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WELCOME TO AMINET SET 5 DISK d @{" Deutsch " link SET5d:Local/Misc/LiesMich/main} Copyright 1997 @{"Urban Müller" link Author} Welcome to disk d of Aminet Set 5. It contains all the mods and music software added since Set 5 as well as the communications software. The contents: 800M of @{" mods " link SET5d:Local/Mods/main} sorted by style and rating 100M of @{" comms software " link SET5d:Index/comm} released since Set 4 40M of @{" music software " link SET5d:Index/mus} released since Set 4 10M of @{" commercial " link SET5d:OctaMED/Readme.guide/main} software: The music editor OctaMED 1.03c Information is also available on: @{" New features " link Features } What the previous CDs didn't have @{" Access software " link Software } Find, Prefs, and all the other tools @{" Customizing " link Custom } How to adapt Aminet CD to your taste @{" Troubleshooting " link Troubles } What to do if problems occur @{" What is Aminet " link Aminet } Information about our distributed archive @{" Accessing Aminet " link Access } How to download directly from Aminet @{" Submitting " link Submitting} How to get your software onto Aminet @{" Ordering " link Ordering } Where to order Aminet CDs and subscriptions @{" Disclaimer " link Disclaimer} Legal mumbo jumbo plus virus warning @endnode ============================================================================ @node Author "About the author" The guy who selected, arranged, documented and sorted the contents of this CD for you is me, Urban Müller, the main administrator of Aminet. All the support software is from me, too. You can reach me at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. if you have any feedback about this CD. Of course this CD would not have been possible without the help of the countless people involved in the administration of Aminet, not to mention the thousands of uploaders. Special thanks go to: Matthias Scheler - for co-moderating Aminet and writing PowerGuide Matthias Supp - for most of the German descriptions Martin Schulze - for beta-testing and other help with Aminet Thomas Strauß - for beta-testing Yours truly.... Urban Müller @endnode ============================================================================ @node WW "What is where" These are the directories of Aminet Set 5: Disk a (Tools): @{" util " link SET5a:Index/util} @{" docs " link SET5a:Index/docs} @{" text " link SET5a:Index/text} @{" disk " link SET5a:Index/disk} @{" dev " link "SET5a:Index/dev "} @{" biz " link SET5a:Index/biz} @{" misc " link SET5a:Index/misc} Disk b (Gfx) : @{" pix " link "SET5b:Index/pix" } @{" gfx " link "SET5b:Index/gfx" } Disk c (Fun) : @{" demo " link "SET5c:Index/demo"} @{" game " link "SET5c:Index/game"} Disk d (Mods) : @{" mods " link "SET5d:Index/mods"} @{" mus " link "SET5d:Index/mus" } @{" comm " link "SET5d:Index/comm"} Disk a additionally contains copies of files from the other CDs, since there was some space left. The files copied are all files newer than Aminet CD 19. Disk b has a database with thumbnail version of all pictures in Local/. Disk c has lists of the best games and demos in Local/. Disk d has a modules index, sorted by quality and style, @endnode ============================================================================ @node Subscriptions "Subscriptions Subscriptions If you'd like the Aminet CD sent to you every two months and save money at the same time, then ask your dealer about subscriptions. If you order from Fred Fish's "Cronus" in the USA, the subscription price is $59.95 for 4 issues, which means about $15 per issue instead of about $20. The price does not include shipping ($4 anywhere worldwide). The address: CRONUS 1840 East Warner Road #105-265 Chandler, AZ 85284 U.S.A. FAX: (602) 491-0048 Voice: (800) 804-0833 or (602) 491-0442 Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe GmbH in Germany also offers subscriptions. See this @{" order information " link Ordering}. You may want to ask you local dealer if he offers subscriptions, too. @endnode ============================================================================ @node OlderCDs "Previous Aminet CD's" Previous Aminet CDs As you probably know, the Aminet archive has much more material than fits on a single CD. If you want all of it, you need all Aminet Sets (each set contains 4 CDs). If you always want to be up to date, check our @{" subscriptions " link Subscriptions}. To obtain older material, you'd normally get the appropriate Aminet Set; single CDs may be out of print. @{" Aminet Set 4 " link AminetSet4} The complete Aminet since Set 3, and DirOpus 5 (Jan 97) @{" Aminet Set 3 " link AminetSet3} The complete Aminet since Set 2, and Imagine 4 (Jul 96) @{" Aminet Set 2 " link AminetSet2} The complete Aminet since Set 1 (Nov 95) @{" Aminet Set 1 " link AminetSet } The complete Aminet on a newly made 4 CD set (Jan 95) @{" Aminet CD 19 " link Aminet19 } The latest stuff and CanDo 2.5 @{" Aminet CD 18 " link Aminet18 } The latest stuff and XTreme Racing @{" Aminet CD 17 " link Aminet17 } The newest, the best, and PersonalWrite @{" Aminet CD 16 " link Aminet16 } The newest, the best, and 1700 mods (Dec 96) @{" Aminet CD 15 " link Aminet15 } The newest, the best, and 200 MPEG movies (Nov 96) @{" Aminet CD 14 " link Aminet14 } The newest, the best, 300 biztools & TurboCalc (Oct 96) @{" Aminet CD 13 " link Aminet13 } The newest, the best, 200 anims and MainActor (Aug 96) @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Aminet19 "Aminet CD 19" Aminet CD 19 - The latest stuff an CanDo 2.5 Aminet CD 19 contains 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from May 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. Almost 700M of of new stuff had to be omitted. The contents (when uncompressed): 940M of software newer than Aminet CD 18 Consisting of: 450 Mods 300 Utilities 250 Games 250 Pictures 250 Communications programs 700 Files of other categories The commercial highlights of the CD are CanDo 2.5 and AmiAtlas 1.3 (the latter only in German). Aminet CD 19 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet18 "Aminet CD 18" Aminet CD 18 - The newest stuff and XTreme Racing Aminet CD 18 contains over 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from March 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. In fact, almost 300M software from The Party 96 had to be omitted. The he space is used as follows: 1033M of software newer than Aminet CD 17 Consisting of: 700 mods 400 pics 300 tools 250 communications programs 250 games 700 files of other categories Also included is the 3D racing game XTreme Racing. Aminet CD 18 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet17 "Aminet CD 17" Aminet CD 17 - The newest stuff and PersonalWrite Aminet CD 17 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Jan 2nd. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. The space is used as follows 941M of software newer than Aminet CD 16 Consisting of: 500 mods 350 pics 250 tools 250 communications programs 150 demos 700 files of other categories Also included is the commercial word processor Personal Write. Aminet CD 17 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet16 "Aminet CD 16" Aminet CD 16 - The newest, the best, and 1700 mods Aminet CD 16 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Nov 2nd, only one month after the previous CD. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on mods. The space is used as follows: 610M of software newer than Aminet CD 15 370M of mods from various sources 30M of top downloads These consist of: 1700 mods (!) 200 pics 200 tools 150 comms programs 500 files of other categories Aminet CD 16 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet15 "Aminet CD 15" Aminet CD 15 - The newest, the best, and 200 MPEG movies Aminet CD 15 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Oct 4th, only one month after the previous CD due to fast growth of Aminet. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on movies. The space is used as follows (uncompressed): 470M of software newer than Aminet CD 14 250M of MPEG movies 70M of top downloads These consist of: 200 MPEG movies 200 mods 200 communications tools 200 utilities 150 pictures 500 archives of other categories Aminet CD 15 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet14 "Aminet CD 14" Aminet CD 14 - The newest, the best, and 300 biztools Aminet CD 14 contains about 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Sep 1st. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates business tools. The space is used as follows (uncompressed): 840M of software newer than Aminet CD 13 110M of business software 70M of top downloads 8M of commercial software: TurboCalc 2.1 with manual The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 500 mods 350 communications tools 300 pictures 300 business tools 250 utilities 800 archives of other categories Aminet CD 14 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet13 "Aminet CD 13" Aminet CD 13 - The newest, the best, and 200 anims Aminet CD 13 contains about 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Jul 1st. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on animations and animating. The space is used as follows (uncompressed): 780M of software newer than Aminet CD 12 (410M newer than Set 3) 200M of integrated animations 20M of top downloads 2M of registered shareware: The animation editor MainActor MainActor is probably the best animation editor for the Amiga; it knows many formats including MPEG. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 450 mods 300 utilities 300 communications programs 250 pictures 200 animations 900 archives of other categories Aminet CD 13 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet12 "Aminet CD 12" Aminet CD 12 - The newest, the best, and 900 mods Aminet CD 12 contains, again, about 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from May 1st. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on music and music making. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 760M of software newer than Aminet CD 11 (yet another record) 300M of music modules, many of them multichannel 75M of music software, the complete mus/ directory 10M of instruments for composing 10M of top downloads from Aminet 5M of commercial software: OctaMED 5, Symphonie 2.4 and SoundFX OctaMED V5 is a very popular editor for music modules with up to 8 tracks. It has no restrictions but is not the latest version. The tracker Symphonie has a built-in 14-bit playing routine that achieves a high sound quality. The version on CD is restricted to 8 tracks. Finally there is the excellent sample editor SoundFX (registered version) in its 68000 version only. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 900 mods from Aminet and other sources 400 music related programs 300 utilities 300 communications programs 900 files from other categories plus 700 instruments in large archives with a separate index. Aminet CD 12 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet11 "Aminet CD 11" Aminet CD 11 - The newest, the best, and 700 maps Aminet CD 11 contains, you already guessed it, about 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from March 2nd. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on maps collected from various sources. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 670M of software newer than Aminet CD 10 (all time high!) 150M of high resolution maps covering most areas of the world 80M of top downloads 20M of commercial software: XiPaint 3.2, full version XiPaint is a nice 24-bit paint program that works gfx boards and just about any image format. It is licensed to the buyer of the CD only, and not freely distributable. Check the upgrade offer that comes with it. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 500 mods, most of them new 200 utilities 200 communcations programs 800 programs of other categories plus 700 maps in 24-bit JPEG format, covering most areas of the world. The maps have an index that is sorted by continent, and a search facility. Aminet CD 11 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet10 "Aminet CD 10" Aminet CD 10 - The newest, the best, and 2000 fonts Aminet CD 10 contains, once more, over 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from January 3rd. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on fonts collected from various sources. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 520M of software newer than Aminet CD 9 330M of fonts, each font in several formats 170M of top downloads ... plus two special highlights: PageStream 2.2, unrestricted, with manual+upgrade deal TypeSmith 2.5 (latest), slightly restricted, with similar deal These two excellent programs give you an absolutely top of the range DTP combination. They are licensed to the buyer of the CD only, and not freely distributable. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 650 mods, most of them new 300 utilities 300 communications programs 700 programs of other categories plus 2000 fonts in Postscript, Intellifont and bitmap format, stored in large archives but easy to preview and extract. All fonts are hinted for better appearance, and most fonts are available in all formats. Aminet CD 10 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet9 "Aminet CD 9" Aminet CD 9 - The newest, the best, and 900 games Aminet CD 9 contains, as usual, over 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from November 4th. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on games from various sources. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 500M of software newer than CD 8 (280M newer than Set 2) 330M of games 100M of electronic books 100M of top downloads These consist of: 930 games (directly startable) 640 mods 300 docs 140 pictures 90 demos ...plus 2400 utilities of all kinds. Aminet CD 9 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet8 "Aminet CD 8" Aminet CD 8 - The newest, the best, and 2000 mods Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet7 "Aminet CD 7" Aminet CD 7 - The newest, the best, and 9000 pictures Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet6 "Aminet CD 6" Aminet CD 6 - The newest, the best, and 1800 demos Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet5 "Aminet CD 5" Aminet CD 5 - The newest, the best, and 1000 games Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet4 "Aminet CD 4" Aminet CD 4 - The newest, the best, and 1700 mods Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet3 "Aminet CD 3" Aminet CD 3 - The newest and the best from Aminet Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet2 "Aminet CD 2" Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet1 "Aminet CD 1" Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet "Aminet Set 1" Aminet Set 1 - The complete Aminet on 4 new CDs As you probably know, there is a big archive behind all those Aminet CDs. Aminet Set finally brings you the complete archive on four newly created CD-ROMs. If you already have several Aminet CDs, buying the Aminet Set still makes sense for the following reasons: 1. Even if you have all Aminet CDs, you still lack a lot of software from Aminet. And the less CDs you already have, the more additional software you get from the set: If you already have The set gives you an additional Aminet CD 1,2,3,4,5 467M of Aminet software Aminet CD 2,3,4,5 512M of Aminet software Aminet CD 3,4,5 851M of Aminet software Aminet CD 4,5 1191M of Aminet software Aminet CD 5 1681M of Aminet software 2. Aminet Set 1 presents its data more nicely than the previous CDs. As you can see on this CD, all games and demos can be started directly, the images are in a nice image data base, and the modules are presented in a list that is sorted by style. Also, there are a lot of German descriptions as well as a Fish and a SaarAG index. This is missing on the older CDs but present on Aminet Set, so buying some of the same data a second time can make sense. 3. Aminet Set 1 is better organized than the previous CDs. Until now, the Images from Aminet have been scattered on all the Aminet CDs. Aminet Set brings them all on the same CD, just as all other types of data. Also, using Aminet Set you can search the complete Aminet very quickly and easily, including a very fast full text search of all the .readme files. Aminet Set costs US $39.95 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet2 "Aminet Set 2" Aminet Set 2 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs As you probably know, there is a big archive behind all those Aminet CDs. Aminet Set 2 brings you the complete new archive on four CD-ROMs. If you already have several Aminet CDs, buying the Aminet Set still makes sense for the following reasons: 1. Aminet Set 2 completes Aminet Set 1 to give a complete snapshot of the Aminet archive. 2. Aminet Set 2 presents its data more nicely than the previous CDs. As you can see on this CD, all games and demos can be started directly, the images are in a nice image data base, and the modules are presented in a list that is sorted by style. Also, there are a lot of German descriptions as well as a Fish and a SaarAG index. 3. Aminet Set 2 is better organized than the previous CDs. Until now, the Images from Aminet have been scattered on all the Aminet CDs. Aminet Set brings them all on the same CD, just as all other types of data. Also, using Aminet Set you can search the complete Aminet very quickly and easily, including a very fast full text search of all the .readme files. Aminet Set 2 costs US $45 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet3 "Aminet Set 3" Aminet Set 3 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs, plus Imagine 4 Aminet Set 3 contains close to 4 gigabytes (when uncompressed) of freely distributable Amiga software on 4 newly mastered CDs. There are 9000 archives from the following categories: 2000 Mods (directly playable) 1500 Images (directly viewable) 1300 Games (directly startable) 800 Communications programs 400 Demos (directly startable) 3000 Utilities and applications Aminet Set 3 contains all the Aminet data found on Aminet CD 9 to 12 plus 250M of other software that was on none of these: 170M of integrated modules and 80M of 3D objects to go with Imagine. This software will not appear on any subsequent CD. Only 150M of the software on Set 3 were found on Set 2 already. Also, 400M of material newer than Aminet 12 are included. Included in Aminet Set 3 is a completely unrestricted version of the excellent ray tracer Imagine 4.0 (only one version behind the current edition). There is also a tutorial for it (in English and German) plus additional docs, but no manual. Also, there are upgrade discounts for the following programs found on the CD: - Imagine can be upgraded to the latest version for $125 + shipping - XiPaint can be upgraded to the latest version for DM 59 + shipping - OctaMED can be upgraded to SoundStudio for UKP 25 to 30 incl. shipping - The Imagine PD CD can be obtained for $20.00 incl. shipping, $10 off Aminet Set 3 costs US $45 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet4 "Aminet Set 4" Aminet Set 4 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs, plus DirOpus 5 Aminet Set 4 contains close to 4 gigabytes (when uncompressed) of freely distributable Amiga software on 4 newly mastered CDs. The newest archive on is dated January 3rd CD 16. There are 7700 archives from the following categories: 2800 Mods (directly playable) 1200 Images/Anims (directly viewable) 700 Communications programs 500 Games (directly startable) 400 Demos (directly startable) 2100 Utilities and applications Aminet Set 4 contains all the Aminet data found on Aminet CD 13 to 16 plus 510M of software that is newer than Aminet 16. Only 40M of the software on Set 4 was found on any earlier Set. The commercial highlight on Aminet Set 4 is Directory Opus 5.11, which is almost the latest version. Also included are some programs from earlier Aminet CDs like TurboCalc 2. Aminet Set 4 costs US $35.95 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode ============================================================================ @node NewStuff "New stuff on this CD" New stuff since Aminet CD 19 All software on this Set is newer than Aminet Set 4, so we need no special index for those files. For those who buy single CDs as well, we have an index of the files newer than Aminet CD 19. Copies of all of these files are found on this CD. The best way to browse the new files is looking at the @{" directory " link "SET5d:Local/New_Dir/main"} sorted new files index of this CD. Select your general area of interest, and then hit the 'Browse' button in AmigaGuide to hop from directory to directory. Another approach is to check the @{" charts " link "SET5d:Local/Charts/main"} of most downloaded files, where most of the files listed are new (the very latest have been omitted, tho). Finally, check our list of @{" recommendations " link RecommendNew} of the most interesting new files. And of course you can check the new files index sorted by @{" directory " link "SET5d:Local/New_Dir/main"}, by @{" name " link "SET5d:Local/New_Name/main"} or by @{" age " link "SET5d:Local/New_Age/main"}, or @{" search " system "SET5d:Tools/Find IN New_Dir"} for something in the CD index. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node RecommendNew "Recommended new uploads" The following are, in my opinion, a few highlights among the new software on this CD. Not mentioned here are mods, games, pix and demos, since their highlights are mentioned in their own index files. It's official: The first PowerPC software on Aminet! Also check the PersonalPaint patches. @{"PBlit_PPC.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View biz/cloan/PBlit_PPC.lha"} biz/cloan 15K 5 @{"Personal PPC Blit Library v. 2.0" link ":Aminet/biz/cloan/PBlit_PPC.readme/main"} Communications. Check the new version of the serial.device and, believe it or not, the serial.device for the floppy port. Also, there is a new version of Voyager, a great web browser. @{"New8n1.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View comm/misc/New8n1.lha"} comm/misc 91K 4 @{"Replaces serial.device. V37.38" link ":Aminet/comm/misc/New8n1.readme/main"} @{"diskserial.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View comm/net/diskserial.lha"} comm/net 19K 3 @{"Serial.device for diskport. V1.1a" link ":Aminet/comm/net/diskserial.readme/main"} @{"Voyager.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View comm/www/Voyager.lha"} comm/www 544K 6 @{"WWW-Browser (USA-Version)" link ":Aminet/comm/www/Voyager.readme/main"} Check this huge CD player with a titles database. @{"OptyCDPDB.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View disk/cdrom/OptyCDPDB.lha"} disk/cdrom 1.0M 3 @{"(Disks) V2.0 MUI CD Player/Ed/Prog/Sampler" link ":Aminet/disk/cdrom/OptyCDPDB.readme/main"} @{"OptyCDPlay.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View disk/cdrom/OptyCDPlay.lha"} disk/cdrom 857K 3 @{"(Full) V2.0 MUI CD Player/Ed/Prog/Sampler" link ":Aminet/disk/cdrom/OptyCDPlay.readme/main"} The whole docs/ directory is worth checking for new stuff (mainly magazines); however check these first: (The modem infos *are* English) @{"LSModem127.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View docs/help/LSModem127.lha"} docs/help 502K 3 @{"The world largest MODEM guide SEARCHABLE!" link ":Aminet/docs/help/LSModem127.readme/main"} @{"libguide.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View docs/lists/libguide.lha"} docs/lists 151K 6 @{"Biggest Guide of Amiga shared libraries -14-" link ":Aminet/docs/lists/libguide.readme/main"} Besides lots of good 3D objects, we have in the graphics area: @{"Picasso96.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View gfx/board/Picasso96.lha"} gfx/board 316K 4 @{"Picasso96 system for Amiga graphics boards" link ":Aminet/gfx/board/Picasso96.readme/main"} @{"AsciiArtProS.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View gfx/edit/AsciiArtProS.lha"} gfx/edit 154K 2 @{"AsciiArtProStudioV0.9 the ultimate ascii painting/" link ":Aminet/gfx/edit/AsciiArtProS.readme/main"} @{"Gallery.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View gfx/misc/Gallery.lha"} gfx/misc 176K 2 @{"Creates HTML gallery from your pictures" link ":Aminet/gfx/misc/Gallery.readme/main"} @{"CyberAVI.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View gfx/show/CyberAVI.lha"} gfx/show 91K 6 @{"V1.10, AVI animation player for CyberGraphX/AGA an" link ":Aminet/gfx/show/CyberAVI.readme/main"} @{"CyberQT.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View gfx/show/CyberQT.lha"} gfx/show 92K 6 @{"V1.2, QuickTime animation player for CyberGraphX/A" link ":Aminet/gfx/show/CyberQT.readme/main"} Next, a useful unit converter. Also check misc/emu/ for new emulators. @{"convertor.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View misc/math/convertor.lha"} misc/math 210K 5 @{"The Ultimate Unit Converter. V1.4b" link ":Aminet/misc/math/convertor.readme/main"} Yes, there are *still* new/updated textviewers coming out: @{"moreHTML.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View text/hyper/moreHTML.lha"} text/hyper 138K 6 @{"HTML Offline Browser with Sourcecode (MUI)" link ":Aminet/text/hyper/moreHTML.readme/main"} @{"xPage.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View text/show/xPage.lha"} text/show 7K 2 @{"The BEST (XPK)More clone" link ":Aminet/text/show/xPage.readme/main"} @{"TextView111.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View text/show/TextView111.lha"} text/show 56K 4 @{"Textviewer for PP,XPK,AGuide,HTML,Pipes." link ":Aminet/text/show/TextView111.readme/main"} @{"Vinci26.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View text/show/Vinci26.lha"} text/show 230K 6 @{"Text viewer with locale, ANSI, pipe and public scr" link ":Aminet/text/show/Vinci26.readme/main"} Once more, tons of utilities, but these I choose to single out: @{"mcx272.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View util/cdity/mcx272.lha"} util/cdity 63K 4 @{"Multi Function Commodity" link ":Aminet/util/cdity/mcx272.readme/main"} @{"AKCC.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View util/cli/AKCC.lha"} util/cli 152K 4 @{"Advanced CLI-Commands for KS V33-40 (16.5.97)" link ":Aminet/util/cli/AKCC.readme/main"} @{"akLJPG43x.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View util/dtype/akLJPG43x.lha"} util/dtype 97K 3 @{"AkLJPG-dt V43.75 (LJPG, 68000-060)" link ":Aminet/util/dtype/akLJPG43x.readme/main"} @{"ViNCEd.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View util/shell/ViNCEd.lha"} util/shell 302K 2 @{"The final CON: solution, ^Z, XTerm, Intui-screens" link ":Aminet/util/shell/ViNCEd.readme/main"} @{"SerialPrefs71.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View util/sys/SerialPrefs71.lha"} util/sys 61K 6 @{"V2.7.1 - Extended Serial Preferences for Wb." link ":Aminet/util/sys/SerialPrefs71.readme/main"} @{"waitgui20.lha" system "SET5d:Tools/View util/wb/waitgui20.lha"} util/wb 22K 5 @{"Wait replacement with progressbar" link ":Aminet/util/wb/waitgui20.readme/main"} As always, enjoy! @endnode ============================================================================ @node Features "New features" New for CD 18: - Updated Aminet upload instructions - New MED player for DeliTracker - The following index files omitted due to lack of space: New_* Aminet_Age Aminet_Name Aminet_Dir.accel (search acceleration) and info/adt/ADT_CD* info/adt/ADT_SET* New for CD 17: - FullFind and Find now consequently use PowerGuide - Bug with Find highlighting wrong areas of description fixed - Aminet access info updated - New German subscription info New for CD 15: - PowerGuide 1.21 used - FindKit problems with PowerGuide fixed New for CD 14: - There is a new AmigaGuide alternative on the CD: PowerGuide. If you've currently selected AmigaGuide or MultiView as text viewer in 'Prefs', you may want to enter PowerGuide there. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Software "Access software" Workbench --------- Browsing: The first thing you will want to do is browse the contents of the CD. The best way to get a quick overview is having a look at the overview in this document; the very first links. Another method is to check the file Local/New_Dir (if you already have the previous Aminet CD) or Local/Index_Dir. Wherever you see a list of files with descriptions, you can click to archive name to start an unpack tool. You will be asked for a destination directory (the default can be chosen in 'Prefs'). After you hit return, the archive gets unpacked to where you selected. For some types of files, you can click a middle button (called 'Start' or 'Play') to view look at the archive contents directly. Some index files play directly without asking (e.g. the Modules and the Games index). In all index files you can view the .readme file for an archive by clicking the description. Searching: After you've become familiar with the contents of the CD, you will often want to search for a specific keyword in the contents of the CD. Just double click the 'Find' icon on the top level of the CD, enter the case insensitive sub string or pattern you want to look for, and you will be presented with a list of files that match your sub string anywhere on their line. You can also search the New_* and Index_* files in Lists by clicking them first and then shift- doubleclicking 'Find'. The resulting document will be of the 'View' type for the toplevel Find program and of the 'Extract' type for all other Find programs. The NewFind and AminetFind search the the list of new files and the list of all Aminet files. If you drag any of the FindKit drawer in Tools/ anywhere onto your hard disk, you can do searches without having the CD in your drive. Using the FullFind program in the Tools directory, you can find any word in any readme of this CD. If your word is a prefix of a word in a readme, it will match. To prevent that, append a $ to your search word. You can enter several search words, separated by blanks, to see only the documents which contain all of them. See also the documentation for the tools in question: @{" Inspect " system "SET5d:Tools/View SET5d:Tools/Docs/Inspect"}, @{" Find " system "SET5d:Tools/View SET5d:Tools/Docs/Find"}, @{" FullFind " system "SET5d:Tools/View SET5d:Tools/Docs/FullFind"} and @{" Prefs " system "SET5d:Tools/View SET5d:Tools/Docs/Prefs"}. CLI/Shell --------- Using a shell is not the recommended way to access this CD. However you sometimes have no choice, e.g. when working under UNIX or MSDOS. To get familiar with the contents of the CD, I recommend having a look at the file Aminet/INDEX which contains a complete list of all files on the CD in plain ASCII. More ASCII index files found in Local/, they end in .doc. If you find a file you are interested in, for example, docs/mags/cd32bits-0694.lha , then execute the following commands: cd Aminet/docs/mags lha e cd32bits-0694.lha ram: to unpack the contents of that archive to RAM. If you don't have the archiver LhA yet, you can obtain it from the Tools/ directory on the CD. To locate all files that contain foo anywhere in their file name, directory name or description, execute the command search NONUM Aminet/INDEX foo or just use the Aminet find tool: find foo which will output an AmigaGuide document and display it. If you want to find the files on any Aminet CD, use: find IN Aminet foo For further information read the documents on Find, FullFind and Inspect in Tools/Docs/. Useful stuff ------------ There is a very limited number of unpacked utilities on this CD in the Tools/Useful directory. They are all related to accessing the files on this CD, and you should think about installing them on your HD. - AmiCDROM is an excellent CD-ROM file system. In the improbable case that your CD filesystem has problems with the Aminet CD, just use this one. - ARCHandler lets you access the Aminet CD (or any other file system) as if all the lha files on it were directories, ie you don't need to unpack anything. Great stuff. - Degrader can disable all the advanced features of accelerated Amigas, getting many hardware-bashing demos and games to run. - ToolAlias can map one default tool name to another. This is useful if you can't change the default tool of a file but want to use a different viewer. - TrashMaster creates an App-Icon on your Workbench where you can drag icons to delete them. Handy to clean up after an archive has been extracted to RAM:. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Custom "Customizing Aminet CD" Customizing Aminet CD As you know all too well, CDs cannot be written to. This CD, however, gives you a limited possibility to shape it according to your taste. There are two possibilities, select the links for documentation: The @{" Personal " link Personal} index in the Local drawer is an Aminet CD index like all the others, with viewing and readme displaying capabilities. The only difference is that you decide what's listed in it and what not. @{" Clones " link Clones} are tiny files that pretend to be one of the items on the Aminet CD. You can create, rename and arrange them as you like, and you can put them in WBStartup or ToolManager docks. Of course you need the CD in the drive when you want to use clones. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Personal "Your personal Aminet CD index" Your personal Aminet CD index In the Local directory you find, among various static index files an index called 'Personal'. In the beginning it's empty. If you click 'add', you are asked for a search pattern. You can click any of the shown items to to add them to your personal Aminet index. However you need to close your Personal index and open it again in order to make the changes visible. If you press the 'sort' button, the index will be sorted by directory and subsorted by file name. Duplicate lines will be eliminated. Again, you have to close and reopen the index. With the 'edit' button, finally, you can make any changes to your personal index using your favourite editor. setenv EDITOR to determine the editor. Always use line operation (like deleting lines, inserting lines from Aminet/INDEX or reordering lines). Again, you need to reload the index to make the changes visible. The index looks as if it were stored on the CD. This is not the case, of course. The contents are stored in the file S:Aminet-PersonalX, where X is the number of your CD. You can edit or delete it there. Apart from that, the Personal index behaves like any immediate view index; ie if you click a mod in the Personal index, it will play immediately. So have a look at your @{" personal " system "SET5d:Tools/Personal"} index. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Clones "Clones" Clones There's a few things that you cannot do in a normal Aminet CD index. For example you cannot put an item from the Aminet CD index in a ToolManager dock or a Directory Opus gadget. That's what clones were created for. Clones pretend to be the Aminet file you created them from. You can move them around, arrange them and delete them as you like. Clones can be started from CLI or from the Workbench, where they have an icon that reflects their type. Starting a clone is equivalent to clicking the according archive name in the Aminet CD index, except for the fact that the action (playing, game or demo starting) will be performed without asking for confirmation. Of course you need to have the Aminet CD in the CD-ROM drive when you start a cloned program. To create a clone, start the @{" Cloner " system "SET5d:Tools/Cloner"} program. It asks you for a pattern and displays the files matching that pattern. You then click the item you would like to see cloned, maybe change the destination path in the upcoming requester, and hit 'Create' to confirm. Each clone takes about 3K of disk space. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Troubles "Some common problems with the Aminet CD" Why are all file names upper case? ---------------------------------- For this CD, we have chosen to stick to the ISO CDROM standard. This means that the CD can be read on any system, but it also means that all files names are upper case. However, we also used RockRidge extensions, so file systems that understand them can still use mixed case. The AmiCDROM file system provided in the Tools/Useful directory will give you mixed case on the Aminet CD. Why can't I read some of the files with the Commodore CD file system? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Because it's buggy. The solution is the same as before: Install the AmiCDROM file system. It's works very nicely. Why do I have problems with by Xetec file system? ------------------------------------------------- It seems to have problems with our choice of CD formats. However version 2.0 was reported to work fine. If not, again, again: Install the AmiCDROM file system found on this CD. Nothing happens when I try to show that image/play that mod! ------------------------------------------------------------ The Aminet extraction software tries to be smart how every pic is shown or mod is played. However sometimes it fails. In those cases you can simply extract the archive and look at it by yourself. Also, you might be running out of memory, see below. I'm running out of memory! -------------------------- Viewing an image or playing a mod by clicking it in the index takes quite a lot of memory, since the index as well was the extraction program stay in memory while the picture is viewed. Solutions: - Set your extraction directory to something different from RAM:, e.g. an (existing) directory on your HD. This can be done using the 'Prefs' program. - Don't view the files directly from the index. Click on 'extract' first, then close the index, and open the directory your file was extracted to. Of course combining the two saves the most. I want to mount this CD on my BBS --------------------------------- We have Files.BBS index files in every directory, so some BBS programs can use the CD directly. Others understand our .readme format already. For MS-DOS BBSes use the index called FILES.MSD. If you would like to copy the files onto HD, you can use the file Aminet/info/adt/TRANSL.TBL (which shows origname and CD-name for each file) to restore the original file names. If you write any additional software or need indices in a different format, please contact me. I cannot use this CD with my CD32! ---------------------------------- This is due to a bug in the CD32 CDROM file system and occurs when you boot off the Network CD or something similar. You can circumvent this bug by mounting a small RAD: disk (about 49 tracks), copy the most important files from a Workbench CD there (c, libs, envarc) and boot off the RAD:. That should get the Aminet CD (and some other interesting CDs) to work. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Aminet "What is Aminet?" What is Aminet? --------------- Aminet is a library where software authors can place their freely distributable programs for others to download. The backbone of Aminet consists of about 20 computers all over the world that are linked to Internet, a computer network that connects most universities and many businesses in the world. Many other places, such as 50 BBSes, keep frequently updated copies of Aminet. Aminet is moderated. Whatever gets uploaded has to be approved before it is made available to the public. However there is no censorship; the only conditions for inclusion in the library are that every file uploaded has a description file in the correct format, and the archive itself is okay and virus free. What is unique about Aminet is that large amounts of data are made available to a wide audience within a very short time. If a programmer uploads his latest release to Aminet, he can expect that it will have been downloaded and tested by one thousand people within a week. If he finds a bug in his program, he can distribute an update to the whole world within twenty four hours. In that respect, freely distributable software works far better than commercial software. You may want to read about the @{" recent " system "SET5d:Tools/View SET5d:Local/Misc/30000"}, @{" older" system "SET5d:Tools/View SET5d:Local/Misc/10000"} and @{" ancient " system "SET5d:Tools/View SET5d:Local/Misc/5000"} history of Aminet, or find out where to @{" access " link Access} Aminet in your area. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Access "Getting access to Aminet" Where do I access Aminet? ------------------------- If you would like to get updated more often than is possible with a quarterly CDROM, you have several possibilities. By far the best way is getting yourself connected to the Internet. Several commercial networks allow access to the Internet, I however recommend a 'pure' Internet provider and not an (expensive) online service with (often inferior) Internet gateway. Once you have gotten Internet access you can use the following methods to access the latest Aminet files: - Mirrors. The normal way to access Aminet is by FTP, which comes with UNIX (program name is ftp). You can use any of the below sites. Most keep only recent files, but some have them all. Location Name IP Address Path Files USA (MO) ftp.wustl.edu pub/aminet/ ALL USA (WI) ftp.netnet.net pub/aminet/ 25000 USA (AZ) ftp.ninemoons.com pub/aminet/ 13000 Australia ftp.livewire.com.au pub/aminet/ ALL Switzerland ftp.eunet.ch pub/aminet/ 20000 Scandinavia ftp.luth.se pub/aminet/ 25000 Germany ftp.germany.aminet.org pub/aminet/ ALL Germany ftp.uni-erlangen.de pub/aminet/ 20000 Germany ftp.uni-stuttgart.de cd aminet 4000 Germany ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de pub/aminet/ 16000 Germany ftp.tu-chemnitz.de pub/aminet/ 12000 Germany ftp.uni-siegen.de pub/aminet/ 9000 Germany ftp.uni-trier.de pub/aminet/ 5000 Germany ftp.fh-augsburg.de pub/aminet/ 5000 Germany ftp.uni-bremen.de pub/aminet/ 3000 Germany ftp.uni-kl.de pub/aminet/ 2000 Germany ftp.uni-regensburg.de pub/aminet/ 3000 Germany ftp.tu-clausthal.de pub/aminet/ 1000 Germany ftp.aachen.aminet.org pub/aminet/ 2300 Germany ftp.rz.uni-wuerzburg.de cd aminet 4000 Italy ftp.italy.aminet.org pub/aminet/ ALL Austria vienna.aminet.or.at pub/aminet/ ALL France aminet.grolier.fr pub/aminet/ ALL France sunsite.cnam.fr pub/aminet/ 6000 Denmark sunsite.auc.dk pub/aminet/ 2000 UK ftp.uk.aminet.org pub/aminet/ ALL UK micros.hensa.ac.uk pub/aminet/ 8500 Ireland atlantis.ucc.ie pub/aminet/ 2000 Greece ftp.acropolis.gr pub/aminet/ 20000 Portugal ftp.portugal.aminet.org pub/aminet/ 15000 Spain ftp.gui.uva.es pub/aminet/ 1500 Hungary ftp.iit.uni-miskolc.hu pub/aminet/ 3000 Czech Rep amiga.chemi.muni.cz pub/aminet/ 2000 Poland ftp.man.szczecin.pl pub/aminet/ 2000 Croatia thphys.irb.hr pub/aminet/ 500 - ADT. This is a front end for FTP that allows easy access to Aminet. Get it from misc/unix/adt.c and compile it on your UNIX box by typing 'sh adt.c' - WWW. Mosaic or Lynx are a very decent way to access Aminet. Try the URLs http://ftp.wustl.edu/~aminet/, http://ftp.eunet.ch/~aminet/ or http://www.germany.aminet.org/aminet/ where you can also find pointers to other Aminet sites with WWW support. - FSP. Aminet Files can be downloaded from the FSP site ftp.luth.se at port 6969. ftp.wustl.edu, ftp.uk.aminet.org, sunsite.auc.dk and ftp.giga.or.at have FSP on port 21, but can't be reached from everywhere (just try). Uploads are accepted at most of these sites. - Telnet. ftp.uk.aminet.org strikes again. You can telnet to and log in as 'sources', which gives you a UNIX account where you can download the files on src using commands like 'sz' and 'kermit', or just browse around. - NFS. NFS mounting of the archive is possible at ftp.wustl.edu (see ftp://ftp.wustl.edu/README.NFS for details), at sunsite.auc.dk (see http://sunsite.auc.dk/SunSITE/access.html for details), at ftp.uni-stuttgart.de (path /serv/serv/pub/systems/amiga/aminet) and at ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de (path /export/mdd10/ftp/pub/aminet). - Finger. To find out what's been uploaded to Aminet within the last week, enter 'finger Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.' or 'finger Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.' - Gopher. Gopher is specially supported by several Aminet sites. Just type 'gopher' or 'gopher -p'. USA (MO) ftp.wustl.edu 1/pub/aminet/info/goph UK gopher.uk.aminet.org 1/pub/aminet/info/goph - Samba. Use 'net use x: \\sunsite.auc.dk\ftp' to access to sunsite.auc.dk Accessing Aminet without Internet ------------------------------------ - CD-ROM. Aminet CD 5 and up are available from Stefan Ossowski, Germany (Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.) or Fred Fish (Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.). The CD costs DM 25 or US$ 20. You can also buy the complete Aminet as of Jan 95 on 4 CDs for DM60 or US$ 40. For further details, have a look at docs/misc/CD-Orders.txt. - Get internet access. Certainly the most comfortable way to access Aminet but sometimes expensive. Some Internet providers are: USA Portal Voice 1.408.973.9111 Modem 1.408.973.8091 Netcom Voice 1.408.554.UNIX GERMANY EUnet Voice +49.231.972.00 Fax +49.231.972.1111 SWITZERLAND EUnet Voice + Fax + UK Demon Voice +44-81-349-0063 Fax +44-81-349-0309 - Aminet mailserver. The Aminet mail server can do various things for you, like doing finds and accepting uploads, but it does not send out binaries. Send HELP to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. to find out more. - Bin mailserver. The Aminet site src.doc.ic.ac.uk has an email server that sends out uuencoded binaries. Send a message with HELP in the body to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. . You can also use Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. to retrieve files from any Aminet site, but please use an American one to save bandwidth. Send HELP there for information, too. Germans try Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser., Canadians send HELP to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. and Italias have a look at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. - Modem. The following BBSes carry up-to-date Aminet files. Most have more phone numbers than we can mention here, call to see a list of the others. Also, many offer their files in ZConnect format. The list is sorted by phone number. Country Name FIDO Phone ISDN ------- ---- ---- ----- ---- USA (MS) The Gateway 1:3604/60 (+1)601 374 2697 USA (CA) Heavy Metal 1:202/1112 (+1)619 232 4919 USA (NC) The C: Dir (+1)919 787 6211 Canada RCN Networks (+1)418 653 3099 Canada TunnelVisio 1:153/910 (+1)604 535 9826 Canada MidnightMag (+1)905 796 2931 France Ramses 2:320/104 (+33)1 45845623 Italy Amiga Pro (+39)49 604488 Italy Glass Globe 2:332/118 (+39)577 959054 Italy SpeedOfLife 2:335/533 (+39)931 833773 Switzerland Amiga Micro 2:301/819 (+41)1 3001008 (+41)1 3001009 Switzerland Helvetica 2:301/723 (+41)1 3201781 (+41)1 3201777 Switzerland Dolphins (+41)1 8450936 (+41)1 8846028 Switzerland AmiCall 2:301/722 (+41)1 9804297 Switzerland Turicum (+41)1 9918501 (+41)1 9918503 Switzerland Dive-Inn 2:301/325 (+41)22 7518103 (+41)22 7518105 Switzerland Alphanet (+41)38 414081 Switzerland LogicPalace 2:301/706 (+41)31 7320051 (+41)31 7320044 Switzerland LINKSys (+41)61 3215643 (+41)61 3832007 Switzerland AUGS BBS (+41)62 7945041 (+41)62 7945049 Austria Amiga World 2:310/72 (+43)1 5044269 (+43)1 5047701 UK Elevate 2:251/18.0 (+44)1329 319028 UK Chaos Engin 2:259/15.0 (+44)1346 510727 UK Punters P. 2:250/361.0 (+44)1943 864070 Sweden TSDF (+46)90 199004 Germany Surprise (+49)201 329761 (+49)201 8315005 Germany Art-Line (+49)202 596003 (+49)202 2546013 Germany T.O.M. (+49)202 595267 Germany Pleasure (+49)203 431366 Germany SMachine (+49)203 4061447 (+49)203 9940127 Germany Grisubox (+49)2065 24447 Germany Karma Designs (+49)208 670722 (+49)208 628951 Germnay Golden Gate (+49)2041 262769 Germany Future Line (+49)2041 686829 Germany Blue Moon (+49)2065 66407 Germany Waldspecht (+49)208 202509 (+49)208 851334 Germany TrkPool (+49)208 808640 Germany Hardy Box (+49)2131 101990 (+49)2131 167212 Germany Delvinor (+49)2131 549457 (+49)2131 951253 Germany Newswire (+49)2154 5011 Germany Debuwi (+49)2236 83233 Germany Candys --- (+49)221 462138 Germany Darkness (+49)2273 1096 (+49)2273 910062 Germany X-RAY (+49)228 455893 Germany CBonn (+49)228 666588 Germany SID (+49)231 448496 Germany Blanker (+49)231 815739 (+49)231 9812094 Germany Fantasie (+49)2381 675700 Germany Stingray (+49)2385 6542 (+49)2385 910031 Germany Stardate (+49)251 262506 Germany ASBM (+49)251 791650 Germany Circus (+49)281 24001 Germany AMBO (+49)30 3739293 (+49)30 37401021 Germany TERM (+49)30 4537288 (+49)30 45470171 Germany Quick (+49)40 5479638 Germany ITHH (+49)40 6064098 (+49)40 60680341 Germany DOOM (+49)4223 8355 (+49)4223 95004 Germany Flight (+49)4442 72138 (+49)4442 920362 Germany Nexus-I (+49)5242 42065 Germany Black-Z (+49)6142 46278 (+49)6142 924080 Germany 48'er 2:2468/6020 (+49)6203 180293 Germany WestCoast 2:2468/9718.0 (+49)6221 761304 Germany RudisBox (+49)6253 86677 (+49)6253 972100 Germany HIT (+49)681 399426 (+49)681 372552 Germany Groenland (+49)6824 8444 Germany Titan (+49)6826 800391 Germany ***elOutside (+49)6838 84739 Germany BrainWave 2:246/2006.0 (+49)7071 78729 (+49)7071 971213 Germany DALLAS-BBS (+49)711 588146 (+49)711 5719063 Germany Amiga Univ. 2:246/1416.0 (+49)7195 920677 (+49)7195 940130 Germany Amiga Inside2:2476/539.0 (+49)721 841292 Germany Uplink 2:246/2320 (+49)751 96217 (+49)751 793316 Germany Fairytale 2:246/2300 (+49)7541 24362 (+49)7541 930232 Germany Melting Point 2:2476/825 (+49)7663 50103 (+49)7663 912013 Germany Predator 2:2490/1140 (+49)9131 14439 Germany LSD (+49)9133 9591 Germany Turtle 2:2490/1092 (+49)911 3241044 (+49)911 3241055 Germany Lizard (+49)911 476948 Germany Incubus (+49)931 781464 (+49)931 7900200 Australia Continental (+61)2949 4256 Australia 1990 Multi 3:690/758.0 (+61)9370 3333 Japan NIFTY-Serve (+81)3 5710 6400 - Anonymous UUCP. In Germany, you can access the Aminet files at the phone numbers of Brainwave BBS (see above) using the following entry. Download the file "Aminet:INFO" for more information. anarchy Any SER 38400 ATD BBS. ..\c ogin: uanon sword: uanon In Switzerland you can use the Alphanet BBS, ~/archives/aminet, with the login nuucp. - FIDO. If you want to file-request Aminet files, you can do so by requesting the file INFO from 2:246/2006.0. The BBSes which have a FIDO node number mentioned above allow file requests. - Mailing lists. If you want to get the list of new uploads mailed every week, send a mail with 'SUBSCRIBE aminet-weekly Your Name' in the body to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or if you want daily updates, just use 'SUBSCRIBE aminet-daily' instead. Replace 'Your Name' with your real name, of course. Keep the welcome mail in case you forget how to unsubscribe and for the password you get. - Usenet. A list of recent uploads is posted every week to the newsgroups comp.sys.amiga.misc and de.comp.sys.amiga.archive. - EZINFO. This is an internet BBS in Switzerland. Here you can download by Kermit or ZMODEM, but you need to be verified to become user. Modem dial 01 251 20 02, then type 'telnet b050' to connect to EZINFO. Also try telnet kometh.ethz.ch and 'call b050' from internet. - Aminet-on-disk. You can order single Aminet files (3 DM per disk) or per-directory subscriptions (2 DM per disk) from Martin Schulze, Parkstr. 14, 66806 Ensdorf, Germany. Phone: +49 (0) 6831 506171, email Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. . Send 3 DM in stamps or $2 to get an index disk with instructions. Aminet-on-disk is available on Amiga-Floppy (880k: 3DM, 1.76MB: 5DM), SyQuest 88/105/270MB and 128MB-Magneto-Optical. (DM 0.40 per Megabyte without media costs) @endnode ============================================================================ @node Submitting "Sending software to Aminet" How do I submit something to Aminet? ------------------------------------ If you are an author of freely distributable software, you may be interested to get your software onto Aminet. Aminet gets your software to a lot of people very quickly, and is free of charge for most of its users. If you would like to get your piece of freely distributable software onto Aminet and you don't have access to the Internet, you can check the BBSes listed @{" here " link Access} if they forward uploads to Aminet. The Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. accepts uploads by email, send HELP there for instructions. If all fails, you can still send a diskette (that will not be sent back, sorry) with your upload to Martin Schulze, whose address you find in the access list as well. Be sure to read the upload @{" instructions " link "SET5d:Local/Misc/Uploads/main"} very carefully. Faulty submissions are in danger of being deleted. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Ordering "Ordering subsequent CD's" Order information ----------------- A new Aminet CD appears every two months. You can expect about 800M of new software on every CD, plus the currently most popular files, plus enough files from other sources to fill up the CD to its limit. Check this @{" list " link OlderCDs} of availble CDs. You can order subscriptions or single CDs from the following companies: Company Offerings ------- --------- - Germany/Europe Stefan Ossowski's Aminet CDs DM 25 Schatztruhe GmbH subscriptions DM 19.80 per CD Veronikastr. 33 D-45131 Essen Aminet Sets (4 CDs) DM 59 Germany Shipping national prepaid DM 5 Phone +49-201-788778 cash on delivery DM 8 Fax +49-201-798447 Shipping Europe prepaid DM 8 Shipping overseas prepaid DM 15 Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. All major credit cards accepted, they count as prepaid. Send cash as check or in a registered letter. Subscriptions don't include shipping. For money transfers use: Deutsche Bank Essen, Bank ID 36070050, Account number 257901900 - Germany/Europe/Worldwide for dealers: GTI GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tienhen Germany Phone +49-7741-83040 Fax +49-7741-830438 Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. 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Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. pre-paid 25.- cash on delivery 40.- subscriptions free Payment by cheque, giro, postal money order or cash. Have a look at the @{" older Aminet CDs " link OlderCDs}, too. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Disclaimer "The disclaimer" Disclaimer ---------- All files on Aminet have been virus checked. However, new viruses that were unknown at the time the CD was made could still have slipped through, so we cannot make any warranties. Thus you should run a virus checker on all programs extracted from the CD to be absolutely safe. Note that, although you have paid for the CD, you don't own all the programs in it. Some of them are distributed as Shareware, which means that you have to pay for its registration if you use it regularly. Please support the concept of shareware; if a program is worth using, it's also worth paying for. You're getting the FD software on this CD is free of charge. The price of the CD just pays for the collecting and presenting it, and for the manfacturing of the CD. amigaguide.library is Copyright Commodore Amiga Inc. All programs Copyright their authors except where noted otherwise @endnode ============================================================================

Document sans nom | Local files at Aminet Set 5d on 17-Jun-97
| Sorted by directory and file name. Age in weeks.
| A wide version of this file can be found in info/index/
|File Dir Size Age Description
|----------------- --- ---- --- -----------
AmBoSTimeTools.lha comm/ambos 13K 5+Two timetools for AmBoS
BugReporter.lha comm/ambos 17K 18+Tool used for BUG-Reporting with AmBoS
Ddiz.lha comm/ambos 90K 5+Filedescriptor for AmBoS 1.9 Docs in Ger
Descriptor.lha comm/ambos 6K 21+Onlinefiledescriptor for AmBoS 1.2 Ger
ExED.lha comm/ambos 128K 6+EXTREM-EDiToR (ExED) V1.32 for AmBoS
FT.lha comm/ambos 8K 19+File Terminator; BBS-Tool for AmBoS
HdUnKadK.lha comm/ambos 10K 17+"Last Comment" - Tool for AmBoS
LastWords.lha comm/ambos 10K 13+A random logoff display tool for AmBoS
NoCarrier.lha comm/ambos 5K 8+AmBoS-Tool, shows a nice message before
PBS_AmBoSSTAT.lha comm/ambos 4K 17+Shows Status of AmBoS and Hardware
Quibble.lha comm/ambos 11K 7+Random text displayer for AmBoS
RelogCheck.lha comm/ambos 3K 3+Relogin checker for AmBoS
sxn_transfer.lha comm/ambos 10K 19+SXN Transfer Status; BBS-Tool for AmBoS
TalkToMe.lha comm/ambos 3K 3+Login-sampleplayer for AmBoS
TTMSamples.lha comm/ambos 133K 3+Login-Samples for TalkToMe
UniQuest.lha comm/ambos 11K 18+A very universal request door for AmBoS
rj_gst11.lha comm/amiex 16K 24+Internal 'S' command replacement for /X
APT1_10.lha comm/bbs 842K 6+APTBBS V1.10 - BBS Software
AutoSend.lha comm/bbs 52K 16+Autoposter software for PMbS and FastCal
BlitzList.lha comm/bbs 49K 17+VERY powerfull BBS filelist generator.
BrainE.lha comm/bbs 5K 25+A thinking game for Excelsior! BBS
ChkAmCD201.lha comm/bbs 16K 22+Check Aminet CD index for missing files
Cit_Arc_7A01.lha comm/bbs 227K 22+Citadel Archivers Support
Cit_Docs_7A01.lha comm/bbs 373K 22+Citadel 68K Documenation
cit_exec_7A01.lha comm/bbs 245K 22+Citadel 68K BBS Program
cit_src_7A01.lha comm/bbs 530K 22+Citadel 68K BBS Program Source
Cit_Util_7A01.lha comm/bbs 439K 22+Citadel 68K BBS Program Utilities
Cit_XPR_7A01.lha comm/bbs 63K 22+Citadel External Protocol Support
CLAutoMapsCLI.lha comm/bbs 36K 7+Automaps for Connectline BBS-Systems
CL_Eilmail.lha comm/bbs 50K 23+CL-Eilmail V1.o - GUI Eilmail/Editor for
DayDreamBBS.lha comm/bbs 632K 15+DayDream BBS Software v1.28.
DayDreDev.lha comm/bbs 97K 14+DayDream BBS v1.28 - Developer files.
DayDreDoo.lha comm/bbs 212K 15+A pack of very good DayDream doors.
DayDreUpd.lha comm/bbs 422K 15+DayDream BBS v1.28 - Update files only.
DBulletin.lha comm/bbs 4K 13+Swedish Bulletin utility for NiKom BBS's
dcall105.lha comm/bbs 16K 10+TransAmiga "Todays Callers" Script v1.05
dcn_fi40.lha comm/bbs 919K 23+FileID.DIZ extractor for FAME BBS system
dcn_nu15.lha comm/bbs 309K 23+DCN!Nuke for FAME BBS system.
dCN_Z20.lha comm/bbs 69K 13+Best and quickest Zippy 2.0 for FAME
DH_AutoHoldOn.lha comm/bbs 13K 17+Auto-Hold-On1.7 for Connectline5.x
dRMSWR11.lha comm/bbs 5K 15+DreamSweeper 1.1. StdIO MineSweeper Door
D_wall.lha comm/bbs 18K 2+Wall door for Daydream BBS V1.0BETA
EMailMast11.lha comm/bbs 57K 19+Online Areafix/Raid V1.1 for Excelsior!
EMine15u.lha comm/bbs 8K 18+Mines doorgame for Excelsior! BBS
F123_DEV.lha comm/bbs 313K 24+FAME Developer-Disk V1.2 Public Version.
F123_DOC.lha comm/bbs 550K 24+FAME BBS-System V1.23 Demo Version.
F123_INS.lha comm/bbs 548K 24+FAME BBS-System V1.23 Demo Version.
F123_MAI.lha comm/bbs 712K 24+FAME BBS-System V1.23 Demo Version.
famedc11.lha comm/bbs 10K 10+Starts on FAME foreign DoorConfig doors.
famemh16.lha comm/bbs 14K 10+FAME MsgHeader replacement door v1.6.
famerc11.lha comm/bbs 6K 10+Remotecontrol FAME Nodes v1.1.
famesr11.lha comm/bbs 7K 10+Easy start of TCP/TERM from FAME v1.1.
FAMETr12.lha comm/bbs 6K 10+FAMETrapDoor v1.2 for FAME BBS.
famewh12.lha comm/bbs 13K 10+FAME WHO Door v1.2. Source included.
FA_De103.lha comm/bbs 70K 13+FAME Developer kit version 1.3 (Complete
FCheck251.lha comm/bbs 10K 8+FileChecker for AMMS, *UPDATE*
filest11a.lha comm/bbs 6K 15+FilE! Stats v1.1a for Excelsior! BBS
findcopy.lha comm/bbs 6K 19+ABBS util - Search for a file
FList_211.lha comm/bbs 169K 10+FList v2.11 - TransAmiga PRO Filelister
FRequest.lha comm/bbs 20K 27+Request Files from point-info Mails (Pro
getrecent1_2.lha comm/bbs 33K 25+Aminet RECENT Auto D/l. Fix Verison.
GMC_BBS_250.lha comm/bbs 697K 7+Mailbox with Fax and XPR Libs FREEWARE!
GrotteDemo.lha comm/bbs 95K 18+Action-game for ANSI terminals. V2.0
GSInfoMaster.lha comm/bbs 6K 22+Text-utility for Prometheus-BBS (german)
HL2000.lha comm/bbs 2K 8+A Clock for countdown to the year 2000 u
IceFileSort.lha comm/bbs 10K 17+Aminet file sorter for IceBBS. Version 1
KFBraw.lha comm/bbs 13K 15+KFB raw download door for Maxs BBS
MakeFR.lha comm/bbs 10K 24+Announcing new files that comes from Int
MaxManager.lha comm/bbs 108K 4+DOpus for MAX's BBS. v1.0.0 *FULL*
mcheck15.lha comm/bbs 99K 9+Multi-Check V1.5 - Multi Archive Tester
MezzWall.lha comm/bbs 16K 6+VERY configurable wall for ALL BBS:es!
MicroBBS1_2.lha comm/bbs 407K 21+Small & efficient BBS. Release 1.1.
MV_COM12.lha comm/bbs 21K 4+Multi-Comment Door for DayDream BBS
mv_com1a3.lha comm/bbs 16K 6+Multi-Comment Door for DayDream BBS
MV_ST10B.lha comm/bbs 26K 4+Status Door for DayDream BBS
OnlinePoint19.lha comm/bbs 12K 24+Online-PointTool V1.9 for Connectline5.0
PMBS22dm.lha comm/bbs 988K 3+Prometheus Mailbox System (PMBS)
PMBS_Who.lha comm/bbs 78K 16+Whodoor for Prometheus Mailboxsystems V1
ppoint29.lha comm/bbs 67K 8+Best PointTool for the Prometheus System
proid19.lha comm/bbs 298K 8+FILE_ID.DIZ-Checker for Prometheus
PufferBackUp.lha comm/bbs 2K 21+Some Puffer-BackUps 1.0 for CL5.x
pwatch10.lha comm/bbs 15K 8+PortWatcher for the Prometheus System
rbt_tlnt.lha comm/bbs 86K 10+How to setup a telnet node for E!
simw11.lha comm/bbs 5K 22+SimpleWall v1.1 for Excelsior! BBS
SkyANSI2PMBS.lha comm/bbs 14K 5+Converts ANSI-codes <-> PMBS-codes
SkyChat.lha comm/bbs 48K 16+Chatcall with many features & MUI (PMBS)
SkyCookie.lha comm/bbs 17K 16+Shows random cookies to the user
SkyLastCaller.lha comm/bbs 17K 16+Shows last callers of the day
SkyLister.lha comm/bbs 39K 16+Lists board-contents in AmigaGuide & HTM
SkyLogOffKom.lha comm/bbs 19K 10+Allows typing in a logoff-comment (with
SkyMoveBin.lha comm/bbs 23K 5+Backups old files in filebase
SkyPollKosten.lha comm/bbs 24K 16+Shows poll-costs of every system
SkyRundbrief.lha comm/bbs 17K 5+Replacement of the original command
SkySetDupeChk.lha comm/bbs 17K 24+Turn off dupecheck for any system (PMBS)
SkyUseBin.lha comm/bbs 46K 16+To use bins, join buffers, filter & forw
SkyVerteiler.lha comm/bbs 14K 16+Lists boards and their distrib. systems
SkyVorwahl.lha comm/bbs 94K 10+Area code database for users
SkyWall.lha comm/bbs 17K 24+Wall mit many features (PMBS)
tbf_mp11.lha comm/bbs 102K 4+Pager/Chatter door for FAME BBS
Terbo.lha comm/bbs 10K 4+Quick Login door for Daydream BBS V1.0BE
TRSI_DC110p.lha comm/bbs 114K 10+SysopComment-Door (v1.10p) for FAME BBS
TyxX.lha comm/bbs 43K 5+Online-game! It's TyxX time!
TyxX_JoinScore.lha comm/bbs 2K 5+Joins TyxX highscore files
upl12.lha comm/bbs 84K 12+Upl v1.2, PRO TransAmiga Uploading Tool
upl121.lha comm/bbs 85K 11+Upl v1.21, PRO TA Upload Tool [BUGFIX!]
UploadBonusPro.lha comm/bbs 77K 27+Prometheus extra-bonus for uploader
1oo_cG10.lha comm/cnet 6K 15+ANSI Graffiti Wall for CNet BBS
1oo_cOFF.lha comm/cnet 6K 15+ANSI/cursor Logoff Matrix for CNet BBS
auto_message.lha comm/cnet 7K 20+Auto Message for Cnet, v4.24f & beyond!
BaudAnsi_V1_8.lha comm/cnet 48K 7+BaudAnsi V1.8-Shows Baudrate of the Call
big_cps_speed.lha comm/cnet 11K 20+Displays CPS Rates for UL/DL in BIG #'s.
Boggled.lha comm/cnet 8K 3+Boggled! A game of Observation!
Brain.lha comm/cnet 5K 25+A thinking game for CNet
bullquiz3.lha comm/cnet 26K 2+Version 3 Of Bull Quiz!
call_logger.lha comm/cnet 13K 17+Call Logger (A "Last X Callers" Prog!)
CleanSubboards.lha comm/cnet 4K 21+Removes "killed" subboards from CNet's s
CNet305cOffset.lha comm/cnet 15K 27+Structure offsets for CNet 3.05c
cnet426eR1demo.lha comm/cnet 1.2M 6+CNet/4 Professional BBS DEMO
cnet4demo.lha comm/cnet 1.2M 5+CNet/4 Professional BBS DEMO
cnet_backup.lha comm/cnet 38K 10+CNet Amiga BackUp/LHA Packer Utility!
cnet_milles.lha comm/cnet 54K 9+Mille Bornes French Card Game for CNet!
cnet_pager.lha comm/cnet 223K 6+Chat Pager Using RexxReqTools Requestors
cnet_searcher.lha comm/cnet 24K 17+A Word Search Game for CNet Amiga 3/4!
cnet_toolkit.lha comm/cnet 148K 10+Numerous ARexx, MCI, Text Enhancements!
cnet_who.lha comm/cnet 53K 7+CNet Amiga WHO Replacement Package!
cnet_wof.lha comm/cnet 258K 8+Wheel of Fortune for CNet Amiga BBS's!
comparebbstext.lha comm/cnet 8K 12+BBSText Diff Process for CNet Amiga 4.xx
edp2days.lha comm/cnet 11K 16+EDP2Days.lha ALL TODAY and YESTERDAY's c
edparexx.lha comm/cnet 5K 21+EDPArexx.lha Small arexx programs/comman
edpeufi.lha comm/cnet 2K 21+EDPeufi.lha : Program to edit users' _pl
edplast18.lha comm/cnet 11K 21+EDPLast18.lha : LastCallers program, and
edplogs.lha comm/cnet 1K 21+EDPLogs.lha Orgranizes LOG files for CNE
edpstats.lha comm/cnet 2K 21+EDPStats.lha User info program for CNET
edpwall.lha comm/cnet 4K 21+EDPWall.lha Grafitti WALL program for C
edpwhoban2.lha comm/cnet 6K 21+EDPWhoBan2.lha Multiple who banners for
FileBaseUpdate.lha comm/cnet 20K 22+CNet 4.2x file Size/Postdate Updater
fpav.lha comm/cnet 98K 20+FP Archive Viewer for CNet Amiga!
gu40pack.lha comm/cnet 83K 12+GetUser Package for CNet 3.05c & 4.26b!
INetShell308b.lha comm/cnet 734K 12+INetShell v3.08 CNet->Internet SubSystem
ListMailer1_15.lha comm/cnet 12K 20+Send posts/replies to email addresses fo
LogOff.lha comm/cnet 4K 5+Gives your users some options at logoff.
MasterMind.lha comm/cnet 3K 25+Mastermind door for CNet
NewStatus.lha comm/cnet 3K 5+Show users their status. Also allows vie
portstatus.lha comm/cnet 11K 12+Port Utility for CNet 3.x & 4.26b+
ProWho2_1.lha comm/cnet 52K 6+ProWho 2.1, Auto Updating Who for CNet b
Pugi.lha comm/cnet 70K 17+Pugilisitic Glory v1.0, Boxing PFile
revive.lha comm/cnet 18K 10+UnKill Users on CNet Amiga 3/4 BBS's!
RTPAndUC35.lha comm/cnet 13K 22+Stupid user higscore list 3.5 for Cnet
Scratch.lha comm/cnet 4K 25+A gambling door for CNet
sysopnote3.lha comm/cnet 14K 2+Version 3 Of Sysop Note!
timerclock.lha comm/cnet 15K 6+Online Time Display & User TIMERS tool!
time_clock.lha comm/cnet 14K 13+Online Time Display & User TIMERS tool!
wordlink.lha comm/cnet 342K 9+A Scrabble (tm) like game.
CreaLink.lha comm/dlg 6K 24+A FTP-Builder for DLG BBs OS.
StoryInteracti.lha comm/dlg 8K 7+Handles an on-line story that users can
TritonWho.lha comm/dlg 73K 21+GUI DLG Port watcher, snooper, chatter,
UpCD.lha comm/dlg 12K 7+Bored of upload CDs with su*king utils?
AFManager.lha comm/fido 23K 10+V1.4 (3.4) Area fixing much simpler from
BSS_MailNotify.lha comm/fido 8K 9+Speed up mail imrport operation. Faaast!
CrashMail125.lha comm/fido 305K 25+A FidoNet tosser for UMS and *.msg
Cyclone125c.lha comm/fido 381K 11+Cyclone Fido Point Program v1.25c
FluffyNet.lha comm/fido 27K 11+Fluffy Net - Mail Net Starter Kit!
GMS_1_1_85.lha comm/fido 194K 25+FidoNet mailer, Rel. 1.1.85, Evaluation
mailicons.lha comm/fido 19K 23+Mwb icons for 29 Fidonet/BBS programs
polly10.lha comm/fido 2K 17+Poll buttons Spot that handles REQ/CUT
polly12.lha comm/fido 2K 6+Spot poll buttons that handles REQ/CUT
statty33.lha comm/fido 51K 18+Echomail stats for Spot/MM/Foozle/CrashM
AEMail.lha comm/mail 339K 9+AEMail 1.15 E-Mail GUI w MIME/UUENCODE
AirMailHTML.lha comm/mail 317K 11+AirMail 4.2 HTML docs
AirMailp.lha comm/mail 317K 10+AirMail 4.2 MUI internet mailer
AirMail_CA.lha comm/mail 391K 4+Air Mail Pro ClassAct release internet m
AirMaiPlugI.lha comm/mail 30K 10+AirMail Plugin for Web Browsers
AirMaiPro_MUI.lha comm/mail 385K 4+Air Mail Pro MUI release internet mailer
AmigaElm_v10.lha comm/mail 212K 5+Mail-Reader (UUCP/Internet), v10 (10.12)
AmigaSmail3_29.lha comm/mail 414K 6+Smail Version 3.29
AminetUpload.lha comm/mail 1K 9+Uploading Files to Aminet with YAM
AutoReplyThor.lha comm/mail 9K 12+Auto mail responder for use with Thor
fakemail.lha comm/mail 6K 17+Send anonymous mails via YAM/other (0.2)
FEmail13.lha comm/mail 79K 16+NEW Version of the Binary Emailer
FoXGate1_9.lha comm/mail 32K 23+Send and receive FTN Mail via Email
HeaderManager.lha comm/mail 5K 17+Add/edit/delete message headers in Thor
MailCheck.lha comm/mail 34K 12+ESSENTIAL scripts for Miami and YAM - V1
mailer_deamon.lha comm/mail 6K 13+MAILER-DEAMON for batched SMTPD
MailWatch.lha comm/mail 100K 4+V4.1e - Watch lots o' files.
nap_mailer.lha comm/mail 144K 19+Email prog. with NewsReader! ( simple on
OnlyMail.lha comm/mail 5K 23+Miami & Voodoo Hand in Hand (V1.3)
oo082.lha comm/mail 241K 13+Multi-format offline message reader
PeekMail0_8.lha comm/mail 23K 2+Check if there's new e-mail.
pj_uud100.lha comm/mail 24K 12+The most compatible Amiga UUDecode by PJ
pj_uudecode13.lha comm/mail 21K 11+V1.3 a good Amiga UUDecoder by PJ.
q_blue23.lha comm/mail 373K 13+Blue Wave & QWK offline mail reader
RetR_V11.lha comm/mail 9K 21+RetR answers 'Return-Receipt-To:' header
spam_maker.lha comm/mail 2K 21+Short program that gives the perfect res
Spam_O_Matic.lha comm/mail 4K 17+Spam-killer script for Thor, YAM optiona
THORHandyRexx.lha comm/mail 1K 7+Bunch of handy rexx scripts for Miami ;7
thor_main_IT24.lha comm/mail 13K 16+Italian translation for THOR 2.4 main ar
vortex.lha comm/mail 187K 16+Excellent GUI program for UUencoding and
YAM13guide_es.lha comm/mail 28K 10+Spanish Amigaguide documentation for YAM
YAM13_4.lha comm/mail 512K 25+MUI Internet mailer V1.3.4
YAM13_4Upd.lha comm/mail 77K 25+'Yet Another Mailer' 1.3.4 Update
YAMgmail.lha comm/mail 2K 2+YAM Arexx Script to get fast your Mails
yamhtml.lha comm/mail 39K 8+YAM 1.3.4 HTML-Guide !
YAMList.lha comm/mail 5K 16+Mailing List Server for YAM
YamNet.lha comm/mail 141K 23+V3.07 Receive-Send fido-files &more with
YamPL.lha comm/mail 8K 15+YAM - PL version by WFMH LocalePL
YAMscripts.lha comm/mail 31K 3+Useful ARexx scripts for YAM (rel 6)
YamTools.lha comm/mail 71K 2+(v1.6) Adds SEARCH function and more to
zmime1_5.lha comm/mail 37K 18+Parse/create MIME messages. Localized, M
CreMAX1_2.lha comm/maxs 59K 10+A new menu system for MAX's. V1.2
dfbv13.lha comm/maxs 207K 12+Latest file base for MAXS
DirScanner_10.lha comm/maxs 34K 3+Creates CD Configs for KewlCDPro, 1.0
fake_cli.lha comm/maxs 12K 23+Maxs BBS Fake CLI door.
h_max_222.lha comm/maxs 265K 3+Complete MAX filebase with Hydra/S-Modem
jzrawdl2.lha comm/maxs 6K 19+JZRAWDL - RAW Download door for maxs usi
KewlCDPro_15.lha comm/maxs 197K 9+The ULTIMATE CD-Rom door for MAXs, 1.5
KewlPage_23.lha comm/maxs 71K 9+The ultimate page door! Try it :)... V2.
KewlRAW_14.lha comm/maxs 47K 14+The BEST raw download door for MAXs, V1.
KingQuest_40.lha comm/maxs 48K 13+The BEST questionnaire door for MAXs, 4.
levelm09.lha comm/maxs 31K 18+Door for MAXs BBS handling access reques
levelm10.lha comm/maxs 34K 15+Door for MAXs BBS handling access reques
LT_Display.lha comm/maxs 14K 2+Display Ansi Intro for Maxs BBS, with fo
LT_Wall.lha comm/maxs 27K 2+Wall for max BBS, with word of day
MagicFile_32.lha comm/maxs 127K 2+Automated file menus for MAXs BBS, V3.2
MaxCD.lha comm/maxs 23K 18+CD-Rom door for Maxs BBS, no configurati
MAXsPro.lha comm/maxs 14K 18+MAX's BBS Professional v1.00 demo versio
MaxSuperCD.lha comm/maxs 83K 17+CD-Rom door for Maxs BBS - scrolling men
max_e.lha comm/maxs 3K 18+Write Paragon/MAXs doors in E
Max_Poll.lha comm/maxs 15K 21+A vote door for Maxs BBS, also lets user
MDN_DE11.lha comm/maxs 8K 22+DoorExecuter v1.1 for MAX's BBS v1.54
NSAFileGen.lha comm/maxs 54K 11+The *ULTIMATE* Filelist generator!
nutnet.lha comm/maxs 6K 6+All the information you need to join Nut
PhoenixRAW.lha comm/maxs 26K 21+A raw download door for Maxs BBS, it's l
PhoneInfo_10.lha comm/maxs 52K 2+Tells users how much their call costs, 1
PowerACCESS_12.lha comm/maxs 21K 7+Fully Featured Access Management System
PowerPAGE_20.lha comm/maxs 51K 6+SysOp Paging System for MAXsBBS (v2.0)
PowerPOLL_13.lha comm/maxs 47K 7+Fully Featured Poll & Voting System for
PowerRwDL_13.lha comm/maxs 29K 7+Fully Featured Raw Download System for M
PowerRwUL_13.lha comm/maxs 23K 7+Fully Featured Raw Upload System for MAX
PowerSEND_22.lha comm/maxs 44K 5+Unique Message Addressing System for MAX
sysval01.lha comm/maxs 10K 20+Door for MAXs BBS reporting system value
Transupdate.lha comm/maxs 13K 22+Transversion - Maxs BBS arcade-style pro
Transversion.lha comm/maxs 14K 22+A Maxs BBS arcade-style door program
UserbaseExplr.lha comm/maxs 49K 3+LSD Userbase Explorer - MAXs door, 1.0
YaanChat.lha comm/maxs 67K 5+*VERY* Powerful Chat Door For MAX's!! :)
AGM26.lha comm/misc 227K 13+AGM `97 V2.6- 10.000 Vorwahlen, ARexx-Po
AGM3.lha comm/misc 249K 8+Geb.Manager: ARexx,21 Zonen,Logbuch,Stat
AHP404.lha comm/misc 596K 3+Packet radio hostmode program
ALink85.lha comm/misc 399K 3+TI-85 Link software. Transfer variables/
AmiCom.lha comm/misc 416K 17+Packet Radio Program V2.3
amigancp19.lha comm/misc 279K 23+Link Amiga to Psion S3(a|c) palmtops
AmigaTNC.lha comm/misc 33K 14+Packet radio modem driver (TNC emulator)
AmiNetGuide.lha comm/misc 4K 2+Manager for all your AmiNet downloads!!!
AmIstec150.lha comm/misc 65K 20+Configuration software for Istec 1003/10
AmNet12b.lha comm/misc 86K 19+MAJOR FIXES! Unrestricted Internet Organ
ANSIshll.lha comm/misc 10K 7+V1.1 Opens a shell in ANSI. Useful for B
avmNfax2_14.lha comm/misc 706K 9+Voicemail/fax for voice/fax modems
avmNfaxPrg2_14.lha comm/misc 63K 9+Programmer for avmNfax2.14
CasioSF.lha comm/misc 15K 12+Transfers CasioSF data to/from Amiga
connect25.lha comm/misc 42K 5+Two Computer - OneModem - Connector
Demon_counters.lha comm/misc 44K 4+List of Demon counters (iff pic)
DoDIZ30.lha comm/misc 102K 15+Makes FILE_ID.DIZ of the Aminet .readme
DoDIZ30a_pch.lha comm/misc 22K 15+Fixes a major bug in DoDIZ v3.0.
DoDIZ30b_pch.lha comm/misc 22K 12+Fixes some bugs in DoDIZ v3.0a.
FunFont.lha comm/misc 21K 8+Add cool graphics to AMirc etc
Getty_14.lha comm/misc 126K 9+Multitasking Remote-Shell and/or BBS-Fro
GSCID.lzh comm/misc 248K 22+V1.5, BEST CallerID, First Release of 97
IconifyTC.lha comm/misc 0K 9+ARexx script to iconify TimeConnect
iops1.lha comm/misc 20K 22+Lan Mail Protocols in guide format
Logon_098.lha comm/misc 31K 25+DialUp Commodity - ready for use with T-
LogPrint.lha comm/misc 8K 18+Printing transmission-reports for GPFax
MailEd.lha comm/misc 46K 19+V1.02 Special featured Texteditor design
MakeZCMail.lha comm/misc 19K 4+Creates ZC-Mails from ASCII/BINS 2.0b3
mbq092.lha comm/misc 32K 13+File list browser for use with PCBoard
MD_ANet_Upload.lha comm/misc 27K 27+A small Upload-Tool for Microdot
MIAMIlog.lha comm/misc 6K 2+Loggs the Online Time from unreg.MIAMI (
MiamiPM11.lha comm/misc 5K 2+Miami (reg) packetmonitor, bugfixed.
MIME_RFC.lha comm/misc 65K 22+MIME RFC 1521 pt1 & pt2 in guide format
modemd.lha comm/misc 29K 2+Displays the LEDs of your Modem on WB(on
ModemTest.lha comm/misc 7K 17+PCMCIA Modem Information
MWBIbrNI.lha comm/misc 60K 5+*IBrowse navigation buttons in MatWB sty
NBar.lha comm/misc 51K 10+French Net App launcher/coster - v1.52
NC245.lha comm/misc 16K 25+Get file description from NComm..
netstat183.lha comm/misc 159K 2+The Essential UK Online Timer. Update &
New8n1.lha comm/misc 91K 3+Replaces serial.device. V37.38
nVmDIZ.lha comm/misc 53K 17+Makes FILE_ID.DIZ of the AmiNet .readme
OC.lha comm/misc 99K 7+Online_Check 2.9,Telefon Costs Counter
oc30.lha comm/misc 99K 7+Online_Check 3.0a,Telefon Costs Counter
oc31.lha comm/misc 104K 7+Online_Check 3.1,Telefon Costs Counter
oc32a.lha comm/misc 106K 6+Online_Check 3.2a,Telefon Costs Counter
OC33pro.lha comm/misc 100K 4+Online_Check 3.3pro,indirect Telefon Cos
onlinemiami.lha comm/misc 7K 22+OnlineMiami v1.1 Arexx scripts
Parakey.lha comm/misc 13K 17+PR-Password decoder for FBB-BBS's V1.0
pbill35.lha comm/misc 296K 14+Log file analyzer for comm. programs
pbill35a.lha comm/misc 301K 5+Log file analyzer for comm. programs
PhoneCost1_3.lha comm/misc 42K 11+Calculates your telephone charges from v
phonewizard10.lha comm/misc 185K 16+Answerphone for voice modems with ADPCM2
PPoint_v0_12.lha comm/misc 63K 13+A German point-programme for PacketRadio
QuitTC.lha comm/misc 1K 11+ARexx script to quit from TimeConnect
RecentScript.lha comm/misc 27K 10+Scripts from AmiNetIndex w. MUIRexx V1.1
rgb2hex.lha comm/misc 92K 13+RGB to HEX converter in paint box form
RunC64_V1_3.lha comm/misc 27K 8+Transfer a file Amiga->C64 & execute.
ScattiGUI.lha comm/misc 20K 11+GUI per Scatti 2.x (ITALIAN Only)
ScriptFTP.lha comm/misc 50K 23+Make scripts of recent (aminet) Major Up
SigMgr2_11.lha comm/misc 7K 22+SigMgr2, another random signature genera
smser.lha comm/misc 58K 5+Send SMS to NetCom subscr. (Norway only)
STFax.lha comm/misc 205K 6+STFax 1.360 - Powerful and user-friendly
STFaxPL.lha comm/misc 4K 15+STFax - PL version by WFMH LocalePL
SWastedTime.lha comm/misc 0K 14+Swedish translation of WastedTime 1.1c
TC_Portugal.lha comm/misc 1K 11+Portugal phone rates for TimeConnect
TTimeDeluxe.lha comm/misc 88K 3+Displays Phonecosts online (Germany only
TwOpus.lha comm/misc 104K 2+For use TwinExpress with DirOpus
WMBListV003.lha comm/misc 122K 16+German BBS-List for WWW-BROWSER(MB-LISTE
ZConnectLib.lha comm/misc 22K 8+Easy processing of ZConnect buffers!
zpoint_3_15.lha comm/misc 782K 10+Powerful Z-Netz point program, Rel 3.15
mmgr_030_122up.lha comm/mmgr 188K 27+Updates MM from v1.21 to v1.22 (680x0)
mmgr_122up.lha comm/mmgr 189K 27+Updates MM from v1.21 to v1.22 (68000)
MM_AFP194.lha comm/mmgr 32K 20+MM_AreaFixPlus v1.94 - The best Areafix
MM_AmiHatch.lha comm/mmgr 24K 27+MM_AmiHatch v0.59 Hatch Mirrorfiles via
MM_CreateTIC.lha comm/mmgr 17K 12+V1.0 - TickAreas Autocreator for Mail Ma
MM_Flame.lha comm/mmgr 55K 27+MM_Flame v0.55 An area-moderation tool
MM_ImportPlus.lha comm/mmgr 32K 27+MM_ImportPlus v0.72 The BEST Import-Scr
MM_SearchMsgs.lha comm/mmgr 4K 12+V1.0 - Very quick & simple searching too
MM_SendFile.lha comm/mmgr 22K 12+V0.16 - The best Filesender for Mail Man
MM_StarTrack.lha comm/mmgr 160K 2+MM_StarTrack v0.98 - The BEST MsgTracker
MM_StealTag.lha comm/mmgr 1K 21+Steal the tagline from current message.
ahi_sf_6_1b.lha comm/net 384K 8+Speak Freely for Amiga (AHI)
AMarquee1_43.lha comm/net 135K 7+AmiTCP data broadcast library & server
AmiComSys.lha comm/net 36K 8+V1.9 Broadcast/Messages Client for Inter
AmiMUD27.lha comm/net 238K 14+Version 2.7 of THE Amiga MUD Client.
AmiMUDPrefs14.lha comm/net 22K 13+Version 1.4 of the MUI Preferences edito
AmiPhoneMiami.lha comm/net 5K 24+Miami compatible installer for AmiPhone
AmSound.lha comm/net 36K 3+Easily play sounds with AmIRC and Kuang
ARemote1_00B.lha comm/net 38K 7+Control all your Amigas from 1 kbd & mou
diskserial.lha comm/net 19K 3+Serial.device for diskport. V1.1a
EasyTransfer20.lha comm/net 55K 7+Easy Transfer 2.0B
ICounter.lha comm/net 13K 15+Ratecounter for access to the Internet v
internetsignup.lha comm/net 29K 4+(0.9) Allows you to online-register Inte
ListServBeta2.lha comm/net 38K 16+Amiga Mailing List Server Beta 2
localdev.lha comm/net 6K 10+Allows unlimited local ip addresses
magicparnet.lha comm/net 97K 25+Best ParNET-Package! MagicWB,CIA-Checker
magPLIP37_9B1.lha comm/net 97K 17+SANA-II parallel port driver for CIA, MF
MiamiPT.lha comm/net 2K 22+Miami distribution for Portuguese ISPs
NetGt13a.lha comm/net 83K 25+Very configurable Fidonet<->UseNet/E-mai
NetMenu.lha comm/net 109K 16+Easy way to launch your internet s/w
netmenu11.lha comm/net 111K 13+Easy way to launch your internet s/w (v1
Netris1_00B.lha comm/net 125K 2+4-player Internet Tetris via AMarquee!
PepperWatch.lha comm/net 45K 16+SANA2 (ppp) users look here!
ProNET32.lha comm/net 172K 19+Quick and easy network, Version 3.2.
PtPlay.lha comm/net 12K 23+MOD player, AWeb/browser support, v1.2
QAmiTrack1_81.lha comm/net 73K 2+Online Amiga tracker, needs AMarquee.lib
rfc1459.lha comm/net 43K 15+RFC 1459 in AmigaGuide format.
rfc1920.lha comm/net 26K 22+RFC 1920 in guide format
rfc_index.lha comm/net 72K 22+Rfc-index.text
SSH.lha comm/net 1.5M 19+V1.2.13 SecureShell Amiga-port
WEBMiZ06.lha comm/net 11K 3+WEBMiZ Optmize's HTML Scripts
DWdecode.lha comm/news 74K 10+(v1.02) Very SMART mass decoder of USENE
FFNews156.lha comm/news 212K 12+*The* new Amiga NNTP Newsreader
ffnews_update.lha comm/news 71K 11+FFNews update (Executable only!)
mNews1_2b_rel2.lha comm/news 107K 21+MUI news group reader for TCP/IP. V1.2b
newsBrowse.txt comm/news 1K 21+Read and post to newsgroups from any Web
NewTrimNews.lha comm/news 2K 27+Replacement for UUCP Trimnews
AbDial.lha comm/tcp 47K 27+Nice graphical dialer for use with AmiTC
AbGetUrl160.lha comm/tcp 18K 19+Recursively get WWW documents to local d
AbStartTCP.lha comm/tcp 2K 27+Multi provider solution for AmiTCP
AmFTP175.lha comm/tcp 296K 16+AmFTP - ftp/Archie/ADT/ADT-Find Client,
AmFTPPL.lha comm/tcp 7K 11+AmFTP - PL version by WFMH LocalePL (upd
AmiChatOrg1_3.lha comm/tcp 268K 7+Gobs of chatline info by Cooksey IX-Guid
amirc.lha comm/tcp 602K 4+Fully featured GUI IRC Client (v1.57)
AmIRCAskHost.lha comm/tcp 2K 12+ARexx AskHost script for AmIRC
AmIRCD.lha comm/tcp 127K 23+Ircd 2.9.2 fixed, just the executable fi
AmIRCD_mkpassw.lha comm/tcp 3K 23+Mkpasswd, to create crypted oper passwor
AmIRCFetch.lha comm/tcp 3K 12+ARexx file retrieval ARexx script for Am
AmIRCFinger.lha comm/tcp 2K 12+ARexx Finger script for AmIRC
AmIRCii_2_8_2.lha comm/tcp 471K 25+Text based irc client 2.8.2 with help fi
AmIRCMPEGA.lha comm/tcp 2K 2+Mpega script for AmIRC
AmIRCPing.lha comm/tcp 2K 12+ARexx Ping script for AmIRC
AmIRCsounds.lha comm/tcp 240K 11+IFF samples to use with AmIRC
AmIRCspanish.lha comm/tcp 11K 12+Spanish catalog for AmIRC 1.41
AmIRCURLShow.lha comm/tcp 3K 12+ARexx URLShow script for AmIRC
AmIRCWhoIS.lha comm/tcp 2K 10+ARexx WhoIs script for AmIRC
AmIRC_Spanish.lha comm/tcp 12K 12+*Fixed* Official Spanish Translation for
AmiServ.lha comm/tcp 4K 10+First FServe for use with AmIRC! (2nd Re
AmiSlateMiami.lha comm/tcp 5K 24+Miami compatible installer for AmiSlate
AmiTCP_Netsurf.lha comm/tcp 3K 16+Dialup-Script for AmiTCP4.3 and Netsurf,
AmPOP3D.lha comm/tcp 22K 25+POP3 (Post Office Protocol v3) server
amtalk.lha comm/tcp 221K 5+Ntalk compatible talk, lots of extras
AmTalkPL.lha comm/tcp 4K 15+AmTalk - PL version by WFMH LocalePL
AmTalk_Es.lha comm/tcp 11K 6+Official Spanish Translation for AmTalk
AmTelnet13.lha comm/tcp 144K 17+AmTelnet - Telnet Client (ANSI/VT100/TTY
AmTelntPL.lha comm/tcp 3K 15+AmTelnet - PL version by WFMH LocalePL
AmTerm1_0_no.lha comm/tcp 6K 18+Norwegian translation to AmTerm 1.0
AmyDynDNS100.lha comm/tcp 6K 6+AmyDynDNS v1.00 - DynDNS Client for Amig
AmyMlDyn100.lha comm/tcp 8K 6+AmyMlDyn v1.00 - Monolith DynDNS Client
atcp43serppp.lha comm/tcp 17K 12+Amitcp v4.3 SeriaLPPP Scripts'n'setup.
ChatBox1_158.lha comm/tcp 214K 21+IRC Client, early release, ChatBox 1.158
Crak.lha comm/tcp 42K 15+UNIX/AmiTCP passwd file checker
CServer.lha comm/tcp 2K 11+Smart AmIRC script for multiple servers.
dyn1_0_3.lha comm/tcp 15K 7+Dyn DYNDNS client v1.0.3
dyn1_0_4.lha comm/tcp 11K 2+Dyn DYNDNS client for Monolith server
DynDNS.lha comm/tcp 1K 7+Static hosts for dynamic IPs
FunFont.lha comm/tcp 21K 8+Add cool graphics to AMirc etc
FunFont2.lha comm/tcp 129K 5+*AT LAST* Add graphics! and more to IRC
getrecent1_5.lha comm/tcp 41K 21+Aminet RECENT Auto D/l. Verison 1.5
Gir03.lha comm/tcp 115K 11+Gsm internet realtime audio player
GoldEDPL.lha comm/tcp 6K 11+GoldED - PL version by WFMH LocalePL
HLConv131.lha comm/tcp 27K 14+V1.31 Converts between various hotlists
ifcheck.lha comm/tcp 8K 19+Check status of SANA-II interface under
Ilona.lha comm/tcp 57K 7+Stand-alone bot for IRC, featuring MUI.
IRCSounds.lha comm/tcp 1.3M 7+Very cool samples for AmIRC
IRC_Convert.lha comm/tcp 12K 7+Temperature conversion from within AmIRC
jali.lha comm/tcp 344K 4+Japanese Line Interface for AmiIRC
john.lha comm/tcp 334K 13+V1.4 John the Ripper (AmiTCP/Unix PWchec
john14.lha comm/tcp 232K 15+V1.4 (040) John the Ripper (AmiTCP/Unix
Jungle.lha comm/tcp 2K 25+MIAMI script for use with the ISDN-Blast
k11usr_11.lha comm/tcp 6K 8+GUI editor for Kuang Eleven's userlist,
KuangEleven28.lha comm/tcp 244K 9+Kuang Eleven 2.8-The ULTIMATE script for
MCF4AmIRC.lha comm/tcp 81K 24+MCF V4.13 ARexx Integrated AmIRC Scripts
MCFQuick.txt comm/tcp 4K 24+Text file for making MCF4AmIRC 4.13 inst
MCF_Buttons.lha comm/tcp 38K 8+Buttons for all your AmIRC Clients.
mFinger12.lha comm/tcp 92K 6+Fully featured finger client (MUI)
mFinger_Spanis.lha comm/tcp 1K 12+Official Spanish Translation for mFinger
Miami20g.lha comm/tcp 694K 16+TCP/IP stack for easy Internet access
Miami21deu.lha comm/tcp 92K 2+German locale for Miami 2.1
Miami2_Netsurf.lha comm/tcp 1K 16+Dialup-Script for Miami2.0 and Netsurf,
MiamiHandyRexx.lha comm/tcp 3K 8+Bunch of handy rexx scripts for Miami ;7
MIAMILog.lha comm/tcp 1K 15+Lists, how long an when you were Online
MiamiSpeedMetr.lha comm/tcp 7K 17+Cps counter for Miami 2.0+ (registered)
MiamiSSL11.lha comm/tcp 46K 2+SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for Miami
Miami_000_reg.lha comm/tcp 207K 2+Internet TCP/IP stack (reg. 000 binary)
Miami_020_reg.lha comm/tcp 206K 2+Internet TCP/IP stack (reg. 020 binary)
Miami_20gDeu.lha comm/tcp 86K 16+German locale/provider data for Miami
Miami_eval.lha comm/tcp 187K 2+Internet TCP/IP stack (demo binary)
Miami_main.lha comm/tcp 407K 2+Internet TCP/IP stack (main archive)
MiMonDK12.lha comm/tcp 1K 17+Edited danish catalog for MiamiMonitor 1
MiMonFR.lha comm/tcp 1K 11+French catalog for MiamiMonitor V1.2 fro
MiMonIt.lha comm/tcp 4K 17+Italian Catalog for MiamiMonitor 1.2
MiMonitor12.lha comm/tcp 13K 19+Packet monitor for Miami 2.0 (regged)
MiMonNL12.lha comm/tcp 1K 17+Dutch catalog for MiamiMonitor 1.2
MiSpeedMeter.lha comm/tcp 14K 8+V1.2 of cps counter for Miami 2.0+ (regi
ModServer11.lha comm/tcp 7K 9+Three AmIRC scripts for mod freaks.
named043.lha comm/tcp 9K 21+Nameserver for AmiTCP; handles T_A and T
Narrate.lha comm/tcp 10K 2+AmIRC SPEAK script with GUI v1.2
netbar.lha comm/tcp 32K 17+Internet app launcher with file viewer/e
NetScripts.lha comm/tcp 7K 10+Scripts which help improve the interacti
Notiphy.lha comm/tcp 4K 17+V1.0 Enhances notify in ChatBox. (ARexx)
QuitMiamiRT.lha comm/tcp 1K 25+Miami exiting ARexx macro
remotecli.lha comm/tcp 35K 18+Remotecli server script for use AmIrc
TalkTo.lha comm/tcp 1K 17+ARexx script for AmIRC & AmTALK
topic.lha comm/tcp 4K 19+Random Topic provider for AmIRC
Trivia.lha comm/tcp 3K 15+Trivia game for AmIRC!
Whois.lha comm/tcp 14K 11+A simple whois client
WWWBBSDemo1_2.lha comm/tcp 87K 27+Install HTTP/FTP/IRC/SMTP/POP3 server on
AmTerm11.lha comm/term 130K 18+AmTerm - Fast ANSI/VT100/TTY terminal, u
AmTermPL.lha comm/term 3K 15+AmTerm - PL version by WFMH LocalePL
hydra.lha comm/term 150K 16+V1.0r9, Bidirectional file transfer prot
MEAGORComm.lha comm/term 338K 27+MultiMedia Terminal Program FULLY FIXED!
Sterm.lha comm/term 10K 25+Small Terminal with SAD access and HEX d
Telekom97a.lha comm/term 4K 23+German Telekom rates '97 for `term'
Telekom_97b.lha comm/term 5K 19+German Telekom rates '97 for `term'
TermCzech.lha comm/term 39K 10+Czech rates & catalog for Term. E2 & K8
term_47b_pch.lha comm/term 721K 23+Updates `term' v4.7 to v4.7b
term_47c_pch.lha comm/term 335K 16+Updates `term' v4.7 to v4.7c
AminetParse.lha comm/thor 17K 6+FAST Aminet INDEX/RECENT parser for Thor
BounceSpam.lha comm/thor 4K 4+Add addrs to GetMail cfg in Thor (V1.4)
DetagHTML_13.lha comm/thor 17K 21+Strip/conv HTML MAIL and autopost STOP!
DLManager.lha comm/thor 5K 24+DLManager v1.0
DMThor.lha comm/thor 6K 5+V1.52 Create Digests from Thor Conferenc
FixThorMail.lha comm/thor 1K 23+Fix the read-only email problem in Thor
HTMLThor.lha comm/thor 9K 9+V1.48 Create HTML Pages from Thor Confer
MDApprove.lha comm/thor 5K 6+Handles Majordomo approvals/bounces V1.0
MLManager12.lha comm/thor 21K 25+Manage your mailinglists (requires THOR)
ProcessEvents.lha comm/thor 18K 4+Event handler for Thor V2.4+ (V1.4)
ReturnReceipt.lha comm/thor 5K 4+Automagically creates receipt messages V
SaveMsg.lha comm/thor 3K 16+Save/print Thor msgs with/without header
SortEvents.lha comm/thor 3K 16+Sort Thor Events V2.0
sortmail.lha comm/thor 54K 13+Process incoming mail with Thor. v3.35
ThorAPI_ASM.lha comm/thor 16K 12+Assembler includes for THOR 2.4
ThorDKcatalogs.lha comm/thor 11K 17+Re-written danish locale for THOR 2.4
ThorGer2_4.lha comm/thor 14K 23+German locales for THOR 2.4
ThorSalv.lha comm/thor 3K 16+Fixes corrupt THOR databases
Thor_Swe.lha comm/thor 12K 24+Swedish catalog files for Thor 2.4
cleanex.lha comm/ums 31K 18+Killfile and more for ums
GoodNews.lha comm/ums 77K 24+Mail and News reader for UMS. V1.5
Import2_5.lha comm/ums 19K 2+UMS-Import 2.5
IN1_4aPrtDoc.lha comm/ums 256K 25+Printable documentation for IntuiNews 1.
IntuiNews1_4a.lha comm/ums 183K 25+MUI-based Messagereader for UMS
ListManager.lha comm/ums 52K 2+V3.27 Mailinglist Client and Server, Rel
newsbreaker05a.lha comm/ums 166K 24+A new Newsreader for UMS.
newslist.lha comm/ums 2K 24+BOOPSI Class for NewsBreaker.
PINT.lha comm/ums 205K 3+*THE* Reader for UMS, v2.1 (MUI)
SUMSTools.lha comm/ums 119K 22+Stuntzi's UMS tools v2.13
UMSSendmail1_0.lha comm/ums 20K 27+Sendmail for UMS
umstutor.lha comm/ums 26K 24+A pre-release of a comming UMS-Tutorial
umszco.lha comm/ums 72K 2+V1.2c,ZConnect im-/exporter. German only
md_logo_patch.lha comm/uucp 11K 23+Fixes broken startup logo in MD 1.12
microdot1_12.lha comm/uucp 220K 23+ZConnect/UUCP Mail/Newsreader (German)
RMail_20.lha comm/uucp 25K 21+RMail - supports return-receipts and quo
ADPro_TAM.lha comm/www 93K 13+Make transfer anims with ADPro
AG_MenuConfig.lha comm/www 1K 14+AMIGAGUIDE.menuconfig for EdHT an HTML E
AmiChatOrg1_2.lha comm/www 49K 15+Gobs of info on chatlines..by Cooksey
amis_html.lha comm/www 18K 9+WYSIWYG HTML editor for AMIS.
AmiTransWorld.lha comm/www 597K 8+Transfer Anims (IBrowse, AWeb, Voyager)
apx_iban.lha comm/www 67K 13+My 1st Ibrowse def animation
autoindex210.lha comm/www 17K 15+Generates html doc to view pictures with
awebcookie.lha comm/www 17K 2+Cookie cutter for AWEB
awebedntsc.lha comm/www 112K 27+A powerful HTML editor
awebedpal.lha comm/www 112K 27+A powerful HTML editor
AWebFTPD.lha comm/www 10K 18+FTP Download for AWeb 2.0/1.6/2.1
AWebLsNewsgr.lha comm/www 4K 24+'List newsgroups' for AWebNews V1.1
AWebMWB.lha comm/www 2K 15+MagicWB style buttons for AWeb-II
AwebPack.lha comm/www 212K 13+Transfer Anims, Logo + BG for AWeb
AWebTAPack.lha comm/www 116K 13+2 Transfer Anims for AWebII
AWebThorMail.lha comm/www 3K 16+AWeb mail Plugin to create a Thor event
CoolBrowser.lha comm/www 324K 18+TransferAnims and stuff for IBrowse+AWeb
dtc_alta.lha comm/www 33K 22+Cool Amiga logo Transfer Animation for I
DynamicRedirec.lha comm/www 6K 15+Treat dynamic IP's as pseudo-static
edhtdemo.lha comm/www 62K 20+Menu based HTML editor. Replaces V0.3
geotools.lha comm/www 85K 22+Great Geocities www-pages manager (MUI 3
GetHistoryENG.lha comm/www 3K 7+Converts and loads Ibrowse GlobalHistory
HLHandler110.lha comm/www 56K 11+Manage & share a hotlist among browsers
Hotlist.lha comm/www 6K 12+Hotlist Converter v0.97 for Webbrowsers.
htmlchecker.lha comm/www 6K 17+Extensivly (!) checks HTML-code
HTMLDate.lha comm/www 2K 4+Update date in HTML with GoldED (V1.4)
htmlfix.lha comm/www 41K 2+Fixes HTML and add WIDTH and HEIGHT tags
HTTX.lha comm/www 31K 20+V1.1b, HTML to formatted Text converter
IBAmiga11.lha comm/www 70K 3+Transfer Animation for IBrowse or Voyage
IBAmigaTransf.lha comm/www 209K 10+Transfer Animation for IBrowse or Voyage
IBButtons.lha comm/www 28K 7+New cool lookin' buttons for IBrowse.
IBfindURL1_4.lha comm/www 7K 7+IBrowse Arexx scripts for Search in Hotl
IBGoldEd.lha comm/www 1K 25+Pass IBrowse LOCAL file to GoldEd
IBHotListSearc.lha comm/www 7K 13+IBrowse Arexx scripts for Search in Hotl
IBrowseAnim.lha comm/www 32K 14+A very nice TransferAnimation for IBrows
IBrowsePL.lha comm/www 6K 16+IBrowse - PL version by WFMH LocalePL
ib_hotlist.lha comm/www 1K 8+My I-Browse Hotlist
IB_pic.lha comm/www 5K 20+Navigation/Picture button replacement fo
ImageFX_TAM.lha comm/www 93K 13+Make transfer anims with ImageFX
JTAWicon.lha comm/www 4K 11+Create Icons for WebSites to be used wit
LogoAnim1_1.lha comm/www 6K 25+Replacement Transfer Anim For IBrowse
MWBIBrNI.lha comm/www 10K 6+IBrowse navigation buttons for MatWB
mwm311.lha comm/www 223K 12+Magic Web Maker v3.11 (3.x OS only).
N42_IBrowse.lha comm/www 480K 24+Cool Gold navigation icons for IBrowse!
NSPalette.lha comm/www 4K 22+Netscape's colour palette
onlinetv.lha comm/www 9K 8+YAM 1.3.4 HTML-Guide !
picsize.lha comm/www 3K 21+Gen IMG WIDTH&HEIGHT HTML tag
RegisterURL.lha comm/www 3K 9+IBrowse Arexx script to register URL's
ScanWWW.lha comm/www 147K 15+Provides easy webserver updates!
SearchAdr.lha comm/www 4K 9+Search URL&eMailadr.in File -> Clipboard
sitemap.lha comm/www 3K 10+Create a sitemap.html from a dir listing
striphtml.lha comm/www 21K 21+A program to strip HTML codes from a fil
supercache.lha comm/www 6K 6+View *all* www caches from *ANY* web bro
TachySearch.lha comm/www 61K 27+V 3.0 WEB and Aminet searching WWW brows
TransAnim.lha comm/www 35K 8+TransferAnim for VoyagerNG.
TrnsAnms.lha comm/www 67K 9+4 Transfer Anims for Voyager-NG
urldecode.lha comm/www 14K 15+A little urldecoder for any kind of cgi-
URLManager1_2.lha comm/www 74K 8+Import/Export/Edit URL hotlists, D&D, Mu
Voyager.lha comm/www 544K 6+WWW-Browser (USA-Version)
Voyager28_Ger.lha comm/www 5K 7+German catalog for Voyager-NG V2.24b
VoyagerDocs.lha comm/www 475K 6+Documentation for Voyager NG 2.70
VoyagerIta.lha comm/www 9K 7+Italian Catalog for Voyager 2.10 & next
VoyagerNl.lha comm/www 4K 13+Dutch catalog for Voyager Prerelease 2
VR_WebS_v06.lha comm/www 228K 7+Web Page Maker with visual demos of tags
WebDesign.lha comm/www 283K 10+V1.4c HTML editor, easy to use
webidx.lha comm/www 5K 17+Automatic Indexcreation of HTML-files
webplug125.lha comm/www 166K 4+HTML editor v1.25
WebView2.lha comm/www 174K 17+HTML Previewer/NetScape Extensions/OS.2x
wwwcoun2_3src.lha comm/www 243K 3+WWW counter for Amigaservers running Apa
wwwcount2_3bin.lha comm/www 73K 3+WWW counter for Amigaservers running Apa
ZT_IBrowsePix.lha comm/www 5K 6+New def_Picture for IBrowse
BBSLST0197.lha comm/xeno 122K 23+The Xenolink ONLY BBS-LIST [ Year 3, Edi
bbslst0497.lha comm/xeno 122K 9+The Xenolink ONLY BBS-LIST [ Year 3, Edi
bsytme112.lha comm/xeno 65K 10+Creates statistics about percentage of d
masort11.lha comm/xeno 42K 22+Messagearea Sorter - Sorts the messagear
MultiMailer10.lha comm/xeno 40K 9+Creates statistics about percentage of d
newusev6.lha comm/xeno 58K 11+Xenolink New User Script V6.0.
newusev8.lha comm/xeno 81K 7+Xenolink NewUser.rexx V0.8.
PAdder16.lha comm/xeno 50K 25+Add new points & nodes without any probl
XAmyBW03.lha comm/xeno 149K 15+Offline msgreader for Xenolink (beta ver
xenoblue059b.lha comm/xeno 39K 11+Bluewave maildoor for Xenolink version 0
4mat_1.lha mods/4mat 650K 17+4MAT Modules - Details inside!
4mat_2.lha mods/4mat 503K 17+4MAT Modules - Details inside!
4mat_3.lha mods/4mat 562K 17+4MAT Modules - Details inside!
4mat_4.lha mods/4mat 199K 17+4MAT Modules - Details inside!
anarchip.lha mods/4mat 40K 12+4MAT Chip Mods for Anarchy
final_sa.lha mods/4mat 89K 12+Final Sample by 4MAT
hardcore.lha mods/4mat 94K 12+Hardcore by 4MAT
LFF.lha mods/4mat 6K 12+L.F.F. by 4MAT
sweetfree.lha mods/4mat 123K 12+Sweetfree Wurlitzer by 4MAT
the_lost.lha mods/4mat 46K 12+The Lost Chord by 4MAT
whitedot.lha mods/4mat 30K 12+White Dot Demo II - Module by 4MAT
AcidEx1.lha mods/8voic 231K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
AcidTrance.lha mods/8voic 302K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
Anthill.lha mods/8voic 211K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
awsectmx.lha mods/8voic 159K 18+The best Hardmodule from SteelRat!
BackFrom.lha mods/8voic 98K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
backinchicago.lha mods/8voic 1.0M 19+Oldskool Acid/House [Sturm/Explizit]
daydream.lzh mods/8voic 128K 25+DreamHouse OCSS mod by IMMORTAL
echoes.lha mods/8voic 1.1M 19+Rave [Michelin]
Energy.lha mods/8voic 166K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
EterEnd.lha mods/8voic 72K 3+A DIGIBooster mod by Doctor Qe
Flamin.lha mods/8voic 601K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
fukvisco.lha mods/8voic 73K 18+Cool HardTrance OCSS mod by IMMORTAL
Give.lha mods/8voic 118K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
iaintthaone_cr.lha mods/8voic 1.1M 20+Club/House/HipHop [Brutac/U.F.A.]
Jungle.lha mods/8voic 290K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
LostVibr.lha mods/8voic 679K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
lycra_trax1.lha mods/8voic 335K 19+Acid/Techno [Dupont]
momentsoflbrty.lha mods/8voic 68K 20+Soft/Light Trance-ish [Mhr/Xenon Prods.]
MoT_DPMR.lha mods/8voic 86K 7+'OKdule' # Mohr of Tranquillizer
MoT_DTr1.lha mods/8voic 198K 7+'OKdule' # Mohr of Tranquillizer
MoT_DTr2.lha mods/8voic 303K 7+'OKdule' # Mohr of Tranquillizer
MoT_DTr3.lha mods/8voic 176K 7+'OKdule' # Mohr of Tranquillizer
MoT_DTr4.lha mods/8voic 134K 7+'OKdule' # Mohr of Tranquillizer
MoT_T1Lo.lha mods/8voic 179K 7+'OKdule' # Mohr of Tranquillizer
MoT_TPRe.lha mods/8voic 160K 7+'OKdule' # Mohr of Tranquillizer
moving_forward.lha mods/8voic 107K 20+Fast Rave [Thunderstrike/Excalibur Prod]
Music_Non.lha mods/8voic 574K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
nine_feelings.lha mods/8voic 267K 19+New tuneage from Arty
nohouse.lha mods/8voic 188K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
Noodle.lha mods/8voic 332K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
Project8.lha mods/8voic 180K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
Psycho.lha mods/8voic 408K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
Refuses.lha mods/8voic 230K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
Religious.lha mods/8voic 361K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
shocker.lha mods/8voic 223K 27+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
Stafparty.lha mods/8voic 214K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
terahauz.lha mods/8voic 148K 21+Excellent X-HOUSE OCSS mod by IMMORTAL
Trickster.lha mods/8voic 136K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
variable.lha mods/8voic 413K 19+(Freestyle) House [Larry/HBE]
Vividnes.lha mods/8voic 224K 25+DIGI Booster 8 channel module
yeah_yeah_yeah.lha mods/8voic 507K 20+Rave/Trance [X-Vibe/Synthetic pH]
cdhammer.lha mods/airon 52K 17+Crystal Drum Hammer by Airon
phd_asia.lha mods/airon 108K 25+[ PHD ] Asian Sounds - sweet lovable son
phd_batr.lha mods/airon 472K 6 [ PHD ] - backtrack ep by airon/phd
sunrise.lha mods/airon 2K 22+[ PHD ] Sunrise , a short GM MIDI song b
ccastle1.lha mods/atmos 95K 16+Protracker .MOD (Industrial)
ccastle2.lha mods/atmos 176K 16+Protracker .MOD (Industrial)
ccastle3.lha mods/atmos 118K 16+Protracker .MOD (Industrial)
dunewatcher.lha mods/atmos 168K 14+Atmospheric new age, desert music. MMD1
Echoes.lha mods/atmos 92K 13+Echoes - Another .mod by Silvio Banzi
endorwrs.lha mods/atmos 34K 17+Endor Wars - A new starwars like module
GDR.lha mods/atmos 39K 21+GDR - Roleplay module
ghunter.lha mods/atmos 60K 21+Ghost Hunters - They're come back!
gsong.lha mods/atmos 83K 21+Great Song - Instrumental module
impattak.lha mods/atmos 86K 22+Imperial Attack
katmandu.lha mods/atmos 7K 18+Mod.Katmandu Mountains
MoonLight.lha mods/atmos 283K 3+A new song by Sniper (26 channel)
mybigad.lha mods/atmos 152K 18+My big Adventure
NiagaraFalls.lha mods/atmos 797K 20+Atmos. Symphonie 2.4f+ Mod by Dr.K.Oss
oldstory.lha mods/atmos 66K 3+Atmos mod by Cezar`97
orangesuite.lha mods/atmos 405K 3+Analogsynthi/FX-Sound
PeyoteD.lha mods/atmos 191K 3+A new song by Sniper, COOL!
sarena.lha mods/atmos 52K 19+Space Arena Soundtrack module
Sniper2.lha mods/atmos 96K 22+OSS atmospheric song FULL stero by Snipe
spooky.lha mods/atmos 99K 17+Spooky - mod
UD.lha mods/atmos 356K 3+A new song by Sniper, its trance.
NowWhat1.lzh mods/aweso 82K 8+Synth mod by DR Awesome
NowWhat3.lzh mods/aweso 100K 8+Slow mod by DR Awesome
AfterTFlight.lha mods/boray 147K 12+Protracker module by Boray 950530
AfterTheFight.lha mods/boray 117K 12+Protracker module by Boray 950204
Alexandra.lha mods/boray 67K 12+Protracker module by Boray 95/11/18____
AnotherSignatu.lha mods/boray 54K 12+Piano-module by Boray 940702
AreYouDeafToe2.lha mods/boray 53K 10+Protracker module by Boray
AssemblyLine.lha mods/boray 126K 12+Protracker module by Boray 1996/12/04
BethlehemzZtar.lha mods/boray 85K 12+931213 Swedish xmas song in rock style
BigFara2.lha mods/boray 28K 10+Protracker module by Boray 93/02/14
Boggleremix.lha mods/boray 125K 12+Protracker module by Boray
Crazykong.lha mods/boray 53K 12+Old rock module by Boray (1990)
DirtyBalcony.lha mods/boray 67K 10+Protracker module by Boray 95/07/12
DoodleMelody3.lha mods/boray 134K 12+Mod by Boray 931107. One of my best.
DoodlesMelody2.lha mods/boray 98K 12+Mod by Boray 920925. One of my best.
Dream.lha mods/boray 27K 12+Nice module by Boray 930303
Drizzle.lha mods/boray 78K 10+Very old module by Boray
Durable.lha mods/boray 27K 10+Boray's 3:rd module...
DynamicDzigget.lha mods/boray 73K 12+Organ-module by Boray 93/01/10
EingaardV157.lha mods/boray 302K 12+Mod by Boray 940730. One of my best.
EPeaPods.lha mods/boray 61K 12+Protracker module by Boray 92/10/01
Eppelbo.lha mods/boray 24K 12+Swedish folk-song cover, Boray 931011
Extraneous.lha mods/boray 130K 12+Good long space-mod by Boray 94/04/24
Felody.lha mods/boray 150K 10+Protracker module by Boray 93/02/14
Fertolyn.lha mods/boray 34K 12+Old module by Boray. Melodic.
Fire.lha mods/boray 197K 12+Rock module by Boray 95/12/05
FiverTwo.lha mods/boray 58K 12+Hardsynth module by Boray 1995/04/01
FlakmopedenBen.lha mods/boray 179K 5+DIGI Booster module by Boray 1997/05/01
Flumm.lha mods/boray 58K 12+Protracker module by Boray
Fools.lha mods/boray 80K 12+Protracker module by Boray 93
FornV111.lha mods/boray 184K 12+Long nice folk-mod by Boray 95/06/22
Future.lha mods/boray 121K 12+Nice module by Boray 96/10/15
Gammon.lha mods/boray 39K 12+Protracker module by Boray 1995/01/29
Glumer.lha mods/boray 103K 12+Protracker module by Boray 95/06/29
Gothic.lha mods/boray 76K 12+Protracker module by Boray 93/01/30
Gotoe.lha mods/boray 90K 12+Live module by Boray 1992/09/06
HappyMode.lha mods/boray 17K 12+Old module by Boray
HardLardy.lha mods/boray 63K 12+Rock module by Boray 1992/06/08
HarenHoppar.lha mods/boray 62K 10+(In Rolgrim Style) by Boray 930528
HeSTheKing.lha mods/boray 148K 9+DIGI Booster module by Boray 1997/04/09
HisHolyPower.lha mods/boray 162K 12+Protracker module by Boray 95/10/10
IAmCreated.lha mods/boray 142K 10+DIGI Booster module by Boray 97/03/27
IrgillSFDag2.lha mods/boray 216K 12+Nice mod (930123) with swedish vocals
ItSMondayAgain.lha mods/boray 100K 12+Protracker module by Boray 1995/03/27
JesusIsLordV11.lha mods/boray 149K 12+Nice module by Boray 1996/10/30
JultomtenMyser.lha mods/boray 68K 12+X-mas module by Boray 1992/12/18
Jungle.lha mods/boray 227K 12+Nice piano/flute mod (92/10/03)
KitchenRap.lha mods/boray 117K 12+Protracker module by Boray
Lackerol3.lha mods/boray 79K 12+Protracker module by Boray
LaztoryX14Ii.lha mods/boray 56K 12+Protracker module by Boray 92/07/26
Lefoly.lha mods/boray 45K 12+Melodic module by Boray 93/04/25
LillaFetaSnige.lha mods/boray 102K 12+Silly module by Boray 96/05/03
Lorie.lha mods/boray 62K 12+Nice meliodic module by Boray 93
LostPost.lha mods/boray 33K 12+Protracker module by Boray 931212
MakeTheDiffere.lha mods/boray 167K 10+Nice module by Boray 1997/01/10
Mask.lha mods/boray 59K 12+Very nice folk-modul by Boray 92/10/04
MaskIii.lha mods/boray 31K 12+Protracker module by Boray 93/01/31
Medeltid.lha mods/boray 37K 12+Mid-ages module by Boray
MissionIsPossi.lha mods/boray 240K 10+DIGI Booster module by Boray 1997/04/06
ModuleSearch96.lha mods/boray 61K 10+Nice long module by Boray 96/12/30
Mutantcamels.lha mods/boray 111K 12+Protracker module by Boray 96/06/23
NationalDay.lha mods/boray 58K 12+Melodic module by Boray 95/06/06
Nedla.lha mods/boray 77K 12+Protracker module by Boray 93/01/26
NextGeneration.lha mods/boray 239K 12+Mod by Boray 951211. One of my best.
Ngend.lha mods/boray 21K 12+Protracker module by Boray
Nomore.lha mods/boray 65K 12+Another Folk-module by Boray
OldSound.lha mods/boray 44K 12+Protracker module by Boray 1995/04/26
Pilgrim.lha mods/boray 82K 10+Protracker module by Boray 96/12/20
Portasound.lha mods/boray 30K 12+Sounds like a little keyboard (950722)
Reduction.lha mods/boray 61K 12+Old Protracker module by Boray
Reliable.lha mods/boray 34K 12+Boray's second module!
Rolgrim2.lha mods/boray 54K 12+Flute module by Boray 93/01/01
SaganOmTedLeif.lha mods/boray 114K 10+Silly module by Boray 93/01/06
SillyGibbon.lha mods/boray 5K 10+Protracker chip module by Boray 95/03/29
Slam6.lha mods/boray 106K 12+Long multi-module by Boray 93/06/16
SpaceLightThem.lha mods/boray 111K 10+Nice space-mod by Boray 96/09/15
Staffan2.lha mods/boray 77K 12+Swedish "Lucia"-song (1991/12/06)
Stargazer.lha mods/boray 63K 12+Protracker module by Boray 1994/11/19
StrabismusIii.lha mods/boray 107K 12+Protracker module by Boray 1995/05/02
Submade.lha mods/boray 51K 12+Protracker module by Boray 93/01/04
Thirst.lha mods/boray 81K 12+Protracker module by Boray 970308
TimeMachine.lha mods/boray 32K 12+Protracker module by Boray 94/04/02
TrainHome.lha mods/boray 82K 12+Protracker module by Boray 1995/04/10
Twecer.lha mods/boray 162K 12+Long nice multi-tune mod (93/07/10)
UfoBeep.lha mods/boray 50K 12+Space-mod, one of my best. (930603)
VelmonsLopper.lha mods/boray 140K 12+Hardsynth module by Boray 951004
WednyNyke.lha mods/boray 47K 10+Protracker module by Boray 93/01/21
WhereTGo2.lha mods/boray 224K 8+DIGI Booster module by Boray 1997/04/14
WhereToGo.lha mods/boray 107K 12+Old mod, but one of my best.
WhiteNails.lha mods/boray 70K 12+Nice melodic mod by Boray 95/07/29
Ylleman.lha mods/boray 62K 12+Melodic module by Boray 1995/06/07
YourTurn.lha mods/boray 220K 2+DIGIBooster mod by Boray & Sunbane 1997
ZelumaValimer.lha mods/boray 34K 12+Protracker module by Boray
Hakkuh.lha mods/cels 326K 3+Gabber xm by celsius
Intro.lha mods/cels 634K 12+DrumNbASS by the CELSIUS
Swiss.lha mods/cels 1.0M 25+Hardcore XM by the CELSIUS
C64_amiga_song.lha mods/chip 29K 18+The C64-Amiga song
chipolad.lha mods/chip 4K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
Chippy.lha mods/chip 2K 8 Another chiptune...
Chrome.lha mods/chip 14K 13+Published Commodore 64 music by Einstein
ClassicC64.lha mods/chip 284K 18+C64 inspired modules
Commando.lha mods/chip 11K 18+Commando - A nice C64 conversion
dolphin.lha mods/chip 30K 18+Chip mods by Dolphin
Dosmod.lzh mods/chip 22K 27+A little CHIP module by CADENCE
Egypten.lha mods/chip 1K 8 Small chiptune by SD
elbie_almost.lha mods/chip 4K 5+Almost Bach EP - [bach EP] by Elbie/t13N
elbie_hc.lha mods/chip 2K 5+H.C Andersen - [happy chip] by ElbiE/t13
elbie_sent.lha mods/chip 2K 5+The Sentence - [sad chiptrack] by ElbiE/
ElbiE_Summ.lha mods/chip 5K 13+Chiptune by ElbiE/t13N!^XZN
Endurance.lha mods/chip 4K 2+Sweet chiptune by Merlin M!
Expire.lha mods/chip 4K 2+Cool Chiptune! By Merlin M!
forrob.lha mods/chip 10K 9+Another chip-tune by Pumpkin
gametune.lha mods/chip 9K 9+Chippy tune by Pumpkin
greatlo.lha mods/chip 5K 18+Mod.Great loop (from Zenon 40kb intro...
HalfWayToYou.lha mods/chip 7K 2+Really great chiptune by Merlin M!
happens.lha mods/chip 2K 11+"Chip Happens" by racoon/ward
Hot.lha mods/chip 17K 16+MOD by Chipy/Fullspeed
kaukasus.lha mods/chip 8K 18+Chip mod composed by Travolta/Spaceballs
mummotaa.lha mods/chip 37K 18+Mummot humppaa taas
My_Second_Face.lha mods/chip 3K 2+Great chiptune by Merlin M!
Nk_BuyAGirl.lha mods/chip 4K 14+Slow Chip Mod by Nork/Network^Massive^Os
Nk_Indiference.lha mods/chip 6K 14+Cool Chip Tune by Nork/Network^Massive^O
off_cthx.lha mods/chip 12K 10+ThX-tUnEs from Offence's `Carpe Noctem'
persids1.lha mods/chip 53K 21+PERSIDS #1 (SID-tunes from C64demos)
persids2.lha mods/chip 208K 16+PERSIDS #2 C64 sidmusic collection.
persids3.lha mods/chip 174K 8+PERSIDS #3 MORE SID tunes from the great
phunerar.lha mods/chip 20K 18+Phuneraria by Thorin
pnk_it.lzh mods/chip 7K 16+IntroThingy by pANiK
pnk_pnky.lzh mods/chip 13K 16+PinkySID by pANiK
software.lha mods/chip 7K 11+"Software Failure" by racoon/ward
soul_dcs.lha mods/chip 128K 18+Some chip mods by Soul of DCS
THXmuzza.lha mods/chip 75K 9+Wow! *all* (79) THX tunes ripped! (E&OE
thx_asiachipho.lha mods/chip 1K 6+THX Music Module by G.Lucas
thx_forbclrs2.lha mods/chip 1K 6+THX Music Module by G.Lucas (Update!)
THX_Sidvibes.lha mods/chip 1K 27+SiDViBES - <THX module>
Unfair.lha mods/chip 4K 16+MOD by Chipy/Fullspeed
0mar.lha mods/crash 73K 7+Med module 3/6 beat, loud and hard hitti
0pal.lha mods/crash 85K 7+Med module, blast beat, fast paced, full
0scaryman.lha mods/crash 98K 7+Med module, harcore noise tech mod, one
1Murder.lha mods/crash 68K 7+Med module. Bongos and panflute mixed w
Abyss.lha mods/crash 157K 7+Long fade in intro, then goes into drums
Aftershave.lha mods/crash 112K 7+Med module. Another long epic one, lots
Anoqia.lha mods/crash 66K 7+Background noise mod, something to sleep
Biochem.lha mods/crash 17K 7+Med module. The ultimate grand finale s
Bloated.lha mods/crash 201K 7+Fast Techno/hiphop with revolting gutter
BrokenSkull.lha mods/crash 99K 7+Med module. Hardcore metal sound with s
Burglary.lha mods/crash 246K 7+Med module. Real sneaky / action soundi
CFlavor.lha mods/crash 132K 7+Old original-instrument style, hard hitt
Clone_Death.lha mods/crash 78K 7+Med module. Hypno-trance type mod with
COPtheme.lha mods/crash 25K 7+Med module. mellow, groovin, low toned
CoronerLab.lha mods/crash 58K 7+Med module. hard hitting, evil sounding
CrysJung.lha mods/crash 128K 7+Med module. Epic mod, melodies and chor
DeathSquad.lha mods/crash 82K 7+Med module. Tech mod, with evil, hypnot
Dementia.lha mods/crash 87K 7+8 channel mood-swinging mdo w/ minor cho
DemonRobot.lha mods/crash 133K 7+Med module. Blast-beat speed metal mod.
Dilemma.lha mods/crash 44K 7+Another old style repetitive mod, but be
dissociate.lha mods/crash 65K 7+Med module. 8 channel melodic mod, with
DriveBY.lha mods/crash 96K 7+Med module. Head crackin heavy metal mo
Elongated.lha mods/crash 103K 7+Med module. Total drums and percussion
Exposure.lha mods/crash 99K 7+Med module. acoustic / hard core metal
eyesocket.lha mods/crash 93K 7+Med module. implementing noises as inst
FlameSheep.lha mods/crash 112K 7+Old old mod from the experimental days,
GumDisease.lha mods/crash 73K 7+Med module. grungy tech mod with pulsat
HairyChild.lha mods/crash 406K 7+2 med modules. Long fast tech mod, and
HalfLife.lha mods/crash 181K 7+Med module. Monstrous sounding mod, lou
Infexion.lha mods/crash 87K 7+Med module. Evil sounding, mix of odd h
Ionized.lha mods/crash 26K 7+Med module. goes from calm/classical to
MagneticWaste.lha mods/crash 191K 7+Med module. long, experimental tech mod
n2depths.lha mods/crash 63K 7+Med module. upbeat chord/melody mod wit
Narcotomy.lha mods/crash 36K 7+Med module. loud and fast tech mod.
Necrocracy.lha mods/crash 60K 7+Med module. evil work of art, minor mel
niknak.lha mods/crash 76K 7+Med module. Loud tribal drums and synth
niknakremix.lha mods/crash 120K 7+Med module, remix of Crash's "Nik Nak"
NineDeath.lha mods/crash 17K 7+70 % synth, 100% infectious evil rythms
NUkem.lha mods/crash 283K 7+Med module. Metal mod, sequel to "Nuk'e
OberoN.lha mods/crash 54K 7+Med module. More loud and nasty techno
psychor.lha mods/crash 119K 7+Med module. Fast and furious tech mod,
radon.lha mods/crash 42K 7+Med module. Almost too generic techno m
retrograde.lha mods/crash 105K 7+Med module. Metal mod. Sounds like a m
RIPFACE.lha mods/crash 35K 7+Med module. Loud and fast tech mod.
Silo.lha mods/crash 46K 7+Counter part to "Nuclear Winter"- low, s
SPOREmix.lha mods/crash 57K 7+Med module. remix of CND's "SPORE" mod.
STALKER.lha mods/crash 22K 7+Med module. simple, slow, creep-o-mod.
SubwayBlue.lha mods/crash 187K 7+Med module. Easy groove mod.
synsympathy.lha mods/crash 2K 7+Med module. short, depressing synth mo
wwwretch.lha mods/crash 80K 7+Med module. Sounds like an acid overdos
cottone.lzh mods/csm 145K 9+A track By CSM/1996
csm_old1.lzh mods/csm 257K 14+Old XM tracks by CSM
csm_old2.lzh mods/csm 640K 14+Old tracks by CSM
dream.lzh mods/csm 210K 7+Synth track by CSM/97
emind.lzh mods/csm 163K 7+Synth track by CSM/1997
mrx.lzh mods/csm 178K 5+Synth/Melody Exp.track by CSM
outofln.lzh mods/csm 264K 11+Techno/Dance by CSM
spiderbots.lzh mods/csm 147K 4+Exp trax by CSM
synthpk.lzh mods/csm 360K 7+Synthpack by CSM/1997
TMW.lzh mods/csm 104K 13+Another track By CSM *1997*
xplore.lzh mods/csm 100K 7+Xplore->track by CSM/1997
ChrFndtn.lha mods/ctp 209K 26+Synth/rock song by CTP/WesTower
IntrctPrsnlty.lha mods/ctp 509K 26+Synth/rock song by CTP/WesTower
JadedSunset.lha mods/ctp 176K 26+Synth/rock song by CTP/WesTower
grasshop.lha mods/delor 48K 17+Grasshopper by Delorean
illumina.lha mods/delor 143K 17+Illumination by Delorean
nomorela.lha mods/delor 24K 17+No More Ladas by Delorean - gag!
bluesofm.lha mods/demo 225K 22+Virgill/TRSi Module from Twin Peaks
d_eddemo.lzh mods/demo 48K 24+Music module by CCC/DBPK
d_glass.lzh mods/demo 41K 23+Demo/Synth MOD by CCC/DBPK
d_telesc.lzh mods/demo 33K 23+Demo MOD by CCC/DBPK
focus.lha mods/demo 821K 10+SYMP'97 multichn (3rd place) Lord & Scor
Fusy.lzh mods/demo 38K 27+SLOW module from PICTURES WORLD 2 demo
holog_fl.lha mods/demo 150K 18+Hologram Floatation by Dr Victor
illusive.lha mods/demo 62K 18+Illusive Reality - Mod by Jester/Sanity
jelly_rd.lha mods/demo 78K 17+Jelly Red by Zodiac
Lipstong.lha mods/demo 194K 18+Lips & Tongues by Kara
mygirl.lha mods/demo 127K 18+My Girl by Arpegiator
NkCroFriend2.lha mods/demo 87K 14+2nd Module for "Defy" by Nork/Ntw^Msv^Os
NkCroMyFriend.lha mods/demo 106K 14+Module for "Defy" by Nork/Network^Massiv
Nk_EuskalFast.lha mods/demo 16K 14+3rd prize in Fast Module Compo at "Euska
ops_omp1.lha mods/demo 509K 25+"Music Pack #1" by Oops!
ops_omp2.lha mods/demo 2.9M 12+"Oops! Music Pack #2" by Oops!
ops_sm97.lha mods/demo 222K 10+"Sweet Harmony" by Oops!
ops_tp6m.lha mods/demo 156K 23+"Oldskool" by Oops! -#19 from 107 at TP6
ops_viss.lha mods/demo 38K 10+"Vissla" by Oops!
RealAGA_mus.lha mods/demo 179K 10+Mods from "Real" AGA by Complex
sanctuar.lha mods/demo 153K 18+Sanctuary by Radix
SanityMus.lha mods/demo 657K 10+Almost all the -Sanity- music!
shamotro.lha mods/demo 104K 18+Shamotronic by Super Action 80
sn3_4ch1.lha mods/demo 2.9M 7+SCENEST'97 - All 15 selected 4 channel m
sn3_fudg.lha mods/demo 458K 9+Fudge multichn by Scorpik from Scenest'9
SwitchBackMus.lha mods/demo 385K 10+All mods from Switchback demo by Rebels
TBL_MindProbeM.lha mods/demo 249K 25+Mod from TBL's Mindprobe demo
TBL_TintMod2.lha mods/demo 403K 25+2nd mod from TBL's Tint demo
TechnologicalD.lha mods/demo 145K 25+ALL mods from Technological Death
tramp_end.lha mods/demo 180K 8+The end-part module from the demo TRAMP!
Promise.lha mods/ephnx 572K 7+Flowy,Spacey,Dark and Crazy MMD3 Format
1st_May.lha mods/evrim 223K 4+Funky style module by eVRIMSSON
Arenas.lha mods/evrim 80K 4+Atmospheric break - #eVRIMSSON
ASholeAShake.lha mods/evrim 162K 4+Breakbeat oldskool - by eVRIMSSON
Backforce.lha mods/evrim 53K 5+A very old tune by eVRIMSSON
Between_Ice.lha mods/evrim 113K 5+A very old tune by eVRIMSSON
CrashedDead.lha mods/evrim 72K 4+Techno pt-module by eVRIMSSON
Cybernetic.lha mods/evrim 59K 5+A very old tune by eVRIMSSON
Deathly_Advent.lha mods/evrim 67K 4+Dancefloor - mod by eVRIMSSON
Deep_Dust.lha mods/evrim 107K 4+Freestyle - mod by eVRIMSSON
Demonsjail.lha mods/evrim 125K 4+Dancefloor demotune pt-mod by eVRIMSSON
Despair.lha mods/evrim 118K 4+Dancefloor - mod by eVRIMSSON
Downleader.lha mods/evrim 5K 4+Chiptune by eVRIMSSON
End_Credits.lha mods/evrim 85K 5+A very old tune by eVRIMSSON
Fast_Train.lha mods/evrim 53K 4+Freestyle techno&breakbeat by eVRIMSSON
FeelTheMystery.lha mods/evrim 211K 4+Space & electronic module by eVRIMSSON
FuckinSabotage.lha mods/evrim 39K 4+Techno breakbeat mod by eVRIMSSON
Future_Comes.lha mods/evrim 55K 5+A very old tune by eVRIMSSON
Game_Over_Seq.lha mods/evrim 107K 5+A very old tune by eVRIMSSON
Generous.lha mods/evrim 172K 5+A very old tune by eVRIMSSON
Getup.lha mods/evrim 0K 5+A very old tune by eVRIMSSON
Ghost_Intro.lha mods/evrim 168K 4+Spacemod & breakbeats by eVRIMSSON
Gruntchip.lha mods/evrim 8K 4+Chiptune by eVRIMSSON
Happy_New_Year.lha mods/evrim 83K 4+Orchestral pt-mod by eVRIMSSON
Hardchip_S8.lha mods/evrim 5K 4+Chiptune by eVRIMSSON
Into_Darkness.lha mods/evrim 43K 4+Protracker tune by eVRIMSSON
Jope.lha mods/evrim 2K 5+A very old tune by eVRIMSSON
Kick_It.lha mods/evrim 4K 4+Chiptune by eVRIMSSON
Lbtune.lha mods/evrim 5K 4+Chiptune by eVRIMSSON
LoaderSequence.lha mods/evrim 43K 5+A very old tune by eVRIMSSON
Material_Walk.lha mods/evrim 4K 4+Chiptune by eVRIMSSON
MilitaryDead.lha mods/evrim 103K 4+Moviesong - orch & clavier by eVRIMSSON
Only_A_Melody.lha mods/evrim 45K 5+A very old tune by eVRIMSSON
Pack_It.lha mods/evrim 3K 5+A very old tune by eVRIMSSON
Paintdragon.lha mods/evrim 103K 5+A very old tune by eVRIMSSON
Parabola.lha mods/evrim 103K 4+Dancefloor pt-module by eVRIMSSON
PastNRest.lha mods/evrim 5K 4+Chiptune - introtune mod by eVRIMSSON
Progress.lha mods/evrim 14K 5+A very old tune by eVRIMSSON
ProwlInTheDark.lha mods/evrim 5K 4+Chiptune by eVRIMSSON
Puked.lha mods/evrim 115K 4+Technotune by eVRIMSSON
QPiSong.lha mods/evrim 7K 5+An very old tune by eVRIMSSON
Relative.lha mods/evrim 4K 4+Chiptune by eVRIMSSON
Sabotage_Again.lha mods/evrim 88K 4+Breakbeat - mod by eVRIMSSON
Secret_Ils.lha mods/evrim 377K 4+Spacetune by eVRIMSSON
Shatter.lha mods/evrim 5K 5+One of the old tunes by eVRIMSSON
Shittak.lha mods/evrim 4K 5+One of the old tunes by eVRIMSSON
ShoutInDream.lha mods/evrim 115K 4+Very nice piano - pt-module by eVRIMSSON
SMTekkno.lha mods/evrim 72K 3+Old tekkno tune by eVRIMSSON
SOC.lha mods/evrim 63K 5+An very old tune by eVRIMSSON
Soul_Of_Sea.lha mods/evrim 140K 4+Demotune (breaktune) by eVRIMSSON
Spontaneous.lha mods/evrim 42K 5+One of the old tunes by eVRIMSSON
Stage.lha mods/evrim 31K 3+Piano by eVRIMSSON
StarflightJazz.lha mods/evrim 75K 4+Jazz freestyle - by eVRIMSSON
Stop_This.lha mods/evrim 4K 4+Chiptune by eVRIMSSON
StoryFMyLife.lha mods/evrim 6K 4+Chiptune - introtune by eVRIMSSON
Sunset_Forever.lha mods/evrim 106K 4+Clavier & strings - mod by eVRIMSSON
TC_Lazer.lha mods/evrim 177K 3+Old protracker tune by eVRIMSSON
TheLittleGnom.lha mods/evrim 34K 4+Gamelike sad-tune by eVRIMSSON
The_Clouding.lha mods/evrim 133K 4+Guitartune by eVRIMSSON
The_Show.lha mods/evrim 138K 4+Jungle pt-module by eVRIMSSON
The_Story.lha mods/evrim 42K 5+One of the old tunes by eVRIMSSON
ThornsInHands.lha mods/evrim 159K 4+1. place at Symposium 96 - by eVRIMSSON
Together.lha mods/evrim 377K 4+Dancefloor pt-module by eVRIMSSON
ToTheLimit.lha mods/evrim 50K 4+Protracker tune by eVRIMSSON
TRA_Menu.lha mods/evrim 2K 5+One of the old tunes by eVRIMSSON
Turning_Point.lha mods/evrim 264K 4+Moviesong mod by eVRIMSSON
Twizerbeat.lha mods/evrim 28K 3+Jungletune by eVRIMSSON
Visual_Space.lha mods/evrim 83K 5+One of the old tunes by eVRIMSSON
WalkWithConga.lha mods/evrim 36K 4+Conga bonga - mod by eVRIMSSON
Wopper.lha mods/evrim 6K 4+Chiptune by eVRIMSSON
Arrange3.lha mods/exprt 49K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
BedBreak.lha mods/exprt 50K 15+Symphonie Module by Expert/Inferno & Man
BMaiden2.lha mods/exprt 92K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
BreakDownMod.lha mods/exprt 59K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
BreakDwnSp.lha mods/exprt 27K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
CityOfRock.lha mods/exprt 63K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
CosmBusiness.lha mods/exprt 125K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
DanceTime.lha mods/exprt 91K 6+Symphonie mod composed by Expert
DarkSnd2.lha mods/exprt 137K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
DarkSound.lha mods/exprt 75K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
Disco3.lha mods/exprt 23K 10+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
DiscoBeat.lha mods/exprt 46K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
DiscoHit2.lha mods/exprt 22K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
DreamsMagic2.lha mods/exprt 38K 10+Symphonie mod composed by Expert/Inferno
DreamsMgic4.lha mods/exprt 49K 6+Symphonie mod composed by Expert
Drum.lha mods/exprt 87K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
ExJingl2.lha mods/exprt 78K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
ExJingle1.lha mods/exprt 102K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
ExMod2.lha mods/exprt 94K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
ExMod3.lha mods/exprt 110K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
ExTechno.lha mods/exprt 83K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
FastSpeed.lha mods/exprt 62K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Galaxy2.lha mods/exprt 87K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
Gladness.lha mods/exprt 37K 6+Symphonie mod composed by Expert
Glitter.lha mods/exprt 45K 10+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
GoldenFire.lha mods/exprt 29K 10+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
GoldWork.lha mods/exprt 32K 10+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
GreatRock.lha mods/exprt 109K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
GuitarSong.lha mods/exprt 128K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
HolidayRock.lha mods/exprt 51K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
IDontWant.lha mods/exprt 38K 3+Symphonie Module by Expert/Inferno & Man
Introduction.lha mods/exprt 74K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Invective.lha mods/exprt 119K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
ItIsMoby.lha mods/exprt 111K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
MagicLand.lha mods/exprt 65K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Melanholic2.lha mods/exprt 30K 10+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Music1.lha mods/exprt 96K 10+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Music2.lha mods/exprt 96K 10+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
MyRock.lha mods/exprt 34K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
MySong.lha mods/exprt 70K 10+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
NewPianoSp.lha mods/exprt 89K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
NoName.lha mods/exprt 89K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
NoName2.lha mods/exprt 114K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
NTDance.lha mods/exprt 88K 15+Symphonie Module by Expert/Inferno & Man
Orchestral.lha mods/exprt 108K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
Piano3.lha mods/exprt 108K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
PianoPlink.lha mods/exprt 21K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
PianoPlnk2.lha mods/exprt 20K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Rock2.lha mods/exprt 105K 10+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Rock5.lha mods/exprt 110K 10+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Silverplate.lha mods/exprt 21K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
Space.lha mods/exprt 69K 3+Symphonie Module by Expert/Inferno & Man
SpaceRaid.lha mods/exprt 84K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
TechCom.lha mods/exprt 31K 10+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Techno2.lha mods/exprt 126K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
Techno5.lha mods/exprt 30K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
Techno6.lha mods/exprt 42K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
TechnoB_2.lha mods/exprt 51K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
TechnoMix.lha mods/exprt 371K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
TheSky.lha mods/exprt 45K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
TheSky2.lha mods/exprt 43K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
TribalWheel.lha mods/exprt 91K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
Unvision.lha mods/exprt 112K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
XPop.lha mods/exprt 113K 10+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
XRock.lha mods/exprt 121K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
ZRock.lha mods/exprt 127K 15+ProTracker Module by Expert/Inferno & Ma
ZulusBeat.lha mods/exprt 53K 12+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
Guitara.lha mods/fby 126K 12+FBY 1996 4Ch 3:30 Slow, melodic, guitar
IG_Gallery.lha mods/fby 106K 12+FBY 1996 4Ch 1:30 1st Italian Gathering
LegendOfRome.lha mods/fby 535K 12+FBY 1996/7 4Ch MBM-Software L.O.R Music
Pinked.lha mods/fby 427K 10+FBY 1997 4Ch 4:30 4TH place at Mekka'97
PolkaVacca97.lha mods/fby 24K 10+FBY 1996/7 4Ch 1:10 From HNY'97 Spyral
SunShine.lha mods/fby 307K 10+FBY 1997 16Ch 3:40 11TH pos at Mekka'97
CUST_Harald.lha mods/funk 229K 10+Harald H rdtand - CUSTom module for DT/E
CUST_Hrald2.lha mods/funk 230K 10+Harald H rdtand - CUSTom module, 2nd ver
elbie_easy2.lha mods/funk 150K 5+Easy Part2 - [jazz/piano] by ElbiE/t13N!
ElbiE_Sun.lha mods/funk 65K 13+Groovy jazz by Elbie/t13N!^XZN
g_bzubzb.lha mods/funk 26K 5+Bzubzub - by GLYPH
help.lha mods/funk 178K 11+"Help Da Fool" by racoon/ward
kingston.lha mods/funk 99K 11+Reggae/rock style music (MMD1)
livefromrio.lha mods/funk 130K 13+A Phunk/samba module by Fuzzy/Death Row
magic.lha mods/funk 157K 11+"Magic Notes" by racoon/ward
mosso.lha mods/funk 153K 25+"Menomosso" by racoon/ward
oztafunk.lha mods/funk 85K 17+Funk-Rock!
phd_big.lha mods/funk 425K 4 [ PHD ] - big&beautiful ep by don-cato/t
phd_funk.lha mods/funk 382K 20 [ PHD ] - funk ep by linus/phd
phd_stra.lha mods/funk 187K 5 [ PHD ] - strangedays by linus/phd
pnk_jcy.lzh mods/funk 89K 22+JUiCy jAZz by pANiK
s7_jaz21.lha mods/funk 95K 3+Jazz Club 21 - jazz/funk like tune
schwingi.lha mods/funk 169K 18+Schwinging The Swing by Cybelius/Sonic
solution.lha mods/funk 185K 11+"No Solution!" by racoon/ward
uvibermx.lha mods/funk 108K 13+Funky remix by Rolex
Yan_HappyParty.lha mods/funk 334K 23+TP96 4-ch. compo module by Yanic/Heatwav
Yav_MotownFunk.lha mods/funk 276K 23+TP96 4-ch. compo module by Yavin/Heatwav
3P_1W.lha mods/hardc 62K 11+Rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez (4Ch)
alienlove.lha mods/hardc 124K 12+HorrorScenario-muzak
allsystmactvtd.lha mods/hardc 604K 19+H'core House/Drum'n'Bass [Tomek/Quantum]
Aluminium.lha mods/hardc 637K 9+Music-Module
Booom02.lha mods/hardc 68K 22+HARDCORE by BrOtHeR (#AmigaRus)
breakthenoise.lha mods/hardc 879K 19+Hardcore [Diesweed]
Chaos152.lha mods/hardc 65K 13+Some hc module
DeepSea.lha mods/hardc 234K 17+Speedcore by Michel [Symphonie2.4f+]
easternwalk177.lha mods/hardc 83K 19+Psychotic Trance [E605/SDi+CTS Bros]
energeticwaves.lha mods/hardc 139K 19+Happy Hardcore [Waxxie/Domtown Raves]
EvilHardcore.lha mods/hardc 554K 9+Music-Module
FasterMopz.lha mods/hardc 79K 11+Rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez (4Ch)
FMF.lha mods/hardc 114K 11+Rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez (4Ch)
fromhell.lha mods/hardc 279K 19+HardCore from Hell -> Part 1/2
fromhevn.lha mods/hardc 317K 19+HardCore from Heaven -> Part 2/2
fubITCH.lha mods/hardc 67K 20+ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "fybITCH" [gABB
gabba17.lha mods/hardc 121K 14+Krazy gabba by Vox
Gdyslicz.lzh mods/hardc 55K 27+CRAZY HARDCORE module by CADENCE
HauzE.lha mods/hardc 122K 11+Heavy synth 208 hardcore by Vox
im_gabeeer.lha mods/hardc 412K 19+Gabber [Gogy]
Last_Chance.lha mods/hardc 231K 6+HARDCORE mod by Johnny Z
lets_go.lha mods/hardc 484K 19+HC/Psychedelic Trance [Cyntax/Quantum]
MAD_qrw_tro.lha mods/hardc 48K 21+Qrw-Tro - hardcore techno by mADbART
MAD_warbird.lha mods/hardc 37K 21+WarBird by mADbART - hardcore techno
mellowmoods96.lha mods/hardc 758K 20+Hardcore [PSC/Trance-o-Mania]
MembersTrilogy.lha mods/hardc 453K 13+Some hc module
morpheeninjctn.lha mods/hardc 206K 19+HC Rave/Happy HC/Club [DJ Baze/TLP]
pnk_bcm.lzh mods/hardc 89K 23+B00m-cRASH-m00 by pANiK
RaveHeart.lha mods/hardc 206K 11+Rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez (4Ch)
ravintilldawn.lha mods/hardc 386K 19+Hardcore Rave/House [Infinite Oblivion]
SikretOfMyMind.lha mods/hardc 72K 13+Some hc module
six_pounds.lha mods/hardc 315K 19+RaggaTrance [Demuc/Nearly Gods]
slack_time.lha mods/hardc 361K 19+Ambient Techno [da Geezer]
speecore.lha mods/hardc 117K 8+Mtut > just smashing
Suffer.lha mods/hardc 336K 24+Industrial techno MOD by Vortech
s_pathofdarkne.lha mods/hardc 523K 3+-*AMOREL*- Great oldschool hardcore!
takeitba.lha mods/hardc 231K 5+Techno pt module by M & M Das
teccockt.lha mods/hardc 454K 5+Techno pt module by M & M Das
terrortro.lha mods/hardc 132K 17+Hardcore Tek!
The_Step.lha mods/hardc 310K 5+<The Step> By Dave The Brave (ProTracker
TranceHell4.lha mods/hardc 67K 13+Some hc module
tripper.lha mods/hardc 164K 18+Tripper by Merlin
t_hitman.lha mods/hardc 101K 18+The Hitman by Plauze
unknownsweepng.lha mods/hardc 375K 19+Gabber/Hard Trance [Inzaner]
viii_months.lha mods/hardc 384K 19+Hardcore Rave/Hard Trance [Spurious/CR]
womaninpain.lha mods/hardc 508K 19+Fast Acid [SoundFX/Synthetic pH]
xtremefnterror.lha mods/hardc 783K 19+H'core/Gabber [Viper+MC Parasite/Radon]
Extradimension.lha mods/house 38K 12+ProTracker module - Extradimensional
FinalHouseMyx.lha mods/house 204K 12+ProTracker module - The Final House Myx
Hus.lha mods/house 88K 8 Cool house by SD
JackAttack.lha mods/house 273K 12+MED module - Jack Attack
Plastertracks.lha mods/house 49K 8 Strange house by SD
raveforest.lha mods/house 227K 9+A haunting exotic trance techno tune
sunrise.lha mods/house 273K 12+House/Club Fine Module with 8 Tracks!
TooLate.lha mods/house 35K 12+ProTracker module - Too Late
TurnItRight.lha mods/house 101K 12+ProTracker module - Turn It Right III
AGrandDayOut.lha mods/huezo 91K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
BackOnTheTrack.lha mods/huezo 42K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
BurningVillage.lha mods/huezo 124K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo and JR
Confuzed.lha mods/huezo 156K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
Crooning.lha mods/huezo 342K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo and his bro
Fallosmunnen.lha mods/huezo 33K 13+Pop-mod by Huezo
FlowersForever.lha mods/huezo 124K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
FreeOnes.lha mods/huezo 64K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
Functric.lha mods/huezo 245K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
GimmeABreak.lha mods/huezo 27K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
GwyrdzsReturn.lha mods/huezo 108K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
HelloM8s.lha mods/huezo 481K 20+A Pt-module by Huezo
IHaveBeenTold.lha mods/huezo 40K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
Jade.lha mods/huezo 111K 20+A Pt-module by Huezo
KillTechno.lha mods/huezo 93K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
LiegesQuest.lha mods/huezo 341K 13+Quest-mod by Huezo
Lineard15.lha mods/huezo 70K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
Megatekkno.lha mods/huezo 56K 13+Tekkno-mod by Huezo
MistyMountains.lha mods/huezo 348K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
MrPuddington.lha mods/huezo 70K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
Navakka_luode.lha mods/huezo 172K 19+A Pt-module by Huezo
Nightrip.lha mods/huezo 39K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
OldiesGoldies1.lha mods/huezo 227K 21+5 old Pt-modules by Huezo
PadreFuneral.lha mods/huezo 39K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
PubeslepPop.lha mods/huezo 40K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
QuestKaffe.lha mods/huezo 101K 13+Pop-mod by Huezo
QuitePissyEh.lha mods/huezo 129K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
Renderin.lha mods/huezo 43K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
RolandsTheme.lha mods/huezo 225K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo and his bro
Saved.lha mods/huezo 81K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
Scaediswoo.lha mods/huezo 74K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
Seeing_Trough.lha mods/huezo 114K 19+A Pt-module by Huezo
SegmentedHead.lha mods/huezo 168K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
SteamySausage.lha mods/huezo 69K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
StoryOfIlem.lha mods/huezo 96K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
TalesFromUnP.lha mods/huezo 74K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
TheGreatHole.lha mods/huezo 44K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
TimesUp.lha mods/huezo 97K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
TrueStory.lha mods/huezo 78K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
UniversalEx.lha mods/huezo 63K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
UnkWrld1.lha mods/huezo 43K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
UnkWrld2.lha mods/huezo 52K 13+Pop-mod by Huezo
UnkWrldMain.lha mods/huezo 32K 13+Pop-mod by Huezo
WeavySc2.lha mods/huezo 104K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
WeavySc3.lha mods/huezo 103K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
WeavySc4.lha mods/huezo 73K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
WeavySceawy1.lha mods/huezo 40K 21+A Pt-module by Huezo
X_Wator.lha mods/huezo 48K 19+A Pt-module by Huezo
X_WatorsCBack.lha mods/huezo 103K 20+A Pt-module by Huezo
Camelot.lha mods/instr 242K 23+Silly Tunes Strikes Back
s7_speed.lha mods/instr 397K 3+Speed freak - fast guitar tune
thelight.lha mods/instr 461K 9+Epical score by Pumpkin
thespirit.lha mods/instr 133K 9+Older tune by Pumpkin
JogeirRemix.lha mods/jogei 278K 19+Jogeir Liljedahl remix! (4 channel MED)
goodday.lha mods/jorma 112K 13+Good Day! by Naksahtaja (HC, from JRm-HC
pahayolu.lha mods/jorma 196K 24+Pahaa Joulua. by Vesuri, PiirakkaMunalla
sutju.lha mods/jorma 50K 11+Sutju by Vesuri (Detroit/Elektro, from J
trenox.lha mods/jorma 16K 3+Tre Nox by PiirakkaMunalla (Straight Tec
bonus.lha mods/jungl 1.7M 10+Bonus Beats by Liam/PRD *** 1:57
border.lzh mods/jungl 112K 24+Trancey breakbeat by Vox
circle.lha mods/jungl 78K 15+Drum'n'bass by Vox
DeathJungleCit.lha mods/jungl 281K 11+ProTracker Jungle Module by KOLa / PnS!
dMN_Ruffah.lha mods/jungl 298K 7+Ambient Breakbeat by DamNation/iNSTiNCT
file13.lha mods/jungl 129K 6+Ska-blues-breakbeat music in 13/8
forest.lha mods/jungl 310K 8+Forest Food - jungle!
ia_badbz.lha mods/jungl 579K 14+Badboiz - Jungle/Techstep module (XM) by
ji_SuRReNDeR.lha mods/jungl 267K 11+SuRReNDeR - A protracker module by JaBi
jninject.lha mods/jungl 388K 8+Mtut > rough thing
jungle.lha mods/jungl 110K 15+In the jungle by Midnight Flip
J_Law.lha mods/jungl 465K 20+Jungle MMD3 module...
Lopez_Breakit.lha mods/jungl 231K 4+Cool Breakbeats, feel the sun, feel free
nathan.lha mods/jungl 248K 14+Flanged drum'n'bass by Vox
NiTEFORCE.lha mods/jungl 387K 18+NIGHTFORCE - done by anthrium/delusion
pepsi.lha mods/jungl 274K 8+Fun dredd base-style jungle
phd_come.lha mods/jungl 465K 5 [ PHD ] - come back by pirat/phd
phd_dres.lha mods/jungl 174K 20 [ PHD ] - drum'n'bass featuring orlingo/
phd_phib.lha mods/jungl 397K 13 [ PHD ] - them phibes by substance/mono
Pixel.lha mods/jungl 7K 8+Small jungle by SD
pnk_narf.lzh mods/jungl 103K 16+Narf! by pANiK
pnk_nyb.lzh mods/jungl 146K 23+Nu Years B0mb by pANiK
rama.lha mods/jungl 159K 3+Breakbeat module
speedset.lha mods/jungl 93K 8+Mtut > featuring laughing Ricarda P.
StrDarkn.lha mods/jungl 412K 8+Strange & Dark Drum&Bass MOD
sumphin.lzh mods/jungl 96K 24+Drum'n'base ch00n by Vox
LaVieEstBelle.lha mods/kaa 994K 17+Redd Kaa remixed Les Halogenes Inseptici
Bongo1.lha mods/lead 389K 27+[LEAD] Bongolitto - Bricka 1 - Hip-Hop b
Bongo2.lha mods/lead 497K 27+[LEAD] Bongolitto - Bricka 2 - Hip-Hop b
LEAD_15Meter.lha mods/lead 354K 18+[LEAD] 15 Meter Och Domd Att Do - Acoust
LEAD_Aplavis.lha mods/lead 478K 17+[LEAD] Aplavision - Local Breakbeat by L
LEAD_AvelnM74.lha mods/lead 906K 18+[LEAD] Aveln Orsakar M74? - Mindless by
LEAD_BadBengt.lha mods/lead 222K 18+[LEAD] Bad Bengtsson - Synth by LEAD
LEAD_Bamse.lha mods/lead 97K 17+[LEAD] Bamse Goes Lifeless - Lifeless by
LEAD_BlaBand.lha mods/lead 357K 19+[LEAD] Bla Band - Dark Gospel by LEAD
LEAD_DANFlow.lha mods/lead 691K 19+[LEAD] DANdelion Flower - Lifeless by LE
LEAD_DrCooler.lha mods/lead 564K 16+[LEAD] Too Many Dr Cooler - Mindless Bre
LEAD_Droppe.lha mods/lead 283K 19+[LEAD] En Droppe Till - Dark Gospel by L
LEAD_Eclipse.lha mods/lead 266K 18+[LEAD] Mental Eclipse - Metal-techno by
LEAD_FearOf.lha mods/lead 305K 17+[LEAD] Fear Of The Philishave Tracer - M
LEAD_FuckinLC.lha mods/lead 651K 11+[LEAD] Your're Fuckin' With LC - HC-Meta
LEAD_Golfass.lha mods/lead 453K 11+[LEAD] Golfa'ss - Funky Piano-Metal by L
LEAD_Growling.lha mods/lead 93K 13+[LEAD] Growling - Space-Jazz by LEAD
LEAD_HowMany.lha mods/lead 131K 25+[LEAD] How Many More? - Metal by LEAD
LEAD_Konkurs.lha mods/lead 59K 18+[LEAD] Konkursfall Bult AB - Industry by
LEAD_KopShopp.lha mods/lead 510K 18+[LEAD] Kop Shoppingvagnar - Mindless by
LEAD_Mario114.lha mods/lead 376K 14+[LEAD] Super Mario 1 World 1-4 - Jungle
LEAD_Mirror.lha mods/lead 532K 19+[LEAD] Black Mirror - Heavy Metal by LEA
LEAD_Mr3.lha mods/lead 637K 18+[LEAD] En Murklas Sanna Identitet - Brai
LEAD_Mrkla2.lha mods/lead 276K 18+[LEAD] En Murklas Djupaste Drommar - Bra
LEAD_Murk597.lha mods/lead 398K 9+[LEAD] En Murklas Mest Givande Samtal '9
LEAD_NissInst.lha mods/lead 94K 18+[LEAD] Nisse-Lasse (Instrumental) - HC-M
LEAD_Pentagon.lha mods/lead 237K 14+[LEAD] Pentagone In Smoke - Christmas Br
LEAD_Phew.lha mods/lead 315K 17+[LEAD] Phew - Mindless Jungle by LEAD
LEAD_PotaLast.lha mods/lead 386K 17+[LEAD] Mrs Potatohead (The Last Brew) -
LEAD_PplMutha.lha mods/lead 515K 14+[LEAD] People By Tha Muthafuckers - Mind
LEAD_RyskAtom.lha mods/lead 719K 14+[LEAD] Ryska Atomubatar Extremt Farliga
LEAD_Skalman.lha mods/lead 205K 18+[LEAD] Miss Skalman - Schnygg-metal by L
LEAD_Society.lha mods/lead 463K 17+[LEAD] Society Sucks - HC-Metal by LEAD
LEAD_StEarSpr.lha mods/lead 444K 18+[LEAD] St Ear (The Spare Part) - Noisebr
LEAD_Stor97.lha mods/lead 377K 16+[LEAD] Stor '97 - Extreme Noisecore by L
LEAD_Svans95.lha mods/lead 192K 17+[LEAD] Svansskjutare '95 - Schnygg-metal
LEAD_Tintin.lha mods/lead 151K 18+[LEAD] 187 - Tintin Case - Techno by LEA
LEAD_Uran197.lha mods/lead 612K 19+[LEAD] Uran Orchid - Chapter 1 '97 - Lif
LEAD_Urn4.lha mods/lead 687K 8+[LEAD] Uran Orchid - Chapter 4 - Lifeles
LEAD_VigiBad.lha mods/lead 240K 14+[LEAD] Vigilante The Bad Version - Compl
Murkla1.lha mods/lead 415K 27+[LEAD] En Murklas Innersta Tankar - Brai
Murkla4.lha mods/lead 613K 25+[LEAD] En Murklas Storsta Hamndbegar - B
Turtle96.lha mods/lead 130K 25+[LEAD] Mr Turtle '96 - Schnygg-breakbeat
12moons.lha mods/mark 56K 4+Mark Salud's wave-dance music module
1dmind.lha mods/mark 43K 8+Mark Salud's jazz music module
1shot.lha mods/mark 65K 7+Mark Salud's dance music module
200mph.lha mods/mark 111K 11+Mark Salud's guitar-rock music module
2589.lha mods/mark 72K 3+Mark Salud's rock music module
2for2.lha mods/mark 49K 4+Mark Salud's slow music module
3drockin.lha mods/mark 218K 20+Mark Salud's rock music module
accolades.lha mods/mark 107K 27+Mark Salud's new wave music module
aces_magic.lha mods/mark 72K 19+Mark Salud's new wave music module
ace_hearts.lha mods/mark 113K 20+Mark Salud's new wave music module
act_funk.lha mods/mark 72K 18+Mark Salud's funk music module
afgt.lha mods/mark 66K 21+Mark Salud's funky music module
afraid.lha mods/mark 52K 23+Mark Salud's Euro-funky music module
aftaut.lha mods/mark 62K 27+Mark Salud's new age music module
aftlife.lha mods/mark 48K 2+Mark Salud's jazz music module
alfor.lha mods/mark 35K 15+Mark Salud's slow music module
algroov.lha mods/mark 54K 7+Mark Salud's swing R&B music module
aliswing.lha mods/mark 90K 2+Mark Salud's swing music module
allover.lha mods/mark 73K 3+Mark Salud's new age music module
almoves.lha mods/mark 68K 16+Mark Salud's technofunk music module
amerrockers.lha mods/mark 50K 25+Mark Salud's rock music module
amfan.lha mods/mark 84K 15+Mark Salud's rock music module
angelmercy.lha mods/mark 38K 25+Mark Salud's new wave music module
angside.lha mods/mark 76K 8+Mark Salud's slow music module
anyway.lha mods/mark 59K 24+Mark Salud's swing music module
aquat.lha mods/mark 92K 5+Mark Salud's reggae music module
arndstr.lha mods/mark 66K 22+Mark Salud's new age music module
arnt.lha mods/mark 122K 18+Mark Salud's rock music module
artfan.lha mods/mark 43K 13+Mark Salud's dance music module
artpar.lha mods/mark 59K 5+Mark Salud's new age music module
asday.lha mods/mark 55K 13+Mark Salud's soft music module
aston.lha mods/mark 83K 6+Mark Salud's popdance music module
atd.lha mods/mark 47K 24+Mark Salud's new jazz music module
autwin.lha mods/mark 54K 22+Mark Salud's jazz music module
awake.lha mods/mark 47K 25+Mark Salud's new age music module
awd.lha mods/mark 130K 21+Mark Salud's funk-wave music module
bandit.lha mods/mark 41K 25+Mark Salud's funky music module
battles.lha mods/mark 54K 24+Mark Salud's new wave music module
behold.lha mods/mark 42K 24+Mark Salud's swing music module
beholdsky.lha mods/mark 76K 13+Mark Salud's dance music module
beyondthis.lha mods/mark 49K 25+Mark Salud's pop music module
bgon.lha mods/mark 65K 10+Mark Salud's dance music module
bigwild.lha mods/mark 92K 8+Mark Salud's rock music module
big_td.lha mods/mark 59K 15+Mark Salud's dance music module
blue_mustang.lha mods/mark 36K 19+Mark Salud's pop music module
brass.lha mods/mark 59K 17+Mark Salud's funk music module
brink_of.lha mods/mark 88K 25+Mark Salud's dance music module
bstjam.lha mods/mark 35K 7+Mark Salud's wave dance music module
burnup.lha mods/mark 67K 2+Mark Salud's powerdance music module
bustin.lha mods/mark 47K 25+Mark Salud's funky music module
calypso.lha mods/mark 60K 4+Mark Salud's world dance music module
chd42nd.lha mods/mark 48K 9+Mark Salud's swing-pop music module
cida.lha mods/mark 56K 10+Mark Salud's pop music module
coas.lha mods/mark 51K 2+Mark Salud's world/dance music module
cometo.lha mods/mark 38K 24+Mark Salud's slow music module
contexpress.lha mods/mark 41K 25+Mark Salud's swing music module
control_city.lha mods/mark 65K 20+Mark Salud's funky-wave music module
coolenough.lha mods/mark 54K 9+Mark Salud's jazz music module
country.lha mods/mark 64K 21+Mark Salud's swing music module
cravings.lha mods/mark 54K 23+Mark Salud's slow music module
ctb.lha mods/mark 82K 16+Mark Salud's techno music module
dayday.lha mods/mark 36K 10+Mark Salud's waltz music module
daymid.lha mods/mark 53K 15+Mark Salud's new age music module
dazed_in.lha mods/mark 97K 22+Mark Salud's rock music module
dcs.lha mods/mark 52K 17+Mark Salud's funk music module
deep_in.lha mods/mark 51K 27+Mark Salud's jazz music module
destroyer97.lha mods/mark 75K 23+Mark Salud's new wave music module
dim_7.lha mods/mark 73K 6+Mark Salud's wave-dance music module
domjam.lha mods/mark 73K 11+Mark Salud's dance music module
doomed.lha mods/mark 59K 22+Mark Salud's rock music module
dreamcity.lha mods/mark 71K 22+Mark Salud's jazz music module
dreamfunk.lha mods/mark 54K 19+Mark Salud's funk music module
drwil.lha mods/mark 63K 4+Mark Salud's fast-tempo music module
dryspell.lha mods/mark 76K 17+Mark Salud's new wave music module
dsh.lha mods/mark 84K 6+Mark Salud's rock music module
elecrock.lha mods/mark 240K 19+Mark Salud's rock music module
entering.lha mods/mark 97K 16+Mark Salud's techno music module
eof.lha mods/mark 105K 17+Mark Salud's funk-wave music module
esc_to.lha mods/mark 55K 18+Mark Salud's dance music module
essense2.lha mods/mark 74K 16+Mark Salud's new wave music module
exci.lha mods/mark 54K 6+Mark Salud's pop music module
families.lha mods/mark 73K 14+Mark Salud's wave-rock music module
fanreal.lha mods/mark 116K 6+Mark Salud's R&B jazz music module
faover.lha mods/mark 43K 16+Mark Salud's pop music module
fast_wild.lha mods/mark 97K 19+Mark Salud's funky music module
feast_or.lha mods/mark 69K 27+Mark Salud's rock music module
fight_on.lha mods/mark 61K 27+Mark Salud's funk music module
fila.lha mods/mark 43K 21+Mark Salud's pop music module
finalact.lha mods/mark 43K 27+Mark Salud's swing music module
fots.lha mods/mark 55K 16+Mark Salud's funk music module
freak.lha mods/mark 81K 25+Mark Salud's techno-funky music module
ftcharge.lha mods/mark 122K 6+Mark Salud's rock music module
futwrld.lha mods/mark 76K 10+Mark Salud's scifi dance music module
gamesplay.lha mods/mark 90K 24+Mark Salud's R & B music module
gangsta.lha mods/mark 95K 4+Mark Salud's funk-dance music module
genius_mod.lha mods/mark 95K 6+Mark Salud's technodance music module
getball.lha mods/mark 63K 5+Mark Salud's swing music module
gloomy.lha mods/mark 54K 3+Mark Salud's wavedance music module
goneaway.lha mods/mark 72K 25+Mark Salud's new wave music module
groov2.lha mods/mark 72K 13+Mark Salud's R&B dance music module
groovstyle.lha mods/mark 74K 22+Mark Salud's funky music module
hacb.lha mods/mark 111K 12+Mark Salud's rock music module
happycool.lha mods/mark 44K 25+Mark Salud's pop music module
happydaze.lha mods/mark 23K 27+Mark Salud's funky music module
hauntdance.lha mods/mark 87K 16+Mark Salud's techno music module
hdrock.lha mods/mark 77K 8+Mark Salud's rock music module
heatmad.lha mods/mark 67K 7+Mark Salud's rock music module
heavyheat.lha mods/mark 67K 17+Mark Salud's rock music module
heavyhitter.lha mods/mark 49K 27+Mark Salud's rock music module
heroact.lha mods/mark 53K 15+Mark Salud's score music module
hero_boy.lha mods/mark 59K 10+Mark Salud's pop music module
he_she.lha mods/mark 94K 13+Mark Salud's technodance music module
hirdman.lha mods/mark 98K 9+Mark Salud's popdance music module
hi_on.lha mods/mark 48K 19+Mark Salud's new wave music module
hots.lha mods/mark 127K 13+Mark Salud's jazz music module
how_know.lha mods/mark 81K 20+Mark Salud's slow music module
humming.lha mods/mark 27K 7+Mark Salud's world dance music module
ibef.lha mods/mark 83K 11+Mark Salud's wave-dance music module
icf.lha mods/mark 42K 5+Mark Salud's wave-rock music module
if_this.lha mods/mark 60K 24+Mark Salud's new wave music module
images.lha mods/mark 54K 21+Mark Salud's pop music module
imagwrld.lha mods/mark 53K 23+Mark Salud's mellow pop music module
imnot.lha mods/mark 53K 23+Mark Salud's slow music module
intimidation.lha mods/mark 65K 22+Mark Salud's new wave music module
invin.lha mods/mark 58K 23+Mark Salud's dance music module
in_air.lha mods/mark 64K 21+Mark Salud's pop music module
ios.lha mods/mark 46K 8+Mark Salud's wavedance music module
ironman.lha mods/mark 44K 21+Mark Salud's dance music module
itmad.lha mods/mark 51K 18+Mark Salud's dance music module
jaws_funk.lha mods/mark 76K 21+Mark Salud's funk music module
jj_song.lha mods/mark 48K 21+Mark Salud's funk music module
jung.lha mods/mark 44K 2+Mark Salud's world dance music module
just_for.lha mods/mark 90K 18+Mark Salud's new age music module
kod.lha mods/mark 81K 13+Mark Salud's rock music module
lazy97.lha mods/mark 59K 12+Mark Salud's swing pop music module
lfhe.lha mods/mark 45K 10+Mark Salud's wave-pop music module
likin.lha mods/mark 76K 19+Mark Salud's dance music module
livone.lha mods/mark 43K 18+Mark Salud's pop music module
livup.lha mods/mark 64K 20+Mark Salud's funk music module
lonefeel.lha mods/mark 47K 25+Mark Salud's slow music module
losthi.lha mods/mark 65K 5+Mark Salud's slow music module
lovespledge.lha mods/mark 42K 17+Mark Salud's slow music module
mag_at.lha mods/mark 67K 22+Mark Salud's new wave music module
marktheme.lha mods/mark 65K 24+Mark Salud's techno-funky music module
mascool97.lha mods/mark 58K 11+Mark Salud's dance music module
mbfunk.lha mods/mark 49K 24+Mark Salud's funk music module
midcrus.lha mods/mark 86K 18+Mark Salud's new age-style music module
midlights.lha mods/mark 61K 7+Mark Salud's jazz music module
mighty_mod.lha mods/mark 63K 8+Mark Salud's dance music module
mons.lha mods/mark 80K 5+Mark Salud's rock music module
moonglows.lha mods/mark 54K 24+Mark Salud's slow music module
morewoman.lha mods/mark 47K 15+Mark Salud's dance music module
mysli.lha mods/mark 54K 3+Mark Salud's new age music module
mystic2.lha mods/mark 78K 17+Mark Salud's funk music module
nimo.lha mods/mark 37K 2+Mark Salud's new age music module
noi.lha mods/mark 48K 12+Mark Salud's dance music module
not_wonder.lha mods/mark 43K 25+Mark Salud's pop music module
ofas.lha mods/mark 135K 14+Mark Salud's rock-pop music module
ohoh.lha mods/mark 32K 9+Mark Salud's reggae music module
olf.lha mods/mark 42K 16+Mark Salud's slow music module
ominous.lha mods/mark 95K 19+Mark Salud's new wave music module
omspell.lha mods/mark 75K 9+Mark Salud's wave-rock music module
oncewild.lha mods/mark 125K 14+Mark Salud's rock music module
onekind.lha mods/mark 56K 24+Mark Salud's pop music module
onestep.lha mods/mark 80K 25+Mark Salud's pop music module
onetern.lha mods/mark 40K 22+Mark Salud's slow music module
one_x.lha mods/mark 79K 11+Mark Salud's rock music module
ontherun97.lha mods/mark 69K 15+Mark Salud's new age music module
on_dist.lha mods/mark 38K 22+Mark Salud's new age pop music module
on_the_run.lha mods/mark 66K 27+Mark Salud's new wave music module
optimums.lha mods/mark 52K 24+Mark Salud's new wave music module
osweet.lha mods/mark 25K 12+Mark Salud's slow music module
ott.lha mods/mark 70K 17+Mark Salud's swing music module
pac_star.lha mods/mark 116K 25+Mark Salud's dance music module
playtime.lha mods/mark 69K 24+Mark Salud's funky music module
pnr.lha mods/mark 61K 20+Mark Salud's funky music module
praising.lha mods/mark 91K 19+Mark Salud's new age music module
pty_frks.lha mods/mark 68K 12+Mark Salud's dance music module
pucha.lha mods/mark 96K 3+Mark Salud's funkdance music module
pude.lha mods/mark 59K 3+Mark Salud's popdance music module
pumpin.lha mods/mark 52K 14+Mark Salud's dance music module
qikpac.lha mods/mark 62K 13+Mark Salud's fast tempo music module
quff.lha mods/mark 30K 7+Mark Salud's dance music module
q_nights.lha mods/mark 52K 21+Mark Salud's new age music module
rain.lha mods/mark 49K 24+Mark Salud's funky music module
realdeal96.lha mods/mark 58K 23+Mark Salud's dance music module
rebel.lha mods/mark 55K 3+Mark Salud's Eurodance music module
rebel_crt.lha mods/mark 71K 20+Mark Salud's funky-wave music module
remspr.lha mods/mark 87K 13+Mark Salud's slow music module
ridland.lha mods/mark 57K 24+Mark Salud's new wave music module
roam.lha mods/mark 75K 14+Mark Salud's new wave music module
rockin.lha mods/mark 115K 22+Mark Salud's rock music module
rokhos97.lha mods/mark 102K 19+Mark Salud's rock music module
rotim.lha mods/mark 51K 3+Mark Salud's swingpop music module
run_way.lha mods/mark 44K 23+Mark Salud's swing-pop music module
run_wild.lha mods/mark 79K 19+Mark Salud's funk music module
scarytales.lha mods/mark 32K 2+Mark Salud's swing music module
scenescity.lha mods/mark 61K 25+Mark Salud's funky-jazz music module
scifi19.lha mods/mark 51K 25+Mark Salud's new wave music module
scifi20.lha mods/mark 84K 16+Mark Salud's techno music module
scifi30.lha mods/mark 50K 2+Mark Salud's wavedance music module
seacap.lha mods/mark 20K 13+Mark Salud's ballad music module
seasons_mod.lha mods/mark 17K 21+Mark Salud's piano music module
shar.lha mods/mark 45K 22+Mark Salud's pop music module
skyward.lha mods/mark 47K 11+Mark Salud's wave-dance music module
solidarity.lha mods/mark 62K 21+Mark Salud's techno-pop music module
sospo.lha mods/mark 97K 3+Mark Salud's slow music module
sotc.lha mods/mark 86K 18+Mark Salud's rock music module
sousty.lha mods/mark 73K 13+Mark Salud's rock music module
spec.lha mods/mark 89K 2+Mark Salud's rock music module
speed_demons.lha mods/mark 122K 9+Mark Salud's guitar-rock music module
spsw.lha mods/mark 75K 11+Mark Salud's swing-pop music module
spydude.lha mods/mark 94K 8+Mark Salud's dance music module
st97.lha mods/mark 70K 15+Mark Salud's dance music module
staticjam.lha mods/mark 89K 16+Mark Salud's techno music module
steamfnk.lha mods/mark 93K 16+Mark Salud's tech-funk music module
st_dance.lha mods/mark 50K 20+Mark Salud's dance music module
supdan.lha mods/mark 47K 11+Mark Salud's synth-dance music module
supreme.lha mods/mark 57K 20+Mark Salud's pop music module
sway.lha mods/mark 30K 9+Mark Salud's swing-pop music module
talk_cool.lha mods/mark 99K 21+Mark Salud's funky music module
tbirdpwr.lha mods/mark 50K 15+Mark Salud's dance music module
td_jam.lha mods/mark 127K 23+Mark Salud's techno music module
tender.lha mods/mark 54K 12+Mark Salud's slow music module
thisgtr.lha mods/mark 90K 25+Mark Salud's rock music module
thisours.lha mods/mark 78K 25+Mark Salud's slow music module
thissoft.lha mods/mark 39K 27+Mark Salud's pop music module
this_galaxy.lha mods/mark 65K 27+Mark Salud's new wave music module
timehrt.lha mods/mark 74K 10+Mark Salud's soft music module
tmbm.lha mods/mark 56K 19+Mark Salud's pop music module
toofar.lha mods/mark 39K 9+Mark Salud's slow music module
too_inc.lha mods/mark 65K 21+Mark Salud's new wave music module
topof.lha mods/mark 127K 4+Mark Salud's power-dance music module
totru.lha mods/mark 44K 7+Mark Salud's pop music module
trudare.lha mods/mark 56K 19+Mark Salud's pop music module
tsheart.lha mods/mark 44K 15+Mark Salud's slow music module
turn_on.lha mods/mark 52K 23+Mark Salud's dance music module
twinkle.lha mods/mark 66K 10+Mark Salud's soft & slow music module
twr.lha mods/mark 72K 20+Mark Salud's rock music module
ucd.lha mods/mark 62K 18+Mark Salud's dance music module
udah.lha mods/mark 46K 8+Mark Salud's steeldrum dance music modul
unfa.lha mods/mark 49K 2+Mark Salud's slow music module
unke.lha mods/mark 76K 12+Mark Salud's dance music module
unravelingstor.lha mods/mark 49K 25+Mark Salud's new wave music module
unsec.lha mods/mark 47K 6+Mark Salud's swing pop music module
untime.lha mods/mark 17K 7+Mark Salud's slow music module
upin.lha mods/mark 55K 4+Mark Salud's wave-dance music module
upur.lha mods/mark 90K 11+Mark Salud's tech-dance music module
upyo.lha mods/mark 67K 5+Mark Salud's techfunk music module
up_out.lha mods/mark 49K 21+Mark Salud's pop music module
urgmes.lha mods/mark 72K 5+Mark Salud's new age music module
vivacious.lha mods/mark 42K 17+Mark Salud's Euro-dance music module
vump97.lha mods/mark 59K 17+Mark Salud's dance music module
walkshuff.lha mods/mark 59K 15+Mark Salud's pop music module
wallsfire.lha mods/mark 40K 23+Mark Salud's new wave music module
wantyou.lha mods/mark 59K 5+Mark Salud's slow music module
watch_sky.lha mods/mark 40K 20+Mark Salud's dance music module
we_know.lha mods/mark 29K 27+Mark Salud's swing music module
whatcha.lha mods/mark 59K 25+Mark Salud's funk music module
whatsreal2.lha mods/mark 48K 15+Mark Salud's funkwave music module
whenmy.lha mods/mark 57K 27+Mark Salud's slow music module
whipappeal.lha mods/mark 68K 23+Mark Salud's slow music module
whislov.lha mods/mark 60K 6+Mark Salud's slow music module
whydont.lha mods/mark 39K 14+Mark Salud's waltz music module
why_so.lha mods/mark 49K 20+Mark Salud's slow music module
wildfire.lha mods/mark 143K 19+Mark Salud's slow music module
wink.lha mods/mark 77K 14+Mark Salud's dance music module
withpleas.lha mods/mark 40K 25+Mark Salud's swing music module
wld_x.lha mods/mark 114K 15+Mark Salud's dance music module
wroway.lha mods/mark 74K 3+Mark Salud's rock music module
yimd.lha mods/mark 48K 6+Mark Salud's slow music module
yngdr.lha mods/mark 54K 7+Mark Salud's swing music module
yogard.lha mods/mark 53K 3+Mark Salud's slow music module
yomine.lha mods/mark 57K 25+Mark Salud's slow music module
yours.lha mods/mark 37K 17+Mark Salud's dance music module
zi_jam.lha mods/mark 45K 10+Mark Salud's dancemusic module
LiverLando2.lha mods/maxym 149K 4+8-ch TakeTracker module. background
ShootStar.lha mods/maxym 228K 4+12-ch TakeTracker module. Spacey song
Shoot_Star2.lha mods/maxym 413K 4+12-ch TakeTracker module. Spacey song
anger.lha mods/med 47K 8+Tune by paddyWack made with Octamed.v5
Audrey.lha mods/med 237K 5+<Audrey> By Dave The Brave (SoundStudio)
back2wil.lha mods/med 127K 18+HardTrance/House OCSS mod by IMMORTAL
bc_cathd.lha mods/med 137K 5+Ambient trance-trip dance music. (MMD1)
bc_goann.lha mods/med 117K 2+"Goanna", an aboriginal goa-trance mod.
bc_guru.lha mods/med 152K 3+"Guru Meditation" by B. C. Productions
BHOutro.lha mods/med 53K 17+Octamed Soundstudio Module from BountyHu
button.lha mods/med 233K 17+A DONDA OctaMED Soundstudio Module
cannon.lha mods/med 215K 17+A DONDA OctaMED Module
CascTranq.lha mods/med 125K 8+Easy listening, soothing kind of tune.
ClingDream.lha mods/med 176K 10+Clinging to a Dream. A 4 channel moody r
Closer2God.lha mods/med 410K 5+A 14 channel OctaMED SS module
CX3.lha mods/med 142K 14+OctaMED Soundstudio Module By Mr.Cash
dawr.lha mods/med 278K 14+A DONDA OctaMED Soundstudio Module
deadtree.lha mods/med 88K 17+OctaMED Soundstudio Module By Mr.Cash
Different.lha mods/med 271K 5+<Different> By Dave The Brave (SoundStud
DriftAway.lha mods/med 235K 5+<Different> By Dave The Brave (SoundStud
Dust.lha mods/med 269K 10+Freestyle mod by Uwi.
edgeproj.lha mods/med 303K 3+Edge of the Galaxy Remix Project. By A.A
epicloud.lha mods/med 242K 17+OctaMED Soundstudio Module By Mr.Cash
Evolution.lha mods/med 146K 5+<Evolution> By Dave The Brave (SoundStud
feble.lha mods/med 51K 14+A DONDA OctaMED Soundstudio Module
Grisen.lha mods/med 17K 8+Old MED-song by SD
HAG.lha mods/med 231K 14+OctaMED Soundstudio Module By Mr.Cash
HallOfEternity.lha mods/med 162K 10+*COOL* 8ch OCSS house mod by IMMORTAL
Hb_firstcompo.lha mods/med 109K 8+1st HOLOBOYS release: dance style w/ pix
hb_pizza.lha mods/med 136K 6+5th HOLOBOYS release:guitar style w/ pix
Hb_tajmahal.lha mods/med 165K 8+3rd HOLOBOYS release: oriental with pix
Hb_whools.lha mods/med 165K 8+4th HOLOBOYS release: game style w/ pix
hmr_cont.lha mods/med 208K 13+Pacey goa styled octamed module
hmr_mood.lha mods/med 263K 22+Fantasy ambient rock octamed module
hmr_mywo.lha mods/med 252K 22+Futurist noise core octamed module
hmr_od.lha mods/med 278K 11+Jumpy thuddy anti-drug octamed module
hmr_outr.lha mods/med 269K 22+Spacey dancey techno octamed module
hmr_yNot.lha mods/med 1.1M 21+YNot EP - 3 octamed modules
hypnohou.lha mods/med 140K 18+*Cool* House OCSS mod by IMMORTAL
insert.lha mods/med 382K 12+OctaMED Soundstudio Module By Mr.Cash
jolpoid.lha mods/med 388K 17+OctaMED Soundstudio Module By Mr.Cash
kettle.lha mods/med 326K 14+OctaMED Soundstudio Module By Mr.Cash
LongAgo.lha mods/med 72K 19+Xenn<elxbudda> mod
mad_fren.lha mods/med 349K 12+OctaMED Soundstudio Module By Mr.Cash
Ml_Hall_Of_Fam.lha mods/med 15K 11+An Hi-Scores music made with Mline
Ml_Ocean_Storm.lha mods/med 207K 11+8-Channels themes made with Mline by Zet
Ml_Supercar.lha mods/med 4K 11+An Mline-remix of SUPERCAR theme... by Z
ModsVA2.lha mods/med 742K 22+Modules presented at VigoAMIGA-2 party
outthere.lha mods/med 103K 7+Trance mod by Snozz (Lee Eckert)
progress.lha mods/med 65K 10+OctaMED SS Mod Hyper/iNSTiNCT
ringvill.lha mods/med 477K 15+A DONDA OctaMED Soundstudio Module
skull.lha mods/med 172K 15+OctaMED Soundstudio Module By Mr.Cash
sk_5thWheel.lha mods/med 84K 10+Techno in 5/4
sk_bettys.lha mods/med 97K 8+Houselike music by skullsaw
sk_EE.lha mods/med 89K 9+Breakbeat,child vocals-skullsaw
sk_gearteeth.lha mods/med 93K 9+Jungatech by skullsaw
sk_inflat.lha mods/med 82K 5+Inflatable Girl by skullsaw
sk_mindscrew.lha mods/med 135K 6+Ambient beat by skullsaw
sk_orgres.lha mods/med 90K 8+Minimalistc Breakbeat by skullsaw
SlowDeath.lha mods/med 261K 17+A 'death' metal module by Christos Dimit
Sniper0.lha mods/med 111K 22+Octamed Sound Studio song done by Sniper
sofkeII.lha mods/med 355K 12+OSS mod (MMD2, Stereo) by SoFkE!
SpaceOSS.lha mods/med 345K 21+Soundstudio 10ChStereo - Techno by Quick
Spirit.lha mods/med 1.7M 8+Dancing Spirit V2
Tears.lha mods/med 287K 5+<Tears> by Dave The Brave (SoundStudio)
testament.lha mods/med 235K 9+A drum `n Bass-tinged OctaMED song file
T_Q_B_Dreams.lha mods/med 412K 15+MED-Module composed by Technox & Quasar
T_Q_Chemical.lha mods/med 394K 15+MED-Module composed by Technox & Quasar
T_Q_Receiver.lha mods/med 209K 15+MED-Module composed by Technox & Quasar
WorldOfMisere.lha mods/med 64K 25+OctaMedSoundStudio Module
back_to.lha mods/melod 90K 18+Back To The Fifties by Vernon Marcum
crooze.lha mods/melod 70K 9+Tropical/Calypso MMD1 by Bobby Clark
loving_m.lha mods/melod 107K 17+Loving A Mermaid by Immortal Bards
moonlight.lha mods/melod 175K 14+Moonlight Shadow - baroque remix
newball.lzh mods/melod 39K 25+A Pop Ballad By CSM
remember.lha mods/melod 84K 17+Rememberances by Argon Factor
rio.lha mods/melod 62K 8+A peppy little latino tune (MMD1)
TheLastCry.lha mods/melod 239K 10+Fine MED module by /\/\ind \/\/alker
trvlmely.lha mods/melod 58K 22+Melodic MOD by Vent! Travellers Of Melod
2henrymo.lha mods/misc 236K 15+Bad Correction & Deviltempos: 2 Sir Henr
4free_its_ugly.lha mods/misc 75K 17+Ugly experimental Module, by Hardraver/o
airp.lzh mods/misc 199K 9+Airphobia/1996
alfons.lha mods/misc 34K 8+Alfons berg by SD
AloneForever.lha mods/misc 55K 25+OctaMedSoundStudio Module
ambient_groove.lha mods/misc 31K 17+Nice groovy Module, by Hardraver/otl
AmigaAcid.lha mods/misc 45K 8 Minimalistic track by SD
andromed.lha mods/misc 176K 22+Andromeda a Module By J.Thomas
ASDF.lha mods/misc 108K 22+Asdf a Module By J.Thomas
astroWave.lha mods/misc 221K 6+Mod by I.L.S ***** Ar. BY Joseph.c
bjaller.lha mods/misc 33K 8+Jingle Bells by SD
blk_area.lha mods/misc 168K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_pvce.lha mods/misc 561K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_swar.lha mods/misc 119K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blue_sen.lha mods/misc 84K 17+Blue Sensation
bomsdeis.lha mods/misc 16K 20+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
BooChoons.lha mods/misc 383K 14+Pointless mix of some famous songs (uplo
burning.lha mods/misc 109K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jan R. Haugan
c64_memo.lha mods/misc 65K 17+C64 Memories
CentralPark.lha mods/misc 55K 16+The very first module from Mike F
cestmara.lha mods/misc 59K 17+C'Est Marrantz
chipola2.lha mods/misc 4K 20+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
cloudwal.lha mods/misc 112K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
come_on.lha mods/misc 115K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jan R. Haugan
Crackattack.lha mods/misc 120K 19+A Module Created Using Octamed V.
Crazy.lha mods/misc 38K 3+Crazy Santas, a nice christmas song.
crusing.lha mods/misc 57K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
csm_exp3.lzh mods/misc 392K 9+Experimental tracks by CSM
CUST_Agony_MON.lha mods/misc 181K 10+Custom module v1.0 for EP/DT (+ sources)
CUST_HangOn.lha mods/misc 146K 10+Custom module v1.0 for EP/DT (+ sources)
DangerSomewher.lha mods/misc 56K 25+OctaMedSoundStudio Module
dear_rob.lha mods/misc 36K 18+Dear Rob - Tribute to Rob Hubbard
DeathOfTheWolf.lha mods/misc 87K 25+OctaMedSoundStudio Module
Dedicat2.lha mods/misc 650K 11+Tribute to Rob Baxter (2 disks set) of S
Dedication1.lha mods/misc 78K 11+Tribute to Rob Baxter (2 disks set) of S
Deep_Space.lha mods/misc 357K 14+Module by DanX
demokid.lha mods/misc 81K 13+4 channel PTM module by Jan R. Haugan
demol.lzh mods/misc 83K 9+A track By CSM/1996
demo_fix.lha mods/misc 84K 18+FIXED DemoComp Mod by Essex
DumDaDum.lha mods/misc 27K 8 Another song by SD
EagleIntroUnic.lha mods/misc 97K 19+EaglePlayer V1.00 intro music (UNIC Trac
ElbiESynthetic.lha mods/misc 246K 17+MOD.Synthetic by ElbiE/t13N!
ElbiE_Amadeus.lha mods/misc 82K 17+MOD.Amadeus by ElbiE/t13N!
elbie_when.lha mods/misc 2K 5+When I Saw Her Face - [happy chip] by El
Eleflask.lha mods/misc 133K 8 Crazy tune by SD & Philip
EnergyofLove.lha mods/misc 157K 14+Module by DanX
EnTee.lha mods/misc 66K 22+EnTee Module By J.Thomas
escape.lha mods/misc 69K 17+Escape From Earth
etr_fire.lha mods/misc 211K 3+New mod by Etrimon
FatigueTakeMe.lha mods/misc 98K 25+OctaMedSoundStudio Module
flyatl.lzh mods/misc 222K 9+FlyingOverAtlantis/1997
flyhardr.lha mods/misc 77K 17+Fly Harder by Starbyte
forest_dungeon.lha mods/misc 58K 17+Nice Mystic-Synth Module, by Hardraver/o
FractalForest.lha mods/misc 87K 11+Mod from -=ShaftWerk=-
Girl_DuF.lha mods/misc 277K 4+DustyFilters by Kuu/Kinky
girl_ect.lha mods/misc 46K 18+Electro - Refix
Grull.lha mods/misc 706K 23+Ambient house module by Whiskas
guess.lha mods/misc 55K 20+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
g_abstrs.lha mods/misc 63K 5+Abstruse - by GLYPH
g_bling.lha mods/misc 42K 5+Bling - a happy MOD by GLYPH
g_fducks.lha mods/misc 68K 5+Field Of Ducks - by GLYPH
g_goomy.lha mods/misc 48K 5+Goomy - by GLYPH
g_hist.lha mods/misc 76K 5+Hist - by GLYPH
Hallucination.lha mods/misc 143K 14+Module by DanX
happynew.lha mods/misc 94K 18+Happy NewYear'97
Have.lha mods/misc 365K 10 Happy Piano Hardcore-DJ ELviz
heavens.lzh mods/misc 41K 9+A track By CSM/1996
HIPC_Astaroth.lha mods/misc 27K 25+Hippel module EaglePlayer/Delitracker
HIP_B_Valley.lha mods/misc 29K 25+Hippel module EaglePlayer/Delitracker
HIP_C_Bakery.lha mods/misc 3K 25+Hippel module EaglePlayer/Delitracker
HIP_Jambala.lha mods/misc 225K 25+Hippel module EaglePlayer/Delitracker
HIP_Medusa.lha mods/misc 47K 25+Hippel module EaglePlayer/Delitracker
HIP_Thalion.lha mods/misc 9K 25+Hippel module EaglePlayer/Delitracker
HK_Paradise.lha mods/misc 64K 16+A new terrific module made by Mike F
ia_tc.lha mods/misc 619K 2+[iA] rel. #103 - Teflon Cloudz - Drum`n`
Itsallright.lha mods/misc 30K 19+It's All Right - Disco Module
jnx2DjashCrash.lha mods/misc 128K 20+JinX / Old Jazzy house mod...
jump_n_move.lha mods/misc 151K 7+Mod by I.L.S ***** Ar. BY Joseph.c
KalahSun.lha mods/misc 222K 22+Kalahari Sunset a Module By J.Thomas
lastear.lzh mods/misc 116K 9+A track By CSM/1996
LaxPlayMods.lha mods/misc 4K 24+2 Laxity-Player Mods
LearnSwedish.lha mods/misc 84K 13+Learning Swedish - By Purgatory und S0re
ligtbeat.lha mods/misc 39K 8+Mtut > old popstyle track
lucky_yo.lha mods/misc 98K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
minds.lha mods/misc 51K 15+Kewl mod by TrEkKiE
miraclel.lha mods/misc 124K 20+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
mo_98p.lha mods/misc 273K 13+(mono) - 98p for a 99 by Vim
mo_blur.lha mods/misc 276K 10+(mono) - Blur Reality by ChuckB
mo_buck.lha mods/misc 635K 8+(mono) - In The Buck by Relief + Skizo
mo_call.lha mods/misc 235K 5+(mono) - Call me Persephone by Vim
mo_core.lha mods/misc 391K 9+(mono) - The Core by Archangel
mo_dig.lha mods/misc 429K 24+[MONO] - Dig Deep by ChuckB
mo_jeal.lha mods/misc 333K 18+(mono) - Jealousy by The Unconsciousness
mp_mello.lha mods/misc 285K 18+MP.Mellow
m_303.lha mods/misc 243K 15+(mono) - 303 Krush EP by Relief + Skizo
m_ambi.lha mods/misc 184K 19+(mono) - L'Ambient by Iso + TheFoxII
m_arm.lha mods/misc 95K 5+(mono) - Armani's Dreams by Dreamfish
m_dirt.lha mods/misc 642K 17+(mono) - dirtyclothesEP by substance
m_futu.lha mods/misc 451K 11+(mono) - The Future by Twilight /Mono
m_hot.lha mods/misc 88K 23+[MONO] - Hotplate (remix) by Substance
m_keta.lha mods/misc 190K 10+(mono) - Ketamin Sunrise EP by Dreamfish
m_plas.lha mods/misc 180K 25+[MONO] - Plastic EP by Vim
m_shad.lha mods/misc 377K 24+[MONO] - Shadow Funk by Relief
m_twist.lha mods/misc 179K 9+(mono) - Twisted Shadows by Substance
m_wyr.lha mods/misc 422K 12+(mono) - Wyrchyk by Subi /Mono
necronomicon.lha mods/misc 345K 18+Octamed3 Module By Satan of Armageddon
NewOldDreams.lha mods/misc 158K 14+Module by DanX
NewPiano.lha mods/misc 95K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
nightdan.lha mods/misc 83K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
Nk_Beacand.lha mods/misc 133K 15+Cool mod by Nork/Network^Massive^Osmose
Nk_NormalEmoti.lha mods/misc 158K 14+"Strange" mod by Nork/Network^Massive^Os
nostcovr.lha mods/misc 98K 8+Mtut > electronicblackstuff
o3.lha mods/misc 279K 8+Mod by I.L.S ***** Ar. BY Joseph.c
oldtrax.lzh mods/misc 326K 9+Old tracks by CSM (93/94)
op8_floating.lha mods/misc 166K 23 The music from Oepir Risti #8 (diskmag)
OpenYourMind.lha mods/misc 74K 14+Module by DanX
opq_strf.lha mods/misc 123K 25+A happy (raving) jungle style mod thinge
P3_Dans.lha mods/misc 16K 8 P3 Dans-musik
peacefull_land.lha mods/misc 75K 17+Very nice Synth Module, by Hardraver/otl
planetx.lzh mods/misc 88K 9+A track By CSM/1996
Pleasure_Pain.lha mods/misc 127K 14+Module by DanX
polkas.lha mods/misc 294K 18+Polkastyle by Buzzer/Zenon
Premiere.lha mods/misc 54K 14+Module by DanX
puredv.lzh mods/misc 160K 9+PureDevotion/96
raven_al.lha mods/misc 87K 17+Raven Allnite! by Brett Mitchell
RaveOverBethle.lha mods/misc 142K 5+Joke Symphonie 2.4f+ Pro by Dr.K.Oss
rockit.lzh mods/misc 278K 9+A track By CSM/1996
RohanRid.lha mods/misc 95K 22+Riders of Rohan Module By J.Thomas
RonKlaren_BSIM.lha mods/misc 92K 10+Ron Klaren module for EaglePlayer
RonKl_BSTM.lha mods/misc 91K 14+Ron Klaren module for EaglePlayer
RonKl_CBTM.lha mods/misc 29K 8+Ron Klaren module for EaglePlayer
s7_reme2.lha mods/misc 59K 3+Remember2 - diskmag tune
s7_remem.lha mods/misc 42K 3+Remember - diskmag tune
Sacred_Journey.lha mods/misc 57K 2+Cool Tune... by Merlin M!
SaveMe.lha mods/misc 110K 25+OctaMedSoundStudio Module
shesthe.lha mods/misc 75K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
shinny.lzh mods/misc 29K 22+Track By CSM
shit.lzh mods/misc 16K 25+A little track by Mc Claudinho
Similari.lha mods/misc 56K 18+Nice Mystic-Synth Module, by Hardraver/o
slash_yo.lha mods/misc 97K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
sonnen_unterga.lha mods/misc 32K 17+Nice Mystic-Synth Module, by Hardraver/o
SpaceExe.lha mods/misc 355K 21+10ch stereo - Techno by Quickspace
SpringDay.lha mods/misc 352K 16+Piano/Waltz Symph 2.4f+ Mod by Dr.K.Oss
Stairway.lha mods/misc 407K 11+Melodical Rock Module. MED MMD1 Format
star_jou.lha mods/misc 153K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jan R. Haugan
steeler.lha mods/misc 37K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
StructOrig.lha mods/misc 434K 23+Ambient house module by Whiskas
sundance.lha mods/misc 218K 18+Sun Dance by Purple Motion
sunday.lha mods/misc 42K 21+Sunday - more than a module ... a music
sunstorm.lzh mods/misc 185K 9+A track By CSM/1996
Suprafield.lha mods/misc 256K 23+Older Halfchill module by Whiskas
t13N_From.lha mods/misc 80K 23 Amiga-dorkpop by ElbiE/t13N!
t13N_Gothic.lha mods/misc 358K 23+Gothic doom by ElbiE/t13N!
TheCosmicCat.lha mods/misc 64K 2+Cool funktune by Merlin M!
TheScrapyard.lha mods/misc 76K 11+Mod from -=ShaftWerk=-
The_Log.lha mods/misc 591K 22+Halfchill/Ambient module by Whiskas
Thunder.lha mods/misc 47K 10+Old Module by BPM
thx_mods.lha mods/misc 4K 20+4 channel THX modules by Jeano / BCD
Triumph.lha mods/misc 110K 22+Triumph a Module By J.Thomas
tune_1_2.lha mods/misc 158K 15+Tune1 & Tune2: 2 Sir Henry modules (2in1
underwat.lha mods/misc 92K 4+UnderWater Feeling Protracker Module
undiscre.lha mods/misc 71K 3+A hypnotic protracker module
united7.lzh mods/misc 152K 9+A track By CSM/1996
various3.lha mods/misc 975K 18+Misc Mods From Anonymous Composers
VariousMods.lha mods/misc 1.0M 18+A bunch of various mods
warlss.lzh mods/misc 230K 22+Track by CSM/1996
Wastland.lha mods/misc 156K 22+Wastelands a Module By J.Thomas
wayofthe.lha mods/misc 76K 20+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
WelcomeInMyWor.lha mods/misc 81K 25+OctaMedSoundStudio Module
whatzthi.lha mods/misc 52K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
whisper.lha mods/misc 115K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
why_did.lha mods/misc 99K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
WildRefr.lha mods/misc 63K 23+Happy breakbeat showoff module by Whiska
wish_u_w.lha mods/misc 143K 17+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
Xenophobe.lha mods/misc 18K 2+Agressive sound by Merlin M!
xtacy.lzh mods/misc 312K 10+Track By CSM
saxietun.lha mods/mryo 36K 25+Mr.Yo's 1996 4Ch Dance/Latin/Sax
10Sec.lha mods/ooze 347K 14+Ooze-10Second Trans
2Moon.lha mods/ooze 345K 14+Ooze-2 Moons Risin' [fantasy] - 4ch MOD
4Ever.lha mods/ooze 498K 14+Ooze-4-Ever [rave] 4ch MOD by Ooze
Alive.lha mods/ooze 410K 14+Ooze-Alive [ambient] 4ch MOD by Ooze/X-Z
Angie.lha mods/ooze 354K 14+Ooze-Angient_Women [ambient trance] 4ch
Arab.lha mods/ooze 520K 14+Ooze-Arabian Nights [!!fantasy!!] 4ch MO
Araku.lha mods/ooze 418K 14+Ooze-Araku [fantasy] 16ch XM by Ooze
Ass.lha mods/ooze 665K 14+Ooze-Asskick [hardcore] 16ch XM by Ooze
Bett.lha mods/ooze 728K 14+Ooze-You Better Get It Up [hardcore] 16c
Burn.lha mods/ooze 305K 14+Ooze-Burned [experimental] 12ch XM by Oo
Dedic.lha mods/ooze 339K 14+Ooze-Dedicated [industry-techno] 4ch MOD
Dolph.lha mods/ooze 198K 14+Ooze-Dolphins Dream [melodic guitar] 4ch
Dream.lha mods/ooze 429K 14+Ooze-Dream Catcher [fantasy] 4ch MOD by
DrII.lha mods/ooze 454K 14+Ooze-Dream Waves II [fantasy] 4ch MOD by
Druid.lha mods/ooze 336K 14+Ooze-Druid [fantasy] 4ch MOD by Ooze
Etern.lha mods/ooze 412K 14+Ooze-Eternal [hardcore] 12ch XM by Ooze/
Extro.lha mods/ooze 193K 14+Ooze-Extrodanary [prodigy-rave] 4ch MOD
Ind.lha mods/ooze 258K 14+Ooze-Industrial Dreams [industry flumm]
India.lha mods/ooze 751K 14+Ooze-Indian [fantasy] 10ch XM by Ooze/X-
Love.lha mods/ooze 881K 14+Ooze-Beyond Love [soft trance] 18ch XM b
LSD.lha mods/ooze 407K 14+Ooze-L.S.D [prodigy-rave] 4ch MOD by Ooz
NotStupid.lha mods/ooze 443K 10+"I'm_Not_Stupid" - 12ch [!!harcore] XM b
OiXM.lha mods/ooze 476K 14+Ooze-Oi You (XM version) [fantasy] 8ch X
OiYou.lha mods/ooze 488K 14+Ooze-Oi You [fantasy] 4ch MOD by Ooze
OneOnThe.lha mods/ooze 615K 10+"One On The House" - 10ch [!!harcore] XM
Parad.lha mods/ooze 393K 14+Ooze-Paradise [fantasy] 4ch MOD by Ooze
Pois.lha mods/ooze 479K 14+Ooze-Poisoned Cat [industry] 4ch MOD by
Polsk.lha mods/ooze 160K 14+Ooze-Pirate Polska [polska] 4ch MOD by O
Queen.lha mods/ooze 454K 14+Ooze-Vampire Queen [fantasy ambient] 4ch
Rave.lha mods/ooze 125K 14+Ooze-Space Rave [prodigy-rave] 4ch MOD b
RecI.lha mods/ooze 284K 14+Ooze-Recorded I [industry] 4ch MOD by Oo
RecII.lha mods/ooze 295K 14+Ooze-Recorded II [industry] 4ch MOD by O
Robb.lha mods/ooze 573K 14+Ooze-Robbery [hardcore] 16ch XM by Ooze/
ShaII.lha mods/ooze 493K 14+Ooze-Shaman II [fantasy-techno] 4ch MOD
Sham.lha mods/ooze 470K 14+Ooze-Shaman Journey [fantasy-techno] 4ch
Spaz.lha mods/ooze 516K 14+Ooze-The Extro Spaz [ambient techno] 4ch
TD8.lha mods/ooze 220K 14+Ooze-TD8Cover [hardcore] 6ch XM by Ooze/
Time.lha mods/ooze 495K 14+Ooze-It's Time [ambient trance] 4ch MOD
Times.lha mods/ooze 283K 14+Ooze-Summer Times [ambient] 4ch MOD by O
UFOs.lha mods/ooze 234K 10+"U-F-O's" - 16ch [!!harcore] XM by Ooze/
Vick.lha mods/ooze 460K 14+Ooze-Vicked [!!rhythmic!!] 18ch XM by Oo
Vikin.lha mods/ooze 86K 14+Ooze-Viking Battle [nordic folk-beat] 4c
WhoAmI.lha mods/ooze 554K 10+"Who Am I" - 10ch [!!harcore] XM by Ooze
Wiz.lha mods/ooze 531K 14+Ooze-Wizard (Druid 2) [fantasy] 4ch MOD
cuckoo.lzh mods/panik 168K 7+(S3M) Deep into the Cuckoo
pnk_cb.lzh mods/panik 193K 23+Coming back by pANiK
pnk_icd.lzh mods/panik 316K 23+In Complete Darkness by pANiK
pnk_jgw.lzh mods/panik 56K 14+Just Getting Warm by pANiK
pnk_pds.lzh mods/panik 42K 16+Loopy underground by pANiK
pnk_roll.lzh mods/panik 183K 16+Roll It by pANiK
ug.lzh mods/panik 194K 7+(S3M) Underground
ArmageddonCmpl.lha mods/pete 197K 4+12-channel rave/house mod by Pirate Pete
AuntiesChristm.lha mods/pete 89K 17+15-channel ScreamTracker 3 mod by Pirate
BadReception.lha mods/pete 273K 17+16-channel techno mod by Pirate Pete
BubbleDance.lha mods/pete 68K 17+13-channel melodic .S3M by Pirate Pete
CelestialWarf.lha mods/pete 109K 4+11-channel techno mod by Pirate Pete
ComeHolySpirit.lha mods/pete 179K 17+20-channel melodic mod by Pirate Pete
copter.lha mods/pete 107K 19+13-channel techno/rave mod by Pirate Pet
expndble.lha mods/pete 164K 19+16-channel trance mod by Pirate Pete
icy.lha mods/pete 210K 19+18-channel techno mod by Pirate Pete
IcySidewalks.lha mods/pete 210K 17+18-channel techno mod by Pirate Pete
JesusIsLord.lha mods/pete 88K 17+12-channel techno mod by Pirate Pete
JungleCritters.lha mods/pete 193K 17+9-channel jungle mod by Pirate Pete
MeGustaTechno.lha mods/pete 105K 17+11-channel techno mod by Pirate Pete
MoveDaFeet.lha mods/pete 57K 17+12-channel techno mod by Pirate Pete
NewWorldJamz.lha mods/pete 90K 17+12-channel rock mod by Pirate Pete
perfect.lha mods/pete 129K 19+8-channel atmospheric mod by Pirate Pete
PraiseBeGodsHo.lha mods/pete 89K 17+8-channel atmospheric mod by Pirate Pete
PraiseGodYeMen.lha mods/pete 133K 17+11-channel atmospheric mod by Pirate Pet
Reinforcements.lha mods/pete 528K 6+20-channel techno mod by Pirate Pete
RingoRidesAgn.lha mods/pete 161K 4+13-channel country mod by Pirate Pete
ripley.lha mods/pete 198K 19+14-channel rock mod by Pirate Pete
SlamRockJamz.lha mods/pete 125K 6+12-channel rave mod by Pirate Pete
SummerBreeze.lha mods/pete 174K 17+16-channel atmospheric mod by Pirate Pet
TechnoCopter.lha mods/pete 107K 17+13-channel techno/rave mod by Pirate Pet
WaitingForAlie.lha mods/pete 95K 17+10-channel atmospheric mod by Pirate Pet
YadVashem.lha mods/pete 93K 17+11-channel atmospheric mod by Pirate Pet
assolo.lha mods/piano 26K 21+Assolo - one of my first mods
BabyBirth.lha mods/piano 78K 25+This could be interesting, give it a try
behind.lha mods/piano 69K 3+Slow ballad with piano
blk_owlt.lha mods/piano 233K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_veda.lha mods/piano 191K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
dolphin.lha mods/piano 106K 25+5-channel piano mod by Pirate Pete
DreamsMagic.lha mods/piano 117K 15+Symphonie Module by Expert/Inferno & Man
Goodbye.lzh mods/piano 10K 27+Piano module by CADENCE
g_aftrnn.lha mods/piano 12K 5+Afternoon - by GLYPH
MAdNESS.lha mods/piano 142K 20+ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "iN-mAD-nESS" [
meritcup.lha mods/piano 101K 22+MeritCup
Pain.lha mods/piano 26K 16+MOD by Chipy/Fullspeed
pianogdr.lha mods/piano 112K 22+Pianogdr
sonata.lha mods/piano 10K 17+Nice Piano/Organ Module, by Hardraver/ot
Whiter.lha mods/piano 63K 12+A relaxful pianotune by Ferrara (MMD3)
arabia.lha mods/pop 35K 10+4 ch PT Mod by Daniel Hare
canthelp.lha mods/pop 91K 17+Can't Help Myself
Cats_Whispers.lha mods/pop 87K 12+Synthpoptune(?) by Ferrara (MMD3)
Cosmic_Dreams.lha mods/pop 32K 2+Freestyle techno by Merlin M!
Demonst2.lzh mods/pop 44K 27+Pop module by CADENCE
Demonstr.lzh mods/pop 38K 27+I think this is very nice short piece...
dumkadance.lha mods/pop 76K 22+DISCO-POLO mod by Krashan/Opium
e_tu.lha mods/pop 165K 11+A great POP Module from Italy!
For_babc.lzh mods/pop 55K 27+One of my firsts module...POP
jerk.lha mods/pop 159K 11+"jerk Off!" by racoon/ward
OnMyMind.lha mods/pop 322K 19+Melodic PopRock Symph 2.4f+ by Dr.K.Oss
razorxii.lha mods/pop 235K 9+Very good pop-rock .XM module
Relax.lha mods/pop 80K 16+MOD by Chipy/Fullspeed
velwqual.lha mods/pop 27K 23+PT-Mod by Toxic
voyage.lha mods/pop 73K 11+"Voyage" by racoon/ward
109bpm.lha mods/pro 498K 8+Trance rave module from Chill/Instinct
20yearsa.lha mods/pro 91K 17+Twenty years ago: A protracker module by
another_way.lha mods/pro 55K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
Arrange2.lha mods/pro 71K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
asparges.lha mods/pro 190K 20+Another pt-module by Rolex
Awful_dr.lzh mods/pro 44K 27+Protracker module by CADENCE
a_little_song.lha mods/pro 76K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
a_long_song.lha mods/pro 128K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
A_V_D_U.lha mods/pro 32K 21+Protracker module
backtire.lha mods/pro 568K 13+Mod.Backtired CPU Mix - By Chill/Instinc
beyondweird.lha mods/pro 166K 23+Synthie-Pop
birthrig.lha mods/pro 451K 13+Mod.Birthright - By Chill/Instinct
blisbles.lha mods/pro 101K 14+Bliss me, Bless me - By Chill
blk_blvm.lha mods/pro 226K 14+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_cina.lha mods/pro 165K 14+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_flex.lha mods/pro 146K 16+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_xqte.lha mods/pro 278K 14+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blob.lha mods/pro 20K 20+Funky mod by Rolex
BMaiden.lha mods/pro 21K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
BMaiden5.lha mods/pro 88K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
bonfire.lha mods/pro 174K 15+Great Technomodule by Chill
boomerang.lha mods/pro 60K 19+Funky house-chippy by Rolex
boomshecums.lha mods/pro 200K 23+Synthie-Pop
bouncing.lha mods/pro 201K 22+Trance/Synthie
breathta.lha mods/pro 367K 13+Mod.BreathTaker - By Chill
brokkoli.lha mods/pro 231K 20+Commercial trance-mod by Rolex
burning_tyre.lha mods/pro 71K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
cadets.lha mods/pro 370K 14+The Cadets - By Chill
CheeZoMod47.lha mods/pro 35K 18+Techno mod CheeZoMod47
cherish.lha mods/pro 281K 14+Cherish the moment - By Chill
chineserevenge.lha mods/pro 68K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
ch_theme.lha mods/pro 205K 14+Chill Theme - By Chill
cloudwal.lha mods/pro 112K 18+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
cluster.lha mods/pro 305K 8+Powertrip module from Chill/Instinct
codered.lha mods/pro 170K 14+Code Red - By Chill
commercz.lha mods/pro 93K 20+Eurodance mod by Rolex
condomcorrupt.lha mods/pro 163K 23+Synthie-Pop
coombayh.lha mods/pro 145K 14+Coombayh - By Chill
country.lha mods/pro 51K 17+Country - A funny PT mod!
crusing.lha mods/pro 57K 18+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
dasnippe.lha mods/pro 259K 13+Mod.Das Nippel - By Chill
deckhit.lha mods/pro 178K 22+Synthie/Dancefloor
DogTitleRem.lha mods/pro 31K 16+MOD by Chipy/Fullspeed
down_tow.lha mods/pro 138K 4+4 channel PT module by Jan R. Haugan
d_minion.lha mods/pro 106K 15+Great Technomodule by Chill
eatpizza.lha mods/pro 87K 14+Eating my Pizza - By Chill
elemlove.lha mods/pro 458K 14+Element of Love - By Chill
enigmayear.lha mods/pro 159K 23+Synthie-Pop
Etr_Blissed2.lha mods/pro 145K 12+New cool module by Etrimon
Etr_Blssed3.lha mods/pro 113K 12+Cool and Blissed by Etrimon
Etr_cryogenius.lha mods/pro 371K 5 Cool demo style module by Etrimon
Etr_Furnace.lha mods/pro 81K 12+Speed metal by Etrimon
Etr_Hate.lha mods/pro 187K 11+Metal by Etrimon
Etr_HurtHeart.lha mods/pro 152K 12+Emotional rock by Etrimon
Etr_Sesrat.lha mods/pro 129K 12+Melodic module by Etrimon
FaceTTrance.lha mods/pro 73K 6+A PT mod by The Toxic Raver of Paroxysm
falskbas.lha mods/pro 7K 20+Ambient chip-tune by Rolex
fevered.lha mods/pro 107K 15+Great Technomodule by Chill
fkommode.lha mods/pro 72K 20+Weird mod by Rolex of Apathy
floating.lha mods/pro 48K 19+Another pt-module by Rolex
fountain.lha mods/pro 64K 14+The Fountain - By Chill
fullmoon.lha mods/pro 159K 23+Synthie-Pop
glamolife.lha mods/pro 126K 23+Synthie-Pop
gnt_4chm.lha mods/pro 234K 23+The Party 6. Two 4ch music compo contrib
go_forward.lha mods/pro 38K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
go_for_it.lha mods/pro 65K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
GuitarBallad.lha mods/pro 111K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
HarpsiWaltz.lha mods/pro 46K 17+Mod.HarpsiWaltz, a 4-channel classical-s
haven.lha mods/pro 219K 14+Welcome to Haven - By Chill
hemlock.lha mods/pro 488K 8+Trance rave module from Chill/Instinct
hotsfire.lha mods/pro 143K 14+Hot as Fire - By Chill
hunger.lha mods/pro 25K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
IamDubious.lha mods/pro 326K 23+I am Dubious ! (The Ravebusters)
impulse2.lha mods/pro 166K 23+Synthie-Pop
jeany_da.lha mods/pro 85K 4+4 channel PT module by Jan R. Haugan
junhunt1.lha mods/pro 68K 14+Mod.Junglehunt 1 (Jungle) - By Chill
junhunt2.lha mods/pro 59K 14+Mod.Junglehunt 2 (Jungle) - By Chill
junhunt4.lha mods/pro 38K 14+Mod.Junglehunt 4 (Jungle) - By Chill
kaviar.lha mods/pro 150K 20+Techno module by Rolex
level.lha mods/pro 114K 15+Great Technomodule by Chill
LifeOnMars.lha mods/pro 368K 6+Jungle MOD composed by RedRibbon
lillbror.lha mods/pro 448K 20+House meets trancebeat...mod by Rolex
lollypop.lha mods/pro 99K 20+Winner gabbermod (worst mod!) at KG4
loveme.lha mods/pro 306K 15+Great Technomodule by Chill
lovereal.lha mods/pro 280K 14+Love 4 Real - By Chill
lucky_yo.lha mods/pro 98K 18+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
mage_ick.lha mods/pro 74K 21+Protracker module
MagicMatrix2.lha mods/pro 276K 16+Special PT-Song #28 by Christian Sroka
MakeTheDiffere.lha mods/pro 167K 21+Protracker module made by Boray
matchinsix.lha mods/pro 45K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
Melanholic4.lha mods/pro 125K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
metalman.lha mods/pro 52K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
minya.lha mods/pro 34K 11+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
miracle.lha mods/pro 347K 21+UNTS MoD bY RedRibbon !
ModuleSearch96.lha mods/pro 61K 21+Protracker module made by Boray
mod_Sanity3.lha mods/pro 13K 25+Cut-Sanity3 (Total Re-Mix) CheeZoMod30
moonlightshadw.lha mods/pro 109K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
morgan_k.lha mods/pro 89K 4+4 channel PT module by Jan R. Haugan
movebody.lha mods/pro 166K 14+Move Ur Body - By Chill
NervPeople.lha mods/pro 156K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
NewPian2.lha mods/pro 75K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
NewPian3.lha mods/pro 83K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
night_dan.lha mods/pro 83K 18+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
nopeopleswalk.lha mods/pro 13K 11+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
northsta.lha mods/pro 118K 4+Northstack 12" ProTracker Module
nothing.lha mods/pro 124K 4+4 channel PT module by Jan R. Haugan
no_danci.lha mods/pro 84K 4+4 channel PT module by Jan R. Haugan
ontherun.lha mods/pro 308K 25+Soul/Hip-Hop/Trance by MASTER_T.O.M.
origbase.lha mods/pro 156K 14+Origin of Base - By Chill
OutsideWorld.lha mods/pro 216K 23+ProTracker-Song #27 by Christian Sroka
pacmanfan.lha mods/pro 38K 21+Protracker module
Pepper2_mod.lha mods/pro 105K 25+Protracker-modules (Sountracker format)
Pilgrim.lha mods/pro 82K 21+Protracker module made by Boray
planeart.lha mods/pro 154K 14+Mod.Planet Earth (Techno) - By Chill
plast.lha mods/pro 487K 20+Cheap demo-tune by Rolex... :)
Prefix.lha mods/pro 81K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
purplewo.lha mods/pro 256K 14+Purple World - By Chill
QuadraThemes.lha mods/pro 459K 15+Mods for the game Quadranoid
rain.lha mods/pro 65K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
reggae_otb.lha mods/pro 37K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
RevengeOA_DJRa.lha mods/pro 190K 17+Protracker module composed by DJ Rake
secessio.lha mods/pro 450K 22+Protracker module by Mr.Lou / Dewfall Pr
SentimentalSon.lha mods/pro 114K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
sentinen.lha mods/pro 141K 14+Sentinence - By Chill
ShootEmUp.lha mods/pro 89K 14+Synth mod by Wavemaker/Centolos
slash_yo.lha mods/pro 97K 18+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
slowlyness.lha mods/pro 56K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
SlowMo2.lha mods/pro 167K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
SlowMo5.lha mods/pro 73K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
solartra.lha mods/pro 235K 14+Sentinence - By Chill
somewhere.lha mods/pro 16K 5 Somewhere, a nice PT module
soundeen.lha mods/pro 35K 11+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
SoundOfGalaxy.lha mods/pro 102K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
SoundsOfLife.lha mods/pro 46K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
SpaceLightThem.lha mods/pro 111K 21+Protracker module made by Boray
SpaceM2.lha mods/pro 202K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
SpaceMeditatio.lha mods/pro 67K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
spoiing.lha mods/pro 89K 20+Trance-tune by Rolex
springfl.lha mods/pro 235K 13+Mod.Spring Floe - By Chill/Instinct
stay.lha mods/pro 442K 9+"Stay with me" by Mr.Lou / Instinct DK
steeler.lha mods/pro 37K 18+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
strike_on_nike.lha mods/pro 33K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
subnuanc.lha mods/pro 187K 14+Mod.Subtle Nuance (Trance) - By Chill
tabernac.lha mods/pro 201K 14+The Tabernacle - By Chill
tangoa.lha mods/pro 438K 13+Mod.Tangoa - By Chill
TechnoBeatBox3.lha mods/pro 60K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
testlast.lha mods/pro 149K 23+Dancefloor/Synthie-Pop
TheBeanThemes.lha mods/pro 94K 13+Music from the unreleased game Bean Vers
the_big_man.lha mods/pro 28K 11+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
the_synther.lha mods/pro 45K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
trancst8.lha mods/pro 207K 15+Great Technomodule by Chill
tribtomo.lha mods/pro 341K 14+Tribe of Tomorrow - By Chill
tripsaha.lha mods/pro 39K 14+Trip to Sahara - By Chill
trivial_dance.lha mods/pro 32K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
trmonkmx.lha mods/pro 337K 14+Tranze Monks Remix - By Chill
trparadi.lha mods/pro 182K 14+Trance Paradise - By Chill
truelove.lha mods/pro 594K 13+To my fiance. By Mr.Lou / Instinct DK
vaginaextrem.lha mods/pro 149K 23+Synthie-Pop/Trance
VoicesOfFuture.lha mods/pro 170K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
wantmore.lha mods/pro 292K 13+Mod.Want More - By Chill
webspinr.lha mods/pro 272K 14+Webspinner - By Chill
whatzthi.lha mods/pro 52K 18+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
what_is_love.lha mods/pro 58K 14+A Protracker module by Deniil 715!
whisper.lha mods/pro 115K 18+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
why_did.lha mods/pro 99K 18+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
wishuwer.lha mods/pro 143K 18+4 channel PTM module by Jeano / BCD
workers.lha mods/pro 150K 15+Great Technomodule by Chill
wxplofor.lha mods/pro 111K 14+Mod.With Explosive Force (Techno) - By C
xfiles.lha mods/pro 179K 14+X-Files Dancemix - By Chill
YRock.lha mods/pro 124K 25+Protracker mod composed by Expert/Infern
zyphon.lha mods/pro 162K 15+Great Technomodule by Chill
Difference.lha mods/purg 145K 13+Difference - Breakbeat by Purgatory
Reflect.lha mods/purg 48K 27+Reflections - Breakbeat by Purgatory
cu23.lha mods/rated 241K 18+Voted best mod in CU 23
LaSoupeAuxChou.lha mods/rated 289K 18+La Soupe Aux Choux
mat_smakar_got.lha mods/rated 184K 7+Mat Smakar Gott 1ST MOD AT TSP 96
mysiga_meloner.lha mods/rated 213K 7+Mysiga Meloner 2ND MOD AT TSP 96
still_alive.lha mods/rated 297K 7+Still Alive 3RD MOD AT TSP 96
rr_afric.lha mods/rebel 457K 10+Rebel Riffs "Afreeka !" XM
rr_ahmad.lha mods/rebel 336K 10+Rebel Riffs "Ahmmad" XM
rr_bband.lha mods/rebel 317K 10+Rebel Riffs "Ben's Big Band" XM
rr_blow.lha mods/rebel 447K 10+Rebel Riffs "Blow Blow" XM
rr_bodyw.lha mods/rebel 377K 10+Rebel Riffs "Bodyworking" XM
rr_burn.lha mods/rebel 485K 10+Rebel Riffs "Burning Up" XM
rr_cajun.lha mods/rebel 277K 10+Rebel Riffs "Cajun Crunch" XM
rr_catch.lha mods/rebel 366K 10+Rebel Riffs "Catch That Train !" XM
rr_cut.lha mods/rebel 435K 10+Rebel Riffs "The Directors Cut" XM
rr_dish.lha mods/rebel 536K 10+Rebel Riffs "Dishin' It" XM
rr_dubw.lha mods/rebel 419K 10+Rebel Riffs "Dubwise" XM
rr_dubx.lha mods/rebel 443K 10+Rebel Riffs "Dubwise Dubmix" XM
rr_dweed.lha mods/rebel 466K 10+Rebel Riffs "The Evil Dickweed" XM
rr_gardn.lha mods/rebel 509K 8+Rebel Riffs "Garden Of Eden" XM
rr_gotlv.lha mods/rebel 590K 10+Rebel Riffs "You Got My Love" XM
rr_guitr.lha mods/rebel 377K 10+Rebel Riffs "When Guitar Was King" XM
rr_happn.lha mods/rebel 410K 10+Rebel Riffs "What's Happening" XM
rr_heave.lha mods/rebel 298K 10+Rebel Riffs "The Ol' Heave Ho" XM
rr_human.lha mods/rebel 438K 10+Rebel Riffs "Vox Humana" XM
rr_iwast.lha mods/rebel 354K 10+Rebel Riffs "I Was There" XM
rr_limit.lha mods/rebel 460K 10+Rebel Riffs "Governable Limits" XM
rr_mondo.lha mods/rebel 404K 10+Rebel Riffs "Quasi Mondo" XM
rr_park.lha mods/rebel 439K 10+Rebel Riffs "Playing In The Park" XM
rr_party.lha mods/rebel 541K 10+Rebel Riffs "Just A Party" XM
rr_payff.lha mods/rebel 459K 10+Rebel Riffs "The Payoff" XM
rr_phono.lha mods/rebel 339K 10+Rebel Riffs "Cacaphonium" XM
rr_prayr.lha mods/rebel 497K 10+Rebel Riffs "Prayer" XM
rr_reach.lha mods/rebel 387K 10+Rebel Riffs "Reaching Out" XM
rr_rewnd.lha mods/rebel 487K 10+Rebel Riffs "Justifiable Rewind" XM
rr_robo.lha mods/rebel 439K 10+Rebel Riffs "I Roboto !" XM
rr_rondo.lha mods/rebel 453K 10+Rebel Riffs "Rondelet" XM
rr_say.lha mods/rebel 431K 10+Rebel Riffs "What You Gotta Say" XM
rr_secrt.lha mods/rebel 327K 10+Rebel Riffs "Secret Lives" XM
rr_silk.lha mods/rebel 470K 10+Rebel Riffs "The Silk Route" XM
rr_snobz.lha mods/rebel 306K 10+Rebel Riffs "SnoBiz Showbiz" XM
rr_sound.lha mods/rebel 408K 10+Rebel Riffs "The Now Sound" XM
rr_space.lha mods/rebel 556K 10+Rebel Riffs "Deep Space" XM
rr_stard.lha mods/rebel 500K 10+Rebel Riffs "Star Date" XM
rr_stone.lha mods/rebel 516K 10+Rebel Riffs "Sqeezing Stones" XM
rr_storm.lha mods/rebel 468K 10+Rebel Riffs "Cyber Strom" XM
rr_tango.lha mods/rebel 403K 10+Rebel Riffs "Tangoed" XM
rr_tantr.lha mods/rebel 253K 10+Rebel Riffs "'Tronic Tantrum" XM
rr_thing.lha mods/rebel 394K 10+Rebel Riffs "Little Things" XM
rr_wait.lha mods/rebel 534K 10+Rebel Riffs "The Waiting Game" XM
Bad_Victory.lha mods/rock 71K 8+Slow rock by STONE
Basilisk.lha mods/rock 37K 27+Module by Basilisk. Old style metal.
coopcarash2.lha mods/rock 87K 22+Heavy Metal Module By Dth. of TpT.
domerigh.lha mods/rock 58K 13+4 channel PTM module by Jan R. Haugan
Fantasy.lha mods/rock 94K 22+Calm hardrock mod with NICE melody.
GuitBust.lha mods/rock 504K 12+GuitarBusting by T-REX/PRIDE
hausaufgaben.lha mods/rock 74K 12+FunPunk
ICS_JourneyToS.lha mods/rock 96K 7+Heavy-metal module by Icaros
Lost.lha mods/rock 69K 9+Hardrock mod with a NICE melody.
nomansland.lha mods/rock 114K 12+Easy RockSound
OnAir.lha mods/rock 241K 22+Guvenc K.'s Rock Module: On Air
paradox.lha mods/rock 181K 10+"Paradoxial Death" by Suicyco/ComPuphili
pieceofg.lha mods/rock 396K 9+Guitar ballad - orchestral mix
RazBlade.lha mods/rock 250K 12+Razorblade by Radich
reallylight.lha mods/rock 506K 9+Piano/Guitar by Pumpkin
realsnd.lzh mods/rock 284K 7+Rock/Ballad experimental track
reptile.lha mods/rock 71K 27+Module by Basilisk. Old style metal.
returnofevil.lha mods/rock 150K 17+Industrial TekMetal
revo.lha mods/rock 83K 10+"revolution" by Suicyco/ComPuphiliaCS
soonlate.lha mods/rock 495K 3+More guitar by pUmPkIn
study.lha mods/rock 41K 27+Module by Basilisk. Old style metal.
sundayl.lzh mods/rock 140K 10+Surf_Music/Light Rock by CSM
Sunshine.lha mods/rock 221K 7+Slowrock/Funk Symph 2.4f Pro by Dr.K.Oss
Titanium_ok.lha mods/rock 72K 27+Module by Basilisk. Old style metal.
unite.lha mods/rock 179K 10+"Unite And Fight" by Suicyco/ComPuphilia
bubble.lha mods/s3m 68K 25+13-channel melodic .S3M by Pirate Pete
moonlite.lha mods/s3m 246K 14+Moonlight Shadow - dance remix
14RK_Mods.lha mods/sets 175K 10+14 Ron Klaren modules! (Use DT/EP)
andimod.lha mods/sets 1.2M 2+28 ProtrackerModules of the early years
ashsmods.lha mods/sets 660K 25+Ash's Mods Archive v1.2
beyond.lha mods/sets 247K 18+Mods from the 'Beyond Techno' music-disk
conqmus.lha mods/sets 254K 11+Music from the game CONQUEST
d_zire.lha mods/sets 36K 18+D-zire mods
jea_thx1.lha mods/sets 6K 17+4 channel THX modules by Jeano / BCD
mania.lzh mods/sets 383K 11+Some old tracks by Batman
mgl_01.lha mods/sets 2.9M 5+158!!! Modules from Magiel
mgl_02.lha mods/sets 1.6M 5+158!!! Modules from Magiel
mgl_03.lha mods/sets 2.6M 5+158!!! Modules from Magiel
mgl_04.lha mods/sets 2.7M 5+158!!! Modules from Magiel
mgl_05.lha mods/sets 1.7M 5+158!!! Modules from Magiel
mgl_06.lha mods/sets 3.6M 5+158!!! Modules from Magiel
psl_mod2.lha mods/sets 445K 7+Modules by Pic Saint Loup
psl_mods.lha mods/sets 1.1M 8+Modules from Lost Symphony MusicDisk
Pyratr01.lha mods/sets 310K 22+1st MusicDisk (in .SMUS) 1988
Pyratr02.lha mods/sets 237K 21+8 ST Songs 1988
Pyratr03.lha mods/sets 272K 21+8 Mods JukeBoxDrive (part 1) 1988
Pyratr04.lha mods/sets 295K 21+7 Mods JukeBoxDrive (part 2) 1988
Pyratr05.lha mods/sets 247K 21+8 ST Modules 1988-89
Pyratr06.lha mods/sets 332K 21+14 Incomplete Modules 1988-92
Pyratr07.lha mods/sets 211K 21+6 Various mods 1988-91
Pyratr08.lha mods/sets 342K 21+6 NoiseTracker Songs 1989-91
Pyratr09.lha mods/sets 332K 20+3 mods to Remember 1990-91
Pyratr10.lha mods/sets 161K 21+3 Mods (ex)missed 1990-91
Pyratr11.lha mods/sets 172K 21+5 Octalyzer Mods (now PT) 1991
Pyratr13.lha mods/sets 192K 21+7 MED Songs (the 1st) 1991
Pyratronik12.lha mods/sets 271K 21+3 last songs with ST/NT 1991
RaptorsMegaMod.lha mods/sets 506K 8+A total mix of mods
rme_musipack2.lha mods/sets 662K 7+12 PT-Mods composed by Ruben Monteiro
rokmods.lha mods/sets 224K 10+Roketz original music
SFX13_1.lha mods/sets 364K 25+SoundFX 1.3 modules by Jean Baudlot
SFX13_2.lha mods/sets 413K 25+SoundFX 1.3 modules by Jean Baudlot
SFX13_3.lha mods/sets 432K 25+SoundFX 1.3 modules by Jean Baudlot
timezone.lha mods/sets 279K 18+Mods from the 'Time Zone' demo
vapour.lha mods/sets 300K 18+Mods from the 'Vapour-Contro' demo
rainnorshine.lha mods/sidew 600K 22+MOD by Sidewinder..hi fi headphones reco
sheepdnc.lha mods/sidew 734K 19+MOD by Sidewinder.. fun song enjoy
astrotx1.lha mods/slc 164K 23+AstronomicTrack1 GoaTrance.By:SLiCE/Ryl
cyclonic.lha mods/slc 142K 23+CyclonicBlips.PsychTrance By:SLiCE/Ryl
xcite.lha mods/slc 82K 23+Xcite, XM-module.Tance.By:SLiCE/Ryl
Alphaline.lha mods/slow 36K 2+Easter Party'94 release by mERLIN-M
A_Dream.lha mods/slow 55K 8+Light piano by STONE
cannon2.lha mods/slow 69K 7+4-ch PT mod, Cannon version 2
CT2_Endtune_JK.lha mods/slow 61K 25+Nice TFMX mod from the soundtrack of Che
Eternal_Spring.lha mods/slow 153K 2+Coma Party release by Merlin M!
g_whispr.lha mods/slow 65K 5+Whisper My Name - by GLYPH
lis.lha mods/slow 44K 9+Lost in Space - slow by S. Banzi
madoka.lha mods/slow 116K 18+Madoka by Rico
myst.lha mods/slow 34K 11+"Mystified" by racoon/ward
mystical.lha mods/slow 100K 18+Mystical Noises by Beathoven
naihanch.lha mods/slow 95K 13+Relaxing tune by Rolex
Natural_Vibes.lha mods/slow 229K 2+Party 4 release by Merlin M!
noreturn.lzh mods/slow 149K 27+A Slow XM track by CSM
Right_Friend.lha mods/slow 99K 8+Romantic piano by STONE (2nd on AW'96)
s7_sunsh.lha mods/slow 273K 3+Sunshine - slow tune - 4th at SILIconven
sesrat.lha mods/slow 130K 25 Dreamy by Etrimon
slowness.lha mods/slow 74K 22+Slowness
Hendrik8SVX.lha mods/smpl 352K 20+Collection of artistic samples by Hendri
Jingle.lha mods/smpl 611K 18+40 sec of MPEG audio (stereo)
mostsynth.lha mods/smpl 552K 17+Nice Synth sample colly, by Hardraver/ot
r_drums.lha mods/smpl 329K 12+Rave drums and drumloops
toiletsa.lha mods/smpl 120K 7+Hilarious sample of my toilet flushing.
CybersizedS.lha mods/symph 342K 5+Trance ( Symphonie 2.4f+ )
MSZ_Iber.lha mods/symph 2.1M 3+`Iberia' - A Symphonie Module by MoSeZ
SpaceTheme.lha mods/symph 433K 3+Trance/Synth Symph 2.4f+ Pro by Dr.K.Oss
TenderForceS.lha mods/symph 399K 5+Mod for Symphonie 2.4f+
allmysadness.lzh mods/synth 310K 3+Synthpop by CSM
angels.lha mods/synth 180K 18+Angels Voice by DJ Joge
Atari.lzh mods/synth 56K 27+SYNTH module by CADENCE
blk_crot.lha mods/synth 71K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
ChetModA.lha mods/synth 180K 25+SLOW WAVE by Chetan
ChetModC.lha mods/synth 254K 19+CLEOPATRA`S DREAM by Chetan
CyberneticDrea.lha mods/synth 66K 5 Synth mod by Balrog
death_of.lha mods/synth 111K 7+4 channel PT module by Jan R. Haugan
einstein.lha mods/synth 79K 17+Einstein (2d6)
elbie_roque.lha mods/synth 134K 5+The_Roque_Mallet - [NewOrder synthpop] b
Everybod.lzh mods/synth 71K 27+SYNTH module by CADENCE
Fucked_t.lzh mods/synth 52K 27+SYNTH module by CADENCE
futura.lha mods/synth 64K 17+Futura Cristaux
ladesert.lha mods/synth 112K 18+LA DESERT by DJ Joge
Mysteria.lha mods/synth 595K 8+Synth/Trnc Symph 2.4f+ Pro by Dr.K.Oss
PeaceInSea.lha mods/synth 96K 12+A relaxful synthtune by Ferrara (MMD3)
spacesortie.lha mods/synth 188K 13+A 4ch SpaceSynth module by *FUZZY/DEATH
synthese.lha mods/synth 18K 8+Mtut > fast synthetic techno.track
synth_dr.lha mods/synth 194K 18+Synth Dream 94
SythieBeats.lha mods/synth 85K 16+MOD by Chipy/Fullspeed
1st_try_2_fuck.lha mods/techn 80K 13+Chavez - 1st try 2 fuck???
21_arti_modifi.lha mods/techn 45K 13+Chavez - 21st percent
Acidcore.lha mods/techn 266K 23+Acidcores ! (The Ravebusters)
acidcrunch.lha mods/techn 111K 9+Crunchy, chewy techno module! (MMD1)
acidmach.lha mods/techn 106K 8+Mtut > strict and necessary techno.track
AcidTown.lha mods/techn 99K 15+Pyratronik: AcidTown 2:17
acid_ban.lha mods/techn 88K 18+Acid Banana by Cab
Acid_Phase.lha mods/techn 318K 15+Acid Phase Mix
alphamoon.lha mods/techn 101K 18+Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl
aminetmix.lha mods/techn 305K 8+A Megamix of my favorite Aminet mods.
AnotherRaving.lha mods/techn 199K 4+RAVE WASTE by Johnny Z
antiidiotika.lha mods/techn 139K 18+Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl
asynchronation.lha mods/techn 71K 18+Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl
A_nameless.lha mods/techn 58K 4+-*AMOREL*- iNsTiNcT competition module.
BabyFour.lha mods/techn 66K 15+Pyratronik: BabyFour 2:17
BackInTheDayz.lha mods/techn 152K 2+80`s style techno by Merlin M
bane_DarkGroov.lzh mods/techn 171K 10+A really kewl, techno by Olethros/Xarn (
basechec.lha mods/techn 74K 8+Mtut > old techno mod
Beghino.lha mods/techn 26K 15+Pyratronik: Beghino 4:23
blk_acon.lha mods/techn 72K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_blre.lha mods/techn 85K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_code.lha mods/techn 349K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_hefr.lha mods/techn 353K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_hous.lha mods/techn 293K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_hxii.lha mods/techn 233K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_ktad.lha mods/techn 342K 16+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_lada.lha mods/techn 480K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_litb.lha mods/techn 45K 16+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_mast.lha mods/techn 273K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_ndim.lha mods/techn 365K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_noce.lha mods/techn 300K 14+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_nold.lha mods/techn 170K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_rg01.lha mods/techn 279K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_rg02.lha mods/techn 248K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_sfrx.lha mods/techn 353K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_snid.lha mods/techn 319K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_swet.lha mods/techn 267K 17+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_wmut.lha mods/techn 219K 16+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
boost.lha mods/techn 337K 27+Boost (The Ravebusters)
boosted.lha mods/techn 91K 8+Mtut > techno.track with breaks inside
BopLula.lha mods/techn 61K 15+Pyratronik: BopLula 3:31
BumpingS.lha mods/techn 179K 20+ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "Bumping Summer
caffeine.lha mods/techn 8K 13+Chavez - caffeine
cagain.lha mods/techn 101K 25+Technomodule By Cydrone
ccosmic.lha mods/techn 87K 25+Technomodule By Cydrone
CG_Iso_rmx.lha mods/techn 249K 10+By Cousin G/OXG - eclectic techno
ChanelX.lha mods/techn 202K 17+A 4-channel techno-style MM3-module
ChinaTec.lha mods/techn 41K 22+ChinaTechno a Module By J.Thomas
cimper.lha mods/techn 25K 25+Technomodule By Cydrone
Cosmos.lha mods/techn 471K 14+Cosmos - Techno Modul
ctrance.lha mods/techn 100K 25+Technomodule By Cydrone
cubik_da_remix.lha mods/techn 57K 21+Cubik-da remix by mADbART normal pt form
Cuique.lha mods/techn 343K 11+Cuique Suum Reddit. Modules from "Eclips
c_comjngl.lha mods/techn 279K 6+Jungle remix by Cydrone
c_potivt.lha mods/techn 36K 16+Happy techno song :) made by Cydrone
deformed.lha mods/techn 54K 19+House/trance/ambient-ish mod by Rolex...
Delirium.lha mods/techn 207K 17+Delirium
desert.lha mods/techn 86K 19+Desert Dream Remix
dghouse.lha mods/techn 83K 21+My second module! by vEGA/rAM jAM
digitice.lha mods/techn 171K 15+MF's remix of Digi T Ice's HardRemix.MED
DigressingLive.lha mods/techn 258K 27+Dr.Avalanche - Digressing live
Dont_Stop.lha mods/techn 327K 15+Don't Stop Remix
DoRave.lha mods/techn 86K 15+Pyratronik: DoRave 2:36
dream.lha mods/techn 174K 14+Techno #12 by M & M Das DreamTea
drumextn.lha mods/techn 35K 8+Mtut > a phat drummed one
eerie.lha mods/techn 70K 19+EeRie sUndaY
EgyMix.lha mods/techn 9K 9+Music-Module
Endor.lha mods/techn 407K 20+ProTracker 4-Channel Mod [tEChNO]
escape.lha mods/techn 140K 20+ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "ESCAPE" [bREAK
EverlasDream.lha mods/techn 333K 20+Everlasting Dream
fefifofum.lha mods/techn 285K 15+MF's remix of Fe Fi Fo Fum by the Candy
firetoy.lha mods/techn 63K 18+Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl
fogl.lzh mods/techn 143K 9+Fields of Glory/97-experimental(V 1.01)
FreakyNite.lha mods/techn 323K 15+Kinda rotterdam mod by Midnight Flip
FuckingSpace.lha mods/techn 113K 5+Techno By: Czeslaw LMB Jursza
fzylogic.lha mods/techn 288K 8+Aboriginal styled techno module by Fuzzy
gabbcus.lha mods/techn 269K 11+Gabber Cushion by Positive Mind
Ginko.lha mods/techn 200K 23+A new mod by Village Underground
goa_recall.lha mods/techn 132K 18+Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl
goldears.lha mods/techn 27K 8+Mtut > hard and monotone techno
groovysu.lha mods/techn 348K 7+House by [mASh!]
hardcoch.lha mods/techn 175K 14+Techno #13 by M & M Das DreamTea
HardCore.lha mods/techn 36K 15+Pyratronik: HardCore 7:42
hcaos.lha mods/techn 355K 28+Module by vEGA/rAM jAM!
heavengate.lha mods/techn 105K 18+Nice Trance Module, by Hardraver/otl
HeliumHeart.lha mods/techn 36K 18+Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl
housypow.lha mods/techn 41K 8+Mtut > stringed techno/house.track
hR0_rAdAt_EP.lha mods/techn 350K 13+[hR0]-projekti rAdAt-EP
hypnoman.lha mods/techn 61K 8+Mtut > strict and necessary techno.track
hypnotic.lha mods/techn 399K 25+Hypnotic trip (The Ravebusters)
ICanGoForIt.lha mods/techn 382K 25+I Can Go For It ! (The Ravebusters)
ICS_RapidResum.lha mods/techn 177K 7+Techno-synth module by Icaros
intro1.lha mods/techn 35K 17+Allround Tekkno
jens.lha mods/techn 207K 24+Pacha loop'n'ting mix
JOE_RainyDream.lha mods/techn 236K 6+"Rainy Dream" - dreamhouse track by Joe
kekuetuv.lha mods/techn 624K 23+Techno module with Citizen Band voices o
kill_the.lha mods/techn 135K 18+Kill The Fly by Benster
lemmings.lha mods/techn 47K 15+Techno module by Midnight Flip
Lift_Me_Up.lha mods/techn 151K 2+Cool Techno Tune By Merlin M!
livin.lzh mods/techn 112K 9+Living/Experimental/97
LoopDaAcid.lha mods/techn 165K 13+Chavez - loop da acid
LoT_DDDD.lha mods/techn 211K 6+MODule # Latte of Texxid Mod.DimmDimmDim
LoT_DDOM.lha mods/techn 99K 7+MODule # Latte of Texxid Mod.DigDidoOmdo
LoT_N_T9.lha mods/techn 203K 4+MODule # Latte of Texxid - Mod.Neo-Tok
LoT_ROAT.lha mods/techn 68K 4+MODule # Latte of Texxid - Mod.RabbitO
LoT_SPS1.lha mods/techn 112K 6+MODule # Latte of Texxid Mod.SPowN-Sound
m0rkzon2.lha mods/techn 150K 18+M0RK ZONE 2 by outzider
marfli.lha mods/techn 256K 11+Marble Flight by Positive Mind
mASh_AcidHype.lha mods/techn 176K 20+ChicagoAcid by [mASh!]
mASh_Bad_Boy.lha mods/techn 276K 20+Breakbeatz'n'E-Guitars by [mASh!]
mASh_Bass_Lab.lha mods/techn 136K 20+Dark Acid by [mASh!]
mASh_DontKnow.lha mods/techn 166K 20+Trance by [mASh!]
mASh_Drmchild.lha mods/techn 218K 20+Trance-House by [mASh!]
mASh_Hold_Me.lha mods/techn 209K 20+Straight TechnoHouse by [mASh!]
mASh_Let_Roll.lha mods/techn 92K 20+Groovy TechnoHouse by [mASh!]
mASh_Maximum.lha mods/techn 137K 20+Rave track by [mASh!]
mASh_MControl.lha mods/techn 77K 20+ChicagoAcidHouse by [mASh!]
mASh_NukeRMX.lha mods/techn 151K 20+Acid by [mASh!]
mASh_PManRMX.lha mods/techn 242K 20+AcidHouse by [mASh!]
mASh_SoftRMX.lha mods/techn 372K 10+House by [mASh!]
mASh_SteelAmb.lha mods/techn 113K 20+Ambient Breakbeatz by [mASh!]
mASh_Top_Spin.lha mods/techn 249K 20+Acid Breakbeatz by [mASh!]
mASh_Track_4.lha mods/techn 85K 20+HardTrance by [mASh!]
mASh_x2c.lha mods/techn 273K 7+Hard Stuff by [mASh!]
MegaDream5.lha mods/techn 290K 15+Megadream 5
mellow.lha mods/techn 123K 19+Mellow Phronetia
melodrama.lha mods/techn 59K 15+A melodic techno/dance tune (MMD1).
Melody1996xs.lha mods/techn 183K 3+Only a little ? Dance Tune by DJ W.S.
melost.lzh mods/techn 109K 9+Melostatic/96-Industrial/dark-techno
Mind.lha mods/techn 193K 9+A Tecno/Rave module by Cannibal Creator
mjaff968.lha mods/techn 226K 15+Techno #10 by M & M Das DreamTea
modularwaves.lha mods/techn 106K 15+Techno kinda module by Midnight Flip
MoreThanASigna.lha mods/techn 100K 17+Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl
MoT_Tr2T.lha mods/techn 151K 7+MODule # Mohr of Tranquilizer Mod.Trip2T
MSZ_TRZO.lha mods/techn 1.7M 21+Transit Zone - A Symphonie module by MoS
MSZ_UNIV.lha mods/techn 1.0M 16+`Universe' - A Symphonie module by MoSeZ
my_wonderland.lha mods/techn 521K 25+My Wonderland (The Ravebusters)
nano_synth.lha mods/techn 88K 17+Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl
natural.lha mods/techn 215K 15+Pretty good techno song by Midnight Flip
neighbour_DJRa.lha mods/techn 510K 17+Protracker module composed by DJ Rake
Nervosus.lha mods/techn 51K 15+Pyratronik: Nervosus 4:14
ops_swe5.lha mods/techn 178K 10+"Sweet Five" by Oops!
orb_warp.lha mods/techn 58K 17+Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl
organize.lha mods/techn 68K 8+Mtut > experimental not so fast track
phd_alt2.lha mods/techn 195K 13 [ PHD ] - altered states 2 by meta/etc
phd_anta.lha mods/techn 319K 17 [ PHD ] - ambiental breakbeat by pirat/p
phd_back.lha mods/techn 213K 19 [ PHD ] - acid(ish) mod featuring chroma
phd_chra.lha mods/techn 185K 16 [ PHD ] - house .xm by pirat/phd
phd_crop.lha mods/techn 515K 2 [ PHD ] - crop circles by bass-cadet/phd
phd_c_l.lha mods/techn 228K 8 [ PHD ] - chroma-luma by juice/phd
phd_dark.lha mods/techn 229K 17 [ PHD ] - goa by neurodancer/1oo%
phd_dive.lha mods/techn 281K 27 [ PHD ] - Ambient by Pirat/PHD
phd_fr10.lha mods/techn 468K 10 [ PHD ] - frame 10 by relief/mono^puzzle
phd_free.lha mods/techn 233K 11 [ PHD ] - freek out ep by ronny/tls^elke
phd_futi.lha mods/techn 181K 6 [ PHD ] - funky time by thefoxii/mono
phd_get.lha mods/techn 258K 19 [ PHD ] - acid by pirat/phd
phd_hunz.lha mods/techn 104K 11 [ PHD ] - hungry zaps by pirat/phd
phd_ineb.lha mods/techn 127K 21 [ PHD ] - minimalistic house by juice/ph
phd_nebu.lha mods/techn 310K 8 [ PHD ] - nebular by heekend/penline
phd_newc.lha mods/techn 258K 11 [ PHD ] - a new chance by pirat/phd
phd_norm.lha mods/techn 246K 9 [ PHD ] - is that normal? by pirat/phd
phd_noun.lha mods/techn 221K 13 [ PHD ] - no understanding by pirat/phd
phd_plac.lha mods/techn 178K 14 [ PHD ] - place to be by linus/phd
phd_prop.lha mods/techn 194K 15 [ PHD ] - prophylaxis by vesuri/da jorma
phd_scen.lha mods/techn 217K 4 [ PHD ] - scenewars by juice/phd
phd_ston.lha mods/techn 254K 16 [ PHD ] -- techno by skyphos/artwork
phd_zeus.lha mods/techn 186K 25 [ PHD ] - Breakbeat/Ambient by JuiCe/PHD
PHellMx1.lha mods/techn 201K 20+House by [mASh!]
PHellMx2.lha mods/techn 155K 20+Detroit/Acid by [mASh!]
PHellMx3.lha mods/techn 220K 20+House by [mASh!]
planet9.lha mods/techn 116K 15+Techno mod by Midnight Flip
Pop_To_It.lha mods/techn 129K 21+Pop To It - DJ Reaver, Rave House Tune
Q_Beat.lha mods/techn 247K 11+EXPERIMENTAL ACID/HOUSE by Johnny Z
rainy.lha mods/techn 141K 19+On a rainy day
Rave_Eclipse.lha mods/techn 206K 14+Rave Eclipse - Techno Modul
reaperrap.lha mods/techn 24K 15+Midnight Flip's first techno mod!!!
Red_B_Bomb.lha mods/techn 139K 8+Special techno/trance guitar by STONE
relaxord.lha mods/techn 76K 14+Techno #11 by M & M Das DreamTea
rembel.lzh mods/techn 207K 10+Techno mod by Olethros (Christos Dimitra
rinderueberras.lha mods/techn 114K 13+Chavez - Rinder berraschung
s7_go_a.lha mods/techn 305K 3+Go-A-Head - goa like tune
say_no.lha mods/techn 79K 3+Jam and Spoon ? No - DJ W.S.
smile.lha mods/techn 208K 18+Smile by The Undertaker
SnapToDBeat.lha mods/techn 248K 6+HOUSE/TRANCE mod by Johnny Z
snowgabba.lha mods/techn 195K 25+SnowGabba (The Ravebusters)
sofke.lha mods/techn 104K 18+My first HOUSE modul, EDIT version.
SolarERG.lha mods/techn 144K 5+Techno By: Czeslaw LMB Jursza
Solar_ERG2.lha mods/techn 70K 5+Techno By: Czeslaw LMB Jursza
Soulett_96.lha mods/techn 77K 5+Short but exellent techno by MrOLI !
spaehmalaekka.lha mods/techn 91K 13+Chavez - sp hmal kka
statique.lha mods/techn 108K 14+Industrial Electro / By SkyFusion
StatRed.lha mods/techn 119K 13+StatusRed by Radich&Howard
Strange_DJRake.lha mods/techn 118K 17+Protracker module composed by DJ Rake
sunshine.lha mods/techn 149K 10+Excellent mod by Midnight Flip
Sunshne_DJRak.lha mods/techn 258K 17+Protracker module composed by DJ Rake
Synaptic.lha mods/techn 145K 11+Synaptic Gap. Modules from "Eclipse" by
TakeMeHo.lha mods/techn 227K 20+ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "Take Me Home"
TangoBeat.lha mods/techn 221K 5+Techno By: Czeslaw LMB Jursza
TDWorld.lha mods/techn 110K 20+ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "tHANK dA wORLD
terroris.lha mods/techn 147K 20+ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "TERRORISMUS" [
TheChipMunks.lha mods/techn 440K 23+The ChipMunks ! (The Ravebusters)
TheExperience.lha mods/techn 247K 17+The Experience
TheKiller.lha mods/techn 59K 15+Pyratronik: TheKiller 7:17
the_ncc.lha mods/techn 1.0M 18+Join the journey: by tHE aNV!L
thinking.lha mods/techn 80K 19+Great techno mod by trekkie
Thron.lha mods/techn 99K 8+Hard wave rhythms by STONE
TimeToBack.lha mods/techn 154K 5+Techno By: Czeslaw LMB Jursza
TimeWorld.lha mods/techn 67K 15+Pyratronik: TimeWorld 2:51
tnology.lzh mods/techn 149K 9+NoTechnology/96-Industrial/melodic
Train.lha mods/techn 26K 15+Pyratronik: Train 2:04
trancetr.lha mods/techn 187K 18+Trance Trip by The Undertaker
TripToDestroy.lha mods/techn 262K 15+Trip to Destroy
triptops.lha mods/techn 110K 8+Mtut > broken in after a brainwash
T_Q_BWheel.lha mods/techn 584K 13+Techno-Mod composed by TECHNOX & QUASAR
UFeelIt.lha mods/techn 411K 23+U Feelit ! (The Ravebusters)
UFeelItShort.lha mods/techn 410K 23+U Feelit ShortRMX! (The Ravebusters)
undatak.lzh mods/techn 138K 27+A Techno XM track by CSM
UnivRave.lha mods/techn 671K 20+ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "Universal_Rave
valium.lha mods/techn 39K 18+Valium 20 Mg
vol_MBeam.lha mods/techn 705K 8+MoonBeam by volley (atmos/trance)
vol_Mood.lha mods/techn 246K 4+What A Mood by volley (atmos/rawtec)
vol_StarS.lha mods/techn 285K 8+StarSleep by volley (bass pounder)
Was3.lha mods/techn 79K 21+Techno Module #2 By Captain HIT
WastedBytes.lha mods/techn 216K 17+Techno Symphonie 2.4f+ by Dr.K.Oss
Watch_I_Fly.lha mods/techn 263K 11+RAVE/TRANCE mod by Johnny Z
waves.lha mods/techn 90K 25+Junglistic Module Made by cydrone
workshee.lha mods/techn 31K 8+Mtut > long and monotone track
xtreme.lha mods/techn 198K 19+Techno module by trekkie
year_of.lha mods/techn 119K 18+Year Of Techno by Benster
100000MilesB.lha mods/tp96 139K 19+100000 Miles B , a TP96 multichannel mod
100degree.lha mods/tp96 543K 19+100 degree, a TP96 multichannel mod.
42.lha mods/tp96 236K 19+42, a TP96 multichannel mod.
4everlands.lha mods/tp96 336K 21+4-everlands..., 4ch mod from TP96
AcidInvasion.lha mods/tp96 272K 21+Acid Invasion, 4ch mod from TP96
AfterHours.lha mods/tp96 298K 21+After Hours, 4ch mod from TP96
alchemist2.lha mods/tp96 500K 21+Alchemist2, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
alunaticisback.lha mods/tp96 227K 21+A lunatic is back, 4ch mod from TP96
AndersonThe.lha mods/tp96 565K 19+Anders on The, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Apsidol.lha mods/tp96 231K 21+APSIDOL, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
AroundMidnight.lha mods/tp96 105K 21+Around_Midnight, 4ch mod from TP96
ASholeAShake.lha mods/tp96 162K 21+-A_Shole_A_Shake-, 4ch mod from TP96
Ashram.lha mods/tp96 285K 19+Ashram, a TP96 multichannel mod.
asongforsummer.lha mods/tp96 170K 21+A song for summer, 10th 4ch mod at TP96
astaroth.lha mods/tp96 172K 21+Astaroth, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
barock2.lha mods/tp96 181K 21+Ba'rock2, 18th 4ch mod at TP96
BeamMeUp.lha mods/tp96 185K 21+BEAM_mE_uP, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
BlackChristmas.lha mods/tp96 520K 19+Black Christmas, a TP96 multichannel mod
BlasmundFling.lha mods/tp96 100K 21+Blasmund-Fling, 4ch mod from TP96
bornfree.lha mods/tp96 237K 21+Born free, 6th 4ch mod at TP96
C64Oldschool.lha mods/tp96 46K 19+C64-Oldschool, a TP96 multichannel mod.
CartoonsPumukl.lha mods/tp96 303K 19+Cartoon's Pumukli, a TP96 multichannel m
ChemicalStorm.lha mods/tp96 286K 19+Chemical Storm, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Classe.lha mods/tp96 329K 19+Classe, 4th TP96 multichannel mod.
closeencounter.lha mods/tp96 486K 21+Closeencounterstp96, 4ch mod from TP96
Closetogod.lha mods/tp96 598K 19+Close to god, winner TP96 multichannel m
Compilationrem.lha mods/tp96 277K 19+Compilation remix, a TP96 multichannel m
CornersXM.lha mods/tp96 327K 19+Corners.XM, a TP96 multichannel mod.
CuttheCrap.lha mods/tp96 285K 21+Cut the Crap, 4ch mod from TP96
dABox.lha mods/tp96 299K 21+DA\Box, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
DaLsdTrip.lha mods/tp96 393K 21+Da Lsd Trip, 4ch mod from TP96
DangR.lha mods/tp96 204K 19+Dang-R, a TP96 multichannel mod.
daria.lha mods/tp96 494K 21+Daria, 3rd 4ch mod at The Party 1996
DemonMacaroni.lha mods/tp96 230K 21+Demon Macaroni, 12th 4ch mod at TP96
DesiveXM.lha mods/tp96 62K 19+Desive.XM, a TP96 multichannel mod.
DestinationV2.lha mods/tp96 220K 19+Destination - Vol2, a TP96 multichannel
Devotion.lha mods/tp96 225K 19+Devotion, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Die.lha mods/tp96 6K 19+Die, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Disappear.lha mods/tp96 578K 19+Disappear, a TP96 multichannel mod.
DisfusionXM.lha mods/tp96 218K 19+Disfusion.XM, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Doingitformone.lha mods/tp96 334K 19+Doing it for money, a TP96 multichannel
DreamRide.lha mods/tp96 430K 19+Dream Ride, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Dreams.lha mods/tp96 351K 19+Dreams, a TP96 multichannel mod.
DrippingAway.lha mods/tp96 174K 19+Dripping Away, 5th TP96 multichannel mod
DrLinux.lha mods/tp96 197K 19+Dr.Linux, a TP96 multichannel mod.
DruggedBonny.lha mods/tp96 254K 19+Drugged Bonny, a TP96 multichannel mod.
dubbonaut.lha mods/tp96 250K 21+Dubbonaut, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
DuracelSound.lha mods/tp96 383K 19+Duracel Sound, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Easy.lha mods/tp96 419K 19+Easy, a TP96 multichannel mod.
egosweeper.lha mods/tp96 475K 21+Egosweeper, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
electrorfx.lha mods/tp96 45K 21+Electro[rfx], 4ch mod from TP96
Enantiodromia.lha mods/tp96 344K 19+Enantiodromia, a TP96 multichannel mod.
EresTree.lha mods/tp96 399K 21+Eres Tree, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
EScapeFromeart.lha mods/tp96 240K 19+EScape From earth, a TP96 multichannel m
Extensia.lha mods/tp96 131K 19+Extensia, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Extortion.lha mods/tp96 197K 19+Extortion, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Fantasia.lha mods/tp96 437K 19+Fantasia, a TP96 multichannel mod.
FATALeMOTION.lha mods/tp96 146K 19+FATAL eMOTION, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Felicity.lha mods/tp96 418K 19+Felicity, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Fiesta.lha mods/tp96 73K 19+Fiesta, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Fish.lha mods/tp96 95K 19+Fish, a TP96 multichannel mod.
fit4fight.lha mods/tp96 127K 21+Fit4fight, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
Flowers.lha mods/tp96 150K 19+Flowers, a TP96 multichannel mod.
FlyBy.lha mods/tp96 237K 19+Fly By, a TP96 multichannel mod.
FlyingToThePar.lha mods/tp96 326K 21+Flying_to_the_party, 4ch mod from TP96
FoolLittlePipe.lha mods/tp96 355K 19+Fool Little Piper, a TP96 multichannel m
FormatC.lha mods/tp96 349K 19+Format C:, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Forward.lha mods/tp96 274K 19+Forward, a TP96 multichannel mod.
ForYou.lha mods/tp96 464K 21+For You, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
Freshness2.lha mods/tp96 340K 19+Freshness 2, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Funkaholic.lha mods/tp96 99K 19+Funkaholic, a TP96 multichannel mod.
FunkdaTrip.lha mods/tp96 284K 19+Funk da Trip, a TP96 multichannel mod.
funkyclassic.lha mods/tp96 60K 21+Funky classic, 4ch mod from TP96
funkypartyfeve.lha mods/tp96 243K 21+Funky party fever, 4ch mod from TP96
fusionsfunk.lha mods/tp96 277K 21+Atomar fusionsfunk, 7th 4ch mod at TP96
GOAars.lha mods/tp96 597K 19+GOAars, 3rd TP96 multichannel mod.
GoaSteam.lha mods/tp96 171K 19+Goa Steam, a TP96 multichannel mod.
GonnaRockThePl.lha mods/tp96 697K 19+Gonna Rock The Place, a TP96 multichanne
gothic.lha mods/tp96 358K 21+Gothic, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
gottakeepon.lha mods/tp96 123K 21+Gotta keep on!, 4ch mod from TP96
GravityOverdos.lha mods/tp96 723K 19+Gravity Overdose, a TP96 multichannel mo
groovytune.lha mods/tp96 154K 21+Groovy tune, 4ch mod from TP96
Happyman.lha mods/tp96 350K 19+Happyman, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Hate.lha mods/tp96 479K 19+Hate, a TP96 multichannel mod.
HaveSomeFunk.lha mods/tp96 101K 21+Letz^have^some^funk, 4ch mod from TP96
HeavenOfHarmon.lha mods/tp96 277K 19+Heaven Of Harmony, a TP96 multichannel m
Hedelmatarha.lha mods/tp96 164K 19+Hedelmatarha, a TP96 multichannel mod.
highonyou.lha mods/tp96 590K 21+High on you, 2nd 4ch mod at TP96
HighVoltage.lha mods/tp96 307K 21+High Voltage, 4ch mod from TP96
hulabalo.lha mods/tp96 89K 21+Hulabalo, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
IndianSummer.lha mods/tp96 312K 19+Indian Summer, a TP96 multichannel mod.
infinityproces.lha mods/tp96 260K 21+Infinity processor, 4ch mod from TP96
Injector.lha mods/tp96 473K 19+Injector, a TP96 multichannel mod.
InsideFocus.lha mods/tp96 439K 19+Inside Focus, a TP96 multichannel mod.
insidemyhead.lha mods/tp96 399K 21+Inside my head, 4ch mod from TP96
InsideSpaceV2.lha mods/tp96 683K 21+Inside_space_v2, 15th 4ch mod at TP96
Interplanetari.lha mods/tp96 378K 19+Interplanetaric, a TP96 multichannel mod
intotheoutside.lha mods/tp96 209K 21+Into the outside, 4ch mod from TP96
Intothesilence.lha mods/tp96 158K 19+Into the silence, a TP96 multichannel mo
Jimigoes2Katma.lha mods/tp96 350K 21+Jimi goes 2 Katmandu, 8th 4ch mod at TP9
Joy_Boy_3.lha mods/tp96 243K 21+Joy_Boy_3, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
Julietistearin.lha mods/tp96 214K 19+Juliet is tearing, a TP96 multichannel m
KatekeetonKost.lha mods/tp96 344K 19+Katekeeton Kosto, a TP96 multichannel mo
Kelloviis.lha mods/tp96 236K 19+Kelloviis, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Kidshatecops.lha mods/tp96 319K 19+Kids hate cops, a TP96 multichannel mod.
KissesOfRain.lha mods/tp96 136K 21+KiSSES OF THE RAiN, 4ch mod from TP96
lecvadellon.lha mods/tp96 122K 21+Lecvadellon, 4ch mod from TP96
LiberIvonis.lha mods/tp96 493K 19+Liber Ivonis, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Lonelyness.lha mods/tp96 422K 19+Lonelyness, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Louizeonthemoo.lha mods/tp96 318K 19+Louize on the moon, a TP96 multichannel
LoveAffair.lha mods/tp96 600K 21+Love Affair, 5th 4ch mod at TP96
MarmeladeTambu.lha mods/tp96 38K 21+Marmelade&tamburin, 4ch mod from TP96
Mayish.lha mods/tp96 158K 21+Mayish, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
MedievalAcidit.lha mods/tp96 584K 19+Medieval Acidity, a TP96 multichannel mo
mellowClublife.lha mods/tp96 367K 19+Mellow Club-life, a TP96 multichannel mo
MelodyPops.lha mods/tp96 447K 19+Melody Pops, a TP96 multichannel mod.
MenacetoSociet.lha mods/tp96 138K 19+Menace to Society, a TP96 multichannel m
metamorfisk.lha mods/tp96 269K 21+Metamorfisk(short), 4ch mod from TP96
Metropolis.lha mods/tp96 448K 19+Metropolis, a TP96 multichannel mod.
MidnightinArab.lha mods/tp96 322K 19+Midnight in Arabia, 2nd TP96 multichanne
MomiiStugan.lha mods/tp96 158K 19+Momi i Stugan, a TP96 multichannel mod.
MorphiumTrip.lha mods/tp96 397K 19+Morphium Trip , a TP96 multichannel mod.
motownfunk.lha mods/tp96 276K 21+MOTOWN-FUNK, 21st 4ch mod at TP96
Mutilated.lha mods/tp96 295K 19+Mutilated, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Muus.lha mods/tp96 488K 19+Muus, a TP96 multichannel mod.
MyBaby.lha mods/tp96 565K 19+My Baby, a TP96 multichannel mod.
MySpring.lha mods/tp96 330K 19+My Spring, a TP96 multichannel mod.
MysteriSuuri.lha mods/tp96 559K 19+Mysteri Suuri, a TP96 multichannel mod.
MysteryofDruph.lha mods/tp96 560K 19+Mystery of Druph'ad, a TP96 multichannel
nameit.lha mods/tp96 193K 21+Nameit, 13th 4ch mod at The Party 1996
Narcosis.lha mods/tp96 203K 19+Narcosis, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Nerve.lha mods/tp96 258K 19+Nerve, a TP96 multichannel mod.
NoMoreSilence.lha mods/tp96 197K 21+No More Silence, 4ch mod from TP96
Nougat.lha mods/tp96 166K 19+Nougat, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Oldskoolmod.lha mods/tp96 150K 21+Oldskool.mod, 19th 4ch mod at TP96
Olohof97.lha mods/tp96 321K 19+Olohof 97, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Opium.lha mods/tp96 415K 19+Opium, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Overtheclouds.lha mods/tp96 376K 19+Over the clouds, a TP96 multichannel mod
Painful.lha mods/tp96 69K 21+Painful, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
Panda.lha mods/tp96 169K 19+Panda, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Paradisefound.lha mods/tp96 452K 19+Paradise found, a TP96 multichannel mod.
PianoFantastic.lha mods/tp96 127K 21+PiANO FANTASTiCO, 4ch mod from TP96
plasticbil.lha mods/tp96 18K 21+Plasticbil, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
Poison.lha mods/tp96 478K 21+Poison, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
PreMileniumTen.lha mods/tp96 453K 19+Pre Milenium Tension, a TP96 multichanne
primaproton.lha mods/tp96 94K 21+Primaproton, 4ch mod from TP96
ProbablyNot.lha mods/tp96 362K 21+Probably Not, 4ch mod from TP96
Probe2Dehumani.lha mods/tp96 337K 21+Probe 2-Dehumanizer, 4ch mod from TP96
PROLLLETSGo.lha mods/tp96 296K 19+PROLL! (LET'S Go), a TP96 multichannel m
Psychpath.lha mods/tp96 491K 19+Psychpath, a TP96 multichannel mod.
pulseoflifexl.lha mods/tp96 314K 21+Pulse of life xl, 17th 4ch mod at TP96
PureFunkyMotio.lha mods/tp96 429K 21+PUre_fUnky_mOtion, 23rd 4ch mod at TP96
Pushy.lha mods/tp96 316K 19+Pushy, a TP96 multichannel mod.
puzzledmind.lha mods/tp96 243K 21+Puzzled mind, 4ch mod from TP96
raven1.lha mods/tp96 318K 21+Raven1, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
RedSectorTheme.lha mods/tp96 148K 21+Red Sector Theme, 4ch mod from TP96
Remedyoflight.lha mods/tp96 244K 19+Remedy of light, a TP96 multichannel mod
residentspaces.lha mods/tp96 539K 21+Resident spaces, 4ch mod from TP96
RythmSexition.lha mods/tp96 97K 21+RythmSexition, 4ch mod from TP96
SalsaConCarne.lha mods/tp96 306K 21+Salsa Con Carne, winner 4ch mod at TP96
Sanctityofdeep.lha mods/tp96 671K 19+Sanctity of deep sleep, a TP96 multichan
sekahedelma.lha mods/tp96 535K 21+Sekahedelma, 4ch mod from TP96
Sequence7.lha mods/tp96 270K 21+Sequence 7, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
ServethePublic.lha mods/tp96 136K 21+Serve the Public..!, 4ch mod from TP96
Shadez97.lha mods/tp96 559K 19+Shadez'97, a TP96 multichannel mod.
shedoesntknow.lha mods/tp96 220K 21+She doesn't know..., 20th 4ch mod at TP9
ShoutInDreams.lha mods/tp96 115K 21+-shout_in_dreams-, 4ch mod from TP96
SickWorld.lha mods/tp96 339K 19+Sick World, a TP96 multichannel mod.
singularity.lha mods/tp96 244K 21+Singularity, 4ch mod from TP96
SmoothSensatio.lha mods/tp96 452K 19+Smooth Sensation, a TP96 multichannel mo
Sodapop.lha mods/tp96 377K 19+Sodapop, a TP96 multichannel mod.
SoulShaker.lha mods/tp96 322K 19+Soul Shaker, a TP96 multichannel mod.
speedfreak.lha mods/tp96 397K 21+Speed freak, 4ch mod from TP96
Spiralwerk.lha mods/tp96 127K 19+Spiralwerk, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Starfall.lha mods/tp96 308K 19+Starfall, a TP96 multichannel mod.
SubMachine.lha mods/tp96 414K 19+Sub Machine, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Survival.lha mods/tp96 207K 19+Survival, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Technaria.lha mods/tp96 408K 19+Technaria, a TP96 multichannel mod.
teknohestcomp.lha mods/tp96 376K 21+Teknohest.comp, 4ch mod from TP96
TheBreed.lha mods/tp96 300K 19+The Breed, a TP96 multichannel mod.
TheDepthsofJaz.lha mods/tp96 203K 21+The Depths of Jazz, 9th 4ch mod at TP96
TheHappyFarts.lha mods/tp96 334K 21+The Happy Farts, 4ch mod from TP96
TheIcePalace.lha mods/tp96 464K 21+The Ice Palace, 11th 4ch mod at TP96
TheIntruder.lha mods/tp96 203K 21+The Intruder, 4ch mod from TP96
TheProfet.lha mods/tp96 358K 19+The Profet, a TP96 multichannel mod.
TheZebraCrossi.lha mods/tp96 102K 19+The Zebra Crossing, a TP96 multichannel
Tigger.lha mods/tp96 176K 19+Tigger, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Timelessbeauty.lha mods/tp96 173K 21+Timeless beauty, 4ch mod from TP96
Titanic.lha mods/tp96 359K 19+Titanic, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Title64.lha mods/tp96 270K 21+Title64, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
Tomakelove.lha mods/tp96 175K 19+To make love, a TP96 multichannel mod.
ToysExtended.lha mods/tp96 247K 21+Toy's (Extended), 4ch mod from TP96
TranceCluton.lha mods/tp96 128K 21+Trance-Clut!on, 4ch mod from TP96
Tranceform.lha mods/tp96 277K 21+Tranceform, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
Underestimated.lha mods/tp96 511K 19+Underestimated, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Venture.lha mods/tp96 209K 19+Venture, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Vikingsintheho.lha mods/tp96 338K 19+Vikings in the hood, a TP96 multichannel
VirtualVoyage.lha mods/tp96 159K 21+Virtual Voyage, 4ch mod from TP96
Visions2Face.lha mods/tp96 620K 19+Visions 2 Face, a TP96 multichannel mod.
wakeuppressy3.lha mods/tp96 305K 21+Wakeuppressy3, 4ch mod from TP96
Walkingintheai.lha mods/tp96 312K 19+Walking in the air, a TP96 multichannel
WallsOfJericho.lha mods/tp96 145K 19+Walls Of Jericho, a TP96 multichannel mo
Waterflare.lha mods/tp96 71K 21+Waterflare, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
wavecoast.lha mods/tp96 325K 21+Wavecoast, 4th 4ch mod at TP96
Weallneedlove.lha mods/tp96 347K 19+We all need love, a TP96 multichannel mo
WeAre.lha mods/tp96 260K 21+We Are!, 4ch mod from The Party 1996
What.lha mods/tp96 233K 19+What, a TP96 multichannel mod.
WhatDoWant2Do.lha mods/tp96 137K 19+What Do Want 2 Do?, a TP96 multichannel
Willow.lha mods/tp96 470K 19+Willow, a TP96 multichannel mod.
With.lha mods/tp96 363K 19+With, a TP96 multichannel mod.
WorldofWonders.lha mods/tp96 137K 19+World of Wonders, a TP96 multichannel mo
XFLAT.lha mods/tp96 291K 19+X-FLAT, a TP96 multichannel mod.
YellowMovement.lha mods/tp96 374K 19+Yellow Movement, a TP96 multichannel mod
Yggdrasil.lha mods/tp96 339K 19+Yggdrasil, a TP96 multichannel mod.
Zoundsxm.lha mods/tp96 683K 19+Zounds.xm, a TP96 multichannel mod.
1stRebirth.lha mods/tranc 91K 17+Mod.1st Rebirth, a 4-channel trance-styl
also.lha mods/tranc 146K 18+A.L.S.O. by sqd/tfa
Alterated2.lha mods/tranc 183K 7+Mod for Symphonie 2.4f+
avt_trax.lha mods/tranc 181K 14+(asvalt) module by cAUSTIC
Bass.lha mods/tranc 145K 9+A TecnoTrance module by Cannibal Creator
Beatmaster.lha mods/tranc 151K 3+Low,Lower,Lowest:Subwoofer Trance! DJ W.
BigCity.lha mods/tranc 110K 9+Trance MODule by Planet G Prod. 2.0
BreakOut.lha mods/tranc 551K 11+Song by Marco Ege - Symphonie 24f+
circuit1.lha mods/tranc 443K 19+Goa/Trance [Solaris/Nearly Gods]
ColorOfMind.lha mods/tranc 83K 8+A nice TecnoTrance music module in MMD2
ConceptOfM.lha mods/tranc 473K 13+OSS by Sniper... Techno/Trance.
Cybersized.lha mods/tranc 301K 11+RAVE/TRANCE mod by Johnny Z
c_everyd.lha mods/tranc 274K 5+A little Hardtrance? song By Cydrone
Def_of_Trance.lha mods/tranc 116K 3+There is a New Definition : Trance by DJ
DisIsDaBeat.lha mods/tranc 148K 19+Techno-MED-MOD by * housemeister *
Dragonslair.lha mods/tranc 343K 17+Dragon's lair
DuneII.lha mods/tranc 104K 16+OSS by Sniper... Trance.
ebb.lha mods/tranc 377K 11+MMD2 format trance mod
ElbiE_SynII.lha mods/tranc 157K 13+SynthetiC_II [goatrance] by Elbie/t13n!^
EndlessS.lha mods/tranc 250K 17+Mod, for Symphonie v2.4f+
Entrance.lha mods/tranc 336K 11+TRANCE mod by Johnny Z
ePush.lha mods/tranc 720K 24+Mod, for Symphonie v2.4f+
EverlastingS.lha mods/tranc 307K 18+Mod, for Symphonie v2.4f+
Goon.lha mods/tranc 299K 5+<Goon> By Dave The Brave (ProTracker)
HarderPeople.lha mods/tranc 169K 19+Techno-MED-MOD by * housemeister *
insomniac.lha mods/tranc 473K 20+Psychedelic Trance [Zinc]
JnX1_Intruder.lha mods/tranc 203K 23+TP96 4-channel compo module by JinX
Jnx3_Dsp.lha mods/tranc 159K 17+A - JinX ! - eXperience / TranCe
LaserTrance.lha mods/tranc 234K 17+LaserTrance
LaserTrnceS.lha mods/tranc 378K 10+Trance MOD - Symphonie 2.4f+
LostInDune.lha mods/tranc 56K 16+OSS by Sniper... Trance.
MegaDream6.lha mods/tranc 495K 15+Megadream 6
Mixed_Fruit.lha mods/tranc 594K 3+Trance tune by Rolex/Apt^Msv from TG97
MoonlightS.lha mods/tranc 273K 18+Mod, for Symphonie v2.4f+
nippones.lha mods/tranc 70K 5+Mtut > slow and nipponesic groovy.track
PianoLyric2.lha mods/tranc 514K 27+Part Two! PT-Mod by *B.P.M*
primafacieevd.lha mods/tranc 404K 19+Acid Trance [Mistix/TransMission Crit.]
purecontrol.lha mods/tranc 322K 17+Pure Control
rph_wax_tad.lzh mods/tranc 264K 3+By Raphiel/Oxygen - genre acid-trance
SirensB.lha mods/tranc 274K 5+<Sirens> By Dave The Brave (ProTracker)
SirensOfTheP.lha mods/tranc 312K 13+OSS by Sniper... Techno/Trance.
Snow.lha mods/tranc 253K 5+<Snow> By Dave The Brave (ProTracker)
Space_Voice.lha mods/tranc 425K 15+Space Voice Mix
Sunblocker.lha mods/tranc 523K 11+Song by Marco Ege - Symphonie 24f+
sunset.lha mods/tranc 601K 18+A Kiss at Sunset. Nice PT Module by Macr
Superstitious.lha mods/tranc 407K 21+Hardtrance mod in MMD3 format by Wavemak
TakeMeTTMS.lha mods/tranc 535K 10+Mod for Symphonie 2.4f+
TangerDrmI.lha mods/tranc 396K 24+Mod, for Symphonie v2.4f+
Terminator2.lha mods/tranc 127K 13+OSS by Sniper... Trance.
TheAtomicTrial.lha mods/tranc 234K 15+The Atomic Trial
TheDeathOfAGod.lha mods/tranc 283K 16+OSS by Sniper... Trance.
The_Assassin.lha mods/tranc 286K 12+A techno/trancetune by Ferrara (MMD3)
The_beginning.lha mods/tranc 335K 12+This is the beginning by Thunder
the_trip.lha mods/tranc 475K 19+Trance [SkyLined]
TranceDream.lha mods/tranc 225K 17+TranceDream
TranceMission.lha mods/tranc 181K 15+Trance Mission
trans.lha mods/tranc 113K 8+Soft trance in MED
TravInTime.lha mods/tranc 141K 12+A trance/Dream Music by Ferrara (MMD3)
UfeelItS.lha mods/tranc 360K 10+Mod for Symphonie 2.4f+
ViVa.lha mods/tranc 938K 11+Song by Marco Ege - Symphonie 24f+
Waveforming2.lha mods/tranc 127K 21+Hardtrance mod in MMD3 format by Wavemak
WildCanRmx.lha mods/tranc 161K 24+Mod, for Symphonie v2.4f+
withthewind_re.lha mods/tranc 94K 14+Remix of Diesel's "WithTheWind.mod"
Zebes.lha mods/tranc 251K 8+Ambient drum'n'bass by SD
Anti_PC.lha mods/voice 186K 4+Anti PC Tune
Buurebiebli.lha mods/voice 465K 24+Popular swiss folksong. Screamed by Dafi
LoveLand.lha mods/voice 517K 6+Exellent Dance-Techno by MrOLI
5DaysInParadis.lha mods/voy 263K 10+PT 4-track, enigma-style (?) module by V
AlienWorld.lha mods/voy 148K 10+PT 4-track, ambient module by V0yager (C
BadEnd.lha mods/voy 71K 10+PT 4-track, from game "Kretacz" by V0yag
BeetwenPast.lha mods/voy 70K 9+PT 4-track, smells like disco by V0yager
BlackPinkWhite.lha mods/voy 111K 10+PT 4-track, slow module by V0yager (Cons
BlueMoon.lha mods/voy 77K 10+PT 4-track, slow module by V0yager (Cons
BombadilsBirth.lha mods/voy 5K 10+PT 4-track, short & strange module by V0
CommingToDeath.lha mods/voy 56K 10+PT 4-track, another one module by V0yage
ConstellationM.lha mods/voy 206K 10+PT 4-track, ambient module by V0yager (C
CrusadeInOldTo.lha mods/voy 49K 10+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
CustomsFree.lha mods/voy 54K 10+PT 4-track, disco module by V0yager (Con
CYaTKG_8.lha mods/voy 379K 10+FastTracker 1.0 8-tracks multichanel by
CYaTKG_S.lha mods/voy 375K 10+StoneTracker 1.26 8-tracks multichanel b
C_64.lha mods/voy 76K 10+PT 4-track, C-64 style module by V0yager
DeadlyInnocent.lha mods/voy 154K 10+PT 4-track, ambient module by V0yager (C
DeepInYourSoul.lha mods/voy 151K 10+PT 4-track, another module by V0yager (C
Destination_Ph.lha mods/voy 82K 10+PT 4-track, module from the game "Kretac
DreamGreyRiver.lha mods/voy 142K 10+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
DuSvardenvyrd.lha mods/voy 60K 10+PT 4-track, strange module by V0yager (C
EverythingIsOv.lha mods/voy 137K 10+PT 4-track, ambient module by V0yager (C
ForgottenDream.lha mods/voy 188K 10+PT 4-track, very long module by V0yager
ForgottnLegen.lha mods/voy 139K 10+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
HeartAppercept.lha mods/voy 120K 10+PT 4-track, strange module by V0yager (C
IfYouWin.lha mods/voy 128K 10+PT 4-track, pop-style module by V0yager
InBattle.lha mods/voy 79K 10+PT 4-track, just another module by V0yag
InnerPain.lha mods/voy 78K 10+PT 4-track, just another module by V0yag
Khazad_Dum.lha mods/voy 106K 10+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
KretaczTheme.lha mods/voy 71K 10+PT 4-track, module from the game "Kretac
LordOfSilmaril.lha mods/voy 183K 10+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
MakeTheWish.lha mods/voy 168K 10+PT 4-track, slow module by V0yager (Cons
Manhunter.lha mods/voy 40K 10+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
Metamorphose.lha mods/voy 19K 10+PT 4-track, short piano module by V0yage
MissionDeepDea.lha mods/voy 92K 10+PT 4-track, old module by V0yager (Const
NeverendingLov.lha mods/voy 111K 10+PT 4-track, pop-style module by V0yager
NightFlightYF.lha mods/voy 87K 10+PT 4-track, very old module by V0yager (
NoEntitledToLi.lha mods/voy 311K 10+PT 4-track, very long module by V0yager
OgreOgre.lha mods/voy 110K 10+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
OnTheEdgeOfAby.lha mods/voy 77K 10+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
Prophecy.lha mods/voy 156K 10+PT 4-track, pop-style module by V0yager
Quadroscope.lha mods/voy 45K 10+PT 4-track, module from the game "Kretac
Reincarnation.lha mods/voy 124K 10+PT 4-track, pop-style module by V0yager
SecurityCode.lha mods/voy 56K 10+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
SoundOdysee91.lha mods/voy 123K 10+PT 4-track, first Amiga module by V0yage
SpaceVoyage.lha mods/voy 105K 10+PT 4-track, very old module by V0yager (
StarCreation.lha mods/voy 361K 10+PT 4-track, mixed styles module by V0yag
StrangeSounds.lha mods/voy 69K 10+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
SuicidalFeelin.lha mods/voy 198K 10+PT 4-track, slow module by V0yager (Cons
Synth1.lha mods/voy 1K 10+OctaMED (MMD0) synth song V0yager (Const
Synth2.lha mods/voy 2K 10+OctaMED (MMD0) synth song V0yager (Const
Synth3.lha mods/voy 1K 10+OctaMED (MMD0) synth song V0yager (Const
TakeTheHand.lha mods/voy 139K 10+PT 4-track, ambient module by V0yager (C
TheEnd.lha mods/voy 20K 10+PT 4-track, short music joke by V0yager
TheHankering.lha mods/voy 168K 10+PT 4-track, slow module by V0yager (Cons
TheMiracleofLO.lha mods/voy 167K 10+PT 4-track, slow module by V0yager (Cons
TheWavesOfFire.lha mods/voy 73K 10+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
TrollsHill.lha mods/voy 100K 10+PT 4-track, module by V0yager (Constella
TwilightZone.lha mods/voy 394K 10+PT 4-track, slow module by V0yager (Cons
VacuityLiving.lha mods/voy 138K 10+PT 4-track, ambient module by V0yager (C
VagueIdea.lha mods/voy 196K 9+PT 4-track, pop-style module by V0yager
VirtualReality.lha mods/voy 48K 10+PT 4-track, another module by V0yager (C
VisualDistance.lha mods/voy 78K 10+PT 4-track, module from the game "Kretac
Warriors.lha mods/voy 0K 10+THX Sound System chip tune V0yager (Cons
WastedSilence.lha mods/voy 141K 10+PT 4-track, module V0yager (Constellatio
WellOfValinor.lha mods/voy 166K 10+PT 4-track, module V0yager (Constellatio
WorldFullOfHat.lha mods/voy 135K 10+PT 4-track, module V0yager (Constellatio
11_44.lha mods/xm 93K 19+Hardcore Acid [Saga]
agrsvethoughts.lha mods/xm 426K 20+Acid Psycho Trance [Knert/Silence]
alpha_rune.lha mods/xm 355K 20+Hardcore Techno/Trance [Vildauget/Chill]
anthem.lha mods/xm 311K 20+The Holiday Anthem
Armonau2.lha mods/xm 142K 4+Armonauthic Part 2 - By Francesco Gambin
Armonau3.lha mods/xm 405K 4+Armonauthic Part 3 - By Francesco Gambin
Armonau4.lha mods/xm 195K 4+Armonauthic Part 4 - By Francesco Gambin
Armonau5.lha mods/xm 111K 4+Armonauthic Part 5 - By Francesco Gambin
Armonau6.lha mods/xm 287K 4+Armonauthic Part 6 - By Francesco Gambin
Armonau7.lha mods/xm 346K 4+Armonauthic Part 7 - By Francesco Gambin
azkroonmountan.lha mods/xm 231K 20+Rave/House/Trance [JinX of SoundGash]
bane_vacant.lzh mods/xm 475K 9+16ch XM mod by Olethros (Christos Dimitr
cold_sta.lha mods/xm 14K 27+8 channel FastTracker II (XM) module
CoolAir.lzh mods/xm 219K 6+Orchestral Air by Olethros (Christos Dim
DeltaFlo.lha mods/xm 96K 3+Delta Floor - By Francesco Gambino
DreamWorld.lha mods/xm 487K 21+XM-Music Module
d_ignit.lha mods/xm 21K 24+XM music file by CCC/DBPK
d_rampge.lzh mods/xm 17K 23+Hardcore XM by CCC/DBPK
ellen.lha mods/xm 160K 27+12 channel FastTracker II (XM) module
final_journey.lha mods/xm 232K 20+Breakbeat & Piano [Zond]
force.lha mods/xm 120K 12+Force, a mmd3 mod converted to xm.
fremen.lha mods/xm 503K 12+Fast Tracker (XM) mod
halfw.lzh mods/xm 67K 23+Another XM track by CSM.1996.
harderwe.lha mods/xm 133K 16+12 channel XM module by Jan R. Haugan
Heart.lha mods/xm 459K 10+Bouncy Hardcore Techno-DJ ELviz
Inspiration.lzh mods/xm 451K 8+Dancefloor Module
Ipermatik.lha mods/xm 119K 4+Ipermatik - By Francesco Gambino
i_feel_happy.lha mods/xm 262K 20+Happy Hardcore [Ravy/TLP]
keyloss.lha mods/xm 31K 27+8 channel FastTracker II (XM) module
kivledal.lha mods/xm 64K 27+8 channel FastTracker II (XM) module
kupaland.lha mods/xm 123K 16+12 channel XM module by Jan R. Haugan
lengt.lha mods/xm 111K 27+12 channel FastTracker II (XM) module
make_it.lha mods/xm 115K 27+10 channel FastTracker II (XM) module
mechanic.lha mods/xm 106K 16+10 channel XM module by Jan R. Haugan
naked_reality.lha mods/xm 4.1M 19+Massive BMP compo tune intended for CD!
no5.lha mods/xm 402K 20+Hardcore Pseudo-Punk [Niko]
nomad.lha mods/xm 247K 12+Fast Tracker (XM) mod
pars_en.lha mods/xm 166K 13+Synth-pop module (XM), a first module by
pars_str.lha mods/xm 435K 12+Progressive synth-rock, by Parsifal.
pars_ttr.lha mods/xm 265K 12+Slow synth and piano, by Parsifal.
pknk4sol.lha mods/xm 259K 20+A Picnic for the Soul
proj1.lha mods/xm 136K 12+Fast Tracker (XM) mod
Pushy.lha mods/xm 316K 17+XM-Module From TP'96 M-Chan Compo!!
raiseyourhands.lha mods/xm 556K 20+House [da-Fly]
ravin_softie.lha mods/xm 256K 20+Rave/Triphop/Ambient [Synthetic Minds]
sceneryb.lha mods/xm 105K 16+12 channel XM module by Jan R. Haugan
seven.lha mods/xm 132K 27+8 channel FastTracker II (XM) module
shh_per.lha mods/xm 25K 21+8 channel XM module by Jeano / BCD
silver_rain.lha mods/xm 183K 20+Psychotic Trance [Influx]
step.lha mods/xm 86K 19+Hardcore [Cocheese/Mrs H's Kitchen]
striptease.lzh mods/xm 70K 4+'Pagode' Brazilian style by C.
timover.lzh mods/xm 34K 25+A XM track by CSM
tired_fr.lha mods/xm 49K 27+10 channel FastTracker II (XM) module
turnback.lha mods/xm 149K 4+Turnback - By Francesco Gambino
ultimateweapon.lha mods/xm 185K 20+Hardcore House [Floppy/Jungle Tribe]
upm.lha mods/xm 791K 19+Club [Rafaello]
Visions2Face.lha mods/xm 620K 22+TP6 compo (house) XM by Hires/Heatwave
waytofre.lha mods/xm 148K 16+10 channel XM module by Jan R. Haugan
wheelsof.lha mods/xm 64K 16+8 channel XM module by Jan R. Haugan
who_ate.lha mods/xm 102K 27+10 channel FastTracker II (XM) module
wizardma.lha mods/xm 68K 16+8 channel XM module by Jan R. Haugan
worse_it.lha mods/xm 51K 27+8 channel FastTracker II (XM) module
would_l2.lha mods/xm 61K 27+10 channel FastTracker II (XM) module
xzn_emot.lha mods/xm 151K 15+16ch XM by Stranger/X-ZONE
xzn_feby.lha mods/xm 172K 15+22ch XM by Stranger/X-ZONE
xzn_wave.lha mods/xm 204K 15+10ch XM by Stranger/X-ZONE
ays_t127.lha mus/edit 145K 22+"THX Sound System v1.27 full Version" by
DBoosterPro.lha mus/edit 695K 13+Multichannel music program V2.0PRO
DBpro211.lha mus/edit 612K 4+Multichannel music program V2.11PRO
DBpro212.lha mus/edit 485K 2+Multichannel music program V2.12PRO
easyplay.lha mus/edit 203K 8+Easiest way to produce music!
Join2Stereo.lha mus/edit 12K 8+Joins to 8SVX-Mono-Samples to a stereo 8
MakeCDDA.lha mus/edit 5K 6+Converts Samplitude projects to .cdda fi
maves_d.lha mus/edit 694K 11+8/14-bit harddisk sound system, Maves De
Maves_d2.lha mus/edit 302K 5+Maves Demo update
NewTracker_AHI.lha mus/edit 86K 8+Music composer (3.56/AHIr2) for OS 2.1+
omed_pt15.lha mus/edit 11K 13+OctaMED SS1 PT cuts upgrade (1.5)
PT4_Beta2.lha mus/edit 147K 16+Protracker V4.0 Beta 2 (music composing
RealityConv.lha mus/edit 281K 21+Reality music and sound converter from 5
Samp30fr.lha mus/edit 8K 16+French catalog for Samplitude V3.00
samplee.lha mus/edit 76K 12+SampleE a Sample Editor
sfx_00.lha mus/edit 339K 20+V 3.36 Binary for 68000
sfx_20.lha mus/edit 336K 20+V 3.36 Binary for 68020
sfx_20m.lha mus/edit 320K 20+V 3.36 Binary for 68020+FPU
sfx_30.lha mus/edit 336K 20+V 3.36 Binary for 68030
sfx_30m.lha mus/edit 320K 20+V 3.36 Binary for 68030+FPU
sfx_40m.lha mus/edit 321K 20+V 3.36 Binary for 68040+FPU
sfx_data.lha mus/edit 245K 20+V 3.36 Data
sfx_doceng.lha mus/edit 104K 20+V 3.36 Docs english
sfx_docger.lha mus/edit 112K 20+V 3.36 Docs german
SinED.lha mus/edit 190K 4+The most powerful 16bit sample editor/ge
SoundConvert_a.lha mus/edit 135K 4+Updates SoundConverter V2.1 to V2.1a
Sound_Convert.lha mus/edit 553K 5+Sound Converter V2.1
SymphDcE.lha mus/edit 21K 10+Symphonie ENGLISH docs by Michel Visser
SymphDcS.lha mus/edit 21K 5+Symphonie SWEDISH docs by Jonas sterber
SymphDEMO.lha mus/edit 146K 17+Symphonie 2.4f rel 8 feat. DSP Plug In S
SymphEDIT.lha mus/edit 74K 7+FREE Symphonie 2.4f rel 9
Arp1_0.lha mus/midi 25K 19+A Fantastic MIDI Arpeggiator for the Ami
bossdrum.lha mus/midi 12K 11+Korg i-Series/X-Series song
cam_deAB.lha mus/midi 573K 7+Camouflage MIDI/16-Bit-Audio Sequencer
cs1xed.lha mus/midi 316K 7+MIDI-Editor Yamaha CS1x
DX100patches.lzh mus/midi 85K 10+A collection of DX-100 synth patches
dx7pd1_data.lha mus/midi 147K 19+DX7/TX7-- SysEx and Voices-Banks I for T
dx7pd2_data.lha mus/midi 146K 19+DX7/TX7-- SysEx and Voices-Banks II for
dx7sing1_data.lha mus/midi 18K 19+DX7/TX7-- SysEx and SingleVoices I for T
dx7sing2_data.lha mus/midi 61K 19+DX7/TX7-- SysEx and SingleVoices II for
dx7sing3_data.lha mus/midi 17K 19+DX7/TX7-- SysEx and SingleVoices III for
D_M_F10.lha mus/midi 6K 19+Displays MIDI File Statements
ebeneezr.lha mus/midi 13K 11+Korg i-Series/X-Series song
fool_tnk.lha mus/midi 55K 11+Korg i-Series/X-Series song using Genera
FP95.lha mus/midi 20K 11+Korg i-Series STYLE Data
getbettr.lha mus/midi 23K 11+Korg i-Series/X-Series song using GM Voi
Gmpgui13.lha mus/midi 97K 16+Yet another GUI for GMPlay!!
GMPHandl.lha mus/midi 14K 21+V1.3 Handle GMPlay easily with GUI
GMPlay13.lha mus/midi 6.6M 2+Plays MIDI-Files with your Amiga (020+)
GMPlayGUI14.lha mus/midi 116K 2+Nice and working GUI for GMPlay1.2+
ladytrmp.lha mus/midi 34K 11+Korg i-Series/X-Series song using Genera
midiplayer.lha mus/midi 23K 13+Small Workbench Midi/MPX2 file player
MIDIpreter19.lha mus/midi 19K 11+MIDI-Soft-Thru + graphical output (v1.9)
midit.lha mus/midi 78K 5+OctaMED to MID file converter - v2.6 (MU
MidiTracker.lha mus/midi 269K 9+Midi composing software, tracker-style,
midi_mon04.lha mus/midi 7K 19+Displays MIDI-SysEx`s
MSE.lha mus/midi 162K 6+MIDI SYStem EXplorer - PatchEditor+MORE
nakdrain.lha mus/midi 11K 11+Korg i-Series/X-Series song
only_you.lha mus/midi 26K 11+Korg i-Series/X-Series song using Genera
play_midi061.lha mus/midi 8K 19+MIDI-File Player
ProjectMIDI.lha mus/midi 26K 12+Use your Amiga as a MIDI-Instrument!!
Rach4_3.lha mus/midi 63K 16+.MID sequence of Rachmaninoff 4th Piano
rec_tra_fx09.lha mus/midi 6K 19+DX7/TX7-- SysEx and Voices --Reciver and
REO.lha mus/midi 71K 7+Russian Easter Overture .MID
runtoyou.lha mus/midi 29K 11+Korg i-Series/X-Series song
SDFonts.lha mus/midi 4K 23+Font's for SoftDrum
slipaway.lha mus/midi 27K 11+Korg i-Series/X-Series song
SoftDrum.lha mus/midi 86K 4+MIDI-Drumsequencer with SMF-Export
Syx.lha mus/midi 43K 9+MIDI SysEx dump utility. V1.2
Syx10.lha mus/midi 42K 21+MIDI SysEx dump utility. V1.0
tchaik54.lha mus/midi 81K 25+Tchaikovsky 5th Symphony, 4th movement .
TSaltan3.lha mus/midi 36K 11+Finale of Tsar Saltan Suite .MID
wave.lha mus/midi 33K 11+Korg i-Series/X-Series song using Genera
8to16.lha mus/misc 27K 7+V1.3 of sample converter
ahiusr.lha mus/misc 210K 8+Retagetable audio v4, User's Archive
AIdemo.lha mus/misc 65K 15+Sample Editor+Effects+Synth FULL VERSION
amp.lha mus/misc 254K 12+Another Mp3 "Player".v0.7.2a1
ASdemo.lha mus/misc 202K 15+Demo of Powerful Synth, renders samples.
BasicNoteTutor.lha mus/misc 244K 5+Teaches basic sheet-music reading skills
Bugz.lha mus/misc 368K 19+Create tunes by drawing on the screen. (
ChipSaver.lha mus/misc 96K 6+V1.83. RESET-patch,'protects' chip/fastm
eXlist1.lha mus/misc 13K 15+ExoticList Feb97 - A list of Exotic musi
gm_gui.lha mus/misc 32K 25+GUI for Gmplay
HardDiskRecord.lha mus/misc 9K 8+Very basic hard disk record program (AHI
JoinAIFF.lha mus/misc 4K 7+Join 2 AIFF files to one stereo file
Karami_v11.lha mus/misc 141K 13+Make some karaoke to sing easily!
m2s_v11.lha mus/misc 59K 15+Extracts samples out of modules
maplay3.lha mus/misc 126K 12+Mpeg audio. LayerI-III. v1.0 a1
med2xm.lha mus/misc 10K 13+Converts OctaMED SS mods to XM's, V1.25
Metronome.lha mus/misc 21K 20+Metronome V1.1
Metr_Spanish.lha mus/misc 2K 8+Spanish catalog for Metronome V1.1
mlw_v1.lha mus/misc 19K 15+Converts Aminet CD index to Deli-Playlis
mp3.lha mus/misc 223K 7+Mpeg audio decoder.LayersI-III. 0.9.6-a1
mp3enc.lha mus/misc 254K 3+Mp3 encoder. (v0.1alpha)
mp3info.lha mus/misc 30K 2+Read/Write MP3 TAG info. v0.25
mpg123.lha mus/misc 181K 2+Another mp3 decoder. v0.59f.a1
MusicInGUI.lha mus/misc 13K 7+GUI for mpeg-encoder MusicIn - MUI
musiker_aw.lha mus/misc 303K 3+Composes music V1.31, MUI V3.3 required
ProTrackerManu.lha mus/misc 7K 25+Polish manual for Protracker
PSID_EX_ED.lha mus/misc 2K 11+PSID_Edit & PSID_Extract for one-filed P
RiPIT132.lha mus/misc 111K 2+RiPIT v1.32 - Multiformat Ripper
smt_23.lha mus/misc 385K 6+Triggers samples from Amiga/MIDI keyboar
SoundBoxPL.lha mus/misc 3K 20+Polish catalog for Sound Box - v1.0
SPiScope.lha mus/misc 6K 3+SPi-Scope 1.21 for HiP v2.12+
thxripper.lha mus/misc 9K 8+THX-Module ripper
AHIRecord.lha mus/play 14K 5+Advanced AHI HD-Recorder V1.3
AHITool.lha mus/play 17K 7+Powerful B&Pipes sample player using AHI
AHI_NotePlayer.lha mus/play 9K 8+AHI noteplayer (1.4) for DeliTracker
AModPlay.lha mus/play 70K 20+ARexx interface for BFBPlayMaster.librar
amp.lha mus/play 342K 6+Player/Decoder for MPEG audio Layer III
BFBPlayD.lha mus/play 104K 15+V1.1 Developer material for BFBPlayMaste
BFBPlayMasterU.lha mus/play 131K 15+V1.1 library based multiformat modulepla
bigplay3.lha mus/play 117K 7+GUI for AGMSPlaySound, play samp from HD
bmod.lha mus/play 35K 3+BMOD music replayer project
C64Player_V1_2.lha mus/play 85K 8+Transfer & play PlaySID-files on the C64
ChaoZGui_080b.lha mus/play 56K 2+ChaoZGui 0.80b - Gui for Mpega 2.8
Clips.lha mus/play 4K 21+CLI based player for PlaySID songfiles
ComTracker1_1.lha mus/play 59K 9+A Module Player for MODs and MEDs
DeliAY.lha mus/play 47K 21+DeliAY 0.14a for DeliTracker 2.14+
dt_newyear.lha mus/play 9K 22+New Year genie for DeliTracker (bugfix)
EP_JasonPageO.lha mus/play 5K 6+EaglePlayer Jason Page Old external repl
EP_THX127.lha mus/play 20K 21+EaglePlayer THX 1.27 external replayer
GMODPlay.lha mus/play 21K 21+Source for playing GMODs in Blitz2
hippoplayer.lha mus/play 651K 8+V2.39, module player. Try it!
hippoupdate.lha mus/play 50K 23+HippoPlayer v2.37 update 68000 fix
lowplay.lha mus/play 11K 9+CLI ST/NT/PT Player v1.00
MikMod.lzh mus/play 242K 17+Amiga Port of the *IX tracker MikMod.
mpeg3play.lha mus/play 218K 17+Optimised MP3 (MPEG 1 Layer 3 audio) dec
MPEGA.lha mus/play 263K 2+MPEG I,II & III audio decoder V2.9 (6802
MPEGAPlayer.lha mus/play 239K 2+MPEG Audio DeliTracker player V2.35 6802
mpeGUI.lha mus/play 3K 7+Simple GUI for mpega using RexxReqTools
mplayer.lha mus/play 56K 25+Player for different mods type
playdt.lha mus/play 10K 22+DataType Sound player
playmymods.lha mus/play 6K 17+A little PT-Mod Player for Cli
ps3msrc.lha mus/play 63K 23+Source of PS3M 3.13, which plays S3Ms, X
SmallPlayer15.lha mus/play 36K 22+Small XPacked module player by Life Team
SongPlayer.lha mus/play 457K 18+Various sound formats player V0.63 68020
SPFixUsr.lha mus/play 5K 20+SuperPlay-Library V6.1 (Usr) Bugfix
SPlayer_v1_6a.lha mus/play 172K 10+Update to 1.6a now ! (or else)
SPLibDev.lha mus/play 159K 10+SuperPlay-Library V6.3 (Dev)
SPLibUsr.lha mus/play 68K 10+SuperPlay-Library V6.3 (Usr) plus SuperP
SS.lha mus/play 17K 18+Plays not-converted SIDs! V1.10
ww_moduleplaye.lzh mus/play 93K 19+Module player for MOD and MED modules.

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