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AMIGA WORKSHOP A regular little goldmine of information, the A.miga Workshop is crammed full this month. The immensely popular Deluxe Paint tutorial reaches part nine this month, while the equally in-demand Video Titter series is hanging in there with its fourth installment.'AMOS fans get another helping of practical progam- ming tips, and help is also at hand for anyone struggling with the intricacies of Hyperbook. DIY continues the Build Your Own Robot series, and after all that there's still room to squeeze in Q+A.and the Comms column. OFF THE CUFF RIAL By tbs time you're reading this, initial supplies of Commodore's world-beating console, the CD32, will be on sale In a computer sbop near you! This really is make or break lime lor the Big C. to lingers crossed that the machine will be a big hll. The initial gamas bundle includes Flair's Oscar platform game and Millennium's Diners, both ol which we look a look al last Isaas. Although they're nol state-ot-lhe-ad by any means, they are fairly playable affairs, and Its belter than no software at all (which happened when Rumbellows lumped the gun and decided to slad flogging Ihe machine wlthoul any accompanying discs. See our news story lor more Info on that little fiasco!) In other newt. CU Amiga has |utl recorded Its highest ever ABC. Thanks lo YOUR support, we've crashed through Ihe 1BO.OOO barrier and now ssll a staggering 111, 408 copies each and every month. II looks like Ihe recent changes we've made to the mag are starting lo pay off. And the extra boosl lo our circulation means we can Invest ran mere money In Ihe litle and bring you Ihe BEST coverditks ol any Amiga magazine. We've |ust signed up some quite spectacular programs for the next lew months - but we'll be telling you more on exactly what we've got In store lor you In next month's Issue! Finally. I’d Ilka lo extend my heartiest congratulations lo two ax-CU Amiga people.

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Document sans nom AMIGA ii:n"iyrTT WONDERDOG aSiMisw r NLVM: & WHEN THE STREET JUSTAINT TOUGH ENOUGH.*. a FAN SOFTWARE LIMITED . 2 CASTLE STREET . CASTLEFIELD . MANCHESTER . M3 4LZ TELEPHONE: 061 832 6633 . FAX: 061 834 0650 The awarding winning PowerScanner is able to scan from 100 - 400DPI in 64 greyscales. The scanning software included allows you to edit and manipulate any image you scan.
The award winning external disk drive which includes Anti-Click (cures that annoying click), Virus Blocker (prevents viruses) and built-in Backup hardware.
The PC880B is available with Blitz Amiga, Blitz and X-Copy or Cyclone compatible (this drive is only available to registered owners of X-Copy Professional. You must provide proof of purchase of X-Copy Professional). The drive comes in a choice of two colours, black or cream.
PC880B WITH BLITZ AMIGA ....£60 PC880B WITH BLITZ, X-COPY ..£75 PC880B (CYCLONE COMPAYIBLE) .£65 PC880B IN BLACK CASE ...£65 POWER DRIVES COLOUR POUERSCANNER If you consider your scanner system to be inferior to the Power Scanner, we will upgrade your software and interface.
EPSON GT-L500 - High resolution 24-bit colour flatbed scanning from Epson. Scan up to A4 in size on this 600 DPI scanner. Comes with PowerScan software or ASDG software.
Power is official distributor for Epson High resolution 24-bit colour flatbed scanning from Epson. Scon up to A4 in size on this 800 DPI scanner. Comes with PowerScan software or ASDG soffware.
BLITZ AMIGA TRANSPARENCY ADAPTOR Scan up to 5"x 4" transparencies.
Available for the GT - 6500 and GT - 8000 scanners.
Backup disks at lightning speeds, and stop all external drives from clicking.Blitz does not let viruses from being written into the bootblocker .liu 1988 Copyright oct appl'“l FLOPTICAL DISK DRIVE DOCUMENT FEEDER Expand your A500's memory up to a total of 2MB without disposing of youi existing 512K upgrade (works with 1ME chip RAM, 512K RAM must be 4 chip type or not exceeding 9cm in length. Yom Amiga needs to be opened, this may effect your warranty).
1MB WITH THRU'PORT .....£41 A5DD MEMORY CARD 4 Chip 5I2K RAM expansion with oi without battery backed dock.
Free software included (A500-* compatible!
A500 CARD WITH CLOCK .£21 A500 CARD WITHOUT CLOCK ..£24 ASDG AMB P0WERB0ARD Expand your Amiga from 2MB to 8MB a RAM. Plugs into side slot, full auto configi and full through port.
A500 2MB POWERBOARD ....£121 A500 4MB POWERBOARD „..£1M A500 8MB POWERBOARD ....£281 1X4 ZIP------------------------£14.91 ASQ0D AMB P0WERB0AR1 2MB to 8MB RAM expansion for the A20C A2000 2MB POWERBOARD £9 A2000 4MB POWERBOARD ...£14 A2000 SMB POWERBOARD ...£23 Our RAM board is designed especially for the A500+ computer and comes with I MB of RAM on-board to expand your memory to 2MB of chip RAM (fits in the trapdoor).
PC501 + MEMORY CARD .....£35.95 Fully supports I MB of chip RAM and is fully compatible with Fatter Agnus (requires Kickstart 1.3 and above, nol compatible with A500+. Your Amiga needs to be opened, this may effect your warranty).
I MB RAM with battery backed dock A600 1MB RAM ...£39.95 PC5D1+ MEMORY CARD AbQO MEMORY CARD
1. 5MB RAM BOARD connoDORE amiga Power Computing Ltd Unit 8
Roilton Rood Woburn Rood Ind. Est.
Kempston Beds MK42 7PN Tel 0234 843388 Fo 0234840234 Cheques payable to Power Computing Ltd.
Goods ore sold subject to our standard terms and conditions of sole and ore availoble on request.
Specifications ond prices ore subject to change without notice.
All trademarks ore acknowledged.
All prices include VAT.
* • be range of Amiga's are available.
19. 95 RD icially s with I your in the
15. 95 At 200 .
..£295 .£475
* 1200 60MB HD . 61200 80MB HD 61200 170MB HD
....£660 61200 212MB HD ....£725 64000 68040
120MB HD 6MB £2329 64000 68030 BOMB HD 4MB .£1129 64000 68030
BOMB HD 2MB ...£979 MONITORS D_ O COM 80MB .. 160MB 200MB r-Z
sole distributor. Trifecta is Ct compatible. (Trifecta EC i
.... 160MB HD ..
- ----£329 200MB HD .. TR*ECTA 500 LX BARE ..
- -----£399
- -----£195 ......£295 1 BOMB HD .. ......£359
HD______________________ 160MB HD ..
- -----£145
- ----.£279 ......£339 200MB HD .. ......£419 AD
HD .. 200MB HD .. PRIMA 3.5”
MOUNTING KIT ..£29 60 IDE 2 NO VIA 60 MB HD....£259 BOMB
HD ....£299 ¦ 10MB
HD ...P.179 212MB
HD .. ______£499 p to a f your h 1MB 4 chip
h. Your is may ...£49 ?D with or ipatible) ....£29 [ ..£21 ARD
ROM SHARE______________________£19.95 ROM SHARE INC. V2.04
_________£50 ROM SHARE INC. VI.3 ___________£39 ROM SHARE A600
-----------------£29 ROM SHARE A600 INC. VI.3 ..£55
2. 5" MOUNTING KIT ..£19 ADSPEED AMIGA__________________£119
mat £10 100 BRANDED DISKS * BOX £69.99 10 BRANDED DISKS
....£9.95 A1200 DUSTCOVER -----------------£5 AVIATOR 1
JOYSTICK-------------£35 INTRUDER 1 JOYSTICK £29.99
...£9.99 APACHE 1 JOYSTICK -----------£7.99 8MB of
config Power BBS is a bulletin board service.
0234 841503. Speeds up to 16.8K SUPRA MODEMS ..£1 ..£189 ..£289 E14.95 OARD I FAX MODEM* ....£119 NO PSU. CASH AND SofTWARf) L FAX MODEM 32BIS ...£249 A2000 HOME MUSIC KIT 1- I MUSIC KIT --------------£69.95 I INTERFACE ----------------£15.95 A 40 Mhz 68030 EC accelerator.
..£505 80MB HD 0MB RAM . 160MB HD 0MB RAM £649 200MB HD 0MB RAM £699 68882 UPGRADE KIT-------
- ...£224 GVP SERIES 5 HD External hard drive for the Amiga 500.
Expand up to 8MB on-board.
80MB HD 160MB HD ..... .....£409 200MB HD ..... EACH 1MB X 8 SIMM
- ------£30 CHIPS AND SPARES We stock a wide range of parts and
1MB X 8 SIMM .. 4MB X 8 SIMM .. SIMM 32 X 1MB-60 GVP... SIMM 32 X 4MB-60 GVP ... SIMM 32 X 4 .. SIMM 32 X 8 .. 256K X 4 DRAM . 1MB X 1 DRAM .. ....£4.30 1 X 4 ZIP ..£14 OS 1 X 4 DIP ......£10.05 PCMCIA 2MB ..
- ------£24 V2.04 KICKSTART ROM.....
- -------£32 FATTER AGNUS 8372
- ------£30 BIG FAT AGNUS 8375 .£40 HI-RES DENISE
... .£25 GARY
..... PAULA
.... 6570-36 KEYBOARD CHIP
- -----£19 CIA ft 570 .....ro os DATA
SWITCHES 2 WAY .....£15.99 DATA SWITCHES 3 WAY .... ..£17.99
....£9 95 PRINTER CABLE .. ....£6.95 SCSI CABLE
..... IDE CABLE FOR A600, A1200 INC.
- -----£13 GVP A530 TURBO HD 5-5" IDE INTERNAL HD Miniature hard
drives for the A600 A1200 these drives come complete with a
cable and installation software.
60MB INTERNAL HD .£179 80MB INTERNAL HD____________£210 130MB INTERNAL HD .....£299 170MB INTERNAL HD ......£365 212MB INTERNAL HD .....£430 GVP A50DD HARD CARD High quality SCSI hard card.
BARE 80MB 160MB 200MB AUTO ROM SHARER Use a VCR as a backup storage device, 200 Amiga floppy disks fit on to a 4Hr tape which can be used for an alternative hard disk backup system. Whats more, you can watch television on your 1084S monitor.
VIDEO BACKUP SYSTEM .....£59.95 BARE SCSI HARD DRIVES Fit 128MB on one Optical disk.
128MB OPTICAL INTERNAL ...£849 128MB OPTICAL EXTERNAL ..£999 128MB 3.5" OPTICAL DISK £39.95 SCSI CONTROLLER A2000.....£129 VIDEO BACKUP SYSTEM We can supply SCSI or IDE 3.5" drives in many sizes. These hard drives are suitable for GVP G-Force, GVP or ICD.
POUER OPTICAL DRIVE £179 £249 £349 'AMIGA CONTENTS 42 A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE Why settle lor two dimensions when you can have three? 3D graphics are really taking off on the Amiga, but if you don't know your texture maps from your polygons, where do you begin? Right here of course! Take part in the trip through all the strange and wonderful virtual worlds, as the CU AMIGA team take the mystery out of rendering, ray tracing and 3D modelling. Once you've got genned up on the finer points, take your pick of the software under the microscope in our exhaustive buyer's guide to Amiga 3D
163 AMIGA WORKSHOP A regular little goldmine of information, the A.miga Workshop is crammed full this month. The immensely popular Deluxe Paint tutorial reaches part nine this month, while the equally in-demand Video Titter series is hanging in there with its fourth installment.'
AMOS fans get another helping of practical progam- ming tips, and help is also at hand for anyone struggling with the intricacies of Hyperbook. DIY continues the Build Your Own Robot series, and after all that there's still room to squeeze in Q+A.and the Comms column.
OFF THE CUFF RIAL By tbs time you're reading this, initial supplies of Commodore's world-beating console, the CD32, will be on sale In a computer sbop near you! This really is make or break lime lor the Big C. to lingers crossed that the machine will be a big hll. The initial gamas bundle includes Flair's Oscar platform game and Millennium's Diners, both ol which we look a look al last Isaas.
Although they're nol state-ot-lhe-ad by any means, they are fairly playable affairs, and Its belter than no software at all (which happened when Rumbellows lumped the gun and decided to slad flogging Ihe machine wlthoul any accompanying discs. See our news story lor more Info on that little fiasco!)
In other newt. CU Amiga has |utl recorded Its highest ever ABC. Thanks lo YOUR support, we've crashed through Ihe 1BO.OOO barrier and now ssll a staggering 111, 408 copies each and every month. II looks like Ihe recent changes we've made to the mag are starting lo pay off. And the extra boosl lo our circulation means we can Invest ran mere money In Ihe litle and bring you Ihe BEST coverditks ol any Amiga magazine.
We've |ust signed up some quite spectacular programs for the next lew months - but we'll be telling you more on exactly what we've got In store lor you In next month's Issue!
Finally. I’d Ilka lo extend my heartiest congratulations lo two ax-CU Amiga people. Tom Glenister and Becky While, who recently got married. 01 course, lha CU team were out in force, drinking all the Iren bser and champagne that was on ofler, and blubbing Into their dirty hankies during Ihe ceremony. So all lha besl, Tom and Becky, and keep in loach. Blimey.
I'll be doing dedications next.. REGULARS 9 NEWS FuB Motion Video materialises, plus the low down on all the latest derelopements on the Amiga scene. CD32 launch fiasco, machines sold with out any software.. New Commodore bundtes announced SpoOgH Amiga Show announced.
Electronic Ads abandon Amiga and PC floppies!
22 COVERDISKS See panel on opposite page 32 THE CUAMIQA INTERVIEW We gathered a bunch of the most e*pene need characters from the Amiga market, locked them in a room, pied them with alchohol. And let the rants Begin. Discover what the future holds in the first pad of a mini series.
54 GAME PREVIEWS See panel on opposite page 71 GAME REVIEWS See panel on opposite page.
108 PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS See panel on opposite page 144 ART GALLERY CU AMIGA readers show off their artistic tal nts with another showcase of Amiga graphics.
150 PD SCENE Check out that 242 demo for staders, then get stuck into the rest of the free games, demos, animations and music disks.
155 PD UTILITIES This month, we've got a d-skmag creator, an alternative Star Trek Workbench and the fastest fractal generator ever seen on the Amiga. All of that and more, and it's all vtdually free!
NEXT ISSUE ON SALE 19TH OCTOBER B tan Sling*? ¦ mow* MR noi Ge»dan Barrel n Jot* tend? Ard tad Eg*kr mm 0 Oort owww ttWtmto. Mom, Taylor HAMA S«on Cctrgi U Om fWa 4 (Ura Bod* MB ROOK Robin Rycn MAMA OHM KMTtM Shrve Gary WilWxm
• T«oGynn& CU AMG* Oft* **vy Com. 3032 h ECU 1*0 lit 071 0726700
IAXQ7I07? 6701 I BK -rrM. M *to» itMi Fax fcap tataa * 7T1 Id
REVIEWS PRODUCTIVITY REVIEW Star of the show this month is
Brilliance - could it topple the mighty Deluxe Paint from its
perch? Find out on page 110. There are also two budget genlocks
tested, we take a look at some exciting new PCMCIA hard drives,
and uncover the electronic highway of the Wired World.
Ear x*ioh CWOUMSKS Have we got disks for you? We certainly have! While others shortchange their readers with save-disabled cot down programs, CU AMIGA brings you a never before released update update of Fleildump, plus an action-packed game disk that's miles ahead of the rest.
DISK 66 PAGE 22 PAGE 24 71 82 87 90 92 94 95 98 98 99 99 103 108 LOLA 520 MODULATOR 108 MEGAMOUSE 400 108 NEXUS PRO VIDEO CLIPS 109 ACCESS AMIGA 109 ACC HARDWARE _ PROGRAMMING MANUAL moody BrHUsnce* That'* Dtgttal CrMUons' stunning new ert package Peg 110.
110 BRILLIANCE 120 MINIGEN PROFESSIONAL 121 MINIGEN 122 QUARTERBACK TOOLS DELUXE 124 OVERDRIVE 126 COLOUR SCANNERS 132 WIRED WORLD SCKKCN SCENE GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS It's a game Jim, but not as we know it. Star Trek hits the Amiga, and as usual CU brings you the exclusive first review. Is it all it's been cracked up to be, or is it a pile of Kirk? Turn to page 71 to find out.
Following up close behind is Space Hulk, a strong contender for RPG of the year. For the more trigger happy there's D-Hero and Yo Joe I. STAR TREK SPACE HULK F-17 HIRED GUNS YO JOE!
D-HERO PREMIER MANAGER CHASE HQ 2 HARDBALL MEAN 18 FIST FIGHTER TROLLS HEAD Wonderdog is about to1 become the latest platform cutie sensation. And we've got you a sneak preview with this completely playable full level of the game. Marvel as he takes to the air with his magicgl flying ears, step back in amazement as he deals rough justice to the baddies, and exclaim "Blimey! That's good!" As you play the game for yourself. Yes. Once you've seen this, you'll believe a dog can fly. As if that wasn't more than enough, we also give you another playable demo, this time of the addictively simple
Mean Arenas - it's pure unadulterated arcade fun all the way with this one.
It doesn't stop there either!
Somehow we've crammed a complete game on there too: Zerberk. A classic from the dawn of arcade games, this one's bound to have you up and zapping right into the wee small hours.
Don't just sit there, load it!
Flexidump 2.5 really is something a bit special. Not only is it a complete, fully-functioning, bells-and-whistles-included program, it's actually an exclusive update on the previous commercial release version 2! Anyone with a printer will find Flexidump an invaluable tod, particularly when oulputting graphics. We've all struggled and toiled with those awkward printer settings, tinkered for hours with dip switches and preference set-ups, but now thanks to Flexidump, all your printer troubles could be over. Even if you don't have a printer, Flexidump will still come in very handy as an image
processor The simple mouse-controlled interface will have you tweaking palettes and separating colours within minutes, and your prkiter will be in heaven!
• The Bitmap Brothers • THE THAOS [HGIHE TIME FOR CHAOS Atari ST
(STE Enhanced), I Meg Amiga &r PC • I or 2 Player Cl,
Metropolitan Wharf, Wapping Wall, London E1 9SS. 1992 The
Bitmap Brothers. Published by Renegade.
Tal: 071 18 1 9214 • Fan: 071 480 5690 NEWS CU AMIGA No, they're not mothballing the CD32 yet. Far hom it in fact. Although Commodore have been touting their new machine as a games console, its multimedia capabilities and applications are immense; the machine is already making inroads into commercial activities.
As part of a £4 million redevelopment, The London Transport Museum is taking the opportunity to introduce state-ot-the-art interpretation techniques to their displays. At the heart ot many of the new displays will be the Commodore CD32.
Its high quality graphics, double-speed CD drive, powerful 32-bit processor and custom display hardware provide the ideal platform for Audio Visual and Interactive Displays (AVIDs).When completed, up to 109 CD32S will be used to provide Interactive Information, video, animations, interactive sound eflects, display control and background sound effects.
All machines will be networked using a professional expansion system currently being developed by Index Information Ltd, the company producing all the computer displays.
"The plan is to re-equip the London Transport Museum centre so that it can communicate more effectively with a new generation of visitors. We plan to take this opportunity to introduce new methods ot interpreting the collection, using the latest developments in design, graphics, audio visual and interactive displays said Rob Lansdown. Head ot Communications and Display for The London Transport Museum.
• In a fresh look at the way the Museum tells the 200 year story
ot London's urban public transport, we have taken the linear,
chronological, sequence of story panels off the walls and
associated them directly with the objects in the collection.
In this non-linear, object-oriented approach we will create
’islands’ ot interest and ensure that the vehicles and other
original material tell the story.
"The visitor becomes free to explore the Museum and its collection and stories in a nonlinear way, letting their own particular interest lead them around the Museum. Visitors will j-wie. ThcK-typewas developed from ttwHipe during the First World War.
Choose their own priorities and interests, navigating between the principle story 'islands' to follow, say, a social history or a technological theme.
'The multi-media world has already experimented with the idea of a Hyper-Museum in the form of a virtual museum on videodisc, CD-ROM and hard disk. Our intention is to take this concept one step further. We want to take this Hyper media and use it to go beyond the database to interact with, and interpret, a real museum. Instead of visitors just being shown images of the collection as you Hyper-link around the disc, we will take you to the actual objects! In the real object-based Museum the visitor can wander through the displays, dipping into the electronic Hyper-Museum when they want to.
"As the Museum's core displays will also be written in a non-linear style, the electronic sections will form an integral part of the whole interpretation, adding a further dimension to the visitor's experience," he added.
The monitoring and control network is an essential element because of the major use being made of computers throughout the museum, it will allow them to be managed and maintained efficiently. The network will detect any machine failure within seconds and notify the central monitoring machine. T As well as the maintenance of the machines' operations, volume control (including silencing of all machines quickfy should an emergency occur), software updates and usage logging can be carried out with ease. The centralisation of all machines within one room ensures any machine can be replaced in
'Many of the qualities that will make the CD32 such a successful home entertainment system also make it the ideal commercial multi-media player," said Mick Tinker, Technical Director of Index Information Ltd.
“A high quality and low cost delivery unit combined with a powerful development platform.is. allowing us to provide advanced displays at much lower costs than competitive systems 'We have had a very positive response from early demonstrations of the projects, we feel that the concept will attract the attention of Museums and visitors from around the world.
'One of the new Underground Train simulators was shown at an exhibition and ever since the Museum has been receiving regular requests from companies wishing to hire the display for their own exhibition stands!’ he said.
CD32 my CARD NEWS cu Commodore have unveiled the new Full Motion Video module for the CD32 console. Set for an October release, the add-on will retail at £229, which is an excellent price point for technology light years ahead of the competition. To display the potential of the FMV cartridge a music video disc will be included in the package. In addition, if you purchase the 32-bit console at the same time you’ll get a £30 discount on the overall price. This carefully chosen subsidy will take the total cost for the two pieces of hardware to £498.
1HE CD32 MUSEUM The bad news on the keyboard, mouse and external drive add-ons is that they won’t be available until early '94. This seemingly late delivery is not down to lack of components, in fact the addons are in production already, it is more a question of marketing focus. Commodore intend to initially push the CD32 as a games machine and don't want anything to detract from that aim. Ring Silica for more information on 081 309 1111.
DUNGEON MASTER Ho, II I nol a story aboul Maos Strikes flat* which, atlei all. Was more an expansion Ilian a sequel. Atler mote lhan live years Fasl Than Light (FTL) are finally going to deliver a true sequel to argu- ably the besl role-playing game ever Originally appearing on (be Atari ST in 1988.
Dungeon Master Is Ibe classic standard agalnsi which all subsequent RPGs have been measured. It's no surprise then that a sequel is In the otting - but live years later!
Developed by the same team as the original. DMII looks at first sight like a direct copy However, the changes lo the game can be lound once play begins.
Promising truly intelligent monsters that chase you down and go olt to get help when outnumbered FTL even claim that the game's artificial intelligence has had to be toned down because the monsters were loo smart!
A publisher lor Ihe Amiga version hasn't been liied yet but we'll bring you more details when we have Ihem.
CU AMIGA NEWS NEW DEMO MAKER a The original DemoMaker program was one ol the e most popular DIY programs ever tor the Amiga.
HARLEQUIN GETSV-LAB Bn lain s ton most 24 bn board, no Harltqvm pm. Has lilt IKMI own boiler value thank! Lo XI Eleclrinics lid no board includes a Jtnlocb. 1 15 and 24-6.1 colour modes win palette mapplni and an optional 4-bit overlap independent ol the mala display HI [1275 the board alreadf represents stpnilrcantly greater value lor money over Its predecessor, bet witlt the addition ol the V-Lab Y C tramegrabber it becomes eicep- »and now a new outfit called Complex Software tram
* Germany have released what they daim is an even J better
program DemoMamac can be used to ere a ate music demos, slide
shows, disk magazines and a multi-media presentations » Better
yet. The program can be used to create ¦ demos whose origins
are completely unrecognis- | able Apparently the program is
very easy to use , and wilt be distnbuted by Kon-pan UK. Phone
, Kompart on 0727 868005 lor details.
Contact XI on 0313 0817M lor detain WE NEED YOU CU Amiga welcomes any hoi news or show details that you may have Send them to NEWS CU Amiga. Priory Court 30 32 Farnngdon Lane. London. EC1R 3AU Alternatively you could la1 information to us on 071 972 6701 II it's reaHy important, you could phone us on any Friday to let us know what s up CD ROM GROUP M adT; J wT;I T1 Tku CD ROM User Groap (UK) it *0 urgMisahoa whose mils dims drt to prbvidd lalonttation and tccbaicdt assistance .
Regarding CO ROM tdctinolog* and lo provide a source ol dltcoontoi Wltb the uncertain Mon ol the COTV tbe group s value lo Amiga owaen was la OooOt. Bul since We lauecb ol We C032.
IP's cemmitmM has received as iutesian oteoWutiasm Hambership costa 04 W pet year and apart koro Wt above ELECTRONIC ARTS CHRISTMAS LINE-UP Commodore have admitted that last Christmas they had loo many diflerent Amigas on sale which served to contuse doth retailers and buyers. This year they will be concentrating on three packages - the CD32. (he CD3? Plus FMV bundle and an A1?00 bundle This means that once cur rent stocks ot stand alone A120O« have been run down it will only be available as part ol a bundle This package called Desktop Dynamite, will be priced at £349 99 and contain the
machine plus WorOworth AC* Print Manager. OpaintlVACA. Oscar and Dennis the Menace With over £310 worlh ol software it appears to be a good bargain, however lor the game heads out there rt remains to be seen whether both Oscar and Dennis will live up to their initial promise ABANDONS AMIGA AND PC FLOPPIES in a surprising move. (XI Amiga can exclusively reveal that Electronic Arts wdl shortly be abandoning all floppy development and. Instead, redirecting !he.r efforts mto cartridge and CD development Although the CD market has yet to establish itself as a viable markei. E A have reported
decided to ran down the (loppy side ol their business because ot the dramatic increase in piracy over the last lew years. Moreover, the increasing complexity ol programs has meant many games and applications appear on a number ol floppies, dramatically increasing costs Whethei this decision will put in danger the telease ol Dpainl 5 is unclear, as Electronic Arts were unavilable tor comment at the time ol going to press AMIGA BBC?
I BBC appears to be backing the Amiga lo i hilt with two programs recently using or fea- tunng Amiga technology.
The tirst. System '93, is a children's outdoor challenge game show currently rannlng on BBC2 on Sunday mornings International teams ol children, aged Irom 9 to 13 years, join together to take part in a series ol mental and physical agility tests - something like The Krypton Factor. Being an international game it's played without any formal commentary cos rt would be impossible lo select an appropnate language. Instead, an animated character called Herman, created on an Amiga, uses symbols and pictograms to lead the competitors and audience through the game.
Herman was created by Herman Charles Serrano who is also responsible tor the graphics in Predator 2 and Wreckers He used an 040 A4000 so that he could utilise toll 32 bit 256 colour and have him running at 25 tps The second series, called Harry, hasn't started its run yet but is lined up as one of the Beeb s premiere Autumn shows. Set in the North ot England it stars Michael ElphiOi as a seedy newspaper reporter It will feature special ettects work by Ira Curtis Coleman, a prolessional Amiga user who was featured in our June issue.
Additionally, one ot the scenes in the show depicts a young boy at home playing on his Amiga If you look carefully you should be able to see a certain tamous Amiga magazine In his room!
Iuropress Software is about to release Ihe official RAC Rally simulation. Timed to coincide witb die race in November.
» Halit will be Ihe second olticiai RAC licence that Eurooress have produced. The original was published live years ago and sold phenomenally well with total sales over 100.000 Europress are putting a great deal ol lime and effort into Rally lo ensure that it achieves Ihe same kind ol success.
The game itself will be a 30 race around snowy Welsh hillsides. Forests and bleak moorlands. Featuring actual digitised shots ol all Ihe participating cars' interiors as well as sections ol the route. Rally could be the first true driving sim on the Amiga. Programmed in 356 colours II will also include digitised speech from your co-driver and sound etteds Irom Ihe car and road A standard 16 colour version will also be available.
Look oot tor a lull review soon.
LASER QUALITY PORTABLE Fujitsu Europe have just launched a new portable printer which weighs only 1 2kg and which claims true laser quality Irom its 360 DPI output At only one inch thick, the device can rightly daim to be one ol the world’s slimmest portable printers. Named the Joyriter (no 'W'), the thermal transler device is ideal lor people on the move. It has a footprint less than one quarter ol an A4 page in size, yet is capable ol handling up to 20 sheets of paper with its optional sheet feeder.
Silica Systems have announced that they will be distributing what is probably the world s cheapest A1200 RAM expansion board. The Amitek RAM comes unpopulated (it doesn't have any memory on it) lor only £79.95. You can then add up to eight megabytes ol RAM in the form ol SIMMS.
The Amitek RAM also has space on it lor a maths co-pro- cessor running at speeds between 25 and 50MHz. As Silica's Andy Leaning says Many people who own an Amiga 1200 will have upgraded Irom a 500 and will already have SIMMS that they used with their A500 peripherals. This way they don't waste those costly chips.'
II you don't already have any SIMM chips, you can buy them Irom a wide variely ol sources, although prices at the moment are artificially high thanks to a lire that destroyed a factory that makes the glue used in hall the world's supply ol chips.
For more detail on the Amitek RAM phone Silica Systems on 081 309 1111.
IMAGINARY FRACTALS Version 4 ol Ibe Scenery Animator bas just been released, and it bis some exciting new features. Like Vista Pro. Tbe program is a fractal landscape generator capable ol generating complex animations. However, tbe program Is unique in that it can import 30 objects (such as those created by maj ne or Rea 30. These objects can then be manipulated at part ol an animation, giving tbe opportunity to create entire movies with tbe package.
Tbe program also includes real-time editing and AGA" suppon including 24-bil Iramebulters. It costs £67.69. For details phone 0532 310444. . .
Just to prove that they care about the environment, Fujitsu say that the ribbon cartridge uses eco-friendly replaceable ribbons. At £319 ex VAT the printer Isn't too damaging to your wallet either!
For more details contact Fujitsu on 081 573 4444.
AMOS GETS NEW COMMANDS Thanks to Solaris Software. AMOS users can now add an extra 160 commands to their program. A new program called Craft torms an extension to the existing AMOS system. Among other things, the new commands add Protracker and Soundtracker module control and a vanety ol Fractal mandelbrot processing options.
Craft will be distributed by Kompart UK. Tel: 0727 868005.
• Hayes Microcomputer products have just
• announced their plans to provide high speed data
• and lax modems that support V.Fast Class (V.FC)
• modulation lor 28 8kbiLs data transmission. In ordi- . Nary
language, that means that they are going to
• make some bloody last modems!
W As one ol the larger players in the world modem
• market, Hayes has been working on high-speed
• transmission techniques lor over seven years, and
• In 1992 they got together with Rockwell . International to
develop high speed 'data pump' .technology.
• Although they demonstrated that such devices
• were feasible by showing a 28.8k bit modem last
• year, no standard had been agreed lor the data
• format. One ol the more serious problems in the . 9600kt modem
market is incompatibility between
• diHerent products and although standards have
• been proposed lor the new 28k bit modems noth-
• ing has yet been agreed. Therefore Hayes and
• Rockwell have collaborated in the development ol
• an interim standard which has resulted in file trans- . Ler
throughputs (presumably on Local Area
• Networks) ol up to 115.2 kilobits.
• To lind out more about this technology contact:
• Hayes at Millennium House. Fleetwood Park,
• Barley Way. Fleet, Hants, GU13 8UT. Tel: 0252 ! 775500.
» BATMAN RETURNS (he help of tf computer Y s bin been (tying Itiiek anti last this montti about tin exlstvnce ol a PAL version ot the Ameritan ottects macbliw. Tlw Video Toaster. In tact, no PAL vnision ol die machine eaists anywhere In the world, but a number ol rasourcetm peogle are creating melt own rontons using standards converton John ot the 24-811 Club in Scotland describes bis attemfls to jot die Toaster wortdng in PAL... PAL VIDEO TOASTER RUMOURS SCOTCHED Alter receiving a dealening silence Irom Newtek on die possibility ot using the Toaster with a PAL A2800 motherboard, I ordered my
Video Toaster and an NTSC A2000 motherboard Irom the Slates. In addition, I also needed a personal time-base corrector and Ibis brought the total pro|ect price up to £1700.
A trip to Todenham Court Road and I was able to get two Panasonic NV-W1 multi-standard video recorders lor about £3000. This was the cheapest option at the time.
The Toaster software came on 0 disks and was very easy to set op. Now came die moment ol truth, connecting VCR 1 (PAL,NTSC) to input 1 (attar lime-base correction) and connecting VCR 2 lo the program output Would it work?
My lears were groundless because everything worked lirst time. With this configuration mudl-yideo enacts (Toaster fdectsl were not possible but I could slid do eltects between the Toaster's Irame-store and a single video The main advantage ol the system is that 1 now have access to Lifhlwrn. The Incredible 30 package lhat comes with the Toaster. ToisterPilHt is realty TkpfpehM under a new name The character generator comes with a great supply ol loots and produces escelleot tides. The Irame grabber is one ot the best that I've seen and the motion removal Is lirst dace.
True, the system was eipenstve to set up (nearly £5000), but it's paid lor Itsell and my A40M D40r US distributors, Micropace. Are the largest Video Toaster dealers in America and It seems that their UK division is looking into the possibility ol shipping an integrated NTSC Toaster complete with Transcoder or standards convertor. The Idea Is not yet detinite and obviously no prices have been set.
One piece ot news that we can announce unequivocally is the arrival ol the Screamer, a 30 rendering engine for the Toaster. The Screamer Is a glorified processor dedicated to 30 rendering via the Toaster. What makes II special Is its absolutely mind-numbing speed. With a clock rale ot tSOMHi controlling tour 84-blt RISC processors the machine can render at twice the speed ol a Cray Supercomputer!
With memory upgradeable lo one gigabyte (that's over a thousand megabytes lo you), there's room lor the most demanding ol Spielberg creations.
Compared to the millions ot dollars required lo own a Cray, the Screamer's ten thousand dollar price tag seems quite reasonable. Contact Micropace on 0753 55188!
FREE HARDWARE FROM SUPRA CORPORATION In a virtually unheard ol move horn hardware manufacturers. Supra Corporation are ottering tree upgrades to their SupraFAXModem V32 V32bls.
The otter applies lo those modems purchased betore September 15th 1992, but you can check whether or not you're ehgible by typing AT13 lo lind out which ROM yours uses. II yours has a number 1 2H or 1,2J, then you already have the latest hardware It not then you can claim your tree upgrade (which comes in the form ol an easy-lo-plug-in ROM chip).
The new chip otters a number ol performance enhancements as well as a couple of wholly new features. The enhancements include automatic decrease and increase ol communication speeds according lo phone line conditions and enhanced lax machine capability.
One of the nicest new features Is called Silent Answer and it s a handy way ol using a single line lor both tax and voice transmis-.
Sions. The hardware automatically detects whether an incoming call is a lax or voice signal and routes the call accordingly.
There are three ways ol ordering the upgrade it you quality:
1. Request the upgrade on the Supra lorum ol CompuServe (type GO
SUPRA to enter the lorum). 2. Order Irom the Supra BBS.
Its phone number is 0101 503 967 2144 3. Write to ROM Upgrade.
Supra Corporation. 7101 Supra Drive SW. Albany. OR 97321, USA.
THE ULTIMATE DTP PACKAGE The long running battle belween Gold Oisk s Professional Page and Soil Logik s Paqestream is about to lake an interesting turn with the release ol Pageslream v3.0. In a leature by leature comparison chart. Pagestream 3 leaves Professional Page tor dead on (ust about every one ot the 130 or so points that were raised Even more exciting Irom an Amiga user s point ol view is the tact that the package was also compared against QuarkXPress 3.1: the premier desk top publishing package on the Apple Macintosh. Despite the tact that the Mac is traditionally thought of as the
OTP machine.
Pageslream 3 again clearly emerged as the superior package. The software will retail lor $ 395 (£200-300 depending on the exchange rate}, and upgrades will be available from earlier version from S95 upwards.
You can tind out more by contacting Soil Logik s UK distributor Merdidian at East House. East Road Industrial Estate. London. SW19 1AH. Tel: 081 543 3500.
TYPESMITH 0ITS A QUICK UPDATE Although the original was only released a couple ot months ago. Version 2.0 ol Typesmilh, the scalable font creation program, is to be released in September.
The new program can auto-trace bitmapped fonts so that they are instantly converted in scalables. It s also up to 100% taster, especially on slower Amigas.
Typesmilh 2 now includes hinting which is a special feature that ensure that serifs and stems look great even at small point sizes. With its switchable auto-hint option you don't even need to worry about how hints are created; the program does it all for you. It will also retain the hints of any fonts that you import for editing.
Another invaluable new option is the facility to create bitmapped screen fonts from your structured typefaces. These can be saved in a variety ol formats for use with all DTP packages, or can even be saved as standard Amiga fonts. Bitmap pictures can be imported and saved as bitmap fonts and vice versa.
Upgrades from version 1 (or 1.1) will cost $ 50, whilst the standard retail price is $ 199.95. ' .You can find out more by contacting Soft Logik's UK distributor, Merdidian, at East House, East Road Industrial Estate, London, SW191AH.
Tel: 081 543 3500.
Have YOU got what it takes ?
ALIEN BREED 2... coming soon from TEL:0924 201846 For the first time ever, there's a show that has been organised to cater primarily for the more cerebral Amiga user. The Spolligh! Amiga Show will be held in London’s Novotel; a fairly small but cosy venue. Organised by a cartel of manufactur ers and distributors, the show aims to cater for all users, including those who are more interested in productivity than playtime.
SPOTLIGHT AMIGA SHOW With a range of products on display, you can expect to see both third party and original hardware including a vanety of scanners, digitisers, hard drives, video equipment and other peripherals. It will also present one of the first chances to feast your eyes upon Commodore’s stunning new CD32 games console.
The show will provide visitors with a unique opportunity to see demonstrations of software and hardware configurations, and they will even be able to ask questions directly to some of the industry's foremost experts, including technical and design staff from the world’s most innovative hardware and software designers.
For video buffs, there will be a very rare chance to see the Video Toaster in action. This promises to be a particularly valuable experience in light of the fad that the Toaster looks as if it will finally go on sale here via distributors Micropace.
The show won’t be just for window shoppers though, therell be a wide array of hardware and software bargains on offer, many at substantially reduced prices. Of course, the show won't be all work; you’ll be able to buy the latest games thanks to the Meridian Software. Amiga Warehouse will be there showing the Amiga 4000 and a range of monitors from Commodore and Ibek They’ll also have the hot new art package, Brilliance, reviewed elsewhere this issue.
16 32, as one of the largest PD companies in Britain, will be launching their new catalogue of PD and Shareware. Golden Image will be selling their nine meg RAM expansions for the A1200.
As well as two different colour hand scanners and a new optical mouse, whilst Gasteiner will be unveiling True Paint, another graphics package to rival D-Paint. Power Computing will also be selling RAM cards for all Amigas as well as their exciting new high density drives. Prima will be the first in Europe to unveil a new range of modems from a well respeded America source, and they'll have the world exclusive on the Amiga scan convertor - a piece of kit that avoids the need for costly multi-sync monitors.
Hi Soft will be selling Megalosound, their low cost, direct to disk recording system while Alfa Data Benelux will also be showing the hottest hardware from Belgium.
Other companies who will be there indude Weekend Developments. Micropace. BSC, Syntronix and. Most important of all, the CU Amiga crew will be out in force, ready and willing to help with your computing problems!
Spotlight Amiga Show, Novotel, London, 17th October. Tickets cost £1.50 in advance or there will be a limited number available on the day of the show. Tel: 081 885 5098 for further details or to order your tickets.
Betas tteWwMmrted pe te (tat we W*. Wee managed to get our sticky mitts m 590 free tickets to the SpotUgDt Amiga Shew. At) yen hove to (ta b) claim mte is'phone 081886 5038, to tftero ttmt (XI Amiga sent yoe anti poete reference oumber; SAMI. If yoo're one of the first 550 people to phone, you'll not a free ticket to the show.
CITIZEN ANNOUNCE WORLD’S FIRST FULL COLOUR PORTABLE Citizen recently unveiled their brand new Notebook Printer II. A 105 charader per second thermal transfer printer that uses monochrome or colour ribbon to produce output at up to 360 dots per inch; higher than many laser printers.
With an optional cut-sheet feeder and battery back-up. To mention nothing of its international adaptor which handles power inputs between 90 and 260 volts, the printer is ideal for the computer user on the move. It has a recommended retail price of E349+VAT and you can get more details from Citizen at Citizen House, 11 Waterside Drive. Langley Business Park, Langley. Berks. SL3 6EZ. Tel 0753 584111.
EMC GETS FRIENDLIER Premier tort and dip an librarians, E.M. Computergraphic, are extending their standard service to otter new ‘Piek'N Mix' options on Both scalable (onts and dip art.
The price per disk tor these new taitored-to- suit services will be £7,50 and each disk will contain only the data that you specifically stipulate. For example, it you phone up and ask for pictures of the lesser spotted Peruvian water toad that’s all you’ll get.
EMC are also adding a massive amount of new material to their library in the form of 41 volumes ol IFF ckp art, 5 volumes of Adobe type 1 forts. 6 volumes of Cgtonts, 2 new IMG dip art volumes tor Pagestream users and 30 volumes ol 'stunning photorealistic 256 colour images' for Workbench 3 and 24-bit work.
To find out more contad E.M. Computer- graphic on 0255 431389 EXHIBITION CENTRE DATE: FRI29TH SAT30TH SUN31ST October '93 Destination: Acorn World If you thought computer shows only had the latest word processors and spreadsheets, Acorn World will change your perceptions.... See how a full colour magazine is produced.
Experience the sights and sounds of a laser light shi u in rhe hest games arcade in Britain.
See k. slak o invert a film onto a photo CH. - I i-v.. vr ihe-ecrersot the r.ilking head.
£ •• I .i gliinp'C . -I .,J tiu :11¦ -i in .V.ini' rj£ Meet the boffins from the Science Museum.
Discover why children are jumping off cliffs as part of the curriculum.
New concepts ¦ ¦ , New product' News. T|i ii ; '!r Acorn World: A TOTAL EXIM KII M I I Juggling, face painting, theatre seminar*, special needs area... and the latest word processors and spreadsheets!
And so much more... Book today and SAVE £££s plus have the chance to WIN a fabulous Acorn Pocket Book.
POSTCODE ADULTS £5.00 CHILDREN £300 FAMILY £15.00 TOTAL . Oom SIQNSCKED BY Axjrnuser TICKET HOTLINE: 0784 483818 Al cheques made payable to Acorn Computers LM Please return your hooking form to ACORN WORLD, CJO EXHIBITION PLANNING SERVICES. PO BOX 162, STAINES TWI95JX.
CU 1093 Return you' booking torrr ¦row anc you will be onierod ir our r»pecal:r i»r:r*5w1 |Com !l«nO0lails7rom the Acorn World I WIN A POCKET BOOK!
Acorn CODEMASTERS GO COSMIC In a radical departure from Itieir normal game style. Warwickshire-based sottcos. Codemasters, have announced the release Ot a graphic adventure Set to appear in November across most formats Cosmic Space toad tells the tale ol a weird alien tourist who travels to Earth to prove its existenoe Oetemened to grab the necessary evidence and return home a hero, Cosmic must travel across the galaxy, reach Earth and take home me goods Using a 50s-style deplchon ol the Mure and space, Cosmcs graphics are just one ot the elements that give this game an unusual leet With a mix
ol arcade action and braki-straining puzzles it s sure to turn a tew heads on release. Watch this space tor more into next month Codamasters can be contacted on 0926 814132.
AmIgacharts TOP TEN Dino Dim s Goal'drops three places down lo num ber four with two new titles daimmg the coveted first and second spots Team 17-s budget racing game.
FI 7, zooms to the top ot the charts with Knsalis superb platform kickabout. Soccer Kid. Following close on its heels.
1. F17 Challenge (Teem 17)
2. Soccer Kid (Krlsalls)
3. Graham Gooch's Cricket (Audiogenic)
4. Goal! (Virgin)
5. Syndicate (Electronic Arts)
6. Nippon Safes (Kompart)
7. Flashback (US Gold)
8. Championship Manager '93 (Domark)
9. Gunship 2000 (Microprose)
10. Ishar 2 (Daze) INTERWORD HD INSTALL A number ot readers have
enquired about the possibility ol installing InterWord on a
hard drive To install InterWord simply follow this procedure:
t. Create an InterWord directory (drawer! On your hard drive.
2. Copy all tiles Irom all four InterWord disks to the InterWord
drawer on your hard drive. It you don't know how lo do this
follow this step by step guide. It you do, skip on to stage 3.
I) Often the Shell or CLI and type: Copy rtBrwerO:(Osr |l»7) TO
tfCmwWord All Copy Interword »’ TO dhOlnterWord
• Note It you are using a different hard drive partition.
Insert the volume name ot your hard drive everywhere lhal I've
written dhO.
When you press return, you'll be prompted tor the InterWord disk (disk 1). Insert it in the drive and all the tiles will be copied to your hard drive.
II) Now type: Copy -InterWord 2:»?‘ to dhO:lnterWord and again
insert the disk when prompted id) Type: Copy -InterWord 3: T
to dhO lnterWord and insert disk 3 when prompted,
iv) Type: Copy "InterWord 4: ?- to dbO:lnterWord and insert disk
4 when prompted.
3. Open the shell or CLI and type ED S User- startup II a
user-startup file exists it will be loaded into the text
editor ED. It no user startup file already exists ED will open
and create a blank one for you Either way. You should now be
taced by the ED screen ready tor you to type 4 Add the
following lines to the user-startup tile: : Start InterWord
Assignments Assign InterWord: to DHO:lnterWord Assign
- InterWord 1:” to DHO:lnterWord Assign
- InterWord 2 "to DHO InlerWord Assign
- InterWord 3' lo DHOInterWord Assign
• InterWord 4:’ lo DHO InterWord : End InterWord Assignments
5. Select Save from the Protect menu 6. Once the user-startup
file has been resaved, simply reset your computer, and from
then on youll be able to load the version ol InterWord on your
hard drive.
SHOW DIARY Live 93 Consumer Electronics Show.
Olympia, London 16-20th, September. Tel 071 782 6687 Amiga 93. Paris. 23rd-25th October. 33 t 64 34 03 42.
Future Entertainment Show, Olympia.
London. 11th-14th November. 0225 442244 Christmas International Computer Show.
Wembley. London. 19th-21st November. 081 549 3444 Supergames. Porte de Versailles. Pans, 24th-28th November. 010 331 42003305 Virtual Reality User Show, Novotel, London, 29!h November-2nd December. 081 994
Computer Shopper Show. Olympia, London.
2nd-5th December. 071 373 8141.
* 14 MHZ 68FC020 prerexwr
* 2 Megs 32 - bil chip RAM
* 2 Joystick pom.'controller pom
* S- video jack
* Composite video jack
* RF output Jack
* Stereo audio jacks
* Keyboard connector auxiliary cunnector
* Full expansion bus
* Headphone jack
* Headphone volume control
* External brick power supply
* Internal MPKG FMV ex|xms.» capability
* Multiple session disc capability Hi. It's been quite a month in
the Commodore marketplace, no sooner had we all been told thal
Commodore had lost their shirt than we have been inundated with
masses of good news.
First we have the launch of Iwo brand new C ommodore Amiga 1200 packs one aimed straight for games market the other firmly at the more mature purchaser. The Chartbuster Pack is great value bundled with Nigel Mansell's World Championship race simulator. Trolls AGA and the all lime favourite Amiga Challenge Pack Desktop Dynamite reinforces the all round strength of the A1200 with a very powerful package based around Wordworth AGA.
Print Manager, Deluxe Paint IV AGA. Oscar AGA and Dennis Ihe Menace AGA.
It's good to sec Commodore create such a clear distinction between Ihe Amiga 1200 market and the games console market, soon to be dominated by the Amiga CD32.
As I write this article the first of the CD32's arc about to land in the Ukwith a promised street date launch ol the first week in September. The major news around this product is jusl how many of the softwaRe publishing houses arc enthusiastically writing for it and of course that Commodore have decided to bundle 2 great software titles at launch Not to be outdone INDI have added a third so look foreword to receiving Oscar. Diggers and l emmings when you lake delivery of your New Amiga CD32. ,- The other item of news from Commodore does appear to be causing somE.contusion It is true that
Commodore have appointed the giant ICL company to look after the warranty on their products but this only applies to Amiga CD32 and the Desktop Dynamite Pack. All olhcr products and packs previously purchased or yet to be purchased will be covered by Wang.
Finally it was very sad to hear this week of the demise of Diamond Computer a well known advertiser in Ihe Amiga Market. There is no doubt that the recession continues to cause the closure of many companies often without warning. Once again please be carefiil with your hard earned money and make certain that you follow the code printed in most magazines before you make that special purchase.
Sec you nexl month.
INDI MULTI MEDIA CLUB A true One Stop Shop' for all members On offer each month with an ever increasing product range , members can obtain software to cover every application including Morphine. Reudcnat. Raytractat. Vide, and a PI)
l. ibrary second to none. Ihe Club also offers a very com
prehensive range of videos including the Call Maaea Titles.
Music. Features and Special Interest There really is something
to suit every ones tustc. Membership costs only £10 and each
member receives a quality gift on joining even though there is
absolutely no commitment to buy at any lime. Ifyou wnuld
like lo be a part of this exciting club then call ladi on 054J
414 Wl As with most industries, the UK’s personal computer
industry has its shart of cowboys operating in the mail ordei
sector and at the receiving end a line uf of despairing
consumers who have sulTeiw at their hands.
A personal computer is a sophisticate* and expensive item and provided the pur chaser is dealing with a reputable an accredited supplier, buying a computei by mail order can be a perfectly safe am cost effective exercise. The Dircc Marketing Association (DMA) was se up in April 92 to set and maintain higt standards lor the sake of the industry am society at large, und U) ensure that we car continue lo regulate our own activities or the basis of proper professional responsibility.
Membership of the DMA is not eon ferred lightly - u is a privilege whicl entails responsibilities, to the consume as well as to the industry. The loumJatior lor this must be good practice Dmj* members are required to abide by thi highest standards as laid down in ih« DMA’s code, enforced on members b; The Authority of the DMA a scparau body with an independent Chairman, urn which is an assurance of vigorous self regulation and professional responsibility DMA members also agree, as a conditio* of membership, to abide by The Britisl Code of Advertising Practice and Th* British Code of Sales
Promotioi Practice: to apply the Mailing Prcfercnci Service file when appropriate: and t subscribe to the Advertising Standard; Board of Finance (ASBOF) and to d* Mailing Standards Levy as applicable.
I he DMA sy mbol can only he used b; members. Printed on stationary, advcrtisinj and other promotional material it demon straies that these companies conform u the Association's high standards and an subject to the DMA’s Code of Practice thus enhancing the companies credibility with customers, suppliers and of grcates importance, the consumer.
Since the symbol was introduced las June, it has become synonymous witl quality . Professionalism and and respon sibility. While it cannot be shown in an; way which will become a sign of bcs industry practice and of strict adherent, to DMA codes of conduct- The symbo represents authority for members am reassurance for consumers. It has been : high valued mark of confidence signilyini to the consumer the truly prolessiona edge of the industry m Alison Sian (Director ol Public Kclations.DMA) CREDIT AVAILABLE ON 6,12,18, 24,36 MONTHS.
M1230XA ACCELERATOR LAUNCHS Mtc robotics beau the competition tn price performance features and configurations INDI is very p*«ted to announce the availability of the new 68030 accelerator product tor the A1200: the mtcroboocs Ml 230 XA (call It the
- XA- for short) SO Mhz as standard1 Hu** 128 MB memory design is
standard (the biggest memory space m any A1200 peripheral)
|ust look at these specifications and prices* MI230XA W 40MHZ
EC030OMB INDI PRICE £239.99 M1230 XA W 40 MHZ EC 030 4MB INDI
PRICE £369.99 M1230 XA W 40 MHZ EC 030 8MB INDI PRICE £599.99
Ml230XA W 50 MHZ MMU 030 0MB INDI PRICE £349.99
ipoc d«iul «Ke o
c. rutdf. plugs Into *h. Printer port oI the Amiga Allows uereo
templing from almost any muttcel INDI PRICE £29.99 TAKE 2.
Aramaoon package is a must fee computer artists and
enthusiasts of all ages. As used *1 Rolf Harm Cartoon Club.
INDI PRICE £37.99 :=| land I n the best sefcng V«J| capture from d for afl A1200 irzrJ d animation alism InuJ :e down a 1 OD A I V I C I A Kl The NEW OPAL VISION system(Rev.2) ¦ ML Y I J I U IN The amazing Opahiwon 24 - bit paphia board and software liat has been Opal Paint V2.0 Now refcufoskJ" Channel that alowi photo con rrom no ”vSl Sehard-I ROMBO VIDI AMIGA 24(RT). For the more serious user, this 24 - bit version wii agam capture from from any video source with true photo realistic images' A staggering 16.7 mAon colours can be utiksed with Incredible results. Full AGA chipset support
INDI PRICE £239.99 AMIGA PERIPHERALS 2MB SMARTCARD.Tha or*ml and «0 the on*? My PCMCIA compatible memory card for At001 AI200.Comet with lifeome guarantee Beware of cheap muttoni INDI PRICE £129 99 4MB SMARTCARD. We a. -ore b« maxirxn 4MB INDI PRICE £194.44 ZAPPO 601 Trapdoor upgrade for the A600. I Mo with RTC INDI PRICE £49.99 ZAPPO 601 INC As above only SI2K.
The already acclaimed Opalvhion Board takes three further leaps into the future with the official launch of the Opalvtsion modules. With truly awesome capabilities the Amiga can now become the most professional 24 - bit video graphics power station ever!
The original and best floating point unit and memory upgrade for the Amiga A1200. Available with 0,4 or 8 MB of 32 bit Fast RAM and a choice of floating point units Now complete with real time clock (RTC) MBXI200Z 68881 14 MHZ 0MB MBXI200Z 68881 14 MHZ 4MB MBXI200Z 68881 14 MHZ 8MB MBXI200Z 68882 25 MHZ 0MB MBXI200Z 68882 25 MHZ 4MB MBXI200Z 68882 25 MHZ 8MB MBXI200Z 68882 50 MHZ 0 MB MBXI200Z 68882 50 MHZ 4MB MBXI200Z 68882 50 MHZ 8MB 68882 FPU UPGRADE 50 MHZ ROCTEC ROCGEN PLUS.
DISK DRIVES ZAPPO EXTERNAL FLOPPY You’ve seen all the renews on this popular and affordable second Amiga drive.
Compatible with all Amiga* INDI PRICE £59.99 Quality: 9 out of 10. Exceptional value for money.
Commodores original and best sellmg colour stereo monitor.
Now includes swivel and Tilt stand for total ease of use.
Imagine VL0 knagm* 30r now luppora Opa(VhkxvThis a a kill version that would cost £300 4 pur- chaed trpanofy "QMt mg*. * o vtaaadar - 4m*» Gowng Thdoittrdy chr not mo« profrssonrf pt»« prngrwri to tvnw an Pie - Amga Fomot ynfeeond quafcy at Pus Pna can't be tamed Amy’ - Anvga User table levels on a pixel by pixd besit-The new Chrominance elect alows absolute, real ame control of ¦ image contrast, bnfcance and re - mappeig of cokxn Opal AnimMATE V2-0 - cdertiig reel time play beck of anenaOom created by ray tracers, tindscape generators, morphen and ai other 24 • Bit software Opal Hotkey V2.0
Display OpaJVhion graphics anyone with key 4 INDI PRICE £129.99 ROCTEC ROCKET.
The ultimate accessory for Amiga I Video fans Separate RGB control to chroma key on any colour.
INDI PRICE£249.»9 "The wnfct wa inomu - Mont* - Amgo Shoppe' [ PRICE | £599.99 ROMBO VO AMIGA 12 (RT B Amp II This dl new version offers r any video source Ful AGA d 4000 users.
INDI PRICE £139.99 The amazing Opahwon 24 - bit fnpNcs b updated and is now oven better value for money Thee son and Alpha PRICE £189.99 SCALA Multimedia 200 (MM200§ Is the ultimate on professional video tithng The eminent design of V typefaces, the unlmted choice of typograpfocal detads. The h*h re non and the more than 80 exciting wipes result « wdeo option** fl exquisite quality No wonder that Scah is used by leading television I sotions around the world.
INDI PRICE £399.99 « »oi**iab»e SCALA Pro Vl.3 INDI PRICE £149.99 VIDEO DIRECTOR With Video Director, anyone with an Amga. A camcorder and a V J can quickly and easily caalogue and edt the best moments from di£ video upes Video Director is extremely easy to use. You can actu control your camcorder and VCR from your Amiga screen Director comes with everything you need to get started. The h ware to control your camcorder’ and VCR is included INDI PRICE £119.99
• Camcorder muM have a LANC or Control L rompatibU port MORPH
PLUS You've seen Mxheal Jackson's video, you've seen the
television usmg the latest techniques m morph**, now now you
can create df same results but at a fraction of the cost Morph
Plus is the latest id the ultimate In this technology Whether
you are a professional or just want to experiment at home Morph
idomate «n enage process** prowd-ig many key users working with
pictures. With ADPro you can read, wnte and ven between most
common image file formats with unmatched Miry Full support for
JPEG image makes it possfele to maintain enage kbrary m ful 24
- bN colour without need** massive hard storage. Typicafty a
600 Kb image can be compressed down INDI PRICE £139.99 REAL 3D
V2 Is a ful featured 3D mnvton modeling amd rendering program |
W h Real 3D V2 you can produce high quality images and a of
three dimensional models with an attending level of realism. I
creating an arwnaoon that shows a handful of balls bounce down
a | ftght of stairs to the bottom Gravity. CoRraon. Delecoon
and the ticity of the bals are all automatically calcsdated by
the program?
DELUXE PAINT IV AGA Combines powerful tooli with an Intuitive interface so both profeeJ uonals and beprmers akke can get superb results quickly. New I enhancements to the software include the ab*cy to pant and In 4696 colours in the Amga's HAM (Hold and Modify)mode animation features also include metamorphosis allowing you to one image into another. You determine the number of frames INDI PRICE£299.99 INDI PRICE £63.99 tlVd delay. Confirm delivery at time of order.
WHY NOT RING FOR A QUOTE. SAMEDAY RESPONSE. (SEE EXAMPLE) We researched the colour printer market at great depth to find a colour printer good enough to cope with Amiga's powerful output yet at an affordable price.
W found the perfect printer in the KX - P2I80 and KX • P2I23 quiet printers.
We then considered that if you were going to buy a Panasonic printer you would probably need a quality word processing package to use with it We found that too. With ‘Wordworth’ yet at a retail price of £ 129.99 we thought that might be a little too expensive on top of your printer purchase! So together with Panasonic we decided to give a copy of Wordworth' free with every Panasonic printer. How’s that for added value' _ | Panasoni KX - P2I80 nasonic
WITH PANASONIC QUIET PRINTERS.The writers choice The ultimate word processor for AMIGA computers. Wordworth is undoubted the ultimate word document processor for the full range of AMIGA computers. The graphical nature of WORDWORTH makes producing documents faster and easier, with the enhanced printing fonts (including full Panasonic KX - P2180 and KX - P2123 colour printing support). Collins spell checker and thesaurus, no other word processor comes close.
"Without doubt this is one of the best document processors for the AMIGA. Today" (Amiga Format) NORMAL RRP £129.99 inc. VAT ;a oth profes-
r. New it and animal node. New you to chaq £219.99 IONAL nefits
to write and natched nalntain an live hard jwn to 40 Panasonic
* Satinpnnt (optimum resolution technology)'
* 5 Pages per minute
* HP Laserjet III Emulation. PCI 5
* 8 Scalable fonts & 28 bitmap functions
* Optional 2nd input bin (total print er capacity 2 x 200 sheets
* Optional memory expansion to S O Mb (I Mb as standard) £549.99
inc. VAT Imminent price increase.
This price while stocks last The new Panasonic KX-P2180 9-pin quiet printer I Produces crisp clear text in mono or in 7 glorious colours with I I LQ new quiet technology. The new KX - P2180 is typically I SdBa LIU quieter in operation, than the competition.
* Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS NLQ
* Colour Printing 7 colour palette (blue. Red. Green, yellow,
violet, nugenta lack)
* Quiet printing Super quiet 4S - 48 dBa sound level (most matrix
printers are typi calty in excess of 60 dBa)
* 6 Resident Fonts Over 6.100 type styles using Courier Prestige,
Bold PS. Roman.
Script and Sans Serif Fonts.
* 3 Paper Paths Paper handling from bottom, top and rear for
total flexibility
* I Year Warranty for total peace of mind £169.99
* Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS draft. 64 CPS LQ and 32 SIQ.
* Cotour Printing 7 colour palette (blue. Red. Green, yellow,
violet, magenta, black)
* Quiet Printing Super quiet 43.S - 46 dBa sound level (most
matrix printers are typically in excess of 60 dBa)
* 7 Resident Fonts Over 152.000 type styles using Super LQ.
Courier Prestige. Bold PS. Roman. Script and Sans Serif Fonts.
* 24PIN Diamond Printhead High performance and high quality
* I Year Warranty for total peace of mind.
The new high performance Panasonic KX - P2123 24 pin. Quiet colour printer offers leading edge quiet printing technology at an affordable price Panasonic PRINTER ACCESSORIES
21 8CV KXP 2123 holds 80 M sheets. INOI PRICE 689.99
2) PRINT DUST COVER Special*, oixed qmfty kat cover kx Panasonic
KXP 21 I0 P 2123 printer INDI PRICE £8.99 SAVE ££££SON THE
Contains 6 colour ribbons for the KXP 2123 RRP £119.99 INDI
PRICE £89.99 SAVE £30!!!
PACK 2 PANASONIC RIBBON PACK Contains 2 black and 4 colour ribbons for KXP 2180 KXP 2123.RRP £99.99. INDI PRICE£69.99 SAVE £30!!!
PACK 3 PANASONIC DELUXE ACCESSORY PACK Contains automatic sheet feeder. 2 black ribbons. 2 colour ribbons. I dust cover. 2 piece printer stand.
RRP £ 169 99 INDI PRICE £ 139.99 SAVE £30 AM QJC anOgi tt il ptwr uxrucKm a antram d*ra
8) PANASONIC BLACK RIBBON Black rhbcn for KXP 2180 KXP 2123 INDI
PRICE £9.99 FAX: 0543 418 079 TEL: 0543 419 999 AI200 80 MEG
INDI TELESALES TH_ 0543 419999 FAX 054} 418079 Pamet Adaptor
for CD TV Connect a CDTV pbyec to any Anega. Tnd m of CO • ROM
software The Pamet mtorhce and » will allow the Amiga COTV u
be used as a CD DRIVE wMhe any Aimg* and wd grv any Amp o to
the vast range of CDTV software currently r The CDTV player
offers excellent value kx money compared with a standard CD -
ROM drive and - Most CD - ROM drives wd sec you back ewer CM
CDTV wd cose you lets den I 00 and wd pby aM „ adduce. To CD
ROM - CDTV «sk ,« A v bee cabb and PD dsk wd* drwer software
for ye p ay*' (The Pamet adapter can be t link any Amiga*
together) 1942 Monitor1 £369.57 14 inch screen sue - 0.28 mm
dot matrix A 64 range cd approved impedes 40004)0. Indudng
adJOonal memory module*, hard drives, PC bridge boards, m s
(68881 *68882)and the 24 • bit Opal Vason paphict and «4dao
system f
products are guaranteed for 12 months.
Some products carry a 11 months at home service and repair guarantee (where indicated). In the unlikely event that any product purchased from INDI arrives at your home faulty, we will collect from your home and replace the product complrtefy free of charge.
Prices are valid lor month of putofkabon only.
INOI Direct Mail n original and very exciting.
Before you buy mall order you mutt first be confident that you will receive the product you've ordered and that the supplier still be there In the fcitute. Should you need them.
A mad order purchase Irom INOI is a sale and secure decision, and hero's why.
INOI h a whoMy owned sub i .diary of a putobc company now in It's tenth year of trading and specialising in the supply of computer prod- CREDIT FACILITIES CUSTOMER CHARTER 9am - 7pm Monday O) Frirfa 930am- 430pm S.mrrfay.
* Nigel Mansells World Championship Racing « Trolls
* Amiga Challenge Pack PACK INCLUDES: « International Spora
* Paradroid 90 * Cod Croc Twins * Indunapdit S00 It * here - The
new Amiga 4000 030 The NEW Amp 40004)0 foatro a EC680»
processor navww at an rosdU 2SMht and ffradabie at a bur dr.*
to a faster processor The 4000430 has a power** 2 Mb of 32 -
b-t PAM expandable to 18 Mb using industry standard 32 - bn
Smms module. In fene with die Amp agshlp 4000 040 the 4000430
features the new AGA graphics chpset. Givtng you a massive
pellet of 168 million colours A range of hard drive options are
available from 80
• 240 Mb and includes a SCSI opOon.
4000 030 80 Mb HD INDI PRICE £899.99 Other Drive Opoons 4000030 120ht HD tOPMCE £959.99 4000030 240 Mb HdbdPecro Fhntrpcr.
4000030120hfc SCSI rt).
Software bundled with it A1200 STANDARD FEATURES
* 68020 Processor * PCMCIA Sloe « 2MB Chip RAM * 3i' Internal
* AAO-pset* Bu* In TV n ’
* 12 Months at home n NEW DESKTOP DYNAMITE PACK This groat new
pack from Commodore must have at least £300 [ PRICE |
£339.99o,.~m£l2.95* per month
• (Credit price based on 36 monthly payments APR 29.8% Total
repayment £466 20 and 90 day deferred payments TEL: 0543 419
• Anep CD TV Fby*r
• CDTV Keyboard
• CDTV 1411 iV Disk Drive
• CDTV Infra Red Remote Controfkr
• CDTV Wired mouse
• CDTV Welcome Disk
• Manuals
• Fred Fish CDTV Disk PRICE CRASH!!!
You've roc (he CDTV. You've roc the keyboard and the floppy tfcsk drive - for a local computer solution all chat's needed is an ultra fast hard disk drive.
The CDTV - HD unit boasts a massive *0 Mb of hard disk tiora|e with lightning fast access times through its SCSI interface The unit comes complete with Workbench 1.3 and al necessary cables ¦Trice] £219.91 PACK AS SHOWN £229.99 K you are thinking of buying CDTV or already own one you'll be pleased to know that INDI stock all CDTV accessories and software that are available from manufactures. We believe in CDTV and we therefore continue to support this exciting product You will always have a source of product for your CDTV from INOI L to R CDTV Encore SCSI Contro*er ? Internal Mount CDTV barrel
Gertak Black I084S Colour Stereo Momtor (When purchased with CDTV Mukl - Meda Pack) CDTV Remote Mouse Scan TV Monitor Lead (Inc Stereo Phono Lead) Mivtto- IttiHvehO* RAM UvadtferCDTV CDTV Trackhal £59.99 £99.99 £1*9.99 £179.99 £39.99 £14.99 HOW TO ORDEf INDI PRICE £1*9.99
* 9 99 when purchased weh CDTV Miid Metha peek) £15199 £49.99 LTV
- Engjeh m a 2nd larpap Scary teams 6v Rouen KO Tale of Banpmn
Buviy Tale of Peter Rabbe Therms » Snowsue Mow* Gn*. Me Stomach
Ache barmy Be* Goes Car*-* £14.99 Cbaet Boerd Games
04. 99 £19.99 OeiommforMre £14.99 £14 tf HouvbcfiheBaded.i £79.99
£79.99 P hoKAer
09. 99 £14.99 SenCey £79.99 £19.99 Trw*PwsUt(P**J £44.44 £19.99
Wmh cf Demon £74.44
09. 99 RaRes
04. 94
04. 99 PieNuork
04. 49
04. 99 Snoopy
04. 49
09. 99 Town weh No Name £79.99
04. 99 IvprScrSmeu.
0494 £49.99 Cmel Chao.
04. 99 Tutor!
£74.44 £19.99 G-rfor £79.99 CoeofRa £2444 Space Wars £74.49 Defender of the Crown £79.99
09. 99
04. 99 Case of tha Caudoua Condor Telrale TanMa
04. 99 £19.99 5 AND LEISURE £79.99 £79.99
04. 99 £79.99 £14.99 £14.99 £14.99 £14.99 AMIGA ISOO FEATURES
* IMb expanbabe usang A20S* RAM board
• Includes 2 X 3.5* disk as standard with 5.25 * Disk Ray
• Integral memory card and card expansion capacities (most cost
effective expansion route)
• Workbench 100 and kickstart 104 CONTENTS:
• Keyboard, mouse, reference manual. Puzziec. Tofct Bf (Games). C
Pam III. Home Accounts. The WorksfFtobnum edoon Wordpro.
Spreadsheet Database) Joystxk MONITOR AND PRINTER NOT INCLUDED A2088 XT EMULATOR KTT The A20M XT emulator Ut oPe.s IBM competitHlityon the Amip 2000 and MOO systems. Nmmm a. 4 77Mhi weh S12Kb RAM and CGA The A20BI emUatd
S. 2S* MOK Boppy drwe and MS DOS The AMIGA 3000 Workstation
• 52 Mb high speed SCSI hard Drive
• 3 5" floppy drive
• On - board flicker fixer
• AT style keyboard
• Mouse
• Workbench 10 * Armga Vision Mufo DOCS MOT MCLUOC TNC MOMTOC AMO
OeAimiOW A2058 RAM BOARD An B Mb 16 • Be RAM board, tuppbed
With 2Mb RAM and upraOMe m two step* Tha 20S8 a a zo b*e and
they are comp m x the SCSI Hard Draw d-eciiy onto ir card. The
041A Mo hM the bebey to b RAM (1 7 Mb step*). The A709IA corv-
B aorro II compatible and * therefore suitable ¦ Amp 2000
although X does oiler an ideal sola-
• *e Amp 4000010. -here leede* edge per- e ¦ act mqure The A209IA
a to! The mow M board, eve* a total of « Mb of INDI PRICE
£369.99 »79 TFI ; 0543 419 999 FAX: 0543 41 8 079 COVEL SK 54
Colour pictures from a black and white printer - impossible!
Not if you’ve got this month’s Coverdisk.
And if you haven’t got a printer then enjoy yourself with the image processing routines.
Requestor we can find the drawers that contain the Color, Mono, and Bubblejet drivers.
Clicking on *» Mono', for example, will cause a list of drivers for single colour printers to appear.
These can be scrolled through by using the up down arrows or the slider gadget. If you see a driver that matches your printer then click on it and then on ’OK'. If you want to get out of that drawer click on ’«’ to go up a level in the directory.
With the correct driver loaded the program is prepared for use with basic settings. These should not need to be altered during normal use.
I’ll explain what all the gadgets and buttons do later.
GOOD KING TUT An IFF is loaded using the requestor called up by the pull-down menu ‘File Load Pic’.
On the disk there is a PIC drawer with some sample IFF pictures in it.
There is another drawer in that called 4AM'. This contains the King Tut drawing I used as the example.
Okay, so we've got a picture loaded. Let's print it. Select Page Dump’ from the pull-down menu labelled ’Print’. A new screen appears, titled 'Select screen area', with a small representation of our IFF in the middle of it. Surrounding the picture is a frame and a host of boxes with arrows in them. By click- THREE III ONE The Flexidump disk contains three different programs,-Flexi(.Prg), Flexicat(.Prg), and Custom(.Prg). The first is the main printer control and graphics program. .
Flexicat is a program baSed around Flexi. It allows you to automatically print out all the picture files within a particular directory, in a similar manner to a photographer's contact sheet, as little pictures on one page. The Custom program enables the user to adapt one of the Flexi printer drivers for their own particular model of printer. This is only used if the printer is not one directly supported by Flexidump.
Double-click the Flexi icon and after a few seconds of loading you will see the main control screen. This is divided into eight sectibns.
If we are to use the program properly then we must first load in a suitable printer driver. Rexi ignores the settings in Amiga Preferences and uses its own to achieve superior output.
With the right mouse button held down we can access the pull-down menus at the top of the screen. By selecting the file load driver we call up a file requestor that is already set for the Flexicus driver. This is designed to work with most Epson- compatible 9-pin colour printers.
By clicking on '» Cus’ in the QUICKSTART GUIDE TO LOADING DISK 66 DISK VIRUSES CU AMIGA makes evsnr eftort to ensure lhal viruses do not gel on lo oor disks, and we aim lo include a virus checker on the disk whenever possible Unfortunately, because ol the nature ol viruses, the virus killers can only be updated to include a new strain when it has already become known. Fortunately we always have the most advanced virus checkers available when Ihe disk is compiled and every propram poes through rigorous testing belorelt appears on our coverdisks. However, we can accept no responsibility lor pos
sible damage Incurred by viruses which may have escaped our altentlon.
Ing on these we can resize the Irame and or move it around our picture.
This can also be done by clicking on ‘Manual’, which will take us to a larger view. By dragging the Irame we can crop the image to the size we want.
IF YOUR DISK WON'T LOAD It a smaller trame is required then by clicking on the ‘Frame’ gadget we can reduce its size. The Reset’ button will restore order if you get in a muddle.
Once the picture is correctly framed, a click on ’OK’ will lake us to the next screen. Here we can set the distance from the top of the page lo where our picture will start to be printed. This can be left alone so dick on OK’ again The next screen allows us to shift the position of the print left from the edge of the paper.
Again this is best left set to its default, so click on ’OK’ for access to the Dump dimensions’ screen.
We can resize the entire picture to our heart's content here. The Guess’ and Ratio 1:1’ boxes are highlighted as default so that any changes we make, either to the width or length gadgets, will ensure that our output comes out the correct shape.
The Pages’ box displays how much of our sheet of paper will be taken up with the print. A full width print of 19.8cm will have an 'X' value of 1.0, while its length, 'Y', will be 0.5 or 11 2cm - roughly half A4 It your coverdisk doeso l seem to work as it should, then lollow this simple guideline. Firstly, remove all unnecessary peripherals, such as printers, modems, etc. Follow the instructions on these pages to the letter, and it alter that yon llnd that the disk still doesn’t wort, call the PC Wise helpline on 0665 350505 between 1030 and 1230 Monday lo Friday II they advrsa you lhal Ihe
disk is faulty, then pop it in an envelope with a covering letter explaining whal the problem is to: CU DISK RETURNS, PC WISE, OOWLAIS TOP BUSINESS PARK. MERTHYR TYDFIL, MID-GLAMORGAN. CF46 2YY Please include 20p per disk to cover postage and packing (55p lor overseas readers). Your disk will be tested and a new. Working one dispatched lo you as soon as possible. Please noie that neither we nor PC Wise accept responsibility lor any disks damaged doe lo negligence on the part ol the user.
The next screen, 'Gamma correction’, can be by-passed for now. We are then presented with the 'Copies’ screen. Here we can determine the number of printouts that get sent to the printer, or to disk. A very handy feature.
I Ink colors 1 "Tz PflSS|3 PfYSSI j 1 COLOR P| i Printer density | | 4) 360 DPI fcj Tlol P»U«rn 1 ORDEHLD'Txq-*1* I Color O P node 1 ? ???
1 ?•?? HELP ?i?
Load Picture If you are working late and don’t wish to disturb the rest of the household with the clatter of your dot-matrix, then you can send Flexi’s output to disk for printing the next day. The file is reloaded using 'Spool', which is an item in the ’Print’ pull-down menu, along with ‘Poster’.
Apart from being a comprehensive printer manager, Flexi is also a useful image processing tool. With an IFF loaded into the program it is possible lo adjust colours and greyscales Wth easy to use sliders and buttons, then save the results.
The Image pull-down menu is where to access these goodies View’ allows you to see the whole picture as it will be printed, or saved to disk.
Separate' will Wthdraw the particular information you want from an image just by clicking on one of the many buttons.
The colour separation screen also has facilities for inverting an image physically and chromatically The colour operators can only be done one at a time. If you don't like the result, then a click on undo WII get back your initial image. However, if you decide to save the result with File Save Pic’ then make sure you give the new picture a different name, otherwise you will lose the original Color balance gives you the opportunity to vary the brightness, contrast, and saturation (hue) of the picture. Plus the chance to alter the CU AMIGA OFFERS INK AND RIBBON OFFERS We’ve teamed up with Care
Electronics, Flexidump’s publishers, to bring you this amazing offer. Make the most of your fantastic cover disk by getting hold of the manual.
FLEXIDUMP 2 MANUALlOFFER Cart also supply a number ol colour ribbons ant inks lor use with a wide range ol printers. Here’s a selection of ttiem.
T-SHIRT PRINTING RIBBONS PRINT ON NORMAL PAPER, IRON ON T-SHIRT 4 Colour Clllten Swiff ...£29.95 4 Colour Citizen Swift (Reload) ......£14.95 4 Colour Star LC18 ..£14.95 4 Colour Slar LC2O0 9 Pin ....£19.95 4 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin (Reload) £12.95 4 Colour Slar LC200 24 Pin ...£29.95 4 Colour Slar LC200 24 Pin (Reload) ..£14.95 1 Colour Citizen 1200 Swift ..£11.95 1 Colour Star
LC10 ..£1195 1 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin ....£11.95 1 Colour all Star 24 Pin £11.95 t Colour Epson FX80AQ400 MX80 .£11.95 1 Colour Epson U80 £11-95 1 Colour Epson moo ..£11.95 1 Colour Panasonic KXP1080 £11.95 1 Colour Tacan Canon 1080A .£11.95 Heal transfer pens 5 large red orange yellow green blue Large pens have a marker size nib £14.95 a set Heal transfer pent 5 small
red orange gellow graen blue.
ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND CARRIAGE COLOUR PRINTER RIBBONS Don’t throw away your plastic printer ribbon cases when the ribbon wears out. Just lake Ihe lop off. Lake out Ihe old ribbon and reload it with a new one. It's simple. Full Instructions supplied.
RE10AOS FOR: Star LC200 9 Pin 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1Reload - £5.99,5i Reloads- 03.95 Star 24 Pin 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1Reload-C8.99.5Reloacls-a9.» Citizen Swill 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1Reload-nj9.5Ra - .n Panasonic 4 Colour (Normai ink) 1 Reload - £9.99.5 Reloads-£29.95 Ini ribbons a iso'available in goid.'siiver.magenla, orange.
Special re-ink lor Panasonic printers and Slar 1X290 9 Pin black 59ml bottle £14.95. For further details or to order any ol Ihese printer Inks and ribbons please contact Care Electronics, Dept CUA, 15 Holland Gardens, Garslon, waltord. Herts WD2 RJN.
Tel: 0923 894004 Fas 0923 072102 rPos, your order to: Care Electronics, Flexidump 2 Offer, 15 Holland Gardens, Garslon, | Watford, Herts WD2 6JN.
I Please send me the Flexidump 2 manual @ £9.95 (inclusive ol VAT and P&P).
1 I enclose a cheque,’P.O. lor £ made payable lo Care Electronics.
I OP Pease detkt my Access-Vsa Card No Expiry Dare 1 Card Motor’s Name I Caro Holder’s Address 1 Post Code I Skgnatjro Please pve deirve-y address it cHfe-eot trom above I ....Postcode . Please alto* 28 days tor delivery.
Red, green, and blue values in two modes: add and multiply. I won't spoil the fun by telling you what they do. Each operator has a slider control, but the effects are not immediately obvious. A click on the draw" button will change the picture, while 'reset' will take you back to your original and undo to the result ol the previous operation.
The next menu, Option, gives access to three more screens. Page’ lets you set up the number ot lines and columns your printer can put onto a particular size of paper. The initial setting is for Ad.
'Ink' has a number ot presets tor various types of printer accessed through a gadget at the bottom ot the screen. The idea of this is to help you match the colour output of your printer to those colours you see on TV monitor.
If a preset does not quite lit the bill, then you can manually adjust the sliders to get the best resuHs by tnal and error. When the optimum fit is found the settings should be copied to disk.
The last item in this menu. Sieve, is another bank of sliders that can filter the colour inlormation being sent to the printer.
It is possible to send just the black outlines within a picture to the printer, by reducing all colour values to zero.
BU ?K AND°WHrTE Flexi can be used to get colour output from a mono printer. The gadgets in the Color O P mode come in to play now. To achieve a polychromatic printout you will need three separate colour ribbons or ink cartridges: one for each complimentary colour: cyan, magenta, and yellow.
The picture is then printed with the yellow ribbon in the printer, and Flexi is set to output only the yellow part of the image. When it is finished the paper is wound back to exactly the point it started from. The cyan ribbon is inserted and the print done again with only cyan cof D output.
PRINTER CONTROL TERMS Passer refers lo he number ol limes the printhead moves over the same strip ol paper.
Some printers require more than one pass to get a high resolution, usually 9-pin, while 24-pins and inkjels only need one. This will be set by the driver loaded, although you can experiment by changing it to 1 or 2.
Printer denity. Again’refers to resolution, and this is measured in dots per Inch (dpi). For draft copies, or special effects, a lower resolution will often suffice and save on ink and time too.
Dot pattern: determines whatsojl ol dither will be used to print the picture. These patterns are used to give the impression of more colours, or greys, than can be output by the printer. Flexi has lour patterns in two sixes, 4x4 and 8x8. Plus a random dither.
The larger the pattern the more colours are generated, but at a loss in picture resolution.
Some patterns do not work well with certain printers or particular sixes ol print. So experimentation is required. A rotated pattern will often provide better colour output than a standard one.
Aspect: refers to the way the picture can be printed out. It can be normal, upside down, rotated, or mirror image. This last one is often used for printing onto Tee- shirts so that the resulting graphic is the correct way round when ironed onto the garment.
Ink colours: will be set by the driver. A mono printer will have one. While colour printers can have three or four. Either on one ribbon or in ink reservoirs it of the inkjet variety.
UC Removal, is a technique that saves ink, and improves blacks and greys. It does this by using black ink instead of heavy combinations of C, M. and Y. Tractor, informs Flexi if you are using the tractor feed instead of friction feed. This method is less accurate for positioning so compensations are made.
Dumps across, sets Ihe number of pictures that can be printed across a page.
IMAGE PROCESSING TERMS Brightness. II adjusted, will alter all Hw colour intensiltes unilormly up or doom, hut arllh a loss ol detail.
Contrast altecls lire intensities nl Ihe colours, either pushing them Inwards Ihe same value, lo give a Hal unilorm Image, or al the other eatreme. To one primary colour with maximum intensity. Again with a loss ol detail it altered.
Saturation, is the intensity oi a colour. The higher the saturation Ihe mnre vivid the colour. A tew value will give no colours - grey scale - il hrightness and contrast are oenlral.
Luminance: shews up the bright and dart areas ol the Image.
Intensity: reveals how bright Ihe individual colours ol Ihe image are. Although al lirsl glance II may appear similar in eltect to luminance Gamma correction, is a method of brightening a picture without allecting Ibe detail too much. Colours are also aHered without any colour in particular reaching a maximum or minimum intensity.
Exactly what to avoid!
This massive demo is laden with neat touches, lor example, Buzz and Bob, the game show’s hosts have their own sampled speech and you have the choice ol playing in either the normal arena or the speed arena where you're really up against the dock So, what are you waiting lor?
• Jj j |usl complex they're ” deadly loo. Laden with traps and
dangar.zones each arena is huge and you’ll really need the
scanner in the comer ol the screen il you don’t want lo end up
running around like a headless chicken. I- The controls are
very easy to j- is grasp - up, down, left and nfya- 1 ’ and
they do exactly what you’d I f expect The firebutlon releases
j-V any weapons you’ve picked up.
It you want to know more '*» about what to do in the arenas load up your disk and play Usj through the tutorial sections r~ we’ve provided These'll tell you .’I At irw Man or Arena 01 ewe's . Cow* ’¦ CGVERDISK 67 We’ve got a triple treat in store for you this month with three, yes three, games for you to tinker with. There’s a whole level of the maddeningly-addictive Mean Arenas, the complete underground section of Wonder Dog, plus our very own AMOS scroller, Amosteroids. What are you waiting for?
Set a hundred years in the future. Mean Arenas places you in control ol a desperate game show combatant as he battles tor his life and money.
Sounds tamiliar?
Well, the Running Man-type plot paves the way tor a fantastic top- down arcade puzzle blaster Developed by ICE. Mean Arenas is the ultimate in game show mayhem The aim of the game is to race around complex mazes avoiding the mad robotic guardians and collecting as much cash as you can. If you think that sounds simple you’d be wrong. You start each game without any weapons and must collect what you can from the arena you’re In. Be careful with their use though as supplies are limitod. The mazes are not n conjunction with Oerby-based Core Design, the name behind Chuck Rock, we've grabbed a
lully playable level ol their new platform extravaganza. Wonder Dog The peaceful planet ol K-9 has been invaded by the evil Pitbullies in an attempt to gain control of the amazing Wonder’ serum. In the nick ol time a young pup is injected with the serum and sent to a tar-olt world.
Unfortunately, the ship crashes on Earth and the new Wonder Dog must find some way lo get back home to beat the Pitbullies silly and save his planet. Hoorah!
In our exciting demo Wonder Dog is stuck in an underground cavern MEAN ARENAS ¦VlVal*.
START YOUR AMIGA iropet FREEPHONE 0800 318576 Fax: 0480 496379 with no apparent way out. To make matters worse there’s hordes ot nasty slimy creatures who don't take too kindly lo our young hero. It's not all bad news though, 'cos this Dog is tar trom defenceless. Apart from his heavy beetle-crushing boots, he's got a winged headpiece lo help him jump further and a magic star lhat bounces towards his enemies.
The aim ol this demo is to guid WD from one end ol the complex k. the olher. Dodging or whacking the slimy attackers whilst collecting as many goodies as you can.
The controls are so simple a two year-old could understand 'em.
Cor. This worm mull hat* boon following Schwarzenegger Guido to body building.
Simply grab your joystick and push left or right to move, up to jump and down to duck. Some areas have very low roofs so you'll need lo lake a long run up Ihen duck and slide lo gel through Ihem. If you wanl lo use Ihe magic star press the fire button.
SI II will shoot out when you XI release it again. The longer you Rj| hold the fire button down for the ¦ more powerful Ihe resulting blast H will be.
If you find yourself sluck with |H no apparent way on. Look around ¦ for a dark patch on the ground.
M stand over it and duck. You'll ¦ soon find out how dogs bury H their bones! Have fun!
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provide the ( metimes heated!
Debate. This time, we thougnt we’d get out our tapedeck and record the proceedings for posterity. What follows is the first part of a no- hfflBbbrred conversation about all things miga. Naturally, with the CD32 uppermost in many people’s is first installment con- on Commodore’s roak console.
CU AMIGA need a decent demo so when it s in the shops next to Sega's MegaCD and other machines it Commodore's new baby has got the right demo disk it can out perform the others.
Mat: So nave they actually commissioned this disk?
Uathew Broomfield What chance do you think the CD32 has ot being a success?
Jolyon Ralph Well I think a lot’s going to hinge on the marketing General murmurs ol agreement Stewart Sockelt: And it C's previous track record is anything to go by... Jolyon: I think they're gonna be in trouble Stoo: They are in trouble now.
David Ward: Have they got the money to promote it?
Jolyon They’re reportedly spending 7 million on marketing up till Christmas on 1200 and CD32 John Kennedy How does that compare with Sega?
Jolyon I think that CTW said that tigure would be about the money Nintendo or Sega would put behind the bar at a launch, which is pretty dose.
General laughter Jolyon. But it's not so mpch the money they spend, it's the quality ot the advertising that they do.
Commodore’s has been particularty bad in the past Their marketing and advertising people have not been particularly wonderful John Is that biased or is that generally accepted?
Jolyon: You have my view on It.
What does everyone else think?
Everyone agrees with Jolyon Andy Leaning: I think it depends how they spend it. If it's used in the right way it's more than enough to get CD32 established Jolyon The other thing they need to do - I know they're working on it - is to make sure the machrtq comes with a very good demo disk There's no point having a box I mean at the moment new machines are going out without any software at all. They Jolyon: They are doing a demo disk.
Mat Do you know who's putting It together?
Jolyon: Commodore are putting it together themselves. I've seen a prerelease version. It had things like CDXL movies on it but I don't know whether they've got the nghts to use them on a commercial disk Wavey Davey Idave Winder): How does it compare to the CDTV demo?
I mean. I know the 32's gonna be better but how does it compare with that particular demo, which was excellent?
One of the main prob- jolyon: I haven't iems with CDTV was seen anything as that Commodore failed good** ,ha’ **'¦ln . Tact, I ve seen to convince games macnirws ou, developers to support with that demo to the machine. Demonstrate the CD32.
John: Whenever they have Amigas in shops you rarely have any demos playing but you'll see a Sega Megadnve playing something, and a SNES playing something Stewart: If you see the Amiga doing anything it'll be displaying the Workbench insert disk promptl John: It looks bad.
Wavey Davey: The same with CDTV. All you ever got was the cube floating 'round and that's It David: But at least they made an effort to address that particular issue by making the sequence a little flashier, and thought they'd solved the problem I Laughter Jolyon: Well that's still no excuse I mean on the CD32 it's easier 'cause you can just fit a CD. Anyone at Dixons will know how to put a CD into a CD player Laughter Stoo: Except perhaps the, urn, sales staff!
John: A few passers by could do it lor them... Jolyon: But yeah, it shouldn t be difficult. People are now used to games machines. Sega have people going around the shops making sure all the machines are set up and running and displaying properly Now I know that Commodore have put money aside to make sure there are people per manently going around checking that WHO'S WHO We ievited some ol the Amiga'¦ lop name coelMT rare, to « MS to So with mis unlikely sMoror ol trattuSan II yoo arom Is p« a latt to tM mow aeS Ikrt out tasttty «tul they St tor a living. RaaS an.. Tmse machines are running
in Duons, that they are not ]ust sitting toere with empty screens, and that rtiey are running the demo disks or »iey are demonstrating software tVevey Davey: What happened to me team of pretty girls that they were sorting out?
Jolyon .'That may be the same team
- the ones who were going around demonstrating CDTV to everyone.
Wavay Davey: 'Cause that was a pretty good idea. They actually had a learn ol girts trained up lo go round to places like Dixons and demonstrate Ihe machine. Only trouble was, they didn’t know anything about the machine at all so they were talking a cad ol bollocks.
Atof: Which was ideal for Dixons cause it matched the start’s level of knowledge [Allegedly - Ed).
Joola: I think the only way it (CD32) could really work is il developers give A some serious commitment, and in aim Commodore put some more money up. But at the moment I think everybody's taking such a tentative approach, including Commodore, it’s not going to work.
Jolyon: One ot the main problems with CDTV was that Commodore failed, initially deliberately, lo convince games developers to develop titles lor CDTV.
Eric Mathews: Commodore weren't even talking to them. Commodore Europe weren't talking to games developers!
Jolyon: They weren't?
Hopefully we'll start to see games like Ultima Underworld and Wolfenstein [appearing on the CD32], Plus 3D flight sims and the like.
Eric: They were talking lo a few ol Ihe 'boys dub' that exists within publishers. But they weren't talking to actual developers.
John: So the CDTV wasn't a games machine?
Erie: No. And the same thing applies lo the 1200, CD32.1 mean there are very lew games developers who have been given ihe opportunity to get machines in advance.
Jolyon: Oh yeah, it's been a real fight to get any information, any machines out ol Commodore. We got ours in the US.
Eric: That problem's now being addressed, but it still exists tor other developers who are developing specifically lor the Amiga, who've been successful on it.
Mat: This question of information release Is an interesting one because I went over to a Commodore club in America lhal had thirty members on a good day, yet Commodore came up from West Chester with a 4000 to show this little tin-pot club Ihe machine before it was even generally released, and that’s the way they treat it over there. But over here.. Jolyon: You do get that sort of ertort trom Commodore (UK|, but it's not a Commodore policy, it's individual people taking their own initiative For example I've known Commodore start who have brought machines along to small ICPUG groups because they
wanted to, not because it was an ortidal policy.
John: Is lhal a new thing?
Jolyon: No. That’s been happening tor quite a while.
Commodore have popped down lo a certain South East group ot ICPUG to show them new product. They brought along new machines, they brought CDTV. Apparently they're bringing CD32 with a foil motion video module up in two weeks time to show that to a group ot no more than twenty or thirty people. But it’s not an official policy it s just... Mat: The inspiration of a few nonsenior members ol Commodore?
Jolyon: Thai s it! Someone there who’s got the authority to do it happens to live nearby and is willing to take the evening out Mai: It seems ridiculous that a small group who have some influence, but nowhere near as much as CU Amiga, Shopper or Format should be getting exclusive previews. We've even got a situation where we find out our news trom the Jackie Brambles column. I mean who the hell is Jackie Brambles?
A number ol rude remarks fol- lowedf Mat: So it does seem as if Commodore are a bit paranoid about giving oul their information doesn't it?
Jolyon: Well' Commodore were very worried with CD32, initially that the information would leak because they didn't know what the other competitors in the market, particularly Sega, and especially Nintendo, were up to on Ihe CD front. Nintendo have kept themselves to themselves quite a tot. All it takes is a well-timed press announcement to spoil a lot ol ertort on the part ot another company.
Now. Interestingly, thal has just happened. Nintendo had a press release last week about the joint venture they've got with Silicon Graphics Mat: Is this their new 64-bit console?
Jolyon: New 64-bit machine But the way that's worded is a direct spoiler by the looks ot it, at 3DO. Now they haven't even mentioned CD on il, bul I assume it will be a CD machine. I don't think any machine's gonna come out from now on that isn’t... until the next technology advances come out to replace CD.
John: At the moment, and tor the next year, is there any competition for the CD32, technically I mean?
Tony: The 3DO is competition Jolyon: It is competition but it's double Ihe price.
Mat: Yeah, $ 700 is their target price so God knows what it's actually going to cost, so is that realty any competition? I mean, the sort ot people who can artord $ 700 are already there with FM Towns and the other CD technology that’s been available tor a while.
Wavay Davey: Doesn’t it depend what 32’s going to be marketed as?
Sab: Definitely.
Wavay Davey: I mean is it going to be marketed as a games machine?
John: Looks like il.
Jolyon: It is. It's a pure games machine.
Stewart: It's got no keyboard has it?
Andy: Commodore are trying very hard to suppress the tact that it can be upgraded Wavey Davey: This is what I mean.
The opportunity’s there to upgrade the thing.
Mat: They’re actually trying try to suppress it?
Andy: Well not suppress it, but basi- TONY MORGAN Occupation: Assistant Technical Editor, CU Amiga Background: Worked on Amiga User International Irom 1987 to 1991.
Turned freelance tor a year, then joined CU Amiga in September ol
SEB LEE-DELISLE Occupation: Progra Background: Currently developing CD32 software with Almalhera.
Used lo play guitar (badly, by all accounts) with Oeep Sea Dreamers.
JOLYON RALPH Occupation. Developer Background: Spearheading Almalhera s CD-ROM developements, including CD PD collections, and the lorcoming Video Creator lor the CD32.
» cally they don't want that pan ot it pounced upon yet. They want to keep it quiet and let it take otl as a games console first Similar in a tot ot ways to what they did with CDTV originally, but then they said It wasn’t an Amiga, that It was a completely new concept, this time they're trying to say OK here’s an Amiga but it’s not a lull Amiga just yet, that will come laler on' Stewart, That could be why they delayed the launch ot the CD add-on lor the 1200 as well Jolyon: I don't think that was a delayed launch I |ust don't think they've got it ready yet. They've abandoned, from what I hear,
their attempts to get it working with the PCMCIA port so there won I be a CO ROM drive for the 600.
Mat: It'S interesting that Commodore have abandoned their attempts yet only last week we saw a company who were able lo get all manner ot hard drives working through there.
What IS the significant difference between the two?
Jolyon: I think It's to do with performance on the 1200 plus the fact that the CD ROM add-on will now need new hardware to do chunky to planar conversion, which is the special chip I* anybody actually writing Stewart: It's a that Sin the CD32. Anything for tha CD32 kludge John: Is that chip that's any good? Mo Jolyon: it Is, It's a a good thing? Offence intended but the klud°°' Basically Jolyon: Oh it's an onence '™enoea, out me lhe wa tha, me extremely good stuff that came out for the Amiga and the PC thing Definitely. CDTV was a load of crap, store their graphics John: Will every- memory
is totally one use it? Different. On the Amiga it's stored as Jolyon: A tot ol people will use it II a series ol bit planes. The advantage it's a CD32 only title I don't see why of that Is if you're doing games with not. Parallax scrolling It's very simple to John: Is that to enable PC ports? Have backgrounds and foregrounds Sfewart.- If you code on the PC it's scrolling easier. Isn't it? ' Mai: Because they're each a sepa- Jolyon: Yes. You don't have to rate bltplane recode your graphics algorithms Jolyon: Which is why you very rarely John: It was a move by Commodore see those kind ol games
on the PC to make PC conversions easier. Because it’s very difficult to do on a Jolyon: It s more to encourage com- PC system The advantage on the panies who have left the Amiga to PC where each pixel is represented return to the fold. Hopefully well start by one byte in video RAM. Is that it's to see things like Ultima Underworld a lot faster for doing 3D graphics - and Wodenstem 3D - those in partic- things like 3D fills Also a tot of other ular are the sort of games that standard graphic effects are faster benefit. 3D flight sims, that sort of Simple things like drawing lines, thing,
although there are companies Sfewart: To set one pixel, you write who invested a tot ot money in Amiga one byte on a PC but on the Amiga routines to do 3D who may not want you had to write eight to rewrite all their code overnight tor John: Why wasn't this in the Amiga the new chip. 1200 and the 4000?
Mai: So what exactly does the new Jolyon: They didn't have it fhen.
Chip do? Simple as that.
May even be in 2.0. certainly it's in
3. 0. It's been there for a while. Its not really documented.
Well It was documented, but no-one knew what the point was;
now we all understand what the point is.
John: So Ihey knew they wanted to make one of these, it just wasn't ready?
Jolyon: Oh yeah. The whole idea was that this was something that the software guys at Commodore convinced the hardware guys was needed so that they could do the sort of games companies are writing for the PC This was something that was essential it lhe Amiga was lo keep a number of good games coming out.
Wavey Davey: It s all very well talking about these wonderful hardware advances, but is anybody actually writing anything for CD32 that's any good? No offence intended but the stuff that came out tor CDTV was crap.
Laughter Wavey Davey: Almost without exception, especially the games stuff.
JoOta: We did Megalomania on the CDTV.
Wavey Davey: I mean games written FOR CDTV as opposed to just shov- Mal: Why do you say it's a kludge? Elling stuff over Stewart: The DMA should be doing Jolyon: Most of the best games for it. But you actually have to write eight CDTV were never released long words to a register. So you've Stoo: Why s that?
Still got to go through the process of Jolyon: Because Commodore did a using the Amigas s video total loul up on distribution Jolyon: It doe£n t give you a VGA Originally. Commodore came lo all screen mode it just gives you a fast the developers and said 'We've got convertor. At the.moment people this wonderful idea, wonderful new have been wnnng'their own software machine we're launching and we re conversion routines, and traditionally gonna make it easy for all you devel- these have been very time intensive opers and publishers out there. You pieces ol code that need tot of cal- can produce
your titles on a relatively eolation. This hardware just speeds tow budget, certainly compared to up that calculation. The advantage doing it for something like CD-I, and as well is that Commodore have gone to "e wil1 handle 311 r*vr9,hmt'°di,:re ssee: do this, the hard- CD32 from CDTV - it s a products so it's very ware is emulated games machine and that's simple tor you to do.'
In software it what they re going So devetopers pro you ve got a market it n duced ,l,les and machine that mantel n as Commodore said doesn't have this particular chip. So Right we'll take 2000 of that and the same software should run (if it then they distributed it round the goes through the operating system) world Then Commodore got nd of on a normal Amiga, although it'll be the guy who was doing this and slower Commodore totally stopped this way John: How stow . Of handling it so all ol these compa Jolyon: Urn, well. Mes who were developing titles Stewart: Which kickstart Is this on?
Expecting Commodore to handle dis- Jolyon: This should be on 3.0. It tributlon found that distribution had uses a particular function. In fact a vanished, leaving them to find their MAKING YOUR DOCUMENTS STAND OUT REQUIRES AN OUTSTANDING PRINTER.
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You can sell popcorn because it's got Sonic written on it CD32 needs a title like that David: Anyone got any idea what software pricing is going to be on CD32?
Jolyon: It's going to be more than floppy disk software to start with.
Joola: Is it going to be cheaper than projected cartridge prices?
Wavay Davay: Oh yeah Andy: It's not going be £59 lo start with.
Mat: Although he admitted he had no right to insist, didn't David [Pleasance] say that he was hoping to keep it between £29 and £49?
Jolyon: Well I was originally told £19 to £29 by Dave Pleasance He'd very much like them to be that pnce because his market's selling hardware not software Mai: But then Commodore themselves have forced the minimum For the first time you have price up by charg a machine that can do in» ™ amounl everything and that is very, very important to most people.
David: By selling some!
Wavay Davay: If I was thinking about developing lor CD32 I'd look at CDTV and say No thanks, what s Ihe point?'
John: Wouldn't you look at the Nintendo market to see how sue cesslul you could be?
Wavay Davay: Yeah I'd look al the Nintendo and Sega markets and say Yeah III go for that mate!’.
Sloo: It’s extremely difficult to gel into those markets unless you know what you're doing Jolyon: Commodore have gone lo great lengths to distance CD32 from CDTV2. It s not like CDTV, it's not a video shaped box, it's a games a kid want to buy that instead of a Sega Megadnve with a CD?
David: Especially when half his friends have got them Jolyon: Well itj»sts less than a Megadrive with a CD add-on.
Wavay Davay: Bjjt all Ihe games are already there Jolyon: Have you seen the MegaCD games?
Andy: MegaCD games arejVt all that brilliant.
Wavay Davay: Agreed but at least there are some I Jolyon: Al the end of the day it'll be in the shop with the MegaCD and C032 next to each other and there's software running on both and the kids will look al it and say That's rubbish, that's good.'. Sfoo: Do you really own distribution systems CBM had managed to totally tool up thngs like getting disks Into high street stores and the sales of CDTV were slow to begin with David: Jo begin with'' Jo yon Well I'm talking about to begin with. I mean eveniually it didn't pick up, but it could have done Jolyon: Anyway, sales were slow and
publishers had to do their own distribution and many of them didn t bother.
Joola: I think the main point was thal nobody would come up with the cash for development.
John: Why. How much does it cost lo do a CD title?
Joola: Well you've got to pay the each CD that's sold.
Jolyon: Al the end of the day the company's got to recover its costs and make a profit Mat: But I'm told that this $ 3 charge works through as a £10 price increase by the time the CD reaches Ihe shops Jolyon: Yeah, a $ 3 price increase will be about ten pounds when it hit sthe shops John: Will there be a killer game?ls there a Mario or a Sonic on the way?
Programmer pay the There have been plenty ol machine and artists and they want ,h that th0Y',e sellln9 11 to make some profit. ••«"•• on the Amiga that ata)armor9 Jolyon: Depends could have been as big as r8a|lsliC pnce what you want to do Sonic or even Mario it than when CDTV With a Ude ll you just they'd had the marketing sf came out.
Warn to lake your hehind them ----- floppy disks and put it oentna tnem.
Sfoo; You think so? £299 - the same price as the A1200?
Jolyon: I think it's a very realistic pnce for what it is Judging by Commodore s pricing policy it s gonna be £199 by this time nexf year at the most.
Wavay Davay: Yeah but why should on CD then it's not that expensive, but those are Ihe things that get slated in the reviews because its just the same as a floppy disk Wavay Davay: How can CBM convince developers that the CD32's gonna be any more successful than STEWART SOCKETT Occupation: Programmer Backgroond: One ol the DAVID WARD Occupation: Froalanca journalist DAVE WINDER Occupalinn Cll moMratoi ANDY LEANING Occupation Silica Syilomi PR Manager _ I Background: Backgroond: Bonn mU, HK Mii Moderaling morn con Silica lor the tail snvcn My, _ 10.0-1.1 ,n Cll man .nan knows inn km.g. I I 4
J ; IKSI about an,one else market inside out. Buck I * '• ¦'* » Kgg, jfcv: Wa.ov Davor It a bit of to Irani aM upsMo ,
- il a lockoi al heart do«n you get the BjkjjlL.
* 14 fti Hi on the Amiga enthusiast scene lor some lime, David
has wrttlen lor CU Amiga and JAM in his Microcosm, Ihe fruits
ol which will soon be seen on the C032. It looks Stull il
you're lucky, but it's basically gonna have nothing there but
they're gonna put it in the shops and hope it's going to sell.
II they just put some time into developing something that
really shows It oH then it would sell.
Jools: That was what happened with Sonic. They started with a red box in their otlices and everybody had to put in their ideas.
Jolyon: For Nintendo and Sega, both Mario and Sonic were developed effectively in-house so they were in-house funded. That's the reason those products were not developed lor other systems, because they're tied in directly with the manufacturer. It would be very difficult lor Commodore to convince a company who has a sure-fire winner to only do Ccut. The music industry gets it on their system, into it. Tony: So they're going to have to initiate one ol their own.
Andy: Sega makes a lot ol their money Irom soltware. Although they as big as Mario II |f you |00k at youth culture 5811 lhe hardware,
* eyd haa ,he ma" now, computer games ,he)'001150 ,hal they're
going to. Once the sales ot CD32 take off they intend to make a
lot ol their revenue from the $ 3 licencing on the titles rather
than from the hardware sates. A bit like Nintendo do with
cartridges really Then the price ol the hardware will come
Andy: Yes. But that doesn't instigate in-house soltware development, that's making money Irom a market you've got.
Jolyon: But that's their only interest.
Commodore keep stating that they're a hardware company not a soltware company. They're not interested in developing soltware.
Stoo: The thing is il they don’t develop software the machine’s going to fail.
General agreement around the table • Stoo: They've got this new machine and it may have brilliant hardware but il nobody's going to touch it... There's no point just showing people a tlashy demo - where are the games?
Andy: We re all saying How's the CD32 stack up against Sega and Nintendo' but there's no way Commodore need to sell the same sort of quantities as Sega or Nintendo. The point is, what do Commodore NEED to sell, and what figure are they happy with? I mean, the 1200 lor most people is a success. It's nothing in terms ol the Sega market but Commodore are quite happy with it. Or at least thars the public perception that they give.
They don't need to sell as much as Sega and Nintendo.
John: Since the CD32 is theoretically technically much superior to both Nintendo and Sega, will that not encourage developers to produce the next generation of things that are exceptionally good?
Andy: It would have done in the past, but I’m not sure it will nowadays because at the end ol the day like everybody, they're in it lor the money and unless CBM can convince them that the machine's worth developing tor... Jolyon: The problem with software development is that it's getting more and more expensive.
Andy: It's more commercial.
Jolyon: The more expensive it gets, the more the smaller systems are squeezed out ol it. It's exactly the same as happened in the early 80 s when lirst ol all you had Ihe proliferation ol machines; and then things like the Dragon and the Orlc were just pushed out simply because it was too expensive to develop games lor them and port them. The same thing's happening now.
Smaller machines are in trouble, and the Amiga's inevitably going to be a smaller machine than Pcs or the consoles, and it will be the first to suffer.
John: Won't the new planar chip mean that the CD32’s going to be a cheaper alternative to a multimedia PC?
Jolyon: Yes. Detinitely. And the thing about a PC with CD ROM is that you need a very fast PC to get any sensible results out ol it. II you’ve seen things like 7th Guest running on CD on a PC, the actual graphics performance on it is abysmal The same thing could be done faster and better on a CD32 Both Mario and Sonic were developed in-house. It would be very difficult for Commodore to convince an outside company to develop a character exclusively for the CD32.
Jools: I'd really like to see a good playable game, really addictive, but ted in with an excellent a bum lor tvrty quid. That way everyone gets ir cut. The music industry gets t into it.
Jolyon: There are plenty ot games bat have been on the Amiga that could have been as big as Sonic or hMng behind them.
Lemmings comes to mind immediately They put a lot "to that, but il bey'd really pushed... Hat: Didn't that become an icon in its own right? It transferred onto every tormat going.
Stewart: Yeah it did, but it wasn't Amiga specific.
Stoo: II there was a game that was xist Amiga, who knows? You need an image that you can identify with be console or the machine.
Tony: So why aren't CBM commis- soning someone to do 'Sonic'? You oon't need 7 million to write Sonic.
Rhey 're going to put the machine out and it's going to have Diggers, Oscar and maybe a demo disk, possibly something with some ol Bullfrog's 3D JOHN KENNEDY Occupation: Freelance journalist Background: A specialist technical Amiga writer lor many years, John has sold his soul to various publications in the past, before realising the joys ol writing lor CU AMIGA.
A James Bond him on CD-i which was superb VHS quality as they say, and a Nimbus, they're add-on boxes lor CD players, and that was terribly blocky. The actors were talking but their mouths weren't in sync Jolyon: It depends on several things: it depends on the quality ol the conversion to start with; the original encoding It that was done badly then you gel a bad output. It also depends on Ihe actual unit it's being displayed on MPEG looks a lot more blocky on a monitor than it does It its put through a TV simply because a TV blurs everything anyway.
Wavey Davey: This Nimbus one was done on a projection screen so everything was blown up to ten times normal size Jolyon: Put it on an ok) 14 inch telly to see MPEG property!
John: Do you see monitors being binned and everyone going back to their old Tvs instead?
Jolyon: MPEG has got advantages over VHS. It's also got disadvan tages. I reckon they're about the same quality-wise subjectively. I think it's very good lor what it is MPEG1 is being rejected by all the cable and satellite TV companies as not being high enough quality for broadcast They're going on to MPEG 2 for satellite and cable transmissions, but I don't think that's been finalised yet. I don't think anyone at the low end of the market is going to complain about MPEG 1 tor CD The only way to improve on MPEG 1 is to use a better form ot MPEG and that would have to rely on the double
speed disk so you'd only get 36 minutes on a CD which may be alnght lor some things but... Mat: Double speed disk?
Jolyon: CD32 has a double speed CD drive MPEG will play back from the dnve running at normal single speed; that’s what it was designed lor.
Joola: Surety when you're talking about one standard which hopes to be the standard lor the future. TV's got to change Double the scan lines or whatever?
Jolyon: As soon as that happens there'll be much more data on a screen and it'll be impossible to play back on a standard CD and unlikely that even the quad density Cds they're taking about now would be enough. The problem is. Different areas of technology advance faster than others and things which are brand new ideas then become obsolete because of It.
» with ease.
Sloo: Then Virgin must do it.
Jolyon: They're porting it at the moment to CD-i and the CD-i version runs a lot laster than the PC version even though it s only a 68000 m a CD-i.
Stewart: CD-i's using full motion video isn't it’ The new demos you see now have MPEG on board Jolyon: Yes. The new machine that's coming out has MPEG on board, but I think that 7th Guest is not actually using lull motion video.
Stewart: Really’ John: The COM's theoretically got FMV.
Stewart: But you pay about two hun dred quid more.
Jolyon: Well it's £200 now; it could be £20 next year Wavey Davey: It should be bundled in the price shouldn't it.
Jolyon: It will be. I think that by Chnstmas next year it'll be £199 with full motion video if it's still around.
Wavey Davey: That's the problem, and it was Ihe same with CDTV It's a case ol This is a wonderful machine.
Next year itll be even better because you can get this next year, and the year alter you can get this.'
Stoo: Who said CDTV was a wonder ful machine?
Wavey Davey: Commodore did!
John: FMV is a standard that's independant ot the CD32 because it uses Ihe MPEG method - will il run on anything?
Jolyon: As long as they're white book disks.
Uat: White book disks?
Seb: They're the industry standard lor lull motion video. Defined by Paramount. Phillips. Commodore and a load of others. It just means that disks are machine independent.
John: The people who make video cassettes are going to love it because it's a heck ol a lot cheaper to press a CO.
John: CD32 could replace the video recorder when you go and rent a film, and it'll also be the cheapest machine to do it.
Wavey Davey: But you have lo change the Cds halfway through the film though.
John: But you change music cassettes to hear the other side, don't you?
Jolyon: I don't think the CD movie is going to be an outstanding success because the technology s not right lor it yet Andy: You're missing a fundamental point that lor the first time you have a machine which can do everything and that is very, very important to most people. It you can say 'I have all my films, ail my music cassettes, all my computer games on a single format CD which you can easily stack.' Then that's a tremendous sales message At home on your __. . Bookshelf you've on a PC, the actual graph- got videos.
Let performance it you've got Cds.
Abysmal. The same game y°u,y« 0°l II you've teen things like 7th Quest running on CD tndges and disks
- terrible, there's no cohesion could be done fatter and better
on the CD32.
There at all. If all the shops could now sell everything off a single CD rack Joola: Surely VHS is already to established in the market?
Andy: Yes. But VHS doesn't address the sound market and it doesn't address the computer game market. We’ve now got a single compact disc and it's in a standard sized box and it'll do everything Joola: I don I think itl ever replace VHS.
Mat: Why not? We thought vinyl and Betamax would be around for a long while, but they eventually got replaced by CD and VHS.
John: Can you see the CD32 being one of Ihe lirst machines to be widely used like this?
Jolyon: Could be.
Wavey Davey: If you look at Ihe youth culture now. Computer games have taken over Irom the record market almost completely Kids want computer games, they don't want music. So it makes sense to get music onto that format.
Jolyon: This is where the potential for financing the actual projects will come Irom From the music industry trying to get back into their market again NEXT MONTH And that s were we'll have to leave the pro ceedings Next month things begin to hot up as our team ol eiperts turn their attention to games soltware, piracy, the shape ot Amiga software to come. HD-installable programs, and many other unmentionable (and highly contentious) issues Be there' Tony: The only thing like that so far is the Global Chaos CD which was less than stunning.
John: Do you think that when you buy a CD in a few years time, that you'll expect there to be a video to go with it? ,.
Jolyon: Yes. The great thing about video CD and evpn CD32 is that you can make a disk which is both a CD32 disk and a video CD disk, yet when you put it into a household audio player il completely ignores those tracks and just plays as if it was a normal audio disk without there being a track with noise on It or anything like that.
Mat: What is the video capacity of a standard disk?
Jolyon: A standard disk would be 72 minutes although with various production companies you could get that up to 80 minutes.
Mat: Ot video?
Jolyon: Of video on a CD. The same as audio, exactly the same as audio.
John: What qual- I don't think the CD movie ity is that?
I* going to be an out- standing success because whicn „ noI the technology is not right Stewart: It's a bit for it yet. Blocky Jolyon: It depends on... Stewart: The size ot the squares1 Jolyon: It also depends on the circuitry they put in to smooth out the video once it's gone through the convertor.
John: Is that In the player?
Jolyon: That'll be in the actual player hardware Wavey Davey: I've seen two demos: 5th June, 1944. Evening... The storm clouds of war are gathering over the Channel. Just after midnight Operation Overlord will commence, unleashing the allied forces against the might of the German Army on the beaches of Normandy... Hone your skills beforehand with up to 28 training missions.
Now, as the legendary General Dwight D. Eisenhower, you're ready to lead the offensive... Liberate the strategically crucial village of St. Mere Egllse.
Available on: PC A Compatibles. CBM Amiga A Atari ST. Then It's Into the fury of battle as you take to the tracer-lit skies at the controls of a B17 Bomber, softening up your target with a daring pinpoint bombing raid... With explosions still ringing In your ears, drop the 82nd Airborne into safe locations - remember, their lives hang on your skill... Now come the big guns. In the sweltering heat of a tank you Adjust difficulty levels to match your ability... Introduce the fog of war to make those strategic decisions ultimately realistic... do whatever you need to for victory.
N17 9QU 081 885 2953.
In the future we could all be watching films featuring actors and scenes which have never existed outside a back of computer memory.
Already it’s possible for an Amiga to create images so realistic that it is impossible to tell them apart from real photographs. John Kennedy looks at the current state of the digital art, how it all works, how it can work for you and what is yet to come.
• BUMPMAP: A lilt Wild. Perhaps produced with l piint program
tits Helen Pii«. Whicti control! The hwnpwen ol • rendering
oh|oct. Utelul lor Hiding rutlltlc textures lo ob|ects.
• CSG: Constructive Solid Geometry which lies primitives such is
sphere Hid cutes to model ottects
• DITHER: Ihe technique el ghrieg the impression ol miey
different colours by ueieg many ditlerent pittems ol • lesser
oumter of cofeen
• FACET: A trilugullf shlpo used to model to object A complicated
otjed could consist ol ttioosinds ol licets.
Each with slightly different colours or textures.
• RENDERING: The process of generating an Image from a model ot
an oiled.
• 24BIT: true-colour ol mon due II million shades regeires Hut
2dtfts al memory stored is used lor each pixel.
• PHOTOREALISTIC: II aa image toots so rail Ural da n not sue H
it's a photograph or not. Ttieo it's pholorialiiUc.
• FORTH: A guilty stick-based language, that's last, relatively
easy lo implement and was almost brought to peptic awareness
via the Jupiter Ace micro.
Drawing and had to spend ears learning method and technique in order to be able to create a good likeness It still takes talent to create a really good 3D image on your computer screen, but the task ol rendering the image realistically has been com pletely taken over by the computer Now we have the freedom to experiment with colour, lorm, lighting and composition without having to worry about painting an incredibly complicated object and background each time an alteration is made.
Some would say it's a lazy way lo becoming an artist, some would say it's not art at alt Only you can decide as you look at the pictures used to Illustrate this teature Are the images, which do not or could not exist in the real world, merely digital abstractions? Or would you not agree that the computer has become a tool, albeit one several orders ol magnitude more complex than a paintbrush, to explore the imaginations and display thoughts in a lorm we alt can share?
MODELLING There are many rendering programs available for the Amiga, but they all work in the same way tlrst.
Objects are created, then lights are added, camera angles adjusted and finally the scene is rendered to lorm a visible image However, even though Ihe method might be the same, the differences between various packages are great Just as some artists preter to work in oils and Ehers in stone, each individual will have his or her vourite program. Those lucky enough can even use several programs, using the modelling strengths in one program, and the advanced animation facilities in another Modelling, or creating the otffects used in the images, is an art form in itself. The ability lo took at an
ob|ect. And take it 10 pieces in Ihe mind's eye to lorm simpler constituent parts is a skill that only increases with practice.
Many programs. Imagine lor example, use a lacet based system whereby each object is composed ol nothing other than triangles alt ol ditlerent sizes and meeting at different angles The more tacets used to describe an object, the greater the detail Unfortunately more triangles also mean more time and more memory required to render the finished image.
Another problem wilh the facet-based approach is that tacets always meet at straight edges, which poses the question how can an object such as a sphere be created? The simple answer is that an rendering software use smoothing techniques to round off the comers and so create natural looking spheres. The smoothing feature must be optional lor each object, otherwise objects such as cubes would also start lo become spherical Other modelling programs. Real 3D is one. Use an approach based on primitives (the most simple mathematical shapes possfcle) Using the primitive approach a table would be
constructed tram a cube (stretched out and flattened!, resting on lour cylinders. A ball would be a proper sphere as there is no need to ask the software to round off edges This method is very easy to use and is ideal lor objects will absorb most light, shiny objects will reflect Hght and transparent objects will transmit light. In reality, most objects will exhibit all three properties.
Bottom: The way an object reflects light plays an important role In Its appearance. A mirror will reflect the light completely, whereas a more rough object will scatter light evenly. An object which Is shiny will reflect a specular highlight, the size of which gives the Impression of hardness or smoothness-.
Creating both simple and complicated objects very quickly. Unfortunately, creating complicated objects with hollows and cross-sections is difficult using primitives and can only be surpassed by allowing boolean operations' to be performed.
Thus to make an empty box with an open lid, you need two cubes; one fractionally smaller than the other. The smaller box is placed inside the larger, and then it is magically subtracted from the larger one with a logic statement. Real3D suffers from this slight complication, although version 2 matfes the process simpler than I've described it.
CU AMIGA REALISM Realism is the name of the game and a prcture filled with mat grey objects isn't going to win any prizes outside Conservative Party headquarters Real objects have physical properties which alter the way they appear. An object which is shiny reflects more light than one which is rough. A sphere coloured red reflects only the red light incident upon it. Some objects, such as a sheet of glass or a tank of water, let light pass through them. Mirrored objects reflect all the light thaf falls on them, and clouds of gas... well, it can all get rather complicated. Each of these
attributes (reflectivity, transparency, colour and so on) must be specified for each material used in the scene.
For example, you may make a material called ‘glass' which is sort of bluey-green in colour, slightly reflective with a medium refractive index but most of all, highly transparent. Once defined, this material can be applied to any of the objects in your scene which are then made of glass'. Look closely at the objects around you, paying particular attention to how the light appears on the surface.
Is there a sharp image reflected off a nearby window or strip-light? Is there a reflection on the object of the items around it? If it is transparent, how is the light which shines through it affected9 Even a brief acquaintance with the laws of physics behind the optics will enable you to make more realistic objects, so search out that old school physics book. You must remember that complicated materials need time to render. Most programs offer image rendering to different degrees of accuracy and you will probably need to select the most detailed (and therefore slowest) to see the effects of
glass or reflective materials.
A very useful program if you deal with multiple object formats is Pixel Pro trom Axiom software. Pixel Pro can load, save and edit objects created by just about every 30 modelling program ever written. All except, thal is, Real 3D.
For some reason the Yanks don’t like Real 3D and tend to leave It out ol conversations. It's probably just jealously that a program from Europe can produce better results than an American one. Luckily, RealSolt provide a Sculpt- Real object conversions utility, so all is not lost. As well as acting as a universal translator, Pixel Pro can create 3D images from 20 bitmaps, extrude objects and optimise them tor saving. Some data which you might like to feed Pixel Pro comes from a company called ViewPoinl. These guys spend all day converting real objects Into digital format for rendering
programs, and they have produce data that has been used in many television programmes and movies including the Robin Williams' film Toys.
3D kof om- i have rorry ject nade.
Ling )nly ised
• ch erely »that sev- i a dis- ind ir her ven ani- he iok at
iyeto ty . The eater lean roach fhich 3a : all to x k- , use
nple nitive Viewpoint's 30 clip-art is ol exceptional quality
and well worth investigating. Whenever images are created, the
Arl Department Professional should be nearby. In this
situation, the JPEG savers and loaders are very useful to save
disk space, and ol course the special Image processing
effects and morphing animation support could come in useful
too. Alternatively, programs such as ImageMaster and Image FX
do similar jobs and should be staples ol the image renderer’s
HEAVY METAL You could bicycle Irom Land's End to John O'Groats if you really wanted to. People have done it. And lived to tell the tale. Likewise, you could render photorealistic dinosaurs lor your own version of Jurassic Park II on a bog-standard Amiga 600. But would you want to? More to the point, would you live long enough? Without wishing to discourage anyone, to create images like those in these pages yoO geed something better than an unexpanded A600.
Some ol the pictures here took more than 12 hours on an Amiga fitted with a 68040 processor to create - that means on a 68030 they would have taken more than 36 hours, on a 68020 more than 96 hours and on a 68000 (an A600) over a week. Of course, these images are complicated - and very high resolution - and there is no reason to think that's where you have lo start. A very satisfactory lo-res 256 colour image can be produced with Real 3Dv1 Avert quickly indeed on an A1200. The really horrible thing is that you never have an Amiga that's fast enough, no matter how much you spend on It. You find
that as soon as your computer is faster you start creating images with more detail, and you're back to where you started. Floating point co-processors (or FPUs), such as the 68881 or 68882, can make a large difference to rendering times, so make sure you get one should you be expanding your system. For heavy work, an FPU should be considered an essential requirement.
After speed, most Amlgas will need more memory.
This is especially true if you want to render 24bit images which use a lot of textures and maps. Like processing power, it’s impossible to have too much memory, but try to aim lor about 4Mb of Fast RAM. With this amount, you can create some astounding images and also have enough to play back a good sized animation. II possible, try to use super-fast 32bit RAM before PCMCIA slot memory as the speed difference will be considerable. A120Q owners might like to consider getting one of the trapdoor cards which feature a 68030 as well as memory.
Hot news Irom the States would lead us to believe that the makers ot the Video Toaster really hate us PAL users.
If refusing to build a Toaster we can use wasn’t bad enough, they have designed an add-on board which used custom Rise micro processors to speed up Lightwave, the Toaster 30 rendering program!!
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AD Pm PavMream, XC.AO JWJ0. Wcdw,*t end many oRcnl f»y4»«l end
requit- mg only enc roonito Picatm o 0v tooton to your high
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upvrarto. TdralUyou h*re 1 AJCOO of a mart** irtdi a P»oa«o
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puyin* by (hr ur. Alto. K A* dnpMiti Uto are utonct l ! I CD
ird tI X) K tmall ot ft wtktrrm cmnmt wkn AMIGA 30 CU AMIGA ¦
RENDER MODES kwi using the term ray trace' Indiscriminately,
because is a good probability the images you think are ray
raced aren't. A ray trace is a very specific method ot gen
erating images with total optical accuracy, and many aceees are
just too large to permit this lorm ot rendering, ‘very software
package otters ditlerent rendering options, Md it’s up to you
to use the most suited lor your scene.
Wireframe A wireframe rendition is very fast to cre-
M. In fact, some programs can produce them In near real me. They
are ideal lor a quick look at the lorm ot an object
• 30, especially it a hidden line algorithm is used to make we
objects appear solid. Wireframes are also a good idea to
previewing animations, and checking on positions and rewing
angles. The memory required lor these outline' animations is
very slight, and many seconds ol motion can to replayed
directly trom ram disk.
Solid or Draft When you need to see a solid representation ol an objact. A »ie«r whicft also includes colour end shaded areas, use a simple solid mode. Textures and maps will oof he present In such views, which speed up rendering considerably. Unfortunately, neither will Ihe etlecu be smoolhed so spheres will eppear rather rough.
Scanline or Shadowless Ascamme algorithm can generate very realiitic views, in led. Many Images will Mr perfectly ecceplable rendered in this wey. The computer looks al each scanline' ol Ihe display al a lime, calculating how Ihe ob|ed« in Ihe scene would appear.
Proper depth sorting (lhal is, which objed is closast In Ihe camera!, smoothing, tortures and shading are all possible, although rolledions and shadows are not. A mirrored sphere will appear black, aed no shadows will appear on ¦aground.
Ray trace For Ihe ultimate in realism, an image will have to be ray traced Each piaal on the display is imagined as a ray ol light, and traced backwards into Ihe 3D scene to discover where il originated. The ray may come directly Irom Ihe background, or il may have been reflected trom a mirrored surface and transmitted by e piece ol glass. The depth ol recursion' is an important (actor in a ray trace and can dramatically atted the end result - picture the scene where two mirrored spheres are placed in close proximity.
The scene will be reflected In one sphere, bul this image will also be relledeO In Ihe other. This scene will than he reflected in Ihe first sphere, and so on - theoretically Mr ever. A totally accurate scene would regulre inlinite lime lo complete, bul In practice a recursion Invel of 3 is used which limits the rendering lime to an acceptable level. Aa ray tracing implements real physical laws. II is possible lo construct uplical instruments using lenses such as magnifying glasses or telescopes. Shadows era created, and environment maps - such as a picture of e cloudy sky - will be
faithfully relleded.The many millions ol calculations required means lhal a large ray-trace can take a consider, able lime (o complete.
» TEXTURES Another important characteristic of an object is its texture. This is a rather difficult concept to describe, but you can understand that the texture of a rough piece of wood is completely different to that of a snooker ball. Textures are different from material properties such as reflectance, because they actually alter the shape of an object rather than just its appearance.
There are usually two ways of specifying texture: using procedural methods and using bump-maps. Bump-maps are the easiest to understand, so let’s start with those. Think of using Deluxe Paint to write your name on the screen, and then saving the picture as an IFF to disk. Now from within the material creation menu of any handy rendering program, you specify this image as a bump-map. Finally, you create a sphere made from this rather personal material, and render it. The finished image will appear to be a smooth sphere and your name will appear as though it has been embossed (or recessed).
Most programs use the red component of the bump-map to specify the height of the bumps, which means using smoothly graduating red images create some startling images.
For more advanced use, the non-red colours in a map can be used to control reflectance or transparency. Procedural textures do without the bump-maps, and create the effect purely mathematically. For example, a good wave effect might be quite difficult to create by hand from within a paint program, but mathematically it's dead easy.
Furthermore, procedural textures can be easily altered from frame to frame in an animation, thus the waves could be made to lap up on a beach.
HAND ME THE MAP In order to add that final touch to an object, you’ll, probably want to add some fine detail: a piece of text or a picture for example. A soft-drinks can will need a logo on it, a computer monitor a Jls- play - and that's where mapping comes in. This is how mapping works in rendering programs: you create a picture in a paint package, and thfen supply it as a map. In this way you can add detail which would take for ever to do with normal object creation, and save a lot of time and memory into the bargain. Procedural maps can also be used to quickly form chequered floors or
camouflaged army trucks. Animating or even morphing maps can have a profound effect on your finished work.
Other maps are often used to add the final touch to an image.
Backdrops can instantly transport your objects to an alien planet, and environment maps can provide the shiny objects in your scene with a cloudy blue sky to reflect. The more maps you use. The more realistic the overall scene and the more memory you'll need to store them, as rendering programs need the complete map to be loaded from disk and stored in memory before rendering can begin.
That said, a chequered pattern only needs four pixels. Two of each colour.
When creating extra high resolution pictures, 24bit graphics are essential for best results. Nevertheless, it makes sense to use 24bit maps only when the final image is to be rendered in 24bits. For quick previews, or HAM mode animations, 32 colour maps will probably suffice. Imagine has an automatic starry night backdrop, which can not only be used in spacecraft and planet' pictures but in producing more down to earth scenes such as 'twilight by the lake' scenes. When you use a previously rendered or digitised image as a backdrop, remember to match the position of the lights. If you don't,
the image will have a subtly odd appearance, which the viewer won't be able to exactly pin-point.
LIGHT AND SHADE To make Ihe most ot yout objects, good lighting is essential. The detault rendering mode in most packages will create a single light, positioned at the same position as the imaginary camera which views the scene. The result is a flat, lifeless image that does no justice to the subtle form ot the objects in the scene.
Understanding how the lighting can be used to best effect is easy; try it and see. Take a visit to the local library and get out some books on portrait photograph, there you'll find the best way to position lights. The standard procedure is to use one main light, slightly above and to the side of the main object, with a smaller light acting as a ‘fill lafnp' to ensure the rest of the scene isn't in total blackness. If you want to render a scene situated outside, the best way is to position a light as far above the objects and then adjust the ambient lighting values to brighten dark areas.
The best images are those which provide the » , most believable and realistic results with the smallest possible number ol light sources. Each light added to the scene increases the rendenng time, so II the eltect ol a light is barely noticeable H in doubt, take it out.
CU AMIGA AMIGA 3D Shadows are a luxury which most ol us can't atlord. Because adding shadows will at least double the image rendering time. The extra calculations necessary to discover which areas are in shade mean that the shadow options should be reserved lor extra-special images. Watching animations on TV will prove that shadows are not always necessary When an image is changing 25 ernes a second, the extra realism they provide is not as mportant as you might think Normally, the rendering process starts with fine-tuning the Obtects. Lollowed by playing with the composition and rendering
test pictures. Finally, when you're happy, you can switch the shadow option on and leave the computer to create the image overnight Some programs, such as Real 3Dv2. Allow you to cheat at creating shadows by adding your own shadow maps. This option also provides plenty ol scope tor special etfects 2D INTO THREE Most rendenng programs allow a rather sneaky way ot creating obtects by converting two-dvnen sional images into proper three-dimensional forms One obvious use is the creation ot 3D tonts to indude in your latest spinning logo' work. The more adventurous user will make use ot this
extruding' feature with all sorts of 2D drawings, going so tar as to create them Irom rather intricate work in Deluxe Paint. For example, creating a lloppy disk Obiect is Incredibly easy it you can draw a blue, white and silver rectangle. Modelling is all about using these cheats lo create realistic objects. The first and only rule of 3D rendering is, it it looks al right, it doesn't matter how you did it'.
ANIMATION There is no denying that the prospect ot animation photo-realistic images is an exciting one Creating your own cartoons or lilms Is entirely possible: it you set yourself realistic goals. The main problem is the time it takes to create an image with the current hardware at our disposal Even on a top-ol the-range 68040 based Amiga 4000, a relatively simple image will take at least 15 minutes to render with a decent degree ol accuracy. If the animation sequence is to last as long as an aver age TV commercial. 30 seconds, and is to move at 25 frames Per second, you are already
looking at a rendering time exceeding a week Think of what would happen it. After the week's rendenng. You discovered you had forgotten to add a backdrop or switch on a certain lamp and the woik was ruined: the importance ol pre viewing cannot be over stressed.
The only way around the time problem is to reduce the rendering time of each frame, reduce the length of the animation and reduce the frame rate or to use more than one Amiga.
Therefore, kitting two A2000s out with the fastest 040 boards money can buy and keeping them running 24 hours a day may be the only solution to get work done on time Other problems quickly become apparent: 750 frames ol colour image data consumes disk space faster than coverdisk programs. The serious animator will soon need to invest In some serious storage devices: optical disks and DATs spring to mind Then output needs to be considered - can the entire film be animated directly from hard disk? Or will an external framestore and a single frame video recorder be required? It's an expensive
business A depressing argument against Amiga animation'' Actually, it s not. All the equpment mentioned above is needed for professional level animations and doing that on a hardware platform other than an Amiga would cost at least ten times as much.
The home-based Amiga nut. Armed with minimum equipment, can still create animated films - it just takes dedication and a lot ol imagination.
Rendering short scenes, playing them back with AAP (see July 1993 issue lor details on this PD playback software! Or MamActor and recording them section by section on a domestic video can prorfcice outstanding results CONCLUSION The photoreakstic output from rendering programs is so good it's spooky, so where can we go from .
Here? The bamer at the moment is speed Rendering a large image fakes an awful lot of lime, and even the promised 100MIPS 68060 won't supply enough power lo solve that problem overnight However, with a combination of belter coding and taster processors we can be sure on one Ihing - 3D images will only gel better and better.
Programs such as Real 3Dv2 provide us with some hints as to wtial's to come. Imagine sitting in Ironl of your screen, picking up objects with lhe mouse and actually throwing them around your computer generated world Each object is rendered in full-colour in real lime, reading with others as they coHWe and mterad Using internal problem-solving programming languages, objects can be made intelligent.
The future holds the prospect of not just desk top video, but desktop movies. Soon, well be able to create stones using libraries of characters, objects, backdrops and sound effects We ll wnte a script and then sit back as the virtual actors work It all out between themselves in the ultimate construction toy - artificial reality LOOKING THE PART If you have an AGA based Amiga, you can benefit from (lie fantastic HAMA mode. Used in hi res and interlaced mode, HAMA pictures are practically indistinguishable tram pure 24bit images as the Amiga has more thaa 262 000 colours to choose from lor
each pixel What's more. HAMA caa ho recorded directly to video tape Amiga owners who own nun- AGA machines have a slightty more limited choice - II or 32 ot real colour .
Various devices exist to c from lhe rather blurry DCTV. Through the bargain priced VlAB and antipodean Opahrlsioa all the way to the Harlegulo and GVP IV24. Some cards handle animation better than others, some feature built-in digitising, some genlocking and broadcast quality output. It's very plain the choice depends on application and resources, but don't waste money: if yen aren't going to be using your Amiga In a professional studio, you doot need broadcast quality. When budgeting lor graphic enhancing cards, remember that you may also need to invest lo another monitor to see your now
display An ideal would bo two 1960-style multisync monitors side by side, although in practice a cheap Philips monitor and a portable colour TV will suffico.
HOW THE PROGRAMS COMPARE a 3 u M w • • EC M • C a ¦ E c N I 5 • o Fwaturw ScanUne Textures N Y Y V Y V Procedural textures N N Y Y V N fiump-maps N Y Y V Y N Multiple textures N N YM Y Aey Y Aay N N24btt support V Y Y Y Y IfhJ AGA support N N N Y Y Y External video support N N Y FD y foo Y IP Y FOO Animation V Y Y Y V Y Particle animation Soft shadows N N N N V N Gas obtects N V Y Y Y N 2D 3 D N Y V .iM V N Add Text obfects N N N Y N N Arexx Xlexltm nhennef N N N N Y N Aipna cnannei Manual Features 3 3 1 2 4 3 Image Quality Object creation 3 5 1 2 S S Scene Editor Animation editor 3 3 5 3 4
4 Value tor money 2 5 4 3 4 4 Ovwrall score 2 4 4 rt* 3 M «_ 5 ¦Mfla 4 f-Fvaaadm vrtao cart O-Opahvan trtao boart R-*aao*ar vrtao D-OCTVuvpon P-PracacaPr at curort video boards aft? - CaUpan we orty save trapaa * has randand. HMM tor st oM mht - Ala Sdn perrrts bitmaps lo Da raced by hand The Definitive Simulation of America's Radar Elusive Jet A shadowy, gleaming craft steals through the night sky. Out of sight but never out of mind. Sleek. Slicing through the dark.
No blips register on the radar. No sign is given.
Then, in an instant, an explosion bursts through the murky twilight and, as quickly as it appeared, the Nighthawk melts back into the shadows.
The F-l 17A has carried out another stealth mission.
MicroProse present the definitive simulation of the world's most elusive jet: the F-l 17A.
Now with eye-popping graphics, sensational sound, thrilling music and a vast array of awesome missions across NINE of the world’s hot-spots'. Catch it if you can!
Unprecedented, uncompromising and undetected.
MicroProse Ltd., The Ridge, Chipping Sodbury.
Avon BS17 6AY. Tel: 0666 504399 Available for IBM PC Compatibles and NOW for Commodore Amiga There are many image rendering programs available for the Amiga, there are even some available in the PD world, but don’t expect animation support or a graphical user interface. Here we look at the current batch of programs, what they can and cannot do. If I appear particularly harsh, it’s only to differentiate between programs, which to a certain degree at least, all do the same thing.
From humble beginnings. Real 30 v! Has grown into a very powerful image renOenng program Pioneering the use ol a CSG style modelling interface. Heal allows even the most modest Amiga set-ups to produce excellent results Using Rea 30 means mastenng three difterent screens: the object editor, the wireframe previewer and the solid rendenng control panel None ol the screens are very hard to use. And the wireframe preview screen is particularly impressive; just twiddle a Knob and the entire image rotates and zooms in or out Creating objects is simple and the hierarchical structure allows both
simple and complex scenes to be produced very easily. The animation facilities offered are also comprehensive, but very cumbersome The manual Is lacking in good examples, so a lot ol what is possible you will need to find out lor yourselt With Heal 30. Bump mapping was ottered to the Amiga user lor the lirst time, and the difference this made to how rear objects appeared was startling.
Real 3D vi a must be the besl value image rendering program available today It's easy to use, doesn't require vast Amiga resources and produces lantastic quality output It also oilers an upgrade route to version TTSfc, two. But it will take a very long time Indeed before you outgrow it. '-dfiAP IMAGINE v2 REAL 3D v2 CE:£109.49. Evolving from Turbo Silver. Imagine is probably the most popular image ren denng program on the other side ol the Atlantic It uses a pomt-and lacet approach to obtects and a multiple screen approach to editing Obiects are first created m the form editor, then given
texture and mappings in the detail editor. The next step is to position them all in the stage editor, define their movements in the action editor and finally render the images in the proiect screen Phew! The advantage to so many screens is a vast reduction ol clutter; there are no unnecessary buttons or menu options where you don't need them. The disadvantage is that Imagine Is a tricky program to get lo know, and this isn't helped by what is quite possibly the worst manual ever written Animation support is the besl ol all Ihe rendering programs examined here.
Material support is also handled very well In tact, the only weak spots are obiecl creation and the manual Although lacking some liner rendenng options. Imagine is SOU a program I use regularly Its popularity has resulted in several excellent software add-ons such as two packages ol extra procedural textures called Essence Someone had the wit to rewrite the manual, so its essential that you buy Understanding Imagine v2 when you buy the software You can even get hold ol predefined obiects from both professional compa mes and the public domain, which can help circumvent the form editor in many
situations Version three ol Imagine has been coming real soon now lor years, but it would now seem likely that the release will be held back until it can Oder some serious competition to Real 30 2 . 1 ¦53 3|.--- X- * I 1 1 T } T isss- _ TSR ~ _ Real 30 has always been one ol my favourite rendenng programs, as it manages to combine some excellent features into the most user-friendly modelling front-end. With version two ol this program, RealSott have taken the entire concept a whole stage further. There is no doubt that this is the lirst on an entirely new generation ol software The clever
part is the way that objects are dealt with as real physical objects, with mass, velocity and the ability to be acted upon by forces In Real 3D v2. A ball will fall under the action ol gravity, and rebound when it hits the floor. A wall built from bricks will collapse when a car crashes into them A heavy box will bounce down a Bight ol stairs and all will be rendered in as much detail as you could possibly need This particle animation system means that each object now has a set ol tags which specify any physical properties required A unique feature is the ability to create your own
user-mterface. Most pro grams used a tn-view' display, but if you have a better way ol doing things.
Rea12 lets you do it. You start with an empty screen, and then add as many windows are you like. Each window can display the scene from a different viewpoint, including rendered perspective views if you like, or can display the ob|ect hierarchy or a list ol tools You can even open a window on an external video-card. Arexx makes a welcome appearance (about time in a rendering program! But Real 2 takes it one step beyond by also including its own internal control language Based on FORTH, the Real Programming Language permits some stunningly complicated animations that would be impossible any
other way To give you a Bavour ol what is possible, the manual contains examples on how to create your own snow-showers and bowling alleys. This form ol animation has previously only been available on some very high-powered equipment Real 2 is an amazing program It's more than just a ray tracer', it . ¦_ heralds an entire new generation of desktop image generation Probably the most important program ever written for the Amiga SCULPT 4D Aladdin 4D Mm Hr”* TEL: 0582 4571954 I remember using Scu pfwhen it first appeared and being totally gobsmacked with the images I produced Now. Years later.
Sculpt is so tar behind the competition that it isn't really worth considering.
The reason is simply one ot economics: Byte-by- Byte, the creators ot Sculpt, reckon that the elton and money spent on creating a professional level rendering would simply not be recouped. Instead, they moved up- market and concentrated their etlorts almost solely on Apple Macintosh platforms. It's sad, but Byte-by-Byte have fc|.-ca forgotten their roots. " Yet another update. Aladdin used to be called Professional Draw 40 in an earlier lite and retains much of the features of its ancestors. A polygon-based system. Aladdin offers practically everything that Imagine does (good image quality,
bump and texture maps, animation) but arranges the options in a slightly different way. Gone is the tri-view and multiple screens, instead we have one rotating axis in the middle screen and a problem. Since Aladdin is so close to Imagine in terms of features, it needs to offer what it has got in a better way. Some would say that their ideal rendering package would have the power of Imagine, but with a easy to use interface and a good manual.
Unfortunately, Aladdin is not it.
Instead, it seems to be a retrograde step. With a change ol name, the author should have used the opportunity to completely redesign the user interface. There is no shame in copying the familiar tri-view design - after all it has been used in Technical Drawing classes for hundreds of years. There is no excuse for banks of unintelligible icons, looking so confusing you need to look up the manual anyway. Of course, most of this is from a purely subjective viewpoint The rather strange inclusion of Encapsulated PostScript and ProDraw dip support might mean that Aladdin can capture a niche
market in 3D Desktop PublishinG and then again it might not.
Caligari24 AMIGA CENTRE SCOTLAND, TEL:0896 87583, PRICE:£299.
Caligari has been one of those programs which seems to have been with us tor years, and yet it al» seems to have avoided a lot of attention. With earlier versions this was probably due to the fact that using it was a pig, and results also left a lot to be desired - but that was then, this is now. The back ot the box proclaims Caligan - Newl 32bit colour!' But don't get your knickers in a twist, that doesn't mean 24bit has been superseded already Instead, Caligari supports an 'alpha channel' which is most useful when combined with some video. Think of it as a form of genlocking, except that
the live background can show through rendered objects which are transparent.
The blurb on the back also mentions 'organic deformations , which are great fun as you can stretch objects as though they were made of some form of Stretch Armstrong' material. What the box doesn't tell you is that Caligan is not a ray tracer; it usesscanline rendering methods only. Now. This isn't a big disadvantage. In tact, nine times out of ten it’s a positive advantage as scanline algorithms are much faster than a proper ray trace. You needn't worry about shadow effects either, as through cunning use of depth buffers shadows are handled almost perfectly. There is no doubt that
photorealistic images are possible, but be aware that if optically perfect modelling is your thing, you should think of Real 3D first.
Caligan does have several advantages over any of the other rendering programs looked at here, the biggest being the excellent object and scene editing system. Rather than plump for the traditional technical drawing tri-view, Caligan uses one single, huge view which shows what's going on in true perspective The view can be spun, moved and resized extremely quickly with only a few mouse clicks, and when the many tools are applied the overall effect Is astounding.
More than any other program, creating an object with Caligari is like modelling in some form of magic clay Your virtual hands can shape, stretch and mould the wireframe objects with minimal effort - after using Imagine it's a revelation. It's like Aladdin, but it's gpod.
There is a catch to all this, and it's rather a big one, I'm afraid In order to attain the sort of speeds necessary to manipulate the objects, Caligan switches off the Amiga's operating system. Yup. Hard to believe, but gone is multi-tasking. No Amiga-M or Amiga-N. And even worse no flicker-free double scan display on suitable monitors when an AGA machine is used.
At first. I was horrified that Octree could cripple my Amiga in this way. Then I remained horrified as the realisation that words such as Arexx and Caligan would never appear in example tutorials together. Finally. I stayed horrified, as it really is awful returning to a PC-like environment, no matter how smooth the object manipulation is. The only thing to wake me from my petrified state was the complimentary and explanatory videotape that fell from the box. At last, a software company with some sense: you would be very surprised by the number of modelling and graphics programs which come
supplied with manuals with little or no pictures. Watching the video impressed me enough to persevere, and I have to say that maybe, just maybe, Octree mightn't spend the afterlife toasting in the company of Scandinavian chip-ram only demo coders. The object manipulation is really smooth, and even the animation editor is simple to use It might not be a next generation program like Real 3Dv2. But Caligan is probably the easiest package of all to use. The output quality is more than ade- -TJrJk quate, even though it would appear that saving a pure 24bit image is not allowed and only IFF
variations, such as HAM8. May be stored. W* ¦ Two cover disks every month bringing you the best in PC entertainment ¦ The most in-depth, up-to-date reviews in the business ¦ Players' guides, tips and cheats for all the top games ¦ Extensiv beginners' guides for configuring your PC to play games Place an order with your newsagent now SCENE Strap in for a roller coaster ride through all the new game releases.
94 D-HERO CAMPAIGN II EMPIRE SOFTWARE 95 PREMIER MANAGER 2 98 VFM 103 TROLL'S HEAD The games scene is bursting with releases in the run up to Christmas.
Here’s our selection of the best and the worst it has to offer.
THE GAMEPLA Y: Take the set from Blade Runner, add a dash of Invasion ol the Body Snalchers and you II get a pretty good idea what Dreamweb is all about. This top- down adventure pits a lone player against the forces of evil (again!?!).
Your character has been chosen by the Guardians ol the Dreamweb - a sort of virtual reality ol dreams - to hunt down and kill seven evil beings that have assumed human form.
WHA rs NEW: Not the plot that's for certain. However, this game is unusual in that a Is probably the frst top-down adventure to appear on the Amiga There have been other games that have utilised this perspective but not within the adventure THE GAMEPLAY: A tank based strategy Sim, incorporating a mix of overhead-map planning stages and a 3D first person perspective combat section Essentially, the real beauty of Campaign is the ability it offers to either send out your orders to comgenre. There's even a magnify mode that blows up the section you're in, so you can spot tiny objects.
BEHIND THE SCENES: This game's been in production for nearly three years, which isn't surprising given that there's only two coders The team, called Creative Reality, is composed of Ne Dodwefl and David Dew. Their attention to detail is astounding with maoy active objects at every screen location.
They've even designed a custom • editor especially for Dreamweb, which is the reason lor the consis tency in style throughout the game.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Wowl Gimme, gimme. This whole game oozes character, the mood is som- manders and then sit back and watch the battle unfold, or to actually lump into individual vehicles lor a more dose up view of the action.
WHATS NEW: The whole system has been overhauled to include all the post-war vehides Irom Abrams bre. The graphic style distinct and the use ol an overhead view breathes Me into a formulaic genre.
Dreamweb is also extremely violent; if you thought Syndicate was bloody wait till you see this. For instance, the first being you have to kill is impersonating a rock star and you have to hack your way through his bodyguards with a lire axe before blowing him away with your pistol - all depicted in full colour gorel Definitely an adult game.
Battle tanks to modern helicopters.
This means that the coders have had to incorporate a whole new range of weapons systems, including guided missiles, night sights and laser rangefinders So. There's been over 100 new 3D shapes added and there's even animated infantry which can be deployed from armoured per sonnel carriers.
BEHIND THE SCENES: After the success of the original Campaign.
The team decided to expand the scope of the game To achieve ttw, they consulted military experts about the complex strategies that are used in controlling armies at all levels ot command Basically, ail this means is that you can now control every thing from individual tanks In battle through regiments all the way up to whole divisions FIRST IMPRESSIONS: At test Sight it appears to differ very little Irom the JACK THE MIRAGE MURDER MOST FOUL!
BODY I THE GAMEPLA Y: In 1888. A series ot grisly murders look place in London. Victims were butchered before having their intestines wrenched out. The press quickly seized on such macabre events, nicknaming the murderer Jack the Ripper. Although a manhunt was launched, no-one was ever charged with the murders, and the case has remained one ol the great unsolved crimes ol the Victorian era.
Now, you have the chance to solve the case tor yourself This game is an authentic recreation ol events, and it's up to you to piece together the labric ol evidence as it unwinds and solve the crime.
Everything in the game is mouse controlled with a sehes ol pull-down lAlcnbdrasltat ot dinutu obout th J ? 0wtiM.4lknu«ic ’V T* . hu«.y|«aitivs r Jllni mail do vrnrl li to mflnu|iutuir o TT:".* 'FOUND IN smJBm menus used lo access some of the more complex game commands, such as questioning suspects for information and storing any vital clues. Upon visiting the scene of a murder you have the chance to investigate the general vicinity for a murder weapon and interrogate any possible suspects There are numerous ways to complete the game, with each clue uncovered adding to your overall
Far Poll 'txili Gaatto Each time you load up the game, a different set of clues are created and these can shift the finger of suspicion Ibt bodg of OM of tb» unlortimaiH that rwd* and otUmpt lotktocta lmafl ta Vhrticbapd vai CU AMIGA Mg' Meii vai dutcSm BeSTSv aUfH Am, Aigul 31. Do m«rdw vai rm mat toocwulg and bnrtallo don* !h*toll»,vb mM*ha»tbi« a lorgt oad ibarp oat,voi jithi oto th» dicwjid at tl* lowr port of tbt aMar»*n and th« drovn Bpvordi wt ooe* bit tm on to any one of a number of characters, so no game will be exactly the same.
WHAT’S NEW: Not a lot really. This is a direct port from the PC version, with no enhancements whatsoever.
Rather than opt for a LucasArts- type adventure, the game’s developers. Interaalactic Software, have used a rath$ j staid windows- style environment.
BEHIND THE SCENES: The game s been designed by £2ra Sidran. The programming brains behind the .
Highly-rated Universal Military Simulator (UMS). '*.* ; Ezra has spent many months painstakingly researching the murders, slowly building up a vast database of knowledge to incorpo- TWO GREAT FIRES AT LONDOND Qwj, Swrti hd md ctatoni to tot ntC it vtu ntusjwtm! Tint 11X m mood to taM atdtiMlitnotZHRi 'nMflCo'ingiaHtaj vorU a SbalvtQ tai) M.Mnm; njjim aid ipari, and tbre ipriod lo fcvtodi Cm! Vmri lii Sim vm vwbl* thrajbKt ll» mMaj ot iqut 30-31 ml dtncM a l«g* cnvd rate into the game. The result is a tactually-accurate murder mystery which incorporates over 100 actual persons suspects as
well as dozens ot authentic locations.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The sheer wealth ol detail included in the game makes this an ideal way to learn about the Ripper killings. Ezra has unearthed a treasure trove ot interesting tacts and incorporated them into a game which is crammed with clues and red herrings. It’s literally a race against time to track down the killer before he strikes again.
Although the game's graphics are decidedly ropey, it remains to be seen it the gameplay can rise above such superficial considerations. Full review next month.
Original Campaign, so it remains to be seen whether they have tweaked the gameplay sufficiently to make it a step on from its predecessor.
B m
• raagss* tea „'** -: RAIDEN
U. S. GOLD THE GAMEPLAY: Pilot the expen- mental Raiden Close
Assault Striker to defend the Earth from hordes of alien
invaders in this classic coin-op conversion. The programmers
aim to provide a perfect recreation of the original Seibu
coin-op complete with 100 per cent accurate attack waves,
eight levels and over 1500 unique enemy sprites.
€ IS* Probably tha mod familiar view lo C playars Is this 30 representation ot a battle. As Tha Rama starts out In the country where you aver this one shows a platoon ol American M26 must locate a crashed alien transporter and Pershing tanks about to lake on the Russians. Then blow It up.
WHAT’S NEW: Very little about this coin-op conversion is anything like new. The graphics, gameplay and overall concept have been done so many times before that it will take something really special to make it into a success. However, that said, fans of the coin-op may love it.
BEHIND THE SCENES: The little something that could make Raiden a classic is the addition of a special attack wave editor. It was developed for use in mapping the waves in the coin-op so that they could be accurately transferred onto the Amiga.
However, the team are now planning to release it as a stand-alone companion to Raiden so that you’ll be able to modify waves any way you want thus prolonging the game’s life.
Its potential as a successor to the SEUCK is obvious FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Apart from the editor there seems little about Raiden that raises anticipation levels. This type of game is so easy to produce on an Amiga that it’ll even run on half meg machines. Despite being a great fan of the coin-op, I won’t be drooling for this release.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS CU AMIGA tionary as the original remains to be seen. What it should do though is provide a whole new generation of games players, the ones who missed the thrill of the original, with a chance to expenence what we ‘oldies' went through first time.
Portraits below the main screen.
Compared lo other games in Ihe genre there's not really anything that makes Evolution stand out.
BEHIND THE SCENES: The game has been in development by an eight man learn lor over nine months.
They carefully analysed Ihe reviews ol Humans as well as comments made by purchasers in an attempt lo construct Evolution in a form that would have a much greater appeal.
This is evident in Ihe difficulty curve that's been built in with extensive testing taking place to ensure lhal il is pitched just right.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: There are so many platform puzzler available these days that its difficult lo produce something that'll make a lasting impression. No matter how many cute characters you have or special powers they possess a game like this is made by how addictive il Is.
Opinions must theretore be reserved until we gel hold ot a review copy.
THE GAMEPLA K'Set in an alien base, the aim ol Ihe game is to guide your characters through 80 levels ol deviously designed platforms lo reach mailer transporters so they can gel home, II you've played Humans, also Irom Imagitec Design, then you'll have some idea what this is about. Not exactly a sequel, more a progression, il uses one ol Ihe cavemen Irom Ihe lirsl game and learns him up with six caricatures ol histoncal figures in a plattorm based puzzler. The other team members include. Robin Hood. Mertin, and Confucius, each with their own special ability lhal can be ulilised lo help you
solve the puzzles.
WHATS NEW: The first major change lo gameplay is Ihe use ot seven very drtterent characters with special abilities. Also, the levels have been grouped in sets ol 20 so lhal you can solve Ihe levels in any order you wish before progressing lo Ihe next group. The user mtertace has been altered too - you select characters by clicking on them or on their THE GAMEPLAY: Set in England in 1192, the aim of game is to raise enough money to rescue King Richard the Uonhearted, who’s being held prisoner by Leopold of Austria. The ransom has been set at £20,000, most of which can be acquired by careful
taxation of your land. Obviously, the more land you own the more money you can raise.
Basically, the idea is to raid and conquer neighbouring territories through sieges, mass combat and jousting tournaments. In between, you'll have to deal with Robin Hood types nicking your cash and distractions in the form of damsels in need of rescue.
WHAT’S NEW: As well as being one of the earliest CD32 releases Defender II looks like being the first truly international game with English, German. French, Italian and Spanish language versions all on the same disc. This is quite some feat considering professional actors were used to read all the text on the title screens, the in-game text boxes and all other narration.
BEHIND THE SCENES: The guy in charge of Delender II is Jim Sachs, who was the graphics artist on the original game. It’s has been written using a development language called The Director 2. With Jim writing completely new code and trying to enhance just about every aspect of the original game. One particular area of concern was the music. So Jim used a variety of tools to create state-of-the-art sounds for the game.
Music-X helped composition, whilst a Roland MT-32 ( a 32 channel music board) was used to to generate the synthesised instruments.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: If any one game was responsible for the mammoth success of the Amiga it was Defender of the Crown. All of a sudden, while others were still playing around with C64s and Spectrums, EVOLUTION: LOST IN TIME U.S. GOLD along came a game that thrust us all into the world of 16-bit. Defender II should be quite a significant title on its release, having the groundbreaking reputation of its predecessor to back it up.
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Vxffjrrr w r utohtf.a**1 »- fc%4r UrJ afctftipfiUaas. ;*»!*.
Pnr*.. fltrt »«r r«*li err »* wid kit »fnei fajj UC .00 until 5.00 Mondiy to Siturd W4dntsd»ys • 9.00 until 1.00 GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTER DEPARTMENT ,W1. NEW STREE’ ALFRETON. DERBYSHIRE. DE5 7B TEL: 0773 836781 FAX 0773 83104 Big name games seem to fall in their lap. Is it luck or good business? Jon Sloan tries to regain his Virginity.
One major game license that Virgin recently acquired was lor the com-op conversion ol Mortal Kombat It's not surprising that they quickly snapped it up when you consider the stir it's been causing It makes Streetfighler 2 look like a walk in the park and has taken the arcade world by storm. With huge digitised lighters delivering gory death blows to thpir opponents, there have been many palls to ban H. Even so it's almost Impossible these days to walk into an arcade and not see one ol these machines somewhere. Indeed, almosl every torm ol media that deals with games is featuring Mortal
somewherp soon.
The promotional hype recently reached lever pilch when the real life characters tlew over lo the UK to take pan in a Gamesmaster challenge But is all Ihe publicity worth it?
Got together lor various reasons and are travelling oH to some mysterious oriental island to take part in a martial arts tournament. |Hmm... anyone seen Enter the Dragon? - Ed.]. Anyway, the tournament is run by Shang Tsung, an ageless ex-cham- pion who feeds on the souls ol the defeated lighters and is protected by the new champion Goto, an eight loot tall, tour-armed alien prince To progress through the tournament you've got to lace alt the other lighters in best-of-three-rounds matches To make it tougher, it you manage to besl them all you move on to lace clones ol yourself, as well as
endurance rounds where you light two opponents consecutively with only one energy bar for yourself.
WORK IN PROGRESS CU AMIGA the arcade machine? The head of Probe. Fergus McGovern, is fairly confident that Mortal fans will not be disappointed by their efforts. "It's going to be the best copy of the coinop that the Amiga's technology can handle," he said. To back this claim up he pointed out that Midway, the owners of the original, have helped them tremendously providing not around this but we'll certainly keep away from the distance-sensitive method used in the Streettighter conversion. At the moment, we’re using a combination of keyboard and joystick so that we can keep all the
original moves and let the player decide when he wants to use them.
However, we're looking at a method to utilise all Ihe moves from As part if tlw promotional Hof air surraurt- ing Ilia game. Mmny. The coln-op manufacturers. Have proilucsp a collector1!
Comic that goes into greater destall about the motives of each fighter. Whether it will expanp info a regolar series is nndear. 1 mean how many different stories could they ran? Oh look, another story ahoot the lime Raiden boat op Llo Kang!
Id JS r- ne by v by o t- IS.
To only all the original code but also DAT tapes containing all the sound effects and speech, as well as the original footage of the fighters before if was digitised. This enabled Probe to tailor the digitising of the characters to each individual system. "Since we re using the arcade source code, all the scoring, hit zones of the players and artificial intelligence of the computer-controlled characters is exactly the same. In addition, all the blood splatters and death moves will be included - the Amiga version will be exactly the same as the Mega Drive one."
Like Streettighter the coin-op version of Mortal has a large number of buttons, seven to be precise. How will Probe manage to convert all these input devices into an Amiga joystick with just one fire button?
"We re still looking at ways to get You’re given the choice of playing one of seven competitors who’re almost as weird as Shang Tsung.
There’s Liu Kang, a Shaolin monk; Kano, the cyborg leader of a criminal gang; Rayden, an immortal thunder god; Sub-Zero, a Ninja assassin; Johnny Cage, a martial arts movie star; Scorpion, a reincarnated ghost; and finally. Sonya, a member of an elite army unit who re chasing Kano.
These guys all have the usual range of fantastic moves as well as at least two special ones. For instance. Sub-Zero can shoot bolts of ice to freeze opponents ready for a free punch; whereas Johnny Cage has a Shadow Kick which moves him at super speed RE-VERSIONARY Most versions of Mortal are being coded by Probe Software, the development team responsible for such hits as Alien 3, Outrun Buropa and Mutant Turtles. Of course, the only real question on everyone's lips is.
Will the Amiga version be as good as original moves are in place. 'If you've played the Mega Drive version then you'll know what this one will be like 'cos they are going to be an exact match' Fergus continued. Judging by what we've seen so far there’s no reason to doubt him. In fact, we like it so much that we've secured a coverdisk demo thatll be winging its way to you shortly. '2P TERMINATOR 2 - THE ARCADE GAME PROBE SOFTWARE at you. Ot course, the Amiga game won t come with Its own toy gun. You'll just have 10 make do with a simple on-screen target The aim ot the game is to travel back in
lime Irom the lulure lo protect a lad called John Connor who is destined lo become the leader ol the human resistance movement Apparently, in 1996.
SkyNet. A computer controlling America's nuclear missiles, Becomes self aware and decides lo gel rid ol all the humans In ling holocaust one man nses up to resist this destruction That man is John Connor- Alter tailing lo destroy him in the future. SkyNet send a liquid metal killer robot back lo 1992 lo kill him. It s your job to protect John, destroy the T-1000, then travel back lo tbe future to blow up SkyNet Sounds simple? Well, SkyNet knows what you're up to and is throwing everything it has against you, including other Terminators, and deadly Hunter Killer machines. II that isn't
tough enough you've also got lo protect other members of the resistance when you see them so you can't just blast away without a care in the world To give you adltHe help there are loads ol supply crales sitting around These often contain.useful bits ol kit like rocket launchers and plasma pulse generators These can be bolted on to your gun and will give you extra firepower tor a limited period.
The game is still in the early stages ol production at Probe but we managed to nab a lew screenshots for you We'll bring you a fuller Work in Progress soon, rffi ROFILSS PROFILES PROFILES PROFILES P» The second major license that Probe are working on tor Virgin is the Amiga conversion ol the excellent Terminator Arcade Game This is lar removed Irom Ocean s film license tie-in which, by any stan dards, was abysmal. The coin-op is a sort ot Operation Wort type game where you play Arnie lhe good Terminator' and use a moulded plastic Uzi lo blast anything that comes lew games compa- l nies can
claim lhe same level ot suc- s that Virgin have had ( m recent yeare. They have consistently crossed the Boundaries ot gaming i excellence producing some ot the top games ever seen on any lormat PROFILES What is the secret ot their success? Is it the money, the name, or the ideas? In an ettort lo talhom iheir secrets our roving reporter spoke to VIE's Marketing (Vector. Sean Brennan, about the way they operate GETTING AN ANGLE With their lop-quality products. VIE have estab lished an enviable position within the games industry I wondered how much ol Itial was due lo them starting out with a
very tamous person s baching. "Having the strength ot a large group behind you doesn't necessarily guarantee success You can still screw it up" Sean (VIE'a Marveling Director) pomled out "But it does mean that you nave the resources at your fingertips For example, it someone approaches you v a Knock-down proposal you don't have an immediate panic about cash flow or whelher there's sufficient budget to cover a major purchase. That said, the name and its image help in attracting developers, loo: It would bo also easy lo accuse VIE ot milking ils lies wllh other parts ol the organisation but,
in reality, all the Virgin companies work on an arm's length basis with no one part obtaining an advantage over an external limv This means that no mailer how hard VIE beg, Virgin Retail will not give them favourable shed or display positions just» THERE ARE TWO VERSIONS AVAILABLE: STANDARD ¦ FDR All AMIGAS. ENHANCED - FDR AI200 A4000 ONLV As you take the SimLife disks out of their pack you hear strange celestial music. Load them up and a deep rumbling sound is heard in the distance; the cosmos twitches. You are about to become a major player in the game of life.
Until now you thought gene splicing involved ripped trousers... a balanced ecosystem was a new washing powder - and that genomes lived at the bottom of the garden? Now you'll find out different.
In SimLife. Lake the challenge of our inbuilt scenarios or create your own unique worid where your imagination can run riot. Design plants and animals, then decide how they act. How (even who) they eat - even how they reproduce!
Now watch this world evolve in front of your very eyes, as a completely new environment takes shape under your command. Will you be responsible for producing a tropical paradise, an arctic wasteland - or a planet inhabited by even stranger creatures than in this one?
"Superbly designed.
Flawlessly executed...” ~ 93% CD Amiga SUPER STAR “It is an entertaining piece of software and has years of enjoyment..." 85% MaJ ormal “Intriguing, very deep and absorbing tasy to use. Greal fun...” with nedi- ¦hat I ting , in m's ran- i ; just» Mailings Park. Burgess Hill Wcsi Sussex RH15 9PQ Tel: W44 246333 Fax: 0444 2489% Another great offer from manufacturer you can trusf* c I High quality
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Orders may be placed by telephone - 0483 503111, or by fox - 0483 431371, or sent to - Cumana CAX 354 Offer, Pines Trading Estate, Broad Street, Guildford, Surrey G«J3 3BH.
A warranty All inclusive price Cumana reserve the right to increase the price at ony time. This ofter is subject lo availability.
WORK IN PROGRESS CU AMIGA Descnbed as cross between Lemmings, Mega-Lo-Mania and Paintball, Cannon Fodder is the next major project from the Sensible boys.
The game's been in production since the early half of 1991 but was Sensible Software is a completely irtfle- pendent programming house. Normally, this cao he difficult with developers struggling to lind a publisher tor each new game. However. Sensible produce some wonderful products so they are In the position o! Being able to pick and choose. They like to spread their licenses lor games to various publishers and are currently working with Renegade as well as Virgin. So.
Why choose Virgin for C»mw Fodder?
- Why not?" Said Jon. "It was guile simple really. We were
looking for a publisher and Virgin seemed like a good bet.
Although we hadn't really worked with them before everything’s running smoothly. Tim Chaney, Ihe UK boss. Is quite straight lo deal with Vou know where you are with him."
Put to one side after work started so that other projects could be completed. It wasn't until May of this year that Virgin was signed up as publishers for the game.
As with many Sensible projects.
Cannon Fodder is going to be laced with a fairly sick sense of humour.
For instance, it'll keep score using a football type body count so that when three of the enemy are dead it will be flashed up as ‘3-01 When one of the team gets blown away you'll be treated to a screen showing graves, the better youVe done the bigger the headstone will be.
This mix of satire and violence is bound to get some people pretty heated about the way such a serious subject is treated, but that is exactly what the Sensi boys are hoping for Jon Hare, one of the Sensible team, says that ‘Cannon Fodder's the game we've always wanted to wnte
- it makes you realise just how senseless war is.’ BLOOD AND GUTS
The game plays in a similiar way to Syndicate with the player
using a mouse to control a team of small soldiers on a vanety
of missions. There are 24 missions with a total of 72 phases to
complete, each will have a different objective such as rescuing
hostages, or seeking out and destroying specific targets. It’s
going to be a huge game and is set to appear on three disks,
two of which will hold the data for the missions and six
terrain types alone.
In order to add a bit of longevity into gameplay there’s a small role playing element to the squad of soldiers with each one having his own set of statistics.
This means that some are better at shooting others better at movement, etc. These stats will improve with every promotion the squaddies get when they successfully complete a mission.
You can't seem to have a war » because they all work lor Ihe same boss. They'll only get good displays il their products live up to it.
Most ol the time they do.
TOYING wrm SUCCESS Perhaps the greatest example ol the industry's confidence in Virgin is Hasbro's recent move to grab a 15% stake in VIE The US toy giant is prepared lo pay a staggering $ 25 million lor such a tiny slice.
The deal will enable Virgin to finance future production in the cash intensive areas of console and CD development. More importantly, it s part of a longer term strategy on Virgin s part to keep them in the top five publishers With the advent of CD we re seeing the possibility ol entertainment products that utilise all the major formats, like high-quality sound, full motion video, and top- notch games.
When games publishers first cottoned on to CO It was nailed as a great leveller in that they would no longer be bound by tight programming constraints In fact the opposite is (rue, to make a great game in the future companies are going to have development costs in excess ol $ 1 million per game and that’s before considering the set-up costs, like Silicon Graphics Workstations that cost £40.000 each. All this up-front spending is bound to squeeze the small players out - only financially secure corporations are going to have the muscle to make il. Sean believes thal ...in five years time the
only big players will be the ones that align themselves with mapr multi-national conglomer- ales. Corporations that have Interests across all the entertainment fields, people like Sony, MCA Universal and Virgin.'
With that in mind $ 25 million seems like a small price to pay for what will eventually be a large part of the action!
WORK IN PROGRESS » these days without someone inventing new improved metnods ol killing each other. The same goes tor Cannon Fodder with various weapons and vehicles lying around waiting lor collection As well as an unlimited supply ot bullets, your guys will be able to use rockets, grenades, bazookas, jeeps, tanks and helicopters. Jools Sensible, the programmer, is particularly proud ol some ol the routines he s coded lor the weapons "When you use a homing missile launched from a ’copter it'll drop Irom underneath the craft and head tor its target.
However, it there's any obstacles in the way it automatically charts a new route to avoid them. It can recognise fences, trees, buildings, tanks, etc. just like lhe cruise missiles used in the Gull.' To spice things up a bit the enemy also have all these weapons and to make matters worse there'll be better at using them! Things get even tougher when you encounter hostile civilians, such as the cowboys that shoot on sight or Tin innr-UvU mqimhc* look* Ilka Silkworm. Aimouflh ll'k |uat lor Uiow but protty all tha umo.
Whole year's income tor us Itien Fortunately, we managed to recover some by getting our game licenses back and reassigning them It was a difficult time but things have yrorked out okay since then In tact, we've gone from being homfrcally over drawn lo the point where we turned over £500.000 last year." Jon Hare confided Let s hope that with the* deal with Virgin they continue to go from success to success 2J BUYINO sows Apart Irom the* reputation wifflin the Itxtuslry, con stimers have a warm leeling about Virgin. Sean attributes * to the trme and money inveated m development Development is
the most important pan ot the whole company.
’We re prepared to pay the going rate tor hot properties. In addition, we're quite lucky In that we ve have a fairly big internal development tacA- ity, another production office m Los Angeles, plus we own Westwood Studios, who've produced some incredible games And In Europe we re WwiWi ~..;J Ik* Virjpa CergonMn n Imtrssts is Airline*. RtSio. Retail n welt u gimti. So.
Iwe Son Virgin Imntllrr EottrtalamM tn lots *H of this’ Tksy rs sort ot Vlnio CtomaicaUH eMct locMn yk|ts ISIS Rmio, Virgin IV (peU-yraSKtW iKilitin) wS Virgin Pnbltsting (books). Other divisions inclule Voysgw (lr«rl M Virgin AumUc Arttien) Ml Ihr|i Retail |im|S- IM aM |«rrn Him! Ot tsans. »'* all MIS Isisan by Rrchard Branson himsell.
T independent teams like Sensible. Probe and Revolution Software.' He says Virgin have proved consislenUy that they're willing lo put their money where their mouth is.
They invested over $ t million in the recent 7th Guest on CD-ROM It’s easy to see that Virgin are going from strength to strength. With a combination ol bright Ideas, a sought-after name, and a secure financial foundation they are likely to remain one ol the top games publishers tor as long as there’s a market for them to seH to the jungle cannibals looking for lunch TARGET ACQUIRED Cannon Fodder is shaping up lo be one helluva game Wah the praises lor Sensible Soccer still nngmg in their ears (over 200.000 copies sold on ttoopy lormal alone!) They want to continue their success with this one.
For such a small team ot only six guys they have certainly made their mark on the games programming world. This is amazing considering that a tew short years ago they were on the brink ol disaster following the collapse ot Mirrorsolt.
• When they crashed they owed us over £90,000, which was about a
3x3 EYES - PART TWO YAKUMO and PAI (the last descendant of a
mystic Triclop race) encounter eerie ceremonies and violent
clashes as they struggle to regain their mortality. Their only
hope is THE NINGEN: Statue of Humanity, but it soon becomes
dear that they are not alone in the search.
JUDGE ¦as: aasS ssi?'
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S i!
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IBM fin pack B IN yON uSJtStt in Lin I W.4MT, HI.H (aMHBpCMai In
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Aaaaatgraasassffl wa«2, “ asr* “ £49 ddaalMMM 1 an*. RlrtfRSdtfR »a,«W4»ldM- TOO, lad. ¦»"• idwd.isrtM M««l*nrdh|StaABA H|BBkMtN0l«aM.ANM4f«ri« rM Dii PaM W wH onm* »¦ an nod MIDI Marina ml • -»» i o* paa Mi mImHm . 700 C% Art phi bo* mrt ol art art w! Tal Asp Tw* Hal Ual Tmn . AMIGA SPECIALISTS • STAR GOLD DEAliR • CDTV CENTRE • PHILIPS APPOINTED DEALI NO OTHIR OEALIR CAN BEAT OUR CREDENTIALS
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COMMS S W, MODEM LEADS & ROWER SUPPLY £ 148.99 SUPRA 14440 FAX MODEM _ AS ABOVE, BUT UP TO 14,400 FAX DATA ... £279.00 £929 *H2000Pbft____________C14 £999 *H4000Plus ....El5 H30QQ3M8.D Wkf £1099 H40004448 *Alpko•0 Btifle £1779 W.-y Gerfak________£199 «M»..dn4*faCM. nisooi.au...... "“’lA ACCESSORIES A DISCS 2199 A520 Moduioiar ......29.99
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The manual also explains hard disk installation and gives a lull breakdown ol InterWord's comprehensive menu system. It really is an invaluable aid to producing professional-looking letters and documents There's no time to waste - to get the most from your super coverdisk.
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The 54 page tome is written (or both beginners and more experienced users alike, with chapters giving a general introduction to word processing and ones that cover the more advanced features of the program Including line-spacing, palette options, and preferences You will find that InterWord is easily configured to work the way you want it to, and this manual will show you how to set up the software for your particular needs The manual gives full details on how to use your printer with InterWord and even goes as far as letting you define new printer drivers using only your Interoffice
is a completely integrated software package - it comprises three programs, all of which are geared to squeezing the last drop of power out ol your Amiga (and your software budget) We ve put together an amazing deal for CU Amiga readers so that you can either buy the complete package at a rock bottom price, or individually purchase programs at a substantial discount Interoffice comes equipped with:
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ACCESS VISA card no.: .EXPIRY DATE .... Name on credit card: ...... Please supply credit card holder's address if different from the address above.
Signature: .... NAME.. ADDRESS.. POST CODE.. II looks like Ihe Enterprise look a couple of wrong turnings before il hit the Amiga. It’s been almost two years since the TV series celebrated its 25th anniversary, so this PC conversion is a little late in hitting our screens. Even worse, it's an A1200 only game that needs to be installed on a hard drive before you can start to boldly go where no man has gone betore. That rather cuts down the potential sales of the product. But what s
been sacrificed financially has been worthwhile, as the Amiga version is a faithful recre- ' ation of the PC original.
Star Trek is a sprawling mastej- pece of game design, a product that follows the original TV show so .
Closely that anyone who has ever watched an episode will feel immediately at home with this computer version. The camp atmosphere of the show, plus the cheap n'cheerful humour that’s prevailant throughout, has been successfully incorporated into the game, which should appeal to both Trekkies and adventure | game players alike GAME REVIEW I E i) h »n- ir o- ts se ive be •y 25TH ANNIVERSARY ?
AMIGA SCREEN STAR n in it lo ITS FIVE YEAR MISSION It you haven't guessed. Star Trek the game is a graphic adventure in the Monkey Island Curse Ol Enchanva mould, with a bit ot space combat thrown in for good measure. You control the crew of the USS * .
Enterprise through seven daring mis-l s»ons. Where they must use what ’ _ little resources 1he designers have . | given them to solve some ot the toughest puzzles I've seen (even it some of them are slightly illogical captain') None of the usual Get the green gem and give it to the pixie puzzles here. This is a game, with phasers Klingons and more deadly alien monsters than you could shake an Elasi pirate's stick at On your best behaviour you slobs, il's the big cheese Irom Slarfleet and he's not happy T Going boldly where no cliche has gone before, Tony Dillon warps onto the bridge of the
Starship Enterprise for their latest intergalactic adventure.
THE BRIDGE Thre li where a ill Iww From here Aa ployor Kim camnuadi lo hK crew (via Captilo UK. Ol coeroal and porukoi m combat •« otnar vasuK. Apart Irom mo malo lancor ccroon. A waaltk ol Mormalioo 11 anilabla - poorer and ipaod readlnpi appear aloof Iko mala acroon. Oohlle damaga displays are sltuatad lo tka In loll and rlgkt. Carnaps the moil Important instrument is inn radar, usad lor locating enemy Unas not In uhoal range.
GAME REVIEW Mlitar Solo has tha important job ol controlling dollactor shields, and la alto responsible lor potting Aa Enterprise « orbit around pianola - transporters only wort when In arklt daa to Iholr limited range.
Scety i |ob is lo coatrol damage lo Ore Enterprise during combat Ha aatomatically repairs lyitoms as may are III, allbougn Ae player caa selecl spacillc areas lor priority repairs There l alio aa emergency power reserve lor ase In limes ol crtiK.
A boon one ol
• Startled s lines! Pbysicians, but be wasn't aiaclly egulpped
with state ol-Ae- art msdtcal equipment Te save on casts, tha
show s spacial edicts department had to utilise everyday
ob|octs and tart tham up to leak tatanstic Take Ibis win a
pinch ol sab rt yon want, bat a coapk ol lire instru meats were
salt and pepper pots - and it’s pralty obvious too!
» Each mission takes the lorm ol a separate episode, mirroring the structure ol the original TV show. In lad.
The Qame is so authentic that each adventure opens with the title music and credits, a tly past by the Enterpnse and James Tiberius Kirk didating his Captain's Log. Each installment is also given an authentic- sounding title, too. Such as Demon World or Love's Labor Jeopardised' Like all classic Star Trek titles, it the mlBerBkle old ledSnip - £01 gives you a little clue as to jkhat the episode is about, without actually giving too much away tfol5BtsOUTNEW Each episode lokows the same base formula. Yotrbegin in space, talking about a previous encounter or participating m a deadly battle
against Klingons. Romulans or Elasi pirates, when a message comes through trom Startleet informing you of an mtergaladic incident and ordering you to travel to a particular location to tmd out what the hell's going on A quick word with Mr. Chekov and you're there, from which point you have to beam down to the planet and figure out what s going on After com pleting a sequence of puzzles, set over a number of screens, you are informed that you have finished the mission, and it's time to beam back up to the Enterprise for a bit of a chat and a last dose of deadpan humour.
Let s take a look at the first mission. 'Demon World', to see how it all fits together II begins with some 3D combat in which the Enterpnse is put through its paces. The action is viewed through the Enterprise s viewscreen, roughly a third of the WIA boA Sor Tret Tbe Atari Bmimm ood Star TreI Deep Suet Ahna running on American TV. And Aa arifMal Sor Tret mil in syndication Ae sbnw baa become a major cultural phenomenon. It's possible lo walch Star Trek almost any iaagaage lo almost asy country la Aa world, too can boy sHck-on Spook ears, costumes from Aa show, stationary, trading cards,
comic books, tbe entire series oa video, t-sbirts. Modal kits.
Pkesers aad even battery-powered Tribbles! It s also become THE major money spinner lor Paramount - In affect, a uceoso lu petal maaoy play area. Despite the small area it's still highly effective, with meteorites and stars whizzing about, which helps give a real sense of speed as the Enterprise kicks in its warp engines Once you've engaged an enemy and powered up your weapons system, the mouse buttons lire your photon torpedoes or phasers. Although photon torpedoes are more elfective, they take a longer time to recharge than your phasers.
So use them spanngly. To get in a good shot, it’s best to match the speed ot your adversary and tire slightly ahead ot their predicted tlight path. It's a tricky manoeuvre to pull ott, but once you’ve mastered it you’ll be able to blast the Klingon scum (or whoever) into so much space dust.
Luckily, the first mission onty involves some mock combat, and when this is over Kirk receives a message Irom Startleet intorming him ot trouble on Pollux V, where local inhabitants have sighted what looks like Demons trom the Otd Testament. Arnving at Pollux, the crew receive instructions to beam down from the small group ol scientist monks who live there, so Kirk, Spock. McCoy and some poor sap in a red uniform set ott to discover more. They arrive at a small collection of huts near a mountain where, the monks claim, the demons live. A man who is dying ot a rare infection claims there’s
even a gate to hell located in the mountain. McCoy knows what's needed to cure the inlection, but doesn't have the correct medicine. One ol the monks explains that he can synthesise the drug using berries located near the entrance to a cave, but refuses to go there because of the demons. Kirk Chekov it a navigation and weapons man.
Tbe Enterprise travail by means ol the player selecting a planel Irom his galactic map. It's also his job lo arm phasers and torpedoes prior to combat.
Although he has no specific task, Spock can give Kirk expert advice on a particular subject or situation at all times. His logical insight can be invaluable. The player can also access Spock s computer directly, for raw data on a chosen topic.
Agrees to go, but finds his way barred by Klingons. Dispatching them with a bit of phaser play, he finds that they aren’t real at all, but merely cleverly constructed robots.
He takes a hand which has fallen in the tight, along with the berries and returns to the camp. The drug is created and administered, and Spock sets to work fixing the hand. The team return to the mountain to work out what's going on and... well, to cut StirTrekscreator, GoneRoddenberry.
Insisted that the show should he based on scientific lads and was as accurate as aessible. Towards this aim, a number ot mHitaiy, sctuntlllc and medical instllutions ware asked to contribute ideas to the show and aporoxe those already adopted.
Although the wobbly cardboard sets made some Ideas seem a little implausible, nearly all the stienbllc instruments and technologies on display could one day become a reality. So detailed were the plans lor the Enterprise that the ship's tending deck blueprints ware evaluated by the US Navy and hospital authorities showed a keen intest in the diagnostic beds in the ship's sick bay.
THE LANDING PARTY Wbt* transportiag to a planet or other starship. Captain Kirk will lead a landing parly el himself. Mr Spock. Dr McCoy and a security officer. Be wamtd. Situations can be dangerous. II Kite. Spoct or McCoy is killed by your actions, tee game Is over. Losing Ibe security olticer dots not lose tee game, however, aud you can continue the mission. Constantly losing security officers is frowned on by Star Fleet Command!
Menag about a simply a case at pointing lo Iba area ol the Moor that you want Captain Kilt a gt a win cursor and clicking the mouse. He will automatically go lo the chosen spot You only control Captain Kirk's movements directly, the other members ol tbe landing party mu woen when circumstances require it.
By pressing tee right mouse button or space Oar. You can call up Ike Command Interlace.
From tore ion can talk lo the other characters lo the game. You may be given several options II la MoaOny Island), so be carelel which ones you choose. What you say can and wil aSted tee response you will receive Irom tbe person you're questioning. Don't forget to ate to Spoct. McCoy end even the thlcko socurity olticer - they may have valuable advice lo wrong way, and Kirk, as always, is the easy going mediator who uses his diplomacy skills to smooth things over. Sometimes.
A long story short, there's an ancient race looed beneath the mountain, Kx* tree* Btesn and everyone lives happdy ever after Until next time... The entire game is icon-based, controlled with surprisingly tew icons on the bridge and even less when controlling the landing party. On the planet surface, you can 'take', 'talk' and use', with use being the most important icon as it gives access to Speck's Tncorder and McCoy's medical bag. Each item has to be used on something, by clicking on the item you want to utilise and then the area ot screen to use it on, and you are told via a text box of
the result.
Due to the various ways in which a mission can » Everyone HAS BEEN dressing down Irom Bone*, den lo him Jim, get blasting!
Over the years, there have been numer ous attempts at Star Trek games, very tew ot them official in any way Here s a quick guide lo the three main ones that have appeared.
Slat Trek - The Grill Game Easily the most popular, and one that has appeared in a million different lorms all over the PD market. Played like a wargame. This dice and hexagons strategy title is written in BASIC and has little to do with the TV show with the possible exception that the main sprite looks a bit like the Enterprise.
Star Trek - The Action Game II you haven t seen this yet don t bother.
An impressively detailed intro screen gives way to the worst kind ot blaster Written in the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. It's poorly designed and unplayable Again. Ihe mam sprite looks vaguely like Ihe Enterprise.
Spock gets technical and Ihe rest ot the crew tall asleep standing up.
Star Trek - The Firebird Game Firebird Software, then an arm ot Telecomsott. Were pleased as punch when they snapped up the rights to this little darling ol a game. Plans were drawn up. And journalists across the world began to dribble in anticipation of the wonders that were to come. And they waited. And they waited some more. The aclual reason lor the game being more than two years late are lost in the mists ot time, but the wait was certainly not worth while.
Be completed, you can use anything on anything, but the most important areas ot the screen cause a red line to appear around the mouse pointer, just to push you in the right direction.
You won't always gel a result, but when you do. You can bet it's significant.
The actual design ol Ihe game Is possibly the besl thing Interplay have ever come up with, and il you've ever played Wasteland, you'll know what kind ot competition it s up against. A single seven Megabyte tile supplies all the data tor the game, which includes every single conversation and more split game paths than there are split peas in Tesco. Each mission has one deed that needs to be per- lormed to complete It. But there are always a variety of ways to get to that deed. Obviously, it you take the wrong one, or at least a less than perfect one. Your mission score will be low, so you
should always be looking lor the right way. But it's comforting to know that there are very tew mistakes you can make.
Betoro (he original can want (B)oldly into monia production, they note actually signed up to »ork on a new soriei ol the TV show. Oo 17th June 1977, Cene Rofldonbetry announced that contracts had boon signed and initial scripts approred.
Called Sor Tot Host Two, the project was abandoned lost betore lilming was due lo commence as Paramount had a change ol heart and decided to go ahead with the mono option instead. Many ol the completed screen plays hare since resurfaced in Star Tree.* The Most Generation, but il l interesting to think about what might hate been as Kirk and Spock went boldly once again.
Sm LOOKING Even with the amazing game design, the secret of the PC’s success was the graphics, and on AGA machines the visuals are identical. Huge, realistic spacecraft drift through the cosmos, all drawn in ray-traced positions and rotated a la Wing Commander- no polygons here - which makes you feel like you're really in control of the Enterprise. But that's nothing when you compare it to the main sprite graphics of the landing party. OK. So they might be a little chunky, but there's no denying how recognisable everything is. You can always spot the one who'll get killed first because
he's in red. Spock s ears are always in shot, and Kirk even has the right haircut, complete with ridiculous sideburns. There are literally hundreds of frames of animation in the game, which is why you're going to need a hard drive! Sure, there are a lot of people who will complain about it not running on non- AGA machines, and the fact that you can't run it from floppy, but when you consider that there's over thirteen Megabytes of decompressed data to play with, you’ll understand why.
The big question is, of course, GAME REVIEW JUDGEMENT QAY Ai ihe end ot each episode Startieet Command will contact you aboa'd the Enterprise and congratulate you on your £ success They will also give you a per centage rating ot how well you have | done on the mission Should you get a | high score you II lind yourself granted commendation points These generally improve the skills ol your crew, and will make Ihe game lhal little bit harder on Ihe later scenarios Neil time you encounter that Romulan cruiser you'll be able to manoeuvre the Enterprise that lit ; tie bit belter and have an
improved | aiming system!
Tba original Star Troll Wo* ran Irom 19M-69 It all. 79 aplsoOet «rt pn - Mctd and somt ol Bio Oiggosl namea in tdotco Hdlon .rote lor Wa otio* Altor mo serand moon rwnoon Hanoi lo aproad Wat We aorioa «ai abool to Oo cancelled and a trrHo-ln camgiign began In Ibrae moMba, men than 200 .000 lotion ¦ore received by the sbaw'i TV elation.
NIC. »bo bad to employ donna ol eatra people lo deal with deluge ol moll.
Ncwapapera quickly picted np on Wo atory atudenta bold demoa and protoat marcboa.
And NBC a coeporale headquarters were picbeM Finally, bowing lo each unrelenting proaaure. NBC made an on-air announcement Wot they won eemnlaaion » what's it like to play? I wasn't totally at «ase with the icon-drive interface at first, simply because there just didn’t seem enough options, but once you get into the swing of things you'll realise that those on olfer are more than adeouate lor the job These are some ol Ihe Enterprise's most tarring missions yet. The simple controls merely mean that it s very easy to get into the game - even more so it you are familiar with the characters
Although the action jumps and hangs occasionally, as the program loads in the files it needs, this doesn't detract from the game at all The verbal sparring between Spock and McCoy, the detailed graphics and sampled sound effects are complemented by an excellent series of puzzles and a script that is faithful to the original shows in almost every respect Although the puzzles aren't as complex as those you'd find in a Lucasfilm game such as Monkey Island 2. They're still quite taxing and will take you a while to solve Seven missions might not seem a great deal, but they are fairly complex
¦ too complex sometimes. So you might find yourself coming up against a brick wall and not being Wb me Jim, but able to progress further The seven missions must be completed in order, so it's not possible to skip lo another one should you gel stuck. The 3D space combat is also rather weak - yes it does test your reflexes later on but it does fepl as if it was included lust to pad out tfie game And what happens if you don't particularly like this style of gamepiay, as I suspect many adventurers will? You still have to complete it before you can beam down to the planet and start the
adventure proper.
Despite these gripes, this is one of the best licensed games I've ever played Let s hope it livAs long and prospers, 'cb Captain Kak conbontB ona or ma original Cadbury. SmoaTi robots (abovol and flail) altar Ihay'va sampled Iho aad-aama dollgma (only kidding Cadbury, aabvoyou My).
• •*2% LASTABILITY PLAYABILITY The tle-ln ol the century.
Atmospheric end chet- lenglng adventure OVERALL 86% no* I
• &• ¦¦¦:¦* BdEuiinds House. Ashbourne Road, Derby, 0E22
3FS,Telephone [Q33S] Etmi, Facsimile [D332] 381511 5
ilfsJlllisL j»g ag j ffi l! Iin j|!S!f lii l! 3! IIHIidi mu
§3331 lull |32|1 Um i | i sese essEgw |S; K.liilriilh
i;liiiiifiiifii 5' Hiiiifiiiisg UlUjlllllllllSB iljlf i! IH
fill! Wi 1} Hi JliHii SI sjjL rJ 7 kf kf Sd kf kf kfl II1¦ I
111 111 liiiiiii* U3QH0 OIMOH Amiganuts Public Domain Library
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Display. SprRes. HteterAudio Hardware. Tr acker Rcplavcr Each sub»ret has an easy to follow tutorial backed up by numerous examples all accesahle from the custom designed interface akmg with an assembler for you to try for yourself Disk 1 is PD and conics with the display envlnimrnt.a.saembler. Include flics (custom ones), beginners gukle-for the absolute beginner and over 40 ACC (3 30) The Amiga Coders Club disks Now in Ifs third year, of interest to new and seasoned code.
Issue 30 jvailHc at last* Supers ound «444.00) An excellent sampling package that alkiws numerous effects to be applied sampled sounds.
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Mastering AmigaD0S3 is the only complete A to Z guide to over 140 Amiga DOS commands, and is the estab- kshed reference fo the Amiga's DOS Each command is documented through practical examples which introduce ideas lor writing script programs. All entries are fu»y cross-referenced and indexed so the information you need is easily accessed m a |argon free manner.
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overyday computing needs with this e Wrtoen by CU Amiga edtor
Dan Skngsby. The highly illustrated Amiga Gamer’s Gmda con-
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You'll find full solutions, picture by picture walkthroughs, tactics, strategy and cheats From sports aims to arcade adventures. Amiga Gamer's Guide gives you all the hints and lips, hidden screens and puzzle solutions you could ever need. Topped off with the most complete A to Z ol tips and tricks to over 300 of the greatest games, It’s sure to become your essential guide to winning on your Amiga Amiga darner's Guide Oan Stogsby. 368 pages. £14.95. ISBN 1-673306-16-7 The Arexx programing language is assured
• bright future as part of Workbench. W«h official endorsement
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advantages of this powerltS language can be yours Find out how
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Free disk of example scripts when ordered from BSB.
Mastering Amiga Arexx Paul Overaa. 336 pages. £21.95. ISBN 1-673306-13-2 111 0 ui 1 Mark Smiddy. 416 pages. £21.95. ISBN: 1-873306-18 3 This popular gu« e to AMOS programmng has been futy revised to take account of new developments. Including AMOS Professional More program examples, red hot tips and coOng shortcuts make this the quickest route to programming success using this powerfull language No previous expenence is assumed and everything about AMOS programming is explained m a no-nonsense style which both beginners and experts will appreciate.
Mastering Amiga AMOS (Rev. Ed.)
Phrt South. 336 pages, £19.95. ISBN: 1-873308-19-1 CREDIT CARD HOTLINE (0923)894355 (24* AnuphoM) - 24-Mour disport Also available In all good bookshops Bruce Smith Books Ltd (CDS). FREEPOST 242. PO Box 362. St. Albans. Herts. AL2 3BR. Please rush me the for £ ... Alternatively charge my VisWAccessfMaetercard: £ ... E Final Copy a trough ;lsi and progress On-Screen Drawing Tools for generaling boxes, borders, Word hiblisbtrs go beyond simply producing on documents tat which Final Copyll naturally exec into a world where bow the whole document lool octant a' what it ays.
Admittedly, this can be ach Top Publishers, but they cant easily be used as V especially when a good looting letter needs cn they re far loo cumbersome. This is where fi* lhe perfect balance between lhe Iwo requiicn speed of use. Combined with complete control.
Printed prescnuiion. Complete control oser I look, now YOU have it al your finger Ups.
We don't have room lo lid EVERY feature I SoftWood ¦ Quality utfmare for yo With Final Coo. II nu'rr nor mi trnmt a ls is just as imp- arrows al any angle. Multiple Newspaper Sty le snaiir uesed wnh Desk combined with lhe unique ability lo use the same Poo S. lord Processor. Foms - on absolutely any primer in ponraii or landscape eamg quicily - Flows annind graphic objects and imponed picture- » of Cnfnll offers placed anywhere, scaled and cropped, wnh no loss of pm nents Ease and Texl can also be primed actually over graphic, i refer» and perfect final heading on out document I. All these
feature- mean din no how documents you may have thought, no other Amiga Word Process™ on your Amiga! Capabilities dial Haul Copyll user now simply tale t « grai hat Final Coinll can boast, so please call for your free DET All El) informaiim ur Amiga
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Or contact your ncaicsl SoliWood Agent fat a list of nudists in sour sswntrv- SoftWood Products Europe • UK PO Bm 1« Ubntm Dn*« VFM; Evsonne Mail SPACE SCREEN STAR If you’re in trouble. If nobody else can help and if you can get him out of bed, maybe you could hire Tony Dillon.
£ on't make me angry. You ¦ ¦ wouldn't like me when I'm W0 angry OK. So it isn't mat kind ot Space Hulk, but the tact still remains that not many people do like me when I'm angry I shout a lot and throw things about All in all I can get lairty frightening and imposing, which is probably why I relate so well to Electronic Art’s stunning new space-bound escapade epproMtilng. II . Uwi.lv too lit*, though.
S turns i let lo M controlling on goer own. Sorttcul.rty In on environment vrtiere reflein ere everything The Mn ot eratchiog every eve s hoch it once metes evoryhlng ter toe Pending w So pteyeMe. So hose clever people it IA come ip with OnrwMtch - e limited torn ol erllllclil h Onm Mon l"v orPpn tetter ttwo direct control will blest Poors open, os well u open lire on nny Oenetteilers ipproocklog, leaving you tree to. Well watch them Hnrevet. Utey Pool Ifet ll eeidty or u occmlely It ¦ten yen ore Pireclty controlling thorn, so wlun you heir Iho tonnp ol genpliy.
Quickly chuge lo Ihe durictet tiring ind tiho over . U s Iho oily ny-Too cen two oft the Ovemfcl It yon 001. Hot nho mold met to?
GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA T- 'MiSSiO&i isiwn Co £*nomr: C UrrMMtf Minimi OnUmtt Minion «ifur«. 0 p lM] 'mfoiMn »« mart.
.1(1 T.rm«at»s Have (•« Ltj Wouit t» continu* or ‘Moau U rtffai, f*at Hiiffc H«r« is your mission debtletlng In all Its glory.
Remember Gremlin's Space Crusade? Ol course you do and il you can remember that, you'll also remember that it was based on Games Workshop's boardgame ot the same name, where you took a small group ot Space Marines™ and walked them through gigantic alien spacecraft, completing . Missions and | blowing away ' aliens. It's all good k tun. And an excel- J lent exercise in 1 low-scale strategy.
Space Hulk k comes Irom the
• same series ol games, but no amount ot Space Crusade, not even
the extra missions disk could have prepared me for this.
* «? «• Tbli is tin planning screen wbere most ol the strategy
takes place. It migttt lenk a little contusing at the moment,
but using It Is easier than loaPIng a PC game. Tbe overtieaif
map ti lets you look around tbe entire map. With ell located
Genesloalors shown Yog can issue irp lo live orders at once lo
each troop. Which are listed in tbe orders has . With all
commands taken Irom tbe icons at tbe lop ol the screen 13 6j.
In case yon're wondering, the orders mil- able are More, f«i
Tum lelt rtght, (5) Fire weapon 1 2. IB) Open Close door. When
ell commands have been issued, clicking on tbe start icon 7
gets euerythlng rolling. Easy? Well The game is set tar into
the future and tells the tale ol a collection ol warnors called
the Terminators, who have been specially bred and equipped lo
deal with a new form ol alien. Forge! Space Crusade's Soul
Suckers and Dreadnaughls - they're eight-stone wimps compared
to Genestealers. These things are so tough, that the first time
a platoon ot Space Marines bumped into them, they were wiped
out completely. And the second. And the third. Do you get my
In this future the only way to travel interstellar space is to enter something called The Warp. This parallel universe compresses distances but is extremely dangerous to travel in.
The main reason being that it s full of Genestealers and other more unspeakably horrific malevolent alien entities. Sometimes ships are damaged or lost and .become infested with aliens. When the ships jump back into normal space they're carrying a cargo of vicious killer aliens just itching to decimate the nearest planet. I tokJ you they were mean.
That's why you get to control up to 10 Terminators over dozens of missions against these things. Well, everyone likes a challenge.
There's a lot to Space Hulk, most of it contained in the huge number of missions, ranging from just getting one Terminator from one side of a map to the other, right through to wiping out dozens of aliens and destroying most of the Hulk at the same time. I counted over j
50. Including the extensive tutorial missions, which show you
how the game works, as well as giving you a chance to develop
your strategies and playing style. It's a very difficult game
to describe in summary. In a way, it’s a mix of every game
genre there is, from arcade action to adventure to strategy.
It might seem a little difficult to envisage a game like
that, so stick with me and I'H explain.
First off, you have the arcade element of the game. If I did a Mystic Meg and asked you to close your eyes and then pick a screen shot on this page that leapt out at you, chances are you’d go for one of the big ones with the huge slobbering alien crawling all over it. This is the arcade section of the game. Each mission is laid out in a similar style to Space Crusade, with large corridors leading in and out of massive control GAME REVIEW » rooms, with one major difference. It's all viewed in moving lirst-person perspective. In real time None of the nancy turns' that most people seem to go
lor. Next to the large picture In the middle of the screen shot, you'll spot four arrows and a circle.
These are your controls. I with these you have to move around the com-1 plex Mowing away afl the aliens that come at ’ you. In a way. This game owes a lot to the old license of the movie Aliens Not the crap Aliens US, that had a couple of nice graphics but little in the way of suspense. No. The UK Aliens game, where you never quite knew where the aliens were, and jumped out of your skin as soon as you saw one coming. Picture Dungeon Master and and throw in a brt of Jacob s Ladder, and you should get some idea of exactly what kind of atmosphere this game piles on.
Secondly. Ihere's the adventure side of the game. As I've already said, there are loads of missions for you to play, and these are broken down into definite groups. Some are training missions, some are the original missions that came with the boarOgame some are new missions and some belong to the Deathwing Campaign Once you have mastered the game, r -i You may hex* noticed the gj freeze button e* unw at the ) sereenelwts here Ttile, u you ! V . Iv , caeaefeebleness treenc tbe wtiee and lets ree BtieA ebeut yeur east neve It lie I, bonuer, e peon but-
M. Yes. H bee all lb* prepedlcs el a erne beftee, is ee tw *s II
completely stops setae lime, bet lb* big ditterenc* Is Mel is
has a limbed use Immediately beleer the button it I small ber
which shews yee hew aiech ‘Freese Tka*’ ye* have end when the
(seals Irena. Ms bar lids dawn quickly. Thankfully you can
rtcbargt It when Slaying In real time. I Ena having a breath
*r baa He . ..-gg v V IV I In this game!
You may then be asked to select your so few points of comparison with and that's something that'll take you quite a long time, you can try your hand at a real mission. This 21 -mission adventure lakes you all the way through a war against the enemy.
Irom landing on the Hulk lo eventually destroying one ol the .toughest enemies seen on a computer game For each mission a member ot your team survives, they earn experience points, which obviously improves their general combat skills There's no point going into one of the later battles with an inexperienced team, so the pressure to keep Ihe same team going adds some real involvement to Ihe game Finally, and most importantly, there's strategy, and this is where everything ties together. To all intents and purposes. Space Hulk is a strategy game, but like no other It proves the maxim that
no battle was ever won by plans, and no war was ever won by action alone. OK, so it isn't a well known maxim, but that's how it goes, word tor word. I should know. I just made it up With a separate planning screen, you can issue orders to each ot your hoops to go to certain locations and do specific things. Were this _ less of a game, you would be able lo play the entire game from this screen, but t problem is that this screen just doesn't give you the chance to exercise your reflexes The arcade segments do. And believe me when I say you're going lo spend a long time learning when to
flick between the two, or just how to stay alive long enough in a mission to actively use both This Is a very, very tough game to beat.
.1 up ww.b.. ca .»«*«a wi. You can issue M
- if mt the ALL TOGETHER NOW So. Let's put all three segments
together and see how the game works. At the start of the
mission, you are given your basic brief, and then a more
detailed one (see panel). Depending on Ihe mission, SHOW YOUR
BRIEFS Every ant o( the 51 listed minions Hi ihe game is
extensivefy explained and briefed, first with an overview of
why tbe mission is taking place, and then this guy explaining
the rest in detail Toe are Wd at wtecb poMt yoer troops are
deployed, where they feave to get lo, and the likely entrance
points ot Genestealers. It might not tell you everything, bul
you get enough information ta begin planning your strategy long
before you've loeded the actual mission, if that isn't enough,
them are more details in the enclosed mission booklet, pine
hints on the best weys to play the mission. How much more do
you need?
Team and arms. With all out ot the way. You start the game in 'Freeze' Mode (see panel) Qmckty flipping to the planning screen, you scan around the map.
Checking the locations ot the Genestealers in relation to you. And look lor the safest route to your destination From this point, you can do two things You can either send all your troops to strategic positions - covering likelyenemy entrances tor example - or you can go into action, mode and move the troops about manually. Picking oft aliens as you .
Come across them. Although the second system is more satisfying initially, the first is tar more rewarding, particularly when by some fluke you manage to corner a dozen Genestealers and pick them oft with ease, it only so that you can tell everyone ybu did it intentionally Moving troops in the planning screen is easier, and allows you more room for clever tactics, but that doesn't mean you can sit back and watch everything ga Id plan!
TEL: 8753 549442 RELEASE OATE: GENRE: TEAM: CONTROLS: NUMBER OF DISKS: NUMBER OF PLAYERS: The presentation on Space Hulk is amazing. Visually, it's superb, with the dimly-lit corridors making the more claustrophobic among us itch.
Sure, there’s a scanner there (or us to check the location ot any aliens, but that doesn't stop you jumping when one rushes across one of your troop's field of vision. Everything is lad out m a sensde way. And actually controlling the game is a Ooddle tight trom the first time you play Just as well really, as it fakes so long to actually settle down and start playiog it properly.
OCT 93 STRATEGY EA MOUSE 3 1 HARO DISK INSTALLABLE: YES MEMORY: 1Mb SOB STORY It is very hard lo sit down and review a game like this, because there are OVERALL 87% F AERIAL WARFARE
- Wm The thrill of pure face-to-face air combat
* m* Sbgbt I li i » Dogfight is the first pure air combat
simulation from MicroProse: one-on-one action, duelling for
supremacy in famous aerial conflicts.
Eighty years of air ace skills crammed into one game. From a WYV1 Fokker Triplane to a modern Fighting Falcon, you’ll experience heart-thumping thrills as your enemy closes in on your ‘six’. There’s no room for errors; one wrong move and you’re history!
Dogfight features twelve legendary fighter aircraft. Each with their correct flight characteristics and authentic fully functioning cockpits across six accurate historical scenarios.
In addition, you can plan missions and allocate other aircraft for air attack, support, patrol and defence operations. Plus a bonus ‘What If’ mode: find out if a Spitfire can outmanoeuvre a MiG-23!
Have you got what it takes to be Number One?
Can you push yourself to the limits, calculate the risks and use your initiative without being reckless or foolhardy?
How good a pilot are you? Find out in Dogfight!
Available for IBM PC Compatibles and NOW for the Commodore Amiga.
MicroProse Ltd., The Ridge, Chipping Sodbury. Avon BS17 6AY.
DRIVE £52.95 A500 0.5MB RAM UPGRADE £19.95 A500+ 1 MB RAM
UPGRADE £34.95 A600 1MB UPGRADE £39.95 MOUSE POCKET £ 1.50
COVER £3.50 A600 DUST COVER £ 3.50 A1200 DUST COVER £3.50 ROLL
COLOUR £6.95 SATR LC200 BLACK £2.95 STAR LC200 COLOUR £7.95
STAR LC 24-10 200 BLACK £2.95 STAR LC 24-10 200 COLOUR £8.95
PANASONIC KXP 1123 24 80 £3.35 AMSTRAD PCW 8256 8512 £3.75
AMSTRAD PCW 9512 £2.95 AMSTRAD DMP 2000 3000 £2.75 SPECIAL
If 0.70 cables Mow mu mu i hm m or sornm ml mdiscouhj ms
SSS” , nil AMIGA A500 PLUS PACK Cl00 05 SPSStiXgffg £9 95
if I 7 7 I W SIKSVmo. Nn AMIGA A1200 STAND ALONE £384 Ofi
SHOWROOM VISA GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA There are few decent racing
games available on the Amiga.
The difficulty most programmers face is finding a fine balance between realism and playability. Either you get a game bristling with detail which runs very slowly or a super fast scroller almost devoid of any recognisable features.
Against this difficult background.
Team 17 decided to release F17 Challenge, their second made-for- budget product.
The game centres around the FI7 World Championship and is set over 16 circuits. You are up against 21 computer-controlled drivers, all eager for a slice of glory. Once you have chosen one of four cars available - each with their own unique characteristics - you can then opt to practice on some fictitious circuit to hone your driving skills or race on an actual track to get the hang of the bends. Of course, if your name is Nigel Mansell, you could simply choose to plunge wheels first into the excitement of the World Championship itself.
The car choice may not seem too important at first but once you’ve chosen a car you're stuck with it for the duration This can cause problems when the weather changes. In When you take part In s race you’re given Ihe choice of either qualifying or not. H e advls- able to go for the qualifying race, otherwise you’ll end up at the rear ot the field when the Unfortunately, one collision too many and It’s oft to the pits for you. Cars with higher damage ratings fare less well In the race.
Actual Grand Prix racing when it takes a turn for the worse the mechanics simply whack on a set of slick tyres designed for driving in the rain. Here, you’re stuck with whatever the car has already. So, if you end up competing in the rain, you may wish you'd chosen the one with better handling rather than the speed demon model.
The graphics, though fairly basic, have the usual polish that we've come to expect from Team 17.
There are some nice touches like the sparks that fly out from under the car as it bottoms out at the base of a dip. The animated mechanics in the pits are good as well. The in-game soundtrack is racy and adds a bit of pace to the visuals.
The whole thing zooms along at a cracking pace and. Despite the lack of great detail, you'll soon find yourself gripped by the action. If you remember that Ft 7 was designed specifically as a budget game there's little to fault it. In fact, I’d say that it's the best budget title I've seen in some time. How- ever, compared to other racing sims now available on budget, it does seem a trifle shallow. It’s initially addictive but it lacks any real long term On level one things aren I Incredibly difficult. The pegs cover most ol the backdrop so the route uzzle games come and go, with few mak-
ing a lasting impression. Fewer still reach the exalted heights achieved by that classic, Lemmings. Gear Works is unlikely ever to be referred to in the same sentence as that game but that doesn't mean it’s not worth a quick five minutes.
And they're otfl | Hang on - Isn't that horse racing? Ed.) Anyway, wail for Ihe grew light and The aim of the game is to convert 12 Wonders of the World into massive clocks. Quite why you're supposed to do this isn’t made clear but who cares?
FI 7 CHALLENGE TEAM 17 OUT NOW £12.99 Anyway, you build the inner mechanism of the clocks by placing various gear wheels in a linked chain from the left hand side of the screen to the right.
The gears themselves come in three sizes and are O handed out in a random v fashion.
The trick is to place them all in a pattern that’ll enable the red one on the left to turn the one(s) on the far right. It sounds easy enough till you realise that you've got to hang them on one of the pegs that covqf the backdrop AND that the pegs’ patterns become increasingly difficult the higher the level.
Have you got that? Yes, Good.
Well, if that wasn't hard enough, you're also up against a timer Wh ch speeds up with every linked gear you place. To really add suspense there’s even a couple of gremlins which delight in jumping around the screen rusting the gears and breaking off the pegs Fortunately, there's a bank of ® icons below the play area where you can change your cursor to a gunsight to blow them away Alternatively, there's an oil can to free rusted i&l 9ears and a mb10 ' yg.blow °P badly '7TVT w placed ones gjljjj Supplies are limited though andean only be fcj increas- ed when you've accumu- r lated enough points
to allow you to play on an intra-level slot machine.
Initially, I wasn't too impressed by Gear Works. The graphics are not great and the in-game tune grates on the nerves after a while (you can turn it off). The difficulty curve seemed far k This on* takes * bit ol figuring The pattern ip basically follows a sinuous curve, so seve I your big gears for the top and bottom F connections.
Level two and things are beginning to get lough. A tut ol judicious blowing up Is called for here after my gear chain has gone awry.
Too low at Inst but I soon realised that the later levels are much tougher.
You actually have to plan ahead and really study the peg layout instead ot just linking one gear alter another.
The game’s tar from being a das- sic and is unlikely to keep dragging you back session alter session.
It may be overpriced at £19.99 but. Il your pocket can stretch that far, give it a try.
Jon Sloan New Horizon Computeri THE HARD DRIVE SPECIALIST AMIGA 1200 HARD DRIVE 80 MEO Tm MONTH'S SPECIAL OfffUS 40 MEG £465.00 £389.00 Mwr ooAcm' Other Sizes Available Call for Latest Prices INCLUDES 2 YR EXTENDED WARRANTY PRICE MODEL A1200 4 A1200 4A A1200 4B A1200 4C ADD4 £169.00 £218 00 £248 00 £288 00 £ 149 00 HARD DRIVE DIY KITS FOR A1200 OR A600 INCLUDES HDTOOLBOX AND INSTALL3.0 2.0 I PHONE FOR LATEST LOW LOW PRICES
20. 40. 63. 80. 86.128.137 & 210 Meg In Stock Now III MONITOR
Now Horizon wil til I act your Amiga, fit tha drive of your choice and deliver if back to you wittlin 48 hours. Full 12 month RTB Warranty on your Computer whan we install tha drive. Wang UK carry out our repairs Phono our Salm Hotline tor further details
- fr-fr-fr SPECIAL OFFER iririr A1200 BLIZZARD
Clock and Zero Wait State Memory 4 MEG 32 BIT FAST MEMORY 4
MEG PLUS 14 MHZ 88881 4 MEG PLUS 20 MHZ 68882 4 MEG PLUS 33
nTJV IS Mil I Commodore 10*4 ST I Commodore I960 i*1MO re
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16KHZ 14* 31 LOW YES 16KHZ 14* 31 MED NO MULTI 14* 39 MED YES
DUAL 14* 38 MED YES DUAL 14* 31 MED NO MULTI 16' .28 HIGH NO
MULTI 17* .31 HIGH NO MULTI HOWTO ORDER on anal tamo pieaee
add £6.00. NM Day Computer*. Monitor* and Printers add
£12.00. l dWjuejor Postal Order mede psyebte b and poat wift
your Order to • New Horton Computer* (Mei Order) Hkjh Hope,
Lea, Rose on Wye, HerefordaNre, HR9 7LN . _w_.. ¦ CREDIT
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Most role-playing games set their storylines and game- play in some mediaeval fantasy Kingdom where Princess Flatulence has been kidnapped by an evil wizard with a pointy hat.
That's all well and good but alter you've rescued your 20th damsel in distress, things can get a bit samey.
So, where do gamers go il they want a similar game with a radically different plot?
The answer lies in Scotland, specifically in the studios ol DMA Design Some ol this decade's most eiplosive games have appeared Irom their tertile brains and this latest ettorl looks Ike easily matching their established high standards.
Hired Guns puts you. And up to three mates, in control ot four battle- hardened mercenaries IN CONTROL Tht main Interface is eitremely easy to (raso - fast point ant diet. Mon ctaradere atoaml It placing the cursor over their trioio •InOow. *a you mova II any Irom the centre ol tha screen II will change to a directional arrow, so you caa step lonrarP. Back, to tha side or rotate W degrees Coaaideriog |esl bow much information DMA needed to aguooie onto standard Amiga screen Ibey've achieved no small leal Each character hat tour card Indei-type screens that drooped onto a remote HegL £ olanot
populated only IflKjl by psychotic mutant ly creatures The planet was m the process ot being terraformed f when an automated production plant went ¦ ' M haywire and started releasing mutant .Jfe"* organisms into the environment These creatures are now HhlBj threatening l ie love and the American Way *““¦* and you've been hired by The Company to go m and sort 'em out in 13 days or less Well, a makes a change Irom roaming dragons and wicked witches' CONTROL FANTASIES DMA have come pp with a unique lour-way split screen which allows you independent control ol all lour characters This Is something
RPGers have been screaming lor - the chance to use some detailed strategies Instead ol Ihe usual ‘Let's all walk down this dark corridor together even though there may be a huge hairy monster at the end ol it', favoured by other adventure games.
You can select Ihis option il you want to by highlighting one player as the leader so that all the others will automatically follow him.
The chance to use some detailed strategies Instead ol Ihe usual ‘Let's all walk down this dark corridor together even though there may be a huge hairy monster at the end ol it', favoured by other adventure games.
You can select Ihis option H you want to by highlighting one player as the leader so that all the others will automatically follow him.
This control interface must be one ol the easiest I've ever come across It's very intuitive and can be learnt without the need to reter to the man ual. At times, though, it can be a little fiddly especially when you're under attack. In that situation it's very easy lo shoot another team member when all you want to do is run away I've This control interface must be one ol the easiest I've ever come across It's very intuitive and can be learnt without the need to reter to the man ual. At times, though, it can be a little fiddly especially when you're under attack. In that situation it's very
easy lo shoot another team member when all you want to do is run away I've lost count oI the number ol times I've loosed oil a lew shots whilst trying to step forward |USt because my cursor wasn't over the correct hot spot This is. Though, a minor niggle with an otherwise impeccable control system.
To ease you into the action you can choose to take part In a training mission. II the campaign itsell sounds a bit tong-wmded there's a choice ol 16 short action missions where all you need lo do is make it from one end ol the scenario to the other in one piece These are actually tougher than the campaign as not only do you have to contend with hordes ol creatures baying lor blood you're also up against a timer I tried Guns out on an 040 A4000 and found the first action game almost impossible to complete: everything was too last lor my brain to cope with (No surprise there. Ed.)
MONSTER MASH On a planet teeming with bio-engineered creepy crawlies you'd expect there to be one or two to blast Well, you would it you'd lorgot that DMA s last game involved you crushing hundreds of tiny humans under giant robot leet belore mopping up the rest with a huge machine gun. To carry on that tradition Guns is absolutely overflowing with nasties and they al want to take a chunk out ol your team. They're all generated Irom eggs that kx* like a cross between those things in Aliens and a pile ol manure. Find these and you'll know how many creatures there are lo blast. Don! Lei
appearances lool you.
Though, cos whoever designed the creatures sure had a sick sense ol humour, along with giant lemming mutants there's packs ol cute little Dully woofy Andrex puppies. Don!
Even think ol stroking them, just blast them with imicimviiwtfi nwywWy ghw you the general dfcectton Don't l«l appearances fool you. These Andre* puppy things sharp teeth and you'll soon need some toilet paper lethal - one bite from Guns is, without a doubt, a masterpiece I started playing Guns over three days ago and have barely looked up Irom my Amiga since.
So. If you like bags under your eyes and and sweaty palms, buy a copy today PSYGNOSIS £29.99 AMO ¦ AMI. I imI A1IM ¦ A1S00 B A2III ¦ AMM ¦ AMM ¦ PSYGNOSIS. UNIT 2. SOUTH HARRINGTON BUILDING, 182 SEFTON STREET, LIVERPOOL L3 4B0. TEL: 051 7D9 5755 RELEASE DATE: OCTOBER GENRE: RPG TEAM: DMA DESIGN CONTROLS: M.K.J NUMBER OF DISKS: 5 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 HARO DISK INSTALLABLE: YES MEMORY: 1MB GRAPHICS ••82% SOUND *95% INSTABILITY *94% PLAYABILITY *91% (A tresh look at a tired genre. Challenging In the extreme.
OVERALL 91% CLASSY CHARACTERS Al Ihe start ol each mission you'll be given a choice of lour meres lo lake in with you There s 12 heroes lo choose Irom. Ranging Irom Kiutcher. A 49 year-old human marksman lo Miyriel Torre, a 100 year-old cyborg: each with his her its own special characteristics. The upside ol this is lhat they're all experienced lighters and come well equipped. The downside is that, until you've played the game a lew limes, you don't know what they re carrying. I would have preferred to see a detailed inventory (or each character along with their portraits or. Better still,
some cash so that I could choose what weapons to take.
The portraits lor these tough dudes are some ol the most impressive piece ot artwork I've seen on the Amiga. As you can see Irom our screenshot, they re incredibly atmospheric and brooding Let's see more Irom this artist - Jamie Grant.
PANIC STATIONS Hired Guns has had an incredible amount of thought put into it. Sometimes, with RPGs, it s obvious that certain sections have been rushed just to make the delivery date. Not so here, every ounce of the game has been carefully weighed and tested until only a quality product remained.
The sound eflects and tunes are brilliant. In fact DMA recommend that you have 2Mb of Chip RAM to enjoy them to their fullest. The graphic style is different, it’s not exactly to my taste, but it is well put together.
There’s even an option to port your own character designs from any paint package into the game. The difficulty level is high, but not frustrat- mgly so and the campaign game is probably the easiest to get into.
Your Fluorine Laser.
On the subject of weapons your team all come ready equipped with some very nifty and unusual weapons. These range from simple body-mounted chain guns to weird psionic amplifiers that can send out blasts of energy. Initially. I felt like I could handle anything but when I met a couple of mutant fish creatures it became obvious that I’d have to use every weapon available. When I realised that ammunition was finite I began to panic!
Desperate for some excitement in his sordid life, Jon Sloan flexes his joystick skills to test the long-awaited platformer from those French wonders, Hudson Soft.
There have been many benchmarks in Ihe Held ol Amiga plaltormers Games Ike Rainboai Islands and Zool have shown us an what's possible with an Amiga Unfortunately. YoiJoal is not in the same class as those giants.
That’s not to say that it's bad - It Is.
At best, merely mediocre.
The plot contains the usual number ol graphically different levels.
Apparently, a gang ol evil nasties has gathered together to question an all- seeing Oracle. They want to know how well their drug dealing will go next year Even lor drug dealers this bunch Is weird. I mean there's Count Costnmo. A vampire: Sheebop. The hall-srster ol an Indian goddess; and even Prolessor X, a mad cyborg The Oracle has some plans ot its own however and. In an effort to avoid being locked away, tells the evil bunch that two boys must be destroyed il they are to be successful In their chosen profession. Joe and Nat are the sprogs in question and.
Unluckily lor them, manage to find themselves lost outside Count Cos- trimo's castle. What a coincidence!
There are a lew sub-plots involving graffiti and gang wadare. But they are even less believable than the main one so I won't dwell on them.
HOTTING UP The aim ol the game Is to traverse six levels ol platforms whacking as many enemy sprites as possible and collecting any treasure you may find along the way Initialy, Joe's only weapons are his feet and fists so he can punch or karate kick opponents away. Some of his opponents are pretty tough though, so he'll need to find Ihe many weapons scattered around, such as the last-spinning nunchakus (nails), lead pping or mofceov cocktails l petrol has some smooth animation especially when he’s spinning the nunchakus. But, lor some reason, Hudson Soft decided to make Joe look Ike
Elvis complete with white suit!
Perhaps it's some kind of continental thing that I haven't cottoned on to.
It's a shame that after so much skill has been employed in the rest ol Ihe game, thal very little has gone into the prolonging the gameplay I'm not an excellent platform player but I managed to complete the whole game in one morning!
No matter how well presented Yol Joe! Is. You will complete it quickly. It Is nothing more than a flawed attempt at producing a classic Wait for the budget release HUDSON SOFT £26.99 aisasM uwS urrrB UMS KOHPAH! UK GUILDFORD HOUSE. 20 GUILDFORD ROAD. STALBAHS. HERTS AL1SJYTEL1727868005 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: PLATFORM TEAM: IN HOUSE CONTROLS: JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 2 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY 1Mb ??86*.
?•81% OVERALL 69% YO'JOE!
Bomb.) Only Ihe tlaJs and pipe are permanent once collected whilst the others need topping up. So be carelul how you use them.
The main levels are varied with various types of bad guys with their own methods ol attack Level three, for instance, is set m a South American temple lul of mad cannibal Incas; these guys attack you with spears, axes and boomerangs. Level tour is in Japan and is strewn with ninjas popping up out ol the floors and walls with knives, blowpipes, shunkens and swords.
Joe is a pretty resourceful charac ter though, and once you've found a decent weapon, the enemies can be dispatched with relative ease The same is sadly true lor the end ol level guardians. You can easily beat a guardian without losing any energy Fj pIrsonator The game has a very polished feel and it's dear that much time and effort has been put into the sound and graphics The sampled effects are excellent with vicious cracks and booms accompanying Joe's mama!
Arts blows. The background music skips along unobtrusively The graphics are quite reminiscent ol that old Bitmaps' classic, Gods, and have a distinct French style which is hard to describe but easy to recognise Joe himsett Is a well developed lead and HARDWARE INC 95 WALDERGRAVE RD, BRIGHTON, EAST SUSSEX, ENGLAND.
FREE STANDARD DELIVERY . NEXT DAY DELIVERY £5.00 (MAINLAND) To order with a credit card see coupon. By cheque make cheque to HWI (allow 3 working days to clear). Credit cards, bankers drafts and postal orders dispatched immediately.
Ready once more as Gremlin prepare to fire their retalia- tory shot at Team 17’s Project X. Tony Dillon doesn’t need to oil his fin* ger; he’s as greasy as they come.
There was a point, a couple ol years ago where shoot 'em ups were ten a penny You couldn't open the review pages ot a magazine without seeing Dearhbtazer or Alien Run or some similarly macho name stanng out at you, promising the wildest ride ot your lite. And another joystick consigned to the bin. A lot ol them were awful, but some were wonderful.
Unfortunately, the genre slipped into a coma when Mano and Some made then collective presence telt.
And since then we ve been slowly choking on a bubblegum diel com posed almost entirely ol sweet cartoon characters and chocolately platforms and even more sickemngly tlulty heroes' whom we re all expected to wear the T-shirt ot.
God. It's only Syndicate that's kepi me sane Bui what s mo’’ Could we be returned to the glorious days ol shoot first, shoot a bit moie. Keep on shooting and lorget the questioning'? It could be. It Gremlin's latest aguisillon, Disposable Hero, is anything to go by. Why. It even has a stale and tacky plot! No bad thing in itsell. Especially when it so blatantly and pathetically tnes to hide the tact that the game is noihing more than an all out violence orgy! For those who are Interested, the game is set way into the luture - somewhere around the twenty eighth century, after most ol the
human race has been wped out by aliens. Well, what *d they expect, poking around all over the unknown universe to see It they could find
w. u ' wn.-r BHBH coy II
- - a small '¦) kHnnK'il and C'rip,;. If'.- to go against HB W
the might of the alien armada, across an alien landscape and
wipe out all known Me Now. That is what I call a plot. Not Have
I made the point that It’s a pure arcade blaster with little
need tor thought and stacks ot work laid out lor both your
joystick and your index linger? II you thought Project X was
tough, then you ain't seen nothing. This game throws
everything, and I do mean everything, at you.
The landscape attacks you. The small scaly things that crawl over the landscape attack you. In tact, anything that moves is likely to have a pop at you It you turn your back on them tor a second.
Ot course, the millions ol alien things' that tty around go tor the throat in a big way. To think, all you have to tight back with is a tiny little tighter with a pathetic little laser gun and your own resources. Nol that that's the strict truth, ol course. You can upgrade your ship s weapons and capabilities, taking this small, harmless 2CV ot a cratt and turning It into a gunmetal grey Capri with lurry seats, a stereo with at least two Tmxgmx'i such a flraM looM* re wvop X lor my gklfeiand anytfxy. Txou'rv MU. Tonfl-Edl dozen bass speakers and IHHB some until11 ,Hy B taring. Fui B on
all the weapons avail iim 1 B B ir-e that panel worn tel you however is now you actu- H ally manage lo get the HUB weapons BH There's no money involved Ygu don't need lo 95gj99 trade a single thing and BB you detimtely don't get weapons as reward lor your gun prowess Instead, a more sensible system is employed Each weapon and improvement requires a certain amount ol power to lunction. And your engine is only capable ot putting out a certain amount ol gigawatts In the same way. The hull only has so much room, so the trick lies in balance. You can have any weapons you like, provided that
your engine has the juice to power them and there's actually room tor them on the ship. Naturally, the lirst thing you'll need lo get is a bigger engine, after which you can quite comfortably lit a SOUND BLASTER SomI Ml jlwiyi kin regarded By games players as a aery important part ol me almsspoencs la a game. Pat it aheays seens to Pa sadly neglected ly most soft- wari houses D-Hero is diNerent, thankfully, supplying the player with not only some superb pieces ol music thal sound like they've just come out ol Blade Runner, and a collection ol suitably explosive sound eflects, but a mixer on
the menu screen that lets you choose the respective volumes ol both The basic, standard GREMLIN OUT NOW £25.99 I Vertical firing Projector l's been said a thousand limes, bul foolball management games have really come as lar as Ihey can. There are only so many things a manager can do betore it all starts gening silly, and I lor one thought Ihal Gremlin’s Premier Manager had lust about everything. When I heard Ihey were doing a quel. I honestly couldn't see how th4y could have built upon what was already there Seeing ihe linished result, I have lo say that's it's more lhan a little
overwhelming Premier Manager ' covered every conceivable angle, Irom basic learn management right down to ground improvements, booking ads lo go on the hoardings and lull accounts control Premier Manager S has all ot this, with a little bit more, and everything in so much detail it'll take you a week just to find your way around the game, let alone playing it properly Over eighty options let you guide I nsrasFFi Ion Deflector Shield.
Saves 50% of damage.
The second most powerful accelerator.
A basic engine OUT NOW SHOOT-EM-UP IN HOUSE JOYSTICK A larger engine means even more.
How much power do The biggest, and strongest engine.
R--ti r» £ r ifivkHHt NOMLE . 8 FOOl BUI M Ur tfr i ®F I & 1 ’ i f*M sr.Spi-n 0 dps s ___7.0 ing pulse cannon.
B ftc
- Si O Sis--- 1 - ... L MO*- 4 MOM maiHiHG KOKH s I OOMCr
* - *•**'* *AC‘ J Homing missiles you need?
You can even specify whet makes of beer you can drink In the cHib room. Weil, nearly three way firing cannon, an energy shield and a couple of homing missiles, which should make life a hell of a lot more violent.
The graphics are very attractive, you have to admit, but there are a few points where the finely-detailed sprites and backdrops can cause some major problems. The backdrop is made up of two components: the scenery which is purely decorative and scrolls along in the background, and the foreground obstacles, which are hard, unbreakable and completely fatal should you smash into them when you can't tell the difference between the two. The whole thing does look stunning though.
It plays well too. The ship manou- vres well, and responds quickly to the joystick commands that come thick and fast in the midst of battle. Autofire is automatic, so all you need to do is keep your finger on the button to unleash a 'stream of death’. There are four difficulty levels to choose from, so the enemy are never too overwhelming, just whelming enough, and the variety of attack waves and enemy styles keep the whole thing interesting. Not the most original game ever, but a fun blast that is good for a few weeks, «0G ¦ 1SOO. ¦ A60I ¦ *1200 ¦ MSOoN ,2000 B AiflOO HI ,4000 9 GREMLIN
DIGITA. PACE, PRIMA, SEGA. STAR ROMBO. SUPRA. US ROBOTICS MOW TO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your credit card number. If paying by cheque please make payable to the: FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE."
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m. ROM sharer with I .J A 2.04 ROM s making - „ n ,AA. , , , ,AA
- _ incompatibility a thing of the pan. Th, Ado? Fuptsu Breeze
200 ink|et £309.99 HEWLETT PACKARD ) nit adtl ..
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CLOCK at last now you can date and time stamp your din
Frttdvecfly onto the motherboard with no soldering.
Now only £14.99 chock for compatibility A600& 1200 s HD kits Add £14.99 for Real Time Clock! Star LC100 colour £ 155.99 vvw.
• (Follow A647 signs from Leeds City Centre) 20Mb *£89.99
60Mb....*£ 179.99 80Mb....*£ 195.99 127Mb~*£269.99 2 I
0Mb...*£369.99 'just Add 10.00 for fitting free modem cabl*
ft commi s wf.'
Only £ I 19.99 GP FAX SOFTWARE only £39.99 If bought with modem Supra 2400 only £74.99 given between 0 and fOX ratings by the press.
US ROBOTICS PREFERRED DEALERS Courier V32bis+FAX £386.99 Courier HST (16.8) ..£403.99 only £ 19.99 with any AMIGA NEW'AMIGA CD32 PACK “T’pT npna’!*.wCDTV StarLaserjet LS5 £564.99 MicroLinV22bFAX £216.99 FredFnftCOPDdnft.VmC.,, ,„.w..e»*«mwft-*, MicroLin V32b FAX £449.99 now only £ I 47.99 I s ,r.r ..rrantyoad uurBABT" , NEW Star LC24-20MKII £224.99 GP FAX SOFTWARE only £39.99 AN Amp', inn. Mtft Wfttomh. Mom. 4 11 montft HpmSuM.. J 10 p. D.,ft. ,t .p. IQ ItKb.ft.. if bought with modem
- .rramr Tft. A*» .. Al H06 AMM.om. md, ll ..pmdddc .o UK.
LOftml, mdp . Nmd. Sllnr.l 2400 .A.iWyyraa , Star LC24-200
colour.£264.99 ,Z .... tira-ram -ft bu«M m integral hard onk
option. CoW ...von -Xh )0K buffer r.pandabf* lo 42K auto dial A
receive 2400 baud Hayes comp. V22 BIS Star SJ48 Bubble jet
£217.99 •««¦» "« «¦a.omms THE AMAZING ZOOL PACK!
• ZOOLm%Ann...Computing. No. Tl) NEW! Star SJ144 Colour Thermal
Aa HmPm.iom.. .',...
• STRIKER (94 . CU Amiva. )unr 92), krn-t*H«l.id~.raft.I»H.i
• PINBALL DREAMS(94-.AU*SqA92| Only £534.99 .....
• TRANSWRITE word proce.aar Star SJ44 Autodmrt
Iwdw____________149.99 ' I 1C D f~ D '"ST I C onlv £29 99
Star SJ48
cartridge ..- - .._.£I8.9? , WO
ItvDV I I W 3 only £ 19.99 with any AMIGA! _ PREFERRED DEALERS
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PACK ----..--a... CourierHST(l6.8) £403.99 baitd on the
68020proce.,or. the CD32 f UiitSU VM6°° 0Urier F“ 4503 " «...
* pages p*r m.nuoe. hp rmuiuit» muit. Font. LooDp. Snort fer I
4400 F AX £779 99 features AA chip set. A4 s.ze footprint. HP
Laserjet 4L £609.99 p*C 77r, «« 2Mb RAM. 128K
flash memory, built in imhram.4ppm.sm tfootprint Sportster 2496
FAX......£152.99 WB & the ability to play normal audio OKI
400e ..£5 I 4.99 WorldPort
14.4+FAX.....£289.99 CD’s 4 page User, mult font. 6 I 2k
memory. MR .ryvutation N you thought Vllbri was fast try the
MST! AM com* only £289-99 RkohPCLS ...£809.99
wHh.Syearwarr.nqrend.r*FUUrMarapprm.d- CD Rom Amiga A570
addjustfl 14.99 for 2 Mb of extra RAM PACE MODEMS FUJITSU
14”-------------------------- £409.99 12 month onsite included
except inoOQO DL-I I 50 (I 2 month BT Base)
..LIUVy.yy Fujitsu DL-1 150
Colour.£274 99 , „ .* t« pm. It Pm... no cps Goldstar
TV Monitor..only £ 169.99 Fujitsu Breeze 100 .£219.99
mp..maii9mw.hli«uw monitor covztts ---------- Fujitsu Breeze
HUUCPIJ HPDeskjetPortabie..0" £369.99 Jhe Supra-FaX Modem New
HP! I 0 mono.now £262.99 HP 500 Colour now£319.99 V.32 bis
(14400 BPS ! !)
HP 550 Colour .now £519.99 *ll ,y.?!l?!a!»~y 4 times (aster than the HPSOOC?!
HPSOO mono cartridges ..£14 99 Double life S00cartridges .....£24 99 OfllV £249 99 All Hpprinterstomr wnha ] year warranty Nevv SUPra Fax V3 2 B is I 4400lc FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE (leeds) Tel:0532 319444 AMIGA 1200 MONITORS
- I.h bu.n... ROM u-are. J.04 1 j Canon BJ10
cartridge .C18 99 AMIGA 600 Bascpack now with
W Citizen printers have a 2 year guarantee X OUT game «"»«*«» Citizen Swift 90 Colour £ 169 99 only L I 94.TT. E««Mrnt value*pm .lour Hi,»slyrecommended Swift 200Colour £219 99 AMIGA 600 20HD The Epic packjo umwpv.o.Mi.w.m.ham Mb Hard drive. Epic, Rome, Myth. 6 Trivial Swift 240Colour .£269.99 Pwswt. Dmuonar lanrvaze Lab * D Pam, 1 „ I0 ™o . ,« p, only £289.99 ,m.oesi.eMdmmvm,.i Swift Auto Sheet feeder..£79.99 All our monitors are UK spec. All monitors come complete with a free Amiga lead PHILIPS CM8833 MK2 Colour Colour st.reo monitor. 600' J8S bn* r-solution. Gr....
Mr»*n facility, one years on site maintenance.
With Lotus Turbo Esprit.'
Now only £ 194.99 UK Spec. ..£499.99 A" our pri"»rs conse with ribbonltnner, Philips Tilt * Swi.ell stand ..£ 13.99 All HP printers come with a 3 year warranty STAR StarLC20 .....£132.99 1*0 cps draft. 4S cp* NLQ. Quiet mod* and multi I
* pm totovr. 8 font.. Ihip. Dr.lt. .5 (p. NLQ Star LC 200 colour
£195.99 9 pin coin , S Innt,. Lli cp. Deft. DS p, NLQ. A4 only
£174.99 Supra Fax Plus th* ability to send faxes! Even faster
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CANON 2SJSSSPJ2SL £224" Commodore 1084STColour dW.SH1bUdWUMSWSI only £909.99 for 80Mb version or £969.99 for 120Mb version SPECIAL OFFERS' DATALUX CLEAR MOUSE High quality clear 2 button mouse C19.99 PAGESTREAM 2.2 DTP only £64.99 XCOPY PRO PLUS HARDWARE....£25.99 TECHNOSOUND TURBO only £25.99 ROCHARD DRIVES for the A500 A500+ from £219.99 New VIDI 12 Real Time.£l34.99 | Real time colour digitiling from any video source, full AGA support New VIDI 24 Real Time.£223.99 24 bit quality real time colour digitiling from any video source. Full AGA support New! VIDI 12 AGA £74.99 I Full support for
AGA chipset. Colour images captured | in lest than a second, mono images in real time with I any video source. Multitasking s w. Cut A paste.
VIDI 12 SOUND & VISION AGA with buili In M.fimii M.tt.r ....£ 98.99 TAKE 2 .....£37.99 Features include load and save from D. Paint animations and IFF files. Supports HAM graphics Megamix Master £29.99 8 bit. High spec, sampler. Special effects include echo that can be added in real time, fully multitasking A , easy to use.
BUSINESS Gold Disk Office U.K. spec----------------£45.99 Home Accounts 2------------------------£3 7.99 Maxi Plan 4-------------£36.99 Mini Office £18.99 PERSONAL FINANCE MANAGER*. £29 99 PLATINUM WORKS only £29.99.'.* Excellent integrated businraQflice pack, with powerful 121 comp spreadsheet, word processor A database MISCELLANEOUS A Talk comim Software £9.99 Distant Suns new version! .£49.99 GB Route Plus ...- .- ...£45.99 GP FAX Software .. £44.99 X-CAD 3000.___________________________£ 284.99 MUSIC SOUND Audio E
ngi neer .... £7 ] .99 Audio Engineer Plus V2..----- .£241.99 Bars & Pipes Professional .£2S9.99 Clancy 16 sampler.--------£105.99 Deluxe Music Construction Set -...£49 99 Pro Midi Interface by Microdeal....£24.99 I Stereo Master ......£29.99 SUPERJAM ...£94 99 Techno Sound Turbo ..£25.99 Techno Sound Turbo 2 NEW! £34.99 PROGRAMMING Amos Creator £34.99 Amos Compiler. ----------------------£21.99 Amos 3D --------------------------£25.99 Amos Professional ...... £47.99 Amos
Professional Compiler now only £24.99 DEVPAC3---------------------£50.99 Easy AMOS. ..- ...-£ 24.99 LATTICE C Language Version -------£229.99 UTILITIES AMIBACK_________________________________£44.99 AM I BACK TOOLS £44.99 AMIBACK PLUS TOOLS BUNDLE NEW*...£74 99 AMIGA RELEASE 2.04 UPGRADE KIT Complete with: Kickstart 2.04 CHIP, Workbench 2 04.
Install, FuntsXEiCraxltsks full manual s* Only £77.99 AMIGA Release 2.1 software upgrade £49.99 Cross Dot V5---------------------£36.99 Directory Opus 4----- £49.99 GigaMem . .£49.99 Hypercache Pro - ..... £36.99 QUARTERBACK VS ....nowon y £40.99 Prima A600 I200 Hard Drive setup software. This is the best setup software on the marked £5.99 Latest version of this Fast 8 Famous hard disk backup utility.
Qu.irt.rb.Kk Tools ... now only £45.99 Quarterback Tooh Deluxe-----------now only £69.99 Xcopy Pro inc. hardware.._________now only £25.99 VIDEO AND GRAPHICS ' 37 Compugraphtc fonts Vol I, 2. Or 3 by GT.only £9 99 Adorage (creates spec al video effects). .£6 1.99 Art Department Pro 3.... -.only £ 145 99 Art Department Scanner software nly£l14 99 ART EXPRESSIONS i, s»* l.p. £145.99 BRILLIANCE NEW! R~ £149.99 CALIGARI 24 NEW! O™*. , £239.99 Deluxe Paint 3_________________£12.99 Deluxe Paint 4 AGA .... £66.99 EXPERT DRAW ______________only
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£50.99 WORD PROCESSING DTP FINAL COPY 2 (UK) release J.only £77.99 bwft -I outW a«v M pa**.,, mpoet (IFF ~d HAM). UK KIND WORDS V3 ....only £24.99 PENPAL 1.4 ...only £38.99 B»H M ling feature packed word publisher with database.
PAGESTREAM 2.2 U.K. version only £64.99 Special price. Limited period Only!
PAGESTREAM 2.2 U.K. version plus ART EXPRESSION .....only £179.99 PAGESTREAM 3 U.K. version The NEW standard in DTP only £249.99 PAGESETTER3NEW7 ..... £42.99 Personal Write NEW!. P«u«npt .«**«¦*•.-£ 17.99 Hot Links-----------------------------------£48.99 PRO PAGE V4--------------------------£109.99 PRO PAGE V4 & Pro Draw 3 NEWf...£l39.99 Protcxt 4.1 W P--------------------now only £19.99 Prownte 3.3 NEW!------------------------£38.99 THE PUBLISHER DTP NEW PRICE! £24.99 TYPESMITH.FONTEDITOR NIW! £124 99 WORDWORTH 2 AGA ....£76.99 A500P
A600 Unpopulated only £16.99...£23.99 Populated to 512K..only £ 19.99.„£28.99 Populated to I Mb...only £28.99...£33.99 2 Mb A600 OR A1200 RAM card £99.99 4 Mb A600 OR A1200 RAM card.£l69.99 AMIGA A500 512K RAM by PRIMA for the original 1.2 1.3 AAMGA..only £13.99 1 Mb SIMM ...£POA 2 Mb SIMM ...£POA 4 MbSIMM ...£POA 8 Mb SIMM (only(orMicrobotics) £POA POWER SCANNERV3 Wkh the latest rerwon ) sofware for bright A sharp grey scale performance. Flexible scanned image display manipulation options, plus Clean up, embolden, resile
A flip.
Only £ I 14.99 0-*™, Colour version only £239.99 EPSON GS6S00 COLOUR FLATBED only £689.99 p*«i*tor*ua*t4«n» Art Department Pro Scanner S W..£109.99 Co processors for the A4000 Motorola 68882 PLCC(2SMhz)..£69.99 Motorola 68882 PLCC (33Mhz ..£79.99 Co processors for Microbotics Motorola 68882 PGA (33Mhz)..£79.99 Motorola 68882 PGA (40Mhz)..£89.99 Motorola 68882 PGA (S0Mhz)..£ I 57.99 (for Microbotics boards inc crystal chip) Imb by 8 9 SIMMS.....per I Mb£POA 4 Mb by 9 SIMMS .per 4 Mb £POA I Mb by 4 DRAMS ..per I Mb £42.99 I Mb by 4 ZIPS per I Mb £39.99 256 by 4 DRAM
(DILs) 4* (512K) ......now only £3.99 8+(I Mb) now only £3.94 16* (2Mb) .....now only £3.89 Kickstart 1.3 £17.99 Kickstart 2.04 .£24.99 Fatter Agnes 8372A .....£25.99 Super Denise .£ 16.99 6571 -0326 Keyboard controller...£ 13.99 CIA 8520A I O controller £7.99 MICROBOTICS New M1230 for A1200 withup to 128 Mb fast RAM!
MI230XA33Mhz, 0Mb ......£245.99 MI230XA40Mhz, 0Mb ......£264.99 M1230 XA SOMhz, 0Mb ......£329.99 See ’RAM & CUSTOM CHIPS" section for prices on Co-pro’s and 32 bit RAM. Call for prices on upgrades from MBX I 200Z to MBX 1230XA GVP AI 230’0Mb RAM for A1200 only £284.99 A1230 1 Mb RAM for A1200 only £384.99 1500 2000 G-FORCE 030-25MHz with 4Mb 32 bit RAM .....only £479.99 G-Force 030-40MHz with 4Mb 32 bit RAM only £729.99 NEW SUPRA ACCELERATOR for the A500 A500+ & Al 500 2000 28 Mhz. Uses A500 side port so there is no internal fitting only £129.99!
MICE &TRACKERBALLS GOLDEN IMAGE MEGA MOUSE £1 2.99 DATALUX CLEAR MOUSE High quality clear 2 button mouse ..£ I 9.99 Zydec Trackball .£29.99 Golden Image Trackbail....£37.99 DISK DRIVES Prima 3.5" only £56.99 The MBXI200Z CO-PROCESSOR & RAM BOARD for the A I 200 Realise the full potential of your AI 200 with this trapdoor expansion, inc real time clock 68881 I4MHZ ...£1 19.99 68881 25MHZ ...£129.99 68882 33MHZ ...£139.99 68882 50MHZ ...£209.99 The RAM boards can only work with the use of the Co-Pro board Roclite
3.5" only £62.99 super slim Roclite. Best review for disk drives i Cumana 3.5" only £56.99 I I meg external DRIVE. The best name in disc drives 1 now at a great price.
OPALVISION 24 bit graphics card A video system for thcl S00
• 200012000 4000. Includes software bundle I only £6 I 9.99 with
Imagine 2 GENLOCKS Commodore A2300 internal Genlock only £ I
19.99 GVP Genlock only £297.99 features professional SVHS
output I Rocgen Plus ....only £149.99 I Includes dual
control for overlay and keyhole effects.
' extra RGB pass thru. Now AI 200 compatible!
Rendale8802 FMC..only £ 169.99 ROCGEN ROCKEY For creating special effects in video production with genlocks ....only £ I 39.99 PRIMA ROM SHARERS Jh.s high quality ROM sharer features a flexible ribbon connection so that it can be positioned anywhere within your AS 00 Plus or A600 Full 2 year replacement Real Time AI 200 internal clock module-only £1499 Mouse joystick manual port switcher on.y £ 11.99 Computer Video Sc art Switch only £ 19.99 2 1 4 way Parallel port sharers £POA Amiga Sound Enhance' Plan by Omega Protects. Hear the Amiga's sound like you've never
heard it before! ...only £16.99 QUALITY MOUSE MATS----------------- £1.99 20 CAPACITY DISK BOX----------------------£2.99 40 CAP LOCKABLE DISK BOX--------------£4.99 100 CAP LOCKABLE DISK BOX .£6.99
• ISO CAP STACKABLE POSSO BOX £18.99 ‘add Umdekvrry fpirthasng
just onr Posso O’8i»i boi. Free defvtry ¦he* purchased vith
ocher product or nhm buying 2 o nsorr AMIGA A500 DUST COVER
..£1.99 AMIGA 600 COVER -......- .. £2.99
1200VERSION ..£16.99 A600
VERSION____________________________£29.99 PRINTER STATION-
------- £28.99 Simply the best! Fits onto the side expansion
port Auto configures with no software patching.
8Mb pop to 2 Mb £159.99 8Mb pop to 4 Mb ..£214.99 8Mb pop to 8 Mb .- ...£319.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb for 2000*1 S00 range.il 49.99 "AMIGA A500 HARD DRIVES from only £247.99 A500 GVP Combo’s A530 Combo 40MHi from only £475.99
* 8882 Co-Processor Kit for AS10 -.only t214.99 )2bit60ns I Mb
SIMM for Accelerator .only £64.99 12 bit 60ns 4Mb SIMM fur
Accelerator ...-.only £ I 79.99 I 500 2000 Hard Drives Impact
Series II HC8* from only £289.99 All GVP products come with a
full 2 year warranty DISKS All disks are 100*. Error free
guaranteed New High density 3.5 inch bulk and Fuji branded
Please phone for best prices!
Now only £19.99 or £27.99 for keyboard switchable version
10. ......£4.99 ....£6.99 EMULATORS
30......£14.99 ....£17.99 50 £2199 £2899
COMMODORE38625SX..£ 169.99 , ob..! .£39.99 ...£54.99
This is a PC 186-2SSX Bndgcboard running at 2S Mhi
200....£73.99 ...£99.99 ROCTEC A500 CONTROLLER CARD
200. ...£73.99 ...£99.99
500. .....£169.99 .£POA I
000..£339.99 ....£POA Branded disks come complete with
labels Disk Labels..,.500...now only £6.99 Disk Labels..
1000....now only £9.99 NEW COMMODORE 486 SLC SX25 phone FOR
details ONLY £289.99 Money’s too tight to mention? Well,
you can still have mucho fun and games thanks to CU AMIGA’S
clever but thrifty guide to the games that you can buy for
under a tenner.
BUDGET CHASE HQ2 HIT SQUAD OUT NOW For those ol you unfamiliar with this ancient coin-op conversion, it's basically Outrun with violence. As a member ol the top Special Criminal Investigation team, it's your job to track | down killers and other scum polluting the highways ol America. For some reason they all drive last cars, so you're given an equaly smart vehicle to make sure you can catch them.
The gameplay, however, has no finesse at all At the start ol the game, you're told who you’re after and are sent out alter them Alter a lew minutes driving, you come across the ottendmg vehide which is conveniently picked out by a large yellow arrow From here on in, it's just a case ol ramming them until they give In or the dock runs down. It's hardly very taxing, now is il?
The game sutlers from a latal lack ol variation. There are no new cars lor you to drive, no exdting new hazards to thwart your attempts at law enforcement Dull repetitive backdrops make it a chore to continue beyond the lirst couple ol levels In lad, you'll probably find yourself putting the disk back in the box alter only hall an hour as it oilers nothing to keep you glued to your joystick H you're alter a last-paced driving game, stick with the Lotus series they are much better games This blend ol action and simulation just doesn't work at all Mark Patterson HARDBALL HIT SQUAD OUT NOW £9.99
Baseball is one ol the games which most Brits don I generally see the point of. Especially when the majority consider it to be nothing more than Americanised cricket. SMI. Accolade went out on a Wnb with tins game and they came up trumps Hardbal*Mvch rs now over six years old. Was one ol the lirst baseball games lo aptiear m this country. Because this s essentially the same vet sion that was released in the States it contains loads ol terms such as RBI' (Runs Batted Ih) which mean very Httle to the baseball illiterate.
But, il you like baseball and can tell a change-up Irom a curvebak. Men Hardball could be Ihe game for you It has large, well animated graphics wrvch are used pnmarily lor the pitching and the batting and change to a smaller view ol me pilch When it's time to run. The excellent graphics combined with the Iked gameplay make the action exl-emely addictive The only real criticism I have is lhal Ihe matches drag on loo long. Nine innings, plus overtime «the scores are level at the end. Make each match tar longer than neoessary.
Batting is more fun than pitching. The type ol shol you play depends entirety on.hmmg. swing too early and the ball will bo spun up and olt me bat. Too late and you'D hack tt out ol bounds. Even II you're not a baseball nut and jusl want lo try something different. Hardball is a decent purchase at its new asking price Cjn Mark Patterson V-9- r m '*uto « „ BIKSa tm.
IAhif 1 r! 1 4 hi 3 7 8's 'n "c ccjcLc*
• •s.
;lfcWi "** ActO to A ROOT Thst is iho car you re alter. The only way lo slop * is by Wowing it lull o' holes I Look* int**rotlno Oonn X B? OK . *o » do**fit. B**lc*lly. «M* %cwn totu you Kow far you Mve U« *lofl «•* toW w(imi you UN itgiMi or proto*»on»l t*M.
Wow, juat took al tha dalauad ouefcdtopa and lha alcallanlly-animalad hghlaia. Actually. I m lying No manar how hard you loan al iwa gamo you won l llnd anything worth praialng every challenger you meet in one-to-one contests As wilh most beat em ups.
Fistllghter features the usual range of hand and foot combinations plus the a* ma ancwm an oi unewon undegansi i ihtnt iitnns smv-ial move “aalara ol mis art don I wash mail undai- Ubiquitous special move m lot months Than, m bam. An may unique to each contestant, hod lo do was wag Wo Iho sir and giya Thegame'sset ovqr three oggonani a whin oi smaBy knmnsra.
Locations, in Egypl, Japan and the USA. I can understand the programmers choosing Japan and the USA as venues for gruesome martial matches, .but exactly why they chose Egypt is beyond me.
Anyway, naff choices aside, the-resl of the game manages to live down to the standards set by the simply awful box art »1 was to ten you that the art is a poor rip off of a particularty bad action hick, caked Angel Town, you'll get some idea what the gameplay's like.
Perhaps the best description of FktSghMr is. It's the worst beat 'em up I've ever had the misfortune to play The main sprites are poorly drawn with their hrnbe resembling something a five-year old could manage m his hrst art lesson The collision detection is abysihat and there's very Dttfe reaction shown when blows actually do land Worst of all. Is the fact that an uncoordinated idiot could finish the game in minutes. Even I managed to beat an the opponents m my first session Avoid.
Jon Sloan Computer golf games are usually very hit or miss affairs, especially because the people who buy them are usually those who play the game for real Mean 18 is designed to test just those son ol people by pitting them against the toughest 18 courses they'll ever encounter In some respects the game is extremely challenging ITS not so much because of well-designed courses, but the badly worked control system which destroys the best of handicaps This invanably leads lo copious amounts ot frustration as you madvenentfy spang shots extremely wide ol the mark through no fault ol your own
There are no Iritis either. This has to be the dullest golf game ever. If they gave out Golden Turkey awards tor computer games this would top the sports category Apart from club selection and a rudimentary system for taking your shot the game offers nothing else at all.
To cap this all off the graphics are very dull indeed. The landscape offers no impression ol realism whatsoever. This is partly down to ifs age. But thal's not much ot an excuse when you know if was slated by most games reviewers first time around Even at a budget pnce you should steer clear ot Mean 18, not even hardcore golf nuts will find any sort ot playability here Save your cash and aim for PGA Tour Goll, or Microprose GoH They're tar MEAN 18 HIT SQUAD OUT NOW £9.99 FISH TO 850!
Call for details!
* 2710 Spectrum Emulator v1.7 2709 Magic Factory Slideshow
* 2708 Super Pong
* 2707 Numtris
* 2706 viewtek vl.5
* 2705 RD Prep
* 2704 Hotblox
* 2703 Reversi 2
* 2702 Pools Wizard JM
* 2710 Entity 2699 PP Mini Cruncher
* 2698 HD Click V2.53 2697 Space Invasion
* 2696 Friends of Paula Music
* 2695 Akira Pics *2 2694 'No Sampler' Utils
* 2693 Nostromo Cheats VI. 1 2692 Road To Hell Game
* 2691 Schmegeggi Comic Strip
* 2690 Cover Up(Anim)
* 2689 DTV Units 2688 Samples Unlimeted * 1
* 2687 Doo Doo The Return
* 2686 Alternative Reality Anim 2685 Music Base V1.0 2684 Circus
Anim 2683 Sanity Inteference 2682 Amos Pro Update 1.12
* 2681 Popeye C64 Conversion
* 2680 (ABC) Grapevine
* 2679 Lemmings 2 HD Installer
* 2678 Copiers Unlimeted
* 2677 (AB)On The Green
* 2676 Communicate Sign Language
* 2675 (AB)Endless Melodies
* 2674 (ABC)James Bond 30th Aniv.
* 2673 Quantum
* 2672 Retina Euro 1 Demo
* 2671 Supertron
* 2670 Catalogue 3
* 2669 Stnkeball Game
* 2668 (AB) Lex Goudsmith Tribute II
* 2667 Total Irrelevance 1
* 2666 Rhythmic Orgy 2665 Pacmans Return 2664 Phantomware Slides
2663 X-Beal Sequencer
* 2662 Lemmingoids 2
* 2661 Major League
* 2660 Fun With Cubby Demo
* 2659 Red Dwarf Trivia Quiz
* 2658 (AB)Starbase 13 Game Mega
* 2657 Capri Slideshow II
* 2656 Total Irrelevance Iss *2
* 2655 Music Madness
* 2653 (AB) Fit Chicks
* 2652 Wlndybottom Demo
* 2651 (AB)Zynex 3 Anlm
* 2650 Great Escape Of Billy Burgalr
* 2649 CG Fonts *7
* 2648 CG Fonts *6
* 2647 CG Fonts *5
* 2646 Bondmine
* 2645 (AB)State Of The Art Utils CDPD VOLUME 1 This packed CD
contains the entire Fred I Fish range of disks from 1 to 650!
Only | £19.99 .75p P&P to tTOTHf Update! E ery 8 vieeka We *
update to you containing lists of all the Is subscription is
C9.99 per year inclusive. ( I CDPb VOLUME 2- The continuation
of the Fred Fish range I plus the entire SCOPE & JAM ranges of
I disks tool Unbeatable value a) | ?19M+7SpP«P I NEW INIICDPD
VOLUME 3 Fish from F761 to F890. Ready to run- from the CD!
Also includes dozens of high quality 24 bit scans plus Ham and
I AGA H8 versions & much more! !or only I £19.99 *75p P*PI
(2) Dinosaurs E 02
(2) ...Geology E 03
(3) ..Solar System E
04 ....Colour Pad E OS AchotO E 06 TAM
I E 07(2) Rshng E 10(3) Rascally Amga En Lbis leam Ei?
- 13 Home Brew M(3l Ecology IS FaslFret E-6(3) History voui Ei 7
Tnngamig £18 Work ano Play 619 Play It Sa'e
E20 ...Big Top Fun E2i Jig-na.ua 622
Chess T eache- E23 M no Voor Language 74(3: Speed Read ng £25
Cho-fl Coach £26 SNAP £27 CATT £28 Fun With CuSOy £29
Pretnato-ic Fun Pack £3C Peg A Picture E3I
(2) ...Understanding Amos
E32(2) Spitfire
£33(2) ..Messerschmitt
E34(2) ...My First Pony E35(3) ...Solar
Systems Vol.2 E36(2) The Time Machine
£37 ......Discovery Of America 38(2) ..Home
Inventions 39(2) .....My Little
CLE40 ......Borealis Junior
CLE4!(2) .Basically Medicine
CLE42 Photography Tutorial
CLE43 .....Language Quiz
CLE44 ......Photo Tutor *2
CLE45 ..Fun With Chubby
CLE46 ...Human Anatomy
CLU01 ....Video Titles
CLU02 ......Fish Inde*
CLU03 ..Typing Tutor
CLU4 ......Alphagraph
CLU05 ...Menu Maker
CLU07 ....Philo
CLU08(2) .....Word Finder
CLU09(2) .....Play N Rave
CLU10 ....Power Accounts
CLU12 ....Virtual Windows
CLU13 ..Datos CLU
14 ....Stock Controller CLU
15 Epoch V1 CLU
16 X Stich
CLU17 .LC10 LC20 Fonts
CLU18 ..LC200 Fonts
CLU19 ..24 Pin Fonts
CLU20 ....BJ10 Fonts
CLU21 ......Invoice Master
CLU22 ..Hard Drive Menu
CLU23 .F15 Animbrushes CLU24 Red Lotus Anim
Brushes CLU25(2) Star Fighter Brushes CLU26(2) Star Voyager
Brushes CLU27 ...Image Base
CLU28 .....Creative Adventure Kit
CLU29 .G.F.X
CLU30 ...Draw Selector V2.0
CLU31 ..Flow Charter CLRWAREZ When only
the besl will do Missus!
CLG01 .. CLG02 .. Adventures 01 Norns ..DarkThings CLG03 CLG04 CLG05(2) CLG06 CLG08 Phase 2 X System TrucNn On 2 OoiteraLon D-agon Tiles CLG09 CLGI0 CLG11 CLG12 Mcror Duel Future Shock Al Guns Biaz.ng Bulldozer Bob CLG"3 CLG14 ClGiS | I17 Paraoo Sonic Smameheac Spodge 1 rrvKrii im L LLa i . CLG18 .. CLG19(3) SKAN29 ..Stellar Escape CLG20 .. CLG21 . CLG22 .. CLG23 . V | *«4 ..Jungle Bungle ...Fiower Power ..Stocking Filler .Marvin The
Martian .. CLG25 .. CIG26 CL 02 , CLG28 .Easy Money ...White Rabbits Monster Ulan Shymer Time Rift CLG29 Buy Ball CLG3C CLG3I Captan Only Rackets CLG32 CLG33 Pi 7 Blocks Bat '©-Boons CyOnmo* ulUJ* CLG35 OG1 SOFTWARE All 17 Bit Disks Can Be Ordered From Any Of The Following:- AUTmsa?sMAlN Computer Man Softler Software Ban®«den Montpelier,France NorlhWest PD Washington,U.S.A System Compbac Tokyo,Japan Hard Joy PD Kobenhavn V,Denmark Great Value PD Waihi, New Zealand Computer Studio Alberta. Canada FOR EUROPEAN NON EUROPEAN READERS, WHY NOT SAVE
POSTAGE COSTS AND ORDER OUR DISKS FROM AN OFFICIAL OVERSEAS DISTRIBUTOR!® BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS PD LIBRARY k Oirir (t Fronf1 _ _ FTUHR SEI13: S-124 C2 Bandhagcn tel int. ? 46- (0)8-749 C8 Cfc a Bestall 17 Bit diskar fran oss!
Den end* officicllt godkiiula levcrantorcn av 17 Bit diskar i Skandinavicn Forutcm alia 17 Bit diskar, over 2600, liar vi ca 3500 andra diskar!!!
1 till 3 diskar 23kr st 21 och fler.._..l7kr *t Moms och porto ineir.
3 till 1C diskar„....20kr st Fred Fish I4kr st Ej kommersiella titlar.
, II till 20 diskar I8kr st Minst II Fish I3kr st Ring 08-749 08 06 for info
* 9 BCC
45. 9CC
45. 000
95. SCO
10. 0CO .129.000
fVPlAN* DELLXE SVBILI fSR.613 SR.614 SR.615 SR.616 SR.621
SR.624 SR.625 SR.627 SR.628 SR.629 Techno AMOS Ffk2FFESSO«AL
SASC LATCE C V0O 0EVPAC3 ¥110 •** *B«*4ZM0 4 ae*3a TEL:
03-3837-8689 FAX: 03-3837-8218 Endast for AGA
3. 598 Renderade HAMS Older.
3. 759 HAM8 svenska sedlar 3760 Fish (frjn A1200 reklam) mil.
3. 791 CynosticHAMS slideshow
3. 831 HOI Mindwarp' AGA demo
3. 832 Trojan Techno Tracks' demo
3. 833 Dual Crew multitask, demo . 530 Tetris AGA & GIF datayp
3. 612 AGA unities (PCX datatyp) 3622 Ultimate AGA Utilities
Betala pa PostGiro nr' 426 99 36-3 I Moms och trakt ingar.
Ingef tillkommar I v d PG inbetslning. Vid telefonbestallning
Itillkommer 22kr i postlorskottsavgift I War god betala 15%
axtra par order, min. ~jEK 30 tack. Setalning endast i SEK
Assassins Games Nu diskar 1-80!
Anlarat dal bftata urvalal av I n dnnal Slora mlngdrabatter!
Pris Irjn It:- disk!
O n t a k I a oss Ior datalja ODRD «4 r CPTV Aa7Q
- CDPD 1 Frad Fish 1-860
- CDPD 2 flora Fish. Scope mm
- CDPD 3 Fish 761 -880mm.
- Demo Collection
- Demo Collection 2 325:- st
- 17 Bit Collection Over 1 OB av spal, demos mm.
565:- dubb«i co PC Emulator nu mad VOAt ZX Spectrum Emulator 1.7 XFH Stacker - fordubWar hd Hyper Cache - lOrsnabbar HD OptiMOD - Ibrminskar modular Eagle Player - superb!!!
Disksalv 2 - diskrsddnmg Delitracker - moduluppspalars OctaMED 2.0 -1 l|udkanalart OctaMED moduler modifier - fam diskar IS:- kr.
'Vi hor over 6000 F*D diakarl Diskkotalog on.
I. E. 2i z' OR 3l 2*.
ALSO A500’s.
A500+, A590.
2. 5" Hard Drive is fully formatted, complete with cable 20
£59.99 • 3l 2" disks MEG , 30 MEG 40 MEG 60 MEG 80 MEG 120 MEG
Type Qty 25 50 100 BenchMark DS DD£ 18.60 £32.20 £47.35
Unbranded DS DB£13.40 £22.20 £41.35 BenchMark DS HD£34.80
£63.35 £71.70 Unbranded DS HD£26.20 £38.35 £63.70 EX-SOFTWARE
3.5 Inch diskettes Include labels DISK STORAGE BOXES £4.50
£3.70 £4.70 £11.99 £16.00 STALL SALES | 061 681 05691 COME G
LTD Dept CU10. Glen Celyn House Penybont, Llandrindod Wells,
Powys. LD1 5SY Telephone: 0597 851792 _ J Fax Not 0597
• 3.5’ 10 capacity (qty 5) ¦ 3.5' 50 cap. Lockable
• 3.5" 100 cap. Lockable ¦ 3.5" 200 cap. Stackable
• 3.5" 250 cap.stackable 24 HOUR ORDERLINE 0597 851784
• Prices only if brought with diskettes “ M For the final time,
Tony Gill ventures forth into the notorious Trolls Head to find
out the answers to his lastest batch of adventuring queries.
Mmmm of knowudgi By Order ol The Innkeeper A fabled wonder, first spoken of by wise men who returned from foreign lands, the Shrine of Knowledge is here to serve you. Bow low, insert your gold coin, and quickly ask ail that you will.
HudUWd beneath dark lorcaa Ilea lira town of WaWidaap. Soon you'll bo draggod into a mighty quest - Eye ol the Beholder ! - which will pit youi wlta aghlnat tha avll from Sample Dark moon. Have you got Ihe wit, Ihe atrangth ol characMr and tha aliong right QUEST FOR GLORY TRIAL BY FIRE It warms the cockles of my heart when I receive letters which say, 'I've written to lots of magazines for help with my problem, but none of them could help, so now I'm writing to you.’ Gives you the warm glow of feeling wanted doesn't it? Steve Jarvis from Rugby is this month's most hated reader, but we’ll
forgive him this once and solve his problem. The evil Ad Avis has a nasty habit of setting tire to things when he gets his knickers in a twist and in so doing he is toasting the foolish Steve Jarvis.
Can we save him and should we bother?
The Shrine replies You have now arrived at the final moments ol Ihe game where you are’ menaced by a magic statue. Don’t bother pushing your luck with this slony-faced dpponenl, just type Escape and you will move out ol his reach.
Cast a Force Boll on one ol the candles and this will cause Ad Avis lo turn and attack you. Now you must run like tun around the pentacle towards tha cauldron which will turn lo flames.
Take a deep breath, think of England, and run Ihrough Ihe flames until you reach Ad.
He will be so surprised by your manoeuvre that he will fall Ihrough Ihe window with surprise, all the while screaming, "Curses, you’ve had hetp trom Tony Gill!"
EYE OF THE BEHOLDER A goodly number ol you continue lo lill Ihe gnslbag with Ihe problems that you're encounletlng beneath Ihe lloorboards ol Temple Dartmoon. Hera are a lew hints Hial will solve many ol you problems. You cen lind an extra copper key on Ihe lirst level ol the Temple by searching one ol the beds (josl click on It). The merk ol Oaik Moon Is a brand on your hand which you'll gel on level 3 ol Ihe Silver Tower. To break through the Azure Bond on Level one ol Temple, you'll need to smeah it with die crystal hammer. The cursed sword, called Hunger, makes Ihe character who uses it
consume raUons twice as last as the others. A red gem lound lying on Ihe Boor on level 2 ol Ihe Silver Tourer is used later to set- Isly Ihe magic mouth lhat seeks 'something red'. Other mouths on Ibis lent wani: roHnn lood, Hue rocks, a pnlinn. A scroll, Ihe mantis Idol, and the Hunger sword.
GOBLIINS Adventures which emanate from across the English Channel have that indefinable quality which marks them as very different from the home-grown variety. French games are like garlic; you either love them or hate them. I think Goblins II is one game which everyone will like although its puzzles can sometimes make your brain creak. Stephen Wren from Sawbridge- worth has fallen foul on the section containing the tree-houses and the basketball player and claims he is totally stumped. (Trees - stumped - geddit?) Oh yes, very droll.
The Shrine replies. Before we go any further I had better tell you that we are going to use the word 'Winkle'. Now I want all of you to do your sniggering now. And get it out of your system before I start. Are you ready? Get Winkle to throw a stone at the ball. As soon as the ball hits the ground a little boy will appear and steal it. (Don't you just love little boys?) To recover the ball both your characters must co-ordinate their next move.
Prepare Winkle to follow the boy into the house that he disappeared into, while Fingle positions » » himsalf by Ihe lop right door Move Winkle and Fingle simultaneously, and Fmgle will capture the little beggar Fingle can now give the ball to the basketball player who will throw It through the hoop Use Winkle to head Ihe ball towards the Mayor's window. The Mayor will be so pleased that you have thrown a ball through his window that he'll pop out to have a merry chat with you Move up to Tom s house and he’ll tell you that he'll fix you up with an hourglass it you bring him a melody.
Time to move next door and get musical KGB Men used to join the French Foreign Legion to forget, (I can't remember why) but Johan Macs from Belgium has gone completely over the top and joined Ihe Russian KGB Having smooth faked his way Into this deadly organisation, he has foolishly got himself into a pile of trouble that now requires the help of the Shnne to get out again. Currently our man in Leningrad is booked into the Hotel Go Sttnitsa with a corpse which he can t move (reminds me of my honeymoon!). His instructions are to dump the corpse in the nearby canal without attracting the
attention of the local fuzz. He knows that there is a wheelchair in reception, which could help his plan, but he can't figure out how lo get it The Shrine replies You should never have left Belgium should you? I know it can be a little boring at times After all. Once you ve eaten a couple pounds of chocolate and bought a postcard of that disgusting little boy fouling the drinking fountain in Brussels there's not a lot else to do. But joining the KGB is a bit too extreme Go into the bathroom and put the hat and coat on the corpse and pour some alcohol on him Leave the room and find the tramp at
the rear ol the hotel who you can give the bottle of hooch to Return to your room and move the body into Room 8. From here you can heave the body out ol the window. It may be a little heavy, after all he is a dead weight'. (Hee hee. That's what s known as black humour I believe) but he won't complain if he lands on his head. Go to reception and complain that someone is making a lot of noise up stairs.
Once the receptionist leaves to investigate your complaint you can grab the wheelchair and find the body. Put the body in the wheelchair and head for the canal The police will appear, but don't worry as the body s rumpled clothing and the smell ot booze will make them think that it is a computer journalist being taken back to the office after lunch INDIANA JONES AND THE FATE OF ATLANTIS Most players come a cropper when they try and figure out how to move the spiral design in the temple at Tikal. Just to be awkward. Rohm Francis Irom London says that he's solved that problem, but doesn't know
what to do next.
The Shrine replies: Look genius, the hard bit was figuring out that you use the girt to keep the guide busy while you go outside and take the oil lamp from the stall. Use the kerosene to loosen and remove the spiral design step, which the clever ones amongst you managed to overcome Your final move is to attach the ornamental design to the statue on the wall at the left-hand side ol the screen The scroll design makes a nice ele phant trunk for the head. Use the trunk like a lever, and hey presto! We've solved the puzzle.
WEEN Having previously mentioned that some French adventures can be great fun. We now turn our attention to another called Ween A shy reader, (or a forgetful one) who dkJn't give his her name, has written from Inchlcore in Ireland to beg lor assistance with the werd game In this quest is a magical Oat who will turn up to solve certain problems providing you can supply it with a regular diet of fruit Our readers query is just as enigmatic as his identity, tor all the letter says a. "I've gotten to a point where there are three scrolls which causes your opponent to change identity" The
Shrine replies assume you are facing the dragon at this point, if not. You can sink back into your anonymity and turn the page! Collect the cherries for you will need them lor old fruit-lace, then ci&k on the scrolls until the dragon turns into a wasp. Use the wasp trap which you found in the temple to capture it. Although you will have been turned into a worm at this point, (no comment) you can call up your flying friend and he will help you regain your natural form. Rpy, MONKEY ISLAND Gareth Hughes ol Bristol win not be appeanng on BBC’s Master Chel this year. This announcement Win not
come as a surprise to anyone who has been unlortunate enough to have had dinner prepared by this gormless gourmet as it is obvious that he hasn't yet grasped the concept of recipes In Monkey Island our boy is required to put the ingredients listed on the piece ol paper into a pot.
Using his own unique logic. Gareth s placing the piece o! Paper in the pot msteau ol the ingredients. And now he is wondering why nothing is happening The Shrine replies Placing a recipe (or a birthday cake in Ihe oven lor an hour m 220 degrees will result In a piece ol brown crinkly paper - not an iced cake!
The point ol the exercise * to find alternative lor the ingredients listed on the paper and put them in the pot Normally I would now give you a nudge in the right direction to help you succeed, but in your case I think we had better spell things out. When you arrive on board, climb the rope ladder and get the llag Go down the hatches until you reach the hold Pick up Ihe rope, open the chest and take the wine Pick up the kegs to get some gunpowder. Then head for the galley where no doubt you'll feel quite at home!
Pick up the pot and open the cupboard to get the cereal. Open the cereal and find the prize nside - a uselu! Key.
Make your way to the cabin and find the mk.
Use the key lo open the cupboard, and then open Ihe chest to discover some cinnamon sticks and that magical recipe.
Return to the kitchen and use the ingredients, (not the blooming recipe) on the cooking pot (i.e. Cinnamon Sticks, Breath Mints. Jolly Roger. Ink.
Wine. Rubber Chicken. Gunpowder and Cereal).
You'll find the result quite staggering incidentally, for all of you who can't release the prisoner (even though you’ve figured out Siat a mug ol grog wit melt the lock), take some extra empty mugs to transler the rum between during Ihe journey.
NEXT MONTH And bow I have tome good newt and tome bad newt Tbe bad news is tbai owing lo extensive redecoratioa requirements. The mystic Shrine ol Knowledge will be closed at the end ol Ibis month Boo1 Hiss!
The good news is that a new. Adventure Helpline service will begin next month which wo guarantee will inform, amuse and thnll you Watch tha space ft you have a problem wftieh can t wart, write to - Adventore Helpline. CU AMIGA Priory Court. 30-32 Farr Higdon lane. London EC1R 3AU reliable for: Amiga (A1200 Compatible) Amiga (A1200 Enhanced Version) September 'Q3 October 93 October 93 OUT NOW!
November ‘93 December '93 Amiga CD32 Gameboy NES SNES Jh no! The evil Meka-Chlekens have eggnapped Billy Egg and his brothers for their terrible
• ining experiment! And they've taken Floella tool!
This is no yolk. As the worlds only chicken with a bionic beak. Alfred Is whisked off to a ¦multitude of bizarre lands to pluck his friends from the clutches of their foul captors.
Scramble through 11 transdimensional levels facing the likes of Byron Snail. Mag-Mine, Srirn Blocker and the Terrasawus. Beat the Meka-Chickens. Snatch back the eggs, and lay neir plans for world domination to rest!
This ain’t no Turkey!
ALSO AVAILABLE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON ALFRED Chicken please return this coupon to: FREEPOST PRODUCT INFORMATION, PRIORITY HOUSE, CHARLES AVENUE, MALTINGS PARK, BURGESS HILL, WEST SUSSEX RHI5 9BR, NAME .... ADDRESS ------------------- MACHINE OWNED From time to time you* name ... eUUreee may be prevtaeU to carefully ecreeneU eompenlee. Who mey m.e to aanp you Uteroturv. If you woulP proFer not to perttcipate pteaee nek
* ***«? CU.
7W* sMtil Ovdev Please send cheque PO's (made out to Premier Mail Order], or advise Visa Mastercard number and expiry date to: : Dept CU1 1, 10 Tinkler Side, Basildon, Essex SS14 1 LE Tel: 0268 271 172 Fax: 0268 271173 Telephone Orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat & Sun 10am-4pm We Are Open 364 Days a Year P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add C2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for Rest of The World Next day delivery service available £4 per item UK only. E&oe Covan Aaon (I Mag] Crary Con 3 Crvtodan of 4rm Dark Sovont ... Dday
..„ .... DoWy Thompson Ckollang* Dori Sun Shooarad lands * ¦ll.MOK ADVEMDiEE The Htod la The W illows--------------------13.99 YSTICK * ACCISSOBIIS
17. 99
10. 99
11. 99
7. 99
14. 99
13. 99
11. 99
9. 99
24. 99
26. 99
• •••••••••••••••••A TDK VIBBATIM 10 X 3.5" •
7. 99 20 x 3.5" •
14. 50 50 x 3.5" -
35. 00 100 x 3.5" •
65. 00 PRECISION BOXID 10 x 3.5" •
6. 49 20 x 3.5" •
11. 99 50 x 3.5" -
- 100*1 10 x 3.5" -
5. 99 20 x 3.5" •
10. 99 50 x 3.5" •
23. 99 100x3.5
44. 99
* ** MCYCUD- LOOM 10 X 3.5 - 4.50 20 X 3.5 t.50 30 X U - 12.00 40
X 3.5 - 15.00 50XX5- 17.50 100 X 3.5 35.00 AWARD W INNERS
l .rpul.ru.. Kxk Off :.
Sfmc' Act. Pipcmxnu
119. 99 » .
STACK LRIiENDS Line Mega traveller 1
w. «ria.uw CI9.99 BOARD l.IMIS Oucdo. Scrabbk.
Drl«.e Monopolv R«k CI9R9 1 COMBAT CL ASSICS FIS Strike fcwlc 2.
Team Yankee. NW Attack Sub £19.99 “tS” Recall. Shadow
119. 99 DRE AM TEAM W?nnAI»( TK)N £17.99 SIRAl Mil SI ASTER.'
FUnknunln Popular.. llunavSp.nl rfEu.I.Kx. Chc»i Player 2150
117. 99 0699 » AvlAVTlt YACMtl irs Vtrgi Lo Maaa.
Ptr-ru Pbpak« Krabn. V~.uJr.laH £22.99 MM'CER STARS ttrtdCba» Saner.
Kxk OH: kfccrcprox £1699 M HUB All. CRAZY Kick Oil 2 in Me*.
H. ycr Manager. K02 Hnal Wteale £9.99 THE GREATEST Irmmr
WhnrsSMnka l ure 4 TV ianjor.v Dune £21.99 A'lW AlHlN
LASSKS Sf*t Aa.DncaatlMl 6n4 d TW Dm
07. 99 GAMES CLR LICENCEWARE I NORRIS (£3.50) I MecAevV pteltorm
game I PHASE 2 (£3.50) I Defender style shoot em tp IX-SYSTEM
(£3.50) SEASOFT The LoaicaC Choice EDUCATION NEW -
OctmMED Pro V5 - NEW Brilliant new version of this famous 8
channel music editor with a totally new look - PULL DOWN
Kickstart 2 or later) £30.00 V4 NOW ONLY £18.00 V4 MANUAL
£8.50 V4 & MANUAL £26.00 CHORD (£3.50) ear cfxxi tutor AMI
(£3 50) CSE Maths Tutor BHT SKY (£3 50) mm tor stargazers
ords and Ladders (£3.1 ¦as and ladders spaing a ISICALLY
AMIGA (£4 99) emst tor new Amqja owners FTS LEARN (£3.50)
¦nous programs tor 5-7 year LPHA6ET TEACH (£3.50) ¦lor young
kidt AM FM AMFC Converts many standard music tiles lo OctaMED
and MUSIC-X format £10.00 for Ihe serious Amiga musician
Issue 15 now oul £2.50 (issues 1 lo 14 also available) AM FM
SAMPLES 15 disks packed wilh high qualily samples £2.50 per
disk ITRUCKIN-ON 2 (2 DRIVEe) (£4.50) I Run your own trucking
Company I DRAGON TILES (£3.50) Excellent puzzle MOTOR DUAL
shoot-env up FUTURE SH Guide a bal ALL GUNS I hroughan LAZING
(£3 JO) .Tsar PLLDOZER PkRAbOX IC3 50) Puzze games sonk:
SMATIEHEAD (£3.50) KjoS puttonn gam.
SPLODGE THE ESCAPE (Cl50) Platform game IMPERIUM (£3.50) Graphic adventure game STELLAR ESCAPE (£4.99) Excellent vertical shoot em up JUNGLE BUNGLE (£3.50)
* EEDR| IHORD COACH Wk chord lulor
• holographic tutorials M40S LANGUAGE QUIZ
• UN WITH CUBBY 2 (£3J I greet games tor kids CLR ENCYCLOPAEDIAS
The toftMRng dak based Encydopaeflas cover a range o
interesting subjects Useig a combination ot text, diagrams,
• awings and photooraphs each title I entertaining as wwl as
Rt 2 on a 13 matfwie uy DINOSAURS (£4.50) BEOLOOY (£4.50) I0LAR SYSTEM 1 AND 2 (£4.99
(£4.99) AMIGA CODERS CLUB hints, tips, tutorials A source codes
tor assembly language £3.50per issue OuumII nownauu.)
A GENE V4.38 The latest version ol Ihe besl genealogical dala- base tor the Amiga is now available from Seasolt TOTAL IRRELEVANCE MLD user group (MUG disk magazine issues t lo 3 available £1.50 per issue CATALOGUE DISK El .25 (Inc PSP) FREE!
With your tirst order OctaMED S opSSSSeiectsonk: MUSIC I • 25 ACC HARDWARE PROGRAMMERS MANUAL ¦Dak 1 (PD)£i 50 Daks 2 4 C5 00 eac £12.50 ASSASSINS GAMES t to 115 latest titles available call lor list afCOUF ASIlJFF GROUP Collection of MEOOctaMED disks from MUG FRIENDS OF PAULA (3) collection of modules NOS least* meg SUPER HAM PICS («) WGHTBREED (2) bflMant AGA slweshow CYHOST1C SLIDE SHOW (1)
W. BA BACKGROUNDS (1) coloured backdrops tor your m SumoocsMCsp)
find Daphrte WWTE RABBITS (£3 50) TIME RIFT (£3J0) ExceSent
platform game DIRTY RACKETS (£3 50) Bat and Bal games Needs I
OG! (£3.50) 5Mra Excellent plattorm c UTILITIES VIDEO TITLER
(£3.50) Professional touch to your videos FISH INDEXER (£3.50)
Delated Fred Fish kstina TYPING TUTOR (£3 JO) Complete course
and speed tests ALPHA GRAPH (C3 50 WORO F1NOER P A r*jst tor
crossword fanaOCS PLAY N RAVE (£4 JO) Muse motkte tofcar
cteyer POWER ACCOUNTS (£3 JO) Keep Yack of your bar* account
CALC VI .3(0 JO) Powerful spreadsheet EPOCH VI (£3.50)
Powerful calender system x-stitch master ute (O.50) itch
(0.50) STER (0.50) DVENTURE TOOLKIT lexl adventore game
creator (rot A500) FLOW CHARTER (C3J0) I PRINTER FONTS (£3 JO
EACH DISK; I jLCjoani[LC200) (24 PM I AMI BRUSHES (0.50 EACH
DISK) I for use with D-Pant 3 or 4 I (FI5) (RED LOTUS) (STAR
OP8TICKJqyeagi - C12.99 MOUSE MAT - €2 99 HEAD CLEANtNO KIT -
£2 99 MONITOR COVER - £4 09 A500 DUST COVER - £2 99 A600 DUST
COVER - £299 A1200 DUST COVER - £3 99 PRMTER STANO - £4 99
PRMTER LEAD (1 9m) - £3 99 POUTER LEAD 5 OM) - C6 99 PARNET
£12 95 100 DISK LABELS - £1 50 1000 DISK LABELS - £10 00 1000
T FEED LABELS - £12 50 CD ROMS CDPD1 - £19.95 Fred Fteh 1 to
660 etc. CDPD2-£19.95 Scope JAM 4 more Fish etc DEMO CD -
£19.95 Packed w*h demos eic.
17 BIT -£39 .95 nPO Kxarvonthtsbrtki 3 9 ¦ 10 - Cl .28 3 5 « 40 - £450 3 5* a 100 - £399 3 5* * 90 BANK - £10 95 cal 10 warm prca ere avateb*y I & £1.00 if your order xders lo: SEASOFT COMPUTING (DEPT CU), The Business Centre, First Floor, 80 Woodlands A' Rustington, West Sussex BN16 3EY or telephone (0903) 850378 Please add 50p P&P to P
9. 30am lo 7.00pm Mon-Fri GET SERIOUS Let’s get serious, with
another selection of goodies from the CU AMIGA technical
108 Lola 520 Modulator 109 Mastering AmigaDOS 3 Volume 2 109 Megamouse 400 109 Nexus Pro Video Clips 110 Brilliance 120 Genlock Jungle 124 Overdrive 126 Golden Image AGA Hand Scanner 132 Wired World 144 Art Gallery 150 PD Scene 155 PD Utilities 158 Reader Offers NEXUS PRO VIDEO CLIPS Although they're aimed squarley at video producers, the Nexus series of dip art disks would be lust as mixdr use'to anyone involved With 3D ray tracing and arujnat'on There are five ten disk sets aach of which is-devoted to labncs papers textures travel, or weddmgs There s also an introductory set'which includes
samples from all five cafeqqnes All graphics are available m 16 colours d» 256 TtAMQ mode for AGA Amiga owners * The textures could be used simply as backdrops Iqt video titles, or as textuie maps for 30 objects Not as versatile are the digi list'd pictures, such as-the postcard style shots of his
• torn- buildings and tourist attractions In the Travel set rai
pipddcers ol wedding Videos lhe.ee are satin back- ‘d'Opr. And
ornate flower arrangement fhow romantici The picture quality
varies from good lo excellent They prob.ibiy won't bowl ygu
over, but if you eef the need for so»he practical vdeo dip an
or feature maps they're well worth investigating Available
from: Videowortd.
8 Ardoch Gardens. 4 Cambuslang, Glasgow. G72 8HB. 78% Price: C29.99 per set nmm When your modulator fmaly paclis up.
Why not push the Boat out and go lOT one with a styksh mat-black finish? II you think you're ready lor such a radical move, you may want to take a look at Lola Electronics' 520 Modulator Apart Irom the colour, there's very little difference between this and the standard Commodore modulator It's almost exactly the same size, which means that it's got a 15cm (6 inch) overhang at lhe back ol the computer The main alteration is the positioning ol the composite video and audio sockets These were a bit ol a problem on the Commodore modulator, as they were on the side ol the box It you have a
sampler or some other peripheral plugged into the parallel port, the sockets on the Commodore model can be very tricky to conned up The Lola modulator has all three TV composite video and autko sockets on the end ol the unit li also comes with a long TV connection lead, and a Y adaptor lead to route the stereo sound channels In the mono input on the modulator.
At £29.95, it's probably cheaper than the Commodore option, in which case it wins hands down Available Irom: Lola Electronics, Market Harborough, Leicestershire.
Tel: 0858 880182. Price: £29.95. ACCBSAMIM This is Ihe lirsl issue ol a new magazine trom Ihe people behind Amigamaniac. Ahei running Ihe Amigamaniac dub and its accompanying magazine lor some lime, Ihe organisers have now progiessed lo Access Amiga, a lull 44-page A4 mag that comes with a covermounled disk. You gel all this lor just £1.75. The new Access Amiga, like Ihe Amigamaniac mag, covers Ihe whole range ol serious' uses ol Ihe Amiga. There are regular sections on PD, books, letters, music and education, along with reviews ol Ihe latest hardware and software developments There are also
numerous lealures on various Amiga-related subiecls which oiler some alternative to the reviews.
While it can't match the gloss ol the major Amiga mags, it does have a rather endearing, more personal style. Highlights ol the October issue include an Eric Schwartz special, and an interview wth Bjorn Lynne ol the AM FM disk mag. The coverdisk has a cut-down demo ot an educational game, plus a couple ol tunes Irom AM FM.
Available Irom: Weekend Developments, PO Box 208, Folkestone, Kent. CT19 5EZ. Tel: 0303 220198. Price: gfr £1.75 per issue, £10.50 lor six or £19 lor a year’s subscription. *-¦ ' Programming the Amiga's hardware directly isn't something that Commodore l*e to promote. II they had their way, everything would go via the operating system which has the advantage ol greater compatibility with both new and old machines, but il you're programming things like games and demos, where speed is essential, this method is just too slow. Getting hold ol mlormation and tutorials on the hardware can be quite
a task, but now you can swot up on all the liner points ol your Amiga's chips with the ACC Hardware Programming Manual.
ACC (Amiga Coders Club) have been going lor some time now, producing regular PD disks on programming the Amiga in general. The manual' comes on lour disks. The first is PD. While the following three are available lor £5.00 each. Disk one is an introduction to the series and assembler in general The second covers input, the copper. Interrupts, audio, general and start-up. Disk three is dedicated to display and the fourth concentrates on sprites, text, the blitter and scrolltexts. There are loads ol examples. Each ol which is explained in an easy-to-digest manner, and can be tested out by
simply clicking on their icons. Source code is ol course included with all ol the examples. The source code and assembled versions make this a lar easier and more interesting way to learn about the Amiga s hardware than from a book, and should be on the shopping list ot every budding programmer Available from: Amiganuts United, 12 Hinkler Road, Southampton, Hants, S02 6FT.
Tel: 0703 470017. Price: Disk 1 £1.25, disks 2-4 £5.00 each. Add 60p post.packing lor each order.
The manuals supplied with the At 200 and 4000 might be okay il you just want to know how to use the Workbench menus and open a lew windows, bul il you want to get your hands dirty in the Shell, you're left wanting. This is where Mastering AmigaDOS 3 comes into its own.
Volume one covered the basic theories of AmigaDOS 3. While Volume 2 is more ol a reference guide. It covers all ol the CLI (Command Line Interface) commands in alphabetical order, giving plenty ol explanations and examples Sections on areas other than Shell are also included. The new hypertext system, AmigaGuide. Is covered, along with some ol the other new goodies that turned up with Workbench 3.
)l you're a newcomer to AmigaDOS, this isn't really the book lor you. Check out Volume 1 lirst, il that's the case. On the other hand, if you've got a reasonable idea ol how AmigaDOS works, but want to know how to do more than just copy tiles and list directones, this is exactly what you'll need lo gel swotted up on all those labour-saving commands. The author, Mark Smiddy. Has provided an exhaustive, but very readable guide to a complex subject, but presented it in such a way that it doesn't seem so complex alter all. Whether you want to go through Irom start to finish, or just look up a
command every now and then, it's the ideal companion to your new Amiga.
Available Irom: Bruce Smith Books, Freepost 242, PO Box 382, St Albans, Herts, AL2 3BR, Tel: 0923 849355. Price: £2t .95 '4|P Amiga’s number one art package has finally met its match.
For more than six months adverts have been appeanng m me American Amiga mags lor a new high-end art package called Brilliance In actual tact, you gel two programs lor Ihe price ol one. Brilliance Is a register-based art package designed lo work In all non-HAM screen modes, whilst True Brilliance Is a True-Colour package designed lo work In HAM mode.
True Brilliance represents all graphics internally In 15-or 24-brt colour, and modtlies Ihis representation lo display images in Ihe current screen settings These images can be saved lo r»sk either as 15-or 24-bit liles. This means lhal you have a way to create and edit liles in lull-broadcast quality.
A NEW APPROACH The program s authors. Digital Creations, have given the entire subject a radical rethink, and Ihe result is a program which has absolutely no menus in the conventional sense This is a bit ol a double- edged sword because it means that once you know how to use it. Brilliance is more user-lnendly than Dpainl, but getting lo grips with it is harder because the options are lar from self-explanatory.
The basic functions ol the program are accessed via a tool bar which runs along the bottom ol Ihe screen There are thirty different tods, each represented by an Icon, although lo call them all tools is not stnctty accurate Ol course, there are basic tools such as spray can. Line draw, Ireehand and so forth, but there are also icons whose selection enables you lo access a whole new set ol related leatures Good examples are Ihe palette, animation and file requestor icons.
Many ol Ihe icons have multpie functions according to how many times you select them, with which mouse button and with what options you use them For example, the airbrush icon will FILE FORMATS As me Amiga is used more and more in prolessional environments. A variety ol import and esport tormats is quite important. Personal Psintscored strongly in this area, and Brilliance does at least make effort with its ability to load and save every type ol IFF tile trom ordinary 5-bil right through HAM6 and HAMI to 15-and 24-hit Images. It tan even deal with OCIV saves, although this Is not surprising
as Oigilal Creations manufacture mat loo.
It's sad to see mat there is no provision lor formats such as GIF. Targa. Till or any ol me others which are Ire- qeently used in me prolessional world.
Mode. If you select the icon with the right mouse button, a requestor appears that allows you to adjust the size, flow and focus of the spray.
Running along the top of the tool bar is the 64- colour palette and if you’re using an AGA Amiga this increases to a maximum ol 256 colours unless you're working in HAM8 mode, in which case the palette contains 384 colours. By expanding the palette, you can see up to 256 colours al any one time.
At the right of the tool bar is the status indicator which makes Brilliance extremely accessible.
BRILL feNCE The status indicator tells you a number of things: such as whether the cursor is currently on the drawing area of the screen, or the cursor's exact location. If the cursor is on any of the tool bar options then Ihe option name is written in the status indicator, below which is written the current 'draw' option. The status indicator is also used to show the progress or dimensions of quantifiable operations, tor example the length of a line or the angle ol a rotation.
STRANGE FEEUNG Despite the fact that the status indicator is there to keep you well informed, using Brilliance feels very alien for a while, and it was only when I had read the accompanying manual from cover to cover that I really began to appreciate the sheer scope when you are initially creating the curve. This is pointless because it means that you're placing the controls with little idea ot the exact curve that they'll create. It's a pity that the control points don't exert a bit more pressure on the lines because some curves are almost impossible to create.
One minor, but valuable, feature of the program is the way that all drawing tools, except freehand, automatically use an ink colour that contrasts with the background. It’s only when you’ve confirmed a drawing operation (by releasing the mouse or pressing the right button) that your selected ink colour is used.
The next new feature in the tool bar is the way that the rectangle and ellipse tools work. You have the usual option to draw rectangles starting from one comer and moving towards the opposite one, and ellipses may be drawn moving from the centre outwards, but it's nice to have the option of swopping them so that rectangles are drawn from the centre, etc. The latter tool even has the additional option to rotate the ellipse once it’s drawn. This is not necessary be- ___f cause Brilliance I report: ¦¦ f- ¦ I has very flexible i ntems: i Mil brush handling and manipulation options.
Abovw right: Among othor things th* Anlm Bnjvh mono lets you create smooth animated transitions (morphs) between the current brush and any ot the eight other brush buffers.
Of its enhancements over the Dpaint way of doing things. The manual is very easy to understand, but the tutorials vary between being overly-simplified at the beginning, to ridiculously brief at the end.
One particularly frustrating thing was that the author kept referring to complicated features that he had yet to explain.
On the surface. Brilliance looks like just about every other Amiga art program. It has the same old drawing tools: freehand, line, rectangle, spray- can, arc and so on. However. Brilliance also has a bezier curve option for drawing complex curves (curves which bend in two directions like an 'S' or which describe an arc greater than 360 degrees like a loop). Bezier curves consist of four elements. Two end points which represent the start and end of the curve, and two control points which- are used to drag the curve into shape. This option is really useful, but for some reason the designers
thought it wise to make you position control points FLEXIBLE BRUSH HANDLING When it comes to cutting out a brush, Brilliance comes out tops again. In rectangle cut mode, the four lines border the area being cut, unlike Dpaint which simply boxes the area. Brilliance s rectangle cut mode lines extend to the edge of the screen which for some reason makes it much easier to cut a precise rectangle.
In carve cut. You are permitted to cut a freehand shape, rather than defining a shape as a series of short lines. This shape is actually stored exactly as you cut it rather than transforming it into a rectangle as Dpaint does.
The program can store up to nine brushes at a time? Eight in buffers plus the one in use. When a new one is selected from a buffer, the current one replaces it in the buffer. Having chosen a brush to manipulate, the Brush Distort menu contains options to re-size it, flip it, bend or shear it. You can add a single pixel outline or trim a single pixel from its edges. You can also rotate it - another of those tiny, but very significant enhancements. The rotate requestor now allows you to rotate a brush by a specific number of degrees. When the rotation is performed it takes into account the
aspect ratio of the original so that distortion doesn’t occur when using rectangular pixels (in interlace mode » MOVE IT Brilliance has some very nice animilion features spread across three separate menus. Tlw first ol these Is the Animation menu and it prorides video-style controls so ttsat you can sat up and play your animations. The program can replay animations at speeds up to a staggering 99 tramps per second, thanks lo the tact it uses the now Op-6 Long animation lormat which is ideal lor machines with faster processors. It also suppoits Op-8 Wont and Op-5 Byte lormats The latter Is used
by Delete Palm so yoer tiles will be interchangeable.
Strangely enough, the program doesn't come with a stand alone replay atllity which is a bit restricting, especially with the two newer animation formats.
Anyway, moving along Irom the animation menu, the Aoim Brush menu lets you perform morphs from the current brush to any ol the eight brush butlers, ft also lets you pick up Anim brashes from on animation you may have created. What makes this section particularly powerful is the lad that you can pick ip any number ol seguential frames, starting and ending wherever you liko within an animation and moving forwards or backwards through it.
However, aft ot tftis Is lust window dressing because Brilliance hides Its real power away in the Tweening menu, 'weening Is the process ol getting the computer lo calculate animation based upon a couple of key Irames that you define manually. Wa MJ and 4 both provide llm- itod Tweening. And Brilliance takes the concept lo entirely new heights.
Tou can specify both the esact starting and and points pt a brash lo be animated, as well as any rotations lo be performed upon it. You can oven specify a brash's opacity |how solid ft appears to be) tram one frame to the nest This means that you can create animations where objects lade In or but ol view.
As with ftftMyoi tin define the ease' ol a brash's movement (how qaickly ft gains and loses icceleratlonl.
Hut Brilliance lakes this considerably further because each can be specified in all three asos and in aft rotational axes as well. This means that It’s finally possible to create canrtd and tangential movement paths Another new feature is the Decay option which when used in conjinction with Trails (which leaves a trails behind of coarse!) Causes the trail te decay to nothing at a user-delined rate.
Perhaps lhe most significant improvement is a feature celled Adjust. This lets you control lhe movements ot your animation in real time, dragging brushes where you like as tha animation plays.
I can't finish the subject ol animation without mentioning the Irame slider. This is lost a slider which you can uae to look back and forth through your animation. Nothing particalarly shattering, but it's so much nicer than having to step through ft trame by Irame using the keys.
Speaking ot koys. It s worth noting that wnerever possible. Digital Creations have kept Delate Palntl keyboard shortcuts, so tortunaloly you won t have to team them all over again.
PRINTING ERRORS Brilliance has the most user-lrlendty and fliiible printing section ol any Amiga art package Not only does ft lllow you to specify the usual Stull such as print density, dither ond smoothing control and dump sire, ft also lets you print your image as a negative or mirror Imige.
Unfortinatety. One glaring error makes the printing section nnbearshly irrttaling; there s no way lo save yonr preferences once yon ve defined them. This means that you are condemeed lo reset them every single lime you load the program A big black mark against Digital Creation's scorecard tor that one!
Tor example). Such an obvious option, yet one which has been notable by its absence from every Amiga art package to date. This simple option means that you can easily create complex shapes with mathematical precision!
When you choose the 'brash distort' requestor, rather than replacing the tool bar. A new requestor appears below it pushing the tool bar upwards to make room. This means that requestors now occupy over a third of the screen.
You might think that this would be intrusive, but quite the opposite; in fact it’s very handy to have whilst you use them. In any case, pressing the space bar makes alt the requestors and the tool bar disappear (or reappear) leaving just the screen and the current cursor. It that's a tad too radical for you. You might prefer the collapse menu option which tucks aft the requestors back out ot sight leaving just the tool bar. A second click Dnngs the same menus back out to playl The most contusing new feature ol the program is the draw mode menu. The items in this menu affect all the drawing
operations, although not every item can be applied another can either be represented by a pattern ot 113 to every operation. The default is a pixel mode called 'color'. In this mode, the selected colour is applied with no modification anywhere that the pen, tiller, spray can or brash Is used Other pixel modes change either the colour ot the existing image or of the ink that's applied to It. For example, tint uses the current ink colour to apply a wash anywhere that ink is applied.
'Cycle' on the other hand, uses the colours in the current range to create multi-coloured effects.
It you're drawing lines then they'll be divided into coloured sections; it you're using the spray-can each droplet will be a different colour. There are even some image processing options such as not, negative, lighten and darken.
What makes the draw mode menu so confusing are the multiple conditions that must be met before some of the options can be used.
For example, the perspective-fill mode can only be used it a brush is selected and you’re in tilt mode and you've already predefined the perspective to be used.
Like Personal Painl, Brilliance supports both colour and percentage dither modes, in other words graduations from one colour to » » gradually changing colours, or by using just two colours and altering the percentage ot one colour relative to the other. The latter method is great for high-resolution work with a limited palette Unlike Personal Paint, Brilliance also provides a full choice of directional, linear and radial fill types, and these can be made responsive to the shape being filled if required.
INTELLIGENT GRADIENTS COLOFtSi S13 One ol the move Important sections oI the program Is the gradient requestor lor this is where you will define any colour ranges to be used. Colour ranges are important when using the various cycle options, to say nothing of their primary function which Is to create drthered fits. Like most range requestors, a range may be defined by placing two or more colours Irom the palette onto a grid. The program then automatically calculates the transition from colour to colour Yet again, Digital Creations have added their own touch of inspired magic to the requestor
in the form of several very useful enhancements. For starters, you can delete what's known as a spread' The spread represents the number of colours that will be used at each step of a colour range. For example, it the spread is set to three, two adiacent colours on the colour rack will take The Opacity option mwne lhal anlmatora can finally craata lade artacta with aaaa. In rad tha program', animation laaluraa ara a motor improvamam ovar Opamra way ol poing thkiga you dallno colour cydo rangao uamg cotoura thal aronl avan M ¦ha palan.
Three colours to graduate from one to the other II Ihe same colours are placed one step apart (with no other colours between them), the transition wifi use six colours. When defining a range for the purpose of colour cycling, you can even use colours in the spreads, that don't exist in the normal palette ' The other neat feature is known as 'hard edges’, and it allows you to define certain colours In a spread which will not be dithered when a graduated fil is created Therefore, you could define a range from black to red to blue to white and specify that the red blue part of the dither
range should have a hard edge The black to red and blue to animation and tweening requestors are extremely powerful making this the art package of choice for video users Never before have fades been so easy to create. Having to swap programs when you move from HAM to ordinary mode is a bit inconvenient, especially for floppy disk users, and I'm not entirely certain why Digital Creations created the programs like this.
The program requires a minimum of two megs of RAM to run, but if you're working on an AGA machine in HAM mode you won t be abie to achieve anything unless you have three megs or more.
It s very hard to express why I’m so taken by Brilliance, there s )ust a feeling of rightness about the way that it works. If it weren’t for the dongle- protection system. I would immediately delete my copy of Deluxe Pamt and replace it with Bnlhance As it is. The inconvenience of having to plug the dongle in each time I need a graphics package prevents me from doing this immediately This inconvenience is a real shame because, as far as I'm concerned. Bmhance is now - leaving Dpaint trailing in its wake - the best art package available for the Amiga.
White sections wilt be dithered as normal, but there will be a perfectly sharp edge where Ihe red changes to blue Unfortunately, this option is not particularly stable due to some sort of programming bug.
If you use magnify mode very often you'll doubtless appreciate the program s gnd option which is particularly useful when copying Irom paper rl you're working on large areas of a single colour, ot If the magnification level Is very low.
CONCLUSION Many of the improvements in Bmhance are quite subtle, but extremely significant in terms ol user-friendliness and power. The DIGITAL CREATIONS £194.95
* 500 ¦ *600. ¦ *600 ¦ *1200 ¦
* 1SM ¦ *2000 ¦ *3000 ¦ *400od Needs Kickstart 1.3 ana 2 megs of
RAM and 2 floppies or 1 floppy and a hard drive.
Meridian Distribution, East House, East Road Industrial Estate, London, SW19 1 AH, 081 543 3500.
VALUE FOR MONEY Easily Ihe new king ol the heap for non-24-bil art packages but the price is a real killer.
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Computer value uted to calculote warranty co«t mutt include cotl ol Internal hard drive WHY NOT COVER TOUR Am'TOA 500, 600, 1200STANDALOHE OR 4000 - the prices above epply. Monitor. * printer, can el.o bo covered -pot.
Professional Video Producer, David Strelitz, tests two budget-priced Genlocks that enable you to combine computer graphics with video.
As video cameras become cheaper, more and more users are discovenng mat computers can enhance their home videos with spectacular titles and animated graphics Genlock Jungle Drnfaccinnal X iHon B ¦¦AUJkBMil Bi MINKGENL500 And the Amiga is one ot the best computers around lor you to spice up your home videos as they have an established international reputation as valoe-tot-money video lools Everything Irom wedding videos to TV programmes can all been done on the Amiga.
The Amiga Is so popular as a video tool because titles and graphics can be produced in thousands ol colours and the range, size and style ol lonts are endless. Artwork prepared on a paint package, such as OetuxePamt or customised c*- part, can all be incorporated within a video.
II you want these brilliant effects for your home video productions, then all you need is a Genlock to mix the signals Genlocks are either external units or internal cards and range in price Irom £50
- £2000. Some only allow software control from keyboard
operation, others have processors and laders to allow colour
control as wen as fading of picture, graphics or both.
MINIGEN PROFESSIONAL How a Genlock operates is that it will make one colour invisible to the Incoming video source. This is the key colour. Once a video signal is led through the Genlock, the key colour will be replaced by the video picture. Budget models normally key to me background colour (colour 0) while more expensive units key to both foreground and background colours.
There are many variations within the software packages available as to how they introduce graphics to the screen. Some programmes, such as Scala. Have wipe patterns or variable scrolls.
Computer graphics may be either titling, captions or artwork usually in IFF Page or Brush form Many software-controlled fades are jerky and so the ability lo fade graphics from the Genlock is a positive advantage Genlocks also offer smoother transitions as well as more flexibility over the swrtch-m. Switch-out type units.
I tested two units from the budget end of the market which are aimed at the video user who wishes to add a more professional look to his work.
Both units were Irom Lola Electronics and were UK designed and manufactured. Here’s what I thought about them bom.
I ore man 15,000 of this budget-priced unit, costing £49.95, have been sold since
1989. Which is an indication of its popularity. It Is almost
identical In size to the A520 RF modulator and has two
phono sockets for composite Video In and Out.
A three-way switch on top enables the selection of graphics, video or mix If no video signal is fed to the unit it defaults to local mode and acts as an RF modulator displaying the computer output. To display graphics, you have to toggle the selector switch between picture and'mix I found this annoying as I had to go to the back of the machine to operate it But even more annoying was that once the Minlgen L500 is m place there isn’t any provision for the computer output to be displayed continuously M Anyone with a RGB monitor will not be able to use them unless they are re-connected Irom
the composite Video Out of me editing recorder, to the Video In of the monitor.
When me Minigen 1500 is connected and a video source is sent, the computer picture is only available by selecting graphics with the toggle switch. A 23-pin extension cable is available as an optional extra (£14.95) enabling either the Minigen 1500 or RF modulator to be positioned at the side ol the computer WHAT IS A GENLOCK?
This unit is housed in a black metal case 260mm x 180mm x 55mm and comes with a 23-pm connecting cable which links a with me Amiga RGB port. The RF modulator or monitor cable is replaced in the Genlock, re establishing monitor output Irom the computer. The Genlock is powered from the Amiga via the connecting cable.
No other power supply is needed. At me back of the Genlock there are industry standard BNC sockets tor Video In Out.
The top panel contains three selector buttons, each With LEO indicators, lor video, graphics or overlay There is also a fourth LED to show the default mode (computer output) when no incoming video signal is present and a sliding fader to bring ' in graphics when overlay is selected This tader, which has graduated markings showing 0%. 50% and 100% mix level, is beautifully smooth lo use and allows graphics to be mixed in and out as required.
It performed well. The selector buttons enable switching between graphics, video or overlay without picture disturbance. The Minigen Professional A Genlock is a ptece ol hardwire lhal is either connected eilemallv or as an additional internal hoard Video signals led lo it. Can he overiaytd with the computer output enabling titles or graphics to be mlied with a video picture This new mried output can then be re recorded or displayed on a TV monitor To edit video. Ihe source tape musl be played Mom one machine and the required sections rerecorded onto another. This causes some signal loss
which Is known as generation loss Any equipment connected between player and recorder must be transparent lo me signals lo avoid additional loss.
All connecting leads should be ol high quality (RG59U cable lor composite video) as cheap Ihin leads will only cause further signal loss.
The Minigen L500 connection showed a noticeable picture deterioration and a tendency lor computer colours lo be a slightly different hue as well as being desaturated colour dilution.
Both units tested had only composite Inpul Output which is not ideal .
For S-VHS (See Video Signals ' box out) Genlocks a) Ihe top end ol the market can cos! Up to £2000 so what do you get for fifty quid? You get a tew penco change and a unit that will overlay graphics satisfactorily.
The occasional user filming on VHS or Video 8 who doesn't mind diving round the back of me computer when the need anses will be very pleased with his £50 Genlock The more serious user should read onl MINIGEN L500 £49.95
* 500 rA A500* WA A600 ¦ A1200 I 11000 V A2000 ¦ 13000 ¦ 14000 I
Ml UE FOR MONEY 111 XIBIIIIY TLING TIPS Alwifl uib kigti resolution non-lancj lonls »ilh anti-alias wtnre passible Ihis will tvpii laijiet 01 stepped edged end Ihey
• ill hold together heller on YHS Don'l ese 111* colours »lull
strength eicept tlack. Particularly red end blue es they unH
Meed l spread across the screen) Use white when yoe are using
smaller leets as arlh end credits Watch how many broadcasters
do! Ilaca outness alienate colour bleeding. Don't use a Genlock
with poor-quality pictures. Very lew Genlochs will worh
acceptably with Inferior signals Genlocks will alter tbs
computer centring due to liming changes Re-ad|ust using
Preferences tram Workbench Amiga computers have a feature
when connected lo Genlocks which allows it to bool up m NTSC
this making the bolloia 28“. At the screen m acttee boot-ep
when the screflmg tonrontai bar visible in the overlay position
reaches Hie top ol the screen.
OVERALL This Genlock Is probably best suited for the novice or m the occasional user. 7 VIDEO SIGNALS Mwb confusion arises orer tbe slfoafs used « *Mko Rf signals which es* coai connectors are tuneable from VTR or TV Inner* bnl should nol be used lor ediling or copying Composllt video signals use BNC connectors or phono connectors and have Luminance (black and while i and Chroma feofetr) combined with a sync signal. Tbe Scan provides an RGB signal srhicli is used to allow improved picture quality on suitable TV monitors. 4 pi S-Video connectors are used on S-VHS and HiB to provide separate
luminance and chroma referred to as YyC. Tbe stearate signal paths enable higher resolutions lo be maintained during editing or copying. II the signal is processed as composite by using a miner or Genlock without S Video connections this advantage will be lesl has only composite video inputs outputs S-VHS or Hi8 users will not get the full advantage of Y C signal processing. (See Video Signals) A comprehensive instruction manual is included wilh this unit which was easy lo use and understand Picture deterioration was consider, ably less than the 1500 Out aa with so many lower priced Genlocks,
computer colours were noticeably diluted A picture control processor is available as an optional extra LOLA PVP1000 £129 95aHowing adjustment of colour Brightness and picture enhancement.
CONCLUSION Both units worked reasonably well. The L500is very basic and is priced accordingly The Minigen Professional alien better quakty and a very useful fader to mix graphics and video at will.
However, serious users and those wishing to pteseive S-VHS quality will have to look further alield and spend considerably more lo maintain higher quabty . © MINIGEN PROFF £149.95 ASBO.H A500* H A600 II A1200 M A1500 ¦ A2000 ¦ A3000 H A4000 ¦ LOLA ELECTRONICS LTD, 4 BRAY- BROOKE ROAD, LITTLE BOWDEN, MARKET HARBOROUQH, LEICESTER LEI 6 BAD.
_ pal TV VKD KRTER LS20 EASE OF USE ??????????««* EFFECTIVENESS f Effective... but you have to a pay a lot more for foreground 7 keying and S terminals.
TIN Mtoegon PtoNbbIohW « «nt constructed and gi«M good r»*un». Homvw n R only hM background haying and no *•' tormina)*. N may daiar aartous uaara and aemi- proa from purchasing OVERALL 88% VALUE FOR MONEY ? TW7» ??15% ? ?85% ? 90% FLEXIBILITY M L | 54 Sane votune Tagged files: Total files!
Recover to: When a floppy bites the dust, don’t panic! Just for the best disk repair software around. Mat Broomfield prepares to operate.
References lo a file in Ihe directory listing, but they also over write Ihe space that the tile used to occupy with a repeating number of your choice.
Keystroke Finder is another program that I find particularly useful It allows you to find out which keys to press to produce a particular character A chart is displayed containing every printable character and if you dick on any character with the mouse, the program displays the keystrokes necessary to generate it The ASCII and HEX values for Ihe character are also displayed.
System Mover copies system files to disks. It can handle the following system files: Fonts, Devs, Libs. Printers. Keymaps. Handlers, CLI Commands and CLI Scripts.
CONCLUSION Quarterback Tools used to be a program that you didn't know you needed until something went wrong Now thanks to the new programs on the disk, it's virtually invaluable even when everything's running smoothly.
Quarterback Tools has long enjoyed a reputation as one the Amiga's foremost disk repair and data recovery programs. Developed by central Coast Software (a division ol New Horizons! The program has undergone constant revision And. Now we have the new updated version: Quarterback Tools Deluxe The basic program is divided into four sections: The first section. Analyze and Repair Volume' can be used to check and repair the enure contents of a floppy disk or hard drive.
This section can be used to delect and rectify a variety ot faults ranging from individual checks and errors to major virus damage.
The second section, Recover Lost Delete Files' is worth its weight in gold because it enables you to recover files which have been inadvertently deleted If you delete an important PROTECTION RACKET ObrDehixe contains s couple ol options Is protect your data MU tram prying eyes and your own carelessness. Ihe flnl opt ion is called Eneiyplot end can he used lo encode any data in such a way that It can I be decrypted without the onginal password Therefore. II you use H lo scramble s leal llle tor example. The llle will he turned Into glhborlsh and e password ol your choosing will be Included In
the gobbledygooh tin* llle The text file can only bo read again by running it bach through OtTi Encryptor and entering the correct code word.
¦rain Clood is another nifty option whtcb is apptiad Is a DOS dot to protect its cootsots kaai acctdoatal erasure Ahhough be dish stay s hi DOS format, yoo can neither delete indnidual Dies nor roloraal the diet until the Brain Cloud has been lifted file accidentally, you only have lo use this program just once to recover any invaluable data and it will have paid for itself.
II your floppy disks are groaning under the weight of data you've squeezed onto them then the Optimize' option is one way of recovering the performance lhal they may have lost It simply .
Reorganises the data on your disks so that the drive can always read at maximum efficiency The result ot this is that all disk operations will be' • faster and any grinding noises (caused by the heads tracking across the disk) will be greatly reduced, if not eliminated altogether The final section is a disk sector editor which can examine and alter the contents ol any sector on a disk. This is very much a tool tor the advanced user and great damage can be done by amateurs who Tinker about with this section WHAT'S NEW?
So lar. The options we ve looked at were present in earlier versions of the program However, what really makes this program exceptionally useful is Ihe collection ol entirely separate programs that accompany it on the disk.
Disk and File Eraser are two programs whose sole aim is the total erasure ol data You might ask why you need such a program when the Amiga has DOS commands to do a similar thing?
Well, the truth ol the matter is, the DOS commands don t really erase the data from a disk, they simply change the directory listing so that erased data no longer registers The QBT Disk and File Erasers work in a different way Not only do they delete any CENTRAL COAST SOFTWARE £69.99 A500 El A500. El A600 ¦ At 200 El A1500 El A2000 ¦ A3000 R A4000 El First Computer Centre, Unit 3, Arm ley Parti Court, Stannlngley Road, Leeda, LSI 2 2AE. Tel: 0532 319444.
£ Essential insurance for anyone who uses their Amiga for business.
Computing's lotest 32-bit memory expansion for the Amiga 1200 is now 'lable. The PCI 208 combines exceptional volue with incredible features. The original 1204 4MB 32-bit memory expansion is still available, and is exceptional value SIMM Technology The PC 1208 uses the latest industry standard 32-bn SIMM "technology allowing you to use 1 MB, 2MB, 4MB and 8MB modules.
The PC 1204 & PC 1208 Memory Expansion for the Commodore Amiga 1200.
’••ro Wait State The PC 1208 never leaves the processor waiting around for bta, meaning your AMIGA 1200 will run at its maximum speed Simply adding either | PC 1204 or PC 1208 to your Amiga 1200 will increase its processing speed by 1-Time Battery Backed Clock Allows files to be date-stamped with the :t time and dote so that you know exactly when they were created.
Ultra Fast FPU With the addition of a maths coprocessor intensive maths operations ¦4 be occeWated by up to fifty times The PC 1208 is the only memory exponsion which fcn the capability to lake either PGA or PlCC type FPU's.
Fasy To Fit • Fitted in minutes without the need to remove the computer's case, fees not effect your warranty.
* CMCIA Friendly Unlike other exponsion boards the PC 1208 does
not conflict
• th your Amiga 1200's cord slot, using the PCMCIA friendly
|umper even an 8MB
• MM con be used.
PC 1208 Memory Exponsion PCI204 Memory Exponsion PC 1204 4MB no FPU £185.95 PC 1204 20MMz 68881 £219.95 PC 1204 25MHz 68882 £279.95 PC 1204 33MHz 68882 £289.95 PC 1204 40MHz 68882 £299.95 PC 1204 50MHz 68882 £339.95 1208 Bore C70.00 PC 1208 FPU's add: 1208 1 MB Cl 15.00 20Mhz 68881 £35 1208 2MB £ 170.00 33Mhz 68882 £80 1208 4MB £270.00 40Mhz 68882 £ 114 1208 8MB £465.00 50Mhz 68882 £154 Power Computing's XI 1.76MB Drive' for any Commodore AMIGA is now ovoilabte The XL Drive includes these many leotures: Format* to 1.76MB Using high density disks you con lit a massive 1.76MB on each disk * XL
1.76MB Internal & External Drive ’ the Commodore Amiga.
Act* a* a standard drive - Insert on 880K AMIGA disk and lhe drive behoves like ony other Amiga drive* * Fully compatible - Will read ond write disks written on on Amiga 4000 internal high density arive. ... • Compatible with PC dilk*** - Also rood and write high density PC disks using 0 suitable device driver.
Compact *ize No larger than a standard 880k floppy disk drive High quality de*ign Uses o high quality Sony high density mechanism Easy to Fit - The external XL Drive simply plugs into the floppy drive port at the rear 01 your Amiga. The internal XL Drive simply replaces or odds lo your existing drive(s).
These drives can be installed in minutes ond no soldering is required Software compatible - The XL series is My compatible wilh oil existing hord- wore ond software.
External XL Drive £99.95 Internal XL Drive £89.93 A4000 Internal XL Drive £99.95 'bq.i.1 (riiw 2 or ohm. "bgu 48Hr delivery £2.50. 24Hr delivery £4.50 I Post delivery £1 lOntert unde. £50 8 UK mainland onW cifications ond prices subjecl lo change wilhout notice All Trademarks acknowledged VAT included Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Rood Woburn Road Industrial Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN Tel 0234 843388 Fax 0234 840234 Goods or* sold subject lo our standard tot*** ond conditions of solo ond at ovoilablo on * q«iost T' Thanks to Its built-in IDE interface, its extremely easy to add a
hard drive to the A1200 However, unless you pay an authorised dealer to fit the dnve for you. You ! Invalidate your warranty as soon as you open the case to put the dnve inside This could land you with a hefty repair bill il your Amiga subsequently develops any kind of fault. Also, internal IDE drives are not known lor their speed and efficiency when compared to their SCSI counterparts.
Until now A1200 owners have had to invalidate their warranties if they wanted to fit a hard drive themselves. Mat Broomfield looks at Software Demon’s stunning new solution to this age old problem.
Faster than my beloved GVP A530 Turbo1 This makes it the fastest IDE drive ever reviewed by CU AMIGA In fact, it's taster than any SCSI dnvcyever reviewed by CU as well r HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?
If you already have an internal hard drive, you can still add an Oveidnve externally; you'll just need to tell AO Tools to configure the external dnve differently. Because the drive plugs into the PCMCIA slot It can be disabled m two ways; the easiest Is simply to unplug it, and as I've already mentioned, you can even do that whilst the computer is switched on.
The second alternative is to disable the drive using the boot-priority section of the Start-up Options screen By default, the drive has a ftigh- boot priority which places it above any internal drive that you may have installed, but needless lo say. That too can be changed Although prices have not been absolutely fixed yet Software Demon expect to offer a 170 meg dnve for only £299. Whilst 85 meg units will retail tor about £250. They're able to offer such low prices because the unit uses the cheaper three and a half inch IDE dnves. As opposed to the expensive 2.5" drives used internally With
prices this low. It's actually feasible to buy both an external and internal dnve togelher so that one is used as the back-up device lor the other An ultra portable pocket-sized 2 5" unit has been developed, but Soltware Demon are not sure if there's a sufficient call for such a unit, and therefore haven't come up with any release or pricing plans yet. Congratulations to Software Demon lor what looks Hie being one of the most innovative hardware products lor the At 200 to date r® However, thanks to Software Demon, all of these faults have been overcome in a single, brilliant stroke called
the Overdrive.
The Overdrive is the world's first PCMCIA slot hard drive for the Amiga Yes. You have read that nght. The Overdrive plugs into the smart card' slot at the side of the computer The dnve is housed m a white plastic shell that is the same colour and shape as the At200S casing and it's a gnat's whisker under a quarter of the width ol the A1200 and exactly as deep It has a single red power light on top and a small power socket at the back. The unit uses both a 5 and 12 volt supply Although Software Demon do not recommend that you make a habit ol it. The Overdrive can be plugged into the At 200
whilst it's actually switched on. I tried Ihis many limes, and although the A1200 did crash on one occasion, both computer and drive appeared none the worse tor the experience WHAT DO I GET?
When you buy the Overdrive it's supplied with two pieces ol software AO Tools and Civilisation AG* Before you can use the dnve, it needs to be propped de inserting the AO disk and double clicking the icon). A second icon on the AO disk will automatically copy al disks from the Workbench environment onto the drive tor you. Once that's done, the drive is ready to use. In terms of speed, the Overdrive is capable of wnting at an average speed ol 1.214 megs per second, that's 300k SEIKOSHA - QUALITY PRINTERS Shea Systems are pleased to recommend the tugh quality range ot Seikosha printers. Built
to the highest standards by a company that is used to manutactunng quality precision products Seikosha are part ol the massive Seiko Epson group with a turnover ol £6 b*oc and 18,000 staff! Every dot matrix printer from Silica comes with a tree printer slarter kit which includes all you need to get up and running with your new Seikosha printer (see below).
£109 9-pin 80column 192cps 9-pin 80column 300cps 24-pin 80column 240cps FROM SILICA DELIVERY KKKBS HELPLINE 2SX3X AMIGA DRIVER SSSSi SEUOSRA Seam, STARTER KIT FREE!
FROM SILICA WORTH '£29.38 Every Seikosha dor mamx primer Irom Sikca comes with a FREE Stale* Kit. Win £20.38 (£25 --)
• 3Z" Disk with Amiga 6 ST Prinler Drivers
• 1.8 Metre Parallel Printer Cable
• 200 Sheets ot Quality Continuous Paper
• 100 Continuous Tractor Feed Address Labels
• 5 Continuous Envelopes on Tractor Feed Seikosha SP-1900 Plus
9-Pin Dot Matrix 80 Column I92cps Draft. 48cps NLO 1K Printer
Butter * 2 Fonts Parattet Interface Graphics Resolution: 144 x
72dpi Epson and IBM Emulation Auto Sheet Feeder Option Friction
Feed and Push Tractor - Auto Paper Load. Paper Parking FREE
Shica Printer Starter Kit
• Seikosha SP-2400
• 9-Pin Dot Matrix
• 80 Column
• 300cps SD. 240cps D. 60cps NLO
• 21K Prinler Buffer * 5 Fonts
• Parallel and Serial Interfaces
• Graphics Resolution 240x144dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• Friction Feed and Push Tractor
• Paper Parking Standard
• Optional Auto Sheet Feeder Unit
• FREE Silica Pnnter Starter Kit Seikosha SL-90 24-Pin Dot Matrix
80 Column 240cpS SD. 192cps D. 84cps LO 20K Buffer * 2 Fonts
Optional Font ROM Parallel Interlace Graphics Resolution: 360 x
360dpi Epson LO850 Emulation Built-In Semi-Automatic Cut Sheet
Feeder - Paper Parking. Auto Paper Load - Optional Automatic
CSF FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit + VAT = £186.83 24 pin
• Seikosha SL-95 - 24 pin ¦ Dot Matrix
• 240cps Sdraft, I92cps Draft. 64cps LO
• 43K Printer Butter. 9 Fonts
• Parallel Interface
• Graphics Resolution : 360 x 360 dpi
• Epson L0660 8SCU25002550 Emulation
• Colour Printing as Standard ! «¦» COOT mSm • BWA Ream «« ¦.
• Sem Auto Single Sheet Feeder m Optional Auto Cut Sheet Feeder
• FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit DU COLUMN PRINTER RRP £249
ON-SITE WARRANTY i»P - £24 63 * • PQS Vli .
• SpeedJE1000 - tm Pmer
• High Capeafy 128 Nozzle Inkjet Head
• Large ink Tar*-up to 4 2 tUon Characters
• 300 CPS DraB (10q»l - 300 CPS LO IOcfX)
• 24K Printer Outer -3 But-nFona
• 21C Card Sk* lor Btdter Eipamon t Fonts
• Parallel l F-Graphics Res 300* 300 »
• HP Desk at Fmulaton(PCU)
• Bu**i Auto Sheet Feeder (100 Sheets)
• Eccnanca) lo Run - oriy 13p per page
• UkraQ*et-46dB(A)Ua)enium COLUMN PRINTER RRP 059 TOTAL VALUE:
058 SAVING: MO SILICA PfUCe: 079 e ppm ouu dpi OP- W-4 Pages
pmnvte , HflaseUelttP- Emdatm £3 3 Resolution 300*Wk* u Resaw
Fwj PjTpBl Uses (*9™ HP* For* Can* Mttm
Pc*t3cniXErrMabcn0pten(Edn) Qt&vu IBM. £p*v- S CkatW ErruMon
Cartndges CwVtncs Pntet & RS232CRS422 Semi **yfaces S12KRAU-
MpanOKM to 2.5Mb
F) e*tM paper hardng Standard p«wr cassetre 100 sheets CpMnat 2*0
tm-W sheets Ox* Opera* 46dB(A) Carped Design Mb S ra gt*
Paper Path Cable legated: CAB 75 X) tv PC • £895 w CAB 7SU hr
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On al hardware orders shipped in the
UK mainland.
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team of lechmcal experts at your
• PRICE MATCH: We normally malch compeWore on a -Same prodxl •
Same price- bass
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computer sales
• £12 MILLION TURNOVER (with 60 staff : Sokd. Reliable and
• BUSINESS . EDUCATION . GOVERNMENT: Volume dWcounts avaiable
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on i*»m« Botae you deoDe •hen lo b» y yoi* new pnraer. We
sugoeti you fur* very careARy about WHERE you buy It Consider
what it mil be l*e a few months after you have made your
pwchase. When you may recM'e addiUonal penpheral* and
accesaones. « help and adnce And. W* tw company you buy Irom
corttd you mth deto* ol new produce**? Al S*ca SyWema. We
ensure mat you wM have ncthaifl to worry about. We have been
established for almost 14 years and. With our unrvatod
experience and expertise, we can now cLum k nwel our
customers’ requirements with an understendmg which * second to
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lhe 'SHica Systems Service*.
SILICA SYSTEMS MAIL ORDER HOTLINE ®081-309 1111 MAIL ORDER: l-i Tie Mews. KiM» RO SOM. Mil DAM DX 3 M14M 1111' Owm Umt Open HtnS* No UN HUM CpMvvg__»i N» W-3M DUX LONDON SHOP: 5? Tottenham Court Rwd. London WlP 06A Tel: 071-SM 4000 ftxnna Hpjrv Ibav-Sa »X»M»eOCpn ____ No LH Ng* Opw q_fm ItI 071-90 *737 LONDON SHOP: Selfndgts Oxford Street L&nc: - ,7'A 'AB Tel: 071 -629 1234 CwjKun ItovSf I Wf 'HnW, - Rr._NwmMU SIDCUP SHOP: 1-4 Tte Mews. Hatherfe Rd. Sufcup. Kim. DA14 40X Til: 661-302 1811 * 9 **y S«r DiXarvSJlpTi_ l» *yr tram, • tfm »«. No «' »» Kir ESSEX SHOP: Kedjies (m High Street
Southend-on-Sa. Esso. SS1 tlA Tel: 0702 468039 To Silica Systems CMUSd-1093 84 14 The Mews Hatherley Rd Sidcup. Kent DA14 4d"x'N PLEASE SEND A BROCHURE ON THE SEIKOSHA RANGE MlMtvWn IniMtt ___ Surname:___ I Ccmpeny Name (I apdcaMi: .. l“~ I----------------Poocde | W (Home)------------T« (Work) , Whrh compuMr(s any. Do you own?______________ What do hand scanners and buses have in common? You don’t see any for ages then three appear at once. Mat Broomfield gets the latest from Golden Image.
Nal drive). This is great, because it means you don't have lo mess about with power cables all over the place Unfortunately, il you already have a lot ol peripherals connected to your computer there may not be enough power left over lor the scanner However, you can get around this by buying the optional external power supply which costs £39.95. Once the scanner is plugged m. it's simply a matter ol loarkng the software and you're ready to begin. The software can be installed on a hard drive by simply dragging a single icon to the required location on the dnve Alternatively, it can be loaded
directly Irom the single floppy it's supplied on.
BEFORE YOU BEGIN When the software loads the main control screen appears This screen displays all the options and set-up parameters Your processor and FPU specs are shown as well as the currently-selected scan mode and dimensions The required memory is also shown Unless these defaults are suitable, you'll have to go into the set-up menu lo change them You can specify the scan mode, resolution and scan size, the scan speed and whether or not turbo boards are fitted.
There are five scan modes ranging Irom SuperColor. To dithered and text mode. In SuperColor the scanner will capture a colour image with an 18-bit resolution Dither mode can also be used for colour work. It uses a smaller palette than supercolor mode, but uses ditherng (halftone) techniques to give the impression ol lots of colours The resolution section lets you choose one of the scanner's tour predefined resolutions. These vary according to the scan mode being used. SuperColor scans use resolutions between 50 and 200 dots per inch increasing in 50 DPI increments, whereas the other modes
A couple ol months ago we reviewed the Migraph Colorburst hand scanner and this month we lake an oftering with a very similar pedigree Irom Golden Image However, just because the two scanners share the same back ground, doesn't necessarily mean that they share the same performance Both scanners, however, are in rientical black casing. But this is not unusual as many complies use the same scanning ‘engine': it's what they do with it that really counts So here s a quick run down on how they operate: generally, a scanner is attached to the computer via a large interface which plugs into the
parallel (printer) port. The interface is about the sice ol an external disk drive and has a through port at the back so that you can plug your pnnter in without unplugging the scanner. You can switch between the two via a two-way switch on the Iront ol the unit. There's even PI (ilots ' PI toe Iwtlat im Iwt PI Utilize » Ho Pl Ilf fwt ¦ Iff increase by 100 DPI ranging from 100 to 400 DPI.
, The next two gadgets alow you to speedy the 'dimensions of the scan. There's a cycle gadget that you can toggle between one, two. Three or tour inches wide and a slider lor setting the length The maximum length can be calculated according to the amount of free RAM, the width and the scan mode chosen For example, on a 2Mb A1200 with a wkfth of two inches In SuperColor mode. I was able to specify a maximum length ol 4.03 inches When I switched to text mode that increased to 43 10 inches. Below the dimension gadgets there are a couple ol radio buttons that can be used to specify the measunng
system imperial or metric Strangely enough, it you sel the maximum scan size according to this section, when you try and scan you immediately receive a not enough memory' warning. A bit of sloppy programming there!
In SuperColor, Color Grey and Mono Grey modes you can set an additional option called Quickscan which is intended for use whilst you're still experimenting with the settings It simply lets you double the speed of your scan by halving the vertical resolution.
The software claims to support accelerators and has a special button that switches accelerator mode on and off. Unfortunately, when this is turned on, all scans appear in Ihe wrong colours and are totally useless SPEED KILLS The software also claims to be three times faster than the previous version, but frankly this simply isn’t true. I found the scanner to be more sensitive to speed than any other scanner I've ever used before. If you move it at much above a crippled snail's pace the finished scan will have great big chunks missing. This is more true in some modes than others, the colour
ones in particular. In CG mode it was almost impossible to move the scanner slowly enough!
Thl» is where you’ll choose Irom one ol Ihe live scanning modes. I lound CG Ihs besl.
Once you've set your scanning preferences, it’s time to do a scan. Click the scan button and a requestor will appear telling you to let the scanner warm up. A two-minute counter also appears.
If this is the first scan of a work session you should let the heads warm up for a full two minutes, but subsequent scans will only need a few seconds of warm up time. The heads need this warm up time in order to reproduce consistent colour information When you think that the heads are warm enough, click 'start scan’ and the scanner is ready for use. Press the scan button on top of the scanner, drag the unit slowly over the image to be scanned. As you do so, a beeping noise will emanate from the interface.
Ffi,l PrsiBJcr (1131 IkiSl fW (Hi: Mf Stra (Mil MM tHIlltlM t, 2t»N Sen iMjtt 1 Km Sen Him 1 me Am 132 Ptxlli Ivatliblt f»t Iff mm wm (kip Iff 19543(1 lyt« Scu ftmry Rywirit 1 Mb IfsftH Me MHKKS (Pints x lion) (41*256 tuick ltd Iff Tvrks Iwl Naar HlfaCtior - Cwwirtt 8 JHS VNH (ttmft ffdHK (HP, Th. Mam screen la vary plaaaanlty unclutlcred. Atrlch mean, thal lira program la avtramaly caay to loarr.
This beeping corresponds directly to the speed at which you move the scanner and is useful both for gauging your speed and ensuring that a scan is being taken correctly. When you take a scan, a roller on the bottom of the unit is used to let the scanner know that you're moving across the page. It’s essential that this roller stays in contact with the paper at all times during a scan. If you're only scanning a flat piece of paper this won’t present a problem, but if you're scanning from a less reliable surface (the curved page of a book for instance) then the scanning indicator is especially
useful. As you record a scan, an eight- colour representation is built up on the screen to indicate how far you've got.
When the scan has been been completed, the full image is built up and displayed. If the image is larger than the screen or you want to see it in a screen mode other than the current one, the View requestor lets you do so.
24-BIT SAVE When you're happy with your results you can save the scan in either the current screen resolution or as a 24-bit IFF image. It the scan was in monochrome, you can opt to save it as a 16 or 64 shade file. Strangely enough, there’s also the option to save a clip, yet there's no option within the software to define one in the first place.
I can t let the matter of file requestors go without mentioning an absolutely fatal bug that the program has - if you go deeper than three directory levels on a disk, it crashes every single time!
Also, it won't let you attempt to save the same screen twice. The second time it won't even let you near the file requestor; as soon as you select 'save' the program says, 'unmodified image daia' and dumps you unceremoniously back where you came from. When I tried to alter the save format to clip, the program crashed.
This many fatal errors in the most important requestor of the program really is most unacceptable and definitely needs to be sorted out immediately.
CONCLUSION The Alfa Data scanner works well and is easy to use. However. I feel that this is in spite of its software. Not because of it.
The scanner seemed to work particularly well when scanning commercially-taken photographs which are all skillfully lit, but when it came to my own photographs it wasn't as easy to get decent results. Control over the contrast and saturation of the image would have helped the situation The option to produce 64 shade grey scale images is an added bonus and will prove invalu able to people who use their scanner in a semi professional desk top publishing environment Despite that, this is still the cheapest and easiest way to digitise pictures and photographs, if you already own a decent video
camera I suggest that you go for a digitiser such as Rombo s Vidi12.
Especially if the images to be digitised are quite large. If you don't own a video camera or the images are very small, the Alfa Data scanner is certainly the best colour hand scanner yet When you compare its price to the £600 plus level of flat bed scanners you start to appreciate its value all the more. r SC J CG J N6 ) BIT ) TXT 28B6PI T I J 3 4 J 1 2 _) 1 4 &1 Hidtli = 4 inches
8. 88 in.I_ (~ Inper t a I (in.)
_) Nitric (cn.)
ALFA DATA £299 A500* WA A600 I A2OOO0 A3000 I At 200 1 A4000 I A500 !
Al500 I Golden Image, Golden Image House, Fairways Business Park, Lammas Road, London, E10 7QT. Tel: 081 365 1102.
IrALUE FOR MQI FY The most desirable A1200 peripheral yet.
87% OVERALL '...f?y THE TIME I REACHED THE SCENE, THE DISCS HAD BEEN' Rl BRED OUT’... THEBE MS ONLV ONE TH NO TO DO. Cai-S SOFTWARE’ TOR EXTRA BACKUP “ TELEPHONE 061-724 7572 BACKUP PRO X-Backup Pro is Ihe most powerful disc backup utility available for the Amiga, BUT DON'T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT... CU Amiga Magazine, u i I99S “IT’S UNBEATABLE.” a veritable bargain at just £39.99 Amiga Computing. September 1991 fast, flexible and reliable' Amiga Computing, September VVJ £39.99 Unlike other disc backup utilities. X-BACKUP PRO is totally automatic and extremely simple lo use. It is ft
compatible with ALL AMIGA computers.
• Will backup virtually any disc onto another disc.
• Full hard disc backup.
• File management facility.
• Optimise, formats, repairs, verifies.
• Includes the ’AUTOSWITCH CYCLONE cartridge. Simply plugs into
the external disc drive socket at the rear of the Amiga, and
plug your exterr disc drive into the back of the CYCLONE
cartridge to unbeatable disc backup power. An external disc
Is required for use with the CYCLONE cartridge. Ther are available from us priced £54.99. FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
If you can find a more powerful disc backup utility, w will give you your money back.
? £1 postage & packing THIS PRODUCT MUST NOT BE USED TQ INFRINGE COPYRIGHT SPECIAL OFFER A1 200 4mb memory expansion with clock 32 bit wide auto configuring Fastram.
Zero wait state allows Ihe A1200 lo run at full speed.
Increase the speed of the computer by 219% Battery backed clock keeps the correct time and date even - when the A1200 is switched off.
Deluxe disc drives Whisper quiet. Slimline design. Suits any Amiga. Cooli vents Sleek h h quahty metal casing Quality Simple trapdoor installation tion cahlt1 £159.99 HARD DISC DRIVES 85 mb 120mb £189.99 £289.99 £489.99 £589.99 A* 200 with 85mb hard disc drive fitted A1200 with 120mb hard drive fitted Our 2 5" hard drives for the A600 A1200 offer speedy aCC888 times and come complete with fitting cable, screws d full instructions. They are preformatted
c. ;’d have Workbench installed for immediate use.
FJIy guaranteed for 12 months.
Fitting service available for £25.00. Puase phone 061 724 7572 for further details.
SoundBlaster The SOUNDBLASTER is a 10 wall stereo amplifier that comes complete with high qualify 3 way speakers, power supply and FREE STEREO HEADPHONES!
The SOUNDBLASTER adds a new dimension to games playing, imagine stunning stereo sound effects, crystal clear samples and terrific stereo tunes. The SOUNDBLASTER also boosts games playability!
The speakers are powerful 50 watt 3 way units featuring CfcCfe 1" teeter to provide a powerful crisp sound.
WE'VE GOT WHAT YOU NEED 7 Order NOW for immediate despatch Tel. 061 724 7572 Fax 061 724 4893 Telesales open 9am - 6pm Monday-Friday AccessVisa accepted Send a cheque Postal order or credit card details to Siren Software, Wilton House, Bury Rd, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 9UR England Government. Education and PLC orders welcome All prices include VAT at the current rate. Postage and packing be charged at £3.50 per order (U.K.). £7.50 Europe. £12.50 re world.
Please note that 5 working days must be allowed for cheque clearance Immediate clearance on Building society cheque or Bank Draft.
Supra Turbo 28 your Amiga 500 or Amiga 2000 into a 28MHz speedster!
Now you can run high-performance programms without investing in high- priced hardware.
The A500 unit is completely external.
Just plug and play No need to open the case and risk invalidating your warranty.
A unique bus passt'irough slot enables you to add additional external expansion units such as hard drives and RAM.
The A2000 unit plugs easily into the 86-pin Both versions are designed tor compatibility with other Amiga add-in units.
The speed of graphic iar ce of many games me required for compatible wilh 68000 The Supra Turbo 28 out-paces expensive accelerators. But it you need to slow down for games or older software, use the external on off switch or the software speed control.
Run more This package contains detailed installation instructions and everything you need to increase your computers speed from 7MHz to 28MHz in record time This quality product is distributed by fTUofo-PflCE UK, ud.
AMIGA VIDEO from LOLA MINIGEN PROFESSIONAL @SG!][L®©C5 combined GENLOCK. PAL ENCODER end SYNCHRONIZED I OVERLAY KEYER CONTROLS IN ONE UNIT MiniPRO L1000 only £149.95 Feature*: e Crossfade slider e RGB through port e BNC Connectors e Cable connection to Amiga - allows professional video desk la out e Push button mode switching - allows live programming changes COTV GENLOCK ¦ plug in card C79.00 mlnlGEN genlock • the original and now even better value £49.95 L520 TV ADAPTER - modulator lor A500 etc indudes Amiga TV Leads) £29.95 Accessories -1520 extension lead plus plus other video lead kits
avalable For information on all tha above please turrit* or phona LOLA ELECTRONICS LTD. V Q858 880182 FREE POST MARKET HARBOROUGH M P"0®* l£f'*u(3e mmm LEICESTERSHIRE LE16 7BR VAT 4 p P 'WBm 12 month guarantee. 14 day ful refund. Designed and manufactured m the U * LSD DOCS 1-39 AVAILABLE LARGE SELECTION OF EDUCATION AND GLAMOUR LOTS OE FONTS AND CLIP ART CHEQUES PAYABLE TO: MTS 3TTDIP IPJD.
Tetren Soccer Cards Slrikeball Battlements Holy Grail Gamelxiy Tetris Dynamite Dick Ethos Ghost Ship Chess Wrex Top of The League Atom Smasher MUSIC Guns n Roses Safe Sex Metal Music Depeche Mode Beatles Voice Samples Led Zeppelin Piano Classics Top Gun UTILS ONLY mp Per Disk p&p 50p Per Order 24 HOUR SERVICE ALL DISKS VIRUS FREE CATALOGUE SOP A
1. 3 Emulator Dr Mag Show Std Hackers Ethic Rippers Text Engine
V4 Freecopy VI .8 Join Sounds 600 Letters Picture Box
Spectrapaint Degrader & CAG Sid V2.0 V Morph V2.0 Bus Stop
Utils 1 Maverick Copy
A. NIMS lion Maiden Fast Cars
K. D. Lang Busy Bet- Anti Gameboy Dracula Aircraft fast Amiga
Repairs Upgrades +Engineering requirments
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* guaranteed £24.99+prts same dav service Avcrot-c.turoon'tiod)
£34.99 +prts 48hrs (comps rel ieved Quotes £15.00 before 1 lam)
Dour to tloor pick up +delivery anywhere in the U.K -£ 5.00 EAV
inc. insurance Low Cost memory upgrading A500 A500+ to I
nib£17. SO A500+ to 2mb £29.99 A600tw.clock!to 2mb £34.99 HCS
ENGINEERING 144, Tanner St. Tower Bridge London SE1 2HG Tel.
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0793 512073 LATEST
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al fo« •
s« . MIDDLE EAST MAMA get Sadiam before he gels you li *9*7.
OTHELLO ' BAIL SPACE RE-SOl E ama ing inialils
- 'A featuring unreal paraUi iK 402. ANDKOMFin -cw of 403. MORE
WB3 H A Ks Children* FA A Olkl I f-S WINBI I* MORE MH3IIV (4
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Jemo cuperh _ _________JM EMULATOR scrsnm ywc ejn now « 2 f withTfew tpeccy »a!ncc w diak But 100 if you require n Can use a standard „J2s7 ITSHOW 3.0A Can dtvpiay crunched po»C' pocked p*cture» XT68. AIRPORT ik» game
* 4*9. THF RIGHT m'aY Bnlh.M ne* cmnungs game. |UU u addictive at
* 473.' IVJ E R Der' VlER Tgbulom U474. E'ORU&STEICMIMSPREAD am.
RilfFAS? INTRO MAKER : mcrful no* demo maker, different graph run's ample FACTORY 2 M.*r campled sound effects lC47i KLAW GAMES 3 K 479. KI.AW UTILITIES 2 Include* WwmTDUSllRf
* 4*3. BOOTEW.bootgirl .n*l.*h, Put wcturcton ihe bertbiock. A
practically an?
* I ok ikmn . . . •fMHhwfwGrtj A*«k-al WE A I HE* 4 48K-2. 1ESVJ
MODI I |c X 49®. STACK Cl FAM.R GAME wirsmi' 4 494. M IKK k
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A500 or A*00 'V.VaSKT ! |ffio"»ifRSQIKSt ,J0k«l annV plaifonner
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- -------, ¦ ! 18*36. KAMAKAZI CHESS a van a • Wte Claauc K»d
tame, chcna , j imBJ); hi. Uslbi hu, L?.i;
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OSSj-Ucn-mM* pSnIFR DRINKK-S tB8*LHL.MER01DSEicdleniAueroKb WM I* vannw primer drmn far Star. | |»ame. Uell ayKtivr _ 1 olCTlC MAM'fr ' I ?d«k») Lami « (Wr.Sxrfn v4.8 Advanced-f LITTLE OFFICE includes -on SferaH*.
. Ifffi&lj artful .riaesriisr-u, sasKTir* ( UTILITIES ( GAMES ) | *329. ABASE .IX* Very powerful! ' W IS. GIDDY Bnlliam nc« cute pUlf m 0091-5 Sims a CHEATS '4mh iSt“SAiSnrr£.-, iVwOIIP PRINTER DRIVERS A coi- kciH«i of driver* for HP printer* I 4 33*. DEGR ADFRS I- an ecaemai im I | .vcipntlmia * nil hu Ji A ASR V2IAT;A 256 colour ¦Me m oft- ire PC enulatonm . Gfcjnuut 2y awout ViS«to7 * ilfiS AlJRMF.GA ...... J XI200 ONLY) AnmdlOC** trfiei obde every modffc, call for the latest-.
FREE BOX OF TEN BLANK DISKS WITH EVERY ORDER OF 15 TITLES OR MORE ) _ ( clip ART (EMULATORS ( BUSINESS ) LATEST ) ( JUST IN dWP load ii Overseas Orders WgSF* Collecting Disks k erw to collect soar 111 rniUi. But you ar lo piione il ChruuchBrtoi lo coOKtlon.
»hour*9.«Km-3Jb|«i Mon-Sal ORDER-FORM p „ , uZk. Xj r;ter„:_a*c Ti w r.rM Tel ..C&.l. Amiga-Af-wA.. Toul order valued._i.4gr._ Total disks .€. Payment method ...... - ... PD Prices per disk tingled U Ua» 2-5duu aOOeach I
- indnk* Cl 73a*di 11 or mar. CISOroch J iARTI-2 WEDDINTi
lAKT5-2. MEN i2dnk*i lARIh-2. WOMAN 12 dlckci lAK 17-2. KIDS
l. ARTIO. Sll DENTS l ARTII.SAl FTIME (ART 12.3. X-MASS 3 divkvl
FOOD ¦ 2 dl*k* I IART3I 2 BORDERS (2 dhk*i I ART 32. MAC CLIPS
I. ART34-2. TEDDY BEARS (2 dnk.)
IART35-L VANITY FARE (2 did**)
11 *494. MAVERICK COPIER remove* (32rfr yAW)Pv“ ci l Kfccop
let. That you can play tctns - hiUt copying.
OC4I0. LOCK PICK 2 remove* copy pn [lection l»vm over 40(1 game* 1*155. X-KOPtA very powerful 11 *070. DISK MATE, umpie workbench (iSm FREE COPY IJ remove* copy Ipmtei iKiei (rum vanou* came* I!iB302. DCOPY 2 Very powerful divk iM LPEfcw'KRTc 'dtck SWS. PAC COPY play pacmun whilct cutyine another divk IB997. IBM FMI I M OR I OR v;"' 11 *465-2. SPEA'IRI M EMULATOR |( K‘433. PC TASK V2 AGA) (I .CM PACKAGE V2 DB979. ATARI ST EMULATOR i 15-2. Ol FMI LaloR QB897. KICKSTART 2 FMI I A IOR ( *495. KICKSTART 3 EMULATOR ( I . PC EMULATOR EOR . (M) .
( COPIERS ) collector* item 1*431. TECHNOLOGICAL DEATH Very imprcwivc new mega demo (*162. SANITY world of commodore I *007-2. JE-SI S ON E'S (2 dirlctl I *422. RETINA BURN AG A A1200 ver- uon of bnlliant rave demo 1X909-8. THE HAI NTED (8 dilks) The beit ever Amiga animation 2mcg) iIC094-2. ROADIKMi 2di'k* i if'058. Simplt ST A I E OF THE ART The ultimate rave ireal W OW COPIERS 13357-2. KEFRENS Ikeverl llreara* Credit card details Credit card no .. Expiry dale . If .360. RSI Demo maker ‘00. I200 Ihe be*l demo maker available can no* he ited on Ihe A500* ami A1200
* 520. REBOUND Go..) breakout game
* 522. ACCOUNT MASTER home u*e
* 523-3. AMATURE RADIO 13
* 526. COLOUR ARCR ET ART X'527. REVEI.A I IONS amazing
* 528. POST & PS FONTS
* 529. FRACTIONS educational I X 5.30. QUICK GR AB AGA
* 531. PRE MIERE 1*11 KS footbnll
* 532. GAME TAMER 4.01
* 533. FONT FARM 3 M loot*, great
* 535. DICE COMPILER X 539. SI PE R DARK screen blanker X 549.
STD CODE input town & STD rode will be dtvplavcd
* 550. SAFE II bn 11 ne- d.*. ccyker
* 555. IA LENT MEGA DEMO X 557. SPACE INN ASHEN a ld*tive (*559.
* 560. KIDS DISK 2 in* eame*
* 562. MUSIC BASE I I lf.1 IN K'563. ROAD TO HEU GAME ace
* 570. Rl MMY the card came
* 572. SIMON union u--
PROGRAM * mple K are Desk lop Publisher vollware ( JUST IN ) i
IB434. BANKS & CLARK keep*,«. unt iH9*9 Mi ll I OFFK
F-nMhavcVtpread if 474. MINI SPREAD pc-crful wheel I . DATA
* 311. FILE O FAX gel .egunisc.1
* 329. ABASE 1.33 Vet* rowelul
* 371. ADDRESS PAINT 3.1 irifiljlc lellci
nadnn urn .Ml. DAVY’S DINfiBATS (CGl rape
from a very large cave. A leave runner clone but eocd i *343-2.
OLE M PI AD urnilai lo h *3*5. CASTTE NOMIS cwJcni new
Ifx' IOS PRO UPDATE 1.12 I Update your Amov Pto to vctsicHt
1.12 I *M7. E: TERMIN8 c» ential collection 1*349. SPACES ALLS
MOBILE new iruc ehall demo (If 350. STAR PRINTER DRI'TRS Siar
printer driven codec non 1*377. SOLITAIRE l.levt and bcM ooli-
aire game hy tower aoliware X'37B. AIBB V5 Amiga benchmark Icvl
.’or icvting vour compulcrv vpeed X -379.1 fK'l AMEIi PRO
SAMPLES (*382. LSD LEGAL TOOLS .89 large vclecinn of useful
utilities *363-3. GRAPEVINE 15 (X'366. REI.AVKR GAME f*367.
AMIGA El V2.I new programming language for ihe Amiga better
(ban C 007T BOP N PLCH* kids game with graphKs KIM. J MlC
KIHI.f IllSk R ACS APE. V 1.0 Iracta ion utftware. Great ,
* 337. Rpt; ADVENTURE ere rjsaa
* 527"VeVFLA NS i ART ¦ brilliant hand dra-it fcw uinsbEJCture.
FONTS . T K GR NR v.v of ibis unreal managenanu » The Premiere Lcarur GAME TaMER The digital high- way is coming.
You’ll soon be spoilt for choice in the brave new world of computer telecommunications.
Today’s modems and fax machines carry information all over the world in the blink of an eye, but they are only the start of a complete revolution in the way we live. Every Amiga is capable of taking part in - or even spearheading - the data revolution. So join us as we wander around the global village looking for a working telephone box, ou might be sitting in your own room, bur yco« ctx*J be tafe*tg w*h 1 another computer on the other side ol the planet Arthur C Clarke s famous prediction of a global village draws nearer every day The wires which cany BT s teiephone service mto your
house can also connect you to one of the workfs most important commodities: information.
Once encoded into binary form, information can move at the speed of light around the globe and it only takes a small box the size of a paper-back to enable text, sound, even full-colour pictures to be sucked from the ether onto your Amiga screen Currently, only a small percentage of home computer users get on-line The big users are the corporations and banks which need large amounts of data moved around immediately Already the telephone lines are not enough because they are designed for voce transmission than a single conversation can be transmdied W*h large capacity ISON channels cropping
up more and more frequently, the problem on t go*ig lo be horn much data can be squeezed down a Ime rather how much can you take m one go7 WHERE YOU FIT IN Before you can connect your Amiga to the outside world, you'll need to invest m some extra hardware and software The software side is easy, most pubic domain libraries have large stocks of suitable terminal emulation software (NComm. Term) whch are ready and waiting for you to use Using a fax-compatible modem is a little trickier, as fax standards expect data to be sent in a very ngid line-by-lme WIRED WQRLoJ CU AMIGA GPFax also has a
special printer driver, which means any program which normally outputs hard copy can be redirected. If you buy a fax-modern, remember to ask if it has GPFax Although computers can produce suitable senal data without a second thought, the voltage and current levels involved are entirely unsuitable lor transmitting down a voice channel like the public telephone service An intermediate interface is required which can take the binary data from the computer and convert it into audible tones. Such a piece of equipment is said to MODulate and DEModulate an audio earner frequency, hence the term
modem Fax machines are nothing more than computers with modems attached and built-in mono-chrome image scanners and thermal printers.
GVP s PhonePak opens up new exciting are; as it can can deal with humans and computers.
When is your Amiga not your Amiga? When it’s a telephone answering machine of course... or a fax machine... or an intelligent voice mail system. In other words, when it has a GVP PhonePak card installed.
I’m sorry, there is no-one here right now: * please leave a message after the tone". A simple sentence which can still strike fear in the heart of most people, myself included.
Suddenly, all confidence evaporates, the vocal chords constrict and next thing you know you’ve left a message along the lines of: “Erm, I hate these machines. It’s me here. I wanted to see you about the erm. OK. I’ll call you later. Oh it’s John by the way. And it’s Tuesday. Ok. Erm. Bye.” “I If it sounds familiar, then you are are cursed, with answering-machine phobia: the stilted speech, the confused messages, the total embarrassment. With a little Amiga technology that can all be changed. The answering machine from hell can be transformed into an artifidally-intelligent messaging service;
all thanks to the latest product from GVP.
WAY BACK With Its array of huge Icons, even visually Impaired users like myself don t have problems selecting the right icons. On the left is the list of messages present in this mailbox c ? (tnfim.tM ~r|" fyiv "H Otfrw.in _ II OIWlMMftMti.tyi a ? Wlorr m 1 Ax mi 5
• - Y ? WnlM-iH ? KfMlt.iv m KUII I % U'A Si iiii*
* t»»w Hlr.nl It all started - according to Christopher E.
Head ol the design team al Atlantis Design Group - as a desire to make answering that could give tun messages, take answers i and sample them onte a hard disk. With messages stored digitally, they could be replayed in any order, automatically date stamped and a I whole lot more.
When they brought this Idea lo GVP. The a lot more than an intelligent answering machine: it became a voice and fax mail system. You just won’t believe all that this Amiga Zorro card is capable of. I know. I’m still think- Hl ing of new ways to use it - so lets start with ... something simple. How would you like a separate answer machine for everyone in your house, and yet still only use one line?
INSTALLATION PhonePak plugs into any Zorro slot on any suitable Amiga, namely an A1500. A2000. A3000 or A4000 (although due lo a bug in the A3000’s hardware you'll need some extra memory on another Zorro slot in order for the card lo work property).
There are lour connections al the back: one lo the telephone wall socket, one lo an actual telephone, one lo the Amiga's left audio output and one to an external amplifier. Then it's a matter of installing the software - a process which takes seconds - and you can start to play.
PhonePak comes with two separate programs, the main PhonePak editor, and a small utility called LineMan. LineMan runs independently in a liny window on your Workbench, listening lor any incoming calls. When it receives one, it answers the phone and passes control to the main PhonePak system.
IN THE SYSTEM Think of the ’system' as a collection of rooms.
When a caller enters each room they are given a spoken message on the telephone. This message could be something simple like. “I’m sorry, there is no-one here at the moment. Please leave a message after the tone’. A room can also record a message, and store the resulting sound file as a stand-alone sample which can be replayed at any date. It all sounds very simple, but with Bts own answering machines starting at £30 these days, you would expect a little more. And there is more. » - WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN ?
At parties there are alarays vinous people who distinguish themselves by their amazing ability to bore to tears anyone unfortunate to be trapped into talking to them The OIY enthusiast with his ripping yarns ol wallpaper alignment, and the performance car eipert amongst others are knuckle whitemngly boring furthermore, many's the party animal who has been reduced to a coma or suicide by the diode and chewing gum crystal set type anecdotes ol the radio ham but when the anorak wearers such as these come together to discuss such things one group alone stands out as being supreme m the art ol
being boring gits namely the Comms Eipen Now with CU AMIGA s essential guide lo Comms (argon you loo can don that polyester anorafc.
ARQ Automatic repeat request This is a function ot the MNP error correcting protocol AT COMMANO This is the de ftcto standard tor issuing com mands to modems Irom your computer through an asynchronous serial port It was started by Hayes and adopted by other modem manufactures and is in tact very tar Irom standard lor any modems later than those limited by Ihe V ?2bis standard AUTOSYNC This Is the term given to the buttering which is necessary between the asynchronous serial port ot your computer and a synchronous modem protocol such as HDLC or SDLC AOPCM Adaptive Pulse Code Modulation This is
the name given to the method of dynAMIGAlly reducing the bandwidth on telecomms channels m response to the reduced band width demands by the signal BAUD This is the rate at which data symbols are transmit ted by the modem Since a data symbol may consist ol used this is not eiactly the same as bps BPS Bits Per Second This is the absolute rate of data trans mission CCITT Consultative Comitlee on International Telegraph and Telephone This lot set international standards tor telecommunications which are advisory rather than manda lory and amazingly people adhere to them f CLASS 1 FAX A standard
lor fai software compatibility with fai modems It requires the host computer to do most ol the image preparation and interpretation as well as the negoti ation with the remote la* machine CLASS 2 FAX You ve guessed it* Yes this is another stan dard for la* software. EIA approved in 1992 this time delegating more ot the negotiation to the remote fai machine than class 1 Image preparation and interpretation is still carried out by the host computer CPS Characters per second CRC Cyclic redundancy checking is the method used by MNP trror correction to ensure data integrity so much more. Nearly all
phones now use lone dialling. As you dial a number, the ’phone sends out a bleep lo Ihe local exchange where Ihe tone is converted back inlo a number. It's a very Iasi system, but it has a lew other benefits as well. The tones can be sent whilst in the middle ol a conversation and PhonePak uses this idea to Oder callers a form ol interaction The simple answenng machine can now be expanded to otter editing facilities After you leave a message, a smooth American voice (or yours if you want) w* ask you if you want to re-record your message, or add something more To select your option from
this voice menu', all you have to do is press a few buttons on your handset.
Although this is quite an advanced system compared lo standard answering machines, it only lakes about live minutes to get il up and running.
The PhonePak editor makes designing these 'mailboxes remarkably easy, and Ihe large icon-based screen is powerful simplicity in action The Line- Man program makes testing the system extra- easy All you need do is pick your own phone and press a key. And PhonePak directly connects your handset and treats you as an external caler You aren't connected to the external Ime, so you can test your system over and over without collecting a bill for the privilege. It only lakes a lew attempts playing with the system before your appetite is well and truly whetted. Now for something a little more
advanced, how about tha! Answenng machine for everyone in the house?
PhonePet will dleplay laxee on-ecreen. Ao you needn't gal Involved with rolled up eheeta or thermal paper unteea you really lae! You have to.
OB: Decibel - the unit used lo measure the ratio between trailer information two signals on a logarithmic scale. FULL DUPLEX Simultaneous data transmission in both EIA: The Electronic Industries Association ol America directions along the telephone line.
This body sets US national standards which are Ire- HALF DUPLEX Non simultaneous data transmission in both quently adopted by other countries Examples ot this directions along the telephone line, include the Class 1 & 2 lax standards and our old HDLC High-level Data Link Control is an error-correcting lavourite the RS232 serial port standard synchronous communications protocol.
ETSI: European Telecommunications Standards HST High Speed Transter is an extra last transmission Institute. Uncharacteristically tor such groups this standard bunch set out mandatory standards tor the European ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network. This is a new telecommunications industry. Type ol dial-up telephone network which supports the trans- FALL-BACK: Ho. It's not what CU technical writers tend mission ol digital data directly rather than needing to do alter 15 techila slammers but instead this is the modems to decode digital signals onto an analogue net- ability ol a modem to
select a slower transmission work speed it the quality ol the telephone link is poor KBPS Thousands ol bits per second.
FALL FORWARD Amazingly enough this refers to the LAP M An error correcting protocol used in the V 42 stan- ability ol a modem to up its tranmission speed to lake dard advantage ot an increase in quality ol the phone line MNP Microcom Network Protocol has become a de tacto FRAME: A block ol data plus its relevant header and standard in error correction and data compression MNP5 has become the standard in error correction PTT Postal. Telephone and Telegraphy administration.
This organisation provides telecommunications services on a national basis QAM. Quadrature Amplitude Modulation is one ol the most impressive sounding terms in the comms-bores lexical arsenal and refers to the method ol modulating the phase and amplitude ot the carrier signal used lor V.32 and above SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control is an error-correcting synchronous communications protocol UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter is an integrated circuit used to interlace your computer to an asyncronous serial port.
V 17 A CCITT standard lor communication at 14 400bps This rate is primarily used lor lax transmission V 21 A CCITT standard lor 300bps now well past it V 22 A CCITT standard lor communication at 1 200bps with a tail back speed ol 600bps V 22bis A CCITT standard tor communication at 2 400bps » HAPPY FAMILIES ? | UneMan 10 iMBI'O 1 I t- : 1 0 1 ? | Line 1 Configuration ...]¦=» If your household is anything like mine, you have several people all wanting to use the same phone. Messages for other members of the family get forgotten or contused and everyone needs their own line and machine.
R With three young males in my house, a single telephone can cause friction. PhonePak can help. On the editor screen, create a new mailbox for each member of the family. In each, leave a greeting (“I’m Sorry.
John's Phone KsnngdyStrvU.* MINIMIZt OVERHEAD MONITOR ON BUTPFBX ON John can't come to the 'phone right now. Please leave a message after the tone.") for when you aren't at home.
Copy coHrnwRBTHM sour Next create a main mailbox. Which gives messages along the lines of “Hello, welcome to the Kennedy household. If you want to speak to John, please press 1. To speak to Andrew, please press 2." And so on.
Now every member of the household has their own answering machine in the form of a mailbox which can be filled with messages. But what happens if only one person is out of the house? Can the system be expanded to cope with this situation? No problem; PhonePak incorporates its own scripting language which is specifically designed for more complicated systems.
Imagine if the system enquired from the caller who they wished to speak to. Then tried to page this person and only when this failed did the answering machine switch on. All that's needed is a script such as that shown below, executed when the caller is routed from one mail-box to another.
This sample script is what occurs when a caller tries to talk to me._ play PleaseWait.msg ;TeU the caller “Please wait while I page John...’ announce ltsForJohn.msg : Broadcast “It’s for John" over the computer’s monitor speaker play RemoteRing.sys ; Play a ringing sound to the caller announce LocalRing.sys ; Broadcast a nnging sound over the Amiga play RemoteRing.sys announce LocalRing.sys ; Repeat to give John time to answer quit ; John didn't pick up, go to system; and ask caller to leave a message.
Mis MmoM irtvMtoy on th* Wortbench. »«*iog lo arvwar ok Mur* I Mve expanded the vMw In onMr lo changt some options For examp*e. Autotaa On trill check thal lha caller Mnt In tad a lax machine, which can cauae a few seconds ot delay.
IT'S A SECRET When you send numbers down the line, you can also send passwords. Any mailbox can be set up to secretly accept a combination ol button presses and act on them. For example, if my extra pretty but quickly-bored girtfnend calls me. She knows that by pressing '9999' at any time during the 'I'm sorry there is no-one here' speech the computer will immediately page me with a message expressing the sentiment that I'd better pick up the 'phone in a hurry if I know what's good tor me. If you happen to run a dub. Your members can dial your number up and enter a special code to imme
diately get information without bothering with your private answering service.
By the way, recording your own message is only a matter ot pressing a button and speaking into the phone: your voice is digitised and stored on disk with remarkable danty via the on-board sampling hardware. The more adventurous can use any IFF standard sound samples tor more, ahem, interesting results.
BUSINESS USE When you’ve played with PhonePak at home for long enough and created enough messages to put off all your friends from ever calling you again, it’s time to put your Amiga to work. In a business of any size, a PhonePak can offer some amazing services. To give that one-man company the image of an international business, why not create several Virtual telephonists' who route incoming calls through several Virtual switch boards’ before eventually passing the calls through.
Any business needs access to a fax machine, and surpnse. Surprise, PhonePak comes with one built in. Any standard Ascii text or two-colour IFF bitmap can be converted to a fax document, and sent to any fax machine on the planet. As the images are created without scanning, the quality is superb - easily surpassing any traditional fax machine. PhonePak can also receive faxes.
UneMan will do so automatically if you ask it and once stored on disk as IFFs they can be sent to your own printer.
No more mucking around with rolls of thermal paper PhonePak is one of the easiest-to-use plain paper fax machines around. Even better, the fax facilities are all integrated under software control. A caller can leave a spoken message and a fax with one call. PhonePak will link them, so you know you sent them, an excellent concept.
Sending faxes can be automated too. Your answering system could offer to send prospective clients copies of promotional material by fax, all thdy have to do is key number 66’ or whatever you want. I’m currently trying to convince Dan to install a PhonePak at the CU office to provide voice and fax mail facilities, and if he caves in you could soon be downloading back issues by phone!
EASE OF USE PhonePaKs software and documentation are excellent, with tutorials to guide you through all the features. The version two software we received includes better support for remote access. So. For example, when you dial home » TECH SPEC The PlrorwPat works In any Zorro slot, ana In lad up lo live can he line* lo an Amiga A2000 which will operate wilhoul neeaing any lorm ol accelaralor. Thanks lo CUP'S custom DMA handling hardware.
Sounds are replayed using on-hoard chips which pro- dues output as good as any you will hear down a phone line, certainly dearer than lha tiny little cassette tapes you gel in normal answering machines. Even better, because the messages are stored on hard disk, you can listen to them in any order you like.
Connecting the PbonePaAto the real world presents some minor problems. First, as an American produd the connodors look nothing like our trusty BT phone lacks.
Silica provide adaptors. Secondly Is the lad that BT are dead against fust anyone using their telephone lines. All equipment needs lo be tested and passed with a green triangle betore it can be used. At present, P ronePaA does not have a green sticker.
» V Ttfeit: A CCITI slandjrd lor coimnunicjtion jI ? 400bps with fall back speeds ol 1700bps and 600bps V73: A CCITI standard lor split rale communication al I ?007bbps This was developed lor applications such as Pieslel. Which needed lo present ihe user with information al 1700bps bul only required input Irom Ihr user s keyboard al bbps V 74 Ibis is a CCITI standard lor serial port hardware II is electrically equivalent lo RS7370 and delines which pins ol Ihe standard TV pin D connector are used lor wtiat WHICH As the Amiga uses the modems available lor PC keeping pricee down i list ol Amiga
Mat “ _ First Compular Centra Lseds (08*2 Paee Mmulh ?'A PACE PRICE £205. this liny wonder is easily Ihe cutMtr in a long time. Billed as a'p is, lor onco, actually small e I It's certainly smaller than a ' black and decidedly Star T I standard 25way senal port I the lop keep you __ when the Comms software is running.
Other nice touches include the dinky httle carrying pouch and Ihe abikty lo store 20 telephone numbers internally Keeping your numbers secret is possible with integral password protection Speedwise.
The Pace is far trom blistering The data rate of 2400 bps will keep you waiting lor all bul the shortest downloads, although the fax speed is the standard 9600 and MNP to level 5 and v42bis modes are supported. It will Excel at quick Email (aunts, but for serious software downloads something with a great deal more Is required Primarily designed to complement portable computers, the Pace comes with both a PSU (Power Supply Unit) and a standard 9voll battery lor on-the-road' use This portability is something you do pay extra tor Unless you really need it, don't let its good looks tempt you. It
you do happen to have a portable, such as a trusty Z88. The Pace will allow you to sneak a quick on-line session when r yoo visit your Iriend's house and as such it's in a class of its own.
V7S V 75* IS A CCITT standard let issuing modem com mands let autodialling II is much more limited than Ihe similar Hayes Al command sel. Bul has Ihe advantage ol bemq able lo work with synchronous protocols V 27TER: A CCITI standard lor communication al 4 800bps with a tail back speed ol 7.400lips This is another speed standard primarily used lor lai transmission.
V 79 This is Ihe CCI11 standaid lor tommicakoe al 9 600bps Ihis is another one mostly lor lasers „ from wort; yoo can be told exactly when a certain message was received Using Arexx also allows some pretty amazing features, it you aie going out lor tbe evening lo a Iriend's house. PhonePak can call you up, and replay any inceming messages.
III had any criticisms at all, it would be that some features are hard to find in the supplied Instruction book; it look me a day to discover that pressing ALT and clicking marked a mailbox on and otf However, it look me so long because I forgot to press the Help key.
CONCLUSION PhonePak is an amazing piece of kit. It provides a seamless interface belweon Ihe Amiga and real world on the end of a telephone line, and once that has been achieved Ihe possibilities are endless.
The supplied software, complete with scripting language and Arexx support, means that systems of incredible sophistication can be created You can even run multiple PhonoPaks in a single Amiga lo handto multiple phone lines Senous use requires an Amiga be dedicated lo the task, but even this means complicated systems can be created lor really low Initial outlays Without a doubt.
PhonePak is a ground-breaking product PHONEPAK £350-400 «eooQ A1200U A50IE At 500 I A500*| A2000 | A3000 f* SILICA SYSTEMS, t -4 THE MEWS.
Supra modem 2400 SUPRA PRICE £74.99 This modem is clearly designed tor the beginner, as it costs little more than a second floppy disk drive and is virtually foolproof to use. Like the entire *.
Supra range, it s encased in a thick aluminum box capable of being trodden on. And measures about 12 by 16 cms. Connection to the Amiga's senal port is via a supplied cable and another lead and adapter lakes Ihe modem to the nearest telephone wall socket The First Computer Centre make it their business to supply you with all you need lo gel on-line, and this includes bundling some Comms software and a selection ol Bulletin Boards lor you to try. It will certainly take less than thirty minutes before even a complete novice has logged onto a board.
For the price you pay. The specifications are acceptable It disappointing.
The data rate ot 2400bps is quite slow, and it you intend lo download a lot ol programs Irom BBS systems you are strongly advised to wait until cbeap rale However, as a first step to getting on-lme, this modem is faultless It's almost impossible lo have problems working at 2400 bps, and the speed is ideal for leaving and collection small amounts of Email. The inclusion ot software and all cables by First will ensure your first Comms experience is a happy one.
SUPRA PRICE £119.99 At first glance, this modem is identical In both specifications and appearance to the Supra 2400.
But looks can be deceptive The mam difference Is an inclusion ol an extra LED on the front panel.
The Supra FAX modem must be the cheapest fax machine in the world. For not much more than £100. You get a (uRy compatible lax machine winch can print on plain paper (assuming you have a pnnler lhal is). Most lax machines operate at 9600bps. Which means it only takes a minute or so to send several pages.
, You will need special software, but Ihe ladlily makes Ihis modem an attractive proposition tor the home telecommuter The plus' in the title presumably is a reference to the inclusion ol MNP level and v32bts data compression, which theoretically push Ihe data rate up to 9600bps Yoo should realise that this speed is only for uncompressed Ascii text It the data Is already compressed, as mosl programs on a BBS are, the rate will be a great deal slower.
As a first modem, this model can aclually make more sense than Ihe Supra 2400. For a little more cash, the extra features and speed are certainly worthwhile, remember lhal 9600 is effectively Ihe fastest speed possible for faxes, so you could spend more on a taster modem without any noticeable benefits CUT, TICK & POST...CUT, TICK & POST...CUT, TICK & POST tnx«e- CyW vl 2. Ino» Vot" vM. MC IitoW •' I ’«« .(*• rt .5 S IJ "» VH14 PCXX5 VVUABD • _ ¦ ] locotpj Amoi toubol Pwti V*x» [J*. Vin7 I-MAT «1 2 A 9x0 Ip'co’O" to dnxn loouetxng 14 ban J e. Vim MUSIC BASI .10 a «k** o cap » A* * Mato j
*• vmi shayiras roots |R2«AW. AvxMVl NsCkk PfcvAMonSxSW TionFM«y iiw j * • VTI73 OGITAl DMAMS UTU CTO.-1 In*. PcWa. Ita« VOX *"an$ j VK»7 30 OBJECTS J ¦OOUt 20 ootocn n * Jj* ' TirtiaM IkttoI J *. V1049 P«a«TI» 0*MtS S Daw «i SSOc. S00 SCOt B ao Com* RiXC IK l». » PlOSOo l*1 fts'N' j *• VI070 IAGA UTU 2 ?S6 cokxx «»t eCAX «*3"tta7S6.axtf* IO .11 J ** V071 (AGAJ MSM .11 Malrv v %ltKr nxnhv ksr t*caarrm*i j - - Vyfl IAGA *m*UNO« .H 71 Citan ntlmmma aga too* AI$ o tvian rtOJOOKSiaj www J *. VW7J FT-* ACCOUNTS *2.01 ms -man as or* nol icoJ, J *. V824 AHOM *1*H|WI B Van. (»XW) «* ** WX* towtY
c*»r$ 014 no* r*r i J *? V827 AitAM-IT 2 .11 iera It i"W J l.wn TOO* .11 *"(»*« fcoll. IVM 1 71. (VO ry f* l ill. H S00*»r. YaoKt V'-S * Win 2 J *. V1I2S LEMMINGS 2 INSTAU cmol Ibtrewvgv 7 C-XI ftroaw U«chp AM4 SiftPAV J *. V112* «0 DAAWF TIMA !*• idrxM KU ere oa$ Mf$ oam» J *. VHJ0 COMAMJNKAn *1.2 A ]*«p»q'cdtaMo" nyg»«»4W?* V$ 47 MONf* MAKAGEMENT xam (xictnH •Twb ak*vt j uap *atk ol upio 12 wiotrft VSA* SUMSHOW OENMATOF XC«M lUHtXMS a CXMOS A us toim tv am&i
* • VISA DfS* UTU 2 C»r.C A lo -ao r9bmc xM'y--7'0 wam a act u
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• WjrluebBtil •CCKKoAvO ¦TOOllEivNoiti J * - V1137 (AGAJ UTU «
AGATeV «*vA.ChBMGA. Cy.MoV*rtj C-XXlC.
P ah’sab J ** Vim AOA) UTU S DotoJo iV.H0, A-vi'cO»Di* CorOAtaKon i*»N» Pttwxao ftvnlooWaai J *• vm* (AOA) UTU * A40H *H A«a IkTiN. Bew. Oaxh Hwta AUG. N* «f MSCMSC lUcSOrW i*ovro X» Coe Sw A V 'IW. TaxV ¦ »1«* J- 4jro*»d lTOO*'«:hn»K«$ t‘Fi
- I * • V464 MAEOH. IXPLOPW 12
* 01 tflnNW -.dkx'o.d ~s GOMroMq Vi w*« r*i t» AirMgn Amgo *4.1
Teephone 0702 466933 Fax 0702 617123 PD Soft icusji 1 Bryant
Ave,Southend-on-Sea,ESSEX, SSI 2YD ? * VKKU NKKPIWS or irboxB
,«gr« lo A8J J -BO 0*» J noi"8P*to» b.i iyn' & r'-xo- J **
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ArvdFnxm. V«* *Tvv«nNOvm*on J *. VT011 POOLS PHTOICTTON A
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v*«0 KICK .1.3 VM Bbnv gnxM A500*. AAO: A 700 inn rrotMnn *0
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*? V* 3 MEGA CHEATS *3.0t Now cooiom omi SCOchooB
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Numbers nbcmd iwlvch J *? V*43 LYAPUNOVU .» 5 $ ¦•'• J OooboO,'
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K. UnM rrCAD.124 Oxl wwO WrAc rcutm k. t* «auna j'.vmiotsKuns
rxomm»nd4dC»O0n»Y*K«p«4cnw9 NEW! For 1993 CD4: Aminel CDROM
(£24.99 + £1.00 P&P) Jufl Released!
* Aolaa CDKOM txnuim AiwuaiU 4 Amif* pnyruiu Hob Ac Amotl ImiW
Awhi»«. Thu due omo, nurly «W in.*4nlc.orMl*-«. TV tN.i b OKU
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da M Nwd v .» IW) Ai- c in. Wortbcach 2 nd WmttM* »o ui.n I
enclose cheque. PO for 11 £ Signature
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- H5L » V 37 Ifcis IS Jnolhei CCIII 9.600bps comiiuinirjtioii
slan fljfd this iHm* with tall back speeds ol 7 700bps and 4
HOUbps I his uses QAM with liellis cedmq V 37bis Ibis a much
the same as V 3? Feel goes lhal fell laslei al 14 400bps with
an additional tail back speed ol ERROR CORRECTION - WHAT **„
17 000bps VI? Ibis CCIII standard is not lor modem speed bailor mnr correcting II details the way in which a modem requests retransmission ol on aenlied data blocks It is also known as IAP M lor no qood reason V 4?feis I his is the CCITT slandard lor data compression usiny Iho lempel Ziv encoding algorithm II is more oWmMw Mm mnp V Iasi Ihts is Ihe proposed CCIII standard lor data com mumcalron al speeds up lo 78.800bps. and incorporating new techniques lo improve noise immunity N will probably be known by Ihe more boring V 38 BylarOie most common lomi ol rrror correction are the MNP standards
wructr were ongmilly developed by bbcrocom lid and jre now m the public donum Ihe lerm ARQ (automatic repeal request) is used to denote j connection Ukmq place under error control Irror tree djLi U.insmissitfn ts nude possible (in theory I when then modem al each end ol the link is cjpjble ol the coned error corredton protocol, and comprises of two mam techniques error detection and retransmission Data buttering and flow con troi MNP levels 1 lo b can be thought ol .is concentric shells with level 1 al the centie and level b al Die outside with as nuny lev els as possible, starting al Ihe
centre, being used by the modems Whenever a modem connection is lust established Ihe two modems negotiate between them lo decide on which error cor recti on level lo us* I his is limited by Die modem witn the kwer abilities ol Ihe two FfsioljH Die modems agree on wtacfe rfany otthehrst three enor levels lo use and it one is decided upon neqotule again on whether or not lo use »ie additional level 4 or 5 or lo use level 1 This level is ollen called block mode and supports luH duplei transmission The sendmg modem transmits a block ol data and warts lor an acknowledge med irom Ih* receiving modem
betore sendmg the nesl level 1 is Die slowest level and is only ever included to ensure compabb.hty with older equip meet level 7 lies level as with all higher ones, supports lull duplei transmission, m which data (lows m both directions at Die same lime Connections al level two only achieve 84- - ol the modem s normal throughput due lo overheads caused by Ihe addition ol protocol characters and blocks ol Die error conecbon rtselt and so a modem running at 7 400bps will only Iransmd 70? Cps rather Dun the espected 740 cps level 3 This is a more efficient implementation ol level 2.
Modems sendmg al this level strip Die start and slop bits bom the data characters and bansmrt the data across the Ink m a fed stream rather Dui m character tornut The recervmq modem Dien j Product Price Fastest Data Pice Microlin FX £205 63 2400 Supra modem 2400 £74.99 2400 Supra FAX modem Plus £119.99 2400 Supra FAX v32bis £249.99 14400 PhonePak £349 n a US Robotics Courier £503 99 14400 US Robotics Sportster £279.65 16800 ') (*)» HST mode. 14.000 kiv32 mo* Data Speeds Raw Test IRA archived Pace MlcrolM FX 198 162 Supra Modem 2400 204 171 Supra 2400 FAX 204 154 Supra v32bts 2334 1125 US
Robotics Sportster 1535 1490 US Robotics Courier 2652 1547 Tested by downloading files onto an A4000 030 Speeds are in characters per second, lo gel fells per second multiply by ten.
V42bis BABTapp roved Y N N N N Y Y Memory 20 numbers 4 4 4 unlimited (software) SPECIAL THANKS CU Anus* wcnle like lo man* me f Irtt Cempufar Centra ol lee** lor sueplyin* all mo n renewal ms Suo lexcept me Phono Pi* which com* iron Silica). II you 0 Hko lo know more about any of Iho mcxloim wo novo roviowoO lo ow Soyor't Guile. Man one mem a riny on 8532 31*444 Wo n sure you won't M OiiappoimaO Supra v32bis Fax modem SUPRA PRICE £ 249.99 When you exceed the £200 limit you expect to get e great deal more tor your money, and by golly the Supra delivers.
This modem is something a bit special and it you don't believe me. A quick glance at the Iront panel should convince you: there may be only LEDs on the front, but a twin dot-matrixed LED display more lhan makes up lor lack ol lights As the modem operates, the panel Hashes the lights to keep you informed as to what is going on. And what is usually going on is some pretty dam last data transmission.
The speeds this little box clocked up were amazing, with the second-fastest tile download ot any modem under test.
This modem would have been on the top ot my hst, It only it had been cleared with BABT As it is.
I cannot bnng myself to say this modem is the one I'd recommend But I’m winking.
US Robotics Looking more like an alarm clock radio than is natural, the Sportster Irom US Robotics hab a design you'll either love or hate. It s hard to imagine that this tiny box contains enough in the way ol advanced electronics to blast data around at 14.400 bps. But that's exactly what it does Combined with the MNP level 5 and v42bis data compression, data rates ot up to 56.000 bps are theoretically possible when another MNP&iv42b s modem n on the other end ot the 'phone kne. Note that for the fastest possible transfer rates, a reasonably last Amiga certainly helps A Iasi modem is
capable of supplying data taster than a bare 68000 can cope with, so cheek on what can be the weakest link in your data communication chain.
In use. The Sportster was my lavourite ot all the modems on test. It consistently got through first time, every time to my test site and up and downloaded data wShout a hitch. With such speed and reliability in one small box. Ihe Sportster gets my best on test’ award. It's so good, I think ll's about lime I upgraded to one myself.. ' US ROBOTICS PRICE£503.99 This amazing lop-of the-range modem is unique m that its a dual standard device Not only does if work With the extra last 14.000bps mode of the Sportster and Supra, but it uses US Robotic s own HST (high speed transfer) protocol.
It both modems in a link-up support HST, data rales ol up to 16.800 bps are possible which is dose lo the maximum rate possible Well, not that dose as the Courier a promised to be upgradable lo Ihe absolutely amazing rale ol 28.800 bps when Ihe standard is finalised Externally, the finish of die Courier is disappointing. Although the controlling DIP switches are easily accesseO, the plastic case teels cheap and switches are tacky. A nasty buzzing sound doesn't help Ihe overall impression.
Ot course, its what is inside that counts and the Courier is quite simply the fastest modem generally available The Courier gets the last word in this round-up tor the fastest possible data rates, and a degree of almost unheard of future proofing.
» re inserts the start and stop brts in the appropriate places This procedure ottsets the protocol overhead and achieves a through put ot about 108’. Ot the modems normal operating speed Level 4 Al this levet the mtormation m the headers ol data blocks is streamtned to eliminate more ol me protocol overhead Throughpul gains at Bus level can range trom another 5*. Over level 3 to another 25*,. Depending on the quality ol the line Additionally Ihe size ol the data frames is greater than in level 3 Level 5: This level incorporates data compression with Ihe sending modem detecting redundant
units ol data and recoding them into shorter units oltewer Ms This works « much me same way as the sort ol hie compression you may already be used to HOW IT WORKS The actual error detection works in the following way. Ounng an ARO connection the modem divides the data into blocks each block having header and trailer intormation A block along with its header and trailer is known as a Irame Inchided in me header or trailer are a frame number and block sue information as well as a checksum code derived by performing an algorithm on all Ihe data in the Irame This a known as Cyclic Redundancy
Checking |CRC|. The receiving modem performs the same algorithm on the data block and d the results match tends a positive acknowledgment to the sending modem If the CRC codes Ion t match, the receiving modem initiates the ARQ procedure and tells the sending modem which Irame is in error and doesn I accept any more trames until the faulty frame is correctly received.
Upon receipt of an ARO the sending modem restarts transmission trom the lenity block It may be that an ARO occur* over and over tor tbe same block (perhaps doe to a serious disturbance m the phone connection) The usual maiimum number of limes allowed for this lo happen is 12 after which Ihe modem will hang up the line For fairly obvious reasons this is known as ARQ retry timeout. Alternatively, it the modems involved are capable ol it they will fall back to a slower communication speed before liming out npur• 2. Phee® shifting mom Mfvanood tecnnlq je than tip- qreettcy Minting, adtnotjgfi
IT® ¦ bit h®rO®f to vMuoUm. Loo® ymam aocn era.® itaru They •» eotd » oo go Oagmc® OM otpnea® Oy atwnng in® plw® angle depending on the ¦®*t®l etdrn. Tmry h-gn iransmfaaton apaad* ®r» poooM® tochulqut ifirolyfi altering da gun telonpMat ole afrit! One rather than me ireguency. Tmnk ol Ibs pfltlt 1 ttte amount IM wave is deluypp - see Figure 2.
The modem rewires a binary digit, tut Instead ol transmitllog It directly. II welts lor a second. That two digits can lone low different t ombinatioes or cedes (N.11.11 art 11) PM l« tpch carrier want a different phew is iransmffted. Using Phased sad! Keying speeds el a I* an* a second can be achieved Theamcteit modems ISS e Wills' coding ttthmque which comhmel Ihe modulation proenss mirth fftp coding process to achlne speeds til 14.400.16.100 and 19,200 hits p.sec Where wum aH end? We know thties.er Ao the tw4w- plrow Ihw has a ffnd incdwttth. Cekulaitons hne shown llal Ihe a
23. 100 MU per second So. Roi looUni lorward ¦ 1m tonhcomlop
Courier 28.0000ps modem.
FLOW CONTROL - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Moltms port (sUlromlM lull computer lo taw transmit butlers, ant 4au receives Irom a remote motlm Is correspond
• ugly storot In Ha receive Beffor (low control is IM modem’!
MeUod lor «wmo| that me Puffin do not Ml op. Causing data Ion h
can It tdMT0ll«4 from IM modom a Urdwan or IMIncffy By Urn
armsp soffwort. Umor Bordware cdnWtt wbea tnoamrffrag data. Ore
madam sands, or stopa lending mo cltar lo sart (CTSI signal kt
Ore Heal campaler. II in Iraoamit btrtlwr is appnucBing
capacity Slopping mis signal physically Oops llw eompuler Irom
sanding pay mom data.
Soltware flow control on the other Bind is acBiovtd by ihe modem sending mi ASCII XOHXOFF characters to the computer. Which then slops or Parts sanding me data as required Receive How control Is canied out In a similar way. TM software can Had mo Reguist lo Senl (RTS) signal lo mi modem lo control raapUon.
It worn be long before television signals are pumped chrectly into your home via rkgrtal net works, ano it won t be pist one or two either; tbe number ol channels is likely lo be In the realm ot hundreds or even thousands. The bandwidth of optical cable systems Is immense, and although Ihe technology behind the transmitters and receivers - has still to be perfected the tune is coming when a Single cable can cany more inlormation into yogr nouse than you wdl know what to do with As well as Ihe normal domestic TV stations there will be dedicated shopping channels, extra-local public access
channels and channels run by commercial companies, large and small. This leads lo some interesting ideas. How. Tor example, wdl you know what to watch and what to ignore? With so much going on. How can you possibly be sure of getting the tacts you actually need to know7 Much thoughl has been expended on this problem, and one solution is the creation ot soltware agents Your agent is a computer program operat ing on youf behaff. Programmed to scan through the vast array ol malenal and keeping an eye out tor particular areas ol interest Your agent is programmed with your goals, and knows
all about getting Ihe vanous on-Bne services to get tfte lacls You might want you agent to get the latest local weather forecasts, news and sports results every morning.
You might want it to book flights, arrange meetings or order your groceries TELECOMMUTING As modems and lax facdrties becxxne more affordable. Many people are questioning then reasons lu working in a traditional office. Many jobs consists ot answering the telephone, doing paperwork (on word processors ol course) and sending and receiving taxes. For some, the expense ot office space and Itavelvig is srmpty not viable Many computer pun- arsis tor example, work from home sending copy to the magazine offices via modem.
CYBERSPACE In America, where telephones are grafted on at birth, computer communications have formed the creation ol new Irte terms. These beings sit at home m front ol computer screens. Irving their lives in Cyberspace - a different form ol reality From their terminals they can chal to tnends. Form relationships and even get married, without leaving their room. They buy from on-line mail order centres. Who deliver everything Irom new computers to food, paid lu by credit card ot course, and delrv- ered witbin hours. Some have been heard to say.
- My Irte in Cyberspace is more important than my real life". Is
this where Ihe luture lies? By the year 2000 will we all be
staying al terminals, living super-real virtual lives? © imm
Ricoh, have used their expertise to produce a 'first' in laser pnnters. The LP1200 with FLASH ROM. HP LaserJet W™ compatible, the LP1200 employs Industry proven laser technology which, unkke LED printers, uses a laser light source to produce the most accurate and intense pnnted images at a range ot prmt resolutions up to 400dpi. A fas efficient processor and engine, plus a straight paper path design allows printing at a fuH 6 pages per minute. The 2Mb RAM version prints afuUA4 page ot text or graphics at 300dpi. Using standard resident fonts and the alternate controller firmware supplied, it
can also print an A4 page of text or A5 page of graphics at 400dpi and. Using the Windows driver supplied, an A4 page ot text at 400dpi from Windows 3.1. .*** SHOWN WITH I UNIVERSAL FEEDER TOP TRAY OPTIONAL EXTRA* The 4Mb RAM version can print a tiril A4 page of graphics at 400 dpi and makes lull use ol the LP1200's 400 dpi printing capable* such as using Microsoft Windows fonts. Unique additional standard features include FLASH ROM future proof technology and LAYOUT - a powerful document description language The LP1200‘s unique mfemaf FLASH ROM. Which holds the printer controller firmware,
can easily be updated as new developments in technology occur This protects the investment you make m buying a Ricoh LP1200. Other manufacturers would require you to buy a new printed InternaI FLASH ROM and industry standard FLASH ROM PCMCIA cards can also be used to permanently store fonts, macros, graphics and extra emulations. Again, unhke the competition, the LP1200 includes LAYOUT, a poworful and intuitive document descrrption language as standard. This offers unique opportunities to develop custom made printing systems. Forms and document templates can be designed complete with logos and
stored electronically in the LP1200's FLASH ROM. Alleviating the need for pre-prmted forms' EDUCATION SALES TEAM Tel: 081-306 0888 Fax: 081-306 0606 3 tB0 The LP120O comes with a 100 sheet A4 paper tray as standard. An optional universal feeder automatically feeds up to 150 sheets of paper (up to I69gsm), 15 tncles and labels.
CONSUMABLES * ACCESSORIES WORLD FIRST PLAIN PAPER FAX OPTION ® ONLY £120 Tl* LP1200 is the WorWs First Laser Primer to have the opwn Of being upgraded to a PC ndependem plain paper tax Jusl download the software £120 ,-•) into the LP1200's Rash ROM and conned any lax modem to the Senal Pori (we recommend the Pace Microhn FX • Cl 80-va*) Using the Windows and DOS software suppled you can send and recarve Laser quawy taxes all over the world' EDITOR'S FAX MOOEM SOFTWARE FEATURES • C1?8-»t *u -w
• Co~brte 2 9f 4 tans ores on* paje (A*) PtSogr 'w Sanrw
• Fsorw nunttt directory (ueSifl Madowi dmw)
• B-Mdcwl (usrq Widows omen
• Wndo« *xl DOS version
• FuwhtfuMBhmPCisswttheoolt
• Use tnrter I)* tnreng wMi rec*n*ng fixes In Moprouid modi
• Uso laswJtt c» uva* protocol aocumeiB
• Sen] r*is$ Horn * WhX i epiMainn M ODE M'HAfl DWARE FEATURES
E188.wt won»
• CCITT Grrxp 3 seM'receh*
• LmrMlh output
• AutomncwryonPuiyWI
• UeMcy usaXm - 2. Lupgr JduMe 10 A.)
• Document men*
• PCMDIAI'M Has* C4'd irrriBjn rrodt* naUbi
• A4 pipe • but can recent A3 cod'* scSM flown »A4 - 300 dpi Can
mm A4 poors scaefl uoto - 300 dpi
• Ou cf paper reewvt
• 9601 b*u) ixi modem
• 2400 Paul Dxtjnudem
• Keyes octrees Mr • l* mw.Uci.rr
• 5 year »rrr»1ty on modem
• Mklodts teumoorm. Software. Mew edepto- serai caMtt PSTk
ccnnrclon teed mi rnaruWs
• 6 PAGES PER MINUTE Using a straight paper path
• PCL5 - ~c HP-GL 2 With scalable fonts and vector graphics
• SHARP EDGED PRINTING Ricoh FIAL (Fine Image Algonlhm) enhances
• 400dpi RESOLUTION (Default res. - 300dpi WM addreas 200.240 A
400dpQ '4 2Mb & 4ub RAM VERSIONS
• UNIQUE FLASH ROM For controller upgrade and storage
• PCMCIA CARD SLOT For programmable FLASH ROM cards
• EXPANSION BOARD SLOT For improved connectivity eg. Coax Twinax,
PC-LAN etc
• LAYOUT Document Description Language
• 1 YEAR ON-SITE WARRANTY Nmxt working day response LASER PRINTER
• VAT . £1291 33 CAB75CC Cabletor POSTr'Aflttpi 047 KIT S2CO Laur
Starter K4 Inc Catte 25 CC LAA&238 UnNer»M Feeder (2nd Trey)
£10000 LAA5262 2w RAM Module ....£10000 LAA
5210 Developei Toner Carttidgo W9CO LAA522S OPC Cartridge
(Dnxn) £9600 LAA 6312 A4 Paper Tray (100 Sheets) £ 500 FAX 'XQ
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RAM Cart (4.) 594 CO
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1. 15V. I.mi Detainer
LM. D-Pun* F **. I 1*1 D-PaMt K«. 2 uec.Mo) 3.20 U63...Direct
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UG7...S Tracker Mrci IMS. Llnmatc Boot. I
IMV. Iliimite Bom* 2 UTT-.Kmert10*0 U74._M-Cad ll?5...Jcunul
llome *« I'M . Home Umde.
L. ’??...Ftecfmad L7K .Abu Bnw LSI ..BocXhcmh V2.0
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A*4...CVnhe Peg AS5 Muwn .Anim AXC Pakei Watch Annn A909J..TheMuvie*2 4l A95.. My TlnToy A9b..T.|W7Air»tn A99... Terminator 3 Alin IMIrbmlkran A101 102 l»nmdrrtnd.(2 AIU3 Hkoty ol Amy AIIM. Fsigo Anim(2 Meg)
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540. .Fr4iUi Deviae 2 S4I .Fraium Ixevlae 1 S42-.Gofcn» Gate
S4J (liamM- Slqpen
544. Cry For Dawn
545. .Fntjmim Realm (2) S47 Kadi Off 3 Slides S4*_PD Shdevhow S49
52. .Terminator 4 S5J. Jhftonp 2 Slide.
SS4. TnartmaMcr Slide* 555 InrgUbn Realm. 2 556 OartieU Slide.
. Jhmwhrter Slide.
S5* ..HeRniter Slide.
559. ..Night Breed Slide, sco ..Rayvactng S6I.Jknur Slides SC3
..Tate (tiller) 2 564 .Rock Seat Manager 565 ..Image* Slain
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PLEASE SEND A S.A.E. FOR A FREE CATALOGUE A2 Gbt.nl Ptwl A3 Jogger . Magxun I A4 Gymnaw Drtno AS.-Fkbftal Flighr AC Bidrth.il Ikmo AR. . . Walker Dett» A9. .Magician 2 Ain.Pug.lnSpnre Al I...Luaor Teenager Al3..Juggler Demo A 16-COol Cougar AI7.Mcoj Cyck Aim AIK . RtrtKfp Amm A20...MdyhroiOn Wheel.
A2I .Jugettt} A77 Shmikx.** Amrt A2J-.T-PC4 Aoim A27 -Fleet Unmrn A28 -Billiard AftOi A29-FJPrt*e lesva IXKk AJO Jtiarwai*: Anim A31-Star Trrt Amm A32 Fraamn revenge AU Madonwi Anim A35 .Stealthy Anim. 2 AM JludmOl The 17 Ark A37 . Bug. Banny Show AU Ira) V. UK Anim A39 ..Mike Ty ion anim A4 i...Knight Amm A42...Walker 2 A4 Walker 3 A45-46 Ijgta Cycle (2) A47 Cptadmg Head PRICES POSTAGE £’ 50MCh £1.25 each MrrV90 £0.99 each ArxnMonn.
5T7._Clwr SlaJt*
579. .fteddie* Dead SJKI. ..Wendy JamtaSlidra SKI The InviuNe
World S82-K1 Terminate* 212) S*4...tanlaiy Pic.
S*5 Gulf War Slide* SIM ..Magical Pk»
588. ..0ulf War Tribute SS9-90.S Thing F**hy (I) 99l_GMandoSBde*
CLIP ART PACK C64 EMULATOR PACK Isn’t it amazing what you
can do with your Amiga and a bit of graphics software?
Here’s another selection of stunning Amiga graphics from the
oh- so-artistic readers of CU AMIGA.
COUNTRYSIDE Boris laln's simple landscape shows lhal the old school ol art is still alive and kicking.
ART GALLERY CU AMIGA When the going gets lough, the Ed gets pissed! The Masked Artist captures Captain Pea-bladder in his finest hour.
IN IH'P WORJH DS TWI OST ROW E NEW JUST LOOK AT THE UNMATCHED RANGE OF FEATURES 1 i V _ ’ I Save Vhe'entiite progi am in armory TosmsK Special compacting techniques enatale up to 3 programs to fit cmxjne disk. Now saves directly to disk as Amiga Dds - reloaoi independently ol the cartridge - even transfer to hard drive! Works with up to 2 Megs ot Ram - even 1 Meg Obip Mem (Fatter Agnus).
Now with DEEP traindf. Even belter than befbra - allows you to generate more or even infinite lives, fuel, ammo. Perfect as a Trainer Mode to get you past that "impossible" level. Easy to use.
I IIMPROVED PRITTE EDITORv The fuf! Sprite Editor allows you to vidv modify the whole sprite set including any "attached !
| sprites. PLUS A RANGE OF IMPROVEDFEATURES. VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and rcmovdUeatures to protect your software investment. Works with all presently known viruse . B JRST NIBBLER 1 Now this super disk copter program is built into Action Replay Mk HJ. Just imagine a superfast, efficient disk copier program at the'oress of a key - no more waiting. ' SAVE PICTURES AND MUSfC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are saved directly In IFF format suitable for use with all the major graphic and rrtysic packages. Samples are displayed
as screen waveform.
NEW PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE- Useful for removing ugly borders when using NTSC software. (Works only with neWer Agnus chips). V yWt SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20°o speed. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts! MANY MORE INSTANT CLI COMMANDS- like Rename. Relabel, Copy, etc. X|;yf RESTART THE PROGRAM % Simply press a key and the program will continue where you left oft.
FULL STATUS REPORTING At the prosfc of a key now you can view the Machine Status, including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, RamDisk. Drive Status, etc. POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR v Now you cad manipulate and search for screens throughout memory. Over 50 commands to edit the picture plus unique on screen status "overlay" shows all thdkinformation you could ever need to work on scyeens. No other product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of frozen programs!! JOYSTIC 'AHANDLER- allows the use* to select Joystick instead of Keypresses - very usefufaor many keyboard programs.
MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the complete music in programs, demds, etc. and save them to disk. Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works with loads of programs!!
ALL Cl EQUES POSTAL ORDERS MADI M A TEL ELECTRONICS ?LEIectfcMiicfl GOVAN ROAD, FENTON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST4 2RS, ENGLAND. FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 t I Ml.'I. I-'OC.IUJ- | '-'K U.i.il 1 11•••¦ .11' iii.ilrhir I v i w IhiMri i itpfiire fi.t .lilir* . .Wyho.ud olh.-i scanners al this special price I » .i keyboard control O' most tunct* n% A" easy lo h.u me Sca'ine* Ittttjnng 105 ™ scanning K 00 dpi reolution * B|
• '¦abies yon lo scan graphics le«r into your Amiga GOO GOO. 000
i?00 1500 ?000 Includes hard dish transfer to run under
Workbench % Adjustable switches lor bnghtness contrast levels.
Full sizing menu ol scan area.
Y. ....I‘ «•»» n[ graphics & even otters 200 Dpi Dual Scan
Mode Screen grid overlay & configure menu to save parameters.
Icon menu to select functions.
X. Y position readout & metric sizes.
Save images in suitable format tor most leading packages including PHOTON PAINT. DELUXE PAINT, etc View window end position control panel Powerful partner lor DTP thal allows lor cul & paste editing ol Imsges etc. IUS DIG!
NElectrenicI 13 United Public D ' T h e i n n oval o r s THE BEST SELECTION OF PD IN THE UK !
.. I he Central Licenseware Register Commercial Quality programs at a PI) price !
To? Total concern geolog* mm.md wa m« taam at about r» roc**' 2 data *M • LWJ TOTAL CONCEPTS SOLAR SYSTEM A *4»rt .tj.VaWd ¦ CLEM A CHORD Taacftas you al m* c*om you xaad to ptay lb* I gwu bacoat* tna nail Enc Clapton'1 da* J 50 1 CUO' TOTAL CONCEPTS FRESHWATER FlSMINO Loam at I 'ratnwata* taNngl Comat on 2 *t*s 4.S0 • ¦ CLEM NiGHT sky *..i„f o.*. 1500 1U'» U . Can by ««o*iyad I aa aaa* bom any*’*'* on aartn' EoRanC 1 *a* J SO .
| CLEM WOMOS • LAOOCRS Oooa «a«r« cropr 1 aw 1 40 0 RASCALLY AAMGA Stunning real time videos, addictive arcade-quality games and superb cartoon slideshows are all up for grabs for next to nothing. Tony Horgan goes public.
Camcorded walk to some mystery destination You are taken down alleyways and through crowded streets You! Find out what it's all about eventually
- but I'm not going to tell you here.
The music is a Bit weedy, but it is better than the average soundtrack The graphics, however, are the best pail ol this demo - they are uncanmty tiendy tor an Amiga demo.
Available from: Visage Computers, 19 Station Road. Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 5LD.
Tel: 0602 444501. Disk no. D200.
Price: £2 (Including P.P). Requires 0.5 Mb Fast RAM. C'l'k- 242 dome Whether you like pretty pictures and technical trickery in your demos or not makes little difference Because 242 * bound to impress you anyway as it is packed with 170MBS ot digitised animation.
The demo is very strange to say the least At first, it looks like a fairly standard techno audio visual thing. But it soon turns out to be something a bit ditlerent Between the slogans and strobes it becomes apparent that you re being taken on a Yet more wonderful visuals come your way courtesy ot Pygmy Designs. It s best lo ignore the hardcorewith-wel-bits soundtrack, and get stuck into the graphics Things get going properly with a blindingly last session ot 3D landscape flights, taking you over hills and lakes which are made up trom lot ot little dots Then, there s the boxin-a-box
effect, which has concentric cubes twisting and gyrating within one another.
A series ol metamorphing logos are up next, and then it's time lor a Onlliant Manhattan skyline 3D zoom-trip ettect. Alter some standard vectors, there's another clever rendering ot a night time atyscape; this time seen trom a helicopter view It you wanl a dose ol good cutting edge effects, gel your copy ot Extensions ASAP.
Available from: Visage Computers, 18 Station Road, Ilkeston. Derbyshire DE7 5LD.
Tel: 0602 444501 Disk no. 204.
Price: £2 (Including P.P|. 3 WAYS TO STOP SMOKING animation NEURAL ASSAULT It you're really desperate to kick the habit, and you've tned all the usual methods ot giving up smoking, you may like to take a look at this for a lew ideas There are three rather extreme suggestions to choose trom, two ol which end in death, while the other will leave you with only one hand.
This one actually aroused a chuckle when I first booted it. Which is pretty good considering it was Monday morning Available trom: Visage Computers, 18 Station Road. Ilkeston. Derbyshire OE7 5LO Tel: 0602 M4501 Disk no A120. Price: E2 ,-flk (including P*P). Requires 1.5Mb RAM. RA-VA RABOULDIX gam* This Boulderdash done is one ol the mosl polished PD games we've seen loi a while. For a PD game it's quite well developed, with smooth scrolling, big levels, and a good selection ot aliens and traps The idea is that you tunnel through the levels. Picking up all the diamonds as you go.
AKIRA PICTURE DISK 2 slideshow The gravity introduces a puzzle element, as the boulders cascade into your path, killing you or blocking the passage In the playability stages, it lacks the unique feel ol the original, but It s a big enough game to keep you occupied lor some time Available trom: Cynostic PD. 25 Monks Road, Coventry, CV3 2BQ. Tel: 0203 613817. Disk no. G0179. RTTSk Price: C2 (Including P.P). zil n r a ¦ z i : -a cmmmn aremTft _ aa gxoq «ano«n©_ ' GROUND ZERO 4 CHANDOSRD REDLAND BRISTOL BS6 6PE ENGLAND TOP UTILITIES Cott) PKHflWO WARRIORS - PD wiaivaknt W Str«« Putter.
Fi J05 TOP Or 1MB LEAGUE - Br.li hnty raana*«i.cci rm c 0222 GNU i HliS - Dm bra TO Cbn |mc •••¦UMr NO! A»1 G2*2 MONACO • Lltm at 0* ct«iiu» arcade ru | n 0243 AO. ROUNDER - Cl cir» StinUm GlW DONKEY ICONO • Mmd to ito onjmai platfonncr. NOT UOOJ M-C'AD . CieMio A«W Drain. Pmpm U0» C Ugirr A fan** nnwJ RjyTrtOB* p Lil62 Sreffor.NKRAI OR Generate* Kfidpm hfc-l n««nttiaru '••ter clouds. K« mc. Incredible rmtlu UIQ2 AMKJATOX - Detktoo PubURuo* |*x.Ao*c UI37 ELECSn CAD - Cocvii Knd dr-roer 0142 PRFL PAINT - An pacta«c unuln * DrWu Pi t'154 AL WO ANIMATION Ai.ima.wt. Mu*o. Plw tound cHec:» m wk
*Mh the viwaU.
U t*n OH APHK.4 GAL I RY - Lean. Ho. To product 0131 P-SUTTV.
A300* I'Ml- 'MSP RCOOV«5 ButANM Take tn ihe Aie* Ml ** li GROUND ZERO GAMES 14 DKWor.
Owl GROUND ZERO OAMtvS IAU TUT MMKS ADVENTURE Math, .ma W*3 GAS TURBINE LNOINT Am-wnJ err* B0J7 POUR SrRDKE EMKNE - Mow of to u EO.W. STEAM ENGINE • M.kt jam.ir.1 ccpic- VM} HISTORY BOOK - Loadcaf tr.t an rWNcxy c4 wadMfMni GOO FRACTIONS rnnMsuhn LOM AM1GA7TR - Ajpomi) rawwn FAU6 A VISIT IT)THE RFJ) MiaNIT a g»ir WU4 TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS . All 0 NLY KO) TOTAL CONCEPTS ASTRONOMY - AD «. -»»3 » to IUI22 SpANWM fR fcNCH 0HRMANT1 ALCAN TUTORS • Bow UMMrMn pot* MORilYHMS CALCUIjVTOR W* U y»t* pcvvml hMHQhm fOBfe- 6012 fcVO t oll..« ihc rvuhitcn ol ri«« Irwa. 2" million j t *t FflOJ GRAVITY
SIMUI AlOR - IW» pr* 60*0 FAMILY HISTORY DATABASE - Fan.li tree pMMr lfl«‘ ELEMENTS • Cat-Rentedperiod* Ohe 6246 - NIBBLE WORLD GIDDY TOP DEMOS Dl*s STATE OP THE ART Tfccfear
1) 14?SONICHOC* • Coal MI27 MI28 JESUS ON ITS 12 DISKSi 17 toag
RHAPSODY V* Bi.L'E • l« v.
Ml JVM 134 NUTCRACKER SO III CL*jk*I MI2J KAOS THEORY • TS»c harduve imkv Ml IS TECHNO WARRIORS ¦ Raw tor 24 aua 004* LMGMA -The **•*¦« CM oo*n D14* PLANET grove • An Al200*dy Jcmo of U'* wmW AGA chip*' DU5 HFCt OF MIND • Pjeellen. Uw at »«an TK6 Moot AI2? DOLPHIN DREAMS BcmUo uMnno Ml MW GATES OF PAGAN • Intptfcd ramc dn* ACN3 S WAYS TO KlU. A MOLE T.n really PRICE PER DISK..... CATALOGUE DISK.
POSTAGE & PACKING....£0.75 L'I7J - ACCOI NT MASTER PrutrsMOnal pcra nal financr niunagti Very comprchcrtMvc. Wllh fcalurca :hal - match Ihc hill price commmcrciat j OUTSIDE UK..ADD 25% OF GRAND TOTAL TO COVER EXTRA POSTAGE COSTS.
WORLD CLASS PERIPHERALS FOR THE ACCELERATORS FOR AMIGA 1500 and 2000 FOR AMIGA 500 and AMIGA 500PLUS wwww RAM board ana an accelerator In*** is a tul Motorola 68030tc processor runnhg at 40»»t.
Making your Amiga taster man you thou** possible It* AMO. With a matvs co-processor, a up to 303 times taster man a standard A500' The new processor and 324* SIMMs « |Ora*d by up to 8** of 32 b« RAM which further enhances its performance Features Include
• StAeu 6S030EC Processor
• Up to&»32-bttMemory, h» fitted
• Cut Oft S»Hc*i For Game Competibitity
• Designer Styling lo Match the A500
• Dedicated Power Supply end Fan Unkke •* Many Competitor*
• Mini-slot lor Future Expansions
• Factory Installed Hard Disk a High Speed DMA SCSI Controller
Can Handle 7 Devices ASM HARD DRIVE A 40mm. ACCELERATOR mpMrgr*
An* tweed I GVP c*ar * range ol A150QA20CD ¦cWarttn ' BW1 u-p*,
amp me co-cnH-o- lor end Ultra Fast Access SCSI HO Up to Ol
FAST RAU MtnlsM tor Future j '¦ r-- JL Expansions I t Cut OH
Switch For Game sn**g w me* " *6fc . • C OwAScc I V _ .
Dedicated atm] ¦" • . High Speed DHA SCSI ConlroHei - £99 ~ Cad
Handle 7 Devices
- HOB. HARD DRIVES 42Mb 80Mb 120Mb £299 £399 £499 £249 £349 £399
spfcuiom «» QUANTUM: SAVE £65! -S’-..: as 030 25mhz 030 40mhz
42Mb 80Mb 120Mb £699 £799 £699 £499 £599 £699 GRAPHICS CARD
FOR A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 FOR ALL AMIGAS Otoe* * a My
toadied ¦ .-.I War*.
Afllf The MC8* hard card gum P can be used W nnMM your Amigsl RAM
• High Speed DMA SCSI Controller - Can HenOle 7 DeVcet ALL-IN-ONE
GRAPHICS CARO Othor A1200 cards claiming lo bo accelerators
only add maths coprocessors and extra RAM, wtaist the A1230
can provide both ot these PLUS an enhanced CPU This replacement
CPU upgrades the A 1200's existing processor with a 68030EC
processor running at 40MHz1 32-brt RAM and a maths co
processor can also bo added enhancing performance still further
The A1230 doesn't void your Amiga warranty, and e also
compatible with PCMCIA standard cards, not prevent mg their
SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOU PLEASE SEND A 64 PAGE AMIGA COLOUR CATALOGUE SILICA SYSTEMS "...T'N MAIL ORDER HOTLINE lH!j 081-309 1111 Tel (Work) Tel (Home): Which computer ), if any, do you own?
PD (ITIUHES With more utilities than Batman’s belt, here comes Tony Horgan with another round-up of the more serious side of the public domain.
DISKMASTER III t* dm m » al »wi, me. Asm*. Mm, m» aum ouor* i~Z .'..'Zl Z _ZZ 1 x disk cataloguer Putting order into a collection ot floppy disks is an uphill struggle, but Diskmaster eases the burden Its pnmary use is to keep track ot which tiles are on which cksks This means you II have to lead it every one ot your disks, and let it read the directories so it can add them to its kst. YouH also need to repeal the process every so often with any new daks you've created or altered. Another ot its uselul features Is that it you've run out ol space on your current disk, it can tell you which
ol your other disks has sufficient tree space to save the current tile. To get the most out ot Disk Manager, you've got to be organised enough lo keep the database updated It you can handle that, it should prove a useful addition to your colection.
Available horn: Cynostic PD, 25 Monks Road. Coventry, CVS 2BO.
Tel: 0203 613817. Disk no. U0214. Price: £2.00 including P.P yTTbi Memory 512K. Compatibility: All Amigas. I ElUiaa) - I (wr.it dstakase: llhtitiHl Itstes: Seas Bisk MAGNUM VI.7 diakmag creator Diskmags arc everywhere al the moment. Some have trendy demos and shiny metallic interfaces. WhSe others are little more than a collection ot ReadMe files thrown onto a dak It you want to get in on the act. But don't have the programming skills to create your own interface. Magnum can help you out.
The Magnum program isn't really a diskmag creator, it's more ol an editable diskmag To turn this into your own mag. All you need to do is replace the text tiles with those ol your own. Include your own graphics (so long as they're NTSC sue rather than PALI, and MED. OctaMED or Tracker tiles can be played in the background The central controller program ® along the lines ol the interfaces used by Grapevine and Raw It's not as sophisticated as some, but it's tar easier to use than others An excellent option tor budding diskmag editors.
Available Irom: Cynostic PD. 25 Monks Road. Coventry. CV3 2BO. Tel 0203 613817. Disk no. U0207. Price: C2.00 Including L-trR
P. P. Memory: 1Mb Compatibility: All Amigas. ' ¦tSil* fa: sir
¦esi: ¦!
Kassist disk far files... DPEG ISP pirtura convertor (WB2-S- only) DJPEG is a simple picture file convertor It can load JPEGs and save them out as either IARGA PPM or GIF tiles but strangely there's no IFF support Because of this, it II be of most use to anyone who needs to convert tiles tor systems other than the Amiga Should this be expanded to load and save the whole range ol ourrent picture tile formats, including IFF. DJPEG could become a very popular utility, as it’s a breeze to use with its simple lile requestor andirons It s ashamerts onh f-a" way then Available from: 17 Bit.
1st Floor Otticos, 2 8 Market Street.
Wakefield. West Yorks.
Wft 1DH Tel: 0924 366982. Disk no 2700.
Price: £2.00 including
P. P Memory. 1Mb Compatibility: Workbench $ |)% Jwi I fcOel Tsm, '
MvOtm U JL&eJ tmrtiu aMiq Jta-t «ttwrat « _Jh» No. (MdiNlan
Hm». M « «J?
IBS FRONTIER THE FINAL ISSUE 5 diskmag Okay, so it's not a utility, but I thought I'd mention it as we re on the subject ot Slat Trek. It s a lour-disk mag that's packed with all sorts ot articles and pictures about the world's lavourrte sci-ti series Bjorn Lynne supplies the sounds, and a cast ot penty supply the rest in one ol the slickest disk mags around. A must tor Star Trek fanatics.
Available Irom: Cynosllc PD, 25 Monks Road, Coventry. CV3 2BO. Price £7 Including P*P Memory: 1M0. Compatibility: gA( All Amigas. * NEXT GENERATION WORKBENCH allaraatlva workbench WB2+ only) T rek Ians can now jazz up their Workbench with Ihis customised Next Generation version It's petty much the same as a normal Workbench disk, but comes with a sprinkling ol Next Generation sounds and graphics There's a Starfleet Command backdrop, and an extra disk with sound samples Irom the senes Disk changes are acknowledged by bleeps and warbles, and there's a nice alternative speech synthesiser that's
a bit easier to understand than the old Amiga voice There's also a screen saver that draws petty pat terns while you're not using the computer Available Irom: Gary Burdekin. 18 Station Road. Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 5LD. Tel: 071 281 2748. Price: £2.00 Including f TT* P+P. Memory: 1 Mb. Compatibility: Workbench 2 and above.
ASSASSINS A1200 FIX compatibility utilitios » Trying to get old software to run on a 1200 can be a big problem, but now the renowned PD game compters Assassins have put together a disk ol all tne best PD A1200-compatible uMMs This is what you get: A1200 RUN Mil AGA. Degrader, Run It. Fake Memory. Fake Fast. Full view. Kkkstad 1.3 patcher. And specitic A1200 tixes lor Heimdall. Speedbatl 2, Last Nm a 3 and Shadowlands. Even with all that lot you won’t be guaranteed compatibility with older software, but you'll stand a much better chance ot getting things running Available Irom: Roberta Smith
DTP. 190 Falloden Way. Hampstead Garden Suburb. London, Nwt 1 6JE. Tel: 081 455 1626. Disk no.
UT600. Price: £1.40 Including P.P. Memory: 2Mb.
Compatibility: A1200 A4000. *' FROM SILICA SYSTEMS - THE UK’s No1 AMIGA SPECIALISTS CHASE AMIGA 1200 PACK NEW! - RACE AMIGA 500plus AMIGA 600 CARTOON CLASSICS STANDALONE f FROM I SILICA i rue Oei SOFTWARE PACK .jg ZOOL is the software pack . Of the year. It includes: 2ool‘ Tren*write. Pinball Dreams and Striker - t 3 Value £127.92. All Amigas from Silica (excluding A600 Sfand- 1VHC3K&1toJalone and Amiga 4000) ¦ I include a FREE ZOOL % Peck *• "ell as GFA Basic end Photon Paint II.
XDL • (¦••or" T0« at »* y«» »7% *r»g« Caro • *» W £25.99 IANSWRITE - wtW'rocwwWSe-CNww £49.95 NBALL DREAMS-t*«*Sm**» w AU .Saw* £25.99 ’RIKER - Soxw Sm«n» »r CU Amg» Juw 10 £25.99 ZOOL PACK: £127.92 :A BASIC V3.5-*-*uB«cP**»r*flu-9-9.... £50.00 10T0N PAINT II m nAoi»m«BP»ay... £89 95 TOTAL VALUE: £267.87 WORTH OVER £265 CDTV ADD-ON FOR A500 or A500wa AMIGA 1200 RACE n’ CHASE + HARD DISK (O OFFICIAL UPGRADE AMIGA 1500 HOME ACCOUNTS 4- 540 6: 120 .£2099 &“2Jf-£2199 p Stf lor Enfianctd Graphcs 9lCPU«AWExpno iSkll Strut 03 SWU«s51».
I4ifc PC Cards : KiOaifl «T ifftyu Nut»i : rellOEHMDrM E3 (CS.VAT)
• mor*ha after t u»»ng year Atwga. *ftan you
• JdtKn* perefwraH or Mftware. Or Mp and at»rca
• pLatfaao A*td. ¦¦ tha corpany you tvy fcw" fcnaacl aA* of n*.
Produda? At Saca SyMami, •• e-oore that
• noewg 10 wt*ry tfovt Wa nava Been mat*ehed *» ¦an, we are
Arriga apecotatt and ate a Contvdye t mated fo »o«. Jth speoal
reduad price Amioa offers as wl as fletafc on all Muga softeare
and pe'tpnerals
• PAYMENT: Vrt accept rwj major cr«d« cards, cash. CftNtre or
maimiy firms iAPRTm -arnan*!
Company Name (if applicable): Address:.
SILICA SYSTEMS Wiccmpesicrscn a-Same product-Same pne -law BUSHED U YEARS: re a trovtn track record m professional computer safes WIL IQN TURNOYER (wrth 60 ttmfi): Postcode: .. Tel (Work): TW (Home): ---------------------------------- Which computer)*). If any, do you own? .. E«06 • Ador fl pneaa and foacanx y ttam» FwwimwtM The i Ionic Ot 20 in Now that you've had a chance to tinker with Advantage you've probably realised that a s a rea»y huge program thalll take time to master Advantage otters you integrated database management and graphic fannies, a tbrary
ot preconfigured spreadsheet templates and optimised output to any preferences device. Why tinker with these powerful routines when you can master them with ease by getting hold ol the manual? Learn how to run multiple spreadsheets and multiple views of individual ones, how to data link, how to construct time-saving macros, and how to optimise the other user-definable functions. This manual can be yours for just £19.95. In addition to mis excellent offer. Gold Disk are also ottering CU AMIGA'S readers me chance to upgrade to Prolessional Calc, the successor to Advantage This improved version
sports a new user interface with full Are" macro support, enabling no! Only internal programs but also more effective graph output. You can assign programs to cells which can then be run with a simple double-click. The graphics functions are some of the best available with the capability ot producing presentation-quality artwork A truly prolessional package Just fil in the coupon to me right and send it to Silica Systems, whol process your order and despatch a copy within 28 days Remember, these oilers are exclusive lo CU AMIGA - you won! Find them anywhere else PLEASE ALLOW 21OAYS f OR
DELIVERY Please pest Ip: MxMtagifPioCilc Offer. Silica Systems. 1-4 The Mtm. Hattiertey
DM. Merry, (eat MM 40X Tel: ST MS 1111 Please send me espies ol
Itie A4»«spe manual a 1S.K par copy Please inf on capi« of
ApPooalpaol Ok* E4S.SI por copy .roade payable Is Sutca
Alternatively. I woeia like to pay Py ACCESS VISA My cart Ho. ......EsplryDats.. Ploasa supply craOlt card holder's address il dlttonot trom address listed beloa.
NAME: .. ADDRESS: . POSTCODE: SIGNATURE CU AMIGA AMIGA OFFERS MEMORY UPOl Want to boost the power of your Amiga? Then look no further, as we’ve put together a sensational deal with a leading distributor to offer you a series of memory upgrades at unbeatable prices. And, if you’re looking to upgrade your mouse, check out our own replacement mouse at a super low price.
A600 UPGRADE A600 UPGRADE WITH CLOCK £39.99 Unleash the hidden power ol your machine with a memory upgrade. With more and more applications requinrtg a minimum ot 1Mb ot RAM, can you afford NOT to upgrade your machine's memory?
We've negotiated a series ol cut-price deals on a range of top quality memory upgrades to ensure you get the best possible value lor your money.
For A500 owners there's a 512K expansion board to boost your machine up to the magic Megabyte.
A500» owners can get their hands on a VjMb upgrade to expand their machine to 1 V2Mb, or opt for a 1 Mb board to give them a 2Mb wonder machine. For the A600. There's a 1Mb RAM upgrade complete with clock, so you'll be able to catalogue your tiles by date All the boards are populated and are titled via the trapdoor, so you won t invalidate your warranty. It that's not enough they even come with a lull 12 months' guarantee.
So what’s it going to cost? Not as much as you might think! Take a look at these prices...
• A500 upgrade costs only £14.50
• A500 upgrade with dock costs only £17.99
• The 1 2Mb A500. Upgrade works out at only £17.99
• The 1 MO A500- board costs a minuscule £22.99
• A600 upgrade costs just £39.99 or without the dock a mere
£24.99 The best thing about the otter is that all these prices
INCLUDE POSTAGE AND PACKING! For less than the cost ot a
full-price game you can transtorm your Amiga into a super
machine. Don’t delay, fill in the form opposite NOW!!
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Whether you’re after a step-by-step guide to Dpaint, or want to know more about one of our recent coverdisks, then this is the place to look.
Over the next 32-pages you’ll comprehensive tutorials and guides to some of the most popular programs on the ISSUE 10 OCTOBER 1993 164 Delving deeper imo Ihe mysteries lhat are Dpaint, Peter Lee snows how you can put some life imo your malchslick doodlings.
Laurence Stephen Lowry eal your heart out!
170 'IDSO TtTLKK Want to make a video but don'l have access to a camcorder? Jim Strutton shows how.
172 GETTING TO GRIPS Alter our Pacman Scramble tributes. Dave Smithson turns his attention lo anolher arcade lavourile - Asteroxts Learn how lo program your very own AMOSwroids clone in our step-by-step guide 174 IYPERBOOK Delving ever deeper Into our Hyperbook giveaway. Jason Holbom explores some ot the program's more complex features 176 00 IT YOURSELF Danger! Danger' The man with the soldering iron is back and this lime he's playing God.
Yap, CU AMIGA'S very own mad scientist.
John Kennedy, bnngs you part two ot his ' lyrild-your-own-robot series 178 QUESTIONS AND it you've got a question, we ve got the answer CU AMIGA'S very own Magnus Pike. Mat Broomfield attempts lo soothe your computer conundrums and solve your programming problems and womes 180 Making all Ihe right connections. John Armltage plugs into the electronic highways and byways of the Comms network and gives you a step-by-step guide to logging on to a bulletin board 184 ADVANTAGE Spreadsheets don't have to be boring. David Ward gels to gnps with last month's coverdisk. Gold Disk's Advantage, and sets
up his very own personal finance organiser 190 BACKCHAT If you've ever wondered whal a nuclear bomb gomg off in your face is like, ask John Malher. As ha lakes the fallout from this month’s batch ol readers' letters 104 POINTS OF VIEW AnxX promised to revolutionise the way we use the Amiga, but hardware manufacturers have ignored its potential and tailed to build in Arexx compatibility. Jason Hoiborn asks why this should be.
If animation features are the superstars of Deluxe Paint, then Anim brushes are the supporting cast; they can either make or break your Amiga movie.
This month CU’s Peter ‘Spielberg’ Lee puts them in the spotlight and shows how to get them dancing One* you've mastered the basics ol Dpaint s animation features, you'H soon find that your ambitions begin to stretch.
Deluxe Palnl is |ust the program you need because if ever a program made dreams come true, it's Deluxe Patnl This month we unearth more ol its secrets by focusing on its animated brushes which ofter the kind of fancy footwork which can transform an OK' sequence into something Ml make you go WOW BASICS An Anim brush is a totally different breed from a standard Dpaint brush Look on It as a mlni-anima- bon which can be painted on screen just like a normal brush. Although you can only see one image at a time as you move the brush around the screen, as soon as you begin to paint, however, the
different 'cells' which make up the Anim brush are painted In turn. But how do they get there in the first place ? Read on... PICKING IT UP An Anim brush is a sequence of multiple imaggs held in the computer's memory. So. You first of all have to create a range of images which, when played back, will give the impression ot movement This is done by animating a series of frames, as we've been doing for full-screen animations It may help to imagine an Anim brush as a small window cut out from a complete animation sequence You can create your lull-frame sequence by using the move requestor on an
object over a number ot frames (text spinning around, lor example), or by copying and amending an image by hand as in the style ol cartoons We've covered the ube of the move requestor fully, but there are differences in technique for hand-created animations depending on whether you are using Dpaint III or IV.
Here's how you would draw a multi-frame animation based on editing a single drawing First of all.
Create the number of blank frames the sequence will span Use Ihe spare screen as your scratchpad for creating the first image, then cut it out as a brush and paste this into frame 1 of your animation and move to frame 2 (which is blank) Switch back to your spare screen and prepare to add movement by subtly altenng your original drawing In Dpainl III you will find it easier to call on the wide range ol protective functions offered by the program For example, background fix ot stencil will allow you to safely amend original drawings, preserving the original until you free it. In any event. If
you make a real hash ol it. Remember you always have the starling image in frame 1 as a safety net.
Owr b. mental- groaning fanWyt) la brought to Iha with mo admoon or thrao Anim bruahaa, aach allowing a characlar lo mova. Only Margo and Uaa ara atuca lor aomomhig lo do, but glva ma Uma.
PENCIL TESTING For a quick pencil test (that's tech-speak for a dummy flip through of the work in progress) go to the animation sequence and hit key 2 to cycle through the frames as fast as you Ike. By pressing 2 and 1 you can move backwards and forwards to get a feeling of how things are going In Dpainl IV, life is simplified in some ways by the inclusion of the Light Table: a feature which mimics a technique which professional cell animators use called onion Skinning. (Onion skinning is a buiz-word which describes the ability to see through a number of consecutive frames as it they were
transparent) This allows lor real control of object placing and editing.
BRUSH WORK Time to join the main stream ol the article now you have your animation sequence doing |ust what you want Now's the time lo dp out that all-important Anim brush which youH be using as part of a bigger and better sequence.
Nothing could be simpler: go to the Anim pulldown menu, highlight Anim Brush Pick Up and your cursor will turn into a full screen crosshair.
Position the crosshair at the top left of the area you want to pn* up as an Anim brush, dick the left mouse button and drag out a rectangle to encompass the whole sequence Remember: your chosen portion of animation might take up more screen area on subsequent frames than the one you're currently cutting from Allow enough area around the edges to catch all the movement you want, otherwise you'll miss bits off The Arum brush is not too bright because it will pick up the selected area Irom every frame in the current animation For example, if you had created five frames of movement on a 20-frame
sequence, it would pick up dips from all 20 frames, leaving you with an Anim brush of five images and IS black holes Not dever. So always make sure the number of frames is corred before you pick up an Anim brush: delete the redundant ones beforehand.
Dpainta only real control over an Anim brush is the handy Anim brush settings requestor, which allows you to specify the duration ol the brush, the starting cell number, and the direction the brush should play' when it’s painted down Anim brush duration is effectively a speed control: if you have a duration figure larger than the number of actual arUmabon frames, the Anim brush will appear to slow down To speed it up. Iust make the duration smaller than the number of frames.
The three direction buttons allow you to paint your Anim brush forwards, backwards or In a ping-pong fashion TIP-once you have captured your Anim brush, you can see exactly what s in it by keeping your finger on the 7 key. This cycles through the images in the brush Abon: E»-«y-*ddk w*'r» not going to win tho Wortd Cup; but who earn? Stay at homa and animata. This aaquanea haa thraa diatlnct aactlona. For a start, tha bail is ttsslf an Anton brush. I |ust rotatsd a soccar bail around 360 dagraas on a 10- trama animation and cut It out as an Anim brush.
Tha CU logo is anothsr brush, which I revolved 300 degress over 30 frames and clipped it out as - you've guessed It - an Anim brush. Using a line of tart. I animated tha bal across tha screen In a 20-frame animation and I manually delated tha tart which had not been revealed' on a frame-by-frame basis. Then I picked this all up as one Anim brush.
So now we have our ingredients: a soccer-plsyor background on a 20-frame animation, an Anim brush of a revolving bal uncovering a line of tart and tha Anim brush of the CU logo. The only unusual pari In adding these elements together was In stencilling everything out, eicept the background colour. When I placed the CU logo to keep It behind the footballer.
REMEMBER: by using the move requestor with ad the parameters set to zero. Dpaint wtd draw your Amm brush In one spot, frame by frame. This Is how I placed the CU logo and ball Anim brush.
TIP-You are allowed one Anim brush AND one static brush in memory at once. It you have an active Anim brush, and then dip out a normal piece ot artwork, you can access erther by right clicking on the toolbar- s brush icon.
BRUSH UP ON SOME TRICKS Anim brushes are treated by Dpaint just as it they were static brushes with the added attraction ot movement. It you have an Amm brush active and paint on screen with it. The senes ot images which make up the mini-animabon will be painted in sequence. The same is true with all the drawing tools; Irom circles to rectangles.
To get the most out ot this leature you'll have to be able to control the spacing requestor, which we covered in an earlier tutorial. The spacing register is called up by right dicking on the line icon in the toolbox menu. Activating N Total or Nth dot tields allows you to paint your Anim brushes at specific intervals. So. Lor instance, it you have a 10-cell Anim brush and set the N total field to 10. Every line you draw on screen with the Anim brush active would have your whole Anim brush sequence painted along its path, regardless of whether the line was short or long. This gives some
amusing effects, but nothing practical in terms ot animation.
To get the most out of the Anim brush and Spacing combination you need to be able to paint an Anim brush over multiple animation Irames.
There’s a simple way to do this. If you have an Anim brush active, a number of animation frames ready and waiting and a drawing function selected (line, circle or whatever), then by keeping the left Amiga (A) key pressed as you draw, Dpaint will advance a Irame ot animation and a cell from the Anim brush automatically and paint it down.
Using this technique you can give paths to Anim brushes. A man walking on the spot in an Anim brush can be made to cross the screen during an animation, or a plane with a revolving propeller can fly by. Anim brushes give you the chance to place movement within a moving sequence and used imaginatively they will bring your work to life. R?7) BRUSH UP ON BEES... Here's o neot flight of foncy which polk together severed techniques end brings them to life with Ihe addition of an Anim brush.
The bee is o five-cel Arim orush, where the winas tie in dtfferent positions in eadi tel, Rtsl of al, to moke It* Aim brush I drew the plump body and head on frame one of a five-home anmotion end then I copied this to the other lour frames. Hext, madden on the spare screen, I drew a thequerboori ptflem of white and Uonl dots, very ahemote dot wos the sometolour os the Background colour and therefore invisible, so Its wotdd jve die appearance of transparency when painted on top of an existing image. Usingthe 'brush option' in tbe fl requestor domed me to select the Med fieehax! Tool and draw
wins fivtn- ious stages of fight. These wings were Wed With o checked pattern. Using cut and paste front lie spore screen to consecutive cels, it was simply a matter of ploang the wings in fa right order onto the bee's body in the arwmtion sequence.
Being able to see Strough the wings oddedig neat touch o( reofcm. I added a background wing in a stghtfy different way.
First of ail I daHcened ihe original transporent-fil colour to a aid grey aid drew the fifed shapes directly onto the animation frames. Using the Anim Brush M lip ptdhdovm menu option, I pedced up the bee and deleted the five original frames.
Remember to save your Anim btusb ol this point lor future use or editing.
I wonted o rrini-sworm of Ihe insects buzzing across screen, so I created a 20-frame blank onimation as o starting point. By ri tl clicking on the line tool I accessed Ihe spacing requestor and changed the H total to 20 vdich is fie same as the animation frame court. I octivaled the selection by diddno in the N total box. This would use the length of a tne to space out 20 images taken from successive cats in the Anim brush. Wrilh my finger pressing the M Amiga key and ihe fate tool sdiected, I dragged out various paths across the length of the screen antf notched Anim point lie Anim brush
along the direction I'd drawn.
I changed the angle petiodicalh to give a sense of rondorrmess. I also flpped the Anim brush m the X (done (key x) so I could have bees DyingTram right to left too. Six bees seemed plenty.
Now to addthe background. Switdhng to die spore page I drew o simple hexagon and designed a bocktbop. Addmg the 20- frtme anxnation to this should be second nolure to you now. Go lo lie anwnolion sequence, sefect Merge Behind from ihe Spare pul-down menu ond select al frames. Yoix design from the spare page now becomes the background to the flying bees animation. I wanted some foreground interest loo, so by using the transparent dtequerboard fH in the hexagons ond (facing them in ddferenl locations I wos able to use the Spare Merge In Front option lo overprint the existing animation. Now the
bees fly over the sold patterns aid behind the transparent ones.
STRICTLY PD. Dept CU. 11 YORK PLACE. NR BRANDON HILL, HOTWELLS. BRISTOL BS1 5UT AUSTRALIA those marked with V lie also compatible w.th the AbOO (.) And A600 Keeping Public Domain at Strictly Public Domain Prices USEFUL UTILITIES ¦ GAMES & EDUCATION LATEST DISKS Uun tata-lMMVvMoftaorMBpysaaBOMi UUIM MW (4 Ata)-T atOBpPtiKMtaPbta UUHITrU-lMw MnMI UM4 CuSop*1 A Art erf i» man Ow%»« «fk USJT kehwVlKearVlO-AiFoaem* WtwlvtlMMm ¦ Ml.
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ImimAai’ MTU lm - AITV Vm7P.ro- MTU TMQMI* MTU b*MMV MTM MMMi*
We now have FRED FISH 1-750 The onimolion light table is one of
DelutePainl IV s more professional touches This excellent light
Toble enables you to moke a series of Anim frames transpar enl;
which meons that you con see earlier ond Inter frames ghosted
on the some screen os if you were working on clear celluloid;
the traditional movie ani motor's finol medium.
Once you hove set up o series of animation fromes.
The best woy to access the light table is through Dpainl Ivs Anim control panel The control panel is another innovation with this version and is accessed with on Alt a joint keypress or directly from the Effects pull down menu.
You oclivate the light tohle by clicking on the light bulb icon and it immediately ghosts the previous home behind your currently displayed frame.
Clicking on the N icon shows the next frame in the sequence, so depending on how much information you can cope with on screen al once, you con have either or both selected.
While in the light table, all normal drowing tools ore available, which makes it very easy to draw the in between frames on o start ond end onimation If you con see where on object was on o previous screen, you can then position it on the current screen with extreme core and precision.
NOTE Even though you hove so much information on screen when using the Light Toble, Dpainl n always aware of which is your current screen Try picking up a brush; no matter how many ghosts ore on there ond all you'll end up with is the image from your currently active screen.
Brilliant or whot?
CARVE UP A wy simple Anim brush brings this sequence lo Be. Thing five frames, I drew o jigsaw in various lengths as K moved up and down. Iwing this up as on Anim brush and Anim naming over a wooden background I gave l)» impression of a sow tul. I added lhe octal tut lines oftec the Anim pointing, frame oy fronts, dwn I added a ten-frame sequence of lhe lower hoH of die image fnlng down to complete lhe lusion. So, rs Irue, one liny Aim brush does moke o deference to you wock.
Life's 1 tread- A Dpainl Ivs Light Table gives you the hind ol X-ray vision all animators long lor Traditionalists use clear cells or see- through tracing paper to Chech vrhat they ve already drawn Dpainl does this tor you. And as you can see it paints onscreen the history ol your animation. It also paints the luture ol the animation, it you want to see tho up coming Irame. The light Table can be invohed Irom the animation control panel al the bottom ol the screen or by a pull-down menu option (The figures I used lor this e«amplc are Irom the Real Things Humans set ol Dpainl Anim brushes lor
more Information ring RGB Studios on 0825 732 666 NEXT MONTH In lhe next instalment ol Peter Lee's Dfloinlseties he'll be rounding off the Anim brush theme. This will include o speciol feature for users ol Dpainl IV as Peter will show you how lo get the most out of the stunning brush melomorph option ond how painting modes ond effects ron be used to give exciting results lo onimolions. For those owners ol AGA machines who ore still trying lo gel grips with the new Dpainl this should help you get the most from this stunning point pockoge.
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%SUAX 2 OENSAMUg)i& SAMPLES 6S5~C*XS»CfQC*EAT& USSB'GWHCCCMSTIOT LM7-TEXT PIUS W Ml 0 STAR TREK ANIM AGATRON VOL 1-38 L868-«Xftco«rcr0H) L«o-Pcn«flarMj L5f •MAGNETIC PAGES jA) 1664 •new super klleriaj PRICE & HOW TO ORDER yu mi mu usr cataiogui mm lYtEY OEDIE Ot MAS WTTM I STAMP POSTMt-7Op per order (Europe add 25p per disk (or P&P) (Worldwide odd 50p per disk PSP) Metre PO er CHEQUE yablm ft FIVE ETAM PO Aend ft f- DISK CATALOGUE Joed J m I cfau rt I (kM« W). We rerro ted Mm disk tftdefw ec H ceefefeed fuff dbcWpffee • ever NN» dbJri A sped effers A feeds • feedfet This month, Jim
Stratton looks at creating a title sequence for your video production and how you can make i complete video without even so much as even touching a camcorder.
VIDEO TITLING mi YOUR AMIGA flgw» 1: TM man Ml • If you need to put mofe man one or two pages ol titles into your video, the whole thing can be a bitolamal What you need is a tool that wil organise the graphics and do me hard work lor you Lights! Camera! Action! (LCA| is exactly the software that you need LCA can organise graphics using bom lo res and hi-res formal graphics. You can incorporate any pictures you want with LCA once they are convened lo lo res To conven your pictdres you can use either The Art Department program, which was tree with the May issue ot CU AMIGA, or you could
convert your pictures in Deluxe Paint There are some drawbacks, though, with LCA: you cannot use HAM. AGA or any over scan pictures and it a important to remember that all the graphics should use the same palette ot else the colours will look terrible when you change Irames.
UT'S GET STARTED To access LCA load up a copy ol the VrOeoTitler disk and then double dick on me LCA Icon in the disk directory Alter the sign-on messages have finished you will see an empty LCA project In tl e centre ol this program box art lour areas Irame number, time. Irame and action. Frames zero and one are created automatically for you. Because You must always have a start and end Irame as a minimum lot any project The lour control buttons at the bottom right ol the box are insert a Irame. Edit a Irame. Delete a frame and dear the whole protect Be very careful with me last control
button because even though it does give you a warning, one slip ol lhe mouse and you've lost al your hard work.
First ol an. Go to the insert a frame box Choosing insert' will place a new Irame before the Irame that you want to seled Start by selecting mis previous Irame. End Black", by ckcKing on it with lhe let! Mouse button Now ckek on the insert button and you should see a new Irame called
• "Blank"' Click to select it and then ekck on me edit button You
will now see a new screen like the one in Figure one I have
captioned ttvs, so you can see whal the various controls do To
make the Irame do something, you dick on the blank button in
the top-lelt corner Select the show still' option Irom mis menu
and then release the button Click on the He: box and use the
requestor to select a graphic that you know to be lo-res. Set
me 'time: box' to 10 and dick on OK.
Now enter Right- Amiga 'P' to play back your sequence or use the play once' option Irom (he video pull-Oown menu. You should see a black screen followed by your selected picture, followed by fade- to a-black screen. Click the left mouse button to gel the main screen back. Once you get it to work, add another Irame Seled the last Irame and dick on insert as the new Irame is always put belore the one you have selected Now you can edit your new Irame. Try some ol the block:' and MVP ' functions at the bottom ol the screen The possSktitles are endless lor your frame For example, you can change
the speed ot the events or you could even change the starting position ol Irames by dicking on the various options and seleding Irom the menus. The combi- nabons are numerous: so expenment lor a while.
Once you have finished experimenting, dick on me dear button to erase the frames and get back to a clean protect Insert a new Irame as belore and open up the edit dialogue Select the option 'play Amm irom the top left box and then select a suitable lo res animation. Cfick the OK button and then play back the sequence as belore. You should see the animation play once and then me familiar black screen Edit the Irame again and this time change the values m the speed and repeat boxes.
II you change the number in me Irame: box. You can change the start Irame in the animation.
You cannot judge exactly when the animation wi» start, because ol the time n takes to load However, mere Is a way around this. First ol al.
Dear the project, add two blank Irames, open lhe first Irame lor editing and select the load bull option Then change the Dul: box' to 1 and then select your animation Me. Now edit the next frame.
Select play Anim. But instead of a file, change the but: box' to 1. Make any speed and repeat changes you want and then dick on OK. Play the sequence back and note the difference, you will see a black screen untH the animation plays and then the animation will run Irom memory You can add lo this effect by putting a still graphic as the first Irame lor about 20 seconds This will be displayed while the animation loads in the background To do mis you can use the bulters numbered Irom one to ninety nine, assuming you have enough memory. Butler zero, however, is used by the system to load
everything else, so leave that alone You can load stills or animations into butters, so you could use a buffer to load a base graphic that you were going to come back to several times You can even load a series ol animations into a single butter using lhe append butf option, but watch your memory.
The color bars' option also provides a useful set-up screen lor your presentation The loop point option identifies the Irame mat you want to loop back to when the script reaches the end, but it only works if you select run loop' Irom the menu. II you wanl me script to pause at a point, then add a pause Irame.
Having mastered all these little tricks, how do you go about using it to create your video masterpiece? The professional way is lo edit the video shots, time the sequences and then set up LCA With the times lor each frame However, you can cheat by creating a sequence ol graphics and then running the script under manual contrr Right Amiga* M'.
Which means lhal Ih changes only occur as you click Ihe mouse II you need black screen as a break in your sequence, just leavr II as a Blank frame Any relereno lo SG In Ihe program it tor Digital Creations SuperGen Genlock, which is only available in the USA.
HOW TO MAKE AN INFORMATION VIDEO End Black-”, by clicking on a with Iho MI mouoo button.
Thon Iho odn option monu wta The hot subject in the AVPG (Amiga Video Producers Group) at the moment is the creation ot information videos These are low cost productions that consist ol a series ot graphic frames and short animations lasting two and three minutes which are then repeated on a long tape You create these productions by designing me graphics and animations and then load them mo LCA aa a scnpl Ideally, it should all run from memory after loading, or the disk drive could wear Itsell out.
I lllf N) ' Il tl 1*1 LATC eOOKZNC rt.IKCiUMf To make your own information video you must, first ot all. Connect a GenLock ot PAL encoder to a VHS VCR.
Ideally with a Long Play or LP option Now put in a good-quality tour-hour tape and just loop the script, leaving it to record tor eight houts on IP These tapes are then ideal tor use In a store window, overnight or during the day tor a moving display A TV and VCR should not cost too much, or any hm shop coted supply the equement A quality tape w* play 100 ernes before the wear is noticeable, so it has a Me ol about three months Rather than producing copies otter an update service with a new tape every month Charge to set up the graphics information and then charge less tor each update The
going rate is Irom £200 tor the initial tape and about £70- £80 tor each update TGWrnJ® otisr You may not make enough money to retire, but you can surely make a good contribution to your equipment budget Start off by making a demo tape Keep it short, keep it punchy and above all make sure you use your very best graphics Loan, don't give this tape to prospective users Leave it with them tor a couple of days before gong to col led It and ask then what they think It you hit the big time, make sura you write and tell ua at CU AMIGA. -Jf, NEXT MONTH Next month, we will be covering basic video
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bal commentary PROGRAMMING millions of ghosts around a maze
doesn’t really appeal to you, then why not have yourself a
blast with the fabulous Dave Smithson’s latest creation -
Pixel violence rules ok!
PSEUDOCODE LISTING START Of LOOP Set store lo wo. Wiofee postal ol odenafc Aldesiortcrfmoingonel diedtldejoyslitfihas been pushed up. Down left or righf « » hos. Updo* the position of the spaceship oaotdngly ll the joystick hos been posted up to fa positions of al eight asteroids died if a missile nos been fired? II it has, move missile If it hasn't, cherk il the lire button has been pressed?
Generate a new missile ot ship's position.
Has d* mkssie struck «i asteroa’ If it has; lemow both asteroid and missde Add 50 to your store Has die score r«n above o multiple of 1,000’If S hos, nrease speed ol asteroids.
Hos an asteroid collided with the player s ship? II it hos; endgame.
End[gome if it redraws oil sprites and bobs Wait [or verti- loopuntd gome Mk sk any would-be games programmer what 11 type ol game they would most like to write Aand chances are you II get the same answer over and over again - a shoot 'em up Even in these days ot complex strategic simulations that take months to complete, the good old shoot am up is still the number one choice amongst budding Amiga games programmers Perhaps it has something to do with the tact that the shoot 'em up delivers such instant gamespiaylng pleasure Or maybe it s because we still en|oy blasting the hell out ol
puehsed baddies' PART AMOS Having already taken a good long look at PacMan. This month we move our attentions to the shoot 'em up which uses a very simple Wast everything in sight arcade game called AMOSteroids as a demonstration The basic idea is to write an arcade game that is as last and as turious as possible without getting too bogged down in code, r Sounds impossible? Don ! You believe it AMOS moids (which, incidentally, you ! Lind on this month's covet cfcsk) was wiitten in under a day .. using nothing mote than a sound sampler (tor grabbing sound eltectsl. A copy ol Deluxe Paint
4 (tor designing sprites and bobs) and ot course that all important ingredient. AMOS The version that you'll find on the coverdisk has been compiled tor that extra spurt ol speed (some thing that Is definitely needed when writing arcade games) using the AMOS Pro Compiler THE BARE BONES So how does it work? Well, the best way to design . And code a game like AMOSteroids is to start by drawing up a game plan AMOSteroids isn't very complicated at all; the basic idea is to pilot a space i ship through an asteroid field by either avoiding the : on-coming asteroids or by simply shooing your way S
through using your ship s laser cannon. In order to make this a reality, we need a number ot basic ingredients. Here is our shopping list... Tha Player's Ship - This will be an animated butter object that can move around the screen under joystick control I had originaly intended that the ship would only be able lo move up and down the screen However, I changed this when I realised that the game would be much more playable it you had complete control over the sNp along both the X and V axis Asteroids - Lots ol 'em. In reality, I eventually decided upon a maximum ot eight asteroids, al ol which
could be moving on screen at once. Ok. To It doesn't sound Ike a lot. But the beauty ot AMOSteroids is the way it re-uses asteroids SPEED FIEND If you ve had a chance lo play iMOSlerork yet. You will no doubt have akeody noticed rusl how fod it R AMOS gomes genertJy lend to be somevmol dow. So how id w monoae to squeeze such impressive performance out of AMOS’ Wd K fram d* fort diol devastation the comcisk 8 com d* main reason for dw game s speed can be a edited tod* fad that the name uses no mote than eight coIoiks Why? Although AMOS uses Ihe AMIGA's very rapid bitter (hip to redrw bobs, Ihey
'ie still very slow when compared to hardware sprites. By using o streen with a minimd num bet of colours, however, it is possible to gel o large number of bobs mowng rapafy on srreen simdlaneousJy Bitter objects ate drown directly onto o screen's bttoiop so the more colows you use the more information the blit ter 8 lotted to move oround I did originally try writing AatOS)ero«fs in sixteen colour mode but it proved lo be just loo terky lor comfort If you (ount the number of coioucs used within the game, however, you II notice dial there ore odualy eleven colous on screen rather ihon eight.
How did wa monoge this? Singde; you use hardware sprbes Sprites kdre their colour informalum trom colours 17to 31 on words, so it's txtudfy possible to tksploy up to 24 tabus on an eight colour screen Ifyou rc intending lo write an arcode gome that needs to run very Iasi, then try to use hmdwwe sprites os inuth os possdde. Even il you find them rather limited, don't iorget thot AMOS offers its Mm demote* in the shape ol die virtual sprite. Up to 56 of rivese beauties can be shown on screen ol once with up to I i colours each, so sprites aren l os knted as many AMOS programmers mdie out
Another way lo gel an arcade game running os faslos possible is to turn off AMOS's famous aulomotic sprite redraw and AuloBock lorilities that redraw blitter objects instantly ond hoodie double bufler respectively. Don I worry too modi about the tochnkotilies behind this; wel be rovar tag this last technique in quite some depth very shortly For example, when an asteroid has travelled across the screen and disappears from view, it's turned off and a new asteroid is generated in its place. The asteroids should move at different rates, therefore allowing some asteroids to overtake others Not
only will this make the game more challenging, but it will also give a greater feeling of depth to the asteroid field. Finally, the asteroids will be animated so that they appear to roll as they move across the screen.
Missiles - Well, a single missile actually. The player needs some way of blasting any asteroids that are in their way. So the player's spaceship will need to be armed with a laser cannon that can fire a missile at the oncoming asteroids. If you're feeling adventurous, you may want to have a go at extending this routine so that several missiles can be fired.
Collision detection Two forms ol collision detection will need to be taken into account. Firstly, we need to check whether the player s ship collides with any of the asteroids. If it does, then the ship will be destroyed.
Secondly, we need to check whether the missiles fired by the player's ship hit any of the asteroids. II this happens, the asteroid in question is destroyed and the missile removed from the screen. If we were to allow the missiles to hit several asteroids, the game would be far too easy. As it stands only a single asteroid can be destroyed per shot.
Game Progression - They say practice makes perfect, so our game will totally screw this theory up by making the action progressively harder as the player progresses through the game This is vital in every arcade game because it you make every level just as easy as the last, the player will complete it in no time and get very bored with the game. I did have a number of ideas on how to keep a player's interest when I originally designed AMOSteroids and I finally plumped for a simple routine that increases the speed of all the asteroids every time the player scores 1.000 potnts.
IDEAS INTO ACTION Now we've got a basic overview of how the game should play, we need to draw up a basic outline ol how the game code will work by designing the 'main game loop'. As any games programmer will tell you. The main game loop forms the heart of all games and without it, your game won't run. It controls the flow of the game from a very high level.
Do not to attempt to get stuck into your coding straight away, you should design your main game loop using what professional programmers call pseudo code. Those of you who read my PacMan tutorial will have already encountered pseudocode; basically it’s nothing more than a description of the game code in English. The pseudo code for AMOSteroids main game loop is on the bottom left-hand corner of page 156.
Right, let's start by taking a look at the code that controls the player’s spaceship. This is perhaps one of the simplest ol all the routines used by the game as it does nothing more than to read the value returned from the player's joystick. II the joystick is moved up. Then the ship is moved up by 4 pixels. If the joystick is pushed left, then the ship is moved left by 4 pixels and so on.
Obviously, we need to confine the spaceship in the boundaries of the screen, so a couple of very simple checks are made to make sure that the X and Y co-ordinates of the ship blitter object never fall below or exceed a set of predefined limits When playing the game, you may notice that the player's ship boasts a bit of very simple anima tion. Don't expect anything too flash; all I've done is to display a different blitter object image to indicate the roll of the spaceship. As the ship moves upwards, the ship rolls to the left revealing its undercarriage and when it moves down, it rolls
right. We could have used AMAl (AMOSs interrupt driven animation language) to control this animation, but I've chosen a more manual solution that defines which view ol the ship should be used according to the direction ot the joystick. Anyway, here's the code in all Its AMOS glory Rem"'MOVESHIP Procedure Rem "' Moves plover's ship using joystick Rem •'' SHIPYPOS = V Position ol ship Rem "' SHIPXPOS = X Position ol ship Rem ‘" FRAME = Animotion home ol ship Procedure MOVESHIP FRAME=9 If Joy( l) ond I SHIPYPOS 4HIPYP0S 4 FRAME-10 End IIII Joy( I) ond 2 SHIPYPOS4HIPYPOS.4 FRAMED I End II
Hloy(l)ond4 SHIPXPOS=SHIPXPOS 4 End II It Joyd) ond 8 SHIPXP0S=SHIPXP0S'4 End l!
RenT " Keep spaceship on screen II SHIPYPOS.-1 Olhen SHIPYPOS, 10 II SHIPYPOS ?30 Then SHIPYP0S=230 II SHIPXP0S 10 Then SHIPXPOS-10 II SHIPXPOS-285 Then SHIPXPOS=285 Bob 10. SHIPXPOS, SHIPYPOS. FRAME EndProc There's a couple ol points worth noting about the code. Firstly, note how the joystick is read quite a few AMOS coders read the joystick using a line such as: if Joy(1 )- value '. But this tends not to be particularly reliable, especially if the toystick that you use is a bit flaky.
What you must remember is that AMOS is also capable of reading diagonals too which can confuse your game resulting in a joystick movement routine that is unreliable and therefore frustrating for the player By using the logic operation and', all eight directions of movement can be taken into account using just four IF...THEN structures. Try to keep this in mind whenever you attempt to write an arcade game that uses joystick input Finally, the space ship is kept within the screen boundaries by constantly checking the values held within SHIPXPOS' and 'SHIPYPOS'. The two global variables used to
keep track of the ship's movement. You can easily limit the area of the screen that the ship can move around in simply by adjusting the minimum and maximum values of these two variables. Note how the fire button isn't monitored at this point - this is done when we come to process the missiles. And the gameplay gets even more exciting next month when we'll be adding asteroids - so don’t miss our next issue, cffi AMOStJroids!
MkMen m DMM ecmeratiafe I* * cheat mode th*l will make your ¦peceahtp Invtncibia. Can you rind It Mi tha aourc* coda?
XafOSlaroWa may b* a vary aimpi* areada gama, ttul N‘a vary playable (It I don I maid Maying myaatri). Bncnuay tha gama Dacomaa progreasivaty hardar, He unlikely that you'll avar gal a high acora mom than 10.000. H you can. Lhan III ba vary PLAYING THE GAME Untke previous AMOS programming projerts, I’ve derided lo pul our AMOS gome on the roradtsir so lhat you ant ploy it to yourself. Ismks to lhe wonders of the AMOS Profess- iond Compiler , 4 is stand alone so you (on run it even if you don't mm AMOS. Jost double dirk on die iMOSteroids iron aid die gome wi load. No extra files are needed, so
you ton eosify transfer if lo onotber disk if you so wish. All lhat remains is to plug in o joystick and gel blasting!
The basic idea behind the game is lo detw o poth through an asteroid hell by shooting lhe asteroids with your ship’s photim loser ronnon. Your ship has o rattier ogee ran non lhat ton only fire o single bktsl ol any one time, however,so plan yout shots well as you ran only file oaoin if die blast hits on asteroid or leaves die srreen completely.
Points ore awarded for erxh asteroid you obliterate but be warned that as you penetrate deeper into the asteroid field, so the osteroidsberome ever faster Only the most adepl pdots will survive!
Ir you find that you're not doing lo well ot ol, then you'8 be pleased lo learn that I've olso roded o cheat mode into the game. When you enter a certain combination of keys when the AMOSteroids title is showing, you'll hear an audible beep wtnrh wiH mdirale tha1 ihe dieat mode is active. From then on, your ship is totally invinctble allowing you to blast away those nosty osteroids without Eioving to worry about scratching the lovely point job on yout spore ship. How do you access it? Well, lhat would be idling 11 give you o toil though; you'll need to hold down Ihe left shift key ond enter o
certain five letter wocd. If you wont to find out what the wocd is, then I'm afraid you're going lo liave to study the source code (which is olso on the disk) for tad to find it, 11 print it in next month's issue!
The cheat mode isn't just included for a bit of fun though; why not study the cheat mode code lot yourself (I hove morked out the section of code in question) ond try adding a cheat mode lo your own AMOS gomes. I think youll find that it's a lot easier to do lhan you may just think.
NEXT MONTH Next month, we II be Inking AMOSteroids one step further with the addition of Ihe asteroids. In the meantime, load up the compiled version ol iMOSteroids that you’ll find on the covecdisl ond enjoy blotting those osteroids. Bet you con’t beat my high score of 9150!
I Jason Holborn takes a another look at HML, HyperBook’s I powerful Arexx-based macro language and even manages to find space to start work on a HyperBook database.
HYPERPROJECTS PART Welcome back to the CU AMIGA HyperBook column, the section ot the magazine dedicated to Gold Disk’s multimedia man el. HyperBook. Last month, we took our first tentative steps into the world ot HML; HyperBook s very powerful built-in macro language. It you read last month s article, youtl already know that HML lets you write scripts that provide low-level access to HyperBook s many multimedia talents This month we continue the theme by taking a turther look at HML's many and varied talents.
As your HyperBook applications increase in size and complexity, you may find il increasingly difficult to keep track ot all the pages and objects that you've created Thankfully. HyperBook does keep track ot such elements and you can identity any object or page when you use HyperBooks built-in object identification system This identification system is a fundamental aspect of Hyper- Books macro language It's vital that you understand this tact because virtually every command ottered by HML expects to be told which object or page it should work on.
For example, if you had a page containing three list’ gadgets, how is HML expected to know which object you're referring to? , For this purpose HyperBook uses a construct called an object number (better known as an objnum in HML termsj. Every single page and.
Object that you create is automatically assigned its own unique objnum which allows you to quickly pin-point an object or page, simply by telling HyperBook which object or page you are interested in.
HyperBooks objnum construct has a very special format that is similar to an AmigaDOS pathname. Just like AmigaDOS. An objnum can consist ot a volume name (a page), a directory a group) and a tile (an object), each of which is separated by either a colon (for a page) or a .
Back-slash symbol ( ) for groups and objects) In Its simplest form, you can reter to a page only by passing the page number terminated by a colon.
For example, the objnum construct for page 2 In your HyperBook stack would be 2:h Taking this example further, you could identify object 4 on page 2 using: 2:4.
Handling lists using HyperBook objnums is just as easy. If the list was object number 2 on page 3 and you wanted to work on the fourth item in the list the objnum would be 3:2 4. HyperBook uses two special objnums: 0 refers to the 'Bln' window and a colon on its own | refers to the current page.
Obviously, there's a big disadvantage with using objnums on the fly. How do you know what objnum is attached to what object? Simple: you pass HML the name of your object. This means that every object you create must have its own unique name. Therefore, its no good calling all your lists Mylist' or something similar. If you do, HML won't have a due which object it should work on. In order to identify an object using its name. HyperBook has a special object named function that will automatically get the objnum of any object. For example, il you had created a button called EnterRecord and you
wanted to find out its objnum, aH you would need to enter would be something like the following, buttonnum “ EnterRecord ) This line would ask HML to place the object number for an object (In this case a button) called EnterRecord into an Aflexx variable called buttonnum. From here on, you can access that button, safe in the knowledge that HML won't be attempting to communicate with any other objects in your HyperBook stack.
They say the best way to understand anything particularly complex is to try it for yourself, so this is exactly what we'll be doing over the next couple of months or so. As promised last month, we ll be creating our very own HyperBook database that will allow you to keep track of all your Mends' and relatives' phone numbers. So let's get stuck in.
Ill ¦ o rrrr , rer Uj „a O Before we can wnte any HML Macros, we need to start by setting up the database s screen display. First, let's start with the four buttons that will be used to control the database. Select 'Create Button' from the HyperBook toolbox and create four new buttons ot equal size arranged on the screen as shown.
Once aH of them have been placed onto the screen, select the 'Edit Object tool and enter the labels Enter New Record', 'Sort Database', ¦Search for Record' and 'Delete Record'.
¦nimrtMMMrri... V Format - * 'Forename:' 0 Next, we need to create three list gadgets that win contain the three fields ot information that our database wiH hold. Click on the Create List tool and then drag out three lists ot approximately the same size, shape and position ol the those shown in the Illustration above.
Our database must be able to access these three lists directly, so click on the Edit Object tool, dick once on the first list with the lelt mouse button and then click once with the right mouse button to bring up the Edit List requestor. Change Ihe name ot this first list to Slist and then repeat this procedure for the second and third lists calling them FLIst and Pust respectively.
- Appenditem('SList' ), Surname, 1) Append!tem('FList'(),
Forename, 1) Appenditem('PList' 0, Phone, 1) * Assign
’EditRecord' macro to all three entries * Position -
NumElements('SList'()) SetActionMacro('SList'()' 'Position,
'EditRecord') SetActionMacro(' Flist' ()' ' Position,
'EditRecord') SetActionMacro('PList'0' 'Position, 'EditRecord'
Exit O Now, with the screen display now complete, let’s
start work on our first HML macro. In this case, the macro to
control the input of new rec - ords. Go up to HyperBooKs
pull-down menus, select Create Macro and enter the foiowino
macro: LISTING---- frj ~ Enter Record Macro By Jason
Holbom * Append details into three lists... iurname:' 'Oa'x
'Oa'x 'Telephone:' •Get Record Details • 'KBST Parse Var
NewRecord Surname 'Oa'x Forename 'Oa'x Phone 'Oa'x
NewRecord-InputForm("Enter New Record",Format) * Split
NewRecord string into three variables • • Check to make sure
a record has been entered... * If NewRecord ¦ Once you've
typed it all into HyperBooks Macro Editor, click on the window
close gadget and call this macro EnterRecord.
This macro starts by getting the record details Irom the user using the HML lnpulForm(| function that we covered last month.
When you run this macro, you'll notice that three separate lines are requested: this is achieved by separating each line with a carriage return which is expressed in Arexx terms as Oa'x.
Once the record details have been entered, the resulting string is split into three chunks using the Arexx Parse Var command and stored into three Arexx variables called Surname. Forename and Phone.
The resulting variables are then transferred to our three list gadgets using the HML AppendltemO function.
Finally, the EditRecord macro is attached to each entry so that when you dick on any one ot the three fields, the EditRecord macro that we shall be covering next is called up.
T Now that we've successfully entered the first HML macro, we need to attach it to the Enter .. New Record button. Click on the Edit Object toot and then dick once with the left mouse button and then once with the right mouse button on the 'Enter New Record' button to bring up the Edit Button requestor.
When the Arexx macro gadget pops up onto the screen, click on it and select Enter Record Irom the select a macro' window that will pop up.
Once you've finished all this, exit the Edit ‘ Button requestor.
Mm 0 With th© EnterRecord macro now complete and attached to the appropriate button, we can safely enter the EditRecord macro that is called up whenever the user clicks on any of the entries in the three list gadgets.
To enter this data, first of all move the mouse pointer up to the Arexx pull-down menu and select Create Macro and and then enter the following HML macro.
* Irtrac* tutor W record W M teitte V tatfilstrllaitiatarU.M) «
btrut rwMi for tot imri fra m • mat s
tetltotortlHlft'O' 'ltet) oraao * fctltalatmifVOVIta) hao :
totifafatmift'OVHa) onto : ‘ tenuui'fcnuu lo'i Taraar'fot*
oraat : forat'1*'. Mol op***: 'Wart
* Ult tnrt telei It 1 teartfaaiffonriltfit tewrr .fonto)
* Oaot to mM ourr a racar* tea tea alarte .. Once you've entered
this macro, click on the window close gadget and then call this
macro EditRecord. To test it, try entering a couple ot records
with the Enter New Record’ (unction and then click on them
within the list gadgets to run the EditRecord macro. The record
should be pulled up onto the screen inside an Inputformj)
display, allowing you to edit it. To send the record back to
the fist gadgets, just dick on ihe ok (tick) gadget.
There's a number of interesting points in this macro. Firstly, the objnum is obtained using the Arexx string function OeMr(). By detault. Calling the Initiator!) Function will return the objnum ol the item that the user dlcked on in the form ot Page- num:List ltem’ (12 3. (or example). But, because we need to extract the fields tor the record that we wish to delete trom all three lists, we use the OetstrO function to strip off the first lour characters (the 12J bit) leaving only the number ot the item that was clicked upon. We can then use this to extract the same item trom all three lists by
building up the complete objnum using a string line objnum . 'SUst'O'Fltem'. Clever eh!
Nole too. How the edited record is put back into the three list gadgets using Ihe HML tunction 'Set- ItemText!)'. Have tun - I'll see you next month! '2l Getitemtext('SList'()' 'Item) Forename - Getitemtext('FList'()' 'Item) Phone - Getitemtext('PList'()' 'Item) Format - * SurnameSurname 'Oa'x 'Forename:' Forename Format - Format'Oa'x 'Telephone:'Phone ' Edit Record Deteils * Record®InputForm("Edit Record-,FormatJ I * Check to make sure a record has been entered... “ If Record - ” then Exit * Extract details from Record string U listing I Edit Record Macro. By Jason Holborn 1 * •
Extract number of record to be | edited * Item-Delstr(InitiatorO , 1,4) * Extract fields for that record from lists * : * Put details back into our lists... : * Setitemtextt'SList'O' 'Item, Surname) : Set itemtext ('FList' O' 'Item, j Forename) Setitemtext('PList'0' 'Item, Phone) ; Exit' NEXT MONTH!
Next month we II he extending our database even further with the addition ol the Soil Database. Search Database and Delete Database functions.
John Kennedy is desperate to replace the entire staff at CU with androids. He is still trying to perfect his team of robots. In this, the second part of his ‘Build Your Own Robot’ series, he looks at how you can get your robot up and moving about.
Last issue we looked at how the computer's practical circuit controls and receives signals from its surroundings. This issue we look at the mechanics of making your robot move and how you can control its movement. Let’s start with the basics. The easiest robot you could build is nicknamed a buggy and is made up of a small platform which is carried around on some wheels with two motors.
The two motors are independently controlled and each motor drives a wheel on either side of the platform.
How the buggy moves is simple; when both wheels move in the same direction, the buggy moves either forwards or backwards. When both wheels move in different directions, the buggy turns on the spot. Therefore, you can choose any direction and send the buggy off on its merry way until you decide otherwise.
How the robot finds its way around is also very simple. The platform can carry various sensors which provide the controlling computer program with details on its surroundings. For example, adding a touch sensor will enable the IV H-KIUH READ THIS FIRST We wont you lo enjoy buUng your project, so please lake ihe lime lo rend these warnings.
Although Ihe project described fee has been built ml tested, neenter Hie author nor OJ AMGA an be held PART Control Circuit Vero Layout
- 12 volts 01 02 03 The board is really copper side down.
Ihe strips aro shown for information only Each transistor is mounted n in this configuration Flguro I. Tha control board consists of thrss MsnMcl ctrcutts like this one. The Input signal comes from the IO port «Mch are connected to the Amiga.
Buggy lo find its way around a maze. Or, if you add a light sensor, Ihe buggy can follow lines or head towards a small desk lamp. , , tn order to control the movement ot the robot you need some extra switches, called relays, which regulate the two motors. The relays use the low-powered signals from the computer via the input oulput port lo control Ihe higher-powered motors and keep the circuits completely separate Each relay can be switched on or ott by passing a current into its internal coil becuase. Once the cur- rent has gone through, the coil will act as a magnet and can pull a connection
THREE IN ONE The complete robot motor control circuit consists ot three identical circuits, each ot which require one relay, one diode, one resistor and one transistor. This sub-circuit is shown in Figure 1. The control line comes trom the I O port we looked at last month; the excellent little BM9011 See last month's CU lor details on connecting this little marvel to your Amiga's serial port.
However, before we go any further, some ot you may have spotted that the photograph shows that my board has live ol the sub-circuits on it.
Why is this? Well, I wanted my robot to have one or two extra features and adding the switching circuits at this stage makes more sense than yourself a your computet as o result of using it. As no mains voltages are requered in this arajet it is extremely unlfely that you could electrocute yourself, but you should sl4 lake care. If your computer does not behave normally when Ihe project is connected, switch off mmedntely. Check the circuit carefuBy for short circuits and wiring deficiencies. Always odd or remove the parallel port connector with Ihe computer switched off.
Never leave the soldering iron unattended ond always switch it off when it's not in use. It is al loo easy to Sri about H and then peck it up by the wrong end sev- hours later. If possible, wear protective eveqeor when soldering and use a vice or damp to hot! The circuit in place. Never splash hot solder around.
UST OF PARTS Description Number Mapln'sCixie Ultra Miniature Relay £2.25 3 (see text) JX55K ZTX300 IransisJor £0.18 3 (see text) 0L46A 1N4001 Diode £0.005 3 to tat) QL73Q OK Resistor 3 to tat) M10K £0.03 uxtnrxaoa wire, veroooara, solder ana a tost AMIGA fwdeims of the biut 'Output part.
Month's CU squeezing them on later. All right then. I admit it. I thought I would need five relays but it actually turns out that three will do. I certainly wasn't going to unsolder all the relays just tor a photograph i Seriously though, extra relays will come in handy for adding extra facilities to the buggy; such as pen up and down facilities lor instance (for drawing on the floor, turtle style) or tor creating a grabber.
BUILDING IT Before you begin to build your robot you must check to see that your veroboard is the right size.
Next, do a dummy run ot one sub-circuit (one relay, resistor, diode and transistor) by placing all the components without soldering them on. Check the positions, cut the connection wires to size, remove them all and make the necessary breaks in the copper track. Check the breaks with a multimeter it possible, to ensure that none ot the copper swarf pieces are causing a short-circuit. Note: the breaks in the tracks are marked with red crosses in Figure
2. The relays used are small enough to fit into a standard 16pin
DIL IC socket, so it might be a good Idea to solder one ot
these in place instead of the relay.
Next, solder the diode into place, and then the . Resistor, transistor and connection wire. Three long wires need to be connected to the board, and these lead to ground, a 12 volt supply and pin 00 of the I O port.
Check Figure 2 to see whether the diode and transistor have been placed in the correct orientation. The ground is the same as the 5volt's supply ground, so the wire can be connected to the I O board connector GND. Likewise, the DO wire can be soldered directly onto the I O board. The l2vott, however, requires some extra thought. A suitable 12volt supply is available Irom pin 23 of the disk drive port, although a separate 12volt DC PSU would probably be wiser it you have an external drive fitted.
It you do use a separate PSU, you'll need to connect its ground line to the other grounds as Relay Switch Circuit Diagram ?12 Volts 01 2.3 R*lny 1,2.3 Signal from ri.2.3 T1.2.3 VO port Ground Flguit 2. This illualratoa an arampla layout of too Hw« Is ths finished robot control system. Notice ths Inpot Output card discussed last month, connected to tha OY ralay card via soma ribbon cebte. Tha relay card features severs! Circuits - each with a retay, resistor. Diode and transistor - each connected to a single output of the W card.
Well. The 12 volt supply is only needed to switch the relays on and oft, and will theretore only need to supply several hundred milliamps ot power.
TESTING With one circuit built, it’s a good time to test that everything is working according to plan, so connect the 25way serial connector and the 23way disk drive connector and switch on the Amiga. II the normal boot-up process doesn't start, swrrc i olt immediately and check your wiring It the computer does boot up, load a Comms program such as NCOMM, and set the baud rate to 1.200 Use the split screen option, and enter ICO (return).
The capital letter is important, as the I O interlace doesn't understand small letters.
This command quickly configures all the I O port's control signals to be outputs It Ihe LED on the I O interlace doesn't flash, check to see it the Comms software is set-up correctly Now enter: IW1 (return) This instructs the interface to make line D1 go high (switch on). The relay on the board should 'dick' as it turns on Now enter: IWO (return) and the relay should dick again as it turns olt With this important test completed, you can switch olt the computer and continue soldenng until all the relay circuits are in place. Now you can perform the test again, except that this time use the
values 2 and 4 as well as 1 with the !W command. You should be able to switch each relay on and ott individually.
PROBUMS OK, I odmil it. I'm not pafad. Hemw know how ihe tumour started, bul I'm not itfble. Lo prow it, Ihe MIDI interface prefect hod o inside in h veroboord byout dio gram. The wire cormeding ICI to R5 should go to p«n 2, nol os shown lo pin 1 Apologies to al dtose mho tried!* pro- jactandexpenefKBdpraUansasaresuk-cofEadermy wrist slopped (oooonw. Sniff).
Olher readers ore honing some trouble powering ihe various cituits we hove bul. There does seem to be some inconsislendes between Afferent AMIGA models os lo Ihe omount ol power ovoJoble from die parallel, serial ond ctsk drive ports, so whenever possMe please use on external P5JJ- Aanal liattary efaninolar'-slyle DC source wB suffice, regulated if posstle.
1 Relay 1 2 Relay 2 3 Relay land2 4 Relay 3 5 Relay land3 6 Relay 2 and 3 7 Relay 1,2 and 3 8 None For example, to switch on relays 1 and 3. Entbc:' IW5 (return) HOW IT WORKS When the PO port is told to send an ON signal, the transistor is switched on, allowing a current to flow through the relay's coil. This switches on the relay. When the I O port goes low. The transistor switches ott and the relay turns ott too. The diode prevents any unwanted back voltage being produced when the replay coil turns ott (the back EMF ) thus preventing any damage to the transistor or I O port.
All the relays used are dual pole', which means they are really two switches in one, although the switching action is shared. That is. When one switch is turned on, the other is turned on too. Using the three switches to control two motors is an interesting little logic problem lor you to think about.
In tact, this is such a good teaser that I'll leave you with it until next month, when I'll give you my solution to this little gem ot a brain puzzler JJt NEXT MONTH It's life Jim. But nol at we know il! Look out lor next month's exciting installment when out tobol comes olive ond lakes its first tenlolive steps.
How much fast BAM would you recommend lor sound sampling or ruming programs like Vfisfa Pro, the Art Department, etc» And what's the maximum that I can add to an A1200?
I am also thinking ot buying an A1200HD Would a 40Mb hard dnve be large enough lor most non-specialist purposes?
Sheldon Pink, Clapham, London The applications that you've mentioned all have vastly dltterent memory requirements.
You can get away with only a 512k machine lor sound sampling (although admittedly that would be very restricting). Wstt Pro on the other hand, requires 4Mbs to even work on an A1200. And Art Department likes to have 2Mb at the very least.
I always suggest that you should buy as much RAM as you can comfortably afford, because If you're using serious software packages, no matter how much RAM you have, sooner or later It's not going to be enough for a particular )obt Any Internal RAM that you add to your A1200 la going lo be 32-blt fast RAM. This la quite a bit more axpenslve than the old A500 expansions. The A1200 comes with 2Mb ol chip RAM as standard. However, most A1200 expansions come on a board that has space on It lor something else like a clock or a maths coprocessor. They also tend to come with a minimum ol 4Mb
(except the Golden Image board which comes with 1Mb and can be upgraded to Smb or 9Mb).
There are 128Mb expansions available tor the A1200 It you have £5.000 to spare. Is that enough tor now I In answer to your second question, N depends by what you mean by non-speclallst purposes. Judging by the programs you've mentioned using, I would say that you're already using some highly specialist software.
Vista Pro for example, can generate animations ot 15Mbs, and that's not even using the A1200's AGA screen modeal As I said, when answering your RAM query, I always recommend that people buy the largest drive that they can comfortably afford, but If you can only afford a 20 or 30Mb drive, wait till you can afford a bigger one.
CleMelleellti Ike x miwIwLa iLaS oiaiisucaiiy. Ins cofnmonosi misiaKC inai most businesses make when Installing a new computer system Is underestimating the size of the hard drive they need. They base their estimates upon their current needs without any consideration ol the future. III were forced to recommend a size for you (given the use that you plan to put your computer to) I would suggest an 80-120Mb unit. This will last you well Into the future rather than simply satisfying your Immediate needs.
A1200 PERIPHERALS As more A1200 peripherals become available, do you think that their pnces will drop much’ A JR Please can you tell me what penpherals il any. Can we T expect to see in the near luture’ Would I be wise lo wait a month or so belore deciding to purchase any peripherals?
Jim Edwards, Tredegar, Wales Predictably, the price of |ust about everything In the computer market tails If you wait long enough. So, your choice Is to either wait until the technology Is no longer leading edge, but Is cheap, or buy now at a premium price knowing that you have the best that money can possibly buy.
If you wart, you get to hear about any design flaws In a product, and you also see how well the product Is supported by Its manufacturer.
I usually wait a little while belore buying my add-ons, although my GVP A530 Turbo drive was an exception that I haven't regretted for a single microsecond!
As for forthcoming peripherals, read the mag and you'll know. The newa auction la generally where you'll find any early product rumours or Information.
BOOK RECOMMENDATION ® What books would you recommend lor the skghOy more experienced user? I've had an A500 with Kckstan I 2 lor six years, and I have recenOy bought a 1200.
Clive Walker. Watertoovllle Both Abacus and Bruce Smith Books produce a complete range ol Amiga titles ranging Irom general beginners titles to very detailed expert level programming guides. What exactly do you wont to know?
If you want to learn more about Amiga- related Issues, I would suggest that you might Ilka to turn your attention to Aflexx, which Is a very handy language that can be uaed to Increase the functionality of virtually all serf- out programs.
W you that this might ba a bit bayood you, why not try to Improve your knowledge of AMIGADOS, the language which Is used lor loading programs and manipulating them.
Take a look at the following: Mastering Amiga Workbench (BSB) Mastering AMIGADOS Volume t (BSB) Maatertng Amiga Arexx (BSB) Using Aflexx on the Amiga (Abacus) Amiga Intern (Abacus) The Beat Amiga Tricks and Tips (Abacus) All the above books should be available from Computer Manuals. 50 James Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, 611 2BA.
Tel: 021 706 6000.
.m. I read your article about 0 installing an IDE dnve on the A1200 and noticed that you men-
• tioned that IDE is the industry standard Would this mean that
It would be possible to connect any size IDE drive such as an
externally mounted 3.5" drive?
Because I work with Pcs constantly at work (ugh!). I discovered that the price ol 3.5" drives is almost half that ot the 2.5' ones which are recommended tor use with the A1200 Wouk) a 3 5’ drive be a cheap alternative’ John Kerisygn, Derby To be honest, the whole area of IDE drive* Is something ol a minefield and It Is an area that I don't want to encourage our less experienced readers to venture Into.
IDE is supposed to be a single standard which all compatible drives adhere to, but this Is not the case, and as far as the Amiga is concerned you have to be very carelul which drive you buy. After asking around, I've been told that all Western Digital drives are compatible, as well as most Seagate and Connor drives.
However, what complicates the situation is the lad that there Is no guarantee ol compatibility. The compatibility ol Ihe drive depends on the revision number ot both the drive and the computer motherboard.
However, there are companies who can lit you a 35" drive internally, so It's theoretically possible lor you to do the same.
Needless to say. CU AMIGA will detlnitely not be held responsible lor any damage you mey cause II you choose to try and Install a
3. 5” ddve, internally or otherwise.
«. Rn, In your Muscle Up leature in the August issue you reviewed PCM- ,* CIA RAM cards for both the A600 and the A1200. But both cards appeared to be 16-bit. Is there a PCMCIA last RAM card available with 32 bit RAM?
Norman Shearer. Corby, Northerns As lar as the Amiga Is concerned, a 32-blt PCMCIA card will never be available. On both the A600 and the A1200 the actual Interlace that the card slots Into only has a 16-bit data bus, so even II a 32-blt card existed, Inlorma- tlon could only be wrttten to and read Irom It 16 bits at a time.
- iso I've had my A500. Lor two years now. At first. I fust used
it as a games machine, but now I find nyse" jsmg it more and
more B( r R tor DTP art and muse 7 I've already invested in a
lew little essentials such as a RAM upgrade, an extra disk
drive and a colour printer.
I have a video camera and I was wondering il I could leed some video lootage through the computer and then, say, Ireeze a Irame ol the kids and either print the Irame as is. Or send the picture to an art package to be coloured-in prior to printing.
II this is possible, how do I do it and what extras do I need so that I can get permission Irom the wile to spend more money? (I'm creeping round her at the moment lor permission to buy an A1200!)
0. L. Goddard, Pensam. Wales Yes It Is possible to do what you
want but you'll need a piece of hardware called a digitiser.
A digitiser will accept any video input ranging from a camera
to a video recorder.
Most worthwhile digitisers will allow you to capture an Image In both monochrome (black and white) or full colour.
XT In monochrome you can usually capture the image In 'real time', that is to say that you don't have to provide a static Image lor the computer to work with; It can simply convert a live action signal Into a frame or sequence ol frames.
In colour, all of the cheaper digitisers require a perfect still Irame to work Irom as It generally takes a second or more to convert an image Into computer format. This means that if you're digitising Irom video tape you’ll need a very good pause mode on your video player (digital pause Is best).
When digitising a real world scene (such as your kids), the more colours you use, the more accurate the finished Image will be. On a standard Amiga, this means that best results will be gained II you work In HAM mode However, you’ll be pleased to learn that this means that you'll get a much better result If you digitise on an A1200 rather than an A500. The A1200’s HAM mode offers a maximum of 256,000 colours compared to only 4096 on the A500!
Once an Image has been digitised. It can be saved as a standard IFF screen which can be loaded Into an art package and printed whenever you want.
HOWTO EXPAND ,m». If I add an MBX1200 and a hard drive to my A1200. Can I fit a 68030 accelerator later on? I !• mean, will there be space for it inside the case and will it be compatible9 Ramor Dagge, Cuba The hard drive makes no difference to the future expansion of your A1200 because it fits Into a dedicated bay inside the machine. It is worth noting however, that if you fit a drive yourself, you Invalidate your warranty.
There- fore if the machine subsequently goes wrong you'll have to pay for the repairs yourself.
As for the MBX1200, it slots into the trapdoor expansion slot and only one peripheral can be fitted there at a time. If you plan to buy an accelerator later, you should not buy a plug In RAM board now.
How many reslncttons would an 1084 monitor impose if I used il with an A1200? And can I e still use all ol the computer's
• screen modes.
0 £imear Whitfield, Crouch End, London N8 As you're doubtless aware, whenever you select an interlaced screen mode, the screen appears to flicker or pulsate, especially near areas ol high contrast.
The only solution to this Is a piece ol hardware called a lllcker fixer, and unfortunately It Isn't available for the A1200 yet (If It ever will be).
To answer your question, you can use the 1084 monitor In all ot the At 200's screen modes except productivity mode. Productivity mode is a special mode which despite being in high resolution does not require a flicker fixer or de-lnterlacing hardware. This mode Is only used by a limited amount ot 'serious' programs such as DTP and word processing software.
ASK THE EXPERTS Whilst It Is useful, I get along without It Just fine, and you probably will too.
The colours on the 1084 will not be as saturated (as strong) as a multi- or trl-aync monitor.
Also the dot pitch of the more expensive monitors range between .38 and .28mm while the 1084 has a dot pitch of ,42mm.
This means that the picture of the more expensive monitors will be sharper end of better quality.
Having said all that, I’ve been using 1084s for years and I'm perfectly happy with them!
?its « Win ,he A670 CD B0M m imo the A1200 considering the tact ' ,* that it (its into the PCMCIA 1 'smart card' slot ol [he A600?
II not, will there be a CD ROM drive tor the A1200’ Gonle Govenden, Klrby-ln- Furness, Cumbria The A670 will not fit on the A1200. The A670 will not even fit onto the A600 because so far aa I know, It's been abandoned In lavour of the CD32.
As you'll know, if you read last month's special feature, there Is a CD32 CD ROM addon planned for the A1200 and announcements about its specifications and price are expected by the time you read this. , I have read several references to Ihe eDect that OctaUED Je doesn't support tnplets or anything smaller than semiquavers.
While this holds true when using the graphic notation editor (traditional bass and treble del display) it is possible to represent any value or combination ol values using the block editor It's - simply a matter ol calculating the appropnate number ol lines required in a bar or measure, and then the number of lines occupied by a note of a particular value.
For example, in 4:4 time, demisemiquavers (32nds) would require 32 lines per bar with each demisemiquaver occupying one line. A crotchet would then last for eight lines, dotted crotchets 12 lines, etc. It becomes more complicated when you have say demisemiquavers (needing 32 lines per bar) and semiquaver triplets (which require 24 lines per bar) in the same bar. You now have to lind the lowest common multiple ol 24 and 32, which as every schoolboy knows, is 96 Hence, 96 lines per bar, each demisemiquaver needs 96 32-3 lines whilst each semiquaver triplet requires 96 24=4 lines.
Keith Smith, Cwmbran, Wales Thanks for taking the trouble to send such detailed advice Keith, I'm sure that many of our readers will find It Invaluable, especially as you've explained the concept so succinctly.
Don’t forget folks, If you have a useful piece of advice that you can share with your lellow readers, don't be a scrooge and keep it to yourself, write In and let everybody know.
G I own a 1.3 Amiga 2000 and I am thinking ol selling it and buying [t an A1200. Do you Ihink that this would be a good idea? The only problem is, buying it Irom a dealer here in Kuwait will cost me KD 300 which is equal to about £650, and that's just for the basic version without a hard drive.
Are there any British companies who oHer courier delivery lo Kuwait at a reasonable price?
Hesham Wahby, Kuwait I don’t think that you should sell your A2000.
Since the release ol the AGA machines, the value ol all non-AGA Amigas has taken a total hammering, so much so that It’s no longer worth selling them to finance upgrades to more powerful machines. In any case, your A2000 Is a good machine which is expandable and can be great as a second machine when you are performing Jobs that tie the computer up for long periods.
The trouble with buying Amigas from a country other then your own Is that you have to pay insured courier delivery. I checked with a number of companies and they all agreed that you will have to pay £95 shipping fees to gel a 7.5 kilo Amiga from England to Kuwait.
Further complicating the situation is the fact that you must deduct VAT (a British tax charged at 17.5%) Irom the advertised price but you should be prepared to pay additional Import taxes when the machine arrives In Kuwait. This tax varies Irom country to country and from product to product and you'll need lo contact your local customs or duty office to bnd out how much It will be In your case.
The final point to consider is what will happen il the machine goes wrong. Obviously you don't enjoy Commodore’s on-slte warranty over there, so you would have to pay the courier lor a round trip (another £190) if a prob- All In all, I think that you're safer buyfng goods from somewhere local!
OKI MICROUNE I am having diDiculty in gening a pnnter driver, colour ribbon and
• a pnnter manual lor an Oki
• Microline 294. Could you please tell where I can purchase one?
R. J.Smlth, Weston Hill, Plymouth Your printer supports Epson
emulation, therefore you can use the EpsonQ driver on the
Workbench extras disk. Of course, you may need to specify that
you want Epson emulation mode, in which case you'll need the
appropriate manual.
To get a new manual and find out about ribbons contact Okl at 550 Dundee Road, Slough Trading Estate, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4LE.
Tel: 0753 819819.
Ihaf ’s the end for onollier QKA. Next monlh, John Kennedy. CU's resident ultra brain, will be joining me, so you ran look forward lo some really exciting new ateas in next month's OKA.
Write lo us: Mcrt K John, OKA, (U AMIGA, Priory Court 3ft32 Foningdon Lane. London, Kl R 3AU.
BBS EXPLORED John Armitage leads the way deep into aH typical Bulletin Board. Follow in his footsteps and discover the world of BBS.
Bulletin Boards are a tremendous source ol Information about games, hardware, soltware
- heck - just about everything to do with computers and Ihe
rest ol the universe And most of them are absolutely tree lo
use There is no charge for 'connection time' or dowi- loadmg:
you only pay standard telephone lees So. My advice is to use a
local board and get all this information at a minimal cost.
Want to find out more? Read on... To log onto a board all you
have to do is to leave some personal details for the Systems
Operator -- SysOp to .aidate ,ou ¦¦ and hopefully within 24
hours you will have access -Tf u“u‘*tl*J lo the board s mam
(Wen. Thats how it worked for us courtesy of Lightfmgers Place, tel: 0202-485723 ) On the mam menu there are loads of different options each leading to a variety ot screens (or doors') which lead to the BBS's main features The main menu can be displayed at any time by pressing V. When explonng, remember that'?' Or 'HELP' will display your options. 'O' will usually bring you back to the mam menu and OFF' or QUIT will take you out of the system and automat ically disconnect your modem simultaneously So, you can mtetact with charac tets. Talk to them, steal thee treasure and even tight them, and
somewhere, someone will be sit- ting at a keyboard cursing your name and plotting their revenge.
Luckily, you can save your phone Ml it you get too earned away because most boards impose a maximum on-line time EMAIL Email, the electronic mail system, is perhaps the most useful section ot the BBS You can leave messages, queries, or opinions on any subject • matter The messages usually involve the swopping of hints, game cheats, technical information and classified ads tor second hand equipment and it is constantly updating Also, if the BBS is part ol the 'Fidonet' system (Lighltmger s Place is), your messages will be bounced all over the country FUN AND GAMES In the gaming section, there
are quizzes of various sorts, as wel as the more traditional adventure type games There is an added bonus with the adventure games because most on-line games can be played by many different users, sometimes PD SOFTWARE Most boards keep vast stocks ol PD software, all ready lor downloading Depending on the speed ol your modem, downloading software in this way will only take a lew seconds The software transmitted will be archived to save both storage space and download time: so make sure you have a copy of a program such as unzip, unarc and lharc. Most boards carry uncompressed copies of these
programs to get you started However, if you download programs, it is considered polite to upload something of your own.
Some boards go so far as lo impose a five down, one up' rule, which slates lhal lor every five files you download, you must upload one in return Remember, before uploading, to check your files for viruses and archive them to save space TIME TO GO When you finally drag yourself away from Ihe board, why not drop Ihe SysOp a line about his board? SysOps love to hear comments, so tell them what you think. You'll also be given a list ot other boards to try: so get going. After all. The night is young, and there are many other BBSs to use.
And people to meet. Happy hacking!
PERIPHERALS ROCTEC ELECTRONICS LTD Roctec Electronics are one ot the worM’s leading Amiga penpheral manufacturers.
Based in Hong Kong, they are responsible for many ot the Amiga’s best peripherals. S*ca Systems are pteased to present a selected range of their products at new. Low prices.
Many of the Roctec peripherals shown betow are award winning products and best seters in their own speoaised markets.
ROCGEN PLUS GENLOCK 314" EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE Using RocGen Plus, yew can enhance and add production TheRocGen Pius « a dgh pertomv ance gertock lor use mthalAmgas It Mows Kio suienmpoee
a. gratfrc*. Dp an _ _ or arumabons onto ycwr .* videce Also
included are such advanced effects as tadam and fade-out. Pus
nveruon d graphics wtveh allows the sutsact d your vtaeo lo
show enough to overlay. A new keyhole died also aflowt you to
make al Put vw backgramd colour tranepererr Dual dtoeohe
control knete cioj vkfeo sources separately e Aulo RGB pass
through tuncbon e Three speael sheets mode* Amiga Mode Arrga
Graphcs orty Fade Ckeadve from Arnga to video m and vice versa
Overlay Keyhole mode: Amga grade dsplayed as an overlay e
Composite nputomput
• LEO status mdcator e Keyhole effect e Hardware controls e
Compaebfewflh RocKey tor special vsdeo shads - The award
winning RocUie 3 V WOK ertamal floppy dak drive is your Ideal
a&uWm. LAW Mm and light. W«h a mechanem orty 17 5mm In hegN.
¦ la eapertty designed and cotour styled lo matt* your Amiga and leaMes arti-vrus and mxAdong functions It Is aMo daisy chamabie and ffdudae an ultra low power consumption leature Tha tow Saca price or rust £59. Leprasents a saving of £1085o* the normal RRPd £69 85-..r Colour styled to WOCUTI match Ihe Amiga Ultra low power £139 nc vat fur voam £59 INC VAT A* TCTS" PANEL BELOW FOR SPECIAL OFFER PICTURE IN PICTURE' TV ADAPTOR VIDEO SPECIAL EFFECTS EXTERNAL HD CASE ROCGEN GENLOCK Rociec PIP View allows you to watch one picture within another on your TV The means you can have a gvna or apptcanon
runrfng on your Amiga and be watching a video or TV programme « t* same une n a dfferert area d the screen.
Plus, B gves you a remote control tec*y lor your TV.
E P«ure m Picture TV adaptor e 3ccmoo6le video inputs • one TV input e vanade screen poedon lor Input deplay window* Adds ramote control iwvlt lo your TV e 99 progranvnade channels e Digital tune- w Headphone The RocGen gertock allows you to anhance your video by overlaying Amga btfee grad** and t onto your video eouree. Eg. From a VCR or video RocGan lealures three special effect mode*; Amiga, overlay and lade Tha spaoal fade and dssoive knee enables you to smoothly control the application d ad* and overlay effects. RocGan « compatible with aH wages and connects easilytothe RGB port d yew
Amga t Compete* input output -Qood value kx a
• Three special effects modes budgd pentoe* • : «n »! Oram* (Wy.
Anigtfarm Fade: Otoaohre from Amge to wtoo in* vice versa.
Overlay Amiga graphics dsplayed as an overlay £69 RocKey Is a keying dewe based on a crtout spu performs. Amorg* dhar tpeoal efiects. Chroma Keying.
This is almost Vie oppoat d a genlock luncbon, akumng you to remove a particular colour trom a video source and replace ihe-keyed our poeaon w«i andhar video source or computer grapdc RocKey* sandwich luncaon alows a video subject lo be errtoedded n a grapdc or vice versa The twain colour spaaer corwoaed by Red. Green and Bk* knobs. A«ows easy ksymg on aay colour
• ScecMeflects CtvunaB*, GrwmcSandwoh.UmHwy Kay Sandwth. Key
Thru. ry Wvdow* t*e "any rrcre To uee RocKey you *¦ need ¦
gedodr Saca are oftortig RocKey wen he RocGan Ptue gadock lor
orty £249' A savng p3VaSSrtaMa SPECIAL OFFER!
RRP d £348.95 w flCCKfi. W ¦. ..nttortoi rocket &99m "pub" rtdeo power* unDetevabte ' £129£249 RocMate a a stytishly deagned edemd case and cower supply unt tor use with SCSI hard dnve mechansms it reguraa a SCSI htertace with a 25-way D-Type connecter it a ample to retail a herd dnve mechanem and Ihe case provides an ideal housmg lor people wsdng to add i nSSuwT Sica are also offering tors case wflh a 42w SCSI hard drive mechanem pre-insalad, ready tor comecDcn to an eostxvj nfetfeee.
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- W -MUM el fwo P«axi»’ N SCO* SIMMS wt Mi you
• a n*v* nceing id Merry Una W« hue bmt in»il to ¦tol 14 Ml W W
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IMIMW.i Km AX’; !S»’S«Ja’T
* 40V»llf 9iCB*&rxii AiOttf* J) «f a*mto»mi WT0»HACAT., HI..
* MNT.« CHAT0R n E-TYKE 2 ouAunracsiMK.d ox wco»ce».» CRUAHC-i
VCBlMTOiaOfT motwocmii* i aaafa'i XlPetCKAVS., WC'WI I*MA'C* 1
’ *.
Oar'll •.
• mm*.. TTOlt OortMYfll WM'Hl •.
AS*£O0C6 21 2AUiTE0ai.v uwiriMuw XMCTOCf eA*0A»«a«’Ma.
OIOSAL GlAO SPREADSHEET HEAVEN Ymflr t vr 4M2 4M12 4« 41*2 1
I 41*12 41*12 412 12 412*2 41*12 414*2 41*12 41*12 41*1 41M 41W
*M Do you find that towards the end of each month, you are left
with just five pence to feed and dress yourself with? Never
mind because David Ward is here with the answer to all your
financial worries - Advantage, the super spreadsheet package,
which was given away free on one of last month’s disks.
CaUnUti HJEvflo- ? IVCllUM ?hwui Stow ? Vilucs EJFomjIis Bhollow Box ? Filled Box IkIm 1 ; hk (•(• in Iterat tews 1 fir id Don fflOff kferbBtoch B On ? Off [x«rt din ¦ Iff B CiKll||HlHt| !w Dir ¦ Iff n«x air ?iff th* number ot rows and columns, the direction the cell Indicator moves after pressing Return, and to turn oft fall-safe requestors In eipert mode.
Ormalfy. When you think in terms ot the professional spreadsheet package, you might imagine huge machines whirring away, Hashing up huge complicated equations as it deals of pounds in the company 's day-to-day However, in reality, this is not the case.
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are the order of the day Some ol the built-in financial equations are applied occasionally, but on the whole spreadsheet packages are only used to total large columns of figures, and pence, rather than millions, you don't need lo be Einstein to organise your finances. So, let's look at some examples of how to use Advantage to your at. , excuse the pun.. advantage EXPENSIVE PASTIME Periodically, the press publish figures for the running costs of family cars. These can be taken at face value, but wouldn't it be nice to work out the costs
yourself? Well, now you can if you set up your spreadsheet in the following way. Firstly, we need a title.' Car expenses' sounds nice and this' is inserted into cell B2 . To make it stand out I bold- ened it by selecting the cell and choosing 'FormaVStyle Bold' from the menu bar.
Next, we need three columns headed' Weekly'.
' Monthly', and' Yearly'. In column A. starting at cell A4, we need to enter labels for the indn idual costs.
The first label is for mileage. Since most cars are ritted with trip meters calibrated in miles it is a simple matter lo record one week’s motoring or you can get an annual mileage figure from two consecutive MOT certificates. The weekly mileage ' that is going lo be entered in D4 is multiplied up by 52 for an annual figure. Therefore, the formula is.
04*52 and the products of this formula are put in the cell F4. For the monthly value we calculate F4 12 and put this in celt E4.
Weekly outlay lor petrol is next. Using a similar technique to that for the mileage values, we need to enter a label and costs Again, monthly and yearly values are calculated Irom the weekly figure.
Continue entering new rows for each expense.
Insurance, road tax, servicing, tyres, and so on. See Figure 1. Don't worry about pound signs just yet. By calling 14) the preferences requestor and using the menu item 'Options'Preferences', I have asked Advantage to display only the formulae 6 the various cells. This is shown in Figure 2.
1 at longer intervals, namely tyres.
The final row' Totals' has the formulae -SUM() entered at the bottom of each column. Click on the first cell that contains a monetary figure and drag the red box down to the cell just above total and Advantage automatically enters the range of that column into the formula box For instance, if we started with E4 and dragged down to E17. Then E4 E17 would appear after
- SUM like this: =SUM £4:E17. It is then just a matter of
closing the bracket and pressing Return and the formula is
Now we can enter the figures. As each number is put into its relevant cell the spreadsheet auto- t updates the other cells linked to it via the have finished we should have i values are I column there are places for mileage and petrol costs, while the column headed ' Yearly' has gaps for insurance, the AA subscription, servicing, and road tax.
You will notice that I have put an extra column labelled' 3 years'. This is for« - AMIGA REPAIRS FIXED CHARGE ONLY £42.99 Incl.
KICKSTART 2.05 ROM £29.90 CIA 1C £9.20 I'pgrade lo A5C0* Rom Printer. Serial. Drive poets SI PER DENISE £2X 70 GARY IC £11-50 EsceUent value PAULA K £19.95 6X000 CPC_£15.00 A500PSU_£25.00 A ATTENTION ALL DEALERS A Our company now offer the mod competitive dealer repair vervice.
Full credit facililiev available Send for our Free Information pack today-_ Service HOTLINE (0535) 470059 T A DT DART Computer Services " UtlVtTI ' 11' i! Ts™?le2 hit IE Computer Services The best thing to do is select the last used cell in F and choose Edrt Copy Then move Ihe red box down to the next empty cell in F and use Edit Paste Relative'. This will insed a suitably modified formula into the cell. Continue doing Ihis each time a new row is used.
Finally a tipi as we are only us the eftect it has on t ply altering the contents ol E12 Irom' '-500*1.175' we get the luel biH plus VAT, and budget amounts altered accordingly. What we have done is to change the value into a formula by placing an equals sign in tront. Now we can multiply this by the percentage increase c rent rate ol VAT at 175%. 1.175 i: adding 100, to get 117.S, and I Multiply this by the amount that is to have’VAT added to it and bob's your unde.
Figure II shows the amended spreadsheet.
DON’T rORGET issue s Advontage grverrwoy All texl fo» spreadsheet labels should hove o spore preceding the cdl name. Ihe leoding spore is impoilant os il is Advantage s way of distinguishing o label Irom olocmulo (which starts with on equals sign) or a number.
Income. Enter the amounts i calculate the answers (Figure 8) Select aH the values and convert them to currency format like we did for the car expenses Now to make the outgoings stand out. Select them and choose Format Pen Color’. Up pops a palette requestor (Figure 9) and by picking red we can alter the colour ol the expenses Ifigure 10). I hope you did not get any negative values in your remainder (¦ Rem ) row. As this is the money left over lor clothes, holidays, and entertainment.
In my example. I left out the car expenses figures we obtained earlier. II they were included then the remainder figure per week would drop to £33. And il the amount ol money needed to be put aside to replace the car alter three years was B £3 left lor luxuries.
Junto a year on gas and electricity. It cannot be wortied out trom a Quarterly charge as this varies with the time ol year it occurs in. Winter bills are always higher than summer ones, so the lour quarterly bills are totalled lor each utility and the sum is placed in El?
The last row. Titled' Rem ’ is what is lett over. It n ol the e The fuel bin it Flgulw II: Add VAT to our fu*l bill «nd Mb »w dltfbWKW.
The luel bin increases by £87.50 per year Not a pretty sight tor those who will not see an increase in their yearly income.
STOCK CONTROL Another area where VAT could apply is the small businessman's stock. Figure 12 shows such a spreadsheet. It is a portion ol a much larger stock list. Here we have stock numbers lor each Item, a limited description, a VAT rating, wholesale cost, quantity in stock and the retail price including VAT.
At the bottom ol the spreadsheet is a total for the number ol items in stock and the stock's value The built-in formula '-SUM()' is used for these columns. The retail price column has a more complicated formula as it is dependent on the VAT rating in column C. Books are currently zero rated, while everything else In this list has 17.5% added to it. What we need is a formula that can tell whether something is zero rated or not. This is where Ihe logic (Boolean) (unctions come into play. Advantage has IffTRUETALSE.TRUE EXP.,FALSE EXP.)' as one ol Its logic functions. In simple terms this means
that il something works out as true there use Ihe true expression. II false use the other one Our formula is 'IF(C5 1, 05*1.3*1.175,05*1.3)'. So it C5 contains a 1 then take the cost ol the item, and multiply by 1.3. our 30% prolit margin, and again by 1.175. the VAT rate. IIC6 does not contain 1 then lust multiply the wholesale price by 1.3. Either result Is placed in G5 Such a long formula would be tiresome to enter by hand all down the column. So, alter the first time it is entered, reselecl it, and choose 'EdihCopy'. Now drag the red box down to the bottom ol the column, not down to
the totals row, and - choose ‘EditlFill Down’.
Um r,roasssforrs: 11 you try to set up a spreadsheet similar to Figure 12 you may find that none ol the columns line up as neatly as in the example. The trick is to make use ol the menu bar's Options Column Width' and 'Format A turn mm aui.u trm.m at.a im.H mu tam.m
m. N nM.il nan rtm.N
m. n ist.it nit.it on.si ftl.W I3I.N im.H C3N.N
n. M ut.it am un.n run arm nun aui.u i»e own When all Is done
you can print out the result.
Some users swear by their spreadsheet program lor printing rows and columns ol sion in reports, as they find the output together than with a word processor.
IN THE BLACK non, credit, debit, and balance (see Figure 13).
Using this layout we can keep a track ol where money comes Irom and goes to. There is only one formula used. II appears in the balance column cells, and is complex yet simple.
10W any negative balance in ir. To do this we need to use a logic formula that includes colour information lor the spreadsheet. Its form is VF5*D6-E6 RO'COLOR (F5+D6-E6»0,6.7))', and It appears in ceil F6. F5 holds our previous balance Column D holds the credits, while column E is lor c i COLOR (expression .color! ,color2) a principle. In our case if the value worked out by the formula is greater than zerb, colon is used as the pen colour for that ceH. H less than zero, cotori’ is used.
Black ink is represented by a 6. And red by a 7 in this set-up. II you change the palette these colours will vary. Since the Color ID returned is a number it t multiplied by zero so that it does not have s where we accounts could have numerous entries. It is not a a to use 'FWDown' to copy the lormula
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30cps VtO 4K Printer Buffer • 2 Fonts Gnptucs Resolution 240 x
Hatheriey Rd. Fto Sihcj Systems CMUSR 1093 55 1-4 The Mews
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the connoisseur’s choice Amivision Software present An
incredibly addictive and detailed formula one simulation for
1-4 playt 0*i Irlini'1 tl adwaliaial nbjaali aao iaalufa: o
FOOTBALL o NATURAL HISTORY o it simulation, guaranteed.
DEMO DISK £1 A1200 COMPATIBLE _Pttasa mato chaquaPostal Oraei payatto to: S. Pannocks_ D»pl CU. 1 ChTrlnqton Drlva, Gml Wyrlay, W.H.II WS6 6NE~ Ujrite of phone for our FREE 16-poge colour cotologue of Educoborol & Leisure Software (Stole computer type) to Kosmos Softiuore ltd, FR€€POST (no stomp needed) DUNSTABLE. Beds. LU5 6Bfl Telephone 0525 873942 or 875406 Hwnws a a - i s :_s_« H-43 hour mail order service.. ..48 hour mail order eervice.M ledlawPD jy ’ i.W I esources A500 A500+ A600 A1200 Twin mouse joystick extension £4.95 £2.95 4-pkjyer extension lead £4.95 1 £3.45 Mouse joystkck
switcher box £9 95 ts £2.95 Disk drh e hood cleaning kit £2 45 £3.25 100 capacity 3.5- disk box £8.95 £3.45 ZlpstCk Super Pro outoflre £12.95 The new Amiga 32-btt CD-ROM console, superb mochine, only £279.00 CD4JOM drive for A500Plus. Free Fred Fish 1-660 & Sim City Cds! £144.95 CDPD 0 Colection. Fred Fish to 740. Entire NASA AB-20 & JAMC«SK! £ 18.95 CDPD III Coiectlon. Fred Fish to 880 plus loti mere great stuff on disk £ 18.95 DEMO CD. FO games, animations, demos. « ..... Mouse mats. 11mm thick, k A500 A500* dust c A600 dust cover, c A1200 dust cover, protection 17-bit i s CD. 2000 colour
clp-ort pics, sound FX & multi-media demos! £4.95 Lowest Priced Top Quality Ribbons W h, h, luff it ii 2 29 2.14 1.94
6. 00 585 5.65
3. 00 2.85 2.65
9. 78 9.63 9.43
2. 86 2.71 251 9 63 9.48 9 28 DMP 2000 3000 DMP4000 3 66
!2fmSPI(ySwift2A9 285 i Swift 24 Colour 1281 MPS 1220 1230 4
50 n LO40CV30CV80(V850 3.45 iFX MX *X VFX LX800 2.90
FXAOAUIO&FX MXIOOO 3.36 nLXKO 86190 2 12 Pinwnter P2200 3.03
ionic KXP1123 1124 1140 3.46 ionic KXPIOMVIIIOnyi592 2 89 anon
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unconauOe Wjana MKT0*1 Dcuvonr«x»«ct toawMBiar • Ftaeaowyelof
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»reaxe •» *mm mx.
South Lines PP, (AC), 10 Unden Rise, Bourne, Lines PE10 9TP. Tel: 0778 393470 AMIGA WORKSHOP BACKCHAT Decked out in his favourite straight jacket and with his eyes pinned back by masking tape, John Mather settles down for another relaxing session of letter answering. He loves this job, he really does... WHAT'S A COMPUTER?
THE FAR SIDE Since finding myself dumped on the compost heap at the incredibly young age of 60, and with no chance of ever regaining legitimate employment. I scanned the scene for something to do, not too strenuous or taxing, but something just to while away the next twenty years or so before being measured for the obligatory wooden overcoat.
Having heard the word ‘computer' mentioned several times during my forays into the plush surroundings of the Job Centre, but not knowing what this thing was. I made my way to the nearest hi- tech shop and met a very knowledgeable young sprog who. If not a computer whizzkid, was only half a byte away from it. In answer to my numbskull questions, it soon became dear to me that this young mouse had the mental capacity of a 32- bit RAM chip, running at 40MHz, and that I should need to keep my feeble wits about me if I was not to walk home having bought the NASA launch pad.
Although I could not be described as brain dead (except when the pubs dose on a Saturday night), I do sometimes feel that a 68EC030 Accelerator implanted somewhere in that region might improve things a bit.
However, he (the shop sprog) quickly weighed up my financial straits and flogged me an Amiga 500 package with WP Kindwords 2, DB Superbase, DTP PageSetter 1.2 and Deluxe Paint 2 all on Workbench 1.3. With great enthusiasm he pointed out its awesome potential and upgrading possibilities, a fact to which I can personally testify having upped everything: three disk drives, extra ' 2Mb of memory with clock, up to 3Mb of Simms and an A500-HD+ GVP 49Mb Impact Series II hard disk.
Having splashed out the hard cash. I then set about mastering its belligerent software and it became a battle between its floppies and the hardening ot my arteries. I think I'm winning.
However, I do need advice from someone at the top and wondered if you could oblige.
1. 1 want to put 500 B&W and colour photos of railway material on
computer using a scanner, and be able to add text from my word
processor and database to the pictures. Is this possible?
2. Would it be best to install an A500 Microbotics VXL-30
accelerator, or exchange my A500-HD. For a new GVP A530 Turbo?
Or do something else?
3. If I upgraded (againl to a 32-bit machine, would it be
compatible to my present much-used word processing and
database programs?
Finally, can I remind you of my age, just to indicate that I'm reluctant to go in for a second mortgage to pay for all of this? (Although I would be prepared to sacrifice a few hangovers if absolutely essential).
Jack Hayward, Swindon, Wills.
1. Sure It's possible. You'll need a hand ¦ scanner to convert
the photos. You can buy a good one from Golden Image (Tel
no:081 365
1102) for under £100. You'll also need a DTP or page publishing
program to Incorporate the text and graphics. My personal
favourites are Professional Page, Wordworlh 2 and Final
Copy 2.
2. The A530 Turbo is the creme de la creme, but as you already
own a hard drive It makes sense for you to buy a VXL-30
unless, of course, money Is no object!
3. Chances are most ol your serious' software will still be
compatible with a 32-blt machine. Some of your games may not
all be as reliable, though.
TESTING TIMES As an A4000 owner I was shocked to discover that MicroProse s latest flight sims. B-17 Flying Forlress and Gunship 2000, simply refuse to work on my machine.
In search for some explanation I called their helpline and discovered that they are not able to test their games on the A4000 simply because they don't have one at the office Is this something one should expect from a so-called quality software house?
Fortunately, all is not lost. I am sure most of us already know that Digital Image Design (DID) will release an At 200 A4000 specific version of Intemo and Digital Integration(DI) assured me that their very soon-to-be-released Tornado will be compatible with all Amiga models, including the A4000.
Yes indeed, they do have one at the office!
Even better, there will be an AGA-version a short time after the general Amiga release and there could even be a possibility to upgrade.
. Well, it seems Dl and DID actually show commitment! I also have a question for you. I* Micro- Prose manages to get its act together is there, considering the time it took to port Gunship 2000 over from the PC, a possibility of seeing an Amiga version of Falcon 3 before the end of the century?
Camermans Filip, Belgium.
Actually I can sympathise with MlcroProse on this one. Here at CU AMIGA we re lucky If we even get to see an A500 with our budgeting problems. You think this magazine Is all done on those newfangled DTP things with computers and all that? Hah! I'm typing this on an old steam-driven typewriter while the page Is being laid out by people with cutting knives and sticky tape!
And no, somehow I don't think we re going tb see Falcon 3 In the near future. American software Is being transferred to Amlgas with rapidly decreasing frequency these days.
Besides, we re getting Tornado. A good British plane, with British values, (cue Land Of Hope And Glory, patriotic flag-waving etc.). THE TURNIP PATCH I have just spent four hours playing Graham Taylor ’s Soccer Challenge and I haven't even been promoted to Division 2.1 thought it would take three seasons to be promoted I spent the first season improving defence, buying four new quality players. Everything was going well until half way through the season when my team started leaking goals By the end of the season we had let in a staggering 96. Not surprisingly, I was sacked.
It's not that I'm no good at soccer management games. I'm good at Premier Manager. I've got £20m and won the league tor the past six seasons Please could you contact Krisalis for me and ask them what the hell they think they are doing I have written to them but they have not responded Please print this letter or I will do something drastic. Like blow up Krisalis's headquarters.
Dean Phillips. Newton. Porthcawl.
I don't know what you're complaining about.
We all know Graham Taylor doesn't know anything about football and deserves the sack, ao I don't think you could wish for a more realistic soccer slm. Without realising It, you've completed the game. And remember, playing with explosives Isn't clever kids!
LETTER OF THE MONTH result. I placed my order lor two of the EMC type 1 volumes of fonts. I was totally gobsmacked when my disks arrived the very next day I had actually been prepared to wart several days, as I normally do when I place orders for PD software. I ripped open the package and again was impressed because instead of the normal blue disks. I was presented with 10 black ones, which even had the EMC logo printed on the shutters.
Even the labels were property printed and not run of the mill dot matrix printed labels that I'm used to receiving. It was a nice professional touch I thought!
To cut a long story short, I found the EMC disks were well laid out and the information and installation instructions were very dear and written with the beginner rather than the professional user in mind. I have since placed several more orders with EMC and consistently found their service, support and products to be ot the same high standard. I'd certainly recommend them to other CU AMIGA readers, so I hope you'll give them a mention.
Bill Bakayl, Catford, London.
Thanks for letting us know about the good service offered by EMC. Have any other readers any dealer recommendations that they'd like to make?
PURE GUESSWORK I recently fed all the available data concerning Dan Slingsbys age into my A4000. Running a very sophisticated, home made maths processing program. I took the resulting figure to my Equational Archiving Data Encrypter and entered the com- bined total (in binary) into the logic circuits of a custom-built Theoretical Analyser and set it on compute mode.
The process took a total of four hours, thirty- three minutes and forty-five seconds and I can now reveal the exact figure (to the nearest second) of Mr. Slingsby s age Here goes. It's... Yellow?!?
...oh Bum Kevin Nayllm, Southport, Lanes.
Oh well, what a damn shame after all your hard work and effort. It )ust goes to show that even high-technology can't be trusted. But you were close, very close though. Although, Dan's probably more than likely In the Aquamarine age group.
PAT ON THE BACK You don't normally print letters ol praise, but I think that this particular company really deserves a pat on the back.
I recently wrote to three companies with the aim ot obtaining some information, guidance and additional fonts tor my copy of Pagestream Two days later, I received a large, well presented, and very informative information pack from EM Computer Graphics.
Several days later an information pack arrived from one of the other companies. That was two weeks ago, and so far I have not heard from the third company, who I have to say, must be very interested in selling their products!
So, I now had two different info packs. The second company's pack detailed the fonts they had available, as it should, and came with a letter from the propnetor which was a nice touch, even though it was most probably a standard letter sent to every customer.
One thing that did catch my eye was that one page listed a substantial number ot fonts that had been removed from their collection due to copyright reasons. I guess this meant that the company had not done their homework and had been illegally distributing commercial fonts. I wasn't at all impressed with this and decided to place my order with EMC.
Guided by EMC's info pack, I decided on what I wanted and phoned EMC with my order. I found that the person, Errol, who answered the phone to be extremely knowledgeable. He answered my numerous questions concerning fonts and their installation without hesitation, which proved to me that he knew what he was talking about. As a CONSOLE CRAZY Being a complete Amigaphile. I rushed out to buy the latest issue of any magazine that had details of the new Amiga CD console. The only one on the shelf was CU AMIGA, strangely appropriate as I have been a reader since 1984 And there within those glorious
pages contained all the details concerning the Commodore Amiga CD32.
Dan Slingsby's editorial, which opened with the phrase 'Sega and Nintendo are history' was almost as naively optimistic as Commodore themselves. I couldn't help feeling when I read your article that Commodore will be pushing this machine as a games console. Certainly it comes close to the accepted definition for the term games console - no keyboard, fiddly little joypad and so cyl - but how can the Big C possibly hope to take on the giants like Nintendo and Sega and win, just on the premise of having a machine with a better spec?
And most certainly, the Amiga CD32 does * have a better spec than the other consoles cur'- rently widely available, within the price range, and the inclusion of a facility for FMV is very exciting. It is essentially an At 200 with a CD drive, but shoved into a rather primitive-looking black box. However, this look' might detract from its success. Despite the old adage 'Don't judge a book by its cover', people see the machine first, be it in a shop window or wherever, and it it looks like a pile of CH'P then I'm not sure about how many people would bother to investigate further.
Ultimately, it's the machine that counts, but with the kind of market that Commodore is trying to address, looks are all important. Why else-did Nintendo release the UK version of the SNES in a curvy casing rather than the rugged purple breeze block' look of the US version?
After all the recent shake-ups and writedowns at Commodore, they surely don't have the marketing 'oomph' required to push this product enough. Sure, it’s been hyped and all the magazines seem to be pretty excited about it, but in order for new games console to compete, it needs to have a huge advertising campaign. This is possibly even more important than the software that's available at launch. Take, for example, the Sega Mega CD. Where was the software? Nowhere to be seen. But the adverts?
You couldn't miss them. As a result, all 70.000 that were initially shipped into the country sold out like very hot cakes indeed.
I feel that because of this, the only way the CD32 will truly succeed is in the Amiga's established market. Until an add-on CD drive is available lor the At 200 and A4000.1 find it hard to believe that this machine will make serious inroads into Sega's or Nintendo's market. I, for one, as a recently upgraded A1200 owner, will not be investing in CD technology until an add-on drive becomes available. Unfortunately, Commodore's record in this department is poor.
How long did it take them to release the AS70 drive for the A500 alter the much-delayed release ol the CDTV? Almost a year.
Again. I can't help but (eel that Commodore's promise ol an add-on belore Christmas is. If not dishonest, extremely optimistic. II this trend is repeated, and the machine does not sell on its own merits, as I find likely, then by the time Commodore get around to releasing a CD32 kit for the A1200, won't all the software houses have given up?
I am ready to be proved wrong. There is nobody who would rather see the new machine succeed than me (well, maybe Commodore too), because CD software could be the saviour of the Amiga as the last barrier to piracy. Those software companies who have stuck with the Amiga so far are eager to get into the CD market lor this reason, but I have to site the case of the A1200 in terms of software support. I bought my machine only a couple ol weeks alter its release, when even the AGA version ol Zoo was apparently unavailable, and software is still, after several months, not particularly
forthcoming despite reported huge sales ol the computer itself.rin order for the CD32 to succeed, Commodore must ensure that new and innovative product is developed, and if this involves investment in new projects with third-party manufacturers. So be it. Alter all. David Pleasance has promised in your very pages that 'it will not fail'.
Let's hope, for the sake of the Amiga, that it doesn't.
Daniel Spreadbury. Bournemouth.
It's certainly make or break time for Commodore. After our initial excitement over the machine, our enthusiasm has waned somewhat because there are few games anywhere near completion and the truly mind-blowing stuff won't appear until well Into next year.
'We also have our doubts about how the machine will be marketed; this Is an area in which Commodore have never been particularly strong. You only have to think beck to those awful boy-at-computer-playlng-gamea ads last Christmas to see what I mean. They looked Incredibly tame when compared to the Nintendo and Sega ads, and made everyone who uses an Amiga look Ilka extremely sad anorak cases.
Still, with a strong north easterly wind behind them, Commodore must have a more than evens chance of making a success of the CD32 console.
Watch out for a new CD column starting shortly In these very pages... AMIGA SOFTWARE FOR SALE OVER 1,500 TITLES!
SEND S.A.E. TO JK VAN CITTERSTRAAT 54a, 3022 LL, ROTTERDAM CHEAT DISK PACKED WITH OVER 800 CHEATS AND 100 SOLUTIONS. ONLY £2.00 J ALLEN 2B WEXFORD ROAD OXTON BIRKENHEAD MERSEYSIDE L43 9TD 3 0 J J 111 V) 0 I Amiga Contacts wanted everywhere write to 387 Stourbrige road, Catshill, Bromsgrove,Worcs.
England, B619LG. All Replies Answered Guaranteed 100%.
Colwyn P.D. All disks £1.00 each, for more details and catalouge send a S.A.E plus stamp to: 17 Gladys Grove,Colwyn, Clyd LL29 Tartan Amiga Scotland's Nol P.D From 89p+manuals read me Printouts Stereo Headphones £1.99 Send
S. A.E. lower Clintshead Langholm DG13QJN Amiga ContactsWanted
.Send Lists to David, 15 St Anns Cresent, The Green, Dyfed.
Wales. All letters will be answered.
Please can 1 have an Ad in Sell Out 1 enclose cheque P.O. for £ ... 1 Address . 1 1 1 1 1 Total number of words . Post to: Ad Dept, CU Amiga, Priory Court, Farringdon Lane, London EC 1R 3AU.
Lmeaoe • 30p per word lo private individuals - 20 words min. 40 words maximum. 40p pei wordto (rode. 20 words mm • 40 words maximum Semi-display ¦ i 15 for S.C.C. Ring 071 Al ctais-hrd & SemFdisoloy advertising is prepayable All classified ods are subtect to spoce ovotbbliiy WARNING • H is .Hegal to self plated copies of computer gomes The only software that con be sold legitimacy Rirouah our class Fed sect on o-e genome tapes, disks or cartridges Dough* from shops or by mail order from softwo-e reuses 1 1 1 1 • 1 1 i 1 1 I 1 VIDEOTAPE STREAMER SAVEI TRANSPORT HUNDREDS FLOPPIES+HARDDRIVES
SIMON TYERS 216 WIGSTON RD OADBY LEICESTER LE2 5JE Amiga contacts wanted all the latest games available to swap. Send your list disk to Chay 40 Jalan SSI 2 2D Subang Jaya,47500 Malaysia.
Trojan phazer users!
Marksman disk 2. Samples hints, phazer game! £1.
David Green 67, Thicket drive Maltby Rotheram
S. Yorks S66 7LB.
Wanted : Worldwide Amiga contacts. Send list or disc to Stephen Bradely, lisnafin Newtonstewart, Omagh, Co Tyrone. N.Ireland. BT78 4NN. Prompt reply guaranteed.
Amiga 500 (screengems) plus 52 megs Ram installed £300.Okimate 20 colour printer inc- ribbons £50. Phone after
7. 30pm weekdays Nigel 681-529 5092.
All latest Amiga games for complete list to Diamond P.O. box 17 Rye East Sussex England TN31 6DA.
REPAIRS 90 Day Warranty £39.95*
REPAIRS TO OTHER SYSTEMS BY QUOTATION - PHONE FOR DETAILS DELIVER SEND UNITS TO EVERITE Limeted, Sutton Business Centre, RestmorWay, off Hackbridge Road, Wallington.
SURREY. SM6 7AH, Telephone 081 669 0011 Fax 081 773 0406 Enclosing Payment, fault description, return address including daytime telephone number.
(We reserve the right to reject any machines that in our opinion are beyond repair) HOW TO ORDER Dept CU11 14 OUSTON CLOSE WARDLEY GATESHEAD TYNE & WEAR NE10 8DZ Tel: 091-4385021 PRICES SPECIAL PACKS BUSMESS PACK 1 Contain* 5 disks 4 95 f% BUSINESS PACK 2 A turtftsr 5 disks 4.95 UTILITIES PACK 1 Contains 5 disks 4.95 FONTS PACK 1 Contains 3 disks 4 95 CUP ART PACK 1 Contains 5 disks 4 95 w CUP ART PACK 2 Contains 5 disks 4.95 CUP ART PACK 3 Contans 5 disks 4 95 CUP ART PACK 4 Contains 5 disks 4.96 1*5 GAMES PACK 1 Contains 5 disks 4 95 £1 GAMES PACK 2 Contains 5 disks 4.951 20 ‘as5a SSIN?
UTILITIES PACK 1 (5) DOS CONTROL D*1 WORK DISK SALVAGE. AOOC DISK TEXTRA WB 2 3 UTILITIES TYRANNOSAURUS uch has been said about the merits ol Aroxr, the inter process communications language now bumjled tree ot charge with alt Amigas since the A500 Plus Phrases such as utterly amazing. State-ol the- art' and the best thing since sliced bread' have been banded about concerning this communications pack age with little concern tor the welfare ol the innocent Such dams certainly arenl unfounded, any techie will tel that Are;or is one of the most powerful aspects of the Amiga's operating system
Byt how many people adually use it?
Don’t get me wrong. I'm not putting Arexx down one bit. Far from it Arexx does live up to the hype, but I still can't stop thinking that perhaps all this power is going to waste. With a little more effort from Commodore, third party developers and perhaps even journalists. Arexx could prove to be the key to the Amiga s success in a number of markets including multimedia, a market that Commodore son hasn't managed to crack, and perhaps even the Amiga's own long term survival. • Ok. So products such as Scale Multimedia have achieved a certain amount of success (rumour has It that even IBM
have bought several Scala setups), but the Amiga is still seen as nothing more than a games machine in the eyes of corporate buyers.
If the Amiga is to be saved from the same fate as the dinosaurs, more effort must be put into Arexx compatibility, argues Jason Holborn.
Arexx cook) change al this if Commodore were to encourage both users and third-party developers to make greater use of Arexx. One ot the biggest problems is the lack of Arexx support amongst developers.
Ok, so many software products feature Arexx ports', but even these tend to be mainly of American origin. So. Why aren't UK developers making their wares Arexx compatible? Some argue that their products don t suit Arexx compatibility, but I have yet to find a single Arexx-compatible product that hasn't been significantly enhanced with Arexx compatOlity HARD FACTS One of the most worrying aspects of this equation is the lack of Arexx support amongst hardware developers who (although they don't seem to realise) have the most to gain from Arexx compat ibility By making a hardware product Arexx
compatible, that product could theoretically be driven by any package that sports an Aflexx port At the moment, it’s left to the developers of individual software programs to wnte the necessary drivers to allow their software product to control a piece of hardware, but it shouldn't be this way.
Take a CD-ROM dnve. For example. H the developers of that dnve were to wnte an Arexx- compatible device driver that featured a set of commands giving control over the drive, any authoring or desktop video program could access it without special drivers needing to be wntten.
As tar as I know, only a single hardware developer has seen the light GVP. Always a company at the forefront of development, have released two hardware products boasting Arexx compatibikty; G Lock genlock and DSS 8* sound sampler.
More hardware developers need to follow GVP s lead In particular, Commodore should set an example by making their new AI200 CD-ROM dnve (when it arrives) Arexx compatible It can certainly be done, the PD program JukeBox (on Fish disk 819) allows A500 owners to play CD sound tracks from the Workbench on machines equpped with an A570 CD-ROM drive With FMV (Full Motion Video) technology for the Amiga wait- nlhe wings. Arexx compatibility on CD-ROM will become even more important.
Another problem lies with Arexx itself. It really does need to be made a brt triendber by bnngmg it up Irom the She* so that it runs under Workbench Although many techies swear by the cunent system. Arexx shouldn't be restncted only to those that understand the Shell. Many users complained when Commodore ceased slipping machines with AmigaBASIC, so Commodore could answer both criticisms by bundling some form ot Intuition-based Arexx program editor that allows you to not only edrt Arexx scripts, but also execute them too without having to drop back to the Shell.
Commodore also needs to Increase the profile ol Arexx by Including the Arexx manual with all machines (yes. Even the A600!) At the moment, the only users that even know that Arexx exists are those who buy AAOOOs WIDE EYED If developers were to open their eyes to the possi bilities of Arexx then perhaps we’ll start to see a greater acceptance ol the Amiga as a professional machine. Let's face it. Even if the Amiga still doesn't manage to penetrate the markets that have eluded it lor so long, at least the rest of us would have products that offer a considerably higher level ol compatibility.
The IFF file format revolutionised Amiga file compatibility and Arexx could do exactly the same thing lor hardware So come on al you developers. Think Arexx! 5J» Now Supports all New AGA & A1200 Modes.
• PSYCHEDELIC TEL: (44) 0506 414631 FAX: (44) 0506 414634 Rombo
Productions Ltd. Baird Road, Kirkton Campus. LIVINGSTON EH54
7AZ 320 X 256 320 X 200 640 X 512 320 X512 320X400 704X240 384
X 283 384 X 200 704 X 283 384 X566 640 X 240 704 X 480 640 X
HI-RES MODES Composite, S-Video or SVHS inputs.
Digitise in 320 X 200 NTSC or 320 X 256 PAL
TznmCo. (tic ucnAeu a .. tAe ieJt JeCCittq "Dcc itcJci cm (Ac 7 ox(d ’262000 HAM-8 128 COLOUR 32 COLOUR 4 COLOUR EMBOSS BLUR CUT PASTE FRAME SELECT a Flashback... outperforms Another World - it's by far the deeper game of the two»» « This game has no equal in its field »» DOMINIC DIAMOND Gamesmaster TV Series IUK) a Just awesome!... best Mega Drive game I've ever seen or played!» PAUL GLANCEY Megalech (UK) CIARAN BRENNAN Games Retailer (UK) THE CRITICS HAVE CAST THEIR VOTE - FLASHBACK IS THE WINNER available for your Sega Mega Drive.
PC & Compatibles and Amiga latamrtional. I M3 O*lp*.o* SoIom* International IM3 U.S. Cold ltd. All raghlt nttrnd SICA’ and “ « ...there's over two-thirds of the year left and I can honestly state that Flashback is the game of the year! » SIMON BYRON The One Amiga (UK) S HAVE CAST THEIR VOT aCK IS THE WINNF a Just awesome!... best Mega Drive game I've ever seen or played! JJ his game has no al in its field two-thirtte of year left m: honestly st Flashba • game of INIC DIAMOND esmaster TV Series IUK) PAUL GLANCEY Megalech IUKI 1 lb groap Is woll worth coastdirmg whether you ewe a COTV.
AnA570drlveoraCD32 console.
FUd autumn by contacting Wo CO ROM Wei Grow It*). II Eayjatv Close, lushitl. East Susses TH39 SEE Tel 0424 730325 2 HP AUTHORISED DEALER • CITIZEN DEALER PLUS • Anilsopriit-. C.pt»l«.e,ioi«l«• ™ V»l IS0I

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Les cookies sont des petits fichiers qui sont stockés sur le disque dur de l'utilisateur par votre explorateur lorsque vous vous connectez à un site internet. Les cookies peuvent être utilisés pour stocker des informations relavtives à votre navigation et ne sont pas supposés persister.

Il y a plusieurs types de cookies:

  • Cookies système qui facilitent la navigation de l'utilisateur, ainsi que l'utilisation de diverses options ou services proposés par internet tels que l'identification de la session, l'autorisation d'accès à certaines zones réservées, l'optimisation des commandes, le remplissage des formulaires, l'enregistrement, la sécurité ainsi que l'utilisation de certaines fonctions (videos, rés;seaux sociaux, etc..).
  • Cookies de service qui permettent à l'utilisateur d'accéder aux service en fonction de ses préférences(langue, explorateur, configuration, etc..).
  • Cookies d'analyse qui permettent l'analyse anonyme du comportement de l'utilisateur du site et de mesurer son activité afin de développer un profil de navigation amélioré sur le site.

Ainsi, lorsque vous accédez à notre site, conformément au Réglement Général sur la Protection des Données no 2016/679 du 27 avril 2016 (RGPD), entré en viguer le 25 mai 2018, nous devons vous demander l'autorisation d'utiliser ces cookies, afin d'améliorer notre offre de services. Nous utilisons Google Analytics afin de collecter des informations de statistiques anonymes telles que le nombre de visiteurs de notre site. Les cookies ajoutés par Google Analytics respectent la politique de confidentialités de Google Analytics. Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez désactiver les cookies de Google Analytics.

Cependant, veuillez noter que vous pouvez activer ou non les cookies en suivant les instructions données par votre explorateur internet.


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