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WELCOME TO AMINET CD 8 @{" Deutsch " link AMINET8:Guides/Misc/LiesMich/main} Copyright 1995 @{"Urban Müller" link Author} As on every CD (check our @{" subscriptions " link Subscriptions}), we have loads of new material for you. Under 35M of this CD have appeared on @{" older Aminet CDs " link OlderCDs}. The (uncompressed) contents are: 620M of @{" new stuff " link NewStuff } out since the making of Aminet CD 7 450M of @{" modules " link AMINET8:Guides/Mods/main } sorted by style and rating 50M of @{" top downloads " link AMINET8:Guides/Charts/main} used to complete the charts 2M of @{" registered " link Registered } shareware: DeliTracker 2.18 For the following types of data we have special guides: @{" Games " link AMINET8:Guides/Games/main} An index of well programmed directly startable games @{" Demos " link AMINET8:Guides/Demos/main} An index of compatible demos, sorted by quality @{" Pictures " link AMINET8:Guides/Pics/main } A database with scaled down versions of the images Information is also available on: @{" New features " link Features } What the previous CDs didn't have @{" Access software " link Software } Find, Prefs, and all the other tools @{" Customizing " link Custom } How to adapt Aminet CD to your taste @{" Troubleshooting " link Troubles } What to do if problems occur @{" What is Aminet " link Aminet } Information about our distributed archive @{" Accessing Aminet " link Access } How to download directly from Aminet @{" Submitting " link Submitting} How to get your software onto Aminet. Free CDs! @{" Ordering " link Ordering } Where to order Aminet CDs and subscriptions @{" Disclaimer " link Disclaimer} Legal mumbo jumbo plus virus warning @endnode ============================================================================ @node Author "About the author" The guy who selected, arranged, documented and sorted the contents of this CD for you is me, Urban Müller, the main administrator of Aminet. All the support software is from me, too. You can reach me at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. if you have any feedback about this CD. Of course this CD would not have been possible without the help of the countless people involved in the administration of Aminet, not to mention the thousands of uploaders. Special thanks go to: Martin Schulze - for getting me the Aminet data and helping with the production of this CD. Matthias Scheler - for co-moderating Aminet. Christian Weber - for his last-minute update of the Aminet data. Lars Eilebrecht - for beta-testing. Bruno Amsler - from Promigos, for his tedious attempts to get my computer fixed. Christoph Frei - for letting me use his computer for testing. Yours truly.... Urban Müller @endnode ============================================================================ @node Subscriptions "Subscriptions Subscriptions If would like the Aminet CD sent to you every two months and save money at the same time, then ask your dealer about subscriptions. If you order from Amiga Library Services in the USA, the subscription price is $89.95 for six issues, which means about $15 per issue instead of about $20. The price does not include shipping ($4 anywhere worldwide). The address is: Amiga Library Services 610 North Alma School Road Suite 18 Chandler, AZ 85224-3687 U.S.A. Voice/Fax +1-602-491-0442 You may want to ask you local dealer if he offers subscriptions, too. @endnode ============================================================================ @node OlderCDs "Previous Aminet CD's" Previous Aminet CDs As you may know, the Aminet archive has much more material than fits on a single CD. If you want more, check the following older CDs, if you want all of Aminet, you need all the CDs listed below. @{" Aminet CD 7 " link Aminet7 } - The newest, the best, and 9000 pictures (Aug 1995) @{" Aminet CD 6 " link Aminet6 } - The newest, the best, and 1800 demos (Jun 1995) @{" Aminet CD 5 " link Aminet5 } - The newest, the best, and all the games (Mar 1995) @{" Aminet Set 1 " link AminetSet} - The complete Aminet on a newly made 4 CD set (Jan 1995) @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Aminet7 "Aminet CD 7" Aminet CD 7 - The newest, the best, and 9000 pictures Aminet CD 7 contains over 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest file included is dated June 26th. Besides the the new software, the CD concentrates on pictures and clip art. The space on the CD is used as follows: 650M of software newer than Aminet CD 6 350M of images 50M of top downloads These consist of: 1500 pictures (+7700 clip art images in large archives) 1250 tools 380 mods 130 games 70 demos The pictures were collected from various sources besides Aminet and were not found on earlier Aminet CDs. Aminet CD 7 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} @{" Index " system "AMINET8:Tools/View AMINET8:Guides/Misc/AminetCD7.doc"} @endnode @node Aminet6 "Aminet CD 6" Aminet CD 6 - The newest, the best, and all the games Aminet CD 6 contains over 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest file included is dated Apr 28th. The space is used as follows (uncompressed sizes): 520M of software newer than Aminet CD 5 500M of demos 20M of top downloads These consist of: 1800 demos 1300 tools 350 mods 140 pics 120 games The demos were collected from various sources besides Aminet, and almost none of them have appeared on previous Aminet CDs. The disks also contains all Amiga Report magazines issued so far. Aminet CD 6 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} @{" Index " system "AMINET8:Tools/View AMINET8:Guides/Misc/AminetCD6.doc"} @endnode @node Aminet5 "Aminet CD 5" Aminet CD 5 - The newest, the best, and all the games The software on Aminet CD 5 can be divided in four parts: 210M of stuff that's newer than Aminet Set 1 450M of stuff that's newer than Aminet CD 4 (includes the above) 180M of games that can be run directly off the CD 20M of the most popular software Mainly, Aminet CD 5 contains the software uploaded between 8-Oct-94 and 8-Feb-95, that's a total of 2600 archives. In addition, you get all the 1000 games we have on Aminet. Aminet 5 was made after Aminet Set 1, so if you want *all* of the Aminet data, you need Aminet Set 1 + Aminet CDs 5 and up. Aminet CD 5 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering}. Note: Sold out at most companies. @endnode @node AminetSet "Aminet Set 1" Aminet Set 1 - The complete Aminet on 4 new CDs As you probably know, there is a big archive behind all those Aminet CDs. Aminet Set finally brings you the complete archive on four newly created CD-ROMs. If you already have several Aminet CDs, buying the Aminet Set still makes sense for the following reasons: 1. Even if you have all Aminet CDs, you still lack a lot of software from Aminet. And the less CDs you already have, the more additional software you get from the set: If you already have The set gives you an additional Aminet CD 1,2,3,4,5 467M of Aminet software Aminet CD 2,3,4,5 512M of Aminet software Aminet CD 3,4,5 851M of Aminet software Aminet CD 4,5 1191M of Aminet software Aminet CD 5 1681M of Aminet software 2. Aminet Set 1 presents its data more nicely than the previous CDs. As you can see on this CD, all games and demos can be started directly, the images are in a nice image data base, and the modules are presented in a list that is sorted by style. Also, there are a lot of German descriptions as well as a Fish and a SaarAG index. This is missing on the older CDs but present on Aminet Set, so buying some of the same data a second time can make sense. 3. Aminet Set 1 is better organized than the previous CDs. Until now, the Images from Aminet have been scattered on all the Aminet CDs. Aminet Set brings them all on the same CD, just as all other types of data. Also, using Aminet Set you can search the complete Aminet very quickly and easily, including a very fast full text search of all the .readme files. Aminet Set costs US $39.95 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} @{" Index " system "AMINET8:Tools/View AMINET8:Guides/Misc/AminetSet1.doc"} (huge!) @endnode ============================================================================ @node NewStuff "The new uploads to Aminet since Aminet CD 7" New uploads to Aminet since Aminet CD 7 Almost everything on this CD is unseen before. But here we're only talking about what uploaded to Aminet since the previous CD was made, *not* about what was integrated from other sources. The best way to browse the new files is looking at the @{" directory " link "AMINET8:Lists/New_Dir/main"} sorted new files index of this CD. Select your general area of interest, and then hit the 'Browse' button in AmigaGuide to hop from directory to directory. Another approach is to check the @{" charts " link "AMINET8:Guides/Charts/main"} of most downloaded files, where most of the files listed are new (the very latest have been omitted, tho). Finally, check our list of @{" recommendations " link RecommendNew} of the most interesting new files. And of course you can check the new files index sorted by @{" directory " link "AMINET8:Lists/New_Dir/main"}, by @{" name " link "AMINET8:Lists/New_Name/main"} or by @{" age " link "AMINET8:Lists/New_Age/main"}, or @{" search " system "AMINET8:Tools/Find IN New_Dir"} for something in the CD index. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node RecommendNew "Recommended new uploads" These are the recommended new uploads of Aminet CD 8, for once selected not by me but by Martin Schulze. Games, demos or mods are not listed here because there exist separate best-of lists for them. Adresses, appointments, videos: All easy to administer using freely distributable Amiga programs. @{"db2_8.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View biz/dbase/db2_8.lha"} biz/dbase 159K 3 @{"Database program w OS3.0 look, user def..." system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect biz/dbase/db2_8.readme"} @{"DFA_25.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View biz/dbase/DFA_25.lha"} biz/dbase 789K 7 @{"The ultimate address utility" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect biz/dbase/DFA_25.readme"} @{"GCBAdresse.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View biz/dbase/GCBAdresse.lha"} biz/dbase 271K 2 @{"The Address-Database" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect biz/dbase/GCBAdresse.readme"} @{"GCBVideoV3_05.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View biz/dbase/GCBVideoV3_05.lha"} biz/dbase 280K 2 @{"The video-administrator" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect biz/dbase/GCBVideoV3_05.readme"} @{"GCBPlanerV3_13.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/time/GCBPlanerV3_13.lha"} util/time 310K 2 @{"The flexible diary with Toolmanager" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/time/GCBPlanerV3_13.readme"} @{"ligamanager.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View biz/dbase/ligamanager.lha"} biz/dbase 178K 5 @{"German data base for soccer results V2.2a" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect biz/dbase/ligamanager.readme"} @{"LigaManager.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View biz/demo/LigaManager.lha"} biz/demo 161K 2 @{"Fussball-Bundesliga-Manager-Demo" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect biz/demo/LigaManager.readme"} @{"S_Adress_2_2.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View biz/dbase/S_Adress_2_2.lha"} biz/dbase 33K 11 @{"Adress-Manager(Deutsch\English)" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect biz/dbase/S_Adress_2_2.readme"} @{"S_Video_3_1.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View biz/dbase/S_Video_3_1.lha"} biz/dbase 35K 11 @{"Video-Manager(Deutsch\English)" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect biz/dbase/S_Video_3_1.readme"} @{"Remind1_52.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/cdity/Remind1_52.lha"} util/cdity 55K 2 @{"Never forget an important event again." system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/cdity/Remind1_52.readme"} Some demo versions of commercial software: @{"DiavoloBackup.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View biz/demo/DiavoloBackup.lha"} biz/demo 370K 6 @{"Demo of V3.0 of the new backup software" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect biz/demo/DiavoloBackup.readme"} @{"Xi31Demo.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View biz/demo/Xi31Demo.lha"} biz/demo 612K 10 @{"Demo of XiPaint 3.1 - 24bit-Paintprogram" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect biz/demo/Xi31Demo.readme"} As on almost every CD, we have a new version of the biggest TERMinal program, and in addition an answering machine for ZyXEL modems. @{"ZVT1_6u.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View comm/misc/ZVT1_6u.lha"} comm/misc 604K 6 @{"Call receiver with fax/data V 1.6" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect comm/misc/ZVT1_6u.readme"} @{"hydracom.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View comm/term/hydracom.lha"} comm/term 150K 5 @{"Bidirectional file xfer protocol, v1.0r6" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect comm/term/hydracom.readme"} @{"term_030.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View comm/term/term_030.lha"} comm/term 632K 10 @{"V4.4, MC68020/030/040/060 version" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect comm/term/term_030.readme"} @{"term_deutsch.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View comm/term/term_deutsch.lha"} comm/term 134K 10 @{"V4.4, Deutschsprachige Dokumentation" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect comm/term/term_deutsch.readme"} @{"term_doc.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View comm/term/term_doc.lha"} comm/term 203K 10 @{"V4.4, AmigaGuide format and library documentation" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect comm/term/term_doc.readme"} @{"term_dvi.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View comm/term/term_dvi.lha"} comm/term 217K 10 @{"V4.4, Documentation in TeX-DVI format" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect comm/term/term_dvi.readme"} @{"term_extras.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View comm/term/term_extras.lha"} comm/term 262K 10 @{"V4.4, HydraCom, ARexx scripts, sound files, transl" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect comm/term/term_extras.readme"} @{"term_libs.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View comm/term/term_libs.lha"} comm/term 126K 10 @{"V4.4, XPR and XEM libs" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect comm/term/term_libs.readme"} @{"term_locale.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View comm/term/term_locale.lha"} comm/term 264K 10 @{"V4.4, Locale and blank catalog table file" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect comm/term/term_locale.readme"} @{"term_main.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View comm/term/term_main.lha"} comm/term 633K 10 @{"V4.4, Distribution for all Amigas" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect comm/term/term_main.readme"} @{"term_ps.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View comm/term/term_ps.lha"} comm/term 276K 10 @{"V4.4, Documentation in PostScript format" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect comm/term/term_ps.readme"} @{"term_roadmap.txt" system "AMINET8:Tools/View comm/term/term_roadmap.txt"} comm/term 31K 10 @{"V4.4, Introduction to the distribution (what to do" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect comm/term/term_roadmap.readme"} @{"term_source.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View comm/term/term_source.lha"} comm/term 797K 10 @{"V4.4, Source code to program and user interface li" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect comm/term/term_source.readme"} Assember, C, E or Oberon: All of it freely distributable. @{"Barfly1_25.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/asm/Barfly1_25.lha"} dev/asm 574K 2 @{"Barfly Assembler Development System" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/asm/Barfly1_25.readme"} @{"PhxAss420.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/asm/PhxAss420.lha"} dev/asm 335K 4 @{"PhxAss V4.20 68xxx Macro Assembler" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/asm/PhxAss420.readme"} @{"amigae.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/e/amigae.lha"} dev/e 693K 9 @{"The Amiga E v3.2a distribution" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/e/amigae.readme"} @{"amigae_e.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/e/amigae_e.lha"} dev/e 454K 9 @{"The Amiga E v3.2a extras archive" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/e/amigae_e.readme"} @{"gcc270_base.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gcc/gcc270_base.lha"} dev/gcc 1.5M 2 @{"Gcc v2.7.0 - Base part - C/C++/ObjC Compiler set f" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gcc/gcc270_base.readme"} @{"gcc270c.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gcc/gcc270c.lha"} dev/gcc 759K 2 @{"Gcc v2.7.0 - C part - C/C++/ObjC Compiler set for " system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gcc/gcc270c.readme"} @{"gcc270c020.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gcc/gcc270c020.lha"} dev/gcc 708K 2 @{"Gcc v2.7.0 - 68020 C part - C/C++/ObjC Compiler se" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gcc/gcc270c020.readme"} @{"gcc270cp.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gcc/gcc270cp.lha"} dev/gcc 1.8M 2 @{"Gcc v2.7.0 - C++ part - C/C++/ObjC Compiler set fo" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gcc/gcc270cp.readme"} @{"gcc270_cp020.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gcc/gcc270_cp020.lha"} dev/gcc 1.7M 2 @{"Gcc v2.7.0 - 68020 C++ part - C/C++/ObjC Compiler " system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gcc/gcc270_cp020.readme"} @{"gcc270_doc.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gcc/gcc270_doc.lha"} dev/gcc 1.1M 2 @{"Gcc v2.7.0 - Doc part - C/C++/ObjC Compiler set fo" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gcc/gcc270_doc.readme"} @{"gcc270_inclib.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gcc/gcc270_inclib.lha"} dev/gcc 918K 2 @{"Gcc v2.7.0 - Headers and Libs part - C/C++/ObjC Co" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gcc/gcc270_inclib.readme"} @{"gcc270_objc.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gcc/gcc270_objc.lha"} dev/gcc 639K 2 @{"Gcc v2.7.0 - Objc part - C/C++/ObjC Compiler set f" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gcc/gcc270_objc.readme"} @{"gcc270_020objc.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gcc/gcc270_020objc.lha"} dev/gcc 617K 2 @{"Gcc v2.7.0 - 68020 Objc part - C/C++/ObjC Compiler" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gcc/gcc270_020objc.readme"} @{"gcc270_readme.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gcc/gcc270_readme.lha"} dev/gcc 119K 2 @{"Gcc v2.7.0 - README part - C/C++/ObjC Compiler set" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gcc/gcc270_readme.readme"} @{"gcc270_src.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gcc/gcc270_src.lha"} dev/gcc 7.9M 2 @{"Gcc v2.7.0 - Sources part - C/C++/ObjC Compiler se" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gcc/gcc270_src.readme"} @{"ixemul_bin.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gcc/ixemul_bin.lha"} dev/gcc 1.6M 3 @{"IXemul.library 41.3" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gcc/ixemul_bin.readme"} @{"ixemul_src.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gcc/ixemul_src.lha"} dev/gcc 1.4M 3 @{"IXemul.library 41.3" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gcc/ixemul_src.readme"} @{"Obrn_A_bin.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/obero/Obrn_A_bin.lha"} dev/obero 531K 11 @{"A freely-distributable Oberon-2 compiler" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/obero/Obrn_A_bin.readme"} @{"Obrn_A_lib.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/obero/Obrn_A_lib.lha"} dev/obero 597K 11 @{"The library and examples for Oberon-A" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/obero/Obrn_A_lib.readme"} @{"Obrn_A_src.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/obero/Obrn_A_src.lha"} dev/obero 308K 11 @{"The source code for Oberon-A" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/obero/Obrn_A_src.readme"} @{"Obrn_A_up1.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/obero/Obrn_A_up1.lha"} dev/obero 376K 7 @{"Update #1 for Oberon-A 1.6" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/obero/Obrn_A_up1.readme"} Easy creation of GUIs: @{"tri14dev.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gui/tri14dev.lha"} dev/gui 328K 3 @{"Triton GUI creation system. r1.4 dev" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gui/tri14dev.readme"} @{"tri14usr.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/libs/tri14usr.lha"} util/libs 212K 3 @{"Triton GUI creation system. r1.4 usr" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/libs/tri14usr.readme"} @{"VisualArts25.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View dev/gui/VisualArts25.lha"} dev/gui 350K 4 @{"A Powerful GUI builder for WB2 & WB3" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect dev/gui/VisualArts25.readme"} Ever had to repair a disk? @{"DiskSalv11_32.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View disk/salv/DiskSalv11_32.lha"} disk/salv 118K 11 @{"Dave Haynie's DiskSalv version 11.32" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect disk/salv/DiskSalv11_32.readme"} Texts of interest to all Amiga users: @{"JuggleGuide111.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/help/JuggleGuide111.lha"} docs/help 23K 8 @{"Beginners guide to ball juggling. v1.11" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/help/JuggleGuide111.readme"} @{"ACDGv12.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/hyper/ACDGv12.lha"} docs/hyper 59K 2 @{"AmigaGuide to *ALL* Amiga CDROMs! v1.2" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/hyper/ACDGv12.readme"} @{"AmigaVPC.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/hyper/AmigaVPC.lha"} docs/hyper 18K 3 @{"Amigaguide comparison of Amiga and PC" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/hyper/AmigaVPC.readme"} @{"amil_r363.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/hyper/amil_r363.lha"} docs/hyper 22K 11 @{"BIG LIST of Amiga Persons/Companies/Zines." system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/hyper/amil_r363.readme"} @{"ARexxAppGuide.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/hyper/ARexxAppGuide.lha"} docs/hyper 64K 10 @{"AmigaGuide version of ARexxAppList." system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/hyper/ARexxAppGuide.readme"} @{"TBOML10s.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/hyper/TBOML10s.lha"} docs/hyper 18K 11 @{"The Big Old Monitor List, Monitor Specs " system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/hyper/TBOML10s.readme"} @{"ar313.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/mags/ar313.lha"} docs/mags 93K 8 @{"Amiga Report 3.13, fixed version" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/mags/ar313.readme"} @{"ar314.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/mags/ar314.lha"} docs/mags 78K 7 @{"Amiga Report 3.14, July 30, 1995" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/mags/ar314.readme"} @{"ar315.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/mags/ar315.lha"} docs/mags 87K 4 @{"Amiga Report 3.15, August 17th" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/mags/ar315.readme"} @{"ar316.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/mags/ar316.lha"} docs/mags 81K 2 @{"Amiga Report 3.16, September 5, 1995" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/mags/ar316.readme"} @{"ARTv1i2A.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/mags/ARTv1i2A.lha"} docs/mags 27K 10 @{"AR Tech Journal, Vol 1 Issue 2 in AmigaGuide form" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/mags/ARTv1i2A.readme"} @{"ARTv1i2H.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/mags/ARTv1i2H.lha"} docs/mags 73K 10 @{"AR Tech Journal, Vol 1 Issue 2 in HTML form" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/mags/ARTv1i2H.readme"} @{"AmigaFAQ.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/misc/AmigaFAQ.lha"} docs/misc 458K 3 @{"Amiga: Frequently asked questions 5.07.95" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/misc/AmigaFAQ.readme"} @{"Amiga_FAQ_g.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/misc/Amiga_FAQ_g.lha"} docs/misc 477K 3 @{"Amiga: H ufig gestellte Fragen ( 5.07.95)" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/misc/Amiga_FAQ_g.readme"} @{"AminetContest.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/misc/AminetContest.lha"} docs/misc 22K 3 @{"Log of Aminet Contest # 1" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/misc/AminetContest.readme"} @{"AmiFileSafe.txt" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/rview/AmiFileSafe.txt"} docs/rview 16K 11 @{"REVIEW: Ami-File-Safe (AFS) filesystem" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/rview/AmiFileSafe.readme"} @{"AmiFile_Safe_2.txt" system "AMINET8:Tools/View docs/rview/AmiFile_Safe_2.txt"} docs/rview 7K 8 @{"FOLLOWUP: Ami-File-Safe (AFS) filesystem" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect docs/rview/AmiFile_Safe_2.readme"} Here are the newest drivers and tools for the CyberGFX graphics board software: @{"CGraphX210u.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/board/CGraphX210u.lha"} gfx/board 394K 2 @{"CGraphX gfx extension update 2.10" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/board/CGraphX210u.readme"} @{"CyberBootLogo.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/board/CyberBootLogo.lha"} gfx/board 70K 10 @{"8-bit CyberGraphX 2.0 logo image for use with PicB" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/board/CyberBootLogo.readme"} @{"CyberGrab12.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/board/CyberGrab12.lha"} gfx/board 18K 5 @{"Screen-Grabber for CyberGraphX, V1.2" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/board/CyberGrab12.readme"} @{"CyberPrefs.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/board/CyberPrefs.lha"} gfx/board 16K 9 @{"CyberPrefs 40.21 for CyberGfx" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/board/CyberPrefs.readme"} @{"cybershow51.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/board/cybershow51.lha"} gfx/board 91K 2 @{"SlideShow&Viewer(incl.PCD)for CybGfx&AGA" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/board/cybershow51.readme"} @{"cybertvplayer.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/board/cybertvplayer.lha"} gfx/board 565K 10 @{"Video player (HHsYUVSq) for CyberGfx&AGA" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/board/cybertvplayer.readme"} @{"CyberView2_2.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/board/CyberView2_2.lha"} gfx/board 30K 5 @{"Universal Image Viewer for CyberGraphX" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/board/CyberView2_2.readme"} @{"vlabtv08.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/board/vlabtv08.lha"} gfx/board 213K 3 @{"Vlab frame grabber soft for CyberGraphX" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/board/vlabtv08.readme"} @{"egsphotoalb53.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/board/egsphotoalb53.lha"} gfx/board 381K 3 @{"EGS picture management,PhotoCD&SlideShow software" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/board/egsphotoalb53.readme"} @{"egstv53.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/board/egstv53.lha"} gfx/board 471K 3 @{"EGS animation,framegrabber&handyscanner software" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/board/egstv53.readme"} After UNISYS claimed license fees for the GIF format, the better PNG format was created: @{"pnggio.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/conv/pnggio.lha"} gfx/conv 42K 12 @{"Photogenics PNG format loader/saver" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/conv/pnggio.readme"} @{"pnmtopng.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/pbm/pnmtopng.lha"} gfx/pbm 83K 9 @{"PBM/PGM/PPM PNG conversion" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/pbm/pnmtopng.readme"} @{"PNG_gio.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/show/PNG_gio.lha"} gfx/show 42K 12 @{"PNG gio (beta) for Photogenics 1.2" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/show/PNG_gio.readme"} @{"png_dt.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/dtype/png_dt.lha"} util/dtype 76K 12 @{"PNG DataType v1.0" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/dtype/png_dt.readme"} @{"universalgio20.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/edit/universalgio20.lha"} gfx/edit 19K 3 @{"Fast univ. loader module for Photogenics" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/edit/universalgio20.readme"} @{"fastifxmodul46.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/misc/fastifxmodul46.lha"} gfx/misc 23K 3 @{"Fast ImageFX loaders(incl.PhotoCD)&savers" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/misc/fastifxmodul46.readme"} Lots of graphics software: Image processing, fractals, display programs. @{"ImagStu1.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/conv/ImagStu1.lha"} gfx/conv 631K 4 @{"Image processing program v2.2.0 Part 1 of 2" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/conv/ImagStu1.readme"} @{"ImagStu2.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/conv/ImagStu2.lha"} gfx/conv 564K 4 @{"Image processing program v2.2.0 Part 2 of 2" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/conv/ImagStu2.readme"} @{"ImEngV2_0.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/edit/ImEngV2_0.lha"} gfx/edit 543K 7 @{"Image processing application V2.0 " system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/edit/ImEngV2_0.readme"} @{"IconDeluxe1_10.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/edit/IconDeluxe1_10.lha"} gfx/edit 74K 1 @{"Full-featured icon editor (V1.10)" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/edit/IconDeluxe1_10.readme"} @{"ChaosPro.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/fract/ChaosPro.lha"} gfx/fract 555K 8 @{"V2.0 of a fractal explorer like Mand2000" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/fract/ChaosPro.readme"} @{"CProData.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/fract/CProData.lha"} gfx/fract 217K 8 @{"Data files for ChaosPro" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/fract/CProData.readme"} @{"xv218.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/edit/xv218.lha"} gfx/edit 522K 8 @{"Xv - Image processing AGA/OS3.0 recommended (68020" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/edit/xv218.readme"} @{"PicView12.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/misc/PicView12.lha"} gfx/misc 57K 6 @{"Picture Catalogue (Needs OS3.0 and MUI)" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/misc/PicView12.readme"} @{"SView463.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View gfx/show/SView463.lha"} gfx/show 616K 6 @{"SuperView V4.63 + Library 11.9" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect gfx/show/SView463.readme"} Want a Mac on your Amiga? @{"ShapeShift3_1.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View misc/emu/ShapeShift3_1.lha"} misc/emu 207K 5 @{"Macintosh II emulator, V3.1" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect misc/emu/ShapeShift3_1.readme"} @{"SysBoot04.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/boot/SysBoot04.lha"} util/boot 33K 2 @{"Booting from Amiga or Shapeshifter, SFS replacemen" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/boot/SysBoot04.readme"} Try these for your mathematics. @{"calcdeluxe200.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View misc/math/calcdeluxe200.lha"} misc/math 29K 10 @{"A new *best* sfi. calculator, with graphics. Give " system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect misc/math/calcdeluxe200.readme"} @{"graph2d300.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View misc/math/graph2d300.lha"} misc/math 203K 4 @{"Plots and analyzes functions, V3.00" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect misc/math/graph2d300.readme"} Planning a trip anytime soon? @{"RoutePlanner.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View biz/dbase/RoutePlanner.lha"} biz/dbase 200K 10 @{"Highway trip planner. Requires MUI 2.2" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect biz/dbase/RoutePlanner.readme"} Music software highlights: @{"MLED111.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View mus/edit/MLED111.lha"} mus/edit 548K 6 @{"New musiceditor, realtime synthesis & stuff" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect mus/edit/MLED111.readme"} @{"GuitarG1_01.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View mus/misc/GuitarG1_01.lha"} mus/misc 849K 2 @{"A German Database for Guitar using OS3.0 AmigaGuid" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect mus/misc/GuitarG1_01.readme"} @{"Audio_Handler.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View mus/play/Audio_Handler.lha"} mus/play 16K 6 @{"Pipe/copy raw audio samples into a DOS device" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect mus/play/Audio_Handler.readme"} @{"Play1615Pch.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View mus/play/Play1615Pch.lha"} mus/play 6K 5 @{"Bugfix and two new icons for Play16 1.5 " system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect mus/play/Play1615Pch.readme"} @{"Play16_1_5.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View mus/play/Play16_1_5.lha"} mus/play 85K 11 @{"Plays WAV, IFF, MAUD, etc, 14 bit output" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect mus/play/Play16_1_5.readme"} Text software we have, too. Including two very good ext editors. @{"GED313.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View text/edit/GED313.lha"} text/edit 870K 9 @{"Texteditor for programmers V3.1.3 (95/7/18)" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect text/edit/GED313.readme"} @{"write_4_97.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View text/edit/write_4_97.lha"} text/edit 378K 10 @{"Highly cfg. 'multi-modular-cfg.' texteditor" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect text/edit/write_4_97.readme"} @{"Showguide23.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View text/hyper/Showguide23.lha"} text/hyper 9K 2 @{"Guide-Viewer with XPK-Support" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect text/hyper/Showguide23.readme"} Finally a tiny selection of the many notable tools on the CD: @{"ARCHandler2_0b.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/arc/ARCHandler2_0b.lha"} util/arc 144K 3 @{"2.0b - filesystem, use lha as directory" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/arc/ARCHandler2_0b.readme"} @{"PackDev1_6.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/arc/PackDev1_6.lha"} util/arc 23K 2 @{"Packs DFx, DHx etc., XPK support, V1.6" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/arc/PackDev1_6.readme"} @{"UNPacker180.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/arc/UNPacker180.lha"} util/arc 13K 4 @{"Simple GUI for decompressing LHA, ZIP, ZOO, ARC, D" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/arc/UNPacker180.readme"} @{"BeyondTheDark.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/blank/BeyondTheDark.lha"} util/blank 162K 8 @{"Multi Module simultaneous Blanker" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/blank/BeyondTheDark.readme"} @{"HDEnv12.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/boot/HDEnv12.lha"} util/boot 16K 2 @{"Allows you to keep your ENV: dir on HD" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/boot/HDEnv12.readme"} @{"CBE4a.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/cdity/CBE4a.lha"} util/cdity 48K 6 @{"Add history to ClipBoard. Now with DataTypes." system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/cdity/CBE4a.readme"} @{"NewMode_V37.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/cdity/NewMode_V37.lha"} util/cdity 63K 2 @{"Screen promoting utility" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/cdity/NewMode_V37.readme"} @{"Yak210.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/cdity/Yak210.lha"} util/cdity 208K 2 @{"Yak 2.10 - multi-purpose commodity" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/cdity/Yak210.readme"} @{"PointerEyes4_1.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/wb/PointerEyes4_1.lha"} util/wb 65K 11 @{"Eyes on screen titlebars watch your pointer." system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/wb/PointerEyes4_1.readme"} @{"windowtiler21b.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/wb/windowtiler21b.lha"} util/wb 12K 8 @{"Arrange windows in many ways" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/wb/windowtiler21b.readme"} @{"Zoom10.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/wb/Zoom10.lha"} util/wb 3K 4 @{"Shortest zoomer of frontmost screen" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/wb/Zoom10.readme"} There are free alternatives to Directory Opus: @{"FM30B23.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/dir/FM30B23.lha"} util/dir 210K 5 @{"Dirutil with internal multitasking" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/dir/FM30B23.readme"} @{"RO_V104.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/dir/RO_V104.lha"} util/dir 270K 10 @{"MUI-Based FileManager" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/dir/RO_V104.readme"} Ever wanted 100M of RAM? Here you have it. @{"VMM_V3_2.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/misc/VMM_V3_2.lha"} util/misc 240K 3 @{"Virtual memory for Amigas with MMU" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/misc/VMM_V3_2.readme"} Shells don't have to be uncomfortable: @{"csh547.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/shell/csh547.lha"} util/shell 196K 2 @{"C-Shell (csh) 5.47, CLI replacement" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/shell/csh547.readme"} How about checking your HD with the latest VirusChecker now? @{"VChk716.lha" system "AMINET8:Tools/View util/virus/VChk716.lha"} util/virus 135K 2 @{"Version 7.16 of Virus_Checker. Amiga Virus Hunter/" system "AMINET8:Tools/Inspect util/virus/VChk716.readme"} Finally, we have a lot of good animations on the CD. Have a look, they're worth it. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Registered "Registered shareware" Registered shareware on Aminet CD 8 On this CD, you will find a registered version of DeliTracker, the most powerful module player for the Amiga. If you have never saved your own Aminet preferences, it will be used immediately. Otherwise please enter 'DeliTracker2' as your mod player in Prefs. DeliTracker is a bit complicated, please read this short @{" info " link "AMINET8:Deli/ReadMe/main"} about it. The version installed on CD does not use all features. If you would like to make use of all functions, and configure DeliTracker according to your needs, I recommend you install the version found in the Deli drawer on the CD and enter the path to it in 'Prefs'. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Features "New features" New features of this CD - DeliTracker is now the default module player. If you have saved a viewer config with MultiPlayer, I recommend you replace MultiPlayer with DeliTracker2 in the config. - 'Find' now has, in the match pages, a button that searches all CDs for the same pattern. Also, you can now extract a file on a different CD directly on the page that tells you the file is not on the current CD. - The Files.BBS index files now include file sizes, and the MS-DOS version FILES.MSD now has a full CR/LF sequence as line end. - A bug that that prevented some directories from being deleted after use (namely with game and demo starting) was eliminated. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Software "Access software" Workbench --------- Browsing: The first thing you will want to do is browse the contents of the CD. The best way to get a quick overview is having a look at the overview in this document; the very first links. Another method is to check the file Lists/New_Dir (if you already have the previous Aminet CD) or Lists/Index_Dir. Wherever you see a list of files with descriptions, you can click to archive name to start an unpack tool. You will be asked for a destination directory (the default can be chosen in 'Prefs'). After you hit return, the archive gets unpacked to where you selected. For some types of files, you can click a middle button (called 'Start' or 'Play') to view look at the archive contents directly. Some index files play directly without asking (e.g. the Modules and the Games index). In all index files you can view the .readme file for an archive by clicking the description. Searching: After you've become familiar with the contents of the CD, you will often want to search for a specific keyword in the contents of the CD. Just double click the 'Find' icon on the top level of the CD, enter the case insensitive sub string or pattern you want to look for, and you will be presented with a list of files that match your sub string anywhere on their line. You can also search the New_* and Index_* files in Lists by clicking them first and then shift- doubleclicking 'Find'. The resulting document will be of the 'View' type for the toplevel Find program and of the 'Extract' type for all other Find programs. The NewFind and AminetFind search the the list of new files and the list of all Aminet files. If you drag any of the FindKit drawer in Tools/ anywhere onto your hard disk, you can do searches without having the CD in your drive. Using the FullFind program in the Tools directory, you can find any word in any readme of this CD. If your word is a prefix of a word in a readme, it will match. To prevent that, append a $ to your search word. You can enter several search words, separated by blanks, to see only the documents which contain all of them. See also the documentation for the tools in question: @{" Inspect " system "AMINET8:Tools/View AMINET8:Tools/Docs/Inspect"}, @{" Find " system "AMINET8:Tools/View AMINET8:Tools/Docs/Find"}, @{" FullFind " system "AMINET8:Tools/View AMINET8:Tools/Docs/FullFind"} and @{" Prefs " system "AMINET8:Tools/View AMINET8:Tools/Docs/Prefs"}. CLI/Shell --------- Using a shell is not the recommended way to access this CD. However you sometimes have no choice, e.g. when working under UNIX or MSDOS. To get familiar with the contents of the CD, I recommend having a look at the file Aminet/INDEX which contains a complete list of all files on the CD in plain ASCII. More ASCII index files found in Lists/, they end in .doc. If you find a file you are interested in, for example, docs/mags/cd32bits-0694.lha , then execute the following commands: cd Aminet/docs/mags lha e cd32bits-0694.lha ram: to unpack the contents of that archive to RAM. If you don't have the archiver LhA yet, you can obtain it from the Tools/ directory on the CD. To locate all files that contain foo anywhere in their file name, directory name or description, execute the command search NONUM Aminet/INDEX foo or just use the Aminet find tool: find foo which will output an AmigaGuide document and display it. If you want to find the files on any Aminet CD, use: find IN Aminet foo For further information read the documents on Find, FullFind and Inspect in Tools/Docs/. Useful stuff ------------ There is a very limited number of unpacked utilities on this CD in the Tools/Useful directory. They are all related to accessing the files on this CD, and you should think about installing them on your HD. - AmiCDROM is an excellent CD-ROM file system. In the improbable case that your CD filesystem has problems with the Aminet CD, just use this one. - ARCHandler lets you access the Aminet CD (or any other file system) as if all the lha files on it were directories, ie you don't need to unpack anything. Great stuff. - Degrader can disable all the advanced features of accelerated Amigas, getting many hardware-bashing demos and games to run. - ToolAlias can map one default tool name to another. This is useful if you can't change the default tool of a file but want to use a different viewer. - TrashMaster creates an App-Icon on your Workbench where you can drag icons to delete them. Handy to clean up after an archive has been extracted to RAM:. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Custom "Customizing Aminet CD" Customizing Aminet CD As you know all too well, CDs cannot be written to. This CD, however, gives you a limited possibility to shape it according to your taste. There are two possibilities, select the links for documentation: The @{" Personal " link Personal} index in the Guides drawer is an Aminet CD index like all the others, with viewing and readme displaying capabilities. The only difference is that you decide what's listed in it and what not. @{" Clones " link Clones} are tiny files that pretend to be one of the items on the Aminet CD. You can create, rename and arrange them as you like, and you can put them in WBStartup or ToolManager docks. Of course you need the CD in the drive when you want to use clones. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Personal "Your personal Aminet CD index" Your personal Aminet CD index In the Guides directory you find, among various static index files an index called 'Personal'. In the beginning it's empty. If you click 'add', you are asked for a search pattern. You can click any of the shown items to to add them to your personal Aminet index. However you need to close your Personal index and open it again in order to make the changes visible. If you press the 'sort' button, the index will be sorted by directory and subsorted by file name. Duplicate lines will be eliminated. Again, you have to close and reopen the index. With the 'edit' button, finally, you can make any changes to your personal index using your favourite editor. setenv EDITOR to determine the editor. Always use line operation (like deleting lines, inserting lines from Aminet/INDEX or reordering lines). Again, you need to reload the index to make the changes visible. The index looks as if it were stored on the CD. This is not the case, of course. The contents are stored in the file S:Aminet-PersonalX, where X is the number of your CD. You can edit or delete it there. Apart from that, the Personal index behaves like any immediate view index; ie if you click a mod in the Personal index, it will play immediately. So have a look at your @{" personal " system "AMINET8:Tools/Personal"} index. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Clones "Clones" Clones There's a few things that you cannot do in a normal Aminet CD index. For example you cannot put an item from the Aminet CD index in a ToolManager dock or a Directory Opus gadget. That's what clones were created for. Clones pretend to be the Aminet file you created them from. You can move them around, arrange them and delete them as you like. Clones can be started from CLI or from the Workbench, where they have an icon that reflects their type. Starting a clone is equivalent to clicking the according archive name in the Aminet CD index, except for the fact that the action (playing, game or demo starting) will be performed without asking for confirmation. Of course you need to have the Aminet CD in the CD-ROM drive when you start a cloned program. To create a clone, start the @{" Cloner " system "AMINET8:Tools/Cloner"} program. It asks you for a pattern and displays the files matching that pattern. You then click the item you would like to see cloned, maybe change the destination path in the upcoming requester, and hit 'Create' to confirm. Each clone takes about 3K of disk space. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Troubles "Some common problems with the Aminet CD" Why are all file names upper case? ---------------------------------- For this CD, we have chosen to stick to the ISO CDROM standard. This means that the CD can be read on any system, but it also means that all files names are upper case. However, we also used RockRidge extensions, so file systems that understand them can still use mixed case. The AmiCDROM file system provided in the Tools/Useful directory will give you mixed case on the Aminet CD. Why can't I read some of the files with the Commodore CD file system? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Because it's buggy. The solution is the same as before: Install the AmiCDROM file system. It's works very nicely. Why do I have problems with by Xetec file system? ------------------------------------------------- It seems to have problems with our choice of CD formats. However version 2.0 was reported to work fine. If not, again, again: Install the AmiCDROM file system found on this CD. Nothing happens when I try to show that image/play that mod! ------------------------------------------------------------ The Aminet extraction software tries to be smart how every pic is shown or mod is played. However sometimes it fails. In those cases you can simply extract the archive and look at it by yourself. Also, you might be running out of memory, see below. I'm running out of memory! -------------------------- Viewing an image or playing a mod by clicking it in the index takes quite a lot of memory, since the index as well was the extraction program stay in memory while the picture is viewed. Solutions: - Set your extraction directory to something different from RAM:, e.g. an (existing) directory on your HD. This can be done using the 'Prefs' program. - Don't view the files directly from the index. Click on 'extract' first, then close the index, and open the directory your file was extracted to. Of course combining the two saves the most. I want to mount this CD on my BBS --------------------------------- We have Files.BBS index files in every directory, so some BBS programs can use the CD directly. Others understand our .readme format already. For MS-DOS BBSes use the index called FILES.MSD. If you would like to copy the files onto HD, you can use the file Aminet/info/adt/TRANSL.TBL (which shows origname and CD-name for each file) to restore the original file names. If you write any additional software or need indices in a different format, please contact me. I cannot use this CD with my CD32! ---------------------------------- This is due to a bug in the CD32 CDROM file system and occurs when you boot off the Network CD or something similar. You can circumvent this bug by mounting a small RAD: disk (about 49 tracks), copy the most important files from a Workbench CD there (c, libs, envarc) and boot off the RAD:. That should get the Aminet CD (and some other interesting CDs) to work. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Aminet "What is Aminet?" What is Aminet? --------------- Aminet is a library where software authors can place their freely distributable programs for others to download. The backbone of Aminet consists of about 20 computers all over the world that are linked to Internet, a computer network that connects most universities and many businesses in the world. Many other places, such as 50 BBSes, keep frequently updated copies of Aminet. Aminet is moderated. Whatever gets uploaded has to be approved before it is made available to the public. However there is no censorship; the only conditions for inclusion in the library are that every file uploaded has a description file in the correct format, and the archive itself is okay and virus free. What is unique about Aminet is that large amounts of data are made available to a wide audience within a very short time. If a programmer uploads his latest release to Aminet, he can expect that it will have been downloaded and tested by one thousand people within a week. If he finds a bug in his program, he can distribute an update to the whole world within twenty four hours. In that respect, freely distributable software works far better than commercial software. You may want to read about the @{" recent " system "AMINET8:Tools/View AMINET8:Guides/Misc/10000"} and @{" ancient " system "AMINET8:Tools/View AMINET8:Guides/Misc/5000"} history of Aminet, or find out where to @{" access " link Access} Aminet in your area. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Access "Getting access to Aminet" Where do I access Aminet? ------------------------- If you would like to get updated more often than is possible with a quarterly CDROM, you have several possibilities. By far the best way is getting yourself connected to the Internet. Several commercial networks allow access to the Internet. Some of them are (this is not an endorsement, just an information): USA Netcom Voice 1.408.554.UNIX Portal Voice 1.408.973.9111 Modem 1.408.973.8091 GERMANY EUnet Voice +49.231.972.00 Fax +49.231.972.1111 SWITZERLAND EUnet Voice + Fax + Once you have gotten Internet access you can use the following methods to access the latest Aminet files: - Mirrors. The normal way to access Aminet is by FTP, which comes with UNIX (program name is ftp). You can use any of the below sites. Most keep only recent files, but ftp.wustl.edu, ftp.cdrom.com, ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk and ftp.luth.se are complete. Location Name IP Address Path Files USA (MO) ftp.wustl.edu pub/aminet/ ALL USA (WI) ftp.netnet.net pub/aminet/ ALL Australia ftp.livewire.com.au pub/aminet/ ALL Scandinavia ftp.luth.se pub/aminet/ ALL Switzerland ftp.eunet.ch pub/aminet/ ALL Switzerland ftp.math.ethz.ch pub/aminet/ 1000 Germany kelly.uni-paderborn.de pub/aminet/ ALL Germany ftp.uni-paderborn.de pub/aminet/ ALL Germany ftp.uni-erlangen.de pub/aminet/ 7000 Germany ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de pub/aminet/ 6000 Germany ftp.uni-trier.de pub/aminet/ 4500 Germany ftp.uni-stuttgart.de cd aminet 4000 Germany ftp.tu-chemnitz.de pub/aminet/ 4000 Germany ftp.fh-augsburg.de pub/aminet/ 3000 Germany ftp.uni-oldenburg.de pub/aminet/ 2500 Germany ftp.uni-bremen.de pub/aminet/ 2000 Germany ftp.uni-kl.de pub/aminet/ 1500 Germany ftp.uni-siegen.de pub/aminet/ 1500 Germany ftp.rz.uni-wuerzburg.de pub/aminet/ 700 France ftp.cnam.fr pub/aminet/ 8000 Portugal ftp.ua.pt pub/aminet/ 2000 UK ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk pub/aminet/ ALL UK micros.hensa.ac.uk pub/aminet/ 8500 - ADT. This is a front end for FTP that allows easy access to Aminet. Get it from misc/unix/ and compile it on your UNIX box. - FSP. Aminet Files can be downloaded from the FSP site ftp.luth.se at port 6969 and from disun3.epfl.ch port 9999. ftp.wustl.edu and ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk have FSP on port 21, but can't be reached from everywhere (just try). Uploads are accepted at wustl and luth. - Telnet. ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk strikes again. You can telnet to and log in as 'sources', which gives you a UNIX account where you can download the files on src using commands like 'sz' and 'kermit', or just browse around. - NFS. The only Aminet site that allows NFS mounting of the archives is ftp.wustl.edu. FTP there and read the details in /README.NFS - IRC. On Internet Relay Chat, you can talk to various server robots like Mama, LitBot and MerBot, to do queries and retrievals. Find out more about them using '/msg mama help', for example. - Finger. To find out what's been uploaded to Aminet within the last week, enter 'finger Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.'. - Gopher. Gopher is specially supported by several Aminet sites. Just type 'gopher' or 'gopher -p'. USA (MO) ftp.wustl.edu 1/pub/aminet/info/goph USA (TX) ftp.etsu.edu 1/AmigaArchives/Aminet SWITZERLAND ftp.eunet.ch 1/pub/aminet/info/goph GERMANY ftp.uni-paderborn.de 1/Service/FTP/Direct/ftp-server/aminet UK ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk 1/pub/aminet/info/goph If you don't have full internet access, you can try one of the following methods to get access: - Mailserver. The Aminet site src.doc.ic.ac.uk has an email server that sends out uuencoded binaries. Send a message with HELP in the body to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.. You can also use Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. to retrieve files from any Aminet site, but please use an American one to save bandwidth. Send HELP there for information, too. Germans try Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. . Searching the aminet index for a file name, or uploading can be done at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. (as usual, send HELP there for information). Also, the RECENT and CHARTS files are available from an automatic e-mail server. Send mail to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. with the single word "help" (no quotes) in the body to find out how to use the server. - Modem. The following BBSes carry up-to-date Aminet files. Most have more phone numbers than we can mention here, call to see a list of the others. List sorted by phone number. (Please notify me of Aminet BBSes that are not on the list) Country Name FIDO Phone ISDN ------- ---- ---- ----- ---- USA (MS) The Gateway 1:3604/60 (+1)601 374 2697 USA (CA) Heavy Metal 1:202/1112 (+1)619 232 4919 USA (NC) The C: Dir (+1)919 787 6211 Canada RCN Networks (+1)418 653 3099 Canada TunnelVisio 1:153/910 (+1)604 535 9826 Canada MidnightMag (+1)905 796 2931 France Ramses 2:320/104 (+33)1 45845623 Italy Glass Globe 2:332/118 (+39)577 959054 Italy SpeedOfLife 2:335/533 (+39)931 833773 Switzerland Amiga Micro 2:301/819 (+41)1 3001008 (+41)1 3001009 Switzerland Helvetica 2:301/723 (+41)1 3130879 (+41)1 3101016 Switzerland Dolphins (+41)1 8450936 (+41)1 8846028 Switzerland AmiCall 2:301/722 (+41)1 9804297 Switzerland Turicum (+41)1 9918501 (+41)1 9918503 Switzerland Dive-Inn 2:301/325 (+41)22 7518103 (+41)22 7518105 Switzerland Alphanet (+41)38 414081 Switzerland LogicPalace 2:301/706 (+41)31 7320051 (+41)31 7320044 Switzerland LINKSys (+41)61 3215643 (+41)61 3832007 Switzerland AUGS BBS (+41)62 445041 (+41)62 445041 Austria Amiga World 2:310/72 (+43)1 5044269 (+43)1 5047701 Denmark Scala BBS 2:230/418 (+45)44680300 (+45)44861540 Germany Surprise (+49)201 329761 (+49)201 8315005 Germany Art-Line (+49)202 596003 (+49)202 2546013 Germany T.O.M. (+49)202 595267 Germany Pleasure (+49)203 431366 Germany SMachine (+49)203 4061447 (+49)203 9940127 Germany Grisubox (+49)2065 24447 Germany Karma Designs (+49)208 670722 Germany Future Line (+49)2041 686829 Germany Blue Moon (+49)2065 66407 Germany TrkPool (+49)208 808640 Germany Delvinor (+49)2131 549457 (+49)2131 951253 Germany Newswire (+49)2154 5011 Germany Debuwi (+49)2236 83233 Germany Candys --- (+49)221 462138 Germany Darkness (+49)2273 1096 (+49)2273 910062 Germany X-RAY (+49)228 455893 Germany CBonn (+49)228 666588 Germany SID (+49)231 448496 Germany Blanker (+49)231 815739 (+49)231 9812094 Germany Fantasie (+49)2381 675700 Germany Stingray (+49)2385 6542 (+49)2385 910031 Germany ASBM (+49)251 791650 Germany Circus (+49)281 24001 Germany AMBO (+49)30 3739293 (+49)30 37401021 Germany TERM (+49)30 4537288 (+49)30 45470171 Germany Quick (+49)40 5479638 Germany ITHH (+49)40 6064098 (+49)40 60680341 Germany DOOM (+49)4223 8355 (+49)4223 95004 Germany Flight (+49)4442 72138 (+49)4442 920362 Germany Nexus-I (+49)5242 42065 Germany MultiCom (+49)5321 45440 (+49)5321 305373 Germany Black-Z (+49)6142 46278 (+49)6142 924080 Germany SLTO (+49)615 264898 Germany TecMania (+49)6157 87427 (+49)6157 910121 Germany 48'er 2:2468/6020 (+49)6203 180293 Germany WestCoast 2:2468/9718.0 (+49)6221 761304 Germany RudisBox (+49)6253 86677 (+49)6253 972100 Germany HIT (+49)681 399426 (+49)681 372552 Germany Groenland (+49)6824 8444 Germany Titan (+49)6826 800391 Germany ***elOutside (+49)6838 84739 Germany BrainWave 2:246/2006.0 (+49)7071 78729 (+49)7071 971213 Germany DALLAS-BBS (+49)711 588146 (+49)711 5719063 Germany Amiga Univ. 2:246/1416.0 (+49)7195 920677 (+49)7195 940130 Germany Amiga Inside2:2476/539.0 (+49)721 841292 Germany Uplink 2:246/2320 (+49)751 96217 Germany Fairytale 2:246/2300 (+49)7541 24362 (+49)7541 930232 Germany Melting Point 2:2476/825 (+49)7663 50103 (+49)7663 912013 Germany Predator 2:2490/1140 (+49)9131 14439 Germany LSD (+49)9133 9591 Germany Turtle 2:2490/1092 (+49)911 3241044 (+49)911 3241055 Germany Lizard (+49)911 476948 Germany Incubus (+49)931 781464 (+49)931 7900200 Australia Continental (+61)2949 4256 Australia 1990 Multi 3:690/758.0 (+61)9370 3333 - Anonymous UUCP. In Germany, you can access the Aminet files at the phone numbers of Brainwave BBS (see above) using the following entry. Download the file "Aminet:INFO" for more information. anarchy Any SER 38400 ATD BBS. ..\c ogin: uanon sword: uanon - FIDO. If you want to file-request Aminet files, you can do so by requesting the file INFO from 2:246/2006.0. The BBSes which have a FIDO node number mentioned above allow file requests. - Mailing lists. If you want to get the list of new uploads mailed every week, send a mail with 'SUBSCRIBE aminet-weekly Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.' in the body to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or if you want daily updates, just use 'SUBSCRIBE aminet-daily' instead. Replace Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. with your email address, of course. Keep the welcome mail in case you forget how to unsubscribe... - Usenet. A list of recent uploads is posted every week to the newsgroups comp.sys.amiga.misc and de.comp.sys.amiga.archive. - EZINFO. This is an internet BBS in Switzerland. Here you can download by Kermit or ZMODEM, but you need to be verified to become user. Modem dial 01 251 20 02, then type 'call b050' to connect to EZINFO. Also try telnet kometh.ethz.ch and 'call b050' from internet. - Aminet-on-disk. You can order single Aminet files (3 DM per disk) or per-directory subscriptions (2 DM per disk) from Martin Schulze, Parkstr. 14, 66806 Ensdorf, Germany. Phone: ++49 (0) 6831 506171, email Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. . Other media like opticals or DAT's are available, too. Send 3 DM in stamps or $2 to get an index disk with instructions. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Submitting "Sending software to Aminet" How do I submit something to Aminet? ------------------------------------ If you are an author of freely distributable software, you may be interested to get your software onto Aminet. Aminet gets your software to a lot of people very quickly, and is free of charge for most of its users. And, while this policy lasts, you can order a free Aminet CD by email! Send HELP to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. for more information. If you would like to get your piece of freely distributable software onto Aminet and you don't have access to the Internet, you can check the BBSes listed @{" here " link Access} if they forward uploads to Aminet. The Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. accepts uploads by email, send HELP there for instructions. If all fails, you can still send a diskette (that will not be sent back, sorry) with your upload to Martin Schulze, whose address you find in the access list as well. Be sure to read the upload @{" instructions " system "AMINET8:Tools/View AMINET8:Guides/Misc/Uploads"} very carefully. Faulty submissions are in danger of being deleted. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Ordering "Ordering subsequent CD's" Order information ----------------- A new Aminet CD appears every two months. You can expect about 500M of new software on every CD, plus the currently most popular files, plus enough files from other sources to fill up the CD to its limit. Order subscriptions or single CDs from the following companies: Company Offerings ------- --------- - Germany/Europe Stefan Ossowski's Aminet CDs DM 25 Schatztruhe GmbH subscriptions DM 19.80 per CD Veronikastr. 33 D-45131 Essen Aminet Set 1 (4 CDs) DM 59 Germany Shipping national prepaid DM 4 Phone +49-201-788778 cash on delivery DM 8 Fax +49-201-798447 Shipping Europe prepaid DM 8 cash on delivery DM 25 Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. Shipping overseas prepaid DM 15 All major credit cards accepted, they count as prepaid. Send cash as check or in a registered letter. Subscriptions don't include shipping. For money transfers use: Deutsche Bank Essen, Bank ID 36070050, Account number 257901900 - Germany/Europe/Worldwide for dealers: GTI GmbH Zimmersmühlenweg 73 D-61440 Oberursel Germany Phone +49-6171-85934 Fax +49-6171-8302 Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. - USA/Canada Amiga Library Services Aminet CDs $ 19.95 610 North Alma School Road subscriptions (6 CDs) $ 89.95 Suite 18 Aminet Set 1 (4 CDs) $ 39.95 Chandler, AZ 85224-3687 U.S.A. Shipping anywhere $ 3.95 Federal Express (USA) $ 12.95 Voice/Fax +1-602-491-0442 Pay via cash, check, money order or credit card (VISA, MasterCard). Checks/money orders payable to 'Amiga Library Services' and in US $. Credit card orders must include card number, expiration date, and full name on card. Subscriptions don't include shipping. Dealer inquiries welcome. - Denmark Fribert Consult, v. Kenneth Fribert C. T. Barfoeds Vej 2, 3. tv Aminet CDs Kr. 120.25 DK-2000 FRB subscriptions Kr. 108.25 per CD Denmark Aminet Set Kr. call PostGiro: 0 89 79 73 Shipping (prepay) Kr. 20.- Phone:+45 31 87 98 64 Shipping (Cash on delivery) Kr. 52.- Fax: +45 31 87 98 36 SE: 16 41 74 75 Internet: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. Fido: 2:235/317.0 Orders can be paid via cheque, Giro, postal money order or cash. - Italy C.A.T.M.U. s.n.c. (DICE italian dealer) Via G. Di Vittorio, 22 Aminet CDs 34900 Lit. 10023 Chieri (TO) subscriptions (4 CDs) 115000 Lit. ITALY Aminet Set call Fax: ++39-11-941.52.37 Shipping: Tel: ++39-11-941.52.37 pre-paid 5500 Lit. Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. on delivery 15000 Lit. Pagamento tramite bollettino postale su c/c postale n.28065100 intestato a: C.A.T.M.U. di Zamuner Giorgio & C. s.n.c. - Worldwide You can order the Aminet CD from any bookstore worldwide. Please state the appropriate ISBN numbers with your order: Aminet Set 1 ISBN 3-86084-253-6 Aminet CD 5 ISBN 3-86084-256-0 Prices may vary, ask your local dealer for more information. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Disclaimer "The disclaimer" Disclaimer ---------- All files on Aminet have been virus checked. However, new viruses that were unknown at the time the CD was made could still have slipped through, so we cannot make any warranties. Thus you should run a virus checker on all programs extracted from the CD to be absolutely safe. Note that, although you have paid for the CD, you don't own all the programs in it. Some of them are distributed as Shareware, which means that you have to pay for its registration if you use it regularly. Please support the concept of shareware; if a program is worth using, it's also worth paying for. You're getting the FD software on this CD is free of charge. The price of the CD just pays for the collecting and presenting it, and for the pressing of the CD. amigaguide.library is Copyright Commodore Amiga Inc. All programs Copyright their authors except where noted otherwise @endnode ============================================================================

Document sans nom | Local files at Aminet CD 8 on 22-Sep-95
| Sorted by directory and file name. Age in weeks.
| A wide version of this file can be found in info/index/
|File Dir Size Age Description
|----------------- --- ---- --- -----------
CB_Radio_2_1.lha biz/dbase 50K 11+Program for CB-Radio-Operators
db2_8.lha biz/dbase 159K 3+Database program w OS3.0 look, user def.
DFA_25.lha biz/dbase 789K 7+The ultimate address utility
DTC_CD2f.lha biz/dbase 33K 6+Usefoul and very userfriendly database.
DTC_MCD20.lha biz/dbase 32K 6+Usefoul and very userfriendly database.
EasyVideo31.lha biz/dbase 189K 3+Good home-video Mangement-System
EV30F.lha biz/dbase 140K 12+THE german video database for home VHS (
fiasco.lha biz/dbase 264K 4+Database supporting pictures in mask,...
GCBAdresse.lha biz/dbase 271K 2+The Address-Database
GCBVideoV3_05.lha biz/dbase 280K 2+The video-administrator
IntuiDex22.lha biz/dbase 80K 8+Update to easy club roster database
KF_REG_pch_210.lha biz/dbase 724K 10+KingFisher 2.x -> 2.10 REG'D patches
KingFisher210.lha biz/dbase 835K 10+KingFisher 2.10 EVALUATION COPY
ligamanager.lha biz/dbase 178K 5+German data base for soccer results V2.2
McF3_1.lha biz/dbase 84K 4+Catalogues and archives files on any med
MusicManII.lha biz/dbase 557K 2+Manages your CDs,MCs... VERY comfortably
PDBase12.lha biz/dbase 93K 11+Public Domain DataBase V1.2 (Needs MUI)
PSVideo21.lha biz/dbase 210K 4+Video data base
quickfile.lha biz/dbase 284K 2+V3.16.6 Powerful, fast and easy database
RoutePlanner.lha biz/dbase 200K 10+Highway trip planner. Requires MUI 2.2
Scion.lha biz/dbase 422K 10+Genealogy database manager v4.07
scionsuomi.lha biz/dbase 5K 7+Finnish catalogs for Scion Gen. 4.07
Scionu1.lha biz/dbase 86K 4+Update package for Scion Genealogist 4.0
S_Adress_2_2.lha biz/dbase 33K 11+Adress-Manager(Deutsch\English)
S_Video_3_1.lha biz/dbase 35K 11+Video-Manager(Deutsch\English)
ve25demo.lha biz/dbase 620K 6+Videographers Management System for the
CheckItOut21a.lha biz/demo 176K 2+Quicken-Like Checkbook/Personal Finance
DiavoloBackup.lha biz/demo 370K 6+Demo of V3.0 of the new backup software
EasyCalc2.lha biz/demo 182K 11+Easy-to-use spreadsheet program (WB2+)
LigaManager.lha biz/demo 161K 2+Fussball-Bundesliga-Manager-Demo
TurboCalc35.lha biz/demo 294K 5+TurboCalc3.5 - powerful spreadsheet demo
TwistDemo.lha biz/demo 402K 3+Demo of Twist 2 Relational Database
TypeWrite.lha biz/demo 102K 2+Typewriter-Trainer
Xi31Demo.lha biz/demo 612K 10+Demo of XiPaint 3.1 - 24bit-Paintprogram
AmiBroker110.lha biz/misc 272K 5+Technical analysis of Polish stocks v1.1
amicheck1_74.lha biz/misc 219K 4+V1.75 checkbook/account manager OS2.04 a
Banca120.lha biz/misc 317K 1+Family Budget Management V1.2. Italian O
bud111.lha biz/misc 86K 2+Personnal Budget Utility v1.11 (OS 3.0+)
LedgerV102.lha biz/misc 17K 3+A Powerful Self employed Ledger
Dopus511.lha biz/patch 383K 12+Patch for Directory Opus 5.0 & 5.10 -> 5
DOpusIta511.lha biz/patch 17K 1+Italian Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.11
DOpusNL511.lha biz/patch 18K 9+Dutch Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.11
DOpusNorsk511.lha biz/patch 16K 9+Norwegian Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.
DS3upd3.lha biz/patch 164K 11+Patch for Dave Haynie's DiskSalv 3 (comm
Fed_1_41_Patch.lha biz/patch 16K 4+Adds shortcuts to the FED's menus
fw30int7.lha biz/patch 268K 10+68030 Patches for FinalWriter 3.0
pgs3h1.lha biz/patch 490K 10+PageStream 2.0h Patches
pgs3h2.lha biz/patch 393K 10+PageStream 2.0h Patches
Twst203221.lha biz/patch 322K 9+Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.03 to 2.21 pat
Twst204221.lha biz/patch 212K 9+Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.04 to 2.21 pat
Twst205221.lha biz/patch 211K 9+Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.05 to 2.21 pat
Twst207221.lha biz/patch 152K 9+Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.07 to 2.21 pat
Twst208221.lha biz/patch 137K 9+Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.08 to 2.21 pat
Twst211221.lha biz/patch 123K 9+Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.11 to 2.21 pat
Twst212221.lha biz/patch 124K 9+Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.12 to 2.21 pat
BA.lha comm/ambos 5K 3+Caller-statistics; BBS-Tool for AmBoS
CG_ANSIs.lha comm/ambos 11K 3+BBS-ANSIs for ChangeGrafik; AmBoS
ChangeGrafik.lha comm/ambos 14K 3+Random ANSI-Viewer;BBS-Tool for AmBoS
DTime.lha comm/ambos 80K 3+Calendar; BBS-Tool for AmBoS
FS.lha comm/ambos 5K 3+File Search; BBS-Tool for AmBoS
gore.lha comm/ambos 97K 3+Dungeongame, CLI-DoorGame for AmBoS
GRDemo.lha comm/ambos 25K 3+German Doorgame for AmBoS, V1.11 (Demo)
InfoBrett.lha comm/ambos 4K 3+Info Board; BBS-Tool for AmBoS
LaberMod.lha comm/ambos 8K 11+Sends msgs to User; BBS-Module for AmBoS
LetzSenf.lha comm/ambos 18K 3+Last Commands; BBS-Tool for AmBoS
MineField.lha comm/ambos 34K 3+MineField; BBS-Game for AmBoS
PackBackup.lha comm/ambos 4K 11+Special Backup-Tool for AmBoS BBS
PlanetWar.lha comm/ambos 106K 3+Spacetype game, BBS-Game for AmBoS
rodice.lha comm/ambos 37K 3+Roll-o-Dice; DoorGame for AmBoS
ShowAus.lha comm/ambos 35K 3+Shows Online-Statistics;BBS-Tool for AmB
TeleText.lha comm/ambos 24K 3+Bulletin-Board; BBS-Tool for AmBoS
TimeCheck.lha comm/ambos 3K 3+Warns by short Online-time in AmBoS BBS
ToDaysCaller.lha comm/ambos 16K 3+ToDaysCaller; BBS-Tool for AmBoS
ultra.lha comm/ambos 61K 3+Credit/Faker, BBS-Tool for AmBos
UserStatus.lha comm/ambos 10K 3+Shows UserInfo; BBS-Tool for AmBoS
WiO.lha comm/ambos 12K 3+(W)ho (i)s (O)nline; BBS-Tool for AmBoS
WK.lha comm/ambos 41K 3+Kniffel V1.39, BBS-Game for AmBoS
ww_vote.lha comm/ambos 23K 3+Vote! - Voting booth for AmBoS BBS
askiireq.lha comm/amiex 32K 8+Request-Door for Amiex & Fame BBS V1.00
CD_Server103.lha comm/amiex 68K 4+Tool to access devices/Assigns via BBS.
KLR_Comment12.lha comm/amiex 54K 11+Best Comment door around with cursor-con
nvx_v_await.lha comm/amiex 13K 11+Replaces AwaitScreen with last 20 caller
nvx_v_modpage.lha comm/amiex 148K 11+Lets the users page with a music module
PottySrc.lha comm/amiex 448K 2+Source to Pot-Noodle's AmiExp BBS Utils
SDC_R4B3.lha comm/amiex 70K 2+Super-DupeCheck 1.03: Release 4, Beta 3
world_clock.lha comm/amiex 24K 8+Clock Util for Amiex & Fame BBS V1.18
ACP_Page2_0.lha comm/bbs 62K 10+ACP-Page 2.0 - Sysoppager Door for E! an
AnubisPub0551.lha comm/bbs 588K 12+German BBS program
BJack_v11.lha comm/bbs 6K 2+Blackjack game for MAXsBBS
Chaseem_v11.lha comm/bbs 9K 2+Great run online game for MAXsBBS
clchat412.lha comm/bbs 141K 3+Extensive chat for TCP/IP and/or BBS
CoolTAStuff.lha comm/bbs 11K 2+3 Utils + some info for TransAmiga BBS
cps_ratio.lha comm/bbs 3K 11+Tool to change DL-Ratio (Prometheus BBS)
DayDreamBBS113.lha comm/bbs 369K 7+DayDream BBS V1.13 - BBS Software
ERP.lha comm/bbs 6K 7+V1.0, kills requesters automatically.
FastCallDemo.lha comm/bbs 541K 3+FastCALL 2483 Mailboxprogram (FC) Demo
FileLister145.lha comm/bbs 245K 3+V1.45 of the best TA online filelister
Flist_105p2.lha comm/bbs 59K 3+FList v1.05p2 For TransAmiga BBS S/w
FL_144_Update.lha comm/bbs 30K 9+TA-Filelister Update for V1.44
FL_GetFile25.lha comm/bbs 25K 3+Updated Getfile from TA-FileLister
fm308.lha comm/bbs 123K 5+Complete file Management program for BBS
gmc_bbs_220.lha comm/bbs 630K 8+Plug and Play BBS with Bi,X,Y,Z Modem...
GW220.lha comm/bbs 85K 3+Global War 2 v2.20 - Strategy BBS game
GWall_v206.lha comm/bbs 51K 2+The best Graffiti Wall for MAXsBBS
MaxScripts1.lha comm/bbs 9K 2+CLI Door scripts for use with MaxShell
MAXShell.lha comm/bbs 33K 3+Allows CLI programs under MAX's BBS
MAX_DoorPack.lha comm/bbs 18K 4+MAX's BBS doorpack fixed and updated
M_Quest_v11.lha comm/bbs 5K 2+New user questionaire door for MaxsBBS
OpElim16.lha comm/bbs 94K 9+Multi-player, shoot-em-up, BBS game (doo
PassEnterV11.lha comm/bbs 26K 6+Security door for MAX's BBS.
Pegged_E.lha comm/bbs 19K 6+Jump the Pegs Game 1.1D for Excelsior!
pltdor10.lha comm/bbs 77K 4+Point Mail Pickup Door OzMetro/TA/DLG/E!
PMBSBullet166.lha comm/bbs 34K 12+News bulletins for PMBS, V1.66 German on
PMBS_Demo12.lha comm/bbs 838K 2+Prometheus Mailbox System (PMBS) Demover
RPGBBS1.lha comm/bbs 364K 2+Role-Playing Game BBS/DOOR disk 1
RPGBBS2.lha comm/bbs 295K 3+Role-Playing Game BBS/DOOR disk 2
RPGBBS3.lha comm/bbs 346K 3+Role-Playing Game BBS/DOOR disk 3
ta_trivia12.lha comm/bbs 174K 6+TransAmiga BBS Trivia door v1.2
TFBBS.lha comm/bbs 299K 2+Telefun BBS-Fully configurable BBS. V1.3
TrAminet1_3.lha comm/bbs 36K 5+TransAmiga BBS AminetCD upload tool v1.3
WWBBS31.lha comm/bbs 654K 8+Cool BBS prg, wrks thru cli, V3.1
WWBBSUtils_11.lha comm/bbs 15K 10+V1.1 Utilities for WWBSS: Remote Shell,
ZTopFiles11.lha comm/bbs 12K 2+Zeus util: Most DLed files stat maker.
1ooOrder.lha comm/cnet 8K 8+1oo% ANSi/ASCii-Order Door for Cnet/3
1oo_wall.lha comm/cnet 6K 11+1oo% Wall V1.4 - Nice wall for Cnet/3
adddescript_11.lha comm/cnet 17K 2+Add CNet long or short descriptions, ext
BaudCheck_30.lha comm/cnet 12K 2+Refer Low baud callers to another free p
call_logger331.lha comm/cnet 13K 11+CNet Amiga Call Logger (Last 10 Calls)!
cdaxe_103.lha comm/cnet 31K 2+CDAxe v1.03 - CDRom/Aminet/Direct interf
cnmp_10b.lha comm/cnet 133K 2+CNetMultiPort - Developer's package for
DloadDesc_31.lha comm/cnet 11K 2+DownloadDescript - Allows user's to down
DupeScan_201.lha comm/cnet 14K 2+DupeScan - Detects and log users with mu
FLaMBoPaGe.lha comm/cnet 66K 8+<<FLaMBoPaGe>> 1.0 CNet/3 Pager Replacem
HowTo.lha comm/cnet 9K 8+CNet door- users pick from txt file list
LastCallers_85.lha comm/cnet 54K 2+MS-LastCallers - VERY configurable Last
metalscan_103.lha comm/cnet 41K 2+MetalScan - Replacement/Companion SCAN c
MS_Credits_62.lha comm/cnet 37K 2+Awards users byte or pfile credits for p
ToSL_21.lha comm/cnet 17K 2+ToSelectList (ToSL) - add selections to
TrdWars23.lha comm/cnet 295K 11+Tradewars 2.3 for CNet. works with 3.05
wof_cnet_641.lha comm/cnet 291K 6+Newest Version Wheel of Fortune for CNet
blitz_bulletin.lha comm/dlg 20K 6+Nifty new bulletin reader for DLG.
blitz_download.lha comm/dlg 20K 6+Download file descriptions easily.
blitz_tag13.lha comm/dlg 18K 6+Allow users to tag files off-line.
DiaGF221.lha comm/dlg 10K 3+DiaGFlist V2.21 (bug fix).
DiaUpDwn.lha comm/dlg 4K 3+View quick down/upload statics.
DlgSources.lha comm/dlg 10K 3+Dialog sources (DiaGFlist etc).
DLG_Correct_20.lha comm/dlg 4K 10+Fixes DLG's Msg_Correct/Filenote/Export
DUNDLG311.lha comm/dlg 18K 6+Update to Dungeon V3.1. v3.11 of the AN
duramembers10.lha comm/dlg 16K 6+Membership tracking program [v1.0] for D
food118.lha comm/dlg 112K 5+A game for DLG Pro BBS systems, version
FSS_1_0.lha comm/dlg 2K 2+Selects the correct File SIG based on Co
EnvoyARexx02b.lha comm/envoy 7K 10+Send ARexx-commands via Envoy (V0.2 beta
EnvoyEmpire.lha comm/envoy 154K 6+MUI multiple player strategy game for En
AmiGate15.lha comm/fido 64K 4+Gateway program. FidoNet <-> Internet
FindPhone.lha comm/fido 7K 3+1.8 Search the nodelist for a phonenumbe
FindPhoSrc.lha comm/fido 5K 3+1.8 Source for FindPhone
FindPlace.lha comm/fido 7K 3+1.4 Search the nodelist for a city/place
FindPlaSrc.lha comm/fido 4K 3+1.4 Source for FindPlace
FindSysop.lha comm/fido 7K 3+1.5 Search the nodelist for a sysop (wil
FindSysSrc.lha comm/fido 4K 3+1.5 Source for FindSysop
FindSystem.lha comm/fido 7K 3+1.31 Search the nodelist for a BBS/syste
GHatch18.lha comm/fido 14K 7+Generic filehatcher for points.
GMSCall0_1.lha comm/fido 5K 5+Arexx Poll script for GMS, with GUI nume
GMS_11b64.lha comm/fido 173K 7+GMS v1.1 beta 64 -
Idefix051pr.lha comm/fido 37K 10+New fast areafix for TrapToss
jm950728.lha comm/fido 316K 2+WPL Frontend Mailer Generator
JS_Toss101.lha comm/fido 133K 12+1.01: Fido Node tosser with really good
MM1_1_1Cat_Fra.lha comm/fido 7K 2+First update to the Mail Manager v1.1 fr
MMAreaFixPlus.lha comm/fido 22K 10+MM_AreaFixPlus v1.74 - The best Areafix
mm_1_1.lha comm/fido 863K 12+Mail Manager v1.1 - The BEST Fido Progra
mm_1_1_030.lha comm/fido 182K 12+Mail Manager v1.1 - 68030 (Binary only)
MM_AutoReply.lha comm/fido 3K 4+Auto answer netmails for MM (german doc
MM_LiveStats.lha comm/fido 6K 5+Arexx Script for MM for calculating stat
MM_ScriptSet1.lha comm/fido 6K 5+Simple Arexx scripts enhancing MM
NetCall20c.lha comm/fido 178K 11+User-friendly poll-manager for TrapDoor,
NLFind.lha comm/fido 15K 3+1.2 Gives multiline node support (for po
patchpkt111.lha comm/fido 39K 10+Fido-Package patcher/modifier
Rock_1_5.lha comm/fido 111K 4+The Rock Melody Mailer
showfigfonts.lha comm/fido 4K 3+Arexx script that displays FIGLET Fonts
SpotChef22.lha comm/fido 44K 6+Fun language converter for Spot. V2.2
ThumbMail.lha comm/fido 326K 2+V1.1 shows pic of mail-senders in Spot/F
ADMail.lha comm/mail 56K 3+GUI EMail package, v1.5 (bugfix release)
AirMail1_2.lha comm/mail 118K 2+AirMail 1.2 GUI internet mailer
AmigaElm_v8.lha comm/mail 209K 2+Mail-Reader (UUCP/Internet), v8 (8.20)
arespond.lha comm/mail 11K 8+Automatic Message responder for AmiTCP V
calcdl10.lha comm/mail 1K 3+CalcDl 1.0 for Thor 2.0 or higher
deldupes10.lha comm/mail 1K 3+DelDupes 1.0 for Thor 2.0 or higher
ftpget10.lha comm/mail 2K 3+FTPGet 1.0 for Thor 2.0 or higher
keepmsg12.lha comm/mail 1K 3+KeepMsg 1.2 for Thor 2.0 or higher
MakeMail05b.lha comm/mail 13K 6+MakeMail v0.5beta, a GhostWriter.
mdms102.lha comm/mail 7K 9+Micodot-MultiServer-Handler V1.02
NesQWK1_03.lha comm/mail 139K 10+Nice offline mail reader for QWK format.
NetMail_11.lha comm/mail 91K 5+Email program with GUI, groups, filters
parsegrabs10.lha comm/mail 1K 3+ParseGrabs 1.0 for Thor 2.0 or higher
pine_020.lha comm/mail 397K 9+Integrated mail/news reader. Needs ixemu
pine_all.lha comm/mail 418K 9+Integrated mail/news reader. Needs ixemu
pine_as225.lha comm/mail 396K 9+Integrated mail/news reader. Needs ixemu
pine_base.lha comm/mail 363K 9+Integrated mail/news reader. Needs ixemu
pop3get.lha comm/mail 5K 4+Pop3get, uses RMail to deliver (AmiTCP)
randtag.lha comm/mail 26K 9+Tag generator for any mailer that spawns
sortmail21a.lha comm/mail 21K 3+SortMail 2.1a for Thor 2.0 or higher
ThorTCPBeta4.lha comm/mail 87K 8+NNTP/SMTP/POP tools for THOR 2.01
autou105.lha comm/mebbs 15K 11+Door to give users a higher Access v1.5
checkf13.lha comm/mebbs 10K 11+Search a file prior for u/l in mebbsnet
mbbsmail050995.lha comm/mebbs 36K 2+Offline Mebbsnet BBS MailManager NTSC
mktys095.lha comm/mebbs 144K 2+Archive View/Extract/Add/Read/dl Door
mtwit.lha comm/mebbs 4K 11+Twit message killer for MEBBS
resethi.lha comm/mebbs 3K 6+Reset high msg read ptrs in MEBBS
stoli10f.lha comm/mebbs 18K 11+Util to Send Text/Asci to a User Online
8n1.lha comm/misc 27K 2+Replaces serial.device. V37.12
acidman.lha comm/misc 290K 6+Amiga Caller ID MANager & more!
ACP_Page2_0.lha comm/misc 61K 10+ACP-Page 2.0 - Sysop-Pager Door for E! &
AmiJames.lha comm/misc 32K 5+Tool for the German MausNet. V 1.0
AmiNote21b.lha comm/misc 48K 7+V2.1b - GUI to store your AmiNet dloads
AmIstec1.lha comm/misc 32K 4+Configuration software for Istec 1003/10
AmiTEL210b.lha comm/misc 311K 9+Videotext emulator norm CEPT2. v2.1b
amm_0_21.lha comm/misc 116K 6+Powerful ADT Index Parser (MUI optional)
AntiXP_V125R1.lha comm/misc 55K 9+Filter and manipulator for ZConnect
AreaCode.lha comm/misc 17K 5+Give area-code, finds city/state, v1.29
DFDKeep.lha comm/misc 42K 11+DFDKeep v1.0 - bbs mail capture sorter
Easylink.lha comm/misc 100K 2+Connect Amiga/PC via Parallel Port
FiDED39171.lha comm/misc 24K 8+FileId-Diz Extractor Deluxe (GUI based)
LoginTasks.lha comm/misc 36K 11+(MultiUser-)Login to a task with MUI!
LogTime.lha comm/misc 25K 2+A Simple, Cumulative OnLine Timer v1.18
mima_2_1.lha comm/misc 430K 8+MirrorManager for Aminet downloads, MUI
ModemCalc.lha comm/misc 3K 11+Shows the amount of time to download dat
Online2NComm.lha comm/misc 7K 10+Use Online-o-Meter Log with PBill
pbill33c.lha comm/misc 247K 6+Log file analyzer for comm. programs
PhoneCall20.lha comm/misc 98K 9+Phonebook with dial-function. (needs MUI
Phone_call.lzh comm/misc 19K 3+Call coster, inc Voice Calls
SecretaryG.lha comm/misc 19K 10+WORKING VERSION of Secretary (callerID p
ui120.lha comm/misc 123K 2+UInfo 1.2 : Shows personal info about on
uuclean.lha comm/misc 4K 2+Cleans unneeded text from captured UU fi
ZVT1_6u.lha comm/misc 604K 6+Call receiver with fax/data V 1.6
ALynx.lha comm/net 277K 8+Textbased WWW browser (AmiTCP/MLink) v1.
ALynx_AS225exe.lha comm/net 145K 8+Textbased WWW browser (AS225 exe) v1.29
AMHotList2_00.lha comm/net 16K 12+Better hierarchical hotlist support for
archie141.lha comm/net 51K 4+Archie 1.4.1 for AmiTCP 4.1
cloneclock.lha comm/net 4K 7+Transfers time between two computers
DialupV3_03.lha comm/net 35K 34+PPP/SLIP dialer, final version (from me
idial11.lha comm/net 53K 9+THE BEST...InternetDIALer Version 1.1 FU
mlink132.lha comm/net 123K 20+Direct internet access without SLIP
plip3818.lha comm/net 7K 11+Plip.device 38.18
plip_3812src.lha comm/net 23K 19+Plip.device 38.12 - S2_DEVICEQUERY bug f
PPP1_30.lha comm/net 111K 36+SANA-II PPP.device evaluation version
pronet21.lha comm/net 14K 10+Amiga Network V2.1 UPDATE!
sanautil.lha comm/net 15K 6+SANA2 driver test/debugging utility
GRn_2_1a.lha comm/news 232K 37+Gadtools-based newsreader for AS225R2/Am
NewPostNewsSpo.lha comm/news 32K 2+NewPostNewsSpool news spooling program
nta_11ld.lha comm/news 8K 9+Updates Active file from ".next" files.
RemoveNewsGrp.lha comm/news 3K 2+Removes newsgroup sub-directories and Ac
tin130gamma.lha comm/news 182K 6+TIN 1.3 PL0 Beta 950726. UUCP/NNTP Newsr
TrimNews.lha comm/news 5K 12+`multi-mode` newsgroup trimmer (ver1.007
acuseeme2_02.lha comm/tcp 63K 4+Network video-conferencing tool
AmiConnect.lha comm/tcp 187K 2+A Configuration Program For AmiTCP With
AmiFSP.lha comm/tcp 295K 79+BETA FSP clients for AmiTCP (2.3 or grea
AmigaTCP.lha comm/tcp 247K 325+KA9Q Internet Software Package.
aminetfind.lha comm/tcp 2K 4+Fast TCP Aminet searcher Arexx script (N
AmiSlate1_3.lha comm/tcp 115K 6+Internet paint program V1.3 for AmiTCP
AmiTALK155.lha comm/tcp 60K 14+Misc. fixes and paste support.
AmiTCP41_42pch.lha comm/tcp 58K 27+Patch commercial AmiTCP/IP 4.1 to 4.2
AmiTCPdemo_40.lha comm/tcp 738K 46+TCP/IP protocol stack
amitcpdial10.lha comm/tcp 10K 86+ARexx script for AmiTCP to dialup SLIP
AmiTCP_22to23.lha comm/tcp 143K 91+AmiTCP/IP 2.2->2.3 binary update
AmiTCP_bin_22.lha comm/tcp 572K 95+TCP/IP stack as shared library binaries
ArfNewsBP1.lha comm/tcp 84K 7+Gui Interface For Archie + Powerful GUI
ATCP_sdk_40_gc.lha comm/tcp 718K 12+AmiTCP SDK 4.0 for gcc second release
AutoADT1_21.lha comm/tcp 3K 18+Automated Aminet download tool, uses NcF
BBGopher10.lha comm/tcp 48K 21+Gopher client for AmiTCP/CNet
Config_CP4_x.lha comm/tcp 4K 11+Config Script for AmiTCP_Control_Panel
CP5.lha comm/tcp 109K 2+Advanced GUI frontends for Amitcp & util
DynamicIP.lha comm/tcp 3K 38+VLT+ARexx scripts for dynamic IP address
FTPGet1_2.lha comm/tcp 14K 3+Stand-alone FTP 'get' command. V1.2.
GetHTTP15.lha comm/tcp 5K 5+Rip HTTP addresses, save 'm to AMosaic h
GetMailSRC.lha comm/tcp 49K 8+AmiTCP POP Client, receives E-Mail.
GUI_Archie097c.lha comm/tcp 16K 22+GUI for Archie/Click&Get Interface/First
Gui_FTP.lha comm/tcp 50K 32+Gui-FTP V1.1.0 GUI based FTP client
How2UsePPP.lha comm/tcp 1K 39+How to use AmiTCP/IP 4.0 demo with PPP 1
IdentD1_1.lha comm/tcp 12K 4+RFC 1413 Authentication Daemon for AmiTC
iiNST_151.lha comm/tcp 26K 5+Easy AMITCP/PPP install w/ISP modules.
INetOlm.lha comm/tcp 8K 12+Onlinemessage programm for AmiTCP
InstallAmiTCP.lha comm/tcp 5K 2+Example install script for AmiTCP 3..
interInstal.lha comm/tcp 28K 7+Easy AMITCP/PPP install w/ISP modules.
IPDial1_7.lha comm/tcp 51K 7+SLIP dialer; stdin/out terminal program
magplip37_3.lha comm/tcp 62K 2+SANA II parallel IP device driver
maildaemons.lha comm/tcp 234K 10+IMAP/POP3/POP2 mail daemons for AmiTCP.
mftp1_27.lha comm/tcp 57K 3+Mftp 1.27, very nice ftp client (MUI)
mlftpd_14.lha comm/tcp 38K 2+Ftpd v1.4 - Improved upload control
MUIAdt.lha comm/tcp 43K 50+Aminet frontend for MUI/AmiTCP, v1.3
Netdial4_0.lha comm/tcp 20K 24+An updated AREXX Dialer for AmiTCP 4.0
netinput37_3.lha comm/tcp 39K 8+Amiga-Amiga remote control
NewsAgent1_3.lha comm/tcp 35K 21+AmiTCP news header browser/article gette
NewsedArfir.lha comm/tcp 84K 2+Gui Interface For Archie + Powerful GUI
NNTPd_12.lha comm/tcp 363K 5+NNTPd Version 1.2
NNTPspool.lha comm/tcp 3K 10+Script that allow you to maintain a spoo
OpusFTP.lha comm/tcp 94K 5+An FTP Module for Directory Opus 5.11
PutMailSRC.lha comm/tcp 57K 8+AmiTCP SMTP Client, Sends E-Mail.
SLIPScripts1_3.lha comm/tcp 6K 32+ARexx Start/Resume/Stop dynamic TCP/IP
socklink100.lha comm/tcp 27K 2+Links stdio to socket (AmiTCP/IP and AS2
TCPHelp.lha comm/tcp 130K 7+Button-based internet tools.
TCPHelpNoLb.lha comm/tcp 16K 7+Button-based internet tools, no library
xtermTCP_WB.lha comm/tcp 52K 94+xterm's newest Workbench w/TCPish stuff
autoid11.lha comm/term 100K 3+AutoID-Checks files and IDs as they are
gtlayout.lha comm/term 46K 9+V18.3, for use with `term' v4.4
hydracom.lha comm/term 150K 5+Bidirectional file xfer protocol, v1.0r6
ncomm30.lha comm/term 307K 102+NComm V3.0. Released the 1st of October
term_030.lha comm/term 632K 10+V4.4, MC68020/030/040/060 version
term_deutsch.lha comm/term 134K 10+V4.4, Deutschsprachige Dokumentation
term_doc.lha comm/term 203K 10+V4.4, AmigaGuide format and library docu
term_dvi.lha comm/term 217K 10+V4.4, Documentation in TeX-DVI format
term_extras.lha comm/term 262K 10+V4.4, HydraCom, ARexx scripts, sound fil
term_libs.lha comm/term 126K 10+V4.4, XPR and XEM libs
term_locale.lha comm/term 264K 10+V4.4, Locale and blank catalog table fil
term_main.lha comm/term 633K 10+V4.4, Distribution for all Amigas
term_ps.lha comm/term 276K 10+V4.4, Documentation in PostScript format
term_roadmap.txt comm/term 31K 10+V4.4, Introduction to the distribution (
term_source.lha comm/term 797K 10+V4.4, Source code to program and user in
trms20e.lha comm/term 489K 33+Terminus 2.0e full distribution archive
xemrpgbbs.lha comm/term 15K 3+External Emulation for RPGBBS
XPRZ351.lha comm/term 162K 6+Xprzmodem and xprzedzap, locale aware, W
XPRZ351_SRC.lha comm/term 80K 6+Xprzmodem and xprzedzap, locale aware, W
IN1_3aPrtDoc.lha comm/ums 245K 2+Printable documentation for IntuiNews 1.
IntuiNews1_3a.lha comm/ums 153K 2+MUI-based Messagereader for UMS
ListManager.lha comm/ums 16K 8+Mailinglist client and server
NewCleanMB_UMS.lha comm/ums 1K 3+New CleanMB and QuitUMS arexx scripts fo
SetExpire1_0.lha comm/ums 19K 9+Expires non-expired messages
UFM1_1.lha comm/ums 59K 6+Extended Mailserver for UMS
UMS11_6_beta.lha comm/ums 491K 6+Universale Message System - public beta
UMSFeeder.lha comm/ums 33K 5+UMS tool to order newsgroups V0.25beta
UMSFido2_0.lha comm/ums 110K 6+UMS Fido - FidoNet converters for UMS
UMSMailStat118.lha comm/ums 34K 2+Create statistics about UMS newsgroups
UMSMapsTool1_4.lha comm/ums 42K 7+MapsTool for the german Z-Netz. uses MUI
UMSRW1_4.lha comm/ums 27K 6+A mailreplyer for UMS
UMSWatch1_2.lha comm/ums 24K 4+"New mail"-shower for UMS. Release 1.2.
AmigaUUCP1_16.lha comm/uucp 1.1M 161 UUCP for the Amiga, V 1.16
DanNews13.lha comm/uucp 15K 8+Fast & low memory NNTP/UUCP news unbatch
MList132.lha comm/xeno 35K 2+MegaList 1.32 - Xenolink filelist genera
xaf.lha comm/xeno 187K 11+XAreaFix 2.0. Areafix clone for Xenolink
xcall145.lha comm/xeno 29K 6+LastCaller/Log Stripper for Xenolink 1.9
xcreditor.lha comm/xeno 60K 7+Xenolink File Creditor. (V0.6)
xeliza.lha comm/xeno 24K 2+Eliza the psychiatrist for Xlk sysops
XLottery10.lha comm/xeno 2K 6+UK National Lottery number draw door V1.
xmult33u.lha comm/xeno 51K 2+Multiline chatter update for Xenolink BB
XNodeScan11.lha comm/xeno 13K 6+Xenolink Online Nodelist Scanner V1.1
Siesta.lha demo/40k 32K 9+Siesta 40KB Intro - 2nd at SIH 95
atw_gre1.lha demo/aga 1.3M 2+Greenday (Winner Demo) 1/2 *AGA*
atw_gre2.lha demo/aga 271K 2+Greenday (Winner Demo) 2/2 *AGA*
bnx_dent.lha demo/aga 118K 2+Cool AGA dentro by BRONX....
control1.dms demo/aga 817K 1+Control (Winning Demo From GASP `95) 1/2
control2.dms demo/aga 552K 1+Control (Winning Demo From GASP `95) 2/2
gasp.dms demo/aga 857K 10+Invitation to the GASP
ManOnTheMoon.lha demo/aga 3.0M 2+Faculty's winning AGA Demo at Scenest'95
scx_alie.lha demo/aga 454K 12+Alien (AGA demo) by Scoopex
scx_nona.lha demo/aga 539K 10+Chip-Music Demo called "NoName" by Scoop
Vacation2.lha demo/aga 311K 5+A new dentro by PASSION DK
vtheaven.lha demo/aga 763K 2+7th Heaven by Digital Dreams
ULI_Megademo2.dms demo/disk 292K 6+Demo parody by United Lamers Inc.
derdemo0.lha demo/euro 65K 2+Clubdemo No.01 of D.E.R.
Dmg_Intro.lha demo/euro 108K 8+Introduction Intro by Damage
Dmg_Kniemi.lha demo/euro 90K 8+Kiviniemi City Blues intro by Damage
Dmg_Sprttr.lha demo/euro 31K 8+Spritetro by Damage
Dmg_Swpprs.lha demo/euro 85K 8+Swappers for All by Damage
Dmg_TTunes.lha demo/euro 70K 8+New chiptunecolly by Damage. ECS/AGA
Dmg_Wolf15.lha demo/euro 128K 8+Fast texturemappingdemo. ECS/AGA/68000+
jesus.lha demo/euro 195K 8+Patches For Jesus on E's
o95_0ks.lha demo/euro 714K 7+'0ksemannen' Anim from Odyssey'95! 1st.
omen2of2.dms demo/euro 518K 6+"Das Omen" by DOOM
Projectile.lha demo/euro 645K 2+PLASMA PICTURES PROJECTILE Demo
1990.lha demo/file 57K 5+"1990" by Pu-239
Azure.lha demo/file 43K 5+Azure's first demo
C64demo.lha demo/file 38K 5+"C64 demo" by Rebels
Cheyens.lha demo/file 34K 5+Cheyens' first demo
CopperSines.lha demo/file 73K 5+"Copper Sines" by Harman Kardon
Fractale.lha demo/file 165K 5+"Fractale" by Addonic
FreddyIsBack.lha demo/file 166K 6+"Freddy Is Back" by Paradox
HabitNovel.lha demo/file 88K 5+"Habitual Novelty" by Razor 1911
Joyride.lha demo/file 215K 5+"Joyride" by Phenomena
MindDisaster.lha demo/file 156K 6+"Mind Disaster" by Cave
MissionImp.lha demo/file 150K 5+"Mission Impossible" by Harman Kardon
MTS_FrenCharts.lha demo/file 489K 2+French Charts #1 by Mentasm
NoSense.lha demo/file 149K 6+"No Sense - Nonsense Multidemo" by The L
Prism2.lha demo/file 115K 5+"Demo II" by Prism
PsychInvation.lha demo/file 78K 5+"Psychedelic Invation" by Pure Metal Cod
RasterMagic.lha demo/file 40K 5+"Raster Magic" by Megaforce
RayOfHope.lha demo/file 198K 5+"Ray of Hope" by Majic 12
Saviour.lha demo/file 74K 5+"Saviour - The Laziest In Business" by P
SpeedOfSound.lha demo/file 70K 5+"Speed of Sound" by Harman Kardon
ThingsTakeTime.lha demo/file 95K 5+"Things Take Time" by Artemis
Ulven.lha demo/file 253K 11+Demo by Polka Brothers
Zuttzutt.lha demo/file 125K 5+"Zuttzutt" by Software of Sweden
bnx_babe.lha demo/intro 32K 7+"BABES", new intro from B+B DEZIGN/BRONX
CoughItUp.lha demo/intro 24K 5+"Cough It Up" by Majic 12
progress.lha demo/intro 73K 3+In Progress/Darkness.1st at Euskal Party
8Eurochart.lha demo/mag 375K 11+Eurocharts by Crusaders issue #8
housepl1.lha demo/mag 794K 9+HousePool - german House/Techno Magazine
housepl2.lha demo/mag 715K 3+The German House/Techno Mag. Issue #2
braindead.dms demo/mega 804K 10+Braindead by Matrix
MegaDemo1.lha demo/mega 458K 2+A large multi-part demo written i AMOS
Software.dms demo/mega 678K 11+Oldie goldie W.F.M.H. demo compo winner!
TGS_1.dms demo/mega 703K 5+Megademo by The Giants, disk 1
TGS_2.dms demo/mega 754K 5+Megademo by The Giants, disk 2
IceParty.lha demo/slide 116K 2+Funny slideshow from Croatian IceParty
PlasmaIntro.lha demo/slide 800K 10+Slideshow with music
TheWaxsAGA_Sli.lha demo/slide 925K 8+The WAX's AGA SlideShow.HAM8,256c,24bit
axis_te.lha demo/sound 831K 4+Ax!$ - "Time And Emotion", AGA music-dis
Crossro1.lha demo/sound 707K 2+CROSSROADS musicdisk by Jewels.
Crossro2.lha demo/sound 856K 2+CROSSROADS musicdisk by Jewels.
Crossro3.lha demo/sound 821K 2+CROSSROADS musicdisk by Jewels.
FBI_VUp1.dms demo/sound 838K 11+VolumeUP Multimix by FBI 1/2.
FBI_VUp2.dms demo/sound 855K 11+VolumeUP Multimix by FBI 2/2.
gds_cip1.dms demo/sound 393K 9 Music disk chip by Gods
gds_cip2.dms demo/sound 483K 9 Chip Mag by GODS Volume 2
jrm_hc02.lha demo/sound 102K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #02
jrm_hc03.lha demo/sound 117K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #03
jrm_hc04.lha demo/sound 173K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #04
jrm_hc05.lha demo/sound 169K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #05
jrm_hc06.lha demo/sound 122K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #06
jrm_hc07.lha demo/sound 222K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #07
jrm_hc08.lha demo/sound 228K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #08
jrm_hc09.lha demo/sound 194K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #09
jrm_hc10.lha demo/sound 282K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #10
jrm_hc11.lha demo/sound 142K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #11
jrm_hc12.lha demo/sound 66K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #12
jrm_hc13.lha demo/sound 103K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #13
jrm_hc14.lha demo/sound 146K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #14
jrm_hc15.lha demo/sound 258K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #15
jrm_hc16.lha demo/sound 208K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #16
jrm_hc17.lha demo/sound 129K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #17
jrm_hc18.lha demo/sound 224K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #18
jrm_hc19.lha demo/sound 147K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #19
jrm_hc20.lha demo/sound 197K 3+The Jormas: Hc Andersens raveclub #20
NGC_Bleu.lha demo/sound 2.0M 2+New Music-Disk from Blue Silence / NGC
nvx_tdc1.dms demo/sound 818K 3+-The Dogs Cogs- nERVE aXIS AGA Music Dis
nvx_tdc2.dms demo/sound 824K 3+-The Dogs Cogs- nERVE aXIS AGA Music Dis
nvx_tdc3.dms demo/sound 389K 3+-The Dogs Cogs- nERVE aXIS AGA Music Dis
ravehour.lha demo/sound 430K 6+The first Techno Demo by DOOM
Surfing1.dms demo/sound 842K 11+New Music-Disk from Chrylian !! (Disk 1)
Surfing2.dms demo/sound 761K 11+New Music-Disk from Chrylian !! (Disk 2)
a95_dom.lha demo/ta95 165K 4+Dent by Domination - From Assembly 95
a95_j+c.lha demo/ta95 468K 4+C42 by Julie & Case - From Assembly 95
a95_pixe.lha demo/ta95 696K 4+Pixelstorm by Abyss - From Assembly 95
a95_tsl.lha demo/ta95 566K 4+Fruitkitchen by The Silents DK - From As
a95_zym.lha demo/ta95 829K 4+WC goes to WC by Zymosis - From Assembly
asm40kintros.lha demo/ta95 597K 4+40k intros from Assembly '95
ass95GFX.lha demo/ta95 1.8M 4+Assembly '95 competition pictures
C42fixed.lha demo/ta95 468K 3+030/040-fixed version of asm95 demo c42
S_bLUR.lha demo/ta95 39K 5+BLUR [AGA] by SONiK, 3rd at ASM '95.
AMCAFUpd120.lha dev/amos 121K 7+Fixes for the installer&misc of AMCAF
AMOS_0695.lzh dev/amos 156K 11+Messages about AMOS during June 1995
AMOS_0795.lzh dev/amos 154K 6+Messages about AMOS during July 1995
AMOS_0895.lzh dev/amos 295K 2+Messages about AMOS during August 1995
anim2bob.lzh dev/amos 29K 12+Convert anim files to amos bob banks
Colpectius1.lha dev/amos 26K 2+Collection of AMOS progs, v1.1 all(?) bu
ExampleSrc1.lha dev/amos 281K 3+Example of AMOS sources
morbith.lha dev/amos 82K 4+3 little AMOS programms
Abakus.lha dev/asm 91K 6+Creates assembler source for A68k
Barfly1_25.lha dev/asm 574K 2+Barfly Assembler Development System
fast_prime.lha dev/asm 17K 2+Fast prime numbers and other stuff
PhxAss420.lha dev/asm 335K 4+PhxAss V4.20 68xxx Macro Assembler
ReadJoyPad.lha dev/asm 0K 7+Asm source to read CD32 JoyPad buttons
v40ChunkyFeatD.lha dev/asm 1K 7+Asm source for Gfx40 Chunky Features
bc.lha dev/basic 27K 11+Cheap "command line" comp. for BB2
blitz_AprMay95.lha dev/basic 146K 2+Blitz-list messages from 1.Apr 95 to 31.
blitz_JanMar95.lha dev/basic 141K 2+Blitz-list messages from 1.Jan 95 to 31.
blitz_JunAug95.lha dev/basic 146K 2+Blitz-list messages from 1.Jun 95 to 31.
DosElmoreLib22.lha dev/basic 9K 11+Hideously enhanced new DOS library for B
Asyncio.lha dev/c 18K 5+AsyncIO link library for fast IO. Rel 3
c2local.lha dev/c 119K 11+V1.0, automatic localization for C/C++ s
cmacros.lha dev/c 2K 11+Collection of useful C-macros
complex.lha dev/c 5K 10+Complex number functions for C
date.lha dev/c 249K 7+Routines which help in calculating dates
LEDAPrefs.lha dev/c 9K 11+Prefs Editor for LEDA GUI. MUI Applicati
matrix.lha dev/c 48K 2+Matrix functions for C: BUGFIXED
mkid.lha dev/c 126K 11+A program identifier database package
SASalloca.lha dev/c 6K 9+Alloca() implementation for SAS/C
wind_src.lha dev/c 6K 2+Window C source - example for beginners
dass05sc.lha dev/cross 25K 3+Disassembler for mc68hc05sc smart card b
Disectv18b.lha dev/debug 263K 5+Version 1.8 - A symbolic disassembler/de
EnfHandler100.lha dev/debug 5K 5+Handler for Enforcer's output
PoolWatch1_03.lha dev/debug 10K 10+Debug tool for pool-allocations, a la Mu
amigae.lha dev/e 693K 9+The Amiga E v3.2a distribution
amigae_e.lha dev/e 454K 9+The Amiga E v3.2a extras archive
dopeev23.lha dev/e 23K 5+GUI programming environment for Amiga-E
EcPrefs.lha dev/e 5K 7+Prefs program for Amiga E
EE0902a.lha dev/e 138K 2+Src Editor and Dev Environ for E
E_Clock.lha dev/e 5K 2+Simple clock written with Amiga E
gtlayout4E_17.lha dev/e 38K 5+AmigaE Modules for gtlayout.library V17
Mods2Guide.lha dev/e 9K 5+Dev/e/Mods2Guide2.1.lha
ModuleGuide.lha dev/e 192K 2+AmigaGuide of E Modules
mv2_x.lha dev/e 2K 9+OS 2.x MultiView replacement
SeeModule.lha dev/e 9K 4+Converts EModules: to AmigaGuide-file
UsefulV2.lha dev/e 5K 2+JRH's useful E modules (version 2)
bsdtools.lha dev/gcc 58K 5+(net)bsd archive tools (ar/ranlib/nm)
gcc270c.lha dev/gcc 759K 2+Gcc v2.7.0 - C part - C/C++/ObjC Compile
gcc270c020.lha dev/gcc 708K 2+Gcc v2.7.0 - 68020 C part - C/C++/ObjC C
gcc270cp.lha dev/gcc 1.8M 2+Gcc v2.7.0 - C++ part - C/C++/ObjC Compi
gcc270_020objc.lha dev/gcc 617K 2+Gcc v2.7.0 - 68020 Objc part - C/C++/Obj
gcc270_base.lha dev/gcc 1.5M 2+Gcc v2.7.0 - Base part - C/C++/ObjC Comp
gcc270_cp020.lha dev/gcc 1.7M 2+Gcc v2.7.0 - 68020 C++ part - C/C++/ObjC
gcc270_doc.lha dev/gcc 1.1M 2+Gcc v2.7.0 - Doc part - C/C++/ObjC Compi
gcc270_inclib.lha dev/gcc 918K 2+Gcc v2.7.0 - Headers and Libs part - C/C
gcc270_objc.lha dev/gcc 639K 2+Gcc v2.7.0 - Objc part - C/C++/ObjC Comp
gcc270_readme.lha dev/gcc 119K 2+Gcc v2.7.0 - README part - C/C++/ObjC Co
gcc270_src.lha dev/gcc 7.9M 2+Gcc v2.7.0 - Sources part - C/C++/ObjC C
ixemul_bin.lha dev/gcc 1.6M 3+IXemul.library 41.3
ixemul_src.lha dev/gcc 1.4M 3+IXemul.library 41.3
ixprefs1_2.lha dev/gcc 51K 11+Ixemul 41.0-41.1 GUI/CLI config program
libnixV1_0.lha dev/gcc 349K 9+Link library (V1.0) for Amiga gcc
GUICEnglishDoc.lha dev/gui 11K 9+English Docs for GUICreator 1.2
GUICreator12.lha dev/gui 543K 9+Interface Builder for OS3.0+
gutil_dev_3652.lha dev/gui 238K 12+GUI creation library (small & fast)
mui23usr.lha dev/gui 662K 38+MagicUserInterface V2.3, user files
TextLabelImage.lha dev/gui 14K 12+V1.1, BOOPSI text labels w/ underscore h
tri14dev.lha dev/gui 328K 3+Triton GUI creation system. r1.4 dev
VisualArts25.lha dev/gui 350K 4+A Powerful GUI builder for WB2 & WB3
Pascal.lha dev/lang 7K 5+P.U.R.I.T.Y.-FD contents, disx #01-#50
SGMLS.lha dev/lang 434K 12+SGMLS is THE SGML Parser! (Version 1.1.9
smalltlk.lha dev/lang 362K 3+Amiga Little Smalltalk version 3.09
M2Pica.lha dev/m2 119K 4+Use the picasso gfxboard with Modula-2
CIATrkrLib.lha dev/misc 7K 12+New PT-Replay Library for Blitz2
DLDBTT12.lha dev/misc 24K 4+Dreamline Designs Bugs, Tips'n'Tricks Gu
FlexRev_0_55.lha dev/misc 11K 7+Flexible IncRev, for any language.
HWGRCSmanp12f.lha dev/misc 86K 9+GNU Revision Control System, ASCII man p
HWGRCSp12f.lha dev/misc 537K 9+GNU Revision Control System, Main Archiv
HWGRCSsrcp12f.lha dev/misc 363K 9+GNU Revision Control System, Sources [Op
iffdoc31.lha dev/misc 59K 10+IFF DOC File Format
io08dev.lha dev/misc 10K 11+An I/O library (Developers Only)
LVODump.lha dev/misc 17K 3+Lists LVOs. Useful for programmers. V1.0
MapEd15.lha dev/misc 61K 1+Blocks map editor v1.5, supports AGA. OS
MemoryX.lha dev/misc 4K 11+View the contents of any address
MenuDesigner.lha dev/misc 195K 12+A program TO create menus (V1.6a)
ooplib11.lha dev/misc 10K 8+A small library that handles dynamic OOP
PACAC.lha dev/misc 13K 3+Some information about a graphic adventu
rcsgui_2_42.lha dev/misc 37K 5+GUI interface to HWGRCS. (Version 2.42)
RTrack01.lha dev/misc 13K 4+Resource Tracking Link Library
vectoram.lha dev/misc 15K 3+Draw and edit 2D vectors for demos/games
Obrn_A_bin.lha dev/obero 531K 11+A freely-distributable Oberon-2 compiler
Obrn_A_lib.lha dev/obero 597K 11+The library and examples for Oberon-A
Obrn_A_src.lha dev/obero 308K 11+The source code for Oberon-A
Obrn_A_up1.lha dev/obero 376K 7+Update #1 for Oberon-A 1.6
OReport.lha dev/obero 13K 12+V0.11 Generates bugreports for AmigaOber
beamcon0.lha dev/src 1K 10+Example asm source to read the BEAMCON0
blitscreen.lha dev/src 71K 5+Ultimate c2p/copperscreen replacement!
doublbuf.lha dev/src 7K 5+Eg. of fast OS-friendly double buffering
GhostRiderSrc.lha dev/src 299K 3+Full (assembler) source code for GhostRi
OctaMED_R.lha dev/src 113K 5+OctaMED Player Programer Sources V6
Scan2.lha dev/src 167K 10+Example asm source to build up a noflick
Archive.lha disk/bakup 3K 4+File backup utility v1.5 (german docs on
MRBackup221Dis.lha disk/bakup 275K 12+MRBackup Professional V2.2.1
AmiCDROM_1_15.lha disk/cdrom 197K 45+CDROM disk filesystem (ISO-9660+RR+HFS)
atapi.lha disk/cdrom 196K 11+Atapi.device V9.3 Cache CDFS. CD32 DEMO
CDP_0_771.lha disk/cdrom 63K 2+A SCSI-II CD-Player (needs MUI)
CDR210kit.lha disk/cdrom 8K 10+NEC CDR-210 tools, my edition
CDToolbox10.lha disk/cdrom 53K 20+Dan's cd.device utils for Scala/ARexx/sc
DCPlayer17.lha disk/cdrom 19K 2+CD player for CD32/Archos/Squirrel/Cache
Gateway1DB.lha disk/cdrom 102K 2+FindDB-Codes for Gateway! Volumen 1
Interplay30.lha disk/cdrom 45K 3+V3.0 of Interplay (CDDA player)
JukeBox_Ext.lha disk/cdrom 27K 2+Two extensions, V1.2
MCDPlay.lha disk/cdrom 63K 10+Player for Audio CDs in SCSI-2 CDROMs
MCDPlayDisks.lha disk/cdrom 13K 9+77 CD-Titles for the MCDPlayer
NecCDTool_1_1.lha disk/cdrom 12K 9+Simple tool for NEC SCSI-I CD-ROM's
PlayCDDA1_1OP5.lha disk/cdrom 215K 3+CDDA-player & mpeg-player for DirOpus5.1
qrzcd.lha disk/cdrom 8K 6+Search the QRZ Ham Radio CDROM databases
ScriptFile261.lha disk/cdrom 37K 5+Simplifies CD file access, execution & h
StusCDXLGUI.lha disk/cdrom 39K 4+V1.2 CDROM essential. GUI for playing CD
S_Eject_1_1.lha disk/cdrom 49K 11+CD Load - Eject ToggleGadget
afsdemo.lha disk/misc 49K 10+Demo of Ami-FileSafe V2.01 (New filing s
dbEject.lha disk/misc 3K 4+(un)load with TD_EJECT a given device/un
dev_hdl37_2.lha disk/misc 29K 11+AmigaDOS device for raw device access
DiskProtector2.lha disk/misc 5K 11+Copy-protect disks against nibblers.
DSQ10.lha disk/misc 6K 2+Small, fast disk catalog compiler. V1.0
exec_hdl37_1.lha disk/misc 33K 11+Executes files copied in
fitter_211.lha disk/misc 72K 6+Feature laden file copy-to-floppy/catalo
Gcat452.lha disk/misc 60K 4+Simple disk catalogger. WB2+
HD_ed.lha disk/misc 7K 2+It allows you to edit WHOLE scsi.device-
HFM2_0.lha disk/misc 74K 8+Virtual disks on HD V2_0
LightUp10.lha disk/misc 5K 2+Hard drive light for CD32/SX-1.
medianotify.lha disk/misc 5K 12+Starts scripts on a mediachange in a dri
mformat18a.lha disk/misc 54K 3+Replacement for CBM's own Format command
mfs21.lha disk/misc 22K 12+Merges DF0: and PC0: in a single device
proc.lha disk/misc 25K 12+Proc-FileSystem like under Linux.
SmartCopy1_4a.lha disk/misc 27K 21+Copies files to multiple disks. v1.4a.
Stock1.lha disk/misc 39K 12+Stocking-Catalog tool V1.4 (KS 1.3, too!
TestGeometry.lha disk/misc 8K 3+TD_GETGEOMETRY test/demo program
tsnafc44.lha disk/misc 191K 3+AFCopy 4.4 - One of the best freeware fi
ReOrg.lha disk/optim 326K 107+Disk optimizer with DC-FFS support
DiskSalv11_32.lha disk/salv 118K 11+Dave Haynie's DiskSalv version 11.32
Amijam.lha docs/anno 46K 11+Information and map to Amijam'95
anno1000.lha docs/anno 105K 7+Comp.sys.amiga.announce messages 1000-10
anno1050.lha docs/anno 107K 7+Comp.sys.amiga.announce messages 1050-10
anno1100.lha docs/anno 100K 7+Comp.sys.amiga.announce messages 1100-11
anno1150.lha docs/anno 90K 7+Comp.sys.amiga.announce messages 1150-11
anno850.lha docs/anno 100K 7+Comp.sys.amiga.announce messages 850-899
anno900.lha docs/anno 107K 7+Comp.sys.amiga.announce messages 900-950
anno950.lha docs/anno 119K 7+Comp.sys.amiga.announce messages 950-999
DarknessWeb.txt docs/anno 2K 10+Info about Darkness Amiga Web 1.0
escom_usa.txt docs/anno 17K 8+NEWS from the US Escom/Dealer meeting!
JuggleGuide111.lha docs/help 23K 8+Beginners guide to ball juggling. v1.11
ACDGv12.lha docs/hyper 59K 2+AmigaGuide to *ALL* Amiga CDROMs! v1.2
AMFAQ_G.lha docs/hyper 191K 10+AmigaGuide FAQ for all vers of AMosaic
AMFAQ_H.lha docs/hyper 176K 10+HTML FAQ for all vers of AMosaic
AmigaVPC.lha docs/hyper 18K 3+Amigaguide comparison of Amiga and PC
amil_r363.lha docs/hyper 22K 11+BIG LIST of Amiga Persons/Companies/Zine
ARexxAppGuide.lha docs/hyper 64K 10+AmigaGuide version of ARexxAppList.
france12.lha docs/hyper 291K 11+Comprehensive guide about France. v1.2a
JapanTravelFAQ.lha docs/hyper 25K 6+Japanese Trvael FAQ
TBOML10s.lha docs/hyper 18K 11+The Big Old Monitor List, Monitor Specs
Aminet_CD_7.lha docs/lists 77K 7+Aminet CD 7 index and description
ael_v2n3.lha docs/mags 12K 11+Amiga Educator's List Newsletter
ALGames1.lha docs/mags 201K 12+Amiga Link Games Issue #1 - 100% Amiga E
ALGames2.lha docs/mags 199K 5+Amiga Link Games Issue #2 - 100% Amiga E
AmigaPD2.lha docs/mags 19K 11+A new magazine devoted to AmigaPD! (Amig
anews19.lha docs/mags 507K 14+AmyNews 19, June 1995. News magazine.
anews20.lha docs/mags 289K 10+AmyNews #20; info about new Amiga produc
ANTAug95.lha docs/mags 56K 3+New monthly Amiga mag - August
ar311.lha docs/mags 93K 16+Amiga Report 3.11, June 1, 1995
ar312.lha docs/mags 118K 13+Amiga Report 3.12, June 18, 1995
ar312html.lha docs/mags 193K 10+Amiga Report 3.12 full HTML version
ar313.lha docs/mags 93K 8+Amiga Report 3.13, fixed version
ar313html.lha docs/mags 186K 9+Amiga Report 3.13 full HTML version
ar314.lha docs/mags 78K 7+Amiga Report 3.14, July 30, 1995
ar314html.lha docs/mags 181K 6+Amiga Report 3.14 full HTML version
ar315.lha docs/mags 87K 4+Amiga Report 3.15, August 17th
ar316.lha docs/mags 81K 2+Amiga Report 3.16, September 5, 1995
ARTv1i2A.lha docs/mags 27K 10+AR Tech Journal, Vol 1 Issue 2 in AmigaG
ARTv1i2H.lha docs/mags 73K 10+AR Tech Journal, Vol 1 Issue 2 in HTML f
FA_27.lha docs/mags 613K 9+Issue 27 of the German disk magazin
flak9505.lha docs/mags 780K 4+September 1995 issue in PageStream3 form
gadget20.lha docs/mags 539K 10+A German disk magazine
PB20a.lha docs/mags 562K 8+Power-Brei magazin #20 (german)
PB20b.lha docs/mags 602K 8+Power-Brei magazin #20 (german)
RaptorMag_HTML.lha docs/mags 1.0M 3+Raptor-Mag Ausgabe 1/1995 HTML Version (
Raptor_Mag.lha docs/mags 458K 6+Raptor-Mag Ausgabe 1/1995 (German Herpet
2rbo_1.lha docs/misc 13K 7+First ASCII collection from Turbo/BRONX
AFD_Files1_06.lha docs/misc 43K 10+Standard Copyright Note in 6 languages
AmigaFAQ.lha docs/misc 458K 3+Amiga: Frequently asked questions 5.07.
Amiga_FAQ_g.lha docs/misc 477K 3+Amiga: H ufig gestellte Fragen ( 5.07.95
AminetContest.lha docs/misc 22K 3+Log of Aminet Contest # 1
D511Survey.lha docs/misc 3K 4+Directory Opus 5 - Survey.
F40_FAQ.lzh docs/misc 8K 3+FAQ for Fusion-Forty accelerator
FPLpsdocs.lha docs/misc 80K 11+FPL 12 postscript manual
FrexxEdpsdocs.lha docs/misc 176K 11+FrexxEd 1.7 postscript manual
NotSoFunny.lha docs/misc 6K 8+Five funny/sarcastic/ironic texts
tmapfaq1_05.lzh docs/misc 38K 10+Amiga Texturemapping FAQ V 1.05
TravisList0795.lha docs/misc 10K 6+List of Current Software Projects by Tra
UMSFAQv2.lha docs/misc 56K 10+Installation and update guide for UMS, r
Vorwahl.lha docs/misc 38K 8+Dialling code database (BETA!)
A4066.txt docs/rview 6K 8 REVIEW: CEI A4066 Ethernet Plus network
AmiFileSafe.txt docs/rview 16K 11 REVIEW: Ami-File-Safe (AFS) filesystem
AmiFile_Safe_2.txt docs/rview 7K 8 FOLLOWUP: Ami-File-Safe (AFS) filesystem
AmigaMagazineI.txt docs/rview 8K 5 REVIEW: Amiga Magazine (Italy)
Roketz.txt docs/rview 16K 11 REVIEW: Roketz
Sony17SF.txt docs/rview 10K 5 REVIEW: Sony Trinitron Multiscan 17sf mo
SwitchHitter.txt docs/rview 7K 7 REVIEW: SwitchHitter PC keyboard to Amig
VectorConnect.txt docs/rview 7K 9 REVIEW: Vector Connection board, version
Afrekening.lha game/2play 87K 6+Extra level for Marathon by Roald Schuyt
Culture_Tank.lha game/2play 226K 13+Tank combat by Culture, 1-6 players
HF1.lha game/2play 412K 2+The best ninja-game ever. Disk 1/3
HF2.lha game/2play 327K 2+The best ninja-game ever. Disk 2/3
HF3.lha game/2play 414K 2+The best ninja-game ever. Disk 3/3
Marathon1_1c.lha game/2play 366K 4+2 Player blitz II game (68020+ required)
MasterBlast2_1.lha game/2play 196K 8+The ultimate Dynablaster Clone V2.1
StrikeCom.lha game/2play 293K 7+V1.10, dogfight game for two players
tag_w_amos.lha game/2play 303K 11+TAG, with amos.library 2+
therace5.lha game/2play 59K 3+Great 100m Running game, 0-4 players
TNT_fix.lha game/2play 89K 9+A DynaBlasters-style game. (WORKING VERS
WizoGames.lha game/2play 163K 4+3 fun & addictive games for 1-6 players
AmyBordBin.lha game/board 189K 5+GNU Chess frontend and ICS client
AmyBordDiffs.lha game/board 99K 5+GNU Chess frontend and ICS client
AmyBordSrc.lha game/board 351K 5+GNU Chess frontend and ICS client
GChessBin.lha game/board 977K 5+GNU chess program
GChessDiffs.lha game/board 17K 5+GNU chess program
GChessSrc.lha game/board 1.5M 5+GNU chess program
CoinMania.lha game/demo 180K 10+A five level demo of a puzzle game.
DApache1.lha game/demo 879K 5+FMV Apache Flight Sim for ANY AMIGA 1/3
DApache2.lha game/demo 895K 5+FMV Apache Flight Sim for ANY AMIGA 2/3
DApache3.lha game/demo 812K 5 FMV Apache Flight Sim for ANY AMIGA 3/3
demofob1.lha game/demo 678K 5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 1/8)
demofob2.lha game/demo 656K 5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 2/8)
demofob3.lha game/demo 656K 5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 3/8)
demofob4.lha game/demo 655K 5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 4/8)
demofob5.lha game/demo 655K 5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 5/8)
demofob6.lha game/demo 654K 5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 6/8)
demofob7.lha game/demo 654K 5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 7/8)
demofob8.lha game/demo 548K 5+Advanced WW-I strategic game (File 8/8)
demofob9.lha game/demo 555K 4+Patch to demo Fields of Battle 1.0->1.1
engine.lha game/demo 115K 3+DOOM that gets 30fps on 68000 hires!
fearsnew.dms game/demo 401K 11+Bomb - Fears June Preview (Doom clone...
imagems.lha game/demo 158K 8+Imagems Demoversion
PB8016.lha game/demo 209K 4+Light turn by turn MultiPlayer Strategyg
R3_demo.lha game/demo 388K 8+1/2 pl, Thrustlike-Heaps of features.
sknight.lha game/demo 420K 6+A Full Motion Video demo of the upcoming
Speed.lha game/demo 204K 9+Speed!!! Playable Preview - AGA Texturem
MMM+O.lha game/hint 6K 3+My Many Maps & Orders - Auxiliary files
SwCheat.lha game/hint 465K 7+Over 900+ game hints/cheats.
SwCheatGuid.lha game/hint 242K 7+Over 900+ game hints/cheats.
SwCheatText.lha game/hint 222K 7+Over 900+ game hints/cheats.
Croak2.lha game/jump 92K 5+Version 2 of the Amiga Frogger clone - C
minerunner16.lha game/jump 416K 3 Fine Loderunner for Amiga, 1-4 Players,
ABoulderDash.lha game/misc 98K 3+Fast colourfull Boulderdash clone with s
Casino.lha game/misc 139K 5+Slot machine game
CCC.lha game/misc 415K 13+Destroy a large city with your monster.
DamageWolf3DV1.lha game/misc 79K 15+Wolf3D clone (texture mapping)
DC_Anleitung.lha game/misc 10K 6+German documentation for Diamond Caves V
DC_BeginnerLvl.lha game/misc 55K 8+25 new Levels for Diamond Caves V2.1
DC_Easy_Lvl1.lha game/misc 180K 10+50 new Levels for Diamond Caves V2.0
DiamondCave2_1.lha game/misc 506K 9+The ultimate Boulder Dash Clone V2.1
DiamondEdit1_4.lha game/misc 81K 9+Leveleditor for Diamond Caves V2.1
DiamondPref1_3.lha game/misc 24K 10+Preferences for Diamond Caves V2.0
DiamondSfx1_1.lha game/misc 19K 10+Use custom samples within Diamond Caves
DPacMan17.lha game/misc 277K 7+PacMan clone with lots of extra features
DriveIFF.lha game/misc 48K 3+Drive over your fave IFFs Mode7 style!
F1GP_89_94.lha game/misc 96K 11+1989-1994 3.5 Litre F1GP-Ed Datafiles
F1GP_Ed.lha game/misc 312K 2+Formula One Grand Prix / WC Editor V3.01
FForces10a.lha game/misc 215K 2+Multiplayer tactical fantasy battle for
fgp239.lzh game/misc 88K 3+For Autosport's Fantasy Grand Prix
GT_DShip.lha game/misc 10K 3+Galaxy Tool to interactively design ship
GT_MakeMap.lha game/misc 15K 3+Galaxy tool that generates a map from yo
life.lha game/misc 3K 8+Life Version 1.1
MegaTron.lha game/misc 173K 7+V1.20, tron clone for 7 players
netrek_paradis.lha game/misc 626K 6+AmiTCP Paradise netrek client
nibbler+.lha game/misc 27K 6+Follow up to my Nibbler, with new levels
Nibbler.lha game/misc 25K 8+"NIBBLER", another but very COOL clone..
nIBbLIT_v1_0e.lha game/misc 257K 9+(VERY) GOOD NIBBLER CLONE (22 levels)
nsx_pre.lha game/misc 129K 4+The BEST nibbler. no more clones after t
PatchF1GP.lha game/misc 15K 2+F1GP/WC patch, minor update - for 1Mb ma
Pengo.lha game/misc 76K 4+"Pengo" clone
Powerball.lha game/misc 161K 11+Great new breakout game
pressman_seuck.lha game/misc 39K 5+Some data-files for SEUCK
SplitTime.lha game/misc 18K 2+Shows split times in f1gp. v1.1.
supertrail.lha game/misc 55K 3+Guide ball through tricky levels (incl.
TimeBomb_V1_0.lha game/misc 216K 2+Diffuse those timebombs. Amiga Gridtrap!
Trader11.lha game/misc 72K 8+Trading-Simulation
TrainDriver.lha game/misc 401K 5+Train Driver Simulator
TVmaps.lha game/misc 31K 5+Three maps for TechnoVenture 1.25
TVmaps_C.lha game/misc 30K 5+Three maps for TechnoVenture 1.25 (Conc
AB2HD.lha game/patch 19K 1+Alien Breed II AGA HD-Installer
BBG2HD.lha game/patch 17K 1+Body Blows Galactic HD-Installer
HDI.lha game/patch 15K 1+HD Installer for games (Gobliiins, Cruis
LotusII2HD.lha game/patch 13K 1+LotusII HD-Installer
QWAK2HD.lha game/patch 12K 1+QWAK HD-Installer
SpaceHulkToHD.lha game/patch 7K 8+Run Space Hulk from HD. Needs 1MB chip
adv.lha game/role 230K 2+Adventure construction set w/src
AmigaInform5_5.lha game/role 362K 7+Produces Infocom-like adventure games
Angband_276v3.lha game/role 421K 12+Angband 2.7.6v3 binary+lib, 1.5M memory
Angst_D1.lha game/role 478K 4+Demo of Shareware RPG
Angst_D2.lha game/role 436K 4+Demo of Shareware RPG
Angst_D3.lha game/role 304K 4+Demo of Shareware RPG
Angst_D4.lha game/role 401K 4+Demo of Shareware RPG
cursed070.lha game/role 562K 3+Demo of a great RPG
dma043.lha game/role 309K 12+Preview of Dungeon Master Aid .43 (ad&d)
dungeon31.lha game/role 115K 12+AD&D like Arexx game - CLI/DLG-BBS/Skyli
InnerDe1.lha game/role 235K 12+Text/Graphics Adventure
InnerDe2.lha game/role 452K 12+Text/Graphics Adventure
InnerDe3.lha game/role 482K 12+Text/Graphics Adventure
InnerDe4.lha game/role 392K 12+Text/Graphics Adventure
itf175.lha game/role 96K 3+Infocom game interpreter
Mipric_Basic.lha game/role 479K 10+Mipric+Infocom interpr. v3.17 MUI opt.
Mipric_IP_4.lha game/role 55K 10+Wintry fairy-tale smash hit
Mipric_TEI_7.lha game/role 409K 10+REAL!!! fantasy RPG close to TSR novels
PanicSociety.lha game/role 772K 13+Multilevel graphic puzzle adventure. V1.
rgae.lha game/role 20K 9+Moria type adventure game. Alpha release
Severed1.lha game/role 405K 11+Futuristic adventure game
Severed2.lha game/role 475K 11+Futuristic adventure game
SRunMatBsp.lha game/role 45K 3+MatrixGenerator, Beispiele
SRunMatGen.lha game/role 49K 3+MatrixGenerator, IFF+Text-Create
szenarion.lha game/role 1.0M 2+Dungeon-masters combat tool (constr&sim)
AmigaWars.lha game/shoot 130K 12+Shoot down IBM's, Apples, and Atari's!!
bikerbabe.lha game/shoot 283K 2+Small platform shoot-em-up game
DGalaga25.lha game/shoot 454K 30+Deluxe Galaga v2.5
gridatta.lha game/shoot 78K 2+Amiga Version of the C64 Oldie "Crossfir
poweroids11.lha game/shoot 411K 3+Asteroids with raytracing gfx, 1-4 Playe
scrotax2.lha game/shoot 310K 3+Scrotax Version 2.00
Ultimatum_1_2.lha game/shoot 724K 5+Great 3D Tank Game!
Vicblitz.lha game/shoot 286K 3+Remake of the OLD VIC-20 game V1.00
zerberk14.lha game/shoot 110K 3+Arcade game like Berzerk, 1-4 Players, V
CGFX_Patience.lha game/think 31K 2+CyberGraphics Patience game
demon.lha game/think 165K 3+INCREDIBLY ADDICTIVE Solitaire Card Game
jb_buxom.lha game/think 635K 3+Buxom cardset for Klondike AGA
LazyMines31.lha game/think 65K 11+ULTIMATE minesweeper v3.1 WON'T CRASH
MagicFields.lha game/think 61K 8+"MAGIC FIELDS", Amiga Version of a C64 o
Mines_mgsw.lha game/think 21K 5+Another Minesweeper game!!!!
MUIEmpire.lha game/think 98K 7+MUI multiple player strategy game
Primogen1_3.lha game/think 57K 10+Analyse and evaluate Jyhad Decks easily.
Quandary.lha game/think 7K 5+A nice strategy game for 2 players.
Score4.lha game/think 25K 2+Cross between 3D Tic-Tac-Toe and Connect
thinkamania298.lha game/think 80K 2+Concentration, sUpErB GFX & SFX V2.98
Vier.lha game/think 8K 10+A little connection 4 player
WargameProc15.lha game/think 310K 5+A WarGame PBM/PBEM Engine, V1.5 Bugfix
WGPfrance44.lha game/think 35K 8+A WarGame Processor Module
WGPthirdreich.lha game/think 38K 8+FIX: A WarGame Processor Module
WGPvitp.lha game/think 25K 8+A WarGame Processor Module
SnakesNAdders.lha game/wb 24K 10+Workbench/Pubscreen worm game,KS2+,<10K
WBGames.lha game/wb 74K 46+6 Games for WB/PubScreen, 7th edition
WinTris121.lha game/wb 86K 2+Workbench Tetris Clone v1.21 (Kick 2.0+)
24BitSSPro.lha gfx/3d 255K 3+3D SIRDS Maker in 24-bits! Posters! 6.0d
AlienArt.jpg gfx/3d 55K 6+Imagine 4.0 metaballs & soft shadows
d2iguide.lha gfx/3d 101K 9+Dare 2 Imagine in Amigaguide format
d2ihtml.lha gfx/3d 139K 9+Dare 2 Imagine in HTML format
Dust2_2.lha gfx/3d 879K 3+3D-F/X (Smoothing, Morphs, Particles, Wa
DustMD_v0_2.lha gfx/3d 1.1M 9+Motion of atoms for Dust and Real3D
DustSMOOTH.lha gfx/3d 369K 3+The new dimension of polygon-rendering
faq7guidev11.lha gfx/3d 54K 8+IML FAQ #7 in Amigaguide format v1.1
faq7html_patch.lha gfx/3d 3K 7+IML FAQ #7 in HTML patch
IML63.lha gfx/3d 234K 11+IML Arc.#63 June'95. Text file format, D
IML63guide.lha gfx/3d 269K 11+IML Arc.#63 June'95. AmigaGuide file for
IML64.lha gfx/3d 200K 2+IML Arc.#65 August'95. Text file format
IML64guide.lha gfx/3d 230K 2+IML Arc.#65 August'95. Guide file format
iml_faq7.lzh gfx/3d 53K 6+Imagine Mailing List FAQ #07 - June 24
iml_faq8.lzh gfx/3d 69K 3+Imagine Mailing List FAQ #08 - August
lwml9501.lha gfx/3d 209K 6+Lightwave Mailing List Archive 01/95
lwml9502.lha gfx/3d 359K 6+Lightwave Mailing List Archive 02/95
lwml9503.lzh gfx/3d 414K 6+Lightwave Mailing List Archive 03/95
lwml9504.lha gfx/3d 608K 6+Lightwave Mailing List Archive 04/95
lwml9505.lha gfx/3d 369K 6+Lightwave Mailing List Archive 05/95
lwml9506.lha gfx/3d 467K 6+Lightwave Mailing List Archive 06/95
mesh2tddd_v0_2.lha gfx/3d 107K 5+Converts open/closed Real3D-Meshes into
RayStorm.lha gfx/3d 405K 5+Demoversion of new very fast raytracer
showobj.lha gfx/3d 52K 12+Shows Imagine and Lightwave objects.V2.2
wati10.lha gfx/3d 555K 6+10 hires scanned jpg wall tiles
AmiLogo.lha gfx/3dobj 49K 3+Amiga Logo Done with Imagine3.3
Chopper.lha gfx/3dobj 6K 10+Imagine Object
FXtextures.lha gfx/3dobj 34K 11+Textures for Imagine3fp.
JumpingBall.lha gfx/3dobj 7K 2+LW scene of jumping ball
mangababesdemo.lha gfx/3dobj 653K 55+Sexy female human 3D models by Tomwoof
Millennium.lha gfx/3dobj 26K 20+Imagine3/Essence2 Millennium Falcon obj.
MoClass.lha gfx/3dobj 13K 3+Enterprise-like Starship for Lightwave 3
Pentax.lha gfx/3dobj 213K 6+35mm SLR Camera, Imagine V3 by R Byrne
StarHunter.lha gfx/3dobj 377K 2+Im2.0 object by Krzysztof Korski
Truck.lha gfx/3dobj 69K 2+3D Object of a toi truck for Imagine
vic20.lha gfx/3dobj 51K 10+Imagine Object of a Commodore VIC20.
XP_37.lha gfx/3dobj 107K 8+3D Object of a Lukes Landspeeder for Ima
ZXSpectrum.lha gfx/3dobj 22K 10+Imagine Object of a Sinclair ZX Spectrum
v_engine2.lha gfx/aga 59K 2+New Voxelspace-Engine. AGA only.
CGraphX210u.lha gfx/board 394K 2+CGraphX gfx extension update 2.10
CyberBootLogo.lha gfx/board 70K 10+8-bit CyberGraphX 2.0 logo image for use
CyberGrab12.lha gfx/board 18K 5+Screen-Grabber for CyberGraphX, V1.2
CyberPrefs.lha gfx/board 16K 9+CyberPrefs 40.21 for CyberGfx
cybershow51.lha gfx/board 91K 2+SlideShow&Viewer(incl.PCD)for CybGfx&AGA
cybertvplayer.lha gfx/board 565K 10+Video player (HHsYUVSq) for CyberGfx&AGA
CyberView2_2.lha gfx/board 30K 5+Universal Image Viewer for CyberGraphX
DCTV4RetinaV27.lha gfx/board 36K 4+Lib for the Retina 2.5
egsphotoalb53.lha gfx/board 381K 3+EGS picture management,PhotoCD&SlideShow
egstv53.lha gfx/board 471K 3+EGS animation,framegrabber&handyscanner
EGS_R3Logo.lha gfx/board 858K 11+A ray-traced bootlogo for egs. Nice!
EGS_Real.lha gfx/board 8K 11+External Screen library for Real3D+EGS
ms25guid.lha gfx/board 12K 5+Update docs for Movieshop 2.5
SD64Test.lha gfx/board 26K 6+Detect a bug of some Piccolo-SD64
Sony1730.lha gfx/board 2K 9+EGS Monitor Driver For Sony CPD-1730
vlabtv08.lha gfx/board 213K 3+Vlab frame grabber soft for CyberGraphX
agrcnv12.lha gfx/conv 22K 6+Very Good IFF-converter for programmers
dif10_jp.lha gfx/conv 4K 10+Remaps IFF pictures for higher depths.
gfxcon.lha gfx/conv 220K 12+Image format converter (V1.7) for most f
gif2png_0_51c.lha gfx/conv 80K 11+GIF 2 PNG converter (40% faster) (beta)
IFFBrushSplit.lha gfx/conv 11K 3+Converter (IFF->RAW-Data + Color)
ImagStu1.lha gfx/conv 631K 4+Image processing program v2.2.0 Part 1 o
ImagStu2.lha gfx/conv 564K 4+Image processing program v2.2.0 Part 2 o
im_1_2.lha gfx/conv 37K 9+Create icons from IFF/ILBM brushes
IM_mogrify.lha gfx/conv 461K 9+ImageMagick - an image converting/manipu
jpegV6bin.lha gfx/conv 292K 2+IJG JPEG V6 binaries and docs
jpegV6src.lha gfx/conv 656K 2+IJG JPEG V6 source, dev. material
mp2iff24.lha gfx/conv 20K 8+Convert Multipalette (PCHG) pics to 24bi
PicScaler.lha gfx/conv 43K 11+PicScaler v1.0 - GUI to scale IFF ILBMs
pnggio.lha gfx/conv 42K 12+Photogenics PNG format loader/saver
tapgif12.lha gfx/conv 5K 8+IFF to GIF converter for KS2.0
YCrCb101.lha gfx/conv 5K 2+ImageFX, TBCPlus YCrCb loader.
ycur2iff.lha gfx/conv 12K 2+Converts WinNT cursors to IFF. V1.0
fig2dev_fix.lha gfx/edit 139K 5+Xfig v1.5 - a structured drawing tool. 0
flood_it.lha gfx/edit 52K 5+IFX macro which wipes details from pics.
IconDeluxe1_10.lha gfx/edit 74K 1+Full-featured icon editor (V1.10)
ImEngV2_0.lha gfx/edit 543K 7+Image processing application V2.0
universalgio20.lha gfx/edit 19K 3+Fast univ. loader module for Photogenics
vtambie1.lha gfx/edit 817K 2+VideoTracker Ambient AGA video 1/2
vtambie2.lha gfx/edit 535K 2+VideoTracker Ambient AGA video 2/2
vtcamel.lha gfx/edit 343K 2+VideoTracker Camel video
vtcaotic.lha gfx/edit 615K 2+VideoTracker Caotic video
vtcresyn.lha gfx/edit 778K 2+VT videos: Credits AGA & Syndrome
vtdevel3.lha gfx/edit 834K 2+VideoTracker Developer Kit for v2.0
vtetmd1.lha gfx/edit 659K 2+VT Eternal Madness AGA VIDEO 1/2
vtetmd2.lha gfx/edit 465K 2+VT Eternal Madness AGA VIDEO 2/2
vtfurgar.lha gfx/edit 765K 2+VT videos: Furious & Gargamel
vtintro.lha gfx/edit 111K 2+VideoTracker Intro video-examples. AGA
vtmain2.lha gfx/edit 478K 2+Let graphics react to music, v2.0 1995
vtwomen.lha gfx/edit 823K 2+VideoTracker AGA video FOR women !
xfig6.lha gfx/edit 336K 2+Xfig v1.6 - a structured drawing tool. 0
xfig_docs.lha gfx/edit 268K 2+Xfig - a structured drawing tool. 020+ &
xfig_support.lha gfx/edit 198K 2+Xfig v1.6 - a structured drawing tool. 0
xv218.lha gfx/edit 522K 8+Xv - Image processing AGA/OS3.0 recommen
ChaosPro.lha gfx/fract 555K 8+V2.0 of a fractal explorer like Mand2000
CProData.lha gfx/fract 217K 8+Data files for ChaosPro
FU1_61i.lha gfx/fract 387K 12+Many new fractals,options,...
julia2.lha gfx/fract 24K 7+2nd version of the Julia Set viewer
Cataloger.lha gfx/misc 104K 10+ADPro ARexx script catalogs images v1.94
ChipPeek20.lha gfx/misc 5K 12+A practical mempeek with AGA support
DeInterlace0_1.lha gfx/misc 16K 3+DeInterlaceProgram
fastifxmodul46.lha gfx/misc 23K 3+Fast ImageFX loaders(incl.PhotoCD)&saver
GIF_Comment.lha gfx/misc 6K 10+ADPro script displays GIF comments v1.06
ImageDesk20.lha gfx/misc 566K 3+Thumbnail oriented image cataloger
JPEG_Comment.lha gfx/misc 8K 10+ADPro script shows JPEG comments v1.10
NAV20.lha gfx/misc 694K 2+Navigator VR Engine based Videotitler an
NewPatterns.lha gfx/misc 183K 3+Superfast WB Pats; supports 15/16/24 Bit
PicView12.lha gfx/misc 57K 6+Picture Catalogue (Needs OS3.0 and MUI)
ScanCenter.lha gfx/misc 240K 5+Scansoftware for HP-scanners (SCSI only)
ShowComment.lha gfx/misc 7K 10+ARexx prog shows JPEG/GIF comments v1.03
SpotsGen2_0.lha gfx/misc 394K 3+Generating Scripts for Spots (Ekke Verhe
voxelflight.lha gfx/misc 455K 11+Voxelspace, you can flight over landscap
pnmtopng.lha gfx/pbm 83K 9+PBM/PGM/PPM <-> PNG conversion
amipeg04.lha gfx/show 83K 73+fast MPEG player for all amigas v0.4, w/
cdgsxl.lha gfx/show 20K 6+Excellent CDXL viewer. Full Support to C
FView151.lha gfx/show 85K 15+FastView for IFF/GIF/BMP/JPG/PCX pics
jcosub24.lha gfx/show 257K 5+Professional timed script video titling
MPEGInt2_12c.lha gfx/show 102K 8+GUI for MP(1.03) & Amipeg(0.4)
mv2_x.lha gfx/show 3K 7+OS 2.x MultiView replacement
pcdaga_mui.lha gfx/show 11K 7+MUI-Frontend for the Programm PhotoCDAGA
PNG_gio.lha gfx/show 42K 12+PNG gio (beta) for Photogenics 1.2
SqOpal13.lha gfx/show 44K 8+The ultimate image viewer for Opal
SView463.lha gfx/show 616K 6+SuperView V4.63 + Library 11.9
TIFFView116.lha gfx/show 171K 4+V1.16, read-view-print TIFF/MacPaint/JPE
Visage.lha gfx/show 105K 7+Picture viewer for OS 3.0+. V39.0
WBView094.lha gfx/show 27K 4+Workbench picture viewer in HAM/HAM8
winplay.lha gfx/show 41K 10+WinPlay Release 2 Workbench Anim Player
xanim8.lha gfx/show 253K 12+XAnim: Avi/Quicktime/FLI/FLC/IFF/GIF/MPE
AmiW211dUpd.lha gfx/x11 114K 6+Patch from AmiWin 2.0d to 2.11d
AmiW214dUpd.lha gfx/x11 81K 3+Patch from AmiWin 2.11d to 2.14d
AmiW214rUpd.lha gfx/x11 175K 3+Patch from AmiWin 2.12reg to 2.14reg
AmiWin20d.lha gfx/x11 1.4M 7+X11R6 package for AmigaDOS V2.0d
MultiScan20.lha hard/drivr 56K 1+A4 scannersoftware for Epson ES - GT-xxx
A1200MTowerFAQ.lha hard/hack 5K 12+Hardware FAQ "Mirconik-Tower for Amiga 5
A500_Tower_FAQ.lha hard/hack 7K 12+Hardware FAQ "Mirconik-Tower for Amiga 5
AddDF2.lha hard/hack 14K 10+Add internal floppy drives to an Amiga
ArcMouse.lha hard/hack 5K 6+Modify Acorn mouse for use with Amiga
AvailCIA.lha hard/hack 2K 7+V1.0, checks for cia timers
ide2ami5.lha hard/hack 84K 3+IDE-2-AMI V5 - How to install HD's in A1
PCFloppy2Amiga.lha hard/hack 56K 25+=Use 1.44 PC drives as Amiga HD drives.=
SerialBuffer.lha hard/hack 11K 14+Project to make a buffer for serial link
SNES1084.lha hard/hack 13K 12+Connect a Super Nintendo to a Commodore
VideoText.lha hard/hack 245K 10+Teletext "terminal", German, V4.2
4000_33M.lha hard/misc 1K 11+25 MIPS on A4000/040 !
4000_35MHz.lha hard/misc 76K 8+27 MIPS on A4000/040 ! Complete doc.
a4khard3de.lha hard/misc 52K 9+A4000 Hardware Reference 3.0.2 DEUTSCH (
CD32Tools2.lha hard/misc 16K 10+CD32tools Update, now more features.
vtxt24.lha hard/misc 252K 6+Teletext-decoder software 2.4 serial
AM95073a.lha misc/amag 803K 12+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 3-1
AM95073b.lha misc/amag 740K 11+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 3-2
AM95074a.lha misc/amag 557K 11+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 4-1
AM95074b.lha misc/amag 515K 11+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 4-2
AM95075a.lha misc/amag 845K 11+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 5-1
AM95075b.lha misc/amag 588K 11+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 5-2
AM9507_1.lha misc/amag 706K 12+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 1
AM9507_2.lha misc/amag 513K 12+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 2
AM9507_6.lha misc/amag 490K 11+Amiga-Magazin-PD 7/95 Disk 6
AM95083A.lha misc/amag 625K 2+Amiga-Magazin-PD 8/95 Disk 3-1
AM95083B.lha misc/amag 612K 2+Amiga-Magazin-PD 8/95 Disk 3-2
AM9508_1.lha misc/amag 681K 2+Amiga-Magazin-PD 8/95 Disk 1
AM9508_2.lha misc/amag 281K 2+Amiga-Magazin-PD 8/95 Disk 2
AM9508_4.lha misc/amag 671K 2+Amiga-Magazin-PD 8/95 Disk 4
AM9508_5.lha misc/amag 407K 2+Amiga-Magazin-PD 8/95 Disk 5
AM9508_6.lha misc/amag 718K 2+Amiga-Magazin-PD 8/95 Disk 6
DemoRe31.lha misc/antiq 591K 10+NewTek's famous DemoReel Three 1/2
DemoRe32.lha misc/antiq 625K 10+NewTek's famous DemoReel Three 2/2
JapaneseVoice.lha misc/edu 1.1M 4+Japanese language guide with voice!
mui_fillin_10.lha misc/edu 20K 2+MUI based Fill-in-forms by Dirk Holtwick
mui_latinum_11.lha misc/edu 79K 2+A MUI based Latin vocabulary trainer by
NMA.lha misc/edu 173K 10+Math arcade game for kids 6-12
586dx21.lha misc/emu 771K 11+E586DX/SX 2.1 upgrade/bug fix
A8085.lha misc/emu 38K 7+8085 emulator/assembler/disassembler
AmiCDEx21.lha misc/emu 89K 7+Access Amiga CD-ROM From PC/AT Emulator,
amimsx21.lha misc/emu 151K 3+MSX2 Emulator 2.1
AXF_64_a23.lha misc/emu 14K 10+C= 64 emulator. alpha 23
BBCpuUpgrde1_0.lha misc/emu 354K 5+How to upgrade the CPU of your A2386SX
doubler37_1.lha misc/emu 29K 4+Mouse-Button enhancement for ShapeShifte
fmsx_0_6.lha misc/emu 112K 4+MSX1 emul.+disk support, req. 68020+v39
Gameboy68000.lha misc/emu 27K 161+Modified Gamboy_fix for 68000
MacJoy.lha misc/emu 11K 4+Joystick support for Macintosh emulators
MacRomTest.lha misc/emu 1K 19+Shows version & verifies ShapeShifterROM
Over5_0_388.lha misc/emu 50K 6+Amiga<->64 38k4 serial, no spec hardware
ShapeShift3_1.lha misc/emu 207K 5+Macintosh II emulator, V3.1
Shape_ShiftPic.lha misc/emu 8K 4+Excellent Boot Picture for ShapeShifter/
ST4Amiga.lha misc/emu 25K 4+ST emu, 256K TOS prepared
UNd64_381.lha misc/emu 18K 10+THE .d64/.t64/.p00 archive fileprocessor
ZXAM20b.lha misc/emu 494K 6+ZXAM Spectrum Emulator v2.0b
ZXPokeGuide20.lha misc/emu 27K 2+ZXAM POKE guide V2.0 (647 games)
amatrix.lha misc/math 274K 8+Amatrix V2.7/2.7e (complex matrix tool)
calcdeluxe200.lha misc/math 29K 10+A new *best* sfi. calculator, with graph
ExCalc1_1.lha misc/math 195K 6+GUI 52-digit calculator with equations.
FalconMath10.lha misc/math 57K 12+MUI based algebra manipulation package
graph2d300.lha misc/math 203K 4+Plots and analyzes functions, V3.00
pcalc.lha misc/math 8K 12+Commodity calculator for programmers; V2
alpha.lha misc/misc 295K 4+ALPHA V1.0 (mindmaschine for mental trai
ast_000.lha misc/misc 412K 5+Amiga port of Astrolog (Version 4.40)
ast_030.lha misc/misc 412K 5+Amiga port of Astrolog (Version 4.40)
ast_doc.lha misc/misc 752K 5+Amiga port of Astrolog (Version 4.40)
ast_src.lha misc/misc 361K 5+Amiga port of Astrolog (Version 4.40)
beamsolver.lha misc/misc 111K 12+A Beam analysis/design program
BosLang.lha misc/misc 5K 5+Bosnian Language File
flm214.lha misc/misc 788K 5+Engl.<->Germ. prog with big dictionary
flm214r.lha misc/misc 133K 4+FLM version for registered users
lost_icon.lha misc/misc 40K 5+Program to put icons back where they bel
MacCash.lha misc/misc 15K 4+1.3 Gen. UK Lott. Forms. Also stat. Anal
MeasConv.lha misc/misc 32K 2+Measurment Converter V1.23 by Aris Basic
PolishLocale.lha misc/misc 16K 12+Polish catalogs for 14 programs. v2.1.
Predict.lha misc/misc 14K 3+Baby gender predictor (bug fixed)
Proteus1_5.lha misc/misc 99K 6+Proteus Pools Predictor. V1.5.
Runen.lha misc/misc 61K 8+The Keltic Runes
SynBra_de.lha misc/misc 351K 8+Mindmachine Program. DEUTSCHE VERSION!
SynBra_int.lha misc/misc 341K 10+Mindmachine Program for all AMIGAs. Trai
Telekom121.lha misc/misc 56K 11+Decryption of acronyms
VideoEti.lha misc/misc 39K 8+Video-Label-Program
AiPS.lha misc/sci 881K 10+Image Processing package. FFT Processing
AiPSbin030FPU.lha misc/sci 328K 10+030+881 bin for AiPS.
eliza.lha misc/sci 28K 3+A classic AI therapist
FIRDesign.lha misc/sci 96K 8+FIR Filter Designer V1.00
messlabor.lha misc/sci 44K 11+Plots x/y Datas, now with little EPS-Sup
nnn.lha misc/sci 81K 2+Nnn backpropagation neural network v1.35
xmgr23.lha misc/sci 394K 5+ACE/gr graphics for exploratory data ana
mapux.lha misc/unix 89K 2 V7 UNIX for A1200 without MMU. Binary o
slrp_tar.gz misc/unix 248K 2+SLiRP 0.95g (BETA) SLIP/PPP emulator
BelieveMe.lha mods/8voic 311K 9+New music by Australian artist Orpheus
Bud_Rap.lha mods/8voic 145K 32+TP94 MultiChan. entry by Moby & Ra/Nooon
Charella.lha mods/8voic 204K 32+TP94 MultiChan. entry by M-G/Weird Magic
DepthsOfDreams.lha mods/8voic 275K 8+High quality Ambient/Trance by orpheus
EmeraldDreams.lha mods/8voic 333K 12+High Quality Module by SA artist Orpheus
mD_AlreadyLost.lha mods/8voic 70K 8+A Kasi Mir FTM-8-voice mod (4:48)
mD_AndCryAlone.lha mods/8voic 107K 3+A Kasi Mir FTM-8-voice mod (5:04)
mD_Mysteries.lha mods/8voic 144K 8+A Kasi Mir FTM-8-voice mod (5:55)
MusicalDiary.lha mods/8voic 146K 2+MusicalDiary, composed by BlackFox
TG2Raveland.lha mods/8voic 44K 1+Octamed Mod > V3.0 - TripperGoesToRavela
TheBassState.lha mods/8voic 253K 2+By orpheus. First EVER 9-BIT on OctaMED!
WOXTC_Mix.lha mods/8voic 80K 1+Octamed Mod > V3.0 - WithoutXTC-DanMix
YourUnderworld.lha mods/8voic 211K 8+High quality Ambient music by orpheus
Flying.lha mods/airon 60K 18+Flying with You --- Breather track with
wedman.lha mods/airon 307K 5+BIIIG and well done by AiRoN
mchart_mar95e.lha mods/chart 7K 27+MODCHARTS edition march 1995
attekso_thisw.lha mods/chip 12K 4+Mod by KBX-128/Tesko in Sept 94
backbackbackba.lha mods/chip 7K 4+Mod by KB-Zip/Tesko in December 1994
Ball2.lha mods/chip 25K 58 Chip mod **
Beastsnbabies.lha mods/chip 39K 58 Chip mod by Zolttu **
BehindTheWalls.lha mods/chip 5K 58 Chip mod by Mantronix ***+
BlueBreath.lha mods/chip 49K 58 Chip mod by Kaktus **+
boomboomboom.lha mods/chip 4K 4+Mod by KBX-128 in March 1993
BOTraps.lha mods/chip 54K 58 Chip mod ***
BurningHeard.lha mods/chip 34K 58 Chip mod ***+
cabbage.lha mods/chip 5K 4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
Cebit.lha mods/chip 33K 58 Chip mod ***+
CFRMus4.lha mods/chip 42K 58 Chip mod **+
ChipAChoup.lha mods/chip 38K 2+Latest chip-tunes by Gryzor
ChipCalledHaml.lha mods/chip 12K 58 Chip mod by Echo ****
Chipgene.lha mods/chip 10K 58 Chip mod ***
Chipmunks.lha mods/chip 5K 58 Chip mod by Jester ***
ChipsNDrums.lha mods/chip 5K 58 Chip mod by Steinar **
ck_up.lha mods/chip 11K 4+Mod by KBX-128 in May 1994
CrazyBass2.lha mods/chip 25K 58 Chip mod ***
Cybernoid.lha mods/chip 86K 58 Chip mod by JPN **+
cyril.lha mods/chip 4K 4+Mod by KB-Zip & his bro in May 1995
Delirious.lha mods/chip 6K 58 Chip mod by Hi-Lite ****
DeltaRemix.lha mods/chip 29K 58 Chip mod by DDT ****+
Demo1ReMix.lha mods/chip 26K 58 Chip mod ****
DemonsCave.lha mods/chip 36K 58 Chip mod by Mr.Frenzy ****
DesertDreamVol.lha mods/chip 5K 58 Chip mod by Laxity ***+
DieSmartMix.lha mods/chip 58K 58 Chip mod ****+
DrowningMan.lha mods/chip 8K 58 Chip mod ****+
Echos314.lha mods/chip 8K 58 Chip mod ****
EmbassyNumber1.lha mods/chip 8K 58 Chip mod by Echo ****+
FactoryTheme.lha mods/chip 13K 58 Chip mod by Jason ****
Firefly.lha mods/chip 19K 58 Chip mod *+
FirstBash.lha mods/chip 9K 58 Chip mod ***+
galagamods.lha mods/chip 47K 4+3 mods esp. for use in Deluxe Galaga
GetFunky.lha mods/chip 87K 58 Chip mod by Wolfchild ***+
Gloomy.lha mods/chip 64K 58 Chip mod ***+
grating.lha mods/chip 10K 4+Mod by KBX-128 in August 1994
greaterthan.lha mods/chip 9K 4+Mod by KBX-128/Calypso in July 1994
HelloRob.lha mods/chip 86K 58 Chip mod ***+
Hipfunk.lha mods/chip 39K 58 Chip mod ****
Hoaxers.lha mods/chip 40K 58 Chip mod ****
houseonthehill.lha mods/chip 13K 4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
HuntersMoon.lha mods/chip 15K 58 Chip mod by Dark Knight ****
InitialAdjustm.lha mods/chip 50K 58 Chip mod ****
IsThisASample.lha mods/chip 3K 58 Chip mod by Night Shade ****+
IVote42ndV.lha mods/chip 14K 58 Chip mod by Tip ****
Kakofonia.lha mods/chip 13K 58 Chip mod by Heatbeat ****
Kornfelder.lha mods/chip 49K 58 Chip mod ****+
lamertune1.lha mods/chip 1K 4+Joke mod by the Lamer <Grin>!
LastOne.lha mods/chip 36K 58 Chip mod by Frederic Hahn ****+
manjaman.lha mods/chip 5K 4+Mod by KB-Zip in May 1995
Matkamies.lha mods/chip 3K 58 Chip mod by Heatbeat *****
Megabit.lha mods/chip 33K 58 Chip mod ***+
Middlealta.lha mods/chip 17K 58 Chip mod ***+
moonwalk.lha mods/chip 9K 4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
Mvb1.lha mods/chip 60K 58 Chip mod ***+
NewGeneration1.lha mods/chip 51K 58 Chip mod ****
No1ZarchTheme.lha mods/chip 59K 58 Chip mod by Zarch ****
Noname10.lha mods/chip 67K 58 Chip mod ****
NON_Aug95MOD.lha mods/chip 302K 1+PT3.x-chiptunes by non plus ultra, compo
OdeToThe64DJ.lha mods/chip 56K 58 Chip mod ****
oooooooooooooo.lha mods/chip 8K 4+Mod by KB-Zip in April 1995
outasight.lha mods/chip 6K 4+Mod by KBX-128 in August 1993
outa_sight_boc.lha mods/chip 6K 4+Bag of Chips remix by KBX-128 - Sept 94
outrun.lha mods/chip 3K 4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
piaget.lha mods/chip 2K 4+Mod by KB-Zip in March 1995
rainingpart3.lha mods/chip 10K 4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
rejection.lha mods/chip 8K 4+Mod by KBX-128 in September 1993
scraplook.lha mods/chip 29K 4+Mod by KBX-128 in August 1993
ski_today.lha mods/chip 10K 4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
small_n_naff.lha mods/chip 20K 4+Mod by KBX-128/Calypso in August 1994
superlative.lha mods/chip 14K 4+Mod by Technix/Anathema
taptrance.lha mods/chip 9K 4+Mod by Technix/Voodoo Design
TheLastKuusnep.lha mods/chip 2K 58 Chip mod by Wal ****
themeadowatdaw.lha mods/chip 10K 4+Mod by KBX-128 in April 1993
theshortage.lha mods/chip 5K 4+Mod by KBX-128 in March 1993
toerrishuman.lha mods/chip 3K 4+Mod by KB-Zip/TRSI in December 1994
toolate.lha mods/chip 8K 4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
whatnofudge.lha mods/chip 8K 4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
whatthe.lha mods/chip 9K 4+Mod by KBX-128/Tesko in November 1994
YaBaDaBaDoo.lha mods/chip 8K 4+Chip module by Dreamer
ziptro_mods.lha mods/chip 12K 4+2 Ziptro mods by KB-Zip in April 1994
Effigy.lha mods/ctp 426K 11+Effigy (Idol 2) -- Synth-pop-rock by Cou
Enchilada.lha mods/ctp 79K 11+Enchilada -- Cheesy latin song by Counte
MED_StndCls.lha mods/ctp 634K 2+MED version of Standing Close, by Counte
xm_ctp_remix.lha mods/ctp 273K 3+Remix of Ctpoint.MOD, 10ch XM by Counter
AbsoluteMuzakI.lha mods/demo 65K 58 Demo mod by Hobbes **+
ACallToday.lha mods/demo 152K 58 Demo mod by clawz ***
Acceleration.lha mods/demo 121K 58 Demo mod by Sir Henry ***+
AcidPanic.lha mods/demo 85K 58 Demo mod ***
AdoEllenora.lha mods/demo 117K 58 Demo mod ****+
Adrenaline.lha mods/demo 38K 58 Demo mod by Snark ***+
AfterASickness.lha mods/demo 128K 58 Demo mod by Active ****
AGoGo.lha mods/demo 25K 58 Demo mod by Dan+Mat *****
AgrometricalDr.lha mods/demo 52K 58 Demo mod by Rainbow ****
AjParkerTune.lha mods/demo 113K 58 Demo mod by Darkwolf **
AlienHaze.lha mods/demo 31K 58 Demo mod by Marshal Law ***
AlteredState.lha mods/demo 73K 58 Demo mod by Zytac ***
AnarchyFlowerP.lha mods/demo 132K 58 Demo mod by Jester ****+
ANewGuy.lha mods/demo 66K 58 Demo mod by Sabbath **+
Antares1.lha mods/demo 111K 58 Demo mod by K.Stadler *+
Antares2.lha mods/demo 35K 58 Demo mod by K.Stadler ***+
Armybeat.lha mods/demo 94K 58 Demo mod ****
Arnesune.lha mods/demo 8K 58 Demo mod by D-Zire ***
ArvidsFredag.lha mods/demo 73K 58 Demo mod ***
ASliceOfLife.lha mods/demo 26K 58 Demo mod by Night Shade **
AvengerMegadem.lha mods/demo 63K 58 Demo mod by Burgame **+
Awesome5.lha mods/demo 52K 58 Demo mod **+
AxenonsUnknown.lha mods/demo 74K 58 Demo mod *+
Bacardi.lha mods/demo 30K 58 Demo mod **+
Baff.lha mods/demo 13K 58 Demo mod by Gamma ***
Balad.lha mods/demo 60K 58 Demo mod **+
Ball4.lha mods/demo 51K 58 Demo mod **
BarBrian.lha mods/demo 121K 58 Demo mod ****
BasicJamRythm.lha mods/demo 17K 58 Demo mod by T.U.S.C **+
BeansAndRusk.lha mods/demo 47K 58 Demo mod by Grubi ***
BeyondBelief.lha mods/demo 91K 58 Demo mod by Quick ****+
Bigballs.lha mods/demo 33K 58 Demo mod ***
Blirg.lha mods/demo 25K 58 Demo mod ***
Blizzard03.lha mods/demo 13K 58 Demo mod **+
BlueShaddow.lha mods/demo 65K 58 Demo mod **
BWareOfXtc.lha mods/demo 79K 58 Demo mod by Joy ***+
c1991NpdV20.lha mods/demo 53K 58 Demo mod by NPD ***
CamakarzieRun.lha mods/demo 86K 58 Demo mod by Epic **
Catastrophy.lha mods/demo 146K 58 Demo mod by Echo ****+
Ch010.lha mods/demo 69K 58 Demo mod by Alpha **
ChadsworthDelu.lha mods/demo 54K 58 Demo mod by Daniel Berlin *+
Chainsaw.lha mods/demo 40K 58 Demo mod by Hydlite **+
Chipchop2.lha mods/demo 45K 58 Demo mod by Brainbug ***
ChromAtom.lha mods/demo 75K 58 Demo mod ***
Chromium.lha mods/demo 109K 58 Demo mod ***+
Clockwise.lha mods/demo 76K 58 Demo mod by Fleshbrain **
ClubMood.lha mods/demo 115K 58 Demo mod by Delorean **+
Cluedo.lha mods/demo 60K 58 Demo mod by Saticon **+
Cluster.lha mods/demo 62K 58 Demo mod by 4-mat **
Contact.lha mods/demo 46K 58 Demo mod by Norrish **+
CoolAsABadWord.lha mods/demo 143K 58 Demo mod by Echo **
CountdownTitle.lha mods/demo 58K 58 Demo mod by Torsten Gellrich **+
CrackUKAug90.lha mods/demo 39K 58 Demo mod **+
CrowNoseFear.lha mods/demo 82K 58 Demo mod by Scott Davis *+
Cumana.lha mods/demo 138K 58 Demo mod **
Cyberquote9.lha mods/demo 251K 58 Demo mod by Destructor ***+
Cynthia.lha mods/demo 57K 58 Demo mod by PKK **
DancingInBlood.lha mods/demo 63K 58 Demo mod by Uppy **+
Dasdelirium.lha mods/demo 65K 58 Demo mod by Peters ***
Daysoffury.lha mods/demo 64K 58 Demo mod by Maestro **+
Daytime.lha mods/demo 61K 58 Demo mod by Emax **+
DcnFrameOfMind.lha mods/demo 66K 58 Demo mod by Dascon ****
Ddragons2.lha mods/demo 59K 58 Demo mod ***+
DeadCop.lha mods/demo 77K 58 Demo mod ***
DeathBox.lha mods/demo 55K 58 Demo mod ***
DeepStream.lha mods/demo 51K 58 Demo mod **+
Demomusik.lha mods/demo 33K 58 Demo mod ****+
Doc1.lha mods/demo 51K 58 Demo mod ***+
DominoDancingD.lha mods/demo 138K 58 Demo mod by Echo ***+
Doormat.lha mods/demo 93K 58 Demo mod by 4-mat ****
Dosdemo2.lha mods/demo 69K 58 Demo mod by Andromeda ****
DottyFlowersSh.lha mods/demo 18K 58 Demo mod by Genius ****+
DoYaTrustMe.lha mods/demo 135K 58 Demo mod by Andrew Barnabas ****
DragonDance.lha mods/demo 40K 58 Demo mod ***
DreamSequence.lha mods/demo 24K 58 Demo mod **+
Dreamtime.lha mods/demo 151K 58 Demo mod by Night Shade ***
Einsteinium05.lha mods/demo 51K 58 Demo mod by Einstein ***+
ElectronicRamb.lha mods/demo 87K 58 Demo mod ****
ElektrikFaith.lha mods/demo 86K 58 Demo mod ***+
endsong.lha mods/demo 55K 3+Mod by Precision/Plague
EnforcerSound.lha mods/demo 16K 58 Demo mod ***
EternalBliss.lha mods/demo 73K 58 Demo mod by Echo **+
Exorcize.lha mods/demo 76K 58 Demo mod by Fleshbrain ****
Fattamorgana.lha mods/demo 41K 58 Demo mod ****
FeelRealMegash.lha mods/demo 150K 58 Demo mod ****+
FinalSample.lha mods/demo 89K 58 Demo mod by 4-mat **+
FireElephant.lha mods/demo 79K 58 Demo mod by Julianus P ***+
Fjant.lha mods/demo 46K 58 Demo mod by Gluemaster **+
FlightToSweden.lha mods/demo 55K 58 Demo mod ****
FubarFromHell7.lha mods/demo 70K 58 Demo mod by The Catalyst ***
Future.lha mods/demo 40K 58 Demo mod ***
fy.lha mods/demo 186K 6+2 Modules from 'Forever Young' by Take E
GateToMizar.lha mods/demo 37K 58 Demo mod by Bar ***
GhtBluring.lha mods/demo 137K 58 Demo mod ***
Gobbprew.lha mods/demo 32K 58 Demo mod ***+
Greetingcastle.lha mods/demo 124K 58 Demo mod by Mahoney ****+
GroundZero.lha mods/demo 70K 58 Demo mod ***+
guitarie.lha mods/demo 54K 3+Mod by Precision/Plague
Halfdance.lha mods/demo 59K 58 Demo mod ***+
HappyDayFinale.lha mods/demo 30K 58 Demo mod ****
HardWorkingMan.lha mods/demo 51K 58 Demo mod by Wal ****
Heavy.lha mods/demo 45K 58 Demo mod ***+
HeavyHouse.lha mods/demo 95K 58 Demo mod by Zing ***
Hero1.lha mods/demo 45K 58 Demo mod ***+
HerSong.lha mods/demo 217K 58 Demo mod by 4-mat ***+
HiddenShadowsC.lha mods/demo 102K 58 Demo mod ****
HolliWould.lha mods/demo 51K 58 Demo mod by Neuromancer ***
Horror2TheReve.lha mods/demo 80K 58 Demo mod ***
Horrorealizati.lha mods/demo 86K 58 Demo mod ***
HowsItHangin.lha mods/demo 50K 58 Demo mod by Snare ****+
Hungry.lha mods/demo 26K 58 Demo mod ****
HypnoOne.lha mods/demo 23K 58 Demo mod by PKK ***+
HystericalBaby.lha mods/demo 116K 58 Demo mod **+
IAmTheLaw.lha mods/demo 32K 58 Demo mod by Echo **+
Icemashine.lha mods/demo 40K 58 Demo mod **
InFlightShort.lha mods/demo 176K 58 Demo mod by Delorean ***
Jackdance.lha mods/demo 34K 58 Demo mod ****
jalenola.lha mods/demo 44K 3+Mod by Precision/Plague
jolly.lha mods/demo 30K 3+Mod by Precision/Plague
Judge12.lha mods/demo 55K 58 Demo mod ***+
Juratmicshort.lha mods/demo 318K 58 Demo mod by Claw ****+
JustAddLsd.lha mods/demo 73K 58 Demo mod by Echo ****
Kin3.lha mods/demo 66K 58 Demo mod by Racoon ****
KirchhofsReven.lha mods/demo 123K 58 Demo mod by Decker ***+
KlingonSwing.lha mods/demo 31K 58 Demo mod ***
Korg.lha mods/demo 27K 58 Demo mod ***+
Krakout.lha mods/demo 40K 58 Demo mod ***
LAByNight.lha mods/demo 42K 58 Demo mod by Dr Awesome ****
LeGrind.lha mods/demo 61K 58 Demo mod ****
LikeYeahMan.lha mods/demo 77K 58 Demo mod by Echo ****
Liquidturtle.lha mods/demo 64K 58 Demo mod by Kaktus **+
Longshort32.lha mods/demo 37K 58 Demo mod ***+
LoosingControl.lha mods/demo 60K 58 Demo mod ***+
Lowbudget.lha mods/demo 21K 58 Demo mod by Dr Awesome ***
LsdBassline.lha mods/demo 59K 58 Demo mod by Beatmaster ****
Lykkehjulet.lha mods/demo 46K 58 Demo mod ***+
MadMixIii.lha mods/demo 50K 58 Demo mod ***+
MadnessTookMe.lha mods/demo 80K 58 Demo mod ****
Madtechno.lha mods/demo 43K 58 Demo mod by Zoltar ***+
Mai90.lha mods/demo 39K 58 Demo mod **+
MaidenVoyage.lha mods/demo 30K 58 Demo mod by Dan **+
Manifesto.lha mods/demo 79K 58 Demo mod by Mindless **
Mastermix.lha mods/demo 69K 58 Demo mod ***+
MaxHeadroom.lha mods/demo 171K 58 Demo mod ***
Megamixette.lha mods/demo 29K 58 Demo mod by Deek ***
Memoire.lha mods/demo 26K 58 Demo mod by Audiomonster ***+
MentalHangover.lha mods/demo 80K 58 Demo mod ***+
Mentos.lha mods/demo 63K 58 Demo mod by Siracon ***+
Mesmerism.lha mods/demo 45K 58 Demo mod ****
Mesmorised.lha mods/demo 56K 58 Demo mod by Dextrous ****
Midi11.lha mods/demo 47K 58 Demo mod ***
Milkman.lha mods/demo 29K 58 Demo mod by Gluemaster ***+
Mimosa.lha mods/demo 84K 58 Demo mod by Fleshbrain ***+
MisdemeanourV0.lha mods/demo 65K 58 Demo mod ***+
Monkeydroid.lha mods/demo 83K 58 Demo mod by Fleshbrain ***+
MoogIndigoMd.lha mods/demo 90K 58 Demo mod by Mark Knight ****+
Moreover.lha mods/demo 15K 58 Demo mod ***
MorePillsPleas.lha mods/demo 64K 58 Demo mod ***
MoreThanMusic2.lha mods/demo 194K 2+2nd module from "More Than Music" by Mob
MovieTheme3.lha mods/demo 34K 58 Demo mod **+
Musiklinjen.lha mods/demo 138K 58 Demo mod ****+
Musix7.lha mods/demo 39K 58 Demo mod ****+
Mysong2.lha mods/demo 26K 58 Demo mod ***
Newkiss.lha mods/demo 125K 58 Demo mod ***
Nhk.lha mods/demo 69K 58 Demo mod by PKK ****
Nice1990.lha mods/demo 23K 58 Demo mod ****
Night.lha mods/demo 57K 58 Demo mod ****
NightFly.lha mods/demo 82K 58 Demo mod ***
NightOfComet.lha mods/demo 88K 58 Demo mod by Dr.And **+
Noise19895.lha mods/demo 37K 58 Demo mod ****
NsSpeed.lha mods/demo 30K 58 Demo mod ****+
Number1.lha mods/demo 57K 58 Demo mod ****
Nyet.lha mods/demo 46K 58 Demo mod by PKK ***+
OccSanGeen.lha mods/demo 139K 58 Demo mod by Uncle Tom ****
OdysseyPart3.lha mods/demo 94K 58 Demo mod ****
OnceAgain.lha mods/demo 81K 58 Demo mod by The Judge ****+
peace.lha mods/demo 61K 3+Mod by Precision/Plague
PygmyGForce.lha mods/demo 17K 2+Module from PygmyProjects "G-Force"
rock.lha mods/demo 31K 3+Mod by Precision/Plague
short.lha mods/demo 20K 3+Mod by Precision/Plague
small.lha mods/demo 1K 3+Mod by Precision/Plague
squire.lha mods/demo 49K 3+Mod by Precision/Plague
TarAlwaysTheSa.lha mods/demo 82K 58 Demo mod *+
TheCryOfTheWol.lha mods/demo 38K 58 Demo mod by Mr.Zeb **
TheEagle.lha mods/demo 64K 58 Demo mod by Zacco **
TheFrogMix.lha mods/demo 31K 58 Demo mod ***+
TheLittleExtra.lha mods/demo 59K 58 Demo mod by Siracon ****
UntitledSong.lha mods/demo 60K 58 Demo mod by Gorgon Tree ***
FbySuperJazz.lha mods/fby 85K 3+FBY 1994 4Ch 2:10 Jazz
FBYTheme.lha mods/fby 131K 3+FBY 1992 4Ch 4:30 Relax-Soft
FbyWinning.lha mods/fby 71K 3+FBY 1993 4Ch 3:30 Action
Infinity.lha mods/fby 335K 3+FBY 4Ch 8:28 3 parts:March,Atmos,Guitar
July.lha mods/fby 126K 3+FBY 4Ch 10:20 Several different styles
Marcetta.lha mods/fby 29K 3+FBY 1994 4Ch 2:30 FunnyMarch
MasselloMix.lha mods/fby 141K 3+FBY 4Ch 2:35 A Noble Techno Opera!
Medioeval.lha mods/fby 86K 3+FBY 4Ch 1:55 Relaxing Medioeval Theme
Melody.lha mods/fby 111K 3+FBY 4Ch 2:40 Melodic theme w/ surprise
Nadir.lha mods/fby 269K 3+FBY 1994 4Ch 5:00 9th place at Party94
PianoSound5.lha mods/fby 85K 3+FBY 4Ch 5:11 Piano+drum, allegro theme
TechnoDanger.lha mods/fby 68K 3+FBY 4Ch 1:26 Very pumped up disco
Tetriade.lha mods/fby 174K 3+FBY 1992 4Ch 7:30 Tetris themes remixed
Tillimaby.lha mods/fby 39K 3+FBY 1993 4Ch 3:30 Relax-Game
Zenith.lha mods/fby 450K 3+FBY 1995 4Ch 5:30 2nd place at Gasp'95
Above_My_Head.lha mods/funk 134K 70+Mod by 4-Mat from Stolen Data #10
AbsenceLive.lha mods/funk 82K 58 Funk mod by The Ec Man ****
AcesHigh2.lha mods/funk 36K 58 Funk mod ***+
AcesLow2.lha mods/funk 35K 58 Funk mod by Intuition ****
AcidJazz.lha mods/funk 130K 58 Jazz mod by Nuke *****+
AlphaOmegaIi.lha mods/funk 116K 58 Funk mod by Peter ****
AnyWayYouCan.lha mods/funk 68K 58 Funk mod by Epic **
Arabia2.lha mods/funk 14K 58 Funk mod ***+
Areyou.lha mods/funk 54K 58 Funk mod by Steve Hogg ***+
ATripToFunkyla.lha mods/funk 157K 58 Funk mod by Shun ****+
Authority.lha mods/funk 300K 58 Jazz mod by Macromaxx *****
AxelGoesFunkey.lha mods/funk 98K 58 Funk mod by Brainstorm ****
BariAndHorn.lha mods/funk 191K 58 Funk mod *****
BaselineSquad.lha mods/funk 66K 58 Funk mod by Prime Time ****+
Basix.lha mods/funk 149K 58 Funk mod by Jeron Valenkamp ****+
Blowaway.lha mods/funk 181K 47 Jazzband by Jugi 2:50 *****
Bodveizer.lha mods/funk 60K 47 Saxophon by Brainbug 6:15 *****+
Bounga.lha mods/funk 72K 58 Jazz mod by Moby ****+
BrassConnectio.lha mods/funk 53K 58 Funk mod by Bit Arts ****
Bubblegum.lha mods/funk 45K 58 Funk mod by Heatbeat *****
Camomile.lha mods/funk 70K 58 Funk mod by Di33y ***+
Civilisation.lha mods/funk 53K 58 Funk mod by Phobos ****
Crazyshow.lha mods/funk 36K 58 Funk mod by Christian Hallgren***+
CrimboMED.lha mods/funk 101K 58 Jazz mod by Crimbo ***+
DailyPleasure.lha mods/funk 59K 58 Funk mod by Audiomonster *****+
Dance.lha mods/funk 86K 58 Funky mod by Spin ***
DecibelOverloa.lha mods/funk 125K 58 Funk mod by El Loco+Sundance K***+
DefinedAsMess.lha mods/funk 205K 58 Funk mod by Jason *****
Echofunk.lha mods/funk 60K 58 Funk mod ****
Electroquest.lha mods/funk 38K 58 Funk mod by Nuke ****+
Emotions.lha mods/funk 92K 133 Jazz by Nuke 2:05 ****+
Escapade.lha mods/funk 109K 58 Funk mod by Lord Interface ****
FreedomOfBlues.lha mods/funk 100K 58 Funk mod by Axel ****+
Funckdabass.lha mods/funk 45K 58 Funk mod by Blo ****+
FundimentalRoc.lha mods/funk 128K 58 Funk mod by Mark Knight ****
funkierthanwax.lha mods/funk 116K 4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
FunkIt.lha mods/funk 16K 58 Funk mod by Mr Frenzy ***+
Funkypiano.lha mods/funk 118K 58 Funk mod by Omen ****+
FunkyPower.lha mods/funk 37K 58 Funk mod ****
funkytrousers.lha mods/funk 123K 4+Mod by Technix & KBX-128 in March 1995
FuryForest.lha mods/funk 24K 58 Funk mod by Moby ****+
FuryMetro.lha mods/funk 27K 58 Funk mod by Moby ****+
FuryMountains.lha mods/funk 25K 58 Funk mod by Moby ****+
FuryPyramid.lha mods/funk 27K 58 Funk mod by Moby ****+
GeraldsVibes.lha mods/funk 43K 58 Funk mod by At-moz-fear ****+
Goodoleblues1.lha mods/funk 33K 58 Funk mod ****+
GrveSnu.lha mods/funk 126K 58 Funk mod by Omen *****
Gv17.lha mods/funk 144K 58 Funk mod by Spin *****
HappyFunk.lha mods/funk 66K 58 Funk mod ****
HarbourBizarre.lha mods/funk 124K 58 Funk mod by Brainbug *****
Jambug.lha mods/funk 104K 58 Funk mod ****
JamminCindy.lha mods/funk 268K 58 Funk mod by Vinnie ****+
JamminForNothi.lha mods/funk 71K 58 Funk mod by Heatbeat *****
JazzyNork.lha mods/funk 60K 58 Jazz mod *****
JuicyFruit.lha mods/funk 94K 58 Funk mod by Jester ****
Lemonade.lha mods/funk 116K 58 Funk mod by Nuke ****
LittleFunk.lha mods/funk 38K 58 Funk mod by Gryzor ****
Mazz.lha mods/funk 97K 58 Funk mod ****
Melonmania.lha mods/funk 109K 58 Funk mod by Audiomonster ****+
Microworld.lha mods/funk 45K 58 Funk mod by Tama ****+
Mod.lha mods/funk 115K 58 Funk mod by Breeze ****+
Nightjazz.lha mods/funk 140K 58 Jazz mod by Night Shade *****+
Nuke.lha mods/funk 193K 58 Funk mod by Nuke ****+
pianoey.lha mods/funk 10K 4+Mod by KBX-128 in October 1993
Prim_Ways.lha mods/funk 94K 11+A kind of funk by Tiny of Loonies.
Bassraceremixj.lha mods/hardc 123K 58 Hardcore mod by Juergen Brocke***+
BedlamcrazE.lha mods/hardc 97K 58 Hardcore mod ***+
Cybernet.lha mods/hardc 214K 58 Hardcore mod by Echo ****
Democomp.lha mods/hardc 84K 58 Hardcore mod by Essex ***+
Drill.lha mods/hardc 54K 58 Hardcore mod by James Kelly ***
EsOnJesus08.lha mods/hardc 103K 58 Hardcore mod by Echo ****
FutureGenerati.lha mods/hardc 78K 58 Hardcore mod by BC ****
Joes04.lha mods/hardc 129K 58 Hardcore mod by Echo ****+
Kickstart.lha mods/hardc 11K 58 Hardcore mod by Merlin ****+
ManicMinor.lha mods/hardc 170K 58 Hardcore mod by Gurus Dream ****+
A320.lha mods/instr 67K 58 Instr mod ****
ADream.lha mods/instr 44K 58 Instr mod ***+
ANewWayToJazz.lha mods/instr 135K 58 Instr mod by Blue Silence ****+
BeneathDignity.lha mods/instr 115K 58 Instr mod by Mr.Man ****+
DenseMaterial.lha mods/instr 99K 58 Piano mod ****+
EmptySpace.lha mods/instr 20K 58 Piano mod ****+
EndOfTheMisery.lha mods/instr 58K 58 Piano mod by Blade Vacum *****+
EnigmaticFeeli.lha mods/instr 48K 58 Piano mod by Echo ****+
EssenceOfBlues.lha mods/instr 157K 58 Guitar mod by Abhoth ****+
GoingFar.lha mods/instr 44K 58 Piano mod ****
Heaven.lha mods/instr 145K 58 Piano mod by Fabian *****
Isitlove.lha mods/instr 31K 58 Piano mod ****
Lamour.lha mods/instr 13K 58 Piano mod by Night Shade *****
Meetmymum.lha mods/instr 103K 58 Piano mod ****
Minuet.lha mods/instr 15K 58 Piano mod by Rogue Male ****+
NeverSayGoodby.lha mods/instr 48K 58 Piano mod ****+
NewYearsDay.lha mods/instr 55K 58 Piano mod by Off ****
OldEngland.lha mods/instr 30K 58 Guitar mod *****
TheBestOfPiano.lha mods/instr 28K 58 Instr mod ****
AcidFlashback.lha mods/jungl 104K 58 Jungle mod by Outzider ****
BinarE.lha mods/jungl 138K 58 Jungle mod by MC Matrix ****
BUMAhZmixT.lha mods/jungl 42K 58 Jungle mod by Noice ****
CrystalKaos.lha mods/jungl 129K 58 Jungle mod ***
Defeatthebeat.lha mods/jungl 74K 58 Jungle mod by Romeo Knights ****+
DnaDream.lha mods/jungl 58K 58 Jungle mod by 4-mat ****
EsOnJesus06.lha mods/jungl 124K 58 Jungle mod by Echo ****+
GhettoJourney.lha mods/jungl 58K 58 Jungle mod by DNicholson ****
naffjungl.lha mods/jungl 18K 4+Mod by KB-Zip July 1995
BluredRemem.lha mods/maxym 269K 7+PT module (VBLANK/CIA). atmospheric/orch
Bouncing.lha mods/maxym 60K 1+PT module (VBLANK/CIA). nxt MXM's module
DontMove.lha mods/med 310K 5+Groovy zone-you-out med by Rupchuk
JustFrDaLadies.lha mods/med 203K 8+AANSTALTEN Hardcore MED by TRANCE DENNIS
Mankind.lha mods/med 50K 3+AANSTALTEN Mellow MED by the ENTITY
SFN.lha mods/med 304K 11+Great techno/acid by Tiny of Loonies.
velocity.lha mods/med 124K 3+Nice s3m Module, converted to Med! Play
WhenSheTalks.lha mods/med 130K 11+Nice Acustic ballad by Tiny of Loonies
youngdurf.lha mods/med 67K 12+A very odd mecha tune by Socialite (MED)
AbitOfRabbit.lha mods/misc 42K 4+Dreamigamuzz !!! (see module info)
AcidMachine.lha mods/misc 48K 58 Misc mod ****
alienrad.lha mods/misc 80K 2+Progressive/NewAge mod by PaRSeC
AmigaHass.lha mods/misc 124K 58 Gag mod *****
Aquarius.lha mods/misc 73K 31+Mellow synth-MOD by Hollywood.
Boozin95.lha mods/misc 269K 11+Module by Yolk & Supernao from Boozembly
BoysInBlue.lha mods/misc 55K 58 Polka mod by Fermi ***+
Breakthrough.lha mods/misc 44K 31+Melodic MOD by Hollywood.
ChaseHq.lha mods/misc 39K 58 Misc mod by Mat Furniss **+
Chickensong.lha mods/misc 59K 58 Gag mod by Vision **
ChopSui.lha mods/misc 18K 58 Gag mod ***+
ClappingMusic.lha mods/misc 3K 58 Misc mod by Kevan R.Craft **
ClassixOnTheFr.lha mods/misc 209K 58 Polka mod by The Weasel ***+
CleanMachine.lha mods/misc 16K 8+CleanMachine, Part two of the machine-mo
Cloudwalker777.lha mods/misc 76K 58 Techno mod ***
Cpgiada5.lha mods/misc 86K 58 Misc mod ***
CrossLawn.lha mods/misc 17K 8+CrossLawn, PT3.x Module
CrueltyOfHouse.lha mods/misc 76K 58 House mod by Prime Time **+
CuriousWorld.lha mods/misc 162K 58 Misc mod by Delorean **
Daley.lha mods/misc 62K 58 Hardrock mod ****
DatsWhasHapnin.lha mods/misc 30K 58 Happy mod ***+
Day_By_Day.lha mods/misc 80K 22+Mod by Heatbeat
December_rain.lha mods/misc 145K 26+Module from Primavera'95 party
Defjam.lha mods/misc 69K 58 House mod by Defjam ***+
DeliAYsongs.lha mods/misc 245K 2+Some songs for DeliAY 0.14+
DlvSongByMbOa.lha mods/misc 108K 58 House mod ****
Drummy.lha mods/misc 97K 58 Trash mod ***
DungeonOfDrax.lha mods/misc 81K 58 Misc mod by Zacco *+
Ecstatic.lha mods/misc 70K 58 Trash mod by Rogue Male **+
Electricdrug.lha mods/misc 96K 22+Mod by Heatbeat
Everywhere.lha mods/misc 36K 22+Mod by Heatbeat
ExTSheepBk.lha mods/misc 203K 58 Trash mod ***+
Fabrikneu.lha mods/misc 119K 58 Trash mod by Mindless *+
FinalConflict.lha mods/misc 44K 58 Military mod by Joerg Schiezer**+
ForrestGump.lha mods/misc 71K 6+Forrest Gump Suite, MOD-ified by Acechan
Fortress.lha mods/misc 268K 3+Rymix/[Death] mod: Guitar/Fantasy/Mil.
FreshHouse.lha mods/misc 166K 58 House mod by Chronos ***
Gipsey_Party.lha mods/misc 132K 11+You'll be suprised! by Tiny of Loonies.
Grosshouse.lha mods/misc 136K 58 House mod by Mr Styckx ****+
HooYeah.lha mods/misc 225K 58 House mod ****+
HouseBeat.lha mods/misc 54K 58 House mod ****
Housedance.lha mods/misc 24K 58 House mod ****+
Housespecial.lha mods/misc 70K 58 House mod ****+
Houseuhhh2.lha mods/misc 208K 58 House mod ****
HowDeepIsDeep.lha mods/misc 21K 58 House mod by Godbrain ****
HumanEcstasy.lha mods/misc 119K 58 House mod ****
HumanMachines.lha mods/misc 69K 58 Dark mod by Mindless **+
hw_cair.lha mods/misc 343K 8+"LondonCairoFuji", ethnicjungle MOD by H
h_trance.lha mods/misc 73K 2+TechnoTrance module by PaRSeC
JackTheHousebe.lha mods/misc 95K 58 House mod ****+
Jarresque.lha mods/misc 51K 31+MOD by Hollywood which isn't really Jarr
JournalTuneSho.lha mods/misc 59K 58 House mod by Prime Time ****
KaTzetnik.lha mods/misc 124K 58 Slow mod by Farpoint ***+
KillerDia.lha mods/misc 50K 58 Gag mod ***
LazyCat.lha mods/misc 177K 4+Funny module by Dreamer
Liquidity.lha mods/misc 38K 58 House mod by Dextrous ****+
LoadingForYou.lha mods/misc 29K 58 Slow mod by Tony Fonager ***+
macnorml.lha mods/misc 92K 2+TVScore Sndtrack of Abnormalia by PaRSeC
Madacid.lha mods/misc 129K 58 House mod ****
MakeYourMove.lha mods/misc 117K 58 House mod by Dr Awesome ****+
MeloVatrix_JK.lha mods/misc 64K 9+TFMX-module by Jan Krolzig
MM10.lha mods/misc 23K 58 Slow mod ****
MoonlitShort.lha mods/misc 80K 58 Slow mod by Jame ****
Music1A.lha mods/misc 170K 58 House mod ****+
NeglectedLove.lha mods/misc 18K 58 Slow mod by Ted Burning ****+
NewAge1992Remi.lha mods/misc 81K 58 House mod by Merlin ****+
Newspapergroov.lha mods/misc 57K 58 Slow mod by Axel ****+
october.lha mods/misc 177K 5+Harmonic ambient Amiga mod.
OMammaMia.lha mods/misc 173K 4+Module by Dreamer
onthrock.lha mods/misc 112K 2+Rock`n Roll in the Parsec`s Way
pmu_drums.lha mods/misc 91K 4+Drums from Pull Me Under
RemoteCTRL1.lha mods/misc 74K 3+Rymix/[Death] mod: EuroStyle, older mod
RS_OneOnOne.lha mods/misc 72K 29+Atmospheric song by Roberts/Applause
ShiningFrost.lha mods/misc 279K 3+Rymix/[Death] mod: Fun, Lively, GREAT!
SpaceTrax.lha mods/misc 127K 3+Rymix/[Death] mod: Cool Space Greatness
Synthesis.lha mods/misc 335K 3+Rymix/[Death] mod: Synth Awesomeness!!
TheBassState.lha mods/misc 309K 3+By orpheus. First EVER 9-BIT on OctaMED!
THeELeVatoR.lha mods/misc 41K 58 Misc mod by Gorgon Tree ***
Dreamworld.mpg mods/mpeg 6.7M 2+MPEG Audio of a synthesizer song
the_end.lha mods/otis 141K 9+The final 4channel mod by Otis
Back_From_Blue.lha mods/piano 79K 83+Mod by 4-Mat/Anarchy 6:00 ****
BeethovenEgual.lha mods/piano 11K 132 Piano by Beathoven 0:20 ***+
Be_Funky.lha mods/piano 189K 80+PT Module, Be Funky by Erno Tuomainen
Blues.lha mods/piano 21K 133 Piano by Tip+Firefox 2:05 ****+
chuckney.lha mods/piano 108K 12+Piano-MOD: By Slap-Ed of One Man And His
downtown.lha mods/piano 107K 12+Piano-MOD: By Slap-Ed of One Man And His
moose.lha mods/piano 85K 12+Piano-MOD: By Slap-Ed of One Man And His
rainy.lha mods/piano 163K 8+"Wet" PT module by Fc22
soya.lha mods/piano 100K 12+Piano-MOD: By Slap-Ed of One Man And His
Toccata.lha mods/piano 55K 47 Classic mod 5:30 **+
whistler.lha mods/piano 103K 12+Piano-MOD: By Slap-Ed of One Man And His
80sRewind.lha mods/pop 72K 147+Space by JS 4:30 *****
AboveGround.lha mods/pop 84K 77+Maruku soundtracker mod from boing
AutumnalSunset.lha mods/pop 85K 58 Pop mod by S.Dawe ****
BesideMeInMyBe.lha mods/pop 47K 58 Pop mod ***+
BigBadMama.lha mods/pop 78K 58 Pop mod by Skyy ***+
Bobzone.lha mods/pop 85K 58 Pop mod by Dual Crew ****
BoomDaClimax2.lha mods/pop 34K 58 Pop mod by Dascon ***
Breakaway.lha mods/pop 94K 58 Pop mod by Hein Design ***
CarvupTitle.lha mods/pop 27K 58 Pop mod by Matthew Simmonds **
ChromeDesert.lha mods/pop 114K 58 Pop mod by Matthew Simmonds ***+
ClearAZill.lha mods/pop 80K 58 Pop mod by Dr.Awesome **
Command.lha mods/pop 74K 58 Pop mod ***+
Composure.lha mods/pop 37K 58 Pop mod by Major Tom **
Coolnwoo.lha mods/pop 38K 58 Pop mod by Dascon ***
Crepequs.lha mods/pop 81K 58 Pop mod **
CrimezOfHate.lha mods/pop 187K 58 Pop mod by Criminal Inc. **
Cuidado.lha mods/pop 135K 58 Pop mod by Swampfox ***+
Datatrans.lha mods/pop 63K 58 Pop mod by Zyc ****
DawnChorus.lha mods/pop 80K 58 Pop mod by Kevan R.Craft ***+
FlowerPower.lha mods/pop 116K 58 Pop mod by Odkin ****+
FrapRap.lha mods/pop 51K 58 Pop mod ****
Frog30new.lha mods/pop 28K 58 Pop mod ****
Fromage.lha mods/pop 166K 58 Pop mod by Diesel ****+
FtpConnection.lha mods/pop 54K 58 Pop mod by TurboSector ****+
FuckingDisco2.lha mods/pop 45K 58 Pop mod ***+
FunnyBeatSlx.lha mods/pop 75K 58 Pop mod by Slaxx ***+
FuryDesert.lha mods/pop 27K 58 Pop mod by Moby ****+
FuryLagon.lha mods/pop 24K 58 Pop mod by Moby ****+
FuryVillage.lha mods/pop 25K 58 Pop mod by Moby ****
Fwr.lha mods/pop 150K 58 Pop mod by Lonestar **+
Gilligan.lha mods/pop 163K 58 Pop mod by Deathjester ****
Gluem.lha mods/pop 62K 58 Pop mod ****
GrandeFinaleBu.lha mods/pop 120K 58 Pop mod by Axel ****
HappyDays.lha mods/pop 16K 58 Pop mod ****+
IHateHouse.lha mods/pop 86K 58 Pop mod by Echo ****
ImAllRightMd.lha mods/pop 112K 58 Pop mod by Mark Knight ****
Infinite.lha mods/pop 77K 58 Pop mod by D-luxe ****
JustFreedom.lha mods/pop 85K 58 Pop mod ****
JustSomething.lha mods/pop 93K 58 Pop mod ****
Kyemi.lha mods/pop 146K 12+Slower funk/techno style song
mD_PartyTime4.lha mods/pop 84K 8+A Kasi Mir oldie (6:49); PT-mod
my_way.lha mods/pop 208K 5+LONG song, several themes / TRiNiTY
Ordinary.lha mods/pop 151K 11+Ordinary computerpop by Tiny of Loonies.
portals.lha mods/pop 29K 4+Module, mix of few music types
Tbhot7.lha mods/pop 199K 58 Pop mod ****+
VolumeUp.lha mods/pop 98K 11+Mindblasting pop by Tiny of Loonies.
1_house.lha mods/pro 365K 7+Respect Yourself - House-mod by Holger K
2_house.lha mods/pro 276K 7+Acidhouse - House-mod by Holger K.
3_house.lha mods/pro 378K 7+People-remix - House-mod by Holger K.
4_House.lha mods/pro 343K 7+Loveline - House-mod by Holger K.
AoD.lha mods/pro 205K 22+PiRaT/ThE CRo$$
Atmosphere.lha mods/pro 108K 5+Rico's I-Mods #4, Atmosphere
blue_carrier.lha mods/pro 88K 4+Mod by KBX-128/Calypso in June 1994
bubbleverse.lha mods/pro 59K 4+Mod by KBX-128/Pyrogenic in May/June 93
DanceInYourM.lha mods/pro 192K 10+Great DaNcE mod by .oO PirlAGA Oo.
dream_s4.lha mods/pro 89K 10+Protracker .MOD (New Age/Avantgarde)
emod_change.lha mods/pro 248K 6+EMO`s THINxHAVETOCHANGE
emod_future.lha mods/pro 352K 6+EMO`s Future
emod_head_tail.lha mods/pro 110K 6+EMO`s Head or Tail Loop
emod_smiling.lha mods/pro 238K 6+EMO`s He`s smiling
evileverywhere.lha mods/pro 82K 4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
Experie1.lha mods/pro 159K 5+Rico's I-Mods #1, e.x.p.e.r.i.e.n.c.e EP
Experie2.lha mods/pro 137K 5+Rico's I-Mods #2, e.x.p.e.r.i.e.n.c.e EP
Experie3.lha mods/pro 182K 5+Rico's I-Mods #3, e.x.p.e.r.i.e.n.c.e EP
Expired.lha mods/pro 43K 8+Expired, too late PT3.x Module
Exploder.lha mods/pro 18K 8+Exploder, explosive PT3.x Module
Explorer.lha mods/pro 17K 8+Explorer, explorative PT3.x Module
Follow_me_rx.lha mods/pro 127K 5+Rico's R-Mods #22, Follow Me (remix)
frommars.lha mods/pro 62K 4+Mod by KBX-128/Tesko in Oct/Nov 1994
indistinguish.lha mods/pro 7K 4+Mod by KBX-128 in May 1994
InMyHead.lha mods/pro 72K 8+InMyHead, deep-hut PT3.x Module
kids.lha mods/pro 183K 2+New mod from RedRibbon/Zoo
KritischeWorte.lha mods/pro 141K 5+Rico's R-Mods #21, Kritische Worte
Loopz.lha mods/pro 5K 8+Loopz, antialiased and reshaped PT3.x Mo
lullaby.lha mods/pro 169K 12+PT-MOD by RedRibbon/Zoo,NHD & TheEnd.
Mahlzeit.lha mods/pro 58K 8+Mahlzeit, nutritious PT3.x Module
MeanMachine.lha mods/pro 11K 8+MeanMachine, Part three of the machine-m
mortalmario.lha mods/pro 8K 4+Mod by Technix/Tesko
Move_any_m95.lha mods/pro 336K 5+Rico's R-Mods #24, Move Any Mountain
moving_nowhere.lha mods/pro 149K 4+Pt-mod by KB-Zip in June 1995
nicerthme.lha mods/pro 117K 10+Protracker module
NothingToSay.lha mods/pro 343K 3+Need demo music? Try this - orpheus
NU040506.lha mods/pro 74K 8+NU040506, aka AprilMayJune, PT3.x Module
spillthebeans.lha mods/pro 29K 4+Pt-mod by Technix/Tesko
stateofthestat.lha mods/pro 78K 4+Mod by KBX-128 in March 1993
thefinaldream.lha mods/pro 89K 4+Pt-mod by Lazer/Trident
Them_girls_rx.lha mods/pro 137K 3+Rico's R-Mods #20, Them Girls (remix)
Time_Code.lha mods/pro 34K 8+Time-Code, PT3.x Module to syncronize [>
Two_hours.lha mods/pro 70K 5+Rico's R-Mods #23, Two Hours
Vaaleans_Huivi.lha mods/pro 441K 11+Two modules by HeatBeat from The Assembl
Walking_in_the.lha mods/pro 170K 5+Rico's R-Mods #19, Walking in the Space
AceIi.lha mods/rock 36K 58 Rock mod ***
ActionOnAStree.lha mods/rock 54K 58 Rock mod ***
AlbertSolo.lha mods/rock 23K 58 Rock mod **+
Alienway.lha mods/rock 91K 58 Rock mod ***+
AtmosJudge.lha mods/rock 150K 58 Rock mod by Jolyon Myers ***
Awesome3.lha mods/rock 36K 58 Rock mod **
Baap.lha mods/rock 35K 58 Rock mod ***
Ball2.lha mods/rock 31K 58 Rock mod ***
Bassrock.lha mods/rock 62K 58 Rock mod **
BerrasGarage.lha mods/rock 44K 58 Rock mod **+
BirthDDI92.lha mods/rock 150K 58 Rock mod by Disco Dynamics ***
Blackmoremore.lha mods/rock 99K 58 Rock mod ****
BlastersRemix.lha mods/rock 62K 58 Rock mod ***+
Booter.lha mods/rock 20K 58 Rock mod ****
BornToBeDead.lha mods/rock 38K 58 Rock mod by Zodiac **+
Byteglideaway.lha mods/rock 41K 58 Rock mod **+
Captive2NotMd.lha mods/rock 110K 58 Rock mod by Mark Knight ***+
CerebralBeres.lha mods/rock 168K 58 Rock mod by Tip **+
CircusInTown.lha mods/rock 11K 58 Rock mod ***+
CookingItUp.lha mods/rock 171K 58 Rock mod ***+
Cp24Rmx.lha mods/rock 93K 58 Rock mod by PKK Productions **+
Crazytrain.lha mods/rock 102K 58 Rock mod by Randy Rhoads **+
Danceboard.lha mods/rock 59K 58 Rock mod **+
Dictator.lha mods/rock 43K 58 Rock mod ***+
DigitalMilleni.lha mods/rock 77K 58 Rock mod ****
Discostampfe.lha mods/rock 39K 58 Rock mod by MC Shy D **+
Einde.lha mods/rock 49K 58 Rock mod ***
EurovisionVisi.lha mods/rock 157K 58 Rock mod ****
FablesAboutCar.lha mods/rock 294K 4+Two great modules by Dreamer
FACT01V13.lha mods/rock 91K 58 Rock mod by James Kelly **+
Fade411.lha mods/rock 54K 58 Rock mod ****
Fallout.lha mods/rock 77K 58 Rock mod by PKK **+
Gng31.lha mods/rock 79K 58 Rock mod ***+
GoingFar.lha mods/rock 44K 58 Rock mod ***+
Guantanamera.lha mods/rock 137K 4+Great module by Dreamer
Guitar2.lha mods/rock 70K 58 Rock mod ****
GuitarJams.lha mods/rock 421K 47+A couple of metal guitar protracker mods
GuteRapMix.lha mods/rock 48K 58 Rock mod ***+
Happynicedays.lha mods/rock 59K 58 Rock mod *****
HardRockin.lha mods/rock 64K 58 Rock mod ****+
HardStuffBuddy.lha mods/rock 73K 58 Rock mod ****
Harry.lha mods/rock 65K 58 Rock mod ****
Hc5.lha mods/rock 32K 58 Rock mod ****
Headbanger.lha mods/rock 59K 58 Rock mod ****+
Heavyballad.lha mods/rock 94K 58 Rock mod by Reptile ****+
HeavyMetal.lha mods/rock 58K 58 Rock mod ****
HeavyThrash.lha mods/rock 32K 58 Rock mod ****
Hitfido.lha mods/rock 70K 58 Rock mod *****
HotYoungWomen.lha mods/rock 61K 58 Rock mod by James Kelly ***+
IHateMallowsMi.lha mods/rock 123K 58 Rock mod by Deejay ****
InAGaddaDaVida.lha mods/rock 119K 58 Rock mod ****
Indomptable.lha mods/rock 168K 58 Rock mod by Pinochio ***+
ItsTimeFor.lha mods/rock 88K 58 Rock mod by Mindless *+
JamminInTheWin.lha mods/rock 255K 58 Rock mod by H+B ****+
JollyButCool.lha mods/rock 58K 58 Rock mod ****
JustABeat.lha mods/rock 87K 58 Rock mod ****
KeepItUpSlx.lha mods/rock 48K 58 Rock mod by Slaxx ****+
KillingButterf.lha mods/rock 80K 58 Rock mod ***
Kilroy3a.lha mods/rock 52K 58 Rock mod ****
Kilroy5a.lha mods/rock 43K 58 Rock mod ****
Kilroy6a.lha mods/rock 53K 58 Rock mod ****
Kudelak.lha mods/rock 75K 58 Rock mod by PKK ***+
LastCry.lha mods/rock 40K 58 Rock mod by Torsten Burock ***+
LivingAndLearn.lha mods/rock 85K 58 Rock mod ***
LondonFlight.lha mods/rock 139K 58 Rock mod by Fairlight ****
Magicrock.lha mods/rock 32K 58 Rock mod ****+
MamasRage.lha mods/rock 115K 58 Rock mod by Vegard ****+
MegaMetalRock.lha mods/rock 61K 58 Rock mod ***+
Merdemusic.lha mods/rock 19K 58 Rock mod ***+
MetalMachine.lha mods/rock 34K 58 Rock mod *****
Nazgul.lha mods/rock 129K 58 Rock mod by Jester ***+
Neptune.lha mods/rock 78K 58 Rock mod by Fleshbrain ****
OnMyWayToHell.lha mods/rock 215K 58 Rock mod by Metal King Michi ****
Pinocchio.lha mods/rock 205K 4+Great module by Dreamer
Satisbalderlim.lha mods/rock 62K 58 Rock mod ****
ShowEmEagles.lha mods/rock 37K 58 Rock mod ****
TheFactory.lha mods/rock 27K 58 Rock mod ***+
TheNextBigThin.lha mods/rock 72K 58 Rock mod by Major Tom ***
Tune2.lha mods/rock 38K 58 Rock mod ****+
Vccgigicar1989.lha mods/rock 31K 58 Rock mod by Tim Follin ****+
WhoNeedsEnemie.lha mods/rock 220K 58 Rock mod ****
2_at.lha mods/s3m 67K 16+Trance s3m by Decibel Duo ****+
2_booyac.lha mods/s3m 112K 16+Techno s3m by Decibel Duo ****
2_breaky.lha mods/s3m 73K 16+Jungle s3m by Decibel Duo ****
2_lascow.lha mods/s3m 20K 16+Techno s3m by Decibel Duo ****
2_para.lha mods/s3m 104K 16+Techno s3m by Decibel Duo ****
2_spirit.lha mods/s3m 194K 16+Techno s3m by Decibel Duo ****
2_ult.lha mods/s3m 128K 16+Techno s3m by Decibel Duo ***+
actof2.lha mods/s3m 267K 16+Rock s3m by Catspew ***+
anthrday.lha mods/s3m 67K 16+Techno s3m by Mr.Fix-it *+
artshaw.lha mods/s3m 151K 16+Techno s3m by Hannibal Lecter ***+
aryx.lha mods/s3m 9K 16+Techno s3m by Karsten Koch ******
ascent.lha mods/s3m 546K 16+Synth s3m by Necros *****
asy_4u.lha mods/s3m 209K 16+Synth s3m by JapoTek ****
asy_wind.lha mods/s3m 213K 16+Synth s3m by JapoTek *****
b13_0001.lha mods/s3m 122K 16+Hardcore s3m by Lankhmar ****+
b13_0002.lha mods/s3m 156K 16+Techno s3m by Wolfgang Krauser****
b13_0003.lha mods/s3m 176K 16+Techno s3m by Lankhmar ***+
b13_0004.lha mods/s3m 172K 16+Techno s3m by Lankhmar ***+
b13_0014.lha mods/s3m 49K 16+Synth s3m by Wolfgang Krauser ****
b13_0016.lha mods/s3m 157K 16+Techno s3m by Terrorist ****
b13_0017.lha mods/s3m 463K 16+Synth s3m by Wolfgang Krauser ****+
b13_0018.lha mods/s3m 312K 16+Jungle s3m by Wolfgang Krauser****
badgun.lha mods/s3m 414K 16+Techno s3m by Bedlamite ****
bassdark.lha mods/s3m 135K 16+Techno s3m by Darksin **+
bastard.lha mods/s3m 116K 16+Synth s3m by Dragon ***+
batchman.lha mods/s3m 524K 16+Synth s3m by Batchman ***+
bdremix.lha mods/s3m 201K 16+Techno s3m by Darksin ****+
beat.lha mods/s3m 178K 16+Funk s3m by MiG ****+
beyondch.lha mods/s3m 209K 16+Synth s3m by Luv Kohli ****
bj_1st.lha mods/s3m 88K 16+Synth s3m by Big Jim ****+
bj_cold.lha mods/s3m 110K 16+Synth s3m by Big Jim ****+
bj_hang.lha mods/s3m 109K 16+Synth s3m by Big Jim ****
bj_land.lha mods/s3m 226K 16+Synth s3m by Big Jim ****+
bj_smell.lha mods/s3m 91K 16+Rock s3m by Big Jim ****+
bj_vte.lha mods/s3m 227K 16+Synth s3m by Big Jim ****+
blakstar.lha mods/s3m 277K 16+Synth s3m by Mozart ****+
blcknght.lha mods/s3m 64K 16+Rock s3m by Zeus ***+
blue.lha mods/s3m 172K 16+Melodic s3m by Primal ****
bluebird.lha mods/s3m 142K 16+Synth s3m by Soundwave ****
bn_mirage.lha mods/s3m 206K 16+Synth s3m by Beaner ****
book.lha mods/s3m 111K 16+Synth s3m by Lord Blanka ****
bork.lha mods/s3m 250K 16+Synth s3m by Perisoft ***+
brth_had.lha mods/s3m 62K 16+Trance s3m by Hadji *****
c2h6_me.lha mods/s3m 145K 16+Trance s3m by Trance ****+
carrot.lha mods/s3m 110K 16+Synth s3m by Meat ****+
cavagape.lha mods/s3m 88K 16+Synth s3m by Catspaw *+
chaos.lha mods/s3m 314K 16+Techno s3m by The Nation *+
chapter.lha mods/s3m 123K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
cheese.lha mods/s3m 33K 16+Techno s3m by Mild **+
chuck_a.lha mods/s3m 329K 16+Synth s3m by Chuck ****+
chuck_d.lha mods/s3m 210K 16+Synth s3m by Chuck ****+
complex.lha mods/s3m 135K 16+House s3m by Sirrus ****
conf.lha mods/s3m 161K 16+Techno s3m by Dargon ****+
crayon64.lha mods/s3m 74K 16+Techno s3m by Joel Bruner ****+
crazybas.lha mods/s3m 17K 16+Trance s3m by Radial Monster ****+
credits.lha mods/s3m 145K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the Lemming ****+
crossing.lha mods/s3m 78K 16+Synth s3m by unknown ****+
cry2deth.lha mods/s3m 186K 16+Synth s3m by Aradia ***+
cutmastr.lha mods/s3m 252K 16+Synth s3m by Hannibal Lecter ***+
cuts.lha mods/s3m 228K 16+Techno s3m by Hannibal Lecter ***+
cyber3.lha mods/s3m 307K 16+Techno s3m by Peace ****+
cybertri.lha mods/s3m 187K 16+Techno s3m by Sir Roger *****
cybsbirf.lha mods/s3m 128K 16+Techno s3m by Grinner **
cy_anlg.lha mods/s3m 60K 16+Synth s3m by Cyclone ****+
cy_lstch.lha mods/s3m 217K 16+Synth s3m by Cyclone ****+
dafu.lha mods/s3m 469K 16+Synth s3m by The Nation **+
darkhrz.lha mods/s3m 304K 16+Synth s3m by THD ****+
darkside.lha mods/s3m 174K 16+Techno s3m by DD ****
daybreak.lha mods/s3m 59K 16+Jungle s3m by Positive Noise ****+
ddlf.lha mods/s3m 197K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
ddt001.lha mods/s3m 97K 16+Synth s3m by GraveDigger ****
deathknl.lha mods/s3m 137K 16+Synth s3m by Chaos ***+
deci_had.lha mods/s3m 139K 16+Trance s3m by Hadji ****
deemusek.lha mods/s3m 79K 16+Synth s3m by DD ****
defi_agc.lha mods/s3m 222K 16+Synth s3m by Blackwolf ****
defi_top.lha mods/s3m 132K 16+Synth s3m by Blackwolf ****
delete.lha mods/s3m 210K 16+Hardcore s3m by Dargon ****
devotion.lha mods/s3m 56K 16+Techno s3m by Decibel Duo ***+
digistrm.lha mods/s3m 103K 16+Synth s3m by Enigma ****+
dig_sor.lha mods/s3m 60K 16+Synth s3m by Dark Heart ***+
djking.lha mods/s3m 210K 16+Trance s3m by Karl ****+
dmg_hbea.lha mods/s3m 137K 16+Synth s3m by DMG ****+
dmg_real.lha mods/s3m 173K 16+Jungle s3m by DMG ****+
dmk_chas.lha mods/s3m 103K 16+Synth s3m by Hector ***+
dmk_core.lha mods/s3m 333K 16+Techno s3m by Hector ****
dmk_eclp.lha mods/s3m 221K 16+Synth s3m by Hector ****
dmk_gtot.lha mods/s3m 122K 16+Hardcore s3m by Hector *****
dmk_hrtc.lha mods/s3m 21K 16+Atmos s3m by Hector ****+
dmk_ltyr.lha mods/s3m 182K 16+Synth s3m by Hector ***+
dmk_nite.lha mods/s3m 193K 16+Synth s3m by Hector ****
dmk_prep.lha mods/s3m 428K 16+Hardcore s3m by Hector ****+
dmk_repm.lha mods/s3m 27K 16+Synth s3m by Hector ***+
dmk_star.lha mods/s3m 222K 16+Synth s3m by Hector ****+
dmk_trav.lha mods/s3m 92K 16+Hardcore s3m by Hector ****
dmk_xtrm.lha mods/s3m 151K 16+Trance s3m by Hector *****
dnc2trnc.lha mods/s3m 86K 16+Trance s3m by Hector *****
dngerous.lha mods/s3m 105K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
dontgeta.lha mods/s3m 270K 16+Jazz s3m by DD ******
dreary.lha mods/s3m 33K 16+Synth s3m by Hector ***+
drnkpuke.lha mods/s3m 170K 16+Hardcore s3m by VIP ****+
dsp_dest.lha mods/s3m 95K 16+Synth s3m by DSP **
dsp_fire.lha mods/s3m 175K 16+Synth s3m by DSP ****+
dsp_miss.lha mods/s3m 146K 16+Synth s3m by DSP ****+
dsp_tech.lha mods/s3m 322K 16+Trance s3m by DSP ****
dstp_had.lha mods/s3m 68K 16+House s3m by Hadji ****+
ds_aluni.lha mods/s3m 239K 16+Synth s3m by Ded Silence ****
ds_intrw.lha mods/s3m 155K 16+Synth s3m by Interweak ****
ds_kryah.lha mods/s3m 163K 16+Synth s3m by Ded Silence ****
ds_tab.lha mods/s3m 74K 16+Techno s3m by Ded Silence ****+
ds_xtc.lha mods/s3m 178K 16+Hardcore s3m by DJ Blak Hart ****
dumb_is.lha mods/s3m 52K 16+Misc s3m by The Pope ***
dy_eutha.lha mods/s3m 108K 16+Techno s3m by Draygen ****
dy_funk.lha mods/s3m 90K 16+Synth s3m by Draygen ****
dy_influ.lha mods/s3m 158K 16+Techno s3m by Draygen ****+
d_always.lha mods/s3m 45K 16+Atmos s3m by Gravdigger ****
d_arbitr.lha mods/s3m 128K 16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft ***+
d_chippp.lha mods/s3m 55K 16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft ****+
d_cnldrm.lha mods/s3m 236K 16+Piano s3m by Cerulean *****+
d_crimsn.lha mods/s3m 121K 16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft ****
d_densit.lha mods/s3m 174K 16+Atmos s3m by PeriSoft ****+
d_educ.lha mods/s3m 150K 16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft ***
d_fakeit.lha mods/s3m 206K 16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft ***+
d_gblszr.lha mods/s3m 120K 16+Techno s3m by Cerulean *****
d_gtagt.lha mods/s3m 160K 16+Atmos s3m by Blackwolf *****
d_guilty.lha mods/s3m 49K 16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft **
d_infuni.lha mods/s3m 47K 16+Synth s3m by Ranger Rick ****+
d_jasmne.lha mods/s3m 157K 16+Synth s3m by Jasmine ****
d_jesus.lha mods/s3m 122K 16+Techno s3m by PeriSoft ***+
d_person.lha mods/s3m 101K 16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft ***+
d_sbs.lha mods/s3m 135K 16+Synth s3m by Ranger Rick ****
d_space2.lha mods/s3m 263K 16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft ****
d_swig.lha mods/s3m 211K 16+Slow s3m by PeriSoft ****
d_swipe.lha mods/s3m 77K 16+Jungle s3m by PeriSoft *****
d_tenoug.lha mods/s3m 83K 16+Synth s3m by Ranger Rick ****+
d_tgmm.lha mods/s3m 225K 16+Jungle s3m by Cerulean ****+
d__.lha mods/s3m 227K 16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft ***+
emotion.lha mods/s3m 109K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
enchntix.lha mods/s3m 245K 16+Synth s3m by Zeus ***+
epi_aeur.lha mods/s3m 116K 16+Synth s3m by NeuroPsy ****+
epi_amma.lha mods/s3m 46K 16+Synth s3m by Aradia ****
epi_bscn.lha mods/s3m 126K 16+Techno s3m by Kxmode ****
epi_card.lha mods/s3m 36K 16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft ***
epi_chez.lha mods/s3m 72K 16+Techno s3m by Mute ****+
epi_lite.lha mods/s3m 47K 16+Percussion s3m by Szalemandre ****
epi_opus.lha mods/s3m 199K 16+Synth s3m by Musicman ****
epi_orbi.lha mods/s3m 95K 16+Synth s3m by GraveDigger ****
epi_quot.lha mods/s3m 280K 16+Synth s3m by PeriSoft ***
erj.lha mods/s3m 98K 16+Hardcore s3m by Amorph ****+
esp_debd.lha mods/s3m 124K 16+Trance s3m by The W.tchman *****
esp_eyes.lha mods/s3m 399K 16+Trance s3m by The W.tchman ****
euphs3m.lha mods/s3m 228K 16+Techno s3m by Bob ****+
exitneg1.lha mods/s3m 264K 16+Techno s3m by Bedlamite ****+
exodus.lha mods/s3m 225K 16+Synth s3m by Thantalos ****+
fallfrom.lha mods/s3m 137K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
fatal.lha mods/s3m 89K 16+Synth s3m by Crazy Too ****
fa_rflct.lha mods/s3m 191K 16+Synth s3m by Future Assassin *****
fh_doit.lha mods/s3m 145K 16+House s3m by Frank-H ****+
fighting.lha mods/s3m 137K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ***+
fina_72.lha mods/s3m 108K 16+Synth s3m by Bolleke **+
fina_81.lha mods/s3m 146K 16+Synth s3m by Bolleke ****
fina_91.lha mods/s3m 189K 16+Chip s3m by Bolleke ***
fina_drm.lha mods/s3m 138K 16+Synth s3m by Bolleke ****+
fina_gls.lha mods/s3m 201K 16+Synth s3m by Bolleke ****
firesirn.lha mods/s3m 274K 16+Techno s3m by Hector ****
flappy.lha mods/s3m 165K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****
fm_atla.lha mods/s3m 256K 16+Synth s3m by Stalker ****
fm_cfunk.lha mods/s3m 563K 16+Funk s3m by Basehead ****+
fm_guinn.lha mods/s3m 359K 16+Synth s3m by Mellow-D ****
fm_skys.lha mods/s3m 211K 16+Guitar s3m by Big Jim *****+
fod_ohoh.lha mods/s3m 166K 16+Techno s3m by The Rival *****
fod_wee.lha mods/s3m 211K 16+Techno s3m by The Rival *****
frchair.lha mods/s3m 92K 16+Techno s3m by DMC ***
freedom.lha mods/s3m 66K 16+Synth s3m by Krystall ***
freefall.lha mods/s3m 31K 16+Synth s3m by Freejack ***+
fuck_had.lha mods/s3m 90K 16+Hardcore s3m by Hadji ***+
getout_.lha mods/s3m 258K 16+Hardcore s3m by Hector *****
goingon.lha mods/s3m 145K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming *****
gonnadie.lha mods/s3m 306K 16+Synth s3m by Hector ***
goodbye.lha mods/s3m 238K 16+Techno s3m by Frodo ****+
grooove.lha mods/s3m 636K 16+Synth s3m by Ethan Rowe ****
groove.lha mods/s3m 143K 16+Techno s3m by Black Dragon ****
gs_jurny.lha mods/s3m 79K 16+Synth s3m by Golden Spud ****
gs_mdtc1.lha mods/s3m 60K 16+Hardcore s3m by Golden Spud *****
gs_movin.lha mods/s3m 49K 16+Techno s3m by Golden Spud *****+
gs_msdqa.lha mods/s3m 75K 16+Synth s3m by Golden Spud ***+
gs_ntlot.lha mods/s3m 98K 16+Hardcore s3m by Golden Spud ****
gs_titld.lha mods/s3m 53K 16+Techno s3m by Golden Spud ****+
gs_wtpts.lha mods/s3m 125K 16+Synth s3m by Golden Spud ****+
guardian.lha mods/s3m 145K 16+Synth s3m by Ghost Fellow ****+
hallucin.lha mods/s3m 104K 16+Techno s3m by PsychoTron ****
hardlike.lha mods/s3m 158K 16+Techno s3m by The Peric ****+
havitall.lha mods/s3m 142K 16+Melodic s3m by Stalker ******
hecatomb.lha mods/s3m 229K 16+Techno s3m by Vile ****
hisprox.lha mods/s3m 51K 16+Techno s3m by Liu Kang ****+
housbrek.lha mods/s3m 196K 16+Techno s3m by Darksin ****+
hypo_had.lha mods/s3m 69K 16+Techno s3m by Hadji *****
icross.lha mods/s3m 126K 16+Hardcore s3m by Perf ****+
ificdfly.lha mods/s3m 79K 16+Synth s3m by The Crow ****+
illegal.lha mods/s3m 97K 16+Techno s3m by Wonder Boy ***+
inner.lha mods/s3m 351K 16+Mod by Laserlore
interact.lha mods/s3m 93K 16+Synth s3m by Psychotron *****
inthmist.lha mods/s3m 223K 16+Synth s3m by Edge ****+
is_lost.lha mods/s3m 308K 16+Synth s3m by Pope ****
iz_mih.lha mods/s3m 129K 16+Techno s3m by Inzane ****+
iz_wtmg.lha mods/s3m 206K 16+Techno s3m by Inzane ****
jalt.lha mods/s3m 57K 16+Techno s3m by Dragon ***+
jjj_love.lha mods/s3m 265K 16+Piano s3m by JJJ ******
j_arbor.lha mods/s3m 23K 16+Chip s3m by Alphabitz ****
j_curds.lha mods/s3m 126K 16+Hip-hop s3m by J Stewart ***
j_etrnty.lha mods/s3m 322K 16+Dance s3m by Jase
j_glad.lha mods/s3m 24K 16+Techno s3m by Alphabitz ***
kap_shm.lha mods/s3m 99K 16+Synth s3m by Alphabitz ****
kosmoss.lha mods/s3m 103K 16+Techno s3m by Lemming ****+
k_2deep.lha mods/s3m 182K 16+Synth s3m by Lord Pegasus ****+
k_celest.lha mods/s3m 331K 16+Trance s3m by Basehead ****+
k_dust.lha mods/s3m 259K 16+Rock s3m by Leviathan ****+
k_gotz.lha mods/s3m 182K 16+Jungle s3m by Lord Pegasus ****
k_higher.lha mods/s3m 291K 16+Synth s3m by Basehead ****+
k_macro.lha mods/s3m 236K 16+Trance s3m by Chuck Biscuits ****+
k_monot.lha mods/s3m 112K 16+Trance s3m by Karl *****+
k_orange.lha mods/s3m 153K 16+Synth s3m by Lord Pegasus **+
k_phase.lha mods/s3m 129K 16+Techno s3m by Nemesis ****+
k_slack.lha mods/s3m 271K 16+Trance s3m by ChuckB ****
k_solar.lha mods/s3m 179K 16+Trance s3m by Krystall ****+
k_sub.lha mods/s3m 185K 16+Trance s3m by Chuck Biscuits ****
k_subhi.lha mods/s3m 511K 16+Trance s3m by Basehead *****
k_synaes.lha mods/s3m 375K 16+Techno s3m by Phoenix ****
k_thngz2.lha mods/s3m 98K 16+Techno s3m by Floss *****
k_tranq.lha mods/s3m 166K 16+Jazz s3m by Leviathan ****+
k_udream.lha mods/s3m 208K 16+Techno s3m by Messiah ****
k_vision.lha mods/s3m 80K 16+Classic s3m by Floss *****
k_zebra.lha mods/s3m 189K 16+Techno s3m by Lord Pegasus ****+
latour.lha mods/s3m 378K 16+Jungle s3m by Bedlamite ****
lemming_.lha mods/s3m 88K 16+Techno s3m by Avatar *****
le_alibi.lha mods/s3m 150K 16+Techno s3m by Johnny Dark ****
lil_funk.lha mods/s3m 340K 16+Funk s3m by Vinyl ****+
littluns.lha mods/s3m 509K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****
lresort.lha mods/s3m 209K 16+Rock s3m by Cerebral Neurosis ****+
ls.lha mods/s3m 150K 16+House s3m by Black Dragon ***+
lv_wish.lha mods/s3m 266K 16+Synth s3m by Leviathan ****+
martian.lha mods/s3m 159K 16+Techno s3m by Petador ***+
maz_dela.lha mods/s3m 312K 16+Hardcore s3m by Sonic *****
mechattk.lha mods/s3m 172K 16+Techno s3m by Soundwave ****
mefrcerm.lha mods/s3m 102K 16+Techno s3m by Undertaker ****
mindrave.lha mods/s3m 96K 16+Techno s3m by Avatar ****+
monk_drm.lha mods/s3m 161K 16+Techno s3m by Hannibal Lecter ***
move2the.lha mods/s3m 166K 16+Techno s3m by Prance ****+
muddyman.lha mods/s3m 203K 16+Synth s3m by Sir Roger *****
multiple.lha mods/s3m 146K 16+Synth s3m by Paradigma ****+
mystic.lha mods/s3m 247K 16+Hardcore s3m by Scoffer ***+
mystical.lha mods/s3m 252K 16+Ambient s3m by Kevin ***
mystwatr.lha mods/s3m 63K 16+Piano s3m by Hector ****+
m_india2.lha mods/s3m 151K 16+Synth s3m by Mystical ****+
m_mindpl.lha mods/s3m 81K 16+Synth s3m by Mystical ****
m_world.lha mods/s3m 138K 16+Jungle s3m by Mystical ****+
nation_1.lha mods/s3m 467K 16+Hardcore s3m by The Nation ***+
nation_2.lha mods/s3m 787K 16+Techno s3m by The Nation ****
nation_3.lha mods/s3m 425K 16+Synth s3m by The Nation ****
nation_5.lha mods/s3m 324K 16+Hardcore s3m by The Nation ****
never.lha mods/s3m 48K 16+Synth s3m by Metal Militia ****+
newbegin.lha mods/s3m 131K 16+Synth s3m by Mhoram ****+
new_age.lha mods/s3m 63K 16+House s3m by Mr. Fix It ****
next.lha mods/s3m 182K 16+Synth s3m by J. Cunningham ****
nex_blue.lha mods/s3m 178K 16+Techno s3m by Nexus ****+
nex_nc.lha mods/s3m 166K 16+Techno s3m by Nexus *****
nex_seed.lha mods/s3m 289K 16+Trance s3m by Nexus *****
nex_town.lha mods/s3m 149K 16+Funk s3m by Nexus ****+
nicklbag.lha mods/s3m 337K 16+Jungle s3m by Hannibal Lecter ***+
nightmar.lha mods/s3m 62K 16+Synth s3m by Ghost Fellow ****
nightmre.lha mods/s3m 130K 16+Synth s3m by Corsaire ****
nightran.lha mods/s3m 99K 16+Jazz s3m by Soundwave ****+
nin_love.lha mods/s3m 874K 16+Techno s3m by Bedlamite ****
nkuntitl.lha mods/s3m 121K 16+Rock s3m by Terminator ****
nk_pp.lha mods/s3m 43K 16+Classic s3m by Obi Wan Cannabi****
nois.lha mods/s3m 268K 16+Techno s3m by Kevin **
not_real.lha mods/s3m 334K 16+Jungle s3m by Diablo ****+
noway.lha mods/s3m 102K 16+Slow s3m by Liam the lemming ***+
no_dance.lha mods/s3m 109K 16+Latin s3m by Harry ****
no_dream.lha mods/s3m 289K 16+Jungle s3m by Harry ****
no_funk.lha mods/s3m 147K 16+Techno s3m by ShawnM ***
no_maxi.lha mods/s3m 231K 16+Techno s3m by Harry ****
no_voyag.lha mods/s3m 124K 16+Synth s3m by ShawnM ***
ns_aotm.lha mods/s3m 179K 16+Synth s3m by Neurosis[bass ***+
ns_mael.lha mods/s3m 372K 16+Slow s3m by Nemesis ****
ns_term.lha mods/s3m 219K 16+Melodic s3m by Neurosis ****
nt_lw.lha mods/s3m 365K 16+Hardcore s3m by Nexus *****
nuclear.lha mods/s3m 108K 16+Techno s3m by Petador ****
nv_emtn.lha mods/s3m 151K 16+Synth s3m by Move *+
oct_coma.lha mods/s3m 100K 16+Hardcore s3m by Octoque ***
oct_pari.lha mods/s3m 143K 16+Funk s3m by Octoque ****
oct_regu.lha mods/s3m 153K 16+Techno s3m by Octoque ***
office.lha mods/s3m 155K 16+Demo s3m by Dark Knight ***
orch_hit.lha mods/s3m 31K 16+Techno s3m by Moo-Kow **
orient.lha mods/s3m 91K 16+Synth s3m by Ghost Fellow ****
o_eastah.lha mods/s3m 5K 16+Trance s3m by Karl ***
painkilr.lha mods/s3m 286K 16+Misc s3m by Aradia **
peanuts.lha mods/s3m 93K 16+Synth s3m by Freejack ****
phist.lha mods/s3m 256K 16+Jungle s3m by Hannibal Lecter **+
plink.lha mods/s3m 113K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
plutofir.lha mods/s3m 285K 16+Trance s3m by Kevin Kumshot ***
pl_know.lha mods/s3m 213K 16+Synth s3m by J. Alex Lang ****
pl_move.lha mods/s3m 174K 16+House s3m by Moby ****+
pl_rave.lha mods/s3m 81K 16+Hardcore s3m by Plastique *****
profound.lha mods/s3m 121K 16+Hardcore s3m by The Charlatan **+
pro_time.lha mods/s3m 137K 16+Synth s3m by Protocol ***+
psypack9.lha mods/s3m 83K 16+Hardcore s3m by Psychotron ***+
pumppot.lha mods/s3m 325K 16+Techno s3m by Scoffer ***
pun_had.lha mods/s3m 43K 16+Hardcore s3m by Hadji **
pursuit.lha mods/s3m 98K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
p_ecstxy.lha mods/s3m 390K 16+Slow s3m by Primal ****
p_psycho.lha mods/s3m 446K 16+Trance s3m by Primal ***
rainfrst.lha mods/s3m 56K 16+Jungle s3m by The Charlatan ****
rakkaut.lha mods/s3m 400K 16+Synth s3m by Sinewave ****+
rapdream.lha mods/s3m 92K 16+Synth s3m by Riders ***
raze.lha mods/s3m 225K 16+Hardcore s3m by Jan Louwerens **+
real.lha mods/s3m 98K 16+Hardcore s3m by Black Dragon ***+
realize2.lha mods/s3m 286K 16+Melodic s3m by Necros *****
redeye.lha mods/s3m 193K 16+Techno s3m by Petador ***+
remix.lha mods/s3m 176K 16+House s3m by Scoffer ***+
renais.lha mods/s3m 72K 16+Melodic s3m by Null ****+
repress.lha mods/s3m 355K 16+Techno s3m by Siren ***+
rh_hazed.lha mods/s3m 44K 16+Techno s3m by Red Horizon ***
rh_insom.lha mods/s3m 293K 16+Techno s3m by Red Horizon **+
rh_nw.lha mods/s3m 317K 16+Trance s3m by Red Horizon ****+
rh_ready.lha mods/s3m 136K 16+Techno s3m by Red Horizon ***
rh_real.lha mods/s3m 170K 16+Slow s3m by Red Horizon ***+
rh_samur.lha mods/s3m 175K 16+Techno s3m by Jungle Path ***+
rh_tod.lha mods/s3m 228K 16+Techno s3m by Red Horizon ****+
rh_vp2.lha mods/s3m 51K 16+Techno s3m by Red Horizon ****
rngr_had.lha mods/s3m 103K 16+Hardcore s3m by Hadji ***
r_alive.lha mods/s3m 96K 16+Synth s3m by Replay ****
r_ambi.lha mods/s3m 124K 16+House s3m by Replay ***
r_fnkndz.lha mods/s3m 279K 16+Synth s3m by Replay ***+
r_late.lha mods/s3m 101K 16+Techno s3m by Replay ***
r_music.lha mods/s3m 17K 16+Techno s3m by Replay ***+
r_news.lha mods/s3m 95K 16+Synth s3m by Replay ****
r_night.lha mods/s3m 106K 16+Synth s3m by Replay ***+
r_quad.lha mods/s3m 146K 16+Synth s3m by Replay **+
r_sandz.lha mods/s3m 228K 16+Synth s3m by Replay ****+
r_sedat.lha mods/s3m 92K 16+Synth s3m by Replay ****
r_sit.lha mods/s3m 161K 16+Synth s3m by Replay ****+
r_strdst.lha mods/s3m 204K 16+Synth s3m by Replay ***+
r_sunset.lha mods/s3m 72K 16+Synth s3m by Replay ***+
r_tlr.lha mods/s3m 68K 16+Synth s3m by Replay ****
r_twlite.lha mods/s3m 203K 16+Synth s3m by Replay ***
r_vert.lha mods/s3m 268K 16+Synth s3m by Leviathan ***+
r_worm.lha mods/s3m 119K 16+Techno s3m by Replay ****+
sals_had.lha mods/s3m 63K 16+House s3m by Hadji ****
satanus.lha mods/s3m 35K 16+Trash s3m by Neutron **+
sbreeze.lha mods/s3m 112K 16+Melodic s3m by Void ****
secrecy.lha mods/s3m 315K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ***+
shaken.lha mods/s3m 372K 16+Synth s3m by Hannibal Lector ***+
shf_touc.lha mods/s3m 157K 16+Slow s3m by JapoTek ****+
sin_blow.lha mods/s3m 79K 16+Rock s3m by Tsumi **+
sin_uv.lha mods/s3m 163K 16+Techno s3m by Tsumi ***
sky_jung.lha mods/s3m 828K 16+Jungle s3m by Skyjump Team ****
sky_pand.lha mods/s3m 625K 16+Techno s3m by Skyjump Team ****
slipaway.lha mods/s3m 70K 16+Rock s3m by Catspaw ***
smeg_dnc.lha mods/s3m 320K 16+Atmos s3m by The Smeghead ***
smeg_poe.lha mods/s3m 254K 16+Piano s3m by The Smeghead ****+
smokey.lha mods/s3m 78K 16+Synth s3m by DD ****
smplplsr.lha mods/s3m 24K 16+Piano s3m by Aradia ****
speccy.lha mods/s3m 342K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
specter.lha mods/s3m 126K 16+Techno s3m by Phil Richard **+
spur.lha mods/s3m 163K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****
sq_life.lha mods/s3m 232K 16+Hardcore s3m by Heretic ***+
stardawn.lha mods/s3m 183K 16+Techno s3m by Petador ***+
stgntion.lha mods/s3m 171K 16+Techno s3m by Zeus ****+
stoned.lha mods/s3m 167K 16+Hardcore s3m by Black Dragon ***
stratosp.lha mods/s3m 231K 16+Synth s3m by Psychotron ****
sub_olls.lha mods/s3m 188K 16+Techno s3m by SubKelvin **+
sum_jizz.lha mods/s3m 169K 16+Hardcore s3m by SumDeus ****
sunsetbl.lha mods/s3m 309K 16+Synth s3m by Pirsm ****+
sur_acd.lha mods/s3m 102K 16+House s3m by Surreal ****+
s_mirage.lha mods/s3m 93K 16+Rock s3m by Catspaw *+
tail_had.lha mods/s3m 6K 16+Chip s3m by Hadji **+
tan_bubl.lha mods/s3m 17K 16+Synth s3m by Tangerine ****
tears.lha mods/s3m 413K 16+Synth s3m by Mosaic ***+
tearsvic.lha mods/s3m 212K 16+Synth s3m by Populous ***+
techness.lha mods/s3m 53K 16+Techno s3m by Jaymus ***+
tek_digi.lha mods/s3m 123K 16+Techno s3m by Tek ***+
termend.lha mods/s3m 181K 16+Synth s3m by DD ****+
tfixiand.lha mods/s3m 51K 16+Synth s3m by The Finn ***
thelump.lha mods/s3m 98K 16+Techno s3m by Grinner **+
thereis.lha mods/s3m 128K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****
thesiege.lha mods/s3m 192K 16+Techno s3m by Liam the lemming***+
thestudy.lha mods/s3m 95K 16+Guitar s3m by Hector ****+
thevibe.lha mods/s3m 113K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****
threaten.lha mods/s3m 175K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ***
tlgrae.lha mods/s3m 295K 16+Synth s3m by Lord Blanka ****
tlk_bctc.lha mods/s3m 76K 16+Techno s3m by The Lost Kluster*****
tlk_ions.lha mods/s3m 64K 16+Synth s3m by The Lost Kluster ****+
tlk_matr.lha mods/s3m 68K 16+Synth s3m by The Lost Kluster ***+
tlk_shck.lha mods/s3m 62K 16+Techno s3m by The Lost Kluster****
tlk_sile.lha mods/s3m 50K 16+Techno s3m by The Lost Kluster****
tmrmx_is.lha mods/s3m 114K 16+Misc s3m by The Pope **
tohappy.lha mods/s3m 107K 16+Synth s3m by Master of Darknes**+
tomorrow.lha mods/s3m 126K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the Lemming ****+
transin1.lha mods/s3m 789K 16+Misc s3m by DJsin *+
transin6.lha mods/s3m 112K 16+Techno s3m by DJSin ****+
transin_.lha mods/s3m 675K 16+TranSiN_1
transit.lha mods/s3m 91K 16+Trance s3m by Krystall ****+
trippp.lha mods/s3m 11K 16+Demo s3m by James **
tt.lha mods/s3m 180K 16+Jungle s3m by Black Dragon ****
tuntemat.lha mods/s3m 141K 16+Demo s3m by Vinyl ****+
tw_mods.lha mods/s3m 190K 16+Rock s3m by Torbjrn Wahlstrm ***+
t_alunis.lha mods/s3m 243K 16+Techno s3m by Ded Silence ****
t_blumte.lha mods/s3m 165K 16+Synth s3m by Ded Silence ****
t_dd2.lha mods/s3m 181K 16+Slow s3m by Tfh ****
t_s0ul.lha mods/s3m 66K 16+Jungle s3m by Tfh ****+
t_skybug.lha mods/s3m 71K 16+Demo s3m by Ded Silence ****
t_thetim.lha mods/s3m 76K 16+Slow s3m by Tfh ****
ultralog.lha mods/s3m 105K 16+Rock s3m by Sir Roger ****+
unit_01.lha mods/s3m 229K 16+Techno s3m by Duke ****
unit_02.lha mods/s3m 125K 16+Techno s3m by Duke ****+
vague.lha mods/s3m 102K 16+Synth s3m by Dark Justice ***+
vclm_oph.lha mods/s3m 176K 16+Misc s3m by Ophelia's Soup **
vec_aliv.lha mods/s3m 215K 16+Techno s3m by Vector ***+
very.lha mods/s3m 109K 16+Trash s3m by Saberrider ****
vibes.lha mods/s3m 109K 16+Jungle s3m by Avalance *****
voyager.lha mods/s3m 188K 16+Slow s3m by Petador ****
vrcyber.lha mods/s3m 519K 16+Trance s3m by Virtual Rhythm ****+
vrdestro.lha mods/s3m 388K 16+Jungle s3m by Virtual Rhythm ****
vrfeeltr.lha mods/s3m 390K 16+Jungle s3m by Virtual Rhytm ****+
vrgabber.lha mods/s3m 402K 16+Hardcore s3m by Virtual Rhythm****
vrhardco.lha mods/s3m 359K 16+Hardcore s3m by Virtual Rhythm****+
vrhypno.lha mods/s3m 245K 16+Hardcore s3m by Virtual Rhythm****
vrintvoi.lha mods/s3m 294K 16+Trance s3m by Virtual Rhythm ****
vrsilver.lha mods/s3m 291K 16+Techno s3m by Virtual Rhythm *****
vrstatic.lha mods/s3m 297K 16+Dance s3m by Virtual Rhyhtm ****+
vrsubst.lha mods/s3m 284K 16+Substance
v_pluton.lha mods/s3m 86K 16+Techno s3m by Vile+Vector ****+
waypoint.lha mods/s3m 204K 16+Atmos s3m by Dune *****
wdfil.lha mods/s3m 226K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
whatever.lha mods/s3m 313K 16+Dance s3m by Banshee ****
whatfun.lha mods/s3m 91K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****
what_da.lha mods/s3m 56K 16+Techno s3m by Nitro ***+
wheelie.lha mods/s3m 173K 16+Techno s3m by Wheelie ****
wicked.lha mods/s3m 86K 16+Atmos s3m by Krystall ****
wots.lha mods/s3m 258K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming ****+
wya_.lha mods/s3m 116K 16+Hardcore s3m by Kosmic ****+
xmain.lha mods/s3m 200K 16+Synth s3m by Pont Mercier ****
xmastoon.lha mods/s3m 137K 16+Synth s3m by Liam the lemming *****
xmulder.lha mods/s3m 505K 16+Techno s3m by Pont Mercier ***
xtc_maya.lha mods/s3m 132K 16+Techno s3m by Chilm ****
xtc_tday.lha mods/s3m 84K 16+Techno s3m by Chilm ****
zirkon.lha mods/s3m 146K 16+Atmos s3m by Petaor ****+
znc_dnce.lha mods/s3m 40K 16+Techno s3m by Zinc **+
znc_guts.lha mods/s3m 34K 16+Rock s3m by Zinc **
znc_orch.lha mods/s3m 72K 16+Rock s3m by Zinc ***+
znc_sonr.lha mods/s3m 36K 16+Techno s3m by Zinc ***
znc_trst.lha mods/s3m 37K 16+Piano s3m by Zinc ****
CosNiesamow.lha mods/sets 91K 4+3 funny modules by Dreamer
Hudba.lha mods/sets 313K 5+Modules by Odal/IMP
Ibanez_Mods.lha mods/sets 674K 2+Set of modules composed by Ibanez
Kefrens.lha mods/sets 478K 2+Old modules from various Kefrens Prods
Kefrens1.lha mods/sets 331K 2+Old modules from Kefrens MegaDemo 1
Kefrens7.lha mods/sets 426K 2+Old modules from Kefrens MegaDemo 7
OLD_Megaforce.lha mods/sets 409K 2+Very old modules from MegaForce demos
OLD_WildCopper.lha mods/sets 485K 2+Old modules from Wild Copper Crew !!!
Various1.lha mods/sets 510K 2+Very old modules from various demos 1/3
Various2.lha mods/sets 402K 2+Very old modules from various demos 2/3
Various3.lha mods/sets 421K 2+Very old modules from various demos 3/3
xtd_19.lha mods/sets 738K 12+Loads of mods by XTD
xtd_20.lha mods/sets 758K 12+Loads of mods by XTD
xtd_21.lha mods/sets 214K 12+Loads of mods by XTD
analyzer.lha mods/sidew 741K 7+MOD Sidewinder/Megawatts TEchno-POP
Abstraction.lha mods/slow 102K 58 Slow mod ***+
Affe.lha mods/slow 31K 58 Slow mod ****+
AHiscore.lha mods/slow 30K 58 Slow mod ****+
AhRobyn.lha mods/slow 126K 58 Classical mod ***+
AiOboeteimasuk.lha mods/slow 91K 58 Atmos mod by Hikaru ****
alienate.lha mods/slow 134K 7+Protracker .MOD (Atmospheric Industrial)
All.lha mods/slow 24K 58 Classical mod ***+
AllTheDeadVoic.lha mods/slow 91K 58 Atmos mod by Phil ***
AmbientFRevisM.lha mods/slow 137K 58 Melodic mod by Mark Knight ***+
AmericanPie.lha mods/slow 70K 58 Classical mod ***
amu_luci.lha mods/slow 127K 10+'Lucid Breeds' Mod By AmusiC/CnG
Andante.lha mods/slow 78K 58 Classical mod by Dr.Awesome ***+
Annika.lha mods/slow 132K 58 Atmos mod by Heatbeat *****+
APlaceIKnow.lha mods/slow 74K 58 Slow mod ***+
AtomicSweet.lha mods/slow 134K 58 Atmos mod by Blue Silence ***+
Awesome1.lha mods/slow 57K 58 Slow mod ***+
Babywear.lha mods/slow 179K 58 Melodic mod by Delorean ****
Bachmix.lha mods/slow 18K 58 Classic mod ***
BadKarma.lha mods/slow 47K 58 Slow mod by Major Tom ***+
Bagatelle.lha mods/slow 23K 58 Classic mod ***
Bagpipe.lha mods/slow 20K 58 Classic mod **
BeaconOutFar.lha mods/slow 124K 58 Slow mod ****
Beerbarrel1.lha mods/slow 73K 58 Classic mod **+
Belle_Helene.lha mods/slow 147K 11+Nice sleepy music by Tiny of Loonies
BetweenTheTits.lha mods/slow 43K 58 Slow mod by Tor Gausen ****+
BewareZandrama.lha mods/slow 112K 58 Slow mod by Elrond ****
BeyondYourself.lha mods/slow 187K 58 Slow mod by Rune Gausdal ***
Blackbird.lha mods/slow 122K 58 Atmos mod by Gibson ****+
Blowout.lha mods/slow 56K 58 Slow mod by Bjornligan ***+
Bombshell.lha mods/slow 77K 58 Slow mod by Snare Quartz ****+
Boris.lha mods/slow 57K 58 Slow mod ***
BreakingGlass.lha mods/slow 117K 58 Atmos mod by Mindless ****
BringMeBack.lha mods/slow 63K 58 Slow mod by Filippetto ****
BrokenCigarett.lha mods/slow 86K 58 Slow mod by Brainbug ***+
Bubbleghost.lha mods/slow 40K 58 Atmos mod ***+
ByeSlx.lha mods/slow 48K 58 Slow mod by Slaxx ***
Caergon.lha mods/slow 203K 15+MED music mod - ambient/atmospheric
CallOfCthulhu.lha mods/slow 40K 58 Atmos mod by Fistandantilus ***
Captivated.lha mods/slow 70K 58 Melodic mod by Fobia ***+
CarlingWaltz.lha mods/slow 22K 58 Classic mod by Leggless ***
CelestialMusic.lha mods/slow 94K 58 Melodic mod by Cortex ***+
ChangeOfLife.lha mods/slow 53K 58 Atmos mod ****
ChinaDudeludiu.lha mods/slow 48K 58 Melodic mod by JPN ***+
ChuckIsBack.lha mods/slow 75K 58 Slow mod by Jason ****
ClearNightIi.lha mods/slow 32K 58 Slow mod by Delta X ****+
CloseTo115.lha mods/slow 202K 58 Melodic mod by Delorean ****
Cloudhunter.lha mods/slow 284K 21+Cloudhunter by Tonid
Compost.lha mods/slow 87K 58 Melodic mod ***+
Consummation.lha mods/slow 55K 58 Slow mod **+
CopenhagenAtNi.lha mods/slow 37K 58 Slow mod ***
Cremona.lha mods/slow 62K 58 Slow mod by Dr.Awesome ***+
CrimeCity.lha mods/slow 75K 58 Slow mod **
CriticalLovebe.lha mods/slow 87K 58 Melodic mod ***+
crusade.lha mods/slow 150K 79+Fantasy by Uncle Tom 2:20 ***+
CrusadeRemix.lha mods/slow 150K 58 Melodic mod by Thomas Dahlgren****
Crysis.lha mods/slow 70K 58 Melodic mod ***+
Curiosity.lha mods/slow 187K 58 Melodic mod by Xiphias ***+
CyclingTour.lha mods/slow 76K 58 Classic mod ****
DaisyChainII.lha mods/slow 119K 135 Space by Rhesus Minus 5:30 *****
Dangerstreet.lha mods/slow 66K 58 Melodious mod by Devastator ***
DarksideOTheMo.lha mods/slow 92K 58 Atmos mod by Lizard ***+
DatonicSadness.lha mods/slow 107K 58 Slow mod by Undertaker ***
Dawntodu.lha mods/slow 224K 58 Slow mod ***
Deepred.lha mods/slow 75K 58 Atmos mod by Fred **
DeepStorm.lha mods/slow 77K 58 Atmos mod **+
Dekkadance.lha mods/slow 95K 58 Slow mod by Dolphin ****
DensIntro.lha mods/slow 76K 58 Atmos mod *****
DesertDreamVol.lha mods/slow 31K 58 Atmos mod by Laxity ****+
DigiexprBackup.lha mods/slow 124K 58 Melodic mod by Shorty ****+
Dosdemo3.lha mods/slow 66K 58 Melodic mod by Andromeda *****
DragonwarsTune.lha mods/slow 374K 129+MON-Songs by Maniac of Noise -:-- *****
DuetGuitarFlut.lha mods/slow 31K 58 Melodic mod by DENS Design ****+
Empty.lha mods/slow 33K 58 Melodic mod by Ted Burning ****
eric_horne.lha mods/slow 130K 4+Pt-mod by Mark/The Gloucester Crew
EroticMalfunct.lha mods/slow 146K 58 Melodic mod ****
Exotika.lha mods/slow 44K 58 Slow mod ***+
Experiment2.lha mods/slow 39K 58 Slow mod by 4-mat ****
Fainter.lha mods/slow 10K 58 Melodic mod by Kaktus ****
FifthOfBeethov.lha mods/slow 30K 58 Classic mod ***+
FinalWar.lha mods/slow 115K 18+PT-mod by Uncle Ben/GigaTron
FlightOfBumble.lha mods/slow 72K 58 Classic mod ****
Fusion.lha mods/slow 13K 58 Atmos mod by Nuke ****
GameScoreIIInh.lha mods/slow 119K 58 Melodic mod by NHP ****+
Gasp.lha mods/slow 69K 58 Melodic mod ****+
Ghaza.lha mods/slow 97K 58 Slow mod ****
Gng50.lha mods/slow 40K 58 Melodic mod ****+
Gowithme.lha mods/slow 76K 58 Melodic mod by Genesis ****
great_wrath.lha mods/slow 124K 4+Soothing mod by Lazer/Trident - Get it!
Gsctheme10.lha mods/slow 24K 58 Melodic mod ****
HowIFeelTonigh.lha mods/slow 20K 58 Melodic mod ****
HumanWeakeness.lha mods/slow 113K 58 Melodic mod by Reflex ****+
IllegalAliens.lha mods/slow 24K 58 Slow mod by Maverick ****+
ItsJustSonorou.lha mods/slow 125K 58 Slow mod by Sanity ****+
Iwouldntdoitag.lha mods/slow 53K 58 Melodic mod ****
JackTheRipper1.lha mods/slow 65K 58 Melodic mod by Mr.Urk ****+
JohnsCarousel.lha mods/slow 39K 58 Classic mod **
JustALie.lha mods/slow 39K 58 Melodic mod by Ron ****
JustFallInLove.lha mods/slow 82K 58 Melodic mod ****
Kasmali.lha mods/slow 97K 58 Melodic mod ****
Khaos.lha mods/slow 20K 58 Slow mod by Echo ****
KyromArt.lha mods/slow 137K 58 Atmos mod ****
LandOfConfusio.lha mods/slow 92K 58 Atmos mod by Norman Kretschmer***
last_dre.lha mods/slow 52K 3+Protracker .MOD (Gothic)
LetItSnow.lha mods/slow 12K 58 Melodic mod ****
LiftMeUp.lha mods/slow 93K 58 Slow mod by Fleshbrain ****
LikeABirdFlyin.lha mods/slow 40K 58 Melodic mod ****
LucysSong.lha mods/slow 115K 58 Atmos mod by Iceman ****
MadHatter.lha mods/slow 125K 58 Melodic mod by Delorean *****
Major.lha mods/slow 23K 58 Classic mod ***+
MapleleafRag.lha mods/slow 13K 58 Classic mod by MicroCraft ****+
MasterBater.lha mods/slow 53K 58 Melodic mod ****
Mellowii.lha mods/slow 80K 58 Slow mod by Night Shade ***+
Melodiou.lha mods/slow 76K 58 Melodic mod by Meridian ****
MemoirFromHoli.lha mods/slow 85K 58 Slow mod by Dr And ****
Menumusic3nuke.lha mods/slow 9K 58 Atmos mod by Nuke ****
Messagefrompra.lha mods/slow 77K 58 Melodic mod by Farpoint ****+
Metalwar10.lha mods/slow 28K 58 Melodic mod ****
MiddleOfN.lha mods/slow 99K 19+Mystic musical movements by Boogeyman/Gi
MinefieldRunne.lha mods/slow 38K 58 Melodic mod ***+
Misthunter.lha mods/slow 237K 21+Misthunter by Tonid
MonsieurGaston.lha mods/slow 73K 58 Melodic mod by DENS Design ****+
Mournful.lha mods/slow 44K 58 Atmos mod ****
Music4.lha mods/slow 74K 58 Atmos mod ****+
Nocturnal.lha mods/slow 80K 58 Atmos mod by Mindless ***
NoIdea.lha mods/slow 41K 58 Atmos mod by Laurence ****
NutcrackerOver.lha mods/slow 19K 58 Classic mod by Youthenasia ***+
Oddysey1.lha mods/slow 300K 58 Melodic mod ****+
OhSusanna.lha mods/slow 37K 58 Classic mod ****
Oldngood.lha mods/slow 40K 58 Classic mod ****
OneStepCloser.lha mods/slow 72K 58 Atmos mod by Axel ****
ProLogic.lha mods/slow 110K 18+PT-mod by Uncle Ben/GigaTron
Quandrangular.lha mods/slow 113K 18+PT-mod by Uncle Ben/GigaTron
Rainynight.lha mods/slow 133K 47 Atmospheric by Moby 7:00 ****+
SGroove_WW.lha mods/slow 92K 12+Runable ambient music by Wrong Way
TbcEndpart.lha mods/slow 69K 58 Slow mod by Gryzor ****
TheCircus.lha mods/slow 68K 58 Slow mod **+
TheHelpingHand.lha mods/slow 91K 58 Melodic mod by Axel D ****
Unferdig.lha mods/slow 181K 58 Melodic mod ****+
OnlyAMemory.lha mods/spark 125K 11+Gentle MED tune by P.D.Spark
AbraxasPsy.lha mods/synth 102K 58 Synth mod **+
AlphaAndOmega.lha mods/synth 38K 58 Synth mod **+
AlpineapachyPt.lha mods/synth 113K 58 Synth mod ****+
AlwaysOnMyMind.lha mods/synth 33K 58 Synth mod ****
Amelioration.lha mods/synth 90K 58 Synth mod *****
Anaesthezia.lha mods/synth 39K 58 Synth mod by Mode ***+
Antarctica.lha mods/synth 135K 58 Synth mod by 4tex ****
Artelli8.lha mods/synth 23K 58 Synth mod ***
AtLastCMSlip.lha mods/synth 62K 58 Synth mod ****
Audiovision.lha mods/synth 55K 58 Synth mod **+
Aussiefoot.lha mods/synth 62K 58 Synth mod **
AutumnAfternoo.lha mods/synth 117K 58 Synth mod by Joerg Schwiezer ***
Axk8.lha mods/synth 34K 58 Synth mod ****
BackOnTrack.lha mods/synth 187K 58 Synth mod by Soul ****+
BackPopped.lha mods/synth 97K 58 Synth mod **+
BackToRoots.lha mods/synth 81K 58 Synth mod ****
BarrakudaDeser.lha mods/synth 130K 58 Synth mod ***
Bass2Bass.lha mods/synth 56K 58 Synth mod **+
BattleCry.lha mods/synth 84K 58 Synth mod ***
BelieveInLove.lha mods/synth 44K 58 Synth mod **
Bigbang2.lha mods/synth 137K 58 Synth mod ****
Blazzering.lha mods/synth 34K 58 Synth mod by Harvey ****
Blizzard.lha mods/synth 82K 58 Synth mod ***+
BlueStars.lha mods/synth 115K 58 Synth mod ***
BopTillYouFlop.lha mods/synth 148K 58 Synth mod by Dr.Awesome **+
BrokenJoystick.lha mods/synth 112K 58 Synth mod by Mr.Man ****
Bs1Song23M.lha mods/synth 57K 58 Synth mod ***+
Canyonflite.lha mods/synth 70K 58 Synth mod ***
Capnpower.lha mods/synth 91K 58 Synth mod ***+
Celtic2Noisetr.lha mods/synth 37K 58 Synth mod ***+
Charismofdark.lha mods/synth 110K 58 Synth mod **+
Chinatown.lha mods/synth 50K 58 Synth mod by Nasty ***+
Chopper1.lha mods/synth 80K 58 Synth mod ****
Chronicle.lha mods/synth 122K 58 Synth mod by Valdimar th. Wik ****+
Cityjam.lha mods/synth 98K 58 Synth mod ***+
Cold.lha mods/synth 114K 58 Synth mod ****
Confuce.lha mods/synth 63K 58 Synth mod by Siracon ***
CoolJ.lha mods/synth 67K 58 Synth mod **+
CoOlTEchNo.lha mods/synth 27K 58 Synth mod by Tronics ****
Cosmoliner.lha mods/synth 78K 58 Synth mod *****
Countdown.lha mods/synth 56K 58 Synth mod **+
CrackerJournal.lha mods/synth 36K 58 Synth mod ***
Criminallove.lha mods/synth 79K 58 Synth mod by Johnan Lundin ***+
Custard.lha mods/synth 56K 58 Synth mod **
Cyborg.lha mods/synth 49K 58 Synth mod by PKK **
DarkHeart.lha mods/synth 76K 58 Synth mod ***+
DarknessOpera.lha mods/synth 107K 58 Synth mod ***
DarkNight.lha mods/synth 38K 58 Synth mod ***+
DarkSanity.lha mods/synth 48K 58 Synth mod by Syntex ****
DarkWater.lha mods/synth 48K 58 Synth mod ***
Datamus.lha mods/synth 59K 58 Synth mod ***+
Datasmurf.lha mods/synth 43K 58 Synth mod **+
Ddd3.lha mods/synth 52K 58 Synth mod ***+
Deathstar.lha mods/synth 47K 58 Synth mod ****
DeeeLited.lha mods/synth 244K 58 Synth mod by Anchoret *****
Deeplydepresse.lha mods/synth 125K 58 Synth mod by Maestro ****+
DeepWater.lha mods/synth 75K 58 Synth mod ****+
Defloration.lha mods/synth 206K 58 Synth mod by Cat ****+
Delited3.lha mods/synth 45K 58 Synth mod by Rozzoe ****+
Deliverance.lha mods/synth 100K 58 Synth mod by Matrix ****
Delldemo.lha mods/synth 87K 58 Synth mod ***+
Delta116.lha mods/synth 107K 58 Synth mod by PKK ****
DeltaRemixno1.lha mods/synth 45K 58 Synth mod ****+
Demo.lha mods/synth 79K 58 Synth mod **+
Demonology.lha mods/synth 68K 58 Synth mod ****+
DemonsNt.lha mods/synth 76K 58 Synth mod ****+
Demosmash2.lha mods/synth 57K 58 Synth mod ****
Demosound.lha mods/synth 76K 58 Synth mod by Devastator ****+
Density.lha mods/synth 13K 58 Synth mod ****
Depp.lha mods/synth 26K 58 Synth mod ****+
DepressingEner.lha mods/synth 59K 58 Synth mod ****+
DeST1.lha mods/synth 32K 58 Synth mod ***
DetectorAdamM.lha mods/synth 24K 58 Synth mod by Adam M ****
DictationOnAir.lha mods/synth 85K 58 Synth mod by Bernard Summer ***+
DigitalCulture.lha mods/synth 38K 58 Synth mod ****+
DigitalI2.lha mods/synth 64K 58 Synth mod by Nuke ****
Dimension.lha mods/synth 17K 58 Synth mod by Alex Craxton *****
Disco1.lha mods/synth 76K 58 Synth mod ****
DiscoIgnorance.lha mods/synth 43K 58 Synth mod by Mr.Zeb ****+
Discoii.lha mods/synth 27K 58 Synth mod **+
Discomusic.lha mods/synth 59K 58 Synth mod ***+
Dizkor.lha mods/synth 98K 58 Synth mod ***+
Dns.lha mods/synth 61K 58 Synth mod ****
DominationDanc.lha mods/synth 43K 58 Synth mod by Codex ***+
Dontcareanymor.lha mods/synth 80K 58 Synth mod by Ted Burning ****+
DontLikeYou.lha mods/synth 79K 58 Synth mod ****+
DontUWantMe.lha mods/synth 184K 58 Synth mod *****
DoubleDensity.lha mods/synth 84K 58 Synth mod ***+
Dragon2.lha mods/synth 35K 58 Synth mod by Otis ****
Dragonslair2.lha mods/synth 50K 58 Synth mod ****
Drakfelch.lha mods/synth 105K 58 Synth mod by Amadeus ****+
DrDoom.lha mods/synth 45K 58 Synth mod ****
DreamBals.lha mods/synth 92K 58 Synth mod by Siracon ***+
Dreamdog.lha mods/synth 61K 58 Synth mod *+
DreamIt3.lha mods/synth 79K 58 Synth mod ****+
DreamscopeIi.lha mods/synth 100K 58 Synth mod by Elvin Bender ****
DreamSound.lha mods/synth 19K 58 Synth mod ****
Dreamtune.lha mods/synth 25K 58 Synth mod ****
DreamV13.lha mods/synth 126K 58 Synth mod ****
DrinkMyPainAwa.lha mods/synth 74K 58 Synth mod by Moby ****+
DrMongo.lha mods/synth 65K 58 Synth mod ****+
Drum01.lha mods/synth 8K 58 Synth mod ****
DtDmSoundmachi.lha mods/synth 53K 58 Synth mod ****+
Dubbyday.lha mods/synth 73K 58 Synth mod by Wolfchild ****
DumberBumber.lha mods/synth 41K 58 Synth mod ****
Duncan1.lha mods/synth 31K 58 Synth mod ****
Dunehorizon.lha mods/synth 84K 58 Synth mod by Fugitive ****
DungeonLevel.lha mods/synth 40K 58 Synth mod ****
Eagle.lha mods/synth 94K 58 Synth mod ****+
EasternMagic.lha mods/synth 63K 58 Synth mod ****+
Ebyt.lha mods/synth 36K 58 Synth mod ****
Eclipse.lha mods/synth 118K 58 Synth mod by Astro Boy ****+
Edelweiss.lha mods/synth 43K 58 Synth mod ****+
Efrens2.lha mods/synth 16K 58 Synth mod ***+
EinsteinB4.lha mods/synth 54K 58 Synth mod by Einstein ****
ElectricJoy.lha mods/synth 71K 58 Synth mod ***+
Eliminiation.lha mods/synth 91K 58 Synth mod by Lizardking ****+
Elipsenhp.lha mods/synth 71K 58 Synth mod ****
ElipticalnhpBk.lha mods/synth 156K 58 Synth mod by BKH ****+
ElkonSong.lha mods/synth 106K 58 Synth mod ****+
Elmstreet.lha mods/synth 211K 58 Synth mod ***+
Elysion.lha mods/synth 86K 58 Synth mod by Lord Interface ****
EmotionalThing.lha mods/synth 109K 58 Synth mod by Bit Arts ****+
Emporium.lha mods/synth 30K 58 Synth mod by Audioscape ****
EmusOrgasm.lha mods/synth 30K 58 Synth mod *****
EndOfTheMisery.lha mods/synth 67K 58 Synth mod by Blade Vacum ****
EranaJKyd.lha mods/synth 61K 58 Synth mod ****+
Erection.lha mods/synth 101K 58 Synth mod ****
EveryBreath.lha mods/synth 43K 58 Synth mod ***+
Everywhere.lha mods/synth 73K 58 Synth mod by Axel D ****+
Exage.lha mods/synth 98K 58 Synth mod ****+
Exodus1990.lha mods/synth 35K 58 Synth mod ***
Expressions.lha mods/synth 53K 58 Synth mod by Echo ****
ExpulsionCpr.lha mods/synth 50K 58 Synth mod by Chipper *****
FaceInTheWater.lha mods/synth 104K 58 Synth mod ****+
Familiar.lha mods/synth 30K 58 Synth mod ****
Fanfare4Bass.lha mods/synth 56K 58 Synth mod ****
FantazyWorldnh.lha mods/synth 157K 58 Synth mod by NHP *****
FastFood.lha mods/synth 92K 58 Synth mod by Jester ****
Finale.lha mods/synth 30K 58 Synth mod ****
Finlandia1.lha mods/synth 44K 58 Synth mod ***+
Firework.lha mods/synth 84K 58 Synth mod by Acid *****
FirstAttempt.lha mods/synth 17K 58 Synth mod ***+
FJotain.lha mods/synth 86K 58 Synth mod ****
FleeHeartmon.lha mods/synth 127K 58 Synth mod ****+
FragmentsIi.lha mods/synth 22K 58 Synth mod by Tony Fonager ****
FranticNoiseFz.lha mods/synth 272K 58 Synth mod by Fzy **+
FreefallMd.lha mods/synth 82K 58 Synth mod by Mark Knight ****
Freespace.lha mods/synth 95K 58 Synth mod by Grubi ****
FreeSpirit.lha mods/synth 194K 58 Synth mod by Leggless ****
FrogByJpn.lha mods/synth 37K 58 Synth mod by Jpn ****
FunkyBeat.lha mods/synth 83K 58 Synth mod by Gryzor ****
Funkydemo.lha mods/synth 44K 58 Synth mod by Spex ****
FunkyEcstasy.lha mods/synth 74K 58 Synth mod by Axel ***+
FunkyVibes.lha mods/synth 37K 58 Synth mod ***+
Gainsmusic.lha mods/synth 74K 58 Synth mod ***
GameScorenhp.lha mods/synth 69K 58 Synth mod by NHP ****+
GametuneIv.lha mods/synth 45K 58 Synth mod by Lizardking ****+
GeniousBrain.lha mods/synth 34K 58 Synth mod by Dascon ****
GetTheOutputv2.lha mods/synth 44K 58 Synth mod by Dascon ****
Ggeneration2.lha mods/synth 184K 58 Synth mod ****
Gladpack.lha mods/synth 65K 58 Synth mod ****
GoForTheRecord.lha mods/synth 34K 58 Synth mod by Zytac ***+
GoingStrong.lha mods/synth 42K 58 Synth mod ****
Gorgie.lha mods/synth 66K 58 Synth mod ****
GotYa.lha mods/synth 60K 58 Synth mod ***+
GraveYard.lha mods/synth 89K 58 Synth mod by Fleshbrain ****
Guck.lha mods/synth 19K 58 Synth mod ****+
HardMoney.lha mods/synth 104K 58 Synth mod by Axel D ****+
Hate2.lha mods/synth 57K 58 Synth mod ****+
HeavenPart2.lha mods/synth 30K 58 Synth mod by Major Tom ***+
HeavySong.lha mods/synth 27K 58 Synth mod ***+
Helico.lha mods/synth 60K 58 Synth mod by Fred ****+
HighDensity.lha mods/synth 82K 58 Synth mod ****
Highlands.lha mods/synth 110K 58 Synth mod ****+
HjelmfossBoogi.lha mods/synth 42K 58 Synth mod ****
HolyGrail.lha mods/synth 32K 58 Synth mod by Schyte ****
Homeonthebench.lha mods/synth 47K 58 Synth mod by Mahoney ****
Horizon36.lha mods/synth 54K 58 Synth mod by Major Tom ***+
Horny.lha mods/synth 68K 58 Synth mod by Kevin Collier ***
Horse.lha mods/synth 37K 58 Synth mod ****
HqcBeat.lha mods/synth 53K 58 Synth mod ****
HriSalute.lha mods/synth 85K 58 Synth mod ****
HymnToYezz.lha mods/synth 38K 58 Synth mod ****+
Hysteresis.lha mods/synth 110K 58 Synth mod by Dextrous ****
Hysteria.lha mods/synth 26K 58 Synth mod by Dhs ***+
ICanMakeIt.lha mods/synth 56K 58 Synth mod ****+
Incompatible.lha mods/synth 89K 58 Synth mod ****+
Indiana.lha mods/synth 69K 58 Synth mod ***+
Inrock.lha mods/synth 115K 58 Synth mod by Dr Victor ****
Intro.lha mods/synth 25K 58 Synth mod by Dave Garrison ****+
IntroHeatbeat.lha mods/synth 3K 58 Synth mod by Heatbeat *****
Iq64shapeItDow.lha mods/synth 99K 58 Synth mod ****
Iron5.lha mods/synth 62K 58 Synth mod ****
Italiana.lha mods/synth 53K 58 Synth mod ****
JackTheRipper1.lha mods/synth 81K 58 Synth mod by Mr Urk ****
Jane.lha mods/synth 79K 58 Synth mod by Jane ****
JazzeNorthStar.lha mods/synth 44K 58 Synth mod by North Star ***
Jobba.lha mods/synth 75K 58 Synth mod by Mahoney ****+
Joe3.lha mods/synth 54K 58 Synth mod ****
Joyfridgecount.lha mods/synth 50K 58 Synth mod by Kaktus ****+
Jump4Joy.lha mods/synth 115K 58 Synth mod by Mathieu Berthaud ***+
Jumpjack.lha mods/synth 26K 58 Synth mod ****
JunoHiSexmix.lha mods/synth 66K 58 Synth mod by Zing ***+
JustForYou.lha mods/synth 72K 58 Synth mod by Major Tom ***
JustInTime.lha mods/synth 131K 58 Synth mod by Swampfox ****
Jvmdesign.lha mods/synth 81K 58 Synth mod ***
KappesComic.lha mods/synth 70K 58 Synth mod ****+
KaroFirst.lha mods/synth 13K 58 Synth mod ***+
KeepGoing.lha mods/synth 20K 58 Synth mod by Clyde ***+
KeepItTogether.lha mods/synth 109K 58 Synth mod by Macro ****
Kellogs.lha mods/synth 43K 58 Synth mod ***+
Kilimanzaro.lha mods/synth 60K 58 Synth mod ***+
KillForExxezz.lha mods/synth 79K 58 Synth mod ****+
Landscape.lha mods/synth 101K 58 Synth mod by Leggless ****+
Lastsun.lha mods/synth 75K 58 Synth mod by Fred ***+
LateNights.lha mods/synth 348K 58 Synth mod by Mr Man ****
LatinoAdamM.lha mods/synth 47K 58 Synth mod by Adam M **+
LazerIntro.lha mods/synth 100K 58 Synth mod ****
LazerSquad.lha mods/synth 80K 58 Synth mod ****+
LCS.lha mods/synth 109K 58 Synth mod by Dean ****+
LeagueOfHumans.lha mods/synth 82K 58 Synth mod ****+
Letsdance.lha mods/synth 23K 58 Synth mod ***+
Level2.lha mods/synth 25K 58 Synth mod ****
LionRock.lha mods/synth 191K 58 Synth mod by Delorean ****+
LiquidAmbience.lha mods/synth 66K 58 Synth mod by Fudge ****
Liquidity3.lha mods/synth 32K 58 Synth mod by Dextrous ****+
LiquidSound.lha mods/synth 55K 58 Synth mod ***+
ListenTwo.lha mods/synth 54K 58 Synth mod by PKK ***+
Lll.lha mods/synth 44K 58 Synth mod ****
Loadermusic.lha mods/synth 32K 58 Synth mod ****+
LoadingDia.lha mods/synth 32K 58 Synth mod ****+
Lopp.lha mods/synth 61K 58 Synth mod ****+
LpMode.lha mods/synth 38K 58 Synth mod ****+
Lu5z.lha mods/synth 24K 58 Synth mod ****+
MagicBus.lha mods/synth 87K 58 Synth mod ****
Magicka.lha mods/synth 20K 58 Synth mod by Rogue Male ***
MagicTubes.lha mods/synth 70K 58 Synth mod by Titan ****+
MagicWand.lha mods/synth 51K 58 Synth mod ****+
MagneticRust.lha mods/synth 66K 58 Synth mod by Major Tom ****
Mappi.lha mods/synth 63K 58 Synth mod ***+
Mcdisk5Final.lha mods/synth 43K 58 Synth mod by Lizardking ****
McShyDIii3.lha mods/synth 59K 58 Synth mod by MC Shy D ****
Megaforce02.lha mods/synth 70K 58 Synth mod ****
Megapopp.lha mods/synth 23K 58 Synth mod by Mr Frenzy ****
MellowPluck.lha mods/synth 188K 58 Synth mod by Delorean ***+
Melotech.lha mods/synth 64K 58 Synth mod *****
Mgk.lha mods/synth 118K 58 Synth mod ****+
Mike1.lha mods/synth 45K 58 Synth mod ****
Miniblast.lha mods/synth 35K 58 Synth mod by Pyratronik ****
MinoanWar.lha mods/synth 75K 58 Synth mod ****+
Minsmire.lha mods/synth 43K 58 Synth mod ****
MissileAlertMd.lha mods/synth 76K 58 Synth mod by Mark Knight ****
MisterClash.lha mods/synth 121K 58 Synth mod ***+
MovemUpForYa.lha mods/synth 63K 58 Synth mod by Libi ****+
Movethis.lha mods/synth 70K 58 Synth mod ****
MoveYourFeet.lha mods/synth 89K 58 Synth mod by Mr Zeb ****+
MumbleMumble.lha mods/synth 99K 58 Synth mod ****+
Musthave.lha mods/synth 25K 58 Synth mod ****
MyDay.lha mods/synth 55K 58 Synth mod ****+
Mysong.lha mods/synth 55K 58 Synth mod ***+
MysteryPlace.lha mods/synth 52K 58 Synth mod ****
NameThatTune.lha mods/synth 69K 58 Synth mod ***+
NamTheme.lha mods/synth 97K 58 Synth mod ****
Necroscope.lha mods/synth 22K 58 Synth mod by Mantronix ****+
Nephew.lha mods/synth 61K 58 Synth mod by Jol005x ****+
Newfred.lha mods/synth 28K 58 Synth mod ***+
NewModernMusic.lha mods/synth 36K 58 Synth mod ****
Newtech.lha mods/synth 37K 58 Synth mod ***
NiceDayIn89.lha mods/synth 46K 58 Synth mod by Zing ****+
Nicewalk.lha mods/synth 32K 58 Synth mod ****+
NiceWetAndMean.lha mods/synth 142K 58 Synth mod ****
NightClubTheme.lha mods/synth 47K 58 Synth mod by Lord Interface ***+
NightInWizland.lha mods/synth 51K 58 Synth mod ***+
NightOfComet.lha mods/synth 88K 58 Synth mod by Dr And ****
Nipponmist.lha mods/synth 80K 58 Synth mod ****+
Noel.lha mods/synth 82K 58 Synth mod ****
Noise19895.lha mods/synth 41K 58 Synth mod ****
Nomansland.lha mods/synth 51K 58 Synth mod ****
Noname15.lha mods/synth 28K 58 Synth mod ****+
Noname7.lha mods/synth 36K 58 Synth mod ****+
NoParking.lha mods/synth 93K 58 Synth mod ****+
NowWhatIi.lha mods/synth 66K 58 Synth mod by Dr Awesome ***+
Nudity4.lha mods/synth 83K 58 Synth mod by Kalashnikov ****+
NutopiabkhNhp.lha mods/synth 72K 58 Synth mod by Bkh ****+
Nutune.lha mods/synth 73K 58 Synth mod by Dextrous ****+
Oasis.lha mods/synth 46K 58 Synth mod ***+
Oblivion.lha mods/synth 22K 58 Synth mod by The Avatar ****+
Oddysey2.lha mods/synth 303K 58 Synth mod ****+
OdysseyPart2.lha mods/synth 81K 58 Synth mod ****+
Okkie.lha mods/synth 72K 58 Synth mod ***+
SllAktion5.lha mods/synth 60K 58 Synth mod ***+
TheCrest.lha mods/synth 52K 58 Synth mod **
TheEmboldment.lha mods/synth 48K 58 Synth mod ****+
TheFinalVision.lha mods/synth 45K 58 Synth mod ***+
TheKentSong.lha mods/synth 41K 58 Synth mod ****+
ThroughTheHall.lha mods/synth 28K 58 Synth mod by Daniel Berlin ****
1_rave_t.lha mods/techn 352K 15+RAVE-Tools The New Chapter Track 1
2Control.lha mods/techn 13K 45+Mad tekkno tune
2_rave_t.lha mods/techn 304K 15+Rave Tools - The New Chapter Track 2
3_rave_t.lha mods/techn 162K 15+Rave Tools - The New Chapter Track 3
95Ravers_Mix.lha mods/techn 469K 19+Great Tekkno Modul by D.A.X Ravebusters
Acidick.lzh mods/techn 66K 5+MOD By JayFx/BlackOut
AcidicLampshad.lha mods/techn 111K 58 Techno mod by Mark Knight ****
AcidRave.lha mods/techn 203K 58 Techno mod by Orpheus ****
ADomosPace2.lha mods/techn 55K 58 Techno mod by Zodiac ***+
Adrenochrome.lha mods/techn 151K 47 Techno mod 5:05 ****+
agony_od.lha mods/techn 100K 10+Protracker .MOD (Dark Industrial)
AgressiveClean.lha mods/techn 115K 58 Techno mod by Mr.Urk ***+
AGTechno.lha mods/techn 127K 58 Techno mod by Time Guardian *****+
Albinose.lha mods/techn 223K 58 Techno mod by Optic *****
AliensAteMySoc.lha mods/techn 91K 58 Techno mod by Twilight ****+
Amigafastestco.lha mods/techn 59K 58 Techno mod by Mr.Root ***+
AmigaLort.lha mods/techn 90K 58 Techno mod *****
AnthemOfTechno.lha mods/techn 149K 88+Protracker Module "Anthem Of Techno"
Approximity.lha mods/techn 168K 58 Techno mod ****
AtTheHouze.lha mods/techn 222K 19+Great Tekkno Modul by TITAN -Tekkno
Aussie4.lha mods/techn 48K 58 Techno mod **+
Babdabbel_dobb.lha mods/techn 90K 6+Babdobbel-dobbelin Hardcore Tekkno
BadLands.lha mods/techn 30K 58 Techno mod **+
BanginCindy.lha mods/techn 538K 58 Techno mod by Vinnie *****
Bar_B_Q.lha mods/techn 60K 23+Mod by TLS from Retire "Bar-B-Q"
BasicInstinct.lha mods/techn 106K 58 Techno mod by Jester *****
BigThrong.lha mods/techn 92K 58 Techno mod by Dexter ****
Bladeraver.lha mods/techn 94K 47 Techno by Bionic 3:30 ****+
Blueboxing.lha mods/techn 90K 121+Module from Razor 19111 "Back to the ash
BornInBelgianC.lha mods/techn 71K 58 Techno mod by Bernard Sumner ****
BrainForSale.lha mods/techn 258K 58 Techno mod by Brainiac ****
Brain_Dead_DAX.lha mods/techn 100K 29+Great Tekkno Module by D.A.X Ravebusters
BurningFire.lha mods/techn 96K 58 Techno mod by MC Matrix ***
CallingEarth.lha mods/techn 96K 19+Yves Deruyter/Calling Earth by ENSONIC
CaloogaAt5Am.lha mods/techn 75K 58 Techno mod **
CanyonDentro.lha mods/techn 67K 23+Mod by Nightmare from Elicma "Canyon Den
Capricornmix.lha mods/techn 193K 58 Techno mod by Leander ****+
CelebrateIi.lha mods/techn 92K 58 Techno mod by 0-dezign ****
Chapell.lha mods/techn 245K 58 Techno mod by Dirk+Yorak ****+
Comanators.lha mods/techn 77K 58 Techno mod ****+
CommercialBrea.lha mods/techn 29K 26+AANSTALTEN Hardcore MED by TRANCE DENNIS
CondomCorruptM.lha mods/techn 170K 31+Condom Corruption MAXI MOD by Travolta/S
Corruption.lha mods/techn 220K 11+Oldstyle technopop by Tiny of Loonies
Crowds1.lha mods/techn 34K 58 Techno mod **+
CryBaby.lha mods/techn 124K 58 Techno mod ****
CryForBASS.lha mods/techn 463K 17+PT-MOD by Rymix: TechnoBass Awesomeness
CrystalKaosJay.lha mods/techn 132K 58 Techno mod by Echo ****+
Cubik.lha mods/techn 156K 58 Techno mod ***
CuebikMixSlx.lha mods/techn 57K 58 Techno mod ****
DanceclubMix.lha mods/techn 64K 58 Techno mod by Dutch ****
DanceOrDie.lha mods/techn 58K 58 Techno mod by Tekknoid ****
danceyeah.lha mods/techn 118K 7+Technopop module by Hotman. Yes you can
dartboard.lha mods/techn 157K 4+Mod by KBX-128/Tesko & Mark/TGC
DeadAndBuried.lha mods/techn 81K 133 Technopop by Rotscheidt, Jür 2:05 ****
DeepDeepDownIi.lha mods/techn 296K 58 Techno mod by Jay-Dee ***+
Deeptheacid.lha mods/techn 161K 58 Techno mod by Burgame ****
DefconByJB92.lha mods/techn 96K 58 Techno mod ****+
Defloration.lha mods/techn 289K 58 Techno mod by Emax *****
destruct.lha mods/techn 93K 10+Protracker .MOD (Industrial)
DieIndustrie.lha mods/techn 73K 58 Techno mod by Concept ****+
DreamOffmco.lha mods/techn 37K 58 Techno mod by HMC ****+
DroppingAcid.lha mods/techn 131K 58 Techno mod **+
dunka1an.lha mods/techn 360K 6+DUNKA EN ANKA (SMASH A DUCK) - HARDCORE
EcstasyJB92.lha mods/techn 181K 58 Techno mod by Humanoid *****
electr.lha mods/techn 125K 8+Another Electronic PT module by Fc22
EndOfBeginning.lha mods/techn 30K 58 Techno mod by Beathoven ****
EsOnJesus10.lha mods/techn 92K 58 Techno mod by Echo ****+
EtnoMatic.lha mods/techn 78K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
FeelTheBitBeat.lha mods/techn 70K 58 Techno mod by Twisted ****+
Feel_The_Bass.lha mods/techn 122K 6+Feel The Bass ! Hardcore Tekkno
FightingForPea.lha mods/techn 65K 58 Techno mod by DJ Fog ****+
FinallyIPlay.lha mods/techn 71K 58 Techno mod by Carlo Demichelis****+
Firecracker.lha mods/techn 165K 58 Techno mod ****+
FlameOfLove.lha mods/techn 159K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Frantic.lha mods/techn 71K 58 Techno mod *****
FreedomTrack.lha mods/techn 77K 58 Techno mod by Tyrell ****+
Future.lha mods/techn 46K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Give_Peace.lha mods/techn 247K 19+Great Tekkno Modul by D.A.X Ravebusters
GlueL.lha mods/techn 59K 58 Techno mod by Mahoney ****
GoAhead.lha mods/techn 135K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
GodWatches.lha mods/techn 167K 58 Techno mod by x-cess ****
GogoTechno.lha mods/techn 167K 58 Techno mod by Snotty *****
Goirle.lha mods/techn 68K 58 Techno mod ****
GottaHaveYouNo.lha mods/techn 142K 58 Techno mod by Jam+Spoon ****
GreenAcid.lha mods/techn 32K 2+GreenACID Tekkno Module by Z-Cool
HalfAsleep.lha mods/techn 125K 58 Techno mod by Tecon ****
handbag.lha mods/techn 282K 4+Pt-mod by Leather/TGC in August 1994
HappyhappyJoyj.lha mods/techn 60K 58 Techno mod by Mindless ****
HardCoreHeaven.lzh mods/techn 74K 5+MOD By JayFx/BlackOut
Hardcor_World.lha mods/techn 136K 6+Hardcore World Hardcore Tekkno
Harthouse.lha mods/techn 133K 58 Techno mod by Jam+Spoon ****+
HbAutiohalko.lha mods/techn 313K 58 Techno mod by Heatbeat ****+
Hmmmmma.lha mods/techn 96K 58 Techno mod ****
HumanInvasion.lha mods/techn 151K 58 Techno mod ****+
HungerAfterDin.lha mods/techn 76K 58 Techno mod by Delta X ****
HypnauticIi.lha mods/techn 30K 58 Techno mod by Zyx *****
Hypnotic.lha mods/techn 39K 58 Techno mod by Slaxx ****
Hysteria.lha mods/techn 26K 58 Techno mod by Dhs ****+
impress1.lha mods/techn 67K 10+Protracker .MOD (Industrial/New Wave)
impress2.lha mods/techn 29K 10+Protracker .MOD (Industrial/New Wave)
Innerpeace.lha mods/techn 92K 58 Techno mod by Eric G ****+
Innerspace.lha mods/techn 82K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
InnerspMix.lha mods/techn 101K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Its_Movement.lha mods/techn 90K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
juicebeat4beat.lha mods/techn 241K 8+BReaKBeaT TuNe BY jUicE
juice_breaks.lha mods/techn 126K 2+Mellow happy breakbeats by jUicE!
juice_desolate.lha mods/techn 160K 7+Slow BreakBeat MOD by jUicE - *PHAT!*
juice_inlove.lha mods/techn 98K 6+Garage/House mod by jUicE!
KeepBustin.lha mods/techn 120K 58 Techno mod *****
Kira.lha mods/techn 58K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
KoranicVerses.lha mods/techn 341K 11+Koranic Verses - Arabian techno module
LaidAndFlushed.lha mods/techn 68K 58 Techno mod by Laxity *****
LilaAcid.lha mods/techn 31K 2+LilaACID Tekkno Module by Z-Cool
listentothis.lha mods/techn 168K 7+Technopop module by Hotman ****+
Manzaro.lha mods/techn 68K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
masterb.lha mods/techn 156K 8+Cool Techno/Rave PT module by Fc22
MaydayCia.lha mods/techn 61K 58 Techno mod by Vamp ****+
mayday_crypt.lha mods/techn 134K 2+Mayday2 RMX (Hysteric) by Jens
Memberment.lha mods/techn 279K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Micronos.lha mods/techn 99K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
MindMeltation.lha mods/techn 110K 58 Techno mod by Zadd ****+
MixDaMix.lha mods/techn 95K 21+Mod by Deejay Jones from Maniacs "Profou
Moonchild.lha mods/techn 88K 58 Techno mod by Manimal ****
Motherfuck.lha mods/techn 230K 6+Motherfuck Hardcore Tekkno
Mother_fucker.lha mods/techn 219K 6+The Motherfucker Hardcore Tekkno
necrolog.lha mods/techn 116K 6+NECROLOGIQUE - TRANCE/HARDCORE module ma
nehxt_lebv.lha mods/techn 89K 4+Mod by KBX-128
Netherworld.lha mods/techn 277K 58 Techno mod by Probe *****+
Newaciiiid.lha mods/techn 253K 58 Techno mod ****
NewExperience.lha mods/techn 214K 58 Techno mod by Wooper ****+
Ninyaa_Tower.lha mods/techn 92K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
NoCorners.lha mods/techn 67K 58 Techno mod by The Master *****+
NorthernLight.lha mods/techn 103K 58 Techno mod by Twilight ****+
No_Feeling.lha mods/techn 195K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
ode2xtd.lha mods/techn 120K 6+ODE TO X-TRADE - Asian inspirated trance
PhaseTheMusix.lha mods/techn 125K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
PieceOfTheSky.lzh mods/techn 28K 5+MOD By JayFx/BlackOut
Powerbase.lha mods/techn 113K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
PsycheFreq.lha mods/techn 277K 11+Hardcore acidtechno by Tiny of Loonies.
radius111.lzh mods/techn 187K 8+An acid/trance soundtracker mod (4ch)
rastaman.lha mods/techn 97K 7+Technopop module by Hotman dedicated to
ROB_ReMix.lha mods/techn 158K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Running.lha mods/techn 63K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
SacrificeForLo.lzh mods/techn 90K 5+MOD By JayFx/BlackOut
SecretTechno.lha mods/techn 28K 58 Techno mod by Black Virus ****+
SignsOfLive.lha mods/techn 252K 3+Nice Techno-Module by Digi-T-Icer
Starwatchers.lha mods/techn 85K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Syndrom_One.lha mods/techn 106K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Techno_Select.lzh mods/techn 829K 12+Hardcore Industrial
thundermix.lha mods/techn 459K 6+THUNDERMIX Hardcore Tekkno
Trancedome.lha mods/techn 41K 10+Trance/acid module (11+ mins!) by KiLLra
TranceV1.lha mods/techn 416K 34+TranceMods Vol.1 by ARU !!!
Trance_Action.lha mods/techn 45K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Trancin.lha mods/techn 18K 10+Trance/Acid module (7+ mins) by KiLLraVe
Tranquillizer.lzh mods/techn 120K 5+MOD By JayFx/BlackOut
Trenzneeschen.lha mods/techn 93K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
tte.lha mods/techn 220K 8+Fast Techno/Rave PT module by Fc22
VietnamOverdri.lha mods/techn 144K 16+Techno module by Prophet
wahoooo.lha mods/techn 91K 7+Technopop module by Hotman ****
Warpfield_Two.lha mods/techn 132K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
Waveland.lha mods/techn 111K 5+Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!!
HardfloorBewar.lha mods/tranc 100K 58 Trance mod by Jam+Spoon ****+
HCEctasy.lha mods/tranc 120K 58 Trance mod by Dexter ****+
InduceATrance.lha mods/tranc 145K 58 Trance mod by Infinitus ***
Norwich4arsena.lha mods/tranc 78K 58 Trance mod by Trashcan ****+
GuruDreams.lha mods/voice 479K 81+Brilliant high quality Jungle Techno Pro
maehsir.lha mods/voice 175K 16+Funny module by tjm
WindItUpChaos.lha mods/voice 256K 47 Voices by Andemar 6:45 ***
12thsect.lha mods/xm 703K 16+Trance xm by The Kraken ****+
180.lha mods/xm 617K 16+Hardcore xm by Robodude ****
181remix.lha mods/xm 66K 16+Trance xm by Skull ****+
2days2.lha mods/xm 231K 16+Trance xm by Sine ****
3rdreali.lha mods/xm 86K 16+Techno xm by Dr.Fiasko **+
4getpast.lha mods/xm 131K 16+Techno xm by Javier Barrachin ****
6daysrmx.lha mods/xm 168K 16+Techno xm by Nomad ****
aby_wild.lha mods/xm 104K 16+Trance xm by AnBeeYourn ****+
ak_loom.lha mods/xm 392K 16+Techno xm by Axel F ****+
amblight.lha mods/xm 147K 16+Techno xm by Vogue *****
amerika.lha mods/xm 772K 16+Techno xm by Saint Vitus ****
amnoise.lha mods/xm 198K 16+Techno xm by Sine ***+
angels.lha mods/xm 306K 16+Jungle xm by Anarky ****+
b13_0008.lha mods/xm 127K 16+Hardcore xm by Lankhmar ****+
b13_0009.lha mods/xm 185K 16+Trance xm by Hypnotic ****
b13_0010.lha mods/xm 161K 16+Techno xm by Lankmar ***+
b13_0011.lha mods/xm 638K 16+Jungle xm by Velvet Screan ****
b13_0012.lha mods/xm 230K 16+Hardcore xm by Lankhmar ****+
b13_0013.lha mods/xm 801K 16+Pop xm by Velvet Scream ****+
b13_0015.lha mods/xm 189K 16+Ambient xm by Hypnotic ****
b13_0019.lha mods/xm 389K 16+Trance xm ***+
b13_0020.lha mods/xm 191K 16+Guitar xm by Lankhmar ****+
b13_0021.lha mods/xm 571K 16+Techno xm by Velvet Scream ****
b13_0022.lha mods/xm 265K 16+Techno xm by Lankhmar ***+
ballad.lha mods/xm 40K 16+Melodic xm by Miss Saigon ****
bassjung.lha mods/xm 341K 16+Jungle xm by Xenocide ****+
beawom.lha mods/xm 232K 16+Techno xm by Sine **+
betelgeu.lha mods/xm 224K 16+Synth xm by Orion ****+
beyondre.lha mods/xm 92K 16+House xm by Vogue *****+
blind.lha mods/xm 117K 16+Techno xm by The Nation **
bn_fast.lha mods/xm 112K 16+Synth xm by BlueNova ****+
bouldern.lha mods/xm 137K 16+Techno xm by Sine ****
chechen.lha mods/xm 1.1M 16+Slow xm by The Kraken ****+
claustr2.lha mods/xm 367K 16+Pop xm by Lizardking *****+
c_bflood.lha mods/xm 83K 16+Techno xm by Claim ****
c_nept.lha mods/xm 54K 16+Atmos xm by Claim ****
c_pak00.lha mods/xm 106K 16+Techno xm by Claim ***
c_pak01.lha mods/xm 310K 16+Techno xm by Claim ****+
c_pak03.lha mods/xm 360K 16+Techno xm by Claim ****
c_protpa.lha mods/xm 63K 16+Hardcore xm by Claim ****
c_warlok.lha mods/xm 166K 16+Techno xm by Claim ****
digikezi.lha mods/xm 142K 16+Synth xm by Alpha ****
dissolve.lha mods/xm 267K 16+Techno xm by Nathan D. Bowen ****
dreamsdz.lha mods/xm 572K 16+Slow xm by Vogue ****+
d_3_nin.lha mods/xm 101K 16+Techno xm by Lowrider ****
d_confes.lha mods/xm 84K 16+Jungle xm by Lowrider ****
d_manbhn.lha mods/xm 103K 16+Techno xm by Quarex ****+
d_nine.lha mods/xm 146K 16+Techno xm by Lowrider ***+
epi_bow.lha mods/xm 229K 16+Synth xm by Roland *****
epi_debu.lha mods/xm 186K 16+Voice xm by Roland ***+
epi_pot2.lha mods/xm 342K 16+Synth xm by Roland ****+
es_space.lha mods/xm 246K 16+Trance xm by The Electric She ***
es_theme.lha mods/xm 106K 16+Trance xm by The Electric She ***
es_tranc.lha mods/xm 233K 16+Trance xm by The Electric She ***+
es_xymex.lha mods/xm 218K 16+Trance xm by Black Sheep *+
everlost.lha mods/xm 434K 16+Trance xm by Lithium ****+
explorat.lha mods/xm 35K 16+Techno xm by Vogue ****+
extrem_2.lha mods/xm 182K 16+Techno xm by Hades ****+
far.lha mods/xm 220K 16+Melodic xm by Lizardking *****
fm_wreck.lha mods/xm 649K 16+Synth xm by Mellow-D ****+
fnz_bsrm.lha mods/xm 111K 16+Techno xm by Fonzie ***
forces.lha mods/xm 218K 16+Techno xm by Scirocco ***+
forfire.lha mods/xm 316K 16+Techno xm by Sine ***
funkptrl.lha mods/xm 200K 16+Jungle xm by Jimbob ****
gameplan.lha mods/xm 355K 16+Techno xm by Scirocco ****
gloryknt.lha mods/xm 314K 16+Techno xm by Goul *****
gl_fatal.lha mods/xm 470K 16+Techno xm by Gillespie ***+
gl_start.lha mods/xm 371K 16+Synth xm by Gillespie *****
hapiness.lha mods/xm 127K 16+Piano xm by Nathan Strong ****+
herejony.lha mods/xm 334K 16+Hardcore xm by Festa ****
icanfly.lha mods/xm 228K 16+Melodic xm by Tito ****+
ida_trwh.lha mods/xm 354K 16+Trance xm by Idaho ***+
incinrtd.lha mods/xm 148K 16+Techno xm by Vogue ****+
infinitt.lha mods/xm 88K 16+Techno xm by Javier Barrachin ****
itptechn.lha mods/xm 284K 16+Techno xm by Dominei ****+
jerkil_r.lha mods/xm 157K 16+Techno xm by Ron *****
jungle.lha mods/xm 718K 16+Atmos xm by Noiseman ****+
krkncym2.lha mods/xm 987K 16+Trance xm by The Kraken ****+
krknsvct.lha mods/xm 785K 16+Atmos xm by The Kraken ****+
krkn_bdn.lha mods/xm 903K 16+Atmos xm by The Kraken ****+
krkn_cym.lha mods/xm 961K 16+Atmos xm by The Kraken ****+
k_cyber.lha mods/xm 186K 16+Techno xm by Sir Quarex ****+
k_dirt.lha mods/xm 300K 16+Trance xm by Khyron ****+
k_synerg.lha mods/xm 424K 16+Techno xm by Khyron ****
k_ultra.lha mods/xm 99K 16+Melodic xm by Mental Floss ****+
k_vortx3.lha mods/xm 341K 16+Demo xm by Khyron ****
laboru.lha mods/xm 189K 16+Trance xm by Nathan D. Bowen *****
leppaker.lha mods/xm 122K 16+Demo xm by Tusku **
levity.lha mods/xm 206K 16+Trance xm by Trifixion **+
lightspd.lha mods/xm 57K 16+Synth xm by Void *****
liquidat.lha mods/xm 113K 16+Techno xm by Vogue ****+
longstab.lha mods/xm 141K 16+Techno xm by Vogue *****
maatmoss.lha mods/xm 635K 16+Techno xm by Libertin **+
maz_twil.lha mods/xm 654K 16+Trance xm by Snake Eyes ***+
mindc20.lha mods/xm 320K 16+Techno xm by Scirocco ***+
mld_guid.lha mods/xm 239K 16+Synth xm by Mellow-D ****+
mld_tday.lha mods/xm 148K 16+Melodic xm by Mellow-D ****+
morph2.lha mods/xm 137K 16+Techno xm by Vogue ****
m__focus.lha mods/xm 94K 16+Techno xm by Mild ****
naranja.lha mods/xm 294K 16+Funk xm by Zodiak ****+
nf_blow.lha mods/xm 489K 16+Hardcore xm by Audiokraft ****
no_sn.lha mods/xm 85K 16+Melodic xm by Benoit Charland ****
oblitirt.lha mods/xm 419K 16+Trance xm by Obliterator *****
odiusia2.lha mods/xm 178K 16+Techno xm by Stema ****+
oldtimes.lha mods/xm 207K 16+Melodic xm by Wode ****+
paraguay.lha mods/xm 272K 16+Techno xm by Shaq ***
peregrin.lha mods/xm 174K 16+Synth xm by Black Thunder ****+
popori.lha mods/xm 495K 16+Techno xm by Satyricon ***+
pumpuli.lha mods/xm 3K 16+Chip xm by Feather ***+
raverain.lha mods/xm 391K 16+Jungle xm by Tom ****+
rds_1.lha mods/xm 110K 16+Techno xm by Riders ****
rds_intr.lha mods/xm 99K 16+Hardcore xm by Riders ****
reflectr.lha mods/xm 485K 16+Synth xm by Zodiac *****
rumble.lha mods/xm 103K 16+Jungle xm by Zanti ****+
sawdust.lha mods/xm 357K 16+Synth xm by Resonantix ****+
seraph_.lha mods/xm 167K 16+Techno xm by Nathan D. Bowen ****+
smove.lha mods/xm 168K 16+Trance xm by Vivid ****
sm_weird.lha mods/xm 285K 16+Synth xm by Hunz ****
spaceinv.lha mods/xm 1.1M 16+Trance xm by Slog ****
spinwhip.lha mods/xm 357K 16+Jungle xm by Satryricon ****+
starfall.lha mods/xm 349K 16+Jungle xm by Scirocco ****+
sweetthi.lha mods/xm 92K 16+Synth xm by Balrog ****+
thunderd.lha mods/xm 429K 16+Techno xm by Ghost ****
tom_mdt.lha mods/xm 166K 16+Techno xm by Mateus ****+
tom_mid1.lha mods/xm 95K 16+Melodic xm by Mateus ****
tom_mid2.lha mods/xm 137K 16+Melodic xm by Mateus ****+
tom_mid3.lha mods/xm 179K 16+Synth xm by Mateus ****+
tom_mono.lha mods/xm 54K 16+Synth xm by Mateus ****
triph0p.lha mods/xm 44K 16+Techno xm by Stuttering MC *+
trnthm.lha mods/xm 384K 16+Synth xm by LizardKing *****
turning.lha mods/xm 176K 16+Techno xm by Tito *****
vd_rave2.lha mods/xm 125K 16+Techno xm by Vlad Dracl ***
werewolf.lha mods/xm 620K 16+Rock xm by T.o.B *****
wf.lha mods/xm 398K 16+Synth xm by Lizardking *****
wf_mages.lha mods/xm 163K 16+Techno xm by Lizardking ****+
why_dont.lha mods/xm 525K 16+Melodic xm by Chanel 5 *****+
wild.lha mods/xm 318K 16+Jungle xm by Lizardking ****+
xmlookup.lha mods/xm 4.4M 16+Mod
AlgoRhythms.lha mus/edit 139K 40+3.1 Improvs new age Music on audio/MIDI
ArtOfNoise.lha mus/edit 1.3M 27+New tracker,8 channels,fm-synthesis,etc.
audiolab.lha mus/edit 205K 19+16bit audio DSP (030,HD,OS2.1)
DMCS_German.lha mus/edit 7K 34+A german catalog file for DeluxeMusic 2.
harmonix.lha mus/edit 30K 59+Creating Realistic Synthsounds in MED
MLED111.lha mus/edit 548K 6+New musiceditor, realtime synthesis & st
mod2smp.lha mus/edit 10K 24+Converts PT module into sample (v0.63g b
Multisample.lha mus/edit 27K 56+Amiga/ST/PC sound sample convertor
NewTracker356.lha mus/edit 41K 62+Music composer for OS 2.1+
OctaMEDdev_v4.lha mus/edit 249K 31 Music editor programming kit
OctaMEDv4.lha mus/edit 299K 32 Music editing software, 8 voices
pt23b.lha mus/edit 122K 17+Protracker 2.3b(This AGA fix WORKS!!!)
QuadraComp.lha mus/edit 318K 44+An intuition-based music tracker V2.1.
RGS_Util.lha mus/edit 188K 65+Utilities for RGS (RealTimeGraphikSynth)
SCL_pt18_SpEdn.lha mus/edit 69K 59+NEW!ProTracker1.8*SpecialEdition*u:sho
SFX3_20.lha mus/edit 647K 2+Powerful soundeffect,converter,.. softw
SFX3_20_guides.lha mus/edit 86K 2+Ger./engl. guides for SFX
SOUNDEffect220.lha mus/edit 243K 70+Multi-func. sample editor - effect gener
SoundMachine.lha mus/edit 58K 42+Loads,saves, & plays various sound files
soxgui12.lha mus/edit 45K 16+GUI for AmiSox 3.3
stxpfix.lha mus/edit 149K 74+Protracker 2.3 aga fixed
symd1.lha mus/edit 813K 31+Fantastic new 16bit music editor!
symd2.lha mus/edit 837K 31+Fantastic new 16bit music editor!
symd3.lha mus/edit 837K 31+Fantastic new 16bit music editor!
SYMINFO.lha mus/edit 22K 19+Symphonie Information
Symphonie13a.lha mus/edit 52K 52+New tracker 256 channels,56kHz,14bits...
XModule34.lha mus/edit 226K 13+Multiformat Module Editor And Converter
ada_mp1.lha mus/midi 56K 10+ADA MP-1 Preamp patch editor/utils
ADA_MPup.lha mus/midi 16K 10+Adds new feature to ADA_MP1.lha
armrhap.lha mus/midi 22K 4+Armenian Rhapsody for 2 Pianos .MID
blaniksm.lha mus/midi 81K 8+.MID for 2 synths of Blanik from "Ma Vla
boltdrmn.lha mus/midi 9K 4+From Shostakovich's "Bolt", The Drayman'
coq3smf.lha mus/midi 26K 11+3rd section of Coq d'Or Suite .MID
coq4smf.lha mus/midi 35K 11+.MID sequence for Proteus 2 of Coq d'Or
domv1_0.lha mus/midi 112K 3+Midi sequencer, 250 multichannel tracks,
ET2.lha mus/midi 16K 7+EarTrainer Midi Musical Test Aid.
galynin3.lha mus/midi 27K 9+.MID of Galynin Piano Concerto finale
Midifile12.lha mus/midi 79K 2+A DICE link library for reading, parsing
mtair.lha mus/midi 51K 8+.MID (2 synths) of Symphony on a French
ravpc1.lha mus/midi 37K 8+.MID of 1st movement of Ravel's G Major
SysExpert.lha mus/midi 22K 2+Good Sys/Ex-receiver/transmitter V1.10
taktak1.lha mus/midi 41K 5+1st mvmt of Taktakishvili Piano Concerto
taktak2.lha mus/midi 18K 4+Taktakishvili Piano Concerto, 2nd mvmt .
ttanzsmf.lha mus/midi 66K 11+.MID sequence of Todentanz for Proteus 2
BeatMaster.lha mus/misc 5K 2+Counts beats in BPM, V1.00
ET2_10.lha mus/misc 19K 5+EarTrainer V2.10 Musical training aid.
gtools.lha mus/misc 113K 3+Tools for Guitar-Players
GuitarG1_01.lha mus/misc 849K 2+A German Database for Guitar using OS3.0
midit_1_2c.lha mus/misc 20K 1+OctaMED to MID module converter - v1.2c
nozsoundmach.lha mus/misc 62K 8+Fun way to play with IFF sounds
raw2brr.lha mus/misc 6K 7+Converts DATATYPES to BRR V0.95
SoundCrck296.lha mus/misc 54K 2+Multi-soundripper. V2.96
TFMX_converter.lha mus/misc 15K 3+Converter for 'one file' TFMX modules ha
60A_Player_10.lha mus/play 6K 24+A 8k module player for P60A modules
aload.lha mus/play 70K 33+GUI Multi-tasking Harddrive Music stream
Audio_Handler.lha mus/play 16K 6+Pipe/copy raw audio samples into a DOS d
BenRPL.lha mus/play 127K 31+Very cool (and fast) module replay sourc
bubbly.lha mus/play 30K 71 DeliTracker custom module "BubbleBobble"
CDPlayer.lha mus/play 49K 22+Plays samples from HD. V1.0
DASEPL10.lha mus/play 20K 67+Multitrack module playing code modules f
dasmp_epls.lha mus/play 85K 48+Fixed players (S3M,...) for DASMP 3.4++
dasmp_s3m.lha mus/play 23K 46+Fixed S3M V2.48 EPL for DASMP 3.4++
delay013.lha mus/play 85K 48+DeliAY 0.13 Beta and FXS songs for DeliT
DeliAY014.lha mus/play 46K 3+DeliAY 0.14 for DeliTracker 2.14+
DiskChanger.lha mus/play 29K 5+Genie for DeliTracker that recognizes CD
DMODP35b.lha mus/play 449K 21+D.A.S.ModulePlayer 3.5b. (MUI app)
DSound150.lha mus/play 38K 61+Plays 8SVX samples directly off a HD
Eagleplay1_54c.lha mus/play 807K 31+Plays >100 music formats !
hip211.lha mus/play 185K 2+Modplayer for kick1.2+. Try it.
IFT_scopept.lha mus/play 30K 6+Oscilloscopes for PT modules (BUGFIX!)
jbplay.lha mus/play 8K 29+Plays 8SVX-samples,very system-friendly
justplay.lha mus/play 18K 42+Pro-player to use as a tool w/ icons, xp
M22_BP2A.lha mus/play 61K 6+BananaPlay V2.0a - Short and REALY GOOD
MiniPlay10.lha mus/play 37K 27 This is one of the smallest mod-players
mpega.lha mus/play 19K 12+Fast MPEG audio decoder & player (68020+
mpegapla.lha mus/play 50K 12+MPEG audio player for DeliTracker. 68020
OctaMED_P.lha mus/play 51K 5+Latest OctaMED Player
P6101.lha mus/play 62K 36+The Player 6.1A 610.1 / 08.01.1995
Play1615Pch.lha mus/play 6K 5+Bugfix and two new icons for Play16 1.5
Play16_1_5.lha mus/play 85K 11+Plays WAV, IFF, MAUD, etc, 14 bit output
playerek299d.lha mus/play 12K 27+Playerek v2.99ceta ProTracker/Med module
PlayMOD.lha mus/play 17K 2+PlayMOD v1.1 - Nice CLI/WB ST/NT/PT MOD
PlaySID3.lha mus/play 68K 55+Version 3.0 of the famous SID emulator
PoPl4_1.lha mus/play 156K 11+Nicely plays many music modules
PowerPlayer.lha mus/play 158K 13+User/System friendly module player. V4.1
PS3M311.lha mus/play 34K 13+Plays S3Ms, XMs, MTMs, MODs and FTMs.
PTReplay514.lha mus/play 35K 7+A library w/ systemfriendly pt-replayer
QuadraPlayer.lha mus/play 43K 41+Excellent module player v1.2
rrr_thp1.lha mus/play 796K 8+The Illustrated Holy Player, AGA only [1
rrr_thp2.lha mus/play 754K 8+The Illustrated Holy Player, AGA only [2
ScopeExt2001.lha mus/play 7K 34+Ext. Scope V.200195 by Smack/Infect
sid2midi.lha mus/play 50K 26+Convert SID songs to standard MIDI files
SmallPlayer.lha mus/play 36K 68+Small module player
SPlayLib31.lha mus/play 202K 42+MultiSound-Library - loading, saving + p
splib43D.lha mus/play 124K 11+Superplay.library - loads, saves, plays
splib43U.lha mus/play 88K 11+Superplay.library - loads, saves, plays
SuperPlayLib31.lha mus/play 202K 57+MultiSound-Library - loading, saving + p
sypro211.lha mus/play 127K 31 16 Bit Symphonie (2.11c) - performing CD
TFMX_EPplayers.lha mus/play 24K 3+Latest release of the TFMX players for E
tinyplayer.lha mus/play 6K 46+Plays Mods. Needs very little mem.
tracker_4_31.lzh mus/play 324K 17+Portable ST/PT player
Whittaker41.lha mus/play 110K 30+V4.1 For EaglePlayer/DeliTracker
Woodstock.lha mus/play 20K 47+Little Moduleplayer, V1.0
xPlay10.lha mus/play 11K 27+A player for XPK-packed IFF/RAW samples
Carrace.anim pix/anim 3.0M 2+Digitized movie of a car drive
CraterFly.anim pix/anim 5.9M 2+Scenery Animator anim
falcon.lha pix/anim 595K 10+Little STAR WARS - anim (16colors)
KD_Erde_Anim.lha pix/anim 3.2M 2+Ham8 animation of turning Earth
Metal_Man.anim pix/anim 7.0M 2+Anim7 of Terminator like 3D morphing
Pool.anim pix/anim 6.1M 2+Raytraced anim of flight over a pool
remo.anim pix/anim 2.9M 2+Anim7 of texture mapped head
RachelFootball.lha pix/art 204K 12+Rachel Raccoon playing touch football
Tableau.lha pix/art 116K 8+3 nice hand-drawn pictures
Watergirl.lha pix/art 108K 13+Amazing Picture by JCS/Neoplasia^Sector7
AGA_Morphy.lha pix/eric 694K 11+AGA_Morphy Anim by Eric Schwartz
Asteroids.lha pix/eric 159K 11+Asteroids Anim by Eric Schwartz
BatMan_Anim.lha pix/eric 109K 11+Batman Anim by Eric Schwartz
ESanim.lha pix/eric 137K 11+E. S. Anim by E. Schwartz
FantaFilms.lha pix/eric 92K 11+4 Fantavision Films by Eric Schwartz
Juggler_Jr.lha pix/eric 84K 11+Juggler Jr Anim by Eric Schwartz
Mars_Puppies.lha pix/eric 138K 11+Puppies from Mars Anim by Eric Schwartz
PacMan.lha pix/eric 186K 11+PacMan Anim by Eric Schwartz
AESicon2.lha pix/icon 68K 15+60 More NewIcon Images! Net,games,utils.
AESicon3.lha pix/icon 62K 12+Yet More NewIcon Images!Locale,ParNet,mo
AESicon4.lha pix/icon 105K 8+100 NewIcons! DOpus,new flags,Sabot,more
AES_icons.lha pix/icon 82K 17+80 More NewIcon images!
AmigaTechLogo.lha pix/icon 33K 12+Amiga Technologies Logo
amywb1.lha pix/icon 250K 7+AmyWB Icon pack Vol 1, amazing 32 colors
amywb2.lha pix/icon 491K 6+AmyWB Icon pack Vol 2, amazing 1:1, 32 c
ArcsPk12.lha pix/icon 505K 11+Arctangent's WB Patterns & Startup-Pix V
ArcsPk13.lha pix/icon 570K 6+Volume 13 of *THE BEST* WB Patterns for
ArcTexture_II.lha pix/icon 202K 10+GFX for Texture-Mapping coders, by Arc!
BeforeDark.lha pix/icon 155K 5+41 new nice WorkBench patterns
berzbench.lha pix/icon 239K 7+7 Wonderful Patterns for Workbench AGA
DO5NewIcons.lha pix/icon 114K 6+NewIcon-style buttons for DOpus5, try it
halficnsprev.lha pix/icon 36K 10+HalfIcons Preview
HalfIcons101b.lha pix/icon 39K 10+HalfIcons V1.01 beta
IGfx20.lha pix/icon 568K 2+Iconographics 2.0 - Amazing Icon/NewIcon
JBC_IconSet.lha pix/icon 302K 10+IconSet (16-colour icons AGA-machines on
MagicDopus.lha pix/icon 14K 9+MagicWB update for dopus 5 buttons
myisoic02.lha pix/icon 215K 3+Icons in isometric style - 2nd archive
myisoicons.lha pix/icon 221K 22+Icons in isometric style a la NewIcons
NetNewIcons.lha pix/icon 13K 17+Grapevine, AMosaic, GUIftp and VMM NewIc
NewIcn_SH.lha pix/icon 27K 3+17 NewIcons,+ a nice hi-res hand-pointer
NewIcons.lha pix/icon 22K 206+Various 4 color icons
NewIconXTRA.lha pix/icon 444K 42+OFFICIAL NewIcons Image Set (500+icons)
NewIcon_Bkds1.lha pix/icon 771K 45+The NewIcons Backdrop Set #1
NI_Back2.lha pix/icon 362K 11+Backdrops for NewIcons Workbench
NI_Back3.lha pix/icon 395K 11+Backdrops for NewIcons Workbench
NI_Back4.lha pix/icon 298K 11+Backdrops for NewIcons Workbench
NI_Back5.lha pix/icon 313K 11+Backdrops for NewIcons Workbench
NI_Back6.lha pix/icon 379K 11+Backdrops for NewIcons Workbench
pa_icons.lha pix/icon 6K 11+Some new icons for "prefs" dir -+- by
PylonPack_1.lha pix/icon 196K 6+Pylon's Pixel Pack #1--Texturemapping GF
SmallDockBrush.lha pix/icon 152K 3+Small Dockbrush Icons V1.0 for use with
Speris1.lha pix/icon 32K 11 Icons by Adam Kindness
TNYBack2.lha pix/icon 48K 2+167 backgrounds for your Workbench
TNYBackd.lha pix/icon 16K 8+54 small backgrounds
WBBootP3.lha pix/icon 351K 11+WB Boot Pictures Volume #3 - for AmigaOS
WBBootP95.lha pix/icon 454K 2+WB Boot Pictures '95 - for AmigaOS 3.1
AT_A1200Pic.lha pix/illu 44K 3+A1200 Scan from CUCUG's home page
hbbs_pic.lha pix/illu 148K 2+HBBS Beta Screen Grabs
IBrowsePics.lha pix/illu 66K 5+GIFs of IBrowse, the new Amiga WWW Brows
win95.jpg pix/illu 54K 3+The Joke Of Microsoft
der3dobj.lha pix/imagi 218K 2+3D Objects (Imagine) No.01 of D.E.R.
dergfx00.lha pix/imagi 403K 2+Gfx Collection No.01 of D.E.R.
fmdesk.jpg pix/imagi 86K 12+Imagine 3.2 render of a desk
gallery.lha pix/imagi 404K 2+Imagine rendered image, 800x600JPEG & EC
HeartCage.jpg pix/imagi 211K 5+Traced heart in a cage, COOL!
new_dawn.lha pix/imagi 69K 8+DCTV format space scene with ship, plane
Pentax35.lha pix/imagi 67K 6+35mm SLR Camera, Imagine V3 by R Byrne
SpaceCrafts.lha pix/imagi 298K 6+Five new raytraced pictures rendered wit
TheSpace.lzh pix/imagi 266K 12+A lot of pictures rendered with Reflecti
Tonight.jpg pix/imagi 62K 5+Raytraced guitar
AGABootPics.lha pix/misc 27K 6+2 AGA BootPics
AmigaLogo.lha pix/misc 47K 10+New Amiga Technologies Logo (real one, p
amigatech.lha pix/misc 2K 11+Very professional looking AmigaTechnolog
AMissingWorld.lha pix/misc 370K 12+ILBM-Ham8-Pic (800x640)
AmiTechLogo.lha pix/misc 20K 12+Nice professional looking AmiTech logo
AmyTechLogos.lha pix/misc 49K 6+AMIGA Technologies Logos by PirlAGA
atlogo5.lha pix/misc 22K 6+Amiga Technologies Logo Proposal V5
blah.jpg pix/misc 71K 11+A 640x512x24 JPEG by DR_FACT
edgelogo.lha pix/misc 3K 3+New recreation of The Edge radio logo -
EGSBootLogo.lha pix/misc 112K 11+A BootLogo image for use with EGS v6.2 o
FantaSeas.lha pix/misc 1.3M 8+FantaSeas - 2 Photo CD set - 300 pics
FartIsle.jpg pix/misc 95K 2+Pic by Ozzy_
HellChild.lha pix/misc 122K 10+Composited image created with Photogenic
jurassic.lha pix/misc 330K 10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
knight.lha pix/misc 451K 10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
MagicPic.lha pix/misc 1.0M 3+Magic-Eye-Pics of STARTREK-Starships
MangaJin.lha pix/misc 1.2M 3+Collection of japanese manga and anime c
mindflash.lha pix/misc 654K 10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
MinimalArt.lha pix/misc 23K 2+6 pictures, 320x256x4 colors
morbith1.lha pix/misc 51K 4+Interesting graphix by Pressman and MB
murales.lha pix/misc 499K 10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
MysticCow.jpg pix/misc 43K 2+Pic by Ozzy_
NewModel.jpg pix/misc 63K 10+So, C= is dead? Here's their new model!
nghost.lha pix/misc 387K 10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
oldnewtimes.lha pix/misc 472K 10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
pa_amylogos.lha pix/misc 15K 6+AMIGA Logos by PirlAGA
pa_textures.lha pix/misc 66K 6+PirlAGA Patterns Collection Vol.1
pressma2.lha pix/misc 297K 5+Some iff-pictures + Imagine 2.0 objects
pressman.lha pix/misc 360K 6+A bunch of AGA+ECS pictures and animatio
rose_vangogh.jpg pix/misc 132K 5+Composite image created w/Photogenics 1.
screenghost.lha pix/misc 427K 10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
SJWAS_Pics.lha pix/misc 171K 3+Some nice bootpics (for AmigaStart 95.5)
subspace.lha pix/misc 434K 10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
TekknoPics.lha pix/misc 408K 3+Pictures (Tekkno)
thephoenix.lha pix/misc 307K 10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
Trek_Ascii.lha pix/misc 23K 5+Star Trek Ascii Pictures
Versuchsantrie.jpg pix/misc 73K 3+Funny Picture
vortix.lha pix/misc 498K 10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
waterman.lha pix/misc 222K 10+Fantasy JPEG picture - 800 x 600.
WinBoot256.lha pix/misc 116K 2+Very good 256 col win-like bootscreen
YumYum.jpg pix/misc 100K 2+A very hungry Amiga user ;-)
Mac_Icons.lha pix/mwb 14K 4+MBW icons for ShapeShifter or Emplant
magical0.lha pix/mwb 81K 10+A new MagicWB package
MagicBGs5.lha pix/mwb 244K 3+New breathtaking patterns for MagicWB
MagicIcons3.lha pix/mwb 16K 8+Small MagicWB Icon-package
MagWBStuff4upd.lha pix/mwb 386K 8+More pix which didn't make it into relea
MWBDrws_474.lha pix/mwb 331K 5+MWB ImageDrawers Full Collection (474 dr
MWBMac.lha pix/mwb 6K 12+My personal MWB-Icons for ShapeShifter o
MWB_DOpus_6.lha pix/mwb 288K 9+Prof DOpus MWB patrns, btns, icns, full
RynoIcons.lha pix/mwb 84K 3+A set of Magic Workbench style icons
SmallBenchUpd1.lha pix/mwb 58K 10+Icons for nonlace WB - update1
SmallMagic1_4.lha pix/mwb 214K 10+The MagicWB based icons for nonlaced WBs
SmallMgicApps.lha pix/mwb 38K 5+SmallMagic Icons 4 your favorite Apps
tf_26x17.lha pix/mwb 70K 8+Non-gradient MagicWB-style DOpus5 Images
TinyMWBCol1_3.lha pix/mwb 106K 3+MWB-Stuff and MORE! (V1.3)
TomIcon.lha pix/mwb 400K 6+Magic Workbench 2.0 16 colour icons plus
TomIcon2.lha pix/mwb 519K 4+Magic Workbench 2.0 16 colour Icon Packa
TomIcon3.lha pix/mwb 584K 3+Magic Workbench 2.0 16 colour icons for
alfa.gif pix/trace 227K 123+Alfa - fantastic raytrace done with Imag
Amiga_Logo.jpg pix/trace 63K 5+Picture of the new Amiga-Logo
AmyTechLogo.jpg pix/trace 28K 4+A *NICE* render of the Amiga Technologie
b5.gif pix/trace 93K 134 A picture of the Babylon 5 space station
beast.lha pix/trace 311K 8+3D fantasy piccy (CavernBeast.jpg) Light
Feigling.lha pix/trace 826K 8+Cinema4D rendered image
Ferry.jpg pix/trace 110K 10+Cool Spaceship (Reflections 2.5)
madness.gif pix/trace 251K 123+Madness - fantastic raytrace done with I
MantisFly.jpg pix/trace 31K 10+Raytraced crossbreed of dragonfly and ma
old_car.gif pix/trace 285K 123+Old Car - fantastic raytrace done with I
orologio.gif pix/trace 303K 123+Orologio - fantastic raytrace done with
PowerPC.lha pix/trace 214K 8+2 Cinema4D rendered images
Reflections.jpg pix/trace 193K 10+Swimming-pool with letters (Reflections
stanza.lha pix/trace 163K 6+3D image of a room with a table
thankyou.jpg pix/trace 69K 7+A high quality 640x512x24 ray trace by D
TyphoonTrace.lha pix/trace 476K 2+2 raytraced pictures of Hawker Typhoon W
vorlon.gif pix/trace 77K 134 A gif of a vorlon from Bablyon 5
db24BitWB.jpg pix/wb 292K 3+Dbalster's WB now has *REAL* 24 Bit back
DoogBench7.lha pix/wb 283K 9+A few snapshots and icons of doog's WB.
emubench.lha pix/wb 126K 12+Workbench Pic showing misc platforms!
gregorwb.lha pix/wb 69K 7+Picture of Gregors WB screen
jurewb.lha pix/wb 59K 11+My example of a WB
Nudel_Pix.lha pix/wb 46K 8+Definitive ECS WBench & DOpus5 Screens!
press_wb.lha pix/wb 3K 3+Prefs from Pressman's WB
S_WBPic.lha pix/wb 36K 11+Picture of Stefan`s WB
Tommy_Ebbesen.lha pix/wb 171K 10+Tommy's 800x600 workbench.
TomsWB.lha pix/wb 59K 4+Magic Workbench Screen in 16 Colours.
WhizzWb.lha pix/wb 51K 5+A Snapshot of Whizzkid's workbench
WorkbenchGrab.lha pix/wb 195K 2+Didn't you ever wish to see my Workbench
aed.lha text/edit 6K 6+ANSI Text Editor for BBS and Amiga Shell
Afrikaans.lha text/edit 290K 5+Afrikaans dictionary for AlphaSpell V
ASpell.lha text/edit 174K 2+Spelling Checker for Text Editors; 5.8
Danish.lha text/edit 59K 5+Danish dictionary for AlphaSpell V
Dutch.lha text/edit 401K 6+Dutch dictionary for AlphaSpell V
Espanol.lha text/edit 122K 4+Spanish dictionary for AlphaSpell V
French.lha text/edit 247K 5+French dictionary for AlphaSpell V
FrexxShell.lha text/edit 3K 10+Shell in a FrexxEd buffer
GED313.lha text/edit 870K 9+Texteditor for programmers V3.1.3 (95/7/
GED313u.lha text/edit 158K 9+Upgrade GoldEd 3.0.1+ -> 3.1.3 (95/7/18)
German.lha text/edit 78K 5+German dictionary for AlphaSpell V
Icelandic.lha text/edit 243K 3+Icelandic dictionary for AlphaSpell V
Latin.lha text/edit 56K 5+Latin dictionary for AlphaSpell V
MegaED12.lha text/edit 174K 2+Very nice texteditor
Norwegian.lha text/edit 112K 5+Norwegian dictionary for AlphaSpell V
ped_svenska.lha text/edit 23K 11+PolyEd V2.29 Localization for Swedish La
QuillDemo.lha text/edit 219K 2+Demo of Digital Quill, NEW text editor
Swedish.lha text/edit 30K 4+Swedish dictionary for AlphaSpell V
TeX_trans.lha text/edit 4K 7+Error handler for MegaED 1.10 and PasTeX
ukacd.lha text/edit 303K 6+Big English dictionary for AlphaSpell V
write_4_97.lha text/edit 378K 10+Highly cfg. "multi-modular-cfg." textedi
XES.lha text/edit 89K 3+AlphaSpell support & more for XDME
den6.lzh text/font 2K 6+Small readable 7x6 font for 640x256 WB
HP48Font.lha text/font 5K 4+HP48 S(X)/G(X) pocket calculator like fo
RattyFont.lha text/font 30K 11+Bitmap Font (8-18 pt, monospaced & prop.
AGuideGuru.lha text/hyper 4K 10+2 Amigaguide files that CRASH a v40 Amig
easyguide1_0.lha text/hyper 17K 4+EasyGuide 1.0, amigaguide authoring aid
gmake.lha text/hyper 21K 4+Amiga Guide Compiler - like makefile
guidemaster12.lha text/hyper 70K 7+XPK AmigaGuide viewer, FAST, EFFICIENT.
HTML_TEXT.lha text/hyper 21K 6+Convert .html files to plain text
iso2html1.lha text/hyper 7K 4+Convert chars to html expressions
Showguide23.lha text/hyper 9K 2+Guide-Viewer with XPK-Support
wrapag.lha text/hyper 22K 12+Word wrap utility for AmigaGuide files.
arot.lha text/misc 3K 9+Encodes/Decodes ROT13 text. Include ASM
CEDispell_v1_3.lha text/misc 3K 3+An ARexx interface for ispell/CED (v1.3)
crlf2lf.lha text/misc 6K 2+Small fast and siplest CRLF to LF conver
GoldSpeak10.lha text/misc 42K 6+Fun language converter for GoldED 3.0x+
isohtml.lha text/misc 25K 6+CVT Scripts: ISO Latin-1 <--> HTML
manfilt_v1_1.lha text/misc 7K 2+Strip or convert nroff tty sequences to
MergeRecent.lha text/misc 9K 10+Merges Aminet RECENT with INDEX files
PsRename.lha text/misc 5K 11+Gives postscript fonts their real names
Quote10.lha text/misc 69K 2+Random quote viewer. CLI/WB. Includes Ba
strip11.lzh text/misc 8K 3+Removes control characters from ascii fi
texter.lha text/misc 21K 11+Text Converter
audioed286.lha text/print 330K 2+REAL MC & DAT covers! CHECK IT OUT! (MUI
Canon_30.lha text/print 25K 11+Canon BJC-600 / BJC-4000 printer driver
FWEPSpatches.lha text/print 33K 4+Patch FW 1, 2, 3 and 4 to show and print
MiserPrint1_16.lha text/print 53K 4+Print utility for HP-compatible printers
psprt132.lha text/print 32K 10+PostScript printer handler for non-posts
tapecover.lha text/print 77K 8+TapeCover V2.13 - Cass.Cover Printer
txtrd113.lha text/show 59K 6+Textread, a very fast text viewer
Vinci14.lha text/show 137K 11+Textviewer, supports nearly all cruncher
ZMoreV0_16.lha text/show 14K 5+Ascii-textviewer OS2.x V0.16
AutoTex115.lha text/tex 12K 2+AutoDocs -> LaTeX - Converter , V1.15
bibcard_091.lha text/tex 57K 2+BibCard for Amiga. KS2.04 and above
ChkTeX.lha text/tex 53K 7+Finds common errors in (La)TeX files
EpsonStylusTeX.lha text/tex 1K 4+Epson Stylus 800+ printer driver for Pas
iff2eps.lha text/tex 28K 9+Illustrate your TeX-documents with bitma
metapost_063.lha text/tex 826K 12+A picture-drawing language
mma2ltx123.lha text/tex 335K 7+Converts Mathematica graphics -> LaTeX
XDMEtex.lha text/tex 7K 2+Connect AmigaTeX and XDME
X_Trash12.lha util/app 13K 11+Adds a Trashcan AppIcon. Supports locale
ARCHandler2_0b.lha util/arc 144K 3+2.0b - filesystem, use lha as directory
DeArchive17a.lha util/arc 15K 4+LHA/ZIP/LZX Batch De-Archiver BUG FIX
DE_TAG_V070c.lha util/arc 108K 10+KILL BBS Tags in LHA's. V0.70c. 2,278+ T
DLDC41AE.lha util/arc 86K 4+Strips BBS-Adds from lha-archives. v4.1a
DLDiz17.lha util/arc 10K 4+Extracts and shows file_id.diz.
GNUTar10_2.lha util/arc 350K 6+New GNUTar-Amiga (68000/020-030/040) V1.
HandyDMS13.lha util/arc 58K 8+GUI-Frontend for DMS. Shareware. V1.3
Knack106.lha util/arc 42K 8+GUI for DMS, LHA and LZX
LhA_e138.run util/arc 107K 159 LhA evaluation version 1.38
LZHUtils.lha util/arc 32K 5+LZH/LhA Utilities
lzx120.lha util/arc 139K 16+The Ultimate Archiver V1.20 Fixes/+Speed
MDCV1_43.lha util/arc 28K 2+Yet the best disk cruncher using xpk
MegaDMS002.lha util/arc 21K 8+GUI for DMS
PackDev1_6.lha util/arc 23K 2+Packs DFx, DHx etc., XPK support, V1.6
PKAZip.lha util/arc 68K 292+PKWare ZIP tool for amiga, GUI only. V1.
tar_compress.lzh util/arc 57K 147+Tarsplit and Compress for the Amiga.
UNPacker180.lha util/arc 13K 4+Simple GUI for decompressing LHA, ZIP, Z
uuhx_101.lha util/arc 14K 12+THE UUcoder, fast + full archive support
uuxt31.lha util/arc 109K 8+The Best UUcoder with full WB support
BGUIMenu.lha util/batch 78K 2+V1.0 of the program to create Button men
chequals.lha util/batch 8K 11+Checks for qual's and sets return code
KeyPressed.lha util/batch 2K 2+Check if keys are pressed (for scripts)
requeststring.lha util/batch 4K 12+Prompt user for string (scripts, etc.)
UpperName.lha util/batch 6K 4+Upper case filenames
BeyondTheDark.lha util/blank 162K 8+Multi Module simultaneous Blanker
BlitzBlank260.lha util/blank 641K 17+The ultimate screen blanker! (MUI)
NoGBlank_1_1.lha util/blank 73K 7+Three new modules for GarshneBlanker (up
A1200_HDPatch.lha util/boot 13K 5+Reset an A1200 without loosing HD.
BangerMenu1210.lha util/boot 27K 2+Startmenu with gui
BangerVers.lha util/boot 7K 2+Startmenu with gui
BootScreen22.lha util/boot 75K 80+BootScreen V2.2 *ALL USERS PLS DOWNLOAD*
bootselector.lha util/boot 33K 6+Select startup with mouse buttons
bs110.lha util/boot 35K 3+V1.10 select startup with mouse buttons
BSprite.lha util/boot 14K 4+Kickstart 3.0 only BorderSprite enabler
CaBoom.lha util/boot 9K 4+Windows explode on opening/closing
CaBoomSrc.lha util/boot 8K 4+Source for CaBoom
CV101.lha util/boot 7K 5+Stops scripts if disks validating.
dksound2.lha util/boot 52K 3+Changes Workbench Sounds at each boot
fixslinks_0_5.lha util/boot 24K 5+Fixes soft link problems under V37 and u
HDEnv12.lha util/boot 16K 2+Allows you to keep your ENV: dir on HD
IfQual10.lha util/boot 3K 2+Starts a program if defined qualifiers a
KPatch11.lha util/boot 6K 9+Heavy emulation of the numeric Keypad (A
LaunchPadV45.lha util/boot 45K 4+Best Launcher for applications (hotkey,m
MemDisplay.lha util/boot 5K 11+Memory tester for startup-sequence
ModePro4_0.lha util/boot 48K 2+Screenmode promotion utility.
MouseCase21.lha util/boot 19K 3+Handles upto 8 diff. options by mouse (+
MultiStar2_0s.lha util/boot 56K 8+Choose program from startup-sequence
PatchAsl.lha util/boot 5K 11+Patch asl.library so that all requesters
PatchChunky.lha util/boot 2K 7+Patches for Gfx/WritePixel?8->Chunky
PatchWPA8.lha util/boot 4K 3+Fast patch of WritePixelArray8 & WPL8
PicBoot.lha util/boot 40K 8+Show IFF/GIF picture during boot. V2.7.
PPrefs202.lha util/boot 48K 12+Screenmode promotion utility
PROP3d_4027.lha util/boot 9K 10+Improve the look of the GadTools proport
RNDBackdrop.lha util/boot 4K 6+Two ARexx scripts for putting a random p
ShadowStart13.lha util/boot 14K 5+Disables WBStartup/User-Startup on bootu
SpeakEasy.lha util/boot 7K 5+Make requesters 'speak'
SpeedLoad_1_2.lha util/boot 6K 7+A WB-Startup Tool "Launch Selector"
SUO.lha util/boot 12K 12+Startup-Optimizer 1.0
SuperPass21.lha util/boot 36K 9+A password system for startup. FREE!
SysBoot04.lha util/boot 33K 2+Booting from Amiga or Shapeshifter, SFS
TheChoice.lha util/boot 13K 7+TheChoice V1.05 - Simple Program Selecto
ToolMgr21a.lha util/boot 24K 6+Small update for ToolManager 2.1
ToolMgrBin.lha util/boot 490K 122+ToolManager 2.1 (Binaries and Documentat
WarpCoreBreach.lha util/boot 1K 10+Warpcore breach for warpengines(TM)
WBStartupPlus.lha util/boot 17K 12+Expands WBStartup capabilities.
XLDrive_patch5.lha util/boot 12K 8+Fixes output redir. on HighDensityPatch
AKeys.lha util/cdity 10K 2+V1.7 a commodity that controls the Amiga
AWSM_09beta.lzh util/cdity 13K 8+Animated Busy Pointers in hires for AGA
CBE4a.lha util/cdity 48K 6+Add history to ClipBoard. Now with DataT
cx23.lha util/cdity 56K 10+Exchange clone, bugfixed
devman13.lha util/cdity 32K 2+Devs and Storage drawers manager v1.3
EasyPatch078.lha util/cdity 9K 11+The Requester Patcher
FlipIt21.lha util/cdity 43K 9+Flip through screens with hotkeys.
mcx20pb2.lha util/cdity 35K 6+Multi Function Commodity
NewMode_V37.lha util/cdity 63K 2+Screen promoting utility
PopFile.lha util/cdity 10K 4+Pop-up filerequester commodity, V1.1
PowerSnap22a.lha util/cdity 54K 83+Snap and paste anywhere using the mouse.
pphone20.lha util/cdity 23K 5+Handy phone/address book commodity
RecallV30.lha util/cdity 237K 18+THE ULTIMATE REMINDER-UTILITY!
Remind1_52.lha util/cdity 55K 2+Never forget an important event again.
SleepPointers.lha util/cdity 111K 5+Animated Busy Pointers in hires for WB3.
SPC.lha util/cdity 4K 6+Screen Palette Control. OS3.0+ only.
TaskPriHandler.lha util/cdity 2K 5+TaskPriHandler v1.0
Yak210.lha util/cdity 208K 2+Yak 2.10 - multi-purpose commodity
Yak210src.lha util/cdity 214K 2+Yak 2.10 C source code.
AddMem.lha util/cli 2K 7+V1.0, adds non config memory boards
aman_1_14.lha util/cli 65K 8+MrMan-like manual browser (needs FDB & M
bbs_view.lha util/cli 5K 7+Displays ASCII/ANSIS like a BBS. V1.13
CDRun.lha util/cli 3K 6+CD and Run a command all in one go V1.1
Erase.lha util/cli 9K 4+1.1 Deletes a file so that it can't be r
HeadTail11.lha util/cli 12K 9+Show first/last n lines/chars of a file.
iuw_clitools.lha util/cli 23K 2+A bunch of very simple CLI tools
magic.lha util/cli 4K 6+Tells what format a file is
RandomFile.lha util/cli 2K 7+V1.0, randomly copies a file from a dir
RedrawWb.lha util/cli 2K 11+A Workbench redrawer
remdoubles.lha util/cli 1K 4+Removes double lines in sorted text-file
REQ.lha util/cli 10K 11+Use file requester to get args in cli
reset100.lha util/cli 3K 12+Resets your computer with asking first!
ShortRel.lha util/cli 4K 3+32bit relocations<->16bit (squeeze exe)
vAvail.lha util/cli 7K 2+Avail replace with Virtual memory suppor
WhatIs.lha util/cli 67K 68+Shared lib that recognizes file types
WOIST.lha util/cli 17K 11+Find files in sub-dirs
AMInd2DBmist.lha util/conv 9K 6+Converts AmiNet Index to DataBase Import
I2DB.lha util/conv 11K 5+Customizable Aminet Index Converter
Tab2Space.lha util/conv 2K 12+Convert any tab to space V1.0
ExtInfoDutch.lha util/dir 8K 6+Big Dutch database for ExtensionInfo
FM30B23.lha util/dir 210K 5+Dirutil with internal multitasking
RO_V104.lha util/dir 270K 10+MUI-Based FileManager
ams.lha util/dtype 16K 73+Sun audio (.au) and X-Bitmap datatypes.
BMPdt404.lha util/dtype 12K 4+Bmp picture datatype v40.4 for >= OS 3.0
cdt.lha util/dtype 108K 2+C.datatype 39.14 highlights c/c++ keywor
clidt.lha util/dtype 26K 6+V39.1 displays stdout of a cli-cmd (lha,
FontDT_1_1.lha util/dtype 22K 9+DataType for Amiga fonts
fpVOC_dt40_2.lha util/dtype 13K 34+Simply the best VOC datatype around!
fpWAV_dt40_2.lha util/dtype 12K 34+Simply the best WAV datatype around!
GIFdatatype_39.lha util/dtype 5K 129+GIF datatype for OS 3.0 and up
jfif_FIX.lha util/dtype 4K 39+Bugfix for JFIF/JPEG datatype (AGA)
JpegDataType.lha util/dtype 28K 108+A JPEG datatype, 3.0+ and '020+ required
MultiPrint.lha util/dtype 11K 6+Datatype based printer driver V39.0beta
png_dt.lha util/dtype 76K 12+PNG DataType v1.0
PostScriptDT.lha util/dtype 4K 53+PostScript DataType V39.0
textdtpatch.lha util/dtype 9K 10+Patches text.datatype to support searchi
TIFFDT.lha util/dtype 37K 2+V40.3 to read TIFF files. Includes 24 bi
tx16wDTr2.lha util/dtype 5K 34+Sounddatatype: Yamaha TX16W 32Bit/OS3.0
WPGdtype.lha util/dtype 15K 21+Datatype for wpg images, V 39.0
ZGIFDT39_16.lha util/dtype 7K 13+The FASTEST gif.datatype there is.
ispell_bi.lha util/gnu 644K 7+Very powerful spell checking. V3.1.18p2
ispell_Dansk.lha util/gnu 352K 7+Danish dictionary for Ispell-3.1.18
ispell_sr.lha util/gnu 861K 7+Very powerful spell checking. V3.1.18p2
asl_v42_0.lha util/libs 111K 10+ASL filerequester 42.0, configurable
ExpName14.lha util/libs 11K 2+Decodes manufacturer and product ID (V1.
FIDLib70.lha util/libs 138K 4+File-Identify Library V7.0
FileID612.lha util/libs 140K 7+File-Identify Library V6.12
gutil_upd_3652.lha util/libs 53K 12+V36.52 of GadUtil.library (beta/devel)
iff_library_23.lha util/libs 74K 90+IFF graphics library
Maestix39_00.lha util/libs 71K 12+Library supporting MPro hardware, V39.00
tri14usr.lha util/libs 212K 3+Triton GUI creation system. r1.4 usr
ast_101.lha util/misc 391K 11+Aminet Search Tool (bugfix) V 1.01 with
Atebeta4d.lha util/misc 246K 2+My answer to Adobe Type Manager(tm)
BioZ2.lha util/misc 35K 1+Biorythms (french only)
BootUte_v2_61.lha util/misc 68K 6+System degrader - needs 2.04+
CLILuck14.lha util/misc 22K 3+CILuck1.4 for random LOTTO nums!
ClipHan_1_1.lha util/misc 10K 9+DOS handler for easy access to Clipboard
ComAmNetV12b.lha util/misc 28K 11+Comments & moves files found in aminet-I
Compare1_31.lha util/misc 30K 8+Compares 2 files and displays discordanc
DaSayTime.lha util/misc 77K 3+Says what time it is!
EasyElements.lha util/misc 21K 8+Utility for chemical elements.
EasyVerbs.lha util/misc 6K 2+Irregular verbs database
Executive.lha util/misc 429K 2+Task manager and scheduler (V1.00)
find361.lha util/misc 6K 9+Locate/process files. Small & powerful!
GadMget2_05.lha util/misc 93K 6+Aminet RECENT browser V2.05
GermanCat.lha util/misc 17K 6+Deutsche Kataloge zu Iconian, SnoopDos,
IFFMaster14.lha util/misc 104K 5+Show IFF struct & chunk contents. MUI Ap
IntuiCookie12.lha util/misc 24K 2+Fast Intuition fortune cookie program
JConMouse.lha util/misc 2K 12+Control mouse using joystick (German)
lcontrol152.lha util/misc 166K 11+Control cameras (LANC/5-Pin-EDIT) w/ Ami
MagicMem10.lha util/misc 2K 2+Software memory emulation. (ala XPK)
MailTime.lha util/misc 5K 8+Time needed to send mail to countries
MemoryTest.lha util/misc 22K 11+Memory tester
mr_compare.lha util/misc 52K 8+Compare 2 files with graphic display
MUIResi10.lha util/misc 11K 11+MUI-App, Transl. for resistor col codes.
mum10.lha util/misc 33K 6+(Primitive) Mail/News scripts for MultiU
PatchDevice.lha util/misc 1K 2+Patch any device/unit to other name/unit
PHN_CD39.lha util/misc 179K 6+File_id.Diz to Comment converter for DOP
phoenix_int.lha util/misc 48K 6+The Ultimate Cheat-Editor !!
publicity1_4.lha util/misc 9K 12+Shell-based PubScreen manager
ReqProcessor.lha util/misc 6K 6+Intercepts EasyRequestArgs() and execute
ScriptMaker20.lha util/misc 15K 12+Generates HD Install script
stereocr.lha util/misc 141K 4+Encrypt any file to pseudo stereograms
StormNum12.lha util/misc 34K 2+StormNum1.2, Quite useful lotto optimize
Surveymem3_0.lha util/misc 70K 3+"Memory-Availer",extremely configurable,
syn1_04.lha util/misc 163K 8+UK Lottery syndicate program. Version 1
turd_v1_0_0.lha util/misc 65K 11+Relay board steering prog.German guide.
VMMInformer1_1.lha util/misc 34K 3+Graphical statistics prg for use w/ VMM
vmmstat.lha util/misc 27K 2+Show statistics on VMM (MUI)
VMM_V3_2.lha util/misc 240K 3+Virtual memory for Amigas with MMU
winarng068b.lha util/misc 81K 10+Window sorting tool for the active scree
WreadFiles47.lha util/misc 123K 31+Enhanced vocal text file reader
asp.lha util/moni 39K 1+Amiga Scan Program version 1.2 required
BBMONi050.lha util/moni 126K 3+BigBrotherV0.50 Non-System 680x0 Monitor
DhrystonePack.lha util/moni 115K 11+UN*X port (SAS adapted), incl. binaries
MSFU.lha util/moni 15K 2+Multi-files Find/Replace CLI tool
scout24.lha util/moni 269K 11+System monitor (MUI and AmiTCP optional)
SetMemPri11.lha util/moni 2K 5+Set Memory Region Priority
SnoopDos30grm.lha util/moni 5K 8+German catalog for SnoopDos V3.0
gzip124x2.lha util/pack 63K 75+gzip-1.2.4 RESPIN 2, GNU archiving util
lsdxms12.lha util/pack 133K 3+X-Mash 1.2 - Disk Compressor Using XPK!
OptXPK.lha util/pack 3K 12+V0.9, find the best xpk packer for any f
PackXv1_3.lha util/pack 17K 3+XPK Shell packer; with Gfx Progress and
PPDecrunch10.lzh util/pack 13K 147+Pipeable PowerPacker Decruncher
xPackIt17.lha util/pack 9K 3+CLI xpk file cruncher/decruncher
xpkGZIP_1_0.lha util/pack 26K 3+Xpk GZIP sublibrary v1.0 (ZLIB v0.93)
xpkPWPK10.lha util/pack 10K 5+PowerPacker based xpk sub library
xpkRAKE_V1_7.lha util/pack 9K 2+A packer for the xpk-package, V1.7
FontCataloguer.lha util/rexx 1K 11+Font cataloguer for Final Writer 2/3 (AR
FWAsynPrnt.lha util/rexx 1K 6+Asynchronous printing in final writer
fwprofscript20.lha util/rexx 16K 5+Section/master page script for FW
fwsectionsc1_2.lha util/rexx 16K 5+Section script for Final Writer+ bug fix
InfraRexx1_6b.lha util/rexx 159K 4+Infrared Remote Control<>ARexx Interface
lha2lzx.lha util/rexx 2K 6+ARexx script to convert lha arcs to lzx
Scion2html.lha util/rexx 18K 5+Genealogy html's from Scion data bases
VerCtrl_1_16.lha util/rexx 34K 6+AREXX Script Management System (Uses Opu
csh547.lha util/shell 196K 2+C-Shell (csh) 5.47, CLI replacement
csh547src.lha util/shell 141K 2+C-Shell (csh) 5.47, Source (SAS/C)
GNUTar_fix.lha util/shell 116K 5+GNUTar with UNIX compatible file protect
LList.lha util/shell 14K 5+Fast and flexible List replacement
ZShell.lha util/shell 144K 4+CLI with REAL pipes and TAB-FNCompletion
ZShellSrc.lha util/shell 80K 3+Assembler source code for ZShell V2.7
DirII.lha util/sys 13K 12+Replacement for DIR and LIST. V3.3
ExtraInfo.lha util/sys 164K 5+Deluxe Replacement for WB2+ Info, V1.3
FontPrefs.lha util/sys 46K 4+Triton based Font preferences
HWGQueue.lha util/sys 3K 12+Drop-In Replacement for buggy C= queue-h
MegaFormat02.lha util/sys 10K 11+MUI frontend for the format command
nopainrename.lha util/sys 140K 6+Batch filename renaming utility
tlist008.lha util/sys 14K 6+Turbo list command replacement v0.08
ClockWatcher.lha util/time 5K 11+Checks if your clock has crashed.
FiloFax_v10.lha util/time 190K 12+Electronic agenda (German)
GCBPlanerV3_13.lha util/time 310K 2+The flexible diary with Toolmanager
MyClock_1_31.lha util/time 8K 12+Wonderful screen bar Clock w/ ARexx port
NISClock172.lha util/time 11K 5+Many Options. Vanishes for Prefs change.
Olt12.lha util/time 7K 11+Incremental timer window
ScreenClock.lha util/time 25K 12+V1.72: date/time/mem in curr. screenbar
S_Clock_3_2.lha util/time 132K 11+Uhr mit Termin-Manager(Deutsch)
taxSched12.lha util/time 78K 4+Schedulemanager for your Amiga. Uses MUI
bxrec225.lha util/virus 70K 2+BootX Recog 2.25 (27.8.95)
trsivw55.lha util/virus 551K 2 V5.5 of the Amigaviruskiller by M.Schmal
VCBrn122.lha util/virus 8K 5+Version 1.22 of Virus_Checker brainfile.
VChck658.lha util/virus 127K 8+Version 6.58 of Virus_Checker. Amiga Vir
VChk716.lha util/virus 135K 2+Version 7.16 of Virus_Checker. Amiga Vir
VList125.lha util/virus 15K 3+List of dangerous archives, fakes, progs
vt2_76.lha util/virus 749K 2+V2.76 of the famous Viruskiller by H.Sch
AppIconPatch13.lha util/wb 3K 11+Patch appicons to use different image 1.
ClassAction.lha util/wb 91K 2+Handle ALL file formats (V2.7)
DTpref.lha util/wb 71K 5+Prefs-Editor for Datatypes with GUI
IconChief.lha util/wb 35K 11+WB-Patch, faking Default-Icons for diffe
itools_2_01.lha util/wb 175K 6+OptIcon,Icon2c,IconMaker (featuring DOpu
jfif_dtc util/wb ? 39+New JFIF/JPEG datatype (OS 3.0+)
KillOldIcon11.lha util/wb 9K 6+Remove oldicon image from NewIcons
lsdasc12.lha util/wb 115K 3+Associate V1.2 - Adds icon to files, VER
lupe.lha util/wb 11K 7+A simple lens, OS 3.0 or higher, source
MagicC11.lha util/wb 328K 5+Most config. analogous Clock;Bugfix+New
MagicC12u.lha util/wb 47K 4+Most config. analogous Clock;Update
MagicEYE.lha util/wb 20K 7+Magic Eye's for Workbench (MagicWB and N
MakePatPrefs.lha util/wb 6K 5+Another random WBpattern chooser, easy t
MCP105r.lha util/wb 390K 8+The ultimate MagicCX replacement !
Mouseki_1_13.lha util/wb 35K 11+Mouseki v1.13 - An on screen keyboard ut
NewEdit19.lha util/wb 7K 2+Additional functions in string gadgets
opticon_1_9.lha util/wb 58K 9+Optimize icons for size/speed, gen. C co
PointerClick.lha util/wb 3K 4+Animated 'pointing hand' mousepointer
PointerEyes4_1.lha util/wb 65K 11+Eyes on screen titlebars watch your poin
RetroWB.lha util/wb 12K 6+Presets for OS 3.0 to look like 1.3
SetBuf128.lha util/wb 19K 9+GUI based AddBuffers with device info.
SetPens1_0.lha util/wb 1K 2+Use 3 bitplane icons on >8 color screens
set_iconV2_1.lha util/wb 22K 11+V2.1 of icon utitlity
SW1_1.lha util/wb 59K 8+Public Screen Manager
SystemPrefs301.lha util/wb 68K 2+Preferences for CPU (up to 68060) and RA
TimePiece.lha util/wb 18K 4+V1.0 Application launcher, Shows OnlineT
TinyMeterV31pb.lha util/wb 119K 3+Shows memory, volumes & time/date, MUI-P
WBAlias1_0.lha util/wb 9K 4+Creates Alias for program/drawer/volume
WBStartupPlus.lha util/wb 25K 3+V2.0 Expands WBStartup capabilities.
windowtiler21b.lha util/wb 12K 8+Arrange windows in many ways
Zoom10.lha util/wb 3K 4+Shortest zoomer of frontmost screen

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