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WELCOME TO AMINET SET 3 DISK b @{" Deutsch " link SET3b:Local/Misc/LiesMich/main} Copyright 1996 @{"Urban Müller" link Author} Welcome to disk b of Aminet Set 3. On this disk you find all the graphics software and pictures uploaded to Aminet since the making of Set 2, plus the excellent commercial ray-tracer Imagine 4. Check @{" what is where " link WhatWhere} to find the other directories. 1G of @{" directories " link WhatWhere} @{" pix " link "SET3B:Index/pix" } @{" gfx " link "SET3B:Index/gfx" }, including: 400M of @{" pics " link SET3b:Local/Pics/main } with thumbnail database, including textures 140M of @{" maps " link SET3b:Local/Maps/main } of all parts of the world 80M of @{" 3D objects " link SET3b:Local/Objects/main } in Imagine format (700 of them) 10M of @{" charts " link SET3b:Local/Charts/main } entries 5M of @{" commercial " link SET3b:Imagine/ReadMe/main } software: The raytracer Imagine 4.0 and XiPaint 3.2 Information is also available on: @{" New features " link Features } What the previous CDs didn't have @{" Access software " link Software } Find, Prefs, and all the other tools @{" Customizing " link Custom } How to adapt Aminet CD to your taste @{" Troubleshooting " link Troubles } What to do if problems occur @{" What is Aminet " link Aminet } Information about our distributed archive @{" Accessing Aminet " link Access } How to download directly from Aminet @{" Submitting " link Submitting} How to get your software onto Aminet @{" Ordering " link Ordering } Where to order Aminet CDs and subscriptions @{" Disclaimer " link Disclaimer} Legal mumbo jumbo plus virus warning @endnode ============================================================================ @node Author "About the author" The guy who selected, arranged, documented and sorted the contents of this CD for you is me, Urban Müller, the main administrator of Aminet. All the support software is from me, too. You can reach me at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. if you have any feedback about this CD. Of course this CD would not have been possible without the help of the countless people involved in the administration of Aminet, not to mention the thousands of uploaders. Special thanks go to: Matthias Supp - for most of the German descriptions Matthias Scheler - for co-moderating Aminet. Lars Eilebrecht - for beta-testing. Yours truly.... Urban Müller @endnode ============================================================================ @node WhatWhere "What is where" These are the directories of Aminet Set 3: Disk a (Tools): @{" util " link "SET3A:Index/util"} @{" docs " link "SET3A:Index/docs"} @{" text " link "SET3A:Index/text"} @{" disk " link "SET3A:Index/disk"} @{" hard " link "SET3A:Index/hard" } Disk b (Gfx) : @{" pix " link "SET3B:Index/pix" } @{" gfx " link "SET3B:Index/gfx" } Disk c (Fun) : @{" demo " link "SET3C:Index/demo"} @{" game " link "SET3C:Index/game"} @{" misc " link "SET3C:Index/misc"} Disk d (Mods) : @{" mods " link "SET3D:Index/mods"} @{" mus " link "SET3D:Index/mus" } @{" comm " link "SET3D:Index/comm"} @{" dev " link "SET3D:Index/dev "} @{" biz " link "SET3D:Index/biz"} Disk a contains copies of files from the other CDs, since there was some space left. The files copied are all files newer than Aminet CD 12. In addition this CD has a copy of all .readme files so if you use Find or the global index files there you can read all readmes. Disk b has a database with thumbnail version of all pictures in Local/Pics Disk c has lists of the best games and demos in Local/. Disk d hat has a modules index, sorted by quality and style. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Subscriptions "Subscriptions Subscriptions If you'd like the Aminet CD sent to you every two months and save money at the same time, then ask your dealer about subscriptions. If you order from Fred Fish's "Cronus" in the USA, the subscription price is $59.95 for 4 issues, which means about $15 per issue instead of about $20. The price does not include shipping ($4 anywhere worldwide). The address: CRONUS 1840 East Warner Road #105-265 Chandler, AZ 85284 U.S.A. FAX: (602) 491-0048 Voice: (800) 804-0833 or (602) 491-0442 Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe GmbH in Germany also offers subscriptions. See this @{" order information " link Ordering}. You may want to ask you local dealer if he offers subscriptions, too. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Features "New features" New features of this CD - Most importantly: An animation of @{" me " link Author} juggling gigabytes - There is now a text with a @{" contest " link SET3b:Local/Misc/30000/main} for the world size record - All the software (except for some mods, pix etc) has German descriptions - bugfix: Extracting matches from Aminet CD 3 in SingleFind now works - bugfix: The multi channel indicator in Local/Mods is now more correct @endnode ============================================================================ @node Software "Access software" Workbench --------- Browsing: The first thing you will want to do is browse the contents of the CD. The best way to get a quick overview is having a look at the overview in this document; the very first links. Another method is to check the file Local/New_Dir (if you already have the previous Aminet CD) or Local/Index_Dir. Wherever you see a list of files with descriptions, you can click to archive name to start an unpack tool. You will be asked for a destination directory (the default can be chosen in 'Prefs'). After you hit return, the archive gets unpacked to where you selected. For some types of files, you can click a middle button (called 'Start' or 'Play') to view look at the archive contents directly. Some index files play directly without asking (e.g. the Modules and the Games index). In all index files you can view the .readme file for an archive by clicking the description. Searching: After you've become familiar with the contents of the CD, you will often want to search for a specific keyword in the contents of the CD. Just double click the 'Find' icon on the top level of the CD, enter the case insensitive sub string or pattern you want to look for, and you will be presented with a list of files that match your sub string anywhere on their line. You can also search the New_* and Index_* files in Lists by clicking them first and then shift- doubleclicking 'Find'. The resulting document will be of the 'View' type for the toplevel Find program and of the 'Extract' type for all other Find programs. The NewFind and AminetFind search the the list of new files and the list of all Aminet files. If you drag any of the FindKit drawer in Tools/ anywhere onto your hard disk, you can do searches without having the CD in your drive. Using the FullFind program in the Tools directory, you can find any word in any readme of this CD. If your word is a prefix of a word in a readme, it will match. To prevent that, append a $ to your search word. You can enter several search words, separated by blanks, to see only the documents which contain all of them. See also the documentation for the tools in question: @{" Inspect " system "SET3b:Tools/View SET3b:Tools/Docs/Inspect"}, @{" Find " system "SET3b:Tools/View SET3b:Tools/Docs/Find"}, @{" FullFind " system "SET3b:Tools/View SET3b:Tools/Docs/FullFind"} and @{" Prefs " system "SET3b:Tools/View SET3b:Tools/Docs/Prefs"}. CLI/Shell --------- Using a shell is not the recommended way to access this CD. However you sometimes have no choice, e.g. when working under UNIX or MSDOS. To get familiar with the contents of the CD, I recommend having a look at the file Aminet/INDEX which contains a complete list of all files on the CD in plain ASCII. More ASCII index files found in Local/, they end in .doc. If you find a file you are interested in, for example, docs/mags/cd32bits-0694.lha , then execute the following commands: cd Aminet/docs/mags lha e cd32bits-0694.lha ram: to unpack the contents of that archive to RAM. If you don't have the archiver LhA yet, you can obtain it from the Tools/ directory on the CD. To locate all files that contain foo anywhere in their file name, directory name or description, execute the command search NONUM Aminet/INDEX foo or just use the Aminet find tool: find foo which will output an AmigaGuide document and display it. If you want to find the files on any Aminet CD, use: find IN Aminet foo For further information read the documents on Find, FullFind and Inspect in Tools/Docs/. Useful stuff ------------ There is a very limited number of unpacked utilities on this CD in the Tools/Useful directory. They are all related to accessing the files on this CD, and you should think about installing them on your HD. - AmiCDROM is an excellent CD-ROM file system. In the improbable case that your CD filesystem has problems with the Aminet CD, just use this one. - ARCHandler lets you access the Aminet CD (or any other file system) as if all the lha files on it were directories, ie you don't need to unpack anything. Great stuff. - Degrader can disable all the advanced features of accelerated Amigas, getting many hardware-bashing demos and games to run. - ToolAlias can map one default tool name to another. This is useful if you can't change the default tool of a file but want to use a different viewer. - TrashMaster creates an App-Icon on your Workbench where you can drag icons to delete them. Handy to clean up after an archive has been extracted to RAM:. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Custom "Customizing Aminet CD" Customizing Aminet CD As you know all too well, CDs cannot be written to. This CD, however, gives you a limited possibility to shape it according to your taste. There are two possibilities, select the links for documentation: The @{" Personal " link Personal} index in the Local drawer is an Aminet CD index like all the others, with viewing and readme displaying capabilities. The only difference is that you decide what's listed in it and what not. @{" Clones " link Clones} are tiny files that pretend to be one of the items on the Aminet CD. You can create, rename and arrange them as you like, and you can put them in WBStartup or ToolManager docks. Of course you need the CD in the drive when you want to use clones. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Personal "Your personal Aminet CD index" Your personal Aminet CD index In the Local directory you find, among various static index files an index called 'Personal'. In the beginning it's empty. If you click 'add', you are asked for a search pattern. You can click any of the shown items to to add them to your personal Aminet index. However you need to close your Personal index and open it again in order to make the changes visible. If you press the 'sort' button, the index will be sorted by directory and subsorted by file name. Duplicate lines will be eliminated. Again, you have to close and reopen the index. With the 'edit' button, finally, you can make any changes to your personal index using your favourite editor. setenv EDITOR to determine the editor. Always use line operation (like deleting lines, inserting lines from Aminet/INDEX or reordering lines). Again, you need to reload the index to make the changes visible. The index looks as if it were stored on the CD. This is not the case, of course. The contents are stored in the file S:Aminet-PersonalX, where X is the number of your CD. You can edit or delete it there. Apart from that, the Personal index behaves like any immediate view index; ie if you click a mod in the Personal index, it will play immediately. So have a look at your @{" personal " system "SET3b:Tools/Personal"} index. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Clones "Clones" Clones There's a few things that you cannot do in a normal Aminet CD index. For example you cannot put an item from the Aminet CD index in a ToolManager dock or a Directory Opus gadget. That's what clones were created for. Clones pretend to be the Aminet file you created them from. You can move them around, arrange them and delete them as you like. Clones can be started from CLI or from the Workbench, where they have an icon that reflects their type. Starting a clone is equivalent to clicking the according archive name in the Aminet CD index, except for the fact that the action (playing, game or demo starting) will be performed without asking for confirmation. Of course you need to have the Aminet CD in the CD-ROM drive when you start a cloned program. To create a clone, start the @{" Cloner " system "SET3b:Tools/Cloner"} program. It asks you for a pattern and displays the files matching that pattern. You then click the item you would like to see cloned, maybe change the destination path in the upcoming requester, and hit 'Create' to confirm. Each clone takes about 3K of disk space. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Troubles "Some common problems with the Aminet CD" Why are all file names upper case? ---------------------------------- For this CD, we have chosen to stick to the ISO CDROM standard. This means that the CD can be read on any system, but it also means that all files names are upper case. However, we also used RockRidge extensions, so file systems that understand them can still use mixed case. The AmiCDROM file system provided in the Tools/Useful directory will give you mixed case on the Aminet CD. Why can't I read some of the files with the Commodore CD file system? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Because it's buggy. The solution is the same as before: Install the AmiCDROM file system. It's works very nicely. Why do I have problems with by Xetec file system? ------------------------------------------------- It seems to have problems with our choice of CD formats. However version 2.0 was reported to work fine. If not, again, again: Install the AmiCDROM file system found on this CD. Nothing happens when I try to show that image/play that mod! ------------------------------------------------------------ The Aminet extraction software tries to be smart how every pic is shown or mod is played. However sometimes it fails. In those cases you can simply extract the archive and look at it by yourself. Also, you might be running out of memory, see below. I'm running out of memory! -------------------------- Viewing an image or playing a mod by clicking it in the index takes quite a lot of memory, since the index as well was the extraction program stay in memory while the picture is viewed. Solutions: - Set your extraction directory to something different from RAM:, e.g. an (existing) directory on your HD. This can be done using the 'Prefs' program. - Don't view the files directly from the index. Click on 'extract' first, then close the index, and open the directory your file was extracted to. Of course combining the two saves the most. I want to mount this CD on my BBS --------------------------------- We have Files.BBS index files in every directory, so some BBS programs can use the CD directly. Others understand our .readme format already. For MS-DOS BBSes use the index called FILES.MSD. If you would like to copy the files onto HD, you can use the file Aminet/info/adt/TRANSL.TBL (which shows origname and CD-name for each file) to restore the original file names. If you write any additional software or need indices in a different format, please contact me. I cannot use this CD with my CD32! ---------------------------------- This is due to a bug in the CD32 CDROM file system and occurs when you boot off the Network CD or something similar. You can circumvent this bug by mounting a small RAD: disk (about 49 tracks), copy the most important files from a Workbench CD there (c, libs, envarc) and boot off the RAD:. That should get the Aminet CD (and some other interesting CDs) to work. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Aminet "What is Aminet?" What is Aminet? --------------- Aminet is a library where software authors can place their freely distributable programs for others to download. The backbone of Aminet consists of about 20 computers all over the world that are linked to Internet, a computer network that connects most universities and many businesses in the world. Many other places, such as 50 BBSes, keep frequently updated copies of Aminet. Aminet is moderated. Whatever gets uploaded has to be approved before it is made available to the public. However there is no censorship; the only conditions for inclusion in the library are that every file uploaded has a description file in the correct format, and the archive itself is okay and virus free. What is unique about Aminet is that large amounts of data are made available to a wide audience within a very short time. If a programmer uploads his latest release to Aminet, he can expect that it will have been downloaded and tested by one thousand people within a week. If he finds a bug in his program, he can distribute an update to the whole world within twenty four hours. In that respect, freely distributable software works far better than commercial software. You may want to read about the @{" recent " system "SET3b:Tools/View SET3b:Local/Misc/30000"}, @{" older" system "SET3b:Tools/View SET3b:Local/Misc/10000"} and @{" ancient " system "SET3b:Tools/View SET3b:Local/Misc/5000"} history of Aminet, or find out where to @{" access " link Access} Aminet in your area. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Access "Getting access to Aminet" Where do I access Aminet? ------------------------- If you would like to get updated more often than is possible with a quarterly CDROM, you have several possibilities. By far the best way is getting yourself connected to the Internet. Several commercial networks allow access to the Internet. Some of them are (this is not an endorsement, just an information): USA Netcom Voice 1.408.554.UNIX Portal Voice 1.408.973.9111 Modem 1.408.973.8091 GERMANY EUnet Voice +49.231.972.00 Fax +49.231.972.1111 SWITZERLAND EUnet Voice + Fax + Once you have gotten Internet access you can use the following methods to access the latest Aminet files: - Mirrors. The normal way to access Aminet is by FTP, which comes with UNIX (program name is ftp). You can use any of the below sites. Most keep only recent files, but ftp.wustl.edu, ftp.cdrom.com, ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk and ftp.luth.se are complete. Location Name IP Address Path Files USA (MO) ftp.wustl.edu pub/aminet/ ALL USA (WI) ftp.netnet.net pub/aminet/ ALL USA (AZ) ftp.ninemoons.com pub/aminet/ ALL Australia ftp.livewire.com.au pub/aminet/ ALL Australia ftp.tas.gov.au pub/aminet/ 20000 Italy ftp.unina.it pub/aminet/ ALL Scandinavia ftp.luth.se pub/aminet/ 25000 Switzerland ftp.eunet.ch pub/aminet/ 22000 Germany kelly.uni-paderborn.de pub/aminet/ ALL Germany ftp.uni-paderborn.de pub/aminet/ ALL Germany ftp.uni-erlangen.de pub/aminet/ 22000 Germany ftp.uni-stuttgart.de cd aminet 15000 Germany ftp.uni-siegen.de pub/aminet/ 7500 Germany ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de pub/aminet/ 6000 Germany ftp.uni-trier.de pub/aminet/ 4500 Germany ftp.tu-chemnitz.de pub/aminet/ 4000 Germany ftp.fh-augsburg.de pub/aminet/ 3000 Germany ftp.uni-oldenburg.de pub/aminet/ 2500 Germany ftp.uni-bremen.de pub/aminet/ 2000 Germany ftp.uni-kl.de pub/aminet/ 1500 Germany ftp.rz.uni-wuerzburg.de pub/aminet/ 700 Austria ftp.giga.or.at pub/aminet/ 500 France ftp.grolier.fr pub/aminet/ ALL France sunsite.cnam.fr pub/aminet/ 8000 Denmark sunsite.auc.dk cd aminet 2000 UK sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk pub/aminet/ ALL UK micros.hensa.ac.uk pub/aminet/ 8500 Portugal ftp.ua.pt pub/aminet/ 9000 Spain ftp.gui.uva.es pub/aminet/ 1000 - ADT. This is a front end for FTP that allows easy access to Aminet. Get it from misc/unix/ and compile it on your UNIX box. - FSP. Aminet Files can be downloaded from the FSP site ftp.luth.se at port 6969 and from disun3.epfl.ch port 9999. ftp.wustl.edu and ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk have FSP on port 21, but can't be reached from everywhere (just try). Uploads are accepted at wustl and luth. - Telnet. ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk strikes again. You can telnet to and log in as 'sources', which gives you a UNIX account where you can download the files on src using commands like 'sz' and 'kermit', or just browse around. - NFS. The only Aminet site that allows NFS mounting of the archives is ftp.wustl.edu. FTP there and read the details in /README.NFS - IRC. On Internet Relay Chat, you can talk to various server robots like Mama, LitBot and MerBot, to do queries and retrievals. Find out more about them using '/msg mama help', for example. - Finger. To find out what's been uploaded to Aminet within the last week, enter 'finger Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.'. - Gopher. Gopher is specially supported by several Aminet sites. Just type 'gopher' or 'gopher -p'. USA (MO) ftp.wustl.edu 1/pub/aminet/info/goph USA (TX) ftp.etsu.edu 1/AmigaArchives/Aminet SWITZERLAND ftp.eunet.ch 1/pub/aminet/info/goph GERMANY ftp.uni-paderborn.de 1/Service/FTP/Direct/ftp-server/aminet UK ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk 1/pub/aminet/info/goph If you don't have full internet access, you can try one of the following methods to get access: - Mailserver. The Aminet site src.doc.ic.ac.uk has an email server that sends out uuencoded binaries. Send a message with HELP in the body to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.. You can also use Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. to retrieve files from any Aminet site, but please use an American one to save bandwidth. Send HELP there for information, too. Germans try Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. . Searching the aminet index for a file name, or uploading can be done at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. (as usual, send HELP there for information). Also, the RECENT and CHARTS files are available from an automatic e-mail server. Send mail to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. with the single word "help" (no quotes) in the body to find out how to use the server. - Modem. The following BBSes carry up-to-date Aminet files. Most have more phone numbers than we can mention here, call to see a list of the others. List sorted by phone number. (Please notify me of Aminet BBSes that are not on the list) Country Name FIDO Phone ISDN ------- ---- ---- ----- ---- USA (MS) The Gateway 1:3604/60 (+1)601 374 2697 USA (CA) Heavy Metal 1:202/1112 (+1)619 232 4919 USA (NC) The C: Dir (+1)919 787 6211 Canada RCN Networks (+1)418 653 3099 Canada TunnelVisio 1:153/910 (+1)604 535 9826 Canada MidnightMag (+1)905 796 2931 France Ramses 2:320/104 (+33)1 45845623 Italy Glass Globe 2:332/118 (+39)577 959054 Italy SpeedOfLife 2:335/533 (+39)931 833773 Switzerland Amiga Micro 2:301/819 (+41)1 3001008 (+41)1 3001009 Switzerland Helvetica 2:301/723 (+41)1 3130879 (+41)1 3101016 Switzerland Dolphins (+41)1 8450936 (+41)1 8846028 Switzerland AmiCall 2:301/722 (+41)1 9804297 Switzerland Turicum (+41)1 9918501 (+41)1 9918503 Switzerland Dive-Inn 2:301/325 (+41)22 7518103 (+41)22 7518105 Switzerland Alphanet (+41)38 414081 Switzerland LogicPalace 2:301/706 (+41)31 7320051 (+41)31 7320044 Switzerland LINKSys (+41)61 3215643 (+41)61 3832007 Switzerland AUGS BBS (+41)62 7945041 (+41)62 7945049 Austria Amiga World 2:310/72 (+43)1 5044269 (+43)1 5047701 Denmark Scala BBS 2:230/418 (+45)44680300 (+45)44861540 Sweden TSDF (+46)90 199004 Germany Surprise (+49)201 329761 (+49)201 8315005 Germany Art-Line (+49)202 596003 (+49)202 2546013 Germany T.O.M. (+49)202 595267 Germany Pleasure (+49)203 431366 Germany SMachine (+49)203 4061447 (+49)203 9940127 Germany Grisubox (+49)2065 24447 Germany Karma Designs (+49)208 670722 (+49)208 628951 Germnay Golden Gate (+49)2041 262769 Germany Future Line (+49)2041 686829 Germany Blue Moon (+49)2065 66407 Germany Waldspecht (+49)208 202509 (+49)208 851334 Germany TrkPool (+49)208 808640 Germany Delvinor (+49)2131 549457 (+49)2131 951253 Germany Newswire (+49)2154 5011 Germany Debuwi (+49)2236 83233 Germany Candys --- (+49)221 462138 Germany Darkness (+49)2273 1096 (+49)2273 910062 Germany X-RAY (+49)228 455893 Germany CBonn (+49)228 666588 Germany SID (+49)231 448496 Germany Blanker (+49)231 815739 (+49)231 9812094 Germany Fantasie (+49)2381 675700 Germany Stingray (+49)2385 6542 (+49)2385 910031 Germany ASBM (+49)251 791650 Germany Circus (+49)281 24001 Germany AMBO (+49)30 3739293 (+49)30 37401021 Germany TERM (+49)30 4537288 (+49)30 45470171 Germany Quick (+49)40 5479638 Germany ITHH (+49)40 6064098 (+49)40 60680341 Germany DOOM (+49)4223 8355 (+49)4223 95004 Germany Flight (+49)4442 72138 (+49)4442 920362 Germany Nexus-I (+49)5242 42065 Germany Black-Z (+49)6142 46278 (+49)6142 924080 Germany TecMania (+49)6157 910124 (+49)6157 990421 Germany 48'er 2:2468/6020 (+49)6203 180293 Germany WestCoast 2:2468/9718.0 (+49)6221 761304 Germany RudisBox (+49)6253 86677 (+49)6253 972100 Germany HIT (+49)681 399426 (+49)681 372552 Germany Groenland (+49)6824 8444 Germany Titan (+49)6826 800391 Germany ***elOutside (+49)6838 84739 Germany BrainWave 2:246/2006.0 (+49)7071 78729 (+49)7071 971213 Germany DALLAS-BBS (+49)711 588146 (+49)711 5719063 Germany Amiga Univ. 2:246/1416.0 (+49)7195 920677 (+49)7195 940130 Germany Amiga Inside2:2476/539.0 (+49)721 841292 Germany Uplink 2:246/2320 (+49)751 96217 Germany Fairytale 2:246/2300 (+49)7541 24362 (+49)7541 930232 Germany Melting Point 2:2476/825 (+49)7663 50103 (+49)7663 912013 Germany Predator 2:2490/1140 (+49)9131 14439 Germany LSD (+49)9133 9591 Germany Turtle 2:2490/1092 (+49)911 3241044 (+49)911 3241055 Germany Lizard (+49)911 476948 Germany Incubus (+49)931 781464 (+49)931 7900200 Australia Continental (+61)2949 4256 Australia 1990 Multi 3:690/758.0 (+61)9370 3333 - Anonymous UUCP. In Germany, you can access the Aminet files at the phone numbers of Brainwave BBS (see above) using the following entry. Download the file "Aminet:INFO" for more information. anarchy Any SER 38400 ATD BBS. ..\c ogin: uanon sword: uanon - FIDO. If you want to file-request Aminet files, you can do so by requesting the file INFO from 2:246/2006.0. The BBSes which have a FIDO node number mentioned above allow file requests. - Mailing lists. If you want to get the list of new uploads mailed every week, send a mail with 'SUBSCRIBE aminet-weekly Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.' in the body to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or if you want daily updates, just use 'SUBSCRIBE aminet-daily' instead. Replace Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. with your email address, of course. Keep the welcome mail in case you forget how to unsubscribe... - Usenet. A list of recent uploads is posted every week to the newsgroups comp.sys.amiga.misc and de.comp.sys.amiga.archive. - EZINFO. This is an internet BBS in Switzerland. Here you can download by Kermit or ZMODEM, but you need to be verified to become user. Modem dial 01 251 20 02, then type 'call b050' to connect to EZINFO. Also try telnet kometh.ethz.ch and 'call b050' from internet. - Aminet-on-disk. You can order single Aminet files (3 DM per disk) or per-directory subscriptions (2 DM per disk) from Martin Schulze, Parkstr. 14, 66806 Ensdorf, Germany. Phone: ++49 (0) 6831 506171, email Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. . Other media like opticals or DAT's are available, too. Send 3 DM in stamps or $2 to get an index disk with instructions. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Submitting "Sending software to Aminet" How do I submit something to Aminet? ------------------------------------ If you are an author of freely distributable software, you may be interested to get your software onto Aminet. Aminet gets your software to a lot of people very quickly, and is free of charge for most of its users. If you would like to get your piece of freely distributable software onto Aminet and you don't have access to the Internet, you can check the BBSes listed @{" here " link Access} if they forward uploads to Aminet. The Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. accepts uploads by email, send HELP there for instructions. If all fails, you can still send a diskette (that will not be sent back, sorry) with your upload to Martin Schulze, whose address you find in the access list as well. Be sure to read the upload @{" instructions " system "SET3b:Tools/View SET3b:Local/Misc/Uploads"} very carefully. Faulty submissions are in danger of being deleted. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Ordering "Ordering subsequent CD's" Order information ----------------- A new Aminet CD appears every two months. You can expect about 500M of new software on every CD, plus the currently most popular files, plus enough files from other sources to fill up the CD to its limit. 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Some of them are distributed as Shareware, which means that you have to pay for its registration if you use it regularly. Please support the concept of shareware; if a program is worth using, it's also worth paying for. You're getting the FD software on this CD is free of charge. The price of the CD just pays for the collecting and presenting it, and for the pressing of the CD. amigaguide.library is Copyright Commodore Amiga Inc. All programs Copyright their authors except where noted otherwise @endnode ============================================================================

Document sans nom | Local files at Aminet Set 3b on 24-Jun-96
| Sorted by directory and file name. Age in weeks.
| A wide version of this file can be found in info/index/
|File Dir Size Age Description
|----------------- --- ---- --- -----------
24BitSSPro.lha gfx/3d 244K 32+3D SIRDS Maker in 24-bits! Posters! 6.1c
3dvektor.lha gfx/3d 25K 13+3D- program for viewing school-maths-pro
3d_font_objs.lha gfx/3d 9K 176+lightwave & imagine 3d font demo
3D_Pro.lha gfx/3d 212K 25+The biggest and best stereogram creator
Acad2Im.lha gfx/3d 27K 130+Convert AutoCAD DXF file to Imagine 2.0
AlienArt.jpg gfx/3d 55K 45+Imagine 4.0 metaballs & soft shadows
AlienAt1.lha gfx/3d 458K 6+Visual index of Alien Attributes pt.1
AlienAt2.lha gfx/3d 482K 6+Visual index of Alien Attributes pt.2
AlienAt3.lha gfx/3d 485K 6+Visual index of Alien Attributes pt.3
AlienAt4.lha gfx/3d 502K 6+Visual index of Alien Attributes pt.4
AlienAt5.lha gfx/3d 508K 6+Visual index of Alien Attributes pt.5
Alien_a1.lha gfx/3d 102K 13+Imagine attribute files
Alien_a2.lha gfx/3d 86K 14+Imagine attribute files
AlphaTexture.lha gfx/3d 13K 95+Textures for Imagine3.FP
ANIMAGELWMacro.lha gfx/3d 285K 6+Useful LightWave Macros DEMO
AnimFlare.lha gfx/3d 145K 118+LensFlare objects and staging for Imagin
arc_43.lha gfx/3d 173K 136+Imagine Mailing List Archive Oct 1 - Oct
arc_44.lha gfx/3d 141K 119+Imagine Mailing List Arc.#44 Nov.93
arc_45.lha gfx/3d 121K 119+Imagine Mailing List Arc.#45 Dec.93
arc_46.lha gfx/3d 254K 118+Imagine Mailing List Arc.#46 Jan.94
attribut.lha gfx/3d 4K 75+Set of attributes for Imagine objects
atts_1.lha gfx/3d 34K 125+Imagine attribute files
atts_2.lha gfx/3d 32K 125+Imagine attribute files
atts_3.lha gfx/3d 19K 125+Imagine attribute files
CleanupSlice.lha gfx/3d 18K 33+Cleans up sliced Imagine3.x objects.
d2iguide.lha gfx/3d 101K 48+Dare 2 Imagine in Amigaguide format
d2ihtml.lha gfx/3d 139K 48+Dare 2 Imagine in HTML format
Dust_final.lha gfx/3d 739K 10+Allround 3D-Tool (Imagine, Lightwave, Ma
FaceMap.lha gfx/3d 299K 67+Tutorial to map face image to 3D head ob
I2LW.lha gfx/3d 75K 85+I2LW Imagine to Lightwave object convert
IITextures11.lha gfx/3d 20K 62+Textures for use with Imagine. V1.1
IIUtilities13.lha gfx/3d 33K 64+Utilities for use with Imagine. V1.3
im3tex.lha gfx/3d 472K 109+Examples of almost all Imagine3.0 txtrs
im3texdoc.lha gfx/3d 17K 106+Imagine texture and obj. formats explain
Im3_fix.lha gfx/3d 11K 110+Bugfix patch for Imagine v3 Amiga & PC
ImagFAQ5.lha gfx/3d 23K 112+Imagine FAQ #5
Imagine_FAQ_3.lha gfx/3d 16K 154+Imagine FAQ #3 - 7/5/1993
ImGauge1_00.lha gfx/3d 12K 16+A Memory Meter for Imagine 2.0 and upwar
IML66.lha gfx/3d 255K 37+IML Arc.#66 September'95. Text file form
IML66guide.lha gfx/3d 283K 37+IML Arc.#66 September'95. Guide file for
IML67.lha gfx/3d 342K 31+IML Arc.#67 October'95. Text file format
IML67guide.lha gfx/3d 390K 31+IML Arc.#67 October'95. Guide file forma
IML68.lha gfx/3d 315K 29+IML Arc.#68 November'95. Text file forma
IML68guide.lha gfx/3d 366K 29+IML Arc.#68 November'95. Guide file form
IML69.lha gfx/3d 343K 24+IML Arc.#69 December'95. Text file forma
IML69guide.lha gfx/3d 392K 24+IML Arc.#69 December'95. Guide file form
imlarc00.lha gfx/3d 66K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #00 Jan 91
imlarc01.lha gfx/3d 61K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #01 Feb 91
imlarc02.lha gfx/3d 64K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #02 Feb/Mar 91
imlarc03.lha gfx/3d 65K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #03 Mar 91
imlarc04.lha gfx/3d 69K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #04 Mar/Apr 91
imlarc05.lha gfx/3d 66K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #05 Apr/May 91
imlarc06.lha gfx/3d 75K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #06 May/Jun 91
imlarc07.lha gfx/3d 70K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #07 Jun/Jul 91
imlarc08.lha gfx/3d 64K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #08 Jul 91
imlarc09.lha gfx/3d 66K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #09 Jul/Aug 91
imlarc10.lha gfx/3d 53K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #10 Aug 91
imlarc11.lha gfx/3d 50K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #11 Aug/Sep 91
imlarc12.lha gfx/3d 53K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #12 Sep/Oct 91
imlarc13.lha gfx/3d 48K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #13 Oct 91
imlarc14.lha gfx/3d 51K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #14 Oct/Nov 91
imlarc15.lha gfx/3d 66K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #15 Nov 91
imlarc16.lha gfx/3d 54K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #16 Nov/Dec 91
imlarc17.lha gfx/3d 46K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #17 Dec/Jan 92
imlarc18.lha gfx/3d 47K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #18 Jan 92
imlarc19.lha gfx/3d 48K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #19 Jan/Feb 92
imlarc20.lha gfx/3d 49K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #20 Feb 92
imlarc21.lha gfx/3d 161K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #21 Feb/May 92
imlarc22.lha gfx/3d 59K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #22 May/Jun 92
imlarc23.lha gfx/3d 52K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #23 Jun 92
imlarc24.lha gfx/3d 74K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #24 Jun/Jul 92
imlarc25.lha gfx/3d 58K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #25 Jul/Aug 92
imlarc26.lha gfx/3d 74K 105+Imagine mailing list arc #26 Aug/Sep 92
imlarc27.lha gfx/3d 49K 171+Imagine mailing list arc #27 Sept 92
imlarc28.lha gfx/3d 59K 171+Imagine mailing list arc #28 Oct 92
imlarc29.lha gfx/3d 51K 171+Imagine mailing list arc #29 Oct/Nov 92
imlarc30.lha gfx/3d 62K 171+Imagine mailing list arc #30 Nov/Jan 93
imlarc31.lha gfx/3d 61K 171+Imagine mailing list arc #31 Jan 93
imlarc32.lha gfx/3d 60K 171+Imagine mailing list arc #32 Feb 93
imlarc33.lha gfx/3d 57K 171+Imagine mailing list arc #33 Feb/Mar 93
imlarc34.lha gfx/3d 55K 169+Imagine mailing list arc #34 Mar 93
imlarc35.lha gfx/3d 49K 167+Imagine mailing list arc #35 Mar/Apr 93
imlarc36.lha gfx/3d 70K 164+Imagine mailing list arc #36 Apr 93
imlarc37.lha gfx/3d 77K 142 Imagine mailing list arc #37
imlarc38.lha gfx/3d 50K 142 Imagine mailing list arc #38
imlarc39.lha gfx/3d 72K 142 Imagine mailing list arc #39
imlarc40.lha gfx/3d 64K 142 Imagine mailing list arc #40
imlarc41.lha gfx/3d 60K 142 Imagine mailing list arc #41
imlarc47.lha gfx/3d 111K 111+Imagine Mailing List Arc. #47 Feb.94
imlarc48.lha gfx/3d 160K 111+Imagine Mailing List Arc. #48 Mar.94
imlarc49.lha gfx/3d 302K 111+Imagine Mailing List Arc. #49 Apr.94
IMLfaq_guide.lha gfx/3d 94K 8+Imagine FAQ #10 AmigaGuide Format!
IMLfaq_html.lha gfx/3d 134K 8+Imagine FAQ #10 HTML Format!
iml_d2im.lha gfx/3d 97K 67+"Dare to Imagine" - tidbits from the Ima
iml_faq10.lzh gfx/3d 89K 24+Imagine Mailing List FAQ #10 - Decembe
IMTguide_1a.lha gfx/3d 498K 73+AREXX Imagine 3.0 Texture Guide Creator
imtoiv.lha gfx/3d 97K 21+Convertes Imagine objects to format used
IOPEditor.lha gfx/3d 29K 8+Edit paths in Imagine Object Files V1.0
irit60bin.lha gfx/3d 2.9M 15+3D solid modeler (68020-40+FPU binaries)
irit60con.lha gfx/3d 158K 15+3D solid modeler (contributed files)
irit60man.lha gfx/3d 478K 15+3D solid modeler (man pages)
irit60ps.lha gfx/3d 1.3M 15+3D solid modeler (PostScript docs)
irit60src.lha gfx/3d 1.3M 15+3D solid modeler (sources,examples)
irit60www.lha gfx/3d 2.9M 15+3D solid modeler (HTML documentation)
ISL3_0B6.lha gfx/3d 93K 72+ISL (Imagine Staging Language) v3.0b6
lwml2guide.lha gfx/3d 13K 35+Lightwave-Mailing-List -> AmigaGuide
m2i_104.lha gfx/3d 18K 161 Translate text file into TDDD Object for
MakeSP.lha gfx/3d 38K 30+This program generates stereo-pictures f
makeStereo3D.lha gfx/3d 290K 27+Stereo3D for the masses !!!
mesh2tddd_v0_2.lha gfx/3d 107K 45+Converts open/closed Real3D-Meshes into
MRTextures.lha gfx/3d 97K 25+Textures for Imagine3+fp.
MyNebula.lha gfx/3d 482K 37+Nebula object for Imagine with brush and
Objective.lha gfx/3d 36K 15+3D-Object Converter, calculating Backfac
Objector11.lha gfx/3d 94K 16+Polygon optimize-tool with GUI and lots
OFF2Real.lha gfx/3d 7K 79+Imagine objects in TDDD format to Real3D
pc2am.lha gfx/3d 12K 13+A program to convert TDDD imagine objec
Polywog194.lha gfx/3d 113K 28+3D modeller for NFF,GEO,PLG, freeware V1
pov3prev.lha gfx/3d 349K 32+Preview of features in POV-Ray 3.0
RayLab.lha gfx/3d 105K 16+Raytracer with many features. Freeware!
rayst000.lha gfx/3d 327K 8+V1.22 of RayStorm (68000 binaries)
rayst020.lha gfx/3d 326K 8+V1.22 of RayStorm (68020 binaries)
raystrm881.lha gfx/3d 294K 8+V1.22 of RayStorm (68020+881 binaries)
raystrmexam.lha gfx/3d 249K 8+V1.22 of RayStorm (examples)
reducer.lha gfx/3d 17K 30+Polygon-reducer for Lightwave
Scalekey.lha gfx/3d 22K 73+Scales Imagine animations
Sci_Fi_Demo.lha gfx/3d 105K 149+Demo of Imagine fonts
shelly16.lha gfx/3d 300K 74+ShellShapeGen. for Real,POV,Imagine,T3D
showobj.lha gfx/3d 52K 51+Shows Imagine and Lightwave objects.V2.2
SLAttr01.lha gfx/3d 79K 6+Some really cool .atts for Imagine 4.0
SoftShadows.lha gfx/3d 186K 66+An Imagine tutorial
tddd2raw.lha gfx/3d 16K 7+Converts Imagine file format to raw for
tddd2Real.lha gfx/3d 33K 75+Imagine objects in TDDD format to Real3D
TDDDInfo15.lha gfx/3d 5K 88+TDDDInfo for examing Imagine objects
texture.lha gfx/3d 18K 75+Textures for Imagine 3.0 (&fpu)
TextureStudio.lha gfx/3d 485K 59+Imagine3 format texture renderer v1.0.2
Ts_I.lha gfx/3d 12K 13+CLI only program to convert Texture Stud
UnWrap.lha gfx/3d 20K 18+Brushmap creation utility.
Agent_Obj.lha gfx/3dobj 78K 21+Imagine 3.0 Obj Bond style character
amigasurprise.lha gfx/3dobj 366K 7+C4D object of an Amiga-Surprise-Egg
Anatomy.lha gfx/3dobj 1.3M 7+Imagine object collection: Anatomy
Animals.lha gfx/3dobj 987K 7+Imagine object collection: Animals
Attribute.lha gfx/3dobj 26K 7+Imagine object collection: Attributes
Aviation1.lha gfx/3dobj 1.8M 7+Imagine object collection: Aviation 1
Aviation2.lha gfx/3dobj 779K 7+Imagine object collection: Aviation 2
Aviation3.lha gfx/3dobj 659K 7+Imagine object collection: Aviation 3
barb.lha gfx/3dobj 44K 21+A piece of barbed wire for Imagine
Bathroom.lha gfx/3dobj 158K 7+Imagine object collection: Bathroom
birdofprey.lha gfx/3dobj 238K 13+An Imagine object of a Klingon Bird Of P
BirdPrey.lha gfx/3dobj 226K 12+Real3D model of Klingon Bird of prey. By
blobs_prj.lha gfx/3dobj 2K 30+Project to generate a blob animation.
Botany.lha gfx/3dobj 638K 7+Imagine object collection: Botany
Building.lha gfx/3dobj 1.4M 7+Imagine object collection: Buildings
CardHouse_1.lha gfx/3dobj 644K 33+Make card houses/castles with Imagine
castle2.lha gfx/3dobj 440K 11+A model of a castle made in real3dv3
Chancery.lha gfx/3dobj 54K 7+Imagine object collection: Chancery font
Clocks.lha gfx/3dobj 238K 7+Imagine object collection: Clocks
Computer.lha gfx/3dobj 649K 7+Imagine object collection: Computers
dan_classical.lha gfx/3dobj 109K 30+An Imagine 2.0 model of a classical guit
dan_electric.lha gfx/3dobj 141K 30+An Imagine 2.0 model of an electric guit
Dragon.lha gfx/3dobj 746K 20+Cinema4D model of an Dragon
Eagle_Object.lha gfx/3dobj 208K 33+Eagle Freighter object for Imagine
Earth.lha gfx/3dobj 543K 7+Imagine object collection: Earth
Espresso.lha gfx/3dobj 43K 21+Imagine object : espresso and coffee mac
Food.lha gfx/3dobj 464K 7+Imagine object collection: Food
football.lha gfx/3dobj 20K 8+Lightwave football object
Furnitur.lha gfx/3dobj 1.1M 7+Imagine object collection: Furniture
Gears.lha gfx/3dobj 97K 7+Imagine object collection: Gears
Kitchen.lha gfx/3dobj 342K 7+Imagine object collection: Kitchen
Lamps.lha gfx/3dobj 548K 7+Imagine object collection: Lamps
Land.lha gfx/3dobj 470K 7+Imagine object collection: Land
Logos.lha gfx/3dobj 196K 7+Imagine object collection: Logos
Manfred_Obj.lha gfx/3dobj 67K 21+A Manfred Imagine 3.0 Object.
mangababesdemo.lha gfx/3dobj 653K 94+Sexy female human 3D models by Tomwoof
Mercedes.lha gfx/3dobj 757K 5+Imagine model of a Mercedes SuperSport C
Misc1.lha gfx/3dobj 1.7M 7+Imagine object collection: Miscellaneous
Misc2.lha gfx/3dobj 778K 7+Imagine object collection: Miscellaneous
Misc3.lha gfx/3dobj 818K 7+Imagine object collection: Miscellaneous
Music.lha gfx/3dobj 410K 7+Imagine object collection: Music
M_134.lha gfx/3dobj 57K 11+M134 Vulcan Minigun - Imagine Object
NCC1701A_LW.lha gfx/3dobj 534K 7+Star Trek NCC-1701-A object for Lightwav
Outlet.lha gfx/3dobj 41K 7+Imagine object collection: Outlet
pencil.lha gfx/3dobj 21K 7+Small C4D/Imagine object of a pencil
Phones.lha gfx/3dobj 763K 7+Imagine object collection: Phones
poweramiga.lha gfx/3dobj 396K 7+C4D/Img.obj. of an A1200 like PowerAmiga
pzkpfwiv.lha gfx/3dobj 119K 32+Imagine Object of WWII Mark IV Tank
raider.lha gfx/3dobj 1.0M 27+Lightwave Scene of B5-Objekcts
rb_birdofprey.lha gfx/3dobj 59K 5+Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey 3d model
rb_defiant.lha gfx/3dobj 51K 5+Star Trek USS Defiant 3d model in Imagin
RealWoman.lha gfx/3dobj 122K 11+Female object for Imagine
saturn.lha gfx/3dobj 96K 7+C4D/Imagine obj. of a saturn like planet
Ships.lha gfx/3dobj 1.1M 7+Imagine object collection: Ships
skeletoid.lha gfx/3dobj 60K 10+A Skelon Object for Imagine
Space1.lha gfx/3dobj 2.9M 7+Imagine object collection: Space 1
Space2.lha gfx/3dobj 1.9M 7+Imagine object collection: Space 2
Space3.lha gfx/3dobj 1.6M 7+Imagine object collection: Space 3
Spaceship.lha gfx/3dobj 414K 20+Cinema4D model of a spaceship
Spaceshp2.lha gfx/3dobj 219K 20+Cinema4D model of a another spaceship
Spider.lha gfx/3dobj 55K 7+A Spider Object For Any Version Of Imagi
Sports.lha gfx/3dobj 354K 7+Imagine object collection: Sports
sw_bwing.lha gfx/3dobj 47K 3+Star Wars B-Wing 3d model in Imagine for
sw_frigate.lha gfx/3dobj 72K 4+Star Wars Rebel Frigate 3d model in Imag
sw_shuttle.lha gfx/3dobj 177K 4+Star Wars Shuttle Tydirium 3d model in I
sw_stardest.lha gfx/3dobj 63K 4+Star Wars Star Destroyer 3d model in Ima
sw_tieint.lha gfx/3dobj 23K 3+Star Wars TIE Interceptor 3d model in Im
sw_xwing.lha gfx/3dobj 43K 3+Star Wars X-Wing 3d model in Imagine for
sw_ywing.lha gfx/3dobj 11K 3+Star Wars Y-Wing 3d model in Imagine for
T65_X_WingFULL.lha gfx/3dobj 192K 30+Large, Detailed Imagine 2.0 X-Wing objec
Tex.lha gfx/3dobj 914K 7+Imagine object collection: Tex font
Times.lha gfx/3dobj 185K 7+Imagine object collection: Times font
Toys.lha gfx/3dobj 635K 7+Imagine object collection: Toys
Tree_kit.lha gfx/3dobj 2.2M 7+Imagine object collection: Trees
T_Rex_iob.lha gfx/3dobj 832K 3+Handmade Imagine 4.0 object of a T.Rex.
unicycle.lha gfx/3dobj 54K 8+Lightwave unicycle object
Vehicles.lha gfx/3dobj 2.2M 7+Imagine object collection: Vehicles
Video.lha gfx/3dobj 188K 7+Imagine object collection: Video
Weapons.lha gfx/3dobj 535K 7+Imagine object collection: Weapons
A1200Homage.lha gfx/aga 603K 4+3 AGA effects
AMSlShow.lha gfx/aga 581K 6+AmigaMagic slideshow for presentation in
HUGEbench.lha gfx/aga 16K 5+1408x688 & 912x1066 WB & Many More!
supermicrovite.lha gfx/aga 20K 26+Some monitor drivers for Microvitec Auto
voxel087.lha gfx/aga 788K 11+Voxel Engine 0.87 by Silicon Motion - Aw
VoxelEngine25.lha gfx/aga 71K 14+Landscape routine. V2.5
CGraphX216u.lha gfx/board 459K 16+CyberGraphX Extension Update Version 2.1
CG_Pilot.lha gfx/board 98K 9+ARexx Macro collection for ToasterCG 4.x
Cybermon_82KHz.lha gfx/board 2K 30+Monitorfile for 82 KHz Monitors for use
CyberPrefs4065.lha gfx/board 20K 16+CyberPrefs 40.65 for CyberGraphX
cybershow71.lha gfx/board 109K 4+SlideShow&Viewer(incl.PCD)for CybGfx&AGA
cybertvplayer5.lha gfx/board 653K 18+Animation player for CyberGfx & AGA (OS3
CyberView2_3.lha gfx/board 30K 33+Universal Image Viewer for CyberGraphX
CyberWindow3_0.lha gfx/board 69K 11+Window Image Viewer for CyberGraphX
cybgfx_DPMS.lha gfx/board 4K 10+Simple DPMS commodity for Cybergraphx
EGSA2410v20b17.lha gfx/board 155K 23+EGS Driver for the A2410, Version 2 beta
egsphotoalb54d.lha gfx/board 370K 7+EGS picture management,PhotoCD&SlideShow
egstv54d.lha gfx/board 462K 7+EGS animation,framegrabber&handyscanner
GraphStuff.lha gfx/board 21K 32+Graphics Board support code for games/de
HookSpectrum.lha gfx/board 7K 29+Makes SpectraPaint available for all EGS
NoCyberGraphX.lha gfx/board 2K 5+Corrects display for NON RTG Software.
OptimusView.lha gfx/board 98K 12+Retina image display program. V1.4
RetinaANIM.lha gfx/board 47K 20+RetinaZ3 AVI player 39.5 - bug fixes!
RetinaFLImtion.lha gfx/board 87K 12+Retina FLI/FLC anim player. V1.0
ttviewer.lha gfx/board 166K 12+Shows BMP, IFF, PCX pictures on picasso
wfmhcybergfx.lha gfx/board 193K 8+Render in 24bit to Real3D's view windows
AGAiff21.lha gfx/conv 38K 5+Low-Level Image Converter, V2.10
ansihijack.lha gfx/conv 40K 7+ANSIhijacker, IFF-ANSI converter v0.1
ansirender.lha gfx/conv 40K 7+ANSIrenderer, IFF-ANSI converter v0.2
ArtPRO0_94.lha gfx/conv 128K 20+A powerful gfx-converter ,V0.94
AutoPEG20.lha gfx/conv 59K 36+Background JPEG decompression
batchconverter.lha gfx/conv 12K 3+Script to batch convert pics using ADPro
Confont.lha gfx/conv 54K 5+Converts Pagestreamfonts to 3D (Cinema4d
Convert.lha gfx/conv 48K 10+Converts Pagestreamfonts to 3D-Objects
deep2ppm.lha gfx/conv 3K 26+DEEP-IFF to PPM-P6 conversion
DynaRipV1_14.lha gfx/conv 63K 29+Converts Dynamic Iff Pal's To Src
EPIC.lha gfx/conv 50K 15+Wavelet based image compression software
ExtractPRCD.lha gfx/conv 10K 15+Extract the pictures from the Perry Rhod
fractalcomp.lha gfx/conv 87K 13+Fractal based image compression
gfxcon.lha gfx/conv 220K 51+Image format converter (V1.7) for most f
GfxLab24_172.lha gfx/conv 604K 26+GfxLab24 v1.7.2. Image Processing progra
gif2png_0_6.lha gfx/conv 403K 15+Gif2png 0.6 (pnglib-0.88/zlib-1.0/ixemul
giftrans.lha gfx/conv 33K 10+Make transparent GIF89A files (v1.12.1.[
gif_io.lha gfx/conv 12K 16+Personal GIF I/O Library v. 5.0
GIF_Trans.lha gfx/conv 26K 57+Make Transparent GIF's
ifftoasc.lha gfx/conv 71K 4+Converts IFFs to ASCII art!
ifftochunky.lha gfx/conv 4K 24+Iff to chunky converter
ImageSt1.lha gfx/conv 625K 30+Image processing program v2.3.0 Part 1 o
ImageSt2.lha gfx/conv 565K 30+Image processing program v2.3.0 Part 2 o
IPR_1_1_Demo.lha gfx/conv 217K 32+Demo of fast intuitive image processor.
JabberBlocky.lha gfx/conv 69K 4+Convert IFF pictures to blockmaps
jpegV6bin.lha gfx/conv 293K 16+IJG JPEG V6a binaries and docs
jpegV6src.lha gfx/conv 667K 16+IJG JPEG V6a source, dev. material
metaview.lha gfx/conv 35K 4+MetaFileViewer-Convert AMF,WMF to CGM,GE
MPImage42.lha gfx/conv 189K 12+Gui/Cli graphics conversion library OS3.
NewPalette12.lha gfx/conv 6K 20+Replace palette in IFF ILBM with another
PhotoCDGUI_1_2.lha gfx/conv 139K 23+PhotoCD nach HAM8 und JPEG konvertieren
SPP.lha gfx/conv 23K 15+Wavelet based image compression
ulconv12.lha gfx/conv 352K 28+The best anim-/pictureconverter ever bee
uvms.lha gfx/conv 34K 15+Save Videomaster .VID files as ANIM5!!!!
VicVisionV1_03.lha gfx/conv 363K 14+Vic Vision V1.03 C64 Gfx to IFF
WhirlGIF20.lha gfx/conv 30K 14+Generates GIF animations (with Netscape
wmf.lha gfx/conv 41K 28+Windows Metafile viewer/converter
XTrace_1_01c.lha gfx/conv 711K 5+Bitmap-picture to vector-picture tracer
amifig.lha gfx/edit 224K 3+Vector drawing tool v2.1
amifig_68k.lha gfx/edit 249K 3+Vector drawing tool v2.1
DPaintV_IT.lha gfx/edit 10K 34+Italian catalog for Deluxe Paint V
fig2dev_upd1.lha gfx/edit 147K 7+Update to fig2dev a support program to x
IconDeluxePub.lha gfx/edit 76K 28+Full-featured icon editor (V1.13)
Iconian2_97.lha gfx/edit 315K 14+OS3.0 icon editor, NewIcon support.
MagnifiCAD11.lha gfx/edit 226K 19+Version 1.1 with many new functions.
MakeImageMap.lha gfx/edit 4K 27+ImageFX ARexx-script to make imagemaps..
MaxiMal.lha gfx/edit 372K 15+Paint program for kids in BB2
pstoedit2.lha gfx/edit 110K 19+Pstoedit - a program to convert postscri
SplatterPt167.lha gfx/edit 506K 37+PWSs awesome paint program has a PAL mod
universalgio36.lha gfx/edit 26K 7+Photogenics universal loader&animation s
UPaint.lha gfx/edit 138K 4+Paintprogram for A1200 and A4000 V2.0
xfig10b.lha gfx/edit 351K 6+Xfig v1.10b - a structured drawing tool.
AMountains.lha gfx/fract 70K 8+Fractal landscape generator
ChaosPro.lha gfx/fract 619K 19+V3.0 of a fractal explorer like Mand2000
fractin20.lha gfx/fract 558K 20+Fractint v. 3.02 - a fractal exploration
fractin40.lha gfx/fract 551K 20+Fractint v. 3.02 - a fractal exploration
frnt020881.lha gfx/fract 548K 10+Fractint v. 3.02 - a fractal exploration
frnt030.lha gfx/fract 560K 10+Fractint v. 3.02 - a fractal exploration
frnt030881.lha gfx/fract 548K 10+Fractint v. 3.02 - a fractal exploration
fu1_62.lha gfx/fract 386K 37+Fantastic new fractal program
fu_exot1.lha gfx/fract 314K 37+EXAMPLEPICTURES OF FUx_xx.lha --^
fu_exot2.lha gfx/fract 283K 37+EXAMPLEPICTURES OF FUx_xx.lha --^
fu_exot3.lha gfx/fract 385K 37+EXAMPLEPICTURES OF FUx_xx.lha --^
fu_exot4.lha gfx/fract 307K 37+EXAMPLEPICTURES OF FUx_xx.lha --^
fu_mand1.lha gfx/fract 522K 37+EXAMPLEPICTURES OF FUx_xx.lha --^
fu_mand2.lha gfx/fract 473K 37+EXAMPLEPICTURES OF FUx_xx.lha --^
fu_newton.lha gfx/fract 419K 37+EXAMPLEPICTURES OF FUx_xx.lha --^
julia3.lha gfx/fract 81K 32+Julia Sets, 3rd version. major update!
Mandelbrot11.lha gfx/fract 28K 28+Explore the beauty of Mandelbrot and Jul
printfrac.lha gfx/fract 46K 19+Prints fractal pictures in high resoluti
yafg.lha gfx/fract 291K 4+Yet Another Fractal Generator, needs AGA
ADProRunner1_8.lha gfx/misc 71K 27+Runs ADPro with memory spesification.
ADProScripts.lha gfx/misc 13K 3+Miscellaneous ADPro scripts - Release 4
Almost.lha gfx/misc 115K 21+A Manfred Animation.
ATED.lha gfx/misc 150K 21+Texture Engine Demo 1.0 for OCS/ECS/AGA
autocat.lha gfx/misc 173K 32+AREXX-ImageDesk-Catalog-Browser
Boulder_Anim.lha gfx/misc 15K 21+250 frame D-Paint animation
Cataloger.lha gfx/misc 108K 3+ADPro ARexx script catalogs images v1.96
ChipPeek.lha gfx/misc 9K 7+A practical mempeek (AGA+) v2.2
City.lha gfx/misc 248K 21+A Manfred Animation.
collector.lha gfx/misc 224K 14+Pictures catalog browser.
ColourJunkieDM.lha gfx/misc 59K 9+Demo of a Realtime Sampler Kalidescope *
Colour_Junkie.lha gfx/misc 63K 6+Realtime Sampler Kalidescope *Full Versi
corbusie.lha gfx/misc 948K 20+Corbusier-house-model(MCAD2/DXF/HPGL/PS)
DamageWolf3D_2.lha gfx/misc 292K 33+A ROTT (PC game) walkaround demo; 3D gam
ddr.lha gfx/misc 189K 22+SlideShow w/wipes+ Random gfx + MODPlaye
easyprint.lha gfx/misc 104K 3+A Studio Print like Program (update)
fastifxmodul62.lha gfx/misc 34K 7+ImageFX loaders(incl.PCD)&savers(incl.an
Fretboard.lha gfx/misc 436K 20+A picture of a guitar fretboard drawn wi
GIF_Comment.lha gfx/misc 7K 3+ADPro script displays GIF comments v1.06
GrabPointer.lha gfx/misc 21K 28+Grab OS3.0 mouse pointers as C code.
IconCopy.lha gfx/misc 14K 36+Change WBenchIcons (d&d) with UNDO! V1.0
ImageDesk303.lha gfx/misc 641K 7+Thumbnail oriented image cataloger
Indexeur10.lha gfx/misc 47K 15+Make index picture with ImageFX
JPEG_Comment.lha gfx/misc 8K 3+ADPro script shows JPEG comments v1.10
kaleidoscope.lha gfx/misc 44K 36+Make pretty pictures from ANY type of fi
MagicSelV1_80.lha gfx/misc 500K 27+WBPrn & Snd at Boot, Now Freeware!(MUI)
Manfred_Pic.lha gfx/misc 13K 21+Test render Imagine 3.0 Object.
mipfic.lha gfx/misc 23K 24+Makes index pix from ImageDesk catalogs
MSFrenchLoc.lha gfx/misc 1K 24+French locale for MagicSelector.
Mysty.lha gfx/misc 15K 19+MST3K Toaster Effect
Packman.lha gfx/misc 117K 22+Crunches IFF-Pictures
photoalbum04.lha gfx/misc 77K 4+Picture management (incl.PCD) for AGA&Cy
PicBoot_Prefs.lha gfx/misc 9K 32+Preferences-Programm for PicBoot
piccat.lha gfx/misc 60K 22+Grayscale-Picture-Catalog-Programm.
picturn.lha gfx/misc 5K 23+Simple tool that can automatic align pic
PicView2.lha gfx/misc 141K 11+PicView 2.01 Picture Cataloger (OS3+ & M
PicViewAddOne.lha gfx/misc 6K 5+Some Arexx-Script for PicView
Pult.lha gfx/misc 22K 21+250 frame D-Paint animation
QbistAmiga.lha gfx/misc 105K 27+Creates good looking abstract art pics
RT_Palette.lha gfx/misc 7K 12+Opens reqtools palette on front screen.
SafeClip.lha gfx/misc 39K 12+Polygon/line clipping routines (68020+)
Shock.lha gfx/misc 383K 21+SlideShow editor+player. Various gfx eff
ShowComment.lha gfx/misc 7K 3+ARexx prog shows JPEG/GIF comments v1.03
Snow_Pic.lha gfx/misc 55K 21+Imagine Render of snowmen + Manfred.
Trouball.lha gfx/misc 23K 21+350 frame D-Paint animation
videotitler21.lha gfx/misc 270K 16+V2.1, soft scroll, MUI, AGA, Video, Anim
Vinfo20.lha gfx/misc 105K 27+Info system with text & gfx. V2.0
vlabtv014.lha gfx/misc 250K 10+Vlab frame grabber soft for CyberGraphX
XiPaint4_ITA.lha gfx/misc 22K 5+Italian translation for XiPaint4.0
xipaintmodul43.lha gfx/misc 52K 7+Univ. loader&anim.saver for XiPaint
YAFA.lha gfx/misc 445K 6+YAFA anim system (NEW VERSION)
MP_PBM50.lha gfx/pbm 67K 3+Gui interface to PBMPlus routines OS3.0+
agassm.lha gfx/show 183K 12+Easy to use SlideShow creator
aMiPEG05.lha gfx/show 116K 20+MPEG player with support for CyberGraphX
CyberAVI.lha gfx/show 20K 3+CyberAVI 1.1, AVI animation player for C
DTview1_3.lha gfx/show 7K 24+DataType picture viewer & converter, wor
EmSpool.lha gfx/show 47K 12+Spool ANIM5 (DPaint etc) anims from disk
fastMC.lha gfx/show 58K 33+Fastest truecolor-emulation (jpeg, ppm,
FView20.lha gfx/show 91K 34+FastView for IFF/GIF/BMP/JPG/PCX pics
gs353data.lha gfx/show 558K 8+Ghostscript3.53 data archive, get a bin
gs_000.lha gfx/show 438K 8+Ghostscript3.53 mc68000 binary, Get gs35
gs_020.lha gfx/show 424K 8+Ghostscript3.53 mc68020 binary, Get gs35
gs_020fp.lha gfx/show 410K 8+Ghostscript3.53 68020_881 binary, Get gs
gs_030.lha gfx/show 424K 8+Ghostscript3.53 68030 binary, Get gs353d
gs_030fp.lha gfx/show 410K 8+Ghostscript3.53 68030_881 binary, Get gs
gs_040.lha gfx/show 411K 8+Ghostscript3.53 mc68040 binary, Get gs35
gs_040sf.lha gfx/show 426K 8+Ghostscript3.53 68040_noFPU binary, Get
gs_src.lha gfx/show 2.4M 8+Ghostscript3.53 original sources
gs_src_amiga.lha gfx/show 87K 8+Ghostscript3.53 Amiga specific sources
McView.lha gfx/show 13K 31+AGA "MultiColor" JPG viewer.
Monitor.lha gfx/show 66K 12+Retina image display program. V1.4
MUIXAnim10.lha gfx/show 20K 22+A Graphic User Interface to use with XAn
PCDAGA_MUI.lha gfx/show 13K 18+MUI-Frontend for the Programm PhotoCDAGA
pcpro10b.lha gfx/show 80K 4+Compares Two IFF/ILBM Pictures
PcxShow1_2.lha gfx/show 8K 34+Simple PCX 256-color file viewer.
PhotoCDAGA12.lha gfx/show 138K 35+PhotoCD viewer/converter (for AGA)
PlayFKiss2_06.lha gfx/show 227K 14+Kisekae player,/w/ KISSGS/FKISS. MUI req
RunAnim_V1.lha gfx/show 11K 34+Iff ANIM file viewer for AGA or 68020 ma
showpic.lha gfx/show 3K 14+Trivial datatypes gfx viewer with source
SqOpal20.lha gfx/show 70K 13+The ultimate image viewer for Opal
svoUtah33.lha gfx/show 133K 12+UtahRLE.svobject V3.3 for superview.libr
Visage.lha gfx/show 151K 20+Picture viewer for OS 3.0+. V39.5
WinPlay.lha gfx/show 41K 21+Workbench Anim Player - Version 1.31
xanim8.lha gfx/show 253K 52+XAnim: Avi/Quicktime/FLI/FLC/IFF/GIF/MPE
XanimAmigaBet7.lha gfx/show 92K 36+Xanim for Amiga BETA_7. 3.x+AGA or gfxca
XanimGUIv12.lha gfx/show 8K 19+GUI frontend for Xanim. Bugfixed.
xanimwin003.lha gfx/show 34K 24+MUI based GUI for XAnim
YP.lha gfx/show 151K 8+YAFA animation player V0.74
AmiWinD.lha gfx/x11 1.4M 28+X11R6 package for AmigaDOS V2.22demo
AmiWinDUpd.lha gfx/x11 391K 28+Patch from AmiWin 2.16demo to 2.22
AmiWinRUpd.lha gfx/x11 2.1M 28+Patch from AmiWin 2.12/14/16reg to 2.22
amiwm0_19pl29.lha gfx/x11 56K 13+X window manager WB like.
fig2dev.lha gfx/x11 157K 24+Translates Fig code to graphics language
GSAmiWin.lha gfx/x11 2.3M 26+Postscript interpreter client for AmiWin
GS_AmiWin_src.lha gfx/x11 948K 26+GS-AmiWin.lha archive sources
GView_AmiWin.lha gfx/x11 315K 26+Postscript viewer client for AmiWin
Mesa_Amiwin.lha gfx/x11 1.5M 28+Mesa OpenGL software emulation for 3D gr
Xfig_AmiWin.lha gfx/x11 1.5M 26+Drawing tool client for AmiWin
Xv_AmiWin.lha gfx/x11 2.2M 26+Interactive image display for AmiWin
2001_PanAm.lha pix/anim 119K 34 Tobias Richter animation
ac_water.lha pix/anim 215K 29+Amiga Circle LogoAnim done with Im3.3
AmigaDoesItBet.lha pix/anim 198K 34 Older animation
AmiGlobe.lha pix/anim 3.2M 15+Raytraced AmiNET Logo Animation (Imagine
AmiLogo.lha pix/anim 576K 3+Raytraced animation of the true Amiga-lo
AmiLogoSmall.lha pix/anim 138K 3+Raytraced animation of the true Amiga-lo
AmiLogo_SSA.lha pix/anim 336K 3+Raytraced animation of the true Amiga-lo
AnimBootpic.lha pix/anim 111K 4+Animated boot picture (waterfall)
aoold38aga.lha pix/anim 519K 14+Imagine space attack scene
AustraliaAnim.lha pix/anim 546K 34+Meteorological animation
BabySnakes.lha pix/anim 592K 36+Intriguing snakes anim
Ball_Plane.lha pix/anim 930K 32+Rendered bounching ball. Read the readme
bambigod.lzh pix/anim 724K 31+Bambi meets Godzillau
Bat4.lha pix/anim 226K 34 Morphing animation
Batcomp.lha pix/anim 250K 34 Morphing animation
BDI_SUX.mpg pix/anim 334K 12+MPEG video stream created on an Amiga 12
Bhasf3a2.mpg pix/anim 256K 16+Mpeg of a spacecraft leaving hanger
BirdofPrey.lha pix/anim 166K 34 Tobias Richter animation
blob.lha pix/anim 4.2M 22+POV anim, shows moving blobs, 160 pics.
blobs_anim.lha pix/anim 152K 29+Simple blobs animation done with Im4.0
blur_anim.lha pix/anim 254K 29+Particles blur anim (Im4.0)
boy_mpg.lha pix/anim 81K 35+"Young Boy" - MPEG anim. /60 frames/
CannonTurret.lha pix/anim 238K 14+Small sample of a much larger Imagine an
CDDemo2.lha pix/anim 177K 34 Morphing animation
CP_Aurora.lha pix/anim 10M 4+ChaosPro 3.1 rendered Fraktal-Animation
Croms.lha pix/anim 5.0M 20+Raytraced anim7 of aircar, flight over C
CT_Scan1.lha pix/anim 372K 34 Several medical animations
CT_Scan2.lha pix/anim 532K 34 Several medical animations
dicedemo.lha pix/anim 1.2M 34 Older animation
doggy.lha pix/anim 447K 14+Anim of a dog running in a wheel
DrinkingContst.lha pix/anim 1.1M 35+Cartoony animation; OCS/AGA, >1M fastmem
Eagle+Warbird.lha pix/anim 899K 34 HAM6 animation
Enterpr2.lha pix/anim 92K 34 Tobias Richter animation
EnterprFly.lha pix/anim 288K 34 Tobias Richter animation
EnterprPhot.lha pix/anim 1.1M 34 HAM animation
Esprita.lha pix/anim 296K 11+Fem. robot writing "AMIGA" w/electricity
ExEarth.lha pix/anim 972K 6+Anim of exploding earth...
Extra_bit.lha pix/anim 1.2M 29+Extra-Bit Animation w/sound of an Alien
Fleet2.mpg pix/anim 820K 14+Im4.0, 4 ships jump in before mothership
Formahault.lha pix/anim 2.6M 15+HAM8 272x160 300frames anim5
Gaim.lha pix/anim 17K 13+A little gag-anim
Galaxy_1.lha pix/anim 395K 16+Red and Blue 3D Galaxy animation 1
Galaxy_2.lha pix/anim 401K 16+Red and Blue 3D Galaxy animation 2
Galaxy_3.lha pix/anim 440K 16+Red and Blue 3D Galaxy animation 3
Galaxy_4.lha pix/anim 334K 16+Red and Blue 3D Galaxy animation 4
Galaxy_5.lha pix/anim 606K 16+Red and Blue 3D Galaxy animation 5
Galaxy_6.lha pix/anim 698K 16+Red and Blue 3D Galaxy animation 6
Gear.mpg pix/anim 89K 14+Im4.0, shows landing gear moving up/down
GetFrogged.lha pix/anim 601K 34 Older animation
GirlToDog.lha pix/anim 1.1M 34 Morphing animation
Halley.lha pix/anim 794K 33+Animation by Esa Kuru
HandlingWithCa.mpg pix/anim 1.1M 15+A Spaceship being terrorized by a Hammer
Hellfire.lha pix/anim 567K 7+Im4.0, Hellfire missile rotating with en
hyper.lha pix/anim 388K 22+Real 3D anim of a red pully.
Imagemaster.lha pix/anim 457K 34 Morphing animation
JesusAnims.lha pix/anim 103K 14+The Jesus on E's animations
Jet.lha pix/anim 223K 34 Tobias Richter animation
jk2.lha pix/anim 311K 33 Animation by Esa Kuru
Jump.mpg pix/anim 581K 14+Im4.0, ship jumps from one location to a
jyy_broadcast.lha pix/anim 141K 33 Animation by Esa Kuru
KlingonCruis.lha pix/anim 266K 34 Tobias Richter animation
KlingonFiring.lha pix/anim 143K 34 Tobias Richter animation
lego_house.lha pix/anim 4.5M 14+Digitized anim of a LEGO House
lemattac.lha pix/anim 322K 7+Lemming Anim
Leonov.lha pix/anim 248K 34 Tobias Richter animation
loose_end.lha pix/anim 202K 11+A 2D animation about a man, a line and a
lord_lost1.lha pix/anim 2.0M 22+Spaceship-ray-tracer-anim
Lotus.lha pix/anim 203K 34 Tobias Richter animation
Luxo.lha pix/anim 449K 34+Old animation, needs PlayPFX (included)
Lymmlar.lha pix/anim 754K 34+Anim5 format animation
Magenta2Red.lha pix/anim 173K 34+Animator vs. Barney. Short and good.
Magician.lha pix/anim 536K 16+Magician V2.0 1/1 (All Amigas)
Marketi1.lha pix/anim 265K 34+Inofficial promotional anim (old)
Marketi2.lha pix/anim 798K 34+Inofficial promotional anim (old)
MrFace.lha pix/anim 2.2M 8+Raytraced anim of a face...
NewtonianAnim.lha pix/anim 232K 34+Newtonian animation
OrbitalAnim.lha pix/anim 15K 34+Orbital animation
plane.lha pix/anim 501K 14+20 frame ham8 anim of f16
potdemo.lha pix/anim 1.5M 34 Older animation
RAC_cartoons_1.lha pix/anim 333K 34 Several cartoon animations
Reliant1.lha pix/anim 73K 34 Tobias Richter animation
Reliant2.lha pix/anim 138K 34 Tobias Richter animation
Roadhog.lha pix/anim 676K 20+Roadhog Animation 1/1 *ECS*
RocketExhaust.lha pix/anim 243K 15+Rocket Exhaust anim using Imagine 4.0 te
Rotable.mpg pix/anim 229K 12+MPEG video stream created on an Amiga 12
Rotate.lha pix/anim 98K 19+Raytraced anim 256 cols of a golden @
Rotate2.lha pix/anim 147K 5+A new rotating @ made of silver,raytrace
RunMech.lha pix/anim 464K 22+Running BattleMech Flic 24-bit full-scre
scoot_anim.lha pix/anim 737K 185+Anim of a sexy girl moving around on a c
Shocknew.lha pix/anim 701K 8+Im4.0, better looking anim of shock.
Snowman.lha pix/anim 134K 6+Cartoon-like animation of Snowman the Ko
Songokuu.lha pix/anim 350K 34+HAM6 ANIM5 animation of Songokuu from Dr
SpacePatrol.lha pix/anim 172K 34 Older animation
Spacone2.mpg pix/anim 817K 14+Im4.0, spacecone fires torp, which hits
StarWar1.lha pix/anim 154K 34 Tobias Richter animation
StarWar2.lha pix/anim 218K 34 Tobias Richter animation
Take_2_Demo.lha pix/anim 327K 34+Movie type animation
TheIslands.lha pix/anim 465K 34+Landscape generated by Vista rendered wi
The_Chase.lha pix/anim 120K 21+A Manfred D-paint Animation.
TPOPT.lha pix/anim 1.2M 34 Morphing animation
traflec.lha pix/anim 392K 22+Anim created with Real3D v.1.4.2 Pro
TrainToy.mpg pix/anim 217K 8+MPEG animation done with Imagine and Ima
Train_Toy_DCTV.lha pix/anim 789K 8+DCTV animation done with Imagine
TripToMars.lha pix/anim 82K 34+The legendary first vectorworld demo "Tr
Tunnel.lha pix/anim 3.1M 12+Ride in a fog tunnel (idea from Stargate
Umwelt.lha pix/anim 1.8M 16+Animation with environmental theme
Uwianims.lha pix/anim 76K 20+3 very strange anim-storys
VirtualWorld.lha pix/anim 430K 34 Animation by Thomas Landspurg
Wolfroll.lha pix/anim 1.1M 34+Spaceship HAM animation and related imag
wtdeer.lha pix/anim 63K 22+DPaint anim of Whitetail deer
xmascard.lha pix/anim 188K 22+Snowman and covered bridge. 2D anim.
YelloAt.lha pix/anim 365K 5+Yello @ made of golden metal,raytraced.
aquasky.lha pix/art 264K 15+256 Colour Art By Skyfusion
ArcsAr91.lha pix/art 418K 19+The Art of Arctangent, 1991-1995.
ArcsAr92.lha pix/art 2.2M 19+The Art of Arctangent, 1991-1995.
ArcsAr93.lha pix/art 2.3M 19+The Art of Arctangent, 1991-1995.
ArcsAr94.lha pix/art 4.6M 19+The Art of Arctangent, 1991-1995.
ArcsAr95.lha pix/art 680K 19+The Art of Arctangent, 1991-1995.
Baseball.lha pix/art 183K 21+Mice Playing Baseball by Les Dietz
Batman.lha pix/art 958K 11+24 Bit Hand Drawn Picture inspired by th
BeyondNature.lha pix/art 137K 20+Amazing picture by JCS/Crazy
BikingRachel.lha pix/art 489K 15+Rachel Raccoon Mountainbiking
BlueHatching_1.jpg pix/art 134K 12+Blue dragon hatching (made with Brillian
CompuDrake.lha pix/art 215K 10+Dragon Preparing his computer
ConnexionGFX.lha pix/art 75K 7+Gfx made by members of Connexion
ctryxx.lha pix/art 97K 14+Old pictures from Ctryxx of Trinomic
Deunan.lha pix/art 76K 3+Pictures of Deunan from Appleseed
Dominiq2.lha pix/art 317K 25+2 Pictures of a cartoon dormouse
Dominiq6.lha pix/art 747K 4+Pictures of a Cartoon Dormouse
Domna.lha pix/art 316K 23+Paintings: Pop-Rock Artists
Hardwi1a.lha pix/art 352K 37+TAZA's Online Comic #1 Part A
Hardwi1b.lha pix/art 388K 37+TAZA's Online Comic #1 Part B
Hardwi2.lha pix/art 657K 37+TAZA's Online Comic #2 JPEG
Rachel3View.lha pix/art 49K 10+Rachel Raccoon in 3 Views
RachelTrail.lha pix/art 69K 21+Rachel Raccoon Snowshoeing
RaftingRachel.lha pix/art 112K 7+Rachel enjoying the sun.
simpsons.lha pix/art 74K 20+Cartoons of the Simpsons
Spirit.lha pix/art 36K 11+Fem. robot w/Boing ball over A4000 plans
WalkerRachel.lha pix/art 107K 7+Rachel spring cleaning
XmasRachel95.lha pix/art 206K 21+Rachel Raccoon in a snowball fight
animals.lha pix/eps 889K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
artwork.lha pix/eps 29K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
bodyparts.lha pix/eps 98K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
borders.lha pix/eps 598K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
buildings.lha pix/eps 1.7M 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
business.lha pix/eps 857K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
computers.lha pix/eps 249K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
education.lha pix/eps 275K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
fantasy.lha pix/eps 58K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
food.lha pix/eps 959K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
holiday.lha pix/eps 1.3M 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
largesymbols.lha pix/eps 402K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
maps.lha pix/eps 788K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
misc.lha pix/eps 232K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
nature.lha pix/eps 27K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
people.lha pix/eps 2.0M 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
plants.lha pix/eps 101K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
religion.lha pix/eps 35K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
seaside.lha pix/eps 227K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
silhotts.lha pix/eps 296K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
sports.lha pix/eps 123K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
things.lha pix/eps 345K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
transport.lha pix/eps 762K 6+Various EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) fi
ECS_Morphy.lha pix/eric 475K 9+Morphy the Magic Man (ECS) - Eric Schwar
chi.jpg pix/fauna 55K 10+Picture of a Cat
chip1.jpg pix/fauna 71K 10+A picture of a Cat
chip2.jpg pix/fauna 52K 10+A picture of a Cat
fchi.jpg pix/fauna 88K 10+Find the Cat in the Jungle!!
PolarBear.jpg pix/fauna 107K 4+Polar Bear - zoological gardens - Vienna
tiger.jpg pix/fauna 56K 22+Tiger - zoological gardens - Gaenserndor
LjaSelfsimilar.jpg pix/fract 352K 11+Ljapunov-Diagramm (fractal like) with se
LjaSin25_3d.jpg pix/fract 66K 15+3-D Ljapunov-Diagramm (fractal like)
LjaWhirler.jpg pix/fract 177K 15+Ljapunov-Diagramm (fractal like)
Tickel.lha pix/fract 359K 20+Part of a fractal, 24bit color
2newicons.lha pix/icon 6K 21+2 nice newicons for Blitz&Interplay
8colTMbr.lha pix/icon 8K 4+4 New 8 color brushes for Toolmanager an
AB3Dicon.lha pix/icon 2K 33+Icon for Alien Breed 3D - MWB Style.
AESicon5.lha pix/icon 107K 36+100+ NewIcons:Docks, Executive, Gloom, m
AESicon6.lha pix/icon 91K 28+80 NewIcons: AB3D,IBrowse,ZIPDrive,more!
AESicon7.lha pix/icon 151K 14+140 NewIcon Imagedrawers!
AESicon8.lha pix/icon 205K 5+170+ NewIcons! TM Docks, Browsers, more!
AGBoot.lha pix/icon 227K 13+Pics for use at boot
Alive.lha pix/icon 25K 13+"Alive" : Bootpic
ALTTCP43icn.lha pix/icon 6K 10+Icons For AmiTCP 4.3 PRO
AmiLOGOX.lha pix/icon 172K 21+Amazing bootpix: the amigalogo extended
amywb3.lha pix/icon 507K 31+AmyWB Icon pack Vol 3, amazing 1:1, 32 c
AraleWBPat.lha pix/icon 11K 4+The CrAzIeSt WB Pattern ever drawn!!!
ArcsPack_15_Lt.lha pix/icon 1.9M 26+ArcsPack-15 *LITE* version. Workbench/MU
ArcsPk16.lha pix/icon 1.7M 24+Awesome Workbench/MUI System Enhancement
ArcsPk17.lha pix/icon 1.6M 19+Workbench/MUI System Enhancement Package
ArgelPtrs.lha pix/icon 77K 14+(v6.1) OS3 Fantasy, etc. Hi-res mouse pt
AW95BP_as.lha pix/icon 91K 29+Another Win95 Boot Pic. (AmigaStart)
BCIcons.lha pix/icon 36K 25+Small Newicons package (Executive + more
BePoint.lha pix/icon 1K 8+The BeBox pointer for your Amiga!
berzbench12.lha pix/icon 326K 10+V1.2 Probably the best patterns for WB A
bobptr.lha pix/icon 1K 30+Blue monster Bubble Bobble mouse pointer
Crap.lha pix/icon 24K 26+Crap : Bootpic
dmwbacks.lha pix/icon 345K 20+New MagicWB2.0 Backgrounds
Dock3834.lha pix/icon 98K 8+38*34 pixel dockicons
Esprita4000.lha pix/icon 33K 3+Incredible 800x600 8-colour WB backdrop!
gifs4u.lha pix/icon 235K 8+WebPage GIF icon/bar collection. 32x32
GuadalupeWB.lha pix/icon 88K 29+800x900x4 wrappable image for WBPattern.
Iconite10.lha pix/icon 165K 13+New great clean-looking icon standard pa
IGfx30.lha pix/icon 744K 25+Iconographics 3.0 - Icon/NewIcon Collect
intel_fo.lha pix/icon 13K 105+WB backgrnd Intel-like logo (adult only)
IO_BootPic.gif pix/icon 94K 10+A Picture for use at boot (by FReDiuS)
JSNuIcons.lha pix/icon 269K 12+Collection of NewIcons, distinguished st
jw_1996.lha pix/icon 67K 12+1996 YearText Backdrop (Jas 1:22)
KipsZip.lha pix/icon 1K 30+A NI style icon for your Zip drive!
KipsZip2.lha pix/icon 3K 21+3 more icons for NewIcons and your Zip d
KipsZip3.lha pix/icon 1K 21+Oops! Forgot one; Zip drive NI icon!
LIcons_1.lha pix/icon 34K 4+MWB-styled Toolmanagericons
LjaDropsIIhi.lha pix/icon 147K 9+Low-mem & complex fractal hi-color-WB-Ba
LoT_Icon.lha pix/icon 26K 9+Disc-Icons 4 various HD-Sizes
MUI_Xyon_IM.lha pix/icon 6K 11+MUI gadgets & Buttons FULL XEN.
MWBZipIcon.lha pix/icon 2K 23+MagicWB style icon for Zip disks
Natural.lha pix/icon 28K 26+Natural Born Winners : Bootpic
NetMailIcons.lha pix/icon 7K 11+Nicer (8 col) gadget images for NetMail
NewAge.lha pix/icon 106K 26+New Age : Bootpic
NewIconsSH2.lha pix/icon 50K 10+38 NewIcons incl.complete set for Hack
NI_V2.lha pix/icon 167K 34+Second Generation NewIcons
Nobody.lha pix/icon 28K 26+Nobody : Bootpic
OurWorl2.lha pix/icon 206K 26+Welcome to our world 2 : Bootpic
OurWorld.lha pix/icon 34K 26+Welcome to our world : Bootpic
PATZMWB.lha pix/icon 184K 27+MagicWB icon set by PATZ
PATZMWB2.lha pix/icon 64K 21+More deficons and related REXX-scripts
pcbrushes.lha pix/icon 1.1M 5+2830 webpage GIF brushes
ProWB.lha pix/icon 386K 10+New NI-system Icons for 1280x512 WBs
RynoDok2.lha pix/icon 109K 27+A set of ToolManager AnimBrushes
RynoDok3.lha pix/icon 253K 22+A set of ToolManager AnimBrushes
RynoDok4.lha pix/icon 103K 13+A set of ToolManager AnimBrushes
Sensible.lha pix/icon 13K 12+"Sensible" : Bootpic
Speed.lha pix/icon 14K 13+"Speed" : Bootpic
ULptrns2.lha pix/icon 508K 19+55 nice patterns
ULPtrns3.lha pix/icon 444K 13+57 nice patterns
United.lha pix/icon 21K 26+United Colors : Bootpic
UselessIcons.lha pix/icon 115K 29+Icons & backgrounds for Iconographics
UselessMWB.lha pix/icon 37K 27+YACUMWBBPC (Patterns for MWB)
UseLessPattern.lha pix/icon 671K 30+100 patterns in 2, 4, 8 and 16 colors
V_NI.lha pix/icon 4K 5+Newicons for Voyager browser
WB_BootPics95A.lha pix/icon 689K 15+WB Boot Pictures '95 for AmigaOS 2.0 - 3
WINpix.lha pix/icon 139K 25+Set of bootpictures
WINpix2.lha pix/icon 147K 19+WINpix2: 15 brandnew windoze bootpics
WINpix3.lha pix/icon 126K 12+WINpix3: The Final Windoze
ZipDisk.lha pix/icon 1K 16+A nice DISK-icon for ZIP-drives
ZipperDocks.lha pix/icon 30K 31+A few ToolManager Docks
ZIP_Icons.lha pix/icon 9K 32+ZIP Drive Disk Icons.
ZIP_NewIcons.lha pix/icon 10K 16+ZIP New Icons & Dock Brushes.
4000T_internal.lha pix/illu 158K 20+Labeled picture of A4000T internals.
AmigaAGAScShot.lha pix/illu 102K 30+Screen shot of ShapeShifter in 15bit/HAM
AmigaSurfECS.lha pix/illu 365K 19+Snapshots (ECS) of Amiga Surfer
Amiga_PPC.lha pix/illu 400K 20+Picture of the phase 5 PPC-604 A4000 dev
Amiga_Surf.lha pix/illu 397K 19+Snapshots of Amiga Surfer
Amiscape.lha pix/illu 9K 20+Preview Picture of Amiscape
amydisk5.lha pix/illu 585K 15+Fidonet AMIGA echodisk #6
amydisk_4.lha pix/illu 580K 14+Pics of some of those who frequent the F
atcomdex.jpg pix/illu 108K 30+Pics of AmigaTech's COMDEX booth in Vega
atrophy.lha pix/illu 624K 6+Pictures and info about Atrophy from OTM
AWinNetscape.lha pix/illu 77K 31+IFF pics of Netscape on the Amiga thru A
BD_Screenshots.lha pix/illu 351K 5+Screenshots of the game BattleDuel
BoingAmigaLogo.jpg pix/illu 128K 22+My amateur Amiga logo contributoin!
DraCo.lha pix/illu 943K 20+Picture and specs for the DraCo workstat
editors.jpg pix/illu 289K 7+A photograph taken at the 1996 World of
IBrGrab.lha pix/illu 472K 29+Screen Grabs of IBrowse WWW Amiga Browse
IntOut2Photos.lha pix/illu 428K 29+Photos from Intel Outside 2 copy party
MidnightWB.lha pix/illu 39K 29+Snap of Midnight's WB (also submitted to
mui_virus.jpg pix/illu 15K 12+The first pictures of the dread MOOEY vi
nab1.jpg pix/illu 174K 6+Scan of new LightWave 5.0 brochure
nab2.jpg pix/illu 167K 6+JPEG scan of new AMG magazine cover
nab3.jpg pix/illu 72K 6+Scan of invite to NewTek's NAB party
pmbs_wb.lha pix/illu 288K 10+4 screenshots of the German BBS Software
PowerOnyx.jpg pix/illu 50K 29+Photo of SGI Power Onyx graphic station
PowerUp_MPC604.lzh pix/illu 380K 28+Photo of MPC604 PowerUp board of Phase 5
PPijl.lha pix/illu 28K 26+Cartoon characters in ILBM format (hires
qgrab.jpg pix/illu 213K 26+Screen grab from the Q-OS project (Amiga
Sahara1.lha pix/illu 968K 22+Screenshots of SAHARA 1/2
Sahara2.lha pix/illu 595K 22+Screenshots of SAHARA 2/2
screenshots.lha pix/illu 23K 4+BoulderDaesh ScreenShots
SixTrack.lha pix/illu 42K 4+Proposal for a tracker that never made i
stevex.jpg pix/illu 39K 30+Scan of photo of SteveX Tibbett, Summer
TUBlank.lha pix/illu 4.6M 19+Cover of a new CD-ROM
vtu951.jpg pix/illu 71K 33+JPEGged scanned pics from VTU Expo '95
vtu952.jpg pix/illu 98K 33+More JPEGged scanned pics from VTU Expo
walker.jpg pix/illu 15K 8+Picture of the new Amiga of AT
WalkerPics.lha pix/illu 802K 10+Snapshots of AMIGA Prototype, project 'W
xdigitize.lha pix/illu 6K 31+Partial screenshot with an xdigitize run
XPatch_pre2.lha pix/illu 122K 23+X-Patch preview 2 (pictures).
xtrshots.lha pix/illu 254K 35+Screenshots from XTreme Racing, a Textur
acbarbelo.lha pix/imagi 152K 3+Rachel on AC's head
amiga_96.jpg pix/imagi 764K 22+Amiga-Logo picture (jpeg) 24bit Raytrace
Animasters.lha pix/imagi 220K 22+Raytraced picture
A_csend.lha pix/imagi 134K 22+Raytraced picture
back.jpg pix/imagi 34K 20+"Back From the past".Stargate-like Imagi
bathroom.lha pix/imagi 563K 10+Bathroom by Tiziano Gogna
Beach.jpg pix/imagi 89K 29+Beach scene by Ali Helmy!
Camaro.jpg pix/imagi 101K 29+Camaro car by Ali Helmy!
car2.jpg pix/imagi 50K 19+Imagine 3.0 pic of a (very compact!) car
Chip3.lha pix/imagi 112K 22+Raytraced picture
Coyote2000.lha pix/imagi 20K 33+Image of a future Harrier 2000
Coyote911.lha pix/imagi 32K 33+Image of a Porsche 911
CoyoteSBug.lha pix/imagi 24K 33+Image of the Starbug
CrdtCard.jpg pix/imagi 126K 28+Credit card scene by Ali Helmy!
deadbowl.jpg pix/imagi 37K 15+Imagine 3.0 pic
Dice.lha pix/imagi 134K 22+Raytraced picture
discussion.jpg pix/imagi 405K 37+Imagine 3.3 trace
EndOfTheUnivrs.lha pix/imagi 252K 22+Raytraced picture
enterprise2.lha pix/imagi 87K 8+Imagine 3.0 Render of enterprise NCC-170
fighter0.jpg pix/imagi 22K 15+Imagine 3.0 pic of a spacefighter
FinnishSauna.lha pix/imagi 90K 8+A rendered picture of a Finnish sauna..
FZimages.lha pix/imagi 163K 34+Imagine Raytraced Images
harley.lha pix/imagi 138K 3+Rachel on a Harley
introrachel.lha pix/imagi 148K 3+Rachel on RACHEL
laguna.jpg pix/imagi 56K 20+Nice Venice sight
M666.jpg pix/imagi 505K 7+3D picture generated with Imagine
martian.lha pix/imagi 91K 19+My first "finished" Imagine object
Mines.jpg pix/imagi 294K 7+3D picture generated with Imagine
muscel.lha pix/imagi 455K 10+Imagine V4.0 rendert pictures
muscles.jpg pix/imagi 62K 7+Imagine pic rendered by Michael Lierheim
PrisonCell.lha pix/imagi 52K 8+A pretty depressing picture of a prison
promemoria.jpg pix/imagi 70K 20+Useful way to remind of things
PurgeBall.jpg pix/imagi 208K 10+Imagine raytrace of two pictures on a de
R2000AD.lha pix/imagi 181K 3+Judge Rachel
Robot.jpg pix/imagi 69K 30+A thinking robot on the floor, COOL!
slana.lha pix/imagi 184K 3+Rachel as a Celt
spacew2.jpg pix/imagi 41K 15+Imagine 3.0 pic of a spaceship in space
Still.jpg pix/imagi 172K 30+Scene with several textures, COOL!
Storm.jpg pix/imagi 76K 35+600x600 castle window niche
TheDevil.jpg pix/imagi 124K 29+Devil creature by Ali Helmy!
Tiefighter.jpg pix/imagi 123K 19+Raytraced picture
Torzsasztal.jpg pix/imagi 87K 22+Raytraced picture
t_1000.jpg pix/imagi 24K 15+Imagine 3.0 pic
viva_amiga.lha pix/imagi 300K 29+Pro-Amiga Imagine raytrace - VIVA AMIGA
AddisAba.jpg pix/map 221K 33+City: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1990
Aden.jpg pix/map 108K 33+City: Aden, Yemen CIA 1978
Afganistan.jpg pix/map 331K 33+Asia: Afganistan (Shaded Relief) 1993
Africa.jpg pix/map 175K 33+Africa: Horn of Africa (Shaded Relief)
Africa1808.jpg pix/map 460K 33+Africa: Africa_1808
AfricaWestCoas.jpg pix/map 358K 33+Africa: Africa_West_Coast
Alabama.jpg pix/map 96K 33+US-state: Alabama
Alaska.jpg pix/map 86K 33+US-state: Alaska
Albania.jpg pix/map 196K 33+Europe: Albania
Algeria.jpg pix/map 190K 33+Africa: Algeria (Political) 1979
Algiers.jpg pix/map 65K 33+City: Algiers, Algeria 1984
AlgiersB.jpg pix/map 249K 33+City: Algiers, Algeria original scale 1:
Andorra.jpg pix/map 211K 33+Europe: Andorra (Political) U.S. Departm
Anegada.jpg pix/map 182K 33+Americas: Anegada
Angola.jpg pix/map 171K 33+Africa: Angola
AntiguaBarbuda.jpg pix/map 159K 33+Americas: Antigua and Barbuda (Shaded Re
Antwerp.jpg pix/map 282K 33+City: Antwerp, Belgium 1983
ArabPennisula.jpg pix/map 367K 33+Mid-east: Arab_pennisula
Argentina.jpg pix/map 429K 33+Americas: Argentina (Shaded Relief) 1981
Arizona.jpg pix/map 67K 33+US-state: Arizona
Arkansas.jpg pix/map 97K 33+US-state: Arkansas
Asia.jpg pix/map 262K 33+Asia: Southeast Asia (Political) 1992
Asuncion.jpg pix/map 86K 33+City: Asuncion, Paraguay 1995
Athens.jpg pix/map 344K 33+City: Athens, Greece 1985
Atlanta.jpg pix/map 179K 33+City: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. original
Auckland.jpg pix/map 143K 33+City: Auckland, New Zealand 1986
Austria.jpg pix/map 196K 33+Europe: Austria
Baghdad.jpg pix/map 258K 33+City: Baghdad, Iraq 1981
Bahamas.jpg pix/map 139K 33+Americas: Bahamas
Bahrain.jpg pix/map 163K 33+Mid-east: Bahrain (Political) 1991
Balkans.jpg pix/map 294K 33+Europe: Balkans
BalticSeaArea.jpg pix/map 269K 33+Europe: Baltic Sea Area (Political) 1994
BandarSeriBega.jpg pix/map 205K 33+City: Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei 1992
Bangladesh.jpg pix/map 303K 33+Asia: Bangladesh (Political) U.S. Depart
BanjaLukaTpc92.jpg pix/map 514K 33+Europe: Banja_Luka_tpc92
Barbados.jpg pix/map 138K 33+Americas: Barbados
Beijing.jpg pix/map 431K 33+City: Beijing, China 1981
Belgium.jpg pix/map 191K 33+Europe: Belgium (Shaded Relief) 1985
Belgrade.jpg pix/map 273K 33+City: Belgrade, Yugoslavia 1981
Belize.jpg pix/map 89K 33+Americas: Belize (Political) U.S. Depart
Benin.jpg pix/map 133K 33+Africa: Benin
BerlinE.jpg pix/map 73K 33+City: Berlin (East), Germany 1986
Bermuda.jpg pix/map 181K 33+Americas: Bermuda (Political) 1976
Bhutan.jpg pix/map 228K 33+Asia: Bhutan (Political) U.S. Department
Blantyre.jpg pix/map 30K 33+City: Blantyre, Malawi 1984
Bogota.jpg pix/map 77K 33+City: Bogota, Colombia 1981
Bolivia.jpg pix/map 128K 33+Americas: Bolivia
Bombay.jpg pix/map 245K 33+City: Bombay, India original scale 1:50,
BosniaHerzegov.jpg pix/map 340K 33+Europe: BosniaHerzegovina
BosniaSarajevo.jpg pix/map 202K 33+City: Sarajevo, Bosnia CIA
Boston.jpg pix/map 302K 33+City: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. orig
Botswana.jpg pix/map 149K 33+Africa: Botswana
Brasilia.jpg pix/map 77K 33+City: Brasilia, Brazil 1990
Brazil.jpg pix/map 299K 33+Americas: Brazil (Political) 1994
Bridgetown.jpg pix/map 287K 33+City: Bridgetown, Barbados 1983
BritishGuiana.jpg pix/map 298K 33+Americas: British_Guiana
Brunei.jpg pix/map 178K 33+Mid-east: Brunei
Brussels.jpg pix/map 267K 33+City: Brussels, Belgium 1983
Buchares.jpg pix/map 85K 33+City: Bucharest, Romania 1980
Budapest.jpg pix/map 144K 33+City: Budapest, Hungary 1984
BuenosAires.jpg pix/map 272K 33+City: Buenos Aires, Argentina 1985
Buffalo.jpg pix/map 344K 33+City: Buffalo, New York, U.S.A. original
Bulgaria.jpg pix/map 300K 33+Europe: Bulgaria (Political) 1994
Burkina.jpg pix/map 232K 33+Africa: Burkina Faso (Political) 1987
Burma.jpg pix/map 191K 33+Asia: Burma
Burundi.jpg pix/map 318K 33+Africa: Burundi
BurundiAgricul.jpg pix/map 227K 33+Africa: Burundi_agricultural
BurundiPopulat.jpg pix/map 191K 33+Africa: Burundi_population
BurundiRefugee.jpg pix/map 223K 33+Africa: Burundi_refugees
BurundPowerNe.jpg pix/map 260K 33+Africa: Burundi_power_network
Calgary.jpg pix/map 126K 33+City: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Cali.jpg pix/map 72K 33+City: Cali, Colombia 1981
California.jpg pix/map 87K 33+US-state: California
Cambodia.jpg pix/map 201K 33+Asia: Cambodia
CAmericaCaribb.jpg pix/map 195K 33+Americas: Central America and the Caribb
Cameroon.jpg pix/map 285K 33+Africa: Cameroon (Shaded Relief) 1975
Canada.jpg pix/map 348K 33+Americas: Canada
CanadaPol94.jpg pix/map 232K 33+Americas: Canada (Political) 1994
Caribbean.jpg pix/map 107K 33+Americas: Central America and the Caribb
CaymanIslands.jpg pix/map 108K 33+Americas: Cayman Islands (Political) 197
CentralAfrican.jpg pix/map 128K 33+Africa: Central_African_Republic
Chad.jpg pix/map 130K 33+Africa: Chad
Chicago.jpg pix/map 410K 33+City: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. original
Chile.jpg pix/map 154K 33+Americas: Chile
China.jpg pix/map 205K 33+Asia: China
ChinaAdminPol9.jpg pix/map 272K 33+Asia: China_Admin_pol91
ChinaIndiaBord.jpg pix/map 312K 33+Asia: China_India_Border_rel
ChinaUSSRBorde.jpg pix/map 345K 33+Asia: China_USSR_Border_pol8
ChinaVietnamBo.jpg pix/map 378K 33+Asia: China_Vietnam_border_r
Cincinnati.jpg pix/map 222K 33+City: Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. original
Cleveland.jpg pix/map 354K 33+City: Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. original s
Closures.jpg pix/map 129K 33+Asia: Closures
Cobe.jpg pix/map 606K 33+Asia: Cobe
Colombia.jpg pix/map 249K 33+Americas: Colombia (Shaded Relief) 1985
Colombo.jpg pix/map 230K 33+City: Colombo, Sri Lanka 1986
Colorado.jpg pix/map 95K 33+US-state: Colorado
Comoros.jpg pix/map 93K 33+Africa: Comoros
Connecticut.jpg pix/map 66K 33+US-state: Connecticut
Copenhag.jpg pix/map 98K 33+City: Copenhagen, Denmark 1984
CostaRica.jpg pix/map 154K 33+Americas: Costa_Rica
Croatia.jpg pix/map 329K 33+Europe: Croatia (Shaded Relief) 1992
Cuba.jpg pix/map 243K 33+Americas: Cuba (Political) 1994
Cyprus.jpg pix/map 113K 33+Europe: Cyprus
Czechoslovakia.jpg pix/map 244K 33+Europe: Czechoslovakia (Political) 1985
CzechRepublic.jpg pix/map 310K 33+Europe: Czech Republic (Political) 1994
CzechRpRel94.jpg pix/map 297K 33+Europe: Czech_Rep_rel94
Dakar.jpg pix/map 453K 33+City: Dakar, Senegal 1992
Dallas2.jpg pix/map 429K 33+City: Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A. o
DeChancerelles.jpg pix/map 529K 33+Americas: deChancerellesAirport
Delaware.jpg pix/map 56K 33+US-state: Delaware
Delhi.jpg pix/map 235K 33+City: Delhi and Vicinity, India original
Denmark.jpg pix/map 230K 33+Europe: Denmark (Shaded Relief) 1981
Denver.jpg pix/map 296K 33+City: Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. original
Detroit.jpg pix/map 417K 33+City: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. original
DistrictOfColu.jpg pix/map 56K 33+US-state: District_of_Columbia
Djibouti.jpg pix/map 130K 33+Africa: Djibouti
Doha.jpg pix/map 244K 33+City: Doha, Qatar 1991
DomGuadMartini.jpg pix/map 168K 33+Americas: Dominica, Guadeloupe, and Mart
Dominica.jpg pix/map 123K 33+Americas: Dominica
DominicnRepub.jpg pix/map 232K 33+Americas: Dominican_Republic
Dubai.jpg pix/map 207K 33+City: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1994
EarlyAla.jpg pix/map 297K 33+USA: Early_Indian_Alaska
EarlyEas.jpg pix/map 284K 33+USA: Early_Indian_East
EarlyWes.jpg pix/map 289K 33+USA: Early_Indian_West
EastAsiaPol95.jpg pix/map 216K 33+Asia: East Asia (Political) 1995
EasternEurope.jpg pix/map 208K 33+Europe: Eastern Europe (Political) 1993
Ecuador.jpg pix/map 179K 33+Americas: Ecuador
Egypt.jpg pix/map 153K 33+Africa: Egypt
EgyptDivision.jpg pix/map 224K 33+Africa: Egypt Administrative Divisions
ElSalvador.jpg pix/map 251K 33+Americas: El Salvador (Shaded Relief) 19
ElSlvador.jpg pix/map 185K 33+Americas: El_Salvador
EquatorialGuin.jpg pix/map 145K 33+Africa: Equatorial_Guinea
Eritrea.jpg pix/map 127K 33+Africa: Eritrea
Estonia.jpg pix/map 114K 33+Europe: Estonia
Ethiopia.jpg pix/map 179K 33+Africa: Ethiopia
EthnicEEurope.jpg pix/map 169K 33+Europe: EthnicEEurope
Europe.jpg pix/map 280K 33+Europe: Eastern Europe (Political) 1993
Explo167.jpg pix/map 295K 33+USA: Exploration_1675
Explo180.jpg pix/map 317K 33+USA: Exploration_1800
Explo182.jpg pix/map 352K 33+USA: Exploration_1820
Explo183.jpg pix/map 334K 33+USA: Exploration_1835
Explo185.jpg pix/map 355K 33+USA: Exploration_1850
ExploBef.jpg pix/map 234K 33+USA: Exploration_before_1675
FalklandIsland.jpg pix/map 98K 33+Americas: Falkland_Islands
Finland.jpg pix/map 278K 33+Europe: Finland (Shaded Relief) 1987
Florida.jpg pix/map 84K 33+US-state: Florida
FmYugoslaviaPo.jpg pix/map 128K 33+Europe: Yugoslavia, Former (Political) 1
FormerYugoslav.jpg pix/map 143K 33+Europe: Yugoslavia, Former (Political) 1
FormMWD.jpg pix/map 293K 33+Mid-east: Iraq: Former Marshes and Water
France.jpg pix/map 192K 33+Europe: France
FrenchGuiana.jpg pix/map 147K 33+Americas: French_Guiana
Fukuoka85.jpg pix/map 148K 33+City: Fukuoka, Japan 1985
Gabon.jpg pix/map 168K 33+Africa: Gabon (Political) 1977
Gambia.jpg pix/map 143K 33+Africa: Gambia
GazaStrip.jpg pix/map 73K 33+Mid-east: GazaStrip
GazaStrp91.jpg pix/map 306K 33+Mid-east: GazaStrip91
Geneva.jpg pix/map 167K 33+City: Geneva, Switzerland
Georgia.jpg pix/map 133K 33+US-state: Georgia
Germany.jpg pix/map 327K 33+Europe: Germany (Political) 1994
GermanyRel94.jpg pix/map 381K 33+Europe: Germany (Shaded Relief) 1994
Ghana.jpg pix/map 250K 33+Africa: Ghana (Shaded Relief) 1983
Gibraltar.jpg pix/map 196K 33+Europe: Gibraltar (Shaded Relief) 1989
Greece.jpg pix/map 166K 33+Europe: Greece (Political) 1984
Grenada.jpg pix/map 102K 33+Americas: Grenada
Guantanamo.jpg pix/map 118K 33+City: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (CIA)1985
GuatemaCity.jpg pix/map 172K 33+City: Guatemala City, Guatemala 1985
Guatemala.jpg pix/map 227K 33+Americas: Guatemala (Shaded Relief) 1982
Guinea.jpg pix/map 142K 33+Africa: Guinea
GuineaBissau.jpg pix/map 137K 33+Africa: Guinea_Bissau
Guyana.jpg pix/map 181K 33+Americas: Guyana
Haiti.jpg pix/map 106K 33+Americas: Haiti
Haiti184.jpg pix/map 523K 33+Americas: HaitiNE18-4
Haiti188.jpg pix/map 576K 33+Americas: HaitiNE18-8
Halifax.jpg pix/map 293K 33+City: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Harare.jpg pix/map 179K 33+City: Harare, Zimbabwe 1985
Havana.jpg pix/map 355K 33+City: Havana, Cuba 1983
Hawaii.jpg pix/map 81K 33+US-state: Hawaii
Honduras.jpg pix/map 246K 33+Americas: Honduras (Shaded Relief) 1985
HongKngAndMac.jpg pix/map 266K 33+Asia: Hong_Kong_and_Macau
HongKngMacau.jpg pix/map 244K 33+Asia: Hong Kong and Macau (Shaded Relief
HongKong.jpg pix/map 62K 33+City: Hong Kong 1986
HornOfAfrica.jpg pix/map 214K 33+Africa: Horn of Africa (Shaded Relief)
Houston.jpg pix/map 397K 33+City: Houston, Texas, U.S.A. original sc
Hungary.jpg pix/map 219K 33+Europe: Hungary (Political) 1994
HungaryRel94.jpg pix/map 329K 33+Europe: Hungary (Shaded Relief) 1994
Iceland.jpg pix/map 101K 33+Europe: Iceland
Idaho.jpg pix/map 84K 33+US-state: Idaho
Illinois.jpg pix/map 102K 33+US-state: Illinois
India.jpg pix/map 230K 33+Asia: India
Indiana.jpg pix/map 97K 33+US-state: Indiana
Indonesia.jpg pix/map 250K 33+Asia: Indonesia
IndonsiaAdDiv.jpg pix/map 251K 33+Asia: Indonesia: Administrative Division
Iowa.jpg pix/map 103K 33+US-state: Iowa
Iran.jpg pix/map 182K 33+Mid-east: Iran
Iraq.jpg pix/map 209K 33+Mid-east: Iraq
IraqWater.jpg pix/map 293K 33+Mid-east: Iraq_Water
Ireland.jpg pix/map 253K 33+Europe: Ireland (Shaded Relief) 1982
ISettlementsWB.jpg pix/map 197K 33+Mid-east: ISettlementsWB93
Israel.jpg pix/map 203K 33+Mid-east: Israel
Istanbul.jpg pix/map 213K 33+City: Istanbul, Turkey 1990
Italy.jpg pix/map 194K 33+Europe: Italy (Political) 1986
IvoryCoast.jpg pix/map 181K 33+Africa: Ivory_Coast
Izmir.jpg pix/map 168K 33+City: Izmir, Turkey 1990
Jakarta.jpg pix/map 103K 33+City: Jakarta, Indonesia 1986
Jamaica.jpg pix/map 126K 33+Americas: Jamaica (Shaded Relief) 1968
Japan.jpg pix/map 208K 33+Asia: Japan (Political) 1984
Jeddah.jpg pix/map 62K 33+City: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 1986
Jericho.jpg pix/map 187K 33+Mid-east: Jericho
Jerusale.jpg pix/map 385K 33+City: Jerusalem, Israel CIA
JewishLandUse.jpg pix/map 123K 33+Mid-east: Jewish_land_use
Jordan.jpg pix/map 135K 33+Mid-east: Jordan
Kabul.jpg pix/map 195K 33+City: Kabul, Afghanistan 1986
Kaduna.jpg pix/map 70K 33+City: Kaduna, Nigeria 1984
Kansas.jpg pix/map 100K 33+US-state: Kansas
Karachi.jpg pix/map 193K 33+City: Karachi, Pakistan 1983
KashmirArea.jpg pix/map 342K 33+Asia: Kashmir_area
KashmirRegion.jpg pix/map 350K 33+Asia: Kashmir_region
Kathmandu.jpg pix/map 160K 33+City: Kathmandu, Nepal 1984
Kentucky.jpg pix/map 98K 33+US-state: Kentucky
Kenya.jpg pix/map 172K 33+Africa: Kenya
Kiev.jpg pix/map 292K 33+City: Kiev, Ukraine CIA
Kigali.jpg pix/map 323K 33+City: Kigali, Rwanda Feb.1980
Kingston.jpg pix/map 73K 33+City: Kingston, Jamaica 1985
Kinshasa.jpg pix/map 259K 33+City: Kinshasa, Zaire 1983
Kobe.jpg pix/map 65K 33+Asia: kobe
KoreaDM.jpg pix/map 269K 33+Asia: Korea_DMZ
KoreaDMZ.jpg pix/map 267K 33+Asia: Korea - Demilitarized Zone (Shaded
KoreanPeninsul.jpg pix/map 141K 33+Mid-east: Korean_Peninsula
Kuwait.jpg pix/map 127K 33+Asia: Kuwait
Lagos.jpg pix/map 172K 33+City: Lagos, Nigeria 1984
Lahore.jpg pix/map 240K 33+City: Lahore, Pakistan 1983
Laos.jpg pix/map 226K 33+Asia: Laos
LaPaz.jpg pix/map 106K 33+City: La Paz, Bolivia 1981
LatinAmerica.jpg pix/map 168K 33+Americas: Latin_America
Latvia.jpg pix/map 144K 33+Europe: Latvia
Lebanon.jpg pix/map 158K 33+Asia: Lebanon
LeewardIslands.jpg pix/map 162K 33+Americas: Leeward Islands (Political) 1
Leningrad.jpg pix/map 287K 33+City: Saint Petersburg (Leningrad), Russ
Lesotho.jpg pix/map 200K 33+Africa: Lesotho
Liberia.jpg pix/map 156K 33+Africa: Liberia
Librevil.jpg pix/map 402K 33+City: Libreville, Gabon 1986
Libya.jpg pix/map 152K 33+Africa: Libya
Liechtenstein.jpg pix/map 247K 33+Europe: Liechtenstein (Political) U.S. D
Lima.jpg pix/map 86K 33+City: Lima, Peru 1985
Lithuania.jpg pix/map 154K 33+Europe: Lithuania
Lome.jpg pix/map 59K 33+City: Lome, Togo 1985
LosAngeles.jpg pix/map 398K 33+City: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. or
Louisiana.jpg pix/map 106K 33+US-state: Louisiana
Lubumbashi.jpg pix/map 219K 33+City: Lubumbashi, Zaire 1983
Luxembourg.jpg pix/map 237K 33+Europe: Luxembourg (Shaded Relief) 1981
LuxembrgCity.jpg pix/map 250K 33+City: Luxembourg, Luxembourg 1985
Macau.jpg pix/map 135K 33+Asia: Hong Kong and Macau (Shaded Relief
MacedonA.jpg pix/map 310K 33+Europe: MacedonA
MacedonB.jpg pix/map 273K 33+Europe: MacedonB
Macedonia.jpg pix/map 131K 33+Europe: MACEDONIA
Madagascar.jpg pix/map 105K 33+Africa: Madagascar
Maine.jpg pix/map 83K 33+US-state: Maine
MaisGate.jpg pix/map 397K 33+Americas: MaisGate
Malawi.jpg pix/map 193K 33+Africa: Malawi (Shaded Relief) 1985
Malaysia.jpg pix/map 225K 33+Asia: Malaysia (Political) 1989
Mali.jpg pix/map 295K 33+Africa: Mali (Political) 1977
Malta.jpg pix/map 112K 33+Europe: Malta
Manama.jpg pix/map 147K 33+City: Manama, Bahrain 1994
Manila.jpg pix/map 72K 33+City: Manila, Philippines 1985
Maracaibo.jpg pix/map 245K 33+City: Maracaibo, Venezuela 1984
Maryland.jpg pix/map 90K 33+US-state: Maryland
Massachusetts.jpg pix/map 73K 33+US-state: Massachusetts
Mauritania.jpg pix/map 214K 33+Africa: Mauritania (Political) 1982
Mbabane.jpg pix/map 214K 33+City: Mbabane, Swaziland 1987
Medan.jpg pix/map 95K 33+City: Medan, Indonesia 1986
Medellin.jpg pix/map 60K 33+City: Medellin, Colombia 1981
MetroEast.jpg pix/map 270K 33+USA
MetroWest.jpg pix/map 146K 33+USA
Mexico.jpg pix/map 209K 33+Americas: Mexico
Miami.jpg pix/map 206K 33+City: Miami, Florida, U.S.A. original sc
Michigan.jpg pix/map 97K 33+US-state: Michigan
Middleamerica.jpg pix/map 284K 33+Americas: Middle America (Political)1994
MiddleEast.jpg pix/map 138K 33+Mid-east: Middle_East
Milwaukee.jpg pix/map 367K 33+City: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. origi
Minneapolis.jpg pix/map 331K 33+City: Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota,
Minnesota.jpg pix/map 102K 33+US-state: Minnesota
Mississippi.jpg pix/map 100K 33+US-state: Mississippi
Missouri.jpg pix/map 114K 33+US-state: Missouri
Mombasa.jpg pix/map 244K 33+City: Mombasa, Kenya 1986
Monaco.jpg pix/map 184K 33+Europe: Monaco (Political) 1982
Mongoli2.jpg pix/map 285K 33+Asia: Mongolia (Political) 1989
Mongolia.jpg pix/map 340K 33+Asia: Mongolia
Monrovia.jpg pix/map 211K 33+City: Monrovia, Liberia 1984
Montana.jpg pix/map 95K 33+US-state: Montana
Montreal.jpg pix/map 328K 33+City: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Morocco.jpg pix/map 136K 33+Africa: Morocco
Morocco1830.jpg pix/map 168K 33+Africa: Morocco_1830
Moscow.jpg pix/map 247K 33+City: Moscow, Russia CIA 1988
Mozambique.jpg pix/map 214K 33+Africa: Mozambique
Muscat.jpg pix/map 175K 33+City: Muscat, Oman 1985
MuslimDistribu.jpg pix/map 293K 33+World: Muslim Distribution
NAfricaMidEast.jpg pix/map 203K 33+Asia: N_Africa_Mid_East_pol_
Naha85.jpg pix/map 216K 33+City: Naha, Japan 1985
NAmerica.jpg pix/map 280K 33+USA
Namibia.jpg pix/map 201K 33+Africa: Namibia
Nassau.jpg pix/map 197K 33+City: Nassau, Bahamas 1990
NaturalResourc.jpg pix/map 172K 33+Mid-east: Natural_Resources
NDjamena.jpg pix/map 207K 33+City: N'Djamena, Chad 1986
Nebraska.jpg pix/map 98K 33+US-state: Nebraska
Nepal.jpg pix/map 170K 33+Asia: Nepal
NethAntillesAr.jpg pix/map 171K 33+Americas: Netherland Antilles, Aruba (Po
Netherlands.jpg pix/map 262K 33+Europe: Netherlands (Political) 1987
Nevada.jpg pix/map 67K 33+US-state: Nevada
NewHampshire.jpg pix/map 63K 33+US-state: New_Hampshire
NewJersey.jpg pix/map 72K 33+US-state: New_Jersey
NewMexico.jpg pix/map 80K 33+US-state: New_Mexico
NewOrl1908.jpg pix/map 482K 33+USA: New_Orleans_1908
NewOrleans.jpg pix/map 160K 33+City: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A. ori
NewYork.jpg pix/map 96K 33+US-state: New_York
NewYorkCity.jpg pix/map 422K 33+City: New York City, New York, U.S.A. or
Niamey.jpg pix/map 201K 33+City: Niamey, Niger 1985
Nicaragua.jpg pix/map 129K 33+Americas: Nicaragua
Nicosia.jpg pix/map 59K 33+City: Nicosia, Cyprus 1990
Niger.jpg pix/map 168K 33+Africa: Niger (Political) 1979
Nigeria.jpg pix/map 212K 33+Africa: Nigeria
NorthAmerica.jpg pix/map 241K 33+Americas: North America (Political) 1992
NorthCarolina.jpg pix/map 96K 33+US-state: North_Carolina
NorthDakota.jpg pix/map 87K 33+US-state: North_Dakota
NorthKorea.jpg pix/map 304K 33+Asia: Korea - North Korea (Political) 19
Norway.jpg pix/map 178K 33+Europe: Norway
Nouakchott.jpg pix/map 225K 33+City: Nouakchott, Mauritania 1986
Ohio.jpg pix/map 106K 33+US-state: Ohio
Okinawa.jpg pix/map 148K 33+Asia: Japan - Okinawa 1970 From U.S. Na
Oklahoma.jpg pix/map 91K 33+US-state: Oklahoma
Oman.jpg pix/map 99K 33+Mid-east: Oman
Oran.jpg pix/map 85K 33+City: Oran, Algeria 1984
Oregon.jpg pix/map 71K 33+US-state: Oregon
Osaka.jpg pix/map 178K 33+City: Osaka, Japan 1986
Oslo.jpg pix/map 350K 33+City: Oslo, Norway 1985
Ottawa.jpg pix/map 81K 33+City: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 1986
Ouagadou.jpg pix/map 77K 33+City: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 1985
Pakistan.jpg pix/map 205K 33+Mid-east: Pakistan
PalauIsland.jpg pix/map 108K 33+Australia: Palau_Island
Panama.jpg pix/map 180K 33+Americas: Panama (Political) 1995
PanamaRelief.jpg pix/map 214K 33+Americas: Panama (Shaded Relief) 1995
PapuaNewGuinea.jpg pix/map 116K 33+Asia: Papua_New_Guinea
Paragua1875.jpg pix/map 485K 33+Americas: Paraguay_1875
Paraguay.jpg pix/map 165K 33+Americas: Paraguay
Paramaribo.jpg pix/map 212K 33+City: Paramaribo, Suriname 1985
Paris.jpg pix/map 260K 33+City: Paris, France 1993
Pennsylvania.jpg pix/map 99K 33+US-state: Pennsylvania
PersianGulfReg.jpg pix/map 233K 33+Mid-east: Persian Gulf Region (Political
Peru.jpg pix/map 168K 33+Americas: Peru
Peshawar.jpg pix/map 193K 33+City: Peshawar, Pakistan 1983
Philadelphia.jpg pix/map 513K 33+City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Pittsburgh.jpg pix/map 496K 33+City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. o
Poland.jpg pix/map 242K 33+Europe: Poland (Political) 1982
PortAuPrince.jpg pix/map 568K 33+Americas: PortAuPrince
PortLoui.jpg pix/map 87K 33+City: Port Louis, Mauritius 1986
Portmoresby.jpg pix/map 163K 33+City: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 198
PortoAle.jpg pix/map 100K 33+City: Porto Alegre, Brazil 1990
PortOfSpain.jpg pix/map 412K 33+City: Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Portugal.jpg pix/map 208K 33+Europe: Portugal (Political) 1982
Prague.jpg pix/map 132K 33+City: Prague, Czech Republic 1985
Praia.jpg pix/map 168K 33+City: Praia, Cape Verde
PRefugeeCamps.jpg pix/map 158K 33+Mid-east: Palestinian Refugee Camps Nove
PuertoRico.jpg pix/map 148K 33+Americas: Puerto Rico (Political) 1976
PuertRico.jpg pix/map 209K 33+Americas: Puerto Rico U.S. National Atla
Qatar.jpg pix/map 185K 33+Mid-east: Qatar (Political) 1980
Quebec.jpg pix/map 276K 33+City: Quebec, Quebec, Canada 1992
Quito.jpg pix/map 217K 33+City: Quito, Ecuador 1986
Recife.jpg pix/map 86K 33+City: Recife, Brazil 1990
RestrictionsLa.jpg pix/map 221K 33+Mid-east: Restrictions_land
Reykjavi.jpg pix/map 282K 33+City: Reykjavik, Iceland 1986
RhodeIsland.jpg pix/map 69K 33+US-state: RhodeIsland
Riga.jpg pix/map 168K 33+City: Riga, Latvia 1994
RiodeJan.jpg pix/map 264K 33+City: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1990
Riyadh.jpg pix/map 84K 33+City: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1986
Romania.jpg pix/map 185K 33+Europe: Romania
RwandaAndBurun.jpg pix/map 232K 33+Africa: Rwanda_and_Burundi
RwandaBurundi.jpg pix/map 282K 33+Africa: RwandaBurundi
SaintChristoph.jpg pix/map 170K 33+Americas: Saint_Christopher
SaintLucia.jpg pix/map 126K 33+Americas: Saint_Lucia
SaipanTinianIs.jpg pix/map 37K 33+Australia: Northern Mariana Islands - Sa
SakishimaYonag.jpg pix/map 117K 33+Asia: Japan - Sakishima and Yonaguni Isl
Salzburg.jpg pix/map 318K 33+City: Salzburg, Austria 1985
SanDiego.jpg pix/map 358K 33+City: San Diego, California, U.S.A. orig
SanFrancisco.jpg pix/map 326K 33+City: San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
SanJose.jpg pix/map 68K 33+City: San Jose, Costa Rica 1986
SanMarino.jpg pix/map 80K 33+Europe: San Marino (Political) U.S. Depa
Santiago.jpg pix/map 77K 33+City: Santiago, Chile 1982
SaoPaulo.jpg pix/map 276K 33+City: Sao Paulo, Brazil 1990
SaoTomePrincip.jpg pix/map 154K 33+Africa: Sao Tome and Principe (Politica
Sapporo.jpg pix/map 168K 33+City: Sapporo, Japan 1991
SaudiArabia.jpg pix/map 145K 33+Mid-east: Saudi_Arabia
SEAsiaPol95.jpg pix/map 210K 33+Asia: Southeast Asia (Political) 1995
Seattle.jpg pix/map 450K 33+City: Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. origin
Senegal.jpg pix/map 182K 33+Africa: Senegal
SenyavinIsland.jpg pix/map 35K 33+Australia: Federated States of Micronesi
Serbia.jpg pix/map 300K 33+Europe: Serbia (Shaded Relief) 1995
Shanghai.jpg pix/map 437K 33+City: Shanghai, China 1981
SierraLeone.jpg pix/map 203K 33+Africa: Sierra_Leone
Sikkim.jpg pix/map 296K 33+Asia: Sikkim
Sinai.jpg pix/map 307K 33+Mid-east: Egypt: Sinai Peninsula (Shaded
SingapoB.jpg pix/map 311K 33+City: Singapore original scale 1:150,000
Singapore.jpg pix/map 222K 33+Asia: Singapore (Political) 1973
SKoreaPol95.jpg pix/map 241K 33+Asia: South Korea (Political) 1995
SKoreaRel95.jpg pix/map 252K 33+Asia: South Korea (Shaded Relief) 1995
SlovakiaMap.jpg pix/map 347K 33+Europe: Slovakia (Political) 1994
Slovenia.jpg pix/map 330K 33+Europe: Slovenia (Shaded Relief) 1992
Somalia.jpg pix/map 209K 33+Africa: Somalia (Political) 1988
SouthAfHo.jpg pix/map 137K 33+Africa: South_African_Homelands
SouthAfrica.jpg pix/map 233K 33+Africa: South Africa (Political) 1995
SouthAf_Rel.jpg pix/map 276K 33+Africa: South Africa (Shaded Relief) 19
SouthAmerica.jpg pix/map 202K 33+Americas: South America (Political) 198
SouthCarolina.jpg pix/map 75K 33+US-state: South_Carolina
SouthDakota.jpg pix/map 93K 33+US-state: South_Dakota
SoutheastAsia.jpg pix/map 212K 33+Asia: Southeast Asia (Political) 1992
SouthernAsia.jpg pix/map 297K 33+Asia: Southern Asia (Political)
SouthKorea.jpg pix/map 296K 33+Asia: Korea - South Korea (Political) 19
Spain.jpg pix/map 215K 33+Europe: Spain (Political) 1982
SriLanka.jpg pix/map 382K 33+Asia: Sri Lanka (Shaded Relief) 1974 (38
StChristopherN.jpg pix/map 196K 33+Americas: Saint Kitts, Nevis (Shaded Rel
StLouis.jpg pix/map 368K 33+City: St.Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. origina
StVincentAndGr.jpg pix/map 109K 33+Americas: St_Vincent_and_Grenadines
StVincntGrena.jpg pix/map 135K 33+Americas: St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Sudan.jpg pix/map 156K 33+Africa: Sudan (Shaded Relief) 1994
Surabaya.jpg pix/map 92K 33+City: Surabaya, Indonesia 1986
Suriname.jpg pix/map 152K 33+Americas: Suriname
Suva.jpg pix/map 318K 33+City: Suva, Fiji 1985
Swaziland.jpg pix/map 185K 33+Africa: Swaziland
Sweden.jpg pix/map 263K 33+Europe: Sweden (Shaded Relief) 1986
Switzerland.jpg pix/map 189K 33+Europe: Switzerland (Political) 1973
Syria.jpg pix/map 175K 33+Mid-east: Syria
Taiwan.jpg pix/map 143K 33+Asia: Taiwan
Tanzania.jpg pix/map 229K 33+Africa: Tanzania
Tegucigalpa.jpg pix/map 361K 33+City: Tegucigalpa, Honduras 1992
TelAviv.jpg pix/map 99K 33+City: Tel Aviv, Israel 1985
Tenness3.jpg pix/map 77K 33+US-state: Tennessee3
Tennessee.jpg pix/map 97K 33+US-state: Tennessee
Territory.jpg pix/map 301K 33+USA: territory
Texas.jpg pix/map 131K 33+US-state: Texas
Texas3.jpg pix/map 100K 33+US-state: Texas3
TexasGerm.jpg pix/map 514K 33+US-state: TexasGerm
Thailand.jpg pix/map 263K 33+Asia: Thailand (Shaded Relief) 1988
Thessalo.jpg pix/map 93K 33+City: Thessaloniki, Greece 1985
Time95.jpg pix/map 268K 33+World: Time_95
Togo.jpg pix/map 189K 33+Africa: Togo
Tokyo.jpg pix/map 268K 33+City: Tokyo, Japan 1991
Toronto.jpg pix/map 227K 33+City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
TrinidadAndTob.jpg pix/map 134K 33+Americas: Trinidad_and_Tobago
TrukIsland.jpg pix/map 67K 33+Australia: Federated States of Micronesi
Tunis.jpg pix/map 307K 33+City: Tunis, Tunisia
Tunisia.jpg pix/map 150K 33+Africa: Tunisia
Turkey.jpg pix/map 219K 33+Mid-east: Turkey (Shaded Relief) 1983
TurkmenistanRe.jpg pix/map 237K 33+Mid-east: Turkmenistan_relief
TutuilaIsland.jpg pix/map 88K 33+Australia: American Samoa (Political) U
Uganda.jpg pix/map 153K 33+Africa: Uganda
UnitdArabEmir.jpg pix/map 260K 33+Mid-east: United Arab Emirates (Shaded R
UnitedArabEmir.jpg pix/map 258K 33+Mid-east: United_Arab_Emirates(Shaded Re
UnitedKingdom.jpg pix/map 174K 33+Europe: United_Kingdom
Uruguay.jpg pix/map 250K 33+Americas: Uruguay (Political) 1973
UruguayPol95.jpg pix/map 255K 33+Americas: Uruguay (Political) 1995
UruguayRel95.jpg pix/map 289K 33+Americas: Uruguay (Shaded Relief) 1995
USEast.jpg pix/map 469K 33+USA: US-east
USResource.jpg pix/map 233K 33+USA: US_Resource
USTer1775.jpg pix/map 82K 33+USA: US_Terr_1775
USTer1790.jpg pix/map 88K 33+USA: US_Terr_1790
USTer1800.jpg pix/map 83K 33+USA: US_Terr_1800
USTer1810.jpg pix/map 119K 33+USA: US_Terr_1810
USTer1820.jpg pix/map 123K 33+USA: US_Terr_1820
USTer1830.jpg pix/map 111K 33+USA: US_Terr_1830
USTer1840.jpg pix/map 116K 33+USA: US_Terr_1840
USTer1850.jpg pix/map 124K 33+USA: US_Terr_1850
USTer1860.jpg pix/map 116K 33+USA: US_Terr_1860
USTer1870.jpg pix/map 130K 33+USA: US_Terr_1870
USTer1880.jpg pix/map 118K 33+USA: US_Terr_1880
USTer1900.jpg pix/map 122K 33+USA: US_Terr_1900
USTer1920.jpg pix/map 115K 33+USA: US_Terr_1920
USTer1970.jpg pix/map 242K 33+USA: US_Terr_1970
USWest.jpg pix/map 417K 33+USA: US-west
Utah.jpg pix/map 82K 33+US-state: Utah
Valleta.jpg pix/map 54K 33+City: Valletta, Malta 1985
Vancouver.jpg pix/map 293K 33+City: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canad
Vaticancity.jpg pix/map 240K 33+Europe: Vatican City (Political) U.S. De
Venezuela.jpg pix/map 230K 33+Americas: Venezuela
Vermont.jpg pix/map 71K 33+US-state: Vermont
Vienna.jpg pix/map 204K 33+City: Vienna, Austria 1985
Vientiane.jpg pix/map 169K 33+City: Vientiane, Laos 1984
Vietnam.jpg pix/map 279K 33+Asia: Vietnam (Shaded Relief) 1985
Virgini3.jpg pix/map 94K 33+US-state: Virginia3
Virginia.jpg pix/map 144K 33+US-state: Virginia
VirginIslands.jpg pix/map 138K 33+Americas: Virgin Islands (Political) 197
WashingBalt.jpg pix/map 373K 33+City: Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. origin
Washington.jpg pix/map 93K 33+US-state: Washington
Wellington.jpg pix/map 258K 33+City: Wellington, New Zealand 1986
WestBank.jpg pix/map 394K 33+Mid-east: Jerusalem-Jericho Area origina
WesternSahara.jpg pix/map 173K 33+Africa: Western Sahara (Political) 1989
WestVirginia.jpg pix/map 94K 33+US-state: West_Virginia
Winnipeg.jpg pix/map 142K 33+City: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Wisconsin.jpg pix/map 94K 33+US-state: Wisconsin
World.jpg pix/map 198K 33+World: World Map 1995
Wyoming.jpg pix/map 74K 33+US-state: Wyoming
YapIsland.jpg pix/map 23K 33+Australia: Federated States of Micronesi
Yemen.jpg pix/map 91K 33+Mid-east: Yemen
YugoslaRepMac.jpg pix/map 290K 33+Europe: YugoslavRepMacedon
Yugoslav.jpg pix/map 309K 33+Europe: Yugoslav
Zagreb.jpg pix/map 195K 33+City: Zagreb, Croatia 1986
Zaire.jpg pix/map 142K 33+Africa: Zaire
ZaireKikwit.jpg pix/map 500K 33+Africa: Zaire_Kikwit
ZaireMap.jpg pix/map 368K 33+Africa: Zaire_map
Zambia.jpg pix/map 184K 33+Africa: Zambia
Zimbabwe.jpg pix/map 140K 33+Africa: Zimbabwe
13aMiPEGsOnWB.lha pix/misc 132K 15+13 MPEGs on WB playing at the same time
68060inside.lha pix/misc 37K 8+Bootpic and/or backgroundpic 68060 insid
9_months.lha pix/misc 128K 8+To Mary - 9 months
aglogo.lha pix/misc 44K 15+AMIGAmes 'logo' picture (Finnish Amiga g
AmiBoot.lha pix/misc 48K 6+Bootpic for W*n system user Amigans
AmigaCollage.lha pix/misc 368K 12+Collage of various Amiga-related images.
AmigaMacPic.lha pix/misc 55K 28+640x400x6 bootpic for AmigaStart
AmigaStartPics.lha pix/misc 253K 30+Templates & Pics for use with AmigaStart
AMosaic3.lha pix/misc 148K 15+This is how AMosaic 3.0 should look!
ArcsWeb1.lha pix/misc 181K 36+Decorate your WWW Homepage With Arctange
ArcsWeb2.lha pix/misc 524K 27+Decorate your WWW Homepage With Arctange
ArcTexture_3.lha pix/misc 205K 27+128x128 & 256x256 Hi-Quality patterns fo
AS_Boot16.lha pix/misc 171K 8+Bootpics for AmigaStart 16 colors (A1200
AS_Boot256.lha pix/misc 449K 8+Bootpics for AmigaStart 256 colors (A120
Awesome_AD.lha pix/misc 461K 19+Ad for Awesome Ami BBS.
BackToPast.lha pix/misc 26K 21+Parody on ATech advertisement
BBS_ADD.lha pix/misc 61K 22+Add for Norwegian gfx bbs.
BoingAmigaLogo.jpg pix/misc 128K 22+My amateur Amiga logo contributoin!
BootPic.jpg pix/misc 168K 35+BootPic with three systems displayed, tr
BootPicAGA.lha pix/misc 419K 35+BootPic with three systems displayed, AG
BootPicECS.lha pix/misc 184K 35+BootPic with three systems displayed, EC
BootScreen.lha pix/misc 298K 12+BootScreen showing the new AmigaLogo
castle.jpg pix/misc 65K 14+Royal castle Neuschwanstein - Bayern 199
caviar.lha pix/misc 7K 13+Gif image create on Amiga1200
Chauung.jpg pix/misc 268K 7+Fractal picture generated with VistaPRO
Col_Pics.lha pix/misc 5.8M 14+Pictures from the Computer95 fair at Col
dizz1.lha pix/misc 650K 22+Various misc pictures by DizZ! #1
Dominiq3.lha pix/misc 389K 25+Pictures of a cartoon Dormouse
Dominiq4.lha pix/misc 510K 20+IFF Pictures of a Cartoon Dormouse
Dominiq5.lha pix/misc 513K 12+IFF Pictures of a Cartoon Dormouse
FAMEPrev.lha pix/misc 339K 25+A picture preview of the FAME BBS System
Formahault_pix.lha pix/misc 99K 19+Three 256c low res pics -> see pix/anim/
FREETIMOR.lha pix/misc 2K 14+FREE EAST TIMOR!! Background
Fuxx_U.lha pix/misc 223K 14+Indonesia's Reaction to Timor !!!
HalogenLampe.jpg pix/misc 28K 25+Digitized halogen-lamp
images2d.lha pix/misc 482K 16+A nice 2D pictures collection.
images3d.lha pix/misc 624K 16+A nice 3D pictures collection.
i_punkt_manna.lha pix/misc 18K 8+To Mary - 9 months
JoDalek.lha pix/misc 79K 19+Jo Grant and a Dalek
JTEBPic.lha pix/misc 91K 27+AmigaStart BootPics
kugelfkt.lha pix/misc 100K 11+Pictures of electron distribution in PNG
Mainstream.lha pix/misc 35K 26+Imaginary Advertisement for the Amiga
MarbleAmiga.lha pix/misc 80K 16+Marble "AMIGA" Boot logo.
micro.lha pix/misc 68K 19+Addy for a hobby FX company.
Mixer.lha pix/misc 220K 32+Mixer.HAM8 created in PgS3/IE2.1
MotorCycle.gif pix/misc 121K 8+Scan of MotorCycle
mplateau.lha pix/misc 45K 22+Mandy Plateau picture
MRLake.lha pix/misc 411K 22+Nice pic of valley&lake, 256col 737x595
NewBootPic.lha pix/misc 187K 9+Two 256 col bootscreens
PAWS_1200.lha pix/misc 97K 20+Picture of the Silent PAWS Productions P
peperami.lha pix/misc 654K 15+Digitized pics from Peperami ad.
PirlBoot.lha pix/misc 4K 10+2 Amiga-Logo Cheap Boot-Pics by PirlAGA
Radical.gif pix/misc 21K 10+Escom Obsession - Picture by FReDiuS
rgallery.lha pix/misc 42K 22+Temporary paintings created with AMOSPro
SAdENESS_Pics.lha pix/misc 312K 20+A VERY nice group of Amiga created logos
sceneos2.lha pix/misc 59K 13+Gif image create on Amiga1200
ShipOverMount.lha pix/misc 122K 12+Picture of a spaceship over a mountain.
slick_1.lha pix/misc 708K 31+IFF256 720*460, Chips, Disks & Flowerbed
slick_2.lha pix/misc 810K 31+IFF256 720*460, Gravel, Jeans & Woodfenc
slick_3.lha pix/misc 814K 31+IFF256 720*460, Pennys, Sand & Squares
stillness.jpg pix/misc 59K 9+An outtake from the mind of PJM [640x512
Stone_DPix.lha pix/misc 31K 30+4 Trippy 'toons toons by Stone-D
supertur.lha pix/misc 53K 21+TURRICANPICTURE by ALABLASTER .. GREAT !
TeapotChrome.lha pix/misc 131K 19+Traced pic by Premium DVE.
TenYears.lha pix/misc 12K 7+10 Years Tschernobyl
TrashMutation.gif pix/misc 20K 10+Picture by FReDiuS
TWDetail.lha pix/misc 26K 16+Tim Wilson's Imagine Detail Editor scree
typisch.jpg pix/misc 130K 28+A typical Amiga-user
valley_d.lha pix/misc 173K 20+A VistaPro 3.0 Pic of a valley
wa95pics.lha pix/misc 104K 27+B&W thumbnails of photos from World of A
Wilderness.lha pix/misc 580K 35+Images of Wilderness
winshit.lha pix/misc 194K 13+25 of the crappest Windoze bootpics
WOA95_Catalog.jpg pix/misc 118K 26+WOA '95 Convention 12 Color Photo Scans
WOA95_DScans.lha pix/misc 1.2M 26+WOA '95 Convention 12 Color Photo Scans
XP8Pics1.lha pix/misc 159K 4+Some great screenshots from the game XP8
XP8Pics2.lha pix/misc 164K 4+More great screenshots from the game XP8
X_FilesWB.lha pix/misc 7K 20+An 8-colour X-Files logo (640x512) Great
YWeb.lha pix/misc 231K 25+Background patterns for Web pages
ZanyBird.lha pix/misc 702K 31+Some cool pics by Zany Bird / ECLIPSE
ACKicons01.lha pix/mwb 185K 26+First collection of ACK's MagicWB icons
amiga_tng2.lha pix/mwb 183K 21+TNG-WB 2nd Version PREViEW (JPG)
astami16mwbicn.lha pix/mwb 7K 16+16 Color MWB-Icons for AST and Aminet-CD
ATRcons1.lha pix/mwb 122K 5+A.T.R. MWB-Icons Vol.1 and a new AGA-Boo
awmwb3.lha pix/mwb 136K 23+ALL Net icons,DefIcons,AB3D,F1GP+more
B_Patterns1_0.lha pix/mwb 13K 7+B-Patterns: Cool MagicWB Patterns
cedi01.lha pix/mwb 349K 5+CedIcons 01 MagicWB 8-color Icons/TM bru
CountryIcons.lha pix/mwb 19K 22+Country drawer icons for MWB (mostly nor
DEAGA_Patterns.lha pix/mwb 757K 12+Fantasy backdrops for MWB & MagicCopper
EmBackdrops.lha pix/mwb 987K 12+Grey-scale background images for MagicWB
FWB01.lha pix/mwb 515K 15+FANTASTIC.WB (new Magic.WB2.0-style coll
FWB02.lha pix/mwb 671K 15+FANTASTIC.WB+ (new F.WB+ Images collecti
IDP_I.lha pix/mwb 88K 12+Icon Developers Package I - helps to mak
jtemwb5.lha pix/mwb 105K 27+JTE MagicWB Icons 5
jtemwb6.lha pix/mwb 318K 27+JTE MagicWB Icons 6
jtemwb7.lha pix/mwb 60K 27+JTE MagicWB Icons 7
jtemwb8.lha pix/mwb 48K 27+JTE MagicWB Icons 8
LoT_MWBIcons01.lha pix/mwb 39K 20+PTMod by Latte of Texxid
LoT_MWB_Backs3.lha pix/mwb 119K 21+MagicWB-Backgrounds
LW_MWB_Icon.lha pix/mwb 2K 15+MagicWB-style icon for LightWave
MagicAl1.lha pix/mwb 359K 21+New version of MagicAl icons.
MagicBD3.lha pix/mwb 604K 21+MWB 3bitplane 720x536 pictures
MagicBD4.lha pix/mwb 567K 21+MWB 3bitplane 720x536 pictures
MagicBGs6.lha pix/mwb 762K 26+New breathtaking patterns for MagicWB
mnt_icons_2.lha pix/mwb 50K 7+Some more MagicWB Icons (package 2)
ModelerMWBIcon.lha pix/mwb 3K 10+MagicWB-style icon for the LightWave Mod
MUI_MWB_Icons.lha pix/mwb 715K 12+MWB-Icons im MUI Style
MWBDrws626.lha pix/mwb 449K 13+MWB ImageDrawers Full Collection (626 dr
MWBDrwsU01.lha pix/mwb 80K 13+MWB ImageDrawers Collection Update 01
mwbibrowse.lha pix/mwb 7K 4+MWB buttons for IBrowse
MWB_Stuff_52.lha pix/mwb 880K 10+MWB Icons, Patterns and stuff
mwb_zipicon.lha pix/mwb 3K 14+The 1st *pretty* XEN ZiPdrive icon.
mwcb.lha pix/mwb 51K 35+My small MagicWB collection
m_u_i.lha pix/mwb 142K 22+New MagicWB2.0 Icons/ImageDrawers/...
PetersIcons.lha pix/mwb 690K 15+16 color MagicWB style icons & bootpics
Rabbit1.lha pix/mwb 1.6M 23+MagicRabbits ICON/Pattern collection 1
Rabbit10.lha pix/mwb 48K 20+MagicRabbits ICON collection 10
Rabbit11.lha pix/mwb 38K 12+MagicRabbits ICON collection 11
Rabbit12.lha pix/mwb 88K 5+MagicRabbits ICON collection 12
Rabbit13.lha pix/mwb 63K 4+MagicRabbits ICON collection 13
Rabbit2.lha pix/mwb 1.2M 22+MagicRabbits ICON/Pattern collection 2
Rabbit3.lha pix/mwb 1.1M 23+MagicRabbits ICON/Pattern collection 3
Rabbit4.lha pix/mwb 273K 23+MagicRabbits ICON/Pattern collection 4
Rabbit5.lha pix/mwb 711K 23+MagicRabbits ICON/Pattern collection 5
Rabbit6.lha pix/mwb 248K 22+MagicRabbits ICON/Pattern collection 6
Rabbit7.lha pix/mwb 1.1M 22+MagicRabbits ICON collection 7
Rabbit8.lha pix/mwb 50K 22+MagicRabbits ICON collection 8
Rabbit9.lha pix/mwb 45K 22+MagicRabbits ICON collection 9
RabbitP1.lha pix/mwb 1.0M 21+MagicRabbits Pattern collection 1
RabbitP2.lha pix/mwb 618K 21+MagicRabbits Pattern collection 2
RabbitP3.lha pix/mwb 463K 21+MagicRabbits Pattern collection 3
RabbitPattern4.lha pix/mwb 1.5M 13+MagicRabbits Pattern collection 4
RAM_icon.lha pix/mwb 10K 22+Replaces RAM-icons (Disk, Env, T, Clipbo
RynoIco2.lha pix/mwb 94K 33+A set of Magic Workbench style icons
RynoIco3.lha pix/mwb 118K 13+A set of Magic Workbench style icons
SAMWB.lha pix/mwb 305K 8+New MagicWB2.0 Icons/ImageDrawers/...
SJMagicWB.lha pix/mwb 27K 14+New, but small MWB Collection
SynIcon.lha pix/mwb 4K 13+MagicWB icon for Bullfrogs "Syndicate" g
TinyMWBCol1_6.lha pix/mwb 181K 15+MagicWB-Stuff and MORE! (V1.6)
TMWBAddendum.lha pix/mwb 158K 7+Twisted Magic Workbench Addendum by Korn
TomIcons4.lha pix/mwb 746K 20+Magic Workbench 2.0 16 colour icons, a b
TwistedMagicWB.lha pix/mwb 399K 7+Twisted Magic Workbench by Korneel Ketel
Useless2.lha pix/mwb 62K 14+16 patterns for MagicWB
Useless3.lha pix/mwb 102K 10+16 patterns for MagicWB
wangipt1.lha pix/mwb 82K 6+40 MagicWB patterns (.gif)
wangipt2.lha pix/mwb 68K 4+40 more MagicWB patterns (.gif)
WBWomen.lha pix/mwb 173K 3+Four marvelous MagicWB backgrounds. GIF
AcadiaAccess.jpg pix/park 111K 33+US-park: Acadia NP. Regional Map Maine
AcadiaIsleOfHa.jpg pix/park 51K 33+US-park: Acadia NP. Isle au Haut Maine
AcadiaMap.jpg pix/park 308K 33+US-park: Acadia NP. Map Maine
AcadiaSchoodic.jpg pix/park 60K 33+US-park: Acadia NP. Schoodic Peninsula M
AntietaAccess.jpg pix/park 28K 33+US-park: Antietam_access
AntietaMap.jpg pix/park 237K 33+US-park: Antietam_map
AppomattoxCour.jpg pix/park 27K 33+US-park: Appomattox_Court_access
AppomttoxCour.jpg pix/park 284K 33+US-park: Appomattox_Court_map
ArchesAccess.jpg pix/park 41K 33+US-park: Arches NP. Regional Map Utah
ArchesMap.jpg pix/park 317K 33+US-park: Arches NP. Map Utah
BadlandsMap.jpg pix/park 214K 33+US-park: Badlands NP. Map South Dakota
BigBendAccess.jpg pix/park 30K 33+US-park: Big Bend NP. Regional Map Texas
BigBendMap.jpg pix/park 302K 33+US-park: Big Bend NP. Map (1M) Texas
BigHoleBattlef.jpg pix/park 48K 33+US-park: Big_Hole_battlefield
BigHoleMap.jpg pix/park 305K 33+US-park: Big_Hole_map
BiscaynAccess.jpg pix/park 46K 33+US-park: Biscayne NP. Regional Map Flori
BiscaynMap.jpg pix/park 311K 33+US-park: Biscayne NP. Map Florida
BostonAccess.jpg pix/park 80K 33+US-park: Boston_access
BostonMap.jpg pix/park 425K 33+US-park: Boston_map
BryceCanyonMap.jpg pix/park 406K 33+US-park: Bryce Canyon NP. Map Utah
CanyonlandsMap.jpg pix/park 363K 33+US-park: Canyonlands_map
CapitalReefMap.jpg pix/park 312K 33+US-park: Capital Reef NP. Map Utah
CarlsbadCavern.jpg pix/park 66K 33+US-park: Carlsbad Caverns NP. Map New Me
CedarGroveArea.jpg pix/park 84K 33+US-park: Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP's. Ceda
ChacoAccess.jpg pix/park 49K 33+US-park: Chaco_access
ChacoMap.jpg pix/park 299K 33+US-park: Chaco_map
ChannelIslands.jpg pix/park 116K 33+US-park: Channel Islands NP. Regional Ma
ChesapeakeOhio.jpg pix/park 239K 33+US-park: Chesapeake_Ohio
ChesapkeOhio.jpg pix/park 335K 33+US-park: Chesapeake_Ohio_Canal
ChickamBat.jpg pix/park 372K 33+US-park: Chickamauga_battlefield
ChickamLoo.jpg pix/park 326K 33+US-park: Chickamauga_lookout_mt
CIAnacapaIslan.jpg pix/park 108K 33+US-park: Channel Islands NP. Anacapa Isl
CISanMiguelIsl.jpg pix/park 120K 33+US-park: Channel Islands NP. San Miguel
CISantaCruzIsl.jpg pix/park 96K 33+US-park: Channel Islands NP. Santa Cruz
CISantaRosaIsl.jpg pix/park 90K 33+US-park: Channel Islands NP. Santa Rosa
ColoniaJameto.jpg pix/park 311K 33+US-park: Colonial_Jametown_map
ColoniaMap.jpg pix/park 272K 33+US-park: Colonial_map
ColoniaYorkto.jpg pix/park 298K 33+US-park: Colonial_Yorktown_map
CoronadExpedi.jpg pix/park 136K 33+US-park: Coronado_Expedition
CoronadMap.jpg pix/park 101K 33+US-park: Coronado_map
CowpensAction.jpg pix/park 92K 33+US-park: Cowpens_action
CowpensMap.jpg pix/park 264K 33+US-park: Cowpens_map
CraterLAcce.jpg pix/park 27K 33+US-park: Crater Lake NP. Regional Map. O
CraterLMap.jpg pix/park 360K 33+US-park: Crater Lake NP. Map. (1M) Orego
CumberlH.jpg pix/park 72K 33+US-park: Cumberland_Gap_Hensley
CumberlM.jpg pix/park 316K 33+US-park: Cumberland_Gap_map
EvergladesMap.jpg pix/park 347K 33+US-park: Everglades NP. Map Florida.
FortCarAc.jpg pix/park 69K 33+US-park: Fort_Caroline_access
FortCarMa.jpg pix/park 110K 33+US-park: Fort_Caroline_map
FortCarSe.jpg pix/park 91K 33+US-park: Fort_Caroline_Sea_Lanes
FortDonMa.jpg pix/park 260K 33+US-park: Fort_Donelson_map
FortDonPl.jpg pix/park 145K 33+US-park: Fort_Donelson_plans
FortNecA.jpg pix/park 86K 33+US-park: Fort_Necessity_access
FortNecM.jpg pix/park 46K 33+US-park: Fort_Necessity_map
Fredericksburg.jpg pix/park 257K 33+US-park: Fredericksburg_access
FredricksburgM.jpg pix/park 268K 33+US-park: Fredricksburg_map
GatesArcticMap.jpg pix/park 320K 33+US-park: Gates of the Arctic NP and Pres
GeorgeRAc.jpg pix/park 278K 33+US-park: George_Rogers_access
GeorgeRNC.jpg pix/park 178K 33+US-park: George_Rogers_N._campaign
GettysbMap.jpg pix/park 359K 33+US-park: Gettysburg_map
Gettysb_Mili.jpg pix/park 148K 33+US-park: Gettysburg_Military_park
GiantForestAre.jpg pix/park 55K 33+US-park: Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP's. Gian
GlacierBayMap.jpg pix/park 367K 33+US-park: Glacier Bay NP. Map ( Alaska
GrandCaAcc.jpg pix/park 113K 33+US-park: Grand Canyon NP. Regional Map A
GrandCaMap.jpg pix/park 316K 33+US-park: Grand Canyon NP. Map. (1M) Ariz
GrandCaNSM.jpg pix/park 333K 33+US-parks: Grand Canyon NP. [NS] Map Ar
GreatBasinMap.jpg pix/park 303K 33+US-park: Great Basin NP. Map Nevada
GreatSmokyMtsM.jpg pix/park 481K 33+US-park: Great Smoky Mountains NP. Map T
GuadalupeMtsMa.jpg pix/park 311K 33+US-park: Guadalupe Mountains NP. Map Tex
GuamMap.jpg pix/park 229K 33+US-park: Guam_map
GuamPacificThe.jpg pix/park 126K 33+US-park: Guam_Pacific_Theater
GuilfordCourth.jpg pix/park 47K 33+US-park: Guilford_Courthouse_area
GuilfrdCourtho.jpg pix/park 176K 33+US-park: Guilford_Courthouse_map
HaleakalaMap.jpg pix/park 194K 33+US-park: Haleakala NP. Map Hawaii
HarpersAc.jpg pix/park 269K 33+US-park: Harpers_Ferry_access
HarpersMa.jpg pix/park 311K 33+US-park: Harpers_Ferry_map
HawaiiIsland.jpg pix/park 46K 33+US-park: Volcanoes NP. Map Hawaii
HorseshC.jpg pix/park 24K 33+US-park: Horseshoe_Bend_cessions
HorseshM.jpg pix/park 231K 33+US-park: Horseshoe_Bend_map
HorseshW.jpg pix/park 46K 33+US-park: Horseshoe_Bend_War_1813-14
HotSpriAcce.jpg pix/park 72K 33+US-park: Hot Springs NP. Regional Map Ar
HotSpriBath.jpg pix/park 111K 33+US-park: Hot Springs NP. Bathhouse Row A
HotSpriMap.jpg pix/park 280K 33+US-park: Hot Springs NP. Map Arkansas
IndepenAc.jpg pix/park 159K 33+US-park: Independence_access
IndepenMa.jpg pix/park 312K 33+US-park: Independence_map
IsleRoyAcce.jpg pix/park 47K 33+US-park: Isle Royale NP. Regional Map Mi
IsleRoyMap.jpg pix/park 325K 33+US-park: Isle Royale NP. Map Michigan
JhnstownFlood.jpg pix/park 33K 33+US-park: Johnstown_flood_path
JohnKennedyCen.jpg pix/park 69K 33+US-park: John_Kennedy_Center
JohnstownFlood.jpg pix/park 293K 33+US-park: Johnstown_Flood_map
KatmaiMap.jpg pix/park 271K 33+US-park: Katmai NP and Preserve. Map Ala
KennesaCampai.jpg pix/park 61K 33+US-park: Kennesaw_campaign
KennesaMounta.jpg pix/park 226K 33+US-park: Kennesaw_mountain_map
KingsMountainR.jpg pix/park 119K 33+US-park: Kings_Mountain_route
KlondikGoldRu.jpg pix/park 46K 33+US-park: Klondike_gold_rush_map
KlondikPionee.jpg pix/park 332K 33+US-park: Klondike_Pioneer_Square
KobukValleyMap.jpg pix/park 363K 33+US-park: Kobuk Valley NP. Map (1M) Alask
LassenVolcanic.jpg pix/park 37K 33+US-park: Lassen Volcanic NP. Regional Ma
LassnVolcanic.jpg pix/park 313K 33+US-park: Lassen Volcanic NP. Map Califor
LBJohnsAcces.jpg pix/park 33K 33+US-park: L_B_Johnson_access
LBJohnsCityH.jpg pix/park 391K 33+US-park: L_B_Johnson_city_house
LBJohnsRanch.jpg pix/park 368K 33+US-park: L_B_Johnson_ranch
LowellMap.jpg pix/park 342K 33+US-park: Lowell_map
MammothMap.jpg pix/park 370K 33+US-park: Mammoth Cave NP. Map Kentucky
MammothVis.jpg pix/park 123K 33+US-park: Mammoth Cave NP. Visitors Cente
ManassaAccess.jpg pix/park 32K 33+US-park: Manassas_access
ManassaBattle.jpg pix/park 333K 33+US-park: Manassas_battlefield1_map
ManassasBattlM.jpg pix/park 353K 33+US-park: Manassas_battlefield_map
MesaVerdeMap.jpg pix/park 342K 33+US-park: Mesa Verde NP. Map (1M) Colorad
MinuteMBrith.jpg pix/park 139K 33+US-park: Minute_man_Brithish_exp
MinuteMMap.jpg pix/park 271K 33+US-park: Minute_man_map
MinuteMRetre.jpg pix/park 150K 33+US-park: Minute_man_retreat
MonocacAccess.jpg pix/park 43K 33+US-park: Monocacy_access
MonocacMap.jpg pix/park 263K 33+US-park: Monocacy_map
MooresCAcc.jpg pix/park 54K 33+US-park: Moores_creek_access
MooresCMap.jpg pix/park 80K 33+US-park: Moores_creek_map
MorristownMap.jpg pix/park 322K 33+US-park: Morristown_map
MountRaAc.jpg pix/park 43K 33+US-park: Mount Rainier NP. Regional Map
MountRaMa.jpg pix/park 396K 33+US-park: Mount Rainier NP. Map (1M) Wash
MountRushmoreM.jpg pix/park 274K 33+US-park: Mount_Rushmore.map
NezPercAccess.jpg pix/park 94K 33+US-park: Nez_Perce_access
NezPercMap.jpg pix/park 246K 33+US-park: Nez_Perce_map
NorthCaA.jpg pix/park 86K 33+US-park: North Cascades NP. Regional Map
NorthCaM.jpg pix/park 408K 33+US-park: North Cascades NP. Map (1M) Was
OlympicMap.jpg pix/park 439K 33+US-park: Olympic NP. Map (1M) Washington
ParksM.jpg pix/park 378K 33+US-park: National Parks Map United State
ParksT.jpg pix/park 374K 33+US-park: National Parks Trails. Map Unit
PeaRid371862.jpg pix/park 71K 33+US-park: Pea_Ridge_3_7_1862
PeaRid8.jpg pix/park 64K 33+US-park: Pea_Ridge_march_8_1862
PeaRidMap.jpg pix/park 223K 33+US-park: Pea_Ridge_map
PecosKiva.jpg pix/park 127K 33+US-park: Pecos_Kiva
PecosMap.jpg pix/park 171K 33+US-park: Pecos_map
PeterburgMap.jpg pix/park 387K 33+US-park: Peterburg_map
PetrifForest.jpg pix/park 359K 33+US-park: Petrified Forest NP. Map Arizon
PetrifiedFores.jpg pix/park 16K 33+US-park: Petrified Forest NP. Regional M
RedwoodMap.jpg pix/park 299K 33+US-park: Redwood NP. Map California
RichmndDetail.jpg pix/park 106K 33+US-park: Richmond_detail_map
RichmndMap.jpg pix/park 280K 33+US-park: Richmond_map
RockyMountainM.jpg pix/park 428K 33+US-park: Rocky Mountain NP. Map (1M) Col
RoosevltSouth.jpg pix/park 258K 33+US-park: Theodore Roosevelt NP. South No
SanAntonioMiss.jpg pix/park 287K 33+US-park: San_Antonio_Mission_map
SanFranciscoMa.jpg pix/park 148K 33+US-park: San_Francisco_Maritime_map
SanJuan.jpg pix/park 27K 33+US-park: San_Juan_Island_area
SanJuanAmerica.jpg pix/park 181K 33+US-park: San_Juan_American_camp
SanJuanC.jpg pix/park 31K 33+US-park: San_Juan_Island_camps
SanJuanEnglish.jpg pix/park 159K 33+US-park: San_Juan_English_camp
Sarato107177.jpg pix/park 38K 33+US-park: Saratoga_10_7_1777
Sarato919177.jpg pix/park 33K 33+US-park: Saratoga_9_19_1777
SaratoBritis.jpg pix/park 54K 33+US-park: Saratoga_British_campaign
SaratoMap.jpg pix/park 78K 33+US-park: Saratoga_map
SequoiaCa.jpg pix/park 44K 33+US-park: Sequoia__Kings_Cany_access
SequoiaMap.jpg pix/park 365K 33+US-park: Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP's. Map
ShenanBigM.jpg pix/park 51K 33+US-park: Shenandoah NP. Big Meadows Map
ShenandMath.jpg pix/park 47K 33+US-park: Shenandoah NP. Mathews Arm Map
ShenanLewi.jpg pix/park 31K 33+US-park: Shenandoah NP. Lewis Mountain M
ShenanLoft.jpg pix/park 36K 33+US-park: Shenandoah NP. Loft Mountain Ma
ShenanMap.jpg pix/park 406K 33+US-park: Shenandoah NP. Map (1M) Virgini
ShenanSkyl.jpg pix/park 49K 33+US-park: Shenandoah NP. Skyland Map Virg
ShilohApril671.jpg pix/park 36K 33+US-park: shiloh_april6_7_1862
ShilohMap.jpg pix/park 284K 33+US-park: Shiloh_map
SitkaMap.jpg pix/park 140K 33+US-park: Sitka_map
TumacacoriMiss.jpg pix/park 32K 33+US-park: Tumacacori_Missions
ValleyFArr.jpg pix/park 32K 33+US-park: Valley_forge_arrival
ValleyFMap.jpg pix/park 267K 33+US-park: Valley_Forge_map
VicksbuCampa.jpg pix/park 113K 33+US-park: Vicksburg_campaign
VicksbuMap.jpg pix/park 286K 33+US-park: Vicksburg_map
VirginIslandMa.jpg pix/park 223K 33+US-park: Virgin Islands NP. Map Virgin I
VoyageursMap.jpg pix/park 339K 33+US-park: Voyageurs NP. Map (1M) Minnesot
WatertonGlacie.jpg pix/park 34K 33+US-park: Glacier / Waterton Internationa
WatrtonGlacie.jpg pix/park 249K 33+US-park: Glacier / Waterton Internationa
WilsonsAc.jpg pix/park 27K 33+US-park: Wilson's_creek_access
WilsonsMa.jpg pix/park 224K 33+US-park: Wilson's_creek_map
WindCaveMap.jpg pix/park 315K 33+US-park: Wind Cave NP. Map South Dakota
WindCveCave.jpg pix/park 161K 33+US-park: Wind Cave NP. Touring the Cave
WomensRAc.jpg pix/park 31K 33+US-park: Women's_Rights_access
WomensRMa.jpg pix/park 236K 33+US-park: Women's_Rights_map
WrangellStElia.jpg pix/park 457K 33+US-park: Wrangell-St. Elias NP and Prese
YellowsCan.jpg pix/park 39K 33+US-park: Yellowstone NP. Canyon Map Wyom
YellowsFis.jpg pix/park 44K 33+US-park: Yellowstone NP. Fishing Bridge
YellowsMap.jpg pix/park 368K 33+US-park: Yellowstone NP. Map (1M) Wyomin
YellowsOld.jpg pix/park 39K 33+US-park: Yellowstone NP. Old Faithful Wy
YellowsWTh.jpg pix/park 32K 33+US-park: Yellowstone NP. West Thumb and
YosemitMap.jpg pix/park 416K 33+US-park: Yosemite NP. Map (1M) Californi
YosemitVisCnt.jpg pix/park 276K 33+US-park: Yosemite NP. Visitors Center Ca
ZionArea.jpg pix/park 116K 33+US-park: Zion NP. Regional Map Utah
ZionCanyon.jpg pix/park 275K 33+US-park: Zion NP. Canyon Map Utah
ZionMap.jpg pix/park 336K 33+US-park: Zion NP. Map Utah
anello.jpg pix/real3 36K 16+Real3D V3.05 rendered picture.
Astro.lzh pix/real3 401K 25+Two pictures rendered with Real3D 3.05
bab_sheep.lha pix/real3 339K 33+Real3D rendered picture, including sourc
bab_snowman.lha pix/real3 385K 33+Real3D rendered picture, including sourc
bab_temple.lha pix/real3 244K 33+Real3D rendered picture, including sourc
BasketBall.jpg pix/real3 51K 7+Basketball rendered with Real3D V3
BirdOfP1.lha pix/real3 125K 13+Klingon Bird of prey 1. Render by A.Erla
BirdOfP2.lha pix/real3 167K 13+Klingon Bird of prey 2. Render by A.Erla
BirdOfP3.lha pix/real3 136K 13+Klingon Bird of prey 3. Render by A.Erla
canyon.jpg pix/real3 81K 16+Real3D V3.05 rendered picture.
cognac.jpg pix/real3 98K 29+Realistic Glass rendered with Real3D V3.
Decraiser.lha pix/real3 157K 15+Picture done with Real 3D V3
DS9_1.lha pix/real3 180K 8+DeepSpace 9 station. Render A. Erlandsso
DS9_2.lha pix/real3 113K 8+DeepSpace 9 station. Render A. Erlandsso
DS9_3.lha pix/real3 69K 8+DeepSpace 9 station. Render A. Erlandsso
DS9_4.lha pix/real3 152K 8+DeepSpace 9 station. Render A. Erlandsso
fight.jpg pix/real3 74K 16+Real3D V3.05 rendered picture.
M+M.jpg pix/real3 75K 14+Real 3D V3.0 rendert picture
Mug.jpg pix/real3 39K 7+Mug rendered with Real3D V3
NoTime.lha pix/real3 186K 15+Picture done with Real 3D V3
OurCity.lha pix/real3 247K 7+Picture done with Real 3D V3
OurRoom.lha pix/real3 262K 7+Picture done with Real 3D V3
QuadroHelix.jpg pix/real3 22K 7+Picture rendered with Real3D V3
RADesign3.jpg pix/real3 47K 7+Logo rendered with Real3D V3
SAT1_DAR_ek.jpg pix/real3 118K 6+Raytracing of a megacolor balls like SAT
see_it.lha pix/real3 297K 32 Traced picture by J.E.Arud made with Rea
shaker.jpg pix/real3 101K 14+Real 3D V3.0 rendert picture
Voyager1.lha pix/real3 127K 13+StarTrek Voyager. Render by A.Erlandsson
Voyager2.lha pix/real3 107K 13+ST Voyager from below. Render by A.Erlan
Voyager_123.lha pix/real3 102K 13+ST Voyager 3 diff views. Render by A.Erl
Wheel.jpg pix/real3 40K 7+Car wheel rendered with Real3D V3
borussia.lha pix/sport 130K 5+Borussia Dortmund 95/96 8-)
Oberstdorf.jpg pix/sport 62K 6+Oberstdorf - Skiflugschanze Germany 1994
Tennis.lha pix/sport 448K 7+Some pics of popular tennis players
Mat514.lha pix/textu 639K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mat515.lha pix/textu 571K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mat516.lha pix/textu 580K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mat517.lha pix/textu 699K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mat518.lha pix/textu 659K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mat519.lha pix/textu 714K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mat520.lha pix/textu 714K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mat521.lha pix/textu 719K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mat522.lha pix/textu 747K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mat525.lha pix/textu 709K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mat526.lha pix/textu 721K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mat529.lha pix/textu 735K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini01.lha pix/textu 494K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini02.lha pix/textu 412K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini03.lha pix/textu 509K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini04.lha pix/textu 291K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini05.lha pix/textu 310K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini06.lha pix/textu 406K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini07.lha pix/textu 481K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini08.lha pix/textu 480K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini09.lha pix/textu 376K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini10.lha pix/textu 319K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini11.lha pix/textu 361K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini12.lha pix/textu 555K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini13.lha pix/textu 479K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini14.lha pix/textu 511K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini15.lha pix/textu 484K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini16.lha pix/textu 594K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini17.lha pix/textu 615K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini18.lha pix/textu 297K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini19.lha pix/textu 439K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Mini20.lha pix/textu 326K 7 Texture for 3D objects in 24-bit IFF
Tile00x.lha pix/textu 1.1M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile01x.lha pix/textu 1.0M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile02x.lha pix/textu 1.3M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile03x.lha pix/textu 1.3M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile04x.lha pix/textu 1.3M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile05x.lha pix/textu 1.2M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile06x.lha pix/textu 1.1M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile07x.lha pix/textu 1.1M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile08x.lha pix/textu 1.2M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile09x.lha pix/textu 1.4M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile10x.lha pix/textu 1.4M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile11x.lha pix/textu 1.2M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile12x.lha pix/textu 1.4M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile13x.lha pix/textu 1.1M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile14x.lha pix/textu 1.1M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile15x.lha pix/textu 1.2M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile16x.lha pix/textu 1.2M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile17x.lha pix/textu 1.2M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile18x.lha pix/textu 1.3M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile19x.lha pix/textu 1.1M 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
Tile20x.lha pix/textu 334K 7 Tileable textures, 24bit IFF
4000.jpg pix/trace 86K 19+JPG of A4000 rendered with Reflections
A1200.jpg pix/trace 67K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
AA_VEF01.lha pix/trace 103K 4+Stills from 'Abnormal Activity' by VEF
AA_VEF02.lha pix/trace 143K 4+Stills from 'Abnormal Activity' by VEF
AA_VEF03.lha pix/trace 136K 4+Stills from 'Abnormal Activity' by VEF
AA_VEF04.lha pix/trace 255K 3+Stills from 'Abnormal Activity' by VEF
AA_VEF05.lha pix/trace 239K 3+Stills from 'Abnormal Activity' by VEF
AA_VEF06.lha pix/trace 204K 4+Stills from 'Abnormal Activity' by VEF
abbaye.jpg pix/trace 37K 5+Once a morning ... (jpg)
Abyss.jpg pix/trace 65K 9+Ray traced logo of the Abyss BBS
ac_logo.lha pix/trace 160K 30+Amiga Circle Logo done with Im3.3
Akai_S950.jpg pix/trace 51K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
Aladdin4DPics.lha pix/trace 358K 34+FANTASTIC pix from Adspec's Greg Gorby
alfa.gif pix/trace 227K 162+Alfa - fantastic raytrace done with Imag
AlienView.jpg pix/trace 234K 9+A picture of me
AlienWorm.jpg pix/trace 50K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
amilogo.lha pix/trace 660K 27+Picture of the new Amiga-Logo with AMIGA
amug1.jpg pix/trace 27K 4+AMUC AMUG done in Cinema 4D
amug2.jpg pix/trace 40K 4+AMUC AMUG done in Cinema 4D
amug3.jpg pix/trace 39K 4+AMUC AMUG done in Cinema 4D
Arrow.jpg pix/trace 401K 15+WingCom. ship rendered with Cinema4D
Atlantide.jpg pix/trace 58K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
Awesome_AD2.jpg pix/trace 150K 18+Another AD for Awesome Ami BBS.
b5.gif pix/trace 93K 174 A picture of the Babylon 5 space station
b5craft.lha pix/trace 72K 35+Raytraced pictures of Babylon 5 spacecra
backyard.lha pix/trace 300K 15+Backyard created & rendered with Lightwa
Bar.jpg pix/trace 78K 5+Let's have a drink !
Bathroom.jpg pix/trace 75K 8+Nice rendered picture of a bathroom.
Blues.jpg pix/trace 64K 5+A walk in the fog...
Bong.jpg pix/trace 14K 16+Raytraced "nice evening" scene
Calculator.jpg pix/trace 83K 7+Cool calculator LW rendered picture.
campfire12.lha pix/trace 239K 8+CF-Logo done with Explore(SGI)&XiPaint3.
castle2r.lha pix/trace 320K 11+A picture of a castle made in real3dv3
ChannelZ.lha pix/trace 433K 15+A raytraced, detailed picture of an A120
Chapel.jpg pix/trace 89K 8+Superb rendered picture of a chapel ( i
Chapel1.jpg pix/trace 66K 8+Superb rendered picture of a chapel (sec
CheapoBaterrie.jpg pix/trace 150K 5+LW rendered picture
Clock.jpg pix/trace 85K 8+Superb Cool raytraced picture of a clock
Colon.jpg pix/trace 59K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
comera.jpg pix/trace 228K 19+Picture raytraced in Lightwave (Camera)
DawnCity.jpg pix/trace 93K 4+Raytraced moody picture of street at daw
defencer.lha pix/trace 464K 15+Vegetable created & rendered with Imagin
DMC.jpg pix/trace 33K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
dmw.jpg pix/trace 621K 16+DMW picture
DogAccForbiddn.lha pix/trace 89K 31+Bleak image of the future (imagemaps inc
DogPicsOne.lha pix/trace 453K 33+Rendered images from Dog Star Graphics
DogPicsTwo.lha pix/trace 98K 15+Two more pictures by DoG done in LW
doom.jpg pix/trace 210K 21+Cinema4D rendered picture
DreamZone.jpg pix/trace 90K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
DW_s1.jpg pix/trace 72K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
DyAudioSys.jpg pix/trace 35K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
Eclipse.jpg pix/trace 69K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
Encounter.jpg pix/trace 37K 18+Picture of some peolpe encountering a fl
engrenages.jpg pix/trace 83K 5+A short look in my 4000 !
Excavator.jpg pix/trace 155K 4+Raytraced picture of an cool excavator.
Factory.jpg pix/trace 130K 4+Detailed raytraced picture of a factory.
ferrari.jpg pix/trace 124K 16+Ray-Traced picture of a Ferrari F93A
FighterWing.jpg pix/trace 180K 16+Raytraced X_WING-Fighter (Ref_3.1)
flux.jpg pix/trace 237K 14+Cinema4D rendered picture
For_Mama.jpg pix/trace 28K 33+Mama, please get well soon, LazaruZ.
FrameStyle.jpg pix/trace 54K 9+A ray traced logo
Future.jpg pix/trace 46K 18+Futuristic traced pic of a spaceship.
futurecar.lha pix/trace 52K 22+A future car
Galaxy.jpg pix/trace 152K 30+Lightwave rendered Starship
Grumman_4x4.jpg pix/trace 69K 7+Superb picture of Grumman - Patrol Car
Guitar.jpg pix/trace 90K 15+Fender guitar leans to mirror
Home.jpg pix/trace 61K 5+Classic French Hall... (jpg)
Honey.jpg pix/trace 130K 25+Cinema4D rendered picture
HornetAtNight.jpg pix/trace 39K 7+Superb picture of F/A-18 Hornet (at nigh
Indy.jpg pix/trace 76K 4+Nice image of a computer every graphicia
kamera.jpg pix/trace 264K 14+Cinema4D rendered picture
Koerper.jpg pix/trace 54K 24+Picture rendered with REAL3D V3.3
KStuff.jpg pix/trace 56K 9+A ray traced mixer and toaster
Lamp.jpg pix/trace 82K 4+Simple but nice image of a lamp.
Laser.jpg pix/trace 96K 9+Cool Spacey type LW Render
Lavello.jpg pix/trace 364K 31+Rendered image of a wash-basin done with
lifeonmars.jpg pix/trace 77K 7+C4D rendered pic of the 'marsface'
Lightwave95.jpg pix/trace 44K 14+TIE Fighter in asteroid field (LW4.0 640
Liquid_Dreams.lha pix/trace 795K 30+Raytracing-TGA-PIC (16 Mio. Colors (very
love.jpg pix/trace 78K 33+Picture for love
LumaQuest.lha pix/trace 147K 8+4 great LW pictures from LumaQuest
Lynx.jpg pix/trace 97K 21+Cool "PhotoRealistic" LW Render
madness.gif pix/trace 251K 162+Madness - fantastic raytrace done with I
MainGat2.jpg pix/trace 115K 5+LW picture of Formahault Space Station
MainGate.jpg pix/trace 102K 7+LW picture of Formahault Space Station
Maker.jpg pix/trace 93K 16+Dark foggy LW Render
mars.lha pix/trace 118K 26+Mars landscape
MetroDream.jpg pix/trace 101K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
MirrorRoom.lha pix/trace 486K 37+Reflections 2.5 rendered image
MistyFort.jpg pix/trace 45K 34+LightWave-render of a small misty fort.
MM2000.jpg pix/trace 75K 9+A ray traced mixer
Money.jpg pix/trace 110K 4+Golden treasure.
msdos.jpg pix/trace 378K 16+Anti MsDos picture
MTVechile.jpg pix/trace 39K 4+Military transport vechile
museum1.jpg pix/trace 67K 14+Virtual Museum Series (LW4.0 640x480 & 8
museum2.jpg pix/trace 71K 14+Virtual Museum Series (LW4.0 640x480 & 8
museum3.jpg pix/trace 130K 14+Virtual Museum Series (LW4.0 640x480 & 8
museum4.jpg pix/trace 96K 14+Virtual Museum Series (LW4.0 640x480 & 8
museum5.jpg pix/trace 94K 14+Virtual Museum Series (LW4.0 640x480 & 8
MWsImageCollct.lha pix/trace 745K 20+Cinema4D3.0 raytraced cool images
NCC1701.jpg pix/trace 122K 11+Very Nice rendering of the NCC-1701 TOS
nemacp1.jpg pix/trace 105K 4+Trace Picture from Intro of NEMAC IV #1
nemacp2.jpg pix/trace 58K 4+Trace Picture from Intro of NEMAC IV #2
NetBSD.jpg pix/trace 175K 22+A cool NetBSD Logo done in Lightwaves.
Obscurity.jpg pix/trace 82K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
old_car.gif pix/trace 285K 162+Old Car - fantastic raytrace done with I
Orbit.lha pix/trace 41K 26+Traced Space-Pic with Cinema4D V3
orion.jpg pix/trace 120K 7+C4D rendered pic of a space station
orologio.gif pix/trace 303K 162+Orologio - fantastic raytrace done with
Palace.jpg pix/trace 80K 4+Superb picture of a hall and colums.
PatrolCar.jpg pix/trace 68K 15+Jpeg picture of UN PatrolCar done in LW
PD_Moon.jpg pix/trace 78K 15+Picture of a planet and nebula.
Peace.jpg pix/trace 51K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
Pen.jpg pix/trace 53K 19+Pen rendered with LightWave 4.0
Plastic.lha pix/trace 142K 5+Rendered picture of plastic items?
Pool.jpg pix/trace 63K 4+Rendered image of a room with snooker ta
Rider.jpg pix/trace 137K 8+Picture rendered with Ref3.1
Route.jpg pix/trace 359K 29+Cinema4D rendered picture
RpR_Dead.lha pix/trace 116K 3+LightWave trace - Funny
RpR_WaterWorld.lha pix/trace 386K 3+RayTraced surrealistic enviorment using
rtzpix.lha pix/trace 589K 10+Some LW Pix from RTZ
Scraper.jpg pix/trace 51K 27+Rendered Image of a scraper (800x600x24)
Serleg.jpg pix/trace 144K 22+Raytraced picture
SpaceLight.jpg pix/trace 50K 3+My first LightWave rendering !
Spiff.jpg pix/trace 116K 9+Ray traced spaceman
Spine1.lha pix/trace 138K 5+MRI scan of my spine,
Spine2.lha pix/trace 131K 5+MRI scan of my spine,
Spring.lha pix/trace 107K 10+Raytraced grayscale flower in GIF
Stairs.jpg pix/trace 57K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
StairsInFog.jpg pix/trace 56K 7+Simple LW foggy picture of stairs.
Stealth.jpg pix/trace 278K 15+WingCom. ship rendered with Cinema4D
stisch.jpg pix/trace 351K 29+Raytraced desk (lots of objects)
Structure.jpg pix/trace 69K 5+Construct yourself !
SubGallery.jpg pix/trace 47K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
Subocean.jpg pix/trace 63K 9+Underwater dolphins
sunsetchevy.jpg pix/trace 76K 7+C4D rendered pic of a 57Chevy
swimmingpool.lha pix/trace 42K 22+Picture of a garden with a pool
TheMask.jpg pix/trace 33K 19+Ray-Tracing image by Francesco Gambino
TheTerminator.lha pix/trace 3K 20+A very nice multicolor rendered pic :)
TNG_Lightwork.jpg pix/trace 115K 31+Cinema4D rendered picture
Toilet.jpg pix/trace 71K 4+Try to guess what it could be!
tropical.lha pix/trace 392K 14+A rendered pixcture made in lightwave3.0
uhr.jpg pix/trace 87K 16+Imagine V3.3 rendert picture
Uwipics.lha pix/trace 806K 20+Some pics, raytraced with Cinema 4D.
vorlon.gif pix/trace 77K 174 A gif of a vorlon from Bablyon 5
voyager.jpg pix/trace 59K 7+C4D rendered pic of the Voyager probe
VR_Pille.jpg pix/trace 129K 9+Raytraced pill
waterbows.lha pix/trace 45K 22+Picture of an ocean
Watercube.jpg pix/trace 136K 9+Ray traced ice cube
WavePlasma.jpg pix/trace 67K 14+Lightwave95 Psychedelic (LW4.0 800x600)
WelterCollecti.lha pix/trace 1.2M 8+New pictures from M. Welter
WildStreet.jpg pix/trace 70K 14+Futur Buggy in night street (LW4.0 640x4
worldfighter.jpg pix/trace 138K 9+Ray traced space ship
worms.jpg pix/trace 264K 14+Cinema4D rendered picture
XR24.jpg pix/trace 86K 9+Ray traced space ship
Coup1932.jpg pix/vehic 72K 8+Coupe Ford 1932
Coup1934.jpg pix/vehic 85K 8+Coupe Ford 1934
Coupe1940.jpg pix/vehic 72K 8+Coupe Ford 1940
E_3B.lha pix/vehic 174K 19+IFF Pic of an E-3B Sentry AWACS Aircraft
Ford1932.jpg pix/vehic 64K 8+Ford 1932
Linco1946.jpg pix/vehic 71K 8+Ford Lincoln Coupe 1946
Linco1957.jpg pix/vehic 58K 8+Ford Lincoln Premiere 1957
Mercury1949.jpg pix/vehic 64K 8+Ford Mercury pro street 1949
Phamton1947.jpg pix/vehic 59K 8+Ford Phamton Roaster 1947
RoadstA.jpg pix/vehic 67K 8+Ford Roasdter A 1928
RoadstT.jpg pix/vehic 72K 8+Ford Roasdter T 1927
TudordeLuxe.jpg pix/vehic 75K 8+Ford Tudor Deluxe 1938
V8Highboy1932.jpg pix/vehic 78K 8+Ford V8 Highboy Roasdter 1932
GranCanaria.lha pix/views 972K 29 Three amazing scans
Ibiza.lha pix/views 616K 7+Five beautiful Images from Ibiza (Spain)
Seychellen.jpg pix/views 268K 19+Nice scan of tropical landscape
VIndex1.jpg pix/views 157K 22+2 index files of this Aminet directory
VIndex2.jpg pix/views 151K 22+2 index files of this Aminet directory
aerowb.lha pix/wb 169K 22+Aerosouls workbench screengrabs
BigGfxWB.lha pix/wb 2.7M 10+Big WorkBench`es
BootIntro.lha pix/wb 486K 12+Cool non-aga boot anim&snd
BornhallWB.lha pix/wb 26K 12+Screengrab of Peter Bornhall's Iconite W
CharliesWB.lha pix/wb 162K 5+3 nice screenshots of my wonderful WB!
ChryseWB.lha pix/wb 95K 14+IFF image of Chryse's WB 3.0 :)
cjaywb.lha pix/wb 18K 5+This is a pic of my 256 colour workbench
ctx_wb.lha pix/wb 503K 14+Snapshots of Ctryxx`s Workbench (800x600
d0screen.lha pix/wb 199K 31+Two pics from my WB in 704x564x6
DoogBench8.lha pix/wb 238K 5+A few more snapshots and icons of my WB.
FabsWB.lha pix/wb 288K 14+This is my WB Screen as it looks like no
Generations.lha pix/wb 156K 21+Three generations of Workbenches
hclWB.lha pix/wb 59K 5+WorkBench 8 colors Grab..8 but nice (i t
IsauricusWB.lha pix/wb 63K 15+Daniele Franza's Workbench
JBWBench.jpg pix/wb 211K 30+This is my Workbench screen
JMiWB.lha pix/wb 312K 13+Few screen grabs of JMi's WB screen.
KennethsWB2.lha pix/wb 52K 9+Kenneth's WB 2 (AGA)
KOTOWB.lha pix/wb 84K 8+Snapshot of Koto`s Magic-WB
lammy_WB.lha pix/wb 344K 12+2 screenshots of my WB showing internet
LgWb.lha pix/wb 132K 20+NEW LaGuardia's 1024x768@256 CybGFX WB !
LjaSin.lha pix/wb 16K 15+Complex & low-mem fractal WB-backdorp
maui_wb.lha pix/wb 309K 15+Mr. Amiganet WorkBench
MikeBench.lha pix/wb 606K 31+This is a picture of my workbench
Mr_QsWB.lha pix/wb 71K 10+My latest WorkBench grab.
MyWorkbench.jpg pix/wb 61K 3+This is my Workbench
PEdWB.lha pix/wb 78K 3+Picture Of PsychOEd's Workbench :-)
ped_os3.lha pix/wb 51K 15+Picture Of PsychOEd's Workbench :-)
PoochedWB.lha pix/wb 69K 7+Yet another WB screen...
ProfBench1.lha pix/wb 90K 9+Prof.WB 1 (1280x864 CGFX)
psy_wb.lha pix/wb 143K 16+Three nice! screenshots of PSY`s WB.
RainysWB.lha pix/wb 129K 20+Picture of my 64 color WB
ShapesWB.jpg pix/wb 293K 9+My (Shape from #AmigaCafe) latest WB gra
skyboot.lha pix/wb 757K 12+256 Colour BootPix By Skyfusion
SnapShots.lha pix/wb 175K 14+My (pja@netti.fi) Workbench snapshot.
SolarWB.lha pix/wb 44K 6+Snapshot of Solar's Magic-WB
Spaziale.lha pix/wb 254K 9+This is my Workbench!
Stone_DWB.lha pix/wb 49K 30+Stone-D's Workbench....
sunewb.jpg pix/wb 522K 10+Sune's great-looking CyberGraphX WB!
ta_wb.lha pix/wb 662K 4+1024x768x8 snapshots of my WB
TomsWB.lha pix/wb 58K 14+16 Colour Workbench Grab
trendy_wb.lha pix/wb 64K 22+Trendy workbench with a sky backdrop.
TsOpusWB.lha pix/wb 107K 15+A Snapshot (preview) of DOpus5.2 WB-rep.
VegaWB.lha pix/wb 133K 15+Vega's Own Workbench (Newicons & 6 bitpl
vEGA_rj_wB.lha pix/wb 17K 4+VEGA/rAM jAM wORKBENCH
WangiWB_1.gif pix/wb 93K 7 Wangi's (Lee Kindness) Workbench

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