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A1200 TRADE-IN DEAL ANNOUNCED The bargain ol the century has just been announced by Commodore. With sales ot the oustandingly excellent A1200 exceeding the 100,000 mark, those kind chaps at CBM HO are now giving everybody an easy way to upgrade. Owners of an A500 or A500+ in full working order and complete with power supply can return it to their local shop in return for a full £100 off a brand spanking new A1200. The offer is sure to be popular with the U.K.’s 1.5 million Amiga owners, as this will be the only way of upgrading to the new AGA architecture with its enhanced display modes and 24-bit palette. The big news Is that the new version ot Ihe soltware is capable ol grabbing 'real-time' sequences - d can capture every single trame hum a video seqiience.Tlits has ot course been possible before. All you need Is a video playback unit capable ol producing a stable, siogle trame image and which can advance a trame at a lime. Unfortunately such soils are rare, end indeed very expensive. The new V-Lab will work with an ordinary playback unit. Instead ol pausing die Image Die software grabs as many as it can from a moving sequence. Then Ihe sequence is rewound and begun again. This time the soltware decodes the frame sync signals and only tries lo grab Die frames It hasn't got already. In practise Ibis means thaf three or four passes el Ihe tape resun in a lalrly representative sequence (ol course you con keep playing back as many times as R lakes, and you can also use slow mode it your deck supports it). Expect a loll review soon in your super soaraway CU. Ot in the meantime you can contact Amiga Centre Scotland on 0S9 687 SI3. The other part ol Ihe potential wodd-stoiming combioa- lion is the software which can replay compressed tiles. Commodore and MacroSystera publicly demonstrated a system which coetd replay a 16-bit true colour image at a realistic trame rate ol what looked to be approaching 25 frames a second. The Amiga setup this was running on did Include a very large amount ol memory and a last hard-drive. The overall object though is lo increase the decompression speed to make a conventional CD-based video player possible.

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Document sans nom MmwWWplMp cl y.rrn 9 77096 0 ¦ 14MHz SCSI controller Bare £129 40MB .... £249 80MB...... £319 160MB ..... ...£449 200MB......- . ...£549 Bore SCSI Hard Drive ¦ SCSI or IDE 3.5- 80MB ..... ...£199 160MB ______________________________ £329 TdflMR £499 (Suitable for GVP G-Force. GVP HD or Nexus HCI Other sizes of HO available, please call 3 Gigabyte HD
• Internal Hard Orive
• A1500 A2000 1GB Hard Drive £999 ¦ New
RAM board Irom Power
• A1500 A2000 RAM board 2MB
..... ...... £99 4MB
.. £149 8MB ..... £239 Video Backup
• Use VCR as a backup storage device ¦ Blank video tape is all
that is required ¦ 200 Amiga floppy disks fit on a 4hr tape
• Can be used for hard disk backup
• There is room for 175MB of data ¦ Backup an Amiga diskette in 1
minute ¦ Low cost storage, 2 pence per MB
• Menu driven software ¦ You can watch TV on a 1084s monitor
Video Backup System £59.95 Monitors Philips
CM8833 Mk2 ¦With cable
• Available with Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 ¦ On-site maintenance
CM8833 Mk2 £229 Other Monitors Commodore 1084S
£199 Commodore 1960 TRI-SYNC £479 NEC Multisync 4FG £549 ICD
Flicker Fixer Flicker Fre Video 2
• Stop that annoying flicker ¦ Fits internally in the A500.
¦ Multi-sync monitor required Flicker Free Video 2 ... £199 Music Macintosh Emulator Amax-ll Plus ...£299 (Me "OMC-rpr Harrell Commodore Amiga
• Amiga 4000 includes ¦68040 micro processor ¦25MHz clock speed ¦
16.8 million colour palatte
• Display up to 256,000 colours on screen
• Built-in 35' high density disk drive Amiga 4000 & 120MB HD
£2099 Amiga 3000 & 52MB HD £1299 Amiga 3000 & 105MB HD £1499
Amiga 3000T 10OM8 HD 5MB RAM £1999 Amiga 3000T 200 MB HO 5MB
RAM £2499 NEW Amiga 4000
• New Amiga 4000 now available ¦ A choice of 68030 or 68040
processor Please enquire
• The complete music kit for the Amiga
• Includes ¦Music Kit package
• Real Time Sound II
• Over 32 special efffects
• Can work with MIDI instruments
• Digital Studio III ¦ Midi interface ¦ Stereo sound digitiser
• Stereo speakers
• All leads S software The Music
Pack ....£69.95 Speakers
only £15.95 Midi
interface .£15.95 Power
Computing. France. 16 Bid Voltlere 75011. Pprl*. France T.l 111
43386206 16 lineal F.» 111 43360026
• Manufactured by Power Computing Award winning innovative
products from
• 128MB on one optical disk
• Read and write optical disks
• 40ms running speed ¦ Built-in power supply
• High power cooling fan
• 25-way and 50-way SCSI pons
• Thru’port built-in
• SCSI ID switch ¦ Compatible with major SCSI controllers 128MB
optical drive (Internal) £849 I 128MB opbcal drive (External!
£999 128MB 3 5~ optical disk £39.95 each I SCSI controller card
(for A1500 A2000) £129 (Compatible with Amiga. PC, and Mac A
SCSI I controller is required on the Amiga and PCI
3. 76MB Disk Drive 1 76MB Disk drive now available.....£129
Miscellaneous G-Lock Genlock .. Image
Effects ...... £349
......£299 CmeMORPH ......
.£99 1-0 Extender
£149 030 Autochange kit .
..£39 AT Autoboot Eprom kit ..
...£59 FastROM Series 2 ... £29 ROM
Share ... £19 95 ROM Share
A600 .....£29 ROM Share A600 inc. vl
.3 ..£55 I Accelerator GVP G-Force
• 68030 accelerator board
• 68882 Maths co-processor 25MHz 1MB RAM .....
£499 40MHz 4MB RAM ...... £759 50MHz4MB RAM
£1099 Hard drive mount kit .... £35 68040
Fusion 40 inc. 4MB ...£999 68040 Pro-Peripherals
inc 4MB £999 1MB x 8SIMM ... SIMM 32x
4MB-6C ...... ...£29 ......£179 SIMM
32 x'MB 60 ...... ..£59 Power Computing
Ltd ¦ Tel 0234 843388 RAM Expansions A600 Memory Cards Fic
Drives "This drive contains more gadgets than Batman's
utility belt" Amiga Computing Feb1992 Order Form ¦ 600 DPI
Colour flatbed scanner
• 24-bit colour
• Software included GT-6500 inc. Powerscan v3.0 ...£799
GT-6500 inc. ASDG Software .....£899 Transparency Adaptor
Unit ......£499 Document
Feeder ......£399 Epson GT-8000 ¦ 800
DPI colour flatbed scanner ¦ 24-bit colour ¦ A4 reading area ¦
Software included ¦ Amazing scan quality GT-8000 inc. ASDG
Software £1199 Upgrade Offers If you consider your scanner
system to be inferior to the Power Scanner, we will happily
upgrade your software and interface. (Power Scanner is
compatible with most scanning heads) v3.0 Upgrade (inc.
Interface) £49.95 v3.0 Software upgrade for PowerScanner users
(send SAE) ..£15 The Amiga can
only display 16 greyscales
• 100-400 DPI scanning resolutions
• 64 greyscales a Thru'port for printer ¦ Award winning editing,
image manipulation & scanning software Power Scanner v3.0
......£115 Power Scanner Colour
.....£239 Epson GT-6500 "If your in the market for a
hand scanner then forget the rest and get Powerscan" Amiga
Format July 1992 Power Scanner v3 0 Power Drives PC880E Economy
drive ..£49.95 PC881 A500 Internal
drive ....£45.00 PC882 A2000 Internal drive £45.00 Dual
Drive ¦ Two high quality disk drives built into one compact
unit ¦ Same features as PC880B Dual drive
...... £125 Blitz Amiga
• Backup disks at lightning speeds
• Stops all external drives from clicking
• Contains anti-virus from being written into the bootblocker
Blitz Amiga ....£20
• Stores 20MB on one 3X" disk
• Cost effective mass storage unit ¦ Canbeusedasal ,44MB floppy
with Amiga DOS and AMAX
• AMAX compatible with DMI Mac driver ¦ Packs an entire back-up
onto one floppy
• Additional disks available ¦ Internal version for
A1500 2000 3000 ¦ External version for A500 ¦ SCSI Interface
required Internal A2000 kit .....£289
Internal A3000 kit .....£289 External
A500 kit £389
• Award winning drive manufactured by Power Computing ¦ Super
slim design ¦ Anti-click (Cures that annoying click) ¦ Virus
blocker (Prevents viruses) ¦ Built-in backup hardware PC880B
with Blitz Amiga ..£60 PC880B with Blitz &
Xcopy ...£75 PC880B (Cyclone compatible)* £65
PC880B in black case .£65
* Thn dove Is only available to fegtstered owners ot Xcepy nil.
You must provide proof of purchase of Xcopy I MB RAM with
clock .£39.95 1MB RAM without clock £34.95
PC501 + RAM Card Our RAM board is designed especially for
the.A500* computer and comes with 1MB of RAM on board to expand
your memory to 2MB of chip RAM. Plug-in and go operation (Fits
into the trapdoor) PC50U RAM card ......£35.95
8MB Power Board 0 Plugs into side slot, lully auto conlig, full
thru'port. Expand 2MB-8MB 2MB £109 4MB £169 8MB£289 1 X4ZIP
chips .! .....£14.95 PCMCIA Memory ¦
Ultra slim memory cards ¦ 2MB Memory card
• ForA600 A1200
o SRAM memory 2MB Memory card ...£149
1. 5MB RAM Board
o Fully supports 1MB of chip RAM ¦ Fully compatible with Fatter
Agnus Ikickstait 13 and abort, not compatible with A500.I (Your
Amiga needs to be opened, tins may eltect your wanenty)
1. 5MB RAM board .£85 1MB with Thru'port ¦
Expand your A500 s meptory up to a total of 2MB without
disposing of your existing 512K upgrade ¦ Works with 1MB of
Chip RAM (51» RAM must be 4 chip type ot not escecding 9an In
length) (Yout Amiga needs to be opened, this mey eflect your
Warranty) 1MB with thru'port .....£49
A500 RAM Card a 5I2K RAM expansion with clock & free software
(A500+ compatible) 512K RAM (4 chip) with clock .....£29
5I2K RAM without clock ...£24 Tel 0234 843388
Fax 0234 840234 Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn
Road Ind. Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN Distributor lor
Power Computing in Italy, D.R.B. SRL 00142, Roma. Vie Duccio
Dl Buoninaagna Tel (OO) 6193481 402 Fee 6040000 VISIT OUR
A1200+40MEG HD £499.99 SPEC I AL offer £939.99 A1200+60MEG HD
£559.99 £999.99 . OHPUCTt .T7N A1200+80MEG HD £579.99 .
£1029.99 A1200+120MEG HD £689.99 £1129.99 LOWER HARD DRIVE
120MEG HD FROM £1079.99
40MEG only £119.99 £16.
OUR Specially Negotiated LOW COST NO FUSS Warranties cover BOTH COMPUTER & DRIVE FROM ONLY £27.99
COMPUTERS UPTO £600 - £27.99 for 2yrs or £42.99 for 3yrs.
COMPUTERS UPTO £999 - £32.99 for 2yrs or £67.99 for 3yrs.
CARTOON CLASSICS built-xs J.»* run disk nun » urn RAM STANDALONE built-xs .r disk dbivz only S1B9.99 » WO.UXB PAINT J ONLT Hi*. 9* Tree starter PACK win aix CI THU SWIFT CITIZEN SNIPT 90 €199.99 •* leas pho.
BRAND «I» MODEL replaces tKa Bwift • COLOUR Hilo !* *- la h.r* M ' Ml I '* MJJ p. let in) apart, be.lt-in lenta. Friction 1 tractor leart. ’ •» part. I ooet rib I faw warranty. * aon Pl*M 1 I* Pt vclatw III aUtioaw. U level, • prlat W .
CITIZEN SMIPT 9 COLOUR ONLT €179.99 ilai Ithve dra(t. *•«*• *0 pcIntin) H-ad. 4 beilt-la loata. I tractor laadi. Papw part. Low o»I riMawa. 1 yaw aanaaiy. I masTst ..... Computm vakja mad to coCutot* warronty cotl mini rcKx3* cotl ol nletrtol hard di»ve HHY NOT COVER YOUR AMIGA 500, 600, 1200STANDALONE OR 4000 - the prlcne abova apply. Monitors 4 printers can alaa ha covered -poa.
CITIZEN 8MIPT 240C COLOUR €284.99 CITIZEN SNIPT 240 MONO €269.99 4 plai 24*va ha(l i 10 tm lallar 8-11 ty print 9 la aoaUfcla forte. Papw parting, port 1 pall tractor Iart. Ir lctl Kpaon 10574, RCWt* a UUaae. Ollra loa ao.se law.I. DON'T BE WITHOUT A WARRANTY.. I aa that thalr Oa-8it* warranty will net apply If the Warraaty aaala are brnhaa by MOO including CRIIB SNIFT 200 IOP01 «DIL S ORLY C20».l cnzm swirr 200 colour * M na laltw guilty print apr forte. Pm pwkla), part 4 | IW PraprlatarMaa UU .
. Akaa laltw «wlily loata. I I tractor (aad. Friction taad.
AMIGA 1200 MEMORY & CLOCK UPGRADES la lallw rpaallty I m&r .
AMIGA 1200 FAST RAM CARDS A1200 INTERNAL CLOCK MODULE - £21.99 lua into iaternal socket (not fitted » all 1200a)- fitting loralidataa warranty. BATT1BT batkxd CfTBEN PRO-CT INKJET _AS£P QUALITY PRP4T
100. ».1 Laaw «aelity 54 rile I* )at pi lata. Paat t vary rpi.et
laltw qaality print aprail.Three lattw rpi.Lity feats •
vtleael I. Pine awiUtloa. tl al I78k 1 256k raa ear*. 194
ahaat eat all.
KDSRA'bP aalat. )4*pa Haft I 44 pa 100% speed increase.
( ».» lac rat .100 DPI) In aa alia £849.99 lac rat Four paja pw areola; BP laser yet IIP eaul Postscript version with 2aag raa COLOUR MONITORS
(799. 99 lac rat . . 00 HI I laaalatloa (144 atandaid, 444
i) : 2 ) raa aa atandwdi straight prpw path) resolution fw
dwnli ling nev llramial 1C oard a lot |w llaak roaai aw la
AXCOR LP12 4 papa aln at a: HU with scalable la raylraa e«.a
2ae) raa); 2 ) ran as al . P-..1U1 pa undw.ids . Rtrrrtf
ia una Pactsd.
PHILIPS CM8833b*2 ONLY €229.99 10848 14* ooeen €199.99 ET4BOO KUO _ HM t CUVtsm 1181 11 * IDEAL P0R YOUR A1200 OR 4000 CUBSCAN BUM-W MULTISCAN 14" MONITOR.
• Dot pitch - 0.28mn.
• Antiglare 14" hi-brightness screen, borde
• All controls at front.
• VGA compatible for PC use. Sha
• 1S-40KHZ horizontal scan rate. Pzc
• 45-90HZ vertical scan rate.
• Tilt-swivel base included. THAI 1!
• • DEDUCT €20 IP BOUOHT WITH ANY AMIGA • a 48410 raarinq at
4Caar.pt * l 12b.I raa.
1245. 99 ¦One) l« 11540 7000 1114.99 W« 4 l * 11544 7004 - no.
Only 1409.99 »P Srtin || tea • 10 g l« 11500 1000 - in.
Only (..... 9 tiwa in 7 ) I MEMORY UPGRADES a 124IT SI s
pat a ¦ w:thrwt clock 124.4* EMULATORS & ACCELERATORS 1504*
uec u*cN*ra .. 144.4* IM1C1 440 law. Upgr.iW . Clotl
- n w.ly 144.99 P * MOO POCU CAM* - 188 1174* POCI1 P4JC8S
(177.94 cledaa aockatn lor i) to Tbaq last ww iy (114.** r
as) sitra. Ipnatahla with Umar *CSI hard COMMODORE 1960 14”
flS.MHi andw) SPECIAL OFFER - €399.99. Prloo Inc
Productivity adaptor 8 cabin oouu city W4U PC CUB K
* 11500 2000 othera available 1479.99
- AMIGA CONTENTS 28 BRIC SPARKS It is many an Amiga user's dream
to make a living from the machine we all love, but few actually
achieve it. This month we profile some of those success
Come behind the scenes with CU AMIGA as we chart the rise of these Amiga mae- stros. Read how these people have used the Amiga to touch many aspects of our lives. From special effects on top TV shows to training London Underground drivers, the Amiga’s influence has spread far and wide.
Find out what you need to turn your favourite machine into a money spinner. Do you have what it takes to be a success?
OF? THE cmw *¦ *»¦* * - Idil'r joined GameTek. A US-based software company. Taking his place in the UK's number one computing hot seat is Commodore yeteran, David Pleasance.
Who has been with the company tor more than 10 years. We've got an exclusive interview starling on page 110.
Other Mg news this month includes the long-awaited trade In deal lor the A1200.
Res, that's right, those ol you with aging A500s will now be able to exchange your machine lor a E100 discount on the RRP ol a brand spanking new A12D0 (see this month’s news section lor further details).
Now you've really got no excuse to miss out on Commodore's 32-bit dream machine - and just to show you how good the machine is, we've commissioned a special 48-page A1200 guide and attached it to this issue's cover. It, by any ci.:nce, yours has come detached, merely send us the bar code from the (root of the mag and we'll send you a replacement copy by return ol post- impressed? You certainly will be, as news also reaches us this month of Commodore's experiments In FMV (Full Motion Video) which may lead to the world's first viable CD movie player.
While the team were down at Commodore's Maidenhead HO recently, we were treated to Terminator 2 running off an A4000. Try doing that on your Apple Mac or IBM PC!
As you can guess, it's been an exciting month lor the Amiga In general and I hope you'll share my enthusiasm lor the future ol everyone's lavourtte home computer.
See you next month.
147 AMIGA WORKSHOP If you’re interested in the more serious sidaof the Amiga, then this is the place for you. Each month our team of experts detail how to get the most out of your machine and the many and varied software packages that exist to help you do just that. In this issue we expand upon our .
Review coverage to take a peek at some of the Amiga guide videos available, and DIY continues with instructions on how to build your own stereo sampler. Plus, Peter Lee explains how to use Dpaint as a word processor and DTP package, and Nick Veitch guides you round some of Workbench’s hidden features.
KtGUlAKS 8 NEWS Commodore announces an A1200 trade-in. The A600's price is slashed lo £199.99, Commodore has a new boss and the world makes ready lor Ful Motion Video on the Amiga 16 COVERDISKS See panel on opposite page.
38 GAME PREVIEWS See panel on opposite page.
50 GAME REVIEWS See panel on opposite page.
69 PLAY TO WIN Top tips compete with classic cheats in this month's Small Tips page. Also, complete player's guide to EA's super shoot 'em up.
Desert Strike.
100 PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS See panel on opposite page.
128 ART GALLERY This month we mix a little comic arl with heavy metal and just a touch of WWI biplane to make the best reader's art page anywhere 132 PD SCENE Animation rules OK with the latest from Eric Schwartz, plus Japanese manga art, and top demos Irom Cynostic and Virus Free.
135 PD UTILITIES Our race to find the best that the public domain has to offer is led by a top rated sample editor, followed closely by an incredibly user-fhendly utility compilation. For the runners-up turn to 135.
138 AMIGA PROFILES Have you ever wondered how they make those muhimedia video displays in Virgin and Our Price? This issue we meet Chris Fulton, the man behind the screen.
NEXT ISSUE ON SALE I9THJUNE BITON Ocr Swtgdty DEPUTY EJIUi krdhun Sjocrt TVCMNKA1 EMKMI Nkfc Vaikfi mOOUCVtON BffO* Bra*T*dd&A*nKer»wdy MEM COMMJB KrmyGnrt MbtHD to Window MOUP AD MANA0M Nugsl Toyfc* EXECUTIVE Ovn torero AD PROOUCTIOM Tiro G)«in. Rcbn Wtam CU AMOA O&c*, -P.io*y Court. 3032 foirinodon tone.
London ECU 3AU T.J 071 972 6700 FAX: 071 972 6701 Otunbuiio* - BBC frontlina lid. Pork Houm Poik Pood. Peterborough Ptl 2TB HI: 0733 555161 Subkcnp’o') or.d floe* Humi - Tow*« P»Nnh.«g Samcw ltd.
Toww Horn*. Sovwtwo" Pork. Market Harborowgh. L *ci. IE 16 9EF HI 0858¦ 46881' punted in tne white* ¦ INOIOM ABC 96,235 Juty-Dec 1992 siiiie«s PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS ?ODUCI This month has seen many changes in the worid of Commodore. Find out what the future has in store as we talk turkey with their new MD, David Pleasance, on page 110. Is your printer letting you down? Want to know which one to buy? Don’t be left in the dark, follow our guide to the best pnnters available - a whopping nine-page round-up starts on page 114.
Fancy creating your own slideshow? Check out our review of Vidi 12 on page 90. Just look here for the best serious software coverage around.
88 CDTV SWITCH 88 SAMPLE Cds 89 HYPERCACHE 89 CYBER DREAM VIDEO 90 VIDI 12 92 SOUND ENHANCER 95 TRUEPAINT 97 MAVIS BEACON TEACHES TYPING II 98 MUSIC LIBRARIAN 100 EDUCATION ROUND-UP 102 MORPH PLUS UPDATE 104 RAVE 110 AN INTERVIEW WITH DAVID PLEASANCE 114 BUYER'S GUIDE TO PRINTERS Se&BBN SC INI GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS We'd travel to the ends of the Earth, well Runcorn at least, to tying you the best Amiga stones. This month Tone and Jon visit DID. The million pound developers, to quiz them on their new 3D games. Also covered are the bril- liant follow-up to Legend and the latest
platform puzzler, The Lost Vikings.
38 FIRST IMPRESSIONS 42 DIGITAL IMAGE DESIGN 50 SON OF THE EMPIRE 52 ANCIENT ART OF WAR IN THE SKIES 56 THE LOST VIKINGS 58 NIPPON SAFES INC. 59 WORLD CLASS CRICKET 60 INTERNATIONAL RUGBY CHALLENGE 60 STRATEGY FOOTBALL 62 WOODY’S WORLD 63 COHORT II 66 CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER 69 SMALL TIPS 70 PLAY TO WIN: DESERT STRIKE 73 TROLL'S HEAD 82 VFM Yet again CU AMIGA comes up with the goods. Not only have we got an eiciusive demo of Dino Dini's Coal!, including a fantastic competition, there's also Hyperbook, the amazing free form personal information manager.These disks are hot. Handle with care.
DISK 58 PAGE 16 The best just get better! Gold Disk’s Hyperbook is the best free-form personal information manager available and it's ALL on this month's disk. Have you ever bought a database or word processor or graphics program only to find that it didn’t do quite what you wanted? Well, Hyperbook combines all these and more and, best of all, you can tailor its functions exactly to your needs. This program allows you to write text in multiple fonts, import and size IFF files, add structured graphics then display them all on screen at once. Imagine attaching actions to these objects so that
one click will run an Arexx progam, or execute a DOS command, then add sophisticated data management capabilties and you'll soon begin to understand Hyperbook's', potential.
PAGE 21 You've read the review how play the game. The most eagerly awaited footy game is here - Dino Dini’s Goal! And what a special disk it is too. Not only do you get to play up to six minutes of fast paced footy action but you'll also have a chance to win one of 11 exclusive Arsenal team shirts. You're going to need a lot of skill if you want to win one of those shirts though as Goal! Features some of the toughest play this side of the Italian League. This game’s realism is the one thing that sets it apart from the many pretenders to the crown. Players speed up and slow down, dribble with
precision, and are so intelligent that they've got their own university degrees! On top of that there’s the zoom mode to get really close to the action and the special throw- in corner control which allows you to position the ball where you want it. Enough of this waffle - play on!l AMIGA GETS T2 COIN-OP ' JEWS A600 PRICE SHOCK!
The big news ef Ihe monlh is a big drop in the price of Ihe A600. It has been dropped a staggering £100 to the bargain price of only £199.99. The move is part of a general restructuring of the Amiga range, which started with the introduction of the A1200.
The new price-tag is seen by David Pleasance of Commodore as a realistic entry level price'.
The drop will also have a follow-on effect to the A600 bundles. The Weird, Wild & Wicked pack will now retail at £229.99 and the Epic pack, which includes the hard-drive version of the A600 will be selling as low as £349.99. The prices will be in effect everywhere by the time you read this,% now you know what to get that difficult uncle for his birth- Williams’s lop arcade game is about fo make an appearance on the Amiga. Mortal Kombat, the street fighting game to rival all street fighting games, is currently being coded here in the UK by top development team Probe Software, the name behind
Alien 3anil Supremacy, so it looks like we're In tor a treat. This could be one ol the top games ol 1993.
Mortal Kombat has taken the arcades by storm both here and in the US. It's based on a travel-around-the-world-meeting- strange-new-people-and-kicking-the-c' -p-out-ot-them scenario, a bit like Street Fighter II really, and features some massive digitised graphics. The difference between this and SFII is that Mortal Kombat actually lives up to its name with each tight ending in some particularly gruesome death. For instance, one fighter’s speciality is to rip the spinal column out of his oppo- nenl - yeuck!
The arcade machine has seven buttons as well as the joystick, so it remains to be seen how well Probe will convert this control method to a one button joystick. The Amiga version is set to appear in August so we'll have a lull feature soon. For more details, ring Virgin on 081 960 2255.
PHONE PAK "SOON" Delays in GVP's phone pak system, originally mentioned in CU’s June '92 issue, have been put down to minor incompatibilities with the BT system. Apparently although the soltware and hardware functioned perfectly, telephones con- nected to the system would not ring properly.
This 'added feature' has now been rectified and the first units should begin shipping by the time you read this. Why not call Silica on 081 309 1111 to find out (assuming their phones are working).
Many people tbouqM Hut the V-Ub ms Itie most coming video trams grabber ever. Instead o! Grabbing separate red, green and blue frames as many other devices are eiwrl to do.
The V-Lab hardware gratis Ihe complete composite signal and then decodes it later in the comlori ot its own RAM. This enables the unit to grab more giidrly and also gives o better duality image.
A1200 TRADE-IN DEAL ANNOUNCED The bargain ol the century has just been announced by Commodore.
With sales ot the oustandingly excellent A1200 exceeding the 100,000 mark, those kind chaps at CBM HO are now giving everybody an easy way to upgrade. Owners of an A500 or A500+ in full working order and complete with power supply can return it to their local shop in return for a full £100 off a brand spanking new A1200. The offer is sure to be popular with the U.K.’s 1.5 million Amiga owners, as this will be the only way of upgrading to the new AGA architecture with its enhanced display modes and 24-bit palette.
The big news Is that the new version ot Ihe soltware is capable ol grabbing 'real-time' sequences - d can capture every single trame hum a video seqiience.Tlits has ot course been possible before. All you need Is a video playback unit capable ol producing a stable, siogle trame image and which can advance a trame at a lime. Unfortunately such soils are rare, end indeed very expensive. The new V-Lab will work with an ordinary playback unit. Instead ol pausing die Image Die software grabs as many as it can from a moving sequence. Then Ihe sequence is rewound and begun again.
This time the soltware decodes the frame sync signals and only tries lo grab Die frames It hasn't got already. In practise Ibis means thaf three or four passes el Ihe tape resun in a lalrly representative sequence (ol course you con keep playing back as many times as R lakes, and you can also use slow mode it your deck supports it). Expect a loll review soon in your super soaraway CU. Ot in the meantime you can contact Amiga Centre Scotland on 0S9 687 SI3.
The other part ol Ihe potential wodd-stoiming combioa- lion is the software which can replay compressed tiles.
Commodore and MacroSystera publicly demonstrated a system which coetd replay a 16-bit true colour image at a realistic trame rate ol what looked to be approaching 25 frames a second. The Amiga setup this was running on did Include a very large amount ol memory and a last hard-drive.
The overall object though is lo increase the decompression speed to make a conventional CD-based video player possible.
EDITOR IN GAME TIPS SHOCK DSS8+ CLEARLY SUPERIOR The latest version of Ihe popularly acclaimed DSS8 sampler is on its from GVP. When first aunched, punters and sad music :."ialists raved about the qualify of the hardware - well now you'll be able to see what you are buying too.
The new design for the sampler 5 a new crystal case so you a all the little sampling pixies What is perhaps more important is that the software has been updated, so not only Is the box dearer, but the samples will be too.
You can sound out the DSS8* by calling Silica on 081 309 1111.
GafTK Pjilfc Volume One Slin°'by : J&Z i Rb i Our very own Editor, Dan Slingsby, has just put the finishing touches to a massive hints and cheats book for the Amiga, entitled the Amiga Gamer's Guide. [So now we know what you were doing all those lunchtimes Dan.)
Released through Bruce Smith Books, who re best known for their more technical offerings, it aims to give Amiga gamers a chance to complete most of the top games that’ve appeared in the past two years. As well as comprehensive guides to such games as Shadow ol the Beast, Indiana Jones and the Fate ot Atlantis and Putty it includes tips and cheats tor other classics, such as Street Fighter II and Flobocod Games are becoming ever more difficult, always setting new standards in gameplay. As well as introdudng better graphics and sound effects. With this improved sophistication comes an ever
increasing level of difficulty. In recognition of this Dan decided to help gamers the only way he knows how - tell them how to cheat1 This A to Z ot cheats covers over 300 games and is only the first Volume! It’s believed that Dan will be retiring his Editorship of CU AMIGA soon to become a full-time media star - allegedly Dan will also be available tor book signings, supermarket openings and bar mitzvahs, contact him at the usual address.
The Amiga Gamer's Guide can be purchased from most good book stores Alternatively contact Bruce Smith Books, PO Box
382. St Albans, Herts AL2 3JD. Tel: 0923 894355. Price £14.95.
important and surprising pieces of news to filter through to
CU Towers is the possibility that MacroSystems excellent
Retina card (reviewed in April) may be compatible with the
revolutionary Emplant emulator A software driver which
will run the Retina card through Emplant is under test as we
go to press and all being well it will be reviewed in the
next issue of CU. The implications, should the combo work
well together, are that an AmigaRetmaEmplant configuration
could easily outpower a similarly priced Mac system.
Previously Mac emulators have worked well with the Apple
system software and applications, but have lacked the
capability of driving a 24-btt display. Nobody wants fo
emulate a Mac just so they can use word-pros and spread
sheets - the only reason to emulate a Mac is to run
applications like Photoshop and Quark - both of which are
pretty useless without a good display.
BATTLE ISLE 93 Strategists haven't had too much to shout about recently, but Battle Isle 93 could change all that.
A continuation ol the original Battle Isle saga, it pits you against the Skynet-Titan corporation. The coveted mineral aldinium is becoming a rarity, and an alternative energy source must be found if your race is to survive The robot hoards of the Skynet-Titans are intent on using your research to strengthen their empire and destroy your people. The upshot is a brain-taxing series of battles against the computer or a human opponent. To add a fresh dimension to the proceedings the action has now been transferred to the moon, complete with moonbases, lava flows!?!) And ail manner of new military
weapons and hardware. Battle Isle 93 is due for release in mid-June, priced at £25.95. Contact Kompart UK for more details on 0727 868005 ICD VIPER TO BITE IN JUNE Following in the footsteps of virtually every other hardware manufacturer, ICD have announced an upcoming expansion for the Amiga 1200.
The Viper 1230 is a number of expansions in one though The basic configuration of the board will be an 030 running at 40MHz with an optional 68882 maths coprocessor and a real time battery backed dock.
Extra Ram will be available fhrough a SIMM slot on the board which will accept standard 32- bit modules of up to 64Mb - more than enough (or’most applications.
Perhaps the most important feature is the further expansion capability offered by the Viper DMA port. This is cunningly situated so that further expansion devices can be plugged in from the rear expansion’ slot on the A1200 and connect Into the main Viper board in the trapdoor.
One ol the first expansions to be released will be a SCSI-2 controller, which wifi allow very high speed (up to lOMb second) data communication with SCSI and SCSI 2 devices There will be an internal socket to allow an internal 2 5 inch SCSI drive to be used, though this could be a significant dram on power Other interlaces are planned lor the future ICD plans to distribute the Viper in the UK Ihtough Power Computing who are on 0234 843388 CU ROADSHOW All aboard! This summer the CU crew are packing up all their gear in an extremely old Ford transit van, and travelling the length and breadth
of the country giving demonstrations of all the latest Amiga hardware and software. So, if you teach an Information Technology course or run a computer club, why not invite us around to show you what the Amiga is really capable of?! If you’re interested, give Dan a ring on 071 972 6700, ext. 2421.
POWER INTO HIGH DENSITY POWER COMPUTING The most interesting product lo be launched recently, al least from the point ot view of the average Amiga owner. Is the Power XL external floppy drive This unit has a high density mechanism which allows the use ol those lunny floppy disks with silver letters on THE RETURN OF GUY SPY ReadySott s famous svper spy is sat lo mike s conn back lo an Amiga oaar you Alter defeating mo toll laroo Von Mu and saving IN world Irom me tomtit doomsday madime Guy loot a welldoservtd holiday Uotomnately At dido I got to rest loo long bolore the United Nations called
him bach into action This Him bo i underwalli. In spaco and up against the cunning Captain Moray Traynlllag In a nuclear submarine Guy rantl pit bis its against Moray t Heel ol super pmnrad tabs capable al destroying mosl mot era star machines Despite every etlod me evil madman still mraalnns worn peace promlaing lo destroy every attion s capital amass bo s paid oae trillion dollars. ITS up lo you lo guide me point ‘o’ dick kero through mo Torror ol the Deep in an itlempt to destroy me orbiting s with mo Oregon s Loir and Spece Ace games already Essentially they have twice the capacity of a
normal double-density disk (2Mb unformatted, 1.76 Mb in AmigaDos format). The drive can also be used in conjunction with CrossDos to provide access lo 1,44Mb PC disks.
A simple program installs a software patch onto your normal boot-up disk which allows you to read, write and formal HD disks on any version ol Workbench from 2.0 up. There is no tricky hardware modification to be made, no chips to be swapped - all you have to do is plug the drive into the existing chain.
ReadySott s expertise lies in mesa h wellettablisbtd as Amiga classics. Tbt main ctillclsm ol mate earlier gaiim ms Ibe lack ol actual player amhmmtM aim it being limited lo clicking oe the correct part ot the screen at the righl time. ReadySott believe tool they've got mol boat now and lor Guy Spy 1 may promise an increased player mleraclion and entranced gameplay as well as over 100 individual scenes incerporalleg 1200 names ol emulation taking op over 20Mb or disk spaca Considering me ongmal Guy Spy was Smh and CUM on lour disks csn ws osptct Terror ol me Deep lo comt on 127 It's Out lor 00
October release.so m il bring yoo more details as toon it m bus them. For more lolormation contact , Empire, on 0264 001126.
Now you too can swap disks with your A4000 owning friends and impress them with the fact that your High Density drive actually goes a bit taster than theirs. Perhaps the ' most amazing feature of this drive is its low '•price ol £129.
M A K I M" ¦ - i x In order to celebrate the launch of Ibis product. Power computing are offering an amazing 5% discount on all Iheir products Simply look up the amaz- mg bargains In the Power Nr V Computing advertisements in . ' j .S. ' his issue and include this 'coupon with your order or '•call MORE COLOURFUL HARLEQUIN Amiga Cwlie Scotland have anoonced an update lo Ole pep- etpr Harlequin 24-blt graphics card. The n» version iports a oe* Rendec prephtcs controller sMdt etlows greater ties ¦ ihttitv ot video modes and new improvad circuitry vrtttch presatilt a mort liable Image.
Although me 20-bd outpet Irom the original Hirlegem was broadcast quality. Me new improved verstan loataree an even belter signal One M the advaMegas or bavtug a perfectly formed aync Is Oral I PM display appears lo be mars stable lo the eye Other improve meets include e new ptnl-atppped overlay leilure end beelf d op alpha channel support Expod a review very soon, bul in the meantime you csn cell Amiga Ceotra Scotland m MS 687 MS. PAGE REDUCTIONS AT MERIDIAN In a special summer madness sale, and lor a limited time only. Meridian Distribution are offering the acclaimed DTP package.
2. 2. lor an unbelievably low £69 - almosf hall the recommended
retail price. The offer is strictly limited, so order now to
avoid disappointment on 081 543 3500 Whilst on the subject of
Meridian we should point out fhai they are official
distributors of Blue Ribbon Software and hence, of Bars &
Pipes Prolessloeal reviewed last issue In fact. Bars and Pipes
will not be available al all from DMI, so donl ring them up as
they'll only gel upset The price quoted was also incorrect,
and should have been £299.95. Meridian are also doing a
special upgrade offer of £116 33 for owners ol the original
package Technical support will be Irom a special Bars S Pipes
AMIGA CHARTS TOP TEN EA’s Desert Strike hangs onto the coveted number one spot this month, although two Renegade titles are also in the running. Sensible Soccer 92 92 is still selling well, enough to boost its position to number two in the charts, and the Bitmaps’ Chaos Engine claims third place.
1. Desert Strike (Electronic Arts) 2 Sensible Soccer 92 93
3. Chaos Engine (Renegade)
4. Lemmings 2 (Psygnosis)
5. Body Blows (Team 17)
6. B17 Flying Fortress (Microptose)
7. Reach lor the Sky (Virgin) 8 Supertrog (Team 17)
9. Monkey Island 2 (US Gold)
10. History Line 1914 18 (Blue Byte) 17-BIT CUT CD New trom
Almathera systems is a CDTV rule tor all PD tanatrcs to
collect. In conjunction with 17-Bit, the well known PD
supplier, they have produced what is, to the best ol our
knowledge, the first double-CD pack ever lor the Amiga.
The compilation takes in all the best ol PD, including games, demos. IFFs. Music modules, samples, animations, applications and utilities. Over 1000Mb ol data are available, selected Irom the cream ol the 17-bit collection throughout the years (although none of Tony's demos appear - how strange).
The discs are available now from your local stockist or direct Irom Almathera on 081 683
6418. The price is a non-conlentious £39.96. OUT TO LUNCH There
have been some unusual themes for games but Mindscape's up
coming Pierre Le Chef takes the biscuit - literally. Pierre
is a world renowned master chef capable of cooking up some
incredible dishes.
The only problem he has is that the ingredients often don’t want to end up as a main course. If that wasn't enough he has an arch rival, Le Chef Noir. Who is intent on ruining Pierre’s reputation.
The aim of this game then is to guide Pierre around 48 challenging platform-based levels in an attempt to collect the ingredients he needs for his famous creations. At the same time he’s got to fend off the unwanted attentions of various bugs and diseases, which like nothing better than a bit of fresh food, and keep Le Chef Noir away from his store room.
Set across 6 countries, each with its own distinctive theme revolving around their national dishes and music, this platformer is sure to please fans of the cute character genre. There'll be secret levels, unique power-ups and over 1000 frames of humorous character animations to keep you entertained.
Out to Lunch is scheduled for an October release. Contact Mmdscape on 0444 246333 for more information.
MIDI MUSIC SHOW ‘93 The recent MI0I Music Show held at Wembley Conference Centre, London, was the UK launchpad for a number of new syaths and samplers.
Akai's recent explosion ol products was prominent, with their new S2800, S3000 and $ 3200 stereo samplers revealed to the public. Akai have dominated the UK MIDI sampler market lor the past lew years, but the top ol the range S1100 was starting to look a bit dated. For the new models. Akai have sensibly decided that there's no point in increasing the 16-bit resolution of the sampling, and instead have concentrated on more practical improvements.
The S2800 (£2199) samples at 22.05kHz and 44.1kHz, is 32-voice polyphonic, and comes as standard with 2Mb ol RAM, expandable to 16Mb. A tancy new feature is what Akai call APM (Assignable Program Modulation). This lets you assign various MIDI controllers to handle a sound’s LF0 rate, frequency cutoff. LFO depth, amplitude, pitch and pan. This means that you could, lor example, open and close Ihe litter with the modulation wheel as you played a sample. Combined with a sequencer, it could be very handy indeed. Echo, chorus, pitchshift and delay effects are also included.
One step up the ladder, the S3000 (£2999) comes with 2Mb ol RAM. Expandable lo 32Mb, and builds on the specs ol the S2800 with some major additions. There's a 105Mb hard drive, a SCSI interface, digital audio in and out connections, eight ' independently assignable analogue outputs, and a SMPTE reader generator.
Ruling the roost is the S32000 (£3999), an 8Mb machine, expandable to 32Mb, which has provision tor an optical-mag- neto drive as well as the internal hard drive. Hard disk recording Is available (perfect lor mastering Cds), there’s an added reverb unit and also an extra LSI.
For further information, contact Akai UK on 081 897 6388.
Roland had some tempting new kit on display too, the strangest ol which was their JD-990 (£1445). The JD-990 is a rack- mount version ol the JD-800, a monster synth that's programmed with a mass ol knobs and sliders. The control panel ol Ihe JD-800 is huge, and has been reduced to just another complex system ol buttons, in order to lit it on the panel ol Ihe 2U high module. Although this is a great loss to anyone who wants to create new sounds ol their own, the internal hardware is still the same, so it’s still capable of producing the same epic pads, analogue-style basses, and acoustic
samples, backed up by a couple ol drum kits and a hefty effects section.
Also unveiled was the larger-than-life JV-1000 (£1859). Sporting a generous 76-note weighted keyboard, the 28-note polyphonic. 8-part multi-timbral JV-1000 is an all-in-one workstation. Internal sounds consist ol 128 presets and 2 drum kits, with 64 user-delinable patches and a programmable drum map. A 256K sequencer is built In. With both step and realtime recording. Sequences can be saved out via the 720K capacity 3.5 inch floppy drive. An extra 16-part multi-timbral GS synth board can be installed to boost the maximum polyphony to 56 voices.
For further information, contact Roland UK on 0252 816181.
WORDWORTH AND PANASONIC BUNDLE A special version of Wordworth has been announced which will appear exclusively with Panasonic printers. The new version will provide extended support for the printer’s on board range of fonts and for the printers themselves.
Jeremy Rihill of Digita claims Wordworth for the Panasonic has been extensively tailored to take full advantage of the wide range of built in fonts available with the Panasonic range.’ WICKED TOYS FOR WICKED'STFMI SOFTWARE DEMON jwr COMPLETE A1200 PACKAGE AS SUPPLIED FROM COMMODORE £359 A COMPLETE A4000 030 PACKAGE AS SUPPLIED FROM COMMODORE £869 WITH 170Mb HARD DRIVE AVAILABLE WITH THE FOLLOWING HARD DRIVES 40Mb £149 250Mb £399 85Mb £199 340Mb £499 120Mb £289 420Mb £599 170Mb £299 WE WILL COLLECT YOUR MACHINE BY COURIER, FIT IT, GUARANTEE IT FOR A YEAR AND RETURN IT BY COURIER FOR £29 ALL
HARD DRIVES ARE SUPPLIED WITH HDPREP. SOFTWARE TO RE-PARTITION YOUR HARD DRIVE AND INSTALL WB 3.0 MBX 1200 4Mb 32bit fast ram & 68881 £289 MBX 1200 4Mb 32bit fast ram & 68882 £389 MBX 1200 8Mb 32bit fast ram & 68881 £389 MBX 1200 8Mb 32bit fast ram & 68882 £489 BATTERY BACKED CLOCK ALSO AVAILABLE D IV I f* | A 2Mb With guarantee £109 r OIVIOIM 4Mb With lifetime guarantee £189 FOR A WIDE RANGE OF HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE PLEASE VISIT US AT 38 40 QUEENS CHAMBERS, QUEEN ST, PENZANCE, CORNWALL OR JUST VISIT OUR GAMES ZONE AND PLAY THE LATEST GAMES ORDER HOTLINE (0736) 331039 Please make cheques
payable to SoftwareDemon Ltd or include your Access or Visa number and expiry date. E and OE all trademarks acknowledged All prices subject to change without notice. All cables and processes pat pending.
Games marked HOP will no I work on 4500 Plus. 4600 or A1200.
Games marked NOI2 will not work on the 41200.
12. 99 16.99 ¦NUmiMMM) ..... as ’Bsiar""0'’ Ml
CITY DCLUX CU AMIGA COVERDISKS €©¥i itf§K £ i3 This month the
amazing CU coverdisk is choc-full of Hyperbook - the
definitive, easy to use hypermedia engine.
Soon you’ll be creating applications and storing data in a meaningful interactive way. Get cracking now... USING HYPERBOOK Explore the fascinating world of computer aided training, interactive presentations and even multimedia with this month’s coverdisk giveaway, HyperBook. Jason Holborn gets you started.
THE HYPERBOOK TOOLBOX Unless you’ve been breaking rocks in darkesl Siberia lor the Iasi lew years or so, you cannot have helped but notice that 'multimedia' has become the latest buzzword on the lips ol every computer user. The tact is, multimedia is big business and Commodore have been quick to jump on the bandwagon by badging their new Amiga 4000 030 as 'the multimedia workstation' (didn't they say that about the A3000?). Multimedia isn’t just a single type ol program though - it's more ol a concept really. The basic idea is that the Amiga acts as a plat- lorm lor presenting
information in a variety of different formats using a common front end.
Multimedia has found uses lor all sorts ol applications ranging from POS (Point Ol Sale), education, interactive presentations and training systems. What makes multimedia so special is that, unlike a book, it is fully interactive, so that instead ol having to Hick through the information held on the system one item at a time, you can quickly and easily access the information that you want, skipping past the stuff you're not interested in. » Most ol the tools that you'll need to create a HyperBook stack can be lound In a rather unobtrusive little loolboi vrindovr Ibat is automatically
displayed whenever you load HyperBook. This window contains 1b tools which form the basic building blocks ol all HyperBook slicks Read on lo lind out what they do and how they are used.
1. READER T001 The Reader tool allows you lo actually try out
your HyperBook stack as It II were being run by Ibe
NyperAeaderutility. Whenever you click on a button (or indeed
any object), the action associated with that object will be
performed. This is the default tool.
4. FIRST PAGE Although Ihe previous page gadget can be used lo
take you back lo the lire! Page within a slack, this can take
lime il your slack contains more than a couple ol pages. II
you need to go back to Ihe lirst page, a single click on this
tool is all that is needed.
2. BIN TOOL Unlike the Workbench Trashcan. The HyperBook bin acts
as a sort ol temporary storage area lot objects, allowing you
lo remove an object Irom a HyperBook page without it being
deleted entirely. H you decide that you would like to use it
again at a later date, it can be translerred back to the
current page at its original position.
When you dick on this tool.
HyperBook opens up a Bln Window.
II you then move the mouse pointer around the page, each and every object will t» highlighted as the mouse pointer moves over H. To transfer an object simply click on the object In question and a tiny representation ol the object will be placed into the Bin window and the original removed. II you decide that you would like fo use il again at a later date, it can be translerred back to the cutrem page at its original position simply by clicking on its icon in the Bin window.
3. PREVIOUS PAGE The Previous Page tool provides a quick and easy
method ol llicking backwards through a HyperBook slack. When
you dick on this gadget HyperBook moves back a page. II you
were currently working on the third page within a slack,
clicking on this gadget would lake you back lo Ihe second
Back tool doesn't simply lake you back lo Ihe nest logical page jlrom page three lo page two. Lor exam- ple). Instead. Move Back lakes you back lo Ihe page where you last were, not necessarily the last numerical page.
For example, il you were on page 10 and you clicked on a button that look you lo page two, clicking on this tool would send you back lo page 10 again. HyperBook keeps track ol the last SO pages that have been displayed, so this option provides a very bandy method ol backtracking through a stack.
6 . CREATE NOTE The Create Note tool is used lo deline a labelled boi object To use it. Simply click on the Create Note tool and then drag out a box ol Ihe size required. Once you release the left mouse buHon. The box will be placed onto Ibe page and a Hashing cursor will appear in the top leH-hand corner ol the box. You can now type la a label lor Ihe box.
HyperBook also gives you a fairly comprehensive selection ol lools that allow you lo tine-tune Ihe look ol the text within Ihe biriton. Once you've delined the size ol the box. You’ll notice two small icooifled' window bars at the top ol the screen labelled ‘Text Control' and 'Spacing'. By delault, you can't actually see these windows in all their glory as they are what Ihe techies would call iconilied' (which essentially means shrunk') To bring them into view, dick on Ihelr close gadgets. The lop hall ol Ihe Text control window allows you to set the type ol font used, its colour, style
and justification.
Below this are a set ol gadgets that control the test margins within the box.
The Spacing window oilers more precise OTP-like control over the individual spacing ol characters, line spacing and the baseline setting. These come in particularly useful when you need lo alter the spacing characteristics ol text to give a much better lit.
7. CREATE DRAWING If a straight box or list object isn't quite up
to scratch, then the Create Drawing tool can be used to
literally draw an object ol any shape using HyperBook!s
structured drawing tools When you click on this tool, a Draw
window will appear containing a selection ol Dpiiah like
drawing tools including all the usual line, box. Circle,
freehand and polygon options. Although each individual compo
nent (a circle or line, lor example) must be drawn separately.
HyperBook automatically merges them together to form a single
object. Each component can have its own colour and can be
repositioned anywhere on the screen.
ObJ*ct* ot any shape and *lze can be produced using HyperBook * drawing tool.
Be careful with this option though - because HyperBook automatically groups components together once your drawing is complete, any part ol the drawing that overlaps an existing object will obscure that part ol the object making it Impossible to select.
Keep your drawings confined to their own part ol the screen and you'll avoid such problems.
8. CREATE LIST One ol the most powerful object types offered by
HyperBook is the List object which can contain a whole list of
words, each ol which can perform a different operation.
Say, lor example, you were creating an interactive training system lor computer users. You could use the list tool to give the user a list ol the topics on oiler.
Like Ihe Create Note tool, the first thing you must do once you've selected the Create List option is to drag out a list window ol the sire required. List windows are a bit like the directory listing windows that you get on a file requester - the larger the window, the more entries’ you can display at once.
You’re not just restricted to the maximum number ol entries that can be displayed onscreen at once though - a list can contain literally hundreds of entries which can be accessed simply by scrolling backwards and forwards through the list using the scroll gadgets that are automatically attatched to the right hand side ol the list window.
WT Once you’ve set the size ol the window, a cursor will appear inside the window on the top line. Each line ol text that you enter is treated as a completely separate object in its own right which can perlorm its own individual operation. The list tools window provides you with three extra gadgets that allow you to cut and paste entries and sort them into alphabetical order.
II. Alter delining an object, you’re not entirely happy with
either its appearance or how it works. HyperBook t Edit
Object tool can be used to alter any aspect ol the object in
question. To use it, simply click on Ihe Edit Object tool and
then move the mouse pointer over the object that you wish to
edit and then press the left mouse button.
At this point a number ol Workbenchlike gadgets will be overlaid on top ol the object that allow you to either delete the object (click on the close gadget), move it (the drag bar), rearrange it (window to back window to Iron!) Or resize it (the resize gadget at the bottom right-hand comer ol the window).
II you’d like to alter the appearance ol the object, click the left mouse button again and the editing tools associated with that particular type of object will be displayed. II you wish lo alter the action attatched to the object, click the right mouse button.
Even picture* can be loaded Into HyperBook and uaed a* object*!
10. GROUP OBJECTS Not surprisingly, the Group Objects tool is
used to group several objects together so that they ‘act as
a single object. Once grouped, all the objects will perform
Ihe same action when the user clicks on them. To group
several objects, click on this tool and then drag out a
selection box around the objects in question.
11. NEXT PAGE The Next Page option works exactly the same as the
Previous Page option but instead ol going back one page, the
Next Page option takes you forward one gage (strangely
12. LAST PAGE - The opposite lo the First page option is - not
surprisingly - Ihe Last Page option that is used to
immediately take you lo the last page in your HyperBook
13. CONTENTS Clicking on the contents option gives you instant
access to any ol the pages within your stack. When you click
on this option, HyperBook will display a list ol all the
pages currently available - just click on the page you want
and HyperBook*ill automatically switch to that page.
14. CREATE BUTTON * The Create Button is very similar to the
Create Note tool except lor the fact that it does not allow
you to enter a label lor the Ho* DON it aortn Wwt can it do?
Hut is 4 object?
Button that you create - all you can do is to alter the appearance ol the button and then assign an action to it. To use it. Click on the tool and then drag out a rectangle of the size required. When you release the left mouse button, the Action requestor will pop up allowing you to modify the button's appearance and to assign an action to it (more on this later).
15. CUT GRAPHIC The Cut Graphic is potentially the most
attractive form ol object tool on offer as it allows you to
cut out a rectangular section Irom any IFF picture (although
medium or high resolution images with no more than 16 colours
are best) lor use as a button. When you dick on this tool, a
file requester will be displayed allowing you to seled the
IFF picture that you wish to cut the graphic from.
Once you've selected a picture, it will be loaded into a separate screen. You can then select the area that you wish to use as an objed by dragging out a rectangle around it.
Once you’re happy with it, click on the tick symbol and HyperBook will transfer it to the current page as a brush which can be moved around the screen and then pasted down by clicking on the left mouse button.
By default. HyperBook displays a graphic as a monochrome image but It can be forced to attempt to display the image in lull colour by clicking on the small gadget immediately to the left of the colour palette selector within the Adion requester. To access this, select Edit Object, click on the graphic and then click the right mouse button.
16. CREATE PAGE The Create Page tool allows you to add a brand
new page to your HyperBook stack.
When you select this option, a requestor appears that allows you to set the name ol the page, the num- jl-n ber of colours if uses, its resolution (medium or high resolution), the page transition and you can even pull In a background graphic cut from an IFF pidure. Note that this last option automatically pulls in the pidure's palette, so graphics look considerably closer to the original IFF.
It is also possible to create a master' or default page lor creating large stacks ol pages.
CU AMIGA COVERDISKS » Quite a few multimedia systems are available for the Amiga but by far the easiest (and indeed one of the most capable) is Gold Disk’s HyperBook.
The basic concept behind HyperBook is very similar to that other great information system, the good old book (remember them?).
Like a real book, all the information that you wish to present is held within pages’ which in turn are linked together to form a book (or a stack’, as the multimedia purists prefer).
Each page within your book can contain any combination of four basic ‘objects’ - buttons, notes, drawings and lists. These objects can then be assigned one of eight actions which are performed when the user clicks on them with the left mouse button.
We'll be covering them in detail later on, but basically you can make any object display a picture, show a text file, run an external program or - providing you’ve got Arexx - you can even control the actions of other peripherals and software through Arexx ports’ (this sort of thing is for the techies only, though).
A600 8 AI200 OWNERS Like a real book, your HyperBook applications will be rather limited if they contain only one page, so several pages need to be defined in order to allow a far greater amount of information to be held. In turn, these pages need to be linked by creating objects on each page that display other pages once they’ve been clicked upon. Anyway, enough of the theory - get stuck in. Turn on your Amiga, insert our HyperBook coverdisk in the internal drive and once Workbench has loaded, double dick on the HyperBook icon to enter the fascinating world of HyperBook multimedia...
BVJM&ok t gjjjggjl oaai In order lor your HyperBook stacks lo do anything even remotely usetul, you must create objects that. In turn, must have actions assigned to them.
When you first create an object though. HyperBook doesn't automatically assign an action to it. This you must do yourself. HyperBook allows you to assign any one ot eight different actions to an object which allow the object to perform a particular task when the user clicks on it with the right mouse button To assign an action to an object, click on the Edit Object' tool within the HyperBook toolbox window and then click on the object that you're interested in. Once the object is highlighted (HyperBook will draw a rectangle around it), dick the right mouse button to display the action
requestor. In the bottom halt ot this requester you will see eight tiny gadgets, each with a short item of descriptive text directly to the right ol each. Each ot these gadgets can be selected to assign an action to an object. Here's a quick rundown ot what each does.
ASSIGNING ACTIONS TO OBJECTS NO ACTION Not surprisingly, the No Action option causes the gadget to do absolutely nothing when the user clicks on it. This is the very exciting default setting.
SHOW PICTURE Another pretty obvious option this.
Show Picture allows you to attach an IFF picture to an object so that when the user clicks on that object, the picture is displayed. Note that although HyperBook normally only runs in medium or high resolution, the picture will be displayed on a separate screen using its native screen mode (HyperBook can't handle AGA pics thoughlj.
DISPLAY TEXT Built into HyperBook is a very usetul utility that can display any text tile stored in standard ASCII format.
Simply click on this option, select the NoleL
- S.
Njl 'v J H 'J si £ a V D DEMO NOTE I No action ? Show picture ? Display text ? Arexx contend name ot the text tile to be displayed and that's it - when the user selects the object, HyperBook will then display It.
r. This is pretty useless unless you own an Amiga equipped with
Workbench 2.04 or better. The Arexx command- qption allows you
to attach an Arexx command to an object.
You could, for example, use this option to transfer control to an external Arexx script that controls a video disk player.
? Go to page ? Show hide ? DOS connand ? Arexx nacro GO TO PAGE The Go To Page option (provides you with a quick and easy method ot moving around the pages within a HyperBook stack. HyperBook allows you to directly specify a page or simply move to the next, previous, first or last page within a stack.
SHOW HIDE The Show Hide option allows you to turn otf another object when the object that this option is assigned to is clicked upon. This can be usetul when you need to hide a set of objects until the user has clicked on one object in particular.
DOS COMMAND Not surprisingly, the DOS Command option allows you to attach a DOS command to an object so that when the user clicks on that object, an external program is launched. This tat be anything Irom a
* ! Program (you could use HyperBook to create a menu system for
your hard disk, tor examplel or even an AmigaDOS script (using
the AmigaDOS 'Execute' command).
The Arexx Macro opton allows any button to run an Arexx macro created (or loaded) by the Create Macro' or Load Macro' options available trom the 'ARexx' pull down menu. This is definitely an option for the techies only.
In order lor an object to actually do something useful, an action must be attatched to II
* 4 t - -1TTT7? 11 r Alow N- Completely Updated With this
Season's k Stats.
Domark's realistic football simulation ever!
Now this new 1993 edition includes all the latest league and tournament structures, player statistics plus over 50 new features including...
• Manager history
• International transfers and overseas players
• Double the In-match Information
• Salaries and win bonuses
• Injury time
• Reserve squads
• Supporters player of the year Championship Manager '93 the only
HwBN* ¦Haunt simulation MARK MANUALS!
Support ot any application Known to the Amiga, and the only place to find out all the commands available and how to use them is in this book.
Having got your hands on the megatastic and popmungous Hyperbook software it will not be long belore you experience a strange yearning to possess the associated firmware - the Hyperbook manuals.
Enter the true spirit of multimedia
- see the program and buy the booksl The tirst manual explains in
intricate detail every aspect ol every menu and tool in the
program. It is lull ot helptul advice and explanations which
not only show you what to do, but why you are doing it.
The second halt ot this manual details the Arexx port and all the commands available from it - invaluable if you plan to do anything adventurous This software probably has the most comprehensive Arexx 19St Hvper9ook Calendar And that's not all. The second manual is a guide to creating your own applications. Full ot ideas lor the office and home, it'll have you creating everything trom cookery books to interactive databases.
And all this can be yours tor the incredibly toothsome price ol just £14.99 (including VAT)- Just till in the coupon below and pop it otf to those jolly nice chaps at Silica and they'll do the rest. As it by magic your manuals will be delivered to the comfort of your own home - isn’t technology wonderful? And remember, this otter is not available in any record shops.
Fill in lit post lo: Hyperbook Oiler. Silica Systems. 1-4 the Mews. Hatherley Road. Sldcup. Kent 0414 4DX.
Please, please, please let me take advantage ol your wonderful Hyperbook Manual otter. I understand that you are great guys and I am in awe ot your magnificence. Please lind enclosed a cheque postal order for the amouat ol £14.99 made payable lo Silica Systems. I understand I may have lo wait up to 28 ol your earlti days lor delivery.
Vi tEIISK 59 If you read our review of Dino Dini’s Goal! Last month, you’ll already know how much we rate this superb football kickabout. Well, now it’s your turn to find out how good it is, as we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE six-minute playable demo from the great man. Plus! There’s your chance to net a limited edition football shirt in an amazing competition.
Ttilu month, wo ve made it eaiy toe you.
Simply ,op the diet in the diet drive, twitch on trout machine, and the game will Mart lo load. Alter a piutt. You'll get lo too the main tcreen, reproduced hero.
Prettlng F2 cellt up an adnrt lor the game, while Ft hringt up a tpoclal code which wo II talk more ahool over Ihe page To go might into the game, hold down Inn hnttoo on your roytOct Alter her paiite tor loading in the game coda, you il be greeted by yon team tat mg the pitch and awwwaaaaay you got you'll find it very difficult to find enough space to get in a shot at goal The fifth level is an even tighter game, as each member of the opposing team seem to possess the silky skills of Pete as they weave the ball around the pitch. And if you manage a goal on the sixth level, you can really
call yourself a pro!
And lhat:s all there is to It. If you become really good at it and can manage to put away all six goals, you might like to take part in a rather unique competition, details of which you can find over the page been sharpening their ball skills and can now manage to string a few passes together. Not o'nly that, but they are also capable of pulling off a range of trick shots such as a dever back heel and an overhead lob. By level four your opponents are getting dose to international standards and We like to think we know a good thing when we see It.
And Dino Dini's latest foot- ball kickabout is certainly the definitive Amiga soccer sim as tar as we re concerned. And. Just to show how good this game really is. We've roped in Dino Dini himsell lo provide us with a six-minute playable demo ol this stunning new game!
But this isn’t just any ordinary demo. Oh no! Dino’s cleverly constructed the game so that it's played as a series of progressively harder 1 Lr-rJ m, mm 5?
* Thv «W onwTwo and h loohs Ufca anodwr go* H In dm net levels.
Access is only granted to the next level once you've
successfully put the ball into the back ol the net - tail to do
this within the one-minute time limit and you're taken back to
the front screen and gnren your paltry score!
The first level is a bit ol a dodde.
Really, as the other learn have forgotten to show up. So you can just run up the centre ol the pitch and nfle your shot home without any interference. From then on, though, things get a little more complicated The away team's coach arrives and the opposing players take the field Luckily, level two’s opponents are still a tat wobbly on their legs. So. With a little skill, ifs possible to run nngs around them as you juggle the ball from foot to foot and then sprint into the penalty area and plant a shot in the back of the net.
Level three, and things really start to hot up. The new team have TANTASnc warBAUACPON!
Now Dino has surpassed all his previous efforts. Goal! His latest excursion onto the pitch, offers greater depth than any other footie game you've seen.
What's more, it's got a host of features that make getting to grips with the gameplay a delight and mastering it the ultimate challenge.
Goal! Has all you'll ever need - or want - in a footie action game.
Just take a look at a few of the unique features:
g) Huge selection of fully editable teams, real player names and
kits FOUR pitch views - Wembley, Normal, Wet and Muddy - all
playable in full and half scale, horizontal and vertical
* y' Enhanced graphics with better view of the action 9
Atmospheric spot sound effects - listen to that crowd roar!
* .y) Superb refined gameplay and computer controlled players
• yj Every player has 8 carefully selected attributes
• y) Rewind, Fast Forward, Slow-Mo savable action replays
• g) Precise control of corners, throw-ins and free-kicks *)
Editable cup and league systems
* y) Arcade challenge mode ȣ msm, MthBgesrmm em them isi,
Available on Amiga and Atari ST. w When it comes to creating
action-packed, super playable football games, no one can beat
Dino Dini, the mastermind behind Kick Off and Kick Off 2,
except Dino Dini himself, that is... GJLf A GAME BY DINO DINI
5*- d O 1993 Dino DM. 01993 Virgin damn.
INDI DIRECT MAIL PROUDLY PRESENTS THE Jakki Brambles Column 13 PI rectI mail I I : • BBC Radio I's 71 and Radio Presenter HI ,1’m Jakki Brambles and from this month on I'll be writing this column exclusively for INDI.
So knowing that all you folks are Commodore fanatics, I will be aiming to provide you with the best inside information on what's new in the Commodore world together with the latest hints and tips.
Since agreeing to write for INDI, I have been amazed at how big the Commodore market place is. INDI tell me that their sales desk has been swamped with orders for their Amiga 1200 hard disk offers.
Not surprising, when you consider that they are offering a product officially covered by Commodore maintenance through Wang UK.
Of course, you can buy a non standard Amiga with a dealers own warranty but thenCommodore do not give their approval with out a g reat deal of thoug ht, I know what I'dprefer to buy.
Congratulations to David Pleasance on his appointment as General Manager at Commodore as he takes the helm from Kelly Sumner. David has been at Commodore for many years and has most recently been responsible for the developement of their business in the States.
Commodore tell me that the A1200 Comic Relief Pack has been a real success, thanks to all you generous Sleepwalker fans. Don't forget Commodore donate £10 on your behalf to the Comic Relief Fund for every Pack sold.
By now you will all know about the new Amiga 4000 030 and it's amazing capabilities but more about that next month, especially If I can get my hands on one before they are all gone!
What I need now is loads of feedback from you. Tell me about your Amiga and if you have any tips that may help others or problems that I can pass on .The best letter will be printed and the winner will receive a suitably excessive prize. All letters to Jakki Brambles Column C o INDI Direct Mail, 1 Ringway Ind. Estate, Eastern Ave. Lichfield, Staffs, Ws13 7SF.
See You Next Month.
PAY 10% NOWAND NOTHING MORE FOR 3 MONTHS AMIGA A1200 IRECmflAILl CUSTOMER CHARTER INDI Direct Mail is original and very exciting. Before you buy mall order you must first bo confident that you will receive the product you've ordered and that I he supplier will still be Ihere in the future, should you need them A mail order purchase Irom INDI is a sale and secure decision, and here's why.
INDI is a wholly owned subsidiary ol a public company now in its tenth year ol trading and specialising in the supply ol computer products.
With a turnover approaching £30 million per annum, we have the resources and the purchasing power to oiler you the best deals, deliver them next day nationwide and always be around when you need us.
GO'80 Han) Dak upgrades available on any A1200 Upgrade includes full Wang warranty on A1200 and Hard disks Phone tor a AMIGA A4000 NEW OFFICIAL A1200 HD SYSTEMS The Amiga 1200 supplied by INDI Direct Mail now includes the official (legal) Commodore installation disk and hard drive utility manual. Indi are the only official supplier of Amiga 1200 Hard Drive systems, that include the official software, documentation and on - site warranty_•_ COMIC RELCF PACK.
The event may be over but the fund rawng sM goes on if your looking lor the Meat *• technology then thrs is the starter peck lor you Baaed around the outstanding Al 2 pack also gves you sieepwafter. A most adScbve pattorm game from ocean softwan be peased lo know that every one of these pecks purchased raises another ClOfot A1200 STAN0ARD FEATURES
• 68020 Processor • PCMCIA wot • 2MB ChpRAM 3 5* Hemal Drive
• AACMpaet
• Guilt n TV mo PRICE I £379.99 or from £14.47* pert
• (Cred* pnce based on 36 monthly payme Total repayment £520 92
and 90 day dele A1200 60 MEG HD INDI PRICE £539.99 A1200 80 MEG
HD INDI PRICE £599.99 A1200120 MEG HD INDI PRICE £679.99 INDI
A1200 ACCESSORY PACK Pack Contains:
• 3 Superb Games • International Gaines Challenge* The Cool C
• Paiadrold 90 • Zapsac and Zappo T- 8hld INDI PRICE £19.99 SALES
AND SUPPORT The INDI sales team have been trained lo take your
order with the utmost care and efficiency All stock offered lor
sale is held m stock, centrally at our group warehouse complex
and Is available lor next day delivery, direct lo your home or
business. If at any time we are out ol slock your money will
not be banked until the product is available (a point worth
checking should you leel tempted lo purchase elsewhere).
General information regarding product is available Irom our sales learn, however technical support Is always al hand should you need assistance All prices quoted are inclusive ol VAT.
INDI TELESALE Tel 0543 419999 Fa* 0543 418079 It's here - The new Amiga 4000 030 I Tb. NEW Amga 4000.030 tenure. A EC08C30 pmceuo fane al an incredbie 25Mbi. And upgradable at a laler dale I to a lasler processor The 4000.P3D has a powerful 4M0 or 32 Kl HAM 121* O*. 12Mb la.ll anpanOaUa » I« MO using I indualry alandanl 33 bn Swum modue kl bna w«h Iba I Amga flagahe 40004)40 lha 40001)30tealureslhanawAGA I ?4pncs rna gmng yon a masaw. Paaalot IS m*on I cttwi A 'anga ol bam dm. Opaona ara ayanatna Ion" 80 240Mb and amdaa a SCSI opbon 4000030 80 Mb HD INDI PRICE £939.99 Other Drive Opdcre
4000030120 Mb HD INDI PRICE £1039.99 4000030240Mb Hdwnuaelb M» Phmateprtc.
4000030120 Mb SCSI HD (•OjsheDK* Phone lor price COMMODORE 1960 MULTI - SYNC MONITOR A 14* high resolution monitor lor the use with A1500 A200Q A3000 A4000 IN RICE £369.99 £351.99 il bought with an Amiga Parnet Adaptor for CDTV Connect a COTV Player to any Amga. And accM world ol CO ROM softwere The Parnet interlace and software will allow the CDTV to be used aa a CD ROM drive with any Am* will give any Amga owner access to the vast rat COTV software currently available The COTV ptayer offers eaceAsnt value tor money compared with a standard CO ROM (We and reM Moat CO - ROM dwee wd set you
Deck over M00 COTV w* cost you less than £300 and wet play CD s In add*ion to CO ROM CDTV (Mk t The Parnet adaptor Includes the software driver lor Amiga, interlace cable and PD (tah wdh driver ao«
• or your CO TV player
030. Including addNlonel memory modules. Herd drives. PC brtdgs
boards, FPU's (68881 & 68882) and the 24 ¦ bit Opal CREDIT
FACILITIES Range ol A1500's A3000’s. A400as ava8at*e al
amazing pnc**s phone for details CDTV ? PARNET.
INOI PRICE £329.99 AMIGA A600 INDI are now able lo ofter competitive credit facilities on all orders over £200.00. All credit facilities are subject lo status and applicants must be over the age ol 18.
II you would like a quote simply call our sales line where acceptance can normally be notified within the hour. We are also able lo oiler Credit Insurance lo cover repayments in the event ol sickness or unemployment.
A600-SO A sngle drive Amiga lor those ot you requiting a basic A600 at a very competitive price PACK MCLUDES: A600 single drive, built in TV modulator. 1Mb memory 12 Months at home service INDI VALUE ADDED FREE
* Kicfc Oft 2 *P emanta • Space Ace •Populous• Mcroswrtched
joytfc* mcuir OMW16 atfOflHi xnojths ...’mnv TfTA ' MTV4Y TOW
'IHU.VT TOTS »UtUI IW,lWSi 1WWHi 2D tZZOD '?BUS fOb Q9I *Q3l *
QS16 5J3 ms CBS C7«*J OUT 0772 tCD OOKB£i38 SO C1«112 t*5l
THE WEIRD AND THE WICKED A600 5 an il starter pack containing a
considered mix ol software I making the most of (he AMIGAs
amazing capabilities PACK CONTAINS:
• A600 Single Drive
• Built in TV Modulator
• 1 Mb Memory
• Pushover: Grandpru
• S*y Putty Deluxe Paine III
• Mouse and Manuals ¦¦price] £289.99 A600 EPIC PACK (40 Mb HD)
PACK INCLUDES: A600 Hard Disks (20Mb) • 1Mb Memory* Epic* Rome®
Myth • Trivial Pursuit •Amga Text* Deluxe Paint III* 12 Months
IPRICEI £395.99 INDI A600 ACCESSORY PACK Featured with WWW|
• Miao Switched Joysnck* Lockable Dak Bo * Dak Walel • 10 Blank
Disks* KUO"2 Ppemansa • Space Ace* Pooukkjs* Zapsac Carry
T-Shirt PRICE] £26.99 TERMS AVAILABLE OVER 6, 12, 18, 24 & 36
WHY NOT RING FOR A QUOTE. SAMEDAY RESPONSE. (SEE EXAMPLE) Panasonic Quiet Colour Printing I »• colour printer market at great Oepth to tlnd a colour printer good enough to cope with Amiga's powerful graphic output, yet at an altordable price.
It printer in the KXP2180 . KX-P2123 quiet printers, d that il you were going to buy a Panasonic printer you would probably need a quality word processing package to use with It. We tound that loo. With 1 Wordworth', yet at a »« £128 99 we thought that might be a little too eipenslve on top ol your pooler purchase1 So together with PanA500ic we decided to give a copy ot Wotdwodh' tree with every i How's that tor added value?
¦stmAm A1200.
Ware Yo OkxCo - Panasonic Panasonic KX-P2123 KX-P2180
• WORDWORTH completely freei with Panasonic nonth NORMAL RRP
£129.99 inc VAT ¦¦PRICEj iPRICEl The new Panasor*: KX - P2180 9
pin qu« colour pnnter.
Producee cmp clear te«t In mono or m 7 glorious colours with new Quel technology The new KX - P2180 is typeaBy 15dBA OOQQ Athe new high performance Panasonic KX - 2123 24 pin.
Ixos.99 r:rrr-w““D“’ Feet Printing Speeds 192 CPS draft 64 CPS LO and 32 SLQ Colour Printing 7 colour pawne (btoe. Red. Green, yetow. Volet magerta and Mac*) Oulet Prtneng Super quwl 43 5 46hBA sound level (moel meetx pnmers are in excess ol 600BA) a 7 Resident Fonts Over 152 000 type srytee usmg Siper LO. Courier Preebge. Bdd PS.
Roman Scnpt. And Sana Sent Fonts 24 Pat Oiamond Pnntheed *oh performance and high quaMy ompm a 1 Year Warranty lor total peace ol mod_ Panasonic LASER PRINTER KXP - 441Q LASER PRINTER m m KXP - 4430 LASER PRINTER V RDWORT* COMPLETELY FREE- WITH PANASOMC LASER PRMTCRS croc* The processor tor AAAGA campiawi NORMAL RRP £129 99 me VAT anasomc to olferaBAnega owners *»moetoutstan *ng Laser Pnnter ofler ever Wa are now able lo oflec high quaMy. PrMeewortal laaar prlnling at tree copy ol Wordworth with every Panasonic Laser Pnnter purchased (RRP C129 99) Whether you are looting lor a laser printer
to hantfe word pr ations the Panasonic range oAers you power to meet your requirements • _ ££] One again INOl hava joined logathaf with Panasonic altordaWe prices Wa are also gonng away a traa o DTP. Prasantation or oonvMx graphic appfccalions KXP-4410
• 5 pages per minute
• 28 resident lonts
• Optional 2nd input bln (total pnnter capacity 2 x 200 sheets)
• Low running costs KXP • 4430
• Satinpnnt (optimum resolution technology)*
• 5 pages per minute
• HP LaserJet III Emulation. PCL 5
• 8 Scalable lonts 4 28 bitmap functions
• Optional 2nd input bm (total pnnter capacity 2 x 200 sheets)
• Optional memory expansion lo 50H (1 lit) as standard) PRICE
£499.99 OMSfTE
• Optional memory expansion to 4.5 Mb (0 5 Mb as standard)
• HP Usenet il Emulation Panasonic PRINTER ACCESSORIES
2180 KXP 2123 h eheels MO PRICE £89 99
2) PRINTER DUST COVER Specially tailored quakly dust covar lo
PACK Contains 6 coioor nbbons K* It* KXP 2180 KXP2123 RRP Cl
PACK ConlM 2 Mac* and 4 colour rtobon* tor KXP 2180 KXP 2123
DELUXE ACCESSORY PACK Contan* Automate Shaat Feeder. 2 Mac*
rfebone. 2 cotour rfebona. 1 (Jus: covw 2 pace printer Hand
RRP £160 90 Mdt PRICE £139-99 SAVE C30 00"' ir nbbon lor KXP
AMIGA RECOMMENDED PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES New from Microbotics for the A1200!!!.
M1230XA Accelerator launch!!
MicroDotics beats the competition on price, pertormance.
Leatures and configurations INDI is very pleased to announce the availability ol the new 68030 accelerator product lor the A1200: the microbotics M1230 XA (call it the 'XA' lor short) 50 MHZ speed is standard! Memory management is standard!
Huge 128 MB memory design is standard (the biggest memory space on any At 200 peripheral) Just look at these specifications and prices!
M1230 XA W 40 MHZ EC COO OMB INDt PRICE £29999 M1230 XA W 40 MHZ EC 030 4MB INDI PRICE £39999 M1230 XA W 50 MHZ MMU 030 OMB INDI PRICE £39999 M1230XA W 50 MHZ MMU 030 4MB Wot PRICE £49999 MBX1200.
The original and the best floating point unit and memory uppgrade lor the Amiga A1200. Available with 0,4 OR 8 MB OF 32 BIT FAST RAM and a choice of floating point units. Now complete with re time clock (RTC) MBX1200Z 68881 14 MHZ OMB INDI PRICE £12999 MBX1200Z 68881 14MHZ 4MB INDI PRICE £249.99 MBX1200Z 68881 14 MHZ 8MB 901 PRICE £34999 MBX1200Z 68882 25 MHZ OMB INDI PRICE £18999 MBX1200Z 68882 25 MHZ 4MB INDI PRICE £339.99 MBX1200Z 68882 25 MHZ 8MB INDI PRICE £409.99 MBX1200Z 68882 50 MHZ OMB UDI PRCEE339.99 MBX1200Z 68882 50 MHZ 4MB INDI PRICE £419.99 MBX1200Z 68882 50 MHZ 8MB INDI PRICE
£539.99 MEMORY UPGRADES AND ACCESSORIES M501 The original 0.5MB battery backed upgrade tor the A500 priceT?9 99 M502 The original 1 MB battery backed upgrade lor the A500.
I BPRICE £49.99 8 Up memory board. Again designed lor the A1500 A200. Memory upgradable to 2 4 or 8MB ¦Beb®e!£69.99 Hard Irame suitable tor At 500 A2000. Allows lor the interlace ot a SCSI hard drive.
¦price £110.99 AUDIO VISUAL MEGAMIX Low cost. H. spec Olgilal eltects cartridge plugs into pnnter port of Amiga.
Alows stereo sampling from almost any musical source.
INDI PRICE £29.99 VIDI AMIGA 12. THE ultimate low cost colour digitiser lor the Amiga 'The best value full AMIGA FORMAT INDI PRICE £75.99 TAKE 2. Animation package * a must for computer artists and enthusiasts of all ages.
As used In Rolf Harns Cartoon CM*.
INDI PRICE. C37.99 ROCTEC ROCGEN Entry level Genlock for all Amigas.
Record stunrong Amiga Graphics onto Standard video or overlay text and graphics onto a video signal.
As above but with extra features such as tinbng and signal inversion. Allows for real time editing of graphics Compatible with all Amigas INDI PRICE £133.99 ROCTEC ROCKEY.
The ultimate accessory tor Amiga video fans. Separate RGB controls to croma key on any colour INDI PRICE £249.99 PYRAMID SCANNER.
A total hand held scanning package for all Amigas complete with interface and software (mono) INDI PRICE £99.99. DISK DRIVES.
2MB SMARTCARD. Theo the only My PCMCIA o card lex AKXVA1200 Comes with Met,me guarantee Beware o cheap Ir INDI PRICE £129.99 AMIGA PERIPHERALS.
22I maximum4M0lNDI PRICE £199.99 ZAPPO 601 Trapdoor upgrade lor the A600 1MB with RTC INDI PRICE £49.99 ZAPPO 601NC As above only 512K no dock INDI PRICE £29.99 Commodoresoriginal and best selling colour stereo monitor. Now includes swivel and lilt stand for total ease of use.
You've Men all the reviews on this pofxjlar and attofdabie second Amiga dnve CompattM with a An gas ¦¦ritESlSX] »»¦* ’-Quality: 9 out ol 10." Eiceptlonal value lot money. AMIGA COMPUTING JAN 93 (£179.99 If purchased with A600 A1200 A1500) PRINTERS COMMODORE MPS 1230 A high quality 9-pin Dot Matrix Printer with paper and tractor teed and is fully compatible with Epsom FX80 and IBM Industry standards.
High speed 120 CPS draft mode and an NLQ mode ot 25 CPS.
INDI VALUE ADDED FREE D-PRINT • Design greetings cards, letters and posters.AMIGA LOGO- Educational and programming language. AMIGA VISION- Multimedia Authoring system for video.
Animation, sound, speech, graphics and text.
CDTV is no exception and in our opinion everything we have read does a pretty poor job of explaining just what CDTV can do and why it is so exciting._ THE INDI GUIDE TO CDTV ITS A CD PLAYER Yes. It will play all your Primal Scream, Pavarotti, Pink Floyd and any other CD you care to mention in superb high quality stereo, with infra red remote control.
ITS AN AMIGA - Plug in the keyboard, switch on the external disk drive and the colossal range ot inexpensive Amiga soltware can be used on CDTV.
IA MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM - Just imagine, stereo sound, images and text all on screen . It asks a question, you respond, s - truly interactive! Each CD disc holds hundreds ol megabytes ol data with instant optical access. The whole ol n's Encydopeadia tits onto one disc. This interactive system is a unique aid lor Education, Business or Leisure.The »is here!
( CONTENTS AS STANDARD* Amiga CDTV Player* CDTV keyboard* CDTV 1411 3.5‘ Disc Drive I Inlra red remote controller* CDTV wired mouse* CDTV c«me Disc Manuals Fred Fish CDTV Disc 1 -ALUE ADDED FREBt Lemmings CDTV (£34.99p Blues Brothers mMWrHILC
199) • Pipemania, Populous.
12. Space Ace £399.99 signal atible Ifl }|REC MAO|| DESPATCH
In the Bnck ¦ ette and use any wired Amiga compatible
joystick. ITCDuM of trackball dove© on the Commodore I CDTV.
The butt • in 8 - W Micro Processor gnres the Brick - cite
big smarts in a tiny : package and makes it easy to , use
|ust plug into the remote port and it is ready to go with
real time mouse or joystick movement on your 0 loading ot
driver programs or software No
* ¦" mouse or joystick. Special settings (with Mow you to blast
away with three rapid fire 1 fire buttons. Comes complete with
- oSwached.- "oppyd needed is an ultra last hard disk drive The
CDTV-HD unit boasts a maeerve 65Mb of hard disk storage with
lightning fast access times through its SCSI mterlace.The unit
comes complete with Workbench 1.3 and afl necessary cabtes It
you are thmkmg of buying CDTV or already own one you'l be
pleased to know mat INDI slock all COTV accessories and
software that are avaiabte trom manufacturers We befceve m COTV
and we therefore continue 10 support this e.crhng product. You
will always have a source of prorkct lor your COTV from INDI.
L to R: COTV Encoe SCSI Cortrcfter . Namai Uut £109.99 CDTV Internal Genlock £149.99 Black 1084S Colour Stereo Moneor £189.99 (When purchased with CDTV Mab- MeAa PackjCl 79.99 CDTV Remote Mouse £49.99 Scart TV Mom»or Lead £14.99 (Inc Stereo Phono Lead) Megachip 1 Mb Upgrade Chip RAM Upgrade ed Joystick £49.99 cysacks £59.99 BLACK 10B4S MONITOR At last the CDTVMonitor AMIGA CDTV SOFTWARE Mud Puddle My Paint Noith Polar Expedition Paper Bag Princess Scary Poems for Rotten Kids Tate of Beniamm Bunny £39.99 Tate of Peter Rabbit £39.99 Thomas's Snowswt £34.99 Moving Gives Me Stomach Ache £34.99
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Periphery of science world, a group of men who pioneer the nology, expanding the conventional experience.
Amiga was created by people lilt this, so it's not really surprising that a lot of very ‘Creative’ types use it.
LEAD FEATURE e way some of them may aeMeiie fame and notoriety - some en make a living - but from ics artists to the multime- lestros they all have one thing mon - a belief in the Amiga just as a computer, more as a ife. ¦ le down while we give you a tour of some of the people who help make the Amiga what it is. You never know, you may get some ideas.
Mm m [TOBIAS RICHTER GRAPHIC ARTIST Still on), 25 years ol age ToCas Richter already has an enviable reputation as an Amiga graphic artist His first public domain demos began tc appear live years ago and have gradually increased n complexity with each new release Most ol his 3D animations and graphic disks adopt a SCI li theme, with the USS Enterprise lig unng largely in the scheme cl things And no wonder as Tooias must oe one ol Ihe brggesl Star Trek nuts ever!
That's not to say the talented German artist has not explored other avenues as he's also pro ¦ duced a rich variety ot animations covering everything torn a speeding sports car to a lypar.t Irom an h i 5 lignter Other graphic disks have included anything irom still Me portraits to former pretations of classic Urns Recently Tobias has aiso moved mto video production Jsing the pro cessing power ol live ditterent Amigas he's chan nelled his excellent animation skills and graphical prowess into producing some stunmng-looklng videos The best ol these is undoubtedly Space Wars. A five-minute movie
featuring all manner ol SF-related hardware, including Imperial Cruisers.
X-Wing and Tie-lighters, the Enterpnse and a host ol other famous sci-ti icons.
Another is a Trek-based mini-movie lasting eight-minutes involving the Enterprise engaging a Klingon cruiser A third. Mouse Track, was a demo reel made lor the German distrtwtor ol Reflections, an excellent 3D animation package that Tobias uses lor the majority ol his work.
He's produced a handtul ol commercial animations lor industry and TV and has worked on Ihe German equivalent ol Sprtting Image called Hurra Deutschland He is writing a book about Amiga animation, writes regularly lor tbe German Amiga mags and has provided the graphics lor a wide range ol games including Ihe likes ol CM Imperium, Cutulus, and Bundeskga Manager Protessronal His latest project is his most promising - he's been signed up to produce some computer animations for Moontrap 2. A new soi l movie due lor release in 1994 He'll be producing all the computer displays and on screen
SOFTWARE HOUSE The recent recipients of a coveted Golden Joystick for Software House of the Year. Team 17 continue to go from strength to strength. Founded in December 1990, they've quickly built up an enviable track record of hit after number one hit. And best of all, they've done so by specialising in Amiga games. PC owners and console kids have had to look on with envy, as Amiga owners have enjoyed some of the best computer games produced over the last couple of years.
Of course, you don't get anywhere without a lot of hard work, and its two founding directors, Martyn Brown and Mick Robinson, have certainly put a lot of graft into the company since its launch, Martyn Brown, who heads up the design and development side of Team 17, was originally head honcho at PD library,17-8it Software, where his contacts with Amiga programmers, musicians and artists convinced him he could produce better games than many of the efforts being released onto the market at the time. Mick Robinson, meanwhile, had been steadily building up the Microbyte chain of game stores
with flagship premises in Sheffield's Meadowhall and Oxford Street in London.
ERIC SCHWARTZ ANIMATOR Mention Amiga animation and there's a good chance that you'll think of Eric Schwartz. Over the past five years, his zany cartoons, featuring the likes of Flip the Frog and Amy the Squirrel, have consistently topped the PD charts and been raved about in the computer press. Using Gold Disk's MomSetler, various paint packages, and an abundance of creative talent. Eric has a back catalogue of more than 40 animation disks, each one a classic example of its genre. From Space Shuttles playing shuttlecock in outer space to an invisible Stealth Bomber sneaking up on another
plane and tapping its wings, Eric has a knack for absorbing the comic elements out of a situation and inflating them to gigantic proportions.
Still attending art college, and only just turned 20, the American-based artist has already dipped a cautious toe into the commercial world. Team 17’s recently-released Superlrog game featured a three- minute demo from Eric and he's lined up several more projects in the near future. There's also the possibility of a series of short animated movies in the not-too- distant future. Eric has even attracted the interest of the Disney organisation, which uses Amigas extensively at its Dublin-based animation college, and is all set to break into the world of commercial animation once he's
completed his studies.
BABYLON 5 NEWTEK SCIENCE FICTION SHOW DESKTOP VIDEO Touted as one of the hottest sci-fi shows of recent times, Babylon 5 received its US premiere towards the end of February. The two-hour long pilot movie, set on-board a huge sprawling space station, was an instant hit and filming has already started on 26 one-hour episodes to be screened later this year. What makes the show stand out from the current glut of sd-fi shows, however, is that most of the pilot's special effects were created using an Amiga and NewTek's Video Toaster hardware.
Rejecting traditional model-based animations. The show's producers decided to opt for an A2000 and up to eight Video Toasters as a more economical FX package The results, as anyone who has seen the show will testify, are little short ot amazing. Commenting in a recent issue ol sci-fi fantasy magazine, Slarbursl, director Richard Compton went on record to say: I just couldn't conceive of the idea that a computer, without photographing any models at all, could generate the kind of graphics that would turn out to be as realistic as they are.'
NewTek's all-in-one broadcast quality workstation was launched in October 1990 and was an instant success, being hailed as the 'complete video studio in a box'. Paul Montgomery and Tim Jenison, the development team behind the Toaster, set out to create a DTV environment that was ‘good enough for the film industry, but also cheap enough for the home user to enjoy’.
Today, the Toaster has been used extensively in commercials, TV shows and movies, including Star Trek VI.
Both Montgomery and Jenison are fanatical Star Trek fans, so when Paramount approached them to work on one of the Trek movies they jumped at the chance. Interestingly, the team also daim to have held back the marketing of the Video Toaster until they could achieve a satisfactory beam down effect!
AEON DESIGN TRAIN SIMULATOR Before its recent refurbishment the London Transport Museum used to have a couple of Amigas on display They weren't being shown off as pieces of outdated technology though. Two A2000s were simulating some of the trains of yesteryear that used to roam up and down the subterranean thouroughfares, carrying passengers to and from their places of work.
The software and hardware were put together by a team called Aeon Design, who also pro- duced an animation which simulated the progress of the train up and down the line. In the 1890 simulator, the throttle control was a giant rheostat or variable resistor. This was connected up through an interface to the Amiga which then read the position of the lever and adjusted the animation accordingly.
, The 1990 simulator had a more up to date throttle lever (which was connected in exactly the same way) but the Amiga also controlled digital displays showing the train's actual speed and its optimum speed, as they are displayed in the more modem trains.
The Amiga also played back samples when the train was in the station, taken from actual journeys on the Underground.
The train simulator was quite a hit at the museum among the various dignitaries and notables who visited it, including former transport secretary Cecil Parkinson. Members ol the general public were not so impressed, complaining that the simulator was unrealistic - after all it never broke down, it was very clean and it was always on time.
LEAD FEATURE REAL TIME GRAPHICS NIK WILLIAMS TV SHOW GRAPHICS Would it surprise you lo learn that some ol the mosl impressive computer graphics on TV at the moment are produced by a company using an Amiga? Well, actually Ihey use several but the principle still holds good!
That company Is Real Time Graphics and they work on many top TV shows, including Gamesmaster and Sky TV’s Games World.
STIM-RI Real Time is headed up by two guys with many years experience in both television and Amiga graphics Sunon Dunstan and Christopher Mills started their TV careers in 1985 as Ireelance designers on Channel 4 s Network 7, a Janet Street Potter yoof programme. Even way back then Simon was using an Amiga to handle some ot the graphics work His first contact with the machine came about as a result ol some game work he was doing tor a company called Ram Jam.
Unfortunately they folded before the game was linlshed. But they did leave him with one ot the onginal 1000s Atter the successful Network 7 went off the air, Simon and Chris moved on to a programme called Star Test The concept for this show was that each week a celebrity would be interviewed by a pseudo computer and the stars would be seen through one of the computer s many cameras The scope for computer graphics was obvious and Simon and Chris were involved in designing Ihe screen layout. The show was successful and a second series was commissioned. At this point the guys decided lo set up
a company to handle the work and Real Time was born Business grew with more work coming in from other arty shows, including Slat Chamber.
A senes ot Catchphrase (?lf).
PORTADOWN PLANETARIUM Gamesmaster and. Now Sky Tvs Games World Real Time s involvement in the shows extends all the way from the title sequences to Gamesmaste s famous 'Consoletation Zone and it's all done with Amigas1 For example, the stuff for Gamesmaster was done on A2000S running at 50MHz with GVP boards installed. It would be a mistake, though, to think that the guys are getting money for ok) rope as their Amiga animations are highly developed pieces of work.
The Consoletation Zone itself is an astonishingly complex piece of graphic work involving multiple video and Amiga layenng The sky is a simple drawing that's been tilted and faded by a Digital Video Effects unit and an animated sea is overlaid on it. The sea is in turn overlaid by another animation. Usually Patrick Moore s head, which has been titled and stretched by a DVE. They then use two Amigas to create animated maps of Patrick's lace which are run slightly out of phase to create a time-lapse effect Wow!
All that effort for a sequence running no more than a couple of minutes. It's sad then that for a show that uses Amigas so much they spend all their time talking about oonsolesl Simon is particularly excited about their latest work on Games World as it has allowed them to experiment with lip syncing an animated character.
One of the episodes features a female character who hands out games advice and cheats, rather like Patrick Moore on Gamesmaster. The difference here though is that the character is completely animated with a real-lile actress providing the voice The challenge then was to make the character seem as realistic as possfote whilst still retaining the computer feel This they have achieved very successfully. Whilst not totally happy with the sync they plan to add many more frames to the lips to get them as close to per tect as possible Real Time have got a lot of projects in the pipeline but
they're still very much hush- hush We'll keep you up to dale with what they do. You don't want to miss the chance to catch your favourite machine being stretched to the limit Nik Williams originally hit the Amiga press with the launch of Pictureware. A set of licensed clip-art images which addressed a market need.
With a high quality video camera and a variety of Amiga equipment, he travelled the highways and byways collecting an impressive library of images. Nik then sold the sets as licenseware. Charging insignificant amounts for disks full of top quality images He used his knowledge ol the Amiga, and the applications software available on it. To create stand alone multimedia terminals. The first was used as an interactive show guide last year. Called a Visual Presentation Centre, it is really a super tower system which can accept any current Amiga computer, including the CDTV. Once an Amiga
has been installed it is then connected to the input device, a 16 button touch sensitive keyboard This has been constructed in such a way that a user-detined template can be slipped In on top.
For the units shown so far Nik has relied on a number of software packages, but Sea la is used to drive the system in use The latest development is the implementation of through the glass technology, which allows Ihe unit to be used by people physically separated from it.
As in a shop-window type situation.
This means that the units could be used by passers-by even if the shopshowroom wasn't even open, an idea which is currently being researched by Ford.
His hope is that such systems will be used in various situations where people may need information but which are not permanently staffed: railway stations, show- rooms, estate agencies, hotels and shopping complexes are all pnme candidates.
TELEPHONE: +44 (0)71 328 2762 FACSIMILE: +44 (0)71 328 2738 JEFF WALKER MAGAZINE PUBLISHER Work started on setting up Just Amiga Monthly (JAM) in August 1990, six months after Jett Walker had resigned from his previous job as Editor of Amiga Computing He wanted to produce a serious Amiga enthusiast magazine and to use the Amiga to do it.
In September ol that year the first issue was published, reproduced from original artwork printed on a Canon BJ-130 bubble jet Fewer than too copies were sold. But then it WAS mail order only and it would take a while tor the great unwashed (that s you lot) to cotton-on to the adverts.
Atter setting-up costs and another print run lor the second issue, the capital was dwindling last.
Throwing caution to the wind (heck, it’s only money!) Jell gambled the best part ol whal was left in a small stand at the 1990 Commodore Show. From then on he s never looked back.
In those days JAM was being produced with Professional Page I 3 on a standard Amiga 2000 with 3Mb ol RAM and a 20Mb hard dnve With the first real ’positive cashflow' Jeff bought a second-hand A2630 accelerator card which boosted his RAM by 4Mb and gave him greater speed in one fell swoop.
Today, he has an A500. 2000 and 3000. Two massive hard drives, still barely 30 per cent lul.
Store all the JAM data and leave plenty ol room for the future The acquisition of an Epson GT-6000 flatbed scanner has helped to speed up production and increase the quality of the mag.
Jeff would like to see JAM more widely lead Putting it on the news stand would probably be a mistake as there are already so many Amiga mags to choose from. But the British are not joiners’, on the whole they prefer not to commit themselves and have an Inexplicable suspicion about subscribing to anything, so although JAM has thousands ol readers worldwide, the big battle at home has yet to be won. If you’d like to know more you can contact JAM on: 0895 274449 ALTERNATIVE IMAGE GRAPHICS COMPANY There are some people who have been around the Amiga scene for years, and then there are the people
that remember the first lot ot people when they were new comers. One such group of people run Alternative Image The expertise combined in Yuri Large and Henri Bujko ts the force behind the company They produce corporate graphics lor presentations, Including slides and animations. Clients include Bass, Walkers cnsps and Caterpillar, the industrial plant equipment manufacturer Integrated into the heart ol their In-band and SP U-matic video equipment are a host of Amiga 2000s The boxes may be old. But they are sturdy and house a number ol surprises which would put an A4000 to shame Every piece
ot notable video hardware has been in and out ot these machines at some time or another, because Alternative Image also operate as Amiga dealers The video side ol their work used to revolve around rock bands, but _ unlortunately most ot the bands they produced vids tor soon split up or I ' fizzled out - videos aren't everything Now they are producing fitness tt,,: videos which are sold through retail chains like W.H.Smith. However this may change They may be lured back into the music m side ol the business it their current ventures with German company H Studio 7 pay off. Studio 7 were behind
the 3-Lux 2 vid reviewed in B I these hallowed pages back in March and are now working on a title vfl called X Mix Volume f in conjunction with Alternative Image, Because aH these projects work on a royalty basis there will be no money coming in ¦k from them until some time after they are completed. This means that they must work on more normal projects dunng the day and catch up on the video work at night It may sound Ike hard work, and it certainly is, but it is varied and interesting we were assured by Henri, IRA CURTIS COLEMAN GJ PRODUCTIONS COMPUTER FX Ira Curtis Coleman is a design engi
neer with a neat sideline in computer hardware special effects One ot the mam aims ol any film or TV show is to make the action as realistic as possible Whether it’s set on an alien planet or in some big city dealer's office, you’ve got to believe that the actors are really there.
Equally, no matter what the location it's usual tor the plot to relied real life in some way. These days that usually involves sticking a computer in every other shot It s very difficult to shoot a scene which involves computers because every screen flickers to a greater or lesser extent and. If that flicker is being viewed via a machine which also flickers, i.e. the camera's shutter, it can cause the computer display to appear blank. The normal way to avoid this is to lock the camera s shutter to the speed ol the computer screen This can cause a problem in long shots because the sound can
gradually dnlt out ol sync with the vision.
This is where Ira comes in - not only does he design the computer screen displays you see he also has invented numerous bits ol hardware that keep these screens in sync with the cameras His engineering background has enabled him to understand how the camera and lighting woiks.
His Nst ol credits stretches over 10 years and reads like a who’s who ol TV and films with titles like Alien.
Outlander, Brazil, A View to a Kill, Superman, Spies Like Us and, more recently. Splitting Heirs. Inspector Morse. Taggart and Peak Practice It would be nice to daim that he uses nothing but Amigas but the truth IS that he uses a range of machines The type ol machine used depends on what he's trying to achieve. For instance, on ITV’s one- off drama, Seekers, he used an Amiga in a scene where one character was being fingerpnnted Despite the fact that it was disguised as a PC he used it to draw and display the fingerprint on a screen.
AUDIO VISUAL ... ; , m, fas At the other end of the scale from Deep Evolution, GJ, Productions are using their Amigas as part of a lavish audio visual setup, but with the same goal - to produce the best dub and rave visuals ever seen.
GJ are actually the initials of the founder member of the group. Guru Josh, who you may remember had a big chart and dub hit a few years ago with Infinity (1990s, time lor Guru oo-ah- ah ). GJ Productions was set up soon atter. And has been expanding ever since.
VR Dance m Cyberspace. GJ’s first release, brought video raving to the masses. A rich mix ol intense computer graphics and video effects, topped by a pounding soundtrack, it promised to take you on a journey to the edge of reality, traversing the inner universe of the human mind.
Around the same time, they also made the highly successul promotional video tor Urban Shakedown s Some Justice Next came the inevitable sequel, VR 2, which picked up the sub-condous neural package tour where the first left ott. And VR 3 is now in the final stages ol production GJ s headquarters is very impressive Josh wntes all the soundtracks in the luxury ot the fully equipped recording studio Most of the visuals are created with a combination of Amigas and Pcs. Combined with chromakeyed live video.
The Amigas provide a lot of the abstract effects, like plasma and colour- cycled backdrops, and a VideoToaster takes care of some of the more advanced effects The first couple ot videos featured plenty of vector bobs and other demo effects, courtesy of LSD. GJ are keen to get back into using more graphics from Amiga demos, and are currently on the lookout lor new material. Contact them on: 081 995 2723.
LEAD FEATURE CU AMIGA DANNY ELFMAN MOVIE SCORES 'ram Batman to Beettejuice. Irom Pee Wee's Big Adventure to Scrooged. One man’s worked on ’em ta using an Amiga. No it s not Tim Burton, the Amiga might be versatile but it can t direct a film.
The man I’ve got in mind is Danny Eliman, the composer ol Ihe soundtracks lor all those movies.
Danny started his musical career playing in various rock bands before turning his attention to He film world. His talents were quickly spotted by arector Tim Burton who gave Danny his first big weak working on the score lor Pee Wee s Big Adventure, a lilm starring a weird kid's Saturday TV show host (who, incidentally, was arrested many years later lor allegedly exposing himself in a film theatre).
The Crypt and an episode ot Allred Hitchcock Presents. Looking at this list it's easy to see why he calls himself a Dark Guy' and, il you've ever really listened to some ol those soundtracks, you'd have to agree with himl So, how does he use an Amiga? Obviously he doesn’t score whole motion picture themes on a standard Amiga. Rather he uses one to run Bars and Pipes Pro utilising its unlimited stave notation and lull SMPTE compatibility lor synth work and even for sections ol orchestration. Incidentally, he’s not the only professional musician currently using Blue Ribbon’s excellent music
package, others include Evelyn Glennie (also profiled here), Bobby Brown and many more Some can't be mentioned as they usually claim a royalty lor their name being used, but one we do know about has a close connection to a religious figure and has a fondness for conical bras. Null said!
Sroving that you don’t need a mega- buck video studio to make orolessional club visuals, Alix Pennycuick and Steve Griffiths (AKA Deep Evolution), created their Cyber Dream video with no more than a t Mb A500, a VHS video recorder and a couple ol DJ turntables.
Alix. Who had already supplied graphics for MTV. Saw the need lor some visual stimulation at one ol his lavourite nights, and decided to remedy the situation himself. Using his Amiga and a lot of imagination, he assembled no less than 30,000 Vames ot Amiga graphics, and mixed Hem all up into a 20 minute least ol hypnotic eyeball fodder.
Animations were created with Dpaint til and IV, and a lot ol use was made ol the PD fractal generator Mandanim. Which Alix got Irom the February 1992 CU AMIGA coverdisk. Plenty of colour cycling was used to keep it all flowing and mutating. The video was mastered on a VHS recorder, and the results are surprisingly sharp. The Talents of DJ Steve Griffiths were called upon to overdub a continuous mix ol instrumental house tunes.
Cyber Dream was made at the end ol 1992. And since then Alix has moved onto bigger things. He’s currently working on a three hour video for another club, which is to be visual only. The Djs ol the mghl will be lell to spin their own choice ol tunes, while the visuals are displayed larger-than-lite on a video projector.
The hardware behind it has been upgraded to an A1200, which has allowed more variety in the ettects.
With morphing and Vista fractal landscape animations getting a look in.
Alix and Steve are also looking forward to releasing their lirst record on a white label in the near luture.
For more information on Cyber Dream, turn to page 88 To find out about luture Deep Evolution projects, contact Alix Pennycuick on 0827 713458.
couldn't escape Ihe hype sJrrounding Virtual Reality (VR).
Three years later and you could be lorgiven for wondering what
all the hype was about.
For those unaware, VR is a computer technology that immerses individuals in a 3D computer generated world where powerful software allows the player to play against each other or a computer-controlled opponent. The prime exponent ol the technology in this country is W. Industries. Since launching VirtualityTM 1000SD.- the world's lirst VR entertainment system - in March
1991. The company rtas invented a series ol intriguing aracade
games to take advantage ol the technology.
Either sealed withiri an enclosed 3D environment or wearing a special head mask, Ihe player enlers a virtual world where all actions within the environment are controlled by the use of a specially adapted joystick. Held in either hand, the space joystick is tracked by the computer and can appear in the virtual world as anything Irani a hand lo a high lech photon sword.
So what has all this to do with the Amiga, then? Simple, you'll soon be able to experience VR in the comfort ol your own home! W. Industries are currently working on a VR-headset designed lor use with Ihe Amiga and which should, lingers crossed, be ready sometime in the new year. Price and exact specifications have yel to be finalised but it looks as il the VR revolution is finally upon,us.
- Apparently, customised VR chips in the head set will help
extend the Amiga's already superb polygon-handling routines
slill further and open up a whole new dimension lor 3D games.
So hold onto your hats, in a figurative simulated-3D
environment kind ol way.
BRYAN HOGG TRAINING SYSTEMS was once told that with every squadron ol
* omado aircraft the RAF receives comes a squadron of Amigas.
Now, I thought that was. At east an exaggeration and. At most,
a bit ol a leg- suii Alter speaking to Bryan Hogg ol
Computensed Training Systems I see it was true!
Bryan is the founder and MD ol CTS, a com- oany formed in 1988 lo design, develop and sell rtfij ’ media training systems. Whenever you see “uriimedia these days you can almost guarantee rat there's an Amiga being used in there some-
• r-ere and CTS is no exception. Based in Scunthorpe CTS provides
Amiga and PC-based Taming courseware to such prestigious
organisations as Rolls-Royce, Bae and, ol course, the
Ministry ol Defence which uses Bryan's multimedia stations to
train Tornado maintenance engineers and the aircrew in all
aspects ol the lighter bomber. Also, his systems are used lor
small arms training, interview preparation, civil aircraft
training and video titling.
It's not surprising that CTS concentrates on such specialised areas given Bryan's background as an Avionics Engineer in the RAF serving as an Instructor and Officer Commanding at the Harrier Ground Servicing School. From there he moved on to British Aerospace where he was not only responsible lor course design ol the Tornado Flight Guidance Control, he also introduced them to the Amiga, establishing a specific Amiga-based training centre.
Given the business world’s PC fixation and the need to keep the trainee's concentration focussed on the course not the machine, CTS’ solutions are very hands-oll. That is, interaction with the machine is kept to a minimum with the student using a mouse, joystick, keypad or even touchscreen technology to control a very graphic training package.
Bryan believes that it's vital that the hardware should not detract Irom the courseware in any way.
Perhaps that's why he’s been so successful in establishing the Amiga so firmly into these difficult markets.
EVELYN GLENNIE CLASSICAL MUSICIAN Hidden away In the wilds ol Cambridgeshire is Ihe recording studio of the world's toremost classical percussionist. And in the heart ot the studio are three Amigas Evelyn Glennie is a remarkably talented musician, having graduated trom the Royal Academy ol Muse with a combined degree in both piano and percussion. It is her love ol percussion that has become world tamous She has a unique talent tor playing anything that needs to be hit.
Ranging trom kettle drums to snares, xylophones to woodblocks, she plays them all, and to watch her play is to be transfixed until the performance is finished.
This means that Evelyn will play a tune on a controller keyt»ard and her performance is automatically recorded as a series ol MIDI events by Bars & Pipes [BSP).
Because the controller keyboard is not necessarily capable of producing sounds of Its own, SflPoutputs the MIDI information to a sound module or other instrument.
Having played one part of a performance, Evelyn can then move over to the 13 pad DrumKAT. Her MIDI compatible drum kit and play the drum section to accompany the performance which she just recorded Bars & Pipes will automatically add the MIDI Information from her drum kit to the keyboard information already stored in memory.
As Greg says, The beauty of the Bars A Pipes Pro is that it's a completely professional package that anyone can use.'
Her fiance, Greg Malcangie, in conjunction with Andy Bishop ot Blue Ribbon Soundworks have built an entire recording studio around an 040 Amiga 4000 and Bars A Pipes Pro software The Amiga is linked both to the recording and mixing equipment, and to the instruments and triggering devices via a Triple Play Plus MIDI interface. This excellent interface (another Blue Ribbon innovation!
Allows the computer to communicate via 48 channels, three times as many as usually permitted under standard MIDI protocols AljLI TER BRIMBLE It's not all raves and hallucinogenics when it comes to Amiga music While the popular aspiration is to release a 12" dance record, others are taking a different route. Amiga-veteran Allister Brimble for example, has just released an 11 -track CO album Alkster has been on the Amiga scene tor years. He first made a name tor himself with a series of PD music demos His demos had always gone through 17 Bit Software, and when Martin Brown launched the offshoot
games software house Team 17. Allister was firmly m the frame when they needed a musician Since then, he s written the soundtracks to such gems as Alien Breed.
Protect X, Assassin and Supertrog. His game soundtracks proved to be so popular, that he decided to re record a tew of his best ones along with some completely new matehal. Which became his debut album Sounds Digital To record the CD, Allister used an Amiga 500 running Music X. which sequenced a Kurzweil K2000, Korg 01R W, Yamaha TG77. Akai S950.
Alesis SR16 and a Roland 0110 Effects and EQ were added with an Alesis Quadraverb. Microverb III. Aphex Aural Exciter and an Ibanez GE3101 31 band graphic equaliser As you can imagine, the original game soundtracks just don t compare to the CD remakes. A second CD is in the pipeline Alkster is currently working on the music and sound effects for Team 17s Soper Spnnkstyle Overdrive, and an A1200-specific version ol Alien Breed 2, along with Interplay s The Lost Vikings and the Star Trek 25th Anniversary game Then there's the work tor the Sega and Nintendo developers. Any music for the
consoles has to be entered in assembler, rather than written with a music utility.
In other words, all the note pilches, lengths, and data on the sounds themselves have to be entered as a machine code program! To get your mits on the Sounds Digital CO. Send a cheque or postal order for £10.99 to: CD OFFER, Hill House, Lapford.
Credit on, Devon. EX17 6QE.
SCALA UK MULTIMEDIA Scala Multimedia is a multimedia authonng package which can control in real time and at speed a video and an audio source (provided the Amiga running it is fitted with a multi-port serial card), and mix them together with various textual, graphic and audio tricks. Barry Thurston, Managing Director of Scala UK. Likens it to a piece of glue It can take the sounds from Bars A Pfres. The graphics from Peal 30. It can talk to and display on a graphics card and glue them all together into one seamless presentation ' Infochannel. Scala's big brother and predecessor, came
into being in Norway in 1987. A Norwegian triend of Ihe designer, John Bohmer. Asked him if he knew of a system that could provide him with a texvgraphics channel to give information on his cable TV company. At that lime no such thing existed, so John invented it!
Infochannel was designed to be a permanently running system that could be updated in background at speed.
Alter some success with Infochannel and Scala in Scandinavia. John deckled to look at exporting it to the UK He visited Commodore in October 1990 to enquire abourtjistnoutors and met up with Dennis Phillips and Barry, who were then working for Commodore At that time there was no one in the UK who could have handled Scala property so Dennis deeded to leave Commodore to set up Scala UK Barry was to'stay on until March 1992 when he decided that he too should devote himself to Scala Despite this late start Barry is vocal m his support for his product What we want.with Scala is for it to produce
something that holds the attention. That is the single most important aspect of multimedia Fortunately, in the Amiga, we have a piece of hardware that is capable ot producing high quality graphics and sound at a reasonable price.
When you combine that with Scala you have a truly cost-effective multimedia solution Despite this enthusiasm (or his product and the medium in which it works. Barry doesn't believe in trying to define multimedia as he believes that the definition rests entirety on what you want to do with it. The closest that one can come to an all encompassing. It slightly tongue-in-cheek, definition is by using one ol two formulas: PC2D - MM; or. M3T2T2Y MM The former is for those people who believe that by sticking a CD ROM drive on a PC you can achieve a multimedia station and the latter is for
more enlightened folk who know that the true defim bon ol multimedia is ‘My mulbmedia technology tower is taller than yours " The big objection that any Amiga-based business tool has to circumvent is that it s not on a PC Notwithstanding that and Barry's sense of humour. Scala and Infochannel have proved to be a roanng success in the business world both here and in their native Norway In the UK, systems have been installed for Thom EMI, University College London, some cable TV companies, the Mayfair Hotel In London and the Gleneagles Hotel In Scotland, the RAF. The Bank of Scotland, the Co-op
and even the Encyclopaedia Britannica people Also, virtually every hotel in Scandinavia has an Infochannel screen on the Tvs in the bedrooms The company as a whole has spread considerably since the early days wifh permanent offices now m over seven countries and direct distribution In 16.
In addition a company called Scala Inc. has been established in the US to specifically deal with research and development and marketing of new products It looks like Scala wkl continue to go trom strength to strength. Scala UK can be contacted on 0920 444294 Now AMOS has turned Professional!
AMOS The Creator has brought programming within the reach of over 50,000 Amiga users. Now it has been given a complete overhaul and the result is a vastly enhanced product - AMOS Professional - designed for all experienced Amiga programmers.
AMOS Professional has 200 new commands, taking the total to over 700. Included in the package is a 650-page manual written by Mel Croucher who wrote the highly-praised Easy AMOS manual, and Stephen Hill who wrote the original AMOS manual. Programs written using earlier versions of AMOS and Easy AMOS can be loaded into AMOS Professional for amendment or enhancement.
Write programs with ease using the feature packed Eif for
• On-line help provides details of the command at the cursor
position - another click takes you to a fully documented
working example.
I A new editor with drop-down menus, keyboard macros, advanced undo redo, and multiple windows on screen.
I IFF animation playback that runs faster than in Dpaint.
§ MED music library support with MIDI data send.
Noise Tracker support, easier access to the printer, serial and parallel ports and much more.
9 MOUTH commands to link sprites to speech output from the SAY command to create a realistic talking head.
• Two discs crammed with working examples, and tutorials
demonstrating AMAL, the new AMOS Interface system, collision
detection and other key topics.
A selection of new highly-finished programs, including Planet Zybex (a scrolling shoot 'em up). File O' Facts (electronic data organiser), Quatro (puzzle game) and Dithell’s Wonderland (an eight-way scrolling platform game). 1 The result is a package which will more than satisfy home and professional AMOS users. It's fun to u$ e. Lots to leant it's essential' for the Amiga.
An easy introduction... If you're a complete beginner to programming you can make your Amiga really work for you! Easy AMOS is a simplified, ultra-friendly version of the best-selling AMOS Basic programming language, and it will propel you into a fascinating world.
You will learn hoiv to: • Produce impressive graphical effects • Create and animate colourful objects Scroll large text across the screen
• Make your Amiga actually talk • Add music to your creations
Turn your ideas into reality - arcade games, adventures,
computer art, cartoon animations, home finance, educational
software, demos... the list is endless!
Packed with ready-to-run programs, you can quickly understand how they work, and use the ideas in your own programs. There's a 20-lesson course to take you through the steps of programming.
* (11 0YNA BLASTER EASY AMDS (11*1 ELITE ¦-FRONTCR Erntyn Hughea
m Soccer (NOT1200) Eacapetrom PlanKol Robe*Monuon ow EURO
FOOTBAa CHAMP 1795 EXOOUS 3010 (1MB) 20 95 Eya ol Vw BeHoBar I
(1MB NOT1200) 2095 Eyetff»Batt*3ar«ilt*NOTl200) 2395 F-16
COMBAT PlOT (NOT1200) 7 95 F-29 RETALIATOR (NOT.) 1795 FA
23.95 Gaieeey lo Savage Fforear (iMB| 2195 GAUNTLET 6 696
17*6 GOBUINS2 20*5 GrK«en» GoochaCrWK (1MB NOT1200I2095 GRAHAM
TAYLORS SOCCER (1MB 1795 OlMSHIP 2000 23 66 HARPOON VI 2.1 2395
(NOT1200) 11*5 Asaui: Levela (attnd-alone) 20 95 *OSS«LE
MISSION 2 (NOT.. 6 96 Indm Jones 6 Fale Al (ACT) (1MB) 17 95
MdanaJonaaiFaaM (ADVi(IMB) 2599 nMnaJOHM I LJK CruMOi (ACT. 696
IndenaJonaalLaaCiuMdaiADV) 12.95 WTEPNATK3NAL5ASOE 696
PONO 696 JIM POWER 15 96 J Wtt SWM1OTJ Snook* (NOT1200) 2095
¦ iGunts M Evropa) (NOT.) 696 WOPW(NOT1200| 1795 KIND WORDS 3(1
20 95 LEMMNSSOOtaEPACK 2095 LEMMNGS LEVELS (Addon «rmn| 1396
(NOT1200) 23 96 LINKS • BAYHILL 12.95 LMKS • FIRESTONE 1296
TURBO CHALLENGE 7 95 LOTUS *The JdmeM ChMenge (1MB| 1795 LOTUS
TiiboChaMrge li (N0T12O)) 15.96 MAGIC STORYBOOK HUB) 2095 MAGC
20 95 MCDONALD LAND 17 95 MEGA SPORTS 1716 Maga-toMtfWltl
(NOT1200) 6.96 NEW ZEALAND STORY (NOT.) 6 96 he* FaK»i
CnampooaNp Go" (1M8| 2396 N«K Ua*e«»«W) CN penaNo (i MB) 20 95
(COMP) 1596 PIAYDAYS 1795 POPULOUS ¦ PLUS (1 MEG) 23 96
MANAGER 1798 PREMCRE |11*NOT1200) 2095 PRME MOVER 2095 PrtPCE
1716 ?PUTTY (IMB) 1796 jPUZZNC 696 QUEST FOR GLORY 1(1IS| 2395
1796 ROOLAND 766 RQU.WG RONNY iNOT.) 14 96 ROC (AD92) 2095
1996 Secret olMxKey Wand (1MB NOT. | 17 96 SecTKcXMorMt
iuandU|IMB) 2695 SCNS&E SOCCER 9293 1716 SHADOW WARRIORS 6 96
KIT 7 96 SHUTTLE HUB: 20 96 SA.0PT SERVICE inil*. 2395 SIM ANT
1200) 21 95 SUCKS 696 SMASH TV 696 SNOW BROS 1796 SOCCER K©
• 71 150 1095 150 SMMW 21*6 AM our disk boxes tn supplied with
keytenddMden you buy ato 10 am to 10 pm 071 608 0624 Games
Centre Mon-Fn 10am to 8pm & Sat 1 You can also FAX your to07t
Nmwx i Braun) OH Srmt O m for Amiga Users r CO SST3 ¦1 =3 C
CO V 85 §§ Q Q *C3 b =3 O 5 to Q -2 n-q: 530 1035
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21. 10 2295 3635
41. 70 4940 60 95
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97. 30 11630 154 50 184 65 223 50 364 30
728. 50 1066 75
1401. 45 1726 80 CO 1295 I 1295 I 20 95 I 2395 I 1795 I 1000 2000
3000 4000 5000 10000 o Q - Q O CD O 1795 I 20 95 I 20 95 1
2395 1 23 95 1 1795 I 1095 I 1795 I 1795 I 42 95 1 3795 1
39 95 f
13. 75 2700
13. 75 1375
22. 00
13. 75 1100
13. 50 1350
10. 95 1095 1095 10 95
10. 95 1095 BACK JUNIOR 002(6-11) 15.99 BACK SEMOR QUIZ (12-AD)
1599 MISTRESS 1599 MASTER 15.99 TUTOR 15.99 ADVENTURE (6-14)
19.95 'TUTOR 15.99 MATHS (A LEVEL) 1895 (8-GCSEl 18.96
18. 95 (li-GCSE) 1896
- ----18.95 1895 1895
13. 96 1395 1395 1395 1995
19. 96
14. 95 1995 1995 1995
17. 95 1795 1795
17. 95 1795 1795
17. 95 1795
13. 95 1395
13. 95 1395 1795 1795 1795 1795 Analogue Adapter I «eany PC
I Pro 5000 ba* rss, 1M(QS138F) AF AF(SV133) »1 (OS130F) IM(0S137F) 11 Turbo (SV121} Educational If (SV123) ¦ (SV127) analogue joystefc on Amiga) Joysticks i 0 CREATE (OVER 6'5T 1795 Q FA* (7-13) 1795 Dust Covers Armga 500 Amiga 600 Amiga 1200 PNIps CM8833 Mi IVDU Star LC10 series onrtm Star LC24 series printer Printer Ribbons Star LCKV2O100 Mac* (NX1000) LC10 2&100 cola* (NX1C00CU IC200 black (ZX9) LC200 colour (ZX9CL) LC24 series Dlac* (224) LC24 series colour (X24CLI 4-Player adaptor Head Cleaner (3 5*) Meuse Hcuse Meuse Mai Parallel port eitension cable Parallel Pmef Cable (2m) SCART cade
Worksla»on for 500 8 500.
WorKslaeon lor 600 WorVstaaon for 1200 iWorkstatons incii 5e mouse mat.
Mouse home and dust cover) All our disks an fully guaranteed and Include labels.
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1498. 15 195750 2396 85 471370 Qty DSDD DSHD D
A5C0 E«pans«n upgrade mth c*x* 0 5Mb A500E«panson upgrade
doc* 0 5Mb A5COWB RAM icgraOe 1Mb A6CO Erpanson upgrade eith
docfc 1« . J* enemal 3.5" 135 TP1 dak dnve 80OK Formatted
Rcfcoeh* (Auto rnxee joys** swftft) Compilations 10 GREAT
FERRARI FORMULA ONE. NIGHT HUNTER PICK N PAE. PRO TENNIS TOUR RICK DANGEROUS I. SATAN. SUPER SK). XENON ¦ •MEGABLAST . DataGEM ha* suppled computer hardware end software lotens ol thousands ol satisfied customers since 1967 Amiga Atari PC Sega Trust us to have all you need 2-HOT 2-HANDLE 20.95 GOLDEN AXE. SHADOW WARRIORS.
Cheques postal orders to DataGEM Limited Department CU 23 Pitfield S Street, London N1 6HB Prices InctuOe UK poaage and VAT and are directive unlil 25th June 1993. On overseas orders, postage is charged at Credit card orders 10 am to 10 pm 071 608 0624 ' days a week (not an answerphone) You can also FAX your order lo 071 608 0688 FIRST IMPRESSIONS CU AMIGA 38 SHENANDOAH 39 THE LEGACY 39 THE SETTLERS 40 DOGFIGHT 40 MORPH 42 PROFILE OF D.I.D. 50 SON OF THE EMPIRE 52 ANCIENT ART OF WAR IN THE SKIES 56 THE LOST VIKINGS 58 NIPPON SAFES INC. 59 WORLD CLASS CRICKET 60 INTERNATIONAL RUGBY CHALLENGE 60
STRATEGY FOOTBALL 62 WOODY'S WORLD 63 COHORT II 66 CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER 69 SMALL TIPS 70 PLAY TO WIN: DESERT STRIKE 73 TROLL'S HEAD 82 VFM L Baforo tatting off on hte hols. Jon had lo go through a sortoa of HopaOtw ana Typhoid tabs - tMs loft Mm cowplotely o SUPER STAR Shenandoah is a last-moving shoot em up which looks like it cook) even out-gun Team 17 s Project X o terms ol tire- power, sound etlects and polished arcade-style graphics1 It s the usual Take-control-of-a-spaceship and blast- anything-that-moves type ol attau, but it’s already moving supertast with a silky smooth update and
tons ot aliens to blast out ot the ether There won t be the usual waves ol alien nasties to destroy, either, as each set will be randomly generated and attack in a different formation every time (or so we re promised!).
There are also more weapons on display than any other shoot 'em up I can remember. It s planned lo have lour difletent classes ol weapons, with each dass containing seven or so bolt-on bits of hardware. Each ol these will also come with three power-levets. Activated by m-game power ups or bought lor cash from the rxt ol levei armoury Nothing s been decided yel on how many levels the final version of the game will possess, but each one will have an animated end sequence as well as an Alien Breed-hke sub-game where Ihe player has to successfully land his craft on a runway and run around a maze
collecting keys and weapons.. There will also be a unique password system, much like that used in the Bitmap Brothers’ Chaos Erjgine, whereby codes record your exact state ol play, what type ol weapons you possessed, how many credits you’d racked up and what power status you had achieved. Best ot all, though, is the built in lour-player mode so that you and a lew Inends can either go head to head or take on the massed hordes as a team With ex-demo members trom Sanity and Exceed working on this one, you can expect something really special when it’s released in a lew months' time.
Once again the mists of time dissolve before CU AMIGA’S enquiring gaze to reveal some of the games you’ll be playing in the months to come.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS r IMPRESSIONS CU AMIGA THE LEGACY MICROPROSE The Legacy is a 3D role-playing game set within a rambling country mansion that's been taken over by a mysterious entity. Not only that, but he's also invited lots ot his mates the team behind the excellent Wonderland graphic adventure.
They've managed to cram in more than 100 rooms into the game, plus extra dimensions and hidden levels, as well as all the usual RPG trappings. There's a choice ot eight predefined characters to chose trom at the start of the game, although it's possible to fiddle with their statistics to make them more to your liking.
Each character has different round too, including flying bat-like creatures, flesh-eating zombies and a variety ot hideously mishapen ghouls (a bit like our editor, in fact!).
Ot course, being a bit on the dim side, you foolishly decide to investigate the eerie goings-on at the house and walk straight into a trap.
As the door slams shut behind you, you've got to race through the house's many rooms, corndors and secret passages and make good your escape. With a ghoul wailing behind almost every comer, this isn't going to be particularly easy... Using the popular first person perspective, a la Dungeon Master and Eye ot the Beholder, the game's been developed by Magnetic Scrolls, N you want to get an idea how flexible the window* system Is lor the main screen. |ust take a look at the dltterent layouts pictured above.
Strengths, knowledge, dexterity, stamina and will-power ratings, plus secondary skills such as the ability to meditate or use fire arms that are related to the first set of stats.
In all. There are more than 25 diffrent types of monster to slay or maim and some of these look very impressive indeed.
The Amiga conversion won’t lose anything from its PC counterpart, as it's going to be an A 1200-specific release. This means we'll be treated to 256 colour graphics and there's the possibility of enhanced sound effects, tdo. If you've seen some of the screen shots from the game in any ot the PC mags, you'll know you're in for a treat - some of the monsters are especially gruesome- looking. If you thought Horrorsoft’s Wax Works was terrifying, just wait until you see some of the macabre characters that are walking around in The Legacy*.
Interestingly, Magnetic Scrolls have kept to the 'windows’ based design of Wonderland, although the system has been Significantly refined for the new game The user can preconfigure the screen to their own liking - for instance, you might want to have a moderately large playing window with auto-mapping, text and inventory panels placed immediately below.'
However, if you're more interested in the game’s graphics, it's possible to have a full-screen view of the proceedings, or reduce this facility to a quarter of its size.
A release date has yet to be set for the game, although it looks likely that it'll be a Christmas release. We'll have a fur- Magncltc Scroll, ar. Back. Back, BACK, «tlh Imr tlrsl gam* ,her up jale goon In ages, in* seriously spooky The Legacy!
MORPH MILLENNIUM After a disastrous teleportation experiment young Morris Rolph.
Morph to his friends, has been turned into an amorphous cloud of atoms. The only way for him to return to a solid, boyish state is to take a trip through the teleportation machine again. Unfortunately, a large bolt of lightning has blown the thing to bits and spread the pieces across the country. Yes, you guessed it, it's your job to help Morph find the machine parts that’ll turn him back to normal.
The game is a puzzler with the poor kid having to negotiate all sorts of obstacles to find the parts. Not too difficult you might think, but you'd be wrong! Morph has been left with just enough bodily control to transform himself into one of four states - gas, liquid, flexible and solid. The tricky thing is that he has an extremely limited number of changes available at any one time.
From what we've seen Morph is looking pretty good. It you ask nicely we'll have a full review next month.
So, you have to work out some way of reaching the end AND collecting the part without running out of changes All of which has to be done within a time limit.
THE SETTLERS ol commerce are set in motion Blue Byte plan to include 60 predesigned levels, which will throw up a number ot different challenges, from plagues and natural disasters, to famines and aggressive warlords If's also planned to include a randomly generated map to keep things from getting dull Players will be able to choose either a one-player mode against up to three computer opponents or a two-player simultaneous option played against one or two computer players.
Defines the length and breadth ot your kingdom by placing stone holders all around the periphery These can be pushed further and further afield by sending troops to the further most outposts ol your territory and constructing small garrisons The game involves a complex bartenng system with various Bow
• charts used to show the distnbution ol goods and services. At
the start, you'll find yoursell with a finite supply ol raw
materials, so you must build up a manufacturing base quickly.
Everything is mouse- controlled from a bank ol icons at the bottom of the screen, with a useful fast-forward option once the wheels the local butchers or saw mill - it's a little bit like the computer equivalent ot Camberwick Green. In tact. When you consider that each dty kingdom can comprise a maximum ol 64,000 citizens you can see that it'll take all your time just to keep everyone in full-time employment The sim is set in Med«aval times, which is reflected in the type of dwellings that can be built, plus the range ot armaments available.
The lirst thing to do is construct a castle - this acts as an HO and DOGFIGHT MICROPROS!
Fancy pitting an F-16A Fighting Falcon against a World War One Sopwith Camel? How about a Sea Harrier against a Spitfire? Both these options and many more besides are on offer in Microprose's latest combat Bight sim Doghght. As the name suggests, is an air to air combat sim in which the player can select one of 12 different aeroplanes ranging Irom the aforementioned Sopwith Camels and Spitfires right up to Ft 5 combat jets Once pre- flight training has been completed, it's up. Up and away into the shiny blue yonder as you pit early World War I and World War II planes against the technology of
modem jet fighters.
Will heat seeking missiles be able to lock onto bi planes or can a Spitfire out manoeuvre a combat equipped Tornado? Now you'll be able to find out.
As well as the dogtightmg ele- meats of the game, there will also be the opportunity to fty a series of missions To make the game accessible. Micoprose have kept the controls simple, so all you'll need is a pair of goggles, a reliable joystick and awwaaaaay you gol Expect an ETA before the end of this year.
WjiS'V- • •' imMi.
FIND ItiSPUJTTER!!) tC TO MAKE MATTERS) .WORSE I'VE CAUGHT) . TOUR BAD COLDJ ( Like Nothing on Earth For winning sports sims, go MicroProse. On the greens and race tracks, MicroProse grabs gold, relegating competitors to the ranks of also-rans and non-starters!
Re- up rs, rds.
Mgs able ide K - US 'fake golf. Tested against Links 386 Pro, PGA Tour for Windows and lack Nicklaus Signature Edition, David Leadbetter's Golf took a clear lead. None came close to its lifelike 3D graphics, shot recording facility, handicap system, video playback mode and multicamera tracking options, according to PC Format in November '92.
Likewise in Grand Prix racing. When Oliver Gavin competed at Spa in Belgium recently, he was the only driver who had never driven the track. The night before he borrowed a computer and MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix. He learnt all about the circuit and next day he won the race! No other computer racing game simulates so accurately.
The only thing that compares is sport itself. Gel the world's finest sports sims from MicroProse.
Having just secured a million pound contract with Ocean Software, DID look set to take the Amiga market by storm once again.
CU AMIGA takes a long, hard look... Did don't like to do things by halves. Take a look at their pedigree Falcon shot to number one blasting Electronic Arts' Interceptor out of the skies. A couple 01 yearS la,ef F 29 v vv Retahator stormed the ... Amiga market, witn the i( Jffl fastest vectors ever seen in a flight simulation. Now. In 1993.
They've moved into overdrive.
In last December s issue of CU AMIGA, we ran a feature on the then newly released A1200. On the subject of flight simulations, we made a prediction that some thought was a tad optimistic: It could be time to kiss goodbye to the barren green plains, triangular mountains and paper darts that have been the hallmarks of flight sims for the past decade Say hello to speedy light-sourced, texture-m apped F- 15s. Rolling countryside and fractal clouds.
Amazingly, that's exactly what DID are serving up.
AGA-DO The bad news for all you owners of non AGA machines is that both Inferno and Odyssey are being developed for the 1200 and 4000 only. However, one man's loss is indeed another man's gam. And if you're lucky enough to own an AGA Amiga, you're m for something pretty special.
Developing exclusively for the 1200 and 4000 wouldn't be a particularly safe financial move at the moment, until the 1200 replaces the 500 as the main Amiga in the home.
Fortunately. DID have sorted out a development plan that means they can produce the VGA PC version and the 1200 4000 games simultaneously. All the program code is written in C. an extremely portable language, which means that almost exactly the same code can be used on both PC and Amiga Re-routing any sub-roulines to get the best from the Amiga's own custom chips is easily done.
WHY THE 1 200?
Speed has always been a feature of DID s games, but it has come at a price With 3D games, there's an inevitable trade-off between graphic detail and speed. In the past. DID have gone for speed rather than detail, but this time they wanted both, and then some' The 1200 and 4000 were the only Amigas that could make it all possible.
EDITORS To streamline the development of both Odyssey and Inferno. DID have created their own set of editors.
There's one tor creating missions, another for objects, another for plan ets and landscapes one for character animations and so on The result is that afler the editors have been written, there s very little coding to be done All the main routines are there, so the team are free to concentrate on the all-important graphics and gameplay. This approach seems to be working - we witnessed no scenes of irate pro grammers pulling their hair out in frustration In fact, they seem to be more concerned about what tape gets played on the olfice stereo than anything else The obvious use for editors is
object design although DID s object editor is surprisingly basic. Most of the data for planes and buildings is entered as strings of co-ordinates, which are then turned into solid 3D chunks by the display routines.
It you're easily bored with the built-in missions on most flight sims.
You'll be pleased to know that DID will be including the mission editor in the release version of Inferno so you can create your own scenarios.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS CU AMIGA nferno is going to be the most stunning flight simulation the Amiga has ever seen. No. That's not a quote from DID boss Martin Kenwright, it’s actually our own opin- ©n. Compared to this, the competition is in the dark ages It makes Birds ot Prey look like a game of Space Invaders. Rash claims? Not a bit of it.
128 COLOURS Innovation number one is the use of the new AGA graphics modes. VGA Pcs use a 256-colour bitmapped display. Which is very convenient, because the 1200 has a very similar mode itself, although a concession to speed has meant that the Amiga verson will run in 128 colours. For one thing, the massive palette eliminates the coarse stippling effect that's normally used to simulate different shades.
We've all played flight sims with that common blue sky and flat green flowing smoothly, and overcomes Retaliator's problem of objects suddenly popping into view.
MALTBX- Another Amiga first is the texture mapping.
Sure, 3D rendering programs have incorporated texture land, but Inferno uses the extra colours to produce a realistic horizon, with various degrees ot haze depending on the weather conditions and the time ot day or night. Another clever use ot the 128 colours, is the distant blur eftect. Not only does this make distant objects look more realistic, but also it cuts down the unnecessary detail, which keeps it all » CAMERA, AND... ACTION!
It would be criminal to let all these llashy visual tricks go to waste. DID have gone lor masi- mum visual impact by including a bucketload ot dilterant views. We've all seen esterior views in (light sims, but those ot Memo are much more convincing, mainly because ol one very simple detail. Normally, the camera would follow the plane exactly, as if it were attached to it somehow. However. In Memo, the camera and plane both bob Independently ol each other, but only very slightly. The result is subtly ditlerent. With a slight parallax effect, but it's tar more realistic.
It's not only your own plane that's a pleasure to watch. A protessional aeronautical engineer was dratted in to help out with the llight dynamics, and It shows The outside loops, barrel rolls and Immelman turns ol the enemy are silky smooth.
He biggest single deal In sottware history was recently signed between Ocean and Digital Image Design. Ocean has agreed to hand over El million in staged payments to DID lor eiclusive rights to their neit sia products. Gary Bracey, Ocean's Sottware Director, has said that DIO are without gueslion the leading light in 30 games development' and that the deal will enable Ocean to make serious In roads Into the luture ol CO gaming.'
These are big claims to make about anyone, so we decided to take a closer look at this Runcorn-based team to Digital Image Oesigu is headed up by Martin Kenwright, a large Scouser who looks like an amalgam of all tour Beatles (who. Surprisingly, ligure greatly in his record cotleetion).
And who has plenty ol the natural warmth that is associated with Liverpudlians. DIO can attentively trace their origins back to the day that Martin was in his A level maths class.
Being bored with the current lesson he decided to make a tew doodles ol his teacher. 01 course they were less than Haltering so when the teacher came over and saw them he was sure that he'd be in big trouble. He picked the drawing up anil I thought this Is II' but he had a good laugh about It.
ART AND D1S1GN ------ ROOTS But then ho asbod ma to atay behind allot data and I tbouiht I was realty in lot it. However he liked my work so much that he asked me to draw some graphics tor a game that he was designing. The game was Srrtte force Warrior on the Atari ST. There was an artist In London who had been working on It but couldn't do it any more. At that time I had never seen a mouse never mind an ST but I ended up drawing guile a bit, in particular all the MiGs.’ It took Martin lost one weekend to dtaw the planes despite his lack ol computer eiperience.
The game Itsell aold well on the ST and suddenly Martin could see a blossoming career in computer art.
The neit stage was a job otter trom Rowan Software, a company lamous tor their llight sims. He became a trainee »
• H%.
The best a word processor can be... If you won! To take a closer look at Ihe new Wortfworth dot 0395 270273, or write to Digito, FREEPOST, Exmoulh EX8 2YZ ENGLAND ?
Wordworth, simply the best.
DIGITA INTERNATIONAL Digita International limited Block Horse Home Exmoulh EX8 IJL England Telephone 0395 270273 Focsimile 0395 268893 FIRST IMPRESSIONS CU AMIGA Mid an roiueling as se*n from the virtual cockpit docking with th* pod Isn t NAME: Russell Payne AGE: 27 POSITION: Director. Coder. R&D COMPUTER HISTORY: Strike Force Homer. Falcon. F29, Robocop 3. Epic HOBBIES: He lists his hobbies as chess, heavy metal music, being happy and losing his eyesight due to spending too long m front ol a monitor. Boy what a mix.
You're in Virtual Cockpit mode, you can look around just as you would In reality (virtually). The inside of the cockpil and the control panel are all texture mapped, and the results are amazingly realistic. In fact, this is just one of the reasons why DID have been asked to develop a protessional flight simulator to train real pilots!
More texture mapping is used in small touches like the UN logo on the tail of the plane, and all going well, it should also be evident on some of the buildings.
THE REAL WORLD Have you had enough of games set in Simulationland? You know the place, where mountains are like bright green pyramids, the sky is » NAME: Jamie Cansdale AGE: 19 POSITION: Programmer COMPUTER HISTORY: Robocop 3. And Ihe 30 shape editor and world editor lor upcoming games HOBBIES: Psychedelic experimenter, cos- mologist. Evolutionist, listening to the Shamen and communing with Gaia. Oh and telling porkies to journalists who re compiling information panels mapping lor years, but they can take hours to draw a single Irame. Even the best demo coders haven't quite got to grips with
realtime texture mapping, but DID have got it sussed.
Texture mapping is a clever combination ol vector and bitmapped graphics. The texture map itsell is hke a poster, which is pasted onto the surface of a 3D vector object. It takes a lot of processing power, but if you can get it running fast enough.
Us extremely effective.
With these new routines, DID have developed what they call their Virtual Cockpit'. From outside the plane, you can zoom in on the pilot and right into the cockpit! Once 24 HOUR CALLOUT It's no nlne-lo-five job when you're top lighter pilot in the middle ol a raging war. DID are mating sure they cram as much realism as they can into Inferno by simulating different times of day. Apart Irom the normal daytime missions, there'll be others that need to be Iiown at dawn and sunset, and in the middle ot the night, A simulated Infra-red night vision mode will help you through the darter moments.
NAME: Martin Kenwright AGE. 25 POSITION: ' * • Director * COMPUTER HIS TORY: Stnke 3. Force Harrier, J&v 'k ’ Si Falcon. Tetris.
Jug. Turbotrax.
Gold runner II. W'jTj Spiltire 40. F29 Z'J, Retahator, Epic.
Robocop 3 HOBBIES: He claims he s loo busy to have any hobbies, but would like to be known as the one who's into any form of over indulgence, physical abuse and fast driving.
Seslgner end it was there Out he met Colin Bell and Russell hayne. Who are now with him al DID, II was a good gtound- ag In graphic arl as he was exposed to various dilletnnl james. 'I worked on ihe PC conversion ol Stnke force Xirritr. As well is Spittire 40, hits ol Tetris, and the Falcon :emersion But as I was stilt quite yoong I didn't really get the oppodsnilies that I believed I should have so I lell. I :oked around lor another job and got involved with a com- :rny that was going to do some wort tor Ocean,
- .r.iortunalely, it didn't get oh the ground but at least I had
a toot in Ihe door wllh them. I had an idea at that time lor a
night aim which would be a hit more arcadey lhan me rest so i
approached Gery Bracey at Ocean and ashed Mem II they
• anted lo gef involved. Within 20 mmoles ol my soggesling the
idee Gary gel me a cheque for £20.000.' That shows just how
much eontidence Martin inspires in his abilities as an artist.
Bui Ibe big problem lor him now was how lo pul this game
together in less than a year, especially considering he didn’t
have anyone to help him. He called on his old Rowan colleague.
Russell, who he was eager lo help. With all our eipenenci al
Rowan behind us we realised that hr order lo make the game
successful we would need lo goeerale a whole new type ol 3D
technology so wn spent six months just designing Ihe engine
around which the game would he built.
After we'd corfod that out the game itsell only look a further six months to do.' That game became the smash hit F-20 Relalialor, which succeeded despile a minor promolional mistake. 'We were planning on calling IIF 2! Retellalor, hul unfortunately someone in marketing at Ocean cocked-np, so it ended upas MS.' DOUBLE DEALING At the same lime as he secured Ihe first Ocean deal Martin also sold an idea for a space game to Microdeal. He wenled to work on a pseudo-sequel lo one ol Microdeal's earlier hits called GoiPmoer. Martin's Idea was lor a 3D version ol that gamo. John Symes Irom Microdeal
deddad to go with It and Martin was left wllh tha hard task ot bringing in two 3D games with a skeleton stall. It's a measure ol all their commitment and skill the! That game turned oul lo be an oven bigger Oil thin F-29. It became, ol course, Cpic. It really oely started out es a hobby of a game. All wo wanted was a
- lew spaceships Id Hy around and shoo! But II """ evolved so
much Ihsl we almost ran oul ol money, h became such a big game
that in the meaatime we had started end linished Robocop 3
which was well received but not vety prolitable tor us because
ol all the licens-
• VII (liuilieurp IUI VO iruvuue. VI vil inn uvwnn I leg deals
Involved.’ When fplcwas released It was rtol an Inslant success
due to Ihe game- play being rather too easy In places. Martin
.. was not happy about this but felt that techni- .• «iCS2
catty at least they had achieved something. » » always blue,
and clouds look like UFOs. Infemo takes place in an alto
gether more believable world.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS Instead of solitary mountains sprinkled around a flat plain, you get proper mountain ranges, with convincingly-shaded valleys, snow-capped peaks and foothills.
This is what flying a fighter is all about - darting down a valley in pursuit of an enemy, braking hard and banking to avoid the looming walls of granite, before ducking over the other side and into safe airspace.
Then there are the clouds. If you happen to be out in overcast weather, you can fly up through the cloud base, and emerge from the fog to see the bubbly doud tops below, and the clear blue sky above.
In fact, you could quite easily forget the gameplay, the missions, the strategy, and just take your plane out for pleasure flights around the world, exploring the mountain ranges of South America and the natural splendour of Central Europe. A pilot's life for me... NINE FLOPPIES At the moment, it's looking like Inlemo will come on nine floppy disks. That's not such good news lor anyone without a hard drive, but il you do have one. You'll be relieved to hear that it WILL be hard disk installable. There will also be a CD-ROM version released at some lime, although at present there are no CD
drives for the AGA Amigas. Commodore promise one for the 1200 'before Christmas', but the rumoured 1200-based CD console will probably hit Ihe streets first.
NAME: Colin Bell AGE: 25 POSITION: Head ol Development , - COMPUTER HIS- I TORY Spitfire 40 W x J ’ Strike Force ' » Harrier. Falcon.
Flight ol the Intruder Reach m: ® tor the Skies. 1 Epic Robocop3 "j ¦••aSWjt.-;: HOBBIES: Playing Ihe guitar, driving and walking. (Sounds suspiciously like he's trying lo till his C.V. with interesting topics - Ed.l ALIEN SEX FIEND As lar as space shoot 'em ups go, music is usually more of an afterthought rather than an intergral part of the game design, but not so with Odyssey.
Another example of DID's ambitious approach is Odysseys soundtrack. Instead of just writing four-channel soundtracks, they've enlisted tjie talents of Alien Sex Fiend, who are cqrrently composing some epic atmospheres and tunes. Top notch studio equipment is being used in an attempt to come up With the best ever Amiga game soundtrack, and so far it s sounding pretty tasty.
The original tracks will be recorded straight to CD lor the CD-ROM version, but It’s going to be an uphill struggle to convert them to four-channel tracks for the floppy-based game.
It's fantasy all the way with Odyssey, so you can still go around blowing everything up with outrageously powerful weapons, but you don't get the guilt trip of having just destroyed a whole dty of innocent people.
Your local solar system has gradually been taken over by a massive corporation, which has appointed itself ruler of the spaceways. You've taken it upon yourself to spearhead the revolution. What this all adds up to is plenty of zipping from planet to planet, liberating colonies, blowing up enemy installations, and generally pretending to be Buck Rogers. Got the idea’ COMIC TOUCHES They're into comics in quite a big way at DID, but the interest goes » ‘On a technical level it was really pretty amazing with 400 interactive starships plus different worlds and the like.
Looking back on it now it seems pretty dated as the game engine is now obsolete. With every game we've learnt a lesson and improved on the engine. It's not a question of abandoning it. Rather It's an evolutionary process; with Odyssey and Inferno we’re on our fourth generation ol 3D engine. Advances in technology have allowed us to develop a huge networked system with 20.000 tiles on and a gigabyte of data just lor the 3D shapes.'
DREAM COME TRUE Martin s tale may seem like a dream come tree tor many budding artists and programmers but it's not been easy. 'It has bean a struggle. We really did get into some compromising positions by running late on a few projects. A lot of it was due to Internal changes at DID but we believe that things are sorted out now.
You've got to understand that we weren’t doing sprite- based games and by choosing to concentrate on 30 games we were biting off more than we could chew. Fortunately we had great support from Ocean who continued to pay us despite the over runs.
Martin has a lot of respect for Ocean as he sees it as the only UK publisher with any vision. I’ve always said that lor the British software industry to succeed it has got to be backed up by big bucks. If you want to see really fantastic games you’ve got to be prepared to invest in their development. Ocean has been the only publisher that is prepared to put their money were their mouth is.' One million pounds may seem like a huge amount but when you consider that a decent 30 game can cost around £250,000 to develop you can see that it isn't that great.
DfO's next step is to consider establishing a label for themselves. 'We've built up a good reputation In Europe but in the UK we've been rather overshadowed by Ocean's name. What I'd like is for us to be seen as being affiliated to Ocean rather than as part of them.' Everything's coming good for 010 at the moment. Going on their past successes, and with Martin's drive, we re sure that they will achieve whatever they set out to do.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS CU AMIGA In space, near misses become close encounters. Tnis one was lucky to avoid instant death in a mid-space collision.
NAME. Andee Gahan AGE: 20 POSITION: Graphic Artist COMPUTER HISTORY: None HOBBIES: Ealing snacks, playing lead guitar in a band, producing original T-shirts and using Kung Fu lo persuade people lo buy them.
NAME Rob Ball AGE: 20 POSITION: Graphic Artisl Animator COMPUTER HISTORY. Epic. Robocop3 HOBBIES: Painting, sculpting, comic art.
Short people, long animals and leaty trees.
Rob has been a person for as long as he can remember, and in lad claims to have been born that way. Rob gets all aggitated il people call him Bobby (he hates football).
Way beyond just reading them. For Odyssey, they've created their own comic. They wanted a strong storyline that would give the game plenty of atmosphere, but most people can't even be bothered to read the first page of instructions, let alone a mini-novel.
The solution is to include a scene-setting comic, which should entice the laziest gamers.
MASS DESTRUCTION Under the surface, Odyssey and Inferno are very similar, but with Odyssey it looks as if the emphasis is going lo be firmly on action. There II certainly be adventure and strategy elements, but if it carries on the way it is. You won t be short-changed A pow*r station Is a sitting duck - wttfi all the enemy ships destroyed, it’s had Its chips.
When it comes to gratuitous alien wasting! The same technology that's being used to create the spookily real world ol Inferno is also being used to create the spookily unreal solar system ot Odyssey. 'iJ ¦M SOFT IN THE HEAD When it comei to inimatinj some lotor lovol character shots, most would lost hooch up a tew screens In Opmt hot not DID. Determined to gel everything as slick as possible, they built their own alien heads from Plasticine. These were then digitised, aad animated with lhair own custom, designed morphing software.
T lo NAME: Paul Hollywood AGE: 20 POSITION: Vector Graphic Designer Coordinator COMPUTER HISTORY: Epic. Robocop 3.
HOBBIES: Clubbing, cultural and artistic enlightenment and playing computer games.
NAME: Andy Bate AGE:20 POSITION: Vector Graphic Designer COMPUTER HISTORY: None HOBBIES: None, apart Irom drinking, comics, drinking, playing on his Megadrive and then going out lor even more drinking.
NAME: Shaun Hollywood AGE: 26 POSITION: Art Director, Game Designer lor Odyssey COMPUTER HISTORY: Robocop 3. Two mainstream commercial animations
- Smarties commercial and Access percentages HOBBIES: Art
appreciation, reading and clubbing. Apparently Shaun has also
worked on various comic illustrations tor Eleetway.
As well as designing stull lor TV including Grange Hill.
C4 lilies and 7 Sport. Oh.
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These characters each have unique abilities, like the Assassin who can turn invisible and the Troubadour whose songs boost the party’s stats.
It's the Runemaster and his spells, though, that make Empire really spe dal (see the Spells R Us panel below) THE PLOT THICKENS The game carries on where Legend left off with your band ot tour adventurers celebrating alter defeating the minions ol chaos in Trazere. That celebration is cut short by the arrival ot a messenger with news that the Assassin's lather, the Emperor, has been murdered by an aide and the throne is being sought by lour feuding warlords. Wasting no time you ride east to the Imperial castle to be greeted by Aunt Sushiana She informs you that the murderer is hiding in
the vaults beneath the palace and you have to root him out This tale sets the scene lor the I's tunny sometimes how really good games can appear without all the attendant showboating that comes with major releases That's exactly what happened when the original Legend first appeared. It was released to lukewarm reviews but soon became a cult classic As one ot the many Ians ol Legend it was with some pleasure that I greeted the arrival of its semi-sequel.
Son ot the Empire.
Empire'has been released as a stand-alone expansion lor the original but it Is, in effect, a brand new game It puts you once more in control ol the Berserker, the Assassin, the In the pursuit of truth, justice and baked beans Jon Sloan’s travelled to some funny places, but none stranger than the Empire of the Moon. Here’s his guided tour to a land overrun by chaos and plagued by monsters with an attitude.
GET TOOLED UP Son ottho Empire becomes progressively more difficult the deeper ,oe pet Into tbe pome. Initially the monsters ,00 meet ere pretty eosy to trick end tbe ponies CIO be readily salved, let. Otter trawling throeph these earlier dungeons ind vsultt coder the Imperial Palsce. You'll llnd the! The later locations aro pretty tough. Fortunately help Is at hand le the lorm ol magical Items.
They came 11 many toms Irom simple damage inflicting helmets that strike the tile in Irani ol you to handy magically protective rings They can be obtained by careful searching, by purchase tram an Artificer ot simply by picking mem up once you've deleated their current owners. The problem is mat they re olten one shot only and you can't tell what they do till you try them. Well tear ao more lor hero's a definitive list ol me most common magic Hems and their uses «r «•« tirst trainer' dungeon which, the tact it's supposed to be basic, soon gets pretty hairy The magoan at the end ol it is
particularly lough and requires umpteen hacks and magical blasts betore he gives up the ghost Once he's been sorted you m??: is, as Sushiana informs you that m order to reunite the realm youll have to travel to its lour corners to collect lour shards of an amulet. Apparently it’s needed lo awaken the eternal champion who's the only force strong enough to defeat the warlords WHAT DO YOU SEE?
The main action takes place m one ol the seven isometnc dungeonsrvaults that are hidden beneath various towns and shrines. You travel to which ww b. them across a fractal map, whilst desperately trying to avoid the roving warlord s armies as an encounter with one can result in a quick death lor the unprepared Once a vault is reached it's straight into it lor some exploration and dungeon bashing The screen is dominated by an isometnc display of the dungeon environment whilst surrounding it are various icons showing your characters, a map-making dragon, a satchel tor the inventory and various
plinths on which stand any magical items that you're weanng. This system is very easy to learn as it only needs one dick to access the inventory, change leaders or use a magic item It s fortunate that the control system is so easy as, once battle s, the action is extremely fast Monsters attack from all directions and destructive spells whiz around and explode in graphic detail Even with all this going on there's no apparent loss ot speed, which is quite an achievement. Perhaps this is due to the simplicity ol the graphics which, though workman-like, tail to alter much from dungeon to dun
geon. With the orientai'setting it's a shame that the designers didn't take the opportunity to really revamp the backgrounds Apart from the odd item here and there the graphics are very similar to the original. Also, the sound ettects and tunes soon become imtating in their repetition That said, even the sound and graphic simplicity cannot detract from the addictive gamaplay. I even had to be forcibly dragged away from my monitor to write this review! Once you start Empire you'll soon be dragged in so tar that it's hard to stop The scenario is realistic, the action thick and fast and the magic
system without equal. This game is one ot the most believable and playable RPGs to date. 2) , MINDSCAPE £25.99 ISM 51 XSSS. I IIM A1S00 M AIMS M A5000 fl AIMS ¦ MINDSCAPE INTERNATIONAL, PRIORITY HOUSE. MALTINGS PARK, CHARLES AVENUE. BURGESS HILL, WEST SUSSEX RH1S 9P0. Tel: 0444 246333.
• eieeo78% ioooooo$ 1% .i.092% PLAYABILITY 040
• 96% OVERALL 90° , CLOUD HELM- ¦Mi.CLQ Sb [Tills Item teleports
its wester onto sbeteeer square ¦HOLY HELM - This causes ell
enemies in the surroundlnp sight squares to see the light and
convert lo good lor the deration ol Hie battle.
BATTLE HORN - The Troubadour will go mad lor INIs musical instrument, it allows him to berserh like Ihe Barbarian [ANGEL HELM - |An Assassin's dream this. Pop It on and he'll speed Into battle and teleport whatever he wants to go BRONZE POTION - ! Give this drlat to any warrior and he'll soon be 'steaming Into battle like the legends of aid.
AMBER POTION - II you're likely lo tece a powerful runemaster taka a swig of mis to nullity his worst ettects.
SERPENT SHIE LOTUS most special magic Item ol all heals all year hit points lo fell capacity no matter how high their masimom Is.
| DRAGON POTION- Like the tabled beast. AnyoM drinking mis potion will heal at great speed, become stronger than steel sutler no III effects from a magician s wand [ -jXOLDHELM- as il regenerates its wearer s hit CHAOS HELM- Perhaps ihe most eselul helm el ell. It allows Bw wearer to re-ehilfy his companions.
G010 POTION - Like the effects ol the Gold Hefm. H yea drink this yoe ll tael a lot belter SUM RING It's said mat a good dose ol snnstuao soon hash yoor wounds and with this Hog it s bee.
M, Vi Thl. Map .now* your targele n non os Itoch bottoflee. Should you lake too many nut your bombot will go craehrng to tho ground.
ANCIENT ART “WAIT SKIES The Andent Art Of War In The Skies, apart Irom having a ridiculously long title, gives you the chance to match wits with a number ol famous generals over the battle lields ol first world war Europe In your role as commander ot several squadrons ol lighters and bombers, your orders are simple - drive the enemy back at any cost. All ol the strategy takes place on a map screen, where your and your enemy s bases, cities and lactones are displayed From here you order air strikes and keep tabs on what your loe is up to. Clicking on one ol your bases brings up a list of the
pilots and bombers stationed there When you've chosen how many to send on a raid, or to intercept the enemy, you can sit back and watch them taking oil, before waiting lor an action sequence to occur.
‘Monkeys at seven o’clock’ cried Ginger.
‘Well I never, it appears to be Microprose’s latest foray into aerial combat!’ replied Mark Patterson, busily scraping flies from his goggles.
When aircraft Irom opposing sides meet you're asked if you want to take control ol an aircraft Select yes and you re taken to a screen displaying all the participating cratt.
Which then begin to whirl away taking pot-shots at each other. Alternatively, you can skip this and the computer calculates the outcome based on the individual skill ol the pilots and a small slice ol luck.
TZU TV Since World War I ended only 75 years ago. You might be wondering why the word Ancient is in the game s title The inspiration tor this game, and its two PC-only predecessors, lies in a 2500 year-old book The Art 01 Wer was written by Sun T*u a great Japanese warrior who meticulously studied his enemies tactics, terrain and soldiers before engaging in a battle. As you can imagine he was lar more successful than his opponents who simply charged in especting a healthy ruck and went on to stake a place in Japanese legend The book has proved a source ol inspiration tor many more recent
military leaders, including Napoleon and several ol the brains behind the planning ot Desert Storm His teachings were essentially simple, and were summed up in phrases such as by knowing what your enemy has done in the past you can predict what he will do in the future The manual goes into some detail applying his teachings lo the subject matter ol the game, although I don’t think think Sun T u intended many ot his concepts to be applied lo a bunch ol men with big moustaches, plenty ot jolly banter and rickety flying machines.
SEAT OF THE PANTS A pilot s skill ts shown by the amount ol medals he has, the mote the better. You have to pay attention to this il you're not planning on controlling the aircraft during a dogfight, as a skilful pilot has lar more chance ol surviving than a rookie. Bombers are also in short supply, so if you think you could be lacing plenty ol enemy fighters it's worth keeping some in reserve so you're not left without Ihe ability to strike back alter attacks It's important to plan attacks carefully as destroying different targets affects the enemy's war effort in different ways.
Destroying factories lengthens the time it takes lor new aircraft to be delivered, while bombing a city hurts the supply lines Airbases can prove worthwhile targets. But you have to contend with the lighters stationed there, and they are also rebuilt at the twice the speed ot other targets.
Considering Microprose's more than healthy reputation tor producing flight sims, I was shocked by the unprofessional look of this one.
Where their usual flight sims incorporate excellent vector graphics and mounds of realism, this looks like some kind of reject from the public domain. Controlling your small spnte- based aircraft, you have to steer it around the screen shooting at other tiny aircraft.
The bombing section turned out lo be a little more promising. Viewing your target area from 10,000 leet up, you simply have to avoid flak batteries and get to the target areas. When you're in the right position press the fire button and, if you're really getting into the spint of things, shout some thing like ‘that's one in the eye for the Hun' or tally-ho and back to base chaps'. As you can see, while enjoyable for the first, say. Five minutes, the appeal of this section wanes extremely quickly.
The one thing that could save the game also fails. Strategy is where the bulk ol the game lies and slowly drowns in a mire of limited options and poor design. Depending on the tactics the computer is employing, you have to order your bombers out to bomb targets such as factories and other airbases. What this section lacks is depth - there's hardly anything to it. Once your planes are airborne you tell them what altitude to fly at, what formation to fly in and what they should do to their target when they reach it. The lack of GRAPHICS *????*????44% SOUND ???? .????64% LASTABILITY
????.?????56% PLAYABILITY ??*???43% (Severely limited strategy game. Not what we expect from Microprose. [ OVERALL 45% sftss tal commsMittMng part in such s notoriously badly managed ca*a The manual also reflects the lack of Oap*i " •» game. Very little space s oevoted to telling you how to play A. whie there's mountains of : ''formation on the air GAME REVIEW BULLY'S SPORTING DARTS ALTERNATIVE SOFTWARE OUT NOW £9.99 war Europe Most pointless of all are the *4 ht pages which just list the names of pilots who scored over 10 k*s This is designed to help you Crete* raahsbc scenarios by using
the names of those who participated, although it strikes me as being a stunrang waste of space.
The IS well below the standard that we've come to expect from tecroprose over the years. We can onfy look forward to F- f f 7 and Gunstxp 2000. Both of which are due out later this year.
J. K.M 4 1 YES 1Mb Darts is a game usually played by fat northern
beer drinkers in smoky working men’s dubs. Not that I have
anything against fat northern beer drinkers having spent a
good proportion of my life amongst them. It's just that darts
is a game th*t can only be enjoyed whilst consuming large
quantities ot alcohol. For that reason Bully's Sporting Dart’s
was doomed to failure from the off.
For those of you unfamiliar with the delights of Sunday afternoon telly Bully is a cartoon character from the lovely, super, smashing, great' quiz show Bullseye. This game features darts quite heavily and is held together by Jim Bowen s smashing catchphrases. Bully's Darts may be a licence of the character from the quiz but it bears little resemblance to the show. This version sports six variations on the basic darts theme, as well as the normal 501 there's football, golf, snooker, tennis, cricket and round the board. This may seem like a lot to choose from but they're all much the same.
For instance, in football you throw the darts at highlighted CU AMIGA segments of the board in an attempt to get to your opponent's goal segment and then have a chance to score by throwing at the bull. In tennis. You throw at highlighted segments in order to keep the imaginary ball in play. Yawn!!
Unlike the real thing there's actually little skill involved. You control a wobbly on-screen hand which suffers badly from the effects of gravity.
So, to get the darts in the bit ol board you want it's basically a question ot keeping the joystick poshed up and steady. Bully is ever present throughout the game to give a word of encouragement or derision... well, actually all he does Is moof In fact Bully's moo is just about the only sound effect and as for the ingame tune, the less said the better. As a budget release Bully’s Darts fails abysmally, in fact it would have trouble cutting it as PD. Avoid.
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Please reserve me a copy of CU Amiga every month, starting with the JULY issue which goes on sale on June 19th.
NAME . ADDRESS .. TEL CU AMIGA COVERDISKS TAKING CONTROL It you’re new to this type ol game, the tallowing handy hints will help you become accustomed to the joystick controls.
You control the player nearest to the ball, highlighted by a line underneath his feet. All the other players on your learn behave according lo their individual attributes and will move into suitable positions to receive a pass.
When not in possession ol the ball, the longer your player runs in one direction the taster he goes. When Hat out. It's harder to change direction, and you’ll need a bit ol practice lo find a happy medium between pace and control.
There are a number ot different ways ol tackling an opponent. A sliding tackle is pulled off by tapping the tire button whilst the ball is low on the ground. As a result your player will slide in the direction he is lacing. To make a sate tackle your player must make contact with the ball before he makes contact with the opponent - It not.
You'll almost certainly have the Ret on your back! To stop an opposing player reaching a ball, gel between him and the ball so he has lo slow down. It s possible lo Intercept passes when either running normally or whilst performing a sliding tackle. If you’re going too last, you'll probably lose control.
To head a ball, quickly tap the tire button when the ball is in the air and. When the player jumps, push your joystick in the required direction. You can make the player head the ball downwards by holding the lire button down while the player is in the air until he heads il.
A player automatically kicks the ball ahead ol him as he runs in a straight line.
The distance kicked depends on the speed that the player is running. To trap the ball at your tael, you must press and hold the fire button immediately before your player touches the ball. You'll come lo a stop with the ball al your feet. Now, centre the joystick, release the fire button, push the joystick in a new direction, and ofl you go!
Passing the ball is just as simple. Trap the ball, keep the fire button held down and then move your joystick so your player is lacing the direction in which he wants to pass the ball. Now. Release the fire button and the ball will be passed lo the feel ot the player nearest to yours in the direction you are currently pushing the joystick.
You can chip the ball by reversing your joystick when in contact with the ball.
Alternatively, stop running with the ball. The ball will then run on ahead and. If you’ve judged it correctly, it will run through to another of your players. This can be very effective as some players follow the move- menl ot the player rather than the movement ot the ball and this can tool them.
Shooting with the ball Is also easy. A normal shot merely requires a quick stab on the fire button. You may then adjust the direction and height ot the ball using alter touch (which we'll describe in a minute).
Get in close to goal and tapping the lire button will pull oft a Super Shot. No aiming is necessary, just stab the fire button and the ball will go powering towards goal. The quality ol the strike will depend on your player's individual shooting skill.
After touch is applied to a ball after II has been kicked, ft lets you affect the height and direction ol a ball. The direction ot your joystick immediately alter a kick determines the direction ol the swerve - how soon after the kick you adjust the direction and how long you bold onto it in that direction before letting go determines the amount ot swerve.
CU AMIGA have learned K aBi Goalis publishers Vrpn and Bp sportswear firm. Addas tocFV 12 lucky (or not so lucky) readers 9m chance to win an ongmal Arsenal away team stwt n ota exka rprcel coverdisk competition So how can you am one d these elegant laslson ecceeeenes?
Simple! Check out ow Go* coverdisk and youl ngMMM demo is made up ot sa evers Bet get progressively harder ae Be game goes on Each M ¦ one minute in length and to progreae to the next level you muS score a goal in the allotted time. ¦ you dont score, you'll be taken to Be Sore screen were you’ll be able to we* your pilitul score- 11 you score a goal *i al sh l*r- els (i.e. you score six goals tart* numerically challenged amongs you!), you will also be gaon a score. II you think you've got a particularly good one, and reckon - s probably better than anybody else could achieve, then press Be
Ft key and your score plus an O coda will be displayed. Wnte Oodt Be score and the code down and send them into CU AMIGA on Be er»y form provided (And just «t case you thought oI cheating. Dmo s designed the demo so that Be code will authenticate your score' Ha1 The points system works Bus Scoring a goal will give you 100 points and the quicker you score the more bonus points you can amass. So. It you score a goat sdB 55 seconds left on the dock, you * get 155 points for that round ».
However, you score with iust one second remaining, you'll only eet- lect 101 points. Your score is automatically carried over to each new level, until you either tai to score or complete the demo.
N You should be aiming to amass at least 800 points in total to De m with a chance ot winning. The over all winner will also receive a special commemorative plack to stick on the mantlepiece and show ott to their friends. Blimeyl RULES ARE RULES
1. This competition is not open to employees ol EMAP
Images Virgin Adidas.
?. The Editor s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into
3. Results will be published in a luture issue ol CU AMIGA.
4. Closing dale lor entries is June 15th.
ENTRY FORM I this coupon and'send il to: GoooaaaaallllllllM! Compo, CU Amiga, Pnoiy Court. 30-32 Farringdon Lane, Farringdon, London, EC1R 3AU.
Yep. Rm a top Amiga gamesplayer and I've managed to complete the Goa!' Coverdisk demo and amassed a total score ot points! My special code number was ...... n box 4 you'd hke to know more about Virgin game titles L) Science fiction meets Nordic nasties in Interplay’s latest platform- cum-puzzle game.
John Mather pulls out his hair in frustration (or what’s left of it..) II veil TI O ECU' I STOP FICFTINC, I Ml GUING 113 I IE VI TI3 line IU VEU HUIII!
Take three overweight Vikings, a bunch ot intergalactic zoologists and some of the most dastardly tricks and traps ever to appear in a computer game and you'll get some idea of what awaits you in this zany platform romp. Best described as Lemmings meets Rick Dangerous. The Lost Vikings is set on-board an alien spaceship which doubles up as an intergalactic zoo.
Our heroes, three Viking brothers, have been spirited away Irom their ancestral homeland and dumped in the cargo hold of this travelling menagerie. Destined to.spend the rest of their days in slavery, the tubby trio of warriors set out to conquer their alien zookeeper. The infamous Tomator, and return to their loved ones.
To gain their freedom they have to hack and slash their way through more than '37"levels of platform tomfoolery and hair-pulling puzzles Although fairly easy to begin with, i.e. get key to open door or push switch to deactivate lorcefietd. The puzzles get more and more complicated as the game progresses. Soon, you'll be encountenng epic multi-screen extravaganzas that encompass some of the strangest (not to say wackiest) puzzles ever. For instance, one level requires your Nordic heroes to fill themselves full of hot air Irom a bicycle pump in order to float up to safety. Another episode
involves an encounter with a bunch ol Egyptian Mummies, whose very touch turns you into a bandaged zombie Lois ol iMvtcM .i. on rwnd lo hWp you gm wound ¦ MvW - Dm. Mdud. Gent bubbto.. ims.
Laddsrs. Tisnsponws. Blcycl. Pump«l). And diawbrtdgas.
Mts?1 To stop things getting dull, the action is set across a number of worlds, accessed at the end of each stage by guiding your three warriors through a time portal Thus, although the action starts off on board the alien space ship, you II soon find yourself stomping across a primeval swamp, encountenng Egyptian Mummies and being fired upon by futuristic robots All these new opponents are some ol the other exhibits pul together by Tomator and they're all as mad as hell, so watch out.
Irt I good lob Itwro ¦ • MtimiM contlnuta In Imx gam* II your Vlhlng IrMnds Each ol the three Vikings has their own special abilities For instance.
Erik the Swift is the lastest of the trio and also has the ability to head-butt his way through a variety of solid objects Baleog the Beserker. On the other hand, is the weapons expert and possesses both a sword and bow and arrow with which to take out any ot the encroaching nasties. The last member ot the group. Oaf the Stout, carries a hefty shield which is useful for protecting the other members ol the team when they come under fire. His shield can also be turned into a makeshift parachute when held over his head, useful lor gliding down otherwise xiaccessible tunnels.
As you've probably gathered, each level is solved by team work and exploiting each Vikmg's unique abilities to their best advantage A level is only completed once all three warriors have been guided to the exit point - and it's only by working as a team that you'll be able to get there For instance, a charging dinosaur can be held at bay by Ola!, but il requires Baleog to finish the beast off with a well placed blow from his sword Likewise, Erik might be able to reach some of the more inaccessible areas ol the game by leaping across chasms and darting up plat forms, but he reafiy is useless
when it comes to defending himself, and so must rely on the other team members MEET THE GANG COS THE BOYS ARE HERE... Thoy’ra givm us Noggin Ibe Nog, Magnus Magnosson an! Possibly lire worsl lager in Ibe world Airt now »e got this lot... % P gh a iction :e mp- s and ots.
Ne of i as »their ».
3 trio butt i i the jrt d e out The he :h is em- e 3 le for iible rk que A three 9 exit as a ere.
Iir I st off ible :essi- ) iat- hen it J so nbers mended. Especially when you have to press a key while also using the joystick at the same time. I eventually switched to keyboard only and found this a much better option. The SNES version of the game wins handsown in this department, as everything can be controlled via the joypad!
BALEOG THE BESERKER Twi guy's main wapoo it hit wort, ilthough In alto posiatset a tow anp arrow wOlch proves Ideal tor activating twitclies that an a long distance away. Ha's Ihe grumpy one Dl the bunch and will olten start otl the squabbling that accompanies the end ol each level.
OLAF THE STOUT Otari appetite lor adventore is rivalled aoty by his passion lor pastries. When nol nibbling on tome tasty fruit, he can ha found sheltering Behind an enormous shield. This is handy lor stopping an enemy in lie path or lor Minding enemy lire. The same shield can ha usad as a parachute ot hang-glider so that ha can lloal leng distances wllhout coming lo harm. Oesplte this protective shield, M s nol always ettetiive, especially against loes who have jumping capatmtiei lo help him out.
There are a number ol Odjects scattered about each level to make life that little bit easier. FooO comes in especially uselul. As each characler only cones equipped with three hit points, so a lasty piece ol slake or a juicy apple can replenish your health land is consumed by a brilliant burp mg sound)- There are also various keys, smart bombs and weapons to collect along the way. All vital to your soeedy progress. These are collected Dy simply walking across Ihe object which Is then stored in an inventory lor later use. There are also many hidden objects, so it’s best to thor oughly explore
each level, just in case you missed something.
It's likely that compansons will be made to Lemmings, but The Lost Vikings only bears superficial similarities. One of the things the programmers could have learnt from Psygnosis' puzzler, though, is the special preview mode where you can scroll around a level to see what's coming up and plan your actions in Walk like an Egyptian - weil, you will do II that Mummy catches up with you. One touch and you’ll be transformed Into one ol tha walking* dead and that’ll be the end ol this particular advance. I found it constantly annoying to have to take a Jeap into darkness, not knowing what was
coming next, and invariably meeting a grisly fate. Once one team member bites the dust, it's back to the starl of a level, although first you've got to endure an end sequence of a blazing longboat dotting out to sea - all very nice, but incredibly time consuming and it really disrupts the gameplay.
Thankfully, the game hasn't a time limit, and there are infinite continues and a password system, so it's a more leisurely stroll than most arcade puzzlers, and the difficulty curve is just right. It's just a shame that each level takes so long to load!
One of the game's most attractive features is the huge amount of incidental humour that's been packed in.
Some of the animations used to depict our three barbarians are a hoot, especially the many and varied death scenes. Get electrocuted by a forcefield, and your body turns into a pile of old bones, while tumbling into quicksand means a slow slide to oblivion as you wave a fond farewell.
The humour isn’t confined to the graphics and animation, though - at the end of each level the three Vikings always have a pop at each other. Gradually, a story unfolds, and some of the gags are genuinely funny.
The Lost Vikings isn't a perfect game by any means, but it is a lot of fun. Some of the later levels are particularly testing and incredibly devious, obviously the work of some sadistic games designer, and will certainly take some time to complete.
Dangerously addictive.
A500 Zi JI900* 9 MOO y 01100 OISOO TA 01000 Zt 03000 Zi 04000 01 INTERPLAY PRODUCTIONS LTD.. THE BARN. ST. JOHN'S YARD. MAIN ROAD.
FYFIELD, 0X0N 0X13 5LN. TEL: 0865 390029 RELEASE DATE OUT NOW GENRE: ARCADE PUZZLER TEAM: SIUC0N AND SYNAPSE CONTROLS: J0RK NUMBER OF DISKS: 2 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 HARO DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1Mb GRAPHICS ?????? ??82% SOUND ?????? (??80% LASTABILITY ?????? ??87% PLAYABILITY ?????? ???79% m Pillaging and plundering § has never been so much tun. J OVERALL 82° « INTERPLAY £29.99 ST The Land of the Rising Sun gets a visit from our very own multiple personality, Tony Dillon.
This game paints a very strange picture ol Japan, based purely on age old stereotypes, but who's lo say that the real thing isn't tar stranger? For example, leading Japanese computer magazine Log-In- the managing director ol which is a man called Zool - carries all sorts ot inlormative tea- lures such as how to make your Apple Macintosh look like cartoon cat Garfield!
Weirdest ol all are the resalts ol a recent survey carried out among Japanese schoolchildren, which showed that almost a third would like to lose their limbs and have them replaced with bionic equivalents! Still, as imported technology gets cheaper by the day, we can be sure it won t cost six million dollars!
As so many Japanese games tilter their way into the European market via the console sector, it’s interesting to find a game that provides a Westerner’s view of the Orient, complete with overcrowded tube trains and more gadgets and squalor in a square mile than you'd find in one London borough! Of course, this isn’t truly representative of our views, but playing up to stereotypes is always good for a laugh.
MAKING IT UP The game is sel in the fictional city ot Tyoko, and centres around three exconvicts recently released from prison. The first, Donna Fatale, is a saucy nightclub dancer who is repeatedly arrested due to one ot her more risque dances. Doug Nuts is a scientific genius with no looks and no personality - he's arrested tor blowing open a vault only to tind it full ol police. Finally, there's Dino Fagioli. A mountain ot a man with all the strength and brains ot your average Th luscious Donna Fatale in action. Who maid ttwfa'a aexlam In computer games?
JCB digger.
Dtno •••rds** N* history muscle as he takes a look through the museum.
Gullible in the extreme, his only crime was to help a man open a car door - which didn't bel$ tng to him!
When the police arrived at the scene, the man was nowhere to be seen and poor Dino was left holding the baby!
You can choose to play any .of these characters, or all three it you so desire. Each has a part to p|ay in the overall story, but that doesn't mean you need to control them all. It you like, you can just play one of the characters, meeting the others at the appropriate momerits, but that takes all the ingenuity out ot it.
The most interesting thing about this system, called Parallaction, is that all three stories follow different paths, crossing rarely but always relevant to each other. Dino, for example, starts his freedom with a job in the Museum, whereas Donna will go back to the dub where she was arrested and look for her old friends. Before too long, though, all three get caught up in the same plot and the game proper begins.
SIMPLICITY ITSELF Looking at the screenshots, you've probably guessed that this is a graphic adventure, although a lot simpler than most. There are no icons to dutter up the screen, and no information panels permanently displayed.
All commands are issued by the mouse, either by dicking on an area of the screen to make a character walk over to it, or by dicking the right mouse button to bring up the control panel.
The first time I saw the control panel, I had a few , doubts. There are only , four control icons - open dose, examine, I take and talk.
Alongside them are 1 any items you might be ' carrying, but that's it.
' Obviously you'll think something along the lines ot 'Oh. There aren't many actions you can do. The game must be really easy'. Not at all. The nice thing about this game is the large sequence of actions required to solve a puzzle, rather than one particular action from a list of dozens You’ll note that there are only two real obiect manipulation icons - open and take. That's because the rest of the game is fairly intelligent. If you highlight a goldtish and then drag it over a fishtank, it knows that you aren’t trying to unlock the fishtank. In the same way, the game won't let you perform
actions that have nothing to do with the game. It might be funny to feed the goldfish to a cat, but try it and the game won’t register anything.
Why waste time?
PUZZLING 'he backbone ol any adventure Same, though, is the puzzle element.
* the puzzles are too easy, it spoils me game. If they are too
illogical, the game becomes frustrating. With so
• ew manipulation icons, the bulk of the puzzles in Nippon Sales
are based around picking objects up and .sing them in different
Once an object is collected, you can't put it down until it s served its logical function, so it's best lo collect everything you can.
GRAHAM GOOCH'S WORID CLASS CRICKET As each character works through their story, they will occasionally bump into the other two. This lets you connect the three games together. For instance, at one stage Donna has to learn to make tea. She goes to a tea shop to ask for instructions, and while outside notices a poster offering a huge cash prize in a wrestling tournament. She bumps into Dino and persuades him to go in for it. It you ptay as Dino. You are walking through the market square when you bump into Donna and she convinces you to enter the tournament. The fun part of playing all three
is seeing each scene from the various viewpoints.
The game is very funny, right from the start. Most of the humour comes from the conversations the characters have with other people and themselves. Dino’s naive insights into life, the universe and everything are amazing, and the smart Alec answers you'll receive from Doug Nuts every time you try something stupid have to be seen!
Nippon Sales isn't the most original graphic adventure, nor is it the most challenging. It is a playable and entertaining game however, and if you're looking for something to while away a week or two, you could certainly do a lot worse, r t GLOBAL SOFTWARE £26.99 500 01 *500- ¦ 100 H 1200 I 11500 ¦ 2000 ¦ 1000 ¦ MOM I
all that taxing graphic adven- , turn. Fun to play.
OVERALL 86% Protecting his bails as he goes, Mark Patterson grabs his pads and heads for the crease.
Considering the English invented cricket, it’s a little disturbing that we now find ourselves in the position of possessing one ol the worst test teams on the planet. Now's your chance to avenge their numerous defeats, not by shooting the MCC, but by battering the world's teams into submission with your joystick skills.
Graham Gooch s World Class Cricket lets you battle some of the most formidable sides in test cricket.
Matches can be played over a number of innings, although I found any more than one fifty-overs-a-side innings to be utterly brain-numbing The world's top teams such as Pakistan and Australia are included, along with the actual player names.
There's also a World XI which is made up from the best players from each team.
That apart, all the usual teams present a more than adequate challenge. Each team is made up from a squad of 20 and it's up to you to choose your final 11. The players all have individual ratings for bowling and batting, so it's best to go by these when selecting the final squad rather than opting for your favourites.
The batters have a wide vanety of strokes in their arsenal. Depending on the kind of delivery, you can get them to execute sweeps, on drives, off-drives, hooks and plenty more. If you choose a stroke which is impossible to play on the current ball, the chances are your batter will just stand there looking bashful.
Bowling is a matter of being able to waggle the joysliclj extremely fast.
This is used to determine the speed of fast bowlers or spin of swing balls Fortunately your arm gets a decent rest between overs, so you can put the Ralgex away.
Your fielders are computer controlled, which is a little frustrating as they adhere utterly to procedure and never take risks.
For instance, no matter how dose they are to bowler's-end stumps, they'll always throw to the wicket keeper, which means its possible to exploit this and grab a couple of easy runs.
The batting and bowling orders are initially decided by the computer, which automatically selects the best players in your side and places them first. It pays to keep an eye on its selection as it doesn’t take tactics into account and will readily give you four fast bowlers followed by all your spin bowlers.
Without a doubt the game's most outstanding feature is its graphics.
The animation is superb and the players are a decent size. The sound effects are sparse, but add to the atmosphere.
At the end of the day there are just some things this game can’t simulate, such as the fear generated by a lump of leather-wrapped wood hurtling towards your head at 10Omph.
If you can handle that, and are prepared to give up the customary visit to the ale house at the end of a match, you should find plenty of fun here. 2* AUDIOGENIC SOFTWARE, UNIT 27, CHRISTCHURCH INDUSTRIAL CENTRE, WEALOSTONE, HARROW. HA3 8NT.
TEL 081 424 2444 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: SPORTS TEAM: IN HOUSE CONTROLS: JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 1 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 2 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1Mb GRAPHICS ?????? ??80% SOUND ?????? ???70% LASTABILITY ?????? ???70% PLAYABILITY ?????? ???70% OVERALL 75% get the ball through the uprights you need to stop a steadily increasing power bar at the right place by pressing lire To keep you occupied you can take your team to the world cup. Live nations tournament or on a tour against teams ol your choice.
There's also a replay leature which lets you watch the best moments ol a match over and over again until you're utterly sick ol them II you're a die-hard rugby who hasn't bought the original, you won t go lar wrong here Even it you're not a (an ol the sport, the Kick Off style game play makes lot an excellent diversion Irom Ihe usual footy games With each quarter lasting 15 minutes. Not Including the time it takes to select a play, boredom soon smacks you square between the eyes. There aren't that many plays, and by the time you finish a game your synapses have evolved to a sufficient
level to actually understand them.
Alter that much play, I d seen enough to convince me that I really didn't want to play again It’s exceedingly repetitive - which probably has mote lo do with the limited nature ol the game than the subject matter I doubt that even genuine American tans ot Ihe game would tind much lasting interest here II Ment were aiming lor a management game they missed the mark by not Including transfers, dralt picks, training, financial difficulties and the heart problems which dog most NFL head coaches.
This is the kind ol game whose ancestors were text-only titles back on Ihe ZX81. Unfortunately, the addition ol some nice graphics and a decent user-intertace doesn’t cover-up the primitive gameplay and a total lack ol action You're much bet ter off sticking with the mix ol action and strategy offered in EA s excellent.
DOMARK £24.99 Alter losing the rights to screen FA Premier League matches on normal' TV. The major channels have turned to rugby as a way ol catching the post- Sunday dinner audiences As a result ol that and some excellent showings Irom the England team, the sport's popularity has undergone a meteoric nse to the point where Joe Public is actually interested in friendly matches as well as the major tournaments.
Cashing in on the sport's popularity. Domark have taken their original 1991 rugby game, made a lew minor adjustments here and there (and I mean minor) and churned it out in time to catch the Sevens World Cup.
What's beyond me is why they didn't produce a sevens game.
Rugby Challenge is so similar to the first rugby game that there's no point in buying it it you own its ptedeces sor Basing it on rugby sevens would have made sense as it's a far (aster game which requires completely dil- lerent tactics lo its 15-aside cousin For those unfamiliar with this game, it covers just about every feature ol the sport Irom line-outs to place Kicks. The player graphics are small, which makes the action oon- fusmg at tunes, but on the whole the gameplay is fluid and last. The action changes lor kicks, with you viewing the goal Irom behind Ihe kicker. To Mark Patterson
MERIT SOFTWARE £44.99 Just by reading the title ol this game you know you're running into trouble Tom Landry?
Never heard ol Nm. Strategic? That means no action, right? Football? • Yes, the American kind "mw Avoiding the popular action lor- M g,™ mat Merit have opted to take us * •» behind the scenes for a head coach's eye ylew ol the game Your contribution to the team takes place on the tactics screen Here you assign what defence or attack they are to execute When this is done you simply sit back and watch the players battle it out. Wttajs frustrating about this part is that the graphics are actually very good, and il you were given the opportunity to control the players this would be a rather
excellent game So what do you do when the computer inlorms you that the oltence are lining up for a shotgun?
In my case I selected the likeliest looking formation and hoped lor the best It worked I won my first match against New England 59-3. The manual touches on the various plays suggesting which ones are appropn- ate lor certain situations, but even then it s impossible to read' the opposition to work out what they’re planning.
- ioj'A iAiJujiY sZHJil.iA control asBSisg ©©! Telephone or Fax
Hotune (0702) 466933 PD SOFT (CU49) 1 Bktamt Ave,
Sounee-oa-St*. ESSEX. SSI 2Y0 ifldW; V2 2 vl, tH W J WO PORAW
FONTS Itr (AC «*.
4 PrcAnsiond Cvows CS4.9* J 200 SCALABLE FONTS far UW »*h wogeJ. PegeSLW 2 3. Oror* « rt 0A. CrO wrarwm C«4 tt By packs whoM or «jD 1 2 TN ‘AS**ACTS.! 'i-dirq ,0.
¦CMD4IAB ¦Sft**' I *LAXTi , itc o, APOI KooKs J' - 2018 JETMAN Anc iNPoAwr.air o'iar.: J*. 2022 SEA LAKE J * • 21*2 BATTLI oV B nMSESti :o"M'
* 00 Swnoord e.i'umu ¦Oats
• * LANGUAGE TUTOR .1.0 F en(ti German & Mar i SECOND WORLD WAR
t. i .
(27* BLACK JACK LAB PR* x«x verwrn alPortoon 1271 CARD SHIRR - professor IgxAor Coos* Ires 4 **es J *• V7J2 Wt VI o*. Unums Cop. 0POT Menu. Scrrery HW J *. V7SJ SOFTWARE USTIB »1 Fhrs program n desk ed *5 »e*P
• ock ol ywx SoRwo-e caEertan J * . *742 ONUNE *1.4 - y r
* 2 0o Tr* m Norway
• M41AMOA INS’START •*-«¦ HOUDaSC Amp] C4 94 J *. VS2I PLOTTRvd *
ORARMCS lOTXT. A powerU M feakired ptongprog PLANS A C0ir©A*r
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0 Pashm Ixkoi lid toal.,nO powe W C corrpic & mteov’nl wiAxn J
*. VSS* CATALOGUE UHUTIO * coWcscr 1 I«*s 'J**a to Catalog
ibsly Vidso & Icn (dcCOis B J'- VS47 P4RTEI DRVt* GEFERATOI A
mAwBXi iNrtos wt1' vonp S ShOOti-
• 0.0001 NED FLSH DISKS I i (cmo« ’ *a“ dal I lofrtC r*** FWD
RSH OISKS '‘.I COTW i min- kes to lacks rhere !he IN Fit* .Arp-
(2) _... «us oncs isooi CM .TXIRMCUSiafeM .... XPOSJ IX
SAINTS (2) it. LvatfcK r?&?
TIM« ZONt I 'RSI (2) HO CCNSfWACI MAJC‘2 ?*3 RMSTAT&l |e*4 OIDeuUS.DAVAGI :w *K CXAS SOX TUNtV n kxfes. Olouitori 4
• • vsi*vwo sms mark real al r, ere pWoii bool tt* or t crkxy
dokXxM 4 'O-O) Ini I *. V**l VERTEX Croc* 30 0*»CS
* 715 TANK ATTACK J *• VBM PC TASK yl.lf 4 C ttt-oeGrVPdnUox.
Alo*s«aiit v *• rrcycnt. Of RW. UArart wRi * MN o-a NmJwxe
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_____PAVt ATTACK il
- ---TKM*3IRA»ia II . LCSWOF HOJil MOSC at iL • 2721 E-TYPE I
AotrKi K orovd (dlcilrn gj '• *723 SOUTANE Ijanc on r« o"«p:
J *. V46* MOOEllNG OBJECTS » CaMaAra ow. 70 were. OOncis .
Rnaoe Kmwi fWiki Os* V66 J *• V47B DRAW MAR *4.1 (2) 0 :an genwaie world maps in dml J *• V4B1 GAME TAMER 2 2 Ce
• CRAPtVtE '4 (31 £4 00 M* :C«JSIC SWKII CUAORIGA . Oad ait
«ir Jojy prco . V486MU11 J *. VB2I SNOOROOS *IS .Mon AmqaOos *
& fX » N* « j “VI** BACKUP *2.77 A r*ro
• » •' »-I '¦ * I'M
• . V448 MAGNETK PAGES .130 An M Mud iuj-tc «'». Iitii
- V490 WB 2 1UIUIQ C n*»6 pogroms T*R S PAd !«»• Oe*n «*»i o a4We
(21 1*14 • ps' *:
• • *277 FORTRAN-77 .12* Com » B rAruPimesLptotlllfi
• **7» CROSSWORD CREATOR ¦M aasswords
* WNSnN?rtS Tkr'CW*
• •*201 IT* OF THE BEHOLDER Bbn -» LtaCR SROM, 4SOU4P.
• • *222 ANALTICALC SPREAD WOODY'S WORLD Their Public Domain
games are some of the best around, but are Vision Software
capable of producing the same standard of commercial
Tony Dillon investi- A couple ol months ago CU AMIGA proved that shareware doesn't have lo be poorvvare when we included a rather smashing little shoot 'em up on our coverdish by Ihe name ol Cybemelix Designed and coded by New Zealand-based team Vision Software, it served to show just how good they really were.
Woody's World is their first lullpnce gates.
THE THREE WOODYS Woody It ideally three elect in ore - me other tidet ol hit tchiiophrenlc tell retailed wheo he teocK the appropriate goodies tram Ibe bluets they re hidden In.
Thn three Woodyt end their retpidhre abilities are as follows: WOOOY This Is yeur basic, run ol Ihe mill ell. He can run quits last, has a sturdy pair ol bools and can throw ¦¦¦!!¦ sUrs a sbort distance - lurther il he s moving when throwing.
Bog standard really.
PWNC£ WOOOY His first step up the ladder to success. Prince Woody Is Invoked when a Sceptre is collected and not only bk ac» can he run faster and throw stars lurther than the lactory model, he's also a master ol sell defence, able lo pull oil a lethal sliding kick when necessary.
Hkmg WOOOY The true King 01 The Castle. Picking up a crown gives Woody the fastest leet of all. As well as giv- mg him super human strength when it comes to throwing stars.
Best ol all. Though. King Woody can enter Throne rooms - sort ol royal secret rooms, only with more coins and even bigger surprises!
Release, and I m happy to say that it maintains the same levels ol playability and professionalism Could we have another contender lor Ihe Team 17-PO-Team-Tumed-Protessional crown’ Woody is an ell . And a worried one al that The King has summoned him lo give him the bad news ol Ihe day. The world is about lo end. The magic crystal that holds lime and space together has been stolen Glancing over a map of the world, the King informs Woody that although only six castles were markqd on the map. There were actually seven. Ihe location ol the last being a secret Woody, convinced that he would find
the crystal there, decides lo do Ihe decent thing and head oil in search ol to collect al least halt ol them (more on later levels) before the exit will open and lei you out To begin with.
Ibese chests are al in highly conspe- uous locations, such as on the ground one screen trom where you start, but as you move through the game, you'll need lo explore the huge levels more and more.
The levels are generally made up of mazes spread m al direc- 60ns, with dozens ol hidden bonuses placed in Ihe unlikeli- est ol locations.
As Ihe action lakes place against Ihe dock, just getting through Ihe level collecting Ihe bare minimum can be a challenge. Lei alone seeking things like extra hves and Woody power ups. But it's all pan ol the fun.
EVEN ODDS A platlorm game wouldn't be a platlorm game il there weren't milions ol traps and other nasties waiting to wipe you out.
And Woodys World is a platlorm game in every sense. 01 course there are lots ot things thal wall. Run. Jump and tall all over Ihe place - my particular hale is Ihe small mushroom with legs on Ihe stepping stores levels that can tell when you re trying to jump on it. And runs out ot the way before you can squash it On top ol that, you've MAPPING IT OUT This ii me map ol the game worm The gueilion mirti Mow the locations open lo you bul yet to be completed the Ben Hum ihe ones yen Iww Poet Eneey lime you complete a lent, me melt Immediately sorroendmg II ere dnpiayed Tkls way. Meet ire Oorera
ol patM le tallow, and the game needa I be played la any particular order *11 yea need lo Id a gel lo all Ibe cattle! End lind that gem!
STEAMING AHEAD You begin the game in Ihe King's Steam Castle - three easy-ish levels that let you leant the way Ihe game works. Dotted around each level are any number ot chests, and you have GAME REVIEW COH6R7 % sxxS IMPRESSIONS OUT NOW £29.99 IN THE BIN
* 1 the ena ol each castlo. You 0.1 to nd* tin* train Hi ina
bonua g al coins and bonua polnta!
MAY PLATFORM VISION JOYSTICK got location-specific hazards. In the Steam Castle, great jets skin-blistering steam at regular intervals which boil you to death. In the Lava Castle, gargoyles dribble tire. Islands are connected by stepping stone areas, which are wet and so, slippery to wale on. For every three steps you take, you’ll slide anothef one - many a life has been lost by slipping over the edge of a shod platform!
That's the opposition. Thankfully the home team are rooting tor you.
And have left all manner ot goodies around. The most basic, and the most useful, is the magic star. When found, this gives you the ability to lob throwing stars at the enemy - a lot easier sometimes than trying to jump on them. Sadly this ability only lasts for the current life - lose it and you lose the star. The other real helping hand is the large amount of extra lives hidden in blocks all over each level. At first glance, they might look a little generous, but believe me when I say you’ll need every one!
Bonus points are awarded tor the number of coins collected in the level, and the bulk of these are to be found in the many secret rooms. Well, I call them secret rooms, but they aren’t all that secret. A large door with a question mark on it isn’t the easiest thing lo hide! In these rooms are tons of coins and a special bonus, such as an extra life or a power up, even one of the chests you’re searching for!
If you’ve seen either of Vision's tug PD games, you’ll know how much attention goes towards the presentation. Woody 's World is one of the most original looking platform games I ve seen for a while simply because it doesn't try to look like a console game and doesn't try to look cute.
The sprites and backdrops have a certain cartoon feel, but that's as cute as they get Playing Woody's World isn’t like playing most plattorm games around at the moment For a start, it isn’t as fast as Zooi or Supedrog, nor is il as complex as Flashback This game doesn’t aim to astound you, nor push back the barriers of Amiga games. All it does is promise to give you enough challenge to keep you playing, and enough fun to give you a good time while you are playing. Both of these promises it fulfils admirably.
E j rji C
* 500 01 500. 01 SOM 01 1200 01
* 1500 I0I *2000 ¦ *3000 01 **000 *3 GLOBAL SOFTWARE, UNIT 3,
PLAYABILITY C Derivative yet fresh. A superb platform-based
OVERALL 86% The Roman Empire spawned a fair amounl of nutters
and geniuses in its time, all ot whom would be shocked by this
interpre tation of how their legions (ought. This strategic
recreation of Roman military combat thoroughly grinds several
centuries ol their research, framing and refining firmly info
the dirt There are 16 P’eset scenarios which pit differing
numbers of troops against each other over various types ol
terrain These are designed to force you to vary your tactics,
but in real ity you just end up sending in yourdlf ferent units
at different times.
If you own a copy of Impressions' previ ous Roman strategy, Caesar (which was a damn sight better than this), it’s possible to link the two games. Now instead of relyin pn the computer to decide the outcome cf battles, you can actually control the troops yourself.
When a group meets some , opposition they all tend lo come to a stop, even if only one uni actually fighting This means that you have to Issue a separate set of orders to each unit which is not obligingly do. It doesn't take long (or the game to become utterly tedious and if it does have any good points I tailed to find them.
When a battle does occur you get to see it In glorious sad sprile- o-vision. The little soldiers gallantly try to overcome the handicap of having a minimal number of animation frames while their equally disadvantaged foes try to break through their tines.
This is an extremely shoddy package which looks as though it was chucked together on a wet weekend. A double thumbs down and no mistake.
Mark Patterson only time consuming, but very boring. The combat itself seems extremely unrealistic. For instance, a heavily armoured cavalry group can take ages to dispose ot a tew units ol poorly equipped infantry.
I appreciate the programmers trying to make this game simple to get into, but they’ve omitted so many possible features that there's just not much of a game in there.
It’s merely a case ot telling your men to go to point A and kill everything they find. Which they’ll o All our monitors are UK spec. All monitors come complete with a free Amiga lead PHILIPS CM8833 MK2 otour Moeoo monilo. 600-285 lino rrsolution. Green NEW!Canon BJIOsx £229.99 PHILIPSTVTunprforthe8833____£64.99 Later qualify output La,ge . Buffer than the • NEWfE 5|20o:ri i47.99 Commodore I064ST I page 4 peed. 360 dp., .mall foot, 6 HO *•* *" «* * «-** «** otou' page theetfeede' monitor Irom Commodore M outstanding vaku* Canon BJ300 ....£429.99 only£!99.99 Desktop bubble .et w.lh
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one Posso r Bar. Bo. Free dfivery owx-eud «U me (flhr o» eSe*
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Opus 3. . £26.99 Direc tory Opus
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Quarterback Tooh.-----------nowooly £45 99 I Xcopy Pro inc. hardware ... £33.99 DIGI-VIEW GOLD MEDIA SYSTEM Complete graphics presentation package. Complete with Digi-View Gold. Digi-Paint 3 A Elan Performer now only £ 119.99 37 Compugraphk loots Vo! I. 2. Or J by GT.only £9.99 Adoragc- (creates special video effects) .£61.99 Art Department Pro 2.2 only £ 129.99 ART EXPRESSIONS •, tw, t.r. £145.99 BRILLIANCE NEW! £144.99 CALIGARI 24 NEW! Io d-, . £239.99 Deluxe Paint 4 AG A NEW!.. .£69.99 .only £49.99 ..... only £37.99 ..£31.99
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- -----------£147.99 ..£48.99 . £69.99
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NEW!.----------------- £48.99 Pro
ScaiA500 ..... ----- £75.99 TRUE
PRINT 24 .£41.99 VIDEO
DIRECTOR. ...£ 124.99 VIDEO
MASTER ..... £49.99 Vifta 1.2 while
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much more.
KINDWORDSV3 .....only £36.99 PENPAL 1.4 -..only £38.99 Best selling feature packed word publisher with database.
PAGESTREAM 2.2 U.K. version only £59.99 PAGESETTER 3 NEW!. !L ......£42.99 Personal Write NEW! R0.(«np.«ompaeb*t £17.99 Hot Links- . .£48.99 PRO PAGE PROFESSIONAL V4 NEW....C 146.99 Pro Page professional V3 DTP...now £99.99 Protext 4.3 W P---------------------now only £39.99 Prowrite 3.3 NEW!----------------------------£38.99 THE PUBLISHER DTP NEW PRICE!_____£31.99 TYPESMITH. FONT EDITOR NEW! ...£99.99 WORDWORTH 2 AGA .£89.99 I normally despise lootball management games, mainly because they otter very little that the original Football Manager didn't -
and that's around 10 years old now. The newly revamped Championship Manager, however, somehow convinced me to Keep playing, no matter how much I tried to hate it.
Firstly it's current. All the Premier League teams are featured along with the top European clubs. Each team has the same players as the real-lite squads, with statistics reflecting their current form. This is important to football freaks like me who can't stand managing teams with players who were eligible lor the 66 World Cup squad.
When you take the seat at your new desk your first job is to organise the players. As with most games ot this type they're given ratings for attributes such as passing, shooting, tackling and speed. They also have contracts, disputes with the manager or other players and generally unpredictable traits. At this point you can attord to flog the trouble makers and invest your cash in some rising stars RESERVISTS Another feature which I haven't seen before is the inclusion ot reserve teams. Where the first team players have ratings tor their skills, clicking on a resen e player just gives you a
comment such as 'promising' or 'fair'. Using one ol these is risky, but if you're hit with an injury crisis it's usually the only place to turn.
The transfer market is the best place to pick up new talent. Amateur managers might just scout the market and see if there's anything they like, while the pros employ scouts This motley crew have proficiency ratings depending on how successful they are. All you need to do is tell them what position you want the player to fill, how skilful they should be, which divisions to look in and what age range to look al. They'll obligingly go away and a week later report back with a list of every player who fits the bill, whether they're transfer listed or unhappy at their current club.
The team's tactics have to be set before a match it you don't want your players to end up milling around like lost sheep. This feature goes into some depth, as you have to assign each player to the position they're best suited to, choose the formation, style of play and whether or not your team hold back or push forward. The gamd styles range from continental to long-ball and there's just about every formation you could ask for.
Setting the tactics is extremely time consuming to begin-with and initially left me wondering if I'could be bothered continuing with a full season. Fortunately the game stores your last set of tactics, so once you've found a winning game plan you rarely need to after it.
As you can .tell from the screenshots on this page, there's not much to look at in this game. There are a number of preset digitised backArsenal NEK poanft- ion Move over, Brian Clough - Mark Patterson puts on his manager’s cap and gives it one hundred per cent.
FriMdW Uui
r. fAMPIONSHIP jManager m HiflMUTrf As ihe match progresses the
bars In the bottom halt ot the screen Increase end decrease
to show who's having the best ot the play.
Ground pics, including one of Ian Wright (and a good thing too). Apart from those you are faced with multitudes of menus and other unattractive text screens What really sets this game apart IS the sheer weight of features It does take a while to process the results, and it has some very annoying features such as showing you the entire league's transfers for that week. Apart from that there's very little to fault it. '2' DOMARK £24.99 ¦SOI 81 900.81 100 81 1201 81 1900 Hi 2000 81 3100 HI 000 13 DOMARK. FERRY HOUSE. 51-57 LACY ROAD. PUTNEY. LONDON. SW151PR.
TEL: 081 780 2224 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW SPORTS IN HOUSE MOUSE 3 M YES 1Mt) GENRE: TEAM: CONTROLS: NUMBER OF DISKS: NUMBER OF PLAYERS: HARO DISK INSTALLABLE: MEMORY: GRAPHICS ???? ?????55% SOUND ???* ?????50% LAST ABILITY ???? HI6% PLAYABILITY ?????? »*83% An unattractive but extremely absorbing football strategy game.
SMC1 »twr. *ch playe* floes aim »hat may So during ma malch. TaU into aocoum
• Men aid. Ol M pilch may pmt»r playing on.
• Several hundred characters.
• Three times larger than ISHAR.
• Genuine medieval city (port, bank, inns, shops, temples,
prisons, nightclubs).
• Mountain paths, with real graded relief effect.
‘ Complex character psychology Hieing, stealing, murder).
¦ Day and night cycle.
‘ Use pet animals as allies!
• Anytime, no penalty save.
• Reuse your saved team from ISHAR 1 !
• Late nights (early mornings! ?)
Gauranteed I
Contact: Daze Marketing 071 328 2762 DIAL - A - TIP The Original and Best For: Hints n' Tips n' Cheats n' Pokes THE AMIGA GAMES LINE DIAL 0891 445 786 CHEATS GALORE (-rwfar 0891 101 234 INTERACTIVE GAMES SOLimONS STREETFIGHTER 2 0891 445 927 CHI!CK ROCK 2 0891 445 946 FIRST SAMURAI 0891 445 926 SHADOW OF THE BEAST 1*2 0891 445 949 FOR FUU. INFORMATION ON ALL OUR OT1IFR CIIEATUNES AND HELPLINES DIAL; 0891 445 904 IfYPFJtSPACT 10 LS A BAD PLAd TO BR THAT ABANDONED SPACE STATION LOOKS DAX.FKOCSH HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES for '..'he Ultimate Quest???
MilAU01 1A1 AND PLAY THE GAME WITH DIAL 0891 101 255 THE GREATEST PRIZES Gl I1MNC, LK'.IIT COMPITWt SutVKTS LIT) FOR FULL COMPKimON Rl JUS SEND S.A.K Oils rfu»Rnl * V v Min (heap RjIc Ik U*,. Mm AD .Rhn Tmn Man ('.*¦ Onrjc « «
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P. O.'s Visa Access Is that little knot of tension eating you up
from the inside?
Do your fingers ache after too many firebutton stabs? Well, sit back, relax and let CU Amiga take the strain. Here’s another bunch of top tips guaranteed to give you relief.
N W n,‘ * LEGENDS OF VALOUR To acquire loads ot cash don't go in tor a simple mugging - try out the following technique instead. Find some treasure and pick it up then find a likely victim. Rather than normal mugging simply throw the treasure at them. Alter only one direct hit the poor unfortunate will be so dazed that he she will drop a bag of money. Oh. And the most cash rich victims are women - that's a bit dodgy, isn't it?
LEMMINGS 2 To access a cheat that allows you to play any level from any tribe follow this First, turn off the music. Then go back to the menu screen and left- dick in every comer of the screen, starting in the top nght. If it’s done right you'll hear a Lem saying Let's go That's quite fiddly so as an alter- SUPERFROG We published Ihe mam level codes for Team 17"s ace runaround along with our review last month. But we deliberately left out the codes for the final few levels just to keep you in suspense Well one month is enough suspense for anyone so here's the final lot of world beating codes
World 5 (last section): 093152 Project F: 837122 World 6: Section A: 387211 Section B: 981122 Section C: 017632 Section D: 398112 Loads ot you have been asking tor Action Replay codes So to keep you happy and give you a helping hand here's some for two recent smash hits.
LEMMINGS 2 On each level you are presented with up to eight icons, each repre senting a particular Lemming skill To boost these skills to the maxi- mum 99 follow these simple instructions.
T Press red freeze button.
2 Press the M key.
CREATURES Thalamus platform puzzler reean quite a stir on the C64 due lo «s torture chamber scenes It's also quite a tough game to beat So you're feeling a little stuck try out this cheat To access the cheat mode tnt pause the game. Now type «i A FINE KETTLE OF FISH indudng the spaces. The function keys wd then allow you to access the MasM levels Cheat mode off - C Skip to next level - F10 Stage 1.1 - Ft Stage 1.2 - F2 Torture 1 - F3 Stage 2.1 - F4 Stage 2.2 - F5 Torture 2 - F6 Stage 3.1 - F7 Stage32- F8 Torture 3 - F9 If you can t reach the end now - tough
3. Type in the code from the list below.
4 Press RETURN, type 99. Press RETURN, then X. then RETURN
5. Unfreeze and carry on playing.
The codes for each icon are as follows.
ICON 1 C13573 ICON 2 C13575 ICON 3 C13577 ICON 4 Cl3579 ICONS C1357B ICON 6 C13570 ICON 7 C1357F ICON 8 C13581 native try placing the powwwv «itn bottom right comer ol the man, screen and click once wwn the la* then once with the ngla Du hear the same message a a i at ,t nine deeply into Ihe vaults to ir -; some classic cheats to games v r-aed Ike test ol time. Occasionally iv- -id; overflows with letters Irom l • -i semes players who just can't seem ¦a pet lo grips with the gameplay in das- ix leasts Even more occasionally we ll ‘err i h ea them and search around tor a u-air bp Here s a lew
that have been THE IMMORTAL.
- ir i 'ew level codes lo help that wizard res ha way through the
- vrr 2 757lc10006170
- ew‘ J 6eiec21000e10 " I 651,31001 BOO
r. r 5 HbtddlOOOebO cewi I bctef610l0a 1 LM 7 6b10l61010act' ml
V590d710170c1' PITFIGHTER .. ‘w a- rasy level skip type In
L06STERS AUEN BREED '92 To gwe yourself a boost in Team IT's
top-down shoot' em up use this procedure Do it nght and your
alien zappers wd have maximum goodies 1 Freeze the action
2. Press the M key
3. Type m one of the following: Player 1 Player 2 Lives C05C7
C06167 Ammo C059CB C0616B Keys C059D3 C06175 ROBOCOD There are
loads of cheats for this game, but here's a few that are more
than useful. To activate them type in THE LITTLE MERMAID at
any time and the following keys will do strange things: F -
Gives Pond wings X - Takes him straight lo the exit P - Gives
him the aeroplane, but only on appropriate levels B - Gives
him the bathtub, but only on appropriate levels M - Is a
random warp effect while you're fighting end then press 1.2.
or 3 to leap to the respective level.
POPULOUS To make things a little easier start a Conquest Game as usual. Next go to the Game Setup screen, Irom there select Custom Game and go to Game Options to change any features you want. When done click on Evil, then Two Players and finally Cancel. If you followed these instructions accurately Ihe enemy will be unable to alter the landscape making him virtually useless.
For ultimate invulnerability press the CTRL key and the screen will flash, pressing RETURN now will make Pond invulnerable. To deactivate it press RETURN once more.
TURR1CAN 2 This classic blast Is a CU AMIGA team favourite. So it's lucky that we got this cheat, eh? From the title screen press HELP to access the music selection screen. Now press 1.4,2. ESC, ESC to get infinite lives.
STRIKE destroy one ot two command centres and take the commander prisoner. If you accidentally kill the tirst commander, you must go tor the second one. It both are killed, you'll have to restart the entire campaign again. It's Best to use Hydras or Hellfires when taking out the command bunker since stray rounds trom the chain gun could target the commander.
With a crazed dictator threatening nuclear armaged- don, Electronic Arts are here to save the world with their own hints and tips for this top-notch strategic shoot ’em up.
The southernmost radar protects the middle radar, and the middle radar protects the northernmost radar. Theretore. You should attack the radar sites from south to north.
When you attack the jails, be sure to stop tiring alter you have blown a hole in the wall The prisoners will run through the hole and come to the helicopter Let them run out as tar as they can before you come in alter them Keep your eyes peeled tor ZSU tanks - one will show up during each jail break.
The power station Is guarded by several soldiers with AK47s and APHIDS. The man on the power srar In addition to protecting the three jails, the radar sites protect each other from south to north. That is.
R ttw radar atadon. Hard and l»i bafora haaWng on lo lha powor station and MrfWMR Watch mmm Don't undertake any ot the missions out ot order. It you do, you'll probably find yourselt being shot down trom the skies, as certain tasks MUST be carried out in order.
For instance, the first mission involves taking out the enemy radar stations. II you ignore them, and move on to demolish the power station, you'll find that the enemy units delending the station will be alerted to your presence and able to track you much more easily! Similady, don't attempt to attack the air liekts until you've destroyed Ihe power station - if you go to the heavily defended air folds prematurely, they will be on full alert The weapons of the northern airfield are facing in a clockwise direction. The best tactic for attack ing the field is to approach from the north, or
twelve o’clock, then proceed around the perimeter In a clockwise direction, destroying the enemy units as you go. Once the detenses are gone, take out the planes and buildings Several buildings contain individuals with APHIDs, so be prepared tor evasive action.
Mission four reouires you to TOP SECRET MISSION ONE SPECIAL ITEMS QUICK LADDER The Quick Ladder Super Winch can lilt people and supplies info Ihe copier al a much taster rate than a conventional winch. In Campaign One. It s located (list east ot lie centre ol the map in a group ol lour barracks EXTRA LIFE This item can be tonnd on the lar east side ol the map. |ust south ol centre where the roads form a square. Destroy the largest ol the three buildings to uncover the boi.
Station roof cannot be taken out.
But he only has ten shots. Work your way across the front of the station, knocking out the gunners and letting the man on the roof deplete his ammo. Then fire on the power station. When the station blows up. So will the soldier on the roof. Once you’ve blown up the power station, you'll find an armour toolbox.
The Scud Commanders will not appear on your map until you have destroyed the chemical plant. Work your way from south to north. After you find a commander, go directly to the Scud missile site. You must take the launcher out quickly or it will launch a Scud.
At the POW camp, attack one building at a time. Each time you open a building, more tanks roll in.
If you do not clear out the POWs and tanks before going to the next building, you will be quickly overwhelmed.
Ffifimr The missile silos are hidden beneath the desert sand dunes.
When you are in the vicinity, use your chain gun to locate the silo.
You’ll hear the sound change to a metallic thud once you've hit the metal base. Use your chain gun or heavier weapons to take them out - don’t take too long about it though, as each silo is capable of firing an ICBM! The inland silos are often hidden among a group of dunes.
Each dune contains useful items, APHIDs. Or both. Be careful not to be too trigger happy or you’ll destroy valuable fuel, ammo or armour.
Mission six is one of the trickiest in the entire game. The Madman’s yacht is located in the southwest corner of the play area. If you arrive before destroying the power station, the yacht will be on full alert. You will also notice that the hole you blow in the side of the yacht will not be large enough for the men to escape if you arrive prematurely. Once the prisoners are in the water, you've only got about eight seconds to pick them up, so it’s a good idea to have already collected the Quick Ladder. Make sure you let the people swim out from the ship as far as possible before going in
for them. If you bump the ship, you will lose control long enough for that person to drown.
You must save eight of the twelve people, which will require two trips.
When you leave the area, the person in the water will stay there and his time will resume as soon as you return - just like real life!!
The seventh mission is even harder! Most of the buildings you need to destroy in search of the enemy ambassador will contain powerful weapons aimed directly at your Apache. However, it’s important to hold your fire, to make sure the ambassador is not sheltering inside. Also, watch out that he doesn’t run into the streets and get between you and some enemy forces, as he could get sliced up in the crossfire.
Once you’ve located the embassy a nd your co-pilot’s commandeered the bus. You’ve got to escort it to the Navy Seals camp.
Always look ahead of the bus and if you spot trouble, hover over the vehicle to make it stop. Watch out, though, as you don’t want to be shot down over the bus as you’ll crush the prisoners inside and your co-pilot will them be listed as MIA for the rest of the game! One extra hint: if you run low on fuel or ammo, leave the immediate area and take on extra supplies - the bus will stop until yfcu return.
The commando bunker is located .
Just inside the sand dunes along the shore. Fly to the north until,you find the commando leader waving at you. Then pick up all six soldiers.
Once done, fly to the oil fields and take out the nine enemy tanks before they destroy the oil tanks.
One tank is situated in the middle of the field: approach it from the north. Don’t attempt to fly into the oilfield until you have destroyed all the tanks as there’s little room for manoeuvre and you’ll be an easy target.
Each of the bomb shelters in mission three is guarded by two tanks, most of them buried in the sand with only their turrets visible.
To take them out, you must first clear away the dune, usually with GENERAL TIPS
• If you’re attacking coastal positions, approach them from the
sea as you don’t use any fuel over water, so you can take your
• It’s best to uncover as much hidden fuel and ammo as possible
early in each campaign so you know where to go in an emer
• Don't waste your valuable missiles on inanimate objects - use
your chain gun if you’re not in a hurry.
• Remember that some objects such as buildings are neutral and
are not automatically targeted.
You may have to jink your helicopter to line up the shot.
• There are lots of Armour Repair Toolboxes scattered about each
level, especially in the later campaigns. There is always one
secreted beneath a power station your chain gun, then fire your
missiles at the tanks. After you’ve secured the area, fire
your chain gun at the door and jink around and listen until you
hear that your shots are hitting home.
Your goal in mission four is to destroy five of the six garbage trucks carrying nuclear bomb parts.
Do not destroy any of the four trucks carrying innocent civilians - you are only allowed to make one mistake! To determine which trucks are carrying nuclear material, you must see the payload in the rear. If the truck is driving at an angle that does not allow you to see the payload, wait until it turns in another direction. The nuclear payload looks like canisters.
The final mission involves a race against time to stop general Kilbaba launching a nuclear bomber. Unfortunately, the plane comes with a hefty 3000 armour points, so fire at will with all you’ve got! You’ve only got about thirty seconds before the bomber reaches the end of the runway, so good luck!
T're'htiev (Qvd&v Please send cheque PO.Access Visa No. And expiry date To: Dept CU06, 10 Tinkler Side, Basildon, Essex SSI4 1LE Tel: 0268 271 172 Fax: 0268 271173 Telephone Orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat & Sun 10am-4pm We Are Open 364 Days a Year P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add C2 P&P for Europe ond £3.50 for Rest of The World Next day delivery service available £3.
ADVENTURE HELPLINE CU AMIGA When the sun dips behind the horizon, and glittering eyes begin to appear amidst the dark shades which form between the trees, where you gonna go? To the Ttoll’s Head Inn of course.
Draw near and ask your question. Don't be embarrassed, even the most noble adventurer is sometimes stuck tor a clue. Behind the velvet curtain Is the Shrine ot all Knowledge where the deepest secrets are revealed and hearts are laid bare.
Here you’ll find safety, good cheer, and a sympathetic shoulder to cry on.
It is with regret that the Worshipful Company ol Adventurers has been forced to announce the postponement ol two maior guests:- CapUve II- (Mindscape). Owing to circumstances beyond our control. The Ciplln II espedition will not now take place until Ihe Autumn - at least it won’t be taking place on floppy disk. No official statement has been issued Irom Mindscape s lolly towers, but glimpses have been seen ol a glittering CD ROM being prepared lor an Imminent release.
Crusaders ol Ihe Dirt Smnt - (SirTech). Sis months ago. Role players were promised that this latest episode in the WintPrt senes would be available by Christmas.
Foolishly we didn't think to ask. Which Christmas? It would appear that SlrTech are having problems gelling this adventure lo perform satisfactorily on the basic Amiga, so it looks like Wlrardry Ians will have to grit their teeth lor a lew months yet.
FUTURE WARS Having successfully worked out how to work Ihe time machine in Future Wars. Tony Coulson has managed to transport himsell Irom hi native Northampton, back through time lo the Medieval Age A short walk through a swamp, a skip past a nver bank and then he comes lo a grinding halt in a muddy village where two monks beat him to a pulp! So much for that old adage that travel broadens the mind!
The Shrine replies' Hell hath no fury like our religious brethren, especially when you don't belong to their sect. After spending all night on their knees praying for the souls ol men, monks are inclined to give you a thick lip il you get in their way, especially il you are strolling around dressed in Levis and trainers. To stay out ol trouble you've got to find the right clothes. Return to the riverside and you'll find a tree which you can climb. Wait lor a moment and one of the monks Irom the nearby. _ monastery will turn up for his morning swim. You " can now mp down the Iree - and gel into
a dirty habit... At this point I'll also answer Russell Goodyer s plea as he needs lo know that there is a small Hag lying on the floor ol the toilet at the beginning of this game, which is the object he needs to stick into the map.
MONKEY ISLAND II A lew ol the inhabitants ol Belgium are leeling distinctly sorry lor themselves, and Joer Willems has written on their behalf lo plead for help with Monkey Island II The problem which is bending their brains is how to get the key from the coffin salesman. Joer also knows that he can get Kate arrested and thrown in jail by putting her picture on top ol the Wanted Poster, but he doesn't know why he should do it.
The Shrine replies I Gening arrested and I thrown in jail once is bad enough, but you don’t want to make a habit of it, do you? You will have to I return to the island more I than once and you may not be able to escape from prison so easily the I next time, so it makes good sense lo get Kate arrested in your place.
Once you've got your A prate's Ills Isn't all rum and skittlas. Tilings can gal party nasty m me steamy Carlbbaan is ouf Intrepid adventurers are finding out.
1. Patrons wixking to drink Old Peculiar Seer must sit at the
rear ot the Oar - and nse me seat belts pmided!
2 Whilst the present eindy eeather continues, patrons are reminded that they must use the srindom on the north side ol the Inn to yomit out ol.
3. The annual comrention ol the Grand Imperial Lords ol the
Universe, and Masteis ot the Dart Reaches Society has
unfortunately been cancelled - their wives won't let them
«. Owing to Ihe large number ol complaints caused by the Pig Cerry. The outside toilet has now been lined with splatter guards.
By Order ol The Innkeeper Iriend locked up (some friend you are!), you can go to the jail and let her out and at the same time tind any new items to be picked up. The tirst time you visit Stan's Coffin Shop you'll be given a handkerchief, but before you bother paying a second visit you need to get a hammer and some nails Irom the woodsmiths to seal him in his coffin. As ‘Woody’ won’t let you take these items while he’s around you’ll need to get him out ot the shop. Go to the Drydeaners and saw oil the pirate's wooden leg and that will keep 'Woody' busy for a while.
OF IHE COSMIC mi A scribbled note was delivered to the inn by carrier pigeon this morning. Unfortunately the signature could not be deciphered by even the most skilful senbe in the bar, but the sender's address was 32 Armoured Engineers in BFPO 104. The address also contained a long figure which is either the writer's Army number, or his Experience Points!
Our hero is having many problems with the Bane ot Ihe Cosmic Forge, amongst which are:- What is the' purpose of the Mystery Oil? Where does one find the ring? Is there a hint book available?
The Shrine replies There certainly is a hint book available for this game. U.S. Gold in Birmingham should be able to sell you one direct, (021 625 3388) although I would have thought that any big software shop could obtain one for you - try Strategic Plus Software. 28 The Courtyard, High Street, Hampton Hill, Middlesex TW12 1PD (081-977-8088). The Mystery Oil is a wonderful de-rusting liquid which will help you open a particularly stiff metal cover found later in the game. The ring is needed to decipher the logbook which is found amongst the remains of a skeleton. The JR Decoder ring is
found on the finger of a prisoner in chains in the second section of the lower level. To eater this area you must have the Dungeon Key.
The Dungeon key can be found if you search one ol the rooms in the hazard area. The log will tell you where the treasure is buried. Tell Ouequeg where the treasure is buried and he'll tell you the password lor the Captain's Den.
DUNGEON MASTER Les and Rob Woods left their homes in Enfield (no doubt leaving their bedrooms in the same shambles that they normally do), and set off in search of the fabled Firestaff. The evening breeze has brought their cry for help from the very depths of the Dungeon where they are stumbling around on Level 9, tired and confused. They found two Ra keys which opened the first two doors of the Tomb of the Firestaff, but they can find no other key to » open a further locked door Just when they thought things could get no worse a giant rat has appeared and Is gmng them much grief The Shrine
replies. Isnl it always the case that, just when things seem to be at their worst, some rat turns up to make things even worser?
(Yes I know, but in this case, 'worser' seems to fit the bH.) Forget about the third Ra key for a moment, that key is far away and not worth worrying about. The rats turn up on Level 9. And there is a sign on the waH which says. 'When is a rock not a rock7 The wall next to this sign is an illusion and you can wait through it LURE OF THE TEMPTRESS I thought Lure of the Temptress was an easy game, but there s always someone who manages to get themselves stuck AnOy Haikyard of Cheshire has got practically nowhere with the aQventure ana states that he is completely cheesed oft with it’. Having
arrived in the village and found a knife, flask tmderbox. Broken glass and 13 groats, he now is at a loss as what to do next. From previous Trolls Heao letters he has deduced mat there is a kxkpek and a diary to be found, but doesn't know where The Shrine replies Find luthern i ne s D'Obabiy in the forge) and give h.m the flask Talk to him and he will tell you about someone ca ed Grub. Go to the Magpie courtyard and talk to the stranger who is lying outside the pub on the floor Be gentle with him as I suspect he is feeling tired and emotional after drinking Old Peculiar beer This character
is Grub and he will give you the lockpick. Give the lockpick to Ratpouch as he is obviously the smarter one of the pair of you BARD'S TALE III I get depressed when I receive letters from readers who daim to be very old - and then state their age.
Which turns out to be considerably less than my own. Ft Hayes, who is a mere child of 46 and hails Irom Plymouth, is having problems with Sard's Tale
III. Plus the onset of sendity There are three lowers in the lee
Keep and he can't get into any of them The Shrine replies
From level one of the Keep you can use the APAR spell to
take you to the entrance ol Ihe three towers. Black Tower -
Use APAR ON. IOE lo take you lo the black waH in the
southeast comer. Cast GRRE (or MAFLj SHSP.
FEAR. SUEL and SPBI to enter White Tower - Use APAR 9N.0E to take you lo the magic curtain m the northeast comer, then cast LEVI. ANMA and PHOO to enter the p assage Grey Tower - Use APAR ON. -11E followed by casting INWO, WIE, FOFO and INVI to enter.
As these pearls of wisdom roll across the ale- stamed floor ol the tavern, the magical glow Irom the Shrme fades and hnaty dws leaving only the echo of its final piece ol advice. Never give a Troll an even break'.
CURSE OF ENCHANTIA Philip Proctor has written 10 tell me that he comes from Sheffik). But of course I know belter Using the magic of the Shrme. (plus my uncanny powers ot detection I figured out that he really comes from Sheffield. Never mind Philip you can ! Be good looking and be good at speeling. Apart from the aforementioned word-blindness. This boy is in deep trouble in the Land ol Enchantia Having passed through the Costume Shop he made it to the Ice Palace where he picked eight objects, including something which looks like a car jack At this point he came to an abrupt halt The
Shrine replies I assume you know you must FIGHT with the Broom to get the gun? Now insert the gun into the snake s head pulley on the left. Once the pulley has been activated you will be able to walk over to the right and pick up the bottle ol grease and the glass Go to the end ol the corridor and you'll be able to get a whistle. Use the whistle with the megaphone Fight with the megaphone. Jump to the hole. Go to the hole m the floor on ihe far right. Use the magnifying glass with hole Go to the hole in the floor on the tar left. Use square prism with hole Go to hole on the left and use icicle
with hole. Go to the remaining hole and use the glass with the hole. The laser beam will now short circuit. Go to the vent In the wall and use to insert the jack into the vent.
T f Diamond Buy With Confidence Reasons To Be Cheerful. Part 10
1. Diamond shops are strategical based within major cities and
not on expensive industrld parks. The majority ot ou shops are
owned by Diamond so overheads can be kept to a minimum, hence
guaranteeing you the best prices.
2. Diamond have over 100 staff, with over 50 trained sales people
and dedcated engineers in every shop.
3. Diamond having retail shops dlows you to see and evduate any
merchandbe before you make you puchase.
A. Diamond are always easy to contact, we have 50 telephone sales
lines. 16 fax machines & a separate Direct Mail Order Service
5. Diamond have a full Customer Service Dept, at head office In
Southampton which has been quoted in the press as ‘the envy of
the computer retcd market.'
6. Diamond ue Northern Euopes leodng Amiga deder.
7. Diamond have in excess of 3000 product Ines at any one time.
Obviously we can not keep dl of them in dl branches so some
items are indicated as only avdlable by Mdl Order (MO) or for
viewing at Tottenham Court Road only. We apologise for any
Inconvenience titled below are Juit some of the people who
trust Diamond's Philosophy
8. Diamond offer technicd support six days a week & ue regarded
as Amiga experts.
9. Diamond have dways offered value for money because that is
what the public wants, and that is why we ded with over
150.000 customers a year.
10. Diamond phiosophy works. In a recent independent survey It
was shown that 9 out of 10 customers preferred to buy from a
local source.
BBC TV. MOD. British Telecom. GEC.
British Aerospace. Rolls Royce.
Shell (UK). HM Prisons. National Health Service RACAL. Gronada TV.
The Open University. Philips. Plessy.
British Steel. Barclays Bank.
The Royal Air Force & Royal Navy.
Vosper Thornycroft UK. Mobil North Sea Oil. The Scottish Office. Scottish Nuclear Fuel. Britsh Coal. British Rail, Thorn EMI. HM Customs & Excise.
News International (The Sun. The Times etc.) and not to mention 27 local county councils & mony mony many more.
Why buy an external floppy drive at £49.95 when you can get a 40Mb Hard Disk for only £99.95?
See Page 3 ot this advert For Branch Details see Last Page Of This Advert MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334 THE AMIGA SELECTION SECTION 1Mb RAM 1Mb RAM o o A50(H;artoon Classic Pack £225.95 Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor ?Turbo Chcienge I Promo ADD £209.95 Inc vat 12 month on site warranty Add £44.95 (or 1 Mb extra RAM 2Mb ram pack 2Mb RAM 2Mb RAM o o CM AMIGA 1200 14MHz With Hard Disk 40Mb HARD DISK - £469.95 80Mb HARD DISK-£569.95 130Mb HARD DISK - £629.95 200Mb HARD DISK -
£699.95 340Mb HARD DISK - £999.95 Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor ?Turbo Chalenge II Promo Add 4209 95 me vat W- ram pack ram AMIGA 4040 4Mb W 4Mb ram pack ram o c0 o AMIGA 4000-030 120Mb The NEW AMAZING Amiga 4000-030,25MHz.
2Mb Chip RAM & 2Mb Fast RAM with 120Mb Hard Drive only £1069 25MHz 68040 CPU - 32Bit Architecture Built in Maths Co-Processor - 2Mb Cnp RAM. 4Mb Fast RAM (Expandable to 14Mb)- Amiga DOS V3.
New AGA Graphics Cnp Set. 120Mb H Disk £1995.95 A4040 32bit Memory - £161.95 120Mb HD 2 ? 10Mb- £2149.95 240Mb HD 2 * 10Mb - £2249.95 ITS SILLY SEASON ON GAMES TITLES AT DIAMOND Discount Cost Saving 1 Game 25% Oft £18.71 £6.24 2 Games 30% on £34.93 £14.97 3 Games 35% Oft £48.65 £26.19 ' 5 Games 35% Oft + Free Budget Title £81.08 £46.66 These prices are based on Ihe game costing £24.95 each.
You know it makes sense to shop with Captain Diamond THE MONITOR SELECTION SECTION Philips8833 Mk II Monitor £209.95 CBM1940 Monitor
P. O.A.IMO) CBM1942 Monitor
P. O.A.|MO NEC 4FG Monitor £575'“°' CUB Scan 1440 Monitor £395
CBM 1960 Monitor £399 Philips 20' Trinitron Monitor £1408'“°
AMAZING Amiga 4000030.25MHz. 2Mb Chip RAM & 2Mb Fast RAM with
80Mb Hard Drive.
ONLY £969 PACK AMIGA 1200 only £349.95 (Only £274.95 when you P X) AMIGA 1200ZOOL PACK only £369.95 inc vat (Only £294.95 when you P X) 12 MONTHS ON SHE WARRANTY Or with 8833 Mk II Moritor ?Turbo Challenge II Promo Add £209.95 Inc vat 4Mb W 4Mb ram pack ram 2Mb RAM Add S44.95 lor 1 Mb extra RAM ADD 4209 95 Inc vat 12 month on site warranty Basic A500 only £199.95 Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor ?Tirtro ChXtenge I horro 1Mb 1Mb ram pack ram NEW V NEW pack AMIGA 1200 25MHz Ik. 68882 Maths Co-ProceMor 8 Hard Dwc The Fastest 1200 available, and Ks only at Diamond 40Mb HARD DISK - £699.95 80Mb HARD
DISK - £829.95 130Mb HARD DISK - £899.95 200Mb HARD DISK • £969.95 340Mb HARO DISK -£1249.95 Basic A600 only £199 Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor ?Turbo Chdenge ¦ homo ADD £209.95 Inc vat 12 month on site warranty a with 8833 Mk II Monitor ?Tubo Challenge II Promo Add 4209 95 me vat iMb yr iMb RAM pack ram O o Add £44.95 for 1Mb extra RAM 2Mb W 2Mb ram pack ram AMIGA 3000 Workbench 2-25MHz 2Mb Chip RAM 3.5' Floppy 52Mb Hard Drive only an incredible £869 or with 105Mb only £969 1Mb W 1Mb RAM PACK RAM Basic A600 with 40Mb Quantum Hard Disk £339.95 Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor ?Turbo Chcienge I Romo
Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor
• Turbo Chalenge II Promo ;mo Add £209.95 Inc vat Add S44.95 tor
1 Mb m, extra RAM ADO £209.95 Inc vat AIL ORDER RING 0703
334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703
230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER
AMIGA 2000 AMIGA 3000 S | 0 8Mb Aries Board
* 69.95 2Mb RAM Upgrade
* 69.95 2 8Mb Aries Board
* 115.95 4Mb RAM Upgrade
* 175.95 4 8Mb Aries Board
* 159.95 8Mb RAM Upgrade
* 349 95 6 8Mb Aries Board
* 199.95 16Mb RAM Upgrade
* 699 95 8 8Mb Aries Board
* 249.95 ProRAM0 64MbfotA3000(MO)
3000 1 Mb x 4 Static Column
* 22.95 lMbx32bltSimm
* 64.95 1 Mb x 8 Simm for Gyp's
* 39.95 2Mb x 32 bit Simm
* 129.95 Imbx 1 Dip DRAM 80ns
* 3.95 4Mb x32bit Simm
(169. 9S 256K x 4 Dip DRAM
CAPACITY STORAGE SOLUTION Please Note, whilst we list 3.5"
drives we remind customers that although they can be used In
both A600's & A12004 they are not a correct fit. To install
them is quite complex and involves cutting away part of the
Amiga's case. Diamond do not recommend 3.5’ drives and suggest
you would be better off with a 2.5’.
* 99.95
* 165.95
* 199.95
* 279.95
* 369.95
* 599.95
* 115.95
* 2*5.95
* 336.95
* 409.95
* 549.95 DRIVE YOUR AMIGA TO THE LIMIT Bare Drives can be used
with SCSi Controllers, internally or in external drive coses,
for use through the SCSi Ports.
£69.95 External Housing for SCSi Device mot Quantum SCSI £159.95 £199.95 £219.95 £289.95 £749.95 IDE £129.95 £195.95 £210.95 £265.95 £451.95
3. 5" 80Mb 120Mb 170Mb 200Mb 325Mb POWER USERS ADVANCED SYSTEMS
1. 2gig IBM Corsair 3.5" Hard Drive £999.95 21Mb Flopptical Disk
moi 5419.95 128Mb Removable Magneto Optical SCSi Drive «*»
£729.95 128Mb Magneto Optical Disk «*» 44.95 45*. W £69.95
P. O.A. FLOPPY DRIVES Amiga 1500 2000 Internal Drive Amiga
External Drive & Virus Block Amiga 3000 Internal Drive imoi
Vmiga External Floppy Drive £54.95 miga 500 Internal
Drive_£49.95 AMIGA 500 500+ ¦
* 289.95
* 379.95
* 475.95
* 569.95 GVP Impact II 42Mb HD 8 + GVP Impact II 80Mb HD 8 .
GVP Impact II 120Mb HD 8 + GVP Impact II 213MB HD 8.
AMIGA 530 HD Controller a 68030 Accelerator GVP 42Mb A530
* 475.95 GVP 80Mb A530
* 569.95 GVP 120Mb A530
* 665.95 GVP 213Mb AS30
* 759.95 68882 Co-Processor kit forthe A530
* 159 95 AMIGA 500 S 1 512K
* 29.95 512K + Clock
* 34 95
1. 5Mb + Clock Supra RAM 500 Rx 8Mb Ram Upgrade, Populated to
* 75.95 2MB upgradeable to 8MB mo Zydec 8MB Ram Upgrade (Pop
* 175.95
* 145.95 BARE DRIVES 1Mb RAM Up *44.96 2Mb PCM1A *129.96 4Mb
PCM1A *169.95 NOT* Many professional applications such as
spreadsheets, databases and graphics programs require more than
the basic RAM supplied as standard with Amiga's.
For fitting By a Diamond engineer please add a further SS 95 to the purchase price.
If you wish to fit your own Hard Disk ploase be warned, opening up your own Amiga may invalidate your guarantee.
For 3.5' Drives see Bare Drive prices below (Add £5 tor Cable) 2 5' Drives * Cable 40Mb 60MB 80Mb (Umited Offer) 130Mb 200MB NEW 2.5' 340Mb drive AMIGA 600 & 1200 AMIGA 600 S AMIGA 1200 I 0Mb MBX 1200 14MHz 68881
* 149.95 2Mb MBX 1200 14MHz 68881
* 269 95 4Mb MBX 1200 14MHz 68881
* 319.95 8Mb MBX 1200 14MHz 68881
* 449.95 0Mb MBX 1200 25MHz 68882 See Accelerators AMIGA 4000
4030 4Mb RAM Upgrade
* 149.95 8Mb (2x4) RAM Upgrade
* 269.95 12Mb (3x4) RAM Upgrade
* 429.95 NEW Pro RAM 0 64 Mb for A4000 ruoi
* 319.95 Nexus *139.95 Trmphcard Classic *65.95 Trumfehcard
Professional *105.95 All Ihe above are SCSI Controllers only
and require SCSI Drive* like those listed dkectty below. For
bare drive pricing see next box down.
GVP Impact HC 8 0Mb GVP Impact HC 8 40Mb GVP Impact HC 8 80Mb GVP Impact HC 8 120Mb GVP Impact HC 8 213Mb A1500 A2000 A3000 A4030 A4000 dAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334 AMIGA 500 Blizzard Board (MO)
* 209 95 GVP530 HD Controfer Inc 40Mb
* 509.95 GVP530 HD Controller Inc 80Mb 5S65.95 GVP530 HD
Controller Inc 120Mb
* 665.95 GVP530 HD Controller Inc 213Mb
* 759.95 Progressive W0 500 28MHz (mo
* 499.95 Progressive WO 500 33MHz imo
* 799.95 AMIGA 2000 1500 Zeus W0 28MHz *579.95 Progressive
Peripherals '040 Board 28MHz P.O.A. Zeus 040 33MHz *859.95
Progressive Peripherals W0 Board 33MHz *749.95 GVP 030 25MHz
*449.95 GVP 030 50MHz *1039.95 GVP 030 40MHz *759.95 GVP 040
can now turn your Amiga into either an IBM or Apple Macintosh
using the latest Amiga upgrades IBM EMULATORS APPLE MACINTOSH
EMULATORS Commodore A2386 386SX Emulator l 8Mb Golden Gate
386SX Emulator 0.5 16Mb No HD *409.95 Golden Gate 486SLC2 16Mb
No HD *749.95 Monitor Master tor Golden Gate Emulators *89.95 A
MAX II Plus *339.95 All emulators work on 1500.2000,3000.4030
8i 4000 Amiga's.
Please ask for details on AECO 600 8r 1200 Emulators IMAGINE A WORLD FULL OF COLOUR & SOUND VIDEO ACCELERATORS & 24BIT IMAGE PROCESSING EDI Flicker Fixer (MO)
* 219 95 Opal Vision
* 679 95 Frame Matching NEW (MO)
* 739.95 Retina NEW (MO)
* 399 95 DCTV(MO)
* 419.95 Harlequin 4000 (MO)
* 1599 95 .
Video Blenda (MO)
* 1119.95 G2 32bit Imoge Engine imo)
* 2599.95 GENLOCKS EWBBl EDI PAL Genlock (MO)
* 339.95 Rocgen Plus
* 129 95 Rocgen
* 95.95 Rockey £225.95 Rend ole 8802
(165. 95 G2 Video Centre VC1 «*»
* 449 95 G2 Genesys Centre (MO
* 729.95 • G2 ftoodcal Video Cents VC3 m £1549 95 MODEMS &
1. 3 Icckstart ROM *19.95
2. W Kickstart ROM *36.95 A600 Kickstart ROM *15.95 Kickstart ROM
switch *14.95 Kickstart Switch Mouse *16.95 Super Denise 8373
*28.95 Mega Chip A500 A2000 with 2MB Angus (MO) *275.95
Kwikstart II *52.95 Multistart II *24.95 Amiga mouse joystick
selector *12.95 Amtrock Trackball (MO SS9.95 Crystal
Trackball mo *32.95 Infra-red Mouse (Cordless) (MO) *48.95
Logic 3 Speed Mouse *12.95 Mega Mouse in Blisterpack *12.95
Optical Mouse *29.95 Naksha Mouse £24.95 Now wilh a Fax-modem
you can link straight Into bulletin boards for the latest
info, or use your Amiga as a fax to send receive hard copy.
Diamond Dynalink Pocket Modem This Amiga Modem has a 9600 baud in send receive mode (Con be a fax using GP S W) *149.95 External (Via serial port) 9600Bps send receive Fax * 14400Bps data modem; CCITT V .21. V.22. V 22BIS. V 32 with V.42.V.42BIS MNP 2-5 *249.95 SUPRA MODEMS Supra-Fax modem V.32 (14400 baud) *363 Heavy Duty Prima Power Supply for above
* 10 when ordering the above Fax-Modern.
Supra-Fax Plus (9600 baud) *128 Supra 2400 (external) *68.95 Supra Modem (Internal) *151.95 Turn your Amiga Into a Fax Machine with GP Fax Software only *61.95 when buying any of the above Modems. *84.95 seperately.
VIDEO DIGITISING I Frome Grabber PAL (MO £559.95 1 Take 2 Complete Solution
* 119.95 1 VIDI AMIGA 12
* 79.95 Flicker Free Video 2 (PAL) (MO) *249.95 1 Rocgen Picture
in Picture
* 79 951 Just in & Best Buy Frame Store (MO
* 339 95 Epson 6500 SCSI (MO) *925.95 Epson 8000 SCSI (MO)
*1419.95 Power Greyscale Scanner *125.95 Power Colour Scanner
A500 *265.95 Power Cokxr Scorret A1S03 20DD *245.95 Alfa Scan
284 wilh Scan* Saved*)) *109.95 Alfa Scan Plus wilh OCR
£3.99 ZIP STICK £9.99 Convert your IBM Joystick to woric with
your Amiga £9.99 AMIGA 1200 A1200 MBX Board 2SMHz 68882 0Mb
(214. 95 A1200 MBX Board 25MHz 68882 2Mb
* 339.95 A1200 MBX Board 25MHz 68882 4Mb
* 379.95 A1200 MBX Board 25MHz 68882 8Mb
* 499.95 A1230 GVP Accelerator 68030 4MHz
* 299 95 A1230 GVP Accelerator 68030 ?
68882 & 4MB
* 499.95 SAMPLERS Audio Engineer Plus 2
* 179.95 Clarity 16 Sound Sampler
* 106 95 Megamix master
* 29.95 Stereo Master
* 29.95 Techno Sound Turbo
* 27.95 |AD1012Scmplerw4hSttxfo 16mo (449.95 AMAS2
* 74.95 Perfect Sound V3 £54.95 MIDI Pro MIDI Interface (IxIN,
* 20.95
* i Trilogic MIDI Interface £24.95 VIDEO EDITING 98181 1V330
* 1299 I IV330 3 Amiga 1200 80Mb Pack he. D-Pamt (4 AGA) Scala 8(
|User Video
* 1995 | AMIGA 3000 A300W0 28MHz (MO)
* 529.95 Mercury Board 25MHz (MO)
* 629.95 Mercury Board 33MHz (MO) £889.95 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT
AT 17.5% ACCELERATORS I AIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703
230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER
RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 only £739.08 only £264.38 only
£210.32 only £109.27 only £223.25 only £153.31 with 4Mb RAM
-£1444.08 with 6Mb RAM-£1513.40 2Mb Upgrade - £116.33 4Mb
Upgrade -£233.83 CITIZEN SWIFT 9 COL *154.43 NEW CITIZEN SWIFT
SJSIM SEIKOSHA SP 1900+ SI 14.32 SEIKOSHA 2400imoi *144.53
200 Colour *144.19 STAR LC 24 100(MO *'77.64 STAR LC 24 20
II.moi *219 77 STAR X8 24 200 COLwo) *421.12 STAR XB 24 250
NEW Oki 01410 1Mb Inc. HP IIP EmUotion S703M OKI LASER 810 *938
83 OKI LASER 830 mo Postscript 2Mb S938M NEW Ota OL 860
(FeatLxe enhonced OL84Q)Imoi * 1404 M PRINTER CARTRIDGES HP
Deskjet Hi Cap. *22.31 HP Deskjet Colour *22.31 LIMITED OFFER
Canon BJ10EX *14 A3 Canon BJ 300 330 *11.74 HP Deskjet 500 mono
*17.61 MAIL ORDER CREDIT CARD ORDERS Smpty telephone through
your order, giving your Access, Vbo or American Express card
nunber or send a cheque or postal order to our Southampton
Office MAIL ORDER Phone 0703 334630 OB 0703 230934. SCOTLAND
031 554 3557 Mwmum Hardware Courter Service 517 63. Software
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Super Jam Techno Sound Turbo £82.95 Sculpt Animate 4D £298.95 Gallery M M Dbase £43.99 S27.95 £27.95 Take 2 £35.99 Child's Play Word Pro £23.99 Techno Sound Turbo The NEW Adventures Of CAPTAIN DIAMOND MIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334 AMIGA WORLD In Ihe basement ol DIAMOND SHOPS AROUND THE UK AMIGA CENTRE 232 Tottenham Ct Rd a IU uarn ira 1022 Stockport Rd 83 Fawcett Road Chadwell Heath London W1 Slough Manchester PORTSMOUTH Romford Tel 071 580 4365 Tel 0628 604555 Tel06l 257
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0272 5 21738 BOOTUP AN A1200 The A1200 Is last becoming the
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s new Armgas Plus, the winner will take away lot* lop games lo
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Now. There may be only one winner but three n*mers-up will also
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tirst ol which is on NOW Pay a visa to a store between Monday 24th May and Saturday 3rd July and you II be able to get a C5 discount on ALL titles m Boots' Atruga chart So. What are you waiting lor?
Cut out this coupon and send it to: CU Amiga, Boots Compo, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, Farringdon, London EC1R 3AU.
HOW TO ENTER Simply work out the answers fit ihe tollowiixg questions Hies iol thewi Sown la tb« spacefs) provided or use ms Ok* ol a Puny white postcard or sealed envelope Then pop mo ekolo lot la mo pest. Ml soup It to Pm address atom Pteoso more that you Oavo aenoroP every question ami don't torpot lo eat a damp1 1 What year did the tirst Amiga tint appear on me UP Baikal’
3. From .Oere did The fioolt Company PIC get their name?
TIEBREAKER (answer tit no more than 1.000,000 worts): I am loo cheap te |o o«1 and k vy my own A1200 and would maclt rather have the one you are Roll up, roll up, for the very best in cut-price entertainment. If cash is a little hard to come by, worry no more - just check out CU’s blistering budget section.
BUDGET THE ADDAMS FAMILY HIT SQUAD OUT NOW £9.99 Those creepy and kooky members ol The Addams Family are Ihe stars ol this Mario-inspired platform romp Taking control ol a moustachioed Gomez sprite, it's up to you to guide the Fez wearing philanderer around a series ol platform packed levels in a frantic bid to rescue his kidnapped wile and children, Apparently, a ruthless properly dealer has spirited away Morlicia, Fester and the rest ol the Addams dan and is holding them to ransom until Gomez signs over the deeds to his family home Each character has been hidden in a different section ol
the sprawling lankly mansion, so Gomez must visit all live wings ol the house lo secure their release It's not as simple as that, though, as each level is stulted to the gkts with al manner ol marauding nasties and end ol-level guankans and these can only be defeated by bounong repeatedy on their bonces Fail to pdi off this mcky manoeuvre and youl more than liiety lose some much- needed energy and eventually lorteit a Me As you only start the game with live kves. It's best to time your moves to perfection, otherwise you’ll suffer the consequences The Gomez sprite can be made lo perform all
kinds ol acrobatic twists and turns at the tug ol a joystick, with the lire button used lo propel him through the air. He's every bit as manoeuvrable as Nintendo's Mario character and there's even a Fez-copter to reach some ol the game's more inaccessible areas. The In-game graphics are striking enough, although some of the backgrounds are a little lacklustre, and the music is a suitably jolly piece. Where Ihe game tails down is in the collision detection. You can be nowhere near an outcropping spike or incoming cannonball and yet still get zapped That's a great pity as it ruins an otherwise
excellent game Ol course, there are all the usual bonus rooms and hidden stages you'd expect in a game of this nature, and most are stuffed to the gills with power- ups and life-giving tokens. Each level is also based on a particular theme, so you've got a garden stage populated with carrot-crunching kiler rabbrts and a huge egg-bombing bird and a kitchen level which features an army of knife welding chefs When the game was released a year ago. It scooped up awards by the truck load, but things look a little faded now and there are more pokshed contenders lor your cash SUMItSSCl 2 GAMES WORTH
PLAYING OUT NOW £9.99 Supers* 2 centres its action around the six Olympic events ol the Downhill, Slalom widGiam Slalom. Ski Jump, the Hot-Dog (I?) And the Bobsleigh The manual seems to imply that Olympic contestants actuatty take pert in all six events - that's patently wrong - and as lor including Hoi Dogging as an Olympic event, well * just isn't. Leaving aside these Moe inaccuracies the mam question remains - how does it play? The answer - badhr For most events you view the action Irom a position shghtly behind your sprite. Rather hke Ihe slot view m flight sens. This is OK as lar as it
goes, so it's disconcerting lor some events, 6ke the ski jump, to suddenly present you with a front view. In thal event the sprite starts oft at the top of the ramp as a tiny blob and has a tendency to y oil at an angle before he even starts the lump The other events are rather easier lo master; the Downhill lor example simply requires you lo steer left and right and pull back to brake.
There's just something about Superset that reminds me ol the days ol C64 gaming The sprites are basic, the m-game sound effects non-existent and Ihe overaS look Is sknplis tic. This game is only really worth a look il you're an avid skier but cant scrape together the a* (are to Val D lsere this year kb KIXX OUT NOW £7.99 When I! Comes to classifying computer games, this definitely tails into the better ott dead and buned' category.
Basically this is an attempt at a 30 soccer game, and providing you’re not expecting much in the way ot moves, action or goals and know nothing about the sport, you might enjoy this tor the first game.
The gameplay is truly appalling - even the computer teams seem to have trouble scoring. It's not that the goal keepers are any good, it’s just that the II not only deflects ott them, but the surrounding three teet ot space as 3D effect works OK, it's just that the pitch scrolls jerkily The sound is down point - pathetic effects jostle with awful tunes lor space and the combined effect is enough to reduce any music lover to tears There's only one reason to buy this game, and that's because it contains voucherentitling you to another game absolutely free (provided QIIATTRO POWER MACHINES
CODEMASTERS OUT NOW £9.99 I On the surface, four games lor £10 sounds like a good buy. Doesn’t it?! Well, don't be conned, as there isn't a good game In this Codemasters compilation. The closest that comes togames playing respectability is Violator, yet another in a long line ol Apache gunship sims which owe more than a dotf of the hat to classic blasts such as SWIV and Sidewinder Yes, you guessed it, it's a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up but without the panache of the above mentioned titles.
The idea is to blast your way up the screen, taking out all the hostile planes, copters, tanks and gun emplacements which clutter up the screen whilst taking care not to soak up too much in-coming enemy tire. Starting with five lives, there are numerous bonus weapons scattered around each level, including Sidewinder and Cruise missiles, as well as smart bombs which are released after a spot ot frantic joystick I waggling But it's a derivative blast all the same and merely reminded me of one of those interminable SEUCK games that clog up the PD scene.
Super Grand Prix looks a little like a Super Sprint or Super Cars done at first glance, until you come to play it. With all the responsiveness of a lump of granite, you can choose to drive a Formula One car, a 500cc motor bike, a supercharged dragster or one of a number of different vehicles which take part in an Open Championship. These range from a JVC digger (!) And Chieftain tank through to a Big Foot truck and cop car. The action takes place over a number of different single screen tracks, but there's very little variety, and although there's an option for up to four players lo take
pad. I doubt whether you'd want to show this off to your mates.
The third and foudh games in the set are fairly similar Pro Powerboat Simulator puts you in control of a speed boat as you race up a vertically scrolling screen avoiding enemy boats and obstacles whilst laying mines to take out some ot your competitors Nitro Boost involves a similar challenge, only this time you get a choice ot taking control of a spodscar or a power boat. Nitrous Oxide canisters are scattered around the course which help Turbo charge your vehide and other cars do their best to ram you off the road. Both are fairiy dire affairs and better examples of this type of game exist in
the Public Domain. (rVra Don't waste your money!
POPULOUS: THE PROMISED LANDS HIT SQUAD OUT NOW £12.99 This game has appeared so many times on compilations and budget release that it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone not already having a copy In the unlikely event that the name Populous gust means densely populated to you, here’s how the game works. You play a god, who has to battle it out with a rival deity lor possession ot a number ol worlds Being a god you've got an arsenal ot excellent powers at your disposal, ranging trom the ability to raise and lower land, to causing earthquakes and volcanoes While it s good tun wiping out enemy
villages, you've also got to take care ot your guys by levelling land tor them to build on.
The accompanying Promised Lands disks provides live new landscapes to play on While these don't alter the gameplay. Being the God ol Blockland is a good laugh This is great value for money it you're one ol the minority who hasnl got this game - although you should shop around, as you might be able to find it on a compilation (albeit without The Promised Lands) tor only a lew qiad more I thought that using my ship's massive guns would be a laugh, but no mattei what t Imaginative, but deeply ttawed, Strike Fleet Is still overpriced even in thebudget j~.
Bracket. (-M THE PLAGUE GLOBAL SOFTWARE OUT NOW £7.99 This game tailed to make any real impact when it made its tul pnce debut and now, several years later, it has reappeared to lurk around on the budget scene The obtect ol the game is, quite simply, to destroy hordes ol hideous mutants At least they would be hideous il the graphics artist had any talent.
Instead you're laced with salamander people, strange looking robot snakes and other similarly dull creations What really leaves the game dead in the water is its minimal playability After al. There have been many Ime games that tack a graphical punch, so pictures aren't everythmg The main character isn't very responsive and the attack waves are easy to spot and pick oil.
That's not to say that The Plague is an easy game - in tact the combination ol dodgy controls and other gameplay quirks makes it extremely frustrating.
Avoid this like you'd avoid, well, the plague GREY- TRONIC5 081686 997 LTD LOWEST PRICES CUT PRICES ") K - T -' -w ¦¦ ' ( BEST SERVICE ' DISKS DISKS DISKS + iockable 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE “ BOXES 50 35." DS DD £22.99 + 100 cap lockable box £26.99 100 3.5" DS DD £39.99 + 100 cap lockable box .. .£43.99 200 3.5" DS DD £74.99 + 2X100 " "......£81.99 300 3.5" DS DD £112.99+3X100 " "....£124.99 400 3.5" DS DD £147.99 + 4X100 " “ ...£162.99 500 3.5" DS DD £174.99 + 5X100 " "...£189.99 1000 3.5" DS DD . £335.00+10X100 " "....£367.99 FREE LABELS + FREE DELIVERY BY PARCEL FORCE
4. 49 each 9.99 each 16.50 each 2 4.39 each 9.79 each 16.00 each
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Games: Space Ace, Kick Off 2, Pipe Mania, Populous £234.99 Z
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.SlorlC 24-10 24200 Add £2 ter T -- BRANDED DISKS SONY- 3M -
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CALL IN OR SEND CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS TO: VHTM GREY-TRONICS LTD, UNIT 1015 WHITGIFT CENTRE, CROYDON, SURREY CRO 1UU SALES HELPLINE: 081 686 9973 Mail order prices only FAX: 081 686 9974 All offers subject to availability. E&OE. Prices Pock details may change without notice due to currency fluctuations. Please allow 6 working days for cheques to clear.
HOW TO ORDER BY PHONE (0924) 366982 Access Visa Delta & Switch BY FAX (0924) 200943 Please Leave Order & Credit Card Details.
PLEASE NOTE. (AB) AFTER A DIS NUMBER MEANS 2 DISKS ETC. PLEASE STATE WHEN ORDERINi zThe 17 Bit Collection m Over 1600 disks worth a ot the best in public domain .
Games S demos Etc. Att on a , double CD! Hundreds of Jemos. Pics. Games S Uhs tor, only £40.99 Including PSP!
R. Unbeatable Value!
Amos 3D ....£18.99 Amos Compiler . £1899 Captive ... ..£12 99 Chaos Engine ..... £18.99 Defender Of The Crown ...... . £5 99 Dream Team Compilation ... Harlequin ...£17.99 L ...£14 99 Lemmings 2 ...... ....£22 99 I Lion heart £21 99 I Max Compilation .. Megalomania .... £12 99 1 £1199 1
Myth ..... £14 99 1 No Second Prize ...... Nigel Mansell World Cup .... ....Li' yy £1799 Putty £18.99 Realms . .....£11 99 Spntz (Art Package) ... £9 99 ThunderHawk .. £1799 Wing Commander .... Zool . £16 99 £17.99 ALISTER BRIMBLE PRESENTS Sounds Digital'. A piottessional music CD which includes hacks tiom Pioiect X. Assassin S otheis!
Great Music. Only £10.99 PSP 'SPACE WARS’ See the latest in Amiga Animation on VHS Video! 24 bit dynamic Hi-Res moWb from T. Richter Only £11.99 ? 75p PSP ¦THE FINAL FRONTIER• A 4 disk mag which no Trekkie ihoutd be without. Includes exclusive artwork by 7. Richter end upto dale seminar news etc Only £6.95 HOT TEAM 17 SOFTWARE!
Alien Bieed Remix .....£999 Assassin ..£18 99 Body Blows ..... £18 99 Protect X Supedrog LSD ¦LEGAL TOOLS f We currently stock ell the LSD legal tools utility compilations trom I to 801A catalogue o available ot these titles lot Ct 00 Inc PSP or tree with orders ot 10 disks or more.
Attention Overseas Traders!
Ive ere currently looking tor reBable companies to represent us in the overseas market. II you would like to be an othdat 17 Bit Dealer, and would like to knowhow YOU can benefit.
Contact us by Tel or Fax NOW' Join The Leaders In public DomainI CDPD VOLUME 01 LATEST DISKS!
Containing Fred Fish disks from F001 to F660!
WeH Worth £19.99 ? 75p PSP1 Thats over 650 disks Worth!!
CDPD VOLUME *2 Continuation ot Fred Fish horn F661 To F750 ? Ttw Entire SCOPE & JAM Ranges! Anolhei packed CD toi only £1999 ? 75p PSP DEMO CD VOLUME »1 For the Connoisseurs, this CD contains Demos. Intros. Cliparts.
Modules. Samples etc!
Only £19.99 ? 75p PSP!
'AM FM' Issue 11 ot this ever popular disk mag for music enthusxtsts is now available Only £2 50 or £5 00 with sample disk Back issues also avaiable1 ¦LSD GRAPEVINE »W As always. Our most popular disk meg « packed with controverdel topics end news trom the ‘Scene’.
DonI miss it at £3.751 ASSASSINS GAMES DISKS!
It you thought the first 30 were good, you should see the next lot1 Now a loial ot 56 issues available at incredible prices! Have a look below!
Any 10 for £11.99 Any 20 for £21.99 Any 30 For £29.99 Any 40 tor £37.99 Any SO for £45.99 or just take Ihe whole lol tor an incredible £49.99!
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. 2544 .Misery TRSI
* 2543(AB) .Dreams .2542 Freedom Crack
»10 Mag ?2541 ... Talent Demo
?2540(AB) Blob Animation
.2539 ....Alien Bash .
2358 ..Mandelbrot Mania
?2536 ....Zircon Mag »2
?2535 Zircon Mag *1
?2534 ..Diskmanager III
?2533 Stirling Engine III ?2532 ....Util
Disk Maker V1.1b ?2531 (AB) Star Trek TNG Quiz X2530 Team Hoi.
1200 Only ?2528(AB) Lemmings Revenge ?2527 Desert Do Doo Anim
?2526 Duncan Dung Beetle ?2525(AB) Charly Cat Anim 2 Meg ?2524
Printer Driver Collection II ?2523 The Maths Adventure
?2522 . Tronicad ?2521 ......
MicroMarket V1.1 ?2520 ..Octasluff Music
?2519 ..J.RComm 1.02 ?2518 A1200 WB Hacks
?2517 More A1200 WB Hacks ?2518 .Dong
?2515 (ABC) ...Electronic Bible ?2514 (ABCD) Quality Time (5MB) .2513 ...The NEW Superkillers ?2512 The NEW WB3 Superkilers ?2511 Amos Pro Updater V1.11 ?2510 ...Landscapes marks C Art 2 ?2509 Wildlife C Ait .2508 ...Landscapes marks C Art 1 ?2507 EasyCalc Spreadsheet ?2506 17 Bit Utils Vol 3.
?2505 ..Fantasy Art Pics ?2504 Black Energy Music Disk ?2503 Wndblend A1200 FracGen.
.2502 .....More 1200 Only Utils ?2501 .Childrens Songs ?2500 ...Gladiators Muse Disk ?2499 ...Fruit Salad Game ?2498 ....Picture Puzzle ?2497 Marcos Box Of Fun (1.5MB) ?2496 ..Excel1 Database ?2495 .....Attraction Music Disk ?2494 (AB) ...18th Hole Golf Game ?2493 .The Enforcer Anim ?2492 . Ham-8 Vistas ?2491 ..Vidi Effects
* 2490 ....Drum Loops Samples ?2489 Cindy Crawford Slides
*ie ioft«i. Pack of the year.
It indadM Zool, Troawrtta, Pintui Dream* and Striker - Value Cl27.93 Silkai *500 ind *500 Standalone Include a Fret ZOOL oeck. JhmS For all other featured pack. [Cartoon. Lamming.. WWW, pic * Coml:|.
Silica WcludatFree ZOOL peck ai a. GFA B*e* end Photon Paint.
ZOOL ...£25.99 kPMIo-T.*toi**»*¦ 97%At pCctp Nc-W JlfJBLk,* IV TRANSWRITE £49 95 i f *»_-* JF WerepnxeiavmiSpotOedtar -..Jfif PINBALL DREAMS £25.99 P real tr-uafcyi - 94 AM • Sac* 92 [T STRIKER ..£25.99 e-rteLL- 'J So»«»«U»on-94VCUAmg...LraW- ZOOL PACK: £127 92 l 85000 iugrS'y & PHOTON PAINT II .£89.95 V V R Po OWoP gPia 1 nH j°luae AMIGA 500 STANDALONE AMIGA 500plus CARTOON CLASSICS ... '4 CLOCK BAT* wntnv a*c«o CLOCK 1 YEAR RETURN TO DEALER WARRANTY PACK INCLUDES:
• i AMO* 500-iia DW»
• BUI' IN l*. Duvt
• DELUXE PAM II £ »» ««t mm 8UCA SMT91M1. Asr*t TOTH PACK VHUt:
A500nun With FREE! Sim City CD from Silica worth £29.99
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• Storage capeoty equalto KC f»x»V **« MOHomws
• MemaiRAMeipantonoptKn ia. • Compet** -Uh IS09660 standa*
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PACK VALUt 1427.11 PACK SAVING £228 91 SILICA PRICE: £198.00 1
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• 2wt, AMIGA SCO .'.*- *1.
• 8U4T-N iw D**Vf t TV MOOLIATOR
• 20ml H4FC USX
• ERC-Aion««iNTuar
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• TrnW A*sjrr. «uuap oh fW PROM SILICA I See Tcp lefli TOTAL PACK
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• BUATJN 1M DRIVE-------
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• UOOOHE APPROVED UPGRADES: Hard D*»* * RAM upgrades with WANG
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the Saca Syatarr* ServCW To: Sibca Systems. CMUSR-0683-104 1-4
The Mews. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kc PLEASE SEND A 64 PAGE AMIGA
IwortO: SET SERIOUS SAMPLE CDS Tony ‘horrid noises a
speciality’ Horgan takes a couple of new sample Cds for a
It’s time once more to get down to some serious talking as we feast our eyes on another batch of hi-tech wonders.
88 SAMPLE Cds 89 HYPERCACHE 89 CYBERDREAM 89 CDTV MEMORY SWITCH 90 VIDI 12 92 SOUND ENHANCER 95 PREVIEW: TRUEPAINT 97 MAVIS BEACON TEACHES TYPING 2 98 INTEROFFICE 100 EDUCATION FEATURE 102 MORPH PLUS UPDATE 104 RAVE 110 AN INTERVIEW WITH DAVID PLEASANCE 114 BUYER'S GUIDE TO PRINTERS 128 ART GALLERY 132 PD SCENE 135 PD UTILITIES 138 AMIGA PROFILES - FUTURESOFT 142 READER’S OFFERS The CU Amiga lop rated accolade lor non-games products scoring over They will definitely De worth the money and are likely lo acl as a Benchmark lor tolnre releases.
THE WIZARD 19 was a milestone in dance music. Paul Hardcastle’s revolutionary use ot the sampler pushed it to number one in the world's charts, and started the ball rolling for the sample-based dance explosion ot the late 80s. Compiled from Mr Hardcastle's own sample library, The Wizard is another ot those very handy all-rounder sample discs.
Techno loops are first on the menu. There are 41 of these, which have been composed especially for the CD, not taken from other records. Most are based on single-bar rhythms played on analogue synths, often looped a number of times with increasing degrees ot modulation and filter levels.
Put these on a thumping beat, maybe add some chords if you're feeling adventurous, and you've got yourself the basis of a good fartingly-slithering techno track- Some of the loops are based on the same riffs, but played on different sounds, so you don't quite get 41 completely different loops.
Next are 27 keyboard riffs and drop-ins, followed by a rather excessive but comprehensive orchestral section. A dozen basslines put in an appearance, again with a good squidgy analogue flavour, some repeated on different sounds to make up the numbers. A batch of 37 breakbeats is followed by 10 percussion loops, which lead into some single drum samples.
The speech section is a little disappointing, with recreated versions of some dated samples.
The vocal ad libs are a lot more useful. Even better are the sax and flute riffs, which have b gs of potential for catchy hooks and fills. Various other sounds include synth samples, kung fu vocals, guitar riffs and notes, and single bass samples.'
Snippets from 19 often crop up, including the 19 sample itself.
Even though some of the sounds are a little out ot tune with current trends, the variety means you'll be sampling the CD for many months to come. If you're into loops, this is one of the best Cds around - full of bread and butter samples, with plenty of jam dolloped on top.
Price: E49.95 GROOVE CONSTRUCTION Another new concept from Time and Space.
Groove Construction is an alternative breakbeat
CD. Instead of taking drum loops from existing records, MJ Dunne
has created them all himself.
With the CD, you also get a 3.5 inch floppy disk containing MIDI flies of the loops on the CD. The idea is that you can either sample the loops straight from the CD, or recreate them with the MIDI files and the separate drum samples also included on the CD.
The MIDI files are in ST format, so you'll need to convert them to AmigaDos first with something like the PD programs MessyDos or MessySID.
You could also use them with OctaMED, by first getting them into AmigaDos, and then using the AMFC conversion program from Amiganuts (0703 470017). Once you've got them in your sequencer, you can rearrange them to suit your needs, or use the rhythms with your own choice of samples. If you want to keep your sample polyphony for other sounds, you could easily route the loops through a drum machine.
Whatever kind of dance music you’re into, there’s something for you on the CD. The disc is split into categories for Euro Techno. Swing New Jack. Garage, House, Hip Hop Rap, and Hardcore Rave. All of them are built from separate drum and sound effect samples, so none are real live breakbeats, but the sound quality is very high.
It's interesting to hear someone else s idea of what garage, techno and hip hip are about. The hardcore loops for example, aren't what I would think of as typical examples of hardcore, but then if you want a typical hardcore breakbeat, you can sample one from a typical hardcore record.
Groove Construction shouldn’t be viewed as a normal drumloop CD If that's what you want, ,-ypu’d be better off looking elsewhere. However, if you want more freedom than single bar drumloops give you, or if you're looking to improve your own groove-creation skills, this could be right up your alley. The addition of the MIDI files is an excellent idea, and one that deserves to succeed.
Price: £39.95 GET SERIOUS CU AMIGA HYPERCACHE CDTV MEMORY SWITCH Tony Horgan takes a trip down memory lane.
If you've got a 1Mb CDTV, you've probably realised by now that you cant actually use the full megabyte. The CD drive uses a buffer ot about 50K to keep the access times as low as possible, but it takes this 50K from your 1 Mb of RAM. This isn't too much of a problem in most cases, but some programs need the whole megabyte to run properly. This is the cause of virtually all CDTV incompatibility problems The switch simply disables the CD drive, and reclaims that extra 50K. Installing it is quite straightforward. But you have to take the case off the CDTV. Which will void your warranty. A
diagram is included with the instructions to help you locate the jumper on the circuit board There's no neat way of passing the wire through the casing of the CDTV. But it works fine if you put it through the gap around the PCMCIA slot at the front (although it does look a bit messy).
It works perfectly, but it the machine breaks down, it'll be up to you to get it fixed. At £12.99 it's a b« pricey, considering the parts can't cost more than about £2. If you fancy a cheaper alternative, take a look at the software option in this issue's PD Utilities section.
Available from: CD Free, 48 Llndisfame Road, Spennymoor, Co Durham, DL16 6EL. Tel: 0388 813661. Price: £12.99. If you have a need for speed, perhaps you should be swapping your cash for a cache.
The one thing that everyone Knows about mass storage devices is that they are never last enough. CD-ROM. . Pah! You may get 600Mb ot storage on-line, but what good is it to you it it takes an age to read. Even the performance ot SCSI hard- drives comes into question when pedorming demanding tasks.
Hypercache is a small piece ol software with a single goal - to speed up aU your data acquisition without getting in the way ol any other sottware. It works by setting aside some memory as a butter to your storage device. When the same tile information, lor example a directory list, is requested often the data can be suppled direct from this butter without the need to read the disk. Hypercache uses an LRU algorithm, derived tram those used on large mainframe and minicomputer fileservers.
Hypercache wiH run on virtually any Amiga It wil cope equally well with WB12, WB1.3, WB2 and WB3 and there is even a special optimised version lor 030 and '040 users. There is no memory requirement, although at least I Mb is recommended to get the best out ot the sottware. The default cache size is 512K.
A small piece of cunning added to the program even pre-loads information that it predicts you are going to ask tor. Based on previous experience. The software is fully user-configurable, allowing you to fiddle about with all the parameters and muck things up. More importantly you can change the size ot the butter (which defaults to 512k) to better reflect your needs The system as a whole will be useful to everyone who uses software like ray-tracers, databases, animations, compilers or even just Workbench.
Available from: Silicon Prairie Software, 2326 Francis Street, Regina, SK S4N 2P7. Tel: 0101 306 352 0358. Price *49.95 (money order In US currency accepted). Price (Ifra!)
Includes overseas PSP.
CYBERDREAM Tony Horgan puts on his slippers and relaxes with a cup of Horlicks and a good video.
M M ow do you fancy a bit of progressive, uplifting, spiritual house', combined with an eyeful of ¦¦ trarce-inducing visuals? Need a break from all that head-banging techno’ Then get your sensory H H organs around Cyberdream.
Whether you want to wind down after a night out, get yourself in the mood for a boogie, or if you've lust had enough of News at Ten, Cyberdream is the answer. It's a 20-minute video of colour-cycling fractals, kaleidoscopic warps, abstract animations and 3D spinny things (stop me it I'm getting too technical).
My personal lavourite is the psychedelic rainbow-coloured shark. The backing is a well-suited mix of what many would call progressive house, but that reminds me of those awful progressive rock bands of the 70s. So we ll call it trance instead. In other words, wooshy synths, blobby basses and simple melodies over grooving house beats - most satisfactory.
The sound and graphics combine really well, and you don't have to be consciously watching or listening to get the benefit. Think of it as you would an EP or an album, or even as a moving painting. Then again, maybe you should think of it as a treaky video All the graphics were done with an Amiga which, in a way. Makes it even more impressive. See this month's Lead Feature for more into on the creators. At the price it s a steal, and deserves a place in every space-head s video collection.
Available Irom: Deep Evolution, White Hart House, Long Street, Atherstone, Warks CV9 1AX. Tel: 0827 713458. Price: £5.99. At only £99, VkJi 12 was already Ihe best value digitiser in town, but have Rombo scored a knock-out blow over their rivals by incorporating full AGA support, and fully rewritten software? The answer is a resounding probably.
The Vidi 12 hardware incorporates a combined video digitiser and colour splitter in a small plastic box that plugs into the parallel port. The unit can accept composite video and S-VHS inputs so you can attach it to a wide vanety ol household video recorders and camcorders.
HEART OF THE MATTER The heart ot the package, however, is its software rather than its hardware, and this has undergone constant improvement since it was first released last year. The software comprises three main sections: Preferences. Image Control and File Management.
Preferences allows you to specify both the way an image is captured, and the way that it’s displayed on the screen. Whenever you capture a colour image, the incoming video signal is separated into its three colour components: red, green and blue, and an individual image is captured for each of these. It's only when it comes to displaying the image that the three are combined.
Vidi 12 is capable of differentiating between 16 shades of brightness, which means that it can create a maximum of 4096 colours on-screen. This means that although the digitiser can generate screens that use the higher pixel resolutions of the PROOUCT TEST CU AMIGA AGA Amigas, It Isn't capable ot working to the same degree ol colour precision - It can only utlhse a 12-bit palette whereas the At 200 and 4000 use a 24-bit one The (Utterance between dlgitlson libs Ibe age old tevoertte Olgl-Vlew. And grab ben Ilka Vidi li weed Vidi It a Irame QUALITY This » not actually as bad as It sounds In
Ihe first place, the higher screen resolutions ensure that even oi 2S6 colour mode, image quality is excellent. In HAM 8 mode I dely anyone to dramatically n me lest lew yeen and ordinary dig mean are mart w leva ¦
n. wg alto past Ml the ddterence between a 12- _ on VO grab and
pseudo 24-bit standard HAM-8 image, at least without magnify
mg a screen an examining Its palette.
Regardtess ol the screen mode you decide to use. A single frame can be captured in less than a second, and grey scale ones can be grabbed in real time. Once an image has been grabbed. It then needs to be mixed for display, and this can take well over a minute, even allowing for the A1200 s faster processor.
When you're happy with the captured image, simply dick Store and It will be placed into mem ory tor you to edit or save later NEW FEATURES One new feature of the program that I think is exceptional, is Its time lapse option. Using this, the program win automatically grab an snage at user- defined intervals between half a second and six hours; ideal if you want to dgitise the growth of a plant, or the movement of clouds! This was possl Die before, but only through a complicated process of creating scripts yourself - having it integrated JARGON BUSTERS
• AGA - Advsnc10 Graphics Anbllblil - lbs sew graph la abtlltia
si me A1200 and A4000
• Cmmr Splitter - On a computer raven at, Miser caa he created by
miatag varying atnoents of red. Greta aed Mh ItgM . In tied net
Hie eraeorttea el each srlmary la any givea eatenr. The cdeer
most Hat be ee»iraled Me its d'awnamk e video camera ar slayer
late Amiga s
• HAAI-4 - Special AGA ecreen mode that eenMts me ose el eg to
2SMM cafosrt ea-screea at a thee.
Into the software is a much better solution.
The program also features a remote trigger option whereby you can activate the automatic capture of an Image using a joystick plugged into port 2.
Obviously you could expand on this Idea by connecting up any switch to your joystick port alow mg you to use Vidi as a security device amongst other things Unfortunately, the usefulness of these options is restnded by the fact that the grabbed images must be stored in RAM. On an A1200. Chgrbsmg in ful overscan in HAM-8 mode, there's only room in memory for a single frame. If' might have been better if the program contained an option to store an image directly on disk without having to use RAM as a staging post first.
EDITING Another important part ot the program is its Editing suite. This contains 12 image processing options such as negative, blur, quantize and psychedelic which can be used to after a single image, or an entire sequence of them. These options remain.
The same as those found in previous versions of the program, although they have been drastically speeded up. And a new option (Mosaic) has been added Whereas previously these options could only be applied to HAM mode images, they can now be applied to any screen format, mdudmg screens loaded from disk.
If you have digitised more than one image, you can use the carousel to animate them The carousel can also be used to specify the format in which images should be saved. Surprisingly, there's even a new 12 and 24-bit screen save option. The latter really is a bit redundant given the program's maximum 12-bit resolution I'm glad to see that Rombo are finally including a comprehensive and easy to follow manual with Vidi 12 because this was one ol the program s shortfalls previously Vidi 12 doesn't take tub use of the A1200or A4000 s 24-bct palette and this is a pity However, you shouldn't let this
detract from its mcredMe value. For only E99 it provides a full colour dinning system which is compatible with a Amigas and aA screen modes. My opinion was very high the first time I saw it. Now it's even higher. 'S ALTERNATIVE BUYS Tlit favoured digitiser at CU Team Is still Ibi amulnt V- lab film Ibt German company MacroSyttem If-lab works In a completely different way to Vidi, by digitising tba entire composite signal and then PtcoPlog On resoling information lo torn a picture. Altheogh it OoasaT yel directly support AGA graphics. II ton dlgltln to tba mail mam colour resolution at On
ML colour signal. Which Is pseudo 11-bit. Aed will save lins n the tlaneata 2dhd Iff Vub currently comas la bwe vtrsiea. V-leb Ptr.
Which wm wort wd any Amiga and On lasnr. Ertgioal V- . Which comas as Zone card. Haw versions art bang rtlttttd with evea mere impaessivt saacdicatna. Bat yoa ¦U aped to pay al letsi C200 mart ter Inn. A racaal ese u the Y t version which wtH accept compoatel uls such as dnaa prodwcad by SVHS videos and cameras - aspect a ravine very soon For more reformation on V-Uh hardware contort Amiga Contra Scotland on 089 617 503.
ROMBO £99.95 ASM WA ASM. V ASM ¦ A12M ¦ A1SM 01 A2000 I ASM I A4000 Of ROMBO. BAIRD ROAD, LIVINGSTONE, SCOTLAND, EH54 7AZ. TEL: 050« 414131.
INNOVATION £ This package is great fun to H use. Anyone need a slideshow making?!
If you ask me, designing the Amiga’s sound hardware was the best thing Commodore have ever done. The 8-bit resolution is out-dated these days, but it’s still capable ol producing some killer tunes. The trouble is. In theory, the output should be better than it actually is.
If you've ever sampled a loop and played it back to back with the original, you’ll almost certainly notice a drop in the top-end frequencies, no matter how well you’ve recorded it. According to the laws ol logic, if you sample at or above the Nyquist rate, all the high frequencies should come through in your recording. Even though this is usually the case, when it comes to playback, some ot the higher frequencies are suppressed Flatulant bottom end? A bit fuzzy up top? Dr Tony Horgan takes a look at a miracle cure.
SOLUTIONS One way around the problem is to use software to boost the treble. This works well with some samples, but if your sound has been recorded with an optimum signal-to-noise ratio, the treble could distort when it's amplified. Another alternative is to tweak the controls on your graphic equaliser, but many Eos don't provide sufficient levels ol cut and boost to make much difference.
The new Sound Enhancer from Omega Projects is what you need. The original Enhancer was a basic treble booster, but the improved version is more impressive. Don't be deceived by its modest appearance - the difference it makes is stunning - you get a far brighter sound, with added wellie at the bass end. On top of that, the EQ also brings out various other frequencies lhal are usually lost.
BASICS The only controls on the unit are a knob and a switch. The switch turns the Enhancer effect on and off, while the knob controls the amount of treble boost, so you can alter it to suit your particular hi-fi setup. You can t adjust the level of bass boost, but you can easily strike a good overall balance by tweaking the treble knob and the volume on your hi-fi.
If your samples are grainy in the first place, the Enhancer will make them sound worse. For example, drum loops recorded below about 16KHz will sound scratchy, and background noise will become more apparent on quiet samples. The treble boost is centred around the 20KHz range, and any frequencies of that pitch in a 16KHz sample will be distorted. The Sound Enhancer will just emphasise them. On the other hand, decent samples take on a new dimension. Play a sample with the Enhancer switched out, then switch it in, and and the sound leaps right out of the speakers at youl It's like the
difference between a mono cassette tape, and a surround sound CD (although of course it's not CD qualify).
JARGON BUSTERS If you've ever tried to record your music lo analogue tape, you’ll know what a struggle it is to get your recording to sound anything like the original.
Most Amigas have a low-rated output that only registers about -5dB. If you put that straight onto tape (via your hi-fi's CD inputs for example), you'll have a very poor signal-to-noise ratio, and you'll end up with a bad recording as a consequence. Passed through the Sound Enhancer, the level is boosted to about +3dB, which is just about the highest level a cassette can take before distorting. With a higher volume level on the tape, there's not so much room for all that horrible hiss and hum to creep in. Not only will the overall level be right, but you'll also have control over the treble
(treble response varies a great deal depending on the type of cassette, tape deck and noise reduction you're using).
CONCLUSION In short, anything you record from the Amiga will sound much better if it’s gone through the Sound Enhancer first. Even if the sample rates are low, you can still benefit from the extra meat of the bass boost, and keep the treble control turned down.
Also, don't forget that this doesn’t have to replace any existing equalisers you might have. There’s no reason why you can’t put your sound through as many Eqs as you can like in order to hone your music to perfection.
OMEGA PROJECTS £39.95 A500+ 7A AGOO BI A1200 9 A2000 9 A3Q00 II A4000 9 A500 !
A15O0I The easiest and most effective way to improve your Amiga’s sound. J r SIMULATION THAT WILL WEDGE YOU INTO YOUR
EXHILARATING ¦ ROUND OF international Open golf »
SELECT TO PLAY SOLO. OR WITH FRIENDS, FROM SEVERAL TYPES OF COMPETITION INCLUDING SKINS WHERE YOU CAN PLAY FOR A SUM OF MONEY FOR EACH HOLE. SELECT YOUR CLUB, ADDRESS THE TEE AND STRIKE OFF DOWN THE FAIRWAY FOR A ROUND LIKE YOU'VE AVAILABLE FOR I Ar-I¦ ASSOCIATION WITH CBM AMIGA IBM PC OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED 2 CASTLE STREET Calling all Programmars As a reader of Amiga Computing, you will already own one of our major products for the Amiga - assuming you saved the cover disk from the February issue. Now you can buy the complete manual for HiSoft BASIC 1.05, together with the full disk set
(including an extended 1Mb compiler editor and many examples) for only £19.95 plus P&P - just use the order form on the right. We also have all the official Commodore 3rd Edition ROM Kernel manuals in stock including Libraries, Devices, Hardware and Includes & Autodocs. In addition we have the excellent Mastering Amiga Assembler book which is free (honestly!) Only when you buy Devpac 3 using the coupon in this ad. See the order form for some other special offers ... Special Order Form The ultimata assembler language system" Amiga Formal Gold 4 92 SAS C Version 6 Development System £328383
SS3SSS* m Is ? I 2 S S S £ £ - is $ g S UULUDL The newest assembly-language development system for the Amiga. Devpac 3.03 is the most powerful and complete package ever released - just look at a selection of its features:
• Full Workbench 1.3 and 2.x compatibility
• Multi-window editor with macros, bookmarks and total
integration making the package a joy to use for both the
beginner and the professional programmer
• Super-fast 68000-68040 assembler and debugger with support for
the maths co-processor
• Pre-assembly option makes using the Amiga includes simple and
very, very quick
• Assemble to memory, many assembler-contTol options and
optimisations, repeat loops, output of code to executable,
linkable or S-Rccord format, full listing control and much more
makes Devpac 3 unbeatable Fr«* with Devpac 3 - use the coupon *
A book that we, and many of our customers, have been waiting
for ... an introductory book on Amiga assembly language
programming that is written with Devpac in mind.
• Covers fundamental assembly language concepts
• How to use the system header files and official Amiga docs
• Low-level Intuition and graphics programming
• CLI Shell and Workbench programming
• and much more besides in this invaluable book We are delighted
to announce Jhe immediate availability of SAS C Version 6.1 -
the latest release of the premier C compiler for the Amiga.
Please write or call if you require any more detail on this
superb package; we can only list some highlights in this short
spate. Also call for upgrade information.
• Complete ANSI compliant compiler, libraries and headers
• Extremely comprehensive on-line help system
• Faster development time including the use of shared libraries
• Improved optimisation with peephole optimiscr
• New, 1200-page documenta'tion with Quick Reference Guide ©® © g
®@® r ; ®@® gSl
• rggstf IIIV,.ft 'iMMWnllCvi fV.
Tor more information on any ol our products, please call HiSott on 0525 718181. Or fax us on 0525 713716 or write to us at: The CM School, Greenfield.
Bedford MK45 5DE UK HiSoft High Quality Software Highspeed Pascal - the fastest, most compatible and easiest-to-use Pascal compiler for all Amigas (including the A1200 & A4000).
• Fully integrated package; edit, compile, execute, all in one
• Turbo Pascal 5 compatibility allowing easy portability.
The package even includes all the Turbo Pascal units from the PC such as the graph unit, dos unit, utilities unit etc.
• Version 1.1 comes complete with Workbench™ 2 units and full
support for the maths co-processor Will truecolour modes on
enhanced Lafl: Truepatnl wHI interlace directly with V-Lab. The
popularly acclaimed digitiser Irom MacroSystem.
TrfAiir roja joitf j u»j »j Video Input i Monitor Grab I The race is on !o produce a paint package capable ol doing justice to the AGA Amigas. Yes, there is a special version on Dpainl, and there is Personal Paint, but both of these sutler Irom similar drawbacks. Although they support the new screen and colour modes, the results still fall short ol photographic quality.
It isn't a great teat to compose an _ image in HAMS mode. What is difficult is keeping it looking good. Normally any HAMS images you see on the AGA machines in demos and the like have been convened down Irom a 24- bit file. When you start mucking around with the picture, it starts looking tatty because all the effects, such as antialiasing, are taking place in eight bitpianes. The reason that images processed in packages like ADPro look much better, is because they operate on 24-bit data. Even il some ol that information is lost when it is converted down, you started out with better
There is a speed loss involved in dealing with 24-bit graphics - but it is not all that different to the amount of processjpg time required for HAMS images.
On running the soltware, a requestor will ask which screen mode to run in.
Memory permitting, a speed-up butter will be initialised at this stage. The resolutions provided indude the overscan range, so True Paint could be used for real-time genlocklng, even in AGA mode. Image size is up to 16368 by 16368 pixels, although obviously you can't display all these on screen at once.
The interface lor the program will be familiar to _ anyone who read the exclusive Retina review we ran in our April issue. Essentially the program is the same as the bundled VDPaint software, except It runs through Workbench instead of directly onto a 24-bit card. The only major difference is that the display updates are marginally slower, mainly because the Retina had its own exceptionally last memory and the standard Amiga doesn’t.
Obviously though, the tact that it is not running on a pure 24-brt board makes some difference to some of the features.
J TOOLS ] Instead of the tool bar associated with most I paint packages (DPainl Photon Paint.
Personal Paint etc.). TruePaint has a tool panel, which pops up in the middle of the screen whenever the menu button is pressed.
All actions, including file handling, preferences and exiting the software are handled from this panel. This may not conform rigorously. Or indeed at all. To the Commodore Style Guide, but perhaps in this instance it is excusable.
The most impressive features of TruePaint are immediately obvious when you've had a bit of a fiddle. Perhaps the most astounding feature is the Airbrush which actually behaves like an airbrush. The spray from the nozzle can be edited in a value-profile selection.
The tools and features all behave in a composite hierarchical structure. If you select the airbrush and the circle tool, you will draw circles with an airbrush and so on. Transparency curves can also apply to brushes, which is very handy for overlay effects.
There are an impressive number of palette editing and cycling tools, giving you full control over the extended colour ranges available to the machine. What's more they are handled in a readily accessible manner which will be familiar to artists on many professional graphics systems.
Support for JPEG and full Arexx support means that this paint package is well set to take on the future. JPEG is de rigeur for the larger than average files created by AGA images. The Unix PPM variant is also supported for some obscure reason.
CONCLUSION Judging by this demo, this is the most impressively featured AGA paint package yet, although the interface may not be quite as easy to use as the likes of Dpaint. Nevertheless, given the remarkable airbrush tool, font support and multiple undo facilities. It may be that for presentation Desktop graphics, TruePaint will take off in a big way.
It does require a lot of resources to get going though. The basic setup would be an AGA machine with 2Mb of graphics memory and WB3.0 or above - in other words an A1200 - but only just.
You will soon find that 4Mb is a more reasonable amount of memory and that a hard drive is a bit of a necessity Watch out for a review soon. JARGON BUSTERS
• JPEG - Joint Photographic Exports Group, a standard tile tormat
which stores photographic images at incredible compression
rates. Works best on natural images - ones with gradual changes
in shades.
• UNIX - a common mainlrame operating sratem. Which has given
mankind the grep' command and the vi' editor.
What would we do without them?
• AGA - Advanced Graphic Architecture. The new custom chipset,
currently installed in the A12B0 and A40D0 machines.
CONTACT bsc Biiroautomation AG. Lerchenstrafie S 11.8000 MsochM SO. Germany Tel: 01049 89 3571300.
DRIVE £52.95 A500 0.5MB RAM UPGRADE £19.95 A500+ 1MB RAM
UPGRADE £34.95 A600 1MB UPGRADE £39.95 MOUSE POCKET £ 1.50
OFFER A500 DUST COVER £3.50 A600 DUST COVER £3.50 A1200 DUST
1123 24 80 AMSTRAD PCW 8254 8512 AMSTRAD PCW 9512 AMSTRAD DMP
2000 3000 ROLL OF 200 LABELS £1.95 ROLL OF 1000 LABELS . £7.95
J STICK £12.95 200 x 3.5 DSDD DISKSMZ QC PLUS 2 x 100 CAPACITY
BOXES If 0.70 cables momm oiiMMmmoFSommmsmm Exr II AMIGA A500
CABLE £7.95 includes modulaiop psu mouse manuals disks python
im joystick JJV V
3. 5" HIGH DENSITY DISKS 58p for 100+ 60d BELOW 100 L CHEQUES
WELCOME AT OUR SHOWROOM VISA several modules to work through
and you may start at one ol three skill levels. Firstly there
is if, section which simply tests you on your speed Text
appears on the screen which you have to follow. In order to
give you a bit ol a hand there is a set ol ' • ghost hands
which appears over a keyboard in the bottom half ot the
window. At the end ol about 100 words ol text you are given a
breakdown ol your performance.
As well as a pure speed in words per minute there is also an accuracy test which gives an effective WPM with deductions lor the errors. These lessons will introduce new combinations ol letters to drive the user forward in terms ol flexibility. At the novice level these sessions will be the ones which introduce new characters L0ft: Games are used to make Ihe lessons less palnlul.
Below: A detailed briefing precedes each lesson.
II a mistake is made in this mode it should be corrected. Mistakes are allowed to stand, but it you make an error with a space it can throw out the whole rest ol the sentence being typed Other training modes will simply not accept incorrect keystrokes (but they will tot them up and use them against you when the session is over).
GAMES There are two games in the software which provide a lun aspect to learning. In the typing tutor you get to race a car. In order to keep in front you must type in the words which scroll across the sky in front ol you.
The opponent's car will go at a steady speed but you wiH often find your own vehicle surging ahead and suddenly dying as you come across familiar words and phrases Mistakes will cause some rather grotesque smearing experiences involving the windscreen and a member ol the local insect population The keypad game is a little harder Items roll along a simulated checkout till towards a shopping Lvfl: You can prxctlc numbaf skills as wHI M words.
Bag. As they pass over the scanner a price will flash up which has to be entered before the cabbage or whatever continues its journey.
Unfortunately, even in complete novice mode, the length of time allowed is very small. This game isn't quite as exciting.
CONCLUSION Mavis attempts to make the lessons interesting by varying the text and interspersing the new material with fun games. The games themselves are a bit primitive, but it is a change from just repetitive typing exercises. Each of the different styles of lesson incorporates aB the classic devices of typing courses so there is no doubt as to the academic credentials of this package.
As with all training software though, it is only effective if the user really wants to leam. Mavis Beacon may be significantly more interesting than more traditional education packages, but it still doesn't beat a game of Sensible Soccer. It does look a bit too much like a PC port, but then the PC version is £70 more expensive, so maybe you should count yourself lucky.
Nick Veitch attempts to find out whether ten fingers are better than two.
There are some supreme achievements that have marked man’s progress through the swirls ol history: the development ol language, the construction ol the Great Pyramid, powered llight, rockets landing on the moon and RSA standard typing. You may priontise these in some other way, but for me the ability to knock out over 100 words a minute on a keyboard is akin to climbing Everest. Apparently though, it is not a prime requisite to sell your soul to the devil. It seems that ordinary people can achieve this Herculean feat without resort to pentagrams and incense. All you need is a bit ol
ENTER MAVIS Mavis Beacon is well known, we understand, lor her amazing typing ability. Well, maybe she is. But at CU Towers we only remember her from the orig inal Mavis Beacon program. Anyway, this is a structured typing tutorial, designed by an expert The approach is quite entertaining. There are MINDSCAPE £29.99 A500 9 *500. ¦ *600 ¦ *1200 ¦
* 1500 ¦ *2000 ¦ *3000 ¦ *4000 ¦ Mind scape International,
Priority House, Charles Ave., Maltings Park, Burgess Hill,
Sussex RH15 9PQ TEL: 0444 246333 EASE OF USE ??????????88%
VALUE FOR HONEY ????? ?90% EFFECTIVENESS ??????????86%
FLEXIBILITY ?????? ‘???74% INNOVATION ? ?? '•¦? '???71% Mavis
Beacon is without a doubt
* the best typing tutor avail- _ able for the Amiga. RAM:
294884B IntM'Hord v1.53 Project: UnTit le«J1 B Miftf ntu Table
® Fjtrim 3Unique p Ostring 3 Obligatory 1° Nmbrr ?£4it ProlfrtM
tit* ?Mil* Prit«t(d 0 nnmTfT. Field iRancfi Field I IK Table I
Kamel Table I If ms the best of tines, st nas the worst of
tines. Ihere was on the throne square jawed king - er. Queen.
Oh dear, doesnt hm quite the sane ring to it really. Good job
that old Dickens chap is dead really.
This isnt the sort of screenshot were sone nasty freelancer tells tales on his betters by the way. I could tell you a few tales about that Kennedy chap, believe you ne. . .... Lets see, well, there was the tine he was "balancing the wheels on his GT55I, which consisted of hin standing up on the Ptss and allowing the Aole bike to fall over. It uouldnt have been so baJ but his top- box was full of lager at the tine.
And In sure his nother would be very interested toknou what exactly is being kept in cryogenic suspension at the back of the fridge, but In ce If the phrase ‘3-in-l’ makes you think of light machine oil, perhaps you’d better take a look at Interactivision’s compilation. Nick Veitch did.
The idea ot an integrated software package probably started with Microsoft Works on the IBM PC. The idea is a terribly simple one. If you want to increase efficiency and productivity, all your software should be similar and work in similar ways, using the same shortcuts for functions which are common to all applications and so on.
Microsoft developed the idea further to ease the transfer ot data between two applications. In this sense Interoffice is not, strictly speaking, an integrated package. There are three separate utilities, which can co-operate in some cases, but which don't share any common data area.
It does not compete directly with the likes of Go d Disk Office or MiniOffice in terms of the portability of data, and it is much easier to consider it as a bumper pack of three separate applications.
THE WORD Probably the most common computer application known to man, the word processor, is also most likely to be the application users spend the majority of their time looking at. It is important then, that the controls should be easy to use and the display pleasant to look at.
The menu options indude Some features missing on far more expensive pieces of software. The shortcuts are all on fairly sensible keys, although the Mac standard of X, C & V has been used for cut and paste operations.
Multiple documents are supported, rather in the same way that Protext supports them, in that they do not appear as separate windows, but you can page between them or have a ‘top and bottom’ display. Interword is one of those text processors which likes to orientate towards how it will look when output. It is a What You See Is Almost What You Get package, because it does show indents, bold and italic text headers, etc. but orfy makes provision for raw text - there's none of fhat fooling around with different fonts.
THE BASE A database is important to any business but good ones are rare on the Amiga. This is really the add test for any integrated Amiga package.
Interbase refers to a database of objects as a table, each table consisting of a number of different fields. All the fields must be entered before any actual information is added. The fields can toe of many different types to cater for numeric, alphanumeric and date time data. It is also possible to seled various error trapping options at this stage.
Entering the data is just a matter of typing it in on screen. This can be a time consuming task and is not really helped by having to keep selecting add a new record’ every time. Most database programs these days have an automatic entry system, meaning you can just type away until you run out of things to enter.
The fadlities offered are, like the word-pro, fairly advanced, but the major let-down is the display. Which is very unnattractive and quite confusing. All the data is simply listed with one record following after another THE SPREAD The spreadsheet is the star of this collection. It may be as visually deficient as the other programs, but the features more than make up for this. Unlike many newer and ostensibly more professional packages. Interspread can handle as many rows and columns as you like. Many Amiga spreadsheets will only allow around a hundred columns of data, which is
insufficient for those who like to use their spreadsheets as inventory records or similar applications.
There is a reasonable set of formulae available, and the ability to program in macros tor specific repetitive tasks Information can be block copied around the worksheet and exported directly to the word-pro, which makes compiling reports easier.
The graph drawing facilities support eight different types of chart, which are all displayed on a seperate screen in up to eight colours The charts may be printed out directly or saved as IFF files.
Essentially this module has a feature list similar to that of Maxi-Plan reviewed in February.
CONCLUSION All the piogams will run on 1.3 of better versions of Workbench, but this is no way justifies the rather old-style leel to the program II was certainly designed with 1.3 in mind, with only a small range ot screen options and a 4-colour limit. It would be a shame to run any ot these programs on an AGA machine Having said that they all, in their individual way. I have al least one useful lealure not found anywhere else. RTT, INTER ACTIVISION £49.99 A500 Ql A500* M A600 WA A1200 ¥A A1500 WA A2000 Q A3000 B A4000 B KOMPART UK LTD, GUILDFORD HOUSE, 20 GUILDFORD ROAD, ST. ALBANS AL1
SJY. TEL:0727 868005 EASE OF USE ??????????78% VALUE FOR MONEY ??????????76% EFFECTIVENESS ??86% FLEXIBILITY ??????????72% INNOVATION ??????????50% f A competent performer with some rare features.
* * * * * * LOOK NO FURTHER!!
415. 99 Archer Maclean's Pool
415. 99 * Arsenal FC
425. 99 * Assassin
415. 99 * A-Train
422. 99 .
B17 Flying fortress
422. 99 Big Box 2
419. 99 * Body Blows
416. 99 * Bug Bomber
415. 99 .
415. 99 Civilisation
422. 99 * CHAOS ENGINE
415. 99 * Chuck Rock 2
415. 99 .
425. 99 * Dalek Attack
412. 99 * Desen Strike
419. 99 * DONK!
411. 99 * EXODUS 3010
419. 99 FA Premier League
415. 99 * Flash Back
417. 99 * Formula 1 Grand Prix
422. 99 * GREATEST COMP (Lure Dune Jimmy White)
419. 99 Gunship 2000
422. 99 * History Line
422. 99 * International Rugby Challenge
415. 99 * John Madden's Football
415. 99 .
419. 99 * Legend of Kyrandia
419. 99 * Lemmings 2
419. 99 1( Lionheart 41999 + Locomotion f
415. 99 Lost Treasures'of Infocom
435. 99 * Nick Faldo's Golf
422. 99 * No Second Prize ’ 4! 5.99 * Pinball Fantasies
419. 99 Reach For The Skies
419. 99 * Sensible Soccer '9V9} Edition
415. 99 * Sleepwalker A500 A1200
415. 99 * Street Fighter 2
416. 99 V Super Frog
416. 99 * Sword of Honour-
415. 99 * Superfighter
415. 99 * Transarctica * •
419. 99 Universal Monsters
415. 99 * Wing Commander ’Special Offer’
414. 99 * WWF Euro Rampage
419. 99 1c Walker
419. 99 * Everyone loves games and Amiga games are a serious
matter, always setting new playing challenges while
introducing ever more gasp- producing graphics and sounds.
Written by CU Amiga editor Dan Slingsby, the highly illustrated Amiga Gamer's Guide contains a wealth of background information for the most popular Amiga games, including: Another World; Chaos Strikes Back; Dungeon Master; Elvira 2; Epic: Formula One Grand Prix. Goblins; Indiana Jones 2; Ishar; John Madden American Football; Kickoff 2; Lure of the Temptress; Monkey Island 2; Populous 2; Project X; Putty; Robocod 2 ; Sensible Soccer; Shadow ot the Beast 1. 2 and 3; Speedball 2; Streetfighter 2; Striker; Supremacy and Zak McKracken and the Alien Mmdbenders.
From sports sims to arcade adventures, Amiga Gamer's Guide gives you all the hints and tips, hidden screens and puzzle solutions which you are looking for to get you that little bit further on to the next level. Topped off with the most complete A to Z of tips and tricks to over 300 of the greatest games, it's sure to become your essential guide. Give yourself a break.
Amiga Gamer’s Guide Dan Slingsby. 368 pages. £14 95, ISBN: 1-873308-16-7 A vital step by step guide to using Workbench
3. 0, utilities, Preferences and AmigaDOS3 on the A1200 with 55
unique Insider Guide Jiustrations. It covers everything from
setting up and running programs such as MultiView and ED to
using the Shell, AmigaDOS scripts, cons, printer graphics,
viruses. Commodities and new teatures such as the colour
wheel, Iniellitonts, MSDOS disks with CrossDos and configuring
sound. A must for the first time user!
Amiga A1200 Insider Guide Bruce Smith. 256 pages, £14.95, ISBN: 1 -873308-15-8, A totally practical guide to the Workbench.
Preferences, utilities and AmigaDOS. This beginner’s guide helps you get to grips with the A600 and A600HD. By following the 55 Insider Guide illustrations you will quickly learn how to control the Amiga by example. We explain programs such as Memacs and ED and provide in-depth explanations of CrossDOS and much more besides. This is the perfect book for the A600 beginner, explaining how to set up your computer, how to copy files, configure for your printer and run programs. Your Amiga A600 comes with a wealth of software. Leam how to use it to it’s full potential with this easy to understand
guide. It's sure to sell out soon, so order your copy - today1 Amiga A600 Insider Guide Bruce Smith. 256 pages. £14.95. ISBN: 1-873308-14-0
• Budget Titles: 45.99’ .
PP Hammer. Gem X. Final Countdown, battle Squardron.
White Sharks, Sword of Sodan, The Plague, Adronalynn * * The above represents only a very small £ selection of titles that we stock. If you do not * see what you want listed, please give us a £ call. * How to order Please send either a cheque PO made payable to Bruce Smith Books to the address below.
Alternatively call our Credit Card Hotline quoting your name and address, credit card number and expiry date and daytime telephone number.
Bruce Smith Books Ltd, PO Box 382, St. Albans, Herts, AL2 3JD Telephone: (0923) 894355 Fax: (0923)894366 Get Serious with three great new titles from Bruce Smith Books CREDIT CARD HOTLINE (0923)894355 (244* Ansaphone) - Same day dispatch' Use avMahtt tram al paad bookshops!
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A per boo* stsoohor* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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* SoftStore, Dept TOO, PO Box 1720, Slough, SL3 0YX t 0753-683336
TEL: 071 738 8199 INFOGRAMES £25.99 TEL: 071 738 8199 There's a
kit more to numbers than two plus two. And this is something
that most educational packages lend to miss out. Sure, there
are more than enough edutainment products dedicated to helping
your children to count Irom one lo a hundred and handle an
sorts ol operations on the figures between, but that's all.
Mickey s 123s - subtitled The Big Surprise Party- takes basic
numbers (0 to 9) and uses them as part ol a semi-planning,
semi-recognition operation.
The game tells ot Mickey's plans to throw a surprise party for a random character What you have to do is go lo the toy lactory, create a present for the intended surprisee. Invite your guests and then buy the food and decorations. Travel around Mickey's small town is via the numeric keypad, with each destination numbered.
At the toy lactory. Basic number recognition is practised, with the child first Learning to read can be a hard experience for children. Atter all. With 52 shapes to remember you need all the help you can get Mickey's ABC's is designed to help pre-school children (2-51 recognise letters and sounds through an imaginative cartoon interface The way it works is simple There are two main scenes - Mickey s home and the local lair For bolh scenes, there are 26 things lor Mickey to do. Including travel between the two and each thing begins with a different letter Typing a letter bnngs up a short ani
mation ot Mickey and Inends acting out the action, along with verbal commentary ol what they are doing Essentially, there are two ways lo play Mickey s ABC's. The first is |ust to play around, hitting a key at random and watching what Mickey does Perhaps not high on educational value, but it does help the child get used to the interlace.
Z II «. C li i ii i I * St .= u 1 ¦ Secondly, you can point something out to a child - an ice cream van for example - and see if they can get Mickey to eat some ice cream.
Naturally the key to type is T, and getting the child to recognise this fact is a significant stage in the learning process
• Zucchini loo MviocM a word lor tht avarag* two lo ftv« yoar old
lo sopa » «•? Mickay dooan I aaam to M«* so The presentation is
superb. Full cartoon animation abounds, along with stacks and
stacks ol samples ol both Mickey and other Disney characters,
and a Iriendly lemale voice-over that explains what's happening
Type the letter T while Mickey is al home, and the voice will
say T - as in Television', the word Television' is displayed on
screen and Mickey will wander ott lo the sitting room and
switch on the box My only real criticism of this otherwise
excellent product is the loading times Due to the massive
amounts ol sampling used, the program has to access the drive
every time you do something, resulting in a slow moving game
This could lead to frustrating gameplay Atter al. You and I
know whal s happening when the game freezes and the drive kght
comes on. But whose to say that a three year old does’
Otherwise, a product that fulfils all it sets out to do.
Tony Dillon remembers with some fondness his days as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club. M-l-C, K- E-Y, M-O-U-S-E!
MICKEY’S MEMORY CHALLENGE INFOGRAMES £25.99 TEL: 071 738 8199 This is a game that all of us have played at some point under one name or another - Pairs. Patience or any other title. If you haven't recognised it from the screenshots, then here’s the gist. A set of cards are laid face down. The spread contains a set number of pairs and a couple of wild cards. Two players take turns to turn over two cards hoping to find two that match. If a pair is revealed, those two cards are removed from the board and the player turns over another two cards. If no pair is found, the cards are turned face down
again and plhy hands over to the next player. The aim is to find more pairs than the other player by remembering the positions of previously revealed cards. Remember it now?
CU AMIGA Moving into the five and above age range comes Mickey's Jigsaw Puzzles, I an exercise in shape recognition. As you have probably guessed from the I title, this game allows you to assemble jigsaws on screen from 15 different I pictures. Choose the image you want to break down, along with the number I of pieces to break it into, and let the computer do the rest.
Mickey himself talks you through the entire process, offering help here I and there and letting you know the result of any options you may have cho- I sen. This is just another example ot the work that has gone into making the I child feel that Mickey is right there working with them, rather than letting the I parent leel they have been conned into another tenuously licensed product.
From this point on, all you are left with is a drawing showing the shapes of I the pieces, and the pieces themselves You already know what a |igsaw is, I so I don't need to explain what the player has to do. And., that's it? Yep. It I seems to be. I must admit, it doesn't seem like a hell of a lot. Especially when I you consider that (a) the 15 pictures included are the only ones you can use | (the program doesn't let you load in pictures of your own, which seems like a I strange thing to omit) and (b) a very similar package is included as part ot Europress' Paml and Create, rather than as a
standalone product like this.
I To be lair, though, this does have a few excellent options.
Firstly, you can print out the pictures as a colouring book. Secondly, there I are two jigsaw modes. The first is when the entire picture is broken up. Like | any other jigsaw. The second is when a section of the picture, such as I Mickey himself is removed and broken up, and the player has to fit the | pieces back into the original image.
Thirdly, the pictures can be animated once the jigsaw has been com- I pleted. Giving the user an added goal to work toward These are all solid plus points, but on the bottom line. I don't think that there is enough in toTHJfc this package to validate the price point.
Thai is Mickey s Memory Challenge in a nutshell. Obviously it goes a little further than that You can play with live dltlerent sets of cards, ranging from Disney characters (easy) through cards with words written on them (slightly harder) up to cards where you have to match the word to the picture. On top of that, you can play solo, with a friend or against Goofy, Donald Duck or Mickey.
Goofy hasn’t much ol a memory, so he's the easiest to beat, but you won't get much past Mickey.
So what does this game teach your child? Mainly, it improves memory skills, getting Ihe child to remember the cards turned over so far. Initially. I couldn't see Ihe difference between loading this and just laying out a set of playing cards, but Ihe differences soon became apparent Firstly, the voices ol the characters involved are used to great effect, adding character to the game itself. Secondly, the cards used are much easier to remember than playing cards, making Ihe game more interesting lor the younger player. The only thing that lets the game down is the fact that the player can t
enter their own name, only being reterred to as Player 1 or Player
2. This is only a small criticism of an excellent game - it's a
lot of fun , to play and will certainly sharpen your child's
M A600 I A3000I A500 I A1500I A500* I A2000 I ut the control screen has been upgraded lo make use ol any available AGA pnotoflreprik quality hum* msnlpuUllon I* in* nun* ol til* » John Kennedy watches as ASDG morphs its software into a new version right before his eyes.
• form PUBconns willi a suite ol pnpaM. First il Motpi Ptm. Tram
wlm IM muj« ui hi loaMt. Uni n aSlusted Thwn Dura a Morph,
wiica morphs bstwtn On imagss Fmslly rhers is Frafl. The
munition control pro- grim With FrMyoa can pramew Munitions mi
ptrtorm ooit procesung Mentions on Sea.
FAot x tod X IC14.
MORPHING Performing a fully-fledged supertransmorpMication
- whatever it's called, it's still an evoluhon ol one image into
another - requires WMMH ' ' :cr .n-.-lly .% • ii§ B ' ’ I WHS:
"s-o- ah-., ..... » n .
1 mane process
i. • •• Mmm .. 4Rlll||§iW c.irr •• r ¦ i i •• |1§M .... n- ii:l r
¦¦ , • A w.nl fUS i BHH 1-il fin Old. S- a q.icgH or iwu ana a
hi n Ah is: ire -o-pn -ig inker pa.-.. flBfl t 5 Mo'pn which
has see" the I .... S It morr starve arx) -as .1 Dele- choice
ol menu colouisi but Ihe con Iorph Plus hails Irom Ihe same
people who brought us An Depanmenl, a milestone in Amiga
Originally reviewed in the December 1992 issue ol CU AMIGA, Morph Plus has undergone a lew revisions. MorphPlus can be used in exactly the same way as An Depanmenl Professional (AdPro)
- it comes with the same loaders and savers and a very similar
Ironl end What's dllterenl are Ihe new operators, which include
morphing facilities and some other very tasty special effects
II you’already use AdPro. These operators can be used simply by
installing them in AdPro s directory • • Has « ** 7TT6 | 0*1 ta
X rH»l|Y f W. RR 1 TTTCI 6roop flftTiiTl chipset. Now the
images can be displayed in 256 shades ot grey to provide tar
greater detail - the only drawback being Ihe large amount ol
memory this consumes.
Another ma|or Morph improvement is the atnhty to create an animation directly - previously this required all sorts ol messing around with MorphPlus and Fred Now it's controlled trom a single requeslor. Which also oilers some new dithering patterns designed specifically lor use in animations. Dithering has to be used to obtain good colour representation using a limited palette.
Traditional dithenng techniques produce excellent results, but cause a dickering il used in an animation. A random dithering will provide more apparent colours, but with no dicker For the less patient. Morph now has greater control over Ihe quality ol the rendered images The addendum to the manual also describes some more unusual uses lor Morph, such as the ability to create moving mattes - special masks used in video and dim work.
AGA Other enhancements lo Ihe MorphPlus suite are really tor the benefit ol users ol Ihe New Generation Amigas - support lor Mode Promotion as standard (no more DoubleX required). 256 grey levels in previews. VGA and SUPER72 rendering support - all features which prove lhal ASDG are bang up lo dale with Amiga support.
It you want these new features, you're going to have to pay lor them in terms ol hardware On my Amiga 4000 030 the 256 colour screens were immediately out ol the question until memory was updated lo 6Mb Even then, another 4Mb SIMM is needed betore Ihe Ripple operator will work with a 640 by 512 colour image The moral is. Dyou intend to use MorphPlus to the best ot its abilities you II need lo use some very expensive kit.
II you have the processing power and the memory. The work) is your oyster You don't need AGA to use the new features ot MorphPlus, but it’s a good excuse. S££r ASDG £199.99 A1200 I A4000 I Silica Systems, 1-4 The Mews, Matherfy Rd, Sidcup, Kent. 081 309 1111 YALUE FOR MONEY £ Unquestionably the best mor-.
Phing software.
¦mputing's innovative 4MB 32-bit memory for the Amiga 1200 is now available. The 4 includes these many features: | Wait State • Unlike some other expansions ' 204 never leaves the processor waiting around . Which means that your A1200 can run at its t speed.
Fast FPU - An optional maths co-processor i up intensive calculations. A 50MHz chip will I * operations by up to fifty times.
Ttery Backed Clock Allows I be date-stamped with the correct time and date p you know exactly when they were created.
Time 1 Power High density RAMs means low power 1 To Fit - Fitted in minutes without the need to t the computer's case.
Nal FPU Disable Switch - Disable the for software that will not run with a maths r installed.
R PCI204 rd A600 i rtandoid A1200 MIPS 1 4MB with clock, no FPU Processor £ 185.95 1 4MB with clock, 20MHz 68881 FPU £259.95 14MB with clock, 25MHz 68882 FPU £279.95 14MB with clock, 33MHz 68882 FPU £289.95 14MB with clock, 40MHz 68882 FPU £299.95 1 4MB with dock, 50MHz 68882 FPU £339.95 Power Computing's XI 1.76MB Drive* for any Commodore Amiga is now available. The XI Drive includes these many features: Formats to 1.76MB • Using high density disks you can fit a massive 1.76MB on each disk.
XL 1.76MB Drive le Commodore Amiga.
Acts as a standard drive Insert an 880K Amiga disk and the drive behaves like any other AMIGA drive.
Fqlly compatible • Will read and write disks written on an Amiga 4000 internal high density drive.
Compatible with PC disks* Also read and write high density PC disks using a suitable device driver.
Compact size • No larger than a standard 880K floppy disk drive.
High quality design - Uses a high quality Sony high density mechanism.
Free Box of 10 3.5“ Polaroid high density disks.
Comes complete with disable switch and through port.
XL Drive £129.95 "Requires Kclslol 2 o above * Requires Workbench 2.1 or above.
48Hr delivery £2.50, 24Hr delivery £4.50 reel Post delivery £1 (Orders under £50 & UK mainland only) :ifications and prices subject to change without notice All Trademarks acknowledged. VAT included Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Industrial Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN Tel 0234 843388 Fax 0234 840234 Goods are sold subject to our stondord terms ond conditions o( sole ond ore c . R T 2 J f. P r f- I i
- E i 3-, t L
- i-, * Jeh*Lull; "I tim l- uj taut tL'.l EVEHT TWE FYFitT
Jptf_or Ttet« on hcte cn Note cn
* »¦" - N-l-H- ci as Len c ei as lsi ai (S 93 Lm II W 38 Lsi II
82 88 LSI II EI 80 | bi IV iO 00:857 ie 00:957 IS CO :957 K
08:857 n 8BT1’:000"
• 30TE’::0S) fct* Ml EtS-i ku Ml JBMM1 _ i H- t _L Ll W 86 Lon
000:00:057 R W 80_LenJ0t 00:057|i fll 80 Len BBS 00:057H E2 80
Len BBCOJOTE Dft 80 Un 811 00:057¦
r. » LsiiKwui.-lj Urnarwd Once you’ve recorded ¦ track, you can
use the event editor to make any tine adjustments Tony Horgan
takes time out from modulating his 303 to have a tinker with a
new budget sequencer.
Oh no! We’ve printed the Atari ST screenshots by mistake! Actually, these are the Amiga shots, believe it or not. The curse of the ST-port is back from the grave to haunt us Amiga users, but is it necessarily such a bad thing? After all, until recently, the ST has been way out in front as far as MIDI sequencers go.
Rave isn’t trying to beat Bars and Pipes or KCS. Not everyone wants a list of features that reads like a telephone directory. Why should you pay £300 tor a piece of software when you know you’re never going to use half of it? That's the thinking behind Rave, which at £50 is a good deal cheaper than any other MIDI sequencer currently in production (except for OctaMED. Of course). The name suggests that it’s designed with dance music in mind, and indeed that does seem to be the case.
However, it’s still set in many of the ways of the traditional sequencer.
THE CLANGERS It drops a massive clanger for starters, with its sample support. Dance music is all about samples, and the Amiga has great sampling abilities, so you could reasonably expect to be able to use your The tracklisl is where you sol up all your instruments. You can give each instrumant a track ot its own and deline its MIDI channel. Amiga samples are indicated by exclaknation marks.
F 1 3assl i ne Oh 1 ii er 3 _jW OR 4 "10 OR BN e n 7 L soiW : 5 _ 8 1 OR ~In OM 9 ~ 0 .. ilBMMi ~x 12 3 _ ___ I - Right: Uuioi can use Ihe notation editor.
Sample library with Rave.
Due to some appalling programming practices, Rave is only capable of playing one sample at a time. The manual gives an excuse about this being lor reasons of speed’, even though the'Amiga is quite capable ot handling multiple MIDI channels and four samples simultaneously. If you have IFF samples saved with loops, the program refusesto, load them, with no further explanation than a disk or drive error has occurred’. IFFs without loops and RAW samples load okay.
A few well chosen samples are included with the program, along with some ageing ArTof Noise instrument sounds. Unfortunately, the loops have dead sections of noise at the start, which causes them to run out of sync with any other sequenced music. These people are in the business of making music on computers - surely among their ranks they can find someone competent enough to sample a breakbeat?
• IFF - Standard tile lormat used lor graphics and sound samples.
• RAW - Sound sample tile lormat which doesn't accommodate loops
and default playback rates.
• PIANO ROLL - Method ol displaying music, which takes its name
Irom the perforated paper rolls that held pianola music.
• OVERDUBBING - Adding new parts lo previously recorded tracks or
• ST PORT - A program wrillen tor the Atari ST. slightly adjusted
lor Amiga compatibility.
• SOUNDTRACKER MED - PO sequencers designed primarily for Amiga
sample-based music, often lor use in games and demos.
Scrolling is further testament to its ST origins.
For precise editing of your sequences, there’s the Event Editor. Once again, this is a vertically- scrolling window, but is completely text-orientated.
Each ‘event’ in the sequence is listed in order Irom top to bottom. Every note on’ has its own values for volume, velocity, aftertouch, pitchbend, modulation and pan. These can be altered from their original settings by clicking on the values, and entering new ones Irom the Amiga keyboard.
Another alternative is to use the notation screen. It’s possible to perform edits trom here, but you don’t get the accuracy that's available from the event and step editors. There's also an option to output the score to an Epson-compatible printer.
LOOP DA LOOP Recording tracks Is pretty much as normal, but there are also two types of loop recording modes.
One allows you to make endless takes of a user- defined loop, where the recorded data overwrites the The previous pass each lime. The other is designed for drum programming.
You might not think this is much of a problem, but if you run out of disk space half way through a session, there's no way you can format a new one!
A format option as part of the DISK page would have solved the problem.
Strange interfaces aren't the end of the world Soundtracker and MED both have non-standard front ends, but then they have the advantage of being very powerful. If Each pass within the specified loop is overdubbed on the last, so you can build up drum tracks without continu- ally stopping and starting the sequencer.
For example, you could set up a four bar loop, begin recording with the bassdrum.
Then after the fourth bar. The bassdrum pattern will repeat LiAlU.UIiiliiJLlliLU.ll£iJLLlJ i ffs ESS it 11 ¦¦ .,¥1 i , ii_ : 1 ;;ED* r "nm .... ¦ i ill v pm Fir P? R H if b eBin: rrn its!
Ivisrnufetuissic Eiogrrim on its own. While you switched to the snare for four bars, then the high hats, and so on. If you like recording your drums live, rather than with the step editor, you should take to it before long.
USER-HOSTILE On the subject of the general running of the program, it really is the most awkward piece of software I've used for a long time. There's not a pull-down menu in sight, and not even a whiff of any multi-tasking. The whole system is taken over (completely. All the requestors are confusingly nonstandard For example, to load in a song file, you have to locate a completely unmarked, tiny green j oblong, approximately 10x5mm in size (can you spot it?), and click on it with the right mouse button. Of course! How stupid of me! There’s even worse to come.
, Before you can access I a disk, you're made to I endure a frightening few seconds, in which the f machine locks up. Pointer and all. While the software puts the drives back into Amiga Dos mode. It's at moments like these, when you’ve got a computer full i of un-saved data, that you just hold your breath and wait for the machine to come back to life.
Because Rave takes over the whole system.
! You can't have a i Workbench running in the background.
One ol Wave’s biggest failings is its inability to play more than one Amiga sample, even though the Amiga has specialised hardware to deal exclusively with sample-playback.
Rave had a throbbing heart of power behind th j ST-ported facade, then maybe the poor presentation could have been overlooked Unfortunately, on the MIDI side, Rave is one of the most basic sequencers around, and the sample-support is hopeless.
If you're on a tight budget, there aren't many options open. Both KCS and Bars and Pipes are unrealistically priced for most of us. Music X is still available from a few distributors, often for under £30, and although it's looking rather dated these days, it's still a very capable package. If you've got_ heaps of patience, a MIDI instrument or two. No desire to use Amiga samples, and can scrape £50 together, then Rave would be worth a look. On the other hand, if you don’t fancy grappling with a slow and unwieldy user-interface, or if you plan on integrating samples with MIDI sounds, you’ll
have to look elsewhere.
The step editor is the most user-friendly section, best used for drum programming. Unlike most sequencers. It scrolls Irom bottom to top, rather than left to right For Information on note velocities and other controllers, you’ll need to consult the event editor or the tracklist.
A600 ¦ A1200 ¦ A3000 ¦ A4000 ¦ A500 I A1500 I
VALUE FOR MUNFY (Awkward to use, this is badly let down by poor design and programming UNIVERSAL COMPUTER CALL OUR HELP LINE' 47 Oxford St. Tel: 0227 773177 Whitstahle Fax* 0227 77 1 076 Kent CT5 1DB d ' U ' ,u ° OPENING HOURS mon fri.9.00-8.30 sat 9.00-5.30 FREE HOTEL ACCOMMODATION for Iwo, with any standard AMIGA purchased The Best Value & Service Direct To Your Home JQQjQjrgQggjjjgg The Amiga A1200 Is the 90’s AMIGA 68020 Processor operating at 14MHz.
AGA Graphics Chip set gives you a palette of 16.8 MILLION Colours.
256. 000 colours on screen at any one time. The A1200 comes with
2Mb of Chip RAM as standard.and a I Year on site maintenance
warranty FREE.
U. C.S. PRICE £349.95 AMIGA A1200 COMIC RELIEF Pack I his A1200
comes to you with a free cops of Sleepwalker software worth:
125’99. £10.00 will be given to comic relief lor every pack
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U. C.S. PRICE £2*1 A600 WILD, WEIRD & WICKED miea A600 as above
With four excellent Titles: Deluxe Paint III, formula one
Grand Prix, Putty & I’ushoxer A600 With Software pack mie.i
M'lH) standard pack with Dp.niit III l emmings.
I C.3. PRICE £2843 A600HD Epic Hard Drive Pack miga A6(X) standard pack .With four Softw are Titles: Dpaint III, Trivial- Pursuit. Epic & Rome. + An Int.Fitled HARD DRIVE.
With 40MB Hard Drive £393.99 A500 plus Stand Alone Limited number please phone A500+ 1Mb RAM. TV Mod. Work- „ bench 2.4. Mouse & Manuals.! 184.99 Above with Cartoon Classic Software pack .... £214.99 A600 I200 H Drives A B5000 ACCELERATOR cards PLEASE PHONE AMIGA 4000-040 | HARD DRIVES Ttie ULTIMATE AMIOA 681140 blistering PriKtrssor 25Mhz. AGA chip set.
256. 000 colours Irom 16.8 million, nicker tree display. 3.5 1.76
MB 3.5'dnve. Cross Dos, WB. 3 2Mb Chin Ram (32Bi!l -IMbFast
Ram 32Bil).
120Mb HD. I year on site W arranty
U. C.S. PRICE £1985.99 Commodore A590 20Mb 20Mb Hard Drive with
sockels for to 2Mb Fast RAM. Ext.SCSI interf; autoboots with
Workbench 1.3+. ,nFan £1743 GVP.
Series II HD8+ Hard Driv The A500-HD8+ provides the ultin in
hard disk performance lor the An 500 + simply the best.. AMIGA
4000-030 GVP A500-HD8+ 42Mb. .. !
68030 Processor 25MH AGA Chip set as above.
4 Mb of RAM (32Bit) WB.3 I year on site Warranty GVP A500-HD8+ 80Mb. .. *- ;'1' ' GVP A500-HD8+ 120Mb. .. GVP A500-HD controller I P4 « GVP IMPACT SERIFS II hard drive*. »uh fum- swiich, SCSI port, lni.RA.V1 expansion i FAAASTROM SCSI Drive and a hill : GVP Series II 1500f2(XX) 1b HD & Ram card 1b HD & Ram card MbHD & Ram card itroller & Ram card fhe AMIGA 3001 ACVI I I RATORS & HARD DRIVES I A500 500+ GVP AMO Combo Mhz 42Mb HardDrive... u, lhz 80Mb HardDrive... hz l20Mb H Drivc.... hz 213Mb H Drivc.. 2 Co-processor . 11MB ....
• 4MB ... 1500 2000 .CCELERATORS Snihz + I
Mb .. mhz + 4Mb .. l-50mh + 4Mb .. i-33mhz +
4Mb .. G-force040-28mhz(A3000) ;i £219.0(1 ALL
floppy . CUMANA CAX 354 EXT.. .... ROCTEC
EXT.floppy .. POWER DUAL DRIVE ..... ...£POA
...4:47.99 ....£56.9*) ....£63.95 .4:122.95 ....£56.99
...4:14999 CDTV Multi-Media Pack
U. C.S. PRICE £479.99 Zappo cxl. Drive CDTV.ROM DRIVE COMM A570CD
rora drive..... CDTV Stand Alone Player
U. C.S. PRICE £385.95 ZOOL S WARE PACI This amazing offer
available with any amiga purchased, includes: Zool.
Striker, Pinball Dreams & Transwrite normal retail price L127.92 FAST UK DELIVERY.
despatch for credit card orders placed before 5pm, or send
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Oxford st. Whitstablc. Kent. CT5IDB. Please allots 7 working r
personal business cheques to clear. Send your Nanc & address,
along daytime Telephone number (if possible) and your order
‘IE. Phone our order hotlins with your credit card number, address ’ requirements AND WE WILL DO THE REST.
' h PACKAGING Please add £1.00 per item of software & small i Add £5.00 per item for large Peripherals & Hardware FREE P.P. SOFTWARE With anv order over £ 100.0 BE SURE TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE Buying by mail order can be mxtght with problems, so making the nght » of mail order company is essential. We at UNIVERSAL are ourselves dt Amiga users, and are therforc able to offer you the customer our full We can offer you a fast and efficient delivery service with the minimum Al.L U.C.S. Prices arc inclusive of VAT.
If you are looking lo buy an item not listed in our current advertisement.
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Pool Wing Ci AV8B Hamer ..... Sensible Soccer 92 93 .... Lotus Fin. Challenge ... Leathal Weapon.
Sim Earth.
Huhblf Dim ..... CANON KIN B) inSX Portable ¦ON BJ 200 Desk Top ¦DN BJ300DT (80coIumi.)
¦DN BI330PT I3O ‘ ‘)..... cm ZEN REN Swift 200 colour . ¦BN Swift 200 n KtV Swift 240colour... BIN Swift 240 mono.
SEIKOSHA t*. ISIIA SI.05 colour™ . ¦.DSHA 11’ I900PLUS mon STAR Ml LC 100 colour... kwfcw ..it. pnCUu.4 font Wt LC24-IOO... ? RRISriK-ilhc.
£119.99 ...£139.99 £269.99 .£17.99 ...£8.49 .4:16.49 .£ 19.49 £16.49 £22.49 £16.49 £214 95 £186 99 £262.99 £249.99 ...£1649 ....£16.49 ... £22.99 ...£22.99 £16 49 ...£16 49 ...£16.49 ...£22.99 I SAME DAY DESPATCH ROM SHARERS £209.95 £109.99 A600 Rom Sharer.... Rom Sharer Kickolf
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* ir 20 .
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• EM 2:3
Genlock .. ROCGEN PCGLN Plus PCGF.N Rockey .
£331.95 WE WILL TRY TO BEAT ALL OTHER PRICES £144 99 £279.99 « Mouse ba Data (Optical Mouse).
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V5 . Pro-Midi
Interface ....
VideoMaster ..
Posteixle t44 99 £21.99 £1799 £44.99 £69‘W ...£115 95 £184,95 Tel.No Description I200-32BU PC 1204 4MB Exp.
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liallcala------------------na»£P.0.B. ma L0SI UlklAI_____________i~T7l £P 0.4. me aiKiani an al war in tna iniat.. tit EP.0.A. aoai n Vlnia law la lino Olal _ mm £P.8.4. ¦eatora araaaaiin ...mm £2S.BB In a surprise move former CBM boss Kelly Sumner has left to take up the challenge of running a software company. CU’s intrepid reporters went off to give his replacement, Dave Pleasance, a grilling.
Dave Pleasance has been at Commodore for 10 years. He was originally recruited to sell Pcs. But three months into the job the protect was abandoned. Fortunately Dave continued in sales and along the way thought up the Batman pack for the Amiga, which broke new ground in co-operation between computer manufacturers, software houses and Hollywood. His philosophy was emodied in the phrase, often used in the adverts of the day: ¦ we don't sell computers, we sell dreams."
In July 1990 he took over as general Manager of Commodore Electronics Limited, which markets Commodore technology to all the parts of the world which do not have their own subsidiaries. After two years, in Apnl '92 he became Vice President of consumer sales in the U.S. Returning to the U.K. he re-inherited the international business, but took no part in the tunning of CBM UK - although he did work from their offices.
Now he handles both that and half of the general managership of Commodore UK.
Well, he seems to have the experience, but does he have the vision? We gave him the third degree... CU: One question that we d like to ask to dispel any rumours is how the changeover happened? It didihap- pen quite suddenly and there was no inkling that changes DP: Yes. We have spoken to Wang and told them that, due to the unprecedented business we have been doing, we don't believe they can give us the level of support that we need. We are therefore looking to appoint a second, supplementary service to cater for any overspill.
DP: No, I'm quite happy that Ihe machine is ol sufficient quality. Both the A600 and A1200 are surface mount technology - their failure level is extremely low and improving. I think it's fair to say that with the A1200. As one would expect with new technology, there were some teething problems. But those were quickly spotted and sorted out.
To be fair to Wang, when we signed that contract with them Ihe A1200 didn't even exist. We sold 44,000 A 1200s in the Christmas period, a machine which they had no idea we were going to launch.
We werent even sure we were going to launch It.
DP: Yes, you're absolutely right that there was no inkling to anybody, including Commodore. I can tell you that prior to the April ECTS show even Kelly didn't know. Basically he was approached at ECTS by an American software publisher, I think they do about $ 60-$ 70M a year of business.
CU: Is this GameTek?
DP: ...yeah, which is not actually very large for an American software company but it is still a reasonable size and they are protitable. They have little or no presence in Europe. They sub-licensed Humans to Mirage.
What I understand is that the opportunity that Kelly has been given, which Is a very good opportunity. Is that he will be the General Manager ol GameTek Europe. I believe the financial potential would mean lhat it could be very rewarding to him.
CU: So, now you're In charge, you've got a clean sheet, what are you going to do?
DP: One of the things I'd like to point out is that Kelly worked for me lor a long time, and most ol the things he did were what we had been doing for some time so I have to say there'll be more of the same. We have, I believe, a winning formula.
CUI OK, but there are a lew problems.
. Recently we have been getting a large amount ol mall trom people experiencing delays in the warranty service. Has this situation cleared up?
Amiga and concentrating on PC and console titles?
DP: Piracy. Absolutely unqualified piracy. The network of piracy that exists - it's not professional piracy, but amongst the children at school - it s so well established now. It’s unthinkable that you can launch a product like, for example. Zool. And not have a level ot sales that bears any relationship to the number of machines out there.
CU: But it’s a vicious circle - less software available means the Amiga looks less attractive in the marketplace. There is a rumour that you will be moving totally to CD software.
DP: Well, there is no doubt that the future ol this business does lie in Cds. And we are at the forefront ot that. Whilst we have to acknowledge that the CDTV was not the greatest commercial venture it certainly allowed us to gain a great deal of expertise in the technology. We have a commitment that there will be a CD solution for every Amiga platform we have - obviously that will include the At 200.
CU: Since at the moment it is impossible to buy a CD upgrade lor any current Amiga, don 't you think that this is a priority it you want to cash in on any interest that the CDTV may have stirred up ?
DP: We may well have something pre-Christmas, but to be honest it is not an issue I have been chasing specifically. Obviously I have more ol an interest to chase it now. Having been at Commodore 10 years though, I mean, I don’t know if we invented the phrase vapourware’ but we are certainly as much a part of that philosophy as any other company. I just think it's wrong to indicate to people that such and such a product is going to be available when it obviously isn’t.
CU: One thing which has been implied by Commodore UK in the past is that you don t have a great deal ol say in what products are actually developed. Do you think there is a lack ol communication there?
DP: That's an interesting point. I'd like to think that the relationship between sales & marketing worldwide and Commodore engineering is better than it has ever been, and that’s down to one man, the new head of engineering Lew Eggebrecht. He is a rare specimen, a talented engineer who also has a great deal ot commercial sense and he is bringing to market just what we need right now. Certainly in the past it has been the case that you’ve been called to a meeting and the engineers have said Here guys, look what we’ve got for you’, and you’d say ’Well, that’s wonderful, but who asked for it?’
But it doesn't happen that way any more. T r CU: There has been a lot ol speculation about a CD console. Can you give us any ¦.
More inlormation on that?
DP: As I said before I don’t believe in saying things are going to appear before we have actual units here, but we are constantly developing new technology and we always market our products aggressively. It there is an opportunity then we will do it. I think we are leaders in that respect.
CU: What about the higher end machines, the A4000? Commodore hasn't really pushed product in the prolesstonal arena.
DP: It depends on which country you are in. What you say is absolutely true in the U.K., it’s kind ot a cross that we bear We happen to be the most successful manufacturer of home computers in the UK and people say to us ’How can I take your top end products when you make games machines?’.
The way I see Commodore is that we own, undeniably, the home computer market. We also have these niche markets for the A4000 and A3000s, but the biggest ot business is mostly IBM PC business and a bit of Apple Mac business.
The PC market is rapidly going down the toilet - there is no money to be made. In the last three months 340 PC manufacturers in Taiwan have gone out of business. It’s a market where everyone is selling the same spec machine and the only way to compete is on price.
When we launched the Amiga its graphics capability was far in advance of that on the PC. I think it’s fair to say that we got fat and lazy, well. I certainly did, and we reached a stage where the PC got away from us with the SVGA mode. With the launch ot AGA we have bridged thal gap and we are at the same level now. We are currently testing the next step which will take us far ahead In conjunction with that we are developing the RISC technology. Our plan is to have Pcs which are fully DOS compatible through Windows and fully Amiga compatible in the heart ol the machine.
These machines will be at a very competitive price point. I believe this will be very successful for us.
CU: What about upgrades tor the current machines. Are you not concerned about Atari moving ahead with the DSP.
DP: I don’t think that there is a product ready for groups like musicians yet. I mean il you look at any of the Atari products, it is of no use to anyone playing live. We will market a product when we have one that will work. Because of the size of that market it is likely to be a bundle There is no point weighing down a product with extra costs like a MIDI port when only 20 per cent of users are going to do anything with them. Products like the Falcon don’t worry us. We have a better engine and we have good relationships with Roland and Yamaha.
CU: Another popular question is are you planning a trade in deal for the A1200?
DP: I am trying to work out the mechanics of one now, probably through the independent stores, and probably very soon.
CU: Presumably the plan with the A600 is that you will continue to market that for some time to come. Is it destined to become the '64 ol the luture?
DP: You’ve taken the words out of my mouth. We perceive that there is a need for an entry-level price, which shouldn't be more than £200.1 think there is a potential for that product in that price range.
CONCLUSION Well, all In all, not a bad performance. The new creative boss at Commodore seems to have the wherewithal! To lead the machine forward. He is also astoundingly open to ideas and his approach to open government’ will mean still further co-operation with the media, which is good news for us. And good news for readers of CU AMIGA.
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544.99 1 PiP Mew TV tuner - remoie aids sub picture fa Anuga
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Free Vidot 2-A500 ---------- 197.90 SCAHNERS A DIGITISERS a
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779.00 cornier. 400 B ACCESSORIES MO l!OOpi«».(w»eT8.W
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Ft eiarnol 3.5 drive, block • 10 Uonkfccs_______ a Hond Sconner. 400 dpi. 64 Gceyvole. Powerv I ffiKTokov*'w l200 400° - V A3015 high densify mt 176AFS 3.r drive for 3000 7195 iroRS i______ ¦ I084SI including t* . Smv *2 gomes----- Ips UK 8833 Mklfnma .bods. Who Obfenge . Onsia .amistand for 14*moatan----------------------------- ted to ony abo»e69.99 SOI! Cnmder for 40®-139.99 Gform 030 2 5MHZ1MI. 478.99 Sysguest renovoble HO 88MB 658.99 EXPANSIOH A500 512k lam Exp.(lock 21.99 MEW!! PCI204 AMI euu dock 184.99 A500. IMIexp________________29.99 PO7D44MBexp.688B12Wto239.99 A500* 7MB.exp
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Star----416.95 HP Loseriet 41_____419.90 SwlSSex Sppm dadba
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(39 .STARTER PACK: 500 Sheets A4 paper, Amiga to print* la«4 I
Universal Printer Stand 8 Driver * rth Prrtt Momg GRAPH KS CAD
17. 90 mAGA 134.90 bi Deal. Bn 23A._ 147.90 Mm ...143.90
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Anim40 .198.99 Spenotdoof 57.99 We 2-------34.90 Ivftot
544.90 «s«Pn_______49.99 X CAD 2000 89.50 X CAD
3000 ....245.99 VIDEO PROD TITLING Adeoge ......59.49
bnigfaoa 17.90 Broadcast Me 1-173.90 Deluxe Photobb 51.49
Morph._____138.99 Pvo Video fcs_ 137.99 Satis________59.99
TVShwrPro 51J9 IvbxtPro 7950 Wbo Siack3 115.95 Woo Director.
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* » i 1: SBE1 l:*ERT| _isJ _inj ISXLl i y designing ihe Amiga
with both serial and parallel ports (sock- ' ets), Commodore
have ensured that we can use virtually any printer en the
market. But in order tor the printer to Be able to print
anything, it needs to be given instructions in a specific
formal or language. In most cases, the Amiga speaks a slightly
different dialect ot the same language - some 'words’ are the
same, but there are enough differences to cause confusion.
In order tor the two to communicate correctly, a translator is required. Enter the printer dnver, a small program that resides in the Devs Printers directory ol your Workbench disk or the Devs Pn'rtters drawer of your hard drive.
A number of drivers are on the Extras disk, which is supplied with your Amiga.- ¦ and these are likely to work with most printers. If not, you will find that additional drivers can be purchased from PD libraries.
If you really can't find a suitable driver any where, there are a number of programs available which you can use to create your own driver from scratch.
COPYCAT PRINTER Ironically, the chances are you don't own a printer supported by the driver on your Workbench disk.
Those printers which sell in the largest volumes are not necessarily those which home users buy.
After all business users still account for the largest sector of the printer market. The second factor concerns a feature called 'Emulation'. This is a printer s ability to pretend’ to be a different printer entirely, so that instructions that were intended for one printer can Be understood By any others which emulate it. In the Business market, LaserJet and IBM Proprinter are two of the most popular printers to emulate. Your printer's manual will tell you which emulations it’s capable of.
To find out how to copy a driver onto your Workbench disk, see the Box. Once that's done, you've got to tell your Amiga that you want the new DRIVEr to be used.
To do that, double-click the icon labelled Prefs on the Workbench screen. When the Prefs window opens, double-click the Printer icon to load the printer preferences program. This allows you to customise the Amiga’s output to suit the phnter you're using. Although it has a different appearance under Workbench t .3 and 2.0, the options are identical.
You must start By specifying whether you are connecting your printer to the sehal or parallel port The default is parallel and in most cases this will be correct. When you've done that, you need to indicate the phnter driver that you will be using.
Setting yout printer's graphic preferences correctly won’t affect whether or not It can actually print graphics, but it can make a significant difference to the quality of the finished print-out.
Loading the printer Once you've determined milieu driver you need, you must copy II lo Hie appropriate place on your Wortbench disk (or hard drive if you’re using one|. Here’s how you do it: O Tom your computer on and load a erortring copy of your Workbench disk. Too should never use the original disk In case you make a mistake. If you're using a hard drive, switch your computer on and welt for Ihe Workbench screen lo appear.
0 Double click Ihe Workbench icon to open a window showing Ihe confirms ol the disk. Double-click Ihe Shell Icon lo open a Cll window, n you are using Workbench 1.2, double-click the System Icon, then In Ihe window that opens, double-click Ihe CU icon lo open a CLI window.
© Type DIR EXTRAS:DEVS PfllNTERS and press relurn .
Where I’ve written Ihe word EXTRAS you should substitute the exact name ol the disk containing your drivers. Therefore if you are esing Ihe Workbench 2 extras disk you would type DIR EXTRAS2.0:DEVS PR1NTERS relum Tip: It you're not sure ol the name ol Ihe disk containing Ihe drivers, remove Ihe Workbench disk (unless you're using a hard drive) and insert the disk containing Ihe drivers. Alter a lew moments, a disk Icon will appear on Ihe Workbench scxean. Below that Is Ibe name of Ihe disk.
© A list ot available printer drivers will appear in the CLI window. II they scroll past loo quickly, enlarge the window using the room or siting gadgets. When you see the driver lhal matches your requirements, make a careful note ol la exact name.
© Type COPY EXTRAS:DEVS PRINTERS YOURDR!VER TO WORKBENCH) .3:DEVS PRINTERS retum . Again yon should substitute the name ol your drivers disk where I've written EXTRAS. You should also enter the name ot the driver you require where I’ve written DRIVERNAME and the lull name ol your Workbench disk where I’ve written W0RK6ENCH1.3. When you press return the computer will prompt you lor your drivers disk alter which it will ask lor your Workbench disk again. When you've inserted the Workbench disk and the drive light goes out type ENOCH retum to get rid ot the CLI window.
There may not be a list of drivers available, but the custom and generic drivers will almost always be listed. There should be al least one extra driver on the disk - choose the driver you require by scrolling Ihrough the available items wilh the scroll arrows. Theoretically, having specified just the interface and driver, you should be able lo print. In practice, although you could print, the page layout could be a mess, especially if you are using unusually sized paper.
OPTIONS Here’s a quick look at the options in the printer preferences program: PAPER SIZE - This gadget lets you specify the size of the paper that yon will be printing on. The choices are: Width Height
U. S. Letter
8. 5 inches 11 inches 216mm 279mm
U. S. Legal
8. 5 inches
14. 8 inches 216mm 356mm Narrow Tractor
9. 5 inches 11 inches 241nun 279mm Wide Tractor
17. 875 Inches 11 inches 454mm 279mm DINA4
8. 3 inches 11,7 inches 218mm 297mm DINA5
5. 8 inches
8. 3 inches 148mm 210mm The latter two sizes are only available
under Workbench 2.0 and above. II none of these sizes is
suitable, you can choose Custom and specify your paper size
using the Length' requestor.
LENGTH - This determines the total number ol lines on the page. For example if you are using Narrow Tractor paper which is 11 inches long, wilh a Spacing of 8 LPI, the total paper length will be 88 (11x8). II you selected Custom with the Paper Type gadget this is where you must indicate the length of your page.
LEFT MARGIN - This is where you can specify how far from the left edge ot the page in characters you want printing to begin. For example, il you want a half inch margin and you are printing in 12 pilch, you should enter 6.
RIGHT MARGIN - The figure in this requestor determines how tar, in characters Irom the left edge of the page, the right margin should begin. For example, it your paper is
8. 5 inches wide and you re using 18 characters per inch, you can
tit a maximum ot 85 characters across the page. To leave a
hall inch right-hand margin simply deduct live (18 2)
characters from 85. Therefore the right margin would be 88.
PAPER TYPE - This cycle gadget lets you choose between two types ot paper: Fanfold, used by sprocket leed printers, and Single Sheet.
PITCH - This is where you can specify the size of text that you wish to use. There are three choices: Pica (10 characters per inch (CPI)), Elite (12 CPI) and Fine (1517 CPI).
SPACING - This is where you can specify the line spacing of your print outs. Choose between six and eight lines per inch.
QUALITY - Most printers are capable of printing in high (Letter) quality mode or low (Graft) quality. Draft mode usually uses less ink and Is faster. Use this gadget to specify your preferred printing mode.
The selections that you make in the printer preferences screen will be used each lime you print anything. However, many programs (such as word processors. DTP packages, etc) override the selections that you make here.
If you are happy with the choices you've made, click OK (it you're using Workbench 1.3 or earlier) then click Save (all versions of Workbench). Your new settings will be saved to disk, and from now on whenever you boot using this version of Workbench, your printer settings will already be configured.
DOT MATRIX (IMPACT) PRINTER A dot matrix is the least sophisticated in construction ol all home printers. The print head contains nine, 18 or 24 tiny iron pins arranged in a vertical strip. The more pins there are. The higher the resolution of the printer. There are also an equivalent number ol tiny electromagnetic coils. As the print head passes over the paper, electricity is passed Enlarged View ot a Bubble Jel Nozzle Showing Stages Involved in Printing a Single Dot Ihrough the coils, turning them into magnets which attract the pins towards them.
As the pin moves towards the coil, its end strikes an inked ribbon, which in turn strikes the paper, leaving an impression.
BUBBLE JET For the last couple of years bubble jet printers have been wowing computer users with their superb quality to (Mice ratio. For less than a third ot the price of the cheapest laser, bubble jet printers such as the Canon BJ10. Star SJ48 and the Kodak Diconix can produce near-laser output at a resolution ot up to 360 dpi. * SIMPLIFIED DIAGFIAM OF A BUBBLE JET CARTRIDGE The most important part ot modern bubble jet printers is the replacement ink cartridge. Unlike other types of printer in which the print heads and ink (or toner) are two separate entities, the two have been integrated
into a single disposable unit where the Bjs are concerned.
A bubble jet cartridge consists ol an ink reservoir containing a piece of sponge which is there to ensure a consistent and dirt-tree ink supply to the heads.
The heads are also built into the cartndge and these are essentially nothing more than straightforward hollow lubes with heaters attached to them.
Initially ink is fed to heads by capillary action alone, bul once printing has begun this IS assisted by suction.
It you look at the six step diagram ot a bubble jet nozzle, pictured above right, you'll see how a droplet of ink is transferred to the paper.
1. The nozzle is lull ot ink and waiting to go.
2. The piezo electric heater warms up and air bubbles torm in the
ink above it.
How printers work 3 8 4. Because the capillary teed tubes are so small, the ink cannot flow back into them quickly enough, so as the air bubbles expand, ink is forced out ot the open end ot the nozzle.
5. As the heater is turned off, the ink rapidly tlows back into
the nozzle. This contraction severs the droplet which had
previously been forced out ot the nozzle, firing it directly
at the nearby sheet of paper.
6. The element is cold, the quick drying ink is on the paper, and
the nozzle is refilled by a combination ol vacuum and
capillary action.
LASER PRINTER Of all the printers suitable for home use that are available on the market today, a laser printer is undoubtedly the most complex in its design and construction.
At its heart lies a mirror-surlaced photosensitive metal drum upon which the ink is placed, and which in turn transfers the ink onto the paper.
In order for the drum to hold the ink it has to be given a negative charge of about -600 volts. This is done via the primary corona wire (3). When the entire surface of the drum is negatively charged, a laser beam (4) is used to selectively remove the charge from parts of the drum.
It does this in such a way as to create a noncharged area which is a mirrored template of the image that you want to eventually appear - the areas which are to hold the ink have no charge.
European orders please call for quotations. All goods subject to I availably, pnccs subject to change without notice. E&OE Price include vat and delivers by post.
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TO ORDER: Please call the number listed below to place a credit card order (Access Visa) or send cheuues POs made out to MJC Supplies to: MJC ( OMPITER SUPPLIES (CU) L nit 2. The Arches.
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To Advertise call Chris or Kiera On: 071 972 6700 Actual colour 100% 85% 70% 55% 40% 25% 10% t Less intensity (brightness) Pure colour Less saturation Colour printer green refill With environmental issues remaining as important as ever, and refill packs the name ol the game, it's nice to know that you can do your bit by buying ribbon and cartridge refills lor your printer. II you own a bubble or ink jet device you can buy bottles ol specially formulated ink (complete with a syringe to transfer it). II you own a dot matrix printer you can buy replacement ribbons. These ribbons can be
cleanly inserted into your existing ribbon cartridge without needing to replace the plastic casing as well.
Not only are retills environmentally friendly, but they're good for your wallet too as they only cost halt ol the price ol standard ribbons.
II your printer uses single colour ribbons they can be revitalised without having to replace them at all. A great product called Ribbon Refresh is sprayed onto the ribbon where it reactivates the dried ink giving it a new lease ol life. A single £10 can ol tluid can be used to pep up three ribbons.
Whilst the areas that will remain blank still hold a high negative charge.
Printer simulation of the colour The rotating drum passes by the developing station (5). Inside the developing station, toner powder has also been negatively charged and placed in suspension so that it forms a cloud ot micro-fine powder. The parts of the drum that still hold a negative charge, repel the toner powder, whereas the powder is attracted to the parts that have no charge The basics of colour mixing
• V4 f
* • m
• • U j w
• * • Additive Prnv.es rr ivh colour corponem uiad wnen inning
Bubvaclive Pnmaw t y Three colour cooporerrs us*o wher rr.xirg ptg-twrt (*k) The drum continues to rotate until it reaches a point where it passes the paper on which the image is to be printed. On the other side of the paper is the Transfer corona wire (6). This emits positive ions giving the paper a very strong positive charge. This charge is so strong that it literally rips the negatively charged toner particles from the surface of the drum, and onto the paper The paper moves beyond the drum and its charge is removed to stop the toner from being attracted to areas other than those which
are supposed to contain ink.
GRAVITY From now on, the ink powder is literally held on the paper by gravity until the paper reaches the fusing rollers (7). The fusing rollers heat the paper as it passes and because the toner is a compound made of black plastic and iron, it melts onto the surface of the paper, where it will then remain permanently.
The next time that a page is printed, a cleaning blade (1) first scrapes any remaining ink from the surface of the drum. Erase lamps (2) then discharge any remaining potential that the drum may hold, thus ensuring that its surface is dean and holds no charge in readiness for the cycle to begin again If many copies of the same page are printed, the drum does not go through this deaning cycle The Difference Between Parallel and Serial Transmissions h-Jwr.e . !«*•. I in n. r:E:n_jT_nnfe.
Between each copy because the electrostatic template will remain unaltered for as long as it's needed SERIAL VS PARALLEL - WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?
You may have noticed that there are troth serial and parallel ports on the back ot your Amiga It you know much about pnnters, you may be aware that they also come equipped with a serial or parallel interlace, or even both. So what's the deal? Why have two dilterent types of interlace at all?
To understand that, we have to first look al what exactly is transmitted down the line every time you tell your printer lo print. A printer is com- pleteiy dependant upon control (or escape) codes and character or pixel data. The control codes are instructions which tell the printer how to interpret and output the data.
Both control codes and character pixel data are nothing more than streams ol numbers, and these numbers are sent to the printer as binary digits _ ones and zeros. Eight binary digits (or bits as they're known) are required to send a single character ol information to the printer.
PARALLEL UNES As its name suggests, a parallel interface allows you to send a number of bits of information at a time (in parallel). In fact, a parallel cable can handle eights bits (one byte) at a time. A serial Bkium a printer doesn I have an infinite number ol different coloured inha, it has to simulate varying Intensities ol colour by using a variety ol dither patterns. The pure colour la in the middle ot the colour strip. To make the colour lighter, a printer simply prints the dots ol coloured Ink further apart so that the white paper dilutes the colour. To create darker colour,
Increasingly greater amounts ot black Ink are added lo the original colour.
Interface is only capable of handling one bit at a time, so as you can imagine, transmission of information via this interface is considerably slower So why bother about serial transmission at all when parallel is so much faster?.
The reason is one ol data integrety. The parallel interface uses standard TTL volt levels of 0 and +5 volts, whereas the Because the differential between the two states is so great with serial transmission, it s far easier to detect and interpret the signal, and far less likely that any interference (known as line noise) will distort the results. The signal will not dissipate quite as quickly through losses in the wire. This makes serial transmission ideal for printer link-ups over longer distances (anything above three metres), or in circumstances where there is likely to be a high amount
of line noise In the interests of accuracy, I should just mention that some serial devices only generate a voltage of + -5 volts, giving a voltage differential of 10 volts which is still double that of parallel transmission.
Thanks to Dave Butler and Adrian Telford of GEC Sensors for their help with this section.
Finding out more II you are interested in learning more about printers and how lo get the besl Irom Itiem. Ihere are a couple ol books available on the subjecl. Both ol which provide good coverage. From Bruce Smith Books Ihere s Mastering Amiga Printers, and Irom Oalabecker. Distributed by Computer Manuals. Ihere s Amiga Printers: Inside and Out Bolh books describe Ihe purpose ol drivers, as well as going into considerable detail about Ihe variety ol advanced and basic escape and conlrol code sequences used by your printer.
Bruce Smith Books can be contacted on 0923 894355.
Computer Manuals can be contacted on 021 706 1188.
With the new Swift 2 Series, the performance is certainly eye-catching without being .
¦k ear-piercing. These 24 pin printers can produce stunning colour graphics and fast, accurate, scalable type in sizes from 8 to 40pt. Yet they're so quiet, they are a real crowd pleaser in a shared office. All this from a series of printers at prices that are bound to bring a smile to your face.
CITIZEN COMPUTER PRINTERS To find out which Swift 2 Series printer is right for you, contact your nearest Citizen dealer. For details call 0800 52 51 05.
ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA Cltliaa limit*4. Cltlit* Maaaa. 11 WalaralPa Of It*. Laaglay liifsm Pail, laaglay. Tartaklia SI 3 ttl.
Printers under test EPSOH1X100 This is the ideal monochrome printer tor the person on a restricted budget Although it uses dot matrix technology which is both noisy and outdated. Ihe print quality is more lhan adequate lor home use, either tor personal correspondence, or tor school or college work.
Its print speed ot up to 200 characters per second is quite high considering its low price, but even mnre surprising is the inclusion ot a 50-sheet paper leedet which automatically refills the printer as each page is used. Alternatively you can use tantoid paper together with the tractor teed unit which is also included.
Because it’s an Epson, finding a suitable driver is no trouble, even for graphics printing.
The good value is reinforced by its low-cost replacement ribbons which at only £4.95 lor three million characters' worth ol dratt mode printing means that this is certainly one of the cheapest machines to buy and maintain. Its graphics quality is tar from outstanding and is suitable only for initial proofing I also noticed that the printer tends to produce severe banding. Nevertheless, it does represent great value for money.
EPSON FX870 Clearly designed as a workhorse printer, ideally suited to an office or similar environment, the FX870 seems to place speed, flexibility and durability uppermost in its list of priorities.
This printer has a great range ot paper handling tools (some ot which are available only as optional extras). This means that you can use continuous or cut sheet paper, and you can even have two tractor teed units connected simultaneously it you need them.
At 380 CPS it’s the second fastest ot all the printers reviewed here, even exceeding the output of the Oki OL400E (an LED printer).
At £429 it’s extremely expensive, especially when you compare ii with other nine pin printers. I suspect that this high price is to take account ot its This is certainly my budget recommendation ol the year.
Available from: Epson UK, Campus 100, Marylands Avenue, Hemet Hempstead, Herts, HP2 7EZ. Tel; 0442 61144.
Price: £189 (ex VAT).
Star printers seem designed with maximum flexibility in mind, and they are suited to users who are not entirely sure what they want Irom a printer. They have lots ot interesting options such as fonts and tractor feeds, yet I don’t get an impression ol great quality. The LC200 is a nine pin colour printer.
You’re not going to use this printer tor professional documents, but it will certainly add a real touch of style to essays, personal letters and that kind ot thing.
Being only nine pin. The colour mixing is not particularly subtle, and its Epson X emulation means that printing a full screen at maximum resolution can De a tedious task taking well over 15 minutes.
» STAR LC2Q0 ments where quality is ot secondary importance.
Available Irom: Epson UK, Campus 100, Marylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP2 7EZ. Tel; 0442 61144.
Price: £429 (ex VAT).
TtwLCSOOk STARLC100C When you compare Ihe LC100C and Ihe LC200, there really is very Irttle lo choose between them. They appear lo be aimed at very similar markets and have a lot ol features in common As both pdnlers are nine pin dot matrix devices and use Ihe same Epson X driver. Their output resolution and quality are identical, as is the amount ol noise that they create. Again the LC100C Is excruciatingly slow when printing in graphics mode This IS due to the driver which torces the print head to make three passes lor each ol the colours to be printed.
Ribbons tor the LC100C are almost hall the price ol those ot the LC200 desprte the tact that they both have a similar lifespan. When you consider this in conjunction with the LctOOC's slightly lower price, it certainly seems like the prudent choice for the buyer on a budget Like the LC200, this phnter is not really designed for anything more than home use. Lor which it can be an economical choice Available Irom: Star Mlcronlcs UK Ltd. Star House, Peregrine Business Park.
Gomm Road. High Wycombe. FcTSfc Bucks, HP13 7DL. Tel: 0494 471111. Rfej4rT- Price: £219.
STAR LC24-20II The LC24-20II is a 24-pin phnter designed tor users who require llexibility and quality. Its optional extras alone indicate that the printer would comfortably sit in a working environment, what with sheet and tractor feeders and font and RAM cards. To a certain extent this is belied by its relatively slow print speed ot only 167CPS in draft mode. However if you work in an environment where speed Isn't important, but output quality is.
Then this could be the choice.
With a resolution of 360x360 dots per inch this monochrome printer is ideal tor printing newslet ters and the like, but unfortunately its resolution is restricted by the Epson Q driver needed to use It.
A 30K input buffer means that you will spend more time working and less time waiting for the primer to finish its work. Although the printer has a quiet mode, it's still distractlngly notsy when pnnting and in fact it was the loudest of all printers tested On the plus side, at only £5.00 for a two million character ribbon, the pnnter operates at only 1.32 pence per page.
Available Irom: Star Mlcronlcs UK ltd. Star House. Peregrine Business Park. Gomm Road.
High Wycombe, Bucks, HP13 7DL. Tel: 0494 471111. Price: £299.
CITIZEN Another monochrome nine pin printer, this one has an even lower resolution lhan the last four.
However, it is capable of printing at a brisk 240 characters per second and even has an optional colour kit so that you can upgrade it for colour printing at a later date it you decide this is necessary The Swift 90 has seven onboard fonts, which provide unexpected versatility at the price.
Printers such as this are particularly effective when used with packages such as WorOworth that are capa ble of accessing multiple fonts in a document Incidentally, as a sign of their commitmeni to their customers. Citizen now supply a great Pnnt Manager program tree with all their colour printers CITIZEN SWIFT 240C This is the only 24-pin colour printer that we have reviewed in these pages and its output is quite vis- ibiy a head and shoulders above the other colour printers. The primary improvement is in the subtlety ot its colour mixing.
Because it uses a matrix capable ol 360x360 dpi, the printer is better able to approximate the 4096 shades that are visible on an Amiga screen.
Obviously, this improved resolution means that the images that you choose to print can be more detailed too.
Output, while still being quite slow to generate, is well worth the wait and will add a real look ot style to your creations, be they amateur or professional. There are several benefits to using the Print Manager - for a start, the already high quality of your print-outs can be improved drastically, to say nothing of reducing the time taken to actually produce them.
At 215cpi. The 240 isn’t even as last as its junior relative, but the results are worth that little extra wait. The printer has nine on-board fonts, two of which are scalable.
Incidentally, Citizen are the only printer company to include specific set-up procedures for Amiga owners, and this is a move which really wins them my vote. Their manuals are much easier to understand because of this.
Available from: Citizen Europe Ltd, Citizen House, 11 Waterside Drive, Langley Business Park, Langley, Berkshire, SL3 6EZ.
Tel: 0753 584111. Price: £359 (ex t-l-U*.
T 00 n, • s CITIZEN PN48 This is really a hybrid machine. Called a thermal transfer printer, it transfers material trom a ribbon to the page using a heated print head. The heat means that although the pins are very much like those found on a normal dot matrix printer, the area of material on the ribbon affected is slightly greater than the pin area. This eliminates the spaces between dots which are normally visible on a dot matrix and helps to smooth the edges of the.
The advantage of such a system as opposed to older thermal printers which required heat sensitive paper, is that the ribbons are a damned sight cheaper than the paper used to be. Even so, at best a single £3.50 ribbon only just manages half a million characters which means that you'll be paying over three and halt pence a page just for your text print outs, and far. Far more if you start using graphics.
The PN48 is the most portable of all the portables reviewed measuring just under a toot wide and less than four inches high and deep. Its tiny Size ijiakes its 360x360 DPI resolution all the more impressive, but thanks to its Epson O emulation, unless you can find or create your own driver for it, you won’t be able to print at anywhere near this resolution.
At £325 its price is a tad high, even considering the technology it uses. Nevertheless, it’s not outrageously expensive by any means, and if you genuinely need this degree of portability, you could certainly do worse.
Beware though, even in draft mode, the PN48 can only just manage a sluggish 53 characters per second, and this alone may be sufficient to deter would-be purchasers.
The situation is worsened by its relatively small 4k RAM butter which does nothing to increase the throughput ol data Incidentally, the PN48 can be battery operated and even has an optional car battery adaptor.
Available from: Citizen Europe Ltd, Citizen House. 11 Waterside Drive, Langley Business Park, Langley, Berkshire. SL3 6EZ.
Tel: 0753 584111.
Price: £325 4«|.
(ex VAT).
CU AMIGA BUYER'S GUIDE Ink jets nwitrtM Oleonlx ISOM tatat up imi room man a M4« KODAK DICONIX 180si Thanks to ink jet technology, Ihe quality-lor-price ratio ot printers has greatly Improved over recent years. Unfortunately the Diconix 1 Bosi is not one ol the machines to follow that trend. At 192x192dpi its resolution is low even by nine pin dot matrix standards However, its graphics output is better than any dot matrix devices, most notably in that it doesn't suffer from any form of banding.
At 145 CPS in draft mode, its printing speed is well over twice as fast as Citizen's PN48. Out the down side to this is the fact that its typefaces are uniformly bland and pallid Replacement ink cartridges are quite expen sive at £24 75 excluding VAT. Especially when they only last for between one and 2.6 million characlers. This means that the operating costs can run as high as 2.75 pence per page, and you should take this into consideration when deciding which printer to buy One great advantage that the pnmer does offer in companson to the others reviewed here is very low operating noise
Because there are no impacts involved, it doesn't even generate as much volume as a cat's purrl Ultimately Ihough, its asking price of £270 excluding VAT is just too high considering the excellent alternatives.
Available from: Kodak Ltd. Kodak House. P.O. Box
66. Station Road. Hemel Hempstead. _ I Herts, HP11JU. Price:
£270. (¦'wC KODAK DICONIX m The Diconix 701 is everything
that the 180si is not With a printing speed of 200CPS in
draft mode, the 701 is more than fast enough for everyday
use, especially considering its 300x300 dpi resolution. The
printer also manages a nippy 120CPS in letter quality (LO)
mode too. Better yet. The printer supports HP Deslqet
emulation, so it'll be no problem finding a driver which
utilises its full resolution.
Graphics printing is quite fast, and this is helped by its 24K RAM buffer. I was, however, disappointed to notice slight banding on graphics prints which even the cheaper 180si managed to avoid, even so, the quality of the print-out means that this is mote than suitable for DTP work and a range ol professional applications.
Again, I feel lhal this printer is a little overpriced. Especially compared to Canon's BJ10 and CITIZEN PR0JET The Projet, as its name suggests, is Citizen's offering in the professional ink jet pnmer stakes, and a very competent offering it is too.
The most important requirements of a professional primer are high speed, good paper handling and expandability. The Projet whizzes along at a very impressive 360 characters per second in high speed draft mode. Strangely, its letter quality speed slumps lo 120 cps which is the same as the Diconix 701 which is a hundred pounds cheaper.
Paper is delivered lo the printer via an automatic sheet feeder supplied by a 150- sheet paper bin which pokes out of the top of the machine In theory the paper is then caught by a bizarre paper catcher at the bottom ot the machine. In practice the paper never quite tell where It was supposed to - a minor but neverthe less irritating problem Star s SJ48 when offer similar specifications for about £250 In terms of size, the 701 is a tad larger than its stablemate, but it's still very much a portable.' It can also run on batteries, and can be connected Although the Projet doesn't come with a
tractor feed as standard, you can add one later.
The Projet comes with four fairly standard type laces, and it can accept further fonts on plug-in cards. It will also accept additional RAM in the same format.
Up to a car battery using third party adaptors.
Available Irom: Kodak Ltd, Kodak House, P.O. Box 66, Station Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Hpt 1JU. Tel: 0442 61122.
Price: £399 Like the Diconix 701, the Projet uses Desk|et emulation to deliver text and graphics at 300 DPI.
With replacement ink cartridges cxjsting 14.50 tor one milion characters ot printing, it's slightly cheaper lo run than Kodak's otfenng Available from Citizen Europe Ltd, Citizen House, 11 Waterside Drive, Langley Business Park, Langley, Berkshire, SL3 6EZ Tel: 0753 584111. Price: £496 (ex VAT). 4iHP ®4' Tl W 1!€ msiness.
Trust Star to prove that top quality can be delivered at low cost.
A fact that puts the Business Series in a league of its own with eight dot matrix machines performing superbly wherever you need printing excellence. And they're all compatible with your existing computer and software.
The LC-100, for example, is the UK's lowest cost colour printer. (Costing less than many other mono only machines!) While the LC24-200 Colour demonstrates that high quality 24-pin colour printing and advanced paper handling needn't break the bank.
But if you want first-rate mono only printing, you need the LC-20 - probably the world's most popular multi-functional printer at a budget-price.
For higher specifications, the LC24-15 has all you'd expect in a leading high performance 24-pin machine - and more! Including the extra benefit of a full width carriage to give the option of printing wider spreadsheets and the total range of general purpose multiple copy tasks. All that's missing is the high price!
In fact, Star value-for-money means the addition of many features' which you might expect to be costly extras - all designed to improve printing quality and efficiency.
Like electronic dip switches which allow instant function changes vih the LCD menu display. A wide choice of typefaces to add variety to documents. And sophisticated paper handling
- advanced paper parking, semi-automatic sheet feeder, bottom
feed - to cope with every type of stationery including heavy
duty labels.
No wonder the reliable versatile Business Series has proved itself the first choice across Europe. Make it your business to get more information by completing and returning the coupon.
Star Micronics U.K. Ltd., Star House, Peregrine Business Park, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HPI3 7DL.
Tel: 0494 471111. Fax: 0494 473333.
¦ Please consult the brochure for features listing on each model.
A division of Star Micronics Co. Ltd., lapan.
I really mean business so please send more information now.
EPSON SQ870 The Epson SQ870 is a direct rival lor Ihe Citizen Projet. And il wins hands down on every possible count, except pnce II costs a massive £659 excluding VAT - mote expensive than many laser pnnlers1 The most impressive thing about this printer must be its pnnt speed. In dratt mode, it positively sears the page with a blistering 550 characters per second That's six and a quarter pages per minute; most cheaper lasers aren't that lastl When we tested this printer, it took us a measly one minute and 28 seconds to print a lull screen Irom Deluxe Paint ex a resolution ot 360x360dpi. II
you haven't got the message yet. This is a seriously last printer It comes supplied with a tractor leed lor contin uous stationery, but untortunately doesn't include an automatic sheet leeder as standard, although you can add one later if you like I lelt that this was quite a serious ommission considering the printer's pnce With a RAM butler ol !28k as standard, you can download most screens to il in a single hit.
And even DTP pages will be much laster to output.
It comes with a generous selection ol nine typefaces and these can be further upgraded as can the memory. The ink cartridges are reasonably priced at £29 lor a cartridge with a six million character lifespan.
Obviously this printer is not aimed at the home user It would seem to be ideally suited to people whose primary requirement is the fast, quiet printing of lots of text.
Available Irom: Epson UK, Campus 100.
Mary lands Avenue. Hemel Hempstead.
Herts, HP2 7EZ. Tel: 0442 61144.
* 4* 158 37 5 167 556 A AT 240 m i n 4 PRWT SPEED ¦ NNUTES
(SCREEN) TYPEFACES 21 SI I • 74 9 n 9 1 Ml 1
3. M 7 PITCH IS. If. 17. ID
11. 12.11 n. 21
10. 1J.17.il ID. 12.17.21
059 rRIMLLCl £421 rwiici 1219 r pvtnikii £299 £199
000 CHARACTERS £4.95 1-3,008.000 CHARACTERS cs.se 3 000 000
1. 008.808 CHARACTERS ¦M 2,008.000 CHARACTERS £S
CAPACITY m 50 Cl1.08 1 N A 1 C6 mmmm N A 1 £15 1 SHEET FEEDER
mPMimm YES 135 YES
11. 4 YES mmmm YES mm YES 138 WIDTH (CM) DEPTH (CM|
37. 5 212 440 SU ¦¦ 46 ¦¦¦¦¦¦ 396 mmmm 44 a aa 485 32 1 WEIGHT
6. 0 41 u 54 M S3 S-S4 5 12 45-47.5 NW» (DECWL5I OPTIONS SHEET
STAND 124 OKI 0L4O0E The OL400E is an LED primer, a close
relative to Vie laser printer. The main advantage of LED
pnnting is that it doesn't emit ozone depleting gases as laser
printing does The OL400E produces no such harmful sub
stances, and consequently the entire mechanism e considerably
smaller than that of its better- linown relatives.
Unlike the other devices reviewed here, the OL400E is a page printer - that means that it pnnts a whole page rather than a line at a time. It can manage lour pages per minute, which is equivalent to about 352 characters per second.
Even a full Deluxe Paint screen only took one minute and six seconds to print from start to finish, and duplicates ot the same screen only took 15 seconds each.
The OL400 only comes with 512K which isn't very much for a laser-type printer. However, it uses a special Reduced Instruction Set Chip (RISC) to enhance the way that graphics are handled. This means that, unlike other page printers.
512K is perfectly adequate lor a full A4 page of graphics.
Unusually for this sort of printer, it only comes with four typefaces, although these are very attractive when printed.
Overall, the OL400E produces crisp, visually pleasing print. It's by far the cheapest printer to run with replacement loner cartridges only costing £17.99. Considering the fact lhal they last tor about 1500-2000 pages (about 7,920,000-
10. 560.000 characters), it really is a great machine for the
professional on a budget.
Available from: Okl Systems (UK) Ltd.
550 Dundee Road, Slough. Berks, SL1 Z.VJHh 4JY. Tel: 0753 819819. Price: £499.
SWIFT 240C riTI7Eli PN48 riTITFN 0IC0NIX 180SI KODAK 0IC0NIX 701 KODAK PROJET CITIZEN SQ670 EPSON OL400E OKI 'Resolution indicates maximum DOT MATRIX vtt U1 KEN THERMAL HO nuunn INKJET NO INKJET NO BUBBLE JET NO INKJET 4 NO LED NO known resolution ot printer. However.
Ito 360X360 HU 360X360 192X192 300X300 300X300 360X360 300X300 this figure is often higher than the 24 48 12 50 50 48 N A actual resolution EPSONQ Ml EPSONQ 'it*.'
EPSON X 146 HP DESKJET 200 HP 0ESKJET 360 EPSON 0 550 HP LASERJET 2 4PPM due to limitations in the driver need 19 66 99 53 29 G 41 120 1 4G 120 9 M 200 1 28 4PPM
1. 06 me uiivei useu.
* ¦ DIP ¦ Dual Inline
1. 38 7
18. EDS.
5. 15 2
D. I.P.
0. 41 s
18. 12. 17.2 ON-LINE
9. 49 3
10. 12.16.67. 20 ON-LINE
t. UO 4
5. 10.16.6, 20
E. O.S. i to 9
E. O.S. 4
10. 12.16.66
E. O.S. Processor (usually micro-switches somewhere on printer).
OR SERIAL £270 200-500 PAGES 24K PARALLEL £399
1. 600.000 CHARACTERS 8K PARALLEL £496
1. 000.000 CHARACTERS 16-128K PARALLEL £659
Electronic DIP Switches. The same (unction as DIP switches but
elec£4-4.70 £3.50 £24.75 £24.75 £14.50 £21 £17.99 tronically
activated £15 1 noTtntiat H A 1 an N A 1 HO N A 30 vcc N A 150
YES N A 1 NO N A 100 YES via printer's control panel. On-line
means that all setUrTIONAL YES YES
20. 5 YES tings are specified by printing lists onto paper and
selecting required 405 32
29. 7 ¦Miii
27. 4
11. 4
29. 7
19. 5
42. 5 45
49. 2
32. 5 32 21 options.
5. 2 Ivit c 097 49 Ml BATTERY
1. 3 45
2. 5 45 9 47 01 49 1 45 Retail prices indicated. Street
lower than those given here.
D4TEL ELECTRONIC GOVAN ROAD, RENTON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST4 2RS, ENGLAND. FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 FOR -fl 500 2000 VERSION EGO.OO _|l FR EEZER-UXi LITVC VRXFt I DG E AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay III preference screen you can now set up autofire from 0 to 100%. Just
- Saj gine continuous fire power! Joystick 1 and 2 arc set
separately for that extra advantage!
IMPVtm DRAM EXPANSION SUPPORT Now many mor5 e*U rnal Ram Expansions will work with all Action Replay III commands.
D1SKCODF.R With the new "Diskcoder" optioiTTeu an now ’tag' your disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from being loaded by anyoneeTSes- Jjjgged" disks will only reload when you enter the code. Very useful for security.
SET MAP- -- allows you to Load Save Edlt a Keymap. AcUoTt«a play III now has screen colour preferences with menu setup. Customise tmc creens to suit youf-te te. Very simple to use.
DISK ___ Invaluable disk monito? -4isplays disk information In easy to understand format. Full modify save options.
• :• vro PhC- VI : including compressed small character cbmqiand.
'I .- Now you have a selection of DOS commands availalJle Jall times - DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc if you enter a command without a filename, then a file requestor is dis|)tatq»d.
Disk Copy at the press of a button - faster than Dos Copy. No need to load workbench - available Sii an times includThs Mem Watch Points and Trace.
Either DFO orDRJ can be selected as the boot drive when working with Amiga useful to be able KN oot from your external drive.
3LUS A MACHINE CODE FREEZER I VEN MORE FEATURES INCLUDING fiO COL ' Full MG6000 Assombler'Disnasemtoler Full screen odttoi Jump to specific address 6 Show Ram as toxl ' Show fn Show and edit ail CPU registers ond flag Calculator I- Unique Cuslom Chip fcdltor allows you lo see and modify Disk handling - show actual track. Disk Sync, pattern etc. ilhow memory as HEX, ASCII. Assembler. Decimal ( Ccp|
STATE WITH ALL 24 HOUR ORDER H Amiga-specific art reaches new heights in this month’s edition of Art Gallery.
From Megadeth T-Shirt designs to WWI Biplanes, we’ve got the lot.
ART FOR ART'S SAKE It yoe ve spent Hoars al Home designing a masterpiece aid you think that the rest ol the world shoaid be allowed to see (ust what an ace artist you are send it to us We II pass it on lo our resident art critic who II decide whether it s worthy ol inclusion in Ihe CU gallery Please bear in mind Ihe lollowing points when you send that disk in:
• As well as Ihe limshed picture include al least lour other ill
files showing it in various stages ol construction.
• Include a stage-by-stage description ol how you did it on a
separate piece ol paper even il you include a doc tile on disk
• II you copied redrew your picture Irom another source please
supply lull details al the other artist, the name ot the
picture and where it appeared
• All disks will be retained by CU Amiga so don I bother to send
a SAE in cos we II probably last throw din the bin
• Some nasty post offices actually pass suspicious looking
parcels through i ray machines.
This can have an adverse effect on your disks To prevent this write Magnetic media - Do not x-ray' on bolh sides ol the envelope.
A copy ol the magazine in which your arl appeared will be sent to the lealured artists, but only il we have your name and address Send your disks to: CU Amiga. Art Gallery.
Priory Court. 30-3? Famngdon Lane. London EC1R 3AU ANCIENT ART OF WAR The final sequence from this month's batch comes from Danny Spain who lives in Buckhurst Hill, Essex. It's a Nieuport 17 Biplane, taken from a book called War Machine, and was drawn in Dpaint III.
United Public D THE BEST SELECTION OF PD IN THE UK P0130G4 ALCATRAZ 000ESI Poi54 DECAY GET FHOGGED lib dtremg not P0159 ANARCHY IN THE KITCHEN Som. Good P0164 DESIRE MENACE Good Pwclto raro dan PQ165 DARK DEMON Mega iu. One gN *.
POT ?0 PCCE OF MINO Good 30 «adto ntocto PD17I 7 SXENTS l*POSE,2! WerodtM Qal « 1 POT 77B TRSl TME ZCNC N koto good M. . PO’I' CWEMOPPH Fa morprm rt 4 laca.' It _ PO’ 2 SPACEBALL MataAiN todnaMt inagM ~ PO'63 DOTAL LETHAL Exit Good adai da*Wl P0’64 ANDROMEDA MNCAOT Van good m POT 188 ANDROMEDA IdRROA Mum 6 MUSIC DISKS PMOOT 100 GREATEST 64 TUNES ICC Nb 64 Ma PM010 AA4EGA PARTY WWPtf R5 Four WICKED PM012 AMIGAD6US ClASSICAl * PM02223 CLASSICAL MUSC Bt _______ PM027 DMC6 MUSC 3 moum nwae am. Goo PM03034 DIGITAL CONCERT* 24 l mn houa PM036 DKUTAL DEBUSSY FM Rob B*rto* comm PM036 DOTAL
Cnc !
• -vjuue nui » _¦ vw warn i ¦¦¦ vvvn • POOMLORC Of'&QU *’
(MOMMOIDor*' PG062 MENTAL MAGE 1 Ongignn I'M-. A «nnl- PG063
UORU tMnui no* -nw 941 -» PQ068 NO MANS LANO Kwl.
PQ071 PCM POM GLMNER LA* NMMwl on It* 64. Y PO072 PROPERT« MARKET |*m ¦ (WBcnna III PO074 RETURN TO EARTH EM. *p«. Tradng grW .V PG079 SEALANCE A Mxrwm Matagy gw*to *' PQ094 TRAIN CONSTRUCTON KIT nW am WtM.Y PO101THE MSI OCRS CLUB SUCK* Sahara* gam.
POUO SUPER SKOOA CHAU INGE N * cn rKV*1-' PGT21 A500. GAMES PACK 21 ovum lo run on . Pkg.Y PO140 UNO GAMES SuWa km Mi tarn *V PQ1SJ WAR • good a-tnto »¦ PG1A4 GAME TmiCR 21 « rMK» Mm A PQ174 AMOS CRCKfT S»MW atom PG175 SPACE TRA* 2jaayn Moot aach « PG17S IgNTAL MAOC 2 I’M. ImIW _ ,---- PG1A1 STRMBAU. Band Ma gama don. N Amo. -Y PG1A2 ETVC6 S COa gmpNcai MM. S-toad *%to-Y PGIA3 CATACCofe rMMOMg*. VG»X .V PG'M FATAL MOS®N Vn, good g a - PG1» SPACE RE SC I* S(* » «¦ *• WO - 8*- Pgi*0 TOP SECRET An man* gjoM p-crm omit1.
ASI« PK-WI Oo-WM-y W ASI 8 Ar«a2 .real.Snahapf A Nigtonliintoan'.
AS) 9 Fmwh Bam. Pong A BiiwP • V ASI 10EM4P. Pew*, few A Sr»i' ASI '1 DM Comal r ASI 34 Trittu- Rp Qbtc RuafMK* • ASI 35 Porg.Snakant C*mr"d. Jump n rtf'.
AS 36 Mor. Ml Wore*** Kona Tac*r- Asl 37 DM. Onoamnm p aam am.
Iis sssssartsr- Asl 40 (tok k •* aao»$ Ml* gamaa'.Y ASI 41 Pao n ML *MMl4«9«- WARRIOR Good ton Snt . (not *AO TEP « SLOT CARS - • oar*.
- ---------VtOAO* ASI 24 Rmang. O .
ASI 2S W h o.
ASI 26 Signpacman 92 S«aR ASI 27 AdScnva card gmnM * Asl 26 Doody. ORAmo ASI 29 DOG Rom.. N( Asl 30 Bonne. A Map.
ASI 31 Arumu.Cruy 353 Naubto* Froruy A DrM. » -V 64 CmWVMIaMI AtmMkA con loloa-.Y 396 Paranoid. Cna Won) Pioxto Won wvch. V 66 COO w 6.1 R. MW A AiMMm1 «Y timiwrwRiin*«aw«tinM rr«w •t4V -J mhM*5uK74r’" H St Ail CattfS PAT* OJ nfy J4.f5 M R4R"1 I wan n. ao lm* IZBBfj EDUCATION PE0015 EouCATCR SET aoanca program. Lor ami ii» .V PECOS O06PAMT I to aaa IaOnra catoirrg We-' PE007 • LEARN A PLAY u apMrg nc 510 yn .Y PE009 STORYLANO 2 Saw tottorto Pom r. McW .Y PC010 TOT** CONCEPTS ASTROMOMY Bee* on Ban .V PE011 TOT** CONCEPTS WNOSAURS Boca on a «M.V »3 SMON A SPACE MATHS TaMno maPa program 4
• *101S TREASURE SEARCH trd tha to raw. I .Y PE016 COLOUR TH*
ALPHABET Mom Mttn. A ntounl .Y PEOia TYPING TUTOR Sup pM BudgW
A MnaMndn.Y PE019 DUNKS DTP A tori ol DwATooPubWhn k* Ud. .V
PE020 MATHS DRILL Oood W* dafc Mf Pm young' .Y PE0214 SCIENCE
Van oood lour dak Ml'. 4jY PE025 FRACTIONS A SILHOUETTES Oood
maDn unor. Y PEC26 WW ll FACTS Good NaWCdl progranY. Y PE 02'
(woMora to progrMa.Y PECO* LEXCCBS Snn* b* Am Kargnnn ay*,
gam.. Ptaxrt ocsktop guce to electromc ia6k -• PE0S1 MATCH PRTH
MUMPTV Man an oCpnt.1. Y PBB22 BBASE I «9 5 A M A Mavlo J*
Umt» v PBB23 FORMS REALLY UN.MrTtD Brm cramon prog.Y PB024
LAST Wll A TESTAMENTS Ml tl CM '•» PB92S EOWORD *md c aor*n v
goc . Y ESESE-v.- PB030 THE MONEY PROGRAM Hwm *cwa»l .y PBOJi
EABVCALC A aman na« Fmi wwararr -Y imUTlES J004ab'*A4~EMLAA
J006 AMATEUR RA0.________ J0I2 Asl ORAFFIK UTLS grv~o eon PU02I
PU037 DCOPY Tha bMl PO *ak copMr A rm«. .
PU039 D6W Th. Tonuncr to SMApl 30 •" - Y PU047 DOPE INTHOMAKER MM w o-n ram PU04A DYNAMITE FONTS » CuWPmM kvncraai PU049 DYNAMITE FONTS Mon CuNPaat. Font.
ISSS C.? S;!£SS.“S? . PU066 fCNTS A 5L«» ACES Ba»»wa A ton.. PU0S2 GRAPHCS UTL(T*S Varon macprog,trm. * PUOS) HAANAB PRO V2 OBConnn VGA PC »»F HAM. Y PU064 HAACORTVE UTXS M-* EUBS7BI ________ PU071 JR COMM 1 CO Modam an am paoag. • PU072 ME 'ALLCN UTILS '0*4 EatXJ A TO. J». Y PU07V76 HMQ JAMES Ml OdANa* amanu «4H Y puots m cad h-m ong c«moi Ctca a . V PU090 MESSY SB) 2 naaHWrM PC F*M. MaR V PU08J MORSE PHUGRAMS tor I* -ado ham. Y PU0B67 NORTH C 1 312) Ccmptow C eompAn A *»• Y PU068 NORTH C 1 3 Tha a IT. PacKM 1 dak wio*’.Y PU391 PEN OLE 200 MEGA UTLS An MM" Ml cokaoon. V PU095 PRINTER DRIVER
OENCRATOR A im Wrran. Y PUD96 PRINTER DRIVER UTLITCS Varojs uM ale Y PU097 PRINT STUDIO VI29 Pmn pea A Ian Re.. V PUI09 ROT A amp* 30 ttnmg packao. Vary pap** .V PUI0B10 C2(PRi SlnCimd «-1oKm • PUI129 SOMETHNG ‘OR NOTHIN V** daAFora*. V PUIIS BT EMULATOR Rjn Alan ST a PU140 UTTVIBENCH t PUIO OPT UTLS TO PU144 OP’LITLS 2 0 PJ145 OPTCOMM9 i PU146 ELECTRONIC PROTOTYPER Vnaboato »M8"- " PU152BA CLIPART SET 15 Oak* Ol P. BEST dpad .Y PU167 MX TI PLOT Suer* dal. Pkttng uogam I. PU1A9 GILIONITE FCNTS CulNPaMa ton*.
PU170 P SUITE Dak mn a»ma mMr.Y PBC023 UNALYTCALC 5M itart lP ®V PB004 Asl LABEL PMNTEteStftnbaaHY PBCOI BAMM cornel rw ctaaja took* .V PB006 BLANES8 Calt) MAKER Hem program- PB007 CLERK CorpMM account* pacUga.Y PB006 DESKTOP PUBLBHER Smpm B no. -Y PB009 FLEXYBASE DATABASE AddMMHaapar.Y P9011 MtSC BUSMESS Oaodma. Grocary ML CaK PB0I3 QED 9*rpM A aKacK. To! Ad.Y PB0I4 RM DATABASE Fuiy rMMion4l H.Y PB015 TEKTPLUS V3 CO Th. BEST PU2»7 CEYES FONTS For at m 0par«. WB. Pefly-Y PU229 JPEG 24 M pchc ccrparoi uMMfcl .V PU230 MORE PRINTER DRIVERS npa pnntn Mal.V PU23I.5 PAOESTREAM FONTS 5daK* M»* tonNU
(B)V PU2367 SCOPE 197 6 AdeCu lyp. Tonm. 2 dMw M* .V PU2M9 M O R C lAxiM opnaMd run. Casar ornM I. PU240 fREECOPY VI 4 poaatfui dak copymg programi.Y P1I241 CALCRIE BASE UmU tor PMCN on . DWI. V PU243 ASPCt Oeul nWym progrwnl. Y p 1244 BON APPETTT TN. ,t a race* cWLMt* p-og PU245756 C MANUAL Lah* on 12 Ml1 11 PU257B1 PAOESTREAM FONTS 2nd Ml Ol NrMUY I PU2B2 RICHARD SMEOlEY COMP II ModgagM M*.Y PU2BJ LYAPlPOv lawn A unuatW kaoin.Y PlO«4« OUTLINE FONTS Fpr Pro ptjnl 0NLY..Y PU272 GOL* RECORDER OoBMm to. Go* «*M - V PVC73 PC. ¦AAAOASMn to MmriM . DacW- Y . PU274 TROA8CAO VI 0 INMK Ore* OMQ* .Y
PU27g 04 L CpaTE FONTS IV Ym aora ¦ tow PU27» v MORPH Ymlnaay a PO monPmg png*. Y PU2M POCLS WIZARD PoCpmNaonM*. A Wtod Y PU2B2 ASI MULTIVSION 2 htoM Wac A mor. *M-Y PU2B3 CYCLING MXEAOE RECORWR UMP .V PU2B4 DART MACHINE Dad leer, i-od-1 .
PA043 ERIC S MORE AE ROT OCHS Vny -IP,". Y J AGA3S83 AGATRON SPECIAL I Ym. A_______ AGA5482 AGATRON SPECIAL! T9M arm. Ian. Or*,.Y POWERANIMS PP0017 ANTI LEMMBIGS (21 T*ta a BdkarV 2M PP003 AT THE MOVIES C Jm arm d Amy agu.nl 1 5M PPOOB io BUZZED pi Gram arm ol ng 2M PP01112 DATPtG GAME 12) Vny -toy* Gn 4 3 5M PP019 0UIF WAR Anown tS pndrton Good 2M'V PP321 74 IANOMG |4) Teton* Hffm* poaararum 4M PPQ2S77 STATION AT KHAPN (J| ‘ --- PP04D43 AT THE MOVIES ¦ (4) PR344 45 AMV V WALKER I at PP946 SWEET REVENGE Coyoto •» UNSPORTWO Wl- 7 CHARIYCAT S 4 CHARLY CAT A BAPCMSSCNS... PP0679 CHARLY CAT
CATC________________ PP06O3 CHARLY CAT UOUSTEFMNO Gnad 36MO PP064 DUNCAN 0UNG BEETLE Unjagl 2mg arm PP0S86 CHARLY CAT 8N0WJ0KE Utoat arm 2.
PP0878 SPEED LIMIT 3mg motorcycto racai . Y (3) PP0T0 i lEMMNGS REVENGE Vny arruung *mm 2mg Y PP072O TALES Of A TIME TRAVELLER Sign mova 3mgl PP0748 Q.l SPY 3TO amm irom Chaika cal nAhorl (3) PP07764 THE HAUNTED Tramamtou* 4n*Tto*on.3mg'|9| PP065 7 THE AD Samoa aawtnka annumm’ Jmg |3i PP0MV SPORT1H3 DGO DOO toe. Nmm ammakoni 2mg(7) PP099I ROADHOG ANM r L r, 2mg arnra*nnH2l» P0006 AM08 30 DEMO Shoat ao*m pool aBactoi- V POOii CHAOS ROCK F*b igrt too. N» Mda« - PO076 PLASkajTEX WM eccpn S (team. Mad*'.
- ---- A EtoGUA ibmdayi Dmarr. * PAHS 3 SCHWARTZ S*Yii m
SolHin»aokt)omtt* .V PA119 STEAM ANIMATleP* VZO No- «4n wunW
.Y PA 120 TWO STROKE PETRCE ENGart An anm.Y PA 13140 10 da* Ml
Sipto PaiAar artm.ui200 ONLY) PA121 BOAT ANM CotouLA antmlaal
on 1200”.V PA'27 3 THUMDEIWnOS ANIM Net ammakon' (2HY PA * 74
ANM CCMP 10 mv. NwtnAOto cangdMonl .Y AGATRON PA0634 LOHT
CYCLES 2) Tr, PA0SA MAGICIAN I Good RT an naaon.T PA0S0
antga dnnoi. V PA074 THE WAL«R n Th. Hmogtor Uai'.V PA079 THE
• LUS • PK4. PrnaeMn prod Y PU198 VIDEO ..._____ PU202 CYCLOPS WM
-- PU103 SCOPE 164 i**i A ctoa to Ppnm Y PU206 PC TASK Wcad
PC EmMt Qaia.Y PU207 MX TISO Conam. SO? A IMMirFCMlAG* ¦ ASI
• FRED FISH CATALOt PG2534 ZA*YCON Sheer am » g »'7l . PEC34
WCRlD QEOOFIAPHYig. Wa* dakl .*1 PE035 KOS DISK' Sign to town
medng-.V PB012 PAY AOVCE p 'KM ol pay MR1 -yI PB033 A BASE A
tfmn dddm. Preg 1 • PU296 WSCRiPT Program lor Wttoo Itong'.Y
PU2S7 NUUPAD torr r -.0-1 iA.6on.600 | PII786 ENGINEERS KIT Tr
PU29 1200 WORKBENCH 'IAl K' PU292 1200 UTILS1 OF A PCX itoi|
PU283317 25d«K» or Ham-nto a* PU31B POWER UTXS Uma ntoni m Can
Oc' • PU31973 OUTLINE FONTS fa PU324 WTCEMAKER OnUaa tor PA'25
CRAZEE QlOO 3 pan OM. NwnMto'.Y PA-297 PV®T0NC DREAMS om 4 Mai
n m POIS7 HOY AGA OEMO IR 1200 d o a n 'M PO!98 SAFdTY WORLD
AUOO MAGC4 PT04852 IRXXXE S 5 «M ed Mry.
»•“ 1 ...... ' -uxtszzzj: W ... om g*d s »ji » PM!64 OCTAROCK 30 Mor. 6 Ira* 6 3d urt(NO PMI668 NUTCRACKER SUITE Sugn mndaanU PM!678 JESUS ON ES Du. M -uac tomo PM’M BRAINSTORM MUSAtlANO Ntca "une t PM 1707 LUNATICS PtFINUE DRE AA4S GraM-M pto2o sT-oi st io HQ wm..... PT02I SOUNOTRACKER 2 6E.cA-4 ok pAg'.'
PT029678 ST 90-93 SAMFXIS Sludo guaRy* V PT029 YAMAHA 0X7 VOICE FIII n to. DVTnrto PT030 YAMAHA 0X7 VOCE SORTER tor I* Mo PTMIOO ST87 - B9 3 Mka M Ml-- PT0349 ST 97 4 M Mo. U-m PTOT7 PROTRACKER 3 1 THE LATEST VERSO* PTQ39 YAMAHA DU 00 TXBlZ. 0X27 DX11 6 FBO PM‘50 WSKT0P HARPStCHORo’•KiTAl'cS PM -S3 BIZE KXL DA BABE 6 kacM or m m PM092 PVAM3 TUNES ton pmno PM!22 4 PlAYSIO 2 (3) You PM 125 PLAYS® PMTJ7 PT012KAWAI K PT013MED 32 E; . PT0I5 MIC* DISK Vanou* m«l Mud .
ito.s«n*.iraa GnrSS PTWT ALGCAYTHMS CM. A PT002 ART OF MED E ciA.to N PT005 CAS® C2 EDITOR 250 pncfiM ' ss b’i r.
JnuT---- ORDERING MADE EASY BY POST, send your Nome. Address & Order details with a Cheque PO 1 MO to any of the companies listed BY PHONE: Call us with your card number and details for a 1st class service. All mator cards accepted PD PRICES: I - 5 disks £2.00 per disk • 6 25 disks £1.25 por disk • 26 or more disk are still only 99p per disk POST & PACKING: UK 50p • UK 'Recorded Delivery £ 1.00 • Europe +25p per disk • Rest of World *50p per disk REMEMBER: We stock Fish 1-BIO, Tbag 1-74, Amos. Scope, Snag. Amicus, AMIGAs 6i lots more superb PD disks D ain Distributors , , I, , n r c I D
T'JVw •• The Central Licenseware Register.. K Commercial Quality programs at a PD price !
BLITTERCHIPS VALLY PD 0535 667 469 TEL: 0983 529 0535 667 469 FAX0983 8 2 1 Skint? Bored? Need some stimulation? Then get a load of this month’s PD offerings, as perused by Tony Horgan and enlightenment will be yours.
QUALITY TIME animation I was beginning to think Eric Schwartz had given up on his PD cartoons. This is the first he's released lor ages, and is another essential tor all animation Ians. You'll need 4Mb to run it and unless you fancy spending your whole flay swapping disks, you'll also need a second disk drive to loafl it. If s a simple plot, basically Flip the Frog trying to have his wicked way with Amy the Squirrel, hampered by constant interruptions trom the doorbell. How Eric manages to make a squirrel took sexy, I don't know. The animation is brilliant as always, and there's plenty
of speech and sound effects. If you've got the necessary hardware, get a copy without delay.
Available Irom: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices. 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982. 4 disks. Price: £5.50 OTTO (including P&P) JAPANIME MOTION PICTURE slldeihow Japanime goes for one of those intros that turns your Amiga into another computer. This time it's an Amstrad 128. However, this fortunately doesn't last (or loo long and it soon gets back into Amiga mode and brings on the first picture of the slideshow.
Unlike your standard CLI-based slideshow, this one has a few animated pictures, plus some double-size pres that automatically scroll around Ihe screen to give you a view of the whole thing. It's Japanese cartoon graphics all the way.
Admittedly, some ol the pictures on otter do look a bit amateur, but luckily they are the exception rather than the rule. There are two disks ol them, so there's plenty to work your way through. This is definitely one ol the better slideshows around at the moment - welll worth investing in it this is your sort of thing.
Available from: Pathfinder PD, 41 Marion Street, Blngley, West Yorks, BD16 4NQ. Tel: 0274 565205. Disk no. PD114 a.b. Price: £3.00 (including P&P).
COLLECTION 2 This is one ol Cynostic's own compilalions. Made up of eight intros and mini demos trom various sources.
First up i9 a music demo, Rotterdam Megamix 7. It's a mad gabber-techno-hardcore track, with strange noises and mega-tast bass drum hi hat loops, plus a lew breakbeats here and there - most will hate it, some will love it! Apart Irom this, the rest ol the intros are plain old combinations of scrolltexts, vectors, copper bars and logos, with some run-of-the-mill backing tunes. Well worth it it you like the sound ot the Rotterdam Megamix though Available from: Cynostfc PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 682084. Disk no. 00084. Price: £2.00 tL'WA (including P&P).
PLANET GROOVE demo Attention all 1200 owners! This is the first demo on the scene to make use of the new AGA 256-colour mode, although unfortunately it doesn't manage to do anything particularly stunning with it.
What you get on this disk are some nice exploding firework and dot sine-scroll effects on a 256-colour graduated backdrop. To be honest, none of the effects would look out of place on a standard A500 demo. The graduated backdrops are probably bitmaps, but they may as well be copper lists. Still, the swirly colours are nice, and it’s good to see someone making an effort. There must be potential for some mind-warping demos with the AGA chips, but this one certainly isn’t going to cause a commotion.
Available from: Cynostic PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 682084. Disk no. D0106. Price: £2.00 (including P&P).
BALLOONACY Do you remember tbat game where you fly across a skyline of office blocks, trying to bomb them all belore your plane loses altitude and crashes? Well this is the same game, only this time you're in a balloon. The trouble is that it's tar too easy As it it weren't simple enough, you're given sandbags, which can be jettisoned to give you more time. It's a pleasant enough diversion, but a retarded chimp wearing a blindfold wouldn't have any difficulty pressing the button at the right time. Suitable lor three year-olds who can’t tathom out PacMan.
Available from: Cynostlc PD, 85 Wyken Crott Road, Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 682084. Disk no. G0082. Price: £2.00 (Including P&P).
MIRROR music demo At first this looks like it’s going lo be a full-blown demo. The intro effect is clever, but it can hardly be described as exciting. From then on, it’s a fairly simple two-disk music demo with a selection ot nine tunes. All ot them are very neatly sampled and produced, but they tend to be uneventful in places Rather than tunes that you'd sit down and listen to. They're more apprapnate as background music, while you’re doing the ironing or something else that's rather tedious. If electric pianos, organs and slapped basses sound like your cup ot tea. You'll appreciate this lot.
The tront end is nicely done, but could do with some jiggling VU meters, wibbly graphic effects, or at least something other than the scrolltext.
Another one tor the demo tune collectors.
Available trom: Cynostlc PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry.
CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 682084. Disk no. S0056 a.b Price: £2.00 (Including PSP).
LIBERATOR game It's true, you can write a hopeless shoot 'em up without the aid of Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit Just to prove it, here's Liberator. Featuring some of the most uninspired aliens ever, this game puts you in control of a ship flying up a vertically scrolling background. Your pea-shooter cannon is barely enough to destroy the aliens, and even when you do kill them, they absolutely refuse fo explode! As if this wasn't bad enough, you only get one life. Take a look if you want to know how not to write a shoot ’em up.
Available from: Virus Free PD, 31 Farrlngdon Road, Swindon, Wiltshire. Tel: 0793 512321. Disk no. 3138. Price: £1.75 frfrCfr (Including P&P).
THE BEST 26 If you like a bit ot variety in your demos, compilations like this one trom LSD are usually a good bet.
Simply Ihe Besi No. 26 is a collection ot three minidemos. First up is Free Your Mind trom Nuance.
Atter an extremely tedious start, it gets going with a 3D vector lace, followed by some simple but effective colour effects and a smooth 30 zoom. The soundtrack’s not too bad either.
Next on the list is the debut release Irom a new crew called Lemon. Some nice vector-bob bubble patterns get things going, along with a pounding techno soundtrack, which moves more into the realms ot traditional demo music towards the end, while the visuals switch to some kaleidoscopic dot patterns, followed by a strange kind of plasma zoom thing. The third intro is just a rotating 30 vector star and a standard soundtrack Available trom: Cynostlc PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 682084.
Disk no. D0105. Price: £2.00 (Including demo My Ihoughfs exactly! Vectors rale pretty low on Ihe gosh-o-meter. But I can stomach a few if they are sandwiched between some decent effects. A whole demo ot them is another matter.
Considering It's all vector-orientated, there's more variety than you might expect, but it's a bit on the predictable side. It's all nice and smooth, but there's nothing to make you sit up and say 'Wow!'.
One tor the vector trainspotters.
Available from: Road, Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 682084.
Disk no. D0089.
Price: £2.00 (Including P&P ' OVERLOAD 2 music demo New York-slyle graffiti adorns the opening stages of Overload, and it's only after a few screens ol colourful but Illegible logos, that you realise that this is phmanly a music disk. Atter the drawn-out intro, you eventually get to the main tune selector. From this rather snazzy animated screen, you can take your pick Irom five tracks Best ot the bunch is The Marathon, which sounds like Jarre’s Laser Harp.
The others are a cut above the average demo tune, although still very much in the demo style.
Available trom: Cynostlc PD, 85 Wyken Crott Road, Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 682084. Disk no.
S0080. Price: £2.00 (including P&P).
ts .....I' |EHM(D8l lull BfflSOKESSl lull G200 FIGHTING WARRIORS - PD Clone of Street Fighter.
U254 THE MONEY PROGRAM Regarded as the best PD moneyn G205 TOP OF THE LEAGUE • Footy management game.
G230 ROACH MOTEL - Platform game with a difference G226 MORIA 5.4 - New and improved version of this RPG.
G222 GNU CHESS - The best PD Chew game around. Many levels of play. (NOT A500k GI97 THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE - A very sick hut but popular hack-em-up.
G221 BOW & ARROW - Archery game.
G224 OBLIVION - Fast moving updated version of Defender.
G229 GIGER TETRIS - New Tens for the AGA chipset. A1200 ooly.
G208 NEIGHBOURS ADVENTURE (2 DISKS) - Graphic Adventure based on the popular Aussie soap.
GI98 THRALLBOUND - Viking adventure.
G199 FRAC - Instead of playing them, make your own adventures.
G188 AIRPORT - Addictive A.r Traffic control game.
G193 HELLZONE - Hot shoot-em-up. Looks like R-TYPE G214 DR MARIO • Coverted from the consoles G075 BULLRUN - American civil war. Wargame.
G084 AT1C ATAC - Conversion of the Spcctnim classic.
G030 MEGABALL - One of the all time greats in PD.
G131 DIPLOMACY V2.0 - Computer version of RISK.
0139 CROAK - The best Frogger clooe around.
G142 BATTLEMENTS - Remember Hunchback on the CM.
G145 PUGGLES - Q-Bcrt.
GI50 LEGEND OF LOTHIAN - Fabulous Ultima style RPG.
G151 METRO - Sim City on a smaller scale!
G156 MISSION X - SWIV look-a-likc.
GI69 DONKEY KONG - The first game ever to feature Mano. (NOT A1200).
GI70 AMOS CRICKET - Cricket simulation.
GI76 NEBULA - 3D laser wars.
GI80 WAR - Space age Chess?
GI82 TREASURE SEARCH - Game for youngsters.
GI86 ACT OF WAR • Similar to Laser Squad wargame. Awesome.
G202 NIGHT AT THE TOP - Intriguing text advenurc game.
G206 OLEMPIAD (2 disks) • Sports simulation starring the Lemmings.
G216 ICE RUNNER Updated Lode Runner clone. (NOT A1200).
G125 LAME ST PORTS Space invaders.
G122 DUEL - 2 Player split screen 3D tanks battle simulation.
G121 BIPLANES - One or two player dog fighting.
G114 MINE CLEARER • Clever puzzle game.
Gl 13 THE LOST OCREST - One player Gauntlet.
GI07 WASTELANDS - 3D Vector Adventure.
G098 EMPROS - Strategy trading game G093 PARACHUTE JOUST - Fight to survive.
G089 HOLLYWOOD TRIVIA - Brilliant trivia game.
G088 21 GAMES That s right. 21 games on ooe single disk. WOW.
G086 CASTLE OF DOOM - Good graphic adventure G085 BALLOONACY - Bomb the city.
G078 BATTLE CARS - 3D vector battling cars blaster. Superb.
G068 AMIGAIDS • Polished version of Asteroids, many’ options.
G065 TRAIN SET - Chu Chu.
G049 POM POM GUNNER - Digitised shoot-em -up.
G045 RETURN TO EARTH - Classic space trading game in the same genre as Elite.
G037 SEALANCE - Brilliant Submarine wargame GQ35 JUMP AND RUN - Remember Crystal Castles in the Arcades!
G008 BILLIARDS Entertaining little Pool Game. (NOT A1200).
G138 WORLD - Science fiction text adventure.
GI78 ISHID-O-MATIC - Oriental puzzle game. Tough.
GI92 KLAKTRIS Tetris spin off.
G195 ROULETTE - Roulette gambling game.
G204 SOC'COR CARDS - Footy game G210 TALISMAN (2 DISKS) Huge graphic adventure. Needs two megabytes of memory.
Dill FRACTAL FRENZY - Fast Mandlebrots.
D105 SUBSTANCE - Vectors, vector and more vectors.
IXM6 PHENOMENA ENIGMA - TT»c classic demo that set a standard. Still brilliant.
D072 PLASMUTEX - Loads of great plasmas. (NOT A1200).
D073 GLOBAL THRASH - Impressive stuff from Suents.
(NOT A1200).
D074 MENTAL HANGOVER - Vectors galore. (NOT A1200).
D080 NEVERWHERE - Superb multi part demo. (A500 ONLY).
DI40 RSI TIME ZONE (2 DISKS) - Amazing demo.
DI45 PIECE OF MIND Star Trek spoof.
DI47 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG GAME DEMO-Could this for real?????
DI48 STATE OF THE ART - The honest demo of 93'. Not to be missed. A1200 users should disable CPU Caches.
IMtPSOE BEMSSj Ml 27 JESUS ONE*-Probably the best musk demo ever.
27 minutes long and rated at 97% by CU Amiga. Requires 2 disk drives.
M122 GOSPEL KARAOKE The first sing-a-kmg disk.
MI23 KAOS THEORY - Hardcore musk.
M045 DEPECHE MODE Loads of tunes.
M05I PET SHOP BOYS - Four of their hits.
M053 DIGITAL CONCERT 5 - Excellent.
Ml 19 TECHNO WARRIORS - Rave for 27 M113 MUSIC FROM URANUS - From a man with a sense of humour.
Ml09 REVOLVER MUSIC DISK 3 - Six house mixes.
M084 GATE OF PAGAN - Class music disk.
MOB I THE FOUR SEASONS ( 2 DISKS) - Classical Music M075 LOONY TUNES - Some well known aranrasrirocDKigi A127 DOLPHIN DREAMS - Beautiful animations. * A133 BONDS LAST STAND - Mick take of the Bond Movies.
A128 BUBBLEMAN II - Marilyn Monroe A111 CLASSY ANIMATIONS 5 - Introducing Chuck.
A109 SOOT - A chap discovers an ama ing gadget.
A099 AFT AGILITY - Funny Eric Schwartz animation.
A097 THE CHIPS ARE UP - Humcrous cartoon.
A093 5 WAYS TO KILL A MOLE - Ten really.
A082 JET AND LOTUS - Impressive ray-traced arum.
Personal a U253 PA i3 PAY ADVICE ANALYSER - Database for payslips.
U243 LITTLE OFFICE - Integrated Word processor. Spread Sheet, Graph and chart creator, and more.
U242 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT - Write your own.
U209 FORMS UNLIMITED - Invoice & form maker printer.
U198 AMIGADEX - Computerised phone addie® book.
U143 BUSINESS CARD MAKER Produce your own.
U135 600 BUSINESS LETTERS - Letters for all • U252 QED - Brilliant text editor U212 TEXT ENGINE 3.4 - Great far writing letters.
E044 MATHS ADVENTURE - Maths intergraled into and adventure.
EM3 SECOND WORLD WAR HISTORY BOOK - Large interactive history book.
E042 GAS TURBINE ENGINES - Animated jet engines.
E041 FRACTIONS - Test and teaching program.
E040 FAMILY HISTORY DATABASE - Family tree plotter.
E039 COI.OUR THE ALPHABET - Help infants leant.
E033 ELEMENTS - Periodic table.
E030 GCSE MATHS MODULE I - Help for those exams.
E024 TOTAL CONCEPTS DINASAURS - All you wanted to know about Dii gjmgTTOEgi U2I5 FREECOPY 1.8 - Removes password protection from commercial games.
U142 LABEL MAKER • Print you own colour of mono disk labels.
U208 CYCLOPS - Plasma picture generator.
UI87 MOBED 2-Sprite designer.
U003 M CAD Computer Aided Design program (CAD).
U009 C-UGHT - Level entry ray-tracing package.
U255 KICK ST ART 1.3 - Downgrade your A50O*. A600 or the new A1200 lo help make many A500 only programs work on your Amiga. (Our catalogue disk lists many of these).
U246 MORC (2 DISKS) - Fortune teller.
U216 BON APPETIT - Recipe database.
U206 RACE RATER - Horse race predictor.
U201 PC-TASK 1.04 - PC emulator which supports CCA.
UI97 SUPER KILLERS Loads of virus killers.
Lfl91 TYPING TESTER • Evaluate your typing speed.
UI76 SUPER DUPER - Disk copier. Very good.
UI63 C64 EMULATOR (2 DISKS) - Emulates the old C64.
U158 OPTIMIZER Makes Dos disks run faster.
U146 AMIGA SYSTEMS TOOL KIT - 12 performance and chip checkers, right down to the keyboard and joystick.
UI50 A500 PLUS EMULATOR - Upgrades the 1.3 Amiga to
2. 0. No need for the 10 Rom and Rom switcher.
U106 TURBO IMPLODER - File cruncher.
U094 MRBACKUP - Hard drive backup system.
U240 AMOS LESSON 1 Extra help for Easy Amos users.
U178 COMPOSER - Popular music creation package. Uses tradional stave* and notes etc.. U102 AMIGAFOX - Entry level desk top publishing.
U196 WORDPOWER - Combined spell checker and anagram solver, and more... U266 AMOS PRO DEMO Walk mi demo of this amazing prosramnmg lamugc.
Beano & Dandy cartoon characters.
Food, food and more food... U235 CLIPART U230 CLIPART U221 CLIPART U218 CLIPART U220 CLIPART UI33 CLIPART UI44 CLIPART U114 C1JPART UI00 CUPART U097 CUPART Anatomy. Buildings, etc... School, weddings, religion Animals, people, places.
Viz comic characters.
Garfield the cat clipart.
Walt Disney characters.
Teddy Bear* and dolls.
• Halloween, Valentines, birthday etc... ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE
UK) ..£3.65 RE ST O F THE WO
BRISTOL BS6 6PE PD UTILITIES Tony Horgan continues his look at
all things PD with a comprehensive round-up of all the latest
Ra sin ii r- Mn Craft, Ciwata*. 02 M a jDNi tpmi* ' “ ir «rr jj » «£ DISABLE CDTV memory utility
• you've got a CDTV, you may be well feeling rather cheated
Although it's quoted as having 1 Mb ol RAM. The system takes
about 50K ol that to help it operate the CD drive elti oentty.
You might think that 50K trom 1000K ¦n’t going to make much
difference, but it you're running a program that uses every
last byte ol a 1 Mi machine, it can make all the Applications
software is usually configurable m a number of forms, which
can often
• void incompatibility problems, but quite a lew games have
fallen loul of the memory loss. In this very issue, we test a
hardware solution to the problem (page 88). But at £2.00, the
software alternative does sound tempting The utility itself
comes on an autobooting disk, but the idea is that you add it
to your startup sequence It cures the memory shortage problem
if you're using AmigaDOS disks, but doesn't survive a reset,
so it s no use with most games This is a bit ol a shame, as it
s games that are worst hit. Even so. If you've got a Workbench
compatible program that needs that little bit extra RAM.
Disable CDTV will do the job Available from: Cynostlc PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 613817.
Disk no. U0104. Price: £2.00 (including P&P). Compatibility: CDTV, A500, A500. Memory: 1Mb. aM*' WORKBENCH 3.0 SCREENS One ot the most striking new leatures on Workbench 3.0 is the one that lets you put a multi-colour backdrop on your Workbench window. The trouble is, tl your best attempts with Dpainl resemble the scnbblings ot a three year old, It's still nol going lo be enough to impress your mates What you need to make a real impression is a collection ot stylishly drawn oven-ready backdrops, which could be slipped in behind your icons. , whenever you wanted.
Workbtnch 3.0 We« that's handy, because that's exactly what we've got here Workbench 3 0 Screens is a disk ol 13 IFF images designed just tor that purpose Most are shaded textures, the kind ol thing you'd see behind the football results oh the news. A tew others are more like letter- uncluttered Wpikbench, although some ran make things look rather too busy, it you've got a lot ot icons and windows on the go.
Some of the more subtle examples could double as effective sources lor art packages and 3D texture-mapping Get a copy and kiss goodbye to that tedious grey Workbench.
Available trom: PD Soft, t Bryant Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex, SSI 2YD. Tel: 0702 466933. £2.00 (Including P&P). Disk no. V3021. Memory 2Mb. Compatibility: A4000 and A1200 only. ~4ilT ij» SUPER SOUND 3.2 sound utilitlaa I don't know about you, but I can never have too many sample editors OctaMED handles 95 per cent of my sampling workload, but there's no beating AMAS Its brilliant reverb, or AudioMasler Ivs time stretching The trouble is, just that trio of programs could set you back a fair lew quid, and if you’re only going to use one or two leatures from each, it can seem even more
expensive The solution? Super Sound of course Lesser versions of Super Sound have been around for a while. Out with the new 3 2 release, it's ready to take on anything the commercial sector can offer The sample quality is on a par with the competition, at rates of up to 24kHz in either mono or stereo, but where it realty excels Is m the editing.
Apart from ail the usual cutting and pasting options, there are two menus packed with special effects. Almost all ot them are variable, so you can tailor them to suit your sounds.
The sound-warping options include bass boost, treble boost, unfilter, smooth wave, tremolo, echo, reverse echo, reverb, reverse reverb, lowpass filter, highpass filter, volume, metallic, treble waah. Fade in and out. Filter waah, unfilter waah. Mix, reverse, octave up and down, phaser. Distort and flange The waah effects are a first, as are the reverse reverbs and echoes.
There's SOI some work to be done on the reverb routine, but the hanger and phaser are both excellent. The only problem I could find, is that when playing samples with a loop, the loop jumps back slightly early The lun doesn't stop there either The Realtime Effects Generator included on the disk is just as impressive, giving you the ability to add delays, echoes, phases and various types ol distortion to any incoming sound, with surprisingly dean results.
A very basic sequencer is on the disk too KBE Software publish a professional looking manual, with annotated screenshots, hotkey lists and tutorials, which is available for £7 Anyone who's seriously into sampling would be a complete and utter fool to pass up the superb quality offered by Super Sound 3£ This could be your last chance to get it on the cheap - it's bound to cross over to the commercial market within an upgrade or two, so get your copy now!
Available from: Systec PD, 2 Ridge Roed.
Letchworth, Herts, SG6 1PN. Tel: 0462 483604.
Disk no. CLU06. Price: £5.25 (Including P&P). Compatibility: All Amlgas.
Memory: 1 Mb.
» » ANSI GALLERY ansi editor Soundtracker-style keyboard input would have helped, and MIDI support would have been a very simple but extremely effective addition. The chords and notes are played on one of three grating synth sounds, not piano samples as you might have expected. There’s plenty of potential in Chord Tutor, but for the time being I think I'll stick to Steptoe and Son.
Available from: Systec PD, 2 Ridge Road, Letchworth, Herts, SG6 1PN. Tel: 0462 483604.
Disk no. CLE 25. Price: E3.50. Memory: 512K. Compatibility: All Amigas I srn=r(i CEQIZi EIIZ [EE I It you're a regular user ol bulletin boards or PD sottware, you’ll be familiar with ANSI graphics, even it you didn't realise it. You know those tunny intro screens you get when you log on, or boot up a PD disk (the ones that look like they've been designed on a Spectrum)? Well they're made up ot ANSI graphics. Instead ot being stored as memory-hungry IFF bitmaps, they're made trom tar more efficient keyboard characters.
The rise in popularity ot ANSI graphics is curious. While most are raving over 24-bit ray-tracings others are getting excited over backslashes and asterisks.
ANSI Gallery is primarily a showcase of various ANSI titles and animations, but it also allows you to create your own. Thanks to the editor that's included on the disk (Prism 1.5). II you've been using a text editor until now, this will seem too good to be true! It’s a very simple design, but works extremely well. You position the cursor on the screen with the mouse, and then enter the character from the keyboard. New colours can be selected trom the palette at the bottom ol the screen. Within a few minutes you can knock up an intro tor your next demo or bulletin board, and all it costs in
memory is a tew kilobytes.
Whether you’ve got the editor or not, give it a go It you're into ANSI graphics, as there are plenty of examples ot still and animated screens on the disk that should inspire your own creations.
Available trom: PD Soft, 1 Bryant Avenue.
Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2YD. Tel: 0702 612259 466933. Disk no. V1007. Price: £2.00. Compatibility: All Amigas.
Memory: 512K.
1 w,Ml III mill TV r~r rj IMIIII IIIIKiC » _ _(_ _ _ imwHiuM r„ , i ~r~ n • ' ,J' MM tr V • ¦ Stw om m
- *, h r, i utility compilation One ol Ihe more user-friendly
utility compilations. Speed Utilities has a generous ottering
ol handy programs, all accessed Irom a neat pull-down menu
system. The featured utilities are D-Copy, Super Duper,
Imploder V4.0, PP Patcher, Key Map Editor, Snoop, Sysinlo,
Textra, Virus Checker, Zap, Bootcopy, Fixdisk, Headclean and
Last Hope, along with Workbench, Clock, Shell and 1.3
There’s not enough room here lor a complete description ol each, but here's a quick rundown D-Copy is probably the best PD copier available, wim a good nibble mode. Super Duper is a simple WB 2+ AmigaDOS copier and disk formatter. Imploder compresses executable tiles. Keymap Editor lets you alter your keymap via a friendly interlace. Srtoopddskeeps you updated on the comings and goings ol liles under Workbench, and Sysinlo 3.01 will tell you everything you want to know about your Amiga (and morel). Textra 2.0 is a text editor, Virus Checker is up to version 6.20, and Zap is a binary file
Bootcopy copies bootblocks, Fixdisk is a more reliable Diskdoctor replacement. Last Hope attempts to recover deleted files, and Head Clean Is lor use with hekd-deaning disks.
Speed Utilities is definitely one ol the best compilations available, and deserves a place in anyone's disk collection.
Available from: PD Soft, 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex. SSI 2YD. Tel: 0702 612259 466933. Disk no. V1006. Price: £2.00:Compatibility: All Amigas. Memory: 512K.
CHORD TUTOR music theory I don't know about you, but I never fancied piano lessons (and if you ever met my old music teacher you'd see why). Instead, I’ve got by with a self- taught repertoire consisting of the bassline from Killer, the opening bars of Steptoe and Son, and three chords from the Twin Peaks theme - it's amazing how far you can bluff your way with such a pathetic arsenal of musical prowess.
On the other hand, there are times when you might want to really push the boat out and learn a whole new set of chords, in which case Chord Tutor could be just the thing you’re after.
There's plenty of scope for a chord tutor program, and at first this looks like it could be quite helpful. Most of the screen is taken up by a large two-octave keyboard. By clicking on the keys with the pointer, you can play single notes. Chords can be selected from the menus, and as they're played, the notes are highlighted with dots. Once you think you've learnt most of the chords, you can put the program into test mode. This asks yod to input a chord, and you then have to click the pointer on the right notes. The trouble is, you can only dick on one note at a time, so you can't actually
play the chord!
QE EEEBE 0EFBE tniiiEaiEBirmiiEzasDE jeoe CO s. 0 H IE 3 x BD 3 E ±. CD IE Tj CCIIEEHaiEIQiq:- E i mnrrnn'giF'iri, us SPEED UTILITIES V1.0 HOW TO ORDER EDUCATIONAL CUO oct* cm •*
* »**«.* »-1*_ to*--- D .y.4 RED SECTOR INC. TELEPHONE OR FAX
0782 715255 PAYMENT Me accept dl mdor crodi cads Please and P
as payable to PO D«CT 0 1 »nd K» mi or 0*1 »«?!( »**»¦ mamlmt*
•» S *»¦ P*o» ***100 PCRSOmCAlWSmCOMl_____ CU AMIGA AMIGA
PROFILES Ciif :• F4*Functions F6=Broadcait F7*Pwi*i
F8=Ha«Lt an F1A=Sch du(a F2=Fil* Fb=Brojtfcast F?=mvtNJ flIGHT
Sfi» FRED lSve TO HSTE YOU Sav' Message Sav; Future LelTfkU
HB09T SEX Salt-N-Pepa PEACE Sabnna Johnston tWERYBOt'YS FREE TO
imellto kclMMlutoi. Which contiols ih« nmntng «mI Uiraiig ol
*11 rnes-«.i ips .imolili* miixki MiowiiKi tlM rohHH co.fcil
inmiuft 101 IIM lOlftevHl ol iinmmoM out now singles i i wii.i.
ai Wary i ovr you Wh.lney V rx II IIMINAI I I
* na| l.ruluniiq N»K» y I lit LOVE I LOST If you’ve ever bought
a record, chances are the shop had a TV or video displaying the
latest hits.
Would you be shocked to learn that it’s probably controlled by an Amiga?
Jon Sloan goes behind the scenes to speak to the man responsible.
Many of us have heard the term ’multimedia' bandied around. But how many can claim to truly know what it means and how to use it to its best elfect? One man can. Chris Fulton is the brains behind a simple mutlimedia player that has netted him and his company, Future Soltware Systems, a healthy client list ot corporate names that include Virgin, Our Pride, and Granada Pic.
Future was formed In 1985 to provide consulting and bespoke systems development to new • - computer graphic and video users. The Managing Director and only full-time statt member, Chris Fulton, first got involved in computers way back in 1977 when he attended a computer course. After successfully completing that he embarked on a freelance career as a software engineer systems analyst working on a vast range of platforms, from super computers, such as the CE)C 6000 600, to-, standard desktop machines, like the PC.
EARLY DAYS 'I set up Future mainly as a consultancy for high- end systems users, a bit like Rent A Scientist - if you’ve got a problem we’ll find a solution.’ Almost immediately Chris recognised the potential ot computer graphics and how important they were becoming to his clients. At the same time a friend called Tony Prince, who was a DJ for Radio Caroline, was putting on various shows at the Hippodrome and wanted some graphics for them. I helped him out and it went down a treat. From there I started to do more and more work lor the entertainment industry and, when I saw what was happening
in the professional retail market, I decided to write a multimedia player aimed at that.’ This program, later called Limelite Junior, is a video typewriter and special effects generator for use in pubs, cafes and small nightclubs. With experience at IBM behind him Chris wrote it on a PC and it was first used in a project at the Albert Hall. However, he was less than happy about the results: 'It cost us an arm and a leg to get the IBM graphics into a suitable video signal to project onto a video wall. I wasn’t that impressed by the quality of graphics available and couldn’t see anyone pro- A
I'M L-A*'Y I»t MilillUUlilVE I flll.h NO Mum* Xt W« AML I AMILY’VJ MIXI *.
Yistci yivd-ic fc. OnoiNAJiv w i 111 u mega means more Q lb. Top sing I... Thi.
I. updMd «ch MM by th. MMI In ttw .bop. ducing the hardware to
handle them.' Fortunately, the A500 appeared on the market
soon after and when Chns looked at its specs he decided that
it was ideal for his purposes. He decided to port his program
across onto it and the first systems were subplied to clients
in November 1987.
MOVING ON It was updated a year later to include a control for genlocks, remote update and triggertng capabilities and, more importantly, external device support via the sertal port. This meant that Limelite Professional, as it became, could control VCRs, Lighting Controllers. Video Wall electronics and other vital multimedia machines, Chns could sell this solution not only to small pubs and the like but to large concert venues and chain store retailers.
Future’s latest project is a software solution for multimedia applications, called Limelite Montage.
It's a hands off’ multimedia player. Its main use is for retailers and other users who need bdght. Witty 'ways ol getting across key info without the hassle of inputting text. Basically the screen images can be made up of pictures, text, pictograms, and audio all mixed together using Montage’s built in real time timers and genlock control facilities.
However, as a hands off device it hasn't got a true customer front end at the moment. So Chhs plans to look at developing one so that it can be placed in hotels and the like where there’s a need for fairly frequent text editing by the user.
He’s not modest about his success, and rightly so considering the quality of clients that he's served. Well, let’s hope that he can persuade more large corporations that the Amiga truly is an exceptional business machine. Chris can be contacted on 0628 24318. ® CITIZEN PRINTERS CITIZEN FROM SILICA SYSTEMS PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES r&fiftTa?] printer STANO For Swift 9, 90,24.24e. 200,240 and 224 Printers
• SWU :n£S S 10 Sua,.?
• ovoewiaw• to**' i*«'m "*“w“ “ IfiwataMtJK.JRM* «**¦»» £239!
• CmmSrnmm Im tt cMtm SWFT
• WsS«imMa U ~,WJ ”»
• 6 foe ’•** "¦ “
• MiDlhMaa M) 7«M £149 .wr-ona pr»c
• y « mcHttai i»i .i SWIFT 240C COLOUR VZZ'MfZH!'**** SYRFT 90C
• umomimm OMW mmmmim .wasEr- ¦ £259
• «T«ia PR TV' i*iu«IMM* « aCotar Aww* Scm«-r SM» cotar tw«*w
mt,~M afflff StaPrmW Sir* H £169
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»nr ni) Ghm NOW IHA** | VP Mb I. Awn. Hud Urn. »H* MM weul-M
UlMllinraiM •aLIUtttamWi.N | VP I***'.. ivma'h...., vmini" |
VPAIVttAflin*** lAMlmrt 1AM- ... AMIGA.CONTROL
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Fully compatible and w*h full ntktruciHfflft ....£146.99 MEMORY EXPANSIONS M2K Menwvy Expansion with Clock and OivOff S* itch - fits m the trap door of Amiga A500 gtv ing I MB of memory---------------- £26.99 COMMODORE A501 PI.US - 1Mb module for A500 plus gives 2Mb Chip Meirv.ryl29.99 COMMODORE A60I - Amiga A6£l) IflMb Ram Fxponaton - gives I 5 Mb Clap Mr moo £27.99 AMIGA MW I Mb Chip RAM Module with clock, plugs into trapdoor underneath the A600 £44,99 SMART ( ARDS EOR Pl'MA SLOT IN AMIGA AMO and AI200 2Mb Ram Expansion Card .....£114.99 4Mb Ram Expansion
Card .-£1179.99 MICROBOTICS MH 1200 Unpopulated 32 Bn Ram F-xpmsion with clock ami Mmhz 68*81 Co-Ptxicevsor for AI200.-------£149 95 25Mhz 68882 Version of the above....£219 99 2Mb SIMM for MBX 1200. ________X79.99 4Mb SIMM lor MBX 1200_______£115999 8Mb SIMM for MBX 1200 .....£259 99 GVP A1230 • I Mb. 32 Bit Rom Expunuon wtth 40MH accelerator. Fils in the Amiga A1200 Trapdoor----------- £379.99 I Mb-32 lM SIMM for GVP A1230 £64.99 4Mb - 32 bn SIMM for GVP AI230 .£174.99 Maths CoProce»or for GVP A1230£ 129 99 SUPRA 244W PLUS FAX MODEM Enables you to tap into Hundred, of
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Drive I with 8Mb Unpopulated RAM board .....
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SIMMS for above I iFrce fitting) ... £64 99 I G.V.P.
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board all .nonecase .£874.99 lOMMUDORL A-MllM Am
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Smai Card Slot. 3.5- Built m Disk Dnve Complete with Mouse and
12 months in-home service .£254.99 PalKTttU EXCLUSIVE - AMIGA A600 FD with
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hard di»k drive, metalled with Workbench
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I spreadsheet with graphics, disk manager
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50 page auto ihret feeder. FREE Suner Km_______________________ LNKJET PRINTERS ...£224.99 Canon BjlOu ... ..£244 99 Commodore MPSI270 - .....£99 99 Epson Stylus *00--------------
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Commodore MPS1270------------- ..£16.99 £14.9* Fzwut Sotos
Hll ....
- --£1000
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BJ30V330_____________ .....£1899 Hewlett
Packard Prolet . .....£16.99 IPS GOLDEN IMAGE
114. 95 £14.95 £16.95
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114. 95
121. 95
18. 95
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- 129.95
124. 95
118. 95 ......134.95
116. 95
112. 95
114. 95
112. 95
132. 95
124. 95
132. 95 .....129.95 129-95 TUTOR VIDEO Lcam to gci the bcsl from
NEW Deluxe Faini III. This video shows you how to design and
execute your own Animations. Titles and so much more in a
Step-By-Step. Easy-To-Follow way.
Subjects covered include: ? Screen Painting ? Zoom ? Colours ? Working with Text and Fonts ? Stencils ? Perspective ? Animation ? Video Titling etc, etc 184 99 RUNNING TIME: NEARLY THREE HOURS!!
Superb Value Al ONLY £18.99 inc Post & Packing "I was a little sceptical about the chances of laking a complete beginner 10 such artistic heights but I must admit to being wrong" AMIGA COMPUTING, September 1991 £22.95 £16.93 £24.95 £18.95 £14.95 £11.95 £12.95 ......19.95 ......14.00
116. 95 £1935
115. 95
112. 95
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121. 95
124. 95
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121. 95
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129. 95 £19.95 £21.95 ..£13.49 .112.66 .11545
- 115.95 11595
115. 95 .116.99 Using Arcs. On the Amiga*
* With FREE Disk.
Amiga DOS ref Guide Ocelli* Video PmdKUa . 2nd Bex* «f ihe Amiga ...
C. D.T.V. 114 45 .114.45 AMIGA CDTV Player, infra red remote
controller ft Welcome disk. WHILE STOCKS LAST AMIGA CDTV 3.5"
t *l Dnvr-------------------------------------- A570 CD-ROM
Drive for the Amiga A500
Plus---------------------------------- .114.45
- £19.99
114. 45 11445 Video Tiller 1UDITION COMPUTERS miTED Si met Arnica
NORTHANTS NNI5 7HH Tel: 0536 414892 (9AM TO 6PM) SALES &
TECHNICAL Tel: 0780 720531 (7am to 12 Midnight) SALES ONLY
CREDIT CARDS BL£J »cc£pted cuorf your mawr and ixpwy date
same day despatch . SEND Alt FORMS CU PAYMENT MAC€ Pat4»£ TO
Ail our prices Include VAT. EiOC. All prices &
specifications may change without notkfJ .118.95 .11895
.11795 .11195 49 ley
ic. hoaKl i'.. rl.n 11299
116. 99 Amiga 3D Gragfucs m BASIC---- Amiga BASK' DaNund Guide--
Amiga BASIC bmdc ft Out--------- Annga C for
BcgMners- .. Amiga Desktop Vdeo 2nd
Edmcm.... Amiga Desktop Valeo Power*---- Amiga DOS DaNund
Gusdc------ Amiga DOS In.ide ft Out •----------- Amiga DOS
Quick Reference Amiga tot Begmners Amiga
Five-O ... Amiga Game Maker,
manual--------- Amiga Graphics Insade A Out-------- Amiga
Hard* are Ref. Manual Amiga Interface Style Guide
---- Amiga Intern"----------------- Amiga Machine
Language---------- Amiga Made Easy Amiga Real time 3D
Gtafhics--------- AMOS in Action______________ Amiga ROM
Kenul Lahrartcs .. Amiga ROM Kernal Dcvicci- Amiga ROM
Kernal: Includes .... Amiga Primer, bis.de ft
Out*------ Amiga Desktop Video Wort bock* Amiga World Amiga
DOS 2 Owgwtion...- ----------------- Becoming an Amiga
Amu--------- Best Amiga Tncks ft Tips* ... Best Amiga Tip.
Ft Secrets . Coro's Computer Game. Gwde -
Commercial Games Prog Guide .
Computer. AnJ Chao. Amiga Ed..... Get Hie M.*l Fnm Your Amiga 92 2 companion disks for above----- Invkic .Amiga Graphics .. intuition Practical Guide------- Kids ft The Amiga 2nd Edition----- Learning to FI) with Flight Sim---- Link Blue Workbench 2 Book- Link Red Workbench 1.3 Book .. Making Music On The Amiga*-- Mappmg Ihe Amiga Mastering Amiga Are**----------- Mastering Amiga Assembler .... Mastering Amiga Beginners ...... Mastering Amiga C-------------------- Mastering Anuga DOS 2 Vd I----- Mastering An»g» DOS 2 Vd 2----- Mastering Amiga Primers
..... Mastering .Amiga System Mattering Amiga Workbench .... The Anuga DOS Manual Weddon... Professional Midi Compatible 49 key keyboard with unique Piano Teaching Syxtcm Record.
Overlay and mix your own cmM«u nidi the Miracle's 8 Track Studio Whh 250 lesson soft ware, cables, earphones, foorpedal and manuals.
PLAY THE PIANO IN 3 WEEKS Complete System ....- 1279.99 welcome to vlilt our MEW 4000iq It Super Store In Kettering, or visit our extensively stocked Stamford Shop.
- 11000
- £10-00 £10.01 £1000.
Midi Compaiibk I caching System ,_£I6.95
- _£29.95 Pro Draw £29.99 Du ¦¦ ' DISCOUNT SOFTWARE Ea*y Ann
----- --- ctw«on* ------ Clmr 16 (Micmfeal)----------
Deluxe Paint IV AGA .. DcvPa. 3---------------- I ml
Copy II (AGA) Ne* Version.
GB Routt Plre_.___ . Gold DM* OFFICE v2 ------- - Micro German (GCSE) NV(J Math* (A Loci) Primary Mata (?• 121_____ Rewtaig and Wining 3-8).
Micro Sckacr GCSE 5 Metre Anuga to Stereo Lead 33- disk drive head cleaning kM----------Cl.fe lua Moure________________________________116.99 Tccno Plus Moure - 300 DPI. Microswitched 117.99 Squirt Moure----------------- 114.99 Moure Mai - lop quality £2.99 Moure Bracket - mouse ttcrrr . 11.99 Moure Mat ft Moure Bracket - gift pock ..14.99 3 Metre Joystick « moure extension lead .15.99 Modulator Exlcnsioa Lead • Stops your modulator foiling out! 12* lead plug* between Amiga ft modulator allow ing modulator to sit aW Ihe hack of Amin ...... 110.99
* Y- I .cad • Uw 2 Joysticks in one port £5.99 Joystick ft Moure
auto sensing switch box by Robo
116. 99 Aerial Switch Box - ptugx on to TV aerial socket.
Allow* you lo switch the TV mmt from aerial both Joystick and Moure Porto 6 and tear on the Amiga pom...... ________________ 13.99 .14.99 Alfa Data Track Ball -£29.99 Voltm.cc Delta 3A Analogue Joystick- ..112.99 Speed King Hand Held Analogue Joystick ... 114.99 Analogue Adapter - allow* use of IBM-PC ' Printer Stand - 2 piece lit. Any ponler £7.99 Power Scanner with V3 software .... 1109.99 Surge Protection Plug -------- -II 1.99 Zip Suck Autotire Joystick ... PYTHON IM Joystick .
Quick joy Foe* Pedal------- Desk Top Copy Holder Make* easier supporting paper next to i Tilt and Swivel Moniiot Stand Monitor Arm - Moving arm clamp* to edge ol deck supporting monitor above the desk, creating valuable space - ..13499 GVP DSSK - Digital Sound Studio. Sound Sampler ______________________________ 139.99 Sigma Ray Pistol CrqVMrenww itched Auto Fire,.,,-...., -------------------- Analogue Joy Hick on an Amiga .19.99 £1099 VISA COMMODORE ATARI CITIZEN STAR A.XISTRAD CUMANA PIIII.IPS GOLDEN IMAGE NAKSHA ABACUS SEGA DIGITA SPECIAL OFFER AMOS AND AMOS COMPILER
DOCUMENTATION SET Get the most from your free AMOS and Compiler, supplied with the April issue, with the official user documentation.
You've marvelled at the power and speed ol AMOS and AMOS Compiler.
You've tinkered with the demo programs, and maybe even created a few little routines of your own, but what now? If you really want to get the best from this stunning package, there's no substitute for the official instruction manuals.
For starters, the AMOS manual explains in simple terms how the system works. As well as this, every command is listed in detail, with dear examples and descriptions ot each to get you up and running within minutes Extensive technical appendices are also included tor detailed information on the more obscure points.
Once you’ve got lo gnps with the basic AMOS language, you'll probably want to get things running even taster with the Compiler The Compiler is available fully packaged, giving you a home for your disks and lull instructions in one hitl To complete your AMOS set, till in Ihe coupon below (or telephone your order on 0625 859333 quoting reference CU Amiga), indicating whether you require the AMOS manual, the Compiler manual and box, or both. The AMOS manual and Compiler set are each priced at £14 99 Cheques should be made payable to Europress Sottware Ltd. Alternatively, quote your Access Visa
card number, and the amount will be debited from your account.
RSL"." .....n ADDRESS ..... ¦ POSTCODE ... PLEASE SEND ME: ? 1 AMOS manual @ £14.99 ? 1 AMOS Compiler manual with box @ £14.99 ? 1 each ol AMOS manual and Compiler manual with box* @ £24.99 ? I enclose a cheque for £ , made payable to Europress Software Ltd.
Access Visa card no.:..---------------.....--------------------...... ----- Expiry ...Date: .. Name on credit card ..... Please supply credit card holder's address if different from address above.
Signature: ..... Send to: Europress Software, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield. SK10 4NP. Please allow 14 days for delivery.
• Box supplied sub(ect to availability.
International orders, please add £6 P&P.
UP±)AfA :! 0 xJl:i or buy Art Department Professional, Morph Plus or other ASDG products at our special reader offer prices.
The award winning software from ASDG is available to CU Amiga readers as a special offer. By completing the coupon below you can purchase upgrades, manuals or full product at the prices shown.
Art Department Professional is the recognised product within the Amiga community for image manipulation. Morph Plus has been used in major film productions and it was recently demonstrated on a UK television science program. Both come with the CU Amiga seal of approval.
Upgrade from Cover Disk to Art Department Pro v2.3 Upgrade from ADPro v1 to v2.3 Upgrade from Adpro v2 to v2.3
* **NOTE**** for the first upgrade we will need the cover disk.
For the second two upgrades we will need your registration
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Other products on offer from ASDG are: ullllLM 4h j'JJJAL lull AiiJ1 ol :iL'j ini £)p3 ullli r- - Shu 'JAt
- 1.20 21Z.
Please print in BLOCK capitals - we may use the address portion ot this label as the address label lor your parcel Name ... Address ...* .. Morph Plus £125 £49 CygnusEd Professional The leading text editor tor programmers Fully Arexx compatible Dual Serial Board Provides two serial ports tor the A1500 A2000 A3000 Operates from 110 to 115. 200 Bps E8920 Ethernet boards As supplied to system builders (soltware separate) remember to include £1.50 post and
package with your order (all include VAT).
Post Code.. (Visa or Access) Credit Card No ..Expiry . Phone (in case ot difficulties) Please send me ..... Costing Plus £1.50 p&p Send your cheque or credit card details to: DMI pic, Units, Poyle 14, Newlands Drive, Colnbrook, Berks., SL3 ODX. Tel: 0753 686000. Fax: 0753 680343 MEMORY Want to boost the power of your Amiga? Then look no further, as we’ve put together a sensational
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20+ disks 80p J P&Pper0rder Large selection of Amiga PD (approximately 2,000disks) including: Games, graphics and Animation, Utilities, Music, Demos, T-Bag, Fred Fish Disks 1-810. Below is a selection of titles available Back from The Beech (1S The Circus Act* (20) Mayhem on Who* 3' ( Kick Boxe ' Invtsible V kingfisher VfArtm) (I Kingfisher 2* (Anim) (I Sanng Cert Artaeri' (Anim * Flash Harry' (P) Speed Limit (15Mb) C MayhemooWwab3' ' Two Stroke EngnaAi Steam Engme Artm V Gas Tutwie Engnee A- Fantavison A ' Stroke Enkglne* ( i Revenge!' 5Mb Tcba* Rcrtar (?C.. Unsporting (W B) (2Mb)(P) 2209
Smal Station al Kham’ (P) 5096 Ultimate Dance (P) 5097 2Unhmited-(NoM.3) .
5098 Phorever People Remix* (I 5099 1992 Dance Remtt' (Not 13 5100 KeYs CxrtrgScno (20) (18) 5102 Nghtbreed Mu«Jc12 (P) 6105 Total Kaoe (ISC --- 5110 Dance Trance (I 6090 Cal Computer Club (P) 6095 Jesus oa F* (2D) (2 Doves) (f CkpAri Pack coruainng Pdome Ckp« Oisks l to 5 only E* 75 inc P4P. C . . .
Disks) only £825 inc. P8P Education Disks 1-5 (tor 13-18 years ok)) only £475 inc PSP (A500 onl Business Pack II cortaong 6 daks onw £5.75 inc PAP A500 only)
(P) - 500« and A600 compariCte -’Mb (2Dj-20«ks 3D)-3 Otsks eto
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SUPPUES LTD Dept CU, Glen Celyn House Penybont, Llandrindod
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uuc*unn»m) trj 2031 Elgalo* (Cat AmmafionHP) 20*0 Tron'(LigM
cycle Duel) (P) 2068 Newtex Demo 3(2D) (P) 2077 Rock Album
Slide show |P) 2063 Ufe'saB)tch(AnimKi8)(P) 2086 Porgy Pig*
(Aoim) (P) 2110 Jugatte 2* (Juggler Anm)(P) 2112 The Daeng Gama
(3k» X20;(P| 2150 The Ward* James 9de ShomP) 2168 Aliens
Slideshow (18) 2162 A! The Movies 2*t 5001 Flash (Queen H0X2D)
(P) 5005 Madonna (Sp---- 5006 Bad (MChea) 5017 Pure Metal 5021
Vangeks-(P) 50*5 Iron MaidertP) 5050 Guns6Roees'(YourCruyXP)
5067 The Meaning Ot Lite-|20)(P) 5072 i an rtaten (EnyOon) (P)
216* 2170 Red Dwarf 2180 GuBContlicl(2i*b)(W«KP) 6067 Singing
To*els P) 2211 Me s FligM Animnatiion' 2213 Planetside *
(Artm) (P) urn 2230 Unpleasant Ways to Ote P) 2281 2231 RDF
Shuttte Skdeshow 2262 223* Cry lor Dawn Smeshow (PI 2263 22*8
Automated UgM(3MbH*D IP) 2284 2256 Maggte2PancakeOay(P) 2285
2257 Ddphm Oream(P) 2266 5073 Cm Too Sexy (RSF) (20) IP) 507*
Crystel Symphonies (P) 5075 Bad Boyz* (RaveHP) 5081 Bangung
Ravee 1 5062 Banging Raves 2 5063 800 Things (P) 5091 The Four
Seasons (20) (P) 5092 Nightbreed Music 9 (P) 5093 NigWbraed
Music 10(P) 2181 Al The Beech (3Mb)(20HP) 2258 2183 Jet Anm*
(P) 2261 2193 6 ot 1 (Prisoner SixteshowVP) 2262 2196 Four
Stroke EnkgTw’ (P) 2263 2198 Sweet Revenge! L Smb)(P) 2268 2199
The Ad Tcbos Renter (20XP1 ---- 6072 Ray ot Hop 2 6075 Odyssey
(50) (P) 6078 Voyage (P) 6088 Hardwired (2D) GRAPHICS &
ANIMATIONS DEMOS MUSIC JUNE 1993 ISSUE 6 Amiga Workshop is here
to help you get the most from your Amiga. It’s packed to the
spine with importantly, answers. For the absolute best in
Atnia nfo, look m furtl t than these very pages.
149 BOOKSHELF Sadly lacking any ol his own Nick Veilch gens up on Artificial Intelligence and that strange Ian guage. Postscript Do these books come up to scratch? Or are they not woith the paper they're 151 VIDEO REVIEWS The entire CU AMIGA review team get square eyes as they sort out the dross from the cream on video. This month’s topics are animation, Dpainl techniques, MIDI guides and hints on repairing your Amiga 1 58 WORKBENCH Nick Voted goes undercover to bnng you tde into on some ot Workbench s hidden features. This month he examines the Shell and CU.
161 DO IT YOURSELF Last month John Kennedy explained how to build your own sampler. This issue he returns with the specs on a stereo version.
164 AMOS COLUMN Pacman goes on the attack as Dave Smithson explains how to program the main game loop Learn how to monitor a joystick s input 174 BACKCHAT The man in the hotseat this month is the Ed himself. Dan More vitriolic readers letters get the personal treatment from the man in charge.
177 CLUB CALL Tony 'and his massive’ Morgan delves deeply into disk based magazines to see whether they olfer any competition.
178 POINTS OF VIEW The man behind top games company Team 17.
Martyn Brown speaks on topics that ruffle his feathers Can anything upset this nice guy? Find out here.
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* »daa al A* SaaM .....am C«p1» Co* stand am SfetEEFii
ssxz. Ss; omrnnmi------------- SB j Canid Ir Eixm C799 UacUMl
C7m Lmmaltommlw ...mm 3a.n-“_:r:.a
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(MMni----------am ffissr. T-SSE t . -. ____am 6KH5BW----SB.
Rt*l Usac .C7m ...S§» ‘Hton ...am wrtcan II____________________ C7.m MmcmiiH---------------mm mm* ... am ,
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immm am ioim______________am Phavaai am Mudum*m......Lam Urton
1 ..a. 99 Poetcode: Til: Card No: Exp Date
Account No: ? Vl»n ChsqusQ P.O'S ?
Pimm Ojott Account Numb* R+Ordft g 2£ESt«« rum mi ClftM mm C1&90 PM T ctaqui PO'spm«tmto Scftmn P4PBC1 00 par (•»*»» UK Nam* OidnundvCiOptoma add 50pp* um Eurapa addt3S0parmm Etoe*hareaddB50par »m Nm«mw«bamftmratoaaadafdaa»ut *jmaniJac*jmapr»rMm»E*Q.E SPECIAL OFFER APPLIES ONLY IF QUOTED WHEN ORDERING.
Comput"_ AMIGA Data_ Twa _ Prlc _ _ Prlc _ _ Price_ _ Prlc _ 162 ¦*» •* “* 1 p»p Nick Veitch delves into the two latest tomes from Addison-Wesley.
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE STRUCTURES AND STRATEGIES FOR COMPLEX PROBLEM SOLVING (2ND EDITION) LUGER STUBBLEFIELD There are a great many books which cover, or at least attempt to cover, the growing field ol artificial intelligence. Many of them are either too vague or too difficult for the layman to break into. This book is one of the rare examples which isn’t either.
The introduction is a bit bnef, giving a concise but very useful background to the science and history of thinking machines. After this the reader is hurled straight into the calculus of logic. A predicate calculus lor emulating thought is derived and tested, with all the logical functions defined and proved from first principles.
The one important aspect of this book is that it deals with the logic ol problem solving first, before looking at ways ot representing this in computer code.
This means that the calculus evolved is just as relevant to problem solving in the human brain as it is to the computer. The only trouble is that you have to be able lo understand it.
This book is not for beginners. A background in mathematics and a reasonable programming knowledge would be very useful for anyone attempting to decipher the processes behind the algorithms discussed in the text. A thorough understanding of Boolean algebra is definitely a bonus when working through the first half of the book.
A detailed analysis of the mechanics behind heuristics, space searches, knowledge bases and genetic algorithms fill the 720 pages, accompanied by diagrams of varying degrees of usefulness. The only area of Al which has been neglected is fuzzy logic, which scarcely gets a mention. This is a bit ot a shame as it is one area of Al which is becoming quite popular again, and could certainly do with some rigorous explaining on the programming side.
However, a rather interesting section on Neural networks makes up for this.
Most ol the algorithms are explained in terms of Prolog and Lisp, two languages specifically designed for Al applications. A book al this level is not going to bother about translating the listings into BASIC, but the code is really more to do with techniques than specific examples If you have a version of Prolog or Lisp for the Amiga, I strongly recommend that you buy this book.
It is a bit on the expensive side, but considering the depth and scope of the book it is very good value.
Because of its complexity though, it is difficult to recommend this book to anyone who is not a student in this field.
It does, however, achieve what it sets out to do though - examine the processes by which decisions are made and construct workable computer algorithms to perform the task.
ISBN 0-8053-4780-1 720 pages, £24.95. Published by Addison- Wesley, Finchampstead Rd, Wokingham, Berks., RG11 2NZ.
Tel: 0734 794000 POSTSCRIPT BY EXAMPLE MCGILTON CAMPIONE A lo! Of people do no!
Really understand the principles behind the Adobe Postscript standard. It is not just a different protocol for printing images, it is a different technique for sforing and transporting them too.
Postscript is not really a file format (although there are file formats associated with it) but is more like a programming language in its own right.
As with structured art.
The images to be printed are defined not by a bitmap of data, but by mathematically defined shapes. It is a page description language, because the data is not a physical image in itself, but rather the instructions tor how to generate that image. This makes the information more compact and more resilient to resolution changes, which in turn makes it very useful lor any task which has a printer in it somewhere.
There are a number of books which deal with the format of the language and the structure of its commands This is not one ot those books.
Postscript By Example is more like a language tutorial, which explains how algorithms and routines can be constructed in this language. This may seem a bit daft to some people - after all. Who wants to program a printer?
Well, actually, ygu could have a point there. But writing little pieces ot code to print out graduated spheres is very educational. It's a bit like the American Apollo missions The real end result was not a few nice Hasselblad pictures o| the earth from a distance and people saluting the llag
- the reai achievement was Teflon, microprocessors and Pot
Noodles (well, not all inventions end up being beneficial). So
it is with this book. At the end you may be able to do some
neat party tricks, but the important thing is that along the
way you will have learpt a great deal about how the postscript
system works.
The knowledge gained can give you a greater understanding ot how the whole system works, from the origination software to the Postscript interpreters on printers. It could also be a useful programming technique for the future. The NeXt platform uses Postscnpt as a screen-display driver and other systems may follow, so anything you learn could be of great advantage later on.
Primarily though, this book is for the lend ot people who have to completely understand something before they feel happy using It. Is your bedroom or workshop filled with little bits of clocks, a few PCBs from long- dead Acorn Atoms and enough leftover parts from knackered TV sets to keep a repair shop going for over a year? Then this is the book for you The pace of learning is well balanced and you will be writing your first Postscript program in less than 10 minutes. Advanced topics such as patterned fills, halftones, clipping paths and fonts are covered, but each discovery is proceeded
by a well structured introduction to ail the components necessary, so nothing comes as too much of a surprise. Even if everything goes wrong there is a section on writing your own error-handier to work out what the problem is. When you have finished this book you will understand Encapsulated Postscnpt and be able to write your own Postscnpt handling software, as well as being able to write In pure Postscript The mote pedestrian aspects of fonts are explained, including the makeup ol composite fonts (invaluable in Asian and Onental countries) and explanations of some of the different formats.
There are better books tor explaining the font formats, but this is sufficient for anyone who isn't going to try and hard-code one themselves.
Actually, this book is not the definitive reference book for Postscript, but it is an excellent introduction - in fact, you may never need another Postscnpt manual ISBN 0-20163228-4 620 pages, £24.95. Published by Addison-Wesley, Flnchampstead Rd, Wokingham, Berks., RG11 2NZ. Tel: 0734 794000 z;u.
Morphing with Morph Plus and Image Master, Desktop Publishing with PageStream, word processing with Final Copy, Animations with Real 3D. Tips on Deluxe Paint and much, much more on this essential Amiga Video. AM0001 £10.99 AMIGA PRIMER (90 mins.)
& Beginner level. Getting started.
Setup, Workbench, Shell. CXI, expansion. Amiga Vision.
Includes Amiga Dos 2.0 and Amiga Vision AMOf 2 £14.99 § m
o z = H 3 m
J. I HISTORY OF THE I AMIGA (45 mins.) ' An intnguing and
entertaining look at the origins ot the Amiga computer. The
trials and tribu- 1 lations in the birth ot the Amiga AM0116
£8.99 2 0 o?
¦oO 5m HOWTO ANIMATE (45 mins.)
For novices and intermediate users alike. Helpful instructions and tips for techniques on using Deluxe Paint IV and UghtWave 3D.
£ AM0104 £10.99 ANIMATION 101 (60 mins.)
Beginner intermediate level.
Full of exciting animations.
How animations are made.
Tips on video production and editing. Recorded in real-time using a basic Amiga.
AM0105 £12.99 BENNY THE BEAR (30 mins.)
A cartoon for children produced on an Amiga! Let your children enjoy the cartoons as you enjoy the animation techniques.
AM0106 £8.99 Bars and Pipes Professional, Or Sonic, Deluxe Music, Audio I AM0f07£12.99 AUDIO PRODUCTION FOR THE AMIGA (60 mins.)
How to use a Video Toaster to broadcastable multi-clock digital and CD quality music. Includes with AD1012 and AD516 Super, Bars and Pipes Pro 2, Triple Play Sine Pro. Dr. T's Phantom, MIDI and more!
AM0108 £12.99 DESKTOP VIDEO VOL.1 (60 mins.)
The best source for getting started with DTV. Excellent advice from experts including Academy Award winning director Sanders. Features camcorders, peripherals, techniques for top titling and more.
4M0f09£12.99 ANIMATION VOL.I 3?
(48 mins.)
A video that will fascinate, entertain and inspire viewers demonstrating the amazing capabilities of Amiga animation.
Provides you with a wealth of animation ideas.
0 H
* • m 2 r m oil AM0101 £10.99 Si 0 ANIMATION VOL.il (90 mins.)
Exciting, innovative animations using programs such as Lightwave 3D. Imagine, Sculpt Animate 4D and Deluxe Paint 2 ¦ IS "? « ? T
III. A great source ol ideas.
AM0102 £14.99 ANIMATION SET The above two volumes of animation videos at a set price.
AM0103 only £22.95 THE STAR WARS ANIMATION COLLECTION (25 mins.)
Featuring an 8,000 frame Space Wars animation created by Tobias Richter, plus additional animsl An incredible video.
AM011S £8.99 AMIGA GRAPHICS VOL. I (60 mins.)
OFFER EXCLUDES SETS Learn how to use the Amiga for graphics. The best tape available for getting started.
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Tips and tricks for combining Dpaint IV’s tools for spectacular effects with professional results. The video is a must for all Dpaint users!
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To all intents and purposes, this is really |ust a troubleshooting guide, accompanied by a lew hints and ape on fixing the most basic problems If your Fal Agnes chip has died. This'll show you how to replace it II your problem is a little more intricate, you're advised to send it off to be repaired Possibly the best advice given on this tape is how to akgn your disk drive and the best ways to dean a moose - my two biggest problems, so I'm possibly a little biased The presentation is sloppy and unprofessional lor the most part Shaking cameras, extremely poorly misspelt captioning (where is
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I say supposed. Because this video has gone in completely Ihe opposite direction lo the aforementioned books and grves almost no real mlormation or advice You have lo worry when Ihe opening lines are something along Ihe lines ol ’You probably know your Amiga has custom crups for creating graphics, but did you know it also has a cfvp tor creating sounds?. And then goes on at great length to explain what a sample is and what samplers do. But doesn't actually tall you how to use them. The real information has been missed, and the 15-minute section on MIDI, which shows nothing more than a garage
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Processor, a database or a DTP program?
Nope, just Deluxe Paint, which can imitate all these other types of program. How?
Easy, says penny-pinching Peter Lee, who this month takes a look at staying on the write side of text... tone found fee missing girt alright.. .. found her bEAb* lypestyles in many sizes alongside graphic images means you can create handMls. Invitations and adverts Text handling in Dpaint is probably one ol the easiest functions in the program, so after a brief summary of what requester lives where, we'll be concentrating on how to get the most out ol text once it s written I may seem odd lo focus on text m a senes about what is possibly the world s hottest home graphics package. But look
around - as far as computer art in the nineties a concerned, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but you sure as hell need the words at some point.. In almost any application where you use Deluxe Paint to create screen images, there's bound to be an opening lor skilfully used text. Even il your sole aim in life is to construct a slideshow demo of your computer art, who gets the credit if you don't include a title or end credit screen? If you look at any kind of demo. Ihe creators fall over themselves to say which dude did what, and usually in the brightest and most attractive way One
interesting use ol Dpaint you may not have considered is as a kind ol quick and easy graphic word processor; its ability to display hundreds of WRITE STUFF You can t miss the text requester on the Dpaint toolbox - It s a big letter A. Clicking on the Icon with the left mouse button changes the cursor to a text insertion bar. So that you can begin to type anywhere on screen where you ckck the cursor.
Using the nght button to ckck on the A icon opens up a requester which lists all the currently available ¦fonts, the sues they come in. And a Show button Activating Show will display the currently selected font and size; the font can be emboldened, itak cised or underlined by activating the appropriately labelled buttons. There is an upbeat side to font loading, and that's ColorText fonts. These are spe- dally designed typefaces which include colour information in their definition. They are usually highly stylised - lor instance wooden blocks, stained glass and chrome fonts are available - and
demand their own palette changes to woifc Before STRIKING VISUALS led boring? Not on ihe Amiga -1 you can col on tome dt*« Irido ol tm tab. Ida Ms a a example - holm text in whdi a large picture is hald. In ih own right it's striking enough, but ana you knn ko« lo do il. You can incorporate ihe Icdi- nique into animaliom. Or use different mages inside each letter, (reding it K simple. First ol al toad in me image you intend to use, so that it's reoBy avoioMe and fa colour palette is set.
Now switch to the snare screen (keyboard j) and enter yout text. You eithef need o large fort ire to begin with, or you should enlarge a text bnjdUhing o dtffnenl cofcu from ihe actual text colour, oulfne ihe text bnrit (keyboard a). Cdl up the Standi requester now, and mate the text colour ihe only unprotected one, and odivtfe ihe dend Snkk to At picture screen, aid ait out the image as a brush, and mow bade to lie text screen. You wl tee ihd be f*Me only peep brourfi be text colour ehidi is unprotected by Ae dl-ocb» Send You con position lie pedure Wind Itie holcw text to set yaral now Dmc*•
rate the slendl and lie jeb's done Dpaint can load one ot these lonts, a small program called ColorText. Which comes with Dpaint
IV. Has to be run (Workbench 2 users already have access to
ColorText] TIP While Color Tax! Fonts are very useful, il can
be a bmd lo load them in alter you've started a drawing, then
fmd the palette needs to be altered to accommodate their true
colours In this case, switch to the spare screen, load the
ColorText font with its own palene and type your text. Now
cut out the text as a brush, swap to your drawing screen and
restore its palette (it will have been altered when you
loaded Ihe text colours! Obviously your coloured text will
look strange now, but by using Dpalnts Remap colour option,
the program will try and match the brush's colour to the
current palette If this Isn't an overwhelming success, try
and find a tew spare cotours which you can use in ihe palette
SORRY, FRINGE ON TOP... When to* tat brush* n Hold ml Modtfy
mode, one of Ihe bugbett6fringrq.ThsOTOC0 » rauTO«obrub
wound, and you tee mAalotnd stab down h edge.
Iti is o feature ol HAM, ml I otnjr I your brush use cobun ober fan fat in be maei palette of 16, one way anudbs-butameMidoMbnidiino'rencrt-islD .
Odn* foAfrrt Iran bo Prefe mm. H» moke ffteriry bnjsh into an etdsbtg HAM screen, be invoked using the Use colous are lems.You are outcmatxaly remapped ou ran override Iris. Itxxxdi, is remembered, and cwtbei pablle is remember Brush Palene menu option under WeOe Qnce upon a time, in a country sick at heart and mean of soul, a small boy discovered a box from another world.
This is his story... lo eimulate the colour ot the ColorTaxi, and try the procedure again In HAM mode, this won't be a problem And as always the answer is to plan your work and needs before hand as much as possible so you don 1 get caught m the trap to begin with The text tutorial is an ideal way of recapping previous Ups and examples because, let's face It.
Raw text on screen is pretty gnzzty. We need to use the power ol Dpaml s graphics abilities to make it eye-catching.
BILLS OF FARE Until I mentioned It at the start ol the tutorial, it may never have crossed your mind lo use Dpaml as a DTP simulator. It's possible lo do some really neat handbills using nothing but Dpaint a lew sketchy Imes. And the humblest ol dot matnx pnntouts I've hfed plenty ol success with letterheads address labels, xivitations and the like I've even used Dpaml P draw up holiday schedules, calendars, and tne graphs to illustrate manuals TIP There are countless items ol clp ail available. Both commercial and in the public domain Clip ait is Ihe leim given lo drawings or images someone
else has done, and has made available to a wider audience - like you and me These are usually in black and white so are ideally suited to OTP needs, and they can liven up the saddest ad or Invitation » As far as letterheads go, I’m not saying you should write a whole letter using Dpaint- it's just not worth the aggravation. But putting your address on the top of a few dozen sheets of good quality (maybe coloured) A4 paper is a different matter. Look at it this way - you can have your name printed in grand style in the centre at the top of the page, with perhaps a graphic or company logo. Then
after printing it out. You can re-feed it into the printer after you’ve composed a regular letter using a normal, basic wordprocessor which uses the printer’s standard typeface. Adds a touch of personalisation to correspondence and gives a great sense of achievement.
TIP. More of a warning really ... I have both an Epson dot matrix and a Canon bubble jet printer.
The Epson does a lovely job using the old ribbon method, but by its nature the Canon ink looks like mascara on a crying woman once it’s wet.
IDEAS You can create book covers by having a wide page, and then printing out horizontally. I’ve made a good stab at creating cartoons in Dpaint too - initially as a screen display book; but then as hard copy by printing out the images. Here again, text figures prominently - with speech bubbles, sound effects and the like. Creating maps in Dpaint is really straightforward, with the small in-built Topaz font ideal for labelling places of interest. JJ) NEXT MONTH We've skirted oround the edges of Ibis delitole topic, snuck up on il several times in passing and given il no more than a cursory
glance; but in next month's instalmenl ol our Delate Point tutorial, Peter Lee wiH be sltcing up the HAM mode ond serving il to you on o plate. Hell be Idling you how to gel the most oul of it, ond how lo go oboul carving up all those juicy special effects, fill then, ovoid cliches like the plague... ...me and my cat: a slideshow An intro page for a sequence of cat pictures. Deluxe Peint makes life as simple as this well purr-naps not STRAIGHT TALKING Ihe number of fonts available to users is overwhelming ond sometimes you'll buy o disk full only lo find that 80: ore useless - Klingon script
knitted yoghurt boldfoie or the like. But remember that onre text is entered you con impose oil the clever brush manipulation look on it. Your fines ol text, once cut out os a brush, con be stretched sheared bent ond used to fill oil kinds of weird shapes.
Toke the example of the lozv cot snoozing along the wall of text. You can t get a font which fils like that - so basically, you create il. I looded in the largest font I hod. Then cut out the text os a brush; using the Stretch brush option I ploced the ghosted brush under the cat's imoge ond stretched it so il fitted perfectly You could oko drow the shone you want to fill ond use the Pill requester s BRUSH option to hove Ihe program spread tbe text brush out lo ihe orea you've defined. This somelimes works OK bul I prefer the interactive nature of the brush stretch, becouse you con actually
see how the lexl will look os it's being pulled ond pushed.
Til' Ihe palette for the col left no scope ot all for onti cliosing the text, whkh through stretching hod the annoying jaggies oround the edges. Ihe onswer was o compromise - but it fools the eye sufficiently I picked intermediate colours to outline the stretched text brush monuoSy (keyboard ol, ond this diverts the eye from the problem.
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Roae on Wye. Heretocdahira, HRS 7LN ? CREDIT CARDS WELCOME 3 SALES HOTLINE 0989 750260 TECH SUPPORT 0989 750337 1 Adding parameter* to ofton used commend* can be very revealing Every Workbench command baa at least one optional argument.
The interesting thing about the Amiga's Workbench is that there is a great deal of it which a large number of users have no idea exists.
There is a whole sub-strata of files and directories which are invisible from the standard WIMP system. These are the files that control things like the floppy drives, the Ram Disk, the serial port, the commands which are automatically executed on start-up and various other control and preference files.
A A CU FOR HELP CLI is short for command line environment. This is a way of using the computer to perform tasks without using the mouse and all those icons and other IF THE SHELL SUITS~.
Since version 1.3 of Workbench, Ibe CU has hod an obec e fare most often used. There ore several o' colled the «. This is Ihe inter- over the old (il, not the least of stne which is that it hos a Be operations. Another importont ______ ...._________________ it, using both delete keys and the cursor left ond right keys. There is nothing mote frustrating than getting to Ihe end of o long pathname and discovering that you've misspelled the device nome... espeddy if you then hove to type Ihe vdnle Sne ogain.
Another useful feature is the 'dias' commcBid. Another labour saving device. This olows you to define your own shortcut commands. The format is simple - the first parameter is the shortcut, Ihe second is the fuB command, for example: aSos h td hardcHypetbook would meat that evecy Ime you use the command V in the Shell, you vdl end up in o directory called 'Hypotbook' on o device called 'hard:'.
You can i This is extremely usefu vrben Iryng to report multiple to Ihe she! Is thot you am odd Hie line os you enter girlie things. People graduating trom other machines may have experienced something like the CLI before.
At the most basic level, the CLI is just an interpreter which accepts single commands as input and executes them when the return key is pressed.
This is rather similar to the way in which interpreted languages work in their ‘direct’ mode. So really, to use the CLI all you need to know is what the commands are arid how exactly to use them.
On the Amiga, almost all ot the Clt commands are actually stored as executable tiles on the Workbench disk. They live in a special directory on the disk simply called c'. Whenever you enter a command, the operating system first checks it the command is resident (explained later), then the current directory and finally the ‘c‘ directory on the startup disk.
It is important to take this on board, because if there are two executable tiles with the same name (tor example, different versions of the same command), then the one that is actually executed is the one that is found first. Be careful.
It is possible to extend this search to other directories by using the ‘path’ com- which would add the two named directories to the search. This is the reason why you are always asked to replace the Workbench disk when you are executing a command through the CLI, because the C directory that is contained on your startup-disk is automatically placed at the top of the list.
Where ‘namel' and name2' are the names of the paths you wish to search. These are full pathnames. Including the device name. An example might be: Path Extras :commands new commands Ram:commands add mand. This is an easy command, for which the syntax is simply: Path namel name2 add TAKING RESIDENCE There are two major disadvantages to having commands stored on floppy disk. The first of these is that It takes rather a long time to load them - this isn't really a great ptoOlem if you are just doing a short session ot tile copying or some similar activity, but it can soon turn out to be a
maior nightmare it you are trying to reorganise your Amiga in a big way The second problem is that the disk with the commands on has to be almost perpetually in the drive. This makes things a little difficult when you try to copy things trom one disk to another - especially if you only have one disk drive.
To get around this, since Workbench 1.3 it has been possible to make commands resident This means that they are read in once and kept in memory for future reference, eliminating the need DEVICES AND LOGICAL DEVICES HELP!
One thing not often explained in the Amiga manuals is that almost an commands have a reminder prompt. Simply enter the command with a question mark as the only parameter A load ol gib berish will appear on the screen, but closer inspection will reveal that they are all abbreviations lor the assorted arguments that can be given to that command - a son ol miniature on line help In the rnftn of die CU, devicn con be etfar pbyaod (the o rid Awe) or lopcol (Ha Is'( iredory) In afar cose, when mad n o 01 command they ore aUys denoted by having o colon ", after fat nano, e.g. Offt, RAM; C, Devs ond
so on.
Physical desires or rafat easy to mtadtnd. Lagkad devices aren't adcxily nub more compfcoted. A logcal device s just o convened! Hddfe to moke accessing Has easier, h the cose of the directory, imleodof using the polhnome 'Wodcbencb I J:c' you con jut) the none 'c1.
These logical devices ace set up using the ‘assign’ command. It b used lie this: Aiskjo Hopfocton dhO»1woit opin«itions W«AVVWALL ______________e for the newdevio Assign con bo wry useful ta foofag software into nothing an o batbdmo loo. Simply copy dl of the program fits bom al die refewnl risks onto o factory and set up logical devices with fa some noraes os die onpnol dota As long os you temember to remove the origin* before tunretg the program it ot be Wolytootal and etrotyddng 4 worit os usud (except
o lot faster).
A QUESTION OF DIRECTION A lot of ptople fai'l rtafe* nl) b possUe lo ndrad output of any command into o flo or lo any device a»- neded lo 6e modem. Al lhal b required b that you append the rommand with Ihe redrertion marker ond sup plyTdeslinolion. Ikis may not seem terrify useful, but consider die blowing examples: dr dhO; al PRT:x (which wfl print out a complete tSredoty of tho toed Ate) You should find that this will not work. Not all commands can be made resident - there are a lot ot catena which have to be filled which are explained more fully in your Workbench manual One ot these
reasons is that the file should be pure'. A lot of commands are very naughty indeed, but they can be forced into thinking they are pure for the purpose ol being added to Ihe resident hst.
Use the command: resident c:list pure add That should put an end to all ot your purity problems. You should find that a number ol commands are already resident Some of these may have been made resident in the default startup- sequence. And some may be in ROM (In Workbench 2 0).
Just typing the resident command with no parameters or arguments will give you a complete list ol the commands that are already stored m .
Memory The resident list is the first place that Workbench will look tor a command that you have typed in. I.e. it you change or replace the command tn the current directory, this will have no etlect until you restart or remove the command trom the resident list.
(3*h k wJu 2.0 wfl nod a tax* Ho to yaa) date speah:i (otoUogdodd) Remember dial it is not only the result of die command dot is rodreOed, but any echoed messages tdodi may oaut while Ihe tommond is operating- By redreOing o command to fa NIL: pot, you nil effectively deree ony undesired output bom o tommcoid Uidafturalofy, Ms con couso emblems. If ai emr ocan (maybe a Me «hah is neettaflhas been acddenkdy daM or somoddng) t moy be dnpcsUo to recover bom it - da Nt dovia provides no input from die keyboonl For example, mslead ol getting a directory in the normal way. Try typing Dir ?'. You
should get the response: DIR,OPT K,ALUS,DIR S,FILES S,INTER'S: OK, so it doesn't really make much sense. But it is giving you hints as to the options you might want to choose Try typing all ana pressing return You will get a directory as before, but this time the contents ot any subdirectories are listed as well The suffix ot ' S' indicates that the keyword it a switch and turns some feature on when present 'IK' indicates that a value is expected You may use more than one ot these options at a time to give a combined effect Most commands will give you some information when executed with the
'?' Parameter, even thoee which are not part ol the AmigaDOS system Many PD programs return information in this way.
NEXT MONTH Wei, now you know o little bit about the CLI ond faM next time wel be looking at tome commmds ei deOod and also how to edit your slortup sequente Amiganuts Public Domain Library 12 Hinkler Road Southampton Hants S02 6FT Telephone Enquiries(0703) 470017 ununES 1265 Word Power VI .1 1266 Agraph & Freepaint (P) 1268 UEDrrV3 P)(lMb) 1269 PCTask (P) (1Mb) 1275 The Money Program (P) 1319 Super Sound v2.1a(P (Mb) 1337 Relokit 13 (P only) (1Mb) 1339 OctaMED v2 (P) (1Mb) 1341 TcxtEngine v4 (P) (1Mb) 1342 Checkbook v2.3 (P) (1Mb) GAMES 1277 Fatal Mission (P) 1280 Dcfcnda (P) 1281 Wats Its
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2. 50
VAILABIUTT E&OE WLD If you Did It Yourself last month and
built a sound sampler, stay tuned to discover how you can
double your inputs - yes, now it’s in glorious Stereo!
A WORD OF WARNING Ajlhough tfns ptojett hos beeo boii and tested, nerther Ihe millm not CU AMIGA am be held responsible for any Oomoge vrbkh may be mused os o lesub ol using it As no mams voltages aie requrred in this circuit, il e unlikely that you couM elertotute youiseH, but you should ski!
Toke rare. U your computer does not behove noimolly when the proye l is connected switch oH mmectaely. (heck the dr rail rarefuly lor short circuits and wiring deficiencies. Alwoys odd ot remove the porollel port connector with Ihe computer switched oH Never leave the soldering iron unattended, ond olwys switch it oH when not in use. Try to wen protective eye-geor when soldering ond use o vice or ricmn to hold the circuit in ploce Never splosh hot solder oround Flicking through the magazine advertisements, you'll know that sound samplers come in two flavours - mono and stereo. This month we'll
look at how to adapt the sampler we made last time into a fully fledged stereo system: and all for less than £1.001 In theory, there are two ways of sampling a sound in stereo. The first method is to use two Analogue to Digital convertor chips, one for the left and one tor the right audio signals. This technique produces the best results, but obviously doubles the cost of the circuit: ADCs aren't cheap ¦ The second method uses a switching chip which takes it in turns to re-direct the left and right audio signals into the ADC. The swrtch- ing chip is synchronised with the ADC by using some more
control lines from the parallel port: most Amiga sampling software will do this automatically.
The ability to sample in stereo isn't really much more than a gimmick. Furthermore, as we'll be using the second method which entails piping the sound through another chip, this can only result in a slight loss of sound quality. The bottom line is that for best quality sampling, you should stick to mono.
Incidentally, this applies to most commercially available budget samplers as well.
• 14prn 1C socket
• 4016BE analogue switch (Mcplin s order code OX08JI
• Connecting wire
• An extra phono socket, or o stereo jock lead to connect audio
source IloK if you me trying lo build ihrs arturl bom xralrfi
please refer bock lo knl month s issue of (U 4M G4 lor inoie
Nevertheless, if you need stereo to capture a special effect, the modification is simple enough to be worthwhile. Even better, you don't have to choose between mono or stereo - you can have both by retaining the normal mono input HOW IT WORKS A stereo audio signal comes in two parts - left and right. To choose between the two signals, we use a chip called an Analogue Switch. This chip acts just like a miniature relay, but operates much faster and consumes negligible power.
Both sound inputs are connected to different input pins on the chip Two other pins are connected to the parallel port, and these determine which sound input is to be output, and so passed on through to the ADC.
The two outputs from the switch are combined (as only one will be active at a time) and connected to the ADC in the same way as the original mono signal The ADC then ckgitises the sound, and passes the result bar* to the Amiga along the ribbon cade to the paralel port. For more details on how the ADC works, please refer back to last month's DIY USING YOUR NEW SAMPLER first youl need some temping sobwore Iron o PD Bray. Several pockoges ore ovodoble and ol should work perfectly If ctf ferent sampler, are supported. Select genenc' Some program mil better lhan olfierv even lo Ihe extent ol
producing better quality samples, so shop around.
Artec giving the circuit o finai check, switch if* Amtna oH ond comwct ifie paralel plug connector Switch on. Ond if the com pule* doesn't boo» os normal swilch off of once. Check me pin numfaemg corefufty, especiaty ihe fiv* vcills and ground pin Any short cieaiits couW muse Ihe AMIGA lo cantinuoEy reset ond possibly come dtxrage.
When everything is working notnioly, food Ihe sampling software ond conned the sound source Remember Ihot ibis pro jecl wos designed lo conned directly lo the heodphone out soclcol of n small buttery powered cossetle deck you mnv need lo moke liberations lo Ihe circuit il you ate eonnec ling ii lo something different. On no account conned Ihe circuit to the loud soetikei terminal of a mains hi fi! Ihe powec ol Ihe hi Ii will inslonlfy dispotch the A D chip to Silicon Heovon ond possibly domoge the hi Ii os we . Use only the headphone socket ol cossetle decks amplifiers ond CD players II you
wish lo use Ihe audio out Phono ratmedots, you will probably need lo oiler die value ol ihe resistors R4, R5.
BUILDING IT If you stuck to the veroboard layout used in last month s DIY corner youH be laughing The 1C socket lor the analogue needs to be soldered in place, and some holes made in the copper tracks Then you need to solder in a few wires to provide power, a ground and sound inputs and output - and that’s all there is to itl Of course, now you'll need two phono sockets or a stereo jack to provide the two-part audio signal. The ground between the two signals will be common, so there wilt only be three wires coming Irom the sampler board.
You will need to add two more lines to your ribbon cable to select left and right audio These connect to pms 12 and 13. And they are then soldered to the circuit board beside the switch IC at pins 5 and 13.
Check the veroboard layout picture against your circuit to get the wires m the nght places To be honest, I haven’t been very consistent with the Left and Right labels, so you might have to swap around a wire or two.
When you take the 1C out of its protective wrapper be very careful, as this particular chip is extremely prone to damage from static electricity.
Ground yourself (touch a radiator) and try not to touch the 1C pins any more than you have to As " the chips are so cheap, you should consider getting more than one in case you accidentally blow the first one up. '$ *1 Any o( you who braved the heel ol the soldering iron Inst month lo otlempl the originol sompler moy hove come octoss a smoll problem, os one of me ports doesn't oduolly exist. This is nol berouse electronics goiu John Kennedy wos expecting you lo employ your shills ol melollurgy lo monu focture your own components, but merely bemuse there was a typo. Cl should hove been a 47yf
copocikx THE WORLD’S PLUG-IN HARD DRIVE performance, memory expansion and Mure expandability lor Vie Amiga 500 It mcorpora'ee the same VLSI custom chip and FaaaST ROM SCSI driver which are used n Gvks Series II SCSI RAM controflers tor the A150CV2000 As a result tho A500-HD8* offers =GVPJ '1 7 AMIGA PERIPHERALS VALLEY PR00UCTS ACCELERATORS FOR THE AMIGA 1500 2000 4000 HARD CARDS FOR THE AMIGA 1500 1 2000
• Factor, mtattadHatd Omm a 0, 40,80. 120.213.» 420.
• OrftwOfl- mervry socaeK
• Add up to 6 SCSI doucm 0* £129 ___£299 so. £349
120. £429 213Mb ... £579 PLUG-IN HARD DRIVE OPTIONS MODEL 42Mb
213Mb Return the coupon now for your FREE copy of Silica
ALL PRICES NCI UDE VAT - DELIVERY IS FREE OF CHARGE IN THE UK MAINLAND PLEASE SEND A BROCHURE ON THE GVP RANGE SIUCA SYSTEMS MAIL OROEH HOTLINE 081-309 1111 This month Dave Smithson continues in his ongoing quest to bring the late, great PacMan back from the dead. See him walk, see him talk and see him gobble (!) - all in Super AMOS Vision!
PART Programming can be very rewarding at times, but it can also be very frustrating. This month’s code is.a good example ot this - when I first embarked on this particular coding session, I expected to have everything up and running within an hour or so. It actually ended up taking more than two days to complete.
• * AMOS Before you gasp in horror and think that this is all
getting too difficult, it's worth knowing that the code itsell
wasn't all that complicated. The point is that every coder gets
a mental block occasionally - so don't despair if it happens to
you. Just take a break and come back to it later refreshed.
Right, with that little lesson out of Ihe way, after successfully getting the PacMan Map array and screen from last month up and running, this month we will turn our attention to the first part of the main game loop - the routine that controls and displays good old PacMan himself. If you're the sort of person that plans Ihese things well, then you should already have defined a bank of PacMan objects using the AMOS Sprite Editor, so I’ll dive straight in with a look at the code required.
BACK TO PAC The aim of the routine that we’ll be covering this month is to monitor the player's joystick and move the PacMan blitter object around the screen accordingly. Obviously PacMan isn't allowed to walk through walls, so we'll also need to keep careful control over where he can and can't walk.
While we're doing all this we may just as well add in the code required to get PacMan to eat the little yellow dots and power pills scattered around the maze. We won’t actually be worrying too much TABU 1 Reodfhepbyw'sioystidt b PocMan alkweo lo move in thct directfon?
If¥e,lhen update his postal k there a yeJw dot ot powoc at here?
Hies, Update Sore jJZX* a* Leave hen idwe he is End U SMOOTH CHARACTER One of the hardest parts of die MOVEPACMAN routine to Ihe section of rode that alowwfPocMon to move smoothly between blocks. Without this code, Itrough, he vrould appear lo jump from block to block - hardy If* sort of polished professionalism that we're after.
The little section of code that you see at the start of the procedure (just look for theSmooth SooT Remart) keeps careful theck on the status of both the PAGPIXEL ond PACYPIXEL variables. If either of Ihese ore different from Ihe DESX and DESY variables, then the routine outo- motHolly assumes that PocMan is ski moving and therefore further movements should not be olowed. H therefore slops the routine from checking Ihe player's joystick and simply adjusts the position of the PocMon BOB to bring it two pixels doser to its final destination. Once this destination is reached though, the player
wil be free to move PacMan ogan.
You may wei think that this would cause PocMan's movement to become rather jerky, but you'd be surprised just how wed this routine actudiy wocics. Although irs far from perfect it does gel Ihe job done. Hove a go at mcnify- ing it yoursen dtough - even ot Ihe simplest level you con dsaXtge the speed at which PocMon moves simply by increasing or deaeasing die amount that the PACXPIXEL and PACYP1XR variables ore altered by.
About th© effect of power pills at the moment, but it's still worthwhile adding in the foundations at this early stage.
You are probably already starting to appreciate that moving PacMan around the screen isn’t quite as simple as it first seems. What originally seemed to be a single, simple task has turned into something much more complex. It can best be viewed by breaking the routine down into smaller, more manageable chunks, like those shown in Table 1.
Obviously this pseudo code is somewhat simplistic. After all, simply moving PacMan from one 16x16 square to another will produce some rather jerky movement. We also need to animate the PacMan BOB and at the same time keep a careful eye on its orientation. After all, PacMan would look rather stupid if he were looking right but moving left, wouldn't he!
At the end of this article you will find the complete source code tor the _MOVEPACMAN procedure that I wrote to handle the steps covered above.
You will find that this code won t actually do a lot on its own - it’s simply published within these pages to give you the bare bones of a routine that you can build upon yourself.
So what do all those lines of code do? Well, lake a closer look al it and you'll realise that rt's actually quite straightforward The entire routine consists ol a series ot nested decisions that help lo keep it running as Iasi as possible Decisions usually lake lime lo execute, but they're used here lo ensure that only the sections ot code that are needed are performed The first thing that the routine does is lo check whether the DESX and DESY variables are differ ent from two variables called PACXPIXEl and PACYPIXEL. These last two variables contain the current X and Y position ol the PacMan
blitter object DESX and DESY, on the other hand, hold Ihe X and Y position that the PacMan Bob is moving to. The first lime that this routine is run, this lest will prove false because DESX and DESY will be Ihe same as PACXPIXEL and PACYPIXEL TABU 2 AnmOffO tarn 0,’(18,5X11,5X12,5X11,5)1’ Ms Ota 0 X MAPDATAffACY l,PA0Q 2 DecPACY D£SY=fAOraa-U PACYP1HUPACYPIXR2 End II End tf (PacMan won't have actually moved) Because Ihe lesl was proven lalse, Ihe routine will move onto code held within the Else part of the test Tins rather large section ol code is quite deceiving - although it looks very
long, only a quarter of the code is ever performed If you study a carefully, you! Notice that it breaks down into lour separate tests each of which checks the sta tus of Ihe joystick by reading the value relumed by the Joy(t) function One ol those lesls is shown in Table 2 (above) In this case, the test is true if a value ol 1 is returned. The Joy(1) function returns a different value depending upon what direction Ihe joystick is being pushed in. Although most digital joysticks only offer four different directions, the Joy(1) function also keeps track of the status ot the fire buttons and
can even handle diagonal move- Anim 0,(1,5) $
(2. 5) ®
(3. 5) g
(2. 5) ® AnhouQli nol M advanced M AMAl. AMOS'* STOStompvubU
anknauofi commands ptonda a ewck and aaay marnod ol eon-
method ol spnte and bob animation that suits our needs
perfectly PACLUNCH Right, now onto the juicy code And.
Surprise, sur- pnse. Il starts with a test using our old
Inend the IF.. ENDIF construct This time, though, the con
struct IS used to test whether the movement that the player
has requested (usmg their joystick) is actually legal In
order lo do tho. We need lo retain two variables - PACX and
PACY - mat keep track of PacMan s position within the
mapdataO array mat we defined last month. By default. PacMan
always starts every game at xfy position 9.8 and therefore
PACX starts life set to 9 and PACY is set to 8.
What part of Ihe mapdataO array is checked depends entirely upon the direction that the player is trying lo move to It he tries lo move left, then the square immediately left of PacMan s current position is checked Instead of checking the screen though, we simply consult the MapdataO array by taking 1 away trom PacMan s amt X (horizontal) position If PACX equalled 10 and PACY equalled 7. We would therelore be able lo check whether a movement to Ihe left were legal simply by checking the value held at mapdata position 9.7. 0 12 0 2 2 2 1 12
w. CMC* mm* PacMan ¦ movement la legal try moons Via aakoa halo
mean me MapdataO array.
For a movement to the nght. We would increase PACX The theory is exactly Ihe same lor vertical movements too - add one for down and subtract one lor up.
We can find out whether me movement is legal by checking whether me value held within the mapdataO array is 2. It it is, then me player is trying to walk poor old PacMan through a wall If it's anything other than 2 though. PacMan can quite legally move. In order lo move him, three instructions must be executed.
GRADUAL PROGRESSION We start by adjusting PacMan's current position within the MapdataO array by altering either the PACX or PACY variables accordingly Once ttvs is done. Ihe position that PacMan will move to is found by either subtracting or adding 16 to his current X or Y position (according to me direction mat he is lo move in!). We then adjust his current screen position and the process is complete PAC TO THE FUTURE Finally we move onto the _CHECKFLOOR procedure that, perhaps nol altogether surpnsmgiy. M used lo check whether PacMan has walked onto a section of floor that contains
either a power pfl or Procedure MOVEPACMAN PAOO*IXEl=X BoWO) AMOS COLUMN PACYPIXa=Y BobfO) II OBXoPAOfPlffl or OfSYoPACYPtxa lenT'SmooA500l if Dtsx PAapixa PACm=PAaPDB.2 End If If DESX PACXPIXEl PACXPIXa=PAaPIXEL-2 End If If DESY PACYPXEl PACYPIXa=PACYPIXR*2 End If If DE5Y PACYPtXEL PACYPfXR=PACYPIXR 2 Endlf Bse IjqflM Ann Of) 0 AnimO,'(10,5X11,5X12,5X11,5»‘ AnimOeO H ManMM(PACY-l M00o2 Dec PACY DE5Y=PACYPIXa-l6 PACYPIXa=PACYPIxa 2 End If Endlf If Joy l)=2 AnmOfiO Anen0,U5XB,5X9,5X«,5X* Aram On 0 If MAPDATAfPACY+l ,PACX) 2 incPACY 0ESY=PACYP1XEL+16 PACYPIXEUPACYPIXEU2 End If Endlf XjoyllM
Aram Off 0 Anim 0,'11,5X2,5X3,5X2,5X' MnOnO lfPACX=0 PACX=I9 Paapixa=3i2 Endlf If MAPOATAf PACY, PACX-1 k 2 DecPAa DBX=PAaPIXai6 PACXPixa=PAOPixa2 End H End If HjoyOM Ann OHO Anim 0,-(4,5X5,5X6,5X5,5X Arm On 0 XPAO-II PACX=-1 PACXPIXEL=-8 End If If MAPDATAIPACY.PACX* I )c 2 he MX DESX=PACXP!XEU16 PACXPixa=PAtxpixa+2 Endlf Endlf EndH CHECKROOR Sob O.PACXPfXELPACYPIXB, EndPrac Procedure OfECKROOR KMAfOAIAfPACf,PACX 1=3 Posie kon(PAQ'l6MI,(PACTUM,I MAPOATAfPACY.PACXH Inc PHIS SCOK=SCOK.IO Sam Play 1 Endlf IfMAPOAIAIPACf.PACXM Posle kon(PA(X'l6M,(PACYM6)+8,l PAAPDATAC PACY, PACX =1
5C0RE=SC0R£+100 PP1R=l:Iimec=0 Sam Hoy 2 End If EndProc TABU 3 If MAPDATA( PACY, PACX)=3 P«le kanCPACX* I Sf+S.CPACY* 161*8,1 MAPOATAf PACY, PACX}= I Inc PIUS 5CO*f=SCOB.IO Sam Ploy I End tf n a yellow dot This is a very simple procedure that checks the mapdata() array at PacMan's current position to see whether it holds a value ol 3 ot 4. Table 3 shows the section ol code that checks lor values ol 3.
II a value of 3 Is returned (signifying a yellow doll. Ihe square immedialely below PacMan is redrawn using Icon 1 which, in this case. Is simply an empty section ol floor. The Mapdataf) array is then also updated by writing a value ol I into the Mapdataf) array al PacMan s current position (a value ol 1 signifies bare door) KEEPING COUNT Next we come to the 'Inc PILLS' line that adds one lo a variable called PILLS. This is used to allow us lo keep track ol how many dots and pills PacMan has ealen.
When he has consumed 112 (Ihe total number ol pills and dots on Ihe screen), the player will have completed this particular screen. Then the player s score is updated In this case, eating a yellow dot awards the player with 10 points, but obviously this sort ot thing is entirely up lo you.
Finally. AMOS plays a sound sample ot PacMan eating the yellow dot. Obviously samples ot this type aren't built into AMOS, so you'll have to use a sound sampler and the AMOS Sample Bank Maker utility to incorporate a set ol appropriate samples into your game. Rgr.
BALL BEARINGS Many ol the PacMan purists amongst you may have already noliced that our PacMan doesn't move in quite the same way as Ihe original PacMan arcade games As a« good arcade junkies worth Iheir salt win confirm, the original PacMan never stopped moving until he either popped his dogs (a ghost running into him, lor example) or very stupxjy tried to walk through a wall Our PacMan. On the other hand, will stop moving as soon as you let go ot the joystick I personally find this a more pleasing method ol controlling PacMan, but you can modify the code so that the character moves in exactly
Ihe same as the arcade original if you so wish. All you need to do is lo add a variable called BEARING that holds a value that tells the program the direction in which PacMan is moving (1 lot north, 2 tor south etc).
Then, as soon as the code checks tor new lOystick activity, extend the joystick checks so that il no activity is encountered. Ihe routine moves PacMan according lo his current beanng.
Don! Lorget lo change Ihe value held within the bearing vanable each time PacMan changes direction though!
NEXT MONTH AMOS expert Dove Smithson returns next month with Ifie latest additions to our ftxAftm gome In Ihe meantime, hove fun Irving out this month's code - and try nol lo hove loo many sleepless nights!
Of Hampshire Established 8 years UlBServe Amiga Workstation Expansion System Monaor stand with shed tor itm etc. Strong imM construction made from 14SWG steel epoxy costad No Cabiae or mouM are nduded.
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VIRUS VEXATION » Being a student I found your free give-away of Transwnte m • ' very useful. It's extremely F user Inendly or al leasl it w ol I was up until a tew weeks ago
* One day I loaded it to write an essay and the virus checker
said ERROR FINDING FILE The first file in the startup-sequence
has not been checked tor Imklile viruses Then it suggested I
change Ihe startup- sequence Not wanting to risk anything, I
turned the Amiga off and tried to bad the program again a few
minutes later II only loaded as far as the blue AmigaDOS screen
with the Unknown Command' message on it.
The disk still works if I bad if via Workbench, but this means swapping disks abouf 10 limes, which is very tedious. Is there anything I can do lo restore my disk to its original status?
Ming Ng, Tasmania, Australia It's clear from what you say that one of the commands used In the startup-sequence has become erased. This could be because you Inadvertently removed if or over-wrole It, or simply because the disk has worn out through overuse.
The 'Unknown Command' message doesn't occur whan loading from the 'complete' disk.
The feet that this appears indicates that on of the commands In the startup-sequence no longer exists. Fortunately the startup-sequence only contains the following five lines: Addbuffers DFO: 10 CD CUM: Brun vlruschecker LoadWB ENDCLI NIL: The first line Is fairly unimportant (If sets up a directory cache when reading tha disk) so you can delete that if you like. Tha tael that the virus checker has been loaded eliminates fha BRUN or vlrus-checker commands.
Now all you have to do la check that tha CD, LOADWB and ENDCLI commanda are still In tha C directory of your disk. If they aren't, you naod to make a copy of the disk and add fha required commands lo your copy from your Workbench disk.
500 GREATER THAN 1200?
.»»» I own an A500*. Is there any possible way (without selling if) f* that I can upgrade if to 32-bit so 1« that I can run A1200 games?
I was fold tha! I'd need Ihe A5000 accelerator, a new motherboard and Ihe new graphic chip for the 256 screen cotaurs and 16.8 million colour palette. If there's no way ot upgrading, what do Commodore plan to do about all the A500, 500* and 600 owners?
Chris Curry, Belfast No, you can’t upgrade. The A1200 consists of far more than |ust 32-bit architecture and a latter processor. I don’t think you can buy an At 200 motherboard separately, but even If you could, by the time you've added all of your proposed kit. It would cost you many times more than a brand new 1200 would!
What are Commodore supposed lo do about owners ol older Amlgas? They can't let their technology aland slill In an attempt lo please everybody or we'd still be using the same basic machines in the year 2000.
Sooner or lafer there has to be a point when a new machine makes a break from exlsllng technology. They've done very wall to keep tha new machines mostly compatible with earlier versions as It Is.
The price of the A1200 Is so low (relatively), that II you want one, you're clearly supposed to go out and buy one rather than trying to modify your existing machine.
* 0 l know nothing about computers but I own an A600 and a ¦M g
Yamaha PSR40O keyooard (gm IMB which I want to link together |
I OK) unoerstano that need a MIDI interface and a sequencer Am
I right in thinking that a sampler Includes a sequencer as
III need a separate sequencer, could you please recommend a good one? I believe there are even PD sequencers and samplers available My choice would be Microdeal's Pro MIDI interface and Audiomaster IV sampler, but I don't know If ¦ fhese are acceptable.
D. Leverington, Ashmore Lake, W. Midlands There are three types
of sequencers, those that handle samples, those that handle
MIDI events and those that do both. Most samplers do not
include any sort ot MIDI sequencers, and In my experience,
those that do are not worth the time of day. You are right In
thinking that that* are some PD sequencers. The original
OctaUED and Protracker are probably tha bast of them, tl you
go for commercial offerings, Sequencer One Plus and OctaUED
Pro 4.0 an Ihe cheapest. (Wa gave OctaUED Pro 3.0 away tree on
our June 1992 coverdlsk). OctaUED la vary powerful In
step-tlme, but Sequencer One Plus glvee you tar more
flexibility whan recording In real-time directly from your
keyboard. Al Ihe higher end of the scale, Uustc X 1.1, Bars
and Pipes Professional and Dr T’e KCS reign auprama. I prefer
Bars and Pipes although Dr Ta la more powerful and Uustc X la
more popular. They'll cost you between £50 and £200.
Audiomaster IV is superb, but It's a sample editor rather than a sampler. In other words you’ll atlll need to buy the sampling hardware: Audiomaster just lets you do fabulous things with the samples once you’ve recorded them.
You could look out for the Sound Uester sampler which contains Audiomaster III ot IV at part of the package. It retails at about £129, but you should be able to buy it lor under £100 If you shop around.
I can't comment on how good fha Microdeal MIDI Interface is. But so long as It hat at leaal one IN and one OUT port It’ll be adequate lor your Immediate needs. I personally use MIDI Connector Irom the Disc Company. II has three OUTs. One IN and a THRU port, but beat ol all, It alto leatures a through connector ao that I can atlll use Ihe Serial port tor my modem without having to keep unplugging Ihe MIDI Interlace.
ROM WONDERINGS Could you tell me it the ROM sharers currently available lor i* the A500+ totally solve the prob- |• Ism ol incompatible software?
It so. Is It worth me buying an A1200 now and waiting for a similar product lo combat its compatibility problems? Do you know ol such a product in Ihe pipeline?
Incidentally, does Ihe A600 suffer Irom the same annoying problems?
Lee Glblin, Bransholme, Hull Whilst the ROM sharers available lor Ihe A500.
Are good, they certainly do not completely solve all compatibility problems with earlier machines.
Any A1200 compatibility problems are likely lo be considerably more seven, and less easy to solve, and I seriously doubt that a ROM sharer would help, or will even become available The trouble is. The 1200 contains an entirely new set ot chips which are required to support Its new graphics modes. Whilst Commodore have done their utmost to keep the machine downwardly compatible with earlier models, there are bound to be tome Insoluble compatibility problems.
In my opinion, you should think of the A1200 as an entirely new brand of computer which fortunately happens to have a large degree of Amiga compatibility. Therefore, If II haa features fhat you desperately want or need and you're prepared to sacrifice some ot your software, you should buy It, not aa an upgrade for your existing machine, but more aa a total replacement.
As for the A600, In my experience that suffers almost as many aggravating compatibility problems as the 1200.
DULL PICTURE I own an A1200 which I have linked up to a Grunrtg TV via a ¦' Scan cable Although this gives |S me a much sharper picture than f» through the RF modulator, if is rather dull by comparison I've turned Ihe contrast on the TV right up but the picture is still very murky.
Unfortunately when using Scan, the colour can't be ad]us!ed.
Is (here anything available which would boost the video output on my Amiga and give a brighter picture whilst retaining the clarity that a Scan connection otters me?
S. R.Cheatley, Blackpool, Lancs Assuming that the picture Is
simply dull as opposed to totally non-existent, you need to
Increase the voltage of the RGB signal.
Apparently, the standard voltage ol an A500 (and presumably lhal ol an A1200 too) la 0.6 lo
0. 7 vp-p, which can cause problems. If you can ramp tha voltage
to 1.0 vp-p or higher, your problems should be solved.
It you're fortunate, you might Know someone who's a whiz at electronics and will construct a suitable voltage amplifier lor you. If not. You could try an American device called the Video Crisper which does the |ob admirably. The device will coat you about £25.
Find out more by contacting The Memory Location, 396 Washington Street. Wellesley.
MA 02181, USA. Tel: 0101 617 237 6846.
VIDIO TITUNO ,i«e I own an Amiga 500 and I'm inlerested in DTV as I have a T Sanyo VM-D66P camcorder I'm A_xR|M soon going lo be purchasing a genlock, but in ihe meantime Id 7 like to experiment I've been told that you can put simple titles on videos using the A520 modulator and DP3.1 would be grateful if you could explain how you do this A diagram showing all leads would be particularly useful. I have written many times lo other magaziness. But my letters have never been published. Please help!
J. Garrett, Billon, Rugby A genlock Is by no means essential for
video titling, but It does allow you to create a greater
variety ol effects, most ot which are not possl- ble without
one. Basically, a genlock allows you to mix the outputs of
your computer and camcorder so that one can be overlaid upon
the other. This enables you to create titles which appear on
top of a video image. It also lets you create effects such as
picture fades, on-screen graphics, etc. If you don’t own a
genlock, you can simply record directly from Ihe computer.
Therefore, any titles you use will have to appear befora or
after the actual video footage aa the two cannot be mixed.
To do this, simply connect an aerial lead from the RF out socket on your modulator, to the RF IN socket on your video recorder. The RF OUT on the video recorder should be connected to your TV as normal.
Now comes the tricky bit. Because both the Amiga and the video recorder use tha same frequency to transmit their RF signals, the two signals may interfere with each other.
If you do find this to be the case, you will need to change the output frequency of your video recorder. On the back of the recorder, you should see a small dial labelled something like RF Channel 30-39'. You should turn this dial so that the VCR Is now transmitting on a new frequency. Once you've done that, you'll also have to retune the TV to the VCR's new channel.
Now II you atari the VCR recording, everything you do on your Amiga will be recorded to tape, be It a Dpalnt animation, a series of titles created on Video Tiller or even a game.
• . I'm having a problem with one of my games called Operation L%
Stealth. Before you can play |» the game, you have to identify
la the colour ol part ot a grey pic- '• ture, the idea being
that you use the full-colour version ol the picture that comes
with the game packaging to work this out I haven't got the
colour chart so I can’t start the game Can you please print
one. Or tell me where to gel hold ol one
E. Connelly, Beech Hill, Wigan The chart that you refer to Is
pert of the game s protection system designed to make life
difficult for the pirates. Aa the game was originally
published by US Gold In the UK. I'm sure that they would help
If you contacted them. Their phone number la 021 625 3366.
MEGADRIV1 JOYSTICKS , s » » . I own several games (such as Street Fighter 2. Fee ana tee.
V elc) lhal according lo your mag A BKB azine will lake advantage ol Ihe exira buttons on a Sega 7 Megadrive joypad. Is it worm buying a loypad so that these extra buttons are available lo me? I was also non dering it I can still use the joypad with my other games, merely using one button instead ot three?
David Manley. Rumney. Cardiff I |ust tested out a Megadrive loypad arfth Chaos Engine and II works line. Just use button B as your Are button. I also tried It with Fire end Ice which used buttons B and C. However, I must say that It felt very strange going from a proper loystlck to a loypad, and I would suggest that If you can afford It, you might Ilka to try out a Megadrive loystlck aa opposed to a loypad.
STRANOI SAMPLING I own the Datel Prosampler 2 k*. Package which plugs into the &e side expansion port instead of the parallel port. The sotmd ' quality is pretty good, but the editing sottware is definitely not1 Because ol this rather bizarre ¦ hardware arrangement, the package is not compatible with most other sampling sottware as tar as I can tell. Perhaps you could enlighten me as to the existence ol oompatlble programs?
Dr Doom from the Crypt ol Despair (What!?)
I phoned Datel to ask them about their hardware and they said that the reason for using the edge connector was because so many people pirated their software that they wanted to be sure that only owners of their sampler would And the new software of any use.
However, they also said that using this connector enables you to use higher sampling rates because the connector permits faster data transmission.
Regardless of the rather dubious reasoning behind Datel s non-standard sampler, the fact remains that once you've recorded and saved a sound sample, you can use any software you like to edit the waveform. I prefer Audlomester for sample editing, but you may have another preference. A you have sufficient memory and the Prosemplet 2 sottware will multi-task, there's no reason why you couldn't have two pieces of software running simultaneously; one for sampling and the other for editing.
OCTAMID BONANZA I've been using OctaMED 3 since you gave it away on your As coverdisk and I think that it's just brilliant Recently I discovered a module linker program called Play N Rave Unfortunately it will only accept SoundTracket and NoiseTracker format modules as it needs these to convert into its own format.
I used OclaMEOs ST NT save option lo save my MED lunes in the appropriate formal, and alter re adjusting the tempo (which lor some reason doesn't seem to survive the save) I tried loading the modules into Play hi Rave Although Ihe modules loaded easily enough the samples al seem to be screwed up and wonY loop at the correct point What's wrong?
By me way. Do you recommend upgrading to OctaMED 4. And if so. Why?
Mark Harrison, Bamoldswtck, Colne I'm not certain what's wrong, but I do have a few suggestions. First of all, both SoundT reck arena Noise Tracker place restrictions upon tha maximum length of aample that they can handle. A you load one which la too long, that definitely mucks the loops up.
Assuming mat your samples aren't too long, you should be able to load the converted modules Into SoundTracket and resave them from thera to be certain that they're In the correct Having said that. OctaMED features an option whereby you can have multiple songs loaded at once. The only restriction Is that each song must use the same Instruments.
Aa you already have OctaMED 31 don't recommend upgrading to version 4 as Ihey are almost Identical. However, OctaMED 5 Is due out later mis year (November' December) and looks like being a major upgrade which I would buy.
®l am a new Amiga owner and I took great comlort m Ihe January issue ol CU Amiga I am eager to learn as much about my computer as I'm capable ot absorbing, and I'm hoping that you may be able to guide me along the right roads.
I'nvmore interested in the programming side than In playing games, although my children (aged lour and six) would dispute me point and I suppose I should humour them as well, with a view to leaching them as I learn Before I start lo expand my A500. As I am thmking of doing. I have taken a look at accelerators. Hard drives. RAM upgrades, etc. although l m by no means certain of what they're aa fu»y used tor yet' I wonder if it would save me time and money * I scrapped my current system and changed to an At 200, which I would men use lor future expansion as and when my knowledge dictates’ I
have so many questions that I don't know where lo begin, but I nope mat you may be able to help me
L. J. Burgess. Hemsworth, W. Yorks When learning about a
computer, you S- 1U * * a -- . Laaiiil,,,! l|. J
» - - - snouKjn i lore© n Dy tBBming mort man you need to.
By that I mean, unless you have a particular reason for
wanting to do so. Don t atari trying to learn machine code on
day one A you don't even have any need tor programming skllla.
That's not to say that you shoutdn t explore and expand your
knowledge, A'a |ust that when you force yourself to do
something |ust for Its own sake, it can become a chore rather
than a pleasure.
Having said that, there are two areas of the Amiga that all owners would benefA by understanding Workbench and DOS. The Workbench la simply Aw graphical toolkit pPffJTn YORK PLACE, NR BRANDON HILL, HOTWELLS, BRISTOL BS1 5UT IN AUSTRALIA vmcwr.m Strictly pd - guaranteed to make you meny this Christmas!
Four clasac games Got IP .
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Uamatron. Car. Powupong TwinLris . Many more games ChmaChaltonge2 & Amiga columns • Bamecars Lattn. And Marrtoamova!
WUMands Mission X and PacMan .
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1 Ktondyke. Hbafl art 2 Zerg BounceNboO Ft U307 The Final Frontier Vol 3 (4 disks), lai edoon ol toe Drilham Star Trek mag UU027 FiWa* - remnds you ol TOTAL CONCEPTS (2 OISKS) - Story therofe of an American FootM* coach .
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And scrolled massaoee .
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VtOEO SUSTORE-Used to create over the shoulder Graph* meerts Ike the 9 O'clock news .
V0012 HARLEQUIN VIDEO ART 6 FONT OISKS (3 DISKS) - Alter «s reviews x Cu Amiga she* to No 1 x safes chart EiceAem .
CREATIVE UTILITIES ¦ The ckp art in the codecbon « v high qualify ¦ Huge bitmaps, many greater than an Amga Hires screen ¦ For use m DpairADTP packages ¦ Each disk ajtoboots as a sideshow atomng you to view the entre trtmap by moving the mouse ART01 Waddings c*p art (2 daks) .
ART02 Houses - prturea of mansions (2 disks).
ART03 Rekgous - tot of holy dp art (3 disks) • ART04 WW1 Aircraft (t (MkS) .
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ARTtO Studentsckpart.
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ART18 Babies .
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ART23 Hohdays • ART26 Banners (2 daks) • ART27 Art Nouveau - horai art .
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UUOW CJ TUTORIAL- Leam al about the CU.
Gtven 70% rathg infi* magazine .
UUOW MESSYSI0V2- Reads and writes PC.
DaksGrve UU004 POOLS P chances of beeorrwig a mAonake .
UUOOS DISK OPTMASER - BnAantty tmplel Any dak loads up to t5Bmas faster Mag
• igol«5k.
Amiga Ptoa on your f 3 Amga (IMG Raq) UU007 FREECOPYV1.1- Removes password prosacMn to alow copyng .
UUOOS CURSOR Vt 0 - Conpier tor Amiga UU009 OwSKTTAn atemaBve D SID Sana may Md if easwr and batlar .
UU010 PC TASK Vt 04 - Powerful mud tasking PC smUator supports CGA graphics. MS DOS flouto* and even vour had DRIVE • UU011 NIB V2 0- Removes prdecBon art UU012 SfB SSc'oLiEAr-
E. amdes and step by slap tutorials on how to cnala UU013 FSH
TANK S84 - Sandal UU014 ANALTCALE SPREAD (2 DISKS) - Th* •
tie best '* -
* cn tie Amgs .
UUOtS AMIGA PUNT PROGRAM-Predct which home wd win Mm past tom. .
UU0.6 JR COMM Vt 02 - Lafeto vemion of th* UU017 BEATRIX POT*TE?CUP*ART - An
e. Mkw* coaecnon of ckp art tor any OTP proaam or D-Piinl.
UUOIt PLOTTING AND GRAPHICS (2 DtSKSl- Contans a to* featured potting prog, and a computer aided drafting proa • ? Cheques P.O's payable to STRICTLY PO ? Buy 30 or mora disks for just 75p each ? Over 21 disks ONLY 85p EACH ? Only 99p per disk when you order 11 or more!
? Orders of 10 or less pay £125 per disk ? Please add Cl to all UK orders for first class postage.Orders from Europe please add 25p per disk and Rest of World add 50p per disk for extra postage costs ? Catalogue cfcsk available only £1. Reviews of well over 1000 disks ? Loads more DEPT CU, 11 YORK PLACE, .The complele strictly P.D. library is rro« available NR BRANDON HILL " A'15,,alia T°or*'a P|aaaa » e a umwciit ooicini oci tin b"«l“«“P«'al“«»" r»2“ '°»a «s™ DW HOTWELLS, BRISTOL BS1 5UT AC. 29 Woralu St, Woramanga. ACT 2611. Auslrafa.
UUOIt DB - A database erth i® to 50 Mus. Max Ol aboil 1 2 rruton records - UU020 HDME MANAGER-A great al Wont astrology program on tie Amiga by tar.. UU022 MULTI DOS Vi 12 - Alter nttaMDon your AMIGA dhea can read i MB daks .
00024 *1 PLUS V4 0(E) - Latest ipdafe ct tea amps bt-e withfe- srotosu tm senna prog Found in toe Fish Cokechon .
U002S AMOS LESSON I - Find out how to gat tie moat out ol AMOS Had good renew. .
U0026 EDWORO22-Beattaxedtcraround .
U0027 MEGACOLOUR VI .0-A program whch
- -'---screen rnto Ml colour .
We now have T-BAG 1-61 TTACK - Attempt to storm HO y tanks-good shoot am i
- greet lex adraxtuawith CR001 CROW CROW CR004 r- !*y you F15
agakst enemy pianee. Ships art gun towers .
FIGHTER PLOT - aupeTO Wwt game .
CARD BOARD 6 ARCADE GAME - 13 nc uzzle • puzzfe m G381 PD PUZZLES- demos & MUSIC WWF Ptos - toe clearest f*-ree PCS tore seer* RAUNCHY SLIOES - pice of pretty grls superb cartoon demoe by Ei SAM FOX SLIDESHOW 0130 0129 MARIA WHITTAKER SUOESHOW 0470 KATHY LLOYD SLOE SHOW 0316 MARIA WHITTAKER ANIMATION 0170 GIRLS Of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED D500 DIGITAL DAMSELS M374 HAROCORE III -fljmpngnve muse art M376 TECHWMANIA 91 - wire th* feo you f*6 a»ce*ar* M378 NEW WAVE - Mpon you a*p or* art boogie down 05 EXPRESSIONS 3 - 3 tracks w» 27 n T rrECHNoT,25 mnjtes ot aftarvS remuee M356 BANGING RAVES - toe 2nd
ccmmg r 11 bards *i to* great ram.
M380SLPERSYNTHS VOL 182 (1MB) - great graphce and muse U368 U500 , AMIGAVENTURE 6 ADVSYS - Maks yot own lax games with toase progs .
PRINT STUDIO - EircHsnt tor pmbng pictures or teX • ANIMATION STUOIO - A brfear* Antot creator tor you to make you own VERTEX MOOEUJNG - Alows you to create 30 obiecfe witrtut uera tie X. Y 8 Z newt loada sculpt 30*0 8 Turbo Sfrer .
MOOELLING OBJECTS - Contim over 20 vector otfacts in image torniat Perfect lor use withCROO* .
MAGNETO PAGES V 130 - Create you own dek magazme Rocerved 1CV10 x ' STRATAVI.0-Li ____ ... I AMOSBROT VI t (A - Th* update has
• van mere tact* types which include Logaoc Equaacx. Coast Unee 8
Trees-recervedgort reviews .
I GRAPHIC PROOUCTON - unseas cotacaon Inc scenery Vt O, Landscape.
Lartbuid V3 2. Ctoud 9. Genes* demo .
FONTSLOGOS - Fcr uee wfei D Paxt .
PRCfESSlONAL DEMO MAKER - Oeate Slideshow MAKER - Shows how B SPEECH TOY - Gat you Amiga tafcxg. • VOICES - Art speech to you demos etc.. MANOLEBROTS - The bast MandeCrot ganarator around • LLTIMATE ICONS - inckxfee Icon Lab. Icon Master 8 Icon Ma«Mr - aplandid dak.. SUP* FONTS - For uaa wth D-Paxt etc * ELECTROCAD - impratava package .
Nary angle At ULTRAPAINT-Fabpart» . . , SCREEN HOG - Cutk-naa toe wey sh&x)w demo'make?1 wan « oS8« CREATOR PACK (6 DISKS) - Gal which lets you pertorm a whole range of housekeeping' tasks such as formatting disks, moving files around, loading programs, and so on. Amiga DOS Is the name of the programming language that lets you control the loading ol programs, and the manipulation ot data both on disk and in memory.
If you are planning to use your Amiga at all seriously, you are definitely going to encounter both of these aspects, so you would do well to master them to the best ot your ability and at an early stage.
Bruce Smith Books publish tour titles that are designed to help you master the fundamentals of the Amiga: they're called Mastering Amiga Beginners. Mastering Amiga Workbench and Mastering AmlgaDOS Volumes 1 A 2. I’ve listed them In the order you're most likely to need them. They'll cost between £19.95 and £21.95 each and you can get them from BSB,
P. O. Box 382, St Albans, Herts, AL2 3JD. Tel: 0923 894355.
As for your children, I heartily recommend that you buy one or more of the Fun School packages to help with their education. Not only do these collections of programs help to familiarise the younger members of your family with the computer, but they can assist with educational basics such as literacy, numeracy, coordination, and so on. For more details on availability of these packages, contact Europress Software on 0625 859333.
If these are beyond your means, there are a number of public domain packages that may prove useful. Contact your nearest PD library for a list.
®l have an A500* and I have just discovered that the Workbench disk contains a programming language called Arexx. I can’t find any reference to it in my computer's manual. Can you please tell me how to load Arexx and if there are any manuals available on how to use it.
Could you tell me if it is possible to buy an upgrade to Workbench 3.0 which I saw in last month s CU AMIGA?
Stuarl Goss, Uckfleld, East Sussex UNKING AMIGAS tHo I own a couple of games which cgive you the option of linking two V Amigas together Unfortunately I can't find a way of doing this V wilhoul the aid ot a modem Is it possible by direct link?
I have knowledge of hardware, so if there isn't a cable one can buy. Then I could make one for myself. All I need is the hardware spec. Also, could you give me any information on how to construct a four-way joystick connector? I know they're relatively cheap, but money's still quite tight at the moment.
Michael Scott, Klngstelgnton, S. Devon What you’re looking for is known as a dalalink or null modem cable. It plugs Into either the parallel port or the serial port ot the two machines. They're fairly easy to get hold of and will cost you between £5-10. Contact Videk at Unit 10, Bowman Trading Estate, Westmorland Road, London, NW9 9RW. Tel: 081 204 6690.
As for four-way |oystlck adaptors, they also plug Into the parallel port, but the pin-outs are a little harder to acquire. Vldek can.probably help you again, if not, try your local computer hardware store. Having said that, sadly enough, there are virtually no Amiga games that support such adaptors, so you might care to consider whether or not It's worth the effort.
APPLE EMULATOR Is there any way that I can convert my 1 Mb t .3 Amiga into an Apple Mac system so that I can use my Dad s programs? If this is possible, will I still be able to run Amiga disks as well? * David Craig, Aberdeen You can buy an Apple Mac emulator for your.. Amiga. Called Amax 2, It plugs Into the drive port and essentially converts your computer Into a monochrome (black and white) Mac Classic. In order to use Amax you’ll also need to acquire Apple ROM which will cost you at least £100. An Apple drive which will cost another £100«, and Apple system software.
Amax 2 will cost you £169.95. As you see, the total price is already heading towards £400 and you haven't even bought any software yet!
I would suggest that you consider buying the real thing. They start at under £600 nowadays.
DISK MENUS a Is there any way that I can put a menu onto a disk so that as I put Mr „ programs on the disk, the menu
W. . Q A » is updated? I'm looking lor ' ' MM a something that
lets me load pro
* grams at a single key press - F1 OctaMED. F2 Sculpt 4D, etc.
David Craig, Aberdeen So far as I know, there are no menu
programs which automatically update themselves each time you
change the contents of a disk.
However, there are absolutely tons of public domain menu creators which are so quick and easy to use that you can update them manually every time that the contents of a disk are changed. I suggest that you get hold of a catalogue from your local PD library and see what’s on offer.
Alternatively, you could create your own menu using AmlgDOS. We showed you how back in the August 1991 Issue!
DIY PUBLISHER ®l have several good Ideas for Amiga games (one of which is only suitable for CDTV). I’m neither a programmer nor an artist, but rather than submit my designs to an existing company such as Ocean. I want to start my own company. Therefore I have a few questions that I hope you can answer: 1 Where can I find artists and programmers?
2. Are the above usually paid on a royalties only basis? It not,
would that be acceptable?
3. How many copies can I expect a good, but not revolutionary
game to sell?
4 Where will I be able to find a duplicator packaging company?
5 How much are points 2-4 likely to cost?
6 How do I go about getting another company to distnbute the games overseas?
7. Are there any books on the subject of soltware publishing?
Anon I’m not quite sure why you’ve signed your letter Anon; afraid that unscrupulous publishers are going to kidnap you and brainwash your Ideas out of you perhaps?
Anyway, there are no absolute answers to any of your questions but here are some Ideas:
1. Find out where your nearest computer club la and go along,
there are bound to be programmers there. Alternatively you
could place an advert in a magazine or in the trade press.
2. Professional programmers do not work on a royalties only
basis. When you consider that games usually take months If not
years to write, these people need a regular Income just Ilka
everybody else. You might be lucky enough to find an
unemployed person or someone who'll work In the evenings on a
royalties only basis, but I doubt It. I would expect that a
half-way decent programmer wouldn’t work for less than
£150-200 a week, but this figure could be much higher.
3. A decent game will sell anything from a few thousand, to
hundreds of thousands of copies In exceptional circumstances.
The number of copies sold is influenced greatly by the time of
year too.
4. There are loads of duplicators etc, |ust dying for work. Check
out the addresses on the backs ot game boxes.
5 How long is a piece ol string? £1000?
£100.000? It depends how you approach things, how much you pay, what sort ot packaging you use, how many copies you duplicate.
6. Unless you already have access to a good UK distribution
network, you’re going to need UK distribution too. Many UK
distributors can cover Europe as well.
7. Books? Nah, not a chance. Perhaps a friendly software house
might give you some advice but I wouldn't bank on It!
Most people agree that the days when a single person could successfully create, publish and distribute a game are long gone. However, If you're determined to go through with It. Hard work, luck and perseverance can work miracles. Go for it!
Is your Amiga giving you hassle' help from the experts? Then writ Broomfield. O&A. CU Amiga. Pri please call Chris Perera on this no: 071 972 6700 DISK AUSTRALIA If you wont to oppoor in tho Soil Out We Require: Coders, Computer Artists, Music, Sound Affects. Animators for Amiga, Please send your detials and SAE to: Mr R. Jose, 687 High Rd, Seven Kings Ilford, Essex IG3 8RQ HURRY UP Amiga Games For Sale, send SAE to: J.Cannon,
P. O. Box 214, Ilford, Essex, IG3 8RT, London 100's of Alan ST E*
DISK Disk Australia is a huge 3 disk magazine. The magazine
otters about 4 times the reading of conventional magazines.
Best ot all. The magazine is bought worldwide. It offers
support to everyone and everything on Amiga - from Games to
D.TV to Music to Amos to CDTV to even a Aussie holiday Guide!!
You will NOT be disapointed! - Please send 7 pound cheque to:
For Sale. 1Mb and WB 1.3 with joysticks mouse + Mat and
orginal games.
Offers around £200 Tel: 086 7307717 after 4.40pm. Terminator, Aliens, predator etc Model kits and toys SAE catalogue BBS,(m) PO Box 66 Scarborough Y0127YJ Also Cash Paid For Toys Anderson, SCIFI 60's etc Telephone 0723 372432.
AMIGA Repairs From £20 For A Free Estimate Send Machine And £10 Return P+P To N J H Electronics 12 Meessonsmead, Rochford, Essex, 554 IRN . Or Phone (0702) 546796.
Pleas* ton I havo an Ad in Soil Out ! I ondose cheque P.O. for £ ... ]Nam . ' Address ..... ] Total number of words j Post to: Ad Dept, CU Amiga, Priory Court, ; Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
« OaW*d ockas ¦cortidgei bajgtvk™ h 3 o; j?
Ill IL . 0J -u V Turboracer 1200 14mhz 68000 Non- Cache Double Speed Games Accelerator £65 Apex Compatable Disk Back up Hardware £25. 2 Way Video Port (23 pin) Switchbox £35.
68010 (lOmhz) Ceramic 68000 C.P.U Replacement £17;5 0 Mousebutton Switches £2-75 Disk+ Stamp.
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Amiga Contracts Wanted All Over The World. Send list or disks for 100% reply to Seyadi 1902 road 1631 muharraq 216 Bahrain.
1 1 PENGUIN PUBLIC DOMAIN PO BOX 179 .READING BERKS, RQ3 3DD SEND NOW FOR FREE USTS AND ORDER FORM NO OBLIGATION AMIGA POWER SUPPLY £29.99 SELECTAFONT I Genuine Commodore. 1 year warranty. Send us your faulty unit and pay I only £19.99. Same day despatch by Parcclforcc.
AMIGA REPAIR (A500 A500+ ONLY) £37.99 - Any fault (even drive or keyboard!) Send machine with covering letter and payment. Price includes return carriage, insurance and 3 month warranty.
I A520 Modulator exchange £ 19.99 3, 2"Intemal DrivetChinon)£29.99 8362 Denise £7.99 A520 modulator 5719 Garry Amiga Mouse
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to: Omindalc Supplies. 23 Curzon Street.
Derby DEI 2ES. Tel: 0332 291219 STARBURST POUICRIinCR AMY NORM ChintSEWiftWMNfs hairpin HEADHUNTER mEDHSfi DIGITALLY MASTERED SAMPLES IFF SOUND SAMPLE LIBRARIES ir mi • mm M on Om An«a«t-ke ih. Temple r« | Please send a large SAE with a 36p Stamp for a comprehensive Print-Out of ail Fonts. Also state |_which programs you will be using.
F D umpW disks They mt ca*%mnKtr wiOi ill P D ind cc Tlf| I ooi african INDIA* IWT 00J INMAN rue Tma »• .« R»ytl»m Loop, » (} ARABIC Ud. Su. Bend* Rhythm loaf*ek 005 rAR EAST nw VS. Yin ** Kate c«. O EtROKAN BUUiiU Cvxn. Bodhraa me. 04) OCEANIA Dtdjendu.CIudu.SidDtwnetc (25) OJOSTUM* 01* BASS GCTTARS Slap, packed. Fmleu IX. Tk «*) 015 ANALOG BASS Oberhetm. RotamLKor*. «cl22) OltDIGrTAL BASS DX. RoMad Kor| etc (2(1 017 BRANS Section. Sun Trumpet. Etc (24) Oil SYNTH BRASS Aaalo*. Djnal RL.A. «K III) 0I« PIANOS Octert SplM. -MR MrWgvFX (161 CeOo. OrcR Hit.. Semoe*. TK (21) OCR AMERICAS rXfERC.
0I0DRLMUT o:I SWTHSTRINGS Analof A aAlapiUi 022 CHOIRS Miiad ehotn wtth belli A tyadl (161 025 ORGANS Churck R Elecbtc (17| 011 ANALOG roc. TR-B0B. CR TS. Loop. Ek LATIN PIRC. TekMet Cmpt CeMut. C j . _____ _____ 013 GllTARS Aoxaabc.EmmcRDuwiadaK 1*1) Each Disk is priced si £2 50. My 10 (or £19.93. the Complete CoUccuon (or £49 93 In addetxM. Sampler owners cm u«e our Digitally Mastered Otrtxnc. Metal, or DAT sample Cassette* which contain meal of the COO I WORLD MUSIC COLLECTION 1173) Reel A Symh -tin Ch*r A Stnr*. T20i C002 PERCUSSION COLLECTION (229) COOJ GUITARS AND BASSES (161) k £9.93.
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70 2 50 star LC200 Black 211 1266 12 4r Star LC200Colour 4 50
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SurLC24*‘l0 200Cok,u, 3 36 3 21 3 01 Educational Software
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vv* The Connoisseur’s Choice If you are looking for software
to help with the National Curriculum, then look no further.
Our new free catalogue is packed with programs suitable for
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Ring for ribbons, inkjet cartridges and inkjet refills not listed Ring us and we will beat all other prices 0543 250377 , Ring us or smd cheques to: 543 250377 Owl Associates. Depl 76. Owl House. E*o (-==-! 5 The Brambles. Lichfield. Staffs WS14 9SE ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & DELIVERY Subjects now available Include.. Sport First Aid General Knowledge England Scotland Natural History MICROLAND BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEM I 0483 725 905 To View 0891 990 505 To Download Avalable Ay most home a business computers
- jt Best ting programs wtfh superb mrlwwt + Aak your dealer or
uee our 28 hour msH order eervfee Many programs alto* you to
add your own lessons + Enjoy looming Irom your computer Amiga
shareware Including files from Ihe Fred Fish Collection plus
lots more to download at V32bls, V32, V22bls, V22, V23, 4 HST8
data bits, no parity.
Why Mt lor your software whan you can download now dead to your ooergxAar Montand otters high spied connection* and moat Mm are conrxaaaad to mmeruM tha ooat Owe* • out on 0483726 906¦! NorrnnJcnllcharpM So much aherwmre you are apoAtor aho Write or telephone for our new FREE 16-page colour brochure of Educational and Leisure software (Please state computer type) Kosmos Software Ltd, FREEPOST (no stamp needed) DUNSTABLE, Beds. LU5 6BR Telephone 0525 873942 or 875406 a Kosmos E3 . R wiae. R ipew mu menuevvie. U-uee. S-v- ProorBrrmnfl. And CommuncOons AfM 1 contaun* 14* Inti lor al arem to N*to
wow li whal you ate lootung tor PtcRocot* xrroOem. Ymodorr. Zrnodom. HanM. MM and uuq CbSb to 0691 990 505 charged al 36opor menu** cheap rate. 4Sp par mmot ad o BACKCHAT Wearing his best pair of thermal-resistant underpants INSIDE INFORMATION and industrial strength outer garments, Dan Slingsby By GARY LARSON gets ready for another acidic outing of reader rantings "No douW obout It. Ellington we've iihemartcoiiy expressed the purpose of the universe. God, how I love the tirtll of and noxious outpourings.
TIME SUP Do you realise that By Ihe lime your magazine reaches Australia, it s well alter midnight, and most of us are in bed? Could you please deliver it ear- Her. Say at around noon? If you're going to print this letter (for its technical content) then please print it six issues ago, so that I can read It next year, and impress both my friends.
Steve Murray, Langwarrln, Australia It's going to be one of those days, I can tell... ABSOLUTE BEGINNER I am a complete novice when it comes to using the Amiga as I have only recently bought an A600.1 was therefore quite interested in your Workbench tutorial. It was all very informative and straightforward. And I appreciated you keeping it simple. BUT.
What on earth are these Workbench hacks that you mentioned?! These little programs seem quite «as- cinating - but you don't tell me how to run them: I've tried accessing them Irom the Shell, but no luck What commands must I type? I hope you can enlighten me.
Michael (No surname given). London Workbench hacks are small programs which, once loaded up, do all sorts of things to your fekheJ? WJ ii nol, and ha sudt sanites an about to bt let in in fa State Users el pay a subsoil**! He and need on adaptor - one end plugging into o specnly prepared gomes console ond woftrto Ihe cable decoder.
Once lel up, gomes ran fan be irecdy dovmlooded from Ihe system. Owners wil have Ihe dunce lo preview gomes with ihe option lo purchase ihe whole game if Ihey enjoy it.
There's oko ihe possttty of mejlb-piay head-to-head matches with other home users. Stuns fantastic.
Workbench screen, such as changing your mouse pointer Into a rocket ship which powers across the screen or make the entire screen wobble about like a jelly. There ere literally hundreds of these programs available, many of which are absolutely hilarious. It s all quits pointless, but If you want some light relief, then they're Ihe perfect remedy after hours of programming. Unfortunately, none come with Ihe Workbench disks that you got when you bought the Amiga and have to be purchased separately from Public Domain libraries. Check out some ot the PD ads In this very Issuel They're not as
expensive as you might think, as some disks come with as many as 30 or 40 such hacks on each disk.
THIS IS A REPEAT I'm sol happy I buy most of me Amiga mags, but so many ol them seem to cover the same prod TEAM TALK The column containing more lies than a party political broadcast returns with another batch of untruths, spurious assertions and shadowy comments.
BAUgSKASE FREE' The best thing that happened to Dan this month was meeting Rolf Hams Well, okay, he didn’t exactly shake hands and have a laugh with Ihe great man, but he did pass him in his car on the M4 and even got a bit of a wave - or was Rolf trying to communicate something e-se with his frenzied gestures as Dan cut him up to get a better look?! Sad. Really Dan s also finally about to move out of his sleeze-pit of a flat that permanently reeks of chicken from the Tennessee Chicken shop down below. Trouble Is. He's only got two days left on his lease before it expires and still hasn't
found anywhere else to live By the time you're reading mis, Dan will either be ensconced in some palatial palace or have moved Into me games room cupboard - lor which EMAP will probably charge nim a fortune lor £££REE K.CK' After last month's white wash at me SensiSoccer World Cup Jon s been unable to even look at a copy ot the game without suffering from uncontrollable shakes He's not had a decent night's sleep since the sad event as he keeps having reghtmares where he's being chased by a 10-foot replica of the World Cup. In fact his plight is so bad mat we've decided to start a Save
IheDepEd' fund Any contributions towards saving mis highly endangered creature will be gratefully received - remember to make the cheque out to J. Sloan and send II to me usual address (Oi, fhaf 's qurte enough of your con trkAs - Ed.)
Jon's also been making a name for himself with Commodore alter visiting their Berkshire HQ lor a press bnefxig and managing to pour a ccp of coffee over his trousers So much tor his ninja co-ordination skills!
RIPUY' The one-woman baby machine has been a little worried of late as when she had her first scan she was surprised to see that her little creation bore an uncanny resemblance to the chest burster from Aliens We ve tned to reassure her by saying that all babies look like aliens but she's not having any of it. She's even started to spon army fatigues, a greasy vest and large machine gun. Personally we mink that she's just using it as an excuse to openly indulge her fetish tor paramilitary costumes.
Heather's little sproglet may only be 20 weeks ok) but It's already started to display some of its mother's char- actenstics Apparently it has a tendency to kick out with alarming frequency and has even set out a schedule lor the birth We wouldn't be surprised rf it spnngs oul of the womb brandishing a ruler.
LKTTK have a dominant position in the education market, while Apple have just about sown up the proles- sional DTP business Correct me II I'm wrong, but even CU AMIGA is produced using Macs and QuarkXPress, isn't it?
I was pleased to see that the A1200 and A4000 came out tops I've just invested in an A1200 with 80Mb hard dnve and I couldn't be more pleased with it. Even though the Falcon looks a better bet lor music malung. That's not all I want to do by any means I use my computer lor a variety ol purposes such as video work (captioning family weddings, that sort ot thing liddhng around with OctaMed (excellent package fractals (yes. I know, old hat, but I spa find it vrterestmg) and creating my own Dpaint pictures. I'm even a bit ot a gameshead. As there's nothing I like better than coming home Irom
work and unwinding with a good or blast - even If I'm still to gel off level two of Project X. I’m really excited about Commodore's rolling development policy, even il nobody else is. I had my trusy A500 lor more than lour years and it was an excellent piece ot kit, but towards the end ol its useful life I was very aware ol its limitations. I expect to get at least a couple ol years out ot my new A1200, but I’d be very disappointed il there wasn’t a new machine waiting lor me when I eventually outgrow it. Two years should be just enough time for Commodore to come up with an A1800 with
internal CD drive and lots ol other extras, tool Kevin Mortimer, Hull star' mi*™ KILLER' We've always been a bit suspicious about Nick's frequent disappearances but this month we were shocked to find the real truth behind these absences. Nick owns a rather large, vicious cat which has a tendency to tie in wait behind doors and attack him when he's least expecting it. It turns out that the cat is an expert in unarmed combat and often disables Nick's legs with a swift paw to the ankle. Nick's even tried taking karate lessons trom Jon in an attempt to beat the moggy so that he can make it to
the office but. So tar, he’s not been successful. He even tried to take it to the local vets lo give il the snip hoping that it would quell the moggy's more violent rages but the vet refused to go near it. And... Yes we know that this whole story is highly implausible but it's one of the better excuses that Nick's come up with.
Ucts. I don’t mind when it comes to new games or productivity sottware. But when I read the umpteenth guide to Indiana Jones and Ihe Fate of Atlantis or Legend of Kyrandia, I start to get a little cheesed off. It seems that the whole market has gone 'Indy' mad as far as reviews and help goes while other worthwhile adventures such as Lure of the Temptress have gone untouched!
I expect a mag that is different from the rest and not just a clone. So come on lads, get your fingers out and give us a mag that breaks away from the rest.
The Doctor, Norwich Player s guides are probably one of the most time-consuming features in the mag. It might take a couple of days to review a game, but writing an in-depth player’s guide can take a week or more! Obviously we can't devote so much time to |ust a couple of pages, so we rely on the software houses to provide us with a lot of the information - direct from the programmer's mouth so to speak! Unfortunately, some software houses are more efficient at this than others. Indiana Jones featured heavily in all the mags because everyone was sent a huge player's guide covering the entire
Having said that, we do put together our own guides to most of the top games, as well as giving out numerous tips each month, too.
I think you're just as guilty as we are, though, when It comes to duplicating copy.
Your letter was a photocopy and I suspect it was also sent to most of the other Amiga mags. So practise what you preach!
MACHINE WARS Thanks lor finally clearing up the 'my machine is better than your machine’ debate once and lor all.
Your piece on the ditlerent types of home computer currently available and how each machine is more suited to a particular area ol activity was a refreshing read. Perhaps now, at last, we can lay the Falcon vs. At 200 debate to rest. In a way, your conclusions were pretty obvious Irom the start. For anyone who has even a remote interest in home computing, it's well known that Acorn We had to drag Tone kicking and screaming into Ihe photographer’s studio this month.
Not like him to be so camera shy, you might think, but when he's being made to model an Arsenal shirt, things get a bit tricky.
Being a Spurs man, | it took him a week just to pluck up the courage to put the thing on! Ever since, he's nol been out in public without his dark glasses and bobble hat (a strange combination, but he's a desparate man!). The results ol Tone’s photo session can be seen on page 22. II you look very carelully you'll see Ihe chains we used lo keep him in place.
When he's not in the studio composing Ihe lastest techno trip hit he’s been going to grin-correction classes in an attempt to stop being mistaken for Jonathan King. As you can see, it's not done much lor him so far. Still, we all live in hope.
Wilti reference lo your ortide on rompeling computers, I (ommend you on the ottempl lo jjrodute on crtuzsed comparison. But I would like lo lake issue wilh your review ol me Fsstly. The fox on r, sot si ihe SI range II is o completely new platform | il jusl hop pens lo use the same usmg sJDclr. EA?f] ond it s not the first Atari marhinc lo use the '030 - this was used • dm IT in 1991.
Continuing m this ven the base Falcon competes directly within the 41200 prxe point so how, when you prsO die MIP fodors. Can you conclude that il does not compare well lot speed? I am not technxd but 3 84 MIPS looks almost twice ihe speed ol 2 MIPS to me! A little unintended bos hoc Then, the statement fhot you Med o 4Mb RAM minimum and a hard disk to use the DSP properly is completely untrue The DSP hos th own memory lor programs ond there fore you can moke s rdxom use of il with I Mb of RAM Again. I'd Eke lo lake issue with your statement that Ihe falcon is more expensive ihon some effects
boxes, f AO -Hrscheopecthon the majority, bat this misses the point Falcon is o fuly featured 32 fci computer thal con be used os on effects box, ol better than CD quality, omongsl ol die thousands ol olhei applications il can be used for.
The Fakon oho hos o fid 16 Brl high qudily sound system wilh stereo input oulpul 8 Irock record ond pkryhodr ibot records ol olmosl 50KH; (better Ihon (0 or R DAT). This hos nothing to do writfi i?SP. But you can utilise the DSP lo manipulate, stretch, echo, reverb, sunoond sound, etc thrs dote in real lime if you like!!
Now onto o MAI0R port. When you state that Ihe folcon is resliicled lo 256 colouis on screen you ore (0MPUTHY WRONG! In Irue colour mode the Alori Folcon con have 65 536 colours on saeen ol any one lime AND, jusl os relevant, EVERY pixel con be a different colour!
Another mistake Ihe Fakon is 16 Bit RAM. Ihis is wrong Ihe Folcon is full 32 Bit RAM Amiga display modes.
I would like lo know what you mean by 'significant use' of the DSP ia I Mb ol RAM. Too may he oble to record direct to disk (and indeed the DSP eon't interfere in disk accessing) but you still need samples to he In RAM to edit and manipulate them. I Mb is hardly enough lor Ihe applications software to do this, never mind lor the samples os well (which will obviously be twice the size ol 8-bit samples lor the some run-length).
We did rather skip over the sound system, but to be loir we did soy that the Atori hod leatures thot would be appealing to musicians. To go into technical detoil on every aspect ol Ihe machines under test would have token up the whole magazine.
You moy well have titles available specifically for the Folcon - but were they in the shops when the mochine was launched? Not Ihe ones we tried... Finally, I really don't know where you get your figures from. The failure rate ol the A600 and A1200 is still around two per cent.
Another mwoke Ihe hUcon rs 16 01! KAM. Ihts is wrong Ihe hokon is lull il Bit KAM Fino y, outte how you cortd gi ve Ihe Folcon o 5 lor software support is beyond me.
We olreody hove 20 Folcon titles put in furape and a further 150 in development from o personal poml ol view the loci tfiot It s an Alori', which you used os o con, means to me that it is bkefy lo suffer Irom o less ihon live per cenl Mure rote, os the 51 did, rather than Ae IS per rent plus thol hos olways plogucd the Amiga.
Darryl St% Marketing Manager, ATARI Hmm, well it's quite interesting thot you reckon the bose Folcon competes with the Al 200 on price. Ihe Falcon Is over 50 per cent more expensive ot £599, and the £200 difference could buy you on accelerator for your Al 200 making it much foster than the Falcon '030.
At first, I was a bit milled at Commodore's rolling development Idea, whereby new technology would be made available as soon as It was commercially viable. I didn't want to buy a machine one month only lo llnd II superseded by another the next. Now, though, I'm all for II, as It keeps the Amiga In the vanguard of home computing. With backwards compatibility an overriding consideration ol Commodore's, there's really no need to worry about ending up with an out-dated machine and A500 owners can look forward to many more years of support from the sottware houses. Still, some readers are
less enthusiastic than others... £599, and the £200 difference could buy you on accelerator for your A1200 making it much faster than the Falcon '030.
It Is true that the Falcon does have a 16-Bit true display mode, but I think the poml we were making wilh the display was that it came in standard VGA pixel resolutions ana was therefore not as flexible os the new ROLL YOUR OWN I own an A500. With a GVP A530 Turbo HD max porating 2Mb Chp RAM. 8Mb 32-Bit Fast RAM. A 68030 accelerator with a 68882 Maths co-proces sor plus two hoppy drives, an Action Replay Mklll and a ROM switcher with version 1.3 and 2.04 ROMS. Having paid close to £2.500 for the above set up. Commodore, in their infinite wisdom, bong out the A1200. If I cannot adapt my
A500., which I adore using, it will mean starting all over with a new machine or miss out on all the new sottware (this reminds me of the STE, STFM argument).
Until I bought my A500», I wasn’t much of an artist. I couldn't draw lor the life of me. But Dpaint.
MovleSaltei and Eric Schwartz changed all that.
Then just as I got used to it all, Commodore stab me in the back. Their constant redevelopment idea has me completely confused and annoyed. I'm all for progress, but releasing three Amigas in the same pnce range - the crappy A600. The unsup ported CDTV and the new A1200 - is going to lose a lot ol customers I think I understand why more people are buying Pcs They may be slow, bulky and have prehistoric architecture, but al least they are easily upgradable
J. V. Lane. Kent AMOS DATA I am writing to you with a query
regarding the AMOS cover disk which was given away with the
April Issue of the magazine.
I know you stated that the program was not complete as you couldn't include any example games and demos, which is lair enough, but confusing as there are a number of these items on the disks, but there does seem to be a data disk missing. The data disk is requested by a number ol these example programs including the Hard Disk xistaSer. Which says in its text, that three disks are required lor the install to be complete - these are: AMOS. AMOS Extras and Data Disk.
Its obvious that you had to shuttle the files around a bit in order to fit the compiler program onto the AMOS disk, hence the Missing Files disk Could it be lhal the files from the Data disk were misplaced during this 'shuffle', or was this missed altogether? Maybe the supplier gave you a bum deal and sold you an incomplete version!
LETTER OF THE MONTH of (overage? And why hosn 'l anyone from CU AMIGA been on o snow?
It's not only llw TV shows lhat ore lo blame though. The Sun, Mirror ef ai nearfy atwroys review console tides rather than Ihe AMIGA stuff. It s just so crazy. It's not os if Ihe console stuff is ony good, errtw Al you gel is a continuous diet of platform gomes ond shoot 'em uos on Ibe consoles, wfiereos they could be reviewing ihe latest night sim, graphic adventure ot RPG - ol types of game that are tew ond for between x Ibe coreoles.
Mint can be done? I don’t know, but hopefuly if readers write in lo the IV tfrntnek and protest oboul Ihe pool (overage, Ihen Ae I start lo sit up ond lake notice. Listening lo my males, I'd even be so bold as lo soy fe consoles hove hod fair doy, as more ond mote of my friends are buyiig the new Al 200 ona consigning that SMES Megodrive to Ihe saq ' jams are about hdffepna of fair axisole counterparts ond ore modi more Averse in ihe types of genre Ihe scan heap. AMIGA twy cover ConUi't agree with yea am, Dave. If reJy irits me the way al the TV game i solos and relegate the Amiga la ai
aho-faa. An they and? Oar amhhw iai some of the best gaawt around. The greatest injustice, though, is that none ot the programmes hove asked onyone from CU Amiga onto their shows. Then ogam, who d want to see a fam of non ridden aaordr-wearing misfits dribblng over recent game releases (myself exdadei ef coarse)?!
I know that AMOS was given away by Amiga Format a few months back, and as they never gave a very good insight into this program I never bothered looking at it, so. Out of interest. I unpacked their version, only lo find that it also had this disk missing! This version only had two disks: AMOS and AMOS Extras. They did, however, have plenty ol example files just like yours.
Please explain where this mystery disk is as it seems to be quite important to the running of this program. Just think, if CU AMIGA wasn't so good at suppoding the programs that it gives away on its wonderful coverdisks each month, you wouldn't get gloriously picky letters such as mine Mr. R. Caytord, London The files on the data disk are a tew example games which are not vital to the running ot the AMOS system. Thank you for pointing out that the Installer program asks for the missing disk.
To get around this problem and use the Installer as It was intended (well, more or less).
|ust rename the disk you have (called Missing (lies’) to AMOS_DATA’ and all the tiles on It will be Installed. The Ales are not thesame as the ones which were on the data disk, but the result of the exercise is the same.
Thanks lor bearing with us, and hopefully thanks to you pointing out this problem, many other people will be able to en|oy their AMOS disk to Its fullest. As an additional bonus, we ll also be Including the data disk files on an upcoming coverdlsk, so you can find out what you're missing out on (not much!!).
PC POWER Now that the extra power of the A1200.A4000 is here can we expect to see the same quality ol sgft ware available as PC owners enjoy? I am writing Ass letter on Wonftvorth 2whtch is tine lor the odd quality letter, but where's the structured dip-an. .
Equation editor, basic structured drawing, last printing, graph function, etc? This criticism isn't levelled just at WW2, Out at Amiga sottware in general. I find it ridiculous to have to wait over a minute for a page of text to print on an Al 200 with INSIDE INFORMATION UK video gomes producers, Codemnflen, hove won fair long runmnglegd battle iw*i US gome gionfsHrtendo. Ihe UtmSMk Supreme Covt refused to Mar Mnfendo's fad opped to oudmr tie Gome Geiae, Codemaster's video gome entiancer. T?» earfar 1991 deasian dot the Gama Genie dd not infringe Metlendo's copyrighls was upheld. Galoob, ihe
offal Uslcensee, wlto led ihe octon dtere was worded SI 5 miion in damoges for loss of profits fcx ibe lime Ihot the Genie was kepi off the maricel. Codemosters share of this owordisopproximalelyS3.4 miion. Does this moke them ihe mosl successful UK games producer?
A GVP 40MHz 030 and a hard drive While I'm slagging things oft, whatever happened lo the al least 10 A1200 specific games available before Christmas' daim of Commodore?
S. P. Buckley, Rochdale, Lance.
II la certainly true that there are some areas ot the software spectrum where the PC has s definite advantage, usually |ust because It has been around longer. All ot Ihe features you mention are available on Amiga programs, though not necessarily Ihe ones you own. Pagaaattar II Is capable of handling Postscript fonls and structured art, but only costs around £50.
The printing speed is more a factor ot the printer that you are using rather than Ihe software that's driving it. The processor, etc. only makes a difference when preparing data to be printed, the real bottleneck Is the serial printer Interface. If you bought a SCSI laser printer and interface you could print |ust as fast as any other machine. I think your problem Is that you are not comparing like with like.
As tor Commodore s promise that there would be at least 10 A1200 specific games available lor Christmas - perhaps they meant Xmas 931 DON'T PATRONISE ME!
Many, many thanks to Mr Broomfield for being so erudite in his lengthy reply lo my recent queries in April's QSA section. I'm sure there was some extermely valuable advice contained therein. It was just a little difficult lo discern through the douds ol reasonabfy-wed-disguised vitriol Firstly, I was a little surprised to see it in prim at all as it had been posted three months previously, during which time, alter much hard work and experimentation with MEMACS and SHELL, all of Ins advice was rendered redundant.
I did actually quality my questions, pre-empting any ridicule, by stating that they could be construed as naive, but this didn't stop Mai from having a go! For the record, I do realise that you cannot expect a manual lo tell you specifics, it just seems strange that one publisher can produce a fairly comprehensive beginner's guide, yet Commodore who make the machine, cannot.
Thanks for listening, and I will still continue to buy the only mag that insults with style!
Phil Noonan, Runcorn Reasonably well disguised vitriol? It was so well disguised that when I read the piece you referred to. I couldn't And anything Mat said which could have caused such offence. A you really want to see him angry, wait until he's just tied one of his regular encounters with the tax man. As for the delay in answering your letter, thot's roughly the average time It takes to reply to an enquiry. 8y the time you see a copy of CU AMIGA at the newsagents, we've nearly An- Ished ths nut one. Then, once a letter lor Q4A or Beckchat finally arrlvea, It's aent oft to the relevant
person tor an answer, has to be aent beck to Ihe office, subbed and Imported Into a page layout, proofed again, and then sent off to be filmed. And, of course, yours Is not Ihe only enquiry we receive - on average, we get something like 200 08A enquiries a month! Does that answar your questions, fartface?! (not quite as stylish, but a little Ml more direct!)
CLUB CALL This month Tony Horgan takes a look at some of the many disk magazines currently available.
WI'Lt SUPPORT YOU... I’m a great tan ot CU AMIGA but one area I do tee!
You fall down on (and you re not alone in this) Is the lack ot follow-up tutorials on coverdisk programs Presumably you have to pay substantial sums ot money to obtain the programs in the first place, so why do they only get a couple of pages In one or two issues? OctaMed was the only program covered in any depth: but what about MoweSener.
Expad 40 Jm and Video TvanLCA. You did promise a turther tutorial on Expert 40 Jnr lor the February issue, but it never appeared While I appreciate that you try to keep all readers happy. I fear you have once again left many readers high and dry with Video Tltler LCA I cringe when I see the words 'experimentation is the best way to get to grips with the system', or similar expressions It usually means I spend days struggling with the program before throwing the disk into a drawer, never to see the nside of a dnve again The into you gave was useful but not very thorough. Are there any
plans to expand on it?
Gordon Nason, Co. Dublin. Ireland Yours la on* ot many such letters we've received on the sub)ect of coverdisk support.
Apologies for the non-appearance of the Expert 4D tutorial - we Intended to run one, but couldn't find anyone qualified enough to do the program |ustlce. If anyone can otter help with a step-by-step guide to this amazing package, get In touch, and we ll run on* as soon as possible. As for Video Titter, Oxxl Aegis have been singularly unforthcoming with a user manual despite many requests over the last lew weeks!
To get around this, we've enlisted the help of the Amiga Video Producers Group, who'll be running a aeries of tutorials In the months to com*. As an added bonus, we'll also be running a special Q& A section devoted to recent coverdlsks, so If you're having a problem with one of our excellent coverdlsks. Drop us a line and we ll endeavour to help you out!
JOYSTICK THUMB As an experienced gamesplayer. I'm all loo aware ol the many injuries that can result from games such as Daley Thompson 's Decathlon and other such waggle-intensive titles Over the years, I've suffered a number of such injuries These days.
Sensible Soccer on the A500 has not only given me the 'Anvga Arm', but also some new spare parts lor my other joysticks! Protect X has also helped me to gam a fairly new injury, the frozen finger and bruised upper thumb What can be done about these devastating wounds? Who is to blame and what can we do to protect ourselves from them?
Nasser S. Ahmed, London If you think you've got It bad, spar* a thought tor us lot. The number of ‘sporting injuries we pick up during the course of a year are too numerous Aee m e tlnn *-- ----a» a---a a X-1 Ik, .mN---- 10 man I ion. Jon evan aisiocaiaa nil inumo once, which caused much amusement at the time (although for some strange reason, we couldn't persuade Jon to see the funny skSe of It!).
GRAPEVINE CLUB CALL Produced by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD Grapevine is probably the most popular dak mag around Unlika some olhers, il concentrates on articles, and indudes no demos, source code sound samples or any other supporting goodes This has the advantage ol leaving space lor lw - dred9 ol lealures. Which are written by Amga Ians from all around the world The articles cover just about anythmg that's occupying the minds ot the contributors wtvcJi a usually either sex, drugs, or rock and id. There are also other features written by experts vi o*i*r fields, which tend to be boring Even so.
There t so much here on the three disks. 339 ancles «i issue 14 lot example, that you're bound to *nd something ol interest Available Irom: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Otftce*. 29 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorke, Wft 1DR Tel: 0924 366982. Price: £3.75 (Including P»P).
AM PM This IS the Amga Musicians Freeware Magazm*.
And IS currently at issue ! 1. It's edrted by Bjom Lynne, and uses a neat interlace written by Teqo Kinnunen, author ot OctaMED. The magazine Itself comes on a single disk, but there are also support disks available separately, some devoted to samples, others with MIDI music, and on* with ProTracker 3 02.
Anyone into Amiga music w« Itnd plenty lo get their teeth into Features are written by musidans who know what they're talking about and cover a range ol relevant topes You can expect to find reviews ot synths and sequencers Monets debates, opinions, demotape reviews and various one-ott lealures Some ot the more lectve articles are accompanied by source code Amiga-based music Is always included, along with MIDI tiles.
Most issues also have one or Iwo utilities Most of the articles are quite lively and opinionated Anyone into making Amiga music should gel hold ol Ihe latest issue pronto Available trom: Cynostlc PO. SS Wyken Croft Road. Coventry. CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 613817.
Price: £2.00 per Issue. Support disks £2.00 each (Including P*P).
UPSTREAM Upstream is a new disk mag that's currently in its first issue. It covers very similar ground to Grapevine, but concentrates on the hadung'demo scene, although they do request real world' article submissions lor future issues.
There are only 2S articles, but then it it only just starting out You get a choice ol backing tunes, and the interface is simple to use Upstream is moth a look t you can stomach the 100 per cent tcene-onentaled content.
Available from: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices, Market Street. Wakefield, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 688692. Price: £1.75 (including P.Pj. AMIGAHOUC It you don't lancy reams ol articles on demos and hacking, you could give the Amigaholic disk mag a shot It caters tor the enthusiast who's into a variety of Anvga reiated pastimes, such as DTP.
Graphics programming, comms. Video and so on The approach is a contrast Irom the slightly ekes!
Attftsje ol the scene disk mags, inviting feedback trom novices. A tew simple games are included on the two disks - the usual PD examples ol Othello, Tank and so on Amigaholic also run small meetings, where fellow readers can swap ideas and talk at length about all things Amiga Amigaholic also have their own PD ibrary Available from: Kevin Bryan, 49 Courts House. Charlton Church Lane, Chariton.
London. SE7 7 AS.
BEAT ARTISTS It sounds like a combined music and graphics magazine, but in tact Beat Artists doesn't ma|or on any particular aspect ol Ihe Amiga Instead, it covers the range quite evenly, trom games to programming, through all kinds of applications Since issue 3. It's come on two disks, which leaves more room lor the PD games and utikMt The producers have gone tor a mix of articles and software but there s really not much to read The letters and advert pages are both empty, but then the mag is still young Issue 3 has an Interview with Keith A Grant, programmer ol the PD programs AMIGA sh and
Amibase Unfortunately, it's just the usual story about starting with a ZX81, then working through a Spectrum, C64 and finally to the Amiga, and enjoying a drink down the pu b - hardly gripping stud There are also reviews of PD software (some with screengrabs). And a lew classic reviews, giving opinions on old games By far Ihe best aspect is the software which indudes Scenery Generator. Syslnfo
3. 01, Pong, Cybemetix, Zut Alorsl. And an animation trom
Creatures There are also a tew samples and IFF pictures
included lor your own use Issue 4 should be available by the
time you read this, which should otter a bit more in the way
ot articles Available Irom: Beat Artists. 60 Knighton Church
Road. Leicester. LE2 3JH. Tet:0S33 703678. Price Issues 1 and
2 £1.99 each, Issues 3 onward £2.50. THE MAN BEHIND MTHE HYPE
Team 17 are one of the few superstars in the Amiga world. A
lot is known about their games emg a cheerful bloke I was a
little worried when the lads at CU approached me lo wnte a
column Don't get me wrong - I do have moments when I could
write streams ol vit- nol about something that's got my goat -
it's |us!
That they caught me on a good day The reason lor my good mood is that alter months ot cajoling we finally persuaded Commodore to give us the hardware specs lor the AA chipset. It's not been easy, I mean we had to approach Commodore in the U.S. before they'd give us anything. As they're r pt producing a hardware manual lor the A1200 you’d have thought that they'd be a bit Ireer with the specs lor developers Ol course, it all boils down to Commodore's age-old policy that everything must run through the operating system. It's understandable that Commodore want to maintain backwards
compatibility lor their machines but when you're trying lo code games the operating system can just get in the way While we re on the subject ol the AI200, and yes I know this has been said belore but, why oh why didn't the designers add a DSP or at the very least another lour channels ol sound? I've h raised this point many times wyh the Commodore development guys and I'm sure that I'm not the only one to have done so. Why Is it then that the company decided not to include one? Surely cost can t have been the only factor Still, mustn't grumble really as our relationship with Commodore is
probably the best it's ever been at the moment.
STRANGE RUMOURS On a vaguely related subject, there have been many rumours going round recently that Team 17 will be abandoning the lower end machines like the 500, SOOPIus and 600 in favour ol the 1200.1 would like to take this opportunity categorically to state that we are NOT doing so [then why did you start this in the hrst place? 11 - Ed I It would be extremely tootish lor ourselves or any developers to for- get about these pieces ol kit as they represent such a vast proportion ol the market Whilst it may be true that their usage will dimmish with time I cannot see it dwindling so
quickly that there's a need to drop them immediately. I can B understand why some would want to concentrate on the 1200 given its better all-round hardware I can't help thinking, though, that had Commodore tackled its marketing and development a little differently there would be a lot more people staying with the earlier machines. In my opinion it would have been better to bring out a whole new Commodore model, not a new Amiga. If they could have lound some way ol mixing the hardware Irom the A3000 with the special chip capabilities that the SNES has and badged it differently it would still
have been perceived as a home computer but it would have been more a machine lor the 90s than what is in effect a souped-up ok) Amiga. It would have also stopped a lot ot people Irom getting cheesed oil with a new Amiga being released barely months alter the last one HrVtF Left; Martyn Brown basks In tha glow of success from Team 17'a Istsst smash hi!. Supertrog. Al the recant European Computer Trade Show their stand was besieged by retailers snd foumos aliks as they attempted lo gel a glimpse ol tha development house's upcoming games.
But what about the faces behind the name. Their head honcho, Martyn Brown, gives us his views on life, the universe and the Amiga.
OLD CHESTNUTS I know this is another ok) chestnut but one thing that's been worrying me mote than usual is the amount ol developers dropping the Amiga. Take DMA lor example, they have produced some ot the best games on the Amiga but have decided that it's no longer worth their while to do so. We have all been saying for years that piracy will drive people away Irom the machine, but the pirates have carried on regardless Well, we could be seeing the start ol the exodus now You may think that copying the odd game and selling giving it to your mates doesn't really harm anyone but you re wrong
Every time you do it you effectively add to our development costs It'll soon get to a point where it s no longer cost effective lor us to code games on this platform.
Normally we just amble along producing games that we would like to play ourselves Out all these upheavals have caused us to take a fresh look at the Amiga market as a whole.
Commitment or not you've got to remember that this is our business. Anyway. I’m glad that we did because we saw. For the first time in ages, just what a state the budget market it in. It's awash with re-releases of full price games and appalling titles written specifically lor it. Now re- releases are all well and good but the rest of the budget titles are absolute crap It seems to me that a lot of companies are simply exploiting their public by releasing what they know to be sub-standard products and hoping that because they’re on the budget label they'll gel away with it. It's not good
enough as the budget market represents the bedrock of Amiga gaming with many people able to afford only budget titles. To be honest, we have been neglecting this part ot the market for too long So, between now and Christmas, we plan to release about six titles that are a combination of re-releases and specific budget games Hopefully that'll cause a bit of a stir and spur our competitors into action.
On that note it's probably about time that I signed otf. Sorry guys. I know that there's not that many controversial comments in there but.
Like I said. I'm just a happy go lucky bloke. 77 Composite, S-Video or SVHS inputs.
Digitise in 320 X 200 NTSC or 320 X 256 PAL 320X400 NTSC or 320X512 PAL 262000 HAM-8 128 COLOUR 32 COLOUR 4 COLOUR 4096 HAM 64 COLOUR 16 COLOUR 2 COLOUR 256 COLOUR '64 EHB MODE 8 COLOUR HAM-E (*) 320X256 320X200 640X512 320 X 512 320 X 400 704 X 240 384 X 283 384 X 200 704 X 283 384 X 566 640 X 240 704 X 480 640 X 256 640 X 400 704 X 566 SUPPORTS FULL OVERSCAN INTERLACE HI-RES MODES
(44) 0506 414631 FAX: (44) 0506 414634 Rombo Productions Ltd.
Baird Road. Kirkton rnmn... m iwcewu.
KRISMIS Krlsalis Software Ltd. Teque House. Masons Yard, Moorgate, Rotherham, S60 2HD. Tel: 0709 372290 e palace gardens. Today however he gam *er bore the gardens.
Gdom, has despatched a demon from the AMIGA HYPERBOOK
• 'OUR NEWSAGENT kingdom.
Mauling and clawing at Laila.
I the claw of the monster but is left on the b*on i on a charge of sorcery. Now, taking on Ihe raw.
Ilia from the evil Viher.
1 NYOUIST RATE - flit nig it which sound most be retorted In order Id cppture the highest Irtquendts of the original. This rale Is twice the Ireqoeocy el the highest pitch in the sound.
• EO - Short tor equalisation; the adjustment ol relathre
frequencies within a sound.
• SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO - The level ot recorded sound relathre to
the background noise. Higher ratios give superior
• dB - Decibels, the accepted standard lor measuring vol- 2 must
admit, I just can't understand why Commodore didn't Include an
Arexx manual with the Amiga Plus. It was Included with the
official Klckstart Workbench upgrade pack, but I have a
sneaking suspicion that they (perhaps rightly) felt that the
average user would never want to use the language, so there was
very little point In wasting money on producing a manual.
It Is not exactly a language that you load like Basic or AMOS. Arexx commands are executed via script which can be created with a text editor. This script Is then executed by an Arexx program called RX. Which Itself requires a program called RexxMAST to be running as a resident process.
As for a manual, I suggest that you take a look at Using Arexx on the Amiga. It costs £29.99 and Is available from Computer Bookshop Ltd, 50 James Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, West Midlands. B11 2BA. They can be contacted on 021 706 1188.
No, you can't upgrade to Workbench 3, but then as I understand It, the new features pertain exclusively to aspects ot the A1200 and A4000's architecture, so you're not missing anything anyway!

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