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WELCOME TO AMINET CD 25 @{" Deutsch " link AMINET25:Guides/Misc/LiesMich/main} Copyright 1998 @{"Urban Müller" link Author} Once more, the CD is completely filled with new material, but again some files (mostly mods) had to be deleted for lack of space. The contents are: 980M of @{" new stuff " link NewStuff } out since the making of @{" Aminet CD 24 " link Aminet24} 4M of @{" commercial " link AMINET25:Games/ReadMe/main} games (oldies but nice to play) For the following types of data we have special guides: @{" Games " link AMINET25:Guides/Games/main} A list of all games sorted by quality @{" Demos " link AMINET25:Guides/Demos/main} An index of compatible demos, sorted by quality @{" Pictures " link AMINET25:Guides/Pics/main } A database with scaled down versions of the images @{" Mods " link AMINET25:Guides/Mods/main } A list of all mods sorted by style and rating Information is also available on: @{" New features " link Features } What the previous CDs didn't have @{" Access software " link Software } Find, Prefs, and all the other tools @{" Customizing " link Custom } How to adapt Aminet CD to your taste @{" Troubleshooting " link Troubles } What to do if problems occur @{" What is Aminet " link Aminet } Information about our distributed archive @{" Accessing Aminet " link Access } How to download directly from Aminet @{" Submitting " link Submitting} How to get your software onto Aminet. @{" Ordering " link Ordering } Where to order Aminet CDs and subscriptions @{" Disclaimer " link Disclaimer} Legal mumbo jumbo plus virus warning @endnode ============================================================================ @node Author "About the author" The guy who selected, arranged, documented and sorted the contents of this CD for you is me, Urban Müller, the main administrator of Aminet. All the support software is from me, too. You can reach me at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. if you have any feedback about this CD. If you ever wanted to know what my job at Aminet is: @{" juggling gigs " system "AMINET25:Tools/mp AMINET25:Guides/Misc/juggling-gigs.mpg"} Well illustrated by an MPEG animation of me juggling harddisks at a meeting. Also available a @{" still " system "AMINET25:Tools/VT DEFAULT AMINET25:Guides/Misc/juggler.jpg"} image at better resultion. Not shown: Lots of even shorter runs :) Of course this CD would not have been possible without the help of the countless people involved in the administration of Aminet, not to mention the thousands of uploaders. Special thanks go to: Martin Schulze - for beta-testing and other help with Aminet Lars Eilebrecht - for beta-testing Thomas Strauss - for beta-testing Matthias Scheler - for co-moderating Aminet and PowerGuide Yours truly.... Urban Müller @endnode ============================================================================ @node Subscriptions "Subscriptions Subscriptions Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe GmbH in Germany offers subscriptions Aminet CD subscriptions. See this @{" order information " link Ordering}. You may want to ask you local dealer if he offers subscriptions, too. @endnode ============================================================================ @node OlderCDs "Previous Aminet CD's" Previous Aminet CDs As you probably know, the Aminet archive has much more material than fits on a single CD. If you want all of it, you all Aminet Sets. @{" Aminet Set 6 " link AminetSet6} The complete Aminet since Set 5, and Wordwoth 5 (Mar 98) @{" Aminet Set 5 " link AminetSet5} The complete Aminet since Set 4, and OctaMed SS (Jun 97) @{" Aminet Set 4 " link AminetSet4} The complete Aminet since Set 3, and DirOpus 5 (Jan 97) @{" Aminet Set 3 " link AminetSet3} The complete Aminet since Set 2, and Imagine 4 (Jul 96) @{" Aminet Set 2 " link AminetSet2} The complete Aminet since Set 1 (Nov 95) @{" Aminet Set 1 " link AminetSet } The complete Aminet on a newly made 4 CD set (Jan 95) @{" Aminet CD 24 " link Aminet24 } The latest stuff and IBrowse 1.2SE @{" Aminet CD 23 " link Aminet23 } The latest stuff and TurboCalc 3.5 @{" Aminet CD 22 " link Aminet22 } The latest stuff and Wordworth 5 SE @{" Aminet CD 21 " link Aminet21 } The latest stuff and Personal Paint 6.4 @{" Aminet CD 20 " link Aminet20 } The latest stuff and Wildfire @{" Aminet CD 19 " link Aminet19 } The latest stuff and CanDo 2.5 @{" Aminet CD 18 " link Aminet18 } The latest stuff and XTreme Racing @{" Aminet CD 17 " link Aminet17 } The newest, the best, and PersonalWrite @{" Aminet CD 16 " link Aminet16 } The newest, the best, and 1700 mods (Dec 96) @{" Aminet CD 15 " link Aminet15 } The newest, the best, and 200 MPEG movies (Nov 96) @{" Aminet CD 14 " link Aminet14 } The newest, the best, 300 biztools & TurboCalc (Oct 96) @{" Aminet CD 13 " link Aminet13 } The newest, the best, 200 anims and MainActor (Aug 96) @{" Aminet CD 12 " link Aminet12 } The newest, the best, 900 mods and OctaMED (Jun 96) @{" Aminet CD 11 " link Aminet11 } The newest, the best, 700 maps and XiPaint (Apr 96) @{" Aminet CD 10 " link Aminet10 } The newest, the best, 2000 fonts and PageStream (Feb 96) @{" Aminet CD 9 " link Aminet9 } The newest, the best, and 900 games (Dec 96) @{" Aminet CD 8 " link Aminet8 } The newest, the best, and 2000 mods (Oct 95) @{" Aminet CD 7 " link Aminet7 } The newest, the best, and 9000 pictures (Aug 95) @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Aminet24 "Aminet CD 24" Aminet CD 24 - The latest stuff and IBrowse 1.2SE Aminet CD 24 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Mar 3rd. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. The contents are (after decompression): 930M of software newer than Aminet CD 23, consisting of: 450 Mods 250 Utilities 200 Games 200 Pictures/Anims 800 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD is the Web browser IBrowse 1.2SE Aminet CD 24 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet23 "Aminet CD 23" Aminet CD 23 - The latest stuff and TurboCalc 3.5 Aminet CD 23 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is Jan 2nd. This CD is completely filled with new material. The contents: 960M of software newer than Aminet CD 22, consisting of: 350 Mods 300 Tools 250 Pictures 200 Games 150 Communications programs 650 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD is TurboCalc 3.5 Aminet CD 23 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet22 "Aminet CD 22" Aminet CD 22 - The latest stuff and Wordworth 5 SE Aminet CD 22 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Nov 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. The contents are (when uncompressed): 930M of software newer than Aminet CD 21, consisting of: 450 Mods 300 Games 300 Utilities 250 Communications programs 800 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD is the word processor Wordworth 5 SE Aminet CD 22 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet21 "Aminet CD 21" Aminet CD 21 - The latest stuff and Personal Paint 6.4 Aminet CD 21 contains 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Sep 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. Some of the new stuff even had to be omitted. The contents are (when uncompressed): 970M of software newer than Aminet CD 20, consisting of: 550 Mods 250 Games 250 Utilities 200 Pictures 200 Communications programs 600 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD is Personal Paint 6.4 Aminet CD 21 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet20 "Aminet CD 20" Aminet CD 20 - The latest stuff and Wildfire Aminet CD 20 contains 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Jul 2nd. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. Some of new stuff even had to be omitted. The contents are (when uncompressed): 970M of software newer than Aminet CD 19, consisting of: 650 Mods 300 Pictures 250 Utilities 250 Communications programs 200 Games 800 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD is the animation processor WildFire. Aminet CD 20 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet19 "Aminet CD 19" Aminet CD 19 - The latest stuff and CanDo 2.5 Aminet CD 19 contains 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from May 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. Almost 700M of of new stuff had to be omitted. The contents (when uncompressed): 940M of software newer than Aminet CD 18 Consisting of: 450 Mods 300 Utilities 250 Games 250 Pictures 250 Communications programs 700 Files of other categories The commercial highlights of the CD are CanDo 2.5 and AmiAtlas 1.3 (the latter only in German). Aminet CD 19 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet18 "Aminet CD 18" Aminet CD 18 - The newest stuff and XTreme Racing Aminet CD 18 contains over 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from March 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. In fact, almost 300M software from The Party 96 had to be omitted. The he space is used as follows: 1033M of software newer than Aminet CD 17 Consisting of: 700 mods 400 pics 300 tools 250 communications programs 250 games 700 files of other categories Also included is the 3D racing game XTreme Racing. Aminet CD 18 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet17 "Aminet CD 17" Aminet CD 17 - The newest stuff and PersonalWrite Aminet CD 17 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Jan 2nd. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. The space is used as follows 941M of software newer than Aminet CD 16 Consisting of: 500 mods 350 pics 250 tools 250 communications programs 150 demos 700 files of other categories Also included is the commercial word processor Personal Write. Aminet CD 17 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet16 "Aminet CD 16" Aminet CD 16 - The newest, the best, and 1700 mods Aminet CD 16 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Nov 2nd, only one month after the previous CD. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on mods. The space is used as follows: 610M of software newer than Aminet CD 15 370M of mods from various sources 30M of top downloads These consist of: 1700 mods (!) 200 pics 200 tools 150 comms programs 500 files of other categories Aminet CD 16 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet15 "Aminet CD 15" Aminet CD 15 - The newest, the best, and 200 MPEG movies Aminet CD 15 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Oct 4th, only one month after the previous CD due to fast growth of Aminet. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on movies. The space is used as follows (uncompressed): 470M of software newer than Aminet CD 14 250M of MPEG movies 70M of top downloads These consist of: 200 MPEG movies 200 mods 200 communications tools 200 utilities 150 pictures 500 archives of other categories Aminet CD 15 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet14 "Aminet CD 14" Aminet CD 14 - The newest, the best, and 300 biztools Aminet CD 14 contains about 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Sep 1st. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates business tools. The space is used as follows (uncompressed): 840M of software newer than Aminet CD 13 110M of business software 70M of top downloads 8M of commercial software: TurboCalc 2.1 with manual The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 500 mods 350 communications tools 300 pictures 300 business tools 250 utilities 800 archives of other categories Aminet CD 14 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet13 "Aminet CD 13" Aminet CD 13 - The newest, the best, and 200 anims Aminet CD 13 contains about 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Jul 1st. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on animations and animating. The space is used as follows (uncompressed): 780M of software newer than Aminet CD 12 (410M newer than Set 3) 200M of integrated animations 20M of top downloads 2M of registered shareware: The animation editor MainActor MainActor is probably the best animation editor for the Amiga; it knows many formats including MPEG. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 450 mods 300 utilities 300 communications programs 250 pictures 200 animations 900 archives of other categories Aminet CD 13 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet12 "Aminet CD 12" Aminet CD 12 - The newest, the best, and 900 mods Aminet CD 12 contains, again, about 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from May 1st. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on music and music making. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 760M of software newer than Aminet CD 11 (yet another record) 300M of music modules, many of them multichannel 75M of music software, the complete mus/ directory 10M of instruments for composing 10M of top downloads from Aminet 5M of commercial software: OctaMED 5, Symphonie 2.4 and SoundFX OctaMED V5 is a very popular editor for music modules with up to 8 tracks. It has no restrictions but is not the latest version. The tracker Symphonie has a built-in 14-bit playing routine that achieves a high sound quality. The version on CD is restricted to 8 tracks. Finally there is the excellent sample editor SoundFX (registered version) in its 68000 version only. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 900 mods from Aminet and other sources 400 music related programs 300 utilities 300 communications programs 900 files from other categories plus 700 instruments in large archives with a separate index. Aminet CD 12 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet11 "Aminet CD 11" Aminet CD 11 - The newest, the best, and 700 maps Aminet CD 11 contains, you already guessed it, about 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from March 2nd. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on maps collected from various sources. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 670M of software newer than Aminet CD 10 (all time high!) 150M of high resolution maps covering most areas of the world 80M of top downloads 20M of commercial software: XiPaint 3.2, full version XiPaint is a nice 24-bit paint program that works gfx boards and just about any image format. It is licensed to the buyer of the CD only, and not freely distributable. Check the upgrade offer that comes with it. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 500 mods, most of them new 200 utilities 200 communcations programs 800 programs of other categories plus 700 maps in 24-bit JPEG format, covering most areas of the world. The maps have an index that is sorted by continent, and a search facility. Aminet CD 11 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet10 "Aminet CD 10" Aminet CD 10 - The newest, the best, and 2000 fonts Aminet CD 10 contains, once more, over 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from January 3rd. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on fonts collected from various sources. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 520M of software newer than Aminet CD 9 330M of fonts, each font in several formats 170M of top downloads ... plus two special highlights: PageStream 2.2, unrestricted, with manual+upgrade deal TypeSmith 2.5 (latest), slightly restricted, with similar deal These two excellent programs give you an absolutely top of the range DTP combination. They are licensed to the buyer of the CD only, and not freely distributable. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 650 mods, most of them new 300 utilities 300 communications programs 700 programs of other categories plus 2000 fonts in Postscript, Intellifont and bitmap format, stored in large archives but easy to preview and extract. All fonts are hinted for better appearance, and most fonts are available in all formats. Aminet CD 10 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet9 "Aminet CD 9" Aminet CD 9 - The newest, the best, and 900 games Aminet CD 9 contains, as usual, over 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from November 4th. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on games from various sources. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 500M of software newer than CD 8 (280M newer than Set 2) 330M of games 100M of electronic books 100M of top downloads These consist of: 930 games (directly startable) 640 mods 300 docs 140 pictures 90 demos ...plus 2400 utilities of all kinds. Aminet CD 9 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet8 "Aminet CD 8" Aminet CD 8 - The newest, the best, and 2000 mods Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet7 "Aminet CD 7" Aminet CD 7 - The newest, the best, and 9000 pictures Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet6 "Aminet CD 6" Aminet CD 6 - The newest, the best, and 1800 demos Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet5 "Aminet CD 5" Aminet CD 5 - The newest, the best, and 1000 games Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet4 "Aminet CD 4" Aminet CD 4 - The newest, the best, and 1700 mods Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet3 "Aminet CD 3" Aminet CD 3 - The newest and the best from Aminet Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet2 "Aminet CD 2" Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet1 "Aminet CD 1" Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet "Aminet Set 1" Aminet Set 1 - The complete Aminet on 4 new CDs As you probably know, there is a big archive behind all those Aminet CDs. Aminet Set finally brings you the complete archive on four newly created CD-ROMs. If you already have several Aminet CDs, buying the Aminet Set still makes sense for the following reasons: 1. Even if you have all Aminet CDs, you still lack a lot of software from Aminet. And the less CDs you already have, the more additional software you get from the set: If you already have The set gives you an additional Aminet CD 1,2,3,4,5 467M of Aminet software Aminet CD 2,3,4,5 512M of Aminet software Aminet CD 3,4,5 851M of Aminet software Aminet CD 4,5 1191M of Aminet software Aminet CD 5 1681M of Aminet software 2. Aminet Set 1 presents its data more nicely than the previous CDs. As you can see on this CD, all games and demos can be started directly, the images are in a nice image data base, and the modules are presented in a list that is sorted by style. Also, there are a lot of German descriptions as well as a Fish and a SaarAG index. This is missing on the older CDs but present on Aminet Set, so buying some of the same data a second time can make sense. 3. Aminet Set 1 is better organized than the previous CDs. Until now, the Images from Aminet have been scattered on all the Aminet CDs. Aminet Set brings them all on the same CD, just as all other types of data. Also, using Aminet Set you can search the complete Aminet very quickly and easily, including a very fast full text search of all the .readme files. Aminet Set costs US $39.95 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet2 "Aminet Set 2" Aminet Set 2 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs As you probably know, there is a big archive behind all those Aminet CDs. Aminet Set 2 brings you the complete new archive on four CD-ROMs. If you already have several Aminet CDs, buying the Aminet Set still makes sense for the following reasons: 1. Aminet Set 2 completes Aminet Set 1 to give a complete snapshot of the Aminet archive. 2. Aminet Set 2 presents its data more nicely than the previous CDs. As you can see on this CD, all games and demos can be started directly, the images are in a nice image data base, and the modules are presented in a list that is sorted by style. Also, there are a lot of German descriptions as well as a Fish and a SaarAG index. 3. Aminet Set 2 is better organized than the previous CDs. Until now, the Images from Aminet have been scattered on all the Aminet CDs. Aminet Set brings them all on the same CD, just as all other types of data. Also, using Aminet Set you can search the complete Aminet very quickly and easily, including a very fast full text search of all the .readme files. Aminet Set 2 costs US $45 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet3 "Aminet Set 3" Aminet Set 3 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs, plus Imagine 4 Aminet Set 3 contains close to 4 gigabytes (when uncompressed) of freely distributable Amiga software on 4 newly mastered CDs. There are 9000 archives from the following categories: 2000 Mods (directly playable) 1500 Images (directly viewable) 1300 Games (directly startable) 800 Communications programs 400 Demos (directly startable) 3000 Utilities and applications Aminet Set 3 contains all the Aminet data found on Aminet CD 9 to 12 plus 250M of other software that was on none of these: 170M of integrated modules and 80M of 3D objects to go with Imagine. This software will not appear on any subsequent CD. Only 150M of the software on Set 3 were found on Set 2 already. Also, 400M of material newer than Aminet 12 are included. Included in Aminet Set 3 is a completely unrestricted version of the excellent ray tracer Imagine 4.0 (only one version behind the current edition). There is also a tutorial for it (in English and German) plus additional docs, but no manual. Also, there are upgrade discounts for the following programs found on the CD: - Imagine can be upgraded to the latest version for $125 + shipping - XiPaint can be upgraded to the latest version for DM 59 + shipping - OctaMED can be upgraded to SoundStudio for UKP 25 to 30 incl. shipping - The Imagine PD CD can be obtained for $20.00 incl. shipping, $10 off Aminet Set 3 costs US $45 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet4 "Aminet Set 4" Aminet Set 4 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs, plus DirOpus 5 Aminet Set 4 contains close to 4 gigabytes (when uncompressed) of freely distributable Amiga software on 4 newly mastered CDs. The newest archive on is dated January 3rd CD 16. There are 7700 archives from the following categories: 2800 Mods (directly playable) 1200 Images/Anims (directly viewable) 700 Communications programs 500 Games (directly startable) 400 Demos (directly startable) 2100 Utilities and applications Aminet Set 4 contains all the Aminet data found on Aminet CD 13 to 16 plus 510M of software that is newer than Aminet 16. Only 40M of the software on Set 4 was found on any earlier Set. The commercial highlight on Aminet Set 4 is Directory Opus 5.11, which is almost the latest version. Also included are some programs from earlier Aminet CDs like TurboCalc 2. Aminet Set 4 costs US $35.95 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet5 "Aminet Set 5" Aminet Set 5 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs, plus SoundStudio Aminet Set 5 contains close to 4 gigabytes (when uncompressed) of freely distributable Amiga software on 4 newly mastered CDs. The newest archive on is dated June 1st. There are 7700 archives from the following categories: 2300 Mods (directly playable) 1200 Images/Anims (directly viewable) 600 Communications programs 600 Games (directly startable) 400 Demos (directly startable) 2300 Utilities and applications Aminet Set 5 contains all the Aminet data found on Aminet CD 17 to 19 plus 500M of software that is newer than Aminet 19. For the first time, the Set contains material (hundreds of megabytes) that won't appear on single CDs for lack of space. The commercial highlight on Aminet Set 5 is the music editor OctaMED SoundStudio in its latest and unrestricted version. SoundStudio can handle up to 64 simultaneous tracks in 16-bit quality. Aminet Set 5 costs US $35.95 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet6 "Aminet Set 6" Aminet Set 6 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs, plus Wordworth 5 SE Aminet Set 5 contains close to 4 gigabytes (when uncompressed) of freely distributable Amiga software on 4 newly mastered CDs. The newest archive on is dated February 2nd. There are 7500 archives from the following categories: 2000 Mods 1000 Images and animations 800 Games 700 Communications Programs 400 Demos 2600 Other utilities and applications Aminet Set 6 contains data from Aminet CD 19 to 23. 440M of the material are newer than CD 23. Several commercial programs are on the Set: Wordworth 5 SE (word processor), TurboCalc 3.5 (spreadsheet), Wildfire registred (anim editor) and Personal Paint 6.4 (paint program). Aminet Set 6 costs US $35.95 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode ============================================================================ @node NewStuff "New stuff on this CD" New stuff since Aminet CD 24 All of the software on this CD is newer than Aminet CD 24 (snapshot date is May 1st). As mentioned before, this CD does not quite contain all the new material uploaded to Aminet since the previous CD was made; some mods had to be deleted for lack of space (unplayable and low rated mods first). The best way to browse the new files is looking at the @{" directory " link "AMINET25:Lists/Index_Dir/main"} sorted new files index of this CD. Select your general area of interest, and then hit the 'Browse' button in AmigaGuide to hop from directory to directory. Another approach is to check the @{" charts " link "AMINET25:Guides/Charts/main"} of most downloaded files, where most of the files listed are new (the very latest have been omitted, tho). Finally, check the list of @{" recommendations " link RecommendNew} of the most interesting new files. And of course you can check the new files index sorted by @{" directory " link "AMINET25:Lists/Index_Dir/main"}, by @{" name " link "AMINET25:Lists/Index_Name/main"} or by @{" age " link "AMINET25:Lists/Index_Age/main"}, or @{" search " system "AMINET25:Tools/Find IN Index_Dir"} for something in the CD index. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node RecommendNew "Recommended new uploads" The following are, in my opinion, a few highlights among the new software on this CD. Not mentioned here are mods, games, pix and demos, since their highlights are mentioned in their own index files. Also have a look at the many e-zines in docs/mags. @{"ElasticDreamsE.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View biz/demo/ElasticDreamsE.lha"} biz/demo 4.8M 6 @{"Realtime image morphing software" link ":Aminet/biz/demo/ElasticDreamsE.readme/main"} @{"AmiComSysMUI.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View comm/net/AmiComSysMUI.lha"} comm/net 178K 1 @{"V1.18b Personal Communicator (MUI) Needs AMarquee." link ":Aminet/comm/net/AmiComSysMUI.readme/main"} @{"rxsocket.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View comm/tcp/rxsocket.lha"} comm/tcp 26K 4 @{"Bsdsocket functions for arexx macro" link ":Aminet/comm/tcp/rxsocket.readme/main"} @{"BarflyDisk2_00.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View dev/asm/BarflyDisk2_00.lha"} dev/asm 600K 2 @{"Barfly 2.00(68k+PPC) ASM Development System(Giftwa" link ":Aminet/dev/asm/BarflyDisk2_00.readme/main"} @{"FormatZIP.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View disk/misc/FormatZIP.lha"} disk/misc 11K 4 @{"Format Iomega ZIP drives for MSDOS PCs" link ":Aminet/disk/misc/FormatZIP.readme/main"} @{"xfs.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View disk/misc/xfs.lha"} disk/misc 201K 1 @{"V2.12b3 Multi filesys+.device, pc+mac+.." link ":Aminet/disk/misc/xfs.readme/main"} @{"Accelerators.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View docs/help/Accelerators.lha"} docs/help 9K 1 @{"The Amiga Accelerator Guide" link ":Aminet/docs/help/Accelerators.readme/main"} @{"irit70PPC.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View gfx/3d/irit70PPC.lha"} gfx/3d 5.1M 4 @{"3D solid modeler (PPC binaries)" link ":Aminet/gfx/3d/irit70PPC.readme/main"} @{"mpegPPC.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View gfx/conv/mpegPPC.lha"} gfx/conv 217K 3 @{"PPC MPEG Codec (WarpOS)" link ":Aminet/gfx/conv/mpegPPC.readme/main"} @{"xpdf5c020.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View gfx/show/xpdf5c020.lha"} gfx/show 226K 5 @{"Xpdf(0.7a) - a Portable Document Format viewer (X1" link ":Aminet/gfx/show/xpdf5c020.readme/main"} @{"xpdf5c040.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View gfx/show/xpdf5c040.lha"} gfx/show 227K 5 @{"Xpdf(0.7a) - a Portable Document Format viewer (X1" link ":Aminet/gfx/show/xpdf5c040.readme/main"} @{"ppazip.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View hard/hack/ppazip.lha"} hard/hack 76K 9 @{"Iomega ZIP Parallel Interface 0.5" link ":Aminet/hard/hack/ppazip.readme/main"} @{"amiwin95.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View misc/emu/amiwin95.lha"} misc/emu 192K 5 @{"Amigaize Windows95 Environment" link ":Aminet/misc/emu/amiwin95.readme/main"} @{"amiweb2c.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View text/tex/amiweb2c.lha"} text/tex 4.8M 7 @{"Unix TeX for the Amiga." link ":Aminet/text/tex/amiweb2c.readme/main"} @{"bootprogress.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View util/boot/bootprogress.lha"} util/boot 328K 4 @{"Progress bar while booting w/ picture" link ":Aminet/util/boot/bootprogress.readme/main"} @{"mpegsdt104.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View util/dtype/mpegsdt104.lha"} util/dtype 61K 9 @{"MPEG System datatype V1.3" link ":Aminet/util/dtype/mpegsdt104.readme/main"} @{"mpegadt201.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View util/dtype/mpegadt201.lha"} util/dtype 198K 9 @{"MPEG audio datatype V2.1" link ":Aminet/util/dtype/mpegadt201.readme/main"} @{"mpegvdt204.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View util/dtype/mpegvdt204.lha"} util/dtype 644K 9 @{"MPEG video datatype V2.4" link ":Aminet/util/dtype/mpegvdt204.readme/main"} @{"xpk_Develop.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View util/pack/xpk_Develop.lha"} util/pack 100K 2 @{"V4.31 Compression package, developer cut" link ":Aminet/util/pack/xpk_Develop.readme/main"} @{"xpk_User.lha" system "AMINET25:Tools/View util/pack/xpk_User.lha"} util/pack 216K 1 @{"V4.32 Compression package, user edition" link ":Aminet/util/pack/xpk_User.readme/main"} As always, enjoy! @endnode ============================================================================ @node Features "New features" New features of this CD New for CD 25: - Tools/FindKit yields pointers to single CDs (not Sets) - Problems with faulty Deutsch guide solved - PowerGuide 2.10 is more tolerant, will read A23 and A24 Deutsch guide New for CD 22: - PicZoo now uses configured image viewer New for Set 5: - Unpacking stuff using FindKit no longer requires unneeded CDs New for CD 18: - Updated Aminet upload instructions - New MED player for DeliTracker - The following index files omitted due to lack of space: New_* Aminet_Age Aminet_Name Aminet_Dir.accel (search acceleration) and info/adt/ADT_CD* info/adt/ADT_SET* New for CD 17: - FullFind and Find now consistently use PowerGuide - Bug with Find highlighting wrong areas of description fixed - Aminet access info updated - New German subscription info New for CD 15: - @{" PowerGuide " link powerguide} 1.21 used - FindKit problems with PowerGuide fixed New for CD 14: - There is a new AmigaGuide alternative on the CD: PowerGuide. If you've currently selected AmigaGuide or MultiView as text viewer in 'Prefs', you may want to enter PowerGuide there. @endnode @node PowerGuide "PowerGuide" PowerGuide PowerGuide is a faster alternative to AmigaGuide with some extra features. Those features include a search facility and the ability to display the results of an external program in the same window, which is used for the 'Find' buttons on this CD. Select the 'About' menu item to see what you're using now. If you have saved a configuration with AmigaGuide/Multiview as your text viewer, I suggest you run @{" Prefs " system "AMINET25:Prefs"} to change that, ie enter PowerGuide as your text viewer. On the other hand you can get rid of PowerGuide if you safe preferences with Multiview as your text viewer. You may want to @{" test drive " system "AMINET25:Tools/PowerGuide AMINET25:ReadMe"} PowerGuide first. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Software "Access software" Workbench --------- Browsing: The first thing you will want to do is browse the contents of the CD. The best way to get a quick overview is having a look at the overview in this document; the very first links. Another method is to check the file Lists/New_Dir (if you already have the previous Aminet CD) or Lists/Index_Dir. Wherever you see a list of files with descriptions, you can click to archive name to start an unpack tool. You will be asked for a destination directory (the default can be chosen in 'Prefs'). After you hit return, the archive gets unpacked to where you selected. For some types of files, you can click a middle button (called 'Start' or 'Play') to view look at the archive contents directly. Some index files play directly without asking. Specifically, the file type specific index files in Guides/ behave that way (ie the Games, Demos, Pix and Mods index) as well as the top level Index and the top level Find program. On the other hand, all index files and search programs in Lists/ ask what to do with the files. In all index files you can view the .readme file for an archive by clicking the description. Searching: After you've become familiar with the contents of the CD, you will often want to search for a specific keyword in the contents of the CD. Just double click the 'Find' icon on the top level of the CD, enter the case insensitive sub string or pattern you want to look for, and you will be presented with a list of files that match your sub string anywhere on their line. If you enter more than one word, only entries matching all words will be shown; you can, for example, include a directory name in your search. You can also search the New_* and Index_* files in Lists by clicking them first and then shift- doubleclicking 'Find'. The resulting document will be of the 'View' type for the toplevel Find program and of the 'Extract' type for all other Find programs. The NewFind and AminetFind search the the list of new files and the list of all Aminet files. If you drag the FindKit drawer in Tools/ anywhere onto your hard disk, you can searche all CDs without having the CD in your drive. Using the FullFind program in the Tools directory, you can find any word in any readme of this CD. If your word is a prefix of a word in a readme, it will match. To prevent that, append a $ to your search word. You can enter several search words, separated by blanks, to see only the documents which contain all of them. See also the documentation for the tools in question: @{" Inspect " system "AMINET25:Tools/View AMINET25:Tools/Docs/Inspect"}, @{" Find " system "AMINET25:Tools/View AMINET25:Tools/Docs/Find"}, @{" FullFind " system "AMINET25:Tools/View AMINET25:Tools/Docs/FullFind"} and @{" Prefs " system "AMINET25:Tools/View AMINET25:Tools/Docs/Prefs"}. CLI/Shell --------- Using a shell is not the recommended way to access this CD. However you sometimes have no choice, e.g. when working under UNIX or MSDOS. To get familiar with the contents of the CD, I recommend having a look at the file Aminet/INDEX which contains a complete list of all files on the CD in plain ASCII. More ASCII index files found in Lists/, they end in .doc. If you find a file you are interested in, for example, docs/mags/cd32bits-0694.lha , then execute the following commands: cd Aminet/docs/mags lha e cd32bits-0694.lha ram: to unpack the contents of that archive to RAM. If you don't have the archiver LhA yet, you can obtain it from the Tools/ directory on the CD. To locate all files that contain foo anywhere in their file name, directory name or description, execute the command search NONUM Aminet/INDEX foo or just use the Aminet find tool: find foo which will output an AmigaGuide document and display it. If you want to find the files on any Aminet CD, use: find IN Aminet foo For further information read the documents on Find, FullFind and Inspect in Tools/Docs/. Useful stuff ------------ There is a very limited number of unpacked utilities on this CD in the Tools/Useful directory. They are all related to accessing the files on this CD, and you should think about installing them on your HD. - AmiCDROM is an excellent CD-ROM file system. In the improbable case that your CD filesystem has problems with the Aminet CD, just use this one. - ARCHandler lets you access the Aminet CD (or any other file system) as if all the lha files on it were directories, ie you don't need to unpack anything. Great stuff. - Degrader can disable all the advanced features of accelerated Amigas, getting many hardware-bashing demos and games to run. - ToolAlias can map one default tool name to another. This is useful if you can't change the default tool of a file but want to use a different viewer. - TrashMaster creates an App-Icon on your Workbench where you can drag icons to delete them. Handy to clean up after an archive has been extracted to RAM:. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Custom "Customizing Aminet CD" Customizing Aminet CD As you know all too well, CDs cannot be written to. This CD, however, gives you a limited possibility to shape it according to your taste. There are two possibilities, select the links for documentation: The @{" Personal " link Personal} index in the Guides drawer is an Aminet CD index like all the others, with viewing and readme displaying capabilities. The only difference is that you decide what's listed in it and what not. @{" Clones " link Clones} are tiny files that pretend to be one of the items on the Aminet CD. You can create, rename and arrange them as you like, and you can put them in WBStartup or ToolManager docks. Of course you need the CD in the drive when you want to use clones. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Personal "Your personal Aminet CD index" Your personal Aminet CD index In the Guides directory you find, among various static index files an index called 'Personal'. In the beginning it's empty. If you click 'add', you are asked for a search pattern. You can click any of the shown items to to add them to your personal Aminet index. However you need to close your Personal index and open it again in order to make the changes visible. If you press the 'sort' button, the index will be sorted by directory and subsorted by file name. Duplicate lines will be eliminated. Again, you have to close and reopen the index. With the 'edit' button, finally, you can make any changes to your personal index using your favourite editor. setenv EDITOR to determine the editor. Always use line operation (like deleting lines, inserting lines from Aminet/INDEX or reordering lines). Again, you need to reload the index to make the changes visible. The index looks as if it were stored on the CD. This is not the case, of course. The contents are stored in the file S:Aminet-PersonalX, where X is the number of your CD. You can edit or delete it there. Apart from that, the Personal index behaves like any immediate view index; ie if you click a mod in the Personal index, it will play immediately. So have a look at your @{" personal " system "AMINET25:Tools/Personal"} index. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Clones "Clones" Clones There's a few things that you cannot do in a normal Aminet CD index. For example you cannot put an item from the Aminet CD index in a ToolManager dock or a Directory Opus gadget. That's what clones were created for. Clones pretend to be the Aminet file you created them from. You can move them around, arrange them and delete them as you like. Clones can be started from CLI or from the Workbench, where they have an icon that reflects their type. Starting a clone is equivalent to clicking the according archive name in the Aminet CD index, except for the fact that the action (playing, game or demo starting) will be performed without asking for confirmation. Of course you need to have the Aminet CD in the CD-ROM drive when you start a cloned program. To create a clone, start the @{" Cloner " system "AMINET25:Tools/Cloner"} program. It asks you for a pattern and displays the files matching that pattern. You then click the item you would like to see cloned, maybe change the destination path in the upcoming requester, and hit 'Create' to confirm. Each clone takes about 3K of disk space. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Troubles "Some common problems with the Aminet CD" Multiview crashes ----------------- We've had a report that Multiview has a problem with displaying the .readme files in the new format. Just enter 'PowerGuide' as text viewer in 'Prefs' to fix this. Why are all file names upper case? ---------------------------------- For this CD, we have chosen to stick to the ISO CDROM standard. This means that the CD can be read on any system, but it also means that all files names are upper case. However, we also used RockRidge extensions, so file systems that understand them can still use mixed case. The AmiCDROM file system provided in the Tools/Useful directory will give you mixed case on the Aminet CD. Why can't I read some of the files with the Commodore CD file system? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Because it's buggy. The solution is the same as before: Install the AmiCDROM file system. It's works very nicely. Why do I have problems with by Xetec file system? ------------------------------------------------- It seems to have problems with our choice of CD formats. However version 2.0 was reported to work fine. If not, again, again: Install the AmiCDROM file system found on this CD. Nothing happens when I try to show that image/play that mod! ------------------------------------------------------------ The Aminet extraction software tries to be smart how every pic is shown or mod is played. However sometimes it fails. In those cases you can simply extract the archive and look at it by yourself. Also, you might be running out of memory, see below. I'm running out of memory! -------------------------- Viewing an image or playing a mod by clicking it in the index takes quite a lot of memory, since the index as well was the extraction program stay in memory while the picture is viewed. Solutions: - Set your extraction directory to something different from RAM:, e.g. an (existing) directory on your HD. This can be done using the 'Prefs' program. - Don't view the files directly from the index. Click on 'extract' first, then close the index, and open the directory your file was extracted to. Of course combining the two saves the most. I want to mount this CD on my BBS --------------------------------- We have Files.BBS index files in every directory, so some BBS programs can use the CD directly. Others understand our .readme format already. For MS-DOS BBSes use the index called FILES.MSD. If you would like to copy the files onto HD, you can use the file Aminet/info/adt/TRANSL.TBL (which shows origname and CD-name for each file) to restore the original file names. If you write any additional software or need indices in a different format, please contact me. I cannot use this CD with my CD32! ---------------------------------- This is due to a bug in the CD32 CDROM file system and occurs when you boot off the Network CD or something similar. You can circumvent this bug by mounting a small RAD: disk (about 49 tracks), copy the most important files from a Workbench CD there (c, libs, envarc) and boot off the RAD:. That should get the Aminet CD (and some other interesting CDs) to work. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Aminet "What is Aminet?" What is Aminet? --------------- Aminet is a library where software authors can place their freely distributable programs for others to download. The backbone of Aminet consists of about 40 computers all over the world that are linked to Internet, a computer network that connects most universities and many businesses in the world. Many other places, such as 80 BBSes, keep frequently updated copies of Aminet. Aminet is moderated. Whatever gets uploaded has to be approved before it is made available to the public. However there is no censorship; the only conditions for inclusion in the library are that every file uploaded has a description file in the correct format, and the archive itself is okay, virus free and legal. What is unique about Aminet is that large amounts of data are made available to a wide audience within a very short time. If a programmer uploads his latest release to Aminet, he can expect that it will have been downloaded and tested by one thousand people within a week. If he finds a bug in his program, he can distribute an update to the whole world within twenty four hours. In that respect, freely distributable software works far better than commercial software. You may want to read about the @{" recent " system "AMINET25:Tools/View AMINET25:Guides/Misc/30000"}, @{" older " system "AMINET25:Tools/View AMINET25:Guides/Misc/10000"} and @{" ancient " system "AMINET25:Tools/View AMINET25:Guides/Misc/5000"} history of Aminet, or find out where to @{" access " link Access} Aminet in your area. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Access "Getting access to Aminet" Where do I access Aminet? ------------------------- If you would like to get updated more often than is possible with a quarterly CDROM, you have several possibilities. By far the best way is getting yourself connected to the Internet. Several commercial networks allow access to the Internet, I however recommend a 'pure' Internet provider and not an (expensive) online service with (often inferior) Internet gateway. Once you have gotten Internet access you can use the following methods to access the latest Aminet files: - Mirrors. The normal way to access Aminet is by FTP, which comes with UNIX (program name is ftp). You can use any of the below sites. Most keep only recent files, but some have them all. Location Name Alias IP Files USA us.aminet.net ftp.wustl.edu ALL Germany de.aminet.net ftp.uni-paderborn.de ALL UK uk.aminet.net sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk ALL Italy it.aminet.net ftp.cised.unina.it ALL Sweden se.aminet.net ftp.sunet.se ALL Australia au.aminet.net ftp.livewire.com.au ALL Germany de2.aminet.net ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de 40000 Germany de3.aminet.net ftp.uni-erlangen.de 15000 Germany de4.aminet.net ftp.uni-trier.de 4000 Germany de5.aminet.net ftp.uni-bremen.de 5000 Germany de6.aminet.net ftp.uni-stuttgart.de 3000 Germany de7.aminet.net ftp.uni-regensburg.de 3000 Germany de8.aminet.net ftp.uni-kl.de 2000 Germany de9.aminet.net ftp.fh-augsburg.de 2000 Germany de10.aminet.net ftp.dosis.uni-dortmund 2000 Germany de11.aminet.net ftp.aachen.aminet.org 1000 Germany de12.aminet.net ftp.tu-clausthal.de 1000 Austria at.aminet.net vienna.aminet.or.at 30000 France fr.aminet.net aminet.grolier.fr 25000 Sweden se2.aminet.net ftp.luth.se 15000 Croatia hr.aminet.net thphys.irb.hr 4000 Switzerl. ch.aminet.net ftp.eunet.ch 2000 Denmark dk.aminet.net sunsite.auc.dk 2000 Ireland ie.aminet.net atlantis.ucc.ie 1000 Spain es.aminet.net ftp.gui.uva.es 1000 Poland pl1.aminet.net ftp.man.szczecin.pl 1000 Poland pl2.aminet.net ftp.ispid.com.pl 1000 - ADT. This is a front end for FTP that allows easy access to Aminet. Get it from misc/unix/adt.c and compile it on your UNIX box by typing 'sh adt.c' - WWW. Mosaic or Lynx are a very decent way to access Aminet. Try the URLs http://us.aminet.net/aminet , http://de.aminet.net/aminet or http://uk.aminet.net/~aminet , where you can also find pointers to other Aminet sites with WWW support. - Telnet. uk.aminet.net strikes again. You can telnet there and log in as 'sources', which gives you a UNIX account where you can download the files on src using commands like 'sz' and 'kermit', or just browse around. - NFS. NFS mounting of the archive is possible at ftp.wustl.edu (see ftp://ftp.wustl.edu/README.NFS for details), at sunsite.auc.dk (see http://sunsite.auc.dk/SunSITE/access.html for details), at ftp.uni-stuttgart.de (path /serv/serv/pub/systems/amiga/aminet) and at ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de (path /export/mdd10/ftp/pub/aminet). - Samba. Use 'net use x: \\dk.aminet.net\ftp' to access to the Danish mirror using Windows file sharing. - Finger. To find out what's been uploaded to Aminet within the last week, enter 'finger -l Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.' Accessing Aminet without Internet ------------------------------------ - CD-ROM. More than 20 Aminet CDs are available from Stefan Ossowski, Germany (Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.) or Fred Fish (Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.). The CD costs DM 25 or US$ 18. For more info check www.schatztruhe.de or www.ninemoons.com . - Get internet access. Certainly the most comfortable way to access Aminet but sometimes expensive. - Aminet mailserver. The Aminet mail server can do various things for you, like doing finds and accepting uploads, but it does not send out binaries. Send HELP to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. to find out more. - Bin mailserver. The Aminet site src.doc.ic.ac.uk has an email server that sends out uuencoded binaries. Send a message with HELP in the body to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. . You can also use Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. to retrieve files from any Aminet site, but please use an American one to save bandwidth. Send HELP there for information, too. Germans try Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser., Canadians send HELP to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. and Italias have a look at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. - Modem. The following BBSes carry up-to-date Aminet files. Most have more phone numbers than we can mention here, call to see a list of the others. Also, many offer their files in ZConnect format. The list is sorted by phone number. Country Name FIDO Phone ISDN ------- ---- ---- ----- ---- USA (MS) The Gateway 1:3604/60 (+1)601 374 2697 USA (CA) Heavy Metal 1:202/1112 (+1)619 232 4919 USA (NC) The C: Dir (+1)919 787 6211 Canada RCN Networks (+1)418 653 3099 Canada TunnelVisio 1:153/910 (+1)604 535 9826 Canada MidnightMag (+1)905 796 2931 France Ramses 2:320/104 (+33)1 45845623 Italy Amiga Pro (+39)49 604488 Italy Glass Globe 2:332/118 (+39)577 959054 Italy SpeedOfLife 2:335/533 (+39)931 833773 Switzerland Amiga Micro 2:301/819 (+41)1 3001008 (+41)1 3001009 Switzerland Helvetica 2:301/723 (+41)1 3201781 (+41)1 3201777 Switzerland Dolphins (+41)1 8450936 (+41)1 8846028 Switzerland AmiCall 2:301/722 (+41)1 9804297 Switzerland Turicum (+41)1 9918501 (+41)1 9918503 Switzerland Dive-Inn 2:301/325 (+41)22 7518103 (+41)22 7518105 Switzerland Alphanet (+41)38 414081 Switzerland LogicPalace 2:301/706 (+41)31 7320051 (+41)31 7320044 Switzerland LINKSys (+41)61 3215643 (+41)61 3832007 Switzerland AUGS BBS (+41)62 7945041 (+41)62 7945049 Austria Amiga World 2:310/72 (+43)1 5044269 (+43)1 5047701 UK Elevate 2:251/18.0 (+44)1329 319028 UK Chaos Engin 2:259/15.0 (+44)1346 510727 UK Punters P. 2:250/361.0 (+44)1943 864070 UK Borg Homew. 2:250/344.0 (+44)113 2253772 Sweden Fabbes BBS (+46)13 175065 (+46)13 145066 Germany Surprise (+49)201 329761 (+49)201 8315005 Germany Art-Line (+49)202 596003 (+49)202 2546013 Germany T.O.M. (+49)202 595267 Germany Pleasure (+49)203 431366 Germany SMachine (+49)203 4061447 (+49)203 9940127 Germany Grisubox (+49)2065 24447 Germany Karma Designs (+49)208 670722 (+49)208 628951 Germnay Golden Gate (+49)2041 262769 Germany Future Line (+49)2041 686829 Germany Blue Moon (+49)2065 66407 Germany Waldspecht (+49)208 202509 (+49)208 851334 Germany TrkPool (+49)208 851476 (+49)208 851475 Germany Hardy Box (+49)2131 101990 (+49)2131 167212 Germany Delvinor (+49)2131 549457 (+49)2131 951253 Germany Newswire (+49)2154 5011 Germany Debuwi (+49)2236 83233 Germany Candys --- (+49)221 462138 Germany Darkness (+49)2273 1096 (+49)2273 910062 Germany X-RAY (+49)228 455893 Germany CBonn (+49)228 666588 Germany SID (+49)231 448496 Germany Blanker (+49)231 815739 (+49)231 9812094 Germany Fantasie (+49)2381 675700 Germany Stingray (+49)2385 6542 (+49)2385 910031 Germany Stardate (+49)251 262506 Germany ASBM (+49)251 791650 Germany Circus (+49)281 24001 Germany AMBO (+49)30 3739293 (+49)30 37401021 Germany TERM (+49)30 4537288 (+49)30 45470171 Germany Quick (+49)40 5479638 Germany ITHH (+49)40 6064098 (+49)40 60680341 Germany DOOM (+49)4223 8355 (+49)4223 95004 Germany Flight (+49)4442 72138 (+49)4442 920362 Germany Nexus-I (+49)5242 42065 Germany Black-Z (+49)6142 46278 (+49)6142 924080 Germany 48'er 2:2468/6020 (+49)6203 180293 Germany WestCoast 2:2468/9718.0 (+49)6221 761304 Germany RudisBox (+49)6253 86677 (+49)6253 972100 Germany HIT (+49)681 399426 (+49)681 372552 Germany Groenland (+49)6824 8444 Germany Titan (+49)6826 800391 Germany ***elOutside (+49)6838 84739 Germany BrainWave 2:246/2006.0 (+49)7071 78729 (+49)7071 971213 Germany DALLAS-BBS (+49)711 588146 (+49)711 5719063 Germany Amiga Univ. 2:246/1416.0 (+49)7195 920677 (+49)7195 940130 Germany Amiga Inside2:2476/539.0 (+49)721 841292 Germany Uplink 2:246/2320 (+49)751 96217 (+49)751 793316 Germany Fairytale 2:246/2300 (+49)7541 24362 (+49)7541 930232 Germany Melting Point 2:2476/825 (+49)7663 50103 (+49)7663 912013 Germany Predator 2:2490/1140 (+49)9131 14439 Germany LSD (+49)9133 9591 Germany Turtle 2:2490/1092 (+49)911 3241044 (+49)911 3241055 Germany Lizard (+49)911 476948 Germany Incubus (+49)931 781464 (+49)931 7900200 Australia Continental (+61)2949 4256 Australia 1990 Multi 3:690/758.0 (+61)9370 3333 Japan NIFTY-Serve (+81)3 5710 6400 - Anonymous UUCP. In Germany, you can access the Aminet files at the phone numbers of Brainwave BBS (see above) using the following entry. Download the file "Aminet:INFO" for more information. anarchy Any SER 38400 ATD BBS. ..\c ogin: uanon sword: uanon In Switzerland you can use the Alphanet BBS, ~/archives/aminet, with the login nuucp. - FIDO. If you want to file-request Aminet files, you can do so by requesting the file INFO from 2:246/2006.0. The BBSes which have a FIDO node number mentioned above allow file requests. - Mailing lists. If you want to get the list of new uploads mailed every week, send a mail with 'SUBSCRIBE aminet-weekly Your Name' in the body to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or if you want daily updates, just use 'SUBSCRIBE aminet-daily' instead. Replace 'Your Name' with your real name, of course. Keep the welcome mail in case you forget how to unsubscribe and for the password you get. - Usenet. A list of recent uploads is posted every week to the newsgroups comp.sys.amiga.misc and de.comp.sys.amiga.archive. - EZINFO. This is an internet BBS in Switzerland. Here you can download by Kermit or ZMODEM, but you need to be verified to become user. Modem dial 01 251 20 02, then type 'telnet b050' to connect to EZINFO. Also try telnet kometh.ethz.ch and 'call b050' from internet. - Aminet-on-disk. You can order single Aminet files (3 DM per disk) or per-directory subscriptions (2 DM per disk) from Martin Schulze, Parkstr. 14, 66806 Ensdorf, Germany. Phone: +49 (0) 6831 506171, email Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. . Send 3 DM in stamps or $2 to get an index disk with instructions. Aminet-on-disk is available on Amiga-Floppy (880k: 3DM, 1.76MB: 5DM), SyQuest 88/105/270MB and 128MB-Magneto-Optical. (DM 0.40 per Megabyte without media costs) @endnode ============================================================================ @node Submitting "Sending software to Aminet" How do I submit something to Aminet? ------------------------------------ If you are an author of freely distributable software, you may be interested to get your software onto Aminet. Aminet gets your software to a lot of people very quickly, and is free of charge for most of its users. If you would like to get your piece of freely distributable software onto Aminet and you don't have access to the Internet, you can check the BBSes listed @{" here " link Access} if they forward uploads to Aminet. The Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. accepts uploads by email, send HELP there for instructions. If all fails, you can still send a diskette (that will not be sent back, sorry) with your upload to Martin Schulze, whose address you find in the access list as well. Be sure to read the upload @{" instructions " link "AMINET25:Guides/Misc/Uploads/main"} very carefully. Faulty submissions are in danger of being deleted. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Ordering "Ordering subsequent CD's" Order information ----------------- A new Aminet CD appears every two months. You can expect about 800M of new software on every CD, plus the currently most popular files, plus enough files from other sources to fill up the CD to its limit. Check this @{" list " link OlderCDs} of available CDs. You can order subscriptions or single CDs from the following companies: Company Offerings ------- --------- - Germany/Europe Stefan Ossowski's Aminet CDs DM 25 Schatztruhe GmbH subscriptions DM 19.80 per CD Veronikastr. 33 D-45131 Essen Aminet Sets (4 CDs) DM 59 Germany Shipping national prepaid DM 6 Phone +49-201-788778 cash on delivery DM 9 Fax +49-201-798447 Shipping Europe prepaid DM 10 Shipping overseas prepaid DM 17 Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. All major credit cards accepted, they count as prepaid. Send cash as check or in a registered letter. Subscriptions don't include shipping. For money transfers use: Deutsche Bank Essen, Bank ID 36070050, Account number 257901900 - Germany/Europe/Worldwide for dealers: GTI GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tienhen Germany Phone +49-7741-83040 Fax +49-7741-830438 Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. - Canada/USA NATIONAL AMIGA Aminet CD's $39.95CAD 1229 Marlborough Ct. #1401 Aminet Set's $69.95CAD Oakville, Ontario L6H3B6 CANADA Fax: +1-905-845-3295 Phone: +1-905-845-1949 Email: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. WWW: www.interlog.com/~gscott/NationalAmiga.html COD Shipping by Canada Post, Canpar or UPS.All Canadian orders can go COD either alone or as part of a larger order. Email is the best way to contact us. Most email is answered within 12 hours. - Italy C.A.T.M.U. s.n.c. (DICE italian dealer) Via G. Di Vittorio, 22 Aminet CDs 34900 Lit. 10023 Chieri (TO) subscriptions (4 CDs) 115000 Lit. ITALY Aminet Set call Fax: ++39-11-941.52.37 Shipping: Tel: ++39-11-941.52.37 pre-paid 5500 Lit. Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. on delivery 15000 Lit. Pagamento tramite bollettino postale su c/c postale n.28065100 intestato a: C.A.T.M.U. di Zamuner Giorgio & C. s.n.c. - Denmark Peter Broe Hvas Aminet CDs Kr. 119.- Amiga Soft subscriptions Kr. 119.- Jerbanavej 47. Aminet Set Kr. 259.- DK-4450 Jyderup DENMARK Voice/Fax: ++45 59 20 91 10 Shipping: Mail: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. pre-paid 25.- cash on delivery 40.- subscriptions free Payment by cheque, giro, postal money order or cash. Have a look at the @{" older Aminet CDs " link OlderCDs}, too. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Disclaimer "The disclaimer" Disclaimer ---------- All files on Aminet have been virus checked. However, new viruses that were unknown at the time the CD was made could still have slipped through, so we cannot make any warranties. Thus you should run a virus checker on all programs extracted from the CD to be absolutely safe. Note that, although you have paid for the CD, you don't own all the programs in it. Some of them are distributed as Shareware, which means that you have to pay for its registration if you use it regularly. Please support the concept of shareware; if a program is worth using, it's also worth paying for. You're getting the FD software on this CD is free of charge. The price of the CD just pays for the collecting and presenting it, and for the manfacturing of the CD. amigaguide.library is Copyright Commodore Amiga Inc. All programs Copyright their authors except where noted otherwise @endnode ============================================================================

Document sans nom | Local files at Aminet CD 25 on 18-May-98
| Sorted by directory and file name. Age in weeks.
| A wide version of this file can be found in info/index/
|File Dir Size Age Description
|----------------- --- ---- --- -----------
2b_XBase2072.lha biz/dbase 86K 5+Very easy2use flexible and fast database
Address.lha biz/dbase 60K 6+Small, yet powerful address database (MU
AlphaBase.lha biz/dbase 204K 5+V2.1 Universal database, English/German
AmigaBase25Mag.lha biz/dbase 6K 3+Hungarian catalog file for AmigaBase V2.
ARC.lha biz/dbase 361K 8+Recipe Program inc many example recipes
DBF_Browser.lha biz/dbase 51K 3+Manipulating data files in DBF format.
Dohodnina97.lha biz/dbase 7K 9+Calculates income tax in Slovenia
Kulinarius05.lha biz/dbase 45K 5+Receipe-Manager for Fiasco V0.5 (beta)
MsqlLib.lha biz/dbase 47K 6+Access mSQL database with a shared libra
MTRechIII_0_97.lha biz/dbase 338K 2+MT-RechnungIII Invoice program V0.97
MusicManIII.lha biz/dbase 632K 9+A must have for CD, MC... collectors
Scion_DE.lha biz/dbase 28K 8+German translation for Scion 5.07
YAAddressbook.lha biz/dbase 118K 6+Small Neat Hotkey *Address Database* 1.1
ArtStudioPro.lha biz/demo 4.1M 9+Image Database and Image Processing Tool
Dig_Universe.lha biz/demo 3.3M 4+Digital Universe demo 1.03, Astronomy s/
ElasticDreamsE.lha biz/demo 4.8M 7+Realtime image morphing software
ElasticG.lha biz/demo 4.8M 7+Realtime Morphing Programm
SamplOpus.lha biz/demo 528K 9+Samplitude Opus (3.5) DEMO
TurboCalc5.lha biz/demo 1.1M 3+Demo of TurboCalc5 - best-selling Amiga
CutNPaste.lha biz/dopus 1K 9+ARexx module adds Win95 Cut'n'Paste to D
DO5exoArcs.lha biz/dopus 4K 3+Filetypes for ZIP/GZip/TAR/TGZ/RAR/ARJ
Do5extPrefs14.lha biz/dopus 33K 7+Editor for the Opus5 envars
DOcfg.lha biz/dopus 19K 3+DirOpus4.12 nice config., many features!
DopusRaist.lha biz/dopus 15K 5+Some useful arexx scipts for dopus5
Dopus_MidiPlay.lha biz/dopus 3K 5+Arrex script to play midi files V1.1
Magnum_Opus2_2.lha biz/dopus 219K 6+336 Filetypes, AmigaGuide docs & Extras
OpusMPEGA_Plug.lha biz/dopus 78K 2+Plugins for OpusMPEGA, new GUI
OpusNIbar.lha biz/dopus 89K 4+Dopus5.5+ Toolbar NewIcons REL. 5 (110+
Opus_MPEGA.lha biz/dopus 327K 3+MPEG audio for PPC,MPEGA,Soundcards,AHI
POP3_Module.lha biz/dopus 32K 9+POP3 Module for Opus Magellan (ClassAct
SaveText.lha biz/dopus 4K 5+Speed up archiving/viewing for DOpus4.x
Ced4_Fin.lha biz/misc 12K 4+Finnish language catalogs for CygnusEd V
GestaSuite1.lha biz/misc 548K 9+Accounting Suite - Suite Comptable
HomeBank.lha biz/misc 83K 4+V1.11 Account Manager (MUI) many options
MajorBank.lha biz/misc 534K 4+V1.91 of the best bank accounts manager
cgxv41_r70a.lha biz/p5 587K 10+CyberGraphX V3 Release 70
ArtStudioProUp.lha biz/patch 597K 9+Update for ArtStudioPro V3.0 Rev4
BBase_SVE.lha biz/patch 97K 9+BancaBase SVENSKA catalog and GUIDE tran
CanonSt216bUp.lha biz/patch 1.6M 2+V2.16b Update for registered CanonStudio
Canon_St216Up.lha biz/patch 1.6M 9+V2.16 Update for registered CanonStudio
CrossDOS702.lha biz/patch 10K 6+Patches CrossDOS 7.00, 701 -> 7.02
CygnusEd_4_Upd.lha biz/patch 296K 7+Update Patch for CygnusEd 4
DS_ITA.lha biz/patch 12K 2+Italian translation for DrawStudio 2.0
Stud215c.lha biz/patch 1.0M 2+V2.15c Update of Studio Prof. Printer So
Stud216.lha biz/patch 1.1M 9+V2.16 Update of Studio Prof. Printer Sof
Stud216b.lha biz/patch 1.1M 5+V2.16b Update of Studio Prof. Printer So
CanTax_FC.lha biz/swood 14K 9+Canadian 1997 Tax Return for FinalCalc
fwml9802.lha biz/swood 8K 6+Messages about FW during February 1998
fwml9803.lha biz/swood 14K 6+Messages about FW during March 1998
FW_TipsNTricks.lha biz/swood 142K 7+Tips and Tricks - Release 16 - german
FW_TipsNTr_eng.lha biz/swood 40K 8+The real translation - Release 15 - engl
acccheck.lha comm/bbs 10K 2+Stop blacklisted user from logging on
ALC_RC10.lha comm/bbs 3K 2+Check & strip or add to archives
ALC_RCFX.lha comm/bbs 2K 2+Minor bug fix for RealCheck v1.0
avh_bc01.lha comm/bbs 3K 2+Stop low baud users logging on
avh_kl02.lha comm/bbs 5K 2+Checks if a user is validated
avh_pm01.lha comm/bbs 3K 2+Alernative front end
bjscn166.lha comm/bbs 16K 2+Reverse file lister
CAR.lha comm/bbs 9K 2+Online car racing game
cddc_10.lha comm/bbs 10K 2+Full CD access
mv_deldup.lha comm/bbs 5K 2+Delete dupe messages in DayDream message
QN07.lha comm/bbs 7K 10+Quick Note For Daydream
sertrans20.lha comm/bbs 650K 4+Shell as BBS? Accessable via Internet?
Sys_InfoV2.lha comm/bbs 48K 9+Shows some system Information to your us
trion110inf.lha comm/bbs 132K 5+Trion Shareware BBS info package V1.10
1ooCFl11.lha comm/cnet 7K 10+1oo% C/Flags - edit item-flags quick&eas
1ooCSel1.lha comm/cnet 8K 10+1oo% C/Justice - add files to user's sel
cnet_pager.lha comm/cnet 223K 8+Chat Pager Using RexxReqTools Requestors
elevatetag.lha comm/fido 43K 7+ElevateTag V1.2 (Tagline adder, or to c
MCF_Buttons.lha comm/irc 47K 8+Buttons for all your AmIRC Clients.
TeaBot.lha comm/irc 34K 6+Friendly IRC BOT addon for AmIRC !
XdccGet.lha comm/irc 23K 3+Full Mouse/Keyboard GUI for XDCC leechin
AEMail.lha comm/mail 548K 3+AEMail 1.51 E-Mail GUI w MIME/UUENCODE
Elevatetag.lha comm/mail 3K 7+ElevateTag V1.00 (Add a single tagline t
Eucalyptus.lha comm/mail 559K 2+Powerful MIME e-mail program. V1.0 publ
iris.lha comm/mail 265K 2+Email client (SMTP/POP3) V1.4
IrisUpdate.lha comm/mail 45K 2+Update Iris V1.3 to V1.4
Iris_GTB.lha comm/mail 5K 9+4 colour buttons for Iris
MagicReader.lha comm/mail 100K 5+Nice MUI offline reader
md2yam.lha comm/mail 1K 5+Convert MD2 addressbook to YAM V2
Monsoo090up.lha comm/mail 146K 2+Updates Monsoon from 0.8x to 0.90d
Monsoon090.lha comm/mail 183K 2+Mail editor, supports E-Mail/News/Fido.
MPDMailpostV2b.lha comm/mail 121K 9+*FIXED* Multiple Mail Maker. Now has YAM
Multiplez.lha comm/mail 2K 9+Multiple Email creator
PineAB2YAM.lha comm/mail 1K 4+Create YAM addressbook file from Pine ab
SignSelect.lha comm/mail 12K 8+Random quotes for mail. Update.
weazel.lha comm/mail 10K 5+Sends e-mail via POP3 using XTND XMIT
Yam2URL.lha comm/mail 4K 4+Go to URL or view HTML in YAM 2.x
YToolsNG.lha comm/mail 57K 3+V1.2 Rewrap, reformat, unmime YAM files
yvutil.lha comm/mail 3K 6+2 scripts for Voyager v2.95+ and YAM v2.
AFL_Tips.lha comm/maxs 11K 10+Tipping Set Up For The Sport AFL
CallBBS.lha comm/maxs 5K 10+Add & Display Other Bulletin Boards
CreditCard.lha comm/maxs 9K 6+Credit Cards door for online ordering.
DirScanner_14.lha comm/maxs 69K 2+Creates CD Configs for KewlCDPro, 1.4
FB10.lha comm/maxs 50K 4+FB - The fastest Max's filebase on earth
FFL_v13.lha comm/maxs 14K 10+Allows Quick Login For SysOps/Users
FLE_095.lha comm/maxs 179K 5+File Lister Express (FLE) Version 0.95 (
FLE_096.lha comm/maxs 254K 3+File Lister Express (FLE) v0.96 (Final)
FLE_Source.lha comm/maxs 174K 3+File Lister Express (FLE) Full Source Co
Fluffy_Guide.lha comm/maxs 19K 3+Fluffy Net Guide (25-Apr-98)
isminewars.lha comm/maxs 31K 4+MAXs game door, Interstella Mine Wars.
KewlPage_27.lha comm/maxs 139K 2+A feature packed pager door :), 2.7
MagicFile_42.lha comm/maxs 151K 8+Automated file menus+more for MAXs, 4.2
MAXs_0498.lha comm/maxs 90K 3+Files List: all MAXs related files
New_User_v2.lha comm/maxs 12K 6+GREMLiNS login sequence for New Users. v
No_Password.lha comm/maxs 22K 6+Users can leave msg for their Password.
offpeak01.lha comm/maxs 19K 4+Give users more time during offpeaks.
PhoneInfo_15.lha comm/maxs 62K 2+Tells users how much their call costs, 1
t_free12.lha comm/maxs 3K 4+True free downloads door, for maxs.
USER_MSG_v35.lha comm/maxs 10K 4+Another Maxs User leave Msg door.
7plusToGui.lha comm/misc 41K 2+GUI for 7plus
amicas.lha comm/misc 329K 5+Tranfer programs from/to casio CFX-9850G
AminetFilter.lha comm/misc 16K 4+1.2 - Process posts of Aminet MailLists
ami_ti.lha comm/misc 17K 6+*NEW* TI-8x <-> Amiga link program
atomic.lha comm/misc 5K 5+Amiga Worldwide Atomic Clock Synchronize
bZ_ZConnectLib.lha comm/misc 42K 8+Easy processing of ZConnect msg buffers
CrashCheck.lha comm/misc 13K 4+1.0 - Fixes up Miami logs after crash
EMail2STFax.lha comm/misc 2K 4+E-mail->fax gateway using STFax
FiDED39547.lha comm/misc 48K 5+Extracts Fileinfo (MP3/Aminet/diz suppor
LiveCam.lha comm/misc 187K 6+Your own LiveCam using VLab+CyberGfx - P
MailFilter.lha comm/misc 133K 4+Filterprogram for the ZConnect-Format (g
MakeFTPScript.lha comm/misc 2K 4+Make FTP script for UNIX system (V1.2)
MiamiLog2.lha comm/misc 16K 2+Nice&simple Miami phone log parser w/src
movelog.lha comm/misc 15K 7+Keeps AmiTCP & servers online for you
OC413pro.lha comm/misc 63K 10+Indirect Telefon Costs/Time Calculator (
PData352.lha comm/misc 45K 9+PData, transfers files between C64 and A
phonewizard13.lha comm/misc 156K 3+Answerphone for voice modems, V1.3
RecentScript.lha comm/misc 67K 9+Scripts from AmiNetIndex w. MUIRexx V1.7
rnbr.lha comm/misc 51K 6+Amateur Radio range&bearing v0.10
SendSMS.lha comm/misc 16K 3+SendSMS v0.5 for EMail2SMS Gateways
smsmaster.lha comm/misc 112K 2+Send messages to mobile phones
TTimeDeluxe.lha comm/misc 530K 2+Displays Phonecosts online (Germany only
UFT_Istec.lha comm/misc 130K 4+Configtool for Istec-Phonedevice
WMBListV1_0.lha comm/misc 288K 8+Germ. BBS-List for WWW-BROWSER(WMB V.1.0
AMarquee1_48.lha comm/net 234K 5+(68000 bugfix) TCP Data broadcast system
AmiComSysMUI.lha comm/net 178K 2+V1.18b Personal Communicator (MUI) Needs
amipx1_23.lha comm/net 50K 3+IPX support for the Amiga
INET_Offline.lzh comm/net 1K 9+Show I-Net 225 Online time & phone no. i
INET_Online.lzh comm/net 1K 9+Show I-Net 225 Online time & phone no. i
LT_UNIX255.lha comm/net 328K 5+Sistema Operacional LT-Unix, "Only portu
OffLine.lzh comm/net 1K 9+Send Offline signal to Online.miami
OnlineCon1_2.lzh comm/net 1K 9+Show Reg. Miami Online time & phone no.
PassiveOffLine.lzh comm/net 1K 9+Send PassiveOffline signal to Online.mia
WorldNews89p.lha comm/news 575K 3+World News 0.89 news reader
AmFinger1_5.lha comm/tcp 53K 5+MUI GUI Finger Client (1.5)
AmiPhone.lha comm/tcp 195K 9+V1.93: AmiTCP based voice chat program
AmIRCMPEGA.lha comm/tcp 2K 5+Mpega script for AmIRC
AmIRCSounds.lha comm/tcp 40K 6+Minimalistic sounds set for AmIRC
amphone191.lha comm/tcp 10K 2+Use "miami.phone" to calculate Internet
AmyMlDyn220.lha comm/tcp 9K 6+AmyMlDyn v2.20 - *THE* Monolith DynDNS C
BSP_WAEchoD.lha comm/tcp 7K 8+Internet Telnet Pager System
DCTel_14.lha comm/tcp 119K 8+DCTelnet Client 1.4 with file transfers
FTPMount_upd.lha comm/tcp 35K 3+Mounts FTP sites as part of a filesystem
hpy.lha comm/tcp 22K 2+Automatic offline with Miami v1.3
LedA131.lha comm/tcp 81K 3+Frontend/On-line time logger for AmiTCP
Miami3_0_Fr.lha comm/tcp 10K 9+French catalog for Miami 3.0a (H. Kruse)
Onlin201.lha comm/tcp 373K 2+Online V2.01 [GERMAN] *THE* onlinecounte
PowerWEB.lha comm/tcp 85K 7+V2.0 Easy-to-use Amiga Web Server.
rxsocket.lha comm/tcp 26K 5+Bsdsocket functions for arexx macro
SAFT.lha comm/tcp 69K 10+Clients for the SAFT protocol
TOnline_PPP.lha comm/tcp 282K 6+German TOnline-FAQ.(Internet,BTX,KIT)
VCON.lha comm/tcp 29K 5+Telnet Daemon v0.2
WebFTP_DEMO.lha comm/tcp 61K 8+WWW maintenance made easy. (ClassAct)
WebTV11.lha comm/tcp 77K 10+The ultimate webcam viewer (MUI)
AutoReply.lha comm/thor 11K 7+Auto mail responder for use with Thor
DLManager.lha comm/thor 7K 5+DLManager v1.7 - Distribution List Manag
ProcessEvents2.lha comm/thor 23K 2+Process Thor Events II V1.3
ReturnReceipt.lha comm/thor 6K 3+Automagically creates receipt messages V
SafeEdit.lha comm/thor 2K 7+Prevents posting unedited messages with
thor25_esp.lha comm/thor 13K 6+*Official* spanish translation for THOR
thor_dvi.lha comm/thor 89K 6+Thor 2.5 docs in DVI format
thor_pdf.lha comm/thor 342K 6+Thor 2.5 docs in PDF (Portable Document
thor_ps.lha comm/thor 162K 6+Thor 2.5 docs in Postscript format
billingkom.lha comm/ums 95K 3+Console-based UMS newsreader, source inc
umszco.lha comm/ums 96K 5+V1.4,ZConnect im-/exporter. German only
DanNews.lha comm/uucp 22K 9+Fast, low mem NNTP/UUCP news unbatcher
FakeUUCP0_37.lha comm/uucp 51K 2+NNTP/POP3 <> UUCP module for MicroDot
TaylorUUCP1_06.lha comm/uucp 674K 6+Amiga port of Taylor UUCP 1.06.1 , a Un*
1stLinkChe_GUI.lha comm/www 148K 8+LinkChecker in HTML-Pages GUI (2.0b3)
2b_Cashana.lha comm/www 24K 4+Changes your IBrowse cache to HTML docum
AminetReo.lha comm/www 2K 2+Reorganise Aminet downloads
autoindex2d.lha comm/www 26K 9+Generates html doc to view pictures with
AWebJFIF.lha comm/www 38K 10+AWeb-II 'official' JFIF/JPEG plugin v1.3
AWebPNG.lha comm/www 40K 10+AWeb-II 'official' PNG plugin v1.2
BookCon.lha comm/www 85K 7+Bookmark/Hotlist converter with GUI - fi
Htmlchecker.lha comm/www 8K 9+Quick HTML syntax and spelling checker
HTMLtoTeX.lha comm/www 29K 4+V2.1, Converts HTML files into LaTeX2e d
HTTPResume.lha comm/www 33K 3+Resume interrupted HTTP downloads
Hyptas.lha comm/www 1K 6+V1.0 Strips HTML tags from files
IB2Mozilla.lha comm/www 6K 6+1.3:Patch IBrowse1.2 spoof as Netscape
IBNewlook.lha comm/www 12K 5+New Buttons & Images for IBrowse 1.2
IBrowseScripts.lha comm/www 126K 3+V1.51 Handy scripts for IB and more
IBrowse_ger.lha comm/www 7K 5+German catalog file for IBrowse 1.2
IB_WebImages.lha comm/www 11K 4+Official IBrowse buttons - for Webpages!
rexxproxy.lha comm/www 4K 2+Configurable ARexx-based proxy server
shadowed_earth.lha comm/www 75K 8+Another def_TransferAnimation for IBrows
Televideo255.lha comm/www 115K 2+Televideo v2.55 - Show Italian Televideo
URLScan.lha comm/www 17K 2+Copies URLs from a text file to the clip
WebDesgnNoLib.lha comm/www 182K 9+Html editor v1.9n with Iconify
WebDesign.lha comm/www 297K 9+Html editor v1.9n with Iconify
WebFX.lha comm/www 536K 6+(V2.10) The best tool for Web Designers
ZT_IBrowsePix.lha comm/www 6K 8+Def_Picture for IBrowse 1.2
intro40k.lha demo/40k 37K 8+UUSI - CroMaTics 40k intro from SceneMee
scx_sad2.lha demo/40k 40K 3+Superautodrome 2 - Winning 40k intro fro
ATW_mdiv2.lha demo/aga 2.5M 4+Artworks Megademo IV 2 (compoversion)
avec.lha demo/aga 139K 9+Demo by E.R.S.98
AYS_Extralife.lha demo/aga 2.0M 4+Extralife by Abyss - 2nd at Mekka Symboo
bees.lha demo/aga 1.4M 8+Bees the Demo, made by ZENON
crypt.lha demo/aga 232K 9+Demo by E.R.S.98
Cute.lha demo/aga 152K 6+A song by E.R.S.98?
DC_SM98I.lha demo/aga 85K 5+Symposium/Mekka invitation/
edude.lha demo/aga 199K 8+Demo/intro by E.R.S.98, intro to Viking
Goatraince.lha demo/aga 1.8M 6+Loonies demo from The Party 97
hexen.lha demo/aga 696K 2+Hexenkuech 97 party (ZUGRIFF)
Ho_Amiga2.lha demo/aga 693K 8+Amiga Rules 2
k+s.lha demo/aga 1.5M 2+Videoclip "kraft&seele" by ZUGRIFF
knock.lha demo/aga 567K 3+Demo by E.R.S.98 (Revised)
lgp_dsd.lha demo/aga 1.5M 8+TP7 demo from Logic Probe.
MWI_Excess.lha demo/aga 324K 6+EXCESS - zine announce by Mawi
Mystic_TheLarc.lha demo/aga 2.9M 10+Mystic's winning demo from ACG Hack VII.
Nat_Kicker.lha demo/aga 2.6M 3+"Kicker" by Nature, #5 at TG98
Nat_SR2.lha demo/aga 1.1M 6+'StandardRaise 2' by Nature
PSB_Eyetarget.lha demo/aga 99K 10+EYETARGET PREVIEW - little announce of n
raven.lha demo/aga 349K 9+Demo by E.R.S.98
SCXAbduction98.lha demo/aga 496K 2+Abduction 1988 Invitation by Scoopex
SCXIfN80.lha demo/aga 672K 3+Infestation 0080/SCOOPEX, GATHERING'98
SCXIfN81.lha demo/aga 810K 3+Infestation 0081/SCOOPEX
SG.lha demo/aga 370K 9+Demo by E.R.S.98
slc_mime.lha demo/aga 2.6M 7+Mime!/Silicon (Volcanic 1998 winner)
sorg.lha demo/aga 315K 9+Demo by E.R.S.98 introducing the founder
SPO98_4K.lha demo/aga 33K 8+SPOLETIUM 98 - 4Kb Intro Entries
SPO98_64K.lha demo/aga 276K 8+SPOLETIUM 98 - 64Kb Intro Entries
SPO98_Demo.lha demo/aga 2.3M 8+SPOLETIUM 98 - Demo Entries
SPO98_Fast.lha demo/aga 234K 8+SPOLETIUM 98 - Fast Intro
SPO98_Gfx.lha demo/aga 1.6M 8+SPOLETIUM 98 - Gfx Compo Entries
SPO98_Invit.lha demo/aga 121K 8+SPOLETIUM 98 - Invitation Intro
SPO98_Mod2.lha demo/aga 3.7M 8+SPOLETIUM 98 - Modules (Part 2)
SPO98_Mus1.lha demo/aga 2.7M 8+SPOLETIUM 98 - Modules (Part 1)
SPO98_Results.lha demo/aga 2K 8+SPOLETIUM 98 - Results of the party
trsi_rse.lha demo/aga 4.2M 4+RISE by Mellow Chips/TRSi, 1st at TG98
VA_BornAgain.lha demo/aga 129K 2+BORN AGAIN - Venus Art 64kb from Rush Ho
vnt_fo2.lha demo/aga 3.6M 3+"Face Off (2)" by Venture, 4th at MS98
W9_FC.lha demo/aga 4.2M 3+FirstContact by Warp9
RMS_Asensation.lha demo/euro 1.6M 9+"(A)Sensation" by RAMSES prod.
SCXIfN079.lha demo/euro 615K 6+Infestation 0079/SCOOPEX
SCXIfN078.lha demo/file 818K 9+Infestation 0078, Pack made by SCOOPEX
Alba.lha demo/intro 60K 4+Alba - 2nd place at Spoletium 98 intro c
ays_family.lha demo/intro 39K 4+"Family Business" #4 MS98 40k by Abyss
ays_tribute.lha demo/intro 40K 4+"Tribute" #3 MS98 40k by Abyss
DKG_ArtNouveau.lha demo/intro 40K 3+Darkage's Contribution to Symp/Mekka'98
DKS_LongTrip.lha demo/intro 64K 8+Fixed version of the winning intro of TR
HardCore.lha demo/intro 64K 7+64kb from Spoletium'98 by Nah (1st place
hjb_ctrl.lha demo/intro 65K 2+Haujobb : "Control!" - 64k intro
ind_yalp.lha demo/intro 419K 2+Invitation intro by iNDUSTRY
IRS_3RD.lha demo/intro 68K 4+IRIS Intro from TG98
MWI_PointZer0.lha demo/intro 56K 6+POINT ZER0 - 64kb spell from MAd WIzards
MWI_Thud.lha demo/intro 8K 6+THUD - Mawi`s 4kb intro from Spoletium`9
MWI_X_Perience.lha demo/intro 9K 6+X-PERIENCE - 4kb by MAWI from Spoletium`
nce_cast.lha demo/intro 35K 4+Can't Stop (40k-Intro at MS98, 5th place
pht_aquale.lha demo/intro 41K 5+40 kb intro by Phase Truce
pht_together.lha demo/intro 5K 5+4 kb intro by Phase Truce
saku98.lha demo/intro 261K 7+Invitation Intro for Finnish Saku 98.
8ohms10.lha demo/mag 849K 7+Ascii pack / mag
AmigaCS_1.lha demo/mag 531K 7+First issue of the NEW CZECH DISKMAG
DemoGuide.lha demo/mag 248K 3+6th Demo.Guide with reviews and informat
DKG_ST10.lha demo/mag 2.4M 6+The New Showtime 9 by darkage!!
HDU_No8.lha demo/mag 1.2M 8+Mag & utility with graphic interface
HDU_no9.lha demo/mag 1.8M 4+Mag & utility with graphic interface
Infami04_fix.lha demo/mag 320K 9+Infamia 4 "FIX" (only exe version)
Infamia04.lha demo/mag 375K 9+Infamia 4 FIX
insomn02.lha demo/mag 1.2M 5+Insomnia 2 - Scene diskmag, works on any
jp6fix.lha demo/mag 5K 2+Music-Fix for Jurassic Pack #6
jurassicpack6.lha demo/mag 252K 4+Issue 6 of Jurassic Pack
MWI_Excess02.lha demo/mag 1.1M 9+EXCESS#2 - scene zine by Mawi
nce_xf22.lha demo/mag 448K 7+Issue 22 (march 98) of the scene news ma
SCX_Seenpoint8.lha demo/mag 1.5M 2+Seenpoint #8 - THE demo scene mag by Sco
SeenPoint8.lha demo/mag 1.5M 2+Seenpoint #8 by Scoopex [04/98]
Speed_32.lha demo/mag 809K 10+Speed #32, magpack made by NAH-KOLOR
Speed_37.lha demo/mag 783K 9+Speed #37, magpack made by NAH-KOLOR
tr4eng12.lha demo/mag 739K 2+Trashcan diskmag issue 4 (english) [1/2]
tr4eng22.lha demo/mag 556K 2+Trashcan diskmag issue 4 (english) [2/2]
tr4enggal.lha demo/mag 785K 2+Trashcan 4 gallery (english edition)
nce_msli.lha demo/slide 1.1M 3+MS98-Slideshow by NUANCE !
w9_slide.lha demo/slide 1.2M 3+Mekka/Symposium98 Slideshow by Warp9
jrm_lkr4.lha demo/sound 402K 3+DA JoRMaS: Lops Kakki Reprocess 4 (Mekka
jrm_mm68.lha demo/sound 183K 6+DA JoRMaS: MonoMeno #68 (4 Years Birthda
nce_tr10.lha demo/sound 189K 6+Chapter 10 of TRILOBYTE! by NUANCE !
nce_tr11.lha demo/sound 190K 3+Chapter 11 of TRILOBYTE! by NUANCE !
rNo_up01.lha demo/sound 706K 2+Techno UnderGround Pack-Disk
rNo_up02.lha demo/sound 740K 2+Techno UnderGround Pack-Disk
rNo_up03.lha demo/sound 473K 2+Techno UnderGround Pack-Disk
rNo_up04.lha demo/sound 560K 2+Techno UnderGround Pack-Disk
Serendipity.lha demo/sound 873K 3+Music production, with full sources
W9_KO1.lha demo/sound 473K 6+Knock Out 1 by Warp9 & HHR
10Spis_sources.lha dev/amos 35K 3+Amos source for file list maker with GUI
A3Dmodelsim.lha dev/amos 277K 2+3D sim. of radio control model jet
AMOS0298.lzh dev/amos 205K 10+Messages about AMOS during February 1998
AMOS0398.lzh dev/amos 602K 6+Messages about AMOS during March 1998
BSDSocket.lha dev/amos 4K 9+Use bsdsocket.library calls in AmosPro
DeathRide_Src.lha dev/amos 822K 3+Full AMOS sources for old "Tron" game.
fanatix.lha dev/amos 551K 9+Fanatix intros written in AMOS
LipSyncLab.lha dev/amos 251K 4+Do lip sync with sampled speech
TOME4ProUpdate.lha dev/amos 112K 7+TOME 4 Extension Crossupdate for AMOS Pr
AsmCourseSrc1.lha dev/asm 301K 9+Assembler sources for intros plus ALL to
AsmPro.lha dev/asm 144K 3+Asm-Pro V1.11 mc680x0 macro assembler
BarflyDisk2_00.lha dev/asm 600K 2+Barfly 2.00(68k+PPC) ASM Development Sys
Gauge.lha dev/asm 25K 5+Gauge-progres indicator, easy for use
In_Go.lha dev/asm 250K 5+In_Go interactive Reassembler V4.0
BDGfxLib.lha dev/basic 7K 7+V1.5 - Library for BlitzBasic
BlitzLstMar98.lha dev/basic 476K 6+Messages Posted To The Blitz List Mar 98
btp_shad.lha dev/basic 18K 9+Bb2 example of rt shadows in games.
EFMUILibSrc.lha dev/basic 36K 9+EFMUILib sources
Player614BB2.lha dev/basic 9K 10+Play Player61 modules in BB2
ShapeGen_upd.lha dev/basic 35K 9+A BlitzBasic2 shapes creator. Update fro
TextView.lha dev/basic 4K 9+Blitz Text Reader
tjernobyl.lha dev/basic 1.2M 9+Tjernobyl - halfway game
UDP_Chat.lha dev/basic 57K 3+UDP funcs for Blitz- good for Net games
ASAP.lha dev/c 49K 5+ASAP - Amiga Software Authoring Platform
BCC_IconifyBut.lha dev/c 7K 8+BCC tutorial. Effective BOOPSI programmi
CLib37x.lha dev/c 36K 8+Example.library in 100% C (SAS/Storm/Max
crcPPC.lha dev/c 71K 8+Fast CRC tools & sources (PPC and 68k)
crcWOS.lha dev/c 43K 8+Fast CRC tools & sources (PPC,WarpOS)
ilbm2raw.lha dev/c 6K 6+Converts ILBM to RAW. Makes coplists
MemPools.lha dev/c 26K 9+Fast malloc() replacement, v1.3
Oui.lha dev/c 362K 5+Object User Interface
ProcessILBM.lha dev/c 5K 6+IFF-ILBM file processor
pkginfo.lha dev/cross 8K 5+A Newton toolkit (info, split and cat)
toti.lha dev/cross 2K 10+Creates .86p files for TI-86
babelfix.lha dev/debug 12K 2+Fixes Enforcer and 68060.library
Blowup.lha dev/debug 29K 3+Catches and displays task errors
enforcer.lha dev/debug 86K 3+Enforcer 37.72, supports 68060.
Sashimi.lha dev/debug 13K 4+Enhanced drop-in replacement for Sushi
Wipeout.lha dev/debug 63K 4+Traces and munges memory and detects mem
beginner_ita.lha dev/e 167K 2+E Beginner guide for italian user
CatalogObj.lha dev/e 9K 5+Use locale catalogs as E objects
dclistview.lha dev/e 38K 9+EasyGUI PLUGIN: Double-clickable listvie
doomwad.lha dev/e 79K 8+An Amiga E module to load/decode DOOM Wa
EasyPLUGINs.lha dev/e 150K 7+V1.7 - Collection of EasyGUI PLUGINs.
ELst9802.lha dev/e 41K 9+All Feb 98 msgs on the AmigaE Mailing Li
ELst9803.lha dev/e 81K 5+All Mar 98 msgs on the AmigaE Mailing Li
Estuff.lha dev/e 58K 6+E Source and Useful Little WB Programs
newgui.lha dev/e 379K 10+GUI-Creation-Engine (with many Features)
PlayTHX.lha dev/e 103K 2+Play THX and THX2 modules.
sorting.lha dev/e 4K 9+Sorting algorithms in E
SvensModules.lha dev/e 65K 8+My modules for Amiga E
xfd.lha dev/e 7K 5+XFD V38 includes for E
cybergl39_12gc.lha dev/gcc 19K 4+Develop CyberGL programs with gcc
nrcobol_1d.lha dev/lang 290K 10+COBOL compiler V1.0d. ANSI85. GUI + Cli.
Backbo2ex.lha dev/misc 749K 3+Example Files for Backbone2
Backbo2main.lha dev/misc 535K 3+V2.01 NEW! OS Friendly, Game Creator!
Backbone1.lha dev/misc 691K 7+V1.20 Game Creator for many Game Types
BoulderEngine.lha dev/misc 191K 6+Boulder Dash engine in C. Fast! + source
CGraphX_DevKit.lha dev/misc 37K 9+CyberGraphX Developer Kit Release IV
FD2Pragma.lha dev/misc 77K 2+V2.68 creates pragma, inline, ... files
HeadShrink.lha dev/misc 7K 10+Removes comments from header files. v1.0
Istar.lha dev/misc 496K 5+Knowledge Based System Inference Net Bui
Localizer1_38.lha dev/misc 175K 8+A Locale Development Tool
ppcpack.lha dev/misc 54K 2+Docs about PPC Coding
Revisor11.lha dev/misc 11K 6+Revisor V1.1 Version and revision bump
vahunz.lha dev/misc 203K 3+Make source code un-/more legible
w2_gw_src.lha dev/misc 602K 3+Source etc of Groundwars (NC.Gamez)
WatchMem.lha dev/misc 14K 2+BugFix & new feature: V1.5 - Observe mem
bcc.lha dev/mui 66K 9+BCC v3.5 to best solution for MUI/BOOPSI
GenCodeC.lha dev/mui 108K 8+C-Generator (v2.2g) for MUIBuilder
MCC_LayGroup.lha dev/mui 15K 8+Automatic object layout within a group
MCC_MimeEditor.lha dev/mui 79K 10+MUI custom class for editing MIME files
MCC_NList0_80.lha dev/mui 167K 4+MUI List clone with horiz scroll and muc
MCC_TextEditor.lha dev/mui 204K 6+Texteditor custom class for MUI
mui38dev_bb2.lha dev/mui 204K 9+MUI Developer package for Blitz Basic 2
SortCopy.lha disk/bakup 16K 6+Tiny directory/link/backup/copy program
fda.lha disk/cache 208K 7+BEST! caching, use the unused Memory V0.
amibonlex.lha disk/cdrom 45K 8+Viewer for (Swedish) CD-ROM Bonniers Lex
HeavyMetalID10.lha disk/cdrom 31K 6+CDDA IDs for HeavyMetal CDs 1.0
MakeCDczechC.lha disk/cdrom 32K 5+Czech catalog for MakeCD V3.1b
MakeCDdanskC.lha disk/cdrom 30K 4+Danish catalog for MakeCD V3.1b
MakeCDfrancaiC.lha disk/cdrom 32K 4+French catalog for MakeCD V3.1b
MakeCDgreekC.lha disk/cdrom 33K 5+Greek catalog for MakeCD V3.1b
MakeCDitaliaC.lha disk/cdrom 32K 5+Italian catalog for MakeCD V3.1b
MakeCDmagyarC.lha disk/cdrom 32K 3+Hungarian catalog for MakeCD V3.1b
MakeCDsvenskaC.lha disk/cdrom 30K 5+Swedish catalog for MakeCD V3.1b
TP070.lha disk/cdrom 78K 2+V. sexy SCSI CD player done in Blitz 2!
2b_ChgOwn.lha disk/misc 2K 5+MultiUser file's owner changer
adfblitzer.lha disk/misc 40K 6+A program to write & read adf-files!
DiskBusy.lha disk/misc 6K 5+Software replacement for disk drive's LE
Format64.lha disk/misc 49K 3+V1.03 Format replacement w/ >4GB support
FormatZIP.lha disk/misc 11K 5+Format Iomega ZIP drives for MSDOS PCs
HDOffGUI.lha disk/misc 90K 7+Triton GUI for HDOff noise saver, V1.7
Park.lha disk/misc 4K 3+Park HD units
radman.lha disk/misc 50K 10+RAD disk manager with a GUI. V0.9
xfs.lha disk/misc 201K 2+V2.12b3 Multi filesys+.device, pc+mac+..
ZipCovers_TNF.lha disk/misc 139K 9+4 Zip Covers Template for PageStream3
DriveManager16.lha disk/moni 84K 9+Shows the FULL Info of your Drives.
SV_PPC.lha docs/anno 3K 3+SuperView-Library powerUP (TM) Infos - P
ukx98f.lha docs/anno 18K 6+Invitation Ukonx Party'98 (FRENCH)
Accelerators.lha docs/help 9K 2+The Amiga Accelerator Guide
AmigaDOS_Guide.lha docs/help 344K 6+AmigaDOS 1.3 Persian Guide
ascii_table.lha docs/help 5K 9+ASCII-Table for amiga.
HardDrive.lha docs/help 10K 4+The Amiga Hard Disk Guide
PrinterG.lha docs/help 11K 4+The Printer Guide
Share_Amiga2PC.lha docs/help 11K 4+FAQ: Sharing files between PCs and Amiga
agbbs98html.lha docs/hyper 163K 4+AGBBS (List BBS's Spain in HTML)
amdoti.lha docs/hyper 12K 3+AMigaDOsTIps.guide only German
AmiDosTips.lha docs/hyper 14K 3+DOS-Tips.guide only German
AMIGAz23.lha docs/hyper 16K 9+AMIGAzette 23 index (French)
AMIGAz24.lha docs/hyper 22K 6+AMIGAzette 24 index (French)
BibelGuide01.lha docs/hyper 533K 2+The holy bible in AmigaGuide, searchable
calcgames.lha docs/hyper 15K 8+Games & progs for Casio fx-7300G calc.
DreamGuide.lha docs/hyper 162K 2+List of DREAM's CD in Amigaguide (Amiga
droids.lha docs/hyper 18K 9+Star Wars-Droids-Technical Manual
EFMUILIBger.lha docs/hyper 22K 8+German Guide for MUI Developer package f
f1gp_hof.lha docs/hyper 33K 5+Amiga F1GP Hall of Fame (April 1998)
Imploder_guide.lha docs/hyper 19K 7+TurboImploder4.0 Amigaguide(!) document
Lyrics24.lha docs/hyper 1.2M 2+Update Lyrics v2.3 To Lyrics 2.4 (over 5
Lyrics_223.lha docs/hyper 577K 7+Update Lyrics v2.21 To Lyrics 2.3 (over
nagano_guide.lha docs/hyper 13K 6+All Nagano olympic results (polish only)
PathfinderAG.lha docs/hyper 321K 6+German AG to Pathfinder Projekt
ReqChoice.lha docs/hyper 8K 10+RequestChoice.guide only German
sitelist.lha docs/hyper 4K 7+Real time audio site list
UpgradeWB.lha docs/hyper 12K 6+Guide on Upgrading and Enhancing Workben
VFAQG_HTML.lha docs/hyper 49K 6+German V1.7 FAQ for Voyager - HTML Editi
VFAQ_HTML.lha docs/hyper 43K 7+V1.7 FAQ for Voyager - HTML Edition
VoyagerGuide3.lha docs/hyper 307K 6+GERMAN ONLY guide to the StarTrek Voyage
whota111.lha docs/hyper 3.6M 9+What's Hot On The Amiga Magazine V1.11
X_Treme.lha docs/hyper 174K 6+GERMAN HTML of X-Treme Motion Pictures
ys_app.lha docs/hyper 91K 5+Your Sinclair - A Celebration (AmigaGuid
Aminet_CD_24.lha docs/lists 52K 3+Aminet CD 24 index and description
Aminet_Set_6.lha docs/lists 187K 6+Aminet Set 6 index and description
DevGuide.lha docs/lists 37K 6+Biggest Guide of Amiga Devices -11-
DIREct1.lha docs/lists 32K 5+Index (AG) of DIREct 1 CD
DTypeGuide.lha docs/lists 41K 6+Biggest Guide of datatypes -13-
LibGuide.lha docs/lists 160K 6+Biggest Guide of Amiga libraries -26-
Mac_Compliste.lha docs/lists 263K 2+V1.3 - New Shapeshifter-Complist
Aakt0398HTML.lha docs/mags 292K 9+AMIGA aktuell - German news magazine (HT
Aakt498GUIDE.lha docs/mags 103K 6+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt498HTML.lha docs/mags 283K 6+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt498_GFX.lha docs/mags 382K 6+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt598GUIDE.lha docs/mags 95K 2+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt598_GFX.lha docs/mags 436K 2+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
AIOV11.lha docs/mags 192K 6+Amiga Information Online Issue 11 (MARCH
am2_8htm.lha docs/mags 187K 5+The Amiga Monitor: March 1998 (2_8) HTML
AmZ_4_AG.lha docs/mags 128K 6+German Online-Magazine for AMIGA. AGuide
AmZ_4_HT.lha docs/mags 232K 6+German Online-Magazine for AMIGA. HTML-E
Dadamag2.lha docs/mags 1.0M 4+International cult mag #2 (italian)
Dadamagag.lha docs/mags 73K 9+International cult mag #1 (italian)
dc6_html.lha docs/mags 620K 10+DoubleClick Issue 6, HTML Version
FT_Online2_98.lha docs/mags 1.1M 10+German Amiga Magazin (FunTime) - Online
FunTimeGUI2_98.lha docs/mags 117K 9+Fun Time 2/98 Guide Version
gadget35.lha docs/mags 536K 4+German Freeware Magazine
hp18html.lzh docs/mags 2.5M 3+HousePool - Issue 18 (Apr/May) HTML
JGPreview.lha docs/mags 447K 2+New System Zine for Polish sceners, MUI
NoCover50.lha docs/mags 1.4M 5+Great german diskmagazine
PAmiga_3.lha docs/mags 1.8M 10+PowerAmiga #3 - HTML Turkish Amiga Mag
PAmiga_4.lha docs/mags 1.1M 5+PowerAmiga #4 - HTML Turkish Amiga Mag
phase6_10.lha docs/mags 165K 8+Phase6 - German Disk-Mag issue #10
REFClub_Info.lha docs/mags 53K 2+Infos about the REFLECTIONS-User-Club
Reflector039I.lha docs/mags 596K 2+HTML mag for REFLECTIONS users (German)
regular.lha docs/mags 622K 8+Revised "Fixed" version of "The Cracked
Regular2.lha docs/mags 43K 8+Newsflash!!! Wrong address in first disk
scene_02.lha docs/mags 1.3M 10+First Austrian Online Amigazine, Feb.98
scene_03.lha docs/mags 900K 6+First Austrian Online Amigazine, Mar.98
Starmag12.lha docs/mags 649K 7+Ultimate German Diskmag, DECRUNCH IT!
ACG_Legacy_1.lha docs/misc 4.9M 6+The story of the amiga in a very special
Afl.lha docs/misc 418K 3+Australian Football League scores
JPEG_FAQ.lha docs/misc 2K 5+The (progressive) JPEG FAQ, V1.0 (10.4.9
KeyCheck.lha docs/misc 14K 10+Documentation for KeyCheck
MacEmuSur.lha docs/misc 1K 5+PPC Mac Emulator Survey
ManualDOS3espa.lha docs/misc 186K 4+AmigaDOS 3.x manuals' spanish translatio
Studio0198.lha docs/misc 160K 5+UUCP of the STUDIO 16 Mailinglist JAN/98
Studio0298.lha docs/misc 165K 5+UUCP of the STUDIO 16 Mailinglist FEB/98
Studio0398.lha docs/misc 98K 5+UUCP of the STUDIO 16 Mailinglist MAR/98
Studio0498.lha docs/misc 185K 2+UUCP of the STUDIO 16 Mailinglist APR/98
TeamAMIGA0398.txt docs/misc 6K 9+Team Amiga Application
worldcup.lha docs/misc 140K 9+Statistics of soccer World Cups ('30-'94
wzonka_lad_doc.lha docs/misc 71K 5+Wzonka-Lad - Gameboy emulator extra Guid
Blizzard603e.lha docs/rview 3K 2+Blizzard PPC 603e/166 Review
CrossDos7.lha docs/rview 3K 2+Crossdos 7.0x Review
3DSB.lha game/2play 76K 9+A new 3D game(v1.1) for 2 players
amitron.lha game/2play 452K 9+V2.42d, Tron-like game with many feature
BattleDuel.lha game/2play 1.8M 4+The *ULTIMATE* artillery game V1.7.85
BDFlag_NOR.lha game/2play 7K 8+Norwegian flag anim for BattleDuel 1.6.1
blob.lha game/2play 251K 2+Ultimate 8-player platformer
Duell.lha game/2play 62K 3+BattleDuel-Game, pl. shoot at same time
duenix.lha game/2play 387K 6+Wormy linedrawing game (like Dune3)
FightingSpirit.lha game/2play 665K 6+A Full Contact clone game, up to 10 play
Forest.lha game/2play 570K 9+A 2 players game, balistic kind of game.
ForestFight.lha game/2play 618K 6+A 2 players game, balistic kind of game.
NTSCV11.lha game/2play 246K 2+Ultimate 8-player Dogfight - NTSC v1.1
PALV11.lha game/2play 247K 2+Ultimate 8-player Dogfight - PAL v1.1
scl_prvg.lha game/2play 34K 4+32K game by CineTech & SCL! -GAME- .
skirmish_ntsc.lha game/2play 246K 2+Ultimate 8-player Dogfight - NTSC v1.1
skirmi_pal11.lha game/2play 247K 2+Ultimate 8-player Dogfight - PAL v1.1
AmiGuess.lha game/actio 681K 2+Humerous Guessing Game
ccalpha.lha game/actio 376K 5+Collision Course Alpha
rokkit.lha game/actio 128K 10+Simple and addictive spaceship game.
SoapStar.lha game/actio 180K 2+Humerous Puzzle Game
StixNTrax.lha game/actio 851K 2+Humerous Ice Hockey Game
tr2_full.lha game/actio 684K 2+Full Turboraketti2 gravity game release!
Wingnuts.lha game/actio 1.0M 3+Psychedelic multiplayer flight-thingy
barricadewb.lha game/board 11K 9+Classic board game
borne.lha game/board 142K 6+Borne a small card game
CyberCardZ02b.lha game/board 328K 3+CyberCardZ is a "8*8" like Solitaire-Gam
dada.lha game/board 124K 6+Dada a small game for young kid
Imperial.lha game/board 351K 4+Oriental board game using MahJong tiles.
ReversiHR.lha game/board 95K 4+Reversi/Othello clone (cro)
solitarexx.lha game/board 120K 9+Another multi-solitaire program (+ REKO
Stratego.lha game/board 1.1M 8+Detailed version of the game Stratego.
StrategPrefs.lha game/board 55K 8+ToolType Editor for Stratego.
StrategUpdate.lha game/board 42K 7+Detailed version of the game Stratego.
AS_Cockpit98.lha game/data 13K 7+F1GP Cockpit Design
CART_1998.lha game/data 5K 6+CART ('98 season) datafile for F1GP-Ed
F1GP_1998.lha game/data 5K 2+1998 season data for F1GP-Ed (26.4.98)
inca.lha game/data 64K 6+A WormsDC level from ANCOR
jurassic.lha game/data 71K 6+A WormsDC level from ANCOR
MaP_Music.lha game/data 1.3M 2+New cardset for MarryAmPic
MD_DIDDL.lha game/data 13K 10+Diddl DIY for Worms DC
NaughtyWorms.lha game/data 73K 6+Another Worms Level Collection
OboyWorms.lha game/data 883K 5+Funny samples for WormsDC (English)
SWOS_Swe.lha game/data 7K 2+Updated Swedish league for SWOS(04/25/98
SZWorms1.lha game/data 66K 6+9 custom levels for WORMS.
XTR_RK_V1_5a.lha game/data 7K 3+1 updated track for Xtreme Racing
aajetfix.lha game/demo 14K 8+Vulcans-JETPilot Binbrook Bug Fix
aajetman.lha game/demo 246K 8+Vulcans-JETPilot German Lang Addon
G3DCpreview.lha game/demo 1.7M 2+Gloom 3 - The Director's Cut Preview
intgolf.lha game/demo 306K 9+Cool golfing game from F1Software
MYST_1.lha game/demo 677K 5+MYST playable demo (AGA and video board)
MYST_2.lha game/demo 759K 5+MYST playable demo (AGA and video board)
MYST_3.lha game/demo 2.3M 5+MYST playable demo (AGA and video board)
MYST_4.lha game/demo 2.2M 5+MYST playable demo (AGA and video board)
MYST_5.lha game/demo 4.5M 5+MYST playable demo (AGA and video board)
MYST_6.lha game/demo 4.6M 5+MYST playable demo (AGA and video board)
MYST_7.lha game/demo 5.3M 5+MYST playable demo (AGA and video board)
OloFight.lha game/demo 824K 4+OloFight playable demo v1 - THE BEAT'EM
OloFi_snaps.lha game/demo 493K 4+OloFight snapshots - THE BEAT'EM UP -
Patidemo.lha game/demo 663K 6+Playable demo of a new platform game
QuakePlayer096.lha game/demo 6.0M 6+Full install (code+PAK) of QuakePlayer v
QuakeP_096code.lha game/demo 264K 6+Updated (v0.96) code for QuakePlayer
The3IslandsPV.lha game/demo 2.2M 7+Great new 256 color adventure game
Super.lha game/gag 20K 2+Best Program around!
AB3Dedit.lha game/hint 383K 3+Alien Breed 3D II LevelEditor V3.00
N64CheatGuide.lha game/hint 583K 6+Nintendo64 Cheat Guide NEW V.1.2 (only G
Nintendo64.lha game/hint 826K 5+Nintendo64 hint database (German)
Playstat.lha game/hint 671K 9+Playstation Cheats & Sol in ENGLISH
SettlersLast.lha game/hint 24K 3+Final save game file for the Settlers
BodeRunner08.lha game/jump 446K 3+LodeRunner game (1 or 2 simultaneous pla
boulderdaesh.lha game/jump 2.0M 5+Best BoulderDaesh 1:1 Clone V4.20 RTG
boulderupdate2.lha game/jump 325K 2+BoulderDaesh RTG V4.20+ -> V4.21
GatorManiaDemo.lha game/jump 452K 5+Gator Mania V1.3 Platform Game. Written
Kangy_demo1_02.lha game/jump 202K 8+Guide a kangaroo collecting fruits
ADooMUI10.lha game/misc 59K 9+New MUI GUI for ADoom - v1.0
ahs.lha game/misc 57K 6+'Sequel' to ALS: Advanced Hammering Sim
breakoutv98b_2.lha game/misc 423K 8+The extra files for breakout. Incl. edit
BSGE1.lha game/misc 60K 2+Strategi Game Enhancer for Battletech ga
c5sim.lha game/misc 303K 8+Race Sinclair C5s around a track!
FootyGame.lha game/misc 39K 6+The Ultimate Little WB Footy Game
Gui4Doom_MUI.lha game/misc 46K 9+Easy GUI for ALL Dooms!
HoF_Analyzer.lha game/misc 79K 2+Analyze F1GP Hall of Fame files V1.4
KniffelGer.lha game/misc 173K 9+The best German Kniffel-Game ever!!!
mowersim.lha game/misc 256K 8+Advanced Lawnmower Sim and als.library
Revolver_V1.lha game/misc 279K 4+Stunning 3d Spherical Light Cycles Game!
snakes.lha game/misc 116K 3+Cool snake game for 1 or 2 players! FIX!
amber.lha game/patch 786K 5+Ambermoon Binaries V1.05 (Fix for 040-Pr
ap2fix.lha game/patch 12K 4+Fix for HD version of Abandonned Places
apbhd.lha game/patch 6K 7+HD Installer for APB v.9
arturahd.lha game/patch 6K 7+HD Installer for Artura v1.0
atrhd.lha game/patch 17K 5+ATR HD-Installer V1.1
axelhd.lha game/patch 17K 7+HD Installer for Axel's Magic Hammer v1.
billtomhd.lha game/patch 15K 6+Bill Tomato's Game HD-Installer & fix V1
bsquadhd.lha game/patch 16K 2+HD Installer for Battle Squadron (NTSC)
bugbshhd.lha game/patch 6K 6+HD Installer for BugBash v1.1
chaos2hd.lha game/patch 31K 7+HD installers for Chaos Engine I & II
chsehqhd.lha game/patch 10K 7+HD Installer for Chase HQ v1.0
CoolBooter.lha game/patch 109K 10+Start games which need all ram from WB
cpunkshd.lha game/patch 6K 7+HD Installer for Cyberpunks v1.0
creatrhd.lha game/patch 9K 4+HD Installer for Creatures v1.0
DamoclesHD.lha game/patch 8K 7+Damocles HD/AGA fix V1.1
DefacePatch.lha game/patch 96K 5+A patch to help Deface run
Defender_Train.lha game/patch 75K 10+Trainer for Defender of the Crown
denisahd.lha game/patch 12K 10+HD Installer for Dennis AGA v1.2b (JST)
dizzychd.lha game/patch 17K 10+HD Installer for Dizzy Collection v1.0b
doehd.lha game/patch 16K 5+HD-Installer & fix for Defenders of the
dshd.lha game/patch 9K 8+HD Installer for Desert Strike V2.1
dsprithd.lha game/patch 9K 10+HD Installer for Dragon Spirit v1.0b
dynamitedux.lha game/patch 5K 2+HD Installer for DynamiteDux
edddckhd.lha game/patch 6K 7+HD Installer for Edd the Duck v1.0
fbombrhd.lha game/patch 6K 2+HD Installer for Fighter Bomber v.9d
flashbackhd.lha game/patch 13K 3+HD-Install script & fix for Flashback
fvhd.lha game/patch 7K 2+HD Installer for Fantasic Voyage v1.0
gnghd.lha game/patch 6K 5+HD Installer for Ghouls N Ghosts v1.1
ikplushd.lha game/patch 12K 10+HD Installer for IK+ v.8
immortalhd.lha game/patch 6K 9+HD-Installer for The Immortal v1.1
imolehd.lha game/patch 19K 6+HD Installer for Impossamole v1.0
imperiumhd.lha game/patch 10K 9+HD Install script & AGA fix for Imperium
indyhd.lha game/patch 18K 4+HD Installer for Indy - Last Crusade (Ac
InstallKit2_5.lha game/patch 3.3M 4+Installs over 170 CD32 & CDTV games
ishared.lha game/patch 30K 9+Ishar III save file editor
jimhd.lha game/patch 21K 5+HD-Installer for Jim Power V0.9
jst.lha game/patch 36K 4+JOTD Startup for HD Installs & Degrader
lastninja2.lha game/patch 5K 2+HD Installer for LastNinja2
lcrusade.lha game/patch 5K 10+HD Installer for Indiana Jones and the L
lotus2hd.lha game/patch 8K 3+HD-Installer & fix for Lotus2 AmigaFun
lotushd.lha game/patch 26K 3+HD-Installer & fix for Lotus Turbo Chall
lweapnhd.lha game/patch 6K 4+HD Installer for Lethal Weapon v1.0
maniachd.lha game/patch 5K 10+HD Installer for Maniac Mansion
ManMan21.lha game/patch 26K 5+Patch your savegames. V2.1
Md_OnEsI.lha game/patch 5K 2+OnEscapee Hd-Installer 1.0
menacehd.lha game/patch 18K 4+Menace HD-Installer & fix V1.1
mmachineshd.lha game/patch 7K 8+HD Installer for MicroMachines V1.0
moktarhd.lha game/patch 17K 5+HD Install & fix pour Moktar V1.1
naughtyhd.lha game/patch 12K 9+Naughty Ones AGA HD-Installer V1.1
p47hd.lha game/patch 21K 10+HD Installer & fix for P-47 Thunderbolt
pacmanhd.lha game/patch 12K 7+HD Installer for Pacmania v1.0
PFLaunch.lha game/patch 7K 4+New launcher for Pinball Fantasies AGA
pipemania.lha game/patch 6K 2+HD Installer for PipeMania
pltoonhd.lha game/patch 8K 5+HD Installer for Platoon v1.1
rgbhd.lha game/patch 18K 7+HD Installer for The Real Ghostbusters v
rodlandhd.lha game/patch 13K 9+Rodland HD-Installer V1.2
rthndrhd.lha game/patch 12K 10+HD Installer for Rolling Thunder v1.0
sbladehd.lha game/patch 28K 7+HD Installer for Switchblade v1.0
sc2hd.lha game/patch 15K 5+HD Installer & fix for SuperCars II V1.2
siedlerboot.lha game/patch 7K 6+Siedler CD install. (AmigaPlus SCD 9/97)
skidzhd.lha game/patch 17K 7+HD Installer for Skidz v1.0
skullhd.lha game/patch 6K 2+HD Installer for Skull & Cross Bones v1.
slkwrmhd.lha game/patch 17K 5+HD Installer for Silkworm v1.2
smshtvhd.lha game/patch 18K 7+HD Installer for Smash TV
spacehulkhd.lha game/patch 25K 9+HD Installer for Space Hulk V0.9b
speedballhd.lha game/patch 14K 8+Speedball HD-Installer & fix V1.0
stdriihd.lha game/patch 7K 7+HD Installer for Strider II v1.0
stftr2hd.lha game/patch 25K 10+HD Installer for Street Fighter II v1.2
streetracerhd.lha game/patch 6K 10+Loader update for Street Racer CD editio
switchblade.lha game/patch 5K 2+HD Installer for SwitchBlade
t2nahd.lha game/patch 17K 10+HD Installer for Terminator II (non arca
tgrrodhd.lha game/patch 6K 2+HD Installer for Tiger Road v1.1
The3IslandsUpd.lha game/patch 111K 7+Update for The 3 Islands
tkg_ed.lha game/patch 33K 7+Replacement editors for AB3DII-TKG
usqdrnhd.lha game/patch 10K 7+HD Installer for UN Squadron v1.0
vindcthd.lha game/patch 6K 2+HD Installer for Vindicators v.9
WHDBAT.lha game/patch 26K 4+HD Installer for B.A.T.
WHDBSquadron.lha game/patch 25K 5+HD Installer for Battle Squadron
WHDCarrier.lha game/patch 47K 3+HD Installers for Carrier Command V1.1
WHDConqueror.lha game/patch 24K 3+HD Installer for Conqueror V1.1
WHDEddTheDuck.lha game/patch 22K 5+HD Installer for Edd The Duck
WHDIndyJones.lha game/patch 21K 5+HD Installer for Indiana Jones TLC
WHDMBusiness.lha game/patch 19K 8+HD Installer for Monster Business
WHDMidwinter.lha game/patch 27K 8+HD Installer for Midwinter
WHDMonsterSlam.lha game/patch 33K 7+HD Installer for Grand Monster Slam
WHDRainbow.lha game/patch 25K 6+HD Installer for Rainbow Warrior
WHDRodland.lha game/patch 21K 5+HD Installer for Rodland
WHDStormball.lha game/patch 16K 6+HD Installer for Stormball
WHDThomasTTE2.lha game/patch 21K 6+HD Installer for Thomas The Tank Engine
WHDThomsTTE.lha game/patch 11K 8+HD Installer for Thomas The Tank Engine
XenomorphHD.lha game/patch 11K 7+Xenomorph HD/AGA fix V1.0
xmashd.lha game/patch 6K 4+HD Installer for Santa's Christmas Caper
xybotshd.lha game/patch 6K 7+HD Installer for Xybots v.9
zoolhd.lha game/patch 22K 5+HD Installer for Zool ECS V1.5b
7realms.lha game/role 743K 2+7Realms Full Game! Action RPG in Blitz2
BHHIVdocs.lha game/role 118K 9+Doc's for BHHIV (Jan-98)
MakeName.lha game/role 6K 6+Creates randomly somewhat speakable name
nethack322b8.lha game/role 1.2M 10+New nethack 3.2.2 port (beta)
rfncs2.lha game/role 9K 2+Random Fantasy Name Construction Set
ADescent_0_6.lha game/shoot 291K 6+Amiga Descent v 0.6 (New: ECS support)
ADescnt_ViRGE.lha game/shoot 298K 6+ADescent version for the CV64/3D 0.5v
ADoomPPC_13src.lha game/shoot 457K 3+Source code of Amiga PPC port of DOOM v1
ADoom_1_2.lha game/shoot 403K 9+Amiga port of DOOM v1.2
ADoom_Ins.lha game/shoot 2.4M 8+New better MIDI-Instruments for ADoom
ADoom_PPC_13.lha game/shoot 330K 3+Amiga PPC port of ADoom v1.2
ADoom_src_1_2.lha game/shoot 519K 9+Source code of Amiga port of DOOM v1.2
Descent.lha game/shoot 291K 3+Amiga port of Descent I V1.5 r0.39
DoomAttack.lha game/shoot 755K 4+V0.8 Beta(!) 3. Fast doom port.
KillEmAll.lha game/shoot 647K 7+Platform shooter based on Alien films
offence.lha game/shoot 363K 10+Full version of the shareware shoot'em u
PhaserBlast.lha game/shoot 34K 3+Retro Games remake of Laser Blast
TCAA.lha game/shoot 154K 9+T.V.Chubbies(tm) - Armchair Assassin AGA
XII.lha game/shoot 118K 7+4 Player Shoot Em Up
zhadoom.lha game/shoot 669K 2+PPC Doom Compile for WarpOS V1.1
inform615_030.lha game/text 111K 7+68030 Compiler for ZMachine/Infocom game
inform_615.lha game/text 112K 7+68000 Compiler for ZMachine/Infocom game
Bloog.lha game/think 324K 6+Cute AGA puzzlegame from NC.Gamez
ceporro.lha game/think 59K 9+Artif. Intellig. program(Balrog Soft)
DawnVideoPoker.lha game/think 137K 3+A Real VideoPoker Game!
Deface.lha game/think 1.7M 9+Macabre puzzle/strategy game
Magic_Cards.lha game/think 267K 5+Selection of patiences
Mines.lha game/think 65K 5+OS friendly,fast and configurable Mines
NeverMind.lha game/think 113K 6+Avoid mines to reach exit. (0.99 )
Schlachtfeld.lha game/think 494K 3+Strategy game for 1-4 players (V1.1)
scl_sldt.lha game/think 529K 2+Slide It AGA Fixed. by Secretly! ..
soliton170.lha game/think 264K 4+Solitaire card game, V1.70 (MUI)
TaskForce.lha game/think 177K 2+Tactical combat game (up to 2 human play
Boum.lha game/wb 20K 6+System & user friendly minesweeper v1.1b
xwins_fr.lha game/wb 1K 4+French catalog for XWing a nice WB game
CandyFactory.lha gfx/3d 389K 9+Add shaded bevels, glows, shadows and no
FVMapMaker.lha gfx/3d 134K 7+3D scene/map editor for game dev.
IIB10.lha gfx/3d 595K 9+Collection of IML-Threads in a Fiasco-da
IIB110.lha gfx/3d 689K 5+Collection of IML-Threads in a Fiasco-da
irit70PPC.lha gfx/3d 5.1M 4+3D solid modeler (PPC binaries)
Plotter_3D_Upd.lha gfx/3d 244K 6+Updates Plotter3D >=v3.30 to 3.35.
silver.lzh gfx/3d 334K 10+3D modeler, renderer, and animation pack
Terrain.lzh gfx/3d 534K 10+Generate 3D terrains and waves for Turbo
jet1_obj.lha gfx/3dobj 26K 7+Imagine3 object. F-104 jet fighter.
jet2_obj.lha gfx/3dobj 64K 7+Imagine3 object. generic jet airliner.
R4_Tydirium.lha gfx/3dobj 282K 7+IS Tydirium (Star Wars) for REFLECTIONS
r_cesh.lha gfx/3dobj 263K 9+Centauri Shuttle (Babylon5) for Reflecti
r_micr.lha gfx/3dobj 936K 6+Minbari Cruiser for Reflections
r_r2d2.lha gfx/3dobj 260K 9+R2-D2 (Star Wars) for Reflections
r_r5d4.lha gfx/3dobj 103K 6+R5-D4 (Star Wars) for Reflections
TIE_Defender.lha gfx/3dobj 66K 2+TIE Defender Imagine Object
ZA_Cheetah_1.lha gfx/3dobj 228K 8+South African Airforce -- Cheetah Interc
cgxmode_frcat.lha gfx/board 4K 9+French catalog for CGXMode 2.7 - v8.0
CyberPiPView.lha gfx/board 6K 6+Cv64/3d picture viewer (1.3)
cybershow90.lha gfx/board 134K 6+SlideShow&Viewer(incl.PCD)for CybGfx&AGA
Monitor_85KHz.lha gfx/board 4K 9+85kHz Monitor preset for CyberGraphX V3
Picasso96.lha gfx/board 433K 8+Picasso96 system for Amiga graphics boar
ArcSprDisp.lha gfx/conv 15K 2+V2.14 - show Archimedes sprites on Amiga
Asciimil.lha gfx/conv 34K 6+Asciimilator V1.0 turns IFF pics to asci
Lucas.lha gfx/conv 66K 8+Lucas-Lehmer primality test. 68k+PPC.
mpegPPC.lha gfx/conv 217K 3+PPC MPEG Codec (WarpOS)
PCD_Manager.lha gfx/conv 315K 2+PhotoCD converter w. GUI. +PPC version
Photostrip.lha gfx/conv 9K 3+V2.0- makes Photoshop Jpegs normal Jpegs
AmiCAD_1_2.lha gfx/edit 321K 2+Schematics vectorial electronics program
CandyPPC.lha gfx/edit 457K 9+V0.54b Create (Web)GFX fast ! 030+/PPC
Diamond.lzh gfx/edit 443K 10+An ECS paint program
PhotoEdges.lha gfx/edit 73K 9+PhotoEdges v0.5 (Organic PhotoEdges for
shadow.lha gfx/edit 4K 9+Soft shadows v.1.1 (flexible IFX script)
smearshadow.lha gfx/edit 4K 9+Smear shadows v.0.9 (flexible IFX script
softborder.lha gfx/edit 3K 9+Soft borders v.0.6 (flexible IFX script)
universalgio5a.lha gfx/edit 36K 4+Photogenics univ. loader&animation saver
VisualAnim.lha gfx/edit 4K 9+Create gifanims for webpages by couple o
DMandel.lha gfx/fract 93K 4+Mandelbrot & Julia generator with ARexx
FlashMandel.lha gfx/fract 1.5M 2+Mandelbrot rendering program with RTG su
ColCats.lha gfx/misc 8K 6+Translated catalogs for Collector 3.3
CollectDeut.lha gfx/misc 22K 4+German doc&catalog for Collector 3.3
collectGer.lha gfx/misc 12K 2+German Catalog for Collector V3.3
CollectNo.lha gfx/misc 13K 2+Norwegian translation to Collector 3.3
Collector33.lha gfx/misc 295K 9+Powerful picture catalogger (v3.3). Many
Fantasy.lha gfx/misc 542K 8+Fantasy Titler A Videotitler
fastifxmodul70.lha gfx/misc 38K 4+Univ. loader&saver(incl.animation saver)
grafix.lha gfx/misc 249K 7+Beginners art tutor from F1 Software
Index4MAB.lha gfx/misc 3K 8+Generate .index-Files for MainActorBroad
photoalbum41.lha gfx/misc 216K 4+Picture management (incl.PCD) for AGA&Cy
PNGScan.lha gfx/misc 3K 9+Displays structure of a PNG file
proren.lha gfx/misc 137K 3+New langs for ya animframe-manager (MUI)
proren_pl.lha gfx/misc 37K 3+New langs for ya animframe-manager (MUI)
RainbowSystem.lha gfx/misc 166K 5+RTG 24 bit GFX library (AGA, CGFX, P96)
rippleWOS.lha gfx/misc 19K 2+Funky rippling water effect on your WB s
splitmpgPPC.lha gfx/misc 58K 2+MPEG splitter (PPC)
VideoEasel.lha gfx/misc 934K 4+THE flexible Cellular Automata (LIFE + m
VistaCMAPs.lha gfx/misc 5K 3+VistaLite CMAPs for VistaPro
WYSIWYG.lha gfx/misc 266K 8+Nice CMYK Sep/Color Correction utility
xipaintmodul60.lha gfx/misc 57K 3+Univ. loader&anim.saver for XiPaint
AnimFX.lha gfx/show 544K 3+Great Player for IFF-Sound-Anims
Coll_spcat.lha gfx/show 4K 6+Spanish catalog for Collector 3.3
MysticView.lha gfx/show 457K 2+User-friendly picture viewer
SViewNG.lha gfx/show 894K 6+SViewNG V7.65 + Library 21.2 (5.4.98)
svppc212.lha gfx/show 452K 6+Update for SViewNG PPC modules V21.2
ViewTool.lha gfx/show 257K 6+Display JPEG pics. (68k, PPC opt.)
VisageCtrl.lha gfx/show 10K 2+GUI for Visage to copy/delete/move/uuenc
WarpViePPC.lha gfx/show 264K 10+ImageViewer (68k+PPC,WarpOS needed for P
WarpViewAGA.lha gfx/show 140K 3+ImageViewer (PPC,WarpOS needed for PPC)
xpdf5c020.lha gfx/show 226K 6+Xpdf(0.7a) - a Portable Document Format
xpdf5c040.lha gfx/show 227K 6+Xpdf(0.7a) - a Portable Document Format
a2065v216a.lha hard/drivr 5K 6+Updated a2065.device for CableModem
ArtecScan.lha hard/drivr 84K 8+Artec A6000C+/AT3 scanner driver V1.2
cnetdevice.lha hard/drivr 78K 3+PCMCIA Network Card driver. V0.7
Fix560.lha hard/drivr 24K 6+Fixes problems with 560 dpi mouses
ScanTek3_10.lha hard/drivr 175K 4+V3.10 Microtek/Highscreen/Mustek scanner
SemaphoreEdit.lha hard/drivr 76K 9+Edit controller for Sanyo GVR-S950 VCR's
A2000T.lha hard/hack 115K 7+Doc to make an Amiga 2000 a Tower case f
A4kExtSCSI.lha hard/hack 601K 4+External DB25 SCSI socket for the A4000
MyWideSCSI.lha hard/hack 13K 5+SCSI68>SCSI50 adaptor & Active terminato
ppazip.lha hard/hack 76K 9+Iomega ZIP Parallel Interface 0.5
turd_ii.lha hard/misc 216K 2+The Ultimate Relay Driver 0.10Beta
DITO_Snap.lha misc/edu 106K 6+Snapshots of the DITO_Spanish Dictionary
DITO_Spanish.lha misc/edu 3.5M 6+Spanish and LA Dictionary - 150000 words
Geoworld_Upd03.lha misc/edu 102K 7+GeoWorld-Update3 (03/26/98) - new progra
GlossTask.lha misc/edu 184K 3+GlossTask 1.72 Vocabulary training
JeTuIl21.lha misc/edu 42K 3+Cdty that help to conjugate french verbs
JeTuIl_21a.lha misc/edu 84K 2+Cdty that help to conjugate french verbs
polyglot.lha misc/edu 170K 7+Powerful tool for learning languages
Vokabeltrainer.lha misc/edu 50K 9+Powerful and easy word trainer. Sorry on
wordplay.lha misc/edu 100K 3+Anagram Finder v. 0.001
AmigaVGBPPC.lha misc/emu 175K 3+Rev5: Gameboy-emulator for PPC+CGX
AmiRom64.lha misc/emu 12K 2+Tool to handle N64 roms V1.0 (Needs MUI)
amiwin95.lha misc/emu 192K 6+Amigaize Windows95 Environment
anes.lha misc/emu 39K 5+A/NES v0.99.6b - Nintendo emulator
App8ImU.lha misc/emu 28K 5+Apple ][ disk image file utility (V0.6)
AppEmu.lha misc/emu 211K 9+Enhanced "Apple on Amiga" emulator
Arc64.lha misc/emu 13K 2+C64 archive processor V2.0
atari800_tr.lzh misc/emu 194K 9+Atari 800 Emulator for Unix, Amiga and M
BBFAQ25.lha misc/emu 334K 8+Bridgeboards Frequently Asked Questions
C64_printer.lha misc/emu 44K 9+Use a Commodore64 printer on Amiga.
CardTrickEVD.lha misc/emu 17K 6+Universal ShapeShifter EVD for CGX & P96
CoolNESs.lha misc/emu 52K 7+Cool-NES-emulator v0.65 98.03.22
darkNESs0_24.lha misc/emu 21K 6+Nintendo Entertainment System emulator v
GOldNEST.lha misc/emu 28K 3+Early NES-Rom Editor (0.16)
IBMConv.lha misc/emu 51K 6+GUI program to convert IBM/PC Text files
listSHK.lha misc/emu 7K 10+List contents of a '.SHK' archive
mgbsim.lha misc/emu 239K 8+M.G.B Simulator. New version V0.9.
MUpdater.lha misc/emu 27K 10+Updates MAME install to be V0.30.2+ comp
nA2000.lha misc/emu 28K 3+Enhanced "Apple 2000" emulator (V1.6)
nesrip.lha misc/emu 7K 2+NES-Ripper v1.2
PC_TaskPatch44.lha misc/emu 203K 8+PC-Task 4.4 Patch. Updates 4.3 to 4.4
ShapeShifter39.lha misc/emu 243K 2+Macintosh II emulator, V3.9
TapSlice.lha misc/emu 6K 3+Converts a TAP file into a series of hea
TI4Amiga.lha misc/emu 20K 3+Texas Instruments 99/4A emulator
unBINSCII.lha misc/emu 6K 10+Decodes an Apple 8 bit BINSCII file
v2600.lha misc/emu 47K 9+Atari 2600 (VCS) Emulator
wzonka_lad.lha misc/emu 245K 5+Wzonka-Lad - Gameboy emulator v0.99.3 +
amiag13.lha misc/kids 349K 9+Fun program that teaches Japanese WB1.3
amiag1dm.lha misc/kids 351K 9+Fun program that teaches Japanese WB2+
AnimalLand.lha misc/kids 289K 8+Numbers And Animals Recognition
AZ_PaintPad.lha misc/kids 148K 8+Colouring-In For Kids
CareBearSums.lha misc/kids 138K 9+Practice your sums with the Care Bears!
ColourIt.lha misc/kids 162K 8+Picture Book and Colouring-In
CP.lha misc/kids 851K 4+Advanced Software Suite for KiDS V0.206
KidsOnly.lha misc/kids 368K 9+Kids Entertainment Package
Kids_Paint.lha misc/kids 157K 8+Basic Paint Program For Kids
LittleImps.lha misc/kids 308K 8+Fun program covering basic maths
MathMount.lha misc/kids 21K 9+Tests basic maths skills for young kids.
MathTeacher.lha misc/kids 36K 7+Easy to use prog to learn mathematics
mem.lha misc/kids 55K 8+Memory Game similar to card game Doubles
MrGreedy.lha misc/kids 223K 9+Kids Animated Storybook
PaintIt.lha misc/kids 278K 8+Colouring book with soud effects
ReadnLrn_3Pigs.lha misc/kids 798K 8+Storybook with full sound and graphics
snowy.lha misc/kids 280K 9+2 Games- Snakes&Ladders Doubles
ThinkAMania.lha misc/kids 83K 8+RTG Memory game similar to card game Mem
TimesTable.lha misc/kids 150K 8+Teaches Times Tables 1-12
TreasureSch.lha misc/kids 234K 8+Logic Game - Find the Treasure!!
WordFactory.lha misc/kids 379K 8+Practice your spelling!!
convertor.lha misc/math 86K 2+Powerful UnitConverter. V2.74
Fibonacci.lha misc/math 6K 2+A simple CLI program to calculate Fibona
fourier.lha misc/math 69K 3+Calculates and shows fourier series
Geometry_132.lha misc/math 55K 6+Geometrical calculations (update)
Lapl020.lha misc/math 277K 5+V0.12 symbolic algebra program - 020 bin
Lapl020fp.lha misc/math 272K 5+V0.12 symbolic algebra program - 020+FPU
Lapl040.lha misc/math 273K 5+V0.12 symbolic algebra program - 040 bin
Laplace000.lha misc/math 285K 5+V0.12 symbolic algebra program - 000 bin
LaplaceBase.lha misc/math 558K 5+V0.12 symbolic algebra program - base ar
LaplaceMsg.txt misc/math 2K 6+Read it before you register to Laplace
Lucas.lha misc/math 83K 6+Lucas-Lehmer primality test. 68k+PPC.
mathx121b.lha misc/math 284K 6+Math program, V1.21 beta, MUI
Matrix.lha misc/math 11K 2+A small cli program which solves matrixe
number.lha misc/math 28K 7+Convert Arabic numerals to many language
postfix.lha misc/math 12K 6+Postfix Expression Calculator
ReadWorkSheet.lha misc/math 10K 10+V2.1, Read/execute non-Amiga MapleV work
1dayers.lha misc/misc 273K 6+One Day International scorecards
Afl.lha misc/misc 418K 4+Australian Football League scores
Cocktails_1_25.lha misc/misc 185K 8+COCKTAILS v1.25 Very nice cocktails prog
Cocktls_E.lha misc/misc 174K 8+COCKTAILS v1.25 Very nice cocktails prog
Fanta.lha misc/misc 17K 10+Italian Fantacalcio organiser NO BUGS.
flm_pos.lha misc/misc 129K 10+E<->G dictionary for pOS
HIT.lha misc/misc 2K 4+Shows a 'Hit any PC user to continue' me
lotolib.lha misc/misc 18K 3+Lotolib for LOTO v2.3+ (1976 au 18-Avril
Lotto.lha misc/misc 699K 9+Play (Ger) Lotto! Print forms. (V1.27)
MagicBNSv1_02.lha misc/misc 1.2M 7+Pack for Upgrating MagicBoard and MagicS
Nept10.lha misc/misc 104K 5+Astrology prog. with excellent gfx. V1.0
SpaTra01.lha misc/misc 149K 4+Spanish Translations Pack 01 - 1.30
SpaTra02.lha misc/misc 155K 3+Spanish Translations Pack 02 - 1.30
SpaTra03.lha misc/misc 181K 3+Spanish Translations Pack 03 v0.6
SpaTra04.lha misc/misc 57K 3+Spanish Translations Pack 04 v0.1
SrpskiWBUpd11.lha misc/misc 108K 2+SrpskiWB v1.0 to v1.1 update (Serbian)
Srpski_WB.lha misc/misc 223K 2+Complete package for SerbianWB (Serbian)
toto8.lha misc/misc 53K 8+Prg. to win at Totogol V0.92 +GUI. Itali
Tottogol2.lha misc/misc 36K 2+V2.1-Italian prog for Totogol-Needs MUI
AmiSPICEed.lha misc/sci 282K 4+Analog circuit editor for SPICE (V1.4)
circuit.lha misc/sci 67K 5+Free logic circuit simulator using MUI
CircuitData.lha misc/sci 5K 2+5 additional macros for 'Circuit'
DAlmanacData.lha misc/sci 8.4M 8+Datas (V39.7) for Digital Almanac (V39.1
DAlmanaExe.lha misc/sci 410K 8+Great Astronomical Program (V39.14)
FIRDesign.lha misc/sci 121K 10+FIR Filter Designer V1.2
FIRDsgn2.lha misc/sci 166K 9+FIR Filter Designer V2.2
PetitChimiste.lha misc/sci 219K 5+A 3D presentation tool for chemical mole
SunCalc.lha misc/sci 40K 10+Sunrise/Sunset Calculator
HappyNY.lha mods/atmos 62K 6+Happy New Year - A new Silvio Banzi MOD
Bassbeats.lha mods/chip 352K 10+.NRp. Housemix by FaRMoR
phd_dawn.lha mods/chip 9K 5 [ PHD ] - dawn of an old era by rhino
thx_itchyscr.lha mods/chip 3K 3+THX 2.1 Module by G.Lucas
unreleased2.lzh mods/csm 1.2M 3+Unreleased (NOT COMPLETE) tracks by CSM
MST_Duskland.lha mods/demo 219K 8+Demo module for Mystic's "The Larch"
ops_brzn.lha mods/demo 228K 2+"Breezin" by Oops!
ops_cala.lha mods/demo 174K 2+"Calabro" by Oops!
ops_jzns.lha mods/demo 225K 2+"Jazznights" by Oops!
ops_slgd.lha mods/demo 144K 2+"Solid Ground" by Oops!
ops_st8m.lha mods/demo 133K 2+"Sometimes" by Oops!
scl_sxfe.lha mods/demo 121K 4+SCL! - Mrv_Sex 4 ur ears -PT-
sovjet2.lha mods/elbie 3K 7+"sovjet hymn 2" by elbie/t13n!
theeasy.lha mods/elbie 205K 7+"the easy way out"
Dont_Dance.lha mods/evrim 11K 4+Introtune, 40K by Nuance (5. Place at MS
GetMyMessage.lha mods/evrim 419K 4+Ancient tune edited by eVRIMSSON
Slang_Blues.lha mods/evrim 125K 4+From the Eurochart #33, diskmag tune by
Old_Summer.lha mods/fermx 280K 9+Pt2.3a mod composed by Fermix (Fermin Ve
Pensando_En_Ti.lha mods/fermx 507K 9+Pt2.3a mod composed by Fermix (Fermin Ve
2eVersnl.lha mods/hardc 45K 4+HardCore Modth By Punnik (Richard Hof)
30.lha mods/hardc 231K 7+Birthdaycore by Bleeding Ears
crust2.lha mods/hardc 454K 7+Grinding Crustcore by Bleeding Ears
dNT_ST98.lha mods/hardc 640K 5+"sTOMPiN hARdCoRE '98" by dNT - Goddam o
escala.lha mods/hardc 160K 4+A 'HardeKern' mod by PuNNik
jfz_hcse.lha mods/hardc 156K 9+Cheesey Hardcore from Hyper/JFz
killers.lha mods/hardc 195K 7+Killing Core by Bleeding Ears
sad_1_min_f_m.lha mods/hardc 32K 9+300 BPM Gabba by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad_beat_less.lha mods/hardc 90K 8+230 BPM HappyGabba by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad_gabbapanje.lha mods/hardc 375K 9+298 BPM AcidGabba by Sadista (PT 3.61)
sad_luka_sina.lha mods/hardc 131K 7+255 BPM Hardcore by Sadista (PT 3.61)
zab_flexerica.lha mods/hardc 638K 7+230BPM gabba pt.module by Zabba (Pt3.15,
zz_crew8.lha mods/hardc 207K 8+Hardcore by Zznic Crew (PT 3.61)
p_brasil.lha mods/house 21K 9+Brasil (Dreamhouse)
vk_so.lha mods/house 120K 9+Protracker mod. Houzz Style with Saxophn
nobringingdown.lha mods/jorma 29K 6+No Bringing Down by Naksahtaja (Monos To
Donker.lha mods/jungl 355K 9+Jungle Mod Composed By PuNNik !
drum_beatz.lha mods/jungl 112K 6+Drum Beat - Optik XM Fasttracker module
Drum_n_bazs.lha mods/jungl 694K 9+Jungle MIX Mixed & Composed By PuNNik !
Dub_Tree.lha mods/jungl 498K 4+Drum&Bass / Dub by Moontrip
hour.lha mods/jungl 169K 5+Dark trancey drum'n'bass trax by Vox
Industry.lha mods/jungl 289K 9+Jungle Mod Composed By PuNNik !
kettingbrief.lha mods/jungl 345K 5+A AtmoS/dRUm&baSS mOd bY PuNNik
MST_Earthvibe.lha mods/jungl 186K 8+Winning module at ACG Hack VII
phd_arab.lha mods/jungl 504K 6 [ PHD ] - arabian nights by linus
SelectionOfLif.lha mods/jungl 142K 6+Selection of Life - Optik XM Fasttracker
Sweetstuff.lha mods/jungl 233K 4+Drum&Base by Moontrip
The_Evil_Devil.lha mods/jungl 112K 5+The Evil Devil. Drum'n'bass by Moontrip
vk_lt.lha mods/jungl 61K 9+Protracker mod. Jungl n Bassdrum Style..
405am.lha mods/k4k 112K 5+4.05am -trance/techno by Kure4Kancer/RNO
aalto.lha mods/k4k 153K 5+Aalto -acid/trance by Kure4Kancer/RNO
acidhd2.lha mods/k4k 100K 5+Acid-Head2 -acid/techno by Kure4Kancer/R
adventures.lha mods/k4k 128K 5+Adventures -house by Kure4Kancer/RNO
aistien.lha mods/k4k 78K 5+Aistien Ohjaama -trance by Kure4Kancer/R
bolsa.lha mods/k4k 148K 5+Bolsa De Mareo -house by Kure4Kancer/RNO
confused.lha mods/k4k 90K 5+Confused -acid by Kure4Kancer/RNO
cure.lha mods/k4k 150K 5+Cure For Cancer -trance by Kure4Kancer/R
deadfish.lha mods/k4k 45K 5+Dead-Fish-Maker -techno by Kure4Kancer/R
depress.lha mods/k4k 64K 5+Depressed Mind - hardcore by Kure4Kancer
dubhe.lha mods/k4k 68K 5+Dubhe -ambient/experimental by Kure4Kanc
eko.lha mods/k4k 10K 5+Eko-Trippi -trance by Kure4Kancer/RNO
fallout.lha mods/k4k 147K 5+Fallout -acid/trance/techno by Kure4Kanc
feeldirty.lha mods/k4k 70K 5+Feeling Dirty -techno by Kure4Kancer/RNO
fluid.lha mods/k4k 72K 5+Fluidconnectors -techno/acid by Kure4Kan
hold.lha mods/k4k 427K 5+Hold -house/rave by Kure4Kancer/RNO
hominy.lha mods/k4k 398K 5+Hominy Grits -house/trance by Kure4Kance
insomnia.lha mods/k4k 226K 5+Insomnia Mix -triphop by Kure4Kancer/RNO
johtoso.lha mods/k4k 199K 5+Johtosolukka -hard techno by Kure4Kancer
joystixx.lha mods/k4k 199K 5+Joystixx RMX -rave/trance by Kure4Kancer
kestrel.lha mods/k4k 152K 5+Kestrel -jungle by Kure4Kancer/RNO
kohees.lha mods/k4k 258K 5+Koheesiovoima -rave/trance by Kure4Kance
kolkko.lha mods/k4k 110K 5+Kolkko -techno by Kure4Kancer/RNO
liberat.lha mods/k4k 92K 5+Song Of Liberation RMX -rave by Kure4Kan
london.lha mods/k4k 386K 5+Go Ahead London -acid by Kure4Kancer/RNO
madcow.lha mods/k4k 16K 5+Mad-Cow -chip-tune by Kure4Kancer/RNO
metropol.lha mods/k4k 47K 5+Metropoli -ambient by Kure4Kancer/RNO
nefroni.lha mods/k4k 30K 5+Nefroni -intro-techno by Kure4Kancer/RNO
nehrun.lha mods/k4k 80K 5+Nehrun Puheita -rave/acid by Kure4Kancer
nonplug.lha mods/k4k 342K 5+Nonplugged -rave/acid/trance by Kure4Kan
obsoled.lha mods/k4k 115K 5+Obsoled Beings -trance/techno by Kure4Ka
outside.lha mods/k4k 77K 5+Outsiders -rave by Kure4Kancer/RNO
prima.lha mods/k4k 306K 5+Prima! -acid/trance by Kure4Kancer/RNO
random.lha mods/k4k 242K 5+Random Access -rave by Kure4Kancer/RNO
renaiss.lha mods/k4k 345K 4+Renaissance -trance/acid by Kure4Kancer/
retros.lha mods/k4k 242K 4+Retrospektiver -trance/rave-techno by Ku
smartass.lha mods/k4k 208K 4+Smartass -trance/by Kure4Kancer/RNO
theway.lha mods/k4k 132K 4+It's The Way -jungle by Kure4Kancer/RNO
tokyo.lha mods/k4k 158K 4+Tokyo -trance by Kure4Kancer/RNO
upperg.lha mods/k4k 318K 4+Uppergrounder -techno by Kure4Kancer/RNO
advssm.lha mods/mark 122K 6+Mark Salud's Soundstudio MIDI mod
arabssm.lha mods/mark 52K 6+Mark Salud's Soundstudio MIDI mod
closessm.lha mods/mark 57K 6+Mark Salud's Soundstudio MIDI mod
franssm.lha mods/mark 66K 6+Mark Salud's Soundstudio MIDI mod
heassm.lha mods/mark 37K 6+Mark Salud's Soundstudio MIDI mod
surism.lha mods/mark 40K 6+Mark Salud's Soundstudio MIDI mod
mg_mr_techno.lha mods/med 44K 6+Mod-godz 5th release, a Techno stomper
Phm_FIE.lha mods/med 159K 3+011: "Flying Into Ecstasy V2" [Dance, Te
Phm_Hymn.lha mods/med 64K 3+012: "Hymn" [Melodic, Jungle-like]
Phm_TMOL.lha mods/med 139K 4+010: "The Mystery Of Life" [Dance, Techn
Phm_XTcP.lha mods/med 279K 4+006: "X-Tc-Piano V3" [Dance]
TriniTy.lha mods/med 279K 5 Trinitys first MED-Modul in AMINET, cool
tst_hear.lha mods/med 235K 6+8 channel remix of Transient's "Heartbea
tst_insp.lha mods/med 354K 6+Goa style dance octamed module
Whispering.lha mods/med 1.7M 5+HOUSE-tRANCE MMD3 module by IMMORTAL
psl_suicide.lha mods/melod 162K 6+Spoletium 98 music by Pic Saint Loup
a_bliss.lha mods/misc 244K 2+[A51da] - Bliss by Symphony!/A51
a_decent.lha mods/misc 77K 2+[A51da] - Decentation by Converse/A51
a_gredsb.lha mods/misc 90K 2+[A51da] - Greed SBedit by Freak/A51
a_workit.lha mods/misc 106K 2+[A51da] - Work It by Freak/A51
multiscan.lha mods/misc 170K 8+Chavez` 4ch pt-acid`module
Roundabouts.lha mods/misc 590K 8+By one of 'Many More'
sthits97.lha mods/misc 1.0M 10+Music module hits by Stamen
tg98_lost_fix.lha mods/misc 471K 2+Bug-fixed version of my TG'98 compo modu
phd_1823.lha mods/mpg 3.6M 6 [ PHD ] - somewhat 18 - 23 by freqvibez/
Twist_C.mpg mods/mpg 4.0M 9+(ALN) 16Bit MPG of MELOMs "Twisted Cinem
Beacand.lha mods/nork 133K 5+Normal Pt mod composed only for fun
BlackTribe.lha mods/nork 165K 5+Composed for Seenpoint#6
BluePlanet.lha mods/nork 28K 5+ChipMod composed for a Showtime Intro by
BuyAGirl.lha mods/nork 4K 5+Old chip mod in an Intro for Wind/Networ
ChipNeverDie.lha mods/nork 3K 5+Nice chip tune dedicated to Wind/Network
ChronicSitua.lha mods/nork 123K 5+Mod composed for the next Implant Music
Classics.lha mods/nork 2K 5+Another nice chip tune remembering the o
CroMyFriend.lha mods/nork 100K 5+Old tune which was compose for Defy 5
Divas.lha mods/nork 204K 5+Only for fun and samples by Ravebusters
EuskFastNork.lha mods/nork 14K 5+3rd prize at Euskal Party IV -fastcompo-
FeelMyMusic.lha mods/nork 3K 5+Another nice chippy tune only for fun, d
FutureParty.lha mods/nork 228K 5+Released at Euskal Party IV
HiddenGirl.lha mods/nork 44K 5+Old mod composed for a Hidden Part of an
HiMrHidden.lha mods/nork 42K 5+This mod was composed for an intro by Ma
HotNumbers.lha mods/nork 2K 5+Cool chip tune which was dedicate to DjU
Indiference.lha mods/nork 7K 5+Another chippy composed for Speed Pack
IrcCompo.lha mods/nork 45K 5+Mod composed in a Irc music competition
ItsFriendchi.lha mods/nork 15K 5+Chip tune composed for Friendchip magazi
Just4Friends.lha mods/nork 241K 5+The mod which I got the third prize at -
Nautilus.lha mods/nork 27K 5+Who says that a chip with voices is not
NoMoreLies.lha mods/nork 103K 5+Mod used in "No More Lies by Network" re
NormalEmot.lha mods/nork 131K 5+A module composed only for fun
Nurses_Comp.lha mods/nork 105K 5+This was use in a wild-demo by Massive
RapidReload.lha mods/nork 190K 3+For 'El advenimiento del pimiento' by Go
Ready2Flow.lha mods/nork 89K 3+A 100% pure Techno mod
Reference.lha mods/nork 8K 5+A nice chippy tune
RythmicalMin.lha mods/nork 20K 5+Only 1 pattern, only a pure Rythmical mo
SaveTheFunky.lha mods/nork 182K 5+Funky tune
ShowTheme.lha mods/nork 107K 5+My mod which was used in Trashcan Diskma
SorryZorra.lha mods/nork 7K 5+Chip tune composed for Spayce Pack by Ps
SpiritualCit.lha mods/nork 274K 5+5th place at Euskal Party V
Starting2Bou.lha mods/nork 259K 3+A very special Techno mod
StrangersM.lha mods/nork 343K 5+Composed for the game -Strangers- by Vul
SuggarMelody.lha mods/nork 3K 5+Slow chip tune
SweetDawn.lha mods/nork 8K 5+Short but nice melody
TerrorInDaCh.lha mods/nork 156K 3+7th place at Spoletium'98
Trashcan4.lha mods/nork 24K 5+Mod in co-op with Estrayk/Capsule for Tr
WhatsLiberty.lha mods/nork 2K 5+Sweet chip melody
WhyNo1Sample.lha mods/nork 2K 5+Chip tune composed for commemorate the O
Yin_Yan.lha mods/nork 396K 5+Multichannel mod release at Motorola Ins
thefight.lha mods/ooze 568K 4+"the fight" - 18channel atmos XM-module
AnotherA.lha mods/pdy 211K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Another Affair"
Bonified.lha mods/pdy 196K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Bonified Funk"
Breezin.lha mods/pdy 220K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Breezin"
Calabro.lha mods/pdy 166K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Calabro"
Clockws.lha mods/pdy 153K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Clockwise"
Daysinml.lha mods/pdy 211K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Days In My Life"
Delight.lha mods/pdy 2K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Delight" THX Tune.
Distance.lha mods/pdy 169K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Distance3"
Fairytl.lha mods/pdy 15K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Fairytale"
Flow.lha mods/pdy 423K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Flow"
Funkadl.lha mods/pdy 295K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Funkadelic"
Happyhc.lha mods/pdy 373K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Happy Hardcore"
Inspirat.lha mods/pdy 87K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Inspirations"
Jazznght.lha mods/pdy 216K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Jazznights"
Jazzvshp.lha mods/pdy 210K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Jazz vs Hiphop"
Junglelm.lha mods/pdy 186K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Junglelism"
Loving.lha mods/pdy 79K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Loving You"
Memories.lha mods/pdy 123K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Memories"
Mindcorr.lha mods/pdy 262K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Mind Corruption"
Oldskool.lha mods/pdy 150K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Oldskool"
Pressure.lha mods/pdy 134K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Under Pressure"
Real.lha mods/pdy 207K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Real"
Seduct.lha mods/pdy 249K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Seduction"
Seperate.lha mods/pdy 358K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Seperate"
Sixty4f.lha mods/pdy 1K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Sixty4 Funk" THX Tune.
Solidgr.lha mods/pdy 134K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Solid Ground"
Sometime.lha mods/pdy 125K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Sometimes"
Sunday.lha mods/pdy 75K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Sunday"
Sweeth.lha mods/pdy 215K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Sweet Harmony"
Technoch.lha mods/pdy 12K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Technochip1"
Travel.lha mods/pdy 265K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Traveller"
Trust.lha mods/pdy 167K 3+Prodigy/Oops! "Trust"
Baseline1.lha mods/pro 39K 9+ProtrackerStyle by John Bond
crystalt.lha mods/pro 39K 2+PT MOD by Twilight of NC.Gamez!
Etr_BowToPm.lha mods/pro 225K 8+Black metal by ## Etrimon ##
Etr_Hoping.lha mods/pro 321K 8+Relaxing trance by ## Etrimon ##
Etr_RazeMe.lha mods/pro 234K 8+195 BPM module by ## Etrimon ##
jfz_bnd.lha mods/pro 226K 2+Basendrums by chill / jfz
jfz_chearts.lha mods/pro 668K 2+Carnalhearts by chill / jfz
jfz_courtesan.lha mods/pro 463K 5+"The Courtesan" by Mr.Lou.
jfz_fiesta.lha mods/pro 577K 4+"Fiesta on #Modulez!" by Mr.Lou.
jfz_jaguar.lha mods/pro 300K 2+Jaguar trance by chill / jfz
jfz_phantasm.lha mods/pro 308K 2+Phantasm by chill / jfz
jfz_prain.lha mods/pro 248K 2+Pouring rain by chill / jfz
optimal.lha mods/pro 259K 3+Module by Estrayk / Capsule ^ Nah Kolor
Phm_DCT.lha mods/pro 60K 3+004: "Dreams Come True V2" [Melodic, Dan
Phm_RvDr.lha mods/pro 118K 5+008: "A Raver's Dream V3" [Techno]
Phm_TWOL.lha mods/pro 205K 3+005: "The Way Of Life V2" [Dance]
thats_it.lha mods/pro 27K 3+ProTracker MOD by Martin Enderleit
changing.lha mods/rated 581K 7+4th at TRIP98. By MindWalker
Dark_Sky.lha mods/rock 90K 5+Module with abit sentimental melodie.
The_Road.lha mods/rock 91K 4+Half-Calm with a pretty DEEP melodie.
belowther.lha mods/roz 67K 6+Floor Killer Acid By Roz / Fit^Rno^Vdo (
collabo.lha mods/roz 363K 6+Pretty Big Beat By Roz / Fit^Rno^Vdo (pt
expande.lha mods/roz 326K 9+Trance+acid=acidtrance.. By Roz/Fit^Rno
liketoget.lha mods/roz 191K 9+Moody House Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a)
prenaution.lha mods/roz 271K 9+Stylish House Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3
raisiosta.lha mods/roz 96K 9+Nice Mood-house(?) tune.. By Roz/Fit^Rno
remark.lha mods/roz 247K 6+Easy Disco House Tune By Roz / Fit^Rno^V
scl_mmds.lha mods/slow 339K 4+SCL! - Dcc_Mermaides.Mod -PT- .
InHerEyes.mpg mods/smpl 3.4M 2+By Blonde Lion
Ocean_Night.lha mods/synth 313K 4+Some kind of ambient/synth-music
af_hyper.lha mods/techn 378K 10+140BPM acidhouse by Acid Frog (Pt3.15,4c
Bassbeats.lha mods/techn 331K 9+.NRp. Housemix by FaRMoR
CP_DJNick.lha mods/techn 319K 9+16-chan.OSS CP-intro music by D.J.Nick
DieHards.lha mods/techn 719K 9+Techno Mod Composed By PuNNik !
Escalator.lha mods/techn 738K 9+Techno Mod Composed By PuNNik !
eyalosrav.lha mods/techn 137K 7+Techno by Mopz of NC.Gamez
HeavensFist.lha mods/techn 174K 9+Techno by Mopz of NC.Gamez
mellowf.lha mods/techn 61K 6+Techno module by Neven Cosic
nwp_bbf.lha mods/techn 307K 10+(NWP 015) - Brainbug - Fight!
nwp_fd.lha mods/techn 160K 9+(NWP 017) - Forgotten Dreams
nwp_gw.lha mods/techn 72K 4+(NWP 018) - GateWay
phd_indu.lha mods/techn 315K 9 [ PHD ] - industrial life by rhino
phd_lard.lha mods/techn 276K 8 [ PHD ] - lard conquers all by juice
phd_nigh.lha mods/techn 1.1M 8 [ PHD ] - nightmare by dane
rby_cvn.lha mods/techn 144K 3+Cosmic Vision - by Ramboy
sorry.lha mods/techn 468K 4+Techniano (techno/piano) mOd bY puNNik
Tripnotizing.lha mods/techn 320K 5+TeCHNo mOd bY puNNik
WhenIWokeUp.lha mods/techn 230K 9+.NRp. Trance by FaRMoR
Working.lha mods/techn 249K 9+Techno Mod Composed By PuNNik !
Acharn1.lha mods/toady 71K 3+Techno Demo-like by Toad
Acharn2.lha mods/toady 77K 3+Techno Demo-like by Toady
ApyToad.lha mods/toady 89K 3+Happy Dance Music by Toady
Athena_Remix.lha mods/toady 84K 3+Old Dance Music by Toady
C64son.lha mods/toady 1K 3+C64 like Music by Toady
ChipToa2.lha mods/toady 2K 3+Techno Chip Music by Toady
ChipToa3.lha mods/toady 4K 3+Techno Chip Music by Toady
ChipToad1.lha mods/toady 2K 3+Techno Chip Music by Toady
ChronoSpace.lha mods/toady 31K 3+Great ambiance Music by Toady
CoolToady.lha mods/toady 83K 3+Cool Dance/Ambiant Music by Toady
DarkCastle.lha mods/toady 108K 3+Dark Fantasy Music by Toady !!
DarkDre2.lha mods/toady 126K 3+StateOfTheArt like Music by Toady
DarkDre3.lha mods/toady 96K 3+Dance Music by Toady
DarkVatoad.lha mods/toady 275K 3+Dance Music by Toady
dEnHoDrOd.lha mods/toady 121K 3+Dance Music by Toady
DreamTo2.lha mods/toady 217K 3+Dream by Toady
DreamTo3.lha mods/toady 308K 3+Dream by Toady
DreamToady.lha mods/toady 135K 3+Dream Music by Toady
EchoWars.lha mods/toady 177K 3+Techno XM 16 Ch. Music by Toady
Estrella.lha mods/toady 97K 3+Dance/Ambient Music by Toady
e_type.lha mods/toady 60K 3+Ambient Music by Toady
FluToad.lha mods/toady 18K 3+Ambient Music by Toady
Fusion.lha mods/toady 189K 3+Dance Music by Toady
Futur.lha mods/toady 164K 3+DarkFantasy Dance Music by Toady
FuturAttack.lha mods/toady 319K 2+Trance XM 16 Ch. Music by Toady ****
JardinDeToady.lha mods/toady 287K 3+Dance Music by Toady
Kalomie.lha mods/toady 82K 3+Speed Techno Music by Toady **
LegendOfLand.lha mods/toady 307K 3+Fantasy OSS 20 Ch. Music by Toady
Mana1.lha mods/toady 22K 3+Ambient Music by Toady
Mana2.lha mods/toady 13K 3+Ambient Music by Toady
Music.lha mods/toady 23K 3+Happy Dance Music by Toady
MusicQuest.lha mods/toady 209K 3+Ambient/Techno Music by Toady
New_JDA_Music1.lha mods/toady 29K 3+Ambient/Fantasy Music by Toady
Night.lha mods/toady 163K 3+Techno XM 16 Ch. by Toady
NM2.lha mods/toady 9K 3+Short Ambient Music by Toady
Olivier.lha mods/toady 1K 3+Chip Music by Toady
PianoTo2.lha mods/toady 15K 3+Piano Music by Toady
PianoTo3.lha mods/toady 16K 3+Piano Music by Toady
PianoTo5.lha mods/toady 3K 3+Piano Music by Toady
PianoToady1.lha mods/toady 10K 3+Piano Music by Toady
Piege.lha mods/toady 36K 3+Ambient Music by Toady
PlaneToady.lha mods/toady 202K 3+Techno Music by Toady
Pourquoi_moi.lha mods/toady 22K 3+Happy Dance Music by Toady
Remix1.lha mods/toady 142K 3+Techno Music by Toady
Remix2.lha mods/toady 187K 3+Techno Music by Toady
Seagate.lha mods/toady 95K 3+Dance Music by Toady
Smalltoad.lha mods/toady 14K 3+Techno Music by Toady
SoundWa2.lha mods/toady 125K 3+Techno Music by Toady
SoundWa3.lha mods/toady 100K 3+Dance/Ambient Music by Toady
SpecialDark4.lha mods/toady 126K 3+Dance Music by Toady
Special_A_.lha mods/toady 167K 3+Dance Music by Toady
SpeedMusic.lha mods/toady 139K 3+Ambient/trance Music by Toady
SupRevanche.lha mods/toady 354K 3+Techno MultiMusic by Toady
SynthSo3.lha mods/toady 4K 3+Chip Music by Toady
TheDreamV_4.lha mods/toady 169K 3+Dream Music by Toady
TheSong.lha mods/toady 20K 3+Dance Music by Toady
ToadyLe3.lha mods/toady 65K 3+2 Ch. XtremRacing Music by Toady
ToadyLe5.lha mods/toady 104K 3+2 Ch. XtremRacing Music by Toady
Toad_Music.lha mods/toady 14K 3+Dance Music by Toady
TST1.lha mods/toady 48K 3+Speed Trance Music by Toady
TST2.lha mods/toady 48K 3+Symphonic Music by Toady
TunnelFM.lha mods/toady 254K 3+Dance/rock Music by Toady
ULTRApower.lha mods/toady 181K 3+Dance Music by Toady
UltraTecToad.lha mods/toady 27K 3+Dance Music by Toady
Wipe.lha mods/toady 400K 3+2 Ch. Xtremracing Music by Toady
Wipe2097.lha mods/toady 124K 3+Techno Music by Toady
AltNation.lha mods/tranc 220K 6+Dr.Avalanche & Raze: Alternative Nation
dancin.lha mods/tranc 466K 5+AnOtHer TrancE MOd bY puNNik (kNp)
DeepSleep.lha mods/tranc 809K 4+A deep trance mod composed by PuNNik
drukken.lha mods/tranc 420K 5+TranSz /TekNo mOd bY puNNik
lighter.lha mods/tranc 341K 5+TranSz --- mOd bY puNNik ---<>
LI_Gravity.lha mods/tranc 576K 5+OctaMED SS trance module by Xenon/XTC DK
Nummer_Drie.lha mods/tranc 777K 9+Trance Mod Composed By PuNNik !
Pressure.lha mods/tranc 478K 9+Trance Mod Composed By PuNNik !
ProjectSteroge.lha mods/tranc 442K 3+Universal Psychedelic Trance
ATFuture.lha mods/voice 148K 4+Amiga - The Future Lento/TCD
Flipflap.lha mods/xceed 433K 4+FASt sWINNGy - jAZZy mODULe [PT]
Passion.lha mods/xceed 543K 2+1sT pLACE fROM rUSH hOURS'98 16ch. [XM]
Sequel.lha mods/xceed 143K 4+Module from ThE EUROCHART issue 33 [PT]
Slashing.lha mods/xceed 227K 2+3rd pLACE aT rUSH hOURS'98 4ch mUSIC[PT]
goatempl.lha mods/xm 152K 3+GoaTemple... Fast, Goa module by Nobbie
ays_t23d.lha mus/edit 205K 4+THX Sound System v2.3d by Abyss
CDDA2AIFF.lha mus/edit 12K 3+Convert CDDA<->AIFF v1.0 Fast 3sec 50Mb
DBPro218.lha mus/edit 338K 4+Multitracker !NEW Import MP audio
mtrs_v1_3demo.lha mus/edit 28K 3+8-TRACK HardDiskRecorder MTRS V1.3
OctaScripts.lha mus/edit 5K 4+9 ARexx scripts for OctaMED SoundStudio
SinED.lha mus/edit 296K 2+V2.00 16-bit sample editor/generator
BPdrum1.lha mus/midi 17K 3+Bars & Pipes drum patterns
BPdrum2.lha mus/midi 12K 3+Dance drum patterns for Bars & Pipes
BPdrum3.lha mus/midi 18K 3+Techno drum patterns for Bars & Pipes
BPdrum4.lha mus/midi 11K 2+Rock drum patterns for Bars & Pipes
BPrhyt1.lha mus/midi 9K 3+Bars & Pipes rhytm collection
BPrhyt2.lha mus/midi 9K 2+Bars & Pipes rhytm collection
CAMD_Toolkit.lha mus/midi 222K 4+CAMD MIDI player + Software Synthesizer
Euterpe.lha mus/midi 598K 5+MultiMedia Sequencer v1.17 (New features
Euterpe020.lha mus/midi 297K 5+MultiMedia Sequencer v1.17 (New features
EuterpeDeutsch.lha mus/midi 88K 4+German files for Euterpe 1.17
Euterpef20.lha mus/midi 290K 5+MultiMedia Sequencer v1.17 (New features
GSPTool_1_1.lha mus/midi 11K 3+Programs to/from Amiga and GSP-21Pro
MidiCol1.lha mus/midi 8K 8+A Couple of Midi Files
PlayMF_VU.lha mus/midi 183K 4+MIDI file player (camd) and note display
rolandjv1080.lha mus/midi 79K 4+Patch editor for the Roland JV-1080 (MUI
sw110.lha mus/midi 51K 6+Midi(-Out) Sequenzer (german manual)
amid3.lha mus/misc 18K 2+(1.2) A program to read and write the ID
mp3info.lha mus/misc 2K 3+Display infos about convertiontime from
MPTool.lha mus/misc 22K 5+Duration of your MPEG (MP3) drawers / WA
NiceName.lha mus/misc 2K 2+Rename (music)files (pre- & suffix manip
RaveScope.lha mus/misc 30K 8+Fascinating "wrapped" scope for HiP/Deli
RiPIT151.lha mus/misc 113K 5+RiPIT v1.51 - Multiformat Ripper
TuneInfo.lha mus/misc 4K 2+Get author, title etc. from PT/PSID modu
2b_bsp.lha mus/play 27K 3+Sample Player using datatypes
AmigaAMP11.lha mus/play 181K 10+MPEG audio player with GUI (68k/PPC)
DiamondGUI12.lha mus/play 41K 5+V1.2 of the most usable GUI for MPEGA
Eagleplayer201.lha mus/play 1.1M 3+V2.01b, comprehensive sound replayer
EP_Brasil.lha mus/play 24K 3+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
EP_Czech.lha mus/play 24K 3+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
EP_Dansk.lha mus/play 21K 3+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
EP_Deutsch.lha mus/play 24K 3+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
EP_French.lha mus/play 24K 3+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
EP_Hrvatski.lha mus/play 22K 3+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
EP_Italian.lha mus/play 23K 3+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
EP_Magyar.lha mus/play 24K 3+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
EP_Nederlands.lha mus/play 23K 3+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
EP_Norsk.lha mus/play 22K 3+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
EP_Portuguese.lha mus/play 24K 3+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
EP_Russian.lha mus/play 24K 3+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
EP_Serbian.lha mus/play 23K 3+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
EP_Spanish.lha mus/play 24K 3+Catalog files for Eagleplayer V2.01
MiniPlayer14.lha mus/play 195K 2+Simple module player
MPEGAPlayer.lha mus/play 31K 8+MPEG Audio DeliTracker player V2.55 6802
mpgagui39.lha mus/play 271K 7+THE real Gui for MpegA V3.0 and up
MrMPEG.lha mus/play 62K 3+GUI frontend for MPEGA using MUIRexx.
PPCMpegPlayerG.lha mus/play 12K 4+GUI for PPCMpegPlayer 1.0
PreludeAMP04.lha mus/play 130K 8+PPC MPEG audio player for Prelude with s
PrlTapedeck15.lha mus/play 98K 10+Plays AIFF, MP2 and MP3 with Prelude
SongPlayer.lha mus/play 155K 7+Cool and powerfull audio player V1.2 680
SongPlayerTurk.lha mus/play 3K 3+Turkish catalog file for SongPlayer1.2
songplayer_swe.lha mus/play 8K 3+Swedish translation of SongPlayer 1.2
SongPlayer_TUR.lha mus/play 3K 3+Turkish catalog file for SongPlayer1.2
SPlayer_v1_9.lha mus/play 114K 6+Mpega and Play16 GUI. Another Cool Updat
WarpAMP.lha mus/play 115K 7+PPC MPEG audio player for Prelude with s
yasp_2_0b.lha mus/play 16K 5+Sample player for the Concierto SoundMod
Abadidon.lha pix/3dani 2.4M 4+A strange artefact.(Imagine + Ppaint/256
AkindOfMagic.lha pix/3dani 4.7M 10+LW anim named 'A Kind Of Magic', HAM8 (C
mad_aa_a.lha pix/3dani 1.7M 3+Amisia's IRC channel animated logo by Ma
mad_alog.lha pix/3dani 510K 3+Anadune's animated logo MadBart/Apx^Tls
mad_alsm.lha pix/3dani 228K 3+Anadune's animated logo (small ver) by M
Nightmare.lha pix/3dani 4.4M 10+A LightWave Anim named 'Nightmare' (CHUC
Verfolger.lha pix/3dani 15M 3+(ALN) Kewl Lensflare Anim made with Cine
ACGLega2.lha pix/anim 3.8M 9+The story of the amiga in a very special
ACGLegacy_1.lha pix/anim 4.9M 5+The story of the amiga in a very special
AmiballXL.lha pix/anim 2.7M 3+Amigaball.CDXL Anim incl.Sound
AminetEarthXL.lha pix/anim 1.8M 2+AminetEarth.CDXL Anim incl.Sound
ARingWEB.lha pix/anim 19K 10+Animations for WEB page of AMIGA RING by
Attackmode.lha pix/anim 321K 6+Bird of Prey-animation for AnimFX
BoingWEB.lha pix/anim 12K 10+Animation for WEB page made with Amiga.
City.lha pix/anim 389K 6+Car-animation for AnimFX
creamed.lha pix/anim 3.4M 5+YAFA HAM8 anim of Bill Gates and a pie
EntWarp.lha pix/anim 426K 6+Enterprise-sound-anim for AnimFX
Esprita_snd.lha pix/anim 451K 6+Esprita-anim with sound for AnimFX
FighterExplo.lha pix/anim 785K 6+AnimFX-anim with blasted Starship
Intercity.lha pix/anim 293K 3+Dutch railway train.
SNS_Anim.lha pix/anim 351K 10+An Animation By Condore of So & So
SonyXL.lha pix/anim 1.2M 2+SonyPSX-Werbung.CDXL (s/w Anim incl.Soun
space03.lha pix/anim 3.1M 8+An Animation by M.Bragaggia & J.Thomas -
strangesanm.lha pix/anim 143K 7+Strange animation from me and my neighbo
WTX.lha pix/anim 530K 6+AnimFX-logo-anim for soundtest
Wz.lha pix/anim 374K 2+Desert-fight anim for AnimFX
AngelFace.jpg pix/art 95K 10+Japanese girl with 'green' eyes
BatmanInHome.jpg pix/art 127K 6+Batman Joke Picture
biketank.jpg pix/art 31K 8+Hand Drawn Airbrush Picture by M.Wengler
CroquetRachel.jpg pix/art 148K 9+Rachel Raccoon playing croquet (golf sty
lion1.jpg pix/art 52K 9+Photo Montage (KillGates - Spain )
Mobile11.jpg pix/art 35K 5+Airbrush-Design by Mathias Wengler
Mobile12.jpg pix/art 41K 5+Airbrush-Design by Mathias Wengler
mobile13.jpg pix/art 56K 5+Airbrush-Design by Mathias Wengler
mobile14.jpg pix/art 39K 5+Airbrush-Design by Mathias Wengler
mobile15.jpg pix/art 39K 5+Airbrush-Design by Mathias Wengler
mobile16.jpg pix/art 31K 5+Airbrush-Design by Mathias Wengler
Mobile7.jpg pix/art 30K 5+Airbrush-Design by Mathias Wengler
Mobile8.jpg pix/art 55K 5+Airbrush-Design by Mathias Wengler
mouse.jpg pix/art 16K 8+Airbrush-Design by Mathias Wengler
nymph.jpg pix/art 24K 8+Hand Drawn Airbrush Picture by M.Wengler
porsche_959.jpg pix/art 147K 6+Scanned BW PORSCHE 959 (prototype) pictu
retoque1.jpg pix/art 73K 9+Photo Montage (KillGates - Spain )
retoque2.jpg pix/art 59K 9+Photo Montage (KillGates - Spain )
retoque4.jpg pix/art 59K 9+Photo Montage (KillGates - Spain )
retoque7.jpg pix/art 42K 9+Photo Montage (KillGates - Spain )
sickpix.lha pix/art 256K 9+Archive with silly Pix from sICk nICk
stars01.jpg pix/art 264K 5+(ALN) Pic 01 of My Space Gallery (Good B
tankdeckel3.jpg pix/art 29K 8+Hand Drawn Airbrush Picture by M.Wengler
tower2.jpg pix/art 87K 8+Airbrush-Design by Mathias Wengler
tower3l.jpg pix/art 39K 5+Airbrush-Design by Mathias Wengler
tower3m.jpg pix/art 62K 5+Airbrush-Design by Mathias Wengler
tower3r.jpg pix/art 34K 5+Airbrush-Design by Mathias Wengler
WetRachel.jpg pix/art 133K 5+Rachel Raccoon just finishing a shower.
wheelcover.jpg pix/art 45K 8+Hand Drawn Airbrush Picture by M.Wengler
yellowstone.jpg pix/art 299K 9+Yellowstone Falls Landscape
AnimeOS640x480.lha pix/back 277K 9+Anime style backgrounds (640x480)
NextLeapPtrn01.lha pix/back 1.0M 5+NextLeap Pattern Collection #1
OlafsWBPics1.lha pix/back 555K 9+Workbench Backgroundpics
SV_AMIGA.lha pix/back 97K 6+AMIGA Logo for backdrop and web
AOs31.lha pix/boot 47K 6+A-Os3.1 bootpics in different sizes
mad_cbp3.lha pix/boot 2.2M 3+Crazy BootPics #3 by MadBart/Appendix^Te
AmOL.lha pix/clip 12K 4+2 JPGs that belong on every Amigan websi
MyZoo2.lha pix/fauna 805K 3+Some Good Quality Animal Pics
MyZoo3.lha pix/fauna 819K 3+Some Good Quality Animal Pics
MyZoo4.lha pix/fauna 859K 2+Some Good Quality Animal Pics
Odie.lha pix/fauna 2K 4+Funny little "hot" dog
Asteroids.jpg pix/heiko 213K 7+Enterprise-D in asteroidfield (Cinema 4D
Asteroi_h.jpg pix/heiko 219K 7+Enterprise-D in asteroidfield (Cinema 4D
Battle3.jpg pix/heiko 197K 7+Staarfleet Reeinforcements (Cinema 4D)
Battle3h.jpg pix/heiko 181K 7+Staarfleet Reeinforcements (Cinema 4D)
Battle4.jpg pix/heiko 211K 7+U.S.S. Brixton firing at BoPs (Cinema 4D
Battle4h.jpg pix/heiko 187K 7+U.S.S. Brixton firing at BoPs (Cinema 4D
Battle5.jpg pix/heiko 205K 7+U.S.S. Enterprise being shot at (Cinema
Battle5h.jpg pix/heiko 209K 7+U.S.S. Enterprise being shot at (Cinema
Battle_1.jpg pix/heiko 185K 7+U.S.S. Brixton firing 2 photons (Cinema
Battle_2.jpg pix/heiko 170K 7+U.S.S. Brixton engaged in combat (Cinema
Beginning.jpg pix/heiko 172K 7+U.S.S. Enterprise appraoching Earth (Cin
BrixtonFb.lha pix/heiko 1.7M 7+Flyby-animation U.S.S. Brixton (avi)
Brixton_c.lha pix/heiko 4.1M 7+Circle-animation U.S.S. Brixton (mov)
Cartagena_c.lha pix/heiko 2.6M 7+Circle-animation U.S.S. Cartagena (mov)
Enterprise_c.lha pix/heiko 3.2M 5+Circle-animation U.S.S. Enterprise (mov)
Grey_H1h.jpg pix/heiko 199K 7+Two ships nearing planet (Cinema 4D)
Grey_H2.jpg pix/heiko 227K 7+Two ships entering orbit over moon (Cine
Grey_H2h.jpg pix/heiko 220K 7+Two ships entering orbit over moon (Cine
Grey_H3.jpg pix/heiko 188K 7+Two Runabouts over moon (Cinema 4D)
Grey_H3h.jpg pix/heiko 197K 7+Two Runabouts over moon (Cinema 4D)
Grey_H4.jpg pix/heiko 200K 7+Alien ships leaving wormhole (Cinema 4D)
Grey_H4h.jpg pix/heiko 195K 7+Alien ships leaving wormhole (Cinema 4D)
Grey_H5.jpg pix/heiko 225K 7+Alien ship firing on Enterprise (Cinema
Grey_H5h.jpg pix/heiko 209K 7+Alien ship firing on Enterprise (Cinema
Grey_H6.jpg pix/heiko 182K 7+Alien ship firing on Enterprise 2 (Cinem
Grey_H6h.jpg pix/heiko 181K 7+Alien ship firing on Enterprise 2 (Cinem
Grey_Havens_1.jpg pix/heiko 198K 7+Two ships nearing planet (Cinema 4D)
Horus_c.lha pix/heiko 4.1M 5+Circle-animation U.S.S. Horus (mov)
Jaz.jpg pix/heiko 227K 7+Various starships + planets (Cinema 4D)
Klingons.jpg pix/heiko 173K 7+Klingon Task-Force (Cinema 4D)
Meeting1.jpg pix/heiko 145K 7+U.S.S. Cartagena meeting other ships (Ci
Meeting2.jpg pix/heiko 120K 7+U.S.S. Cartagena meeting other ships 2 (
Meeting3.jpg pix/heiko 111K 7+U.S.S. Cartagena meeting other ships 3 (
Meeting4.jpg pix/heiko 111K 7+U.S.S. Cartagena meeting other ships 4 (
Meeting5.jpg pix/heiko 124K 7+U.S.S. Cartagena meeting other ships 5 (
Meeting6.jpg pix/heiko 139K 7+U.S.S. Cartagena meeting other ships 6 (
Meeting7.jpg pix/heiko 165K 7+U.S.S. Cartagena meeting other ships 7 (
Meeting8.jpg pix/heiko 136K 7+U.S.S. Cartagena meeting other ships 8 (
Outpost2.jpg pix/heiko 126K 7+U.S.S. Rhea in orbit of planet 2 (Cinema
Outpost3.jpg pix/heiko 185K 7+U.S.S. Rhea in orbit of planet 3 (Cinema
Outpost4.jpg pix/heiko 190K 7+U.S.S. Rhea in orbit of planet 4 (Cinema
Outpost47_1.jpg pix/heiko 187K 7+U.S.S. Rhea in orbit of planet 1 (Cinema
Outpost4h.jpg pix/heiko 163K 7+U.S.S. Rhea in orbit of planet 4 (Cinema
Outpost5.jpg pix/heiko 224K 7+U.S.S. Rhea in orbit of planet 5 (Cinema
Outpost5h.jpg pix/heiko 220K 7+U.S.S. Rhea in orbit of planet 5 (Cinema
Outpost6.jpg pix/heiko 257K 7+U.S.S. Rhea in orbit of planet 6 (Cinema
Outpost6h.jpg pix/heiko 220K 7+U.S.S. Rhea in orbit of planet 6 (Cinema
Rescue1.jpg pix/heiko 198K 7+U.S.S. Horus entering nebula (Cinema 4D)
Rescue1h.jpg pix/heiko 175K 7+U.S.S. Horus entering nebula (Cinema 4D)
Rescue2.jpg pix/heiko 172K 7+U.S.S. Horus in nebula (Cinema 4D)
Rescue2h.jpg pix/heiko 162K 7+U.S.S. Horus in nebula (Cinema 4D)
Rescue3.jpg pix/heiko 180K 7+U.S.S. Horus appraoching ship in distres
Rescue3h.jpg pix/heiko 164K 7+U.S.S. Horus appraoching ship in distres
Rescue4.jpg pix/heiko 194K 7+U.S.S. Horus helping disabled ship (Cine
Rescue4h.jpg pix/heiko 187K 7+U.S.S. Horus helping disabled ship (Cine
Rescue5.jpg pix/heiko 177K 7+U.S.S. Horus helping disabled ship 2 (Ci
Rescue5h.jpg pix/heiko 163K 7+U.S.S. Horus helping disabled ship 2 (Ci
Rescue6.jpg pix/heiko 159K 7+U.S.S. Horus leaving nebula (Cinema 4D)
Rescue6h.jpg pix/heiko 162K 7+U.S.S. Horus leaving nebula (Cinema 4D)
Rhea_c.lha pix/heiko 4.2M 5+Circle-animation U.S.S. Rhea (mov)
Rhea_fb.lha pix/heiko 2.8M 5+Flyby-animation U.S.S. Rhea (avi)
Runabout_c.lha pix/heiko 2.3M 5+Circle-animation Runabout (mov)
Starba1h.jpg pix/heiko 124K 7+U.S.S. Horus passing planet (Cinema 4D)
Starba2.jpg pix/heiko 150K 7+U.S.S. Horus passing ring of planet (Cin
Starba2h.jpg pix/heiko 134K 7+U.S.S. Horus passing ring of planet (Cin
Starba3.jpg pix/heiko 144K 7+U.S.S. Horus leaving planet (Cinema 4D)
Starbase17_1.jpg pix/heiko 135K 7+U.S.S. Horus passing planet (Cinema 4D)
FI_set_GoldED.lha pix/icon 21K 4+FreshIcons-set for GoldED
flameicon.lha pix/icon 32K 5+Preview / Promotion pic of *Flame Icons*
JazIcon.lha pix/icon 1K 8+Iomega JAZ disk icon
ZT_DockBrushes.lha pix/icon 228K 2+True color dock brushes for ToolManager
Amiga_IE.lha pix/illu 139K 6+Microsoft IE4 now available for AMIGA
amydisk4.lha pix/illu 580K 9+Pics of some people the Fido_Amiga Echo
amydisk6.lha pix/illu 681K 9+Pics of some people the Fido_Amiga Echo
GIFHack.lha pix/illu 173K 10+BREAK the 256-colour barrier in a GIF!
jabamitech.lha pix/illu 659K 5+Some pictures from AmiTech '98
PieBilly.lha pix/illu 50K 10+Billy with the pie in face
3DSpace.jpg pix/imagi 41K 9+3D Letters drifting in space
Ac_Dc.jpg pix/imagi 44K 9+AC/DC Logo
Art.jpg pix/imagi 80K 9+Nice Colors N' Reflections
coli.jpg pix/imagi 108K 6+Colinou logo by Colinou (800*600)
Darkness.jpg pix/imagi 11K 9+A "Dark" Picture
Esagon.lha pix/imagi 285K 8+A small image of a space station near th
LastDimention.jpg pix/imagi 26K 9+Is 3D the last Dimention?
twin_wolves.jpg pix/imagi 38K 6+Twin Wolves! (640*512)
3D_Pics_II.lha pix/misc 1.1M 7+3D pictures for red/green-glasses
Cyber98.lha pix/misc 201K 4+CyberContact 98 Pictures
First_Termi.lha pix/misc 297K 4+A Comic from ANCOR with Sarah Fox
Furthur.lha pix/misc 196K 8+A '58 Chevy where no man has gone before
IranFlag.lha pix/misc 1K 6+Flag of Iran by Shahryar Fekri
Islands.lha pix/misc 261K 9+The 3 Islands cool titlepicture
KillGates.jpg pix/misc 85K 7+Photo Montage (KillGates - Spain )
LiteCake.jpg pix/misc 260K 6+LightWave LiteCake
macros22.jpg pix/misc 60K 9+Macross VF-1S Valkyrie 3D
macros23.jpg pix/misc 168K 4+Macross VF-1S Valkyrie 3D
macross0021.jpg pix/misc 31K 10+Macross VF-1S Valkyrie 3D
MD_Photo.lha pix/misc 24K 10+Cool scaned Ferrai GTO Photo
MST_Eagle.lha pix/misc 280K 8+Winning picture at ACG Hack VII
My_T_Rex.jpg pix/misc 123K 6+My T-Rex will eat you!!!!!!!
Olafs3DPix1.lha pix/misc 311K 6+3D pix for red/green-glasses(N-scale mod
retoque8.jpg pix/misc 62K 7+Photo Montage (KillGates - Spain )
saku98k1.lha pix/misc 1.1M 6+Pics from Saku 98, Finnish Amiga event.
saku98k2.lha pix/misc 977K 4+More Saku 98 pics (Finnish Amiga event).
saku98k3.lha pix/misc 740K 4+Last Saku 98 pics (Finnish Amiga event).
skbitweb.lha pix/misc 548K 9+Bitit & Webit in Finland. Amiga photos.
sns_pics.lha pix/misc 225K 10+A Collection of Pics By So & So
zug.lha pix/misc 469K 2+Members of ZUGRIFF
BPM_ZimmerF.mpg pix/mpg 2.4M 5+Traced Anim of my livingroom
Win98Crash.mpg pix/mpg 2.4M 2+Bill Gates' Win98 crash (at Comdex '98)
AKIconz2.lha pix/mwb 141K 8+A MWB *GAMES* Icon Collection (Vol. 2)
FalconerIcons.lha pix/mwb 238K 8+Some cool Icons & More 4 MWB
samwb6_2.lha pix/mwb 570K 7+New MagicWB2.0 Icons/ImageDrawers/...
Siefkopf_Nr_2.lha pix/mwb 504K 9+32 Colour Icons for MagicWB
AESicons10.lha pix/nicon 174K 8+160 NewIcons! CrossMac, AHI, Miami, more
Archaeologicon.lha pix/nicon 178K 6+Arch ological/Cultural Artifacts (100+)
RoaIcons.lha pix/nicon 143K 6+NewIcons in 4.x style (125 Newicons)
rodeo_icons.lha pix/nicon 104K 9+Rodeo Icons Bull & Bronc riding Barrel r
TurkLocaleIcon.lha pix/nicon 2K 10+Turkish Locale Icons
BirdirPatterns.lha pix/textu 170K 2+Extra textures for Birdie
3pcs.jpg pix/trace 273K 9+Centauri Shuttle
3p_pics3.lha pix/trace 1.2M 9+3Pyramids-Pictures Vol.3
8Spots.jpg pix/trace 69K 9+JPEG image of "Arena lights"
Arabian2.jpg pix/trace 216K 6+FantasyImage2MaxonCinema/ImageFX/PPaint
ArabianPlanet.jpg pix/trace 263K 7+FantasyImage MaxonCinema4D/ImageFX
Asteroids.jpg pix/trace 102K 6+Asteroid image
Chessboard.jpg pix/trace 137K 6+Chess image
DejaVuII.jpg pix/trace 236K 9+Space scene rendered with Tornado3D
dolby_moa.jpg pix/trace 153K 3+DOLBY-LOGO JPG Picture
dslogo.jpg pix/trace 196K 9+Materials set rendered with Tornado3D
enter1701_1.jpg pix/trace 49K 5+(FUG) The USS Enterprise in my "personal
Island.jpg pix/trace 24K 4+Raytrace of my litle island!
Landscape.jpg pix/trace 114K 6+Landscape image
LostLove.jpg pix/trace 243K 7+Heart-thrown away
mad_aa_p.lha pix/trace 521K 3+Amisia's IRC channel 3d logo by MadBart/
mad_japa.lha pix/trace 980K 3+Traced logo for... in Japan! by MadBart/
mad_nahk.lha pix/trace 226K 3+Nah-Kolor logo by MadBart/Appendix^Teklo
mad_sndl.lha pix/trace 907K 3+Soundloom logo by MadBart/Apx^Tls
mad_wrma.lha pix/trace 700K 3+Wormhole-akktio by MadBart/Apx^Tls-relea
Mamain_3D2.lha pix/trace 923K 6+Some Pictures by Mamain
Materials.jpg pix/trace 248K 9+Materials set rendered with Tornado3D
Minbari.jpg pix/trace 406K 3+A Minbari vessel (Babylon 5)
OceanColony.jpg pix/trace 41K 2+Unidentified Floating Objects! ;-)
optrain.lha pix/trace 164K 6+Orin's raytraced train
Particle.jpg pix/trace 320K 9+JPEG image of "Particles of mind"
PreBox.lha pix/trace 241K 6+The fist pic of the PreBox!All by "NURBS
RaumstationMOA.jpg pix/trace 200K 3+JPG Pic of a Spacestation
R_Stecher.lha pix/trace 1.7M 2+Reflections - iff - Pix
SidManFront.jpg pix/trace 41K 4+Concept Render of a SID-Playing Walkman
SidManLCD.lha pix/trace 19K 4+IFF ANIMs of the Sid Man LCD labels
SidManLeft.jpg pix/trace 32K 4+Concept Render of a SID-Playing Walkman
SidManRight.jpg pix/trace 38K 4+Concept Render of a SID-Playing Walkman
starwar5.jpg pix/trace 369K 6+Star Wars Picture (Interceptor-Battle)
SV_SillyCat.lha pix/trace 852K 3+Art Variation of a Silly Cat Logo
Train.lha pix/trace 286K 6+Nice LW traced picture of a train
Tulip.jpg pix/trace 85K 9+JPEG image of flowers
Waterwave.jpg pix/trace 112K 6+Wave image
Welten.jpg pix/trace 343K 3+U.S.S. Defiant (Star Trek) and a Pterano
x_wing2.jpg pix/trace 126K 9+X-Wing with R2-D2
zimmer_moa.jpg pix/trace 255K 5+JPG Pic of my ComputerRoom
FerrariF50.jpg pix/vehic 46K 6+Shahryar Fekri's Car Album: Ferrari F50
FordGT90.jpg pix/vehic 41K 6+Shahryar Fekri's Car Album: Ford GT90
GP_Argentina98.jpg pix/vehic 67K 5+Ferrari winning G.P. Argentina 12-4-98
Isdera112i.jpg pix/vehic 46K 6+Shahryar Fekri's Car Album: Isdera 112i
Italdesign.jpg pix/vehic 78K 6+Shahryar Fekri's Car Album: Italdesign
Jaguar.jpg pix/vehic 49K 6+Shahryar Fekri's Car Album: Jaguar XJ220
McLarenF1.jpg pix/vehic 82K 6+Shahryar Fekri's Car Album: McLaren F1
BeJagWb.lha pix/wb 98K 8+Snapshot from my Workbench 8)
BondShot.lha pix/wb 181K 9+WB Snapshot (856x638x16) of Bond's WB
BShots.lha pix/wb 219K 4+5 Shots of Beavis`s WB
CGXAGA.lha pix/wb 59K 7+Sinan`s Cybergfx-AGA-PPC WB
CGXAGA_2.lha pix/wb 102K 2+Cybergfx-AGA-PPC WB with Creamed Gates :
DS_Work.jpg pix/wb 248K 9+Delta / Sigma WB Grab
horsebench.lha pix/wb 88K 7+A picture of my workbench, with a horse
Jack.jpg pix/wb 49K 8+Jack connector (MAMOMO)
JackJulio.jpg pix/wb 360K 8+Jack connector (MAMOMO)
KaminariBench2.lha pix/wb 417K 6+CV64/3D 800*600*15 "Titanic" desktop scr
Lluis.jpg pix/wb 198K 8+Lluis3D text (MAMOMO)
RoaWB.jpg pix/wb 247K 8+A nice snapshot of ARoa's WB in all it's
TheBossWB1.lha pix/wb 19K 10+TheBoss Workbench. Live the Fantaisie.
workplace.jpg pix/wb 381K 9+My Workbench? Dream on...
AmigaSans.lha text/bfont 4K 7+New bitmap font for Workbench/browser
c64.lha text/bfont 14K 9+Set of Commodore 64 fonts
GS510020.lha text/dtp 537K 9+Postscript-pdf prtr/viewer new printers
GS510FontMap.lha text/dtp 5K 5+GS5.10's missing fontmap file
GS510fonts_ot.lha text/dtp 798K 9+Postscript-pdf prtr/viewer new printers
GS510_000.lha text/dtp 551K 9+Postscript-pdf prtr/viewer new printers
GS510_020fpu.lha text/dtp 518K 9+Postscript-pdf prtr/viewer new printers
GS510_040fpu.lha text/dtp 520K 9+Postscript-pdf prtr/viewer new printers
GS510_4_Amiga.lha text/dtp 256K 9+Postscript-pdf prtr/viewer new printers
GS510_data.lha text/dtp 326K 9+Postscript-pdf prtr/viewer new printers
GS510_fonts_st.lha text/dtp 1.5M 9+Postscript-pdf prtr/viewer new printers
GS510_gnu.lha text/dtp 13K 9+Postscript-pdf prtr/viewer new printers
GS510_main_src.lha text/dtp 3.2M 9+Postscript-pdf prtr/viewer new printers
Amis_HuntDoc.lha text/edit 5K 6+Online AutoDocs-help with AmisED
felix.lha text/edit 57K 5+GoldED-PlugIn window-list and autoreload
Textloader_65.lha text/edit 478K 6+TextEd 6.5 German Realise
twGED_scanner.lha text/edit 22K 3+GoldED 4 scanners for C, Modula, Pascal,
Wordworth7_ITA.lha text/edit 85K 3+FULL Ww7 Italian Translation by Addabbo
Ww7dansk.lha text/edit 12K 3+Danish "catalog" files for Wordworth 7.
armonk.lha text/font 4K 10+1970's computer style font (8 & 9 point)
C_64Font.lha text/font 2K 3+Commodore-64 Font (With European accents
ThuforFonts.lha text/font 7K 6+Small (6) very well readable fonts (on T
AF_HTMLCap.lha text/hyper 6K 10+V1.3.5, makes HTML-Tags LOWER/UPPERCASE
hscPPC.lha text/hyper 234K 9+V0.915; html-preprocessor (PPC bin)
HTMLess.lha text/hyper 17K 4+V3.0 Converts HTML files to ASCII text.
QuickBrowser.lha text/hyper 65K 3+Early preview of offline HTML doc viewer
ERuDict.lha text/misc 1.0M 7+English-Russian Dictionary. V1.0
htmller.lha text/misc 0K 3+Simple asci2html conversion
IconPoet.lha text/misc 121K 6+Creative writing toy
MakeTXT.lha text/misc 9K 7+Makes nice TXT-Effects
nroff.lha text/misc 112K 8+An nroff formatter for the Amiga
PiraSlow.lha text/misc 421K 2+Simple Polish<->English dictionary. Poli
PPCnroff.lha text/misc 137K 8+An nroff formatter for PPC
SHARKsort.lha text/misc 32K 3+V1.21 - Sorts ASCII-lists
TheTagThing07.lha text/misc 41K 9+A sort of tagline (and more) inserter.
Versionen258.lha text/misc 44K 2+An incomplete $VERsion list of Amiga pro
WordConverter.lha text/misc 66K 2+Converts Word 2,5,6,7,8 files to text, H
wordwrap.lha text/misc 33K 3+Reformat ASCII texts to new width, V2.2
CanonDisk398b.lha text/print 621K 10+V3.98b Official Canon BJ/BJC Printer Dri
Epson_600.lha text/print 7K 4+Epson Stylus 600 Driver for Workbench V1
HP_Dj400C.lha text/print 7K 5+Deskjet 400C Driver for Workbench 1.5
HP_Dj600C.lha text/print 7K 5+Deskjet 600C Driver for Workbench V1.3
HP_Dj670C.lha text/print 7K 5+Deskjet 670C/690C Driver for Workbench V
HP_Dj870C.lha text/print 7K 5+Deskjet 850/870C/880C/890C Driver for Wo
PhotoPrint.lha text/print 232K 6+Print in Alps MD-2300 photo-quality mode
pRTMAN39.lha text/print 70K 2+Printmanager for AmigaOS3 (39.9b2)
Stylus_600.lha text/print 7K 6+Epson Stylus 600 Driver for Workbench V1
VCArchive340.lha text/print 402K 6+Video&CD-Archive V3.40 - MC,CD,Video
2b_ShowFont20.lha text/show 39K 6+Shows bitmap/vector fonts
ARead.lha text/show 9K 5+Small'n'Fast textreader
EvenMore.lha text/show 246K 2+V043 - A nicer textviewer (:?o)
Next2_3.lha text/show 60K 3+Text viewer with many features, V2.3
TextView120.lha text/show 61K 2+Textviewer for PP,XPK,AGuide,HTML,Pipes.
amiweb2c.lha text/tex 4.8M 8+Unix TeX for the Amiga.
DVIPrintFix.lha text/tex 26K 3+Bugfix for DVIprint 1.41 comming with Pa
IconAct.lha util/app 80K 5+File Type ID by Life Team
LandFill.lha util/app 6K 3+Yet another appicon trashcan
RscManager.lha util/app 45K 8+Finds libraries,... used by prg (v0.6a)
AmiGNUtar.lha util/arc 561K 4+GNUTar 1.11.2, 68k and PPC, incl. source
arcPPC.lha util/arc 300K 5+Arc 5.21 for PPC, including source
AutoDiz12.lha util/arc 28K 3+Extracts File_ID.Dizes and displays them
base64.lha util/arc 32K 2+Base64 for 68k+PPC, including source
base64WOS.lha util/arc 20K 2+Base64 for 68k+PPC (WarpOS), including s
codegroup.lha util/arc 38K 2+Codegroup for 68k+PPC, including source
codegrWOS.lha util/arc 26K 2+Codegroup for PPC (WarpOS), including so
DeMimePPC.lha util/arc 20K 7+DeMime (including source) for PPC
DeMimeWOS.lha util/arc 16K 7+DeMime (including source) for PPC, WarpO
DMS2HD1_1.lha util/arc 28K 4+Decrunch DMS arcs to HD *Freeware 4 now*
DMS_MUI.lha util/arc 29K 8+Version 2.0 of this MUI GUI for DMS
DzA_3_1.lha util/arc 7K 8+Archives Files using GUI V3.1 Arexx
GGUUcode.lha util/arc 36K 9+UUen/decode for 68k and PPC, with source
LhA2LZX2.lha util/arc 64K 9+AmigaDOS script to convert LhA->LZX and
LhA2LZX3.lha util/arc 84K 3+Convert LhA->LZX and vice versa easily
mcvertPPC.lha util/arc 91K 3+Mac .bin/sit/cpt/hqx/sea conversion (PPC
mcvertWOS.lha util/arc 78K 4+Mac .bin/sit/cpt/hqx/sea conversion (PPC
mime64.lha util/arc 50K 5+Mime64 encoder/decoder, 68k + PPC, incl.
mime64WOS.lha util/arc 34K 4+Mime64 encoder/decoder, 68k + PPC (WarpO
mpackPPC.lha util/arc 309K 3+Mpack/munpack 1.5 for PPC, including sou
mpackWOS.lha util/arc 287K 3+Mpack/munpack 1.5 for PPC (WarpOS), incl
Packmaster124.lha util/arc 148K 8+GUI for LHA,LHASFX,LZX,DMS,ZIP,UNZIP,UNA
UnSharPPC.lha util/arc 25K 5+Unix .shar dearchiver for PPC, incl. sou
unsharWOS.lha util/arc 31K 4+Unix .shar dearchiver for PPC (WarpOS),
ViewDIZ.lha util/arc 95K 7+File_id.diz GUI viewer/editor; v2.0
xbinPPC.lha util/arc 75K 5+BinHex (Mac .HQX) extractor for PPC, inc
xbinWOS.lha util/arc 67K 5+BinHex (Mac .HQX) extractor for PPC (War
xFX.lha util/arc 148K 3+Multiformat disk archiver
ZipPPC.lha util/arc 157K 7+Zip/Unzip for PPC, based on InfoZip.
ZooPPC.lha util/arc 328K 5+Zoo 2.10 for PPC, including source
AntiBlanker.lha util/blank 7K 4+V0.1 A tool that disables your screen bl
Madhouse260a.lha util/blank 8K 10+FIXED installer script for Madhouse 2.6
2b_ColourLock.lha util/boot 28K 9+Sets & locks WB screen palette v1.0
AmiReboot10.lha util/boot 8K 6+Cool requester before reboot your Amiga
AppReset.lha util/boot 16K 8+AppIcon-based reset utility
ASD.lha util/boot 118K 2+Amga shutdown system. Polish language on
AStart41.lha util/boot 76K 10+Loading WB/Opus5 with more free memory
bootprogress.lha util/boot 328K 5+Progress bar while booting w/ picture
checkkey10.lha util/boot 85K 9+Boot-selector-program V1.0 (GER)
codePW_2_1.lha util/boot 10K 6+Passwordfile, bug fixed!
FBlit.lha util/boot 108K 9+V2.4 Use CPU in place of the blitter.
ffppatch.lha util/boot 9K 3+Mathffp.library FPU speedup patch 1.7b
FragCure.lha util/boot 3K 8+Minimise mem fragmentation (=have more f
GuruLog.lha util/boot 21K 5+Keep log of your crashes/alerts
ksc_ffm.lha util/boot 3K 2+If you have no fastmemory
MemPatch.lha util/boot 12K 2+Monitors memory allocations.
msbpatch.lha util/boot 3K 3+Mathieeesingbas.library FPU patch 1.2
mtpatch.lha util/boot 2K 3+Mathtrans.library speedup patch 1.1b
PatchRAM.lha util/boot 3K 2+Patch RAM to show right size & more
ReBoot.lha util/boot 2K 9+Reboots if MAIN HD not found
rndb10.lha util/boot 10K 9+Random-bootpic-prg for ext. viewer V1.0
SafeReset.lha util/boot 19K 2+Safer Software Resets.
selector71.lha util/boot 489K 9+Powerful script based launching tool.
SetMan20.lha util/boot 21K 8+Patches SetFunction() to new better one
SoundJunkie.lha util/boot 46K 7+New System Sound Daemon!
SSClock.lha util/boot 694K 4+Sampled Speaking Clock!
wbset10.lha util/boot 10K 9+Randomize WB-palette and background prg
EasyPatch133a.lha util/cdity 84K 7+...is able to patch many requesters
FakeTopaz.lha util/cdity 9K 2+Patch to change calls to topaz to some o
HappyDT.lha util/cdity 114K 6+Allow all prog. to use Datatypes
meexchange.lha util/cdity 21K 6+Exchange-Replacement, with new features
mewandel.lha util/cdity 11K 7+Change Dec/bin/oct/hex/rom-numbers
ModePro4_42.lha util/cdity 166K 3+Screenmode Promotion & Public Screen uti
MRQ.lha util/cdity 66K 3+The MUI requester improver
ScreenSurf.lha util/cdity 57K 6+Screentab surf to one screen to another
Stroke.lha util/cdity 30K 3+Generate key- & other events by mouse
tradWeb.lha util/cdity 35K 7+TradWeb Translate Special caractere for
2b_AddIcon20.lha util/cli 30K 3+Adds icons to files/dirs/volumes (usable
addsuffix.lha util/cli 0K 3 Small filename conversion utility
case.lha util/cli 61K 9+Powerful prg to rename/manipulate filena
CloseWB.lha util/cli 2K 4+Brute force/background Workbench Screen
DayCopy.lha util/cli 7K 4+DayCopy 1.1 - Copy files (+/-)x days old
FastStrip.lha util/cli 1K 10+Strips or replaces characters in files
fdate.lha util/cli 10K 5+Date formatter, for ANY date
ksc_Beep.lha util/cli 1K 2+Flashes the screen
ksc_BrdrBlnk.lha util/cli 2K 2+Turn screen borders black
ksc_Colors.lha util/cli 2K 2+Popup palette on front screen
ksc_CursOff.lha util/cli 1K 2+Remove cli-window cursor
ksc_ExpLoad.lha util/cli 1K 2+Preload explode.library
ksc_Flush.lha util/cli 1K 2+Purge unused stuff from memory
ksc_GrepMem.lha util/cli 4K 2+Search memory for text
ksc_In.lha util/cli 2K 2+In DIRECTORY do COMMAND
ksc_NoBorder.lha util/cli 2K 2+Remove borders on CLI window
ksc_Req.lha util/cli 2K 5+Disk Requesters on/off *KYZSMLCLXN*
ksc_Requesters.lha util/cli 2K 2+Disk Requesters on/off
ksc_Reset.lha util/cli 2K 2+Eeek! Reset-button!
ksc_ResetCop.lha util/cli 1K 2+Restore WB screen
ksc_TotalReset.lha util/cli 1K 2+Wipe out memory contents & reboot
ksc_Wildstar.lha util/cli 2K 2+Turn on '*' file patternmatching
Launch.lha util/cli 3K 4+Minimal background process launcher
LocaleStr.lha util/cli 1K 4+Output catalog strings from CLI/Shell &
mdir.lha util/cli 0K 3+Unix-a-like dir/list command
MrSPLIT.lha util/cli 15K 10+Fastest filesplitter V1.0 By F.Ultra
RemoveReturn.lha util/cli 5K 3+Command, will rip carriage returns from
tiny_reboot.lha util/cli 4K 2+Small (508 byte) reboot with optional de
WBScreen.lha util/cli 8K 2+Open/Close Workbench, make new default
ConvertNum.lha util/conv 5K 6+V1.21 convert numbers (roman also)
convtemp.lha util/conv 3K 3+CLI prog to convert C <-> F with floatin
CPC.lha util/conv 27K 2+Converts from/to Serbian CPs (Serbian)
DTConvert018.lha util/conv 63K 6+DTConvert V1.8 - Universal Datatypes con
Raw2Ent.lha util/conv 105K 7+Manage 8-Bit-ASCII & HTML-/Entity-Codes
unixguide.lha util/conv 22K 6+Amigaguide to HTML translation program.
BLFH.txt util/crypt 5K 6+New encryption sublibrary for Xpk
Browser.lha util/dir 60K 4+File system explorer and text viewer
DOcfg.lha util/dir 16K 10+DirOpus4.x configuration nice, many feat
DWTwin.lha util/dir 26K 3+V2.0 - Util to control TwinExpress via D
simplefind.lha util/dir 172K 2+V2.2 of the FileFinder
akJFIF_dt.lha util/dtype 221K 3+AkJFIF-dt V43.181 (JPEG, 68000-060, PPC)
akLJPG_dt.lha util/dtype 102K 3+AkLJPG-dt V43.181 (LJPG, 68000-060. PPC)
akPNG_dt.lha util/dtype 231K 3+AkPNG-dt V43.181 (PNG, 68000-060, PPC)
akSVG_dt.lha util/dtype 71K 3+AkSVG-dt V43.181 (SVG, 68000-060)
FAXX_dt.lha util/dtype 173K 5+FAXX-dt V43.11 (IFF-FAXX, 68000-060)
gifanimdtc202.lha util/dtype 236K 4+GIF Animation DataType V2.2
iLBMDT44.lha util/dtype 5K 3+Improved ilbmdt (44.9)
mpegadt201.lha util/dtype 198K 10+MPEG audio datatype V2.1
mpegsdt104.lha util/dtype 61K 10+MPEG System datatype V1.3
mpegvdt204.lha util/dtype 644K 10+MPEG video datatype V2.4
PCD_DT.lha util/dtype 61K 6+Datatype for Photo-CD Images (V43.5)
PicBench.lha util/dtype 15K 9+Datatype picture viewer & benchmark V1.1
RGBx_DT.lha util/dtype 15K 8+RGBx DataType for RGBN and RGB8.
rgfx_dt.lha util/dtype 33K 6+Datatype for IFF-RGFX-Format (V43.5)
XBM_DT.lha util/dtype 25K 3+X BitMap DataType
XpmDT.lha util/dtype 36K 6+Xpm picture datatype
als_lib.lha util/libs 53K 6+Als.library 6.21: mowersim game in a lib
Ax_1Srpski.lha util/libs 3K 2+Serbian accent for translator.library V4
graphics3d.lha util/libs 195K 3+3D graphics shared library V10.13(beta)
IdentifyUsr.lha util/libs 114K 7+ListExp, identifies expansions and more
ixem000n.lha util/libs 138K 7+Ixemul V47.2 library 68000 notrap
ixem000s.lha util/libs 127K 7+Ixemul V47.2 library 68000
ixem000t.lha util/libs 130K 7+Ixemul V47.2 library 68000 trace-version
ixem020f.lha util/libs 125K 7+Ixemul V47.2 library 68020/030 + FPU
ixem020s.lha util/libs 126K 7+Ixemul V47.2 library 68020/030 w/o FPU
ixem040f.lha util/libs 125K 7+Ixemul V47.2 library 68040 + FPU
ixem040s.lha util/libs 126K 7+Ixemul V47.2 library 68040 w/o FPU
ixemul_bin.lha util/libs 78K 7+Ixemul V47.2 binary utilities
ixemul_doc.lha util/libs 52K 7+Ixemul V47.2 documentation
ixemul_sdk.lha util/libs 917K 7+Ixemul V47.2 includes, libs, manpages
ixemul_tz.lha util/libs 258K 7+Ixemul V47.2 timezone-utilities (all CPU
xfd120.lha util/libs 165K 9+Xfdmaster.libraru v1.20, By G.Hoermann
ARC28.lha util/misc 33K 3+Aminet Readme Creator 2.8
DeutschCookies.lha util/misc 5K 5+Cookies in German
DizzerV12.lha util/misc 63K 10+Create and pack good looking file_id.diz
DoomGATE08r3a.lha util/misc 2K 5+DoomGATE 0.8r3beta *Installer FIX*.
Doom_GATE08r3.lha util/misc 75K 6+DoomGATE 0.8r3beta. Doom Manager, MUIRex
Etch_a_Sketch.lha util/misc 7K 4+A small Etch-a-Sketch simulator (written
ExecutiveGr.lha util/misc 13K 6+Greek catalogs for Executive 2.10
freqmet.lha util/misc 27K 5+Frequency meter for AURA equipped amigas
gpatch.lha util/misc 89K 5+Patch system for software updates
GrabKick.lha util/misc 6K 5+V1.21 copy KICKSTART-ROM to a file
LazyReadme.lha util/misc 14K 3+Make .readme Files with MUI
locatedb.lha util/misc 10K 2+Locatedb (linux like) + mainguide-maker
LstVersn.lzh util/misc 16K 7+CLI-VersionLister/Cataloger (German-Doc)
ntsc2pal.lha util/misc 1K 5+NTSC to PAL with a double click for game
Switch.lha util/misc 26K 10+Metric conversion utility
TB4_0.lha util/misc 79K 9+Store telephone and address information
UCT1_1.lha util/misc 70K 9+MUI Editor for locale catalog files.
URB.lha util/misc 283K 4+Configurable button bars on ALL screens
batsi.lha util/moni 4K 6+Add your expansion boards to SysInfo
Blizzard603.lha util/moni 1K 6+AIBB module for Blizzard603 68040@25 (wi
Blizzrd603_04.lha util/moni 1K 6+AIBB module for Blizzard603 68040@25 (wi
ByteMark68kPPC.lha util/moni 231K 4+BYTE magazine benchmarks: 68k+PPC Amiga
CPQ.lha util/moni 25K 3+Compaq Screen Connection by Chipset
DriveManager16.lha util/moni 84K 9+Shows the FULL Info of your Drives.
posbb.lha util/moni 143K 2+Portable OS-Based Benchmark w/ src BETA
ShowMem.lha util/moni 13K 3+Shows memory fragmentation via gfx
sspeed26.lha util/moni 366K 6+SysSpeed V 2.6 - now with PPC Test !
AnalogMouse.lha util/mouse 12K 8+Use analog joystick as a mouse.
clickup.lha util/pack 17K 9+Unpacks lha/lzx/zip-files with a doublec
gsmPPC.lha util/pack 173K 2+GSM speech compression (PPC), incl. sour
RealSize.lha util/pack 15K 3+Prints size of a (crunched) file
unlzx.lha util/pack 27K 3+PPC-version of UnLZX (for PowerUP)
xpkSDHC.lha util/pack 16K 5+Sublibrary for the XPK system
xpk_Develop.lha util/pack 100K 3+V4.31 Compression package, developer cut
xpk_Source.lha util/pack 167K 3+V4.31 Compression package, source files
xpk_User.lha util/pack 216K 2+V4.32 Compression package, user edition
checkhdparts.lha util/rexx 7K 2+Warns if Hard Drive getting too full
ECompile.lha util/rexx 7K 3+CED AmigaE compiling script that uses re
GED_EMacros.lha util/rexx 12K 5+GoldED 4 macros for AmigaE users
lettre.lha util/rexx 7K 3+A Wizard to make letter (FRENCH)
rs_c_ums.lha util/rexx 4K 9+Config-File for RecentScript and UMS
SuperEval.lha util/rexx 2K 2+Add trig (rexxmathlib) to eval command
TimeSaver.lha util/rexx 10K 7+Adjust inaccurate battery clocks (Bugfix
viewPPC.lha util/rexx 1K 8+This script shows JPEG`s with PPC-Power
YAMandPGP.lha util/rexx 36K 8+Encrypt/compress mail/attachments w/YAM
Kod_V2_00.lha util/shell 6K 7+A command for shell or Dopus
ShellScr.lha util/shell 28K 5+Devote a whole screen to your shell
ViNCEd.lha util/shell 381K 9+The final CON: solution, ^Z, XTerm, Intu
2b_mv_deutsch.lha util/sys 24K 2+OS 2.0+ MultiView - deutsch catalog & do
2b_mv_french.lha util/sys 45K 7+OS 2.0+ MultiView - french catalog & doc
2b_mv_os2.lha util/sys 61K 2+OS 2.0+ MultiView replacement
2b_mv_polski.lha util/sys 22K 2+OS 2.0+ MultiView - polski catalog i dok
2b_mv_prefs.lha util/sys 37K 7+OS 2.0+ MultiView replacement Preference
info.lha util/sys 21K 2+AmigaDOS info command replacement (39.12
JStatus.lha util/sys 6K 8+Replaces C= CLI command Status
lDMNDRVS.lha util/sys 1K 2+Faster loading of monitor drivers (37.3)
nd2_spa.lha util/sys 1K 9+*SPANISH* Datafile for NewDate 2
patchstrip.lha util/sys 18K 2+Patches SCSI_IDE43_23 datecheck
PoolMem.lha util/sys 38K 2+Memory defragmentizer/AllocP superset
Swipe1_74.lha util/sys 13K 6+Delete-replacement, removes assigns on t
SwipeButtons.lha util/sys 1K 6+Extra buttons for Swipe
TaskControl.lha util/sys 7K 10+Easily handles Task Priorities
VersionWB.lha util/sys 33K 6+V2.9d AmigaDos Version replacement.
backclock.lha util/time 32K 5+Beautiful Transparent clock for Workbenc
Clock3332_V3_2.lha util/time 25K 6+A simple little WB clock programmed in B
DRemind.lha util/time 99K 4+Reminds you whenever you want.. v1.32!
ITimer1_40.lha util/time 34K 5+Records your online time and costs
NTPSync22.lha util/time 13K 4+Synchronize the clock with NTP
reloj.lha util/time 270K 3+Speech clock
WatchWatcher.lha util/time 24K 9+Checks your clock's sanity V1.3 By F.Ult
trsivw69.lha util/virus 303K 7+VirusWorkshop v6.9 (M.Schmall)
vht_vb24.lha util/virus 10K 10+Version 2.4 of Virus_Checker brainfile.
vht_vc15.lha util/virus 328K 3+Version 1.5 of Virus_Checker II (brain v
vht_vg21.lha util/virus 72K 6+VirusWarning.Guide v2.1
VT_Binary.lha util/virus 393K 7+V3.08 virus killer, binary files
VT_DocFiles.lha util/virus 474K 7+V3.08 virus killer, German documentation
VZScript.lha util/virus 4K 8+VirusZ II&III DMS file checking V1.0 by
xvs33_6.lha util/virus 32K 6+Xvs.library v33.6, The eXternal Virus Su
ActnPrefsEdit.lha util/wb 58K 7+Prefs Prg for ScreenTab DirWalker (V1.2)
ArcInstall.lha util/wb 15K 9+Extract and install archives using drag
CA36.lha util/wb 254K 6+ClassAction 3.6 (MUI && GT)
CA_Deutsch.lha util/wb 60K 4+German files for ClassAction 3. and 2.8
CA_Magyar.lha util/wb 5K 5+Hungarian catalog for ClassAction 3.5
CLIConPL.lha util/wb 16K 3+Polish translation of CLICon_Deutsch.gui
CLICon_PL_guid.lha util/wb 15K 3+Polish translation of CLICon_Deutsch.gui
confix11.lha util/wb 15K 6+Easy backup of your config data, IMPROVE
DirScanner113.lha util/wb 40K 7+A nice and comfortable FREEWARE-Filefind
DzA_HtM.lha util/wb 3K 8+Make Html using Arexx GUI
DzA_HtM2.lha util/wb 8K 6+Make Html using Arexx GUI
DzA_ReNamE.lha util/wb 3K 8+ReNamE Files using Arexx GUI
ExecutiveGr.lha util/wb 13K 7+Greek catalogs for Executive 2.10
Explorer.lha util/wb 708K 6+Explorer. Displays File_ID`s, Converts A
Formation_13a.lha util/wb 100K 3+File Search and Grouping Utility.
GlobalTrash.lha util/wb 199K 4+The trashcan-system for the amiga
head2.lha util/wb 25K 5+A 3D head following the mousepointer
HFRemove18.lha util/wb 22K 8+Removes HFDevices from system !
HotBarII.lha util/wb 48K 2+V3.6: Program launch tool
M2I5_76.lha util/wb 324K 7+Run Programs with Menus & Icons v5.76
M2IUPD75.lha util/wb 118K 8+M2I Update 5.73 -> 5.75 beta
M2IUpd76.lha util/wb 188K 7+M2I Update 5.73&5.75b -> 5.76
MagicMenu_HUN.lha util/wb 1K 5+Hungarian locale for MagicMenu2.15
Mdoodle.lha util/wb 16K 2+MDoodle 1.0 allows you doodle on your WB
MyMenu.lha util/wb 40K 10+Add custom menus to WB - Engl. + German
OverRes.lha util/wb 4K 6+Get 724x566 on a standard Amiga with CM8
OverResNTSC.lha util/wb 4K 5+NTSC version of the 724x566 OverRes util
Runner11.lha util/wb 170K 9+Not just another Start Program!
SayMore.lha util/wb 40K 2+Say replacement with more options v0.47
scalos.lha util/wb 335K 4+The Workbench Replacement by ALiENDESiGN
SearcherLT.lha util/wb 123K 5+The Ultimate File Finder by Life Team
Sgrab.lha util/wb 15K 2+Screen grabber for os3 (1.2)
sgrab_no.lha util/wb 1K 3+Norwegian catalog to SGrab 1.1
SuperClockv1.lha util/wb 15K 8+Really cool new clock for WB 3.0
TitleTilt.lha util/wb 3K 9+Hiding WB title until the pointer is not
TopazPatch.lha util/wb 10K 10+Use own font in place of topaz V1.1
TTManager32.lha util/wb 61K 9+Powerful, easy to use ToolType editor.
tuse.lha util/wb 42K 9+The Ultimate Search Engine V1.3
ViewerPrefs.lha util/wb 105K 8+Viewers Preferences v1.3a (MUI)
wbpal10.lha util/wb 8K 9+Makes your wb-windows flashing
wbstars2.lha util/wb 66K 7+Animated workbench-background (warp/snow

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