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SDG ASDG had a walk-in lecture area rather than a booth. There were no machines actually on display, but anyone who popped in to take the weight off their feet, was treated to a well-produced video demonstrating the latest version of Art Department Professional. You will remember that AdPro 2.0 has already been reviewed in CU Amiga. The video was also demonstrating version 2.1. The update is the inclusion of a powerful frame editor. AdPro has always been excellent at processing static images for publishing or Multimedia work, but what if you want to process a range of frames from an animation? Until now AdPro has been designed around the one-off job, where each image needs some individual attention. It is possible to create an Arexx script to process a number of frames in sequence, but it could be a time-consuming and laborious job. AdPro 2.1 includes FRED, a frame editor which allows an easy path to reformatting, recolouring or otherwise processing a linked sequence of frames. Looks like you'll be seeing another review of AdPro soon in CU Amiga. AMIGA CENTRE SCOTLAND The only UK-based (although for how long Scotland remains part of the UK is open to question) exhibitors were showing the excellent Harlequin graphics card. The card combines 24-bit graphics with an 8-bit alpha channel making it the most professional system available for the Amiga.

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• CAS9.95 DM20 PTA 995 113600 ¦ w imp mumm M STRIKER JAQ BANE OF
UVTUCU i] iTT 1 p 1 m} 'J* Ini ?)
4. 1 SET FOR RELEASE Meter pan WM has now grown up, and is far
away from NEVERLAND, but his old enemy CAPTAIN HOOK has not
forgotten and schemes his revenge. Kidnapping Peter's
children, he lures our hero back to the Island of PIRATES and
"LOST BOYS" for a final confrontation.
With the help of TINKERBELL the faithful fairy, you take on the role Pf PETER in this magic adventure fraught with danger and excitement. "AMIGA IS 111 lw V li V £ OFF THE CUFF And what a month it's been tor the Amiga!
With the unveiling of the new A600 at the recent ECTS held in London and the lint look at the A570 CO ROM drive, things couldn't look more rosy lor everyone's favourite home computer. These turn machines look likely te propel the Amiga towards the next decade and well Into the 21st Century. Commodore have firmly shut the doer in the lace of their critics and have now got two platforms on which to build. II you want to get the low-down on both ol these new machines, turn to page 30 ter oar ia-depth reviews.
But that’s not all, as we've also got our usual up-to-the-minute game reviews as well as ear comprehensive productivity listings and evtonsive Buyer's Guides.
Before signing oil for this month and letting you get to grips with the meat of the issue. I'd just llhe to say a Mg thankyoa to all our readers who tilled In last month's guestionaaire. We ware stoaaed by the response. At the time el writing this, the last issue has only been on sale for two weeks hut we've already received a staggering 4.BBC replies. Over the coming months, you'll be seeing new sections appearing in CU Amiga as well as new to your own thoughts and criticisms. After all, this is your magaiina!
But lor now. Eo|oy the mag. Aad we'll see yea nest issue.
R x E G U L A R S 1 7 NEWS 16 SUBS AD 18 COVERDISKS 41 SCREEN SCENE 80 PTW 84 HELPUNE 87 ADVENTURE HELPLINE 94 VFM 113 NEXT MONTH 128 PD SCENE 135 PD UTILITIES 152 BACKCHAT 156 Q&A 161 MUSIC 164 COMMS 168 EDUCATION S*r* Kras DBIWBdlB I Kxvj Scone Md«*B Gadnwr E*ar Rodd 30 COMMODORE'S DOUBLE WHAMMY ¦Pjd After whal seems like an eternity of waiting, we finally get our hands on the long-awaited A570 CD unit. This add-on to the hasic Amiga effectively upgrades your machine to full CDTV compatibility, and opens up a myriad of new opportunities in software development and entertainment - or
does it?
CU Amiga takes an in-depth look at what to expect from the device when it is officially released. Will the A570 finally prompt developers to start producing the software we want to see and which takes full advantage of the format s admittedly excellent capabilities? Or will it be passed oft as another slight hiccup by Commodore? Our extensive preview reveals all, and also takes a look at the competition offered by Philips' recently-released Cdi system.
We also get to grips with the A600 - Commodore's new look, no frills machine. Coming with t Mb as standard, a more compact case and a TV modulator as standard, the machine seems to have been targetted at the first-time user. However, that's not to say that it doesn't make any technical advancements, and the addition of a small smart card slot on the side of the machine indicates that a cartridge-based system is well on its way - possibly to take the consoles on, too? Does this mean the end of both piracy AND the Console Threat ? If you want to find out more about these two exciting pieces of
kit, then turn to our lead feature on page 30, which goes into these machines - literally - to bring you the complete low-down on Commodore's dynamic duo.
COVERDISKS If you've ever been stuck in a traffic jam cursing your bad luck, fear no more! This month we're giving away GB Route, the commercial program that lets you find the quickest route from A to B, anywhere in the British Isles. It's a nifty piece of programming and lets you zoom in for a more detailed look at all wnu.
Worth £40 k Sk y the major roads and motorways. It's user friendly controls take no time to master, and you'll soon be able to plot the best route to avoid potential traffic jams!
Also on offer are some essential disk utilities which help check out the internal workings of your machine as well as making back-up copies of your work. There's a host of other programs on offer, but you'll have to read the Coverdisk pages and load up the disk for more details.
On the game's front we have 2 massive full games in the shape of Chrome and Drip which will have you playing them until the early hours. Plus there's also a sneak preview of Gremlin's Zoo game, which could be to the Amiga what Sonic The Hedgehog is to the Sega Megadrive.
FOR MORE INFO ON THESE GREAT DISKS, TURN TO PAGE 18... 41 Ahoy, me hearties! What must surely be THE most eagerly-awaited adventure makes it appearance - and it's exclusive to CU. Yes, that’s right, The Secret Of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge is reviewed inside. Also reviewed and a new classic, is Rage's Sfrikerwhich at last otters an alternative to Anco's classic footy Sim, Kick Off II. Backing up these impressive leaders are Dune and Floor 13 from Virgin, Core Design's Jaguar XJ-220, and Bane Of The Cosmic Forge from US Gold's latest RPG label, Sir-Tech.
104 QUARTERBACK Losing valuable disk information when a floppy or hard drive goes down is a nasty business. However, all is not lost as Quarterback and Quarterback Tools line up on the grid for review.. 109 QUKKWRTTE The word processor market is a busy and staid one, but here's QuickWrite to try and break the tedium. Does it succeed and what does it offer for its relatively low asking price?
You'll find all the answers to these questions and more in our full review.
110 INTERBASE A database package which can handle IFFs and s-reference files - sounds rather too good to be true? Not so, Mat Broomfield explores InterBase, a new Danish database from the makers of InterWord and InterSound- is it as good as its forerunners?.
114 MEGAMIX MASTER Music, Maestro, please. Rombo's sampling system makes an appearance - complete with one of the most revolting box covers we've ever seen. We check out whether its contents are better than the appalling artwork.
The final pari of our exhaustive round-up.
152 BACKCHAT All your views and opinions on whatever takes your fancy.
156 Q&A All your problems solved 164 COMMS Get networking the CU Amiga way... PD SCENE 128 Steve Keen enters once more into the PD zone and comes away talking of Red Dwarf, scrolly messages, and attractive beach babes(i).
PD UTILITIES 135 If you want cheap utilities, this is the place to come shopping. Mat Broomfield samples the Public Domain's finest.
IE I. ¦ C T R • N I C ARTS® Electron* Am. Lanjiey Business Centre, 11-49 Suoon Rd, Lanfky. Berks SU 8YN.
Td: 0753 S49442. Fax 0753 544672 £25.99 Available on Amiga.
The "Black Crypt" ™ positively oozes with twenty five of the most hideous and despicably cunning monsters.
They await you in a dozen plague-ridden interconnecting dungeons, on 20 spell binding levels.
The most heinous among them is the Dark Lord Estoroth, who, many centuries ago, had been banished from the land by four Guardians with awesome powers. In the process, the dians and their weaponry had been Now Estoroth is back, seeking a ghastly revenge against a defenceless people.
Your task is to lead an intrepid band of adventurers to retrieve the mystical artifacts that may hold the power of the four Guardians and provide your only chance of saving the world from evil.
The "Black Crypt” is the most electrifying fully animated dungeon adventure, with exceptionally detailed rotating point-of-view perspective.
It features real-time combat and spell-casting, all in 64 colour extra half -brite Amiga graphics.
But be warned, you enter this breeding ground of evil at your own peril. And hopefully not on a full stomach.
Not content with producing what they claim to be a ’revolutionary graphics package', Cineplay are also hard at work on an adventure game which will utilise some of the program’s strengths. Free DC has been more than four years in the making and features hundreds of digitised photographs taken in and around Washington DC. As well as 170 separate locations, randomised set-ups. And multiple endings. On show at the recent ECTS, the game certainly looked the business and we’ll have a full review as soon as the Amiga version is finished DPAINT 4.1 RELEASED With little fanfare. Electronic Arts have
just published an update to Dpaint 4. Version 4.1 features further enhancements to what has become known as the best graphics package on the Amiga. These refinements include full font scalability which was promised for version 4, but which failed to materialise. For the full story, turn to our in-depth report from New York's recent World of Cqpimodore show which starts on page 12.
3D ANIMATION MADE EASY US Gold have taken their first tentative steps into productivity software, linking up with US-based company Cineplay to distribute Playmation. A 30 graphics and animation studio from the inventors of Claymation - the latter technique used to bnng the California Raisins to life and which can also be found in countless pop videos and movies.
Playmation will debut on the Amiga towards the end of the year. Featuring a user-friendly interface which should appeal to beginners, the program will also be packed with advanced features such as ray-tracing, reflection maps and complex organic objects.
Cineplay President Kellyn Beck, on a recent promotional tour of the UK, explained: 'Playmation features an innovative new approach to 3D graphics making it easy to create life-like characters and animation, including 3D cartoon characters with lip-synching. It s easy to create 3D objects and characters with a natural look, because the program uses spline patches instead of traditional polygons When you sculpt and move objects, they automatically bend and stretch as if they’re alive.
In addition, Playmation comes with a library of objects and animations so anyone can create professional-looking 3D graphics and videos.'
PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY RAIDED In a dramatic development sure to send shock waves throughout the PD ndustiy. The South West Software Library were raided by Tradng Standards officials recently and a number of cteks confiscated. The (fcks weren't taken because of any pornographic or obscene content, as has happened many times before with other PD bbranes, but because the disks were said to breach copyright laws Titles confiscated included ones featuring digitised pictures of Batman, Ghostbusters, Terminator 2. Star Trek, Robocop and Gremlins. In addition, a number of sampled music disks featuring
the work of such high- profile groups as the Pet Shop Boys. Tiffany, Kylie Minogue and Queen were also taken.
ERIC SCHWARTZ VIDEO Prodisc PD are set to release a series ot videos featuring the very best work ot some of the leading Public Domain talents Their first video features the work of Eric Schwartz whose spectacular animations have consistently been voted the best ol their kind. It's not meant to be a comprehensive selection ot his mini-cartoons by any means, as the package is touted as a 'Best ot...' compilation.
Unfortunately, the title's something of a misnomer as a Expo*92, being held in Seville, is the home of VEST - the Voice English Spanish Translator. This new system is capable of almost instantly translating spoken English into spoken Spanish.
The translator is based on a machine purpose built by AT&T. 127 parallel processors crunch numbers at over 1000 MIPs running the parser, rule-based translator and speech generator. The software and hardware was developed jointly by AT&T and Telefonica D'Espagna to try and break the language barrier that exists between many large trading nations. Any telecommunications company which could offer an on-line real time translation service would be sure to clean up on those long-distance business rate calls.
The system isn’t perfect. At present it has a vocabulary of a little under 500 words (the average adult has a vocabulary of over 30,000), all to do with currency translations, and it can only recognise words spoken by sixteen people, but it’s a start.
NEW SPIDERMAN GAME ON THE WAY, TEAM 17 CASSETTE NEW GAMES PUBLISHER MAKES NOW THAT'S WHAT WE GAIL MUSIC As the musical capabilities ol the Amiga gar more and more acceptance, and the boundaries of what a and isn't poss&ie are pushed further back, so die musical scores ol todays games become ever more impressive. Recognising some latent demand tor such material to be released independently ol games software. Allister Btimble, in association with Team 17, has released a compilation ol ha best work For those not familiar with the Devorvbased maestro's work. Afcster a the talenl behind the
bfistemg soundtracks which accompany Team TsPrcjectX.
Alien Breed and Fuff Contact games Al three are included on the stereo cassette as we* as the ’ok) timers' track Irom Project X and two original scores never before released. If you want to appreciate AuisteYs music in all its glory, a copy of ha cassette a yours tor the munaoie lee of £3.49 (cheques POs made payable » Akster Btimble) and sent to: TEAM 17 MUSIC OFFER. Hi House. Lapford. Erection.
Devon. EX17 6QE. No credt card orders, please GOLDEN JOYSTICK WINNERS If you were one of the many thousands of voters in this year's Golden Joystick awards, you might be interested to know who carried oft the software industry's eguivalenf of the Oscars Electronic Arts scooped the prestigious Software House of the Year award for an outstanding 12 months which saw the release of DpairM as well as classic games such as PGA Goll. Bird's olPrey, Bard’s Tale III and Populous II. Other winners were: Best Computet Graphics HetmdaB. Core): Best Computer Soundtrack (Monkey Island. US Gold); Best
Computer Simulation (irony Wleie Virgin); Best Computer Coin-op conversion (Toh Ocean); 16 Bit Computer Game of the Year (H»rncB». Core); and Programmer ol the Year (Archer Maclean).
, -i - n For some lime, a debate has raged about whether Public Domain libraries could legally distribute disks which used images and sounds sampled from heavily copynghted records and Sms Such deks are commonplace on the PD circuit and, i a legal precedent was to be set aganst the dstnbuton of such risks, many PD houses could be forced to dose. It's long been argued that, as PD disks are ostensibly distributed lor little or no profit, the companies who sell such disks are only meeting their immediate costs and are not profiteering on the backs of licensed proper- lies. In a court of law,
however, it Is doubtful if this flimsy argument would hold up to much scrutiny.
Upon contacfing the Trading Standards Office. CU was informed lhat The matter s receiving the department’s fullest attention' and that an announcement is imminent'. We'll bting you funner news as it happens.
IMPRESSIVE DEBUT Last month’s issue featured news on two new software houses, namely Rage Software and Mirage, and their impressive roster of new games. This month it’s the turn of Prestige, another new games publisher. Based Just outside Frankfurt, Germany, the new softcos have three titles in the works. Dootus, a cute platform game in the same vein as Fire And fee, is the subject of a First Impressions piece in this very issue.
Sword of Catch Em is an odd platf ormer in which various Zoo escapees have to be rounded up and returned to their animal prison. All three look to have good potential and wall have full review as and when the products become available. Worldwide rights are being handled by DMI who can be contacted on 0753 886000.
CHEATS UNLIMITED You've probably already noticed the Game Tamer cheats list on one ot this month's coverdisks. It's the first in a semi-regular series ot disk-based cheats to help you on your way with some ot the most popular Amiga games available. If you thought our initial listing ol 183 cheats was impressive, you ain't seen nothin' yet!
In the meantime, to quench our game-playing readers thirst for an infinite number of tips to top games, we recommend you pick up a copy ot Dean Consh s Computer Games Guide (3rd Edition). Covering a wide variety of home com- puter formats (induing the Amiga), the book oilers hint and tps to more than 1,250 games over 750 pages. In al. There are in excess ol 12.000 hints, tips and pokes up for grabs. Nearly every game is tipped, right up to such recent as Oh No! More Lemmings, Blues Brothers, Leander, Lotus 2. Mega Lo Mania and Monkey Island 2. Released on May 1st, the book will retail lor
£14.95. For more information, 'phone the publishers. Kuma Computers Ltd. On: 0734 844335.
Jy After respectable sales on the PC, the Amiga follow up to Megatraveller is to be released in June. Megatraveller 2: Quest For The Ancients offers 127 detailed worlds to explore each with at least 500,000 square miles of terrain. * Cyber Race is a futuristic racing sim where the galaxy’s best drivers compete over some of the most demanding tracks ever devised.
Produced by Cyberdreams for Mirage, the game is set to appear early next year • Virgin's Shuttle sim is finally ready for take off, after almost a year of continuous hype. Look out for the full review next issue. * Jim Power, a new game from Loriciei, is an arcade adventure about a self-styled vigilante who has to save the President’s daughter from demons. Music and sampled speech for the game are being handled by Chris Fulsbeck, the man behind the hugely successful Tunican series, and the gamepiay is reminiscent of both the upcoming Risky Woods and Switchblade 2. • Gremlin must be hoping that
Nigel Mansell keeps up his winning start to this season’s Formula One Grand Prix competition. This isn’t Just a case of unbridalled patriotism, though, because the Sheffield- based softco is busy preparing Nigel Mansell’s World Championship for an autumn release. * With Elite 2 already in the bag, Konami have signed up another major game. Batman™ Returns is set for a Christmas release and is almost certain of a top three position. Rage Software, the people who brought you the superlative Striker soccer game have been commissioned to produce the game, so it should be a winner. * AMIGA STARTER
RACK If you’ve just bough! An Amiga, you might be interested in a new starter pack put together by TechnoPlus. Designed to appeal to first time buyers and the more experienced user alike, the Amiga Starter Pack consists of a Quickshot 131 deluxe joystick. A dust cover, mouse pad, 5 biank back-up disks, disk cleaner and a File-a-disk record system. Best of all, TechnoPlus have also included the superb arcade adventure, Prince of Persia, and the games creation package. AMOS. All these goodies are yours for only £44.99. For further detais, ring TechnoPlus on 0604 768711.
NASA CDTV DEAL The guys that gave you Teflon. Die universes most expensive car and chicken supreme toothpaste are celebrating 25 years ot manned exploration. To do it in style they have released a CDTV education title, with material taken tiom Apollo, Voyager and Viking missions.
The interesting thing is that it is one of the first titles (outside the demos Commodore have cobbled together themselves) to use the CDXL format.
CDXL is the CDTVs attempt at animation direct Irom CO. Running at 10 frames a second the animation only occupies a quaner of the screen. It's not exactly like being at the movies, but It’s soil more impressive than anything the CD-I lot have turned up with The NASAcfck lasts lor 50 rrvnutes. Mol informations about the early days, the threat ot the Russians in thee underwear, the Viang landers right up to the Shuttle program.
TEAM TALK After their number one hit wilhPrtyectX Team 17 have released detaks of three more games that are neamg completion. Codename Assassm features a Slnderesque main character with over 200 frames ot animation As is beconwig a trademark of Team's games, this one features kxs ot excellent speech effects and mote than 100 colours on-screen thanks to some stunning Copper sharing lor the skies With more than 800 screens in all. You take control of the assassin ol the title with the aim being to assassinate the leader of an underground organisation. OHP Racing is only a working title for what
promises to be an overhead arcade racing game crammed full of different vehicles, features and terrains. Each track will be approximately 20 times the size ot a normal screen with 80 different levels to test your skills on. Saving the best unti last, Scperfrog is what can only be described as a wacky platform game featuring some excelent cartoon graphics and animation At the time of going to press, Team were hoping to gel Eric Schwartz lo produce the game intro and were m negotiation to sign up Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer AMIGA ROBOTICS FROM SWITCHSOFT, NEW MOVIECLIP CLIP ART to supply the
voices (we kid you not!). In all there will be six enchanted lands to discover, lots of hidden bonus sections, and lots of extras. All three games are 1 Mb only, though with most people possessing expanded machines these days, that certainly hasn't hindered their previous memory-intensive releases. All three are scheduled for release in the autumn.
ALIENS 3 Vs ALIEN BREED 2 With the new Aliens movie set for a summer release in the States and a worlwide showing later in the year, Twentieth Century Fox’s huge publicity machine will soon be moving into top gear. Hoping to cash in on the film’s box office potential, Acclaim have bought the rights to produce a home computer k ?
Version. Top development .. house, Probe Software, * ' V' A k will be handling the r 'C.. . A ¦ game’s design and a late * & autumn release is on the cards.
Not far behind will be Alien Breed 2, Team 17’s stunning sequel to one of last year’s hot games. The gameplay will be almost identical to the first game, although there’ll be many more puzzles to solve as well as aliens to blast. Expect some HUGE levels together with a much bigger variety of marauding aliens out for your blood. Alien Breed 2 is due for release early next year.
AMIGA ROBOTICS Switcbsoft, Ihe robotics people, are extending their range ol kits for Amiga owners.
The first is a complete robot buggy kit. This buggy is plugged in via the Switchsoft 10 port and uses two slow speed gearbox motors to drive the unit and perform turns and manoeuveres. Switchsoft reckons that the complete buggy can be up and running inside 20 minutes. There Is even a helpful batch of notes on how to develop robot control using BASIC.
The Temperature S Light Experimenters kit, costing a modest £11.95, contains, surprisingly enough, a thermistor and a photoreceptor as well as some driving software to allow you to make graphs ol temperature changes in your home. The light sensor could be combined with the robot buggy to give it sight allowing it to track a black line on the floor, etc. The last new kit is a mains controller, finally allowing you to control mains devices via the Amiga. Just think of it, the Amiga could automatically turn the kettle on when you sent Real 30 away to render something... For more information on
any of these products, or in fact for any information or supplies concerning robotrcs and the Amiga, you can contact Switchsoft on 0325 464423 REXX COMPILER ANNOUNCED The Dinnen Edwards Group of Southfield, Missourri have announced a Rexx compiler. The advantage of a compiled program over the more usual interpreted version is speed. Compiled Rexx scripts are expected to run around 15 times faster. With that kind of speed macros will run as though there were part of the original program code.
All compiled scripts will be gauranteed 100% reentrant so they can be made memory resident, cutting down execution time even further. All rexxsupport.library and rexxmathlib.library functions can be built in and a further library, rexxpfsext end. Library, will come with the package.
The compiler comes on two disks and with a 270 page manual detailing all operations and error messages. At the moment it sells in the U.S.A. for $ 150, expect about £120 when it’s eventually picked up by a
U. K. distributor.
Dolby Laboratories, the big name in sound reproduction technology is now working on a digital surround sound system for the home.
At present Dolby stereo is used in many ‘selected theatres’ throughout the world and is favoured by the big Hollywood film companies. This system SR-D is recorded onto the film either as optical data or on a magnetic track.
The home system is being developed to facilitate the transfer of big screen films to the video market, the aim being that a suitably equiped home could reproduce the exact sound of the original, even down to the 3D spatial effects.
The technology, including the 5.1 coding system would allow five channel surround sound to fit into a data channel of 320k per second, well within the reach of CD.
The decoding circuits of the AC-3, as the domestic system will be known, will all be laid into a Digital Signal Processing chip with a list price of perhaps as low as $ 20. Dolby are already courting the Philips headed CD-I conglomerate and hoping that the chips maybe included in the next generation of digital audio machines such as the DCC and Sony’s Mini-disc. Do Commodore have any plans to include the device in a later release of the CDTV?
TAKING MICKEY Ever since Steam Boat Willy. Mickey Mouse has been a firm favourite with children from all walks of life. Now Infogrames are set to release a series of Mickey Mouse educational disks in which the squeaking rodent offers help with numbers, colours and shapes, puzzles, memory. Letters and words.
Aimed at children from 2-8 years of age. The programs look set to challenge the dominance of the Fun School series of educational disks and will be released over the summer. We'll have full reviews soon.
• CBM 64 128, SPECTRUM & AMSTRAD users please note that
Footballer of the Year 2 & International Soccer Challenge are
replaced with Superskills & Superstar Soccer.
Of the Year 2 & li This compilation ( 1991 KIXX. All rights reserved. Tides used under license from Micropcos* Software, Gremlin Graphics Softwor lid. A U.S.Gold ltd.
Kii Units 2 3, Hertford Way. Hoiford. Birminghom B6 TAX. Tel: 021 62S 3311 | ADI '1(0 2 .
1 O N SHOW, AMIGA 1 E N T R F. SCO TLAND FLY THE FLAG 1 ON SHOW The main business of the show was discovering what new and exciting products we would see shortly appearing in the UK.
Despite most American develop* ers in the USA experiencing mild financial difficulty in the present economic climate, they still seem to have a lot of new products.
Noticeably, there wasn't much support for the CDTV - Commodore's ‘baby’ has failed even more spectacularly in the land of the free than it did here, but Commodore themselves have hopes of reviving its fortune. They were plugging the CDTV quite heavily, even to the point of men* tioning it repetitively in the official show guide.
ASDG ASDG had a walk-in lecture area rather than a booth. There were no machines actually on display, but anyone who popped in to take the weight off their feet, was treated to a well-produced video demonstrating the latest version of Art Department Professional. You will remember that AdPro 2.0 has already been reviewed in CU Amiga. The video was also demonstrating version 2.1. The update is the inclusion of a powerful frame editor.
AdPro has always been excellent at processing static images for publishing or Multimedia work, but what if you want to process a range of frames from an animation? Until now AdPro has been designed around the one-off job, where each image needs some individual attention. It is possible to create an Arexx script to process a number of frames in sequence, but it could be a time-consuming and laborious job.
AdPro 2.1 includes FRED, a frame editor which allows an easy path to reformatting, recolouring or otherwise processing a linked sequence of frames.
Looks like you'll be seeing another review of AdPro soon in CU Amiga.
AMIGA CENTRE SCOTLAND The only UK-based (although for how long Scotland remains part of the UK is open to question) exhibitors were showing the excellent Harlequin graphics card. The card combines 24-bit graphics with an 8-bit alpha channel making it the most professional system available for the Amiga.
It has been available in European format for some time, but this is the first chance many of our American cousins got to have a peek. Generally, I think they were impressed. It was a sight that brought back memories of the Los Angeles Olympics. Britain may have got trounced in virtually every other event, but the track athletes did great.
Perhaps Amiga Centre Scotland is the great British Olympic hope.
Also on display was the V-Lab Digitiser Card mentioned in CU last month. After some initial problems with Robin Hood and a dodgy videoplayer it was soon grabbing Alan Rickman with ease and also displaying pictures (via Harlequin) of Julia Somerville and everyone’s hero, John Major, looking better than they do on my TV. V-Lab will be reviewed in next month's issue.
HYPERMEDIA CONCEPTS You may remember that this company produced the Fred Fish collection on CDROM a while back.
Well, the CD has been updated to include the first 600 Fish disks. In fact, there are now two Cds, the other one containing the exact same data but all in LHArc format, designed to be used by BBS systems. Both discs are preconfigured to act as a Parnet node allowing the CDTV to be used as an intelligent file server - just as well considering the current lack of development passing for the A570 at the moment.
The disc is updated every four months, but uncompressed it will require two discs to handle the complete collection before long.
CARINA GU IN AMERICA There is a well-known astronomy program called Distant Suns which stunningly recreates the heavens on your Amiga. Carina’s equivalent, called Voyager, is a dynamic sky simulator which aims to recreate an entire planetarium using just an Amiga. Not only does it generate starmaps to help with your nocturnal gazing, but there are also several animated sections dealing with, amongst other things, our solar system and the orbits of the prominent moons of Jupiter.
The official ‘World of Commodore’ Show was in New York at the end of April and so was our globe-trotting technical editor, Nick Veitch. Here's his exclusive report from across the Atlantic... Carina’s stand drew a large crowd off visitors, all eager to see the amazing animated journeys through the solar system which were created seemingly effortlessly in real-time on the Amiga. Voyager is apparently used in many American schools and colleges to help students get to grips with planetary mechanics and the basic aspects of astronomy. We will be featuring a full review of Voyager soon,
hopefully in a head-to-head with the latest version of Distant Suns.
NEWTEK On first entering the hall, visitors were faced with an astounding display across the NewTek ‘Video Wall'. NewTek booked late to join the show, but arrived in time to give a stunning display of the latest software upgrade for the much-fabled Toaster.
The latest version features a more integrated imaging and display system, making the various software components of the toaster work more closely together and thus greatly cutting down production time.
Questioning various members of the NewTek team yielded only vague assurances as to when a PAL Toaster would be produced. 'Early next year' was the most popular answer. Why aren’t NewTek making more haste to cash in on the growing video production market in Europe? Essentially because this would require a complete redevelopment of the Toaster. This wouldn’t be much of an obstacle given the great opportunity to be found in all those production houses, but the Toaster relies very heavily on some custom Sony video chips.
Unfortunately, development of this series seems to have turned out to be a lot slower than originally anticipated - there are no PAL versions of these chips. To base the Toaster around some completely new chips wouldn't be a case of redevelopment, but a severe redesign job.
Apparently, when NewTek boffins ask Sony when a PAL chip set may come out they say 'early next year...’ GVP FLOOD MARKET WITH NEW PRODUCT. AS 3 0 TURBO READY GOLD DISK The makers ol ProPage had nothing particularly new to show, but were hosting a load ol mini-lectures at their stand tor some ot their recent releases, such as Video Director, Professional Calc and Propage 3.0. The lectures were attended by capacity audiences lor almost the entire duration ol the show, and were very protessionally done - despite some unfortunate trouble with a video deck and a time base corrector. Gold Disk
were also taking advantage of the absence of Soft- Logik to push ProPage 3.0 hard. There were no sneak previews of either ProDraw 3.0 or Pagesetter III but rest assured they will be available soon.
Dr T's The music specialists had no competition at the show, but had only taken a small stand anyway. On display was the new BoomBox, a low-end fun interactive music package, designed purely for entertainment. They obviously weren’t expecting any professionals to turn up but they were still occasionally asked to demonstrate some of their more serious notation packages. The music scene for the Amiga is highly different in North America from here in Europe - there is virtually no competition from the ST, the terror of small studios in this country.
THE GREAT AMIGA RAILWAY This wasn’t a stand as such buf a giant HO scale railway completely controlled by the Amiga. This was a co-operative protect between Amazing Computing. CATS and ASDG and didn't really arouse much interest which is a shame because it was very well put together - a bit like the CDTV in that respect.
MIGRAPH The company may be renowned for making scanners and related hardware, but soon they will probably be best known tor their software. Migraph OCR is an Optical Character Recognition system, a software program which allows you to take any image of scanned text and turn it into a standard ASCII file. Imagine - no more typing in lengthy tables ol data or entering text from a printed letter.
Of course, OCR isn't new, but it is on the Amiga, and it is amazingly quick and accurate. The software builds up a recognition dictionary ol different lont styles which enables it to guess tuzzy or badly printed words to a 99% accuracy after some time CU cant wait to get their hands on such an astoundingly-useful piece of software so look out lor a review real soon.
Quorum » GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS It was like Christmas at the GVP stand. Everything was new and, for the most part, exciting. Probably the most interesting from the point of view ot the average user, was the A530 lurbo hard drive. The Turho features a 40MHz 68030 chip, making your A500 as fast as an A3000I The drive also has the ability to accept up to 8Mb of 32-bit wide DRAM chips. Installed as handy land fairly cheapl SIMM modules. There is even a socket for a maths co-pro. The advantage ol this system over previous accelerators is that there is no need to even look at the fixing screws on
your Amiga.
~Ei mm I I I For the A2000. The long-awaited G-Force 040 Combo board made an appearance. Featuring either a 25 or 33MHz 040 chip, the hoard will also ship with 4Mb ol 60ns 32-bit RAM - expandable to a full 16Mb (or 64Mb once higher capacity chips become available). The board also adds an extra parallel port and a high speed serial port.
The most interesting new product - at least lor me - was the E6S card: the Enhanced Graphics System.
Put simply, it is a programmable display card which allows the Amiga to output high-quality RGB graphics quickly at user-detinable resolutions Irom standard PAL up to 1600x1280 in 16 million colours - that's noninterlaced. Too. The EGS is a really special piece of hardware which has to be seen to be appreciated. The truly amazing thing is that the EGS supports any application which runs using the Workbench graphics libraries. By intercepting library calls and performing them using custom chips on the card, the EGS is able to not only provide greater resolution support lor workbench
applications, but also expand the functionality of Workbench itself and allow effects such as moving tilled windows as opposed to lust outlines.
This workbench intercept idea means that a lot of software will already support the board. Programs such as Cygmis Ed. ProPage and Pagestream will be greatly enhanced. Untortunately, the EGS only works on the 32-bit bus of a GVP accelerator card, but this Is |ust the sort of thing that could convince people to get one.
On the slightly outlandish side was the Phonepak. This, it transpires, is a combination ot hardware and software which transforms your Amiga into a personal messaging workstation. Incorporating a fax card it enables you to send and receive faxes directly as well as voice messages. Users can then access their taxes or voice messages either directly or from a remote location. In the States there is a revolution going on in touch tone phone applications which haven't yet arrived in a big way here - perhaps the Amiga will be at the forefront of such a revolution in this country.
CENTRAL COAST SOFTWARE You may not use Mac2Dos, you may never have heard of Dos2Dos, but if you have a hard-drive, it’s more than likely you have heard of Quarterback. The premier disk archiving utility has undergone another metamorphosis, and now comes with a much-improved user-interface and a new Workbench 2.0 look. As a result, QB is way ahead of anything else on the market. Why Commodore didn’t snap it up and bundle it with WorkBench 2.0 Is a mystery, though. Quarterback Is reviewed in full elsewhere in this issue.
ANNOUNCED, SCALA ON CDTV, NEW QUICK W R I T E NEW HORIZONS New Horizons are a new company who have made their fortune from an excellent word-processor which is to the Amiga what Microsoft Word is to everyone else - ProWrite. Amongst their new lineup where updated versions of Quickwrite and Flow, the very flexible text processor which uses outlining to help you construct your thoughts in a logical fashion.
SCALA The multimedia boys were there with a world premiere of Scala for the CDTV, a specially-adapted version of Scala 500 redeveloped for use on Commodore’s custom multimedia platform. Scala is probably the most popular titling authoring system available, in the USA as well as in Europe.
OCTREE Calligari made a name for itself a while back and, whilst it didn’t achieve a great deal of success over here, that could all change with the latest releases. Calligari 2 follows along the same lines as the original. It is a 3D ray-tracing and modelling package that forgoes the more traditional three-view projections for a more Virtual Reality-style vector graphic perspective display. Designed primarily to be easy to use, most functions are easily performed to great accuracy using just the mouse in a few swift movements, without having to keep clicking in different view windows.
There are a couple of high end incarnations, too; one providing support for various 24-bit cards and a broadcast version which includes TARGA Vista support and offers slide output at 8000x8000 resolution RACIFIC DIGITAL EFFECTS One of the most popular stands was a darkened tent constructed somewhere between Commodore and GVP. Inside the tent, visitors were treated to an amazing display of sight and sound as various monitors showed software effects which could have come perhaps from Jeff Minter on a good day.
In fact, it was a display of a suite of effects programs designed purely as toys. There is a star field generator, a vocoder, a spectrum analyser and a multimedia toy in the range, but some of the effects produced seemed to be of interest to quite a few passing professionals. The star-field generator is probably the best I have ever seen and the vocoder has sound processing functions in advance of many of the ‘professional’ tools currently on the market. Unfortunately, there are no PAL versions available yet but when there are you can be sure to hear about them first in CU.
ELECTRONIC ARTS In a rather understated booth, Electronic Arts announced that they had updated the most popular paint and animation package. Deluxe Paint now moves to version 4.1 with a few small but important changes. First of all their is now greater support for scalable fonts like those included in Workbench 2.0. The stencil function can now work over the complete range of an animation instead of having to be monotonously performed on each individual frame and brush morphing is now supported to fullscreen size. There are a few other touches like a speed increase to some of the brush
functions, but once again EA have missed out on the chance to include Arexx. It has got to the point where it becomes impossible to recommend Dpaint as the best when it remains so hopelessly undeveloped in this way Incidentally, EA were also showing off the excellent John Madden’s Football, which I think was the only game on display at the whole show!
COMMODORE The big C had a rather large stand but they weren’t showing much. A lot of attention was being paid to the CDTV, which has failed in the USA even more spectacularly than it has here. Teams of Commodore staff were earnestly trying to convince people that it was an excellent device (which it is) and pointing out that you could now get the separate keyboard and mouse to turn the unit into a fully-fledged Amiga. Why the CDTV didn’t come with these units as standard is a question none of them could adequately explain, though. The full range of Amigas were there (except the A600),
including the A3000UX Unix platform and the A3500 tower system.
The two big Amiga magazines in North America were represented.
Both Amiga World and Amazing Computing had stands at the show.
Amiga World were showing their range of professional tuition videos which are now available in PAL VHS format. Amazing Computing were doing a brisk trade in subscriptions to their range of titles (they also produce a technical journal and a disk based Interestingly, loads of visitors to the show stopped and asked me where I got my copy of CU from.
Apparently, most Americans really rate European mags because they are better designed and are, apparently, more informative. ‘When we see a review in a British magazine we know you have actually used the product,' one guy told me. There is a difference in magazine style on either side of the Atlantic which we seem to get the better of. So there you are, we may not have as many developers here, but you always get the best read.
There were lots of seminars scheduled throughout the show, and many of them were interesting key note speeches from leading members of the Amiga community. A lot of companies used the seminar hall as a kind of free advertising space but there were instructive productivity lectures given by independent bodies such as the Boston Computer Society. Hit of the show has to be a marketing executive from Commodore who, when asked why CDTV sales were so low replied ‘we don't know'.
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(enter month) issue Signature Fulfilment and enquiries: Alan Wells International, Memberline House. Famdon Road, Market Harborough, Leicester LEI5 9NR. Tel: 0858 410 510 Welcome to CU AMIGA s coverdisk pages. Once again, our disks feature the ultimate in utilities and games, with our star attraction being GB Route - the petfed guide to getting from A to B. In addition, games fans are equally well cateredfor, with a selection of fid! Games awaiting your attention.
Amiga key and 'S’. For a detailed display, repeat the procedure but select Display or D'.
THE INPUT WINDOW The Via gadgets are optional places you may want to pass through on your way to your destination. These must be entered in sequence - i.e. Via 1, Via 2. Etc. The ‘A’ road average speed gadget will accept values from 5 to 99mph. The default is 40 mph, but the Put the disk into the Amiga's internal drive and switch the machine on. A bank of icons will appear after a time. Simply double click on the required icon with the mouse, and it will load. To install GB Route on another disk or a hard drive GBR1.dat and GBR2.dat must be in the same directory as the main programme GB
Route. It requires the 'diskfont.library* if you wish to print out anything, as well as the ‘printer.device’, GB Route uses its own font - GB Route.font. Copy both the GB Route directory and the GB Route.font file from the supplied disk to your fonts: directory. You will need to use the CLI or a directory utility to copy these files. The GB Route font is optional - if you use a television it might be preferable not to install the font.
To start GB Route from CLI you must make your current directory the directory it's in.
Use the AmigaDos cd Command.
The To: window.
When you have finished, dick on the GO! Icon and keep an eye on the status display in the Control window. Close the Input window by dicking on the dose gadget, and a blue line will be shown running across the map. This indicates the fastest route from Manchester to London. In the Control window you will also be given the distance in miles, the time taken and an estimation of the cost. To find the shortest route, select Shortest from the Route menu or hold down the right Gttoute 11.82 8 1188 (implex Cmputers ROAD TO NOWHERE GB Route is the Amiga equivalent to an atlas, and can save the
user both time and money when preparing lengthy car journeys. In addition, it also allows the user to cost their journey and the price ot petrol can be updated as prices rise - very handy! GB Route will run on any Amiga, but you must have at least 400k ot free memory. The speed of the program is all down to GB loading straight into memory, negating the need for further accessing, and this also makes it perfect for people without a hard drive.
Once the program has loaded, an outline of the British Isles will be displayed in the Map window. To the right of this is the Control window containing, at the top, a small map of the British Isles, and below it is an information partition. Additionally, to the bottom right of the screen are the gadget controls needed to pan around the map.
ENTERING ROUTES Select ‘NEW from the Route Menu or hold down the right Amiga key and press 'N'. The input window should appear. As an example, enter Manchester in the From: box. Press the return key to confirm the I from 10 to 99 mph - the default is 70 mph, though.
The departure time is based on the 24 hour dock, with the default time initially set as midnight (00:00).
The cost per mile can be set anywhere between 1 and 99 pence.
THE DISPLAY WINDOW Activated by holding down the right Amiga key and pressing 'D'. The display window provides additional information which changes every time you would be expected to change onto a different road (except for places defined by Via's'). If the route is longer than the height of the Display window, the proportional gadget on the right, or the two arrow gadgets at the top right, can be used to scroll through the chosen route.
THE CONTROL WINDOW The control window is divided into three areas.
At the top is a small map of the British Isles showing which area is currently shown within the Map window. This is outlined in red, except when the magnification is set at X 1.
Other information can be gleaned from below the map.
Mag: displays the current magnification.
Scale: shows the approximate scale of the map in the map window.
Mode: Map or Route.
Rmode: Route mode, Fastest or Shortest.
Roads: Non-route roads, On or Off.
Dist: The total distance for the current route.
Time: The total time for the current route.
THE MENU OPTIONS PROJECT MENU Save Prefs Saves your preferences - route mode (map or route), speed (tastest or shodest).
Roads (on or oft), the average A’ road speed, the average motorway speed, and the cost per mile - to a tile in your S: directory called GB Route.prets. This allows you to customise GB Routeto reboot using your saved configuration.
Print Route The present route will be printed. The printer system configuration is tor an Epson 9-in compatible. If your printer is not served by this, copy your printer driver into the devs printers directory and use the Preferences program (on your Workbench disk) to alter the settings.
Print Map Dumps the contents of the Map window to a printer. If you use a black and white printer and value your ribbons, use the negative irrtage setting.
Routes Mode Map Mode Toggles the mode GB Route will display in the Map window. It can be particularly useful to determine which towns or cities are near to your route.
Roads On Roads Off Toggles the non-route roads on and off. The map window will update considerably faster if roads are turned off. You may find it easier to turn the roads off while zooming in or out, or scrolling around the map, and then turning them back on when you have found the area you wish to examine.
4 * ¦:oP' • " hic:X 4 ;::U
- •: fr:SDUTE i iH'STir 'UK6.TO. ;»« ft;::57 tl 5.28 it stui-:
CK m a A lull complement ol both major and minor road* are all
available, and even some ol the most obscure little hamlets
you’re ever likely to pass through are Included.
ROUTE MENU NEW Opens Ihe Input window to allow the entry of new or amended routes.
SHORTEST If a route has been calculated, selecting this option will show the shortest possible route and revert to Route mode.
FASTEST II a route has been calculated, selecting this option will show the tastest possible route and revert to Route mode.
DISPLAY Opens the display window, which shows detailed information ol the route.
Cost: Cost for the current route.
Status: Displays current working status. When calculating a route or updating the map the display will show WAIT.
Finally, at the bottom of the Control window are a series of six gadgets which are used to zoom in or out of the map or scroll up, down, left or right.
THE MAP WINDOW This shows a representation of the many roads around the country. The coast is marked in green, with motorways in dark Hue and ‘A’ roads in dark red.
In Map mode, places are represented by a small yellow circle with the place name to the right in white text.
The number of roads and places depicted on the map depends on the magnification being used. In Route mode, if a route has been calculated, the ‘A‘ roads are highlighted in bright red, motorways in bright blue, and ferry routes in yellow. The starting point, destination and other selected stops will be shown as well as other places along the route, depending on the magnification used.
If you want a route that avoids motorways, set the motorway speed to 10 mph and the ‘A’ road speed to 99 mph.
The average speeds of both ‘A’ roads and motorways can have a large effect on which route GB Route selects.
Altering these so that the difference between them increases or decreases can often result in possible alternative routes.
Zooming in and out, and scrolling up, down, left and right is much faster with the non-route roads off.
AMINFO Aminfo is a small utility which will tell you the current stale ol your Amiga. It checks the processor you are using, the kickstart ROMs, and even displays the revisions ol all the libraries currently running. To use Aminfo, simply dick on the Aminfo icon. A small window will appear with gadgets along the top. Each ol the gadgets performs a different test, with the selected information appearing in the box below.
One of the boxes will also display the documentation for this file, induding the average speed ratings of some other home computers for you to compare with.
If you are running on a 1.3 or 1.2 machine or you have an accelerator card attached you must run Setpatch prior to using this program in order to get accurate information.
Full documentation is in the file provided on the disk, including the Address of the programmer should you tike to write and thank him.
CANON DRIVER On this month's disk are two printer drivers for the Canon BJ130 and compatible printers. There is one version for 68CXXV010 machines, and another for the 68020 030 processors.
To use these drivers, copy them into the devs printers directory of your workbench disk and select them by running the preferences program. To copy the files either enter the CLI from workbench and use the copy command or use a file management system like SID or Disk Master which we gave away on the disk a few months back.
The drivers promise a speed improvement and greater support for text and graphics modes. There are faster drivers available for EpsonLq, Oki and Star24 printers from the same source. For more information, check out the address in the documentation on the disk.
SIMGEN Simgen is a novel program which turns the backdrop of the Workbench screen into a two or four-colour picture. It works by adding bitplanes into the workbench screen and uses these to display the picture without interfering with the workbench or any programs running on it.
You can run Simgen from workbench or the CU.
The CLI option also incorporates the opportunity to specify your own filename. Any IFF file can be used as long as it contains two or four colours. Some examples are included on this disk in the Art directory.
To quit from Simgen, either send a break to the process (using the status and break commands from the CLI) or double-click on the workbench icon - this will pop up a requestor which will give you the opportunity to halt the program. Extensive documentation is included on the disk.
SUPERLOCK Jonathon Potter’s SuperLock is a disk security program. SuperLock allows the user to disable any or all of your disk drives, hard drives and other storage devices. It also allows you to disable the keyboard and the mouse for added security.
SuperLock requires the arp.library to be present in the UBS: directory. If you wish to use SuperLock from workbench, copy this library from the libs directory on this disk to the libs directory on your workbench disk.
When you run SuperLock, a window appears, prompting for a password. If this is the first time you have run SuperLock, the password is 'password1 (without the quotes and in lower-case; passwords ARE case-sensitive). All the other gadgets within the SuperLock window are initially inactive until the correct password is entered. Enter the password and press return.
PLOT DEVICES SuperLock then lists all the devices present in the system. To select a device for locking, simply select it.
Select it again to toggle locking off. If there are more than ten devices present in the system, you can use the slider gadget to move through them. The gadgets at the bottom of the window labelled Keyboard and Mouse allow you to enable or disable keyboard and mouse locking.
There are six gadgets at the right of the window.
These are: All selects all devices for locking.
None.... turns locking off for all devices.
Toggle., reverses the state of all devices.
Lock.... enters locked mode.
Save.... saves the configuration.
Quit.... exits the program.
When you have selected what is to be locked, select the Lock gadget. The window disappears, and your choices will have been initialised. All the devices selected to be locked will become non-DOS disks, and cannot be read from or written to. If you chose to lock the keyboard, you will not be able to type anything. And if you chose to lock the mouse, the mouse will be moved to the bottom-right of the screen, and can't be moved.
To return to the SuperLock window from the locked state, press the Left Amiga, Right Amiga and L keys simultaneously (this works even if you chose to lock the keyboard). The SuperLock window will appear, and you will be asked to enter the password once again.
At this point, the keyboard and mouse will become unlocked if they were secured before. You now have 15 seconds to enter the correct password and press return. If you fail to do so, the SuperLock window will disappear and the keyboard and mouse will lock up again (if they were selected for locking). If you dick the dose gadget on the window without entering the password, SuperLock will return to the locked state. You cannot remove SuperLock from the system without the correct password. Entering the correct password causes all locked devices to be unlocked as well. At this point you may choose
new devices for locking, or quit the program.
Once the password has been entered, the close gadget will actually quit the program, rather than returning to the locked state, as described above.
SuperLock can save your choices to a file in the S: directory. If you click the Save gadget, a file will be created called SuperLock.cfg. This contains the password (in encrypted form), the names of all the devices you have selected for locking, and the locked state of the keyboard and mouse.
To change the password from the default ’password’, simpty edit the password string at the top of the window and dick the Save gadget. From now on, your new password will be required to activate deactivate SuperLock. If you have your choices saved (with the Save gadget), you may elect to run SuperLock from the startup-sequence with the -a flag - for instance: SuperLock -a The -a flag causes SuperLock to enter locked state immediately upon running; it does not need a password entered until you press the Amiga-Amiga-l sequence. SuperLodcwill run via Workbench. It automatically detaches
itself from the CLI, so you do not need run or runback. SuperLock is freely distributable copyrighted software. If you use if, you should consider making a small donation to the author. The adddress is given in the documentation on the disk.
“ say chaps, £ ie Red Baron's just bought it!” 66 Thanks to Knights of the Sky ” Knights of the Sky, for IBM PC compatibles, Commodore Amiga and Atari ST, from the creators of F-I9, F15 II, F-I17A and Gunship 2000. MicroProse Ltd. Unit 1, Hampton Road Industrial Estate, Tetbury, Glos. GI.8 8DA. Tel: 0666 504 326 FROM Thl PROGRAM MFRS WHO GAVt YOU RAINBOW ISLANDS... THE DMUIU IF COOL COVDTE M r * pwTTBWIBll U - j [ |tI
• With all the levels, power-ups, bonuses, features, hidden
secrets and multiples that you'd expect from award-winning
* “A MUST BUY." 90% CU Amiga Screenstar EjRjEE Cl. Metropolitan
Whart. Wapping Wall. London E1 9SS. 1992 Grattgold Creative
Software Published by Renegade. An jit SUPERDUPER SuperDuper Is
a disk copier formatter which tries to be to disk-handling what
Mostra is to IFF displaying - a last, compact, system-friendly
tool which combines speed, features, and ease of user. By last'
we mean exactly what you’re hoping - extremely fast. A disk is
usually copied and verified in less than 100 seconds.
Without opting to verify the disk, this drops to 69 seconds. A disk can also be buffered in RAM in less than 36 seconds, and making a verified copy takes 67 seconds. In addition, a non-verified copy takes less than 36 seconds. Adding another destination drive increases verified copy times by 34 seconds, but nonverified copy times are pretty much the same. To use SuperDuper; simply double-click on its icon. You will see five rows of gadgets. The first one has at most one gadget selected: it’s the source. The second one allows you to select the destination drrve(s). The other lines contain
option and action gadgets.
All the gadgets can be activated via the mouse or the keyboard (using the underlined letter). The line of destination drives can be controlled by pressing SHIFT together with the underlined number. You can use Q or ESC to exit, instead of hitting the close gadget. Three of the string gadgets have underlined letters which activate them. Moreover, if you’re running under 2.04. you can use TAB or SHIFT-TAB to pass from a string gadget to another one.
COPYING To make your first copy, if you have two (or more) drives simply enter the drive names in the given lines (for the time being do not choose the same drive both as source and as destination). Then hit the GO gadget. After a while, the display will flash, a beep will be generated, and the copy will be finished. As each cylinder is copied, the elapsed time indicator is updated. Note that another beep will be generated when the copy is almost finished, so you have time to prepare yourself.
If you have only one drive, select it both as source and as destination. Then hit the BUFFER gadget, thus creating a RAM buffer. Depending on the memory available, it will be a full 880K buffer or a partial buffer.
In the latter case, real-time compression will let SuperDuper get the best out of it. Now put in the source disk and hit the READ gadget: the buffer will be filled with the contents of the disk. If the progress bar reaches its maximum length, then the whole disk has been buffered. Pull out the source disk, put in the destination, and hit the GO gadget. The buffer will be written to the disk. If only a part of the source disk was buffered, put it in again, buffer it again (note that now the progress bar starts where it stopped before) and write it again. This process must be repeated until the
whole disk has been copied. It is safer to set the write protect tab on the source disk, in order to avoid the unpleasing side-effects of source destination mismatches.
GADGETS Some of SuperDuper* other gadgets are explained below: TALK Activates SuperDuper1 s ability to give its status by voice. Currently only English is supported.
AUTO Activates automatic operation starting. SuperDuper will monitor disk insertion and ejection. When all destination(s) have been ejected and reinserted, a GO operation is started. If FORMAT is selected, the destination(s) are formatted. Else, if a buffer is selected, it is written to the destination(s). If neither formatting nor buffering is requested, SuperDuper will monitor the source, too, and will start a disk-to-disk(s) copy as soon as the source and all destination(s) have been ejected and re-inserted. WARNING: especially on one-drive-only systems, AUTO can be extremely dangerous.
You’d better writ e-protect your source disks.
KILLSYS RESTORE Closes the Workbench and voice, flushes the memory and opens a very small two-colour screen. Moreover, the window is of SIMPLE REFRESH type rather than SMART REFRESH. This way, the maximum amount of memory for your system is at your disposal (unfortunately, under 1.3 the window can be refreshed incorrectly because of an Intuition bug). If the Workbench can’t be closed for some reason, a warning is issued (usually some application has a window opened on the Workbench screen). When you want to get back, hit the gadget again (this time it will be named RESTORE). This feature
is very powerful if coupled with SDBootlnstall and with the CU option LOWMEM.
Besides being able to execute commands issued by an Arexx macro, SuperDuper is also able to start on one. This is the purpose of the Arexx gadget. The gadget is activated if the RexxSysLib.library is somewhere in your LIBS: directory; and if you have a file requester.
SuperDuper can recognize and use the ASL file requester (under 2.0), the ARP file requester or the req.library file requester (the first available in this order will be used). You can start any number of macros at the same time (beware of wild interactions though).
Full Documentation can be found on the disk.
You know, putting a coverdisk together can be a trying experience.
We try to cram as many good utilities and games on to each disk as feasibly possible, and occasionally an error occurs.
Just as we were putting this disk to bed, and the last minute test versions came in, it appears that the jet animations wouldn't work. If you are trying to load the animations, the reason you can't is because our disk boffins forgot to decrunch the files or include a decruncher so that you could do it yourselves. However, all is not lost. Anyone who was wise enough to buy the last issue of CU Amiga will now be the proud owner of Powerpacker
3. 0-a cruncher, no less.
Thus, loading this wonderful utility and clicking on the CU, you can port the animation files on this month's disk and be able to decrunch them and view them in all their smooth glory. We're very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, and, rest assured, the culprits responsible have been taken outside and shot (again). Well, what are you waiting for? Get decompacting... IF YOUR DISK WON'T LOAD?
In the unlikely event of one of your CU disks not loading, remove all cartridges and peripherals and try again. If it still won’t load, pop it in an envelope and send it to: CU DISK RETURNS, PC Wise, Merthyr Industrial Park, Pentreebach, Mid Glamorgan . CF48 4DR. They will then test the disk and send a replacement as soon as possible. Ring the PC Wise Helpline for any urgent problems. It’s open between 10:30 and 12:30 during weekdays and can be reached on: (0443) 693233. Whilst CU Amiga makes every effort to check cover disks for all known viruses, we can accept no responsibility for pos
sible damage caused by viruses which may have escaped our attention.
GB ROUTE SPECIAL OFFER If you'd like to obtain the full manual for GB Route, please send £2.95 (inclusive of P&P) to: Complex Computers, 2 The Arcade, Waterfoot, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 9AF.
Please allow 28 days for delivery of goods.
CORTEX 1 Mb MODULE FOR A500 plus fW? 1yb CHIP mem .
Nfu*.?quivalem 0 ASOt p us Ultra low power design • Low component count for maximum reliability • Available populated to VjMB or 1MB.
Y2IVIb £25.95 111 lb £39.95 CORTEX 8Mb RAM EXPANSION for the Amiga A500 A1000 A500 plus The ONLY RAM upgrade approved by Commodore UK • Fully compatible with A500 p us tor 10Mb maximum RAM • External lining (Warranty remains intact) • Through port (covered by blanking plate) • Fully implemented'auto- conligure • Zero wait states • Compatible with A590 and all major hard disks • UsesIM x 8bit or 1M x 9bit SIMMs • Complete with its own power supply unit (UK, US, or EURO) • FullyAI 000 compatible • FIAM test software.
2Mb £189.00 4Mb £249.00 8Mb £369.00 GVP IMPACT SERIES 2 HARD DISK WITH RAM (A500HD8+) GVP 8Mb RAM EXPANSION tor the Amiga A1500 A2000 Fully implemented aUtHtonfiguia wWW'KKf 52Mb Hard disk system with up to Vg 8Mb ol RAM • Factory-litted W| Quantum Pro-drive, 11ms access - B Uses 1M x 8bit SIMMs (see RAMI CHIPS section lor prices) • Gamel switch (hard drive disable) and power »UPPiy-___ 52Mb I 105Mb I 240Mb £339.00 £219.00 £359 I £499 I £799 EXTERNAL FLOPPY-DRIVE High-quality silent mechanism • Through-port • Enable disable GVP RAM CHIPS 1M atrl SlUUs (lor rTT* c»»..GVPeKEACH [Sjtfr
* « son simmi (ior rrrr GVP oc) EACH 2S6K i 61 DIPs (lor ___
Asg,. G0a, |cg .,c) 1M.IM DIPs (to, oBer CM,) EACH |lf H I
Sunc-Colum, | _ ZIP. (lor MOOO) 12.7,1 FULL RANGE AVAILABLE
£114.00 £3.751 PRICE PROMISE Coilex will match any gonuino prico ottered by one ol our U.K. competitors on goods that are in stock on a like-for-like basis. This oiler applies at the time ol purchase only and does not apply to pricos ottered in sales ol bankrupt stock, clearance or closing down sales.
* ? Alii i i t i i a i ZOOL
- GREMLIN (1MB ONLY) Gremlin’s acrobatic Space Ninja hits CU’s
coverdisk in a small taster of what to expect. On loading, a
static screen from the game's colourful sweet level is
displayed, with Zool standing in the centre. As a thumping rock
solo plays in the background, the strange little Mite starts
to get fidgety and leaves the screen altogether. From here, he
then scoots around the screen to give you an indication of
his many powers. As he runs, jumps, and sticks to the walls, a
succession of aliens appear allowing him to display his
weaponry capabilities - and blast them into molecular goo. He
also pauses to use his magical powers AND play the air guitar
- Bill and Ted have got nothing on this Dude... DUX - GREMLIN
Back in the heady days of Defender and Asteroids, there was an
alternative to the slam-bang space- bound action. Missed by
most arcade-goers, Carnival was a ’sleeper’ hit, which went on
to prove extremely popular on early consoles, such as the
Colecovision, Atari VCS and Intellivision.
The premise of both Dux and Carnival is extremely simple: controlling a shooting gallery gun. The player is given a limited number of bullets with which to take out the bands of ducks, bunnies and other targets which are scrolled across the screen.
Simple? Not really, as there is also a time-limit to contend with, and with every screen that is completed, your ammo supply is reduced slightly.
On loading, ignore the ‘Game Over' message which is displayed and press fire to begin. Dux is controlled using a joystick, with the firebutton pulling the gun's trigger. Below your gun your remaining stock of bullets are shown, whilst directly above you in three or four bands are the all-important moving targets. In addition, among the many cutesy tin animals are smaller caches of extra bullets and targets which require two hits as opposed to one. A level is completed when all the targets are If games are your thing, yon've come to the right place. Resitting along- side a sneak taster of
Gremlin's Sonic-inspired Zoo!, we have two more Gremlin games, Dux and Chrome, What's more these are complemented by the ultimate in cheat databases, and addiction galore in the shape of Drip... i__ Liimmii CHROME - GREMLIN Reminiscent of Gremlin’s ecological blaster, Venus, Chrome places the would-be hero in charge of a small rolling craft with extraordinary properties. It’s the work of Gremlin’s George Allan who, in the past, was responsible for the likes of Switchblade II, the forthcoming Zool and, oddly enough, Venus. A series of space platforms have been overrun by vicious aliens, who
have left a series of patrolling guards to ensure that they aren’t repossessed by do-gooder heroes such as yourself. It’s vital that these twenty areas are recovered, so your ball-like ship has been charged with carrying out the mission.
As soon as the introductory screen has loaded, press the left mousebutton to enter the main game. Chrome is a one or two-player game, and is set across the aforementioned twenty stages.
Each scrolls horizontally to follow the ball’s movement and. As the game progresses, the level designs get rapidly more complex. The key to each stage lies in the oddly-marked tiles which are interspersed throughout the levels. These contain special properties which affect the way your ship moves - for instance, they can be used to leap on to previously inaccessible stages (see panel for more details).
Via the directional controls of the joystick, the craft can be made to roll from side to side and jump onto the lower ledges. Additionally, its limited supply of bullets can be fired by pressing fire and will then be released in the direction the ship is currently facing. The aliens start off as a rather dim bunch, and simply leap up or down or move from side to side on the many ledges. These are best shot or avoided, but contact is deadly and will result in the loss of one of your three lives. In addition, beneath the main play area is a red time bar, and this, too, is reduced by lesser
problems such as the well-hidden time-depleting tiles.
Not everything is stacked against you, though, and although your ship’s armaments are limited in supply, bright yellow stars frequently appear and when collected add a much-needed boost to your bullet supply. However, as you work your way into the levels, they start to get rarer... removed and will then reveal the next batch.
To quit, simply press the left mouse button.
- PUBLIC DOMAIN A variation on the old Amidar coin-op, Drip has
been hailed by our very own Dan Slingsby as 'the best PD game
ever'. Still, what does he know?
Seriously, Drip is a tast-paced maze game which involves traversing a complex pipe network in an attempt to cover them in rust. The pipes are initially made up of one base colour, but as your character (the water drip of the title) moves up and down and across the network, he leaves a trail of reddish rust behind him. His only goal in life is to completely rust up the pipes, and on doing so he can proceed to the next batch to repeat the task. However, life's never that simple, and also patrolling the pipes are a series of creatures who don't take too kindly to having their metallic domain
rusted over. Fuming at your antics, they will chase you around the network in an attempt to touch and, subsequently, kill you. In addition to these tenacious beggars, natural hazards, such as acid spurts will also deplete your three lives - basically, if it moves - avoid it!
Luckily, the drip is a versatile little fellow and his liquid properties enable him to get out of harm's way by plopping down to a level below him. As the levels are completed, the pursuers get steadily more intelligent and faster, and will attempt to hem you in. In all, there are fifteen levels to complete, but at the end of these another, harder test, awaits where the water pipes must be switched off. This involves sorting out a series of sparking connections, but you can see for yourself when - and if - you get there. Also adding to the already-consider- able larks are a series of
coloured star-shaped balloons which randomly float up-screen. A yellow balloon allows you to turn the tables on your pursuers and chase them instead, whilst a red one makes the nasties rust the pipes as they pass over them, saving you valuable time. Finally, a flashing balloon will make your drip virtuallyindestructible for a few valuable seconds - useful for getting that last bit of pipe.
Drip is a one or two-player game, and pressing the relevant numeric key whilst on the title screen will select the number of players. In two-player mode, the players take it in turns to rust the pipes, and on losing a life, play switches to the second player. In addition, further info on the game can be summoned by pressing the I key, whilst P pauses it. A word of warning, though.
K Ire - Dro| down a level ¥ up* Ira - Drop Ml BUM-Upright Imel Whilst Drip will run on accelerated machines, only people with extremely hot reflexes will be able to complete it. So it may be wise to turn off any boards first.
- PUBLIC DOMAIN This hardly needs any introduction. Five years
ago, you couldn't move without encountering some sort of Pacman
merchandise. This little yellow pill-pop- per was everywhere:
undies, TV-AM, Lunch Boxes
- you name it, the little rotund hero was on it.
Mouthman is a tribute to the original coin-op, and is probably the closest conversion the Amiga is ever likely to see. In case you have never encountered Pacman (and welcome to the real world, if this is the case), the game involves guiding the yellow hero through maze after maze k Lptt-lett Fl,'sea"0' Right-rUM _ of pills and ghosts. The basic aim is to clear the screen of the little white dots which punctuate the maze’s corridors, whilst avoiding the attentions of Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde - the aforementioned ghosts. As our hero clears the screen (complete with the ever-present
‘wakka-wakka’ sound effects in the background) they will follow him and attempt to trap him in a comer - thus removing one of his three lives. However, located in the corner of each maze are the solutions to this problem - the infamous power pills. These pulsating pills allow Mouthman to turn the tables on his spectral enemies and chase them for bonus points.
If Mouthman manages to catch a ghost, he is rewarded with 200 points for his trouble, which is doubled with every further ghosts caught.
However, the effect of the pill is only temporary as soon as the ghosts start to revert to their normal colours, they are best avoided. Finally, further bonuses, in the shape of food goodies, also appear below the ghosts’ den for further scoring opportunities.
- PUBLIC DOMAIN If you've ever needed a cheat for a game you’re
playing and rifled through your magazines in search of one,
you’ll know what a messy and annoying business this can be. The
answer to all your problems, though, is here in the shape of
Game Tamer. Listed within Tame ’s easy to use menu system are
cheats for roughly 80% of all games currently on the market.
Amongst others, you'll find cheats and tips for Car-Vup, Kick
Off II, !l'L Im* Hi* Juat )W la*.* JitWar fi'l!' FCNI Mm Dn
Hei s tf list HI 2 -
* *»¦«:« Jiiwh i i... n RMVflil »**J hra I «« 1 Iirtrui !*«*
Iifoanb Iritmt Jmm limt rru»%m*i Kill.* ClivJ
(III. * (.. LmI Biij* 1
* »it* nr. Ur IirmitituI * ».u • i i 1 ! I 1 l » *bc»t rmrnr .
*ff . Ki7 v m HI tr Si* Turrican II and Z-Out, and all are
accessed with a dick of the mouse.
On loading, the screen will display a series of boxes containing an alphabetical list of games.
Simply dick on the game name you require , and the solution will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. As there are so many cheats, they are scattered across roughly nine pages, but these can be flicked through using the numbered page icons below the inventory list. To exit the program, simply move the mouse pointer to the top-left of the screen, and hold down both mouse buttons.
CHROME TIPS Chrome's many platforms play host to all manner of weird tiles. These have a direct influence on your craft and the way it behaves. Here's a guide of what to expect... Normal, simply roll over it as normal.
Attracts the metal of your craft and prevents you from jumping. Normally features a bouncing alien, too.
Affects Gravity. When touched, will effectively switch the game upside down, by allowing you to run across the ceiling until you reach another reversal tile.
Depletes your time-limit bar when touched.
Makes your craft bounce when you don’t necessarily want to - normally into a patrolling nasty.
Increases your ship’s jumping potential.
I. C.F.T. OESERI JACK WCKLAUS Amiga Software Games marked (NOP)
will not work on the AMIGA A500 PLUS.
......JN KLAX ..... -....7J8 RID ZON* ..... 11 TOTAL
RECAL. SHADOW WARRIOR)......19.*9 E-MOTION ..... , N
KMQKTMARE .... ____________________IMS RISE OF THE ORAOON (1
MEO) ..... _*l M CONSTRUCTION KIT ----------------------JIN
ELF ------------- ...1849 KMOHTS OF THE SKY (1
MEO) 0*08 ROBIN MOOO .... „_11
LEANOCR 1*99 ROBOCOP 3 - ._._H
- 1699 LEGEND .... ...1*89 ROGER
0) UN XI-9 BU'MI «*B HI » 4** |»*|*9T •WIWWII •»** (-A* «•« •HAVW
i Wnt*i !
• 0 BP©*** OPFVWO MB •vtOP'HBBC'OiM*'!*! MCO *" L«UN* BXT
u4*W»»N Ml3 »** NolJ.0 •(»•« - .'1 »"• 44* •»• *! 4B .1 nm
*»» *¦-* BboKM* * -489 vFmhmuS -*89 RORAftOFV’
• »*»*•» P40 *’B*T*’-F EMU • MEOl •* OVUNOKUUMF r»«0 l(*
•¦« ** ¦ CU* 4C"04. WASTERS • 9L0WBA1P1LU1 •• FALCO* •«OP. ,m
L*« 4*0 DOTH 4 44 1«.*.‘-l 0* I »AWCI | DaiiMipiu9*(P aiwi
n»so *¦ *•hyrlfP'OF* *¦» .¦ OL*»L'N -r -4»»M WOP, IN •Bru.’*
NOHTEN ¦ N LON* OF nu «(40» *•» MCA*’ OF «-H» A*©(» 4»J t
»7VAfc’AGB TNNI 4 49 -- LOTU ¦*«•!*MPBC CNAIaImCI *8* SBCABT
3P MonKB • «6A*» i I 4‘- AR***R' ’99 i»I(»'iY*i 4•» iWR* *.
Tnut; '4(9 IRJ9I l» n 9»N«»AJ» Hpu. I AO040 4 49 ’WWl *0R«*L
-» 8 99 MA06C *X«**T 9 99 W-O* O* *-»*»»*• 4-V*P’ ; AIR SEA
P47. FINAL FIGHT | SOP) ....1899 (GUHO
EUROPE 889 SAINT SERVICE 2(1 MBO) (NOP) _.... 25
.. .2249 SHMOBI. DOUBLE DRAGON 2)(NOP) .....889 MEGA
TRIMS .. ----------- ALCATRAZ 1888 FIVE
2) ...1189 MERCENARY J -------------- ALIEN STORM .. 1689
AMOS) 2299 FULL CONTACT ... .849
AMOSI......1*88 FUN SCHOOL 2 (*0. 6-6 or (•) 1489
SCHOOL 3 2-5. S-7 0(7.)...... 1899 MIG 29 FULCRUM (NOP)
or 7.1 1699 MIGHT A MAGIC 2 ----------- ANOTHER
FRONTIER... 1*80 MONOPOLY ..... ARKAMCMD 2 . 789
___________________________.78 GAUNTLETS
....16 ft SHOW. AWESOME. BEAST 2)
WITH SM«T _________« ....1589 GOLDEN AXE
BARBARIAN 2 (PSYCHOSIS) 1889 GOLF WORLD CLASS If AdeRBOARD......7 89 MOONSTONE ..... BARDS TRILOGY --------- 2249 GRAHAM GOOCH WORLD CRICKET 1849 MYSTICAL ------------ BATTLE COMMAND--------------------1889 GUY SPY ... 1*49 MEBULU3*._ . BATTLE ISLE (NOP) ------ 1*99 MARLEOUM . 1*99 MTRO ..... BATTLE OF BRITAIN .....1989 HARPOON _____________ 1SS8 NUCLEAR WAR .... BATTLECHESS1 . 1789 HARPOON V181 .. 2299 OPERATION WOLF ...... HEART OF CH9U (I MEG) ________ NEIMDALl (1 MEG)
* 4*444* TN| 4*0 «VI MOP)
MIOWWTER. CADAVER. BAT) ----------A QUESTRON 2 (SSI) --------------------------- B-TYPE .... __..... R-TYPE 2 _______ • RACE DRIV1N .-.-s...,.,- ’ RAILROAD TYCOON (1 MEG) ...A RAINBOW COLLECTION (BUBBLE BOBBLE. RAINBOW ISLANDS.
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with no obligation to buy Tel. 0279 600204 for a free COLO R
399. 99 ID DRIVE.
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CM21 9PH Overseas Orders: EEC software orders - no extra charge
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Commodore’s Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the contest of the decade. In the right-hand corner, we have the new A570, the almost- iegendary CD-Rom drive destined to take the Amiga into the 21 st Century. And on the left, we have the next generation Amiga computer, the A600. Let’s have a clean fight and, seconds I ammy 1HE AS70 Commodore’s CD Rom drive is probably the most hyped Amiga peripheral to be developed in the last two years. Mat Broomfield takes a closer look to discover the facts behind the myths.
CD ROMDERFUL When the CDTV was released last year, it was hailed as the forerunner of a new generation of home computer products, ft's capable of loading computer software from compact disks which can hold over 600 megabytes of data. These disks can also hold ordinary music tracks which can be heard via the CDTV or any household CD player. Furthermore, the unit can handle CDG, a revolutionary format that lets you listen to Cds whilst watching accompanying graphics on your computer monitor.
Since then, sales have not gone as well as Commodore might have hoped, with the unit suffering from speculation about the add-on CD Rom drive (the A570), which could effectively turn any A500 into a CDTV at about half the cost.
Now, at long last, it looks as if the CD Rom drive is on its way, with a release date pencilled in for the latter half of this year. CU Amiga has managed to acquire the latest pre-production machine so that we can bring you the results of some of the first hands-on experience in the world.
LET'S GET PHYSICAL The CD Rom drive comes in a white glossy plastic case about the size and thickness of a decent hardback book (one by Stephen King, anyway!). Although it looks very slick, it doesn't match the A500 in either colour or texture. Cds are inserted at the front of the drive, via a flap-protected opening which essentially functions like an oversized floppy disk slot, complete with push-button ejection mechanism. Below the disk slot, there’s a quarter inch headphone socket, power and CD read play light, and a dual purpose volume knob and power switch. The right-hand side of the
unit is dominated by the interface which plugs into the Amiga's expansion port. At the rear of the A570, there are stereo phono sockets for audio in and out, and the traditional square A500 power socket. This means that you’ll now have two ‘brick’ power supplies to worry about Once the drive is plugged into the Amiga, and the power switched on, the A570 takes control of the Amiga’s operating system, replacing the traditional insert disk screen with the static CDTV logo.
Cds are placed into a plastic shuttle ready to be played by the unit. This shuttle is actually a flip-top case which protects the delicate Cds. And locates them precisely within the player. You might think that ¦ 1WA57D Cds are traditionally very robust, and that's true when it applies to music, where one or even fifty missing bytes is barely audible. However, even a single missing byte can be enough to make an Amiga program unuseable. So the data Cds are tar more susceptible to damage from scratches or rough treatment.
The drive automatically registers the shuttle when inserted, and boots whatever is on it. However, il you want to use ordinary floppy disks instead ot CD software, simply insert a disk in the internal drive ot the computer, and it reverts to A50O mod .
Current models ot the A570 don't include a through-port, so unless you have a hard drive with one (or a stand alone drive that uses a SCSI connector), you won't be able to connect both drives simultaneously. Commodore have been giving out conflicting signals about the development ot drives with a through-port, at one time claiming that all models would have one, whilst later decrying any knowledge ot the likelihood. I think it's sale to assume that even it the first machines don't have through- ports, they will either be fitted as standard to later models, or will be available as an
alternative release it the problem with noise levels can be sorted out.
MIX MASTER As I mentioned earlier, the A570 is capable of playing normal CD audio tracks - in fact it produces sound quality which is better than that ot most high street CD players. Better yet it can mix CD audio with sound generated by the Amiga. The phono leads from the Amiga are plugged into the audio in sockets at the back ot the drive, and a further set of leads then link the drive to your hi-fi or amplifier. Audio and Amiga data can be mixed on a single CD, and audio tracks can be triggered trom within a software package.
This brings to life the concept ot multi-media, combining graphics with CD quality sound tracks and similar effects.
One drawback of the CD ROM drive, is the fact that most CDTV titles require a minimum of 1 Mb of Chip RAM to work. If you have an A500 Plus, this isn't a problem because they come with 1 Mb as standard.
However owners of 1.3 machines will have to perform a slight modification to their computers before they will be compatible. 1.2 owners are really out of luck, though, because the A570 is tolaly incompatrble with it. This means that you'll finally have to get that 1.3 or
2. 0 upgrade you’ve been thinking about getting all these years
(complete with new Agnus chip)!
For those people with more demanding applications. An additional 2Mb memory card can be added to the drive, although it doesn't seem to be possible to connect both memory and a SCSI device simultaneously. There is a small plate to the rear of the unit though, and it could be a possibility that this will be where such a port could go. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, we haven't been able to confirm whether this is true. Still, as soon as we know, we'll bring you a further update.
TARNISHED DREAMS When Commodore first launched the CDTV, It was widely viewed as the greatest innovation since the Amiga itself, with the entire industry waxing lyrical about the exciting prospects that the machine hailed.
Those prospects are still as viable as they ever were, but thanks to Commodore’s absurd marketing of the machine, it has fallen far short of everyone's hopes. It was six months before Commodore allowed it to be described as a computer, and they even refused to allow retailers to display it in close proximity of anything computer-related.
To make matters worse, the unit was seriously overpriced, and Commodore had targetted totally the wrong audience for its UK advertising campaign, preferring to appeal to the education and Yuppie family sector, as opposed to the existing base of one million loyal Amiga owners.
At the moment, best estimates put the current UK CDTV user base somewhere between ten and fifteen thousand users. Many software publishers won’t develop for such a (relatively) low user base, and as a consequence, the machine has very little worthwhile software available for it. The promised extras for the machine (such as the keyboard, extra drive and dedicated monitor), have been late in coming, if at all.
The AS70 could be the lifeline the CDTV needs, as surveys have revealed the potential user base to be in the region of 500,000 users.
Fortunately, most CDTV software is compatible with the A570, although there are several titles that apparently don’t work.
POSSIBILITIES UNLIMITED With almost 600Mb on a CD, the A570 opens up the way for large scale software publications which would have been impractical using floppy disks. Games such as Heart Of China and Dragon's Lair, which required nine and five disks respectively, would be small fry compared to the possibilities offered by a system capable of storing over six hundred disks worth of data on a single CD.
It’s not just games that would benefit either; how about a desk-top publishing system that comes on a single disk yet contains over a hundred scalable fonts, and hundreds of structured clip art images. Sound interesting?
When you talk about professional use, another quite important omission between the A570 and the CDTV becomes apparent. The CDTV has a special video slot that lets you connect a Commodore Advanced Video Mode card which offers pseudo 24- bit graphics capabilities. This card opens the way to TV-quality animation, which makes it all the sadder that the A570 doesn’t include this useful slot! You can achieve the same results using the DCTV, but this is a very expensive alternative.
CONCLUSION The A570 is the answer to many Amiga owners prayers, offering high capacity storage and faster than floppy disk access times. The current software is quite uninspiring, but as sales of the unit are combined with those of the CDTV, we can hopefully expect to see software developers start to take both machines a bit more seriously. It’s a real pity that current machines don't have a through-port. But as mentioned, our version is only a preproduction model so perhaps that omission will be rectified in the version that hits the shelves. Sources at Commodore tell us that the A570 will
retail for £299, and that supplies are at this moment on ‘a slow boat coming over from America’.
Whether that’s an accurate picture, only time will tell, but when stocks finally arrive you can put my name at the top of the list for one. Its a neat little unit which lives up to Commodore's promises. - FRED FISH COLLECTION There are precious few serious CDTV titles available at the moment, but one such program stands out from the rest. Mat Broomfield takes a look at Hyper Media Concepts’ Fred Fish Collection.
Nintendo owners have Mario, Sega fans have Sonic and Amigaphiles had the Juggler, but what is there for CDTV owners? Fred Fish of course! If you're wondering what I'm talking about. I'm referring to software titles which are so good, that they justify buying an entire machine just to use them.
THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION The Fred Fish Public Domain library is arguably the greatest single collection of free and shareware programs available anywhere in the world. To date it consists of over 3000 programs spread across more than 600 floppy disks, unless of course, you own a CDTV or Commodore's new CD ROM drive, the A570. For those lucky few, the entire collection is available on a single mind-blowing compact disk.
As the programs were originally designed to run on the Amiga, most of them will require you to either own the optional CDTV keyboard or network the CDTV to an ordinary Amiga. To this end, the disk contains a copy of the excellent Parnel program which lets you link up an Amiga and then treats the CDTV as an extra terminal to and from which information can be exchanged.
Also on the disk is the Fish Aquarium, a virtually essential browser program that lets you look through the vanous Fish titles without having to first load each one.
Because many of the programs on the disk are archived (stored in special compressed format), they will need to be unarced via a normal Amiga. This is yet another example which leads me to think that although the Fred Fish CD is CDTV compatible, it was actually designed with the A570 in mind, as it simply plugs into the unit, and acts much like a high capacity read-only hard drive.
One annoying fact is the way that Hypermedia have seen fit to remove all of the various program’s icons, forcing you to create your own. Or launch everything from CU.
When you consider that it would cost between 500 and 1000 pounds to buy this collection on floppy disks, it really is cheaper to buy a CDTV and the CD. Although the Fish collection is largely utility based, there are also many games on the disk, as well as music and graphics demos. Whatever your fancy, this disk is like buying a lifetime's software collection in a single hit!
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SLOW BUT SUM It’s taken years for CD-ROM to hit the streets. Rik Haynes reveals the history of the media that would be king... mote practical terms -150,000 pages ol text On top ot this, discs are extremely cheap to make. So, why hasn’t everyone got one?
BACK TO THE FUTURE 'CD-ROM is the platform that cried wolf,' suggests a spokesperson for Lucasfilm Games, Back in the dark ages of 1986, many believed CD-ROM was just around the comer.
Eventually, software publishers realised they were the bride standing al the altar with no sign of the groom. No one was buying CD-ROM systems.' There is another problem: it can only soak up data at a comparalively stow rate of 150 kilobytes per second. That means the speed ot the average CD-ROM player lies between a floppy disk drive and hard disk. Thus, tricks must be used to make the transfer 61 all those lovely graphics and sounds go taster and more smoothly. It's a question ot compression and compromise. There’s no such thing as the all-singing, all-dancing CD-ROM device that is
able to do everything at the same time... yet.
With manufacturers taking CD- ROM in many different directions at the same time, it's hard for publishers and consumers to decide upon the right machine. It only there was a worldwide standard for CD-ROM like VHS, then we could confidently run every CD software title on any player. It's got to happen sooner or later.
THAT’S INTERTAINMENT While Commodore had a headstart over the competition. Philips has recently started the onslaujht« Compact Disc Interactive. Similar in concept to the COTV, the idea is to bring a wide variety of media together on a single 5- mh compact disc. It's being heated more tike another bear ot everyday electronics, like the video recorder or TV, rather than a fancy computer A fairty equai amount of hype and hope is being thrown behind Coi. In fact, the future of the giant Dutch company could depend on the success or taiure of its new baby. That's why brrtd statements like 'COi has
the potential to change the way information and entertainment is brought into the home' and The potential is only limited by the imagination ot the wood’s best creative minds' can be heard in stores around the wotld today. With some sexy software ttttes and the respected Philips name behind it, smart money is currently on the Coi range ot product Nevertheless, it will be some time before the whole idea ot interactive and multimedia really takes a hold ol a general public more interested in mortgage repayments and the summer Olympics.
IN THE BEGINNING Firs! Conceived in the 1970s, the compact disc continues to find its way into the lives ot people at an amazing rate. We've come a long way since Philips introduced the original CO Audio player to consumers ten yeats ago.
All digital disc products share a common theme. Offering perfect sound reproduction and no loss of quality after repeated playing, they use a laser beam to read and decode information off one side of a rotating silver disc. Compact Disc Read-Only Memory (CD-ROM) is basically a mass storage peripheral for personal computers and video game consoles. Identical in size and appearance to an ordinary CD audio disc, the CD-ROM version can also hold graphics and program code. The advantages are there for everyone to see and hear. A single disc holds about 600 megabytes of data.
That’s the equivalent of roughly 600 floppy disks - or, in With customary unapologetic vigour, Rik Haynes takes a peep into the rocky future of CD-ROM gaming on the Amiga... GAME ON It the best game currently released on CDTV is SimOty, a slightly improved update of the old favourite, why should Amiga owners bother with the new A570 compact disc drive?
Commodore must be asking the same question. This could, ot course, go a long way to explain the mysterious delays which have plagued the introduction ol its expensive device.
So far. The majority ot product released on the CDTV is tragic. Stuff like BaUestorm and Barney Bear Goes to School are unaccepfably poor. No wonder this multimedia machine hasn't taken off despite an extensive TV and newspaper advertising campaign betore Christmas. One look at Classic Board Games is enough to dampen anybody's enthusiasm tor me tiling.
TAKING SOME RISKS Thankfully, there are a few developers and publishers willing to take a risk. The bods at Psygnosis have been showing off the impressive Pianetside for ages and seem ready to run with their first game using me techniques pioneered in this well-received software demonstration. Bullfrog and Ocean both have secret projects on me boil, while Virgin Games and Trilobyte may convert Guest onto evefy possible platform to recoup the horrendous development costs incurred by mis ambitious project. Described as a hypermovie, where the player can alter me direction and pace ol me
plot. Guest features stunning animation ol a mansion filled with mischievous ghosts.
Lucasfilm Games has taken a more obvious approach by concentrating on me improved audio capabilities of CD.
This highly respected publisher has been supporting CD-ROM for several years.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Loom and Secret ol Monkey Island are now ready on me CDTV.
A spokesperson adds: We are confident that CD-ROM, for all its current limitations, is the best available medium for quality entertainment software.’ It's highly probable mat many ot me breakthroughs in CD-ROM technology will emerge tram Japan. Makers ot video game consoles need an edge to keep their profits coming in.
Designers in me land ol the sun also believe they can use the huge potential ol mis storage medium to nudge me odds in their favour. A considerable amount ot resources and raw talent is being thrown at me challenge and this investment should start paying off within me next twelve months or so.
SUPRA 500RX Manufactured out of Albany,
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• 1Mb of RAM as standard (expandable)
• Kickstart Workbench 2.05
• Built in TV modulator
• Standard smart card slot
• Trapdoor expansion port
• 2 x joystick mouse ports
• Optional internal IDE hard drive
• State of the art surface mount technology ORDER HOTLINE TEL:
STANNINGLEY ROAD, LEEDS LS12 2AE TEL: I0532) 311932 U.K. Sales
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As the veil lifted on the latest Amiga at the European Computer Ttade Show, CU Amiga was there to find out if good things really do come in small packages... HARDLY NOVEL size of the internal circuitry of their various computers. One major way that they've achieved this, is via Surface Mount Technology (or SMT), which lends itself well to mass manufacturing techniques. Experience gained on the A500 has paid dividends in the creatron of the A600. Which uses this technology almost exclusively. Not only does it work out cheaper (in the long run) but also has bonuses in terms of reduced space
and greater reliability. The only chip on the whole board which is socketed is the V2.05 Roff. Obviously, this could make things a bit unpleasant for owners if a further update to the chip set is made in the next couple of years - you wont be able to just whip out your old Paula and replace it. On the positive side, this procedure will eliminate many of the teething troubles associated with new machines.
SMT allows for more rigorous quality control at the factory and also eliminates heat expansion problems associated with many of the hard-working devices.
TOTAL RECALL Another space saving effort is the organisation of the onboard memory. The A600 comes with 1 Mb as standard, yet only uses two DRAM chips to provide it. That's right - the latest in 256K x 16 bit Dynamic Ram packages can be yours.
The A600 is not, as some would claim, an aslonishing breakthrough in home computer technology. It is not innovative - if it were a novel it would not be short-listed for the Booker prize. Having said that, though, there are quite a lew differences to the everyday Amiga we have come to know.
The most immediate difference is in its appearance which is radically different from that of the A500. The numeric keypad has been lopped off, and the cursor, help and delete keys have been compressed and moved, giving the unit a portable feel. In fact, the A600 is only four fifths as long and three quarters as deep as its older sister, but remarkably it actually feels every ounce as heavy.
Commodore have obviously crammed a lot into that diminutive case!
The internal implications of this size reduction are more interesting. The A600 still features a 3.5 inch 880K floppy drive on the rear right-hand side, but the actual unit has been changed for a slimmer version and is set at a more jaunty angle which parallels the up-slanted case. The circuit board Itself includes more economies ot space.
I As part of their efforts to keep costs down, Commodore are constantly working on ways to simplify and reduce the I There’s also space lor a trapdoor expansion, and the computer can be expanded up to a full two megs. This Is about the only up-lo-the-minute technology involved in the A600, but it's an important one. Despite the low power usage of these chips, Commodore have opted to keep their brick-like power supply. Worse still, the machine doesn't have an on oft switch built into its casing, so you'll have to reach over and ‘kick the brick'. As a result ol the increasing virus threat,
there's a constant necessity to hard reset the machine, and it's a pity that Commodore didn't take this opportunity to make things easier tor us Squeezing into what remains ol the available space is more innovative technology - well, according to Commodore it is. To everyone else, it just appears to be a built in modulator. The A600 will provide colour composite video and an RF modulated signal tor direct connection to a TV or video, as well as the standard Amiga RGB connector.
This is actually quite useful il you are involved in video work as you can run a colour monitor from the composite whilst the RGB is occupied or vice versa.
All this space saving means, paradoxically, that the inside of the case is rather cramped. There's little room inside for any third party wonder devices which plug into your CPU socket but then, as there's no longer a socket for the CPU. It seems pretty academic.
Having said that, the built-in IDE interface means that you can use internal hard drives, without resorting to additional interfaces and controllers. As IDE is considered to be one of the industry's standard hard drive interfaces, it seems as if you'll be able to plug in non-Amiga specific drives which can work out considerably cheaper. It’s rumoured that Commodore are already shipping A600s complete with hard drives ranging in size from 20-120Mb. The 120Mb model was apparently set to retail in Germany tor the equivilent of about £500, which makes it cheaper than some A500 standalone hard
drives of similar capacity.
The major addition is, of course, the much-fabled Credit Card connector. Situated on the left-hand side (where the A500 would have an expansion port), the slot supports the PCMCIA standard memory cards. The A600 supports these cards either as a system RAM expansion or as a silicon disk
- ie. Treats the card as a device, such as a floppy or a hard
drive. Support for these cards is likely to be via the latter
method for any cartridge-based games likely to be produced.
Similar card games exist for the console machines, with cards often containing up to four megabytes of data. Game loading via these cards is not instantaneous, but ifs certainly quicker than loading them even from hard drive. Of course, we mustn't forget the advantages in terms of virus protection. Because Amiga viruses revolve around a disk-based system, it seems extremely unlikely that there will ever be any which can affect the cards.
Although a major design feature, it remains to be seen whether the cartridge port takes off with developers. They're - Race your Jaguar XJ220 against other super cars including Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis over thirty six circuits through twelve different countries. Speed through variable weather conditions whilst tackling waterfalls, tunnels, cliffs, bridges and mountain passes.
• Fog, snow, wind, rain and sandstorms.
• One or two-player split-screen option.
• Joystick or mouse control.
• Map editor - Create your own circuits.
• Financial Management strategy.
M. : Available on Atari ST and Commodore Amiga (both 1 Meg only).
Under licence of Jaguar Cars Limited, UK.
TELEPHONE: (0332) 297797 FACSMILE: (0332) 381511 Screen shots taken fron Amiga version unlikely to develop games purely lor A600 owners and risk losing sales to the 3 million ordinary Amiga owners worldwide.
Presumably, the idea is that somehow software produced on cartridge will be pirate- proof. Well, it may be slightly harder, but it's by no means impossible. ' In the immediate future, the benefits to the end user are tairty minimal, apart from providing a bit ol CDTV compatibility - but, even so, the A570 won't worir with the A600 so there isn't much point. Some Pcs also use these credit card devices, but use a DOS Execute iN Place (DOS XIP) tormat which is unlikely to be implemented on the Amiga - it would require a working version of DOS to use correctly. However, an AmigaDOS vereion of
XIP will be available, enabling software to launch itself without the need for booting from workbench.
PROS AND CONS No machine is perfect and the A6O0 has many features are consider lo be redundant or mistakes. That’s not to say the machine doesn't have any plus points in its lavour. Here we list ttie major pros and cons o( the new machine.
ADVANTAGE DISADVANTAGE SMT Improves retiabrfety SMT means no upgrades No numeric keypad reduces size No keypad means loss ol BuilMi Modulator hotkeys on some software DRAM chips uses less power Small PSU means kiss add-ons Hard drive option No expansion slot Trapdoor slot Not compatible wttiA500 Smancardslot No expansion pwt latest KickstariS Workbench Joystick mouse ports more accessible (at side) CHIP AND CHANGE There is also a new version of Kickstart, but don’t get upset and run out looking for upgrade kits. Kickstart 2.05 is merely an update which provides ROM support for the credit card
slot. The A600 will also come with Workbench 2.05 which has no major differences apart from a new setpatch. And commands for reading and formatting the PCMCIA format cards.
There is a new Agnus under the bonnet, too. The Agnus is the chip that controls all of the things Amiga owners get most excited about: the Copper, the Blitter, the Chip memory. Unfortunately, the new Agnus is the same as the old Agnus - in function, anyway. To facilitate the new circuit board layout, the pinouts have been changed around a bit, and as a result this new Agnus is not compatible with any of the other Agnus chips.
CONCLUSION The A600 is a sort of halfway-house between a computer and a games console. Although it has all the base requirements of a computer, it hasn’t been designed with further expansion in mind. As a result, don't expect the same range of emulators, accelerator cards, and display boards you would see on other Amigas - because of compatibility problems those that already exist tor the A500 wont work with the A600 and new designs are unlikely to be developed. On the other hand, though, the A600 is a neat little unit. If you never intend to do more than play games and fiddle around with
Dpaint or a word-processor there's nothing to hold you back.
It isn't exactly a major advance in Amiga technology, it seems to be a machine designed for mass manufacture. I wonder if Commodore ever initially planned to release the A500 Plus here at all, as the A600 seems to have been designed as an entiyTevel Workbench 2,0 machine. It remains to be seen whether the consote-like credit card slot will take oft with manufacturers. The memories of the endless Commodore 64 variations still linger in many minds.
• •••••••••••••••••••••A FEATURES SPECIFICATION If you want to
know the AMO'S inner most secrets, here's a break down of its
specifications... MEMORY 1 Mb expandable to 10Mb CO-PROCESSORS
GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION - Blitter provides high-speed data
transfer where data from three sources can be inked in
different ways. Fast line drawing and block shading. Controls
25 DMA channels.
VIDEO CHIP - Up to 4096 colours dependng on mode. 8 Sprites controller (redefinable. With collision detector). Various screen resolutions.
SOUND AND PORT CHIPS - NO Control of serial and parallel interfaces, control ports, (mouse joystick), keyboard, audio output - four independant DMA sound channels configured to left and right audio channels. Four voices (DMA sound sampling channels). Programmable amplitude and sound sampling rate. Nine octaves. Unlimited complex waveforms.
Buit-in text to speech synthesis.
DISK STORAGE - Integra) 3.5’ floppy disk drive (880kb formatted) OPERATING SYSTEM-AmigaDOS Ports One PCMCIA-Card slot One Programmable serial port - rates to 31,250 (RS232.
MIDI adaptor) Parallel serial port PC standard Two control ports for mouse joystick, graphics tablet*, light- pen*, Stereo audto. RGB analogue TTL. Colour composite video.
Mouse - Two button design.
Connectable - One external 3.5' drive Power Supply - External Mains 240v, 50hz Expansion Facilities Colour monitor
3. 5* floppy drive Hard Drive Blue moon... ... you saw me
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Micromcs The Business Series was designed for Ihe rigours of the office. Which means it’s belter designed, packed with features and easy to use. But it's also affordable by serious home users.
Competitively priced, the range comprises seven dot matrix printers. From the LC-20, the new low cost printer to replace the award winning LC-10.
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HMSO preferred.
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Welcome to Screen Scene. Within these pages, you will find THE most concise information on all the latest and best games.
SCREEN I ’ v • SCENE , V Wi V .*?
EM I* V MONKEY ISLANDfll E X C L l!r S I v' E 57 Striker SUPER STAR 65 Jaguar XJ-220 NiMty thro* percent and a game's worth a superstar We hardly throw these around but II a game displays totally superior qualities. It just might be in with a chance 62 Dune SCREENSTAR The CU Screen Star is lor games scoring S5V9?'« H a Scree* Star a awarded then yoe tee he sort that the prodecl 77 Lure Of The Temptress graptecs aed M d Ml have long lasimg appeal First Impressions 42 Monkey Island II 46 A-Z Of Adventures 51 Perfect General 54 Striker 57 Dune 62 Jaguar XJ-220 65 Wizardry - Bane Of The Cosmic
Forge 68 Samurai 73 Floor 13 74 Lure Of The Temptress 77 Play To Win 80 Helpline 84 Adventure Helpline 87 As Summer approaches, there’s still no sign of the flow of games a bating for the dreaded ‘Summer Slump’ • CU takes a look at a few of this Summer’s Beach Babes... Electronic Arts Get Dinamic... RISKY WOODS THE GAMEPLAY: At its most basic, Risky Woods is a colourful update of Capcom’s Black Tiger coin-op.
However, whereas Tiger was limited to a ‘collect'n'shoot’ synopsis. Risky Woods is a larger, more detailed game with puzzle elements and huge end-of-level guardians to contend with. EA are billing Risky as a ‘con- sole-quality arcade adventure’, and the player is cast as a young would- be hero called Roham. The scenario tells of a band of Monks who have ensured that peace reigned over the land for years. However, evil is afoot, and a mysterious force has taken each of the Brothers and turned them into stone. In addition, chaos now reigns as the evil magician’s creatures roam the land,
devastating the once-beautiful landscape. As Roham, you are the only person deemed fit enough to free the Monks from their stony confines and restore the balance of power once more.
Controlling Roham, the player is given full control over the running and jumping hero as he slashes his way through the hordes of evil minions using his infinite supply of throwing knives. As the screen scrolls in the customary eight directions, the assailants appear from every direction and will sap Roham’s energy on contact. In addition, the landscape is pitted with crevices and chasms, and should Roham fall into one of these, one of his three lives will be lost. On the plus side, though, every time a nasty is killed, they relinquish a gold coin which, when collected, can be traded in for
more powerful axes and fireballs - finances permitting.
The puzzle element is brought into play for the release of the entombed Monks. Before a Monk can be released, though, a special ‘Eye Key' must be located and taken to where the Monks are located. There is one Monk per level to rescue, and the game is complete when all twelve can reunite to banish the evil from the land once and for all... PLUS POINTS: EA boast that Risky Woods features console-quality graphics but, if anything, Riskys sprites and backdrops far exceed anything the Nintendo or Sega systems could hope for. Roham is a stocky-looking sprite, and the enemy sprites are equally
impressive, with large bats and skeletons giving way to larger guardians who occupy half the screen. In terms of backdrops, Risky Woods is equally hot, and the Amiga's palette has been fully exploited, with stunning parallax and bold, bright colours used to depict the assorted forest areas. The attention to detail doesn't end there, though.
For instance, as Roham enters a dark cave, the programmers add a realistic shadow effect, which adds to the confined atmosphere immensely.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Risky Woods is the first game to hearken from Dinamic’s Spanish offices for almost a year. Coding started early last year, and the game has undergone a process of refinement since its completion several months back.
On taking the game to EA, the Langley-based company decided that several tweaks were needed in the difficulty department (Dinamic's games have always had a reputation for being tough to beat), and a few of the original version’s rough edges have also been smoothed away.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Although very simplistic in game content and style. Risky Woods is still a superior platformer. The combination of blasting (well, stabbing) and acrobatics is a good mix, and add to this a large dollop of well-designed creatures and guardians, and EA and Dinamic are on to a real winner. The levels can hardly be described as the most complex ever, and follow a linear route from left to right, but as there's so much going on and the backdrops vary so much, there’s very little chance of repetition setting in.
An Everyday Story Of One Man And His Dog... DOOFUS THE GAMEPLAY: The unusually- named Dootus takes the line of 'Man’s best triend' just about as tar as it can go Set against a backdrop ot a colourful scrolling play area, the basic Idea in Dootus is to guide your player across the screen in search ol the letters which will make up the word BONUS’ However, trailing behind the character's every move is a little Dog, and every action that the main spnte makes, the Dog copies a lew seconds later. As the strange world is chocabloc with all manner ol deadly nasties, this is great as it eftectlvefy
doubles the unnamed hero’s firepower, but should the Dog come Into contact with anything remotely dangerous, it will kill the hero, too This works the other way.
Too. As the Dog will kick the bucket should the hero take a hit.
The land in Dootus is a strange area indeed, with the many ledges and platforms inhabited by a strange mixture ol goodies, nasties, and traps. As you scour the area lor the much-needed letters, deadly Bees, Mice, and insects home in on you, and must either be avoided or shot at with whatever your hero is currently holding. In all. There are twelve stages to be cleared ol goodies, and ai the end ol each stage cash is collected by killing nasties who will then release a coin. With your new-lound wealth, the shopkeeper will then be able to bolster your armaments with the likes ol bombs, shields
and bubbles, and these are then accessed during play by pulling down on the joystick and pressing lire.
PLUS POINTS: Dootus is a strange little game in the respect that there's nothing particularly outstanding about it. Yet it still remains lairty compelling. In terms ol gameptay. Its nearest relative is Grattgold's Fire And Ice. Where the idea ol a companion tailing your every move made its first appearance - however, the Idea has admittedly been extended with the death of the Dog killing the hero. Too. The layouts ol the levels are large and winding, and further interest has been added in the shape ol a senes ol secret tunnels, where the Dog becomes the real hero in an attempt to scoop as
many further goodies and letters as possible - whilst battling against an ever- decreasing time-limit.
BEHIND THE SCENES: The work ol German development team, Prestige, Dootus will be released in Britain via DMI. The game has been in development tor almost nine months, with the three-man team splitting graphics, sound and coding work between them. It’s lairty obvious to see that Dootus bears similarities to Fire And Ice, but this is vehemently denied as both games were in development at roughly the same time - a happy coincidence?
The game Is cunently 75% complete, with the final touches to the last lew stages being added at the time ol writing. However, we do hope lor a lull review within the next two Issues.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Going up against Fire And Ice Is not an enviable proposition, and Dootus will certainly have Its work cut out If it is to topple Grattgold's platformer. In Its favour is its addictive gameplay and large play area, but whether its levels will have the variety and content ol the Graftgold game remains to be seen Admittedly, the version we have seen was in an early state of development, and il Prestige live up to their promises ol massive and varied levels, it should be an impressive debut. We wait with bated breath... fm f rails Terramarque await King Rudolph... GAMEPLAY:
King Rudolph is rudely awakened from his sleep to discover that the animals depicted in his lavounte card game, the Galactic ol the title, have magically come to life and are thrashing out their own version of a usually more passive battle, in the heavens.
The animals are divided into two sides: the red deck and the yellow.
Each side has a leader, represented by the King, and a corresponding energy bar. Rudolph must take It In tums to represent one ol these colours by colliding with their leader and lighting lor their side. By shooting the opponents' animals, he turns them back into cards and they tall to the ground. The king must then catch them before they hit the deck to maintain his energy, swapping between the two sides to utilise the maximum amount ol energy available to him. In the meantime, though, the two teams continue to battle it out and attempt to trap each other in crystals until one side wins and
the survivors come alter Rudolph.
GALACTIC PLUS POINTS: The game runs at a speed ol fifty frames a second and displays an almost unlimited amount ol sprites at any one time. Incredibly, all this information is stored in your Amiga in one loading, meaning that the computer won't have to access the disk again until you've completed the game. Sound is also given the five-star treatment and is rendered in six-channel stereo to maintain maximum arcade feeling.
Later levels get more complicated as further gameplay features are introduced. On the Toy Floor level, cards falling to the tloor turn into toys which, when collected, reward the player with extra time rather than energy. A warp function is also included to whisk you away to further levels as soon as a predetermined number of animals are trapped.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Galactic took over eighteen months to complete with a small team ol dedicated programmers and musicians keeping a tight reign on the its progress.
Terramarque's briel was to produce an arcade-qualrty. Addictive game without the element ol violence they found so common in most Amiga offerings. Finnish programmer Stavros Fasoulas. Lamed lor his many classic blasts on the C64, including the space shoot 'em ups Delta and Sanxion, has been handling the graphics lor Galactic and hopes that the game will quench a much-needed demand lor Irantic yel friendly careware.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Galactids many sprites move at such a pace that you'll hardly ever get a good enough chance to take long, lingering looks at them. In addition, further distractions come in the busy gameplay, with the player not only struggling to strike a balance between the two teams, but also keeping an eye on their energy level and any other sundry tasks the game throws up. Hopetully a lew more features will be added to the game before it's scheduled release, as it could prove a little shallow, but Stavros's proven track record includes the excellent C64 puzzler, Ouedex. So he
should know what he's doing... SPECIAL After trying their hand at the RPG and racing genres, Core are now entering the movie business with their latest Platformer. With Heimdall artist, Jerr O’Carroll, directing will it be a box office smash?
LIGHTS Whenever something is successful, the hardest thing to do is follow it up. Take the Poseidon Adventure as an example. OK, so we’ve all seen it dozens of times and it only warrants a cursory viewing now, but how many of you remember the sequel, Beyond The Poseidon Adventure? Or what about The Wizard Of Oz and Return To Oz?
Precisely. This can also be said of computer games, and it is somewhat ironic that Core are using a film set scenario to display Heimdall graphic artist and ex Sullivan-Bluth animator, Jerr O’Carroll's considerable prowess.
However, rather than reuniting Jerr and 8th Day partner, Ged O’Keaveney.
Premiere stars Dan Scott as the chief coder.
Long since wanted to produce a game similar to Prince Of Persia,’ opens Smith, ‘but we wanted to add more Rick Dangerous-style traps to liven things up slightly. Another specification we wanted was that it was to utilise large cartoon-like graphics.
As Jerr specialises in these, he was the natural choice.’ Jerr, however, doesn't quite agree with the Prince Tenuous links aside, Premiere has grown from an initial idea proposed by Jerr to Core’s Jeremy Smith. ’We (Core) had 'MU m Of Persia comparison: ‘We deliberately wanted to make something platform-orientated,’ he begins, ‘but I wanted its success to hinge on playability rather than its complexity. In addition, it goes slightly further than, say, Persia as it features much larger sprites with the same detail of animation and allows the player to move behind the film sets -
effectively doubling each level's size.'
CAMERA Premiere's scenario tells the story of a hassled film editor whose latest blockbuster project has been stolen and scattered throughout the surrounding six film sets. Stepping into the sneakers of this film editor - who goes under the unfortunate name of Clutch Cable - the player must 1
- ?-- i $ r 1 r ki' * AS 4' All the graphic* ara being placed
together using Dpalnt HI, whilst the actual level dato Is
pieced together jigsaw-style on Dan ScotTs 286 PC.
However, all the levels ara drafted on paper first to save later confusion.
& explore the sprawling eight-way- scrolling play area and piece together the missing reels. This mission then takes Clutch through a series of strange platform-laden screens, each of which reflects a film style. ‘We’ve gone for a wide variation in styles,’ offers Jerr, ‘as this allows us to incorporate a wider range of ideas and sprites. For instance, one of my favourite levels is the Wild West set. Which features all the expected Cowboys and Bandits, but other, incidental characters, too.’ During the development of Heimdall, everything was meticulously planned, so has Premiere's game
design been concrete from the start? ‘No, not really,’ he continues, ‘although we had the idea for the platform game, the plot line and plan- ifiil 1111881118 J-i. . ;¦ J n . * T *£ '*• K 'f •' y .A K . * 11 .VI 1 'i C * L H«ro and Him editor Ckrtcfi Cable, in a* N* an*- meeed glory. In terms erf memory. Ckrtch occu- nlng behind Premiere has been a lot more relaxed. It's nice in a way, as I'll say to Dan “hey, what about this", and we'll experiment with the idea before deciding whether to use it. A good example is the cameraman who appears during the Western scenes.
He's one of those stereotyped cameramen who has the black doth over his head and one of those smoky flashes, but if you’re facing him when he takes a picture, the screen is switched to use the sepia tones associated with the old style photos, and Clutch is temporarily paralysed - but the enemy aren’t!'
As our hero progresses, the sets move on to Horror films.
Sci-Fi epics, B-movies. And black and white themes, each of which sports more and more hostile creaACTION!
To keep Premiere from being bundled with the countless other platformers currently doing the rounds. Jerr has even gone to the extent of altering the way the game’s end-of-level guardians work. ‘When I came into the industry,’ says Jerr. 'I worked with Emerald Software in Ireland for a while on The Running Man and Moonwalker. Because I wasn’t familiar with computer games as a whole. I would come up with these ideas and they would say "oh no. You can’t do that, it s never been done before!" I realise that there are only really seven genres in existence, but with a little lateral thinking, at
least some originality can be added.’ And it has to be said that Premiere certainly excels in the guardian department.
Although the bosses Clutch faces are large, they don’t all follow the shoot until they die' pattern For instance, during the horror film section. Clutch stumbles across a large wheel and a locked door - with a large creature also on his tail.
However, jumping inside the wheel and running inside it as a Hamster plays in a wheel, a series of smaller wheels and cogs are turned, eventually opening the door before the monster gets to you. Jerr continues, there's also a sequence where Clutch is a trolley, with a large train chasing him. Clutch must make the trolley leap over any holes in the track and duck under jutting poles whilst lobbing dynamite at the oncoming train to slow it down a little.’ If the duo’s ideas come to fruition, it certainly looks as if Premiere will be a welcome addition to the platform genre - and it also
takes Jerr back to the movies where he began.
- but on walking through a door, he would pass into a
wood-panelled area directly behind the set. Complete with
struts holding the walls up’, offers Jeremy Smith.
BEHIND THE SCENES Jen and Dan started work on Premiere a little over four months ago. With Jen returning to his trusty copy of Dpaint for the graphical and animation chores, whilst Dan beavered away on a 286 Snasm- based PC for the coding. After roughly outlining what they hoped to achieve. Jerr and Dan were left to their own devices to come up with the game specificiations. The choice of levels seemed fairly obvious.’ says Jen. As Horror films.
Westerns and Sci-Fi films offer an excellent variety in characters and animation possibilities.' Weren t they worried that Premiere would be compared to Gremlin's Video Kid.
Though, which used a similar setting? ‘No, not really,' he admits, ‘after all. They're two entirely different games, and there’s no way ours can be classifed as a shoot 'em up, although the player does take out the people chasing him.'
Each of Premiere's six sets spans roughly 8x8 screens, but the play area is doubled because Clutch can also take a look behind the sets. In addition, the end-of-level screens also span a number ol screens, adding to the game’s already considerable size. 'It’s starting to get a little tight on the memory front,' Jerr sighs, ‘and obviously this is because of the large sprites and the animation which goes into them, but we ll get it all in i$ L& i& 2 With the fearsome ghost pirate LeChuck back in business and looking for revenge, Rik Haynes tries to solve the mystery of Big Whoop before it’s too
late... SUPERSTAR HOIST THE JOLLY ROGER Most games designers look to movies and books for ideas, but very lew are inspired by theme park rides. After a visit to Pirates Ot The Caribbean, which is apparently the best thing about Euro Disney, the development team at Lucastilm Games let their combined imaginations run wild. Until the release ot The Secret Ot Monkey Island, the average player1 usualy stayed wel dear ot this style ol product Whee Mhet games take themselves tar too sen- ously. This one deverty poked tun at swashbuckling fdtdore, stones and films. The attractive graphics dkjn’t do it
any harm, either.
Like the old saying goes, you can’t have too much ol a good thing. So, with customary style and flair, the only game publisher with a direct line into the movie malting business decided to produce a sequel with more gags, gamepiay. Graphics and. Arm. Reggae music Monkey Island 2: LeChucks Revenge is the result Hailed as a masterpiece on the IBM PC, some pundits claimed the lack ot 256-colour visuals would seriously hamper Ihe Amiga adaptation. Fortunately, the boys and girts in charge ol this conversion had other ideas. Bearing in mind the immense size ot the game, it’s spkt into tour
separate parts to make lite easier, and the people at the helm ot the Amiga translation have done a marvelous job. While the yam comes on a hefty number of floppy disks, those players who lack the luxury ol a hard dive are promised the bare minimun erf hassle Moreover, the programmers are currently devising an ntefcgent loader to provent the single floppy drive user going spare with neecfless frustration.
TREASURE ISLAND Following his ghost-busting antics in The Secret Ot Monkey Island.
Guybrush Threepwood is thirsty lot Ihe thrills ot more high seas adventures.
Taking the role ol our boastful hero, the player directs Ihe actions ol Guytotush n his quest tor the biggest treasure of them an Tales ol Ihe Big Whoop have templed him back to the cutthroat career ot wisecracking adventurer.
He’s not sure why, but Guybrush knows this legend is somehow real and ready tor the taking.
On his way to the seedy town ot Woodtick to find a crew and boat.
Guybrush immediately encounters his first obstacle: Largo LaGrande. Extortionist extraordnaire and obnoxious minion of the evfl LeChuck, s putting the squeeze on Scabb Island. Nothing happens without Largo darning a large slice ot the pie. Before you know it, this horrible little bully has grabbed the stake money and made a quick exit.
Shocked and penniless, Threepwood must charter a ship and find a way to crush the Largo Embargo. The situation soon takes a turn tor the worse. LeChuck rises from the grave, yet again, and puts a tempting price on your head.
Luddy. Guybrush can rely on the help of old tnends kke the Voodoo Lady and Etaxie Martey. Out the task ahead is no picnic kx wannabe pirates As Ron Gibed the creator ot Monkey Island 2, puts it, ’revenge is a motive everyone understands’ - and Guybrush has a heck ot a time avoiding the consequences of LeChuck's anger.
WALK THE GANGPLANK Trykig to appeal lo as wide an audience possbie players are subtly guided through the humorous ventures ol Guybrush. There’s also an optional easy mode lor beginners.
While creative challenges draw players into the whole experience, a good plot is essential to prevent their interest Irom gradually waning. A magical totmula lor creating a tasty blend ol the key elements seems to have been hit nxrn here According to the guys responsbfo. They concentrate on the story first and the characters tal out ol that All the puzzles are then carefully crafted to fit In with the story. The script writers and programmers tend to come up with a lot ol lunny and bizarre ideas at this point. Artists in the group are asked lor their opinions, too. It may seem as though the
entire team is ‘goofing off but this is a demanding and crucial part ot the project Gfibert was so absorbed by the process, in tact, that he even solved tricky problems in his - You have to have fun to make fun.'
Tim Mutc» Before he became the world's first philosopher of video games, I im Schafer helped with the programming, dialogue and design of LeChuck's Revenge. A keen player of Bullbhzrr on the Atari 800. He's now working on his own SCUMM game.
Away from the office, he likes to play the banjo and fold paper into carnivorous reptiles. He’s also allergic to mushrooms.
'We want our games to appeal to a wide audience, not just to people who are already computer savvy.'
Dave Grossman After a brief career as musician, T-shirt artist and teacher, Dave Grossman is now a project leader at l.ucasfilm (lames. He likes to read comic books in his underwear. Eat things that aren’t good for him and watch the work of Ray llarryhausen.
'ItChuck's Revenge is the only project where I can imagine animating characters in a spitting contest.'
Scan "I urncr 'Drawing with a mouse is like drawing with a brick.’ Scan Tumcr Perfecting his animation skills at Hanna- Barbcra. Sean Turner joined the famous special effects division of l.ucasfilm, working on everything from Ghostbusters 2 and Ghost to the three Indiana Jones movies. Surprisingly, Howard the Duck was his favourite project at Industrial Light & Magic because it required lots of animated effects. Turner is a great fan of the cartoon king. Chuck (ones.
‘We arc able to create effects not easily achieved with traditional painting methods. It's easy to see why Monkey Island2 is packed full of weird and whimsical anima- Colettc Michaud, Art Department Supervisor at
l. ucasfilm (lames 'Prom the beginning of the game. I wanted the
music to sound like what you’d hear coming out of a radio if
you were walking down a street on a Caribbean Island.'
Michael Land ‘We just couldn’t fit all the jokes into The Secret Of Monkey Island, so we had to create a sequel.’ Ron Gilbert "I'm still trying to figutc out now to get everything I want into an adventure game."
Ron Gilbert sleep. No wonder Monkey Island 2 s so weird. How many times U have you had to spit to succeed or seen a monkey playing a piano in perfect time to a metronome?
SCUMM. The much talked about operating system used in every graphic adventure from the firm, has undergone a few tweaks since the original outing of Guybrush and his pirate pals. This continues the trend to streamline and enhance the user interface and inner workings of every new game. Why is this revolutionary game engine called SCUMM? It’s actually an acronym, and stands for the Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion. This high-level scripting language allows the writers to focus on being creative rather than worrying about technical mumbo jumbo.
Constructed of many small programs simultaneously running in the background, SCUMM manages the locations and activities of characters and objects populating every fantasy world that’s created by Lucasfilm.
BLACKBEARDS AND BUCCANEERS Control over Guybrush is a breeze, allowing any novice to instantly get to grips with the system. Simply point the cursor where you want Guybrush to go, dick the mouse button and he’ll walk to that location - automatically avoiding any obstacles along the way. Unlike those weak text parsers employed in the past, players don’t waste any time guessing which words they have to enter because all the commands are displayed beneath the main window.
Actions like 'give', 'pick up’, ‘look at’ and talk to' are activated with a single click, the desired character or object is then highlighted, and the operation performed before your eyes with one more depression of the mouse button.
Keyboard shortcuts further improve the workability of this control mechanism.
Sentences like ‘Use pins in voodoo doll' or Talk to parrot' are constructed within a matter of seconds.
Almost everybody in LeChuck's Revenge has something to say. Gilbert first dabbled in the art of conversational computer games when the script for Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade landed on his desk. Apart from the dialogue solely included to add atmosphere, you can learn a few tips from these rather peculiar chats. When words need to be spoken, a selection of possible phrases replaces the panel of verbs and inventory icons. Any snippets of speech are displayed in the panoramic view of your immediate surroundings at the top of the screen.
There is no limit to the number of objects that can be carried. The trick is to spot any goodies lying around, they're bound to prove useful somewhere down the line. It’s particularly amusing to see Guybrush attempting to squeeze a giant monkey figurehead inside his coat pocket.
One thing that annoys me about, say. Space Quest IV from Sierra Online. Is the way your character will frequently die searching for the next clue.
Gilbert also hates this technique and' believes players don’t want to be whacked over the head every time they make a mistake. Thankfully, Guybrush is a pretty robust fellow. He cheerfully walks away from a massive explosion without so much as a scratch during a later section of the game. Players can therefore focus on the story and puzzles. Not waste time saving the game in fear of potential danger.
If you do encounter any difficulties attempting to claim the prize of Big Whoop, US Gold’s handy guidebook containing the complete solution costs a tenner.
SKULL AND CROSSBONES It should be obvious by this stage that LeChuck's Revenge is something special. Striking visuals have become the hallmark of a good graphic adventure and LeChuck's Revenge is head and shoulders above the rest. Yeah, it maybe make-believe but the attention to detail is breathtaking. This lively production claims to have over 6.4 million pixels on show. From a myriad of lengthy planning meetings, the artwork and music were painstakingly fashioned to complement the storyline.
Searching lor the fabulous Mad Monkey takes Guybrlsh through a series ot stunning* looking Islands and rooms.
Particularly impressive Is the sunken Galleon which holds many clues as to finally defeating LeChuck.
Programmers worked with a team of artists, animators and composers to make the story come to life. Scrolling panoramas and rich spot animation give the game a very distinctive look.
This, coupled with refined film-like techniques and proportional character scaling, help to smoothly transport viewers into the illusion. For his part, Guybrush plays his role brilliantly when questioning other characters. The body shrugs and raised eyebrows, and other gestures are sheer perfection and significantly add to the immense entertainment value of this product. Not that the supporting cast haven't got a few neat moves of their own.
Attempting to improve the look of Monkey Island 2, the art studio tried a different approach to creating the numerous bits of background scenery.
Prompted by the success that Sierra Online and Dynamix had from utilising scanning and video frame-grabbing equipment to produce startling backdrops and sprites, the designers wanted to adopt similar methodology on a trial basis. Sadly, it wasn't easy to implement at first. After mucking around with acrylics and various types of pencil, the artists eventually found a R E V I E AND THERE’S MORE... ox.
LeCtoct s Rertagi Us Ocei cwnplslsfl admirer* will soon »• able lo ample the latest aid most complei *ame ever published by Lucasfilm Games. Fealirtng over 100 pieces ol original hand-painted background art.
Indiana Jones Aid The Fale ol Allinfis - not to be contused with the action game Iron US Gold
- uses rotoscoping to make character appearance and movement
more realistic. It's also the second title to have IMUSE
kickin' tunes.
Based on choices made early In the game, players are led dowa three separate paths concentrating on puzzles, action or dialogue. This means that players can complete the game several times enjoying a new asptrtence each tune, reckons producer Hal Barurood. It s really three gamns in one.'
Musical data at the right bme and place Origin is the man competitor to support and develop the concept ol interactive music. However, those loud Texans prefer a louder more raucous sound, as heard in the PC incarnations ol Wing Commander and Ultima VII. As you would expect. IMUSE also has dynamic supervision of sound effects for doors opening, creaky floorboards, birds chirping, pianos playing, etc. It's early days as far as the Amiga and digitised speech is still missing from the equation. Perhaps the crazy characters will speak in a CD-ROM adaption? Lucasfilm Games is already at the
forefront ol such enticing developments. Loom, the first CD-based lakie game, uses the voces ol adors instead ol prmbng lines ol text on the screen.
SHIVER ME TIMBERS Thanks to a noticeable increase c awareness and sales, pubhshers are flooding the market with graphic adventures. In the confusion, it’s difficult to choose an overall winner. Which one should you go for? Monkey Island 2 has genuine wit and oodles of charm.
Fine tuned to perfection, everything is up-front for all to see, hear and read.
The story alone should keep you gripped to the very last word. By the way. There's a tug surprise at the end of play. Sworn to secrecy by the oath not to reveal 'Game Over' sequences, this is al I can say.
LeChuck's Revenge ts truly a masterly mix ol wacky humour and sturwmg images. I'm a massive fan ol adventures and I can honestly say that they just don't come any better than the.
Unless, that is. Guybrush makes a comeback c The Secret ol Monkey Island 3. But, until then, this will do me nicely... workable and effective procedure. Once the scene had been drawn with coloured marker pens, they overlaid certain lealures with painl lor added force and effect. Coloured pencils were used to sharpen any solt edges before the next step. The finished artwork was then directly scanned into their computers and touched up with graphics packages and proprietary software toots. Usng this method, a single back- ground took anywhere trom an afternoon to three days to complete Lead
artist Steve Puree made sure the overall look of boll Monkey Island games remained consistent. The end result, as I'm sure you will agree, was well worth the effort.
Not that the soundtrack's merely thrown In as an afterthought. II anything, more attention was fondly lavished on the composition and code than ever betore. For this is the first game lo have the spanking IMUSE to accompany it. Thai's Interactive Music and Sound Elfecls lo you and me. In other words, the music score cunningly reacts to events that happen in the game to further enhance their impact.
Thus, new sequences are invoked as the mood and situation ot LaChucks Revenge changes Tunes lolow the action with seamless ease thanks to the cooperation ol programmer and composer They determine how IMUSE will Inteii- gently alter the raw LUCASFILM US GOLD £35.99 ( The grandmaster ot graphic adventures.. 9 GRAPHICS 96% SOUND 91% LAST ABILITY 89% PLAYABILITY 90% OVERALL 95% Fast just isn't the word tar this SO. The im;|£(Mip tale 'Miss this and you will regret it forever" "Anyone X Mho lias been y keeping an eye oni y for (his will not be V disappointed. And should V await its release
with bated breath...Epie is one of the best produets I have ever played - the depth of gameplay and graphics A are of a truly stunning A standard." "X GAMES X A OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED 6 CENTRAL STREET . MANCHESTER . M2 5NS . TEL: 061 832 6633 . FAX: 061 834 0650 'The game's graphics and presentation are nothing short of stunning, and there's a great nad of pla ahilil in there too.
Ocean tune never had it so good!"
SI ACTIOX A-Z OF ADVENTURERS ” ' J From Scott Adams to Infocom and the Zork trilogy, j y is Rik Haynes presents the A-Z guide to... ADVENTURERS ADAMS, SCOTT Acknowledged as one of the founding fathers of the genre, Scott Adams created many a best-seller during his brief period of fame. Popular titles included Spiderman and The Hulk, along with the Mysterious Island series. Unfortunately, you need a Commodore Vic-20 , a Spectrum, or a BBC Micro to enjoy them today - and these are are rarer than the games themselves.
BEAMISH, WILLY Not the producer of that fine Irish stout, but the latest spoof from Dynamix. Although this particular conversion was somewhat lacking, the company has promised a more refined sequel for early
1993. Using a clean ‘point and click’ interface enhanced by
attractive backdrops and animation, the designers at
Dynamix are keen to eliminate any unnecessary frustrations
from adventure gaming. Also look out for Rise Of The
Dragon and Heart Of China from the same team.
CINEMATIQUE The engine that runs the award-winning games from French music publisher, Delphine. When Delphine entered the computer game market, few were expecting to see adventures of the calibre of Future Wars, Operation Stealth and Cruise For A Corpse. Amazing visuals and soundtracks play a very important role in these three titles (see ‘New Wave').
DISK SWAPPING A penalty paid for the lavish helpings of pictures and sounds jammed into adventures these days. If you’re into this particular style of game, a hard drive is strongly recommended - and is fast becoming essential!
ELVIRA Accolade has enjoyed some success with two RPG-orientated yams based around the infamous ‘Lady Of Late Night TV in America. On a more traditional track, Les Manley is an attempt to lure the Leisure Suit Larry crowd with naughty bits and adult humour.
FLAMES OF FREEDOM Breathtaking secret agent romp from Mike Singleton featuring 500,000 square miles of fractalgenerated 3D terrain, 22 modes of transport and 4,000 individual personalities. Players can select the look, sex, psychologies and physical characteristics of their on-screen persona. Features arcade sections, but the cross-over works well.
GILBERT, RON After directing the development of Koronis Rift on the C64, he invented the successful story-telling system used in Maniac Mansion, Zak McKraken And The Alien Mindbenders, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, Loom and all the other graphic adventures from Lucasfilm Games. Gilbert was also the project leader and creator of The Secret Of Monkey Island (see Lucasfilm Games).
HOBBIT, THE Trendsetting mix of text and graphics on the C64 courtesy of Melbourne House. Throghout the game, bugs were in plentiful abundance. Luckily, though, even these created some entertainment value. A rightful classic, which was followed by a weak sequel.
INFOCOM Before anybody had ever heard of Delphine or Monkey Island, this company had a prolific output.
Although productions such as Wishbringer and Planetfall were the domain of diehard fans, Infocom managed to attract the mainstream player with strange packaging and the likes of The Leather Goddesses Of Phobos and Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Phobos came with a scratch 'n sniff card while the latter game was written by the book's author, Douglas Adams. Sadly, Infocom sank after merging into the ailing Mediagenic empire. Activision, now a French company, is working on a sequel to the Phobos (see ZorlQ.
J. R.R. TOLKIEN Thanks to companies like Interplay and Electronic
Arts.Tolkein continues to find new admirers almost twenty
years after his death. However, his influence on computer
games extends far beyond the direct translations of The Hobbit
and Lord Of The Rings. What decent hack 'em up can be seen
without a fair sprinkling of elves and ores, eh?
KING'S QUEST Series that really put Sierra Online and graphic adventures on the map. It started way back in 1982, when Roberta Williams created the first in the series, and the rest, as they say, is history.The next instalment, King’s Quest VI, should be released later this year with, no doubt, more Quests to follow.
LUCASFILM GAMES A-Z OF ADVENTURERS While other subsidiaries created the Indiana Jones movies and special effects of Terminator 2, Lucasfilm Games also built up a reputation for quality work. Three of the best from this San Rafael firm - Secret Of Monkey Island, Loom and Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade - have now been converted over to the CDTV (see Gibed.
Ron). Also, a mention must go to Level 9. Who produced THE best text adventures for the 8-bit machines. Games, such as Snowball and The Lords Of Time, won them a legion of fans.
MERCENARY This space opera from Paul Woakes of Novagen has maintained a cult following ever since the original appeared on the old Atari 800 micro.
Mercenary III is the most recent outing.
NEW WAVE What does the future hold? Apad from the inevitable Secret Of Monkey Island 3. Another Wodd could be an indication of things to come.
Delphine's innovative use of vector graphics in this release put a new slant on the whole concept (see Cinematique).
OUT SOON The future looks bright and toasty for people with a taste for graphic adventures. Dune has such an impressive score that Virgin has deckled to put out a remixed version of the music on cassette and
CD. Similarly, based around the Spielberg movie stamng Robin
Williams and Julia Robeds. Ocean s Hook sports over 50
locations and X different characters. The boys at Bullfrog
are busy fiddling with the finishing touches to Bob. Will
this be the first game to bridge the gap between ‘God Sim'
and graphic adventure? HR Giger. Whose work on Ridley Scott's
Alien movie won an academy award, has collaborated with
Cyberdreams and Mirage on the forthcoming thriller Dark Seed.
The team that brought Hound Of The Shadow to our computer
screens is currently writing Daughter Of The Serpents for
Millennium. With some gorgeous backdrops from Pete Lyon,
Daughter incorporates an easy-to-use interface and speech
bubble hypertext. Core Design, better known for Chuck Rock
and Thunderhawk, is about to enter the fray with Curse Of
Enchantia. Again, fine graphics and unpretentious control
shine through.
PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE Disappointing debut for Gremlin's development group in Ireland. These guys were previously involved with the Cinemaware hits - Defender Of The Crown, TV Sports Football and It Came From The Desert. Considering such past successes.
Plan 9s lack of similarity to the film came as a massive shick - and disappointment. Rumour has it. Though, that more toady B-movie licences are on their way, although firmer details on what they could be are evasive.
QUOTATION Adventures are to the adventurous.' Proverb Q is also for Quo Vadis, one of the first arcade adventures to appear. Released by The Edge, this C64-only game featured over 8000 screens, and the first person to complete the game would duly win a valuable sceptre - unfortunately, nobody managed it... ROBIN HOOD Released to coincide with the Kevin Costner film.
Millennium's game was a humorous 3Dor which entailed the recruitment of Merry Men and the liberating of the Sheriffs gold. Following the success of Steve Grand s first game. Millennium are preparing a more advanced titteset in the final days of the Roman empire.
SCUMM Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion. Every adventure from Lucasfilm Games is controlled by this highly-developed tool. Basically, it allows the player to effect every action possible via to mouse clicks: one to select the action, and the other to select the object to be acted on.
TIGER MEDIA Perhaps the first publisher to fully embrace the potential of CD-ROM. Tiger Media launched the premier Airwave Adventure for the CDTV last year.
The Case Of The Cautious Condor was originally voted Best Hit Software' by LOGiN magazine in Japan. This murder mystery drama contains comic book artwork and over three hours worth of CD- quality speech, music and sound effects. Bug Byte's (original home of Matthew Smith's Manic Miner) Twin Kingdom Valley warrants a quick mention, too, as it featured the most stunning graphics ever seen in an 1984 adventure.
ULTIMA Often dismissed as a series ol straight role-playing games, the Ultima saga is perhaps the lines!
Example ot a fantasy adventure lound on any format. Ultimate Play The Game also deserve a mention here - lor Alien 8 and Knight Lore, the first arcade adventures ever.
VIRTUAL THEATRE Could this system replace the mighty SCUMM from Lucasfilm Games? Revolution Software and Virgin Games have just launched Lure Ot The Temptress, the first release to exploit the capabilities of Virtual Theatre V also stands lor Valhalla, Legend's legendary (sorry!) Adventure which starred Thor. Loki and Mary Whltehouse(l).
WONDERLAND With plenty of praise from The Guardian, Chicago Tribune and reviewers alike, this adaption of Lewis Carroll’s marked the return of Magnetic Scrolls.
Earlier games like The Pawn, Guild OfThieves and Fish! Are also available from Virgin Games.
Magnetic Scrolls is now developing an RPG with a working title of Haunted, scheduled to be published by Microprose in the near future.
XENOPHOBIA One of the basic instincts shown by any game- player. Especially the adventurer. One of the better recent adventure-related xenephobe hunts have been Gremlin’s Space Cmsade. Which was was superbly atmospheric.
YELLOW BELLY When it comes to exploring the darker regions of outer space or enchanted forests, the wise adventurer will always save their current position before taking any risks. Yeah, it frequently pays to be a coward.
ZORK Considered to be the finest example of the humble text adventure. A classic trilogy (although there was also a fourth in the series - and a Zork Zero) which are now available for an irresistible budget price from Virgin Games (see Infocom). Check them out.
FOOTBALL TACTICIAN DA3TASCAN ProGS Until now. Football summations came in two categories: arcade and management. Few.
If any. Ever bothered with the aB-important STRATEGY which a successful manager is to master, both before a match when deciding on squad selection, and during the match when high-drama. Real-time decisions must be made on tactics, substitutions, set pieces and player deployment. But now. For the first time on any major computer, there is a superlative management game that encompasses all forms of soccer strategy: it is called FOOTBALL TACTICIAN.
Team selection, needless to say. Remains a critical element in any successful campaign: and here you will be aided with a wealth of player data, never seen in any soccer program before. Gone are the days when a player was given a single skfli level. Each player is now analysed in up to 20 different aspects, enabling you to select the side best suited for the match in hand And then to the BIG innovation of FOOTBALL TACTICIAN: full on-line, real-time involvement during the match! For the first time ever, you will, as a manager, be able to alter your strategy : choose a defensive or offensive
system, mark certain opponents, drop back some of your players if the pressure is tough, decide exactly when substitutions should be made, play the off-side trap, go for quick counters, etc... With full on-screen commentary and minute-by-minute feed-back, you’re as involved in the match as any of your players! When you further consider that this game is written in 100% machine code (unlke scores of other slow-motion offerings which are written in basic), that up to twenty two users can play this game at the same time, that accurate records are kept on all 440 players in the first division,
right down to their exact market valuation, that a built-in editor allows you to change any player's or manager's name, you wi realise that this is no ordinary soccer manager THIS is the REAL THING. You’re in charge. You manage your side before and during the match. Nothing is left to chance.
Can you rise to the challenge? Try FOOTBALL TACTICIAN and prepare yourself for the ultimate football experience.
Amongst the many features: intelligent computer behaviour, lively transfer market, ability to replay ANY match of the week with full commentary, three levels of commentary from highlights only to every single ball challenge with all players named, ability to retrieve any fixture from the last 21 seasons, top scorers chart, friendlies. Speed control, twenty player squads including the VERY LATEST transfers right up to this very week, full European Cups program with every single European player accurately named, selectable positions, automatic and intelligent substitutions by computer opponents
based on player fitness, fatigue and tactics used; computer opponents will automatically change tactics to respond to situation on the field. ability to utilize FREE UPDATES OFFER! Because Talking Birds are committed to providing the most up-to-date football manager ever, purchasers of FOOTBALL TACTICIAN will receive free update disks for a whole year! As players are transferred, injured or revalued, as managers are sacked and teams promoted or relegated, it is essential that up-to-date data disks should be made available to the serious user Beyond the first year period, this service will
be available as an optional extra.
AMIGA and ATARI ST STE Double-sided disk.
Please rush I copy of FOOTBALL TACTICIAN I own on AMIGA A500 Imeg A500*D A500 1 2 meg ? ATARI ST STED Name Address I enclose cheque for £19.95 ?
My Visa number is Viso or Access orders same-day dispatch Overseas please odd £1 p&p TALKING BIRDS 0702 523607 5 Minster Close Rayleigh Essex SS6 8SF THE scanner for your Amiga DaataScan ProGS A superb high quality image capture package compatible with all Amiga’s. Scan images from magazines, books, photos, etc. for use with DTP and ART applications.
• 100-400 dpi resolutions.
• 64 grey levels.
• B W text mode.
• 3 halftone photo modes.
Supplied with a high speed interface cartridge, which plugs into the parallel port, and a dedicated, regulated power supply.
DaataScan Professional GS 2.02 Grey scale image capture software package supplied with the DaataScan hand scanner.
Software screen shot Features:
• Saves in the popular IFF file format.
• Convert to 16 true grey scales.
• Fully multi-tasking.
• Interlace mode and printer scaling support.
• Real-time scanning display.
• Scan size - A4, A5, A6, user defineable.
• Cut, copy, paste using powerful Clipboard.
• Rotate, flip, invert and crop.
• Image resizing and rescaling.
• Zoom with pixel editing.
Daata Switch Box Enables you to connect two peripherals to the parallel port at the same time. Both the scanner and a printer can be connected to the Amiga and selected by a simple switch.
CREDIT CARD HOTLINE 0234 84 33 55 Candaal Pandaal Marketing Ltd 44 Singer Way, Kempston, Bedford MK42 7AF BATHE OF POSTCODES Without beating around the bush, Ubisoft’s Perfect General (PG) is out and out strategy. A purist's wargame, with none of the padding found in most strategy titles (flash graphics, intensely researched plot, dozens of maps and photographs, etc). In PG, the aim is always the same: beat the other guy senseless.
PERFECT GENERAL________ With buttons brightly polished and his cap at a quirky angle.
R ~ ' 3 ’ military pieces. Further amounts ol cash flow Tony Dillon sets off for battle with UBI Soft's Barmy Army. . As with most wargames, the battle is won by the taking of territory, rather than the destruction of enemy units. In a real war, you wouldn’t just wade in, destroy some tanks before leaving again would you? Nope, to win at PG you must take more towns and villages than your opponent.
That’s not to say that you don’t have to destroy your opponent, too. Of WAR TAKES TIME The design of Perfect General has taken twelve years to perfect. It all stemmed from a boardgame tournament held over a dozen years in the United States, on a system designed by the impressively named Bruce Williams Zaccagnino. White Wolf were commissioned to create a computer game using the system which has evolved over the years into the slick design it is now.
Course you do, as they are the ones stopping you from taking the towns in the first place.
Once you have worked through the comprehensive menu system - which covers options such as the intelligence of the enemy, which of the twenty or so scenarios to play, and whether to play against another human or not - you enter pre-battle mode.
HOPPING SPREE Here you are given the chance to buy an army. The game is on a very small scale, so one tank on screen means one tank in real life. Typically, you have around 150 credits to spend, with units costing between one to ten credits each, and a unit’s strength and capabilities directly related to the cost. A foot infantry, for example, is easily destroyed and not particularly powerful, and, as a result, only costs one credit, whereas a heavy tank is virtually indestructible and can wipe out major pieces quickly and easily, and costs seven credits. It’s down to you how many of each
unit, if any, you want to buy, and it's all dependant on your own personal strategies. If you're the sort of person who likes to launch a mass, full scale, full-frontal attack, then you’ll need a few heavy tanks backed up by several dozen infantry units. If, on the other hand, you want to soften up the enemy with an aerial bombardment, you’ll be more inclined to spend your defence budget on artillery and other long-range units.
Next, comes the deployment phase. Here you lay out your pieces in a predesignated area, usually on the soufh end of the map. Again, it's down to your own personal strategy how you place them. It’s more or less at this point that you notice how user- friendly the package is. Up until this point, you’ll have been using the menu system, which is the same as any other. From here, you realise that the whole game is based on a point and click system, and it’s really simple to use. The basic rule is this: right mouse button selects an option and left mouse button activates. It’s so simple, and it's
nice to have a strategy game you can waltz into for a change.
* * ¦ wM'JfmK 0 1 ** f 0 ,S" i .vm I: F1 *" : r ? IT nr nr [flB
• |r pSpi i Hleir In 1 lilt: 4i TURN AROUND (AND FACE IHE MUSK)
The game is played in turns, and each turn is broken up into a
number of phases. A phase is a segment of time within which a
specific action takes place. For example, you might move all
your units in a phase, or have all units fire in a phase.
Having different types of unit can also G ¦ 1FIJ» J» AW rebate
date June 1992 genre: wargame team: White Wolf Control*
controls: mouse, keyboard number, of disk,: 1 number of
players: 2 hard disk in, tollable: yes memory: any machine
change the phases you have. Thus, if you don’t have any
artillery units, you won't have an artillery phase, or if the
enemy are out of range, you won’t have a firing phase.
PG is very easy to play. The design is simple, which means you can concentrate on the battle with both eyes on the screen, not in the manual frantically hunting for the right command or key. It isn’t the most detailed around, nor is it another UMS, but it's still one of the better wargames I have seen.
UBISOFT £25.99 f Easy-to-use and highly absorbing wargame... J GRAPHICS 80% SOUND N A LASTABILITY 89% PLAYABILITY 86% OVERALL 83% m rai n m m ii m 3 CHECK OUT THE VALUE KICK START THE FUN WITH THESE GREAT GAMES FROM T unit an III O 1991 Rainbow Arts. AII right* reserved.
Microprose Soccer and Gunshlp: Microprose Software. All rights reserved.
World Class Soccer: V U.S. Gold Limited. All rights reserved.
ST Dragon: O Licensed from |ALECO. F The Sale* Curve Limited- 1990.
All rights reserved. Myth: € System Three Software. All rights reserved.
Titles used under license bv KIXX.
Titles used under license by KIXX.
KIXX, Units 2 3, Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B6 7AX.
Tel: 021 625 3311.
REVOLUTION IN FOOTBALL MANAGEMENT * DIVISION ONE 92 REV 1 "(The Midnight Oil) treat soccer in the sophisticated way Americans treat their national games." -The (Guardian THE GAME Everyone has ihcir own ideas on what makes a soccer learn 'lick'. Here is ihe opportunity to pul into practice your own ideas. Operating from the English IfU division you must build a squad lo challenge lor the league litle. Ihe FA and League Cups more minor changes. An edit program and a and the 3 European trophies. And as players age. Rebuild the team while holding off relegation.
SQUADOTKANSIER MARKET In a 3 squad system (1st team squud. Reserve squad and youth squad), use the continuous intake of youth players and training program lo create a squad whose skills reflect your ideas. Supplement these skills with carefully selected transfer market acquisitions. As they age, veterans fade and youngsters develop, keep an eye on the changing skills of your team SKILLS All players have a balance of 5 skills (no "skill levels') which you must develop CUSTOMISATION PROGRAM Customise the 45 by experimenting w ith your team. Even more important will be your judgement about the
man starting squad. Use your own favourite players, or effect of the particular team balance or skill combination on the outcome of the match, and your local side. How about as squad with Pele.
Subsequently a season of football. Suitable training can develop enhance skills. Beckenbauer, Best. Cniyff, Maradonna ....?
Division One 12 trtmfami. The sower management game. You can concentrate 1*1 the football. Experiment with players, fomutiom. Temi styles Build your dream squad aid chock it out m accurately emulated league cup football. Match results are Invn a unique win match. Every po». Tackle, diot etc. b (ktermmed by die players involved. Your choke of skills thus influences much results. Menial arithmetic has been dumped, football knowledge is the name of the game.
HEAD COACH V3 "When it comes to the 4ih down Headcoach has if'.'Headeoach' ’TV Sports Football'' head to head.'
MATCH STATS Your judgement will be pul 10 Ihe icsi in this unique 4 minute match stats simulation against accurately simulated opposition. This is the measure of your team and your most reliable source of information.
There are displays of: match flow, two teams, player- with ihc ball. Injuries, discipline, substitutions, in-malch tactics, goal scorers, possession breakdown and performance assessment.
REVISION ONE The best just got better! All updates that have been made to Division One 92 over the last six months. In addition Ihe match screen has improved, opposition team info expanded, a European transfer market added and a few customisation program have also been added. The manual has been expanded and the packaging improved.
EDIT PROGRAM. Edit the team and players that make up Division One. Produce your own Division One. Or Scottish League. British latague. European League.
Gennan Spanish French ltalian...eic...eic. Or even make up a league of all the best teams you’’ Headcoach V3 has been described as "the best game ever put onto a computer". It is the complete America] Football game, a multi season epic with the very best strategic elements of the real thing. You will call the plays, devise the game plans and develop the team.
Use the first season (2 pre-season games. 16 regular season games, and the play-offs) to discover your 45 man squad of players. Then exploit the college draft tt improve the team and expand your game play to beat the very best the NFL can throw at you.
Ns will fade (a player will last a will stay and rebuild .... THE MIDNIGHT OIL Tel Sales: 0438 721936 JO FOR NEXT DAY ‘ DELIVERY POSTAL SALES The Midnight Oil Depl (CU)
18. Hazelmere Road.
Stevenage SG2 8RX 2 3 days delivery Please supply: HC Dlrcv ?
Amiga Amiga 1 Meg AiariST £19.95 £19.95 Current owners: replacement disk £1.50 £36.00 £59.00 Type 50 100 £27.00 £48.00 ADVANCE TICKETS !!! EDUCATION AND GOVERNMENT ORDERS WELCOME ACCESSORIES IBM Printer Cable 1.8 MTR . .....£4.90 (Also for Atari, Amiga) 25 Pin M-M and M-F 1.8 MTR .....£4.90 36 Pin Centronic M-M 1.8 MTR .... .....£4.90 PRICES ONLY IF BOUGHT WITH DISKS Normal 40ml,,lorr £4. With this vouchor £3
- --- 3ta' 10 Capacity Qty 5 .
£4.50 31a" 50 Capacity Lockable ......
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£4.70 W STORAGE BOXIT CALL 0225 868100 No Cash
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£61.00 £67.00 Bench Mark DS DD £11.00 £18.00 £28.00 Unbranded
DS DD £9.50 £16.00 £24.00 Bench Mark DS HD £18.00 £31.50 £52.50
3 1 2" DISKS Cheques and Postal Orders to: MANOR COURT SUPPLIES
LTD Telephone: 0597 851792 Fax No: 0597 851416 Depl CU06 151
Glen Celyn House Penybont, Llandrindod Wells, Powys. LD1 5SY
¦ 1 24 HOUR ORDERLINE 0597 851784 Unbranded DS HD £25.00
Unbranded DS HD £14.00 Qty 25 ALL DISKS 100% CERTIFIED ERROR
FREE. 3i 2" INC LABELS. 51 4” ENVOLOPES + LABEL SET 5i 4" disks
Let’s face it, going against Kick Off II is an unenviable task,
but at last someone has come up with a decent rival. Many
reasons have been given as to why Anco’s classic is so suc
cessful, but it all boils down to its pure playability. There's
no way Kick Off II can be classified as a ’proper’ simulation
of the sport, as the players are minute in relation to the
pitch and move at such a blistering pace that they’d leave the
likes of Lineker and ol' Stanley Matthews at a stand-still - in
p addition, when was the last time p iyr you saw someone
score from the centre spot twice in a match? However, at the
end of the day its addictivity that counts - not goals - and
Anco's game has stacks. However, written by ex-Special FX
coders under the Liverpudlian development team’s new
stand-alone label, Rage offer an alternative to the perennial
Could this be the new Football King?
Steve Merrett goes for a kickabout with Liverpudlian newcomers, Rage, and meets their new Striker... On loading and the unveiling of Striker's options, I felt a distinct sense of deja-vu. Set against a backdrop of digitised players, the game allows the player to alter everything from the weather conditions - including a rather silly ’gale’ option which sends the ball into orbit every time it’s kicked - to options for a penalty shoot-out or extra time to resolve a draw. In addition, it is also from these menus where the game’s difficulty level is selected. On selecting an International
match, a screen appears offering control over virtually any International side known to man.
As well as old favourites, such as Brazil and Italy, smaller, lesser- known squads - including Chile and the Arab Emirates - can also be selected. The reason for such a variety of teams is that each varies in their capabilities. Whilst Brazil are experts at ball control and play a mean offensive game, the Italians are more aggressive and tend to prefer long passing moves - conversely, Malta are pretty useless in all departments. Thus, by taking control of Brazil, you’re in for a fairly easy route to the Striker Cup, whereas captaining Malta or Chile will prove much more of a challenge.
In addition, although these features may sound vague and cosmetic, the variations between sides are startlingly apparent during play, and Brazil are incredible to watch as they whiz down the wing, whilst the Germans are equally dominant in the penalty area.
MAKING A PASS Comparisons to the Anco game are inevitable. As Rage’s players race on to the pitch and assume their formations, it’s easy to dismiss Striker as yet another wannabe. But then the screen tilts, and everything starts to change. As the screen pans towards the centre circle for the kick off, the player nearest the ball automatically falls under your control and this is indicated by a small marker beneath his feet. From here, as the ball is passed around, the computer automatically switches control and the marker to the next nearest player.
OK. So this doesn't sound particularly exciting, but its the way the screen follows the action that's so amazing.
When both Red Rat and Simulmondo attempted to utilise a scrolling 3D play area in International Soccer Challenge and I Play respectively, the results were slow and confusing games with very little sense of perspective or pace. Conversely, Striker is probably the closest anyone has come to creating a realistic Soccer simulation which plays as fluidly and as well as Anco’s classic - and most of its success can be put down to this new system.
Whenever a player is fouled near the box, the opposition will automatically build a defensive wall, whilst a dotted line appears at your striker's feet. Altering the position and length of this determines the height and length of the shot, whilst holding down the firebutton increases the power.
WHOLE NEW BALLGAME This may indeed sound like high praise, but rather than trying to emulate everything that made Kick Oft so good as, say, Sensible have, Rage have obviously taken a good hard look at the Anco game and decided how they can expand, and, maybe even improve, on it. The aforementioned 3D slant is a brave decision, and by pulling this off, the Liverpudlian newcomers have already distanced themselves from the other league contenders.
However, rather than relying on just this, the gameplay and many moves available to the player are equally well thought out and implemented.
There’s no way that Kick Off II can be classed as the perfect game - and I’m by no means knocking it - but because the whole package hangs together so well, we tend to ignore any small bugs or quirks. However, how many times have you attempted to tackle a player only to have your player miss and consequently lie on the floor for vital seconds as the opposition run rings around him - or run across his legs and earn themselves a penalty? Rage combats this, and although they can still lunge with the best of 'em, it’s only when you want them to and they get up again straight after.
This may all sound a little fawning and anti-Kick Off, but it’s not supposed to be. It's just that it isn’t very often that someone actually tries something different, and when they do it deserves credit. Ocean did it with The Addams Family, and. Considering the limitations imposed by the sport itself, Rage’s Footy sim is all the more impressive. Equally good are all the free kicks, defensive walls and comers we have come to expect.
Whenever a player is sent sprawling on the outskirts of the penalty box, the referee will signal a foul and the opposition will line up to form a defensive wall between you and the goal. Your team member nearest the ball will then line up for the kick, with a dotted line detailing the line the ball KICK START As with most In the genre, Striker gives the player control over the team member currently nearest the ball. As soon as the ball touches the player, they can either punt it on to another player or opt to dribble it into the goal mouth. Unlike Kick Offs realistic dribbling eftect, though.
Rage have opted for a medium between Anco's method and the ever- popular Velcro Boot’ syndrome favoured by the likes of Krisalis. As a result, although complete control over the ball is given, it's still fairly easy to swipe the ball from a player’s feet using a sliding tackle or simply by barging them.
Passing and shooting is equally simple. Ordinarily, there are only two styles of shot: hard and soft. But, depending on the way the ball is travelling and other factors, such as height and speed, a wide range of volleys, chips, and even bicycle kicks can be effected.
The best thing about these, though, is that they are so natural In action. Whenever a cross is lobbed Into the penalty area, for instance, the player on the receiving end won't Just stick it away - they'll make a show of diving in for a header, or they'll slide In to tap It past the keeper. Bearing in mind that real Footy is based on reflexes and timing, this works really well.
On the downside, though, sliding tackles often result in inadvertently fouling the opposition - either resulting in a free kick or penalty. The latter simply places the player in front of the goal, with a plotting cursor used to aim the kick, but the tree kick system is considerably better. Expanding on the John Barnet method of sending players into the box, as your players enter the area, all you are left to do is plot the line of your shot. Using a dotted line to aim, the player can bend It past the wall (and, yes, the players making up the wall do hold their nuts In preparation) using
aftertouch to add swerve. In addition, the length of time the firebutton is depressed for determines the shot’s power - and your greatest goals can be repeated endlessly until your friends are bored silly... will take when kicked. However, this line can be lengthened and shortened to determine the height of the shot, and it can also be moved from side to side. When satisfied with your set-up. Simply hold down the firebutton to restart play. This simple system is very effective and controllable. And the same dotted line system is used for the likes of corners and throw-ins.
RACE YOURSELF Because Striker races along so smoothly and so quickly, it’s easy to take its many features for AWAY WIN It was a warm May Friday and the gauntlet was thrown down. Come on up to the office and see Striker: said Rage head honcho. Paul Finnegan, to our dashing Deputy Editor, Steve Merrett. After several practice matches, another gauntlet was thrown down by way of a challenge.
’If you win this,’ laughed Finnegan, the company is yours to keep.1 Accepting, Merrett promptly sat down and tanned Paul 2-0, thus maintaining CU’s considerable pride. Next up, was programmer George Christophrou who, after a surprise comeback by Merrett, was promptly stuffed 5-3. Further rematches were duly offered and subsequently won by CU’s Kick Ott II champ and answer to Gary Lineker, and Merrett eventually left with just one deteat under his belt. We re still awaiting the keys to Rage's docklands offices, though... .wn OPTIONAL EXTRAS Striker’s options also allow the player to toggle
the amount of graphical detail used. S f*. +. V * On starting the game, • 1 6 a full complement of centre circles and y I j assorted markings will J' adorn the pitch. | However, these can be switched off and this results in a slightly faster game. Although the changes aren't enormous, I found playing Striker a lot easier without the detail. However, for anyone experimenting with the game for the first time, they'll be advised to keep them on and benefit from the 10% reduction in speed.
As the keepers a 0 good, the players must fox tl n every shot. Whenever granted. For instance, after several minutes of playing and getting to grips with the fairly instinctive control method, you'll be racing up the wing and bending in crosses that Gazza would cry for. In addition, such is the flexibility of the players in your squad that it’s odds-on that they’ll be there ready to hit it on the volley or meet it with a diving header. One advantage of the game's large sprites is that, coupled with the neat scrolling system, they create a more realistic 'feel', and it's simply incredible to
lob a short cross over to a midfield player, only to regain control in time to nod it past the keeper. Kick Off featured some classic goals, but some of the ones possible within Rage’s game knock it into a cocked hat. Strangely, though, Striker has opted for a mixture of Kick Offs dribbling system and the Velcro boot’ system, and this is bound to throw a few Anco veterans at first. It’s not a bad system by any length, but it does take some getting used to and can prove rather too random when it comes to going in for tackles. That said, though, as Striker is more of a passing and attacking
game than Kick Off this is only a small detraction.
So, the all-important question is: does Striker topple Kick Off II from its long-held seat at the top of the league.
To be honest, no. However, what it does offer is a game up to, and in some areas surpassing, Kick Offs very high standard. Striker plays extremely well, and offers all the moves we have come to expect but within an excelrelease dale June 1992 genre: fooly sim teem: in-house tontroh: Joystick number, of disk,: 1 number of players: 1 2 hard disk installable: no memory: any machine ITIWl lent 3D play area. The players are extremely responsive, and perform their many kicks and passes with style and ease, and the computer opponents are set to tax the player as they work their way through the
many teams on offer. Although I don’t feel it beats Kick Off, I do think that it’s the best competition it’s likely to have and can easily sit aside Anco’s game at the top of the pile.
Basically, Striker is the perfect complement to the Anco game, and vice versa. It has speed, addictivity and myriads of options. It’s a stunning debut by Rage and all Striker is missing are the half-time oranges... ( Footballer of the year - and no mistake... J GRAPHICS 90% SOUND 83% LASTABILITY 94% PLAYABILITY 93% OVERALL 94% RAGE £25.99 SHARE MOBO AND ROBO'S CASH... IN THE GREAT BONANZA GIVEAWAY JL
Mobo and Robo are the coolest villains J you'll ever meet. They rob r' y banks, museums T_ f - and innocent y y computer gamers I of their sanity. " They're on a mission and they're coming loon Rave with the Brothers and share in the Bonanza!
AVAILABLE ON: Amstrad, I CBM 64 128 cassette & disk, , Spectrum cassette, Atari ST & Amiga.
Get upto £3.00 off selected Kixx smash hits...... when you buy a copy of the Great BONANZA BROTHERS Arcade Game!
To get a share of this mega limited edition offer HURRY to your local computer store and check out the special marked packs... WHILE STOCKS LAST!!!
ARCADE HITS MARKETED BY mmmmm ‘Offer does not apply to CBM 64 128 disk or Amstrad disk. ‘See inside special offer packs for more details. Offer ends 30.11.03. LEGEND Of DARKMOON |EYE OF THE BEHOLDER I) • SHADOW SORCERER NEED HELP? CALL THE GOLD PHONE HINTS & TIPS LINE INFORMATION LINE: 0839-654124 IP ft ' K An m if ¦A * s il & mm K V?l l m In Sun, sand and serfdom. Virgin’s conversion of Frank Herbert’s novel hi Dan Siingsby puts on his loud shorts and heads off for a day at tHeiJ 1.
NOVEL APPROACH Turning a work as awe-inspiring and complex as Frank Herberts Dune info a playable game cannot have been an easy task. Herbert’s novel maintained a consistent reality which was as detailed as it was imaginative. Even the multi-million dollar film couldn’t do the book justice, so what chance an adventure game?
Thankfully, the French development team behind the game, Cryo, have obviously put a great deal of time and effort into distilling the essential elements and mystique of the original novel and reworking them for the computer game. Liberties have been taken, of course, but onfy to dispense with some unnecessary detail and to accentuate the action and adventure elements.
In the game, the player assumes the role of Paul Atreides. The young son of Duke Leto. Your family have just arrived on the planet Dune and have been granted the right to mine Spice - the galaxy's most valuable commodity. Spice is a drug found only on Dune, and is the key to deep space navigation as well as prolonging life. Consequently, the drug is incredibly expensive and whoever controls its production holds the key to untold wealth and power. Unfortunately, much of the planet is controlled by the Harkonnen, sworn enemies of the House of Atreides, and a confrontation is inevitable.
SPICE OF LIFE Before coming to blows, Atreides must befriend the local tribesmen - the Fremen
- and enlist their help in building up sufficient stores of
Spice to keep the Emperor off your back. This is effected by
visiting the numerous Fremen settlements and convincing their
leaders to work for you.
Only three such sites are visible at the start, but more are 'discovered2 as the game progresses. Mining Spice is a tricky business and you’ll soon find a prospector is needed to search for the stuff as well as han esters to collect the drug.
Most Fremen are only too glad to work for you after their mistreatment at the hands of the Harkonnen, but some resist and you’H need to cajole them into helping your efforts. Production will also drop if you fail to make frequent visits to each mine - motivation takes a nosedive, machinery begins to pack up and sabotage occurs. Spice production is an essential element of the game, as the Emperor has to receive regular supplies or hell 'revoke1 your license to mine the resource in an extremely brutal fashion.
Unfortunately, the need to constantly visit individual mines to gee up the workforce is frustrating, and appears to have been added to pad out the game.
Another obstacle to production are the giant sandworms which roam the planet’s surface. These huge beasts are attracted to the rhythmic vibrations of your mining equipment, and will often attack Spice harvesters, putting mines out of operation.
Later in the game, the worms can be tamed and used as an alternative form of transport. Until then, though, transportation is by omithopters (flimsy lightweight planes) or by foot. The latter method is not recommended until you've acquired a stillsuit and, even then, prolonged exposure to Dune's inhospitable dimate will result in severe dehydration or death.
There's an excellent animation sequence which kicks in if you’ve been playing in the sand for too long and shows your skin slowty receding from your skull.
TOOUNG UP Once production of Spice is underway and you’ve made contact with Stilgar. The Freman leader, you can begin to train an army. From here, the game starts to assume a tactical bent, as troops can be sent on spying or espionage missions against the Harkonnen fortresses. Troops need to be trained and equipped with the best weapons in order to become an effective force and, again, this takes time and can be a frustrating part of the game.
& While military engagements are essential to victory, so is taking care of the planet’s fragile eco-system. By helping the Fremen to reclaim the desert, the tribesmen become more motivated to your cause and the vegetation starts to overgrow Harkonnen settlements.
Dune can be played entirety with the mouse, but there’s also a joystick and keyboard option. The main area of the LOOKS FAMILIAR familiar with David Lynch's film adaption of Dune will be instantly at home with Cryo's computer adaptation. The movie's visual style has been readily plundered. The chisel- jawed features of Kyle Maclachlan (Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks) are easily recognis- screen is viewed through Paul’s eyes, although there’s also a control panel located in the bottom third of the screen.
From here, all essential commands and instructions can be given at the click of a mouse button. It’s a very simple system to pick up and means even the novice player can jump straight into the game without any need to consult the manual.
Several maps are also at your disposal, and these detail the various Fremen activities, Spice density and stock levels, the number of men under your control, your Charisma level (used to get what you want from the various people you’ll meet), and the area of land under your control. There’s also a travel map which comes into play every time you take a trip in an ornithopter which lets you choose your destination.
ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT Graphically, Dune looks superb. The Palace, mining installations, and Harkonnen fortresses are all extremely detailed, and the game’s many characters are finely rendered. The animated sequences are also highly polished.
Skimming across the desert in an Ornithopter is very satisfying as the dunes flash by and the sun sets in the distance.
Day and night cycles help create the passing of time and light up the sky with pale blues, crimson and dark purples - Walk out into the desert, stay tnere a ulille: LET IT FENETRfTE YOU. Spce s anrip resent on Dune... It may auiate yar internal potentials.
I insist that u:u go alore.
| able, and even Jessica and Duke Leto look like their movie counterparts. It's a pity that the film's visual style has been used quite so rigidly as the yardstick for Cryo's game. A bit more creativity and a different interpretation of Herbert's novel would have helped give a more interesting perspective.
Above. Jessica can otter some useful advice, so consult her as often as you can. It s also a good Idea to get her to come with you wt en exploring the Palace. There are many hidden rooms waiting to be discovered. Right The Emperor is not a man to cross, so keep Spice production high.
Further reinforcing the alien leef of the landscape.
When talking, each character's lips assume a life of their own and, although there’s no cigitised speech on offer, the effect is a pleasing one: Gurney Halleck, who acts as a guide for much of the game, is especially well endowed in the lips department and his name takes on an altogether new meaning as he seemingty competes for the world guming championships such are the contortions of his rubberised lips.
After a while, a troop will become much more proficient In mining spice.
IimimFG release dale June 1992 genre: Adventure team: Cryo controls: mouse numbers of disks: 3 number of players: 1 bard disk installable: yes memory: 1 Mb Soundwise, the in-game tunes are suitable ’otherworidy’, throwing up swirling scores with all manner of electronic tomfoolery thrown in for good measure.
FROM A TO B You’re In the army now... By clicking on the option* menu, another Fremen troop jolne you.
Adventure games are all too often a matter of doing 'A' and *B' to reach ‘C Such a linear approach becomes boring after a while. Dune succeeds because it involves a degree of strategic thinking in overcoming the Harkormens, and there’s also a number of mysteries to clear up along the way. Admittedly, parts of the game are still too linear - especially at the start - but things perk up after the first couple of hours and become much more involved.
Uh... I don't understand muci in this kind of technology.
It was never going to be easy adapting a novel of Dune’s intensity and depth, but Virgin have come satisfyingly dose to pulling it off. All the essential information and necessary background material is presented in an almost subliminal way, allowing the game's adventure elements to come to the fore. This one should appeal to both Dune afficianados and novices alike.
VIRGIN ETBA TALK TO ME 4 The options window lists the various actions available to you.
Typically, these might include ‘talking to people’, ‘taking an ornithopter’ or issuing a variety of commands.
9 The movement compass indicates the four directions you can move at a particular time. If one Isn't highlighted, then that's not a ( Excellent Interpretation of Herbert’s classic novel J GRAPHICS 92% SOUND 81% LASTABILITY 70% PLAYABILITY 88% OVERALL 83% °1 - Fly the most accurate flight simulator ever created.
Fly against the most deadly opponent known, real people! From bi-planes of WWI to jets of the Korean War, know what it was really like to fly. Air Warrior simulates the world of the real ACE.
.. best flight simulator ever.** Amiga Format “thrilling... the greatest experience in flight simulator history.*' PC Format “unparalleled ... amazing... huge." NCE “game dynamics impossible to duplicate in conventional computer simulation." Omni “incredibly realistic flight simulator." What PC Amiga, Mac Color & Mono, PC and ST £34.99 Air Warrior includes: Two comprehensive manuals. Campaign Map, Terminal Off-line Trainer, Data disks. Free Host membership. £30 of connect credit. Modem offer For further information call On-line on 081-558 6114.
642a l4*a Bridge Road, London EI0 6AP.
Host 081-539 6763.
M v moz CENTRAL SCOTLAND'S PREMIER P.D. LIBRARY UTILITIES All utilitios listed are 500 plus compatible U21 4 Amibase Professional U213 Gators Graphic Workshop U212 Text Engine 3.0 U218 Graphics Construction Kit U207 Easy Print 2 U206 Digital Address Book U202 AMIGA Plus Utilities U199 Amigafox D T P. U191 Windowsbench (2) U198 Comms Disk U189 Assassins Label Utils U188 Printer Driver Generator U187 24 Pin Printer Fonts U184 Slick Utilities U183 Vogue Utilities U182 Picture Help U180 Convertors Disk U179 Ozone Utilities U167 PC Emulator U161 Pagosotter Clip-art DEMOS MUSIC All disks are 500
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The jar G087 Assassins Comp 13 G085 Tomcat G083 Simpsons Gomes G079 Blackjack GO76 Super Skoda challengo GO73 Games Galore G070 Insiders Game G060 Empire Game G059 Zeus Game GO58 Shapes G057 Truckin On (2) G055 Battle Pong DEJA W UCENCEWARE £3.50 All disks ore 500 Plus compatible LPD57 Kiddies Clipart LPD58 Locks, Keys and enemies_ LPD59 Prehistoric Fun Pack LPD60 Techno Snail LPD61 Rescue LPD62 Revolution LPD64 Rescue 2 LPD65 Power-Planner LPD66 Hotel Manager LPD67 Cyodonia LPD68 Virus Buster 2.1 LPD69 Magical Mix Up LPD70 Paint Box LPD71 Battlocars LPD72 Monster Island LPD73 Amos Database
LPD74 Sour Grapes LPD75 Videolob LPD77 Power base LPD79 Music Engine LPD80 I.B.E. SLIDESHOWS All disks are 500 Plus compatible S053 Phil Collins S052 Highlander Slideshow S049 Betty Boo S046 4D Images (2) S042 Judge Dread S040 Invisible World S037 Star Trek Images S028 Gremlins 2 (2) SO20 Hendrix Slides S006 Nightbreed FRED FISH 1 - 590 T-BAO 1 - 59 DEJA-VU 1 - SI AMOS PD 1 - 40C The above represents only a small selection of our collection. Please call for new arrivals, or why not call into our showroom.
Please include postage and packing. Payments by Access Visa or make your cheques or P.O.'s payable to __ "Micro Choice" (Dept CU) 30, Townhead, Kirkintilloch G66 1NL. Mmm F" x Tel: 041 777 6300 mimm 30-220 QUALITY SOUND Jaguar includes some great sound enacts, but It you'd rather race to the sound ol music the XJ-220 comes with an excellent CD player as standard! You can choose between six tracks ranging Irom the melodic, to hardcore thrash tor floodlit night driving. If none ol those included are lo your taste you can even scan the radio stations and take pot luck in what you'll find - these
range from the theme tune from The A-Team to Starsky And Hutch's twangy signature tune!
- A BREED AHEAD Lotus 2 has dominated the computer car-racing
world for almost a year now. Its super-fast scrolling and real
istic racing conditions made it an instant classic and has
since remained unsurpassed - until now.
All good things must come to an end, and Core’s newest product, which is about to take to the road, is just the game to make sure that Lotus 2 is knocked from its pole position - it was a comparison the Derby-based company were wary of, but they have certainly pulled it off with style.
Looking back at Lotus 2 it was a relatively simple and linear affair: you Steve Keen pulls on his asbestos underwear and climbs into the driving seat of Core Design’s mean machine.
Simpfy set your options and raced. If you qualified for the next round, you could progress. This is where Jaguar knocks it’s many rivals for six. Whilst there's not a lot you can do in terms of changing the actual on-road gamestyle, Core realised that they could still incorporate a host of new features, such as improved graphical detail, and an additional element of strategic play never seen in the genre before.
SCREEN SCENE Jaguar's racing is spread across twelve countries around the wortd and thirty-six tracks.
The player must take his Jaguar and crew to each of the dozen countries and race against the fastest road-worthy cars the rest of the world has to offer. In addition, he must also improve his teams' ranking and position in the world tables with successive wins. Every new game starts with a lap or two in England and is accompanied by the appropriate dreary weather conditions. In each race you are pitted against twenty other cars, including Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis.
And Corvettes, as well as your fellow stable mates in identical Jags.
The racing screen is dotted with information vital to obtaining pole position. A counter to the top-left of the screen displays the laps remaining, whilst one to the right shows your current position in the race. Two unobtrusive bars to the bottom-left of the screen indicate fuel remaining and the current gear in use. Your speed, of which the maximum is 220 mph (hence the Xj-220’s name) is displayed in the right-hand comer.
For the first few races, this information - with the exception of the lap and position counters - seems irrelevant, but to rank among the highest-placed in each race, all such information must be monitored scrupulously. For instance, some bends are real back breakers and you’ll need to sink into the lowest gears if they are to be safely negotiated and, although you can complete some races with just half a tank of fuel, others will require you to fill up more than once during the race, forcing you to gamble between perhaps losing a vital position and running out of gas.
The scrolling of the track and the roadside detail is superb. Every country has its individual racing conditions, including snow, rain, falling leaves, fog and others. The beauty of Jaguar’s effects are that, unlike other racing games, the conditions are sporadic. Snow doesn’t continuously fall, it will often just be a few flakes which may later increase to blizzard proportions. The same can be said for fog, and rain actually throws up puddles here and there that affect the car's grip on the surface. All these neat extras are supported by incredibly detailed roadside formations. Rocks
jut out from the edge of the road and eventually link together to form huge release date May 1992 genre: arcade racing team: Core controls: mouse joystick numbers of disks: 2 number of players: 2 hard disk installable. No memory: 1 meg arches to drive under. Waterfalls cascade down mountainsides, whilst fences, bollards and cones appear in the distance and follow the track like writhing snakes - a feature I can’t recall having seen before. The most important thing about all this detail, however, is that for the first time in a racing game you actually feel as though you could be there - a
feeling enhanced by the excellent night driving sections.
ROAD WORTHY The Jaguar XJ-220 is primarily a commercial road vehicle and, as such, even with its racing modifications, cant withstand many knocks.
During the race you will almost certainly get nudged, thumped, bumped and downright bashed from every angle and it’s up to you to repair the The splitscreen two-player mode was a late addition during 3 Jaguar* development . But adds a good feeling of competition as the two players raco their way across Europe for the limited prize money.
TEETHING TROUBLE Putting together a game such as Jaguar XJ-220 can be full of unforeseen problems. The release of the game actually coincides with the release of Jaguar's brand new £350,000 sports car of the same name. Whilst the classic sports car company worked closely with Core, the development team were told that under no circumstances were they allowed to show the car in a bad light. This even meant that the player’s car didn’t so much as get a single scratch during a race. No explosions, smashes, dents or smoke were allowed to be associated with their exclusive baby. The company even
made the programmers include a certain quota of Jaguar billboards displaying their name and logo to line the computer course. Rather than looking like obtrusive ads, though, these keep in with the game’s Immaculate presentation.
BACK TRACKING If you re not content with the courses included in the game you can also create your own with the game's built-in track editor. This allows you to edit the tracks supplied or assemble one ol your own Irom scratch, including all the details and special effects found in the game. The editor is incredibly easy to use and you may select from a library ol more than fifteen objects which includes bridges, bends, gradients, barriers and waterfalls.
The track Is built block by block and you can scroll along it at any time to check how it’s coming along, and make any necessary adjustments. The new circuit can then be saved to disk and used whenever you like.
Damage at the end of your race using your winnings to pay for the repairs.
A beautifully-presented screen comes up depicting the Jaguar in a semi-dissected computer-styled selection screen. Here, you must flick through the different components that make up the car piece by piece.
The computer highlights the parts to be replaced in green. If the chosen piece flashes orange it is damaged, but functional, if it is red, though, it needs replacing. This is where the strategy comes in. In order to get to the assorted world destinations, it is necessary to fly both you and your car to them - this, of course, costs cash. The further you are from your required destination, the more money it’s going to cost you to get there - and the less spare cash you’ll have to spend on parts. Weighing the cost up between getting to an easier track or buying the latest shock absorbers can be
a real predicament.
The sheer detail that’s been crammed in is what sets Jaguar XJ- 220 apart from the pack. The gaggle of options, including car responsiveness, joystick or mouse control, manual and automatic gears, a data disk option and even track-editing features are a credit to Core. From the exquisite scenery to the fantastic touches of detail such as the light that reflects off the car’s roof as it goes through tunnels, and the assorted spray thrown up by the back wheels is fantastic. More importantly. Though, it plays as well as it looks - and that’s certainly saying something. Simply the finest
racing game I’ve seen so far and one that both Jaguar and Core can be justifiably proud of.
CORE £25.99 i Knocks Lotus Ilf rom Its Pole Position... J GRAPHICS 89% SOUND 86% LASTABIUTY 87% PLAYABILITY 90% OVERALL 90% Ian Botham’s AVAILABLE FOR ATARI ST AMIGA & PC ¦ Play a one-day Test Match.
Choose the length of game.
¦ Two player mode or challenge the computer.
¦ Television camera views with action replay.
¦ Superb graphics and sound.
¦ Contend with the effects ot wind direction and temperature.
¦ Features all the current international teams 'w No two mate by s
- la 11 DULII Cl 111D- CRICKET Test your skills in this superb,
action-packed cricket simulation designed by cricket
enthusiasts, for cricket enthusiasts.
WIZARDRY BANE OF THE COSMIC FORGE the likes of Mario and the rest of his wily Orientals? A seemingly dated role-playing game which, despite being two years-old, is only now making its official appearance in the
U. K. But wait! Can it be true that despite the late arrival,
this box of tricks can prevent us all being turned into
finger-twitching zombies and save the Amiga? Who can tell, but
it's sure going to have a go!
How can a role-playing game save us from the curse of the con- A YEN FOR ADVENTURING The consoles are coming! The consoles are coming!* From every rooftop the cry can be heard, and it's getting louder. Marching westwards from the Land of the Rising Yen, a mighty army of cheap, super-fast game consoles is bearing down on the Amiga, threatening to drown it under a tide of leaping, beeping, multi-coloured sprites. And what secret weapon do we have to resist and tried to sell you a game which was released in 1990, the chances are you’d tell them to get lost. Tony Gill checks If a shady character
sidled up to you out the exception to the rule... (Igrundnq soles? Basically, because its five disks come crammed with features, and it also has a depth which cannot be matched by a cartridge. Bane allows the player to create a team of six heroes heroines and mould them to your satisfaction. You can name them, select their portraits, choose their race, profession, and sex. You then train them, nurture them, and eventually lead them through endless battles and cunning plots. This is the hook’ which RPGs have - the ability to get the player involved with their own creations. If you think an
arcade player looks angry when he loses his last life on level six, try sitting next to r IS I’d f med w buyers guide release date May 1992 Sfurt!
RPG team: SIR-TECH controls: mouse, key board Numbers of disks: 5 number of platen: 1 8 bard disk installable: yes memory: 1 Mb CHARACTER GENERATION Bane is a jewel which shines brightest in the eyes ot the true RPG tan.
As it offers a full range of character races and professions for the player to choose from. The well-documented manual offers many easily understood examples of suitable heroes for you to choose from, listing their strengths and weaknesses.
It is not essential that you pick a perfect 'A' Team, but it will double your enjoyment if you make use of the many options made available to you by this serious attempt to implement as much of the Dungeon Mythology as possible.
Someone playing Wizardry when his Thief takes a fatal blow from a Vampire Bat.
PLOT DEVICE... You may not be aware of it, but the Cosmic Forge is, in fact, the forerunner to a humble Biro. Scribble a few lines with this magical pen and whatever was written with it would eventually come true. However, it grew to be so powerful that, just as things started to get interesting, some do-gooders locked it up in a bottomless dungeon and threw away the key. They then decided that perhaps they were being a little hasty and consequently needed someone to get it back for them. This is where you come into play, along with a freshly-picked party of six heroes.
Obviously it’s going to be a far from easy task, and the Dungeon is full of monsters with bad attitudes, and also equally full of mazes and traps. Luckily, not everything is against you, though. Just in case you are feeling underwhelmed about the honour of being first to step into the darkness, the game is furnished with an arsenal of 400 useful items to help you beat some respect into the over- fanged dungeon denizens. There are also a mind-numbing number of spells with which to conjure up both soothing balms and blasts.
Although the main screen looks like that other golden-oldie - Dungeon Master - during combat, Bane isn’t played in real-time. Each encounter with the enemy takes place over a number of combat rounds, and these continue until someone emerges victorious. Prior to each round, you are given all the time you need to decide which course of action each of your team will take in the next dash: Thieves can hide, Wizards cast spells, and Fighters slash. Having issued your orders, the round plays automatically with the battles displayed within the main screen. The animation is a little jerky, but
monsters bob and weave, and the fireballs explode in digitised splendour.
MONSTER MASH As the enemy can be made up of a number of different monsters your team can be ordered to attack indi- : r . R GALAHAD'S OPTIONS Although iho action sequences in Bum are clumsy and look primitive when comp*rod to the l.kes of Eye Of Tim Beholder and its sequel, what Bane does have In its favour is atmosphere. Mot since the immortal Dungoon Master appeared on the scene has a game conjured such a good feeling of claustrophobia. Let’s hope that the rest of the games in the series are equally good.
CHARACTER ANALYSIS DWARF PTT’TS Coming Irom a long line ol lores! And cave-dwelling folk. Dwarts also
• *' have a taste lor any advenlure. They are also small beings,
but display a remarkable amount ol slrength. Their hearty
stance and high vitality make them a naloral lor combat-related
prolessions. Pioos Individuals. Dwarts make great Priests. The
Dwarfs robust body provides poison resistance while its
heredity provides for magic and spell protection.
PSIONIC mQ. . Concentrating on the wonders ol the mind, the Psionic is a magic user ' *.* who has developed mental powers to a level no other protession can hope to possess. Their spells have the ability to alter Ihe mind, read it and mess about with it in general. They are both clairvoyants and divinators. Who can locus all ol their energies on their mental and magical abilities. Through Ihis devotion, Psionics learn mental spells taster than any other protession.
JPJ, ¦ Both an excellent tighter and a pious spellcaster. Lords are the true fr?' | crusader knights ol Wizardry. While their combat skills are the eir primary concern, the Lord's crusader interest in the divine Priest spells begins to develop around the third level ol experience and helps to provide the party with additional healing power it may need. Whether it be inflicting the damage or healing it. Lords are a great addition to any party.
Wwardrv vidual monsters which you deem the most dangerous - let’s face it, you don’t swat flies when you are up to your waist in crocodiles! Although the idea of planning each round seems dated compared with the real-time hack’n’slash action of, say. Eye Of The Beholder, it is equally exciting.
Having made your decisions, you are then a helpless spectator to the results of your action, much like a general commanding his troops from the hills above a battlefield. If your whole strategy rested on your Bard singing a magical song which would immobilise the large-fanged beast in the corner while your other troops beat up his little brother, it comes as a bit of a sickener when you are told that your magical Pavarotti hit a wrong note and screwed up. All you can do then is bite your lip and hope that those fangs are not as sharp as they look.
In addition to the combat sequences, the game contains puzzles which must be solved, too. On entering some areas, a paragraph of text will appear with a description of anything magical within the room.
You may also be informed of any possible traps or exits. Additionally, it’s not only monsters which prowl these dank corridors, wandering peddlers with packs of goodies wander aimlessly and will sell you a new sword or a nugget of information - in addition, this system also doubles up as the game’s password protection and slots in incongruously.
POINTS MAKE PRIZES The mysteries of Armour Class and Charisma points are something of an anathema to the mainstream game player. Try using a table of statistics to illustrate how interesting a role- playing game can be, and the average punter’s eyes will glaze over immediately - and rightfully so.
Anyone whose soul craves excitement deserves stronger meat than columns of numbers to inflame his imagination. Happily, Bane keeps such important, but initially boring, detail in the background. It’s only when you have succeeded in beating a number of monsters, and you’re feeling quite pleased with yourself, that you are informed that you are now in a position to distribute any freshly-accrued bonus points amongst your victorious band. The easily manipulated menu allows you to flip through a few tables and then increase a few of your party’s individual skills - more magic for a Wizard, for
example. As time and victorious battles pass, you’ll start to appreciate the finer detail of the game and distribute your largess to the people who will benefit the mission best. Under your growing awareness, your men’s skills grow and your knowledge of their capabilities duly expands.
When creating your party of six heroes you have over 11 races of characters to choose from and more than 100 spells awaiting your perusal. Compare that with Dungeon Master's 23 incantations. Whilst hardened RPG fanatics will spend valuable time building a balanced party, the novice player can ignore a lot of the 126-page booklet included with the game and choose some of the more obvious team players.
However, time will show that a carefully-chosen Bard can also progress to being a dever Thief and a hard-hitting Lord may look just like a simple Fighter, but with a push in the right direction can become an essential back-up to your Priest when things get tough.
Apparently, the game’s ending features a nice touch where there are multiple exits from the dungeon.
Needless to say I haven’t seen them yet as I’m still hacking my way through the monster's Kindergarden section on the upper levels, but I am reliably informed that one of the ways out involves a flight on a space-ship!
So now you know what to do if your sleep is troubled with dreams of consoles. Stick a Wizardry disk into its game port and say: ‘Suck on that!'
U. S. GOLD £TBA t A deep and thoroughly absorbing RPG... J
88% THE SIR-TECH COMPANY The Wizardry series of games is the
best kept secret in the British role- playing scene. The
American Company’s RPGs have been at the top of the sales
charts in the States and Japan for years yet they have never
been distributed by a U.K. pub publisher. Sir-Tech started
life in 1981 with a staff of four in a six-by-nine foot space
rented in a novelty manufacturer’s warehouse. In small
computer stores around the country, their first Wizardry game
was hanging in plastic bags from display racks alongside
word processors and spreadsheets. Hardly any games were
available for the early micros - after all. Many reasoned,
computers weren't made for games. And so Wizardry waited.
Hoping someone would notice. Ten years and two million copies
later, someone had!
The series won 25 international awards before Bane Of The Cosmic Forge appeared. Bane was voted the Best Computer Game of 1991 by the readers of the UK Strategy Plus magazine. It also received the German Power Play Award' in 1990. Additionally, during January , February and March of this year, the Japanese edition of Bane was ranked the second best-selling computer program in Japan.
In April this year. US Gold signed a deal with Sir-Techs Vice president Robert Sirotek which gave them the U.K. rights to distribute a number of these games including Bane Of The Cosmic Forge. Classic Wizardry and. More importantly. Crusaders Of The Dark Savant. Prior to this arrangement, the Wizardry games could only be obtained through a few specialist importers which meant the games were generally more expensive than those being sold in the High street.
D. W Bradley is the author of three of the Wizardry titles -
Heart Of The Maelstrom, Bane, and Crusaders Of The Dark
Savant. He got into game writing by accident 10 years ago.
During his musical studies someone told him about some
computer ... software that could be used to CL-ZPRORCJ .
Orchestrate scores and then play ica ncnc ,hembackonacomPu,er
Toen,er t LKU jAUlKj and play his music on the University of
the Mainframe. Bradley had to learn to n A I? V A A mY
program. One thing led to another.
UAKK jAVAN I and soon programming became yet another interest. Soon, like many other computer buffs, he began taking time off to write games on the « w computer much to the chagrin of the ( A University’s computer staff. By. 1981 4 he had written his first professional w w game, Parthian Kings, a war game ’**¦ A for the Apple micro which was pub- 'jpy j lished by Avalon Hills '' r Following this, he joined Sir-Tech and his opening shot was the fifth in the Wizardry series - Heart Of The
- 1 "’ Maelstrom. Although it won a few sir tech industry awards,
it was his next game - Bane - which won Bradley recognition as
an author. Bradley said: ‘When I’m writing a computer fantasy
simulation it’s like writing a book, but it offers all kinds of
new possibilities as I’m not restricted by the traditional
limitations. I draw my inspiration from fantasy, science
fiction, detective novels, superheroes and life to weave my own
tales that allow players to take part in an adventure. Having
led role-playing g games I wanted to adapt them to the computer
to give the player more of a sense that he was involved with
the story itself, and his presence had an effect on the
outcome.' Using his knowledge of computer artificial
intelligence. Bradley designed Dark Savant to create an
adventure which takes them through an interactive journey
filled with all manner of characters, lands, secrets and
Even before its release, Crusaders Of The Dark Savant is attracting plenty of attention from the RPG fraternity. The company is boasting that they have managed to combine the depth and intricacy of their past games with all the latest developments in sound and graphics which modem computers can handle The game will allow the player to import his characters and their skills from the previous Cosmic Forge game and.
Their entry point in the new game will be dependent on which of the alternative exits they left the previous one. The game will be available for the Amiga in the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year In the meantime. US Gold will be releasing Classic Wizardry, the first five games of the series - Proving Grounds Of The Mad Overlord, Knights Of Diamonds, Legacy Of Uylgamyn, Return Of Werdna, Heart Of The Maelstrom. English versions of these will be available in the next four weeks. It seems that Birmingham-based US Gold are very excited regarding their latest signing, and from what Bane Of The
Cosmic Forge has shown us so far. They have every right to be.
ACTION mmAJ HIM III AMIGA A500 500+ , FOR 1500 2000 VERSION £69.99 V FREEZER-UTILITY CARTRIDGE THE WORLDS MOST POWER JUST LOOK AT THE UNMATCHED RANGE OF FEATURES tranefar lo hard drivel lyetick 1 and 2 when ualtq NTSC aoflwara. (Work* only the tricky part*' IMMANDS ¦ JOYSTICK HANDLER - allow* Ihe uaer lo eelect Jeyetick Inetead of Keypreaa PLUS A MACHINE CODE FREEZER MONITOR WITH EVEN MORE POWER MkM* MonMOo e« npp«« MOW TO GET TOO Ft OftOE EAST!
ASPIRATION Impressions used to be a tun little software
house, who released spiffy little arcade titles alongside more
serious strategy games. These days, however, they have become
committed to releasing the best in Amiga strategy titles, a
standard they have yet to tully achieve.
Although they all look wildly different, strategy games really tall into two categories. Large scale, whereby an experienced player gets to try their hand at some complicated international battles; or small scale, where the objective is local, and played more or less man tor man and is generally tar more manageable for the general player. Samurai tails into the latter and casts the player as a Japanese lord, and ruler ol halt an island.
Your ambition is to conquer the entire island, and to do this you must go against another lord, who just happens to want the same thing.
HAVE A CROSE ROOK The game is played on two levels. The first depicts a large map ol the island, where most ot the overall strategies are carried out. From here, your five cities can he viewed, as can your opponents. In addition, any mobile armies you or he may have roaming about can he located and watched, too. Clicking on the cities reveals details on how much money that particular city has, and how many soldiers are in your army - and the more money each city has. The more soldiers you can afford. This part of the game is played in turns, and here lies the first real fault with the game.
Although this is an extremely important part of the program, and is integral to your continued survival, there is almost nothing to do once your armies have been created. There's something mind bogglingy tedious moving about five squares for twenty minutes... The second level comes into play whenever two armies come into contact, whether it's through two mobile armies meeting or an army attacking a city. A close up, semi-overhead view of the battle is given, leaving you to issue orders to individual members of your army or as groups. After that, you sit and watch the battle unfold in true
Impressions style (remember Rorte’s Drift? This is virtually identical). All commands are issued from a small group of icons in the bottom right of the screen, and include such classics as retreat or surrender, and move units.
The problem is, nowhere in the confusing manual does it tell you which is which.
There is an illustration of the icons, and a list of commands, but their order seems to have no correlation, and I found myself doing nothing more than examining an enemy tree when I was actually trying lo fire an arrow. After ten minutes of such trial and error, I managed to work it out. It isn't an overly important aspect, but it does make initial play more frustrating than is necessary.
Playing Samurai, I found myself getting bored rather quickly. There's no real tension and the simple game system indicates how the battle finishes before you start. Thus, most of the time combat is simply a case of watching a screen with very few men on it tor five minutes.
W buyers g u i d e release date May 1992 genre: strategy team: in-house controls: mouse keyboard numbers of disks: 2 number of players: 1 2 hard disk installable: yes memory: 1Mb only SOLDIERING ON CUT! SPRITES Whilst on the subject of little men, the graphics are actually quite good for the most part. There are stacks of Eastern stills which pop up whenever something important is happening. Sadly, though, the sprites look a little cute and, as a result, out of place in the hardened battle scenarios.
The biggest problem Samurai has is that it’s a very simple game laid out in an overcomplicated way. There is nothing new here, and what there is has been done a million times better before. It’s by no means terrible, just very bog standard in design, and only just saved from mediocrity by some attractive presentation.
IMPRESSIONS £25.99 |( A simple wargame : that’s too much work to get into... J GRAPHICS 81% SOUND 69% LASTABILITY 70% PLAYABILITY 61% OVERALL 63% IT RD, B06460 SPIES LIKE US Have you ever thought that the present government might be doing a lot more than you realise? That the large but mysterious body that runs the country might be pulling all sorts of dirty tricks, whilst simultaneously pulling the wool over your eyes? According to Virgin, It's a vicious reality - and all this is made possible by a secret organisation based on the 13th floor ol a docklands building Welcome to Floor 13.
YOUR NEW POSITION As the new Director General ot an official group which doesn't officially exist, your job Is to nip all politically-damaging news in the bud. To do this, you must find out what's going on. And stop as much of if as possible from getting into the papers. This is not as easy as it sounds.
As the group is so secret, you don't actually know anyone else who works in your team - even your secretary is just a robotic voice. All communications between you and the outside world is through a constant flow ot paperwork, anfl from this you have to keep the present government aheaO in the polls for a year.
Your group consists ot yourself and eight departments, all ol whom are dedicated to certain objectives, including searching property, interrogation, and even assassination. You are given a limited amount ot resources, and a very limited flow ot information; thus making the right decision is crucial. In addition, you don't actually perform the actions yoursell. So butcher-mongeis should look elsewhere lor their thrills. All you do Is draw up and sign orders, wheh can take a couple ot days to process - but that's bureaucracy tor you.
The wrong order can have disasterous consequences. Even to the extern ot a prominent government tigure being gunned down in public by a known government employee.
THE PLOT THICKENS As you pass through the year, you pass through dozens ol sub-plots, pairs ol which run concurrently. Plots include known anti- govemmenl supporters threatening to leak papers, or terrorist groups planning stakes on major power bases. All this has to be kept a secret tram Joe Public.
Although the government Is the locus ot the game, little is said ol them Policies aren't menboned at all. And neither is their political leaning. The way Ihe system works is extremely intricate. In the morning, upon entenng your office, you may receive a news report saying that a major government minister is to resign lor undisclosed reasons. On Ihe same morning, you may also open a letter informing you of a new nuclear submanne. Your initial thought may then be that the two are connected in some way. But this isn't always the case.
The first thing you need to lind out is why Ihe minister is quitting. For this, you must place him under surveillance and scour his house lor clues. After a couple ol days, your search team return to you with a letter they (ound in the house revealing, tor example. That Ihe minister is having an affair. A phone-tapped message from the surveillance team reveals an early morning phone call with Ihe suspect leaving the house soon after. Posting a pursuit team to watch his moves through the city, may then reveal it's a jealous rival sending the letters. Problem solved v virl:' ; '• i],'1*;'
V-'A ,1 Would-be James Bond, Tony A)
- Dillon, gets to grips with the; , J x intricacies involved in
Virgin’? -.v.;- challenger to Smiley’s People... V OR YOU
COULD... That’s how a plot is built up and consequently
solved, but there are many others.
For example, if you find any details on the missile at the minister's house, you can assume that he bad something to do with it, and you could then kill him so he can go no turther with the plot.
If this got into the papers, though, it could have serious polibcal implicabons. The plots are very subtle - so subtle, m fact, that often it doesn't become apparent for quite some time what is actually going on. You are only fed small amounts of info at a time, but sometimes this is enough. One of the joys of playing Floor 13 is the sudden realisation of what to do to solve each problem The year Is broken up into three week segments, at the end of which you have to be ahead in the polls or the ficticious Prime Minister wiH have you killed. In fact, be noon n ESBH S 2.
Am „U.i. Var, May 199: imrt: strategy DEPARTMENT STORES «*«...
• a Prats ate Ob all par Any mrt. Surveillance leans pat outs® a
requested tetffli npurl all pgiitiflys. Pursuit leans follow o
M Ian hunt location lot dm and MltraWa Mm attaapt to join political groups. Thao yM got down M H tan guys. Matrogation units beat sa*ects into groups kaavtiji assault people and dta-infoiram. Best 91 rn. Though. N tha agents mo IMH law names to Mo puss tsibcredll people. Those an the toots of row hado, and teaming lo use them mil Is ttie key to winning.
PSI keyboard tram: tontroli: numbers of Jiiki; number of f Inters: bnrd iitk insullnble: mrm«ry: yea 512K keeps popping up here and there to offer his opinion ot how well you are doing. If your dirty work gets into the papers - a report on someone being killed in a messy way, lor example - he won't be pleased. If this happens too often, then you'll find m m yourself plummeting from the 13th floor ' window, just like your predecessor Richard Branson was bis name, apparently.
If that isn't enough, you are also part of a Masonic group. At the start of the year, you are a mere acolyte, but at various points throughout the game, the grand wizard will appear and give you certain quests, such as protecting an individual or group - whether you have to do these with your left trouser leg rolled up though is left undisclosed. These tasks, when completed, win enable you to progress through the ranks of Masons, but won’t make much difference to the rest of the game MENUS The entire game is menu driven, with the many instruction boxes appeanng in the top right of the
screen. All menus are placed in a hierarchy, with all basic options stemming down to more precise orders. For example, opening the suspect file shows you all available suspects, and will also reveal another menu allowing you to look at a different suspect's file or issue orders. Selecting the orders menu then unveils a list of available directives.
The game breaks a couple of traditions, one of which is that all the graphics are monochromatic. At first glance, this may appear a little dull, but, strangely enough, it adds a lot to the game's atmosphere. I seem to remember an old C64 spy Sim called The Fourth Protocol, and that. Too. Usad functional colours. It's an ettect that works well, and mirrors the blandness of office life whilst retaining the undercurrents of pressure and secrecy The other unusual feature is that the game is keyboard-controlled. Again, though, the reason is simple. As the entire game is run from menus, all
options can be just as easily accessed by cursor keys or the appropriate number keys, and minimises the possibility of choosing the wrong option.
Playing Floor 13 is an experience to be savoured. The game is rich in atmosphere and suspense, and waiting to see the results of each action is but one of the reasons to play it into the dawn hours. I can't remember a clue solving game ol this calibre, and floor will go down as one of my favourite games of all time.
VIRGIN £25.99 f Clue solving strategy at Its brain-straining bestl J GRAPHICS 86% SOUND N A INSTABILITY 90% PLAYABILITY 91% OVERALL 87% ST A AMIGA BUDGET TITLES UNDER £10 2*2.
IlfcgCKMttmgaonyt Iti si W50 £6® HM(M' £&» MtfowHMl 1698 IS® »»*•&•» to G taf 1798 If® HorsKatgPhor, .IMMfM .... £6® !e«Mge Vmart Trtaa £6® ThundMrt ...... £7® T octal" .. MYSTERY
• GAME £-“US'"** (2733 Faxline after 6pm) ryv 3 ns Eagle Software
118a Palmers Road New Southgate LONDON N111SL.
I- (10 am -6pm 6 days) Tel: 081-361 2733 5730
- tm j_ 1698 JetS«W»y £6® Mgt»« .... £6® Ut)%ia" 16® UcancatoU
£6® Lomtard RAC Rady £6® HncIM £6® » ADVENTURE OF A
LIFETIME Judging by the number ot publishers lumping on the
bandwagon, this will be the year ot the graphic adventure As
the genre grows ever more sophisticated the catch-phrase inter
active movie' keeps coming back to the lips ol pundits and
marketing folk alike It's therefore hard to believe that the
software industry's new Hollywood could be situated in Hull
instead of California.
Anyway. Revolution Software prefers to liken Lure Ot The Temptress to a pioneering form of participation play Hence the term, used to describe the game's control system - Virtual Theatre. What does this mean in plain language?
According to boss. Charles Cecil, it's an attempt to convey an environment where characters sensibly behave independent of the person directly controlled by the player. In the case of Lure Ol The Temptress, there are roughly thirty characters happily doing their own thing. You can chat to anybody at anytime. What you say, usually chosen from a selection of three or lour sentences, will then affect the way that particular character will react to you from then on.
Featuring one of the easiest and most intuitive player interfaces around, everything in Lure- from walking to talking - is easily activated lure of the lEMPIRESS by the mouse Commands like get bottle’ or use knife' are implemented by pointing at the obieet then selecting the desired action from the menu that pops up More Importantly, you can ask other characters to perform such tasks. A complete sequence of actions can be constructed with little effort, and an instruction such as go to the torture chamber and get key and then give bottle to the guartf merely takes a few clicks of the but
ton This is where Virtual Theatre scores over the systems used in The Secret Ot Monkey Island and other popular adventures The game's scenario is pure Tolkien fantasy Does it take itself too seriously? Erm, frequently. Assuming the role of Oiermot. An unwilling hero, the player must defeat an army of grotesque creatures called the Skorls. When they're not beating up defenseless peasants, these lUard-like louts can be found overindulging their appetite for wine, women and song Some people may be surpnsed by the dark mood underlying this classic fairy tale of good versus evil A novel twist is
also promised at the end of the game but I’ve been sworn to secrecy These are probably the signs of Dave Gibbons' influence on the design ot this protect. Gibbons is a tamous writer artist who co-produced the successful Watchmen graphic novel His son Daniel is a real Amiga fan and this fuelled Dave's Interest In computer games, particularty graphic adventures. Should Revolution Software use the label Virtual Comic?
IET THE QUEST BEGM Diermont finds himself in humble surroundings at the start of play. A dungeon, in fact. After a quick escape, it s not long before the amateur jester, Ratpouch, is rescued and we're then treated to a Black Adder- style relationship between master and servant. Although he's smelly and tells bad jokes. Ratpouch can occasionally provide a cunning plan and is prepared to run errands for Diermont. There’s an ample supply of progressively difficult jobs for the two of them to complete, so don’t expect a free nde through some tasty-looking screens. This is just a fringe
The first puzzles are rudimentary exerases to get you into the method Like the Heaven 17 song goes, it’s time for a shakedown. Can the Brits give Lucasfilm, Sierra and Delphine a taste of high adventure? Rik Haynes believes the first release from Revolution Software could lead us all into temptation... “It’s clear from this evidence... ...that we should be playing Sid Meier’s Covert Action.” Use your skills in deduction to foil terrorists, spies and criminals around the world.
PROSE N • SOFTWARE Covert Action, for your IBM PC compatibles. Commodore Amiga and Atari ST from the creators of Railroad Tycoon and Civilization. Micro Prose l.td. Unit I, Hampton Road Industrial Estate, Tetbury, Glos. GL8 8DA. Tel: 0666 504 326 Thanks to Lorda dvtalted interaction tecnniques. Tha many characters wandering around the game seem to have I heir own pereonalitlee. Thus. It your initial stance ia to be rude to someone, they wonl be so friendly neii lime you meet them.
VIRGIN £25.99 rtltsiidmir out now grnrr: adventure MW Revolution ca minis: moult mmmbtrs af disks: 2 nmm tr af fUytr,: 1 karj J,sk ituuiUiU: tba asrmary: 1Mb J f Takes Ihe genre another stage further... J GRAPHICS 88% SOUND 84% LAST ABILITY 87% PLAYABILITY 92% OVERALL 89% TEMPTRESS ol control These challenges become a lot tougher and, in the dragon's cavern domain, seemingly impossible As any self-respecting Vulcan would say. Remember to apply plenty ol logical thinking and you won t go lar wrong. With roughly sixty ditterent rooms and scenes to visit, Cecil reckons there is easily forty
hours worth ol adventuring ahead SWEET HARMONY Every little bit ol authenticity and outright goofiness helps lo extend the illusion On my first journey to the local village. I couldn't stop thinking ol those cheesy low budget lilms Irom the Hammer stable No doubt it was triggered by the rich dialogue banrfced in the tavern and the feeling ol something nasty lurking around the next comer. Or was it the look of Ihe mock medieval buildings and people? If the player cares about whal happens to me characters inside this artificial world. Ihe entertainment value and longevity ol me product
dramatically increases.
Cecil and the gang are to be commended tor their decision to fully utilise the capabilities ol the Amiga Unlike many games Irom America, this isn’t a pale imitation ol an IBM PC version. The proper implementation ol 32-colours and sampled sound make a sinking difference Graphic designers Adam Tween and Stephen Oades have done their job well. The spntes were created by Paul Docherty. An artist best known for hts work on the C64. Whilst David Sykes and Tony Warmer were in charge ol the coding Cecil sees their wide experience as a distinct advantage n thal the group wasn't conlined lo the
traditional game-writing techniques employed by other programmers.
The guy responsible lor me exceptional digitised speech In Mega-to-Mania, Richard Joseph, composed the music and sound ettects. Much ot the atmosphere is attnbutabie lo the spot FX dunng the game. The sounds ol a dog barking, dripping water, squealing rats, loot- steps in the distance and so on realty make their mark. Future games, provided the general public buy into the whole concept ol Virtual Theatre, will apparently incorporate music beyond me introduction sequence. Unlike the interactive soundtrack ol Origin's Wing Commander saga, these tunes will only play at appropriate places,
such as noisy nightclubs or elevators.
Mtu m What's the handicap ot packing so much into a single game? Waiting lor each scene to load Irom floppy disk, ol course. Luckily, it’s not on the level as, say, Space Quest IV or Cruise For A Corpse. In the wish to keep playability alive, disk swapping is kept to an absolute minimum. If any kind of criticism can be raised against Lure, it’s the linearity of play. While the competition is just as guilty, a true interpretation of interactive theatre should allow the player a totally free reign over the proceedings. Total improvisation is too radical an idea, eh? Sure, there’s the
luxury of token exploration and conversation with other characters, but the program rapidly brings any stragglers or mavericks back in line with the mainstream plot. At least there are several ways to reach the main events of the game CLOSE CALL The people behind Ihe hrsl Virtual Theatre production must be slightly disappointed by the tact that their launch coincides with the long- awaited release ot Monkey Island 2.
Which one should you choose? It's like comparing the relative merits ot the special visual effects seen in Return ot the Jedi over Terminator
2. Such arguments are bound to get picky and pretty pointless.
Make no mistake, both games are excellent in their own right
They also prove the likes of King’s Quest Vare past it.
I’d say Lucasfiim still has the edge over Revolution, though.
Perhaps it's the infection ol humour and a great music score in the former company's lantastlc pirate yam? Nevertheless, Lure marks an outstanding debut tor Revolution Software.
¦IlfTi W I N In space no one can hear case it’s lucky we’re here excellent bug-hunt... Although the game is a basic vanant on the Operation Thunderbolt theme, things can get extremely hairy in the game's spooky, alien- filled corridors. However, by following these basic pointers, you should be able to make it through to the end... ¦ Always use the time when an alien is in retreat to reload your weaponry. Constant finng rapidly erodes the gun's battery pack, apd if it fails as the creature runs towards you, you're in trouble.
You scream. If that’s the to lend a hand with Ocean’s ¦ The eggs which spew out the flying meanies continue to produce fresh stocks until there are up to eight flying around. These sap your energy at a tremendous rate, but a lot of hassle and energy can be saved by simply taking out the eggs as and when they appear.
¦ Whenever a human captive is stuck to the ground by the alien excretion, one shot is all it takes to free them. Any more and they'll be killed.
¦ During the shuttle stage between bases, make sure you take out all the communication posts - they contain even more valuable extra weapons.
They appear regularly on both sides of the screen, so just strafe from left to right to hit them all.
¦ Take out the Facehuggers immediately. If these attach themselves to the screen, they will drain your energy extremely quickly. As they scuttle across the floor blast them, as they are easier to hit at this point.
¦ It's not really worth wasting any of the special weapons on the ordinary aliens, save them for the larger guardians. As a rule, it's wisest to freeze these larger creatures with a 'Frost' grenade, and then pump shots into them before they thaw out.
Repeat this procedure, and then finish them off with either fireballs or explosives.
There's very little to gain when it comes to choosing which direction to go. Basically, it just adds a change of scenery to the proceedings.
¦ Normal aliens are extremely susceptible to chest shots. Shooting otf their arms is very clever, But it wastes time. Keep your cursor centred on their midriff as they run back and forth, and keep the mouse button held down. They'll be reduced to their component parts in no time at all... a i’s I )up at a y and he hen for European Champions !
Are the infamous All-Maddens causing your struggling team grief in the last few minutes of play? If this is the case, then read on as CU and Electronic Arts gets together to bring you these useful pointers. Hut, hut, hut... In John Madden. Electronic Arts have come up with one ol the best sport sims since Kick Oft Amazingly, the Incredibly complex control system has been carried over Irom the Megadrivo console and converted to the Amiga with real style However, there's more to this game than bump and grind and many people will be crying oul lor a helping hand by now. So here are a lew bps lo
keep you playing into the small hours ball and there's no way around a delender, try spinning around to throw him oil track.
When playing the computer in defence mode and it chooses a running play, don't attempt to tackle the ball carrier. Instead, run in tront ol him and he will try lo run around you Block his change ol direction and he will run backwards trying to get past Keep this up and you will force hm right back to regain the lost yardage AUDIBLE HELP Utilise Audibles as much as possible. Fool the computer into thinking you're attempting a long bomb (HANDS and SHOTGUN and then choose the teams' best running audible before the snap) The same can be done with Passing Plays Set a formation and fool the computer
into thinking that you're going lor a running play (BIG and GOAL LINE), when at the Ime of scrimmage, choose the teams' passing Audible once more.
II you're too far away lor a field goal, when on a 4th down, go lor a Fake Punt. Fake Field Goals are also pretty useful In a tight spot, but only as a last resort. When running wilh the ball, run up Held at an angle then, when a defender comes towards you. Quickly change direction when he dives at your leet. Hold down the tirebutton and you'll have the best chance ol shaking the tackle DEFENCE POLICY When playing defence, select a good strong formation Manoeuvre a player Irom the centre zone to the line ol scrimmage, and then into a gap between the two men. Pushing them along the line ol
scrimmage. This olten upsets the offensive line and you can get through to sack the quarterback Always try to stnp the ball Irom the offensive team if there are more than two ol your defensive players around You should be able to take possession Also, when you're running with the OFFENSIVE BEHAVIOUR Always watch the game clock. A lot ol people always forget about it, and timing that all-important last scoring play can make the difference between a win and a loss When passing, concentrate on the receiver windows as well. Choose the player who is free or ahead ol Ihe defensive players By
watching the distance meters you can tell who is m the best position to receive your pass HANDS. SHOTGUN. DEEP OUTS and POST UP are all very effective oltensive plays and rate amongst the best to use On the defensive front try 4-3 READ and WIDE ZONE 2. Anyone who can take Atlanta to the Super Sunday is a great player, but if you want a real challenge try to get over 100 points against a computer-controlled Madden team, then you'll be an all-star.
HELPLINE If you're stuck on a game and don’t know who to turn to for advice, then look no further. The original and best Helpline is back with yet another massive selection of game queries and desperate cries for help.
ENQUIRIES PRINCE OF PERSIA On level 12.1 keep dying when I fight against my mirror image. Please can anyone advise me?
Chris Horrocks, X1 THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN I can get to the sewer, but lose all my energy trying to hit the buttons. Has anyone got any advice or, even better, a cheat for this great game?
Paul Smith. X2 ASTERIX Please tell me how to get into the Roman camp and how to capture a Roman? Help me out someone. Please!
Lawrence Burke. X3 FIRE AND BRIMSTONE Does anyone know ol a cheat tor this old Microprose game? I'd Ike infinite energy or lives as I cannot get past World 3!
Daniel Pennuto, X4 NARC Does anyone know of a different cheat for NARC?
I've tried the one where you shoot the flrst dustbin until it goes blue, but the dogs keep catching me.
Send me another cheat - I'm desperate Robert Bates, XS VIDEO KID I have played this for days and I still cannot get into the second video Has somebody got a cheat for level skip or infinite Hves?
Rene Vink. X6 JIMMY WHITE'S SNOOKER Please can anyone give me any tips or cheats on how to beat Jimmy?
Gavin Sowry, X7 SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND Is there anyone out there who can help me? I am stuck on the ghost ship and don't know what to do once I have the jug of Grog from the sleeping pirate crew Also, how do I get to the key in LeChuck's cabin?
R. Lothorington. X8 SPEEDBAU 2 Help1 Has anyone got a cheat for
infinite money or something similar for this utterly bnlkant
game I can only llnish second in the First Division and it's
winding me up.
Michael Tudor, X9 HOW TO USE HELPLINE It's assy. Just IM4 in jour letter, milting your envelope with me appropriate code number II you are soMIng a response or mait it Enquiry' if you irfed some help Pest your letters to: HELPLINE. CU AMIGA. PHIORY COURT. 30- 3? FARRINGDON LANE. LONDON. EC1R 3AU.
HEAD OVER HEELS Does anyone have a cheat for unlimited lives, donuts or invincibility?
Michael Tudor, X10 MARBLE MADNESS Yes, it’s an oldie, but it's still very addictive AND incredibly hard. I cannot get past the fourth level.
Please help.
Mark Hatchard, X11 JOHN MADDEN'S FOOTBALL I’m never going to reach the Super Sunday at this rate. I find the computer opponent too strong In the later stages of the competition. Is there a cheat for knobbling the computer so all teams play as bad as the real-life Houston Oilers?
Tom Askew, X12 FIRE AND ICE The jungle level is far loo hard. Has anyone got a handy cheat for invincibility?
Dave Yewdall, X13 GLOBAL EFFECTS This is incredibly annoying. I never have enough power to build anything Is there a cheat for nftnke energy or anything else?
Paul Maloney. X14 PROJECT X I've read that there aren't any cheats for this game.
I can't believe lhaL after all the ones Team 17 pul in Alien Breed. Please, if anyone has any, send them info CU as I'm stuck on level 3.
Alec Simon, X15_ RESPONSES VIZ V2 When the character selection appears, type in WHAT A GREAT LOAD OF BOLLOCKS', and press a number from 1 to 5 to go that level Robin Jones, Gwynedd.
CADAVER V3 The combination to open the door leading to the dragon is 1 -4-3-2. Make sure you have the fire shield potion to protect you from the fireballs, and the king’s crown and the massacre spell to klN the dragon.
Bjom van Veldhoven. Belgium.
THE SIMPSONS V4 When the title screen appears (where the family are watching the TV together), enler Ihe word COWABUNGA. When you start lo play the game, you will now have infinite lives.
Robin Jones, Gwynedd.
PP HAMMER V5 Here are some level codes to help you out of your misery; Level 50 FBDAJEBU Level 56 FJFBUTWJ Level 60 FEBEFHSH Level 63 TAAGTDUF Bjom van Veldhoven, Belgium.
SHADOW OF THE BEAST 2 V7 Just before you enter the crystal caverns, kill the monster above you which shoots blobs of slime.
He should then drop an axe Collect it and go to the crystal caverns Before you reach the guard who raises the alarm, switch to your axe. Then, as you reach the drawbridge, keep jumping and Robin Jones. Gwenedd.
ROBOCOD V8 For infinite lives, simply enter the first room and.
Just before the first moving platform, there should be a number of objects. Collect them in this order Ups. Icecream, violin. Earth, and snowman.
Richard Dresser, Goole.
SHADOW WARRIORS V9 This may lake two people lo do properly, but hold down: CTRL, J. ESC. 5 (on Ihe keypad), F2, RIGHT ALT, V and ENTER (not Return) The border should flash and you can now press 1-2 lo increase the respective player's energy. HELP lo skip levels, and Q for invincibility Bjom van Veldhoven. Belgium.
SARAKON VI1 Level codes are: 5 HANUKKAH 10 JOENK 15 GENCON 20 LUNKWILL 25 OPAL 30 TROLL 35 VRANX II possible, make Jokers Ihe Iasi pair to be cleared, then, on me ne«t level, the first tile clicked will result m the removal from that level ol all bles having the same design - very desirable on later screens ‘Puzzle Addict’, Leeds.
BUBBLE BOBBLE V17 Just as your dinosaur is about to lose his last life, press fire on a joystick in the other port, and leave the dinosaur you had just been playing with for dead Now you have a new set of lives to use as the second player and the only thing you’ve tost is your score.
Robin Jones, Gwenedd.
PITFIGHTER V20 While playing, type in LOBSTERS’ and then push any number from 1-0 to go to the respective level.
Also, press 'L' to go to the elimination match and ‘C to go to the championship level.
Bjom van Veldhoven, Belgium KILLING GAME SHOW V21 Whifo the replay is playing, hit the Help key and you will restart from that point with 5 Ives.
Robert Bates. No Fixed Abode PREDATOR V22 I can't believe you haven't stumbled across this onel Simply press F10 to restore lost energy.
J. Schook, Netherlands.
NEW ZEALAND STORY W1 To defeat level 4's whale, stand at the bottom left of the screen and wait for the whale to swallow you. Avoid the drops, and keep shooting from inside the whale to kin It For Infinite lives, type FLUFFYKIWIS' (no spaces) on the title screen.
Press 'Help' to skip levels.
Shooting at the guard at the top - not the two guards sittng at the table He will die. Causing the drawbridge to stop and avowing you to bash through the stone wall.
HELPLINE Jamie Peters, Leicestershire.
LEANDER W3 Once you have the crossbow, walk right and jump onto the flrst. Vertcally-moving grey rock, and jump onto the second rock and then on to the third. This will take you up to a gold-coloured platform. From there, walk left and jump onto the next platform and then the next. Keep going (watch the platform with a spike) and. If you are on the right track, you should have reached the platform where opposite there is a dwarf firing arrows at you Step down onto the lower platforms and you should see the exit1 Gurdeep Singh, Middlesex DEUTEROS W5 It sounds as if you haven't tried to attack
the enemy You must travel to the enemy planets and activate your DFC. Once you have destroyed ALL of the enemy planets, you're scientists will discover an engine which wil take you to all the other planets and galaxies Gareth Davies, Gwunedd.
HERO QUEST W6 To Increase your gold and recover life points without any effort simply follow these simple instructions save all your characters and select one to put in play. Select a quest where the exit stairs are In the first room (by Quest 13). And search the room. You will find some gold or a potion. This procedure can be carried out again and again to amass a fortune Alan Harris, Coventry ALIEN BREED W7 I haven't got a cheat for infinite lives, but I have got cheats for virtually everything else To use them, log onto the computer on deck two (one screen south from where you start) and
type In one of the following: I can't be arsed to play the first levels Skips to level 3.
Allens are faggots Makes Allens weaker.
Puffnuts mode Makes aliens very slow.
Is it true that Allens support Man United Makes aliens very weak Pissed as a fart Play game in 'drunken' mode.
MICROPROSE GIVEAWAY CU AMIGA have linked up with Microprose. One ol Ihe world's leading soltwaie companies, to olfer some escltlng software prizes to each reader who writes In with a cheat and has their response printed in these hallowed pages. It's simple, really.
Foe every cheat we pnbllsh, the reader who supplied us with the information will raceiva a top Microprose game. Gratis. Completely free. Can't say fairer than that, can we?
Pit bulls on the loose Makes aliens as dangerous as pitbull terriers?
Ben Johnson trained these Allens Makes aliens a little bit faster The Iraqis made the weapons Gives you terrible weapons Salmon Rushdie plays Allen Breed Try this onel Beware Allens spadge has dropped one All aliens flee with terror!
J. Robinson. Staffs.
FIRST SAMURAI W8 So you're stuck on level two. Eh? Once you’ve collected all four objects, go to the teleport under the piece of recurring food (ie chicken drumstick).
Make sure you have a prayer bell. You will then be transported to a place with two teleports and four blazing fires. Use the bell to summon the wizard to put out the fire. If you have more than one life, use the recharge pot. Jump up platforms, and at the top you will meet the end-of-level guardian.
Thomas Dunn, Scotland MANIAC MANSION W9 To got to the Telescope Room, you need to give the man-eating plant the tentacle chow, the radioactive water, and the Pepsi. Once you've completed these tasks, the plant will grow and all that's left to do is climb up Its stem to the room In question.
Stephen James. Bristol.
CRUISE FOR A CORPSE WIO You really are stuck! Here's some help.,
t. There's no need to talk to the mermaid in order to complete
the game.
2. Pick up the message that's on the floor In the study Fyess the
right mouse button to display the inventory Select the paper,
unfold it and then read It. The clock should then advance ten
minutes The message mentions the bar, so go there. When you've
reached the bar. Go lo the Inventory and show the message to
the barman. He'll the give you father Fabian's bible. Read the
book and take the letter you'll find hidden within. Read it
and the dock will advance. Go to the dining room and ask the
Father about everything This should help you on your way.
Russel Wlllalms. Cardiff.
WINGS OF FURY W11 You are obviously in dire need of a cheat. When starting the game, type ’COLIN WAS HERE’, then press P' for 9 planes. C' to change weapons. M’ for Infinite weapons. D’ for Immunity, and ‘F for fuel Dava Topham. Leicester.
MAGK POCKETS W1 2 When climbing past the Frogs and Zombies on level three, always spin up into them to kill them.
COLOUR PRINTING ON A MONO PRINTER Ever wished you'd bought a colour printer inlcad of a mono one? Wouldn't it be nice to print out Deluxe Paint pictures in colour? Now you can with "Flexicolour Kit conics complete with everthing you need prim in colour, including superb software. The colour kit is simple to fit and use. Will not affect your guarantee and print AS GOOD AS A COLOUR PRINTER. If your printer is not listed below please phone. Flexicolour kits for star LCIO. LC20. All star 24 pm.
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£11.75. EPSON LX80 £9217 FX80, FX100. LQ800 £920 many colour, and types available.
HOW TO ORDER Chequev PO v made payable to: CARE ELECTRONICS or use Access Visa.
TEL 0923 894064 or FAX 0923 672102. All prices include VAT & CARRIAGE.
AMIGA FAULTS REPAIRED Oualily work done from only £23.50 A500, 1000. 1500. 2000 & A590 also monitors, 1084. Philips For peace of mind, speed & ostage charges paid - for our fixed price offr anywhere in the UK!
Include % free piece of software Shop 10, Bridge Park, Harrow Road, Brentfield, London NW10 ORG STAR ASSOC. COMPUTERS Ring Our Engineers on 081 -961 5366 4412 RECOMMENDED UPGRADES FITTED: AMIGA NEEDS HELP??
(Or supplied) Imb-8Mb Mem upgrades Emulators Double sided drives Hard disk drives ? More COLOUR SCANNING A5 and A4 full colour scanning of your photos documents and sketches etc. 400dpi scans saved to disk for use with any IFF graphics pack I.e Deluxe Paint, Photon Paint. Price includes disk & recorded delivery return. A5 £3.75 - A4 £6.75. Send Cheques or Postal Orders to: NESCAN & CO.
11 Cloudesley Rd, 50p OFF St. Leonards On Sea TN37 6JW Send with order W I N NEWS I have received so many new games this month, that It's been a struggle to find the time to play them all. The Amiga RPG and Adventure scene is really hotting up as software houses realise that there is a big market for sophisticated games which can hold a player's attention for weeks at a time. For too long, Rote-Playing and Adventure Games were given the same treatment as meted out to old science fiction TV shows. Yet, despite cardboard sets and poor acting, the tans continued to watch Doctor Who, Star Trek and
Blake's 7, When Hollywood finally got serious and produced Star Wars, the box office takings rocketed. In the same way. Devoted RPG fans persevered for years with simple text descriptions and only their wild imagination to fill the gaps between the words with wonderful demons and fantastic lands.
Software publishers have now realised that the computer gameplayer will put his hand in his or her pocket to buy something which can test the imagination as well as the reflexes I would bet that any survey taken ot Amiga gameplayers' favourite movies would reveal a very consistent list of science fiction and fantasy films. Alien, Star Wars. ET and Terminator would all appear time and time again to prove that we are not just a bunch of moronic joystick wrestlers, but imaginative dreamers who long to escape to a time and place where wonders are to be found and fresh worlds lie waiting to
be explored.
The release of Black Crypt from Electronic Arts is one of Ihe genre's biggest advances for ages. I am a great fan of Dungeon Master-styie games and. As far as I’m concerned. Black Crypt has to be the current number one. The graphics are beautiful and the sound effects are sunningly realistic.
This game plays at a faster rate than Eye Of The Beholder and looks better than Knightmare. Two more pluses in Its favour are that It's got more spells than Dungeon Master and is less confusing than Chaos Strikes Back. Of all the games I've seen, this is the one that I can t wait to got back to.
The auto-mapping feature will no doubt be welcomed by many - I tor one would hate to think of the hours that I wandered around in confusion within Dungeon Masted If there's one feature that I don't like, it's that the manual actually gives hints and solutions for lost souls. I don't believe anyone will be able to resist peeking at the answers (apart from us real men, ot course!) If you have been holding back your money until a true Dungeon Master successor appeared, wait no more.
Good. The game has eight disks, but unlike our nerdish heroine Elvira loads each new screen in the twinkle of an eye, keeping the action moving.
The game is full of horror graphics and Elvira's wiggling bits. Both of which are worth a look. By the way, we ran a complete guide a couple of month's back, so if you get really stuck, refer to SUMMONED BY SHADOWS When I first saw the muddy-coloured screenshots of Domarks Shadowlands. I laughed because I thought the photographer had screwed up Not so
- the game actually has a dark and muddy screen display. OK. So
dungeon corridors are not supposed to be bright and airy, but
neither are they supposed to give you a headache Irom peering
through the gloom for hours. It’s not all bad.
Though, and the game does allow you to split your group and send individuals off to Investigate in different directions, and this is a good idea which works well. However, like Btoodwych, the characters and the dungeon denizens are very small and ill-defined. When I first saw the Red Dragon in Dungeon Master's cellar my jaw dropped - he seemed so large and REAL! In Shedowlands Ihe bad guys are indecipherable squiggles which clump around as if they were Lancashire Millworkers in wooden dogs. The game seems to have lots in it, but looking down on the ant-like creatures which march around the
corridors, I felt too detached from the action and I couldn't get personally involved in the struggle. I also hear that Krisalis have snapped up Teque's sequel. Shadow Worlds, which is this time set Int he icy confines of a space station. All the .riginal game's control method and options will be retained - and refined If you're stuck in Eye Of The Beholder or simply want to know what's what in the wacky world of adventuring, this is the only place to be. Join Tony Gill as he aids the Amiga's many wandering warriors...
- but the game is supposed to be considerably larger, and the
traps much more devious. This sounds rather good and. From what
i've seen, could be an excellent foray into the genre for
Krisalis - and, surprisingly, there's no mention of Man Utd In
it. Either!
ELVIRA'S BACK Did you like Personal Nightmare and Elvira from Horrorsoft? I loved the graphics of Personal Nightmare, but found Ihe game a bit too hard.
Similady, I liked the graphics ot Elvira, hut couldn't hack the fighting sequences (hack - geddit?).
Etvrra II - The Jaws ot Cerberus looks Just as good as the previous games, and I must say that in the short time which I've had to play it. I think it is very - that for the low-down on the game [ n7j Jk -1 know I already have on sev- JJ.m* IHESEORir OF llPS MONKEY ISLAND mUnP' My mail is still full of letters seeking help with Monkey Island.
Richard Metier still hasn't worked out that he should use the cooking pot from the Scumm Bar kitchen as a safety helmet when being tired from the circus cannon. R.G. Owen has (ailed to realise that the Troll who guards the bridge won't let him pass until he gives him the fish which is found on the jetty at the back of the Scumm Bar. Keep stamping on the loose plank until you move the pesky seagull out of the way. For those of you still trying to get past the deadly poodles, use the meat with the pot ot stew. Pick the yellow flowers from the forest and then use the meat with the yellow petal.
Go to the Mansion and use the meat with condiment on the deadly fish.
A few letter writers ask how they can get the rope from the corpse on Monkey Island itself. To do this, you must highlight the cursor on the pond.
Enter the pond, pick up the note then pick up the rope To get oft the boat and actually get onto Monkey Island you will need to blast yourself onto the shore using the cannon.
KNIGHTMARE Esther Garcia of Spain has written to say that he is playing Knightmare. But he finds that at one point he can't pass water At first. I thought he was being rude about this excellent game, but he is actually referring to the water obstacle in Quest 4.
After successfully removing a wall by throwing an object trom the moving carriage at the ’Target Practise’ problem, he now finds that a single square ot water must be crossed to reach the new area of the dungeon. As you will have already found out entering the water kills you rather quickly because you sink and drown. What we all want to do at this point is to throw off all our clothes - and get naked. You'll now find that you can skip as lightly as a fairy over the water, with only your dainty toes getting wet. Make sure you throw your armour and weapons over the water pit because you'll need
them at the other side. To thank me for my help, Esther also sent me the answer to Jeremy Iveson's problem in Sard’s Tale
III. For entry into Lonatis Tomb in the Ice Dungeon say ’CALA’.
In there, you will discover the Sphere of Lonatri and the
Wand of Power. This question was asked for in CU Amiga -
September 91.
Where have you been, Esther?
Mm W I N Merle Person trom Yorkshire is also having difficulty with her plumbing, but In her case it's a black-robed ferryman who wont let her get in the boat until she stumps up for the fare. The coin she needs is not in the orchard where she tells me she has spent a month digging - instead it's in the care of the Jester who Is hiding in the large room above.
During your travels you must have found a funny stick (funny as in ha-ha ) with a Jester's head on it This stick can be thrown at the Jester to kill him and reveal a coin. The room is at the and ot the fireball corridor with the pressure pads on the floor.
To get to this room you should have first opened the door which has a secret skull push switch on the wall, and been to the far side of the mystic door mate where there is an Egyptian fighter with a key.
ELVIRA Anthony James is in Elvira's kitchen attempting to conjure up something from her recipe book, but, unfortunately, he is a little short on the ingredients.
If Tescos is shut. I suggest you take a trip to the catacombs and find some Dragon's Blood which is hidden on the skull above the door. All of the other herbs and plants can be found in the maze or In the trees and bushes in the garden.
DUNGEON MASTER Richard Moon from Perth is still playing that golden oldie. Dungeon Master. Having found one Ra key on Level 3. Another on Level 9 and yel another on Level 12. Richard is beginning to despair of ever finding the last one. I fear young Richard is a victim ot the cunning Gray Lord who hid the last key on Level 7 itself. Once you have found the third key.
Return to Level 7 and open it up. Go along the corridor, and past the four doors on the right. Open up the last door with the ruby key (what do you mean, you haven't got it!) Once inside turn right and go right lo the end ot the corridor and open the door.
In this room is a secret wall switch which will open up a wall to reveal the last key. If you don't have the ruby key it's on Level 11 behind the wall that has the sign Enlarge My View’ carved on it.
CAPTIVE it you are one of the many Captive fans still battling your way through the seemingly endless space stations, I have news for you. You wont! The game really is endless, as the computer will construct new missions indefinitely. Enjoy it for as long as you wish, but don't kill yourself seeking a final solution CRUISE FOR A CORPSE Continuing the explanation ol the Mermaid's Codes, here are the actions which you need in Deiphine's Cruise For A Corpse trom lunchtime onwards: Code Action Required 9a Search Daphne's Cabin and get newspaper trom wardrobe.
7a Interview Rebecca in her cabin. Go to top deck and talk to Rose.
7b Interview Dapbne in her cabin. Talk to Suzanne in the bar. Talk to Fabiani in Dining Roam.
7c Search Fablams room lor watch in wardrobe.
11a Talk to Julio at the rail. Ask about watch.
11b Talk to butler in his room.
11c Search Rose's knitting bag on top deck.
7d Ask Rose about gun advert 7e Go to Logan’s room and find letter In After something Ue w months on release Tony Crowther's excellent KngtOmare s sti cauWng more then Its fair share of headaches and problems. The question on our Ips. Tixxigh, is when la there going to be a sequel... wardrobe.
71 Go to Laundry and find key in pot.
12a Go to top deck and throw lifebelt to Suzanne v ho has fallen overboard.
12b Go to Suzanne s room and find small jewel case. Turn the key to make ballerina dance Take ballerina and turn key again to open the secret compartment. Take new clue.
13d Go to bar and watch the murder attempt Take handbag.
14b Go to Daphne's room and talk to her.
15a Take a walk past the cabins In this order. Rose Logan, Fabiani, Rebecca, Daphne.
15b Go to Mermaid and talk lo Dick. Go between Dick, Suzanne, and Rebecca, asking about everything until the clock advances.
16a Return to your cabin and tlnd note slipped onder door.
16b Go to Hector's room and find him dying.
21a Go to kitchen and take can-opener. Lilt hatch and go down on the hoist to ship's hold Take crowbar to open crate. Take a can and open it to find hand grenade.
21 a2 Go to Engine Room and get screwdriver Go to Smoking Room. Pull oul projector and place film reel on it. Unscrew the hood screws, press green button, replace hood. Press green Oulton and walch film.
17:10 Go to Rear Hall and gat note trom Daphne.
17:20 Go to Suzanne's Cabin.
17:30 Go to Captain's cabin and take book.
Examine book.
17:40 Go to Nicklos's Study and rearrange books to form word seen in book.
18:00 Enter room on the right and tight 18:10 Examine man and take dummy.
10:20 Go to Smoking Room and show dummy to Daphne.
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Mon Si MogMB; . DA14 4DX Tel: 081-302 8811 To: Silica Systems. CMUSR-0692-80, 1-4 The Mews, Hattietley Rd. Socui), Kent. DAI 4 4DX PLEASE SEND A 64 PAGE AMIGA COLOUR CATALOGUE ¦ JM (Home) | Company Namo (If Which compu1er(8). If any. Do you own? ..... Any adventurer worth the contents of his backpack will have a copy of US Gold’s recently-released Eye Of The Beholder 2. If this includes you, all you need to make your gaming experience complete are a few hints and tips courtesy of CU Amiga.
STRAIGHT AND SIMPLE Eye Of The Beholder 2 provides the adventurer with two main problems: puzzles and monsters.
We will presume that you're not quite so bad at gaming to be struggling with the very first foe you meet, so we'll endeavour to instruct you on how to defeat some of the more ferocious and tncky assailants you’ll come across. In addition, we’ll also give you a few useful hints to help you on your [ merry way.
Weapon attacks and are usually found where resting your party is impossible. The best course of action is to place the characters holding magical weapons at the front. Attack as quickly as possible, too. As Margoyles can down a Mage with one hit.
Gelatinous Cubes Quite a strange and perplexing thing to come across in a passage. These globular cubes fill the hallways from floor to ceiling and consist of transparent living tissue. The cubes are relatively slow, and are easily defeated from a distance. However, if given the opportunity to attack, they can devour the armour from your backs! Use daggers, rocks, and spells to fight them off from afar.
SILVER TOWER LEVEL 3 Will 'o' The Wisps Due to their low armour class, these fiery spirits are very difficult to hit The best way to deal with them is to prepare some ‘Prayer, Protection Vs Evil 10’ radius, and Haste' spells before tackling them in close quarter combat. This will allow you to hack away and defeat them efficiently. Use two weapons for each character to maximise the attacks and consequently dispatch them quickly.
These make an unwelcome return from the first game, so the chances are you’re familiar with them and their offensive capabilities already. When tackling these, make sure you have not mistaken them for Gas Spores, which are much less gruesome to look at. Beholders are completely resistant to magic, but. Conversely, are extremely proficient in using the art themselves. They can devastate a whole party very quickly if left unchecked. To defeat them, dodge left or right whenever they attack. Use two weapons per warrior when attacking and always try to take them from behind.
I ill irmal AZURE TOWER LEVEL 3 Greater Guardian Demons You need a weapon of +2 ability or more to even hit these monsters. They are immune to all forms of cold and electrical attacks - magical or otherwise. As with most of the more powerful monsters, don’t forget to dodge their attacks.
AZURE TOWER IZVEL 4 Frost Giant Prison Level Another beast that is immune to cold attacks, these giants can inflict massive amounts of damage on party members. However, they are very susceptible to lightning bolt attacks, which must be implemented from a distance to presen e your party members without a spell. At the very least, this form of attack will severely weaken the Frost Giant before you have to trade blows face to face.
CRIMSON TOWER LEVEL 2 Salamanders Just for a change, these worm-like creatures are affected by cold spells. Cone Of Cold’ is particularly useful and does the most damage. A combination of these plus magical weapons should be enough to wipe any number of Salamanders out. However, they cannot be hurt by normal weapons so don’t waste any time using your Swiss Army Knife on these fellas.
Mind I As soon as these cloaked creatures come into sight, start to dodge immediately as they emit an invisible psionic blast which paralyses and then kills the party. The only way to survive contact with them is to retreat and prepare your attack methodically. Only attack them if it s absolutely necessary.
Most spells will have no effect. Use your weapons for a couple of attacks and dodge and wait for the next opportunity.
HINTS FOR SURVIVAL Whilst exploring the forests and dungeons you'll find heaps of bones and skulls scattered about or buried in shallow graves These will seem pretty useless at first but if retained certain combinations of the two will enable you to resurrect an NPC (Non Player Character) from them.
The forest section also hides a secret sub-level which contains a Blur spell and some *2 armour.
From the starting place, go straight ahead turn right Then left, left again, right, left, left, right, and then right to find the stairs down to the level Inside the first temple - the Temple Darkmoon - you will find the Seal Of The Four Winds' on the norlh wall. The only way to open this is to collect the four horns that are scattered around levels one to four When they ve been found, face the seal and blow them. The seal will then vanish and you may venture on to the Silver Tower Sub-level two (underneath Temple Darkmoon).
Conceals a secret button located in the west wall between two staircases. Once pressed, it will reveal a teleportatior room which will transport you down to the next level.
The Catacombs are the first real dungeon-looking locations. The walls are coated in moss which covers the large fitted stones. Throughout the rooms you will find large iron-bound wooden barrels. If you hit the barrels they will sometimes reveal rations, but if you smash fhe barrel located right through the door, right again and through the door. Then go right, left, right again and follow the passage's course until you reach the door. Enter through this and turn left, and at the end ol the passage you will receive three pouches ot magic dust This will restore a character from the effects of a
Medusa s gaze or a Basilisk s touch ¦ "WW TO USE THIS a i -A.sors, wi p"°n°'Q"(i r Mteig i'« OR OTHER EXTRAS?
IS ASK A Wf OJAMTH W KAIIW dWIDOII MlHMETWXAJTItfBIPBCB AMIGA 500 13 hi Jl spec. Ml mow, powa supply. O leods & nwtuok, ok.
ALONE WITH MONITOR 1512K 279.00 478.00 11MB 299.00 498.00 | AMIGA 3000 2SMHZ, I0QM6 HD. 4MB lost (AM, 7M8 dap RAN
1280. 512, Kkkstan & Workbench 204. Expondatde to 7MB CHIP manay
t botlery dock ALONE WITH MONITOR I MB 309.00 S09.00 2MB
349.00 549.00 Zydec exlairi drive vntfc on off & dasy chan
poet ADD 48.00 io w)h Xiclston 1.3 . ROM Shora la
swrtrfijng between I 3 2-04 efcraatt compct**y »ob*ems ADO
47.99 AMIGA 1500 2000 M UX spec, with 1MI BAM. Mouse,
expowon « 7000. Loads, manuals.
New including Kkksftll & Workbench 2 04 Had disc contigurotion inc. the high perfamance GVP II cartrola cord.
BPANOABU TO 8M8. Lost reUdt STM. 170M8 Quantum Qrims oe us ALONE WITH 8633 WITH 7CM ? EEIXER Dud Drive 495.00 695.00 8S9.00 DD*GVP»70M8 HD 699.00 899.00 1065.00 DO*GVP.57M8 HO 765.00 969.00 1129.00
DD. 6VP4120MI HO 908.00 1112.00 1272.00 , Per extra 2MI httod ta
GVP ADD 60.00 L Akow(MtKkdusart I-3« ROMSEwtdi AD047.99 AMIGA
600 IMS. »S 2.05.3i 10 . I«1 Corf
• 17 monk ony. Wuionlj I *600. DPIIU GAME £364.95 A600 20MB HD
• 10 Blank Dbo ? 10 capodty lockable disc » Morne Mol ¦ Virus
Kaer Disk
4. 99
4. 99
* 79.99 TOTAL VALUE 116.95 ssssr*" STARTER PACK II ¦ Aura
IoaenMpafco'OSM8UM tip (1.3) ¦ CU.k | Phottn Poirtt II« 8oik
* *f (vlu * H (13) TOTAL VALUI 3*4.73 WITH AMIGA C&TV 19.99
S(PA»ATRT 39.99 m M*» hM, 2 *•*!• « *"» •» »16 «d»i k •» 756
bmh in 0.IWI kiwi* UnM mi AIT»W~..rT)«„k«U«»**«.. NO OTHER
DEALER CAN BEAT OUR CREDENTIALS 8* won experience ¦ Commodore
product ond hae to stay Commodore trained stuff at Irieody and
helpful and ae (orertfs, midtmedn, rtaxahood. Gomes.
Programming a techncd spectafcts (us«*y mac than a»l) Open 96
pm Ifcodey to Saturday crd 10.00 ori to 4.30 StafvnCwno fa
advice wdrCmlrotion Now 1*00. Sq It H* St. Ton Centre bromhes
Haxl day dot*ery la amst aders received by 5 pm; e«press 7 0*9
an oad Sotorday sec vices available Hafaae caefuly handled and
Wrmed solely and reteMy by caged, insued, lop aome courier
service 100% (eenfesjrtch testing on Angus free 30 doy. Next
day courier cofccfen and delivery el NEW replacement Hodme
support and in-house engineers Extended warranty avadable a
mony products Upgrade and Irode in ofitn to keep you up to dale
Exceptmnol aha soles service COMMODORE PREMIER DEALER Hobbyte
proudy amounce this hgbcst CBM «tobde.
Aaerded to only fa top lew doao CM deaias offering tbe best r eipertne ord suffad. All Amgos fwl UK ravnns.
COMMODORE PREMIER DEALER • STAR GOLD DEALER • CDTV CENTRE CARTOON CLASSICS GAMES PACK EXTRA CDTV (1MB REQUIRED) VALUE RRP Cortoon Ossies Gamas: lemmings 25.99 The Simpsons 24.99 Coptan Planet 25.99 OdnePamt III wid) animation 79.99 ¦ 3 Dry Home Pork vxtong Wad Processor.
Spreadsheet. Database a PO Games compdotton 9.99 TOTAL VALUE 161.96 WITH AMIGA CDTY 15.99 SEPARATELY 29.99 1 500 PACK EXTRA (CAN BE USED WITH A500 1 MB AND A500+) VALUE RRP
• The Works Hodnum, wad peoossa, spreadsheet.
Database 169.95
• Deluxe Paint III with animolion 79.99 .
• Get the mast out ol you AMIGA book 9.95
• Hohhyle SO PiogranmePO Groats Pack II 39.95 EITHER OR
• Sim City • Punnic 24.99
• Populous • loki 24.99
• Their RnoslHour • Dotal home Accounts 29.99
• Batfahess • 01 29.99
• AhaosMchlurbo Joystick 9.99 TOTAL VALUE 418.79 WITH AMIGA CDTV
49.99 SEPARATELY 69.99 1 SPECIAL Also with Cartoon Clessks
Gomes ADD 12.99 WHAT THE CUSTOMERS SAY "extremity courteous ord
rapd rtucme la my problem’J1 wf not htsrn to recommmd you lo my
comobks " Dr Darrel Moddy Sough ThenA you Mr deaUg so ptowpHy
w* "V requests‘ .1 was rehxtonl choet adding my computer meal
add However I hove been ray pleased my dealngs m* Hofabyte art
la be commmded la yaw customer service.’ heraPMdsan Baxa "Vie
hove deed with man of Me kodna cemputd supplen. It dm pop “fc-
...TharA; joo fa rrayom s good ser«e’_’ it orrived ol 7 20om
die next Dovdllhomos Wrahompton 1 was ray impressed wfafa savin
I recaved in the bstmJara. I It* «n«M to. Mr *. Nagd * in rk
pin* h"W«L*»km»V».
Hie ultimole CD interoctva mulli medo mahine eidi an Amaa inside!
• Hutchinsons Sncydopoaaa CD CDIV with CD BOM drive
• Wekane CD. Mortal lemmings CD DescCodSy
• Urrote control unit AS ABOVE 439.99 ALSO; With keyboad and
block matching disc drive tooUoeacess to whole range ol AMIGA
isc based software 549.00 SPECIAL Abo with up to CTO wnr* of CD
Mias ol your choice!
ADD 60.00 THE HOT LOT PACK (1 MB REQUIRED) 1 Catoai Ocssks Gemes: learnings The Simpsons Coplain Pta*
24. 99
25. 99
79. 99
269. 82 ' Dehue Pomt III with o 1 10 GCEAT indhrielualy packaged
gomes, previous IIPs up to 39.99 eoch. Phone to choose Iran
carent Ist, a leave it to is! Children s gates avatable ¦ SO
Prcgrcmime Hobbyte PO Greot Porks B 39.99
• Dost Cova. Mouse mat 9.98 ' 10 Blank Dbo. 80 CapoOry Disc Box
• Mctoswrsch twbo joystick 9.99 TOTAL VALUE 513.72 WITH AMIGA
59.99 SEPARATELY 79.99 i SPECIAL ALSO 10 extra ?oat gomes ADD
• Cartoon Oossics Gamas, lemmings 25.99 Ihe Simpsons 24.99 Cagtdn
Ptanil 25.99
• Deluxe Point III nflfc animadce 79.99
• Ihe Woks Ptatmnm Wad Ptocassa, Spremithe* and Database 169.99
• Thrna Nnasl Hoar, ftgfcl Simulala 29.99 OR Bodt ta fa ftfao md
Postman Pt* (1.3 ady) 01 Drgtal Home Accounts a Uri fa Duck
• Wes Klee Disk 4.99
• 50 Programme (Whyte PO Greats Pack H 39.99
• Hobbyte Infant, iuntar (specify) a Seconday (ducalaxd Pork
• 10 Blank Discs • 80 Copodty lockable far box 26.98
• Mouse Mot • Dos! Cover 9.98
• ImboMkroswikh Joystick 9.99 TOTAL VALUE 468.86 WITH AMIGA CDTV
79.99 SEPARATELY 99.99 SPECIAL Also with Stor 1C 200 9 PIN
Colour Printer ond Storlee Pack ADO 18S.00 Also with Citizen
224.24 Pin Colour Printer ond Starter Pack ADD 245.00 FAMOUS
* -¦»««* ssam I • Jail Enid Bfyton's Famous Bve lo sebe ihe
mystery of Treasure hMalhis eduattond nleroctive odventme 24.99
• ADI choose Iron any wlertoinioc Nofexd (urrkdum Mo*s or
Inglisli coorse from Fun School puUhlien.
OR any Fun School 25,99 ' largel maths. Wtfe of 4 fw programmes ounod ol sptcik Nakonal (wRdum torgels OR Mads Advmrture: Thrs oditfitore trough lime allows pupds lo revise and duck towns in Naftond Currwdum molhs 25.99 | • Sim (ity • cduccliond gone oword winner and Populous OR 01 novel os Cornelius ihe (If and Puuiw oddcfcve pwtfegar* 49.9S
• Hobby* Junior oc Secondary bfecoiionol PO Pork, featamg op lo
12 loom while you ptay' games 19.99
• Hobbyle 50 programme PO Gceots II Pod 39.99
• HnosMtd larbo Joystick 9.99 TOTAL VALUE 196.92 WITH AMIGA CDTV
59.99 SEPARATELY 79.99 SPECIAL Abo with 10 groat mdmdudly
packaged games RRPs up lo £39.99. phone to choose from
anenllfiJ.oc leove it to vs! (Miron s gomes ovotable VALUE
• fun School 2. Under ( yews, 4-8 yews or 8. Yaors I9.W
• Ft»S hoel3wd,spwify undw 5 yews,S»7yewiw J . YMn
• lianel»4allnd|0 na*l»MtM Mum, eiawso oewicMe end reus* fcat Mps
le deselop mio8«r .ord end oAcr sifc Up »6sMle.efc (ordwei to
Natroeal Cwriton leqiwkMoih 7i.11
• PeWraln Pm II .3 Cady). OK Idd ihe Duck (7. Yixml 01 Mokhod
Pens fid tt*r’s kory School 14.99
• Hefabyle lidonl or hwiw (specify) Edicsr1000l hid.
LooRxiop up so I! Teotn .Me ycsr pfey' goitw 19.99
• HoMmMtarO.ld-oo'sGown.lOwTdK «k MlolordodnlopooM1oMi,nailor
• 10 SWOrn 6.99
• JopU 9.99
• Mm to MW Mol dor 81 Ota* 69.99 TOIAl VALUE 106.9!
SW'™ 8:8 SPECIAL Wrth (orloon Classics Gamas and Dpaint III ,
• n instead ol Dpaint ll Photoa ADD MJ9 TRAMPY'S OR THOMAS'S PACK
MAX VALUE RRP IT* Sboe Pwph 6 colourful aid entertaining games 29.99 featuring frumpy and friends lo encourage early number reading ml pereadn, skds With Shoe People men OR Thomas RieTonk Engine's Fan with Words 6 separate easy lo use leanrn progranmes with animation and sound.
Shapes andldours Bobby the Ooun enter tans and lays down the foundation lor malhs oi colourful at hs and wrdrg in i ul animated games 9.99 ' Fun School 13 at 4-the Tun Schod’suite bait wem pm about every award oomg. Sotbtanderfd ommoted gomes. 24.99 ORPWtureBook: 4cdourfdondamuanqgamesfiom ex Fun Sdiod' design manager till delight yourg childien Deluxt Pumt ll Photwi Paint II or Hf oc Purrnic 89.99 le Infant Educotemd PD Pock, remaining 10 19.99 ' Hotbyte Infant Educ fun wfi you lean gomes ' Hobbyle 30 Easy (hidrin s (
- 10 Honk Disc. Disc Box. Joy in's Games Pock k Oise, Disc Box,
Joystick, Mouse Mat TOTAL VAUJE
19. 99
26. 96
Curtuo« Classics Games and Dpaint III .
~ohrt II (1MT VALUE 8 ADD 14.99 GOLDILOCKS PACK 5-11 TuiS The Three Boon:- A coburfd educalioned ar adventure loosely based an if* radtionol story llmpcom reading skiBs and develops rmoginotive and logical tboaght) 22.95 S Matters Four grophicolfr brilont ond educahocdh, rones with coin keyboard overlay. Up wen 24.99
- « Pot (1.3 only) OR Edd the Duck (7* yeas) 01 Matched Pairs
OtIMy’sScpy School ¦ Hohbytotofw or Jura (specify)
14. 99
19. 99
19. 99
6. 99
9. 99
89. 99
4. 99 21447 featuring up to 17 *leorn while you ploy’ acmes
Hofcbyte 30 (osy (hddrHi s Gar* 10 pod disc mdudnc Train Set
and other tog entertaining PO wfes ' 10 Honk Discs
- Urtrowftdt Turbo Joystick ¦ Deluxe PouH ll Photoa Paint II or
Eff or tamfc 1 Moose mol TOTAL VALUE MS"™ 88 PROGRAMMERS PACK
(1MB REQ.)
EAST AMOS cotr wnplesl octode gants, educotienal, etc. software in weeks, not years, (ompkrie with graphic, stud onmton and more.
Upgradeable to Amoi 34.99
• (artoen Classic Games OR lemmings 0f 25.99 (aptoin Planet
Punnfk 25.99 TheSunpsons Oigio Home AaoaMs 24.99 ¦ 50 Prog-otme
HaUryte P0 Greats Pwk 39.99 ¦ 20 Blank Discs. 80 (opacity
LockableOrsc Box 33.97
- Mmc Mat. Oust Cntr 9.98
• Gel die Most out of Tour AMIGA' book 9.95
• Mwroswstob lurbo Joystick 9.99 TOTAL VAUJE 21544 WITH
AMIGA CDTV 59.99 SEPARATEIY 79.99 , A* above, but with:
• Amos the Creator insteod of Easy Arms WITH AWGA tDTV 69.99
SEPARATBY 89.99 I taOTfc * both to* pafc o uaud to* r to One
and « I prtaw tor htag «• fMometarf, hat ml ewmtal ARTISTS PACK
VAIUE RRP to DP IV) 79.99 e Point III with (upgcoc
99. 99
• I OdscHoboylePO Graphics Pock in. Dp ofl'Utlibes 39.99
• (ortoonOassic Games: OR & L.
25. 99
25. 99
24. 99
39. 99
33. 97
9. 98
9. 95
9. 99
400. 82
139. 99
169. 99 Ihe Simpsons Digito Home Accounts
• 50 Programme Hohbyte PO Greats Pock
• 20 BW Disc. 80 (opacity LeckabfeDisc Bo.
• Mouse Mot. Dust (over
• 'Gel the Most out of Tour AMIGA' book
• Microswitch Turbo Joystick TOTAL VALUE WITH AMIGA CDTV
99. 99 49941
189. 99
219. 99
Q virus potcctor • bockup device for any eilemol drove 23.99
1 1520 Modulator 26.99 1 1500 Deluxe con»d centre 44.99 I
(ompetilton Pro Joystick 11.95 | CDTV Keyboard 44.95 FLOPPY
DRIVES Zydec 3 5 errecnd dive daKvchoin . C off 48.95 (umano
(AX 3S4 3.5 external driit, beige 52.99
(D1YntaHl3.5drht.bhd. 59.99 PC 8808 with cmti dick. Blitz
bock up emdvimpotoctor 67.95 PC 8808 os above, (ydone
cmnpaftle 78.99 K 8808 with BlrtivXCopy 98.99 kd dive os P(
8808 115.95 OMTORS WS j I (IMlOtSSDImcnioc .leods 216.99
Pwps 8833 MX II imtor and leads 216.99 (IM I960 High res
momtor . Flicker fixer for 1500 7000 549.99 | n.suivel stand
foe PhAps 8833 12.99 Fmps 7013279 Hi res SVGA ?8dp for 3000
inc. * 8 suivd 259.99 As aboiu. Phs ftdw fixer for Al
500 7000 369.99 HARD DRIVES A500 GVP 530 S? M3 HD *68030 IMI
exp. To SMB 694.99
* 500 GVP 530 120 MB HD .68030 1MB exp to 8MB 844.95
* 500 GVP 530 740 MB HD. 68030 1MB exp. To 8MI 1038.95
* 590 TtkMI HD 269.99
* 5(0 GVPII52MI HO. Exp 0 8M8 339.99
* 500 GVPII I TOMB HO, exp to 8MB 468.99
* 1500 2000 GVP II anlroler. Exp to 8M8.Quotum 52MB HO 264.99
* 1500 2000 GVP II cont.. exp to 8 MB. Btal TO MB HD 406.99 Per
exko 7MB fitted to above 62.99 OLD AMIGA TRADE-IN Ihe best
trade-in dlommct. Extra for penpherds and accessories. Trade in
your ddmodn for a bind new *600 Al 500 2000 3000, CD1V or
87. 99 Naksho 400 dpi 32 grayscale ?
Power Hand Scotmor. 400 dpi, 6 dpL M greyscale, Poeuncan software 97.99
235. 95 Power Colour Hand Sconner Sharp JXI0O A6 Scamnrr .
Scanlab software, supports 4096 cob, up to 18 bit 595.95
Sharp JX-300 A4 Scanner. S w, up to 24 hi POA EXPANSION A500
512X RAM exp .dock .21.99 (IMA501«p....„ ....49.99 IMI
exp for A600___________ROA A500 . IMB upgrade 43.99
1. 5 MB exp fa A500 74.99 01.3 ROM Shorer-----47.99 GVP A500
occd. See Hord Drives EMULATION
188. 99 AI 8cidgeboardfalSOO 329.99 KS GVP 786 AT Once
227. 99 386SX 8 board for 1500 429.99
178. 99 6VP 40 4 for 1500 ...945.99 DISCS SGTWARE 10 Bianlc DS DD
discs in box 6.99 Games- id foe fid FROM3.SO SO 8kmk 05 00
discs 17.99 Al latest games 30%O»F SO Blank OS HOdscs 27.99
Al serious tifcs 25% Off PRINTERS F*a .
Na Gtiren 120 .0 112.95 ». Cituen 724.cd‘ 736.95 o- Slarl(20------------124.95 o- (HianSvnft24e 246.95 o- Stor 1(200 ceL .17295 • Citiwi Swft 24e cof* 266 95 • (Aren Swift 9_______171.95 - Stor XB 24 200* 376.95 StaU 24-20---17895 ~ Stor XB 74 750 .456.95 7!
Sta 1(24 200 --------716.95 w HPDtskjd... 346.95 w Star 1(24 200 cd . ..254.95 0 HPDeskjetcd 576.95 o (ton 1740----------174.9S Q HPP . _S24.9S o (dan 224 .. 211.95 BJIOeBubbletet port.226.95 * STARTER PACK: 500 Shouts A4 or continuous paper, Amiga to print* hod 8 Universal Printer Stand • tod new driver ORDERING: TIUSALES NO: (0727) 36005 Hut to (hherr far ae* rad adits Axel bdw 4.3ftm *6*1 to euoWaity.
Hrrotta, sod chwa. Wtfd ontac.Wen droh cr dfiid wh (PlCs. Fdumor UK AUIHUMD (HOT HIGHLANDS) Despatched by post, phase check dioiges when ordering Metf (toy couner sornce. £10 per box Mamd tte plus £20 - VAT par box DELIVERY CHARGES: Semi consamabhs & softwsm items Other btr, exctpr bsm Offshore trd PRO TENNIS TOUR Until the recent release ol Infogrames' Advantage Tennis, Pro Tennis Tour was long regarded as the ultimate Amiga Tennis simulation. Its success lies with its simplicity and ease ol play Rather than requiring exact positioning. Pro Tennis features a routine which borders on the
instinctive For instance, shots can be placed by the positioning ol your player and the time the firebutton is depressed A variety of courts can bo selected, as can the ability of your computer-controlled opponent, and everything gels together perfectly to create an excellent simulation. Although Advantage has pipped Tour for Ihe Tennis Irophy, Ocean's rerelease is still an essential buy.
THE HIT SOU AD OUT NOW £7.90 APACHE FLIGHT Apart from the likes of the Codemasters' titles, original budget titles are still a fairly rare commodity. Hence, it's a nice surprise to see something Nke Apache Flight Don't expect anything flash: Steve Merrett once again enters the budget zone to locate all the best bargains, and report back on what's available for those on a limited budget... It's basically a pnmitive version of SWIV, even so. Though. Apache is sMI a solid and playable shoot em up. The predictable storyline tells ot a mission to destroy a senes ol weapon caches which have been
overrun by a Guerrilla-owned army.
Thus, armed in your super, ultra- tooled-up 'Chopper you must run the gauntlet of enemy emplacements and vehicles, whilst avoiding the flak they continually release. Meanwhile, there are also the obligaloiy power- ups awaiting collection, which endow your helicopter with more powerful armaments OK. So Apache Flight isn't likely to win any awards tor onge nality or style, but it plays quite well and offers a tough challenge which is well worth eight quid.
ATLANTIS OUT NOW £7.99 DIZZY'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURES ¦odemaster's oval hero has appeared in more sequels than Jason Voorhees has appeared in Fnday The 13th films. Now, however.
Ihe Codies have bundled togelher a series of previously-unreleased Dizzy games to tide his groupies over until his next adventure. The Dizzy's Excellent Adventures pack contains Dizzy Panic, Bubble Dizzy. Pnnce Ot The YoUdotk. Spellbound Dizzy and Kwik Snax. And whilst three are the customary object-related arcade-'adventures we have come to expect. Kwik Snax and Bubble Dizzy are odd little arcade numbers bundled under the Dizzy name - but even the egg-shaped hero's monicker can't disguise Ihat these are updated versions of extremely old coin-ops. For the asking pnce. This is a worthwhile
pack, and the three arcade adventures - whilst hardly stretching the imagination or reflexes
- are fun enough, and even the weak arcade games offer some
entertainment If you want to risk OD-Ing on Dizzy, this is
probably the best way to go... £19.99 CODE MASTERS OUT NOW
FANTASYPAK Wlh newcomers Daze now handling Silmanls products
in the UK. It's an opportune moment for them to bundle together
three of Ihe better known titles In a compilation.
FantasyPak is made up ol Colorado, Boston Bomb Club and Crystals Ot Artrorea, and represents a pleasant cross-section of gamestyles.
However. Silmanls' typically high standard ot presentation is the one current theme running through the trio. Starting with the oldest (and weakest) of the trio, Colorado, we enter a rather sad arcade adventure which, whilst large, contains virtually nowt to keep the player interested. Next up, we have Boston Bomb Club which offers a neal slant on the age-old puzzle sub-genre Played over a table laced with wires and traps, the player must manipulate these objects lo guide a DAZE OUT NOW £19.99 senes of bombs towards a bucket of water which will defuse them.
However, sitting around the table are a senes of Victorian meddlers who will wreck your hard work by rearranging your layouts. Easing the player into its intncacies, Boston Bomb Club is a simple but fiendishly addictive game, which will hopefully receive more recognition as part of this compilation than it didasa stand-alone product. Finally, it's RPG time, as we enter the lush world ol Aiborea. A larger version ot the Dungeon Master idea.
Arborea is supeibtolook at. And contains enough spells and creatures to keep most adventurers happy FantasyPak is a vaned compilation, and whilst the quality of its contents differs greatly, it’s relatively low price makes it an attractive proposition.
With over 150 stores nationwide and still growing, Calculus is the largest Independent Computer Multiple in the UK. Each store is independently owned guaranteeing you a high level of service and support.
Calculus offers you the advantage of discussing your purchase decision with a real specialist who can advise you before you buy and, more importantly, will be there to assist you later if you need support or guidance CALCULUS STORES THROUGHOUT THE UK.
251275 Phone lines open 9.30am to 5.00pm (Mon. To Fri.) and
9.30am to 4.30pm (Saturdays) The new A570 CD drive is at last
on its way and will be in Calculus stores in May 1992. Pricing
has now been agreed allowing you to upgrade your Amiga A500 for
only £299.99. Initial demand will outstrip supply, please call
now for the number of your local store to reserve your A570.
With the new A570 CD drive attached to your A500 Amiga* you will have essentially the same capabilities as Commodores CDTV player. Like the CDTV your new system will allow you to play any CDTV title as well as CD+G, CD+Midi and standard audio CD's.
The A570 installs easily, no software installation is required, you can continue to use your Amiga keyboard, mouse and monitor for inputs and displays.
• Minimum configuration standard for A570 compatibly 2.04 The new
super compact Amiga 600 represents state-of- the art in Amiga
technology using the powerful Workbench 2 and the new Kickstart
2.05. The 600 features extensive use of surface mount
technology (SMT) and a lower component count contributing to a
computer with unparalleled reliability and performance The
Amiga 600 has 1Mb of Chip RAM, expandible to 2Mb with a new 601
RAM Upgrade An industry standard PC... Smart Card Interface
allows the use of Fast RAM Cards and future expansion using
open channel technology. The standard IDE interface has been
adopted by Commodore for the first time in an Amiga product,
offering an internal hard drive option using 2.5" drive
technology. Even the external modulator has disappeared in
favour of an internal integrated modulator.
The Amiga 600 is available in two versions, a single floppy drive and a 20Mb hard drive, both products come with 12 months free on-site service AMIGA 600HD AMIGA 600 £39922 £49922 NEW PRODUCT MESSAGE TO DEALERS Calculus is the largest computer group in the U.K. with over 150 stores each one owned by an Independent retailer committed to the highest possible standards of service If you are an independent retailer with an appropriate retail premises capable of supporting our Calculus range of products then perhaps we should be talking.
For further information call Calculus on 0543 414817 and ask for Calculus dealer recruitment COMMODORE PC PLAY For the serious games player who also needs the latest in PC286 MS DOS processing power. Calculus launch the new Commodore PC Player, a saving of £62.00 and 12 months free on-site maintenance.
COME & SEE MORE il DEALS 01 THE POWER New slimline 286-16 Mhz 40 Mb I.D.E. fast access hard drive 1 Mb Ram expandable to 5 Mb
3. 5 inch 1.44 Mb floppy drive 256K Video Ram (Expandable to
Latest MS Dos 5 Operating System. 1360 Mouse 14' VGA Colour Monitor AT TOUR LOCAL Adlib Sound Card and Stereo Speakers Games: Pit Fighter, Super Spa'ce Invaders, Hard Drivin II, Mig 29. Trivial Pursuits, Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters, Castle Master, Wing Commander.
Business: Office Manager (Word Processor, Database and Spreadsheet) ? £759221 62 [646.80 RRP - £822.49 Ex VAT COMMODORE MPS 1270 n COMMODORE MPS 123C FREE!
Direct from Commodore's warehouse, Calculus are the first in the U.K. to receive the new Commodore 1085s Stereo Monitor. Compatible with all Amiga products, the new 1085s is not only the latest Commodore monitor but also the best priced. With our buying power, we are able to offer the very latest Commodore monitor at only €219.99 featuring .• Stereo sound • High Resolution Display
• Ergonomic design
• Full Amiga Connectivity Pack
• Compatible with al Amiga products £21922 RRP
875. FOUR LOCAL STORE... PHONE 0543 251275... FOR YO 3 (Present
this voucher at your local Calculus store.
Valid whilst stocks last.)
THE NEW AMIGA 1500 The Amiga 1500 system offers total compatibility with the Amiga 500. With an unbelievable level of internal expansion options.
All our Amiga 1500's featured, are the latest version, featuring Kickstart 2 ROM and Workbench 2, offering significant enhancements over the previous model.
• AMIGA 1600 CALCULUS' STARTER PACK Amiga 1500 Dual Drive, 1Mb
RAM Mouse. Manuals and Amiga DOS.
• THE WORKS - PLATINUM EDITION A full integrated software package
with Word Processor (inc English Dictionary) Spreadsheet and
Database Package.
• DELUXE PAINT III Probably the best paint package available,
allowing you to display your hidden talents. This award winning
software allows you to paint, design or animate
• HOME ACCOUNTS Home accounts with budgeting, forecasting and
• ELF - Mxi will encounter Cornelius the Of on your travels in
the mystical lands of Gooks and Goblins. Weird villainous
creatures and devious puzzles test your gameplay techniques and
gnostic powers.
• TDK I - The arcade sensation that swept the world. Toki has
been transformed into a monkey by the evil wizard. He must now
try to regain his manhood and rescue his beloved princess Miho
Join Toki on his mythical adventure, fud of demons and deadly
• PUZZNIC - A puzzle game to top them ad. It's fast, furious and
devilishly addictive. With 144 levels, the action never stops.
AMIGA 1500 STARTER PACK £579221 RRP - £699.99 £493.60 1 Ex VAT Plus other ’ contents as in the Amiga 1500 'Calculus' Starter Pack.
MULTISTART II - ROM SHARER The MuKiSten II a*ows you to install Kickstart V2.0 and VI.3 ROMs into your computer and switch between them with the keyboard Ybu can also install a third ROM on the MultiStart H. Being able to switch between 1.3 and 2.0 allows you to stay compatible with al your older software that won't operate under the new operating system. It's easy to install, with no external wires or switches required.
PROFESSIONAL PACK Amiga 1500 Dual Drive with 52Mb Quantum Fast Access SCSI Hard Drive Upgrade and Controller Card.
7 £829221 RRP - £1027.00 £706.37 Ex VAT RRP - £49.99 AMIGA 1500 PVP VIDEO PRESENTATION Pack contents include the Amiga 1500 'Calculus' Starter Pack. Plus the new 1085s Stereo 14' Colour Amiga Monitor with Amiga Monitor Cables.
FEATURES Amiga 1500 Dual Drive Starter Pack with 52Mb Hard Drive, High Speed Controller A2300 Internal Genlock Scale Presentation Software * FREE Video Amiga Vision Authoring Software and D Pamt III Software Also Avaiable: 8Mb RAM Board with 2Mb RAM (Recommended for full SCALA use) » £799221 RRP - £999.99 £680.85 Ex VAT CALCULUS E107922I RRP - £1349.99 £91934 | Ex VAT I ASK YOUR CALCULUS DEALERS FOR DETAILS OF OUR SPECIAL 12 MONTHS ON-SITE MAINTENANCE PRICE.
• nth enebiediseble twitch and through port «cUity suitable lor
usa with tha A500 500 Plus.
1500 2000 ard A 30CO senes CUMANA 500ft 49.99 Replacement Internal Floppy Drive lor tha Amiga 500 500 plus.
SUPRA 600XP 339.99 52Mb External Fast Accost Hard Drive with optional RAM upgrade lor tha Amiga 500 500 Plot 105Mb Option alto available DATAFIYER 2000S 59 99 High Speed SCSI Controller lor the Amiga 15002000 (Optional Hard Drive A vs table).
DATAFIYER 2000AT 54 99 High Speed IDE Controller lor the Amiga 1500 2000 (Optional Hard Drive Avetable) CSM2091A 139.99 Commodore High Speed SCSI Controller with Opoonai RAM Upgrade lor the Amiga 1500 2000 (Optional Hard Drive Avefteble).
MICROSOTICS M501 S 24.99 5I2K Battery Backed RAM Upgrade lor the a500 500 Ptu» (Uses 16Chipdetign lor compatibility) IMCROBOTICS 8UP DIP 1» Pueenattfweal 8Mb RAM Board with 2M8 RAM Upgrade lor the Amiga 1500.'
2000 (Upgradeable m 2Mb Steps).
SUPRA RX 14( 8Mb External RAM Upgrade with 2Mb RAM lor Amiga 500 500 Plus. (Available with Additional RAM) 68030 Accelerator Board suitable lor Arrega 500 500 Plus and 1500 2000 IVXl 30-25Mhi Board alto available!
GEMUS HAPPY MOUSE 14.99 A High Quality Mouse tunable for use with the complete Amiga range (Excluding Amiga CDTV).
QEMUS OEM TRAC 39.99 A High Performance 3 button TreckerbeH lor Leisure and Serious usee Suitable for all Amiga range (Excluding Amiga COTV).
QUANTUM IPS 52S 189 99 A High Performance 52Mb SCSI Hard Orive with 17ms Access Tena and Dtek Cache Quantum LPS 62AT - IDE Drive also available QUANTUM IPS 105S 299.99 A High Performance K)5Mb SCSI Hard Drive with 17 ms Access Time and Disk Cache Quantum LPS 105 AT - IDE Dove also available ROM SHARER Pta* ** 34 99 DKB Keyboard Switchabia ROM Sharer for Amiga 500and 1500 2000IROMS not Included!
COMMODORE 1064S fOuHrollfto A14" Stereo Monitor lor uae with tha Complete Range ol Amiga Computers Complete with Amiga Monnor Cable LIMITED OFFER - FREE GOLDSTAR 4905 ihctj*rei«iom A U* Remote Control Colour Television. Monitor Complete with Amiga Monitor Cable OVER ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY STORES THROUGHOUT THE U.K. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND THE LOCATION OF YOUR LOCAL CALCULUS STORE PHONE 0543 251275 COMPUTER DATABASE OF CALCULUS STORES C O M P U T I I STOICS PROFESSIONAL AMIGA AMIGA 2000 The Amiga 2000 has been designed as a basic system expandable to satisfy the needs of the home, business or
professional user.
AMIGA 2000 HD 20 Amiga 2000 Dual Drive with 20Mb Hard Drive and Autobooting Controller Card.
Amiga Vision Authoring Software £69922 RRP - £879.99 £595.74 EittT AMIGA 2500 25Mhz HD52 AMIGA Amiga 2000 Dual Drive with A2630 030 Accelerator running at 25Mhz 52Mb Quantum Fast Access Hard Drive with SCSI Controller 3Mb RAM (Includes 2Mb 32Bit Fast RAMI Amiga Vision Authoring Software 'ERIPHERALS +UPGRADES 1084S C8M 14' Stereo CGA Colour Monitor with composite video £249.99 (£212.76 ex VAT) 1085S CBM 14* Stereo CGA Colour Monrtor £219.99 l£187.23ex VAT) 1960 CBM 14* Mult Sync Monitor LIMITED AVAILABILITY £468 83 (£399.00ex VAT) 21MP CBM 21 * Multi Sync Monitor VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY
£1626.33 (£1299.00 ex VAT) 25Mhz Microbotics VXL30030 Accelerator Board For 600 1500 2000 £269.99 (£229.78 ex VAT) 40Mhz Microbotics VX1,30 030 Accelerator Board For 500 1500 2000 £399.99 (£340 00 ex VAT) A2630 25Mlu 030 Accelerator Board with 2Mb 32Bit RAM For 1600 2000 £669.99 (£570 20ex VAT) 8Mb Mcroboocs RAM Board with 2Mb For 1500 2000 £139 99 (£11914 ex VAT) A2091 CBM SCSI Controier with 2Mb RAM Board l Optional RAM evadatoie) for 1500 2000 £149 99 (£127.66 ex VAT) HF2000 Microbotica SCSI Controaer with Drive Frame for 1500 2000 £139.99 (£119.14 ex VAT) Deteflyer SCSI Controller Card
with Drive Mount for 1500 2000 £59.99 (£61.06 ex VAT) Dataflyer IDE Controller Cerd with Drive Mount for 1500 2000 £54.99 I £46 80 ex VAT) 2Mb Fast Page 32B.t RAM Upgrade For Amiga 3000 Senes £116.33 I £99.00 ex VAT) A2300 CBM Internal Genlock For 1500 2000 end 3000 £89 99 (£76.59•¦VAT) A3010 CBM 3.5* Internal Floppy Drive for ArrHga 3000 £111.63 ( £95.00 ex VAT) A3015 CBM 3-5* Internal 144Mb Floppy Onve for Amiga 3000 £111.63 (£96.00ex VAT) ALSO AVAILABLE 105Mb Quantum Hard Drive Option 210Mb Quantum Hard Drive Option Amiga 2000 Dual Drive with 52Mb Quantum Hard Drive with Controller Card
A2286 AT286 Bridge Board with 5.25 £999331 RRP - £1788 00
1. 2Mb Floppy Drive Amiga Vision Authoring Software £851.06 EiMT
AMIGA 3000 POWER UP TRADE IN YOUR A1500 OR A2000 You know when the time is right, your trusty Amiga 1500 or 2000 has served you well but that 3000 makes your mouth water.
Finding the cash isn't impossible but would be a lot easier if you could sell your Amiga for a sizeable sum.
So. Before you rush off to pen your advertisement, here's a proposition to stop you in your tracks... When you buy an A3000 from Calculus, we will give you what your Amiga is worth.
No. Not a second hand price but today's full Calculus retail price.
So, with no strings attached, bring your working and Complete* Amiga 1500 or 2000 and power up to the amazing Amiga 3000.
BEFORE ORDERING ANY PROFESSIONAL AMIGA PRODUCT PLEASE CONFIRM THAT THE RETAILER IS A CALCULUS STORE 100 IDES AMIGA 3000T 25 50 At above except 52Mb Quantum Hard Drive RRP £3499.00 Less Ybur 2000 1500 Trade In £900.00 Power Up Price £2599.00 (Ex VAT) AMIGA 3000T 25 200 As above except 210Mb Quantum Hard One RRP£3849 00 Uss Mxa 2000 1500 Trade In £ WOO 00 Power Up Price £2949.00 (Ex VAT) Amiga 3000T 26 400 As above except 425Mb Quantum Herd Drive RRP£4299 00 Uss Ybur 2000 1500 Wade In £1000.00 Power Up Price £3299 00 (Ex VAT) DELUXE PAINT IV The industry standard paxnt package lex all Amiga
users, now with video and animation Used with SCALA. You have the ability to introduce pambngs. Drawings, video and animation into your presentation Normal RRP £89 99 inc VAT SCALA The bast presentation and video titling package available for applications m Multi-Media. Business presentation and video. Once you have used SCALA you w* wonder how you managed without such a versatile application software package Normal RRP - £199.00 me VAT A Multi Me fca Authoring system that
• A1500 2000 must be in working order and complete with Keyboard,
Mouse, System Disks and Manual.
MONITOR NOT INCLUDED AMIGA 3000 25 5: Amiga 3000 Desktop running at 25Mhz 52Mb Quantum Fast Access Hard Drive 2Mb Video RAM and 4Mb Fast RAM NOW INCLUDES FREE 12 MONTHS ON SITE WARRANTY FOR TOTAL PEACE OF MIND SPECIFICATIONS:
• 68030 32 Bit Processor running at 25Mhz
• 2Mb Chip RAM
• 4Mb Fast Ram (Expar»dibleto.18Mb)
• 52,105,210 and 425Mb Hard Drive Options
• 512Kb of 32Bit ROM
• 1x3.5" Floppy Drive with 1x3.5" Spare Drive Bay
• 5 System Slots featuring 1 CPU Slot, 4 Zorro III Slots with 2
Aligned PC AT Slots
AVAILABLE AMIGA 3000 25 200 As above except 210Mb Quantum Hard
Drive RRP £3499.00 Late Hxx 2000 1600 Trade In £900.00 ftiwer
Up Price £2699.00 (Ex VAT) AMIGA 3000 26 100 As above except
106Mb Quantum Hard Drive RRP f3299.00 Uss Ybur 2000 1500 Hade
In £90000 Power Up Price f2399 00 (Ex VAT) Amiga 3000 25 400 As
above excopt 425Mb Quantum Hard Drive RRP £3999.00 Use '¦bur
20000500 Hade In £1000.00 Pbwer Up Price £2999 00 (Ex VAT)
BOXES AND LEADS Amiga bOO PCB repair - £49.96 * Free estimates
Educational Software * Foreign Languages Disc Drive replacement
- £66.00 * 3 Month s Warranty Keyboard replacement - £69.00 *
Fast turnaround YOU WANT JUST CALL Leads - General | IF YOU
PONT SEE WHAT 1 Switchboxes | Wowe Joystick switchboa - Manual
£1395 Mouse Joystick swUchban - Auto ..£18.95
Paraiei Port iwttchbca___________ .£ 1895 2 computer? To
VGA Monitor-----------------124 95 2 computers lo IBM standard
Ttl ..£24 95 Ouv External
dnvesMKNx* ...£18.95 Senal Pod sptttrr |2 woyl
.11895 Start SwtihOox |2
way) .....£39.95 Siereo Headphone
Adaptor (2 payen) .£14 95 AS Oatwwitch |? Wayl
lerai paraM £14 95 A8CD Dataswtrh (4 way)
Ser Par .£19 95 X Dataswitth senal paraflel
...£26.95 Swdcttttwes made to order Can [ Consumables |
Moute JoytKk twin enenson ..£5.95 Joystick
eaenwon lead |I2iN ......-...£5.00 TV
lad ...... £1.50 TV (TOdUacor lead 2
pftoxvl phono £1.50 Modulator Disk
Extension ..... £9.95 4 Player Adaptor
|2Scm|----------------------£6.95 ?*»i connection lead |l
2m|.... £2.95 Port splitter |2 way) ..... £3 95 Nun Modem c«*e
|2m| .. £8.95 Replacement Mouw cable
|l.Sm| ..£595 I** menace ut* pmj_
..... £2.99 External Onve daemon lead |lm| ......£9.95
Printer lead - ParMW (2m|----------------£5 95 Printer lead -
Senal (2mj------------------£7.95 Amga - HP laserjec
|2m) £11.95 Ditteon SV4 or 3' HDOO
PnnwRMbons.- . Dak
Bob .. Mouse
MMS ...... Rom £4.40 ..horn £7 99
...£4 99 DustCoum_________________ 3' Gearing
Ktt _____________£5.50 ...£6.50
UoiekW___________________ bang Paper---------------
___________£5.99 ______________.CM Amiga Extras | AS 90 TV
Modulator ...... .....
3. 5‘ irterrtH Dsk Drive ... fWSupc* ..
- --------£29.95
- ..-159.95 .£45.00 A500 1 2 At) RAM Upgrade
Leads - Monitor | Amga - TV Morator wth Scat --------£12.95
Amga - NEC MtAosync 2A 30------ £12.95 Amiga - NEC lAJtnym
RGB_____________£10.95 Amga-Commodore 1084S £12.95 Amga
- Commodore CIO04SPI - .....£12.95 Amga- Commodore
C1084SO-------------£12.95 Amga-Ptskpt Colour Montor
----------£12.95 Amga - my monitor .... Cad |
Engineering Services |
- Upgrades - Soldering
9. 00pm, Sat 10.00am - 3pm SP»P«»
- ......- . .CM Opening Hours: Mon-Fri
9.00am All prices include VAT. Please add C1.50 postage lor
small items, £3.50 lor large items. Phone David lo check slock
COMPULINK 3 071-790 2424 E&OE Wickham Business Centre, 10 Cleveland Way, London El 4T17 MODEMANIA US ROBOTICS 14.4 USR MODEMS _£440.00_ Testimonials from Audio Gallery Users:
* Fully British Telecom approved.
Wont! Die Spanish Audio Cillery | ono Pi.k ] i« wonderful. WndlcHT drucrib* how plena!
We weir with the sample What a treat trail lea mint tool Please la u* latow wtiai you have available Spaniah Audio trailers 9 2... I hank* a tain for *udi a wonderful product. You hive a wnner on your hands. Avrontfffr. II
* Supports V21, V22, V22 BIS and the 'HST' standards.
* Allows transfer of whole Amiga Disk in approx 5 mins or less.
* Receive and send files at 2000cps (120K per min).
* As used by the fastest British and International bulletin
FOR FURTHER INFFORMATION CALL: 071 -737-6726 _9.00 AM TO 6PM_ ALLOW US TO QUOTF. FOR ALL YOUR COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS To order send a cheque postal order to: MODEMANIA, 21 Abbeville Mews, 88 Clapman Park Road, London SW4 7BX or call in person.
Excellent overall, good vocabulary. Good round quality ...Sera: of the he* language product* I've uacd? WeamUurer. CA.
It it real I rrv ¦ re than just a dktieoaiy. I would . Have bought tint, much axatee had I known how r depth it ia. A. a Foreign Langia*ge Kucher. I really approdate it. This i. a very high quality product-.cate of the fir* computer FI. Programs to uae cvirroa FI method. Ankeny . IA I am very impressed with the use .if digitized Te*vh of native speakers that is used in your wvltware. Cedar RiyAAi. IA Fodored i* the den*. Diak I ordered from you several week. Ago. I would now like lo cede* the wtvlc Herman Ihtk Set...I am very anprcvcd with the quality of the graphics of this program and am
excited about recraving the entire program GmtrdOe. FaA
• All words and phrases Fully Digitized Speech
• Includes Dictionary, Pronunciation Guide, Quizzes
• 25-30 Topics such as Weather, Numbers, Food. Etc.
• For the Student. Traveler, Businessman, etc.
• Seven-Disk set includes Comprehensive Manual FairBrothers, Inc.
European Languages: $ 89.95 5054 S 22nd St. Oriental Languages:
$ 129.95 Arlington, VA 22206
(703) 820-1954 “ ' ' a.C OOC.aw»ra.«4road«Ji »dl-W' FAX (703)
820-4779 ‘ I Quarterback and Quarterback Tools '104
QuickWrite 109 InterBase 110 Megamix Master 114 I Printer
Round-Up 119 PD Scene 128 Massive PD Compo - Part 2 130 PD
Utilities 133 Special Offers 141 Within the next section
anything can happen.
Every month, we will be getting to grips strange new software, seeking out intelligent peripherals and inviting you to... A* RBACK Mat Broomfield pads up and goes to work on Quarterback and Quarterback Tools - are these the ultimate in disk utilities?
A LONG HARD SLOG Ityou own a hard dsk. Ihe question isnot«. But whan, fs gong to tal Evan the Best dnves n the world nevitabty start to deteriorate after prolonged uae. And d you could predct when it was gomg to happen.
Ihere'd be no problem Unfortunately, you cant so the chances are. When your drive eventually laris, it's gong to take valuable dala with It.
Ouarterbadr Is an American program which alms to reduce Ihe hard work Involved in maintaining regular backups ol your hard drive When the program loads, you're presented with a list ol all currently- mounted devices, including floppies and the RAM butler Before you can make a back-up, you must select the directories or files to be included by taggaig' them II you wish, you can simply specify an enbre dtrecfory. Such as DHO. In which case everythmg on that drive wdl be duplicated to (fisk Alternatively, you can manuaSy silt through each drecfory on the drive, and tag Hes by hand. If you're a
more experienced user, you can also use muSfole taggng fillers lo select the Hes. For example, you coiSd specify that only Hes anting in doc. C or arc are B be rxkjded. WKch less Ouanerbacktoscantheentirecontentsollhe highlighted directory taggng the appropriate files.
H you're happy with your selection, the back-up options menu allows the user to specify where and how the back-i* Me wi be stored In its default mode.
Ckianerbac* writes daectly lo (loppy, promceng ask changes as and when requred Better sM.it automat- ¦caly formats the asks as * goes In lad. It doesn't save back-a* in DOS formal unless you dekberately indicate you wish to By saving data Mce this, the program achieves consrderabty higher rates ol compression |if speeded), and provides security lor your data so unauthorised users can't browse through your back-ups.
Speaking ol which, you can also add a password to your disks which must Be entered before the Back-up can be accessed AUTOMATED HELP Al that remans now is lo return lo the main menu and dick cn'Proceed’. Quarterback wil (hen commence foe Back-1*, ventyng and prompang lor new disks as it goes To be honest this can take ages especiaPy * cpeonaI compression has been set lo as highest rate, saving nearly 50% of dak space A back-up logs stored on the first and last risk d each back-t*. So that you can always check what was duplicated Restoring tiles, the user can specify where the restored files
are lo be located, and apart from disk QUARTERBACK TOOLS A perfect complement to Quarterback’s hard drive back-up facilities, Quarterback Tools is a package which aids retrieval when those fragile floppies die.
Consfoenng Iher fragile nature. S’s surpnsng how rarefy we encomter problems witti Hoppes. Yes, i know we tit curse when we do get a problem but. Consdenng how Ihnsy they are. We do getoltkghdy That's lust as well, as even a single reavwnte error can destroy hours ol work, and prompt much gnashing of teeth and hair puling.
HELP IS AT HAND From now on. Only the most terminal ol problems need cause you worry, as hot over tram America conies Quarterback Tools I0B1). Me latest «l disk maintenance systems and first ad tats Although its most valuable uses repairing damaged disks and rectMeng Hes. OBTs also noeddUy useful as a dagnosic nee tod-a fioppy Jana® Its features tackbes Having settled a vokme (dak) kp process. Ihe users duly preseraed with Ihe nw menu when gws access lo die program's marry tunaons. The first opeon. [fisotay Volume Stahsbcs. Simply describes me type and status ol the current disk, eidudiig the
number ol blocks per back, and the sue ol each block In bytes. By togging this opbcn to display disk dnves. You can also find out information about non-OOS dsks.
TIME SAVER The neat option is Go to Volume Reorganuabon Menu', and takes the user to a screen containng a further three options.
From here, the user can examine the way that space on a disk has been fragmented, and find out exactly how many files have received the same treatment 8y selecting Reorganise Volume and Defragment Files', OATS instructed to optimise the disk by arranging all die tiles lor maximum efficiency.
This means that all operations using this disk, gaotan will be considerably taster man they were I imrntmtjm opbnased a sample dskcomaevng 41 Ides. Mbm.«7H«b and lound that whereas I had previously .....- - taken roughly Ian seconds to read a dnedory - -.--- ol me dsk. After meddkng vnth the OBJ 4 fvyte is. ¦sefeeda was reduced u three ~ir.¦ LIFE SAVERS 5&E5.
Returning to the mam menu die next opbon allows die user to recover deleted files from any disk For this option to be successlul. The disk must not have been written to since the required files were deleted. However, PRODUCT TEST changes, the whole process is automated from there on in reverse order. After a back-up has been completed. Subsequent updates’ can be created using either date recognition or the status of the archive bit.
Hence Quarterback can recognise which files have changed since your last complete duplication, and will only copy the new ones, speeding the process up considerably.
CONCLUSION Quarteiback is an essential program in a hard disk owner's library. II used in conjunction with an acceier- ator card, the compression routines can both save a lot ol disk space AND reduce disk swapping by halt.
The program can also be used to store single programs which are loo large to fit on one floppy, as it automatically spreads files across a number ol disks if necessaiy. If your peace of mind is more important than the price of a couple of games, check OuaneiDack out. If not. You've only got yoursell to blame when you lose all that data.
EASE OF USE 95% VALUE FOR MONEY 75% EFFECTIVENESS 90% FLEXIBIUTY 85% INNOVATION 60% OVERALL 86% n CSWIttll Ixk k-Up ulilil « .i! Taka igf sloa p file? • QUARTERBACK . . . A I a R I a h c e ie ilt mode, gdisk lutomat- esnt erately IESS BOOK 'erback costs !5and canbs It from HB fling. Unit S. I 14,Mewla«J Colnbrook,
h. SL3 0DX.
753 686000.
Mu and ence sksas :ialfyrf t rate, I is .so L be hsk Q RBACK TOOLS ... ii I ii glance even if this is Ihe case, dtsks whch don't use the newer fast file system may sttl contain unrecoverable files. When this option is invoked, a list of al files on the disk wtl be displayed, with the deleted ones highlighted in a different colour. These can then be restored either to the current disk, or to another one if required.
The three most valuable functions are to be found within the Volume Repair menu. AmigaDOS disks are susceptible to more than one type of damage. Whether they are caused by errors in structure logic, or by physical damage to the disk. OflTis capable of repairing almost all logic errors, and even when it can't repair them, it will still offer the opportunity to recover other hies from the same disk. This is especially useful when damage has occurred to the root or directory sector ol a disk, as these errors usually mean that you can't access other undamaged files.
Have jme
* by *
* rM* ilmih rmm Mil.
By their very nature, physical errors are virtually irreparable and. In this respect. OBT is no more powerful than any DOS utility.
However, In the case of hard disks, it offers one facility which is extremely handy. When a physical error occurs, unless told otherwise, the Amiga wi continue to try and write data to that sector regardless of the fact that it's damaged 06 Tlets the user mark it as permanently out of service’, thus preventing the Amiga from writing data to it. In addition, disks which are so badly mangled that they don’t even appear to be DOS disks, have separate repair menus which are accessed by setting the disk drive volumes toggle at the beginning of the program.
CONCLUSION OtarteiOack Tools is as valuable as it is easy lo use. Its optimise functions ate very impressive, and eas»y justly its purchase on their own. II you're a new user, you may never have encountered disk problems, hut it's inevitable dial you wi» sooner or later. Ifs only then that you'll appreciate the full value ol this program.
Make sure it's lo hand when yog need it, or risk losing data mat could he woilh many limes more than me program itsettl An (buy.
UPGRADE YOUR A500* TO 2MB RAM! F t Simply Plugs mto trapdoor e*pansion area ft B||||||| Increases total RAM :apacity to 2Mb 'Ch.pHAM ¦ •i® 0 § | I I 1 ft RAM OrVOff Switch ft Compact unit sin ft Only B low power RAM 1C » ft H»gh reliability B 512K RAM CLOCK UPGRADE
Express Courier Delivery : (UK Mainland Only) £6.50 Extra
Iwmww HOW TO ORDER A500 EXTERNAL 8MB RAM UNIT Call us now on
0386 765500 TELESALES OPENING TIMES : 9am - 7pm Monday-Friday
9am - 5.30pm Saturday
10. 00-4.00 Sunday With our MEGABOARD, you can further expand
your A500's memory to a total ot 2MB without disposing of
your axisting 512K upgrade (must be 4 x RAM-chip type, or nol
exceeding 9cm in length).
ONLY £54.99 MEGABOARD CONNECTS TO YOUR 512K RAM UPGRADE TO GIVE 1.5MB MEGABOAHO a*Mi KrcktUrt t 11C (Kickatari 1 upgrade avarfaft* Iro fJIB) Imullahon .•quit** connect GARY ctup ln lo follow inaUucnoo ,2r Send Cheque. Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card details to: Evesham Micros Ltd.
Unit 9, St Richards Road Evesham. Worcs. WR11 6XJ ACCESS VISA Cards Welcome Government. Education A PLC orders welcome Seme day despatch whenever possible Express Courier delivery (UK Mainland only) £6.50 extra Please note the! 5 banking days must be allowed lor cheque clearance. Immediate clearance on Building Society chequee or Bank Drifts._
V. -V ..A i-I.V.r HE
- r I-.: . ¦] !• -tuv *, II •• A ' ; i WU*1 * ft I • ¦ • I- " •
ft MAM access LEO & MAM tot-Mu" Switch ft Optional PSU (allows
Amiga to power other
* Available fitted with 2Mb. 4Mb or fully populated with 8Mb
Incorporating the latest ‘ZIP' DRAM technology, our new
External Memory Upgrade allows the A500 A500* to be upgraded
by up to a further 8Mb ol auto-configuring FASTRAM.
With 2MB fitted...£119.99 with 4MB...E179.99 with 8MB...C289.99 POPUATED LHIl 3 AM EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES Unit 9 St Richards Rood, Evesham Worcestershire WRI1 6XJ n 0386 765180 _to. Q386 6&5S4_ £47.99 including VAT & delivery 25* 0386-40303 Monday lo Friday. 10.00 - 5 00 ONLY £39.99 Ai Peg* coma a tune ol ptrq a pess • i go x» uiftct k) 251-255 Moseley Rood.
Highgate. Birmingham B12 0EA Tel 021 446 5060 • Fax 021 446 5010 Coporow So**i Dept « Itay Ponng 320 Wit on Gate. Wit an Court Milton Keynes MK9 2HP IT 0908 230 898 fax CW08 ?X)86S_ 12 MONTHS WARRANTY ON ALL PRODUCTS
• Quality Cttizen Sony B drive mechanism
• Enable Disable switch
• Full 880K Formatted Capacity
• Long reach connection cable REPLACEMENT A500 INTERNAL 3.5"
• Very quiet
• Slimline design
• Suits any Amiga
• Cooling vents
• Sleek, high quality metal casing
• Throughport facility for addition of further drives Fully
compatible, with 1 Mb unformatted capacity.
Straightforward installation procedure. Kit includes fuH fitting instructions.
A500+ CARTOON CLASSICS PACK ONLY £39.95 CARTOON CLASSICS EXTRA' PACK TOP VALUE 400dpi HANDY SCANNER Features Amiga 500* Cartoon Classics 'Pack aa detailed above, plus Virus Protector. Mouse MaL Top Quality Joystick plus 19 FABULOUS GAMES including : - I _ _ CARDIAXX SUOBUTEO' P RQ QQ iron' -NIGEL MANSELL1 ASTERIX' Vi V . % % 2MB CHIPRAM veksion £399.99 TOTAL OF 22 MEGA GAMES!
Rssey 'Tracksuit Manager 90
20. 000 leagues Under The See Boner Dead Than Allan’ Tank
WITH OUR NEW ROM SWITCHERI You can ¦npro.e tcffwtr rarrpalbMy
on your A500 Pka1 By Ikfing xt ROM awncfwr. You can aaamal.
Bof-aan iha Kxkuar * anrthar «w ot Kcfcstarl ROM chp »«*0 lha
Iraartom X ctoca Fxttng a very sm*Xe ir*t*yd ml raquaas no
C special lachmrM kno*tadga f a*mg allow* la* melhod* X
VetyFastS ReAabM. CooangFan. C*«crfy torup to SMD o'adtfxnjY Amiga RAM e*pan»on. Eitemai PSU. Gama Swdch. Easy fntf.WL.hon FlocHard Hard Drive with 40Mb SCSI Drrva Mtod C 349 00 HocHard Hard Onva with 100Mb SCSI Drive fated C 479 00 FlocHard Hard Drrva wt*h 200Mb SCSI Drive Mfad C 599 OO I IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE Amiga ST compatiOle - | : travel .accuracy assured NEW LOW PrtCEl C 29.00| NEW SUCCESSOR TO THE STAR LC-10, WITH MANY FEATURES AND A FASTER PRINT SPEED Ah* Providing superlative paper nardlnq lour exceUenl NLO fonts and a new super-fast D I pnnt speed of 180cps in draft and 44 cps in
ROCGEN GENLOCK MK.ll TRACKBALL NLO. The LC20 appropriately supercedes the phenomenally successful LC10 I Star LC 200 9 P*» Cokxx. 4 lonta. 180»45cps ..._...... .1199 99 Star LC 24-10 24-Pm. 4 fonts. 190 6OCP4------------------1199*9 Star LC 24-200 24-Pn. 5 loots. 200 67cpa .._ ... £239.00 Star LC 24-200C 7 colour verj-oo ol above C 269.99 Automatic Sheet Feeder lor LC 10" printers (pis SUM model) £64.95 NEW! Star XB24-200 COLOUR 24-pn. 00 Col power porter C 369 00 NEW! Star XB24-2S0 132 Cokimn version ol XB24-200--------1 439.99 ONLY £129.99
ONLY £29.95 ONLY £89.99 REPLACEMENT A500 PSU NEW! ROCGEN PLUS' Gonume Commodore Amiga A500 type replacement Power Supply UrMt. Good quality ‘switch mode- type Super low price I mpatible to any Amiga or Commodore CDTV. This NEW mtock Adapter provides Advanced Special Effects and brmance Features without sacrificing user-friendliness!
' Special Features include Dual OtssoNe control knobs prowkng freely adyjstablo degrees oI overlay or invert (keyhole) elNcts. Auto Video pass thru.
,p aitra Video tvoughport ler separate _ Hoe mcrvtormg HOB p***»vu lor rC- lYfl teal Umo editing X Amiga ¦y i .iphcs |li-l «r» pit •.line with an e«1em*l keynq devco ONLY £39.95 STEREO SOUND SAMPLER n avncal any »mge auOo egtaar parkaqa crcuty. Yetong pnrtMamU a*4i Tka ONLY £129.95 ONLY £29.95 PHILIPS 15" TV MONITOR HURRY T wmii STOCKS USV MIDI INTERFACE ONLY £249.00 combines the advantages ol a f-gh quality medkjm reeoMion colour monitor with lha convenience oI remcxe control TeieleH TV
• ai an excellent low pnee • Features dark rtass screen lor
approved contrast pkis hull range 3-way speaker sound output
ONLY £19.95 Including VAT.
VIRUS PROTECTOR PS CMM33 Mk J Monitor (Genuine UK version) Fight S*n game 6 1 Year onsrte marrtenance ONLY £6.95 A590 ADD-ON HARD DRIVES GOT A CONSOLE OR COMPUTER?
QUICKWRITE SITTING ON THE FENCE Word processors are very much a matter of personal taste. Mat Broomfield asks whether you should be tempted by the latest offering from New Horizons.
Ihal screen text Is always legfcle. And saves mess- Word processors generally fall into two categories: the amateur’ type which sport the most rudimentary of features and are designed with simplicity in mind; and the ‘complex’ variety, which are created lo fulfil the every whim of the professional writer QuickWrrte is a mid-priced program which falls directly between these two stools. It feels very friendly', but also has many of the features associated with more up-market packages As can be expected of virtually any BOOK word processing package these days.
Mm QuickWrrte has all the expected features.
Mtm4 including word wrap, variable justification, Ht and a moderate spell checking dictionary.
Cmm but it also includes options such as m Cmm Arexx support, headers and footers.
I. definable tab types, and legibility indices The program has
been written to give fr«im that Workbench 2.0 fee), even on
1.2 1.3
• mmHUM) Amigas. And. To aid quick usage, requires but the most
cursory of glances at the manual before you start using it. In
Quick Write can be loaded either from Workbench or CLI and, via the latter, can be set to any screen resolution, including productivity and super hi-res (on 2.0 machines).
On initial appearances, you could be forgiven for thinking that tbe screen display had been loosely modeled on Hwworfh. With its ruler for adjusting Labs and margins, and the bank of Icons lor justifying and spaang the text However, unlike Wofdworth. QuKkWnte doesn't indude variable screen fonts, which is fine as it means that the screen display has been designed exclusively around the one font it uses This, in turn, means ing around with the screen format.
Once you begin typing, you'l find that the program can easily keep up w«h the fastest of typists
- even when inserting text midway through a document. Block
editing is also very easy, and doesn't require highlighting
before you begin Blocks of text can be highlighted in one of
two ways: simply point the cursor at the the start of the block
and drag It until all of the required text is highlighted; or.
By using single, double, and treble mouse dicks.
Once seleds a word, twice for a sentence and three times for a paragraph. Additionally, tabs and margins are set via markers on a ruler at the top of the screen.
SIZING IT UP Mentioning this ruler brings me to another plus point all measurements are given in inches, centimetres, or points Thus you can design both the on-screen layout and the porter preferences based on the size crl your page, rather than its character dimensions. This in turn means that, although the program doesn't claim to be WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Ihe printed page and onscreen text are dosely related.
QuickWrrte also supports auto-page numbering In a variety of formats, ranging from numbers and letters to Roman numerals Dates, times, page breaks, numbers and counts can al be inserted in a document at the press of a few keys, or via the menu. The program also has a number of useful features for semi-professional use, of which the ability to use accents (acute, grave, drcumflex.
Tilde and umlaut), rs one erf the best. It also lets you use headers and footers - small pieces of supplementary text which appear In smaller letters at the top of the page These are created In a separate window, and automatically added to the document when It's printed.
Professional users will appreciate the Arexx support, which allows complex scripts to automate the functions of the program A fairly detailed list of these commands is given, along with their usage, highlighting the fact that, although slender, the manual is more than adequate for its purpose - it certainly deserves an award for cutting the crap CONCLUSION QuKkWnta is a surprisingly big word processor in a deceptively Mde package, and I was completely at ease with the program for the entire time I was using it Beginners will appreciate how easy It is to use. Whilst experienced users will be
delighted by the power hidden beneath its unassuming exterior.
Thoroughly recommended!
QUICKWRITE . A I a g fiarr 1 NEW HORIZONS £50.99 1 'No visible Jlaws. Simple lo use, and good value for money!'
EASE OF USE 96% VALUE FOR MONEY 90% EFFECTIVENESS 95% FLEXIBILITY 96% INNOVATION 50% 94% _1_ Broomfield du»t.o« “* “*ActWi.ion’«
- 'S *“ 9r'P Dmqram "" ,ew database P functions?
,acon -~isbsssS2&& !K2tsSSs 2£ Saaggs gg.
ssStarsasssSs Sf'SSSsSSs- 3llE5SSs SSsS" 35»»Sss.
Ssssg ss&is DATA OABE taotypesWW'" a-r.«r.- WYSI WHAT? „**».«« asscs*ar“,h"“" PRODUCT TEST Table Layout Vinous Speci Record Record OC ? Hit fr.ticlrt | ? Iwtfw ? Llilill ONIM** ? MrlixO ream fit « [o’ Fttr.« Itettl: ¦¦¦ ?hi** o KtriM ?•Hiwtrt o teikr ?Edit PrdKtfd o lit* Right The thirty to swap fits between cate- : gorles Is excellent, end saves ¦ great deal of j time In addition, R lent necessary to sand the entire file over, and the present Me* can easily bs cut down to suit any difference’* In another category'* preference hi layout Various Special IptctuI Mint Table... Open Table... O*
BO Close Table... Ol Unlock Table... BE FilM Current Table... OT Set Default Layout... oz Reset Selection oo rams Spec ill
- Off in* Dilation... OR » Operjt ions
- freetext Search... or
- Expression Search... OH
- Sort... B
- Update... QU
- Statistics,.. BS
• Print... BP 1- Write to File... B*
- Inport frun RSCII file.. B1 J- Expert te 111(11 rile... BJ |-
Write Hail Her9e Eernat.
.BB Left WerBeae doeenl seem to offer anything particularly new. But Its wuming presentation actually hides Its grest potential. N Is ona of the better low-price databases, snd Is certainly up to ths standard of such past Inter Activision products as totwWord snd frrferSound 1 al"inr~~.C ft* id kmt: IE I llojfuturt | Ultra, fun in «« •»•!. •"•V- thing It geared towards easa of use.
However, the reliance on Ihe mouse ks a control mechanism soon proves annoying, and a tingle keypress system woted have been greatly preferred.
Outs lor the same database, thus ottering a choice ol 'looks’ most surtable (or an application. For instance, when accessing an address book, you may only need lo see people s names and phone numbers rather than the enbre list As these can be displayed in a list format, whereas the complete addresses couldn't, it would make sense to deline a phone number layout as well as an address layout.
GOOD RELATIONS This leads neatly on lo what is probably the program’s strongest feature: it’s a relational database. Basically, this means that, as well as the ability to produce multiple layouts lor Ihe same database, you can even have layouts which include information Irom other databases.
As an example, suppose you were running a business.
As well as a list ol your products and wbo had boughl them.
InterBases relational capabilities allow Ihe cross-relerendng ol data. This means that rather than storing all Ihe addresses several bmes, each customer simply needs lo be given a reference poim which relates lo a record in a separate address database. As a consequence, you can now create any number ol additional databases, whilst still only requiring a single customer address file InterBase also includes a variety of useful searcb opbons, and these can apply lo both text and numerical fields. One ol the most interesting search modes uses a variation ol Boolean logic lo perform inclusive
and exclusive retrievals. This allows searches where, lor example, only records beginning with ’S’, and which have Ihe word Sausage' in them wil be displayed.
CONCLUSION InterBase is a high-quality database system and it seems that flexibility and reliability have been given the Highest priority. Having said that entering records is made unnecessarily tiresome because ol Ihe lack ol single-key input and the need lor opening new files. Additionally, the instruction manual is weak, and makes the package appear considerably more daunting than it really is. The program can exchange databases with other packages, and can also be used lo create mail shots using imerWord. I would have liked options lot other data types, and I’m sure that this could have
been achieved using a field-type add-on module.
Despite its shortfalls, though. InterBase represents lair value.
DANISH DELIGHT This Is InterAdlvisions fourth Amiga utility, and looks sal to strengthen their reputation as a serious publisher pi good quality software.
Their earlier utilities llnterWord. InterSoond and InterSpreadl. Were lamed tor their ease ol use. And were further distinguished by their handy icon’ system. This places icons representing the most commonly-used features at the top ol the screen so that they're always readily accessible. InterBase continues this format, and although Its system ol icons is not quite as friendly as the SuperBase video-style con- trols. They’re definitely a step In the right direction.
One ol InterBases most powerful lealures. WYSIWYG! In case you’re not familiar with the acronym, it stands tor 1(1(1131 You See Is What You Get. And. In this case, it means that exactly whal is displayed on screen is what will end up on Ihe printed page. Therefore, you can design the layout ol a page, confident in the knowledge that it’ll look just as good when printed. It also means that you don’t have lo mess about designing separate printer forms.
A page layout consists ol three sub-layouts known as the head, body and loot sections. The head and fool sections are used lo display constant information, such as page numbers, titles, and column headings, whilst Ihe body sub-layout is where the actual records are displayed. Each record consists ol two elements: the tide and the data field. The title is primarily used lor cosmetic purposes, and indicates me contents of me data fields The data field, though, specifies how and where records will be displayed. These two elements can be freely positioned on the screen so that complex records
can be displayed as forms, whereas simpler ones will be shown in list format OUT IN THE FIELDS Although a Database can hold dozens ol fields, il probably won’t be necessary lo have mem all displayed at once. For mis reason. InterBase allows Ihe creations of a variety of lay- 1 INTER ACTIVISION £49.95 1 A fairly-priced database with some annoying shortfalls... EASE OF USE 75% VALUE FOR MONEY 70% EFFECTIVENESS 80% FLEXIBILITY 90% INNOVATION 25% OVERALL 78% RESERVE YOUR COPY OF EYE OF THE BEHOLDER II AND RECEIVE THIS EXCLUSIVE PRINT ! m v£ WHEN YOU COLLECT YOUR ORDER To qualify for your free
gift you must produce the reservation form within 28 days of the product release date to yotr retailer. This offer is limited to the first WXX) customers throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Nothem Ireland.
NEXT MONTH THE CU AMIGA SUMMER SPECIAL Look out for the July issue of CU Amiga as it’s going to be something special! A summer special to be precise. As well as covering all the latest developments concerning everyone’s favourite machine, we’re going to be presenting mammoth buyer’s guides to all the software that’ll be appearing over the coming months. If you want to find out what’s coming up soon, then be here next issue as our team of Amiga experts give their opinion on what’s hot and what’s rot.
DISK BONANZA AMIGA That's right, we'vo dona It agala, and secured another tnll-prlce program for our fabulous coverdisks. What's It going to he? Well, that's a secret, bet make sere you reserve a copy now or rtsk disappointment! As well as a fill-prtce commercial program gracing onr over-popular cover disks, there will also bo a massive collection of other utilities on otter and, ot course, the very best iu playable demos.
That's right, CU have teamed up with Electronic Arts. Gremlin and Entertainment International to bring three of the hottest new gaeies to yonr attention. II that wasn’t enough, we've also got several complete games on otter.
GAMES FRENZY Who says there are no decent releises over the summer months. Not us, that's far sure, and you won't either after you’ve read our reviews el some ot the best Amiga games yet released. Teu’ve probably read about Risky Woods la this issue's First Impressions and neit month yoa'II get the chance to not only play the game but to also read our in-depth review on what Is probably the best game ever! Also on show will be Gremlin's Zool, El's Magic Bor, Megatranller 2, Buy Spy. Peter Turcan's Dreadnought. Ishar from Sllmarils. And the new gnme from the Bitmap stable - The Chaos Eaglet.As
N-Tel records used to say: 'all these and much, much more.
NEXT ISSUE on sale June 26 CDTV With the CD-Rom drives impending release, we begin a regular look at all things CO. It you're considering buying the AS70 or the CDTV. Doa't miss out on this amazing new section that will keep you abreats ot everything new.
DO-IT-YOURSELF Delayed from this issue, out first DIY feature kicks off wltk details of how to make a joystick mouse converter which can switch between the two at the dick ol a button.
GET SERIOUS It yon want to get serious with your machine, then read the reviews that count. Technical Editor. Nick Veltch, sorts the wheat from the chatl and recommends the very best quality programs tor yoar machine. Under the microscope neit month will be the long-awaited V-U* digitizer. Video Stadia (a complete package of titling and video controls), and the new Opaietd.1 with Its scaleable fonts facility.
PUBLIC DOMAIN An eclectic mil of utilities, games, music and animation go to make up the best PD coverage of any magazine.
Read Steve Keea's and Mat Broomfield's authoritative reviews on all the latest releases.
DETAILS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE SOUND FOR BEGINNERS Want a sampler that does more than just record sounds? Tony Dillon checks out Rombo's Megamix Master which could be just what you’re looking for... There are a lot of Amiga musicians unfamiliar with the machine's sound capabilities. Personally, I'm more of a play-the-real-thing’ musician, and have never really got into the world of samples and other digital marvels. I’ve always shied away from such packages, as they have always been surrounded by an air of *you have to understand how a sample works before you can use this’;
besides, manuals with more than two-hundred pages disturb me slightly. As a consequence of this. I’ve always stuck to my humble DX7 and good old Music X. After looking at Rombo’s Megamix Master for a couple of minutes, though, my outlook has changed completely.
Like most samplers, Megamix Master (MM) is split into two parts. First of all. There's the hardware itself. It’s nothing too impressive, just a small unit measuring two inches square, with male and female parallel connectors on opposite ends of the box, and a three-foot cable sporting a 3.5mm stereo jack plug at the other end. The unit is designed to plug straight into the Amiga’s parallel port, with any other parallel peripherals you may have slotting into the rear end of the cartridge. The jack plug is the entry port for your sound, and is connected to whichever sound source you are going to
UP AND RUNNING The second integral part of the package is the software needed to drive the cartridge, and the package provided is quite simply one of the most powerful I’ve encountered. The packaging states, as most do. That you can just plug in and go. In this case, though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so true.
When loaded, the screen splits into the customary main panel and secondary icons, with an oscillator displaying the current levels for left and right channels. The beauty of the package is that, within two minutes of loading, I had successfully sampled and trimmed a guitar sound pulled from a Metallica song. The system goes something like this... Clicking on the record button reveals a message indicating that the package is monitoring, and clicking again will start the recording. At this point the Amiga is playing the sound currently coming from your sound source. Click at the moment you
want to start recording, and again to stop. The program will stop itself if the 127K buffer is filled (between 2 and 20 seconds dependent on the quality of sample you require). Clicking play will then replay the sample. Should you want to trim it.
Move the mouse to the waveform displayed at the top of the screen, using the left and right buttons to select the start and end of the range you want to cut, and then ADDRESS B00I click on an icon to erase that part of Mtfamii mm* co«i the sample. It's a system which vir- cot.*. and it Mutually every sampler user will be » *«• twin RomBo familiar with, but it’s incredibly sim- Protfurtim For mon pie and easy to use so why change ,n,Mma,lon- 'o"14*1 idem II Baild Road.
As you can tell Irom thal little Smmi example. MM is designed to be (0M6 very easy to use. In fact, it’s so simple, that you could be misled into thinking that it’s a rather basic package. Wrong. MM is busting with features and effects. Not only can you sample, edit and save sounds, you can also add all manner of PRODUCT TEST memory tseneolthe tricks ol good sampling.
Mepanui Master. I*e all samplers, allows the user to ad|ust the frequency they sample at - however, it's net advisable to go any lower than about SOOOHr. As quality deteriorates drastically below that point and distortion will creep In. While you are changing your frequency, a box at the top ot the screen details exactly how many seconds a sample ot the current length will last at that frequency. Yob can save memory if you cut comers.
For example, if you have a passage that consists of one instrument playing a melody (a guitar playing a sale.
Do you give and take -hen .1 comes to handling samples?
That re memory hungry beasts, and the higher quality they are. The more memory they devour. For example, it you were to sample a piece ol music in mono at a very low setting (SOOOHx. For example), you'd get appalling recording quality. II you were to go the other way, and sample at a high setting, say ilOOOHx. You would come close to perfect recording except that 300K will now only give you QUALITY VS MEMORY effects io them as well as add ettects to real-time sounds, such as echo and phase This will prove invaluable tor a home karaoke session, and can even perform simple tour-track
recording and sequencing.
The main screen is Broken up into three parts.
At the top ot the screen is the current smaple's waveform. This is where all ol your editing commands are put into eftect Below this, to the left, are a pair ot oscilators. Ottering the user a continuous update ot the sound source's levels Below this are tour icons to control the recording and playback, along with access to MIDI and sequencing panels Finally, to the nght ol this block Is a window which houses one ot lour control panels: an editing menu, an ettects mixer, a real-time effects mixer or disk options.
MEGAMIX MASTER ... ii I a glance
• Clear. Plcavini prmitdii*n • Intfani n%uh'
• Wide range of editing options • heap at A SOUND DECISION Once
recorded, a sample can be tuned to your requirements, and can
be edited via the edit panel A sample can Be trimmed, mixed
with another, reversed, ot doubled onto itself All actions are
done by selecting two points on the waveform before clicking on
the appropriate Icon.
Additionally, to add ettects to a sample, there's a lull complement ol ettects, including echo, phase stutter and lades The sound can also be amplified or silenced, and even compressed to hall size This speeds up the sample somewhat to. To return it to normal, simply play the sample at hall speed One ol the package's highlights is the real-time ettects generator A bank ol six ettects can be added to the sound coming into the Amiga This feature will Be great fun at parties as drunken wannabes try to sing with vibrato with a strong steieo echo added to their voices. On fop ot that, you can also
add synth distortion or, tor Ihe Doctor Who lanatics. There's a definable phase shitter. So you can pretend to be a Dalek.
PLAYING AROUND The tour-track recorder and the sequencer are both simple ways ol controlling playback of multiple samples This utility allows the user to play up to four samples simultaneously, by assigning each sample to a separate sound channel. The sequencer then lets you play samples in a specified order, thereby building up a track.
Using Megamix Master, you can't help but be impressed at its simplicity of design. The soltware is bursting at the seams with features, yet even an amateur like myselt will have no trouble staying completely in control, whether it's those first recordings or if you have moved on to sophisticated sound shaping. The layout is very logical, and extremely easy to control via the mouse ROMBO £39.95 A masterful sampler, with more than you tl expect at the price.. EASE OF USE 91% VALUE FOR MONEY 89% EFFECTIVENESS 85% FLEXIBILITY 80% INNOVATION 50% OVERALL 84% SPECIAL OFFERS INCORPORATING TITLE
PRICE TITLE 9MM0BM6_____ PRICE ______IN BaODMFiU*!---- Bat* lo Future II.... CoipofMon- IN a m
• N Tar* Ana* ..... Winning V________ .4 96
.996 ..966 Carv* Up---------- _______
• n IN Franate ... Warwn* ..996 696 Fur A M
r.r.rt Rnra O M D OckjIM Hot** Raang IN Pagaaua ... -......
...... 996 Oars ol Tnmdar_______ 5 99 mT________ _ IN
Drago” Soft . n Electronic Pod......
.3 66 Eftcap* Plan* Robot Uoniwi a oa GoWrxjnna*
..3.96 _______396 see Xoa Pna*-- _____396
HanJOr**r-------- imacnaaonai lea MoOwy 499 7 99
Tangraaood-------- Kaaf the TtMf -396 4 Qfi Jotfcay
Wit*oo» Dana ..... KJ * OH an) Em Tima K** O* ¦ (Mag) .....
KmagCMa*------ 296 596 M 799 Utematn V ......9
99 BSS Jana Saymo* (to Foil) 4 98 Vann* (In
Ttal---------------IN lly 1 _________2 96
Pacmama ... St** Up ... Cka,
n.----- 4 99 499 A M Martian ft*--------------IN
8no*H9* ...3.66 ThaSpyVPoLovoaM*. 4 69 Ston
- ---- Cw Forca W«o» Mnag Woapac* __396 RgMoliauila _
.-996 Oautonx* ...996
Rtyp.9--------- ....996 OouWaOragonll ... 998 Sop* o
Road 4 99 999 999 599
* 99
- 666 16 at H« Uacftn* (I Stott SMCWM. A*W»
MiQCHimnnf) ...4.96 9 99 Cap** ... SJO Ng
8c. (lOQarml 1U8 .5 » Bmr rr* Mom* H4cft*ar*Gt* e .
Magnaec ScroHa .
- ...796 9 99 UIBMal* Goi----- Mndbarttr .. 1
».---C. - .....5.96 596 Naa ZaalanO Story Lonttanl RAC Mby
Mann ...._ 596
- 596 ...596 Lord* Riang Sun Scgramacy------ ilanai
.. . 999 1296 .....896 OnouN A Gtioaia......
5. 96 CnaaaMO . 566 Rolling Ronny----------
r* »ia .9.96 VB .. 796 8A Acorn
Business Centre, Cublingdon Road, Wing, Leighton Buzzard, Beds
LU7 OLB ORDER HOTLINES: 0296 688222 & 682277 Gen. Enq.: 0296
682248 FAX: 0296 682290 AMIGA TOP 100 RRP .2999 Title
MorrfcersPrk* RRP Title Members Prtcn RRP 6-lOC______ .16
99____ _.....25 99 PGA Flee___:_________
19. 99_ ...... 29.99 GoMer------ Heart ot China______________
Heundall 1930 - . .22 J9 ...... 2099 30 99 3499
34 99 Poice Qeeet HI .__ PopuHis
II ..... Powermonger Data Disc
Project X .- Quest 4 Glory--------
Railroad Tycoon__________ Realms .
Rise of the Dragon . Rotoocod ...
Robocop III Rugby World Cup. -------
Secret ot Monkey Island ll ... Shadow Lands_______
2599. .. 1999 11 QQ ....3999 ..3039 IQ QQ
HartMUtt HeroQueit________ Home Alone-- Hook-------------
Hudson Hawk .. limmv WhitiK ‘utnnfcar
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Maddens . King s Quest V ...
Kmghtmare .....- .. Kmohts ot the Sky
i. .. IV.W ......
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Fulcrum .
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11 . Collection.
Oh Ho Not More Lemmings Oh No Noilta LemmMgs 16.99 ... ....16.99 ......
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The Manager .....
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Disc . Video Kid ..-
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.... W-d West Wprtd____ WWT Wresting__________________
- 1639__
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1199 ... .1099 25 99 .1430 worcrxio.. World
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MemtoersPnce .1999. 4 D Bonng ....__ 4 Wheel
Drtv . A 320 Airbus .1699---- .18 99_______ 22
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_____________________ 16 99 ... ....25.99
Another World ...... Agony .16 99 .. .16.99
...... 25.99 2599 Al«n Brood . Aien Storm 1699 16 99
...2599 2S99 Barbarian N ... ....17
99 ... 1699 ....30.99 25 99 S»5S___ .19
99_________ ....30.99 Brrdsot Prey- ...19.99---- 16 99
- ----30.99 .-2599 Btac* Crypt Blues
Brothers Board Genius ...
...16.99----- 16 99 .1899
- ----25.99 ....25.99 ....29.99 Bonanza
Bros . Castles .. ...16
99 ... 1999 ....25.99 ..2999 Cette
legends ... Chart Attack .. Conan the
Cimmeran .19 99 . ...16 99 ..
- .18 99 _____
19. 99 3099 2599 2999 ....30.99 Cruise tor a Corpse
... Cover G irl Poker . Covert
Action_____ Deatti Kntahts ot Krytw
- 19 99 .
- 1199-- 22 99______ 22 99 1999 ...20.99 ....25.99
__34.99 34 99 30 99 Deluxe Strip Poker 11 1699 25 99 Dizzy
Collection .. Double Dragon III- ......
Emra II_____ Epic ....
16. 99 ...16.99......- 22 99 ..._ 19 99 ..25 99
..25 99 34 99 3099 Eye ot the Beholder II Final
Fight First Samurai Meglomania Flames ot Freedom ....
F15Stnke Eagle II ...... Footbai Crazy Formula One Grand Pro
Gauntlet ill-------------------- 2399-------
...16.99 ... 19 99 ...
22. 99 ... ...3599 ...25.99 ...30.99
- ......-34.99
16. 99_____
- 2230 .. .16.99 ...
- ------25.99 3499 ....25.99 TOP 12 AMIGA COMPILATIONS
Digita Word worth VI.I 74 99 Excellence V
2 59 99 29.99 Penpal ......59
99 Protext V5.5 .10199 Prownte 3
2 ..... 94.99 Quickwnte 2
Scribble . 39.99 2999
Transwnte 2 .. 29 95 Kmdwords 3 (?
Compatible)..... 39.99 Superbase personal 2 .
Superbase pro! 4 .. unteitase .... EDUCATIONAL 14 99 .13 99 ...13.99 ...1799 11 99
7. 99 1799 Better Maths (12-16) Better Spelling (8-14).
Count & Add (under 7's) under 5).. 5-7) ... over 7)..... under 5).. Bars & Pipes Prol ...... Dr. T’s Copyist App . Dr. Ts KCS Level2V 3.5 ...... Dr. Ts Midi Recording Studio Dr. T's X-OR - .. Deluxe Music Construction Set .
IttwSioie: 1450 1450 1450 1450 Adventure (6-14yrs).16.99 1-10) .1399
- 10) ..13.99 1599 32 99
21. 99 1899
27. 99 4995
56. 99 7495 159 99 1999 ...1799
17. 99 .1899 .17 99
• l1) Henrietta's Book of Spells (7-14 yrs)17.t Hooray tor
Henrietta (5-12 yrs) 17.99 Junior Typist
(5-10) .11.99 Kids Talk
(6-11) 11.99 Kosmos Answer Book
Junior (6-11) 14 99 Kosmos Fact File: 500 Arithmetic
(6-11) ......7 99
Kosmos Fact File: 500 Spelling
(6-11) 7.99
Kosmos Answer Bat* Sent*(12-Adul) .14 99 Kosmos Fact File 500
General Science (12-Adult) ..7.99
Kosmos Fact File: 500 World 7 99 to GCSE and Advanced Kosmos
French Mistress Kosmos German Master Kosmos Italian Tutor......
Kosmos Spanish Tutor Kosmos Maths A LCL Mega Math (A -level
Course] " list ......
15. 99
15. 99 ... 17.99 Dinosaur Discovery Kit
(3-8) ....17.99 Dataword (Basic wordprocessor ?
Database tor (7-99 yr.olds) .....17.99 First Letters &
Words (3-5) 11.99 C 1.16.99 1995 LCL Mcro
tnglisn iByrs.- GCSfc) 19 95 LCL Micro French (8yrs - GCSE)
19.95 LCL Micro Maths (llyrs.- GCSE) 19 95 "s Cana 0-12 Lets
Spell Lets Spell_________ .
Lets Spell at The Shops (4- Magic Maths (4-8yrs) a Storybook (6-14yrs; Talk (6-10) . Maths Talk Fractions (8-12) .
Mega Maths (A-level course).
Mix & Match (under 5) ... ...... •1 rs.)...19 95 Reading Writing Come(3-lfys) 19 95 Spell at Home (4-10) ....13 99 Spell out and about (4-10 RrstS_.
Funschool 2 Funschool 2 Funschool 2 Funschool 3 Funschool 3 Funschool 3 Funschool 4 Funschool 4 Funschool 4 s (3*5).. under 6).. ..... contirmd Picture Book (2- Puzzle Book 1 (5- Puzzle Book 2 (5-Adult1.
Puzzle Storybook (3-8).... Rhyming Note Book (10.)
Spell Book (4-9) Spellbound (7-16*) .. Things to do with words (5-12 yrs) 14 99 Thmgs to do with numbers (5-12 yrs) 14 99 'EDUCATIONAL BUNDLE'', DTP PACKAGES Pagesetter 2 0 ..44.95 Pagestream V2.2 ...159.99 NEW Prof . Page V3.0 ..169 99 ytEW Hot links .7 - ..49.99 LANGUAGES The Compendium Six contains Kids Type, Weather Watcher. Calendar Quiz. Words & Numbers What is it?
Where is H? Game Set & Match .32.99
s. __ SPREADSHEETS N ununES G B. Routt
Plus .....59.99 Professional
Calc ...134.99 Quarter
Back 42.95 Quarter Back
Tools ..54.95 X-Back-Up
Professional .34.99 1 Advantage .
69. 99 1 Digita Digicalc ...... ..27.95
...- .....29.99 Amos The Creator Amos 3D .....
Amos Compiler.. NEW Easy Amos.
Devpac 3 ..... Hisoft Basic . High Speed Pascal.
Lattice CV5-01 Amas2 ..69.99 Audiomaster 4 ..44 99 Audio Engineer Plus ....169.99 Audition 4 .....4295
198. 99 94 95
209. 99 .4899 189 99 ...52.99 .79.99 37999 Technosotmd Turbo (New
version with leads ? Updated manual).... 29.99 NEW Megamix
Master ....29.99 - ACCOUNTS Areana
Accounts ....89 99 Digita Cashbook
Combo .45.99 Digita Home Acc.
1 ..1999 Digita Home Acc.
2 ..35.99 Digita System
3 ..™.3S.9|, ' EFFECTS PREStJrtWlON
' _TTTUNG_ Broadcast Titter 2 .159
99 NEW Presentation Master ..159 99 Scala 500
... 74 99 Scala
imb ..... 174 99 k Video Tiller
3D . ...65 " NEW Expert
Draw NEW Expert 4D
Junior Art Department
Pro12.1 . Director 2
..... 4999 .3939 .134.99 8995 Draw
4D ...... imagine
V2 ...- . Prof Draw
2 ...... Real 30
Beginners ... Real 3D
Turbo ... Turbo Print
Prof Take 2 ......
145 99 189 99 98 99 . 79 99 24999 39 99 .....74.99 The
Complete Colour Solution Oigiview Media Station .. 134
99 129 99 NEW media Show .... 46 99 f BOOKS
Amiga tor .
Amiga DOS tfuick Ref. Guide 6.99 Hardware Ref ...16.99 Graphics Inside and Out 27.99 I The Little Worbench 2.0 .12.99 Amiga Dustcover ..4.99 Amiga Mouse Mat .4.99 Amiga 512K uporade ......27.99 Amiga 500 PLUS Upgrade (1mg). . 43.99 Cumana 3.5 Disk Drive ...52.99 Fighter Joystick . 5.99 Kidcstart Switch 1-3 .. 34.99 Kickstart Switch 2-4 45.99 Naksha Mouse (with operation Stealth ?
Mouse Mat) 24.99 Power Scanner 99.00 Quick joy Topstrar Joystick ...17.99 Rode Genlock .94.99 Rocgen Plus..™ ...129.99 Screenbeat Stereo Speakers .....35.99 Suzo Arcade Joystick .....17.99 The Midi Connedor 24.99 3" 10 x bulk Sony disks 3 5' .5.99
5. 0 x bulk disks 3.5‘ - 24.99. f 3D ANIMATION
'N CAD GRAPHIC f ACCESSORIES 3499 .199 99 29 99.
|i||l|| M = m=ns] I M = OH i ijra= ircm:l33 Disk Prices: I-10 1.25 II-20 1.10 21+ 95p Packaging:
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Firstly : THE CATALOGUE V1.0 - This is our catalogue on video with previews of many titles through out. FOR ONLY 4.50 OR SUBSCRIBE TO 6 ISSUES FOR 25.00 ERIC SCHWARTZ-AT HIS BEST : Now everyone no matter how little memory they have can see the work of the best cartoonist on the Amiga. FOR ONLY 5.50 TOBIAS RICHTER - IN SPACE : A video full of his best animations and pictures which takes no time to load and is a pleasure to watch. FOR ONLY 5.50 OR ALL 3 VIDEOS FOR ONLY 14.50 All videos are recorded on half hour branded tapes in nicam stereo. They are all made in association with MEDIA MACHINE.
Middleto Ial Rrad King No on irmingham 3 AC BUBBLEJET PRINTE L hubfcte In the second part of our in-depth guide to Bubblejet printers, John Mallinson looks at the slightly more desirable (and expensive) mid-range models... MID-RANGE MODELS £400-£500 For those of you who are realising your printing needs are going to require a slighter dearer and, hence, better- quality printer, the range here are just for you. All use the Canon mechanism and offer that little bit more than their cheaper counterparts... HOW WE SELECTED THE PRINTERS Our comparison test is designed to bring you practical,
objective information on Bubblejet printers, which are increasingly popular because of their high print quality, lack of noise, and general value for money.
The printers we've selected are all priced between C400-500, but can be picked up for less if you shop around. Each printer was tested with several programs to gauge how well it worked with standard Amiga software, its ease of use, spood and the quality of print.
HP DESKJET 500 SBB» Hewlett-Packard’s midpriced Bubblejet offers excellent value-for-money I first bought a DeskJet in 1989. Along with the Canon BJ10, it has been responsible for popularising Bubblejet printers, and both have sold in large numbers. The 500 model is faster than its predecessors, has better fonts and improved graphics printing.
Partly due to its popularity, the DeskJet is inexpensive for what it offers, and the pnce fallen to half what it was when I bought one. Another sign of success is that you can use all of the major programs on the Amiga with it. In fact, if you can’t find a DeskJet printer driver, you can use one for the LaserJet (a very different machine but one which understands the same commands).
‘Architectural' is the word that always springs to mind when I look at it: stark, compact and odd-looking - a sort of poorly-dressed Danny DeVito. The bottom storey is the cut sheet feeder, the first floor is the tray for collecting paper, the attic houses the print mechanism. Power and printer cables plug in right underneath - awkward to do, but then nothing sticks out at the back.
Conveniently placed on the front are the on off and DIP switches. The control panel has eight buttons and a collection of lights to show you »¦ huUte control.
What is happening: it is an easy printer to The print quality is superb, both trom the three internal fonts (Courier, Letter Gothic, Times) and when printing in graphics mode. Rasters (areas of even tone) often turn out stripey on inkjets and dot matrix printers. The DeskJet was the best of the ten in this respect, although Mahan came out better on the Fujitsu and Citizen.
VERDICT: HP DESKJET 500 | All-round printer with excellent results. Probably the best reviewed.
DESIGN 90% CONSTRUCTION 75% EASE OF USE 85% PRINT QUALITY 90% SPEED 80% FLEXIBILITY 80% INSTRUCTIONS 80% VALUE FOR MONEY 90% .1 OVERALL 90% | Hewlett-Packard Courier Times Roman Letter Gothic Draft mode Italic, bold, un Th Desijet 500 s Courier. Time* and Latter Gothic art the same as tha other lour Deakjet-based machines. To me. The DJSOO'i Tlmee looks better than the others, but there's very little in R It s teat enough, and there's a superb range ol lont cartridges.
CITIZEN PROJET Citizen aim for versatility.
Citizen has a good reputation for their cheap but excellent dot matrix printers, so it’s as clear that they can’t go far wrong by choosing to model their first Bubblejet on the DeskJet.
The sharp lines of the DeskJet have been rounded and squashed, but its clean look is broken up by a paper loading cassette sticking out of the roof. This is ungainly but practical: the paper exits into a tray at the front (as with the DeskJet). Extras include a tractor feed mechanism or second, cut- Citizen Projet Courier Times Roman Letter Gothic Draft mode Italic, bold, uni Tha Citizen Preset has vary good Internal fonts and a useful highspeed draft mode. There are lots of extra font cards.
Sheet bin underneath the printer
- neither were available for testing on this or the Fujitsu
which has the same arrangement. There are two slots for plug-in
memory, emulation or font cards.
The control panel has four buttons and a four- position selector switch, giving four sets of functions to each button - not a DIP switch in sight. When you move the selector, the labels against the buttons are changed so that their new functions are obvious. I like this simple way of doing things.
Simplicity even permeates in to the three printing qualities and speeds: letter quality, draft and high-speed draft which are fastest when used with the Projet’s internal typefaces - Courier, Times Nordic. Letter Gothic, and there’s a special font for the high-speed draft mode - these are all clean and good- looking. Font selection is from software or from the control panel, and you should have no difficulties with software incompatibility.
Good quality print, adequately fast, sensible and versatile paper feed arrangements and a well thought-out control panel make this an easy and enjoyable printer to use.
VERDICT: CITIZEN PROJET A good DeskJet otfspring with tunny looks and some nice controls.
DESIGN 85% CONSTRUCTION 75% EASE OF USE 85% PRINT QUALITY 85% SPEED 75% FLEXIBILITY 85% INSTRUCTIONS 80% VALUE FOR MONEY 85% OVERALL 83% SMALL PRINT AA.Amiga Assist..AA If You need .. Help and advice on buying and getting started on your first Amiga ?
If you need .. Help and advice on installing & Tuition on- Xcad Pro ( to advanced standard) Dpaint SuperBase Pro4 ProPage Protext etc. etc. .???????
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• emory ever attar reeat. Raquriaa 1 mag.
AMIGA SYSTEMS CHECKERS TOOL BOX (UTILITY) (a) Saveril programs to check your Antiga'a performance and mafca aura Ips it complete wcrkrvg order.
Evan tael your Joyatk*. Dlak and dock. Baa idea the Amiga a cuatom chtpa ERRORS (UT1 sssas: rexr ENGINE V3.0 (WORD PROCESSOR) (.)
Lateot version oltMe super* word processor. Eikemeiy easy to use. Also includes a aped checker.
Breakbeats Volume I A selection of superb cjuality samples, all looped lo provide a continuous backing tract for your creations!
"Very professionally prepared" CU Amiga, April 92 An assortment of sampled vocals including Ad-Libs, Vocals Hits, F'X and Speech, all ready to bring your music to life!
The entire Zero-G library is also available on 3 tor or £129.95 MED V32 (MUSIC The I reel public dom UTILITY) (?)
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Formula One racing management game. Users diglikaed graphics and sound effects. Choose your
• rarer, car, engme, right down to tyre selection. Race ail the
famous circuits hi the world, controlling the etatagy
throughout Ihe races wargame for one or two pieyera. Excellent
graph lea and sound effects.
DEFENDER (GAME) Amaxing dona of the arcade version. One or two player SMOOTH and FURKXJ8, *jst ila the orgetal.
A apM screen action. FAST, gams. Grsst filled r vector graphics.
I Two piayar apkt screen head to head TO b I (+) MEANS AMIGA PLUS COMPAYABLE.
PRICES Per Disk .....,....,..75p CHEQUES PAYABLE TO:
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Al Th Movies 1.5M (?)
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The Bongs 1M (•)
T. C. Dinosaurs (interectrve book) L««m and Pk* fe) (.)
K» (.)
(-1 (panodd laUe ir*o) Tuorf.)
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CtJlTV Quida Atlc Atac 1M (+) Frantic Ffadd* Dragons Cave (•) Qhoat Snp A500 Plus Gama Pack of am) Trucfcin (2) (?)
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(2) Anarchy DgCal Innovation Dhnna Techncrfnght (.)
PMC Alpha Omega (*) Total Recall The Demo (?)
EchnctfnoN (*) w. I Amos 3D (?)
I Slants •lea* (?)
I Bruno's Box 3 (2) (?)
I Tha Four Saaaons (2) (?)
) 1MNBC4 90 | «W.
._________jf2 2drrws) 1M Dmna Vmon C3 1M (.)
WmaW I Boo(.)
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Department CU2 4 Flint Walk HARTLEPOOL Cleveland TS26 0TE TEL (0429) 263508 IMSbScL Psdtfefeg M&a 70 THANFTr STREET (D('XJ) CLAY CROSS (.7 IF.STERCIEI.D DERBYSHIRE S45 9JF •: ..- D2-H, .V66T»F 5 DEMOS TJX) I (basic Demos TD02 Stealths 11 TIXI3 Fieri Manoeuvres T1XH Iraq Demo TD05 Cotoie Strike Back TD06 Fraxion Horror TDOH Iron Maiden Slideshow TD09 Locus Car Chaw TDIO Robocop 2 Slides!**.
TDIl Robocop 15 Second.
TDI3 Total Recall TDI4 Evil Dead Demo TD15 Puggs In Space ID 16 More Aeroioon.
TDI7 Scanner. Horror Demo X Rated TD18 Scanners Horror Demo X Rated
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11) 20 Bloodsport Demo TD21 Nightmare On Elm Street
11) 22 Creepshow 1 TD2S Total Destruction TD24 Alpha Right Demo
TD*5 Ann Lrnunig.
TD26 Enterprise leiiing Dock TD27 (nonms Mega Demo TD28 Fractal Right TD29 Silenu Scroller TD30 Utopia Cartoon Slide.
TDSI Bunsen Burner TD32 The Link Mega Demo TDM (.host Pool
R) 34 Scoopex Sevrn Sin.
TD55 Disney Slideshow TDM Sleeping Bag Demo TD37 System 5 Demo TDM Share 8c Enjoy 46 TD39 Thame. TV Demo GAMES TGOI Missile Command TCOf Pontoon 1G03 Jeopard. - Vrrdoa of Risk TC04 Star Trek -The Game • Disk 1 of 2 TG05 Star Trek - The Game • Disk 2 uf 2 TG06 PD Games Disk 1 TG07 Tetns TC08 Packman 81 TG09 Monopoly TGI0 Games(.iore TGI I Game. Glore Inc: Chou. Dalelu & Tron.
TGI2 PD Game. - Disk 2 TGI3 Ftuchbicr TGI4 Video Tenni.
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TM06 Music Invadon 11 TM07 Betty Boo I TM08 Betty Bchi 2 TM09 bgue & Justify My Ixnv lor .1 or mort* ’.PT Make C hetjnes A* Postal Orders Payable To: TTPD 95p KACH per Single orders send us huge.
F r!|.an n... « •. Disk ..." arc looking , details and we will get tl lor you lor no extra cl FRKK catalogue with every order.
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FUJITSU B200 Fujitsu slow things down a little... B200 - could that be Bubblejet 200 perhaps? No.
B' here stands (or Breeze' and whilst it may be poetic in Japanese, in English it sounds more like a cleaning spray than an excellent pnnter. This machine is very similar to the Citizen - essentially resembling a DeskJet with Its comers rounded off VERDICT: FUJITSU B200 Near-identical to the Projet look at them both.
DESIGN 85% CONSTRUCTION 75% EASE OF USE 75% PRINT QUALITY 85% SPEED 70% FLEXIBILITY 85% INSTRUCTIONS 70% VALUE FOR MONEY 85% SMALL PRINT The paper leed arrangements are the same - In (act, all the optional extras seem identical. The only significant difference is in the control panel: the B200 uses a layout Ike the DeskJet's but with odd little rubber pimples for switches The pnnter also boasts lour slots, two of which are obviously for font cards, but the other two remain a mystery The Fujitsu and Citizen are identical in fonts, performance and print quality This is an excellent machine,
but apart from that there's little to say - I've said it all before when descnbing the DeskJet and Citizen!
Fujitsu B200 Courier Times Roman Letter Gothic Draft mode Italic, bold, uuc CANON BJ300 A trade-off of speed against quality?
After the DeskJet, this looks distinctly conventional, but it is nicely styled and well made with emulation modes lor the IBM Propnnter and Epson LO senes. The control panel sits along the front; below it Is a slot for loading single sheets, and you also get a tractor feed device for continuous stationery A cut sheet feeder (not tested) is an optional extra: it sits on top of the machine and you can add a second bin so that you can swap between different types of paper at the press of a button The ink reservoir is not part of the print head, but fits in a chamber in the body of the printer
This allows a larger ink volume and cheaper cartridges, which should make printing costs cheaper than on the HP-type machines.
Paper position, typelace and size are adjusted with the control buttons whilst an extra button (only effective in Propnnter mode), entitled 'Lock out' locks any font or size settings that you make on the panel and prevents your word processor from over riding them - a useful feature.
There are three built-in typefaces (Courier, Prestige. Gothic) which can be printed in a vart- ety of styles, including outlined and shadowed, reversed and shaded - very useful all these extra styles but you need lo make sure ttial your word processor will let you use them. Normal text prtnting is fast and there is a high speed mode which gives excellent quality at the rate of - BUBBLEJET PRINT hulfife three pages a minute.
Graphics printing and output trom Calamus are disappointing though - the results don't match the standards ol the baby Canon, and it takes longer to print. I discussed this at length with Canon who blamed the printer drivers that I was using They were probably right.
The BJ300 is an excellent, well-made machine which prints text last and well, but it't a pity that I couldn't get better DTP and graphics performance Tin BJ300 n the Isstesl ot thf group lor ciiurving out toit. Tut it * lot down as a genoral-purposa machine by its grapbics printing GROUP SUMMARY There's a saying that 'you get what you pay for', and the extra outlay for the printers covered certainly proves it.
All the units were excellent, and are recommended.
Hewlett-Packard really makes life difficult lor Its competitors. The DeskJet is the fastest lor complex DTP output, second fastest In the group lor test. Moreover, although our prices don't show this, you'll probably llnd that It's Ihe cheapest to buy in the shops. HP's Ink Is cheaper, too. But you can lit the HP cartridges to the other machines.
Choosing between the Citizen and Fu|itsu Is largely a matter ol visual taste. I liked the look ol the Fu|ltsu better, but preferred the Citizen's control panel arrangements. Their only advantage over the DeskJet is that you can lit a second cut sheet lender or tractor feed.
Canon BJ300 - Ep!
Courier Prestige Gothic (sans ser Draft mode Italic, bold, un- Outlined Shadowed Comparison Table: So. How do the ten Bubblejets we tested this issue compare in features?
Printer Citizen Projet Fujitsu B200 Canon BJ300 Epson SQ870 Brother HJ770 Stakes (t.w.4) 14 7.42 5.45 14
13. 7.458.347 20 5,
13. WugMlkg) 9 9
6. 9 95 9 umowiiw 300dpi 300dpi 360dpi 360dpi 360dpi MwMrf 8K . .
.. , up cpv- 1.
8K HP.EK-.I- 4 30K FP i
* 28K FP 64K EP HP 1 tmuutiofl i nr. CrA . I TW- 4 wr. 1 3 Ci 9
6 P* Fa4Z SF.TR- Mmmtv Cw4« 12&256K SF.TR- P S' 12& 2S6K
SS.TR.SF- p s' SS.TR.SF- P S-.L- SS.TR.SF- P S' 128K 128K
HrtCw* 14 SpeWIOTM 120 240 360 15 120 240 360 4 150 300 200 550
1 1SQ 300 44 Ini Page t'01 44736' 55743735' 3i- tr 34718-
46736' OTFPvn 2'40" 2'32“ It* 143- 1'20" GtapMc 115' i'04- 101-
56" 58"
• Optional extra 1 HP.HewkHt-Packafd DeskJet LaserJet EP-Epoon
LO. EPX.Epson FX. I=IBM Propnnter, Ocanon Bubbieiet 2 SS=smgle
sheets. SF=sheet feeder, TR=tractor 3 P(aralel). Stenal),
Uoca*a»c) 4 Manufacturers' ratng Are Bubblejet Printers Better
- Or Just Different?
VERDICT: CANON BJ3QO Faslesl text printing at its price but with questionable graphics printing DESIGN 90% CONSTRUCTION 80% EASE OF USE 80% PRINT QUALITY 85% SPEED 75% FLEXIBIUTY 85% INSTRUCTIONS 70% VALUE FOR MONEY 90% 80% Compared lo Ihe older and more widely- used dot matrix printers (DMP) thero are advantages and disadvantages with bubblejets. . .
¦ Because il is bring pins at Ihe paper Ihe DMP is noisy. Bubblejets are 'non-impact printers and much quieter, although they're not as silent, as some ads would have you believe ¦ The dots produced by a Bubbieiet are smaller than those ol a DMP so that, on the whole, they produce finer print.
¦ Several Bubbleiets have a built-in cut sheet paper feeder which is very convenient.
¦ Bubbietets have lewer moving parts so may be more reliable ¦ Bubblejets cost more to run (typically about 3p per page), as their ink cartridges are more expensive than a DMPs ribbon ¦ DMPs can be used with multi part stationary, or to make carbon copies - bubbloiots can't.
¦ Most mkjets use water-soluble ink which may smear if it gets wet (Hewlett-Packard produces a waterproof ink) ¦ There are many different arguments both for and against bubblejets - they have a mixed use.
Ye! Manufacturers see Bubblejet sales increasing at the rate of half a million machines a year m Europe, and this will be largely at the expense of DMPs FIRST CHOICE TEL: 0532 637988 FAX: 0532 637689 OPENING HOURS west Yorkshires premiere OPEN MON - SAT 9.30AM-5.30PM AMIGA AND ATARI COMPUTER STORE SUNDAY OPENING 11.00AM-3.00PM AUTHORISED DEALERS FOR STAR, CITIZEN, THURSDAY NIGHT LATE 9.30AM-7.30PM COMMODORE, ACORN, ROMBO & PHOENIX Baa CARTOON Then FIRST CHOICE PACK dust cover, mouse mat and 10 blank discs only £29.99 I Now complete with:
• On* Mb of chip RAM expand! Bie to 10 Mb of RAM In total
• The new Kickitart 2.04
• Workbench 2.04
• Built In battery backed real time clock
• New improved uter friendly manuals I This pack alto comet with
Lemming*, (the only game ever to get a 1 100% rating1) The
Simpson*. Captain Planet and Deluxe Paint 3 '« “credible paeit
and animation package pkn mout* and modulator now only
£334.99 I or £369.99 for the 2Mb version comes in two
specifications, the standard A600 and the A600HD which has a
built in 20Mb hard drive. Features include I Mb RAM.
3. 5" internal floppy drive. IDE controller, smaller footprint,
and new smartcard cartridge port to accept faster loading
cartridge software plus software bundle.
Standard AMIGA A600 only £369.99 or AMIGA A600HDwlth 20Mbhard drive only £469.99 Larger Hard Drive Configurations Available....£POA « 600 st Protar Stereo colour monitor The monitor utei the ume lube as the Phdpi 8833 MK2 and has a similar specAcanon The Protar comet w full 12 month replacement guarantee. This msat be I the best value medium re* monitor on the market.
Amiga cable Included. Tilt and swivel stand only £11.99 when purchased with this monitor.
Cover only £5 99 but« k likely to bt * "GREY" Import. These monitor* I do not comply with British tilery standards and arc | not covered by an warranty All monitors come complete with a free Amiga lead tun it ha* a Mi UK spec RHUS The New AMIGA 2000 Plus Base pack now complete with the latest 2.04 Kkrkstart chip and Workbench 2.04 II The 2000 Base pack is the ideal upgrade machine for ihose wanting to upgrade from their present Amiga 500 only £519.99 Amiga 1500 Plus Business & Entertainment Software pack The same spec as the base pack but with Deluxe Paint 3. Putirum Works (the best integrated
package available for the Amiga). Home Accounts. Puumc. Elf.
Toki plus the latest Amp Format Tips book (2.04 compatible) and Joystick.
Only £549.99 or £759.99 with 108SSDI colour monitor (UK Spec.) 'iruyti a The AMIGA 500 Deluxe is an uprated version of the A500 Plus with the Phoenix ROM sharer and 1.3 chip because some older software will not run on the A500 Plus The A500 Deluxe has been developed so you can choose to run either Kickstarr 1.3 or 2.04 making incompatibility problems a thing of the past ! The Deluxe abo Comes complete with the Cartoon Classics software pack.
Only £409.99 or £444.99 for the 2 Mb version The Amiga 1500 2000 Deluxe is an advanced version of the standard AMIGA 1500 Plus incorporating the famous Phoenix ROM sharer and I 3 Kickstart ROM ch«p. As with the A500 Deluxe, this enables you to switch between the old and new operating system to accommodate older software that can only run on the 1.3 operating system only £579.99 for A2000 base pack or £609.99 for the 1500 software pack version GVP Series II HD8* 52Mb .£359.99 only £195.99 UK Spec. Commodore 1085SDI Stereo Colour monitor The perfect com Colour Stereo rr
tion and green screen bcility Amiga cable Included. I Tilt and swivel stand only Cl 1.99 when pur- I chased with thlt monitor Cover for monitor | only E 5.99 only £219.99 UK Spec. I Philips CM8833 MK2 stereo colour monitor Dvr stereo monto- 6C0-JBS me rtsc-unon. Jr.rr K eer I see *rtn monitor. Lover oMy IS” only £234.99 UKSpec.
With FI9 Flight Simulator ¦lips I Colour monitor with overscan facility The Bnfcancc monitor has a hip quality Super VGA resolution ideal lor making your AMIGA into a professional system, kludes overscan facility. 28 dot ptchand ok iwirel stand Monitor cover only £5.99 if po-chased at the same one 1500 version £399.99 with Flicker Free Video card A500 VERSION £499.99 GVP Series II HD8* 105Mb ......£469.99 AMIGA 1500 2000 Hard Drives Impact Series II HC8+ Control card only ________£ 134.99 Impact Series IIHC8+ with 52Mb Hard Drive £279.99 Impact Series IIHC8+ with
120Mb Hard Drive..- .£419.99 Impact Series IIHC8+ with 240Mb Hard drive .£659.99 Impact Series IIHC8+ with 420Mb Hard drive ....£ 1219.99 AMIGA 1500 2000 Accelerator Cards G-Force 030-2SMH; with I Mb 32 bil RAM .£559.99 G-Force OiO-40MHz with 4Mb 32 bit RAM ..£899.99 G-Force 030-50MHi with 4Mb 32 bit RAM ......£ 1269.99 G-Force 040-28M Hz with 2Mb32bitRAM ......£ 1699.99 GVP Series II HD8* 240Mb ......£749.99 GVP Combo Accelerator Series for the AMIGA A500 Goldstar remote control TV monitor suptncr to a standarc TV set U
remote control now only £179.99 Commodore 1960 muitiiync only £436.99 A530 Combi 40MHz with 52Mb Hard Drive. £699.99 A530 Combo 40MHt with 120Mb Hard Drive .£849.99 A530 Combo 40MHz with 240Mb Hard Drive £ 1039.99 68882 Co-Processor lor A530 ..... £234.99 GVP memory RAM modules Series II RAM 8 RAM card for AMIGA 1500 2000 wnh 2Mb £ 149.99 32 bit 60ns I Mb SIMM for Accelerator cards £64.99 .£179.99 Delivery on ail products FIRST CHOICE PACK D1V- 0 mmodore dynamic Total Wsion Complete with Hutchinson* Encyclopedia.
UmmiAp and Welcome CO disk. CDTV a a powerful media lor both entertainment and education Capable ol handbng up to 540 Mb ol data, whole encyclopedias can be stored on fust one compact disc. The CO TV is also a high quality audio CO player We also stock a large range ol COTV software all at dncount prices now only £449.99 UK Spec. New CD Rom for the Amiga A500 The add-on that every one has been waiting lot. This high quality CD I ROM turns your amlga Into a CDTV only £279.99 I Take the headache out of buying a computer with our ever I popular FIRST CHOICE Pack. AN the essentials required I I
for the first time buyer. Ideal for any Amiga and great value I I too' I Comprises: I * Top quality microswitched Powerplay Cruiser joystick I * Mouse Mat .
• Dust cover only £29.99 ' 10 Blank Disks |* Plus 3 Extra games
New CDTV keyboard Effectively transforms your CDTV Into an
Amiga so you can get even more out of CO TV. With the aid ol a
standard 3 5* Asc drive the COTV will take most of the normal
Amiga software from word processing to New CDTV Trackerball
complete with 2 |oy- only £74.99 only £49.99 A[i Lhaumss All
Star printers inc ribbons, free std printer cable and 12 month
guarantee Star XB24-200 Colour Th* doc* y many New Star
LC24-20 24 pm quality at the pne* ol marry 9 pm* 2IOcpi dnk.
604 pi » LO. It* btdWr expwtable to 4tk. 10 retdcr* fcmu. LCD * « **»., Auto rrM» wMcKm only £199.99 oats lest than many 24 pm prmwrs Portabk M d_ wry quae and ana» than mow dot matrO pmters I I I OS cpa in LQ. Hwar catM ndudad only £229.99 I Auto sheetfeeder £52.991 now only £379.99 The Star LC20 Replace* the famous LCIO. The LC20 is faster at 180cps draff and 4S cps NLQ Its also qia- eter The front panel now has push button operation replace* the old LCIO membrane panel. Other spec is similar to LCIO.
Now only £139.99 Star LC24-200 r 222 pt(fe'a iand67cpalQ lOratiden Star LC200 THE NEW EPSON 41C0 only £229.99 mono or £289.99 colour With SI 2k of RAM M standard from hru One*, expand** to 6 *i*c 6 paga* par * now only £199.99 Star printer accessories : Dust town from t4.tf Pinner inrf ynt I7.W when purchasing pnntar Mono nbbons fcom only £3.49 only £719.99 Toner cartridge £59.99 The New Citizen 224 A replacement for the famous 1240. The 224 now :omes with the option to upgrade to a high resolution colour printer N you want 24 pm quality, you want to print m colour if necessary and you
don't warn to spend a fortune, the new 224 is an ideal solution. Lfsmg the The New Citizen Swift 24e and 24x (What Micro Best Buy) The best budget 24 pin printer has just got better!
Tbis muat be dm beat 24 pm colew priecer lor leu M
1) 00 lb butter expendable to 40k. 214 cpi draft. 72 cpt | IQ
and" AM Citizen print HEWLETT PACKARD PRINTERS The Citizen
Swift 9 Colour I The HP Dcskjet S0 W | Anmuu speed and ] y«*r
UK warranty only £339.99 l« cps tfcaft and 48 cps In NLQ H*hly
recom- mended Tho prror • aho available m a wide carriage (136
column) version Swift 24. The 224 is basically a cut down ver
sion 192 cp draft and 64 cpi letter quality with J
• ---- -" ™ The HP DeskJet 500C The fantoul deiMt &00 •• now
avaMaWe as a cotov prrar Weti &m prater you can colour output
at laier quality Citizen printer accessories : Mono nbbons only
£4.99, Printer stands (24.99, auto sheet feeders £85.00. semi
auto sheet feeders only 115.00 flOW Only £599.39 only £274.99
(80 col) | or £414.99 (136 col) only £194.99 (80 col) or
£314.99(136 col) only £214.99 (mono) or £244.99 (colour) teHO'E
N I X4.7A ; oQMBlItUS] I : IV! MODULI s MM New Roclite 3.5"
Tb* w M* rtm Rot It* has recant* ncwMMMrm.toMtnmii Amg* form*
only £59.99 ROM sharer RecognMd aa be*t the best on the markec
this ROM Cumana 3.5" liwMmlM ThttonwiHii *K drwe* now at i
ugm low pnte. Sd the most ratable only £57.99 All Phoenix
products come complete with a full 2 year replacement warran £
Unpopulated only £17.99 Populated to 512K...only £29.99
Populated to I Mb....only £39.99 These hqh quality RAM modiies
»rfl take yosr A500Plusspto 2 7% old* RAM- Don’t be fooled by
cheap low quality alternatives to Phoenia, treat your Amiga to
the best!!
Now only £19.99 or £29.99 for keyboard switchable version Kickstart 1.3 only £29.99 or Kickstart 2.04 only £42.99 MX Si IUPRA MODEMS Supra 2400 Get on line with this Incredible value fast modem from Supra with auto dial and auto receive. 2400 baud Hayes compatible.
V22 BIS. Includes free modem cable and comms software only £79.99 Supra 2400 Plus (9600 Baud) Even faster than the standard 2400 modem from Supra with auto dial and auto receive. 9600 baud Hayes compatible.V42 BIS and auto adjusting facility to maximise transmission speeds. Includes free modem cable and comms software only £129.99 The New GVP PC-28616MHz emulator module I plup mto an internal rnim slot on the GVP | Scnes I HD8 ? Or GVP AS30 hard disc only £239.99 VORTEC AT Once Plus emulator turns your Am*a mto an IBM AT compatible The AT-Once Plus can be feed to cither the AMKSA
1500 2000 or the A500.
Now with 16 Mhz clock only £214.99 KCS Power board V Dm mMv.
9w market (ha onutnor So *« * the trap door and iHo acts as i RAM only £184.99 Add CIS 00 for MS-DOS 4 01 A500 Plue compatible KCS Amiga I 500 2000 adaptor only £59.99 thi com... in- -i-yxK.E THE NEW MICROBOTICS nmm im iiAim rnuiiirn ..'.I MN.isoiMBjWMiBg accelerator boards PANDAAL HAND SCANNER Hdx'uakydc.tB'* IncVx* chrome coboumm, only £84.99 RGB»SRIfliT,HER| to Colour Dipuse m a second.
Replaces red green blue Uter sec. Can be used Dgi Mew or Rombo products only £59.99 only £69.99 MASTER 1 This Is a low cost 8 bit, high spec. I sampler that plugs Into your | printer port. Special effects In elude echo that can be added I real time, fully multitasking and J only £29.99 is an advanced oouju accelerator ror cne Amiga 500 1500 2000 with space for an optional co-processor (CP) VXL30 25Mhz EC .....only £239.99 VXL 30 40Mhz EC ....only £369.99 68881 co-pro for above.... only £79.99 The VXL accelerator boards can also accept32 bit RAM to optimise performance. The
superfast 32 bit RAM comes as a 2 MB or 8 Mb daughter board for the VXL.
2 Mb of 32 Bit RAM (60ns)..only £214.99 8 Mb of 32 Bit RAM (60ns)..only £419.99 On test this scanner has proved to be the easiest and most D effective scanner that we have used to date having compared it I to most of the other major hand scanners on the market We I are able to offer this high quality scanner at a fraction of the I normal cost Complete with the latest improved version of I Daau-scan software this scanner is able to pick out text and I graphics at up to 400 d pi in real Ome. Daao-scan enabfes you to I easily manipulate the image. Scans in real time up to 64 grey I scales. Ideal
(or desk top publishing and presentation.
Now only £ 109.99 or £124.99 with 2 way parallel switcher box FINAL COPY w faster and easier to use. The superb word publisher from the writers of PenPaL I With built in outline fonts for top quakty output full graph** mport capab*ty (IFF I and HAM). Features include Thesaurus, speimg checker and detector, automaoc I hyphenation, .men date. Ome. And page number, scale graph** to any sire, crop I graphics, multiple columns layout magnified and reduced page new. Ml post script | upport and much more Highly Recommended Oflly £49.99 Or £ 105.99 with Cumana 3.5" external drive DIS fSggj rso itmr.
Oik, lit o (h* hi(h«! Quaky in napwiK media and ait «wi» V uiad by duqJitaont houaa* Th* ultimate Anwga A500 expansion. Take your A500 up lo 9 Mb (10 Mb with the A500 Plus) F.u onto the *«Je expansion pore Auto configures with GO software patching.
Please now that when 256*4 ZIPS are used, the Supra RAM can only be populated to a maximum o12 Mb. K you use this configura- oon and want to further increase your capacity you must replace the 254*4 ZIPS weh I Mb by 4 ZIPS 8Mb pop to I Mb_____________________________________£99.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb using 256*4iips..... £124.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb using Imb’4 zips., £149.99 8Mb pop to 4 Mb_________________________________£209.99
* 11 Pso««. J S' d,Ui 1 fOISASlltTirii 51 2K RAM EXPANSION
pan... now only £24.99 MAIL ORDER WHY FIRST CHOICE ?
The new complete graphics creation presentation package for your Amiga Comas complete wtth the famous D i- Vlew Gold. Digi-Pitrrt and Elan Performer At recomrrended by Commxtore we beiw.
TueneB packages on the Amg» k cemet v*8i I Analyse (a Tina 123* compute spreadsheet unfty and ccmmuxcaocns sofrw*. Pha the t
1000. £339.99 Disk Labels....500...... Disk Labels... 1000....
Complete with
• Kickstart 2.04 chip
• Workbench 2 04 ’ and full manual *•« only £49.99 only £89.99
only £129.99 The litest version of tho powerful DTP on , PC
many top publisher Abo ndudes an easy to use database now
only £54.99 PAGESTREAM 2.2 I the best al rowd nrgrxed wTp. Pel
diedw. Thesauna.
). A database udrwiys pnog Heme Accotno package PENPAL 14 only £139.99 IMAGINE V 2 only £199.99 The latest version of Imagine, the ultimate Audio Master version 4...139.99 I Broadcast Tider only£l49.99 I CrossDos.--------------------------£19.99 I Deluxe Musk Costruction Set.154.99 I Deluxe Paint 3.. x w only £16.99 I Deluxe Paint 4..jk w only £57.99 I ExceBence word publisher VL__ £79.99 I Flexidump printer utility. £31 99 I GB Route Planner £29.99 I GB Route Plus .£64.99 I Gold Disk Office------------£64.99 I Opus Directory-----£34.99 | Pagesetter 2 DTP-£43
Platinum Scribble wtp inc spell checked I thesaurus. Now only £29.99 I Pro Page professional V3 DTP-£I49.99 Protext 4.3 W P-. Now only £39.99 Pro Video Plus------------£139.9' 3D Text Animate now only £9.99 I Aegis Sonix ...£39.99 I , Art Department Pro 2.1.-.1109.99 I Amos Creator £14.99 I Quarterback hd backup utfl-only £24.99 Quarterback Tools the ultimate Amiga utility disk !!..only £47.99 Sequencer One_______£74.99 Vista Pro 2 (2 Mb requir«d)...l©9.99 Walt Disney Animator .....£68.99 Xcopy Pro inc . Hardware 133.99 WORDWORTH V1.1 Amos Compili Audio
only £74.99 Kickstart l.3...£29.99 Kickstart 2.04.£42.99 Fatter Agnes..£37.99 Super Denese. £39.99 2 Way Parallel port sharer inc. cable Many peripherals such as printers and scanners share the Amiga parallel port causing the user to have to swap between the two. Solve this problem with the 2 way sharer box only £17.99 Rocgen Genlock I with built in mode switch I box and auto pass thru func- I tion. The Rocgen represents I excellent value for money only 99.99 Rocgen Plus with all the features of the standard Rocgen. Also indudes dual control for overlay and keyhole effects, extra RGB pass
thru allowing real time graph editing.
Only £129.99 This is an excellent high quality mouse for the Amiga.
Fully micro-switched mouse. Excellent value and highly recommended.
Only £16.99 or £19.99 with mouse mat & holder [GENLOCKS CUSTOM CHIPS EC MOUSE] 256 by 4 DRAM (DILs) ideal for A590 & Supra Hard drives plus many other Amiga RAM applications QTY 4+ (5 l2K)..now only £3.79 8+ (IMb)....now only £3.59 16+ (2Mb)..now only £3.29 I Mb by 8 or 9 SIMM boards as used in GVP and Cortex boards now only £29.99 4 Mb by 9 Simms (forcvp) only £ 114.99 each I Mb by 4 ZIPS as used in Supra boards. 2 I Mb by 4 ZIPS equal I Mb only £38.99 per Mb This famous and best selling mouse comes complete with Operation Stealth, mouse mat.
Holder and 2 year warrenty.
Features include 290 DF*I resolution only £24.99 The speakers are optimised with reflex ported cabinets.
The 3 way system has bass, mid range and treble drivers.
Complete with its own power supply the Zy-Fi system can also be powered by batteries only £36.99 The Zy-Fi Stereo System This is a powerful 3 way speaker system with built in stereo amplifier. It will plug into an Atari STE. Commodore Amiga or Acorn Archimedes.
¦ by I number. K I to FIRST ChdlCE. In any I please quote a contact phone number and post I code. Allow 5 working days for cheque clearence I Mail order Hotline t lines 0532 637988 I Prices are subject to change without notice. E&OE.
* All prices include VAT and Standard Delivery
* All hardware computers are genuine UK spec.
* Free Fast Standard 4 to 7 day Delivery
* Guaranteed 2 to 3 day Delivery only E2.00
* Guaranteed Next Day Delivery only £4.50
* Open seven days a week for your convenience PLEASE ADDRESS ALL
STREET, LEEDS, LS122AE Steve Keen takes another exhaustive look
at the latest PD releases and sorts the wheat from the chaff.
If it isn't reviewed here, then it's not worth buying...
VOLUME 1 music demo Deadbeat starts with a very funky laid-back track which then slips into a techno style with the aid ol sampled speech - don 't they all these days?
There are three tracks on the disk in the same vain as the intro music. They range trom the rave mix Rocket Calculator1 to the seriously computer- influenced "Humanoid'. I must admit that this type ol music doesn't appeal to me There's more than 15 minutes ol this sort ol malarkey on oiler, and it you like this type ol music, then it's probably worth a listen.
Disk no: 1789 Available from: 17 Bn 1st Roof Oftleaa.
2 8 Uarlet Street. Wakefield. WFI 1DH Price: tl.SO _ (Including PAP) EVOLUTION demo II you want to see excellent examples of vector graphic rotation, scrolling, static artwork and music all rolled into one, then you’ll have to check out Angel's Evolution. Straight off the starting blocks, the demo begins with an animated picture ol the demo crew’s ninja logo and a scrolling starfield. As it unfolds, the demo reveals ever more wild examples of mixing and psychedelic creations that swirl and envelope the boundaries of the screen. Well worth a look at how a demo should be done.
Disk no: 1773 Available from: 17 Bit 1st Floor Offices. 2 8 Market Street. Wakefield, WF1 1 DM Price: Cl.50 (including PAP) Tel: 0924 366982 GALAGA '92 orcadu game Programmed by Cool-G’s Geed Coelmont and Romain Voes. This is a remake ol the vertically scroflmg arcade class* Galaga includes neatly 300 drtlereni animation frames and incorporates 16-colours, but still has enough room lor more traditional stunts, such asend-of- level guardians.
The game itself is chal- lenpnglo say the least. Most aliens take two or more shots lo kil and swvl around the screen in random patterns. Some dad from left to nght and then cud above your ship whilst other droids shoot out horizontally trom Ihe sides towards you.
Initially the going a very tough, but coiecting bonus cons increases your power and inevitably your attention span.
Disk no: G117 Available from: Ground Zero. 4 Chandos Road. VWBa Redland. Bristol BSS 6TE Tel 0272 QvEL 732978 2000AD SUDESHOW This isn’t a collection ot the best artwork to appear in the famous comic. The two disks actually contain part one of a Tharg’s Future Shock’ called Alec Trench Zombie The comic strip has been ripped apart and reassembled in black and white digitised pictures. All the text has been retyped to make it easy to read and. Although picture quality is initially poor, some stunning collages have been produced.
The accompanying graveyard music suits the story well, but the end ot the strip is missing! I’d have much rather seen a Judge Dredd or Rogue Trooper strip, so hopefuly this wont be the last venture into Fleetway's back catalogue.
Disk no: 2000 AD Slideshow Part 1 Available: S.W.D. PO, 17 Saltford, Allerdene Est, Low Fell, Gateshead. Tyne 6 Wear NE9 6BG PUBLIC DOMAIN?
C S Wtkaail us* hide DeailiaoMrt Mill ¦••Kid free MflHM nniaD t ler yoor Amiga - oflee as good as. If H "«tnaa a Mol fcH-pnco com martial programs For ke ants a a Asa sal a MM aeaty la tew sac* bags as ¦Its coarMiass PO Iiferants sarv-ng m migroeiog namor ol tmnvfissts Standards in rising all Ihi lima PO Scent is Itan to matt ,o.r pwhsi.ng aecn'cis Ml much ass* as w rtnrt- aky rata an raitasas as art as pen* MtaJs at in Ml catf e! Taci a* iiaett-g potagt aa* aacaagi art K adonis of irtre le sart your cfteqm pottai orders. Don int sit PD SCENE pictures reasonably well lifted from the
video, some animation wouldn’t have gone amiss. The choice of sketch is a bit of a mystery, too. As there are much funnier clips from the show which could have been used. However, any Red Dwarf demo is a great demo and should certainly be added to your collection. It’s guaranteed to impress the hell out of most people.
Disk no: Red Dwarf AAB Available from: Diakovery, 108 The Avenue, Clayton, Bradford, B014 6SJ Price: £1.25 each (Including PAP) Tel: 0274 880066 FACE THE REAUTY demo Scream are a new demo team trom Germany and this is their first demo called Face The Reality - and pretty good it is, too. Those who bear with tha tedium of the tame multi-coloured scrolling text, are rewarded with a great song called 'The Definition Of Love’. It's accompanied by some aim* pie, yet frantic graphics which look as if they've been produced with a Rolf Harris Stylophone. However, they jump and twist about in perfect
time to the song and are very effective. This Is followed by some very accomplished vector ball animations, including a hang glider and animals - all of which are then reflected in a watery effect.
They've even given up space at the end ol this disk to promote the use of condoms. More soon, please.
Disk no: 1798 • 1799 Available from: 17 Bit 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, WF1 1DH Price: Cl .SO per disk (Including P8P| Tel: 0924 366982 DRAGON TILES puzzle game Dragon Tiles is a colourful adaptation of the popular matching game which has appeared on virtually every computer format. This version isn’t as detailed as some, but uses a whole series of simple pictures which are quick and easy to see. This makes the whole process of pairing them off a great deal easier. The player must scan the board and find two matching tiles. There are fifteen different tiles, stacked
at random in piles up to four high.
The slabs can only be removed from the same side that they are positioned, or if they are at the same level (i.e. both three deep in the stack). It's all nicely presented, but I prefer the old Chinese character version to the teddy bears and Ghostbuster symbols used here. Also, this is the first version I've seen that doesn't include a help feature for when you get stuck, which is quite often.
Disk no: G95 Available from: Deltrax PD. 36 Bodelwyddan Avenue, Old Colwyn, Clwyd LL29 9NP Price: £1.25 (including 60p PAP per order) Tel: 0492 515981 cfl o m o It was only a question of time, thankfully, before someone pul together a demo of cult TV comedy. Red Dwarf. The two disks recreate one of the shows smaller sketches with the aid of digitised still pictures and actual sampled speech taken from the episode. This does a pretty good job of recreating the sketch.
Although the sampling is very clear and the black and white RED DWARF Warning! This is not an original animation, but another miniaturisation using tha Show Animation package.
The original full screen format needed over 2Mb to run, but thanks to Nightbreed's Man Machine, we can all enjoy it on our standard machines. The highly detailed work of Jim Robinson (not of Neighbours fame) is focused upon a futuristic space station. The screen is only 2x3”s, but the quality of the animation is phenomenal as the camera scrolls over a 3D landing strip and watches craft as they take off, fly past and land. Inspired stuff that just has to be seen.
Disk no: H690 Available from: NBS 1 Chain Lane, Newport, I.O.W P033 2QQ Price: Cl .75 (including PAP) Tel: 0983 529594 animation A SMALL STATION AT KHERN 1,000 DISKS UP FOR GRABS!
If you bought last month's CU AMIGA, you'll already be halfway towards winning a mountain of free software. Last issue we printed two easy-to- answer questions concerning PD software P K7 and an entry coupon. Providing you've kept Y your answers and the coupon safe, you'll now find another two taxing questions and a second coupon on the facing page. Write all four answers down on a scrap of paper, clip out both coupons, and send the whole shebang to: WIN AN INSTANT PD LIBRARY, CU AMIGA, EMAP IMAGES, 30-32 FARRINGDON LANE, LONDON, EC1R 3AU. Closing date for enteries: 30th August. 1992.
Competition open to foreign readers.
Aftari lilil I CJIIJ I. WINNER TAKES ALL There's only one prize on oiler, but whal a prize II Is. 1,000 disks drawn directly Irom PO Sott s library are yours lor Ihe lablngl No namby-pamby runners-up prises, |usl Ihe chance lo win an extra special tlrst prize. Go lor it!
1. Competition not open to EMAP or PD SOFT employees.
2. Editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be
entered into.
3. If the prize offered is not available, we reserve the right to
substitute a prize of similar worth.
4. This is a two-part competition and one coupon from both the
MAY and JUNE issue of CU Amiga are necessary to enter.
QUESTIONS Here are the last two multiple choice questions. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page once you’ve answered them.
3. Tobias Richter and his Agatron label have built up a
tremendous cult following for animations based on a popular
sixties TV show. Name that show.
A. Star Trek
B. Lost In Space
C. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
4. Which of the following games is NOT PD?
A. Zeus
B. Plotting
C. Tanks You should now have four answers as well as two coupons
(no photocopies please!). Seal everything inside an envelope
reserve the right to enter your name and address on a database
and send regular updates of PD-related offers and details of
their catalogue.
THE SOFT OPTION CU AMIGA PD SOFT COUPON NUMBER TWO Please cut out this coupon and send it with last month’s coupon to the competition address printed above.
One ol Ibe largest PO Houses In Ihe UK. PD Sell ofler an unrivalled service which covers Ihe entire spectrum ol Public Oomain, including all Ihe latest utilities, games, megademos, Fred Fish disks. Schwarts animations, AMOS collection. As well as an extensive collection ol budget-priced games. For turther information, write lo PD Soli at: 1 Biyanl Avenue. Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SSI 2YD (enclosing an SAE) or seek out their ad In this issue of CU AMIGA.
(Dept CU) 31 Farinqdon Rd, Swindon, Wiltshiro SN1 5AR.
Tel: 0793 512321 512073 Fax: 0793 512075 Amiga Public Domain VIRUS FREE PD
• myx*
• recces
• E9C006 U90007 JKW 410010 4KOI JBO0I7 J600I3 4KBI4
• U0I7 2102 .2161 .2162 .2164 .2165 .2166 .2172 .2240
• 2321
• 2322 232*
• 2354 2355 .2362 .2363 .2365 .2366 V9930
• VP932
• VT633
• V*P34
• V9935 VP936
• Y66I7
• WP3R .Y9PJ9 _ 1 , - . ' J Aookn Sirecre 2 1 or 2 2
6ren HUGO ’ Mi° Page Stream fonts n www
* ouib»» iNo mod unprrerere 30 grapk-ct
w. are K«x«*, roo-A 0 fofcerere o» 60 ¦rlore
• 0 FOBTTS KM ONLY red rv» Ran yoj d bald* *W rered
W. A.reokllY-B- lto. JuktfddAre iareda- Only £5.00 tar a 9 « k
Ask for our Grrsl ralslogue disk now. II Include* detafla of cn-ei 2000 Ordrn can be placed either through the port, with payment being made by Cheque. Postal Order.
Or Credit Card. Payable lo VIRUS FREE PD You can also Phone or fax vour order to ui. Giving vour credit card details etc. Our Phone lines are open 9.3Garo-5.30pm Monday to Saturday No Answer Phone Most orders arc despatched within 24 hours, by fir* class post.
Postage is Included on all UK orders. Oversea s orders please add 25p per title ordered.
Pt) PRICES PER DISK I Single Disk £3.00 2-5 PD Disks. £2.00 6-10 PD Disks £1.75 11-20 PD Disks £1.50 21-99 PD Disks £1.25 100+PD Disks £1.00 Dtp Vu Software--------XJ-50 BAD BOYZ licence*are.£3.00 • -A500. Conqw.N. - No. A500.
FISH Di»k .XI.00 Power Gamrt £2.99 INK Dhks-----Wpexxh ccbUK__HLEE Fua RANGE Of FISH DISKS AVARABlf ONLY £1.00 o disk Aik lor o PM “ 2001 PC EM UmKm 2012 VECK6BAUSEDTC6K3R*: 2014 Rsl DEMO AAAKlROaLM »i» rent .2037ASSASNS MEGA bOOT re«re-*l-*»
• 2046CHGTAJ AD0RESSBOCK a»M * .2010 WMOIMKH VI 0 on ¦' ikrt
205® laM; Base vj ovan .2056 UP® BUM* V3 2 ¦jO'totgam 2057
t cai V4 oo rcMtw .7062 MCSSY » 2 t ODkUr
• XBB d«-»M . 209* PERSONAL 0 GAP6fl* (a kb *
• 2136 CUR* mtrnut .2147 UNLOCK AMOS «««1m .2146MR BACK-UP
V502AM«w«i6i.m .2150TAP* CCNtR «¦«» .7152 DATA EASY I IMMiad
.2153 PIC BAS A.pMo»H .7154 LCD CALC Uanno .2I57PBHCOPTVI 2156
HCFE5SCNA1DCCTY 3 *q*-k*S.q» .2171 TEXT&6GNE ImlMlMSw
• 2I75LP4 CC Y *¦ Aw.4
• 2176 AMIGA PIUS UTH5 A 2246 NSAP6TY10CXSka
• 2291 PtNTEBUTRSii .7306MXDV3 2d.«i 2312 NAJS7WAM CC**t J
.73I3AA6BASE PtOKSSOiAt .2315 ASSASSJN5 OS* CC6KR •«*«•**
• 23I7WW06KVI.3I bk* .23HOBfV( OPTWdUB VI 0
• 2329PCP4T ARM rererea.Wivtbre .2324PUSH corr VV0 9
PRO TRACKER VI IBAw.m . 2359 HAJO DRPrtUTBS Batk« wahak
• 2366M5A3OV205 UTILITIES in IWUMIwUA6DGw*B»d3dsa .1694 V«0 CAT
95® PERSCNALACMIiSBOCKSdiaB i .1991 ESSENIVAl tram ¦ ¦fck.kre ¦* ’ . 1999 AMRjA PQK OTP hi .200031D
l. (H KABI.K DISK BOXES 40 Capacity .£5.99 K0
¦*» .. EXCALA6UR -W., GAA«SGalO«I U 4 GAMES GALORE* re Urea
WARP AJIt SIM DOCOY bdnfcrere.
MtSSCN « RAJ0 21 Mnhon.
AA(a££ CLASS* 5 akaaaa* LLAMATRCN GAM£ OCATS 6 POP3S »•« i nu n« shootim t w LAZER ZONE IraaPdna .1529 (N9GNA AAAYYXM mw+ .1536 Ian* Gan* biiM 1642 DOWN HU CHAllfNCE H« .1643 GALACTIC POCO RGMT 3-d .1644 UXSiNTSONS ’Wbfa.aa. .1647 KTAUATC* . PACPAAN BITS A BOBS A500 Du* Co»er-----£2 0 £2.50 External Drive ......£59.95 iea Mouse £16.99 .2261 ASSA5S64S 7RKTIR UTX5 U 2100 RSI OfMO MAKER V20
• 2154 ICO CALC IwodUalnW .2155 LAILfR V3.0.E c*lM Uni moW .2157
»H COTYV1 4 Romore. PnMdion 7156 NWSSICnAl DCOfY 3 TswU .7165
0CXXH2 TlaW .2171 TEKTBKird 3 1V«| CRAZY SUE Oadl .2176
• 7240 SKY 7VYER Mm Noim mp .2243 VOGUUTUTRS Goo6 oRmoo 7245 RS
left*. mo.r, AuR 2295 9 ALCATRA2 •CCOYSfY* 15 00 .7303
KOSRA64T MpoMpologi 2305 RACee H I 4 wmmhblAMdM .2306 MRDV3 2
7313 HARDWA* CO»«R B-w-w dmgb .2313 AMAASE PRCFE590NA1 11 Gre*
.2315 AS5A5SR4SDISKCOftIR 20or» .2317 DIRWORKV131
VPOOAIVI 2 Swt Mecanog.
• 2321 GALAGA 92 A in 10 SW* x .2321 GamBGalOU 10 B.M«re
• 2373 GAIC6 GRAftfC GAUBY idcVi .2327 FRO CALC VI 0 toavM 2326
.2331 fNVfRWTVl 2 Mwlotai .2332 7* LABEL VI I Oak lobd -d
.2333 SU9ERCC6ERV2I GreiiAa.k. .2334 AAStCOfY W 9 EndMdaare*
.2335 A64 9ACKAGEV20 HmiUCa- .2336 SIRER LOCK VI 0 ltd* i«»
ka*oa-i .2354 NUMTTY A*G »« A*RN NVAKRS 2355 1ETMAN A dou*
• 7357 DISK REPAIRS Mt la Did 1 7 .7359 HARDC6MUTU BockquUmt
.2361 TYHNGTU1C6 .2362 «*«E E-alma ?pfcw .2363 BUCK BCR GaaU
.2365 A*»45SK30rtML» wAmmtmd .7366 SAUSHIEUYGAA* lOpqdCaaCb
.2366 KSKSJD V205 .2376 AMY VS WALOR 2 7360 MEIAl DISASTIR
SPLASH Enbadaae .2363 4DKKTSL DISCO 7 BrdtaMMtB
• 73S6 ALEV4 BREED A9JSK Ml* Mat baan .2400 ANT1VBUSV4 26 Mi
• 2401 .2402 *60*0 * MaaO LooM .7403 ESCAPE **OM THARKAN .2402
CARLY MUSC MB WnalCv 1509 COMA OMOCOM9 .1310 1521 T»9 .1535
Lnko** 1667 AARCNGETSMJKH) karere .1670 P«OOPOUS MPGA DemO
• 1712 S66C6® COAAP® 1714 S6ASMCXYT1C .1720 PHXNOAIENA EMGMA 1750
:4k 2024 CRYSTAL SYN6W»*S b. .3025 PWUOPUASUttS .3036 ABSENCE
MAGICIAN 7 2222 SBENTS 7RAP f .2239 QUASAR *242- P4JBC 0*MO
2369 MPMPOOIAMAAN 2262 OUA6TZMfGAO*AO .2265 HIM66A1C6 23
• 22B6 9A1TXMCWCS2 VqbM .72901 MAIDWHt '4 7295 9 ALCATRAZ ODYSSEY
Omre 2307 SMJTTtf COCXAP4M .2306 MM POTATO P«AW .2309 TAPS 2
MAO P . *4 2364 MAOC 12 MAD Q .2376 AA*Y V. WALKER 2 3A*G .2371
HUP«5 BdS-Wow 2391 RAZC6 T ** d*4~* 4*064 ¦SOX2 4*065 *0*1
*U**«* rioia.
.1*066 HOTll MANAGE* Board 90 4*06* C VXD 7 Mags Addt»w
• -*066 VIRUS BUSTER WU 4« 4*06* A*MXALA6K*X 4*0*0 PANTICK
GredM6a.aareda«a 4*071 BAT1UCAR5 *an2(*renre»« 4*072
-C6GIEIGU*® S-*b re* 4*073 AMOS DATABASE V30I SaqtaWna 4*074
SOX GRATES K area*, gm.
4*075 VOIOIAI GredVdreMlagpodnB.
4*076 I TKMAZE Sqtad pu»di 9»~ 4*0*7 *OMUBASEV2l Nda DUA VU SoffTWAM CCX0U6NG BCOK Sqwb Ed T6.
ARC AnjflS MATHS GfM GAUfCP* 1 MEG Pdb- + *d Ooa gh IV4N0AMUG 1 MEG Rmd RN E 1 MEG im* » RJUCU t SPMIS 600 (Nf pwdn 4 WAY 11*611 MG Ao6ow WCM t PIAY 1 MG Vqn U T6.
AMOS ASSEMBLE* b*«« AMCB n€ MC6D PACTC6Y fa ogn 111 GOGfTTEt I MEG HrtHDTClAPOS ¦CMANA IMG PUT T WE Ww U May ARC APCG5 SPWVS M bay Id «v*RSnc-«*U .2157 PM*CCFYV14Bpw«. nmw 1673 VfCCY EMAAR36 1 2 2136 POCCr»V30V «qn«.
.19(6 RXTBC6R2I 1772 A6* PACKAGE 1991 E5SINTMUniTe3 7000 3i DAI ABASE Eon R vu C6A5E
- 1993 QXKBSRVA .233 OCOreoOH.W-tm«I»C6 2172 CRAZY M 2306 MB M2
22901 nOD AMD 22959 AtCATIA2CD*5SEY 4*054 MACF6SQ6ART4 4*055
SretTflYl J2N 4*056 C TEXT VI 32 APC 7CNTS AMOS .1*057
4*060 TlCMN09«ARWertd*-f* - ¦ ¥20 MID36 1RAGGEN 11 MP0J7
• UD40 SPBTE BAN! EdflOR to. AMOS 4ID41 UaXAdfctaagom 41042
ISEWCHSrli a.B,reimi 4P049 MAGP6SQ6 AIT 41047 CUTY CASH BUT
*AAO «W 4704$ SPARKS S1000MiSHUfRS 4*049 MARVN Tk€ MARTAS 41010
• uo 20 WC4DT Otmt d proMMO.
MP02I CKO MP022 10 200 PCP65 HP023 DpiM«h MP034 V* C WAY CF QMS PU 5 SO .2220 BACH QASSICal MAC .2221 BACftPlMUSC Ho.lob.dord .2223 TE064DWJHT Gredrere 2225 tXKTALttSCO BnBod *4 .2232-3 PUYNRAVE aauSC DEMO
• 7247 HAR0CC6E MUSK 22476 MB MASTERS FOSE Mod. Br4 NARJ9C Good
BOOAA lore*.
• VPP01 P0C«AU MANAGER Vww a W V9P02 xnoHV 9903
bod Aai
• VP906 US YAGASG-qkwrnact-n vppo7 SECOPCBOUTeanmsfnM V9PC6
HOST IY11 Cm* Ptcdam K* W*0» MOUSE TRAPnaabow
• VPflO NUK6U renad 9* .*
• 16611 S6ACJ SAIK , wxre«6«vao OS*KT*A.EMXAK»«l 7 AA4GAPCHMPV1
M aOdadartMa 09CARGO 90 SkaR dare MMCUDCN Brad 04 dare 0O0S Cf
WAR Gred Crereod: HGHTIIMSSCN GredSkad'an HATE 302dueagara
NQAMAY PAWX Nd gaka dwa
• V9P15 HI3HT PA1H 737 FgN Bn
• VP925 S6i 0EAR Grad iwng Ln .V6626 unu VAUfT &*ad deaf.
Y9627 a HOOEY
• *662B U0 XT STEEL Cared K-dN *- "do AR09P0AGC6 Saanga 30 •* BAD
C0A6ANY Spore Nanar dare IYEC»ND«JSAtoa*Vd0H-iA6 SASH DOTAL »CO
2 Mood. Mre ALXNIRSD MUSIC MO TV. Tad hsmybuskss nmm WIT BEAVER
MIX PNR Drew 1 ireg AMD NJTTER MB Gred mre lO*«ONIOYSA6X
Ire-6«- CLASSY ANIMATIONS 1992 animation Steve Packer has taken
a small break from intro demos to put together a collection of
six animations. Lasting no longer than a few seconds each, they
still manage to illustrate Steve’s talents in the field. Four
of the six utilise various guises of the Chuck character,
including a werewolf and a motorbike-riding Akira character.
Amusing, but not really up to Mr Packer's usual awesome standards Disk no: H686 Available from: NBS 1 Chain Lane.
Newport, I.O.W P033 2QQ Price: £1.75 (including P4P) Tel: 0983 529594 BEACH BABES!!
Slide shew Okay men, simmer down! At the risk ot sounding like a not-too-distant relative ol those highly respected philosophers, Bill S. Preston Esq., and ’Ted’ Theodore Logan, these two disks are crammed with the most Mondo bodacious beach babes since the last series of Baywatch.
There are over fourteen lovely ladies rendered in pixel-perfect digitised colour Irom who knows where - but I wish I did! None of the pictures are of nudes, so there's no need for any ol the Mary Whitehouse brigade to get out their sticks, just what you’d expect to see lining any stretch of a glistening sandy beach in Heaven! We had quite a lot ol (un transferring them into Dpaint and drawing moustaches on them, thus making them tar less intimidating, eh lads! Disk no: 1782A & B. Available from: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, WF1 1DH.
Price: £1.50 each (Including P&P) Tel: 0924 529594 WILDFIRE music demo One of the best techno demos I've come across. Reminiscent of Hypnautlc Hammer 2, the team behind the track includes such dignitaries as Doc Holiday, Twilight, Ghetto, Snuggles, and Zweeney. The song rattles along at an exhaustive pace using a mixture of cranky flickering graphics and twangy tunes to keep pulses racing. Certain rave scenario samples are easily recognisable such as ‘What Time Is Love' by The KLF. Most definitely recommended, pop pickers.
Disk no: Wildfire Mega Demo Available Irom: Diskovery, 10* The Avenue, Clayton, Bradford, BOI4 6SJ Price: Cl .25 (Including PAP) Tel: 0274 88006S VIETNAM - IAAAGES OF THE-WAR slide aHow A two-disk collection chronicling some of the more publishable pictures from the Vietnam war. There are (ourteen colour digitised pictures taken from the book of the same name. Nothing included is particularly dramatic and none are really well presented, and the result is a rather drab demo. I’d only recommend this if you're the type that doesn’t get out much and has a lifetimes subscription to ‘Soldier Of
Disk no: S558 * S559 Available from: NBS 1 Chain Lane, Newport. I.O.W P033 200 Price: £1.75 each (including P&P) Tel: 0983 529594 ESCAPE FROM THARKAN arcade game One ol the lew quality games around this month is by Retlex.
Working in the same mould as Breakout the game uses a space theme and two paddles one above the other. II the ball passes behind the last paddle and hits the wall behind you, the width ol your top bat decreases. Hiding behind some bricks are gun emplacements and these can only be destroyed by bouncing the ball oil their backs II the emplacements hit you. Though, your ship's energy will be depleted until you eventually explode The game is mouse-operated and pressing the right button transforms your paddles into a spate craft that’s sent into a maze ol catacombs that must be sately negotiated.
Games can be saved and reloaded at a later date, but the disk hasn't got any instructions, so trial and error is the only way to play Disk no: 24D3 Available Irmn: Virus Free P0.23 Elboroeigh si. SvmOon SX221SPrice:£3.00tort 2Is5 bisks £2 00 etc (inciedieg PAP) Tel: 0793 512075 rAW BIT SOFTWARE QUALITY Public domain 17 SINGLE DISK Bl'Y IOGET I BUY 25 GET A COMMHRC SOFTWARE
- REE iwt pocket power) DEJA-VU £3.50 SCHEME 17 £1.75 7-Bit.
Fish. T-Bag .10, please add50pi x«kn foe p M and pkiini nk
y «.
Please note, the * means disks arc not PLUS rompatiablc. A lot of PD does work on a Plus but please take care to make sure it does before trdering. We stock all major PD so just g call if you do not see it listed.
OKDLKS PAYABIJ-: TO 17 BIT SOFTWARE OUR ADDRESS IS Ul Fluor Offices. 2fX Maiiil Si Wakcfickl WII I INI iDcpi Ctli TELEPHONE - (09241 366982 NOW 2 LINES We welcome (train onlm (Add 20-41 vnmnma 1879 Gclegnite Fonts (amazing fonts disk).
1878 Total War (mega game).
1877 Simon Space Maths (educational).
1875 Boot X 4.47 the latest version.
1874 Techno music by Cubik (score city).
1873 Powerbench 1.0 (good wb disk).
1872 Pogo (brill arcade game).
Axis Unkown territory demo.
1870 Ball Lightning (game).
1869 Down Hill challenge (game).
1868 Tctrix (the best ever version of Tetris) 1867 Sid 2.
1866 A + B Star Trek slideshow (2 disks).
1865 Wiggle dis music disk.
1864 Dynamite fonts 1 1863 Rave tracks (hardcore music disks).
1862 Bug Blaster (very good game) 1861 Jack music 2 (remix).
1860 Cybordine Anim (1 meg).
1859 Altem 8. Evaporate remix.
1858 Boot block compilation disk.
1857 Icons Galore wb2 only (By G hcndcrson).
1856 WB2 utilities (Gary Hcndcrson).
1855 Font Farm.
1854 A + B Erasure Breath of life) 2 disks.
1853 ABC as above but different mix (3 disks).
1852 Army of lovers (Bite the bullet).
1851* Tubilar Bells.
1850 Rummy (card game).
1849 Plus Issue 8 (+ owners utils and games).
1848 Radbench for + owners (ram res wb).
1847 Spellcheck 1.3 (excellent spell checker).
1846 China Shop (game).
1845 Lemmingoids (great game).
1844* Frustration (brilliant text adventure).
1843 Plus Issue 7 (more stuff for ? Owners).
1842 Plus Issue 6 (great utils and games).
Bach concertos 5 + 6.
1840 Bach concertos 3 + 4.
1839 Bach concertos 1 + 2.
1838 Virus Killers (lots of em).
1837* Super Invaders (game).
1836 Jackie chan slideshow.
1835 Perm Checker 1.2 (Pools predictor).
1834 Wormhole (game).
1833 Growth (game).
1832 Fortran Compiler.
1831 Intro's Compi lation.
1830 Rainbow slideshow (Hello Bungle).
1829 Animated Pointers.
1828 Forms really unlimited.
1827 ABCD Manic raves 2 on 4 disks.
1826 A+B Kefrens Mcgamix 1 (good music disk).
1825 Bass subliminal vision.
1824 Walt disney Clipart.
1823 Simpsons shoot em up.
1822 Electro cad 1.4 (Design your own chips).
1821 Serene 3 (shoot em up).
1820 Serene 2 (shoot em up).
1819 Serene 1 (shoot em up).
1818 Astronomy Slideshow .
1817 HD click v2.0 (hard drive menu).
1816 Bouncer remix (yer not coming in).
1815 Rave generator music disk.
1814 Mike Archers Basso Music (brill).
1813 200 Utils on one disk (mcgatastic).
1812 A+ Blues brothers remix (2 disks).
1811 Ed keys (keymap editor).
1810 AN ATT (good text adventure).
1809 Alchemy mega demo.
1808 Plus issue 5 (more mega utils for the +).
We al 17-Bit Offer Ihe very best In Public Domain.
All for Ihe price of a blank disk!
If you are not sure what the world of PI) can offer you. Just give us a call on 0924 366982.
We will try our best lo help you get Ihe mosl from our Quality PD range. Sew Plus owners are Urged to call before ordering.
AMAZING SOFTWARE BARGAINS !I Steve Davies World Snooker Still considered by some as the best ;er game on the Amiga ONLY £7.99 FvuriaLLuids RPG At It's very best RRP £26.99 Our price £7.99, Beat that for value.
Bailie Samdran SesMm up le livbria) am Snoofci This mega blast Is one of the very best Shoot-Em-Up's around, ONLY £7.99 Please hurry stocks won't last long! 11 TITI F.S CHANGE Al l THK TIME SO PLEASE GIVE I S A t ALL BEFOKE YOU OKDEK1 Bll VtMATION SPECIAI. (I MEG OR MORE!
I kef 1. 262 Walker 2. 464 Space Sphere (my fnvc t. | tlcpoise lamp. 5X3 Bu»v Bee. 684 Fractal flight. 802 in 2. K07 Flight anim. XilK Sicullhy (Schwartz). 762
2. 809 Biplane. 852 Ghost Busier.. X6I A*B Light
* 12 Robuvop. 903 Peg Anim. '"14 Raukis Of The i
k. ‘*16 Bum Anim. 910 Basket Ball. 909 Poiky Pig.
[viceus. 912 Batman.975 Jugger 212meg).976 Al ic (2 meg). 998 Asteroid Field. 999Trackball 022* Amy v Walker, 1032 Juggctlc 2. 1091 Mi lead. 1092 Mar. Flight. 1093 I he Boingv 1094 : 2. 1095 Radio Animv 1096Conga Ammv 1122 am sell 2mcg . 1144 Helicopter. 1190 Pinball. 1191
p. 1208 +1209 Ann Lemmin |2 mcgl. 124b. 1247 Anim. 1253+1254
Dating game (2 meg). 1312 lead 2. 1317 Shuttle Cock. 1403
Madonna. 1411 for a corpse. 1519 Bruce Lee. 1533 Vietnam
I. 1535 A I F Agility. 1675 Rocking Rohm. 1676 Vhalc Aniin. 1677
Canyon Flight. 1736 Easier 1636 ABCD The landing «4 meg). 1637
ABC (3 mcgl. 1653 A+B Circus Ad, 1534 Viol Anim.
Probably the only Clipart pack you will ever need!
1807* Intro’s compilation.
1806 Electronic Knights.
1805* Hawk earths sorrows (demo).
1804 Slideshow generator (superb).
1803 Tanks (very good game).
1802 Music mania (startrecker. Soundtracker).
1801* Garloween the movie.
1800* Disk 1 of above.
1798+1799 Scream 2 disk mega demo.
1796 A+B A64 emulator v2.0. 1795 Image Utils (genloc stuff ETC).
794 Amos Update 1.32. 1793 Transformer v3.3 (very popular).
1792 Opti comms 2 (the very best comms disk).
1791 Arsenal slideshow (come on you reds!).
1790 Disk menu v 1.0. 1789 Dead beat vol 1.
1788 contact.
1784 Software Failure demo.
1782 A+ swim wear models (very nice).
1781 Car demo (very nice demo).
1780 Kefrens mega mix 2.
1779 Brian Badland comic artwork.
1777 Viking Saga (animation).
1775 Edword (Text editor).
1774 LSD adventure cheats.
1773* Angels mega demo.
1772 A+B trekkies mag on 2 disks.
1771 Samples volume 1.
1770 Icon nightmare (over 50 icons).
1769 Classic Utilitys.
1768 Plus Issue 4 (+owners disk).
1767 Fractal Generator (very fast).
1766* Tornado slideshow (top ho charlie).
1765 Game tamer 2.3 by g henderson.
1764 Skoda challenge (race game).
1763 TV Graphics (gen loc stuff ETC).
1761 Video Applications.
1760 Video Applications.
1750 Protracker v2.0 (with docs).
1749 Microbes (superb game).
1747* Demolition Mission (good game). _ FISH EXTRAVAGANZA 7601 Apipe F602 Pit Lib F603 Dynacad F604 Midi Stuff F606 Auto Graph F607 Dos control F6I7 Revenge (game) F6I8 Voice CU F6I9 Amigazer F620 Tracks Dos F62I Icon Editor • F622 U-edit F623 Make Icon F625 Sys-lnfo 2.62 F626 Bowling league F627 Free Paint F628 Adventure F629 Boulderdash F50I Admenu F502 Strategy game F503 PCQ pascal F506 Star Trek Triv F509 MultiPlayer FSII Connect 4 F5I2 Reversi F513 DKB Trace F514 GearCalc F5I5 Chequebook F5 6 Loon emulator F5I9 Text Sort F52I Landscape F522 Mandlebrot F526 Data easy F527 Zoo F530 Turbo
Title F53I Filesearch F532 Boot pic F533 Boot gen F535 Biz Caic F536 Chemesthetics F537 Boot games F539 Disk drive lest F54I Mine clear F542 Powersnap F544 Lander F548 Label Maker F55I Tool manager F582 Diplomacy AMIGA REAL TIME MONITOR (ARTM) UTILITIES COMPUTER ANALYSER ARTM is the data equivalent ot Doctoi Kiioare and keeps an eye on the internal operations ol the Amiga, reporting when anything is awry. Whenever you use the Amiga, assorted task assignments and library calls are running which are invisible to the user. However, should things go wrong, understanding the inner state ot the
computer can be a great help in identifying and rectifying the problem.
ARTM can be loaded from Workbench or CLI.
And will display a system's screen trom where the many functions can be accessed In addition, at the bottom of the screen are a selection ol gadgets. And clicking on one ol these will generate a list ot information which is displayed m the remainder of the screen.
The program is ideal tor C and machine code programmers as it will let them probe the innermost parts of the system. One example is the Tasks command which displays a list of all active tasks, complete with their memory address, priority. Type, stacksize. Slate, code and signals Furthermore, once the task list is displayed, their priorities can be altered to override commands which are embedded in commercial software. CLI and Workbench users will find something of interest, too. How about the Windows command, which displays all currently opened windows, and lets you close them? If that’s
not to your taste, try Memory: it'll display how the memory has been allocated within the machine, indicating whether it is Chip or Fast RAM.
ARTM is very easy to use, and can be iconised for ease of use when running other software. It's by no means an essential utility, but on the rare occasions when you'll need it. You'll be extremely glad you've got it. Because of this, it should be part of every Amiga user's library.
If you have a PO utility without It* Instruction*, you should be able to find them within the 150 gathered on this disk.
DISKID: T106T11 DISK ID: Education 1 PRICE: Price: Cl .40 per disk (Including PtP| PRICE: El .25 (Including P*P) AVAILABLE FROM: Brottnd Zero, 4 Chandos Rd, i available FROM: Diskovery. 109 The Avenue, Redland, Bristol. BS6 BPE.
Clayton, Bradford, BD14 6SJ.
TELEPHONE : 0272 732970 TELEPHONE: 0274 800066 DISK ID-. 1600 PRICE: El.50 (including P AP) AVAII ABLE FROM: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices, 2It Market St, WakotieM, West Yorkshire, Wft m ri iuti.
TELEPHONE: 0924 3 I_ Mat Broomfield is here with his usual mind- expanding menagerie of useful utilities.
DOCS DISKS UTILITY INSTRUCTIONS Although most PD utilities are distributed with full, or at least partial instructions, nothing is more irritating than finding a great-sounding utility which you can’t work out how to use. Roy Huntley obviously agrees, and he’s compiled two disks jam-packed with nothing but utility documents. The documents can be selected via a user-friendly mouse-operated menu system, and clicking on any of these will load them using the Much More program.
The documents are alphabetically arranged, with disk one containing instructions for utilities A-N, whilst the other disk takes care of the remainder.
There are roughly 75 doc files on each disk, covering mainstream programs, such as Soundtracker, and less common ones including Nib and Scenery. As an additional bonus, Roy will also supply any of the featured utilities free of charge if you send him a disk and an SAE. The documents range in length, but if you’re looking for a particular set of instructions this is a safe bet.
Mml Wm hit.
Pr jfjiu StMw MtemiiM ii3 a -1 litiit.i wmr.
LEX TEXT ANALYSER There can be many circumstances - particularly it you are writing, say. Stories or revision notes - when it's important that a piece of text is appropriate for a particular age group. It’s extremely difficult to assess the readability of a piece without actually giving it to a sample group and asking them to read it. Now, thanks to Lex, you can ensure that your writing is always suitable for its target readership.
Lex can be used with any standard ASCII text file, and is operated from CLI. Enter the name of the text file to be analysed and it'll generate three numbers representing different readability algorithms. It will also produce a word, long word and sentence count. The 1 LeMth; 1,6 Sfllw..w. f mmmck: W, Wf. Wrft SNitMff:
* Fl« h §r*t* level! II I for smtil u«Hs, His frcmfiit cmM be bt
algorithms are: The Gunning-Fog index, which tells you the
level ol schooling (in years| required to understand the
document; the Kincaid Index, which acts in the same way as the
lormer but uses another method lor its results; and the Flesch
Index, which is based on a scale of 1-100. And is
inversely-proportional to the difficulty ol the document. The
lower the number, the harder the document.
By applying the three algorithms to each document, the results are even more accurate. Also on the disk is an excellent program called Study, which can be used as a study aid when facts have to be memorised. It's essentially a large database, with information divided into questions and answers. When in use, questions are presented on one side of an index card for you to answer. When you're satisfied with your reply, press F2 and the computer will reveal the answer. There’s no scoring system or similar niceties, but Study helps reenforce facts by rote. I would imagine that it would be very
useful for anyone hoping to team a foreign language or pass a driving test. Study also comes with two sample databases: Scripture, which tests your Biblical knowledge; and Trivia, which can be turned into an entertaining game.
THE AMIGA GUIDE HELP DISK No matter how knowledgable you are. There's bound to be a time when you come across an Amiga question that you can’t answer. Not to worry, perhaps The Amiga Guide can help... This disk-based guide is to the Amiga, what the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide is to galactic travellers: full of interesting, sometimes useful, maybe irrelevant bits of information on every topic under the sun. Written using the Hyperbook presentation package, the Guide is extremely user-friendly for the most part, although there are one or two little glitches that sometimes cause momentary confusion.
On loading, the user is greeted by a topic menu, with entries listed in red and black. Clicking on one of the black entries will load a single text file offering advice or information on the selected subject. The red entries indicate that the selected subject has many parts and clicking on one usually takes you to another menu or screen. For example, dick on the word AmigaDOS' and you'll be taken to a screen containing a brief overview of the subject, and a sub-menu offering four further DOS- related topics.
The Amiga Guide gives broad coverage and information about specific programming languages, add-on hardware and viruses, and many other additional topics are freely available. Some of the information is a bit brief at times, but for the beginner, it’s an ideal way to broaden your knowledge of the Amiga and much that relates to it.
DISK ID: R14 PRICE. £3.85 (Including PSP) AVAILABLE FROM: Ed lib. 7 Sampford Brett Lane, Wllliton, Somerset. TA4 4JT.
TELEPHONE.: 8984 3 2329 TEXT PUIS 3.0E WORD PROCESSOR One ot Ihe first utilities most Amiga owners buy is some sort of word processor or text editor. As well as the many full-price products, there are a number ot PD olfenngs, too. Text Plus is certainly among the best, and offers features which rival - and even beat - the cheaper commercial packages.
Of course, the most important features of any utility are those that are used the most frequently. In the case of a word processor, those features include lent styling, justification, cut and paste options, and printer user- friendliness. In these areas, Text Plus scores highly, having undergone many modifications since its 2.2e release. The Printer requester has been enhanced to provide options for colour printers, and can also support proportional spacing. The new print options are selected via a very friendly gadget-driven window.
The program provides full control over the layout ot a document, ranging trom the obvious (such as line length, indents, tabs, etc) to more advanced features including sub- super-script and auto-hyphenation. A quick delve into any menu reveals just how comprehensive this program is. For example, the Extern menu contains a list ot additional programs that can he loaded from within Tex!
Plus. These include Sid, Powerpack'erand File Master One feature that I particularly like is the Date option, which inserts the current date into a document at the cursor position. Its hardly essential, hut it saves having to look at your watch to hod out what day it is!
The program is Shareware, and Martin Steppler. Its author, requests a very reasonable £8 registration fee if you intend to use it on a regular basis. To deter users trom 'forgetting' to send the lee, Marhn has implemented one ot the most effective reminders I’ve seen, tfs called the Nerve-wracking Requester, and appears with excruciating regularity. Although it doesn't stop you using the program, having to constantly dick 'OK' to make it go away really gets on your wick after a while. However, the requester isn’t present in versions sent to registered owners! It you’re looking for a word
processor, and are strapped for cash, this is definitely your best option.
OISK ID: 1703 PRICE: £1.50 (Including POP) AVAILABLE FROM: 17 lit, 1st Floor Offices, 278 Market St. Wakefield. West Yorkshire. WF11DH.
TELEPHONE: 0924 360982 GATOR'S GRAPHIC GALLERY ART TUTORIALS II you’ve ever looked at the graphics in a game or a demo and dismissed the thought ol ever producing your own, think again.
Gator (AKA Martin Baurman) is a graphic artist with three years Amiga experience, and he's put together a disk demonstrating all ol his tavourite arty techniques, complete with tutonal text m m 1 r Although Logo design I, a specialist sob.
Ject, you may and illustrative step-by-step graphics.
PDUTILITIES Throughout the tutorial, the top halt ol the screen is used to display graphics, whilst the bottom halt contains descriptive text Some ot the tutorials are spread over a number ot pages, combining assorted aitishc techniques to create a single effect.
The tutorial is 32-pages long, and it's accompanied by a funky tune. 99% ol the tutorials describe methods ot creating text and logos, but the colouring and shading techniques are useful lor other things, too. More than justifying the disk's price. I can't imagine many artists who wouldn't appreciate this disk.
DISK ID: Bator's Braphlcs PRICE: £1.50 (including POP).
AVAILABLE FROM: Mr Micro. 30 Townhead, Kirkentilioch, E66 IN.. TELEPHONE: 041 777 6300 PACK ONE PACK TWO
- £,12.00- PACK THREE EACJK seven I MUSIC PACK 110 INSKS). Vmrm
.Sbaac Mams Crutaders 'B*trtu Muu*. Cnek Mm
l) nk. Jctxt c KertaJ Mm. RAE Mecaim No 1.
Ibdi ihgul Coreen No 6. Etidmg Byvs -am Son*. I'. Ak atria Tan* »*n'. Cnnadm Maix:
- £.12.00- GAMES PACK Da. NFB 12 DM pack urtiirvv Opceaaap UmmmR.
Nar Tfrk. Dip LlaMrun. Mucu Srabn.r, (Juert.
Munopdy. Srvm Ties. P* Min Hanksf*p PU S LOADS MORE (A500* Oplkn a.»bNe)
- £15-00 - SHEER SOUND II RACSK E VE This new samplm* * Aware by
K B E knock, spi*.. off the compelibun. This it a full featured
P. D. version and b cxiluvivr hi P D Dirm.
A Sim H ntOCKAH HH OM t ML NIC MAKERS IP) MH» 5 2D. Pm Tracker. Sur Tirtkcr vlZ 3 .
Dab «Imtmnrn DM 4 W 57 FOB HOW Iff 934X5
- £,12.00-
- S.1.75- ftOtofpnaQaraKF) A* Air ¦ (Pi I B™ Tni» W (Pi I Spnura
Ganrt Vi uo OS I O * i o » I O II i o u ipo rt I O 17 I O 19
I O » I O 21 I O u I O « I O u I O * I O V I O * POO »( M T«Mp
196 L 1) m invoke printer I O 33 T-TBONWW -Produce* dawn*, 11
Mbl(P) I O r *«XKI MATHi - Goad.
Ipd J9 magic kiki-vi ¦ (I MB)IP) I O « BWUOM ll|» 00 «s I O t6 I O «7 1 0 w i o y I O M 1 0 M POIJ J7I Thndumn».
I O U) 1 0 Si 1 1) w « (P) "J S !
Mill* (IM Mlim; BOX Mine MW hr Mr'*'I MBI(P) MAGPIE CUFART OwWaigmd miges (P» mm (ASH - 0* he* PnM Hdw 1 MB)(P MAGPIE CUP AST 2 mar a*nd |* M t’MW(P) MAGICAL YOIMG AKIBT Soper «*«»iai« k* yuniwn am JO p*nno I !?• IC-’I IWT5 DP* IP) MAGPIE CUPART J (Pi MAGPIE CUPART * (Pi KIDS GUP ART I Urtrf PREHISTOR* UNPACK TKHV)SVAJI Putal pari I MB) i l BV'Xl HON h® ear S» ( pttwr.i I 1BKP) magic forest a Amin pod dime 11 MB) IP) POVER PLANNER P«**ul argmr (P) HOTFl MANAT,PR • Biurd gjm b monopah (I Mbl IP) M.N BlM1I 21 ¦ Van Im (nmdy(1 MBIlP: PAINI K)X Anrhrr fc» ihe kattn (P) BATTlf CARS • Rjerg
gune omened mdily lunNv irianmmdrd (I 1C) (P) MOISSTFR IMAMS R PG in iMOm IP) All MO LAB Vidro C*in* pukw IP) TTC MA f - Per puufe POTOBASE 11 Vrn MISC ENGINE • Pby* i .APUV-3C, b* - Very Goaf I MB) «P
* ¦« ERCTCffY G«s .'(*«¦« gam fcrbdf(P) GO GETTER - fcpi iui*
IS J sm* (I MB) IP PLAY rr &APE unn lor milln .
Si',T,r..V„u'«.hfc*mOM&)iP «t ANGUS SHAFTS - Remain pu»» ME II MB) (PI DOGHGHT D ActuI cxnbjt S* up to H pUym ll MbllPI DFJA M IJCENC i: aki 1 1 Mils i« I keiue ware and cotb
H. sn p r -l.tk 1 (.MUONS ; (UNCUT WINGI1 - a in® Tandy *jpat
(IMBH P. s laoiwr* upgunca CYAD. Bnln«p* iJeip*r'«lMB)(P
ElOTO KIWtB Good k«J !¦* (I Mbl(P) hk; top fun •
Topqwliyed*|Uaii **me Quxk-IWIItauhacKP) Elkon Buutuxk mw IP)
PnfmxuidtlvXP) MED moduln (P) Tawnin Gmcjk*' (.«¦*¦ Emdy
Tirrx) (P) IBM DhrBmPI Aun ST IouUu (In** vm«iXPl Spairur
Nhbor »U(P) llli • J79 CM EnUjkr nmP*c(lbUl««)(P) Vdu-vl
(biSnUa UlaKP) Qwk !*»» rli(P) MCAD (IlnWi pxsnm) (P) Trjndamo
vJJIIIIMEiP, PWI .179 bnin«v T«fcUB) U4i POO JRI (. Ud" iRj»
Tnw IM* I iP) POD SRI TEXT HIS vj(»m lidl Ccundird Eiol IP)
*1.1 (E«(Udi Vmion OTP) IP) »TNl* X*N» MJI . 10 2 Dtakil MO
v»0(U*1 Tru and f*U tfteddff) EORMS RIAUY LMIMTTTI)IP) AVIIMAM
PHI)*tXNK VU U I Dll it* Ml (Pi OCOPY ( 20. VIOMlh O.N)(P NF»
(V. C *5 J7. Bn X *4 JO) (P) WM» RUXIRI** v III NC*mCl2 D»M»liP
HAMIAB 091 (IH Omni) (P .AMI 2 (AmiRupdL X pdl l.'-Ede.
UN) (P) C-MANlAl HmntiMd J IB*»)(P) urn imuiws»i P) OTPI
ITTUTIfS » 2 (P) GMKiNirt IOVTS (Profewoul E-*lt» (P) PIN: JM
mUrteDnkrl PIN J92 RSI lllann DM * 2 PDA m RSI Vex** Obyert
Ed** Pdt J72 RN Veootufc Ed*.
PDA J9A RS Ear Ed** PDC JM TS8 Wkk* Drdgnct PDA J9S RN Abxkte* 1.2* J PDA J9V6T RSI M*Mn *1.283 nr (Pi ! E)di»S2AETr»Bbn.(P) ! SID IOb(Hlr ImdcT tfiKP) ) EomaSwtMnlP) I MuhrrlJIP) ) Igm Rad.. 1 tibn lS d* ) (Pi II Menu Sgktr «P ¦kIPi a(P) hirtidm* Had AaHmOui Nmlirk*2(A««ron» P) Sbr Trri • 17 LanUO) Pwm r LS.r~i!k*T Miln Ur Advrfl (P l*4jMO b« llono NASA
N. llrr Ikno *1(1 SvrI iH
* .lko Dnao » I (2 Mr*. ! I**) (P) iiWmhTTI Meg (P) «iU«t Dmo •
2 (2 Mr*. 2 DM) (P) loiTpdM Irnnng Dak (A«W *i IP) R* Tmc All
(O PgMn Anm«**i AddiimEindv Rriic Ur Tiro llir Dnpn' Mtkc Ur
Mtdnhu* •’ Smlhv Annaarab (Elk MaAhr Mincv*ivn» Er* kJiwiU)
(P) (r-lairr1 lAmtlln SdiMUI(2Mqi 2D« I»r IU« Lane (In Sdmaul
ij 2 Dbk) Ita nlllK SdMUKJMem J Imn M Lhr M™ 2 CO* SdMMP) (I u
J Men 2 Dak) (P) POM *) MH v*r«rin [Vim (P) POM 06S Dipul
Ccom IV POM 072 Rjpryc mwl» lhr Bereft BoyxlP) POM OH) Owiil
Oram VI POM 0H2 KxUy Kivicrr POM »J Khirna (i*r*»o POM CBS
Aaarm Var VmekeTfc Tbcmr' (P) 0 lauirl 8 Hanjy (2 Mi*l IP) 8
MSPV20 1 Pet Horn Rcmn » I CP) ANIMATIONS I* VxriH POE I Irani
* Bn «2 » I (Under HE») IP) P» 2 leam A lAiy «2 » 2 (Under
l(E») IP) Ft* J **yUnd 2 (Snv ToyUnd to ifcr wldi. (P) Ft* I
Tori (kmrym • Aretmm, llmoactlvr HnoktKP) FOE S Tad Canay*. •
Dmm ¦Imreaeinr BuukO IP) FI* b Kkbp*** (Very (-.all IP) FI* 7
Mr Mm Mono (Enrdrtn Tc» t.i® Aid) (P) FIX * Nn»r t Spar Mata
Halkr.* Mnh ) IP) POO 1)0 Cbuhby h*- Ivmn Pi POO IM Cun De»
POO IM Mjgnel* RddnOono'JS POO l« Hmfc ’V. Bun So Pjot' 2
«bk)(P) POO 133 Billy Candy Item (2 dib) (P) POO HO lUnck '«jk
an' FISH COLLECTION We now «p ck dMn No 1-610 T-BAG COLLECTION
Ixnkt 1-60 man aVUllHc I Aruirtif Drem t ImiIbui MqBdmi (2
ftik) 1 EhviDroo i Bibuiip OrmoiP) I Aninln- 'O* IN ciwmr V I
Hartdl * I •Anemipr* I lUixi » 1 *Souv‘*l* d ) IKK’ P)
• Rl2ifck,) I Ak*jI te-dm B, Anurhy Vmrd *.«Vfc Unhnrol ImnMy
Alj*uO™*»(P) DrnMf Pa»J« ») Amniencd* (PI Cote By Akrnw is
Oi**sopciW) A SunpnDoni li Sconpr»Me»»lemo(P) ) Statrrtk Ik-kt.
Dern • J6 7 PrvUkM* Mripdraii • 2 Drkx) 8 Ndr Se» Oe**»(P) 7
Budlviin » I (2 drkD (P) J JO EDUCATION Al.
PIX) (ft- Ni«th»Jjr »Tuder* • ’ Wnfcop m* »**ndcPi H T«My(IM)ir) ? VIRUS FREE HOW TO ORDER ? 24 HOURS DESPATCH ? FIRST CLASS DELIVERY CA TAIOGUE DISK Out law* update contains details id *ir 2S00 disk . dies t»*i li also lus aomc EKU etmcs *i it This it one of (he- li* sl (inifrssnaul disks you wdl tee. Please send 3 FU* Clatt tumps to receive your copy. Abernaiivoly. You can (uvr one TRF.F. with your first order.
I* II TV E or F sIX 0782 715255 I«*F»» 13_____________ilTJeak
* 19 __________________ _ al Meat IB_____2121 art fern A [«uu W a
*1 *Jr» if ) iM FtP *1U H»pr Kd2SppeedM «e*M»crtd»MVk,prr(M
UdwPI) I ;»««-11 A! IMII IFI-U
o m ivs
P. D.DUUIT 6 saw TO DE T.a’A. ?
86 GEORGE ST1IIET, NUCA'IU. NT.AIIN NTS IDS DISK SUPERDEAI.S GENUINE FUJI 3 V MF2DD BRANDED DINKS IOOH Galifirel A Tested NITER BEKIDOX 10_________ • 0 30 PSP JO . A16.9S • 1.00 PUP SO ... A26.9S « 1.93 PAP 100_______ A39.93 • 1.93 PAP PRICES l aiW IAHFI.S A VAT NEXT DAY CARRIER ADD if.50 Catnai*- ap|*es lo I IK orders *lh Puropc A ROW Pike on Application PDUTILITIES TV GRAPHICS LANDSCAPE MAKERS GENLOCK TOOL Although the Amiga Is a great video titling tool, it takes valuable time to create the graphics needed lor professional credits TV Graphics simply provides a couple ol handy pre-drawn
IFF screens which can be used as backgrounds for your own productions.
Although the screens are all In low-resolution mode, there's no blockiness thanks to the skillful way they've been coloured. In fact, most of them feature some form of colour graduation usually from top to bottom or comer to comet. The screens aren't particularly elaborate, but they're supplied with a set of additional ornaments which can be used to add detail if required Commercialy available backgrounds can cost tens even hundreds of pounds, so if you're in the market for some, try these first.
II * % DISK ID: 16 PRICE: £1-50 (including PIP) AVAILABLE FROM: 17 ML 1st Floor Offices, 2 6 Market SI. WafcefieM, West TorksMre. WF11DH.
TELEPHONE: 0924 366682 FRACTAL CREATION PACK Fractal Landscape Creators are growing steadily more powerful, and the PD equtvalents to the likes of Vista Pro are improving In leaps and bounds This disk contains live of the best - Genesis. Scenery.
Landscape. Land Build ana Cloud 9 Although Genesis is probably the most powerful of the group, it's only a demo version with the Save option disabled, so we'll move on.
Scenery produces extremely distinctive landscapes. All of which have a recognisable mottling effect at the verges between low and highlands Although this package has been out for a while, it still produces eminently usable scenes - however. It doesn't give a particularly high level of control, especially in the animation department Landscape is unique, in that it's the only fractal landscape program to be wrrtten in AMOS Although it is limited when compared to its commercial brethren, it's very easy to get to grips with and produces very attractive and unusual results It also allows the
user to generate two or three- dimensional landscapes based upon a fractal value (seed) which you specify.
Landbulld is the least sophisticated of the generators on the disk, but to compensate lor this. It's also the fastest and easiest to use Once you've entered a seed number, it calculates' control points, lighting and the like, and draws a 2D preview map upon which you can position the view points Even in its highest resolution. LandbuSd doesn't look very convincing but the images are useful as rough sketches' trom which you can develop your own hand-drawn scenes.
The final fractal program is called Cloud 9. And creates abstract cloud patterns With re-colouring, these clouds can be made to look like sonar images of Ihe sea, or thermographic aerial shots ot the ground. I'm not sure about their practical applications, but Cloud 9 is certainly nice to look at. Overall, a worthwhile disk full of interesting programs.
DISK Idi 1687 PRICEi 61.50 (including PIP) AVAILABLE FROM: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Oftlcoi, 2 8 Market SI. Wakotield. West Yorkshire. WF1 tDJL TELEPHONE: 6924 366982 ram PROTRACKER 2.0 MUSIC PACKAGE When we gave away Protrxkcr 10 on our coverdisk last year if apparently went Oown a storm At that time the 20 version ol the package was released commercially and cost about twenty pounds It has now been released into the Public Domain, which Is great news lor all you 'Tracker fans out there! The new Protracker Is compatible with all Amlgas. And all known buos from the original have been conected. And
a number of enhancements added The package allows the creation of tunes by linking together patterns, each ol which consists of up to lour 64-llne blocks of notes. Notes are entered via the keyboard which is configured to represent a two- octave piano keyboard Once notes are entered, a number ol effects (such as prtch slides arpeggio, volume slides, etc) can be addec One of the most useful new features m Promoter 2.0, is a tul sampler compatibtt with any standard sampkng hardware It includes al of the basic options required to record and loop samples Talking of loops, one ol the problems
with earlier versons, was mat they coufdn1 handle looped samples over a certam sue. But that has been fixed, allowing the usage ol IFF ot Raw samples ol any site. Sotmmracker purists will find nothing to complain about in this program It simply takes a great idea, and develops it even further!
DISK ID: 1756 PRICE: tl .50 (Including PIP). Iif" AVAILABLE FROM: 17 Ml, 1st Floor Offices. 2 6 Martel it. Wakefield. West Tortskke. WF110H TELEPHONE i 0924 366982 NBS PUBLIC DOMAIN £3.45 £5 75 £4.95 £14.95 ...£4.25 .£11.99 ...£4.95 . £2.00 £3.55 ...£2.99 £3.55 ...£3.95 ...£3.25 ...£3.95 ...13.99
9. 99
9. 49 LC 24 10 200 mono..... LC 24 200 colour (Star) £2 25 LC 200
mono ... 1C 200 colour (Star) Citizen
1200 ... ..£8.50 C 4 Piayer odaptor...... Null
Modem Cable Printer Cable AMIGA to
Scart ..... 23 pin Plug or Socket Modulator Ext. Kit £5
50 £9 50 £7 95 £9.99 £2 60 ..£1099 DISK BOXES 80 Cap by
DATAUJX 20 Cap library box ... 10 Cap library box
.£1.25 Mouse Mat .....£2.75 Mouse
Horn ...£199 Ep*°"»«l00.
AMIGA Dusl Cover (STD) £2 40 AMIGA Dust Cover [LUX]......£6 95 CABLES AMIGA ACCESSORIES DISKS PRINTERS RIBBONS Top quality bulk 3.5‘ disk 55peoch 1C 10 20 Mono TDK brooded (Box 10) ..£8 99 LC 10 colour Epson IX 80 Amslrod 9512 ... Armlrod PCW 8256 .. Amstrod DMP 2000 . Panasonic KXP 1080 . JOYSTICKS Cheela Bug .... Crusoder .... Conix Speed King . More on request!
PD Update 11 16 A4 poges pocked with latest and greatest Send large SAE for your w FREE copy. _ NBS UPD UCENCEWARE L504 TRLKXIN' ON 2 £4.50 Run a Trucking company in Oz.
(Req.2 Drives) L509 OBUTERATION (£3.50 Amiga wb 1.3 only. Great blast 1510 FISH IndSe? , , £3.50 Super database that reads crunched text files. Inc: Fish contents files up to 629.
L511 WILLIES WATER WORKS £3.50 Execellent keep the water flowing game. Good reviews in press!
KH.2 OPCsarty WB ub*U» U SYSTEM Siper. "Hthj system1 VB tpeoaly la uo-ordwwng FISH D744 BASS SUBLIMINAL VISION Fair graphic* but ih he great Techno Rove that cotxtft!
0747 TFT MELTED EXPERIENCE (not plus) New demo From France. A touch ot everthina S556 GOO DEMO!
Woqon o* me Terminator. Eastwood in drag? Must be Cl i Ssy'aMIAS 92 lar demand reterm Chock to your screen!
78 THE CIRCUS ACT ANIMATION Hill with another Mr Rotate Head onimotions Good A SMALL STATION AT KHERN Yes. Tor I mb AMIGAs. A big anim shrunk iuil for you P055 8 AT THE MOVIES 2 M371 2 PtC MEGA MUSJC Vol 2 loads of music rips inc Birdie Nam Norn tram Budbrain M387 MSG: SIMPLE MINDS ,, Sompled, blown apart and rrosiembled remix.
M40I RAVE GENERATOR Rove Music M404 DEADBEAT MUSKC Rave Music M405 PIC CREATIVE NotSE 1 Rave Music M406 PIC CREATIVE NC*SE 2 Ram Music ORDERING DETAILS Please make cheaues PO payble lo NBS and send to: _ NBS (CU) Fx " 1 CHAIN LANE NEWPORT, ISLE OF WIGHT PO30 5QA TEL 0983 529594 821983 FAX: 0983 821599 All Public Domain up to 20 disksCl .25 per disk Over 20 disks 99p each Pleose odd 50p pet totol order tewords P&P Recorded delivery 50p extra Europe add postage 2Sp per d sk (mm Cl 00) vVorid odd postage 50p per disk (min £2.00) AMOS, PISH, T.BAO, DEJA VO stockists DELTRAX 36 BODELWYDDAN
AVE, OLD COLWYN, CLWYD, LL299NP 36 BODELWYDDAN AVE, OLD COLWYN, CLWYD, LL299NP CiAMES (jKH.iinr.lf) Supertwinim (P) J' ’ ¦ l.,S ¦ ¦ - s a ¦ i ¦ i. f. I1 Ii.i ¦ i -it ¦i.» ¦r -l I1 •' :: El.;' I' ' Wi v» Quest • (»’) Return lo Earth (P) liamatron 5I2K tb * (NP) Monoplov (NP) Bug Bash (NP) Downhill Challenge (NP) DiiRon (jvr (P) Mayhem (P) Mechllight RPC (P) Scum Hater* (P) Sea Lance • (P) Klondike* ard nmr (P) Survivor RPC. (P) Air Ace 11 (P) Adventure Solutions I (P) Adsrntuir Solutions 2 (P) Marv Ihe Merciless (NP) Snake Pit (P) (iames Cheat List vl.O (P) Parachute Joust (NP) Crystal Caverns
(P) Zeus-The i-nir (P Pick Lp A PU le (f)(2) Chatnsaw Death • Ballon acy (P) Shapes (P Star Trek TNCi • (P) Dragon lilcs v 2.5 (P) uttuties Clerk vl.O Accounts Relational D.Bav Disk Sahage C I anguaee Manual (3) Quk k Bench Plus (P) Ceneology • (P) Anti-Kliki Windows Bench (2) (P) Messy Std 11 (P) MS-Dns Journal Spectrum Km » AO Games Crossword Designer Mead (P) KlecUocad (P) Ami haw v3.76 (P) Hard Disk Utilities Amateur Radio (6) Hankina Qimsc'Spread Analytic ale • (2) (P) flrxiW v2.0 (P) Business Cud Maker (P) U-Kdit (NP) Text plus vS.O 600 Business letters (P) Amigafox DTPvI.I (P) A64
Emulator (NP) Trantfonner v 3.3 (NP) (2D) Text Kngine vS.I packs Business Pack 1 (NP) Word processor etc. 6 Disks £6.00 Business Pack 2 (P) DTP etc 7 Disks £7.00 Music Pack 2 (P Startrekker samples 6 Disks £6.00 Games Pack 1 (P) Arcade typo 5 Disk £.100 ANIMATIONS DA29 ATF Agility P) DA226 Basketball Demo P) UA238 Star Wars 11 P DA239 Star Trek (P) DA243 SiimIiIiv Mjimuvers II* (P) 1 DA254 Top Gun Demo* (P) DA258 Camoullage* (P DA262 Real Pinhall 3D (P) DA263 Porky Pig (I*) DA265 Mr Potato Head 2 DEMOS D283 Hypnotic Hammer II (NP) D306 Odywcv (5) • (NP) (2D) D3O0 Seeing is Believing
1) 307 Hardwired 2 - D308 Razor Vovago* MUSIC MIO-M39 Sample
Sounds 1P) Mi5 Protrackcr vl.la (NP) M49 Stax I rekkcr vl 3
P) M77 MKD v3.2 (P) MW Classical Music Ml59 The Wall (6) 2D
(P) M1 M2 Masters At Work 2 (P) EDUCATION Eft Sherlock Ed 5
F. 6 learn + Play (2) (P) K7 Wordgames Vol 1 E'J Maths Drill
F. 10 Typing Tutor (P) Ell Kirti Paint (P) K12 Simons Colours (P)
E13 Story land 2 (P) EM T.G. Astronomy (P) El5 T.C. Dinosaurs
(P) Mimn prodoms to to4 ixider 7 year okTs jX VH FBH TANK
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ROAD RACB A ewelenl supe Sp«Y done nti adra Ptocts 4 Speed
weapon s Bn 11 THI HUNT FOR RH) OCT A Sub sxnt**X disks & Al
Budget software to Stock RPA HPB (• nory (Okaxi shapes 4 S80S
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A-8IXPHAM ROADS Q"«wdeo?S Ssts artSn r AAA (N *“ lnwn.x r Cher»jes mufl Be drown can oUKb THI MOUSI PAD 17 *9 THI A7AR3A DUST COVIt 0.9* 35 OS* ClIAfMO ITS 13 99 OOK LAMLS SngM Min SO CO 03p ROU OF 1000 D6* uaas 3 5 CIO *9 2M (WNTB* IIADS I* 49 04SKBOXt*0|3 SeCH 14 *9 OOK BOX B0t 3 5 BACH 17 99 SOUK (OPLACiMINT MOUSI £14.99 [_ PO-SOFT STOCKS AU THI FMD FISH DISKS I CATALOOUf L r.) u( Wwg Idpo M Ctsu’ Got XV f DISKS I 'lun wnyiD use OcMEras Daks Tlw.
ContotedetolsP ora 4.500 4 are Pi ovoAadu I dr«9* tom 5*xl A rojbtxtc p opltons irxtoaSng I ..... ¦ ' ' PF«*to_ TBAO Amos, I 5eorth4P-A Cor 'AUG. SMAUO. Srctpe Agoton APOC Ponoroma I Anicus. Slip dak. Loe 1 arson. "CVX .
OrOPKiKXlTV T ixencevoFv El. 50 mmDE OFFERS Not content with supplying you with THE complete magazine for your Amiga, we also aim to bring you the hottest bargains, too. This month, we're offering money off United Graphics Artists' excellent Powerpacker 4.0- the ultimate in memory- saving crunchers. If you're keen to optimise disk space, this is an essential utility.
So, what are you waiting for? Get ordering... POWERPACKER You’ve used the commercial version, you’ve played with the demo (both of which we gave away last issue). Now experience the real thing. Powerpacker 4.0 provides greatly enhanced script support and updated gadgets and requesters. Amongst the utility’s many new features are a fuel guage-style progress meter and a continual count-up option enabling the user to esti-
• re accuracy.
As two different versions: one for Kickstart
2. 0 version takes advantage of the new Please send your cheques
or postal orders (made payable to Database Direct) to: CU
Amiga Powerpacker
4. 0 Otter Database Direct Junction 8 Business Centre Elsmore
Port Cheshire L6S 3BN mate the time taken to crunch a file
with The Powerpacker system comes supplied
2. 0, and another for the older versions. The screen modes and
also allows access to the Public screen system. Also included
are the latest versions of PPShow, Ppmore, PPAnim and
Pptoadseg - the latter of which which can even crunch system
To take advantage of this special offer, simply send the coupon below to Database Direct. They will then provide you with a full version of Powerpacker
4. 0 at the special price of only C12.95. coupon NEWSFLASH 8833
Mk II Monitors Genuine UK Model ONLY Cl99.95 Diamond PHILIPS
TV Monitor The best available £279 INC VAT OR ONLY £269 when
purchased with a computer!
SINK PACK NEW AMIGA 600 ?5 GAMES Teenage Mutant Turlies, Speedboll II. TesftJnve I Corporation and Gwnship H«licopl«r Simulation) ? All AMIGA standard matures, Mouse etc Mousemat. Totlormode Dust Cover, Joystick, 10*3.5* disks, 1 disk stooge bo* COMES WITH FREE MAWTENANCE ON A600 ON.Y £439.00 INC VAT Or with 1133 Mk II Monitor ? FIR Promotion only £629.00 INC VAT WE CANNOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE 1Mb 1Mb RAM PACK RAM BUSINESS PACK AMIGA 600 PIUS COMPRISING With Ihe NEW AMIGA 600 H D wrth 20Mb hard dtsk ? Ok, 24Pin (380) Business Printer ? Transwrile Word Processor 4 All AMIGA standard I natures.
Mouse etc COMES WITH FREE HOME MAINTENANCE ON A 600 ONLY £729.00 INC VAT Or with B833 Mk II Monitor ?F19 Promotion ONLY £919.00 INC VAT ADD £50.00 FOR Col PRINTER WE CANNOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE 1Mb 1Mb Ram pack Ram 600 WORD PRO PACK AMIGA 600 PIUS With to NEW AMIGA 600 H D with 20Mb hard disk AND 9Pin Seikosho Printer ? Transwrile Word Processor ? All AMIGA standard features, Mouse etc COMES WITH FREE HOME MAINTENANCE ON A600 oniy £649.00 wc vat Or with 1133 Mk 1 Monitor ?F19 Promotion ONLY £839.00 INC VAT ADD £75.00 FOR COL PRINTER WE CANNOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE SALE HAS BEEN The NEW Adventures
Txkt tMo, C££retOF TWA mumnia r- HD BETTER L puu£«voj»i WWCAWEW ,6o(M6T0 A ('hi FANS) ££At)THE ' (ee 6ASMAH *m rAS DIAMOt D Att, WE MAP SETTS* W- leve«yTVfw T ?
GoT7»v* WANT A 1500 With Workbench 2.04?
ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT CAPTAIN DIAMOND'S 1500 & 3000 CENTRE ROCTEC DISK DRIVES & DISKS UltraSlim Roclite £54.95 Slimline Roctec £49.95 CDTV Drive £64.95 AMIGA Internal floppy drive Only £39.95 Disks only 40p FUSION 40 68040 THE LEADER IN ACCELLERATOR CARDS WITH 4Mb ON BOARD RAM £1299 SUPRA 8Mb BOARD FOR 1500 2000 GVP PRODUCTS FOR THE AMIGA 1500 & 2000 IMPACT II HC8 12MHZ ACCELERATOR 73MH, 68030 CPU imp 3366 e ...rr . 33P+ M 1033+ b to a ram owe 149 AMIGA 1500 Specials A1500 GVP 52Mb +8833 Mk II Monitor A1500 GVP 105Mb + 8833 Mk II Monitor 0Mb P X 1* P X 4Mb P X 6Mb P X 8Mb P X £•*4 (444 «**9
(729 (959 (789 (•*9 (849 £1079 (909 cue £•44 CT0J4 (929 rnso (989 £.034 £ 049 (1179 (1109 £•04 £978 (S68 £‘091 (928 (971 £988 (1218 (1048 T ‘ ’• f'004 £1238 £1061 £129
(1) 28 (1178 £1351 £1418 (1248 P X - art exchange Am goS For
Amiga 1500 AMIGA 3000 The NEW Commodore AMIGA 3000 25MHz
processor, 100 Mb hard disk, 4Mb Fast RAM, 2Mb Chip RAM, +
SCALA + Deluxe Paint IV, CM 1960 M SYNC MONITOR £3295.00 INC
VAT 33MHZ ACCELERATOR 33MHi 66030 CPU only £585 150Mb
STREAMER Over 6Mb per min. bock up Come. h OVP TepeStore
software Mown* m the 5.2»" Artve ONLY £1289 bey Optional
external aun§ Include! I PC 150 cartridge only £739 50MHZ
52Mb £295 105Mb ~SOn €425 IMPACT VISION 24 7MXS7* PAL r. ONLY
£1785 AMIGA 1500 With Workbench 2.04 Software wilh ihe
mochine comprises Deluxe Pain! Ill, The Works, Home Accounts,
3 Games (Puzznic, Tokl ond Ell), and a book entitled 'Get The
Most Out Of Your AMIGA' ONLY £349 Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor
? F19 Promotion ONLY £769 Or wrth NO SOFTWARE ONLY £499 Or
WITH MONITOR NOS W ONLY £719 Me HO £149 £1*9 £349 £2*9 £*49
52Mb HO £2*9 £*49 £»*9 £444 (449 105Mb HO t**9 £449 £4*9 CS49
( 599 GENLOCKS ?ocgen ...... £89.95 Rocgen
+ .... £124.93 ?endale 8802 .
£119.95 G2 . £575.00 G2+...... £999.00 Video Pilot . £999.00 New Philips Editing System Only £399.00 Join in the special Diamond & Philips promotion to launch our new retail shops ULTIMATE SOUND & VISION First branch opens this June in the basement of our London Branch at 232 Tottenham Court Road Save up to £30.00 on a Philips TV when you pop into Diamond and pick up a bargain today by using Diamonds two ultimate saving plans Philips Televisions Normal RRP £279.99 £329.00 £249.99 £239.00 Cube Teletext TV 14- Cube Teletext TV 17" The new Book TV FSTTV 15- SAVING PLAN 1
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Come and see the TV & Hi Fi specialists at ULTIMATE SOUND & VISION To celebrate our opening, anyone visiting our Tottenham Court Road branch on May 30th can enter a FREE draw to win a 21" colour TV.
No purchase necessary, just fill in this form & hand it in at the shop.
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July P X Your old 500 for a new Amiga 1500 for ONLY £379.95
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£79.95 £34.29 STAR LC20 CITIZEN 124 D STAR 1C 24 10 STAR 1C 200
24 200 Col XB 24 250 Col £116.32 £179.77 £158.62 £169.20
£233.82 £179.77 £170.37 £270.25 £348.97 £417.12 £199.75 £259.95
£379.52 £229.12 £239.70 INK JET PRINTERS
P. O.A. £327.82 £527.57 LASER PRINTERS Oki 400 £551.07 HP III P
£809.57 OKI LASER 800 0.5Mb £999.92 KI LASER 800 Duol bin
0.5Mb £1199.67 OKI IASER 830 PosBcrip. 2Mb £1099.80 IKI LASER
840 Posiscripi 2Mb £1399.42 £129.00 £139.99 £49.99 £69.95
£149.99 £44.24 £34.99 £156.49 £49.99 £54.45 £147.09 £69.99
£69.95 £39.95 £29.99 £44.99 £29.99 TOP 30 GAMES SOFTWARE
Football Crazy Challenge..... PGA Tour ? ...... Alien
Breed ...... £16.89 £19.49 £16.24 Monkey Islond ..
First Somuroi £19.49 £20.14 PERSONAL nsn mr 2 Hot 2
Handle lotus Turbo Ghallenge 2 ..... Soccer Stars
Compilation ..... £19.49 £16.89 £16.89 CALLtKb ONLY FOR
GAMES SOFTWARE NOT Knights Of The Sky...
Heimdall ... £22.74 £22.74 AVAILABLE ON MAII
leander £16.89 VIY ITLMIL ORDFR Ninja
Collection...... £12.99 vnucn The Jetsons £8.44
Board Genius ... £19.49 £12.99 CLUB MEMBER PRICE ONLY
£20.89 £21.59 £17.99 £15.59 £15.59 £20.99 £15.59 £14.99 £17.99
£17.99 £20.14 £16.89 £19.49 £19.49 £16.89 Personal finance Mgr
Personal Font Maker tel 30 Presentation Master Pro draw
Prodraw 2 Professional Calc Pro Video Post Reol 30 Beginners
Scenery Animation Spectra Colour Take 2 TV Text Video Director
Vidi AMIGA Vidi Complete Clr Sol Vidi Colour Solution Vistro
Pro Music A Sound AMAS2 Audio Engineer .2 Audiomasier 4
Audition 4 Bars 4 Pipes Pro :e Music const Set Dr T Copies!
Apprentice Dr T KC5 level N V3 OrapNcs A General Advonloge
Anim font lor 2 or 5 ArtDepl Art Dept. Pro 2 Big Alternative
Scroller BroodcoU Tiller 2 ColoorbutH Deluxe Point IV Dig-view
Medio Station Disney Animation Stud Flow 3.0 onl Grabber
Kora Fonts 1 Kora Fonts 2 Fonts Sob Heodline Answer Bock Jnr ; Answer Bock Snr Answer Sock Data Disks Arithmetic 20*CenMy £7.69 SpeAng £7.69 £7.69 £7.69 £26.99 ft*®* Sun* 4 0 £27.49 Fun School Senes £15.99 French Matrass £15.49 G8 Route Plus £54.99 Movn Beacon Typing £22.99 Mkro Series £16.99 TeknoAnugo £69.99 Yale Bright Stor £11.49 OTP A Wordprocessing ErcetUnce 2 £59.99 Final Copy £59.99 Gold Disk Decorate or Design « Publish £23.49 Gold Disk Video £30.50 Kndwotd* £29.99 f ogesener 2 £39.99 Pogestreom 2.2 £129.99 Pen Pol £54.99 Personal Write £19.99 Protext 5.5 £99.99 Pro Poge 2.1 £169.99
Pro Page 3 0 £149.00 Ouickwrite £29.99 Scribble £24.95 Structured Clip Art £23.50 Tronswnte £29.99 Wordsworth 1.1 £89.99 Works Platinum £49.99 Development A Utilities AMOS or Easy AMOS £29.99 AMOS 3D £22.99 AMOS Compiler £19.99 Anim Fonts 1,2 & 3 £29.99 Blitz Bosic £69.99 Con Do VI.6 £64.99 Cross Dot £22.99 Dev Poc 3.0 £49.99 Directory Opus £25.99 Diskmaster £32.99 Hi Speed Pascal £64.99 Home Accounts 2 £36.99 Hyperbook £42.99 Lattice C V5.1 dev sys £171.19 Quarter bock £39.99 Quarterback Tools £44.99 SASC £159.99 Superbock £35.99 Superbase Pro 4 £299.00 Superbose Pers 2 £76.49 x Copy £30.39
Formula I Grand Prix.
A320 Airbus ...... Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker.... WWF Wrestlemonia .. Horleqiin Birds Of Prey ...... Robocop 3 .. Dizzy Collection ..... Populous 2 .. World Series Cricket.
SHARON DAWN BARBARA EDUCATION GOVERNMENT ORDERS ACCEPTED HOW TO ORDER DIAMOND SHOPS AROUND THE U.K. Simply telephone through your order, giving your Access or Visa cord number, or send
o cheque or postal order to your locoi Deole- MAN ORDER No 071
580 4355 Prices include VAT unless otherwise stored Minimum
Courier Service £10.00 Allow 10 working days for cheque
clearance Bankers drabs clear on the same day.
All prices ore correct ot time of going to press but may change without notice.
POSTAL SERVICE FROM OUR TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD BRANCH ONLY THE DIAMOND PRICE PLEDGE , whilst buying goods from us, you can show us a better price for the same goods in stock from one of our ‘U.% competitors then toe will match that price "Even if our prices have increased we will honour the price in this adttrtisment on items in stock_as (ong as you bring it with you ‘This 'Hedge applies only to customers retying on this advertisment before the end of the month of publication. It does not apply to competitors prices offered in closing down or stock clearance sales.
P. O. BOX 2, TYLOSSLEY, MAMCHHSiTrFi, M29 7BN o fiOC Two disk
catalogue only 75p. (FREE UPDATES III) American Premier
Catalogue £1.00 Utilities l«7- Dcopy 17 Brand NEV.' Release
Jan 92 U17- Razor loots- Excellent did; U25- fonts & Surfaces-
Cut and Paste 1732- (Might- Lapsed commercial Tracer.
1733- M-CAD- Computer Aided Design pae
1) 351477- Dark star Ltih- Nos 2 to 4 U38- Assassins Boot
Utilities- Excellent 1142- SID VI.06- The Only directory util
U43 4 Catalogue workdiop- Rather good 1145 - 52- CLIP IT!-
EIGHT disks !!
U54- Hard Disk Utils- wouldn't he without II57- Messy sid II- Ultimate in transferers 158-IBeMulator- An exceptional tool U41- Intercostal Utils- Brilliant disk U70- Darlstar Lb Is 5- Yet another!
U83- Sculpt 3D Semes- For Sculpt owners U 87)8* Graphics Management I 90- Griieology database- Needs I meg 1193- Sdk ir jpaint VIJ- Brilliant rival I 94- (fpti Utils I • Excellent quality I 9ff- 1*4 High Quality ( bp Art 7 disks Ul 18- I’Nidk- Europa Ltib 7- Excellcni I I21-'|»tJruni Emulator- Rather good I 129- I Compiler- Very popular 1131 • Avsasdos Multi visum- OFX tools I 134- ElrotrorRd VI.4- Latest version' I 14.'- Soper kilbjs- BOOTX Vd-U I 145 I ¦**! I tih ~ 2 utilities UI52- Xenon Ulih-lQvcaM.ftvctaHilie' I 154- Garfield ( lipirf- Usclull tfuti ?
U141 - Authrox Ulib IT- Rcrororoewkd !
1142- Defies Utik I- I i.xsual collector.
1174- Icon Magic- ExcellSUpnigtt*™?- I 172- DIP- Based on the aJftpfiit W P I 188- Programming I- Lots T info I 192- Night Elvers 4- Excellent* ; 1195- Opti Ulih 2- Latest verse u?5«jiitlpi I 194-Opti t ommy L'UUnatt Comfcsdkk I 197- ( Dir look- Stuffed full •( lUt' I 199- NUKE VI.So- laded (ta I 204- Impfoder Y4- Excellent pacific.
I 207- Printer Utik- By the AssassuHSs I 209- Dynamite Eonls2- More cut nBBtt I 215 Print Studio- The BEST prim® I 220 I N.*th t t ...pile. 7 d.*a I 222 3 415- ( Manual V2 (4 disks) *• I 224- Gelignite Fonts- Hnlbani-u mack i 1 232- Gelignite E.aits 2- Mark &D«n W I 233,4- VS„Hlo-slteoch 2-Mtkeaod (tffi I 237- Insanity look- 203 tods no docs 1 238 .(lignite louts 3 - Mark at his he*, t 240- ,*, t minis 2- NC OMM V2.t t 241 2,3 4.5- PageStream Fools 5 dinks I 246 7-Cip-U! Vol 4 Mythological beasts , 257-1 2W - loots Dpu.ii, compat. SdoA.
Educational & Games (¦3112- Star Trek- By Tobias Richter G35- Board (iamr*- Include* Monopoly (i39- FluMhhitr- Excellent game ( 3- Mrgabalk Bnlliant breakout clone (i54- Aapte Ahaohnely brilliant 4 kid* (i53- Zeus- Vay addictive tik game (i55- Sealance- Sub strategy type game (i62- POM POM (iunnrr- Very Hood!
G74- Skier- Excellent game ( 72- Snakepit- Suitable for the kid*.good (iH4 Peter's Quest- Lovely graphics G9I- Insider; Club- Slock Market strategy APD59- Super Quiz- Excellent quiz game APD62- Arcadia- Nice breakout clone APDII4- Cronftro- Very nicely done APDI15- Boloonacy- Superb f.u the kid* APDI34- Wooden Ball- Bnlliant APDI42- Pair Craiy- Very giwul API 144- Fruit Machine- For the addict APDI 48- Demolition mission AI'DI40- Quizmaster- Excdlcnl APDI78- Mastrrmind I Pairup- Good APDI80 1- Dungeon Driver- Bnlliant APDI82 3- Pixie kingdom- Very good APD3I4- Blackjack Trainer- St crh APD3I5-
Silver Ban* A live Enrmy -i APD324- HvperbaB- Aril yet gel U ¦ APD329- F ruit Machine- Brilliant game Business & Serious B02- Wordw right- Wordproccaaor B04- Clerk- Accounting B04- U-Fdit- Very powerful w pmecaaor B07- Hrxihaw- Powerful yet easy to use BI4- Invmtory A Memopad- Very handy BI2- Busukv. Card Maker- Pretty Good B14- Vrdcak- Similar to lotus 1-2-3 PC HI7. Y»4 X 'cr*' » ¦ icddor BI8- l exlplus V3.0E- Edit oruachiBJWcs!
B19- 600 Busine-ks U-Uwn-Brilliant H2I ItKw II ( ¦% touvdataki B22- DataBase W'ht- Name A address B23- TexlFamjrf V3- Superb B34- Amibase Prpft- Ex Licenceware B3I- AmiC *A*'Exccllcnl accounting APD52- Forms Really Unlimited APD132-Family History Database API) 138- Spanish Tutor- Pretty good !
APD257- Caaette Ubeler- For the inlay* Slideshows & Pics PI 112- Nasa Sideshows- Both I A 2 here P25- Roger Dean- Excellent slideshow P32- Agatron 4- From Tobias Richter P33- Agatron 8- More from T R» stable P44- Max's Art- Very nicely done.
P4I- Nemeras Prologue- From Hambal P48- Psygnosis shdshow- Rather bnlliani P54- Son connect ion- More from this group P42.3 Channel 42 A Slentv Very good P45- Agatron 12- Fantastic quality P64- Eraxion Future Viaonv Very gocxl 1*47- Agatron 11- Incredible standard* P83- Invisible world- Bugs n things P85- Rohocop- By HanRvil.VnbeUtvMr !: PSA- Art for Arts Sake- Bv Hanibal- Brill ,nimations (most imb) 14- More Aerotoons- By Exk Schwartz, if- Batman- Thin i& brilliant I by E S ) T Ptgga io Spare- Brilliam 2- Probe- The moat famous of all umm* 58- W - n r«JAsWv'me legs walkm Aril Vgatrtn
iffSWHteAUtus • F r,2 Man,|i ( 'I,riur- BfiHiaot aqucn V4.V Juggler II- ry.vayTluMiy.aee ill 74- gat run .ME Millcmtm Fafcoite.
A79- Agatron 33- Ahird of pray A83- Discovers Shull 4- Very good A87- Car- Loius A Unicydc. HrilliaM; - - AX9- Agalrw 22- Include* apmach • m* A94- Agatron 24- Belle Huey HclicopW A94 5- X-Wing- Raiher bnlliant seuuenc A9477- light Cycle- Fmm Trod and Bril A98 9- nti-Leiiuniiigs- 2 MIX.'
A10011 213 415- The W alk ExcepilOMd A14718 9 14- THE LANDING- 4 MEG Al 12- Juggetle II- Another hilarious oflj Al 15- Agatron 27- Book and other* Al 14- Agatrun 28- DiKonncct. Bcautifd Al 17- Agatron 29- Millenium Fakon : A124- Situlllfrork- By Eric Schwani;.
A124- Real 31) Anim- 'Real PinhallNfoji AI27- Real 3D Anim2- T-M and bnlM Music M0I- Sound samples- include* perfect snd ME Vangefcv- Brilliant music A graphics JB0- Jean Michel Jarre- With good pics Vmigadeus- By Rod Baxter- Brill .Ml 9- Cbtvsix I- Mr Baxter strike* again ' 5124- Cfatvdx 2* More of his formidable wk MM- APDC 11- Sound utilities MS- APDL 28- MIDI UTIIJTIES M5jcV4 5- Modules- Need 1 say more ?
M58 9(64- Metal Module*- O-.xl M6I 273 Sound sample* for S Tracker Ml 15- Sjoopex Music Ubk- By the score Ml31- Inbxe Muric Data- Needs DM M145- Midi Prograinnies- M152- Midi programmes- More M165- MF.D «3-2 Fantastic music editor M172- Atidtomttic VI.I- Brilliant utilities Sound Ltihbn M227- Deja Vu (Incorporatl AMOS licenceware) £ 1 HI! Lunik' Bun|k- SupcA, game tot kids. Icon dnvca : LPD8- Work A Play- 3 cducahff for young kid*. Recommended. ;
I. PDI4- Play It Safe- Aimed at if* v-wrg k ,.K *N..il utCty I
PD22-IX: 10 200 Fontv This cr to install more fonta in your
I. PD27- Flower Power- Educ orientated for the vcty young LPD28-
BudRasel- Biauti?uHya jnd extremely user fncndly, try it I
1*1)29- Big Top Fun- Yetarartbc LPD35- T-TecDraw- Full tc
drawing prv'gram Fantastic results.
LPD38- Amos Art- Full of gou inclusioa in your own AM 3S creal I 1*1)40- SpriteBaak tdiiur- Supcrb. Need I say more ? Needs
I. PD4S- MUSIC BOX- The ult music educatkm for kids. La I PD46-
Magpies Clipart- Cry*
1. PD5I- Mafj arvoong artist- A colouringi« »WM»):n n, for kids.
I. H)5}* Lu4an Fonts- Same as Ip.)77 bufiilw ihuuebt he
compatible wiih most prime** 512k Cbpan 3- 512k ( Upart 4-
512k f KtrX VT.32- An update to the I H Kon and enhanced AMI
S LPMy Text VI.32- An ncxicnsion to AMP allow you tro use
icon based font* POWER PLANNER- An addrcs* MfmLsc and
apmimtinciii planner 512k 1JU48- VinM Buster- Excellent by ROD
¦PD73- Amos Database V3.01 512k
* 3*075- Vidro F ab- Brilliant Vidro Hiding 'vsSu?Vc' ' 1 nK* I
.PD77- Powerhase- Excdlciu I meg
I. PD74- Music Engine- Excellent music kluy ing routine for Amo*
utere. AMI S ¦PIW4-Icon Bank Editor- Brilliant from |hc
Blitter Boys Quite something! AMOS
I. PWfl- Pools Pro VU Pool* predictor and quite good 512k.
I. PrM4-Nrommand V 2.03b-Givca your Amo* crealion* the WB2 kn*
AMOS Deluxe Paint IV . Deluxe Paint
IILdimitrd Mock).
Dduxc Print IL ... Spcctracolour- . DigiVicw Media Station - Walt Disney Anim.Studio ... Turbo Silver ...... Art Dept. Pro V2.I- Real 3D Pro VI.4 Sculpt Animate 4D Pro . Pixel 3D V2 ...... Calbgari 2__ Drw 41) Professional_ PtoDraw V2 ..... Map Master for Imagine...... Surface Master for Imagine.
FI 5 Anim Brush**.------ Red l otus Aram Brushes... Space Voyager Aram Bred £49.99 i: .....£39.99 iMi & Authoring
- --------£69.99 .- ..£39.99 ......£59.99
_________£24.99 ~ ...£149 99 .. £199.99
- ------£34.99
- ----£22.99 _________±27.99 ......£34.99 £69.99 ; Clip
LUUV.S VVLV SVN Y T OSl W Scala.---------JShBST99 Scala 504----------------£99.99 The Director V2 ..£7999 3 T B S¥.S Superbase 4.0 Pro---------£199.99 Your l-amilv Tree V2_________£49.99 TfcXT VAY & V7 ?lW etSSLYRS ( vgnus Ed IvofesMonal_________£59.99 Kindword* £4999 QuickWrile-£54.99 Turbo Text £59.99 PenPal---------------£84.99 W ord Perfwl V4.I______________£149.99 YAYViCiYYWN Mavis Beacon l eaches Typing. £39.99 Math* Adventure ..H5 99 World Atlaa V2. .-..£39.99 Ibe French Mistress_£19.99 Ibe
(ierman Maxtrr--£19.99 Ibe Spanish Tutor_______£19.99 Itte Italian Tutor--------£19.99 Math Vi won__________£119.99 FISH 1-640, TBAG 1-64 SMAUG , PANARAMA NZAUG , TOPIK , SNAG AMIGAS , SCOPE & THE PREMIER COLLECTION AVAILABLE.
IF YOU ORDER 10 OR MORE, f 1 V A vou GET A FREE ONE f I II POSTAGE: UlluV UK anil BFPO: Please add Sop to order.
Per Dirk Europe: Please add 2()p per disk, pi", Pmi»Sc world: Please add 4 )p per disk CO-fOVSDfK Of THE PVBLK DOMAIN STANDARDS EOR DISTRIBUTION AS ENDORSED BV COMMODORE UK f ONLY AMIGA GUIDE WORTH READING---- This month sees the introduction of two more columns in our bustling Blues. The first part of our in- depth look at Arexx begins on page 170, and promises to be the most comprehensive feature on t,.j the 'new' language to appear in any e n is. - j magazine. Our second new feature is the much-reguested Music column, written by Tony Horgan, and which begins with a look at the recent MIDI
show in London. As usual, our Comms and Education columns continue apace, both delving deeper into their respective subjects after last month's introductory features, if that isn't enough, there's also our buyer's guides, step- by-step tutorials and the controversial Points of View page.
148 JOYSTICK BUYER'S GUIDE The second ond concluding port of our mommoth joystick buyer's guide has another II sticks up foe review os well os o round-up of lost month's top sticks for those who missed it. Which joystick will receive the ultimate accolade and be voted the top stick of '92?
152 BACKCHATcu AMIGAs letters pages return once more, for more lively debate on all topics concerning everyone's favourite machine. If you want to let off steam about absolutely anything, now's your chance.
154 STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO SID After lost month's introduction, Mat Broomfield tokes a more detoiled look ot this smart directory utility.
156 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS if you've got a burning question obout the Amiga, or a problem needing a solution, now's your chonce to get some top odvke. Mot Broomfield is here to answer all your AMIGA-related problems.
161 MUSIC Tony Horgan, no stranger to the PO scene, joins the (U team with the first instalment of a new monthly music column.
Read his report on the recent MIDI show held in London.
164 COMMS Dave Bums continues his in-depth look at Bulletin Boards ond Modems os he reviews some popular boards ond offers useful lips ond advice.
166 INSIDE INFORMATIONIfyouwanttoknow what wos topping the charts three years ogo or what straddles the top twenty this month, read Rik Hoynes’ Inside Information.
168 EDUCATION Dyslexia affects one in ten of the population to some degree or another. Mike Gerrord takes o look ot Solly Systems' DyspeH program which hopes to overcome the disability once and foe all.
170 AREXX The first part of a three-part series on the new Arexx language storts this issue. Alex Gkm acts os your expert guide ond provides both the novke and expert user a comprehensive look at the language's inner-most secrets.
178 POINTS OF VIEW Palace's Pete Stone gets on his soap box to wax lyrical oboul the ®TV and why he thinks the machine is doomed. Hove Commodore got a good enough marketing strategy?
Are they well-equipped lo take the AMIGA into the 21st Century? Find out what Palace's MD thinks on poge 178.
Buying a joystick is easy.
Buying one that doesn’t fall apart or stop working within a week is another matter entirely. Faced with an endless array of rubbernecked wonders, each with Its own ergonomic design and outrageous claims of longevity, it's a thankless and costly task choosing which one to pit against the likes of Project X, Speedball II or Rainbow Islands.
If you're fed up forking out a small fortune each month to replace faulty joysticks, then fear no more! CU’s crack team of wagglers have been busy over the last two months putting some of the finest joysticks that money can buy through arduous routines and subjecting them to literally hours and hours of solid play.
The result of all this waggling? Probably the most comprehensive joystick reviews ever! To make things easy, we've given each joystick an overall score as well as marks for innovation, durability, ease-of-use, comfort factor, and responsiveness.
Moments After last month’s huge joystick round-up of 15 top sticks, we’re going to do it all over again. We’ve lined up another 11 of the finest joysticks money can buy and put them through their paces.
( HYPERSTAR Spectra Video Price: £16.99 Looking more like a North Sea Oil Rig than a conventional joystick, the Hyper Star is probabty best suited for left-handed players. If you're right-handed, you'l find the cord travels in the opposite direction to your Amiga and has to double-back on itself. With only a very short three-and-a- half loot cable to play with, right-handed users almost end up sitting on their computer.
The two firebuttons are very small, but each is split into two levered halves so that rapid fire is easily achieved by rocking to and fro between the buttons. There's also an auto-fire switch to make life even easier. The shaft is lightly sprung but with just enough resistance to make it easy to use, and the five suction cups are as good as super glue at times.
The biggest drawback is the redicu- lous design of the stick and, in particular, the spindly legs which the suckers are attached to. I honestly cannot see them lasting for very long.
VERDICT: Good overall feel but spoilt by careless design.
INNOVATION 84% DURABILITY 60% EASE-OF-USE 75% COMFORT FACTOR 78% RESPONSIVENESS 78% OVERALL 77% i CRYSTAL TURBO Sonmax Price: £14.99 Transparent plastic joysticks may be a passing fad, but they are certainly intriguing. Featuring a mishmash of multi-coloured wires, circuit boards and soldered contacts, the Crystal Turbo looks the business. Complemented by a red pistol grip and two auto-fire buttons positioned at the base of the machine, the stick also sports Powerplay’s Triple Action' auto-fire. This means that you can opt to fire at your own speed with the auto-fire switched off or, with the
auto-fire switched on, the stick is capable of spewing out short rapid bursts or a more deadly continuous blast (depending on a game's configuration).
Other refinements include fully microswitched buttons and eight-way controllability with an adequate five-and- a-half foot lead. The stick's travel is small, allowing for quick rapid movements on screen. It doesn't feel particularly well constructed, but held up to hours of intense testing. I must admit to some degree of bias here, though, as a Turbo joystick was one of the first sticks I bought and I still have a liking for them.
VERDICT: Well-proportioned stick with good response and feel INNOVATION 80% DURABILITY 75% EASE-OF-USE 84% COMFORT FACTOR 84% RESPONSIVENESS 82% OVERALL 82% And it is.
It looks so cheap and nasty that even the most tasteless gamesplayer would turn their nose up at it. Fool that I am, I decided to give it a go with a couple of games and, predictably, the stick was every bit as bad as I had supposed Response is awful, with little tactile feedback, and the cord length is a miniscule three-and-a-half foot! When the box mentions such amazing features as stress relief cord’ (which is standard on almost all joysticks) and 4 rubber suction feet', you just know that even the makers of the stick are struggling for something to say.
Okay, so it possesses such features as an auto-fire switch (gosh), 8 directional control (wow), and a contoured handle (zoinks). Unfortunately, these are standard on almost every stick on test, but that doesn't stop Beeshu crowing about them. And if you're really a glutton for punishment, it comes in four garish colours: bright yellow, pink, blue and green.
VERDICT: Definitely the worst joystick we reviewed!
INNOVATION 5% DURABILITY 25% EASE-OF-USE 15% COMFORT FACTOR 7% RESPONSIVENESS 8% OVERALL 9% O FOOTPEDAL Spectra Video Price: £24.99 What, you may be asking, is this weird- looking contraption?! It certainty doesn’t look like a joystick, that’s tor sure In fact, the Footpedal is probably the ultimate accessory for people who take their driving games seriously Used in conjunction with a conventional joystick, the Footpedal can selectively take over three controls from the connected stick.
For example, on a typical car racing game, the three foot pedals can be used to incorporate the up and down movements on a joystick and take over the gear change fire button function.
So. With this in mind, you can now move the car side to s*de using the joystick. While the speed and gear changes of the on-screen car are dictated by pressing one of the foot pedals. For extra realism, it’s possible to use the device with the Zoomer steering column (reviewed last issue) so you've got a near-arcade perfect representation of a com-op conversion.
Its use doesn’t end with racing games, however, as the device can also be used in virtually any other game you feel comfortable using your feet instead of your logger finger. We tried it on IK* and found that it worked a treat, transferring some of the deadly kicking moves to the pedal Admittedly, it does take a while to get used to the new control method, but once you’ve adapted to it. You’ll never want to go back. The machine is also sturdily built and uses industrial standard micro-switches. The configuration device allows you to transfer any fourway joystick movement or firebutton
control method to the pedal.
With colour-coded pedals and an almighty 8-foot cable, plus joystick adapter, the Footpedal is unique and adds a new dimension to almost any game you care to mention.
VKROICTi Highly innovative and.
What’s more, it actually works.
INNOVATION DURABILITY EASE-OF-USE COMFORT FACTOR RESPONSIVENESS OVERALL MEGA STAR Spectra Video Price: £24.96 Obviously designed with the right- handed gamesplayer in mind, the Mega Star is another one ol those transparent sticks, finished oil with a nice orange film. The knobbly stick has a recess In the top which Is a nice idea and is presumably there to rest your thumb.
It’s quite a bulky Strok with five suction cups to plant it firmly onto any convenient llat surface It's also extremely well made and you'd have to run a steam roller over this one to cause it any harm. But that's hall the problem - it's so well made and so sturdy that It's ditficult to use! The shaft is so well sprung that it's stiller lhan most ST users and I doubt it anyone could use it lor more than an hour at a time without their hand seizing up in muscle spasms.
Curiously, the three-and-a-halt loot cable is attached at the wrong end ol Ihe stick so it has even longer to travel to the Amiga. This means, in practice, that you’ve got to be virtually on top ol your machine to even use the stick. The lirebuttoos come in three dltterent button sizes to stab at.
It's definitely lor table-top users ownly as Its incredibly cumbersome design and hefty weight prevents it being portable enough lor hand-held use.
VERDICT! Too bulky and well-sprung to be ol much use.
INNOVATION DURABILITY EASE-OF-USE COMFORT FACTOR RESPONSIVENESS OVERALL gleaming suck constructed trom chrome-eltect ptasuc with a mottled blue transparent base II Biers not enough to sel you dnbMng. The Stic* also handles as well as it looks Using a sturdy steel shaft lot prolonged Me and a sprlng-retum so that Ihe slick is recentered alter each movement the Pro is ideel lor last-paced arcade games although not particularly well-suited lor flight sens. Two large lirebuttons at the Iront ol the machine cater tor left or right-handed players while two small triangular keys provide
temporary rapid lire or temporary slow motion.
Towards the back ol the loysuck base is a switch which activates continuous lire or continuous slowmobon A five-loot cord, coupled with a comfortable hand-grtp. Helps make the stick even better. The nobbly handle and long stem also aftords more controllability with Ihe micro-switches giving a tactile feedback and a reassunng dick each bme the stick is moved.
VERDICT! A classy stick witfi a proven pedigree.
INNOVATION 82% DURABILITY 90% EASE-OF-USE 90% COMFORT FACTOR 92% RESPONSIVENESS 94% OVERALL 92% G PYTHON 1 Spectra Video Price: £10.99 Too big lor a hand-held, the Python 1 is a table-top joystick with bio-gnp' (advertising agency talk lor a com- lortable pistol grip that fits the hand to perfection), and was one ol Ihe most comlortable sticks we tested Its sleek design is complemented by two lirebuttons perched on top ol the handle, with an auto-lire switch placed just below the thumb.
The lack ol micro-switches doesn't give a very positive leel when in use, but tor those who preler leal- sprung joysticks you won't find much belter. The length ol travel is about right lor a flight sim although the stick under-performed when put through its paces on some ot Ihe more demanding arcade shoot 'em ups.
The ngid suckers will alix the device to most smooth surfaces and Ihe six- loot cable is more than adequate.
VERDICTt Stylish and sleek, a definite winner.
INNOVATION 85% DURABILITY 88% EASE-OF-USE 89% COMFORT FACTOR 90% RESPONSIVENESS 84% OVERALL 86% moments C ALPHA-RAY Logic 3 Price: £10.99 Looking very similar to the Sigma Hay (reviewed last issue), the Alpha Ray uses the same pistol grip but has a smaller base so it’s just about possible to use it as both a table-top and as a hand-held Most ol the comments made about the Sigma also hold true for the Alpha: it's a stylish stick more suited to tlight and racing sims rather than the ultra-last arcade-orientated games. I also found the micro-switched firebutton a little loose.
Cord-length at a pathetic fourfeet is nowhere near long enough if you consider the mass of wires which encircle most people's Amigas. The suction cups worked well, though, and virtually bolted the machine onto the table. The pistol grip was very comfortable, too. The firebuttons tell nicely under the thumb and inde* lingers, although their response wasn't brilliant due to the slackness ot the micro-switches. Conversely, the eight-way micro-switched shaft worked a treat.
VERDICT: Gorgeous to look at stick with a solid teel to It.
INNOVATION 81% DURABILITY 83% EASE-OF-USE 83% COMFORT FACTOR 87% RESPONSIVENESS 85% OVERALL 85% C JETFIGHTER Spectra Video Price £12.99 Apparently aimed at the tlight sim specialist, the Jetfighter attempts to mimic ihe yoke of an aircraft control lever Unfortunately, the teel just isn't right as the lightweight device is both too tinny and cumbersome lo be practical.
The large base limits its use to that ot a table-top device, but the cups proved more than capable in fixing the machine lo any flat surface The twin firebuttons, positioned so that they tali beneath the thumb and index linger, ottered a positive click when depressed, but didn’t feel particularly positive or robust.
Autofire comes as standard and is also vanable thanks to a sliding scale. The three and a half foot cable is miserly and the whole thing seems insubstantial and lightweight. Not a particular favourite around the office.
VERDICT: Cheap and nasty, offering a poor response and poor controllability.
INNOVATION 52% DURABILITY 54% EASE-OF-USE 57% COMFORT FACTOR 52% RESPONSIVENESS 50% OVERALL 52% SUPERSTAR Spectra Video Price: £13.99 A distant cousin to the Megastar, the Superstar is a cut-down version of the same stick, although it’s still too bulky (or hand-held action.
Possessing five suction cups and a thre&and-a-halt toot cable, at least the Superstar's connecting lead exits at the hght point tor easy connection to the Joystick port. Another major dit- lerence between the machines is the thin steel shaft which is much looser than the Megastar's and is very easy to control. Although industrial-standard microswitches are used tor the stick mechanism, the fire buttons have sprung-leat switches which aren't as effective.
Overall, this is a belter ot a stick with brilliant control. Project X. Speedball 2. Kick OH2 and R-Type proved no problem and even flight sims responded well to the stick's control. It certainly looks nice, due to its transparent leatures and curved design and, as with all QJ sticks, it's certainly built to last.
VERDICT: Despite the poor response from the tire buttons, this is one of my favourite sticks.
INNOVATION 78% DURABILITY 90% EASE-OF-USE 85% COMFORT FACTOR 79% RESPONSIVENESS 84% OVERALL 84% © MANTA RAY Logic 3 Price: £11.99 If you thought the Sting-Ray (reviewed last month) was strange, then the Manta-Ray propells joysticks into a totally new and weird dimension. It’s bizarre shape has been designed to fit the palm of the hand and. Although looking suspiciously like a beached whale, it is remarkably easy to hold and control.
The nobbly shaft is the same as the Sting-Ray’s and is positioned on top of the device offering excellent control. The index and middle fingers cover the two firebuttons recessed in the four finger grip at the side of the device and prove remarkably well- positioned for continued firepower.
There’s also an auto-fire facility and thruster button, the latter strategically placed under the thumb.
Cord length is a meaty six feet and the fully micro-switched stick responds excellently and never once malfunctioned during more than four hours of continuous testing. It might be one of the ugliest sticks we’ve reviewed, but it’s also one of the most responsive and easy to use.
VERDICTt No beauty, but offers solid controls.
INNOVATION DURABILITY EASE-OF-USE COMFORT FACTOR RESPONSIVENESS OVERALL Y S T I C K S THE ULTIMATE The CU team have been avidly putting some of the top sticks through their paces over the last three months. The following table lists all the sticks we've reviewed so far, with contact information and overall rating, plus a few sticks that arrived too late for a full review.
VERDICT JOYSTICK Looks cute, but plays Nka a brick « a ergonomics, wssk on Samd and sfyhak efti ptoaty of ¦ Btokd design, but I nice stick Met looks, solid construction. * If you want • table-top joystick It Tke imdnpvtsd Klo| of the sticks Innovative daign tort rosily * Bulky and too stiff toko of m TIM best leaf-sprung feystlck • Firm tool, odto a food response Long trsvrt wtto good fl Horrid stick dodge B U Y E R ’ S G U I D E 1 JOYSTICK PRICE COMPANY AUTOFIRE CABLE LENGTH SIMM C16.M Smmi (0457 076705) ¦a Start 1*1*1 £14.88 OuM 10222 555523) Yaa 5 fort ToUM.
C18.SB QuW610222 556525) Ba Start !•*» £15.12 ¦Mi ms eon Yaa 51 2 fart ' Cntar CIBJi Sauu ID4571767051 ¦a Start SpMU* C12-2S (Mi ms eon Yaa Start
£9 99 MMMao aoiscn Yaa 4 last mt966 •* luxe aam
* -¦»*¦ Yaa 4 tort IM CM 95 (mmi (0202 SO 0061 Yaa
• fort SmutiMrno £38.99 Spmtra VWM (081 M0 0024) Yaa 6 foot
C13.99 Uok 1(00 0001024| Yaa Sfsrt s»mcw Ci4.g§ Laolc S (001 HO
N24) Yaa 4 tort
70. WM.
CM. 95 na an
o MieiMI » - ¦ |UC] tmn Yaa 81 2 tort IkVaa CIBJi ni ii Mnmai
tuna b o to) tMuu (0262 SO 006) 0707001 vaa ¦a Van 4 tort 11 2
tort Hyporrtar Crystal Tnrko cu a
• •• Yaa 51 2 tort Hot Stuff am Smmi (0262 00006) Vaa H 2tort
FootPsdal £24.99 Snctn VMM 100 0000024) M 8 foot & f £24.99
VM100 0000024) Yaa 11 2 tort Competition F*ro mm Dyiun.es (061
020 7222) Yaa Start Pytooal C 10.99 SffKtn VMM |0O 900 0024)
Yaa 6 tort Wpka f CIBJI IM (00 900 0020 Va 4 tort JatflgMar
C12JB Swcn VMM |0O 900 0024) Va H 2tort SpMSt.
£1399 MnMuOOnn) Va 11 2 tort Manta-Bay £11JS Law * (00 000 0024) Ya
• tort IS* £8.99 Quebil (6222 *7777) Ya Start Eitarminator £8.88
ChMW |0222 007777) Mo 4 tort MU C14.S EnroMi 10262 90000) Va
21 2 tort T mm £15.99 Smm (0457 0707051 Va 51 2 tort Star pro*
£14.99 QU4U4I (0222 067777) Va Start 78% 17% In the first of a
now two-part Buyer s Guido, we ll be taking an in-depth look at
the humble mouse. On offer will be 10 of the best models
available and each one will have been put through a gruelling
series of tests. Be sure to be here nest month for the
definitive mouse test report.
NEXT MONTH BACKCHAT KEY MISTAKE I have been playing keyboards lor ages and in ihe last year I have got into linking my keyboards with the Amiga. Every time I see an Amiga magazine that contains something to do with music I buy HI Your 'Sound Advice’ article (April 92) is the biggest article I've seen so tar - and the best. However, in part 4 of the article (A to Z ot musical terms) you mention the Juno 6 as being A classic synth from Roland - one ol the first polyphonic synths with MIDI.’ Whilst I agree with the classic synth' bit (I've got one!), untoitunatety H doesn't have MIDI. Do I get
a prize for spotting this devastating mistake?
Kevin Baker, Birmingham You are absolutely correct. The Juno 6 Incorporates CV Gate, an analogue version of MIDI, which does more or less the same thing.
We hope you can live with your loss!
MONEY MATTERS I always buy your magazine and study H from cover to cover. I was wondering it you had any idea how I could possibly turn a good AMOS program into cold hard cash. How could you go about producing a commercial program in AMOS? Or make some money via a PD Ihtrary?
Joes Styemb. Sutton We re not sure what you mean by 'make some money vis a PD library', but as tar as AMOS goes you could try sailing it to Europress Software, the company who produced the AMOS package.
They often snap up good examples of work created on AMOS to uee as demos to promots their product. As tar as the PD scene goes, you won't get a penny unless you release your program as Shareware and include your address on the disk or via the official AMOS library. You'll have to rely on the purchasers honesty to send you a payment, though. The other avenue to tty Is magazines, they are always looking out tor good cover Items (or their disks, but don't pester them unless you think your program Is at least as good as their current crop ot examples.
ANIMATION AND CREATION Having ploughed my way through your animation and graphics special last issue (May) my head was left spinning. I am especially interested in Eric Schwartz's work and have longed lo produce animations ol his quality. I've got a long way to go but your last issue has given me the incentive, inspiration and drive to make H possible. Before I read the articles I thought that animation was simply a matter of sketching some pictures in Dpaint IV and that was that. Now I've discovered Movie Seiler ana PD sample disks I'm sure H won't be long before you're interviewing me!
Paul Steamer, Brighton Glad you appreciated It, that's exactly why we did the feature, so that readers such as yourself would be kicked Into action and do something themselves. Anyone who's got an animation please send them In. Eric can't be the only person in the Western Hemisphere capable ot producing this kind ol detailed work.
OIMKT OUT I want to make a disk comprising my favourite demos and applications and I also want it to be self-booting. How do I go about making my disk load upon insertion without entering the Workbench? I have an A500 and only one drive.
David Collins, Buds Formatting the disk Is not enough to get the machine to Initialise with It. The Workbench disk, which you normally boot up with, has a special Identifying code written on the disk. It Is possible to write this code onto any disk using the install command.
On a single drive computer this can be quite difficult. First you should boot up as usual using the Workbench disk. Then you should open up a Shell or a CU window and type In the following command: INSTALL? The Amiga will then respond with a prompt asking which drive Is to be Installed.
Take out your Workbench disk and swap It for the disk you wish to boot up. Then type: DFO: and COLOUR ME BAD With regard to your articles October 91 - Flexible Friends’ - and January 92's Colour Prints From Mono Printers’. Having only a small budget, but wanting the best quality printouts from my Amiga, I purchased the Canon BJ10EX with auto-sheet feed. My intention was to run black and white for documents etc. with the occasional colour print from my Dpaint, Mandlebrot and Landbuild efforts. I ordered a copy of Flexijet from Care Electronics and then rang System Insight for my colour kit.
That’s when the fun started!
Please can I have the three colour cartridges for my Canon BJ10EX so that I may print full colour - as described in CU Amiga, said I. Sorry.' Said they, we can supply you with the inks - no problem - but we don't stock the colour cartridges. They then suggested it I did not have used cartridges I should empty out new black ones and fill them with coloured ink. They said they had tried but could not obtain empty cartridges from Canon. I fhen phoned Canon only to be told quite politely that they only produce black cartridges because the BJ10EX is a mono machine. I referred fo your articles and
told them that this was a technical breakthrough for the budget user. I even sent copies of your articles to them and mentioned the method of emptying new ones by System Insight. I was told that they neither recommended this nor reusing old cartridges because the head would wear out and give poor quality prints. I cannot see how ink passing down a jet could produce any wear!
In desperation I bought three black cartridges and set about draining them as per instructions. A little tip here for all you out there that have tried this only to finish up with blocked cartridges that won’t print properly and when they do. Print a muddy combination of black plus colour.
The kit sold by System Insight has two refills and one cleaning fluid per colour - Ihe cleaner is nowhere near enough to remove all the black ink. I had to supplement it with about 1 2 pint of distilled water to remove the last of the black (make sure it’s distilled so as not to block the jets with water impurities).
The next problem is getting into the cartridge. System Insight supply a snug fitting container that allows you to inject ink with the minimum of fuss. Inside the cartridge is an absorbent material which stops the ink from splashing about as the carriage runs from side to side on print runs. The ink passes from this through a fine mesh on the end of a tube to the nozzles. If you squeeze too hard to get ink into the cartridge, the absorbent material is forced by pressure against the mesh (rather like taking the plug out of the sink and putting a dish cloth in the bottom) and this causes a
Fill the cartridge with the filler hole facing up. This allows air to be forced out of the nozzles thus avoiding the pressure. If you have any difficulty with ink flowing, lap the cartridge lightly on a flat surface - I used a CU Amiga magazine to soften the blow (plug), this dislodges the absorbent material and away you go. Top class colour prints. It’s just a pity Canon don't wake up to the fact that it's probably your articles that have increased the sales of fheir printers and if they franchised out a little cottage industry to fill empty cartridges, we wouldn't have the pain that always
seems to come with the pleasures In life.
Peter Topping, Manchester BACKCHAT press return. The disk should now be installed end you will be eble to boot up from It. Remember that It you want to boot up from a disk you must have a start up sequence In the S: directory to tell the Amiga what to do.
GOT SOMETHIN' TO SAY? Cu amiga is the country's fastest-growing magazine, and therefore the premier forum to air your views on anything connected with the Amiga scene. Your comments can make a difference so don't be indifferent, drop us a line today.
BARGAINS GALORE Alter picking up a computer maga zine lor the first time I was amazed to see the prices of software advertised throughout its pages. I live in London and readily know that a new full- priced game can cost anything up to £38 so when I saw such fantastic games as The Secret Ol Monkey Island. Gods and PGA Tour God tor the increrkbfy low prices advertised I could not believe my eyes There must be a catch, surely. How can these companies otter such unbeliev- able bargains? I am extremely tempted to send off a cheque post haste, but until you can offer some explanation for these
bargains' It'll stay In my pocket!
Martin Hoi max. London The reason these companies offer such unbelievable value lor money Is that they do not have the expense or overheads of High Street properties. Rent, especially In London, can be Incredibly high and the shops have to get their money back somewhere - hence the higher price for their games.
Mail order companies buy In bulk and at dirt cheap prices therefore even when you are saving six or seven ponds per game they are not actually making any lesa than a shop. Be warned, however, mall order companies are notorious for advertising products they don't actually have, being out of stock or |ust cashing your cheques and keeping you hanging around for weeka. The best advice Is to use the most established ones.
Cheapest Is not necessarily beat.
PD FAN Since reading your comprehensive demos section I've become hooked on the scene. However, what puzzles me is that with all this cheap' software floating around why haven't you snapped some up lor your cover disks? Don't misunderstand me I thmk your disks offer great value lor money and are as rewarding as any rve bought, but I've never seen a crew logo or any such monicker attached to any ol the programs. I would personally prefer to receive a really grooving rave track that would send my senses racing. Ol course, everyone has their own tastes.
Ian Garwood, Woolwich Just because PD Is cheap lo buy doesn't mean that It's necessarily cheap to buy outright. In order lo get a program on the cover of a magazine you have to buy It lock, stock, and barrel, and actually own It first, an expensive process.
CU has bought you some games and utilities from the PD circuit before, but we'd much rather receive contributions from up and coming new talent that hasn't been seen previously, than give you something you could have bought yourself for a couple of pounds from any library.
FRUS- 5S8,«TON I've noticed that you are devoting more and more pages towards Pubkc Domain soltware The last issue had at least eight pages. Now although I can appreciate that some people are really interested in this type of thing i don't think they are in the ma(orlty. At least lour ol these pages could be reclaimed in the name of software and hardware reviews. Apart from that niggle I really enjoy CU and wel come the new direction in which II is heading.
Saavan Burns. Surrey We don't think you are entirely correct about the proportion of people Interested In PD. Already our recent readera survey has Indicated that the vast ma|orlty of readers are actively involved In buying PD disks. We also believe that Ihe PD scene Is a vital ingredient In ensuring that new programmers have an outlet lot their material that Is not commercial. Imagine If you were a would-be coder and could not find anyone to publish your game utility. Ale. You'd probably get so frustrated you'd give up on the creative aspects of computing and resort to keeping fish!
Seriously though, our coverage Is not excessive when compared to the huge amount of new disks released each month. As long as there's a need and desire for PD we'll review It.
I am a new Amiga owner and have only just started reading CU Amiga.
When I was buying my computer in the shop the assistant informed me that the package did not include a joy stick. Looking around the shop my eyes were drawn towards the ergonomic Quickshot stick, it's a pity I didn't read your joystick round up first as I would have most definitely chosen a morp expensive, yet far superior stick. The one I now own U totally redundant. Although it was relatively cheap i would have expected it to last longer than a month Anyway II be rushing out to buy a Zip Stick as soon as I can. That is if I can pull myself away from my machine.
Simon Forest. Blackthorn Dan Sllngsby compiled our joystick extravaganza and he received many a blister and aching joints whilst testing them out. It seems that everyone likes the Zip Stick, which was reviewed last Issue along with 14 others. The Zip Stick la the office choice so far with a vote of 95%. The lowest mark last issue went to the Tortoise with an all time low of 11V New sticks are coming out all the time and no-one has Invented the Ideal stick. I'd like to see a stick that absorbs sweet and stays cool to the touch. Dan would like one that protects your hands from blisters. Steve
Merrett Is happy to stick with a Comp Pro, whilst Steve Keen prefers the Python, and Nick doesn't play enough games to warrant us letting him have one.
NEEDY CD Please tell me thal I haven't made a huge £600 mistake. I've just bought a CDTV and, although I've played Lemmings to death, the machine has now become the most expensive white Elephant I've ever bought. Is anything going to come out on this machine or have I wasled my money?
Julian Price. Mo Address Given The CDTV, as everyone should know by now, Is merely a Compact Disc player linked to an Amiga. The machine Itself Is no better than a normal I Mb machine except It can also store amounts of data on Its compact disks.
It Is also audio compatible with conventional Cds, so at the very least your CDTV Is In fact a high quality CD player with the added bonus that It Is an Amiga as well.
To be slightly fair to Commodore, although due to their handling of new products they don't deserve It, the CDTV hes been completely let down by software developers.
No one Is going to release, commission, produce or convert for this machine until sales Increase, something that Commodore are desperate to achieve. And In true Catch-22 fashion, nobody In the know Is going to buy the machine until the software Is there. At the risk of sounding pessimistic, the CDTV Is virtually doomed unless the CD ROM drive takes off and Initiates the flood of disks urgently needed. But there's another story.
FOR- II always amazes me that as the years go by we gel even more football games. In your May Issue you had an extremely interesting round up of the genre, but this is by no means all the games that have been released on the Amiga. I am in two minds on the subject On the one hand. I regard Kick Off Has the finest football game ever and on the other I thmk that the game is seriously floored and tar from the best game of our generation' title given to K prematurely by most magazines. I think the only way for me to overcome my frustration is to switch off my televi slon set and go do
something less infuriating instead. That is, until the next batch of tooty sims are released.
Adrian Han. Hull Whilst there's no denying that K03 is one ol the best two-player games around and undoubtedly the finest football game so tar released, we have to agree It Is seriously flawed. Sprite detection, especially on the goalie. Is terrible and you can end up taking comer kicks against your own goal. Sieve Merrett reckons Sfrfkerts exceptionally good, though. As lar as Ihe future ot tooty games Is concerned, there's always room for Improvement Who knows what's around the comer.
WRITE TO CU, 30-32 FARRINGDON LANE E C 1 R 3 A U STEP-BY-STEP NEEDFUL THINGS Last month, we looked at the basic operations ot S O, and how easy it is to use.
However, as each user will have differing requirements of the program, many aspects of it can be customised to suit individual preferences. This month, we'll be looking at how to customise the program using the configuration file.
Provided you're using a proper release version of SID, you'll find the configuration file (called SID.Config) in the S directory of the disk. Before you can do anything, you must load it into a text editor or word processor such as Ed or Memacs. Memacs can be found on your Workbench or Workbench Extras disk.
MW* Once the tile has loaded, you'll see a list of Keywords, followed by their parameters. These keywords represent the things you can change about the program - for example, the keyword ColorO allows the user to change the colour that SID uses for the screen background and the window title bar text. It's followed by an equals sign (=) and a number, which represents the colour to be used.
Almost every option has a default value, which is built into the program.
Providing your configuration (config) file hasn't been modified, the parameters given are exactly the same as the defaults.
When SID loads, it automatically searches the S directory for the config file, and overwrites its internal settings with those listed in the file. If an option is not specified, SID will revert to its default. For example, if no ColorO command is listed in the config file, the program will assume that you're happy with the standard setting. This means that your customised config file only needs to contain commands whose parameters you wish to change. This saves lime when loading.
SIZING IT UP Let's make our own config file, so that you can see how some of the options work. We'll start by changing Ihe size of the window SID opens to display files in.
In its default mode, it opens up a fullscreen window (640x200 pixels). This screen size is generated by setting the WindowHeight keyword to FULL, one of four possible settings tor the screen size. By changing the value of this word to HALF or LACE, the window size will be altered to 640x100 or 640x400 pixels respectively. If you don'! Want to use one of the predefined sizes, enter the value SPECIFY as the WindowHeight parameter. This allows you to specify the height in rows, up to a maximum ot twenty-two using another keyword called SpecityRows. Therefore, to set the height of the window
to eleven rows you would type the following: WindowHeight - SPECIFY SpecifyRows -11 STRANGE DEVICES Now that the window size has been changed, it's time to customise the device buttons so that they call up the directories we want, rather than the presets. To do this, specify the alternate path names for each button using the BUTTON keyword. Let's assume that you don’t have a third external disk drive, so the fourth button labelled DF3 is useless to you.
However, you frequently access files in your devs directory and would prefer a quick way of lumping straight to it. Just type the following entry in the config file - BUTTON4=DF0:devs.
Now, whenever you click the fourth button, you'll be taken directly to the devs directory of whatever disk is in the internal drive (DF0).
Eight buttons in order, with no spaces between them. I’ve also shortened devs to DEV because of that three character limit to device button names.
Rirganised CONCLUSION The SID configuration file can contain roughly one hundred different keywords, each with user-definable parameters. However, as most people will only need lo modify a few of them, I'll leave you to research the complete list at your leisure. All official release disks contain configuration documents that go into more detail about Ihe keywords. You can buy a copy of SID 1.6 for £2.50 including P&P from Valley PD, PO Box 15. Peterlee. Co Durham, SR8 1NZ. Incidentally. SID is a shareware program, which means that it can be freely copied wifhout having to pay a fee.
However, if you plan to continue using the program you should send the author a S25 registration fee which also entitles you to additional upgrades. It's currently estimated that only one in every 200 copies of S Dare registered, thus depriving Timm Martin of hundreds of well- earned pounds.
Of course, it’s all fine and dandy reassigning Ihe way the buttons work, but it'll be damn confusing if you don't relabel the buttons to indicate their new function, too. For that, we use the DeviceButtons keyword. There are eight device buttons, each of which has a title three characters long. Assuming we don't change the function of any other buttons, the correct entry would look like this: DeviceButtons - DF0DF1DF2DEVR AMRADFH0DH1VOLDIR The characters after the equals sign represent the labels for each of the Mat Broomfield continues his step by step guide to SID, one of the best direc
tory utilities available.
THE BEST JUST GOT BETTER SID started out m October 1988 as little more than a programming exercise for college student Timm Marlin. After releasing version 0 49 in t989 the response to the program was good enough to justify developing it further After creating numerous modifications. Timm decided to create the ultimate director utility and started work on SID2 Having just released a preview version Timm was struck down for two months by serious illness, and he was mortified to see that Directory Opus was released during that time The program was so close in specifications to Timm's own
creation, that many people assumed that they were in fact one and the same thing Nevertheless. Timm persevered with his own creation and the results speak for themselves.
SID2 will be available by June and it s every t»t as good as one might have hoped. Of course it s still fully configurable more so than ever in fact. It gives you an infinite number of programmable buttons letting you access any program from its ultra user-fnendly interface Without any doubt, it lives up to Timm's aspirations for it truly is the ultimate directory utility FLEXIBLE FRIEND There are many limes when SID loans independant programs lo perform particular functions. For example, whenever you select edit a text editor is loaded select show and a picture viewer is called op. The Deauty
of this system is that you can substitute your own programs for the defaults, so if you prefer Cygiws Ed is your text editor you can tell SID to load it whenever you select EDIT To change the text editor, you need to use the FileEdit keyword so it gives the name and path ol your replacement editor Let s assume that you use Cygnus and it's on a disk called Utils, simply add the following line lo the config tile to use it FileEdit=UTILS:Cygnus There are a number of other commands which can be changed in exactly the same way. Here s a list, complete with their function.
Calculator This loads up a calculator program and defaults to c calculator.
FileXEdil This loads up a hex editor and uses C newzap as its default Hear The sound sample replay program to be used. C:hear is the default Preferences The pain name of Ihe preferences file to be used Print This specifies the name and path of the program to be used for printing ASCII (text) files.
NewCLI This indicates the location and way lhat a new CLI window will be opened.
In addition to the above keyword definibons. You can also specify up to five different archivers, and the archival method used However, as that's a little bn specialised. I ll leave you to research them for yourself if you need them.
PREMIER MAIL ORDER Titles marital * are mil yet available and will be seal an day of release.
Please send cheque M) Access Visa No. And expiry dale (Cheques isr INI's taxable In Premier Mail Order) la : Dept CU06. Trybridge Lid.. 8 Buckwins Sq.. Burnt Mills. Basildon, Essex. SSI3 1 BJ.
Please stale malic and model of computer when ordering. P&P inc. UK on orders omr ti.llll. I.ess than £5.00 and Europe add Cl.IX) per item. Else.dure please add C2.0H pel¦ Hem for Airmail. These offers arc available Mail order anbi . Telepllone orders: mon-Eri 9am-7pm. Saturday I0am-4pm. Eax orders : 0218 590076. Tel Orders : 0268 ¦ 590766 12 Meg Upgrade ... 1 2 Meg Upgrade with dock 3D Construchcn Kit .. 40 Dnvtn (1 Meg)------------------ 2 Hot To Hand® ..._ Arsenal FC' ..... ..- ... Awa-0 Wviners'
..._ Abandoned Place* .. Addams Family' ...... AirBus .. Air Duel* .... .....2499 26 99 32 99 _____19.99
- .... 16.99 ____16.99 ......1699 .1900 1699 2299 2299 Air Land
Sea ...- ...... Air Su»or1'

Agony--------------------- .. Altered Beast
A. P.B ..- ..- AssauE on
Alcatraz ' ......
AMOS ......- . _______24
99 1999 16.99 699 1699 ..6.99
1699 29 99 AMOS 30 .....- ...- AMOS
Compiler ..- ... ......24.99
.19.99 Another World ... .....
A kaniod 2 ....- ... Award
Wrners*------------------- B17 Flymg Fortress (1 meg)'-------
Barbarian 2------------------------- Bards Tale Tripe Pack
* .. .1999 ...699 .18.99
22 99 .1699 24 99 Batman me Caped Crusade* Batman The
Movie------------------ Battle Chess
Oaasfbuafew.....- Beach Volley
....- ..... Board
Genius .. Birds Ot Pray (1
Meg) ..... Big
Rat--------------------------- qi -i. Croesi 11 li&nl
...... 699 .*99 1699 . IV M 11 99 ...... 699
.1999 22 99 1699 mao* urypr n wegi Blue Max (1
Meg).™.- ..... Blues Brothers
- 7™-1999 1699 Bonanza Bros
* .. . 4D
Boxing________________________________ 1699 1699 Bubble
Bobbie ____________________________
Budokan .- ...... 6 99 8 99
Cabal ...- ...
Campaign* ....- ... Castles (i
Meg) ....-.....- .. ...699 2299
.1999 Chad Anacfc i---------------------------- Chase
HO ...... 1999
..699 Capcom Cc*ec!cn ... Cab
tom ia Games . rs-----.
______1999 699 earner Command.....- .. Cavaoar ... ... Cadaver Data Disc ......- ...... "1-1299 ...9.99 Capfta---------------------------------- 12 99 Cantuton .. Chaos Engine *------------ ...... Civilisation (1 Meg) .... ...8.99 1699 ..... 22.99 Conan The Cimmerian' Continental Circus ....- ...... Covert Action (1 Meg) ...... Crazy Cars 3'-------------------- Cricket t meg .
.1999 ...899 .22.99 ...... 1699 ..999 Curse of Azure Bonds (1 Meg) ... P Wak | .19.99 ______ 6 99 Ufiwu*' .... Das Boot .....- ________1999 DaWy Thompson Challenge Oaiaros------------------------------------ ....6.99 _______1999 DtaBMngy-------------------------- Death Knights 01 Krynn (1 meg) 19.99 ________19.99 Demonsgate" .. .... Disney Anmation .. Dizzy Collection ... Double
Dragon...._ .. Double Dragon 2 . Double Draoon 3 22.99 ......59.99 16 99 ...899 ..899 ...... .1699 UwfW I ! ..... Dragon No, a .. Bvka2(i Meg) ..... Bp*c '......- .. Eye of the Beholder 11 meg) ...... Eye ot the Beholder 2(t Meg)' Eye o'the Storm'---------------------- ..699 2499 ______19 99 .1999
- ------1999 1999 f £ Face 0*--------------------- .....
F’5 S**e Eagle 2 (i Mgf Ft6 Combat
PiDt™ .-...... F19 Steam
Fighter ...... Falcon
3'_________________________ Final Fight . lew
- ------7.99
19. 99
- ---24*9 ...... .1699 First Samurai • Mega Lo Mama .
Flag'----------------------------- _______1999 _______1999
ForgottenWorlds------------------------ Formula One Grand Prtx
(1 Meg) ...*99 ....6.99 .22.99 Footbai
Director 2(1 Meg) ... Fun School 4
5-7 ..1699 .....16.99
16.99 4 Ml Fit School 4 jndar s----------------- Q Loe’
----------------------- Global Effect (1 meg)' ....
Gajr.iet3 --------------------------- GboMDuSWt
2------------------------- Ghouls And Ghost* ---------------
Graham Gooch *------------------ God* ------------------------
Godfeihe* Action ---------------- Godtather Adventure'(1 meg)
GunsNp 2000 * . Guy Spy
*------------------------ Hard Driven ---------------------
(1Mao) ..- Harpoon Battles*!
3-......- Harpoon Baffles*
4 ..... Harpoon Scenario Etfeor
13. 99 699
22. 99 1999 ...1699 1699 ...9 99 .-...799 .19 99 ...19.99
16. 99 699
8. 99 .16.99 .1999 1999 Head Over Heeie------------------- Heart
of Chna (1 Meg) ..- . Heimdal (t Mag)
--------------- HertequO------------------------ Heroequeet
--------------------- Hero Quest Data -----------------
HiK***n Guide ------------------- Hook*
Hunter---------------------------- Hjdson Hawk
-------------------- IK* . ™™_™ immortal (1 meg)
.....---------------- indy
Heal.....----------------------------- Indy Jones-Atlant*
Acton * ... indy Jones-Atlantis Adventure * (1
meg) hranhoe ... -...... Jaguar XJ220 (1
meg)*---------------- Jac* Nchlaus Extra courses Jack NtcMaus
unhmited Go (1 Meg)...... Jack NicWaus Ciipa-t
. .999 1999 1699 .16.99 Jimmy Whites
Snocker------------ John Madden -------------------- John
Barnes (1 meg)’...---------------- Keys Id Maramun
--------------------- Kick 002 ---------------------- Kick
0112(1 Meg)------------------ Kings Quest 5 (1
Meg) ..... Knighemare ----------------------
K. O.2 Final Wtxsfle ..
K. 0 2 Grants ol Europe *--------.--------
K. 0 2 Return d Europe .... 7.99
5. 99
9. 99 22 99 .529 1699 .1699. 16*
K. 0 2 Wlnnrtg Tactes ......
K. 0 2 Siper League Kntffns o the Sky
(1 meg) Last Ninja 2 ...
Laser Squad 2*------------------- Leander ------------------
Leatver Goddess „ . Lwm Sut Larry 5(1 Mag)....
22. 99 1699 .1699 .1999 .19.99 ...19.99 1699 899 1999 .1999 1699
22 99 26 99 .19 99 1999
6. 99 22 99 2999 . .16.99
6. 99 .1399
6. 99 699 Lemmings ------- . Lemmings Construction KM *„
Lemmings Data Disk Legend* .. - Licence 1b KB
--------- - Lord ol the Rings------------------ Max
- .. Magnetic Scrolls CdecHon (1 K Mage
Pockets------------------ Mage Fly Mega Traveller i (i Meg)..
Mega Traveaer 2(i Meg) Mega Twins ......
Microprose GoM (1 Meg) Mig 29 Sl4»r Flacrum -----------
Moonstone (1 Meg) - Mi Tank Pialoon----------------
Mdmght Resnance ----------- Midwinter 2 (1 Meg) ------ Kfeght
and Magic 3 * .. Myth ’ New Zealand Story
Nria Collection..... ...... Operation
Thunderbolt ... Operation Wo*------------ - Ork
-------------- Ou*un Europe------------- 1699 1699
16. 99 9-99 Paperboy 2 Parasol Stare------------- Pegeasus
------------------ PGA God Courses---------- PGA Tour
Go* ..... Pinball Dreams-----------------
Player Manager ----------
PlaloorL Pod ol Radiance
(1 meg) Pods ol Darkness ('Meg) Populous 2(1
PowertWL ...... Powermongcr
-------------------- 999 699 899 699 1699 19 99 1699 699
Powermonger DaiaDsc 1.._ ..... Prince olPersha ..
Profectyfe - Rtype -...... . R Type
2 - .... RBI 2 Baseball
- ....-..... Race Drhnn ...... -- Rartx»3...
Rainbow Collection ...... Raircow
islands .. Railroad Tycoon (1 Mg) . Realms (1
Meg) ... Red Baron (1 Meg)---------------
Red HesL .... Reach lor ihe
Skee*----------- Renegade ------------ Robin Hood
--------------- Rodiand ..... .
699 26 99 699 1699 Rick Dangerous.™ -------------- R«e Ol The Dragon (1 Meg) .... Robocop . ~ RcCocop 3--------------------- Rdocod . Rugby World Cup -------- Rues ol Engagment -------- Run The Gauntlet ...... Sensible Soccer * . Secrets o' the LuTwafle *----------- Secret ol Monkey Island (1 Mg) Secret ol Monkey island 2 (1 Mg) * Shadow lands---------------------- Shadow Sorceror --------- Shadow Wamors ...... Shhobi --------------------- 899 . 699 899 2299 1999 26 99 26 99 Shoot Em Up Kit ...... ShufflepuckCafe
Silkworm____________________ Silent Service 2 (1 meg) ------ Sim Ant*-------------------- Sim City . Populous -------- Sm Ear*t *..._----------------- Ski Or 01* . Smash TV----------------- SMC* 1889(1 meg) .
Space Ace -------------- Spac* Ac* 2 . Space Crusade--------- Spac* Gun Special Forces (1 Meg) Strder .. StrpPoker2. Data---- Strie Fleet ....
19. 99
6. 99 1999 .19.99 34 99 Supremacy.™------- Super Hang On ------
Super Sega.
Suspoous Cargo .... Shuttle' .... Slunt Car Racer ----- Switchblade ......-..... Sw.tch0iad*2------------- 1699 1999 .16 99 .1999 1999
9. 99 1999 1699 .18.99 .1699 699
8. 99
9. 99 1999 699 1999 1999
9. 99 6 99 1999 1899 1999 1999 1699 699 1699
T. N.T 2 _____________ The Manager * Team Yankee ..
Team Yankee 2(1 Meg)' .
Teenage Mutant Tirtes 2 Terminator 2------------- Their Finest Hour--------- Their Finest Missions------- Thunderhawk----------- TipO*------------------ Titus the Fox*------------ ToM------------ ToeOh--------------- Tmbo ChaSenge 2------- Turbo Outnxi Turrican - ... Tumcan2.... UMS2(1 Meg) .... Untouchables ... Ubma6d Meg) ----- Uwa ...... Utcptt Data Disk* Voy«0 ...... Warlords (1 Meg) ... Wonderland (1 Meg) .... World Cc® Cricket 1 Meg World Wrestling Fed .. Wizbai - ..
Wlzlud'-------------- JOYSTICKS Quick|oy Jettighter..... Qulckjoy Megaboard.. Cheetah 125*--------- Comp Pro Extra .1 Qulckjoy Turbo 2 ...8.99 Quickshot 3 Turbo (Sega Comp)..9.99 Qulckjoy Topstar ....16.99 BLANK DISKS Top Quality I n branded Disks 10 x 3-5" DSDD 20x3.5" DSDD.™ 50 x 3.5" DSDD.™ 100x3.5" DSDD _ Branded Disks 3J" DSDD____________1.25------Each
5. 25" DSDD---------0.75 Each Jack Nicklaus Golf Now Only
E. A.SPECIAL OFFERS ONLY £8.99 EACH Battlechess Centurion &
Imperium SPECIAL OFFER KICK OFF 2 (1 meg) NOW ONLY £11.99
SPECIAL OFFER Cricket 1 Meg Now Only £9.90 SPECIAL OFFER
Cadaver Now Only £12.99 STARTREKKER VS OCTAMED I have a PD
Soundtracker- a _ style program called
• Starlrekker (v1.3). Not only does it offer a standard
four-track mode, but it also allows the use of eight tracks at
once. It seems that high-quality samples suffer slight
dulling in reproduction, but low quality ones are completely
glitched over. Anyway, to get to the point, I'm wondering
whether OctaMed is the same, and does it lose any sound qual
ity in eight-track mode?
Please assist as I'm contemplating buying it and I don't want to waste my precious money.
Marcus Baw, Hambtoton.
N. Yorks OctaMed suffers from exactly the same problem, as do ALL
eight-track music packages. To play that many tracks at a
time, the program halves the rate of the samples (and their
quality at the same time). Despite this, though, OctaMed Is a
great program, and Is well worth the asking price. However,
Oktalyser Is the best program for eight-track use, and can
be bought from 17 Bit Software, 1 st Floor offices, 2 8 Market
Street, Wakefield, West Yorks, WF1 1DH.
I would like lo grab colour images, bul Li* Digiview Gold and a video camera will costa packet. Is It possible to colourise black and white or grey scale images from a cheaper hand-held scanner? Apart trom the expensive Sharp flatbed scanners, is there a colour hand-held that will do the job?
Mark Smith, Moor Lane.
Liverpool The cheaper grey scale scanners save Images In sixteen shades of grey.
These IFF pictures can then be loaded Into Dpalnl and coloured by hand.
Unfortunately, there Isn’t any hardware available which will automatically do the Job for you.
Pandaal Marketing are apparently In the final stages of producing a colour hand scanner which should be released within the next three or four months. No price has been fixed, but £250 seems likely. Contact Pandaal at 44 Singer Way, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7AS. Tel: 0234 855666.
Alternatively, you could buy the Rombo Complete Colour Solution Digitising Kit and a monochrome security-type camera lor about £1230 in total. This would then let you digitise books, video tapes and real scenes. Contact Rombo at Baird Road, Livingstone, Scotland, EH54 7AZ. Tel: 0506 466601.
Mat Broomfield offers more cool answers to your burning technical questions.
COMPUTER CRAFTS I run a small handicrafts ici business and I was wonder- ing if there was any way WflW? I could use my Amiga to help me design my knitting patterns. I've tried using Dpaint, and that’s fine for working out pictures, but I was hoping that there might be something a little more specific?
Lorn* Palmer, Shephards Bush, London I don’t know If It's what you're looking for, but there is a Licenceware program called X-Stltch which lets you design cross stitch patterns, and can be used with some types of knitting. You can buy It from Deja Vu, 7 Holllngbrook, Beech Hill, Wigan, WN6 7SQ. Tel: 0942 495261.
You might also be Interested to know about an American product called the Bit Knitter. It’s an electronic knitting machine Interlace that lets you link Dpaint and automatically create your designs In wool. At roughly £350 pounds It's not cheap, but if you're using It commercially It'll be worth It.
Find out more by writing to Cochenille Computer Knit Products Inc, PO Box 4276, Encinitas, CA 92024, USA.
Tel: 0101 619 942 1957.
FLASHING CAPS LOCK HELP I read Thomas O'Neill's letter In the Feb issue, ® who was reporting problems with his Caps Lock light. I have an Amiga which has had Ihe same problem since the day I bought it lour years ago. I lound that on turning my Amiga oil and back on again a lew seconds later, the light would start blinking. To avoid this, I have to leave the computer switched off lor at least a few minutes. This is clearly not caused by a virus, but as it's never affected my Amiga's performance, I don't think that it's worth repairing either.
Marko Barg. Salnajoki, Finland I phoned James Harrison at Commodore technical help to find out more about the problem, and he expressed great surprise that your Amiga has lasted as long as It has. The problem Is apparently caused by a faulty keyboard pro- cessor chip, and can eventually lead to the keyboard permanently locking up. How you respond to the problem depends on whether you value money or a working and reliable Amiga. Personally, I'd get the problem fixed before It becomes a necessity.
CANON DRIVER In the February issue, you reviewed the Star SJ-48.
During the review, you fflj§|lk|J e compared C J two pictures.
One Irom the SJ-48, and Ihe other Irom the Canon BJ- 10e. How did you manage to print the picture on the Canon? I own one, but have had very little success when printing graphics. Whenever I try, the picture is broken up at regular intervals by a blank horizontal space. Also, when I print letters, the BJ- 10e always prints two fives at the top ol the page.
What driver are you using, and where can I get one from?
R. G.Ruthven, Reydon. Suffolk All your problems are caused
because you're using the wrong driver.
Anyone who wants the correct driver, can llnd It on this month's coverdisk.
MEMORY ADAPTATIONS I recently decided to Til my Amiga with a larger memory , s ¦ o expansion than
* the half | megabyte board I had already fitted. I decided on
the Virgo 1,5Mb expansion. And, alter fitting it. I lound
that my total memory had increased to 2088696 bytes. So far, so
good. I noticed that It was also possible to fit another tour
chips to the board, so I removed the four memory chips from my
old A501 expansion and fitted them. When I rechecked. The
total memory had fallen to little more than hall a meg, as il
there was no expansion fitted.
Could you tell me why this is the case, and il there's any way I can use my old chips to increase the capacity ol the board to 2Mb (giving me a total of 2.5Mb)?
Also, there's a wire which links the Gary chip to JP2 which is not connected at present. Should it be there?
S. Rock. Lancaster Road, Essex There are many types ol memory
chips available, and they vary In speed, capacity, and address
mode (the way that Information Is stored In them).
These chips are not always Interchangable, and I suspect that the chips from your old A501 board are not compatible with the new board. Chips are also extremely senaltlve to atatlc electricity, and If you didn't earth youraelf proparty before attempting the Installation, It'a possible you may have damaged them. It'a also possible that the board wasn't supposed to accept additional chips - even though there's space for them. K may be that the board waa designed to accept either the chips that are In It, or smaller capacity ones, which would occupy more space.
As for the loose wire, If you have a fatter Agnus chip In your Amiga, the wire can be used as part of an advanced Installation to give you 1Mb of Chip RAM.
However, aa the Installation also Involvss cutting one ot the tracks on the Amiga circuit board, I suggest you don't attempt It without Instructions from the board s manufacturer.
Contact Virgo for more information on your problems.
RETURN OF I own a Pro-RAM board, which WTS will upgrade so I can increase my machine's Chip RAM. How win this help JKV wri’’ A|“ what does IFF stand for?
Does it only apply to pictures and is it IBM PC Finally, if I use a Scan plug, wd n produce better pictures than my modulator in hi-res and intedace modes?
Christian Downton. Cross Hill,
S. Yorks Extra Chip RAM Increases tha speed and power of both the
graphics and sound handling abilities of the AMIGA. For games,
this won ! Make a lot of dHfer- ence. But tor animations,
music, or creating sound samples, the Improvement Is drastic.
IFF stands for Interchange File Format, and la a format which was created In tha Amlga'e early days as an attempt to standardise the way data la atored. The two most common types of IFF files are graphics, known as ILBM, (Interleaved Bitmap), and sound samples known as 8SVX. There are also IFF formats for animation, music, 24-blt pictures, etc. Some IFF flies can be converted to run on an IBM PC, but most programs and games are not compatible.
Finally, yes. A Scarf lead will improve the appearance and sharpness of Amiga graphics In all screen modes.
UNKNOWN VIRUS VEXER Having loaded the Terminator virus killer, I put my Workbench disk into DFO: and was shocked to MRQA 586 'he pro gram report that there was an unknown virus on the disk. The killer program suggested that I send the disk to its authors so that they could kll«. But when I checked the disk agam. The virus wasn't detected.
None of my other virus killers detect anything on the disk, but what makes me particularly worried a the tact that the disk has the write protect tab missing, and has remained protected since the day I got it. If the disk is Infected, it can only mean that it came from Commodore themselves DevM MeGlynn. Wlnalord, Some vlrua killers report any unfamiliar files as viruses. This can be mie- leading aa there are many legitimate programs which can cause this message to appear. Personally, I tend to trust the reliable Virus Checker 5.40 and Ussier Virus Killer 2.2 utilities.
There are unscrupulous programmers who try to cash in on people's virus fears, and It sounds as If this may be such a case.
By reporting a nonexistent virus, and suggesting you send your disks to them, they acquire lots of disks with little effort.
LEARNING JAPANESE I've been learning Japanese, and I'm looking for software to write «i the language I wrote to Commodore but they » weren't ' much help, offenngone expensive Amencan import which requires a PC emulator. Your article In the April issue, ( Turning Japanese') lead me to think that you might be able to help via some of your Amencan contacts.
Someone told me that Word Perfect Corp could help, but I have no idea of their address Euryn Dyfed. Pen-Bre, Wales Word Perfect have |ust released a new Japanese word processor In the States at a cost ot $ 695!
It's only runs on PC compatibles. And there's absolutely no likelihood of It being converted to the Amiga.
As the Japanese alphabet comprises over 7000 characters, It's unlikely that you'll aver find a package fulfilling your requirements, but there Is an American software package which claims to teach both written and spoken Japanese. It Includes customised fonts, and la probably the closest you'll get. It's called Jepenese I, and costs $ 49.95 (about £35). You can find out more detalla by writing to; Education Tutorial Software, 10811 Ashton Ava, Ste. 209. Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA.
Tel: 0101 213 470 6205.
ASK THE EXPERTS As a final option. It'a possible to buy Adobe Japanese fonts for your laser printer (If you have one) from Font Work* UK, 65-69 East Road. London.
N1 6AH. Tewl: 071 490
DIRECTORY PRINTING How do I get a print-out ol the contents of a directory?
Euryn Dyted.
® Pen-Bre Wales I Open a CLI window and type: LIST to PHT: dlrectory- name retum Put the name of the directory to be printed where I've written direct o- ryname.
HOWTO WRITE GAMES I've owned an Amiga for ages, but I’d like to do more ®than play games - basi- I cally, I want | to write them!
I d like lo write i football game with decent graphics, using sprites, but the only language I know is Pascal. Is this suitable, or will I need to learn C?
Also. I d like to gel better quality out of my Star LC-200 colour pnnter than I currently do using Kind Words 2.
Ideally. I'd like a Public Domain Desk Top Publishing package Any suggestions?
Fina»y. I'm conaidenng buy- sig an ink jet pnnter such as the Star SJ-48 or Canon BJ10-BX. Do you think that this would be a wise move?
How do ink jet printers compare with laser printers, not that I would buy a laser. I just know what the* quaity's like.
John Meter. Kllbarchan, Scotland I don't know Pascal very well, but It's certainly not designed to handle games or move large blocks of graphics and sound data around quickly. You could write a atratsgy game with It, but that'e about It. If you want to learn something quickly, why not take a look at AMOS basic. It's not as powerful as C or Machine code, but It'a easier to team, and cheaper to buy.
Aa lor DTP software, there Is a rudimentary package available called Amlgs Fox, but 17 BN software are awaiting delivery of a brand new system which looke extremely Impressive. Watch PD utilities for an update.
I think that buying an Ink (at printer (a bubble |et, actually), such as one of the ones you've named is a great Idea for most applications. But colour printing, although of excellent quality, requires an awful lot of hard work.
Although the printers have a higher resolution than many laser printers, this la not apparent In their output which la paler and rougher than their hl-tech siblings. Nevertheless, they are equivalent to owning a 48 or 64-pin printer, resulting In crisp text, and proteselonal-looklng graphics.
COLLEGE COMPUTERS I'm starting college soon and the course I'm taking relies on IBM Pcs.
Therefore I J have a cou- Qv- questions.
Are Amiga PC emulators any good, and H ADVERTISER INDEX CALCULUS .... ...95101 MICROPROSE . 21 CORTEX...... .....2 4 MUSIC CITY ...174 CELEBRITY ...... 67 NBS ... .139 CORF 27 NEURALIMAGES .... . 122 CARE ELECTRONICS .....86 NESCAN .... 86 COMPULINK . 102 OFFICE CHOICE ... 64 CONNECT INT..... .....116117 OFFICIAL SECRETS ...28-29,34 C&VG . .....108 OCFAN 2-3 15 .50 DIAMOND .... .....142-145 ONLINE 64 DATEL .
72 PANDAAL ..... 53 DISKOVERY ... .....118
P. D. SOFT ... 140 DELTRAX .
.....139 PREMIER ..... ...155 DAVID
BAILIE ....121 PHEONIX ... 36
D. MARSH...... 86 PRO-DISK
...118 DAIL A TIP .... .158 (LEFT)
P. D. DIRECT .137 EVESHAM ....
.....106-107 RAGE . .....71
ELECTRONIC ARTS .. . 6 RAMBO ...... 179
.. .....40 FIRST CHOICE...... .....125-127 STAR
GOLDSTAR ... ......146 SELL OUT . ...174
.....121 SPECIAL RESERVE .....28-29,34 GRAFT GOLD 22
THALION .... 82 HOBBYTE ......
.92-93 TALKING BIRD .....53
INTERMEDIATES ... 28-29,34 TTTD ... 122
.... 158 (LEFT) U S GOLD .11,55,61.180,112 KIXX
.... .11.55 UBISOFT ... .... 39
MODEMANIA...... .....102 WALKABOUT MUSIC .....86
MIDNIGHT OIL..... 56 ZEROG .... ...121
MICROCHOICE .... 64 17
....071 972 -6700.
DIAL-A-TIP heats ig m Gam Sohuion CHEATS GALORE 0891 lOl 234 MEGATIP GAMESLINE 0891 299 388 AMIGA GAMESTIPS 0891 299 386 AMIGA HOTLINE 0891 299 385 SHADOW OF THE BEAST 1 AND 11AND BARBARIAN 11 SOLUTIONS 0891 442 926 FIRST SAMURAI HELPLINE 0891 445 926 COMPUTER FUNLINE 0891 299 399 FOR INFORMATION ON ALL OUR HELPLINES 0891 445 904 ALL UNES UPDATED WEEKLY PROPRIETOR: Jacqueline Wright PO Box 54, S.W Manchester M15 4LS Calls cost S6p min 'Cheap Rate' and 48p per min at all other times.
Iv S o-r- Uui IxfJs i rv pr & 4A iilcyrbCbt Kosmos are specialist producers ot Educational Software designed to help you en oy learning from your computer. Versions are available tor most popular home & business computers. Many of our programs even allow you to add your own lesson material.
German,, Science, History English Words Spelling Arithmetic Football, Sport First Aid General Knowledge England, Scotland Natural History » Write or telephone lor our NEW FREE 16-page COLOUR BROCHURE of Educational & Leisure software LET YOUR COMPUTER HELP WITH THE NATIONAL CURRICULUM Kosmoe Software Lid, FREEPOST (no stamp needed In UK) DUNSTABLE, Beds. LU5 6BR Telephone 0525 873942 or 875406 es ASK THE EXPERTS so how much do they cost, and which are the best ones? How compatible are they with PC software?
I'm also thinking of buying an accelerator board to increase my Amiga's processing speed. Will I need to fit it myself? Also, what are the advantages of an accelerator and how much do they cost? Is it cheaper to buy a PC. Or upgrade to an A1500 or A2000 as I've heard that they're PC compatible?
Finally, is it a good idea to buy a hard drive? If so, which?
Masud Heseen, Tenerdy. Dyfed To answer your questions in reverse order: yes it's a very good idea to buy a hard drive, provided that your needs warrant one - If you |ust play games, there's not much point. At the risk of sounding like an advert for GVP, their Impact series 2 for the A500 Is excellent and will cost you between £300- £350. You can also add an accelerator and a PC emulator directly to the drive, thus protecting the warranty of your A500.
The At 500 and A2000 don't come with PC emulators built-in, they're optional extras, and as you can now buy Pcs for as little as £500. It would be cheaper to do that.
Accelerators will Increase the rate at which the Amiga performs. With an optional maths co-processor fitted, they're especially useful for DTP, graphics, rendering and fractal work, although they have many other applications, too.
They range In price from hundreds to thousands of pounds. Phone Solid State Leisure on 0933 650677 for more info.
Most PC emulators only emulate bottom of the KICKSTART RIP-OFF Last week. I took a walk in Tottenham Court Road to find out if the Kickstart 2.4 ROM chip and Workbench disk is available.
®ln one shop I was told that it would cost £!440 to jpgrade my At 500. The salesman reckons the Plus has a new Super-Denise chip costing £250, and the new Kickstart ROM costs £90. If I wanted to adapt it to use 2Mb ol Chip RAM, it would cost me another £100, and that doesn't even indude the RAM. What a rip otflll Am I really going to be belter off selling my A1500 and buying a Plus? Should I just sell up and buy a PC?
Stephen Memory. London What a rip off indeedl Assuming the salesman didn't |ust make an honest mistake, he's either a git, or an Idlotl Commodore's recommended retail on the new Kickstart kit Is £79.95, and you can buy it for much less If you hunt around. True, you will have to buy some additional chips to perform a complete upgrade, but they won't even cost you another £80 let alone £440.
Of course you're not better off selling your A1500. Just Phone Silica Systems on 081 309 1111 and you can fit your new Kickstart within days.
DRIVE CLICK When I load a program trom Workbench, the external drive dicks every 3-4 seconds. If I remove the program disks, the internal drive does it, too.
® It's not that I mind the noise, but it's driving me crazy thinking my computer might be faulty. What are the drives doing, and why?
OOPS CORNER coople of months ago. I referred to Ceeeaodete's new CO kern drive as the 4590. Which was erroog. The 4590 Is, of coarse, tha nam el their kard drive. Ike CO ItOM drive will ke caned tka 4579 (formerly the 1690). And accordlog to Commodore at the ECTS drew, it'll be available by aboat Juee end srfil cast £299.98. ¦ell. That's It for aaetter month. Hope you found nxocthiey useful. Ihe mail bag was devoid of tfpe Ibis mouth, sa get yew Ciaran Thomas, Stevenage The drives are checking to see If a disk Is present because Amiga DOS keeps track ol which disks are In which drives all the
time. If you Insert a DOS disk In each drive, the noise will stop, Alternatively, buy an anti-click switch or Its software equivalent to stop the problem.
Lew readers. Write lo l»A, CU Amiga. Mery Court, 30-32 Farrintdon Lane. London, EC1R3AU.
WHAT CAD Which is the best Computer Aided Design package available tor the Amiga? I run . A local estale agency, and I need something powerful that I can link up to my HPGL plotter to produce floor plans for prospective clients.
Martin Wynes, Torquay, Devon X-Cad Pro Is recognised as the best Amiga CAD package available. According to Which Magazine, It's even better than the industry- standard PC package Aulocad. Unfortunately, It requires 3Mb of memory to use. To be honest though, It sounds a bit like using a tank to catch a mouse. If you're simply drawing floor plans, couldn't you use Dpalnfl It would be much quicker, and easier to use, although you wouldn't be taking full advantage of your plotter.
ANIMATED ASKER I'm trying to produce a short animated demo using my |4 A500, but I keep running out of menwy x £ despite my 1Mb upgrade.
If you have any questions of a remotely technical nature, we ll do our best to answer them. Send your letters to: Q&A, CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
How do people Ike Tobias Richter create animations that last tor ages, when less than fifty frames completely fills my expanded memory?
Is It possible to do animation using the 24-bit systems.
Such as Harlequin and Imprase? If you can. What additional shift would I need apait Irom my Amiga and the hard- 1 Mb Is not a lot of memory tor animation, and can easily be fHled with twenty frames.
There are two main factors Influencing the amount of space that they occupy: colour mode. Assuming you're using Dpatnt. It only stores the differences between consecutive frames, rather than the entire image. This means that If every single pixel on the screen changes colour from one frame to the next, the maximum amount of memory wll be used up. Try using a palette with less colours (eight or sixteen, for example).
Having said that, not all animators use page flipping as a way of creating movement - some overlay sprites and bobs (small graphics) over a background screen.
These graphics can be freely moved around the screen without having to store each movement as a separate frame, thus saving loads of memory. A package such as The Dfrecforwtll allow you to create this type of animation easily. You can buy The Director from HB Marketing, Unit 3, Poyte 14, Rowlands Road, Colnbtook, Slough, SL3 0DX. Tel: 0753 686000.
You can use 24-blt boards for animation, but vlery few are compatible with the A500. Furthermore, as 24-blt Images can occupy over 15Mb each, It's not practical to animate them from memory, so they need to be recorded straight to video tape to be effective.
MIDI MED I've just been given a MIDI keyboard and interface. Until now. I've been using OctaMEDtor creating music ’ using the Amiga's internal sounds, but I'm now on the hunt for a decent budget- priced MIDI package. Do you have any recommendations?
Stuart Mwhet. Brixkm There are lots of dedicated MIDI packages for the Amiga, ranging from Dr Tt KCS before moving down the range to Music X and Sequencer One. Personally, I still prefer to use OctaUED because of Its sheer ease of use. If you are Intending to create music professionally, Dr Ts Is undoubtedly the most comprehensive package available.
OFTWARE CITY Unit 4, B.D.C., 21 Temple Street. Wolverhampton. WV2 4AN.
Tel: 0902 25304. Fax : 0902 712751 M CALL US ON : 24 HOUR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE 0902 25304 MI ;A (iAMKS MI ;A OVII’II.A l IONS SS«I iM Oft..) 3lS! TSS: i 9eiv. Shadoe Ol fr* BmV 3. Imf Drhe 2 4 Re.
«im SstSj AWARD*____ Aem n Space Ace. K * 0*2. P marva Apopulous (The* finest hour) SK!?(SpMMOftar) '¦pDtn FORM ANDINFOPMAT Dh Al orders sent FIRST CLASS tubpa to availability Just Ml In the coupon and send I »: SOFTWARE CITY. Unit 4. The BDC. 21 Temple Street. Wolverhampton WV2 4AN ADDRESS.
Rae (Hew Price) ahtm.,, (Nee Price) Name of Game Computer Value TOTAL POSTAGE RATES Please add 50p tor post A packing on all orders under £5. EEC countries add Cl per item. Mon EEC countries add £2 PAYNG BY CHEQUE - Cheques payable to Software City Card Type . ...Expiry Dale--------------------------------------- Card No: ¦uncecea CMOMt Signature u___________________ -_________________________ **sri*cA*De Date- ----------------------------------------
meoc«eoAcc«mc CU 6 82 sound check WHIT1R THAN WHITE Those In the Know, choose Fairy Snow,' so the washing powder ads would have us believe. In tact, laboratory tests have proven that past releases ot AurAo Engineer are tar more effective at sound sampling than the aforementioned soapflaKes. Now prepare yourself for the new improved Audio Engineer Plus, with its revolutionary fat digester'. But will it shift Ribena stains at 40 degrees? First the facts: The Audto Engineer Plus package is a combination of hardware and software
- Audio Imager (the hardware), and Audio Engineer (aka Audio
Hasten SO HARD Unlike most sampling hardware, which hangs awk
wardly out of the Amiga's pnnter port, Imager comes with a
short connecting cable, so you can plonk it on top ol your A500
or alongside the machine if you have a 2000 or 1500. This is
very handy as you then have easy access to the unit's dual
line mic switches, and the two input volume controls. The
inputs themselves offer a choice ol stereo or mono, with one
pair of mlnl-|ack sockets on the front panel, and stereo phono
sockets at the rear. Very snazzy it looks, too. With loads of
knobs, switches, and shiny panels. Flitting switches and
tweaking knobs is all very entertaining, but its MavrroRM
Sco repeat ran .i: LOOP much more fun once you've turned the dung on.
And booted up the software THE SOFT PART Since the release ot Audition 4.1 has looked as if Ramscan s Aucto Engineer might lose its trtfe of THE best Amiga sampler AuJtton 4 equalled Engineer In most departments. And even surpassed n in others, but this seems to have fueled 1 Ramscan s ambitions Getting started couldn't be i Depending on the amount of i ory, Engineer sets aside a generous workspace lor your incoming sound Alter adiustmg the volume ol your sound source wilh the help of the oscilloscope, you’re away. Once you've grabbed your sound, you can get to work editing it with Ihe
massive range ol options.
Cutting and pasting is a simple affair, but ft now made a bit more attractive thanks to the are- mated zoom' function. Instead ol just redrawing a magnified version ot the sample (which can be quite disonentating). The waveform is expanded n a nice smooth fashion, so you can keep track of where you are in the sound. Chopping up your sample and setting loops is all very easily done, but then that could be said of most sample edaors.
What sets Engineer apart trom the rest s what it SHOW RANGE SHOW ALL SEEK ZERO SEEK LOOP LOOP ON volume i__ lets you do to your neatly cropped sounds.
What’s new on the Amiga sound stage? Tony Horgan lends us his backstage pass in the first of a regular series-.
AUDIO ENGINEER PLUS If you don't fancy fathoming out the workings of a sequencer or Soundtracker, you can still put together some modest tunes with Engineers md»- pie loop feature. Load up a number ot samples - an intro bar. Lor instance - with a verse loop, a chorus loop and maybe a crash cymbal to round it off Shunt them all together in the edit window, and you could set up a sequence of loops to play lour bars of the intro, your verse and chorus a few times each, and then set the crash cymbal to play once at the end. You don't get anywhere near the amount ol freedom you would with a tratter
program. But it could come in handy for animation soundtracks, or low-tech demos.
At last it's arrived! A time-stretch pitch-shift feature lor the Amiga. So what is this stretchmark-shrfting tfMtg? Have you ever tried mixing two different records together? It so. You probably had trouble w«h the timing at one stage or another Imagme you've got a breakbeat running at 120 bpm. And a vocal that runs at t24 bpm It doesn t take a genius to realise that the two aren't going to run in time One option Is to try playing the vocal a sem- lone lower, thus slowing it down, but ifs unlikely that the two will be laokfts sees any better synchronised What's *••• more, you'll have put the
vocal into a (afferent key, so it won t match your bassline and chords, etc. itM.ismse The time-stretcher pitch-shifter overcomes this problem by altering a sound's duration, without changing its pitch. Likewise, you can change the sound s pitch and keep 14, Ltd* «s original duration Take a sample loo tar from its ongmal pitch and length, and side eltects tend to creep in (if you try to up the tempo of the dassic Soul II Soul beat to run at rave speed, tor example), but generally there's no audible drop in sound quality. I don't know how I ever got by without it.
Glancing a little further down the Effects menu, you'll come across Ihe mixllange function. This is another excellent tool which can turn an average sample into a Idler sample Used simply as a mixing tod, you can pile one sample on top d another to create some brilliant new sounds. Take a beefy resonant bass sound, mix it with the attack' ol a cutting synth sound, and you've got a sample with more punch than Mike Tyson. Alternatively, you can use the same function for a completely differ [ ?
0 3 t I SOUND CHECK ... a I a glance Audio Rn jnm Plus - A* A Glance
* A x«kkI all-rounder * No* i heap * Kxiremdy flcxil)k* • Simple
to use • The lx*si «»f rts kind enl effect. Copy your sample,
mix it back onto itsell, but this time with some ’flange'.
Eventually, you'll get two versions ol the same sample, which
run slightly out ol phase. This adds a lovely wave- type effect
lo the sound. U2 used a variation ol it on the main vocal from
The Fly, and you'll often hear it on drum rolls. It's one of
those effects that seems to sound good on just about anything.
ECHO (ECHO, ECHO, ECHO...) Echoes are similarly easily added, and come in very handy at times. If your sample lacks a proper decay', a little echo will make it far less abrupt.
Take the echo rate right down, and you’ll create a Robocop-style speech effect, perfect for those deep and booming demo intros.
Yet another new feature can be found lurking behind the Filter option. Using the two sliders, you can specify a range of frequencies to be boosted or cut. And a third slider gives control over the degree of your boost or cut. What’s more, you can pass a defined range of frequencies through the filter, and, for example, completely eliminate a bassline from a sampled loop. Likewise, you could remove all the high frequencies or any band between.
By way of a bonus, you can also use Engineer as a real-time stereo effects processor. Variable echoes and delays, flanges and pitch-shifts can be put onto any sound that passes through the sampler. Because the real-time effects completely take over the machine, you can’t use them directly in conjunction with Engineer’s other functions or a tracker program. However, if you have a four-track tape deck, you could run one or two tracks through the effects at the final mixdown stage. Then again you could use the effects for live overdubs, or even just for fun!
So it’s official: Audio Engineer Plus has reclaimed its crown. It's not cheap, but I suppose that’s the price of innovation. In short, it’s the new King of the castle.
RAMSCAN £204.30 Expensive, but definitely worth the outlay... EASE OF USE 88% VALUE FOR MONEY 66% EFFECTIVENESS 92% FLEXIBILITY 95% INNOVATION 96% OVERALL 94% NEXT MONTH We take another look at the many synths currently doing the rounds, and bring you up to date on what’s happening on the music front... The MIDI Music Show Hey, This Has Got A Good Beat... II you’re thinking ol splashing out on a synth or drum machine, the massive range ol kit on oiler can be very contusing. Synth manulacturers seemed to give up naming their products with hall sensible titles years ago.
These days everything is known by some obscure alpha-numeric tag, that probably has some relevance to the bollins who design the things, but just leaves the rest ol us with a headlul ol numbers. This is where the MIDI Music Show (held over April 23-25) comes into its own. Most ol the big guns turned out, including Roland, Yamaha, Akai, and newcomers to the synth market, Peavy.
Let's start with Roland - who really know how to get the juices Rowing.
Although it was released a year ago, their JD-800 was still the centre ol attention, and rightly so. This is a beast ol a synth, with a massive panel ol knobs and sliders which replace the standard multi-lunction buttons ol most synths. As lor the sounds, you just wouldn't believe the things it pumps out.
With patches like ‘Warp-drive Martian Space Choir’, you could almost cut a whole ambient house track by holding a single note lor three and a hall minutes! II you ever get the chance to try out a JD-800, pass up the opportunity on absolutely no account.
JV BUNNY Rather overshadowed by their big brother were Roland's new JV-30 and JV-
80. Although not ollering knobs and sliders, they’re both very
capable instruments, and adher to the General MIDI standard.
This is a revision ol the MIDI ‘rule book', which says that
certain sounds should be given certain preset numbers. The
idea is that a MIDI lile created with a General MIDI synth,
would be compatible with any other General MIDI synth,
without the end user having to match the right sounds to MIDI
Yamaha had a new addition to their SY range on show. The SY-35 seems to be aimed at the entry-level user, but, despite its slightly unprolessional styling, has a host ol lancy leatures, including sampled and FM synthesised sounds, 16 diilerent eHects, and a couple ol drum kits.
I can't say I was bowled over by Peavy's rather ordinary, derivative synths, but then they've only branched out into the synth market very recently, so maybe we’ll see better things Irom them yet.
The upsurge in sample Cds was evident at the show. Ed Stratton's Zero G Datafiles were out in lorce, on both CD and Amiga floppy formats. Riding over the cacophony of exhibitors was another CD, this time Irom The Dangerous CD Company. You’re sure to be hearing some ol their irresistibly danceable breakbeats in the clubs and charts over the coming months.
GENLOCK LTD Mctcom House. Bradley Lane.
Standish. Wigan. Lancashire. WN60XQ TEL: (0257) 472866 472887 FAX: (0257) 426577 AdSCSJ 2080 Transfer rate* of upto 1500K S Supports ports upto 8 megs of sunros 52MB 1 Imilli auto part 1349.99 106MB Iimilli auto part £449.99 Eureka 4MB Expansion A500 Eureka 'MB Expansion A500 100% Amiga A50I compatible. Easy to install umde the A500.512K Fast ram Battery backup real tune dock on board. Enable CP10 PAL Encoder Eureka 8MB Expansion A500 External XMB ram expansion for Amiga A500 Full implemented auto configunrg Standard I MB - HorIMB x 9simm modules. External power supply unit included Memory
test software included. Pass through bus design. High performance zero wait-statcs.
2MB Populated 4MB Populated J?
6M B Populated cA MJDJ Interface The CP10 Pal encoder ¦ a dma that Aim yoa to «ore aft unages onto video tape in three iomaxixmtpaam video. HI 8 andS-VHS Justunagmealj urn pH Warm frnm your tavour- ite graphic software, business graphs*. Charts and even desktop publishing pages are all aoarptaMe material With theCPIOyou can simply record these onto ndeo tape as you create them Amiga Mouse without any Electronic Design Genlock High quality MIDI interface connects directly with the Amiga senal port One MIDI in.two MIDI out and thru. Only 124.99_ Switchable Alan and Amiga compatible l 260DPI 2
Button Mouse 11499 300DPI 3 Button Mouse £19.99 Supra 500XP Hard Drive High performance SCSI hard drive offering all the features and performance you would expect from a Supra product. Support of upto 9 megabytes of ram. Low profile 11 ms zero noise hard drive. Small compact side fitting dnve Performance that leaves all competitors in the dark age. Bus pass through the SCSI out. External SCSI address selector Superb software with auto format and backup software.
Supra 45MB 20milh auto park £349.99 Supra 52MB 1 Imilli auto park £399.99 Supra 106MB 11 miUi auto park £499.99 ter allows digitncd image* to he grabbed from camera or recorder and fed through the gmlnck. Key inverter allows foicground and background to be switched in and out Full superimposing with keyhole effect PAI. *alock £349.99 Abo available to support Hi-8. S-VHS £449.99_ GSJ Gold Pro YC Genlock AMJ Card ICD AdlDE A500 AdlDE delivers incredible speed and performance in a very small package Features include auto booting from Fast File System partitions. A-Max II support and more Card *h
£169.99 40 B £299.99 52MB £349.99 105MB £449.99 inverter Studio quality results from a unit that has no competition at its price Used by the French television studios and gives breathtaking quality at VHS + S-VHS level. Fully imxlular so that frame freeze and multi colour key ing through chroma keys can be added. Total control use the video with colour, contrast and luminance Built in RGB spliitcr. £649.99_ Super-Card Ami II is a hardware and software backup system that plugs into your Amiga's disk drive port. Features include Fast IX )S copies: copy in Amiga Dos disk in 45 seconds Verify
option: The only hardware copier capable of verifying data’ Internal & External floppy RAM 256K x 4 DRAMS £499 I MB x 1 DRAMS £499 Direct replacement requires no case modification £49.99 External slimine floppy dnve £59.99 Includes free software I MB * 9 Simms £4499 Now we know what comms is all about, Dave Burns looks at the difference between the two systems available: Scrolling and Viewdata.
PRETTY PICS A Viewdata board, such as Prestal and Telecom Gold, is not dlslml- lar to Teletext in appearance.
The settings are 7E1. And it is only possible to log on rMF at 1200 75 - is. 1200 to receive, and 75 to send Its f difficult to upload and down- without specialist software, and these boards are very rarely network- ing. Granted, there Is the bonus of full-colour screens whilst you are On Line', but these are at best blocky and unimpressive.
A Scrolling board is 8N1, and are often networked to other boards - even across worldwide systems. This means that a message you leave on one list Should you wish to contact CU trio your Modem, toon ¦ message on any of those boards and we'll Ok* Hop at the Hotel Llghtfindtrs Place 020-241-5723 MicroMola 001-316-7402 The Penlhouse 071-930-3903 Sheffield Alt. Solution 074-232-5232 Track 83 095-305-1351 Steallh BBS 053-255-7739 System X BBS 090-461-2934 The Laser Dome BBS 027-258-4352 Internet 029-639-5935 The Hotel BBS 063-483-1389 The Tavern 081-445-6514 Maverick Deviation 067-081-3603 The
Games Machine 027-460-6670 Fortress BBS 081-317-3158 Reachoul CBBS 027-058-3278 Sanitarium BBS 048-040-3375 Quantum BBS 021-707-0681 rw Wiawue uc OM ds am fart ar me trarfdwiM ntrr mafwort WHAT IS ‘NETWORKING?
I hm nmnloMt MtnftlH. M Mai nadli Is HT « MtamtU ¦sllslls Mart In aa ana Urns as aa 'lets' stilt la starM «ltt Its sttsi Marts Is Its eabeetk. Oa aiitsflag a mattt la tta ast- arattsS ana, a*rlB| tta aifM the beard |Sa hate losses aata *111 call aaaltar board. Wtas tta tan tars eatatHalad a caaaactlsn.
Test saHI eictassa all the asw massages la tta aatwartad ana aHttaact attar. Tms saesaa all aaar tta anrld. EanlaglTaa abaolata pacbat sAIW alaialtaaeeasly pastlaf pear arards at ¦« dsn ta Islletle loan aaan aarldarlde. Sane ol tie aetworka avallaMs la Has U are as Milams: FWT Is a ntrtctly Tarts SI lallstla tsard aatarort. Aad Is alse a FIOOUFT la see al tta lariest networks «ltb aaar 1b,000 tsllatla tsarda tablag echos Inn ttls osteon ¦ocldarlda. Seblecta coaer ¦a(Iblap Iron Several chat ta bHda dlscasaloaa. Its tmlta ana Iran Fma U see ol tta arldaat atad aad road tarl|a dlscasalsa anas.
HIST is amtbar IT oaly network, tsl It dsss carry asns Intarsatlaf ta*ks.
Natanitla« n a let al aitn arort aad aipsoaa lot Its trees ol a tsllatla taard, so artaa oslot astantad anas please maantar that fast naaaats Is a Irlcnd dill ta read astldarlde. Try to nets tha coolest ot Island! To other rssdan. Ana any ast all base had tta (tad tat ta ta laatst la aa Are Isa board can otten appear on boards worldwide within a lew days.
The most popular machines for Bulletin boards are the ST and Pcs, but any computer can call virtually any board and link up quite happily Often there are areas for software downloading and uploading tor many types of computer as the program is stored in Binary form and these are converted to a language your computer can understand.
Let's have a look at some boards and Find out what we can expect. The first is the Hotel, and is based in Rochester in Kent. You can log on to this board al all speeds, and the Sysop (System Operator), Kll Watson, will make you most welcome. This is a scrolling board, so AMSTRAD ENTER THE MARKET... Finally, ws've last got lime to look at a very popular modem - the Amstrad SM2400.
Available from all good computer suppliers at around the C200 mark, this Is a v22bis modem (2400 2400 mas) that is fully Hayes-compatible. The anil Is a long slimline Modem which matches the Amiga's colouring and features an auto answer auto-dial system which makes it an ideal modem for both Sysop and user alike. The manual is clear and concise and setting up and installatlng Is a very simple job. LEO displays on Ihe front panel give a clear Indication of Ihe currenl status. Although the retail price is around £200, il you shop around you will be able to get It slightly cheaper.
NEXT MONTH... We take a look at more boards and events appearing on the bustling comms scene.
Is on the other line at the time This board will cater for the three major machines (ST, Amiga and PC), but the ST takes precedence as the system is run from one.
0277 233354 is the number needed for Mark Kidd who runs Essex Amiga, using TransAmga software. This is a board totaly dedicated to Amiga, and judging by the massive user list. IS an extremely popular board. Logging on for the first time is quick and painless, and the rest of the initialising sequence is dependant on whether you like the board This I liked as there is nothing more infuriating than running up a large phone bill filling in endless questions, only to find that you do not like the board when you do eventually get on to it.
There are 35 different file areas covering ail aspects of Amiga computing from games and demos through to serious applications, and seven separate on-line text adventu re-style games. When you select the message option from the mam menu, you will only find five to choose from: General chat. European Amiga chat, UK Amiga chat, private messages to other users and sales wants. All these areas are well used and popular.
You will need to set your unit at 8N1.
Once you have entered the hotel, there are dozens of areas to explore, including message areas, bulletins, and databases, as well as the software areas.
On the messaging side, there are many areas for such subjects as DTP, American Football, Australian link, Star Trek, Worldwide.
Sports (WWF), Books and reading.
General Gossip, an Adventure Helpline - an exhaustive supply indeed. Nobody will want to read every area, so a facility is included to switch areas on and off. If there is a subject or area you would like to see covered, then Kit will be only too pleased to sort it out. In addition. Holel is networked to boards worldwide via Fidonet, NeST, Mysticnat and Clari-Net. And is open 24 hours a day from Monday to Saturday.
BATH TIME Bath is the home of Ihe Bath BBS which currently runs on an ST with a PC board opening soon. There is a subscription ol El 0.00 a year for lull regisfralion, and it is claimed that this is one of the leading UK Bbs - in my opinion, though, this is only because the Sysop has allied with a certain well-known publishing house. There are no networking facilities, but because it’s a two-line board, it's possible to have a 'Live' chat to whoever User verification is generally performed over the following days, with further priveleges given to visiting Sysops. This board is also the UK
support board for TransAmiga Sysops, so if you have ever thought of setting up a board yourself, Mark is a very good man to talk to. He can also provide you with the software needed.
One thing I did notice is the lack of an off-line reader option. Off-line readers are something that are becoming more and more popular these days with the increasing price of BT calls. The board is open from
3. 30am - 2.30 am, with the off-hour time used for system
maintainance and networking. It’s maximum speed is 9600bps.
UNDERGROUND BURROWING Wombats Burrow II marks the return of a popular board that had to go offline two years ago due to technical difficulties. This is run on a PC and currently has no on-line games due to disk restrictions. There is a very popular and well-used Amiga Chat area with messages added daily as this is a Fidonet linked board. The download areas are strictly PC files at the moment, but if enough callers request it. The Sysop will add Amiga files. As a new board, the main attraction is the Amiga chat area, although there are areas covering international chat and an Australian link
area. Another area which may make this board worth ringing is the CU Amiga area. This area is a Fidonet area, and currently only operates on a few boards but, in time, will be available to many others.
This is where you can leave messages for the magazine, and even receive personal replies. The number needed for Wombats Burrow II is 0634 377303 from 10pm - 8am daily with a maximum speed of 2400bps TERMINOLOGY Does your terminal use Ansi graphics?
Is a question that you may well be asked when you first log on to a board. The answer to this generally depends on the software you are using but, with its superior graphics capabilities, your Amiga is perfectly capable of using Ansi, and is a colourful way of presenting text.
To upload is to send a file from your computer to the host or Bulletin board, whilst download is to receive a file. There are many Protocols to do this, the most common are X modem and Y Modem. When using a slow modem, you need something faster to save on your telephone bills. You also need a way ol transferring more than one file at a time. This is where Ymodem Batch is usefull. This enables you to list the files that you wish to send receive and it will then do all the work for you.
SIC. ECHO. AREA, BASE These are all ways of saying the same thing, an area that deals with a certain subject such as files, or in a message base, a particular topic.
¦ Llit'll'Cr information From the latest advances in electronic surveillance and tracking techniques, to the monthly games charts, Rik Haynes gives us his expert opinions on what's hot and what's not, in the ever-busy computer world... a new lorm of urban warfare is twisting through the srdestreets. Roofs and basements ot Tokyo, New York and Paris.
Instead ot pure violence, bright criminals are turning to electronic surveillance to make fast and easy money. Industrial esponage is big business. We live in a society where a tiny scrap of the right information can provide riches and power beyond the dreams of many.
Whether it’s the bluepnnt of a car, or the financial forecasts for a multinational conglomerate, there's usually somebody willing to pay a high asking price to see such secret info.
Bugs have replaced guns as the ultimate weapon. Not that this state of affairs is restricted to global corporations or totalitarian individuals can just as easily benefit trom a bit of extra knowledge ITS easier than you think. Plenty ol people in this sneaky business are willing to sell their tools ol the trade to the novice. How about the brief case with a miniature video camera budt into the lock mechanism? Or the ultra sensitive microphone that can listen into a conversation from over a mile away? Or the covert camera disguised as a sprinkler in the ceiling?
Or the system for tracking individual vehicles? Anybody who has seen the Oscar-winning Silence of the Lambs will remember the senal killer in this film used night vision goggles to stalk his victims. Not a very nice thought, eh? A complete psycho could pinpoint your every movement and action during the entire day without you having any ckje about it.
These goofy gizmos may sound Ike they come from a James Bond movie, but anybody can buy them over the counter. Surprisingly, the cheapest gear is imported from Eastern Europe not the Far East. It's possible that this equipment was once used by security forces of the now-delunct communist governments and possibly even the mighty KGB itself. It spy supermarkets enter the high-street, there could soon be need for a self- help group like Paranoids Anonymous as jealous lovers check on their partners. What would happen if youf boss bugged the office? A slip of the tongue could suddenly end your
career Of course, this threat is not taken lightly by people with something to hide The counter-surveilance mdus- iry is probably expanding at a taster rate than the outfits causing the problem. Whafs the best way to tackle an unwanted intrusion? Handheld bug alerts are a great help. These can usually detect any kind of listening device in the room. Keeping telecommunications secure is a little more difficult to achieve and, consequently, far more expensive to implement. It can be done, though.
As a result of the rise in the number of tax machines in use around the work), the facsimile scrambler is one of the most successful products m this sector Easy to Instal. This mechanism ensures transmissions are encrypted before they reach the unprotected telephone network.
Obviously, the fax machine on the other end of the line must be capable of converting the documents back to normal. Last year, Samsung launched a small robot to patrol Ihe home on the constant look out for burglars, fire and cries from children.
Want to grab an edge over your competition? Rik Haynes looks at the latest gadgets for everyday secret agents... This whole wacky phenomenon also extends to personal safety.
There are many effective ways to foil a potential attacker For starters, cer tain briefcases can send out a painful electrical shock when touched by unauthorised hands. Next on the shopping list should be some bullet- resistant glass for your car and a nice raincoat made out ol Kevtar This tough matenal can withstand a dose range shot from the world's most powerful handgun. The next generation of bullet-proof vests will reponedly use a substance based on spider's silkl Sadly, muggers and rapists could also pay a visit to their local spy store and get fully rigged out. Who wil win then?
Computers are the hardest things to protect against prying eyes and harmful manipulation. Ever since Ihe introduction of the modem, hackers have left their messages and mark on almost every bulletin board In existence. A cynical saboteur simply adapts this technique and can easily cnppies any modem day company by introdudng a dreaded virus. These malevolent programs can wipe out crucial data or totaly crash computer systems within seconds. The really tricky ones are more subtle, taking months to do their evil deed, thus avoiding detection from the security experts looking out for them. During
the Gulf War, the CIA managed to insert this kind of software into the Iraqi defence hardware to hamper their monitoring of the invading Allied forces. This is where the real battle field of the 21st century will be. Don't laugh, the effects will be more devas fating than a tactical nuclear strike I wouldn't rule that strategy out either.
Some terrorists may have this capa- bHity within the next few years.
• Some felt FTL and Mirrarsoft had made a bad mistake when they
released a version ot Dungeon Master that required machines
with at least 1Mb ot RAM. In those days, the majority ot games
ran on standard 512K Amiga systems. The risk quickly paid oft
as many people decided to upgrade their memory just to play
this influential RPG. Psygnosis now handles FTL product in
Europe. We’re still waiting lor Dungeon Master It, of course.
• The first edition of Action Screenplay, a computer game
magazine on video, went on sale. This concept has never taken
off. The latest casually, Click, only made if to issue two.
• Ocean look a bold step fo increase Ihe range of games in its
repertory. Voyager ms, essentially, the first release trom the
firm to fully ulHise Ihe Amiga. Allhough many journalists liked
this racy 3D shoot 'em up, commercial success didn't follow the
rave reviews. Let's hope this trend isn't repeated with Epic.
By the way, do you remember the advert tor Voyaged It caused a
bit of a stir because the maverick hero Luke Snayles was
apparently leading a soft pom magazine.
• Nolan Bushnell, the charismatic guy who helped create the video
game craze in the early 1970s, decided the COTV was a good
Idea. He joined Commodore and helped launch the worid's first
multimedia machine to actually hit the marketplace.
• II was a sad month for adventure fans. Infocom. The American
developer of such classics as Zortr and Ihe Hitchhiker's Guide
to the Galaxy, finally closed down with an unsavoury loss of $ 9
• F29 Retaliator, the fast futuristic flight Sim from Digital
Image Design and Ocean, went straight fo the fop of the charts.
Players were also enjoying Player Manager (Anco), Warhead
(Activision) and Pipemania (Empire).
Meanwhile. Populous trom Bullfrog and Electronic Arts was voted the most original game at the prestigious EMAP Images' Golden Joystick Awards. Shadow Ot The Beast (Psygnosis) picked up the title ol best graphics while the readers ol CU AMIGA and our sister magazines reckoned Future Wars (DelphineAJS Gold) had the best soundtrack Understandably, Kick Off (Anco) was considered to be the overall Game ol the Year ONE YEAR AGO
• Our exclusive preview ot EA's Deluxe Paint IV again continued
this publication really is the complete guide to your favourite
deck ot tun. We also gave you the first look at Hodland
(Storm), the easy way to make crazy T- shirts designs using the
Amiga's hefty graphical capabilities, and a complete copy of
Gravity (Imageworks). Does anybody else provide such an excel
lent mix of top leisure and productivity material every month?
No way.
• Even nightclubs caught onto the potential ol Commodore’s
wiidchild. While Djs in Essex's Ark venue supplied hardcore
music tracks Irom the likes of N-Joi, The Prodigy and Bizarre
Inc, Amiga technology pumped out hypnotic visual noise on
monitors surrounding the dancefloor.
1 PROJECT X (Team 17 Software) Its second week at the top, and rightfully so. A supreme mixture ot blasting styles with stunning graphics which are spread over a massive tour disks. II you're tired ot SkV Vand Xenon II, this Is Ihe next logical step. CU Amiga Screenstar. 92% 2 JOHN MADDEN (Electronic Art5) Hopes were high lor this Megadrive conversion, and Electronic Arts released a game wed above our expectations. There are many contenders to the American Football throne, but this is quite simply the Champion. CU Amiga Screenstar. 88% 3 EYE OF TME BEHOLDER II (U.S. Gold) Developers. SSI,
doing what they do best A second, larger foray into a series ol creature-infested catacombs and forests, with larger graphics and more derailed gameplay. A definite hit sequel. CU Amiga Screenstar 92% 4 HOVERSPRINT (Codemnrter.)
Tacky and dull to play. Hoversprint can only be in the top five courtesy ot its budget price. II an over- controllable 3D spin is your thing, youll love it • personally, we think it's a waste ot space and consequently never reviewed It.
5 SPACE CRUSADE (Oremlin) The unofficial lollow-up to HeroOuest. Set over a series ol space stations, the player has been given charge ol a set ol colonial marines with whom a series ol missions must be completed. Atmospheric and engrossing to play, this is gripping stulf. CU Amiga Screenstar. 92% 6 BLACK CRYPT (Electronic Art*) Set in an enormous dungeon, this Is basically more ot the same 3D RPG action, with all manner of weird creatures lo attack, and devious traps to avoid. However, the polish the game has helps raise il above the competition. Slightly over-shadowed by Eye II. Though. CU
Amiga Screenstar.
90% 7 FI 6 COMBAT PILOT (Action 16) An excellent budget release ol Digital Integration's aging flight sim. All the usual flaps and controls are there, and whilst it must be said that it’s a little hard to fly. Perseverance pays off - unfortunately. It slipped through Ihe reviewing net.
8 GOLDEN AXE (Trooh) Dementia's conversion ot the coin-op is absolutely spot-on. With the coln-op s five stages extended into six (the original game's last level has been split into two), all the arcade game's features are present and the game is extremely playable. CU Amiga rated,"% 9 A320 AIRBUS (Tfcalkm) Probably the most detailed flight sim to date, Thalion boast that anyone who can successfully pilot the game's Airbus to satety is ready to fly the real thing. Real land charts have also been added lor increased authenticity. CU Amiga Rated, 81% 10 SPECIAL FORCES (Micropcoc*) A real
disappointment trom the Tetbury-based sim specialists. The player is given control over a party ol mercenaries who are so good at disguise that they escaped review... Lots ol options but the action elements are disappointing.
11 (Hm Hh Squad) Probably THE best budget release ot the year.
Grattgold's conversion ot the Taito coin-op is nothing short ol stunning. Its eight stages feature all manner ot secret rooms and bonuses, and these, coupled with the already-addictive gameplay. Send Rainbow Islands well into the status ot cult classic.
CU Amiga Budget Game Of The Month, 97% 12 PARASOL STARS (Ocuon) The sequel lo the above, and whilst not quite as playable still a worthy follow-up. Bub and Bob return lor more bonus-laden platform japes, within Parasols larger play area. Another classic, this is the sort ot game Ocean do best. CU Amiga Superstar, 95% 13 HAJUIQUIN (Gram II n) Assuming the role ol the chequered hero, twenty- three stages ot detailed and complex platform action await your attentions. This is easily one ol the best games from the Gremlin stable and is certainly well placed in the list ot platform all-time
greats. CU Screenstar. 91% 14 ELVIRA II (Acraloda) Not as good as the first, but still quite enjoyable.
The necessity to pick up everything before you get to see what it Is. Is a real pain, but goretans will be pleased by the frequents smatterings ot blood which punctuate the action. CU Amiga Rated, 71% 1 5 NORTH AND SOU1N (Action 16) This has been bobbing up and down the charts longer than Meat Loafs Bat Out Of Hell LP, and rightfully so. Based on some obscure French cartoon, this is wargaming lor the very beginner and is well worth eight quid. CU Amiga Rated,80% 16 PGA TOUR GOLF PLUS (EUctronlt Art*) An accessory disk lo the original PGA Tour, and offering more courses for your money. It
doesn’t add anything particularly new, but ardent tans and would-be Jimmy Tarbucks will enjoy the new courses. Not reviewed.
17 A10 TANK KILLER (Mkroprosa) Another one to escape our reviewing net, but this is basically an updated version ol Ihe popular tank sim. Loads to blow up, and all depicted in thrilling 3Dorama. There are better about, though.
IB AUBN BREED (Toom 17) The nearest the Amiga has to a decent Alien licence. Stunning 32-colour graphics play host to a GaunBef-style blast. The main hero sprites are a little weak, but the blast action is playable in Ihe short-tetm. CU Amiga Screenstar, 90% 19 SHADOWLANDS (Domurfc) Developers. Teque. Enter the 3D zone as they introduce a simplistic slant to the RPG genre. OK.
So there are buckets ol this sort ot game available, but this is a perfect entry to what can be a frustrating gamestyle CU Amiga Screenstar. 91% 20 ITALIA 90 (Troalx) We round oil the chart with a complete pile ot tripe.
An utterly useless Footy sim rushed to coincide with the titular finals. All the game's rules have been ignored, and that's the best thing to do with this abysmal crud. Not reviewed.
Chart wppM hf Microbyte mrR dyslexia spelling it out Dyslexia, an abnormal difficulty in reading and spelling, is more widespread than you might think. Mike Gerrard looks at a revolutionary program aimed at overcoming this condition, and speaks to the designers.
WIDESPREAD PROBICM class and having serious problems at school. The Llpmans' took him out ol school and gave him private tuition for one term, and on returning a few months later Nicholas was top of the class. This showed Max that his son's problems were nothing to do with lack of intelligence, as indeed was later confirmed when Nicholas went on to pass his A- levels with good enough results to earn him a place at Bristol University studying Mechanical Engineering.
One of the things I feel,' says Lipman. 'is that children who have this problem which we call dyslexia can very easily become delinquents. It It is estimated that as many as 10% ol the UK school population sutlers in some degree Irom dyslexia. This totals roughly 500,000 children, and these figures still don’t take into account the unknown number of adult sufferers, who may be too embarrassed by their reading difficulties to admit to needing help. The story behind a new program designed to help with dyslexia goes back a long way, as its publisher, Max Lipman, explains: 'I first became
interested in the subject when my son was almost nine years old - and he's now twenty!'
Upman's son, Nicholas, was bottom of the can upset their whole lifestyle. They're told at school that they are stupid, they become the butt of everything, other children make fun of them because they have trouble reading. It you can’t read then the assumption is, of course, that you're stupid, whereas in fact it is nothing to do with intelligence at all, as I think the example ol someone like Nicholas shows.'
AN ANSWER IS FOUND At the time of Nicholas’s troubles, his father was running a computer company and admits that he was lucky enough to be able to afford a private tutor for three hours a day. ‘It costs me a fortune,' he says, 'but it was worth doing.' Now he hopes to get some of his money back, as by observing the way in which the tutor works, Max realised that many of the tasks were very repetitive and ideally suited to being performed by a computer. The result is Dyspell, recently released by Upman's company, Sally Systems Ltd.. and available solely for the Amiga.
‘It was only in 1987 that I started looking into ways of making available to other people what I’d discovered myself about dyslexia. It was at that time when I decided that desktop computers had come down to an affordable price. The obvious machine to go for, according to friends and colleagues, seemed to be, of course, the IBM-PC. But I looked around and saw that if I wanted to get the same quality of graphics and sound from the MS- DOS machine that I could get from the Amiga, I would have to add a board to the PC which itself cost more than an Amiga!’ Lipman wanted to go for a system which
was affordable not just by schools but by parents at home. Another possible option, if he was aiming solely at the educational market, was the Archimedes, which at that time was just emerging.
‘I did speak to the people at Acorn,' he explains, ‘but I wasn’t getting very much back by way of positive response, let's put it that way. Also, the programming language we wanted to use on the Amiga wasn't available for the Archimedes, and finally there was the question of price, of course. If I was going to do something for a machine that was affordable at home... well, in that respect the Amiga is preeminent.'
As to what the program does, there are two principal things which underlie it all. The first is that EDUCATION you simply have to get the eyes to move in the right way, and the second involves dealing with hand-eye coordination. Then you have to repeat this over and over again. You have to find ways of going over things repeatedly, hopefully in a way that doesn’t become boring to the user. That's why we regard our exercises as games. Most of fhe work is done using the mouse, and it’s very important that you can transfer the visual image from the screen into a physical act by moving the hand.
This means that it's gone through the whole process in the brain, and done it successfully, instead of getting stuck somewhere along the way.'
WORD RECOGNITION Dyspell has a progressive series of exercises which take the child trom the recognition of the basic shape ot a letter through to the spelling of whole words. The games to use, their length, the speed at which It all happens and other lectors are all under the control of the parent or teacher. Each child has his or her own disk, on which all this information is contained, along with a pupil profile.
The program also uses a reward and incentive system to print out certificates to mark different levels ol achievement. Encouraging comments by teachers or a parent can easily be added to the wording on the certificate. This element ot reward is so Important,' Lipman explains, 'and so often neglected. Children like and need to be rewarded lor doing well, to retted the work they have put in.
Even it they have only made a small amount ol progress, they have worked for It and that needs to be acknowledged. The certificates, which I think are very attractively presented, help to do that I believe. A new element we have added Is to put the results into a graph, so that there is another visual representation ot the child's improvements.'
ADDRESS BOOK Dysptfll is available as a software only package tor C411.
1 l II II v p I msta or i iorluriinn VAI Rental terms dip alsr i i'll luVJ' i ' f v xi i riciiiiii iffirno tin qiai on Gardens. Tapkow Maidenhead.
NEWS GAME FOR A JOB One argument against the use ot approved’ computers, such as the BBC and Nimbus machines, in schools has always been that schools are the only places you're likely to find such machines! Step out into the real world and you'll have to go a long way to find an office that’s run on a BBC-B computer, or even an Archimedes, so your intimate knowledge of those machines won t get you very far. Hence the increasing attraction of computers that you might feasibly go on using after leaving school, such as the Amiga or the ubiquitous PC.
For this reason, it's particularly good to discover what's happened at the King Edward VI School in Northumberland. The school not only acknowledges the outside world by having eight Amiga 500s, but goes further and understands that a valid job option for Ihe 1990s student is writing computer games. Two boys recently left the school to take up full-time jobs with Ocean, publishers of best-selling games like Robocop, Epic, and The Addams Family. A third pupil from the school has also landed a part-time job with Ocean during the school holidays.
The jobs came about alter a visit by Peter Talbot. Commodore’s National Business Development Manager (in charge of education as well as business developments). Talbot saw some of Ihe work Ihe boys had done, and says thal if was very impressive. I mentioned if when I visited companies and one company in particular, it seems, was more than interested Their former technology teacher. Will Rees, said I have a computer suite ohre with Amigas and Archimedes, and the boys got obsessed by the Amigas. They're close friends and started writing little routines, then got into coding and so on. In fact. I
spent halt my time kicking them out of the computer room, because they’d never leave it! They are treated superbly now.
Though, working hard and are enjoying every minute of if. Rees admits he was anti-Amiga at first, without really looking at what the machine was capable of. He was persuaded to take a look at the computer when he realised how many pupils had one at home, and he now prefers if to any of the other machines the school uses. The Amigas are used mainly in Art and Design, and they have been taken up enthusiastically by staff and pupils alike, and the school now runs in-service classes for lechers elsewhere in the county, educating them in the Amiga BIRMINGHAM'S ALIVE, WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC More on
last month's brief mention of the music technology centre recently established at a Sixth Form College in Birmingham. This is at the Joseph Chamberlain College and is part ol a scheme whereby the Birmingham Local Education Authority has bought 105 Amiga 500s lo be evaluated in Art ft Design and Music Departments throughout the city's 80 secondary schools Birmingham is now the UK’s largest Metropolitan Education Authority The Music Technology Centre is being funded jointly by Birmingham LEA and the I Technical Vocational Education Initiative Extension, and will act as a test and development I
site for music software, curriculum materials development and the all-important stall training for fhe Amiga.
Birmingham's IT Project Manager. Mike Kendall, commented that Many ol the Art ft Design teachers already knew about software such as Deluxe Paint III and what it can do. So the Amiga didn't really need much explaining in this area But the machine has loss ol a reputation in the music area and part of fhe task of Ihe Joseph Chamberlain music technology centre is to heighten this awareness.'
To help in this. Commodore has loaned the centre lour Amiga 2000s, with Roland also stepping in with help in the form of keyboards, sound modules and speakers. The college already already has its own 8-track recording studio, and much ol ifs work will be aimed at putting together music technology specilications tor the national curriculum. Tho centre.’ says Mike Kendall, will be used as the focus for development work, looking at what tho computers can do and at what the curriculum requires and making a match where possible EVERYTHING YOU NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT... JUST WHAT IS IT?
A PERSONAL PROGRAMMING ENVIRONMENT Arexx has been billed as THE best programming language on the Amiga.
Here’s Alex Gian to guide you through its many intricacies.. In 1991. The Amiga won the 'European Home Computer of the Year* award Its superior Graphic User Interlace, multitasking. And impressive graphic and sound abilities have brought a new level of computing power to the home’ user.
Now, one thing that everybody expects from any personal computer is the ability to offer control and automation over all its tasks. This was true even when home computers were paltry affairs by today’s standards. As users become less dazzled by the abilities of the machine, they become more interested in how to use it practically themselves.
This shift from a passive to a more active style of home computing stresses the need for a personal programming language for the Amiga.
The lay person could well be excused for thinking that such a larv guage should come automatically with the computer. In an ideal world that might be the case, but in reality, good software always takes time to follow the hardware. Even now, so many years after the first Amiga, its ideal language is still far from being implemented, although some valiant attempts have been made.
For many reasons, neither AmigaBASIC nor Amiga DOS ever became popular for personal programming. A substantial vacuum existed in this area. That was until the long- awaited release of Workbench 2.0 on the Amiga which introduce a new contender in the personal programming language stakes - Arexx.
Arexx is derived from the REXX language used on big computers for script control and interprocess communication. It was implemented on the Amiga by Bril Hawes, a programmer with some impressive programs to his name. It is generally agreed that the implementation is extremely sound, and that it takes special advantage of the Amiga's features. Arexx is not a new language! And has had something of a cult following for quite a while, especially among US programmers.
However, once its super-practical nature started to become apparent, more and more people became interested. Today, many serious applications have Arexx support Arexx is a good example of a specialist utility which made it to mainstream big time purely on its own worth.
In this on-going series, well examine how well Arexx can fill the need for a personal programming environment.
Our aim is to give a general overview of the language, outlining its powerful features and how best to use them. We will also try to dear any confusion and misunderstandings that have come about, and supply enough information to encourage further experimentation with the language.
What are the features of a good personal programming language? Well, it must be simple and practical, to be easily accessible, even to users who are newcomers to computing. It must also offer advanced control features, so that more experienced users can easily get what they want out of their system It should also be interactive so that users can see what is happening at each stage, make changes quickly and check them easily.
There is one more very important point in a multi-tasking computer, this language should be able to coordinate and link the programs running on the machine in an integrated way. This will allow users to combme and customise the abilities of their various programs in a 'seamless' manner. All kinds of packages may need to be linked. Art packages to video work, databases to modems, formulae to animation sequences - just about anything that will benefit from the extra control. Up to now. This has not really been an issue, since not only home computers, but even bigger business machines did NOT
multi-task well enough to allow interprogram communication.
NEW GROUND In allowing mis. Ihe Amiga is breaking totally new ground. It is not really a home micro at all. Not in the old sense of 8-bit home micros, and certaxily not from a programmer's point of view.
Amiga system programming needs to manage several levels of hardware and software complexity. Any personal programming environment must shield the AREXX - A MULTI-TASKING MICRO'S LANGUAGE.
Kleiibrta|BaaaalaaseatmisabnakaalaaMaaeliaaa. TeMutolMeefM!MMil|.«e ¦MXIXMaeiMni al aawftbaaea. Kart a¦ I ¦¦n xerakeaartt:
• FkWi Ike n HOW ee ¦ aberM Wp likaq !¦* kkarlea MM. Aa lee m na
aa aaar prbfnae is foe Ike aaaBhaaooaalf. Tee a* ret kave te |e
Ml ¦ wiclil later- iretir lertieaaeal eeieUemo attar liimw Uk.
Mte um. LOW, alt. Iks taeacboa.
Kkou le ateeyi available le Ike kecktreeel. Taklee iwy llttte wee. Mt cae be isoe as assise Toe cae xtu taeadi HM control Ulan i*ee Inn tee kail, eltMst tee Unit of Uiloe to a leceedlf. Mon veee Bn aerlfo M ’pert' teeteroe, 00 that Men ptfnm aaa caaoaeeicoto mtb nek mot k| ooaene ¦niiioin-. Alien melieiito o ceetne pen ol Ito oee. «n ne» e« o oorf Her noeto the Uteri ovecmceWa cae Oo seal, fin neosaieo oaaaeo cae coetole Oatk orafnn am on. Fn laotaaco. A orafron Mat ran lo ka no naaafO the Marina noartaca • Ms naaaa ckcea. Ale - caau ka |Ma aa Man ceaaaal nasrtaca as an al na naaaamaaa aattaaa
cans k naaaras kf onOan Man csnnaaae. A acrlat caaM tfeaa la anttaa Is nako tha anfxan SUMMARY OF THE MAIN AREXX INSTRUCTIONS FUNCTIONS OPENING COMMENTS a TkrtN. La aautlaa la Ka aaa nnnal nacaan, Man cap oo nnaaali artaaial Ortlieno of eaetan llarariaa. Ihsao Hbrarks an alatln Is kakp akareO libraries. Oat Uni alaa eaatala aana Men apaciftc cads. Thai cae asty ka mtttea b| oiparloacsa anfrannan. M tka| can ka aaaO k| aaisaa. Man Imdoa nlat. RrtMk um an Ima u laalaroa ta bo aoaao is kksu. LacWlai null loaclloaa. Fall csabU aoar fraeUca. AMsaa. Anna, accaaa ta all the kaifa aialan laaclWoa.
Aaa aac* nan. TaOnaiaxlic Maxi lainan as craukn nan aicollaU llbranaa Ul tbe tm.
Ask aaat U than are tnal| kktnbatsbkt sFsartU|.Uan«aaaitana. MaMSC.tbsnBeas satoaalsbs acMatlbs OPERATORS Arexx supports all
- Lain la an ban a raarlti lanHn. NU aaalara ckannan. Ate
HaraUt, Me.i I lent without the r a dwwon baansa aoannni aa
anao aa|. Aid Ua car be csmneS treat). Um Uaa baa a aaaorta
aai U baadbaf anaia Oscaaaa ad aariabks na baaUad n strap U
danctsn. Man la aad aided la arscaaani teat aad aanr tamutad
data, bbaoa ad. Bdan arafraaniai a PbkCTiCkl a laadi. Aa na
aabstm aka. ¦ abaUd ba and M Men la nWMi am. Ma la a short-
canm U ad wtnantad laapapa. K ana laaUli la aka neared dn ta
da ItaUbta aai U data baadNai, aadtba lataraUaanarlc
csmanlaaa. Heasosr atrla| aaaratiaai a aaad anaarti, Ulair
iratda accaatabia made.
XOR, the logical exclusive OR (either one or the other) user trom these complexities whilst akowrng as much control as possdile.
Even though Arexx meets the requirements quite well, there soil seems to Be some confusion aboutit all One ol the reasons tor the contusion k me dual character ol Arexx tin Both a means cd external program control, and a tuly fledged language This a a novel conceps to many people, and confures up images eI awful complexity Even the name Arexx sounds mote like an arcane communications protocol lhan a language to simplify computet um. Why couldnT if be named some- Ihlng like 'SIMPLE' or 'EASY!*?
The nofaBle lack of documentation ai the Workbench 2.0 detribution does not nap edher. Like many other things about the Amiga, some effort is requirecf at the begraxng I hope dat ancle sheds a Moe b d where needed: I suspect dial loo many of die very people dial would gel the mosl out of Arexx are totaky n Ihe dark about it When you consider the demands made on a personal programming language lor die Amiga, you'll reabse Ihat they are substantial. The user will expect lo be able fo control the system, me windowing environment, the mulb- taaklng. And all the other Amiga beds and wtxstles
Arexx provxies an elegant and concoe way ot doaig so Part ot the simplicity ol AFTexx lee In Its smsl size It provides excellent control wdh fust over» budt-n nstnxtxxts and about 80 sanple tuncbons Arexx has been speoficaly designed wdh muMaskxig n trend. It allows accees over the wtide Amiga system NOT by providing endtess features, but by providing a simple communication system that lets programs Talk' to each other, and thus also control each other remotely More than this. Arexx Is a complete language in itself, wdh many novel features, al geared towards making compupng practical
and easy Up unk now. The man personal language cd most rracros has been BASIC The maai reason tor Us longevity is mat ¦ Is easy to learn AimgaBASIC a no longer ckstnbuted wdh the Amiga, but Arexx has some simdanties and a In tact even simpler to team and use The other maxi way ot controlling the Amiga has been AmigaDOS: but while AmlgaDOS is quite sufficient tor copying or renaming Ihe odd tile, it is awkward and definitely not suited lor any work that Involves calculabon Arexx has an excellent connection to AmigaDOS: you can use its high-level constructs to perform computations and aasdy
send the resuts to AngaDOS. Fist as d you had typed them at tha CU m tact. REXX is actu- aty avadable on PC compatibles, without any mufit-taskng features, just Because ot mis ability' THE TRIPLE NATURE OF THE LANGUAGE We've already mentioned that Arexx has a dual character. In that it provides a utility language aa wall as a means lor interprocess communication. In reakty, Arexx has three mam roles 1 A language for writing complete programs and applications
2. A macro language tor building ¦ INSTRUCTIONS The following is
a list ol the commands and functions you are likely to use
emos n you Drogram tn e, e ms rue ions are organ .nto FLOW
CONTROL ..-V aievaae. A, iU..y oo uu ataibvaaiwva vayucy ie
sequencing of the code loops, etc 00 END All blocks ot mst
mrtinns that liavn In he rpnpAtpri must tip enclosed between a
DO and I UL.1IUII» lllal ltd VC IU UC IcpCdlCU IllUbl Ul an
END Instruction. DO has Ihe following options 00 FOR x: The
block is r nn FflRFVFR An pnrllp* epeatcd x times.
( In in Ihtl nn nnha and laiith -a DDL AV nr 1 I AWL L U rUHCVCH All "tl(JlcS DO i = a TO b (BY cl A i s loop tndi can omy enu wun 3 ont ail or itMVt counting loop that counts from a to b m steos of law 1 a i v u iv i VI as i
c. During the looping the 1 arable i has the current value ot the
count ir lo Ihe DO-loop found in most languages DO UNTIL x
Keeps looping until Ihe condition x is Hue 00 WHILE x. Similar
lo Ihe above except lhal Ihe condition is checked al Ihe start
ol each loop. UNTIL checks Ihe condition at the end ol the
loop DO without any arguments marks a simple execution block,
such as those used in conditional statements ITERATE Used
between DO and END statements torces a return to the beginning
ot a loop, before reaching END.
BREAK: Forces an exit from a DO END range LEAVE. Forces an exit from all DO END ranges when these are nested AREXX JUST WHAT IS U?
Small programs lo facilitate system tasks.
3. An automation system for linking and coordinating different
programs running on the Amiga so that they act as an
Integrated unit. This last feature can also be used to
design and test applications Interactively.
D THE LANGUAGE Before we start on the language itself, here are a few things to remember: to run any Arexx program, the interpreter must first be loaded in the background using the RexxMast command, which may already be present in your startup- sequence.
Arexx programs can be written using your favourite text editor. Their first line MUST always be a comment
- they will not run otherwise! An Arexx comment looks like this:
r any comment goes here 7 By convention, programs are saved
with a rexx suffix. To run any program, you just type ' rx
mypro- gram.rexx' at the CLI or the Shell.
The .rexx suffix is optional. If you keep your programs in a directory that has been assigned the name REXX:, the interpreter will search for them there automatically.
Normally, Arexx instructions are not case-sensitive. For practical purposes. We can say that all instructions are converted to upper case. To ensure that a value is interpreted in lower case, it must be enclosed in quotation marks. Either single or double quotation marks can be used, but they must be consistent.
Where there is possible ambiguity, using the two different quotation marks can make things clearer.
Instructions are usually given one per line. If there is more than one on a line, they must be separated by a semi-colon. You can also run very small Arexx programs (1 - 4 Imes) straight from the CLI. By using the RX command, e.g.: rx ‘a = 45 ; say a’ Strange as this may seem, there are times when this is very useful.
STRINGS AND VARIABLES The main strength of the Arexx language is its excellent ability to handle strings of characters, with few limitations. One of these, though, is that the maximum length of Arexx strings is 64 kilobytes, so data larger than this has to be split into more than one string (obviously, any data can be viewed as a string of characters). To get an idea of the ease with which data is handled by Arexx. We will have a look here at some examples of input and output.
First, we will see how strings can be combined - see Listing 1.
Incidentally, variables which have not yet been assigned a value, are given the value of their own name in upper case.
LISTING 1 • output tost 7
* ar1 - Strings war2 - “am easily" var3 . "combined."
Strtngl - wrl *ar2 trar3
I. "up to" y - (32768 * 2) -1 z ¦ "bytes are allowed" string2 =
rar1 zyz say stringl say string2 The data is automatically
combined into a sentence-like string.
Numeric values are calculated in the process. Arexx implicitly understands the blank spaces between the variables, and inserts them appropriately. It is also possible to join up strings without blanks, by using the special concatenation (joining-up) operator II. Listing 2 demonstrates this.
LISTING 2 r output test2 * vl-ar v2 « “six has” v3 = 2*5 v4 = ”00s of uses.- s1 ¥lllv2 v3llv4 say si parse var s1 first second third rest say third The first part of Listing 2 is a straightforward demonstration of joining up without spaces. The second part, the instruction PARSE VAR.
Shows-how easily Arexx can separate complex data strings into their components. The string s1, Arexx has 1000s of uses’, is split into the variables supplied: ‘first’ gets the value ‘ARexx’. ‘second’ gets ‘has’, ‘third’ gets '1000s’ and ‘rest’ gets ‘of uses’.
PARSE is also the instruction used for getting input from the keyboard, using the PULL option. The simplest way to illustrate this is with an example - see Listing 3.
LISTING 3 * some input * say "Please enter your name.” parse pull name say “Hello there," name These examples show the power and the flexibility of string-handling. A shorthand for PARSE PULL is PULL but this will convert all input to upper case. PARSE is one of the most powerful Arexx language instructions. And has many options. More details are in the panelled sections accompanying this article.
ARITHMETIC Arexx provides basic arithmetic operators, and more can be added by using special libraries. Even though all data is handled as strings, there is the built-in ability to detect and evaluate numeric values. The string resulting from the evaluation is then used by the program.
Arexx also has the ability to select the level of decimal accuracy, and the format in which numbers are handled. In addition, there are a number of ways to allow conversion between formats. All this is accomplished using the NUMERIC instruction.
There is also a special format for representing strings as hexadecimal values: ‘31’x is the same as T, ‘32'x is *2', ‘6b x is k‘. Etc. These values can also be joined up: 326bxisthe same as 2k. More advanced programmers will be glad to see that strings can also be represented in a binary format, using the suffix b, for instance: ‘00101111 01010110'b.
There is also a comprehensive set of functions for performing bitwise operations such as logical ADD, OR, XOR, etc. FLOW CONTROL No real language is complete without good flow control. Arexx provides good support for loops, conditional checks (if statements and case selection) and branching.
Any set of instructions that has to be repeated can be defined by a block beginning with the instruction DO (with the appropriate options) and ending with the instruction END.
A DO block can have a number of options, for instance DO FOR 100 will cause 100 repetitions of the instructions within the block, and DO Arexx It quit simply THE Dtst programming environment lor the Amiga, ft powerful tod sesy to um. And has alraady Own accepted By software developers lor Inclusion Into their programs. The main advantage o* tMe It that you can effectively combine packages together to make them even more flexible and Ideal lor your personal uae.
I = 1 TO 100 will behave pretty much like Ihe traditional BASIC loop. There are also options tor setting the counter steps and doing WHILE and UNTIL checks. All these are detailed in the accompanying cut-and-keep section. DO ... END blocks can be nested within each other, and there are also facilities (or breaking out ot them, using the LEAVE and BREAK instructions.
Arexx provides two instructions tor conditional checking. The instruction 'IF a THEN b' checks whether the expression 'a' is true, and if so, executes instruction 'b If it is not, the program continues on to the next line. Either*or cases have Ihe line ELSE immediately alter the IF instrucbon. Where the outcome ot the conditional emails carrying out more than one line of instrudions, they must be enclosed in a DO... END block. All this is pretty straightforward. And much as you would exped in any high level language. Listing 4 illustrates this.
LISTING 4 • it testing • do forever soy "enter a number'' perse putt el II datatype(n1 .numeric) then do say "thankyou" leave end nltado say "yoe did not enter a number!"
Say "you entered the string" n1 say "try again" exit Where conditional checking has lo be performed on more than two choices, then the instruction SELECT is used.
Branching is handled in Arexx using the powerful SIGNAL instruction. SIGNAL is followed by tbe name of a label lo which Ihe program execution branches. A label name in a program is followed by a colon. In this context, SIGNAL is similar to a 'GO TO’ statement found in other languages. SIGNAL can also be used to cause branching when certain conditions are met. E.g. a syntax error or a break request from the keyboard.
When signalling is used like this to trap events, it can also be switched ON OFF. See Listing 5 - more details are in the separate section LISTING S • signalling • signal on syntax It J - 0 then say "yen" exit syntax: say “yon have a syntax error" exit ARRAYS Arexx does not support arrays as they are usually found in most computer languages. Instead, it provides the interesting and innovative concept ot compound symbols.
Compound symbols are more like trees than arrays, and can easily be used to simulate arrays. Their size does nol have lo be initialised at the start ol the program, and data is simply added during program execution.
Furthermore, they do not have to be numerically indexed, and can allow complex strudures to be built up.
Learning to use them correctly greatly extends the scope of Arexx programs.
Compound symbols are basically symbols with many variable names separaled by full stops - the besl way to illustrate this is with examples.
Firstly, It you have an array of, say 10 elements, you can rater to it as
a. 1.a.2......a.10. Thlscanbe useful when used In iterative
However, you are nol limited to using numbers in sequence: an ‘array’ could have only the elements ar.1, ar.17, andar.1074. lnthistorm.it would take much less space than a huge array with many uninitialised values. Furthermore, you are not even limited to using numbers: man age, man.name and man.address are all valid compound symbols. The first part ot a compound symbol is called Ihe slem. And the subsequent parts are called nodes. Nodes can even be Ihe names of vanables. Which are evaluated when the expression is interpreted. We will not go into this sub]ed in great depth in this issue:
your imagination and your programming skills set the only limits to how you use compound symbols. Listing 6 will help lo illustrate the elements of this idea.
LISTING 6 r co • poison. = “unknown" person. 1 .namo „ “Rosie" person.2.name = "Bavin” person.1.song ¦ "Rack Me" person.2,shoes = “rad" pnrsnn2.shoas.sln- “14" middle . 2.shoes do I -1 to 2 say porson.i.nama person.i.song person.I.shoes and say person.mlddle.slra pxtt Phew! We hope all this is crystal clear! You will note thal when the stem ol a compound symbol is initialised to a value ('unknown' in Listing 6), then all possible compound symbols lor thal slem are set to that value until they are changed FUNCTIONS There are four different levels of functions in Arexx. When a function is
called, the system searches for it in the following order:
1. Functions defined in the program.
2. Built-in Arexx functions.
3. Extension library functions.
4. External macros.
SUMMARY OF THE Back lo top-level MAIN AREXX lasiaicnias INCH9IS IF a THEN b (ELSE c| executes b il a is true, otherwise the optional c When b or c are complex instructions, they must be enclosed in a 00 END range.
NOP Does nothing' Is useful tor creating nested IF-THEN-EISE instructions.
SELECT is used with WHEN. THEN and OTHERWISE when dealing with a multiple choice' selection Must be terminated with an END instruction E«.
ENO SIGNAL This is Ihe branching instruction. When followed by a label name n acts as a GO TO statement: SELECT * got lo x:). Lor example It il Is followed by any ot Ihese keywoids. It acts as a trap lor Ihe corresponding event. The ON'OFF option toggles the trap SIGNAL ON SYNTAX Goes to label syntax: it a syntax error occurs.
SIGNAL ON NOVALUE Goes to the label novalue: II a variable is called lhal has not yet been gtven a value SIGNAL ON BREAK C(or D or E or F): goes to the label BREAK_C (or D etc) it any ot the keys ctil-C to ctrt-F have been pressed There are some more minor options which we omit here The special variable SIGL will contain Ihe line number where Ihe SIGNAL occured.
Remember that labels are any valid Arexx symbol lollovred by a colon They have no eltecl. And merely ad as placemarkers INPUT. OUTPUT AND PARSING These inslrudrons handle all Ihe keyboard inpul and lexl output SAY: This instruction prints out to the console PARSE A very powerful instruction with many options.
PARSE |UPPER| PULL aaa: read the keyboard input into the template aaa. The optional UPPER keyword converts it to uppercase PULL is shorthand tor PARSE UPPER PULL, and may be used on its own PARSE [UPPER] ARG bbb: puts the arguments to a (unction or macro Into the template bbb As above. ARG may be used as shorthand tor PARSE UPPER ARG PARSE VAR at ccc: puts the value ol at into the template ccc. It Is very uselul lor scanning Ihe constituent parts ol a string Theie aie a number ol other options lor PARSE, hut they are not dealt with here. Templates are an extensive subject. Refer to the main
text lor some simple examples ot the use ot PARSE FUNCTIONS Functions are sub-programs which can be called Irom Ihe main code lo pertorm a specitlc task.
CALL Used lo call a lundion. Espcrafly when Ihe lundion is nol evaluated PROCEDURE: This inslrudion is used in program functions thal want lo hide their data Irom Ihe main program (keep il local) Normally all variable names are global. This inslrudion can also be used won Ihe optional EXPOSE keyword, which allows some ol Ihe variables lo be global For SELL OUT TO BE SEEN IN SELL-OUT CALL KAREN NEILL 071 - 9 7 2 6 7 00 TREASURE ISLAND riflA CUN FIGHTER ,0R *.WINBIG • AUUE CASH PRIZES ' ¦ Call 0839 03 03 30 f vou txe mde- '6 vecn of agp MOOWl =09o. I6 LS' 4IN Cm Exchange Amiga S00 Public
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RING 0891 505 105 First 200 callers receive free disks.
Spreadsheet ofTer to ail callers Calls cost 36p min cheap rate 48p all other times AREXX JUST WHAT IS fT?
We will deal with the last txvo ot tho list shortly, when we look at the second aspect ol the tnpte use ot Arexx - Macros The budt-ai (unctions are documented in the separate section.
Functions delined in an Arexx program lake the highest precedence. And override other functions that may have the same name, whether they are buit-si or in an external library All functions are called from the program either through the use of the instruction CALL or as part ot an expression that is evaluated and gives a result. Program lunctions are written after the last EXIT clause ot the main program; they are indeatefl by a label, which consists o« their name plus a colon The arguments ghren to a (unction are read in. Using the PARSE instruction that we have already seen, this time
using the option ARG Results are then returned to the program using Ihe RETURN instruction. The passing and retrieving ol variables to and from functions and macros are very hexible when usmg Arexx. This is a much larger subject than we can cover here - we may took at it in a later issue A good understarxXng ol the PARSE instruction helps. In Listing 7. We give an example which covers the basic elements LISTING 7 r Isnctien me * a =19; b = 20 say tolls.h| silt tot: parse arg a.b sum = a ? I return sum We hope these simple examples, along with the instructions in the cut- ano-keep section,
will encourage you to experiment and get a flavour ot the language.
E3 MACROS Macros ts a term lor small programs or sub-programs which can be used to build a larger unit. A powerful tea- ture ot Arexx is that any Arexx program can be called from any other as a sub-program This allows the user to build collecBont of programs that manage system tasks, and which can easily be called when needed, either from the Shell, or from another Arexx program.
Arexx macros come In two flavours: functions and commands.
We have alreaOy seen how functions are defined internally in a program.
To write a function that is available to the system all the time, write it in aaacay re same way as you would an Xamaky defined function, but saw • in a separate file called func- name rexx. Which you can save to your rexx: directory, or any other dwctory which is available in your workpath Funcname' should be the name of the (unction itself Now H you cal the function from your Arexx program, it will search lor it In the mtemal, built-in and library lunctions.
A no presumably not find it there It will then search your current directory, rexx: and any other available paths Having found lb it will load It up as normal, add it to the list of Internal lunctions. Ana continue with the computation.
We sard that macros can also be commands. Commands can be any Arexx program - as we said, they can be called from any other Arexx program, but because they do not use the RETURN Instruction to pass results to the calling program, a different method has to be used It the macro merely performs an action, and does not return a result, than there is no problem Otherwise, the value with which the macro EXITed will be returned to the calling program In a special vanable, RESULT.
In this way. Macros can behave very similarly to lunctions Listing B shows two programs: one is a macro which is saved under Ihe name lest rexx, and the other is a program which cab this macro and gets a result from It.
LISTING 8 • tsit.rsn ¦ • this sacra tskss • string and a number as argamantl. Sad returns Iks remainder wtisn ths length si Iks string is divided by Iks number •I pans arg string aimMr ten ¦ IsngtMstrlng); say len ram ¦ Isa II numbsr
• sit ram • program ts call tast.ran * r wa saw tke aart llaa
ta read RESULT • options resalts si ¦ abracadabra- last si 4
• sit 0 Running the second program ai Listing 8 wi* cat the macro
test rexx.
Which will print the length of the string and return the remander to Ihe main program, which will Ihen print II out.
Notice that an enhanced variation of this simple macro could be used to format text.
Do not let the differences between tunchon and command macroa contuse you Look at it as two drfterent ways ot doing the same |Ob, and use the one which is more appropriate to you. One reason for the dilterence between commanfls and (unctions is dua to the way data are passed through Arexx ports. You will tind that the vast majority ot programs with Arexx support use commands: ¦ SUMMARY OF THE instance. Mytunchon PROCEDURE EXPOSE i y MAIN AREXX w.l. allow the var.ab.es x and y to he globa. All i»»r**rno«»imcT»OM RETURN xxx exits from the (unction, and returns the variable xxx to GENERAL
CONTROL These instructions are perhaps more relevant to the generation ot proces macros lor controlling applications ADDRESS |PORT|command|| Sets a current AREXX port toi sending commands II a command is specilied. It is sent to the port II used witl no keywords, it toggles the current port with the previous one The spe- cut port name COMMAND relcrs to 1 (not to bo contused with the actusii c ihe CLI that launched the program OPTIONS sets certain Arexx opt follow It OPTIONS RESULTS Enables the ions, according to the keywords th; uvrtil uxuhlp ipcnll In ctntp thp special vaiijim it sun 10
sitiic me return values to the mam program board. Lor example OPTIONS PROMPT or OPTIONS PROMPT Yes Ptease7 OPTIONS FAILAT nn sets the level at which return codes arc (lagged NUMERIC FORM keyword Keyword must be either SCIENTIFIC or ENGINEERING NUMFRIC FUZZ n error tolerance, i.e. the numbei ol digits to ignore when numbers are compared INTERPRET string A powetlul lealure that will interpret the supplied string iusl as if it was a program line TRACE Controls the tracing and debugging modes ol Arexx Not dealt with here EXIT n: Terminates the piogiam and exits with return code n INTERNAL
FUNCTIONS This is a lisl ol the muot Arexx lunctions likely to he ol interest to the FUNCTIONS WITH CORRESPONDING COMMANDS ADDRESS!): Returns the cuirent host address.
ARG([n|) Returns the number ot arguments to a tonction It no param- elers are given Otherwise returns value ot the nth argument UPPER(strlng): Converts string to uppercase TRACED used to control trace modes FUNCTIONS FOR FILE ACCESS OPEN(lfn.lile. R or W): The specilied tile is opened, under the logical tile name tin. R or W determine whether the tile is open lor reading 01 writ- mg II the operation succeds it returns 1 otherwise 0 Very similar to corresponding BASIC functions CLOSE(ltn) Closes a previously opened tile EXISTSI) Checks it a tile exists, and returns I it d does, otherwise 0
READLN(ltn): Reads and returns one line liom the specilied open tile WrlTELNlltn slung). Writes siring lo open tile as a line Returns its Arexx Graphic Screen Most regu at' dr-am ng s t 'uc tiM-os of-e suppa - ted.
The command interface is somewhat easier to implement than the one for functions.
One good application for macros is to harness useful utilities that may be provided by programs with Arexx interfaces into your own code.
Examples of this are file requesters and string input gadgets.
Macros can also make use of custom Arexx function libraries.
Function libraries exist that give access to all kinds of Amiga system features. In fact, it is possible to write fully Intuitionised’ Arexx programs that are mouse-driven and use all the regular features of standard Amiga programs, such as menus and gadgets. Any feature that is available to Assembly or C programmers can be accessed from Arexx using more advanced function libraries. In order to be used. Arexx support libraries must of course be in the libs: drawer, and must also be mounted on the Arexx library list, using the RXLIB command from the CLI, or the ADDUBO built-in function.
Another extremely useful application. Which we have already hinted at.
Is to use the high level language convenience of Arexx as a substitute for awkward AmigaDOS scripts. Where complex computing structures are involved in an evaluation, they can be handled from Arexx, and the final form of the command to be used can be built up as an Arexx string. This string can then be sent directly to AmigaDOS to be executed, just as if it had been typed in at the Shell. We will see how this is done when we look at ports and the ADDRESS instruction in the section on Interprocess Communication.
E INTERPROCESS COMMUNICATION All the above features make for very useful computing, but what really distinguishes Arexx is its ability to interprocess communication. This means that programs running simultaneously on the Amiga can exchange information and send commands to each other. This ability makes for a new and revolutionary way of computing.
Let’s have a brief look at how this is implemented. Every Arexx compatible program has a ‘port’. A port is a piece of code connected to the operating system, via which commands and data can be sent and received. Each of these ports has a name by which it is recognised. The Arexx interpreter itself has a port, called REXX. In fact, the interpreter maintains two ports, one of which is current, and one which is in reserve.
All messages from Arexx are sent to the current port. When a new port is flStxx links to Wntuition l a many libraries.
4Jtt« tan easily i'u I pu I text anb ubics to luinbouis addressed, it becomes the currant port, and the last pod that was used goes into reserve When Arexx starts up, die reserve port is a special pon called COMMAND, and it represents the Shell from which the program was launched We have already mentioned this when we discussed sending macros to AmigaDOS. The instruction ADDRESS is used to access ports. It is followed by the name ot the port to be made active It can also be immediately followed on the same line by the message to be sent If the ADDRESS command is issued without any argu
ments, it toggles the current and previous ports, as shown here: PD AREXX LIBRARIES A number of PD Araxi libraries are available. Hera era torn ol thorn: REXX INTUI.LIBRARY
- allow* tho use ot graphic and Intuition functions.
LIBRARY - allows tho use ot ninth A trigonometric function* RXOEN.UBRARV
- allow* AREXX to uso any Amiga shared library.
Address r toggle between current and previous ports* address SUPERDUPER r set the port ot the SuperDuper program as current 7 address COM- MANO *dtr opt a* r send the command dir opt a’ to the current CLI 7 ADORESSO can also be usad in its function form, where it returns the name ol the current port.
It is very important to have the ports of your Arexx program correctly sat The reason lor this is as follows: any line that is meaningless to the interpreter (provided it la not a syntax error) is assumed to be a command lor an external program, and IS immediately sent to the current port It is also possible to open more ports Irom within an Arexx program using the OPENPORT command from the support library provided with Arexx The best way to find out about interfacing with Arexx-compatible programs Is by practice. Get hold of a program with an Arexx Interface, and try It out. There are many
good PO programs with Arexx interfaces.
One should be on this month s cover disk If you are already using one of the excellent commercial products with an Arexx Interface, such as MORE INFORMATION th. Tm. Dietrtbut.on * Aroxx ha* extensive documentation on tho language, Including It* technical implementation. It costs In tho region of £30. Also, a vary good book on tho subject le ¦ARoxx Programming on tho Amiga' by Chris Zamara, published by Abacus, again available at )ust over £30.
ASDG An Department. Bars And Pipes, or CanOo. Arexx will offer you many ways to enhance your work, Wb also predict that very few future Amiga products wltl lack an Arexx interface, so there are many long-term benefits to be had from getting familiar with it now EXPLORE... The above is by no means a complete descnptton ol Arexx.
In addition to the material outkned.
Arexx has many advanced features These include excellent tracing and debugging utilities, which allow tha programmer to lind and bag errors easily, and also to run programs which issue potentially destructive commands In a protected 'test* mode.
There are also features like syntax semantics collapsing, which can be very usetul in problem-solving applications However, these subjects are more advanced, and we may look at them another time. You will not need them to start with.
See, it's not as overfly complex as it initially seems Hopefully. WeVe given you a slight push In the nght direction, and we hope you will have a lot ot tun with your Initial experimentation with Arexx ... NEXT MONTH As ws brows* through tha many Istrt- caclas which Arsu attars, at it asath w* will ha laaklag Mors specifically at Its Maay tsacttsas.
¦a'll ha getag tats greater daptks regarding ksy Infractions which tha Aasu user will use on a regular basis, and will b* tinkering with irewgln to show yen )ast what they da. H*s aH bare Mil swath - make sere yse are... SUMMARY OF THE length MAIN AREXX READCHilfn.length) Reads Ihe specified length mineCTiBas Fpectioas ol bytes Irom a tile, or to the end it the tile is shorter WRITECH(lfn.stnngi Writes string to an open Me Returns its length SPECIAL FUNCTIONS ADDLIBIIibraiy.priorily.ollset.vers): Adds a special Arexx snared library to the list kept internally by the system It has the same
ettect as the rxlib command used at the CLI A typical call which can be used tor mounting most libraries is AddLibt rexxsupport library*.0.-30.01 SETCllPicbp value) Set the value ot a clip GETCllP(clip): gets the value ot a clip. Clips can be used to store data so that they are accessible to all Arexx programs in the system PRAGMA) DIRECTORY*! Returns the cd from which program was launched TIMEO: returns the current time FUNCTIONS THAT DEAL WITH STRINGS The maionty ol Arexx functions deal with strings COMPARElst s2) Returns the first position where the two strings differ IN0EX(S1 pat):
Returns the first position that pat occurs in si.
LASTPOSlpat.st )• Returns the position ol the last occurence of pat in si.)
LENGTHIS11 Returns the length of si.
LEFT(str.len): Returns the ten leftmost characters of the string RIGHT(str.len): as above, the rightmost characters.
REVERSEtstr): reverses the string order TRIM(str): Removes traiing blanks WORDS Arexx also provides tunctions that treat strings as sentences WORDISl.n) Returns the nth word in si.
WORDiNDEXist .nl Returns the position ol the nth word in s1 WORDLENGTHis1.nl. Returns the length of the nth word WORDSlslj Returns the number ot words in si CONVERSION FUNCTIONS For swapping data Detween number bases or string values These are illustrated with examples B2C( 111000) returns 8 ( convert binary to literal • 8 is 0x38 ASCII) C2Bl A ) returns 0100 0001 (convert literal to binary format) C20 8| returns 56 - The decimal ASCII valueof 8 C2XI 8 ) returns 38 D2C(65) returns A D2X(65) returns 41 NUMERIC FUNCTIONS ABSm) Returns the absolute value of n MAXla.b | |): Returns the maximum
ofthe supplied numbers MiN(a.b.|.-)v Returns the minimum of the supplied numbers SIGNinn) Returns 1 it nn is positive -1 it it is negative R S E L F What exactly is happening with the CDTV? Is it really going to be the brave new world that Commodore are touting it as? Palace Software's Pete Stone expresses his opinion on where Commodore's potentially-exciting unit is heading, and why it is taking so long... FUTURE TENSE Commodore's much-touted CD system was in development lor three years and has cost millions to research and produce. The machine has been officially on sale in Britain tor
several months but, unofficially, it has been available for more than a year. Even so, it has not been the hit that Commodore expected it to be and the machine has come under increasing threat from Philip's CD-I system. Compared to the Amiga's first year sales ot 60,000 In Europe and 90,000 In the States the CDTV has struggled to sell more than 15,000 In this country. These figures suggest that either the machine has flopped, or that there are serious flaws in the sales and marketing department ol Commodore UK.
Commenting on Commodore s dealings with CDTV, Peter says: With hindsight, they shouldn't have tried to launch the product onto the main market before a cult following had been created.
With any new product it's best to convince the opinion leaders first and let them persuade the rest of the work) via word of mouth. Commodore also needed some mind blowing software to make peo pie sit up take notice, and also buy them machine, and this still Isn’t forthcoming. They seem to have presumed that people have bought the CDTV lor the machine itself and have not perceived that most people want the CDTV because of the software's potential As far as I know, no one has been approached by Commodore to produce demonstration software and the impression we got when we spoke to them was
that, surpnsingly, there's not a lot ot enthusiasm on their part to back software tor the system.'
Sound capabilities And as hardware improves we will definitely be seeing FMV (Full Motion Video) before the end ol the decade Having said that, there are two drawbacks with the system. Firstly, disks, in whatever format, are still very slow In transferring data between themselves and the computer And, secondly, the stagnant market place for the product is not conducive to financial outlay There's no point in a relatively smalt soft ware house, like us. Pouring loads ol money into developing software lor the CDTV unless we have the backing of a hardware corporation such as Commodore. If
hardware companies want their machines to be successful they must work more closely with the software companies We need quality, value-for-money games and utilities out there now. I already know owners ol CDTVs whose machines are just gathering dust.'
UNDAUNTED Nevertheless, Pete is still undeterred by this apparent apathy. In terms of direction, we re work ing very much towards CD based proiects.' He says. We feel that CD-ROM is the future ot the market - going way beyond floppies or even cartridges Cds are easier and cheaper to manufacture; also, they can t be pirated, they hold huge amounts of data and they have excellent When talking about the problems arising when developing CD product Pete Is surpnsingly dismissive. 'There are no real programming problems,' he says. The hurdles that have to be negotiated all arise from the sheer
size of each project As far as working with digitised graphics are concerned the main headaches are with actors, make up, lighting and set design. We are entering a whole new genre ot entertainment, and software develop ers are now having to learn how to become film directors. The sheer co-ordination of a project such as Palace s Jedyff And Hyde is a nightmare I have five full-time programmers and two artist working around the dock as wel as over twenty-live assoned coders working part time.'
Strangely enough, Peter is produdng Jedyff and Hyde tor the Amiga and has not considered a CDTV version yet. It's a shame,' he concedes.
When you think ol the amount of sound and graphics you can put into a CD game and then you realise that it's not worth you putting a version out because the user base is so small, it's such a waste. We'd probably put a hundred times the amount ol animation Into a CO version ot Jekyll than into the Amiga, which means that a short burst ol animation on the Amiga would run lor a lull twenty seconds on the CDTV Jedyff will have cost £100,000 by the time its completed so it's not financially viable at the moment. Not until the user base picks up.'
LOOKING AHEAD So what of the future? The Amiga is already being left behind. Even by the PC People don t realise that, although the Amiga has a tar wider user base in the UK, it trails behind the PC in world sales.
Also, generally speaking. Pcs are faster, use more colours and all owners have a hard drive. Our next game will use ten disks - try putting that on an Amiga' Also PC owners rarely pirate software.
Even the CDTV and CD ROMs are in danger of becoming redundant Already Philips CDJ is a superior machine and it won't be long before the Japanese come up with something ot their own. As lar as we re concerned we If cover all CD systems because alt our games will be created from video footage that, once digitised, can be transferred to most systems with relative ease. I just hope Commodore can do their future machines justice.’ CU WOULD LIKE TO STRESS THAT THE OPINIONS VOICED IN THIS COLUMN DO NOT NECESSARY COINCIDE WITH OURS... CUT-Remove samples between pointers and stores it in the cut
Sampler V -I Other features include . . .
Rombo Productions Baird Road. Livingston SCOTLAND EHS4 7AZ Tel: (44)-0S06 446601 Fax: (44) 0506 414634
• Fully multi-tasking
• 3D animated icons.
' UNDO function.
• Compatible with workbench 2.0. DISTRIBUTOR TIL NO CENTRf SOFT
(UK.) 021 «2S ) 111 OEM DISTRIBUTION (UK)0279 44214 2 GotDMIll
• Runs perfectly on the new A500 P.
• Mono sampling up to S2KHz.
“ Stereo sampling up to 26KHz.
• 4 or 8 bit sampling.
• Thru-poct for printer or Vidi digitiser.
• Stereo 3.Smm jack plug and lead.
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Incredible VGA art.
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Incredible music and sound effects All of the musicians we wanted are working in 70's comeback bands. So we scored a few tunes ourselves, added some great sound effects and went home.
- is When This With Dolls.
Wf'rt Incredible an sound effect* Alio)thru ¦¦¦ NO DISK ATTACHED?
We did the kol could.
ASK YOUR NEWSAGENT Also available on: PC, Atari St. Amiga.
Thicker, richer pureley goodness an system ipMt?. All right* reserved 1 YEAR GUARANTEE All products bear ng the Cortex brand name carries a 2-year guarantee. Other products In this advenement carry a 1 year guarantee.
All prices include VAT and postage & packaging. Al products shipped same day where possbte. Alow 14 days for deiwery I ordering by cheque. Make cheques
P. O.'s payable to CORTEX.
2 The Calendar. This records the number of days elapsed and the time of day is indicated by a rising sun and a falling moon.
3 PLAY AND SEE CO J CO* Not crty do you get r»tfi quaky aufe bU CO-G (Compact Oe* * Graphic*) pnxJuce* flT ......*-
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Database Direct.
Name:... Address: .
5 Although US Gold wanted to transfer video game star Sonic The Hedgehog to the Amiga, Sega decided Ihe character should only appear on console and coln-op formats. It's not all bad news. Players wanting to sample this style of arcade romp should try The Addams Family (Ocean). Fire And Ice (Renegade) or Zool (Gremlin).

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