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The Amiga began life primarily as a games machine and that's what it's still best known as. Nowhere else can you find suoh a rich variety of games. Over the following pages, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best Amiga games on offer and giving our expert opinion about which titles represent the best buys... ED FIRST Welcome to the second Amiga Guide, tree with the December issue of CU Amiga. Over the coming months. Amiga Guide win cover every aspect of the Amiga, from programming, graphics and animation to music, video and desktop publishing. Each free magazine will cover a distinct topic, building up into one of the most complete guides to the Amiga ever published. Last month we took a look at public domain software. This month it's the turn of Amiga games and next month we ll be presenting a 32- page Beginner s Guide And all at no extra cost! It s hoped that you'll enjoy these guides and get a lot out of them. Initial reaction to the first guide has been incredibly favourable, but if you've any suggestions to make things even better, then please drop me a line at the editorial address Dsn Sjingsby. Editor GAMES PEOPLE PLAY Quality is a nebulous concept. What's one man's meat is almost certain to be another's poison. And nowhere is this more true than in the prod- gxxrs world of Amiga games software Take Dmo Dim's Kick Off 2. Tor instance. Many people consider it to be the best football game ever to grace a home computer, whereas others find it almost unplayable and prefer the simplicity of, say, Sensible Soccer. Then there are other alternatives such as Sinker and Man Utd Europe to consider.

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EXCLUSIVE T GAMES GUIDE The Amiga began life primarily as a games machine and that's what it's still best known as. Nowhere else can you find suoh a rich variety of games. Over the following pages, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best Amiga games on offer and giving our expert opinion about which titles represent the best buys... ED FIRST Welcome to the second Amiga Guide, tree with the December issue of CU Amiga. Over the coming months. Amiga Guide win cover every aspect of the Amiga, from programming, graphics and animation to music, video and desktop publishing. Each
free magazine will cover a distinct topic, building up into one of the most complete guides to the Amiga ever published.
Last month we took a look at public domain software. This month it's the turn of Amiga games and next month we ll be presenting a 32- page Beginner s Guide And all at no extra cost!
It s hoped that you'll enjoy these guides and get a lot out of them. Initial reaction to the first guide has been incredibly favourable, but if you've any suggestions to make things even better, then please drop me a line at the editorial address Dsn Sjingsby. Editor GAMES PEOPLE PLAY Quality is a nebulous concept. What's one man's meat is almost certain to be another's poison.
And nowhere is this more true than in the prod- gxxrs world of Amiga games software Take Dmo Dim's Kick Off 2. Tor instance. Many people consider it to be the best football game ever to grace a home computer, whereas others find it almost unplayable and prefer the simplicity of, say, Sensible Soccer. Then there are other alternatives such as Sinker and Man Utd Europe to consider.
What I'm trying to get at is that everyone has an opinion and it's very rare indeed to find two people whose tastes exactly coincide. And that’s been the problem we've had when compiling this special games guide. It was almost impossible to agree on any form of top 100 guide, so we decided to take a more sensible route and take a look at specific game genres We've listed what we consider to be the top games from each cate - gory as well as some of the also-rans. We re not claiming that these lists are comprehensive.
They're not meant to be. But hopefully, they'll point you in the right direction if you're thinking of testing the waters in any particular category After a*, with the average game costing £26. Buying a duff game can be an expensive mistake 4 ADVENTURE GAMES Adventure games were catapulted into a completely new dimension when the first graphic adventure made its debut. Today, adventure games are one of the top selling genres with the likes of Monkey Island, Another World and the Ultima series swelling their ranks.
O 6 PLATFORM GAMES Hopping from one platform to another might not sound like a recipe for a staggeringly successful game, but there's no doubting the inventiveness of some of the top games in this genre.
9 SOCCER SIMS Everyone loves a good kickabout and the Amiga is blessed with three of the best in the form of Kick Oft 2, Striker and Sensible Soccer. Which do we rate the best, find out on page nine.
10 5 DOT 'EM UPS Ever since Space Invaders made its debut all those years ago, shoot ‘em ups have been a staple diet of any gamer's collection. Now more popular than ever, the choice is staggering... 13 BEAT 'EM UPS There's nothing like a bit of mindless violence to relieve the stresses of everyday life. Although the genre has been a bit quiet of late, there's still plenty of quality titles available to help you slug it out.
18 GOD SIMS If you’ve always wanted to become supreme ruler of all that you survey, then now’s your chance. God sims let you take control of an entire city, country or even planet in pursuit of your megalomania.
20 ARCADE CONVERSIONS EDITOR Dan Slingsby ART EDITOR Steve Rumney WRITERS Mark Patterson Tony Dillon Publisher AMIGA GUIDE CU Amiga EMAP Images 30-32 Farringdon Lane London EC 1R3AU Tel: 071 972 6700 Fax: 071 972 6701 This issue of Amiga Guide is tree with the November issue of CU Amiga. Britain's leading Amiga magazine. It is not to be sold separately.
© 1992 EMAP Images All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without prior permission from the publisher.
From Rainbow Island to Street Fighter 2, the Amiga has played host to some of the finest coin-op conversions of any machine. Check out which ones we consider make the grade.
22 STRATEGY GAMES Brain replaces brawn in the cerebral world of strategy games. Whether its creating a planet, building a railway company up from scratch or stirring up trouble in far away countries, there's surely something of interest here for everyone.
22 MILITARY SIMS If you've always wanted to dress up in tight fitting uniforms, wear knee high leather boots and goose-step about the place, here’s your chance as we review the best military sims available.
24 WAR GAMES Pit your wits against the most devious computer opponents known to man as your armies attempt to blow away the opposition before they blow away you.
26 FLIGHT SIMS A deadly array of some of the world's top fighters are at your disposal when you load up some of the impressive flight sims available for the Amiga.
28 SPORTS Sports sims are one of the oldest game genres and offer the player the chance to try their hand at anything from squash and baseball to golf and deadly future sports.
30 BUDGET RELEASES If money's too tight to mention, then why not try some of the excellent budget releases that often cost less than a tenner?!
ADVENTURE GAMES Adventure games still have a slight spectacle and anorak image, which is completely inaccurate. The last lew years have seen a revolution in controls and graphics, and now some ol the best Amiga games fall into this category. No longer a load ol old balrogs, check out some ol the largest, most taxing and humorous games around.
With their follow-up to the award-winning Secret Of Monkey Island, Lucastilm have introduced an improved control system, more jokes and many of the cast that made the first game such a hit.
The plot is superb No longer can the hero Guybrush amuse and win friends with tales about how he defeated pirate LeChuck. So he sets out on a new quest The first part of the game starts with flashbacks. As Guybrush is left literally hanging around This is a little ANOTHER WORIO US GOLD £25.99 It's hard to define this game exactly, so we've classed it as an arcade adventure It starts with you sitting at the controls of your particle accelerator, as you do after a hard day's work. You hit the button to run the test then what happens? The building gets struck by lightening. That, coupled with
the experiment. Teleports you to an alien planet. Tsk.
Should have opted for a quiet night in front of Eldorado The game is completely joystick controlled, although you don't get much time to practice.
You start off underwater, and when you've learnt how to swim you find yourself on a seem ingly desolate planet, with only a few stinging slug creatures for company. That is until you find the large, black lion-type beast. Escaping from it is the next task on the agenda. This serves as a good introduction to the precise timing the game requires throughout What makes this game really special are the graphics. They look like a combination of traditional sprites and polygons, which gives the game a nice feel. Every time a ma)or event occurs you're treated to a short animated sequence which
really enhances the atmosphere.
Another World suffers from being a little easy to complete, but the overall effect of the game is so spectacular that it's worth playing over and over again.
A disconcerting, as you're actually playing the game up to the point it starts, so to speak, so you have to get him into this situation.
But apart from all that, what really makes this game special is the humour Throughout you come across characters who are out to bnghten your day. Sometimes with swords The control system is fantastically easy to get to grips with. To move Guybrush you simple point and click on where you want him to go, then he'll do his best to get there. There’s a list of commands at the bottom of the screen that can be highlighted then applied to an item or character. Communicating is also made easy.
To respond to a character you simply select one of the phrases that crop up in the dialogue window. Usually there s one key sensible statement that will earn you the information you're after, but it's always tempting to select the corny jokes to see what will happen.
THE SECRET OE MONKEY ISLAND 2 US Gold £34.99 The sheer size of this game is illustrated by the 11 disks it comes on Don't be alarmed, though, there s actually very little disk swapping involved.
One of the best and. Without a doubt, the funniest Amiga adventures ever ADVENTURE GAMES LOOM US Gold £25.99 From the creators of Monkey Island comes another point 'n' click adventure laced with typically American humour.
It’s set in a village where music is used to cast spells and everything is generally rather nice, until someone kidnaps all the people.
The only person to escape is Bobbin Threadbare, as he was skiving off work.
And so the responsibility of finding these good lolk and defeating whatever took them m the first place lies squarely on his shoulders. Bobbin is only an apprentice weaver (a kind of musical, loom-working spell caster) so he's not very good with magic.
So before he sets out to rescue anybody he has to acquire some spells. This stage of the game is a good introduction to the land where it’s set. And it lulls you into a false sense ol security as you hit the lirst real problem, a gigantic water spout blocking your progress across the sea.
This is a typical Lucasarts game. The graphics are great, if a little too cute at
• mes. Naturally, there's plenty of humour, although to begin
with there aren’t exactly many people to converse with, so you
have B rely on Bobbin’s witterings to keep you amused.
This is a perfect game for adventure novices, but if you can complete either of re Monkey Island games you might find I Loom a little easy going. US Gold £25.99 This forerunner to Another World has the same out-ofplace hero plot, although this time you play a 21st century window cleaner sent back to medieval times.Once there you lind out that the daughter of a local duke has been kidnapped and that there's a substantial reward lor anyone who can rescue her. Being a noble type you take on this challenge.
Succeed in that and you uncover a bunch of humans who explain that the Earth ol the luture has been take over by aliens and could you see your way to doing something about it? So from Middle Ages Britain, you're transported to a desolate wasteland where what's left of the world's future lies in your janitorial hands.
The game uses the now familiar point and click system, although it wasn't so common when it was first released. One small criticism is that many key objects in the game are so tiny it's very easy to overlook them, so keep your eyes peeled when you play this.
Future Wars is one of the classic adventures from the Amiga's huge back catalogue.
It features liberal amounts of humour mixed with the occasional brain-numbing problem to create a game which is taxing without ever being frustrating.
The Adventurers THE HITCH-HIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY Mastertronic C9.99 This is one ol ihe almost extinct breed ot text adventures. Which isn't a bad thing when you look at the graphic driven titles such as Monkey Island which helped nail the colfin shut.
As you may have gathered from the title, the game is based around the Douglas Adams book ol the same name. You play Arthur Dent, ape descendent and one ol the only two remaining members ol the human race, which came to an abrupt end when the Earth was destroyed to make way lor a hypeispace by pass. Fans ol the book will be pleased to know that one ol the very lirst problems is to get the ship's veirdmg machine to make a cup ol tea.
Don't be put oil by the lack ol graphics, what lies beneath the reams ol text is a hugely lunny and very, very taxing adven lure.
RISE OF THE DRAGON Sierra C39.99 The impression you got when you play this game is that the author was definitely a Ian ol Blade Runner.
It's sol it the California ol the luture and all is not well. A group ol terrorists are threatening to destroy the entire state it their demands are not met. Enter you.
Saviour of the suil cullure and all other west coast inhabitants This game has loads ol neat features.
There are video phones whero you can see the people you're communicating with, arcade sequences which spice the game up even more and plenty ol animated scenes to update you on happenings else where in the game. A great adventure lor SF bulls.
ULTIMA VI Mindscapc E30.99 The latest instalment in Lord BritisIVs Ultima series once again finds Ihe realm ol Britannia under threat from dark forces.
Like most Ultima games you're thrown in at Ihe deep end. With veiy little idea what's going on. Where you are or what the hell you're supposed to be doing I There are many features com mon to the earlier Ultima games, although they are now much mote refined, especially the magic sys tern which is one ol the most comprehensive you'll find in any J j game. It's also rather brg. With a cast ol hundreds dotted around several thousand locations. It you're alter a lasting challenge, look no further.
THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND US Gold C34.99 II you’ve gol the second game and not this one. You're missing out on a great game While not quite as good as its descon deni, the original Monkey Island is slill good enough to knock most adventures lor six. Here we lind Guybrush on a quest to become a pirate, although he starts about it in entirely the wrong way PLATFORM CAMES PLATFORM GAMES A platform game is quite simply a game with platforms in it. No less, and very occasionally nothing more. The breed grew from small roots, namely a timeless ZX Spectrum classic called Manic Miner, and since
then has blossomed and borne more fruit than any other genre. Here’s the lowdown on the best around.
ROBOCOD Millennium £25.99 ?
First, there was James Pond - Underwater Agent. Now, there's Robocod. Part fish, part machine, Robo is here to save the world from certain destruction from a global threat that goes by the name of Dr. Maybe. This foul fiend has kidnapped Father Christmas, and is planning to take over the world by disguising bombs as toy penguins. You have to enter Santa’s tower, diffuse all the bombs and destroy Dr. Maybe himself.
Robo can run and jump with very little effort. However, there are two key aspects that separate this fish from the buoys in blue (groan). Firstly, he can use the weight of his armoured suit as a weapon, leaping upon the enemy to squash them into submission, and secondly he can stretch his upper body away from his lower parts, to reach higher platforms, from which he can hang and then monkey climb himself out of danger.
The game itself is very similar in feel to the Nintendo classic Super Mario Brothers, and that is its strongest point. The graphics are cute and entertaining, and the sound is just on the right side of irritating, but it’s nice to see that the emphasis has been put on gameplay. Robocod is instantly enjoyable, with just the right level of difficulty. Seriously addictive stuff.
ZOOL Gremlin £25.99 With all the hype surrounding SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog, surely it was only a matter of time before someone came up with some serious opposition. Bad News For Hedgehogs' claimed the headlines on the advertisements, T-Shirts, Mugs, tea cosies etc. Gremlin spent a long time writing this game and although it’s not perfect, it's a good example of the genre.
Zool is an intergalactic space ninja, who has got lost after a particularly busy day dimension jumping. All you have to do is get him home. Naturally, you have to fight your way through some tortuous levels, do battle with all sorts of indescribable nasties and collect stacks of bonus points along the way, but it's all in the name of fun, isn't it? I From the moment you open the box, you can tell that Zool is something special. For a change, it's a game developed specifically for the Amiga, so you're looking at the best the machine can do.
This highly playable little game, once you get used to the controls that is. Like most console games, there are quite a few moves the main character can pull off, and console owners are lucky enough to be endowed with multiple fire buttons. As Zool can run, punch, kick, slide, spin and fire a gun, there are quite a few joystick tricks to learn, making the game just that little bit tricky to begin with, but once you've played it for twenty minutes, it becomes second nature and the game really comes into its own.
Maze-like levels ensure that even if you find it easy to move about, you won't always find it easy to get out. A well-thought out game, and one to make your console-owning friends jealous.
Rainbow Islands in its original form was the second in a triad of Taito coin-ops, starting with the classic Bubble Bobble where you and a friend in the guise of small dragons had to catch the enemy in spit bubbles, and then burst them to wipe them out of existence.
Rainbow Islands keeps a similar theme, only this time you (and the optional friend) are small children, and the bubbles have been replaced with rainbows.
The story takes you over seven different worlds, each broken into four vertically-scrolling levels. The aim of each is the same: start at the bottom and get to the top before the island floods (i.e. before you run out of time!). Fail to get to your destination, and it's curtains. Need we say more?
Each of the levels follows a different theme, and each involves different strategies. For example, War World has a lot of armed mobile units, so as well as the enemy themselves, you’ve got lots of enemy fire to avoid. On the other hand, Horror World has fast moving ghosts that home in on you. So the enemy are harder to avoid than usual.
As I’ve already said, your main weapon is your rainbow, and what a versatile little tool it is to.
Basically, it has three main uses. Firstly, if you aim it right, you can hit a nasty as you fire it. Secondly, you can trap bad guys under it, and then jump through it to burst it, as with the bubbles of its predecessor.
Thirdly, it can be used as a stepping stone to climb the levels. But that isn’t all.
By collecting the tokens that litter the play area, you can expand your rainbow to three times its normal length, as well as speed up the drawing time. The end result is the kind of destructive power usually reserved for a good Chuck Norris flick.
Rainbow Islands is generally regarded as one of the best arcade conversions of all time. In effect, it's so close to the original that it plays exactly the same way: if you can finish the arcade machine on 20p, you'll have no problem with this. Responsive controls, arcade perfect graphics. One of the best platform games ever, no question System 3's reputation was built with more strategic titles than this, such as The Last Ninja. But it’s nice to see the comapny trying their hand at different genres. Putty is about a small blob of putty who has been banished from Putty Moon by an evil tyrant
wizard and focuses on his ensuing attempts to get home. A very silly plot, you must agree, but then again. Putty isn’t the most serious of games.
The most striking aspects of the game are the amounts of warped imagination that has gone into designing it, plus the stacks of graphic and sonic thrills thrown in. All the way through the game, there isn't a square inch of screen that doesn't have something manic in it, from the Terminator carrots who cry ‘Uzi nine centimetre’ before opening fire, to the Uncle Ted bonus - a pub pianist who comes on screen when you collect a specific token, and plays for thirty seconds, stopping all bad guys in their tracks as they can’t help but boogie.
Putty, like the toy of the same name, can do a hell of a lot. He can walk around, leap all over the place, lie flat, stretch between platforms, eat bad guys, even explode himself to kill everything on screen at once. It might seem like a lot, but because of the way the game is laid out, you’re going to need it all.
Putty shows just how good an original game can be. If you want a red hot platform game that’s going to raise a few laughs, then this is the one to get.
On A Different Level RODLAND Sales Curve £25.99 A very addictive version of the popular com-op. Rodland is based in a land where fairies are real. Sickenmgly cute graphics, cuddly enemies and harmless looking weapons disguise a game that involves hitting seals, grabbing them by their heads, ar»d then smashing them repeatedly on the ground. Great fun.
RAINBOW ISLANDS PUTTY Hit Squad £7.99 System 3 £25.99 CHUCK ROCK Core £25.99 Core s first platform game for them selves, and they continue to prove that they have very little difficulty in matching the best of the rest An amusing romp about a caveman with a beer gut, who smashes his way across some dangerous prehistoric backdrops. Good graphics, wicked gameplay.
RICK DANGEROUS 2 Microprose £25.99 Sequel to the highly acclaimed RD1, this time Ricks in slightly more futuristic surroundings. Designed and coded by Core, then just a development house, the puz zle elements of each level are what make it such fun to play. A little blasting accompanies a lot of brainwork. Genius HARLEQUIN Gremlin £25.99 Surreal in the oxtremo, Hatloquin has you as one of those clowns in funny checked clothes, bouncing through his homeland of Chimerica, which incidentally has a broken heart which he must mend Incredibly playable, with some bieathtakmg graphics. Harlequin
is defi riitely one of the strangest games ever.
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2 ....6 99 Award Winners
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on Alcatraz .16.99 A •
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Fortress (1 Meg) * .....22.99 Batman Coped
Crusader ..6.99 Batman the
Movie .....6.99 Bo* 2 * (1 Meet 26 99
Bortietoads* 1999 Bjy me d * 16 99 Birds of Prey ;i M*g| 22
99 Block Gyp* 19 99 Bjjes Bothers 16 99 Board
Genius ..19.99 Bonanza Bros
.16.99 Bubble
Bobble ...6.99
Cabal ......6.99
California Gomes ......6.99 California
Games 2 .16.99 Cod Lewis
Challenge .....16.99 Compaign
~ ....22.99 Castles
.19 99
Centurion 8 99
Chompionship Manager (1 Meg) 16 99 Choos Engine
* 16.99 Chase HQ
..6.99 Chuck Rock
2* 16.99 Jivilisation (1
Meq) ......22.99 Conan The Cimmenon
.19.99 Cool Croc
Twins .....16.99 Covert Action (1
Meg) ...22.99 Crazy Cars
...16.99 Cruise For A
Corpse 19.99 Curse of Enchata
* ..19.99 Daley Thompson
Challenge ...6.99 Dark Sun: Shattered Lands
* ......21.99 Death Knights Of Krynn (1 Meg) 19 99 Deluxe
Pamt 4 .54.99 Demonsgate
* .....- ..22.99 Dizzy
Collection ......16.99
DoodUbug ..1799 Double
Dragon ..8.99 Double Dragon
2 ......8.99 Double Dragon
3 ....16.99 Dragon
Ninio 6.99
Dreadnought ...19.99 Dune
.7T ..19.99
Dynablaster 19.99 Elvira 2(1 Meg)
....24 99
Epic ......19.99 Euro
Football Champ .....16.99 Eyool the Beholder
(I Meg | ......19.99 Eyo Of Tho Beholder 2 (1 Meg) 21 99
Eye o( the Storm * ...19.99 FI5 Strike
Eagle 2 (1 Megl 22.99 F16 Combat
Pilot ......8.99 FI9 Stealth
Fighter ..19.99 Falcon
3‘ ...24.99 Final
fight ...16.99 Fire Force
...16 99 Fire and
Ice .„..16.99 Finl Samurai *
Mego-Lo-Mono 19.99
Flag- ...31 .....19 99
Flood ..... 8.99 Football
Crazy .16.99 Fun School 4 under
5 .....16.99 Fun School 4 5-7 .. Fun School 4
7-11 ...... Games 92-Espana.. Gauntlet 3
Ghoilbuslert 2 ...6 99 Ghouls
and Ghosts ...6.99 G IOC
.16.99 Goblins
16.99 Godfather
Action ...19.99 Godfather
Adventure ......24.99
God ......16.99 Golden
Axe ...8.99 Graham
Gooch- ....19.99 Graham
Ibylor .16.99 Grusome
’ ...16.99 Gunship 2000 • (1
Megl 22 99 Guy
Spy .....19 99 Hard
Drivin ...6.99 Harlequin
...16.99 Horpoon
...22 99 Harpoon BoHeset
3 ...9 99 Horpoon Boltleset
4 ...9.99 Horpoon Scenario
Editor 13.99 Head Over
Heels ......6.99 Heart Of China (I
Megl .22.99 Heimdal (I
Megl ...19.99 Hitchihors
Guide 7.99
Hoi 16.99
Hook ....16.99
Humans 19.99
Hunter ...19.99 Ian
Botham ... 19.99
IK* ...6.99
Indy Jones - Atlantis Action * .....19.99 Indy Jones -
Atlantis Adv - (1 Megl ...24.99 Int Sports
Challenge 19.99 Ishor
Ivanhoe ...6.99 Jock
Nicklout Clip Art ......9.99 Jack Nicklous
Extra Courses ..9.99 Jock Nicklous
Golf ..12 99 Jock Nicklous Unlimited
God [I Megl 19 99 Jaguar XJ220I1 Megl ....1699
J. mmyWhnes Snooker 19 99 JohnBomes|l Megl 1699 rohn Madden 16 99
KeysolMoramon * 1699 Kick 08 2 |l Megl 11 99 Kick 08 2 999
Kick 08 3 * '699 KingsOuett S (I Megl 22 99 Kn.-ftmo-e. , 19
99 Knights or the Shy !l Meg; 2299 K CV F no Wh.il. 8 99 K 0 2
‘ Grarrso* Eurooe 7 99 K O 2 tteKrm to f uiope 7 99
K. O 2 - Winning Tadics ...5.99 Laser Squad
2- ......16.99 Lost Nin|0
2 ...6.99 Leander
16.99 Lealhal Weapon
3 * 16.99 Leather Goddess
.....7.99 UgitTZZ ...... 19.99
Leiurre Suit Larry 5 (1 Meg) 22.99
lemmings .¦- .....14.99 ' -
1699 1399 24 99 699 1999 2' 99 1999 1699 1699 1699 22 99 1999
1999 .19 99 2299 .699 ...6.99 22 99 99 99 New Zealand
Story .,.6.99 Nigel Mansell Wfarld
Champ - ...16.99
Nighlbreed-Adion ....6.99 Operation
Thunderbolt .....6.99 Operation
Wolf .6.99
Ork 19 99
Outrun ....6.99
Pang 6.99
Ramporh Reoo lor *he Sk •» * Reo ¦; I M cl Wmw Reo Zone Rise
of +4 O'ooon ;l Megl Risky Wooes Rooc Rosh * Robocod Robocop
Robocop 3 Robo Sport Rock Seat Aie My Hamster Rome AD 9 *
Rjype 2 ---- Second Vxon Secret of Monkey Island I Meg I
Shodow of Beast 3 .
Shodow Warriors ...... Sbnobi Shoot Em Jp Con K r S’Kt+e * Sje*** Servce 21 Meg!
S. kwO"n
S. ly Puey S**n Gty* Popkovs Se*n Eorth* Spore Crusode .
Special Forces Street Fighter 2
* Slrtder . Striker (1
Meg) ... Strip Poker 2 ? Data .. Stant Cor
Rocer .. Super Hong On ......- Super
Tetri* ... Swfehblode ..
Switchblade 2 ... Team Yankee .
Team Yankee 2 (1 Meg)... Teenoge Mutant Turtles 2 .
Terminator 2 . t-wortal 11 Meg!
* Ve * f rest Hou’ I
* K,nderhawk Titu* *Ke Fo« '•ooJet rbo Lnolenge Vxbo Lholenge 2
turbo Chalenge 3 VrboCXMn turacon 2 TV Sports Boseboll
* ..... Ultima 6(1 Meg) ... Utopia ? Data
Disk ... ommander (1 Meg) * Wolf
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Zool-Station ..... PoJmd.il!’ 2 1 Powermonger
: Powermonqef Data Disk 1 ....
Premiere |1 Meg)---------------
Predator . Rallrcxsd Tycoon
(j Megl ...... Rainbow Coledian ...
Rainbow Islands . Rambo 3.
Parasol I .. PGA Golf Courses.. PGA Tour Golf ... Pinball Fantasies Pinball Dreams . Plan 9 From Outer Spoco ...... Platoon ... Pool of Radiance 11 Megl ..... Pools of Darkness 11 Megl ... I Meg).
M : Mega La Mania - £12.99 Shadow ol Boast ¦ £9.99 Tha Krlstal • £9.99 Wild Whaols ¦ £4.99 I's Bequest -£IU Mercenary 3 - £9.99 BLANK DISKS Unbrandad 10x3.5” DSDD - £5.99 20x3.5" DSDD £10.99 50 x 3.5" DSDD - £23.99 100x3.5" DSDD £44.99 Branded - TDK
3. 5" DSDD - £1.25 Each JOYSTICKS Quickjoy Topstar - £ 16.9s
Speedmouse - £15.99 Quickjoy 2 Turbo - £9.99 Fighter - £4.99
Quickjoy Jetfighter - £10.99 UPGRADE YOUI AMIGA TO 1 Ml 1 2
Meg Upgrade - £24.99 ] 2 Meg dock - I
3. 5" EXTERN Al DRIVE ONLY £49.99 10 xX5" 20 x 3.5" 50 x 3.3" TOO
x 3.5" SPECIAL OFFER FOOTBALL GAMES Ever since Match Day,
practically every software house there is has released a
soccer title in one form or another. The reason? Who knows,
other than they know that if it has 22 people knocking a ball
around, it’ll sell in droves. Here's what we rate as the top
four kick- abouts.
KICK OFF 2 Anco £25.99 When Kick Off was released, the game was criticised for having sprites that were too small and an unplayable control system. Now, of course, we all know better.
Viewed from above, the game plays over an extremely fast scrolling pitch. By using an overhead system, rather than a side-on perspective, it makes it far easier to pinpoint where a ball is going to land.
Controls are simple enough, on paper. Holding and releasing the fire button at different points prompts different responses, in conjunction with changes of direction with the joystick. Holding down the fire button with the ball at your feet prepares a pass, pushing the joystick in a direction and then letting go of the button automatically passes to the nearest player in that general direction. Yes, the beauty of Kick Off 2 is the control system. It takes quite a bit of mastering, but once you've got the knack, no one can beat you.
j' m _ STRIKER Rage Software £25.99 The first thing you'll notice about Striker is the viewpoint. Rather than viewing the game directly from above, imagine watching the game from a roving camera, always at a fixed distance above the pitch, and always looking upfield.
The controls are easily the simplest of the lot - a step back to the early days, when all you had to do to shoot was get the bloke with the ball facing in the right direction, and press the fire button.
Forget any gung-ho, run-up-the-side-and-then- chip-it-in tactics. To win at Striker you’re going to have to learn how to use 11 men usefully, instead of just one. The emphasis really is on teamwork.
For example, if you have the ball, and one of your players is ahead of you, he will get into a sensible position to catch your pass, control will switch to the new player, and the new computer controlled player will run upfield to receive a return pass.
Visually, this is definitely the best of the bunch.
The scrolling is stupendously fast, even with all detail such as stripes on the grass and the centre circle switched on'. Remove all the graphical thrills that might, with lesser quality code, have slowed things down, and only a golfing camera operator would be able to keep up. An excellent debut game from Rage Software.
SENSIBLE SOCCER Renegade £25.99 Sensible Soccer is based on Kick Off. Sensisoft make no bones about it whatsoever. Basically, they were all fans of Anco's effort, but reckoned they could do better. For the most part, the game is the same, but with a few added touches. To recap, it has the same overhead viewpoint, only this time the graphics are even smalfer, leaving you with a larger view of the pitch so there’s no call for a scanner. Even though the graphics are tiny, they have a lot more character than Kick Off.
Also, whereas KO was restricted to straight shots and sliding tackles, Sensisoccer includes moves like bicycle kicks, diving headers and fully controllable set pieces.
On top of that there are full management and tactic design segments, where you can set up your entire team to play the way you want them to, from basic running around to corners and free kicks. This adds a lot to the game, and removes the feeling of being cheated by dumb computer players that most football games seem to offer.
I'm Managing Fine, Thanks There is another side to football games, that of the famed and much maligned management simulation. Ever since Kevin Toms wrote that wonderful (!) Title Football Manager on a scrap of paper, softcos have been falling over themselves in an effort to create the ultimate sim.
TRACKSUIT MANAGER Goliath Games EDELETED TSM had everything a budding manager could want, with one major omission - accounts. Doug Mathews, designer, once said A manager should be telling the team what to do. Not balance the books.’ Text only, the match itself is described in a running commentary something along the lines of Jones passes up. But Williams receives.
William runs upfield. Shoots...GOAL1’. Gripping stuff.
GRAHAM TAYLOR'S SOCCER CHALLENGE Krlsalis E25.99 As with any management sim, all the standard options are included (train, buy. Sell etc.). along with some rather nifty presentation. The game is run from a diary, which outlines all the fixtures for the coming year, along with training days and holidays.
After each match, you can give pep talks to your team, along with the opportunity to pass comment on the match at press conferences.
MAN UNITED EUROPE Krisalis £25.99 Manchester United Europe was released to a 90% CU rating and wide critical acclaim.The Manchester team can take on the top European sides in four different competitions, including the European Cup and the Cup Winner’s Cup.
Unlike the three other titles in this section, Manchester United Europe provides you with a Grandstand seat to view the action, giving you a more traditional side-on view of the game. At first glance, you would think that this would make things a little difficult at times when, say, you .
Needed to gauge where a ball was going to land. Not so. Thanks to a handy shadow that appears when the ball is in full flight.
Vr fi i m The controls are easy to get to grips with. If your player is off the ball and you press the button, he does a sliding tackle. If he's on the ball, he'll kick it. The longer you have the button pressed down, the further it'll go. Also, moving the joystick after the ball has left the player’s boot allows you to add all sorts of aftertouch effects, such as banana shots and lobs.
10 AMIGA GUIDE T SHOOT ’EM UPS SHOOT 'EM UPS Little stirs the pulse of a games player quite like a good shoot 'em up. Be it flying through space (and it usually is!) Blasting down alien spacecraft left and right, or running through a forest armed only with a far more powerful weapon than any of the opposition, quick reflexes are the order of the day. Skip a beat, and you're dead.. TURRICAN 2 Hit Squad £7.99 ?
At first glance, the star of the show isn't all that impressive. A little guy with a little gun against an army of robots isn’t exactly the fairest battle ever, so you’ve been graced with a few extra tricks.
Pressing the space bar causes a smart bomb to wipe out all enemies on screen, pressing fire and holding the joystick down lays a mine, and just holding down the fire button ignites the flame thrower - one of the most enjoyable weapons ever seen in a game. A stream is fired out in front of you, easily covering half the width of the screen. By moving the joystick left and right, you can sweep the flame through 180 degrees from directly up to directly down, and nothing can withstand it. Sadly, you can’t move while you’re firing it. But you can't have everything.
As with the first game the scrolling is fast and smooth, the graphics are of a very impressive standard, and excellent use of sound effects adds real atmosphere. Intuitive controls and well thought out level design make this game as close to perfect as you can get. If you've got a vicious streak, you could do a lot worse.
Armed with a ridiculously powerful gun, it's up to you to smash the advancing alien hordes Into space dust.
XENON 2 Renegade EDELETED Xenon was acclaimed as the first arcade quality arcade game on the Amiga’. When the young Bitmap Brothers announced plans for a megasequel. The whole world sat up and got ready.
When Xenon 2 finally appeared, the world went Bitmap crazy, which isn't really surprising.
With staggering presentation. Xenon 2 featured more of everything than anything else.
SWIV Sales Curve £25.99 Silkworm was a brilliant and playable conversion of an average arcade machine. On Amiga, there was something immensely satisfying about the endless destruction the game provided you with, particularly if you were the helicopter pilot. In SWIV, Storm took the whole idea, switched it on its head and created something spectacular.
SWIV is a two-player-against-the-rest-of-the- world blaster, with the human players taking control of a helicopter and a jeep. Obviously, both craft have different advantages and disadvantages.
Right from the word go. All you have to do is blast - no more no less. From the moment you start travelling up the screen, the bad guys start descending and you're lucky if you get a moment with your finger off the fire button.
There are quite a few ways in which SWIV stands apart from other games like this. Firstly, the speed. With a lot of clever coding, the game runs at a constant speed. Fast. Even with hundreds of bullets and enemies on screen, the game doesn't drop pace for a moment, which is good news for addicts.
Secondly, there’s the length of the levels. By using their previously developed Dynamic Loading System, which loads in new areas and bad guys while the game is playing, there’s no waiting between levels. Finally, there’s the difficulty level.
By working out how well you’re playing, the computer will adjust the flow of enemies on screen to provide you with a constant challenge, one that’s not too hard or too easy.
Faster, smoother, more varied weapons and aliens, more levels of parallax and the best soundtrack ever. In fact, the pumping tune that can be heard all the way through the game is a Tim Simenon mix of Bomb The Bass’ Megablast.
The game itself doesn't have much of a plot.
The story goes something like this: You are a space captain who just so happens to be piloting a very heavily armed ship through some region of space or other, when up pops a lot of hostile little ships that fancy a pop at you. So. You arm your laser cannons and let rip.
One style of blaster that has never been properly catered for on the Amiga is the horizontal scroller.
True, we were all satisfied with St. Dragon and Star Ray. But it took a game like Project X to show us all how it should be done. Project X is simply unbelievable.
Based on arcade machines like Salamander and R- Type 2.
PROJECT x Team 17 £25.99 Project X is a four disk extravaganza that features some of the most amazing game graphics ever, with gorgeous backdrops and huge, and I do mean huge, enemy sprites. The presentation may be some of the most advanced ever, but the action is as classic as they come.
You pilot a lone fighter across one huge planet and an asteroid belt, wiping out everything as you go. Stabbing at the fire button releases standard bullets, whereby collecting power ups as you go along means you can have a faster ship, more powerful bullets, heat seeking missiles, lasers and stealth weaponry, ail of which you are going to need at some point or other.
Between levels, you get to take pari in a high speed maze, where the computer is telling you the route, but only at the last minute.
You are told how many bonus objects to collect for an extra life, but most of the time you'll probably be too busy concentrating on getting to the end of the maze to worry about the extra life. The sampled speech saying things like Go Up' and Speed Up' just add to the tension.
It's rare that a game this good appears. Needless to say, it should have a place in everyone's collection.
SIMULCRA Microstyle £25.99 A slightly different kettle of fish, this one. Microprose isn't exactly known for its shoot ’em ups, and this is one with a real twist - it’s in 3D. A polygon based simulation, it's almost a flight sim, but is brought back from the brink by being completely action based with no complex controls. The aim? Fly over some weird landscapes and blow the hell out of everything you see. A novel approach, and a game well worth investing in.
Having a Blast SWITCHBLADE 2 GBH £9.99 Fast, multi-scrolling blaster along the lines of Turrican. Faster than the original Switchblade, this sequel comes from the fingers of George Allen and Paul Gregory, responsible for games such as Venus The Flytrap and ZooI.
Considerably more active than the original, S2 contains non-stop blasting with some of the meanest weapons ever seen, from high powered lasers to a flame thrower, against backdrops made up of over 100 screens per level.
It can get a little repetitive, but you still get a lot of game for your money.
SILKWORM Kixx £7.99 The original tank and chopper blaster. Silkworm was an average arcade machine. Fun for a while, but just not inspiring enough to make you want to keep shovelling 10p pieces into it. The Amiga conversion, by contrast, is highly addictive, showing that perhaps the game is better suited to the home player. Arcade quality graphics and sound, coupled with the Dynamic Loading System, make this game an unstoppable blast. On budget now, this can't be missed.
HKUia mBMMHIM THAI its am fnsi m umu BEAT 'EM UPS With the advent of Street Fighter 2, it looks like beat ’em ups are coming back into fashion. The idea is simple: beat the living daylights out of your opponent with an assortment of deadly moves. If you fancy some serious contact, then why not try one of these on for size.
GOLDEN AXE Mastertronic £9.99 MOONSTONE Minds ape £30.99 ?
One of the most irritating things about beat 'em ups is the fact that once you have dispatched a bad guy, he disappears, or flies off the screen or whatever. You never have the chance to spit on the still-twitching corpse, or dance on their graves. Mindscape obviously realised this when they released Moonstone, a gore feast for sick and twisted individuate.
The game follows the exploits of four knights out to rid a country of evil. Played from a map. You are informed of where local monsters and treasures are. And must select where you wish to journey next in your quest for a quest. Before long, you'll find yourself thrown into the thick of battle, and this is where the fun begins.
Armed with a sword and some throwing knives, you have to slash and tear your way through everything that comes on screen, be it tiny fluffy creatures who wi rip your legs off given half a chance, to enormous trolls who can lift a man with one hand, and eat them whole without need for a glass of water.
The controls are simple enough, and you are limited to only a few moves. But that isn't a problem, because the graphics easily make up for it. Every swing of the sword draws blood, and every .
Enemy that hits the deck stays there. Find a screen with a lot of creatures on it. And before long you'l find yourself knee deep in gore. What a great game.
In the arcades, you couldn’t get near it. Gamesplayers from around the world flocked to the Dungeons & Dragons style hack ’em up. Who knows how many Megadrives were sold because of it. And then Golden Axe came to the Amiga, and was just as good as the coin-op.
Golden Axe follows along exactly the same lines as most arcade combat games of the time Renegade.
Double Dragon) in that you begin at the left edge of a set of levels, in this case five in total, and have to travel to the right edge of the strip mercilessly killing everything that comes near.
Don't worry, that's what everything else will try to do to you. So don't get tied up in moral issues. This is about life and death.
Two people can play, selecting characters from a shortlist of three.
Each has different abilities and weaknesses. So the character you choose is vital to your success. For instance, if you’re the sort of person who likes to wade in and doesn't give two hoots about the consequences, then you're better off selecting the barbarian over the elf. If however, you want more magical abilities, so you can be a little more strategic, then the elf wins every time.
The controls are extremely simple . To get to grips with. Moving the joystick ’ without the fire button pressed just moves your character around the screen, and pressing the fire button with the joystick held in a direction selects a move from a list that includes throws, kicks and the use of any weapon you happen to be carrying.
INTERNATIONAL KARATE* Hit Squad £7.99 Archer Maclean shows us all how this sort ot thing should be done. IK* Is the most outstanding title from a time when karate games were all anyone could think of doing. Way Of The Exploding Fist. Karateka, all you could see were combat games. And then came International Karate *. The new standard.
For the first time you could experience three way combat in the form of organised karate competitions. Up to three people can play, but if any less want to. Then the computer takes up any spare roles.The aim is to be the first person to score six points within a time limit. You get two points for a direct hit and one for an indirect one.
So skill is all important. Once a player has reached the big six. The match ends and the scores are evaluated.
Only the top two go through to the next round, so whoever hasn't scored, doesn't get to go through.
What makes this game so outstanding is its speed and playability. The joystick controls were easy to pick up on, so even if you couldn't quite handle all the moves, you still had a good chance of landing a punch on somebody. The speed meant the action was always frantic. And playing with friends makes it one ol the most enjoyable games ever.
There's something crazed about sitting next to someone and willing them to have a minor stroke so that you can slip in a couple of kicks to the head.
BARBARIAN Kixx £7.99 The original two-player combat game, Barbarian sparked a lot of interest initially due to Maria Whittaker taking a starring role in the game's advertising. Luckily, the game was better than the hype suggested.
Barbarian is essentially two games in one.
The first is a standard combat game, where two players can fight each other, or one against the computer. Two men stand before each other, both armed with broadswords.
Each also has six life points, and the aim is to remove your opponent's before he removes yours.
There are two ways to do this. The first is to simply keep hacking away with the game's sixteen moves, knocking points off slowly but surely until the other fighter falls to the ground, dead. The second method, which takes considerably more skill and a hell of a lot of luck, is to decapitate him. If done from the right distance. Your fighter spins, drawing a smooth arc with the sword which ends up slipping cleanly through your opponent's neck. Nice.
It's great to play a game like this and see how it hasn't dated. Still as enjoyable as the day it was released, Barbarian will always be a classic.
THE NAME GAME If there's one thing that can make or break a game, it's a big license. I don't mean signing up an arcade game, I'm talking about big film and character licenses. If handled right, these can be massive money spinners. Here's a selection of the best.
BATMAN THE MOVIE Hit Squad £7.99 ?
Can there be any film that was as widely hyped as Tim Burton's Dark Knight extravaganza?
Everywhere you looked. Batman logos encompassed the world Wimbledon officials banned Batman T- shirts, the comic started to sell again and Michael Keaton became one of the world's most sought after stars When Ocean signed the rights to the game, the computer world held its breath.
Where film licenses have generally been disappointing, Batman was wonderful.
It captured the essence of the film perfectly, and the atmosphere and energy created by. Say. One of the excellent driving sections was exactly what a game hke this needed Just in case you don't remember, the game follows the plot of the Joker's emergence into Gotham city and his attempts to take over the world with Smilex, an acidic chemical that causes death by smiling.
Split over five levels, the game followed two main styles. Levels one, three and five were platform capers, with the caped crusader using all the weapons at his disposal (gun. Batarang. Grappling hook and rope) to work his way through the Joker s henchmen and eventually take on the big guy himself at the end.
The remaining levels were very fast driving sections, with the action viewed from slightly behind and above the Bat mobile, as in Lotus and numerous other driving games. First you had to drive through the city avoiding the cops, then you had to fly the Batplane and cut the Joker s balloons loose The game looked the part, with an excellent Batman sprite, and the sound effects, though limited, did the job well. A novel way to present the license, and easily the best that Ocean have done.
JIMMY WHITE'S WHIRLWIND SNOOKER Virgin £29.99 This game started life as Archer Maclean's 3D Snooker. That was a couple ot years ago. Then Jeremy Beadle stepped forward and said Hey.
Why don't you get someone to endocse that?’.
The bods at Virgin listened to Tvs Mr. Personality and signed up Jimmy White. The rest, as they say. Is history.
When it appeared, it was unlike anything seen before. True, Virgin had already released a game called 3D Pool, but it wasn't a patch on this. Featuring a table that you could view from all angles, zoom m and out of, spin like a top and still line up a shot, the speed of the graphics was something that blew everyone away. And | then you played it.
If ever a game could be described as perfect, then this is the one.
Faultlessly it mimics the real game of snooker, and presents it in a way that becomes second nature in no time at all. If you are familiar with the game, and find yourself a bit of a wizard with a cue. Then you'll have no problem playing this game. There are no surprise angles here, no impossible shots, and absolutely no cheats available.
In true Archer Maclean style, there has to be a few jokes thrown in. If you should leave the game for a few seconds, flies appear on the screen and start bumbling around Leave it for a little longer, and the balls start to pull faces What can I say? If you like snooker, then you have to buy it. No question THE NAME GAME AMIGA GUIDE 15 CO = z o o = CO JOHN MADDEN'S FOOTBALL ilMlronk Arts £25.99 This game was already a massive hit on the Sega Megadnve. And I can t remember getting so many phone calls asking tor the release date ot a game prior to Street Fighter 2. In case you didn't know, John
Madden became the youngest headcoach in history in 1969. And is now a commentator tor NBC. This game is the best version ot the sport ever to appear op any home machine.
(or each match, once you've assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team.
Then, you have to take on the role of quarter back, and put your all into the arcade section ot the game. Again, this section is done brilliantly and with real atmosphere. Feel the crunch of bones as halt a dozen 12 stone padded weights fall on you There's a lot to John Madden s Football Far too much to go into here The number of different play options is staggenng. To say the least. If you want to know more, check out the review in February's CU Amiga, where it scored a whacking great 88%. And Dan Slingsby called it The most addictive sports sim ever!'. Who needs to say more?
Mixing styles between managerial and arcade action is always a bit risky as player manager games always seem to skimp on one or the other, but not this one. You are coach to one ot 16 NFL teams and have to guide them through the season and hopetully end up at the Superbowl. In your capacity as coach, you have to select and train up your team, as well as sort out the plays Star Buys... ELVIRA Accolade £19.99 To date there have been three Elvira games, two graphic adventures and an arcade romp, all ol which have been quite good. The adventures are of the pick an object up and take it somewhere
else’ variety, but are enjoyable none the less, especially when you consider that they both cover at least four disks each The arcade romp is a stan dard plattormer that features some rather terrific animation All in all. Good licenses INDIANA JONES Lucasfilm £30.99 There have been countless Indiana Jones licenses over the years, including the dread tul Temple Of Doom arcade game, but these Lucasfilm adventures are some of the best that the company have ever done. Massive, both in number of locations and in inventiveness. It'll take even the best adventurers to get through them. Atmospheric
to the end.
This is the only way to get into the character of Indiana himself.
ROBOCOP 3 Ocean £25.99 After two disappointing licences. Ocean came out with this one long before the film was even finished, so it's hard to say how well it fits its own licence. It does, however fit the character of Robocop perfectly Staying with a multiple game style. Robo 3 contains a couple of amazing first person polygon sections that have our hero walking through buildings, driving and even flying with a Jetpack If you want to know how the world looks through the eyes of a machine, then this is the game to get.
ADDAMS FAMILY 0 ean £25.99 ?
Admit it. Most Amiga owners are a teensy bit jealous of Nintendo owners because they've got Mano We'd all like to play it at home, but there just hasn't been anything I *e it on the Amiga Until now that is When Ocean signed up the Addams Family movie, they saw it as the perfect chance to put out a Mario beater, and they did OK. So it doesn't quite follow the same story line as the film, but the characters are more or less the same. A property developer wants to knock the house down to build a block of flats, and has kidnapped everyone except for Gomez.
Being a respectable kind of ghoul, he sets out to tree his family.
Yes, it’s a scrolling platform game, but it's a bloody good one. Set in the five wings ol the house and the graveyard, you have to run and bounce your way through whatever the house throws at you. In Mario style, jumping on bad guys kills them Being hit by anything kills you.
As you work through the game, there are all sorts of little surprises to find, from secret rooms filled with bonus po*its and energy, to hearts wtnch increase your maximum energy (the amount of hits you can take before you croak) and the secret weapon - the Fez copter Collecting this give you limited flying abilities, to reach previously inaccessible platforms, usually stuffed full of goodies So it doesn't have a lot in common with the film That doesn't matter much. What does matter is that it's a very enjoyable and addictive game.
And one that could stand alone quite easily The license is just an added bonus. Still, why am I telling you this? You should have bought it already!
ROLE PLAYING GAMES Traditionally, role playing games consisted ot a handful of spotty youths with reams of paper and geometric nightmares instead of dice. Then along came the computer, and with it a new breed ot role playing game. Instead of relying on a dungeon master to provide a description of a situation, you can see what's going on for yourself. So get yourself a new persona and check out some of these RPGs.
US Gold £35.99 Following up on the dassic Eye Ot The Beholder wasn’t going to be an easy task for SSI. But they managed it. With an improved control system, more monsters and some hombly dangerous dungeons.
If you completed the first Beholder game you’ll be interested to know that you can advance your characters even further in this one. There’s a greater array of spells, weapons and abilities open to adventurers. There is a price to pay for this, though, as many new creatures have been brought in to thwart " 1 'V 1 l your quest. In addition to dungeons you can now wander around outside, which leaves yet more room for even deadlier creatures.
There’s a lot of exploring to be done as well as puzzle solving, and it helps to have a pen and paper handy to jot down notes and map tricky sections of dungeon Because of the increased difficulty you really need to think more about what you're doing. You won’t last long if you lead your party into combat then start equipping them with suitable weapons.
Magic items also come more into play as certain creatures are affected by specific weapons.
The graphics really stand out in Beholder 2 The perspective backgrounds and fantastic creatures give the game an excellent atmosphere Even the icon banks are well presented and dearly laid out.
This is one of the slickest RPGs available, but because it's tougher than the original it pays to have played the first game so you can grad uate onto Darkmoon rather than be thrown in at the deep-end.
SHADOWUNDS Doimrk £39.99 This game is a little weird because you don’t actually take the role ot a party member. Instead you sort of remote-control a group of adventurers.
Shadowfands employs a novel control system. To issue a command to a character you have to click on the relevant part of their body. A lot of the game seems quite confusing at first, for instance controlling four individual characters during combat takes some get ting used to The isometric graphics are used to excellent effect, most notably with lighting. When a character ignites a torch only the immediate area around him or her is lit and the further away the darker it is. This also leads to some surprises, as you can’t see around corners or through doors, so there are several
strategically placed groups of monsters to catch out any character that strays too far from the party. Equipping the group is also quite challenging. Decent armour and weapons are few and far between, so you can either divide what you have between the four, or have one super tough fighter and hope that they can handle most of the combat Shadowiands seems quite bizarre at first, but the excellent graphics soon win you over. The game has a really nice feel and look to it which you won’t find in any other RPG. While it looks more like an arcade game, you’re still required to put your brain to
work to solve a number of taxing puzzles.
9 V. * . * A Partying We Will Go EYE OF THE BEHOLDER SSI US Gold £30 99 With a comprehensive sequel m the form ol Ihe superlative Legends Ol Darkmoon. It s a testament to th© original that it's hardly over shadowed by such an awesome game Behoktot wowed |usl about everybody when it was first released II combined a sensible plot with a great deal ol exploration and puzzle solving Along with that came an easy to use control system and fantastic graphics and plenty ol characters and spells II you'vo played Beholder 2. This will look a Ihtlo dated, bul that’s not a good enough reason to pass up on
a classic, is it?
CAPTIVE Mindscape £25.99 It s the lar Hung luture. And in a dingy cell on a distant planet a prisoner lias got his hands on a portable computer Using his program mmg skills he's activated a group ol robots and summoned them lo rescue him.
Gremlin £25.99 Licensed from the board game of the same name, Heroquest does away with the plastic figures and crib-cards of the table top version and replaces them with pen-free number crunching.
The attraction of the board game, apart from the placcy monsters, was its ease of use. It usually takes hours to get going in most RPGs as you roll stats and work out the modifiers, in Heroquest you simply picked a character and got going The Amiga version works m much the same way. You simply choose the characters you want to enter the first of the twelve dungeons. From there on the controls are just as simple. Icons make entering commands easy, so you can respond to a sneak attack from ores in a split second.
What spoils this game are the number of dungeons - there just aren't enough. The first six or seven are fairly east to beat, and although it does get much tougher, you may not want to go back to the game when you've completed it. Fortunately, there's an expansion pack called Return Ol The Witchlord available, which contains a fresh plot and plenty of new traps and mazes for your party.
With the expansion pack this is an excellent RPG. Its ease of use makes it great fun to play and fans of the board game will love it.
This results in a game which is like Dungeon M.isler with lasers The control system is very similar and Ihe game plays in much the same way The size is completely staggering, so be prepared lo burn ihe mid night oil with this one BARD’S TALE 3: THE THIEF OF FATE Electronic Arts £10.99 Along with ttie Ultima series the Bard's Tale games can be audited with helpmg shape the modem RPG Ttvs instalment finds the once prosperous city ol Skara Brae rumed by the mad god Tagan To fmd and destroy him you have lo guide your people through a number ol dimensions, battling lesser demons and col lecting
artifacts that will help you in the final battle There are hudreds ol levels as well as the great outdoors to oxplore There are toads ol character classes ranging from Monks to Geomancers and hundreds ol spells to master KNIGHTMARE Mindscape £30.99 Like the TV show which this is based on you run around a dungoon battering any denizens that got in your way The game uses a very similar system to Captive.
Although it has a lew extra features Spells and attacks can be preset, allowing you to unleash a lethal combination of magic and blows at the touch ol a mouse button.
Kntghtmare is difficult, almost to the point of complete frustration, but it does have a great many addictive qualities and it pays to progress through the dungeons slowly to avoid any unexpected encounters.
DUNGEON MASTER Etl Psygnosis £29.99 This is the game that provided the impetus for most modern RPGs.
The display consists of a large window which shows the area immediately in front of the party, the status of the characters at the top and vari- ous command icons at the side. These simple features combined to produce an RPG that was so easy to use it had people hooked in no time.
Although it looks quite dated next to the likes of Eye Ol The Beholder. Dungeon Master is still a very good game The mazes are very large indeed, and populated with a great many foul creatures, including zombies and mummies who are a bugger to kill It pays to play a strategic .
Game. I.e. run when the odds look stacked against you. There are many sections that can be found early on that are best left alone until your party have advanced sufficiently to have enough magic and hit points to deal with the situation.
When you've finished slaughtering and pillaging in your current RPG you could do a lot worse than give this a look. Even better, it now comes bundled with Chaos Stnkes Back for only £29.99. GOD SIMS These are the games for people who like power, control and putting ants in plastic bottles then shaking them around. They're the God-sims, so called because the fate of nations and worlds lie in your hands. Some call on you to marshal your forces, others to conquer at all cost or even smite miscreants with lightening bolts. This is a relatively new genre of game, and one which will no doubt see
many additions in the future.
Behind these plans is finance, even space is no refuge from recession.
Humans aren't the only inhabitants of this _ planet, there's also a resident colony of aliens. W Naturally, they aren't too happy with their new neighbours, and the decision to tolerate or attack them lie firmly in your hands.
This is a little more cerebral than the other God games, combining overtones of Populous and Sim City. The control system is clumsy and takes time to get used to, but it's worth persevehng with as this is an enjoyable game.
POPULOUS 2 Electronic Arts £29.99 Populous was the game that spawned the God sim genre, and with its sequel programmers Bullfrog created a game which stands head and shoulders above the competition.
The aim of a game is quite simple: you and a rival deity are given a world and instead of undignified intra-God combat for possession of it, you get the populace to do your dirty work. Last person standing wins the world for their god.
Naturally, things would get a bit boring just watching a bunch of computer-controlled religious fanatics club each other to death, so you're called upon to provide some divine intervention nudging your people in one direction while smiting a few of' the other guy's when his back's turned.
Your holy arsenal consists of 20 powers which either do things to people or the land they inhabit.
The most basic thing is land building. This comes into play right at the start, where the aim is to create flat terrain on which the mortals can build UTOPIA Gremlin £29.99 Deep space is the selling lor Ihis God-sim. Wilh you in charge ol a colony right on Ihe edge of the known Universe. As the administrator it's your job to raise the standard of living on this mud-ball colony to 80%, while dealing with aliens and other events that befall your settlement. When the ball finally gets rolling and the population increases, you have to instigate building programmes to create more housing and
amenities, as well as increase the police force. The sticking point castles, which provide defences and plenty of room to breed, creating more soldiers for their armies. From there such 'natural' occurrences as volcanoes, earthquakes and floods can be unleashed together with combinations of different powers that really cause some damage.
The graphics are isometric, with tiny sprites used for the people.
This provides an excellent sense of proportion, especially when you dump a whopping great volcano-from- hell right in the middle of an enemy settlement.
Virtually everything about this game is spot-on.
From the smart graphics to the awesome game- play- P0WERM0NGER Bwtwfc Arts £29.99 Like Populous 2, this Powermortger was designed by Bullfrog, and like that game you control a civilisation of tiny people on an isometric landscape, although this time you're without any special powers.
War is the name of the game. You start off with one army and the goal of conquering a world by whatever means possible. It's not as easy as pointing them at an enemy village and shouting kill, though. Firstly, they need food, which has to be sent along supply routes, found in the form of sheep which roam the land or gained by pillaging villages. Technology also needs to be acquired to give your soldiers the edge over their foes. The importance of this is illustrated when a group of your musketeers encounters an enemy platoon armed with swords.
As you get further into your quest you’ll encounter other generals who can be recruited along with their armies to fight on your side. A certain amount of diplomacy is also called for as not everyone starts the game aligned to a particular side. If you encounter a neutral village it doesn’t pay to slaughter their sheep and burn everything in sight, instead it pays to be nice, and bring the men-folk around to your way of thinking so they'll fight for you.
A great deal of thought is required to play this game, which makes it hugely absorbing. There are also expansion disks available, such as the World War One edition, which make the game even better.
• PCL5 - wc HP-GL 2 .
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Can be downloaded inlo this memory Other manufacturers would
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ARCADE CONVERSIONS Recent months have seen a drop-off in the number of coin-op conversions appearing on the Amiga. Is this because the software companies feel the latest wave of high-tech games to hit the arcades are unconvertible?
Who knows. Whatever happens, the Amiga already has acquired more than its fair share of excellent coin-op conversions over the past few years.
RAINBOW ISLANDS Hit Squad £7.99 This is the game that sparked a whole wave of so called cutesy' games on the Amiga. The aim of the game is to get to the top of a series of vertically scrolling levels which are set on several islands. This wouldn't be much of a challenge if it weren’t for the hordes of monsters which come after you. Our hero's only defence comes from his excellent jumping ability and the rare talent of being ' able to produce rainbows from his finger tips. While refracted light doesn't sound like much of a weapon, in this game you can use the rainbows to help you get to the
higher levels or to trap nasties.
HIGH SCORF lOOOOO Each island ends with a showdown with a boss, but these are more cute than fearsome. Most are surrounded by platforms, which have to be traversed in order to avoid the boss and get some hits in.
There are bonuses galore throughout each level. Most of them just top up your score, but others increase the amount of rainbows you create and the speed your character moves at.
Although Rainbow Islands looks like it’s completely dependent on joystick skills, there are lots of different strategies that can be used on particular levels and, as if that wasn't enough, there are plenty of secret stages too. They're difficult to find, but it's worth looking out for them Without a doubt one of the most addictive games ever on the Amiga.
There’s so much to it and the garish * colour scheme is fantastic. V PANG Hit Squad £7.99 You can-tell that the coin op this game is licensed from originated in Japan. Where else would you get a concept as bizarre as travelling around the world bursting bubbles? While this may sound about as exciting as clipping your toe-nails, it does make for a frighteningly addictive game.
Each level is played on a single screen, and to begin with you’re faced with just one large balloon. The hero is armed with a gun that fires a chain with a spike on the end. When it hits a balloon it bursts into smaller ones, just like Asteroids (if you can remember that far back). As you progress through the game you face more and more balloons at once, and platforms appear, inviting you to take risks and causing the balloons to become trapped, adding to your problems.
Some helpful, and not so helpful bonuses appear from time to time. One of the best is the gun. Which swaps your chain weapon for a rifle which makes short work of the balloons. Another useful one doubles the amount of chains you can fire, while collecting dynamite explodes all the balloons so you’re left facing hundreds of tiny ones.
Pang has the added bonus of a two- player mode, which makes it even more playable. An essential purchase.
GAUNTLET US Gold EDELETED Gauntlet is a real arcade classic, and this conversion from US Gold really does it justice.
It's set in a Dungeons & Dragons-type world, which is made up entirely from mazes. Naturally the aim is to get through these in one piece.
There are four characters to choose from: the Wizard who's competent in magic and not much else, Valkyrie who's not quite as good with magic but can move faster. Elf who's the fastest of the lot and Warrior who's no good with magic but excels in combat.
While the graphics are tiny there are lots of them. The heroes come under attack from dozens of creatures, as well as the indestructible Death who appears from time to time to drain the energy from the first available character. Many of the levels contain subtle puzzles such as a series of magic blocks which have to be trodden on in the right order to open doors. The game is played against the clock, as the characters’ energy depletes constantly, even when standing still.
Food has to be collected to replenish it. Which often leads to confrontations between two players who are both close to death.
The Amiga version is every bit as playable as the coin-op original. It has all its features, right down to the walls turning into exits if you hang around for long enough. Fans of the game shouldn’t miss this version.
Emaaa qggcsj SB 3====== Despite being a real golden oldie. Super Hang-on is a fantastic conversion of the old Sega coin-op.
Although it's been around for a few years. Super Hang-on is still one of the best racing games available for the Amiga. It has all the right ingredients. The action is real fast, there are plenty of other riders who can be forced off the road and the graphics are great throughout, with a smooth scrolling track and road side objects that update in convincing manner.
Super Hang-on is also very well presented. There are four different tracks set in various parts of the world. Each has its own set ol graphics and specific hazards which can test the greatest riders.
You can even select what tune you want to accompany you as you race.
Plenty of Continues ARKANOID 2: REVENGE OF DOH Hit Squad £7.99 Breakout comes bang up to date in this chal lenging coin-op conversion from Ocean Gone are the days when you merely had to smash a lew bricks by bouncing a ball oil a paddle. Now you've got loads ol collectible extras such as extend-o-bat. Super-smash ball, multi-ball and a laser gun. Some of the levels are very maze-like, requiring one pre cise hit to send the bail into a chamber, where it accelerates and causes you untold problems when it shoots out again.
Although it can be quite frustrating at times, there's no doubt that this is an addictive game which is guaranteed to test your reflexes.
BUBBLE BOBBLE Hit Squad £7.99 Here's one ol the first Amiga games that could be described as arcade perfect. The graphics are simple, consisting of platforms, walls, black backdrops and cute sprites. You.
And a friend, control Bub and Bob. Instead of blowing fire, these reptiles breathe bubbles, which can be used to trap the nasties. Like most Japanese platform games there are plenty of levels and loads ol bonuses to collect. The net result is a great game which is even better with two players.
OPERATION THUNDERBOLT Hit Squad £7.99 The coin-op version ol this game was instantly recognisable by the two whopping great Uzis which were mounted on the front of the cabinet.
It came along as the sequel to Operation Wolt. And bettered it both in the arcades and on the Amiga. The action is viewed in first person perspective, with you blasting away at anything that moves with a machine gun and rocket launcher.
Not only does this game have the side to side scrolling of Operation Wolt. But it also features neat 3D sections where you trundle along in a boat or a jeep.
Not the prettiest coin-op conversion ever, but a good bit of carefree machine gunning never goes amiss, and that's what makes this game so much fun.
NEW ZEALAND STORY Hit Squad £7.99 Kiwis, or the lack of them, are the unlikely subject matter for this game. You see they've all been kidnapped. Bar one.
As this lone Kiwi you're on a mission to rescue your kinsbirds from the clutches of the evil force that holds them hostages.
This is one of the best platform games on the Amiga before it was superseded by the likes of Rainbow Islands. Even so. It's still very good tun and worth getting hold of.
T MILITARY SIMS puter-aided laser sighting devices and a large .50 calibre machine gun.
There are enough military flight-sims to fill a section, but the armed forces don't end there. If you've always wanted to get fallen in with the army or take to the high seas in a state-of-the-art submarine or destroyer, then here's your chance.
The graphics are typically Microprose, with detailed instrument displays and vector graphic landscapes and objects. Unfortunately, most of the combat takes place at a distance. With you shelling positions from hills, or vice-versa, so there’s not much opportunity to see anything close-up.
While you can sit in the gunner’s, driver's or machine gunner's seats in any of the tanks in your platoon, your real task is to guide them to their targets, pound the hell out of what they find there, then get them back safely - anything else just stops you getting bored. Your not on your own though, as some missions give you control of anti-tank batteries, troops and yet more tanks, which gives the game more of a wargame element. In addition, artillery strikes can be called in. As well as air strikes from helicopters and A-10 tank-busting aircraft. One of the most comprehensive simulations of
any kind.
Miiroprose £30.99 After Vickers were pipped at the post by the Americans with the contract to supply the Kuwaitis with tanks, you can find out why.
Tank Platoon gives you control of your very own column of shiny, state-of-the-art American M1 Abrahms battle tanks. These caterpillar- tracked terrors are out-fitted with high-explosive HEAT missiles, tank-busting Sabot rockets, comPACIFIC ISLANDS Empire £29.99 Pacific Islands really puls you in the thick of things, as you look out of the eyes of four tank- platoon sergeants at once.
This works by dividing the main screen into quarters, with each showing a reduced display from the lead tank of each of your four platoons.
The place to start is the map screen, where you issue the move and attack orders to each platoon as well as receive an overview of the battlefield.
When a platoon encounters an enemy, simply clicking on its window brings it up to full size so you can deal with the situation. So that the game doesn’t become too complicated, the four tanks are controlled as one. This means issuing a fire command will only make one tank fire if you have direct control over that unit. There's no waiting for it to reload, though, as the next shot comes from the next tank and so on. You can also leave the computer to fight your battles, which is essential on the later missions where the enemy strike from all sides.
Not only do you have to be an expert tank pilot and strategist, you also play the role of the platoon’s accountant. Repairs are expensive, and you’re only allocated a limited budget, which shrinks with poor performances on the battle field.
SILENT SERVICE 2 Microprose £34.99 Silent Service takes us back to World War Two when submarine warfare was still in its infancy. One of your biggest enemies is unreliability. Torpedoes, for instance, can't be trusted. You may think that the destroyer that's right in your periscope sights is going to get its comeuppance, only to have a torpedo bounce harmlessly off its side.
Another drawback of 1940s technology is the poor sonar. It can be very difficult picking up a contact, so the periscope is often employed in finding ships. But all the effort is worth it. Score a direct hit and you’re treated to a graphic of the assailed vessel exploding and sinking.
The Call To Arms HUNTER: Disc Company £29.99 Rather than just deal with one mode of attack.
Hunter encompasses land, sea and air Your overall mission is to wipe out the enemy’s HO by planting a ruddy great bomb underneath it, although there are several smaller tasks to complete en-route. To fight your way through the enemy lines you can control hovercraft, tanks, helicopters, wmdersurfers and even bicycles.
Despite Hunter's many elements it cuts no corners. You need to plan out your route to take in supply dumps and an informer who’ll help you out. Mastering the different vehicles is no mean feat, either. It will be a long time before you're finished with this game.
CARRIER COMMAND: Kixx £7.99 This was a ground-breaking release in 1987 and after all that time it's as good as ever.
It's set in a massive archipelago, part of which is claimed by your side, with the rest either neutral or in enemy hands. To conquer all of this strategically vital area, you've been brought in along with your gigantic super carrier ship. It’s equipped with aircraft, amphibious craft and a formidable arsenal of its own, all of which have to be employed to capture the islands and fend off the equally powerful enemy carrier which is out doing the same job.
All these elements plus the strategy side of the game make it hugely playable.
- »-g- I-:?*".i "1 *- SIM EARTH Ougn £34.99 ?
Sim Earth literally places an entire planet at your disposal. You have complete control over everything. From triggering continental drift to generating the flora and fauna It s divided into several chunks such as the geosphere which.covers the geology of the world, the hydrosphere which takes m the oceans, rivers and lakes, the atmosphere, and the biosphere which deals with the planet s lifeforms and civilisation. Each section has its own options and how you develop one affects what goes on in another.
For instance, chucking plenty of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at an early stage will raise the planet s temperature, which creates more desert in the geosphere, higher and more fertile oceans in the hydrosphere and causes the extinction of certain creatures from the biosphere.
There are a number of scenarios which range from creating your own planet from scratch to terraforming Marsor colonising Venus. A meteor strike is just the thing for splitting continents asunder. While a strategically placed volcano is just right for retarding a civilisation which is getting too b*g for its boots.
SIM CITY Action 16 £10.99 This is where reflexes end and cerebral prowess begins.
Strategy games require pure brain-power as you manage a city, create a planet, fly off the rails or stir up trouble in neighbouring countries. Strategy games are usually far more involved than most other games, which is often reflected in their sizable manuals.
STRATEGY GAMES STRATEGY GAMES This is a fantastically playable strategy game in which you get to create and run a city. You start with a limited budget and a bank of 14 icons representing various types of civic improvement As your city grows so do the problems associated with any urban development. Crime increases along with the population and large scale pollution and traffic problems set in.
As long as you have money in the bank you can make any improvements you want. So a nuclear powerstation in the centre of town is perfectly viable! Lurking around the comer are natural disasters These occur without warning (or you can instigate them if you're in that kind of mood) and can include tidal waves, earthquakes, nudear meltdowns and Godzilla running rampant.
When something like this happens you then have to attempt to repair the damage done and prevent the population fleeing, which is tougher than building the city in the first place.
Everything is Under Control CASTLES Electronic Arts C29.99 This is qurte a strango idea for a game Basically you have to build and maintain a castle in medieval England and fight off hordes ol invading Welshmen It sounds weird, but this is actually Ihe basis lot i very sound game Design Ihe blueprints lor your own castle n Ihe country, then extort money from tlie peasants to pay lor it All the lime you havo to balance con struct ion with defending England from the Welsh and helping feed the substantial workforce Great fun SIM ANT Ocean T34.99 Tho third of Maxis’ Sim series puts you m the
rattler creepy role as tho head d an ant colony In this position you have to guide tho work ers to food, fight red ants and determine which types ot ants should be bred Too many work eis and the colony will run out ol room, loo many builders and there wiH be plenty of space but no food I . An Sm Earpt and Sm Cty, Sim Art is very absorbing and erfcicational at the same time BALANCE OF POWER Mlndscapo C25.99 Fasten up your diplomatic pouch lor Balance Ot Power the game ol global ckplomacy As President of America, or Premier of the USSR (this game s a little old) you have at your disposal aid
packages, military force and Ihe secret service Invade your neigh hours or be nice lo them, what Ihe hell? It’s your foreign policy as you attempt to sow Ihe seeds ot communism or smash the red block depending on which side of the curtain you re on | 4 CIVILISATION Mkroprose £34.99 If a planet's too big tor you and a city's too small, you could always try your hand at managing a civilisation. The game begins in the year 3000BC.
You’re prodaimed despot of a small tribe struggling to make an impact on history. To begin with, literacy and the wheel are essential, but over the next 5000 years advances such as combustion, iron working and nuclear power have to be acquired to build a thriving civilisation.
Elsewhere the world there are other civilisations such as the Romans. English and Mongols who are also out to create massive empires It's possible to trade with them or, if you want to take a more aggressive approach, burn their empires to the ground.
RAILROAD TYCOON Microprose £34.99 in England or Europe. Wherever you go rivals vi soon catch on to this new form of business and set up lines, so you have to move fast.
The key to success is identifying the markets As the saying goes you can't take coals to Newcastle, so you need to look at what each town needs and where they can get the mercha dise from. A port is usually a good place to start off. Connecting somewhere like Liverpool to Manchester. Profitable routes help the econom; of the town so it grows and you make even mor money Most people have played with a train set at one time or another, well here’s one for your Amiga.
Railroad Tycoon involves a bit more than crashing Hornby locomotives into your Action Man though. Set |ust after the invention of the steam train, you've been hired to run one of the first commercial railways.
The game features a number of settings, from colonial east USA to untamed west, or if you fancy playing closer to home you can set up shop WAR GAMES WAR GAMES Tabletop wargaming has never been acceptable to the masses, which is a shame. It isn't as if most people couldn't take part if they wanted, it's Just that most people don't want to. It's not all wearing woolly cardies and NHS specs standing in someone's attic pushing plastic soldiers around you know! Wargames can be more addictive, and definitely more exciting than most other games, as these pages prove.
SPACE CRUSADE Gremlin £25.99 Space Crusade is Gremlin's second stab at converting a boardgame to the home screen (after Heroquesf). And is generally regarded as a bit of a winner Remarkably similar to Laser Squad in a lot of ways. Space Crusade is another low-level strategic blast where you have to get your five man team in and out of small places as quickly as poss&e.
While obliterating as many things as possible A new twist is that three players can play at once.
What you have in three player mode are three teams of five men, all wandering around with a common cause. This all sounds dandy, but what happens when you get a mission that involves blowing away al your best male's team members, i.e. a scenario that says that there’s only one escape pod.
Or that there’s only enough oxygen for one team to get out akve’l Then the sparks start to fly All the battles are shown in 3D which, although it slows the game down a little, still adds a lot of atmosphere. I would rather see a large sprite of the guy I’m shooting at explode in a puddle ol viscera than watch a bkp disappear from my scanner.
UMS Mitroprose £30.99 If real-life war is your scene, then the Universal Military Simulator is the closest to tabletop war there has ever been on a computer The product has been designed as a battle creation environment. Within which you have complete control over the world Tinkering with the five pre-designed scenarios is great For example. I discovered that if King Harold had access to a few F-15s and a couple of Sherman Mis. He would have had no trouble at all in defeating the Saxons.
With a menu-driven interface, and a very simplistic but effective 3D landscape, the game looks a lot more complicated than it is One for the purists, undoubtedly, but great fun nonetheless.
If you need reinforcements... WATERLOO PSS £10.99 This is an interesting one. It only features the one battle, but is bone so well, that you keep wanting to come back and try another tactic. The single striking thing about it Is the graphics Unlike most games where you can scroll around the map to your heart s content. Waterloo only lets you view the battle from high points m the immediate vicinity, rather like Wellington or Napolean would have done Some excellent computer strategies make it a very tough one to beat BALANCE OF POWER Mlndscap© £25.99 There are two versions of this game,
both as good as each other. Similar in a lot of ways to that classic game Risk, the idea is to keep world peace as the cokJ war hots up Money management is the centre of the game, where you must decide whether or not to send government funds to various sources all over the world, be it friendly governments in need of a bit of cash, to revolutionary states who need US support to overthrow the government Obviously a lot of what you do will upset the Soviet states, and before long you'll find yourself at Defcon 1 A frightening prospect realistically represented BATTLE ISLE Ubisoft £30.99 Battle
Isle is so simple, it is played with the joystick - novel tor a game of this type. The aim is world domination, as usual, and you play against the backdrop of 32 islands on a futuristic planet.
To win. All you need to do is take out as many of the opposition as necessary to halt their progress and allow you to take the island.
Rather than use standard turns, the game operates in phases, whereby you have specific blocks of game time to do specific things, such as A A cl fit, ¦4 * j s' Q. 11 x **; i f
• 1 • • * 0*.' J* mL ¦ J a movement phase and a combat phase.
One w interesting idea is the fact that while you are W doing
one. The opposition are doing the other.
You have 22 different types of weapons and vehicles, all of which have varying strengths, speeds etc. Learning how to use combat and support units well is one of the keys to the game.
Of course, if you’re playing against a friend, then strategy will probably go out the window, but one player against the computer requires you using every army tactic you ever heard Even then, there’s no guarantee that you’ll even survive.
OFF RRP ‘Si-ujw- pLl Sf
* ee r*ow 5uc SW*clJ £299 MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM AMIGA v DTW Smpfy
pul. CDTV mixes CD sound and Amiga lype software in one met
controlled unit, and allows ytxi to Inlwcr with lire results
your television On the outside the CDTV Standalone
* ayer is a sleek, elegant black box. Insde it ccntans the
wodongs i ihe UK's most poptAar home computer, the Comirotore
W with fwo major differences. Instead ol a keyboard and moose it
- ses a video style remote controller tor s mpte operaton and,
rstead ol a floppy dsk drive, there's a compact disc drive.
MUSIC & SOFTWARE As well as beng able lo play standard studio compact discs in high 3-aHy stereo sound, the CDTV can also use software stored cn CO. This is smilar to Amiga soltwre. With thousands oI Amiga programs avafaNe. Vcu also get much, much more - a CDTV Disc s equal to over 600 floppy disks in capacity.
M CDTV you can Isien to your favourite pup group, lock up
• story, play the latest arcade games, have a Karaoke night or
team verxh. In cue unit, CDTV can do things you would otherwise
need i ikJeo. CO player and computer to do' You car watch as
Neil vnstrong walks on the moon. Isien to hm speak and read the
tascnatmg details ol how Apdlo got there!
INTERACTIVE MOVIES A new lend of movie: h»-fi sound tracks and movng pictures just like yema films, but you determine Ihe outcome and how the pWl turns rut Wil Batman real1 save Gotham City? Interactive rruvies are 1 set to arrive on a CDTV near you soon.
EDUCATION Iath its huge storage capacity. Colour graphcs and easy control.
COTV is ideal lor education, levels trom pnmary education to adult rrogn language courses are availade.
ENTERTAINMENT acked with masses of colourful graphics, hi-fi sound and huge evels, COTV games are set to dwarf their Amiga counterparts The COTV award winning version of Sim City (or instance, has 10 Uegabytes of extra graphcs. Studio recorded sound tor CO Audu aaity. More detailed game day (new zoom mode) and 4 dfferent eras (Medieval, Western. Actual and Future).
- agine that you couki refer to several encydcpaeda's al cnce.
Wtfout having to constantly swap between publicatons. Ftp pages refer to lengthy indexes across mulple books'’ CDTV Reference Wes enatfe ycu to do this plus a lot more1 MORE FORMATS COTV can play CDTV software. CO audio discs. CD.G (audu dscs ¦th lyncs and pictures). CO*MIDI (special tracks Song s«de the
• oOo tracks control MIDI instruments attached lo the COTV). With
te aid of a flcwy disk drive and keytoard. COTV can also run
most Amiga soltware.
• Enables your Amiga fo run CDTV software
• Plays normal audio CD discs
• Storage capacity equal to 600 floppy disks
• Internal RAM expansion option
• Internal hard drive option ico*****
• Compatible with CD + G and CD + MIDI formats
• Transfer time 153Kb second
• Compatible with CD-ROM industry standard ISO9660
• Comes with Fred Fish CDPD collection
- F Sim City FREE from Silica Noto: 1- ol Chp RAMfAI Agnus is
roaurod for M ccmpaUMity wtm all COTV wttware. Sica olter an
upgrade service Please ca» and quore REA 1000.
RRP The sheer storage size of a CO 600 disks) means that usng CO soltware is taste*, graphics are enharxM and game play 18 l increased wth bigger levers, more complex prttobms lo sotvo I and larger areas to a.ptorel And bang compatible wth audio COS. Ihe SOUtW Qualty Iron CD games B unriMled! Sim City , I tor instance has over 10Mb ol data to its graphics alone and l has muaic recoded in a studo! Slice's new low pnee ol £299 I means that mere is no bene, time to buy me A5TO and. W» the award winning Sim City included FREE with every A570 Iron Silca. Me.e s no bene, place lo buy * lion!
The A570 is an esaerwal addon lo. Yo* Amiga 500 CO-ROM a sol lo rcp.ico disM as slarxlatd Icmal to. Games and sortous wee in me not loo distant lulure Most soltware conpanos have I already annouxBd Diana to retoase CD verscn* c4 (bar AMIGA vCBTV PLAYER worm’ NE»m-y SIM CITY CD H ycu have eve* payed Sm Dly on a romai Amiga, you oil be amazed when ycu eee. Islen to and play me Amiga CD vers n!
Now e.«n more addclne. With sioto recorded scund and a massive 10Mb ol graphcs. S«n City CDTV is a Me amntoi game that has to be seen to be beloved1 Sim City comes tree wm every CDTV or A570 Ircm &lka WORTH £29.99 SOFTWARE TITLES AND PERIPHERALS AVAILABLE Based on the test seting Amiga ampler Operated bom remote hard heU ccofrole.
Flays CD auto dscs nurt _ -TT coS.es T$ sf arts Compos tie with CO.G « CDA1IDI lomats Upgradeable to a Ml corrpuier Orer 100 COTV IrtBs avaiatte Mmng ga-e HUOWwm* A .ait erxydtpeM CDTV Player . £399.99 Lemmmgs . £34.99 Sen City £29.99 FREE FROM SILICA Hutchri6ons Encyclopedia .. £49.99 Total Pack Value: £514.96 lass Pack Saving: £145 96 Silica Price: £369.00 CALL FOR A FREE PRICE LIST A complete COTV environment. Wfft «o toard ard dsk drive 4 is Mty software conpaioie with the Amiga 500. And aOe to run ail Amiga games an) appkaicn software. With the
pencheraB rduced , you can unleash the M power of your CorrmodoreCDTV.
CDTV Player .. £399.99 COTV Keyboard £49.99 CDTV Disk Drive . £99.99 Fred F*h COPO £19.99 Sim City ----------..... £29.99 Zool Pack £127.92 Total Pack Value: £727.07 Less Pack Sa*vg £22887 £j» Silica Price: £499.00 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT - DELIVERY IS FREE OF CHARGE IN THE UK MAINLAND SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOU 1 l FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped in die UK mainland.
I TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team of lechrical expens at your service.
I PRICE MATCH: We rormaAy match correetitofs on a 'Same prodjct - Same pnee' Basis.
I ESTABLISHED 14 YEARS: Proven track record in professional compuler sales.
£12 MILLION TURNOVER (with 60 stall): Solid, reliable and protitatte.
BUSINESS . EDUCATION . GOVERNMENT: Volume discounts available 081-308 0088.
SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and trammg facilities at our London & Sidcn branches.
THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All ol your requirements from one suppfter.
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PA YMENT: Major credt cards, cash, cheque or monlhly terms.
U decide when lo buy your new A r.ga computer, we suggest you Ihnk very carefully aboul
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be Ifce a lew months alter buying your Amiga, when you may
o addbonal peripherals or software or help and advee with your
new purchase And. Will the you buy trom contact you wrih
details ol new products? At Silica Systems, we ensure that you
have nolhng lo worry aboul Wo havo been established tor almost
14 years and. With our unnvalled C and expertise, we can now
cteim to moot our customers- rcquroments with an mderslandng s
second 10 none. Bui dsnt just lake our word lor it Complete and
return Jho ooupon now to' our FREE literature and Begin to
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applicable): . Address
choice is simple - spend a couple of grand getting a pilot’s
licence and zip around in light-aircraft, or splash out 30 and
try your hand at airborne death-dealing. The Amiga now has a
wealth of excellent flight-sims which cover both world wars
(some late 80s games actually feature WW III) with biplanes,
jet-fighters and helicopters.
WINGS Cinemaware (DELETED ?
This offering from Cinemaware is definitely not one for ilight-sim purists as its attraction lies as much in its simplicity as its presentation.
It’s set during the closing years of the First World War. When fighter aircraft were just beginning to get off the ground, so to speak. You've been recruited into the Royal Flying Corp to help win air-superiority over war-torn France, although the life expectancy of new pilots is very poor indeed.
Like all Cinemaware games. Wings has a distinctly story-book feel. All the way through you're updated on the goings on of your fellow pilots and what the Hun are up to.
During dog fights the action can be viewed externally or from the cockpit.
Exterior views come in handy for spotting enemy aircraft as your field of vision is limited in the cockpit and, unlike simulations of modern day aircraft, the only tracking device you have are your eyes. Bombing runs take a different view point. Here you're looking down on the plane as it flies over enemy land. You still have control over it in the usual way, but hitting the fire button now releases bombs instead of triggering the machine guns.
While Wings has a fantastic atmosphere and is superbly presented, it isn’t very complicated. This makes it ideal for beginners, as there are few keypresses with most of the controls centred around the joystick. Experienced pilots may find this a little off-putting, but they shouldn't let that put them off what is really a superb all-round game.
For tlylng by the pants action, Wings cannot be beat.
Take on Ihe Hun In this extremely playable WW1 flight slm.
KNIGHTS OF THE SKY Microprose £34.99 Like Wings, Knights Ol The Sky is set mid-way through World War One, but the difference here is detail.
While Wings is very playable, this game is far more realistic. You sign on as a trainee pilot in either the Luftwaffe or the Royal Flying Corps with the aim of earning promotions, battling aces and making a name for yourself in the flying community.
As the game progresses and you start racking up kills, some of the established enemy pilots start taking an interest in your exploits. When this happens you stand a greater chance of running into enemy aces, who don't like upstarts with an outrageous number of kills.
On of the most notable features of this game is its speed. Considering the amount of ground detail and the complexity of the other aircraft, the game rarely slows down and plays at a cracking pace throughout.
It's the lack of technology in a bi-plane that makes this game so much fun. There are no missiles, electronic jammers or radar, you simply have to spot an enemy, get in close and let rip with your machine guns. This makes the game far more action-packed than most jet-plane sims. Navigation becomes easier after a few games, as most of the battles take place over the same area, but once you find your base there's still the landing to cope with.
A fabulous change from the usual faster-than- sound flight simulators.
From fighter-planes we move onto whirfybirds, with the AH-97M Thunderhawk. A multi-role attack helicopter.
The onus of this game is action rather than complexity, which is reflected in the lightening speed it plays at. The backgrounds and scenery are simplistic, but plenty of effort has been put into the enemy units. There are loads of things to shoot at, from unarmed convoys to tanks, anti-aircraft batteries and foot-soldiers to other helicopters and fighter-planes.
This game is packed full of inspired touches.
For instance, when anti-aircraft guns open up you actually see the bullets streaking up towards you and, as your helicopter is damaged, bits of the control panel start going on the blink and bullet holes appear in the window. Fortunately, you have a large arsenal of missiles to choose from, as well as a turbo cannon mounted on the front of the ‘copter.
Because action is the name of this game the controls have been made as simple as possible.
Speed and weapons selection are all controlled via combinations of joystick movement and the fire button. Three large monitors beneath the window show all the information you need to keep airborne, which leaves you more time to concentrate on shooting things.
The missions are arranged in a very sensible manner. They come in groups of five, with each sub-stage linked to the next.
This means that anything you fail to destroy in one mission can come back at have a pop at you in the next.
Thunderhawk is without doubt the most action- packed flight simulation there is on the Amiga.
With this game Microprose dumps you in the rather smart hot-seat of the USAF's latest and greatest war-plane, the F-19 Stealth Fighter.
What sets this apart from other modern-day aircraft simulations is the amount of strategy involved. Many games require you to simply get airborne and launch a couple of missiles at a blip on your radar. F-19, however, calls on your skills as a navigator as well as a pilot to guide the aircraft undetected into enemy territory. This is done in a number of ways. A bar graph shows how visible your plane is to enemy radar and when it passes a certain level it can be seen. To keep it hidden you have to keep the jets running below a certain temperature, the plane flying well below 1000 feet and
the bomb doors closed until you really need to open them.
Like most Microprose simulations, the game is divided into a number sections. The easiest is the American training missions, where friendly planes mock-dogfight with you and launch dummy missiles. From there the game moves to the Mediterranean and covert strikes against terrorist bases in Libya, and then onto the Gulf and central Europe during World War Three.
An excellent flight sim for experienced pilots and beginners alike.
Up, up and Away PRO-FLIGHT, Hi-Soft £19.95 Realism is the name of the game in this Tornado sim from Hi Soft. They claim that it has been tested by actual Tornado pilots, who gave the game the thumbs up.
Whether that's true or not, this is one hell of a sim. There's a staggering amount of controls and instruments which take a fair amount of time to get used to. Once airborne it takes an effort just to fly in a straight line, let alone pull any kind of stunt flying.
This is one of the toughest flight-sims you can get, although it's a little short on action. Even veteran pilots will find a challenge in this.
F-15 STRIKE EAGLE 2, Microprose, £30.99 Programmed by the team behind F-19.
Strike Eagle features less strategy but far more action.
THUNDERHAWK Core Design £30.99 F-19 Miiroprose £30.99 The game has plenty of features to make it accessible to beginners, including automatic landings and a no-crash option. Because it was written in '91. It became the first flight-sim to take advan tage of the scenario material thrown up by the Gulf war.
There's plenty to do and it’s really fast, but even so it's a little too easy at times.
GUNSHIP, Microprose, £25.99 The original PC and C64 versions of Gunship are now about four years old, and the slightly newer Amiga version does reflect this age.
It has all the characteristic trimmings of a Microprose sim. Such as dozens of missions set around the world and excellent attention to detail. This is a very different game from Thunderhawk. For starters you spend a lot more time popping up from behind hills then disappearing before the shooting starts, it's also a lot more realistic. Unfortunately, it lacks the action of Core's simulation, which has the definite edge over this game. Watch out for a review of the updatod Gunship 2000 in an upcoming issue of CU Amiga.
THEIR FINEST HOUR, US Gold £25.99 What separates this game from most flight sims is that the graphics are sprite rather than vector based, which gives it a nice look, but makes the game considerably slower than many of its rivals.
Naturally, you're stuck in an RAF air craft of your choice, be it fighter or bomber, and instructed to fly to the battle zone to drop bombs on or shoot down various bits of Nazi equipment.
Touches like the smoke which billows out of crippled bombers and the way you get to attack formations of enemy planes make this game fun to play, although it lacks the extra features and speed to make it a full blown classic.
SPORTING GAMES A sporting life can be one ot tame and fortune but, for the rest of the population, all that we're capable of doing is injuring ourselves and watching Grandstand on TV. Of course, you could always participate with your Amiga.
Heck, you don't have to embarrass yourself and the worst injury you can suffer is joystick wrist or fire-button finger. So, here are a few of the safe alternatives to real-life sporting encounters.
PGA TOUR GOLF Electronic Arts £25.99 PGA Tour GoH lets you take to the fairways of the world where only pros and company execs can afford to tread This is really the complete golf game. It has all the hazards of real life, including unpredictable wind and birds which chirp to put you off midstroke. To take a shot you first select a dub. Then the direction you want to strike the ball in. Holding down the fire button powers up a gauge which determines how hard your golfer will swing. Let go at the right point, then hit the hre button again when the gauge returns to zero. Doing so too
soon slices the ball, and too late creates a very nasty hook shot. It's this ease ot control which helps make the game so attractive. Naturally the courses come with hazards such as bunkers and lakes, and the normal penalties apply, along with all the usual rules such as re takes and drop shots. Unfortunately, there's no cheating with the Amiga marking your score card.
On top ol the excellent gameplay are the superb graphics. Although not much can be done with a predominantly green landscape, the golfer is superbly animated which gives a very nice overall effect. Rather than just have you going around various holes swiping at the ground, you can compete against a friend or a posse of computer golfers in a tournament over 18 or 72 holes.
Without a doubt the best gort game outside of St Andrews.
SpfEDBAU 2 Renegade £25.99 This game holds many titles in its lield such as best spods game, most violent spoils game and the game we'd most like to see in real Me.
Speedball is a brutal future sport where the object is to score goals. There are no rules.
The ball can be carried, any kind of violence is acceptable including kicks, punches and body checks and performance-enhancing gadgets are perfectly legal The players are encased in armour, not just lo protect themselves, but to allow them to hit harder. The controls are very simple, you move the player nearest the ball and if he's holding it pressing the button will make him pass while a quick tap is a shot.
Icons appear on the pitch at random intervals. And when collected can cause the other team to be paralysed for several seconds, or simultaneously fall over. There are also several extras on the walls at the side of the arena. Hurl the ball into a score multiplier and any subsequent goals will be worth 50% more, while hitting a power pod electrically charges the ball so it stuns any opponents it hits.
The game can either be played as a knockout tournament or a league The latter requires you to put your management cap on as you choose your team, buy new players and decide what equipment you want to spend your winnings onApart from its fantastic playability. Speedball 2 also boasts great graphics and fantastic sound effects and music. This isn't just the best Amiga sport game, it's one of the best Amiga games _ And They're On The Final Bend... CYBERBALL Respray £9.99 Ever wanted lo know what American loot ball will look like in 100 years lime? Well, you actually get to play it in
Gone are the human players and in come the robots. A team is made up from several different kinds, each with different roles such as blocking or running. To spice the game up a bit me ball now explodes if it doesn't reach an endzone within a set time This can be turned to your advantage by throwing for an interception |ust as it s about to go bang.
Although Cyberball is a little rough around the edges, it’s playable all the same. If it's American football you're after, though, look elsewhere.
LINKS US Gold £35.99 This golf game stunned PC owners when it was first released, although it failed to have the same impaci on the Amiga.
It s problem lies in its speed, it just isn’t fast enough The graphics are all in HAM mode and look fantastic, and it's this which slows it up. Apart from that, though, Links has a very simple, yet comprehen sive control system and plenty of features.
If you've had enough of PGA Tour Golf, give this a look, but if you're after your first golf gome this isn’t the place to start PRO TENNIS TOUR 2 UBI Soft £25.99 The only time normal, unsporting types take to tennis courts is during the two wet weeks each year when the country is gnpped with Wimbledon fever. But after you retire with tennis elbow or a twisted knee, what’s next? You could always dig out your Amiga and try your hand at an altogether safer version of the sport. Pro Tennis Tour 2 takes you to some of the world's top tournaments where you can try your hand at beating some of the
top players. All court preferences are catered for. With grass, clay and hardcourts selectable at the start of a match.
Playing a shot is dead simple Provided you steer your player into the right position, pressing fire starts the bat swinging then moving the joystick determines what type of shot is played All the strokes you'd expect to see at Wimbledon are included (except the flashy one where they hit the ball between their legs) such as lobs, crosses and smashes. Like the real thing, timing is essential to simply return a shot or catch your opponent wrong footed or on the wrong side of the court.
You can also play from the baseline or up against the net. Where the shots change to those appro- pnate to the position.
Very fast and very easy to get into, all it’s missing are digitised grunts and umpire abuse A lot cheaper, and easier, than queuing for 20 hours to get a seat on the centre court.
RBI 2 Domark £29.99 While the American baseball world series only consists of Canada and the States, us Bnts can now take a crack at entenng the hall of fame in this superb game from Domark RBI actually stands tor Runs Batted In. And that’s the aim of the game. A baseball match is divided into nine innings, which are split into two halves. The first has your team up and batting, and all you've got to do is to slug the ball out of th6 park, or bunt which is where you just tap the ball to try and catch the fielders off-guard. When there’s a runner on a base you get to determine when, if at
all. He should try and steal the next one. Other than that this is plain sailing. The usual rules apply, so swing ing and missing three times means you’re out, as does being caught. It's also nice to note that the computer pitchers do make mistakes, and four bad pitches leads to a walk, where everyone gets to move one base along without the fuss of a ball being hit.
When three batsmen are out play swaps and it's your turn to pitch. What makes this game so good is that the programmers have done away with most of the jargon and opted for straight** ward fun. The graphics are large and nicely animated and the game plays exceptionally well.
BUDGET TITLES Ever since Uastertronic announced that they were going to release good quality games at an affordable price, the budget software market has never stopped expanding. Most of the stuff you can get now is re-released classics of a year ago, so H you're looking for a cheap way to boost your software collection, this is the place to look. Here's a quick run down of some of the best available.
LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO CHALLENGE GBH £9.99 The original all action racing game. Well, it isn't really, but it's still great tun. Even with two other Lotus games available. Forget millions ot courses and all kinds ol weather conditions. This is just straightforward racing while competing in a league table with 19 other drivers. It's fast and very playable, although there are one or two playing glitches, such as the fact that your car stops dead if it hits something else. Other than that, you'd be a fool to miss out, especially at this price!
R. spray £9.99 The ultimate graphic adventure, and now available
for under a tenner! There can't be many games that have this
standard of animation The guys at Broderbund really went over
the top to bring you the adventures ot a man rescuing a
trapped princess, the animation has to be seen to be
believed. As far as we re concerned, it's worth spending the
money just to see the main character do a running jump.
Classic stuff.
Gremlin's state of the art bike racing game, and the only one to realistically portray biking - turning off the view of the handlebars makes it frighteningly realistic! By having as few roadside objects as possible, the game is fast and very smooth, with none of the wild lurching of, say.
Psygnosis' Red Zone. There's only a dozen tracks and three engine sizes to play with, and after a while it all gets a bit samey A lot of fun to play, though, but a shame it doesn’t have a link option.
PANG Action 16 £7.99 A classic old arcade game, reworked by Ocean France to huge acclaim. A simple Idea, involving shooting balloons before they bounce on you (sort ol a ground based Asteroids), the Amiga conversion needs lightning reflexes to play, so it's lust as well that the controls are as good as they are Slightly better than Demonware s Oops Up.
And every bit as good as the arcade version.
E A-18 INTERCEPTOR EI«troni Arts £10.99 It was a stunning flightcombat simulation when it appeared in the early days, and it's still one now. Although quite basic in approach to some of the later simulations, there's still nothing like it for speed or realism. Just watching the map zoom in from an overall view of the west coast of the US.
Right down to a full screen view of your aircraft is stunning. This was the first s»m to feature external views, and still ranks as one of the most addictive suns ever seen Cheap at twice the price.
SEUCK GBH £9.99 Not quite as elticient as the C64 product is was converted from, the Shoot Em Up Construction kilts still a handy little package to have. From scratch, you can build an entire stand-alone scrolling shoot 'em up with as many bells and whistles as you require. All Is done trom a simple set ot menus, laid out in a logical and straightforward way (desrgn sprites, design backdrop, define player limitations, detine levels and then add all the attack waves). Three games are included, and they show oil quite realistically what the pack can do YouTI never create another SMWwrth It.
But you II definitely be able to knock out something to impress your tnends OFTWARE CITY
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17. 99
17. 99 ...17.99 ...21 JO 9 99
- (New) ... Sim (Tty Sim (Tty Architecture 2 Sim Earth
(New)..... Slightly Magic (New)..... Soccer
Pnhall ..... Space ('tusade______ ....
.....~CS)-- ...9.99 ..,s SOCCER COMPILATION Kkk ( )'l ' (,. ,
' lk Soccer A Emlyn HugVs Int. Soccer £17.99 HINTBOOKS Bard's
Talc lor 2 or 3 .J.OO Eye of The Beholder
7.99 Eye of TV Beholder 9.99 J-VDooNf Sided.
Doable 1 ow Dwisilv With 1-abdv-
41) Piece 33 Die Box ......6.99
* 0 Piece 3.5 D*x Bo. ....7.99 120IW IS On. Box 99U Kings
Quest 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 8.99
Knightmarc .5.99 leisure Suit
Larry 1 or 2 or 3......8.99
IzMMn .5.00 Might &
Magic 3 ....14.99 Monkey Island
... 5.99 MOLISE MAT _____199 AMIGA AttniM 1ST
EXPANSION ..._ WITH OR WniWHlTCIOCK 29.99 Monkey Island
2 9.99 Secret of The Silver Blades 7.99
Space Quest 1 or 2 or 3 .8.99 Ultima
7 ..8.99 Ultima
Underworld ...8.99 n Cap«ain(New Pricel "* a
Corpac ... ....(New) (New) of TV Yolk folk.
(New) 7.99 .. 17.99 I or 2 . .9.99 All orders sent FIRST Cl-ASS subyrcl u availability Just fill m tV coupon and send it to SOFTWARE CTTY.PO Box 888 Wolverhampton. WVI ITP ORDER FORM ...25.99 ST Name ¦¦ream.
.17.99 ..21.50 .24.99 .17.99 ...7.99 .7 99 ...9.99
- 799 .799 21 JO
7. 99
- 17.99
- 17.99 .24.99 .24.99 POSTAGF. RAIT-N IV« adl Scp (or pow A
paring oa al onlm ndra EEC cnmoiMtl pci itaNafff u «ti aid 14
Ivr hr» PAYING HY tllt vt I (ltnpan pay Mr lo StAwarr Coy.
Od« C-d Type EqwyD-c r » Back ....21 JO .... 21.50 xeslni Soccer
- (New Price) 7.99
- 21 JO n Super League ..... ' *.. 9.99 rclul
Offer) ......9.99 (New) 21.50 if The
Beholder 21.50 c Beholder 2 (I Meg).24.99 wi
Pilot__________ .9.99 (New Price). 1499 clDau Disk) ... 9.99
...... J.99 ______________________17.99 .(New) 17.99 »f
tlwlnliudcr ... (New Price)-------14
• Quest) New Price) 999
3. .....21 JO II Imrctlor 2 (New Price)
999 a I Grand Prix (Micrcprmc). .
- -------- 24.99 (New) I S.99
(C. CS.)---------------17.99 4 2(Ubor 6-8 or8«).....7.99 ¦ School
4 (US or 5-7 or 7-11) . .17.99 Guerilla in Bolivia
(C.C.S.) . 17.99 I I or 2 (Not A500
.24.99 (New) ....21.50
(New) ....17 99 ISA----7.99 ¦oier---17.99
- ---------1799 .1799 ...19 99
21. 50
- .17.99 . DnuMc Hone Racing 7.99 Ikfltquom Olympic Challenge
265?* ... n Manager______799 n kit 2tNnr|. 14 99
(New1 ....24 99 ¦ Family ..17 99
pan .... 17.99
* ComniandcrfNew) 21.50 ¦ted 17.99
rr World .17.99 17.99 cGame*
(New) ....17.99 il VuehmrtNew) 7 e I i agon I »n Master.
j) spotter t
- 2IJ0
22. 99 .9.99
17. 99 .24.99
17. 99
21. 50
17. 99
24. 99
10. 99
17. 99
- 21 JO
- 21 JO Imenwtional championship Athletics
....-7.99 International
Karate ...7.99 International Spoils
Oiallcngc 2130 IvJiar legend of TV Potlreu ....21.50 lulia
1990 .9.99 Italy 1990
(Kixx)__________________7.99 Jack Nicklaus Gold New Price) 7.99
Jack Nicklaus I nlmnied Courses ( I meg ) 21 50 Jack Nicklaus
Unlimited (Tip An ..... 10.99 Jack NK-klau* vol2 or 4 or
5 10.99 Janies
Pond ...7.99 J White s W wiml
Snooker ..21.50 John Barnes*
Soccer .17.99 John Madden's Amman Football
17. 99 Jones In TV Fast I-met New) ...24.99 Kauer. (New)
-17.99 Kick Off 2(1 Kick Off 2 Giants 4 Famine 7.99 Kick
Off 2 Winning ladies 7.99 Kick Off 2 Return To Europe 7.99
Kick Off 2 The Final Whistle 8.99 Kick Off
J ......(New) ....17.99 Kind words
3 .....34.99 Kings Quest
5 ... 27.99 _ HmlHook 21 91 Knights of
the Sks HJ9 legend • Hint Book ________.21 JO leisure Suit
Larry 5 .24.99
Lemmings- .17.99 lemmings
Data Disc ..13.99 lethal
Weapon......(New) ....17.99 Links (requires Hard
Disc Drive .. (New)---24.99
Links Firestone (HIM!New) 12.99
Liverpool------------------------17.99 lumhard R.A.C Rails
99 lords of Cham (Special Offer 9 99 letus Fapirit
. 9.99 i F.spmt Turbo Challenge 2 17.99 of
die Temptress .....21 JO Man
United ...9.99 Man United
Europe ..17.99 TV Manager
....21.50 Manic Mineffnot A500or
A600 ..7.99 Match of TV Day-----17.99 “ ' -21 JO 21 JO
24. 99
7. 99 Meg arras el let 2 Mkioprosc Gotf Midnight Resist a Monkey
Island 2 lx Chuck* Revenge) . Motor
Head ....(New) ....10.99 Multi Player Soccer
Miuugcr 17.99
Narc ...7.99 New
Zealand Story ....7.99 No Greater Glory (New)
.24.99 Nova 9----(New) ....24.99 Oh No More I emmmgs(
Staid ... Alow)_________17.99 ( mar Sharifs Bndge
P. G.A Tour Golf ....17.99
P. G.A. courses Data Disc ...10.99
P. G.A. Golf ? Courses Disc 21.50 Pacific
Islands ...21.50 PamiN
Create (New) ....17.99 Paladin 2.... (New)
Paperh tSpecia, Offer) il(Hfrr) all C Plan 9 Outer Space(New)
Police Quest 3 ... Pool ( ArcVr
MacleansMNewt..17.99 Pool of
Darkness ......22.99
Populous ...9.99 Stalingrad
Steel Empire Stef---7.W Sieve Davis Snooker----------.9 99 Street lighter 2 (Newt 18.99 Sinker Manager! New Prier i 9.99 Stunt Cur Racer ..7.99 Super Cant 7.99 Super Curs 2 ......9.99 Super Monaco G.P.(NewPricr) .9 99 Super Off Road Racer ..9 99 Super Tetna--------21 JO SwiuM4ade2 ... 999 Sword .4 Honour (New) ...17 99 Team Su uki .7.99 . LuiilcMSpeeial Offer) 5.50 Test Drive 2 (Special Offer)_______2 99 Tetris (Special Offer) ......9.99 Thomtu TV Tank Engine ....(New
) ... 7.99 Titus TV Fox-----------------17.99 Total Recall ... 7.99 Toyota Celica------------ 7.99 Track urn Manager .... 7 99 Traders ...(New)---------1799 Treasures of TV Savage Empire22.99 I Meg) 17.99 Secret Of Monkey Island 2 (I Meg) 15.99 Sensible Soccer 92 - 93 ...17.99 Seymour Goes to Hollywood 7.99 Seymour Saves TV Planet«New)7 99 Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kn 9 99 24.99 1799 ...21.50 ...11.99 ...11.99 ...27.99
7. 99
7. 99
17. 99 ...1799 ...21 50 Populous Sun City__ Pomikms
Editor______ Pofailtms New Wririds..... populous 2 (1 2 or I
meg) Powcrmongcr. Powennongcr Data Disc ..
Premiere - . Pro Tennis Tour .. Pro
Tennis Tour 2 ..... Protect X_______________ Prophecy
.4 the ShadowlNewl 2299
Puny ....(New) ....17.99 Pu zntc
---------7.99 Rainbow Islands.. ....7.99
Rctl Zone 17.99 Rick
Dangerous 2 ilfc Golf_ Universal MoetoerdNew) Utopia A Utopia
New Worlds
.....(New) ....21.50
Vikings (New)... Warriors of Rclcync (New)
Wing Commander .(New) Wizkid ____________ Tvehle Champions „
Trivial Pursuit ... Turbo
Outrun ... Ttirricun I or
2 . TV Snorts Football)Not .
Compatible) ... .(New).. World Clasi WVU Class Rugby World Crxkrt______ World Rugby Risky Woods .
Ruth Kill ... Rohoc.q. 1 ...(Specia lOfferl DIZZY COLLECTION Fast Raul. Kwik Snax, Magicland Dizzy. Fantasy World Dizzy & Treasure Island Dizzy.
£17.99 THK DREAM TEAM The Simpsons. WWF Wrestlcmama. & Terminator 2 £17.99 SUPER AI.I.STARS Steg. C.J. in the USA. Captain Dynamo, Adventures of Robin Hood & Mngicland Dizzy £17.99 THE R.T. SMITH COMPENDIUM Vulcan. Ancient Battles. & Arnhem £19.99 Populous, spirit of Excalibur. Chen Player 2150. LlunierA Baltlcmaslcr £22.99 m .ZY’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE SprlRnmd Dizzy. Bubble Du y. Duzy Pn of the Yolk Folk Panic Duzy A Kw* Sa £17.99 BOARD GENIUS Scrabble Deluxe. Deluxe Monopoly.
Risk & Cluedo Master Detective £21.50 SUPERFHHITER Pit fighter. WWF Wrcsllemama. & Final F ight £17.99 FANTASTIC WORLDS Rcultm. Pirates. Wonderland.
Populous. & Mega lo Mania £24.99 Summer Games IA 2. Winter Games.
Games Summer Kdrtion A Califorma Games £17.99 AMIGA USERS Double Sided Double Densil IUANT1TY WITH LABELS A WARRANTY [iv idcrs) ofs ihitur rCnc’kcl(i’Hb) .!!5jS§ ps* :Jj dOTtfir h iWDu'jj
r. rsauMb, 3] btStaiiBv:::::r:::|y| r’% Vliirlwiid Si«« lrr
0. 3Mb Upgrade II I Mb Upgrade (30(H) ...
Mouse . Mouse
Mai .... Moum? I
louse Ckulcovcr (Amiga. 500or ?).
Dusk over (Amiga 600) .. Dusicovcr (Monitor)---------- DuskoveHU'IO) ... Ouu.ovrr (U'24)_______________ Aulo Moue JossiKk Switch Trackball____________ Head (lcanet----- Alienee O* Kryiiaa (I Mb) MINI OFFICE £49.95 Word Processor Spreadsheet Database PHILLIPS CM88311 Monitor with Lotus Turbo Choalengel 1, Dustcover, Scart Cable, 1 year on site waranty, fro next day delivery £197.95 071- 608 - 0624

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