor! 1 disk 3 50.
CLUOft SUPERSOUND V4.7 Superb sampling software 3 50.
CLU10 POWER ACCOUNTS account statements, ate 350.. CLU11 CALCV1 veryusetul sgeadsheet program' 1 ask 350. .
CLU12 VIRTUAL WINDOWS Notebook Amress bockt disk 350.. CLU13 DATOS A powerful database, many feature* 1 ask 3.50. .
CLU14 STOCK CONTROLLER Keep track ol stocks 1 ask 3.50. .
CLU15 EPOCH VI calendar tor Amiga. 1299 yr aary 1 disk 3.50- CLUI7 LC10 FONTS Nice tonts tor Star LC10 printer! 1 ask 3 50.. CLU18 LC200 FONTS Fonts tor your LC2O0 printer! I dak 3.50 .
CLU19 LC24 FONTS Fonts tor your Star 24 pn pnntor.l ask 3.50 .
CLU20 CANON BJ10 Supar Fonts for Bubble*! 1dlsk 3 50.
CLU21 INVOICE MASTER Sort out your invoice ' 1 (Jok 3 50 .
CLU22 HARD DRIVE MENU Superb hard drrro utlity! 1 disk 3 50 .
CLU27 IMAGE BASE Simple authonng package 1 disk 3.50 .
CLU28 CREATIVE ADVENTURE TOOLKIT Needs fmbchp 3.50. CLU29 O F* Graphics convertors, tpnte edeors ate' 1 disk 3 50.
CLU30 DRAW SELECTOR V2 pools prediction prog 1 dsk 3 50- CLU31 FLOWCHARTER For creation ot flowcharts! 1 dek 3 50- CLU33 AM TUITION Create WB3 look ft tael progs ldisk 3.50. CLU34 IMAGE DOCTOR Vt Image processing disk 3.50.. CLU35 CRITERION Databaso tor Photographers etol dsk3 50.
CL 1136 ILINOIS PROFESSIONAL Fab labe4.ng system 2 dsks4.50. CLU37 FIND IT This is a superb directory utilityl 1 disk 3,50.
CLU38 SMALL ACCOUNTS MANAGER Accounts 1 disk 3.50.
0. 00$ DRAGON Tius S*«wt «wr s*, tO»a* I Ow CU113 8UU002EP 8C*
ClMt iotwi ol ! «»»¦ 1 *•» i f ClOUP*PAO»A«e»9~ lf -rfWee".
MAZE Aeaper pjrrto gwn. L OaA SS0. CIO 17 MIII.UU E.M-rl
gnDTK tOwOUie HU1K clg» juioiE eukoi r m *."•'' av 3S CUBl
FLOWER POWER Gro BWW. Tu t mU hwrl «*: CL03SWMTI PaaaiTSTNewa
PUIS1 a TV ORAPHCS Dm” tw*WH *4ri»~n i7 PUIrtUIHtft
ICONSkcnauaiar.lnrtob.. V PulSwVWOAWMTtt dJouEea. V Sj-»
Swp-es ccnwriers pe.A-m a, c. PU «3 CPTIUTIS 1 CremwO na I ON
4-* plum cpnuna gw ew aw ** • • v PU1M &ECTRCNC PROTOTYPE R
WmxMn) a- puisae* a ip apt set is dm r h» best am puiw vioeo
wipes «*« i no« iW": I16B0 UTTIEBEND- 13 New tor I 3 0-*" nrni
CYCLOPS wm pare* 2«2 SSSS SS sal PU?M ‘Kt‘1 PRPTTfR DWIVtRS
FU240 (REECOPY VI 4 (OWWfU 4 FM .l ASPCE Cro i ram P"0 FUJ44
BCR APPETT Toe B a oot IM34V3M C MANUAL UW WK pusm iocharo
34E0LEY cca*4 M m IVAPUHOV fraxul 4 uru i ELECTPOCAO CCMI
I QfWMCS UnilTSS Vrcix HAMIAB PRO WoeCowwt HAPOBRVE LTIlSWttUdi PUK'TWATtSOCorr FI.L-.e r • • PLO10 POO PASCAL L TROiecAoviien iVUORPHWMVw WORKBENCH 3 BN , ihbCRlPT Fyogra" C(IGMT n»v . .irui -.i pYl.-.V '
TtTLER Create video titles' 1 dak 3 50.
ALPHAGRAPH tor produong Bar ft Pie charts etc! 3.50. CLU01 ORDERING M A I) K K A S Y BY POST: send vour Name. Address & Order details with a Cheque PO I MO to an of the companies listed BY PIIONE: Call us with vour card number expin dale and details for a 1st class sen ipe. All major cards accepted PI) PRICES: I - 5 disks £2.00 per disk -6-25 disks £1.25 per disk • 26 or more disk are Mill only 99p per disk !
POST & PACK1NO: I K - 50p • I K 'Recorded Delivery’ £1.25 • Europe *25p per disk • Rest of World f50p per disk REMEMBER: We stock Fish 1-975. Tbag 1-74. Amos. Scope. Snag. Amicus. AMIGAs & lots more superb PI) disks!
D ain Distributors 301 4 LrgvN' • i : arwl m tf (TOM «n» .. - Doe a* low awioMn 11 T K I. : 0 9 1 5X7 119: F A X : 0 9 I 5X7 119: T EL: 0 9 X 3 5 2 9 F A X : 0 9 X 3 X 2 I BLITTERCHIPS 0 5 35 66 7 46 9 05 3 5 667 4 69 Can you do a good Sid James laugh? If so, sample it and send it to us at the usual address.
For now, though, let Tony Horgan take you through the latest games and demos in the public domain.
MELLOW GABBER VOL 2 music demo Mellow gabber, what a strange concept (considering gabber is the fastest, most insane lorm ol dance music ever devised! Spookily enough though, this demo starts oil sounding pretty good, and spookier still, it sounds like mellow gabber A distorted bass drum kicks away slowly, while scary noises and voices wash around in the background.
Alter a while it inevitably speeds up to a more danceable tempo. Irom where it turns into a slightly more anarchic variation on the 2 Unlimited theme.
Cheesy organ rills loop over some hard beats and basslines. Tempting me to rip the tune and remix the better bits Should lind plenty ol Ians though.
Available Irom: Express PD. Magazine Business Centre. 11 Newarke Street, Leicester, LEI 5SS. Price: £1.65 including P.P. ' FLYING LESSONS animation Meel Bob. A cuddly little blue thing One day. Whilst sunbathing in the park. Bob dreams that he can tly. Waking up to lind that he can't he decides to rectity the situa-1 tion and sets ott down to the garden shed to knock up a rocket pack. The results ot this and his later attempts are predictable but tun In a Road Runnel kind ot way.
However, it looks original - not just another Eric Schwartz rip-ott. It's quite tunny too, although the lack ol any sound ellects is a shame. Animation tans shouldn't miss it though.
Available Irom: 17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Otllces, 2 8 Market Street. Wakelleld. West Yorks.
WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982. Disk no. 3026. Price: £2.00 including P.P game compi As usual, this Assassins compilation is a mixed bag. There are three games: Darts, Ouackers and Karate Champ. Fans of the sport of darts will no-doubt squeeze a bit of entertainment from the first, simple as it e Ouackers is the most impressive of the three. It's a simple platform game with no frills, but it plays okay Then there's the hilarious Karate Champ. This is a hopeless clone of the coin-op that invented the beat em up theme. The sound effects are the best bits: “000!'' 'Ouch!" 'Oof!". Who needs commercial
games eh?
Available from: Roberta Smith DTP, 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, ..ondon NW11 6JE. Disk no. AS1156. Price: £1.40 including P+P.
DISKMAGS UPSTREAM ISSUE 8 This is a mag for anyone who is seriously into the demo scene - not just the demos themselves, but ill the gossip and bitching that goes on between the various coding teams. It’s a bit like Coronation Street ot hackers really - Whiplash has renamed himself Fizban. Stranger has been thrown out of DCS, and Terminal Silence received a phone bill for $ 1422! Exciting isn’t It?
ASSASSINS 1 56 game compilation Apart from that kind of stuff, there are opinions Irom around the scene (make demos hard disk installable), and other general scene-related rants and leatures. Upstream is totally dedicated to text articles, so you won t find any utilities or demos on the disk, although there is a tune to keep you entertained.
Recommended for the scene-junkie, but not for the casual demo fan.
Available from: Cynoslic PD, Office 01. New Enterprise Centre, Little Heath Industrial Estate. Old Church Road, Coventry CV6 7NB. Tel: 0203 681687 * I Disk no. 00263. Price: £2.00 including P+P.
FRIDAY AT EIGHT demo A shortie, this one. But a goodie nonetheless. It gets my vote from the off, thanks to its high-speed 3D zoom tunnel effects. Then it’s over to some | zooming 3D logos, followed by a load of blurred kaleidoscope effects, building up in speed and j intensity to a bit of a sexy crescendo. After all that ement, it sits back up and mellows out with I another tunnel effect, this time a more chilled version, followed by the credits. It’s over almost before it’s begun, but it's good while it lasts.
Available from: Visage Computers, 18 Station Road, llkestone, Derbyshire DE7 5LD.
Tel: 0602 444501. Price: £2.00 including P+P.
5SJL" D STIMPY For those who have never seen it, Ren and Stimpy is just about the maddest, most stupid cartoon series ever, featuring the childish exploits of a dis- gusting-looking Chihuahua dog, and his brain-dead mate that I think is supposed to be a cat - not that you’d guess to look at him. This is a slightly disappointing slideshow taken from the Haunted House episode. All the pictures are displayed as quarter- screen HAM images, and although the digitising is okay, there’s not much colour in them. Full-screen 64 colour pics might have been a better option.
Still, there are enough frames for you to be able to watch the slideshow almost as a cartoon in itself, following the story through from start to finish.
Available from: David Parkes, Freestyle PD, I 108 Woodside Way, Short Heath, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV12 5NH. Tel: 0922 404023.
Price: £1.65 AM FM ISSUE 18 Aimed at Amiga musicians, AM FM is one of the more individual disk mags around. Instead ol cramming the disk full of as many articles as possible, AM FMs creators concentrate on publishing more interesting and useful articles, leaving room lor some handy utilities on the disk.
Issue 18 includes reviews of the Toccata 16-bit sampler, Aural Illusion, Cds and readers demos. There are also leatures on buying your first synth, 16-bit sampling on the cheap, letters and news. In general the articles are very well written. All ol the writers on the diskmag seem to know what they're talking about, and give good advice in the reviews and the occasional tutorial features.
On the software side, you get a demo version of the Aural Illusion sample editor, General MIDI Patcher 1.1 demo, and ApercKey a drum machine system). Two tunes are included, and there's even a batch ol MIDI song files too. With all this software in addition to the magazine, it makes a very worthwhile buy lor any enthusiastic Amiga musician.
Available Irom: Cynostic PD, Office 01. New Enterprise Centre, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry CV6 7NB. Tel: 0203 681687 Disk no. 00251. Price: £2.00 including P+P.
Including P+P.
DEMO CD 2 Another stunning compilation of new PD products. This one s even better than the first' Over 600MB of Data' Get it now for £19.99 *75p P5P CDPD VOLUME 3 high quality 24 bit scons plus Ham ar AGA H8 versions & MUCH MORE1 for only £19 99 . 75p P&P 52,000 MEMBERS!!
THE 17 BIT COLLECTION This double CD collection contains 1700 disks from our own library from disk 0001 to 2301. All the classics are Included. As well as hundreds ol great PD games, Demos, Music etc. Yours for Only £39.99 ?£1.00 PAP TEAM 17 CD's FOR CD32 Alien Breed S Quak £19.99 Project X & F17 £19.99 Each Disk Contains 2 Titles!
NEW!! 17 BIT II - THE CONTINUATION Includes 17 Bit Disks From 2302 To 2800.
Assassins Games Disks from 1 To 140 (Ove 500 Games'!)NZ Disks T Bag Disks. ARUG AMIGAN' Also InckxJos A FULL File Search lnde» Across Our Previous CD’s Too' AMIGA FORMAT GOLD' C 19.99 .75p P&P NEW IN! MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT' This CD contains aft you need for your own I Multimedia Productions' Thousands of eft part images in colour and B&W, even scalable art!
Hundreds of Adobe, Postscript & CG Fonts I are also induded. Not to mention the 750 Modules & 2300 SFX' only £19 99 *75p P&P ?3068 SCORTCHED TANKS 1.7 More Weapons, Much More Fun!
?3064 ALIEN FRENZY] 2 Player Shoot Each Other Type ?3059 PARADROID 64 Superb Classic Conversion1 ?3050 TOADO Frogger Clone 3 Level Demo, ?3047 HIGH OCTANE Uke Overdrive' Overhead Race ?3044 SPACE INVASION II CLASSIC Space Invaders ?3042 A DAY AT THE RACES Horse Racing Management ?3041 FORTRESS Great playable Demo Of This Excellent Shareware Game' ?3039 ROBS HOT GAMES-1 Compiled By Our Very Own Rob This Disk Offers 5 Great Games.
?3035 GALAGA DELUXE Souped Up Galaga 92' !
?3032 GALAXY BLAST 4 Way Scrofcng Shoot Em Up ?3030 PROJECT BUZZBAR Remember Critical Mass'?
?3028 NOSTALGIUM Excellent Uridium Style Shoot em.
?3019 SILVERBLADE Helicopter Shoot EmUp ?3005 TOVBOX Bombdear & K*er Tomatoes ?3003 RAISE THE TITANIC Nice 30 Game like Mercenary ?3002 GAMES GALORE 13 The latest AGA OK Game Comp.
?3001 GAMES GALORE 12 More Games From Mr Henderson.
?3000 GAMES GALORE 11 More AGA Comp Stuff.
?2996 TASKFORCE Superb! Remember LaserOuest?
?2993 2P GAMES 1200 AGA Comp of 2 Player Games AMIGA ANIMATIONS ?3026 FLYING LESSONS Excellent Amm Requires 2MB ?2983 (ABC)CHARLEY CAT
• In Sickness & In Health’ 3MB ?2982 (ABC) CHARLEY CAT
• Dandruft Duo" 3.5’ MB ?2974 (ABC) G.l. SPY Great 3 Megabyte
Animation ?2940 MR HORNY ANIMATION Great Adult dsh) Animation"
• Mouslemwr 3 5 MB ?2925 (ABC) CHARLEY CAT 3
- How to catch A Canary- 3MB ?2923 (AB)CHARLEY CAT 6
- Charlies At The Fix!* * ?2922 (AB) CHARLEY CAT 2
• Down Al TheSea'* ?2872 (ABCD) MEAN MACHINE Great AD tor
Commodore CD32 By Craig Collins! 3.5MB Needed!
?3071 CD-READER Easy To Use Par net Clone!
?3069 STEREOSCOPE Shareware Stereograph Creator ?3065 X PASSWORD Hard Drive Password Util ?3063 COLOUR SWAP Swap Picture'Pallette Colours ?3062 TELETITLE 2 LORES Now Merged With TetesooB I ?3058 VARK CU UTILS 4 Compilation Of C.LI. Ums ?3054 ASI MULTIVISION AGA GFX Utils For AGA Machines ?3053 CITIZEN PRINTER MNGR Hot U14S For Your Citizen Printer ?3054 ASI FIX DISK II Loads More CompatbWy Ums ?3051 ACCOUNT MASTER 2 21 Update To Popular Accounts Pkg ?3052 EAGLEPLAYER Superb 700K Module Player!
?3048 VIOEOTRACKER Make Your Own Hot Rave Demos .3040 ROB’S HOT STASH-1 All The More Commonly Asked ForUtils Compiled By Our Rob ?3025 GOLF GURU VI.2 Keeps Golfing Averages Etc. ?3023 TELESCROLL V2.0 Updated Video Titter ?3022 AMOS EYES Create Front Ends For Programs ?3008 LECasm V1.0a Combined Assembter Edilor .2991 THE DESIGNER V2.13 Includes Source. Game Design ?2988 CA.G.3.1
- Create Adventure Games UftT ?2986 NO SAMPLER? UTILS *3
MejEEIES] 3rd in the Series Of Sound Utils ?3067 MAG. E. ISSUE
II More Gothc D.D Stuff .3057 JC8 SAMPLES'1 Jazz, Classical &
Blues Samples ?3056 WICKED SPEECH SMPL Collection Of Vocal
Samples .3034 F1 SOURCE Loads of Amos Source Code' ?3024 PSYCHO
Ok. You can Slop All The Enquiries! Its Here At Last!
Grab Yours Now' £4 00 Inc. More Objects For Imagme use ?3010 VOCALS-2 .3009 VOCALS *1 Samples ol Voices Etc For Mods.
?2999 FONT FARM 8 ?2998 FONT FARM 7 ?2997 FONT FARM 6 Over 50 Bmp Fonts On Each D«sk .2995 JOKEBOX 1 WARNING Adult Only Jokes Disk!
?2990 NOSTROMO SOLVES V2 DEMO DISKS GREAT PD GAMES! I UTILITY DISKS ?3070 FRIENDS OF PAULA 5 More Musak For Paula Fans .3066 INFINITY Very Nee Ptazma Cycle Demo ?3061 (AB) SEVEN SEAS &S Superb Gothic Fantasy Slides ?3055 DEVOLUTION SLIDES 2 Excellent Raytraced Artwork .3033 BIOMECHANOID Weil Ambient 600K Muse Mod!
.3031 HIRED GUNS MUSIC Possibly The Best Ever Musak!
?3029 (AB) THE MIDNIGHT HR Original Music Composition ?3027 3D STEREOGRAM PICS HAM Stereograms To Boggle' ?3006 SONGS FROM TOUIDE Rob Baxter Presents ?2973 NEURAL ASSAULT Excellent Dance Demo By Rage .2968 ARTE DEMO BY SANITY Very nice. Alternative Demo ?2965 NEOPLASIA - PHOBIA Great Music Disk. Not Usual Stuff .2960 ZONE WARRIOR Another nee Muse Presentation .2950 RINK A DINK (NOT AGA) Superb New Melon Demo!
.2948 DREAM TRIPPIN Digitals latest Demo Production .2941 SUBTLE SHADES Great Demo By Nuance ?2919 (AB) SPACE BALLS!
9 Fingers Demo, if you Iked state ol the Art. You’ll die !1 SERIOUSLY GOOD!
?2915 A TASTE OF U41A Old, But popular U4ia Toons ?2913TYMPANIC MEMBRANE Greet new Demo by PANACEA .2879 HELIOPOLIS DEMO Another Stunning Demo'!
EDUCATIONAL .3038 KIDS DISK II ?3037 KIDS DISK 1 Great Kids Stash Compilations .3036 KIDS DTP V2.6 An Update to The Popular DTP ?3017 ILLUSIONS Animated An Package Great!
?3007 KIDS DTP EXTRAS Stickers. Pics Etc For kids DTP ?2964 A-Z PAINT Great Paint Prog lor young kids .2967 SMARTY PAINTS Serious Art for Kids, Preview Ver.
?2966 KIDS DISK 3 Shareware DTP for KxJs .2926 (AB) TOME OF MYTHS Read all about those Myths ?2920 ASI BACK TO SCHOOL 3 Even more Educational Progs I X2916 (AB) TUTANKHAMUM Educational Slideshow tor AGA .2909 FRENCH VERB TESTER Err. Test French Verbs' ?2886 AZ SPELL V2.02 Wot Du Ya Meen Ye can Spel AGA DEMOS X3046 (AB) BIG TIME SENSUAL 2 Disk AGA Extravaganza" X3016 FAIRLK5HT FULL MOON Superb Fairtight Do It Agam X3015 NOXIOUS: Demo Titled ’Beyond Belief X3014 (ABC) INNESTATION Present Ray World. Excellent X2934 VOLCANO AGA Colours Bobs sounds, .ts al here!
X2933 (AB) COMPLEX “ORIGIN” One of the best AGA Demos Yet!
Excellent Production trom ARISE X2930 XANADU - EXPLICIT II Another worthy AGA Presentation.
X2929 ABSTRAX PIG BY VIVID Weird Name. Nee Demo X2918 EMPTY HEAD AGA Good AGA based Demo X2891 TROJAN AGA Techno Trax II X2826 PANTAHERI DEMO Great AGA Demo AGA SLIDESHOWS X3060 (AB) NIGHTBREED '3 More Top Quality AGA Pics X3004 (AB) SHAD ART SLIDES Superb Hand Drawn & Traced Pictures Ferran & Mac • X2977 M.CESCHER S Show of Mind Bending I magi X2959 JPM'S AGA PICS '5 X2958 JPM'S AGA PICS-4 X2957 JPM’S AGA PICS-3 X2956 JPM’S AGA PICS *2 X2955 JPM'S AGA PICS *1 es on the abo :antasy Art Genre, all in 256 colour, they Wok superb on AGA Machines!
X2931 (AB) SCAN IS LAME Superb AGA Hand drawn Pics! I X2896 ERIKA (AGA) Erika Eleniafcm 256 cotours!
X2863 (AB) BOOYSHOP V More lovelies m 256 colours!
X2862 (AB) FIT CHIX 3 Yet more pouting girlies X2859 BODYSHOP III You guessed* X2856 (AB) FIT CHIX II MISC AGA DISKS X3020 SWERVE AGA Superb Video Backgrounds'!
X2975 CHANNEL Z ISSUE 3 AGA Owners Disk Mag* ITS BACK.'!
NEW!) "LOCK N' LOAD" CD (USA) 1000 Ol The Very Latest S Best Public Domain Games. Ready to Run Direct From The CD Which Even Makes This One OK For CD32* Miss It A! Your Ptnl! £19.99 .75p P&P STILL AVAILABLE CDPD1 (Fred Flth From 1 to 660) COPDII (Fish From 661 to 750 & More)£l9 99 NEW!) - SPACE A ASTRONOMY CD Includes Thousands of Superb GIF Images | & Astronomy Texts From the NASA Archives I Since 1962' Only £19 99 . 75p P&P I FINAL FRONTIER 6 ” Calling all Star Trek Fans"
T. F.F. is a dedicated Trek mag on 5 packed disks. Includes
exclusive artwork by none other than Tobias Richter! £7.50
Issue 6 Is Now Available On 2 Disks For £4 50 N B Amos is Aimed At Helping You I To Get The Most Out Of Amos Whether You Are A Beginner Or Already An Expert!!l Superb!
Following Tho Suocoss 01 -MoOBt, A SoootoO'DS' Como* loo
Slunrw I-., howasei
- MONTAGE- Om 70 Mm Ot OigUI AoOO.
Ar.angod On Amiga* For TOO Uttmata m StrKeo I SynOll £14 99 .750 PAP DISK PRICE 1-10 Disks £1.50 1-20 Disks £1.25 Disks or more £1J FREE WITH EVERY 10 BY POST Please send Cheques PO's To;-: 17 BIT SOFTWARE 1ST FLOOR OFFICES, 2 8 MARKET STF WAKEFIELD CLR LICENCEWARE AMFM 18 Latest Musicians Music Mag.
£2.50 Per Issue Or £4.50 If Purchased With Samples CDPD 1 Still Available And now OK On Your CD32. Special Price At £17.99 +75p P&P | ProTracfcar 3.1 wa.x n-., si OctaMED 2.0 . ... Supar Sound II e..*.',*. Quadra Compoaar 2.0 e.«s*a •» 'IX«m»eMW«.- --- instrument i.ip«t. .« Roster v» amm* m* .a . -une Rytmar ». M. • ! « m im« u Amigamoduler ei.irw4.wii.as Hi tmoduler •'ai i*•«,. .. Rockmoduler i-4di »« a Technomoduler e« «w.:s m • Nya Amigamoda 2 ».
Nya Amigamoda 3 Mr rw i a Nya Amigamoda ya Amigamoda S (0924)366982 EDUCATIONAL-WARE I GAME-WARE CONT..
3---------- Demo Collection a cot; Demo Collection 2 a*~e -
toe Amine* CD e e-une ••*+» - Weird Science ueM meu
Alistair In Outar Space u. Theft What i cell Oamee-ic« u-t
That*a Whet I Call damea 2 Arm 17Btt Collection co noons,
Olga PD an mo utwrniac.
Pandora CD « MstecMm RoOocod 0032 ¦WMn-«.e4 Pi-hell FantaWc* cnUe.ua* tVOeoeraOon CD32 • icufiu PROJECT *.*17 Che'enpe C ULTWATI BODY BLOWS Co: HTHfT! R jnOSCkH* RVHIU COPO 4 rMnwa.e. NYHET1 VIDEO CREATOR CO Flare endra akhror hnne- * j. T Vl har Bven minga eki.ot UTILITY-WARE mvvKvo* SCENERY ANIMATOR 2 BRILLIANCE DELUXE PAINT AQA IMAGINE 2 ..... IMAGE MASTER ...... RETINA 2M8... .. 9000 .27.900 .19.800
SYBILL ... .27900
V31 CLE27 (3) C.A.T.T.
1DISK SET £3.50
(2) DISK SET £4.50 I DISK SET £5.50 (e,fT?n fPfol Box 242
S-124 02 Bandhagen Swadan ______Tel. +46-(0)8-749 08 06
• IB Bestall 17 Bit diskar fran ossl offlclellt godkSnda
leverentflren av 17 Bit diskar I Sverige Nordene ledandc Public
Domain 4 Shareware blbllotek (Sr Amiga och PC 1 till 3 diakar
23ltrM 21 till 30 diskar 17kr at 31 diskar 4 Her 16kr at .3
till 10 diskar -20krlsl 11 till 20 diskar 18krlit
• *.384 acoAxge no.******} ant* an to.km
• AMI Ultra Glee 4- nenM rfutrrwrant
• *913 *C I Wx »£r °C program p4 4 ntgen1 S* 817 Preepaku me.37-
r tpotyan. *.1 Dpmtt y
• AMO Compress Disk. FtMSW ho OOS 2 00 0 SAMa Uidti DOS 1.12-
Ak9 ;»krke Ptb dtaXxioi
• AMO FreeCogy- m. »a •Ot-xtnasptogrim SA 892 Ncomm S.O- korrm-
program. Ny «®r DDJ76-07 Space Da: i» •» nngarf ]ukonwnor(me
• 11 I O *na fcxrl- dl atso-aJ .ktool 1MB COO SM.890-900 DICE
C-WiC- kompilaior. Snarewaro SA.901-912 Amiga C Encyclopedia
J.O n utf6.Uo C- manual. 175 projramexerop** l2 Mka . 180-V FF
934 Vkua Checker 6» aenave vmjeoOdaan S* 937 MIOIC WO Extra*
•or*' 8 tek ?run0et*}er MagkWo aer WM.0. Map: At lima crxU ao U
4* 940 Pee Bee Shaveruo«« ZoatnMo SA 942 Super Dtiim 3nt«
o.-rrwa OS W $ *.944 Zip 2JJ.1 •rthwrrtg OW -WC row.
SH 94S.948 A Ren Guide 2«- hettfeok Wr •% SA-949 servant* Vume akjui dm + utM r TJUSIK CJ3ja Sound* Digital musk CD av A. BrkrfcJo.
Maaaor med -Arm ttlar r An AmOaKxrf 149:-
• Hdjblta 8 Spaceships av Biern Lynne . 188:- Montage Ny Ny akwa
»n Bjen Lyme1 198 J
3 A2tt DEBN«S28I«A3X «*M G-EC*CE *C»*lZ-4M8 A2XC teURVMWAWO
PIXEL 30 PRO _ MUSIK AU7FM nria-ny amiga oyn itBvyt*. Short statin of IdOIt Initializ» (low titalMS E» Sab r Hat - bm Mate »««o. 011 Sat Mr* iota* Sat IX *l» Sat TinaM .. ; P :i; RUHHtEK INDEX RCIUCCL NieukS ID: 181 Prasrsma 1-88 Onraep 388 OntspsMins 488 Cons'irmt =88 F i nancion 558 551 Sport £88 681 idmson Mear vwlcMr 768 781 red.itl« Lifldbsw 388 pso.454 Rasta 958 851 Bericbt vocr butaalelBrs 815 fe stMktabellen 518 Snoouwboricht _ML FRESH FISH CD compilation f rod Fish is Iho undisputed King ol Amiga Public Domain software. He seems to have been around Since the very dawn ot the
Amiga collecting the best f ind sometimf*4orstj of the tree software available and collating them to produce his famous 'fish disk;.
Recently, F red made the decision to change from distributing floppy disks to selling CD ROMs, but in the process he has done a lot more than simply copying the disks across. Infect his Cds otter probaWy the best way ever to get the latest in Amiga programming talent Ihe CD which we were sent came from PD Soft and is dated MarctvApnl 1994 Fred hopes to produce a now disk every one to two months each one being a mixture of old and new rnatenal. In theory you should be able to buy every other disk and still obtain all Ihe programs and files.
This CD-ROM contains 639Mb of software, ot which approximately 69Mb is totally new material (Fish Disks disks 951 lo 975 and programs from the Aminut library The »ost of the disk contains some amazing tmds, including 284Mb of useful utility programs such as the GNU C* * compiler and PasTeX-a Ml TEX (a text based DTP system Programmers will love this disk Not only is there a full complement of utilities, compilurs and programming tools, but the distributable Commodore Native Developer KU m also included. If you do any C programming on the Amiga you'll know tiow tricky it is to get tiold of
the right information well here it is. All on one disk. In the other drawers you il tmd plenty of text files (sucli as hardware and software reviews) and a comprehensive Amiga FAQ list (Frequently Asked Questions) Tiiere are one or two games present, but this is a collection tor the more dedicated Amiga user Fred has really paid great attention to the way files are stored on the disk Not only are the useful utilities ready to run*, but many tiles arc* already archived for the owners of SuNetm Board Systems to provide on line 1 you'll need .i CD I tOM dlfVO lO Ute this disk but that be a major
problem If you don’t have a big box' Amiga and a CD-ROM drive, the Commodore A570 drive is still available tor A500Plu*. Owners, and (assuming you have an external floppy drive) any spare GDI Vs can easily be hr ought bark into service. I vert CD32 systems can be used using the new veal cable adaptors (see elsewhere for review i Available Irom PD Soil. 1 Bryant Avenue. Southend on Sea. Essex.
SS1 2YD. Tel 0702 466933. Price: £19.95 (plus Cl P*P). Or available Irom Fred Fish, Amiga Library Services. 610 N. Alma School Road.
Suilc 18. Chandler AZ 85224-3687. USA or fax 0101 (602) 917- 0917, Price:$ 19 95 plus $ 5 lor airmail costs.
PD UT No mon, no fun. Don’t worry because Tony Horgan is here with this month’s latest batch of PD releases.
TELETEXT 1.20 teletext receiver This is hall ol a software and hardware project that allows your Amiga lo receive leletext. You need to use it in conjunction with a TV (or VCR), but Ihe TV doesn't have to be teletext compatible Once you've got your pages, you can save them out as ANSI. ASCII, IFF or the program’s TT lormat.
Instructions tor building the hardware are on the disk. However you'll definitely need some electronics experience il you want to build the hardware.
I ll level wrth you on this one
- the DIY bit was beyond me. So I can t say how well the system
works Accordingly, I haven't scored the program, but if you
like to mess about with a soldering iron and fancy a teletext
compatible Amiga, it should be worth looking at.
Available from: Cynostlc PD, Office 01, New Enterprise Centre. Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road.
Coventry CV6 7NB. Tel: 0203 681687. Disk no.
U0293. Price: £2.00 Including P.P. AM FM SAMPLES 18 sound samples How appropriate, the 18th sample disk released by AMPM diskmag people contains exactly 18 samples. The sounds themselves are all big pads' (big synth atmospheric sounds) sampled from an exorbitantly expensive synthesiser. Some ot these ambient, moody sounds are looped, some are single notes, and others are included in a number ot chord variations, ranging Irom 30K to 65K in size. There’s a bit ot top-end noise on quite a few ol these samples, but this can be remedied with some filtenng Other than that, the sound quality is
well up to scratch Available trom: Cynostlc PD. Office 01. New Enterprise Centre. Little Heath Industrial Estate. Old Church Road, Coventry CV6 7NB. .
Tel: 0203 681687. Disk no. S0220. Price: £2.00 including P.P. J MULTIMEDIA BACKDROPS video backgrounds II you watch TV news or sports programs you'll know that you can't escape the speckly backdrops that reside behind all the league tables, pie chans and other screens ot text. This tour-disk set is lull of these unobtrusive backdrops, all in full overscan using 128 colours. It you have an AGA Amiga, the program leaves you another 128 colours for any graphics or text you might lay over the top. They're all textures of some kind, and come in various colour schemes.
Anyone producing posh titles for TV or video should get hold of them pronto.
By they way, they're not actually PD (Swerve Video retain the copyright).
Available from: Swerve Video, 99 Park Lane, Wednesbury, West Midlands, WS10 9PT. Tel: 021 502 4681. Price: £4.75 Including ARTWORKS CLIPART Original images for lire computer. NOT public domain Each disk cowains between 115 and 270 original, high resolution, Ivgh quatty mages lor use with Amiga art. Desk top pubfishmg and video programs • Deluxe Pamt Photon Pmt.
Pagesetter. Pro Page. Pagestream, Wordworth. Penpal Scala etc I Pets 2. Castles, cottages and churches 3 Trees 4. Signs and I
S. Wild animals 6 Prehistonc lile 7 Signs and symbols 2 8
Weddings and family occasions 9. Fishing and freshwater life
10 Signs and symbols 3 11. Christmas 12. Frames and borders tt
0469 588138 I AMIGA COMPUTING • "Best Buy" CU AMIGA - awarded
***** AMIGA FORMAT • 85% AMIGA SHOPPER - "All are high
quality... a barga AUDIO. MAGIC VI sound utilities Best known
for their game compilations, the Assassins are branching out
into other areas these days. Volume 6 of their Audio Magic
series brings you seven useful sound and music utilities.
Play It 2 is a simple tracker module player, Sound Effect 2.1 is a sample editor that can work with both 8 and 16-bit samples, M Play is another module player that’s controlled from a mock hi-fi system. Quadra Composer is a new tracker (reviewed in last month's PD Utilities). Sound Machine converts samples between IFF. RAW and the PC formats VOC and WAV. D Sound 1.3 plays samples from a hard drive, and FM Synth
1. 1 is a decent sample synthesiser along the lines of E-Z FM.
Which was reviewed in the March 94 issue of CU AMIGA. Yes
indeed, a handy disk and no mistake, missus.
Available from: Roberta Smith DTP, 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb. London NW11 6JE. Disk no. MUS709. Price: £1.40 including P+P. -'V* THE NO.1 HORSE RACING SOFTWARE The software which predicted Nortons Coin at 100 1 to win the Gold Cup is now available by mail order. To set your hands on a copy of our No.1 sellins Horse racing software, The Tipster™, please send cheques or postal orders payable to Sidmouth Software for the sum of only: £24.95 inc VAT, P&P The Tipster Professional (uses the Racing Post) is available on the Amiga, Atari and all PC compatibles. A Windows™ version is
available for £64.95 which includes the Dos version.
Tipster International (uses daily papers) is also available at the same price, this software is designed for users who are just beginning to use their computers to predict horse race results.
A demo is available for £9.95 (refundable against purchase).
Ou«*wrwj»AiwTiPw«i Bum NAM UA PAO rt M P s.ir CokmM VIDEO WORK HARD DRIVE UTILS GUJ1'.' CONPUTIAIYIS PORTS PACK GUK.') CONPUIIAITIS PON'S PAO i A1200 FOR COTV. ASTI. COM C0P01 £19.96 COPO 2 .. ..£19.96 CD*) 3 ______________£1996 17 011 COIL £39 96 17 BIT CONT £1995 WE STOCK FRED FISH 1 ¦ 950 GAMES . STAR TREK I (3 d$ t)| S»lt ; M A120* i • CASH RE 000N
h.i, pm Omh* n L CO BBR TWHTM :lip WK"( fzikrr . SO CANES
DISK 7 Cjrcjtn.cfi »: . Aj wrrs ouai • him wm. Om . » RETURN
TO EARTH (Hit** t« UAHITRON 512*4 IM) S «r *n ,c . 09 SUC SASH
Sx« or ip
- ESCAPE ERON JON io oowmu CHAiuia M •,* . 6MIATTUEOACE fM», i«*
* ® OMSOK CASE Din** Umk ts,
- • MECHIIGHT RPC 0(4 ;i«f
- «YSUYIR*adlW*m*-
- SCUM EATERS S'oji *n to
- STAR TREK 3(3 «.i|Kcn;a) PON PON GUNRIR 1 .caH Uo r*i» IROIT
MACNIHE ’ Euftrl K «0«0RC£l2CoW) REO 6* SEA LANCE * Stfmrw
tekilte 6Si UOROIQ CMS 142 AJR ACE II Aui: W» J S ( U 166 MERY
CMTSTAL CaiI-HS ActaM aJ» 1 “WHS Seat I..U*
• ‘ ECUS - IX GAME Pin Ml
• OWaOHOELVER i?Dfc. Mum
- :PiaUPAPU3ftE‘.2CVifii u« ' CHANSAM DEATH ¦ (Uu--.lt lUlt «*
- i CROSSFIRE •IntAMIuL.ls : i lAILOOHACr • B:«C It* VyiUNVS
- ¦ BLACKJACK GrS jim Or PETER'S QUEST A c« -ffetw IH Vbttr
• - AMCAMAH GAMIS 14 pms 1* SHAPES W- Mi Mg eOlOOUSEU GoMfliKft.
- STAR TREK It* MEXT HMAAlltM r :i»1»)i iBIUCaT Coif mdHi-Act AM
61W PAIR IT Sim 6I« GAANS C0MP1UT10* 16 n« 6141 AttAWT LSI
AIR WARRIOR ‘.jlls Uo:- 6151 E-TYPE AnmSEU.
¦'6153 OUHGECK OE HUROJ ¦ .((«, 6153 OIRU A SHIR Panm lottKL 6154 MASTER V THE TOMM 9 ::l K i.jf Omti 6I5EETH»‘m!a0..!O 6157 MTTLE CARS 33 un SIU 6151 CHALLENGER 3.u -5|U»b CIO CATACOMS S:i«k at; • .t:, Ml »x 6185 OCCUT Urn tii» xBHtm 01* PICK OUT It V jcol 618’ IMESHOOT EM UP Swct 61® STRIKE Mil fixtMt Bnl1 ! G1W PARAGON Ulf54t Smt 16i ? CRA2Y SUE Fuloni 1flr*r S'93 HENRY N PANIC Unc Mm hot 6194 COMCEHTMHOH Y3 3 Par t l,;t 6195 OESTIHAnOH MCORBASE fnir 6194 ESCAPE FROM JJY1II C.n 6193MOMUSLAM WirSEU 6I98DOMIIOS V 6col G199 RAPHAELS REIEWE 'uMSEU G3)3 MBMGHT TMEE GAME A)* G305 SMOAO OE WDRlOCI
3 4M kt 630EIIMGMT AT tl* TOP 'firti-jl U; CiOSOMOROPwEwMn 6303 TUN TIM ' Pxiwn 6310 IEYENGE MUTANT CAMELS SEU 6311 lATTlIMINTS -WUtoU |IHIm 6312 LEMMIH60CS furittn1 G2I8 KARATE WORM Pwwmtuto 6219 SHARE M THE GRASS POWm - • .
S23IMZAROS CCNAIH tapM; K 6222 PBH UHGOON 6223 ARCAOU ‘tutor* - no KW*i 6324 FOMA POM tcp m lew 6325NRIRIO «ror,« 6324RAO¦ SE U -mwM 6227 SUCRE II G223 TETRE4 - m-j G2XMMPT-ATHE AIKHIHVACCRS C232 LOTHIAH SiiiIk at; U353 OMEGA RACE Siu Gre* G234MEMTU IMAGES C«SI 2 3|inn G2E3 MR A MRS V: n, «H:m - «7 9»* 6243 TARS Gittl 94S 62W OEEEHDA tnMt 95V B-4uH icowao 6265 DRAW PRO SIMLUTOM Wtoi 624E' NUMHR fUMRER HitiWi lutflt G347 IEMMHGOIOS Bihi tt.it 626t6R0MTM G37C PROJECT 1 6371 IA2ER 20HE G372 LiMMIMDS PA3K G373 THE MATE GAME G375APDTA 6276 SHOOT OUT 6277 SUPER SI00ADULUH6E 6278 COMPUTER COMR.KT 2
G279 AMTEP t SLOT CA4S 6AK RPG 62E0 TRIC1Y1 THE TURK SAME 6283 CARO 6AM4S 2 6 5 HMO GAMES 21 6384 HIPER TEXT CHEATS G387 nCHNOMH C38J IHE IEAST Unix M at 6?*: HAOIIOT RUN Ul I dc« clou 6391OICH 0:Uw How nUei 6792 ABSOLUTE AOV 0L ORE S3»3 CHIOS STUBS MCI Iton « 1114 GAME TAMER i4 S9UIW 630 AMOS CHICOT GoM oxtri am 6313 MMHU10 *»« G304MEU 0HEEIH 6305MTU MISSION GoMMtd arm 6M6GIOSTSHF I sw- cbossm«e,crtpto me Arm gjm interlock canqsi is gkoiam attack i mouthnah :G3l1l)MUI0UW«lM«MtTM fill? BOUNCE AMD BLAST Plulcm 1G3T3 SOCCER CUDS Runted* .6314 CTKRNIintalato' G3ltSTMNUJ3or* G3N ELM UTOCR Sous
(ur: 631J OMEGA A,'i M]iB 1st 63IS TOP SECRET fKtHttt ama tWcm G319ALAOOHNAj.jw. 6330 ROBOCOP DOES TO IRAQ in 6331 RACK TO THE FUTURE ¦ 'i m 632285 CHEATS CcO*rt: S323TOMCAT - J Vtxt en to !532i SUPER OUI?
: 6325 POMER POMS 8:t j 631ENAHXWC Tin 6337 HESTER Ufc 0328 STARflEET SAM en uj 6329 EXCAIIBERS'Dil enu; 6354 PROPERTY MARKET GAM SltMefl ; 6335 ROU OM 8 LAMER ( iWnj 63* NABIITI i U ttoi S Hk* ' 6338 IM FILTH |2 fltCi Bill lit Smi 533SULTMIH HINT BT tl.O 6340 TM ACE CHEATS OISI3 IM
Den:; 6344 ESCAPE ICWMI lifts 6345 0UI2MAS1ER. 11T* ,nr Im.Wi.
6314 WBUU Sx 4W »:n 6347 ESCAPE rfoiwc' G3U RUMMY
(.xtk«U(do T« G34»SPICE RESCUE Stemm w« 5396 BOOT OfH ** sWcm
prr* 63E6 ATOMS Wtrd1 5350 VECTA STORM & l rvr. Tenwtl d:n
(ROM OTTER SPACE “Tot ** c G405 SOM OE MACCEI Inf tin pU(1:m
CiOilRAHMOWA.-onHWa* G4I0 MTSTIRT 2144 AO EuUWe MuWi *tt
64i:eBSH!*iwWf»ctoi 6412 MEDCAN MASSACRE An«. Ttl* 6413101
MEGA GAMES II .6414 BOX «,t-hir;ini G415 SLAM SAIL (u„t
Mtisonttr nr, . G414 NA1YCM2 Vl.b »w W niff G41! HUGS* Iaht,
rrati'; »'&, 6418 ROULETTE. PINTO 2 Gc« ifMI 13) G419RIT7
GAMES Attt. T,m». IW« MC &i?D SRIO MARKS Anun; Irurij g*,*
647! STAR TREKING TWA . : G472 SUPER TOMCAT tea r- ¦ G473 ICO
CHEATS in* 647g ORC ATTACK 54 7 TAJW HUUER 3478 RAID 4 642!
20MM. APPOCXIPS AHO OfEiMOER 2 Et* G432 MUY Bl*eu« Ml m i:
6433 OLYMPIAD Llemw i i? ItiHi G424 CAH FLIGHT 0 )jt Me cOWM
6425 SERIOUS IACHGMM*W Crno G42SAIRPWT 6437 OT* 13 FUSl 6419
00 RHROW DEMOS Most lilies now wort on
A500 A500. A&00 A1200 A4000 60 42 - CAVL PU MR K» OEWW 2 M -
83! !S i!SV Bn Fufiwj. Mlii S7 9? 1AAIWL HIM I 8093-EMlWl HIM
3 30 94 (MIRAL VIM 11 SS:!SS3!SSIT SS:8SSS51 80 W • HO OM
MINI 13 8C 00 - HO CW! HIM 14 ssisi sasas BO '01 ¦ SJPIR
LVIRA.H 1 rtentr IhimtHi Tron S Gem 1 Shunto fern A Afcadt
VoU4 YX’SIAI ?r““' : pt» MHChCWdf Rub* SB* aJs sfflaasii
NlJlLiimuSHi MWSi ImlFAi!
EKTRA (toniy n Pjnt Vyll tt C*n Giu«1h. F rinht Fima. Bc4a ffiwsasf ¦ Mines’0 ssss UERA.L iVSHTS* ipfjlta!
- EMNESEDI BD 125 02 MM 3 00126- KWDMNE Id BO 177 • QAMMARK 1 80
128 • EXPiRt MIKE 1 EO 129 -EXPERT MINE 2 30130 30CCHUTS 2 I 3
ofli 80131 EHERAlDCRL»4 l!R.
• BO 133 AMUR ICE MM 2 80134 ¦ RECCLEO MWES III 80 135- EMLRltD
139 JuffORl BD 1*3 OIAHCWO HIM I SSSE' BD ’4.1 9J5MNE 1 90 '45
¦ NusinW 3 Kl 148- »EHOM 1 '•V All Hortty’ ...
MW FHLAl 1.30 BO 153 • WWEHCMlDMMES 13 C : I „ir FTOASH 1
• tu.r. • ’ . 0328 THE CAIHIRN6 83 Suntfl nil 0328 CYCLIC ART
0330 HURTS EXPOSE |248B|
0) 31 POHOON CERCIM LOMTWIY (tt13j 033? MTTLE OP WTMI Aim 0333
OIIP S»»C( ant) 44*9 Rnt 0347 UNOH RM A SIM !t« l»)l Cmft
0) 49 ElEHIBM OLIIOIIS MJSC *7 :«*» 13 *1 0350 IRS I Oto a cr
PRICIS 1 Disk Program - C3.S0 2 Disk Program. U50
prices: I R uI»Iu!kI Ii ii i. 1-2Disks = £2.00each,3-15Disks =
£1 0each 36 Bo(lelW)dddn Ave, 16-24 Disks = £1.25 each, 25+
Disks = £1,00 each Old Colwyn, Ovtrw-I* onleri »clconic
payable in ilerlinj plea*.
I Clwyd LL29 9NP omatUIAMo.nMiM «im Make chajues poslal orders payable lo ’DELTKAX PD' POSTAGE & PACKING: LK = 60ppcr order.
Europe = +20p per disk; R.O.W. = +40p per disk I .Vole: Prices are per disk and nor per set COURSE FORM horse ratings II you like a flutter on Ihe horses, Bui lind working oul Ihe lorm a Bil ledious, this could be jusl whal you need. Course Form ads on the information published in the racing section ol most national newspapers You enter the figures into the program, and it comes back with a rating that tells you how likely the horse is to win. It's as simple as that Available trom: Roberta Smith DTP, 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE. Disk no. MUS709. Price: £1 40
Including P.P. Course For PRESS FI hinb 1 led HmOmH £ ftUitin jm V 1 Iwewat.ilM Sai5Tue 7 15151151121 a Her k bench l 1 ii 311 § tv**** fiftftinriH % 313 & J& s raitsSFtu.
I i 4 icm taid*. Iron IrnMn Smrlcm i J AJ v LA tions Inst Horkbench MINT ME A STORY story maker Fancy making your own illustrated children's stones? Paint Me a Story is designed exactly lor lhat. There are two parts to the program The first is the drawing sedion which has a lew very basic and quite awkward drawing tools (freehand, line, fill etc.) lor you to create the illustrations. The other part is where you enter the text lor the story. The text and pidures are then combined. And on you go onto the next page With a some patience, you should be able to put together some reasonable pidure
books, but Be prepared lor a bit ol a struggle, as it's not the most helpful program in the world Available trom: Essex Computer Systems. 118 Middle Crockertord, Basildon, Essex. SS16 4JA. Tel: 0268 553963.
Price: £5,00 including P.P. CYNOSTIC UTILITIES 22 utility collection They're breeding like rabbits1 It must Be the time ol year ol something, I don’t know, but you just can’t move lor utility compilations in the PD cupboard this month. Number 22 in the Cynostic series includes some multi-colour AGA icons lor your own use, Halt 'n' Hall (turns 1 MB ol your At 200 s Chip RAM to Fast RAM). Mem Clear 1.7 (tidies up your unused RAM), a dock, Fast Dir to speed up diredory listings. TMC and Copy Mem (speeds up RAM access), and Run Sh'Ha replacement lor the CU command RUN. Which disables AGA lor
backwards compatibility) You've seen the menu, is Sir ready to order yet?
Available Irom: Cynostic PD, Ottlce 01, New Enterprise Centre, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry, CV6 7NB.
Tel: 0203 681687. Disk no. U0593. Price: £2.00 Including P.P. »).-r tft Cdour l*ir Rabb d another off was fron his was Billy's 5 going to have P i r* bxm ty.
CYNOSTIC UTILITIES 25 utility compilation The most uselul program on this disk is Multi Tool 2.0. This is a file-handling utility along the lines ol SID and Directory Opus. Moving files around using the Shell or CLI can be a teal pain, but Multi Tool makes these operations much simpler. Two directory windows (one source and one destination) are used in conjunction with a lew buttons, and everything is controlled by the mouse, so you don't have to remember and type in long contusing path names and so on.
Also on the disk are a couple ol other programs 2Phnt is a utility lor the HP Laserjet printer. According to the documents, "Its only goal in life is to print either 166 characters by 66 lines per page, or 80 characters by 66 lines per page". The other program is Fast Disk 1.5, a disk optimiser that speeds up directory listings and loading ol tiles.
Available Irom: Cynostic PD, Ottice 01, New Enterprise Centre, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road. Coventry, CV6 7NB.
Tel: 0203 681687. Disk no. U0278. Price: £2.00 Including P.P. SOFTWARE E To order Public Domain software, simply send your name, address (PRINTED CLEARLY) and your order details. Eg. Disks code numbers and title names. Ej Remember that prices arc per disk and not per tide. Take particular notice with multiple disk titles. Ffp*UK Postage and packing at 7Sp covers any order size. Ifj 'Make sure you send the correct sum of money, otherwise your order cannot be processed. El?*For detailed programme descriptions of these and thousands of more PD titles, check out our catalogue disks.
ORDER IMG PD DXSkd PRICE PER PD DISK £1.00 (1 DISK FREE FOR EVERY 10 PURCHASED) CATALOGUE DISK VOL.1 ... £0.50 CATALOGUE DISK VOL.2 ... £0.50 POSTAGE & PACKING £0.75 Overseas orders. Use the above prices, then add 20% of that total, to cover the extra postage costs Thank you.
PASCAL - Patcal comptkf ? VIDEO WARE VOL.I WVOlii* animation*
fa video I to Dpainl cumpuibte formal.
Fn» 3 DISKS) GRAPEVINE ISSUE »IS Superb ifcvk ¦paor. Many regard as Ihe best.
P? HC EMULATOR - Hmulaie the BBC micro on your met Sample prograirane* Included. -NOT A1200-
* » IASY SPELL II Spelling game. -NOT A500- n* PROCAD Vl.0 -
Pmerful sc he mj ik designer Save and hi ‘BKiuns disabled (or
rhis sharc-arc version. -NOT ASCII- |P-C378 2 DISKS) AM
EMULATOR V3.0 Commodore M ¦* MOOSE DRIVER ¦ One tnrt demo of
ihB tallum Super | tai oyle racer. Tull vemon only available
frcm aodior.-NOT f PHOTOGRAPHV - THE DARK ROOM I Leam about |
* ftoographt are ifcvekiprd in the dark Roan.
* * IMP’S AGA PICS 5 - Fantasy pictures Dungeons and tarn style
High quality -A 1200 ONLY- ? «H)KF - The classic arcade game.
* • M ATH WALK Garry animalion by Paul llemfcrsto.
¦M tf easily offrmfcd.-RFQlTRES 15 MEGABYTES- »¦ st H IDE MAN 2 - Sucide man dcodes to fall oft a rock) B m-n«ion) Avoed is cald) oflcnded -REQUIRES 15 MEG- ¦* THE HISTORY Of AMY - The carter boicey of Amy Die pH-ay back in the 1939’* to the the present iby.
P* LANDSCAPE Vl.0 Ganfcn landscape CAD package Bw 3D renters (rom 2D designs B t D SOLVE CROSSWORD - Cross-wd puzzle game R2 SOLAR LORDS 2 to 4 player iptce strategy game. Each fcrr Bust adept lo rule the umveoe Gamro idea influenced by facial Kurd an) computer strategy war gamcs.NOT A50O- B* CRASH TEST - Superb AGA demo by vrarran eaten.
|PB Bumen. -A12000NLY- SEQI.EMTAI. - Wow a vcctcv Rollcrcosicr. -A 1200 tol*9 (2 DISKS) BIG TIME SENSUALITY - Besides other Wnt routines. FULL MOTION VIDEO. -A 1200 ONLY- fc MAP STATION VI.02 G*nc level map designer,(editor I Anemhly programmers.
P PROFESSIONAL BINGO Computerised Bingo ffnme. Even prints Bingo cants.
B AMIGA FRENCH WORD TESTER VI.I - Title speaks nv m -NOT A500- B-1 SPECTRUM EMULATOR 1.7 - lam .croon of thn toum 48*. Emulator. Software b loaled via vound sampler.
B* VIEWTEK 2.1 Superb pictwe and animation viewer, ¦n AGA graphics. -NOT A500- ¦SI09 |2 DISKS) FIT CHIX - Gcegeows models in swim- B -AI2000NI.Y- lLSII.3 (2 DISKS) FIT CHIX 2 More tubes -AI2IXI ONLY- P* BODY SHOP III - Scantly dad super models. -A 1200 By- BSI16 d DISKS) BODY SHOP IV - More of the same, too ONLY- ¦LSI 18 f2 DISKS) BODY SHOP V - You guessed iL-AI200 mcrtgap.
BBAI7I (2 DISKS) DANGFROUS SPORTS CI.UB A sky M Pxnk go« tetribl) wrong. -REQUIRES 2 MEGABYTES* K TRANSYLEAILURE Count Dracula hasn’t quite got the iBcf il yet Funny aninuliiio. -REQUIRES 2 MEGABYTES- P" - AI ’I (2 DISKS) CD.I2 REVIEW - The CD 12 meets Sui ¦ ¦ the 2Jdt century Very clever. -REQUIRES 2 fcABYTES- B»QED • A talented effort fn*n the coding group. TALENT. A My AGA demo. - AI200ONI.Y- WD ANATOMY CLIP ART I Large IFF bitmap clip an tor of skeletons etc. B» PILDUFE CUP ART I Mined wildlife Hi-Res IFF dip 4tn*ng paiKage 1EF part preggr igp’eraBjr Wll.DI IFE CUP ART 2 - Seccmd disk In
the see WILDLIFE CUP ART - Third and Iasi of ihis rcpp s -rn taro Wtn ip-yiKal a*"»» 10 O’ mod trom me tuo rac»s Sim «:¦. MOK-r.
U*ei«t ob«t cat row t» used US* MR8ACKUP Kud Crv* tKCTuo SCTT-a’c U32’ OrSKSALV 2 CcrtuWdaa -wover, Urtataw i«*% vaxtawe raa» nad. Cart.pt Has and rc i»s mom. Etc .NOT A500- U328 MAVgWCK COPtCR Anore TO-e«Nt 9*~»* COO-K Wat O.ar vo.r ’..norao ga-st suppmod.
U32 CPU HARO 0RiV« STACKER tardtMAtpaMspftaSOSuaog wooa comp-osoon IBM-or -*•«:" cct-eosm tos non i m«s* .NOTA«0-
1) 3)0 MIS It Comseaw a-nra ne-i eic a anga !M. W tal* is a» Bool
cocks and at Lvov ¦rasa mm NCOS C'SKS and MO 0-»v NOT a«oo.
IU3*S RfCrtG V3.I1 • Ov ooimsa- rparranges |up - AK : P• A12CC to Kossiir 1 3 Very re«*io ajmoaiotry
• ato -K " used lo run man, ASCO 0 iV Idm Cv«" vxevs «rr mat,
co-met«u» games. Etseorm Uij- A RIXX MANUAL t Monsrrt) ma-ual
cc mo A He** crogra mrg la-guaoo Wiryeij-e*e so-pB .!.• RAC£
RATER Horse racnj ooaca J?i-1 POOLS TOCX5 looCuti coots
¦JXa »OOTY 'xrtui lew* P»ewr« vartaa ot swwtcs. P*.s nwet ueaotpts VlOtKDerct jcosmetc t*e ut CtiB0M « 1S
U293 PARBENCh A-.J.S eMOfkng »«»are “ip«A cem~we aic is - ¦
xrtbol -o ¦n-.w.wa Am i ie o~ cop )computrrt.
Rfcoralo- (Of at iffl-aie tta. Madams, tan U173 174 NORTH c Comoeie C tvofliammrig
• nvbonmai't U3M POWER LOGO 1.3 logo omp-anmrg ngftets (6 207 |2
Dtfll SANITY ARTE SwaroW» AGA mplCOO da-Ot MtM.Anei 1 *8 STATE OF THE ART One most yWucal r-pnws«w musn de- e ever Dt*Ci ‘At |2 CiSKSI R8i TIME ZONE Awosoma C2S6-297 a DIDKS!.
Dl74 ’ .’112 CXSKSi NINE FINGERS SawP area •».» demo f rom r* creeivt ft State Oftn* Art i-cradCM Ui'1 EXTENSION One ot rose demos you I
• an » waien m« am over apart Dt 11 FRACTAL FRENZY Marv3n0-0t
Oore Fas!
093 SE8PCXR - Pfftty oavtr demo 077 MELTED EXPERIENCE Racommenlad W a I tonous donvs cooci** D6SEE 12 OSKS: SiLENTS BLUE HOUSE StTge wmoraiee o( a Thrust dft and Mads ft tracKs. Vp»d WT A1203 idsmcepds. Peg purr* laaganv-on. Up a-d i WMERIX bcdenl Omrd on~o HP* * "Wd ot Tews Oonino«. And ¦3-274 a DISKS. STAPBASE 13 S« rafti*: adventure. LllM a-*3 CTO r wc by HAT 9*rm tta ktata, W8O0 G:« CHESS GAMES 2 vec, -ol (jren c-wa gamei GUJ Chew -NOT A&00-.
TO |W a« Am ’U *Cude*i0tOOCh* So* 10 play uuxmful C’ru GiEC BLACK OAWN 30per»ec3mc game wdi on A*-' Broad wenaro Cist BOUNCE A BLAST Very cuotra gamo Bnlurt caixr scrim .
GZOO RGHTING WARRIORS ¦ or 2 A era cemofli game I *-g* -at avmaiggi ¦in ¦Lmooos -cvos rcbdrg a cjg| CTO TOP OF THE IE AOUE 3000X1 G210-2M (2 OSKS; II FRUSTRATION Loads o1000r G22» OBLIVION f .ill G22K MORI A VS.4 Ml a town lo eiD&e iWl OZ-l GtCf n TfTIBS ¦ |il."U ¦ 023' BA Kt creator Usas poypyts Bis on to* memory Amiga's HFH GALLERY Tp» on ho.
Lai logca PvctutB worpng ad morph rg It 18 coioir pchres SifWo. Eaty *rd funcbcrai j*CAO SctM-aoc OosM-iev com-.ruatcfs: mcxoov xtK'y ™_w 'u ten* Gr ? IN ATOMY CUP ART 2 I Lint, and skulls.
¦BG3I3 (2 DISKS) MR MEN OLYMPICS - Superb I to8 to dnathlnn game. Very professicmally written.
|B UNPLEASANT WAYS TO DIE SLIDESHOW Amusing i to 8*°* in'" various fatal everyday snuanons. Wnnh a laugh | tol 2 DISKS) TOME OF MYTHS - All *l».n OnvL BtSES I.S MEGABYTES- M*F MYSTERIES OF RUNES Reference euta u. IK Dengs B nnmrm ruw slooc symbols. -NOT A1200- B A DAY AT THE RACES - Hoc racing mugemnu gate. Run '
* mra uNe. BuyAdl tror®.. train llem up -ft race them etc j B
ANXU r MOTIVE - Home -ft Ra.e music tracks.
BONSLALGIK VI* - Gcod leaking tough *lunt«m-ig -NOT V-29 TOCATA 8 FUGUE IN D MINOR
I. Nom* ruta FLEUCH V2 : W wgi era your Amga. L .fWbuser WW.'
YioTAW.' ’ COBR A DESIGN SLIDESHOW ev by M.Ntim'ield '42 3
DISKS | GRAPEVINE ISSt Dtsfc magar no (or at Trokkie (ar».
Loads ft nows, reviews and mtervieiw. Pus muse and graphics. Mega.
All 8ve desks tor oftv C6.991re. ISSUE 6 U33* *i (» DtSKSi MXCD II TO 9 Seres ft -vscela-ecus U29S GRINDER Hco.ro Ho V S XKKtt GIF JPEG MAM-E.
PHONE ENQUIRES (MON-FRI 9.00 AM TO 6.00 PM): 0272 741462 ‘ SEASOFT The Logical Choice - OctiMED Pro VS. 01b - £30.00 TECHN0S0UND SAMPLERS TURBO - £22.50 TURBO 2 - £29.95 MEW low PRICES AMFC Pro Converts files between most trackers and OctaMED S Muse-X format £10.00 CLR CAMES TRUCKM-ON 2 (£4 SO) DRAGON TILES (£3.50) EM*lkM Uursfta | w«l tmw MOTOR DUEL (£3 50) PIC IT (£4 50) CiKhMnM Iris si aim PARADOX (£3.50) SONIC SMARTIEHEAD (£3.50) Mein Sor» Ktl. Hull""" QUINGO (£3.50)
• Sib j»r matnim untulab* CRYSTAL MAZE (C3.S0) IMBRUIM (£3.50) "*
JUNGLE BUNGLE (£3 50) WWTE RABBITS (£3 50) OGI (The Cewemen)
(£3 50) FiRAanjc&o) CRYSTAL SKULL (£3 50) TENPIN
(£3.50) ALPHA GRAPH (£3.50) ( omfcrhrmiw gurMiig n ipm POWER
ACCOUNTS (£3 50) CALC*VI.3 (£3.50)* FW * ul rw»Jvrl SUPER
SOUND V4.7 (C3.50) K-*w*rtul umpW nhim X-STITCH LITE (£3 50)
* LADDERS (£3.50) BASICALLY AMIGA (£5.50) U-TS LEARN (£3.50}''
pLAvrfCSSEto5? Ub ¦bwwjMS cfi “fSSiER(f3jo) MIND YOUR LANGUAGE
C. A.tV!(£4.50) fun With ci Sy tu.sop PREHISTORIC Fuft’ PACK
(£3.50) PEG a" PICTURjf (£3.50) ’ UNMRSlTAN0i Al g.50) MY
PORTRAITURE (£350) ' CU&V2 c35($ r r~nr' hJ "' rockeVmaths
(O5or OtliMEO Cimfmiin - £15.99 I£1.00 ptfl AM IVI SI ON
IRRELEVAHCE Issue 6 ol Ihe official MED User Group (MUG) disk
magazine Is now available • £2.50 Issue 5 still available -
T. 1.1993 (ihe best of issues 1 to 4) - £4 50 MEW -tick V mix
modules - NEW Dozens of OctaMED modules produced by MED User
Group members • call or write for full details Other goooes
from MUG (see PD pnces betow) SAMPLES - Dnm Ki (2). Bass Sards
(1). Brass S Woodwnd (1) NO SAMPLER? (2) No need for a sampler
with mis collection of nppers etc FRIENDS OF PAULA 5 (1)
Latest in a series of brilliant OctaMED 4 5 modules (FOP 1 to
4 also available) _MIOI TUTORIAL (1)_ AM FM £2.50 POWER BASE
language tutorial Disk 1 (PD) - £2.00 Disks 2 to 4-£12.50 OISK
MUSIC-X and AMIGArPC MIDI files Cai for lul details AMIGA
Of disks shown In brackets) 1 dsk. £200,2 • 4 disks • £1.50,5
• 9 daks • £125,10 • 24 dsks • £1.00,25* disks ¦ £0.90
A1200 ONLY AMIGA BEGINNER (I) Al200 INTROS (1) A must fur all
hecmncis CLASSIC BOOKS • Fnglivh literature avk foe complete 1
“lingeg Shakespeare 112) CODE MUNGUS V5.1 (1) Highway code
iu « d Paint TUTORIAL (1)
F. tcellent D Paint tutorial JUNIOR MATHS (1) TcKh vourc chskiren
lo arid eV LEARN AND PLAY (2) UTILITIES A-BASE(I) Excellent
diilahutc pmgram AGENE V4.18 (1 j Demo »• cummrrvial package
AMIGA FOX VI (1) Desktop |*iMislunr tiiogiam ASTRO 22 V3 5 (11
ACC 1-4(1, Bcu oi Issues A C.C I-4
C. MANUAL V3 (12) Luancticasisc C Manual CHECKBOOK (1)
COMMUNICATE VI-2*1) tanssirr EASY CALC* (DOS2)(1) I t.oll.-m
voir.lilshccl ENGINEERS TOOL KIT (1) FrIeCO Y' fLS (1)
fred’fish CAT11,0 Likh.ll Fred Fikh .Ink FORMS UNLIMITED 1)4
600 BUS LETTERS (1) GOLF RECOfjSftM 1) Ooll database ICON PLUS
(3) Vmw k«t Md awful unis MSCMPTV1.1 (1) KICK 1.3(1) Run ifw
AVI' programs KICKSTART 2 (1) Fmulure. KicksUrOo LOCK PICK
2(1) Install manyjramrs on III) MCADVI.H(I) MAGNUM Vlo'lf|*
MENU M ASTERS (1) MESSY NCOMM V3 (1) Powerful comms package
NORTH C (2) C-compilcr NUMPAD (1) Atldi numeric keypad 10 A«X
PC TASK V2 (1) Demo of PC emulator PROCADELEC. V13(1) Demo
ClrcuIlTCB deurn SID 2(1) uannltBtnf ikrciM, anla SPECTRUM
EMULATOR VI.7(1) Lalest Spectrum i«ola« SUPERVIEWER (1)
Slidr'ln* :aitrnxlku kit TEXT ENGINE V4.1 (1) Text cditon'word
processor TEXT PLUS 3(1) kxcellent text editor V-MORPH V2.3
(1) Vmljsn6HECKER (1) Latest VC V6.33 • a must ASI GAMES
AS1151 - Krillian Incident.
Call cine Free Diet. Zyard ASI 152- KU. . Dki.uk 2.
Bit Willv and ihe Troll Asl 153 - but 13. Beetle ASI 154 - W adman. B.*»s Gar Jen. Kahonm ASI 1SS • MeeaNrxk. Digger Cra vClad ASI 156 - World Dart., Qudrr. Kmc Champ ASI 157 • Fatal Mivseuo.
Strikes and Spare* ASI 1 SB - Scrabble. TonJo.
Uchc« 111 ASI 15B-Driving Mamaev Smidge. Colour Change ASI 160 - Bingo. Elect re* 18TH HOI « gieal demo intix AfdDYS WB3 UTILITIES (1) PP Show .lOu. WBVerlaufci ASSASSINS FIX 01SK(1) BtofieCHAlSSSo) mn C YNOSTK SLIDESHOW (1) Brilliant AGA UndcUm HOI AGA DEMO 2 (1) TV vm fust AGA Demo HOI DEMO 2(1) KLONDIKE fj) K' RhCX)E S SUOESHOW Fantasy slidnhm MANGA SLIOESHOW (4) Famous Japanese artvscei MAGIC WORKBENCH (1) Create da ling backdrops MAGIC FACTORY (2)
F. xccllent Star Trek slideshovsv MEGABALL 3 AGA (1) Excellent
serMun MIRAGE SUBLIMINAL XTC (2) Excellent add demo MOTOROLA
INVADERS (2) An AQA space invaders runic WGMTBREED VOL 1 (2)
VOL 2 (2) VOL 3 (2) Excellent AGA pKlures POMfT OF SALE (1)
Munninr AGA demo SLEEPLESS IBGHTS 3(1) Cvefal smbties ktm
Master exc SPACEBALLS 9 FMGERS (2) Absolutely labxikfus Mega
SUPER HAM PICS (6 I suclWni Hum pres TETRISdAGA UtlLmES (1)
Classic game and utilitK' UCHESS(I) I Itmiatc chess reogram (4
me*I V1EWTEK V1.06 (1) AGA picture animation viewer WB.3
BACKGROUNDS (1) ( •ilf.ii. il i.i. k i:t ii*' !¦* s tvi. 'i
WB3 HACKS (f) Selection of fun hacks K (2) Game u muti for all
tickkies AMOS CRICKET (1) Simple hoi lun cnckei game CARD
SHARP (1) OITNbClM bIaCC (1) DONKEY KONO fl * Oauec uudr game
EXIT 13 (1) GA "t£mER wL5B (1) lacti ltot and cheats GUSH (1)
I HOCTAN (iT Overhcatl driving game HOLY GRAIL (1) Classic
lext adventure game PRO BINGO (1) Excellent • Full house’
RETURN TO EARTH (1) Soao'TofiltTp) 2 meg overhead racing game
ROBOULDIX (1) llosilikidush game SCRABBLE (1) sitib MARKS [lT
STMMWum (ir«ht abrrnir t SUPER PACUAN suJrOWow r
mwBPiaS'o)*1'" Classic game TOTAL WAR (1) E15.00 , 3(1) Save
tovUod trom the wiach TC ASTRONOMY (1) Disk based ensvvlondu
TC DINOSAURS VOL 1 (1) F'irM of the boll TC F.nk vvkipcdias
THE LITTLE TRAVELLER (1) Learn all about other countricv WORLD
WAR 11(1) Into about the Second Wdnl War 0EM0S 242 FAIRUGHT
(1) Stunning demo ALCATRAZ - ODDESSY (5) (Not A1200) Ama mg
demo BAIT MASKING (11 Eiic Sdiwaru demo DESERT DREAMS (2) Meca
demo trum Kefrro.
GET FROGGEO (1) JESUS ON E sill Aod demo (2 dnvcvi PINK FLOYD (8) (2 drlvM) Clasuc Meta demo The Wall RAGE ALCHEMY (2) Excellent demo REVELATIONS (1) Quality Uidevhovs UNSPORTING ( AMINET - £19.05
ci) AMO £12.50 AMIGA AMIGA riNGM) I AltVTank at ._. menus SID
2(1) tie convenor ACCESSORIES (£1.00 pftp) PYTHON JOYSTICK -
A500 DUST COVER - £2 99 A800 DUST COVER - £2 99 A1200 OUST
COVER -£3 99 PRINTER STAND - £4 99 PRINTER LEAD (1.8m) -
£3.99 PRINTER LEAD (5m) - £6 99 4 PLAYER ADAPTOR - £5 99 LONG
LEAD - £10 00 Note - Titles marked will not work on A5
Unless othervYise stated all advertised titles work on A500 (
RISKS A BOXES (£1.00 p&p) DISK BOXES lOcap • £1 25 40 cap •
£4 50 100 cap • CS 99
3. 5* DISKS WITH LABELS 10O*W •rroc Iru* DSDO (AMIGA Me.)
10-CS.00 * 50 - £22 50 100 • £42.50 OISK LABELS 100 - Cl 50 500 ¦ £6 00 1000 -CIO 00 1000 T FEED £12.50 , A600 & A1200 machines Please add 50p PSP !o P.D. Licence ware only (Cl 50 Europe. C3.00 reel of World) or Cl .00 If your order includes Oder items (Europe i rest of World al cost).. Send Uiequesrpostsl orders lo: SEASOFT COMPUTING (Dept CU), The Business Centre, First Floor, 80 Woodlands Avenue.
Rustington, West Sussex BN16 3EY J (0903)850378
10. 00am lo 7.00pm Mon-Frl (lo 5pm S«l) Callers by appointment [
great panic KBS THE CANVAS .V Oood liming (Mint AMERICAN
FOOTBALL COACII .Y Managemcnl um I Al. ISM AN »Y 2l ¦anflm
RPG (kune AI4. NEW STAR TREK -Y C By Richter. Hcu Trek I
CHESS (4 Meg) MADFHiHTLRS 2 Y Brut cm up
• HU’ ATTACK .Y Bum cfl ihe urn to ta«« the cm!
SKIDMARKS *Y 2 Ovedteud vie* racing game DARTS.Y Store a Mm ( SUITCASE .Y (2 TcX Gntphio adventure game BILLY THE DRAGON -Y OSW ALD .Y ' Simp ihe polar bear lo safety JIGGERBICiS .Y(2| I urllrnl puzzle-ilh . Imd!
II IICH.E GOI.K »Y (2) Germ golf game MARRAM IJ.YI2) Bed PO game ever • gel il!
. - A30IVA6CIII compatible Y - 1200 compatible. ( ) - number of disks ChequevTO* payaNe to WMC POSTACiK 5 Tai Arthur UK Mp per order Permsa.-an Europe ? LOpMivk Gwynedd U SS STS World ? 20p di*k Td Fa*B2M«7IBI5 PRICES 1-9 divk*£ 1.20 each 10-19 disk* £ 1.00 each 20- divks £0.90 each 600 BUSINESS LETTERS .Y Letter* lor every occoiian DEGRADERS.Y A *e let inn of degrade" lo aolvc TEXT ENGINE V4.0 P.Y Excellent arced pmeMor Epl HARD DRIVE STAC KER Make more mom on ,uu HD engineers ktt -y Cheek M yew «y V MORPII .Y FREECOPY I.9B.Y Make hack up topic* oC loo of commercial gamcv HAMI.AB PRO .Y
P.Y MADONNA SEX I *Y MADONNA SEX 2 *Y MADONNA SEX 3 *Y PENDI.F. El ROPA -Y PENT1RE GLAMOUR *Y (2| ROSEBUD *Y WOMEN OF THE ORIENT *Y MAYFAIR HEALTHS 2 .Y MAYFAIR BEAUTIES 3 *Y UTOPIA 3 .Y HUSTLER GIRLS ? Y 2 IF ORDER!SO FROM THIS SECTION PLEASE SICS TO SAT Tot' ARE OVER It TEARS ELECTRONICS PACK Trumcad • create circuit diagram* Bread Board build and lent logic circuit*. Also Logic, Analy«er.4 Channel Oiacillincopc IMAGINE OBJECTS X TEXTURES 7 DISKS £5.95 Crammed hill of a large .election of objects and K ray tracer. Archived for e»tra value.
COMPl GRAPHIC FONTS 36 walaMr comfMgragihK fom* Muo V2*. Ho Page V3*. A 3 DISKS C2J9 i -ah WB 2.0 or 3XL PapnMn EDUCATION PACK 5 DISKS £4.45 Packed -uh fun ay* to loam for 3-12 year ohk.
CRAIG COLLINS ANIMATIONS 10 DISKS £8.45 From the matter of animation, ihe highly acclaimed LAST STAND ON IIOTH. THE AD. REVENGE, SUNSET JETS & DOLPHIN DREAMS (Require* 3 meg) BLANK DISKS Dyson Precimm Branded 3S' DS DD dills with label* 10-£4.79 25 • £11.25 50 £21.00 100-£40 00 (me. PAP) Abo available • Joydkk*. Mnwnun. Dt*k Boxes e*c_.
See Catalogue for dctad*.
l. s| lacal Took* 1-150The bed uUloira coBrttaon CATALOGUE DCSK
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juas I-IB MBKB £1-25 5S-5‘B83=8S WORN) _ Dept CVS 14 OUSTON
OII4 Dr.Mam - Y Oll'SoxerCdd • Ol 19 Rattle(ian 2 - (il’ODruwth
• Y OI29T«*ea • Y 0187 Tidal War • Y () 118 No Man* land 0192
Near Cad Gun 119* Hu* VW6,ir • 0204 Temn - 0230 Brut .
0225 H 023691 0345 K
02) 7 C 0258
026. 3 0274 029* 3368 Crarv Plpr* 2 • 0369 Emit Hue- • Y 0370
Vofl. Ball • Y 0371 Frail Muhuu 4 0372 Rubik PU zle ’ 0373
Aztec (fiilletgp 0374 Pranuor Pwa • it y 0375 Moiwo • Y
• Y 0376 Daant Drfarahir 0377 Sfuce Rratuc • . IBin K» Iiimk
Auuunlt. Addcawr. Typinc Tutor. B Spell Checker, l ileofn.
Aupoduper 3.0. Wurkl Daw IK MMXS PACK2 5 DKK.S IS.99 I
nlinilad. Mruy Sid II. TeUplaa .3.0 elf. Hyped al. 600 Ruai
ICDHUheflkugncr • I UM 1 and Builder • Y 1011 (Ml IIUlild.il •
Y I (II'Did • 1016 Rad Devil* Hi • 10|U Sufaa Kilhn • I O.NI
PnntoT Itililim • Y me • Y Saw* Run. Super Spell. HvpeK id. It
I net • Y Hadbaaa, PC Tad. 203. Label PriaL
H. lc .2) • Y ADOBE TYPE I POTTS ? DISKS IS-W KC. ' A f|Ul (2) •
Y Acfcjiplm - y
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BCA B OARIi KATS * DISKS liW PtOahnam ball 2 - Y C UaaJaaPm?
' V C BCATmwli: BCA Abhtbrl i7i • Y CI024 25 AI2t DI026 ASI
Video liUra*_______ UI027 Rckdlck 1 4AI200 RCA Ru.Id.au. 11029
ASI F..da* : • B«'A IW*i ' ( 40.30 (fannd o Mer • |H A Cd* l2)
• H031 Me«a mmmr. BCA Do.. V BCA B BCA h BCA R 0316 Goar.
Goito 0317 KtdwM • Y (13X) Turbo Thnid 0322 23 Oterapud • (2)
0411 3D Oamra 2 • Y 0377 Oaae. Cailom 13 • 0447 Syatam drlrale.
0328 Mind (iaow, - Y 04W0ana. Gakn 14 0450 Outiei gahav 15 07* Drlignar Isrdi : (074 Mdlabyo. • ( 079 loon I diha 4.0 • 'I Mep 11032 ASI a UI033 ASI W B Tooii
f. V XKUIK] ompiM.m » V '• *. Row. T . Y DrVINT HtVTS PACK 5
turn lor It hut eurpoial qiubtt 3paka available, auk
packualtal 5d.H. R £' 9f . ____f?-Y 0365 Ol 10 Hun Mo hia 2 -Y
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IT76BBaaelS I ____ UIBOIQTedar • 14.73 M*ti ll|83Tbe Money
Progmm-11676 A.mmI Mhh • I IKS) Sale Com • Y U221 lYo Dean Mdn
U677 Skk** anubu A«0 UK'I .Vomm.'O* U223 Font Lrcr U6IHD Ivid
lliUiul • l«5.» AmK . WB3 uUlilie. B,-A Offl* . Y ir?3K
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L2S3Maai Muter 30-Y H6KI HdeKn • 1908 Wi« ndiog uli Y BCA 1254 Cheque H*nk • Y U6S2 Oauba Camnuav • I ‘768 Fool farm 3 -Y 1255 Blue Roar FoiUa I • IMS AJU uiwi fi» did • 1976Copdr. Uniirailrd 17S6 Vidro Suw. Y I . .ndfi. 04 * I W (Ww.
L2t064WB: («,Gl ,'i IWM Backup I 14b-Y I 910 Dadlopvdm - 1271 Degmfcr I ' • Y (Ml KJI AtIA 0 • l*NIWkn«u 't U77? 7K vk AMOemtdm 16*31 Alt a«wi 1100* H«hu* ad • 1775 Ando And* Sodo • I M fM Iaoi Uaa 2 I*l2i l:|0D(X«.M dlud*-Y 1713 Au mu* 4 -«¦*» 2 11015 Wpr W*B -Y ItllAdmmni* I • Y 11016 Riub -V Dr •tak l7?7M l«mlbr* 11017 An6 d * Y l3UPC .Aum V C730Dak dhwgr 2 • I I0IS Adro 22 .35 1334 Sbp Stmam I'M aim- L737CWI bu - Y 1102? DhWbed 1338Blue Roar toad ?•» I 7 » Ptaadarvnr ¦ Y !340S wad Truckar ?6ay 1749fWal ti*»r» ‘ 1341 Icon* ? - Y 1753 Dyaamar Kau ? -Y 1371 Lvaguama I.' • 1754 ITMOfd Pm
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1443 The eiaeidial copwn 1771 Nuniptd AMD« Y C1040ASIA IASI A (iW2flr« 03*4 Aitillcm. • Y 0.38.5417 SW Id ()3884P»N., .h.w,:,- PACK I (1*B SeiuMar • Y PACK2- 0*91 The -Iituaa prat Y PACK' (•392 law • Y PA(X«.
OWNardn. 3 0*94 Bob a Plop Y OW Spra*.- P' • f-*. (,»d .KW-d*» 5(.A* PAIK I 0*00 Kkr-z • Y PACK 2- 11 - 0401 M.TOVWk I ?• Y PACK * 040* Dtdz-nrp Y PACK 4----5 DISKS £5.99 *6: 0405 Rmd to Ha* • Y BTTMAPTEIt ( UP ART 5 DfrKS £S-W 12 - 0407 Show Oaanr • V ( oarndfcto .* w woow tbd cm napar 0408 ld.1 7 • Y PACk I 5hOKS £S.W 14.wd % G4097I0 Mi Vfc- (¦ vmp... PA( K ? ' DISKS £5 * Miard SuWti .... I 'DISKS £5.99 MmdSu act* 0346 Shulfi Run • Y 0347 Tud Muraer - Y 047V74 SW 0348 350 NeUack - (3) 040 Popevr 03'! AnaroWb 2 - Y 0482 Spam a G*53 Top Sam - 0484 Rat 0354 T*U*. AOA • O092 P3 VC
.o-adn AUA ph.. 0355 BoaD i*k - Y 0503 ImIW .ar* • Y »KACTAL OI HL T( tic. PACK 5 DKKS £».W ft3'6Hgm-tWamn -,O50*h4 hmi AOA Bate w*J ,r*.r«r n dl uow “ QSSICrmy Sn. 2 • V 0505 Oyvu* taw. Y Mwddwaaws. RX. TOL Gt 0358 SoUwe GoK • Y 0*06 Fmd Mo.hu. 5 • V VMV( IN (An PACK « DBKS L'.W 0507 Bouldndad 2 Y PACK PACK 4---------5 DISKS L'W M.*rd: moil (Jl Al JTY IFF CLIPART 5 DISKS £5.W 3 C Mat dp. .nape. -*lh aparh aalhy pr.douU PACK I MUSKS L' W r.wd Suba.1* PACK 2 5 DISKS £5.W M.wdSuhwct* PACK 3.----5 DISKS L'W Mi ad Suhw.1. PA X4 5 DISKS L'.W M.adSuh*.*. MN MISAMPLD 5 HSKS L'.W
M. mW-h ol ampla* for Hmraeka. Mad. (ktoMad ak PACK I 'DISKS £SW
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0361 hfcd Boada 2 • Y 05TOW«k»a • Y 0362 WdMr -arid pddy -0510 l U" • Y 0511 karalr .katnp • V 0512 Ppaliar 3*Y 0513 Bakpmmaa Y
r. Lu Hello luwies, welcome to the gallery - your chance to shine
or get slated as the case may be.
GARFIELD CAEASIROPHE corner Hmm... a rather interesting piece of work - it portrays the angst of modern man and his everyday struggle to find health, wealth and love. Or maybe not - perhaps this was drawn by a egotistical maniac after consuming too many fizzy drinks and chocolate. This would have been acceptable, if done by a five year old. However the culprit is actually 49 and a half. Oh dear MEDUSA by Engels Hens, Antwerp, Belglu The eye Is drawn freehand with some from the magnify option.
V A lew details were added to get rid ol the symmetrical look. Next, a couple of finishing touches to the hair and the face.
W After finishing both the eye and the mouth, the eye was turned horizontally a ft* other side.
” The outline Is drawn In low-res and then the file format Is changed to hl-res without stretching the image.
W Shadow3TV0t1T idded to give It I effect. Then the neck and body were* shaded In and finally a border was ac around the picture.
Next, thfc outline of the face and the chin were modmesLandthe hair style was then completed. I 8 few small details later and It's the finished product.
CU AMIGA SPECIA1 Owelcome to our new look readers' offers. This month sees the launch of our new upgrades for the Amiga A1200.
Unlike some A1200 upgrades, ours are fully PCMCIA compatible. Designed and built in the UK exclusively for CU Amiga - never has It been so affordable to upgrade an A1200 with more memory on a board also capable of adding a 68882 floating point maths co-processor at speeds of up to 50MHz.
How CM we be so cheap? Well, thanks to the huge success of our campaign to upgrade all Amigas to a minimum of 1Mb, we have exceptional buying power. Also, because so many of our readers buy upgrades we can use the very latest manufacturing technology to produce our upgrades - and hence give you exceptional value So why upgrade your memory? Probably because a memory upgrade Is the most versatile enhancement you can make to your Amiga. Apart from the fact that you need it to run the more powerful Amiga software there are many extra benefits too. You can use some of it as a RAM disk, just like a
super-fast extra floppy drive This means you can avoid the cost of a second floppy drive or hard disk Some software that claims to need a hard disk will mn on your Amiga from a RAM disk A print spooler can save you time waiting for your printer to finish printing before you get on with your work, use your new RAM instead of upgrading your pnnter or buying an expensive buffer.
For reasons best known to themselves, Commodore forgot' a realtime dock for the A1200. Well, we've put it back with our new UK made A1200 dock for just £12.92. Getting more from your Amiga means at least 1Mb, getting the best means adding as much RAM as you can is the essential Amiga upgrade!
Are you fed up with poor quality scanning?
Our brand new Scanner Tray will improve your results no end Simply place over the image and dip the scanner into it and it will act as a guide eliminating trx hand wobbling. This amazing invention is not available anywhere else. Plus, it will help eradicate that wasted time correcting mistakes in scanned text with our OCR software It's a pain scanr I pages of text only to find that they're littered with spelling mistakes. This software package will down on those errors before this even happens.
£9.99 A superb replacement Amiga mouse.
The CU Amiga mouse is a major enhancement because it uses micro switches for the buttons.
Our mouse also has a much higher resolution - 280 dots per inch which means you need much less desk space and you get a much finer control.
12 GOOD REASONS TO BUY FROM CU AMIGA Al the products offered by CU AMIGA have been carefully selected as being the best in their class. But top quality does not mean top price. Thanks to our huge buying power, we can deliver to our readers the best products at the best prices.
X« All memory boards are poptiated with memory, e-Al memory boards are indMdualy tested " Support from a top engineer is just a phone calaway.
R Prices indude VAT, Postage and Packing, the price you see is the price you pay.
«* No minimum order and no credit card surcharges.
It Memory ipgrades cany an exceptional five- year warranty.
R 28 day no-quibble money back guarantee r We are here until 8pm every day during the week.
R 24 hour order hotline.
¦t Because we only sell a few terns, your ordo will normally be supplied straight from our li stocks.
R You aedt or debit card wi not be process I the item you order is not in stock, n Experienced sales staff are on hand for whr you order or if you need advice before plat an order.
Thanks to the massive buying power of CU AMIGA we can offer our readers the cheapest high quality Amiga memory upgrades and other essential add-ons for your Amiga!
Each Memory upysde comes with a FREE DISK ridudng Memory Test Software, making sure that you make the very best of your new .
A memory upgrade.
PRIORITY ORDER FORM RDER HOTLINE Order by telephone by calling 0480 891171 Mon to Fri 10am to 8pm Sat 10am to 4pm.
There's an answering machine to take your orders at all other times. If you place your order on the machine, leave the exact details in the order they appear on this form.
80891171 ?
A500 upgrade to 1Mb . ......£14.50 ?
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A600 upgrade to 2Mb including clock .. ......£34.99 ?
A1200 upgrade to 4Mb...... ....£149.00 ?
A1200 upgrade to 4Mb with 25 Mhz 68882 ...... ....£179.00 n Clock Module .... ......£12.99 n Scanner Tray ...... ......£54.99 ?
OCR Software .... ......£99.00 Name_ (Thu ihoukJ be the name written on the Cheque or Credit Card if payment by thft method).
Telephone No: (_)_ Switch Issue No_ To expiry Chegue (V) ? Postal Order (V) ?
Note: Chegues payable to CO DIRECT LTD.
Signature_ Lines are manned from Monday to Friday 10am lo Spin and on Saturday 10am to 4pm.
If you call outside these hours i place an order by answer phone • just t information on the order form in the r it appears. You might find it easier to E the order form before calling so that u can read directly from it.
©w 28 days for delivery from when we receive your h non receipt of goods phone 0480 891171 iy to Friday between 10am and 6pm Credit Card x Fn r ¦ ?
Go Hr CU AMIGA ¦ GO DIRECT 1NEGAR HILL, ALCONBURY WESTON, HUNTINGDON, CAMBSPE17 5JA Delivery Address _ L-_____ QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE: WE STOCK OVER 4000+ DISKS New cat*** v7 h now aoalat*. 300. New Mm* . 101 high % f „ compBtlbkt „lth all FRED-FISH 1 T-BAGS 1-
L. S.O. docS I
• SCOPES I ~ ASSASSIIM f-MI GlamourS etc.
• Please order a disk I ZX"SPECTRUM 48k
* 5O' original Spetg fiami** r: nn Ik Uir »*»u Mnt smDi (1.71 non
run nweft l»n A ¦ •*» aid tor iwi nen pranram I ~_ ...*** n
WIWM «h BHRUV.TTta. pah i i.rp. with Uaijr t nUarton uf nrMM
*|jn I q qnmr» am. Wt»nHlr. SkuuWVwK firtrtenw rti 0 LY„E4.99
ALL A IIBAS (pton* J«tra 9«nr *• •«**» 1*411 9* rwt.
* iatty color dp art lOQAbA only, a Cfi fort. Ctriar Fort AntiQn
Iunln+* statedl All prp fou» cistnmere please retun catalogue
dhk far updatp.
(..'"MAOMCAH IWI U2USPBCH TOT M« «,• Snp «mt i» limi
V. M.MMPUXKR 10 Varrnirfutiin.IrofmrdiU
IM. ATKOTOM ' WstoMtoAFapw.
L*(imaUTllU«rate-Urn- WOO MIST OT n tonrok POMAf r* On HIM PWU MLNU Vm »vt, «rx.. [wpn.
VIM OWUTCiCOUHTWN II AM H M* IV to a«««r « '* CCT MADOVVA MM H72US15 (01 «n pr* cm Tof HOUI I,.Ur, (Max pnn ,ni* . OOAS wNW»4P.amii«Ai}m UWCYW-JOTC be* AbUr. »«'¦’* CmatfTSWlsUrftahniim Mtopto» CIW WONDOLAND biil.il Mm* Itwbn ptm ci n UN DUIJH PMMAK M tk to Pun* nriitM U» **001111 Uuap u.id. to INI STCiY (AND I Irrrtw pak pm «* 4 «att » -l 4«fe mearmMi BCUVAUJUTOI*! Ki icirv, (OHM K« v*. FM Ui-irn.ua I r, rSQUSHEUOi t»«uumon DatODKlSMMMnA D*l RM1U Inattr (far*» mnin DSIUAMU H0R1D Murr. Rw» d,W.r« D521APANIH US* loro to * ifat hjimr K5)MWUM a tsw »I I in D»Iltt*ItaRVXI ivnlpm D» MANIA W«UD I
to. Mr* Ur ito I 25? SINTUM Q117 Qin KSW4liaH)USVi.« AI2IHI ONLY AW»I (HMDS D0*J torn* Jm.lh Im .Mop
V. TIIW11IR »r» I iil H* fiyn rl' «*: saw i ..*¦» ™-. * cvw
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it to «*to cto no CmiaTWUDBOi .:m (pnoaMfelowug Wptnoitt«
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UoaoowAflaamoijM, LW VBI yur Tain* |« B fair .ltd ttr wM 4 «iM HI KDCIAMBnU Hdrt.1 AcMfklrWkMlMi Wrinlra El-WDB MEU H* b*-f* 10-. -UlUinffOCnnmNnTt-FranfWF NEW PROFESSIONAL COLOUR CU « vi mi ms caiKT* «r»«m.tt or m ihu WORLD MAP GENERAL INTEREST (UI UB (U441T wwa:- luiiMiunii (whbirwn uuiun (uisiiuwiz :tu»»niR oinnNiHH (UkVUH (U.’IOWUH CUV (BlIR CUK«aB»3 iieCoka Csi: S.ss tlCMKn *:7*«Aril)A«i O Meat i AW NA(X DAWNlkta P MfD Murto IIUUS 1%W Dltt U7AU Uiirpit, ii»ip I u«KB«unauiiiiata iz iMCcvTtaAa ion: lm mi 00511 WAMAL):,:JA»lh..aty nnui Uni tr lr iM|C U-01SWMOUUJ4: UrjWA ivnuocwaiaFM » -ow
KOI TUT EMJM5 i I tir Ur* M UN ASTRO 22)') I rra! I j CM5 KMC a CHABJB'm ctr 4 (NM* ku»» b F*r ¦4 (Mm CM WHIUl WAIXB Tanwrnfrf* X ray f ui
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MONUX) I ul hnu ixir* fan.
CWSEPEm lUArvr in hnui I »||ao (ioi wmnaocwm t. ««u 4 imw HO) IXMHVIRY C*THE ATOM' 2Mil Uffrul I Ml mi T( a«T0MUK Huii tUmMffN EDUCATION& GAMES Our CM ««*r Brt of rtxcHKn k i pmn 5 Mu. For ol Amiga* ONLY £4.99 OS DEMO MAKER 1SJ S(M«m n»M nwWr grt (A50013 ONLY £4.95 imbniaa.
Mrmiim ramce.uTHunvrnaewi
• i i»l ymMI tk MX mmtd I IOI HR WIN (KTMHCIJ Mil lufr Mr Mn ,
IDKuin MiOASi :m * Mivaa 0X2 V MOOT V2. U«» I««r L flfcl 1X5 P001IOOU a ;ir-l r«.| (rrf»io.
0712 umwu 4 nWUWKU rfcr bru m+mxm UJWOmVl P1AYIR ImpMffafCDiMrnWI l'l* MAC SIM 1.7 Util it dit naanir antn W poor (AIM V) W; At R Im mn ImtuJmiulMU* 07MPAlNETSnUP«IRD«l ITMPARSETCAIU MAKUKSTUiCTlOk 1X1 vzaur loidfcr. PMdM NrilM"»P «k«-RlM(fiNrfU.rn ii'42KMI*UiHlll Murtl«2 |W( MILUMUntfamdlUDww nkda CkM(« PnCwr. Hn WlOi P» GttlPCf QulZAiMil»ddwA!t*ltu ALL our disks ene wilh... (,r..f...-MlFnni«Urhirk ? Onl) use lof* «luj|i
- ffial •rdrr form «ilb orr» ardrt AI.L 0RBKRS S.IMK HAY BBSPATCH
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PRICE & HOW TO OROER ™?£-2L 4£s& : FREE DISK i I Folb .IMmp Paint font I Hill, .OHuxp Paint HwH t I HU .(k-4» - PalH hm! 3 Htm -IMute PatM Ian 4 mzo Mak font 131 H3?3 -lampute* Im •** I Hl*t .lamputpr fur font ?
FOt*, .lanu fan Vnkna-1 10411 -OID font Volume I H345 .ktPai Eanl tMfemP I msa logo lam pi-w ZZ1, 1 «Ti4fPiiBiiwariii*PREE i Z n r. B77 4EL I Ptarn*«)!««. MnwEfcrI I w 'Sjgjgg; i snsarrrrr' ISSUE 18 JUNE Oh no, you’ve waited all month for CU AMIGA and no sooner does it come than it’s gone again! Just another couple of pages and you’ll be at the end of another issue! But worry not dear reader, you’ve still got Workshop to get through and what a packed little section it is too!
Over the next few pages we cover Comms, programming, questions and answers, your letters and even throw in the opinion of one of the oldest, sorry, wisest journalists in the business.
So don’t let me hold you up, delve in there and find the answers to your most pressing problems. And remember, even though you are nearly at the end of this issue, there’ll be another one along shortly!
Regulars 1 66 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Got a problem? Then our two wondertuds John and Andy are here lo answer your techie problems in a beautifully prosaic way. If you can t understand a byte Irom a bit then you need John and Andy!
174 Have you seen this month s letters - what Yes. If you thought Carry On films were o tor channel tour, wart m you read page 1 was al Alan s idea.
POINTS OF VIEW This month we let Steve Keen get a word in. Not that he needs a chance. Steve looks at the new consoles supposedly coming out and contemplates what expect from the C032 In it we can Not only do we give you ultimate programs on our cover disks, but we also show you how to use them. Is there no end to our generosity? Apparently not. Sit tight and fasten your headphones as DJ Horgan and the UnDead Kennedy gmde you through the sample edrta. Synth sound editor and the uruque e ht channel mode - gosh!
READER SURVEY AMIGA Well kx*y here one of those strange marketing type things, yep. A reader survey. Yeah. I know at first glance it appears boring, but fill it in and discover a whole new world Okay okay. I jest, but if you fill it In and send it back pronto you could win one of fifty joysticks.
W TONY MORGAN'S SOUND LAB ’ rBLIT7 BASIC H l| 1 I | 1 ! * l| ¦ 1 |i | 'j II ? »• • kk- 168 r1 ?
172 Boing, bing. Tra la la de la. Bop, fuzz. Yes. More strange and wonderful sounds can once again be heard as Tony
• I II have it fa you next week Lisa, honest1 Hagan shows us what
real music is all about. This month. Tony looks at samplers
that can be used in’ conjunction with OclaMED.
In space no one can hear you you scream. Unless of course you program in Blitz Basic, in which case you can do what you want with the the alien, or even aliens (how about aliens3). This month. Daniel O'Connor explains how to control more than two aliens on screen at once.
PART This is the opt rj.: i ikiiuLut This is too qui IfilULULUl Last month we gave away the amazing OctaMED 4. This month we continue the step-by-step comprehensive tutorial to this massively powerful music program. CU AMIGA’S resident sound experts Tony Horgan and John Kennedy are on hand to guide you through the sample editor, the synth sound editor and the unique eight channel mode.
IHE SAMPUE EDITOR One of the best things about OctaMED is the sampler and sample editor section. If you have a sampler that connects to the parallel port of your Amiga, you can use this with OctaMED to grab any sound when it suits you.
As the sampler section is built into OctaMED, there’s no need to quit out and load up a separate piece of sampling software. To enter the sampler section all you have to do is click on the SMPED button which is near the top right corner of the screen.
SAMPLE RATES Betore you start sampling, you need to know about sample rates. When a sound is recorded, the computer takes thousands of snapshots of the incoming sound wave. When the sound is played back, these snapshots are strung together to form one flowing sound wave. The rate at which these snapshots are taken is known as the sample rate. A higher sample rate will give a more accurate reproduction of the sound. Think of it as a digitised picture - a low sample rate is akin to a low-resolution digitised picture. A high sample rate is like a high resolution picture. If the sample rate is too
low, the high frequencies in Ihe sound will become distorted, and there’s likely to be a ringing overtone to the whole sound. The advantage ot a low sample rate, however, is that it will use less memory.
Instea of using kilohertz to define sample isurement called a Dwer for higher sam- ligher for low sample rates. When oads up, it's default period setting good unless you desperately iy samples, so you'll need to u change it to depends on IG A SOUND V'ou’lt need to be connected to a sampler cartridge to be able to record your own samples.
Most varieties are compatible. Press F2 to change the selected octaves to 2 and 3. Now find the Pitch and Destination boxes on the far right of the sample editor window. Move the mouse pointer so that it’s over Ihe upper of the two boxes that currently read C-2 (see above).
Hold down the left mouse button, and press O on the keyboard. This should change the value 428 in the adjacent box to 214. If nothing happens, press F2 to make sure that you have the DEST £££¦¦ C- This is too loud an CHRNGE RATE correct octaves selected, and fry again. If you're going to sample something that contains high frequencies, such as a drum loop with cymbals, or a vocal that includes "S" or T sounds, change the rate to 170 or less by pressing the E key instead of Q when you click in the Pilch box. Otherwise, you’ll find the sample is a bit scratchy.
Click on the INSTR button, then click in the long box that appears at the top of the screen.
Type in whatever you want to call the sound that you’re about to sample, and press return.
Next, you need to set the size of the sample you’re about to record. This is measured in bytes.
For now. Set the sample size to 80,000 bytes (80K). This will give about five seconds of sampling time at the sample rate you just set (214), To set the size of the sample, click in the box marked BUFFSIZE, found on the far left of the sample editor panel. Type in 80000 and press return (bearing in mind that there's already a zero in the box, so you only need to enter 4 zeros. You now have a blank space to sample into.
Now you need to get a good sound level coming into the sampler. Click the MONITOR button from the sampler panel, and the blank slot in the middle of the screen should turn to an oscilloscope display. This lets you know whether the incoming sound is too loud or quiet. Connect your sampler to your sound source, and start the source playing. If you don’t see a sound wave moving around in the middle box, check your connections and try turning up the volume at your source. Once you've got a signal coming through, watch the wave and see whether it’s flattening out at the top and bottom. If so,
reduce the volume so that the loudest part of the sound just touches the top and bottom of the box very briefly. If the wave doesn’t move far from the central line, then turn Ihe volume up. Look at the examples on the page if all that doesn’t make any sense at all.
When the levels are correct, click the MONITOR button to exit monitor mode, and then dick the RECORD button. The oscilloscope will come up again, allowing you to cue up your sound. Just before the bit you want to sample, click the left mouse button a second time to start recording.
The screen will go black while it concentrates on recording, but will automaticaliy jump back to the sampler screen once it's filled up its allotted 80K of sample space.
EDITING SAMPLES You now have a sample - hurrah! Press any of the normal keys to play back your sample at different pitches. You can now trim the unwanted parts from the sample.
Use the right mouse button to highlight an area at the start of the sample. If you want to extend the highlighted area (referred to as the range), hold down the shift key when you use the right button.
Use the PLAY RANGE button to hear the selected area. Click on SHOW RANGE to magnify this area to the full width of the screen.
Locate the parts you don't want, highlight them, listen to them with the PLAY RANGE button, and then click on CUT when you’ve highlighted to unwanted parts. Use the ZOOM OUT and SHOW ALL buttons to view more of the sample.
PlflV RANGE . .ML* r.IHCM OctaME SAVE FORMAT ITTm LORO SONfl ¦ SftVI IQN dir-- JJ FILE: | SAVING A SAMPLE To save out your sample lo disk, click on the FILES button. Wail tor Ihe drive light to go out. And insert a formatted disk in the internal drive. Click on DFO: in the devices list on the right ol the screen. Click in the FILE box and type in a name volume level.
' d may be noisy.
N sound distorted.
Echoes can be put on the sample with the ECHO button. This uses the three parameters to deline the gaps between each echo, the decay rates, and the number of echoes. A random white noise creator is also included, activated by the NOISE button just left of the echo button The value to the right of the button is the level ol noise, which can be changed by clicking in the box and entering a new value. You can use this to mix in some hissy noise over an existing sample, or just i some pure noise in a blank sample You OCTAMID 4 TUTOII41 NOISE might warn to use the BOOST option to emphasise the
noise. This is particularly handy for generating your own drum and cymbal sounds.
Freehand is a useful option that lets you edit the sample wave by actually drawing it on-screen with the mouse. As soon as you dick the FREEHAND button, the sample window zooms in close on the sound wave. You can now draw in the sample window by holding down Ihe left mouse button. Try this if you need to remove tiny clicks or pops from a sample.
Just to the right of the freehand button you'll find the CHG VOL button. This stands for Change Volume - can you guess what it does? The first parameter is the volume for the start ot the sample (as a percentage ot the original volume), and the second is the end volume. This means you can create volume fades by using two different values. The default values are both 200%, which would of You’ll be asked if you want to halve the samples as soon as you enter anything over lour channel mode Press Y for yes This will halve the volume of * the samples currently have loaded, and wd automatically
do the same to any samples that are loaded in from now on. If you don't halve the samples, when the channels are mixed, the combined samples wd be too loud, and will sound distorted In order to use the luff eight channels, you'll need to set the number of tracks in each block to eight. Do this by clicking on BLOCK, then on the eight button. The display changes to show all eight tracks at once, which can be a bit hard to see on a TV, but unfortunately there's no way around this. The speed control is now limited to so you need to use the one on the right. A lower value equates to a laster tempo.
You'll notice that UOL: DEL INS* to* the sample and press return. Ckck the SAVE INSTR button to save the sample.
»««h »ui II.miNXI nH.wi.Hli ? HXB mmi »«**
• MIT IdinH g « 4 . 44 .44 *CT4 *«T4 III ftam r«No (Kfn.JIBMf*
Sn-IB mn«v wpwns SAMPLER EFFECTS There are a number ol effects
you can use from the sample editor to improve the sound quality
and spice up your samples. All of the effects buttons work on
the highlighted range of the sample, leaving the unselected
parts as they were Sometimes your sample doesn't sound as bnght
as the original - this is usually due to a loss ol treble in
the sample. To counter this, highlight the whole sample (or the
section you want to affect), and click the BOOST button. You'll
hear the difference when you play the sample again. The two
numbers to the right of the button are the settings for the
boost and filter controls Expenment with these for some;
effects. Filtering the sample can cut out a k unwanted hiss,
and can be especially useful I sampled basses Use the FILT t
sound REV turns the sample arotml. So that it plays in reverse
Cut, copy, paste, delete and dear work as they would in any
other package. Anything that's cut or copied is stored in a
temporary butter, the contents of which are used whenever you
use the paste or mix functions Tssa MIS PLAY INSTR 1 BLOCK 1
¦aa course make the sample twice its original volume.
Remember that you can only turn the volume up so far before the sample becomes distorted S CBUFF copies the current sample into the copy buffer. CBUFF S pastes the contents of the copy buffer into the sample window. DEL CB deletes the copy buffer (can save a little RAM), and R SY copies the sample into the synth editor. The CHANGE RATE button will re-sample your sound so that it plays back at a different pitch, using the PITCH and DEST(ination) values. OCT up and OCT down will tranaioe* the sample data a whole octave ) halving the size of the CHANNEL MODE One ol OctaMEDs most powerful features
is its 8 channel mode. Normally the Amiga can play up to 4 samples simultaneously, but thanks to some very clever programming, OclaMED can play eight It manages this by mixing eight samples together to make tour, which it then pumps out through the normal sound channels. This does come at a cost though - you'll have to make do with reduced sound quality and more approximate tempo control.
To enter eight channel mode dick one of the buttons marked 4-8 on the main PLAY panel If you only want to use five channels, dick the five button.
There's no point in getting the program to mix eight channels if you're not using them all - on slower Amigas there's a very noticeable loss of speed, which is minimised by selecting fewer channels.
12 ? 4 THIS SPLIT the secondary tempo doesn't allow for as tine tweaking as the primary tempo If your Amiga has an accelerated processor (68020 or higher) you can use the HQ button to squeeze some extra sound quality (most notably treble response) from the 8 channel mode.
SYNTH SOUNDS One ol the many leatures which makes OctaMED a rather special sound tracker is its ability to create its own sounds from scratch. Rather than relying .on samples (either your own, or those ot someone else) It IS possible to generate noises completely synthetically It s like owning a very expensive synthesiser. Without the expensel STAGE ONE Load up your copy ol OclaMED, and seled the INSTR edit screen Enter a good name, and then select the sound type. Ignore any 'Error: obiect not found' messages when you enter the name Octa MED can use three types ol sound: samples, synth
sounds and hybrid sounds, which are a combination of the first two. Click the SYNTH button next to the word TYPE on the instrument panel. Now you need to go to the waveform editing screen, so select SYNTH from the buttons on the tar nght STAGE TWO There are two oscilloscope displays for you to draw your waves into. The one on the nght is tor experiments, the one on the left is the mam ES EXPRESS P.D. Dept Cu Magazine Business Centre 2E 11, Newarke Street, Leicester, LEI 555 ‘Express Ed Tel (0533) 559711 Fax: (0533) 490118 Mon ¦ Fri 8.30am to 5pm QUALITY AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN AND SHAREWARE
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44. 95 6570 KEYBOARD CHIP .24.95 .. " I I waveform You can swop
between them at any time, or copy one waveform back and
forward between screens tor editing You can also add and mix
the waveforms together For the momerit, make sure the EDIT
arrow is pointing to the left, and dick on one ot the
quick-set waveforms (the sine, square, saw. Ramp or random
wave) The wave should appear on the scope, and if you press
the normal OctaMED keys you should be able to hear it.
STAGE THREE You can edit the wave by drawing over it (select the PIXEL, LINE or MIX) buttons to see what difference Ihey make. If you are brave, you can try designing a waveform from scratch. If you select RANGE ALL.
The buttons marked DBL and REV will start to have interesting effects (DBL doubles the pitch of the sound. REV reverses the wave) Remember the UNDO button when you get carried away Unfortunately, simply squlggling like this is unlikely to produce top-quality results. In tact, you'll probably end up with a pretty unusable tarty noise.
Time to move onto the next stage.. STAGE FOUR OctaMED comes with its own programming Ian guage to help you control how sounds are made There are two lists of these special OctaMED control Instructions over at the bottom righthand side of the screen. The one to the left controls the volume, the the one to the nght offers more control over the waveform itself.
The default setting is a volume of '40'. Which Is in hexadedmal. In decimal terms this is '64': the maximum allowable volume. Let's make the volume decay with time.
First press the ESC key to enter edit mode, and use the INS button to create two new lines. Alter the list so It reads 40.CHD.2 (as seen below). To do this, move the small red square cursor to the far left position, and enter 40. Now move to the next line down, and press D on the keyboard, which will enter the CHD command. If you just hear the note play, check that you are in edit mode. Enter 02 into the next line down.
Press ESC again, and then a few keys to trigger the sound. You should find it decreases in a much more musical fashion.
STAGE FIVE The waveform control instructions are used in the same way. You can add some vibrato with VBR.
And also slide the pitch up and down with CHU and CHD. If you enter a number by itself, OctaMED will swop between different waveforms to make the noise Although only one waveform is displayed at a time, it's possible to have up to 127 different patterns This can lead to some pretty excellent sounds
- filter sweeping is only one possibility.
If you are worried about the prospect of entering all 128 different waveforms by hand, you'll be delighted to learn that OctaMED can create them al automatically. You can actually 'morph' between two sounds: all you need to do is supply a start and an end and let OctaMED do the rest Use ADD (on the left ol the panel) to create a few new waveform slots, and then click on the Square wave button Now go back to the first waveform (which should still have the Sine wave) using the plus and minus buttons next to the WF indicator, dick START and go back to the last waveform and dick DO!. OctaMED
will morph the waveforms in-between Irom the Sine to the Square - but you won't be able to hear anything other than Ihe first waveform if you don I alter the settings in the programming table.
STAGE SIX You II see that the default number is 0 »i the programming table - which means play waveform zero’ H you alter this (remember to hit ESC first it you're not in edit mode) you can play any of the other waves you have created.
However, things start to get realty interesting when you add more than one waveform. Use the INS button to add more positions, and then enter
0., (or whatever your last wave was) and
8,7,6,5,5,4,3,2,1. When you play this (hit ESC again, first)
you'll hear a nicely flanging sound.
There are many advantages to creating your own sounds in this way - not only are you virtually guaranteed a bit of originality, but the sounds you create will use up a lot less RAM that sampled sounds.
See the panel to the right on volume and waveform instructions for further info on creating your own sounds. 35 SYNTHSOUND PROGRAMMING Here is a very handy list of tommands for use in the synth sound editor as described in this article.
The symbols ?? = a hex number, for example 00,02 or 2f.
VOLUME IHSTRUCTI0NS ?? Set Volume When 0 hex number from 0 to «is used with no commend nome.fis sets he volume loan absduh level.
CHD ?? Change volume down Press D. Ihe number wlih appears beneath the CHD command is tie role ot nftith die volume decreases.
CHU ?? Change volume up Press U. The number which appears beneath the CHU command k te rob at vihith t* volume increases.
JMPTPJump Press J. 4 IMP ml skip to the supated fate number, thus allowing loops. You must ensure there is al least one other instruction in the loop (a WAI even) or the program vdl hltiL Press H. Hah wil pause Ihe control Sst, but a jump can be used to avoid t. WAI ?? Wort Press W. This will delay the instructions list far the follawing number ol lime cycles.
WAVEFORM INSTRUCTIONS The fel waveform instructions include JMP and HLT, as well A number by itself is the woveform b be played.
OiD ?? Change pitch down Press D. Decrease the pitch at the rah specified.
RES Reset Press R. Reset the pitch to initial level.
ARP ??... ?? ARE Start end arpeggio definition.
The numbers between he ARP otJaRF are die offsets from the bossnoto. Try ARP, 0,3,5, Art VBD7? Vibrato depth.
Press V. The degree of vibrato VBS??Vtroto speed.
Press SHIFT V. The rate of vfeato.
Q & A SPECIAL THE AMIGADOS PROBLEM SOLVER bit on existing hie of oeote o new one.
John Kennedy, the man with the answers, dons his Shell Suit to take another look at making the most of the Amiga’s advanced operating system.
Do you want to speed up operations and customise your workbench? Yes, well read on to find out about some handy tricks that can do just that.
The Amiga’s Shell is an incredibly clever thing
- you can copy files, delete them, edit them: in fact you can do
anything you can do from the Workbench, and a whole lot more
besides. I use the Shell so much that I have its Icon
permanently 'left out’ on the Workbench, but some folk even get
their operating system to open one for them every time they
boot, by altering the Startup Sequence.
Unfortunately, Commodore decided not to include a manual on using AmigaDOS with the A1200, which means a lot of users know virtually nothing about how to use it. By trial, error and a bit of looking around you should be able to work out a few basic Shell commands. Once you have the shell open, you should at least have a fair idea that DIR will produce a list of the files in the current directory - but that can be the limit.
The table below contains a handy run down of some of the more useful Shell commands for you to keep as a reference.
SIMPLE AMIGADOS COMMANDS Example newshell endd edshxt-up sequence delete com:plop.bak fistdfO copy dfOtplop to df I: Press [St ondO to quit without soving, and ESC and X to save and quit.
Base a Fie As DIR but with mote iifofmotion and options Duphcote o lile Workbench only had a CLI, which lacked basic editing facilities. For example, you couldn't press arrow-up to get the last thing you had typed.
Run is useful if you need to do several things at once. If you open a Shell window and enter: run copy dfOrplop to dfl: QUIET You can carry on with other commands whilst this copy process is done in the background. This is what the Amiga's 'multitasking' operating system is all about.
Sometimes you can't close a window if a task is still being processed. If this is the case, use the following listing: run nil: nil: My_program_here This will 'redirect' any input and output which 'My_program_here' may generate to a non-exis- tant device, and suppress any messages or replies. It is especially handy to use in the Startup-sequence to stop programs opening tedious little windows.
UTILITY One ot the Amiga Workbench's better features is the ease at which extra programs can be integrated into it, to make life easier.
TOOLSDAEMON One the many such programs I find almost invaluable is called ToolsDaemon, written by the incredibly-busy Nico Francois. ToolsDaemon offers an easy way to add your own menus to the Workbench, and each item is really one of your favourite programs. Instead of having to wade through dozens of drawers and directories trying to find Deluxe Paint, you can create a menu called 'Graphics' and include Dpainl as an entry. When you select the Dpalnt menu option, the program will automatically load - handy or what?
ToolsDaemon is best used with a hard drive system, although if you give your floppy disks sensible names and stick to them, you might be able to use it with a floppy-only system. It's available from any good Public Domain library, so do yourself a favour and get a copy.
TRASHICON I rarely, if ever, use the Trash Icon that comes as part of the Workbench. In fact, when formatting disks I always used the NOICONS option to make sure one is created. The main reason I don't use the Trash icon is that it can't be left out on the Workbench - it can only stay within the disk window. To get around this, Mark McPherson has written a program called Trashlcon which can't be left out. In fact, it's a program which has an icon instead of a window. Whenever something is dropped into it, it get's deleted. It’s much closer to the Apple Mac's Trashcan, and as a result a lot
easier to use. Look out for it.
Incidentally, the snazzy looking requesters are created by a program called ARQ. It patches the system requesters to include little animated pictures and when used with MagicWB it looks really good. © copy I dfO:pictures ?if£ ? To dfl: If you wanted fo re-create the directory, include the name of the new directory, like this: copy dfO:pictures ?iff ? To dfl:pictures This will create a new directory, and copy only Wildcards are an incredibly useful way of saving your fingers from wearing out. These can be used wherever a normal filename would occur, but can speed up a lot of operations.
There are two symbols that AmigaDOS uses: the ' ' hash symbol (known as the pound' symbol by americans) and the '?' Question mark. If you are used to the PC and MS-DOS then you'll have some re-learning to do, as the “' star isn't used by default.
When used in a filename, a'?' Means ‘any character' so the list of following filenames are all equivalent: testfilel,dat cestfile?.dat cest???l-dat ?estfilel.da?
The 'hash' mark is used to mean 'any number of (or no) characters', so the following filenames are all equal: Now the combination of the wildcard symbols is what makes them most useful. The lollowing files are all equal. Remember lhat AmigaDOS is very flexible with filenames, and certainly doesn't limit them to a group ol eight characters, a full stop and three more characters.
Cture.iff cture.l?
.iff my_p: Zj my??
Now for some practical examples. Say you had a list of images which you needed to copy from one disk to another. All the pictures had different names, but you had the foresight to include iff somewhere in their names.
For example, they might be like this: John.iff, BindyTheCatlFF, IFF_of_Sam.
You can copy all these files | with one command: copy I dfO: ?iff ? To dft: The wildcards will get anything which has 'iff' somewhere in it. Note that AmigaDOS is not case specific. If the files are all stored in a directory called 'pictures' you would use a CLI command like this: the files with 'Iff in their names into it. If want to see a list of filenames, but end of the command, like this: copy dfO:pictures ?iff ? To dfl: ture3 QUIET With Workbench 2 and up, a new and useful little symbol was added - theor tilda. (It’s obtained by shitting the key beneath the ESC key). The tilda means
'not', so you can obtain a listing of all files that don't have 'iff in their names with a command like this: list -( ?iff ? The brackets are optional, but they are there to try and make it clearer to see what is going on.
Things can start to get tricky, especially when you use the T symbol, which means 'or'. For example, to list all liles which have 'iff or ‘gif in their names, use the following: list lt?iff»?l ?gif ?)
If you want to miss out any files ending with 'into' (in other words, the icons), use this: list ?gifl ?iff) lM ?in£o)) You can see that although wildcards are powerful. They can quickly get well oul of hand.
Sometimes you spend more time thinking of the combination of 's and ?'s and |'s to use than you would have copying each file in turn. That’s computing for you I Deleting old files is an essential chore that you need to do before you fill your entire hard or floppy disk with rubbish. Wildcards can speed things up: delete «?.bak will remove any old files. It s worth testing the command by swopping 'delete' with a 'list- before you accidentally nuke something important. You especially don't want to enter: delete »?
Or you might loose everything... If you want to remove a directory and the contents. Use a command like this: delete dfO:pictures ?
Now this will delete the files in the pictures directory, but it won’t delete the directory itself. To do that include the ALL keyword, like this: delete d£0:pictures ALL You might get an error message can't delete such-and-such in use'. This could be because an ASSIGN has been made to the file, so check your startup-sequence for and r NEXT MONTH John continues on his voyoge ol AMIGADos discovery, bridging great, yowling thosms ol misunderstanding ond crossing Inc frontiers of knowledge in lies quest lo help you use youi AMIGA lor bigger ond belter things This is Janika.
She's intelligent.
She cares about the environment.
She's got a good job.
She's ambitious.
And she's going to kick your teeth in.
We're feeling pretty hard at the moment because the June issu- of The One is going to be a veritable bloodbath. Janika wil be performing amateur i jr dentistry with her mates in out
- . - fantastic four-page revie of ELFMANIA. We'll be bruising
our shins and elbowing each other in 'V the face as we take a
look at JAMES POND 3 and SIERRA SOCCER. And we'll no dot be
doing lots of other crazy things, because we're like that
Even our coverdisks are the toughest in tf business. We'll have a massive ARMOUR- GEDDON II demo, two complete levels from ICE's forthcoming GULP! Plus 15 levels of platform mayhem with TOUCH 'A ' GO and a completely brilliant version of that old classic DIG DUG. There'll probably be some other stc as well, but we're not going to give you any more info because it's all top secret and if yo found out we'd have to kill you.
Anyway, we're bored with talking to you now. We're off round the Krays' house for a quiet game of bridge.
[J HE AMIGA Do you (eel that you are missing out on something in lile? Do people point and stare at you when you pass them in the street? Do you walk into a pub and everyone else leaves, muttering something about leaving the iron on at home, the cat needing neutering, or the lad that they don't really like the decor in this particular establishment?
II the answer to the above questions are no, then you obviously have a complete library ol CU AMIGA and are a well-adjusted, socially acceptable person. II you’ve answered yes, well, maybe it’s because they know your deep, dark, secret - you don't have a complete library ol CU AMIGA.
C’est terrible! How can you remedy this inexcusable situation quickly and restore yourself confidence and social standing? Well, a company called Tower Publishing have kindly gathered all the available back issues ol CU AMIGA, complete with disks, and put them In a handy pile, ready for you to order. So don't delay, (ill out the lorm below and send to Amiga Back Issues, Tower Publishing, Tower House, Sovereign Park, Lathkill St, Market Harborough Lelcs Le161EF.
CU AMIGA BACK ISSUES ORDER FORM Any gaps in your CU AMIGA collection? Britain's fastest growing Amiga magazine is giving you another chance to pick up those missing issues.
As you can see we sell out pretty quickly so order now! (Hurry, stocks are limited!)
U. K: £5.99, Europe: £6.50, Rest ol World: £8.50 All prices
include postage and packaging.
To order simply complete the form below, enclose payment il applicable, and send to CU Amiga Back Issues, Tower Publishing, Tower House, Sovereign Park, Lathkill St, Market Harborough, Lelcs LE16IEF.
Please rush me the following back Issue(s) ol CU Amiga: QTY ISSUE (Rates per back issue: U.K: £5.99, Europe: £6.50, R.O.W: £8.50) Method ol Payment (please tick): ? I enclose a cheque made payable to EMAP Images Ltd.
? Please debit my ...card. NO _ __ i i I ) i i _ __ i expires (Visa, Access, American Express, Amex, Diners Club accepted.)
Name .... Address . Telephone no.. Please allow 28 days lor lulfilmenl upon reeelpl ol request. Back Issues subject to availability
- all titles shown are available at time ol the current Issue
going to press.
November 1992 Cover: A4000.
On Disk: Videoscape 30 animation package plus playable demos ol Legends ol Valour and Sword ol Honour.
Inside: Amiga 4000 first test, which Amiga should you buy? Lethal Weapon and Shadowlands and Office 2 reviewed.
December 1992 - Sold out!
January 1993- Sold out!
February 1993-Sold out!
March 1993 - Sold out!
April 1993 - Sold out!
May 1993 - Sold out June 1993 - Sold out!
July 1993 Cover Full motion video.
On Disk: 1 it System v2.0, plus playable demos ol The Patrician and F1 Challenge.
Lnside:Full Motion Video examined.
Syndicate, Ishar 2 and Dune II reviewed, plus Vista Pro 2 and buyers guides to DTP packages and joysticks.
August 1993 Cover CD32.
On Disk: Interword, a completely spilling word processor, plus a playable demo of Virgin's Apocalypse.
Inside: Muscle Up - a roundup ol RAM expansions, V-Lab digitising system, Deluxe Music Construction Set 2.0, Brutal Sports, Jurassic Park.
September 1993-Sold out October 1993 Cover: Star Trek 25th Anniversary On disk: Flexidump 2.5 • the ultimate image processing and printing tool, plus playable demos ol Wonderdog and Mean Arenas (1Mb only).
Inside: A meeting ol minds - CU chairs an Amiga user's debate. Star Trek 25th and Space Hulk reviewed plus Digital Creations.
November 1993 Cover: Frontier.
On Disk: The absolutely superb graphlcs DTP package, ExpertDraw (1Mb only), plus unbelievably brilliant demos ol Frontier, Qwak and Magic Boy.
Inside: Gummph! There's an extra magazine included - a complete guide to the Amiga, plus tons of hardware and software reviews, including Frontier.
December 1993 Cover Amazing!
On disk: Aegis Animator - the animation program and Spectracolour, plus demos ot Turrican 3 and The Settlers. Wow!
Inside: Exclusive 52 page Deluxe Paint guide.
Christmas buyers guide, Microcosm on CD32, Terminator 2 Arcade Game, Alien Breed 2 and The Settlers.
January 1994 Cover Animation and graphics special.
On Disk: Sensible Software s Shoot em up Construction Kit, Font Grabber, plus a fully playable demo ol Mortal Kombat (1M Inside: Dpaint vs Brilliance: If Vidi 12 24 RT, MediaPointn Beneath a Steel Sky. Cannon Fodder, Zool 2.
February 1994 CoverScala Multimedia.
On disk:Scala, the top rated h (1Mb only), plus a completely lab d Simon the Sorcerer (1Mb only).
Lnside:Scala: the n ~ “ reviews ol Fractal Pro 6.0. Craft. Aladdin 40, Goblins 3, Simon the Sorcerer and Skidmarks.
March 1994 Cover Don't get lost in n On Disk: Softwood Hie d Amos prot pletely spiffing d Inside: Full I*
o of K240 (1Mb only).
VideoMaster vs Sound and Vision and TV Paint 2 reviewed, plus Manchester United and super Methane Bros.
April 1994 Cover. Cash in - turning ideas into money on the Amiga.
On Disk:Adorage, Task Force. Master Virus Killer, King's Quest VI and Dots.
Inside: Reviews ol Demomaniac, Imagine
2. 9, Darkmere, Naughty Ones, King's Quest Vi,Switch Quiz, and
Simon The Sorcerer.
NB: Otlers and advertisements may be out ol date when you order a back issue.
Winner of all ijSi&a Customer Service ~l related categories .
In the 'PC Direct Hits Awards' for ’93 * ’94 RETAIL SHOWROOMS 100Mb model £219.99 £249.99 NenM Opwni IM: HWIwe. UMS
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A500 512k RAM CLOCK UPGRADE | ONLY £19.99 Incorporating the
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(must be 4 . RAM-chip I type, or not exceeding 9cm in length).
I ONLY £47.991 with 4Mb fitted with 8Mb fitted £179.99 £279.99
3. 5' FLOP PYDRIVES ¦ 1.5Mb RAM BOARD F j ty papuOfM Maid
increases total RAM n A5W) Vo 2Mb! It Plugs no Sap itxr area 4
ullH ccmerw is : ahv -r.r . Vj»ma Rmsiv- IeVerygjlet
• Simime design
• Sutteny AfTiga
• Cooling vwits
• FuH880K Formatted Capacity II eSieeA high quality mot* ¦I ¦
ONLY E73.99 Unpopulated RAM board with dock--------£34.96
N. B Tho expansion Man) requres K**Mart 1.3 » operate- Kickstait
1.3 icgraae avaiabki from us Icr £ 29 95
• Quality CezerVSonydrtvo mechanism
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• Lcng reach connocScn cabin
• Througfport laoUy lor addftion ot further drive* A500+ 1Mb
UPGRADE Amazing low price! I ONLY £52.99 THE FASTEST AND
trap door * pan*ion arei . * Increases total RAM capacity to
2Mb I Chip RAM' RAM OhOtt Switch I iCorrpectunawe it Only8low
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ixitormaaed capacey Straightforward iretalabcn procedure K«
ncXtes ful fitting reQucOora ONLY £44.99 ONLY £42.991 A600 1Mb
- - Blkms reeMrne acamng in other line art or m up to 64
simulated gray scales Provides powerful editing features and
excellent competOHty with moet OTP and Pair* Package*. Eg.
Deluxe Pant 4. Touch-Up ONLY £99.99 GENLOCK PLUS aval la We in
tots pnce category ONLY £149.99 ZY-FI SPEAKERS REALISE THE TRUE
ACTIVE SPEAKERS I Your Amiga produces tine quality h-a stereo
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Spmket Omen**™ teO*9S tOSmm (HiWxD) ONLY £34.08 TRACKBALL Hijn
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one- handed control Top qualty opto I A
machancaides.gn.gvtnghtfi S'd 5me No dnver software rooOM ONLY
Entry tmwg-pmcctour. 4 forts ... if LC 24-100
24-Pn. 5 toots. 192«4cp* it LC 24-20 24-Ptn. 2l0cp* high speed
drdt _________ r LC 24-200C St«etb 24-Ptn Cdocr. S toot*.
200«7cpa.... ¦ LC 24-J0 New 24-Pin Colour. 5 tonta.
I92«4cp*_________ ir LC 24-300 Fasl quiet 24-Pin Cetair. 9
tents. 264tBCCps £233.83 _ £64.95 £433.58 £217.38 _ £41.12
£245.58 tomatlc Sheet Feeder lor above (p» state modsQ_________
* SJ 144 Colour Thermd transfer primer____________________
Panasonic The KX-P2123 otters quid operaton.
Colour. Super Loltor Qualify printing and extonstva paper handling feature* in retebfe and trusted design A vnrnmg combrabon at e prtoe ¦ Colour Printing Create colourful, crisp graphics easty by utHaing the KX-P2123S choice ol 7 vibrant cotours ¦ Quiet Printing Super quet 435-46 dBA stxnd levoi (most matrix printers are typicaBy in excess d 60 dBA) ¦ Flexible Paper Handling Accepts single shoots.
Contnuous paper, labels onveepos and nx»-pert ONLY £186.83 Sp bot tXmonalons 200*1*0* 130mm (H*WxO) ONLY £57.58 A50Q POWER SUPPLY qualty swteh mcxio typo Super low prKB' ONLY £39.95 100Mb Add-on SCSI Hard Dlek A600 4Mb RAM Upgrade ..... £139.00 Trackball ....£20.00 Zy-FI Amplified Stereo Speakers ...£19.00 MIDI Interface . ....£10.00 Rocgen Genlock Pus .... VIDI Amiga Indudng VIDt-Chrome . ....£99.00 ...£39.00 VIDI Chrome__________________________________ ......£9.00 VIDI-RGB Splitter
.... ico sesi 2oeo ...£29.00 ...£99.00 Home Account! 2 £25.00 Mavis Beacon Typmg tutor . Citizen Swill 200 printer .... Epson LQI00 printer ... ...£15.00 .£199.00 .£1694)0 All H*ms or® clearance lines or shop soiled second hand stock. All carry a Ml 12 months warranty. Please contact our Eveshom Branch for these products
order to give you the very best Amiga coverage we need to find
out exactly what you think of both us and the home computer
market in general. The information we get from you will be used
to improve CU AMIGA (if it needs improving) and to advise
Commodore and the software houses of your opinions and
preferences. Send your completed surveys to: Readership Survey,
CU AMIGA, EMAP Images, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane,
London EC1R 3AU.
(Senders of the first 50 surveys we get will each receive a joystick.)
1. Are you: Male (] Female I ]
2. How old are you?
Under 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10 [) 11 I) 12 (1 13 II 14 [I 15 [) 16 I) 17-191) 20-231) 24-29 U 30 or over [1
3. Are You?
In junior school In secondary school In 6th Form 6th Form College j j In higher education (University) j j In lull time employment In part time employment Unemployed Other [ 1
4. What do you do In your spare time? Please rate how keen you
are on each ot the following (10 = hyper keen, 1 = couldn't
care less) Play video games [) Playing sports [ I Watch TV I)
Watch satellite j j Watch videos [) Listen to music (j Listen
to the radio Play arcade games Go to the cinema ll Other j)
5. On average how much time do you normally spend playing video
games or using your Amiga lor other purposes every week?
Less lhan 1 hour I ] 1-2 hours [ 1 2-4hours jj 4-6hours (j 6-8 hours [j 8-10 hours]) 10-20 hours More lhan 20 hours 1)
6. How do you play your games?
On my own [ ] With a friend (] With a group [)
7. On average, how much money do you earn get given each month?
£0-9 (1 £10-£49 I) £50-£99
I) E100-E499 11 E500-E832 [] £833-21249 II £1250-21666
1) £1667-22499 (1 Over £2500 11
8. Which of the lottowing do you regularly buy?
Cds I) Tapes 11 Videos 11 Clothes II Shoes Trainers 11 Sweets 11 Crisps (1 Drinks 11 Takeaway food 11 Books 11 Comics 1) Other II
9. Do you have a bank account?
10. Which of Ihe following describes your technical competence
on the Amiga?
Expert [) Competent [) Beginning to get the hang ot most things 11 Complete beginner (]
11. Which of the following Amlga(s) do you own?: CD32 U A500 [J
A500 Plus [J A600 A1000 U At 200 At 500 (1 A2000 A3000 [)
A4000 030 [ ] A4000 040A4000T jj
12. Do you plan to upgrade your Amiga in the next 6 months, II so
to which model? .....
13. Which version ol Workbench are you running? (If you have more
than one list the highest) 1-2 1) 1-3 1)
2. 04 2.05 I) 2.1 11 3 ll 3.1 (I
14. How much memory (RAM) does your Amiga have?
,5Mb I) 1Mb (I 2Mb U 4Mb 11 8Mb or above 1 j
15. What size hard drive do you own (II any)?
20Mb [] 40Mb 11 60Mb (I 80Mb [] 120Mb or above |!
16. Which ol Ihe following peripherals do you own?
Disk drive 11 Monitor [ I Video digitiser jj Printer [j Modem [ j Genlock j J Sound sampler () Accelerator j j CD-ROM drive [ ] Emulator j j Graphics enhancer (24-bit) FMV capability (it available) j j Networking interlace PCMCIA Hard drive [ j
17. Which following types of software do you use. II you
purchased a program, rather than getting it with your Amiga
elc, please lick the purchased' column as well.
”Mtu pi uuccoui j j Spreadsheet (] Database Painting program j j Drawing program j j DTP Comms program [ I Sound sampler [ j Midi sequencer j) Program language (j Multimedia system j) Image processor (] Rendering software I j Graphics utility j j Utility j j
18. Is your Amiga linked lo a HIFI?
Yes (I No []
19. What are your main inlerests?
Graphics video () Music I] Programming [ j Business j j Public Domain j j DTP I j Comms j j Games j j Other I)
20. Do you lind the lechntcal reviews: About right [) Too
technical [) Not technical enough
21. What do you think ol the overall content of CU AMIGA?
About right Too little game reviews previews jj Too much game reviews previews j ] Not enough tech'serious reviews j j Too much tech serious reviews j)
22. How much do you plan to spend on hardware In the next 12
Under£50 [1 £50-£100 [I £100-£200 [1 £200-2500 [] £500-£1000 [) Over £1000 [1
23. Do you have, or intend to buy In Ihe next six months, sny ot
the following items?
Disk Drive Monitor Printer Modem RAM upgrade Sound sampler Video digitiser Genlock Accelerator CD-ROM drive » Emulator CU AMIGA READERSHIP SURVEY Graphics enhancer FMV capability Networking interlace Hard drive
24. Apart from games, what else do you use your Amiga tor?
Education [) DTP [) Business presentation multimedia [ j Music (midi and sound sampling) [ j Graphics 8 animation General word processing Programming Personal finance 11
25. What type of Amiga Games are you Interested in?
Arcade style (shoot 'em ups, etc) [ ] Board and puzzle (Chess Tetris) [ j Flight sims Graphic adventures (Tentacle etc) [ j Platform (Flashback, Zool, etc) [ j Role playing strategy games [Ultima, ADS D, etc) [] Sports simulations (Sensible Soccer, Formula t, etc) [) Games with FMV included
26. What do you think would make the best CU coverdisk offer?
No disks and reduce price to £2.95 () Two disks at 3.95 Three disks at £4.50 1 CD32 disk at £4.99 [) ABOUT YOUR GAMES
27. Which of the following machines do you (1) own or do you (2)
have access to (perhaps
31. How much software (games and or utilities) do you get or are
via a friend)?
Given (as presents etc.)?
1. Own 2: Access None (| Sega Mega CD ] 1) A couple every year
39. How many other people apart Sega Mega Drive 1 11 One every
three months from yourself will see your copy of Sega Game
Gear I II One every couple of months [ 1 CU AMIGA?
Sega Master System ] 11 One per month Nobody else [) One [) Nintendo SuperNES ] II Two per month Two [1 Three (J Nintendo GameBoy 1 11 Over two per month Four jj Five jj Nintendo NES ] (1 More than five jj Atari Jaguar 1 (1
32. How many different games do Atari Lynx ] 11 you play in a
month - either on your
40. How often do you (1) buy or (2) Atari ST Falcon ] (] own, at
a friend's or elsewhere?
See (perhaps a friend's copy of) Amiga A500 1 n None [] 1-5 [] CU AMIGA?
Commodore CD32 ] n 6-10 [] 11-15 [) 1: Buy 2: See Amiga A1200 I it 15-20 [) Over 20 () Every month [ j (] Apple Macintosh ] n Every couple of months i j i j Acorn Archimedes ] ii
33. How long have you been playEvery three months (j i j PC I n
ing computer and video games?
Less often . Jj jj PC CD-ROM 1 n A month or less | J1 -3 months [) PC Engine ] n 3-6months (]6-12months [j
41. How long have you been buyNeo Geo 1 ii 12-18 months [] 18
mths-2 years |j ing CU AMIGA?
Philips CD-i ) n 2-3 years [j 3-4 years |j One month (J 1-3 months ] 3DO ] ii 4-6 years (j Over 6 years [ j 3-6 months jj 6-12 months jj 12-18 months j j 18 mths-2 years j j
26. Which machine do you want to
34. How much do you spend on Over 2 years i j buy next?
Soft hardware goods on average Amiga 1200 ii in a month?
42. Would you ever buy a game Amiga 4,000 ii Nothing [j Under £10
[J without seeing a review first in a CD32 ii E10-E25 [j
£25-£50 jj copy of CU AMIGA?
FMV ii £50-£75 [] £75-£100 [] Yes (] No [j Sega Mega CD u E100-E150 jj £150-£200ij Sega Mega Drive n Over£200 [)
43. How would you rate CU AMIGA Sega Game Gear u as a computer
mag? (10 = brilliant, Sega Master System n
35. In order of preference, which 1 = rubbish) Nintendo SuperNES
ii of the following are the most 1 [] 2 I) Nintendo GameBoy
ii important things that help you 3 II 4 [] Nintendo NES ii
decide which software you would 5 II 6 (I Atari Jaguar Atari
Lynx Atari ST Falcon Amiga A500 Commodore CD32 Amiga A1200
Apple Macintosh Acorn Archimedes PC PC CD-ROM PC Engine Neo
Geo Philips CD-i 3DO Sega MultiMega Sega Mars Mega-32 Sega
Saturn Nintendo Project Reality Sony PS
29. How many games do you own?
None [] One [ 2-5 (j 6-10 [ 11-25 [j 26-50 ( More than 50 [ j
30. On average how much software (games and or utility) do you
Never buy software A couple every year One every three months One every couple of months One per month Two per month Three per month Four per month Five per month More than five per month like to buy? (1 = most Important, I] 8 [] 10 10 = least important) Computer magazine review [) Computer magazine preview Recommendation by a friend [ j
44. What do you think of the different sections of CU AMIGA?
Good Average Poor Advert in a computer magazine [ j Editorial in other magazines [ j Saw it on TV !
Saw an advert on TV i ] Saw a poster Saw it at an exhibition i ] Shop demonstration ( i Rent to try out first Other [l
36. Where do you normally buy your software and hardware?
Dixons (] Virgin (] Woolworths [j Argos I j Comet Ij Boots [j Toys R Us [jwHSmith (j Microbyte Games [j Our Price I j HMV [) Curry's [) Rumbelows [j Future Zone [ j John Menzies (j Game [ j Blockbuster Video [ j Ritz Tandy [] Beatties j) Specialist shop [ j Mail Order j ABOUT THE MAGAZINE
37. Where do you usually buy your computer magazines from?
WHSmith [ ] John Menzies [ ] Martins jj Fourbuoys [ ] Tesco [j Sainsburys [j Asda [ j Local newsagent | j Subscription [ j Somewhere else [ j
36. Who pays for the magazine?
You i ] A friend (] Your parents other relative Covers Cover gifts Coverdisks News Game previews () Game reviews [ J Features Tech. Reviews [ J PD Scene [ j PD Utilities [ j Art Gallery [) Tutorials [J Sound Lab [ j Q+A (J I II Backchat Points of View [) Competitions [ j I)
45. What other magazine do you normally buy or see and how would
you rate them out of 10 (where 10 = brilliant and 1 =
Magazine Buy Rating The One Amiga [ ] (] Amiga Action Amiga Format [ j Amiga Shopper [ j Amiga Power Amiga Pro Amiga Mart Amiga Comp.
Amiga User [ ] [ ]
46. How did you first find out about CU AMIGA?
From a friend | ] In a newsagent | ] From a magazine advertisement j j At an exhibition j) From a TV show [ j Leaflet in a hard software purchase j j From a radio ad( | Other
47. How interested are you In seeing the following promotions
in CU AMIGA? (1=not Interested; 5=extremely interested):
Tipsbooks [j Supplements (eg, buyer's beginner's guides
top 100 games etc.) | J Money-off vouchers Exclusive CU AMIGA
Offers [j Gadgets - ie mousemats etc. [ j
48. Would you like to subscribe to CU AMIGA?
Yes [] No (] If you have any suggestions that you feel may be of interest to us please feel free to include them on a separate piece of paper.
Name: ..... Address: . 'NEW PR0DUC1 RETURN THE COUPON FOR 64-PACE AMIGA C NEW 40mhz & 50mhz ACCELERATORS 24-BIT GRAPHICS CARD VIDEO GENLOCK This extremely high ; quality Amiga .
Genlock, from GVP, has an intuition-based software control panel with full Arexx and command line interfaces. Easy to use. The G-Lock genlock features many sophisticated attributes among which are:
• Two Composrte Video Inputs or S-Video (Y C) Input
• Simultaneous Composite A S-Video and RGB Output e Video
Processor - Real rune Software Control ot Video Attributes
(Sharpness. Gain._ EGS SPECTRUM 1-RAM 2-RAM NEW! NEW!
£349 £399 G-LOCK £299 PLUG-IN HARD DRIVE IMAGE PROCESSING The HC8+ is a high speed ham dnve and RAM card K?Pi whicn can also De used to increase your Amiga's RAM by up to 8- RAM. Il ifiii iVil
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• Ultra Faat Access SCSI Hard Drive Option ¦ See Below
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'Pvcntiev * h rl Order Pleose send cheque PO's (made out lo Premier Mail Order), or advise Visa Mastercard number and expiry date lo: : Dept CU 20, 9-10 The Capricorn Centre Cranes Farm Rd Basildon, Essex SSI4 3JJ Tel: 0268 271172 Fax: 0268 271173 Telephone Orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat & Sun 10am-4pm We Are Open 364 Days a Year P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add E2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for Rest of The World Next day delivery service available £4 per item UK only.
MOST TITLES ARE DESPATCHED SAME DAY. BUT CAN TAKE UP TO 28 DAYS So me Titles may not be released at the time of going to Press I &OE
19. 99 22.99 .....18.99 CD32 19.99 3 032.17
99 Al 200.19 99 ......10.99 .032 1299
- ---------19.99 1799 2299 .20.99 Al 200 A5C0 17 99 Al
200 032.20.99 . Ag)0 CD32.I9 99 !*"“”“24.99 A500 032.17.99
......16.99 CD32 19 99 ItsSi.T(Wwj....
Arabian Knights _________ Body Blow* ....
Chuck Rock . Ditry Panic_____________________
Jock Nicklous Unlimted oo .
J Nicklous Course Designers Kick OH ? Extra Time™...... Kick Off 2 Final Whistle_____ Kick Off 2 Winning Tactics... Sabre Team Shadow Worlds________________ LegocyOfSorosil Award Winners 2 ..... 817 Flying Fortress (1 Meg) 16 99
17. 99 .032.17.99
20. 99
19. 99
26. 99
17. 99 18.99
9. 99 .A1200. 9.99
2. 99 iqrg'jiSLs p Hoyles Book ot Games
3 ...10 99 INDY JONES •
Innocent .....22.99
Infeno ..CD32.19.99
Kn*NAI10NMkUh B VOIttD CUP HJIT10N... 17.99 iNemational Open
§31 .
WtprJ...™ ......-A500 A1200.19.99
Jock The Ripper
27.99 XJ220.
C 7.99 ......16.99 CD32 1799
16. 99 A1200 1799 ...CD32.19.99 ......22.99 Jkl200.25.99
....10.99 A500 A1200 26 99 ......19.9?
......19.99 ......19.99 ......22.99 ......22.99 A1200 29 99
- ----------17.99 ....12 99 AibO 'J.S
- ---------12.99 A12CX3
Joro .....19.99
• Shone Brothers ......CD32.22.99
!*» .....CD32.19.99
ni» ....A500 or Al 200.17.99 J5e
_______ 22.99 Mortoger English or Scottish or Italian 19.99
itar 20.99 7 Colection
1 ...19.99
...A1200 CD32 -22.99 THI DCFINmW
- ---------21.99 igasT-------------- Ton
Carnage .... T- T ° Trocon
2,3 .'..... Town WiRr No Name.
CD32.19 99 Al 200. ..9.99 CD32.19.99 999 n 9 ATOB CDRJ-S 032 19 99 ADI English (All Ages) ------ ADI French (Al Ages) . ADI Maths (All Ages) _____ ADI GCSE Maths-English or Frer Belter Spelling (8-ldjI ..... Better Maths (12-16)________________ .13.99
10. 99 ..6.99 ..6.99 ..6.99
16. 99
16. 99
16. 99 .17.99 .17.99 Cave Maze (8-12) .. Fun
School 2 (6-8) .. Fun School 2
(+S) ... Fun School 2
(U6) . Fun School 4
(5-7) .. Fun School 4
(7-11) Fun School 4 (U5) ...
Fun Schod + Create (cner 5+).
W Fyp* *»* Picture Fractions Playschool (3-8).
S« Sb ______1999 7799 ....17.9?
CD32.22.99 ......8.99 ..A500 CD32.19.99 ......9.99 ..._.:.;:.a»ii7:99 A500 or A1200 17.99 Carol) (8+).
The Three Bears (5-1C Wind in The Willows Wizard Of Oz ....
17. 99 ......59.99
64. 99 :::a 32.:l?:99 A1200 1999 JOYSTICK & ACCESSORIES Mogic
Of Doom Paml 4 AGA FANTASTIC W0R1DS - Mega lo Mania, Pirt4es, Populous, Realms, Wonderland £22.99 ZZ!Zl7.99 ..Al 200 18 99 ......19.99 ......17.99 .....CD32.19.99 CM2.19.99 A1200 A500.17.99 TEAM 17 VCX 1 Body Blows, Superfrog, Overdrive 10 Copocity 3.5" Disk Bo*_______ 40 Capacity 3.5" Disk Box ... 50 Copocity 3.5" Disk Box...-..... 80 Copocity 3.5" Disk Box ... 100 Copocity 3.5" Disk Box . al&nlfc";"”"”" Cheetah Bug--------------------------- Competition Pro Extra - . Freewheel Steering Wheel .... Gravis Advanced Swrtch
SPACE LEGENDS Wing Commander, Site, Mega traveller 1 £19.99
3. 5"BLANK DISKS Mega io-Mania CD32 12 99 .CD32.17.99 CD32 22 99
«2 899
19. 99 9.99 CD32 17 99
12. 99 Sim 2 Hawaiian S Sim 2 USA No 7 DUTY'S EXCEUENT ADVENTURES
Dizzy Panic, Bubble Dizzy, Dizzy- Prince of York Folk,
Spellbound Dizzy. ,Kwik Snax £16.99 WW, SoooU.
Live of The Terrpvni, Oxw
01. 99 mm- RECYCLED lSSdsi 10051 There’s never a dull moment in
cyberspace - it’s like receiving a sack of mail, a bundle of
the latest PD and a magazine or two through your letterbox
every morning. John Kennedy looks at what’s what.
REACH OUT AND TOUCH... What is FidoNet? It's a huge network ol amateur buletin boards spread ocross the world. There ore over 26,000 boards taking part and each board is used by many oeo tYou con log onto o Fido board just ike another BBS, when you go to the messaging oreas youl see a bed of the lot ol interesting stuff dying bode ond forward.
Fido boards link up at night, and share messages between one another. This means that as wel as having loail areas, most boards have national or even interno- tional sections.
Early every morning, before the postman comes round, my computer uses its modem to dial a local number After a lew seconds the transfer is finished, and I have a new sack of mail to read through.
The mail ranges from everything from personal messages from people I’ve never met, to general comments about the Amiga s operating system.
It’s all down to Comms, the hobby that’s growing in popularity every day To take part you need a computer, a modem, a standard telephone line and some software - and It s easier to get started than you might think.
Xwith excess to a Fido board can take (wrl in which are on-going conversation everything under Ihe sun. The Echos broadly o what the conversations ore about (Astronomy, .
Mogazmes. Gomes consoles) and inside each Echo are different 'threads' an related topics.
If possUeinleod of relying an reodmg and teolyina to messages whist your modem is connected, you should rgethald of an‘off-tne reader'program, such as 0- or AnyBW These programs alow you to read and answer messages whilst not octuafly on-line - your messages ore all bundled up ond sent when you have finished. QBIue and A tyBWore freely available from most boards, under the nomes of Q-BLUE10.1HA ond AMYBW20I.LHA. Alternatively, you should consider becoming a 'port an a Fidoboard. Ask your local board’s sysop about it. And hel tel you of Ihe odvanloges and help to gel you started. You must ask
your sysop before becoming a Point so they con give you a point number Don’t worry, becoming a point is free, and in retort you get to have your own miniature buletin board system. The best software for the job is Spot (written by PPMore author Nico Francois), and youl also need JropBoor to do the mailing. Both programs ore short- ware, and easy lo get hold of.
PLUG CORNER Here are some new echoes to pester and annoy your boss about: CAVING (moderated by Neil Croft).
This board is all about, erm. Caving. II your boss doesn't take this echo you can get it yourself Irom the following boards: Aspects (tel:06!-708-9330).
Cassiopea (tel:0223-411066) and Cavern: (tel:061-796-1770).
PHATCHETT A widely available echo all about Terry ’Discworld' Pratchett.
REGION25 This is good for a laugh. It’s where the real fighting goes on. There is nothing so bitchy as a sysop scorned. Here’s a list ot some interesting boards to log on to: I’m told this one has a friendly Il you writ your fn.ourne board mentioned or want O N .
Of local pieces to call or just wont to mole some comments: • write or [moil lo Wired World.
Internet address: cuomigcr® cix.compulink.co.uk Internet address: johnl@inlosys.dcmoii.co.ul lido address: FidoNet 2:443 134 Fido echo: AMIGA MAGS Post: Wired World”Cu AMIGA. Priory Court. 30 32 Farringdon lone. London KIR 3AU.
COMMS [Scpeen I Phone Dial What’s this, even more Comms information?
Well, you asked for it and now you got it.
So, your eyes are not deceiving you.
Graham Mason gives you the low down on Ncomm 3.
January 1994 marked a milestone in Amiga modem users lives. The long-awaited update for Ncomm 2 finally hit the scene.
Ncomm 2 has long been a product that modem users the world over have sworn by, a yardstick against which other terminal packages on the Amiga have been measured by. Could a new version ever manage to live up to this reputation?
More to the point, would it be radically different enough to warrant upgrading to?
GET IT ON Upon booting up Ncomm 3 one thing becomes immediately apparent: the author of Ncomm 2 has suffered so much at the hands of users who have taken advantage the program but never registered that he has disabled all the save functions from the program. Thus, while it’s easy to configure the program on a session by session basis it gets to be so much of a chore that you will end up registering the package If you use it frequently.
Changes from version two to version three also become obvious: the bugs which caused the old version to crash have largely been ironed out while XPR protocol support has now been included. The XPR system is like a large library of file transfer protocols, (eg, zmodem is called XPRzmodem) and this file support means you can use many older types of file format. Major detail has also been paid to the way that the screen is laid out. For instance, the screen modes which are selectable to use with Ncomm is no longer limited to plain high res. Now, if your Amiga has an enhanced graphics card,
Ncomm 3 will be more than pleased to use it. Gone also is the rather limited Ncomm character set, this time any type of Amiga character set can be displayed on the Ncomm 3 screen.
Close attention has also been paid to Aroxx support. In fact its now possible to talk to Ncomm 3 solely via Arexx and not have to use the menu functions at all. Should you wish to have a script executed at, say 6pm, dial a friend, upload a file and then log off the facility, this has now been built in. Close attention has also been paid to today's UPDATE Registered users ol Hcomm 3 will now get version 3.04 whidl has further enhancements to the program os well os some added utils.
Registered version available from Tortsiel Lndberg Pilotveien 10, N-0384 Oslo, Norway.
High-speed modems and the rate al which they can Iranster and receive data. With the need lor highspeed modems lo have serial port rates ol 38400 bps and 57600 bps it's nice lo see that these and greater speeds are also supported.
The way the screen handling routines have been optimised becomes apparent when you see the rate at which text just tlies onto your screen.
This is best illustrated by the tact that you don't notice that much difference in screen capabilities with trying this program running on an A4000 and if you compare it to a standard 1 Mb A500.
My last point relates to tile transfer: Ncomm 3 covers every aspect ol the zmodem file protocol, and any luture updates to the protocol, il there are any, will covered via a configuration menu system.
GOLDEN OLDIES Unfortunately there are a lew memory problems lor users of older Amigas. The programmer (a Mr. Torkiel lodberg) recommends that Ncomm 3 isn't used on Amigas with only 512K RAM, and to be honest I can see why; with the program using around 200k and with all the other file options that are built in, you would soon run out of memory.
This really isn't a limitation though, I wouldn't think that there are that many 512k users left, especially among the Comms fraternity.
All is not lost lor older machines though, provided you have over 1 Mb ol Ram. Its nice to see that the reqtools.library has been used extensively which allows a Workbench 1.3 Amiga to look like a Workbench 2.0 Amiga. In tests on my HST dual standard and on an A4000 the program performed effortlessly. I transferred a lew programs to local BBSs with no problems and noticed that, if anything, the rate of the transfer performed about live percent better than Ncomm 2.
CONCLUSION This program has been a long time in the making and well worth it. If you check out your local PD libraries and bulletin boards you will find it, but it’s more than well worth while registering for the complete package. Since starting to use this version my old Ncomm 2 has been sent into retirement.
We had a good and happy relationship together but sadly (sniff, I never thought I'd say this), it's time to pension it off in favour of its successor. Qt) Designed 10 bring you high quality and performance at affordable prices, AmiTek peripherals offer outstanding value-lor- money. They are built to ensure easy fitting, and trouble tree operation - making them a pleasure to use. AmiTek products are also thoroughly tested and very reliable, so reliable thal we are pleased to offer a lull two year warranty on Ihe AmiTek products detailed here.
AMITEK - ‘FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY’ PERIPHERALS FOR ALL AMIGA SYSTEMS AM TEK 3y2" DELUXE RAM UPGRADE & MATHS i£ FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS SONYK aX'i MECHANISM Jj FOR THE AMIGA 1200 Maximise the processing power of your standard A1200. Be ready for Ihe new generation of software which makes more demands on Amiga memory and technology The ArmTek Hawk RAM expansion deludes i© to 8v* fast 32 b* RAM. The abitfy . ... dean be easily instated andccroes with a 2 year warranty. The Hawk RAM board is avateWe in 9 pre-configured versons enabing you lo select the model wtwh best suits your requirements.
ANTI-VIRUS The swtcfatue Ar*V»us mode stops track 0 Wuj» rtecang I* dsk wtte ft V* dwe Yet istke many other drives wtwh have virus Idlers. The Anb-Vkus mode YEAR 1 ••mines new 0« drw combnes v elegant design rtflh Duld Qiuffly M smooth performance in a «ry aBortatW adapt HgNy mortrvtoS iasm HoCorn - Leading Ampa Journals* HIGH QUALITY SONY MECHANISM AmiTek took the tine to source a mechansm that has all the teatires, quality ana reliability that Amiga owners have been crying out tor. After vigorously testing Sony's mechanism, it proved to be the best by far avaiia&e.
• 75ms Access time
• Daisy Chainable Via Thru Port
• Low Power Usage
• No Need For External PSU
• 2 Year Warranty ADD ADDITIONAL DRIVES As a dottte sided
mechanism, the AmiTek dm* give® 880K ol dsk space after
tornamng It s also dasy-chanade. Whch
* Plugs straight into A1200 trapdoor • No soklenng required
* Upgradeable FAST RAM board lo 1.2.4 or 8** i Uses Industry
standard socketed SIMMs for oasy upgrades
* Two types of optional Floating Point Unit - 33*»u or 40MH4 PLCC
68882 co-processor » Comprehensive easy to follow manual with
illustrations I Works with all A1200 and A1200HD computers
* Does not invalidate your A1200 warranty
FOR AMIGA 500 600 more than your Amiga's capaoty to nm at their
lul potened The ArrvTe.
Range of RAM upgrades is the perfect way to add that extra memory capeory to your system. The following RAM upgrades are al trapdoor cards and fitting wil not affect your *-i *- warranty.
T . .
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OectOe when to buy your new Amga products, we suggest you hlnk
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it wil be Ike a tew mon*ts after you have made yoi» purchase,
when you may reqtxe addOonai penpherals or software, or help
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• tw 309OxlotflSlJOt 71421 1234 Tel: 861-832 Sellrtdoesitowwtto
MANCHESTER ft) (Home):--------- Tel (Worth--------------- Which
computers), if any. Do you own?
SIDCUP 1-4 The Mews, Hathertey Road. S•Tap. Kent, QA14 40X SOUTHEND Tel: 702 468039 KaMes uw nnri. High Si Sctfhend-cn-Sea. Essex. SSI 1LA JOHN «**_ KENNEDY Some time ago John sv repaired a broken A4000 on an alien spaceship, and in return they built him a nice new oHice near his home. Lucky, eh?
* 1 LEANING Andy has Jk just moved
* • Lm into new premises too - a brand new house.
Needless to say it has been designed to look like an Amiga!
MUMMY SAYS... ®l am a novice Amiga user and I know absolutely nothing about how to use my brand new A1200. Please can you give me some advice and a few pointers.
[ UTTER OT THE MONTH Being a cosole (sic) owner as well as an amiga owner i thought that some things need clering (sic) up about the cd32 owners.
1. Sell
2. Stop hoping for convrsions (sic) of pc megacd games its (sic)
not going to hapen (sic)
3. There was a rummor (sic) of x wing being converted guess what
well its (sic) not 4 Dont (sic) listen to mags there (sic)
full of bull
5. A1200 cd drive ha ha
6. Buy a pc
7. Use the cd32 as an ash tray
8. Swop for mega cd
9. Looking forward to tfx in febuary (sic) try june instead.
10. You have allways (sic) got liberation nice game pity about
the graphics and slow down.
11. Good buy (sic) you loosers The CD32 Hate Club, whereabouts
1. My Amiga has no hard drive and no external floppy drive, and I
find the constant disk swopping very irritating. I'm also
worried that it might damage my machine. My mother says that
the machine must be built for this, is she right?
2. 1 would like to learn a programming language to create demos
and games, but I find most languages very hard to use - even
Easy Amos.
3. 1 cannot understand Amiga- DOS at all.
4. 1 have very little money, and I would like some good cheap
software? Where could I get some?
A. N.Other, Forrest Hills, Camberley, Surrey.
Wow! Well, that's me put In my place. How could I possibly argue with such a well written, clear and accurate letter? I’ll dump my Amiga and buy a Mega CD tomorrow.
Too shy to put your name, eh?
Welcome to the wonderful world MIGA WORKSH Questions answered, problems solved.
The Q&A boys are on the ball!
ASK THE EXPERTS of Amiga. It won't be long before you’re an Amiga expert just like me [big head - ed), so keep on In there. To answer your questions:
1. Always listen lo your mother.
Although swopping disks is a time consuming and tedious task, as long as you don't use excessive force the drive should continue to work for a long time to come.
Remember, your Amiga has a year's warranty. I've been using an A500 for many years now, and the drive still works perfectly.
2. You can't understand Easy Amos? Really? Do you have the full
package, with Ihe manuals and everything? If, you try reading
through the manuals again they should be able lo help you.
3. Don't worry about AmigaDOS, most people don't understand if.
This isn’t helped by Commodore's decision to not include an
AmigaDOS manual with the A1200. If you are keen lo learn about
it then keep reading CU AMIGA, or nip down to your local
library and ask them to get in any of the relevant (and
useful) Bruce Smith Books.
4. Ask your mum for some pocket money, and send it off to 17 Bit
Software (tel: 0924 366982).
Ask them for the best A1200 demos they’ve got - Nine Fingers Is quite clever.
MISSING RAM I have an Amiga 4000 030,4Mb of fast RAM.
2Mb of chip RAM and a 240Mb hard drive. However, my RAM disk always has 75K occupied even when there aren't any programs or background tasks running. When I search Ihe RAM disk in the Shell, there appears to be three directories using this space: ENV, Clipboards and T. I have tried To delete these three directories but the computer tells me that they are in use, even when they appear not lo be.
This is extremely annoying because it eats up my precious RAM! Can these files be installed on the hard disk instead? Why are they there and how can I delete them?
Sfeven Browne, Darby Green, Camberley, Surrey.
Personally, I think 75K Is a small drop In the ocean of a whopping 4Mb of RAM. The flies you mention as occupying too much space are actually good things - you shouldn't delete them.
The reason they are 'in use’ even when there aren’t any programs running is because the operating system is using them.
Therefore It would be extremely Ill- advised to delete them.
The T drawer Is a temporary 1 programs use 1AM speeds up storage place. Many f It, and having it in RAM speeds up a lot of operations. If you edit the startup-sequence you can alter It to reside on the hard disk If you really want, although the benefits are negligible.
The clipboard is an extremely useful concept. Many programs allow cutting and pasting, but the really clever ones will all support the clipboard. This means one program can cut some text, and another program can paste it. In the meantime the data is stored in the clipboard's directory.
During the startup-sequence, the ENVARC drawer is copied from the Workbench partition to the ENV drawer in RAM. This ENV directory contains all sorts of useful information. Some applications will keep their settings here, but you’ll also find default icons and all sorts. ENV is a very useful thing, so don't try and nuke it!
If you really want to save RAM, always switch off the Workbench screen when running an application. Most programs should have this as an option. If you can't do this, make the Workbench use as little memory as possible by cutting the colours down to two, and shrink the screen down to 640X
200. This setting can be saved as a preference file, which you
can then leave out on the Workbench.
Incidentally, I hope your A4000's fast memory is made up from a single 4Mb SIMM. If you have 4 x 1Mb SIMMs fitted, you’ll have to throw them away when you need more memory. Actually, I had a bit of luck with a dealer that was prepared to give me a good trade-in deal on my two 1 Mb SIMMs, so shop around.
INSTALL BLUES , I have an Amiga 1200 with 4Mb of RAM, a co-pro- mV cessor and a r (J 185Mb hard W Mr drive. I have tried lo install Star Trek and Deluxe Paint IV but neither ot these programs will run. How do I get these programs to run?
Also, how can I get programs such as Maxiplan4 to use the higher resolution screens available, now that I am the proud owner of a Microvitec monitor?
Adrian Bemascone, Shoreham-by- sea, West Sussex.
I followed the Instructions that came with Star Trek and didn't have any problems. So, I suggest you read the manual again very carefully. As Deluxe Paint came with your A1200 pack, there probably weren't any specific hard disk Installation instructions. In this case, drag all the icons from the floppy to the hard disk but make HowTo Attract Girls fy irsird on BBC Tvs T« CONTACT 18 contains ANDROSTENONE ANROSTENOL PHEROMONE and is the NE and Super be best quality, most Seromooc anractant available. Don t be misled by ca™ .sssaass Witfss- ‘CONTACT 18 really docs seem to work! The most
• I knew CONTACT 18 wasn't a gimmick when one of the girls at
work, quite out of character, staned to seduce me when we were
alone in the office " S.D. Nottingham. Price £12.95 Order 2
PO Box 117.
Si Helier. JE4 KQZ leating through my Dad s latest edi- 2. Would it be possible to bon ol What PC and I came across the CD32 with my A500 and FIXED CHARGE ONLY £42.99 Incl.
A500 MODULATOR £18.80 Exchange repair A500 KEYBOARDS £44.10 Factory new . Genuine pan FATTER AGNUS 8372A £36.50 1 Meg cbipram compatible CIA IC £9.20 Printer Serial. Drive pons GARY IC £1 ¦ -50 PAULA IC £19.95 A500PSU £25.00 IALERS A ive dealer repair service.
Special Deluxe Pulnl
o been added lo your s directory on Ihe der programs such as
o use the new screen mode promotion from program Icontrol It this
it work, use one ol the many PO utilities to lorce the screen
mode. I have used OouMsXwtth great success.
PICK A CARD rm ,he P,oud an arbde on PCMCIA cards It seems that in the PC world there is a wealth ol ditterent cards, including I realise that the port is meant to be a standard, so is It possible to use any ol the cards you lind In PC magazines in my Amiga? Also, why are the all cards I see advertised lor memory only.
Stuart Lees. Dursley, Gloucestershire.
Machine. However, there is a total lack ol support lor the PCMCIA port at the side ol the computer.
This morning, I happened to be I LIKE FUCKER at I am planning to 9* buy an At 200 quite soon, with a k-monitor, but I am I* not sure which ’* monitor to buy.
Do I need a multisync monitor?
I Deluxe Paint AGA. Do all ol There Is somes Commodore ere ( keyboard but this hasn't been cor firmed yet. This would add full A1200 functionality to the CD32.
So yes, many A500 games would j could use ters (0392 499 755) produce that uaes the CD32* keyas a serial port, the CD32 can be ¦ the serial version of This means the CD-ROM be used on the other a device such as CD0: hen use any of the dozen lie domain coincidentally also work on Pcs).
II you look around, you will also llnd A1200 networking hardware and I suspect that a SCSI interlace is on the cards (dreadlul pun).
Ch will connect via the PCMCIA . OVP are also working on a so sound sampler (which will sssrvisrs are also rumoured to 5 actually use the high displays that,her CD32 EXPANSION a(Tel:t SPECIAL OFFERS A500 INTERNAL DRIVE 138.99 Simple lo fit. Fully documented A600 A1200 INTERNAL DRIVE £41.90 Simple to fit. Fully documented KICKSTART 1J ROM £25.00 For software compatibility KICKSTART 2.05 ROM £29.90 Upgrade to A500yROM SUPER DENISE £28.70 Excellent value 68000 CPU _£15.00 _ A ATTENTION A LI Our company now offer the most competitiv!
Full credit facilities available Send for our Free information pack today... We reserve the right to refuse repair for whatever reasons Prices only valid with this coopon Service HOTLINE (0533) 470059 DART Computer Services r-=- 105 London Road -A Leicester I.E2 OPE 3E Computer Services r- ;.•*£• 1 To: GLS RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY, PO BOX I It. St HEUER.IE48QZ * ITS'Ptaano!sc taUnolCOkt*CTlSlatto(CVl«!rOfa f__(FonipaflO) Or debit my Access Visa Act No- ... 24 HR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE E~, 0534 61 71 81 omputer Services ind net an
extra___ Fr 18 FREE!
CU 594 internal IDE hard drive advertised for £129.99 and would like to know of this is good value. It has 64Mbs.
And, is it easy to fit at home?
Graham Gordon, Birmingham.
No, you don’t need a multisync monitor. As the A1200 can be used with an ordinary television set, the video output must be about 15KHz. This means it can work perfectly wtth a standard colour monitor such as the Commodore 1084S.
However, try this. Adjust your workbench screen so that It Is 640 by 512, the screen will be in an Interlaced mode. Looks nice doesn’t It? Lots of room for Icons and windows. Notice how the fonts In a DTP or Page Publisher program look great. Pity about the flickering though.
With a multisync monitor, the flickering will disappear. It's as simple as that: larger displays, no flicker. If you can live with smaller- sized screens or you don’t mind the flicker, then you don’t need a multisync. You can still use all the extra colour modes offered by the AGA chipset.
All games use the lo-res modes so that they can be displayed on television, and so a multisync would have absolutely no benefit If that Is all your Amiga is used for. On the other hand, most productivity software titles now make use of the new screen modes and so, when using Final Writer or Wordworth, the screen displays are all correctly proportioned and very easy to work with.
The value of the hard drive depends on if it has a 2.5 inch or a
3. 5 Inch mechanism. The smaller drives are easy to fit but a bit
expensive. The 3.5 inch drives are cheaper but require a bit
of effort.
I still think 64Mb is too small, and you should try for 130Mb or 214Mb for a first drive if you can possibly afford it. Certainly, any less than 64Mb and you will be wasting your money - you’ll fill It within weeks.
HONESTY WINS lam 15 years old andlownan Amiga 600.1 have dabbled with AMOS and have come to the conclusion that it is crap. I apologise tor the language, but I like to be honest and straight to the point, and I hope you will be too (no boffin (argon please).
I want to use my Amiga to learn to program, in the hope that one day I will be the number cruncher behind some future Amiga titles, but I have come to realise that AMOS is not the way forward. I have sold my copy ol AMOS and now I would like to ask a lew questions:
1. Is the next step C?
2. I've had a peek at Blitz Basic 2, is it worth taking a better
3. Is there an Action Replay cartridge available lor the A600?
4. II not, why not?
5. What is the ditlerence between Cand Assembled
6. Which program is used by the biggest percentage ol software
houses? Can you name two top games written in this.
7. Which program is likely to lead me to:
a. A career in programming?
B. Griel?
8. Where can I get any ol these programs Irom. And how much are
they likely to cost?
9. What do you advise me to do?
Please help I am serious about wanting to code, and really want to make it more than just a hobby.
Mike Howard, Runcorn, Cheshire.
I'm sorry that you've written oil AMOS so quickly. AMOS is a good programming package, as it offers an Integrated programming environment (editor, Interpreter and so on) In one easy-to-use unit. It Is also very fast and allows good use ol the Amiga hardware. Many fine programs have been written In AMOS.
By the way, the term number cruncher' normally refers to computer hardware, you don't want to grow up to be a microprocessor do you?
1. The language C could well be the next step, but It depends
where you are going.
2. Blitz 2 Is vary good.
Unfortunately, It Is also BASIC- based like AMOS, so you might think It's crap. I think It Is an excellent system though.
3. No, there Isn't an Action Replay cartridge for the A600.
4. There Isn't a suitable expansion port on the A600 to stick
It In.
5. They are completely different languages. C uses vaguely
engllah-llke statements: int I; for (i=0;U10;l++)
(prlntf("% M|-);) Assembler uses more simple Instructions
like: move* *10,dO .loop (sr prlntnumber dbl.w dO Assembler Is
very machine specific (th* Amiga and Pcs us* totally different
assembly languages) but very quick. C is also last, but It
Is also platform independent - apart lor the graphics and
sound parts, a C program will run on an Amiga, a PC or a Mac.
When writing games It Is usually best to use a combination of both.
Neither language comes with any graphics or sound support, It's entirely up to you to write it all.
This la what makes AMOS and Blitz so easy to use - all the hard stuff has been done lor you.
8. Most software houses will use assembler, although some of the
more tar-slghted use C and C**. Pick any game In the Amiga
charts and It will be almost totally Assembler, with bits of C
here and there.
A. The best language to learn would be Cor C**.
B. It could be C. It's not easy, but try COBOL lor some real suf
8. You can get good C compilers Irom most Public Domain
libraries. Look out lor DICE and North C. There are also
Assemblers In th* Public Domain too. Such as ASM68K.
9. Th* choice ol programming language Isn't half as Important as
the way you program. Most software could have been written
In any language, It'a th* way you write It that's Important.
Learning to program Is Independent of which language you use.
If you want to make programming your career, do some A levels and go to university. Get a Bsc or Beng In Computer Science and start work lor IBM, ICL or any other big company. Some colleges are starting courses specifically In programming video games, so ask your careers teacher at school.
Alternatively, leam to program (trying as many languages as possible) and bluff your way onto a large computer company's aptitude test.
ANSI ART ATTACK ®l ve been buying CU AMIGA lor a year and a hall now, and I've read all the tutorials.
However, I haven't seen any tutorials about ANSI ASCiI art. What about a tutorial or an ANSI ASCII art gallery? I know it's a lot to ask but will you al least think about it?
I am co-sysop ol a board called Blue Steel BBS and the boys and I have just started to draw some brand new screens which will hopefully impress our users Why not come and. Have a look at the ANSI screens? Call our BBS on 0742-874054 Craig Mellon, Swallownest.
Why do I get the leeling that your letter was |uat some poor attempt at getting a free plug for your board? Anyway, to those lor whom ANSI art Is a complete mystery, let me explain.
Normally, when you use your modem to dial onto a Bulletin Board System (BBS) you get pretty boring on screen text.
However, II your software (for example Ncomm or the labby TERM- both available from public domain libraries), supports ANSI graphics you can view some coloured picture*. The resolution isn't great (about Teletext standard) but anything Is an improvement on boring text.
Craig, II enough people send In ANSI screens I'm sure there can be an Art Gallery special. In the meantime, please send some ol your best pictures to Illustrate the Wired World column.
Incidentally, any other Sysops wanting a plug, please write to Wired World, or drop me an Email do Fidonet (my address Is 2:443 13.4 and my Boss Is Colin Turner at The Heart ol Gold - tel: 0247-274919).
BASK APPROACH Please find enclosed a copy ola letter that I sent you In December 1993, and as yet I have had no reply in CU AMIGA, which I can't just understand.
As I pointed out, I am a newcomer to Amiga computing, and I thought you would give a bil more thought to us novices, besides which I thought your magazine was maybe the best one to buy as I have heard a bit ol praise Irom others who read it Well that takes care ol my little moan, now maybe you can help me with the following questions
t. How do I go about entering BASIC into my computer, and what is
the best language to learn?
2. Do I have to buy special software lor the above?
3. How do I make any ol my programs bootable!
John Robinson, Hartlepool, Cleveland.
I'm sorry, but there simply Isn't space to answer every letter sent to Q&A. The space Is limited, and we have to make best use of what we've got. Your last letter just didn't make It.
1. The Amiga doesn't have a programming language built In.
You can try and use the supplied Arexz language to start with, but I suggest you buy a BASIC programming package such as Easy AMOS or Blitz Basic. Although C and Assembler can be described as more powerful languages, I strongly recommend you try AMOS or Blitz first.
2. Yes. Try Hlsoft (Tel: 0525 718181) and Europress Software
(Tel: 0625 859333)
3. This depends on the particular programming package you use,
some won't create a Individual stand-alone program, In which
case you're stuck.
Otherwise, it’s a matter of copying the program Icon Into th* WB Startup drawer, or Inserting the name of the program In th* User- startup Die In the S: directory.
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SOUND LAB r 'I , - I J r rJ OctaMED 4 just isn’t complete without a sampler plugged into it, but which one should you buy? Tony Horgan emerges from the lab with some answers... as! Month we gave away the brilliant OctaMED 4 I music program, along with a stack ot samples tor you to use. There are even more samples on this month's coverdisks, but if you want to get the most out of OctaMED.
You should start sampling your own sounds. Betore starting to do this, however, you'll need a sampler cartridge. There are quite a tew to choose from, with prices ranging trom around £30 to over £200. Here's a quick guide to the main contenders to help you choose the one that's right tor you.
PART mm SOUND I I B nice system but it is geared towards aeatir Set Vrskm |f$ j7?2744407)Prire:" ru.ik. r i„. I.. cheaper option ofrl 1 H 3671). Unlike tl All sampler cartridges come as a combined software and hardware package. The hardware contains the essential analogue-to-digital convertor (the part that turns the sound wave into numbers that the computer can read). Just about all samplers plug into the parallel port at the back ot the computer, and are compatible across all Amigas. Sound reproduction quality vanes trom one cartridge to another, but not to a great extent.
AUDIO ENGINEER PLUS 2 £159.99 HOBBYTE TEL: 0727 856005 As if is tho most expensive 8-bit sampler available, you might expect Audio Engineer Plus 2 to be the best, and it is.
Unlike most other samplers that plug directly into the back of the Amiga, Audio Engineer's hardware has a short connecting ribbon, allowing you to place the unit on top of the Amiga, from where you can easily twiddle the controls on the front panel (users ot the “big box" Amigas will find it less accessible) There's a “gain" knob on the The other side ot the coin is the software Now that you have OctaMED. You won't have to use the software that comes with the sampler Even so.
Quite often the sampler's software will have extra editing features that you won t find in OctaMED.
Such as extra effects routines, real time effects processing, sampling into Fast RAM, hard disk | recording and so on. So, bring forth the samplers... I OttoMW INK rite AMIGA's standard 8 bit sampling and playback routines, so you cau l use if directly with a 16-bil sampler.
However you could sample your sounds in 16 bits, and convert them lo j oils. Ibis might sound pointless, but the down-graded samples wl sound dearet than if™ hod just sampled with bits in the list place. Hie Sunrize A0516 board, together with the S udtio d software is the leadng 16 bit Anaga n der. It's a 274 4407) Price: £1,000.
Clarity 16 is a far cheaper option ot £150, available Itom Microdeal (tel: 0525 713671). Unlike the Sunrize system, Clarity doesn't sample lo o hard drive, choosing instead to play oil its samples direct from RAM. The software is very basic, but allows trigger up to lour samples from an eiternol MIDI source, os your Amiga is fast enough. Clarity is probably best a sampler for use with o dedicated sompfe-pioyoadi unit.
Sampler to give you more control over the incoming sound level.
Sound quality from the cartridge is excellent, with the best frequency response across the sonic range of any 8-bit sampler The software too. Is second to none. It can sample into Fast RAM. Which is very handy, as you can take massive samples in one go, and then chop them up and save them out in more manageable chunks. It doesn't have a massive range of effects, but it's the only sampler to have a time-stretch feature.
Time stretching is when you alter the speed ot a sample, without changing the pitch, or vice versa It's very useful for getting long loops and vocals lo fit in a different tempo, when you don't want to alter the tuning. Even if you don't need that, the software is still the most comprehensive and user- friendly of the lot. However, whether It's worth paying four limes as much as you would for a budget sampler is a question worth debating DSS8 PLUS £69 SILICA SYSTEMS TEL: 081 309 1111 A clear plastic case gives DSS8 a trencVer look than the other sub-dOO samplers, but apart trom that, it
s pretty much business as usual on the hardware side It can be a bit noisy when used with the accompanying software but strangely it performs better with third-party software It's not that heavy on features, but does have a handy tracker, and the interface is easy to use One unique feature it does have is the software high frequency filter. If you turn this on before sampling, you end up with a lot less hiss on your sound which helps it grab very clean bass sounds it's a bit over priced for what s on offer, but does its |Ob well
and detailed muiti-player formvia one management limitation
Sign driver contracts Irom any ol the 56 drivers, make engine
and suppber deals.
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I extracharge QISKPWCES: 1SC1.MI.6-18C12S.il • 30 £1.08.38 . P.0A ¦ PIMM *M50pP«Pto a" order msiM the UK PAP tor Europe arts ROW: P.O A. 3 "l* PoWe” HeailCTVS EMl H™ COI &o'S38»Z or phono: (0324) 472106 prtlirably between the boors ol 10.30 ft 5.30pm Thanfa eve* so much lor reading Bile ft's boon lovely talking lo you I DINOSAURS FISH TANK
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WS6 6NE - AMIGA WORKSHOP BLITZ BASIC liel O’Connor looks at
Blitz Basic’s data structure to find out why it’s the games
programmer’s best friend... GAMES PROGRAMME WITH So far all
the demo programs we've written have been very basic Indeed,
consisting of no more than two ob|ects (shapes) moving around
the screen. However, whilst this might be enough for a very
simple game like Pong or Break Out. It's perhaps a little bit
too limiting for most games. Imagine how bonng a game like
Project X would be if there were only two aliens to kill at any
one time!
Keeping track of just one or two of shapes is very easy indeed, but what do you do if your game uses many differenl objects all of which may appear on the screen simultaneously, yet they move independently of each other? Using the rather amateunsh approach of assigning each Obtect a set of separate variables, keeping track ot just four or five objects could be very code intensive! Take a game like Allen Breed, for example. Because the aliens do not move around in fixed movement patterns like a squad of soldiers. Each alien needs its own set of parameters which defines where it is on the
screen, what it's doing and so on.
Of course the simple solution would be to assign a set of unique variables to each alien: ALIEN1X, ALIEN1Y. ALIEN2X. ALIEN2Y and SO on. Okay, so it would work but you'd soon end up getting completely bogged down in code What's Ihe solution? Well, ask any games programmer and regardless of their background or the types of game that they write, chances are they'll give you the same answer time and time again - the data structure. Fact is, the i ‘ haps the most importanUdgredient in any r programming project a(t8 once you've i the theory, you'll find I games that you cant i The data structure is
Aspects of languages such as • but it's been strangely absent trom i BASIC implementations. Unlike AMOS,.
Ports true data structures using its powerful 'NEWTYPE' statement. This is a much more | ertul facility than the conventional (and rather limited) arrays that AMOS games programmers have to contend with.
DATA DESTRUCTION A data structure provides the games programmer with a quick and easy method of grouping together several unique items ol data under a single heading - ALIEN, for example Say you wanted the following items of data to be held on each alien in your Alter Breed Dealer XPOS: the X screen position of the alien YPOS: the alien's Y screen position STATUS: the alien's status. What la the alien doing?
DIR: the alien's direction of movement You would therefore create a ‘NEWTYPE' structure that held all this information in the form of a data structure. And, in true Blue Peter fashion, here's one I created earlier... NEWTYPE .alieninfo XPOS.w YPOS.w e's a couple :! Points worth noting about the . For starters, note how i the name of the data struc- t as it tells Blia that this is Ja data structure in its own right, [command does is tell Blitz the i structure, it doesn't actually cre- I Itself. Think of it as drawing up i for your data structure.
Rdone any form of 68000 assembly ) then you’ll recognise the lit- after each vanable definition Just I language, these tags tell Blitz the type of data that the variable will be expected to handle. Blitz supports a number of data types (not to be confused with the data types facility offered by Workbench 3.0), each with their own unique identifying letter.
Here's a quick rundown of the more commonly- used data types:
- b - Byte * .w = word (2 bytes, 16 bits) XI'US.W sHl'Psilluil
WI'US w W I’d s itmn SPUD Spent SI AIUS Snip Status MIAMI
Auiiiiiitiiui I Mini' I Mil NIWIYPI Every object In e gome tree
lie own Seta structure that tails I Blltr how mo ob|ect should
behave and Its current alatua.
.1 ' longword 14 bytes, 2 words, bits!
.f = float (floating point nuntbep Defining a data structure using the NEWTYPE command is only half the battle as it is nothing more than a definition that tells Blitz how to store data, in order to set aside the memory which will be used to hold the actual data, you need to create an array using the DIM' statement like so: DIM alien.alieninfo(50) This would give you 50 copies ot the same data structure and would also automatically set aside the memory necessary lo hold all Prat data In memory. Note, how the name ol the data structure is split into two halves with a full stop separating
them. Look carefully and you'll notice that the second half of the data structure definition is the same as the name we used when defining the format of the data structure with the NEWTYPE command What we re doing is telling Blitz to create an array of data structures called alien' using a newtype called alieninfo'. Once the array of data structures has been created, we fClGMT * SO
* Hi fM - | P'CrS. I T I Anyone who has studied computer science
should teel at home with the linked list. For the benefit of
those of you without HNDs though, a linked list is a complex
array that provides instant access to the elements within an
array that are actually used. What's more, they need to run in
order like a conventional array) - Blitz Basic automatically
handles an 'index' that points to the next used element within
the linked list. So what?
I hear you ask. Well, linked lists are very useful in games programming as they allow you to write routines that process only those elements within an array that are actually in use. Say, for example, you had an array that handled your aliens. If the array handled a maximum of 100 aliens but only three aliens were actually on the screen, there would be very little other 97 empty arra retically do this w Blitzs linked lists In order to create a is to use the Dim Ust' 'Dim' command when you first This tells Blitz that the array should be rather than a conventional sequential conventional
array, you should never linked list array element unless you know what you're doing. Instead, you should use the mands that Blitz offers thal allow you to move and forth through the structure of the linked list Check out the box below for a complete rundown the commands on offer. 'gt) LINKED LISTS RESETUST: Goes to the very first element in the linked list. Even if there aren’t any items in the array, this command must be called CLEARLIST: Empties the specified array.
ADDFIRST: Allows you to insert data into a data structure which is then treated as the first element in the linked list. This causes all other elements to be bumped' forward by one.
ADDLAST: Allows you to insert data into a data structure which is then tacked onto the end of the linked list.
ADDITEM: Allows you to insert a new list element directly after the 'current' element.
KILLITEM: Kill the current linked list element.
PREVrrEM NEXTlTEM: Move back and forth through the linked list.
FIRSTITEM LASTITEM: Jump directly to the first or last elements in the linked list.
THE LOOK 're writing an arcade shoot ‘e«i ng the lines of Prq ecfXor of the most important sign is the attack patterns marauding aliens that fly across attack the player's ship.
Most amateur games pregf stick with the simplistic 'straight!!?
That moves your aliens from one stdsi screen to the other with little or n6 variaflflW iiT their flight pattern. Although this can be effective if the screen is hectic enough, just about any games player worth their salt will be able to beat your game just by moving their ship to the right position.
A far more interesting and more challenging method of controlling groups of aliens is to use 'movement paths' or 'attack patterns' as they are also known. A movement path defines what directions a shape or a group of shapes) must travel to get from its start position to the point where it leaves the screen (if it gets that tar). For more complex patterns involving many changes in the direction and even the speed of a shape, games programmers use what is commonly known as a look up table'.
Although the name may sound very grand, look up tables are a very simple programming principle. A look up table contains a list ol coord- nates that defines the path of an object as a series of steps. How many steps you have in the look up table defines the complexity of the object's movement path. For example. 4 you have just two steps in the path, the obiect would appear, move once and then disappear - hardy awe inspiring.
The data in a look up table consols ot sets ol co-ordinates that define what programmers caI ‘delta’ moves. Delta moves are nothing more than relative values that define where an obfect should move relative to its last position If. Lor positioned at 100,200 HQ* move allows them to (c cflsk as cc ore ymtc way that write yourmmgre held in the loola ‘runtime’. That is On* of th* mo*t powerful aspects of th* Bltti language I* Its NEWTYPE' facility which allows you fo use true C-llke data structures and linked lists.
Roll up your sleeves, get pen to paper and look intellectual. Tony Dillon enjoys a good argument or a chat.
LETTER OF THE MONTH NO MOTION So Commodore have finally announced lhal Ihey are going lo release the CD-ROM drive lor Ihe A1200. Surprise, surprise there is no FMV card in it. Is this the same drive that they've been developing lor the last year? The one that they weren’t going to release because they couldn't lit an FMV card to it? Or is it a completely new drive? That would explain the fact that It isn't going to be released until September, an irritatingly long time considering the number ol people who, like mysell, bought an At 200 with the definite aim ol upgrading as soon as the
then-proposed drive became available WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG I Okay, so the drive won't be able to hold an FMV card So what? I can't see any situation where lull motion video would be any use, except tor watching films, and my VCR tits that purpose quite respectably at the moment.
Perhaps Commodore think that FMV-only games are going to be the way forward Quite why I don't know, as the PC CD-ROM market has had MPEG lor a while now, and there is no sign ol any true-colour only games. Even companies like Sales Curve, who are developing FMV games, are developing 256 colour versions at the same time.
The reason? Only a few people actually have FMV on their machines at the moment.
Anyone who released for that small market would not make money, so software houses have to play to the lowest common denominator. I'm |ust a games player, and this has been apparent to me lor quite some time. Why has it taken so long lor Commodore to get it?
Danloa Reddy, Use.
I agree with you totally as regards the FMV- only side, however, there will be FMV games appearing, although they won't be exclusive.
The whole software world Is turning to FMV at the moment, end there Is the chance that one day It will become as standard as a low resolution 32 colour screen is now, so you can't blame Commodore lor wanting to be on the wagon, can you?
GO FASTIR STRIPES I read with interest T.S. Nielson's letter in the April issue ol CU AMIGA concerning the rumoured existence ol an accelerator lor the A600 Well, does it exist or doesn't it? Your magazine is supposed to be up to date with the latest in Amiga news, so I would have thought that you would be in a position to find out and inform your readers, after all it is in their best interests. I suspect that it s not in Commodore's best interests as it will stop people forking out for an A1200. Frankly I could not care less about Commodore and their financial problems as I am one ol the
many who bought an A600 when it was being marketed as the replacement lor the A500.
I now have the extra 1 Mb up the trapdoor, the 4MB in the PCMCIA slot and an 85Mb hard disk. I could really use an accelerator, more memory and Maths co-processor but I'm not going to spend £299 on an A1200 just to be able to add to it. Who cares about AGA chipsets? Their new display modes aren't genlockable anyway I think a lair example ol Commodore's marketing and sales ability is the tact that they allowed 1084S monitors to go out ol stock over the Christmas period. I wanted to get one but couldn't, so in the end I bought a Mitsubishi Multisync with a .28 pitch that can display the output
(with an adapter Irom Trilogic) Irom almost any computer and very sharp it is tool I wonder how many other sales Commodore lost because ol their ineptitude.
Okay, so we all know that Commodore don't really care about what happens to their customers but we don't have to accept it. We don't have to play their game. Perhaps il third-party manufacturers knew how many A600's were sold (and still are) It might make them consider that a range ol products lor this machine are still a viable commercial enterprise.
So to Mr Pleasance I say, service your existing client base and stop warbling on about how wonderful the CD32 is - or lose future repeat business You need to deal with existing problems before going out and creating a whole lot morel I look forward to hearing Irom manufacturers concerning new products lor the A600 Alan Paterson, Aldershot.
Andy Leaning answers: Firstly let me assure you that Commodore do care! But as Is often the case some things are beyond their control, the monitor problem was |ust such an Instance. To answer your question about A600 peripherals I spoke to the several of the leading Amiga developers: GVP, Power, Amitek, etc. As I write this none of them are planning an A600 accelerator. The reasons glvan ware all the same: lack ol demand. None of these major developers believe A600 owners want an accelerator and therefore have no plans to produce one.
The root of the problem Is that Commodore did such a good |ob on pricing the A1200. As you point out the A1200 is only £299 - a good accelerator for the A600 would start at around £150 and rise to about £250 with extra RAM.
Moat developers feel that average users won't want to spend £199 on an A600, and then another £200 (total £399) on an accelerator when they could buy a A1200 lor £299 which would have the same power!
But it's not all bad news! Amitek, Power and GVP would consider changing their position If they thought there was demand It. So If you want an accelerator tor your A600 writs to and tell them, the CU AMIGA team would also be Interested, drop us a line letting us know why you think an there should be an A600 accelerator and what you would Ilka In Itt Remember, it’s in your hands!
MARKUPS In reply to Alison Klerk's reply (April) to my letter (March), she is totally missing the point. What I was saying was that the music industry charges reasonable (II?) Amounts lor its goods making only a 500% profit (I!!) Whereas the software Industry is making a 2000% profit on its goods.
I know we are all being npped oil left right and centre, but maybe a bit more by the software houses than anyone else.
50p lor a can ol coke! Ee by eck lass, yer want t' move up North. It's only 3Sp a can up ere, by gum lass!
P. Clague, Wlrral.
35p! With savings like that, how can you be concerned with software industry price Inflation? But Coke Is getting cheaper here in the south too. All you've got to do Is go to France!
TEAM TALK: What sort of Carry On is this? Asked publisher Mike Frey, after catching the entire team playing doctors and nurses on the fourth floor of EMAP Towers. And he was right to ask the question... ALAN DYKES USA COLUNS Attempts to petsuode lisa lo imitate Barbaro Windsor fated mserabty: "Carry On movies are degrading and sexist, said I "Cany On AMIGA” said Alan, doing his damndest lo imitate someone's name he can't Irom Iter soap box.
%stt ence and Witty minds'. Ptiwoonr lisa's lovely when she's mod.
N infamous Corry On movies ”KI keep ?
£ sS7sS (ho, ho). Very sad.
Bui it gels worse.
[ 9 IMPRESSIVE SKIDS Just a couple of days I bought Skidmarks tor my A500 and was completely amazed by the quality ol the game It just shows how the Amiga 500 can still thrash any Jap crap console when it comes to playable, smooth running and graphically amazing games. Many ol my friends have Sega Mega Drives and claim that the Amiga would never be able to have a game as good as Sonic The Hedgehog 2, but why we want a game which to complete you just need to wedge the joystick nght and select autoflre.
I am also the proud owner of a CD32 and have recently bought Microcosm for It, and was also amazed by it. I am now waiting lor the SX1 expansion module and keyboard which may one day emerge so that I can play Skidmarks with AGA cars.
It is good to see that software manufacturers are putting the playability before graphics, unlike on the consoles I hope Acid Software will bring out some games tor the CD32 and it is also nice to see that the price for CD32 games has stuck around Ihe £25-£30 mark (unlike the Mega-CD) and the CD is now not just being used for CD soundtrack padding, but used to Its full potential.
Long live Ihe Amiga and as the Commodore poster says, To be this good will take Sega ages."
P. S. Tony D. should win an Oscar for Click.
R. Frost, Wakefield.
We always welcome positive letters, and yours Is one of the most positive we’ve come across In s long time. It's a shame you had to bring Click up though, as Tony ran screaming from the room as soon as someone mentioned It.
HONEST POUCY I must thank you for the first honest review ot Labyrinth ol Time for the CD32. Yes the graphics are stunning but the game itself is so boring! You wander around for hours doing very little except getting stuck occasienally. When you do find an object to pick up or use It Is usually required way over in another area of the game and you spend the next 20 minutes trying to get back there to see if il really does do the job.
As for the surreal maze, you can slick that In your basket of oranges. It's pretty and weird, but so annoying. This is the one place you need the automapping, and it doesn't work!
I would also like to thank you for being the only magazine to point out the worry I had. Every review spoke only of superb CD32 stuff - none of them mentioned that the box said the game would run on a bog standard A500 or CDTV. I kept thinking I had been ripped off and had the wrong version!
Steve Calkin, Canvey Island.
Everyone knows that CU AMIGA are an honest bunch. We Ilka to pride ourselves on accurate reviews, viewed from the gamers point ot view, Instead of technical or industry viewpoints.
RAMBLING FREE It's been quite a while since I've felt compelled lo write to a computer magazine but a friend (Mr I Fereday) and I have spent the last few years contemplating life, the universe and everything Not so long ago we came upon that hallowed subiect subject ol the computer games industry We reminisced on years gone by. Those heady days when the Commodore 64 ruled the computer world Oh how we would sit and wait rune or ten minutes for the games to load. It was in those early days that we learned patience Games were aplenty and you would never go short, some of the better games
costing only two pounds But that's all in the past and now we have moved onto bigger, brighter and better machines There's just one large difference between the older machines and the new, apart from the obvious, and that's the competition that used to run between companies to make better games. It seems that there are only a couple of international corporations (with hedgehog and plumber fetishes I that chum out mediocre games dressed up with pretty graphics and sound and sell because of the media hype rather than creating hardcore, kick ass playable games (eg Cannon Fodder. Men Breed It
seems that one company's idea, no matter how good or bad. Is copied and decorated with drtferent graphics After all what difference is there between Street Fighter (1.2,8 Turbo editionsl. Mortal Kombat and Body Blows when they are all stripped down to the bare bones Some people might argue that it's the extras that make Ihe game, but those different extras cost, and can leave you feeling cheated and broke at the end of the day NB we aren't just targeting these tew games but all games that are essentiaty cheap clones of any idea Essentially, what we are saying is that now we have better
computers let’s use them. So. When al you console kids have finished playing with your toys, get some programming done and frm in the ranks of real men and women (and small tuny creatures from Alpha Centuri) playing, and leave a mark on the history of computer while it's still fresh. (It will be something to tell your grandchildren about !
Heath Robinson and Ian Fereday, Wolverhampton.
Words of wisdom there mate. The market needs you, and you need the market. The software industry is crying out for fresh, new talent, so if you’ve got a great design, or consider yourself to be the best coder ever, then get out there and show what you can do I ANGRY OF AMERSHAM I am very angry. Being a CDTV owner I am getting extremely sick and tired over all the CD32 hype. Yes it is a great machine, but what about Its predecessor?
CDTV owners, like myself, have been left high and dry by Commodore. What ever happened to the rumoured trade-in offers where existing CDTV owners could possibly upgrade to an A1200 or CD32? Instead all we are left with » a bloomin' expensive A500 with a CD drive, shoved in a biack box and a rapidly diminishing software selection. I have written to Commodore on several occasions regarding upgrades and trade-ins.
And I am still awaiting a reply.
So on behalf of all the CDTV owners, I would like to ask you:
1) Are there going to be any trade-in offers? If so. How much and
2) Are there any upgrades available to bring a rapidly dating
machine up to the current spec’
3) Is it worth ditching my CDTV and saving up to buy a PC which
will not date as fast as an Amiga appears to.
Finally, I would like to thank Commodore lor showing us CDTV owners the kind of support we showed them when we bought the machine NOT!
G Pollard, Amersham.
At time of writing, Commodore were unable to make any comment on rumoured trade-in deals, although we would like to stress that these were only ever rumours. As fsr ss upgrading the machine, you can add extra chip RAM, but that's as far as It goes. If you want to buy a new machine, why go for a PC? What * wrong with an A121X1, or even an A4000? When you say that a PC will not date as fast' ss sn Amiga don't forget that people who bought 286PC a few years ago have now been left high and dry In terms of software support while the 386 Is almost at the same stage. And a new 486 costs three or four
times as much ss an A1200.
JOHN KENNEDY The star performer (wel, well) of Amiga Q+A was outraged this month: 'you can’t do lhat you devds, RMSr ocooooool'nesaid as his glasses steam- t&ZSL ed os the food food fighto TONY DILLON Hie Sid Jomes ol tomputer games was on top form oldie EOS, legging it around the show with his Ikw down, hankonlooooer!).
'I do Bee to keep myself abreast of die latest software' said ANDY LEANING This innuendo master ol Ihe technical world, our Andy wasn't holding anything bock this monlh (ho, ho!).
'WSot do you gel if 3rd front of your trousers ond some hardware down Ihe bodcr.
• Underwent!'soid he (giggle).
TONY MORGAN ‘Oooooo, nooooo*, said Tony, who spent ihouj uaiwiim «w« most of last month in bed (yuk vaik). *The Q+A was outroged fte Hides of Mordi ore ss** infill (ooo!) By the minute.
* Kbeereg m. Mtuce mem mw stowm w to mi .*« CU AMIQA is the
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Dillon and this is the CD32 Next month I’ll show you some pictures of Cyberwar on it and you’ll probably faint with excitement.” Valhalla - Oh my god! Just when you thought a cute adventure was impossible!'
Robinson’s Requiem - If you’re ever likely to get stranded on a desert island you’d be well advised to read next month’s review.
Ishar 3 - the sequel to the sequel. If you’re going to spend any money on software this summer don’t miss CU AMIGA'.
PLUS: FOOTBALL MANIA CONTINUESi Mmm&mSmZ Following this month’s top cover disk, Videotracker, and our Graphics and Video feature we’ve got some top new products lined up including Video Creater, GVP’s Time Base Corrector and the DPS PAR card. Vie also hope to bring you an exclusive review of a brand new graphics package. Plus: they’ve done it, they’ve upgraded Wordworth 3.0 to 3.0a. Will it make the grade ? All this and more!
CU AMIGA July 1994. Coming to a shop near you.
Don’t miss it!
After years of experimentation CD technology is about to take off, with four major players on the console starting blocks.
But, with the industry’s past track record in delivering the goods on time, Steve Keen asks if it will ever become a reality.
Oh yes, the future is almost here! (to coin a certain lower-selling magazine’s phrase!).
Remember CDTV? How can you forget it.
That sleek black box was touted by Commodore as being the future of game technology and, to a small extent, Commodore was right, I still use mine to check out the latest PD disk and play the odd audio
CD. Over the last few years Commodore has passed eight different
pieces of hardware under our noses only to have them
discontinued or replaced, often as little as six months after
initial release. So what sort of future can we expect for its
newest ‘marvel', the CD32?
BACK IN TIME Although the CD32 was released nine months ago it's only at this stage that quality games are finally beginning to trickle through. Liberation has won over many, but with the announcement of the new £249 Spectacular Voyage Pack, including six games of Chaos Engine, Wing Commander and Microcosm quality, things are looking better.
What’s taken so long to program games that really show off the machine's capabilities though? Well, it takes any new machine time to establish itself and for programmers to get used to the hardware.
However, since the CD32 is basically enhanced Amiga technology with a CD drive strapped on, this is not much of an excuse (although trying to fill up 650Mb might be!).
However, the market is rapidly changing, and more companies than ever are poised to pounce on the high street punter with their own, all singing, all dancing machines.
3DO, the much hyped company set up by former Electronic Arts big wig, Trip Hawkins, has been pushing its latest technology, licensed by Sanyo and Panasonic, hard. Early last year 3DO promised fantastic quality graphics and gameplay on a CD based machine due for UK release in April this year. But that date has already slipped twice: first to May and now to September. Even worse than that, rumours of machines released before Christmas in America suggest that the software keeps crashing due to problems with the CD drive. In the UK computer trade paper, CTW, 3DO admitted to being
Japanese giants Sega didn't escape being tarnished with the over-hype brush either. Now poised to reach new heights of hype with its future console, the Saturn, and wonder add-on the Mars, it wasn’t too many moons ago that Sega was pushing the rather less than awesome Mega CD. Supposed to revolutionise games playing, the Mega CD has far from delivered the goods. Initially, claimed to have a maximum disc accessing time of 0.5 seconds, the last game I clocked one it sported gaps of more than haff a minute between plays! And does anyone remember the Sega home virtual reality unit? No? Well
that's because it never materialised! Least said the better.
As for Nintendo, its new machine hardly exists on paper, let alone as a concrete development. The optimistically-titled Project Reality couldn't be much further from fruition. It's a long term project between Nintendo and Silicon Graphics, the computer graphics and film specialists behind such hits as Terminator 2. Nintendo have been raving about Project Reality to the press for months, but so far nothing more than a short demo has appeared and that’s only on Silicon Graphics' £250,000 development machine, the Onyx Reality Engine 2. Rumour has it that the Project Reality machine itself won't
see the light of day for another two years.
Maybe this will be the year that Commodore’s arch nemesis, Atari, will break back into the home console market. Not so long ago Atari single-handedly ruled the home market with its phenomenally successful VCS2600 console and having tried its hand at the hype market before, this time it’s gone for a more reserved approach with the 64-bit Jaguar console. Instead of trying to blind punters with buzz words and fantastic claims of performance Atari have been attempting to wow programmers and software publishers first. This approach seems to have paid off because out of all the new systems due
for release, people in the know are tipping the Jaguar most likely to to succeed. However, even though launch is only two months away, there are only a handful of games even remotely close to completion, and several of those are tired old shoot 'em ups and conversions.
To make matters worse the CD add-on for the console has been cruelly dubbed ‘the toilet’ by the industry, due to its resemblance to an Armitage Shanks flip top model. Hardly a prized purchase.
BIG BOYS' TOYS Out ot all the new machines that will emerge over the coming year only one has really caught everyone's imagination - Sony's PS-X. This CD based phenomenon has caused a stir throughout the industry, with tales and screen shots ot better than arcade quality graphics and coin-op perfect conversions ot multi-thousand pound machines, such as Daytona Racing. However, all these wonders are still months or years away and launch dates can prove notoriously slippery.
So what can Commodore otter with its CD32?
Well, tor a start it’s here now! And with the new value pack it hardly costs an arm and a leg.
Software support is strong too - there are over 80 games already available tor the machine. But most ot all, the CD32 has a new FMV cartridge, allowing movies and the like to be played from compact disks. Every one ot the 5000 advanced units a has already been sold.
CD32 is still in there and you can be sure that Commodore are not going to give bp on this one.
Hardware manufacturers' hype machines will continue to come and go, Commodore’s, no doubt, included. There’s always something better on the horizon.
But it's important to remember that some horizons are closer than others - at least with Commodore and the CD32 it's not somewhere over the rainbow.® Sieve Keen is a jownafcl and (ommenloloi P who writes mcfcrid for compote* ond home enlettanmem magazines as well os lot the lelc-
* vision shon Bod Influence IU AMIGA would Ike lo sxess ihot
opinions voiced on ihis poge do nol necessor to reflect dtose
of ihe magazine.
Hat the press said... MyMywW«tea»ligiiir° os rtte Vd senes. A range af products designed loswborf' (Cur budget ond requirement.
Lo Offer (a, (cror-e peace of mind. Each and (wry modei s legradeade to the ne«t. So if | you mow imnrds a mare professional opptaw rat 6ftse con progress with you.
, No longer are you foced with an out of dole product thot doesn't fuHl your needs. Its oil wry ml me blowing my trumpet, but whot do the journalists think of the Vidi Range ?
Afiet purchase we welcome your | comments, its our policy lo listen.
Rt' £I 9 1 lhink "tat Vidi 12 machine such as the A I ViO or 3000." L,|e A1500 BESfflSKSBSS.
Ol porties when you slip it out ond extolitsr In fod the Tdc Suf ew BntffnU Managing Director Vidi Amiga 12 is our entry level digitiser. Perfect for someone who's gelling involved in video copture for the first time. This model captures mono pictures in realtime, colour in less thon
o second.
I Software includes on Animation Workstation ond powerful Image Processing grabs pictures in 4096 colours ond 16 greyscales. Comprehensive file support indudes BMP, Tiff, IFF, ANIM etc. Fully compatible with all Amiga's.
£99.95 Vidi AMIGA 12RT is the perfect Multimedia video tool for Al 200 users. Offering real-time colour image capture in all Amiga modes including 24-bit.
Fully compatible with oil AMIGA's, 2 meg or above. Imoges can be grabbed in 16.7 million colours or 256 greyscales from any video source (TV, Video, Satellite etc.) Connect Vidi lo your camcorder and you hove one of the most powerful scanning devices available.
£199 Vidi Amiga 24RT is our most powerful real-time digitiser. Producing SHR (Super High Resolution) true colour images at beyond broodcost quality. Designed for the normal user, but offering truly professional results. For the person who wishes to push his Amiga to it's MAX!
It will capture your imagination, bringing photorealistic images lo your sueen.
Suitable for any imoge related multimedia, picture scanning application. Although this model is compatible with oil AMIGA's il is best used on AGA machines ot Amiga's fitted with true colour display cords. Most of this advert has been produced using Vidi AMIGA 24RT so throw owoy your scanner!
£299 Further information and details on how to order Rombo, winners of the roveted SMART Awards 1 & 2 for innovation ClftOfMWMI Rombo, Kirkton Campus, Livingston, SCOTLAND, EH 54 7AZ.
Huge Savings from WH SMITH £29.9§ R R P- £56 8 Lemmings i+2. Amiga £14.99 K KI' Lemmings 1'Amiga £19.99 « B P. fn.w Lemmings a . Pc £34.99 Lemmings 1+2 - pc In one pock Available in larger Boots Stores and main W H Smith computer games stockists WH SMITH Other Lemmings packs available SMITH larger Boots Stores and , computer games stockists AMIGA lEmMACJH i iTTT'i. 1:1 AMIGA emmlngs packs available 1 AMIGA SPECIALISTS • STAR GOID DEALER • CDTV CENTRE • PHILIPS APPOINTED DEAI 2 Year On S.te Warranty fm TV • 3 mageFX is one ol the premier graphics and image processing programs on the Amiga.
In I lact, there is very little it won't do. Now GVP, its publishers, have released a new version which upgrades many ot its features.
When originally released, ImageFX took the Amiga market by surprise. GVP are a company better known lor hardware, in lact, with the exception ol the software supplied with their hardware products, they had never previously released a software title I Then suddenly GVP introduced not just one but two applications, ImageFX and CineMorpn. Sadly CineMorph, GVP's attempt at video special etlects, although popular, was never destined to be one ol the tug sellers of Amiga software. ImageFX. However, was quite the opposite and quickly became the mainstay lor graphically-orientated users.
Now their do-all program has been upgraded, and trom the look ol the packaging alone ImageFX 4 Pli209 contains ihe full listing of 975 Hied | fish disks & the LSD cat contains fu listings of LSDLctal tools 1-149.
| SPECIAL OFFER! All 3 catalog disks for 2pounds inc P&P!
5 All prices include VAT and SAME DAY DESPATCH subject to availability * Fixed charge for repair 6 does not Include disk drive replacement nor keyboard 7 ? All prices subject to change without notice ? We reserve the right to refuse any computer monitor repair

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