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WATCH OUT FOR THE DISK SYMBOL CU Amiga recognises the fact that you DO things with a computer, so watch out for I great tutorials that link articles to our coverdisks. They'll be relevant, useful and we hope that they'll entertain you. WATCH OUT FOR THE THEMES This issue we feature a series of related articles that strip away the mysteries behind the Amiga and tell you how to make your own demo complete with snazzy graphics and top-rated sounds. You'll be able to read CU Amiga at several different levels. Imagine that you're about to throw a party. You'll want to design the invites, you'll want to know what to use to print them; you'll want something to show off to your friends, and you may even want to make yourself some themed garb. OK, we'll show you how. .. But on the other hand, if that’s not to your taste, then what we have this issue are informative features on disk preparation, graphic routines, composition, computer typography. Amos BASIC, flexi dumps and bubble jet printers. We promise that we'll show you how to get the best from your machine - but, rest assured, we'll cater for all levels of ability. WATCH OUT FOR THE FUN CU Amiga will be taking a fun yet authoritative look at all things Amiga as only we can. We aim to be the The Complete Guide To The Decked out in paper hats, coloured streamers and tasteful Hawaiian shorts, the CU crew are in something of a party mood this month! Why not? This is the biggest issue of CU Amiga ever to hit the streets - a whopping great 180-pages on all things Amiga, two jam-packed disks stuffed full with complete games, playable demos and brill utilities and a 24-page Do-lt-AII Amiga supplement, all for only £2.95! Amiga. Each 180-page giant will offer all you need to know to transform your games machine into a powerful home computer capable of stunning graphics, amazing sounds and whatever else we can cram into our pages.

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U. S. Cold Ltd, Units2 3 Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B67AX.
Tel: 021 625 3366.
Screen shot Irom IBM PC Screen shot from CBM Amiga.
A comedy set during the "golden age" of piracy in the Caribbean. The game's twisty plot leads our hero, fresh from the old world, on an hilarious, complex, swashbuckling search for the fabled Secret of Monkey Island.
• Features dazzling 3D graphics, an original reggae sound track
and a point 'n' click no-typing interface.
• A wide variety of original entertaining puzzles, unravel hidden
meanings in hilarious repartee.
• Proportionally scaled animated characters and cinematic pans
and camera angles.
© 1990 t in as Arts Entertainment Company. All rights reserved.
Based in the 1920's, Inspector Raoul Dussentier is aboard a ship in the Mediterranean. But no sooner has the cruise begun when Raoul is summoned to investigate a crime - the murder of his host Niklos Karaboudjan, the Greek shipping magnate. It’s up to Raoul to throw some light on this sinister mystery!
• Wide range of actions, including the option to question other
characters in true Agatha Christie style.
• PC version features 256 colours, Ad Lib & Roland sonic support.
• Amiga version features 32 colours.
© 1991 OUPHINE SOFTWARE. All rights reserved. C inematiquc is a trademark of Delphine Software.
creators i l Sherman M4_, Screen shots are only intended to be
illustrative of the game play and not the screen graphics
which vary considerably between different formats in quality
and appearance and are subject to the computers
It's World War II - the naval forces of the world are waging war in fierce and unrelenting sea battles ... You must command the destroyer and succeed in beating naval and air forces in 15 challenging missions.
A. D.S. is a stunning sea battle simulator using 3D technology.
40 page manual includes detailed maps of the combat zones together with historical and technical information.
• Adjustable difficulty level will suit all levels of player.
ATARI ST, AMIGA & PC (EGA, CGA). ' © 1991 Futura. All right, reserved.
A powerful crime syndicate has taken over large areas of our major cities, turning them into a vast criminal wasteland. Arson, extortion, drug distribution and now ... terrorist abduction!
Your purpose: Wipe out the criminal organisation and rescue the President's daughter.
• More than a "shoot em-up" game. Crime wave contains secret
rooms, switches, keycards, different weapons, varying levels of
difficulty along with a variety of other strategy elements that
provide endless hours of challenge and excitement.
• A multitude of brilliant 256 colour scrolling game screens.
• Incredible digitalised "Motion Graphics" (featuring real actors
and models).
1990. All right, reserved. | |i Software Incorporated SUCK ROGtRS
Releosed) Tils 0891 443030 OPIRATION STIAITH • fUTURl WARS
f* H DU Ak|C If you ore under 18 please gel permission to
use the telephone. Calls ost 34p per minute (heap rote,
45p per minute all other times. VWUl I 11 Wilt R E G U L A
52 AND NOW... 110 VFM 126 HELPLINE 132 DEMOS 143 PD
ultimate graphics tool makes its appearance at last, and CU
are the first to take a look at its promised features.
Mat Broomfield puts it through its paces.
66 WHAT'S DEVELOPING? CU roots around in the world of game design and offers a few pointers on how to get a foot-hold in this precarious business.
76 THANK YOU MA'AM... Elvis Aaron Presley was the undisputed King of rock'n'roll. Star of countless cornball films and frequenter of the charts for years on end, his death in 1977 stunned his legion of loyal fans. Dan 'Priscilla' Slingsby takes a look at the life ot the legend. . T 1 OO MIRRORSOFT COMPO Win mucho £££s worth ot Mirror Image releases in our competition to win every game that the label will be releasing this year, including the likes of TV Sports Football, Xenon II, and Rocket Ranger.
MS There’s a whole lot of shakln’ goin’ on. Turn to page 74 for a full review of Accolade’s Elvis game.
Search For The King.
No, it’s not a new ice cream! It’s the only way to describe the plethora of useful utilities and games that’s on our two cover- mounted disks. With Mirroreofts Gravity gracing the first disk in its entirety, and the second disk featuring a fully playable level of Core's Warzone, and a neat 1MEG only game called Cave Hunner, games players are fully catered for. In addition, we also have a great sound package which allows the user to produce superb soundtracks, a boot block installer, a lightshow, something new in the Tine of fonts, plus loads more great utlities---- DEVELOPMENT Steve
Merrett takes an early look at two of the hottest blasters set to burn the very cathodes of your monitors and Tvs: Prehistorik and Frenetic, ond goes seriously cute with Storm's Rodland. And Mark Patterson gets mistaken for Medusa whilst looking at System 3's Myth.
If anything, the games coverage in CU is now even better, and this month we have got massive reviews of all the latest releases. Heading the line up is the superbly gory Beasl Busters with its flesh-eating antics, and lining up behind it for a piece of the action are Search For The King, Navy Seats, Metal Mutant, Mega Traveller, Trial By Fire, and R-Type II.
60 BEAST BUSTERS 71 R-TYPE II 74 SEARCH FOR THE KING 81 COHORT 82 METAL MUTANT 85 NAVY SEALS 88 DAS BOOT 91 TRIAL BY FIRE 97 MEGA TRAVELLER 103 WARZONE 105 JK SQUASH 105 QUADREL 106 DISC 106 ENCOUNTER 109 I PLAY 3D SOCCER 109 THE FAMOUS FIVE 118 PLAY TO WIN Mork Patterson recruits the country's best gomes players and brings you the most informative tips on all the best gomes. This month, U.S. Gold's baffling Eye Of The Beholder has its insides exposed, ond Bard's Take III is thoroughly dissected.
54 FIRST IMPRESSIONS More early peeks as CU puts a fancy tea towel on its head ond breaks through the swirling mists of time to bring you all the information on the hottest up-and-coming titles.
105ROUND UP Any games that didn't moke it for o main review con be found here, as we go adventuring with the Famous Five before getting totally knackered with Janghir Khan.
We've always brought you the best in Amiga games, and we always will. We're not known in the industry as the Number One Amiga games magazine for nothing!
But from this issue onwards we'll be ADDING to the mag by bringing you a whole host of entertaining features that will help you unleash the power in your Amiga!
Let’s have a big hand for CD's newest staff member, our new Tech Ed, Mat Broomfield, who's going to be handling all the technical bits and bobs from now on.
Hailing from Basildon (well, someone-has too). Mat's also a brilliant gamesplayer and is currently beating all-comers at Supercars 2. Born to American and Welsh parents, he counts Sir Walter Raleigh as a distant ancestor and is forever lying down in puddles so the rest of the staff can walk over him and not get their feet wet.
Perhaps that also explains why he’s constantly got three cigarettes on the go at once and has a penchant for fiddling with his bowls (being something of an expert player). In the sporting field, Mat's also something of a daredevil liking nothing better than a spot of mountain climbing, parachuting, stunt skating and springboard diving but we'll be putting him in intensive training so he can join the CU Elbow-lifting team as soon as possible.
If it's qualifications you’re after, 27 year- old Mat’s prbbably got a few left over that you can have. As well as having taught computing for a living and owned and managed two computer shops, he's also written for virtually every computer magazine on the planet. In his spare time Mat likes to dabble at computer graphics (which we’ll be showing you more of in upcoming issues) and is a part-time musician.
WATCH OUT FOR THE DISK SYMBOL CU Amiga recognises the fact that you DO things with a computer, so watch out for I great tutorials that link articles to our coverdisks. They'll be relevant, useful and we hope that they'll entertain you.
WATCH OUT FOR THE THEMES This issue we feature a series of related articles that strip away the mysteries behind the Amiga and tell you how to make your own demo complete with snazzy graphics and top-rated sounds.
You'll be able to read CU Amiga at several different levels. Imagine that you're about to throw a party. You'll want to design the invites, you'll want to know what to use to print them; you'll want something to show off to your friends, and you may even want to make yourself some themed garb. OK, we'll show you how. .. But on the other hand, if that’s not to your taste, then what we have this issue are informative features on disk preparation, graphic routines, composition, computer typography. Amos BASIC, flexi dumps and bubble jet printers. We promise that we'll show you how to get the
best from your machine - but, rest assured, we'll cater for all levels of ability.
WATCH OUT FOR THE FUN CU Amiga will be taking a fun yet authoritative look at all things Amiga as only we can. We aim to be the The Complete Guide To The Decked out in paper hats, coloured streamers and tasteful Hawaiian shorts, the CU crew are in something of a party mood this month! Why not? This is the biggest issue of CU Amiga ever to hit the streets - a whopping great 180-pages on all things Amiga, two jam-packed disks stuffed full with complete games, playable demos and brill utilities and a 24-page Do-lt-AII Amiga supplement, all for only £2.95!
Amiga. Each 180-page giant will offer all you need to know to transform your games machine into a powerful home computer capable of stunning graphics, amazing sounds and whatever else we can cram into our pages.
Finally, our thanks to Adam Watts, Steve Chance and Lynton Trevithian for their consultations, tea and support during the planning of this issue.
DISK TUTORIALS 1 GRAVITY What goes up must come down - and you'll never feel down playing this superb, mouse-driven game from Imageworks. There’s masses of instructions in the CU Collection - and hours of playing time to be had. Guaranteed to get your synapses a-sizzling CU COLLECTION - PAGE 48 2 DEATH DRAMA Getting bored with all your old arcade games? Yes? Just as well we've included a really tasty playable demo of Core's latest blast 'em up, Warzone.
Fight your way through battle-packed screens of blood-thirsty mercenaries and kill-crazy terrorists! To load it, press the left mouse-button to turn the music off.
Then either press F1 or click on the F1 button using the mouse.
‘Warning’ If you don't turn the music off before attempting to load, Warzone will crash your computer.
CU COLLECTION - PAGE 48 3 ONE MEG SPECIAL For those of you who own a 1 MEG machine, there's an extra full game called The Cave Runner. This fast and furious Boulderdash-sty e game has you racing around caves, avoiding boulders and monsters, bursting balloons, and collecting treasure. Almost worth buying a MEG for!
CU COLLECTION - PAGE 48 4 STARTUP UTILITIES On the disk are a host of useful routines that you can use in your own startup sequence to give your demos that touch of class. Also included is Utilily Boot Maker, a great program that lets you install your own virus protecting boot block. As an added bonus, the program also adds a controller program that lets you switch drives and memory off before your demos load.
- PAGE 33 5 FONT GIVEAWAY We give you a large size poster font to
use in your own artwork. Called Blacksh, it is a smart-looking
3D style font with a drop shadow effect.
TRICKS WITH TYPE - PAGE 36 6 MAKING SWEET MUSIC Adding music to your demos can be a very time consuming business, so we've given you an easy to use music utility that follows in the tradition of Soundtracker and Noisetracker.
Protracker features several new options, and will be the perfect tool to accompany our future music features. As an extra, we've also put Noiseplayer on the disk.
Noiseplayer lets you add your tunes to any demos with a minimum of fuss. Two sample modules. Axel F and Space- Song, allow you to hear what tuneful results can be achieved.
MAKING TRACKS - PAGE 148 7 WOW, LOOK AT THE PRETTY LIGHTS MOM For all you budding Djs out there, you’ll find a truly awesome lightshow program on the disk. Load it up and then sit back as your senses are blasted into oblivion by the swirling, flashing panorama of colours!
The more observant of you will doubtless notice that there are only five menu options on the disk, although it is in fact crammed full of razzy routines and nifty utilities. To access the other bits, which are hidden in various directories, you'll have to read the associated features... NEWS HOLOGRAM GAMES First there was R360, the machine that turns you upside-down while you're playing G-Loc.
Quite an interesting sensation! Then there was the launch of W Industries' Virtual Reality Coinop - which turns playing a simple vid into another level of experience entirely. And now Sega has come up with yet another whizz-bang idea that will have all the techno-treaks reaching for the incontinence pads - holographic video games!
What Sega has done is produce a game with animated holograms, where the images are ot real actors playing out an adventure! The first game using this stunning technology is called Time Traveller ana should be in tbe arcades later this Summer.
In Time Traveller, you play the part of a Cowboy, who has to save the girl from another time zone, etc, etc. The gameplay seems to be more like the sort found in Dragon's Lair (where your joystick movements trigger set animations) rather than being 100% interactive, but there’s no denying that the results look and sound staggeringly impressive.
JJJ on: in 'J huiin inlnnon**.
Injili CjjtJ ijauiii iur ijji* rmd r j jj s JJas- ijujj jiiiilsao iio liUSJ ¦Ju’juL.. iJ'j l'J’o ii ii h'jlua Uij'nis ti'Sni-U'ri ij]i£5 iiii JjJiliiJiiSil. :* JJJ j’iJi asJi £j] jjjjJD rJonnn iluull 3J Minim **.
ALIENATED The rights to the only film capable of rivalling Arnie’s Terminator 2 have been snapped up by Mirrorsott. Aliens 3 is set to smash box office records when it's released later this year, as Ripley and co do battle with the Aliens for what the producers are saying is the last time.
Information is sketchy as to what form the game will take, but the conversion will be handled by Probe who claim it will be completely original.
The film is set on a planet inhabited by monks, played by Brit actors unknown in the States, such as Charles Dance and Paul McGann. Owing to her dislike of weapons, Sigourney Weaver's contract states that she's not to use any guns, so the good guys are armed only with knives and clubs.
EN-LIGHT-ENING Trojan have come up with a neat alternative to the the bumble Amiga mouse. They’re claiming their new lightpen is compatible with more than just art packages.
Because the pen has two buttons it can operate tbe same way as a mouse. This means it can be used with games such as Battle Chess and Bard'sTale 3. The pen comes complete with an art package, although it can be used with the D-Painl series.
Retailing at £39.99. the pen should be available by the end of July.
TRIGGER-MORTIS First of this month's new OP-Woll games is Sleel Gunner from Virgin.
Unlike Ocean's Space Gun. This will be set in various down-to-earth war zones.
Although it's only in a very early production state, its programmers are aiming to incorporate different types of scrolling for each level. This means it will probably have vehicle- based sections not dissimilar to USG's Line Of Fire, released earlier this year.
HOOKED ON SPIELBERG Steven Spielberg's next blockbuster.
Captain Hook, is destined for computer game fame courtesy of software giants Ocean.
The film will be a showbizz. Made- for-money version of Peter Pan, featuring Dustin Hoffman playing Captain Hook. Robin Williams as Peter Pan, Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell and Bob Hoskins as Pirate Smee.
With its $ 100,000,000 budget.
Captain Hook is destined to be one of the most expensive films ever. We Brits just might be able to catch it in our cinemas near Christmas.
The game will be released at about the same time.
Stay tuned.
T CHOGAHOLIC Gremlin are hard at work on the ultimate sickly game, whose star is a typically cute character with a mouthful of sweet teeth.
The object of the as-yet-untitled game is to run round vertically scrolling levels collecting chocolate buttons, avoiding traps and solving puzzles. At the moment the main character is a pinkbodied. Spindly-legged, green-haired creation with an amazing jumping ability.
Each stage will have its own set of traps, and hidden objects, lifts, moving blocks, and sticky walls where the creature can jump out of the way of slavering monsters.
The game is currently undergoing a series of gameplay adjustments before more levels are added.so look out for a preview in a future issue.
Uuip&iuij ui iuui y wii iy leplay adjust- more CHALLENGE GOLF The lastest entry into the lucrative golf market comes from On-Line Entertainment.
Challenge Golf is set in Japan, Spain and America, and features 15 different clubs ranging from a 1 Wood to a 9 Iron as well as 72 holes. The game can be played at professional and amateur levels and features a handicapping system so you can attempt to play at the same level as the pros.
THE SIMPSONS Preliminary screenshots of Ocean's version of The Simpsons indicate that it's going to be a conversion of the chart topping Nintendo cartridge.
Space aliens have landed and only Bart Simpson stands between them and world domination. Don’t have a cow man but I think we're in deep, deep trouble. Meet Bart and family on your Amiga this Christmas.
HEART OF CHINA Set in the fabulous 30s, Heart Of China is a typical Sierra romp, with the player stepping into the quivering shoes of one Jake Masters - Lucky Jake to his chums. Jake has been roped in to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a rich American investor. The girly has been snatched away to war-torn Japan, so to combat the odds Jake enlists the help of a ninja master who’ll help him pass certain tests and puzzles. It'll be out later this year.
RIDERS OF ROHAN Mirrorsoft have become the third software house to produce a game based around J R R Tolkien’s Middle Earth novels.
Riders Of Rohan is the first in a series of games based on Tolkien's books which will be programmed by Australian based Beam Software, who, by a staggering coincidence, hold the official licensing rights for the Lord Of the Rings trilogy.
SHANGHAI II Activision are updating their awarding winning Shanghai, four years after it was first released. Shaghai 2: Dragon's Eye has all new tile layouts. Animation, sampled sound effects, plus Dragon's Eye, a completely new game. The layouts are now based on the Chinese calendar, with tiles stacked in the shape of a Rabbit, Snake. Ox and all the other animals the Chinese worship before eating.
ARGONAUT A game of exploration spanning six eight-way-scrolling stages. Argonaut involves the collection of a series of artifacts. To retrieve these objects, the player must collect a pass which, in turn, allows him to gain access to the aforementioned levels. Extra weaponry and enhancements can be collected along the way. Argonauts due for release in eight weeks and we'll be reviewing it next issue.
GHOST BATTLE It’s Halloween and the ghosts are feeling frisky, so much in fact that they've gone and kidnapped your girly.
There's only one thing to do. And that’s brave the legions of the undead who are holding her hostage. Ghost Battle, from Thalion, is the first game from new development team, Interactive Design, and will be in the softshops next month.
LEGEND From the creators of Bloodwych comes Legend, a multi-stage FRP. Set on a dank, sad world dominated by the force of ultimate evil, only, one hero can free the planet and reach the status of legend. The game will feature animated 2D screens and isometric 3D dungeons, and a fully interactive environment. Legend should be creeping in to the shops later this year.
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Inter-Mediates Ltd. Reg. Ohtca: 2 South Block. 1 The Mailings, Sawbridgeworth, Herts CM21 9PG. .
VAT rag. No. 424 8532 51 nSlGAAM OMPUTERSCREEN GEMS I . TV MODULATOR. MOUSE, back TO the FUTUHf i lOAYSOF THUNOER BEAST 2. OelUXE PAINT ? A INIGHTBREEO SONY 3.5" DS DD DISK ? LABEL 59p each or £21.99 for 50 FALCON MK3 The follow-up to SpectrumHolobyte’s ground-breaking flight sim, Falcon, looks set to land early next year.
Currently doing the rounds on the PC.
Falcon J.Ofeatures 270.000 square miles of game area, a training school and a campaign mode where the pilot commands a wing of sixteen fighters.
The most talked about feature is the flight model, which has been taken from actual low cost military trainers. This takes into account variables like lift and drag co-efficients and G-forces. The PC version is due tor a summer release with the Amiga version going into production a short time after.
MUSIC, MAESTRO The European Computer Trade Show saw the unveiling of a package designed to revolutionise the Amiga as a sound machine.
Music Master from Ubi-Soft boasts features such as a 60% compression of samples, on screen editing and composition, Midi compatibility, a sound preset sound bank containing a hundred samples, ten tunes and full stereo compatibility. Surprisingly, all this can be crammed into an unexpanded Amiga, although some features will work better with extra memory.
Another feature will allow effects such as reverb and vibrato to be added to samples. Music Master will be available from June priced at £34.99 It's rumoured that US Gold are going to produce a sports game to tie in with the 1992 Olympics. No details are available at present but a rash of sports games is expected before the games kick off next summer.
Previous USG sports sims include the excellent Summer and Winter Barnes, World Games and California Barnes, all of which were programmed by US based Epyx.
GUN-HO Ocean are set to cash in on the resurgence of Op-Wollstyle shoot 'em ups with Space Gun, a futuristic massacre game which borrows more than a bit from Aliens.
The game's plot is simple. One or two soldiers, armed with stupidly big pump action rifles, are pitted against several thousand slavering xenomorphs. Add to that eggs which hatch into face huggers and you've got a game which sounds suspiciously like a James Cameron film.
Images, the team behind Beast Busters, is rumoured to be producing the Amiga version. Look out for an In Development in a future issue.
GOING FOR GOLD SONIC BOOM RODENT In a bid to bring cash-cow Japanese software to the UK computers, US Gold have picked up the licence for Sega’s latest creation, Sonic The Hedgehog.
Sonic is Sega's challenge to the monopoly that Nintendo bold over the console market with the Super Mario series.
The game's hero, as you might have guessed, is a hedgehog who makes The Flash look like a paraplegic. He has to travel through a series of scrolling worlds collecting rings, avoiding traps, solving puzzles and impaling bad guys on his cast iron spikes. No details of the conversion are available yet and, as the console version isn't ready until autumn, Sonic, on the Amiga, looks to be a good year away.
RANDY DEVIL Elite have tied-up two new licences from coin-op giants Data East. The first is Edward Randy, a square jawed beat 'em up set in the thirties with a hero capable of out-daring Dick Barton. With the coin-op only just making its debut. Edward Randy has been scheduled for an early '92 release.
Before that is Caveman Ninja, a cross between the Rachael Welch flick, 1,000,000 BC. And Enter the Dragon. Eldritch the Cat, the brains behind Ninja 3 and Projectile, will be responsible for the Amiga version of Caveman due out for Crimbo.
KEEP ON RUNNING Elite have grabbed the rights to a game which has to go down as one of the toughest conversion to date.
Winning Run 2 is one of the fastest car racing games ever. The coin-op version made producers Namco a hell of a lot ot cash as it created addicts all over America and Europe. Apart from its noted speed, it also featured large, well-defined graphics, and some of the loudest sound effects ever to grace the arcades.
Elite are also working on a conversion of Tecmo’s highly praised World Cup 90.
Which they intend to rename and release in time for next year's European Championships.
Lager drinking, ultra-aggressive comic anti-heroine, Tank Girl, is set to make her computer game debut.
Although no-one has yet admitted to signing up the tearaway comic star, the word from the horse's mouth is that a leading softco has defi-‘ nitely signed a check " and exchanged contracts. The betting is that TG is being produced by a company with experience in comic book conversions.
Created by cult artist Jamie Hewlett, Tank Girl made her first regular appearances in CU, starring on covers and T- shirts. She even managed to work her way into subscription ads I SINGLE IMAGE Top software developers, Images, are set fo voyage solo info the hazardous realm of original game design.
Their first batch of games are already well in production. There’s Gloop. A sub-aqua platform game, Dino Ball, which, it is claimed, is like Speedball with cavemen, and Monkey Business, a platform game inspired by Toki. Three other products are currently at the story board stage, although these might be delayed until a backer for the company is found.
Images are currently looking for a distributor, with US Gold heading their hit list.
Meanwhile, they're rumoured to be working on a number of exciting licences scheduled for Crimble release.
After a year in hiding, Gravity maestro, Ross Goodley, returns with Drop Soldier, an explosive strategy cum RPG on Mirrorsoft's Image Works label.
The Drop Soldier can go it alone on a mission or command a platoon, issuing orders and planning the attacks. Up to sixteen Amigas can be linked together via modem or RS232, so ‘the lads' can go kick ass as a team.
Missions range from delivering objects to destroying enemy bases. Drop Soldiers come equipped with power suits which enable them to jump and run faster than conventional squaddies. Loads of extra weapons will also play a major part in the game.
Though still to be confirmed, Drop Soldier has been pencilled in as a Christmas release.
DROP OUT Metal Mutant is the ultimate future battle machine, sent to the planet Kronox to search out and destroy the tyrant Arod 7. A miracle of future bio-technological science. Mutant can transform at any stage into three different robotic forms.
Mutant has a huge range of different combat moves as he fights his way across Kronox. He fights not just tooth and claw but tooth, claw, missiles, rope, shield, whip, torpedo, battle computer and remote flying droid.
Metal Mutant is a science fiction exploration and combat epic featuring over 160 fully-bitmapped screens, 24 different combat moves, fe intriguing puzzles and more than 40 different enemies plus end of level guardians.
AMIGA ST • PC MARKtTEO BY ¦$ . Iwi Stmarlls IT'S A MIRACLE If you've ever wanted to play piano like Clayderman, Horowitz or Barry Mamlow (?)
You could get your chance soon. Software Toolworks have announced the launch of their unique piano tutor, Miracle, on the Amiga.
The basic Miracle package comes with software, books, keyboard, headphones and a soundbank containing over a hundred different instruments. The tutorial packages uses artificial intelligence to gauge at what level to teach the pupil, then points out any problems with their playing and how they could improve. A children s mode transforms the traditional notation into a game to make learning as fun as P° Work Is underway Mi mmilarpackages which will include different types of instruments. Mindscape have snapped up the rights to Miracle for the UK.
Fred Fish, the Amiga world's number one utility supplier, has taken his first guppy strokes into the CD age.
American based Hypermedia Concepts have compiled a CD containing every Fred Fish utility to date.
The package is designed to run with standard Amigas with CD-Rom drives, however a keyboard and extra memory are needed to run it on the CD-TV.
Whoops up! SNAP TO IT Updates are going to be available every four months priced at £18, or a one-off payment guarantees a regular supply of up-to-the-minute software.
And lo, it came to pass that last issue's demo of the month bears more than a ‘passing’ resemblance to Mirrorsoft’s classic game, Dungeon Master.
CU would like to make it clear that it Demonvvare are out to bang notes with Ubi- Soft's Music Master. They reckon they've got the ultimate music package with the follow- up to their highly-rated TFMX.
TFMX2 will feature an 8 track sequencer, in no way condones this sort of thing and that Mirrorsoft’s Dungeon Master is far approval from music giants, Snap, who apparently make quite extensive use of it in their German studios.
WORDWORTH Digita are touting their next word processor as the ultimate Amiga writing package.
Wordworth is designed to be as comprehensive as possible. Not only will it read your text back to you, allow you to import graphics and open 100 documents at any one time, but it also comes with a 110,000 word dictionary, a 30,000 word Thesaurus (with 140,000 cross references) and a 26,000 word Merriam and Websters medical ____________ Twill also use a CwW! !¦ Macintosh-style point and click system, were a double click on the mouse highlights one word and a treble click selects a line.
Wordworth will retail for £129.00 and should be on sale next month.
AMERICAS TOPSECRET WEAPON Super-charged super-fighters who risk all defending America against the world's deadliest forces.
A combat unit of indomitable strength and courage.
A rescue team of unparalleled skill and daring.
THE BEST OF THE BEST M£DUTFm ATARI ST CBM AMIGA A non-stop, action-packed arcade style thriller based on the heroic missions of the world's most elite, superbly trained commando unit... the U.S. NAVY SEALS.
You have a number of perilous missions to complete. Out- manoeuver the enemji destroy hostile missile sites and rescue the hostages.
You begin with the briefing you may end with a victory., it's the middle ground that hurtsl OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED 6 CENTRAL STREET MANCHESTER M2 5NS TEL: 061 832 6633 FAX: 061 834 0650 ORION PICTURES CORP. © COPYRIGHT 1990 1 Rat-a-tat-tat. Attack those rats with this wire less gun called the Phaser. Although it looks like a gilt that comes in a bundle, it has its very own software with which you blast Hying birds straight into casserole land. Altogether now, present arms, take aim... FIRE!!!!
2 No, it's not a some bizzare torture device sold to South American death squads. This little number is actually a joystick speciically designed for flight sims. Clamp it onto your desk for extra rigidity and wiggle those pole-like metallic grips.
3 Make life easy for yourself with the Boot Selector. This enables you to boot from OFO or DF1. A necessary item for hi-tech computer whizz kids. From Amiga Direct, 4 Whitton Road. Middx, TW1 1 BY, Tel No: 081 891 6704 4 Keep the glint of youth alive in your computer with the Mini Vac.
Ideal tor getting into all those nooks and crannies. Will keep the equipment tree from being clogged by dust. From Misco, Free Post Wellingborough, North Hants, NN8 3BR £8.95 5 Printer too heavy to carry?
Then try the Printapen, which- makes the fountain pen a positive museum item. £350 (£50 oft with coupon), from Oyster Terminals.
Fair Oak House, Chruch Road, Nev port Gwent, NP97EJ, 0633 214147, £350.00 6 Improving the sound quality ot your computer also improves the quality ot gameplay. Really immerse yourself in lave games and savour the rich tones of the Sound Blaster stereo speaker kit.
Available from Data Base Direct, Ellesmere Port. South Wirral, L65 3EB, Tel No: 051 357 2961 £44 99 7 Stake your claim in future of warfare. The first 300 who send our cut-out coupon to Psygnosis will win a tree playable demo ot Armour-Gedden. Pop the coupon in an envelope marked 'CU o Amour-geddon offer to: Nick Wilde. Psygnosis. South Harrington Buildings, Sotton St. Liverpool L3 4BQ.
8 Wot. No wires? Activate your Amiga with this simple point- click-and-beam intra-red mouse from Misco Computer Supplies Ltd. Faraday Close, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 3XH.
9 Zapp those nasty virii with this plug-in killer from Digital Applications (reviewed this issue) £34.95 but £5 off with our money off coupon. From Digital Applications. 118 Middle Crockerford. Basildon Esse*.
10 The Delta 3A Joystick will have you zooming in on targets like Sure Shot Annie Oakley. Gain in confidence and skill with this impressive machine. From Voltmace, Unit 9. Bondor Business Centre, London Road, 8aldock, Herts, SG7 6HM. Tel No: 0462 894410 £14.95 11 Feeling sparky or wired is one thing, but problem static electricity can be lethal, especially for those sensitive micro-components. Eradicate this with Static Clear, the anti-static device. Will do for you what Frankenstein did lor electricity. From Misco at £19.95. 1 2 Another blow for dirt n‘ grime, or suck to be precise. This
little mini vac claims to be the scourge ot all that dead skin blocking up your keyboard.
Complete with a variety of extenders, the product's from Mabbot & Griffin, 9 High Street.
Penrhyndeudraeth, Gwynedd, LL48 6BN.
13 And there s 300 free copies of a one meg rolling demo of US Gold's superb Lucasfilm adventure, The Secret of Monkey Island. Send your coupon in an envelope marked 'CU Monkey Island Offer to Danielle Woodyatt.
US Gold, Units 2 S3. Holford Way, Birmingham B6 7AX.
- SUPERB TACTICAL GAMEPLAY KICK OFF 2 greatly enhances the
gameplay of KICK OFF, winner of the THE GAME OF THE YEAR in the
U. K., and similar awards right across Europe. A host of new
features have been added to the ones that enthralled players
the world over.
* Full size multl-directional scrolling pitch with the players,
markings etc in correct proportion.
* 1 to 4 players option. (Amiga and ST only)
* 2 players TEAM option against the computer or 2 other players.
Hundreds of players each with a unique combination of attributes (stamina, pace, etc.) and skills (passing, shooting, tackling, etc.)
* Instinctive Kick Off joystick controls to dribble, pass, shoot,
head or chip the ball and do sliding tackles.
* Set piece. FREE KICKS including dummies and the ability to dip
the ball or bend the ball round a defensive wall.
* 9 types of comer kicks with full control of shot power. Long
and short throw ins.
* Team selection from a squad of 16 with substitution and a
choice of tactics.
AMIGA & ST £19.99 EXP. AMIGA £24.99 IBM (AT & XT Turbo. EGA & VGA) £24.99 CBM 64 - SPECTRUM - AMSTRAD £9.99, £14.99 League and cup competitions with Extra Time, Injury Time and sudden death penalty shoot outs.
Facility to view, edit and save the Action Replays and create a Golden Shots disc.(Exd. IBM 8t CBM 64) Facility lo load Player Manager teams and tactics for a single or league game.
Red and yellow cards, 16 different referees, injury time and a host of features to create an atmosphere for a game which is real fun to play.
ST ACTION - The best game ever to grace the ST. Highest accolade lean give.
AMIGA USER INT - The best computer game ever 97% THE ONE - Ultimate soccer simulation. 96% THE ACE - Brilliant. Buy, Buy. Buy. 930.
AMIGA FORMAT - Best footy game to have appeared on any machine. 94% ST FORMAT - What a game! Gem to play. Magic 90% C & VG - Championship winning material. 95% GAMES MACHINE - Probably the best sports game ever. 92% COMMODORE USER - No other footie game can touch it 90% AMIGA ACTION - Surpasses all other football games. 93% POPULAR COMPUTING WEEKLY - Nothing short of brilliant.
NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS - Computer football event of the year.
An International class player takes charge of a third division club as Player Manager. His brief is simple
- Bring Back The Glory Days.
His success depends on his playing skills on the pitch and managerial skills in devising winning tactics, aquiring the right players from the transfer market and building a team worthy of the highest honours.
* Unique facility to design and implement your own tactics.
* Over 1000 individual players, each with a unique combination of
attributes and skills.
* A lively transfer market. Haggle for the best deal.
* 4 division league and a cup tournament with sudden death
penalty shoot out.
The Player Manager brings the every day realities of a manager's life, his talents as a manager and a player, his triumphs andhis failures into a sharp FOCUS.
ST. ACTION - A stroke of pure genius. .. THE ONE - An exceptional football management simulation, Astounding depth. Most involved, rewarding and playable THE ACE • Successfully blends challengng soccer management with frantic end to end arcade action. 920 NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS - The sheer depth is incredible. A definitive management game COMMODORE USER ¦ At last a management'game that requires AMIGA-ST £19.99 true management skills - a winner.
ST FORMAT ¦ Brillia%._ 93* AMIGA FORMAT - Entl ZZAP - Best football management game ever written.
MENSION in EMULATIONS THE FINAL WHISTLE Amiga - ST £12.99 (Rei. Nov.) Raises the skills required and gameplay of KICK OFF 2 to new heights.
Two extra kits.
Look at any player stats, (attributes and skiD) before selecting squad.
Totally new comer kicks with full control of the power, height and trajectory of the ball.
Enhanced throw ins and penalty shots.
Provision to flick the ball in the air and do a blinding header or a spectacular overhead kick.
New two players team mode. Player 1 in position or nearest to the ball and player 2 in position or keeper, linesmen and referee on the pitch.
A new player attribute FLAIR A player with a high level of flair will try a solo attempt at the goal.
4 new pitches - Wembley - Icy - Muddy lon-League And Lot’s More WINNING TACTICS (£6.99 Frei. Nov.) - A collection of tactics for use in Player Manager ot K02 with full explanations.
RETURN TO EUROPE (£9.99 - Rei. Dec.) - Three European cup competitions. UEFA cup - European Cup - Cup Winners Cup.
GIANTS OF EUROPE (Rel. I99l) Best teams of Europe on one disc.
Without UNIT 10, BURNHAM TRADING ESTATE, LAWSON ROAD, DAKIFORD, KENT TELEPHONE No: 0322 92513 18 FAX No: 0322 93422 ANCOSl If 85rr Are you tired ot those boring white noise explosions heard in most video games these days? Well, prepare your ears tor a severe shock!
Stereo sound finally being dragged into the nineties. Three dimensional noise has arrived.
Roland Sound Space (RSS) gives sounds depth and direction, and is completely compatible with existing stereo speakers.
WORLD IN MOTION To help compete with rival CD-based platforms, developers working lor Commodore in the States have produced a software solution to display digitised video on a standard CDTV.
The so-called CDXL can display third- screen full motion video at a rate of 15 frames per second. This software algorithm has now been made available to encyclopaedia and education software developers like Xiphias and Discis.
Further enhancements to the CDXL code are already under way.
In technical terms, RSS eliminates the cross-talk which prevents the full depth of stereo signals being heard. You can have drums coming from the left-hand side of the room, guitar on the right, bass somewhere in the middle and keyboards overhead. By making one sound slightly duller than the others, you can fool the listeners ears and brains into automatically believing this sound is coming from behind them. These neat effects are put onto music at the mixing stage. You just feed your ordinary music through a box of tricks made by Roland UK and heypresto. You’ve got 3D-sound.
I can’t wait for the first Muzak application!
Games with 3D-sound? Rik Haynes turns the speakers up to max volume and gets ready to megablast... Inspired by a new technical toy to play with, sampling wizkid Tim Simenon of Bomb the Bass used RSS on his new album. Not to be left behind, the Bitmap Brothers have employed the technique in their first CDTV title, a laser- guided update of the award-winning Xenon II. This craze has now filtered out to the general CDTV development community. Publishers can simply hire some kit for the day from Roland and go into the studio.
Xenon II was the perfect choice to be the premier RSS game as sound was such a major plus point in the original Amiga version. Using their connection with Rhythm King Records, the Bitmap Brothers managed to persuade Bomb the Bass to go back into the studio and record special remixes for the CDTV adaption. Each new meltdown mix lasts between five to seven minutes. And that’s not all. Other audio treats to be featured in this all- new Megablast include snatches of music from Betty Boo and S-Express.
Digitised speech throughout the product and'even belter spot ettects. This is made possible by the fact that the soundtracks are pulled directly off the compact disc, so the Bitmap Brothers can devote the four internal sound-channels and over 512K of RAM to just producing cool sound FX.
Commodore has confirmed an add-on CD-ROM drive for existing A500 owners, effectively turning the Amiga into a CDTV, will be launched in September for around £300!
Making sure they don't make any mistakes, publisher Imageworks has also drafted in the original programmer Martin Day, to oversee a smooth conversion to CDTV.
Sadly, the actual game itself won t be any bigger or better. Instead, players will get special multimedia presentations of how to play the game, and 'features' on The Bitmap Brothers and Rhythm King Records. These audio-visual sequences will introduce you to each weapon system, alien spacecraft and so forth. You may also get a few hints and tips. User- friendly appears to be the name of this game. And why not?
Although the CDTV version of Xenon II is only the Bitmap Brothers' tentative steps into multimedia, they seem to be well and truly hooked. This highly regarded software developer is in a good position to go fully multimedia, thanks to the back-up resources of various music and film studios worked by parent company Rhythm King Records.
Spokesperson Eric Matthews confirmed that they're interested in producing something that is specific to the CD- ROM medium. CDTV has an advantage over other formats because the Bitmap Brothers know the Amiga inside out. It's still too early to talk about ideas in detail, sound will again play a large part in the product. Matthews is most enthusiastic about the possibilities of CD-based games, but wants to start the next project from scratch. A CDTV adaption of Speedball therefore looks unlikely.
After months of waiting, you should finally be able to walk into your local retailer and buy a CDTV. The world's first interactive multimedia machine for the consumer will cost you a whacking £599.99 (inc VAT). Linked to a normal TV set and hi-fi system, the CDTV can display a combination of colour pictures, text, graphics, animation, video, voice and stereo music.
These images and sounds are stored on special compact discs, but the CDTV can also play ordinary audio CD's - including the new compact disc plus graphics (CD+G) format.
The massive 550 megabyte capacity of each compact disc means they can store around 250,000 pages of text or the equivalent of 700 floppy disks.
Just to make sure of you becoming a CDTV owner. Commodore is bundling three software titles with each player.
With the 1991 CDTV edition of the Hutchinsons Encyclopaedia, you can hear the speeches of Neville Chamberlain before the outbreak of World War Two, see a volcano erupt or look-up the facts on Prime Minister John Major (great if you're suffering from insomnia). Even the most hyperactive child should be entertained by the 25,000 entries, 7,000 biographies, 2.000 pictures and 250 charts contained in this product. The Encyclopaedia is joined by a an Introduction title and the critically- acclaimed Lemmings from Psygnosis.
The latter disc also contains an impressive demonstration of The Fractal Engine featured in the previous issue of CU Amiga.
Commodore has announced 25-30 titles are already available for the CDTV and that up to 250 developers in the USA, UK and Germany are currently working on more. Each title is priced in the region of £25-£30. The hardware and software should be available in up to
2. 500 stores by Christmas. The firm expects to sell over 80,000
CDTV decks in the UK during the first year of release.
Commodore is also talking to the high- street rental companies who are desperate to find a replacement for the ailing TV-hire business.
“CDTV opens up a whole new world in consumer electronics and will radically change the way people learn and are entertained at home." Says Commodore Managing Director Steve Franklin.
Despite an enthusiastic reception from the likes of Dixons and the education establishment, voices of dissent can still be heard throughout the games industry. The cost of creating a decent quality CD-ROM product isn't cheap.
Feeding the user with massive amounts of data, digital audio and full motion video can cost in excess of £250.000 per title.
Electronic Arts, publisher of Populous and Powermonger, has a typical response to the CDTV. "We are developers for it, but there's currently nothing in the pipeline," confirms spokesperson Simon Jeffery. "We re very much committed to the concept of producing CD-based software an we have a lot of projects going on. We re not totally convinced that CDTV is right at this time.
The access times aren't fast enough for games. For home multimedia purposes it’s an excellent machine. We want to see how it does."
Again, like many other games publishers, EA isn't completely negative about the CDTV. "There's a very good chance that we'll support it. We re looking at enhancing existing products and developing totally new projects."
NEXT MONTH... SEE THE MONTH O LETTER SOUND ADVICE I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the quality ot in-game sound and music, a subject which the majority ot Amiqa users feel very strongly about. In my opinion, and I am sure many others share the same view, game music and sound is not ot a high enough standard considering the potential ot the machine. Programmers seem to concentrate specifically on the machine’s graphical capabilities which have, ot course, greatly improved since 1987, yet have almost disregarded the audio qualities ot software. It is a fact that good sound
improves the playability ot a game and also helps justify the the ludicrous £25-£30 price tag by enhancing the overall presentation. As an example, I recently purchased Super Monaco GP. Of which the visual presentation was superb but the music and sound effects dreadful. The powerful hormuia One car sounded more like a Robin Reliant, and this problem is also apparent in flight sims, with only Interceptor as an exception. The Bitmaps Brothers' games are a delight to listen to through the hi-li, and Speedball tl has a delightful score and excellent sound effects - why can’t more games be like
So, on behalf of all Amiga users, I appeal to all involved in the software industry - improve game sound! I here are many extremely talented musicians on the PD circuit waiting for an opportunity to add their contribution. And, with the Amiga now having 1 MEG as standard, the potential is definitely there, Richard W. Jackson. Mirtield.
Whilst I agree with your sentiments regarding in-game music in general, I must say that I don't think that it adds to the playability in any way. After all, games such as Supercars II and Kick Off II have neither astounding graphics or sound yet are utterly addictive. The problem lies during the game's development. Obviously, graphics have to take some sort of priority, as awful looking games just don't sell. In addition, memory restrictions are the key reason for the lack of music in a lot of games, and massive blasters use up a hell of a lot of space just in graphics and da'a alone, leaving
musicians with as little as 6K to play with - and the days when 1MEG is standard are, I m afraid, still a little way off yet. I think that, on the whole, the standard of Amiga in-game music is getting better all the time, ana will eventually be as polished as the graphics have become.
A MOVE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION I feel I must write in and congratulate you on your brave move towards the technical side of things. With so many games magazines available for the Amiga owner, yours has been the most informative and up-to-date of them all, whilst others feature childlike editorial or are greatly behind with news and previews. If you can keep up the good work and make your hardware and technical reviews and features as concise and entertaining as your game articles, then you will be on to a winner. As both a games player and an on off would-be graphic artist, I will
appreciate any additions on the world of paint packages and utilities. However, like many, I do hope that the games coverage won't be reduced to incorporate the many features you are proposing, although you do state that you will be expanding the length of the issue somewhat - truth or fiction?
Anyway, I will be watching the next few issues in expectation of good things to come - don’t let me down.
Paul Mullen, Canterbury.
As you read this, Paul, you've got the new issue in your hands and we hope that it doesn't come as a disappointment. Our aim in covering every aspect of the Amiga is already apparent and, no, we are not going to reduce the games coverage in any way - if anything, the extra space will allow us to expand it slightly. We've got lots of stuff in the pipeline, so keep reading, we won’t let you down.
I have some suggestions that I hope you will consider for future issues of CU Amiga. In another magazine, there is a league table system showing, in their opinion, the best games that they have ever reviewed. I think that CU would benefit from one, too, but that it should be expanded to include publisher details, prices and ratings received. It could then be updated monthly. The advantage of this, as well as displaying all the top Amiga games in one place, is that we readers would not have to go searching through all our back issues to find out how well a particular game scored. Also, I
feel that your mag would benefit from a few more competitions, especially those along the lines of general knowledge.
Finally, a little bit of trivia for you. Did you know that the samurai image used on EA's Budokan advertisements was originally used in a Japanese World War II propaganda poster? Not a lot of people know that.
S. N. Harfly. Sheffield.
This is a difficult one. The only problem with a league system is that it doesn't allow for technical progressions. For instance, we review Speedball III and give it a humungous 98% praising it for its superb graphics and placing it at the top of the league. So, when the Bitmaps release Speedball IV, which features even better graphics, better sound and utterly addictive gameplay, and is twice as good as the third game in the series, do we give it 99 or 100% and place it above its predecessor or do we mark it lower allowing for time elapsed?
After all, if it's better than the third game, it should be positioned higher. Also, if we do give it, say, 99%, what if a fifth or sixth even better version comes out, it's impossible to score over 100% and we don’t give out 100% marks because no game is ever going to be perfect. A major flaw methinks. As for EA's oriental propaganda, well fancy that!
EMULATION PROBLEMS I would like to know whether there is a piece of software or hardware for the Amiga that allows it to runs ST software.
Also, is there a piece for the ST that allows it to run Amiga . Software? Please help as it would save me a fortune.
Gareth Parry, Tewsebury WRITE TO CU, 30-32 FARRINGDON LANE, LONDON, EC 1 R 3AU Pardon me lor splitting hairs, but why exactly would you want an ST emulator? The Amiga's capabilities far exceed those of Atari’s dinosaur, and you would basically be downgrading your machine. As far as I know, there is no such emulator, I'm afraid, and likewise the piece of hardware needed to reproduce the Amiga’s capabilities on the ST would require most of the Amiga's chips, making it very expensive.
Although I entered the Predator II competition to win one, I would be very grateful to find out where you got the Predator mask and gloves. I have a great interest in films and special effects in particular, and any information would be gratefully received.
Roger Watkins. Powys.
The masks are actually imported from the states, and can be bought directly from the company responsible via the hallowed pages of Fangoria magazine. Alternatively, Forbidden Planet in London actually keep them in stock, so they will probably be your best bet.
Thank you for producing an excellent magazine. I have been buying your mag since you started covering the Amiga and it has greatly improved since then. I do, however, have one complaint: the cover disk. Since you started including one you have used playable demos of up and coming games which I think is an excellent idea. In the last few issues, though, you have included full games which, to be honest, aren't particularly hot. Please return to using demos, as I think they are much more enjoyable than the games you give away.
Ahmad J. Al-Nusif, France.
As of next issue, we will be going back to giving away demos rather than full games. But, you have to admit, Gravity has probably got to be the best game ever given away on a cover disk - and coupled with Warzone, we cater for all tastes.
FABBY PD I have only recently got into PD software, but I must say that your Demo section is the most in-depth look at what is going on - and some of the comments and captions are witty, too. However, I was wondering, please could you expand it so that it will cover the assorted utilities that are widely available. There are some really good utilities out there for next to nothing, and whilst I can understand that they don’t look as impressive as the demos you cover, they are probably more important.
Kyle Robbins. Harrow.
You’ll be pleased to notice that our very own Dan Cheap Cheap’ Slingsby starts an excursion into the world of PD utilities this month. We have been planning to start the feature for quite a while, but were always let down by a lack of space, but from this issue on, Dan will be taking a look at the many sound, graphics and other utilities that he can lay his sweat little mitts on, along with special columns devoted to AMOS and the demos created with it.
BUDGET BONANZA I must say that I really am impressed by the quality of games currently appearing on the budget scene. It was games like Rocket Ranger and Silkworm that first tempted me into upgrading my trusty C64 to an Amiga, and the timing of these re- releases couldn't have come at a better time for me. Also, I noticed Ocean have entered the scene, too, and I will be buying Wizball and Arkanoid II as soon as my bank account is suitably replenished! So, a big thanks to the likes of Mirrorsoft, Ocean, and Virgin, for releasing good games on the cheap rather than the usual crap I have come to
expect for anything less than a tenner. And thanks for a brill VFM column, too!
Vincent Williams, Bury.
Niiim Have you ever read one of our reviews and totally disagreed with what we’ve said? If so, this is where you can voice your opinions and stick up for your favourite games. If you do, you could win yourself a £25 game, so get scribbling to us at Backchat ’ REVIEW DANCER DEFENDED I looked through the May issue and there was a review on Shadow Dancer, which is one of my favourite games.
I was expecting it to come in the ‘Screenstar Recommended' category, but it came in the 'Above Average With A Lot Of Room For Improvement' one instead. With so many characters and different weapons. Shadow Dancer did not deserve such a small rating. The graphics are excellent and the range of magic powers is brilliant. The end-of-level guardians are especially good, too. In all, I would give it the following marks: GRAPHICS 95% SOUND 75% LASTABILITY 95% PLAYABILITY 87% OVERALL - 92% Anthony McCormack. Middlesbrough.
92%! That means that it is almost as playable as Lemmings and Kick Oft II or as long-lasting as Midwinter or Elite'. When looking at Shadow Dancer we knew it was an accurate conversion and featured a lot of weapons, but there were also too many niggling quirks - the dodgy sprite detection being the most obvious. After all, after battling through to the later levels only to be killed by a bullet that had already passed you, these gripes tend to become more apparent. So, I’m afraid we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one, Anthony, but we re sending you a game for putting your point forward
so well.
THE TOP FIVE This month’s reader’s chart comes from Ian Glossop who hails from Cheam.
1. Speedball II 2 Chuck Rock
3. Lemmings
5. IK+ (Budget)
6. F-29 Retaliator
7. PGA Tour Golf
8. Kick Off II 9 Line Of Fire
10. Rocket Ranger (Budget) D PAINT 4 EXCLUSIVE In development for
over a year, D-Paint IV is nearly ready for release.
Mat Broomfield was the first to take a look at the long-awaited sequel to the best-selling D-Paint III art package.
In 1989. The Amiga graphics world was collectively stunned by the release of Deluxe Paint III. It was the first art package that allowed you to easily create on-screen animations, which could then be saved for use in your own programs. It was also the first widely available package that enabled the user to take advantage of Extra Half Bright, a colour mode on the Amiga that lets you use 64 colours in your pictures.
Since then, there has been much speculation about what features Deluxe Paint IV would include. Now Deluxe Paint IV is a reality, and you’re just in time for the world exclusive preview!!!
FIRST IMPRESSIONS At first glance, Deluxe Paint Ivappears much the same as its illustrious predecessor. The first sign that changes are afoot, comes when you select Screen Mode from the Screen Options menu.
There, sitting quietly below the usual 2.
4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 colour buttons, is a larger one labelled HAM.
Once the HAM button has been selected, the full range of Amiga colours are available. That's 4096 colours, all on the screen at the same time!
As I've already mentioned, Deluxe Paint IV features the same screen layout as Deluxe Paint III. There are still numerous drop-down menus which appear from the top of the screen when the right mouse button is pressed.
The tool icons are still arrayed down the right hand side of the screen, and none of the icons have changed graphically.
This is really good news because it means that users, who are familiar with earlier versions of Deluxe Paint, will instantly recognise and be able to use most of the drawing tools. Deluxe Paint IV begins fo get interesting when you actually start to explore the many options associated with the menus and tools.
COLOURS GALORE The palette is the obvious place to look lor changes in an art package which has increased its number of available colours by a factor of sixty-four. Sure enough, opening the palette reveals the first of many significant improvements over its predecessors. The Deluxe Paint IV palette now features comprehensive options to allow the user complete control over the entire spectrum of Amiga colours. When the palette is selected, a window appears at the bottom of the screen. The colours are displayed in Note the new range menu at blocks of 128, and all of the colours can be
individually, or collectively altered.
To create its full palette of 4096 colours, HAM mode specifies sixteen colours as base colours. It then calculates all of the other colours in relationship to those base colours, as opposed to having a fixed palette of 4096, which would require a lot more mpmnru One of the areatest advan- around. If a single point of light were applied to a metal ball, it would give the impression that there was a single bright spot on the ball at the point nearest to the light source. The colour would then gradually fade away in concentric circles, becoming darker and darker the further away from the
light source you moved.
Deluxe Paint IV now includes a fill option called Circle, which takes all the hard work out of drawing spherical objects,with a single point light source. Now you simply define what colour you want the object to be, select Circle Fill, and click the cursor somewhere within the object to be filled.
A line appears, which represents the direction and distance of the light source. You can move the line around the screen and, when you're happy with the positioning of the light source, a mouse click starts Deluxe Paint IV creating an accurate circular (radial) fill pattern. Another variation on this theme is called Contour. Using Contour Fill, objects are still filled using a radial fill pattern, but instead of using perfect circles of colour throughout the fill. Deluxe Paint IV creates bands of colour that fol- lages of working in HAM mode is that you can change one of the colours in
your palette and, providing it isn’t a base colour, no colours on the screen will be affected. Users of non-HAM mode art packages will be familiar with the frustration that is caused when you change a colour in your palette without realising that colour was already in use.
Return and you’ll find that everything that used that colour had changed to the new one. That doesn’t happen with HAM mode. Once a colour is placed on the screen, it stays there unless deliberately changed by the user.
FILLING THE SCREEN OUT NICELY Once you've selected a satisfactory palette, you can begin to explore the other options hidden within Deluxe Paint
IV. One of the nicest options that I discovered was tucked away
in the Fill options window. When using other Amiga art
packages, including Deluxe Paint III. If you wanted to fill a
spherical object so that it appeared as if there was a single
point light source, it wasn't possible without a great deal
AGAIN Within the Process menu there are three new options,
Colorize, Tint and Shade. They are all concerned with
recolouring existing images. The differences between them
are extremely subtle and are created by applying Boolean
logic to the recolouring processes. By using these options,
you can instantly create a wide range of effects ranging from
moonlit nights and sepia toned photographs to scenes bathed
in the amber glow of firelight.
D PAINT 4 EXCLUSIVE low the outlines of the shape being filled.
This creates an effect that looks like the contour lines on a relief map.
RANGING THROUGH THE SPECTRUM Another option that is associated with the various fill options, is Range. On Deluxe Paint III this was just a small sub-section of the main palette. Range allows you to specify the range of colours that Deluxe Paint III uses for dithered fill operations. One of the greatest restrictions of creating a range on Deluxe Paint III is the fact that you can only define a range between colours that were sequential on the palette.
Supposing you had a red, a green and a blue in your palette and you wanted to create a range of colours which graduated from red to green to blue.
That was tine so long as they were arranged on your bu"y'm"; METAMORPH FROM A CATERPILLAR was before the green JO A BUTTERFLY IN ONE GO on your palette, you were stuck. You had two choices: Another great command, Metamorph. Allows you to transform one rearrange your brush into another. Open the bfush menu and you will find a new palette, which may option, Spare. Select Spare and you will be presented with three fur- not be convenient, or ther options; Brush- Spare, Brush - Spare. And Metamorph.
Colour your picture in Brush- Spare simply allows you to store your current brush in a by hand, which could memory buffer for later use. Brush - Spare allows you to change take vast amounts of your current brush for the one that's stored in memory. The really time. Deluxe PainIIV interesting option is Metamorph. To use Metamorph, you must has rectified that already have a brush stored in memory (a spare brush). When you problem. Then create a second brush and select Metamorph, Deluxe Paint IV Now all Range will ask you for the number of frames to perform its changes over, operations have been
Once the number frames has been set. Deluxe Paint Vwill produce consigned to their an animated brush (anim brush) that transforms the current brush own sub menu. Into the spare one. In practice, this means that if you told Deluxe When you select Paint Ivto metamorph your brush over ten frames, frame one will Range, a window be the current brush, and frame ten will be the spare. The other similar to the palette eight frames will contain brushes, each of which is slightly different window opens up at lo the previous one, that transforms the original brush into the spare the bottom of the brush.
At its least impressive, this allows you to create subtle fades screen. In the top half which transform one graphic into another. At its most impressive, of the window is a you can create wonderful transformations that appear to stretch and calibrated horizontal • blend one image into another. For my test. I created a 20 frame bar that represents transformation, changing the King Tut screen into a screen contain- the current range that ing the Electronic Arts logo. When run as an animation, the logo you are working on appeared to-melt in watery-looking ripples. As the ripples settled, Beside
that is a another image was born, switch that allows you to flip through the other seven ranges that can be set. Beneath the range bar is The different effects that can be produced using (clockwise from top left) Shade. Tint and Colourise. Shame it hasn't improved her complexion though.
HAM IN ATI 0 N The most eagerly-anticipated addition to Deluxe Paint IV is doubtless the addition ot HAM mode animation. Many previous software packages have promised it, and Photon Paint halt-delivered it. Enter Deluxe Paint IV.
Many users will already be tamiliar with the animation tools provided by Deluxe Paint
III. They will remember how user-triendly and quick they were to
use. Well, those tools are now available tor HAM mode
animations as well. Electronic Arts have even managed to
add delta compression to the animations, which means that
you get more trames ot motion tor your memory. Using the
tools provided by Deluxe Paint IV. You can detine the number
ot trames to your animation and then tell the computer to
rotate your images through any axis. You can also tell the
computer to move your image in any direction or perform
perspective operations on images (to make it look as it they
are moving closer or further away from you). A really usetul
new teature of the animation section ot Deluxe Paint IV. And
one which applies equally to HAM and ordinary animation,
is the addition of an animation control panel. When Control
Panel is selected trom the menu, a video-style panel appears
at the bottom of the screen. On this panel are all the
controls that you will need to play and edit your
animations. There are, of course, buttons to play and rewind
your animation, but the best feature, in my opinion, is a
horizontal drag bar. By clicking on the bar and dragging
it lett or right, you can flip through the frames in your
animation. Because all the frames are represented on one
bar, regardless of the total number of frames, you can find
specific frames much more quickly and easily than was
possible with Deluxe Paint III.
A palette of 32 colours, and beside that is another switch that lets you flip through all of the other available palettes. Creating a range is simplicity itself. Point the cursor at any of the colours in the current palette and click the mouse button. This will change the cursor into a small coloured box.
Place the box anywhere on the calibrated bar and the first colour in your FEATURES SUMMARY HAM MODE - Allows you to create artwork using the full 4096 colours on screen at once.
HAM ANIMATION - Allows you to create animations in HAM mode.
PALETTE - Otters a new selection of controls to assist in the easy creation of HAM mode palettes.
RANGES OPTION - Gives you total control over all colour spreads used for fill operations.
COLORIZE, TINT and SHADE - A variety of options that give you image processing options usually only found in dedicated systems.
CONTROL PANEL - Gives you a video style control panel to simplify animation control.
LIGHTBOX - Displays previous animation frame beneath current one to allow you to see what changes you are making.
HAM DELTA COMPRESSION - Only saves the changed parts of the screen from one frame to the next, thus making huge memory savings.
ANTI ALIAS - When selected this smooths out lines and curves, disguising the jagged edges that are created when working in Lo-res.
Range has been set. Repeat the process using a different colour from the palette, and putting the colour down at a different position on the range bar. As soon as this is done, the computer calculates the colour graduations (in HAM mode) between the two colours and displays a colour spread below the range bar. A simple range has now been created, but it doesn't have to stop there.
If another colour is positioned on the range bar between the two existing ones. Deluxe Paint L wilt automatically recalculate its colour spread to incorporate the new colour. The only limit to the number of colours within a range is the number of colour boxes that can be squeezed onto the range bar. In practice however, you are extremely unlikely to require much more than a quarter of the available space, even when creating the most dramatic colour spreads.
Deluxe Paint IV certainly looks the business and the host of new features makes it a worthy addition to the series.
We'll have a full review as soon as the package has been finished.
| Four levels of I difficulty will help ¦I you :c 'earn Quickly autopilot landings wii allow you to airborne action. The controls are simple.
Effective, and easy to remember. It is a great flight sim for beginners and experts alike.
1 Fly missions in any of s x ’eal wor d arenas from the Persian Gulf to Vietnam. Central Europe to the iHPWi Middle East and jEB the North Cape to Ejjlm I L.ii, North Africa, giving you a total flying area of nearly half a million square miles.
Each area contains hundreds of missions and each mission will differ depending on your chosen tactics, even if you fly it twice!
IBM PC & Amiga screen shots An amazing ten viewpoints give you the opportunity to view the fast flowing 3*D environment from virtually anywhere around ‘•JLi attack being thrown at you.
| . . Enemy pilots and j missile crews act I I? 4 J I ,ind reac1 intelligently and 9 1 quick|y- Success Wyy, s' tie - ghl moves - arid making tnern Y £ f ,as F,!i Strike ' Eagle II puts you in the hottest seat of them all - Take a look for yourself.
F15 Strike Eagle II follows F19 and Gunship into the front line. The latest and gr AIR SUPERIORITY The F15 Strike Eagle is the latest in a long line of F15 Eagles, whose development began in the mid ‘60s.
Originally conceived as an ultrapowerful, ultra-fast air-superiority fighter, the design has developed into an air- superiority fighter with ground-attack capabilities.
The F15 Strike Eagle is one of the fastest, most manoeuvrable, and most powerful military aircraft in the world. It has the capacity to carry the latest air- to-air and air-to-ground armament in addition to its 20mm cannon.
The latest version of the Strike Eagle is equipped with a sophisticated zoom FLIR TV Laser target tracking system that allows the pilot to see close up views (either TV or thermal) of the target at all times.
% » • from MicroProse will soon be available for Commodore Amiga and Atari ST.
C. L.Imb aboard!
M Designing your own demos can be easy and enjoyable, but first you’ll need to prepare your disk. Martin Rayner shows you how to do it in this, the first of this month’s trio of features on making your own software... CLASSIC DEMOS CU's demo section kicked off in April 1989 featuring such gems as the Kylie Minogue ‘I Should Be So lucky' slide show. After that drivel the PD circuit really needed livening up. Along came Tobias Richter and his awesome 30 Star Trek demos, Budbrain's remarkable but silly mega-demos which struck the balance between graphics, music and fun, and Crionics' technically
outstanding releases which pushed back the boundaries of Amiga programming. Before all this came the classic Amiga Juggler, a ray-traced character who preformed tricks with reflective balls. This demo was responsible for many of the Amiga's first sales.
Some of the ultimate demos of our time have been huge, multi-disk, memory absorbing affairs such as Walker, which featured a digitised AT-AT from Star Wars strutting through a deserted street taking the odd pot shot at buildings. And, a year after Kylie came a demo based on Neighbours star Annie Charleston. There’s no winning is there?
FORMATTING A DISK To format a disk, you'll need two things: the Workbench disk, and a blank or unwanted disk. Insert the Workbench disk in your drive. When loaded, remove it and insert an unformatted blank disk. A new disk icon should appear, which will be named DF0:BAD.
Click on the disk icon once to select it, and choose ‘Initialise’ from the Disk menu at the top of the screen. You'll then be requested to put the Workbench disk back into the drive.
After a few seconds of disk activity, you will be asked to replace the disk named BAD. From there on, it’s simply a matter of following the on-screen prompts.
When the format task is completed you will have a disk that is now named EMPTY. You can rename the disk by clicking once on its icon, and selecting RENAME from the disk menu. A window will appear containing the current name which can be changed by typing in the new word.
USING CLI To issue some of the following commands you will have to use the CLI. To access the CLI you must load Workbench (yet again)! Double click on the Workbench icon and when it’s opened, double click on the SYSTEM icon. Finally, when the system window has opened you will see a file called
CLI. Double click to load it, and you will be presented with a
window into which you can type commands.
AUTOBOOTING Before you can use the formatted disk, you'll need to install it. Although you ' can store files on a newly formatted disk, you cannot make the disk auto run until it’s been installed. You may have heard of a bootblock. A bootblock is a section of the disk that the computer looks at as soon as you put the disk into the disk drive. The bootblock contains a standard block of information that the computer refers to in order to ensure that the disk is a valid Amiga disk. Professional games often substitute the standard bootblock for one of their own, as part of their copy protec
tion process. To install your own standard bootblock, enter CLI and type INSTALL DFO: The computer looks at whatever disk is in the internal disk drive and installs a bootblock for you.
DIRECTORY ENQUIRIES To make finding information on a disk a little easier, the Amiga can group disk files together in the electronic equivalent of a folder (called a directory).
Items stored in a directory do not show up immediately when you look at the disk. They only become visible when you open the directory and look inside.
Earlier on, when you double clicked on the SYSTEM icon, you were actually looking inside a directory to see its contents. Sometimes you may encounter a directory within a directory. The inner directory is then known as a sub-directory. The sub-directory is said to be the child of the main directory, and the main directory is said to be the parent of the sub-directory.
It is usual to store related items of information in a directory. For example, if you were working on several utilities at once, you may find it easier to store all the information about each utility in separate directories. To make a directory, open the CLI and type MAKEDIR DFOtTOOLS This will create a directory on the disk in DFO: called TOOLS.
If you then wanted to create a subdirectory inside tools called SPANNERS, you only have to type the following; MAKEDIR DFO:TOOLS SPANNERS COPY CAT There are several ways of copying the data from one disk to another. We'll begin by looking at how to copy an entire disk. First load Workbench. With the disk to be copied in DFO: click its icon and select DUPLICATE from the Workbench menu. A requester box will be displayed asking you to insert Workbench in drive DFO: Click on the word CONTINUE and the box will now display the tracks that are being copied. You will then be requested to place a
DESTINATION disk (your formatted disk) in drive DFO. Remove the Workbench disk and replace the formatted disk then click the word continue. Follow the on-screen prompts until the requester box displays COPY FINISHED. You will now have a disk which is named Copy of (whatever your other disk was called).
COPYING SEPARATE FILES To copy files from one place to another, you must tell the computer where you want to copy from (the source), and where you want the copy to go to (the target or destination).
A simple copy command would look something like this; COPY DF0:Fred TO DF1 Jane When you type the above command into the CLI window (followed by return), the computer copies a file called Fred from DFO: to DF1: and renames it Jane. If you want to copy something from one directory to another on the same disk, it's just as straight forward. Suppose you need to copy a file called ABC from a subdirectory called 123, and you want to put it in another subdirectory called 789. You type; COPY DF0:123 ABC TO DF0:789 ABC Easy or what!
= = jr.. 9 jl JL 13 £L With the advent ot 16-bit graphics and sound, game intros have become progressively more elaborate and spectacular. For those ot us who cannot program to save our lives, there seems to be little hope ot ever V V HI. Producing demos ot similar quality. But think
• y. '1 in . Again I There are a multitude ot public 013 K'domain
utilities available that will allow even ff ?j‘Nfllhe least
experienced users to create their | own slick-looking intros In
the following pages we take a look at a lew of the best, and
talk about how you can use them to give your disks a face-lift.
T O fu B
* •?.. STARTING UP WITH STYLE STARTING OUT Before we look at a
few utilities in detail, it may help if I explain a bit about
the way disks are put together. When a computer is first
switched on and a disk inserted in the internal drive (DFO:), a
the computer examines the disk in q search of several important
pieces of X information. The first place it looks in its search
is the boot block, but we ll talk a bit more about that later.
After looking at the boot block, unless specifically told otherwise, the computer will look for a file called the startup- sequence. This file contains a list of instructions telling the computer what to do next. These instructions are stored on the disk as an ordinary text file. This means that they can be edited using any word processor or text editor that saves its data in ASCII format (most of them do). The computer expects to find the startup-sequence file in a directory called S. When it has found the file, it interprets it using the Command Line Interface (see previous feature for an
explanation of directories and CLI).
Because the computer looks to the startup-sequence to tell it what to do next, you can add your own instructions to it, or even create your own unique startup-sequence. By doing this, you can easily tell the computer to load extra programs, such as demos etc, to make your disk a bit more professional looking.
& Q Now that you’ve had the mysteries of CLI explained, you’re _ ready to create your very own stylish start-up sequence. Mat Broomfield is on hand to explain how it’s done.
To make things a bit clearer, here’s the startup-sequence for this month's extra coverdisk; BORDER Off PICSHOW Title NOISEPLA YER - P1 Modules mod.Space-Song CLS PICEND Title RUN GETSET GO'CU Amiga menu That'll Do For Starters In the early days iof the Spectrum, games opened with a few strategically-placed svords or a title. This went on for several years, until the ever-inventive guys from Ashby De-La- Zouch, Ultimate, stunned Speccy games players with a stunning intro screen and a short tune. As can be expected, this 'radical' new idea took the indistry by storm, with practically very new
game boasting an attractive screen. What’s more they were beneficial for the software companies in so much that they could be used to spruce up tedious drivel. In terms of actual gameplay. The opening screens for a game are pretty negligable, but they can also add atmosphere.
With a few animations or a stunning still image, a game's presentation can be increased ten-fold, and past pictures by the likes of Pete Lyon and tan Hading prove this.
Pete's title screen pictures are nothing short of stunning, and when he puts one together, he uses every piece of available memory and the Amiga’s full array of colours, In addition, he makes sure that as many features of the actual game incorporated within his piece, and uses the extra memory to add a neat feel to.
Say, a spacescape. Film licences perhaps benefit the most from a title page, and when a game's graphics don't exactly resemble their hero, a movie-like atmosphere can be generated with the addition of a a few digitised or completely redrawn scenes from the him.
Each line of the sequence represents a separate command, and as each of the lines is explained you'll see how simple it is to turn a boring disk into something altogether more exciting!
2. PICSHOW Title forms one half of a pair of commands which
display, and remove, IFF pictures from the screen. In our
case, it displays a picture called Title, but you can make it
load any picture you like by changing the word Title to the
name of your own picture.
3. The third command is slightly more complicated because it not
only loads a file (called mod.Space-Song, located in a
directory called Modules), but it also features a variable
(-P1). Noiseplayer is a utility that loads and plays
Protracker music (Protracker is given away free on this
month’s coverdisk). Whilst it’s wonderful to have a piece of
music playing as part of an intro, some people may want to
turn it off.
STARTING UP WITH STYLE You may even need to turn the music off to conserve memory or processor time - as with our Warzone demo.
This is where the variable -P1 comes in; there are six ways to turn a tune off once Noiseplayer has started playing it, but -P1 simply means stop playing when the left mouse button is pressed. See the Protracker introduction on page 148 to find out about other ways of stopping a song playing.
ON THE DISK A list of routines in the C directory that will help you jazz up the most boring of disks.
Of anything that may be there. It doesn't wipe the screen that was displayed using the PICSHOW command.
ROUTINE PARAMETERS EFFECT WRITE YOUR OWN STARTUP SEQUENCE Here's a handy ten-slep guide to writing your own startup sequence.
1. Load workbench and format a disk.
2. Open the CLI from Workbench and install your formatted disk
using the INSTALL command.
3. Using the MAKEDIR command, make a new directory called C.
4. Using the COPY command copy the files that you want to include
in your startup-sequence from the C directory ot our disk, to
the C directory you've just created on your own.
5. Copy any additional files that will be needed for your intro,
such as pictures, soundtiles, etc.
6. Create a directory called S on your disk.
7. Load up your favourite word processor or text editor. If you
don’t have one, you’ll find Memacs on the Extras disk of
Workbench 1.3, or Notepad on the main disk of Workbench 1.2.
8. Type the names of the routines and utilities you want your
demo to include, adding any variables or extra file names as
required. Remember that they'll load in the order you type
them. Make sure that each command is on a separate line.
Apart from anything else, this makes them easier to read.
9. Save your text file to disk using the title
10. That’s it, you’ve just created your own intro!
5. PICEND Title is the twin of PICSHOW, except it removes the
picture called Title instead of displaying it.
6. The final command, RUN GET_SET_GO! CUAmigamenu, actually loads
a program called GET_SET_GO!
This program, in turn, loads a text file called CUAmigamenu. GET_SET GO!
Is the program that creates the menu.
For parameters Ifilenamel (filename) Continued on page 146 Increases size of CU window Removes CU window border (filename) Loads an IFF screen called(filename) and displays it Adds a starfield to the current CU window See screenshot Loads and displays an IFF screen called (filename).
Removes screen displayed by the PICSHOW command.. A I the recent computer arts festival in Liverpool, the Amiga underlined its position at the forefront of the technical revolution sweeping through the art world. Commodore's best-selling machine provided the majority of the entries on show and has become firmly established as the machine for computer graphics.
With an ever-increasing range of impressive game intros, wonderful ingame animations, and the vast number of demos and slideshows on offer from various demo groups, the Amiga reigns supreme. Unfortunately, for the complete novice and six-stone graphic weaklings amongst us. Such work can inspire a feeling of utter inadequacy and despondency.
TRICKS WITH TYPE Using lettering creatively can be fun and easy. With a little help from Peter Lee you could soon be designing posters, letterheads and party invitations... you really get hooked, colour fonts have been created by some softcos - choose from chrome-effect lettering, play-block type or even text set in stained glass windows for the zealots amongst you.
Many of the fonts on the market are aimed at professionals, such as video users and magazine designers. They're not much use to the hobbyist at home and are often expensive and of humungous proportions. Size is NOT important (I tell you!). Don't get caught out by buying giant fonts; you can only fit so many on screen at once. Aim to buy a large selection of smaller sized fonts for the best effects.
It's no good loading in any old font and typing away. A font has to be carefully selected to suit a specific task and evoke a certain mood or feeling. To illustrate this, and to give you some ideas for designing your own screens, we’ll take a party invitation as an example.
Making an eye-catching invitation means thinking of a gimmick and picking the right font for the job. Choose a typeface which reflects the kind of party you want to hold; usually this would be a light face which is stylish without being too formal. If you decide to hold an all- night headbanging session (not next door to me, please!) Then you might use some thick-set. Blocky fonts (no reflection on your intended guests, of course).
The more laid back the party, the more casual the font.
Although an invitation has to contain certain information, such as where and when the party is going to take place, there's still space for you to include your own individual touches.
Using DeluxePaint III it’s possible to hack around with a font and change its Fear not! Although a fair degree of artistic talent is almost certainly necessary when using an arts package such as DeluxePaint or Photon Paint, it's equally important to develop a suitable technique for the medium and become familiar with the many different options that are available at the click of a button.
If you follow the simple steps and hints contained within this feature and the months to come, you, too, can produce top-quality work to rival the best.
Just by using text and a few colours it's possible to knock up some pretty nifty effects. Don't worry if all you have to work with are the fonts which came with your Workbench disk. Fonts such as Topaz and Diamond may not be gems, but. Used in the right way. They can be just as effective as some of the more expensive fonts on the market.
A cheap source of additional fonts is available from PD libraries. These are exceptionally good value and will help put some punch into whatever you do. If TIPS
• Remember lo use while as your background colour - this saves
on ribbon wear.
• II your Amiga's memory allows, use at least medium resolution,
to get smoother, neater tonts; plus the advantage ot a better
looking printout.
• Remember, it you change screen resolution, you lose the font
you have in memory. Simply reload the tont Irom within Dpainl.
IF you KNOW whats
• Unless you bold up spindly fonts, you can lose a lot ot
definition when it comes to printout. What you see on screen is
NOT what you get on a standard 9-pin printer.
• Personalise invitations by individually printing your guest s
name- you are going to print the invitations out separately
anyway (unless you have access to a photocopier), and changing
a name is no problem.
• II, however, the names are in a detailed style, customise the
names all together and store them on the spare screen (Keypress
J), cutting and pasting between the spare and the printing
screen as needed.
Appearance. You can add a little pep to some typefaces by making them italic.
Typefaces with thin lines can be lost when printed out so it's usually a good idea to bold them up.
After you've typed in the text tor your invitation it has to be catured as a brush. Press keyboard 'B' and drag out a box to include the text you want to work with. There are various tricks you can use to manipulate the text such as Hipping the text in the Y plane to form a mirror image (keyboard 'Y') or rotating letters (keyboard Z ). These are fairly standard 'tricks of the trade’, but there are many more tweaks you can pull out of the hat to cajole even the most jaundiced of partygoers to venture out. The following list is nowhere near exhaustive. But will give you a few tips and hints
for altering the basic font and provide ideas for further improvements.
UNHM" Having cut out your text as a brush.
PRINTING TRIVIAThetirst book printed in English was the Rucuyell of the Histroyes of Troye’, in 1474, printed by William Caxton. Caxton (1421-91), a merchant, was the first English printer. He printed a book on chess among the hundred or so he produced in his lifetime. In all his life he used just EIGHT fonts - the first of which he brought from Bruges, Belgium, where he lived for many years. He branched out with woodcut illustrations from 1480 - not so much clip art as chisel-art.
Choose a darker shade as the background colour (by selecting the appropriate colour and clicking the right mouse button). Then, before placing the text back on screen, press the right mouse button to stamp down a shadow.
Now move the original text brush slightly to give a 3D effect.
Another neat trick is a neon effect.
This is obviously more effective with colour printers or on VDU displays but interesting effects can also be achieved by using different shades of grey. First define a range of colours (black to white would do fine), and select the lightest first. Working down the range, select each colour (left mouse button) individually and outline your text brush (Key O') before each colour change. Shades of blue give a great fading intensity but this tends to lose its impact in a grey-scale dump BURGER RAH BIRTHDAY BASH OX MONDAY.
Mtmsh Use the brush of your text as the fill and wrap it onto any shape (access the fill options by clicking on the fill icon with the right mouse button). Using this method you can design any shape and then pour' in the text so it takes the form of the shape. This takes a lot of practice to perfect and not all fonts are suitable - experiment!
In a similar vein, you dan make a brush of your text and wrap in onto a filled circle to imitate a plate. By drawing in some cutlery you can make a real meal of the design!
INVITATION TO 1A GREAT NIGHT I AT ZAK'S PARTY ON MAY 31 KFWottWK Making text look embossed is easy in practice but difficult to describe. It's simply a case of cutting out the text, painting it back onto the screen while moving the mouse slightly in all directions, and then moving the text ever so slightly and pressing the right button to stamp through to the background. This leaves a subtle yet distictive outline of the text. For a more striking version, use _ Me With an invitation like this, how could your guests possibly say no?! Mmm, I can almost taste the soggy chips and mouldy
TRICKS WITH TYPE two foreground colours of slightly different intensities and make the lighter one the highlight. This gives what's known as a bas-relief effect. To make the brush take on a different foreground colour, press F2, and select your colour from the menu.
NOVEL APPROACH Ransom demands are sometimes made out of cut out letters from old newspapers. This effect can be mimicked fairly easily with only half a dozen fonts. Type each word, place it onto a greyish rectangle (to simulate newsprint), and rotate a few of the letters for effect. If the fonts you have aren’t really that big, you can make a brush out of the text and stretch it to any size you want.
As a finishing touch to the invite, an illustration can brighten things up. Try not to be too predictable. If you're using some clip-art (ready-drawn illustrations), boost them up with your own ideas.
While you may not think fonts are fun, what you can do with them is!
Check out some of our own efforts to see what you can do, then improve on them! If you manage to come up with some really striking designs, send them into CU Towers and we'll print a selection of the best ones as well as sending the overall winner a super pile of free software.
THIS DISK On this month's coverdisk, you'll find two great fonts for you to use in your own designs. They're called Basel and Blacksh, and you can find them in the fonts directory. D-Paint III owners can simply load them in the usual way. 0- Paint II ownes will have to use the instructions given in the box alongside this one. Whichever art package you use you can look forward to some great results using these professional-quality fonts to make your own invitations and posters.
"0s® Pete's plaoe, Monday .8 3 Type in the following: C: COPY C:ASSIGN RAM: 4 Walt for the file to be copied into RAM.
Insert the disk containing your fonts into the drive.
5 Type: RAM: ASSIGN FONTS: DFO: DIRECTORY where directory is the name ol the directory where the fonts on your new disk are stored, or it in no specific directory, miss this out.
Examples: Ram: assign fonts: dfO: Fonts Ram: assign fonts: Fontdisk: large Ram: assign fonts: dfO 6 Tidy things up now by typing C: ENDCLI Once the disk drive is quiet, carry on to load Dpaint II as you would do normally, but be prepared for a few disk changes when you come to load in the font directory Irom DpainlHs pull-down menu. Dpaint II will first ask for Workbench then, after inserting that disk, you'll be asked for the disk you told the Amiga your fonts were located on. Insert this, and the fonts at your disposal are now the ones on your fonts disk.
* It doesn't matter if you use capital letters on not when typing
out commands, but the colons (:) are vital.
Hvm 10 assim rows raa ll f’MNT II USERS THE GERM THAT ATE MY BRAIN!!!
ELECTRONIC ZOO. Elliot Road, Love Lane Industrial Estate, Cirencester, Glos. GL7 1YS (0285)641541 ( £ It’s been a year-and-a-half since Myth stormed the 8-bit world. Now System 3 are trying to repeat the game’s success on the Amiga. Mark ‘Bad case of Harpies’ Patterson was there to look at the game behind the myth... IT'S A MYTH-STORY Myth s plot revolves around a mad god, Dameron, using his divine intervention to wipe out the world by altering its past.
As usual, only one man can save the world, and this time it’s a barbarian, complete with headband and loin cloth. The hero has to journey through several mythological settings, solving puzzles and slaughtering several major-league bad guys such as the hideous Medusa and the gods of Valhalla.
The first three levels are divided into three subsections, and are either horizontal or multi-directional scrollers. The gameplay IN DEVELOPMENT St I *,*v changes drastically for the final level, evolving into a shoot 'em up where the barbarian goes one-on-one with Dameron. The second level is set inside an Egyption pyramid, and, for this, the games style changes again, utilising a technique called banding. This is where the majority of the screen remains unused bar a small play area. Banding is usually used to generate atmosphere, though it does have technical advantages, too.
The amount of unused screen space means routines run several times faster.
Virgin used the same technique throughout their stylish beat ‘em up, Ninja Warriors.
GOREZONE When a, bad guy buys the farm it’s like something out of a cheapo horror flick. His head parts company with his shoulders, accompanied with a massive spray of blood, then bounces off the screen, This routine was originally used in Palace's Barbarian, which consequently resulted in the game being banned in some European countries. System 3 are obviously hoping a more liberal attitude has developed among the censors in the last few years.
Half a dozen different graphic artists have worked on Myth at one time or another during the last eighteen months, predominantly using Dpaint 3 in sixteen- colour mode to design and animate all the characters. To give the game a more console feel the cast have been drawn in a short, stocky Inspiration tor the game’s many hideous creatures came from classic fantasy films such as Clash of the Titans and the Sinbad series of IN DEVELOPMENT Within the Greek stage our beefy hero encounters Ray Harryhausen- style Golems and Skeletons that crawl out of the ground. Watch out, also, for kamikaze
Harpies and Medusa with her stony-stare.
% . ?K’ * WELLMYTHED Themes ol the Greeks were a way of explaining the mysterious of the unknown world. And some prelty slrange ideas they had. Loo! For example, Ihey thought the world was supported by a giant tortoise, which carried the weight ol the world on its shell. This was also the explanation given tor the slow, almost painlul walk ot the poor old tortoise and its wrinkled complexion!
Greek mythology was very involved with the doings of the gods and goddesses, who behaved in similar ways to humans, unlike the later God ot Christianity. The amorous exploits ol the gods were well-documented. They were particularly lond ol changing their shape when in pursuit ol the object ot their desire. Strange manilestations of showers ol gold, bulls, and birds ot prey were olten the cause ol unexplained pregnancies!
Japanese style and have been given speed lines to emphasise movements such as sword slashers. In addition, ihe programmers have also Irieri lo include a number ot special effects such as stro boseopic lightning to accompany the Viking long ship on Ihe third level! And a huge devil ori ihe first stage which rises Irom boiling magma and opens its hand to reveal a smaller demon.
[ SOUND OFF" Disk one is taken up with an intro sequence, which shows the barbarian being told ol the wmld s plight by a scantily- clad maiden. The programmers are particularly pleased with the piann sam pies used on this section, claiming that they're the ;learest yet on the Amiga.
The sample hank also contains a generous amount ot screams and squeals to complement the hack rT slash graphics. There’s also a neat end-ot-game tinale should tin- player manage to rid the world of the assorted nasties.
The puzzles will centre around the main mythological characters, with a use an object to gain an object' system. By performing certain tasks the hero can collect various items to help rout one of the main characters. Most ot the time the puzzles will be straightforward, but there's Ihe occasional brain teaser tin own in to complicate things. Not all Ihe characters are bad, some are there to otter a helping hand, although they’re only activated 011 completion ol .1 certain task Myth has been in development tor 18 months and has hud creative input from many of System 3's programmers past and
present. Wlmt this has created is a game which is slightly like Cods in appearance, yot contains many additional teatuies which should silence critics who might claim it's nothing more than a rip-otl. Tune in next month for .1 lull review.
(Left) The game's backdrops change from hi-tech cityscapes to organic wastelands, and the aliens within are designed to keep in with each theme. In addition, the organic levels contain aliens which, when blown, open reveal bullet-spewing young which also have to be destroyed. And waiting at the end of each stage is a massive guardian.
Battle-scarred with his various limbs blown off in combat, Steve “Legless” Merrett hops into the hotseat of Core’s new shoot ‘em up.
With Car- Vup and Chuck Rock under their respective belts, Rob Toones and graphic artist Lee Pullen's next project is a vertically-scrolling blaster which lifts ideas from past shoot 'em ups and, in particular, The Bitmap’s Xenon II. Set over eight long levels.
Frenetic features a variety ot space-based and organic- looking levels which contain all manner ot strange mutants and enemy fleets.
With or without the aid ot the game's negligible scenario, the player is set the task of cutting a swathe through these many creatures whilst avoiding their flak and destroying any ground-based installations. Hardly original stuff, but Core realise that their game borrows from a great number of others, including the aforementioned Xenon II, and make no apologies for it. “As with Warzone, there’s no way Frenetic can be classed as original, but our intention from the start was to make it the best of its type,” says Core big cheese.
Jeremy Smith.
IN DEVELOPMENT THE OLD SCHOOL Frenetic is a member of the old school of shoot ’em ups and combines vicious attack waves with dozens of bolt-on weapons.
Rob started work on the project a couple of weeks after he had Car-Vup in the bag, and began to bash out a scrolling routine. With the system up and running, Lee was pulled in to provide the graphics and a series of backdrop styles were decided on. The game takes place both in space and over a series of planet surfaces and the backdrops for each were designed on an ST running OCP’s Art Studio and were pieced together using the package’s map-building utilities. They are then ported into a Snasm-based PC and incorporated into the main code, for testing and bug spotting, and the enemy sprites
are overlaid in their respective attack waves.
Lined up for a June release, we ll be reviewing Frenetic within the next two issues, BLASTING THE OPPOSITION It seems that a lot ot games are heading back to their roots, with Domark's Space Invaders ‘91 and Core’s own Warzone heading down previously used avenues. Obviously, this is no new thing, and developers have been using the same old ideas over and over again for years, but why the recent revival of the very old ideas? Perhaps it harkens back to the rose-coloured days that so many nostalgic games players look back on and sigh. Actually, going back to each genre's origins isn’t a bad
thing, after all there are a lot of old games that never appeared on the Amiga, and starting from scratch, only with vastly improved graphics and deeper gameplay, can only mean simpler but addictive games. Perhaps, then, the Amiga is set to attack the consoles at long last... J Heralded the American computer role-playing gaziie of the year!
Based on Megatiavellei by Game Designers Twenty-eight planets and satellites to explore in eight systems filled with exciting puzzles, dangerous subjects and interesting characters to encounter.
"Megatraveller 1 is one of the best science-fiction role-playing games ever for the computer" Workshop, the world's most popular science- fiction gaming system.
The. Rnr ct . ,i... "Megatraveller 1, a game that Themost sophisticated truly warrants the highest level of character generation prChse, the attention to detail makes it exceptional" f rJkSSeu iT system evei devised: ,daff5 F% five military classes.
~ % more than seventy Toftg---1 talents and (Quotes taken from Dragon magazine US and Quest Busters magazine US) Amiga and ST imptomentattans by SteVeN Green abilities. Allows r~'~ player to control character development through five services: Army, Navy, Marines, Merchants and Scouts.
TAKES SCIENCE FICTION BOLE-PLAYING UGHT TEAKS FORWABD no. 1 best selling book has now turned into the no. 1 best selling game 7bam Yankee is the definitive action simulation of modem tank warfare Team Yankee., the critics’choice' Ibam Yankee is designed to test your leadership and tactical skills to the AMIGA FORMAT Team Yankee presents a game, in a sims clothing, which when dealing with tanks has to be the perfect approach!
ACE The blend of thought and reflexes required to play Team Yankee is exactly right!
ST FORMAT Hunting the Red Bear has never been so much fun!
You won't be able to tear yourself away from Team Yankee!
STRATEGY PLUS This is a game and a half!
The use of four screens in one is simply brilliant - at times it's almost like It playing on four computers at once!
I quickly found myself hooked on a genre of game which previously held no interest.
AMIGA ACTION The tanks have been superbly animated, with great attention to detail!
This has to be a must for everyone!
3TI BMILBnoSN '«?STHE STANNETTS' 1AIND0N NORTH TRADE CENTRE ~ 1 BASILDON, ESSEX SS15 6DJ. TEL: 0268 541212 Our French friends at Titus are set to take us back to the era of dinosaurs and bad B-Movies as they attempt to crack the success of Mario. Steve ‘Primitive’ Merrett went along for the ride.
Contenders to the throne will emerge, and the likes of Apprentice, Terry's Big Adventure and the like have all come and gone in an attempt to take the Mario series' title of the ultimate platform epic. What's more, on the only occasion that someone does match Mario's success with a near perfect Amiga clone - Timewarp Production’s Great Giana Sisters - Nintendo decided that it was a little too close and consequently used their considerable power to have the game shelved. However, undaunted, our gallic chums at Titus are currently adding the finishing touches to a game which they hope could
attain the same following as Nintendo's million-selling hero.
FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD can be gleaned from the title, Prehistorik is set in the dark and distant days of when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.
Despite the history books suggesting that homo sapiens won't appear for another few million years (give or take a few months), Prehistorik’s titular cutesy hero is a slouching Neanderthal whose only aim in life is to fill his stomach with as much food as possible. Obviously, sharing a world with some of the most dangerous creatures ever to have roamed the planet is a hazardous business. Unless he is very careful it will be him who ends up on the menu.
Prehistorik's quest for grub takes him across a series of barren wastelands, each of IN DEVELOPMENT Putting your finger on just what it is that makes the Mario series of . JUMPING WITH JOY... games so successful is extremely hard. Is it the mas- ' sive game task it otters or the fact that it is so user-triendly? Or is it just because it takes the genre one step further than any platform game before? Quite what it is remains a mystery, but many companies have tried to emulate it. And the ones that have come closest to succeeding are the ones that have kept it simple. None of the Mario games
are particularly original, and they all follow the same basic idea, it's just that so much is crammed into what could be a very limited idea. Prehistorik aims to mimic this, and whilst it too, features a very simple game premise, Titus are confident that they have crammed in enough features to keep it interesting and varied.
Which are inhabited by all manner of cartoon-style reptiles and carnivores who patrol them mindlessly.
Starting on the outskirts of his tribe's village, he must make his way through the flick- screen play, bashing any attackers with his club and 1 avoiding contact with the deadly creatures, Prehistorik begins the game with three lives in tow, the length of which is governed by an energy bar which is reduced every time the chaotic caveman bumps into his prospective lunch. However, on clubbing a creature to death, they promptly change into a bonus-giving bone or steak, which add to his score or energy respectively.
EQEEbHZEIas he progresses through each stage, the backdrops and creatures change to reflect the surrounding environment.
Standing between him and a satiated appetite are the icy wastes of Antarctica, the dense foliage of the tropical rain forests, and a series of underground caves. Each contains larger and more varied assailants who require more and more hits before they stay dead. In addition, breaking up the route are a handful of larger creatures - including a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex and a rampaging Triceratops - and these must be defeated before his adventures can continue. On the whole, Prehistorik is a nimble chap who can be made to run, jump and club via the usual joystick movements and fire- button
combinations. The main bulk of the game involves the clubbing of said creatures, but is also broken up by a series of platforms and similar problems which, if negotiated badly, result in the instant loss of one of his lives.
Work on Prehistorik is nearing completion, with the game up and running and about to be translated into English, and there are a few graphics to be tweaked, too.
In the last few months, it has been scooping rave reviews overseas for its similarity to the aforementioned Mario series, Prehistorik will be reviewed next issue, so stay tuned to see how it fares.
45 op are Ronald Pieket Weeselik, John Croudy, and Ned Landon, who started as soon as they had SW Vin the bag. Although Rodlands gameplay and graphics are simpler than those of the impressive blaster, the conversion was just as tricky to pull off. 'When looking at the basic source code for the sprite routines, whilst the characters don't perform as many moves as, say. The fighters in Double Dragon III.
They still have to run up and down ladders,' intones Storm's big cheese, Dan Marchant. 'This, coupled with the animations for the enemy sprites, takes up as much time as the intricacies of a beat Rodland was actually signed to development house, The Sales Curve, over a year and a half ago when thecoin-op was nearing the end of its development period. At the same time, the Sales Curve signed up conversions rights to Big Run. Double Dragon III, and announced the unofficial Silkworm sequel, SWIV.
Together, these titles provided the necessary big-name titles to allow the company to go it alone as a full-time publisher under the new monicker of Storm.
_| Another in the seemingly never-ending line of cutesy Japanese coin-ops. Jaleco's Rodland has been extracting money from the pockets of arcade- goers since its release in April 1990. Originally sporting the less than catchy title of TSJ. Rodland stars two little pixie-like characters whose mum has been kidnapped by the oddly-named Maboot.
Whether or not the unnamed sprites are male or female is left to the player's imagination, but what follows is an orgy of cuteness as the two heroes (heroines?) Bash their way through the game s 30+ levels, armed only with a big rod (hence the title).
The licence to convert STORM IN A TEA CUP With SWIV currently selling like hot-cakes, Storm are set to follow up its success with the long-awaited conversion of Rodland.
Steve ‘Cutey-Pie’ Merrett goes all silly and joins in the fun... 'em up or a racing game.'
Although the basic premise behind the game is original, Rodland's graphical style and a few of its gameplay ideas are similar to the likes of Bubble Bobble and New Zealand Slory. A one or two-player mission, the game is split into a series of linked screens, each of which contains a number of platforms and ladders. Scattered on top of these platforms are several items of fruit, whilst all manner of strange creatures, ranging from inflatable lobsters to cute sharks, wander aimlessly about. Avoiding these deadly rubber monsters and their marauding buddies, the twins must collect
every piece of fruit within ...these appear every six or so levels and bombard the twins with deadly flak.
Transferred, all that was required was for Ned to recolour them into the used palette, and they were then ready for use. Meanwhile, Ronald, assisted by John, began work on the skeleton of the game's coding using their trusty PC running Realtime’s much-used the screen before they can exit to the next. This seemingly simple task is made harder with the advent of disintegrating ladders and even more manic creatures, not to mention the occasional appearance of a larger guardian. When it came to assistance, Storm found that Jaleco were extremely helpful. As well as supplying notation on the
in-game logic and the bare bones of the code, the Japanese coin-op manufacturer also sent several disks featuring the broken down components that make up the intricate backdrops. Unfortunately, on arrival, it was found that these individual blocks were so small that they were effectively useless, meaning that Ned then had to recreate each backdrop by hand - a laborious and time consuming task!
JbjBH8 - n ,*1e sprite front, though, things were considerably easier.
Although serious work on Rodland has only been going on for just over a month, the graphics were ported over from the coin-op board via a PC and eventually into IFF format months ago. Once' Snasm. So far, the very basic logic systems are up and running, with Ned’s screen inhabited by a series of extremely dim creatures.
However, when the conversion is complete, the team
- are confident that, if anything, their nasties will be even
more intelligent than their coin-op cousins. Until then,
though, there's over three or four months work before it hits
our screens in September.
Could this be the ultimate cutesy conversion? 'You bet!'
Is the vigorous answer from Dan Marchant.
Stay tuned and we'll let you know... El Not content with making this issue the best to date, the CU Collection has been suitably expanded and is now full to the brim with all manner of hot games and useful utilities. First and foremost, we are proud to present you with yet another full- price game - the Screenstar-awarded Gravity - and this is backed up with a strong line up of Core’s Warzone and the Boulderdash- inspired Cave Runner.
Not to mention a wealth of useful utilities, such as Protracker, BIG CLI, and Stars and Stripes.
N YOUR DISK GRAVITY another fifteen ships can be navigated and controlled.
Ever since Newton bruised a perfectly good Golden Delicious by bouncing it off his head, man has been tascinated by gravity. Even in the year 2320, man hasn't mastered its intricacies, but it is soon destined to play a key role in his forthcoming battle with the murderous Outies... Stardate 01.2321... Quite where the Outies came from nobody knows, but their thirst for the energy needed to power their craft has left countless planets bled dry.
Their penchant is for sapping the very essence from black holes, and they are currently attempting to turn one of your home colonies nova. Unless you can do it to them before they do it to you, then the known universe is going to be thrown into the centre of the chaotic abyss. Thus, every one of the Outies must be taken out, and you can only rest once you have entered their settlement and turned their black hole power source back into a sun. The game is set within a small section of the Milky Way, which, in turn, is made up of 128 randomly-created solar systems. This massive play area must
be explored thoroughly and colonised as you do so.
The colonists can then be used to create further supplies for the main gameplay task. The principal craft under the player's control is the Hawking scouter, but via a series of icons (see later) Controlling Your Fleet Gravity is a predominantly mouse-con- trolled game, and its many options are accessed via double clicking on the required icon. The bare bones of the game are made up of a series of windows, each of which contain relevant information on the current goings-on, and can be opened and closed in the same fashion as those of an ordinary workbench menu (ie.
Clicking in the top-left corner to close an opened window). The main play area is broken up into a series of key options which surround the main play area, and these are: THE EXTRAS: THE WEAPONRY Selected Irom another window, the ships are armed with four categories of weapon style: Energy Weapons, which comprise lasers, a nova gun, and a meson cannon.
Missiles, which must be selected and placed into an empty weapon block before firing. And of which there are eight styles: Fusion fstandard).
Shatter (creates a gravity epicentre which tears anything within it apart). Short burn (limited thrust). Constant Acceleration (goes on until it hits something), Free Fight (travels in the direction launched). Homing. Contact (touch sensitive), and Timed.
T. The Long Range Radar. The shades of colour represent the
strength of the surrounding gravity. Blue is the colour to
watch out for as it indicates a black hole, whilst grey and
green represent suns and planets respectively.
2 The Ship's Computer. Double-clicking on this icon opens up a series of game options which allow you to save your current position, review your orders or buy new equipment, change key game options (not recommended for beginners), and program your drone ships.
DEFENCE SYSTEMS Again, selected Irom another window, these provide essential protection from the Outies: Drones are pre-programmed and are used to confuse the enemy and must be selected and put in an empty tube lor use. In addition, the Black Globe Generator projects a protective barrier around the ship - but not tor long.
3 Star Drives. A choice of five propulsion systems are available, and each is selected with a single click on the required panel. Ion drive gives low but constant acceleration, and is useful as CU goes gamescrazy with its latest jam-packed disks. This month we've got a sizzling full-price game to give away - Mirrorsoft's stunning sci-fi strategy shoot 'em up!! Released last year, we gave the game a high-scoring mark of 89% and a Screenstar! Play on... a back-up drive. Lighlsail has the advantage ot requiring no internal power, and uses the solar winds to propel it along.
The Bussard Ramjet is extremely common and uses its magnetic field to gather hydrogen which its fuses for critical mass. The Orion System uses a series of bombs which are detonated and the thrust generated into power.
The Gravitic Warper is the powerhouse of drive systems and although it isn't especially reliable, it is fast and useful for tricky spots.
For long range jumps, the Collapsar Jump is particularly useful for chasing Outies to their home zones. Basically, the ship is dematerialised and reformed in its desired position, without the hassle or tedium of travel.
ANYTHING ELSE Information on the specific Outie ships can be found within the game, and describes key members of the mysterious species.
As a rule, it is recommended that the novice player leaves the control settings as they are. There are a series of missions within the game - keep your eyes peeled. Launch drones to take out the Outies if you are on a mission. Always explore the outer borders to keep an eye on the Outies' movements. The programming of the drones is performed using a language called COL. This is fairly self-explanatory, and the individual commands can be selected and chosen using the mouse. The controls are: Orbit, If, Fire, Hold, Approach, Lock, Flee, Mode, Do, Enddo, Exit, Nop, Goto, and Land, and each must
be followed by course settings before they will work.
4 The Grid. Basically, this is a computer-generated version of the space around you - known as Einstein-Minkowlski Four-Space. The plane of the grid represents the three spatial dimensions (X, Y, and
Z) and all the surrounding planets and suns can be seen here
and are recognisable by their colours - for example, green
and red suns are obviously green and red, whilst blue stars
are dark blue. On the planet front, a Terran sphere is cyan, a
rocky planet brown, and a gas giant magenta.
LOADING Inserting the Gravity disk Into the Amiga will prompt It to auto-boot, whilst tha second disk will unfold Its many contents via an option screen. The mouse pointer Is used to select which of the demos or utilities you wish to load, or, alternatively, the relevant ‘F keys can be used. Once chosen, the utility or demo will then auto load.
5. Damage Indicators.
Shows a 3D image of your craft, and any damaged sec- tions of the ship are shown glowing red. Most damage is self-repairing, but for the likes of the drives and defence systems, along with the weaponry, these must be replaced on visiting a stockist.
6 The Holotank. This gives a strategic display of the arm of the galaxy you are currently in, and allows you to gain info on key areas and the star systems within.
7. Radar Selection. See individual radar sections.
8. Tools. Used for colonising and terraforming the many planets
within the system.
These are split into four basic units: A Colony Module, the Cygnus and Genesis units, and a Remote Engineering Device.
An inventory of your terraforming capabilities can be selected by clicking on the T. and this opens a scrolling window from which the required module can be selected.
The Colony Module is all you need to colonise a planet, and your ship carries four to begin with. The Cygnus forms a Collapsar from any sun or gas giant, but as you only have one, use it wisely. The Remote Engineering Droid (RED) is instrumental in the collapse of the Outies regime, and can be programmed for the task of turning their black hole back into a sun. You begin the missions armed with six REDs. As in the film Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan, the Genesis Device is used to turn previously barren and inhospitable planets into lush, inhabitable paradises.
Finally, further additions can be made by buying equipment from one of the many colonies within the play area. The necessary money is collected through battle, with pounds given for every hit you strike home.
9. Ship Status. Shows ship time, real time, your current
location, battle data, elapsed time and nominal status. In
addition, any other relevant into regarding your sixteen ships
can be found here. Cycle through each ot the options by
clicking on either ot the display keyboards.
10 Short Range Radar.
Used primarily for combat purposes, this shows you what is in the immediate vicinity and displays the surrounding area as a grid.
ROSS GOODLEY Gravity is the brainchild of Ross Goodley, whose fascination by gravity prompted him to write the game. From the start he was adamant that it wouldn't be just another shoot 'em up. In all, Gravity was in development for a year, and although the basis of the game was decided relatively early on, Ross’s main problem was how to present the game onscreen.
After Gravity, he started work on a series of 3D routines, and these have now evolved into his next game. Drop Soldier.
Combining a realistic 3D environment with RPG-style gameplay, Drop Soldier has been pencilled in for a November release, and Ross is hoping to make it his biggest game yet. Starting as a 1 st rank soldier, the game sets the player a series of night and day missions where a series of objectives must be taken out or captured. In addition, Ross is incorporating a modem link-up option where he hopes up to 16 players will be able to participate in one large mission.
Our section-is lilted Irom the second level, and is set within the enemy's lortilied base The joystick is used to guide the two main sprites across the deadly terrain, with the lirebutton prompting a short burst Irom whatever weapons they are holding. Initially, the two soldiers are armed with a small rifle, but along the way small metallic crates can be shot and their more elfective contents collected. Among the weapons available is a llame-thrower, a grenade launcher, and a very rare missile launcher which Fans of wanton death and destruction are more lhan catered lor as we proudly
present a massive section of Core Designs vertically-scrolling blaster. Warzone.
The final game is played over eighl massive stages, and we can exclusively present you with a lengthy taster ol what to expect. The game is an ikari Warriors-baseO shoot 'em up which can be played by one or two players, and the basic aim ol the linai version and our demo is to yomp up the screen, killing anyone who gets in your way and avoiding both the enemy soldiers and their flak CAVE RUNNER Fans of First Star's classic Boulderdash are well catered tor as we present an updated version of the old fave. Controlling a rotund cave mite, the player has been set the task of clearing a number ot
screens ot their valuable booty.
These gems lie scattered throughout the HfBR* scrolling stages, and must be collected within " "V H® a set time-limit. However, a series ol strategi- catty placed boulders are in the way. And '* must be negotiated so that they don crush our little fat hero. Add to this confusion, O P,£r.. bombs, insects and other deadly miscreants.
And you have a real brain and reflex Z stretcher WON'T LOAD In the rare occurrence that your disks don't load, try removing any external drives or cartridges before reloading. If this still fails, then pop the disk into an envelope and address it to : CU Disk Returns, PC Wise, Merthyr Industrial Park, Pentreebach, Mid Glamorgan. CF48 4DR.
Sends a series ol homing missiles towards their moving targets. In addition, each ol these weapons can have its effectiveness and potency upgraded up to tour times. This is reflected in the number ol shots a weapon tires at once, and also reduces the number ol hits it takes to wipe out each enemy soldier or installation. However, should either ol the two guerrillas get hit by the plentiful enemy lire, the last enhancement is lost, as is the weapon when the player is killed.
The enemy appears in many shapes or forms, and range Irom lootsoldiers to ground emplacements which can only be taken oul with grenades or an upgraded weapon. Both the characters can withstand up to three hits Irom the enemy, but any more than this results in the loss ot one ot their three lives. At the end ot each level it's a lace-off against an end-ot-level guardian or station. Happy blasting!
HE’S IN TOWN WITH A FEW DAYS TO KILL AVAILABLE ON: AMIGA, ATARI ST, COMMODORE 64 128, SPECTRUM, AMSTRAD CPC, IBM PC & COMPATIBLES TM a C 1990.1991 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All rights reserved IMAGE WORKS. Irwin House. 118 Southwark Street London SE1 OSW Tel 071-928 1454 Fax 071-583 3494 ANDNDW... FIVE YEARS AGO... TEN GAMES THAT WE REALLY REALLY WANT TO SEE---
1. Impossible Mission III
2. Willy Meets The Taxman (Jet Set Willy II)
3. Starquake II
4. Bionic Commando II
5. Elite II
6. Rocket Ranger II
7. Something Else Came From The Desert
8. Kick Off III
9. Thing On A Spring III
10. Gribbly's Day Out II Virgin gets cash boost from Branson and
buys New Generation and Leisure Genius.
Commodore sell their Corby factory.
CRL's ill-fated Tubular Bells light show appears.
Reviews of , Spindizzy, Starquake.
Cauldron II. And leaderboard (Steve Merrett worked in a computer shop at this time, and reckons it was a golden age for games).
What The Team Are Playing This Month... Steve James: Search For The King, Trial By Fire, Beast Busters Dan Slingsby: Drip (PD Game), Cave Runner (PD Again), Das Boot Steve Merrett: Beast Busters, Navy Seals, Warzone Mark Patterson: Mega Traveller, Bard's Tale III, The Famous Five Andy Beswick: Doctors And Nurses, Search For The King Fiona Keating: R-Type 2, Cohort, Mega Traveller AMIGA TOP TEN GAMES
1. Fantasy World Dizzy
2. Lemmings
3. PGA Tour Golf
4. Speedball 2
5. Gods
7. Final Whistle
8. Little Puff
9. Treasure Island Dizzy
10. Viz Smutty Software Ten games with dubious content!
1. North And South - Click on the photographer's hum. And hear
him giggle!
2. Dynamite Dux - Type in the word NUDE lor the game equivalent
ot H&E
3. The Kristal - If Dancis is left alone tor too long, he drops
his cacks
4. Viz-Nutt said
5. Defender Of The Crown - Medieval bonking, armour and all!
6. Leisure Suit Larry Series - The perils of the single life.
‘Nuff said again
7. IK+ - Complete with mooning fighters 8 Insects In Space - Put
some clothes on, that woman!
9 Barbarian I and II - An early version had Ms. Whittaker running around unclad 10 Bar Games - With the wet T-shirt sub-game Codemasters Psygnosis Electronic Arts Mirrorsoft Renegade Storm Anco Codemasters Codemasters Virgin Games VIDEO VIEW CAPTAIN AMERICA 20 20 Available to Rem Now We've had Ihe video excursion of The Falsh.
And now it's Captain America's turn to hit our small screens - or will we be hilling our fast forward buttons? Mall Salinger plays Ihe eponymous hero, and his favourite country is under threat from the Nazi-loving Red Skull - whose evil SS intentions make Hitler's seem like a walk in the park. The Skull has targetted a series ot missiles on the White House, and encased within the explosive nose cone is a deadly virus which will eradicate all local life within minutes. As the silly story unfolds. Ihe good Cap ends up strapped to the missile as it's launched, and causes it to misfire and land in
50 years on trom this impromptu break. Cap reappears as does - no surprises here - Ihe FACE OF FEAR Warner Available to Rem Now I have a nasty feeling thal this won t get seen by that many people, which is a pity as it's far better than most ot the direct-to-video tat out at present. TV’s Matt Houston (AKA Lee Horsley! Stars as an editor ot a climbing magazine who sutlers from what may be a slight problem considering his chosen career - he's atraid ot heights! Also, adding to his insurmountable (boom boom) problems. He's also psychically linked lo a marauding serial killer. Within his mind’s
eye. He can see the exact method the killer uses on his victims, so to try and keep his mint oft it he starts to work all hours - until, in a scene similar to that of Die Hard, a group ol killers break in and chase the hero and his girltriend to the top of the building - killing anyone who gets in their way. Thus, thwarted Red Skull. Not exactly taxing stutf, the vertigo-suttering hero must beat his fear but adequate fare tor super-hero and comic and the bad guys. A last paced thriller. Face book fans alike. Ot Fear is well worth a watch.
THINGS... Sieve James: Bird's Trifle, Fags, gallons of
Snakebites, health farms, his Geoff Love war movie soundtrack
LP, and his Fez.
Dan Slingsby: His Barbie collection, Sherbert Fountains, his record collection, a limited edition Co-Op Father Christmas money box, his World League sweat top, and Nottingam Forest.
2. The Rocky Horror Show - CRL 3 Judge Dredd - Virgin (Twice!)
4. Eastenders - Brittannia Mark Patterson: His guitars,
McDonalds, his orange tanktops, Foreign Lager, and his
collection of Bod videos.
5. The Archers - Brittannia 6 Friday The 13th - Domark Steve
Merrett: His Doctor Who and Horror videos, Kentucky Fried
Chicken, his incontinence pants, his Fangoria magazines, and
his bed.
7. The Evil Dead - Palace Quite why Steve James and Mark
Patterson sob uncontrollably without their Star Trek chess
pieces and 'leccy guitar is quite beyond us.
8. Street Hawk - Ocean
9. Battle Of The Planets - Microgen
10. The Punisher - The Edge MaH Broomfield: His cuddly Garfield,
studded leather undies, a collection of Terry Pratchet books,
his music collection, and his collection of bus timetables.
Fiona Keating: A signed picture of Valerie Singleton, her Chesney Hawkes LP, a copy of Valerie Solanas1 SCUM manifesto, and her 1965 Beezer annual.
Andy B eswick: Matt black Zippo lighter, a Village People LP, his Elvis clock mirror, and a sticky Ninja Turtle for his car.
Remzi Salih: Her Demis Rousos records, kebabs, and her unicycle.
Tom Glenister: Grow It Big cream, Caroline Wood (phwooooaaarl), his XR2i, his blow up Paula Abdul, and anything to do with planes.
David Corrie: Courgettes, his used rattle ticket collection, The Freak Brothers comics, Vodka enemas, and his bendy Count Duckula.
REPOSSESSED Guild Available io Rem Now Alter her starring role in the first two Exorcist films. Linda Blair's career took a massive turn for the worst. Now, though, assisted by Airplane! Veteran Leslie Nielson, she is back in this spoof of the popular horror classic.
When you bare in mind what the writers of Airplane!
Achieved in their two spoofs, the Exorcist films offer tremendous opportunities tor the same visual and one-line humour. Blair is once again a woman possessed, and Nielson is Father Mayii (yes, of course you can!) Who has been sent to exorcise her. In addition. Ned Beatty (who also appears in Captain America) is a TV evangelist out to exploit the possession for all it’s worth. The usual jokes make an appearance, but the whole film is a missed opportunity, with very little to redeem it. The pea soup does make an appearance, but. In the end, this one doesn’t stand the Devil’s chance..
HOWLING VI Pitface Available io Rent Now Beating the Halloween series in terms of sequels and rapidly catching up with the Friday The 13th saga, this, the sixth, in the long line of Howling films is every bit as bad as the last four films. Joe Dante's original was a brilliant werewolf film, and the sequels have gone off at a tangent with very weak stories which have nothing to do with the original. Using the well-worn idea of a freak circus. Howling VI centres around the last remaining werewolf and his battle with the freak owner who killed his family. Needless to say. The FX are ropey, the
story dull and the film best avoided.
ANDNOW... JUST A LITTLE BLUE FOR YOU Things We Did Last Summer is the title of a sixty minute video featuring the Blues Brothers. Considering the reputation of the gruesome twosome, it is surprising if they can remember anything at all! The film contains unreleased footage of Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi performing their anarchic and wild routine live on stage. If that isn’t enough to tempt you. Then there are also comedy sketches from Bill Murray.
A STUN OF A GUN OK. So you’ve got the Mr Spock hairdo and undergone plastic surgery for those cute pointed ears.
What more is there to life? The special accoutrement that no self-respecting Trekkie should be without. An original '60s phaser gun from probably the best sci-fi cult TV series. It recently fetched an auction price of more than £4,000 at Chnstie’s. A small sum to pay for being able to stand in front of the mirror and repeat Captain Kirk's immortal line, phasers on stun, gentlemen.'
THE TECHY TEN The top-selling Amiga peripherals - supplied by Silica Shop: 1 Citizen Swift 24
2. Philips 8833 Mk II 3 Atonce-Amiga 4 A590 with 2MB RAM
5. Commodore MPS1270 6 Citizen 124D 7 Roctec Genlock 8 Commodore
9. ICD Adspeed 10 ICD Ad IDE FLY ME TO THE MOON Lile getting you
down? Is the ennui too ennervatmg?
Why am I using such big words? Perhaps a shot ot Oxycan. Instant energy in a can, is the missing factor One snort ol this and apparently you will feel renewed, relaxed and clear headed. Oxycan comes with an integral mouth mask.to boost your energy levels and take a welcome break from stale, polluted air. Use it before or after a physical work out or to invigorate a body and mind jaded from too many hours of shoot 'em ups and strategy games.
COME INTO MY PARLOUR, SAID THE SPIDER TO THE FLY After nine hours of continuously playing Exterminator, you know it's time to stop. An idle took at the ceiling reveals an enormous arachnid lurking in the corner. Thank goodness for Katcha Bug - the phobic’s answer to creepy crawlies! In contrast to the game Exterminator, which uses a giant fist to kill the bugs, Katcha Bug involves no bodily contact with the beasties as it has a 36' handle. The spider scoop is operated by a finger trigger, so the beasties can be safely let out of windows - to bother your next door neighbour instead. Fantastic!
DESTRUCTIVE READING After seeing the film Predator, I'll bet you're all just chamtfing at the bit to read the book. A novel of true literary genius. Predator, written by Mark Verheiden, seems destined for the A' level syllabus in the future. The plot is set in New York. An alien killing machine is on the loose - but what else is new? Available on the Titan label. Predator js being released in an uncanny coincidence with the launch of the film sequel. Ring Nick Griffiths on 833 3777 for copies at a price ot £7.50. I'VE GOT THE POWER . _ Longer arms can be yours tor the mere cost of £229.99!
Simply carry the latest Philip's portable CO cassette player all day. The goal to strive for is to tie your shoe laces without bending down. A v ord ot warning. Remember to give both arms equal amounts of time. The machine has an essential quality needed in a ghetto blaster - it plays very loud. It also features a remote control facility, which seems unnecessary if you have been doing the above exercise... GROUND CONTROL CALLING MAJOR TOM A TV in the shape of an astronaut's helmet is ideal to watch films like 2001. A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, a seventies David Bowie concert, etc, etc. The
'Discoverer' from Philips, has all the latest mod cons including a detachable black visor to reduce the glare on wortd weary eyes. A sleep- timer will switch off the TV when you depart for the Land of Nod while watching The Sky At Night.
R The mists of time start to part and - lo and behold! - CU is there to take a peek at what the future holds... Street-fighting action as Jimmy and Billy return.
GAMEPLAY: The Lee brothers, Jimmy and Billy, are back for another few rounds of beat 'em up mayhem. After rescuing their girlfriend in the first game and avenging her death in the second, the third game in the series sees the two street-fighting heroes embarking on no less than five missions, made up of fourteen street- fighting stages,and require them to retrieve the mysterious Rosetta Stones of the title.
These missions involve battling through five key countries and deposing the evil leader who awaits you at the end.
On later levels, they encounter the alien menace behind the upsurge of violence.
PLUS POINTS: The graph ics in DDIII are by far the most detailed of the entire series, with dark, oppressive colours, yet still manage to be varied thanks to the many different locations - with suitable landmarks from each country visible in the background. In addition, more offensive moves are now available to the twins, adding to the current range of kicks and punches, DOUBLE DRAGON III- 1HE ROSETTA STONES BEHIND THE SCENES: Work on DDIII began lour months ago, and is in the capable hands of Storm's inhouse team. The graphics are being recreated using the ever-popular Dpaint III, whilst
the coding is being performed on a PC and Snasm-based workstation.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The main problem with the past two Double Dragon games was that they were far too easy and too repetitive.
Storm hope to rectify the former problem with rigorous play-testing, and the latter will hopefully be overcome thanks to the addition of more opponents and larger and weirder guardians. Come what may, DDIII looks like an extremely close conversion, so let's just hope that Storm can beat the limitations imposed by the coin-op.
K Virgin and Archer Maclean go snooker loopy GAMEPLAY: Up to now, Firebird's 3D Pool has been the only attempt to recreate the won- ders ot the green baize in glorious 3D. The limitations tor this are obviously because of speed, as was sadly apparent in the aforementioned Pool, but now veteran 8-bit programmer, Archer Maclean (he of IK* fame), has managed to recreate Snooker's many intricacies in a 3D environment. All the usual rules and tactics apply, but Archer has managed to incorporate a full complement of shots, tricks and options. In addition, he has also managed to squeeze in a
number of views which allow the player to view their shots from afar or from directly behind the cue ball.
PLUS POINTS: The most striking thing about 147 is the speed of the 3D.
Whereas 30 Pool crawled along, 147 fair whizzes across the table without a hint of slowing down. In addition, backing up this impressive showcase of speed are a full range of shots, all of which are instantly accessible from a simple-to-use icon panel.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Archer Maclean first hit the games scene with his incredible Slargale clone, Dropzone. Initially writing for the Atari 8-bit machines, he eventually moved over to the 64 where he wrote both International Karate and its sequel IK*.
PEGASUS Nature and The Grim Reaper - and is set to lock them away tor ever.
PLUS POINTS: The two styles of gameplay offer a nice balance, and graphically the game is very impressive.
During the horizontally-scrolling Pegasus-based screens, the backdrops are set against some stunning parallax scrolling, and the assortment of sprites during the interim fighting scenes are every bit as impressive.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Pegasus is the brainchild of Neil Hill and Adrian Ludley who first approached Gremlin with the idea six months ago. Gremlin's PR guy, Ian Richardson, had known the duo for several years, and they used his influence to get the game seen by Gremlin's in-house development team.
Originally, the game was going to span twelve levels, but as worked progressed it was gradually expanded into six worlds made up of fifty game stages.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: On first sight, Pegasus is a very nice looking game, and this immediate appeal is backed up game is released. The six levels are long and tie in with the general theme of their kidnapped guardians, ie.
A dead and grey area lor The Reaper, and a massive war-torn area for The Master Of Tactics.
'em up-cum-platform game, in which the player assumes the role of Percius, a noble warrior, and the only man capable of stopping the new waves of attacks from the forces of evil. Satan himself is intent on making an appearance, and has imprisoned the souls of the six most important beings - including Mother is typically Graftgold, with exceptional use of colour and cute and appealing sprites.
In addition, the game is easy to get into, yet hard to master.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Fire And Ice marks Graftgold’s first game written specifically for the Amiga. Andrew Braybrook, the chief coder behind Ice has been meaning to get to grips with the machine since Paradroid '90.
He originally intended to write a Turrican-style blaster which eventually evolved into Fire And Ice.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Mirrorsoft are stating that Fire And Ice could be Graftgold’s best game yet, and we think they may be right. Andrew Braybrook, Jason Page and Phillip Williams have put together a really neat looking game with bags of addic- tivity, ensuring that it will be one to watch.
Mirrorsoft and Graftgold blow hot and cold.
GAMEPLAY: Starring a cute, long-eared puppy, Fire And Ice is a multi-stage platform affair, with the cutesy dog pursued by all manner of fiery demons. The scenario details how the world has been invaded by these flame creatures, and are consequently trying to kill off anything in their path.
However, born in the frozen north the puppy is armed with a selection of suitably cold weapons which can be used to kill the assailing invaders. The resulting action then follows the brave canine's adventures as he pegs it across the numerous scrolling stages, collecting bonuses and evading sudden death.
PLUS POINTS: Both cute and instantly appealing, Fire And Ice looks as if it could be the closest thing to a decent con- sole-style game for the Amiga.
Graphically, it FIRE AND ICE Logically, it was IK* which also gave Archer his break into the world of 16-bit programming, but once he had finished it he seemed to disappear - until now.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: !47is a stunning looking game, and plays at an incredibly fasl rate. The controls are easy to use and the trick shots and panning options add to the fun immensely. In all. For fans of Snooker, this is going to be one to watch.
M « $ « *
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CU AMIGA PUBLICLY MINDED Welcome to Screen Scene, the essential guide to Amiga games. Our reviews are timed to coincide with the release dates of the games themselves, so you won’t find any out of date reviews here, only up to the minute information from an experienced team of joystick journalists.
AMIGA SPEC Watch out tor this addition to our reviews. The Amiga is the tinest home computer that money can buy. And it we really teel that a game is pushing the boundanes ot the machine we’ll tell you how and why. Each and every Amiga soec will be tailored to the review. Some ot the ratings are objective - eg number ot onscreen colours, levels etc: others, such as an assessment of the scrolling speed, are based upon the considered opinions ot the CU Amiga team. All such subjective ratings are marked out ot ten.
Ninety-three percent and a game's worth a superstar. We hardly throw these around but it a game displays totally superior qualities. It just might be in with a chance.
SOUND Four channel sampled stereo rock or a Stock, Aitken and Waterman drum track? The higher the rating the higher you run the volume.
GRAPHICS Not |USl overall prettiness, but animation, style, design and the way the visuals tit in. So it doesn't have to be the prettiest game in the world to score high here.
PLAYABILITY This rating lets you into how easy it is to get into a game, and once you start playing whether it's addictive or uninteresting dross.
INSTABILITY Speaks lor itself. The higher the rating the longer you'll be loading it up. Ties in closely with the playability rating.
OVERALL The most important of the lot. And here's CU's rough guide to ratings:- Man. This stinks.
Phew, avoid.
Below par.
Worth checking out if you’re a fan of the game style.
0- 29% 30-39% 40-49% 50-59% Above average, but with a lot of room for improvement.
Good but flawed.
ScreenStar, recommended.
Super Star, our highest 60-69% 70-84% 85-92% 93%+ accolade. Must not be missed.
MEMORY REQUIRED 440K SCROLL SPEED 6 COLLISION DETECTION 4 COLOURS ON SCREEN 32 LEVELS 48 DIFFICULTY LEVEL 8 HOURS TO COMPLETE 67 NUMBER OF PLAYERS 2 4 GRAPHICS STYLE SOME FRACTALS SYNTHESISED SOUND *C0IN-0P SAMPLES The CU Screen Star is lor games scoring 85%-92%. II a Screen Star is awarded then you can be sure that the product will have reached a high standard in gameplay. Sound and graphics, and that it will have long lasting appeal.
STEVE JAMES: Never one to pass a pud, Steve's fave sweets include Semolina with a healthy dollop of jam on top, Bread pudding, Bird's Trifle, Honey Sponge Pudding, Angel Delight, Cheese Cake, Ad Infinitum... And his excuse for seconds is that he’s a growing boy!
DAN SLINGSBY: Coal ranks as Northerner Dan's fave sweet, but he’s also been known to swallow a spoonful of treacle pud and semolina. Followed by anything by Mr. Kipling, which is why he weighs forty stones.
STEVE MERRETT: The git’s Mum's Tapioca and those ‘make in seconds eat even quicker' Lemon Crunch puds occupy Steve’s considerable eating hours. Followed by Mr. Kipling's Country Slices, Sorbet, and loads of Angel Delight.
MARK PATTERSON: Spotted dick is Mark’s favourite pastime, but enough about his busy social life. In the meantime, Mark’s prone to snacking on jelly, Apple and custard strudle, frozen strawberry mousse, and McDonald’s choccy doughnuts.
ANDY BESWICK: Andy’s top desserts include cheesecake and blackforest gateaux, but that's about it really, and he wants it to be known that he hates semolina. So pop him some in an envelope and send it here marked: ANDY BESWICK... MATT BROOMFIELD: New boy Matt has been busy organising all the techy stuff this month, but has still had time to cram in huge helpings of arctic roll and knicker- bocker glories.
59 The Beast Busters coin-op was one of the more inventive machines to be released last year. Although the basic gameplay was only an extension of the well-worn Operation Thunderbolttneme.
Beast Busters grisly scenario and big and gory graphics ensured it was a sure-fire hit - and its massive, three Uzi-toting cabinet ensured that it couldn't be ignored. Now. After a development time of some eight months and the disappearance of Activision, the Amiga version is finally with us. The B-movie- esque scenario starts in a suitably creepy way. With the disappearance of the inhabitants of a small, desert-based town.
Reports show that the town's people had no previous history of odd behaviour and therefore there is no conceivable explanation for their mysterious vanishing. Thus, a party of three specially-armed investigators have been called in to locate the whereabouts of the missing people. And resolve the mystery behind their sudden disappearance.
As you move deeper into the undead's lair, weapons such as electricity bombs and scatter grenades can be collected.
Somehow, Beast Busters development team. Images, have managed to cram nearly all the original game's features into the Amiga's comparatively humble memory. The only major difference is the reduction of the original s three-player mode down to two. But as far as I can see. Everything else is there. As mentioned, the gameplay is basically an extension of the Operation Wolf and Line Ot Fire style, and the game's controls are essentially the same, with the mouse or a joystick used to control the on-screen targeting cursor. The left and right mouse buttons lire a gun and SCREEN Each of the
awesome end-of-level guardians make a dramatic comeback during the climatic final stages.
As the ghostly subway train pulls into the station, it brings a tresh legion ot blood-thirsty zombie commuters.
FILMS THAT BITE During Ihe video boom ol the early eighties, horror films went through something ol a rennaisance. Films such as Wes Craven's Last House On The Lett and Lucio Fulci's Zombie Flesh Eaters appeared, lined up alongside such diverse titles as Absurd . House By The Cemetery and Evilspeak . Due to the violent nature ol these films, a body ol censors were banded together to cut out any scenes that may offend the public The main reason lor this was to slop minors Irom viewing Ihe gory works ol Fulci and Co. And to stop people Irom copying the scenes that they were watching. This in
ilsell is a lender subject, with very little actual evidence to link horror films to certain killers, hut the cuts were made, and Irom 198? Onv ards every lilm had to undergo the scrutiny ol Ihe newly-lormed committee. Such casualties ol this era - Ihe much-touted video nasties that kept hitting the headlines and which are now extremely sought alter in their uncut lorms - were the aforementioned Fulci tilm, and Cannibal Ferox . Don t Answer The Phone . And Nightmare In A Damaged Brain' - not to mention the now infamous (and extremely lame) I Spit On Your Grave and Driller Killer.
America also formed a censorship board around this time, loo. The much- criticised MPAA They instigated an R rating, which meant that anyone under seventeen couldn 1 watch Ihe lilm. However, any movies that (ailed to reach this rating had to be sent lor cutting or doomed tor an , i ¦- unrated release - which unfortunately meant that they cannot he advertised or go on proper release - effectively killing any chance ol the lilm succeeding. For Ihe mltr. A 'JL * foreseeable future, the only way to see the banned films is via the underground iW.. '¥ t L«'TVLdfc network where illegal copies
sell lor T iV ¦ ¦_ Jr small fortunes. This is a pity as, com- y V. JT L V | pared to the likes of Rambo III and even yrjp, Jjy the Turtles. Zombie Flesh-eaters and City 01 The Living Dead would now be ' deemed almost acceptable but are jijhr i'*} doomed never to be viewed by Ians ol the 7, genre again. I 1 l'-m IIRRIG4M OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED • 6 CENTRAL STREET • MANCHESTER • M2.5NS • TEL: 061 832 6633 • FAX: 061 834 0650 BEAST BUSTERS SCENE grenades respectively. Starting in an apparently deserted garage, the screen scrolls both horizontally and towards you. Bringing with it the
amassing hordes ot the undead. Far from being the shambling zombies associated with the Romero tilms, Beast Busters' undead are semi-intelligent and attack using guns, knives, and grenades, whilst using jeeps to evade your weaponry. Unless the oncoming projectiles are shot or avoided, the player's energy will be steadily reduced and it it is totally exhausted, then the game is ove and one ot your three credits is lost. Similarly, in addition to the waves ot zombies, further hazards appear in the shape ot rabid dogs and similarly manic wildlife, but, as with the zombies, repeated shooting
ends their menace with a satisfying explosion ot grue. As you make your way through the level, extra ammunition supplies are dropped trom the top ot the screen and are added to your inventory when shot, and are essential for the oncoming face-offs with the massive mid and end-of-level creatures.
As progress is made through the game's seven stages, the mystery behind the locals' disappearance is slowly unravelled as the riverside action gives way to a claustrophobic cavern network which houses a number of larger creatures and a strange laboratory. Oddly enough, whilst Beast Busters is quite simply Operation Thunderbolt et al with zombies replacing footsoldiers and gunners, it's the scenario that helps make it so appealing. As the story unfolds, it adds to the already strong playability of the game and entices you on for another go. In addition, Images have performed wonders with
the game's presentation, and the assorted zombie sprites are large and relatively well-animated with no loss of speed. On the sound front, the game features effects and tunes taken directly from the coin-op, and these add to the atmosphere and create a loud and bloody crescendo. Basically, Beast Busters is a fine conversion which doesn't house an ounce of originality, but is one of the best of its kind.
Steve Merrett ORIGINS OF THE DEAD The origins of the undead can be traced back to the beginnings of the voodoo religion and are shrouded with mystery. However, whereas the media view of a zombie is that of a flesh- eating ghoul with no apparent motive for its rising, real zombies are hypnotised people used for slave labour by cult leaders. A system used to overcome subversives and to deal with enemies, the would-be victim has a series of toxins added to their food and consuming these renders them unconscious. As an example, their body is then buried for as long as two months, with sufficient
air holes to allow them to breathe. With the toxins keeping all of the body's functions down to a minimal level, the victim can survive without food or water, and on leaving the catatonic state the toxins will have caused extensive brain damage, leaving them as useless vegetables with no other option but to serve their leaders.
ACTIVISION £24.95 ( A veritable grab-bag of addictive gory action J GRAPHICS 83% SOUND 84% INSTABILITY 77% PLAYABILITY 85% OVERALL 87% | Futuresoft 14-15 Yarmouth Business Park Suffolk Road Great Yarmouth Norfolk NR31 OER Tel: 0493 440005 0493 441194 ( 10 Lines) ALL OUR ORDERS ARE DESPATCHED BY 1st CLASS POST SAME DAY (exc Sunday) 7 DAY 24 HOUR ORDERING SERVICE COMPLETE CUSTOMER CARE ONLY FROM FUTURESOFT ‘Free Technical Support
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Aztecs ......£14. Golden
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Up ...£17.99 Prince Of
Persia £14.99 Railroad
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11 ......£14.99 Ultimate
Ride ...£14.99 UMS
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PACK Includes. A500 Computer.
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£339.99 EXTRAS Upgrade 5 £34.99 Ext Drive Cumana £70.99 Ext Drive ..£59.99 Rendale Genlock £149.99
1. 5 Upgrade .£89.99
Monitor ..£249.99 Mouse
Mat .£3.99 Printers (B&W) ..£149.00
Printers (Col) .....£249.00 Please add 2.5% to all
prices due to increase in VAT Some titles may not be released
at time of going to press.
Cheques Postal Orders made payable to "FUTURESOFT" No charge made for Credit Card use (add £1.50 P&P) FOR THE VERY BEST AMIGA GAMES COVERAGE GET THE VERY BEST AMIGA MAGAZME AMIGA GAME You’ve been coding for three months and fancy trying your hand at your first professional game. Justin Garvonovic, programmer of The and, Obitus, is here with the ultimate blueprint... memory and that it spans as few disks as possible. On top of storyboarding, technical information, including specific ideas and routines, are added for reference. The main aim of the storyboard is to give others some idea of how
the game will evolve. Before any software development manager will give the go ahead, s he will expect to see everything planned and allocated.
A few scraps of paper aren’t enough.
You've finished storyboarding, you know exactly what 'The Game' will look like and you are ready to start coding.
There are a number of languages available, AMOS, for example, C or Assembler.
Whilst AMOS gives the beginner a nice insight into the depths of game design, to get the most out of the machine you're going to have to jump in at the deep end. The C language seems like a good choice for writing games, in fact many arcade games are coded in C. Unfortunately, the new wave of arcade machines have a lot more horse power than the Amiga and require vast amounts of speed, so that really only leaves us with one option - mastering an assembler.
PUTTING IT TOGETHER 'Oh no, not assembler,' I hear Consoft have just released Mutant Hussains From Space which, after the great intro, turns out to be just another scrolling shoot-em-up. So what do you do after you have spent all that money you've bought a dud?
Give it up as a bad job and vow to try the game out before you buy next time or have a bash at producing one yourself? If you think the first option is easier, then stop reading right now and start saving, if not join the rest of us and enter into the busy world of software developing.
PLANNING AHEAD The key to successful game design is planning. Top development teams, such as Images, Core and Arc all plan their projects well in advance, allow for unforeseen circumstances and allocate time for coding problems, such as the scrolling and graphics. Come up with the basic design of your masterpiece then sketch out how it will look onscreen, plus the main stages and items it will contain. Ensure that everything is feasible within the machine’s limited puter has hardware for displaying sprites, moving huge memory chunks around, playing sampled sounds and of onscreen
When programming the Amiga you can do it on one of 3 levels. Level 1 (the highest), is usually saved for writing serious software as it allows access, through Intuition, to the WIMP environment. Level 2 (medium) can be used to write games but it still uses you cry,' that's far too difficult.. Not so. The Amiga was designed around what .
Must be one of the easiest chips to program, the good old 68000. The Amiga is also blessed with a clutch of support chips which make games programming even simpler.
The comSCREEN SCENE ALL-IMPORTANT INNOVATION... II Is widely acknowledged that there are only seven actual game styles, but the key to producing an original game Is taking It from an angle not normally associated with the genre. A ported example ot this is Ocean's forthcoming Robocop III. With two successful but limited walk’n’blast games behind them. Ocean took the brave step of approaching DID to come up with a new approach, and as their forte is smooth 3D graphics, DID started work on a massive filled 3D Detroit. And this the dreaded Operating System which will impair the machines
performance. Level 3 (lowest) is where just about all games are written. This means that the programmer will 'talk' directly to all those support chips with no interference from outside sources.
This is known as 'hitting the metal’. A couple of books are essential, ‘The Hardware Reference Manual', which informs you just how to get at all those chips, and a good 68000 programming book.
DOING IT YOURSELF At this stage, you will also need an assembler of which the only two worth mentioning are Hisoft’s Devpac 2 and Argonaut Software's ArgAsm.
If your machine is fairly short on memory then the best bet has to be Devpac. On the other hand, if your machine is crammed with extra RAM.
Then ArgAsm is probably better - and a lot quicker - than Devpac. It's also worth mentioning both PDS and SNASM. These are PC-based cross assemblers, which mean that you work in 68000 on the PC. Once you have assembled your code you can transmit it over to the target machine - Arc Developments, in particular, favour this method, as do Core. For writing games this is the ideal situation, as it really isn't practical to write a game using just one machine. If you wish to use an Amiga as the host machine, instead of the PC. This can still be accomplished by writing a piece of software to
send the data down the printer port to the target machine. This isn't as difficult as it sounds , and should be right at the top of your list.
Impressive play area featured the Kevlar- covered cop patrolling the city's streets in a massive chase and blast romp, with the imposing form of Robo made up of a series of polygons and suitably well animated. In addiYou've got the transfer system working , what else will you need? Get a hard disk, if you haven't got one.
An accelerator board will come in useful nearer the end of the project when assembly times get longer and longer.
Unless you can get someone else to handle all the music and sound effects, you're going to need a sampler.
Fitted out and ready to start, you're going to need the right tools. If, for example, ‘The Game' uses mapped backgrounds, such as those used in Chuck flock or' Turrican. You will need to write a mapping tool. This could quite easily be written using AMOS as speed isn't that important. But don't forget that in the future someone else may use that tool. In a perfect world you should be able to create tools to do just about everything, from alien attack patterns to disk management - but you'll soon have to cope with data structures. These are the core of just about every game, and should
include how the map data is arranged, music data and sprite animation structures and tables. If you think through each data structure, you should be OK, but if *- tion. Whenever possible try to create games that you may not have tried before.
Of combining two distinct game ideas, and more recently Core’s Heimdal and Sly Spy (admittedly, the latter isn't good) have proved that variety really is the spice of life.
Obviously, certain limitations must be kept within, but taking a simple theme and expanding on it for every possible angle will make for a well-rounded game with plenty of variety.
System 3's 8-bit hit, Vendetta.
Is a good example fmni SCENE GAME Lmugh... have to use them, but try writing a routine on paper in ‘Pseudocode’ first.
You make inadequate ones, you WILL pay for it in the later stages of development.
CODE MASTERS Coding can commence. In my opinion, It’s usually better to start with the main ‘effect' of the game. If it has full screen multidirectional scrolling, do that first. It’s worthwhile getting the ‘Commenting’ your code may seem like a waste of time, but it's not. Imagine that you're about to start a sequel but need to modify routines of the original. Unfortunately, they were written six months ago and now mean nothing to you.
Alternatively, Fred Nintendo is so impressed by your game that he wants you to convert it over to his new Super Duper Famicon but you can’t make head nor tail of your work, so you lose the deal plus five million sales.
The moral here is 'COMMENT EVERYTHING; you may not like it at the time but you'll never forgive yourself if you don't. Code should be written in independent chunks and structured (there's that word again) so that they do not jump all over the place (spaghetti code). The ideal ‘main game loop' should go something like this; 1) Update Enemy, 2) Update Player, 3) Print Enemy, 4) Print Player. 5) Is player Dead ?, 6) If not start at step 1, 7) end game.
Obviously, this a VERY simplified example but your main game loop should be just as readable, and there shouldn't be any skipping about in it.
‘difficult’ code out of the way first - you get a feeling of satisfaction that something is actually happening. If you did any sort of computer studies at school you were probably told about ‘Flow Charts' and found them amusing. You may now Another simple way to keep code neat, and avpid the dreaded bug. Is the use of ADVICE SHOP Nick Palling. AKA Orlando, started his programming career when the industry was In its cottage’ stage. Working trom his BBC Micro. Nick created such wonders as Arcadians and Firelrack. Before moving over to the C64 and the Amiga. Like Nick, you must he flexible, as
computers come and go rapidly, and here are a tew more of Nick's lips.
1) Where possible, avoid writing a routine that’s longer than a
screen in length; it may sound daft but It really helps in the
2) Divide the source tiles into sensible routine types, don't
scatter similar routines all over the source code.
3) Be consistent when using variable names.
4) Make sure that any tools you write produce an output that can
be easily and quickly inserted into the game.
5) Cram your host machine with as much RAM as possible; this
will help speed up assembly time and help boost your attention
6) Don't reinvent the wheel.
- It you can do a certain job in Dpaint, use it - don't waste
time writing something to do the same job.
7) Check out PO libraries; you may tlnd that they'll have all the
tools you'll need.
AND NOW THE TRICKY BIT... Although the main bulk of the work is now over, you'll have to get it marketed. Having worked this closely and hard on it for, say, six months, you aren't going to take lightly to criticism. But do take heed of what other people say. They'll have seen countless other games and almost certainly know whether yours is worth backing. Do any suggested changes as quickly as possible. And if a deal is offered, make sure that you aren’t over-stretching yourself and check out the method of payment - not to mention the small print.
EQUATES. If at any place you need to set up a constant, ie 3 lives, this value should be equated at the head of the code. Otherwise, if you need to set the lives counter twice in the game, you may accidentally type 4 instead of 3. If you equate the value at the start potentially fatal problems needn't arise.
To speed up your code and make more compact , reference all the variables from one address register. Finally, once you’re ready to take your newly finished game out into the software house jungle, it’s usually a good idea to check up on your law and to chat with other programmers about who they would and wouldn’t send games to.
1 Andrew Braybrook Mfm ' A ¦ (Uridium. Parodroid 90, JrjjEr--. and currently working MP I on Mirrorsoffs Fire And '¦ Ice) - Graftgold.
Fl "Planning is essential.
Mi ¦ *a!,d t,lll'cucJh you ve sioi ' *0 ¦ J| ,0 expect the game 10 f&P- | evolve from the original ideas, having a set idea of what you are out to do is very important. Also, test your routines on other people, and be ruthless if something doesn’t work.
You may find that the earlier things are planned, the more the game develops and the easier its progress becomes."
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* ..16.99
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' ...5.99
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* ......16.99 Pro
Tennis Tour 2 ...... ......16.99
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Quattro Sports ....
.9.99 .9.99 R
Type .....
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5.99 16 99 Railroad
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Skies * .. ......16.99 Robozone
* . ......16.99 Rocket
Ranger ... Rotator'
......16.99 Rick Dangerous 2 .....
Rick Dangerous . Rise Of The Dragon*
......16.99 7.99 ......26.99
Robocop 2 ... Search for the
King ' . .....16.99 ......24.99
Secrets of the Luftwaffe ...1999 Secret ol Mnnkev
Island * ......19.99 Shadow
Warriors ... .....1699 Shadow ot the Beast
.....16.99 Shadow of the Beast 2 .. Shadow
Sorceror * .... Shadow Dancer' ..
......26.99 ......19.99 .....16.99 Skull
and Crossbones .. ......16.99
Sifcworm .
.5.99 Siieni
Service ..... Sim City *
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......19.99 Sim Earth
* .. ......19.99 Ski nr
16. 99 SlvSnv
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Ace ......2699
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Strider 2 ..
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. Super Monaco
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2' .. 1699
Swiv .
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16.99 Team Yankee ....
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Test Drive 3' ......
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19.99 Tip
Off* .. Track Suit Manager
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Trap .... 6.99
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..6.99 Turbo
Challenge 2 ' . 1699 Turbo
Turncan ..
16.99 ..799 Turhcan
2 .. TV Sports
Baseball' TV Sports Basketball
. 16.99 19.99
14.99 TV Sports Football ...
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Viz ....
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Walker' ..
16.99 Warlords (1 Meg) .....
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19.99 Wrath of the Demon
Wings ...
.1199 Wizbaii ..5.99
Wizkid ' ...
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999 Z-Out .
13.99 [ JOYSTICKS Quickjoy Jetfighter ..
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3. 5" DSDD ....1.25 Kach
5. 25" DSDD ...0.75... .Kach MIDWINTER 2 ONLY
BARDSTALF. 2 ZANY GOLF KEEF THE THIEF INTERCEPTOR HOUNDS OF THE SHADOW SWORDS OF TWILIGHT SPECIAL OFFER Turrican Now Only £7.99 SPECIAL OFFER Hammerfist ONLY £7.99 SPECIAL OFFER Steve Davis Snooker Now Only £7.99 R-Type was heralded as one of the greatest shoot 'em ups to grace computer screens. The temptation to better it has proved too much for Irem. Famed tor innovative games such as X Multiply and Dragon Breed.
They had a reputation to live up to. And so the sequel, FI- Type 2. Rears its powerful and many faceted head.
The nefarious forces of the Bydo Empire yet again loom large and threatening. Not surprising really - this is what happens in sequels! There are six levels ot horizontal parallax scrolling action, which bears more than a passing similarity to FI-Type.
All the great gadgets and gizmos are present. The all-protecting Force shield defends your ship both fore and aft. A wonderful feelipg of invincibility surrounds you; the metallic killing machines which attempt to send you to an early bath are rendered powerless!
Collecting the weapons and added extras is essential if one is to survive all the dreaded onslaughts ot the evil Bydo Empire. A very difficult business as your toes are adept at sneaking behind and shooting your posterior.
In order to combat this, pick up the bombs which can tire both front and back.
Weapons beyond your wildest dreams, indeed.
Missiles travel along like deadly ball bearings, or cascades of deadly energy. The most spectacular effects are the exocet-like rockets, and the ring lasers (which create a display of deadly red and blue lights!). The electric blue lasers which ricochet around the screen are a necessity for killing off those sneaky little aliens which lurk in dark corners.
The secret of success is to pick up as many of these deadly items as possible. A minimal amount of skill is LOOK OUT, MA!
Scientists tend to view t|te UFO phenemenon with a great deal ot scepticism. Not surprising, it we consider the evidence. Witnesses who have had contact with extraterrestrials tend to be religious fanatics, never ‘rational and reputable persons', according to ufologists. Some very unpleasant side effects can take place. Victims of sightings have reported physical side- effects such as violent headaches, fits of weeping, and buzzing in the ears. Obviously, UFOs can be bad for your health! Even stranger things can happen. After a UFO sighting, a woman with permed hair found that it had gone
completely straight!
Type 2, the enemies, and especially the end-of-level guardians, are so intricate they are ditficult to recognise.
The graphics are executed with a great deal ot imagination and Hair. The best background effects are in level six; a land of petrified forests and decapitated dinosaur heads. The sounds are fast and pacy, with music sampled directly from the coin-op.
R-Type 2 is a superior shoot 'em up with many enjoyable features.
However, it remains questionable what this game adds to the original. To be sure, it features parallax scrolling which was absent in the precursor, but apart from that, the game play is slow and sluggish. Fans of R-Type should definitely be eager for R-Type 2. Once hooked, it's back for more punishment.
Fiona Keating ACTIVISION DISK £24.95 6 Sophisticated shoot 'em up tor tans ot the original J GRAPHICS 78% SOUND 76% INSTABILITY 70% PLAYABILITY 80% OVERALL 79%
• required as blasting everything in sight, regardless of aim,
seems to be the best policy. Easy, huh? Well, not quite.
Staying alive takes a vigilant eye and a steady stream of
killer beams. Aim for objects which look like flying space
helmets. When shot, these reveal icons with the letter S or M.
Speed and bombs are the respective prizes.
After surviving swarms of baddies, your reward is to meet the end-of-level guardian: a huge monster which fills the screen, blocking the path to the next level.
Holding down the fire button creates an impressive blinder of a shot. A metre at the base of the screen shows the strength of the bolt. Firing a few of these will destroy beasties like the centipede and the crab ships.
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IjNhich computef(s), it any, do you
own? ... E401 Adveniw.il »-¦ mxy ch.rqe
R.iw rnlun li. Co-oo- to. I-« imsi “Wxmdlor LES MANLEY In
Remember all those Sun and Sunday Sport headlines from a few
years ago, claiming that Elvis Presley was alive and well and
working as a teasmaid in your local Co-op? Well.
Accolade certainly do. And have devised an entire graphic adventure around the idea as you seek to find The King, collect a $ t million reward, and cop off with the boss's secretary to boot.
An impressive intro sequence sets the scene and introduces the major characters. Les’s cigar-chomping boss is shown leaning over a boardroom table grilling his TV station executives about the company's falling revenues. Some bright spark has the brilliant idea to launch a Find the King' competition with a prize of $ ! Million should he be found alive. Les Manley, the character under your control, listens intently and decides to set out and find the King, win the money and. Hopefully, the affections of Stella Hart, the company secretary.
Les is a bit of a nerd, to say the least. His job involves manually rewinding video tape to save on electricity and he works from a grotty basement office. Stuck in a dead-end job. He's definitely one of life's losers, and the chance to get rich quick is just too much of a temptation. Les has to travel through more than 70 screens in his search with plenty of red-herrings impeding his progress. For instance, it's useless trying to buy a ticket for Vegas from the New York bus station as the maze-like crowd-control barriers don't actually lead to the counter. Try visiting the Test-o-Strength
stall at the Circus instead for a novel way of reaching your destination.
The game is mouse-con- trolled although there's also a keyboard option. Moving less around the screen is straightforward - merely click on the part of the screen you want Les to move to, and he’ll obediently follow. As with all graphic adventures there's a great deal of text input, and the parser is remarkably effi- cent at recognising a broad range of verbs and commands. If you're new to adventure games, you might find yourself struggling in the early stages as things aren't always clear. It’s a good idea to thoroughly examine every screen and take whatever isn't bolted down - you
never know when you may need that thermos flask of water, mouldy cheese sarnie or ID card. Another handy tip, if you get really stuck, is to consult the walkthrough guide which comes conveniently packaged with the game.
Search lor the King has been out on the PC for some time, but it’s only now that Amiga owners can join in the fun.
That's because instead of porting the game across and adapting the PC graphics and tinny sound, the game's graphics and sonics have been reworked from scratch to take advantage of the Amiga's capabilities.
Overall, the animated antics of Les and his pals looks a treat. The attention to detail is superb with jam- packed screens hiding a number of clues, equipment or interactive elements of one kind or another. Especially entertaining is the Circus screen where, after having earnt a ticket by shovelling Elephant dung(l), you can face off against the World's Strongest Man or have yourself a palm job with the local Fortune Teller. Watch out, also, for Bart Simpson on a skateboard and numerous other celebrities who pop up for cameo appearances.
Sadly, the sound is a distinct disappointment. There are a number of in-game tunes but they rarely rise above the mediocre. Even Rolf Harris with his trusty Stylaphone could have done better than this. Another minus point is the amount of time spent swopping disks.
Search lor the King comes on live disks and if you haven't got a second drive you'll be forever changing them. The game also loads incredibly slowly, and each new screen takes an age to appear. This cuts up the action and can be really frustrating at times.
It's not just Elvis devotees who'll get their kicks from Search lor Ihe King. Its appeal is fairly broad, due to the game's in-built humour and inherent silliness.
Solutions to many of the problems aren’t easy - you have to literally think how Les would think in many instances. It's not easy being a nerd (or so I'm told!), but it's a hell of a lot of fun. And I’m not going to spoil the game by telling you if Les eventually tracks down the King, marries Stella or even- pockets the $ 1 million - you're just going to have to buy it for yourself!
Dan Slingsby I iiiniinr THE KING IS DEAD Search lor lire King lakes its inspiration Irom the llle ot Elvis Presley, an incredibly famous singer ol the titties who ended up a tat and bloated has-been performing to blue-rlnse grannies in the stiftling heat ot las Vegas, Throughout the game there are many throw away references to his past life. For instance, the Circus owner is called the Colonel, an obvious reference to Colonel Parker, a tormer circus hustler who went on to manage Elvis and shape his career, les also visits the Kingdom, an obvious doppleganger for Elvis's Gracelands retreat,
complete with gaudy inferiors. There are even references to the many Elvis impersonators who hawk their dubious talents around the nightclub and cabaret circuits as Les has to dress up as one to get into the Kingdom’s inner most sanctums. Unfortunately, as Accolade didn't fork out the cash for an Elvis licence, none of his music accompanies the game and instead we’re served up a diet ol substandard tunes which have you reaching for the volume control.
ACCOLADE £30.95 t A bip-bop-aloolah, a bip- bam boom of a game J GRAPHICS 85% SOUND 12% INSTABILITY 84% PLAYABILITY 79% | OVERALL 80% 20 THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE The haunting voice and gyrating hips of Elvis Presley helped make him one of the world’s most successful entertainers. Unfortunately, Elvis spent the last few years of his life as a recluse in a twilight world of drugs, easy women and few real friends. Dan ‘Greaseball’ Slingsby strips away the myths surrounding the ‘King’ of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
1 An unusual pastime enjoyed by Elvis was the shooting of television sets. He had an extensive collection of guns and rifles and would often take pot-shots at the telly when bored. An ex-bodyguard described one such incident: ‘One afternoon he was eating breakfast and on comes Robert Goulet. Very slowly, Elvis finished what he had in his mouth, put down his knife and fork, picked up a .22 and - boom - blasts old Robert clean off the screen1. It's estimated that Elvis polished off more than 200 televisions in this way.
2 Elvis had a passion for expensive cars. Over the years he amassed over 100 Cadillacs as well as numerous Mercedes and Rolls Royces. Pat Gilmore, a Memphis Cadillac dealer, remembers Elvis turning up at 3am at his showroom: ‘He bought 13 Caddies in an hour and a half. The bill came to $ 168,000. They were Christmas presents for his staff'. In another celebrated incident, Elvis was busy choosing two cars as presents for his bodyguards when he spotted an obviously poor couple looking with envy at the expensive cars on offer. Elvis went over, asked them which model they fancied, and immediately
bought it for them.
3 Elvis often dated movie stars and bought them extravagant presents. On one occasion, he gave actress Suzanna Leigh a brand new Harley Davidson motorbike.
Unable to even sit on the machine, let alone ride it, Elvis rented 15 miles of motorway outside Los Angeles the next day so she could ride the bike in a straight line.
4 His manager. Colonel Parker, creamed off 25% of all Presley’s earnings, a cut which rose to a staggering 50% from 1967 onwards. Parker was later quoted as saying: 'When I first met Elvis, he had a million dollars worth of talent. Now he has a million dollars'. Always with a sharp eye for a fast profit, the Colonel was quick to exploit Elvis’ death. By the time of the funeral, he'd made a deal with Factors Inc., to market Elvis products and got Vernon Presley, Elvis's dad. To sign the deal on the day of the funeral.
8 In later years, Elvis wore a variety ot outrageous costumes. His favourite was a white jumpsuit embroidered with precious jewels.
Featuring massive flares and double-length collar, the suit was set off with a floor length cape. Elvis also sported diamond rings on each finger, a gold-plated belt, and a solid gold medallion the size of a frying pan.
5 Elvis never wrote any of his songs. That was left to a battery of songwriters who were instructed to give him a song-writing credit so that Elvis could cream off some of the publishing profits.
6 It was not long before Hollywood beckoned and Elvis embarked on a stream of rather dodgy teen movies. Although his movies were pure corn, they still enabled Elvis to become the highest paid actor in Hollywood. After his first film, one respected movie critic was so moved as to describe Elvis as having the 'screen presence of a sausage'. Eventually Elvis tired of living the life of a movie star, complaining that I’m bored with playing a guy who would be in a fight one minute and would start singing to the guy he was beating up the next’.
7 Elvis memorabilia flooded the market. Any gift imaginable was on offer ranging from Elvis lipstick (available in Hound Dog orange and Heartbreak Hotel pink) to such things as Elvis underwear, bobble hats, shoe horns, and wine ('This is the wine Elvis would have drunk if he had been a wine drinker,' ran the copy blurb). Even dirt from Graceland and Elvis's sweat was on offer.
Elvis received his call-up papers he became the US Army's most famous G.l. His earnings plummeted from $ 10,000 a week to $ 74 a month. Elvis insisted he wanted to be treated like a normal soldier and refused to join the Entertainments Division, preferring instead to join a normal operations unit. 'I just want to be treated like a normal Joe,' he was quoted as saying. Perhaps that’s why he rented a plush 20-room apartment outside the barracks while the rest of his colleagues had to make do with sleeping in a dorm on iron bunk beds.
10 Elvis adopted a rebellious stance during the early part of his career and modelled himself on James Dean and Marlon Brando.
He was often accused of encouraging juvenile delinquency and condemened by religious and parental groups. One reviewer ¦ the Toronto Star described Elvis as ’a bulldozer in mating season' after watching him perform.
11 During his 23 year career, Elvis sold a staggering 500 million records, released more than 200 singles and made 33 films.
12 In his later years, Elvis became something of a recluse, hiding away in his Graceland retreat. Because of his fame, he was a virtual prisoner, unable to venture out for fear of being mobbed. He would often hire out whole cinemas, skating rinks and amusement parks, just so he could escape the confines of his 23 room mansion.
13 Elvis received numerous death threats throughout his career. On one such occasion, he received a number of violent phone calls just before he was due on stage in Uas Vegas as well as a message scrawled on a note and shoved under his hotel room's door.
Undeterred. Elvis took to the stage with a .
Derringer in his boot and a .45 in his belt!
14 Ed Sullivan, a famous American chat- show host, had refused to have Elvis on his show. However, after a number of lop-rated appearances on rival networks, Sullivan had to eat humble pie and paid Elvis a staggering $ 50,000 for three appearances. The third programme only showed Elvis from the waist upwards as viewers had complained about his gyrating pelvis and suggestive manner on the previous two.
15 After making a triumpnant comeback in 1968, after years of inactivity, he signed up for a five-year contract at a top Vegas hotel.
The deal was worth $ 5 million for two months work each year and the contract was written in red ballpoint on a tablecloth in a posh restaurant. In the same year, Elvis filled the Huston Astrodome, capacity 44,500, every day for an entire week 16 Elvis was showered with gifts when he performed on stage. He would often get thrown women's knickers and room keys. On one occassion. A woman even threw him a severed finger as a token ol her love for him.
17 Elvis was a compulsive eater. A! The time of his death he had ballooned to a massive 17 stone. He would often fly to Dallas from Memphis because he was convinced that Dallas was the only city that could make a decent hamburger.
18 Elvis died, aged 42. On the 16 Au
1977. After a series of poor performan vrhere he kept forgetting
the words to h songs and had to resort to using idiot
boards, he was found face down in his private bathroom at
Gracelands. He had died of a heart attack and drowned on
his own puke.
19 Many people believe that Elvis had a chronic drugs problem Red West, a former booyguard. Stated that Elvis to long and took shots in the arm i a plastic syringe. Even Presley’s ex-w ... Priciila (who later starred in Dallas as Bobby Ewing's second wife) claimed that Elvis had a deep-rooted drugs problem. If all the reports are to be believed, Elvis suffered from bloodclots in his legs, hypoglycemia, glucoma, respiratory ailments, a liver twice its norma! Size, a twisted colon, hypertension, pleuresy. An enlarged heart, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's disease and a number of other ailments.
20 Years after his death a bizarre rumour began to circulate that Elvis was still alive. The rumour originated from a book written by Gail Giorgio and called 'The Most Incredible Elvis Presley Story Ever Told’. In his book, Giorgio claimed that Elvis was, in fact, alive and working in a fast food restaurant in Michigan.
The tabloids soon got hold of the story and it was even claimed that v Elvis was playing at centre forward for Oldham Athletic football club!
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Football Manager 2. Microprose Soccer, tcattail Manager Word Cup Edition & Gazza s Si*e* Soccer £17.50 SEGA MASTER MIX Superwonderboy. Dynamite Dux.
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Hammerfist 8 Ghouls And Ghosls £21.50 THE WINNING TEAM APB.. Klax. Vindicators Cyberba* & Escape-Pianet Ol The Robot Monslers £21.50 FIST OF FURY Double Dragon 2. ShlnoC*. Ninja Warn Dynamite Dux £21.50 Moon. Safer. Guns. PufDto Saturn Day. Krypton Egg. Jumping JacXson & Sir Crflzy £21.50 WHEELS OF FIRE Hard Driven Chase HO.
Turbo Outrun 8 Powerdritt £21.50 Mirh.rrtr e Syi Ft* .....XT’ i FcdoHtMvK* ;» GiKJ io Gfca 2 ;99 Sroot O hr SW BoJ« 7.99 Sw:r0 «i'w?c«3 SufWi»? MO ,V»l«M'd «lFaO«Hr(Bx* ’4S0 MN!SW(CTPS(Cfi*TlTlESNClUC1« _ CCOEkU* CEIMN KlTlifit WA9S KUSDCF SHIOOA NDIWJCNES. If SJBESUT LARPf 3 LOOM VA»*llNT(R fj Smi ‘WKiSCQ. P0UCE QLESt 2. EU CE 0KST ) space Quest 3. Battle tech chaupcns c* ETCETCETC FULL BLAST ari Formula one. Carrier Command. R Ck Dangerous P 47 Thunderbolt. Highway Patrol ( Chicago 90 £21.50 _ HOLLYWOOD COLLECTIION Robocop. Balman the Movie. Ghostbusters 2 8 Indiana Jones Ihe Last Crusade
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&X- Begin Itanrjri d Kiynn » Kryrn tan** Kncei o Pe Un» HomOuM Hmh hr 4d.wl.ip tGrgt&Mt 1 leemriuiiir W?cO Fighling for peace or glory? Plan your battle strategies well and become a victorious general.
Worshippers of Ben Hur and Spartacus will want to don their togas and play at being dictators ot the ancient world.
Cohort - Fighting For Rome, comes from Impressions, and is the follow up to Rorke's Drift, repeating the formula of a ‘miniature-style’ computer war game.
The Roman Army was one of the most famed and feared military organisations. Even today, war strategies used by the Caesars are still studied.
Cohort carries on that tradition by fighting for the vain glory of Rome. Maintaining the Pax Romana, or Roman Peace, will be a very challenging experience, for during that period, the Romans were almost continuously at war!
LOONY EMPERORS I HAVE KNOWN The emperor Galus. Better known as Caligula, must rate, even by Roman standards, as one of the more bizarre rulers. As a child, he dressed up as a miniature Roman general, and was given the nickname of Caligula, which means little boots', by Roman troops. Unfortunately, their affection did not last, as he was assassinated by a member of his elite bodyguard, the Praetorians.
Caligula believed himself to be a god and therefore did not wage war with mere mortals. He picked a quarrel with Neptune, the sea god, and carried out a famous sea battle with the maritime deity. The emperor at length judged that he had won and triumphantly brought back the spoils of war to Rome. They included sea shells, fish, and gravel from the bottom of the sea... And so, once more unto the breach, dear friends, and into battle. The impressive sounds of armed combat include the clanking of swords and the cries of the dying. Choose your army with care from a selection of infantry, archers
and cavalry.
Don't look for Michaelangelo to have designed the graphics. The soldiers are cartoon-style, cuddly characters and representations of the background are fairly basic.
Clicking on the map icon will bring up the strategic map. Use it to scheme away at cunning tactics. The Unit Command Panel facilitates such orders as moving troops at a march, run, or most exciting of all-chargel Even in the best of battles, disarray and confusion can occur in the ranks. The troop formation command will regroup troops to recommence a skirmish.
Communicating with the forces is important and unless you have ESP. The Unit Command panel will keep you informed of attack and defence strength, missile power and morale. Keeping chins held high is not just cosmetic; the lower morale is, the more likely that the hard men of Rome will pick up their skirts and flee!
Statistics are always important to a general.
Clicking on the red cross icon will bring up the statistics screen which enumerates the routed and dead for each of the armies. Don't waste time playing Florence Nightingale, but count your losses and plan a quick attack. Be daring!
Cohort is a good place for newcomers to lock horns with war strategy games. It is fairly easy to pick up and become involved in detailed attacks to outwit the opposition. That said, Cohort is not in the same league as other recent Roman war games such as EA's Centurion. The appeal of Cohort lies in it being basic and accessible. Perhaps of greater importance, the history pamphlet will enable you to amaze (or bore) your friends with the horrors of the Pyrrhic wars.
Fiona Keating IMPRESSIONS £29.99 i For master tacticians both ancient and modern J GRAPHICS 68% SOUND 70% INSTABILITY 72% PLAYABILITY 71% OVERALL 70% | fusing, but that's a minor niggle.
Some of the back and foreground graphics are very elaborate although sometimes they're a bit too detailed, making some screens look very cluttered, The graphics for the bad guys are generally very good, though I get the impression that a bit more could have been done with them such as better death sequences and more animation frames.
Metal Mutant is a very absorbing game, but it lacks a few touches which would have made it excellent. By adding more armaments to the bad guys and the occassional sit-back-and-watch sequence, the overall feel ot the game would be vastly improved.
Mark Patterson cyborg is the only robot who can jump, but has limited firepower. Dino isn't very well armoured, but he's useful for attacking the smaller creatures in the game. The battle robot steers like a brick, but is the only character capable of destroying some of the larger bad guys.
The game itself is a shoot 'em up cum arcade adventure with loads of puzzles. Some screens require a certain number of robots or animals to be destroyed, which isn't easy as a certain number of creatures are immune to particular weapons. Other screens tax your joystick skills with difficult jumps and dangerous obstacles. The real problems are caused by puzzles. There's a musical one where the computer plays a sequence ol notes which then have to be reproduced exactly or he'll receive a nasty electric shock.
There’s also a clone of the Mutant which is equally well- armed and difficult to destroy.
Extra weapons and abilities are littered throughout the game (usually just before they're needed) which the Mutant can collect to become even tougher. All the robot's features can be accessed through the joystick. At times this can become a little con- No, this isn't a game about R2D2 wandering too close to Chernobyl.
Instead it involves one superrobot liberating the human race from their despotic robotic masters.
Set in the tar tuture, the human race has spread out and colonised most of the galaxy. With advances in robotics and plenty of newfound wealth mankind has become ultra-decadent, spending most of its time stoned at wild orgies. In protest at their serf-like lifestyle the robots stage a rebellion and wipe out most of Earth's carbon-based descendants. Foreseeing the uprising, a group of seriously unhip scientists created a multi-faceted war droid, armed to the teeth, to crush the robot revolt.
Enter the Metal Mutant, the robot equivalent of the Swiss Army knife. First he's a cyborg armed with a rather savage blade, then a quick jab on the joystick transforms him into Dino, a Tyrannosaurus Rex lookalike armed with twin flame throwers and a nasty bite. Finally he can turn into a battle robot which is both well protected and equipped with awesome firepower.
Each shape has advantages and drawbacks. The i Watch the sparks fly in this metal-bashing romp J GRAPHICS 81% SOUND 80% LASTABILITY 79% PLAYABILITY 77% Hegenb ofttoarc 16 Xinben (garbens, Cfjistotcfe, Xonbon 22)4 2 £ Q Jfax: 081-995 1325 Cdepfjone: enquiry lines 081-747 4757 081-742 1831 TOP TITLES TOP TITLES COMPILATIONS TITLE Da* Boot Eyec* the Beholder wed me Dan.
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* 9** ......- ....
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.... Action Staton .
Bandit King ot Ancient China
AiphaWa.es Advanced Destroyer Sot
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to the Golden Age 8A.T ...... Battle Mj*« 194?
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...... Carthage
Corporation .... Dragon Lair II | Tmiewaipl
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. Dragon Ninta .. Oay*ol
Thunder .... Die* Tracey ESWAT
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FisStnkeEaOel Future Baseball Gunshp2000 GerghisKhan
Gettysburg Gauntlet li l..... Gods . GoWenAxe
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Impenum immcrtab ...... Iron Lord
... International Ce Hockey rv»anapc»is 500
bhido hanhoe James Pond Jcpflers Masterdnve Kiting
Cloud Kick on 11(1 Meg) KjckOf»ll|Haf»1Megj lemmings
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Paired . LmeoiFire .....
locm Last Nn|a III Leisure Sue
Larry 3 lolusEspot ...... Ml Tank Platoon
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Midnight Resistance Midemter
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...... Mystical. .
Mg29(FuKmm) ..... Morwey Island MUDS ...
• Airder Nam 1965-1975
Narc ...
Nightshirt .. Nighibroed (Arcade) Navey
Seals Nighltreed (Adventure) NovorondmgSloryll ..
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Operation Stoath Operation Thunderbolt
P«"9 .- Predator 11 PGA Go" Tour
PWWQ .... Pan a Kick Boxing ..... Puznc
..... Paradro*d90 Populas - Sun City
Powerhouse Prince of Persia Ramoow islands Renegade (Com Op
Hits) .
R-Typoii ... Rtk Dangerous II Roboccp .. Robocopil . RogueTrooper Savage Empire ...... St* Trek V .... ShadowWarrot Sen Earth . Star Control ...... Super Cars" ..... Shadow of the Beast It Shadow Dancer S*y Spy Ski or Die ... Space Ago Speed ball I 26 99 1599 1599 1599
15. 99 1699
15. 99 Snow Joke ..... Spderll
Super ol Road Racng SupetMpraco Switch
Bade II SptndizzyWortds Supremacy
SW1V ... Team
Suzuki . Team Yankee . Teenage
Mutant Heroes The Punisher ..... Railroad
Tycoon .. TestOrrvelll .. The* Finest
Hour TofvaktheWarror HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION RoboCop Ghost
busters 2. Indiana Jones.
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Everything from Demo s!o fud Olown programmes. OOP sets are nor
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I U D I I V-- D CZ l l A I INI Shown Mow is piste selechon from over SCO PD idles chosen lor thet jiledty content .endedsi Eicephonat' Phone lor dshngs NOW1 Everything trom Oemos to Mi programmes OUR sets ere normedy copied on 8RAN0E0 iMwsw«»tr“ VIRUS KILLER. EUROPA DISK ARP (BrRiantli £4.95 UTILITIES SET 2 josser CHET SOLACE DISK. DISKMASTER.
IMAGE LAB V2.2 (for use with 0 Pair*. Paaeselletj £4.95 ANIMATION SET 1 SO** Set SOOT SPACE CHASE (Oteatl).
SLIDE SHOW XXX-18* ONLY' £4.95 AUDIO VIDEO SET 30,* Set CATALOGUE (tix vtdeoWudto omtamfttcteda). Amibase 1 Database) £2.97 BEGINNERS SET 1 AorstSei VIRUS X 40! OISKMASICR V.3. OUICXCOPY. Cll TUTORIAL £3.96 HAM RADIO DISK r DbdSei DATABASE A UTILITIES £0.99 GAMES SET 1 6 Dak Set RISK MONOPOLY. TETRIS.
Mustc Packt) £3.96 AMOS PD SET 3 4D*kSt 2 DISKS FULL OF FONTS*.
RC ft MANUAL DISK. FORTH £4.95 PLEASE ADD Sop PSP ON ALL PD ORDERS SCREEN Starting in an apparently disused warehouse, the SEALs enter unannounced and stealthily pick their way through the armed guards. One shot is all it takes to end a SEAL'S mission, so keeping quiet is a priority.
IVA I For the uninitiated among you, Navy Seals is the title of an all-action war film starring hunky, chunky ex-Brat-Packer, Charlie Sheen, and veteran of the Aliens battle on Acheron, Michael Biehn. Together with the likes of another of Aliens' Colonial Marines, Bill Paxton, they form part of a crack group of commandos, the Navy Seals (Seals, by the way, stands for Sea, Air. And Land. Quite what happened to the E' I don't know, but Navy Sals isn't half as butch) of the title who are basically an American version of our SBS. The film, and consequently the game, revolves around the antics of
the crack troop as they are sent on a series of deadly missions, and the player is given control over a band of five members and must guide them safely through the eight stages that make up the game.
Although it is split into a series of smaller levels.
Navy Seals is basically a game of two distinct missions. The first involves negotiating a hostile Arab-controlled base and rescuing a hostage trom the centre ot their HQ, whilst the second takes the unit to the terrorists' base in Beirut where the majority ot the rebels must be annihilated.
Needless to say, along the way, loads ot towel-wearing stereotype baddies get oiled, but unlike, say, Commando or Dogs Of War, in Navy Seals a certain amount ol strategy is needed il you are to avoid the unwanted attention ol the enemy. The levels span roughly forty screens, and your movements around them are monitored with the screen scrolling to follow your progress. Each ol the Seals is controlled using the joystick, and can be made to run and crawl from left to right, and jump from platlorm to plattorm. In addition, the agile heroes can also swing under the platforms to avoid detec
tion or avoid being hit.
Similarly, each of the team is armed with a small hand-gun to pick off the sentries and guards, and this weapon can be upgraded by blasting a specific style of crafe and stealing the gun inside.
These extra weapons are essentially faster-firing machine guns, but the most devastating by far is a napalm-squirting flame thrower which reduces anyone in its path to glowing ashes!
The neat thing about Navy Seals is that, as in the film and - I suppose - the real life escapades of the Seals, stealth does play an important part in the proceedings.
It's no good running across a level, blasting all and sundry, as it takes just one bullet to prematurely end a Seal's mission. Instead, by mastering the simple controls, real skill is needed to leap and swing from the ledges and sneak up behind the guards, and this really raises the game above its many counterparts. In addition, another particularly nice touch is that once a guard has been shot, they stay down. This means that there are no miracle rebirths just as you are getting into the mission and, thus, no unnecessary loss of life. My only real grouse with the game is that the
collision detection between the main Seal sprites and the enemy bullets is dubious to say the least. There can be a good centimetre between your sprite and the enemy fire, but the Seal will still be killed.
1 I W f- - ri ;
- .. This doesn't spoil an otherwise excellent game, but does
make you slightly more wary than you possibly need to be. In
all. Though, Navy Seals is a playable film licence and a
welcome addition to the platform and shoot 'em up genres.
Steve Merrett ARMY MOVES The main sprite is a versatile I fellow and, like his movie counterpart, he performs lightening | moves with ease. Providing there is a suitable ledge above him, the Seal can swing along it until he is below an adversary, and can then leap up and kill him instantly (presumably with a hidden knife). In addition, he can crawl and run and tire whatever weapon he is holding.
These weapons range from a repeat-firing handgun to a larger, quieter rille. By far the most visually impressive and deadly armament, though, is the llamethrower which incinerates up to two people per shot.
Although the SEALs are an agile bunch, falling too far reduces their energy substantially. And can often kill As Ihe SEALs progress, the missions gel harder, wih more bombs to set. A shorter time-limit and an enlarged unit ot more vigilant guards. The key to success is memorising a route through each level, and using the assorted lifts and short-cuts to your advantage.
OCEAN £25.53 I £ One of the better film tie-ins of late... GRAPHICS SOUND LASTABILITY PLAYABILITY OVERALL 84% talents of ex-Young Gun, Charlie Sheen, Combinii M and Aliens favourites Bill Paxton (who had been pencilled in for the lead role in Hardware but had to cancel due to Seal commitments) m and Michael Biehn, Navy Seals is an all-action, guns’n'noise film, r1" with the usual array of big bangs s, and one-liners. The film has yet to be released over here, but from the short trailers we have managed to see, it looks to be typical fare in the vein of Arnie's Commando and a good dollop of
Aliens-esque camaraderie.
QUALITY STEREO SOUND The SOUNDBLASTER is a 5 watt per channel stereo amplifier that comes complete with high quality 50 watt 3 way speakers, power supply and leads and instructions to allow it to be quickly & easily connected to your computer.
The SOUNDBLASTER adds an extra dimension to your games, imagine super stereo sound effects, crystal clear samples and terrific tunes.
The SOUNDBLASTER makes your games come to life, increasing playability and giving greater lasting appeal.
FREE pair of stereo HEADPHONES with every SOUNDBLASTER!!!
SOFTWARE, Wl LT ON_HOUS_El_BU R Y_R O A D RA D CL IF N CH ESJ |FL_ M26 9UR _ Submarine simulations might not appeal to Top Gun treaks, but tor those ot us who get oft on the idea of wearing chunky polo neck sweaters, boots and sending thousands of tons of shipping to the bottom of the ocean, they're a must.
Das Boot attempts to offer an in-depth game along the lines of the hottest flight simulations like Falcon and Stealth Fighter and place them in the authentic World The German U-boat was a boat within a boat.
It had a double hull made up ot a strong inner and a thin outer shell.
War II setting ot a German U- Boat.
The manual looks daunting, but much of it is (well- researched) detail while the game is quite easy to get to grips with. Opting for Baltic Training may not be the equivalent of a cruise round the Agaean, but it's definitely a good idea - not only to accustom yourself to the ship, but also to get a taste of the action sequences which take place both on the surface and underwater. You'll find yourself negotiating minefields, fighting off air attacks, i shelling enemy ships from the deck gun. And avoiding depth charges.
Naturally, there's time for you to get your eye in with some torpe- doeing.
When you're ready to go into action you get the chance to alter the detail of the simulation. If you opt for total realism then you'll find that nearly half your torpedoes fail to detonate, you have to limp off to base to effect any repairs of consequence and that your equipment is less than perfect. Unless you're a real trainspotter you'll bend the rules for the sake of enjoyment.
There are five missions to tackle, beginning with a patrol in the Norwegian fjords. As you build in confidence, you'll find yourself hunting destroyers in the Arctic, slipping through the Gibraltar straits in tog, savaging supply con- SCREEN voys in the North Atlantic, and chasing an enemy sub in the Bay Of Biscay.
The game is played from a number of different screens depending on whether you're on the surface or not. Up top you can stand in the conning tower and sweep around the horizon with the binoculars. Below there's the control room where the periscope is, and then the various other nexus points ot the sub: torpedo room (where you can select the type you use from acoustic, magnetic or looping): the engine room; map room; and radio room.
Communications and new C DH(C ST tv. _ jK Ba U-boat 570 was one of only a few German units that were captured during the course of the Second World War. The sub was badly crippled by depth charges and the crew surrendered. A year later the HMS Graph, formerly the U570, entered active service for the Allies.
Orders are reported to you via on-screen messages, and clicking into the radio room allows you to decode them, but when you send signals don't forget to encode them yourself. If you forget the enemy respond by thanking you for the information and then blowing you out of the water.
Short. The graphics, while far from disappointing, lack the polish to make you sit there and flip through the external views and gasp. On top of that the scrolling is jerky in places. There is sound, and whilst you don't expect to hear much underwater, far more could have been done to supply atmosphere - at no time playing Das Bool did I really lose myself in the game, surely the acid test for a top drawer sim.
Mike Pattenden The game is absorbing and the action , sequences are good, but while Das Bool strives to achieve the kind of quality found in the class flight simulations, it does fall SCENE DAS BOOT In its original form Das Boot was an epic TV tale, adapted by Wollgang Peterson in 1981 Irom a novel by Lother-Gunther Buchheim. That became the most costly German film ever. The story follows the perilous life of the crew of a U-boat patrolling the Atlantic during WWII.
There’s no glamorisation ol what was a frightening and cruel job conducted in inhuman conditions. It was later shortened for cinema release to just over two hours, but really should be seen in six hours plus form In which you not only cease to view the crew as the enemy, but learn what claustrophobia really is.
Brilliantly shot and thoroughly absorbing there's never been a better submarine movie.
MINDSCAPE £30.64 £ Submarine war sim that doesn't plum the depths J GRAPHICS 82% SOUND 68% LASTABILITY 88% PLAYABILITY 85% OVERALL 84% Am . !¦ 512Kb memory-* Our Incredible TOTAL price includes (be clock _ cecS*® e°Sily 3* 00-95 j TOTAL PRICE INCLUDING POSTAGE AND VAT !
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* If you require 24 hour courier to your door, please add £5 else
your computer will be sent back by contract parcel post.
WTS ELECTRONICS LTD STUDIO MASTER HOUSE CHAUL END LANE LUTON, BEDS, LU4 8EZ Telephone (0582) 491949 - (4 lines) SCREEN SCENE As can be expected from Sierra, Quest For Glory begins with a unlikely tale of one man his magic carpet. As the game's hero and the driver of said blanket. Whilst on a routine)!) Scoot through the skies of the mysterious East, a rogue spaceship struck your motorised Axminster and forced you to land in the middle of two cities. Quite why you escaped unscathed beats me - after all, a two- thousand ton lump of super-heated spacecraft would probably cause more than a
bumpy landing - but, being a lucky beggar you end up stranded in the middle of nowhere. After arriving at the Kattas Tail Inn your first problem is finding your way around the souk, a labyrinth of narrow alleys. The purchase of a map seems a top priority, but unfortunately you are only carrying gold, and cannot buy one until you have changed this into Dinars (I wonder if they accept Dinars Card!), the local currency. But how can you find the moneychanger without the map?
In keeping with most Sierra titles, the solution to problems is to ask the right person the right questions.
There are characters aplenty in the play area's assorted village squares and shops, and many of them are quite helpful. Indeed, there was a general consensus that a Saurus is an essential form of personal transport for crossing the desert to Rasheir. And I was told that these fine creatures never let you down - trust mine to be an exception to the rule! The cowardly beast tossed me and bolted at the first hint of trouble, leaving me to face bandits, scorpions, or whatever nasties the desert threw at me!
At the outset, the player must create the type of hero he wishes to be. Choose from Fighter. Wizard, or a Thief, each of whom can be fine-tuned by distributing 'top- up' points to attributes such as intelligence, magic, stealth, vitality, etc. The way the game plays differs according to the main hero style chosen, and more marginally according to the «yifST MB ©LORY II TRIAL BY FIRE SCREEN SCENE with Space Quest. If you enjoy playing Sierra's trademark games, you’ll love this.
If you’ve never tried a Sierra adventure, here's an ideal starter for you.
Keith Campbell NUT FOR MORY II TRIALBYFIRE added lop-up points. Having decided to become a Wizard, as soon as I had the relevant gear I headed to the magic shop for a spot ot shopping tor a tew spells. Keapon Laffin, the spell emporium's proprietor, has a neat turn of phrase, but inspires little confidence. Although he can navigate his emporium in a way that disproves my perception of it as merely an optical illusion.
The Enchantress was next on my visiting list, and it was quite tricky getting into her sumptuous apartment. After having a cup of tea, I asked her a few pointed questions, expecting to receive a crash course in practical magic, but it must have been the silly questions I asked that let me down. On, then, to the astrologer, who seemed particularly reticent about what the future held in store. And what he did predict he soon discounted:‘Naw! It will never happen!'
Quest For Glory II has a gentle sense of humour, and its puzzles and problems tend more to the logical and less to the intuitive than previous Sierra offerings. And there's plenty of play before the end of the game is reached. After ten hours or so I've only scored 55 out of a possible 500 (OK, so I'm QUEST-IONS, QUESTIONS Quest For Glory II is a '30 graphic adventure, in which your character is moved about the screen using the arrowed cursor keys, mouse, or ioystick. The character is animated, and can pass behind foreground objects (hence '30') and through doors, up steps, etc. Moving
through an exit takes the action to a new screen, which usually loads from disk. This can be a rather lengthy process, depending on the amount ot detail and possible action in the screen that's loading, but owners ol a hard disk wilt lind the time greatly reduced.
Commands other than movement are entered in text directly from the keyboard. Hitting a key opens up a text window superimposed over the graphics. Hitting Return executes the command and removes the window. Reply windows time out if not removed sooner by hitting RETURN. The game goes into combat mode' when the player is attacked, and he is trapped into fighting the bandit or monster as best he can lor his hero type. Sound ettects and music accompany most ol the action. Sierra music is olten very catchy, but due to the Arabian flavour ot this game. I tound much ol the music bordering on dirge.
Saving the current game position is highly recommended, but the manual is sadly lacking. It is necessary to have a pre-lormatled disk available, and it is quite disconcerting when, alter following the generic instructions, the computer insists that the disk is full. To overcome this you should follow the specific instructions lor saving to diskette in MS-DOS (select change directory' and back space over the directory shown), and then enter DFO: in place ol the a: required by MS-DOS. This also applies when loading a saved game the first time alter booting up tor a new session.
SIERRA-ON-LINE £40.85 1 i A superior Sierra game full of Turkish Delight. J GRAPHICS 90% SOUND 85% LASTABILITY 87% PLAYABILITY 78% OVERALL 86% dimmer than your average wizard!). Nevertheless, after completing the game once, there are still the methods of two other heroes to exploit. I liked this far better than the most recent Sierra releases and rank it almost on a par ’ !S DIGITIZIN TABLET
YOIJll DRAWING CAD WORK ? With the Amiga Genitizer graphics
tablet you can streamline the operation ot most graphics or
CAD programs.
? The Genitizer graphics tablet utilises latest technology to offer up to 1000 dpi resolution at the tip of a stylusl ? Complete 9" x 6" digitizing area plus super accurate stylus combine to enable fast, accurate and easy control.
? Works by "mouse emulation" so the Genitizer will work with most packages where mouse input is the usual method - Deluxe Paint, Photon Paint, CAD Packages etc. etc. ? Supplied with template for Deluxe Paint. ? Full easy to follow instructions.
? This is the input method used on professional systems - now you can add a new dimension to graphics CAD.
? Fast input of drawing by “tracing" is made easy - plus "absolute reference" means you can move around the screen many times faster than by a mouse.
? The Genitizer fits in the serial port of your Amiga 500 1000 2000 and "co-exists" with mouse.
J Unlike a mouse the Tablet gives absolute co-ordinates'so that tracking and menu selections are possible from the tablet face.
LI A pressure sensitive switch built into the stylus tip activates the Tablet overriding the normal mouse input.
When you are not using the Tablet you have normal mouse control.
J Complete system - Graphics Digitizer Tablet, Stylus, Deluxe Paint Template, Power Adaptor, Test Software, Interface Unit plus Driver Program - no more to buy!
FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 Etect’tOMicb WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING lu. Row ™ *«¦ "•- *•'«*•¦«*«*'*"**» ** "* m COM EtCOTOFK«
* McU« HOMO* f "« ("a*** Me Dotra* -aooU 10'W09K* ony w"*w»
PCO™"* “ w*-.™ _______MCT-p. -as Wc 'VV*' »’.«.0 (*W9* -»™
-"a-! ** O'p-W- WW'*'" O*"*1 " T- k*XO* rOT HOW TO GET YOUR
? Syncro Express requires a second drive & works by controlling It as a slave device & ignoring the computer disk drive controller chip whereby high speeds & great data accuracy are achieved.
_] Menu driven selection of Start Track End Track up to 90 tracks. Q Ideal tor clubs, user groups or your own disks.
J Very simple to use. Requires no user knowledge. Q The most powerful Disk Copier ever conceived.
_] Also duplicates other formats such as IBM, ST etc. Q No more waiting around for your disks to copy.
J Probably the only duplication system you will ever need!
? Now with a SUPER POWERFUL " ? Can be switched OUT when not I ' MODE that actually synchronises your Disk Drives for even greater accuracyl!
I use - totally transparent. [_) Make up to 2 copies simultaneously*.
I INCLUDING ... j can check the speed of your c i - DF0-DF3.
and very t P£US MANY NEW FEATU ? DRIVE SPEED CHECKER - now I ? DISK TOOLKIT - Syncro ill now l| Hard Drive File Copy etc. etc. If you don't have a second drive we can supply SYNCRO
• together with a DIGITAL D SPLA Y Drive for ONL Y... WARNING
Dalef Electronics Ltd., neither condones nor authorises the use
ot its products lor the reproduction o* copyright material. I
PLEASE STATE AMIGA 500'1000'1500 2000 3000 WHEN ORDERING 38 The
Backup facilities of this product are designed to reproduce
onty sottware such as Public Doman material, the users I I
COPYRIGHT own Digrams or software where permission to make
backups has been dea ty given, it s illegal to make copies,
even I ACT tor your own use, of copyright material, without the
gtvan perm sion of the copyright owner, or the llcencee
FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 Amiga Repairs If something is wrong with your Amiga 500 or C64, who better to turn to than the Commodore National Repair Centre.
For all repairs to your computer, one low payment covers diagnosis, repair (including parts and labour) and delivery back to you.
The experience and expertise of our technicians ensures that your computer is repaired to a high standard at a low cost. And each repair will be carried out within 12 working days!
To schedule a repair and claim your free software, simply call Michelle or Matthew on 0733 391234.
Please be ready to give your name, address, computer type, serial number and the type of fault.
The cost is £49.95 for an Amiga 500 and £39.95 for a C64. Payment can be made by cheque, postal order or credit card.
FREE SOFTWARE Commodore National Repair Centre 0733 391234 £49.95 COVERS ANY REPAIRS FMG House Newcombe Way, Orton Southgate Peterborough PE2 0SF SCREEN The Traveller table top RPG gave its players the chance to pilot huge space cratt across the galaxy, lead the life of an intergalactic mercenary or just while away the days in a bar in Andromeda potshotting tourists with a Gauss Gun.
The computer game holds true to its pen and paper original and should quickly establish itself as one of the best sci-fi role-playing games around.
First up is the party generator. Five characters have to be designed, enlisted in branches of military service to acquire skills, then equipped with weapons and armour. From there they find themselves in a bar on the Planet Efate, sipping whatever intergalactic mercenaries drink, when a woman bursts in and hands the party half an imperial seal and a hologram player. Hot on her heals is a group of heavily armed men who open fire on both her and the party.
This dumps you straight in at the deep end: a fire fight.
All five characters are shown as one icon, which can be moved around a planet with the cursor keys, joystick or mouse. When combat starts the party is split into its five component characters, which is where _ SCREEN things can get a bit contusing. Combat takes place in real-time, so each character has to be told what to do at the start of a battle. They can reload their weapons, move, chuck a grenade or shoot. If they're facing a lot of bad guys their orders need to be constantly updated and unless you're really familiar with the control system this can often be a very complicated
During this brief encounter the heroes are informed that they've got to capture Konrad Kiefer, the boss of a backwater planet who's letting the Imperium's enemies use it as a base.
The variety of weapons are enough to make Saddam Hussein go weak at the knees. Pistols, machine guns, assault rifles, laser weapons, plasma guns and multiple rocket launchers make up the arsenal.
Although lots of these weapons are banned on some planets they can still be smuggled through customs.
For those on the receiving end there's a wide range of armour available, which starts with toughened leather jackets and ends with the almost indestructible Battle Dress.
By reading the manual you get a good idea of how big the game really is. It took me a long time to understand the basics of parly movement and control.
Once I had that licked it was onto the space section, which is also very complicated.
MILITARY SERVICE Marines are the real hard nuts of the galaxy, with a good knowledge of weapons and starship operations. The army is the easiest service to get into, and provides a huge array ol weapons and survival skills. The Navy are really picky as to who they'll admit, but a naval officer is essential if you want a competent starship pilot in your party. Merchants are taught negotiating and language skills which is vital if your basing your game strategy around trading. Finally, there are the scouts, the explorers of the game. There is no promotion system for scouts, instead they are
taught a huge variety of skills and receive excellent benefits when they leave the service.
Back to the manual again.
Part one of the mission involves earning enough cash to kit your ship out for a long hyperspace jump. To earn money you can resort to a life of crime. Mugging innocent people or turning your hand to space piracy can be very profitable, but this attracts interest from the authorities. There are 'nice' ways of making money.
Trading can be profitable, as can bounty hunting. You can also go on missions set by NPCs, which usually require the recovery of a particular object.
In part two you have to track down and wipe out Kiefer. This is where your characters need to employ all their skills and equipment.
The puzzles, traps and gun battles become more frequent and there isn’t time to turn back to the manual.
If you're a fan of the Traveller RPG, or are prepared to sit down and learn how to play what is an absorbing and entertaining game, then this is a definite must.
Mark Patterson El £30.64 i Fantastic RPG with loads of puzzles... 3 GRAPHICS 68% SOUND 65% LASTABILITY 90% PLAYABILITY 80% OVERALL 88% if we're at m ot & aw givi PiNBALVAV Well here it is the biggest pinball sensation in years - The Simpsons! And you ' can get this machine which is worth £2500 into your bedroom, if you're the winner of our crazy competition!!
We've colllected loads of silly sound effects from around the world, and to stand a chance of winning all you have to do is correctly identify them! So don't have a cow, have a go now!!
Just... Call 0898 404610 i Commodore Amiga Computer complete with colour TV is waiting to be won! So call... 9 a 0898 404612 You could WIN this awesome foursome!
Take control now and Call 089 A
y. svt Calls cost 34p (cheap rate) and 45p (at all other times)
per min incl VAT. For details ot winners send SAE to:
Pepperoni, Sandylands House, Morecambe, LA3 1DG Please ask
your parents permission before you call. Average length ot the
call is 5.5 minutes.
These lines are unofficial and have no connection with the featured characters or their business organisation.
3D POOL was hailed as ‘fast, realistic, playable, addictive fun’ and given a CU rating of 81%. The game's many options include practice, the tournament, and a chance to try out 15 trick shots. The pool table can also be viewed from almost any option. Once the art of topspin and back- spin are conquered, try for a flashy Hurricane Higgins style to beat Maltese Joe in the championships!
CARRIER COMMAND requires you to protect and defend a valuable form of volcanic energy. Luckily, you are aided by super-duper aircraft carriers. The game was admired by many fans and commanded a CU rating of 90%. One of the first interactive srategy action titles, 'Carrier Command is one of the best games ever to appear on the Amiga’.
MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE SEND ME THE RES OF THEM ALL droids. Xendn 2 received a rating of 88% and earned high praise indeed: 'it’s what you bought an Amiga for'.
XENON 2 outshone many with a wonderful array of nasties and an awesomely destructive ship. The space craft could obtain at least twenty weapons including side shots, power- ups and electroballs.
Do battle with space snails and metallic THE THREE STOOGES must surely be one of the funniest games ever. The gruesome threesome promised to save an orphanage from a heartless landlord, and the ensuing scenarios include a Pie Fight and a Slap Fight. 'Out of all the games I have played on the Amiga so far I enjoyed The Stooges the best,’ claimed our reviewer and awarded it a healthy 80%.
WATERLOO earned a well deserved score of 88%.
Great 3D graphics enable you to view the course of events from any position. Waterloo takes historical accuracy to the limit as you rely on runners for information. Therefore prepare plans well in advance as the state of play can be out of date or inaccurate.
Don’t let PASSING SHOT pass you by if you’re a devotee of white clothing, as it must be one of the most comprehensive tennis games. Try out different playing surfaces - do you have a preference for clay or grass?
Emulate a real pro and wander across the globe playing in all the most important tournaments. Isn't life tough at the top!
ST gaMes Win! A gameplayer's dream come true... some lucky person will receive an entire year’s supply of Mirror Image games (a grand total of 26).
The sun also shines on ten runners up, who get a game of their choice from Mirror Image, the brand new retrospective label from Mirrorsoft.
TV SPORTS FOOTBALL achieved a rating of 83% and was greatly admired for great graphics and the wacky American anchormen who were pure cheese cake. Learn about the great strategy game of American football. You can choose from league or exhibition matches, so get ready for touchdown!
SKY CHASE is the aim of this game: ‘blow your opponent out of the sky as many times as possible'. Air combat at its best. Play against another player or the computer.
The screen splits vertically down the middle, with each player having a view from the plane. The cockpit display shows speed, altitude, ammunition, etc. So loop the loop and make the money in your pockets fall out.
Some classic 16 bit games will be re-released, including Carrier Command, 3D Pool, Xenon 2, Waterloo, and TV Sports Football. To whet your appetite, we time travel back to yesteryear’s reviews and see how the games were received.
And now for the amazingly hard bit - answering the questions! Don't be lazy; this could be your big chance for fame and glory. Wrack your brain over these little teasers.
I 1 Who were the generals involved in the battle of Waterloo?
2 What are the names of The Three Stooges?
Race those replies by pigeon post to:- MIRROR IMAGE COMPETITION CU Amiga Priory Court 30-32 Farringdon Road London EC1 3AU Not open to employees of EMAP Images or any company involved in the production and distribution of CU Amiga or Mirrorsoft.
The Gravis Mouse Stick™ Foi sophisticated simulation enthusiasts, who demand PERFECT control, with programs such as Protlight, F19. Mig29, etc. A professional quality, programmable optical joystick C W 16k microprocessor and
L. C.D. screen ottering 1200 line count resolution. Works
perfectly with all simulations wilh sensible mouse routines
and any others in its programmable joystick mode. No other
joystick comes even close to the Mouse Stick tor perfomance.
Reliability and pleasure in use.
THE ALL NEW AMIGA ZOOMER YOKE [monumental music] Unit 30, Pier Rd Industrial Estate.
Gillingham. Kent ME7 1RZ. 0634 280680 | AMIGA PRICES | ...£304.95 ... £329.95 ...£389.95 £369.95 ...£864.95 £29.95 .£265.00 Amiga 500 Including Mod u la lor. I*SU. Mouswlo...... Amiga 500 As above. Plus 1 2 Meg with clock Amiga 500 As above. Plus 2.3 Megs wMh clock . Amiga Scrccnfirm lvack Including 1 2 Meg upgrade.
Amiga 1500 Complelc wilh Monitor ...... 1 2 Meg upgrade with clock .... A590 Hard Drive Precision analogue self-centring yoke with custom potentiometers. Two fire buttons and working trims. Tough Nylon construction. Long cable.
Recomended for use with Domark's Superb Mig29 Fulcrum, Micro Prose F19, FS2 and all other games in joystick mode.
Full technical support and 1 year ?Z.(Z. SuttidcUcOKi guarantee. Unit 1b Bee Hive Trading Estate
S. A.E or telephone for full details. Crews Hole Road Telephone
(0272) 550900 St. George Fax: (0272) 411052_Bristol BS5 8AY )
MUSIC PRICES | ...£79.95 ....£74.95 £79.95 ....£79.95
..£179.95 ....£76.95 ....£10.00 ... £24.95 Music X VI 1
Comprehensive Sequencer Sequencer One New Sequencer By
41) Companion Noland keyboard Editor .. CM Panion - CM and
NTT32 Kdlior . Audio Engineer 3 Amazing
Sampler Ainas Sampler MkIi Hardware
Sampler Music X Prolocals A Handbill an- now ready!
Midi Conncclor Excellent Qualllv ... § CLUB SEQUENCE| If VOII use Music X. this is for you Becoming a member of Club Sequence entities you lo 12 months of our disk and literature mag packed with compleU songs, samples, drum tracks. Information He. We also have a help line once a week so we rail help you with your problems. Remember our disk is mounthly and membership is only £25 for a year thats 12 issues •*!
• loin now for issue 4 onwards.
Our membership Is growing Call for an mlomiaiion park.
=Virgo= Upgrade your Amiga 500 SIS UADI IN U.K. £29.95 incVAT P&P RAM chips per 'h meg set £15.95
* I'A meg extension with clock £74.95
* l' 2 meg card with clock (no RAMs) £30.00 512K extension with
* Top-quality PCB and connector for total reliability
* Latest 1 meg D RAMs for low power consumption
* Auto-recharging battery-backed real-time clock
* Memory enable disable
* Compact design
* Easily fitted in seconds. No risk to your warranty No frills or
gimmicks. Just a quality product at the best price you'll find.
Also available:
* 512K extension without clock £25.95
* Half meg card with clock (no RAMs) £15.50
* Half meg card (no RAMs or clock) £11.50 Same day dispatch 12 -
month guarantee 0734 890588 Credit card hotline 24 - hour
service Virgo Developments Ltd, Sapphire House, Fishponds Road,
Wokingham, Berkshire, RG11 2QJ.
VISA Eighteen months ago, the shelves of your local software emporium would have been groaning under the weight of countless Ikari Leatherneck Victory Road Warrior yomp 'em ups.
Consequently, in these days of multi-disk epics and stunning advances in game design, it is more than a little odd for another of the gun-toting genre to make an appearance. Still, originality aside, what Warzone does provide is eight long stages of well presented and suitably hectic 'shoot to kill' action. Core make no apologies for Warzone's derivative nature and their main intention when starting the project was to wipe the floor with its many predecessors. In addition, they haven't wasted time on a scenario - after all, we all know the score: ‘soldier meets guerrilla, guerrilla gets
killed by soldier, soldier repeats process until the end of the game ... Warzone is made up of four separate stages, each of which is split into two halves. Initially armed with a paltry rifle, the two heroes must be guided upscreen, cutting a swathe through the numerous enemy soldiers and installations that appear from all sides.
However, rather than allowing them a free run of the screen, manoeuvring is impaired by the addition of narrow tunnel systems which restrict the range of your firepower and give the enemy a slight advantage. However, in their favour, the two soldiers can collect a series of more powerful weapons, which are located within slim white cases and supply the heroes with flamethrowers, laser-rifles, and grenade launchers, all which can be upgraded for up to three times more devastation.
The enemy forces are represented by hundreds of foot soldiers who are armed with machineguns and rifles, along with ground-based installa2led"V ""S Poi'"' P,aC'ii:ally e ery ‘,evel0|,er in lhe ‘ounlry started work on sirmlar style games, with lofograme's weak Mtrihe first past the post. Apart from Elite s official ikari Warriors conversion, ooly Steve Bak s r r,e" °ui ia,our n°w ,pa' c°re «.«tie ZTL a"' U S G s «««*‘""version is ,usl round the comer, and who can tell what’s following... tions, such as gun turrets which can only be taken out with an upgraded weapon, and the usual array of
jeeps and tanks. As they appear, spewing flak all over the screen, contact with them and their bullets must be avoided at the pains of death. The two soldiers start each game with • three lives in tow, each of which is bolstered with five hit points. Whenever the heroes are on the receiving end of a bullet, one of these points is depleted, and when all five are exhausted not only is a life lost but the last power-up or weapon, too.
There's no doubting that Core have succeeded in their attempt to breathe new life into the ageing Ikari-style blast, and the sheer number of neat touches and additions that have been made add to the action perfectly - especially the burning corpses of an enemy squaddie on the wrong end of the flamethrowerl The Hiim SCENE range of enemy installations and bases are brilliant, as are the four varied backdrops, and when you consider how much is happening onscreen it is a surprise that it doesn't slow down. In all, Warzone is a fast and well-paced blast, with plenty to see and shoot and, while it's
not worth a Screen Star, it's still worthy of consideration.
Steve Merrett KE3ESEES I Superior Ikari Warriors clone with plenty of action | 1 GRAPHICS 80% SOUND 75% LASTABILITY 73% PLAYABILITY 80% Educational Software Club Phone 0702 600557 • Fax 0702 6137471 DIAL-A-CHEAT-LINE 32D SOUTHCHURCH ROAD • SOUTHEND-ON-SEA • ESSEX SS1 2ND for cheats, tips, pokes and secrets on all computer and console games, ring now on 0898 10 1234 Messages updated weekly Live computer helpline: 0898 338 933 7 days a week 12 noon to midnight PRIZES FOR BEST CHEATS, TIPS, ETC. Send to: PO Box 54, Southwest Manchester M15 4LY Proprietor: Jacqueline Wright.
Please ask permission of the person who pays the bill, calls charged at 34p per min 'Cheap Rate' 45p per min at all other times.
We Have Over 70 Top Class Educational Programs For The Amiga, IBM PC & Atari ST. All Ages Covered From 3 To Adult.
Contact Us Now For Your Free Catalogue.
1 BiBEEES EARLY LEARNING MATHS : A really fun collection of 12 maths programs lo quiz your kids. Ideal for 4 to 9 year olds.
Atari or Amiga £14.95 LIZZY'S SPELLICOPTER : Fly Lizzy's Helicopter around and spell the words presented.
Lots of speech and graphics make fhisfhe best AMIGA Spelling Program. Ages from 4 to 9. Amiga Only £14.95 MICRO MATHS : GCSE tutor for over U's. Amiga £19.95
- --------LICENCEWARE--------- FUNTIME 1: A collodion of 4 simple
programs. Greal lor Ihe Under 6's.
Amiga Atari SI £3 FUNTIME 2 : Anolher 3 simple ycl brilliant programs. Yel more for Ihe Under 6 s Amiga Alari ST ONLY £3 ON EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE Full details in our latest catalogu What are you going to do with your old software?
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Why not swap it with us? We pay good prices, and will consider almost any piece of Software. Contact: Ian or Shirley Moyes at.... SOFT SWAP
P. O. Box 1410 Braintree, Essex, CM7 7XF.
Telephone: 0376 46237 proudly announces its new FIXED-PRICE COMMODORE SERVICE: Amiga 500 computer faults £39.95' except 8370 type chip replacement £49.95 Internal disc drive replacement £69.95' Repairs take about 7 days 4 month guarantee “INTRODUCTORY OFFER - MAY JUNE ONLY** ‘FREE RETURN CARRIAGE INSURANCE* CO FOR THE BEST - YOUR COMPUTER DESERVES IT - CALI.
GSF SERVICES 113 MOUNTBATTEN ROAD, BRAINTREE, ESSEX CM7 6TP OR TELEPHONE (0376) 46637 Atari and Sinclair products also repaired SCREEN SCENE JK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SQUASH There’s something worrying about a game in which the sole aim is literally to thrash the ball against a wall more times than your opponent. Played by flabby office workers and old school types for whom one more rung on the squash ladder is one step nearer the boardroom, it is a game singularly without glamour.
That said, Jahangir Khan hasn’t done too badly and is regarded as the Steve Davis ot squash. With six world championships and nine successive British Open titles under his belt, he only loses in leap years or when he plays with the racket held between the smallest toes ot his left foot. It may well come as a shock to him then when he learns that he has recently lost forty on the trot in the inaugural CU Amiga Amateur Challenge League. Laughed off the court and out of the showers his name is now synonymous with failure, thanks to some dubious ball bounces You can imagine the problem of pro
gramming a game of squash when you have to show the ball bouncing off four different walls at various times. Krisalis have chosen to show the game from above at an angle rather than looking straight down on the court which would have made it difficult to ascertain height or depth. It's a compromise which doesn't work. When you add that to the small, poorly animated figures and their seeming lack of ability to play a variety of strokes (or even a backhand) then you begin to understand that JK's Squash doesn't really cut it as a sports simulation.
There's plenty of options which cover league and championship play. You can play with different balls, change the time of matches, and display player statistics.
However, no amount of frills, or intermediary digitised pictures, can disguise the limitations at work here.
Mike Pattenden KRISALIS £25.53 i Let down by unrealistic ball movement.
3 GRAPHICS 63% SOUND 80% LASTABILITY 58% PLAYABILITY 59% OVERALL 61% Using the popular belief that simple games are the most fun. Ouadrel attempts to dispel this. In the past, such puzzling classics as Tetris, Puzznic, and Block Out, have built up a reputation for solid, if limited, fun with the emphasis on stretching the grey cells rather than the reflexes. With Ouadrel, though, the all-important idea behind the game just isn't enough to sustain interest and consequently we are left with a very bland 'paint the squares' affair.
The game is split into a number of beige levels, each of which are broken up with a pattern of crossing lines and shapes. Below this main area are a limited selection of four coloured paints, and these must be used to colour the screen.
However, this apparently simple task is made harder thanks to a rule that means that two squares of the same colour cannot be placed next to each other. Thus, strategic plotting is required before the screen is fully painted and the next level reached - especially since the number of paints available decrease with each stage.
Although the addition of some extremely tough levels and a two-player mode add to the game’s longevity, I don’t think that anyone will be bothered to see it through to the end as the game is basically very dull. In terms of presentation, there is very little to raise it above the norm, and the slow nature of the gameplay is the final nail in the coffin. In all, Ouadrel has a lot of potential as a game idea, but Loriciel’s implementation leaves a lot to be desired. Steve Merrett 6 Slow and terminally dull puzzler-avoid J GRAPHICS 34% SOUND 42% INSTABILITY 33% PLAYABILITY 48% OVERALL 37%
LORICIEL £25.99 INCOUNTER Q limey, t i, this takes me back a bit! One of the first yames I ever had on my trusty but now deceased (sniff!) C64, Encounter was also the first game to programming world, Paul Woakes and was the prelude to such ( appear from the Howard Hughes of I ; Mercenary id the much- as i and I delayed jp* _ - _ Damoclese.
»''' Quite why Novagen ha released it on the Amiga, though, eludes me. For tf of you either too young to remember Mr. Woakes i mentioned 8-bit classic, Encounter is basically an extension of the age-old Battlezone scenario, and when it eleased, was praised for its (then) stun- graphics - and the lack of glitch .,,0 ,i the genre. Unfortunately, what you con- i hot and stunning in the old days now looks decidedly dated.
The basic idea of the game is to patrol an oddly- coloured desert and take out the enemy spaceships and missiles before they get to you.
However, punctuating the barren landscape are a series of metallic columns, and these can be used to deflect shots and to hide behind. And that’s it. Each level plays host to a set number of enemy craft, and once these have been cleared, its off to an asteroid field for a spot of debris dodging before to the next suitably gaudy stage is granted.
’ a little d damning, there’s no t,ltuu„lo,,_ „ r,„,„ble little blast. The graph- not pushinq back any barriers, are smoothly updated and the my ships are and deadly. The ble is that there just isn’t enough to do, and when you consider that Novagen are asking twenty-odd quid for it, I don’t think that pure nostalgia offers enough for your money.
Steve Merrett Although this may sound doubt that Encounter is a NOVAGEN £20.42 i Old ‘uns are not always the best'uns 7 GRAPHICS 65% SOUND 45% LASTABILITY 34% PLAYABILITY 56% OVERALL 57% In the distant future, disc throwing has evolved into a deadly gladitorial contest between rival athletes.
Set in an enclosed arena, both combatants c are armed with electrified frisbees. The t canyon, certain death looming it either p: pie over the edge.
The aim is to deleat an opponent by either blasting away the tiles beneath him, destroying his energy level with repeated blows to his body, torcing him into the abyss or scoring the most points within an overall time limit.
Each horizontal tile is also represented by a corresponding vertical block. Throwing a disc at an opponent's vertical tile, and hitting it several times, will cause both the vertical and horizontal tiles to disintegrate. By caretul shooting, it's possible to isolate a player on one square, or blast away the ground beneath histeet.
It's possible to improve your individual rating through seven grades up to Great Guide status by defeating fifteen opponents ot varying ability. A training option helps you to grasp the basics ot the game without affecting your overall grade. The joystick controls are fairly straightforward and allow you to throw the discus with a fair amount of accuracy and parry incoming shots by raising power s A player can ( tournament and face random opponents trom any grade, play in a championship and tight his way up a league table, or use the challenge option to tace off against specific
characters. Watch out tor the mystery tiles. Hit one ot these and you'll be rewarded with a taster disc, shields or a number ot other enhancements. From time to time, a third participant will also enter the fray and attempt to intedere with the (low of the game - he’s also worth points it you can hit him.
Disc is a fast paced tuturesport, especially when in two-player mode. The sprite animations are competent and scamper across the pitch in a manner, even doii ersaults to reach Unfodunately, once t and in possession of possible to sit back and wait for the clock to count down. Your opponent is powedess to intedere and once the final whistle sounds, you’ve won the match. If you’re prepared to overlook this irritating quibble, Disc is one of the best futuresports on the market.
Many people have been frightened off from PUBLIC DOMAIN software over the years, hearing such things as....'it's cheap so it must be rubbish. NOT TRUE. Most PUBLIC DOMAIN software is written by very talented people throughout England and abroad. They put their talents in the library because they, for example, can't afford the expense of marketing their producl, but. Because they want their product to be seen, they are willing to put it out at no financial gain to themselves. Others hope that their talents will be seen and recognised by a software house who will in turn offer them a job (many
people who put products into the PUBLIC DOMAIN now work for software houses).
Another common mistake heard is "ALL PUBLIC DOMAIN has got a virus on it". It is very rare thing to find a virus on PD these days, if any slip the net. Most libraries of any repute will make sure that they are destroyed.
PUBLIC DOMAIN software contains ANIMATIONS. MUSIC. GAMES.-ARTSHOWS. UTILITIES and MUSIC GRAPHIC DEMOS. DISKMAGS can also be found within the realms of PUBLIC DOMAIN._ We arc not going to ramble on about being better than other PD libraries as you have heard it all before, what we will say is that as a member of our library, we can offer you the following:
* ALL disks used arc quality BRANDED disks and are checked for
any virus.
* Unlikc many others we have NO MINIMUM ORDER.
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* NO commitment whatsoever.
* Ovcr 1100 titles to choose from.
* Over 2000 members now in A.B.O.T.S
* By kind permission of Sandra Sharkey we are now authorised
distributors of the excellent AMOS LICENCEWARE disks which are
priced at £3.50 each as these are NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN and a
percentage of the cost goes back to the author of the program.
* A very good range of the AMOS PUBLIC DOMAIN is also kept in
* We have a JUNIOR PD SECTION in which all disks have been
checked out for any offensive language risque pictures
etc...Joining offers for this section are the same as Offers A
and B below but please state that it is the Junior PD library
that you wish to join so that the appropriate disks are sent to
* Our catalogue disk is updated on the 25th of each month...Any
members who send their current catalogue disk with an order may
have their disk updated FREE OF CFIARGE.
* Our highly acclaimed catalogue disk is now brimming w ith lists
of DEMOS. MUSIC and GAMES PLUS MUCFI MORE. All disks arc now'
in their own sections for easy finding and all have a piece of
music to accompany them.
Also on the disk you will find A DEMOS plus a PD GAME.
OFFER B Catalogue Disk + 5 Disks containing Utilities. Games. Demos etc...All 6 Disks + FRF.F. MEMBERSHIP PRICE £7.00 OFFER C As Offer B but for I MEG OWNERS ONLY Price £7.00 OFFER A Catalogue Disk + FREE MEMBERSHIP Price £1.50
• CHANGE YOUR FIELD PLAC The longest, hottest su Km- » L 4 L--
- 41 A.1FXALIA .
TOTAL 3 2 9 for 0 ¦H J5 I overs 41 bowlers lastman lastwkt AVAILABLE NOV AMIGA ONLY (1 MEG Letchworth, House, Blackhorse 482246 Fax (0462) 673: SfcUNDWARE SCREEN SCENE Enid Blyton's wizard Famous Five books have sold simply squillions of copies world-wide and have been translated into dozens ot languages. Now you get the chance to play ¦t. - Ihe super Five as they embark on a spiffing adventure to a mysterious treasure island.
Based on the book Five On A Treasure Island, we find our courageous heroes Julian, Anne, Dick, George and Timmy the dog holidaying with their Aunt Fanny in the town of Kirrin. Nearby is the mysterious Kirrin island and its hidden treasure... The game is a run of the mill adventure with some natty pictures. The puzzles are usually quite straightforward, though some really do need some brain- work. None of the five can get hurt, though they seem to be good at getting lost or trapped.
The parser is jolly whizzo. It understands lots and lots of commands; of jolly banter which is reflected in the text. Phrases such as 'Lawks!
That hole looks frightfully deep. I do hope no one falls into it’ and ‘lashings of ginger beer’ are all true to the book's style.
You can play any of the five and switch between them during the game, although Timmy is far more interested in chasing rabbits and sniffing trees!
The rest of the five usually follow your character around, but don't be suprised if they go off on their own for even more jolly japes.
Five On A Treasure Island is a very risky licence which has been produced in an absolutely super way. It's a faithful reproduction of a book that has thrilled many children over the years. Fans of the book will adore this; anyone else might just throw up.
Mark Patterson ENIGMA £24.99 Terribly smashing antics tor nostalgia butts.
9 GRAPHICS 78% SOUND N A% INSTABILITY 74% PLAYABILITY 78% OVERALL 75% Trying to recreate a fast sport like soccer within the restraints imposed by the Amiga and its capabilities is a very brave step.While Simulmondo's effort is undeniably faster than MicroProse's game, it still doesn't come any where near the realism or speed that are necessary. Once a massive series of decidedly user-UNfriendly options have been bypassed, and the required options chosen, the game itself begins with a quick recce of the pitch, before the ingame view centres behind your selected player.
IPIAY382 $ 002*1 From this view, the computer then traces moves as the player whizzes all over the pitch in a vain attempt to gain possession of the ball.
IMPRESSIONS £19.99 i A good effort, but sadly lacking in gameplay J GRAPHICS 65% SOUND 63% LASTABILITY 41% PLAYABILITY 49% OVERALL 53% Where I Play fails is within this all-important control area.
Although well animated, the player is cumbersome and slow to respond.
When coupled with the disorientating viewpoint, the game becomes confusing to play. I spent most of my time whizzing around the fast-moving pitch, whilst trying to coax my teammates into giving me the ball. The full range of moves available include dribbling runs, huge punts and the usual array of throw-ins. To their credit, Simulmondo have also incorporated almost all of the original's rules - including off-side. The trouble seems to be unwieldy control and unexciting action.
The result is a very smart looking game with very little substance.
Steve Merrett conscience suffers so greatly that your energy level drops as low as a Vietnam Vet's.
However, it is permissible to terminate animals, so cheer up. Quite handy, as some beasts drop a load of ammunition as they gasp their last.
There are six levels to slaughter your way through, ranging from jungle terrain to concentration camps, where you must rescue hostages.
Use bullets sparingly as supplies are limited, and save grenades for tanks and helicopters.
The bright and colourful graphics make this a jolly romp. The large sprites which seem to loom very close are a genuine threat to contend with. The soundBUDGET GAME OF THE MONTH R-TYPE One of the most addictive arcade games, this conversion retains many ot the original features. A truly playable game which can bring out withdrawal symptoms of sweaty palms and itchy fingers if you go too long without the R-Type experience. Once again, a life and | death battle is being fought in outer space. Your job is to save the universe from some very strange looking creatures. Defend yourself
from I weird robotic killing machines | and vicious reptilians with j venomous spittle. By shoot- , ing enemy aircraft, valuable weapons can be collected.
One of the most effective is the Force (and may it be with you), which can be attached to the ship's front providing a force field against 1 foes.The eight levels of combat provide different arenas of gameplay and I excitement. The multifarious aliens are visually interesting and a real j challenge to destroy.
Especial nasties are the almost invincible snakelike creatures whose Achilles heel is a blue orb on its belly. How the mighty fall! A useful tool is the maximum killer beam, obtained by keeping the finger pressed on the fire button. It's a deadly weapon which can blast through three aliens. R-Type is a challenging and difficult shoot 'em up. A great game to become absorbed in if life has become too easy.
OCEAN THE HIT SQUAD £7.99 OUT NOW 1 % Maniacal, homicidal terrorists will go apeshit over this game. Flak jackets are the essential fashion accessory when playing Operation Wolf- the ultimate suicide ITS ’5'n rescue mis- Sion, in which the enemy shoots at you from the screen.
Your ' task is to destroy everything in sight.
Or almost. Murdering innocent civilians or hostages is frowned upon. In fact, your OPERATION WOLF Money too tight to mention?
Bank balance edging further into the red? Fear not! Fiona Keating takes a monthly look at cut-price budget and compilation games that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
Track emulates gunfire convincingly, so turn the volume full on.
Operation Woffwill be appreciated by Rambo lovers. The difficulty level of this game is fairly high, so chances of becoming bored are limited. The prospect of dying time and again will fail to deter even the most hardened of punters from trying to reach that elusive sixth level.
THE WINNING TEAM 1 & 1 An eclectic collection ot games from the stables of Domark. A truly bizarre box of tricks which range from puzzle games to cops 'n' robbers.
Escape Irom the Planel ol Ihe Robot Monsters is probably the most enjoyable of the pack.
Imagine yourself as a lantern- jawed hero liberating hostages and destroying rampaging robots.The game has very amusing touches; watch out for CV3E33ALL n •‘“EFgys * © n rrfefWH the impaler, which can leave you feeling holier than the pope!
Escape has great appeal for romantics who love risking death just to walk into the sunset saying. 'Gee, it was nothing'.
Coming down to earth with a bump, APB (All Points Bulletin) involves arresting the scum of the streets. Catching an offender is great fun. Obtain a confession and earn a pat on the back. But kill an innocent bystander and get bawled out; the chief literally breathes fire!
Unfortunately, the graphics are disappointing, the road being a disgusting purple hue. A game which has many fans, APB is of The Laughing Policeman’ ilk, rather than a tough ’Hill Street Blues'.
Klax is either a very addictive or annoying puzzle game, depending on whether you go wild for stacking coloured tiles.
The object is to make Klaxes - same coloured stacks of tiles. Your paddle can hold up to five tiles, so aim to be a super hod carrier. Should you drop more tiles than allowed, or if all the bins become full, the game will end. A speed up option will make the tiles come whizzing towards you, so watch put! Klax is a potentially absorbing game although it does not have much depth nor does it need much brain power. Best played when in zombie mood.
Vindicators will be your nirvana if you love bustling your way through a booby trapped landscape. On a merry path of mayhem, destroy control centres and enemy tanks. Equip yourself with Battle stars which bestow smart shots and bomb !W 8ce«3 explodes in possession. Be wary of the ball’s status as it can explode, destroying anyone in possession. Cyberball is not the most addictive game to play as it is very static with limited animations. The players seem arthritic and old before their time. Play it as a last resort.
Cannons. What more can one ask for? Perhaps better graphics, as these are fairly rudimentary. Have fun getting tanked up and blasted to kingdom come with Vindicators.
Cyberball is futuristic entertainment for would-be Jerry Rices or Joe Montanas. An extensive knowledge of American football is needed.
Otherwise, prepare to be fazed by terms such as offensive and defensive modes, plus laterals and blitzes! The action hots up when a damaged player DOMARK OUT NOW £39.99 89% Ionster by name, monster by nature. Three very different and challenging games to while away your whole life.
THE MONSTER PACK M: V Shadow ol the Beast was probably one of the most hyped games ever, although not without justification. The stylish graphics were some of the best to be seen. A nice touch was portraying the hero as a hideous, misshapen creature The great variety of monsters are awe inspiring. Indulge in fierce combat with giant green ants, winged harpies and neanderthal-like apes.
Over 350 scrolling screens and 13 layers of parallax in both the ground and the skyf should keep the appetite whetted, as will the scenarios which appear in between the arcadey sequences.
Unfortunately, the action does not match up to the excellent graphics and animation. Fairly standard beat 'em up action which gets routine after despatching a seemingly endless array of exotic beasties. A great game to be admired for its wonderful graphics and highly addictive quality.
Your mission in Infestation is to seek out alien eggs and destroy them with cyanide gas. Not terribly sociable but life is tough, n’est pas? Surprisingly, the graphics are rather uninspiring. There is not much detail in the terrain of Alpha
II. Nor will the creatures that you encounter provoke much
anxiety or terror. However, this is compensated by the great
depth this game has - there is the surface to explore, plus
travelling through the corridors and rooms of the complex B
which contains the enemy. Infestation is supposed to be a B
space fantasy but is really an intergalactic bore. A shame to
¦¦¦ say that the most interesting thing that can happen is
being poisoned by vicious moon marauders. Bfl Get fuelled
up for Nitro, a Wacky Races style car game.
There are over 30 races to compete in, and over 4 different types of terrain, in day and night sections. Choose between three cars. Are you in Formula 1. Sports car or turbo buggy mood? As you race along the tarmac, collect cash which comes wafting in the breeze. Buying equipment from the shop is great fun. Kit yourself out with a better engine or a nitro booster which will have you zipping around like a manic Herbie. The graphics are well presented with much detail, ranging from buildings to grassy banks and stone pavements. Nitro is a great exponent of the racing game which (forgive the
pun) will pSYONOS|c £24 99 run and run. _ jao OUT NOW 90 o WE WILL BEAT THAT PRICE UNTIL IT HURTS WE WILL BEAT THAT PRICE UNTIL IT SCREAMS DiamonD COMPUTER SYSTEMS LTD On all OKI, Commodore & Philips computer products and peripherals, we will match any lower quoted price from any of our competitors and give you an extra £5.00 off. This applies only to genuine U.K. stock. Our staff will smile even if we lose money.
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Monitor only £475.00 NEW PacK NEW AMIGA 500 ManU Football PACK
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* Mouse Synthesis
* T.V. Modulator ¦ MEGA PACK 20 GAMES * Man United. Totall Reca!.
Speed Ball II.
Zenon II, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Final Battle, Stunt Car Racer, Golden Axe.
Cadava, Super Off-Road Racer ONLY £295.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Monitor ONLYE479.00 PacK ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST AMIGA 500 AXE PACK INCORPORATING ' 512K RAM ¦ Three Manuals ‘ 1 Mb Disk Drive * Operating System
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Silk Worm, Shockwave.Continental Circus, Turrican, Ninja
Warriors + JOYSTICK ONLY £295.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Monitor
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GAMES* Man United. Totall Reca*, Speed Ban II, Zenon II,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles., Final attle, Stunt Car Racer,
Golden Axe.
Cadava, Super Off-Road Racer * Joystick ONLY £319.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Monitor ONLY £499.00
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Colours ‘ Mouse
* T.V. Modulator ' Dust Cover ' 10 3.5* Disks
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• EXTRA 512k RAM
• Mouse Mat
• Dpamt II ¦DIAMOND MEGA 10 GAMES' Golden Axe. Hard Drivin',
Phobia, North * South, Silk Worm. Shockwave. Continental
Circus, Turrican, X out Ninja Warriors . Joystick ONLY £319.00
WITH 8833 MK II Colour Monilor only £499.00
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9 ix Word PIN Da K Processor QUALITY MU IV g, Dtp
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Their Finest Hour, Sim City, Populous, Battle Chess.
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LHC Microsales 12I Regents Street Leamington Spa - Warks TEL 0926 312155 FAX 0926 883432 OPEN ON SUNDAYS ?
Diamond Computers Ltd 144 Ferry Road Edinburgh Scotland TEL 031 554 3557 OPEN ON SUNDAYS A Diamond Computers Ltd 1022 Stockport Road Manchester TEL 061 257 3999 FAX 061 257 3997 Thl9 Voucher is worth 25% oft all ABACUS computer books WHEN ORDERING PLEASE QUOTE HOW TO ORDER Simply telephone through your order, giving your Access or Visa card Number or send a cheque or postal order to '¦ your Local Dealer.
All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated.
Next Day Courier Service Delivery £10.00 Please allow 5 working days for cheque clearance.
Bankers drafts clear on the same day All pried "IV cufrtcc M time of going In prow but nay change widnwl nolice.
* In the extremely unlikfly event that you are able to find
abetter price on any goods currently available through Diamond,
then we will match that price: and on Commodore & 'Philips
products we will not only match the price of our competitors,
we will even give you £5.00 as welt?
Tbli How no! Apply 10 salaa or apodal pneos and only appbae al lb time ol purchase.
Diamond Computers Ltd 84 Lodge Road SOUTHAMPTON TEL 0703 232777 FAX 0703 232679 Diamond Computers Ltd 406 Ashly Road POOLE - Dorset TEL 0202 716226 FAX Diamond Computers Ltd 227 Filton Avenue Bristol TEL 0272 693545 FAX 0272 693223 LAN Computer Systems 1045 High Road Chadwell Heath- Romford TEL 081 597 8851 FAX 081 590 8959 BARD J TAI CHARACTERS Only a band of untrained wimps stands between the Mad God and total power. By following CU's train-a-hero guide they just might stand a chance. ... The best combination ot characters is a paladin, monk, bard, rogue, conjuror and magician. Put computer
controlled characters in slot four and move the rogue to slot five. He can hide in the shadows and leap out to attack no matter what position he finds himself in.
Make sure one of the mages learns all the spells from every class. This makes things difficult to start with, but it pays off in the long term. The other mage has to advance through spell classes as fast as possible. Try to make him an archmage before attempting the first dungeon.
Monks are incredibly useful beings. Until they reach level six they should be armed, after that their bare hands do more damage.
- THE RUINS When you've created your first level characters and
collected some basic equipment from the supply dump opposite
the city gate, the next thing to do is gain some experience.
Don't venture into the dungeon yet, your party won't survive
their first encounter. Start off by cleaning up the town.
Killing Hookfangs, snakes and warriors is a great way to build
experience. Keep bard songs playing constantly to recharge
spell points and provide extra attacks during combat. Don't
use your harmonic gems, it's no trouble to stand out in the sun
to recharge spell points. Use figurines to get extra
As soon as the party has enough experience to advance a level, take them to the review board.
- THE CATACOMBS Once the party have got a good range of offensive
spells, it’s time to descend into the Catacombs. Use shield
spells to keep the party well protected and bard songs to
provide the chance to run away from difficult confrontations.
Attack large groups of single monster types with mass damage
spells such as Dragon's Breath and War Strike.
When the party is sufficiently experienced it's time to move onto the real test, Unterbrae.
• Try to find a Shadow Shiv, this is the best weapon lor a thief
• Dayblades are the lirst powerful paladin weapon you’ll come
• Use Harmonic gems very sparingly. Save them lor the later
levels 9 Don't torget that a thiel can reach any target during
• Low level spells like Arc Fire are very powerful when cast by
high level characters LLE III I * * 4 ' r*L_; , i, !
.. 41, T i 4-r i = -V- Lett: Unterbrae 2 Middle : Unterbrae 1 Far Lett: Unterbrae 4 U - Stairs up D - Stairs down UNTERBRAE LEVEL 1 Go back to the priest at the entrance to the Catacombs and tell him Tarjan.
Don’t descend,any further into Unterbrae until you have some really powerful spellssuch as Stone Touch and Mind Blade. Keep returning to the guild for more spells and advancement.
The stairs to level two lie in the far north of the level, along with a magic mouth. When the mouth asks you for the rhyming word tell it Blue.
UNTERBRAE LEVEL 2 The going gets tough when you reach this level. Undead creatures now have the power to age a character. This is the last level where you can afford to get into full blown combat. Towards the south of the level.is a series ot invisible walls. Get past these and tell the magic mouth embedded in the wall the word, 'Shadow', to find the next set of stairs.
UNTERBRAE LEVEL 3 Take a breather. The exit’s just around the corner. ’Sword’ will inform the magic mouth to let you pass.
UNTERBRAE LEVEL 4 The first section is one massive spinner.
Work your way along the west wall to clear it. Part two is very straightforward.
Keep to the west wall then sprint forward. The south wall, however, follows you right up to part three, so there's no turning back now. Once more, keep to the west wall and head north. This is an area of magic darkness, so be careful.
When you can go no further, you’ve reached the dark one’s domain.
UNTERBRAE BRILHASTI AP TAJ Before you face Brilhasti cast shield spells. Get your bard singing any songs that could help, and then cross your fingers and enter. In the first round of combat cast Anti-magic spells and, if the mages have it. Preclusion. Stone Touch and Death Strike are useful against Brilhasti’s buddies, and if you have a wizard, use Baylor's Spell Bind to trap Brilhasti himself. Don’t worry too much about characters getting killed. They still earn plenty of experience points if the dark one is killed and at least one member of your party is still standing. You should now
have a chronomancer.
CHIP'S CHALLENGE Nerdy Chip is having a hard time with his girlie. There’s 145 levels and no light at the end of the tunnel. Until now.
Simply press C to teleport to the next level.
Once again, Mark ‘Tip off the ol' Block’ Patterson rushes to the rescue of gamesplayers everywhere with a goody bag of amazing hits, tips and cheats to help you out.
TURRICAN 2 Rainbow Arts' armour-clad bastion ot justice isn't quite as infallible as he’d like to think. Give him a hand by selecting tune one then typing in 42 and pressing escape twice. This should make him virtually indestructible.
STRIDER 2 Strider doesn't seem to realise the Cold War's over in US Gold's Crimble hit. If it's proving a little tough for you, press help, left and 1 together. Pressing keys 1 -5 will skip through the levels and F1-F4 will teleport Strider to the corresponding level.
CRYSTALS Of ARBOREA Having trouble finding your crystal balls? Go to the main character screen, select Jarel then click on the bottles icon. Now press CTRL and V to get full life points plus all the special abilities.
With all these budget games entering the charts we thought it was about time we pooled our collective brain cell to produce a cheats corner for cut price games freaks.
SHINOBI Currently doing the rounds on the Fists Of Fury compilation. Shinobi originally came from Virgin in the summer of '89.
For infinite credits pause the game and type in LARSXVIII.
NINJA WARRIORS Also on Fists of Fury is Ninja Warriors.
Is another beat 'em up about towel clad assasins. Try pressing capslock and then typing in one of the following: SKIPPY, A SMALL STEP FOR MAN KIND. THE TERMINATOR. MONTY PYTHON. STEVE AUSTIN. After you've typed one in press capslock again.
SILKWORM Sales Curve's arcade conversion smash earned re-release of the month in the March issue. To get inifinite helicopters and jeeps call up the control options screen and type in SCRAP28. If that fails hold the help key down when you start the game and use the function keys to skip levels.
DYNAMITE DUX Two cheats for Daffy and his male, one sensible the other silly. On the title screen type in CHEAT for infinite lives, or NUDE for a rather pervy effect.
PLATOON If you're out hunting Charlie in the Jungles of the Mekon and coming under enemy fire, try typing in HAMBURGER HILL on the title screen and then press F2, F3 or F4 to skip levels. When things get really bad and the brown matter starts to hit the fan. Hit F5 for infinite energy.
ARKANOID 2 Doh's re-released revenge is causing more than a few people headaches.
Dissolve these two cheats in a glass of water, mix and swallow. Press capslock and type in DALEY88 for infinite lives or.
On the title screen, type in PETER- JOHNSONWANTSCHEAT then use S to skip levels.
'1*1 gr™|==-=i= ;==- ssb£== s55 .A* PREDATOR 2 What with rampaging Druglords, Junkies and a seven-foot-tall invisible alien tearing the spines out of everyone he meets. Danny Glover really does need some help. Pause the game, then type in YOUR ONE UGLY MOTHER, unpause and presto, Infinite lives.
VIZ Virgin's rib tickling censor offender is difficult to say the least. On the character selection screen type in WHAT A GREAT LOAD OF B S (be creative with the asterisks) and the border will change colour. Use keys 1 -5 to skip levels.
SWIV If liberating the free world is proving lough pause the game and type in NCC- 1701 (as in The Enterprise's registration number) followed by return. Unpause the game and you should have infinite jeeps and helicopters.
WIZBALL Type in RAINBOW at any time during the game without pausing. Done that?
Now hit pause and press C to fill the pot. S to complete a level and T to complete the game.
AFTERBURNER This is one of the worst conversions I have ever had the misfortune to play. It's got duff graphics, dire sound and non- existant gameplay. Making it a very bad buy. Still, if you've bought it and want to get a few more minutes' play out of the game, type in THUNDERBLADE when the game is paused. G will then replenish your missiles, whilst N will give you extra lives, and and will jump you back and forth a stage.
EYE» THE BEHOLDER Matt Regan, looking bruised and beaten after months of exploring, emerges with the low-down on USG's epic adventure.
STARTING THE GAME Once the game's atoot, use the camp option immediately to gain spells tor the magic-using characters. Cure Light Wounds is a good choice for the cleric, and Detect Magic and Magic Missile are standard fare for the mages. Be sure to use spells as often as possible to increase experience. When scrolls are found scribe them in the spell book quickly! Grab the bones in the first room, as later in the game you'll have the chance to resurrect the halfling.
Monitor each character's food level carefully, but don't use rations until the bar is less than half full, as otherwise it’s a waste of the food.
LEVEL ONE This is pretty straightforward, and the map helps to guide the parly. Bear in mind that the areas marked "Proposed flood control block" will change from corridors lo blocked walls depending on which way the party goes at the first turning. There are two secret passages, one at each end of the arm-like corridors in the southeast part of the level. Remember that some seemingly unopenable doors require items to be placed on pressure pads.
LEVEL TWO This isn't too tricky, provided that the party cleric is used to turn the numerous undead found here. Either have the thief pick the locks on the doors or use the silver key - don't worry, there are others hidden in each section. Put daggers in the shaped holes found on the walls, as this opens up other parts of the level. Explore the Corrections Facility and Death Section,but watch out; the monsters here are quite tough!
LEVEL THREE The kuo-toa and flinds that guard this level are no pushovers, so prepare offensive and protective spells in advance. Gems are the key, be sure to collect as many as you can. There’s a Oddly-coloured bricks and walls normally hide bonuses or other useful ob|ects - so test every avenue---- wand of magic missiles around, don't leave without it. Once you reach the set of corridors with demon faces in the walls, put a gem in each blank eye to open the centre room. Be very careful in the room marked as "Drainage to the 4th level" - it's very easy to get surrounded by pits, as I found
to my horror!
LEVEL FOUR This is the first dwarven level. The main enemy here is giant spiders, and their poison is extremely nasty. The level is accessed from one of two points on the level above, and one of them leads to a seemingly dead end. The northern wall When lighting select each ol the cheracters in rotetion. This will ensure that any one character doesn't take too many hits and die. Use the strongest ones first, and then rotate down the strength scale to the weakest and then through the ranks again.
Will disappear as the party moves forward, provided that they go along the eastern corridor. Pulling the gargoyle statue's arm closes an awkward pit, and the dwarven key opens a door at one point. Make sure the party gets the +3 axe Draw Cleaver.
Use ranged weapons and spells against the spiders wherever possible to avoid poisoning.
LEVEL FIVE Look out for the runes of safe passage; they mark illusionary walls. When you meet up with Armun, the dwarven leader, he'll give the party rations and a portal key.
Take advantage of the offer of another fighter, as he's pretty tough. The cleric will raise any set of bones that the party possesses, so this will give you a sixth member. When you reach the pantry, be sure not to drink the potion; it's poison, as I discovered with the loss of one of my characters! However the other items on this level (such as plate mail) are all beneficial, with the exception of the sling which is cursed.
Right, that's it. The next seven levels are up to you! It's well worth mapping as you travel, but watch the compass as there are many spinners around.
Explore everywhere, and look out for secret rooms and pressure plates.
Happy adventuring!
WIN CHOOSING A PARTY It’s important to start with a balanced party, as you’ll need all the character classes to have a good chance of finishing the game. Put two fighters at the front, and one should be a specialist (ie a ranger or Paladin). Dwarves make great fighters, as their constitution can be as high as 19, and certain levels of the game have dwarven writing As for the two at the back, a cleric thief and mage, or mage tbief and cleric, make an effective combination.
Obviously the multi-classed character has to be an elf, half-elf, or some other non-human. Just make sure you've got both a cleric and a mage in the party, or things will be tricky.
A gWWIitch in the game presents the player with a moral dilemma. It’s possible to increase all the characters' stats to maximum, which has a significant effect on their abilities. There's no reason why you can’t turn a blind eye to this, but considering the strength of will found in most gamers it's unlikely. Still, as there's no chance to improve the actual level it doesn’t have quite such a devastating effect on your chances.
24. 99 RRP
18. 99
29. 99 o AMOS GAMES CREATOR 2799
49. 99 AWESOME 1999
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15. 99 24 99 KICK OFF II
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24. 99 MAGNETIC SCROLLS Vol.1 (3 Games) 1999 2999 l Ml TANK
18. 99 RRP 2999 MIG 29 FULCRUM 1999
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18. 99
14. 99
24. 99 0 OBITUS
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34. 99 OCEAN POWER UP (5 Games)
18. 99 2999 PANZA KICK BOXING 1599
18. 99 2999 POLICE QUEST II
24. 99 3999 PREDATOR II
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15. 99
24. 99 PSYGNOSIS MONSTER PACK (3 Games) 1299
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14. 99 2499 TOTAL RECALL
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24. 99 o TEAM SUZUKI 1499 24 99 TIME WARP 24 99
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24. 99 TURRICAN II 1599 24 99 ULTIMA V 1999
29. 99 o UMSII 1899
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24. 99 WINGS 1899 2999 WINNING TEAM (5 Games)
18. 99
29. 99 e WOLF PACK
18. 99 2999 0 WORLD CHAMP'SHIPSOC'R 1499
24. 99 WONDERLAND 1999
24. 99
• A500 512K RAM CARD * ON OFF SWITCH £26.99 H
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3. 5" INTERNAL A2000 ....
£44.99 l 3.5"
5. 25'EXTERNAL 40 80 TRACKS ..... £79.99 ALL EXT
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SILKWORM .. £19.99
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ENGLAND TEL (44) 081-891 6704 FAX. (44) 081-892 8127 AMIGA
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RRP A TALK III 49.99 89.99 BAUD BANDIT 24.99 39.99 O SKYLINE
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1BJ, ENGLAND Please send me _ _ £ _ £ _ fotal posf and packing
£ Type of Compuler Our Telephone No : |44) 081-891 6704 Fax:
(44) 081-892 8127 | £ £ Tolal £ _
10. 00 Membership only £ Total enclosed £ Signature: Soflware:
Posl 8 packing within Ihe UK £2.00. Overseas £3.00. Hardware:
UK £2 50. Overseas £4.00. Courier service £7.00 »Cheque
enclosed • Visa Mastercard Name:_Tel No.
» Postal Order Address: _ » Credit Card no. _ Exp. Date Postcode: HELPLINE ENQUIRIES IRON MAN Could someone send in a cheat to Iron Man Oil Road Racer by Virgin? I have had this game for some time now but I keep getting stuck in the water on course two.
Adrian Sherri*, L1 EXOLON Can somebody please send me a cheat for Exolon? The game's really starting to get on my nerves.
Lee Dowdeswell. L2 MOONWALKER I recently bought this game on budget and I can only get to level two. Has anyone got a poke or cheat for infinite lives?
William Bayley, L3 WANTED Has anybody got an infinite lives poke for Wanted? I have had this game for over a year now and I can't get anywhere.
James Cole, L4 RED HEAT I can't get past level four in Red Heat.
Could anyone send in an infinite lives cheat?
Eirik Jakobson. L5 ZYNAPS I would really appriciate it if somebody could send in a cheat for Zynaps. I keep getting killed by the purple ghosts on level three.
David Randall, L6 PANG Please can someone send in a cheat for Pang? It's an excellent game, but I find it really difficult.
Joshua Sinclair. L7 R-TYPE Could someone send in a poke for R- Type as I keep getting killed.
James Hewrtson, L8 ESWAT I'm having a lot of trouble trying to kill the big ape. I keep shooting him but he just doesn't die. Any suggestions or perhaps a cheat for infinite lives?
Chris Beale, L9' SORCERORS APPRENTICE I am finding castle 1 -6 very difficult to complete. A cheat would come in very handy.
Paul Derrick. L10 DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH I can't get past the first level of this game, so could someone send me a cheat?
Kart Hijab, Lit STARFLIGHT I am a big fan of the game Startlight and I have been able to find a lot of the artifacts, but there are some which still puzzle me. I have found a device called the Red Herring which synthesizes Endurium, but it is too heavy to carry in the terrain vehicle. There is also an old terrain vehicle with the same problem.
Could someone please give me some help?
Luka Mariman. L12 DICK TRACY Please could someone give me a cheat for infinite lives, ammo or a level skip on Dick Tracy because I'm absolutley rubbish at it?
Alex Edwards,'L13 FORGOTTEN WORLDS I have got past the guns on the first level, but can't gel any further. If there's a level skip cheat or one for infinite lives, please help me.
James Hewitson, L14 CADAVER I am on the second level and I can't find a way to become a captain to enter the captain’s room. Also, I don't know where the Emerald Of The Guild is. I have found two gems to the lock for the east wing, but no more.
G. Shepherd, L15 TOTAL RECALL No matter how hard I try. I just
cannot beat the first stage. Has anyone got a cheat for
infinite energy or Arnies?
Kerry Brading. L16 TURRICAN I am really stuck on level 4-3.1 have got the cheat but can't find a way out.
Please help.
NickChesham. L17 TURRICAN II The sequel is just as tough. I can't get past level 3-3 - it's just sooooo hard! A cheat would be nice or any info.
Nick Chesham, L18 MIGHTY BOMBJACK Has anyone out there got a cheat for this, please reply ASAP.
Tim Jacobs. L19 GREMLINS II I'm having real trouble with this game. I can get to level 3. But don't have enough lives to get very far. I've stopped playing it, because it’s so frustrating - is there a cheat?
Adam Leggett, L20 FA 18 INTERCEPTOR I can't get past the carrier sub mission, please help.
the fourth level but the Sons Of The Free's laser keeps
killing me. I'm going mad so please help me while I'm still
Mark King. L22 INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE THE ARCADE GAME) I can get as far as the circus train but keep getting killed by the second Giraffe, is there a cheat for it?
Steve Roach, L23 KILLING GAME SHOW I have got to level twelve but it takes me so long to get anywhere that I run out of time. Any cheats for infinite time or lives would be much appreciated.
Rohan Pearce. L24 DUNGEON QUEST Could someone please fell me how to get past the dead man?
Debra Lowe. L25 X-OUT I have had this this Rainbow Arts' game for six months and I still can't get past the guardian at the end of level one.
Some parts are impossibly hard.
Anyone got a cheat?
Tom Shaw. L26 FI9 STEALTH FIGHTER Are there any cheats for this excellent flight sim from Microprose? It would be great to have infinite fuel, weapons and invincibility so I could blast anything that flew through the air.
Stig Jacobson. L27 VENUS THE FLY TRAP Has anybody got a cheat for VenusThe Fly Trap? I can get past the first two lands, but then get blasted by one of the insects. One for infinite energy or lives would be great.
Jonathan Kitcher, L28 STAR TREK Does anyone have a translation of the instructions to Tobias Richter’s Star Trek? The entire game is in English apart from the instructions.
J Percy, L33 LAST NINJA 2 I am stuck on the second screen of Ninja 2.1 have killed the first man but can't get off the screen.. Somebody help!
Mark Wilkinson, L34 NIGHTBREED Has anyone go a cheat for this appallingly difficult game?
Toby Ruthland, L35 RESPONSES TURRICAN II (K4) On the title screen, press the Help key to get on to the music selection screen.
Then press 1,4,2, Esc, Esc in that order for infinite lives and power.
Jonah Jones GREMLINS II (K6) To finish the game enter your name as SINATRA on the high score table.
Mark Peacock, Essex WIN STRIDER (K9) Start the game as usual then press F9 to pause it. Now hold down the help key, left shift and 1 together. Now unpause and use 1 to 5 to skip levels and F1 to F4 to change stages.
Mark Peacock NARC (KIO) When the game starts walk right until the first dustbin appears. Kneel down in front and shoot it until it turns blue to get infinite lives.
Justin Thomas FORGOTTEN WORLDS(Kl 5) For a level skip option, when the title screen appears, type in ARC (the programming team’s name) and press return. Pressing S then takes you straight to the shop and N to the next stage.
Derek Matthews PRINCE OF PERSIA (KI8) To skip levels hold down caps lock and press L. Unfortunately this doesn’t work on the bottle section at the end of level one.
Mark Peacock TREASURE TRAP I cannot get very far in TreasureTrap as I find the controls very awkward. Has anyone got an infinite lives cheat to help me out.
Sid Snooles, L29 THE KRISTAL Has anyone got a cheat or any information which could help me in this game?
The enemies are too tough and I can't get anywhere.
Matt Anon, L30 MANIAC MANSION I'm having more than a few problems with this game. Where is the fuel for the chainsaw? How do I get the key down from the chandelier? Maps and help would be appriciated.
Richard Dunford. L31 SHADOW OF THE BEAST 1 I have been playing this game for ages and I can't get anywhere. Does anyone have a cheat to make it a bit easier?
John Smith, L32 HOW TO USE THE HELPLINE IT'S EASY Just send in your letter, marking your envelope with the appropriate code number if you are sending a response or mark it 'Enquiry' if you need some help. Post your letters to : Play to Win Helpline, CU, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU If you are making an enquiry include a few lines explaining why you need a poke, cheat, help etc. If you are replying to any of these enquiries, don't forget to mark your letter with the reference code for the person you are responding to. If you send in more than one enquiry, please put
each one on a separate sheet of paper. If you send in a response but have an enquiry too include them on separate sheets. That way we can file everything in neat alphabetical order.
HELPLINE CU's adventure and RPG guru, Matt Regan, offers handy tips and advice for hard- pressed game-players everywhere.
INTERACTION Hello again all you out there in adventure land (what an awful image!). The big news this month is the release of HeroOuest, the FRPG based on the best-selling board games. But another item of interest (and perhaps releated to my whingeing last ish) is the release of Wonderland at long last. This is a very exciting development in adventures, linking the brilliant plots, parser and still graphics of Magnetic Scrolls games with the menus and ease of use associated with animated adventures. The best thing about the game is that all the features (auto-mapping, inventory list, etc)
can be turned on or off at will or even rearranged in size and position around the screen.
I've been ploughing my way through some strategy games, and I must admit I wasn't too impressed. Operation Com 'Bat turns out to be a strange game that has a board game feel (and I'm talking about Monopoly rather than Squad Leader), and ultimately I found it to be somewhat tedious and unexciting.
DRAGON Force is a tactical game that again fails to deliver; Laser Squad or Breach II are better buys if you want this kind of challenge.
Oddly enough, one of the best strategy games I played was Player Manager, not an obvious choice, admittedly, but choosing which squad members to use for a match and deciding on transfers is a lot of fun. On top of that, you get to play Kick Otf as well!
Can't be bad.
RPG's are a little thin on the ground at the moment, but I've enjoyed playing Bard's Tale III. Although it's not particularly different from ST II, it's still a winning formula. My main gripe is the amount of disk accessing (especially when you want to view the characters' stats). Surely the program should be able to detect memory upgrades, which ar pretty widespread now, and use the available RAM? Oh well, it still is a great game and worth buying if you liked the other games in the series. The new spells and character classes provide plenty of new and interesting ways to splatter the foe!
Mirrorsoft are lining up some strategy releases for the near future, with Champions of the Raj, Riders of Rohan, and Mega-to-Mania promised. The' last of these is interesting, as the press blurb claims it to be," the most exciting and challenging program yet” from Sensible Software, the guys behind Microprose Soccer among other things.
Oh and one last point, thanks to Stephen McClean for supplying the solutions he sent me recently.
INPUT LEISURE SUIT LARRY III Let's feel sorry for Alex Pestell of Walthamstow. He's reached the point where he takes control of Patti and is almost ready to go into the bamboo forest. But he needs some nectarines which he can't find anywhere. Can anyone help him?
LEGEND OF THE SWORD John Olivier of Malta needs some assistance. He’s got as far as the dragon but he's stuck. How do you get the studded knife without getting killed? What do the clues in the dining room and look-out post mean? How do you get over the ice without the dragon seeing you? If anyone knows the answers, please write in... CHAOS STRIKES BACK Dave Field of Lancing, West Sussex has completed the ways of the fighter, priest, and ninja but can't get the ruby key which he believes is in the spiral room of the way of the wizard. He needs a map or directions to aid him. I must admit
I’m a bit stumped as to where exactly he means, but maybe someone can help.
POLICE QUEST II A reader from Norway, Oystein Andre Kristiansen, can’t get any further in the second Police Quest game. He's adjusted his sights in the police station and has a rose, wallet, field kit, extra ammo clips, keys, money clip and a buisness card. But he can’t find the criminal Bains! Does anyone know where he is?
BARD'S TALE II D C Hayne of Sheffield is ploughing through this fine RPG, but is stuck. He doesn’t know the two words that the Strange Mage requires despite having the clues the solution eludes him. So getting into the final dungeon in Colosse is impossible! Therefore he requests help from fellow adventurers so he can get on and complete the game.
OPERATION STEALTH OK, M Walls of Reading has made progress in the game, but he’s stuck on two particular points. First of all, is teh swivel pen in the briefcase the same one mentioned in the manual (I think you'll find it is). If it is, how does he get it to work? The second problem is that no matter what he does, he doesn't seem able to meet up with his mysterious contact in the park. He is wearing the carnation but no-one seems to care!
DUNGEON QUEST Colin Doran of Colchester, Essex (easily the greatest town in Britain) can't get into the castle in the adventure. He's found the key which crumbles into dust, the Queen of Hearts playing card, the heavy axe. And the coin. He has spoken to the barman in the tavern to no avail.
Is anyone able to help?
LEGEND OF FAERGHAIL LOF is causing Sean Smythe of Tonbridge, Kent, a lot of problems. He needs to know how to get out the antimagic level of the dwarven mines, and how to find the orb. None of his mapping spells seem to work and he isn't able to identify anything. How does he get past the tree monster who asks, "Do you know how to catch a vampire with a ball of mithril?". Sean is generally annoyed with the lack of instructions that he's got.
So please give him a hand if you can.
OUTPUT OPERATION STEALTH Somebody forgot to write their address on their letter, but I think this enquiry is from Anz. He wants to know what to do after being thrown in the water while tied to a rock. He can’t operate the girl because he cant get near her! Well, you need to operate the ropes first So that you can swim over to her, then operate the bracelet and the girl. So there you go SPACE QUEST Stephen McLaren of Margate, Kent has sent in the answer to E Kwong's prpjSp lem. Go back to the bar where you should have overheard a conversation.
GIVE COUPON to the bartender, DRINK BEER, buy more beer, DRINK BEER again, and you should hear which sector to fly to. Once you have the cordinates HOW TO USE THE ADVENTURE HELPLINE Write to me, Matt Regan, at Adventure Helpline, CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU, with your problems and any useful hints you can give in response to those readers languishing in these pages! Make sure you include your full name and address, and I will do my best to get back to you personally.
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: .... EXPIRY DATE : ... SIGNITURE: . SOURCE CD: 0016 EURO 1 SOURCE CD: 0017 EURO 2 FULFILMENT: ALAN WELLS INTERNATIONAL. MEMBERUNE HOUSE. FARNDON ROAD. MARKET HAP BOROUGH. LEICESTER LE16 9NR SOURCE CD: 0018 ROW 1 If it's Amiga PD you're after, then look no further! Each month, Dan Slingsby takes an exhaustive look at what's new and exciting on the demos circuit.
I AM NOT A NUMBER Fans of the cult 60's surreal spy thriller, The Prisoner, will no doubt be frothing at the mouth at the thought of a Prisoner demo. Starting with the obvious 'I am not a number' intro, the demo combines both digitised pics from the show as well as text links, sampled speech and a jazzed-up theme tune.
NBS »* SUPPLIERS’ GUIDE A Bit On The Side: 8 Thorald Place. Kirk Sandall. Doncaster ARC PD: 97 Mayfield Ave. North Finchley N12 9HY Kryptonite PD: 28 Clifton Gardens. Golders Green. London NBS: 132 Gunville Road. Newport. Isle Ol Wight. P030 5LH Seventeen Bit Software: PO Box 97, Wakefield. WF11XX PD Soil: 1 Bryant Avenue. Southend-on-Sea. Essex SS1 2YD Postal PD: 10 Strawberry Lane. Blackfordby, Burton-on-Trent.
Staffordshire Premier PD: 15 Croxteth Drive, Rainlord. Merseyside Sector 16:160 Hollow Way. Cowley. Oxford Strictly PD: 11 York Place. Brandon Hill, Hotwells, Bristol Virus Free PD: 23 Elhorough Street, Swindon, SN2 2LS BIG DRIP 3et all washed-up with Drip (above right), a 15 level addictive itcade game that's making quite a splash on the PD scene.
7ou control the Drip of the title and have to move along a series )f interconnecting pipes, rusting them as you pass by.
'laturally, there are many hazards along the way such as jeadly ice cubes (I), electric bubbles, lasers, acid pools and special clouds which de-rust the pipes they float over. Brilliant.
Dramior PD Dink Nitmher 195 if * + A ?
GAMES FRENZY Don't expect to find Psygnosis quality graphics on this one. But you will encounter absolutely masses of playabil ity. Arcade classics such as Missile Command and Strix make an appearance, albeit in slightly altered form, as does the board game.
Sorry, and a snazzy Connect Four-type puzzler. A total of nine games for your money.
Seventeen Bit Disk Number 841 *** COMICS Tango and Cash present redrawn comic capers featuring Sid’s Snake and Sammy Shrink from the pages of Whizzer.
NBS At UK (l«lc LIGHTS OUT If you like nothing better than lobbinj bricks and shattering street lighting, then this is for you. Screen after sere of brick-throwing action.
Strictly PD G074 *** HUME TO BOLDLY CO... vo u'rp sHsn a fan°*h °' haS lo"9 been admired a CU Towers. II Ih h . . You de,lnile|y want to grab a copy of this two-disk set which features a stunning compilation of Tobias' work. A good buy if you're new EAT MY SHORTS!
Bart's back! The wide-eyed precocious brat of the hit cartoon series stars in two disks this month. Freehand’s version, the Bad Bart Dub Remix, features a dozen or so screens of naff gags and fnarfnar jokes accompanied by a rejigged version of Do The Bartman. The same song also forms the backing track to Decay’s Simpsons demo, made up of a whole series of zany animations of Bart using his catapult, dashing across the screen and groovin' to his tune.
Virus Free PD 1460 * * * NBS Dgcay Demo **t DEMO OF THE MONTH TITLE: Demo and Games 525 AUTHOR: Various SUPPLIER: Sector 16 The latest release from Sector 16 features two demos and two excellent games for your hard-earned dosh. The Bubblefields features bob- packed screens aplenty, but suffers from the ubiquitous scrolling messages - give it a rest guys! The other demo, by Crusaders, is much better and includes an amusing Atari piss- take plus the usual copper manipulations (and contortions!).
Best of all are the two brill games.
Grid Runner puts you behind the wheel of a super-charged racing car as you whizz round a number of different tracks. Programmed by Swedish ace. Anders Bjerin, the car moves at a break-neck speed and can be quite tricky to control at times, especially on the iced-over tracks.
The gem of the compilation is undoubtably Cave Runner, a Boulderdash-type game which is an absolute corking arcade puzzler.
You play a small rock-like character who has to munch his way through cave walls seeking out and collecting red stars while avoiding precariously perched boulders. Dig too close, and they'll topple over and bury you in a heap of rubble. Absolutely essential1 Sector 16 No. 525 * * * *•* PRECIOUS P.D. TEL: 0634 280680 BARBARIAN 2 DRAGONS LARI 2 OE MO Int'erprise LEAVING DOCK FRACTAL FLIGHT (1MB) INOV 500 C€MO IRAQ VS USA JARRE DOCKLANDS JUGLER ANIMATION KYLE DEMO |2 DISKS) 0008 0009 C010 D011 0012 0013 COM CC15 0016 0017 018
- 019 0021 0022 C023 c:.« i *.
'«•’ 0027 0028 0029 D030 30 11 !XV C033 0034 0035 0036 0037 ¦- C039 9041 042 D043 0044 0045 0046 0047 C048 C049 KYLE LOCOMATION MADONNA MADONNA 2 MAOONNA (2 DISKS) MAOONNA CARTOON MARIA WHITAKER NOHFBREED 0€MO POPEYE0 MEETS THE BEACH BOYS REODEVIL COMPILATION (1MB) U001 U002 U003 U004 U005 U0O6 U007 U008 U009 U010 U011 U012 U013 U014 U015 U016 U017 U019 U019 U020 U021 U022 U023 U024 U025 U026 SAM FOX SPACE CH.
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* (An.mnilonl T r piiqnr. Ii, npac» Cum alien visits Ear i
Ptoim .aquenco (Antmalion)
* ********** Finxion lioiroi dotno ’ Ciory ovejr Roboeop .I ®K"0
Bupn-h Tolol Me..:FlI Fdb mo Iraq Demo Spookft t
Technotronic inofluit Digital concert I I Rich • of everything
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Please make cheques & postal orders to Three Count.es PD Send to: THREE COUNTIES PD (CU). PO BOX 162, GLOUCESTER, GL5 3SN. TEL: (0452) 61S231 to quaM, FOB ta.nl w* DO“» coistoWO" Drams Enable Easy CW» avaaabte lAooWMl P"»*****P«W ANIMATIONS 36 Tron Cycles 2D 65 Space Shuttle 66 Tron Dcactivators 47 Big Bird ,41 Star Wars 2D 58 Stealty 2 l67 Batman l40 Huey l4-A5 Walker 1 4 2 Ll3 Probe L59 Iraq Anim L63 Franklyn Fly DEMOS D30 Skull durgy
1) 33 Max Overdrive
1) 46 Katheri*
1) 45 Kickboxcr D47 Anarchy D48 SAE 15 49 SRS 50 Technotronic 51
Intuition 52 TSL 43 Evil Dead 50 Evil Dead 2 53 LSD Supremcy
026 Budbrain 2 032 Deadly Pursuits MUSIC M29 Mozart M28
Vangelis M30 Docklands M31 Jarre Live M27 Huey Lew» 2D M34
Winkers Song 2D M15 Hanky Panky M22 Depeche Mode M25 Sound Of
Silents M33 Amazing T unes 3D M19 Mahonv Kaktus GAMES
Cl,2,3Star Treks
C. 36 Mech Fight G30 Jeopard C28 Trek Trivia C23 Air Warrior G19
Drip t;S7 Dcio Sim C38 Frantic G39 Track Record CM0 Entopy G4I
Rings Of Zon G42 Marble Slide GI6 Impact G6 Earth GI5 Train
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U9 CU Help Ul5 Messy - Do* U18 Label Maker UI9 ESA l L'45
Electrocad U20 Ghost Writer U51 Master Virus U5S Icnnmania U56
Med V2 + 3 U55 Clip Art 3D U57 Invoice Printer B1 W'ordwright
B2 Clerk B3 Finance B4 Database B7 Nag B8 Database 2D Bll
Visicak Bl2 Flexihasc BI3 Amigafox E3 Education 5D Fred Fish
450 - 470 * 512K MEMORY UFUHAuE ONLY | POST FEATUBES 'free Bfl
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ONLY £5.00 inc GAMES 843 METAGALACTIC LUMAS 1064 LETTRIX (GREAT) 659 1206 1208 1078 1099 1202 1146 1151 1156 1368 1310 1469 1465 1445 1422 1399 1311 1229 1165 1162 1156 923 901 1470 1020 MASTER OF TOWN 1204 WET BEAVER TENNIS 849 THE HOLY GRAIL 850 BREAKOUT CON KIT 830 QUIZ MASTER 670 MONOPOLY 595 CAVE RUNNER 1209 WACKO IN WONDERUND 832 AGATRON GAMES 1466 RETURN TO EARTH 1440 MEGA GAMES VOL 1 DISK 4 1421 BIONIX 11 1382 TERROR LINES 11(18) 071 PARTY GAMES (18) 531 BLIZZARD 530 PACMAN 509 PARADRIOD 1207 FRANTIC FREDDY 505 DRIP 255 FUSCHBIER 856 XENON 3 ETC 117 MORIARPG 154 TRACK RECORD 1 MEG 534
1 meg Needed EXCLUSIVE TO US ONLY£3.99 inc PSP CROSSED SYSTEM IS NOT PD DO THE BART MAN A 3 DISK VERSION OF THE NO.1 HIT SINGLE ONLY C3.00mc PSP MASTER VIRUS KILLER 21 Can now detect 124 Viruses Bootblocks ZX SPECTRUM EMULATOR Now you can run Spectrum software on the Amiga!
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EDUCATIONAL PACK A 4 disk educational pack carefully selected from the Amos licenseware series features COLOURING BOOK, ARCHANGLES MATHS.
Every program is of a commercial standard and is ideal for children of any age.
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AMOS GAMES PACK A 4 disk games pack that should be at least £25 but brought to you for an ama ing £7.99 All games run without Amos and are probably the best PD games on offer at the moment.
Features Pukado. Jigmania.
Go Getter and Four Way Lines a superb puzzle game in the Pipemania mould.
All disks are Amos licenseware and are of a very high standard!!!!
SOUNDTRACKER MODULES This pack contains about 50 modules for use with all major music creation programs E.G. Noisetracker, Protracker, Soundtracker ETC, Comes complete with Intuitrackcr, a replay routine that allows you to string together a Modules disk and play them back in any order.
All modules are fine examples of Amiga MUSIC.
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DEMOS RETURN TO EARTH Return to Earth takes its inspiration from the w all-time classic trading game, Elite, although it's __ lly dispensed with that game's arcadey roots in favour of a straight RPG. The controls are a bit
j. confusing at first, due to the lack of any manual or
instructions (an all-too familiar problem with PD games), but
it's worth persevering as the game allows you to build up a
very complex network of intergalactic trading routes as you
attempt to track down the lost world of Earth.
Premier PD Disk Number 393 * * * * 4 LORE OF CONQUEST This shareware strategy game has languished in undeserved obscurity until recently rereleased by Kryptonite PD.
Written by Mike Brant, the game pits you against a rival power as you seek to expand your empire across the galaxy.
After building up a space fleet from scratch, it's then possible to begin colonising the stars. Guaranteed to last a millenium or there abouts.
Kryptonite PD **** v WARPED A superb slideshow of some excellent horror movie posters redrawn using D-Paint 3. I Strictly PD I Disk D247 *** V A TRIP TO MARS Crionics return with a Filled 3D Vector romp that had our Technical editor tearing his hair out with envy. The highlight of the disk is 'A Trip to Mars', an impressive fast-moving three-dee journey down the highways and byways of the Red Planet.
Seventeen Bit Disk Number 913 LET'S TOUCH THE STARS It s that man, Tobias Richter, again.
This time there's a whole 15 seconds of animation drawn from his forthcoming Star Trek computer-animated video. Featuring a Federation shuttle flying past a flotilla of Starships, it's another impressive demo from the German Trekkie. Blink and you'll miss itl Postal PD HURRY MURRAY ‘Hurry, hurry, we're history Murray.' Some poor deranged souls, namely Beatmaster and Armageddon, have remixed the Domestos ads from the telly and have come up with a belting scratch-mix. NBS *** GAMES GALORE 5 Here's a disk absolutely crammed full of arcade and board game clones. Mazeman puts Pacman through the
games mill and replaces the multi-coloured ghosts with Atari and IBM icons. There are also remixes of old arcade favourites such as Asteroids. Tutankhamen and Pengo plus a version of Monopoly and a Star Trek trivia game that’s a bit of a brain strainer. Nine games in all.
Seventeen Bit Disk No. 837 ***** BOMB THE BASS Bass make a comeback to the demo scene with a visual and sonic extravaganza.
RAID AND SERENE MHIABALl ... SPACE FOUR SEVEN TILES...... MASTIR VIRIS KILLER V’l yilCKRAST ... NBS ESSENTIAL niLITTES . AISON .:prtJi Ulwn«K AINBSp l. Ta BONISOmlnlcAIm.l THE SIMPSONS (D2611 At l»t. Thank* lo DECAY, a brilliant demo lhai doe* the Simpson* justice!
Features a great Hartman Re mit and tome great animation. 11 meg) THE PRISONER 11 260) Remember Ihc old cull TV scrie*.
. In N.Wulcs'.'.’ Men- ' a demo! Not lechniciilly hnlliuni. Hut a good subject for a ik-mo.
And nicely done.
PAH! SIMPLE STUFF VOL 8 (D262) | Not pul together by lhi» time, but adopted. The *lar of ihc *how is Ihc ama ing new demo by ihc SHINING, featuring 'Blitter Scaling an anuuing new coding technique (I meg) _ AMIGA P.D. ONLY I NBS PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE 89p per Disk JC Our catalogue currently holds over 700 disks and is rapidly expanding.
Send for FREE Catalogue to: BRENLEE P.D.. 8 Kings Road, Shepshed, Loughborough, Leicestershire LEI2 9H V Telephone (0.W9) 508286 Ol IK SKRVICK I.KAVKS O I IIKRS IN I III-: SIIAIH- iii I’iii-I. Ils SIM«: :iucnlur!!» IKST I’l III.K DOMAIN iinilr i" IV i * l«mv* I'pi” Min :i»*ynlir iA«A.mi I«*um.j*(i»K *mi« Ou«f«ln} . It fa) in Ijhw 11'**1 dtLMf* tcjirni A *) (k H* DM' Mil.
Wh..!¦!yu.kip*in i» lnfW’V vr'»mg. Yufal **tnlmil** finwr* Set «nai nh’ ...*J tuffo ir iKi.jn»»'- with tkWffiAinl iipfiHiar!
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• GAM!. CROSS FIRE 11 «•« • 0lkO Uk lion. ”n pot. He..«t 11.'
Nut.. n» k«..hp-«' dWMo .GAME. BALLOON AC V
.... ¦ I .nrl«B»anl n-.,« Ik- hi.M-g.
.VhkmefMiK (DfMOi HOB MANIACS BY SNNTE.X An eutlknl *r«n. I.«
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NIFA -Im»F lr«ir««" * V“"fwlknM AM( N lEDE'C ¦ SIMON AND SPACE
MATHS D« '«' Hen Mol Ik Al» rr» juP
MF Nl THOR iARTiCOHXRINC. BHIK ll tKpiTalt wi».l ill GlMlIN
lirlkliS* iGAMElTHINGAMAJR, - rlhknln 1 ' LATEST AMDS
Pl» AND I.H'KM KW.AKF Plcaw Note: AMOS
PD ... l ISHpn d *l AMOS
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iGAME'X IT Si llHLl WORDY UJA KiQLINGO tdqnlili repal'.’ For
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TO RDUERTISE IN THE PD DEMO'S SECTION OF CU RMIGR CRLL DRUID CORRIE ON 071 251 6222 EHT 2407 £1.25 Cp per disk ¦ ¦ £1.25 ctly D. per disk PUBLIC DOMAIN AT ITS BEST I!
MEGA GAMES GALORE PACK Amazing compilation of games!
Othello, Jumpy, Cosmo, Mazeman, Sky-Flight, Dad, Car, Ping Pong, SB, Bally, Drip, Tic-tac-toe, Cat & Mouse, Asteroids, Welltrix, Air Traffic Controller, King, Mutants, Yahzee, Tiles, Tron, Chess, Five-in-line, Egyptain, Run, Jackland, Amoeba, Orbit 3D, Trek Trivia, Raps, Step Z, C Robots, Lam, Roll-on, Blue Moon, MM, Wordsearch, SYS, Gravattack, Backgammon, Mr Munk, Death, Bouncer, Monopoly Pharoah, Gravity Wars, IFF2PCS, Kap-Othello, Miniblast, Diplomacy and game - cheats.
ALL these for £15.00 incl P&P Please add 70p for post and packing.
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DEMOS D184 Annie Jones Slideshow.
D215 Alcatraz mega demo D204 Animation demo 1991 D222 Bowie demo D211 Bunsen Burner anim.
(1MB) 0015 Budbrain Demo (2 disks) 0173 Budbrain 2 0225 Cheap-o-productions video clips.
0228 Crusaders freaked out 0180 Cokeman.'Smurl Anim 0023 Comic Strip Presents D035 Elvira Demo 0185 Elvira Activities Disk 0132 Enterprise Leaving Dry Dock 0216 Fashion mega demo 0150 Fillit The Fish D186 Fraxion Fantasy 0036 Fraxion Horror D037 Fractal Flight (1 Mb) D170 Girls ol Sport D210 Good Morning Vietnam D169 Home and Away D200 Iraq demo 0197 It came from the desert Dt 72 Indy 500 Demo DI82 Japan culture slideshow D046 Jasper Carrott D047 Jarre Docklands Demo D154 Jarre The Revulutions D128 Kylie Demo (2 disks) Dl75Kylie: Locomotion D221 Loadsamoney D213 Machine anima D168 Madonna
Cartoon D055 Madonna Demo 0164 Madonna 2 Slideshow (2 disk) D129 Maria Whitaker 0148 Mkie Tyson 0063 Monty Python's Nudge Nudge! (2 disks) D188 Napalm Oeath D162 Neighbours 0071 Popeye Meets The Beach Boys D074 Probe Sequence 0075 Puggs In Space 0176 Red Sector megademo (2 disks) D149 Sabrina 0083 Safe Sex Demo 0130 Sam Fox (nice!)
0084 Sculpt 3D Animations 0163 Space Chase Animation 1Meg) 0088 Space Fighter (1 Mb) 0089 Star Trek Animations 0121 Star Trek Animations V17 0112 Stealthy 11 (1Mb) D233 Subway clapping world D092 The Run (1Mb) D212 The Dream goes berserk D226 The last sun 0201 Total Recall 0097 Viz Slideshow 0098 Walker Demo 1 (1Mb 0099 Walker Demo11 (1Mb) UTILITIES U041 Amibase U085 Art of virus killing U063 Amigazer (astronomy) U006 Business Pack (3 disks: Wordprocessor.
Spreads heet. Database) U073 C -Light 1 meg) U007 C Manual (3 disks) U065 Chet solace extravaganza U056 DTP clip art (2 disks) U012 Dope Intro Maker U068 Font disks (4 disks) U051 Future Composer U043 Geography (Educ. 11 yrs ?)
U062 Iconmania U015 Jazz Bench U044 Learn About Weather (Education 11 yrs 4) U042 Learn German (Basic Knowledge) U066 Mandlebrot explorer U058 North C U036 Noise Tracker U081 Rabid Rita's utilities 1 U084 Speech toy (good fun) U026 TV Graffix (2 disks) U061 Workbench Fun MUSIC M128Amazing tunes (3 disks) Ml30Bachbusters M116 Back-tobaseMl37 Crusaders project beat M006Depeche Mode M011 Digital Concert V1 M106E8L Get up £1.25 M135 Electnc Youth (2 disks) M101 Feel the Rhythm M012 Games Music Creator M015Genesis M096Groove in the hearl M044 Human League M093 Iron Maiden M042 Kim Wilde M018 Miami
Vice Remix M1280ngmal rips 6 M120Original rips 1 I compilation of best Pdmusic) M107 Pet Shop Boys Suburbia M126Powerpack prodns. Weird attack 1 M091 Queen: Flash (2 disks) Ml40Random access M131 Simpsons: Barlman (3 disks) Ml27True Energy Ml24The Power remix M031 The Wall PinkFloyd M094Technotronic megamix M032 Walk This Way Ml 23 What time is love?
(1 meg) M0338Channel Soundtracker Ml 33Zee's hip-hop disk GAMES G058 2-player soccer league G082 Antep (1 meg) G081 Airwar G001 All New Star Trek Game (2 disk) G102 Adventure games G043 Arcade Games G073 Autobahn 3000 G039 Breakout G079 Bullrun (war game) G087 Boing (2 disks) G005 Blizzard G080 Casino games G077 Cave runner G006 CoHosusfhe Adventure Game G008Eat Mine G063 Electnc Train set G069 Escape Irom jovi G009 Flaschbier G051 Frantic Freddy G012 Gravattack G013 Golden Fleece Adventure G078Lame ST Pons G054 Jeoppard (1Meg) per disk G016 Lam - The Adventure Game G075 Lettrix G066 Learn and
Play 1 G067 Learn and Play 2 G059 Marathon mine G074 Master of the town (great) G072 Mastermind G055 Mayhem G052 Mech Forth G017 Mega Games 2 (2 disk) G071 Metagallactic llamas G040 Monopoly - Cluedo G019Pacman G086 Properly Market Go23 Pseudocop G065 Quizmaster G084 Rings Of Zon (1 Meg) G024 Return To Earth G083 Seven Tiles Speedball G060 Snakepit G025 Starfleet G064 Star Trek (US) (2 disks) G070S.E.U.C.K game G076The tost occrest G085The J A R. G037 The Holy Grail G056 The Turn G053 Treasure Hunt G041 Trek Trivia G062 Wet Beaver (bat & ball) G068 Wordsearch
S. P.D TOP FIVE (April Salesl U0O6 Business pack(3 risks)
M142Crusaders does Genesis D200 Iraq demo D204Animations 1991
ALL 7 DISKS ONLY £8.00 !!
[” PD SOFT. (CU), 1 BRYANT AVENUE, SOUTHEND-ON-SEA, ESSEX SSI 2YD ,u" ~ Credit Card Hotlines (0702) 466933 612259 F03I VDRAW Free Hand Drawing Program V013 PlAY AND HAD Various Educotcnol 0512 WONDER LANO Uke Super Wonder F450 AMY Amy the squrrel lakes a 1047 ROBOCOP Dg-Vov* demo F035 quick COPYCopy some protection Programs lor the younger users (2) Boy very simple ideo but very hard game wrench to A Wetter Machine* 1048 BRUCE Iff Pxtura Demo F04I AMIGA VENTURE Write Your own VO 17 VC The best Spreod Sheei Program 0679 SPACE WVAJDERS very Good F423 POGO MssMamo Sele.Cute* 1049 TOTAL RECAU 'he
demo adventures and swap wrth your friends V024 BANKN ’he CheckBook control sys'emodM BACK TO THE FUTURE 3 (Ptoyablel F416 ATMOVES Am, the Sqo*rel* X)50 BACK TO THE FUTURE K E074 MCAD The Obiect Drawvvq Program V028 WORDWBGHT 4 AAMGASPQi 0647 HfYTIBS Very hard but excellent M14 Batman,LettN t.TemiwC tOS4 THE BLUES BROTXRS (3) VO 7 9 HOUSE HOLD INVENT OPT 0646 THE MAZE Travel the corridors F413 S* cf*vy Mdtoeuvre* I • 1045 HAWK'S N«e Batman sectron ________________________ 0650 TUWBCANilPtoyobe verson) SwlBiAm JUGGLIR7.DEMO 1070 OXYGEN 900 BEM1X MUSIC V041 TX DPAJNT ART DtSKVl 0. Loads of 0902
TAROT CARDS Select your birth sign 0076 THI KNIGHT ANWAT10N* X)71 RAF MEGAMIX Number 1 Pictures to load Kilo Any art package 0913 BREAXOUTSO & Normol Gome Inc 0031 FASXONAT1NG MiGA DFMO 1077 VOICES Of fffBTGY o, PANIC V043 JAZZBENCHPeptaces your Wo»tt*v*h 0996 MONOPOLY ANO CLUIDO 0099 DRAGONS LAIR Animoton* X)76 SWIFT MUSIC &» CRUSADE PS E232 D6UG Macro C Debugging Package dsk this disk has loods of Ixlra features 1060 STAR TR» The NEXT GB4E RATION 0111ORKHNAL WALKIR DEMOS 12i 1105 JARRE Uvf rhe Best Jarre disk (240 DUNGEONMASTERMAPS - 14 levelsV046 TV Grr hlcWVtto Gvophks Various Mega follow
up to the STARTRfK Gome 0146 NASA PICS Actual space p«s 1107 STAR TREKKJN The Whole F247 ASSEMT700LS Over 135 routines utilities for Video Producton Work |8) »73 TETRIS ORIGINAL Fast & responsrve 0165 SWINGING FROG Anvryjiion* song Pocked on Two doks 12.200) F272 AANGAPONT Horse predKton P9G V065 BSD SECTORS NC DEMO CREATOR 1079 DRTW WARS The new shoot em up 0164 ORIGINAL STAR TRBl AN1M12I 1113 COYOTE PART ¦ The Pood Test F273 PtNNYWlSE CoshBook Program V090 D COPY AND TETRACOPY PROGRAM )061 THE ULTIMATE STAR TREK GAMEJ2) 024? PLASMA FORCE AC © Demo 1115 BAD NEWS From Comjcstnp F276 CUCK DOSII
Upgrade to the CU Y106 AM«ASE PROFESSIONAL Thrs is the latest versen. Author Tobias Pkhter 0264 KYUI MINOGUE (2) 1116 CAPTURS) IMAGINATION F300 TTTLEGEN VI.4 Video produrton Most popular Amiga Database program 1063 MECXtGHT The Pole ptaying game 0272 FREDOY KRUEGER PICTURES 1119 CRUSADERS HOT W«H) F305 SPACElOG Space related Database V064 TX VIDEO PROOUCTION DISKS (2) TI66 QUO MASTER Quiz Game 0777 DRAGONS IAIR ¦ Animation* 1123 SOXX Presents TV* BEATIES F314 ZC C COMPILER Update on Disk '193 V100 3.5 DISK LABELER Pnris gtophKs 1203 AMXXXOS An ASTEPOIDS Vonont 0316 XX OF SCOOPEX Slide Show
1129 DtGLTAl NOISE I Excellent A44 V2.41 of the 6800C Mocro Assembler VI14 TEXTPLUS2 2 The Best Word Processor 1244 MISS*1 COMMAND Fred Fbh E44 4 0343 FORGOTTEN REALMS Fhcs 1130 MARS Animation Very good F194 MOF6A Dungeon Svnulotor Game 0711 GHDST a-c GOBLINS MUSIC 1253 OPTICAL ARTS Mego dems (101 All F252 ZERG Move Characters through ihe 0723 DEPECX MOOE Musk (2) 12S4 SAINTS Presents TX BLUE fantasy Realm ond Slaughter Monsters 0731 SRXWORM4 i tayable Pre.! HOUSE Mego Demo. Pwiewed CU F249 CHESS TUTOR NavKe chess player 0733 PMC FRACTAL Ammoton* 1267 DRAGONS IAIR ¦ Preview for ihe Frocta I
Generator Stoner F304 UffA -ew verson by Tomos Potok; 0797 ALIfflS Mega longSompie (2)1280 MAG F1GDS Dgtal Pemw moge around o sphere o» cylinder VI 32 Y190 M ED Version Number THREE (V3.0) F327 MASTBJMIND Famous TV Gome 0604 MtCHB JARRE EQUtNOXE 1296 LETS RIP VOLUME ¦ MUSIC F415CBBS A world like BbsSystem.ABodio Lostest updated program See AF for rev*w F345 CROBOTS Simla'to MechWomo- 0614 JARRE'S Ultimate Docklands ll 1302 NIK WR1JAMS Broodcost F414 BUDGET Pe'sonolfinorve monager Y191 MASTER VIRUS KILLER Virus Checker F357 EMPIRE Multplayer EconomKS gm 0638 TX STAR WARS Poure D*k 1306 ROUIR
BAU New Pelease(2] SOUNDEDITOR A Stereo sound file Edito- and K.le- with an Excellent Search option F362 IMPWUM ROMANUM Risk style 06S4 KYUE'S Aaade kn Hearao |2) 1312 CARS 4 GIRLS SUOE SHOW F417 DAT AEASY Database w*h Vonous V192 A-GENE DATABASE Fomly Tree Data F392 SPADES Ihe popuksr cord gome 0683 TX806STATEPemi.es 13 T7 TX BAD BIRD ANIMATION New Adranced features Inc Phone Dialer Informal .onP-ogram Wi-h Database F404 STAR TREK TX NEXT GENERATION 0905 ZOOLOOK Vxhel Jorre 1332 ARNOLD SC XV ARZENEGGEB F420 BOOTX.'New Virus K*e MENU V 93 EMULATORS Covers Vonous formats QUIZ GAME
ContoinslOOO. Ouest ons(?t 0910 WAR OF TX WORLD SI2IVQ94 in the Total PemiK Washing Advert WRTTR Wnte a menu to your Bootbtacks whKh includes CBM.QuiBM-PC.MAC & ST M17 QULZ Cave's Phy«s. Lndions& S«ates0926 TX WHO Meg a Sounds 040 IRAK ANIMATION Dsk * F421 NOVIRUS Virus destroyer soveopt V194 MR BACKUP.HD This New Verson No' F418 RUNNING A CtosSKol Maze Game 0937 MIAMI VICE Remm Disk 043 TX RO0OCOPI Side Show F420 SPACEWAR Vl 11 Two Player Game 0944 GUDERSCOPf TV The Mofcng 044 NIGHT THOUGHTS Braule F42 2 TR9LTRMA Covers Orgmalsenes 0946 MAXMUM OVERDRIVE 1?' .... F339 PCQ PASCAL COMPILER VIK
See Amiga fo'mat March for Peview details 1244 THE GALACTIC FOOO FIGHT F341 P2C VI. 13 Translates Pascal Prgs to C V114 ST-07 HOUSE MUSIC Instruments 1247 RINGS CX ZON Gauntlet sty* *: F347 CURSOR 3-Pass A Bos compiler V116 QUICKCOPY PROGRAMS and More 1246 DRAGONS CAVE Puzzle Adventure 0525 ESCAPE FROM SINGES F355 TRACKSALVI VI.3 Remove CU bugs V119 P«NTB? DRVERS 'hn dtsk contains all 1254 STAR TREK THE SHOOT EM UP F354 KOMM VI.36 Communications PPG the arrvers from fr*d fish ond Incs Generator 1255 THE SIMPSONS Control BART F359 ABRIDGE. Solution to AmmS incompotV126
TurboBockup.CrayKJnPainl X spel F371 FRACTALS Fractal generator that Jed WP.Sound Tracker V2 5 & 6 Pippers generates vonous different lypes ol fractals V131C-LIGHT Simple Pay Tracing Program F379 THEA64PACKAGE VI Compre ns-ve See Amiga Formal March lor a renew Emulator lo assist CBM64 users upgrading VO32 ST-71 PSYGNOSIS instruments lo the Arrvgo Comnradore 44 Bosk V133 8 ChannoL Trac* Sound Tractor F36? CROSS DOS V4 00b 'Read and Wr«e VI34 NEW CUP ART vl 9 ond V2 0121 ¦&M MSDOS (Also ST1 Disks on the AMIGA V034 THE SCANDEl Demo Creator to F363 MANDEIMOUNTA1NS Version 2 1 V137 SCANDAL ORKJANAL
MOOUALS F387 man DaniM VI1 Mandelbrot Creotor w Mhe Africa Musk from Budbratn 2 MANDELBL TZ YlO'.Mande'Brot Ptoter V150 ST-14 To ST-21 Instrumenh (5) F391 FRACTAllAB Yvestgote the reolm of V156 COUNTACH CUP ART (3| New An fractals and let your Kirag.notion run w*J V159 VIRUS KlUIR COUICTON No 2 F394 ROADROUTE A fr.p plonner to find theVtal THE PUZZLE MAKER Design Puzzles best road route between any two points V166 THE COMPLETE CMANUAL (3) rs a othkjns presents Wnerd Pktures 0957 GUDERSCOPf IV The Remo 1345 SYNTH MUSIC Number B 0956 TX New EVX DEAD Demo (NEW) DO TX BART MAN The 0960 D-MOB REMIX
includes 0 C compiler. V216 SPECTRUM EMULATOR VERSION 1.0 ssembler. Linker ond the support librar.es Includes vonous gomes.Chuckjefgg.others F447 SMAN Wirdetvot Gvnerato us« mouse V7T7 PO-Soft VOL4 PRO SOUND TRACKER F449 WONOERSOUNDY1 7 AaDRIVE VI la.SEARCHERV2.TUR80 IMPLOOERV3 1 tormon irtsfrumeni design tool & sv-.dow (NEW NORTH C VERSION VT 3 F427 IMPLOOWV3.1 Data Cruncher on a Fred Fish Yet New from the U S A F425 CHECKBOOK Checkbook recording V195 GRAPXC INTERCHANGE Change 0490 POPEYlMeers the beo h Boy Vonous Shots from Red Dwarf (2) SOME OF OUR DEMO DISKS OUR COLLECTION IS CATALOGUE
DATABASES | POUYSOFT UCBICEWARE E3.00 | STAR TREK GAMES NEW FROM FRED FISH VARIOUS DISKS F091 TX ADVB4TURE LANGUAGE] F145 RAM COPYCopies O disk into Porr(*| V038 SIERRA GAME£HEAT DfSX FT71 SOBOZON C COMPILER F229 DRAW MAP Generate floi.Globes. Orbeal. Mercator of the earths surface 1133 SCOOPEX MEGA DEMO I (3) 1143 THE VIRUS STORY'Hi MOVIE 1144 EQUIMANIA I Dranton S*UU 1157 GROOVE (S IN TX XART 1158 TX DPA1NT ¦ Animtf.on CASTLE An«-rc*ion Preview Dsk _________ 0532 HIGH LANDER Animation 1258 EAT MINE Ihe Boulder dash Clone 0542 PUGGS IN SPACE Animation 1142 WATTRSHIPOOWN Slideshow 0550 DRAGONS
LAIR long Sample 1144 RAF BEAST t MUSIC Dsk 0555 THE RUN Animaton* 1146 DRAGNET Mego Sample (21 0564 TRON UGWT CYCLES 121 * 1177 APPRBLTCE &, PombowArls 041? MONTY PYTHONS Demo (2; 1190 TX TRASK AN By WIZCAT 1259 TWWTRIS The best letns Vonont 1240 PACKMAN89,E.cellent Feato 028 WXB Of FORTUNE As on T 035 WIZZYS QUEST, Wrflen in AMOS 041 DOWN XU SKIING Anode game 06 U DFBBiE GIBSON ( Youlh (21 The dork stae of Mkkey Mouse 0420 LAURB and HARDY Show 1211207 PLAYBOY Jan 1991 (2J XXX 0435 100 ORIGINAL 64 Tunes 1211 MADONNA JUSTIFY MY LOVE 0667 CrtONtCS PRESENTS TX 1214 ENIGMA Musk disk Selection
_________ ______________ MADONNA DEMO DISKS (2), 1214 TX ULTIMATE WARRIOR IPDI (NEW) AMIOMEGASwitarta Hock rogye 0464 BUDBRAJN Mego Demo 121 1224 CHAOS ROCK Animation bulrsrrwch more complex. AD&D style 0471 DtGfTAL CONCERT 4 REMIX 1234 Th* VOCAL ATTACK!! (2) F06? HACKAAN Adventure Games 121* 0474 EPIC OCEANS SPACE CfTY* 1238 ANAJtHY Presents TX F096 CHESS Bette' thonsome commerce' 0478 GOOO MORNING VIETNAM SYSTEM VIOLATION MEGA DEMO F162 LABYRINTH N Pole Playing Gome 0489 TKHNOTROMC REMIX 1247 RED DWARF X-Rbi Plctuvw (NEW) TENNIS Ptayxtn the Computer (NEW) BlACKJACKcasrtaSimtoato' (NEW)
AMBftCAN STAR TREK’ 12.2 DD (NEW) Dtrts The oil New TETP6 vonont F397 D KB TRACE V2 A complete ray Tracer complete c monuol for the omgo me ludes FT7 4 TETR1X Anolher Tetns Vona nt F402 PRINTSTUDO Y1 25 Prints text ond over 70 fully e.ecutable programs.
GraphKs in a variety of Options PCOPY2.12 Y149 RIPPED MODUliSV 0taV19 F403 KAWAI EDITOR Seme kind of MIDI ore for use wth Sound or Noise Trocker Jrased musK Synrhesizer Program VT79 CLOUD and FRACTAL Voik F414 WRAP A program to wrap a Sculpt 4D p-ogtc F429 ATCOPY Copies Files from one side o between Atari $ i PC graphics to the Amiga *423 KX1YWOOO leievis* n Trivia the Amgo System to the other I PC to Amga VT96 AM OS taitrumenB Sounds (7) F430 SCUUTTOOLS includes BRUSH4D. V205 MICRO OCX FAIR DATABASE FRACTAL40.SPIRAL4D. ai upaakd vwsans V204 TX QL EMULATOR4 PROGRAMS 3) subway system Build
wisely for succi F424 METRO *oke the role of o c*y planner You must construct a mosstrons* ¦•inis. V209 CLERK ACCOUNTS PROGRAM E426 TRAIN ConsHuCtan simulator F431 CHEATSHEET A compilaso bockdoors.helpful bugs passwords codes V213 ST-21; HOUSE MUSIC INSTRUMENTS F437 CONQUESTV1.2 War gome s E434 TYPING TUTOR A simple tutor which Vol H The Samples hove Pem ed bock measures typing speed & changes difficulty V2U STAR TREKKER VERSION VI.3 This F441 DISKPR1NT Tt e New 3 5 Disk lobeler latest verson by EXOION ol FAR4JGHT w h GraphKS. Men-for a smollPDUbrory V215 PO-Sofl VOL5: DISKMASTER V3 2, M ¦
• s 'Mfl MiMOT* JiCJPED (200 » N* E DS *VAD DSK DP V*5 ¥6 = B?AND
NEW 34*3 ®liAS: QM1 Tir.'yA-iVCRXf'G_ TUNES H (31 * BY SCOOPEX
1014 CROLtC S ToM Deitractton 1019 TKX40FUGHT FUGHT SLM 1021
USA vi IRAQ Ankrxttxi 1044 Kf FRENS Presents TX WALL NOW OVER
2300 DISKS ORDERWG DETAILS ntgue. Ea Database Catalogue Disks
They co-; detais of over 2300 disks avoiiobe directky from us
IAB items ore in sloe kJ A multitude of options including
Print. Son ond Review details 2 OdkSet Only £1 50 Includes Free Updates wzzxmzm Ever wo n»ed o c ompteto desc t iplon of all ihe Fred Fish disks on Paper* We*, the entire list is now ONLY ova table from PD SOFT ovet 80 Pages revealing everything obcto every prog ram in this
- ongeos described by Fred Fish Thl* includes Sorted Index Of
Every Only C2 50 Ll - SPACE BLOB torlp'm Game simlor lo Manx
Mine- 12 - MR DC (1Mb) Dg Dug Slyle Cotoct those cherr.es 13 -
Q-BOtD Tetris Collectors ond plovers «4 Vsve rl 14 - COMPUTER
CONFUCTS (Wb| Spoce Age shoofem up 15 - sue CULTURE P-Type
ckjne AJI 5 t«Fv g levels 16 - BALLZONE Arkanoid but with a new
twist L7 - DIZZY UZZYTIMb) D tra large BoukJeraosh gome 18 -
FUNTIME 1 Educational Games ShopeClock.p tuie.»Ceys 19 •
FUNTIME 2: Educational Gomes.Mane,.Seasons Mouse FLETCHER FONTS
PACK 1 to 46 disks per pock, eochdisk has 71015 different
colour fonis. Votious sizes Dul no repeats Instructions 10 load
the 16colour fonls inioDPAINT as toms Help. Advice & Support
available from PD SoH PACK A or B: Btock & V'Jhile pac ks of
fonts as above twl 1010 20 tonls oe' disk. £15.00 Per Pock.
I0EAL FOR VIDEO & ARTISTIC WORK 1040 STAR TREK The NEXT GENERATION 1081 TX ULTIMATE STAR TREK (2) latest verson. Author Tobias Richter NEW AMERICAN STAR TREK' 0 71*01 PRICES ARE PER DISK 1 -5 Ditto 2.50 4-K) Dtdu 2.25 11-20 Disks 2 00 21-49 Otsto 1.75 50-99 Dtoks ISO 100. DUU 1.25 Wtr. I ¦ca *o’ lo iiCBrxowo'e ¦'octa ('tlx aoron PocXs 4 Scv" Vakt ordcrvig XXX IMEs ploosc vole fvoi xiorervar 18 »oon afl ll CHX BS D6PAIO40 V4L*. 48 i X*6 lAHOFlNTSCMY ASI OjOU l»« D6X YTJORt 1X04 si. Mi naas nauo vj iposiai cosis & pacx*g ORDERING BY POST: (LIAS* SINDA040C* PC6UU CtfOm-AAO* PAYAfll 10 XT 0 rCL ‘
SPACE FACE A selection of NASA space pics have been digitised for the Amiga and form the basis of a new slideshow by Kerry Lancaster.
DEMOS Seventeen Bit Disk No. 907 * * * IN THE NET READERS' DEMOS Alastair Carter from Rossendale sent in a couple of fantasy shots which took our fancy (right) and J. W. Clegg from the Isle of Man has come up with some tasty D- Paint 2screens (above). Both readers' work was top-notch. Keep 'em coming!
A brilliant basketball animation by Eric Graham is currently wowing 'em on the PD circuit. Seventeen Bit Disk No. 910 A-Animation S-Sound U-Ufility G-Game M-Miscellaneous PD TOP TEN DEPECHE MODE 1 Applecus Animation A 2 Phenomenal Phenomena A 3 Games Galore 3 G 4 Robocop Animation A 5 Games Galore 5 G 6 Anarchy System Violation A 7 Simpsons Demo A S 8 Acme Megademo A 9 Madonna Nude A 10 Amazing Tunes 2 S Compiled by 17 Bit The mean and moody Basildon Boys’ electronic music gets the remix treatment courtesy of Symbiosis. Tracks on otter include See You, Photographic. Little Fifteen, Route
66, Blue Dress and the classic Shake the Disease.
Seventeen Bit Disk No. 926 * * * THE GAL ARNDALE CE ON, BEDSLU
582) 45 THE LOT!!
BATMAN OR SCREEN GEMS GAMES PACK AS LEFT, PLUS: 10 INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED GAMES IS fflPs £19.99 X39 99 eoch, [toe to choose horn cutrent list ol| 15, or leoee n to os! ChMten's gomes araMfe 15 DISC HOBBYTE PD GREATS PACK, nckd-xi»™ *« j BEST Stac kek Cenccxeec Catfict. BcedcCKe end consmxtoi tjf. Bonnet and olt»ei i gomn. JttadeCtaws. Scout Ctassks. Stooc-errrUo Oossks. Best a! Ihe Utilises!
Home txxL imljdrg Vcwd Pxxessxx Stel Check. Spcedhhtel. Dmxee I Duel Cover, 10 Blok Disci, Disc Bo., Moose Mot, Mkioswitcil Tuefao Joystick I MB Am,. £399 512K Amiga £379 I WITHOUT BATMAN SCRE£N GEM DEDUO1 GAMES PACKS BATPACK OR SCHtfN GEMS Ful AMIGA 500 pock, PIUS: Botmoo Pock Sofrwte; Botmon, F18 kWraptoc.
New Zedond Stocy, DeknePoint II Oil Screen Gems soflwore: Shodow ol Ihe Beosl II, Bock lo Itre Fulwe II, Ooys o Hondo, Naghtbceed, Dekixe Point H ____ any 1,1 MBA nigo £369 ony2, IMBAmijo £399 ony 1,512K Amp £349 ony 2,5121 AMIGA £3 9 ANY SOFTWARE UPGRADE PACK lot existing Amiga owneos .. £39 STARTER PACK ful Amiga SOO pock, WITHOUT 8atman Ftght Saeen Gems software: BUT WITH: 15 disc Hobbyte PD Greats pock, including Virus Killers, the Best Stor Trek and other lop ten gomes, Arcode Oossks, Boord Classics. Besl ol the Utifcties, Home pock including Word Processor, Spceodshtel.
Database, Joystick CLASS OF THE 90S EDUCATIONAL APPUCATEONS PACX Full AMIGA SOO PACK, PLUS: ASOI 5I2K RAM expansion, MIDI Interface. Dekixe Point II.
Sopettnse Petscnol, Maxiplon 500, Publishec's Choke, Ot Vs MIDI Reconlkig Studio. LOCO, BBC Imulosot, 5 BBC jxogrammes, 10 Nook disos, mouse mot, disc wollet.
HOBBYTE EDUCATIOHAl PACK,taoxnouelei) ’lean wWeywpta'Dotes (wresKandi toogegnwl HOBBYTE 30 EASY CHILDREN'S GAMES, 10 dsx poA in; Iran Set Gem, ftohbet JOYSTICK £519 ClASS OF THE 90S SofTWARE UPGRADE PACK lor existing AMIGA owners £ 199 20904 20*1 HD lOcrtf XlMpfari ffhfclMd 7303WGrt» 82000 wrth 2091 40MI HD Hjcrtr nMpkri Hbagetot 73WH fartot ORDERING: TELESALES NO: (0727) 56005 Next day delivery for credit cord orders placed before 4.00pm subject to ovadabilty. Alternatively send cheque, postal order, bankers draft or official order (PICs, Education and Government bodies only) lo; Dept. CUA,
Hobbyte Computer Centre, 10 Market Place, St. Albans, Herts A13 5DG. Piwse alow workng dcysfoi cheqi* decrcrte. Subiect to ovoloWty, despotch is narmcty withn 24 hours of receipt of cleared payment.
DELIVERY CHARGES: UK Mainland (not Highlands) Srrdl ccmsuncbfes & Despatched try post, pleose check softwere items chorges when ordering Other items, except losers Next day courier semce, £ 10 per box laser printers Nextdaycourer service, £17.50 (tfstoce ond Highlands Normd rote cfos £20 * VAT per toi In addition we oHer the fotowing express services: Sfltudcry detveries Normol tore plus £ 10 * VAT surcharge per box 7om w 9om next day Normol rate plus £10 * VAT surcharge per tax Am next day Ncrmd rote plus £5 * VAT surdxrge per box ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS PACK ’ PULL AMIGA 500 PACK, PIUS: POSTMAN
PAT, SNAP, SNAKES AND LADDERS, LUDO PUN SCHOOL 2 AND FUN SCHOOL 3 (speedy undee 6 yeocs, (specify under 5 yeacs, 6 to 8 years, or 8* yeoss) S to 7 yeors, oo 7* yeocs) 12 conning UK ecLcolOnd gums nilh IwulM pomes, eicnxig onmolun aid musk lia tetp«doicfcp cumber wxd and olhe sUs Up to 6 sJUE tenets. Cndone U Halxxid (umaiiiw nqmemuilS- HOBBYTE EDUCATIONAL PACK, leolumg i»» I! Item ebfc sojpky'pmtes (soties octcxdkg to age graop) HOBBYTE 30 EASY CHILDREN'S GAMES, lOdscpock «; Bon See Bare. ItoNMt pita I JOYSTICK £3o9 ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS SOFTWARE I PACK for existing AMIGA
u»n......£55 .
HXJCATIONAL PACK AnoAoble only to educational usen - see note below I Ful Amiga SOO pack, plus ASOI S12K RAM e.poosioo plus ooey ONE ol the lollowioj ([loose socle Hrsl ond second dmkol Pcowcde »P Motile spioodsheet, Dlkne Point II, Dekixe Print, Music Mouse, LOGO, Tollcing talk, BBC EmuloBi. S BBC progcommes, MIDI Inlecfoce, Supecbose Pononol, Monpkm SOO, MIDI Receding Sldlo JJ99 pi* VAT ImpoitoMt Nat*: Thft otter 6 slndtr onh coJoUe to LlAs, schools.
. SludwnwhiotondktsondtwcWs-plwse prowd* oftidd ord« or ¦kfltibatoo sod os a l*w continnini sloiert sMtus Itom school ot ccfog* i I w oq» o( DIS o«d. Or UnlVv. «n Hm podco«* moy be up *» 14 21 f I days horn dole ot outer Ak»* 2MI RAM on Hdu*tr«« 2058 boord 8UPbo „ lo 2MB pop toi 499 lt 4 819 999 W9 v* 1039 .119 1199 11 4 1389 1499 m i k 949 1029 w 919 1039 1149 m 1049 1IB9 1299 1349 1419 IS39 144?
929 999 1119 172?
43000 43000 25 40 25 m. *5«HO. I« M1«3.5’ 8ltt hm. £1989 I 4300025 100 2S«ft'. IC0»4rtU9BPW 1x35’ 1811 *wi £22891 1950 Uo.fwSVG4800.400mduwiiMWK £ 399| 43000 Trade in price as abort lew £150 - £200. Please phoee.
FIRST STEPS EXPANDED EDUCATIONAL APPLICATIONS PACK FULL AMIGA SOO PACK, PLUS: ASOI 51?KRAMexponskm lets Spell ol Home. Music Mouse. Prownte WP, InfoFile spxeoasheet. Deluxe Point II, Deluxe Prim, Musk Ataise, LOGO.
Talking Turtle, BBC Emutom, 5 BBCcxogrammes, 10 discs. 00s ond j OON’Ts posset. Pesocxce File. In Pax Video. NAPE Booklet HOBBYTE EDUCATIONAL PACK, taexinj up to 12 'leer wtxle yai pta' gams (vceies aaxdng lo age gkxp) HOBBYTE 30 EASY CHILDREN'S GAMES, lOdtanock . J xXitonSelGome.Ftatie CCOO SofTWARE UPGRADE PACK pi 00 krexBflnghrigiowners £ I ”7 [A500 to B2000 or 3000 TRADE IN (All prices ex VAT)
• 20 blank discs ond 80 capacity Irxkabi* disc box
• 15 db Hobbyte PD Greoli podc. «x Virus Oten, The Utimole Strr
bek. And crtw girt gomes, Jrcode Classics. BookI Oossks, Bast
of *e Utdihes. Hem! Pak inc. Ward ftaessor, Spell Check,
tototnso, Spr«d*e« HO DEPOSIT CREDIT FACILITIES (UK mainland)
Credit terms at 34.8% APS (vorioblel can be wronged for
puchoses over £1 SO. Sitject to status Corrpetithe leasing
schemes ore ofso avoloble for businesses, indxfing vie troders
crrf wtnershps lust tel for written detals crd abdication farm
SLUE IC24 200 COLOUR PRINTER AMD LEADS £285 eiMi'tai feue m
unki ’Ertm’ to ritotnd wnrMri For the very best reviews of PD
Utilities and AMOS Shareware read the only column that
matters... JUNIOR PD CLUB A Bit On The Side have launched the
first PD club aimed at the younger fan. Sick and tired ot all
the bad language that finds its way onto the PD circuit, ABOTS
have set themselves the task of individually vetting each
disk. With over 200 demos, slideshows, games and sound disks,
the club looks set for success. For £7 you’ll receive a
catalogue disk plus five extra disks, a tree pen and badge
(cooo!). Our sample kit included a Turrican 2 demo, a Popeye
meets the Beach Boys remix, a tank lull ot singing fish and a
brill Tobias Richter slideshow.
Recommended square board gobbling up a set number of tiles while avoiding red bouncing balls, AMOS SHAREWARE green slippery snakes and Here's an inventive arcade deadly skulls. Once a tile puzzler in which you take con- has been eaten, you cannot trol of a small brown spider walk over that area again, so and have to hurtle around a caretul planning and skill is needed to munch through enough tiles to reach the next level. Totally addictive.
ABOTS or Seventeen Bit £3.50
* *** PUKADU THIS AND THAT RIM A relational database isn't
something which helps you keep check on the number of relations
you suddenly acquire once you've won the pools. In fact, it's a
handy system which allows you to set up several databases which
can pool information and thus save on disk and memory storage
Similar programs are used by banks and councils in keeping tabs on people and equipment. The police's Central Crime Computer uses a sophisticated relational database which helps them compare intormation from several different crimes and see which facts are common to all ot them. This isn't a program tor the beginner as it isn’t particularly user friendly. With no pull-down menus, it's strictly lor the seasoned user.
Postal PD*** HAM LAB This rather clever image-pro- cessing enhancing software allows you to convert Ham mode pictures to extra half- bright (64 colour mode) and low res pics and lets you save pictures as an executable file to boot.ln its entirety, It's a marvellously useful piece of software and compares favourably to the conversion routines of Pixmate which would give you little change from a £100 note.
Seventeen Bit 916 **** Amongst the legion ot utilities packed onto this disk are a host of Workbench hacks. These are particularly stupid and annoying routines which mess about with the way Workbench performs.
For example, how about making the screen disolve in front of you or creating a mini-snow storm to rage across the monitor? Using these hacks it’s possible to add floating bubbles or a starscape to the background ol your Workbench screen or even have a huge pair ot eyes follow every cursor movement.
Two other utilities are worth mentioning.
Converter allows the user to convert graphic images trom one tormat to another. For example, it allows you to convert IFF files to Bitmap or ST files to the Amiga. Perhaps the most useful util is Pop.Dir 1.6 which Isa multitasking icon driven disk directory which allows you to call up a directory from any disk at the single click of a mouse button.
Seventeen Bit. Disk 749,
* ** MCAD Here’s a truly excellent designer's tool. Able to pro
ject 3D objects from a number of different angles, this
fully-featured program works in the interlace mode and is
incredibly user friendly - so much so that it almost does all
the work for you, makes you a cup of coffee and puts you to
bed at night into the bargain.
Cheaper than Aegis Draw and more user-triendly than XCAD, both costing more than a £100 each, it's an essential purchase for anyone interested in computer-aided design.
Postal PD***** PD OF THE MONTH AMOS SHAREWARE Another one for younger kids.
Work and Play _ has three edu- I" cational games for your money.
Help your kids tell the time, learn their multiplication tables or add up the prices in a shop. Each program is designed to be both 4-WAY LINKS AMOS SHAREWARE An intriguing puzzle game in which a player has to connect a number ot tiles with a centre tile in a set time limit. By moving the cursor over a tile, it's possible to move it around within the square so that It connects with other tiles in adjacent squares. With two, three or tour exits Irom each square, it’s not going to be easy to match up all the squares and each level Is harder than the last. ABOTS or Seventeen Bit, £3.50
***** UTILITY DISK ONE This one's absolutely crammed full ol useful utilities and productivity tools.
The highly regarded virus- killers, VirusX 4.0 ani Seek& Destroy ate included, the latter able to detect three different types ot Link Viruses, which actually inlect tiles rather than the Boot Block, as well as over 40 Boot Block viruses. There are also two compression programs: MasterCrunch and Powerpacker, both able to crunch files to half their original size. CU uses Powerpacker to cram as many games and utilities on our cover disks as we possibly can. Among the many other utilities on show are two easy-to-use and highly-recommended music composing packages [Noisetracker and
Soundtracker). It you haven't already built up an extensive library ot utility disks, this Is a good place to start.
Seventeen Bit 949 *** GO-GETTER AMOS SHAREWARE Brucie's Play Your Cards Right comes to the Amiga.
Essentially, each player has to correctly guess a sequence of __cards by predicting whether the next numbered card will be higher or lower than the previous one. After each turn, the number of correct answers is translated into points which allow the player to move around a board. There are special warp squares which can transport the player around the board as well as bonus and free turn squares. The winner is the player who amasses the most points in a set time.
Seventeen Bit or ABOTS £3.50 *** DBWRAYTRACE Although far from user friendly, this is an exceptional ray tracing application which comes complete with several raytraced pictures for you to oggle at.
Postal PD *** both fun and educational in some way. For instance, a _ mouse runs past a waiting cat to gobble up a piece of cheese each time a player adjusts the clock to the right time.
Seventeen Bit Or ABOTS, £3.50 *** WORK AND PLAY MED 3.0 There are a number of PD companies claiming to have sown up the exclusive distribution of this amazing music composing package in the UK. Don't believe a word of It - it's all a pack of lies and In the majority of cases the program has become bastardised beyond recognition with many of the original files and documentation either missing or substantially altered. This is a shareware disk, available to all and sundry - all the Finnish author requests is that you send him a small donation if you find the program at all useful.
And you almost certainly will! I don't think that I'm overestimating the program by saying it’s the best music package I've seen - PD or otherwise! MFD3.0allows you to compose tunes using Amiga samples played through any of the Amiga’s sound channels and create brilliant stereo effects. It's possible to load in at least 64 samples into the memory in one go and access each one individually.
An added feature, not present on the 2.0 version, is the ability to convert synth and hybrid instruments. Another plus, MFD can also display music in traditional notation as well as numbers and letters, which makes things easier to understand (for me, anyway!).
There's also a fully-featured sample editor which allows you to tailor each sample to exact needs within the program without having to leave and edit samples with a dedicated sampler.
Up to 16 MIDI channels can be supported and it's possible to adjust the volume and speed of playback with a much finer variation than any other package. There are 240 speed settings and 64 volume settings!
Obviously, from the few features I’ve mentioned here, this is an exceptional program worth its weight in gold. MFD is to a musician what the Amiga is to a ZX81 owner! Buy it!
Kryptonite PD, Bisk U400,
Ask the newsagent!
STARTING UP WITH STYLE Continued from page 34 ON THE RAZ Now you've seen how our startup-sequence works, you should be able to appreciate how little effort it takes to give disks a little extra razzamatazz. If you look in the C directory of our coverdisk extra, you’ll find lots of short routines that can be used when compiling your own disks. To help recognise the routines, fheir names are all in capital letters. It’s possible that your own startup-sequence doesn't work in exactly the way you expected it to. This can be frustrating, and may be because certain routines aren’t very compati
ble. Only experience will teach you what’s possible!
BOOTING THE VIRII The very first thing that the Amiga does when you put a disk in the disk drive, is look at the bootblock. The bootblock contains information that helps the computer to load any further data from the disk. The information stored on the bootblock is not stored as a file in the usual way and, to the novice, you have virtually no way ot changing the contents. This feature is utilised by software houses to add protection to their games.
By changing the bootblock, they can store information on their disks in such a way that it cannot be accessed with ordinary Amiga copiers. Unfortunately, virii are also attracted to the bootblock, tor the same reason. If a virus writes itself to the bootblock of a game that was already using the bootblock for its protection system, the disk will be rendered useless.
Bootblock virii have another nasty habit; they copy themselves trom the bootblock of the disk to an area ol the computer's memory that is rarely accessed by ordinary programs. There they sit, waiting, until an unprotected disk is inserted into the disk drive. Then they copy themselves onto the bootblock of that disk, possibly destroying it, before hiding away again ready for the next disk. On the coverdisk is a program called Utility Boot Installer. When used on a normal disk, the program will put its own special code in place of the standard bootblock.
This code immediately flashes an options screen onto the screen when the disk is inserted into the disk drive. As long as the options screen appears when you insert the disk, you can be certain that your disk has not been infected by a boot block virus. The new boot block also searches the computer memory for virii and, if it finds any, kills them. Load the program to see a description ot the options that Utility Boot Installer otters you.
"WARNING" Installing a utility boot on commercial software may stop it trom loading. Unless you know what you're doing, don’t risk it!
P. D. LIBRARY Data Field's Computer Club is a service operated
by the Irish Amiga Owner's society, offering access to the
largest P.D. Library in Ireland, full user support, a member's
disk magazine full of News, Letters, Hints, Technical Support,
comment on the current Amiga scene and contact with other
Amiga user's in Ireland.
So get the best out of your Amiga, be a part of the fastest growing Amiga group in the Universe.
Write or ring now for your free catalogue and magazine disk to: DATA FIELD'S COMPUTER CLUB
CU ¦ THE COMPLHE GUIDE TO THE MCA m a cuMe ironed J2(£U) mmm&emenz AMIGA CLEARANCE TV Sports Basket Bal 14.99 Wolfpack (1 Meg) ......14.99 Warhead ....9.99 .
Xout ..6.99 1 Xenon 2 .....9.99 Turrican ......8.99 nonoanvh Treasure Trap . .....8.99 6.99 Weird Dreams . ......5.99 Theme Park Mystery.... 599 Teenage Hero Turtles... .. 1499 Stunl Car Racer ..... ......999 Test Drive .... ......8.99 Grand Prix Circuit .. ¦ 899 4th Winches .. ......8.99 Star Glider 2 ...... .. 899 Simglcra Rick Dangerous ...... .....9.99 Paradroid90
899 P47 Thunderbolt ..... .....699 Orient Games .. .....8.99 Ninja Spirit ... .....7.99 Kick OB . Gravity ... Hammerfist ... . 799 Aitboume Ranger 7.99 Atomic Robokid 8.99 Axels Magic Hammer ..799 With us the customer is King WaOir&tteefcs9 Most ol our games are despatched whin 24-48 hours (bearing in mind we test every game) Can! GetYour Money Relunds done on any game not despatched by us if requested Good Prices1’ To o«er an excellent service to the customer
* costs money. We are offering good products at vey cheap prkes
Cheapest Prices Around We c*it afford » be any cheaper,
otherwise we'd be bartut* arO pecfk wxtt lose Her nonev.
SonKOoJ* wll always ty to undercut us tte: Barg*n Softwre SO.C.. Mart Evert Gita ft 2 SolhrareE,cE'c BA fey* all -OsappeanW m *1 Oe here in years to come, others wnl Why Choose Castle Software?
1. New Management
2. Fresh Approach
3. All Software is TesIM
4. No CluO to Join
5. Keen Prices
6. No long Delays
7. Most llems In Slock
8. Helpful Stall
9. Refunds upon Request
10. B Costs Money Not To once i»5B0U9»s« n™ m mmt Battle
Squadron ..... 899 Colonels Bequest..... Back Future
2 . ....999 Conquest olCamelot
Cadaver ...... ..14.99 Bonfce-B®
Corporation . ..14 99 8*4 Ba-jwrhPewei
Dragon Breed . Falcon ..
Dynasty Wars . .. 999 ....7.99 StoeAngets Seres
fa CtotOKmgooro G'acfcjcw' Ooja vu
Elite ......
Wings .... ..14.99 Wings ol
Furry . Wheels ot Fire ..... ...999
Commando Gesrqys Gua-aai Anges Shadow ol Beasl..... Gndsan
HotHM Owji Space Harrier 2 ...... ...7.99
Klax 799 Powemror« =3SJ~anPai
Pacland ......6.99 Escape Robot
Monsters.....8.99 Fantaviskm .....14.99
FastPoocOtzzy P Fereasv Wodc Xzzy ‘ttMranor
19. 99
22. 99 Double Dragon___________________J
Xenon------------------------------7.99 Super
Wonderboy .8.99 Rally Cross Challenge 7.99
Rocket Ranges .8.99 Shadow
Gale ...a
S. E.U.C.K ..9 £99 899 59S . A 99 . 649 .
899 AMIGA SPECIALS Armour Geddon .17.49 Heros
Quest ..... .17.49 Brat .
Mcunshine Racers... Stella 7 ... 17.49
Hydra ..... 17.49
I. K.+ ..... ..7.49
Platoon .. ..7.49 Predator
2 ... 17.99 Killing Cloud
Gods .....1749 Life &
Death ......17.99 Moonbase (Sierra)....
......26.99 Mig29 ..... ......25 99 Heart of
Dragon . ......17.49 Encounter ...
......17.49 Cougar Force ...... ......17.49
Toki ... .....17.49 Crock
Roc* . .....1749 Hill Street Blues ..
.....17.49 Hostages . 799
Warzone .. .....17.99 F15 Strike Eagle II.....
.....25.99 Midwinter 2 .. 2599 Railroad
Tycoon ... .....25.99 lemmings . Super
Cars 2 ....17.99
Viz ...... ....1499
Swiv ...
Alcatraz ..... .. 1999
Cdditz ....21.99 Turncan
2 .. . 1799 3D Construction Kit.....
....34.99 4D Boxing ... ....17.99 4D
Driving .. Afrika Corps ...
Awesome (Psygnosis).
...15.99 Cohort . ...21 99 Crystals of Aborea ...1799 Das Bool .... ...2199 Wonderland .. ...21.99 Switchblade 2 . ...17.49 ro Tennis Tour 2 ... ...17.49 Tight of Intruder .... ..21.99 Skull S Crossbones...... ..17.49 0782 575043 AMIGA SPECIALS | Hard Drivin 6.99 ] ) Toobin 6.99
A. RB. 6.99 [California Games 6.991 [Carrier Command 8.99| j
Speed Ball 8.99 [Defender ot Crown 8.99[ 3D Pool 8.99 | j
_Colorado 7.99_ ] | Sherman M4 7.99 [ North 8 South 7.99 [W.C.
Leaderboard 7.99] nMoonwalker 7.99 ] [ Vigilante 7.99_
|Forgotten Worlds 7.99j Kult 7.99 j Ninja RabbitsL99 ] [CJ
Elephant Antics 6 99] |Adv. Fruit Simulator 6.99) | Jet
Sublogic 8.99 1 [BSS Jayne Sepour 9.991 f Pub Trivia 4.99 I |
Pro Tennis 499 ] [SJ.U.N. Runner 5.99, I" Castle Master 9.99
799 899 599 999 799 799 .799
* 99 £99 . 99 Fed UP weh Faulty Al our games are tested beta
despatch AMIGA SPECIALS 1 Sim City Popute..... .21.99 1
1 Switchblade ...... 699 1 I Toyota
Celica .... 16.99 1 Back To Future 3.....
16.99 1
D. M.S.2 . 18.99 1 Adv. Destroyer Sim..
17.49 1 Nam .. 71 99 I Little Puff in
Dragonland.....6.99 1 Bards Tale 3 17.49
1 The Power .. 19.99 1 Golden
Axe . ......17.49 1 Pirates ..... 1890 1
Dungeon Master (1 Meg)..17.49 1 Chaos Strikes Back ..
......17.49 1 Prince of Persia . ......1699 1 °c«et
Mongo'______ _ -1999 I Oera-s '99 I Buck Hoogets
21. 95 I Opvafcr Wc4 5 99 I Itt-a V '999 I Gmptug 2199 I
GengisKha- 24 99 I Lotos Esprit .. .....16.99 1
M1 Tank Platoon . .....19.99 I
Midwinter .. .....19.99 1
Amos . Dragon Wars .
....17.49 I A10 Tank Killer .... ....27.99 1 Gauntlet
II . ......7.99 I Indianapolis 500 ..
....1699 I Distant Armies ..... ......9.99 1
Frontline .... . 999 I
Vulcan . Ancient Battles ......
......9.99 I Vitus ... 6 99 1
Wizball Treasure 1. Dizzy ...
.....4.99 1 Silkworm .... .....7.99 1 0782
575043 Post to: CASTLE SOFTWARE Castle House, 2 William
Clowes St, 3urslem, Stoke-on-Trent ST6 3AP Please tush me:-
Title ST Amount PSP (it applicable) Total Amount
Poslcode .....Tel No ... Please
add 50p P&P per Game Free on our second cover sidk is a
useful utility called Protracker. Here's how to get to grips
with this powerful sound package.
Part 3 MAI G You’ve learned how to format a disk and know how to copy files onto it. You’re the master of the startup- sequence and you’re ready to create your first demo. But what about music? Well boys an’ girls, ladies and germs, this could be your lucky day. Why? Because on the extra disk this month we've included a great music package called Protracker which you can use to write your own songs and add them to your demo. Also included on the disk are a couple of sample songs to get you started. One of them is the classic Axel F. the other is a really hot tune called Space song (it's the
one you heard playing whilst the disk was loading).
LOADING SONGS AND MODULES First off, load Protracker from the extra disk. When it's loaded, you should see a screen something like picture a xxxxxx.
To start with, we’ll load one of the tunes.
Space-song has been saved as a module, so click on Load Module. After a pause, you’ll notice that the title Space- song, has appeared in the window underneath the load save options. If you click on this title, the song will now load.
Clicking on EXIT will return you to the main work screen. Now it’s simply a matter of selecting PLAY and leaning back to enjoy the music. When you’ve had enough, clicking Stop, will give your ears TECH FACTS For those of you who are in the know here are some of the more advanced features ot Protracker, dual sample mixing, sample editing (including xtade, boost etc), numerous sample effects (including arpeggio, vibrato etc).
Ears a rest!
Space song is the liveliest so we'll use that. Using the mouse pointer, click on DISK OP. This will open up a file section at the top of the screen. There are several loadfsave options in this part of the screen, but So what have you just done?
Obviously you’ve loaded and played a module, but what's a module? Basically Protracker can save music in two ways; as a song, or as a module. It you save a tune as a song. Protracker simply saves the data about the tune, but doesn’t include the samples in the save tile. This is because using the SAVE SONG option, you are just making a temporary save whilst you work on a tune. You don’t want your saves disk to be cluttered up with hundreds of K worth ot samples. Nor do you want to wait tor ages each time you save. When you save a song as a module, all information about the song is saved,
including samples. This produces a much larger save file, but a module is ready to use in your own demos, a song is not.
USING SONGS IN YOUR OWN DEMOS Using modules in your own demos is simplicity itself. When you save a tune using the SAVE MODULE option, you will create a file that has the letters .MOD after the title of the file. On the extra disk you will find a file called Noiseplayer. This is the program that allows you to play your tunes independently of Protracker. To use it all you need do is put Noiseplayer and your tune on the same disk, then either through CLI or the startup-sequence (see CLImb aboard) type NOISEPLAYER -P‘ YOURTUNE.MOD. This will load the Noiseplayer routine, set the quit mode, and
load a tune called YOURTUNE.MOD, which it will then play. Easy isn't it!
Incidentally, the * in the above command refers to the way that you want the user to be able to quit the song. 1 = Quit if the left mousebutton is pressed. 2= Quit if the right button is pressed. 3= Quit when both buttons are pressed. 4= Left Amiga Control to quit. 5= Escape to Quit. 6= No quit mode.
When you're messing around with Prolracker. You can use any samples you like, but the packages automatically detects samples stored on disks named ST-00, ST-01, ST-02 etc. One final point, pressing HELP at any time within Prolracker. Will call up a complete list of heip options to teach you all you need to know about using the numerous feautures of this great music writing package.
DIY SONGS AND ANSAPHONE MESSAGES IT’S Creating a tape recording of your music is easy. Connect your Amiga's audio leads to the CD inputs of a stereo.
Switch it onto Aux, insert a blank tape then hit record. The tape can then be used with a machine such as the VoiceOver which allows you to record your voice onto your soundtrack. VoiceOver is available from Leadin Edge Stores and Innovations Catalogues, priced at £34.95. Next issue we'll be telling you how to use samples in your You've got the software. You know how to make your own standalone tunes. Now all you need is some inspiration and you're away. How about this for inspiration: Technosound Turbo. Do what?! I said Technosound Turbo... Oh come on, surely you’ve heard of it? It's the
new sound sampler from New Dimensions. It gives you all the usual sampling options, plus it can act as a real-time vocal effects box. If you want to sing karaoke with the voice of a demented robot, this is the kit for you. It's also the perfect accompaniment to Prolracker. What do you have to do to stand a chance of winning this groovy gear? All you have to do is create a song using Prolracker. Save it as a module, and send the disk containing the module in to us. In case of a draw, you should look af the picture of MC Hammer and suggest the title of a song that would seem appropriate.
Send your Entries to; S£2= v..:.:Jrj SS53| £hdt £Ss3i Why can't MC Hammer buy trousers the right size competition CU Amiga Priory Court 30-32 Farringdon Lane London EC1R3AU N r* n [ Li DISK-GUSTINGLY GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY TWO DISKS FOR ONLY £2.95 We’re so pleased with the contents of this month’s disks that next month you’ll find another two disks attached to the front cover, and, once again, we won’t be charging you any more for the privilege - unlike other magazines! These disks will be crammed with useful goodies and feature a clutch of the best up and coming games and applications.
All will be fully interactive and give you a taste of what’s to come.
• We'll be reviewing some wicked sound sampling hardware from New
Dimensions, and reviewing an incredible new integrated
Workbench management system.
• Dale Wilks, our new music maestro, will be following up this
month s feature by showing sampler owners how to make your
own remixed answer-phone messages.
• Have you ever wondered exactly how a disk is made? Tune in next
month and you can find out as we rip a couple of them apart to
find out how they tick. We’re also going to take a closer look
at some classic software that you may have missed. On the disk
we ll be including a very special demo, and as if that wasn't
enough, we'll be giving away an impressive selection of
valuable prizes that are just too good to miss!
As you can see, our games coverage is every bit as good as it used to be, and next month's edition will be even more jam-packed than usual. With a bit of luck and a prevailing wind, we’ll be bringing you a wide selection of exclusive reviews and previews. Details are a little sketchy at the moment, so we don’t want to give too much away, but, rest assured, we ll be bringing you early peeks and reviews ot some of the hottest games set to hit the Amiga scene.
NEWS AND REVIEWS... This next month page has gained a few familiar friends of lafe and, as in the last few months, we've been promised review copies of the likes of Epic and Billy The Kid
- will we actually review them?
You'll just have to wait and see. Also pencilled in for reviews are Domark's 3D boat chase, Hydra, and a full review of El's platform romp, Prehistorik. Other games we'll be casting out critical eye over include Gremlin's HeroOuest, Demonware’s P. P. Hammer And His Pneumatic Weapon, Thalamus’ extremely delayed Armalyte. And U.S. Gold's equally late Gauntlet III.
CHEATS NEVER PROSPER... Unless they read CU. On the Play To Win front, Mark will be bringing you hoi tips on all the latest releases, whilst the more tricky ones will be subjected to our rigorous playing and unveiled over a couple of pages. So, if you want to know how the programmers behind the games play them, stick around.
AND FINALLY... We'll also be bringing you all the newest game stories in First Impressions and Buzz, and we'll be unveiling all the new licences and developments within these hallowed pages. So, if you want all the best coverage, along with the definitive guides on what's up and coming, you know where to be.
In your newsagents on the 26th, armed with 22.95. CELEBRATE It's festival time. Last year's acclaimed European Computer Entertainment Show was a roaring success with over 35,000 happy customers, and a sizeable proportion of those were standing agog in front of our demos display.
Read next month's issue and find out exactly what CU Amiga will be doing for this year's event. The stage will be bigger, the large screen larger and there will be special (video) Walkman guided tours of our new technology centres.
T H DPAINT 4 ON DISK You’ve read the feature, now see the program.
Next month Electronic Arts will be giving you an exclusive, animatiorf demo from this, the most eagerly awaited release in ages.
• There'll be more in the way of hardware reviews and pro
gramming guides showing you how to get the most from your
machine. We’ll be featuring the first of a series of AMOS
tutorials, in which we invite some ot the foremost AMOS
programmers in the country to guide you through the stages
involved in creating your own programs.
Every month in these pages. I will be answering a wide range of questions about the Amiga. If there is anything you want to know about hardware, software, applications, add-ons. Programming, books and other sources of information, or anything else relating to the Amiga, then put your enquiry in a letter and send it to John Collins at CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
Questions arising from articles published in CU Amiga are particularly welcomed, and will usually be dealt with in the next issue but one after the appearance of the feature - so queries arising from this June issue will be answered in the August mag, provided they are sent in promptly.
If there is something you want to know, don’t be put off from writing whether you think it is so simple everyone else must know the answer or so advanced that no-one else could possibly be interested. While on the subject of asking you to put pen to paper - or rather fingers lo keyboard - we would also Welcome to Q&A , compiled by John Collins, ex Commodore UK Service Manager welcome your suggestions for subjects you would like CU Amiga to cover in future articles and products you would like to see reviewed.
While most questions will be about the Amiga 500 - there are far more 500s sold than any other model - all models from the original 1000 to the brand new CDTV will be covered. Ves. I know Commodore says the CDTV isn't a computer, and is making dealers put it with either hi-fi or video equipment at least four feet away from any computers on display, but CU Amiga readers will recognise an Amiga screen display when they see one.
I have seen a number of early CDTV demonstrations in recent months. One of the most fascinating had the machine playing the world's first audio CD that includes MIDI information. Unlike the 500, the CDTV includes a MIDI interface. MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, and is a standard that lets computers, synthesisers and traditional musical instruments talk to one another - and I really do mean traditional instruments.
One Amiga software developer is learning to play the accordion, because he discovered you can now get an accordion with a MIDI interface - so he can link it to his Amiga!
Anyway, back to this unique audio CD: you can selectively remove one instrument from the orchestra, enabling you to play the instrument of your choice with a full orchestral MAC EMULATOR I am the proud owner of an Amiga 500, but I find myself faced with a dilemma. I am also a poor student doing a course in Computing Science which includes programming in Turbo Pascal on Apple Macs. The problem is that I would like to be able to write and try out programs at home, but the only way I could afford to buy a Mac would be to sell my Amiga - which, of course. I don't want to do.
So when I heard about a Mac emulator for the Amiga, I thought my prayers had been answered. But a friend told me that the emulator may not run the software I require.
I would be very grateful if you could tell me anything about this emulator - if it does in fact exist - such as where I could get one, the price (I am a poor student, after all), and if it will run the software I need.
John Miller. Scotland I am afraid that buying a Mac emulator for your Amiga 500 will not solve your problem: you will find that you can no longer buy Turbo Pascal for the Macintosh - Borland discontinued this product some time ago!
The Macintosh emulator tor the Amiga is from ReadySoft in Canada, distributed in the UK by Entertainment International (tel. 0268 541126) with an RRPof £169.95 including VAT. The original A-Max, which was written by a student in New Zealand and released in 1989, did a remarkable job of running almost all Mac programs but was crippled by its failure to support any hard disk. Most serious Mac programs - those that an Amiga owner already well supplied with games might want to run - require a hard disk to be of practical usefulness, so A-Max remained little more than a curiousity until
the arrival of A-Max II at the end of last year.
A-Max comprises a disk and a hardware cartridge that plugs into the Amiga's external disk drive port. This cartridge has sockets for the pair of Apple Macintosh 128K ROMs, which must be bought separately (as an Apple spare part). You will also have to buy a copy of the Macintosh system software, called the Finder. The current version is 6.2, but 7 has been 'coming-real-soon now' for the past year or so.
It is not only Amiga owners who have to wait seemingly forever for a new, improved version of their machine's operating system!
A-Max supports most Amiga hard disk controllers, including those from Commodore, GVP, ICD, IVS, Supra and Xetec.
You will need to create a Macintosh formatted partition on your hard disk.
Better still, if you can afford it, buy a Macintosh SCSI hard drive and plug it into your controller's SCSI port.
A-Max II even supports other Macintosh SCSI devices such as scanners and laser printers. It also offers full support for Macintosh digitised sounds, and enables graphics to be converted between IFF and MacPaint formats.
Currently in the final stages of design is A-Max II Plus. This is a board for use in the larger Amigas (1500, 2000 and 3000). It Includes an AppleTalk net- accompaniment.
Sing-alongs to backing tracks have become popular here in the past year. Their Japanese name, karaoke, means empty orchestra: now it has become possible to empty something other than the vocal track.
Incidentally, if you want a CDTV you won't necessarily have to sell your Amiga.
Commodore is planning a CDTV add-on for existing Amigas, due out in the Autumn and, provided they can produce it cheaply enough, targeted to retail at £299. Whether it will include the MIDI interface and the infra-red remote control is not yet clear.
Over in the States, the new product that is creating all the excitement in the Amiga fraternity is the Video Toaster from NewTek. The New York Ami Show back in March could almost have been renamed the Toaster Show, its dominance was so total. It is not that the Toaster does anything previously impossible, just impossible without spending many, many times its RRP of S1595. It combines a board (for the 1500 and 2000) with some very powerful software, incorporating a 4-input production switcher, 3D animation, digital video effects, a character generator, dual frame buffers and genlock, a
colour processor, frame grabber and frame store, and a paint program.
The manual is nearly two inches thickl It needs at least 5 Mb RAM and a second monitor. NewTek are supposed to be working on a PAL version for Britain and Germany, but there is no hint of when we might see it.
In the States broadcast television standards were defined by the National Television Standards Committee (hence NTSC - popularly supposed to stand for Never Twice the Same Color, because colour stability is not a strong feature of the standard). An NTSC picture has 525 lines at 60 Hz (30 frames per second). Our PAL pictures have 625 lines at 50 Hz (25 frames per second). Cinema films run at 24 frames per second.
In both NTSC and PAL frames are made by interlacing two pictures broadcast one after the other: the first picture consists of alternate lines across the screen, and the second picture fills in the gaps between the lines of the first picture. Be cause the Amiga was designed to be used as a video tool, it differs from most other computers in producing a conventional television -style interlaced display when used in its high resolution mode. It is this interlacing that causes the slight flicker that occurs whenever the Amiga is used in high resolution.
That's enough of my thoughts for now, so let's get down to answering a selection of your letters.
Work port; can read, write and format Mac disks in a standard Amiga drive; and has two Mac serial ports. It is likely to cost about £400 when available in the Autumn.
MCC Pascal used to be available from Metacomco, the company in Bristol that wrote AmigaDOS for Commodore, but they stopped trading several years ago. So far as I am aware, there has never been any other Pascal available on the Amiga.
Since some colleges have shifted from using Pascal to using Modula-2 as the programming language used in their courses, and many more are planning to do so, I suggest you discuss with your tutor the possibility of your using Modula-2 on your Amiga to write and try out programs at home.
Pascal was developed in the late sixties by Niklaus Wirth, a professor at ETH in Switzerland, as an ideal structured language for use in teaching computer science. It proved so popular with students who had learnt it in college that it spread into real-world programming. In the late seventies Professor Wirth developed Modula-2, a language designed to retain all the good features of Pascal but to allow low level programming (the operating system of ETH's Lilith computer was written in it), add the benefits of modularity (Wirth had just spent a sabbatical year at Xerox PARC in
California where the original object-oriented language Smalltalk was developed), and be suitable for real-world use (Gold Disk's Advantage spreadsheet for the Amiga is written in Benchmark Modula-2).
BOOT VS. STARTUP '¦ A friend has told me that I can alter the start up-sequence on my workbench disk so that it will print my name on the screen when I start up my Amiga. Surely this will alter the boot block on the disk and make my virus checking program think that it is infected?
Brian Walsh. Sheffield This is a common misunderstanding. The start up-sequence is a file of the same name which lives in the S sub-directory of all workbench disks. You can read it by opening the Shell and entering the command TYPE STARTUP- SEQUENCE. The boot block is a block containing executable 68000 machine code located in the first two sectors (sectors 0 and 1) on the outermost track on the disk (track 0). Whenever you turn on or reset your Amiga, the code in the Kickstart ROM looks for a disk in drive DFO: and, if it finds one, loads the code from the boot block and executes it to
discover what to do next.
VIRUS CHECKING I use VirusX to check all the new programs that I buy. Sometimes it reports that the disk has Nonstandard Boot Code, rather than naming a particular virus, and I often find that if I select Remove It, the game will not load afterwards. Is there a better virus checking program that will avoid this problem?
Am I doing something incredibly stupid?
Mike Potter, Yeovil The problem is not with VirusX, but with games programmers - or often publishers - being too clever for their own good.
The boot blocks of all standard bootable Amiga disks are identical to one another, so what a virus checking program does is look for non-standard boot blocks. When you select Remove It, Virus X creates a standard boot block in place of the non-standard one. If the disk on which it has found a non-standard boot block is a games disk, you should not create a standard boot block: many games disks intentionally use non-standard boot blocks, so will no longer load if the boot block is altered to a standard one.
PRINTER DRIVERS I thought that the Amiga worked with lots of different printers but when I open Printer Preferences there are only two to select Irom, Custom and Generic. I am planning to buy a printer, and have been looking at a Citizen. How will I get this to work with my Amiga?
Simon Foid, London Originally, the Workbench disk included several different printer drivers. With each new release Workbench has grown larger and the number of printer drivers has increased. Since most users only have one printer, including lots of printer drivers on the Workbench disk wasted precious space. What Commodore has now done is to put the printer drivers on the Extras disk. You have to copy the required driver onto your working copy of the Workbench disk. There are no drivers specifically for Citizen printers, because these work like Epson printers.
Open the Shell and enter the command COPY
(The quotes around the source path file are needed because there is a space in the disk name.)
GURU MEDITATIONS Last weekend my Amiga crashed while I was running a program. The top part ol the screen went black, with a message saying Guru Meditation’ followed by a long number which, in my surprise, I did not write down.
Alter I reset the Amiga, the program ran without any problem. Does this mean that my Amiga has developed some kind of intermittent lault?
Sharon Hughes. Liverpool Guru Meditations are the result of a software problem, so the good news is that there is nothing wrong with your Amiga. The long number is always in the format aabbcccc.dddd - each of the four sections gives a different bit of information about the fault that caused the software to crash. The purpose of the Guru number is to aid programmers in debugging their programs. As this information is only meaningful to experienced Amiga programmers, who will already have documentation that includes it, I will not waste space on listing it all. Unlike the PC, the Amiga
is a multi-tasking machine capable of running more than one program at once. This means that when you get a Guru Meditation the cause may not be the program you are running in the foreground but another program in the background that was poorly written.
Possible, so that the pointer on the screen did not move at all. Doesn't sound like much fun to me!
One of the commonest causes of Guru Meditation is the Amiga running out of memory at a crucial moment, o ften caused by sloppy programmers failing to free up memory when their program has finished using it.
The new version 2.0 of the Amiga's system software no longer produces Guru Meditation messages.
Certainly software crashes less often than it used too, but it seems a pity to have lost this link with the machine's origins. Before Commodore took over Amiga, Inc. one of the company's attempts to produce a product to fund development of the Amiga was a sort of skateboard replacement for the joystick, which gave rise to a new computer activity: guru meditating. The object was to stand - or squat like an Indian guru - totally still on the board for as long as FLICKER FIXER What can I buy that will stop my Amiga from flickering in interlace and hi-resolution mode? I have seen ads for
these things but I'd like to know what they do, how good they are and what extortionate price they'll cost my wallet.
Ian Grant. Durham The first successful product was Microway’s Flicker Fixer for the 2000, now sold in the UK by Commodore as the A2320 Display Enhancer (RRP £249.00 + VAT). This works with the 1500 as well.lt goes in the video slot (at the back right of the main board). What it does is to take the two halves of the normal hi-res interlaced display, buffer them, and feed them out as a single non-interlaced display.
In the States ICD have a product called FFV (Flicker Free Video), but I do not know of anyone distributing it in the UK yet - which is a pity, because it works with all models of the Amiga from the 500 up to the 2000. It fits between the Denise chip and its socket, and has its own output.ln both cases you will need a VGA or multiscan monitor capable of displaying 512 lines non-interlaced.
The top-of-the-range Amiga 3000 (the things that dreams are made of) has a display enhancer built in as standard.
READERS SURVEY OCR As you can see, we’ve expanded CU Amiga to become an even better magazine which covers EVERY aspect of the Amiga and its capabilities. Having perused the first new look issue, we want your opinions on the changes and ideas we have incorporated, along with any changes you feel are needed. So, grab a pen and get writing and ticking, after all if you want to get something off your chest, then now’s your chance... W&jff SCANNING 'KtiP' I have a Golden Image Hand Scanner which I use with great success to get existing graphic images into my Amiga paint program. What I also want to
do is use it to get existing printed text into my Amiga word processor, but the software that came with it only works with pictures. Where can I get software that will work with text?
¦ - ah About You 4. How Many Copies Of CU Have You Bought In The (where applicable please lick box). Last Year?
Roy Leach, Stafford What you are looking for is called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Surprisingly there does not yet seem to be any OCR software available for the Amiga.
Hopefully someone somewhere is working on such a product. If any reader has heard any rumours of OCR developments for the Amiga, please let us know.
MUSIC MIXING I want to start making my own music demos, mixing bits from different songs to make new ones. I was hoping that you could tell me what equipment I will need to do this.
Lindsay Morgan, London You are going to need several items to produce your own remixes; a sampler, editing software, and a sequencing package to allow you to play your song.
Sound Express is a very reasonably priced sampler to start with. For editing software check Audiomaster III and Prosound. For sequencing software, see this month's coverdisk... Once you've filled out the survey, cut along the dotted line above and send your completed form to: CU AMIGA SURVEY, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London. EC1R 3AU.
A. Name:
8. Address:
C. Age (Please State):
D. Occupation: School College University Work (Full-Time) Work
(Part-Time) Unemployed
2. What Do You Use Your Amiga For?
Never Sometimes Regularly Games: Music: Graphics: Programming: Word Processing: Educational: Business:
3. Which Of The Following Do You Regularly Buy (Please Tick Where
CSVG ACE The One Zero Amiga Action Amiga Format Amiga Computing Amiga Power Amiga Shopper Raze Other (Please State): 1-3: 4-6: 7-9: 10-12:
5. How Do You Rate The Following Sections In This Month s CU?
Vgood Fair-To-Good Not Worth Reading Buzz: Upfront: CDTV Coverage: Backchat Graphics Features: CLImb Aboard: Start Up Feature: Type Tricks: In Developments: CU Collection: And Now... First Impressions: Screen Scene: Programming: VFM: Play To Win: Helpline: Demos: PO Utilities Reviews: Music Features: Q&A: Hardware Reviews: The Future: And that's it. Thanks for your time.
RereffiTTT) PRICES INC.DELIVERY & VAT @ 17.5% Express Courier Delivery : (UK Mainland Only) £6.50 Extra BUY WITH CONFIDENCE trom one of the longaet •efabllehed compenlee In their Held, with a reputation tor good eervlee and price* We have Inveated heavily In a computer ayatem to enable our Teleaalea atatt to provide up-to-tha-mlnute atoch Information, coupled with highly efficient order proceealng Our fully equipped Workshop enablea ua to carry out almost any repair on our premises We feel sure that you won I be disappointed If you choose Evesham Micros HOW TO ORDER lAl Call us now on 0386
L. ¦ Lines open Monday • Saturday.
P i 9.00am - 5.30pm Send Cheque. Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card details to : RAM CLOCK UPGRADE Evesham Micros Ltd Unit 9, St Richards Rd. Evesham, Worcs WR11 6XJ ACCESS VISA Cards Welcome Government, Education & PLC orders welcome Same day despatch whenever possible Express Courier delivery (UK Mainland only) £6.50 extra Please note that 5 working days must be allowed lor personal cheque clearance.
512K RAM CLOCK EXPANSION FEATURES: Mail Order Fax: 0386-765354 512K ONLY £28.99 including VAT and delivery 512K RAM Expansion also available without clock for only £24.99 Unit 9 St Richards Road. Evesham Worcestershire Wrll 6XJ ¦ZT 0386 765180 to. 0386 65364 Open Mon Sat . 9 00 5 30 5 Glisson Rd. Cambridge CBI 2HA 0223 323898 fa« : 0223 322883 Open Mon Fri. 9.30 6 00 and SOI .91X1 5 30 Corporate Sates Dct t • iKMaeaier 1762 Pershore Rood, Cottendge Birmingham B30 3BH 2T 021 458 4564 fa. 021 433 3825 Open Mon Sat .9 (XI 5 30 TT 0386-40303 Monday lo Friday, 10.00 • 5.30 12 MONTHS WARRANTY ON
ALL PRODUCTS AMIGA 1500 2000 UPGRADES HARD DRIVE RAM UPGRADE BOARD KIT Kris comprise ot full size hard disk controller cards incorporating unpopulated SIMMS HAM expansion sockets tor accommodating up to 8Mb RAM; PLUS high speed, fast access NEC SCSI hard disks 40MB HARD DRIVE & INTERFACE I RAM CARD.... £ 349.00 100MB HARD DRIVE & INTERFACE RAM CARD.. £ 499.00 PLEASE NOTE These are unpopulated sockets Add C119.00 per 2M0 of BAM roQuued 8Mb RAM Expansion Card with 2Mb Fitted easily upgradeable to 4Mb, 6Mb or 8Mb C 149 95
1. 5MB RAM BOARD .V Fully populated board increases total RAM in
A500 to 2MB f A Plugs into the trapdoor expansion, and
connects to GARY chip A Includes Auto-recharging
battery-backed Real-Time Clock A Socketed FASTRAM Ics for
accommodating up to 1.5MB RAM Unpopulated RAM board with
clock .£ 39.95 RAM Board as
above, with 512K FASTRAM installed .... £ 59.95 RAM Board as
above, with 1MB FASTRAM installed £ 74.95 RAM Board as above,
with 1.5Mb FASTRAM installed... £ 89.95
N. B. The expansion board requires Kickstart 1.3 lo operate -
Kickstarl 1.3 upgrade available trom us for £29.95 NEW!
'MEGABOARD' Connects to your 512K RAM upgrade to give 1,5MB
With the MEGABOARD, you can B further expand your A500's Pi
memory to a total of 2Mb without ¦3 disposing of your existing
512K r upgrade (must be 4 x RAM-chip type, or not exceeding
9cm in length).
MEGABOARD needs Kickstart 1.3 to operate (Kickstarl 1.3 upgrade available trom us lor C29 95) Installation reauires connection to the GARY chip. Easy to toilow instructions provided ONLY £64.95 ZY-FI amplified stereo speakers Your Amiga produces line quality hi-1i stereo sound Enjoy quality SlO'OO sound reproduction lo Ihe tu« with this specially designed great new twin speaker system' Features retie* ported speaker design with 3 separate dnvers in each unit, and rcorporates a built-in amplifier with adjustable volume control Huns Irom PSU (supplied) or trom battenes (not included) Speaker
Dimensions 248*93*!2Smm (H*W*D) AND DELIVERY CBM A590 HARD DISK AMIGA SPECIAL DEALS THESE FABULOUS GAMES: Tracksuit Manager 90 • Jaws • Block Alanche • LostNMaze • Discman • Battle Squadron • Diet Riot • Tank Battle • Nigel Mansell • Subbuteo PLUS! A wordprocessor and spreadsheet AMIGA 500 COMPUTER BASE PACK Features a Genuine UK version 512K Comr.tndore Amiga 5 X computer with 1Mb Internal Dnve. TV Modulator.
Mouso. Power Supply. Ktcksian 1.3. etc AMIGA 500 BASE PACKAGE ONLY £ 307.49 A500 PACK AS ABOVE. WITH 512K RAM CLOCK FITTED ONLY £ 337.49 A500 PACK WITH EXTERNAL 37»“ DRIVE ONLY £ 357.49 A500 PACK WITH EXTERNAL 3V»" DRIVE AW0 512K RAMJ CLOCK UPGRADE FITTED ONLY £ 387.49 N B Does NOT include u*ua software included wfh omei packages.
AMIGA 500 SCREEN GEMS PACK includes Amiga 500 with 1Mb RAM. Plus tMb Drive. TV modulator N.gnt Brood.
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Print and be damned! Mat Broomfield takes a close-up look at
two new printer which claim to offer high quality output at
affordable prices. In the right hand corner is the Canon BJ-10e
bubble jet and in the left, the Citizen 124D dot matrix.
Seconds away... The Canon BJ-10e is a bubble jet printer, which
uses the latest technology to produce its 360 dots per inch
(DPI)output. The Citizen 124D, which also prints at 360 DPI,
uses a 24 pin dot matrix system. There are definite advantages
to each system. Using existing technology, the 124D prints at a
brisk 120 characters per second (CPS) in draft mode, whilst the
BJ-10e plods along at a steady 83 CPS.
However, whilst the impact from the dot matrix pins creates a fairly annoying volume of noise, even in quiet mode, the bubble jet system squirts its ink onto the paper with hardly a whisper of a noise.
Due to the simplicity of the bubble jet system, it contains far fewer moving parts than the Citizen, and this in turn means that there are less parts to go wrong. This is especially important if you are using your printer on a daily basis, to run a business for example.
In appearance, there is a clear contrast between the two printers.
The BJ-10e.
Is very sleek, light, and small, measuring slightly over twelve inches along its front edge.
By comparison, the 124D is a large, bland looking machine that takes up too much desk space for my liking. In fairness. I must mention that the Canon has been designed with portability in mind, whereas Citizen had no such ideas for their ‘baby'. The control panels of both machines are visually pleasing, with all options clearly marked and logically positioned. Again the Canon scores slightly higher because it uses proper buttons instead of pads, and these are going to be more durable. Both printers feature multiple emulation, hopefully allowing your software to take full advantage of
their features. The Citizen emulates an IBM Proprinter X24, an NEC Pinwriter, or an Epson LQ 850. The BJ-10e also emulates an IBM, but its only other emulation is Canon's own BJ-130e. This means that finding a suitable driver for it may prove difficult, because IBM and Canon drivers are far less readily available than those for the Epson.
As the use ot printers in the home becomes more widespread, so do the requirements placed upon them.
Many people simply require something cheap that they can use to print schoolwork, letters to triends, personal notes etc. However, there are a growing number ot people who need a higher quality of print, enabling them to produce a more professional finished product. It's at these people that two printers reviewed here are aimed.
Once the printers were correctly connected to the Amiga, the battle was on.
The two machines both offer high quality print, and a reasonable price tag, but which one is the best? As it turned out, they offered such different facilities that it almost seemed unfair to compare them.
The sleek Canon BJ-10e is dwarfed by the angular looking citizen 24D.
Despite its portability, the Canon feels as if it hasn't been designed to withstand too much rough treatment.
Although the Canon is much slower than the Citizen in draft mode. It’s so quiet that you barely notice the extra delay!
Still, I didn't say that I was fair... There is a considerable difference in printing costs between the two machines.
The Canon manages a reasonable 700,000 characters (about 132 pages of A4 text), out of its ink cartridge before it needs to be replaced at £19.99. The Citizen squeezes an incredible two million characters out of it's low-tech ribbon. At only £4.60 per ribbon, the 124D offers superb value, working out at around a penny a page to print text.
SIMPLIFIED DUGRMI OF DOT MATRIX HEAD The print quality of the Citizen in draft mode was reasonable, but a little too pale and spindly looking for my taste. The Canon used a bolder letter style when printing in draft mode and, for many people, the output is good enough for professional use. In letter quality, the Citizen had a choice of two typefaces (fonts). Courier and Times Roman. Both fonts were visually attractive, and at first glance appeared to be of typewriter quality.
Closer inspection revealed the dot matrix origins of the letters, but only a nit-picker (or a reviewerl) would mention the difference. The Canon printer also has two visually appealing fonts, Pica and Elite. Due to the way that the ink tends to soak into the paper using their bubble jet system, the print quality of the BJ-10e was remarkable, even better than that of the Citizen. It was harder to spot any jagged edges on the letters, and they were of a darker, more uniform black.
A very handy feature of both printers. Is the print buffer that they include. This is an area of memory within the printer where print files are sent. This means that the computer can send more information to the printer in one go. The larger the print buffer, the sooner you can carry on doing whatever you were doing before you started printing. The Citizen has an 8k print buffer, which can be increased by a further 32k. The Canon comes with a 37k buffer as standard.
Printing graphics, the Citizen 124D made an acceptable job of the ¦ IFF screen I gave it. The ink was still a little pale, but the image was clearly recognisable, albeit slightly elongated.
Graphically, the Canon BJ-10e was exceptional.
Even though the image was in black and white, the precision of the shading and the evenness of the ink allowed me to obtain very pleasing results.
Beware! There is one drawback with printers that create images by squirting ink onto the paper; the paper gets soggy! Normally this wouldn’t matter, but when printing graphics that have large areas of black in them, the paper can stretch permanently, which makes the finished page look wrinkly.
Both printers completed the graphic dump in under two and a quarter minutes, with the Canon beating the Citizen by six seconds.
In terms of the way the printers actually handled the paper, I preferred the Citizen.
It automatically feeds in single sheets via the paper guide at the top, and it can also handle continuous paper, which is inserted at the rear of the printer. It has a paper park function that allows you to have both types of paper simultaneously inserted ready for use according to your requirements. The Canon is only capable of handling single sheets and envelopes, and although it does automatically feed them into the machine, it was a touch less user friendly than its rival.
Both printers have selectors
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nesses, and again the Citizen gives you the greatest range ot
IN CONCLUSION At first glance, it would be easy to dismiss one printer or the other as being interior.
However, I suspect that the two printers are aimed at very different markets. The Citizen 124D has, to its advantage, a reasonable print speed, robust construction, user-friendly options, and it uses ribbons that offer terrific value for money. On ¦oole healing elemenl iak PRINTER FEATURES COMPARISON TABLE FEATURE CANON BJ-10e CITIZEN 124D PRICE (excluding Vat) £345.00 £249.00 EMULATION IBM Proprinter X24E. Canon BJ-130e, NEC Plnwriler IBM Proprinter X24. Epson L0850 SPEED at 10 CPI (Draff mode) SPEED at 10 CPI (Near letler quality) GRAPHICS SPEED (printing a O-Paiil screen) RESOLUTION
COLOUR PRINT 64 seconds perA4 page (83 CPS) 64 seconds per A4 page (83 CPS)
130. 92 seconds 360 DPI NO 44 seconds per A4 page (120 CPS) 132
seconds per A4 page (40 CPS) 137 seconds 360 DPI NO INK TYPE
INK LIFE In characters INK LIFE in pages INK PRICE
(excleding vat) Cartridge 700,000
132. 6 £17.99 Ribbon ? Million!
MEMORY Pica, Elite Yes Yes 37K Courier, Times Roman Yes Yes
8K MANUAL NOISE LEVEL SIZE WEIGHT Adequate Very quiet (under
45 decibels) Compact
1. 8 Kilogrammes Very informative Loud but not unbearable (52-55
decibels) Moderately bulky
element causes bubbles which eipanfl and tire ink at the paper
PRINT HEAD (also containing Ink) ¦onles ENLARGED VIEW OF
NOZZLES Showing stages In printing process P=3 the minus
side, it is noisy, quite large, and doesn't handle graphics as
well as the Canon. The Canon on the other hand, is portable,
prints very quietly, and does an great job of printing
graphics. The Canon's bad features are its expensive ink
cartridges, its slow print speed and its inability to handle
continuous paper.
If you need a printer that's going to have to work very hard, the Citizen is probably a safer choice. If your output requirements are less demanding, but you want really high quality at a reasonable price, the Canon is for you.
The graphic quality of the two printers can be seen here in all their glory.
The Citizen (left) produces a much darker, less sharp looking image. The Canon produces very subtle shading effects.
JARGONESEFOR BEGINNERS CPI - Characters Per Inch. The number ol letters or symbols printed in one inch of paper.
CPS - Characters Per Second.
The number ol letters or symbols printed in one second.
Emulation - Many printers understand their own particular machine language. Emulation is Ihe ability ol a printer to understand instructions sent in Ihe language of another, more common printer. This enables Ihe computer to send information to the printer in the language ol a printer it knows - an Epsom tor example Provided the printer has been set for Epsom emulation, it will then 'understand' exactly what lo do.
Font - Many printers now have the ability to print in a variety ol tetter styles. These letter styles are called tonts. Printers that have more than one font wilt have at least one serif, and one sans-serif font. A seril lont has cross pieces on the tops and bottoms ol the letters, and has a Roman Numeral look to it. Sans-seril fonts are plain with no cross pieces.
This is in serif. This is in sans- seril.
Printer Driver - When the computer tells the printer what to print, it sends a series of numbers which the computer then translates as characters and control commands. Most printed characters are represented by Ihe same number, regardless of Ihe printer. However, many printers use difterenl numbers to represent control commands, such as bold, underline, etc. A printer driver is a piece ol software that your computer toads belore printing. This contains a complete list of all Ihe commands understood by your printer, and should ensure that your printer always prints when you tell it to.
£2.95 PUBLICATION ISSUE 32 MAY1991 DM12.00 Lire 10,00 FULL GAME!
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MicroProse Clears F-15 for Arrival So, you’re having a party. You’ve printed the invitations, and organised the music and lights.
Now what are you going to wear? Steve Chance presents a guide on how to create your own clobber for that special event.
Producing t-shirts is an expensive business, but by using a Dot-Matrix printer, a special printer ribbon, an ordinary plain T-shirt and an iron and ironing board, you can easily create your own.
O Using a graphics package, such as D-Painl III, design yoursell a logo to go on your T-shirt (if you lack artistic flair, then opt for a rude slogan in an interesting font). When you have finished with your design and are satisfied with it, flip it on to a mirror image of itself (using the FLIP HORIZ option within the D-Paint border).
O Print your design onto paper. This is where the aforementioned special printer ribbon comes in. Care Electronics of Watford supply a range of heat transfer ribbons, of which we tried their black and four-colour ribbons with an LC-10 printer.
O Next, wrap the end of your ironing board in kitchen foil (to stop it absorbing any ink).
O Slide the T-shirt over the end of the ironing board and plug in your iron.
O Place the paper face down on your T-shirt, and press over it with the hot iron for, say, twenty seconds (or until you smell burning!).
O Remove the paper and, hey presto, the design should be reproduced on to your T-shirt.
In practice, though, things aren’t so straight forward... When you're ready to print out your design there is the usual dilemma of which printing density to select from the Graphic 2 screen in Preferences.
While you may want a high density to make some areas come out in solid, bright colours, other areas may be overinked and appear as various shades of black.
With our elaborate design.
I got the best result from Density 1. The optimum setting will depend on the colours you use and, as always, don't expect to get it right first time.
The ribbons are designed for use with fabric consisting of polyester and cotton. You can print your design on a 100% cotton T-shirt, but it will fade a little after you've washed it or, if you sweat a lot, whilst bopping.
This is because the dye clings to the polyester, but if too much polyester is used it's more likely to be fried by the hot iron. I used 63% polyester 35% cotton and just got away with it.
Ironing the transfer on to the T-shirt is an acquired skill, and it's advisable to practice on something you would never wear in public (Dan Slingsby's Polyester vests for example). If you use a steam iron, the pattern of the grooves in the sole will show in the design, so keep the iron moving. However, moving the iron tends to shift the paper with the design on, so an iron with a flat base is preferable.
Assuming you hold the iron with a steady hand, and neither melt or set fire fo your T- shirt, the results can be impressive. The slight smudging when the ink is transferred from the paper to the fabric reduces the horizontal 'banding' effect which mars graphic print outs, and blends the different coloured dots into a surprisingly solid image.
I felt quite chuffed with the final results, and will be flaunting them at my next party. If you fancy starting your own designer label, the necessary ribbons can be obtained from Care Electronics who can be reached on 0293 672102.
local Amiga user group? If so, then we want to hear from you
and what you're up to. So, if you're doing anything novel or
unusual with your Amiga (although nothing pervy and involving
animals we hasten to add!), then give us a bell and let us
know. We're interested in any gossip, tips, and general
chit-ihat, so don't delay, give CU Amiga a call.
Ring Mat Broomfield now on 071 251 6222.
PHASER ON STUN Armed with his trusty Phaser, Mat Broomfield goes in search of enemy virii.
THEY’RE CREEPING UP ON YOU... Unfortunately, Virii have come a long way since their first unwanted appearance. From humble beginnings when the Amiga was a mere babe in arms, new strains have been created to wreak even more havoc than usual and to cause new problems. The implications for virii are, frankly, worrying, as they get more intelligent (there's a special strain which replaces the names of key politicians with obscenities), and it is possible that corrupt businessmen or criminals could use them to alter computer databases and info to their favour.
Whether the computer is trying to read or write to the disk. The remaining light indi- catess the protection status of the currently accessed disk, and a switch at the back allows you to write protect the disks electronically.
Phaser is a rather cumbersome device which plugs into the extra disk drive port. If you have a second drive, the drive plugs into a slot at the back of the Phaser. Along the front of the unit there are several small lights (LEDs).
These flash to indicate which side of the disk is currently being accessed, and which disk drive is being used if you have more than one. A further pair of lights show you The upshot of all this hi- tech gadgetry is that you can insert unprotected disks safe in the knowledge that nothing can infect them while the Phaser is set at protect. More importantly, when you consider that one new virus is created each week, you can actually use the Phaser to hunt for virii. To do this, you insert a suspect disk into the disk drive with the write protect off. If the computer i attempts to write to
a disk in f either drive within ten seconds, you can be absolutely certain that the disk has a virus, according to the device's inventor, John Dudley of Digital Aplications.
Because the Phaser is solely a virus hunter and protector, Digital Applications are including the state of the art in virus killing software, Master Virus, free to all purchasers.The normal price of the Phaser is £34.95, but CU Amiga readers can get it for only £29.95 if they send the token on page 16 along with their order.
Highly recommended.
Danger! Danger! The new Phaser from Digital Applications joins the battle against deadly virii.
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Afterburner. Double Dragon. Batman Caped Crusader FORMAT COST Send to: PROTON SOFTWARE ENTERPRISE HOUSE, BLACKHORSE ROAD, LETCHWORTH. HERTS SG6 1HL TEL: 0462 686977 FAX: 0462 673227 ’lease Read' Terms ol S ? Wc arc tie longest estobishad Atan dealer In toe UK We have developed an exlens ve Z customer service pekey which moans toal we test at Hari vare ScMlware prior to H? Despatch to ensure that goods arrive to working order Ajtorxjgh on pnees are net i always toe cheapest we do cndcavon to diet coiaslenMy good service and backup §; This Isn't lust our npnon. Wo were voted 'Best Dealer 1989
try too readers d ST Wtortd magazwie. Not lor 'the number ot boxes shMletf. But la quakty service I Cta Site Warranty We have recently extended on backup prograrrme by dlerng cn site I warranty as oi option on at Sis We already diet this service on AM Star pmters and | -flips mentors tsled AM prices are correct at copy date 09 05 91 and are subject to change without pna i notice. AM prices ae actxrato whde stocks last Phene la up to dale prices AM prices J nckjdc AT. There are no hidden cxOas (WYSIWYG! Detvay (n Mainland UK) istrea.cn P inters ova £100 fold £10 la next dry ccuneet delivery
AM prices avataUe on Mai i Order. Shop prices may Wet StarLC-200 C219.90 £248.99 24 Pin pmter 222 cps 5 Reactant LO fonts Accepts fcnt awtrctaeB Bottan food Push cr pcJ tracta feed Pupa periwig 7 Cotour pmtiif Cctoa * mono nbban suppled 226 cpe 5 Reactant NLQ fonts Bottan feed Push a pJ tractor feed Pnpor cafWno Al Star Pmtas carry 12 men Ob on ate vmrrantytMaintand UK). AJ printere nctode BM Centro** cabta Rrcne fa rOxre papa and pmtar stands 64K txif a 3 rput switch £29.90 £4099 £209.99 £169.99 £31999 £139.99 Star LC24 10 SorLC-tO Oteen Swift 24 pin Qtizen 1200* £109999 256K txifa 3 rput
switch Phone for details of Star FR and XB ranges.
Alan SLM605 User prtnler LC24~ 200 Cotour C310.90 24 Pta printer 222 cps 5 Readent IQ fonte Accepts fa* cartridges Bottan food Push a pcJ tracta feed Paper pexiang 512K Board £26.99 With clock £29.99
I. BMb Upgrade with 512K installed £55.99
1. 5Mb Upgrade with Mb installed £72.99 15Mb Upgrade with 1.5Mb
installed £88.99 The Zydec 15Mb upgrade board requires a
connection lo Ihe Garry chip and Kickalart 13 instated Indudes
Qu antitv Bulk Sony or Kao Loose Boxed TDK Brand 10 £ 5."
F A 99J" Kv yj • fbtfk box £ 9.49 40 £ 20."
£ 26."~~° £ 34."
100 £ 48."
R C7 99SSe*,M ckv J • due box £ 84."
150 £ 66."
P Q'i99'Z?"'* OJ. Suckjffc diic box £ 125."
All disks carry an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Please add 80p P&P for each 10 disks or £3.00 for 100 and above.
¦it Data enable disable switch it Daisy chain "through' connector it Low power consumption Now Only £54.09 Plea add C3 P&P it 200 DPI scanner, thermal printer and photocopier it Upto 16 grey scales or B W mode, it Compatible with Amiga and ST. Now Only £390.99 Use your ST or Amiga to send faxes FiVy featured modem accesses txMetin boards commercial systems.
? Ft4y Hayes compatible.
Q Auto dal answer Q 300 1200 2400 Baud Q For ST or Amiga Q Cannot receive taxes Not BT approved £224.99 :A Philips 8833 MKII Colour. Stereo monitor £ 249.99 Cmdr 1084S Colour monitor * limited offer * £ 269.99 Philips 15" FST TV £ 269.99 The phiips 15' FST Tv includes: remote control Scart input 60 tmer presets, sleep timer and Fastext. Al displays include Scart cable.
Deduct £10 from Monitors only, if bought with computer. The Pmps 8833 comes with lull 12 months on site warranty.
Phone for other cables and Switch boxes etc. A500 computer £299.99 A500 Screen Gems Pack £354.99 1Mb A500 Screen Gems Pack £369.99 GVPI A500 Hard drives indude iniection modded stytng kitemal RAM expansion to 8Mb via SlkM boards. Capacities from 52k*. 35* tins Ouantim mechansm Internal Ian Game switch and mini slot tor futire expansion GVP 52Mb £549.99 A590 £299.99 GVP 105Mb £669.99 Phone for latest prices FXJ, Any of above packs • Tenstar games, joystick, mouse mat add £30 280 -12MHz Mr RAM rappfcd urgsxiait*! Kr kM 8028 Co-Procosst* socklX 40M 2*ro Had diva 2x AT ant tx XT IroB expansxxr
drtx Musa GtM 3 fet Wxd dotar 1 tx 526'ItotPy or tx 35* tkppy
380. , -10MHz 2Mr RAM suppfcxl ipgnWoaPte to 8M 8038 sx
Co-Processcx sockr* «M 24ms mrO diva kx At and tx XT tree
expanslxr stxs Muse, rjxree (X tx 525* ftppy (r tx 35*
tt»x V 380_-20MHz at) HAM »««xt urgadmNe CM* 8038
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expansxxr skrta Muse tx 525* Bcory aril tx 35* Ikrnry
380m-25MHz kM RAM anrlkxl ipgadaibk! Kr 6Mh 32K Fad cactu
RAM BCQ8 Co-Processnr stxMrt ACM 24ms tkrrd drve. Kx AT
artitx XT tree expanskxisbls Mouse tx 525* Ikppyardtx 35
Ikppy At systems nolids 12 Aiiffis on arte moxtenence and r,
DOS 401 Mono VGA £734.99 Colour VGA £839.99 Cotour
S-VGAE839.99 More VGA £104999 Colour VGA £1159.99 Cotour
S-VGAE1259.99 Mono VGA £1259.99 Colon VGA £136999 Colour
S-VGAE146999 Mono VGA £1789.99 Colour VGA £1889.99 Colon
S-VGAE199999 I lew lo P.'IV You cun phono your Access nr
Visa card | details or send a cheque postal orders made
payable lo L adbrok c All Computing International. Please
sufficient clearance time lor cheques.
(0772) 203166 Fax 561071 Shop S Met outer promBos* 33 Ormskxk Hood Hasten Lancaahrre PR1 20P Open Monrtrv to Shixdey 930am to sfxtpm Phones answered trom aMan Dealer enqixriee welcome Ledbroke Conputrig htomaBonol Is a trading name ot Waltrxi Markdjng Linvtert At trade marks recognised NQRSEY but nice The Danish are best known for the ‘sizzling’ bacon ads on the telly and for supplying a neverending line of useless football players to English soccer clubs. It’s mildly surprising, therefore, to discover that Denmark also sports a burgeoning computer industry. One of the main movers behind the
boom is Interactivision, a small company with a wide range of application software set to invade a computer store near you.
Is that to use it you must have already bought sampling hardware - which would probably be supplied with adequate software, possibly even featuring the MIDI facilities Intersound lacks.
Ing, Sonix file compatibility and the ability to handle 20 samples at a time, Intersound has most of the abilities of the state-of-the-art Audiomaster III software. The main drawback of Intersound INTERSOUNDS FAMILIAR If you’ve always wanted to be the next Bomb the Bass, S’Express or MC Hammer, now’s your chance. Chris ‘Two- Tone’ Jenkins takes a look at a brand new sampler.
Written in assembly language.
Intersound is a software only, icon driven system, which is extremely easy to use, and features the usual array of features you expect to see in such software - although, oddly, there's no MIDI control facilities. Up to eight samples can be held simultaneously, although their length depends on the available memory. Each can have eight Segments defined; and these are indicated by a dark bar between the start and end cursors. This can be dragged around with the mouse, and is selected using the SEGM 1-8 display at the bottom-right of the screen. In addition, the system allows the player to
cut and paste and generally lift huge sections out of particular samples.
Apart from features like multiple loop- DANE PACK Interactivision is the name chosen by a three-strong team of Danish entrepreneurs. They started out by producing top-notch Amiga games, which they licensed to major software publishers. Realising that there was a shortage of affordable applications software, they set about producing the Inter range of packages, which they are releasing under their own name. The range currently comprises Interword (word processor), Interspread (spreadsheet), and Intersound (sampling software) and plan to release tnterbase, an icon driven relational database, in
September. They have designed their software with the end user very much in mind, and have tried to make it as user-triendly as possible.
With the exception of Intersound, all other Interactivision titles are designed to be completely compatible with other titles from their range. Interword uses the same screen and icon formats and produces tiles which are interchangeable with Interspread and tnterbase. It the promises ot the company are fulfilled, we could see other companies lowering their prices as people realise that they don’t have to spend a fortune to get decent utility software. Watch this space... cow being chainsawed (from miscellaneous tracks).
THE MINI POPS - samples from ‘On Golden Pond'.
FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM - 'Evil Dead' and 'The Name of the Rose' (in and between tracks on 'Dawnrazor).
SPREADING IT ABOUT... If you run a small business, or merely want to keep track of all the monthly bills that drop through your letterbox, a spread sheet could be the answer to all your problems.
Mat Broomfield starts spreading the news... Once the program has loaded, you are straight into the main working screen which is divided into vertical columns (labelled a, b, c, etc), and horizontal rows (labelled 1,2,3. Etc). The boxes formed by the intersecting columns and rows are called cells, and represent the area into which number.
I labels, formulae.
I etc, can be entered.
I Selection of a cell is I done by clicking the I mouse at the appropriate point on the I screen. The [selected cell will I have a reference I code corresponding [to the column and I row number it [resides in, eg A1, etc. Now you car egirn yp n your home business accounts and watch with glee as your computer strains itself to sort them all out for you. After entering your accounts and then pressing the calculate button, don't go and make a brew because this baby is FASTI And the program autoTHE TECH BIT Interspread allows you to write up to 10,000 rows, and as many as 30,000 columns. With
one simple command, you can easily jump to any cell in your sheet. It handles unknown factors, such as equations that include algebraic expressions, with a cheerful grin and a jaunty whistle, and it can even understand scientific notation.
You can have up to ten sheets open at a time, and it's possible to transfer data and calculations between them. Once set, entry into your files is prohibited unless you have the correct password. A hard disk installation program is included, and Interspread supports a wide range of printers.
Matically updates itself if you make any changes to the sums (formulae). This means that you can try different figures and swiftly see the effect that they will have.
It has to be said that the manual is nothing to write home about (lacking colour and those big friendly diagrams that you can understand immediately without having to wrestle with incomprehensible text). However, it is informative and fairly easy to understand. It features a beginner's section (which is useful for the ‘what the heck is a spreadsheet' type-of-person), and an advanced users section that explains the more technical features, of which there are many.
nferspreadfeatures drop-down menus which are accessible with the mouse, and many of the options can only be accessed in this way. A new feature is the use of gadgets. Gadgets are little picture icons that you click on to use certain functions, eg cut, copy and paste utilities (for moving chunks of information around the spreadsheet), printer, disk (load, save, etc). All are rather useful and save you from • ALL-TIME ROCK SAMPLES PSYCHIC TV - Buddist monks and chants, human bones (from Psychic TV).
SHAMEN - Mikhail Gorbachev and the rantings of an American evangelist (from In Gorbachev We Trust).
KLF (AKA The Time Lords AKA The Justified Ancients of Mumu) - Or Who (from Doctorin’ the Tardis), Abba, Whitney Houston (from The Jams meet Abba etc).
THE BARMY ARMY - Brian Clough explaining how he came to hit a supporter (from The English Disease).
GARY CLAIL - Margaret Thatcher (from No Alternative).
MARK SUMMERS - The theme from The Magic Roundabout (from Summer's Magic).
EXP - Jimi Hendrix (from Kiss the Sky).
BRIAN ENO AND DAVID BYRNE - An exorcism (from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts).
THE GRID - Timothy Leary on the psychedelic experience (from Timothy Leary meets The Grid).
PUBLIC ENEMY - Malcom X and Martin Luther King (from It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us).
MALCOM MCLAREN - Puccini's Madam Butterfly (from Madam Butterfly).
BLACK BOX - Aretha Franklin (for Ride on Time).
SILVER BULLET - Robocop (from 20 Seconds to Comply).
EINSTEINZENDERDENEUBATEN - metal bashing; the lead singer with microphones in his body being beaten up; a AMIGA MEGADRIVE ST SEGA SUPER FAMICOM C64 AMSTRAD PC ENGINE NINTENDO PC LYNX
110. 00 DM 4500 L 1380 Ptas S$ 8.10 tv IS uuumT OUT NOW i I™ ,
BxBS .sed inside.., TEST PRODUCT TEST Famous People Who Should Have Used Interspread BLOWING HIS OWN TRUMP-ET. In a typical all-Amtrican tale o, rajs lo riches. Donald Trump literally built up his multi-billion empire trom nothing. Specialising in capitalising on New York s need lor housing. Trump bought a series ol decrepit buildings and invested in refurbishing them into luxury apartments amd selling them at a vast prolit. Since then. Trump s empire has spread into the realms ol casinos, hotels and apartments, and the running ot these is crammed into his workaholic 16-hours-a-day schedule.
His tall was not long in the making though, and on investing over one billion dollars into his dream Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, the stock market crashed, leaving Trump in major linancial difficulties. With interest bills ol over ten million dollars accumulating each day. Trumps' empire had to be sold off bit by bit to keep him alloal and only recently has he started to recover trom the disaster. On a more personal note though, it is his costly divorce trom childhood sweetheart. Ivana, which had him hitting the head- lines. When Trump was seen with bit-part actress' Marla Maples (whose
only screen credit was as a victim ol a lorryload ol Melons in Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive), a leading US paper plastered it all over its front page and prompted upset Ivana to take Trump lor hall his vast wealth.
DODD-ERY FINANCES. Another well-known financial incident was related to lluffy-bonced Liverpudlian. Ken Dodd. Ooddy. Who in his time was responsible lor the Diddy Men.
The promotion ol Knotty Ash and the intamous jam butty mines, was chased by the taxman lor over hundreds ol thousands ol pounds worth ot unpaid back taxes, and a massive media even was in the making. Dodd claimed that, as tar as he was concerned, he was fully up to date, and in the legal wranglings that followed the poor guy's finances and every penny he spent were lovingly detailed in the papers. Eventually, he was aquitted ol all charges, but even now there are stories ol his new Diddy men recruits - Diddy Pay and Diddy Hell... i ti:kspki:ai) WORD OF MOUTH Boasting an intelligent system
which gives you information on your writing style, Interword is an effective English teacher, which only lacks a cane and blackboard. Mat Broomfield wonders if there’s mortar (board) life than this... The word processor market is already well supported, with the likes of Word Perfect, Kind Words. Scribble!, and Excellence all vying for recognition.
Where Interword scores over these others, however, is in its sheer user-friendliness. It's literally brimming with features to make your life easier.
The package consists of four disks and a slim but useful manual. The main program takes up about 300K of memory once loaded, and therefore only needs the standard half megabyte of memory in which to run. The remaining disks contain the English American dictionary. The dictionary has been arranged to minimise disk swapping by grouping all of the most commonly used words on disk two.
The less common words are split in order of rarity between disks three and four.
For those of you who have used an Apple Macintosh, you may sense a distinct similarity between Interword and Macwrite in several respects. The work screen is quite busy looking, with icons and menus all over the place. This is initially gelling lost in a jungle ol menus. Gadget boxes really take the hassle out of using this program.
Everyone, from piggy bank owner, to millionaire, could benefit greatly from this package. Easy to use and with plenty of handy features. Interspread runs on all Amigas.
NQRSEY out nice R 0 D U C T are used to the simplicity of Scribble , but all ot the icons work logically, and they soon become a useful asset. At its most basic, Interword is a very good word processor that has all the usual options. Where it really begins to shine, is when you begin to notice how many 'professional' options it features; options that are not usually included in a package of this price. When Editing your text, there are numerous short cuts to make life easier. Highlighting sections of your text for cut and paste operations etc, can often be reduced to a single menu selec
tion. Which will select a single word, a sentence, a line, a paragraph, or even the entire document.
Interword supports headers and footers. These are items of text written above, or below, the usual level of type. Margin notes can be included, it can automatically insert hyphens and it also has an option called soft hyphen', whereby you insert hyphens wherever you want, but the program only uses them if the hyphenated word falls at the end of a line. You can also change any piece of text from upper case to lower case, or vice versa. In additon, the software also features a stats menu which details how many times a particular word is used and other useful info.
READ ‘EM AND WEEP When you check the statistics on your document. Interword generates a figure called the Legibility Index (LIX). This number tells you how readable your document is. The higher the number, the less readable the document becomes.
For example, magazines have a LIX of about 35, wheras legal documents are up in the mid-forties. The LIX of a document is calculated by multiplying together the number of words, long words, full stops etc. This is a great feature which enables you to ensure that your writing is always suitable for your target readership.
Comprehensive printer options, a friendly file-handling system and very fast screen updates when editing, are just some of the remaining features which combine to make Interword a truly impressive piece of software. For about the same price as Kind Words (£49.95), Interword is in a different league.
The Inter series of software should be available in the shops by the time you read this. If you want to find out more, you can contact Interactivision’s UK distributor at; GEM Distribution, Lovet Road, The Pinacles, Harlow. Essex, (0279)412441 ir a O) o 'E CC -2 in a cn cn o?
| o z-f CD CM if CM 04 cr S Z5 =3 OJ O o J % SELL OUT !!! AMIGA GAMES PROGRAMMERS !!!
Want to write Amiga games?
Need help programming the custom hardware?
Can You Kill The ALIENS For CASH PRIZES The AMIGA GAMES PROGRAMMERS GUIDE is a new book explaining all aspects of game writing!
Including Copper, Blitter, Sprites, Audio etc. & source code!
For FULL DETAILS, send an SAE NOW to: Ditchburn Computers, 2 The Woodlands, Nunthotpe, Middlesbrough, Cleveland TS7 OPH.
GAMES DOMAIN P.D. Sevan Tiles (Great speodball clonal) Drip I (1 mog: Arcade game) 'Turrican (Playable demo) 'Monopoly (complete game) Popeye (Hand- held on Amiga?)
I----------------- PLEASE CAN I HAVE AN AD IN SELL OUT WANTED USE VOUR UOICE TO OUTDRAW THE GUNFIGHTER CASH PRIZES 0898 31 35 90 INFOCXAL POBox 36 LSI 4TN Cal charges 34p Per Mln Cheap A5p Per Min Al Other limes AMIGA SOFTWARE FOR SALE! £l 50 per disk. For mote Into, write to- Thomas Torp. Skogbrynet l6C. 0283 Oslo 2. Norway _ Lineage - 30p per word to private ldlvlduals - 20 words mln.
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Semi-display - 115 for S.C.C.Ring 071 251 6222.
All classified and semi-display advertising is pre-payable.
All classified ads are subject to space availability.
.... ADORESS ..
POST TO: Ad Dept, CU Amiga. Priory Court. Fsrtlnfldon Une.
London EC1R 3AU.
II is illegal lo soil pit a led eopxrs ot computer gjrne. Tim. Only sollwatc mat can he sold U-git.mal.ly through our daswlted section are genuine tape* di.ks o* cailndgi-s hough! Hoot »hop-r oi hy "j.1 o.d.-t trom software houwe* AMIGA PO far ilist 8Sp inclusive' Some day dnpotch and first class post guaranteed! Perspectrvo PD. 6 Clover Close. Cumnor Hill. Oxford 0X2 9JH Write for a Two Free Disk' Offer!_ AMIGA GAMES FOR SALE! £3 00 eoch.
Otso contocts wanted, from anywhere' Write to: Pnnce. 76 Cocket Street.
BvackDool. Lancashire England Fvi 2EB be right. However, the interesting thing about the light show is that you can do a number of other things with it. You can set it to load any number of IFF screens and display them in order. You can also alter the speed at which the colours change so that they actually change in time to any music you may have playing.
You’ve got the music, you’ve got the rowdy rabble, it’s time to groove on down! Hold up! What about the lights? You’ve got to have lights if you want a proper boogie. Well lucky old you, ‘cause on this month’s cover disk you’ll find a great little program that gives you just that, disco lights.
| When the light show has , loaded, the screen will flash briefly and the drive will start loading further data. Press the spacebar to enter a tempo (speed) command. A requester should appear at the top of the screen allowing you to enter a number. I suggest you enter one between 200 and 300 for now. .
You should be presented with a flashing HOW IT WORKS IFF screen. Not very impressive I hear ..... you say and, if that were all, you would AMKk When the main program has loaded, the light show automatically looks in the PICS directory of the current disk for any screens with the title picl.IFF, pic2.IFF etc. If it finds more than one screen, it will load them in numerical order, then when it gets to the last, it will start all over again.
When the screen has loaded, the program divides its palette into blocks of four colours, and assigns each block to a set of keys. Therefore, a sixteen colour screen would be divided into four blocks of four colours each. The keys (1-
9) represent the first set of colours, the keys (O-O) control the
second set *- WHAT TO DO A __ »¦ ot colours, (A-L) controls
the third set and (Z-,) controls the last block. When the
program is running it then cycles each block ot tour colours
in time with the selected tempo. By using the key groups
listed above, you can decide which colours change on which
The last key in each row (9,0, and L), resets the colours to their original timings. By moving the mouse left and right, you can take more subtle control over the actual tempo of the colour cycling, as this allows you more immediate changes in tempo.
As you can see. We've included two sample screens for you to see the program running, but with a bit of planning we're certain that you can create far more interesting visual effects. If you come up with any real gems, feel free to send them to us on a disk. Sorry, no MW Si NS3HTCL0BS AMOS CLUB The disco light show was written tor us by Aaron Fothergill ot the AMOS club, and is the first generally available program written in AMOS basic, and compiled into 100% machine code using the soon to be released AMOS compiler. It you want to tlnd out more about the won- dertul world ot AMOS, or
need help or advice with your AMOS programs, contact the AMOS Club, 1 Lower Moor, Whiddon Valley, Barnstaple, N. Devon, EX32 8NW. It you preter to join the club and gain instant access to the AMOS helpline, in addition to receiving six info-packed newsletters per year, send a cheque tor £10.00 (UK) or £15.00 (Overseas) to the above address.
». Ct iMHANQE Nightclubs are getting in on the act. Rik Haynes profiles one that uses a standard A500 to create the ultimate multimedia dance experience---- The seaside town of Southend seems an unlikely place to start the next revolution in disco-tech. Essex boys and girls iaren} renowned for their tastes in music, dance or fashion. Nevertheless, Ark on a Saturday night attracts ravers from the surrounding urban sprawl and upcoming acts on the club circuit. Recent headliners have included The Scientist (Exorcist, The Bee), N-Joi (Adrenalin, Anthem) and Xpansions (Move Your Body).
These hardcore grooves are supported by a hardware overload.
While girls and boys swing their butts on the dancefloor, the surrounding walls - packed with multi-bank monitors - pump out subversive visuals in rhythm to the beat. Psychedelic colours run round the displays in repetition until the next pattern m e-rupts Fuelled by a standard A500 with 2Mb of RAM and genlock device, the ‘engineer’ can call-up a myriad of effects and background noise.
These are mostly provided by public domain demos. ...... The format is at the height of innovation when Deluxe Pa inf III is used to present ‘on-the-fly’ animations to match the music.
At last, Djs have a chance to ditch those banal music videos, a format that remains lost somewhere in the mid-1980s.
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is still too weak. By the end of the eveninq, Bart Simpson had replaced all forms of fractalvision the video screens. Can you think of any better way to clear the club by 2am?
....124,125 HARWOODS . .170,171
R. C.SIMULATIONS...... .102 AMIGA BANDITS .134 .172,173
SILICA SHOP ... ..73
A. B.O.T.S.... .107 HOBBYTE .. .....142 SOFT
EXCHANGE . ..58 BDL ... ..9*
I. A.O.S .. .....145 17 BIT . .136 RRTOT.CT’.
.138 INPHOLINK ......90 SOFT SWAP .....
.104 CASTLE .147
J. A.M .... .....18* STRICTLY PD ... .139 COPE
. ..80 DATEL . ...93,94,95 LEGEND. .
......83 SAGITTARIAN PD .138 DIAMOND ...... 112,113,114 MICROPROSE....28,29,78,79 SELL OUT ...... .174 115,116,117 ..69 MIRRORSOFT ...... . .51 SIREN SOFTWARE . .87 DIGICOM...... MICRODEAL .....160 TRACK .. ..84 DOMARK ..35 MONUMENTAL MUSIC .....102 TRILOGIC ...... ..2* EVESHAM...... ....156,157 NBS ...... .....138 TANK PD .138 ENTERTAINMENT INT......43 OCEAN .... 15,55,62 THREE COUNTIES PD____ .134 ELECTRONIC ZOO ..39 OFFICIAL SECRETS ..10,24*
U. S.GOLD ...... ¦ 2,3 ESC .... .104 PREMIER
... ......70 VIRGO DEVELOPMENTS... .102
P. M.G .. ..96 PALACE .... 13 VIRUS
FREE .... .135 FUTURESOFT____ ..64 PROTON
.... .108,164 WTS ..90,18* GSF ....
.104 PRECIOUS PD 134
CUT THIS OUT AND GIVE IT TO YOUR NEWSAGENT I ¦ i i ¦ ¦ i i i ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ a ¦ a a a a a You've nobody to kick but yourself .. .if you don’t tell your local newsagent to reserve you a copy of the month's reddest read. So cut this out, hand it over and relaaaaax... Please Mr Newsagent reserve me a copy of
C. U. AMIGA every month Name_ Address_ FLAMSj o Flames of
Freedom, the new blockbuster from the creators of Midwinter,
offers you total freedom. Freedom of choice, Freedom of
action, Freedom of movement.
Dogfight with opponents over villages for command of the skies, or attack ground targets which serve the enemy’s cause.
Night time sequences afford excellent cover for secret movement and actions, illuminated by the glare of your jeep’s headlights.
The playing area of three million cubic miles is not restricted solely to areas above ground. You have full freedom of movement underwater, and three types of 'submarine' in which to achieve it.
Seek out and destroy enemy shipping units, condemning them to a watery grave on the sea bed, from where the ocean’s surface is clearly visible above.
TOTAL FREEDOM- FROM A three dimensional environment packed with action, adventure and strategy.
Entering it is easy breaking free is what’s hard!
Ter you edom A million square miles of accurately mapped 3-D terrain, generated by fractal techniques, and fully light sourced throughout, provides a playing arena far superior to even its predecessor, Midwinter I. Fly the skies above the forty-one islands by helicopter, zeppelin, parachute, rocket pack, or, as seen here, biplane and balloon, all offering superb views of the land and of the other aircraft.
The sea surface is generated by constantly moving fractal points, causing you to bob up and down as you swim or sail across it.
The enemy have a vast array for firepower aimed at you, on land, in the air, and across the sea, and react quickly and intelligently to your actions.
Flames of Freedom will be available shortly for your Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and IBM PC compatibles.
D MASTERS OF STRATEGY nodesfhnsprt X 1,000s of buildings) = miles of Action, Adventure and Strategy.
If you desire a cfiattenge beyond Human experience G1C MISSILE TECT MftOIC Son" or. Only intended to b. ilbl.trotrv. of th.
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S. Games Available on IBM (EGA, CGA, VGA. MC.GA, Ad Lib) &
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