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WELCOME TO AMINET CD 27 @{" Deutsch " link AMINET27:Guides/Misc/LiesMich/main} Copyright 1998 @{"Urban Müller" link Author} Once more, we had more new material than space on the CD. 30M of mods had to go. The contents: 950M of @{" new stuff " link NewStuff } out between the making of @{" CD 26 " link Aminet26} and 1-Sep 30M of @{" commercial " link AMINET27:KangFu/KangFu_Anleitung/main} software: An unpublished level of KangFu For the following types of data we have special guides: @{" Games " link AMINET27:Guides/Games/main} A list of all games sorted by quality @{" Demos " link AMINET27:Guides/Demos/main} An index of compatible demos, sorted by quality @{" Pictures " link AMINET27:Guides/Pics/main } A database with scaled down versions of the images @{" Mods " link AMINET27:Guides/Mods/main } A list of all mods sorted by style and rating Information is also available on: @{" New features " link Features } What the previous CDs didn't have @{" Access software " link Software } Find, Prefs, and all the other tools @{" Customizing " link Custom } How to adapt Aminet CD to your taste @{" Troubleshooting " link Troubles } What to do if problems occur @{" What is Aminet " link Aminet } Information about our distributed archive @{" Accessing Aminet " link Access } How to download directly from Aminet @{" Submitting " link Submitting} How to get your software onto Aminet. @{" Ordering " link Ordering } Where to order Aminet CDs and subscriptions @{" Disclaimer " link Disclaimer} Legal mumbo jumbo plus virus warning @endnode ============================================================================ @node Author "About the author" The guy who selected, arranged, documented and sorted the contents of this CD for you is me, Urban Müller, the main administrator of Aminet. All the support software is from me, too. You can reach me at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. if you have any feedback about this CD. If you ever wanted to know what my job at Aminet is: @{" juggling gigs " system "AMINET27:Tools/mp AMINET27:Guides/Misc/juggling-gigs.mpg"} Well illustrated by an MPEG animation of me juggling harddisks at a meeting. Also available a @{" still " system "AMINET27:Tools/View AMINET27:Guides/Misc/juggler.jpg"} image at better resultion. Not shown: Lots of even shorter runs :) Of course this CD would not have been possible without the help of the countless people involved in the administration of Aminet, not to mention the thousands of uploaders. Special thanks go to: Martin Schulze - for beta-testing and other help with Aminet Lars Eilebrecht - for beta-testing Thomas Strauss - for beta-testing Matthias Scheler - for co-moderating Aminet and PowerGuide Yours truly.... Urban Müller @endnode ============================================================================ @node Subscriptions "Subscriptions Subscriptions Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe GmbH in Germany offers subscriptions Aminet CD subscriptions. See this @{" order information " link Ordering}. You may want to ask you local dealer if he offers subscriptions, too. @endnode ============================================================================ @node OlderCDs "Previous Aminet CD's" Previous Aminet CDs As you probably know, the Aminet archive has much more material than fits on a single CD. If you want all of it, you all Aminet Sets. @{" Aminet Set 6 " link AminetSet6} The complete Aminet since Set 5, and Wordwoth 5 (Mar 98) @{" Aminet Set 5 " link AminetSet5} The complete Aminet since Set 4, and OctaMed SS (Jun 97) @{" Aminet Set 4 " link AminetSet4} The complete Aminet since Set 3, and DirOpus 5 (Jan 97) @{" Aminet Set 3 " link AminetSet3} The complete Aminet since Set 2, and Imagine 4 (Jul 96) @{" Aminet Set 2 " link AminetSet2} The complete Aminet since Set 1 (Nov 95) @{" Aminet Set 1 " link AminetSet } The complete Aminet on a newly made 4 CD set (Jan 95) @{" Aminet CD 26 " link Aminet26 } The latest stuff and XiPaint 4.0 @{" Aminet CD 25 " link Aminet25 } The latest stuff and some games @{" Aminet CD 24 " link Aminet24 } The latest stuff and IBrowse 1.2SE @{" Aminet CD 23 " link Aminet23 } The latest stuff and TurboCalc 3.5 @{" Aminet CD 22 " link Aminet22 } The latest stuff and Wordworth 5 SE @{" Aminet CD 21 " link Aminet21 } The latest stuff and Personal Paint 6.4 @{" Aminet CD 20 " link Aminet20 } The latest stuff and Wildfire @{" Aminet CD 19 " link Aminet19 } The latest stuff and CanDo 2.5 @{" Aminet CD 18 " link Aminet18 } The latest stuff and XTreme Racing @{" Aminet CD 17 " link Aminet17 } The newest, the best, and PersonalWrite @{" Aminet CD 16 " link Aminet16 } The newest, the best, and 1700 mods (Dec 96) @{" Aminet CD 15 " link Aminet15 } The newest, the best, and 200 MPEG movies (Nov 96) @{" Aminet CD 14 " link Aminet14 } The newest, the best, 300 biztools & TurboCalc (Oct 96) @{" Aminet CD 13 " link Aminet13 } The newest, the best, 200 anims and MainActor (Aug 96) @{" Aminet CD 12 " link Aminet12 } The newest, the best, 900 mods and OctaMED (Jun 96) @{" Aminet CD 11 " link Aminet11 } The newest, the best, 700 maps and XiPaint (Apr 96) @{" Aminet CD 10 " link Aminet10 } The newest, the best, 2000 fonts and PageStream (Feb 96) @{" Aminet CD 9 " link Aminet9 } The newest, the best, and 900 games (Dec 96) @{" Aminet CD 8 " link Aminet8 } The newest, the best, and 2000 mods (Oct 95) @{" Aminet CD 7 " link Aminet7 } The newest, the best, and 9000 pictures (Aug 95) @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Aminet26 Aminet CD 26 - The latest stuff and XiPaint 4.0 Aminet CD 26 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Jul 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. The contents are (after decompression): 920M of software newer than Aminet CD 24, consisting of: 350 Mods 250 Utilities 200 Games 150 Pictures/Anims 750 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD is an unrestricted version of the 24-bit paint program XiPaint 4.0 Aminet CD 26 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet25 Aminet CD 25 - The latest stuff and some games Aminet CD 25 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from May 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. The contents are (after decompression): 980M of software newer than Aminet CD 24, consisting of: 300 Mods 250 Utilities 250 Pictures/Anims 200 Games 800 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD are several older games. Aminet CD 25 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet24 "Aminet CD 24" Aminet CD 24 - The latest stuff and IBrowse 1.2SE Aminet CD 24 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Mar 3rd. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. The contents are (after decompression): 930M of software newer than Aminet CD 23, consisting of: 450 Mods 250 Utilities 200 Games 200 Pictures/Anims 800 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD is the Web browser IBrowse 1.2SE Aminet CD 24 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet23 "Aminet CD 23" Aminet CD 23 - The latest stuff and TurboCalc 3.5 Aminet CD 23 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is Jan 2nd. This CD is completely filled with new material. The contents: 960M of software newer than Aminet CD 22, consisting of: 350 Mods 300 Tools 250 Pictures 200 Games 150 Communications programs 650 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD is TurboCalc 3.5 Aminet CD 23 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet22 "Aminet CD 22" Aminet CD 22 - The latest stuff and Wordworth 5 SE Aminet CD 22 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Nov 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. The contents are (when uncompressed): 930M of software newer than Aminet CD 21, consisting of: 450 Mods 300 Games 300 Utilities 250 Communications programs 800 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD is the word processor Wordworth 5 SE Aminet CD 22 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet21 "Aminet CD 21" Aminet CD 21 - The latest stuff and Personal Paint 6.4 Aminet CD 21 contains 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Sep 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. Some of the new stuff even had to be omitted. The contents are (when uncompressed): 970M of software newer than Aminet CD 20, consisting of: 550 Mods 250 Games 250 Utilities 200 Pictures 200 Communications programs 600 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD is Personal Paint 6.4 Aminet CD 21 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet20 "Aminet CD 20" Aminet CD 20 - The latest stuff and Wildfire Aminet CD 20 contains 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Jul 2nd. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. Some of new stuff even had to be omitted. The contents are (when uncompressed): 970M of software newer than Aminet CD 19, consisting of: 650 Mods 300 Pictures 250 Utilities 250 Communications programs 200 Games 800 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD is the animation processor WildFire. Aminet CD 20 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet19 "Aminet CD 19" Aminet CD 19 - The latest stuff and CanDo 2.5 Aminet CD 19 contains 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from May 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. Almost 700M of of new stuff had to be omitted. The contents (when uncompressed): 940M of software newer than Aminet CD 18 Consisting of: 450 Mods 300 Utilities 250 Games 250 Pictures 250 Communications programs 700 Files of other categories The commercial highlights of the CD are CanDo 2.5 and AmiAtlas 1.3 (the latter only in German). Aminet CD 19 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet18 "Aminet CD 18" Aminet CD 18 - The newest stuff and XTreme Racing Aminet CD 18 contains over 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from March 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. In fact, almost 300M software from The Party 96 had to be omitted. The he space is used as follows: 1033M of software newer than Aminet CD 17 Consisting of: 700 mods 400 pics 300 tools 250 communications programs 250 games 700 files of other categories Also included is the 3D racing game XTreme Racing. Aminet CD 18 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet17 "Aminet CD 17" Aminet CD 17 - The newest stuff and PersonalWrite Aminet CD 17 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Jan 2nd. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. The space is used as follows 941M of software newer than Aminet CD 16 Consisting of: 500 mods 350 pics 250 tools 250 communications programs 150 demos 700 files of other categories Also included is the commercial word processor Personal Write. Aminet CD 17 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet16 "Aminet CD 16" Aminet CD 16 - The newest, the best, and 1700 mods Aminet CD 16 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Nov 2nd, only one month after the previous CD. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on mods. The space is used as follows: 610M of software newer than Aminet CD 15 370M of mods from various sources 30M of top downloads These consist of: 1700 mods (!) 200 pics 200 tools 150 comms programs 500 files of other categories Aminet CD 16 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet15 "Aminet CD 15" Aminet CD 15 - The newest, the best, and 200 MPEG movies Aminet CD 15 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Oct 4th, only one month after the previous CD due to fast growth of Aminet. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on movies. The space is used as follows (uncompressed): 470M of software newer than Aminet CD 14 250M of MPEG movies 70M of top downloads These consist of: 200 MPEG movies 200 mods 200 communications tools 200 utilities 150 pictures 500 archives of other categories Aminet CD 15 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet14 "Aminet CD 14" Aminet CD 14 - The newest, the best, and 300 biztools Aminet CD 14 contains about 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Sep 1st. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates business tools. The space is used as follows (uncompressed): 840M of software newer than Aminet CD 13 110M of business software 70M of top downloads 8M of commercial software: TurboCalc 2.1 with manual The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 500 mods 350 communications tools 300 pictures 300 business tools 250 utilities 800 archives of other categories Aminet CD 14 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet13 "Aminet CD 13" Aminet CD 13 - The newest, the best, and 200 anims Aminet CD 13 contains about 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Jul 1st. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on animations and animating. The space is used as follows (uncompressed): 780M of software newer than Aminet CD 12 (410M newer than Set 3) 200M of integrated animations 20M of top downloads 2M of registered shareware: The animation editor MainActor MainActor is probably the best animation editor for the Amiga; it knows many formats including MPEG. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 450 mods 300 utilities 300 communications programs 250 pictures 200 animations 900 archives of other categories Aminet CD 13 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet12 "Aminet CD 12" Aminet CD 12 - The newest, the best, and 900 mods Aminet CD 12 contains, again, about 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from May 1st. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on music and music making. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 760M of software newer than Aminet CD 11 (yet another record) 300M of music modules, many of them multichannel 75M of music software, the complete mus/ directory 10M of instruments for composing 10M of top downloads from Aminet 5M of commercial software: OctaMED 5, Symphonie 2.4 and SoundFX OctaMED V5 is a very popular editor for music modules with up to 8 tracks. It has no restrictions but is not the latest version. The tracker Symphonie has a built-in 14-bit playing routine that achieves a high sound quality. The version on CD is restricted to 8 tracks. Finally there is the excellent sample editor SoundFX (registered version) in its 68000 version only. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 900 mods from Aminet and other sources 400 music related programs 300 utilities 300 communications programs 900 files from other categories plus 700 instruments in large archives with a separate index. Aminet CD 12 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet11 "Aminet CD 11" Aminet CD 11 - The newest, the best, and 700 maps Aminet CD 11 contains, you already guessed it, about 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from March 2nd. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on maps collected from various sources. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 670M of software newer than Aminet CD 10 (all time high!) 150M of high resolution maps covering most areas of the world 80M of top downloads 20M of commercial software: XiPaint 3.2, full version XiPaint is a nice 24-bit paint program that works gfx boards and just about any image format. It is licensed to the buyer of the CD only, and not freely distributable. Check the upgrade offer that comes with it. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 500 mods, most of them new 200 utilities 200 communcations programs 800 programs of other categories plus 700 maps in 24-bit JPEG format, covering most areas of the world. The maps have an index that is sorted by continent, and a search facility. Aminet CD 11 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet10 "Aminet CD 10" Aminet CD 10 - The newest, the best, and 2000 fonts Aminet CD 10 contains, once more, over 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from January 3rd. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on fonts collected from various sources. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 520M of software newer than Aminet CD 9 330M of fonts, each font in several formats 170M of top downloads ... plus two special highlights: PageStream 2.2, unrestricted, with manual+upgrade deal TypeSmith 2.5 (latest), slightly restricted, with similar deal These two excellent programs give you an absolutely top of the range DTP combination. They are licensed to the buyer of the CD only, and not freely distributable. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 650 mods, most of them new 300 utilities 300 communications programs 700 programs of other categories plus 2000 fonts in Postscript, Intellifont and bitmap format, stored in large archives but easy to preview and extract. All fonts are hinted for better appearance, and most fonts are available in all formats. Aminet CD 10 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet9 "Aminet CD 9" Aminet CD 9 - The newest, the best, and 900 games Aminet CD 9 contains, as usual, over 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from November 4th. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on games from various sources. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 500M of software newer than CD 8 (280M newer than Set 2) 330M of games 100M of electronic books 100M of top downloads These consist of: 930 games (directly startable) 640 mods 300 docs 140 pictures 90 demos ...plus 2400 utilities of all kinds. Aminet CD 9 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet8 "Aminet CD 8" Aminet CD 8 - The newest, the best, and 2000 mods Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet7 "Aminet CD 7" Aminet CD 7 - The newest, the best, and 9000 pictures Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet6 "Aminet CD 6" Aminet CD 6 - The newest, the best, and 1800 demos Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet5 "Aminet CD 5" Aminet CD 5 - The newest, the best, and 1000 games Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet4 "Aminet CD 4" Aminet CD 4 - The newest, the best, and 1700 mods Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet3 "Aminet CD 3" Aminet CD 3 - The newest and the best from Aminet Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet2 "Aminet CD 2" Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet1 "Aminet CD 1" Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet "Aminet Set 1" Aminet Set 1 - The complete Aminet on 4 new CDs As you probably know, there is a big archive behind all those Aminet CDs. Aminet Set finally brings you the complete archive on four newly created CD-ROMs. If you already have several Aminet CDs, buying the Aminet Set still makes sense for the following reasons: 1. Even if you have all Aminet CDs, you still lack a lot of software from Aminet. And the less CDs you already have, the more additional software you get from the set: If you already have The set gives you an additional Aminet CD 1,2,3,4,5 467M of Aminet software Aminet CD 2,3,4,5 512M of Aminet software Aminet CD 3,4,5 851M of Aminet software Aminet CD 4,5 1191M of Aminet software Aminet CD 5 1681M of Aminet software 2. Aminet Set 1 presents its data more nicely than the previous CDs. As you can see on this CD, all games and demos can be started directly, the images are in a nice image data base, and the modules are presented in a list that is sorted by style. Also, there are a lot of German descriptions as well as a Fish and a SaarAG index. This is missing on the older CDs but present on Aminet Set, so buying some of the same data a second time can make sense. 3. Aminet Set 1 is better organized than the previous CDs. Until now, the Images from Aminet have been scattered on all the Aminet CDs. Aminet Set brings them all on the same CD, just as all other types of data. Also, using Aminet Set you can search the complete Aminet very quickly and easily, including a very fast full text search of all the .readme files. Aminet Set costs US $39.95 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet2 "Aminet Set 2" Aminet Set 2 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs As you probably know, there is a big archive behind all those Aminet CDs. Aminet Set 2 brings you the complete new archive on four CD-ROMs. If you already have several Aminet CDs, buying the Aminet Set still makes sense for the following reasons: 1. Aminet Set 2 completes Aminet Set 1 to give a complete snapshot of the Aminet archive. 2. Aminet Set 2 presents its data more nicely than the previous CDs. As you can see on this CD, all games and demos can be started directly, the images are in a nice image data base, and the modules are presented in a list that is sorted by style. Also, there are a lot of German descriptions as well as a Fish and a SaarAG index. 3. Aminet Set 2 is better organized than the previous CDs. Until now, the Images from Aminet have been scattered on all the Aminet CDs. Aminet Set brings them all on the same CD, just as all other types of data. Also, using Aminet Set you can search the complete Aminet very quickly and easily, including a very fast full text search of all the .readme files. Aminet Set 2 costs US $45 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet3 "Aminet Set 3" Aminet Set 3 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs, plus Imagine 4 Aminet Set 3 contains close to 4 gigabytes (when uncompressed) of freely distributable Amiga software on 4 newly mastered CDs. There are 9000 archives from the following categories: 2000 Mods (directly playable) 1500 Images (directly viewable) 1300 Games (directly startable) 800 Communications programs 400 Demos (directly startable) 3000 Utilities and applications Aminet Set 3 contains all the Aminet data found on Aminet CD 9 to 12 plus 250M of other software that was on none of these: 170M of integrated modules and 80M of 3D objects to go with Imagine. This software will not appear on any subsequent CD. Only 150M of the software on Set 3 were found on Set 2 already. Also, 400M of material newer than Aminet 12 are included. Included in Aminet Set 3 is a completely unrestricted version of the excellent ray tracer Imagine 4.0 (only one version behind the current edition). There is also a tutorial for it (in English and German) plus additional docs, but no manual. Also, there are upgrade discounts for the following programs found on the CD: - Imagine can be upgraded to the latest version for $125 + shipping - XiPaint can be upgraded to the latest version for DM 59 + shipping - OctaMED can be upgraded to SoundStudio for UKP 25 to 30 incl. shipping - The Imagine PD CD can be obtained for $20.00 incl. shipping, $10 off Aminet Set 3 costs US $45 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet4 "Aminet Set 4" Aminet Set 4 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs, plus DirOpus 5 Aminet Set 4 contains close to 4 gigabytes (when uncompressed) of freely distributable Amiga software on 4 newly mastered CDs. The newest archive on is dated January 3rd CD 16. There are 7700 archives from the following categories: 2800 Mods (directly playable) 1200 Images/Anims (directly viewable) 700 Communications programs 500 Games (directly startable) 400 Demos (directly startable) 2100 Utilities and applications Aminet Set 4 contains all the Aminet data found on Aminet CD 13 to 16 plus 510M of software that is newer than Aminet 16. Only 40M of the software on Set 4 was found on any earlier Set. The commercial highlight on Aminet Set 4 is Directory Opus 5.11, which is almost the latest version. Also included are some programs from earlier Aminet CDs like TurboCalc 2. Aminet Set 4 costs US $35.95 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet5 "Aminet Set 5" Aminet Set 5 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs, plus SoundStudio Aminet Set 5 contains close to 4 gigabytes (when uncompressed) of freely distributable Amiga software on 4 newly mastered CDs. The newest archive on is dated June 1st. There are 7700 archives from the following categories: 2300 Mods (directly playable) 1200 Images/Anims (directly viewable) 600 Communications programs 600 Games (directly startable) 400 Demos (directly startable) 2300 Utilities and applications Aminet Set 5 contains all the Aminet data found on Aminet CD 17 to 19 plus 500M of software that is newer than Aminet 19. For the first time, the Set contains material (hundreds of megabytes) that won't appear on single CDs for lack of space. The commercial highlight on Aminet Set 5 is the music editor OctaMED SoundStudio in its latest and unrestricted version. SoundStudio can handle up to 64 simultaneous tracks in 16-bit quality. Aminet Set 5 costs US $35.95 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet6 "Aminet Set 6" Aminet Set 6 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs, plus Wordworth 5 SE Aminet Set 5 contains close to 4 gigabytes (when uncompressed) of freely distributable Amiga software on 4 newly mastered CDs. The newest archive on is dated February 2nd. There are 7500 archives from the following categories: 2000 Mods 1000 Images and animations 800 Games 700 Communications Programs 400 Demos 2600 Other utilities and applications Aminet Set 6 contains data from Aminet CD 19 to 23. 440M of the material are newer than CD 23. Several commercial programs are on the Set: Wordworth 5 SE (word processor), TurboCalc 3.5 (spreadsheet), Wildfire registred (anim editor) and Personal Paint 6.4 (paint program). Aminet Set 6 costs US $35.95 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode ============================================================================ @node NewStuff "New stuff on this CD" New stuff since Aminet CD 26 All of the software on this CD is newer than Aminet CD 26 (snapshot date is September 1st). 30 megabytes of mods are not included on the CD due to lack of space. The best way to browse the new files is looking at the @{" directory " link "AMINET27:Lists/Index_Dir/main"} sorted new files index of this CD. Select your general area of interest, and then hit the 'Browse' button in AmigaGuide to hop from directory to directory. Another approach is to check the @{" charts " link "AMINET27:Guides/Charts/main"} of most downloaded files, where most of the files listed are new (the very latest have been omitted, tho). Finally, check the list of @{" recommendations " link RecommendNew} of the most interesting new files. And of course you can check the new files index sorted by @{" directory " link "AMINET27:Lists/Index_Dir/main"}, by @{" name " link "AMINET27:Lists/Index_Name/main"} or by @{" age " link "AMINET27:Lists/Index_Age/main"}, or @{" search " system "AMINET27:Tools/Find IN Index_Dir"} for something in the CD index. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node RecommendNew "Recommended new uploads" The following are, in my opinion, a few highlights among the new software on this CD. Not mentioned here are mods, games, pix and demos, since their highlights are mentioned in their own index files. Also have a look at the many e-zines in docs/mags. @{"ppc-dev-4619.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View biz/p5/ppc-dev-4619.lha"} biz/p5 1.8M 5 @{"V46.19 ppc.library DEVELOPER archive" link ":Aminet/biz/p5/ppc-dev-4619.readme/main"} @{"BoingAnim.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View comm/www/BoingAnim.lha"} comm/www 54K 0 @{"A TransferAnimation for IBrowse!" link ":Aminet/comm/www/BoingAnim.readme/main"} @{"CrazyMCP.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View dev/mui/CrazyMCP.lha"} dev/mui 14K 1 @{"MUI Custom Prefs as never seen before!" link ":Aminet/dev/mui/CrazyMCP.readme/main"} @{"SortCopy.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View disk/bakup/SortCopy.lha"} disk/bakup 16K 0 @{"Tiny directory/link/backup/copy program" link ":Aminet/disk/bakup/SortCopy.readme/main"} @{"14bit-and-mp3.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View docs/misc/14bit-and-mp3.lha"} docs/misc 5K 1 @{"Full quality mp3+14bit snd on modest AMIGAs" link ":Aminet/docs/misc/14bit-and-mp3.readme/main"} @{"rtgmaster_user.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View gfx/board/rtgmaster_user.lha"} gfx/board 370K 2 @{"Rtgmaster User Archive" link ":Aminet/gfx/board/rtgmaster_user.readme/main"} @{"pcemu-0.0.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View misc/emu/pcemu-0.0.lha"} misc/emu 1.3M 0 @{"Slow buggy PC emul. port w/src, A68k/PPC" link ":Aminet/misc/emu/pcemu-0.0.readme/main"} @{"AmTagEd.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View mus/misc/AmTagEd.lha"} mus/misc 217K 7 @{"1.5 - MPEG audio TAG ID3 editor" link ":Aminet/mus/misc/AmTagEd.readme/main"} @{"Pegase.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View mus/misc/Pegase.lha"} mus/misc 141K 1 @{"Fast MPEG audio encoder (68k+FPU)" link ":Aminet/mus/misc/Pegase.readme/main"} @{"ahidrvupd.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View mus/misc/ahidrvupd.lha"} mus/misc 105K 8 @{"The latest Paula (really!) and Filesave drivers fo" link ":Aminet/mus/misc/ahidrvupd.readme/main"} @{"mpeginoutPPC.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View mus/misc/mpeginoutPPC.lha"} mus/misc 214K 1 @{"MPEG 1/2 audio encoding/decoding (PPC), incl. sour" link ":Aminet/mus/misc/mpeginoutPPC.readme/main"} @{"AmigaAMP.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View mus/play/AmigaAMP.lha"} mus/play 428K 8 @{"MPEG audio player with GUI (68k/PPC)" link ":Aminet/mus/play/AmigaAMP.readme/main"} @{"amideck.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View mus/play/amideck.lha"} mus/play 4.1M 1 @{"Amiga Audio/Video Multiplayer for OS 5.0 (Bug fixe" link ":Aminet/mus/play/amideck.readme/main"} @{"PPCUnACE.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View util/arc/PPCUnACE.lha"} util/arc 55K 1 @{"UnACE v1.1c (PPC), incl. source" link ":Aminet/util/arc/PPCUnACE.readme/main"} @{"Unace.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View util/arc/Unace.lha"} util/arc 42K 0 @{"UNACE v1.2b Dearchiver for .ACE files" link ":Aminet/util/arc/Unace.readme/main"} @{"XBM_DT.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View util/dtype/XBM_DT.lha"} util/dtype 42K 1 @{"V43.7, X BitMap DataType." link ":Aminet/util/dtype/XBM_DT.readme/main"} @{"akJFIF-dt.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View util/dtype/akJFIF-dt.lha"} util/dtype 222K 0 @{"AkJFIF-dt V44.5 (JPEG, 68000-060, PPC)" link ":Aminet/util/dtype/akJFIF-dt.readme/main"} @{"akPNG-dt.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View util/dtype/akPNG-dt.lha"} util/dtype 237K 0 @{"AkPNG-dt V44.5 (PNG, 68000-060, PPC)" link ":Aminet/util/dtype/akPNG-dt.readme/main"} @{"mpegadt203.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View util/dtype/mpegadt203.lha"} util/dtype 255K 0 @{"MPEG audio datatype V2.3" link ":Aminet/util/dtype/mpegadt203.readme/main"} @{"mpegsdt106.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View util/dtype/mpegsdt106.lha"} util/dtype 77K 0 @{"MPEG System datatype V1.6" link ":Aminet/util/dtype/mpegsdt106.readme/main"} @{"MuiWheel10.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View util/mouse/MuiWheel10.lha"} util/mouse 21K 0 @{"Mouse wheel support for MUI" link ":Aminet/util/mouse/MuiWheel10.readme/main"} @{"xpk_Develop.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View util/pack/xpk_Develop.lha"} util/pack 104K 1 @{"V4.34 Compression package, developer cut" link ":Aminet/util/pack/xpk_Develop.readme/main"} @{"xpk_Source.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View util/pack/xpk_Source.lha"} util/pack 170K 1 @{"V4.34 Compression package, source files" link ":Aminet/util/pack/xpk_Source.readme/main"} @{"xpk_User.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View util/pack/xpk_User.lha"} util/pack 217K 1 @{"V4.34 Compression package, user edition" link ":Aminet/util/pack/xpk_User.readme/main"} @{"marina_3108.lha" system "AMINET27:Tools/View util/wb/marina_3108.lha"} util/wb 1.3M 0 @{"The Ultimate WB-Wizards. 31.Aug.98" link ":Aminet/util/wb/marina_3108.readme/main"} As always, enjoy! @endnode ============================================================================ @node Features "New features" New features of this CD New for CD 27: - The file names are now unchanged (used to be MSDOS compatible) New for CD 25: - Tools/FindKit yields pointers to single CDs (not Sets) - Problems with faulty Deutsch guide solved - PowerGuide 2.10 is more tolerant, will read A23 and A24 Deutsch guide New for CD 22: - PicZoo now uses configured image viewer New for Set 5: - Unpacking stuff using FindKit no longer requires unneeded CDs New for CD 18: - Updated Aminet upload instructions - New MED player for DeliTracker - The following index files omitted due to lack of space: New_* Aminet_Age Aminet_Name Aminet_Dir.accel (search acceleration) and info/adt/ADT_CD* info/adt/ADT_SET* New for CD 17: - FullFind and Find now consistently use PowerGuide - Bug with Find highlighting wrong areas of description fixed - Aminet access info updated - New German subscription info New for CD 15: - @{" PowerGuide " link powerguide} 1.21 used - FindKit problems with PowerGuide fixed New for CD 14: - There is a new AmigaGuide alternative on the CD: PowerGuide. If you've currently selected AmigaGuide or MultiView as text viewer in 'Prefs', you may want to enter PowerGuide there. @endnode @node PowerGuide "PowerGuide" PowerGuide PowerGuide is a faster alternative to AmigaGuide with some extra features. Those features include a search facility and the ability to display the results of an external program in the same window, which is used for the 'Find' buttons on this CD. Select the 'About' menu item to see what you're using now. If you have saved a configuration with AmigaGuide/Multiview as your text viewer, I suggest you run @{" Prefs " system "AMINET27:Prefs"} to change that, ie enter PowerGuide as your text viewer. On the other hand you can get rid of PowerGuide if you safe preferences with Multiview as your text viewer. You may want to @{" test drive " system "AMINET27:Tools/PowerGuide AMINET27:ReadMe"} PowerGuide first. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Software "Access software" Workbench --------- Browsing: The first thing you will want to do is browse the contents of the CD. The best way to get a quick overview is having a look at the overview in this document; the very first links. Another method is to check the file Lists/New_Dir (if you already have the previous Aminet CD) or Lists/Index_Dir. Wherever you see a list of files with descriptions, you can click to archive name to start an unpack tool. You will be asked for a destination directory (the default can be chosen in 'Prefs'). After you hit return, the archive gets unpacked to where you selected. For some types of files, you can click a middle button (called 'Start' or 'Play') to view look at the archive contents directly. Some index files play directly without asking. Specifically, the file type specific index files in Guides/ behave that way (ie the Games, Demos, Pix and Mods index) as well as the top level Index and the top level Find program. On the other hand, all index files and search programs in Lists/ ask what to do with the files. In all index files you can view the .readme file for an archive by clicking the description. Searching: After you've become familiar with the contents of the CD, you will often want to search for a specific keyword in the contents of the CD. Just double click the 'Find' icon on the top level of the CD, enter the case insensitive sub string or pattern you want to look for, and you will be presented with a list of files that match your sub string anywhere on their line. If you enter more than one word, only entries matching all words will be shown; you can, for example, include a directory name in your search. You can also search the New_* and Index_* files in Lists by clicking them first and then shift- doubleclicking 'Find'. The resulting document will be of the 'View' type for the toplevel Find program and of the 'Extract' type for all other Find programs. The NewFind and AminetFind search the the list of new files and the list of all Aminet files. If you drag the FindKit drawer in Tools/ anywhere onto your hard disk, you can searche all CDs without having the CD in your drive. Using the FullFind program in the Tools directory, you can find any word in any readme of this CD. If your word is a prefix of a word in a readme, it will match. To prevent that, append a $ to your search word. You can enter several search words, separated by blanks, to see only the documents which contain all of them. See also the documentation for the tools in question: @{" Inspect " system "AMINET27:Tools/View AMINET27:Tools/Docs/Inspect"}, @{" Find " system "AMINET27:Tools/View AMINET27:Tools/Docs/Find"}, @{" FullFind " system "AMINET27:Tools/View AMINET27:Tools/Docs/FullFind"} and @{" Prefs " system "AMINET27:Tools/View AMINET27:Tools/Docs/Prefs"}. CLI/Shell --------- Using a shell is not the recommended way to access this CD. However you sometimes have no choice, e.g. when working under UNIX or MSDOS. To get familiar with the contents of the CD, I recommend having a look at the file Aminet/INDEX which contains a complete list of all files on the CD in plain ASCII. More ASCII index files found in Lists/, they end in .doc. If you find a file you are interested in, for example, docs/mags/cd32bits-0694.lha , then execute the following commands: cd Aminet/docs/mags lha e cd32bits-0694.lha ram: to unpack the contents of that archive to RAM. If you don't have the archiver LhA yet, you can obtain it from the Tools/ directory on the CD. To locate all files that contain foo anywhere in their file name, directory name or description, execute the command search NONUM Aminet/INDEX foo or just use the Aminet find tool: find foo which will output an AmigaGuide document and display it. If you want to find the files on any Aminet CD, use: find IN Aminet foo For further information read the documents on Find, FullFind and Inspect in Tools/Docs/. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Custom "Customizing Aminet CD" Customizing Aminet CD As you know all too well, CDs cannot be written to. This CD, however, gives you a limited possibility to shape it according to your taste. There are two possibilities, select the links for documentation: The @{" Personal " link Personal} index in the Guides drawer is an Aminet CD index like all the others, with viewing and readme displaying capabilities. The only difference is that you decide what's listed in it and what not. @{" Clones " link Clones} are tiny files that pretend to be one of the items on the Aminet CD. You can create, rename and arrange them as you like, and you can put them in WBStartup or ToolManager docks. Of course you need the CD in the drive when you want to use clones. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Personal "Your personal Aminet CD index" Your personal Aminet CD index In the Guides directory you find, among various static index files an index called 'Personal'. In the beginning it's empty. If you click 'add', you are asked for a search pattern. You can click any of the shown items to to add them to your personal Aminet index. However you need to close your Personal index and open it again in order to make the changes visible. If you press the 'sort' button, the index will be sorted by directory and subsorted by file name. Duplicate lines will be eliminated. Again, you have to close and reopen the index. With the 'edit' button, finally, you can make any changes to your personal index using your favourite editor. setenv EDITOR to determine the editor. Always use line operation (like deleting lines, inserting lines from Aminet/INDEX or reordering lines). Again, you need to reload the index to make the changes visible. The index looks as if it were stored on the CD. This is not the case, of course. The contents are stored in the file S:Aminet-PersonalX, where X is the number of your CD. You can edit or delete it there. Apart from that, the Personal index behaves like any immediate view index; ie if you click a mod in the Personal index, it will play immediately. So have a look at your @{" personal " system "AMINET27:Tools/Personal"} index. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Clones "Clones" Clones There's a few things that you cannot do in a normal Aminet CD index. For example you cannot put an item from the Aminet CD index in a ToolManager dock or a Directory Opus gadget. That's what clones were created for. Clones pretend to be the Aminet file you created them from. You can move them around, arrange them and delete them as you like. Clones can be started from CLI or from the Workbench, where they have an icon that reflects their type. Starting a clone is equivalent to clicking the according archive name in the Aminet CD index, except for the fact that the action (playing, game or demo starting) will be performed without asking for confirmation. Of course you need to have the Aminet CD in the CD-ROM drive when you start a cloned program. To create a clone, start the @{" Cloner " system "AMINET27:Tools/Cloner"} program. It asks you for a pattern and displays the files matching that pattern. You then click the item you would like to see cloned, maybe change the destination path in the upcoming requester, and hit 'Create' to confirm. Each clone takes about 3K of disk space. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Troubles "Some common problems with the Aminet CD" Multiview crashes ----------------- We've had a report that Multiview has a problem with displaying the .readme files in the new format. Just enter 'PowerGuide' as text viewer in 'Prefs' to fix this. Why are all file names upper case? ---------------------------------- For this CD, we have chosen to stick to the ISO CDROM standard. This means that the CD can be read on any system, but it also means that all files names are upper case. However, we also used RockRidge extensions, so file systems that understand them can still use mixed case. The AmiCDROM file system provided in the Tools/Useful directory will give you mixed case on the Aminet CD. Why can't I read some of the files with the Commodore CD file system? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Because it's buggy. The solution is the same as before: Install the AmiCDROM file system. It's works very nicely. Why do I have problems with by Xetec file system? ------------------------------------------------- It seems to have problems with our choice of CD formats. However version 2.0 was reported to work fine. If not, again, again: Install the AmiCDROM file system found on this CD. Nothing happens when I try to show that image/play that mod! ------------------------------------------------------------ The Aminet extraction software tries to be smart how every pic is shown or mod is played. However sometimes it fails. In those cases you can simply extract the archive and look at it by yourself. Also, you might be running out of memory, see below. I'm running out of memory! -------------------------- Viewing an image or playing a mod by clicking it in the index takes quite a lot of memory, since the index as well was the extraction program stay in memory while the picture is viewed. Solutions: - Set your extraction directory to something different from RAM:, e.g. an (existing) directory on your HD. This can be done using the 'Prefs' program. - Don't view the files directly from the index. Click on 'extract' first, then close the index, and open the directory your file was extracted to. Of course combining the two saves the most. I want to mount this CD on my BBS --------------------------------- We have Files.BBS index files in every directory, so some BBS programs can use the CD directly. Others understand our .readme format already. For MS-DOS BBSes use the index called FILES.MSD. If you would like to copy the files onto HD, you can use the file Aminet/info/adt/TRANSL.TBL (which shows origname and CD-name for each file) to restore the original file names. If you write any additional software or need indices in a different format, please contact me. I cannot use this CD with my CD32! ---------------------------------- This is due to a bug in the CD32 CDROM file system and occurs when you boot off the Network CD or something similar. You can circumvent this bug by mounting a small RAD: disk (about 49 tracks), copy the most important files from a Workbench CD there (c, libs, envarc) and boot off the RAD:. That should get the Aminet CD (and some other interesting CDs) to work. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Aminet "What is Aminet?" What is Aminet? --------------- Aminet is a library where software authors can place their freely distributable programs for others to download. The backbone of Aminet consists of about 40 computers all over the world that are linked to Internet, a computer network that connects most universities and many businesses in the world. Many other places, such as 80 BBSes, keep frequently updated copies of Aminet. Aminet is moderated. Whatever gets uploaded has to be approved before it is made available to the public. However there is no censorship; the only conditions for inclusion in the library are that every file uploaded has a description file in the correct format, and the archive itself is okay, virus free and legal. What is unique about Aminet is that large amounts of data are made available to a wide audience within a very short time. If a programmer uploads his latest release to Aminet, he can expect that it will have been downloaded and tested by one thousand people within a week. If he finds a bug in his program, he can distribute an update to the whole world within twenty four hours. In that respect, freely distributable software works far better than commercial software. You may want to read about the @{" recent " system "AMINET27:Tools/View AMINET27:Guides/Misc/30000"}, @{" older " system "AMINET27:Tools/View AMINET27:Guides/Misc/10000"} and @{" ancient " system "AMINET27:Tools/View AMINET27:Guides/Misc/5000"} history of Aminet, or find out where to @{" access " link Access} Aminet in your area. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Access "Getting access to Aminet" Where do I access Aminet? ------------------------- If you would like to get updated more often than is possible with a quarterly CDROM, you have several possibilities. By far the best way is getting yourself connected to the Internet. Several commercial networks allow access to the Internet, I however recommend a 'pure' Internet provider and not an (expensive) online service with (often inferior) Internet gateway. Once you have gotten Internet access you can use the following methods to access the latest Aminet files: - Mirrors. The normal way to access Aminet is by FTP, which comes with UNIX (program name is ftp). You can use any of the below sites. Most keep only recent files, but some have them all. Location Name Alias IP Files USA us.aminet.net ftp.wustl.edu ALL Germany de.aminet.net ftp.uni-paderborn.de ALL UK uk.aminet.net sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk ALL Italy it.aminet.net ftp.cised.unina.it ALL Sweden se.aminet.net ftp.sunet.se ALL Australia au.aminet.net ftp.livewire.com.au ALL Germany de2.aminet.net ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de 40000 Germany de3.aminet.net ftp.uni-erlangen.de 15000 Germany de4.aminet.net ftp.uni-trier.de 4000 Germany de5.aminet.net ftp.uni-bremen.de 5000 Germany de6.aminet.net ftp.uni-stuttgart.de 3000 Germany de7.aminet.net ftp.uni-regensburg.de 3000 Germany de8.aminet.net ftp.uni-kl.de 2000 Germany de9.aminet.net ftp.fh-augsburg.de 2000 Germany de10.aminet.net ftp.dosis.uni-dortmund 2000 Germany de11.aminet.net ftp.aachen.aminet.org 1000 Germany de12.aminet.net ftp.tu-clausthal.de 1000 Austria at.aminet.net vienna.aminet.or.at 30000 France fr.aminet.net aminet.grolier.fr 25000 Sweden se2.aminet.net ftp.luth.se 15000 Croatia hr.aminet.net thphys.irb.hr 4000 Switzerl. ch.aminet.net ftp.eunet.ch 2000 Denmark dk.aminet.net sunsite.auc.dk 2000 Ireland ie.aminet.net atlantis.ucc.ie 1000 Spain es.aminet.net ftp.gui.uva.es 1000 Poland pl1.aminet.net ftp.man.szczecin.pl 1000 Poland pl2.aminet.net ftp.ispid.com.pl 1000 - ADT. This is a front end for FTP that allows easy access to Aminet. Get it from misc/unix/adt.c and compile it on your UNIX box by typing 'sh adt.c' - WWW. Mosaic or Lynx are a very decent way to access Aminet. Try the URLs http://us.aminet.net/aminet , http://de.aminet.net/aminet or http://uk.aminet.net/~aminet , where you can also find pointers to other Aminet sites with WWW support. - Telnet. uk.aminet.net strikes again. You can telnet there and log in as 'sources', which gives you a UNIX account where you can download the files on src using commands like 'sz' and 'kermit', or just browse around. - NFS. NFS mounting of the archive is possible at ftp.wustl.edu (see ftp://ftp.wustl.edu/README.NFS for details), at sunsite.auc.dk (see http://sunsite.auc.dk/SunSITE/access.html for details), at ftp.uni-stuttgart.de (path /serv/serv/pub/systems/amiga/aminet) and at ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de (path /export/mdd10/ftp/pub/aminet). - Samba. Use 'net use x: \\dk.aminet.net\ftp' to access to the Danish mirror using Windows file sharing. - Finger. To find out what's been uploaded to Aminet within the last week, enter 'finger -l Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.' Accessing Aminet without Internet ------------------------------------ - CD-ROM. More than 20 Aminet CDs are available from Stefan Ossowski, Germany (Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.) or Fred Fish (Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.). The CD costs DM 25 or US$ 18. For more info check www.schatztruhe.de or www.ninemoons.com . - Get internet access. Certainly the most comfortable way to access Aminet but sometimes expensive. - Aminet mailserver. The Aminet mail server can do various things for you, like doing finds and accepting uploads, but it does not send out binaries. Send HELP to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. to find out more. - Bin mailserver. The Aminet site src.doc.ic.ac.uk has an email server that sends out uuencoded binaries. Send a message with HELP in the body to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. . You can also use Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. to retrieve files from any Aminet site, but please use an American one to save bandwidth. Send HELP there for information, too. Germans try Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser., Canadians send HELP to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. and Italias have a look at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. - Modem. The following BBSes carry up-to-date Aminet files. Most have more phone numbers than we can mention here, call to see a list of the others. Also, many offer their files in ZConnect format. The list is sorted by phone number. Country Name FIDO Phone ISDN ------- ---- ---- ----- ---- USA (MS) The Gateway 1:3604/60 (+1)601 374 2697 USA (CA) Heavy Metal 1:202/1112 (+1)619 232 4919 USA (NC) The C: Dir (+1)919 787 6211 Canada RCN Networks (+1)418 653 3099 Canada TunnelVisio 1:153/910 (+1)604 535 9826 Canada MidnightMag (+1)905 796 2931 France Ramses 2:320/104 (+33)1 45845623 Italy Amiga Pro (+39)49 604488 Italy Glass Globe 2:332/118 (+39)577 959054 Italy SpeedOfLife 2:335/533 (+39)931 833773 Switzerland Amiga Micro 2:301/819 (+41)1 3001008 (+41)1 3001009 Switzerland Helvetica 2:301/723 (+41)1 3201781 (+41)1 3201777 Switzerland Dolphins (+41)1 8450936 (+41)1 8846028 Switzerland AmiCall 2:301/722 (+41)1 9804297 Switzerland Turicum (+41)1 9918501 (+41)1 9918503 Switzerland Dive-Inn 2:301/325 (+41)22 7518103 (+41)22 7518105 Switzerland Alphanet (+41)38 414081 Switzerland LogicPalace 2:301/706 (+41)31 7320051 (+41)31 7320044 Switzerland LINKSys (+41)61 3215643 (+41)61 3832007 Switzerland AUGS BBS (+41)62 7945041 (+41)62 7945049 Austria Amiga World 2:310/72 (+43)1 5044269 (+43)1 5047701 UK Elevate 2:251/18.0 (+44)1329 319028 UK Chaos Engin 2:259/15.0 (+44)1346 510727 UK Punters P. 2:250/361.0 (+44)1943 864070 UK Borg Homew. 2:250/344.0 (+44)113 2253772 Sweden Fabbes BBS (+46)13 175065 (+46)13 145066 Germany Surprise (+49)201 329761 (+49)201 8315005 Germany Art-Line (+49)202 596003 (+49)202 2546013 Germany T.O.M. (+49)202 595267 Germany Pleasure (+49)203 431366 Germany SMachine (+49)203 4061447 (+49)203 9940127 Germany Grisubox (+49)2065 24447 Germany Karma Designs (+49)208 670722 (+49)208 628951 Germnay Golden Gate (+49)2041 262769 Germany Future Line (+49)2041 686829 Germany Blue Moon (+49)2065 66407 Germany Waldspecht (+49)208 202509 (+49)208 851334 Germany TrkPool (+49)208 851476 (+49)208 851475 Germany Hardy Box (+49)2131 101990 (+49)2131 167212 Germany Delvinor (+49)2131 549457 (+49)2131 951253 Germany Newswire (+49)2154 5011 Germany Debuwi (+49)2236 83233 Germany Candys --- (+49)221 462138 Germany Darkness (+49)2273 1096 (+49)2273 910062 Germany X-RAY (+49)228 455893 Germany CBonn (+49)228 666588 Germany SID (+49)231 448496 Germany Blanker (+49)231 815739 (+49)231 9812094 Germany Fantasie (+49)2381 675700 Germany Stingray (+49)2385 6542 (+49)2385 910031 Germany Stardate (+49)251 262506 Germany ASBM (+49)251 791650 Germany Circus (+49)281 24001 Germany AMBO (+49)30 3739293 (+49)30 37401021 Germany TERM (+49)30 4537288 (+49)30 45470171 Germany Quick (+49)40 5479638 Germany ITHH (+49)40 6064098 (+49)40 60680341 Germany DOOM (+49)4223 8355 (+49)4223 95004 Germany Flight (+49)4442 72138 (+49)4442 920362 Germany Nexus-I (+49)5242 42065 Germany Black-Z (+49)6142 46278 (+49)6142 924080 Germany 48'er 2:2468/6020 (+49)6203 180293 Germany WestCoast 2:2468/9718.0 (+49)6221 761304 Germany RudisBox (+49)6253 86677 (+49)6253 972100 Germany HIT (+49)681 399426 (+49)681 372552 Germany Groenland (+49)6824 8444 Germany Titan (+49)6826 800391 Germany ***elOutside (+49)6838 84739 Germany BrainWave 2:246/2006.0 (+49)7071 78729 (+49)7071 971213 Germany DALLAS-BBS (+49)711 588146 (+49)711 5719063 Germany Amiga Univ. 2:246/1416.0 (+49)7195 920677 (+49)7195 940130 Germany Amiga Inside2:2476/539.0 (+49)721 841292 Germany Uplink 2:246/2320 (+49)751 96217 (+49)751 793316 Germany Fairytale 2:246/2300 (+49)7541 24362 (+49)7541 930232 Germany Melting Point 2:2476/825 (+49)7663 50103 (+49)7663 912013 Germany Predator 2:2490/1140 (+49)9131 14439 Germany LSD (+49)9133 9591 Germany Turtle 2:2490/1092 (+49)911 3241044 (+49)911 3241055 Germany Lizard (+49)911 476948 Germany Incubus (+49)931 781464 (+49)931 7900200 Australia Continental (+61)2949 4256 Australia 1990 Multi 3:690/758.0 (+61)9370 3333 Japan NIFTY-Serve (+81)3 5710 6400 - Anonymous UUCP. In Germany, you can access the Aminet files at the phone numbers of Brainwave BBS (see above) using the following entry. Download the file "Aminet:INFO" for more information. anarchy Any SER 38400 ATD BBS. ..\c ogin: uanon sword: uanon In Switzerland you can use the Alphanet BBS, ~/archives/aminet, with the login nuucp. - FIDO. If you want to file-request Aminet files, you can do so by requesting the file INFO from 2:246/2006.0. The BBSes which have a FIDO node number mentioned above allow file requests. - Mailing lists. If you want to get the list of new uploads mailed every week, send a mail with 'SUBSCRIBE aminet-weekly Your Name' in the body to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or if you want daily updates, just use 'SUBSCRIBE aminet-daily' instead. Replace 'Your Name' with your real name, of course. Keep the welcome mail in case you forget how to unsubscribe and for the password you get. - Usenet. A list of recent uploads is posted every week to the newsgroups comp.sys.amiga.misc and de.comp.sys.amiga.archive. - EZINFO. This is an internet BBS in Switzerland. Here you can download by Kermit or ZMODEM, but you need to be verified to become user. Modem dial 01 251 20 02, then type 'telnet b050' to connect to EZINFO. Also try telnet kometh.ethz.ch and 'call b050' from internet. - Aminet-on-disk. You can order single Aminet files (3 DM per disk) or per-directory subscriptions (2 DM per disk) from Martin Schulze, Im Weidenbruch 15, 66793 Saarwellingen, Germany. Phone: +49 (0) 683 8 830 830. email Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. . Send 3 DM in stamps or $2 to get an index disk with instructions. Aminet-on-disk is available on Amiga-Floppy (880k: 3DM, 1.76MB: 5DM), SyQuest 88/105/270MB and CD-R. (DM 0.40 per Megabyte without media costs) @endnode ============================================================================ @node Submitting "Sending software to Aminet" How do I submit something to Aminet? ------------------------------------ If you are an author of freely distributable software, you may be interested to get your software onto Aminet. Aminet gets your software to a lot of people very quickly, and is free of charge for most of its users. If you would like to get your piece of freely distributable software onto Aminet and you don't have access to the Internet, you can check the BBSes listed @{" here " link Access} if they forward uploads to Aminet. The Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. accepts uploads by email, send HELP there for instructions. If all fails, you can still send a diskette (that will not be sent back, sorry) with your upload to Martin Schulze, whose address you find in the access list as well. Be sure to read the upload @{" instructions " link "AMINET27:Guides/Misc/Uploads/main"} very carefully. Faulty submissions are in danger of being deleted. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Ordering "Ordering subsequent CD's" Order information ----------------- A new Aminet CD appears every two months. You can expect about 800M of new software on every CD, plus the currently most popular files, plus enough files from other sources to fill up the CD to its limit. Check this @{" list " link OlderCDs} of available CDs. You can order subscriptions or single CDs from the following companies: Company Offerings ------- --------- - Germany/Europe Stefan Ossowski's Aminet CDs DM 25 Schatztruhe GmbH subscriptions DM 19.80 per CD Veronikastr. 33 D-45131 Essen Aminet Sets (4 CDs) DM 59 Germany Shipping national prepaid DM 6 Phone +49-201-788778 cash on delivery DM 9 Fax +49-201-798447 Shipping Europe prepaid DM 10 Shipping overseas prepaid DM 17 Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. All major credit cards accepted, they count as prepaid. Send cash as check or in a registered letter. Subscriptions don't include shipping. For money transfers use: Deutsche Bank Essen, Bank ID 36070050, Account number 257901900 - Germany/Europe/Worldwide for dealers: GTI GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tienhen Germany Phone +49-7741-83040 Fax +49-7741-830438 Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. - Canada/USA NATIONAL AMIGA Aminet CD's $39.95CAD 1229 Marlborough Ct. #1401 Aminet Set's $69.95CAD Oakville, Ontario L6H3B6 CANADA Fax: +1-905-845-3295 Phone: +1-905-845-1949 Email: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. WWW: www.interlog.com/~gscott/NationalAmiga.html COD Shipping by Canada Post, Canpar or UPS.All Canadian orders can go COD either alone or as part of a larger order. Email is the best way to contact us. Most email is answered within 12 hours. - Italy C.A.T.M.U. s.n.c. (DICE italian dealer) Via G. Di Vittorio, 22 Aminet CDs 34900 Lit. 10023 Chieri (TO) subscriptions (4 CDs) 115000 Lit. ITALY Aminet Set call Fax: ++39-11-941.52.37 Shipping: Tel: ++39-11-941.52.37 pre-paid 5500 Lit. Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. on delivery 15000 Lit. Pagamento tramite bollettino postale su c/c postale n.28065100 intestato a: C.A.T.M.U. di Zamuner Giorgio & C. s.n.c. - Denmark Peter Broe Hvas Aminet CDs Kr. 119.- Amiga Soft subscriptions Kr. 119.- Jerbanavej 47. Aminet Set Kr. 259.- DK-4450 Jyderup DENMARK Voice/Fax: ++45 59 20 91 10 Shipping: Mail: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. pre-paid 25.- cash on delivery 40.- subscriptions free Payment by cheque, giro, postal money order or cash. Have a look at the @{" older Aminet CDs " link OlderCDs}, too. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Disclaimer "The disclaimer" Disclaimer ---------- All files on Aminet have been virus checked. However, new viruses that were unknown at the time the CD was made could still have slipped through, so we cannot make any warranties. Thus you should run a virus checker on all programs extracted from the CD to be absolutely safe. Note that, although you have paid for the CD, you don't own all the programs in it. Some of them are distributed as Shareware, which means that you have to pay for its registration if you use it regularly. Please support the concept of shareware; if a program is worth using, it's also worth paying for. You're getting the FD software on this CD is free of charge. The price of the CD just pays for the collecting and presenting it, and for the manfacturing of the CD. amigaguide.library is Copyright Commodore Amiga Inc. All programs Copyright their authors except where noted otherwise @endnode ============================================================================

Document sans nom | Local files at Aminet CD 27 on 7-Sep-98
| Sorted by directory and file name. Age in weeks.
| A wide version of this file can be found in info/index/
|File Dir Size Age Description
|----------------- --- ---- --- -----------
TransCat_Esp.lha biz/cloan 6K 7+Spanish locale for TransCat v1.01
TransCat_Mag.lha biz/cloan 2K 4+Magyar locale for TransCat v1.01
TransCat_Por.lha biz/cloan 2K 4+Portuguese locale for TransCat v1.01
2b_XBase32.lha biz/dbase 194K 7+Very easy2use flexible and fast database
AAA_MegaBook.lha biz/dbase 300K 0+The ULTIMATE Amiga Address Book just got
adb.lha biz/dbase 157K 4+Easy & configurable DataBase (Italian)
AlphaBase.lha biz/dbase 204K 8+V2.1.3 Universal database, English/Germa
AmwayDeckV4.lha biz/dbase 346K 8+DataBase For AMWAY Distributors.
ARC.lha biz/dbase 553K 4+Recipe Program inc many examples - v2
datagi20.lha biz/dbase 710K 2+Powerful database (only italian version)
Fiasco_deu_doc.lha biz/dbase 332K 4+2.2 - Multifunctional database program
Fiasco_eng_doc.lha biz/dbase 293K 4+2.2 - Multifunctional database program
Fiasco_main.lha biz/dbase 526K 4+2.2 - Multifunctional database program
ligamanagerdat.lha biz/dbase 48K 5+League datafiles for Ligamanager
Magic_noloc.lha biz/dbase 3K 7+MagicReader Norwegian local
mfs.lha biz/dbase 603K 5+Music File System 1.55 - Album database
MicroBase400.lha biz/dbase 788K 1+German database supports dBASE, HTML
Minidata.lha biz/dbase 147K 7+DataBase (German necessary)
MUI-Ligamaster.lha biz/dbase 66K 2+A database for sport leagues
MUI-Season9899.lha biz/dbase 23K 5+European leagues for the season 1998-99
MUIL-1BL63-98.lha biz/dbase 77K 6+Complete 1.Bundesliga (63-98) with dates
MUIL-2BL74-98.lha biz/dbase 87K 3+Complete 2.Bundesliga (74-98) with dates
MUIL-RegL94-98.lha biz/dbase 40K 2+Complete Regionalligen (94-98) with date
MUIVideo_232.lha biz/dbase 220K 2+Video Database using Magic User Interfac
multidata.lha biz/dbase 150K 7+DataBase (German necessary)
MusicManIII.lha biz/dbase 612K 1+A must have for CD, MC... collectors
OnyxBase.lha biz/dbase 80K 5+Fast and easy-to-use user database
Worldcup98.lha biz/dbase 4K 7+World Cup 98 result's
AWeb.lha biz/demo 705K 7+V 3.2DEMO of this fast WWW browser
GolemBetaDemo.lha biz/demo 140K 5+0.57 - Business for firms (Polish only)
STFaxProDemo.lha biz/demo 945K 8+STFax Professional Demo (Fax/Voice packa
WF-Upd2.lha biz/demo 378K 8+Wildfire - PPC/NOPPC - 2. Update 27.05.9
Do5BootSel.lha biz/dopus 11K 2+Simple BootSelector for DOpus5 and WB
FileTypeUtils.lha biz/dopus 197K 7+Utilities for DOpus5 filetypes (German o
OpusMPEGA.lha biz/dopus 553K 8+Mp3,wav,aiff,PPC,WarpOS,MPEGA,Play16,AHI
OpusMPEGA_Port.lha biz/dopus 8K 2+Portuguese locale for OpusMPEGA 3.12
Remind_dopus5.lha biz/dopus 5K 5+Small but useful Reminder for DOPUS5+
SlctComp.lha biz/dopus 5K 2+Compare files in 2 listers 10 modes (upd
AE2_DC20.lha biz/haage 12K 1+ArtEffect 2 Plugin for KODAK DC20
AE2_Patch5.lha biz/haage 587K 1+ArtEffect 2 Patch 5
ArtEffect26.lha biz/haage 883K 1+ArtEffect 2.6 (Demo)
VideoFX2-Demo.lha biz/haage 1.0M 1+VideoFX 2 (Demo)
WarpUP_V31Upd.lha biz/haage 411K 1+WarpUP Release 3.1 Update
AmiBroker271E.lha biz/misc 466K 2+Stock charting/analysis v.2.710 (English
AmiBroker271PL.lha biz/misc 848K 2+Stock charting/analysis v.2.710 (Polish)
Buchhaltung.lha biz/misc 181K 3+Powerfull but yet easy accounts program
cfisc.lha biz/misc 108K 5+Personal Treasury Code (Italian)
PayrollPlusDem.lha biz/misc 699K 7+Payroll Program for the Amiga.
StarAm_Plan.lha biz/misc 802K 4+Spreadsheet, V2.2,OS 3.0+, 68000 CPU
StarAm_Plan881.lha biz/misc 797K 4+Spreadsheet, V2.2,OS 3.0+, needs FPU
TCPhoneBill.lha biz/misc 10K 2+Tables For German Phone Bill! (V1.1)
voc.lha biz/misc 177K 5+VocDemo: English to Italian Translator
68060-V44_3.lha biz/p5 180K 8+68040/060 Libs/Utils v44_3 from Phase5
FlashUpdates.lha biz/p5 410K 7+11.07.98 CyberStorm & Blizzard Flash Upd
ppc-110798.lha biz/p5 84K 7+V46.19 ppc.library USER archive
ppc-dev-4619.lha biz/p5 1.8M 5+V46.19 ppc.library DEVELOPER archive
ppc-user-46_15.lha biz/p5 87K 8+V46.15 ppc.library USER archive
ppc-V46_15.lha biz/p5 87K 8+V46.15 ppc.library USER archive
3.2_ImageFX_Pa.lha biz/patch 1.2M 2+V3.2 Patch to ImageFX 3.0 - 3.1c
CanonSt221Up.lha biz/patch 1.7M 2+V2.21 Update for registered CanonStudio
DCF77update.lha biz/patch 139K 2+Update for DCF77 3.0-3.7 to 3.8
DStudio2_TUR.lha biz/patch 10K 7+Turkish Translation of Draw Studio V2.0
STFax3033bUpd.lha biz/patch 511K 8+Upgrade STFax Pro from version 3.0 to 3.
STFax3034Upd.lha biz/patch 524K 2+Upgrade STFax Pro from version 3.0 to 3.
STFax33bUpd.lha biz/patch 476K 8+Upgrade STFax Pro from 3.2b to 3.3b
STFax34Upd.lha biz/patch 461K 2+Upgrade STFax Pro from 3.3b to 3.4
StudioUpV216c.lha biz/patch 1.2M 2+V2.16c Update of Studio Prof. Printer So
fw-ml-9806.lha biz/swood 17K 8+Messages about FW during June 1998
fwml9807.lha biz/swood 16K 5+Messages about FW during July 1998
rfx-dc10.lha comm/amiex 8K 4+DupeCheck Door for SystemX. Checks the F
rfx-ml12.lha comm/amiex 82K 4+A Lister for the MessageBases of SystemX
rfx-us05.lha comm/amiex 7K 4+User Status Door for SystemX
rfx-xv11.lha comm/amiex 6K 4+Shows the Accesslevels are set on System
trsi-m215.lha comm/amiex 207K 1+Textviewer for /X and FAME. V2.15
Cit_Docs_8G25.lha comm/bbs 571K 5+Citadel 68K Documenation
Cit_exec_8G25.lha comm/bbs 246K 5+Citadel 68K BBS Program
cit_src_8G25.lha comm/bbs 543K 5+Citadel 68K BBS Program Source
Cit_Util_8G25.lha comm/bbs 485K 5+Citadel 68K BBS Program Utilities
cnet4demo.lha comm/bbs 1.6M 5+CNet/4 Professional BBS version 4.29 (DE
cnet4demo1.lha comm/bbs 1.6M 5+CNet/4 Professional BBS version 4.29 (DE
HydraBBSA17u2.lha comm/bbs 387K 3+HydraBBS A17 - Update #2
HydraBBSA17u3.lha comm/bbs 12K 2+HydraBBS A17 - Update #3
idpfc400.lha comm/bbs 1.0M 8+FileChecker for AMMS - V4.00 -
Mixerz.lha comm/bbs 3K 7+3 Kwel DaydreamBBS doors
Sys_InfoV2_1.lha comm/bbs 48K 7+Shows some system Information to your us
usered13.lha comm/bbs 110K 5+External MUI UserEditor V1.30 for FAME B
1ooCFl13.lha comm/cnet 11K 8+1oo% C/Flags v1.30 - edit item-flags qui
1ooVDE08.lha comm/cnet 27K 8+1oo% C/VDEd - editor for VDE files + "SD
bday.lha comm/cnet 5K 5+CNet Birthday Door V1.2 (Configurable)
burmaquote.lha comm/cnet 24K 1+BurmaQuote V1.0 Quote door for CNet 3.x
cnetripit.lha comm/cnet 18K 5+Add RIP GFX menus to CNet
lemon.lha comm/cnet 14K 5+A small CNet game Based on an IBM door g
pokersquares.lha comm/cnet 141K 2+Poker Squares V1.2 AmigaDos Door for CNe
PORTStatus.lha comm/cnet 13K 2+PORTStatus V7.1 Port Utility for CNet 3.
rsp.lha comm/cnet 5K 5+A small CNet game of Rock, Scissors, Pap
spiderslair.lha comm/cnet 6K 1+C-Net Amiga Pfile - Arcade Action
tempera.lha comm/cnet 6K 5+TEMPerature V1.3 Utility for CNet 3.x &
MoveFilesV2.lha comm/dlg 18K 7+Auto Uploading of Aminet Downloads
PntConvert.lha comm/fido 2K 1+TrapList compatible pointlist converter
AmIRCmailcheck.lha comm/irc 2K 2+AmIRC mail monitoring script
DalHelper.lha comm/irc 31K 2+Interface to Dalnet Services: (Chan/Memo
ftpget.lha comm/irc 196K 4+FTPget for use with AMirc
Henry.lha comm/irc 110K 4+Powerful and configurable Amiga IRC Bot
TeaBot.lha comm/irc 38K 4+Friendly IRC BOT addon for AmIRC !
XdccGet.lha comm/irc 28K 5+GUI for XDCC Requesting v3.46 (Better th
AirMailPro31_1.lha comm/mail 670K 8+Air Mail Pro v3.1 MUI release internet m
AirMailPro31_2.lha comm/mail 1.5M 8+Air Mail Pro v3.1 MUI Forms and Sounds
AminetFTPMail.lha comm/mail 39K 2+Get recent aminet uploads per mail via Y
AminetGetFTP.lha comm/mail 49K 1+V2.0! Get recent aminet uploads with AmF
AminetRct.lha comm/mail 12K 7+Get latest Aminet uploads via Email with
FaxByEmail.lha comm/mail 14K 3+Send Faxs Via The Internt Useing Yam2 (B
FTPMAL.lha comm/mail 4K 8+AmiNet filelists -> FTP mailserver scrip
htmail.lha comm/mail 6K 8+B1.35 View html e-mails using YAM and a
iris.lha comm/mail 271K 5+Email client (SMTP/POP3) V1.6
IrisUpdate.lha comm/mail 33K 5+Update Iris V1.5 to V1.6
JTYAMAminetDow.lha comm/mail 3K 3+Download Aminet Files from YAM! (by Joac
liststats.lha comm/mail 61K 1+Mailing list stats tracking program
MiniMailSource.lha comm/mail 203K 2+Source code for MiniMail 1.4b and MiniMa
NI4YAM.lha comm/mail 81K 8+Give YAM 2.0 a great NewIcons look!
OctetPurge.lha comm/mail 23K 5+Purges binary data from MIME spool files
PPCuucoders.lha comm/mail 48K 1+Uuencode/uudecode 1.0 (PPC)
YAM2ColorIcon2.lha comm/mail 25K 8+Colorful icons set for Yam2p5.
YAM2Usenet.lha comm/mail 19K 7+Turn YAM2 into a newsreader! (v0.5)
FLE_v096.lha comm/maxs 254K 7+File Lister Express (FLE) v0.96 Final (1
Fluffy_Guide.lha comm/maxs 20K 3+Fluffy Net Guide (11-Aug-98)
Log_User.lha comm/maxs 4K 4+Keeps a log of each user that logs on.
MagicFile_45.lha comm/maxs 194K 3+Automated file menus & more for MAXs, 4.
MAXs_0898.lha comm/maxs 99K 3+Gremlins MAXs file listings (08/98)
Maxs_CDRv3_1.lha comm/maxs 54K 7+V3.1 of CDR. A Superior CDROM Reader for
MAXs_CODERS.lha comm/maxs 11K 7+MAXs Coders Guide (12-Jul-98)
MPRO-LSD_oz.lha comm/maxs 5K 7+Australian Rego forms for MAXsPRO & LSD
PW_Check.lha comm/maxs 9K 1+Gives option to change password.
Setup_10.lha comm/maxs 31K 2+BBS Settings for login and via door.
Show-Grems.lha comm/maxs 29K 7+A 10 min ansi_anim preview of Gremlins B
Speed_11.lha comm/maxs 12K 5+Makes a Users Login a little quicker
U2S.lha comm/maxs 10K 5+Upload 2 SysOp only type door.
agm33demo.lha comm/misc 527K 5+V3.3: Online counter with analysis and l
amipop12.lha comm/misc 84K 2+Sending/recieving of WinPopUp Messages
AmiTI274.lha comm/misc 34K 6+VERSION 2.74! TI-8x <-> Amiga link progr
AtoZ.lha comm/misc 63K 5+Easy Amiga/Z88 file transfer. v1.21
BE-rates.lha comm/misc 35K 5+Belgium rates setting for PhoneBill 3.6
dc210wizard11.lha comm/misc 129K 5+Tool for Kodak DC210 digital camera
DoSoundv3_0.lha comm/misc 190K 4+Wav player for AMIRC and WB
Homebank_SK.lha comm/misc 277K 8+Homebanking (only german Sparkasse!)
isdn20cats.lha comm/misc 23K 8+Catalogs for ISDN - Statemon (MUI)
isdnmon21.lha comm/misc 79K 8+New ISDN - Statemon (MUI)
messplus.lha comm/misc 133K 4+Modem Manager for US Robotics Message.
MiamiLog3.lha comm/misc 16K 5+Nice&simple Miami phone log parser w/src
mlcpro.lha comm/misc 152K 5+Professional LiveCam-system using VLab-b
Packet-Point.lha comm/misc 213K 1+Point programme for Packet-Radio (ham)
PhonePrice1481.lha comm/misc 74K 3+V1.481 Calculate price of Internet(Frenc
phonewizard14.lha comm/misc 205K 5+Phone answer machine for voice modems
RWK56v2.lha comm/misc 326K 1+Replace's Rockwell K56/V90 Bios Update.
SerialPaint.lha comm/misc 85K 1+V2.1-Chat and paint with a friend using
smsmaster209.lha comm/misc 112K 4+Send messages to mobile phones
TelekomBill.lha comm/misc 5K 2+Telekom Bill for WG V1.63
TNet-Avon.lha comm/misc 813K 4+German- and international Area Codes
ZOOM56kDM_Upd.lha comm/misc 218K 1+ZOOM External 56k DualMode vocie faxmode
MMTags.lha comm/mmgr 15K 2+Adds tagline to messages in MailManager
AmiComSysMUI.lha comm/net 254K 0+V1.20 Personal Communicator (MUI) Needs
FTransV0.04b.lha comm/net 78K 1+Internet's Translator Client v0.04beta
spooler101.lha comm/net 9K 2+Samba Print Spooler (i.e. Amiga->Win95 e
2b_Yam2NN.lha comm/news 49K 2+Usenet access for YAM 2.0+ ver. 0.57
AmiBabel.lha comm/tcp 22K 7+Online Language Translator (ClassAct)
AmiGSM.lha comm/tcp 34K 2+Online GSM phone SMS msg sender (ClassAc
IRQuery-1.1.lha comm/tcp 30K 8+New Dynamic DNS service client
LS-SayIn12.lha comm/tcp 10K 5+The REAL Sayin' script for AmIRC!
Miami30d-000.lha comm/tcp 195K 2+Internet TCP/IP stack (68000/010 binary)
Miami30d-020.lha comm/tcp 194K 2+Internet TCP/IP stack (68020-060 binary)
Miami30d-deu.lha comm/tcp 96K 2+German locale files for Miami
Miami30d-GTL.lha comm/tcp 102K 2+Internet TCP/IP stack (GTLayout module)
Miami30d-main.lha comm/tcp 475K 2+Internet TCP/IP stack (main archive)
Miami30d-MUI.lha comm/tcp 79K 2+Internet TCP/IP stack (MUI module)
MiamiPhone.lha comm/tcp 21K 1+V1.0 The Miami Phone Log Parser (MUI)
mytimer11.lha comm/tcp 11K 8+Simple but good timer for AmiTcp
nc-11u1.lha comm/tcp 118K 7+NetCat 1.1 - Amiga Port (Update 1)
NetParLpr.lha comm/tcp 158K 8+Network Printing Client
Socks5.lha comm/tcp 411K 4+Socks5 proxy server for AmiTCP
strobe.lha comm/tcp 24K 5+TCP scanner with many features
t-online.lha comm/tcp 116K 5+German/English Quickstart for T-Online I
WebFTP_DEMO.lha comm/tcp 59K 7+WWW site maintenance made easy. (ClassAc
AutoNOHTML.lha comm/thor 6K 6+Strip HTML MAIL and autopost ANTI HTML
IBMailToThor.lha comm/thor 4K 8+IBrowse Arexx script for mail using Thor
ThorFAQsp.lha comm/thor 12K 1+THOR FAQ Spanish translation 1.2
PR-QWK.lha comm/ums 53K 5+PR-QWK - Fast QWK importer/exporter for
UMSAreafix1_0.lha comm/ums 38K 2+Manages list of subscribed newsgroups
rsmtp018b.lha comm/uucp 10K 8+Rsmtp v0.18b is a replacement for UUCP-r
1stLinkChe-GUI.lha comm/www 136K 8+LinkChecker in HTML-Pages GUI 2.1
AmigaICQdb.lha comm/www 5K 6+AmigaICQ database
Anarch.lha comm/www 57K 1+A transfer Anim for IBrowse (perhaps for
ARexxWebServer.lha comm/www 16K 8+ARexxWebServer (AROS) V2.0 CGI/Binary
ARWSdice.lha comm/www 5K 4+Dice throwing script for ArexxWebServer
BoingAnim.lha comm/www 54K 0+A TransferAnimation for IBrowse!
CheckLink.lha comm/www 15K 4+(V1.40) Checks *all* links in HTML pages
Downtime.lha comm/www 26K 8+Downtime - Download time calculator
EndersBttns12.lha comm/www 4K 1+Painted buttons: New ones for AWeb V3.1+
EyeBlink.lha comm/www 18K 5+Blinking Eye transferanim for IBrowse
htmlgenv35.lha comm/www 34K 4+Creates HTML file archives
IB2Mozilla.lha comm/www 5K 4+Patch IBrowse1.22 to spoof as Netscape
ibcat_ger.lha comm/www 8K 1+German .catalog file for Ibrowse V1.22
kennyhead.lha comm/www 259K 1+24 Bit South Park transfer animation for
KidHTML.lha comm/www 163K 2+Very easy Home-Page maker.German and Eng
mapPlugv11.lha comm/www 55K 2+HTML client side image map editor v1.1
OpenURL10.lha comm/www 35K 5+Library for easily sending URL->Browser
Pioneer.lha comm/www 21K 2+Minimal offline HTML-Browser v0.71
RandAnim.lha comm/www 6K 0+Start IBrowse with a randomly selected x
rotating_earth.lha comm/www 249K 8+Another def_TransferAnimation for IBrows
shadowed_earth.lha comm/www 73K 8+Another def_TransferAnimation for IBrows
thumbnail.lha comm/www 7K 2+Create thumbnail & HTML pages for pictur
TransferAnims.lha comm/www 345K 3+4 new TransferAnims FOR IBrowse
URLUpdat.lzh comm/www 21K 2+Updates URLs and files after download
bbslst0798.lha comm/xeno 38K 8+The Xenolink ONLY BBS-LIST [ Year 4, Edi
id-dims.lha demo/40k 60K 8+Dim Screams, 40k by Image Dreams release
APX-FLEA.lha demo/aga 279K 2+FLEA not finished intro by APPENDIX.3th
Army.lha demo/aga 671K 8+Restricted Remix by Army of Lamers
dnf-kg7.lha demo/aga 45K 8+Yoman2, Donut Fetish intro from KG7 (1st
EMB-BangCock.lha demo/aga 1.0M 8+Bangcock by EMBASSY winning demo from MI
exp_term.lha demo/aga 2.8M 7+"terminal" by The Experience
flp-napalm.lha demo/aga 1.1M 8+NAPALM/FLOPPY, won demo compo at RH'98
gfb-stro.lha demo/aga 699K 8+SpontanTro by GFB(tm) features GREAT MAT
Jesus.lha demo/aga 2.2M 5+Jesus Was A Demomaker Demo WINNER Euskal
jointro.lha demo/aga 161K 5+JoinTro by Focus D. Do you need coders?
kikidraft.lha demo/aga 3.5M 7+Draft - Kiki Productions (2nd at Volcani
kikikatto.lha demo/aga 7.7M 6+Katto - Kiki Productions (5th ? at Volca
MST-Beetle.lha demo/aga 64K 1+BEETLe by mystic - 2nd at Quast'98
mst-omni.lha demo/aga 1.3M 2+ASM98: -OMNIRUSH- by Mystic
musicis.lha demo/aga 400K 1+Short presentation by pUmPkIn
Nat-AutF.lha demo/aga 16K 0+"Automatic" a4000fix by Nature
nvxrelic.lha demo/aga 2.6M 1+Relic by Nerve Axis, Asm98 winner. 8MB F
Planete.lha demo/aga 1.6M 2+2nd price demo at the BSE'98
reserve.lha demo/aga 62K 7+Reserve by Ozone. Released at Scenest^Ra
RTX_EFFE.lha demo/aga 907K 8+Incredible muzakkmo by RETAX
s7-rflx.lha demo/aga 1.4M 3+Reflexity by Sector 7, 1st at B.S.E.'98
SCX.IfN.083.lha demo/aga 613K 7+Infestation 0083/SCOOPEX
SCX.IfN.084.lha demo/aga 802K 5+Infestation 0084/SCOOPEX
SCX.IfN.086.lha demo/aga 521K 3+Infestation 0086/SCOOPEX - ASSEMBLY 98 -
SCX.IfN.087.lha demo/aga 714K 2+Infestation 0087/SCOOPEX
SCX.IfN.088.lha demo/aga 391K 2+Infestation 0088/SCOOPEX - QUAST 98 -
SPNWHY.lha demo/aga 230K 7+"Why" by .sPOOn. an intro
Sulpu.lha demo/aga 577K 8+Cube demo by Sulpu
symbiosis.lha demo/aga 58K 5+Symbiosis by Ozone. 2nd place at Euskal
TheLastInline.lha demo/aga 1.4M 2+"The Last Inline" / Capsule - 2nd. price
Tlu-Pusherman.lha demo/aga 1.0M 8+Pusherman by Tulou. 1st place at Remedy
TSI_bool.lha demo/aga 6K 2+BOOL! by Taski - 2nd place at QuaST'98
tsi_delight2.lha demo/aga 6K 2+Delight 2 by Taski - 2nd place at Gravit
turbot.lha demo/aga 755K 5+Turbo Tronic by Instinct
UNN-Intel5Inv.lha demo/aga 1K 3+Someone made us a stupid joke
WPZ-4kb.lha demo/aga 29K 0+4kb intro by Whelpz released on Gravity
40k01_Blue.lha demo/bse 36K 2+BSE98 40kb - Blue
40k01_First40k.lha demo/bse 37K 2+BSE97 40kb - First 40kb
40k02_Nooduitg.lha demo/bse 28K 2+BSE97 40kb - Nooduitgang
40k02_PressThe.lha demo/bse 34K 2+BSE98 40kb - Press The ...
40k03_My1stInt.lha demo/bse 23K 2+BSE98 40kb - My First Intro
40k03_OneDay.lha demo/bse 38K 2+BSE97 40kb - One Day
4ch01_Surrende.lha demo/bse 290K 3+BSE97 4 Channel - Surrender v2.0
4ch02_Brrrrrss.lha demo/bse 235K 3+BSE97 4 Channel - Brrrrrssss
4ch03_Abductio.lha demo/bse 357K 3+BSE97 4 Channel - Abduction
4ch04_Holidays.lha demo/bse 567K 3+BSE97 4 Channel - Holiday's Hero
4ch05_WhyNot.lha demo/bse 154K 3+BSE97 4 Channel - Why Not
4ch06_WindowsN.lha demo/bse 354K 3+BSE97 4 Channel - Windows News
4ch07_NuseUp97.lha demo/bse 150K 3+BSE97 4 Channel - Nuseup 97
4ch08_SereneLi.lha demo/bse 368K 3+BSE97 4 Channel - Serene Lily
4ch09_DS2-143.lha demo/bse 141K 3+BSE97 4 Channel - DS2-143
4ch10_Poppikon.lha demo/bse 181K 3+BSE97 4 Channel - Poppikone
4ch11_ToiletFl.lha demo/bse 110K 3+BSE97 4 Channel - Toilet Flush (rmx)
BSE97-Results.txt demo/bse 5K 3+BSE97 - Official Results
BSE98-Results.txt demo/bse 5K 3+BSE98 - Official Results file
Dem01_AngerIsA.lha demo/bse 3.0M 2+BSE97 Demo - Anger Is A Gift
Dem01_Reflexit.lha demo/bse 1.2M 2+BSE98 Demo - Reflexity
Dem02_PlaneteA.lha demo/bse 1.6M 2+BSE98 Demo - Planete A.
Fas01_Crixis.lha demo/bse 236K 2+BSE98 Graphics - Fast Intro
Fas01_Fast.lha demo/bse 14K 2+BSE97 Fast intro - Fast
Fas02_BSEmerge.lha demo/bse 155K 2+BSE97 Fast intro - BSEmergency
Gfx01_CelticSh.lha demo/bse 137K 3+BSE97 Graphics - Celtic Shores
Gfx01_SpaceGir.lha demo/bse 246K 3+BSE98 Graphics - Space Girls
Gfx02_Satt002.lha demo/bse 27K 3+BSE97 Graphics - Satt002
Gfx03_Ultimate.lha demo/bse 24K 3+BSE97 Graphics - Ultimate Madness
Gfx03_Ville_A.lha demo/bse 66K 3+BSE98 Graphics - Ville A.
Gfx04_Kisss.lha demo/bse 131K 3+BSE97 Graphics - Kiss My Flower
Gfx04_SomeChic.lha demo/bse 28K 3+BSE98 Graphics - Some Chick
Gfx05_Rezonanz.lha demo/bse 580K 3+BSE98 Graphics - Rezonanz
Gfx06_TheChase.lha demo/bse 538K 3+BSE98 Graphics - The Chase
Gfx07-Hello.lha demo/bse 668K 3+BSE98 Graphics - Hello ?
Gfx08_DistantO.lha demo/bse 69K 3+BSE98 Graphics - Distant Outer Space
MCh01_HereWeAr.lha demo/bse 166K 3+BSE97 Multichannel - Here we are (?)
MCh02_CarProbl.lha demo/bse 149K 3+BSE97 Multichannel - Car Problem
MCh03_Fusion.lha demo/bse 516K 3+BSE97 Multichannel - Fusion
MCh04_FuturesB.lha demo/bse 300K 3+BSE97 Multichannel - The Future's Breeze
Mod03_Disconne.lha demo/bse 215K 3+BSE98 Music - Disconnected
Mod04_Interaud.lha demo/bse 433K 3+BSE98 Music - Interaudio
Mod05_Stinking.lha demo/bse 385K 3+BSE98 Music - Stinking
Mod06_Overtax.lha demo/bse 301K 3+BSE98 Music - Overtax
Mod07_Pupmuj.lha demo/bse 327K 3+BSE98 Music - Pupmuj
brk-idit.lha demo/euro 1.0M 4+We're Not Fancy, But We're Cheap #2 - Th
Access.lha demo/file 1.0M 8+Symbolia Demo by Access
ipdie.lha demo/file 533K 7+IPDIE- HAVE FUN!
mst-rink.lha demo/file 761K 2+SHD/MYSTIC fixed Lemon.'s "Rink A Dink"
DEPTH_JobAdver.lha demo/intro 136K 4+Depth Job-Advert Intro
DKG-Quiet.lha demo/intro 5K 0+3rd place at Gravity 3 Amiga intro compo
hjb-edit.lha demo/intro 55K 3+Haujobb - Edit0.5 - Winner 64k-intro fro
IRS-BCK.lha demo/intro 61K 0+IRIS intro released at GR3
IRS-Blue.lha demo/intro 39K 3+The winning intro from BSE, by IRIS
IRS-Scn.lha demo/intro 4K 0+IRIS 4K intro from Quast
IRS-Woo.lha demo/intro 693K 8+New Announcetro from IRIS
Ntw-Anorexia.lha demo/intro 65K 5+Anorexia - Winner 64kb intro at Euskal P
palmusun.lha demo/intro 38K 3+Palmusunnuntai By Fit at Motorola Inside
Phalophagia.lha demo/intro 5K 5+Phalophagia - Winner 4kb intro at Euskal
RedSky.lha demo/intro 208K 5+VD: bbs-dentro for the Red-Sky
Retro.lha demo/intro 1.0M 3+Intro by VORTEX
SCX-SystemCrim.lha demo/intro 64K 1+System Crime - 64kb intro from Assembly'
SCX.EFFU.lha demo/intro 59K 3+EFFUSION/SCOOPEX - ASSEMBLY 98 -
slachtro.lha demo/intro 292K 8+Intro invitation of the SLACH PARTY
AmigaCS_003.lha demo/mag 2.0M 1+Third issue of the NEW CZECH DISKMAG
AntyDres4_Fix.lha demo/mag 143K 7+Fix for Antydresiarz 4 polish diskmagazi
DKG-ST11_Disk1.lha demo/mag 799K 8+ShowTime #11 Disks Version [1/4]
DKG-ST11_Disk2.lha demo/mag 831K 8+ShowTime #11 Disks Version [2/4]
DKG-ST11_Disk3.lha demo/mag 830K 8+ShowTime #11 Disks Version [3/4]
DKG-ST11_Disk4.lha demo/mag 831K 8+ShowTime #11 Disks Version [4/4]
e9diskmag.lha demo/mag 1.7M 5+Amazing disk mag from ENGiNE NiNE DESiGN
Eurochart32a.lha demo/mag 822K 7+The Official Eurochart 32 by Depth (1/2)
Eurochart32b.lha demo/mag 846K 7+The Official Eurochart 32 by Depth (2/2)
EuroChart34a.lha demo/mag 538K 7+The Official Eurochart #34 by DEPTH - Ar
EuroChart34b.lha demo/mag 838K 7+The Official Eurochart #34 by DEPTH - Ar
EuroChart34c.lha demo/mag 846K 7+The Official Eurochart #34 by DEPTH - Ar
HDU-no12.lha demo/mag 1.2M 5+Mag & utility with graphic interface
MWI-SDV12.lha demo/mag 869K 5+SAVE DA VINYL #12 - packmag by MAD WIZAR
nvx_prs2.lha demo/mag 1.7M 2+Pressure#2 Amiga Magazine from Nerve Axi
Planet04.lha demo/mag 1.3M 3+Planet 04 - ITALIAN Diskmag by Degenerat
rb-redpack4.lha demo/mag 814K 8+RedPack issue 4 - chippack by RedBullz
rb-redpack5.lha demo/mag 829K 7+RedPack issue #5 - chippackmag by RedBul
Ripper.lha demo/mag 413K 4+Brand New Disk Mag!!
TopSecret1-CZ.lha demo/mag 320K 2+CZECH DISKMAG "Top Secret 1" !!!
TopSecret10-Cz.lha demo/mag 1.4M 2+CZECH DISKMAG "Top Secret 10! SPECIAL"
TopSecret8-Cze.lha demo/mag 839K 2+CZECH DISKMAG "Top Secret 8" !!
TopSecret9-Cze.lha demo/mag 793K 2+CZECH MAGAZINE "Top Secret 9"!!
TS10PRWCZ.lha demo/mag 175K 3+"Top Secret" is Czech Amiga Magazine
TSecret11prwCZ.lha demo/mag 131K 1+CZECH DISKMAG "Top Secret 11 preview"
WPZ-QST98-Eng.lha demo/mag 547K 8+QuaST Party'98 Invitation (English)
apt-fb5b.lha demo/sound 772K 2+- FeedBack#5 By aPATHy! - 2/2
apt-fb5c.lha demo/sound 781K 2+- FeedBack#5 By aPATHy! - 1/2
Blew.lha demo/sound 1.5M 3+Music Disk by VORTEX
FR_MMDK.lha demo/sound 2.6M 4+Some great 8-voice tracks
mst-fat.lha demo/ta97 60K 2+ASM97 64k "fAT" by Mystic (3rd)
A3Dscape.lha dev/amos 182K 1+Landscape designer for A3Dsimple-sim
A3Dsimple-sim.lha dev/amos 281K 5+Simple flight simulator using amos3d
ADV-ITA.lha dev/amos 64K 5+Italian adventures creator for AMOSPro
Amos2C.lha dev/amos 17K 0+V0.2b Converts Amos source structure to
AMOSGrab.lha dev/amos 3K 2+Grab AMOS screens (developers only)
AMOSList-0698.lzh dev/amos 89K 8+Messages about AMOS during June 1998
AMOSList-0798.lzh dev/amos 180K 5+Messages about AMOS during July 1998
samplesm.lha dev/amos 90K 7+Creates IFF and RAW samples (italian)
AmigaAsm.lha dev/asm 131K 1+Tutorial to the Amiga Assembler Language
AsmPro.lha dev/asm 148K 5+Asm-Pro V1.13a mc680x0 macro assembler
ESA.lha dev/asm 33K 7+Extended Syntax Assembler
Floater.lha dev/asm 2K 5+Small FPU assembler preprocessor
FredoBBUtils.lha dev/asm 202K 8+Bootblocks & Utilities, full ASM sources
listenport.lha dev/asm 3K 5+Listens on port 23 for incoming chats
MemList.lha dev/asm 4K 1+Reports system memory ranges in decimal
SimpleAudio.lha dev/asm 3K 2+Macros for playing sound samples
AmigalibsII.lha dev/basic 129K 5+AmigaLibs.res replacement for Blitz Basi
BlitzC2P.lha dev/basic 75K 4+Chunky to planar for Blitz, + demos
BlitzEnforcerG.lha dev/basic 3K 4+A list of Blitz Basic Enforcer hits
BlitzLstJUL98.lha dev/basic 1.0M 4+Messages Posted To The Blitz List July 9
BlitzLstJUN98.lha dev/basic 93K 8+Messages Posted To The Blitz List June 9
BlitzOS.lha dev/basic 36K 5+How to use OS Functions with Blitz Basic
blitz_tmap.lha dev/basic 29K 8+Some texturemapping in Blitz Basic
circleos.lha dev/basic 45K 5+Workbench clone in Blitz2
crcfuncs.lha dev/basic 2K 3+CRC32 Functions for Blitz2
GFA_Enforcer.txt dev/basic 2K 2+GFA-Basic Enforcer hits
hookfunc.lha dev/basic 2K 1+Example of hook callback functions
IffScale.lha dev/basic 2K 4+Blitz CLI pic scaling command
NewCommandSet.lha dev/basic 41K 5+10 new Blitz Basic II libraries for hype
NewLibrarySet.lha dev/basic 19K 7+6 new Blitz Basic II libraries for hyper
ReadDirs.lha dev/basic 1K 4+Blitz Directory Reading Example
STRPortLib.lha dev/basic 4K 8+New Hardware-commands for BlitzBasicII
TextView.lha dev/basic 4K 4+Blitz Text reader in a window
UDP_Chat.lha dev/basic 68K 4+UDPfuncsV2.0 for Blitz-good for Net game
AMesaRTL.lha dev/c 400K 4+AmigaMesaRTL v1.1 Mesa runtime library+G
cmacros.lha dev/c 4K 3+Collection of useful C-macros
crcPPC.lha dev/c 71K 1+Fast CRC tools & sources (PPC+68k)
ppcmathlib.lha dev/c 47K 7+Fast PPC math lib for StormC
stormamiga_lib.lha dev/c 218K 2+Small and fast linker lib for StormC (de
VBCCGUI.lha dev/c 9K 8+GUI for Vbcc compiler by Volker Barthelm
xpm_ic.lha dev/c 37K 7+BOOPSI image class for XPM images
hypass10.lha dev/cross 443K 8+RST's 65/68/PIC HyperSource macro assemb
HRTmon.lha dev/debug 205K 7+V2.21 FREE 'Action-Replay' like monitor
bignume.lha dev/e 5K 2+E modules+examples for BigNum library
chris_emods.lha dev/e 16K 3+Progress window, bevel boxes, icons as g
dbplayerE.lha dev/e 50K 2+DigiBooster replayer as Shared library(E
DECH.lha dev/e 35K 5+Deniil's E-Compiler Handler v1.33
ePalmLink.lha dev/e 7K 7+Use palmlink.library with AmigaE
euclidian.lha dev/e 2K 2+Extended Euclidian algorithm to solve ax
FRONTIER-Src.lha dev/e 45K 3+Collection of some (older) E-Sources fro
iconify_plugin.lha dev/e 19K 2+Easygui iconify-gadget-plugin
kyz.lha dev/e 30K 4+Set of useful E modules
kyz_obj.lha dev/e 41K 2+Set of useful E objects
NewGUI3_1b4.lha dev/e 646K 5+GUI-Creation-Engine (with many Features)
NewGUI3_1upd3.lha dev/e 178K 8+Little Update for NewGUI 3.1beta2 to New
prel_module.lha dev/e 27K 4+Emodules for Prelude.library and example
smgmw.lha dev/e 112K 1+A powerfull GUI for Showmodule v0.26
smgmw0_22.lha dev/e 52K 4+A powerfull GUI for Showmodule v0.22
Xarc4E.lha dev/e 17K 1+Emodules to use "xpkarchive.library"
ClassFree.lha dev/gui 31K 5+Collection of free BOOPSI gadgets.
gui4cli.lha dev/gui 336K 8+Create GadTools GUIs from scripts -V3.5
phxgui.lha dev/gui 19K 4+PHXAss-GUI V2.1
Jforthhtmdoc.lha dev/lang 317K 2+Jforth docs in html format
Jforthtxtdoc.lha dev/lang 308K 2+Jforth docs in asc11 format
iff_m2.lha dev/m2 13K 8+Modula-2 interface for the iff.library
BackboneGames1.lha dev/misc 665K 5+V2.08 Two Simple Games created with Back
BackboneGames2.lha dev/misc 634K 5+V2.08 Two more Simple Games created with
Backbone_Full.lha dev/misc 2.5M 5+V2.08 Powerful & Friendly Game Creator
Backbone_game1.lha dev/misc 665K 5+V2.08 Two Simple Games created with Back
Backbone_game2.lha dev/misc 634K 5+V2.08 Two more Simple Games created with
Backbone_main.lha dev/misc 636K 5+V2.08 Main Program Files for Backbone
Backbone_proj.lha dev/misc 661K 5+V2.08 Example Project Files for Backbone
CGraphX-DevKit.lha dev/misc 44K 7+CyberGraphX Developer Kit Release VI
EasyLibrary.lha dev/misc 14K 5+Write Amiga run-time libraries with ease
FD2Pragma.lha dev/misc 85K 2+V2.79 creates pragma, inline, ... files
gms_colours.lha dev/misc 12K 2+Complete source to GMS colours module.
gms_config.lha dev/misc 11K 2+Complete source to GMS config module.
gms_dev.lha dev/misc 665K 2+Games Master System V2.0 (dev)
gms_joyports.lha dev/misc 11K 2+Complete source to GMS joyports module.
gms_pictures.lha dev/misc 19K 2+Complete source to GMS pictures module.
gms_sound.lha dev/misc 19K 2+Complete source to GMS sound module.
gms_strings.lha dev/misc 9K 2+Complete source to GMS strings module.
gms_user.lha dev/misc 264K 2+Games Master System V2.0 (user)
GuiGFXLib.lha dev/misc 221K 7+Application layer for pixel graphics
Hunk.lha dev/misc 57K 0+Editor for hunk structure of binary file
PDTDesignerPrg.lha dev/misc 65K 8+Tile map editor for programmers. V2.15a
PDTDesignerSrc.lha dev/misc 152K 8+68000 Source for map editor
PManager.lha dev/misc 15K 5+C project manager v1.01b
Progr_Langs_v3.lha dev/misc 57K 2+Comparison of progr. langs
RenderLib.lha dev/misc 169K 7+Image processing kernel
TransCat101.lha dev/misc 38K 7+MUI Editor Catalog (.cd .ct)
WatchMem.lha dev/misc 15K 0+Nnew feature: V1.6 - Observe mem usage o
WHDLoad_dev.lha dev/misc 243K 8+HD-Installer for OS-Killer
WHDLoad_usr.lha dev/misc 90K 8+HD-Installer for OS-Killer
DeDe.lha dev/moni 19K 3+Tool to edit memory of Delfina board
mTrack.lha dev/moni 7K 2+Good Memory Tracking for AmigaOS 3.x
CrazyMCP.lha dev/mui 14K 1+MUI Custom Prefs as never seen before!
MCC_ImgButton.lha dev/mui 69K 2+ImageButton MUI Custom Class
MCC_NList0.85.lha dev/mui 179K 5+MUI List clone with horiz scroll and muc
MCC_TableGroup.lha dev/mui 30K 4+Extern class for MUI that allows advance
MUIUndoc18.lha dev/mui 26K 5+Some undocumented features of MUI
arcanoid_src.lha dev/src 164K 4+Asm source code to MiniArcanoid
CdBS_KQSrc0.5.lha dev/src 643K 7+In progress version of a Beast-like game
clip.lha dev/src 5K 3+Clipboard support functions
device_info.lha dev/src 12K 3+Get information about mounted DOS device
EZBackupV2.lha disk/bakup 38K 1+Great,easy and OS legal backup soft
fback.lha disk/bakup 226K 5+Utility to make daily backup of changed
mbackup.lha disk/bakup 18K 3+Automatical compl. & incr. backups
SortCopy.lha disk/bakup 16K 0+Tiny directory/link/backup/copy program
fda.lha disk/cache 217K 2+Use freeMemory for caching your HardDisk
ACDPlay_16.lha disk/cdrom 104K 5+Fontsensitive non-MUI SCSI CDDA player
cdda.lha disk/cdrom 20K 5+Play and save digital audio
FlashROM.lha disk/cdrom 12K 2+Amiga tool to change the flash ROM of a
MakeCDespanolC.lha disk/cdrom 35K 1+Spanish catalog for MakeCD V3.2a
MakeCDgreekC.lha disk/cdrom 38K 7+Greek catalog for MakeCD V3.2
MakeCDnederlaC.lha disk/cdrom 35K 1+Dutch catalog for MakeCD V3.2a
MakeCDsvenskaC.lha disk/cdrom 35K 5+Swedish catalog for MakeCD V3.2
MiniCD.lha disk/cdrom 66K 4+MiniCD player. v1.3.
muicd_fr.lha disk/cdrom 5K 2+French catalogs for muicdplayer from Pio
2b_RDBArc17.lha disk/misc 48K 5+Simpliest way to backup your HD's RDB, v
Ami-Install.lha disk/misc 99K 2+Ami-Install - Hard Disk Installer
CatWeaselPlus.lha disk/misc 34K 8+CatWeaselPlus - support for more formats
DoMount.lha disk/misc 12K 7+Makes its own scsi mountfile
Doubler.lha disk/misc 74K 2+V4.0: DD&HD disk copying/formatting tool
FormatZIP.lha disk/misc 25K 3+Format Iomega ZIP drives for MSDOS PCs
NLCopyII.lha disk/misc 227K 4+NL-Copy II Professional
NSDPatch43_20.lha disk/misc 35K 7+NSD Patch the System to the New Style De
Park.lha disk/misc 6K 4+Parks devices and ejects media
patchffs.lha disk/misc 6K 1+V1.0.4, *62* char dir/filenames for ffs
RDBArc17_norsk.lha disk/misc 4K 5+Norwegian translation to RDBArc 1.7
scrubber13.lha disk/misc 5K 2+Diskdrive cleaner (Needs a special disk)
SCSIQuery.lha disk/misc 16K 4+Prints internal infos of SCSI devices
SFS_BETA.lha disk/misc 123K 4+Smart Filesystem 4th BETA version
TransADF.lha disk/misc 94K 5+Makes Compressed ADFs (G/PKZip). v3.100.
Win95copy.lha disk/misc 11K 1+Copy files with long Win95 names to Amig
xfs.lha disk/misc 225K 8+V2.16 Multi filesys+.device, win95+mac++
Z100.lha disk/misc 132K 7+Software support for Zip-drives. V1.5.
Z100ItalianCat.lha disk/misc 2K 2+Italian Catalogs for Z100 V1.5
Z100spanish.lha disk/misc 3K 5+Spanish catalogs for Z100 (final rel.)
Z100SpanishCat.lha disk/misc 3K 5+Spanish catalogs for Z100
ZSFS0mount.lha disk/misc 2K 2+ZIP100 SmartFileSystem mountlist
AIOHelp.txt docs/anno 2K 1+Co-Editor and Utilities Editor WANTED fo
amigacentral2.txt docs/anno 3K 2+Www.amigacentral.com Updates and more id
amsql_list.txt docs/anno 1K 8+Amiga mSQL Mailling List
EuskalBusTrip.txt docs/anno 4K 8+Bustrip From Andalucia to "Euskal Party
FR_SoftWorks.txt docs/anno 1K 2+FR-SoftWorks: Web page
InfoMedia98.lha docs/anno 225K 2+Info + pix of InfoMedia '98
SBillBan.lha docs/anno 1K 5+More cream pies for Bill Gates
ShowAmiga96.txt docs/anno 2K 7+Problems with SA96 and Picasso96 V1.40
SoloTrekIII.txt docs/anno 4K 1+Announcement of the development of SoloT
ssoft.lha docs/anno 1K 3+Spidersoft Shareware now FREEWARE!
SV-BBS.lha docs/anno 1K 8+SuperView Support BBS Information
SV-ML.lha docs/anno 3K 8+PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX Mailinglist *** NEW
swosteamupd.txt docs/anno 2K 8+Updated SWOS team files pool
Amiga_MO_FAQ.lha docs/help 31K 4+V1.1, Amiga Magneto-Optical Drive FAQ
blizrun.lha docs/help 1K 2+Make Blizkick + hdgames interact better!
Sol_Lucas10.lha docs/help 84K 1+Lucas Arts Classics Solutions 1.0
Sol_Sierra10.lha docs/help 69K 1+Sierra On-Line Classics Solutions 1.0
ta731806.lha docs/help 460K 4+Team*AMiGA Help Channel Logs Week 1
ta807813.lha docs/help 244K 2+Team*AMiGA Help Channel Logs Week 1
ta814820.lha docs/help 217K 1+Team*AMiGA Help Channel Logs Week 1
ta821827.lha docs/help 194K 1+Team*AMiGA Help Channel Logs Week 4
agbbs98html.lha docs/hyper 151K 0+AGBBS (List BBS's Spain in HTML)
AMIyNET35.lha docs/hyper 2.0M 5+Spanish Amiga Internet users list.(HTML)
f1gp-hof.lha docs/hyper 32K 4+Amiga F1GP Hall of Fame (August 1998)
indexag.lha docs/hyper 12K 5+Make context index for AmigaGuide docume
smurftvguide.lha docs/hyper 116K 2+Smurf Season Guide
StarTrek_Voyag.lha docs/hyper 333K 4+GERMAN ONLY guide to the StarTrek Voyage
vfaq-html.lha docs/hyper 48K 7+V1.8 FAQ for Voyager - HTML Edition
vfaqg-html.lha docs/hyper 52K 8+German V1.8 FAQ for Voyager - HTML Editi
ZCD.lha docs/hyper 359K 2+Guide for Amiga products (in italiano)
AmigaNostalgia.lha docs/lists 118K 5+Amiga software, hardware etc. lists 1985
AmigashopsD.lha docs/lists 6K 1+Amigadealers in Germany (German only)
Aminet-CD-26.lha docs/lists 48K 2+Aminet CD 26 index and description
DevGuide.lha docs/lists 40K 2+Guide about 224 Amiga Devices -15-
DTypeGuide.lha docs/lists 42K 2+Guide about 209 Amiga datatypes -17-
GHAS.lha docs/lists 116K 1+Database with uses of 700 herbs
LibGuide.lha docs/lists 172K 2+Guide about 1875 Amiga libraries -30-
Aakt0798GFX.lha docs/mags 270K 8+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0798GUIDE.lha docs/mags 103K 8+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0798HTML.lha docs/mags 267K 7+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0898GFX.lha docs/mags 102K 5+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0898GUIDE.lha docs/mags 58K 5+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0898HTML.lha docs/mags 202K 2+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0998GFX.lha docs/mags 413K 0+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0998GUIDE.lha docs/mags 109K 0+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
ACNews2.lha docs/mags 53K 7+E-zine focused on Amiga News: #2-Jul 98
agsaku25.lha docs/mags 1.9M 8+AmigaGuide-Saku #25. Finnish diskmag.
AIOV14.lha docs/mags 259K 5+Amiga Information Online, Issue 14 (July
AIOV15.lha docs/mags 239K 2+Amiga Information Online, Issue 15 (Augu
am2_11ag.lha docs/mags 143K 8+The Amiga Monitor: June 1998 (2_11) Amig
am2_11htm.lha docs/mags 188K 8+The Amiga Monitor: June 1998 (2_11) HTML
am2_12htm.lha docs/mags 1.3M 2+The Amiga Monitor: July 1998 (2_12) HTML
Amiga4ever1.lha docs/mags 187K 1+New German Freeware-Mag!
amigastorm2.lha docs/mags 950K 5+Croatian Magazine for Amiga games
AmigaTimes5.lha docs/mags 587K 8+German Online Mag - Guide
AmigaTimes5h.lha docs/mags 684K 8+German Online Mag - HTML
AmigaTimes6.lha docs/mags 816K 7+German Mag 3/98 - Guide Version
AmigaTimes6h.lha docs/mags 798K 7+German Mag 3/98 - HTML Version
AmigaTimes7.lha docs/mags 1.2M 1+German Online Mag (Guide)
AmigaTimes7h.lha docs/mags 1.1M 1+German Online Mag (HTML)
AmZ_5-AG.lha docs/mags 99K 8+German Online-Magazine for AMIGA. AGuide
AmZ_5-HT.lha docs/mags 194K 8+German Online-Magazine for AMIGA. HTML-E
ascene06.lha docs/mags 1.9M 8+First Austrian Online Amigazine, Jun.98
ascene07.lha docs/mags 1.5M 5+First Austrian Online Amigazine, Jul.98
Dadamag3.lha docs/mags 796K 2+International cult mag #3 (italian)
FT_Online4_98.lha docs/mags 1.0M 8+German Amiga Magazin (FunTime) - Online
FunTimeGUI3_98.lha docs/mags 133K 8+Fun Time 3/98 Guide Version
FunTimeGUI4_98.lha docs/mags 104K 8+Fun Time 4/98 Guide Version
hp19html.lzh docs/mags 612K 8+HousePool - Issue 19 (Jun/Jul) HTML
Mipreport2_1.lha docs/mags 475K 8+MIP Report #2 - part 1
MiPreport2_2.lha docs/mags 634K 8+MIP Report #2 - part 2
PAmiga-6.lha docs/mags 1.3M 7+PowerAmiga #6 - HTML Turkish Amiga Mag
saku25d1.lha docs/mags 473K 8+Saku #25 (2/98). Finnish diskmag. 1/2
saku25d2.lha docs/mags 497K 8+Saku #25 (2/98). Finnish diskmag. 2/2
StarMag14.lha docs/mags 358K 0+Ultimate German Diskmag, DECRUNCH IT!
14bit-and-mp3.lha docs/misc 5K 1+Full quality mp3+14bit snd on modest AMI
1Dayers.lha docs/misc 282K 4+One Day International scorecards
AFD_Copy_SI.lha docs/misc 4K 1+AFD Copyright Note in Slovenian language
AW98IrcLog.lha docs/misc 147K 7+DFDuck's #AmiWest98 IRC Conference Logs
AW98TAIrcLog.lha docs/misc 194K 7+DFDuck's #AmiWestTA IRC Conf. Logs
CDIDInfo.lha docs/misc 6K 0+Info on standard CDID format by RUiNa
ec_soccer.lha docs/misc 12K 4+Results of european soccer competitions
FoundationMan.lha docs/misc 353K 8+Foundation Manual V1.07 (HTML/English)
games_lists.lha docs/misc 15K 5+Some short lists of amiga games
granturismo.txt docs/misc 1K 7+Submission form for Gran Turismo lap rec
iNFERN0.lha docs/misc 13K 1+Extremely funny Amiga Guide!
NRL.lha docs/misc 187K 4+Australian Rugby League scores
Overlay.lha docs/misc 18K 8+Doc about binary overlay files
serial10.lha docs/misc 1K 5+Amiga games supporting the serial cable
Studio16ML0698.lha docs/misc 118K 6+UUCP of the STUDIO 16 Mailinglist JUN/98
Studio16ML0798.lha docs/misc 47K 4+UUCP of the STUDIO 16 Mailinglist JUL/98
TurboM.lha docs/misc 1K 3+Infos about the fastest MP3 encoder
WorldCup.lha docs/misc 154K 5+Statistics of soccer World Cups ('30-'98
xcomhelp.lha docs/misc 893K 1+A little help for the XCom-games in Amig
GaListsGer.lha docs/rview 79K 5+Reviews of amiga games (german)
GamesLists.lha docs/rview 15K 3+Some short lists of amiga games
GamesLists2.lha docs/rview 8K 3+Some more lists of amiga games
GamesReviews.lha docs/rview 89K 5+About 30 games reviews (GERMAN)
HSMathLibs_060.txt docs/rview 2K 4+Review of faster Amiga Math Libraries
NewsRog.txt docs/rview 15K 4+Review of the new newsreader, NewsRog V1
QuakeReview.txt docs/rview 6K 4+Review of Amiga Quake game
Wordworth7.txt docs/rview 6K 1+Wordworth 7 Review
ABD97_1.lha game/2play 536K 7+1st archive of the demo version ABD97 (a
ABD97_2.lha game/2play 627K 7+2nd archive of the demo version ABD97 (a
bh2.lha game/2play 966K 7+Brutal Homicide 2, public beta release.
Doktor.lha game/2play 1.4M 2+Great Dr Mario Clone from Deathless Soft
Light.lha game/2play 45K 2+Light cycles game - runs on a pubscreen.
partygame.lha game/2play 71K 7+The ultimate partygame
SuperIT.lha game/2play 434K 5+A multiplayer "IT" game, upto 4 players
Abuse030-1.3.lha game/actio 307K 8+Abuse Jump'n'Run (030/EC040 Version)
Abuse040-1.3.lha game/actio 306K 8+Abuse Jump'n'Run (040 Version)
Abuse060-1.3.lha game/actio 304K 8+Abuse Jump'n'Run (060 Version)
AbuseBase-1.3.lha game/actio 189K 8+Abuse Jump'n'Run (New: CD Audio replay)
wreckage.lha game/actio 337K 7+Driving Simulation (XV44)
pigb4src.lha game/board 567K 3+PIGbase4 v2.8 68020 version + source.
pigbase4.lha game/board 693K 3+AMIGA Chess-database v2.8. PGN+PIG forma
ProGammon.lha game/board 44K 8+An intelligent game of backgammon. v2.7
ytzpro.lha game/board 268K 7+YtzPro Game Update
DC2Lvl-Jewels3.lha game/data 486K 5+99 new Levels for Diamond Caves II
DC2Lvl-Jewels4.lha game/data 613K 5+99 new Levels for Diamond Caves II
dsworms1.lha game/data 302K 5+24 levels for Worms (8 colors)
dsworms2.lha game/data 390K 5+24 levels for Worms (8 colors)
dsworms3.lha game/data 350K 5+24 levels for Worms (8 colors)
dsworms4.lha game/data 159K 5+12 levels for Worms (8 colors)
dsworms5.lha game/data 39K 5+5 levels for Worms (8 colors)
dswormsdc1.lha game/data 10K 5+3 landscapes for WormsDC (16 colors)
F1GP_1998.lha game/data 6K 0+1998 season data for F1GP-Ed (30-Aug-98)
FinnQuake.lha game/data 26K 1+Finnish localization for Quake
FoundCroat.lha game/data 8K 3+Foundation Croatia (Catalog+Missions)
FoundDeutsch.lha game/data 4K 3+Foundation Deutsch (Catalog+Missions)
FoundFinnish.lha game/data 4K 2+Foundation Finnish (Catalog+Missions)
FoundFran.lha game/data 361K 5+Foundation Fran ais (Catalog+Missions+Ma
FoundItaliano.lha game/data 3K 3+Foundation Italiano (Main Catalog only)
FoundPortugal.lha game/data 4K 0+Foundation Portuguese (Catalog+Missions)
FoundSvenska.lha game/data 4K 3+Foundation Svenska (Catalog+Missions)
gm_backdrop1.lha game/data 429K 4+Replacement Backdrops for F1GP
gm_backdrop2.lha game/data 278K 1+Replacement Backdrops for F1GP
MRP_SP.lha game/data 480K 8+CardSet for Marryampic
Phm_Gr01.lha game/data 66K 5+Nice XTR Grasslands track
SolitonCardsHR.lha game/data 307K 4+Futuristic, gigerish, no picture-cards
SPWorms.lha game/data 621K 5+South Park samples for Worms DC - Guaran
Swosfin.lha game/data 4K 5+Finnish league datafile for SWOS96/97
SWOS_Swe.lha game/data 13K 2+Updated Swedish league for SWOS 08/19/98
Ankhrapt.lha game/demo 699K 8+Early preview of the new strategy game (
exp_gfx.lha game/demo 1.5M 2+Early demo of Expansion - a new realtime
exp_main.lha game/demo 117K 2+Early demo of Expansion - a new realtime
exp_snd.lha game/demo 702K 2+Early demo of Expansion - a new realtime
Gunbee-F99.lha game/demo 669K 2+New cute anime shoot'em up (level demo)
Imperator_FR_b.lha game/demo 725K 5+Roman Strategy and Warfare (FRENCH)
Imperator_ss.lha game/demo 296K 7+Screenshots of Imperator V1.10 UK
PatiDemo.lha game/demo 657K 5+Demoversion of brand new platform game
QuakeJayE1.lha game/demo 862K 6+Demo of me finishing the first episode o
ShadowofTimeD.lha game/demo 958K 8+*NEW DEMO* of ISoT - AGA adventuregame.
ShadowofTime_D.lha game/demo 958K 8+*NEW DEMO* of ISoT - AGA adventuregame.
TP.lha game/demo 371K 0+This is the newest version of TetrisPro!
TraumazeroP2.lha game/demo 521K 5+Traumazero Preview 2
ganjathx.lha game/gag 162K 2+Pic of THC Ganja Sound System
Sheep.lha game/gag 15K 2+Electronic sheep on your Workbench!
AB3Dedit.lha game/hint 389K 8+Alien Breed 3D II LevelEditor V3.02
ArcSol.txt game/hint 2K 1+FULL solution to Archer.lha from aminet
ATR_PSXCheater.lha game/hint 152K 3+PSX Cheat-Database, fixed Re-Upload -ger
hl1418HD.lha game/hint 18K 2+Historyline 1914-18 Harddisk, hints
it_goes.lha game/hint 256K 1+Game Compatibilitie List UAE,PPC,060,040
Zombies.v1.0.lha game/hint 3K 2+Zombies Ate My Neighbors Faq guide
boulderdaesh.lha game/jump 2.3M 2+Best BoulderDaesh 1:1 Clone V4.24 RTG
FaYoh2.lha game/jump 90K 4+SuperMario-style platformer (NC.Gamez)
Archer.lha game/misc 85K 3+Adventure game with the old Atari 800xl
bandymanager.lha game/misc 132K 5+A Bandymnagergame written in AMOS
bauer.lha game/misc 87K 7+Farm simulation (German necessary)
DynamiteBall.lha game/misc 393K 7+Crazy ball game
IT_2.lha game/misc 3.2M 8+German space strategy game, AGA
IT_2_StarTrek.lha game/misc 733K 8+Star Trek version of IT2, German
Kaiser96Upd.lha game/misc 12K 1+Update to Kaiser96: PUBLIC KEY & GUIDE
MortalWorms.lha game/misc 103K 4+Worms maps with Mortal Kombat scenario b
Quest.lha game/misc 802K 2+Quake I Level editor (Linux port)
snakes.lha game/misc 117K 7+Snake game by NC.Gamez!
Suppa.lha game/misc 259K 8+Project of a game open to developers
SWOSVote.lha game/misc 1K 8+Vote for some SWOS players!
Walls97.lha game/misc 811K 5+VD: advanced Breakout-clone with new ext
Wriggle.lha game/misc 48K 4+Wriggle - the great wormgame! v2.1
AB3DII_RTG.lha game/patch 98K 8+Alien Breed 3D II RTG Patch
amberfix.lha game/patch 316K 8+Ambermoon Patch (Fix for 040/060-Problem
brathd.lha game/patch 6K 7+HD Installer for Brat v1.0c
btshd.lha game/patch 10K 2+HD-Installer for Big Time Sensuality Dem
bubdizhd.lha game/patch 6K 7+HD Installer for Bubble Dizzy v1.0
Budokan.lha game/patch 5K 5+HD Installer for Budokan
cabasterhd.lha game/patch 8K 5+HD-Installer for Cabaret Asteroids
cartonhd.lha game/patch 6K 4+HD Installer for Cartoon Collection v1.0
ciscohd.lha game/patch 6K 4+HD Installer for Cisco Heat v1.0
Civ2HD.lha game/patch 12K 5+Replacement Civilization installer V1.02
cjusahd.lha game/patch 6K 7+HD Installer for CJ In the USA v1.0
cspchdhd.lha game/patch 6K 7+HD Installer for Cosmic Spacehead v1.0
DDragon.lha game/patch 7K 5+HD installer for Double Dragon v1.1
DemoManV15.lha game/patch 1.4M 2+Demolition Man V1.5 for Quake, SpeakersI
dizyeahd.lha game/patch 8K 7+HD Installer for Dizzy's Excellent Adv v
dynamitedux.lha game/patch 5K 5+HD Installer for DynamiteDux
F-15_IIHD.lha game/patch 4K 1+F-15 II hard drive installer. V1.0
FandB.lha game/patch 8K 5+HD installer for Fire and Brimstone v1.2
fandizhd.lha game/patch 6K 7+HD Installer for Fantastic Dizzy v1.0
firhwkhd.lha game/patch 6K 7+HD Installer for Firehawk v1.0
fnighthd.lha game/patch 17K 3+HD Installer for Fright Night v1.0
FoundationUpd.lha game/patch 397K 0+Foundation Commercial Update 16
Galdregon.lha game/patch 15K 5+HD installer for Galdregons Domain
GeneticScript.lha game/patch 3K 5+Script for GeneticSpecies (audiotrack)
GunshipHD.lha game/patch 3K 4+Gunship hard drive installer. V1.0
hvm1_1_1.lha game/patch 126K 2+Highspeed missile launcher for Quake
ikplushd.lha game/patch 6K 7+HD Installer for IK+ v.8
jst.lha game/patch 70K 5+JOTD Startup for HD Installs & Degrader
jst_dev.lha game/patch 295K 5+JOTD Startup for HD Installs & Degrader
KVKQuikSilva.lha game/patch 5K 1+HD Installer for Quik and Silva V1.0
Lib2HD.lha game/patch 11K 5+Replacement Liberation installer V1.02
lneckhd.lha game/patch 17K 3+HD Installer for Leatherneck v1.0
LSL-fix.lha game/patch 72K 1+Installable Leisure Suit Larry 1
madtvhd.lha game/patch 5K 2+HD-Install script for Mad-TV
magdizhd.lha game/patch 6K 7+HD Installer for Bubble Dizzy v1.0
mnshnrhd.lha game/patch 6K 4+HD Installer for Moonshine Racers v1.0
naughtyhd.lha game/patch 10K 2+Naughty Ones AGA HD-Installer V1.2
Overkill.lha game/patch 5K 5+HD Installer for Overkill
PakMan.lha game/patch 24K 5+Quake PAK file manager for the Amiga
Paperboy.lha game/patch 12K 5+HD Installer for Paperboy
qstagrhd.lha game/patch 6K 7+HD Installer for Quest For Agravain v1.0
Quake_TUR.lha game/patch 9K 7+Updated Turkish Quake.Catalog File
ranbowhd.lha game/patch 18K 4+HD Installer for Rainbow Islands v1.0
rollingronny.lha game/patch 5K 5+HD Installer for Rolling Ronny
spcrushd.lha game/patch 22K 2+HD-Installer & fix for Space Crusade V2.
spdbgyhd.lha game/patch 16K 7+HD Installer for Speed Buggy v1.0
SQ1-fix.lha game/patch 17K 1+Installable Space Quest 1
SQ2-pch.lha game/patch 22K 1+SQ2 patch (Removed Name-of-the-Player)
sspcinvhd.lha game/patch 11K 5+HD-Installer for Super Space Invaders V0
Steelsky2HD.lha game/patch 12K 7+Replacement Steelsky installer V1.02
SWOSEd.lha game/patch 171K 5+V1.81. Team editor for SWOS. (MUI)
swoshd.lha game/patch 12K 8+HD installer for SWOS 96/97 (v2.1)
swos_jst_hd.lha game/patch 18K 8+HD Installer for SWOS (*(almost) all ver
swted32eval.lha game/patch 115K 8+Version 3.2 of the Swos Team Edit. July
WHDAfterBurner.lha game/patch 24K 8+HD Installer for After Burner V1.1
WHDBat.lha game/patch 28K 8+HD Installer for B.A.T. V1.2
WHDBSquadron.lha game/patch 27K 8+HD Installer for Battle Squadron V1.4
WHDCarrier.lha game/patch 47K 8+HD Installers for Carrier Command V1.3
WHDCeltLegends.lha game/patch 21K 8+HD Installer for Celtic Legends V1.2
WHDEddTheDuck.lha game/patch 24K 4+HD Installer for Edd The Duck V1.1
WHDF16Combat.lha game/patch 21K 8+HD Installer for F-16 Combat Pilot V1.2
WHDF19Stealth.lha game/patch 20K 2+HD Installer for F-19 Stealth V1.2
WHDFinalFight.lha game/patch 13K 8+HD Installer for Final Fight V1.1
WHDIDemos.lzh game/patch 186K 8+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesA-F.lzh game/patch 590K 8+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesG-P.lzh game/patch 659K 8+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesQ-Z.lzh game/patch 613K 8+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIndianaTLC.lha game/patch 23K 4+HD Installer for Indiana Jones TLC V1.1
WHDIndy500.lha game/patch 22K 2+HD Installer for Indianapolis 500 V1.1
WHDMBusiness.lha game/patch 15K 8+HD Installer for Monster Business V1.2
WHDMidwinter.lha game/patch 24K 8+HD Installer for Midwinter V1.2
WHDMonsterSlam.lha game/patch 26K 8+HD Installer for Grand Monster Slam V1.2
WHDRType.lha game/patch 26K 4+HD Installer for R-Type V1.2
WHDShadowLands.lha game/patch 20K 8+HD Installer for Shadow Lands V1.2
WHDSOffroad.lha game/patch 24K 8+HD Installer for Super Offroad V1.1
WHDStormball.lha game/patch 18K 4+HD Installer for Stormball V1.1
WHDTBlade.lha game/patch 25K 8+HD Installer for Thunder Blade V1.1
WHDThomasTTE.lha game/patch 18K 2+HD Installer for Thomas Tank Engine V1.1
WHDThomasTTE2.lha game/patch 24K 2+HD Installer for Thomas TT Engine 2 V1.1
WHDUltimaV.lha game/patch 20K 8+HD Installer for Ultima V V1.2
zoolhd.lha game/patch 11K 2+HD Installer for Zool *5 versions*
AmiMUDGr.lha game/role 16K 7+Greek catalog for AmiMUD 3.0
FE_Demo.lha game/role 1.4M 7+Final Existence Role Playing Game
KAK.lha game/role 243K 7+Action rpg adventure game
Descent.lha game/shoot 409K 7+Amiga port of Descent I V1.5 r0.57
GonyShoot152.lha game/shoot 432K 7+Shoot'em up game from Japan! (V1.52)
NuclearAssault.lha game/shoot 318K 4+Avoid nuclear winter!
revenge_aga.lha game/shoot 521K 5+REVENGE AGA (sequel to T.V.Chubbies(tm)
YSStaffHeadset.lha game/shoot 11K 7+REVENGE AGA Headset - YS (Your Sinclair)
dod.lha game/text 162K 8+Text-based Adventure by Lee Hesselden
inform615.lha game/text 128K 2+68000 Compiler for ZMachine/Infocom game
inform615_030.lha game/text 127K 2+68030 Compiler for ZMachine/Infocom game
CoolQuiz.lha game/think 230K 2+Test your Amiga knowledge
DawnVideoPoker.lha game/think 246K 4+Real VideoPoker! SFX Update.
Euchre.lha game/think 63K 2+Euchre! v1.0. The card game on the Amiga
Evil125.lha game/think 1.2M 2+Evil v1.25. Furious tactical medieval co
inept1.lha game/think 542K 3+Disk 1. Tetris-clone, with "specials" an
inept2.lha game/think 376K 3+Disk 2. Tetris-clone, with "specials" an
Kulki.lha game/think 196K 5+Superb logical Game (in polish only)
log.lha game/think 64K 7+Lights Out Simulation, programmed in Eas
minitils.lha game/think 405K 5+Shangay style game (AGA)
MUIMastermind.lha game/think 31K 1+Mastermind Game, 1.10, MUI, incl. Source
Noughts.lha game/think 28K 6+Noughts And Crosses on the Amiga!
Polataa5.lha game/think 353K 5+Puzzle breakout, v5.01 by NC.Gamez
TaskForce.lha game/think 207K 2+Tactical combat game & editor (V0.27)
yahzee.lha game/think 37K 6+Dice game - just a doc update
yahzee_no.lha game/think 2K 2+Norwegian translation to Yahzee
yahzee_src.lha game/think 76K 6+Sorce code for Yahzee
arcanoid.lha game/wb 117K 4+"Arkanoid" clone in window version 2.9a
BlackHole.lha game/wb 31K 7+One player bump the baddies game
simplepac.lha game/wb 92K 8+Version 1.1 of the simple WB Pacman Game
Chartist3D.lha gfx/3d 57K 5+3D chart generator for Real3D v2+
IIB130.lha gfx/3d 1.1M 3+Collection of IML-Threads in a Fiasco-da
MiraPLOT12.lha gfx/3d 136K 1+Fast 3D Surfaces Editor for Imagine -MUI
Tornado_tips.lha gfx/3d 2K 2+Tornado3D,tips in spanish (MAMOMO)
FSHIP.lha gfx/3dobj 53K 3+Imagine_3.0 Object Future-Ship
Ganges3.lha gfx/3dobj 79K 3+Imagine_3.0 Projekt DS9-Runabout
R4-Shuttle.lha gfx/3dobj 104K 7+Shuttlepod (Star Trek) for REFLECTIONS 4
R4-Snowspeeder.lha gfx/3dobj 124K 8+Snowspeeder (Star Wars) for REFLECTIONS
R4_Borg.lha gfx/3dobj 303K 2+Borg ship for REFLECTIONS 4.2
twing.lha gfx/3dobj 143K 3+Imagine_3.0 Objekt TWING.IOB
WindowsandDoor.lha gfx/3dobj 217K 3+Diffrent Doors AND Windows FOR CINEMA 4D
QMap.lha gfx/aga 177K 5+Quake Level Renderer for PowerUP
CVPPC86.lha gfx/board 1K 7+86 KhZ Monitor for P5 - CVPPC 8MB
cybershow91.lha gfx/board 135K 1+SlideShow&Viewer(incl.PCD)for CybGfx&AGA
PVS.lha gfx/board 18K 7+Global Preferences tool for Picasso96
rtgmaster_dev.lha gfx/board 782K 2+Rtgmaster Developer Archive
rtgmaster_user.lha gfx/board 370K 2+Rtgmaster User Archive
AGAiff29.lha gfx/conv 163K 5+Low-Level Image Converter, V2.9+SRC
ATOUC.lha gfx/conv 168K 5+ATO Translations for Ultraconv NG 2.x
ConvertReko.lha gfx/conv 25K 1+Reko cardset converter.
IconChange.lha gfx/conv 1K 7+Change icon type.
NewConvert.lha gfx/conv 3K 4+V1.0 of the Datatypes-Pic-Converter
PCD_Manager.lha gfx/conv 326K 5+PhotoCD converter NOW EMAILWARE
PCL2IFF.lha gfx/conv 27K 4+Using Turboprint as pictureconverter + P
ppmtoscr.lha gfx/conv 87K 3+PPM/IFF/DT -> Spectrum SCR/tap/ZX82/byte
PPT_dist.lha gfx/conv 705K 8+A Modular Image Processing Package
sfwjpg.lha gfx/conv 127K 8+Seattle FilmWorks (SFW) to JFIF converte
AmiCAD_1.4.lha gfx/edit 439K 2+Schematics vectorial electronics program
IFX_ImageIndex.lha gfx/edit 4K 2+Arexx script for IFX: creates image inde
MicroPaint202.lha gfx/edit 424K 2+Paint program w. effects / BMP support
PGS_CompUpd.lha gfx/edit 6K 8+Photogenics II Companion v1.1 (upd)
picfx.lha gfx/edit 84K 2+Excellent CARDWARE image deformer (MUI)
VisualEngineer.lha gfx/edit 19K 1+Create webpage-gfx by couple of mouse cl
CollectDu.lha gfx/misc 4K 1+Dutch catalog for Collector.
IBrowseCat.lha gfx/misc 6K 5+View directory image contents w IBrowse
InfoMPEG.lha gfx/misc 33K 1+InfoMPEG utility V1.0
photoalbum50.lha gfx/misc 219K 3+Picture management (incl.PCD) for AGA&Cy
sced.lha gfx/misc 83K 8+Scala script editor
splitmpgPPC.lha gfx/misc 59K 1+MPEG splitter (PPC)
splitmpgWOS.lha gfx/misc 46K 1+MPEG splitter (PPC)
SvII-1.lha gfx/misc 292K 2+SViewII V8.03 (9.8.98) - Part 1/7
SvII-2.lha gfx/misc 242K 2+SViewII V8.03 (9.8.98) - Part 2/7
SvII-3.lha gfx/misc 38K 2+SViewII V8.03 (9.8.98) - Part 3/7
SvII-4.lha gfx/misc 48K 2+SViewII V8.03 (9.8.98) - Part 4/7
SvII-5.lha gfx/misc 62K 2+SViewII V8.03 (9.8.98) - Part 5/7
SvII-6.lha gfx/misc 348K 2+SViewII V8.03 (9.8.98) - Part 6/7
SvII-7.lha gfx/misc 114K 2+SViewII V8.03 (9.8.98) - Part 7/7
SvII-PPC.lha gfx/misc 454K 5+Update for SViewII PPC modules V21.6
SvII-UX.lha gfx/misc 27K 2+UXFormats 21.8 for SViewII (23.8.98)
SvII-WIZ.lha gfx/misc 85K 4+Wizard.library for use with SViewII
VLRec.lha gfx/misc 126K 5+V2.1: The new VLab recording and grabbin
dttoppm.lha gfx/pbm 3K 5+V1.0, Datatype to PPM converter
ActiveWinPic.lha gfx/show 40K 8+Picture on any window, special SHELL! V1
AnimFX_2.0.lha gfx/show 506K 2+Great Player for IFF-Sound-Anims
ExView.lha gfx/show 32K 5+Fast flexible 2.0+ IFF-viewer w/GUI etc.
LinkUP.lha gfx/show 29K 1+Amiga to Z88 Link Program
MysticView.lha gfx/show 697K 1+User-friendly picture viewer
NewView.lha gfx/show 36K 8+V1.1 of the Datatype-Pic/Anim-Viewer
SViewNG.lha gfx/show 946K 3+SViewNG V7.72 + Library 21.7 (9.8.98)
SViewNGFix772.lha gfx/show 1K 4+*Fix* for SViewNG V7.72
SvIIFix800.lha gfx/show 39K 5+*Fix* for SViewII V8.00 (1.8.98)
svppc216.lha gfx/show 454K 5+Update for SViewNG PPC modules V21.6
V_Main.lha gfx/show 18K 3+FAST FREE Multi-Format Viewer
V_Mod020.lha gfx/show 336K 3+68020 modules for V
V_Mod040.lha gfx/show 330K 3+68040 modules for V
V_Mod060.lha gfx/show 330K 3+68060 modules for V
yav165.lha gfx/show 151K 5+Shows bitmap pictures on all amigas. Sup
BetaScan_1.10.lha hard/drivr 171K 5+A scanner program for virtually any scan
Etherbridge101.lha hard/drivr 68K 2+SANA2 Ethernet Driver V1.01 for NE2000
PreludeAHI.lha hard/drivr 8K 8+64 kHz AHI driver for Prelude, V2.27
ScanTek4_1.lha hard/drivr 200K 1+V4.1 Microtek/Highscreen/Mustek scanner
SlateCtrl.lha hard/drivr 126K 7+Tablet driver for the Calcomp 3200 serie
W95ekey.lha hard/drivr 5K 4+Keymap for Spanish Win95 keyboards. V 1.
DesktopAmiga.lha hard/hack 658K 7+SlideShow of A1200 conversion to desktop
lcdaemon.lha hard/hack 215K 2+Control LCD through parallel port (V2.3)
lcdaemon_src.lha hard/hack 460K 2+Control LCD through parallel port (sourc
LithBatt.lha hard/hack 4K 8+Replace NiCad battery with Lithium coin
my_pc_mouse.lha hard/hack 6K 5+How to modify a serial mouse to work on
atc.lha hard/misc 131K 2+AMIGA interface to the phonecards v1.1 B
errormessages.txt hard/misc 6K 7+Hardware self test blinks and colours
FreDS-HyperC3Z.txt hard/misc 4K 7+No More Problems HyperCOM3Z & CyberStorm
NewMouse10.lha hard/misc 7K 5+Serial mouse driver w/ wheel and D'n'D s
turd_ii.lha hard/misc 217K 1+The Ultimate Relay Driver 0.30
GlossTask.lha misc/edu 187K 5+GlossTask 1.73 Vocabulary training
amitamagotchi.lha misc/emu 242K 5+Amitamagotchi 0.6,New OPT Balrog soft
anes.lha misc/emu 45K 5+A/NES v0.99.95b - Nintendo emulator
Arc64.lha misc/emu 14K 2+C64 archive processor V2.1
CardTrickEVD.lha misc/emu 18K 2+ShapeShifter EVD for CGX & P96, v1.1
CPCD2DSK.lha misc/emu 8K 4+EmuCPC .CPCD to .DSK format convertor
deLbr.lha misc/emu 12K 5+Extracts the files in a '.lbr' archive
EmuNet09b.lha misc/emu 126K 5+Sana2 Device for PC Emulator Network car
FrodoPPCPUP.lha misc/emu 445K 5+C64 emulator, V4.1 PPC Powerup Version
GOldNEST.lha misc/emu 31K 5+NES-RomImage Editor (0.35)
Mac_TroubleSho.lha misc/emu 35K 2+Macintosh troubleshooter AmigaGuide v1.0
mame030.lha misc/emu 1.5M 2+Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator 0.34.1
mame040.lha misc/emu 1.5M 2+Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator 0.34.1
mame060.lha misc/emu 1.5M 2+Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator 0.34.1
mameppc.lha misc/emu 2.3M 2+Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator 0.34.1
MasterGear1_5.lha misc/emu 90K 6+PPC Sega MasterSystem/GameGear emulator
MGBSIM.lha misc/emu 491K 4+M.G.B Simulator V1.05 with source.
NESGuru.lha misc/emu 9K 8+NESGuru, Your NES Guide! (0.12)
pcemu-0.0.lha misc/emu 1.3M 1+Slow buggy PC emul. port w/src, A68k/PPC
Rainboot2_3.lha misc/emu 518K 2+The ultimate multimedia boot v2.3
sge.lha misc/emu 19K 1+SGE: The Spectrum Graphics Editor/Ripper
Spectrum128.lha misc/emu 103K 1+Spectrum 128K emulator V0.1
vgbppc.lha misc/emu 176K 5+VGB PPC rev. 6 - Gameboy Emulator for Po
warpsnes.lha misc/emu 362K 1+SNES Emulator for PowerPC (WarpUP) V3.1
WinnerEVD.lha misc/emu 8K 2+ShapeShifter EVD with window display 1.1
WinRes.lha misc/emu 14K 5+Windows resource extractor (.EXE, .ICL,
WSL.lha misc/emu 47K 0+GUI for WarpSNES
Mummy1.lha misc/kids 463K 7+Mummies Playtime Main Disk
Mummy2.lha misc/kids 403K 7+Mummies Playtime Disk 1
Mummy4.lha misc/kids 447K 7+Mummies Playtime Disk 3
abacus.lha misc/math 18K 8+Calculator for coders and programmers
convertor.lha misc/math 131K 2+Powerful UnitConverter. V2.77
TelekomRechn.lha misc/math 5K 5+Deutsche Telekom rechnung f r WG s V1.63
Fortune.lha misc/misc 263K 3+Innovative lottery predictor
GreekTranslati.lha misc/misc 7K 1+Greek Translations Pack #1
HAL9001.lha misc/misc 93K 4+Fun little artificial inteligence toy. (
homm.lha misc/misc 40K 5+Display resistance values (Italian)
HPBasic.lha misc/misc 7K 8+Program your HP48 in basic with your Ami
Kucharz.lha misc/misc 110K 5+Polish Kitchen Database with 100 Recipes
Lotto.lha misc/misc 723K 7+Play (Ger) Lotto! Print forms. (V1.30)
lovecalc.lha misc/misc 11K 1+Love Calculator V1.0
SpaTra03.lha misc/misc 194K 5+Spanish Translations Pack 03 v0.72
SpaTra04.lha misc/misc 172K 1+Spanish Translations Pack 04 v0.33
SWERates.lha misc/misc 1K 5+Swedish rates for Phonebill (980721)
AmiSPICEed.lha misc/sci 367K 5+Simulation environment for SPICE (V1.7)
DAlmanac_Data.lha misc/sci 11M 5+Datas (39.11) for Digital Almanac 39.22+
DAlmanac_Exe.lha misc/sci 426K 5+Great Astronomical Program (39.22)
DAlmanac_Extra.lha misc/sci 12M 4+Extra Database for Digital Almanac 39.22
FIRDesign2.lha misc/sci 170K 4+FIR Filter Designer V2.3
PetitChimiste.lha misc/sci 273K 1+A 3D presentation tool for chemical mole
File2Partition.lha misc/unix 10K 8+Spare memory if LinUX install V1.2 store
sup.lha misc/unix 225K 2+Amiga port of the NetBSD 'sup' client an
Balliswhee.lha mods/8voic 23K 1+BallisWhee, 8Chan MED Module [Whee_Cool]
ConditionGreen.lha mods/8voic 77K 2+Eight-channel (mix mode) OctaMED-SS modu
Morning_Glory.lha mods/8voic 95K 1+Morning Glory, Oasis 8Chan MED [Whee_Co
ph-inge.lha mods/atmos 108K 8+Ingenuity: New Electro Music
ph-japa.lha mods/atmos 17K 8+The Japanese Hymn in electronic-style
Sweet.lha mods/atmos 53K 1+Sweet, an atmospheric MED [Whee_Cool]
TaxiMotion.lha mods/atmos 237K 1+Taxi Motion, an atmospheric MED [Whee_C
Interference_m.lha mods/demo 128K 3+From Interference by Sanity
JesterDayMus.lha mods/demo 628K 3+From Jesterday by Jester/Sanity
phd_azaz.lha mods/demo 269K 1 [ PHD ] - azazelitis by juice
TechDeathMus.lha mods/demo 146K 3+From Technological Death by Mad Elks
term_int.lha mods/demo 263K 8+"terminal" intro mod by The Experience
TurmoilMus.lha mods/demo 489K 2+From Turmoil by Bit Arts/Sanity
erdnuss.lha mods/elbie 2K 5+Edrnuss
r_artnou.lha mods/funk 16K 8+"art nouveau" by racOon / c!s & dkg
Hardcore_to_He.lha mods/hardc 191K 8+This is a kewl Jungle-HARDCORE tune ;)
ph-jap2.lha mods/house 117K 7+Japanse_Hymn_(Remix)
ph-ousp.lha mods/house 66K 7+They_came_from_Outer_Space!
Final_Voyage.lha mods/instr 523K 1+Superb instrumental XM. Lot of piano
afterburna.lha mods/jungl 32K 8+Rockenrolla!
bel0w.lha mods/jungl 195K 8+Suicidal 160 bpm breakbeat trip
drippedydrap.lha mods/jungl 68K 8+Stalactitez et stalagmitez
farewell.lha mods/jungl 67K 8+Chip-style 120 bpm bullshit
nf_circle.lha mods/jungl 107K 2+Ninja remixes 'Circle' by Vox
nf_django.lha mods/jungl 382K 2+'Django In Paris' by Ninja Fool
nf_supapimp.lha mods/jungl 240K 2+'SupaPimp' by Ninja Fool
nic.lha mods/jungl 151K 8+74.5 bpm brain surgery
pie_littleroll.lha mods/jungl 370K 6+16ch jungle, Written by Dj Pie / Lunatic
sonic.lha mods/jungl 180K 8+Small 132 bpm beatz
tearible160.lha mods/jungl 126K 8+Rockin da nada bpmz
UkNOW.lha mods/jungl 510K 4+Jungle by istari
WhatWeDo.lha mods/jungl 421K 8+Jungle by istari
egocent.lha mods/k4k 300K 5+Egocentric B***H -techno by Kure4Kancer/
popkorny.lha mods/k4k 2K 5+'Popkorny' MI98-THX-winner by Kure4Kance
spank_it.lha mods/k4k 267K 5+Acid/trance from MI98 by Kure4Kancer/RNO
HB_Wagon.lha mods/med 116K 5+9th HOLOBOYS release: Techno for the mas
neuromancer-d.lha mods/med 86K 2+Version of Gunbee game music
sex_sgod.lha mods/med 159K 8+Hypnotic noise acid octamed module
SpaceSlip.lha mods/med 62K 2+Old MED module i made in 1991
tst_cnff.lha mods/med 125K 5+Fast mix of continuum 8 channel ocss mod
tst_pgrn.lha mods/med 239K 2+Extra bouncy trance octamed module
tst_revl.lha mods/med 146K 2+Progressive rave techno octamed module
tst_sgod.lha mods/med 162K 5+Hypnotic noise acid octamed module
tst_shim.lha mods/med 188K 5+Rhythm based deep house octamed module
tst_sunr.lha mods/med 293K 5+Mellow dance 8 channel ocss module
Eurovision.lha mods/melod 103K 4+The jingle song of Eurovision
Love_Synth.lha mods/melod 72K 8+Spoochy's 2nd OctaMed mod.
Momanda.lha mods/melod 23K 1+Momanda, Protracker Module [Whee_Cool]
OdeToJoy.lha mods/melod 56K 4+Finale of the 9. Symphony by Ludwig van
SabreDance.lha mods/melod 61K 4+Sabre Dance by Chatchaturian
SonataFacileSp.lha mods/melod 90K 4+Sonata Facile, pop version, mmd1 with sa
djD-Approach20.lha mods/misc 185K 8+20 Channel BigiBooster module
ForgottenWorld.lha mods/misc 75K 5+Forgotten Worlds module for DeliTracker
girl-lsb.lha mods/misc 209K 1+Leu singe blue alt two
hz.lha mods/misc 310K 7+Dream dbm-module by Jaan/PHanTasy
mw-rmemories.lha mods/misc 266K 5+Nice orchestral module by MindWalker
Nature.lha mods/misc 221K 1+DBM "Nature of Mankind" by Mr.Lou / Dewf
tk_andante.lha mods/misc 7K 7+Andante (old module by tOKAi)
tk_Auld-Syne2.lha mods/misc 45K 7+Auld-Syne2 (old module by tOKAi)
tk_birke.lha mods/misc 7K 7+Russian folklore (old module by tOKAi)
tk_hymne.lha mods/misc 23K 7+German national hymne (old module by tOK
tk_melody.lha mods/misc 25K 7+Simple melody (old module by tOKAi)
tk_NicEtBar.lha mods/misc 8K 7+Nicola et Bart (old module by tOKAi)
tk_russia.lha mods/misc 20K 7+A russian melody (old module by tOKAi)
tk_xmas.lha mods/misc 30K 7+A christmas song (old module by tOKAi)
tk_xmas2.lha mods/misc 17K 7+Another christmas song (old module by tO
geso_digr.mpg mods/mpg 4.7M 8+CHAVEZ` monotonic stomper *digger* (mp3)
geso_frozenfir.mpg mods/mpg 4.7M 7+Chemicalbeatz Undefineable
nd-3rdks.lha mods/neuro 148K 4+"Third kiss" from "Music for the lost"
nd-4sprt.lha mods/neuro 124K 4+4 Spirits from the "Warp 69" dentro by P
nd-aghrt.lha mods/neuro 126K 4+"Angry Heart", EBM-style hard synthtrack
nd-agrs8.lha mods/neuro 114K 4+"Agressor 8" from the lousy "Beyond" sou
nd-alien.lha mods/neuro 276K 4+Alien Temple (9:29, 137bpm Goatrance)
nd-amisy.lha mods/neuro 131K 4+"Amiga symphony" (from "Journey Into Sou
nd-andlc.lha mods/neuro 151K 4+"Angelo di Luce" from the first musicdis
nd-black.lha mods/neuro 190K 4+Black Absorber (144bpm Goa/Psytrance)
nd-bsoks.lha mods/neuro 11K 4+Blue Socks from the "Curious" 40k by Moo
nd-bvisn.lha mods/neuro 150K 4+Blur vision (Fresh black chrome hammer i
nd-cfreq.lha mods/neuro 328K 4+Chakral Frequency (8:03, 138bpm Psy. Goa
nd-clbst.lha mods/neuro 34K 4+"Cloudbuster" (from Journey into Sound I
nd-cls01.lha mods/neuro 178K 4+City Lights (older Module by Neurodancer
nd-cls02.lha mods/neuro 60K 4+Do the Moogman (older Module by Neurodan
nd-cls03.lha mods/neuro 105K 4+The new Beginning (older Module by Neuro
nd-cls04.lha mods/neuro 118K 4+Winter Dream (older Module by Neurodance
nd-cosmb.lha mods/neuro 31K 4+"Cosmic Beeper", small technohouse tune
nd-cry.lha mods/neuro 149K 4+"Cry", silent song with classic inspirat
nd-dawnc.lha mods/neuro 133K 4+"Dawn of the creation day" by Neurodance
nd-dblnd.lha mods/neuro 157K 4+Dry Blend (5:56, 160bpm monotonous clubb
nd-dhse9.lha mods/neuro 77K 4+Deep House 9 from "Swap & Dance charts #
nd-drug.lha mods/neuro 312K 4+All songs from Abyss' "Drugstore"
nd-dydnc.lha mods/neuro 47K 4+"Do-ya-dance" (from Journey into Sound I
nd-edsun.lha mods/neuro 148K 4+Electric Desert Sun (6:11, 144bpm tribal
nd-f2l.lha mods/neuro 79K 4+"Fade to Light", 8 voices tune, cute syn
nd-fl23.lha mods/neuro 151K 4+Floor 23 (Upspeed Acid/Trance style trac
nd-fnshn.lha mods/neuro 45K 4+"Fine Shine" (from Journey Into Sound II
nd-ftzdp.lha mods/neuro 147K 4+Flying through the Dreampark (Trance)
nd-fuzzy.lha mods/neuro 127K 4+Fuzzy Logic (152bpm clubby hardtrance)
nd-fyou.lha mods/neuro 123K 4+Fuck you (from Orange8 music-demo)
nd-gates.lha mods/neuro 180K 4+Gates of Infinity (Ambient/Chill-out/Tra
nd-grfm.lha mods/neuro 134K 4+Go (Rainforest Mix) by Neurodancer/1oo%
nd-gsoks.lha mods/neuro 62K 4+"Green Socks" from the PLZ-tro by Caro
nd-guitr.lha mods/neuro 38K 4+"Guitar", lovely tune with acoustic guit
nd-handm.lha mods/neuro 25K 4+"Hit and Miss", poppy tune intended for
nd-hithr.lha mods/neuro 52K 4+"Hi there!" - fast techno by Neurodancer
nd-hypfl.lha mods/neuro 67K 4+"Hypno Flight" from Swap & Dance charts
nd-i2spc.lha mods/neuro 290K 4+Ilyana to space (160bpm hardtrance)
nd-icepl.lha mods/neuro 72K 4+"Ice Planet" (from Journey Into Sound II
nd-itays.lha mods/neuro 135K 4+"Into the abyss" - cosmic/trance/hardtra
nd-jetst.lha mods/neuro 72K 4+"Jetstream" (from Journey Into Sound II)
nd-ktrip.lha mods/neuro 127K 4+Killer Trip (from Orange8 music-demo)
nd-l8nmv.lha mods/neuro 39K 4+"Late night movie" from the "X-Ray" by K
nd-lilh.lha mods/neuro 90K 4+Little house (Weirdo Module by Neurodanc
nd-math.lha mods/neuro 268K 4+Math Hysteria (8:11, 137bpm Psytrance)
nd-mflow.lha mods/neuro 79K 4+"Magic Flow" (from the "Journey Into Sou
nd-mikro.lha mods/neuro 17K 4+"Mikrotek", another one for a packmenu
nd-mlane.lha mods/neuro 125K 4+Memory lane, another diskmagtune by Neur
nd-moogg.lha mods/neuro 130K 4+"Moog Gnirkel" from the first Abyss intr
nd-motn.lha mods/neuro 116K 4+"Mysteries of the night" (from Jrny. int
nd-mscsd.lha mods/neuro 89K 4+Miss Cassandra (Housy Trance/Trancy Hous
nd-mvsuk.lha mods/neuro 103K 4+"Moove Sukka!" from Swap & Dance charts
nd-myswv.lha mods/neuro 35K 4+"Mystery waves", another one from a pack
nd-nancy.lha mods/neuro 83K 4+Nancy you're so trancy (from Swap & Danc
nd-ncity.lha mods/neuro 113K 4+"Neon city", poppy resostring tune
nd-nofel.lha mods/neuro 91K 4+"No feelings", done for the "HAM" diskma
nd-ohsus.lha mods/neuro 37K 4+"Oh Susannah" (from "Journey Into Sound"
nd-pcyfl.lha mods/neuro 123K 4+Paulina's Cyberflight (Acidic/hardtrance
nd-psoks.lha mods/neuro 9K 4+Purple socks from another packmenu (by N
nd-psuck.lha mods/neuro 139K 4+Plasma Sucker (from Orange8 music-demo)
nd-quasr.lha mods/neuro 284K 4+Quasar - utterly long & harmonic trance
nd-saw.lha mods/neuro 41K 4+"S.A.W." - another lame shorty from a pa
nd-sensd.lha mods/neuro 254K 4+Sensual Deliria (10:01, 141bpm goa tranc
nd-shiva.lha mods/neuro 232K 4+Shiva Ascending (142bpm psychedelic goa
nd-sofs.lha mods/neuro 60K 4+"Song of Silence" (from "Journey Into So
nd-spcdv.lha mods/neuro 108K 4+Spice dive (from S&D Charts #5 Beta)
nd-spcin.lha mods/neuro 22K 4+Spice Intro from the Swap & Dance charts
nd-spher.lha mods/neuro 67K 4+"Spheres" (from "Journey Into Sound")
nd-sshwr.lha mods/neuro 84K 4+"Starshower" (from "Journey Into Sound I
nd-stary.lha mods/neuro 230K 4+Stary hallway (10:02, 144bpm kicking goa
nd-strn8.lha mods/neuro 82K 4+"Stranger 8", 8 channel typical "compute
nd-strwv.lha mods/neuro 68K 4+"Starwave" (from "Journey Into Sound")
nd-sugar.lha mods/neuro 189K 4+Sugar Leaves (6:41 techological musique)
nd-summa.lha mods/neuro 349K 4+Midsummer (10 Channels OSS, 07:30, 127bp
nd-swtdr.lha mods/neuro 73K 4+"Sweet Dreams", 8 channel tune
nd-tatrs.lha mods/neuro 57K 4+"Tatris" (from "Journey Into Sound")
nd-terrt.lha mods/neuro 187K 4+The Terror Theme (Upspeed techno/trance
nd-tthat.lha mods/neuro 129K 4+The Trick Top Hat (Hardtrance from S&D C
nd-ttrap.lha mods/neuro 98K 4+"Time Trap" from the old "Beyond" techno
nd-tunvs.lha mods/neuro 120K 4+"Tunnel Vision" from "Swap & Dance Chart
nd-waitn.lha mods/neuro 59K 4+"Waiting", pianostyle tune
nd-wfcrr.lha mods/neuro 141K 4+Waveform courier (from the Drugstore dem
nd-wv1st.lha mods/neuro 9K 4+"Waveform Firstie", Neuro's first chiptu
phd_nddd.lha mods/neuro 229K 4+Divine Darkness (A Phase Distortion Rele
BookOfDesire.lha mods/nork 348K 5+Book of Desire - Winner multichannel at
Contradiction.lha mods/nork 560K 5+Contradiction - Winner 4ch mod at Euskal
Prelude.lha mods/piano 75K 4+The best known of the much preludes by J
SonataFacileMi.lha mods/piano 2K 4+Sonata Facile, classic version, mmd1 wit
SonataFacilePi.lha mods/piano 77K 4+Sonata Facile, classic version, mmd1 wit
SonatineLvB.lha mods/piano 75K 4+Sonatine of Ludwig van Beethoven
Dynamic13.lha mods/pop 938K 5+The AMINET Dynamic Pop-Rock Module
aphrodes.lha mods/pro 334K 8+Aphrodesic (Remix)- a PT Mod By Jam&Spoo
chipsan.lha mods/pro 7K 5+Dascon/TRSi (tune from "Anorexia")
clckwise.lha mods/pro 153K 5+Dascon/TRSi + Prodigy/Oops! (from X-file
Exitor.lha mods/pro 186K 7+VD: really bombastic... - by Atroxis
funkydrv.lha mods/pro 149K 8+Funky Drive - a PT Mod By Ganja/Nerve Ax
Hypnopaedia.lha mods/pro 120K 5+VD: atmospheric mod with drums - by Atro
Inside.lha mods/pro 227K 8+VD: calm at first, then pretty quick - b
nvx-mfa.lha mods/pro 330K 8+My Fluffy Angel - a PT Mod By Ganja/Nerv
nvx-supa.lha mods/pro 279K 8+Supagreen - a PT Mod By Ganja/Nerve Axis
Phm_LIS.lha mods/pro 252K 5+013: "Lost In Space" [Dance, Techno]
PointOfNoRetur.lha mods/pro 181K 5+VD: Enigma-like and really interesting -
rootgroo.lha mods/pro 123K 8+Rootgrooves - a PT Mod By Prodigy/Oops!
SeaweedStarfsh.lha mods/pro 164K 8+VD: calm Mod by Atroxis
TripIntoFantas.lha mods/pro 129K 2+VD: a neat calm mod by Atroxis
FatalMission_m.lha mods/rock 163K 3+Music from the game Fatal Mission
The_Lonely2.lha mods/rock 84K 7+Metal cover of Mopz's "The Lonely" by:Ex
aspimilk.lha mods/roz 415K 8+Abduction'98 Multich by Roz/Rno^Fit (PT2
clearten.lha mods/roz 528K 8+303 Pop Trance by From Motorola Inside'9
Dentinour.lha mods/roz 268K 7+Jazzy Drum'n'Bass by Roz/Fit^Rno (PT2.3a
IllusionP.lha mods/roz 275K 7+Illusion Parties by Roz/Fit^Rno (PT2.3a)
marktv.lha mods/roz 486K 3+From 'Aromacolor' Demo by Cirion (Asm98)
urani.lha mods/roz 196K 8+Atmospheric Minimalism by Roz/Rno^Fit (P
1998ST01.lha mods/sets 684K 2+A collection of music modules by Stamen
Demotunez.lha mods/sets 7.6M 5+Best of Demotunes
ExoticMus.lha mods/sets 100K 2+From ExoticRipper distribution
MagiModz_1.lha mods/sets 335K 1+The Magi Modz Collection #1
BrainBird.lha mods/slow 1.4M 8+Shaman drums to meditate and 14 Ambient
Kantate147.lha mods/slow 19K 4+The Kantate 147 of Johann Sebastian Bach
Kantate147midi.lha mods/slow 2K 4+The Kantate 147 of Johann Sebastian Bach
niwt.lha mods/slow 67K 1+Nwit,OctaMED Module [Whee_Cool]
InTheMixx1.lha mods/smpl 1.2M 8+Mixed-Loops/Sequences Part 1
InTheMixx2.lha mods/smpl 1.0M 7+Mixed-Loops/Sequences Part 1
InTheMixx3.lha mods/smpl 2.2M 4+Mixed-Loops/Sequences Part 1
InTheMixx4.lha mods/smpl 1.4M 4+Mixed-Loops/Sequences Part 1
InTheMixx5.lha mods/smpl 1.9M 4+Mixed-Loops/Sequences Part 1
InTheMixx6.lha mods/smpl 1.5M 4+Mixed-Loops/Sequences Part 1
PureSynths.lha mods/smpl 2.1M 1+Pure Synthesizer Sounds
PureVocalsI.lha mods/smpl 1.1M 1+Vocals without Music`s
WCPbeeps.lha mods/smpl 349K 3+Collection of short snds to use as beeps
s7-4mich.lha mods/sonor 191K 1+4 Michael - mixed guitar tune
s7-acida.lha mods/sonor 118K 1+Acid Attack - acid tune
s7-acidl.lha mods/sonor 38K 1+Acid Language - acid tune
s7-alone.lha mods/sonor 149K 1+Alone - slow guitar tune
s7-aplac.lha mods/sonor 87K 1+A Place To Be - slow diskmag tune
s7-beaut.lha mods/sonor 71K 1+Beautiful Dream - diskmag tune
s7-bluen.lha mods/sonor 162K 1+Blue Notion - demo tune
s7-break.lha mods/sonor 203K 1+Breakbeat Science - mellow drum`n`bass t
s7-toomu.lha mods/sonor 268K 0+Too Much - fast guitar tune
s7-tothe.lha mods/sonor 95K 0+To The Stars - slow diskmag tune
s7-tranm.lha mods/sonor 225K 0+Trance Mission - trance tune
s7-troni.lha mods/sonor 209K 0+Tronic - trance tune
s7-viole.lha mods/sonor 116K 0+Violet Sky - diskmag tune
s7-visib.lha mods/sonor 159K 0+Visible Silence - slow drum`n`bass tune
s7-waiti.lha mods/sonor 104K 0+Waiting For You - slow funky tune
s7-winte.lha mods/sonor 125K 0+Winter Breath - slow guitar tune
s7-wiseu.lha mods/sonor 138K 0+Wise Up - diskmag tune
s7-xsara.lha mods/sonor 18K 0+Xsara - chip tune
Feelings.lha mods/symph 482K 8+Atmosphere module by lUkE/n^Ex ..cz
AdranDance.lha mods/techn 145K 1+Adran Dance MIX, a dance MED [Whee_Cool]
BD-GetMa.lha mods/techn 276K 1+"GET MARRIED" by Black Dragon/Honoo+LED+
brm_catc.lha mods/techn 1.4M 8+Catch Me by Broom.
brm_flip.lha mods/techn 2.2M 8+Flip Side by Broom.
Cba-2vcore.lha mods/techn 57K 8+2 tHe c0Re 98, garagecore by cBa
Dancebox.lha mods/techn 405K 1+Dance Box, MED Module [Whee_Cool]
djD-EscapeFrFe.lha mods/techn 281K 5+DjD's 20channel DigiBooster Module
djD-FarAway18c.lha mods/techn 175K 5+DjD's 18channel DigiBooster Module
djD-GoHome18ch.lha mods/techn 254K 5+DjD's 18channel DigiBooster Module
djD-OwnWay.lha mods/techn 645K 4+DjD's 18channel DigiBooster Module
Fiend_funk.lha mods/techn 127K 1+Fiend Funk, MED Module [Whee_Cool]
Infection.lha mods/techn 31K 1+Infect Your Brain, OctaMED Module [Whee_
KeepTS2.lha mods/techn 174K 8+KeeptheSecret 98`Dance_RemiX by FranciS
lns-sv6.lha mods/techn 317K 1+Aarsagen var et sn0rebaand-minimalism
lns-sv8.lha mods/techn 133K 1+Min ven Sofus-minimalism
lns-sv9.lha mods/techn 140K 1+Det blir sne-techno funk
lns-svA.lha mods/techn 51K 1+De 5 paraplyer-minimalism
lns-svB.lha mods/techn 146K 1+Hvor blev her m0rkt-minimalism/acid
Megalodance.lha mods/techn 233K 1+Mega Lo Dance, OctaMED Module [Whee_Cool
MrRaver.lha mods/techn 301K 1+Mr Raver, MED Module [Whee_Cool]
nwp_cotg.lha mods/techn 104K 5+(NWP 020) - Change Of The Gods
phd_acid.lha mods/techn 192K 8+[ PHD ] - basscadet presents lunar-I: ac
phd_all.lha mods/techn 664K 2 [ PHD ] - aus dem all by lone wolf
phd_fall.lha mods/techn 98K 5+[ PHD ] - the fall ep by quality control
phd_octa.lha mods/techn 596K 7+[ PHD ] - octarine calx by juice
phd_recu.lha mods/techn 304K 5+[ PHD ] - recurrent dawn by stoned/dista
Rhin2.lha mods/techn 81K 2+Flying Rhino
st-house.lha mods/techn 72K 1+ST-House, Protracker Module [Whee_Cool]
vdo_fabe.lha mods/techn 868K 6+The 31th voodoo release
vdo_nosh.lha mods/techn 931K 6+The 30th voodoo release
vdo_sine.lha mods/techn 127K 7+The 32th voodoo release
SpaceDream.lha mods/toady 442K 3+Teckno/Ambiant Music by Toady ****
Laser_Fear.lha mods/tranc 812K 8+Laser Fear by Thunder
lns-sv1.lha mods/tranc 186K 1+Fluid-Acidtrance/goa
lns-sv2.lha mods/tranc 177K 1+Death of a beekeeper-goa/acidtrance
lns-sv3.lha mods/tranc 210K 1+Lacking-goa/acidtrance
lns-sv5.lha mods/tranc 334K 1+Professor h0stak-acidtrance
lns-sv7.lha mods/tranc 188K 1+Senior Tintin-trance/acid
trancin.lha mods/tranc 31K 8+150 bpm space wagon
trancy.lha mods/tranc 149K 8+ProTracker Trance/Breakbeat Track by DJ
Adran.lha mods/voice 120K 1+The Adran Song, a voice MOD [Whee_Cool]
GLovesDisco.lha mods/voice 335K 7+Grzesiek Loves Disco - voiced by Gorzyga
Jordan.lha mods/voice 182K 1+Jordan, MED Module [Whee_Cool]
MVP.lha mods/voice 117K 2+A tribute to the MVP-Man!
S_Sugar.lha mods/voice 609K 7+"I Got 5 On It" by dEF bASE (sTEREo modu
Tryb95.lha mods/voice 122K 7+TrybAwaryjny95 - Tribute to Win95 (in Po
Longing.lha mods/xceed 175K 8+X-CEED's tune from Generation27 [PT]
mv-nosmo.lzh mods/xm 306K 1+Pop module, by MyVoice
mv-stone.lzh mods/xm 256K 1+Stonecow, a pop module by MyVoice
mv-univ.lzh mods/xm 400K 1+The universe, a pop module by MyVoice
Tarelius.lha mods/xm 170K 1+"Back to Tarelius" by Mr.Lou / Dewfall P
WhiteSatin.lha mods/xm 199K 1+"White Satin" by Mr.Lou / Dewfall Produc
amigui.lha mus/edit 28K 1+V2.0- GUI for amisox that allows multipl
AmiSOX3.3PPC.lha mus/edit 137K 2+AmiSOX3.3 Compiled for PPC (PowerUp)
ays-t231.lha mus/edit 261K 5+"THX Sound System v2.3d-sp1 Service Pack
SampleE.lha mus/edit 167K 7+A fast 16-Bit Stereo Sample Editor, AHI
sfx-bin_00.lha mus/edit 1.2M 3+V3.70 Bin 68000 Soundprocessingsoftware
sfx-bin_20.lha mus/edit 1.2M 3+V3.70 Bin 68020 Soundprocessingsoftware
sfx-bin_20m.lha mus/edit 1.1M 3+V3.70 Bin 68020+FPU Soundprocessingsoftw
sfx-bin_30.lha mus/edit 1.2M 3+V3.70 Bin 68030 Soundprocessingsoftware
sfx-bin_30m.lha mus/edit 1.1M 3+V3.70 Bin 68030+FPU Soundprocessingsoftw
sfx-bin_40m.lha mus/edit 1.1M 3+V3.70 Bin 68040+FPU Soundprocessingsoftw
sfx-bin_60m.lha mus/edit 1.1M 3+V3.70 Bin 68060+FPU Soundprocessingsoftw
sfx-data.lha mus/edit 117K 3+V3.70 Data Soundprocessingsoftware
sfx-dev.lha mus/edit 16K 4+V3.70 Developer Soundprocessingsoftware
sfx-doc_eng.lha mus/edit 110K 3+V3.70 Doc english Soundprocessingsoftwar
sfx-doc_ger.lha mus/edit 116K 3+V3.70 Doc german Soundprocessingsoftware
WaveTracer.lha mus/edit 1.2M 2+(German) extensive sound editor
BPdrum5.lha mus/midi 9K 4+Breakbeat drum patterns for Bars & Pipes
BPdrum6.lha mus/midi 8K 4+Pop ballad drum patterns for Bars & Pipe
camab245pch.lha mus/midi 485K 3+Patch Camouflage AB 2.45 - 08.08.1998
camB_205pch.lha mus/midi 367K 3+Patch Camouflage B 2.05 - 08.08.1998
CS1xEdit.lha mus/midi 156K 2+Realtime Editor For CS1x Synthesizer!
GMP-G.lha mus/midi 110K 8+GMPlay - GUI
SampleDumper.lha mus/midi 17K 8+Dump Samples to your synth, via MIDI (SD
XG_Edit.lha mus/midi 85K 2+XG Editor (DB50XG/QS300)
8hzPPC.lha mus/misc 115K 7+Mp3 encoder from 8hz, PPC Version (WarpU
ahidrvupd.lha mus/misc 105K 8+The latest Paula (really!) and Filesave
AmigaAMPrepair.lha mus/misc 53K 5+Resaved IFF-Skins and a cool NewIcon!
AmTagEd.lha mus/misc 217K 7+1.5 - MPEG audio TAG ID3 editor
FG-MP3Tagger.lha mus/misc 34K 7+MP3Tagger v1.3 - Edit TAG data in MP3 Au
Forrest.lha mus/misc 8K 8+Converts MPEG Audio to IFF-8SVX
hvsc.lha mus/misc 216K 2+AmigaOS Support for the High Voltage SID
Karami.lha mus/misc 254K 2+Make some karaoke to sing easily!
med2xm-gui.lha mus/misc 102K 5+Med2Xm - GUI
MiraMP3GUI10.lha mus/misc 116K 2+GUI for 8hz (included), MusicIN
MP3I.lha mus/misc 15K 7+Writes the Title, Author, etc into MP3s
MP3TEDv10.lha mus/misc 94K 5+A brand new MP3-TagEditor with GTL
mpeginoutPPC.lha mus/misc 214K 1+MPEG 1/2 audio encoding/decoding (PPC),
MusicIN-MGUI10.lha mus/misc 30K 7+GFX interface for MusicIN & MusicIN PPC
Pegase.lha mus/misc 141K 2+Fast MPEG audio encoder (68k+FPU)
ptmid.lha mus/misc 44K 7+Creates Protracker MODs from MIDI files.
RAWcon.lha mus/misc 28K 4+Convert and modify CD-Audio files w/o lo
RAWCon11.lha mus/misc 28K 4+Convert and modify CD-Audio files w/o lo
scopext4.lha mus/misc 30K 4+SCOPE_XT4 by Smack/Infect (03-Aug-98)
2b_bsp.lha mus/play 17K 4+Sample Player using datatypes
amideck.lha mus/play 4.1M 1+Amiga Audio/Video Multiplayer for OS 5.0
AmigaAMP.lha mus/play 428K 8+MPEG audio player with GUI (68k/PPC)
coolmod.lha mus/play 117K 1+CoolMod v1.63. A multiformat MUI module
delifix.lha mus/play 5K 1+V1.0.0, long filenames for DeliTracker
empy.lha mus/play 13K 2+Skin for AmigaAmp&TMLG like Empy
finnpeg.lha mus/play 8K 2+V1.2, a mpega.library frontend w/ cyclic
hippoplayer.lha mus/play 688K 2+V2.44, module player. Try it!
Mp3PowerGui.lha mus/play 44K 8+Powerfull GUI for playing MP3s!
PIP.lha mus/play 23K 7+PlayItPro v1.01 - A 8SVX HD-player with
PrlTapedeck.lha mus/play 98K 8+Prelude player/recorder, up to 64 kHz
sidplay.lha mus/play 206K 7+A Commodore 64 Music Player/Emulator v1.
SPlayer_v1.9a.lha mus/play 114K 4+Very Useful Mpega and Play16 GUI
SPlayer_v1.9ap.lha mus/play 68K 1+Fix for SPlayer 1.9a
TMLG-v1_1.lha mus/play 802K 8+MP3 player with support for plugins etc.
TMLG.lha mus/play 120K 3+MP3 player with skinsupport and ID3 tag
TMLGbugfix.lha mus/play 105K 3+Bugfix to TMLG, get TMLG.lha too
TSongplayer.lha mus/play 68K 7+Makes your songplayer look great!
01Enterprise.mpg pix/3dani 2.3M 3+(ALN) USS Enterprise fly by Planet....
attack.mpg pix/3dani 666K 5+Space station attak by Colinou (320*256)
dolbypalplus.lha pix/3dani 4.2M 2+Dolby Surround and Palplus Animation
explocheck.mpg pix/3dani 418K 1+(ALN) Cinema4d Shuttle and Explodeanim.
garyS009.lha pix/3dani 624K 8+Animation of a Logo which is getting bui
garyS010.lha pix/3dani 540K 8+Animation of a Logo that turns in a ring
garyS011.lha pix/3dani 526K 8+Animation of a Logo that turns in a ring
garyS012.lha pix/3dani 338K 8+Animation of a Logo that turns in a ring
garyS013.lha pix/3dani 354K 8+Animation of a Logo that turns in a ring
garyS014.lha pix/3dani 551K 8+Animation of a bloblike object
Metaball.mpg pix/3dani 229K 1+Tornado3D's Metaball animation (MAMOMO)
MovieReel-C4D.lha pix/3dani 79K 8+Movie reel in C4D format
MovieReel.mpg pix/3dani 114K 8+Rotating movie reel
starship.mpg pix/3dani 2.3M 1+(ALN) MEGASHIP Flying trough.
SToE-A01.lha pix/3dani 2.9M 8+Animation with Small Team of Experts ant
STOE-A02.lha pix/3dani 5.4M 5+Small Team of Experts logo animation
STOE-A03.lha pix/3dani 4.2M 5+Rotating headphones animation
clawn2cheetah.lha pix/anim 1.1M 8+IFF-anim5 morph animation
ColorFlash.lha pix/anim 538K 8+Old unintresting hypnotic HAM anim
Fys.lha pix/anim 891K 2+Sound-Anim for AnimFX
GigaAnims.lha pix/anim 6.9M 7+Anims loading/playing directly from disk
Intercity2.lha pix/anim 213K 1+Trains passing each other in a rural set
jumpgate.lha pix/anim 3.1M 8+IFF-anim5 Babylon 5 animation
lemming_anim.lha pix/anim 486K 8+A Lemminganim from ANCOR
logo.lha pix/anim 3.3M 8+IFF-anim5 logo animation
lurkis.lha pix/anim 171K 8+"Lur Kis", a contribution to the anim-co
mountain.lha pix/anim 1.8M 8+IFF-anim7 landscape animation
Operito1.lha pix/anim 1.2M 4+TGM (T.G.M.) Christmas Greetings (494 fr
PlaneMorph.lha pix/anim 3.2M 8+IFF-anim7 morphing airplanes animation
PlanetusTales.lha pix/anim 2.8M 5+TGM (T.G.M.) a Planetus Tale (425 frames
TunnelAnim.lha pix/anim 1.3M 8+IFF-anim5 tunnel animation
ACG_Manga-5.lha pix/art 235K 7+Anime Style Graphics
ACG_Manga-6.lha pix/art 329K 4+Anime Style Graphics
ARippleInTime.jpg pix/art 100K 5+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
Candy.jpg pix/art 51K 5+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
CarbonatedChao.jpg pix/art 197K 5+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
Chupacabra.lha pix/art 17K 2+A Chupacabra was seen in shopping...
Commodor4e3.lha pix/art 9K 2+Some kind of art with Commodor4e3 logo
Crackers.lha pix/art 11K 2+Biscuits for the Hacker community!
Creation.lha pix/art 43K 4+Creation by Dave Seymour
CrystalGarden.jpg pix/art 117K 5+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
Distant.lha pix/art 69K 2+Distant Outer Space.
FireWire.jpg pix/art 88K 5+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
FluffyBunny.lha pix/art 34K 2+An acid cartoon of Fluffy Bunny
HeavenAndEarth.jpg pix/art 80K 5+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
Hirey.lha pix/art 34K 4+Picture of warrior by Ponos
Physics.jpg pix/art 130K 5+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
Samuraiz.lha pix/art 29K 5+Picture of samurai from my comic book
Samuraiz2.lha pix/art 53K 4+2 pictures of samurai by Ponos
SpiderOfLight.jpg pix/art 21K 1+"Spider of Light" created by Dr.Ferkel
Starburst.jpg pix/art 84K 5+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
Sunrise.jpg pix/art 71K 5+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
TheWeb.jpg pix/art 64K 5+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
thiel1.lha pix/art 719K 3+Picture made with DPaint by Stefan Thiel
tk_truth2.lha pix/art 33K 6+X-files artwork (320x256x8 ILBM)
Tracers.jpg pix/art 50K 5+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
VeilsOfMystery.jpg pix/art 356K 5+Graphic Art by William F. Maddock
AF-Infinity.jpg pix/back 603K 2+Cool raytraced Chrome-WB-Back (1280x102
COA.jpg pix/back 164K 7+Amiga all the way, baby! WB BG 1024x768
eyepoppers3.lha pix/back 649K 7+Great looking WB backdrops Set 3
qdrops.lha pix/back 996K 2+Quake Marble-Styled WB Backs - JPEG 95%
TUBBB16M.lha pix/back 791K 5+Boing ball backdrops (24 bit)
TUBBB64.lha pix/back 210K 5+Boing ball backdrops (6 bit)
A1200Boot.lha pix/boot 201K 2+A1200 Boot for Rainboot 2
AIBoot.lha pix/boot 430K 2+Amiga International Boot for Rainboot 2
AKBoot.lha pix/boot 175K 2+A Klasse Boot for Rainboot 2
AmiBack.lha pix/boot 69K 1+AmiBack - BootPic 800x600x24 [jpg 69kb]
AmigaBFTFBoot.lha pix/boot 120K 2+Back 4 The future Boot for Rainboot 2
AmigaBoot.lha pix/boot 99K 2+Amiga Boot for Rainboot 2
AntiWinBoot.lha pix/boot 592K 2+AntiWin Boot for Rainboot 2
ATBoot.lha pix/boot 659K 2+Amiga Technolo. Boot for Rainboot 2
BillBoot.lha pix/boot 416K 2+Dirty Billy Boot for Rainboot 2
bootpict.lha pix/boot 259K 1+A boot picture for your Cybervision 64/3
BootupEng.lha pix/boot 228K 2+English Bootup for Rainboot 2
BootupFra.lha pix/boot 237K 2+French Bootup for Rainboot 2
BugsBoot.lha pix/boot 128K 2+Bugs Bunny Boot for Rainboot 2
CatBoot.lha pix/boot 203K 2+Cat Boot for Rainboot 2
CloudBoot.lha pix/boot 327K 2+CloudBoot for Rainboot 2
Creepingback.lha pix/boot 191K 2+BootPic : Creeping_Back
DDBoot.lha pix/boot 584K 2+Darkwing Duck Boot for Rainboot 2
DigiBoot.lha pix/boot 652K 2+DigiBoot for Rainboot 2
DTBoot.lha pix/boot 374K 2+Duck Tales Boot for Rainboot 2
GBBoot.lha pix/boot 752K 2+Gummibears Boot for Rainboot 2
GTBoot.lha pix/boot 706K 2+GoofTroop Boot for Rainboot 2
IntelBoot.lha pix/boot 35K 2+IntelOutside Boot for Rainboot 2
IslandsBoot.lha pix/boot 317K 2+The 3 Islands Boot for Rainboot 2
MarioBoot.lha pix/boot 184K 2+Supermario Boot for Rainboot 2
moment01.lha pix/boot 43K 7+Bootpicture of a spacecraft.
MTVBoot.lha pix/boot 154K 2+MTV Boot for Rainboot 2
NGBoot.lha pix/boot 370K 2+NextGeneration Boot for Rainboot 2
OceanBoot.lha pix/boot 98K 2+Ocean Boot for Rainboot 2
PCommBoot.lha pix/boot 608K 2+PComm Boot for Rainboot 2
PPCBoot.lha pix/boot 52K 2+PPC Boot for Rainboot 2
RRBoot.lha pix/boot 724K 2+Rescue Rangers Boot for Rainboot 2
StartMeUp.lha pix/boot 194K 5+2 Ultimate Raytraced Bootpics for Amiga
STBoot.lha pix/boot 367K 2+StarTrek Boot for Rainboot 2
superpeep.lha pix/boot 914K 2+BootPic : Superpeep by adam belton
THXBoot.lha pix/boot 191K 2+THX Boot for Rainboot 2
TSBoot.lha pix/boot 615K 2+Talespin Boot for Rainboot 2
Win98Boot.lha pix/boot 56K 2+Win98 Boot for Rainboot 2
WinterBoot.lha pix/boot 802K 2+Winter Boot for Rainboot 2
SabOn_01.lha pix/eric 435K 5+Sabrina Online comic strips (PNG format)
SabOn_02.lha pix/eric 374K 5+Sabrina Online comic strips (PNG format)
tk_frak02.lha pix/fract 120K 6+Fractal created with FRAKTINT (640x512x8
tk_mand03.jpg pix/fract 80K 6+Fractal created with Mand2000 (640x512x2
tk_mand08.jpg pix/fract 37K 6+Fractal created with Mand2000 (640x512x2
Birdsofprey4.jpg pix/heiko 162K 8+Birds of prey 4 (Cinema 4D)
Birdsofprey_4h.jpg pix/heiko 185K 7+Klingon Birds of prey 3 (768x1024) (Cine
Horus_2.lha pix/heiko 4.0M 2+FlyBy-animation U.S.S. Horus (AVI)
Horus_Volum1.jpg pix/heiko 171K 2+U.S.S. Horus in volumetric light
CufIconx.lha pix/icon 584K 2+My Own Collection of NewIcons & MagicWB
CufPointers.lha pix/icon 2K 2+Nice Collection of Workbench Pointers
MUI3DCycle.lha pix/icon 2K 8+*NICE* 3D cycle gadget for MUI
NLeapIcons01.lha pix/icon 458K 1+The POS icons (in newicon version)
tk_AOS4icons.lha pix/icon 10K 6+6 disk(new)icons (AOS4 design)
ZT_DockBrushes.lha pix/icon 1.1M 2+True color dock brushes for ToolManager
aw98pics.lha pix/illu 697K 7+Photos (.jpg) from AmiWest98. All images
InfoMedia98.lha pix/illu 225K 3+Info + pix of InfoMedia '98
tk_aos4NG.lha pix/illu 341K 7+Design for AmigaOS4NG (800x768x24 ILBM)
excav.lha pix/imagi 93K 1+An excavator in the night
planet_rise.jpg pix/imagi 49K 5+Air chase over planet rise by Colinou
Scatolame.lha pix/imagi 404K 8+A little picture rendered with Imagine 4
tk_flycards.lha pix/imagi 154K 4+Flying cards (640x480x8 ILBM)
tk_inka1.jpg pix/imagi 613K 7+Scene inspired by TombRaider (800x800x24
tk_inka2.jpg pix/imagi 719K 7+Scene inspired by TombRaider (800x1024x2
tk_kamin.jpg pix/imagi 78K 4+Picture of a room with chimney (640x480)
tk_plasma.jpg pix/imagi 50K 4+Very experimental picture (640x480)
tk_pool.jpg pix/imagi 339K 4+Scene inspired by TombRaider (640x512)
tk_schach.lha pix/imagi 117K 7+Chess (640x512x8 ILBM)
tk_wheel.jpg pix/imagi 59K 4+Picture of a cog-wheel (640x480)
TLFig97.jpg pix/imagi 42K 3+Imagine 3.0 Pic 720x576 by Stefan Thiel
TLFship.jpg pix/imagi 50K 3+Imagine 3.0 Pic 720x576 by Stefan Thiel
TLGrace1.jpg pix/imagi 21K 3+Imagine 3.0 Pic by Stefan Thiel
TLShut1.jpg pix/imagi 27K 3+Imagine 3.0 SF-Pic 720x576 by Stefan Thi
TLShut2.jpg pix/imagi 32K 3+Imagine 3.0 SF-Pic 720x576 by Stefan Thi
TLTWing.jpg pix/imagi 25K 3+Imagine 3.0 SW-Pic 720x576 by Stefan Thi
Wlf_seafront.jpg pix/imagi 74K 5+Wolf on the beach by Colinou (640x512)
Wlf_sunset.jpg pix/imagi 82K 5+Wolf on the beach by Colinou (640x512)
Wolfology.jpg pix/imagi 80K 5+All wolf renders yb Colinou in one
manolillo.jpg pix/irc 150K 8+Manolillo's Picture :)
2guitars240dpi.jpg pix/jason 193K 4+Rock Chick for Guitarist mag 1/7 (large)
batchick300dpi.jpg pix/jason 231K 4+Rock Chick for Guitarist mag 2/7 (large)
byebye300dpi.jpg pix/jason 185K 4+Rock Chick for Guitarist mag 3/7 (large)
drainpipe300dp.jpg pix/jason 184K 4+Rock Chick for Guitarist mag 4/7 (large)
seduction300dp.jpg pix/jason 172K 4+Rock Chick for Guitarist mag 5/7 (large)
thelogo300dpi.jpg pix/jason 179K 4+Rock Chick for Guitarist mag 7/7 (large)
weirddude300dp.jpg pix/jason 174K 4+Rock Chick for Guitarist mag 6/7 (large)
AmigaStreet.jpg pix/misc 116K 4+WoW! The Amiga Street in Toulon FRANCE
amiga_win32.lha pix/misc 61K 7+Amiga RC5 team overtaking Win32 team
AmiWest98_1.lha pix/misc 1.0M 7+Index of webcam images from AmiWest'98
AmiWest98_2.lha pix/misc 1.2M 7+Index of webcam images from AmiWest'98
AmiWest98_3.lha pix/misc 1.2M 7+Index of webcam images from AmiWest'98
AmiWest98_4.lha pix/misc 1.2M 7+Index of webcam images from AmiWest'98
AmiWest98_5.lha pix/misc 348K 7+Index of webcam images from AmiWest'98
cookie.lha pix/misc 111K 3+[ANCOR] a little comic
Eusk_pho1.lha pix/misc 4.7M 2+Euskal Party 6,photos pack1 (MAMOMO)
Gates_Mileston.jpg pix/misc 170K 8+One man's future is another man's past
it_works.lha pix/misc 158K 5+[ANCOR] a ANTI pc joke
mcountry.jpg pix/misc 61K 2+Dr.Avalanche`s "Marlboro Country"
MircosoftParod.lha pix/misc 682K 5+Cool parody-pics of Mircosoft and B.Gate
OFS_Boing.jpg pix/misc 52K 4+My Amiga Gloss :)
QuieroAmiga.jpg pix/misc 53K 3+A chihuahua on a Boing ball.
sakuvk98.lha pix/misc 429K 1+Pics from Finnish Amiga UG 1998 meeting.
WCPappgfx.lha pix/misc 50K 3+Gfx replacements for YAM, IB, and MUI
Operito2.mpg pix/mpg 1.1M 4+TGM (T.G.M.) Christmas Greetings (494 fr
PlanetusTales1.mpg pix/mpg 3.8M 5+TGM (T.G.M.) a Planetus Tale (425 frames
Titel_moa.mpg pix/mpg 81K 7+The Theme * MPG ANIM
BNSMWBIcons5.lha pix/mwb 1.4M 5+5th BNS MWB Enhancement
BNSMWBicons6.lha pix/mwb 1.3M 2+6th BNS MWB Enhancement
MWBQuakeIcon.lha pix/mwb 6K 1+MWB-Icons for Quake
MWBSonicIcon.lha pix/mwb 2K 3+Sonic the Hedgehog MagicWB icon
TC-Icons.lha pix/mwb 11K 8+13 MWB icons by The Chronic/ROLE
APEntIcons.lha pix/nicon 33K 8+Cartoon character icons for NewIcons v4+
GlowIcons.lha pix/nicon 288K 3+Realistic, shaded, anti-aliased NewIcons
Jim_Icons.lha pix/nicon 136K 8+Futuristic NewIcons
RMIcons.lha pix/nicon 86K 2+Newicons to the 4.0 style by Richard Mun
WCPbackdr.lha pix/nicon 177K 3+Amiga OS-themed backdrops and patterns
3e3p2.jpg pix/trace 46K 8+3Pyramids - the Martian station
A-Wing.jpg pix/trace 426K 2+A Star Wars A-Wing-Fighter
Arrival.jpg pix/trace 114K 8+Picture of UFO traced with LW
aworld2.jpg pix/trace 289K 8+Amiga World 2 (Reflection)
battle.jpg pix/trace 217K 1+Mixed StarWars-Squadron under attack!
Birth.jpg pix/trace 192K 8+Picture traced in LW (No comment:)
BRaum_moa.jpg pix/trace 155K 7+JPG PIC of a Spaceship
Caretaker.jpg pix/trace 354K 1+Scene from the Voyager pilot (Star Trek)
ChaseINg.jpg pix/trace 126K 5+Car chase created in LightWave
Crossover.jpg pix/trace 307K 7+Enterprise-E at Deep Space Nine
DeathStar.jpg pix/trace 329K 2+A-Wing (Star Wars) attacking DeathStar
Defiant01.jpg pix/trace 58K 1+Preview Image of Lightwave-Defiant
DockingPod.jpg pix/trace 286K 8+Travel Pod (Star Trek) docked at Regula
DockingPod2.jpg pix/trace 365K 8+Travel Pod docked at U.S.S. Enterprise
escape.jpg pix/trace 166K 1+A-Wing tries to escape from a Tie-Interc
ESF001.jpg pix/trace 33K 8+Attack spaceship ESF-001
FarAway.jpg pix/trace 372K 4+A new Star Trek vessel far, far away
Fiori.jpg pix/trace 227K 4+JPEG image of flowers
Geometry.jpg pix/trace 42K 5+3-Dimensional Picture
IslaSorna.jpg pix/trace 467K 2+Two dinosaurs on an island
Jaeger_moa.jpg pix/trace 173K 7+Fighter * JPG PIC
Joy2_moa.jpg pix/trace 138K 7+The NEW Joy * JPG PIC
Jupiter.jpg pix/trace 336K 5+Grissom (Star Trek) passing by Jupiter
Kontejner.jpg pix/trace 19K 8+Transport conntainer on landing board
Kugeln.jpg pix/trace 41K 5+3-Dimensional Picture
LibPics.lha pix/trace 74K 7+Raytraced Pictures of the Liberator.
LTornadoA.jpg pix/trace 147K 8+Picture of tornado destroying windmill
luz.jpg pix/trace 19K 2+Tornado3D,lensflare render (MAMOMO)
MAD-ST24.lha pix/trace 1.6M 3+Logoses made for SHOWTIME by MadBart/App
MAD-STh8.lha pix/trace 717K 3+Logoses made for SHOWTIME by MadBart/App
MagicWb_Earth.jpg pix/trace 80K 1+Raytraced picture of the earth with "Mag
MegaLens.lha pix/trace 262K 5+Two Mega Lensflares
MegaMech2.jpg pix/trace 153K 5+Picture Rendered with Cinema4D Pro
Neon01.jpg pix/trace 61K 8+Cinema4D Rendered Picture
Neon02.jpg pix/trace 87K 8+Cinema4D Rendered Picture
Neon03.jpg pix/trace 49K 8+Cinema4D Rendered Picture
PowerDesk98.lha pix/trace 261K 2+Amiga PowerDesk in action! All by "NURBS
Pyramid_1.jpg pix/trace 128K 5+Picture Rendered with Cinema4D Pro
RiffleBa.jpg pix/trace 51K 8+Cinema4D Rendered Picture
Salida.lha pix/trace 194K 2+Lightwave render (MAMOMO)
Schlag_moa.jpg pix/trace 325K 7+Drums * JPG PIC
Siebenstreich.jpg pix/trace 54K 3+(FUG) A "Magical Sword!" Rendered with R
sphere01.jpg pix/trace 32K 7+Render of an abstract object.
Stampfer.lha pix/trace 52K 5+BattleMech made with C4D (1024x768)
StarTrekTNG.jpg pix/trace 60K 8+(ALN) The 1701D Enterprise passes a Plan
stfc.jpg pix/trace 278K 4+Enterprise-E and a Borg vessel
Stonehenge.jpg pix/trace 305K 1+The truth about stonehenge ;-)
sunset.jpg pix/trace 99K 1+Two X-Wings heading for home
sw-down.jpg pix/trace 90K 1+A-Wing with damaged right wing and engin
sw-hit.jpg pix/trace 119K 1+Two A-Wings in trouble!
sw-moon.jpg pix/trace 104K 1+X-Wing meets Tie-Interceptor
sw-squad.jpg pix/trace 262K 1+Two X-Wings on patrol-flight
Tartas.jpg pix/trace 41K 8+Planet Tartas
technol1.jpg pix/trace 59K 7+Render of NT logo.
TempleToHell.jpg pix/trace 75K 5+Picture Rendered with Cinema4D Pro
TheSunPics.lha pix/trace 109K 8+2 traced 800x600JPGs by NeOn .aRTWORKs.
TieInterceptor.jpg pix/trace 264K 2+A Star Wars dogfight A-Wing/Tie
Top_10_Reasons.jpg pix/trace 101K 1+Top Ten Reasons (raytraced picture of th
TwZone.jpg pix/trace 124K 5+Another Rendered Picture
UndwSAR.jpg pix/trace 154K 2+Traced image of futur.und.SAR wehicle
VaderNeu.jpg pix/trace 406K 8+Darth Vader on Endor (Star Wars)
Voyager.jpg pix/trace 412K 2+U.S.S. Voyager (Star Trek- Voyager)
Wald.jpg pix/trace 279K 5+Darth Vader (Star Wars) on Endor moon
WishofBlue.jpg pix/trace 83K 2+Wish of Blue. Ray traced picture.
WPower_01.jpg pix/trace 106K 5+Picture Rendered with Cinema4D Pro
ZAairschool.jpg pix/vehic 31K 4+South African flying school air-view
ZABell407.jpg pix/vehic 165K 4+S. African' Bell JetRanger407.
ZAcheetah09.jpg pix/vehic 88K 5+South African airforce cheetah "D". Taxi
ZAcheetahE01.jpg pix/vehic 21K 4+South African airfoce, Cheetah "E"
ZAEstcourt.jpg pix/vehic 381K 4+South African MirageF1's escourting a B7
ZAface01.jpg pix/vehic 40K 4+South African -- skone gesiggie
ZAfalcons01.jpg pix/vehic 64K 4+Silwer Valke, South African Airforce.
zaHamilton03.jpg pix/vehic 16K 4+South African' Hamilton Airship under co
zaHamilton04.jpg pix/vehic 57K 4+South African' Hamilton Airship under co
ZAmirage_land.jpg pix/vehic 75K 8+South African airforce formation
ZArefeul01.jpg pix/vehic 87K 4+South African Airforce AWACS & refeul ta
ZARooivalk05.jpg pix/vehic 88K 4+S. African helicopter flying upside down
ZARooivalk06.jpg pix/vehic 83K 4+S. African helicopter doing a LOOP.
ZARooivalk08.jpg pix/vehic 98K 4+S. African Rooivalk, spectator favourite
ZArooivalk12.jpg pix/vehic 99K 4+South African attack helicopter firing m
ZArooivalk13.jpg pix/vehic 28K 4+South African attack helicopter. Static
ZAspitfire01.jpg pix/vehic 48K 4+S. African' Spitfire Mk9 and Cheetah "D"
ZAsu-29.jpg pix/vehic 47K 4+South African, Su-29 acrobat plane
ZAtrainer01.jpg pix/vehic 197K 4+South African Pilatus PC-7 and Harvard t
ZAzlin50_1.jpg pix/vehic 50K 4+Zlin-50 acrobat, South African airshow
grandcanyon.jpg pix/views 350K 7+Grand Canyon, USA 1273x867
chz_fusion.lha pix/wb 1.0M 8+Chavez` FUSION between Amiga and Mac! 4s
Madjid_WB.lha pix/wb 215K 5+My WB Snapshot
MIPS.jpg pix/wb 340K 4+My WB with the Project "Reflet" made wit
recoilwb01.jpg pix/wb 192K 1+*Recoils Workbench* 1024x768x16bit Picas
recoilwb02.jpg pix/wb 171K 1+*Recoils Workbench* 1024x768x16bit Picas
screencol.lha pix/wb 330K 1+Chavez` nice *screencolli* 1024x768 (4 i
SlAcHWB.jpg pix/wb 168K 8+Wonderfull picture for your WB
SniperWB.lha pix/wb 685K 8+WB Snapshot (1024x768x16) of Sniper's Wo
Thosbench.lha pix/wb 90K 8+Thosbench (Workbench snap)
Ved_SHE_WB.lha pix/wb 156K 4+Grab of my 640x256 128 color Workbench
WB3NickTNF.jpg pix/wb 112K 7+Screenshot of my 800x600 16bit *great* l
wb4vision.jpg pix/wb 115K 3+A vision of a possible Workbench 4
Whiskas-Opus.jpg pix/wb 243K 4+Beautiful artistic DOpus screengrab
MUIFontsSi.lha text/bfont 13K 1+Latin2 fonts for MUI and WorkBench
WCPfonts.lha text/bfont 24K 3+Readable, san-serif screen fonts
WebFontsSi.lha text/bfont 64K 1+Latin2 fonts for Web Browsers
CDLogoIFFILUS.lha text/dtp 2K 8+CD logo in IFF ILUS for Pagestream 3.3a
EzDuplex.lha text/dtp 5K 8+Improved Arexx print util for GS users
FuzzyShadows.lha text/dtp 5K 4+PGS3 arexx script - make fuzzy shadows
MUItxtRotator.lha text/dtp 14K 8+PGS3 arexx script - place text around an
NewTransform.lha text/dtp 3K 2+PGS3 arexx script - transform with varia
PGSTurboprint.lha text/dtp 6K 8+PGS3 arexx script - Printing with Ghosts
Transformer.lha text/dtp 2K 4+PGS3 arexx script - transform a group of
BAH.lha text/edit 79K 7+Adds configurable toolbars to BED. V3.2
envTeX17.lha text/edit 118K 1+La-TeX-info environnement for GoldED 4+
JanoEditor.lha text/edit 6K 1+A freeware text editor (beta 3)
taer199806.lha text/edit 1K 5+Amiga Emulation Report / JUNE 1998
taer199807.lha text/edit 1K 5+Amiga Emulation Report / JULY 1998
Textloader.lha text/edit 532K 0+TextEd 7.1 Cool CanDo TextEd for Amiga
Ww701dansk.lha text/edit 12K 4+Danish "catalog" files for Wordworth 7.0
bdf2amiga.lha text/font 41K 2+X11 BDF to Amiga font converter, V1.3
sgiscreen.lha text/font 2K 8+Nice nonprop font for 800x600/1024x768
viewfont.lha text/font 79K 1+Font manager, copy, delete, view fonts
GuideToTeX_1.0.lha text/hyper 161K 1+Print your AmigaGuide files via TeX!
HTMLEdit-de.lha text/hyper 3K 3+German locale for HTML editor v 1.31.
HTMLEdit-pl.lha text/hyper 3K 3+Polish locale for HTML editor v 1.31.
HTMLEdit.lha text/hyper 61K 5+HTML editor v 1.31. uses MUI.
HTMLEdit_fr.lha text/hyper 3K 3+French locale for HTML editor v 1.31.
htmlhai.lha text/hyper 13K 7+German tool to check HTML-Files (1.21)
I2H.lha text/hyper 10K 7+I2H converts ISO Latin 1 to HTML
MiraNAVI14.lha text/hyper 62K 3+Catalog LHA/LZX/DMS file in AmigaGUIDE
TRAGuideCheck.lha text/hyper 18K 4+Checks AGuide docs for consistency & syn
2b_Ort.lha text/misc 564K 2+Polish spell checker by BlaBla, v1.0
asc2frm100.lha text/misc 26K 2+Text formatter
Bitline.lha text/misc 20K 5+Conv. Amiga outline fonts to bitmap font
Fenster.lha text/misc 0K 8+AREXX-Script for Typesmith 2.5 (German o
Kenny.lha text/misc 8K 2+"Kenny from South Park" text filter
nroff.lha text/misc 112K 2+An nroff formatter for the Amiga, cleane
CanonDisk398c.lha text/print 620K 2+V3.98c Official Canon BJ/BJC Printer Dri
Envelope.lha text/print 29K 7+Prints addresses onto Envelopes (v1.13)
Epson_400.lha text/print 11K 2+Epson Stylus 400 Driver for WB V1.0
Epson_600.lha text/print 12K 2+Epson Stylus 600 Driver for WB V1.4
ESCUtil.lha text/print 128K 8+EPSON Stylus COLOR Series Utilitiy
HP_Deskjet400C.lha text/print 7K 8+Deskjet 400C/L Driver for WB 1.5
HP_Deskjet600C.lha text/print 7K 8+Deskjet 600C Driver for WB V1.5
HP_Deskjet670C.lha text/print 7K 7+Deskjet 670C/690C Driver for WB V1.12
HP_Deskjet870C.lha text/print 8K 8+Deskjet 870C Driver for WB V1.4
prtman39.lha text/print 81K 4+Printmanager for AmigaOS3 (39.13)
EvenMore.lha text/show 278K 3+V0.50 - XPK, Asl filereq, History...
RscManager.lha util/app 47K 2+Finds libraries,... used by prg (v0.7)
AmiGNUtar.lha util/arc 664K 1+GNUTar 1.11.2, 68k and PPC, incl. source
Archiver.lha util/arc 218K 2+A very good MUIGui for Lha, Lzx...etc.V2
arcPPC.lha util/arc 301K 1+Arc 5.21 (PPC), including source
base64.lha util/arc 33K 1+Base64 (68k+PPC), including source
codegroup.lha util/arc 39K 1+Codegroup (68k+PPC), including source
DeMimePPC.lha util/arc 20K 1+DeMime (including source) for PPC
MakeSFX.lha util/arc 5K 3+Make self extracting archives.
mcvertPPC.lha util/arc 92K 1+Mac .bin/sit/cpt/hqx/sea conversion (PPC
mpackPPC.lha util/arc 310K 1+Mpack/munpack 1.5 (PPC), including sourc
PPCDeTar.lha util/arc 50K 1+DeTar (PPC), incl. source
PPCUnACE.lha util/arc 55K 1+UnACE v1.1c (PPC), incl. source
PPCUnARJ241.lha util/arc 104K 1+UnARJ 2.41 (PPC), incl. source
PPCunlzx.lha util/arc 57K 1+Unpack .lzx files (PPC)
PPCUnTGZ.lha util/arc 58K 1+UnTGZ V1.1 (PPC), incl. source
PPCxDMS.lha util/arc 81K 1+DMS unpacker (PPC), incl. portable sourc
ppunpackPPC.lha util/arc 159K 1+PowerPacker decruncher 1.0, long version
stego.lha util/arc 48K 1+Stego encryption (68k+PPC), including so
Unace.lha util/arc 42K 0+UNACE v1.2b Dearchiver for .ACE files
UnRAR.lha util/arc 176K 1+UnRAR 2.04.1 (68k+PPC)
unrarWOS.lha util/arc 157K 1+UnRAR 2.04.1 (68k+PPC)
UnSharPPC.lha util/arc 25K 1+Unix .shar dearchiver (PPC), incl. sourc
UnTAR_MH.lha util/arc 78K 1+TAR extractor. V37.1
UnTAR_MH_loc.lha util/arc 17K 1+Translated manuals for UnTAR_MH V37.1
xbinPPC.lha util/arc 76K 1+BinHex (Mac .HQX) extractor (PPC), incl.
ZooPPC.lha util/arc 313K 1+Zoo 2.10 (PPC), including source
mousew.lha util/batch 6K 5+Wait for a Mousehit
Cybermagic.lha util/blank 184K 0+Blanker for CGFX 15/16/24Bit only
A2091ToFast.lha util/boot 3K 2+Speedup patch for A2091 on ZorroII Amiga
alm31.lha util/boot 69K 2+Birthday reminder at startup and more
CpuBlit98.lha util/boot 38K 8+CpuBlit 1998 recompile for 68040
FixPATCHMAC.lha util/boot 1K 4+Fix for Phase5 PATCHMAC with FUSION
IsInserted.lha util/boot 7K 8+StartUp-Check if any Disk present then s
RandomBG.lha util/boot 7K 2+V1.2, Select random WB patterns
selector73.lha util/boot 520K 2+Great launching tool. Now FREEWARE!
ShowAmiga96.lha util/boot 275K 5+Fast bootpic-viewer for Picasso96
assmas.lha util/cdity 27K 8+Commodity for easy assign handling (germ
meexchange.lha util/cdity 23K 7+Exchange-Replac.,with new features,1.2
ModePro.lha util/cdity 177K 1+4.50 Screenmode Promotion & Public Scree
MRQ.lha util/cdity 79K 5+The MUI requester improver
Stroke.lha util/cdity 42K 5+Generate key- & other events by mouse
AKCC.lha util/cli 152K 7+Advanced CLI-Commands for KS V33-40 (15.
CatStr.lha util/cli 2K 2+Output catalog strings from Shell & Amig
CheckPort.lha util/cli 1K 1+* CheckPort v1.0 (cli script tool) *
CompareFiles.lha util/cli 2K 7+Compares 2 files with save log.
DayCopy.lha util/cli 9K 8+DayCopy 1.13 - Copy files (+/-)x days ol
DayDelete.lha util/cli 7K 8+DayDelete 1.12 - Delete files (+/-)x day
DayList.lha util/cli 6K 8+DayList 1.1 - List files (+/-)x days old
DayMove.lha util/cli 10K 8+DayMove 1.22 - Move files (+/-)x days ol
DlxRename.lha util/cli 20K 2+Easy Cli utility to rename multiple file
Info.lha util/cli 5K 1+Shows information about your system
ksc_GrowStack.lha util/cli 3K 2+Make tasks use a bigger stack
ksc_Uptime.lha util/cli 2K 4+Show time elapsed since boot
ksc_WhatIs.lha util/cli 3K 7+List files with FileID.library
logtext.lha util/cli 10K 5+Log usage of a program to disk
lowcase.lha util/cli 8K 7+Rename files to lowercase
LstVersn.lzh util/cli 17K 3+Cli-ListVersion-Cmd v1.33 (German-Doc)
MCopy.lha util/cli 13K 5+Copy multiple files in one go - V1.1
MrSPLIT.lha util/cli 18K 2+Fastest filesplitter V1.2 By F.Ultra
MrSplitInterfa.lha util/cli 20K 4+MrSPLIT Interface
SRename.lha util/cli 28K 8+Advanced rename/renumber CLI program.
TRTrueMultis.lha util/cli 4K 8+True Multi-Directory Assigns. (1.08)
WBLaunch.lha util/cli 3K 4+Simulate WB startup from Shell
WBScreen.lha util/cli 9K 2+Open/Close Workbench, make new default
Sumniki.lha util/conv 10K 1+(CSZ) standards converter (Slovene)
SumnikiMUI.lha util/conv 11K 1+MUI front-end for Sumniki v1.2+
BLFH.txt util/crypt 5K 1+New encryption sublibrary for Xpk
PhoenixCode2.lha util/crypt 1K 1+V1.26 update notice
runrc5des.lha util/crypt 4K 5+Start/stop the Amiga rc5des client easil
tc.lha util/crypt 14K 2+Code and encode any files.
AmyTreeSrc.lha util/dir 76K 5+Sources Graphics Tree Browser Free!
Filer4_06.lha util/dir 246K 1+Directory Utility for OS 2.04+
Ordering_v1.14.lha util/dir 317K 5+Powerful directory utility for OS 2.04
sid201a_upd.lha util/dir 141K 2+Update SID2 Professional to v2.01a
SimpleFind-es.lha util/dir 23K 1+Spanish docs for SimpleFind 2.3
simplefind.lha util/dir 175K 5+V2.3 of the FileFinder
akJFIF-dt.lha util/dtype 222K 0+AkJFIF-dt V44.5 (JPEG, 68000-060, PPC)
akLJPG-dt.lha util/dtype 109K 3+AkLJPG-dt V44.4 (LJPG, 68000-060. PPC)
akPNG-dt.lha util/dtype 237K 0+AkPNG-dt V44.5 (PNG, 68000-060, PPC)
akPrefs.lha util/dtype 12K 5+Prefs for Datatypes from A. Kleinert
akPrefs_fr.lha util/dtype 1K 5+French catalog for akPrefs
akSVG-dt.lha util/dtype 78K 3+AkSVG-dt V44.4 (SVG, 68000-060, PPC indi
ilbmdt.lha util/dtype 6K 2+Improved ilbmdt (44.13)
mpegadt203.lha util/dtype 255K 1+MPEG audio datatype V2.3
mpegsdt106.lha util/dtype 77K 1+MPEG System datatype V1.6
PCD-DT.lha util/dtype 130K 5+Datatype for Photo-CD Images (43.7)
PDF_TeXpk_SGI.lha util/dtype 72K 2+PDF, TeXpk & SGI datatype descriptors
ProtrackerDT.lha util/dtype 7K 4+Protracker datatype 1.14 (AHI)
rgfx-dt.lha util/dtype 104K 5+Datatype for IFF-RGFX-Format (43.7)
XBM_DT.lha util/dtype 42K 1+V43.7, X BitMap DataType.
ispell31p4bin.lha util/gnu 660K 1+Very powerful spell checking. V3.1.18p4
ispell31p4src.lha util/gnu 862K 1+Very powerful spell checking. V3.1.18p4
als_lib.lha util/libs 64K 8+Adv Lawnmower Sim (als.library) 6.31b
FIDLib80.lha util/libs 134K 8+V8.0, file identification library
Freedom.lha util/libs 587K 7+Use truetype fonts with all programs!!
HSMathLibs_040.lha util/libs 80K 5+Very fast replacement for all math libra
HSMathLibs_060.lha util/libs 80K 5+Very fast replacement for all math libra
IdentifyUsr.lha util/libs 115K 7+ListExp, identifies expansions and more
multifunction.lha util/libs 29K 5+Function collection for everyday program
PalmLink.lha util/libs 72K 7+Connect Amiga with 3Com Palm Pilot (V0.7
ttflib.lha util/libs 195K 4+Ttf.library v0.6 - truetype font engine
ACDSee2Filenot.lha util/misc 12K 8+Converts ACDSee filedesc. to filenote
AminetIdx.lha util/misc 17K 1+V1.1 INDEX display, find and more (MUI)
Change.lha util/misc 7K 4+Alters a file by following commands give
DizEd21.lha util/misc 350K 7+THE file_id.diz editor!
easytable.lha util/misc 4K 2+Simple database to HTML table converter.
FiDED39553.lha util/misc 48K 7+Extracts Fileinfo (MP3/Aminet/diz suppor
FreedomGer.lha util/misc 8K 7+German Catalog set for Freedom1.10
GBar.lha util/misc 74K 1+Very Nice Titlebar for Executive 2.1
GFXPatch1_1.lha util/misc 5K 7+Patches gfx.lib to v40 on CyberGraphX sy
HTML-Creator.lha util/misc 135K 1+Package to create HTML pages for CD-ROMs
iconhelper.lha util/misc 26K 7+Change icon type and tooltypes
IWantChunky.lha util/misc 2K 5+IWantChunky, WriteChunkyPixels with P96/
laser130.lha util/misc 349K 5+Lasermax Laser Controller v1.30
LS-SPD5P.lha util/misc 42K 7+New PRE-RELEASED SpeedTester 68k/PPC/x86
PatchStack.lha util/misc 2K 5+PatchStack, increase Stacksize on runnin
RHelfer.lha util/misc 179K 0+Helps to solve german crosswords. V2.09
SAminet.lha util/misc 8K 4+Quick Search Aminet Index - Thor + CEd
SerialKey.lha util/misc 17K 5+Remote keyboard over serial.
shortnote.lha util/misc 144K 7+A programm to make notes (German necessa
StripHunks.lha util/misc 6K 2+V1.4 CLI tool to strip useless hunks
tuneup.lha util/misc 45K 7+Program to diagnose engine problems.
URB.lha util/misc 233K 7+V2 EXTREMELY configurable bars on ALL sc
VWM15.lha util/misc 26K 5+Virtual Window Manager - version 1.5
WCv14.lha util/misc 95K 3+What? Config v1.4 - Show config/Bug Repo
WGPhone.lha util/misc 4K 8+TCalc macro for splitting a phonebill
ChipWatch_v1.0.lha util/moni 22K 7+Watches and Warns of Low Chipmem
MEMAlert2.lha util/moni 15K 7+Monitors memory level and warns when mem
SnoopDos_DAN.lha util/moni 5K 4+Danish catalog for SnoopDos 3.0
XOpa1_94.lha util/moni 131K 5+System Monitor with a beautiful interfac
MuiWheel10.lha util/mouse 21K 1+Mouse wheel support for MUI
UnSquish.lha util/pack 97K 2+Shell/Workbench decompressor
xfdDecrunchAdd.lha util/pack 16K 2+V1.2 xfd-decrunch address crunched files
xpk_CryptRdm.txt util/pack 2K 8+How to obtain the XPK encryption libs
xpk_Develop.lha util/pack 104K 1+V4.34 Compression package, developer cut
xpk_Source.lha util/pack 170K 1+V4.34 Compression package, source files
xpk_User.lha util/pack 217K 1+V4.34 Compression package, user edition
CheckDownloads.lha util/rexx 5K 8+Check Aminet downloads with VirusZ
cliped110.lha util/rexx 4K 2+Edit Arexx internal cliplist from GUI
dofile41.lha util/rexx 30K 4+Launch tools based on datatype of files
FreshBar.lha util/rexx 75K 5+Progressbars in ARexx-scripts
FWCalendar.lha util/rexx 350K 1+Create calendars w/ events in FW
MicroRexx200.lha util/rexx 49K 2+ARexx Intuition extension
NewEd.lha util/rexx 14K 7+Make ed use ctrlX for delete and more
rxlistview17.lha util/rexx 6K 2+Listview requester for your Arexx script
Scion2html.lha util/rexx 28K 5+WWW browser HTML's from Scion Genealogy
SeekHTTP.lha util/rexx 61K 1+V3.1! Search for urls in a file & write
ShortIndex.lha util/rexx 5K 7+Cut Aminet index to your specification
AddBuffe.lha util/sys 3K 8+Replaces original AddBuffers command (38
lDMNDRVS.lha util/sys 2K 7+Faster loading of monitor drivers (37.4)
NewTime.lha util/sys 17K 1+New time preferences replacement V40.1 4
PedanticPatch.lha util/sys 3K 7+System Patch for pedantic assholes like
PoolMem.lha util/sys 44K 0+Memory defragmentizer/AllocP superset
porthandler.lha util/sys 10K 1+Improved L:port-handler (41.2)
StackAid.lha util/sys 7K 4+Avoid STACK related gurus (Ramlib/IPrefs
Swipe1.101.lha util/sys 13K 8+Delete-replacement, removes assigns on t
TotalyRusy201.lha util/sys 224K 2+* AmigaOS Russian Upgrade Kit v2.01 *
backclock.lha util/time 34K 4+Beautiful Transparent clock for Workbenc
DCF77.lha util/time 367K 2+Radio clock receiver, clock, time signal
MReminder3.lha util/time 68K 2+Utililty to remember dates and anniversa
RDayBugFixed.lha util/time 1K 4+Bug fixed!! download now Balrog Soft
RememberDay.lha util/time 90K 4+Utility remember special day Balrog Soft
TimeSpeak.lha util/time 20K 2+Speaks current date or time
WakeUp.lha util/time 5K 1+Cool AlarmClock for the amiga!
memcheck.lha util/virus 5K 2+MEMCHECK 6.0 - Mini virus checker/killer
vht-vc17.lha util/virus 67K 6+Version 1.7 of Virus_Checker II
vht-vg24.lha util/virus 74K 3+VirusWarning.Guide v2.4
VT_Binary.lha util/virus 398K 8+V3.09 virus killer, binary files
VT_DocFiles.lha util/virus 480K 8+V3.09 virus killer, German documentation
xvs33_10.lha util/virus 34K 7+Xvs.library v33.9, The eXternal Virus Su
assmas.lha util/wb 30K 5+Program for easy assigning (german)
bbank.lha util/wb 23K 2+Program Launcher - Version 1.g Beta(05-A
bZ_NewAppIcon.lha util/wb 40K 5+Configuration system for AppIcons
confix12.lha util/wb 38K 2+Easy backup of your config data, IMPROVE
DockNet15.lha util/wb 3K 6+Mui Dock to launch apps
F-BenchV2_00.lha util/wb 118K 7+Files and programs maganer V2.00. Better
FBN-Nmtr.lha util/wb 42K 5+Converts between Binary, Hex and Decimal
FBN-Rnam.lha util/wb 47K 4+Renaming utility
Formation_13c.lha util/wb 103K 7+File Search and Grouping Utility.
Gurus98_1308.lha util/wb 513K 1+Shows infos about Gurus (German)
HotBarII.lha util/wb 49K 8+V3.9: Program launch tool
IceHex_v1.lha util/wb 21K 8+Show arqs in hex format WB 2.+
iceMemoV1.lha util/wb 17K 8+Clean the memori and dysplay free ram.
Locked.lha util/wb 17K 8+Secure selected by You 6 drivers
MARInA.lha util/wb 1.3M 4+The Ultimate WB-Wizards. 31.Jul.98
marina_3108.lha util/wb 1.3M 0+The Ultimate WB-Wizards. 31.Aug.98
MARInA_voice.lha util/wb 1.3M 5+(optional) MARInA-Voice output.31.Jul.19
MemWatch.lha util/wb 11K 5+Shows memory-usage in text or gfx. v1.0
MoreTools.lha util/wb 10K 5+Adds items to the 'tools' menu - V 2.0
MrIcon.lha util/wb 21K 1+A GUI for easy copying icons v1.5
NewInstaller.lha util/wb 248K 2+Automatic Scriptgener. for C= Installer
PrefPointer.lha util/wb 1K 5+Prefs for mouse (Pseudo Transparent)
proteus.lha util/wb 131K 2+(German) Deluxe CD-ROM Remote (+DOOM wad
RealIcons.lha util/wb 7K 8+(V0.19) A system patch for better icons!
RUS_cats.lha util/wb 618K 1+Russian Locale System - catalogs archive
RUS_fonts.lha util/wb 228K 1+Russian Locale System - russian fonts ar
RUS_main.lha util/wb 300K 1+Russian Locale System - main archive
ScreenToIFF121.lha util/wb 31K 5+Save screens as IFF-ILBM pictures
Sgrab.lha util/wb 37K 1+Screen grabber with GUI (1.7)
Starflight.lha util/wb 1K 1+Pointer: From Starflight, now for your W
stb0.lha util/wb 69K 1+(Only PL) Start games/demos which 2 MB C
ToolManagerLoc.lha util/wb 420K 5+ToolManager - localization (V3.1 Rel #2)
TotalCalc1_2.lha util/wb 42K 1+Calculator with interesting features
UpBR.lha util/wb 100K 3+Portugues-BRASIL v1.4 upgrade kit for Am
UpdateNIcon1.0.lha util/wb 46K 7+Copies icons from one to another via App
VisualPrefs.lha util/wb 325K 5+Configure the look of the Amiga GUI!
wait30cats.lha util/wb 18K 8+Catalogs for Wait replacement V3.0
wbstars2.lha util/wb 71K 8+V2.08 Animated workbench-background (war
Win95e_V2.lha util/wb 1K 5+Win95 spanish keyboard map V.2

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