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The Amiga also has its own killer applications - just wave copies ol either Dpaint IV AGA. Brilliance or Art Department Professional under the noses of other computer users and their skin will develop a decidedly green hue in no time at all I Most ol these packages are available lor other platforms, but the originals are always the best - you can buy Dpaint lor the PC and the ST. lor example, but the Amiga original still reigns supreme! Jason Holborn investigates the latest upgrade of what could be the most powerful multimedia authoring system available on the Amiga. A less obvious killer Amiga application that has been causing quite a storm in the multimedia and video presentation markets is Scala (which, incidentally. Is Norwegian lor ladder) Irom the Norwegian company ol Ihe same name. Originally designed as a video tilling program, Scala has transformed into a high-powered multimedia authoring system capable ol controlling video disk players, playing animations and music and just about anything else that a multimedia producer could possibly want lo do. Scala certainly has gained more than its lair share ol followers, some ol which would probably want to keep the (act a secret - rumour has it that even the mighty IBM (Big Blue to its Iriends) has installed a number ol Amiga-based Scala systems in several ol its ollices across America. Funny thing is, these Scala systems have been installed to display a presentation that demonstrates the power ol IBM's new multimedia version of its OS 2 PC operating system! Commodore, too, are big Ians ol Scala. When Commodore invited the UK's top Amiga journalists to the launch ol the Amiga 4000 030 last year. Scala spearheaded the machine’s launch with a very impressive presentation that vividly demonstrated the machine's power Scala was to be seen displaying live video dips from a laser disk player genlocked onto Amiga graphics with music accompaniment Irom a CDTV player, all of which was controlled diredly by an A4000 030 running Scala Even the most jaded ol Amiga hacks had to admit that it was an impressive demonstration ol the program's power!

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Discover a wh Norn you con plop the os he drives Nr. Wilson sling-shot hero ond out of his mind! Wreah havoc, double the trouble or lust mess things up o loin in on oil his side splitting pranhs.
Nouj you con compete to put you right there in the Ryder Cup - on the course. Vou one of sport.s mSrf must get every greatest events. My'i detail spot-on if Every detail of ¦te4uS“ you urant to heep Dennis is his name and little, whichever... it's the game has been up with your mischief is his game fun all the way! Intricatetly simulated calibre opponents.
AMIGA 1200 . AMIGA C032 AMIGA 500 600 IBM PC A COMPAllBISS AMIGA 1200 AMIGA C032 . AMJC C’ 1992 Warner Bros DENNIS ta trademark ot Hank Ketchman Enterprises. Inc. *' 1993 PGA Olticially licensed Product c 1993 PGA Olticially licensed Product ¦O C E A N SO Ffw A RE LIMITED • 2 CASTLE STREET ¦ C A S T LEF IELD r rr power op I i c a I 128MB Optical Internal ...C779 128MB Optical External ..£879 128MB Optical Disk ......£39.95 SCSI Controller A2000 .....£129 vidco ha chap Use a VCR as a backup storage advice. 200 Amiga floppy disks fit on to a 4Hr tape which can be used for
an alternative hard disk backup system. What's more you can watch T.V on your 1084s monitor. ***¦ floptical d rive The Floptical stores 20MB of data on a 3.5’ disk (a SCSI interface is required).
Floptical A2000 Kit £289 Floptical A500 External ..£389 syquest d r i v e
3. 5" Removable HD from Syquest. Each cartridge stores 105MB.
Syquest speed is I7ms.
3. 5” Syquest SCSI External £599
3. 5” 105MB Cartridge ...£79 scsi drives We can
supply SCSI or IDE 3.5” drives in many sizes.
52QMB . £169 80MB ....£179 160MB £249 20OMB ...£349 idef nternal
2. 5" Miniature internal HD for the A600 AI200, (dme drive. Mw
complete mh . Able and inulUnon tninarc) 60MB Internal
HD ....£139 80MB Internal
HD ....£179 120MB Internal
HD .£229 icd pro d n c Is a600 m e m o ry IMB
RAM with battery backed clock.
A60O Memory £39.95 i .5MB m e m u ry Fully supports IMB of chip RAM and compatible with Fatter Agnus. (Requires KidoMft 1.3 and abene. Not compatible with A500,. Your Amiga need* to be opened, this may effect your warranty)
1. 5MB Memory £85 1 MB h ru 'port Fully
supports IMB of chip RAM and fully compatible with Fatter
Agnus. (Require* Kickmn 1.3 and above, not compatible with
A500., Your Amiga need* to be opened, tht* may effect your
warranty) 1MB Thru' port ......£49 ED
a500; e m o ry 4 Chip 512K RAM expansion with or without
batter)- hacked clock. Free software included. (A500*
compatible) A500 Card with clock ......£29
A500 Card without clock ..£24 1500 mb board
Expand your Amiga from 2MB to SMB of RAM.
Plugs into side slot, full auto config. And full through port.
A500 2MB Board ...£139 A500 4MB Board ......£219 A500 8MB Board ......£299 newJ. lII chip ram :ieasc your Amiga's memory to 2MB of chip ._iM, including 2MB 8375 Agnus, easy to fit (internal fitting), unlike every other 2MB chip RAM hoard currently available you A500 trap memory still works! Fully compatible.
Special offer PCI208 68882 20MHz OMB RAM board.
PC1208 68882 20MHz £109.95 pow wdriyes All Power Computing's disk drives come with a 12 month guarantee. The PC880B is available with 1 Blitz Amiga. Blitz and X-Copy or Cyclone compatible (this drive is only available to registered owners of X-Copy Professional). The drive comes in a choice of two colours, black and cream.
PC880B with Blitz Amiga ...£60 PC880B with Blitz, X-Copy £75 PC880B with black caw (CDTV) ...£60 PC880E Economy Cyclone Comp.. ..£49.95 PC881 Amiga 500 internal drive ......£40 PC882 Amiga 2000 internal drive ....£40 PC883 Dual disk drive .....£125 The award winning external disk drive which includes Anti-click (cures that annoying click), Virus blocker (prevents viruses) and built-in backup hardware. Now available with Cyclone compatible chip.
2000 LX Bare .£139 Trif.cta Tritecta Trllecta Tritecta Trifecta Trifecta Trilacta Tritacta 2000 LX 80MB HD ...£239 2000 LX 1GOMB HD .£329 2000 LX 200MB HD .£399 500 LX Bare ...£195 500 LX 80MB HD ......£295 500 LX 160MB HD ...£359 500 LX 200Mb HD ....£459
* 20008m b board 2MB to 8MB expansion for the A2000. Full auto
config., IDE interface and 12 months warranty A2000 2MB
Board ...£139 A2000 4MB
Board ...£199 A2000 8MB
Board ...£289 x-backupp r o Extremely powerful
disk back-up utility, uses the latest custom chip design.
Hardware designed by Power (Computing.
X-Backup Pro .£29.95 A600 A I2(X) Colour Scanner available soon G L *rt &U luhjtit f* »•- lUntUrd urrm und ffUinom ofuit rfW *n jraihbU an m ur i Sp*ttfi*Maim*d frun *rr mbjttt to tttmgr mithomt natur. IruArmirh art aiknou. Udfrd AU frua indtUt VAT.
Telephone facsimile 0234 S technical 0234 6 (let hi Hid! It dvs I able from 2-$ 13i cpsonGT-6500 |0 Ah.gh resolution 24-bit colour flatbed scanner rrom Epson. Scan up to A4 in size on this 600DPI scanner. Comes with PowerScan or ASDG ASDG is an extra £99). GT-8000 scans up to MODPI.
Epson QT6500 PowerScan £699 Epson GT6500 ASDG .E798 Epson GTBOOO PowerScanC1199 Epson GT8000 ASDG C1298 Document Feeder ......C399 igncd powerful user interface, f images (on a AC.A machine), scan to 64 greyscales (non AGA Amiga can only display 1( | add colour to greyscale images, special effects, new support foe 18-bit scanner, add text to scans, available with mono or colour scanner. Pmbmi power s c a n n e rs PowerScanner 4 (mono) £119 PowerScanner 4 (colour) £239 PowerScanner 4 inc. OCR £159 PowerScanner 3 .....£99 Scanner 4
Upgrade inc. interface . £50 Scanner 4 Upgrade software ...£20 OCR Junior Software .£49 OCR Full Version Upgrade £49 I loot ful OTU0A . Ad. IniUUe lo rcpwixd iwn of OCR |umm) auto ram sharer ROM Share ......£19.95 ROM Share Inc. v2.04 ...£50 J ROM Share inc. v1.3 .£39 ROM Share A600 .£29 ROM Share A600 *1.3 ..£55 hc supra mode m s by j Comes complete with English phone cable. RS 232 g «enal cable, PSU & comms software.
Supra Fax Modem* £119 Supra Fax Modem 32BIS £229 pc 12 08 Power Computings latest 32-bit memory expansion for the Amiga 1200 is now available. The PC 1208 uses the latest industry standard 32-bit Simm teehnology which allows you to use 1MB. 2MB, 4MB and 8MB modules. Simply adding cither a PCI 208 ro your Amiga 1200 will increase ils processing speed by 219%. Comes with real-time battery backed clock and optional FPU available.
Bare PC1208 .....£69.95 PC1208 . 68881 20MHx ..£96.95 PC1208 . 68882 20MH» £109.95 PC1208 . 68882 33MHz ...£119.95 PC1208 . 68882 40MHz ...£139.9S PCI208 . 68882 50MHz ...£179.95 With 2MB PCI 208 .68881 20MHz ...£139.95 PCI 208 . 68882 20MHz ...£159.95 PCI 208 . 68882 33MHz ...£199.95 PCI 208 . 68882 40MHz ...£225.95 PC1 208 . 68882 SOMllr ...£265.95 With 4MB PCI 208 . 68881 20MHx ...£240.95 PCI 208 .
68882 20MHz ...£269.95 PCI208 . 68882 33MHz ...£285.95 PCI 208 . 68882 40MHz ...£305.95 PCI 208 . 68882 50MHz ...£347.95 With 8MB PC1208 , 68881 20MHz ...£419.95 PC1208 . 68882 20MHz ...£439.95 PC1208 , 68882 33MHz ...£465.95 PC1208 . 68882 40MHz ...£489.95 PC1208 . 68882 50MHz ...£530.95 pc 1204 The original PCI 204 4MB 32-bit memory expansion is still available, and is exceptional value.
PC1204 with 4MB RAM PC1 204 with 4MI1 only ..£185.95 PC1204 . 68881 20MHz ...£219.95 PCI 204 , 68882 20MHz ...£235.95 PCI 204 . 68882 33MHz ...£259.95 PCI 204 . 68882 40MHz ...£279.95 PCI 204 . 68882 50MHz ...£319.95 A4000peripherals 33MHz FPU £60 40MHz FPU £79 SCSI-2 card (bare) .£132 1MB for SCSI-2 (Max-SMB) each £40 miscellanousp rot u cTs PowerMouse .. £15 .....£29.95 Replacement
Optical Mat.... 100 Branded Disks * Box .... ....£10 £49.95 £4.99 ...£5 Maverick 1 Joystick .....£15.99 Python 1 Joystick . £9.99 Apache 1 Joystick ... £7.99 xtdrive 0) The 1.76MB Disk Drive" can be used with any Amiga. With the 'XL Drive' you can fit a massive 1.76MB on a high density floppy disk, the drive can also act as a standard 880K drive and can also read & write disks written on an Amiga 4000 internal HD drive.
External XL Drive ....£85 Internal XL Drive .£75 A4000 Internal XL Drive £75 "Rztjuim KickSnrt 2 or above.
Exclusive ; ro du cts pc880tipg rad e Power Computing can now upgrade your PC880 drive from a 880K to a 1.76MB high density drive, all you need to do is check that you have the serial number ‘Sony MFD17W- 22’ on your disk drive casing. (You’ll need «o uiueirw ihe cuing. This docs not affat the warranty) PC880 Interface upgrade £49.95 disk exp a nder This Easy to use and install expander can add 60% to your Hard Drive capacity. It quickly compresses and decompresses data and is vei reliable ensuring no data corruption. It worl with all drives, SCSI , IDE, floppies, even RA disk and is
expandable as new compression libraries arc developed.
Disk Expander ..£29.95 order o r m All Power (ampulinf lid products tome with a hath lo hate 12 month guarantee. 1‘riees are validfor the month of publication only. E & OE delivery next day £5.00 2-3days £2.50 Saturday 110.00 deliveries art subfeet to stock availability AMIGA -2 OFF THE CUFF EDITORIAL 30 SCALA Scala - It s Norwegian lor ladder! It's also one of the largest Amiga packages there are. Scala is capable ot a lot more than just titling your home videos, you know. From controlling TV sets in hotels to telling you what sort ot car to buy. Scala is revolu
tionising the world.
Join Mat Broomfield on a voyage around the Scala globe, and stop off with Jason Holborn as he takes a look at Scala MM300. If you’ve viewed the coverdisk, and want to really get connected to the world of Amiga Multimedia, then read on.. Amkp world It looking healthier lhan ever.
Sales of the A1200 and C032 have really taken oil.
Software sales, loo. Were buoyant wilhC032 lilies lopping the all-formats CO games chart.
Mindscape's Liberation leapt straight into the number one spot, trouncing LucasArts' Rebel Assault in the process! With a new generation ol high-end Amigas due lor release at the end ol the year, a high den sity dish drive about to be bundled with the At 200 and some exciting changes planned lor the CD32, Commodore are tiring on all cylinders as the new year begins 1994 should be very interesting indeed and. As always. CU AMIGA will be there to cover It!
For this month's issue we've lined up a Scala triple whammy! We're giving away Sale t Home Video 7WBrand we're also taking a look at how Sale has become established as the world's premier multimedia presentation system. II you thought multimedia was boring you'll gel a pleasant surprise. Tom to page 30 tor Iho lull story On a more personal note, this is my final issue ol CU AMIGA. Alter lour years with the magazine, during which time l ye witnessed Ihe Amiga stake its claim to be Ihe ultimate home computer. I'm oil to greener pastures, but the rest ol Ihe CU AMIGA learn will be back nest
month, bringing you that evocative mis ol news and reviews that you've come to know and love We've also got a truly gigantic graphics and animation leature and an esclushre interview with Jim Sachs. Ihe premier Amiga artist. Lastly. I’d just like to say a big thank you to all our loyal readers who have supported us throughout
1993. Circulation has rocketed, and It's very encouraging to get
your letters ol support. So. I'd |ust like to say a big
thanks, and wish you a happy new year.
A9 IN&SX NEXT ISSUE ON SALE 19 FEBRUARY Amroa MtfBnxnMl ¦ loiy Ftagm MW* looot Analogic ..40 Amlytsion 14 BVCC ....169 Computers ......100 e Electronics .....110
170. 171 I::::::::::::::::::!
... 132,133 t Software ..34 jvery ..Ill fcmoraid Creative ' I!!..!!!!"!!.. 107 : Marketing .168 Entertainment international 25 Evesham Micros ..164.165 First Choice PD ......156 First Computer Centre 90.91 Five Sta- PO Ganetefc C-ilrtun hr vaa ..121 44 45 UJ»»n irrage Gieyt-o-ics Ground 7e-o Harwoods Hutrtivtu .. . 1 52 122 58-59.78
99. 101 86 87 ICE sir ...... Jumping Bean
Kosmos Software Marram Main* Leisure 54 26 29 83
141 40 110 Ocean Software Omega Protects 1FC.15
98 c wf Assoc a'es PD Sot- Phoenix Compote-s 138 lie 95 142
143 Planet Data ..... Power Con-put eg Premier Ma Oroer
PsycrcsiS Idly OJ WKXXKTTOdd RXTOC lilO Gam I
¦WTOaGcmtonBcfTK). *JTT IDTTtM x Wrtlov WOM1AL ADVtMM Vln
Kennedy end Rod Egglatm DWCOMMUi Kanrty GnW IIHNO DtUGtdOt
WandjtMtttin (MOW AO MAMAOa NigeJ loyic* UtMMAOBWCdfgi Mil*
IXKVTTVM Gwn Rercra & Kiera Rodn MNOOK.
MM Tino G *n & Rabat Bywt INUM Mfe hay CU MCA Ctkm Piny Co*. X 3? Ian. Krbu (CI * MJ U 071072 MX) FAX 071 072 M» Min BBC 2W U 0733 SS5I6I Sa« tftx. UMJ* U 0U» 6K M7. OvMmari uExerrd fCO. AmtlrrdtM CAA Aewnrf arm 1.2 rd 3 N6.50 ABC 111,408 1003 sir sM&ieus PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWV PRODUCTIVITY REVIEW GVP have worked their usual magic and released the A1200 expansion to beat them all. We take a close look. You can double the size of your hard drive with a E30 program trom Power Computing, we also take the world's first close look at the CD32 FMV unit.
Now you coo create your owo professional »ideo titles and presentations with Scale Home Tltlei 100. You can also eiplore the fascinating world of science in the first of a twelve part program give away.
MOI 30 PAGE 68 slideshows lor your perusal this month, along with loads ol those techno tunes that the man Morgan Ikes to get down to All that plus an AMOS version o Streofhffhtor ? 137 PD UTILITIES it you h* pen to be one ot those people who have asptrabons tagger than your waSets. This codd be the page tor you. A M image processmg package and a scperb cruncTang compdaaon are |ust two d the Vangs on oiler 140 ART QALLERV More readers art S€l*££flf SCCNf OAMI RIVIIWS GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS "Ooh, isn’t it cold?" As pensioners are prone to say. II doesn't really matter, though, as we've got
some of the hottest games you are likely to see this month. From big licenses like Jurassic Park and Batman Returns to some top notch original stormers. Like the fabulous Skidmarks and Core's Bubba W Sir*. What are you waiting for?
60 FIRST IMPRESSIONS 62 BIOSPHERE 64 MAGIC CARPET 64 CREATION 68 SIMON SORCERER 73 GOBLINS 3 COSMIC SPACEHEAD 74 SEEK AND DESTROY 76 JURASSIC PARK LAMBOURGHINI 79 FI 80 BUBBA N STIX 82 BATMAN RETURNS 84 CAMPAIGN 2 88 SKIDMARKS 89 COOL SPOT 93 VFM 96 VAMPYRA 9 NEWS What a Id we've gol) Not only do wo carry the latost and greatest into• mation horn the World Ot Commodore Show m Toronto, we've got the Owdown on the Thahon split) 16 COVERDISKS See panel on Vms page.
47 CD32 The wonder mactwte goes from strength to strength Pad Rand takes a look at the other CD consotes aound 102 PNOOUCTIVITV REVIEWS See panel above 134 PD SCENE Plenty ot crazy 102 FRACTAL PRO 6.0 103 POWERBASE 103 OCTAMED MANUAL 103 WORD POWER V2 104 ALADDIN 4D ' OU MEOALOSOUND 109 MSI 30 112 CRAFT 114 A1230II 116 SBASE PRO 4 120 BARS AND PIPES 123 DISK EXPANDER 124 PROTEXT V6 126 CLARISSA REGULARS As everyone sits around waiting tor the next step in graphic adventures, we at CU AMIGA can sit back and smile knowingly.
We've already seen Adventuresoft’s brilliant Simon The Sorcerer, so we know just how great it is. A massive game, it's being hailed as one of the greatest PC adventures ever, and the Amiga version is every bit as good. You too can lounge about with a knowledgable smile and an air ot wisdom that belies your years, once you've loaded our exclusive playable demo. Don't worry, this isn't like other adventure demos where you only get to look at a couple of screens, or where you only get one puzzle, or two at the most. This is a massive demo, and at the end of it, it you don't agree that this is
one of the best adventures available out there, we'll get Mitch to eat his hat.
Can you work through it as fast as we did?
If you own a video recorder or camcorder, you’ll doublless be aware how much professional titles improve a home movie. The trouble is most tilling packages produce blocky-looking text that looks like it was generated on a toy computer rather than a state-of-the-art Amiga Scala's Home Titter TOO is the premium Amiga titling package designed to generate super-smooth broadcast quality titles. It's supplied with a selection ol different typefaces and can use scalable fonts to ensure that they always look professional.
If the fascinating world ot science interests you, then you’re bound to love Circular Motion, the first program in our Weird Science series; a 12 program set designed specially so that CU AMIGA readers can explore the mysteries ot physics.
DISK 74 DISK 75 T ..£29.99 ..£29.99 ..£29.99 ..£29.99 ..£32.95 fliving all the live Technology Rlpid House 54 Wandle Bank Wimbledon, London SW19 1DW Credit flM||M|Hbove address, or fax Emera it FAX: 081 715 8877 Cygnus Ed Professional v3.5 £69.95 Amos Professional £35.99 Amos Professional Compiler .£24.95 Easy Amos .£9.95 Amos 3D ...£29.95
Basic .....£49.95 £90.00 DevPac 3 ...£51.95 Extend ...£24.95 Or telephone the Emerald Sales linfl a TELEPHONE: 081 715 8866 Caligari Broadcast 3.1 ...£349. Alternative Textures 3D vol 1 £39.99 Add different textures and 'teels' to Real 30 and Imagine Alternative Textures 3D vol 2 £39.99 Essence
v2 call Textures tor Imagine.
Art Department Professional ......£145.99 Art Dept Pro Conversion Kit ..£59.99 Load and save different tile formats in Art Department Professional.
Doug's Pro Control £55.95 Batch processing front end tor AO Pro and Morph plus Morph Plus! ...£145.00 Twist, distort, morph, and warp Images - wakji Madonna turn Into Mr T Presentation Master ..£234.95 Video Director ......£119.95 Video Edrtlng Professional Draw v3.0 ...£99.95 Take 2 Animations .£39.95 AH tne tun ot Disney in your own home Arena
Accounts .....£89.95 Fu« accounts package tor the Amiga Cashbook Combo ..£59.99 Day by Day ......£24.49 Diary and personal organiser Home Accounts .v ..£25.99 Home Accounts 3 (Money Matters) .£39.99 Personal Finance Manager Plus .£32.95 Keep track of your cash!
System 3 ...£49.99 Modules for cashflow, sales ledger and slock control System 3 E £54.99 Mega Maths (A levels) .£18.50 Micro English (to GCSE) .£18.50 Micro French (to GCSE) ..£18.50 Micro German (to GCSE) £18.50 Micro Maths (to GCSE) £18.50 Micro Spanish (to GCSE) £18.50 Micro Science (to
GCSE) .£18.50 Art Expressions ...£145.00 Real 3D Classic ......£69.95 Cost effective 3D rendering and ray tracing Real 3D V2 .....£359.95 Ultra-powerful professional quakty 3D rendering Caligari 24 PAL.
Music Librarian ......£24.95 Plants tor All Seasons .£24.95 GB Route Plus ...... Plan your route from any where over the U.K. Mailshot Plus . WP. Spread sheet and database all in one Bars & Pipes Professional ...£199.95 The most powerful sequencer you could ever wish for Bars & Pipes Pro upgrade v1-v2 £99.00 Creativity Kit ....£29.99 Sbase Personal
4 ...£99.95 Forms Designer and luBy relational database Sbase Pro4v1.3 ..£239.95 Fully relational database with Database Management Language Hypercache .....£37.55 DsK cawing to speed up ha»dOnves Dy 22 times.ttoppes by 320 times Comprenensive de* utta-snow pictures play music he« read tiles Decs up search linnovatools .....£69.95 Gigamen ...£51.99 X-Copy
Professional.... Hardware and solt*»are latest version Directory Opus.
...£49.95 Cross Dos5 Cross PC £34,95 Alow* an Amiga to emulate a CGA PC n 0 read and -wile MS DOS files PC TASK ...£34.95 Atom an Amiga to emulate a VGA or EGA PC and read & wnte MS DOS Alee ...£24.99 internal Sounds - ..... Multimedia Kit Musicbox A Musicbox 8 Pro Studio Kit Rules for Tools - ..... - ......£29 99 One-Stop Music Shop ...£499.99 The stunning EMU Profeus DSP okn a card . Over 4 Meg of wavefabies 8 samples on ROM PatchMeister
Patch librarian for MIDI, drivers for many sound modules and handles Sysex dumps SuperJAM! V1.1 ......£74.95 The easy way lo make music' SuperJAM! Upgrade v1.0-v1.1 ......£35.99 SynchPro £151.96 Synchronise midi with multimedia Triple Play Plus ....£159.95 With this 3-out MIDI interlace, have up to 48 channel MIDI compositions.
Pro Midi Interface ...£24.95 The price performance midi interlace Stereo Master ..£34.95 8 bit sound sampler MegaMix Master .....£29.95 Sound sampling and digital effects MEGALOSOUND ....£34.95 Editmate ..£194.95 Control your video from your Amiga and add sound via the mixing board.
Includes cables and software.
Power Grey Scale Scanner ..£124.95 Colour Power Scanner ..£249.95 Video Master ...£69.95 A500 only. Sample sound grab, video . Mono Epson GT 6500 Colour Scanner ......£759.00 A high quality. A4 flatbed colour scanner. Includes ASDG scanner software Video Back-up System £54.95 Sacks up your floppies and hard drives onto VHS video tapes Rendale 8806 S-VHS Genlock .....£499.00 Rendale 8802 FMC
Genlock .£159.95 Amerge Genlock with fade wipe control Vidi Amiga 12 ..£74.95 Grabs full colour images from a video source in under one second.
Vidi 12 Real Time .£159.00 Real time 12 bit frame grabber Vidi 24 Real Time .£239.00 SAS Cver 6.3s .....£239.00 Pascal ...£79.95 Power Windows .....£69.95 CanDo V2.5 ......£99.95 HolLinks Editions 1.1 ..£69.95 Art Expressions ...£145.00 Drawing
Brilliance .£149.95 A fantastic 32bit painting package Professional Draw v3.0 ...£99.95 IMPORTANT: W lll authorize an credit card when we are able to shi uct from stock and process your on before.
All pric p HJHlogue includes VAT.
CarriacBs aBed ¦cording to the following chargeWVeHseH fhe right lo change prices.
HowevByoiflill informed of any price ohang efore your order is accepted.
CARRIAGE CHARGES Post and packaging charges within the UK are as follows: Normal delivery is £2.50 Registered Post is an additional £0.55 Next day courier is £4.95 inc VAT within the UK Mainland, but someone must be there to recieve the parcel, or else extra charges will incur.
Please ask for pricing to send an order overseas.
081 715-8866 Cheque made payable to "Emerald Creative" Please allow at le 7 working days for cheques to clear. Make youBwn order form giving all the informa|i|Ma A |to : NEWS RELEASES FMV CARD (ter all the hype surrounding the CD32 s abilities as movie player. CU AMIGA were proud to take delivery this week ol one ol the very tirsl Full Motion Video (FMV) units in Europe If you’ve been following Commodore’s exploits over the last year, you can hardly have failed to realise that the FMV is Ihe special CD32 attachment that transforms CD32 Irom an exceptionally powerful games console into an
even more impressive laser disk player capable of replaying any movies store on CD using the MPEGt standard The unit is about five inches wide by six and a quarter long and hall an inch thick It consists ol a fairly substantial circuit t board encased in a very robust metal box. At the back ot the CD32 there s a plastic blanking plate which can be removed in on) r to gel at the guts of the machine Witti the plate out ol the
* Jv. The Fmtfcca'd slides into the CD32S case, with a live inch
PK plugging (pto the connectoPin the con so Because ol the
fftetal shielding inside the CD32. A little extrt are is needed
to ensure that the two tit together properly, but that's all
thal * M involved in fitting the unit. Simply replace the screw
lhal lormerly 7 held the blanking plate in place and you're
ready to go When you turn the CD32 back on. It seems to take a
bit longer than usual to display the spinning CD title screen,
but apart Irom that, the CD32 is completely transparent in
operation, only reveajing its pros ence by Ihe type of Cds you
can now play Whal type of Cds’ Well, motion pictures lor a
start1 To say nothing ol music videos. FMV games and anything
else thal uses the white book standard lor MPEG compression
Okay, so it's only lair to point out that there aren't actually
many, it any commercially available while book products yet.
But the will come, and you d better believe ill Why? Well tor
lots of reasons, but first and foremost tor sheer convenience
It's simply easier to store feature films fcpop videos on CD
They re cheaper to reproduce, smaller to store, have a higher
markup puce, and are virtually indestruc tible More importantly
perhaps they already have the jtockmg ot the industry, with
giants like Philips.
Warner and many other film studios completely commits*! To the technology.
With our FMV card, we received a demo disk containing Seal s Killer music video the CDXL version ot Commodore's Christmas CD32 ad (the one starring the mad scientist and Ihe exploding robot) and Ihe MPEGt version ol the same advert We started by watching the CDXL advert Cdll is a simulated torm of MPEGt thal doesn t require an FMV card The sound on the ad seemed near perfect and although the graphics were obviously not 24-bit. They were very good, it a tad jerky. Next came the MPEG version ot the same ad. Where the CDXL version had been only partial screen, this one occupied every millimetre
of the screen, but whal I found startling was Ihe sheer quality of the imago.Although it wasn't 24-bit either, you'd never be able to tell by looking. The resolution was too high lo see. Arra the animation was silky smooth with no visible jerkiness at all.
Alter that, we eagerly selected the Seal video expicting eat things, but we were to be sorely disap “ I pointed The video was actually Ihe first thing that Commodore commissioned to demonstrate the unit at shows, and it had been hurriedly put pgether using relatively poor encoding This meant that the picture and sound noticeably lumped Irom time lo time, just like a record skipping, only lar.
Lar bneter For the connoisseurs in the audgnce it was very intrusive, although it didiw really detract from my enjoyment.
Wiyway. Commodore have yet to announce what they'll be bundling with Ihe unit in terms ot Cds. But MPEG games are definitely not on the cards, whilst a music video or compilation, perhaps by Take That. Oueen or EuiyltapMook:.
Increasingly likely. By the tim ou read this, Ihe unit will be in the shops Retail price EI99. - IT'S ALL ABOUT ENCODING The only problem wilh recording video lootage in Ihe MPEGt slandard is lhal Its bolh cosily and lime consuming lo do a good |ob. The more lime you spend, ihe better the results, and this inevitably will mean thal companies on a budget are going to be getting away with the minimum possible ettort.
The trouble is. Unlike standard video or even film.
It s not simply a maner ot getting the right lighting and recording away. Each and every frame is atfected by the adjacent ones, and those Irames that are greatly different from Ihe preceding ones need extra, personalised attention to ensure that a decent quality of recording is maintained Naturally, the time and efforts of suitably trained expert encoders is far from cheap, and that is why Commodore's Seal demo does not really fully reflect the capabilities of the machine.
THE PHILIPS CONNECTION Commodore’s arch rivals in Ihe interactive CD arena are Philips Interactive Entertainment who in lact brought out their own MPEG compatible unit several months ago.
However, because the MPEG1 standard had not yet been finalised by the industry, all the films released by Philips do not comply fully with this standard and therefore will not run on other MPEG systems. Philips uses what has been dubbed the green book standard Imagine our surprise then, when as an idle gesture we inserted a Philips movie into our FMV C032 and IT WORKED! In lad. Every Philips movie we tried, worked perfectly. I don't know how they did it. But Commodore have even managed to build in green book compatibility into their card!
This is truly excellent news because It means that right away, CD32 FMV owners have access to the lull library ol 50 Philips films, so they can begin enjoying their unit immediately, rather than waiting lor while book standard sluff to be released.
SEGA’S NOSE IN IT Despite enjoying healthy sales lor their own MegaCO CD-based console. Sega bosses have looked decidedly twitchy whenever the CD32 is mentioned As if it weren't enough lor Commodore to produce the best and most exciting CD console in the world, fhey even decided to ram the message home with a message aimed squarely at Sega's European corporate headquarters.
In a piece ol unrivalled pre-Christmas humour.
Commodore managed to book the massive billboard sight outside Sega's HQ. They used it to run a CD32 ad which parodies Sega’s ‘To be this good takes....' magazine and television adverts.
Although the reaction ol Sega's Managers is not available lor the record, an unconfirmed source yesterday reporled that a mystery bidder had purchased the billboard sight lor the next 200 years.
CU AMIGA NEWS i eleventh annual The World Of Commodore Amiga show took place in Toronto in early December, attracting Amiga users from both Canada and the United States. This time, though, the Amiga was upstaged by its CD cousin as it made its North American debut.
Despite its relatively high price tag of $ 399, fhe Amiga still sold like hot cakes, with hardly any remaining by the end of fhe show.
Commodore only had a few Amigas remaining in inventory. Although according to Commodore executives, additional shipments were being held at a customs station in the U.S. waiting for clearance. CD32 sales drove software sales as dealers sold all the special CD software they had available, with Gremlin's Zool easily being the star performer.
Almost every demonstration, seminar, lecture, and keynote was attended by a standing-room-only audience. Jim Sachs awed Amiga fans and artists as he demonstrated Digital Creation's Brilliance I wilh his own large array of art projects. Seminars were held by GVP. Rombo Axiom. Soft-Logik, Migraph, Scala, Electronic Arts, and Commodore on subjects ranging from videographics to desktop publishing.
COMMODORE Outside of a tremendous amount of CD32 units (or hands-on play. Commodore showed nothing of the new equipment in preparation. Commodore’s booth was filled instead with a large variety of application programs and demonstrations. Artists, musicians, and young videophiles tilled the Commodore booth with a variety of exciting examples of their work on the Amiga. Commodore Canada continued their tradition of creating a multigrade art contest throughout the event.
Commodore's Vice President of Engineering Lew Eggebrechl gave a keynote address before a sfanding room-only audience. His discussions centred mainly on the introduction of CD32. But he also mentioned facts about the latest developments at CBM. His CD32 comments centred on CD32's flexibility and its compatibility with current Amigas.
Mr. Eggebrecht also stated: "We are in volume production of CD32s and it is going very, very, well." He gave several glowing quotes from European magazines concerning CD32 and mentioned that a Gallop survey in the U.K. rated CD32 the number one CD platform in sales. In head-to- head-competilion between fhe CD-based platforms. Electronic Monthly Buyers Guide chose CD32 over 3D0 and CD-i. Mr Eggebrecht said Commodore was aiming to reduce the cost of the CD32 by as much as $ 100 in order to maintain its competitiveness.
As well as launching the console, Commodore also took the opportunity to demonstrate the CD32 s MPEG ability, Chris Ludwig of CATS presented a portion of Paramounts Star Trek Vi: The Undiscovered Country. When the movie was placed on pause, the picture was rock steady. The disk was a Philips video disk but the CD32 has been designed to play both the industry standard Video CD and CD-i’s own Video CD-i. In addition, the "Mad Scientist" television advertisement used in the U.K. s CD32 marketing campaign received a large round of applause.
Even more exciting was the latest news on the AAA chip set. Mr. Eggebrecht stated that the first silicon chips had been created and were in testing.
The chips displayed over 95% functionality. Almost all the functions have been tested; and, with only a few small bugs, the architecture has been proven.
All the chips will be returned for a second silicon run by the end of January. If that second silicon run is successful, the first AAA machines could be on the market as early as the fall of 1994.
The AAA chip set should give the Amiga a performance boost with a factor of 10 over the current AA chip set These chips will be used in a new system with a modular processor approach. One target is to do 3-D rendering in real time. They hope to render 30 million pixels per second. To accomplish this, they are building their own 3-D pipeline and incorporating their own RISC processor in the graphics subsystem.
For the AAA system, they have selected the Intel PCI bus for a system bus. This would allow Commodore to access a wide array of possible peripheral boards and display devices. When asked about the AAA chip system's sound capability. Mr. Eggebrecht stated: The sound capabilities of the AAA chip set contains eight voices, 16 bits with 100 kHz sampling rate. Commodore will design the AAA chip set system to be compatible with a 68060 with eventual upgrade ability to a RISC processor capability.
A cost-reduced design tor the Amiga 4000 has been produced and will be in manufacturing by February. The 4000 Tower has also been upgraded in its priority to be completed as soon as possible.
Additionally, it was also revealed that CBM is creating the CD ROM drive for Ihe Amiga 1200 and the Amiga 4000. The Amiga 4000 CD-ROM will incorporate the full-motion video adaptor. The Amiga DSP effort has been licensed to a third party lor further development DSP will also be incorporated into the motherboard of the AAA platform. CBM has been able to arrange a license with Philips for photo CD. Photo CD should be available in the first quarter of the next year And he stated, there were plans to enlarge his staff to handle the additional workload.
On Saturday night. Commodore Canada presented a video tape that was produced during the show The tape was created by Howard Gross and his students of the Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute to demonstrate what the students and the Amiga were able to accomplish. They had interviewed a variety of exhibitors throughout the show and each commented on how well the show was attended and how well business was going It appeared there were no losers in this year's event The next Work) ot Commodore Amiga scheduled in New York. April 8-10, 1994.
NEWS CU AMIGA mere In tore* drawing tha Crowd* wlin an anor- moua vtdao wad.
BMBRS&rOAI,HE Keeping the British flag flying, BMD had a large area in the front of the hall tor game manufactur ers and other Amiga companies. Gremlin Graphics, Millenium Software, Mindscape International. Moonlighter Software. Teamt7. And Virgin Software were represented with hands-on displays that allowed attendees to play the vendors latest releases.
EXPERT SERVICES EP had their latest art package. Picasso IIRTG.
On show. Representatives state the Amiga will be able lo run all the latest software at resolutions of up to i 280 x 1024 with 256 colours on-screen Picasso II also supports custom screen modes with up to 16 7 million colours at resolutions as high as 800 x 600.
GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS On display at GVP's stand were the TBCPIus, an internal broadcast quality video processing card the At 291 SCSI Kit, an expansion module lor then Performance Senes II; and the A1230 Turbo* Performance Senes II. An accelerator tor the Amiga 1200. The TBCPIus operates as an infinite window time-base corrector using 8-bit 4 :2:2 CCIR-601 professional quality all digital video sig nal processing. It is to ship on Dec 6, 1993. With a MSRP ot $ 949, or on January 13,1994. With the optional SMPTE EBU time-code receiver generator with a MSRP of $ 1,049.
GVP's A1291 SCSI Kit module adds a high-performance external DMA SCSI interlace to a Performance Series II peripheral and uses the latest in active termination technology tor stable, noise- free SCSI data transfer. MSRP is $ 99. GVP's A1230 Turbo.Performance Series II features a 50MHz 68030 (with MMU), up to 32Mb ol RAM expansion capability, battery-backed real time clock, and feature connector for modular expansion. MSRP tor the Mhz 40 0 4 is $ 549 and $ 749 for the Mhz 50 0 4.
SCALA Putting the Amiga to good use. Scala were running their Multimedia MM300 on a full-scale video wall in the front of the exhibition hall. Multimedia MM300 comes with a suite of new features: File Requester or Shuffler showing thumbnails of animations. Pictures, and brush files drawing tools allowing you to create and manipulate lines, rectangles, and circles; fast Floyd-Steinberg dithering: a new function called Absolute Timing giving total control ot the timing of a script; Optimise Palette function, which automatically calculates the optimal colour palette tor a page when several
pictures, brushes, and text colours are used on the same page: resizing of brushes and pictures so that when imported, they can be resized freely; and several other features The Scala Echo EE 100 is also available lor professional, one-pass video editing to be used with the MM300. Available early in 1994 is Scala's new Video Editor VE500 Traditional video editing techniques can be performed through the Human Touch interface, and the lull lunctqnality of the Multimedia MM300 is built in.
DKB DKB used the show to unveil its new 1240™ Accelerator, a 32 bit board capable ot accommodating up to 128Mb ol RAM. A 68030 accelerator upgradeable to 68882. A 50MHz math coprocessor, MMU and a SCSI interface. MSRP about $ 425. To be available February 14. 1994. DKB was also displayed their 4091 fast SCSI II hard DRIVE controller for the Amiga 4000 A DKB executive stated that although the product was not ofiidalty introduced. DKB would ship the board in the first quarter of 1994 at a MSRP of $ 549.
Shanng DKB s booth was Phantom Development, which announced the upcoming release tsecond quarter ol 1994) ot PRO-MIX. A software-controlled audio mixing board for the Amiga. This new product provides five stereo input pairs with volume, balance, mute, and stereo mono controls. An Arexx interface is provided to allow PRO-MIX to be utilised in multimedia presentations. Or integrated into advanced A V systems.
MSRP is $ 299 99.
Them to demonstrate their new software. A representative ol U.S. Cybernetics apologised lor their no-show. However. The Warp System parallel processing accelerator, announced at the Pasadena WOCA in September, will be available in the 30mrps and up version in early January 1994 While the Warp 200mips and up system will be available at the end ol the tirst quarter 94. The representative stated that the company has been inundated with caJIs since their early announcement with some ol the merest originating trom Hollywood production companies.
SUNRIZE STUDIOS Sunnzo Studios promoted their Studio 16 - a high- fidelity audio card bundled with object-oriented software, in live demonstrations. The product features state-of-the-art digital non linear editing, eight-track hard disk recording, 16-bit CD-quallty sound, and more. Available as an option is a SMPTE Output Module.
INOVATRONICS INOVAtronics announced their upgrade of the authonng system CanDo to 2.5 with enhancements including AGA graphics, stereo music tiles.
ASL Commodore Requesters, and a clearty laid out Window Editor.
Also on show was Edge, a powerful, easily configurable ASCII-only text editor that, among other lealures. Can open on the Workbench screen,
• fold" large sections of text out of view, help you prevent
syntax errors while writing Arexx and C code, and automatically
block-indent paragraphs for ease ol programming mmi sxBUSHmG
For DTP enthusiasts. Soft-logic had an in depth preview ol
PageStream 3 0 at the Toronto show It's a complete y new
version of their desktop publishing program with high-end
colour separations and more New features include trapping and
plate control, dual paragraph and character style system, a
more flexible toolbox, auto kerning and hyphenation, spot and
process colour, translation of ProPage documents, and more. The
PageSlreani 3.0 publishing system comes with the PageLinat 20
text editor and the BME 2 0 bitmap editor. These programs are
linked to PageSueam with the included HotLinks 2.0. The new
TypeSmith 2.0 (MSRP $ 199.95) can load, save, edit, and generate
bitmap screen fonts and it offers a new magnify tool, edit
bitmap tool, and a new status bar which displays short help
prompts Hetp and advice on using Ihe Amiga was available all
over Ihe show.
RSC MANAGEMENT (' Awfa The starot this stand was X-Calibur. A 128Mb memory expansion acceleration board that accepts standard 72 pins SIMM's modules, with its innovative memory design, the X-Calibur outperforms the regular A4000.040 memory access by 400% at 25MHz. The board does not require a Zorro slot and designers were claiming a three to five times faster memory access than a standard Amiga 4000. The MSRP tor the 25MHz version will be $ t 199 and a 33MHz version is planned at approximately $ 1600. John Chang from Scala tested the system during the show and stated, 'This thing is really
cooking.’ HEIFNER COMMUNICATIONS In conjunction with Express-Way Software, Heitner displayed their software utility PEGGER.
PEGGER (MSRP: $ 99.95) is a fully-integrated JPEG utility which allows programs that don't support JPEG images to use them automatically.
PEGGER features Arexx support; support lor 24- bit IFF, SCTV, Toaster Framestore, and HAM8 images; adjustable priority tor JPEG compression and decompression.
Also being displayed by Heitner was the Toaster Cozzy 4000 (MSRP: $ 449.95). This product prevents the toasterboard from possibly shorting out the motherboard due to contact. The built-in power supply prevents overheating blown power supplies in the A4000.
AXIOM SOFTWARE Up and running on Axiam's stand were Anim Workshop. WaveMaker. And WaveLink. Anim Workshop (MSRP $ 149.95) provides you with a set of tools for creating, playing, processing, editing, and adding sound to your Amiga animations.
WaveMaker allows you to a create network-qual- ity logo animation in less than five minutes and retails for $ 249.95 MSRP. WaveLink allows anyone who has two Video Toaster systems to use both for rendering. WaveLink includes a cable that hooks your two systems together so both can render at the same time. It also allows one system to see the other so file sharing is quick and easy. WaveUnk retails for $ 149.95 MSRP.
PRAT Central Repairs on: FAST QUALITY AMIGA REPAIRS London A500, A500+, A590, A600, Upgrades + Engineering requirements A1200, A1500, A2000, Aqnnn A innn SAME DAY SERVICE £34.99 + parts (comps in by 11am) ™VVV| n-rvvu Plus Amiga add on hard drives and monitors.
Door to door pick up + delivery anywhere in the U.K. Spares also available 144, Tanner St., Tower Bridge, London SE1 2HG Tel. 071-252 3553 NORMAL SERVICE £24.99 * parts (Typically 24 hrs) AREA 52 To help out anyone who gets stuck halfway through a task on their Amiga, Area 52 were showing off its Amiga Online Reference Manual v2.1. Area52 considers its hypertutorial a book in itself, of over 850 online hypertext pages of information in approximately 1.1 Mb of data.
Information covers topics such as the Amiga custom hardware and its specifications, the operating system including Arexx and AmigaDOS 3.0, the Workbench, third-party software, and commonly- asked questions. Version 2.1 retails for $ 34.95 plus $ 2 shipping. Special offer for user group members of $ 20 plus $ 2 shipping.
MEDIA INNOVATIONS Media Innovations' new utility program FramePro provides direct software control ol ASDG's ADPro, allowing the user to batch-process an entire range ol frames from one format to another with a few mouse clicks In conjunction with ADPro. FramePro will crop, brighten, colour correct, and further process the frames while simultaneously writing them to RAM. Storage devices, or even DPS's Animation Board.
FAGO ELECTRONICS Fargo was demonstrating its low-cost, high-quality Primera Colour Printer. Use Primera with your favourite programs like Brilliance, ADPro.
OpalVision, and nearly all other Amiga software that uses the Amiga Preferences driver. A dye- subiimation upgrade kit is also available that produces true continuous-tone, photo-quality images.
ADVANCED SYSTEMS Not much to see on this stand apart from the FASTLANE Z3 SCSI-II controller. This expansion device features a Fast SCSI-II controller with 32- bit DMA as well as 32-bit wide memory expansion up to 64Mb on one full length Zorro-3 slot card.
PRE'SPECT TECHNICS INC Pre' Spect demonstrated their NakeD-Up RETINA Interlace (MSRP $ 75.00) tor the Amiga
500. With this interlace. 500 users can now work with the RETINA
Interlace and 24-bit graphics.
The NakeD-Up is available tor other A2000 cards tor use on the A500 and At 000 as long as the Amiga 2000 card does not require the Amiga 2000's special CPU or video slots.
DIGITAL CREATION To demonstrate the power of Brilliance!, Digital Creations flew in top Amiga artist Jim Sachs to knock out animations on the tly. Meanwhile Jim Drew of Utilities Unlimited was surrounded by interested Amiga fans as he demonstrated Ihe Emplant board with Macintosh emulation. There was a rumour circulating that one vendor plans to incorporate the Emplant into Amiga 4000s and sell them as full functioning dual machines.
Release dates for IBM emulation is scheduled for the first quarter of 1994. An A1200 Emplant is also in develofiT® Iteel fortunate to be at the Commodore helm during these genuinely exciting times. As I write this column we re about to ship the long- awaited lull motion video module. Ever since we first launched Amiga CD32 back in July there’s been a tremendous sense ol anticipation about what FMV capability could do lor our excellent product. We launched a few weeks alter agreement was reached by the world’s entertainment giants - Sony, Philips, Matsushita and others including Commodore -
on an agreed FMV standard. This is. Ot course, MPEG1 (or Video CD or Karaoke CD or White Book!).
I am certain of the potential ot FMV to transform the entertainment industry and elevate Amiga CD32 to a key role in the transformation. Now that the live inch CD has established itsell as the accepted storage medium lor information it's obvious that Hollywood and the record industry should agitate for technology which gives them new money-earning angles. In the future I'm sure we ll see fascinating new torms of home entedainment emerge trom FMV - games with real actors rather than sprites, movies with multiple plot lines, videos with textual information on their production. There are a
huge number ol possibilities.
DPAINT KEYBOARD TEMPLATES We are building up good relationships with software manufacturers such as RCA Victor (BMG) and EMI (PMI). So we should be. There are intense rivalries in these industries. Many companies are in competition with Philips and welcome the arrival ol a competitor such as Commodore. With more movies due soon from Warner and Paramount and games publishers like Mind- scape, Round One Media and Alfernafive working on FMV games I think we re af fha crest of a lidal wave. I'm glad we're riding if.
No-one can be expected to remember all ot Dpaints keyboard shortcuts, but now there's no need to, as Software Solutions are producing keyboard overlays to solve just that problem.
The plastic strip fits over the function keys giving you instant reference to all the keystrokes and shortcuts Dpaint
4. 1-4.5 AGA (and you'd be surprised to find out just how many
shortcuts there are!). The overlay fits all Amiga keyboards
except the A600, and is priced at $ 9.95. Contact A&P Solutions
in the USA on 0101 94545 1126.
CU'S BELOVED EDITOR IN SHOCK RESIGNATION tC& In an announcement which left the industry reeling this month. CU AMIGA'S Editor and longest standing staff member resigned to take up a position on another magazine. Despite tearful pleas trom the bosses of EMAP to stay, Dan was resolute in his decision saying that he, : Wanted to whip those kinda shape'. He then pulled n, p tinged a last tond greenie aggered out out without a back- whelps at Future into some his Fedora low over his bro- into the CU spittoon and sw ward glance.
Dan has gone to edit PC Formal, a magazine apparently specialising in an obscure computer called the PC.
Personally, I don’t think it’ll ewer catch on, but Dan does love a challenge! We wish him luck.
NEPTUN GENLOCK A new genlock is on the way from Eleclronic Design in Germany. Fishily named the Neptun. It's possibly the first software controllable genlock tor the Amiga. Other key features include advanced Alpha channel handling, which Electronic Design say will help with anti-aliasing graphics to reduce the jaggies where computer graphics border live video.
Videographers should also note the release ol the TBC Enhancer, a time base corrector lor synchronising two video sources. There are inputs tor two sources: S-VHS (in Y-C tor- mat) and composite video. These are then split into their components and digitised in studio quality 4:2:2 standard.
The signal, converted into a digital colour decoder in Y-U V is then put into screen memory, where it’s corrected and read out ol memory with a crystal-precise pulse rale.
Both products are available trom Eleclronic Design in Germany on 010 49 89354 530.
RUMOURS OF OUR DEATH... Lips began to quiver. Strong cups of tea were duly handed out. For a moment, it looked like the unthinkable had happened and Thalion had gone toes up. To quote from a press release received from Blue Byte software, the authors of Battle Isle and The Settlers, to name but a couple of games.
“The former creative and development team (Erik Simon, Jurie Hornemann, Thorsten Mutschall, Christian Jungen and Tobias Franz) of Thalion, who created products like Dragontlighl, Wings Of Death, Trex Warrior. Amberstar, No Second Prize, Lionheart and of course Ambermoon, will be employed at Blue Byte from January 2nd.” Don’t cry too hard, though, as this is not actually the end of Thalion, more a transition from a development house to a publishing and distribution company. Although Thalion no longer have a in- house programming team, they will still be releasing third party developed
software, such as A320 Night Approaches, Ambermoon and Air Sea Rescue. CD32 conversions of Lionheart and No Second Prize are imminent, but a sequel to the latter in "In some doubt", according to Thalion’s UK representative Tony King. The team that have gone to Blue Byte are the team responsible for the original, and without them, the chances of the promised follow up with full texture mapping etc, look tiny.
We’N bring you more as soon as we have it .. INCIDENTALLY... Something crawling around inside Dillon's word processor last issue meant that the telephone number ol the animation college in Dublin featured in the animation feature was missed out. It you want to contact the college, write to: Senior College Ballyfermot Dublin 10, Ireland Tel: 010 353 1 626 9421 AMIVISION SOFTWARE Present An incredibly oddicfcve ond defoiled formula one jimuiaiion for I -4 players, circuits etc 15 teams, 2 cars per team, 50 drivers with varying skills, complete engine & tyre cootrocts.Choose tyre compounds,
tune your engines, change wing settings, even train your pit crew!
Qualifying, 16 occur ate championship circuits, news section, reptslic sound fx, lood save games, wea ier forecasts, statistics saved, otesl TISA rules, sponsors, Ml drrvers and constructors championships latest up to the minute details, easily updatable. Incredibly oddicfive, produced by tore fprmJo • This is tie mosl realistic formula one management simulation, oronteed !
Just £14.951 Includes instruction manual PLEASE MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO S.RENNOCKS. DEMO DISK £1 - A1200 compatible DEPT CU, 1, Cherrington Drive, Great Wyrley, Walsall, WS6 6NE PkRTDINK All Ihe hard-hilling adion ol real American Football. Ihe scrolling 3D playfield captures the speed ol Ihe real game, with total conlrol ol any player. Irom quarterback lo kicker. IsoVision'” passing camera zeroes in on receivers racing down the lield - choose plays with ease Irom Madden’s on-screen playbook.
¦ !»???! I ¦??EEEiEI 9 nnaanann| 1DBDBDD ' Block tackles, dive, jump and ’sack' Ihe quarterback I ' Real wealher conditions • lough il out in Ihe rain, mud and snow.
' 1 or 2 players - play head-to-head.
• jjj "The besl American Football game on Ihe matkel..." "...
what mere can I say but brilliant." AMIGA COHPUIIHC - 90s John
Madden Amo» an FoolDall’* and Electronic Aits are Iradoniai**
ot Eloctronc Arts.
C 19M. 1993 Electronic Arts. Ire All Rights Rese-vetd ___ CO IfERMSK 74 Sca a Home Titler is one of the best programs CU AMIGA has ever given away. Tony Horgan takes you on a step-by-step guided tour of the program.
SCALA INSTRUCTIONS dick on DF0:|, asking you to select a background image for the page. Nol all of the files are background images files, so we ll seled Naivedisk for now Double click the mouse on the Naivedisk filename to load if.
Rather than being confined by the usual border that runs around the inside of the screen To look at the picture, dick the Change button and then dick on the Naivedisk name On the bottom of the screen you'll see a few buttons containing various words and icons.
Clicking the right mouse button will remove the panel to display the entire pidure. Pressing it again brings the panel back.
ADDING TITLES As this is a video titler. We may as well get to work on produdng some titles. Click on the button marked Once you've selected your background pidure, dick OK twice, which will return you to the script screen.
You should now be able to see the Naivedisk screen sitting in slot number one of the senpt menu.
Scala names its pages automatically. Taking the filename of the background image, or the first line of text that you enter on that page.
If you dick OK without selecting a filename, you'll set up the page with a blank background. The number of colours and resolution can be altered from the control panel. Overscan should be selecled if you want to place text or graphics that extend beyond the edges of the TV picture.
Scala Home Tiller is a video titler. The obvious use is lor titling home videos, although with a bit of imagination you should be able to find a number of other jobs for it within your video productions.
Geola Heme Tirtoric an incredibly easy program to use, and you've probably got the hang of Ihe basics already but to make sure you get off on the right foot, here’s our simple step-by-step guide.
Follow the directions in the "How to load disk 74" box to decompress your Scala disk. Load the Scala disk by inserting it Into the internal drive and turning on the Amiga STARTING OUT Once Scala has loaded, you'll be presented with a blank script screen.
Write Protect disk 74. Ym'II need tti.ee data, rrtidi 700 do not tan to lomut O Insert Disk 74 into the Internal drive and turn on Hie Amiga.
Q Ooulle click the CU0ISK74 icon 0 Double click each ol Ihe SCALA.
GRAPHICS and SCIENCE icon In tom. Each one will need lo be espanded onlo a disk ot la own.
Follow the on-screen instructions.
ISee this month's DIY section tWorkshop) lor inlormatlon on Ihe Pamet program The first thing you need to do is create a page, which is done by clicking the New' button A file requester will appear (insert the Graphics disk and QUICKSTART GUIDE TO LOADING DISK 74 COVERDISKS CU AMIGA Font: followed by the name of the currently selected font. This brings up the font selector. There are four different styles included on the disk, available in a number of different sizes. Highlight a font and click on the Show' button to take a look at it.
When you’ve found one you’re happy with, click on OK.
On the background picture you’ll see an oblong cursor. You can position this anywhere on screen by dragging it with the mouse. Enter your text withlhe keyboard, using the normal cursor keys a delete keys to rectify any mistakes.
TEXT CONTROL Changing the colour of the text is simple. Choose a colour from the palette that runs across the top of the control panel, clicking on it with the left mouse button. Then dick the coloured box in the ’Front' button.
Any currently selected text will change colour. To spruce up your text, you can add an outline, shadow or 3D look by merely clicking on the If you're not happy with the positioning after the text once you’ve entered it, you can use the Move' option to relocate it. Highlight the The Midlands and the North can expect heavy snow falls on high ground, turning to sleet later.
It will still be raining in Ireland, and probably won’t stop for at least 40-E0 years or so.
New Zealand and the Islands of the South Paelrle. However, will be drenched in hot sunshine, with cool sea breezes moving across from the expansive coral reefs, where a man in a milkflont will be selling ice cold fruit juices, as the locals Join him In a lazy rendition of ’Here comes the Lilt man1’..... If your coverdisk doesn't seem to work as it should, then follow this simple guideline. Firstly, remove all unnecessary peripherals, such as printers, modems etc. Follow the instructions of these pages to the letter, and if after that you find that the disk still doesn't work, call the PC
Wise helpline on 0685 350505 between 1030 and 1230 Monday to Friday. If they advise you that the disk is faulty, then pop it in an envelope with a covering letter explaining the problems to: CU DISK RETURNS, PC WISE, DOWLAIS TOP BUSINESS PARK, MERTHYR TYDFIL, MID GLAMORGAN CF46 2YY.
Please include 28p per disk to cover postage and packing (55p for overseas readers).Your disk will be tested and a new, working one dispatched to you as soon as possible. Please note that neither we nor PC Wise accept responsibility for any disk damaged due to negligence on the pari of the user.
CUTV WEATHER UPDATE... Southern counties of England will bo subject to overcast skies and high winds.
IF YOUR DISK WON'T LOAD THE WORLD OF SGA1J Scala UK are proud to present an exclusive offer for CU AMIGA readers.
I you've already used this month's cover disK and followed the tutorial in this issue you'll know what a superb program Scala Home Tiller is Now if you want to take things a step further you can order the full Home Tiller manual complete with two extra disks simply bursting at the seams with over 150 extra symbols and additional clip art for use with Home Tiller. That means that you'll be able to create even more original and Interesting titles, as well as learning how to get the very last drop of power from the program! The manual and two disks cost only £14.95, and CU AMIGA readers who take
advantage of this unique opportunity will also receive automatic membership to the newly-formed Scala Club.The Scala Club is an organisation dedicated solely to keeping Scala product users updated on the latest Scala news and innovations. Members will receive a packed magazine and are assured ol priority treatment in any future Scala promotions!
I SCALA MM200 Scala MmfOO multimedia tool 'to unleash your ives you the ability typefaces, 80 ind cube), 60 quality ruly professional types of information, and single frames, usic modules. This s, including CD ROM, disk.
Hure ring Scala UK Ltd you've always dreamed of. MM2O0 gives you the imagination. Its superior functionality and eas' to bring your ideas to life using 15 specially-de sophisticated wipes (including stretch, flow, flipcoi backgrounds and 80 ready-made graphic symbols fi results. With MM200 you can integrate many dfffere such as CD Audio tracks, MIDI music files, animatii sound samples and even Soundtracker compatible information can be retrieved from a variety of sou( CD Audio, MIDI devices, video players and, ofco To find out more about the MM200 or for a fr*e I on 0929 444 294.
COVERDISKS CU AMIGA For more control over text display click on Ihe layout button to alter spacing, margins etc. relevant buttons on the control panel. Clicking them a second time takes the effect off. Underline, bold and italic styles are also available from the three buttons marked with a letter.
Should you want even further control over the text display, click on the Layout button to bring up another panel. From here you can alter the character spacing, outline size, shadow direction, margins and word wrap.
BRUSHES Extra graphics can be loaded in and placed on the page. These are selected by clicking the Brush' button, and loading an IFF brush from the disk. Try loading the Director Chair or Amour files. They can then be placed on the page with the mouse. Should you want to delete a brush (or any text for that matter), H you've come over all Francis Copolla, you can create your own credits thanks to HT100.
Press the delete key while the object is selected.
Icon. Change the wipe by clicking on a new one. You can change the wipe speed with the speed buttons.
AND When you select Load or Save Script, only the script and text is saved, without the actual graphics files. This means that when you run your script, you’ll need to have the disks with your graphics files to hand.
For this reason, it's a good idea to arrange all your files onto a single disk. Better still, run the whole thing from a hard drive.
There's a hard drive installation program on the Scala disk. First, boot from your hard drive, then insert the Scala disk and double click the Install icon. The installation program creates a Scala directory on your hard drive, and does all the rest too. Click ‘Cancel’ when it asks for the Symbols disk and then you’re ready for action.
DISK VIRUSES We try to ensure that viruses do not get on your disks. We always have the most advanced virus checkers available when the disk is compiled and every program goes through rigorous testing. However, we can accept no responsibility for possible damage incurred by viruses which have escaped our attention.
The ‘New' button, and repeat the process for a new page. To rearrange the order of the pages, just drag them around with the mouse, it’s as simple as that.
FINISHING TOUCHES Instead ot one page changing instantly into the next, you can easily add a range of more attractive fades and wipes. Clicking in the WIPE box ot a page (from the main Script Menu), will bring up a bank of 40 wipes, each represented by its own The wipe bo* has a bank lo 40 wipes.. CU AMIGA COVERDISKS Coverdisk 74 continues with Weird Science. As computer users, we are frequently at the cutting edge of technology. Thanks to CU AMIGA and G-Tek, you can explore this world via a series of unique and exciting science programs. Mat Broomfield explains.
- J4 WEIRD WQMmi This month, we give you Circular Motion, the
first of twelve programs that will let you perform your own
experiments to explore a variety of physics-related science
subjects. Each month, we'll be bringing you a different
program so that by the end of a year, you’ll own a complete
library of programs which are both entertaining and
Each program in the set is completely unique on the Amiga and has been designed to let you perform experiments which are nearly, or completely impossible to perform in the real world. They’re ideal for students, and interesting for non-students.
Remember, CU AMIGA is the only magazine that pays as much attention to your mind as it does to your wallet!
Mmr* This month's offering, Circular Motion, is a program for testing the circular and tangential movement of an object in two dimensional space.
You can alter every significant force acting upon the object, ranging from its size and mass, to its initial angular velocity. You choose to have the object moving freely in an enclosed space, or tethered as a pendulum in an open space. You can even free it altogether just to see where it goes!
Within this window and the program will load automatically.
Once the program's loaded you'll be greeted by the main screen. The majority of this screen is occupied by warnr* Before you can load the program, you’ll need to expand it onto its own disk. To do that, simply follow the instructions on page 16 headed How to load your disk’.
Once you've created your own stand-alone disk, write protect it then insert it into the internal disk drive.
Once it's there, switch your computer off for ten seconds (if its still on) then turn the computer on and the disk will autoboot. You turn the computer off first to flush any erroneous data (or even viruses) out of its memory completely before using a new program.
After a few minutes, you'll be presented with the Workbench screen, in the middle of which you'll see an icon labelled 'Circular Motion 3.0'. Double dick on this icon and a window will appear showing you the contents of the disk.
Click on the 'Circular Motion' icon a large black window. This window is the real-time display where you can see a representation of your experiment as you conduct it.
Above and below this window, there II you're Interested In mathematical theory then wrap your eyes around this loti to-2-ref =-2j t V2C0) - Vj +2Rg.(cos 0-cos 0o are rows of figures whose purpose is to tell the exact values of different elements of your test. Again, these are real-time and will be updated approximately ten times a second once the experiment has commenced.
At the left of the screen are the sliders and buttons that you will use to set up the initial conditions for your experiment.as well as allowing you to analyse it at each stage of its .
To quickly see the program in action, press the button labelled ‘Free’. The object will start swinging and the numbers above and below it will start to change rapidly.
To stop the object at it its current location, click the Free’ button again.
To reset the experiment to its initial parameters, click the 'Reset' button.
You cannot alter the parameters of COVERDISKS CU AMIGA an experiment that’s either being executed, or which has been paused using the ‘Free’ button.
To get the most from the program you should continue and read the rest of this reference section.
THE SLIDERS The sliders at the top left of the screen allow you to specify the initial forces acting upon your object, as well as its own starting parameters.
The top slider represents its initial angle in degrees from 0 to 359. 0 is vertically downwards.
The second slider represents the object’s initial velocity in metres per second and ranges between 9 and - 9 MPS. Negative values mean that the object will begin by moving clockwise, whilst positive ones will cause it to move anti-clockwise.
The third slider represents the radius of the circle in which the object moves. If you choose to confine the object this figure represents the radius of the circle in which it’s confined. If you choose not to confine the object, then this figure represents the length of the pendulum 'string'.
The fourth slider controls the object’s mass between 1.0 and 10.0 kilograms. The greater the object's mass, the greater its potential inertia. The final slider represents the radius of the object and acceptable values are between 1 and 25 centimetres. Below the sliders are two gadgets containing text. These can not be individually adjusted as they represent a composite of the adjustments to all the all the other sliders.
The first is initial angular inertia and is derived by adjustments to the mass and object radius sliders.
The second gadget shows the angular velocity and is derived using the radius of the object and the radius of its motion path (the third slider).
Beneath the two text gadgets you’ll see two dark blue icon gadgets. These let you specify the way in which the object will move. The first of them is for selecting whether the object should be confined or act as a pendulum.
If the object is confined it rolls around the inside edge of a circular box’. If it acts as a pendulum, the middle of the object is connected to a central point of the screen and the object swings around that point.
The other gadget lets you define whether the object is moving in the
x. y or x,z plane. If it moves in the x,y plane then gravity
influences it, whereas in the x,z plane it does not, and so
the object moves indefinitely (friction is not accounted for).
THE BUTTONS There are eleven buttons on the screen below the icon gadgets.
Here's a breakdown of what you can expect them to do: f FNFRfiY iBrings up a | hut iwinrifMM that shows the energy of the moving objects as a series of three graphs.
Pn, , jMarks the ' • ' 1 Inhiar-I wilh a radius line so that so you can see its angle of rotation as it moves around the inside of the circular track. This only works when the object is being moved in confined mode.
I FrFt is,ar1s lhe I r » 1 1 Inhiori rolling or swinging. It the object is already moving, it pauses its motion so that you can take notes about the forces acting upon it. If the object has been paused, it unpauses it.
Resets the objects and parameters back to their most recent levels before you clicked Free.
I 7 iCalls up the on-line help window.
I TTTm jQuits the pro- 1 Jflram j Instantly disin-
- Sy, tegrates the ’string’ when in pendulum mode. The object
travels off the screen at the appropriate tangent leaving a
red trail behind it, so that you can analyse its motion.
Slows the laction down to me tenth of its normal speed so that you can make more accurate observations, especially of faster moving experiments.
Time graph of any of the forces involved in the motion of your object.
Of circular motion to remind you what they are.
In the MS- 'OS version of ¦the program, this would present you with questions to solve. However, they have not been implemented in the Amiga Hf" -Ith In addition to the buttons, there is one final slider in the shape of a red arrow beside the main display window. This is the zero reference point for potential energy and can be moved up or down.
MS-DOS products in an Amiga magazine ??
Strange - not really Your front cover disk includes just one of a series of science modules that were originally created for the Amiga. They have been rewritten for the MS-DOS platform and added to. If your school, your teacher, your training centre likes the front cover module then contact us for details of the MS-DOS based versions.
You would be amazed at what is available.We've described here just two of the special modules that add a fun dimension to the serious side of learning Physics.
PC Scope Jr The fun way to learn physics Used in conjunction with a Sound PC-Scope turns your PC into an easy ra use oscilloscope tor use with analog signals. What's special about PC-Scope is its easy to use interface and the special features it offers.
All the Visual Physics modules are fully interactive and animated The purchase of a single storage scope that is capable of spectral analysis has been outside the budget of most schools. Now. PC-Scope opens up the possiblity of each student having their own PC-Scope is just one of the Visual Physics set of software products available to make hands-on experimentation more accessible to students.
Visual Physics PC Scope facilities Include: Real time spectrographic analysis Real time 3D F Fourier Transform Real time 2D Ffourier Transform Time base selection Recording storage scope Replay of in-built experiments Analysis of pre-recorded data PC WaveGen facilities Include:
• Real time 2D F Fourler Transform
• Separation & addition of signals
• Lissajou curves
• Timebase control
• Drawing your OWN waveform
• Sine, triangle and square waves
• Freq., amplitude & phase control PC WaveGen SoundBlaster Pro 2
cards ¦ £94 inc vat Also used in conjunction with a Sound
Blaster card, PC-WaveGen turns your PC into Iwq easy to use
wave generators and a display oscilloscope to display the
chosen signal. Set up, listen to, and look at the interaction
between different waveforms. PC- WaveGen also gives you the
facility to draw your OWN wave form - something just not
available on traditional wave generators. By setting equal
waveforms out of phase you can easily demonstrate anti-noise.
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the review, now play our stunning exclusive demo. We happen to
think that Simon The Sorcerer is one of the best Amiga graphic
adventures ever, and so will you!
SIMON SORCE If you haven't read our review ol Simon The Sorcerer on page 68.
Then you probably don't know just how good it really is. Young Simon has been taken Irom his own world at the tender age ol 12 by a magician Uncle with a magic hat who has dumped him in a parallel universe.
Like a trooper, Simon has decided to help out while he's there and rid this world ol an evil sorcerer. A silly plot, perhaps, but a great premise lor a good adventure.
Not that this has all that much to do with out demo. In our exclusive playable demo, you have a couple ol seemingly simple tasks to perform You start outside a dwarf mine carrying nothing more than a barrel of beer, a beer voucher, a glass jar and a leather, and with these you need to collect some Swamp Stew, a grappling hook and a gem. It all sounds very easy, but there's a lot more to It lhan that, as you’ll soon discover.
Controlling Simon is as easy as any other graphic adventure you care to mention. A row ol icons al the bottom ol the screen tell Simon which actions lo perform, and the top hall ol Ihe screen indicates Simon s current location To move Simon around, ckck anywhere in the top hall ol the screen, and he'll walk there taking the most direct route. II you want to change your mind at any point, just click anywhere else on the screen and he'll change direction.
The icons themselves are completely straightforward, and should require absolutely no instruction whatsoever. Even so, we're still going to tell you what they do. To use them.
Ckck with the left mouse button The highlighted one is the currently selected action, and the semi-high lighted one is the one underneath the mouse pointer.
WALK TO: Select this, and then click anywhere on Ihe screen to tell Simon where lo go. This is the standard selected one. And clicking anywhere that isn't applicable to the currently selected icon causes the selection to revert back to this For example, it you select Pick Up and then dick on empty air. The choice will jump back to Walk To' and Simon will walk to that point instead.
LOOK Ali To get a more detailed explanation ol an item on screen or in your inventory, select this with the left mouse button, and then the item .
You want Simon to tell you about OPEN CLOSE: Opens and closes things (what did you expect?). Use on doors belore you try to walk through them, and boxes belore you look in them.
PICK UP: Oh come on... GIVE: Now this is getting silly.
That should be enough tor you to be getting on with Seasoned adventurers shouldn't tind our demo too hard, but it you're having any problems, then you'll lind the complete solution somewhere on these two pages A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS WARNING: Reading this section can seriously damage your enjoyment of our demo.
Still, if you’re finding that you can’t get through it as easily as you thought you could, here's the complete solution.
Challenges you (they’re a snotty bunch, aren t they?), tell him you've come lo make him an otter, and then tell him that yon have something in your inventory lhat he wants.
When we asks what, give him the beer voucher, and praise his pile ol gems Now leave the mine and head lor the Swampling s house, which is on the screen to the right ol Ihe mine.
Enter Ihe house and let Ihe Swampling talk away. When he's finished, ask II he's some sort ol Bogiepersou. Act surprised when he tells yo« it's bis birthday, and tell him you'll give his stew a whirl. Eat it. And then ask him tor another. While his back is to you. Till the glass container with the slew and have just one more bowllul. Consume the stew, and then move the empty chest.
Open the trapdoor you lind there, and you've completed our demo!
First ot all. Read the Special Demo Information Pamphlet, or you'll never know what you're supposed to do. Wear the beard, to disguise yoursell as a dwarl, and then look around the screen until you lind the rock. Examine it and pick it up. And enter the Dwarf Mine You II be stopped along the way by a dwarf asking lor the password Tell him the password, which is Beer1 and then walk lo Ihe left- hand side ol Ihe mine.
Another dwarf will challenge you. So ask him if he accepts bribes. It he does, give him Ihe barrel ol beer. Wail until Simon has placed Ihe barrel In Ihe beer room, and then use Ihe leather on the Dwarl. Coiled Ihe key he drops and run up Ihe stairs and on lo the lett hand side ol the screen. Here you II lind the hook Use the key on the door and walk over lo the next doorway. When Ihe next dwarl fj() muij DJ'1 [}L DJJlAJj IJ DiYl'U (J'J1 rJijjjjjjuj'jj] JJ JiosuJdo u jiovj 'j jiy iiti'jji 01 'jJllS dlJJlLlJlliJOJlO Campaign II heralds a new generation of War Simulations with more depth than
ever before and fabulous real-time 3D action.
The depth to Campaign II is provided by the all new strategy. Expert Military consultant, Wilf Owen, from recent conflicts has brought his knowledge to bear on computer gaming with an end result that looks and feels more realistic than ever before. All aspects involved in the running of an army have been considered, so that now you can place yourself in command of either side, at any level in the chain of command. Over 130 templates of the most significant military forces from 56 different nations of the last 50 years have been included to gain an insight into real conflicts such as Korea,
Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm.
The action takes the form of fast 3D graphics if you choose to enter the battlefield in one of the 152 types of military vehicles. APCs and Mobile Artillery, utilise weapons ranging from wire-guided missiles, rockets, homing missiles, and machine-guns supported by laser rangefinders to tracer range- finders, night vision, and gun stabilizers.
Campaign II has emerged as the most comprehensive simulation with new improved strategy, at any level in the Chain of Command (C.o.C.)» closely resembling that of a real military situation.
Hands-on action as you fly helicopters in air-to-ground or air- to-air attacks.
Deploy the animated infantry during fierce battlefield action in a new improved 3D environment.
Featuring all the modern weapons systems: guided missiles, rockets, homing missiles, laser rangefinders, gun stabilizers and night sights.
CiiiiLHflJIM MlAI JjJD UiUU-WJIM SMAi UUUiJ ©[TUI] Q)|l(P IJ Ai J-h-AJIM JJ Jjj JjJIJIJJJJi, JJJiTJ’JiJi iAiJJj UlTJ'J’Ji JJJi JJ-lY 'J'JJJa iLUJj'jvAJjy ijji jjjj yj'jm DJ' 'J'jjja Ymat Empire Software. The Spires. 677 High RoaO. North Finchley. London NI2 ODA Tolophone 06! -343 9la3 Empire Software is a registered nademarH ol Entertainment International (UK) Ltd.
Ffl 1993 Empire Software Jonathan Grrtfnhs Hi.
Did you have an utuolulcly amazing Christmas and did Santa being you evceything you hoped foe? I cxnainly hope m. Well folka. If, not ea,v anting the Indi Column 2 “eels before Christina. Lo meet deadline, foe the January Magazine, bul here goe, Ai the lime of writing ihere vecm, link doubi lhal ihe Amiga DcakUft Dynamite pack ha. Been major succra Mcay w ilh Sale, exceeding even prediction. Well done lo David Pkasanre and hi, ieam al Commodore Without a doubt the big new* ha, been Commodore, decision lo add two eslra title, lo the CD32 Bundle making 4 in ttual 15 if you buy from Indi I
Hu, week Indi ha.e fumally announced the SX1 Expannou moduk for the CD32 allowing the addition of a keyboard and othee peripheral, TV implication, of lhi» are wry important for both ceding Amiga owner, and potential CD32 tuyere It i, now a real alternator to boy a CD32. Add an expansion moduk and keyboard and effecli.ely own an Amiga I OT with a CD drive nnhcr than tV aliimame of buying an Amiga IOT and then adding ihe CD32 Developemcm, are moving very quickly in this area I will keep you up lo date with OSCAR, DIGGERS, WING COMMANDER AND DANGEROUS STREETS PLUS INDI EXCLUSIVE FREE LEMMINGS
This is the news that all Commodore enthusiasts have been waiting for. The new Microbotics SXI Expansion module arrives January 1994. The Amiga CD32 is no longer just the best 32 bit CD console around, it is now a fully expandible computer Add a keyboard and printer increase the memory to 8 Mb. Connect to another Amiga and the choice is yours.
The Microbotics SX I is an internal expansion device that simply connects to your Amiga CD32 via the SXI port. Connection could not be simpler.
I 'j m M Now that you have a Keyboard Option IftdhMliMiiAyy Add a Keyboard by IlHMHHRiMi real comptxer why q simply plugging into the SXI and turn your add a Panasonic Printer and enjoy serious graphics CD32 into a real computer and Word processing CUSTOMER CHARTER INDI Direct Mail is original and vory exiting. Before you buy mail order you mutt first be confident that you will receive the product you've ordered and that the supplier still be there in the future, should you need them.
A mall order purchase Irom INDI is a safe and secure Onl-Y £285.99 with S great titles External Floppy Drive Option Drive and have access to cost Amiga titles.
I Add a Zappo Floppy the thousands of low Memory Expansion Option bv the simple addition of IndustryTiandard 31 bit Simms Modules.
Normal Indi Price Launch Prici SALES AND SUPPORT Amiga 4000 030 The INDI sales team have been trainod to take your order with the utmost care and efficiency. All stock offered for sale Is held in stock, centrally at our group ware house complex and is available for next day delivery, direct to your home or business. If at any time we are out of stock your money will not be banked until the product is available (a point worth checking should you be tempted to purchase elsewhere) Troll* Pinball fantatin CREDIT FACILITIES Now available with both 20Mb and 30Mb Hard Drive Options the Epic Pack is
arguably the best value pack ever produced by Commodore with a saving of over £ 100 PACK INCLUDES:
* Amiga 600 * Amiga 600
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* Epic * Rome * Epic * Rome
* Myth * Trivial Pursuit * Myth * Trivial Pursuit
* Amiga Text * Amiga Text
* Deluxe Paint III 'nS&'tlXl Deluxe Paint III
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Hard Drive Epic Pack Unbl you arc 100% certain that any
advertiser ha* the product that you want in stock and will
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• After deposit paid INDI TELESALES TH_0543419999 FAX 0S434I8079
9am - 7pm Monday to Friday 930am - 430pm Saturday.
Do you want your Amiga 1200 to have more memory or to go faster by simply fitting a board Into the external trapdoor?
Microbotics have an extensive range of products with the immense benefit of 'Chipup' technology. Most boards have soldered chipsets which do not allow expansion beyond your initial purchase. Microbotics products allow you to add extra memory as your computing skills grow and new software arrives demanding even more memory.
AFTER SALES AND SPECIALIST SERVICE All products are guaranteed for I 2 months. Some products carry a 12 months at home service and repair guarantee (where indicated). In the unlikely event that any product purchased from INDI arrives at your home faulty, we will collect from your home and 40Mhz SOMhz CREDIT AVAILABLE ON 6,12,18,24, 36 MONTHS.
Mzrmwmwa EDUCATIONAL SOF1AVARE TITLES 2 Hot to Handle . Tif 4Grea VKnQHc lrtus GctoiAxe *&EarCfRmd*Tcal Bad '9od»vW*rKr An;gi£l*97 Asffi AtfO Triple Action 4 Wlrcdykapyajcn thcafeecfyxrse* ' Bla Brxtms * Sjcirn * htaya £15.99 A5C0 MD LurW Amiga A50VMD £15.99 £5.99 Triply Actiop 5 ’Gr,ndffes AnialUM ASD0 A600 £1599 £2.99 £12.99 £5.99 £1599 Indi have carefully selected these educational titles as Football Crazy Pack the best in their particular area. All educational soft- TheWwS2lS££?s ware is offered al !Pecial d'«0(int prices i A -I-- Noddy's Big Adventure (3 - ’' ’ • Noddy's Playtime (3 - 7
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export invoices.
¦wayB[!Creference details, hone contact in your country.
;hout the isponse.
Export Numbers 9999 FAX: (44)543418079 TF.I.: (44)543 41 Your Imagination is the only Frontier The NEW OPAL VISION system(Rev.2) ROMBO AUDIO VISUAL MEGAMIX. Low cost, hi spec digital effects cartridge plugs into the printer port of the Amiga Allows stereo sampling from almost any musical source.
Indi price uo-vr SALE £27.99 TAKE 2. Animation package is a must for computer artists and enthusiasts of all ages .As used inRolf Harris Cartoon Club.
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16. 7 million colours can be utilised with incredible results.
Full AGA chipset support.
INDI PriCEXil SALE £199.99 ROCTEC ROCGEN PLUS. As above but with extra features such as tinting and signal inversion. Allows for real time editing of graphics. Compatible wufi all Amisps.
INDI price n&nrt SALE £127.99 ROCTEC ROCKEY. The ultimate accessory for Amiga Video fans. Separate RGB controls to chroma key on any colour. INDI price£V*rT SALE £ 199.99 Spring Sale 1085s Monitor The Commodore 1085s Stereo Monitor.
Compatible with all Amiga products.
• Stereo Sound * High resolution Display " Ergonomic Design *
Full Amiga Conectivity pack See this symbol for sale deals
n-ozing OpaMUon 24 - brt graphics board and software suite has
been updated s -ow even better value for money.
Now includes full mjgjc wand implementation and Alpha
- rei that allows photo compositing wtth selectable levels on a
pixel by pixel . -e new Chrominance eflect allows absolute,
real time control of image con- . Brtfence and re - mapping of
- owing real time phy back of animations created by ray
n. landscape generators, morphers and ad other 24 - Bit software.
Display OpalVision graphics anytime with key combinations, r srnpfeits ospectaubrprtxkia- Amiga Computing Jx«edy the finest, nvst professional par* program to orme on the Amiga' - quaky at this Price can't be turned away’ - Amiga Use j349fi¥'
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e seen Michael Jackson s video, you've seen the television
adverts using e atcst techniques in morphing, now now you can
create the same results c at a fraction of the cost. Morph Plus
is the latest and the ultimate in this '. Whether you are a
professional artist or just want to experi- ic Morph Plus is a
Indi price SALE £108.99 DELUXE PAINT IV AGA . Jwerful tools with an intuitive interface so both professionals and «*T''ers alike can get superb results quickly. New enhancements to the nf-r-are include the ability to paint and animate in 4696 colours in the
* *-ga s HAM (Hold and Modify)mode. New animation features also
include i-ra-iorphosis allowing you to change one image into
another. You deter- the number of frames and Dpaint IV does the
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Am ' ~g with pictures.With ADPro you can read, write and
convert..... ~ common image file formats with unmatched
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flight of stairs to rL- x-zom. Gravity, collision, deflection
and the elasticity ot the balls are ¦ rmaucally calculated by
die program!
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TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 0543 418 079 CU AMIGA LEAD FEATURE FRANKFURTERS DO IT BIGGER The world's biggest example ol Scala InfoChannel is at the Eintracht Frankfurt football stadium where an enormous screen measuring 150 square meters (about 33 feet high by 50 leet long) displays intormation and graphics to as many as 60.000 people at a time.
Horst Sparwald. The stadium s technical and video director who has been using Scala there since 1990 . Says ol the system: Title use Scala because it’s so good We can can produce special effects very quickly.
The system consists ol a specially-produced video wall onto which the Scala presentations are projected In real time. Horst controls the operation trom his studio on the football ground which n25 s and test generator. These are all mixed together and controlled by the Amiga and Scala. And the whole system can be brought on-line at the click ot a button * As Pcs gain an ever greater, yet undeserved slice of the computer pie, it always comes as something of a thrill to hear about the Amiga taking it on head-to-head and whipping it into the ground. The Video Toaster does it for video and TV
production, and now Scala MM does the same for multimedia presentations.
Multimedia is one ot the buzzwotds around at the moment, and a literal translation ol its meaning would suggest that it has something to do with the use ot more than one form ot media, but this is not necessarily the case. On Pcs. Multimedia has been taken to mean that it you have a CD-ROM drive, you have multimedia. However, Scala's version is much closer to the real thing. Elsewhere in this special you'll be able to read all about Scala MM300. The latest home version ol their multimedia software However, it s only in its Inlochannel incarnation that Scala MM really encapsulates
everything that the phrase multimedia' has to otter Scala Inlochannel IC400 can combine intormation drawn trom, or generated by every screen near you now. Mat Broomfield takes a look at the wonderful world of Scala, the multimedia package Multimedia is alive and well and appearing on a that’s transforming the way we communicate.
Conceivable source. It can access data stored on floppy and hard disks, even CD-ROMs, but its abilities go tar, tar beyond that. For starters, it can be used as a MIDI controller, that means that not only can it replay your MIDI instruments, but it will also operate your MIDI lighting and eHects units, mixing desks, even cameras; in tact anything to which a MIDI interlace is connected. It live music is not your thing, how about spooling music straight trom a CD? Inlochannel will control a CDTV tor example, so that you can play CD audio tracks to accompany your presentations.
As it that wasn't enough, the program supports every torm ol communications protocol, ranging tram Local Area Networks (LANs) to modems and even satellite linking Using these it can instantly exchange data with host computers anywhere in the world This in turn means that you are no longer limited to the equipment and storage capacity ot your own computer. You can draw upon the resources ol more powerful systems no matter where they are.
Part ot the reason lor Scala's amazing success comes trom the huge number ot uses to which it can be put. It can be used tor titling and sub-titling, presentations and even as an interactive information source. It can be used to drive massive hundred loot arena screens or tiny three inch portable Tvs. The user s imagination really is the only limit.
So how does this marvellous system work?
Well Scala is simply a tool tor multimedia choreography. What a conductor is to the creation ot great music, Scala is to the production ot great (or small) multimedia productions. The most surprising thing about the program, is how easy it is to DbvM ZiMch. Tar tight, la tha vlllonary bahinO Ontnlcton Cables Scafe networtt.
I I sal advertising tool, as demonstrated by these ads which appeared In a shopping mall In Sweden.
Y-l use. II offers all the flexibility of a custom-designed program, yet the vast majority of presentations can be set up using the mouse and perhaps just the occasional bit of typing.
But enough of the hyperbole, let’s take a look at where and how the program is being used... mntHMitw"" The Omnicom Cable TV company operates out of Canton, Michigan. They're responsible for the production and maintenance of a number of community TV channels, which between them provide a vast amount of information on local issues and interests, as well as supplying educational material for local schools and libraries.
The system revolves around a number of Infochannel-based master-stations that are used to choreograph and store the data to be displayed over the various networks. Each of the town-ships, cities and libraries served by the system has at least one operator whose responsibility it is to input accurate and up-to-the-minute information pertaining to their area of speciality within the community and the district.
These operators work on remote Infochannel terminals to create a variety of different types of information ranging from the creation of single messages, to the production of entire scripts. An Infochannel script is a short program that may contain one or more pages of information ranging from a picture with a caption, to an entire presentation consisting of hundreds of pictures, music, narration and scrolling monologue. » WHAT ABOUT THE HUMAN TOUCH?
The InloChannel system is so powerful, that in many cases it can completely replace human beings.
However, the human element' is still one of the most important parts of many services, and far from putting humans on the scrap heap, the system is freeing them to achieve a greater potential as they're no longer called upon lo answer endless banal questions and, as a result, they get more job satisfaction. A good example of this is the Stockholm concert hall. Traditionally, patrons spend a significant amount of time waiting in the foyer areas, where they may become bored. Six monitors showing a variety of relevant information helps to relieve the boredom, and by including information
about future schedules and forthcoming events, the owners maximise Ihe time that patrons spend in these waiting areas. This then frees the staff to concern themselves with customer service.
We ve already talked at length about Scala's flexibility, but it everything Is simply thrown at them in one huge lump, some users may lind that they're overwhelmed by the sheer extent ol the program s abilities. Furthermore, many users may never need some of the more up-market options (such as satellite links or Local Area Networking).
This has been taken into consideration and many ol the program's more advanced features are only provided in the lorm of EX modules. These modules are add-on modules which perform specific and limited functions, such as the control of video equipment for instance. When they’re added to the system, they provide an extra column on the main control screen (see the review of MM300 on page 38). This column simply lets you perform Ihe additional functions of the selected EX module as part ol your script.
Depending upon which version of Scala you buy (MM210, MM300, IC400 or IC500), you’ll receive some or most of these modules free with the s . . Di .. program. The others are available as optional extras. Here’s a list of the cur- men, 8lld much much more, renlly available EX modules: FUNCTION NAME Laser Disk Pack Specific module for controlling laser disk players.
MIDI CDTV LM Genlock DVE-10 SerialText Plays MIDI files.
Controls CDTV tor CD sound.
Lets other applications control Scala.
Controls genlocking attributes.
Controls VideoComp genlock.
Imports text from serial port.
Mooem racmiaies mooem communicauons.
NullModem Facilitates serial port (data link) communications.
Neiwom I Loi Timntihl a racmiaies local area network (lan) communicauons.
Generates a log file and statistics.
I imeiaoie SynchrolN OUT VCR Pack Generates timetable displays for airports etc. Used for synchronising two players.
Specific modules for controlling video players.
Controls a serial switcher.
A variety of modules for controlling Amiga display boards such as IV24.
A variety of modules tor alien picture file formats such as PCX. BMP, TIFF, etc. Controls the Video Toaster.
Controls the Sunrize 16-bit sound sampler.
For readina ouick messanex from external machines such as news and weather wire services Switcher Graphics controllers File formats Toaster Studiol 6 Newsflash I 3 I Vi iron orsi«* HASM’RIJ* Kies een motor!
TERUG KATALYSAT Renault In Luxembourg are ualng an Inlomctlvo touch aciaan system to help Iheli customers to chooae thetf Waal wahtcla.
All ol Ihe scripts are then uploaded via Ihe tele- people a good idea ol what the system can do phone lines to a distribution centre containing nine since it has so many advanced features,' IntoChannel player stations. These then route the The home cable channels are only available by various scripts to Ihe appropriate receivers which. Subscription. They otter information about local In turn, will eventually transmit the scripts via the atfairs and governmental programs. They currently cable network which goes directly into people's have 40.000 subscribers homes and schools and libraries in
the district. M see swm.ee s. Omnicon's programming engineer David Zmlch GUIDING CAR BUYERS says ol the system: We needed software that IN BELGIUM AND could perform all tasks within the setup we already LUXEMBOURG had and IntoChannel is a truly beautiful system. 01 course Scala doesn’t always have to be used Installing the program means that we re taking a on a grand scale, in keeping with their diminutive big leap in technology.' National boundaries, the Belgians and Luxem- Although the system is extremely easy to use bourgers have produced a very compact system and operate, when the system
was initially intro- which is ideal lor more personal interactions duced users from all levels were trained at Renault have used the system to create an Omnicom's headquarters. Says David Zmich: interactive information point whereby customers Even if it's very simple to use. We wanted to give can be advised of the vehide that best suits their OPENING NEW MARKETS Because the potential world market lor Scala is so huge, il would be very easy to expand beyond the resources and manage ment capability ol the company. To overcome this. Scala use a clever approach which ensures maximum corporate
growth, whilst retaining the highest levels ol customer service and personal attention What they ve done is to look at the market and identity accepted experts or experienced companies in areas that Scala want to move into. They then oiler them distribution rights lor IntoChannel in specific market areas such as cable networks, hotel information systems, etc. Scala also provides training so that the sales lorte ol these third-party companies know exactly what Scala is capable ol. Finally, they develop specific solutions lor the business they re tryinc *o get into. A solution is simply a
tech-speak way ol saying that they develop software and scripts appropriate to their chosen larket.This way ol operating means that Scala only needs a minimal stall, because it s the sales force trom other companies that does the selling and oilers the alter sales support exact requirements and tastes There are currently 22 identical systems in operation, and each one consists of a Scala player with access to about 60Mb of data. These are connected to touch sensitive monitors which respond to finger touching as a means of making selections and manipulating the script.
The scripts themselves present the users, who are all potential Renault customers, with dear choices as to the type of car that they want. These start with the basic option to select a vehicle for business and personal use. And become progressively more specific depending upon the choices that are made, eventually leading the user to what is hopefully their ideal Renault vehicle Each stage of the selection process is accompanied by symbolic cartoon graphics representing the choices available. These are endosed in boxes or buttons and it's these that respond to the user's touch. On many
occasions, choices are accompanied by appropriate sound effects such as honking horns and tinny radios. These sounds have been stored on each system's hard drive as ordinary IFF samples, and could easily be altered or removed Digitised photos of the various vehicles are also Included to add yet more visual interest. The system is said to be so easy that a politician could figure out how to use ill It even otters you the choice to work in either French or Dutch. Because the units are not currently linked into the communications network, any updates have to be done by manually upgrading
the script on each terminal.
However, because InfoChannel makes it so easy to completely rearrange or even replace a script from a remote site, Renault are currently considering altering the system so that all new models of vehicle will be automatically added to the current database that each terminal holds.
CU AMIGA'S editor Dan Slingsby has long held a special tascination lor a concept that's become known as, The digital highway'. This concept revolves around the idea ol real-time electronic communications covering all current areas ol communication, ranging from low-tech telephone conversation to leading edge video and computer transmissions. It seems that this technology has advanced a signilicant step thanks to Scala, especially since their recent deal with Ameritech, to provide a cable networking solution. It seems that Ameritech are interested in partnering Scala to develop the
concept ot Interactive TV, an idea which has so tar tailed lo get any further than crude viewer research boxes at the moment.
However, it touch screen TV can be reduced In cost, it may finally be feasible to develop TV shows where the audience needs only to point at a specific part ol the screen to cast a vote or place an order.
This kind ot idea would doubtless be ol exceptional interest to the providers ol home shopping channels who currently employ tens ol thousands ol staff simply to answer phones and take orders. How much easier it would be it each TV were simply a slave to the master terminal back in the studio. To place an order just press your screen now!
. I S ORWAY With hundreds of rooms, getting information to the guests at the SAS Scandinavia hotel in Oslo used to be something of a nightmare, and one which occupied the time of most of the staff.
Fortunately, with 500 television sets in the Hotel, it was an ideal candidate for the full InfoChannel treatment. This involved linking the IC400 player to a central network that pipes the images directly to every TV in the hotel. When a guest arrives and checks in, the receptionist automatically activates the TV set in their room so that when the guest arrives. InfoChannel is already displaying information or adverts.
Each TV set is equipped with a remote control which may be used to access the hotel’s information bank which provides details about the services offered as well as local facilities which are available.
The hotel, which has been selected as the official hotel for the winter Olympics at Lillehammer, is currently considering installing an additional information channel catering specifically to the event.
The system was installed by Thorn EMI. One of Scala's biggest customers, who are single-handedly responsible for the massive growth of Scala use in hotels around the world.
The Maastricht University hospital uses the interactive approach to ease visitor stress and help the staff. Using a touch-screen terminal, visitors can quickly find out a broad range of information ranging from maps of the hotel, showing the various wards and departments, to guidance on what to do about particular injuries.
As with the system being used by the Benelux Renault dealers, the hospital system uses multiple choice questions to guide the user towards ever more specific areas of the system, until eventually it is able to provide them with exactly the information they require!
This is ideal for use in a busy hospital because much of the office staff’s time would otherwise be occupied answering simple questions that the system can handle equally well. 3* HOW IT ALL BEGAN In 1987 Iwo friends were having a quiet drink in a bar in Norway. One was a cable TV operator, the other was Jon Bohmer. The President ol Scala. The cable operator knew ot Jon's interest in the Amiga and he asked it Jon had any idea how they could come up with an alternative information system to the rather limited Teletext, which was all that was available at the time. Jon turned his mind to the
problem and assembled a group of talented friends to come up with a powerful, yet easy to use.
Information delivery system. Scala was the result, and since that time the program has been constantly expanded to provide more and more features, so that it can be used in ever more diverse ways. In tact, the identification and exploitation of new markets is probably the least optimised pan ot Scala's current operation, and the one with the greatest potential. The problem is. There are just so many new opportunities.
’.»;i Co-op In Leicester use touch screen Scala presentations to suggest recipes and their ingredients to customers.
THE WORLD ACCORDING TO SCALA Scala is now being used commercially in more than 40 countries around Ihe world. Its primary usage can be divided into a small number ol categories. Above all, it's an information delivery system, but it's Ihe delivery method and intended recipients ol that information that makes all the difference.
To generalise, information is intended for public or corporate business use. Under the public heading, you can include things like the video wall at Frankfurt football stadium, the cable network in Michigan and even while- u-wait displays in police stations. MacDonalds and theatres across Ihe world.
Under the corporate heading, you can include stall training programs and specialised intormation services.
Here's a shortened list ol just some ol the companies who are using Scala throughout the world.
Australia Australian Broadcasting Corporation Department of Social Security North Adeieide school ol art education Austria The institute tor Biochemistry Belgium Brussels Hilton Hotel Denmark SAS hotel chain Finland Finnish railways Helsinki tax office France Strassbourg Hilton Germany Munich Sherralon Hotel Frankfurt Opera company Great Britain Maytair hotel MacDonalds restaurants Encyclopaedia Britannica Co-op supermarkets Israel The Ministry of Delence Norway University of Bergen Spain Socialist Labour Parly Sweden Swedish Houses ot Parliament USA IBM mainlrame factory!
US Postal service Las Vegas Hilton hotel Sunbelt Cable advertising Manhattan cable Department of Telecommunications and Energy General motors HQ.
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SenpwnsVt Ihe World.
Soccer Kid IA12001...... Spoc.Hu*_________ Sports Top Ian -- StvoHftghtpf 2__________ Syndicate .... Ten Intel Gomes...... Theatre ol Death .... Terminator 2 Arcode..... Uridium 2 .. z 7S A‘~: A I AC Diggers (A 1200) FlIZANighdsowk..... Flashback ..... Frontier (Elite 2)..... Fury of The Furries..... G Gooch 2nd Innings Morph (A120Q Fantastic Dizzy-------------16.99 Fatal Strokes .....19.99 Ferrari GrondPrix .16.99 Fire Alee-------------- 16.99 Flight Of The Intruder ...9.99 Football Manoger 3 ..15.99 Formula
One Grand Prix.....23.99 Formula One Team Manager 19.99 G2-----16.99 Mr Nuh (A 12001.
Mr Nuti (600)..... Star Trek 25th Anniversary IA1200) ...... (A1200).
Nick Foldos Golf 18.99 Nigel Monsell Grand Prix ....14.99 Nigel Mansell World Championship ....19.99 Nobby The Aordvork .....16.99 Neddy's &-g Adrentore-16.99 One Stop Beyond---1199 Oscar--------16.99 Frontier Elite 2 £21.99 Jurassit Park £16.99 Populous Sim Gty .16.99 Populous 2--------------------17.99 Populous 2 11 Meg]_____________18.99 Populous 2 . Doto Disk _2I.99 Powerhrts __________19.99 Cannon Fodder £19.99 lock The Ri Joguar XJ220 ..... Joguar XJ220 (IMegl.
Lemmings Manager
10. 99 K*k Oil 2 ilMo&i.
I2yr.l ....10.99 Funichool 4 15-7 ynl......
ADI French (12-13 yri) 16.99
Funichool 4 (over 7 yr ).. ADI French (13-14
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ADI Junior Counting (6-7 yrs)) 14.99 Micro
Engliih (To GCS0.. ADI Junior Hooding (4-5
yrill .14.99 Micro French (To GCSEI... ADI
Junior Rrtoding 16-7 ynll ......-14.99 Micro Gormon (To
GCSE) ADI Mothi (11-12 yu) 16.99
Micro Molhi (To GCS0 . .. ADI Mothi
(12-13yn) ......16.99 Micro ScioiKO (To
GCSE).. ADI Moihs (I3-I4yr*| 16.99
Micro Sponiih (To GCSEI.
Funichool 3 (2-5 yr.)---------------------14.49 Merlin Mad.. (7-TIynl .. Funichool 3 (5-7 yn) ------------14.49 Point. Croat. (5.yn| __ Funichool 3 (7* ynl----------------------14.49 Pnmory Molhi (3-12 rll.
Funichool 4 (2-5vyn| ..16 49 Spelling Fair (7-13 yn) ... Maxiplan 4 29.99 The Publisher ..29.99 Tecnoplus Business Pack Contains Wordsworth wordprocessor, K Spreod 2, Spreadsheet ? K Data database) (Imeg)
- ----------------------- 59.99 Wordsworth V.2------- 76.49
Mousemat ..... ------- 2.00 Amoi 3D (Reg. Amoil .. Amos
Compiler (Roq Amos).
Amos Easy .16.49 .17.49 .17.49 .17.49 .17.49 .17.49 .17.49 .17.49 .16.99 Amos Professional Professional Compiler .55.49 .60.49 .34.99 Kindwords 3 (Wordprocessor) 29.99 Mini Office (Wordprocessor, .17.49 .16.99 .35.99 Pi -a yi T rn-r-i-T-T-i-rri-rrTTT IPIoase supply me with Ihe lollowlng lor Fo: DIRECT SOFTWARE DEPT No CUA02SC Unit 3, Croil Key. Shopping Moll St Neots, Cambridgeshire PE 19 2AU Post & Packing UK £1 Per Hem EEC - £3 Per Item Non EEC £4.50 Per Hem Postcode: « W-100PS PROJECTOR Just imagine that you could stretch your TV or monitor so that it was about
seven feet across and five feet tall. Pretty mad, don’t you reckon? Now think what you could do with such a massive display. How does a life-sized version of Indy 500 grab you? Or maybe you'd like to see how your Deluxe Paint Jackson Pollocks would look hung on the wall. Heaven forbid, you could even use it for a sensible application like business presentations or multimedia projects. Get your hands on one of these VP-1 OOPS projectors, and all of that could become reality.
Scala is the ideal multi- media software tool for presentations. Tony Horgan checks out the latest pro- y iEi jector TV for your Cf multi-media images - the Epson VP - 100PS.
THE SPECS Okay then, first the facts and specs. The VP1 OOPS accepts three types of video input: RGB with Sync, composite video and EGA-type signals. This should ensure compatibility with most video sources. A lead is included to connect it to your Amiga's video port. There are also stereo sound inputs (standard phono sockets! And a built in speaker. The font panel has slider controls for the brightness, contrast, colour and volume levels, and the picture is focused with a standard rotary lens.
The incoming video signal is digitised onto an LCD screen with a resolution that seems to be somewhere between the Amiga's low and medium res modes. The image on the LCD screen is then projected onto a screen or wall, up to about seven feet wide before the quality begins to drop.
Basically, you plug it into your Amiga, and it works, simple as that.
PERFORMANCE Unlike some reallime video grabbers (such as the Apple Mac system Theatrix, used to grab all the screenshots in this magazine), which can have trouble keeping a steady picture when there’s a lot of fast animation going on, the Video Projector manages to keep up with 50Hz frame rates.
Smooth scrolling remains smooth, without being degraded by horizontal splits, and there's little sign of after-blur from the liquid crystals.
Probably the only degradation you'll notice is with small text displayed in medium resolution or anything higher. In this case, you get an approximation of the screen (as the resolution of the LCD screen is lower than that of the original source), which can make certain letters look a little blurred and wobble around a bit. We're talking Workbench text here though, so don't worry about using proper video fonts in higher resolutions. Due to synchronisation technicalities, it won't work with some of the new super-duper AGA screen modes, but all the standard modes are supported.
CONCLUSION Having been messing around with DIY freaky videos and animations for a while now. I’ve been gagging for a bif of kil like this, and I wasn'f disappointed. The trouble is, at £799, it's out of my reach.
A big corporate budget would absorb Ihaf price without too much bother, but it's a shame that a lot of interested parties are going to miss out. Pricing aside, it’s hard to fault the Video Projector. The picture quality is excellent, good enough for just about any application, although a higher resolu- - tion LCD screen would be nice.
Available Irom: Visual Piodicts, POBox48, GIMissebden.
Bucks. HPI6 9HL. Tel: 0494 890601. Price: £799.
OV€RI)ftlV£ 35 These externol hord jBBHk -f drives come in jj F BBS box styled to motch the AMIGA B1200. They plug in » * vio the PCMCIA slot ™ ond include on n externol PSU so os not involidote your Commodore war- ronty. Ultra fost
- onsfer rates of up to 2Mb sec. Full 1 yeor oior- sr*v. Oil the
software needed to mount ond cnfigure the drive is included.
30Mb version -£299 340Mb version- £449 30Mb version -£349 426Mb version- £549 50Mb version - £399 540Mb version- £699
* 1200 UPGRflDCS j*P SCSI RRM RORRD DKR 128 The DKR 128 is a 0
wait state memory expansion board for the R4000 series. It has
slots for up to 128Mb of 32bit RAM using SIMMS of any size. It
is a true ZORRO 3 card which mokes for a very fast board.
DKR BOARD (BLANK) £269 (See chips for memory) HARD DRIVES (R1200 & R4000) These Hard Drives con be fitted ot any time by us (FOR THE A1200) or the end-user. All the necessary software is included.
85Mb-£129.00 330Mb - £299.00 130Mb - £149.00 426Mb - £369.00 200Mb - £199.00 540Mb - £399.00 250Mb - £249.00 FITTING F€€ FOR A1200 £ 29.00 CHIPS £ 99.00 1Mb SIMM £ 39.00 £129.00 4Mb SIMM £134.00 £ 64.00 25MHz 68882 FPU £ 89.00 £153.00 33MHz 68882 FPU + CRVSTAL £ 99.00 40MHz 68882 FPU + CRVSTAL £129.00 ts board is user fittable via the trapdoor xponsion slot of the fll 200. It has slots for up to Mb of 32bit RBM, a maths co-pro and includes a CSI interface as standard.
• Mb NO FPU £ 179.00
- Mb RBM 33MHz FPU £349.00 CSI CBB16 KIT £ 59.00 VPR1230 RORRD
- other quality trapdoor expansion for the '200. It features a
68030 processor os standard
- id has slots for a moths co-pro and up to 8Mb ; 32bit RAM.
Mb NO FPU £269.00
- Vito RAIW40MHZ FPU £.439.00 3 HfP ACCESSORIES 3MHz 68882 FPU
MHz 68882 FPU V«b 32bit RAM Mb 32bit RAM 3 U RAM RORRD
- e budget expansion board fits via the trapdoor.
3 nos 2x32bit SIMM sockets for up to 8Mb of 3 smory, a 16MHz 68881 FPU, ond a battery : ked clock fitted os standard.
0 -B with 0Mb RAM 68881 £99.00 0 -B with 1 Mb RAM 68881 £ 129.00 0 -6 with 4Mb RAM 68881 £229.00 IDE INTERNAL HARD DRIVE KITS These kits come complete with scretus. Instructions and oil the software necessary to prep and configure the drive.
We offer a full fitting, installation and advice service to anybody interested in upgrading or adding a Hard Drive to system.
40Mb-£139 60Mb-£l 19 80Mb-£179 !20Mb-£279 209Mb-£399 R4000 UPGRflDCS PHOTON (FOR R4000 030) This board util transform an Amiga B4000 030 into a fully fledged 040. It features a 040 CPU module with a MMU and a built-in FPU running at 25MHz.
PHOTON UPGRADC £699 HELLFIRE (FOR A4000 030) This is a replacement CPU board for the B4000 030. It features a 50 Mhz clock speed, a built in MMU and a 50 Mhz 68882 FPU. Vour 030 utill only be 10% slower than an 040 during most operations.
HCLLFIRC UPGRADC £299 A full range of Amiga products are available from our mail order service at:- SOFTWARE DEMON Ltd.
(0736)331039 CD32 CONSOIC This machine represents the future in home entertainment and video game play. A self-contained CD console which you can expand into a full CD based home computer. CD32 comes complete with two stunning AGA games.
ALL FOR JUST £279 CU AMIGA LEAD FEATURE System Neiu shorn Load script saue script « 6C" A I ost computers have one or two ‘killer' applications that set them apart Irom the competition - Apple Macintosh has the brilliant Quark Xpress desktop publishing program, the PC compatibles have serious' programs like dBASE and Lotus I 23 and even the Amiga's dos est cousin, the Atari ST. has captured its own mche market with Steinberg's Cubase sequencer. The Amiga also has its own killer applications - just wave copies ol either Dpaint IV AGA. Brilliance or Art Department Professional under the noses ol
other computer users and their skin will develop a decidedly green hue in no time at all I Most ol these packages are available lor other platforms, but the originals are always the best - you can buy Dpaint lor the PC and the ST. lor example, but the Amiga original still reigns supreme!
Jason Holborn investigates the latest upgrade of what could be the most powerful multimedia authoring system available on the Amiga.
A less obvious killer Amiga application that has been causing quite a storm in the multimedia and video presentation markets is Scala (which, incidentally. Is Norwegian lor ladder) Irom the Norwegian company ol Ihe same name. Originally designed as a video tilling program, Scala has transformed into a high-powered multimedia authoring system capable ol controlling video disk players, playing animations and music and just about anything else that a multimedia producer could possibly want lo do. Scala certainly has gained more than its lair share ol followers, some ol which would probably want
to keep the (act a secret - rumour has it that even the mighty IBM (Big Blue to its Iriends) has installed a number ol Amiga-based Scala systems in several ol its ollices across America. Funny thing is, these Scala systems have been installed to display a presentation that demonstrates the power ol IBM's new multimedia version of its OS 2 PC operating system!
Commodore, too, are big Ians ol Scala. When Commodore invited the UK's top Amiga journalists to the launch ol the Amiga 4000 030 last year.
Scala spearheaded the machine’s launch with a very impressive presentation that vividly demonstrated the machine's power Scala was to be seen displaying live video dips from a laser disk player genlocked onto Amiga graphics with music accompaniment Irom a CDTV player, all of which was controlled diredly by an A4000 030 running Scala Even the most jaded ol Amiga hacks had to admit that it was an impressive demonstration ol the program's power!
Seal displays your presentations as a list with each page' displayed as a separate entry. Each and every page has Its own set of attributes which define how the page will be displayed and for how long.
F Choose a background page: Dish Proyrams-.firapMes Seala Backyro fill Cancel OK
* Scala Multimedia MM30O SCALA mo. R*6er fifiis ?( rtwsf sovw
1 SCHL11WIPES W 5 0 Play 2 The New wipes iryn 5 4 3 Rollodex m
5 B 4 Flipouer ¦a 5 B 5 chesi h- 5 B E Wallpaper T 5 B 7
Nuclear 19 5 B 8 cutrade I'" 5 B 9 ccccut ' m 5 B IB Dissolue m
5 a f*&S5 fwrr v.nf Neui Edit Load script System show Delete
Saue script Run!
Even the Scala file requester is a cut above the rest - to take the guess work out of selecting picture files, each Is displayed in miniature.
Parent pci; RAM: DHO: DFB: DF1: DH1: DH2: m ¦ immE P3ID d W m ¦ SIBil fil El 7 ¦Kr Shorn WIPE OUT!
A whole range of video transistors (or text wipes’ as the manual calls them) can be applied to both the titles and symbols that you can place onto a Scala MMJflflpage.
This is definitely one ol the most impressive aspects ot the program as it allows you to create fully animated titles using any combination ol the wipes available.
Scala MM300 offers over eighty different wipes ranging Irom simple left to right (or vice-versa) text crawl and directional gliding to more exotic wipes such as the imaginatively named Curtain', 'Escalator' and 'Funkis' wipes. Although most ol these wipes work perfectly well on an unaccelerated machine, some do require a fairly porky Amiga in order for them to be displayed smoothly - even my A1200 had problems with some of the more sophisticated wipes!
Assigning a wipe to an object' (be it a title or a symbol) is very simple indeed. All you have to do is to select the object with the left mouse button and then click on either the ‘In' or 'Out' gadgets, both of which will bring up the same Wipes' requester which contains a block of tiny icons, each of which represents an individual wipe pattern. Scala AfMJAf gives you a certain amount of control over how a wipe is perlormed although this is generally restricted to its duration only. Just like the text styles that you define for your titles, any wipes that you define apply to just a single
line of text or symbol only, although you can now 'link' objects together so several transitions are performed simultaneously.
The order in which your transitions are displayed may not always be to your liking and so Scala MM300 provides a very useful ‘List’ editor which is not unlike the list editor displayed on the Scala main menu. Each wipe is listed In the order it will run and you can easily change the order of your wipes by dragging any of the listed entries to new positions within the list.
Once you've delined a page you're returned to the Scala main menu which is then used to further fine tune the appearance of your presentation. Just like the Edit menu, the main menu offers a range of wipes and transitions although the wipes that you apply Irom the main menu work on a page as a whole rather than just a single object within a page. Scala MM300 olfers yet another wide selection ol the page’ wipes (over 100 of them!) Which are performed without any visible signs of screen jitters. The range of wipes is certainly impressive and include all the usual lades, dissolves (using a
number of different patterns) and transitions you’d expect to find in a decent video titling program. This is perhaps one area where Scala MM300 really excels - virtually all of the wipes are of professional quality and certainly wouldn't look out ol place next to even Video Toaster-generated wipes!
MULTIMEDIA MARVEL Not wanting to rest on its laurels, Scala UK Ltd has launched a new version of its successful multimedia authoring system that promises even greater levels of desktop video titling and multi- media authoring power. Scala MM300 (The ‘MM’ bit stands for ‘multimedia ) allows you to create the same all-singing, all dancing presentations that have become the hallmark of the multimedia revolution. With Scala you can create either fully automatic or interactive presentations that draw upon static graphics, animations, music, text and sampled sound effects generated by the Amiga.
What’s more, if you’re feeling very adventurous your Scala presentations can also make use of external video and audio devices such as video disk players, CD audio players. MIDI synthesisers and genlocks etc. Add to this Scala’s Arexx support and there are very few devices that Scala can't control!
Seasoned Amiga users will know that Scala MM300 certainly isn’t the first Scala product to be released for the Amiga. Indeed, you’ll find Scala HVT(Home Video Titler), on this month’s CU AMIGA coverdisk! Whilst Scala HVT will work on any Amiga equipped with nothing more than a megabyte of RAM, Scala MM300 is definitely aimed at professionals only.
Even if you can afford the rather high asking price, you're going to need a fairly porky Amiga to handle Scala MM300 - unless you're lucky enough to own an Amiga equipped with at least 3 Mb of RAM, a fairly sizeable hard drive and Workbench 2.04, Scala MM300 won't run - even then, you really do need an accelerated Amiga (an A1200 at least) to run Scala MM300 at its full potential! Scala MM300 is a pretty big application
- with all the demonstration files and other associated
sundries, the entire Scala system takes up a massive 12 Mb of
disk space - and that figure doesn't even include the Scala
fonts! You can strip Scala down if you wish, but it’s hard
trying to decide what to loose - virtually all of Scala’s sup
port files are useful!
Lurking at the bottom of the Scala box is a rather unobtrusive green 'dongle' that must be plugged into one of your joystick ports for Scala MM300 to run. I have to admit that I don't usually like dongles - there’s nothing worse than having to frantically search around under piles of disks and manuals trying to find a dongle when you have a deadline to meet - but Scala MM30Cfs dongle is certainly a cut above the rest. Whereas most dongles tie up the port that they are connected to.
Scala’s dongle features a passthru connector which essentially means that you can plug it into your Amiga and forget about it, leaving you to connect and unconnect other hardware without having to worry about where you last left the dongle. I guess it’s an unfortunate sign of the times that software publishers have to protect serious applications but at least Scala have tried to reduce the inconvenience that such devices introduce.
Booting up Scala MM300, the first thing that you’ll notice is that the familiar Scala front end 256 Greyscale Scanners Total solution for scanning A4 images Features : True greyscales, 100-400 dpi, 105mm head, OCR option Top quality hardware with the latest version of software from Migraph.
Allows real time scanning, provides powerful editing painting features.
Compatible (imports exports) IFF,IMG, PCX. TIFF and MACPAINT formats.
Compatible with all Amiga’s A500, A500*, A600, A1200, A1500, A2000. A2500, A3000 and A4000 Touch UP, Merge It and Special OCR software.
Minimum system requirement 2 Mb RAM and a Hard Disk ALFA COLOUR 256K 18 Bit Colour Scanner for all Amiga Systems Comes complete with scanning software and now with new Colour Correction facility.
Amiga Shopper i Mi Touch UP and Merge It software.
CTEIiTil Just Amiga Monthly Trackballs Auto Mouse Joystick Switch Mega Mouse 400 GOLD AWARD WINNER INST FORMAT 92% GOLD AWARD WINNER IN AMIGA FORMAT 90% Stylish three button trackballs .with third button supporting auto fire and drag and hold ST REVIEW 91% New touch and light two colour shining Crystal Ball Automatic Switcher between two input devices with a click of a button.
E. g. mouse mouse, mouse joystick, joystick joysitck A 400 dpi
high resolution Opto-Mcchanical Mouse.
Top quality construction ensures rapid and smooth movement, with micro switch buttons.
93% Rating AMIGA USER INTERNATIONAL Best Buy CU AMIGA AMIGA COMPUTING AMIGA SHOPPER Optical Mouse Highly Rated by CU Amiga Superb 300dpi Optical Mouse with effortless micro switch buttons.
Fast, smooth and reliable.
Includes Optical Mouse Pad and Holder IDE HARD DRIVES FOR AMIGA A500 A500+ 1500 2000 3000 4000 with optional Ram upgradeable from 0 to 8Mb Controller Plus 40Mb Hard Disk £179.00 Controller Plus 85Mb Hard Disk £279.00 Controller Plus 120Mb Hard Disk £299.00 Controller Plus 250Mb Hard Disk £329.00 IIARI) DRIVES FOR AMIGA 400 1200 wilh IDE Cable 30 Mb Hard Drive £89.00 85 Mb Hard Drive £179.00 120 Mb Hard Drive £219.00 170 Mb Hard Drive £239.00 ptical Pen Mouse A stylish Pen Mouse with quality construction and smooth fast movement. Micro switch buttons. Ideal for DTP, artwork, etc Includes
Optical Pad HARDWARE NEW: TANDEM CONTROLLER for CD-ROM Drives with IDF: interface The new Tandem co.lDE js a dual multifunction controller card tor Ihe A1500,A2000,A2500,A3000(T) or A4000(T) Whereas the Tandem cd.i»: focuses on being a very low cost CD-ROM controller for Mitsumi'" drives it contains a second generic IDE controller to support IDE harddisks or the popular SyQuest'" SQ3I05A
3. 5" removable media drive.
Making it the ideal low-cost controller for almost all purposes.
One of the cheapest Amiga CD-ROM solutions around giving you much more than just that at RRP of only $ 89.00 or £69.00 FEATURES
• Supports MiLsumi'" LU005 or FX00I1D CD-ROM drive
• Supports SyQuest'" SQ3I05A 3.5" removable media drive.
• Supports most IDE hard drives
• includes SO9660 CD-ROM filesystem
• Includes "PlayCD" utility for audio operation
• Complete online documentation
• For A1500, A2000, A2500, A3000(T) or A4000(T)
• Compatible with Workbench 3.1 CDFileSystem, BabelCDES, ASIM
CD-ROM FileSystem and single session Photo-CDs
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262,144-Colour Hand Scanner Tor all Amiga Systems Comes
complete with Scan Kit Software and Junior OCR Software I
MULTIFACE CARD III Multi I O card for Amiga series
1500 2000 2500 3000 (T) 4000 (T) The multiface card III expands
your AMIGA by adding 2 serial ports and 1 parallel port,
which work at the highest possible transfer rate.
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KZ A* AVAILABLE FROM ALL GOOD COMPUTER STOCKISTS OR CALL US ON TELEPHONE HOTLINE: 081 365 1102 I Vase add CAS0 podo* and parking Id .11 ordov under £100.00 add ISM postage and parking. COURIER « MARGE f 10.00 All prbet iurlude VAT Gulden I mage accept. | postal order. 1401. Prices wbjetl to change without notice, tiood. Subject to .* a.lab.ht,. Sp.-eirW.tion subjtet lo change without notice. All Trade Marks payment by Vim, Access, (hojuc or ; are Acknowledged.
Tel:0813651102 Fax:0818018356 Unit 12a, Millmead Business Centre GOLDENlMAGEUK LTD Millmead Road, London N17 9QU scala sound Recorder: HumanTouch zoom in [ cut Play Record! Setup Load saue Cancel The Scala user interface Is a joy to behold, but if It’s not quite to your taste then you can change virtually every aspect to suit your own particular needs.
scala Multimedia MM3BQ * scala as 1993 SCALA '* coNfiGufiftTWN ununes user interface
o flnimLab Menu palette i i FixScript Main Shuffler 4 6 ?
Sealaprint File Shuffler «6 ? !
Create shuffler icons system information Close morhbench Size: Used: Free: close scala menus chip Fast flutoLoad: DHO: DH1: Pointer DH2: counter: Off Playback: PUL saue configuration OK cancel has generally remained intact. Although Scala does not really follow Commodore’s user interface guidelines. I'm sure most Scala users would agree that Scala MM300s front end is possibly better than Commodore’s own. When you first load up Scala, you’re presented with a rather attractive screen containing what looks like a massive full-screen form containing ten rows of five gadgets stacked neatly
from top to bottom.
This is actually the Scala main menu and from here you can load in and edit an existing Scala presentation or even build your own from scratch.
Each row of gadgets displays information on a single ’page’ within your presentation with each page listed in the order it will be displayed.
Technically speaking, the term page’ is rather misleading as it can refer to anything from a simple page of Sca a-generated titles or a static IFF image, to an animation, a sound track or an “EX' event (more on these later). Video users should feel right at home with this approach as it is very similar to the ‘Edit Decision' lists used in the video industry.
If Scala MM30CTs list display isn’t quite your Scale's sound support even includes a complete sound sampler that will allow you to record (when a sampler is con- nocled to the Amiga's parallel port) and edit samples without ever having to load a dedicated sampler!
Cup of tea, then you can also display the flow of your presentation using Scala's new ’Shuffler' feature. Introduced with the launch of Scala MM200 (the previous release of Scala), the Shuffler displays miniature or thumbnail' representations of each page. Obviously you won’t see anything when a page contains a sound track or “EX' event, but both static images and the first frame from your animations are displayed in miniature. The Shuffler is very similar to the 'storyboards' used in the film and television industry and it certainly provides a much more intuitive way to view and
manipulate your presentation.
Generating each thumbnail image does take time, but Scala MM300 is intelligent enough to store the thumbnails as part of the presentation file which makes the task of displaying them considerably faster.
The Scala main menu gives you a considerable amount of control over the order of your presentation. In both list and shuffler mode, individual pages can be picked up and then repositioned within your presentation simply by clicking on the page to be moved and then dragging the page to MULTIMEDIA EX-TRA!
One ol Ihe mosl powerful aspects ol Scala MM300 s its impressive range ol EX' modules. These special modules provide an invaluable method ol extending Scala MM300so lhal it can draw upon the power ol a whole range ol video and audio devices. If you're producing a true multimedia production «hen these modules are very important as they allow Scala to directly control the operations ol anything Irom a laser disk player to a CDTV.
Scala MM300 comes complete with a selection ol EX modules lhal provide the program with direct control over a wide range of different hardware devices including Sony. Pioneer and Philips laserdtsk players, the Canon ION' still video camera, a range ol dillerenl genlocks Including both GVP's C lock and G2’s VideoCentre systems. GVP's Impact Vision 24 display card and MIDI devices. One ol Ihe most interesting modules is the CDTV EX controller which allows you lo use the CDTV (and presumably a CD32) as a slave CD audio player. Although the CD32 s FMV (lull motion video) add-on is not sup
ported. It would seem logical that it's only a matter ol time before Scala get around to release an EX (or this vitally important multimedia product. Other EX s are planned such as an EX lor the Video Toaster, the OpalVision graphics card and. Best ol all. LANC and infrared video decks. With the latter two modules installed, there's no reason whatsoever why you couldnI even use Scala MM300as a video editor!
Scala MM300 treats EX modules in exactly the same way as it treats pages and so EX “events' can be easily embedded into your presentation allowing you to produce presentations that call upon external audio and video lootage without having to ask the user to select track 10 and then press play' everytime your presentation wants to access some external video lootage or an audio track. Each EX has ils own unique control panel that pops up onto the screen whenever an EX is assigned to a page. By simply setting the various controls so that the audio or video clip that you want is accessed,
Scala AfMJflOwill do the rest automatically whenever the presentation is tun.
There is one major disadvantage with these EX modules. Because each EX requires a cable to be connected between the Amiga's serial port and the device thal is to be controlled, only a single EX can be used unless you lit your Amiga with a multi-serial card. This is line lor owners ol “big box’ Amigas (the A2000. A4000 etc), but such cards aren’t available lor the rest ol the Amiga range.
Its new position whilst holding down the left mouse button. Scala MM300 also gives you an impressive level of control over the timing of your presentation and how each individual page is displayed.
Each page has associated with it a number of additional parameters which define the type of wipe' pattern used, the duration of each page (the timing of a presentation can be defined either as an absolute time code or as a relative timing), whether a sample is played and so on. » Play ? Scan troth « l ? Stoptrack 4 l ?
«!»? «rw ink m 4 0 ? Fade out Show jW OK cartel For true multi-media power. Scala's ‘EX' modules allow you to directly control a wide range of external audio and video devices. Evon the now detuncl CDTV can be used In your multimedia presentations!
. Scala MuM media Mmiilil _! CAIA 1 SoalaHeui ¦ z New reatu ¦ l o Wag 4 I Ptag 3 OrunimqiaV « chart are r H V li 5 mow hcli = 6 Brush Ifcsi ” Brush crop Jb ¦: tlruvt.ciai 4m •. ¦ tscuru controller CU AMIGA LEAD FEATURE CU Amiga bids lor Its own IV IrancblM wllh nothing mort man an Amiga and a copy ol Scala UU300 range from slate, brick, water and fabric to more exotic high tech’ patterns Although they are not in overscanned format by default. Scala does allow you to automatically convert them to overscan when the program is first installed on your hard drive.
» PAGE PLAY In order to create a new page, you simply click on the New’ gadget from the Scala MM300 main menu and then you’re transported to the Choose a background page’ requester that, as its name suggests. Allows you to define the format of your new page. As I said earlier, a page doesn't necessarily have lo be a static IFF image or a page of titles - Scala MM300 gives you a choice of nine different types ol event ranging from a background (and IFF image), an animation, a music score (Scala MM300 supports Sound Tracker modules, SMUS files and modules produced using GVP's DSS-8+ sample
sequencer), sound samples and a whole lot more besides. Your page can contain one of any of these types of event.
One nice new feature of Scala MM300 is the file requester 'shuffler' which, as its name suggests, is very similar to the Shuffler used by the main menu. If you’re loading either a background image or an animation, the Shuffler scans the current directory and displays thumbnail representations of any background images or animations that it finds. The Scala package comes complete with a wide selection ot different backgrounds that have been professionally scanned for the best possible results These backgrounds (all of which are in high resolution, 16 colour mode) If you choose a
‘Background’ event, Scala MM300 takes you to the ’Edit’ menu that is the heart of Scala's page editing system. If you’ve ever used a video titling program then you'll find instantly at home with this aspect of the program The Edit menu contains all the functions you need to create pages consisting of text, brushes and structured graphics. At its simplest level, the Edit menu can be used to type text directly onto a page using any one ol the bitmapped fonts available on your system. Scala MM300 comes complete with a selection ol its own fonts which range in size from 9 point to 96 point.
Because Scala uses standard Amiga bitmapped fonts, however, you can add your own with ease.
What s more, outline fonts can be used too simply by installing them as Workbench fonts using the Workbench Fountain’ utility.
STYLE CONSCIOUS Once you’ve entered your text onto the page, you can then adjust its justification setting, colour and apply a number of handy video effects such as shadows, outlines. 3D extrusion and you can even drop a partially transparent background behind your text for video caption work. If you're not entirely happy with the position of your text, you can even pick it up with the mouse and drag it to a new position. What’s more, any titles that you create are non-destructive’ - that is, they can be moved, recoloured and even edited at any time Each line of text is handled completely
separately and so any styles that you apply must be applied to each new line in turn You can. However, define what essentially amount to style sheets' which contain all the settings you need in a template.
You’re not just restricted to titles either - Dpaint brushes (or Symbols’ as the Norwegians call them) can be imported and pasted down anywhere on your page. New to Scala MM300 is the ability to scale brushes simply by dragging in or out one ol eighl brush handles' lhal Scala places around Ihe symbol. Complete pictures can be loaded as brush tiles and scaled to suit your needs and it you're lucky enough to own an AGA-based Amiga, you can even display several pictures (in a miniaturised form) on the same page with Scala automatically remapping Ihe page’s palette so that they are displayed in
their correct colourset- tlngs. Just like brushes, these pseudo' brushes can be scaled too with very little loss in quality thanks to Scala MM30OS powerful Floyd- Steinberg dithering capability.
CU AMIGA NEWS CONCLUSION It’s unusual even in these times ot professionally designed Amiga software products to lind a pro gram that not only rivals anything that the competition on other computer platforms have to offer, but literally blows Ihem out of the water.
Indeed - being the cynic I am -1 tried desperately throughout my entire time with Scala MM300 to find fault with the product but Scala is possibly the closest to a perfect application that Amiga users (or indeed other computer users) will ever get. Every single aspect of the Scala system is polished to the point that you have to wear very dark sunglasses just to avoid the glare!
Scala MM300 isn't cheap and so it is unlikely lo find its way onto the hard disks of most users. For any video or multimedia professional that needs to produce anything from a corporate presentation or broadcast quality video production to a full blown interactive multimedia information system, Scala MM300 is a dream come true. It handled correctly.
Amiga users aren’t the only ones that could benefit from Scala's talents - if Commodore were to produce an Amiga 4000 with a built-in CD-ROM drive capable of handling FMV video with a copy ot Scala MM300. They would have a serious platform to take on (and beat1) the established multimedia market leaders If there's one application that will sell Amigas in the multimedia market, this has to be it! 'ill SCALA UK LTD £329 A500 WA A500* WA A600 WA A1200 9 61500 9 62000 1 A3000 9 A4000 9 SCALA UK LTD, MILL STUDIO, CRANE MEAD, WARE, HERTS SG12 9PY.
TEL: 0920 444 294 EASE OF USE VALUE FOR MONEY ??????????68% DOCUMENTATION ??????????88% FLEXIBILITY ??????????92% Forget Dpaint. Forget AD Pro and even Brilliance - Scala MM300 is the Amiga's most powerful application. I OVERALL 94% THE MICRO ADVENTURES OF ~..3Y THE TIME ' REACHED THE SCENE, THE PISCS HAD BEEN 'RUBBED OUT'... THERE MS ONE ONE TH NO TO DO. CASS'&EEN S0E7WANE FOB EXTRA BACKUP “ TELEPHONE 061-724 7572 BACKUP PRO X-Backup Pro is the most powerful disc backup utility available for the Amiga, BUT DON'T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT... CU Amiga Magarint. Juty 1991 “IT’S UNBEATABLE.” a
veritable bargain at just £39.99' Amiga Computing, September 199} fast, flexible and reliable’ Amiga Computing, September 199} £39.99 + £1 postage & packing THIS PRODUCT MUST NOT BE USED TO INFRINGE COPYRIGHT.
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Now includes FPU socket 32 bit wide auto configuring Fastram.
Zero wait state allows the A1200 to run at full speed.
Increase the speed of the computer by 219% Battery backed clock keeps the correct time and date even when the A1200 is switched off.
I Simple trapdoor installation.
Cl Cl 68881 fpu E34" m 68882 FPU E79.99 Unlike other disc backup utilities, X-BACKUP PRO is totally aulomalic and extremely simple to use. It is fully compatible with ALL AMIGA computers.
• Will backup virtually any disc onto another disc.
• Full hard disc backup.
• File management facility.
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plug your external disc drive Into the back ot the CYCLONE
cartridge tor unbeatable disc backup power. An exlernai disc
drive is required for use with the CYCLONE cartridge. These are
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It you can find a more powerful disc backup utility, we will give you your money back.
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The speakers are powerful 50 watt 3 way units featuring - a 3" woofer, 2" honker and a QQ 1 ¦ tweeter to provide a powerful crisp sound.
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Wilton House, Bury Rd, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 9UR England CU AMIGA PC Screen shot DA The ultimate in space adventure, Frontier is the single most important step forward for a a games this decade. • ' ' PC ZONE V i Unrivalled classic, nothing ' comes dose.
AMIGA ACTION I I THE ONE a Frontier is probably the best game I have ever played. This offers everything you could _ _ want in a game of this type. 96% VTKONAM Available on PC David Braben 1993. Licem mm|N, ENTS u Like Elite before itp Frontier is a game that rises above its feeble competitors like a colossus and will b talked about in awe for years to come. It's better than you could ever have dreamed it A A to be. 7 7 C&VG 96% U One of, if not the, biggest games ever, Frontier is a title' that will make the rest of your software collection obsolete. J AMIGA FORMAT 90% f Frontier
sucks you in and keeps you hostage. It's a monster.
* l0 «The best space game ever. 5?
- (mature with time AMIGA, ATARI ST ens *V Konaiui. Dislnluiled
t v Gam tek A1200 NO HD A1200+40MEG !A1200+80MEG A1200+270MEG
3.5HD A1200+340MEG 3.5HD £549.99 £579.99 the AMA2IHG CHAOS
GAMES PACK £1979?)
HARD DRIVE 1200s AT LOW PRICES FROM THE Uks No. 1 AMIGA _ _ HARD DRIVE SPECIALISTS IaJhAVE A HARP DRIVE FITTED from £129.991 HE HW ° A1200+120MEG 2.5HD £484.99 A1200+170MEG 3.5HD £499.99 A1200+212MEG 3.5HD £514.99 A1200+250MEG 3.5HD £539.99 £279.99
3. 5HD £399.99
2. 5HD £454.99 CD32 ZONE L The for news and reviews on the CD32
Hands up all of you who didn't buy a CD32 this Christmas, but instead purchased an A1200 with the aim of upgrading as soon as the CD-ROM drive was released this year. Well, I’m sorry to have to be the one to break this to you, but that particular piece of hardware seems extremely doubtful at the moment.
Rumours have been circulating for the past couple of weeks about the unit having being dropped by Commodore, so we decided to look into the facts.
Unfortunately, Commodore were unavailable for comment at time of writing, but a spokesperson for them admitted that the unit had been moved to the bottom of their (Commodore’s) agenda, and that its release was, 'Not in the foreseeable future." The reasons behind the decision are sketchy, technical problems being rumoured top of the list.
You don’t need me to tell you how many people this is going to disappoint. It may be fair to say that sales of CD32 have been hampered by the proposed drive, people choosing to take the safer upgrade route, but dropping the drive will kill sales completely. Without the support of the thousands of A1200 owners willing to upgrade, we could see the CD32 going the same way as the CDTV, which would be nothing more than a tragic waste of an excellent machine.
Get your collective pens to paper, and let Commodore know exactly how you feel. By showing them you're willing to help the machine win, we can see the CD revolution really break into the home.
Tony Dillon, Games Editor t JET " ago in your wc rid l was the mast*- jn of Just a quick bit ot news. Software Demon currently selling for the bargain price of £
Electronic Arts stunning new CD adventure The Labyrinth Of
Time, a first for the CD32 in that it’s the first PC CD-ROM
game to be converted to the CD32, will be in the shops. PC CD
has been running for yonks, as games like Rebel Assault and The
7th Guest clearly show, so expect something fairly spectacular
when you load it up. Just to wet your appetite, the game
features the rather updated plot of King Minos and the
minotaur's labyrinth. This time around, if you work through the
maze you can control all of time and space! Of course, there
are all the same enemies and traps to be found, and a basic
knowledge of the original legend will be a help! The whole
thing is controlled using a simple icon interface, which paves
the way for some very interesting puzzles.
To show you how padded the disk is, the game contains over 1800 hi-res images, over 25 Meg of sound and some of the most photorealistic game images ever seen. The Labyrinth Of Time is in the shops now, costing just £24.99 NEWS IT’S HERE!
As you read this, the long awaited Full Motion Video module will have been released and selling in a few independent shops around the country. The unit, selling for the bargain price of £199.99. It won't be as widely available as was first suggested, due to the initial shipment of modules being in extremely limited numbers.
Units are being built in earnest in Commodore’s Phillipine factories, but shipping delays over Christmas mean that only a few hundred have managed to actually reach the country in time for the launch. Could this really be the break that takes the CD32 from being a games console to the first fully successful home multimedia unit? See the news section for more details.
THE CD ALTERNATIVE Alternative Software, the sett proclaimed bastions ot low priced, high quality software, have stepped into the marvellous CD world at last. Their first disk, under the unlikely name of 'The Famous Collection', has already been seen on the PC, but is now being converted for the CD32 and contains seven of Huckleberry Hound on co now. Alternative's licensed games, tmtssm :v with the aim being to provide a disk for all ages. For the older user, there's Bully 's Sporting Darts and Galactic Warrior Rats. Popeye, Huckleberry Hound and The Munsters fill out the mid range, and
younger users get to play with Sooty and Postman Pat. The entire package costs just £29.99, and will be released in April. For more information, call Alternative on 0977 797777. » CU AMIGA CD32 CLASH OF THE There have been some changes in ihe computer gaming industry. From the time of the old 8-bit machines like the Spectrum and C64. The games business lurched up to 16-bit with the Amiga and Atari ST then split in two distinct schools - those sticking with their computers and those marching oil to join the expanding consoles maiket.
With the CD32, the Amiga is now part of the console world.
Paul Rand, editor of CVG, casts his eye over the new generation.
Now. However, there's even a more difficult choice to make than before. The software companies are gearing up for it.
There's millions upon millions ot dollars'pounds yen groats being tossed into it. And practically every system is designed to use it - it’s Compact Disc, the circular, silver sphere that those in ‘the know' reckon is going to change the face of gaming torever. But let's not start to get overly excited just yet. Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, compact disc cannot sing, cannot dance, cannot cook the dinner and cannot pilot a Boeing 767. CD is a big, slow hard dnve. And don't let anybody tell you otherwise It's a medium which gives vast storage space - 550 Mb, in lad. But it takes
the equivalent of forever to pull information from it. Because of the way it was designed - it's great for playing top- quality music, but a bit of a sloth when it comes to games information Don't let that put you off the platform, though It is going to happen, whether you like it or not, and companies are finding new and better ways of using CD. And let's face it, with 550Mb of space to fill, you're going to get some BIG games. There are an array of new machines to choose from
- here's a rundown of what they are. What they can do and what
software is available for them.
Launched in the USA in October 1993 and set to travel over The Pond by Spnng ol this year. 3DO is the brainchild ol Trip Hawkins, former boss of software giant Eledronic Arts, who left that firm to set up The 3DO Company three years ago. The machine which really got everybody talking about the CD platform, 3DO came into being thanks to the backing of financial big boys such as Japanese hardware company Matsushita and America's answer to British Telecom. AT&T.
3DO Based around 32-bit RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Chip) technology. 3DO has the capability to deliver. Its array ol custom chips give it the necessary oomph' in the graphics department, and because it's a Compad Disc machine there's the capacity to create huge games. But did you know that 3DO wasn't originally planned to be a CD system? It was, as a matter of fad, supposed to be the base lor an interactive cable system, allowing lor home shopping and interactive TV, among other things However, the technology isn't leadily available lor such a set-up so the CD was attached, creating
the machine we see today.
Although 3DO was seen as the great white hope for the games industry, the actual games are taking a long time to materialise. Software production is underway, but there's very little out there at present, and what's available isn't of lip-top quality. For instance, the game which comes with the machine. Creative Dynamics’ Crash 'n' Bum, is little more than an arcade driving game with guns - it looks good (the 3D tracks are particu larty impressive) but gameplay is bland and at limes frustrating. There is quality software on the way, we’re told, from such software luminaries as Eledronic
Arts (who are converting their biggest cartridge hits to 3DO like PGA Tour Golf and John Madden’s Football), Ocean (busily producing a handful ol titles for the machine, including a big summer 1994 movie license) and others.
Although much was expeded ol the machine. 300 has arrived with more of a whimper than a bang.
SOI-.,.. ¦ = » Severely lacking in software, compa mes developing for the system really need to pu« their fingers out and get titles on the shelves if they wish to see a return on the vast amounts of money they have invested. This is a potentially winning system, and the firms backing it with serious sums of cash aren’t going to abandon it in a hurry. But they need to drop the price ol 3D0 (which currently sfands at a ridiculous $ 699.99) and persuade' developers to hurry up with decent software in order to make the 3D0 a serious contender in the new. Rapidly moving marketplace TECH SPEC
PROCESSOR: 32-bit SPEED: 12.5MHz RESOLUTION: 640x480 pixels GRAPHICS: 64 million pixels per second animation COLOURS: 24-blt. 32,000 on-screen from 16.7 million palette SOUNO: 8-channel, stereo 16-bit CD PRICE: $ 699.99. price drop of $ 300 rumoured FULL MOTION VIDEO one has yet come up with a particularly do there will be some scepticism as to whether compact disc is indeed the future ot gaming'. But don't worry it you're thinking ot purchasing one ot these new systems there's a little box of tricks available soon tor should improve the look and sound of games being produced to MPEG standard
(CD-i 7th Guest looks stunning) it's in another area which MPEG could gam most success - Digital Video A clutch of Hollywood movie companies are in negotiations to not only bring their films out on VHS videotape, but also compact disc. Because it s digital. Ptfure quality is far better than VHS can offer, and the only drawback is that, because of the 72 minute limit.
CD32 CU AMIGA Commodore s great rival, Atari, was successfully seen off in the 16-bit computer war when the Amiga was released against the less-powerful 520ST. Atan themselves have also contributed to seeing off an array of their own machines thanks to poor marketing.
The Jaguar, however, looks likely to be a massive success for the firm which has a thing about naming its systems after big cats.
JAGUAR Having been in development for three years, the Jaguar finally roared m December 1993 at a very reasonable $ 200. The most powerful of the new systems available. Jaguar boasts 64-bit processing power which can pump up to 55 million instructions per second (MlPS), as well as two custom chips. Tom and Jerry, which handle Jaguar's superior graphics and sound. Tom is a peach when it comes to picture processing. There's a blitter which handles the movement of large objects around the screen, as same pnce. But if you feel the need to move into the compact disc age. A double-speed CD drive
will be released in the summer for £150 Atari have by far the most impressive machine on the market in the Jaguar, and it only remains to be seen whether they can successfully sell it into the marketplace. Demand for the console is massive, but stocks of Jaguar in the US are said to be ridiculously low If Atari can match demand they've got a surefire winner on their hands - software firms which were initially sceptical are now falling over themselves to develop for the machine, and while the cartridge format may lend itself to the sort of titles we've seen on Sega and Nintendo machines, the
size of the media and the power of the system should allow for more diverse games than endless Mario and Streetfighter clones, and when the CD drive appears then Jaguar will definitely be the games machine to own.
TECH SPEC PROCESSOR: 64-bit SPEED: 55 million instructions per second RESOLUTION: 720x576 pixels GRAPHICS: 850 million pixels per second animation COLOURS: 16.7 million SOUND: DSP with 13.3Mhz 68000 PRICE: £199.99 on UK release to assist in CD loading times. As far as graphics are concerned, CD-i is versatile. In normal mode, 384x280 resolution is on offer; on the other hand, you can choose 384x560 in interlace mode 768x280 double resolution or 768x560 high resolution.
Sound is of a high quality, as you’d expect from the makers of CD and other hi-fi products. CD Audio mode has up to 1.2 hours of digital audio, whilst in CD interactive modes there's a selection of varying quality, depending upon how much storage space is available for sound and music.
Whereas the first titles for CD-i were admittedly crude, we’re now seeing software of an increasingly high quality coming through. Games such as Inca and Kether boast excellent graphics along with reasonably enjoyable gameplay. But the most impressive disc we've yet seen is Voyeur, an interactive movie starring Robert Culp (who you may remember starred in 70’s show I, Spy alongside Bill Cosby if you’re old or caught it recently on late night television) which utilises full-motion video techniques together with 'real' computer graphics to portray the action. You play a peeping Tom, spying
on Hawke Manor the weekend before powerful industrialist Reed Hawke (Culp) announces his intention to run in the United States presidential campaign. It's your task to collect videotape evidence linking Hawke to a particularly nasty crime, or alternatively to gather clues and warn a member of the Hawke household of a plot against them.
The game has received some media attention thanks to its use of scantily-clad young ladies in some sections of the game, but there's nothing really OTT in there apart from some strong language, which can be turned off by entering a code.
There’s a clutch of big name games in production, including Virgin’s The 7th Guest and coin-op gun game Mad Dog McCree, as well as the old Sullivan Bluth arcade hit Space Ace, all of which should show off CD-i's graphic capabilities to a fair degree. But what is attracting most attention is the fact that it’s the first machine with a Full Motion Video cartridge available, which allows the running of Digital Video on the machine.
(Right) Voyeur shows oft the FMV capability of the machine. (Below) The Digital Dirty Dozen!
TECH SPEC PROCESSOR: Motorola 608040 SPEED: 15MHz RESOLUTION: 384x280, 768x560 or a combination of the two COLOURS: Up to 32,768 from 16.7 million palette GRAPHICS: Capable of full screen, full motion video with DV cartridge SOUND: CD Audio up to 1.2 hours, ADPCM Level A up to 2.4 hours, Level B up to 4.8 hours, Level C up to 9.6 hours PRICE: £399.99 for basic system he vast majority ol you will doubtless own an Amiga, otherwise why on earth would you be reading this particular organ? The Amiga has been the lifeblood of Commodore ever since it launched the A500. And subsequent Amigas have
been bigger, better and packing more processor power than its previous incarnation. Commodore have dabbled in the keyboardless side ol gaming in the past with the CD32 C64 console (basically a C64 without the buttons) which sank without trace when the console market was gearing up to go 16-bit with the Mega Drive and SNES This time, however, it’s a different matter altogether. Commodore have something ol a coup on its hands in the CD32. As it s the world's first true 32-bit CD-based game system (CD-i.
Although up to 32-bit standard, is really only a customised 16-bit).
Based around A1200 technology.
CD32 is also the least expensive ot the CD machine around at present, coming in at an attractive £299.99 - especially impressive when you consider that CD32 has on board not only the A1200’s impressive AGA chipset giving processing speed ot 14MHz. But also a double speed compact disc drive which can trans- ter data at 300k per second.
Many people were worried that software companies would be reticent to release CD games lor CD32, and tor a while that was true, but now it's quite simply not the case Admittedly, many titles on compact disc are straight port-overs from the A1200, but more and more games are being made or planned exclusively tor CD32.
The best yet has to be Mindscape s Liberation Wntten and designed by Tony Crowther.
Liberation is the sequel to his successful RPG Captive. You again control the lour droids which you used to escape trom prison, only this time the game is set in a sprawling tutuhstic city, where Ihe aim Is to uncover a plot by the authorities who are imprisoning people tor crimes which they did not commit. I've seen a lot ot games on compact disc and, lor my money, this is the best on any system to date; don't expect to see reams ol digitised video lootage because there isn't even so much as a screen oI it. Liberation is essentially the same as Captive, but it's much bigger, has many more
elements to it and has even better graphics, which this time round are texture-mapped If the thought ol role-gaming doesn't exactly grab you. There’s the usual variety ol games available or on the way. II it's a straight beat 'em-up you’re alter, there's Mortal Kombatcoming soon trom Virgin.
Alternatively, tlight sim bulls should look north to Manchester, where those Ocean boys are said to be beavering away at CD32 conversions ol the brilliant sequel to F29 Retaliator TFX. As well as the soon- to-appear follow-up to Epic, the equally impressive-looking Inferno CD32 hasn't gone great guns in the States, but it’s attracting an increasingly large audience in the UK and Europe And with a promising price drop ol £100 expected early in 1994, Commodore look certain to have another success on their hands with CD32.
TECH SPEC PROCESSOR; 32-bit SPEED: 14MHz RESOLUTION: 320x256 up to 1280x512 COLOURS: Up lo 256 from 16 million palette GRAPHICS: AGA chipset SOUND: 4 channel, stereo 8-btt CD PRICE: £299.99 CD-i b game prices war had been raging for a while, as had the argument over whether cartridge games were too similar to one another, and this system was seen as the perfect way for the console boys to diversify into more grown-up gaming.
Unfortunately, that doesn't seem the way that the Mega-CD is going.
More game for your money, still don't possess much more than flashy visuals. One game. Thunderhawk from Amiga publishers Core Design, has bridged the gap between graphics believed that when CD happened pnces of software would fall, Mega CD games have stayed the same price as cartridge titles and. In some cases, are actually higher. Mind you.
Companies are attempting to rectify this state of affairs; Konami. For instance, have released a conversior of the Lethal Enforcers coin-op (corn- Drive and Mega-CD - tf available to same taking a look at Mega-CD becau £200 it’s the cheapest way of jur onto the compact disc bandwagc but it's the poor relation to the rt ing compact fhy not instead TECH SPEC PROCESSOR: 16-bit SPEED: 12.5MHz RESOLUTION: 320x2 COLOURS: 6- GRAPHICS: SOUND: 8-channel PCM PRICE: £200 (excluding p Mega Drive) CD32ZONE CU AMIGA CD32 9AMES How many? Mark Patterson reels in shock as he sees the sheer numbers of CD32
games coming. Hold back the floodgates no more.
JOHN BARNES INTERNATIONAL SOCCER BUZZ £14.99 £14.99 the best plalform games of 1993. If combines masses of levels with faxing gameplay as you hack 'n' slash your way Ihrough the Vizier's evil henchmen.
There are a few pick-ups for extra lives, energy and weapons, bul these are few and far between, especially on the later levels.
Arabian Nights doesn't have the kind of flashy fealures of other CD games, but what it does have is plenty of playability and enough of a challenge to keep you hooked for a long time.
ALFRED CHICKEN MINDSCAPE WQ Who knows why Mindscape chose a chicken as a hero, but it obviously worked, with this game becoming one of their biggest sellers of ‘93. Alfred is a bit brighter than your average chicken - cut his head off and he won’t run around spraying blood everywhere.
So, when his mates are kidnapped by the evil, robotic Meka-Chickens, he sets out to rescue them and destroy all other enemies of chicken-kind.
The graphics are reminiscent of Robocod, but fortunately the game doesn’t play the same way. Alfred is a Is it me or do the words ‘John Barnes' and 'International' not belong in the same sentence?
Whatever the case, it hasn't stopped this game appearing.
The easiest way to describe it is as an updated version of the Commodore 64 classic International Soccer. If you can't remember that far back, it, like John Barnes, is a simple, side-to-side scrolling football game with very few thrills. In fact. I prefer the older game. While John Barnes contains such things as a free kick designer and CD soundtrack, the game itself just isn’t playable. It's not fast enough and the controls aren’t all that responsive particularly when compared to disk- based titles like Sensible-Soccer.
The action is limited as well,, and is very much a case of kick and run football, the likes of which you This game is set in the fourteenth century, and you are a local lord who's out to become king of Bratagne. Several other lords also have their eye on the throne, and now the Church has intervened so you have to start crawling to the Pope if you want to get that kingship.
The route to the top involves grabbing as much land as possible, fighting the occasionally battle and keeping in with the church. The manual goes to great lengths to explain the politics between the various factions, but it doesn't really make any difference to the game.
The land is divided up into over a dozen territories, each of which has one of four natural resources, wood, gold, iron and food. You need all four of these to construct a castle and CASTLES 2 INTERPLAY £29.99 raise an army, so if you’re missing any, you have to trade with your enemies or go without. Once you’ve got a few territories you can start buttering up the Pope by giving him any spare money or land you have.
Once you've consolidated your land and are sharing a border with your enemies, the game starts to slow down. Invading another territory is tricky because, even if you win a battle, your army is depleted leaving you open to invasion from other powers. The game has a few sub-plots but this doesn't alter the fact that nothing much happens, and you don’t need to do much to complete it. Just keep buttering up the Church who will eventually allow you to apply for the job as king, at which point all the other powers will attack you, to no avail, as you’ve spent the last half-hour building up your
army. When it does come to a battle you can either let the computer sort out your tactics, which saves a lot of time and hassle. Or coordinate the mayhem yourself, which invariably results in defeat. Castles 2 is a disappointment when compared to its playable predecessor.
Wouldn’t even see at Highbury. The standard tactic is to hoof the ball as soon as you get it, and hope that at some point it ends up in the net.
The sad fact is that this just isn’t a good game, and I have more chance of getting an England place than poor old Bamsey. There may not be much of a choice when it comes to football games on the CD32. But that’s no reason to buy this one.
ARABIAN NIGHTS BUZZ This disc goes to prove one thing, you don't need masses of video bites and lengthy CD soundtracks to make a good game.
With Arabian Nights you simply get the same quality action you get on floppy disk.
The only thing this has in common with the original Arabian Nights legends is that the main character is called Sinbad; although this one's given up sea-faring for a spot of gardening. Still, with baggy trousers, a traditional fez on his head, and a sword given to him by Sinbad Senior, he is destined to become a hero.
While indulging in a spot of late night pruning, he sees the local princess, Laila, being carried off into the night by a creature summoned up by the evil Vizier. Realising that if he told anyone what he'd seen they’d probably think he'd spent too much time in the mushroom patch, he sets out to rescue the Princess himself.
The resulting adventure is one of £29.99 totally bizarre character and unlike any other platform game star. To dispose of his enemies, he has to drop beak first on top of them, which as it happens, is quite a tricky manoeuvre.
To make things easier you can collect a pot of jam which, for some reason, outfits Alfred with a supply of bombs which he can lob at his enemies.
Like the A1200 version, the graphics are really excellent, with neat, colourful sprites and some very smart levels. But what really makes the game a winner is its overall quirkiness. Collect watering-cans to gain extra lives, open a can of worms to get a shield, and balance on pop cans to reach higher platforms. It’s not all leaping and killing though, there are puzzles to be solved, bonus games to be played and secret rooms to be found. Altogether these elements make A fred Chicken completely addictive and totally weird. One of the best platform games out on CD and, like Arabian Nights,
it’s an essential purchase.
JEST SERVICE (Sapid delivery' SALES HELPLINE 081 686 9978 081 781 15S1 DISKS DISKS DISKS + L°C*ABLE 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE BOXES SO 3.5" DS DD £21.99 + 100cap lockable box..,£25.99 100 3.5” DS DD £35.99 + 100 cap lockable box ...£39.99 150 3.5” DS DD £55.99 + 100 cap lockable box ...£58.99 200 3.5” DS DD £66.99 + 2X 100 .£75.99 300 3,5” DS DD £99.99 + 3X100 „ ,, ....£110.99 400 3,5” DS DD £132.99 + 4X 100 £147.99 500 3.5” DS DD £159.99 + 5X 100 „ ,, ..£179.99 1000 3.5” DS DD CALL + 10X 100 ......BEST PRICE FREE LABELS + FREE DELIVERY BY PARCEL FORCE 35' DELUXE
LOCKABLE BOXES 3.5” STACKABLE BOXES 140 Capacity ......£3.99 ' 100 Cap Addups £8.99 1150 Cap Posso £16.001 L Add £3.10 PSP A 100 Capacity ....£4.50 . Add C3.I0 P&P A
| RACE 'N' CHASE Nigd Manwlls ? Trds Word Worth Prir* Monoger.
Deluxe Point (V, Oscor, Dennu I £279.99 £324.99 FREE Mouse mot - Disk Cleaner - Joystick, Jurossk Pork The best gome £299.99 I £339.99 12 GAMES FOR £14.99 Rood lo Hell, Tank Battle, AGA Tetris, Pocman 92, Duel, Lemmingoids, Mousemon, Wizz s Quest, Premier Picks, Tangle, Super League Manoger, STARTING PACK £14.99 FOR: 10 Disks, Mouse Mat, Micros witch Joystick, s Storage box. Disk cleaner AMIGA 4000 AMIGA 1200 PACKS ¦ | SPECIAL XMAS DEALS 030 2Mb RAM 80 Meg ....£870.00 030 2Mb RAM 120 Meg £919.00 Add £ 175 for Extra 4Mb RAM AMIGA 600 4 GAMES. Space Ace, Kick Off I 2, Pipe Mania, Populous
Basic Pack ......£179 99 Wild, Weird, Wicked .£ 199 99 1 Lemming pack + Dpaint III .£189.99 L FREE DEUVERY 85Mb.. PRINTERS ..£10.99 ..£10.99 ..£1099 £9.99 £5 99 £4 00 C+ien Swift 2CO 24 pm colour S*0« lC 24 JO 24 (Ml colour • 211 EnHEIHMII »0CPI 000 1180 1123 1124 2123 2180 Col Ona 2123 2180 Mono Oo 2CO S-*9 24 £2 99 £2 25 £1000 £54 99 £12 50 £4 99 I
* 90 200 C Cl 0 20 Bto C2008bck 4 2CO colour Ore A44 tiff
QUANTITY DS DD HIGH DENSITY 50 3.5" 31.99 51.00 100 3.5" 60.00
DEUVERY 85Mb ....£479,99 127Mb ..£509.99
127Mb .£579.99 Authorised Dioka-lyr.rf home renin
FIEEDEUVHY IOR 2. 5* 3X5 3.30 299 1595 1545 1495 850 8.15 775
285 2.70 250 13 99 1360 1325
2. 95 275 225 3 JO 325 300 3 75 3 50 2 95
12. 95 12.50 1195 BRANDED DISKS SONY - 3M - JVC - TDK ..£524.99
Amiga lo AMIGA Amiga Techno
rod . Python 1M Joystick . Printer
lo TV Scort AMIGA lo Sony TV Iff r 12999 AS STOCK LAST FrM
leads, Free delivery «i* ol printer* ;;Sli:99 £229 99
LlOOVuttadoc. [U; « | C *»ZBT Sp-i" 9C 9 pin ctkx* f169 99 I
tmono CljO £165 , 3 5* Di»k heod Oeoner . ..
MomeMal . 1000 label*....
_ ...... Amiga External Disk frivet PrMnax Mome
Amiga .... I ____IK.'.... r.YTj PonOWK 1170 9»n r |
Ponoior.c 1123 24 3 r more ACCESSORIES MONITORS doro 1084,
S 1085S.
V Monitor dore 1942.. PRICES INCLUDE VAT & DELIVERY (Unless otherwise Stated) WITHIN 3 DAYS (UK MAINLAND ONLY) ADD £8 00 FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY CALL OR SEND CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS TO: OREY-TRONICS LTD, UNIT 1015 WHITGIFT CENTRE, CROYDON, SURREY CRO 1UU SALES HELPLINE: 081 686 9973 Mail order prices only FAX: 081 686 9974 All offers subject to availability. E&OE. Prices Pack details ma change without notice due to currency PLAYER ERSION After an epic struggle of good against evil, the Demon King sought refuge far away in time; where his magic was forgotten, and where he could
lick his wounds and recover his Yet he had not counted of a young Samurai wa followed the Demon Ini 24th century Japan, to ancient Japan and finally, confronted the Demon in his mountain throne where the King was prepared to try anything to defeat him.
OUT NOVEI FOR THE AMIGA All of his demonic forces have been summoned to his aid, all of his tricks and traps have been set, all of his power is directed against you.
Only the wisest and the most honourable of warriors can defeat him.
V V V n? V V v ...7he swry of rhe second saaum is yer w he mam South Harrington Buildings. Setton Street. Liverpool L34BO United Kingdom Tel: 051 709 5755 libera: L** 'H-, CD12 „, ,
* * .11 'ova r uu r aptain's Log. Stardate January 1994:
Commander Alison Goddard, ol Ihe USS Interplay, reports
spectacular sales of their Star Trek - the 25th Anniversary
game, based on the hit 60s sd-fi show ot the same name.
Cockahoop with success, Goddard announces an exclusive
competition tor CU AMIGA readers in which Ucky reader will get
the chance lo win all n|B 79 eu sudes o' Hie ongina stow, as
well as iive ei* lie- up pistes coirpiismg copies of ShKS B Ihe
new AI200 only game.
Blimey, we ve come up with some good compdilio": m j..r: me pul -on::
- 0 no..v wale- nqiy cruel r uucnp a-, this amazing Star trek
I! !¦ Hiilly :I y.,y Ihe p.-;j mal TV s-cw with Krk gelt no 10 ny'‘ 1,11 11-llleM WU-MI.- * Wlllll- ¦ --I -: • ••¦ ¦¦ COIISl.l-i:
r. y .il a. h al't.,1 •• tlno.i ;'. Ii was STAR TREK - THE 25«h
ANNIVERSARY When we reviewed Star Trek - Ihe 25th Anniversary
game in our October issue, we raved about how close it was to
the original TV series. Aimed specifically at A1200 owners who
possess a hard drive, Interplay's Star Trek is set to redeline
Amiga gaming and lake it Into strange new worlds!
1 '*,n :n,lv’ : v' 1 -T h l‘ .red ln.-plsma ll'ri
c. ima--s - ..i ¦•¦• i V .'c-i:w :i, -- r
i. kvi -i III -I ¦ .....'-'H' ¦'* ' '' 1 space opera RULES is
final and no corre-
1. This competition is spondence will be nol open lo any entered
into, employees of Interplay 3. Closing dale lor all or EMAP
Images. Competition entries is
2. The editor s decision 28th February 1994.
4. Anyone sending in a bribe with their entry will be banned Irom
entering, but Dan will certainly put your money to good use!
.with ALL Amlgas and CD32 JURASSIC PARK gv* f ¦ s- est Amiga A1200 P PIUS... a Mouse Mat, Dust Cover and Micro Switched Joystick with Amiga's - only from.. Dynamite Pack 1 as detailed above ' 91 (including Freebies), the Superb "*3 Philips 15" Pro 2000 Colour Monitor TV sjj giving you the best of the A1200 with a magnificent display... Desktop Dynamita| | Pack 2 - Great Value at just.
And... YOU decide which pack to buy from a mammoth range of Amiga Al 200 options!
Desktop Dynamite Amiga A1200 with Dennis, Deluxe Paint IV, Oscar, Print Managers Wordworth Home WP OR... RACE 'ft CHASE CHOICES_ STANDARD PACK STANDARD PACK STANDARD PACK inc. Mouse, plus PHILIPS plus PRO 2000 Leads, Manuals, PRO 2000 i CITEBI240C Software etc. MONITOR TV C0L00R PRWTER AMIGA 1200 Software etc. £1014 95 £499 £704 £964 Amiga A1200 with Trolls and Nigel Mansell's Grand Prlx £514 £90495 £1164 £704 All prices are inclusive ol VAT al 17.5’,. Prices are correct al lime ol going lo press and subject lo availability ¦ EtOE gordon ifeTime Now you ttZRaa Warranty to ANY hardware item
from Harwoods for less thajiwou'd think! Take out up to 5yrs cover and at the end of that period you can extend cover annually... A I JITTIME.' Peace of a Mind! What's more the Warrant) is fully Iransferrabk enhancing raJ sale values should you ever decide to upgrade your equipment ¦ Available now even on hardware you may have purchased elsewheml eked!
PLUS: All cables, Dust Covers for Amiga & Printer, Citizen Print Manager 2. Printer Paper Labels, Mouse Mat. Final Copyll, Superbase. Superplan. Nigel Mansells Grand Prix and Trolls AND...yT?v 1 FANTASTIC AT.. .£999.95 m3 with FREE... available soon!
Ideal for the ardent games player this 32Bit CD ROM System will expand into a full computer as your needs grow with CBM's planned Keyboard. Drives etc. Bil £289.95 Sync Monitor On place of Philips Pro 2000) FOR THE REAL ENTHUSIAST AT A SPECIAL PRICE only.. £1199.95 AND wtth... fSM CM 8833 MKII 14" STEREO COLOUR inc. Leads Dust Cover PRO 2000 15" COLOUR SUPER- RES MONITOR TV inc. Leads The best of both Worlds - Quality Computer Display and fully featured FST High Definition TV in one! Infra red remote. FastText Teletext, Loop Aerial, Headphone Socket.
£999£ £1019 £1189 £1199 £1219 £1389' ADDED VALUE PACKS ADD TO OUR AMIGA OPTIONS... YOU WONT NEED TO BUY MORE FOR AGESIII Xenon 2 Mega blest', Stir Craiy. TV Sports Foothell, Hostages, Jumping Jackson, Bubble Plus, Bloodwych, Tin-TIn on the Moon. Krypton Egg, Purple Saturn Day, Eliminator'.
Skychase. Safari Guns, Lombard RAC Rally. Captain Blood, Strike Force Harrier'. Sky Fox n and Lancaster om, £19.95 I ...purchased wtth an Amiga or Just £24.95 separately.
• Not compatible with A120013000 4000.
CUBSCAN (no DMS)„. 14'Colour Hi-Res MultiSync Monitor, .28 Dot Pitch available mid Jan. £299.95 CUBSCAN 1440 DMS... 14'Colour Hi-Res Multi- Sync Monitor, Built-in DMS, .28 Dot Pitch £429.95 New Street • Alfreton Derbyshire • DES5 7BF Crnlfilchatge VISA SWITCH
- 1: oa.- punter* je supplied for immediate use including
• ilu iwurr - a labels FREE OF CHARGE. Dot matrix models voine
with tailored dust cover. We also include specific Amiga driver
disks with .ALL printers FREE, (with Citizen models you get the
excellent Print Manager Version 2) Apple™ Personal LaserWriter™
• I ppm Canon cngincd laser with superfasl RISC Processor A 3Mb
RAM (upgradable to 4Mb). True PostScript"1 Level 2. IIP
LaserJet!! & PCI. 4» emulations.
FITLY Amiga A PC com patiblc. Parallel Serial RS232 A LocalTalk interfaces built-in. No other laser of this quality costs so little...
* 739.95 Apple™ Color A3 A4 Bobbkjrt Canon BJC 820 engined
360x360dpi BubbleJeL FpsonQ 24Pin emulation. Parallel A SCSI
interfaces. A3 A A4 size paper. Up to 300cps in text mode!
INFINITE colour ocTPirr using a 4 colour CMYK system of ink
cartridges with approx. "OOpage life. There’s no better inkjet
at only-.
* 704.95
* 149.95
* 529.95
* 229.95 Accessories & Consumables INKJET CARTRIDGES: iyi0cx sx
*15.95 BJ800-Black *16.95 BJ200 230 *15.95 BJ800 • Cyan *21.95
BJ600-Black *6.95 BJ800 -Magenta *21.95 BJ600 • Cyan *8.95
BJ800-Yellow *21.95 BJ600 - Magenta *8.95 BJ600 Yellow *8.95
SHEET FEEDERS: BJ 10sx in White or Black *54.95
* 579.95
* 679.95
All 80 Column 90 C *3.95 *15-95 Models (Please 24 200 240 *4.45
*15.95 'fate) *8495 ACCESSORIES: 9 24Pin 80Cohunn Colour Kit
(not 124) *37.95 24Pin, 32K RAM Expansion (not 200 240) *13.95
24Pin. 32K RAM Expansion for 200 240 *19,95 24Pin, 128k RAM
Expansion (not 200 240) *3195 Accessories & Consumables AUTO
All 80Cohimn Models... (Please specify model when ordering) MONO COLOUR RIBBONS: LC10 20 100 LC200 *5.95 104 200 *6.25 INKJET CARTRIDGES: SJ48 *15.95 NONE SJ144 *10.95 *12.95
* 3. 95 *5.95
* 369.95
* 564.95 Accessories & Consumables Swift 200 Mono
* 194.95 120D* Mono
* 119.95 Swift 200 Colour
* 204.95 Swift 90 Mono
* 15495 Swift 240 Mono
* 219.95 Swift 90 Colour
* 169-95 Swift 240 Colour
* 239.95 LC100 Colour NEW LOW- 5J144 Thermal Colour HQ Printer
LC24-30 Colour 24Pin Complete with 50 Sheet Auto-Feeder, up to
192cps (draft). 64cps (LQ).
10 Resident LQ Fonts, 14.6K Buffer ] LC24-300 Colour 24Pin LCD Panel, up to 26icps (draft), 80cps (LQ), 16 Resident LQ Ft Buffer, Quiet 46 43db Modes, STAR LASER PRINTERS... IS-5 LS-5EX LS-5TT PostScript New Prestige W arranty available on all Star printers. This Is in addition to Star’s standard 1 year warranty and can be extended to a max. of THREE YEARS ON-STIE from a very low cost'!! Please ask for further information or check out the booklet we include with every Star Printer Available with all new Star Printers or for existing Star users. Higher printing resolutions and more control of
your Star. Please ask for detaiLs of this great new utility.
BJKlsx Mono BJ200 Mono, 250c ps. Inc. Auto BJ230 Mono. 360dpi, 248c ps, V Bjf.600 S. 360dpi Colour Bubbk OIIP, envelopes, (impact, dun 4 colour CMYK system. 100 sli* 240 170cps • text mode, 8 std h Extended Warranty Plan Lightning FAST Hard Disk access for all Amiga .44000 owners. The only IDF. Answer...
1. FaM (up to IOMb *ee) DMA SCSI II Interface for CD ROM etc.
(Cim1, BO9660 Formats). Optical Removable Drives (Syqucst*
etc) as used on Apple Macintosh etc.
2. Expandable up to 64Mb of .32 Bit Fast RAM
3. Requires no Buster Chip upgrade?"
4. Compatible with all existing Amiga A-1000s
5. 4 x 32 Bit SIMM Sockets Exceptional Value FASTLANE Z3-.
*329.95 mmm G P 1230 W ith 0Mb. RAM GVP 1230 W ith 1Mb. RAM
GVP 1230 With 4Mb. RAM .Ask about RAM upgrades and Maths
Co-Pro’s From the makers of the acclaimed Blizzard 1200 RAM
Board comes a great A1200 Accelerator...
1. IOO SOO-. Performance increase on all applications i wilh
additional on bnord RAM)
2. Optional last (up to IOMtv.ee DMA SCSI n interface for CD ROM
etc. (COTV. BO4660 Formats). Returnable Drives (Syqucst*
Bernoulli etc) as used on Macintosh etc.
J. WMII b8Fll)30 Processor
4. Up to MMRi 68882 PlCC or PGA FptflM (Math* Co-Pro)
5. Up to 6*Mb of 32-Bit RAM mil, standard '2 Pin SIMMS
6. Banety backed real time clock
7. Easy trap door Installation. Doc» NOT roid narrantics R No
software required, JwM plug in and (tot BUZZARD 1230 TURBO
(0Mb.) *24495 «Mb. RAM Expansion. 32Bit SLMM AI • )* 33MHz.
Fpl i Maths Co-Processor *79-95 Lilt'* Winner of Amiga
Format's Gold Award with a 934o rating the specification Is
1. Arab RAM as standard A option to add a farther 1Mb.
2. 32BH LIGHTNING FAST Zero « ait Male FAST RAM (normally quicker
dun PCMCIAcards)
3. Krai I'imr battery backed clock
4. Fit: socket built in for STANDARD PICC type Maths C»
Processor* ot up to 40MH* speed'll A Fasy A1200 trapdoor'
fitting retaining CBM Warranties
6. Compart design utilising latest SafT technology
Expansion (Blizzards own) *i69.9$ 33MHz. FPU Maths
Co-Processor *79.95 M V Al J. TW1RF. TOGETHER FOR ILST_ INKJET
CARTRIDGES: Dcskjet Dcskwritcr *21.95D°u6kUfr *2495s*"*Urd
Paintjet *21.95 *27.95 PAPER TRANSPARENCY FILM: 510 Mono
DeskJet 500 Colour Deskjet 550 Colour DeskJet Single Sheet
*18.95 -Fold *20.95 Transparency Film ( 50 Sheets) *49.95
Compatible with ALL A500's & A500Phis (AI500 A 2000 versions
available, please ask for details)-.
I. Plog.lWo.kl«afcxpamtoo»io«A500 A»0Ptu* £ pcr«l* up your
Amiici up to Fot* TIMES NORMAL SPKtX I With IhrouRhpoft lor
RAM. Ilanl Drts* Expansion etc. Amiga MUST bare some FAST RAM
(only ltd AWOPu* do not).
Any Udeear or OVP HD RAH already JiUed ti FAST RAM A1200 Performance at only... *129-95 n on th Access lease p gordon 17195
* 9195
* 2995
* 44.95 Pen Pal VI.5 Final Copy II Release 2 AGA NEW... FinalW
rtter The Fhiblisher Professional Page V4.I Pagcsettcr III
Wnrdworth 2 ¦ AGA SoMacrs | un (for Ft ll) Softellps I to 4
* 399*
* 79.95
* 129.95
* 39-95
* 129.95
* 47.95
* 99.95
* 39.95
* 29.95
* 39.95 RomhoVidJ12.V2.00 A id! 128 hound A A Mon I Tec hnosound
Turbo Sampler I NEW Tech nose wind Turbo 2 Amiga A600 Insider
Guide Mastering Amiga Assembler Mastering .Amiga Beginners
Mastering Amiga ( Mastering Amiga Workbench Mastering Amiga Dos
V2 Vol. I Mastering Amiga Dos V2 VoU Mastering Amiga Dos V2
VoL3 Mastering Amiga AMOS
* 21.95
* 18.50
* 18.50
* 18.50
* 19.50
* 19.50
* 23.50
* 18.50
* 19.50
* 24.95
* 249.95
* 24.95
* 2195
* 3995
* 5195
* 2995
* 4995
* 29.95
* 127.95
* 29.95
* 11195
* 97.95
* 25195
* 14195
* 49.95
* 7195
* 177.95
* 289.95
* 194.95
* 17195
* 3195
* 3195
* 2195
* 119-95
* 5195
* 3195
* 9195
* 4195
* 7195
* 97.95
* 36.95
* 57.95
* 5195
* 149.95
* 349.95 Cumana 3.5' External Disk Drive with through port, extra
long cable, free In-ad cleaning kit Power XI. Lilgli Density
3-5" External Disk Drive with Umb. Capacity for extra storage
space, free disk head c leaning kit X-CAD 2DOO X-CAD 3000 Aft
Expression Expert Draw Scala 500 Home Tiller Scala
Prol'essioiul Scala MM 202 FditWatc Hr.Md.ast Tkler 2 SA GA
Dhuxe Paint 4.1 Deluxe Paint 4 (AGA) NEW... Callgari 3D
Construclkin kit Ado rage Alsu Pro 3 Ail Department Prof. A'23
DCTA' Composite Video (21 Bl finpfcin Mmrtn ¦ Ml) Morph Plus
RraltDCfamk Real 302
* 839.95
* 117195 Our internal A600 A1200 Hard1* sk Driiei are aB biib
quabty mdustn standard umis manujatturrd by recognised and
respected u orldu idr market lenders (eg. Umner.
Seagate Westenr Digital etc), fath Hard Drhe comes with a one rear warranty, driter software. Jilting kit and full Instructions ftw you loJU easily yourseff.
And... back up and repair utUHy software.
Protirn Psrrfm high quality *4195 entry level true tidco signal genlock Rendale KH02 Inc switch *179.95 and fader controls, A1200 Ikj Mkrttswltehed MEGA MOUSE *12.50
(cx. elknt nuHJiiiK irvkws) 11 Mkniswitchrd 400dpi 113.95
Resolution MEGA MOCSE HQ Mknmwitched MEGA *19-95 MtH M Inc.
Mouse Mat Holder High Quality mknowiichtd *28.95 Optical
mouse IIQ Mwmswnchcd Trackball *29-95 Amo Mouse Joystkk Sw
itc her *17.95 (apacity 130Mb.
* 214.95 PC. Task PC Emulator Crow DOS Easy Amo* Amos The Creator
.Amos Compiler Amo 3D .Amo* Profewktnal Amos Profrsskmal
Compiler New SAS lattke C V6J Dcvpac 3 Directory Opu* A 4
* 37.95
* 3195
* 2195
* 34.95
* 21.95
* 25.95 New.- OVERDRIVE 35 EXTERNAL DRIVES lA'ou-yoN can gel an
EXTERNAL Hard Drive option Ibal simply plug s Mo llte PtMClA
WGRADBE Jpstkk Aulollrr Joystick (onipeiitkm Pro-Sur aulofirc.
Hurstflrr A slow motion Pyihon IM The BIK,' Mkroswhched Full range of Qukkjoy and other nukes stocked please tall us for price* 10 TDK 3.5* DS DO
V) TDK 3-5* DS DO £ 10 TDK 3-5* DS HD = (ertifkd Hulk Disks with
I labels; i 10 w ith lAirary case Z SO Ihsks • only... 100
Disks only-.
C 250 Disks only...
3. 5* Disk Head Cleaner rwn tl.il for reliable kuding
* 7.95
* 3195
* 1195 Department 4I .B 1 New Street * Alfreton Derbyshire • DE55
chills of winter really start to hit home, why not curl up with
a copy of CU and toast yourselves on some of the hottest
reviews around. Remember, you only get a hug from a copy of CU
Y l. ElcU 'u-Ib 7 -. ¦' .'.I'l rr?~y famas Another month rockets by, but we just don’t have time to stop. Here's another batch of possible hits and maybe future classics, for your perusal.
ISHAR 3 5ILMARILS .jM:rj««Mii,fiyjinw THE GAMEPLAY: The fourth in the series (if you count Crystals Of Arborea), Ishar 3 continues the tale of the popular role playing adventures right from the point where the last one left off. Shandar the Black Wizard, the one you spent so much time trying to kill in Ishar 2, has lived to tell the tale after all. And is back with a vengeance in the guise of a huge 2,000 year old dragon called Wohratax. Spooky stuff.
WHAT'S NEW: Well, where do I start? You can create your own character at the start of the game, rather than be lumped with a standard one You can make your own magic potions, develop your character's abilities, choose your party from over one hundred characters and play around with over forty different spells. If that isn't enough for you, you could always sit back and watch the film sequences that link various parts of the game.
BEHIND THE SCENES: The game is being coded in-house by the same team responsible for all fhe olher Ishar titles Production started just after the second game was completed. So expect some similarities.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The second game was a huge leap forward from the first, and this one looks like it's going to be a similar step forward.
Visually it looks fabulous, and fhe new game engine means that the game will have far more emphasis on character development than before. We'll have a full work in progress next month.
A CU Screen Star It lor games scoring 85V 82V If a game gets one of these. IT* be of lasting quality and you can rest assured that. II you decide to purchase H. 83% and a gam* s worth a Superstar. W hardly Ihrow SUPER STAR gatt one it'll Be completely oul THE GAMEPLAY: As you can prot ably tell from the name, this iaflH arcade style pool simulator tor the Amiga similar to classic old games like Steve Davis' Snooker. Unlike the Archer Maclean efforts, this one is viewed from above, making tor optic 9 ban speed poo! Killer Pool and a pgjpksconng single player Challenge mode.
WHAT'S NEW The 50Hz update on IMPRESSIONS THE GAMEPLAY: This is a strange one. Here's your chance to be Henry Ford and build a business empire based around an automobile factory.
Design a car to your own specifications, and then try to sell it to the world. You are also in charge of building factories and assembly lines, costs and just about everything the real job would entail.
WHAT'S NEW: Just about everything, really. In all my years, I can’t think of a single game that has ever tried to do anything approaching this.
We've had dozens of car games over the years, but this is really something fresh and original.
BEHIND THE SCENES: The game is being coded by the same team that S68.OOO IMPRESSIONS AUTOS Hnuru 1AS8 produced the rather smashing Air Bucks - another business simulator - so it should be something special.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: It's really hard to predict how this one will do without actually sitting down for a couple of days and playing the thing.
The idea is a strong one, but it will never be everyone’s cup of tea.
Watch out for a full review soon.
BREACH 3 IMPRESSIONS THE GAMEPLAY: II you've already seen Breach and Breach 2, you’ll know that they are squad based tactical wargames, where a single unit is a single person and all combat is close combat. So successful have these two games been that Impressions have come back with a third, which promises to be even bigger and better.
Select your team, select your weapons and select your scenario, and then get on down there!
WHAT’S NEW: The CCSI2 on screen game interface. First used in Rules Ot Engagement 2, the idea is that all the information you could possibly need is on screen all the time. It might seem cluttered to some, but once you know your way around the screen it becomes quite effective. Besides, there are people who could claim that the flight deck of a 747 is cluttered!
Omnitrend, the development house responsible for so many of Impression's PC games. Breach 3 has been written as a PC game, with full 256 colour visuals. The colours are cut for the non-AGA machines, but A1200 owners will happily be able to experience the same vivid display.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: This kind of game has always worked well, and the subtle changes in presentation and game style might just be enough to push this one to the top of the pile.
We wait and see.
BEHIND THE SCENES: The game s being developed by US company WORK IN PROGRESS velopment teams backing the Amiga as With five new titles in the pipeline, 94 is time for the Guildford guys and gals. Tony three of the soon-to-be completed games.
Can there be any de hpavtty as Bullfrog?
Going to be a hectic Dillon gets a look at and it looks like it’s going to be every bit as good.
This time, though, there’s a more eco-friendly story behind it all. You are a freelance planetary engineer, who gets hired by wandering colonists to terraform their destination planet, making it safe for their arrival.
Your jobs involve flattening lands to make room for the colony, warding off As everyone knows. Bullfrog are responsible for the original isometric, raising-and-lower- ing land game - Populous - and since that fine game appeared, a fair few people have imitated that game to almost the point of plagiarism. Now everything has come full circle as Bullfrog unveil - exclusively through CU AMIGA- their latest terraformer.
The colonists continually hassle you tor help.
WORK IN PROGRESS CU AMIGA or killing dangerous wildlife, planting trees and, interestingly enough, playing around with life on the planet at a genetic level, trying to grow fauna that can solve any problems you might be having.
The game has been in production now for over four years, although it has changed a hell of a lot since its first incarnation.
Designed and coded by the US two- man team Excellent Studios, - Richard Reed (code) and Randall Ho (Graphics), the project has been restarted many times, each time being completely redesigned.
The original idea came about after seeing Populous, and the game has evolved as other games have come onto the market. It began with a similar isometric view to Populous, but that went through a lot of changes before it became the top view game it is now.
If it all sounds a bit Sim Earth, that's only because it is...a bit. Don’t worry though, this will be far easier to use. After all, this is a game. That isn't to say that it isn’t to be taken seriously. Like many Bullfrog games, the planet has a fully working Ecosystem, and life does go on without you. As Alex Trowers, the man responsible for practically everything on this project, explains: ‘There's a Bullfrog tradition that says you don't actually have to be there for a game to work. Most other games stop doing anything once you let go of the joystick, but a Bullfrog game will keep going
regardless. It’s a lot more complex than it looks, though. We've tried to gloss over as much of it as we can. As far as we re concerned, you don't want to be bothered with tons of meaningless information.
Everything is shown graphically in this game. If you plant some flowers, then the flowers will start to grow. At any one time, you never have more than three or four icons to control the game with. It isn’t as hard to play as Sim Life or Sim Earth, but I couldn’t really tell you if it’s any less complex.’ Possibly the most intriguing thing about the game is the genetic control you have. The idea of being able to go down to a base level and genetically alter all forms of life to your own needs adds new flavour to the game.
’It’s a fascinating thing. We just wanted to have a lot more control over the game environment, so we came up with the genetic altering.
'One of the guys from Excellent studios came over with a Laboratory program, that was originally intended to be part of something else, but we had so much fun just building armies of plants and then seeing who would outlast who, that it stayed as part of the game. It’s quite easy to tailor everything, but it’s a real skill to be able to do it well. If you just go one click to far in any direction on a slider, you could wipe out the entire planet!’ says Mr Trowers.
Of course, the whole game isn't just about planetary control. For each of the levels, a different group of colonists will require a different type of planet. Pictured on these pages are the yuppie colonists, who are actually quite stupid and will constantly interrupt your work asking you to do things for them. For example, if they need wood, they'll ask you what wood looks like! Other colonists include botanists, so you’ll need to keep the plant life going. You'll also find xenophobes, who won't want any kind of life on the planet at all!
Biosphere will be released at some point this year, though no firm release date has yet been set. You'll hear more just as soon as we do.
MAGIC CARPET course, are the staggering graphics.
You have to admit, even still screenshots look incredible, with a real feeling of speed and distance. The entire landscape is generated in real time, and you can fly wherever you want within it, be it low over the trees and valleys, or high over the seas.
Magic Carpet started with Glen Corpes, Bullfrog’s resident technical expert and Bullfrog’s other 3D game, Creation. The whole thing started as a top-down view wargame, then went isometric and finally ended up as a polygon, first person perspective. Then Glen saw the PC texture mapped flight simulator Comanche, and Magic Carpet was born.
Creation used a simple polygon landscape, but Magic Carpet contains all sorts of texture maps and light sources, the aim being to make it far better than Comanche.
One day, the graphic engine was finished, and the map used with it created an area not completely dissimilar to Scottish highlands. Alex claims that they used to play Enya albums whenever they showed it to anyone, to great relaxing effect. It was right then that they realised that a game was born.
The question was, what sort of a game to make from it. Glen is an When the first screenshots of this incredible-looking 3D blaster came into the office, there were raised eyebrows and sharp intakes of breath all round. Possibly the closest to photorealism the Amiga has come to in a game, Magic Carpet could well be the game that shows the world what the A1200 is really capable of.
You can play either sex in this massive adventure, being madly in love with the heir to the throne, who is the opposite sex to you. Sadly, you really don’t stand a chance with them as you have no money at all, only one set of clothes and a magic flying carpet. In the real world, of course, a magic flying carpet would be enough to sway most people. Not here, though. Here, if you want to marry royalty, you've got to be loaded, so in Magic Carpet you set off on your flying mat and go seek your fortune.
The big news with this game, of The dinosaurs can get mighty angry It you don’t Keep them led.
You’ll need to learn to utilise the terrain.
The colonists admire their new home.
WORK IN PROGRESS CU AMIGA .. avid flight simulator hater, driven to distraction by the tact that you can now kill the opposition when they are nothing but dots on screen (ever hear ot Knights Ol The Sky. Glen?).
The one rule laid down by him was that the game would not be a flight simulator.
It was head honcho and industry personality Peter Molyneux who came up with the idea ol flying on a magic carpel Alter all. Every other torm ol (tight has already been extensively covered.
The game is essentially mission based, with you travelling around a huge map looking lor towns and cities, where you meet people who give you quests, lor which they willpayyou Axowbuflrtnoxrwwbvxni a small fortune. A mission might involve flying to a certain location to kill a nest ol dragons, or delivering a package.
This might sound simple, but the maps are enormous, taking five minutes to tty from one side to the other ol Ihe moon. II you like, you can just sit back and watch the world go on around you. II you sit by the roadside, you can watch people walking around, acting out their own lives.
And. II you don't leel like playing the game, you could just sit back and watch the world work.wrthout you. Don't lorget to stick your Enya album on first, ot course.
To begin with, the landscape is fractally generated, then the graphic designers add the towns and rivers, and finally the whole thing is saved out. Interestingly enough, any IFF image can be turned into a map, so the later levels should be interesting to see Almost all ol Bullfrog s graphic artlsls are working on the game, making it look as incredible as possible. All the towns, buildings and other elements in the game have been rendered using 30S on a Silicon Graphics workstation.
Again, the entire world in the game is a functioning system, with rising and setting tides, and phases This is another game that has wowed the world, simply through some very effective screenshots. This time, the fully- functioning 3D world is underwater.
You are the commander ol an undersea colony base. The people who live there look to you to defend them from the sea and all Its dangers, which is quite a nice setting lor a pleasantly atmospheric and claustrophobic underwater adventure. Step back Seaquest DSV. This is where the real action is.
Your job is to patrol the seabed looking lor any potential danger, and then destroying it. Enemy sub- mannes patrol the waters too, along with lish ol all kinds and anything else you would expect to see. The most interesting thing about the aquatic life is that you can capture it and train it. You can have chalf lish.
Torpedo lish. Turret lish and all other weapons, made entirely out ol lish. I don't know about you, but I find the idea of firing a torpedo lish at another submarine, and then have them drop some chad lish to draw the lire quite an amusing one. Maybe you have to be there.
Creation is, at its best, a multi player game Bullfrog firmly believe that the best kind ol game is a multi player game. They treat Syndicate as a multi player shoot em up. So Creation is essentially a multi player wargame Instead ol controlling huge tanks and the like, you use a single submarine and the landscape itsell WORK IN PROGRESS CU AMIGA to baltle Ihe enemy. Possibly Ihe mos! Useful weapon you will have is Ihe Volcano missile, which causes Ihe sea bed around you lo erupt, creating a wall blocking oil your opposition. Before long you end up turning Ihe relatively empty seabed into a
maze The game features the same wonderful graphic system as Magic Carpel. Only this time things aren't quite so airy and bright As you plumb the depths ol the ocean, things can dose in and become quite oppressive. The 3D engine started oft quite simple, with basic polygons and very little detail. As the system
H. V. you ev.i wnnlod to .wlm with mo dolphins? Ale. Trowel, haol
tor Magic Carpel evolved, the Creation graphics were backwards
engineered, taking it Irom a basic polygon look to something
lar more dark and sinister.
The final plan tor the two games is to link them through their common element - water As you tty around in Magic Carpel, you'll occasionally fly over rivers and lakes. Dipping down into the water loads Creation, and leaping out ol the water sends you out. It may seem a little pointless, but then it's the little things that count.
Creation looks like it's going to be one hell of a game. Look out for a lull review later in the year.
FREEPHONE 0800 318576 Fax: 0480 496379 11 99 1799 CALL 21 99 DEEP CORE 17.99 U 17.99 LEGACY OF SORASU 17.99 LIBERATION 19.99 LOTUS TRILOGY 19.99 MICROCOSM 14.99 MORPH 17.99 PINBAL * ANT ASH S 19.99 PIRATES GOLD 21.99 ROBOCOD 17.99 « GATES 01 lAMBARA 17.99 SENSIBLE SOCCER 17.99 TFX 21.19 TOTAL CARNAGE 19.99 TROLLS 19.99 URIOIUM ? 17.99 WHALES VO ¦ 19 99 ZOOl 17.99 ALFRED CHICKEN 18.99 1999 r" • r.'A: 19 99 CASTLES? CALL CHAOS ENGINE 17.99 ISHAR ?
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L ttH "• V. ¦ UMS II ¦ K.1 rTi
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12. 99 IMPORTANT - PHASE NOTI HO? M wm not work on 4500 Plus,
4600 or 41200.
HO 12 = win not work on tho 41200.
I MIG « requires at least I meg of PAM to run.
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SCREEN STAR Tony Gill likes a joke (he must do, or else hair like that!) So we gave him Adventwfi ling adventure to review.
The wise old owl who SMS In the hollow tree knows the answer lo all ol your problems. The trouble is hying lo gel Ihe Inlormalkm out ol me dozy bird! II you persevere you will got some useful help, but not before he has told you a million things you never warned lo know.
Any fool can be funny, buf you’ve got to be clever to be witty. A joke attempts to make you laugh, but a witty remark invites you to understand it and. If you do, then you'll feel both amused and pleased with yoursettiSimon the Sorcerer is very, very witty. It's also easy to tell that it’s English, because they've speltlhe swear words correctly! | Simon is a graphic adfenture game in the same mould ai such blockbusters as Monkey Island and Indiana Jones. Unlike Ihose megagames which came from America, this game is a home-grown product from a small British company called Adventure Soft. Okay.
I know that at this point the wiser heads .among you will be pursing their lips and switching into flr sceptic mode: . . .. : but that's all employing legions ot art directors.
Y . Right, I like a squads ot software designers and " X? Tight. Right zillions ot dollars? No, it's not likely.
- then, just let Nevertheless, they've only gone and
s. ,- me slip into my done it.
. John Bull The plot of this crazy story Jy | waistcoat and involves a modern teenager being ,l lace up my sucked into a world ol wizards and Yank-Kicking magic. And you'll be surprised to boots, and know that he must save this sad we’ll begin. Kingdom Irom the bad guy with an (Cue Land ol unpronounceable name. Nothing To help save on your shoe leathor, the game provides a map which magically updates itself as you travel around the kingdom. This magic map will transport you to anywhere you have previously visited - unless of course you are currently tied up in a Goblin's Cell!
Hope and new there then. You could say that Glory'.) What we have here is the plot lor, Let's lace it, 'Adrian Mole Goes to Hobbitland'. In is it likely that a short it’s English humour at its best, game from a small, English software It s sharp, wicked, and at times a lit- house can produce something which tie rude. Simon is a teenager with a can really compare to the games dog, an attitude problem and a walk- from huge American companies man. The dog is left behind in the Sleeping giants block your path. H only you could llnd a way to wake this sleeping beauty you be sure he will be able to
give you a hand. On the other hand, he |ust might thump you.
Early stages of the adventure, but the boy’s attitude stays with him to the bitter end. Simon also keeps his walkman available just in case should you pause for thought. If he gets bored waiting for your next great idea, he will remove his wizard’s hat, put on the earphones and listen to music until you make your next move.
What an innocent-looking cottage.
But you never know what mischief lurks Inside?
Who is that little creature In the bushes? Why It's The game'p scenario takes place, i against a backgroundtbf enchant® forests, snow-covered mountains, picturesque villages and dingy dungeons. The characters and incidents in this magical adventure are culled from a variety of folktales which you'll have no difficulty recognising. You’ll meet Billy Goats Gruff, F&punzel, Jack and the Beanstalk and the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. All of the graphics are bnlii*nt, with some The stunning graphics which Simon contains won much acclaim when the PC version was released. To bring this stan
dard to the Amiga caused them many headaches, but they persevered and appear to have repeated their success.
The specially enhanced A1200 version has all of the 256 colours which the PC has, and it has a cinemascope look to it, owing to the pider and narrower style of the Amiga serpen.
Unlike Mikkey Island II whose backgrounds were first drawn and then scanned. Simon Is created using a series of sixteen colour overlays. This method not only gives a crisper, and clearer picture, but it also means that the code can be more easily compressed to fit onto fewer disks. If the same technique as Monkey Island had been used, this game would have come on fifteen disks!
GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA THE DARK SIDE of Vampyra? In this case Adventure Soft has decided to provide two lines of attack. Firstly there is a built-in mentor in the form of a wise old owl.
In the centre of the forest an old owl sits snoozing in a tree. If you speak to the owl he will provide random nuggets of infor- Behind Simon's cottago is fho manure heap. You may wonder what the mation which will purpose of all this excrement Is. Well one thing is for sure, don't stand n„.Q un. QC too close to Simon, for when the manure hits the fan you're going to get y,v*3 Adventure Soft has a dark side to its personality which lurks in the shadows - Horrorsoft!
Personal Nightmare, Elvira, Elvira II and Waxworks, are the four games which bear the HorTorsott label. These are the type of games which attracts smaller audiences and have sometimes drawn the attention of moral crusaders to them. Which means everyone is a little embarrassed to admit they have anything to do with them in these politically correct days. However, love 'em or hate 'em, it's unlikely that there will be any more additions to the range. Such has been the popularity of the new Adventure Soft games, and because the team have enjoyed writing the comedy adventures so much, they have
decided to drop the old gore games and stick with the fun in luture. Australian tans will, however, be sad to see them go, for I do recall that the Horrorsoft games went down a bomb down-under.
Of the animated forest scenes reminiscent of Disney's Bambi. As you wander in the forest you'll be accompanied by flitting butterflies, cutesy birds and the occasional wolf.
Admittedly, if you happen to have been stuck with a problem for the last two days, the cutest of floppy bunnies will get on your wick, but on the whole I thought it loo The guy who turned 4 favourite character, ancj are going to love him t Swampling. Imagine that birthday party and nobodycame - that’s the fate of poor Swampling.
There he is with a cauldron of mud stew, and nobody to help him eat it.
Now surely you won't be as hardhearted as the rest of the forest creatures? All he wants is someone to drop in for a little while, play a few games, and enjoy a nourishing bowl more than you bargained for.
With him. Euck! The Swampling’s house is beautifully drawn, and the animated sequences which take place inside his hollow tree home are guaranteed to make you chuckle.
There is a constant musical background to the game which can be turned off if you like, but in this case I actually found that I liked it - and when did you last hear a reviewer What a spooky scene - I’ll be having nlghlmares over this one.
Say that? In the interests of balance it should be mentioned that the neighbours called round to say that they thought it was rotten, but then it was 2am.
OR NOT TO Adventure games are great fun when you are getting somewhere, but they can drive you nuts when you get stuck. Game producers never know what to do about this problem; should they enclose a hint book with the game, provide a telephone help-line, or just leave you to the tender mercies concerning the sneakier puzzles, but just to keep things fair this information is also mixed in with other homilies such as, Always brush your teeth after meals’. As Simon is the original smart-Alec teenager, you can guess what he makes of these remarks.
If the owl’s cryptic hints still don't provide enough information to get you out of the mire then you can ring Adventure Soft directly. Each evening between six and seven you can ring 021 352 0847 and put your questions directly to one of the game designers.
This service is available because typing is required, so there is no need to guess some unlikely word or phrase to solve a problem. Any objects which have any importance will be indicated as the mouse pointer passes over them by the appearance of their written description on-screen.
This does mean that these objects are sometimes deliberately drawn a might small and difficult to find, but in the Check oul Simon's fabulous hat - you don't get many of those i the pound these days.
Main this isn't a problem. A full list of possible commands is permanently displayed on the lower half of the screen, and you simply select the commands you wish to use. You can also 'dick' on the object you have in your list of possessions to examine or use them. There are a few cases where you must issue a command to combine one object with another, but this is a typical puzzle in these types of games and in most cases is pretty straight forward.
MANUAL The game comes with a manual which is alrpost as funny as the t game. This manual istsed for th£ normal anti-piracy protection, which requires you to identify objects on certain pages. The manual's text takes the mickey out of everything, so it will provide you with a couple of Now if this doesn't look like a witch's cottage then I am a great, horny toad. You can take a look Inside if you dare, but it will all end in tears, I just know it will.
Adventure Soft also wants to talk to you, to find out what you like and what you would like to see in future games.
GAME CONTROLS The game uses those controls which now appears to have become the standard for graphic adventures. No extra smiles while you the game.
Struggle with The game’s puzzles take the usual form of ‘find object’, ‘pick up object’, » IE REVIEV use objectl with object2’. To do this kind of thing you have to spend time searching into the nooks and crannies of the screen with the mouse pointer to find those objects that may be lurking. There are also lots of humans, monsters and other weird races that you will encounter, and then you can have conversations with them. These conversations are managed by you reading what is being said by the other person, then selecting your reply from a list of possible options. This chat normally
degenerates into a slanging match as Simon can't seem to resist insulting everyone, and you won't be able to resist the temptation to get into trouble as well. For me these conversations are the high spots of the game, and Simon's rye comments are genuinely funny. For example, there is a point when Simon is talking to some gents in a pub, and he refers to them as wizards. One gent asks Simon why he thinks that they are wizards. To this Simon swiftly replies.
‘Well when I move the mouse-pointer over you, the computer says
• Wizards".’ What helps make this joke funny is the fact the game
designer has being doing his darndest up to that 1 point to
make you torget that you are playing a computer game.
The fact that the designe&has done such a good job of hiding the machinery behind the gameplay is worthy of note. One of the aims of a good game is to create the illusion that you are involved in a real situation and if the computer gets in the way of the action the illusion is spoiled. Having to change a floppy disk, or wait for something to be loaded, is the kind of thing that constantly reminds you that everything is being controlled by the box of silicon beneath your fingers. Simon’s floppies have been carefully put together to help alleviate this problem.
Duplicate copies of the same code have been put on each of the nine Strong In the arm and thick In the head'. The smithy doesn't have much to say lor himself, but his skills are Invaluable to the solving ol more than one puzzle.
THE OLD FIRM Adventure Soft is a family lirm. Mike the lather designs and codes the games. His wile manages and deals with the administration. Simon, the eldest son, writes the storyline and Ihe text conversations.
Finally, there is the youngest son Jonathan who is used as a playtester. To this core, live lop graphic artists have been added to complete a team which is currently kicking all sorts ol hell out ol the besl that the biggest software companies in the world can muster. Wilh two more artists being trained up to join the existing team, Adventure Sott is a company who has proved they can trade blows with Ihe besl and win. Mike gets very upset when reviewers say that Adventure Sott games are as good as Lucaslilms. What he wants to hear someone say is, Lucaslilms games are jusl as good as
Adventure Solt!’ disks to save you having to swop.
Monkey Island is almost unplayable from floppy disk as it obviously never occurred to anyone that the game wouldn't be installed on hard disk.
One clever touch that this game has, which others would do well to copy, is the way it handles your interaction with other characters.
If you intrude into a scene where two people are having a conversation, and you interrupt them by asking a question, the characters treat you in the same way as real-life characters would. Instead of the computer obviously stopping their conversation ft ;* _l±f j, * ?
7|:i, » 1 dead and switching into reply mode, they attempt to answer you, then pick up where they left off instead of simply standing motionless waiting for your next input. The computer characters will also amend their subsequent dialogue if your comment influenced anything. In fact, the script has been especially constructed with loads of these ‘jump points' in it to ensure that it can deal with most situations. This is not something which you see too often in other games and it really gives a different feel to a scene. This is a game where the computer has been hidden as much as possible.
Nothing is perfect, so where is the downside you may ask? If pressed (and I don't really want to say anything which detracts from this super game) my only criticism of the game would be that the gameplay tails off a little towards the end. During the initial stages there are a million things to do and see. And there are many parallel paths for you to wander. Towards the latter stages things get restricted, the path gets straight and narrow, the puzzles become simpler, and more and more you become a spectator to animated sequences. I began to feel that the game designer had just received the
delivery deadline from the publishers, so everything was being wound up swiftly to meet a deadline. The first quarter of the game could take a fortnight to figure out - the last quarter could take an evening.
I am willing to be taken to task for that comment, perhaps you wont agree with it, but it’s only a small gripe after all. To get full enjoyment out of this adventure you should forget about trying to solve the puzzles and getting through to the end, for the real fun comes from deliberately doing things that you suspect won't solve the problem. In this way you will discover what fun the game designer put in to teach you a lesson for being rude or silly.
There are no illogical puzzles in the game, and simple persistence will see you through to the end.
Hardened adventurers will solve most of the game without too much difficulty, so if you would like a fun adventure, but have never been successful with them in the past, this is the one for you.
There are a couple ol nice girls In Ihe b*- just might lake a lancy lo a nice, clean-*, like Simon. On Ihe other hand they look a talk like a couple ol Valkerles. So watch y chat-up line* you don't want to end up thick ear.
OVERALL 90% i-Fri 9am-6.30pm
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Ltd Telephone Mon-Fri Unit 6, Ashway Centre, Sa« 9am-5.
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+ ...... 1MEG RAM + Cock A600 .....24.95 .....34.95 10
...5.95 ...9.95 AMIGA 400 DPI Mouse . START 1 Fan
.....14.95 0 OS PRINTER CABLE ...9.95
Lt M mouse mat 4 95 A1200
RAM ..... ..POA nilSTCOVFR 4 95
....24.95 ROM SHARER 4 V1.3 ROM....34.95 ROM SHARER 4
V2.04 ROM...39.95 ROM SHARER .19.95
A500 A500 4 Keyboard ..44.95 AMIGA
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..24.95 8375 2 MEG FATTER AGNUS . 29.95
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If you want to do this, and more, you wifi peed a genlock.
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Please telephone or write to us lor further information COME TO RENDALE GENLOCKSf COME TO THE BEST Marcam Ltd, 62 Tenter Ready Moulton Park, Northampton NN3 1AX TEL: 0604 790466 FAX: 0604 647403 Games Centre 10am-8pm Monday to Friday 10am-4pm Saturday ? AiMtti ImOH St 1«c iWMi. Okt idl 7 Fast response Mailorder lOanHOpm 7 days a week No credit card surcharges Ameagre Prices KPUSTTS SLPER «UN MOUSE BN LASERSOUAO TM LEGENDS 21M lEMMNGS2(1MBNOnSOQ 21*8 LEMMNGS OAT* DISK (XMAS LEVELS) 14*6 LIBERATION-CAPTNE 2 23*8 LINKS 13*8 LOMBARD RAC RALLY *»• LORDS Of CMAOS 7.B8 LOROS OF POWER (COMP) |1 MB) 24
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Atari PC Sagi Trust us to bateallyou nctw I St, London N1 Those
cheeky French chappies have created yet another comical graphic
adventure with plenty of amusing animations and one less T in
the title than the last one. If you've followed the series,
you'll know that the number of ’i's actually relates to the
number of Goblins in the game, so we've moved trom the rather
simplistic three ol Gobliiins to the more standard single
character of this one. Not that it makes it any better a game,
you understand. This still has the same problems of the
original and the sequel, which I'll explain just as soon as
I've told you what the game is actually about.
You play Blount, the Goblin journalist out for a scoop, and a big story just happens to have fallen onto your lap. The keeper of the Key To Eternity or some such nonsense has died, and the key has gone missing, along with its succes- sor. So, you do what any journo would
t. ' do, and that's set off on one of the E~,j' yW weirdest
missions ever to recover both ¦jMe y M O' artifacts. Sounds
easy, doesn't it?
The big problem, ol course, is lhal il
a. Quite easy The problem wilh a game J that has no text and the
only icons con- J"m cem a game map and loading and saving is
lhat you are extremely limited J 1 in the actions you can
actually do.
Click ncj wlire el: ojtto'i some thing picks it up or looks at it. And wuh limned ob|eeu, mosi oi the lime iis a clicking with the right button brings up case of trial and error to solve the puizies. The inventory. All you need to do is scan the mouse pointer around the screen to pick out all the objects and important points, and then use everything you can think of on anything you can find, and you'll soon complete each screen. Logical or nol, all puzzles can be solved in no lime at all, and il you're stuck for a hint, there's an on line solution in the form of jokers that tell you how to
complete each screen.
It's funny, sure, and mildly entertaining lor a while, but without the mind taxing challenge ot something like Beneath A Steel Sky, it just pales and ends up as a second rate adventure. A shame really, especially when you consider that Coktel Vision are now owned by Sierra.
Tony Dillon cessful one? Can a bnck whistle the first two lines ol Nessun Dorma? Of course it doesn't worl There's no feelin between the two gamesplaying public, but since we all know that the younger element are tar more likely to want to play Street Fighter II, that argument barely holds waler.
In fact the whole product is as leaky as a sieve with too many holes in it. Best to let it just wash ol attachment. It is as it they were just put together because they could be.
At no time does the act of jump ing from precarious platform to precarious platform influence ihe overall story in any way and it is ft Some ol ihe most obvious uses lor some objects lum oul to be red herrings, such as this gol!
Ball and club.
GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA “You spin me right round, baby, right round”. Tony Dillon’s all in a spin, thanks to Vision Software’s new blaster that takes rotational control and turns it on its head.
M i. i j There’s always been something about helicopter games that captures gamers' imaginations.
Just think hack to games like Thunde'hawk and Desert Strike to see how the public just love the destructive powers ol Oa Vinci's Hying machine. New Zealand's Vision Software, those ol Woody's World lame and long time Blitz Basic campaigners, realise this too. And have spent the best part ol the last year pulling together their own answer to Desert Strike.
Like most games ol this type, you have to fly your chopper out on a series ol missions across a vanety ol terrains, blasting airborne and ground-based targets with a single aim in mind, usually to eliminate a certain number ol opposing units, destroy a particular building or rescue some hostages. All in a day's work, really.
The whole thing is viewed Irom above, with your chopper holding a slightly below centre position on the screen. A scanner below you shows the positions ol all the enemies in range, and small readouts dotted around the screen show the state ot your fuel and shields, along with the currently selected weapon. It’s an extremely uncluttered display, and with the speed ot this game, it needs to be Each mission is played out over an enormous map, yet the screen only scrolls upwards In a similar style to Bob s Bad Day, the entire screen rotates around your helicopter when you push lett ot right on the
joystick, which while being a tair bit more disorientating than, say, Team 17's Overdrive, certainly looks a lot more impressive.
Oddly enough once you've got used to the whole world whirling around you every time you touch the loystick. It actually becomes extremely playable.
What helicopter game would be complete without a wide variety ot weapons? Seek And Destroy gives you six different weapon systems to fhe air strike, where you can call a fleet ol bombers to an area to completely annihilate it, or Napalm bombs. Ideal lor wiping out long lines of enemy tanks.
II six weapons seems like a lot ol hard work lor one person, thenjrou can stick Ihe game in two mode, where player one chopper and player two the weapons. A strangotMj play with.
M the basic chain gun.
Fo more advance FFAB (Folding F Air-lo-Ground an d weapons such as In Aerial Rockets), d Air to-Air homing missiles. More ui lusual weapons are take a good look at what it Is actually doing Obviously whole load of objects around a point, using a sequence ol pre-rotated sprites to give a convincing image, but one thing that isn't immediately apparent is that it is also rotating and placing Ihe shad ows lor everything on the screen. H The light comes Tom one dird constantly, and me shadows r| relation to your helicopter to J that. It might not look great screen, but it's extremely effective
when moving.
Seek And Destroy is a very easy game to get to grips with but in time honoured tashion it wilt take you SUPREMO One ol the most impressive things about Seek And Destroy, other than the tact that it’s a particularly tine Metallica song, is the use ol samples within the game. Along with all the usual chuggs and (lapping sounds trom a helicopter game, there is plenty of speech Irom your imaginary New Zealand co pilot.
Collect some luel wtien you re running low and he'll chip in with 'Just in time! . Or go e bit berserit on the hilling front, and he II utter Overkill". My per sonai lavounle is Ihe point where you lose all your hues The screeo goes black and a voice over Ike radio slarts panicking wheo you don't respond lo bis radio messages. Clossystufl.
TEL: 0444 24S333 RELEASE DATE: JAN 94 GENRE: SHOOT'EM UP TEAM: VISION CONTROLS: MOUSE, JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 4 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE NO MEMORY 1Mb really conquer. Very addictive indeed, I blaster shows that there's more to New Zealand than breeding sheep. A hell ot i GRAPHICS ...»0.*«0082% SOUND ' «.84% LASTABILITY ......••««85% PLAYABILITY .?....•••08«% fj An excellent end J original shoot em up.
OVERALL 83% RETURN TO THE GOLDEN AGE OF BUCCANEERING PURE GOLD Sid Meier’s 32 carat, swashbuckling adventure; enriched with stirring animations, crisp, sparkling music and ear-shattering sound effects.
Pirates! Gold: the Amiga CD-32 Game To Treasure MICROPROSE LTD. THE RIDGE. CHIPPING SODBURY, AVON. BSI7 6AY. UK.
SCREEN STAR velociraptors. These hungry dinosaurs have a newlv discovered taste tor human flesh would much rather Grant'an lo. Hang around the island for Bti .
A DAY IN TlirPARK Ocean are famou |or spending loads of cash on t6p film Wpnses and turning them into standard platform games. Something’s gone very wrong here though, as Jurassic Park is original, good to look at. Excellent to play and varied throughout.
It's a mixture of two distinct styles.
First there's the top-down view stages where Grant has to be steered out of the path of the marauding dinosaurs while trying to track the objects he nJfcls to save everyone from beoorrB the velociraptors next meal, f vBi'Urery taken with this bil f |A|me at first, after all. It's running JUKc-bit machine so I was tucpecting something a bit special, nowevei, it plays a lot better than it looks and the dinosaurs are very well animated, although you don't get to see much of them as you sprint for cover. The aim here is to activate and deactivate bits of the park’s electric fence so you can
find your way through to the children, preferably with all limbs * the grandchildren of park owner John Hammond, who are holed up with several other people in the visitor centre. If he makes it he’s then got to reactivate the park's security systems and finally summon a helicopter to get them off the island. The spanner in the worj| corner the shape of a pack of amlon iQHfc called run really fast to the docks, boat and sail for home, he's the awesome responsibility!
Ing the remainin|,humans, I making sure theflinosaurs j on their islanAanl don't dec holiday on makid South .
The missi has to first tr The scariest thing about Jurassic Parkmania is that we’ve still got the video to come. (n|he meantime, content yourselves with the myriadmffite ipakHlg items of merchandise and a surprisingly gooalmme4tonrf)cean. LyiflL Bnte slarl, you need to find Ihe kids.
Cean have taken some liber- ¦V ties with the plot The film s I hero. Dr. Alan Grant, is now only human left in the park and the dinosaurs are hungry. But Grant isn't the kind of hero to tell the world to 'go hang' and save his own backside. Rather than do what most of us ¦certainly me) would do, which is to CU AMIGA which will give Grant's chums An visitor's centre something to smilj about. The smoothly-scrolling b.' grounds aren't as detailed as could have been considering game is on the 1200, but the dinosaur graphics more than compensate. The scaling as they come towards you is
pixel-perfect with no nasty blockiness to spoil the atmosphere.
I have to admit to be genuinely gobsmacked by Jurassic Park. It's hardly state-of-the-art stuff buf it's nice to see companies like Ocean bothering to put a bit of time and effort into their products. Jurassic Park is nice to look at. And great to play. I found the 3D sections to be especially nerve-wracking after a late night working and plying my tortured body with ultra-espresso coffee. It really is hold-onto-your-pants time I when a velociraptor leaps round a I corner just as you come towards the I end of a stage.
Well done Ocean, you’ve restored I my faith in movie licenses! •£5 TITUS I and bet amounts on yourself to win.
Come through, and the pot is yours.
As a racing game, it’s quite good.
Fairly responsive, although the car does skid around a little too much for my liking, the game borrows a lot of good elements from a number of other games. It has the varied scenery and weather of Lotus 2, along with the interfering police of Chase HQ and the car upgrades of, well, just about anything really. This time around a two player option has been included, which makes everything far more enjoyable, and the whole thing adds up to the most competent and enjoyable game that Titus have ever produced, and a game be as or as RELEASE DATE: JANUARY ; GENRE: ACTION ADVENTURE TEAM: IN HOUSE
CONTROLS: JOYSTICK b NUMBER OF DISKS: 3 I NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 I HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO I MEMORY: 1Mb I Above: ihe motion trackers keep labs on Ihe dinosaurs in Ihe park.
Intact. Once you’ve found the sproglings you’ve got to guide them to safety before heading back into the thick of it to complete the job.
Grant isn’t totally helpless.
Human ingenuity has given him a slight advantage over the dinosaurs as he can arm himself with a variety of weapons including stun guns and dart rifles. As well as guns there are plenty of other pick-ups such as keys and ammunition which are used automatically when you need them, so there’s no scrabbling around an inventory screen looking for a bigger gun while a pack of hungry raptors close in on you.
FREE DEE The game really takes off when you enter a building though. Here the lop-view is replaced with some amazing 3D graphics, dinosaurs being especially outstanding as they charge down the corridor towards you at the first sniff o( lunch. One ot the aims in the 3D stages is to get the paik's generator running again, f you’re looking around the screenshots on this side of the and wondering why this game looks a little familiar, that’s only because it has been seen before, under the name of Crazy Cars 3.
Yes, Titus' gem of a racing game has been slightly touched up and renamed to boost what were originally seriously flagging sales, brought about by poor distribution and the closure of Palace Software - the publishing house originally responsible for distributing Titus' product.
The license has been bought, the game badged and re-released, now S probably time to refresh your The game is based a series of completely illegal high-speed races across the highways of the US (remember The Great American Road Race?) Against a bunch of unsavoury types. Each race costs money to enter, but you make that money back by gambling before each race. Your three main competitors and yourself gather round a table lu -I*!1 J : ITTTl Our NOW £25.99 Spot the Chase HO style arrows above some of the cars. This tells you who Is the most Important person to overtake.
GAME REVIEW ¦fti " (there ait over 2(X) available styles) in different sizes and colours to suit your design... Even as you type!
Simpler, with easy creation of templates for letters or reports inter which information can be merged.
AND... Rcntember. Pen Pal comes with lull support lor the new or experienced user completely tree!
Friendly kip for all registered owners is just a phone call away.
' - -* KX'ifts;'taj' sk’ _., stsflrj.
¦ ssg r- Z&Si LzS SoftWood - Quality software for your Amiga ritlt Pen Pol you're not just netting a me off product! SttfiWmd are acbumfedged as the World's leading softuare company who detelop just for Amiga and no other system. Once you're a registered SoftWood product owner your imesnnent is protected os you’ll have access to unlimited free technical stqqxvt others charge you and preferential upgrades to other SoftWood titles, hot! Existing and future. Exciting new products ore being developed right now. Pen Pol ¦ your first step on the SoftWood ladder of AMIGA software ire
* **** p«Ae's("'i GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA Lucky for us, passed his
drives anything Do mark’s new probably rack up entire Death
I’ve been a fan of racing games since I loaded up Chequered
Flag on my trusty ZX Spectrum almost ten years ago! Recently,
we’ve been a little dry of third-person perspective games (with
the exception of F17 Challenge), instead being flooded with
top-down racers. Not to worry, though, as Domark have come to
the rescue with F1, Lankhor’s extension to the Vroom series of
You see, F1 has been released before, albeit without all the flashy ’Official’ badging. It was released in France, two years ago, under the name of Vroom Multiplayer. If you remember Vroom, you'll know that it was a simple but stylish race over a selection of courses that leaned away from realism and more toward sheer ‘seat of your pants’ driving. It was a phenomenal success, but it was constantly mourned for its lack of a two-player option. This is where Multiplayer came in, but for some reason was never released in the UK. So when Domark needed a game to tie in with their official F1
license, all they had to do was buy up the rights to Multiplayer, give it a fresh lick of paint and design some new courses.
Playing F1 is almost exactly the same as playing Vroom. It's still fast, it’s still wildly unrealistic and it's still the smoothest racer around. Looking at the screenshots, you might think it looks a little sparse. That’s only because Lankhor threw roadside detail out of the window in favour of speed, so although there isn’t much roadside Crashing Is Dad news. This Is what happens H your fragile lyres hit the more sturdy supporting posts of the pits.
Detail on the screens, you don’t really notice because it isn't there for long anyway.
As you have probably guessed by now, speed is what makes F1 such a playable game. With a blend of polygons and sprites it looks the business, but running it on a faster machine and the game comes into its own. It is so fast and so smooth on | the A1200 that you are given the option to slow down the update, making the game run at the same speed as the A500!
But any driving game soon becomes dull when you can win on all the courses. Computer drivers soon become predictable and the game loses its edge. Unless it's a two- player game, though. Ever since Pitstop 2 was released on the C64, publishers have strived to create the perfect two-player driving game and it looks like Ft could be the one. The screen is split horizontally, with each player taking up half the screen, as usual, with no loss of speed. There’s nothing like racing against someone of similar skill, screaming ‘round corners while screaming at each other. I'd go as far to say that
if you have ready access to two joysticks and a large group of friends, then this is a game you should not miss. If you're going to be playing it alone most of the time, then PITSTOP 3?
One of Ihe most charming and, indeed, one ol Ihe irritating points about Pitstop2was Ihe pitstop itself. Pulling into the pitstop lane and breaking brought up a screen showing a top view ol the car and two mechanics, which changed tyres and filled the tank under direct joystick control. F1 pitstops are almost as charming, with similar little men running out and doing repairs in real time, but you don’t get to control them directly. Instead you press a key and the respective task is carried out. Somehow it just isn’t the same... it’s worth getting, but nowhere near as addictive. Of course,
the question still remains as to whether or not you should buy it if you already have Vroom. It’s a tough one. There's the big difference in that it’s a two-player simultaneous game, which always ups the playability stakes of any game, and is a welcome addition to Vroom. On top of that, there's the championship league, a host of new tracks* and al&ght speed increase.
Whether* or not-that’s enough to make you rush out and buy it is down to you.
DOMARK £29.99
* 500 a A500. 51 1600 51 61700 d AI500fil A7OO0 51 63000 51
LASTABILITY ??????••??81% PLAYABILITY ??????•',??86% A superb
two-player game, but pales a little when _ going solo. J
OVERALL 84% GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA When Core Design first decided
to go it alone, their original intention was to enhance
existing genres. This they managed with the likes of Torvak
(Rastan Saga and its many mates). Heimdall (Knight Lore and its
kin) and Corporation (any 3Der you care to mention). But after
a while something new beckoned - the arcade adventure game.
Now, call me an old fart if you will, but I grew up with the
likes of Pyjamarama and Jet Set Willy on the good old Spectrum.
At the time of their release, which was admittedly in the
middle of 1984, these were ground-breaking titles which created
a new genre in itself; and one which ever since has been my
favourite. Yes indeed, if one game style is going to win me
over it’s going to be the one which combines platform antics
with a slight element of puzzling but Core have gone and lifted
my expectations even further.
Yessiree, Bubba n'Stix is the Jean- Luc Picard Next Generation equivalent of the arcade adventure as it takes the basic puzzling theme After a couple of quiet months, it transpires that Core have been rediscovering the arcade adventure game.
Steve Merrett followed their lead and became the man with the stick... obvious place where it is needed - Bubba'n' Stix requires genuine thought on the playpr’s part - along with the requisite platform skills.
According to the game’s convoluted scenario, an inter-galactic big game hunter has been busy procuring a huge menagerie of alien beings for a zoo.
A hapless handyman by the name of Bubba has become the Earth exhibit, but kicked up such a stink that the various inhabitants went into revolt and caused the ship they were held on to crash.
Enlisting the help of a stick-like critter called, I gap off screen, funnily enough, Stix, Bubba and his new-found ally are left to explore five scrolling stages in search of a way to get home. Yup, using Bubba’s assorted jumping and running skills and Stix’s... er, various stick abilities, a number of problems stand between our unlikely pair as they battle all manner of strange aliens. Nothing new but Core have a few surprises up their sleeves to keep you on your toes.
GIVE IT SOME STICK Starting in a forest world, Bubba and Stix begin to explore the eight-way- scrolling play area. Via the joystick, Bubba is made to walk and jump, whilst assorted combinations of the fire button and the directional controls bring Stix into action - and what a versatile chap he is, too. Whilst Bubba is particularly adept at jumping and the like, Stix can be wedged into holes to create a useful platform, thrown at oncoming enemies as a weapon, or even stuffed into someone’s mouth to get it through customs! In fact, it is the unlikely character of Stix which goes to create
many of the game’s stunning puzzles.
The problem with past Amiga arcade adventures is that they either rely on the player’s platforming skills or lean towards the RPG genre with oh-too-hard puzzles. Bubba'n' Stix, however, strikes a perfect balance.
The forest level eases the player into its many intricacies (throwing the stick, etc), whilst the later volcanic and maze-based locations add new ideas to the proceedings. For instance, having got used to the idea of lobbing the stick at foes, next the player is given massive clues that wedging the stick into handy knot holes creates a platform and so on.
In fact, so versatile does the stick become that later its use becomes second nature: a good sign of any arcade adventure.
Every aspect of Bubba 'n' Stix shows that Core have obviously invested a great deal of time into its development. It really is a logical advancement over the many arcade adventures on the market and, in terms of appearance, it scores much higher than the likes of The Addams Family and its ilk. Basically, Core have created a game which links between old style’ puzzlers such as Monkey Island and platform- ers such as Zool creating a game necessitating both skill and thought on the player's pari. In these days of platform-based console epics, the Amiga needs a new string to its bow and Bubban’
Stix is the perfect weapon. It’s playable, long lasting and looks the biz. What more could you want? Give it a whirl... CORE DESIGN £25.99
* 500 9 A500* 9 A600 9 A1200 9 AlSOofil A200K A30(fl A4(fl CORE
????????•?»!% SOUND ????•***??82% INSTABILITY ??????????88%
PLAYABILITY ??????***?93% C Takes Ihe arcade adventure game
Into the .
Next dimension... OVERALL 90% NEW! - 50mhz A1200 ACCELERATOR + FEATURE CONNECTOR "cSS AMIGA i PERIPHERALS =GVP ACCELERATORS FOR AMIGA 1200 VIDEO GENLOCK FOR ALL AMIGAS 24-BIT GRAPHICS CARD FOR A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 EGS Sped run is the answer to all your bit graphcs Card requirements It is a high performance 68030EC - 40mh* RAM FPU UPGRADE 68030 - 50mh, RAM FPU + FEATURE CONNECTOR 1 any Amiga 1500
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• fan or 2m of On-board Memory
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• DMA SCSI Design
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£349 NEW!
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transitions for protocJon studio ettects Also included $
MacroPaint 2. A powerful 24-w graphics package which can palra
n te.8 milion colours
• 1.5Mb 24-bH. 16.8 million Colour Butter . Real-time Frame
Grabber Digitiser . De-Interlaced. Video Flicker Fixer .
Moveable Sizeable PIP (Picture-ln-Picture) . 2 Video Genlock
(RGB S Composite)
• 788 x 580 Resolution
• Captured Image Retouching Processing . Anlmatlon 30 Rendering .
FREEI Callgarl 24, MacroPalnt 2.
MyLad and Desktop Darkroom Software AI50QA2000 ADAPTOR C49.95 - OVA 5224 The HC8+ is a high speed hard drive .& RAM card which can also be used to increase your Amiga's RAM by up to 8Mb RAM.
• High Speed DMA SCSI Controller Can Handle upto 7 Devices
• Ultra Fast Access SCSI Hard Drive Option - See Below
• Supplied Unpopulated the HC8* can be Upgrade to Give You up to
8u* of FAST RAM - See Below for Details
• Direct Memory Access Style Design for Top Speed Transfer HC8+
HARD DRIVE CARD Adding RAM or a hard drive to your Amiga 1200
will have a considerable impact on its speed. The GVP SCSI
RAM allows you to enhance your Amiga 1200 with both. Its SCSI
hard drive interface is one of Ihe fastest, whilst its 32-bit
RAM upgrade is based on the same technology featured in the
best- selling A1230.
• Built-in, SCSI Hard Drive Interface - Enables 2.5* SCSI Hard
Drives to be Connected Inside the A1200 Casing
• Optional But ot 32-bit RAM
• Optional 68882 Maths Co-processor £69 ACCELERATORS FOR AMIGA
1500 A 2000 urge ol Owtb HD 42«o HD 80md HD 120ue HD £129 zm.
£199 £299 ots £399 030 40mm, 030 33mm,
12. 1 30 Maths Co-Pro.
COBB2 included In 00040 Max 32-to RAM 16Mb 64 Mb PRICE £699 £1299 RAM UPGRADE CARDS IV24 in: VIU-S IV24~ VIU-CT £*899 £1299 GVP HC8. INCLU0ES 8 SIMM SOCKETS FOR EASY INSTALLATION OF FAST RAM THE HC8. WILL ACCEPT 2.4,6 or 8wi USING 2. 4.6 or 8 SIMMS 1Mb SIMM £35 PER SIMM £*499 £999 NEW!
£149 NEW!
£349 NEW!
£399 THE SILICA SERVICE . ~| Before you decide whon to UB X - I “ y y~r now Amiga products.
iA , - £ we sugge61 V00 thnk very x ,z tA? Ca etuiy about WHERE you 'Ce TO cyy them Consider what 4 w* be like a tew months aftor you have mado your purchase, whon you may require additional penpherals or software, or help and advce And. Will the company you buy Irom con tael you with details ol new products? At Slica. We ensure mat you wii have nothing to worry about We can meet our customers' requirements wen an untorstanang whOi is second to none. Complete and return Ihe coupon now for our latest FREE Uerature and begn to experience Ihe 'Silica Service"
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On turdiue (.(Mrs Vippei in the I*
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cur ssivie
• PRICE MATCH: fVs’miKh tOB(enon «n s 'Sir* pndtft - Sure pice'
• ESTABLISHED IS YEARS: AV hise a proarn track incrd n (rrfmoroi
• PART OF A CS0U A YEAR COMPANY Wfli crm 200 suit - WF vr sold,
irlutle ant (rcAUM
Tsl:Wl-M8 8B
• SHOWROOMS: We hart dsmmtiaWn aw iramnj liolhrs at al »r slwrs
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trom one ticpirr
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• PAYMENT: At accept tnM rrqoi cirdi cards, cata. Citqw o-
ncntri) terms wmrvimiwaewmws BEMiiiiHiHiiil MAIL ORDER: 1-4 The
Mews. Haiherley Rd. Srdcup. Kent. 0A14 4Dx Tel: W m-saxm_LMe
Mgil lxU • Tpm_Fa. HO: F”To: Silica. CMUSR-0194-68, 1-4 The
Mews. Hatherley da. Sidcup. Kent. 0*14 40xT PLEASE SEND ME A 64
Initiate: . Surname:
MrMrs MissWs: .
Company Name (it applicable): | Address: . .- ...- ... Postcode: ... | lei (Home): ..... Tel (Work): . I Which computers), it any, do you own? .68X j E4C£ Aoranert OVM anj weowatont may cfunja ¦ puum iatum ms coapo. Iw aw vfcrmaaon GAME REVIEW As the game progresses, you find
yourself up WIRED ugoinsl more m«n paper Karat. Exports. This The action t0 use |h(, word jn i|s mou*. ¦«. « .a.,o. man ,ou can mo... bioades| Qn Bruce Wayne was busy and Allred ous. When a character jumps he flies had to take over the action. Around the screen like he is supported The combat moves are 1"""“wires When simply dreadful, making you've defeated Jon Pertwee's Venusian two waves of Aikido in Dr Who look like enemies the something that would have screen scrolls on Bruce Lee running scared. And the whole He is limited to one punch 4 thing happens and three types of kick. over
again. The although only one. The fly * only vanation ing kick, is needed to comes from the defeat most foes. boss characters.
For defence he can roll ¦ such as You need Ihe batdisk lo gel rid ot Ihese bikers, unfortunately you don't have one at Ihem al Ihe moment so you'd better avoid them instead.
Out of trouble if you pull Catwoman, who Batman moves like an arthritic pensioner on a cold day. Presumably down and in a direction on are so tough you the joystick, but most of might as well for- the time he just slides get about getting along the ground looking ¦ ¦¦¦¦ any further in the like an ice skater with back He™ Batman takes a pasting. Game and switch trouble the machine off. The biggest crime Aware of fighting inabilities. Has to be the character graphics.
Batman's kitted himself out with though We live in the age of AG A some neat bat-gadgets which make chipsets and 256-colour sprites, yet crimefighting a whole lot easier Batman's graphics consist of the tini- These include a deadly batarang. Est. Blockiest. Worst animated sprites which doesn't return to Batman I've seen in a long time The colli* when he throws it. The batdisk which sion detection is unpredictable to dismounts motorcyclists and a bat- say the least, sometimes you can rope which pulls enemies into punch flatten an enemy without making range Each one only has a limited contact,
other times you kick right number of uses and when they run through them. The same also out you have to wait for a few min- applies to them, so you're often left utes before replacements appear. Wondering just what happened as GAME REVIEW M@(D)(D)r§" ©0® Exlro weapons diop Irom Iho shy when you clear a wave ol bad guys Usually Ihe weapon you gel just happens to bo Ihe one you need to gel past Ihe neat boss.
You're kicked off a platform without seeming to make contact with anything. It doesn't stop there, though You can expect to wan at least a minute between games while your Amiga re-loads the level you just died on It s also infuriatingly difficult. It's almost impossible to fight without taking several hits, and dying is something that comes very easily, as the game occasionally decides lo takes two lives off you in one go This is utterly frustrating and is definitely the final, six-inch nail in the gameplay coffin All this is set over five levels, which culminate in a battle with the
Penguin himself The game's tack "" changes slightly in the later stages, becoming more platform orientated and consequently even tougher What I find particularly sad is the game is programmed by Denton Designs, who were responsible tor 8 bit classics like Shadowfire and Enigma Force. I must admit I was expecting a conversion of the PC action adventure which I played last year. It wasn't brilliant, but at least it looked good and had something to do with the movie Whatever way you look at this game it should never have got off the drawing board. It's without a doubt an oven ready turkey
with all the trimmings, including a melted poiiy bag full of giblets inside It would be easier for me to pull a double decker bus out of my bottom than it would be to recommend this game Don't bother with it CU GAMETEK £14.99 10 7A 900. WA 000 WA 1900 WA 10Hi .200* 10* »* GAMETEK. 5 BATH ROAD. SLOUGH.
TEL: 0753 553445 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: BEAT'EM UP TEAM: DENTON DESIGNS CONTROLS: JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 2 NUMBER OF PUYERS: 1 HARO DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1Mb GRAPHICS ? •???•???3214 SOUND ????..????4714 LASTABILITY ??.???????27* . PLAYABILITY ?? .??•????30% Noddy's Big Adventure is the sequel to the highly successful Noddy's Playlime. It fokes children to the North West corner of Toyland and Includes 13 different programs to educate and entertain children for hours on end This graded creativity and entertainment pockage is specifically designed lor 3-7 year olds and relates to
the early requirements of the Notional Curriculum Ortve weh Noddy in his car. Pick up passengers along Ihe way ond visit many excitrtg locaBons
• Kitchen fun - sequenang. Colour and shape matching and
vocabulary Noddy's Scales - number matchmg through to addition
• Incky trees - memory, sequenang and the kmguoge of colour ond
shape Con you Fmd me? - shope ond colour recognition
• Bert s Scrapbook • sequencing and reodtng skis
• Beoch Sorter - sorting Picnic Altock - water fun game Amior
Word Processor - this excellent utltty develops story telling
skills Its scope Is outstanding ond features many facilities
found In 'grown up' word processors There is abo a word game In
eoch level to create on element of fun.
AwoAobte for Amiga. Acorn Archimedes. PC and PC Windows Noddy's Playtime added a new perspective to educational games, the outstanding value from this extensive pockoge has set new standards of parental i in this mportont area of software based on teaming Drive around Toy town, explore exciting locations and teaming programs and a ful Junior Art Package pocked ful of creative km Designed lor 3-7 year olds Avoiabte lor Anvga. Acorn Arctwnedes. PC and ST PLAYTIME & BIG ADVENTURE TWICE THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE Oh dear, oh dear.
At* dear Avoiabte Irom Bools. Currys. Dixons. Escorn. Future Zone. Gome Lid. John Lewis. John Menaes. PC Vtertd. Rymans. Tandy. The Computer Store. Virgin and many speclata! Outlets OVERALL 19% Once wars were noble things.
Men were men, you didn't • shoot your enemy until you could see the whites of their eyes and everyone knew when one was coming. They made advanced reservations in Poland. Then Vietnam happened and America and Russia decided to make sure they got involved in every armed conflict they could and no one would know about it until they said so (usually a message delivered by several thousand armed troops turning up on your doorstep).
Now, with major advances in technology, machines have taken over. You can kill an opponent by pushing a button thousands of miles away. No one sees people any more, only hardware.
And that’s where Empire’s latest strategy game comps in. Campaign II deals with the various military machines that have come into play over the last forty years or so and lets you use them against all-comers. So let me introduce you to the game properly: CU AMIGA reader, this is Campaign II. Campaign II, this is a CU AMIGA reader. Start mingling.
War may be fun to Sensible Software, but Empire take it far more seriously.
So, funnily enough, does Paul Presley.
Si Sltou structure of group 1 1 Egj] nsi i i 1 3 0m 0* tar D D •* ¦ft mt% w* ’ Your forces In indlvldusl mode.
Campaign Its main area of expertise is the strategic recreation of any land- based battle you can dream up.
Vietnam veterans versus British tanks? You got it. A full air artillery of the second ninth against the best Russia currerj||y has to offer? You got it. Apart from the 3D combat sections (which we’ll come to later), it's the campaign editor that grabs the most attention. DIY war simulators have been tried before, with varying degrees of success. Campaign Its raison d'etre is that you can choose just about any land-based war machine there is (all of which are neatly laid out according to nationality in one of the game’s three manuals), as well as a few helicopters that were thrown in for good
measure. Create any kind of scenery, add towns, cities even and go blast things to smithereens. You have a few samples to get you going, a mere twenty or so. Fourteen of which are tutorials to the game's mechanics, the other six being based on real life drama. Desert Storm is included, as is Iran vs. Iraq, Yom Kippur, The Six Day War, Korea and Vietnam.
F ¦ rrmr mmm* rr.rr ¦ TE jr ON DISPLAY pn map. The battle map ¦ it) the 3D view torm the main gaming displays.
The first is the overall display ot your campaign, showing all your forces, the positions ot any enemy that are in visible range and Ihe surrounding scenery.
The camps and (wait ft Control is simple enough, perhaps too simple, as it causes you to teel somehowTess involved than you should be. The battle map is called into play whenever two opposing forces meet for a spot ot one-on-one genocide. Zooming in to the actual combat field, it shows your troops in individual forms at the bottom of the screen and any enemy that can be seen at the fop. The whole battle can be run from here should you tire of the 3D action. Waypoints can be set, formation orders issued and reinforcements brought into ptay.
The 3D section lets you go from an overall look at each skirmish to the front seat of one of the vehicles. This is the main action area of the game and although it can be pretty exciting at times, quite often you find y just setting the whole battle to au matic and letting the computer take care of it. It doesn't teel as though it fits witfi the rest of the game, as though it was stuck on to the end in order to woo the larger section ot the gaming audience instead of staying married to the strategists.
Campaign II has been touting its wares as a serious strategy game Playing the 'arcade1 section merely reveals its true colours. It can't seem to decide on which side of the fence it wants to land and as a result comes down right in the middle of it. The definitive tank simulation. Team Yankee showed how much thought and strategy goes into tank-based warfare.
Campaign II reduces the concept to a glorified version of Battlezone.
LOOKING GOOD The only other thing that lets Campaign II down is that it is so unattractive to use, - none of it is laid out very nicely. It's never immediately apparent which switch does what and the menus (or toolbars) look as if they were just thrown together at the last minute. The result is off-putting and gives the product a very cold feeling.
On the question of recommen- dation.
I guess I would urge you to look beyond the flaws. If you treat it as an introduction to the noble art of warfare then Campaign II can be highly playable. One can but hope for a third in the series, with perhaps someone other than David Braben influencing the graphics and style and with someone like Norman Schwarzkopf influencing the strategic element. We deserve it and so does Campaign. 3 EMPIRE £34.99 A5D0 9 A500. 9 A600 9 A120o9 A1500 9 A2000 9 A3000 9 A 000 9 EMPIRE SOFTWARE. THE SPIRES, 677 HIGH ROAD, NORTH FINCHLEY N12 00A. TEL: 081 343 7337 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: STRATEGY TEAM:
Oecenbef 1st 1993. -ten ([ • m ami9 ¥ vo“ Buy om Amiga Irom
S*ca. Al I O 7 our adverbsed prices. We «ll gne you ¦
_*J- one Of more FREE GIFTS. The Qiltt TT" PACK -V inclufl8
nff" cram Pac*- 6FA
- and Photon Paint II a tool value ol om Ciihi* lie |si« ds on
HtiS art WS« lPMn 11- ail's 'T'-II- v il la; a Anga from AgK o
l-i*0S is Hie snr-are pack ot f lVsr*n ' A niqa Format liold m"
Ja " ""'I""-'- f *» Br i F»«o's Championship Go". Syndicate It®
... £25.99 DELIVERY 3ACK
• I. AMOA 6U RONShKA IS»T«lLt*l £126 96 TOTAL PACK VALUt: £41193
.... £34.99 PINBALL
v3.5 - p*hj &.« p -rng ... £50.00 PHOTON PAINT II - rwu&«**»
p ng £89.95 TOTAL VALUE: £265.91 WORTH OVER £265 1« AMKiA
0X1 . £199 99 MiiibKM iiv iaxum DELUXE PAINT
I*____________ £79 99 MCWWOSE GRAND PRO. C3L90 SALYPUTTY £25 99
PRIC*: £19*00 FREE DELIVERY ACK INCLUDES; tw «**•»__ ...
UMM Mttvi.wmnv wciutca 6UHUC1DO -...... £179 CO EPC*SOfi*»DmW
* « (W£fUVW*t*em« C2S99 VfTH.SKPTHSWADCfeU £1999 TRMNIUejT fWUROK
.. £2999 HE IFCUSlCHtMlaiUII ...... 1265 91 2hb I PACK VALUt
• The Mega CO (£269) will only work when plugged «i(o the Mega
Drive (€129). Therelore the pnoe shown is Iho total combined
price ol both models.
The Amiga CD32. However. It a standalone system which works without add Non al ur*s NEW!
CONFIGURATIONS The Argn 4000 G» and (MO are avertable m several
RAW Hard Drive ot*or*lTOm Sltoa (ptoeae see bHem) Ah are My
ccrtkgjrcd and approved and cany Ccromcrtore's Ml one year
co-s«a warranty RAM upgrade* are also avaiable from Srka Due lo
coneni nuctuahof* «n me market. Pieeae call lor i*grade ptlcee
SILICA: . Hutchinson* Encyclopedia CD rup £29 99 A fasonaimg
and unvgue roloretKe loo ccanpnung Ihe YEAR ON StTE'AT NONE
WARRANTY cwt,. Conwwme Encyclopedia.
• lie AUK-4 ISO) £69999 0 IiITMI«MFLCBhOWES
Over 600ito ol Pubic Domain software and shareware Indudee word processors. Da» Dams and ipraadshoots etc.. games and uUilieB.
WORTH OVER £49 nvi nou :.l (See Top l. DESKTOP DYNAMITE FOR OUR COMPlfTF S4ica are a Ally auHKWsed Airvya dealer We can upgrade ArWga 600 or 1200'* Whh hard drrvee. Lor new or euoing o»r*n. Wiliiout aNeding Comtrodore’8 omoal on Wie warranty We Oder olhet upgrade* and tapar service 1or A500 and A500ern compote's UPGRADES A REPAIRS
• Latatt ma oaupmtoi
• 20 tawied recnrWxioa
• f.OOOa o' pans «i wx*
• FAST. naunennce
• WecooQUtedrCO.VAD The A4000 nra « up u 21 ipeedc lhe A6CO
• iiiuucKcacuis (?”_ e ntSO.UTKKSLPIO I l'W SiiaU*Wi6B ¦- OPEN
£79.99 URWI!Mi a»T(eUM . £266 91 TOTAL PACK VALUt: £142090
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2r 2091£649 . Vol MlMM. ¦ WINNER OF THE AMIGA GOLD AWARD 91%
SHOP: in lo buy ycu wniuggeMyou al WHERE you i SHOWROOMS: We
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car®, cash, cheque or monthly terms (APR 29.8* • written quotes
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LONDON SHOP: Oftnrq Iqxv Mcn Snl 9.
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orcrtessimal ccmputer sa«s
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sold. RelabB and potitahle.
Ma*Pt1 »» «.aH»n(SW9i_ IPSWICH SHOP: Dcber.'iains ia*s ih«i. Waterloo House.
• • ----- --- - . Westaate St. Ipswich.
W Ng.1 I’u'tOi, fen, IP1 3EH Tel: 0473 287092 '•S.31 ."|5dHCOimaO p Tv Pfo: Silica. CMUSR-0194-104.1 -4 The Mews. Halherley Road.Sidcup. Kent,DA14 4DX*1 PLEASE SEND A 64 PAGE AMIGA COLOUR CATALOGUE Mr Mrs MlsSMs: InKials: Surname: Company Name (It applicable): Attme Ptkkvxv-
L. P orw '« (W -v) Which compuleds). If any. Do you
own? .104S
eliot" AoiflMcd prxei end spfCttmon* may charge - Pteeie I m
the raswi k ihe lee* rtomuiOT CALLERS WELCOME AT OUR BRANCHES
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A500s FROM £139 A1500s FROM £199 MOO SO HD ...from 159 Hds, Cmlrcfac fron.179
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(DTV---------------------179 XT A! Hoard 50 91 Choose any’ 3 CD discs (see software section) (or £59.90 -»»a*»«tr.n CD32 SOFTWARE Over 75 Ml« specially written for lb (Dw 1 should bo in stock (phone for list), Irc.
Syndicate, Zool ?, heossk Pork, Choos Engine, many of which mcMe o full CO Mi trad alongside Ihe game. About half of existing CDTV Dries ae ccmpotiWe. CO3* -I oka pic, nonnol musk Cds ond CD.Gdbcs £279 CD".fMVCmdoseU«* puts ten busk video ors £465 A590 20 40MB ...129 159 OTHER ACCESSORIES - PLEASE ASK.
'Acteptaae of pre-Y? Mochre) nay be tmfted CD" Standard 612a.
12 momhioiniHmrn»il| £39.99 I l“ £189 Exlro 2yn oofrle raronty £69.99 | “"“ SOOBI llw**». Noykootd. Uant ([Tiof AI20C A500 600 C DTV lit I AVI _
* 500, ond A600s corn cocnplele «rfh mow), modcdoloi I lo connect
lo TV, or moony lead I os required. Oil cobiec. Manual. V
operating dim and utilities WITH ANY 1200 2MB 269 1200,20MB HO
379 1200 ,60MB HD 439 1200 ,80MB HD 469 1200 ,120MB HD 509 1200
,207MB HD 549 Extra 4MB , (lock fitted ADD £200 965 COMPUTER
STANDARD A10N1 STUIHt AMTT tXIIUS I £ £ . _ r. |s* 1079 3 it*
* 500, ima Rg I .179.991 Moo Si A500o (jnmnyi. I94-.ooIOT.oo |T
*" ¦ USSR T ’’CIN imovto HIAD DOIVIS UlcrlmldWi*)*c.
ToHvna. mmmECAOcn .m.)»ct tvlMrajET PLUS A600 S01MI A60Osd *“!•TOFl WILD, WEIRD 194.99 209.99 AHOWKKED zOOorursn' A600 hd 20 269.99 284.99 (PK 40 Enc, Rom, Mtth, 319.90 334.90 Mg MuSuZXiu 349.00 364.00 HUS 85 9-r, 0.0, J89„ 404.O.
174. ra 189.»o ADO £49 fl Xkcn d n II SPECIAL I
DtsljelSOOCendSlulttPnk .
IwrtiatyAirip ONLY £285 | Is Hobbyte are famous for their pocks, Keenember, a bargain is only a bargoin when you like w( Parodrad does worse, A600 ho 80 120 210
345. 00 379.00
415. 00 429.00
569. 00 504.oo STARTER PACK A most lot now with mug* Uoltt user*!
All you need in one vahie pack Arne Dor. CDTV r2J“i£fK2i
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Star LC100C '££ttig I49.oo159.oo i*. J Gtizen 240C 1*9. .0™ 252.oo262.oo l(- S a ORFobiS fun School 3 or 4 OR ADI Jar Reodmg . OR CooRting Deluxe Point H (Bp Art pics
• M2 Means Oiesse (hcdlenge Gcdf Btttehips dame board pw Graeme
StumssSoci* feqhbxn frufbeeSHn | vt Mr Mi atom) Mad Umoim Wtsb
1,2. 3 rhs«tUdrw. Ft* «* . U«ni ctaMm. Sput.
(MbrW (irtnmg 10 hn «U( »07 Inti pms Educational P NO OTHER DEALER CAN BEAT OUR CREDENTIALS Miiti niftOTcompRty with 9 ywan experience nCenuiKdae product ml IwMV (apDiiPbnel rriHefccgRf ©fl TB SERIOUS USER'S PACK Interested in musk, programming ond graphics?
Then this pack is for you!
Eocy Aimc I M AMOS tcMnitaol 7*AEm»l »• cktahwr-n.EVEI I AD0_E ' 0 r Ckiuf Cin E, S? 14 100 c%»if
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Imdltimdn, . TtSBSlSAiSdM1'* sc1 WITH AMIGA £39 AlONI £49
RclHghm nnojm'ufc December tale id,
• CaHmwekomefe Centre brand*
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(except pccduct Ml! On-A muntraonre) Holleia sepporl ondin
house rngneers 'a, x. “as.
Xcncn (.VGGomecddwl Made Warrioi A Pwrer, Af suprbrm AWARD WWNET.
Span Ace, Kid Off, PpcManc (muits os 7)
• Upgrade and node In tffmlo keep yoa op to dole
• Exceptieool after sales service
• If PO and expirt Mkane ECMX lew Irak of aedri aid and bank
oawnts, burets. Ki I MIDI Interlace I OR Amiga Vision rwed to
compost axi *dl yew mite Powerful »resen*itio«i end poductkn
£79 ALONE HOT BUG GAMES PACK not»«lblHoU |rto ,10H, wlfrZ. £44
£59 joystidcin
- the wo- 10 -Hal list- Games to Kitng to b rtah b aniat NOT or
pbaea The GREATEST f» West do ThMms gams awitoMe 80 Proa.
Hobbyte PD Wjd* tag gams 11* Beflhan Sew Ink (nailer Greats
Pock II 10 (otHic. Ttegolol dirrm a acodB bUc Oo, OMUIO te*4
oSK.TniSw'pJS,1 7S' ¦uaforenry Amgi imm1 pks dust cover HOME
APPLICATION PACK Perfect for all Home special WITH AMIGA ALONE
£29 £49 ktfmti f-rtlcvmd rnjf 6 Milan! (tiikiiui ttntvrt gvr,
uigi ?. 7 to 11 VklBS Uur Oml fcn rtgikrtf, p*oidff H dicrOg
wrlti fritnk , Mouse mat He nprtrtnt AiVdint eolartkgm non
contKts Plus Mkros witched TW Tilt ScW ro.n»c»«.i o-3dp.ro
Jeyslkk. 80 cop. Lockable disc box, Dast Co*ar V6
KffhiUmmft'ipmilMtlrMn.vwitiip FW bMb Rdn NnfUtuI mMtWHs 4 • 7
tU ad HOBBYTE VALUE PACKS for their pocks, allowing you to
choose what you want, whilst sti benefiting frwn pockoge dead
Like what you get! So, if you aren't Wild, Weird or Wicked. Sleepwalker sends you to sleep, Spoce Aceleaves worse, if Basic bosicoRy isn't yoa, exercise your options ond gel real rake for money from Hobbyte Deluxe Paint III, plus Gwtt ywr owi desigm lo inarpKot. Irite r OOCBpArtpks ANOSprogt MIDI Recordmg Slw4o i If ymi ham o MIDI KtimN. The n mrythng you bMtieat'zoIo d Art pics Digita Home Accounts Any Two Hot list Titles TRAMPY'S AND NODDY'S PACK SPKUL Fun ond edcxationol for WIIH A.JI01 XtONE 2 to 11 vents £39 £59 lOktakfca
* 4000 40 2-4MB 2-4MB SURE* EXP. EXTRAS I VERSION 111;! Wo f eg
Hip -M § J| i,,S9lf I 1139 :j|| Ilfs?«iiit if ill 2459 Hi3-
Hits 3-IS A4000 40: As above, but featuring the Mistering 68040
processor, U floating point forilities NOT EC version. UK mooek
with on-site woirntywOT imports!
* 4000 30 CO-PROs 68882 25 Mhz ...... ADO £79
68882 50MHz ..... ADD £159 Fitling FOC it
pejrehamng A40CO AMIGA DOS 3.0 system and utilities. Next day
on-site warranty Office needs Vim I Bier Disk, RMBIUB The Works
ADD £14.95 Da?rm of iRfites, Ptavocker nvik me 'Dflll needs 2MB
lor or with I 700 )A (ha Set» 68030 processor, 68882 25 50 Mhz
co- I processor option, 256,000 colours from 16.6M, scon
doubing for flicker | free display, Mouse, Amiga 3.571.76 MB
3. drive, Hord Drive os below, A4000 30 & 40 I A4000 30: A6A
TEL: (0582) 4571 95 41 1 281 U T UN G NED 9 YEARS ¦ AMIGA
W1.*J ildpr.
Ptecsm. 1537 31456; DOY ... GVPtV.flUS GYPtv.nu-a. Impod Wsk* ?4.
* *¦**' IfF P*c ipnti _ J FLOPPY DRIVES Mr 3i hihihI te*. Tewkm .
M dI_________________ tmnGUM IS tOrna tet.
Bagt- .. K HH Mlt uri clrt
lift Mi oi cnt wvt pMcM ... K l»« in lte»
C)te. I ate---------------------- M tee ts P J
816 ..
«|hte l.;M8ulte.t '»,An9i(n?l__ tedy 17MB at. Dn*t far ny tag)
(Rt 71 r 10 HD DM____ ten HD trend (win I S0M 3
Wtt ..
* w MD trend lam FrSU MO I
* 500 itfteanaif wend fcppr---------------------------------
uoc inomfaMMiMridnwr----------------------- Kelm 24 bit graphic
cord ? 4MB . VO Paint!
1094. 94 RaiMe 8802 RAC________159.95 Rogen. 12O0cmpGl___158-50
Rcrdde883?SW$ 8860 469 99 Rocgen
Rodcv____1195) HaraCo*)tk292 _____________283.90 Supro
?400Modem ..78.95 Homo Gerfak S290____________689.99
GffWoA-283.90 Supro Fax Modem--------141.90 ndMK iMU' SUPRA
14440 FAX MODEM CA_A Al As obore, but up to 14,400
Fax Doto ..£279.0( Rotgen
plus Rockey Buade.---------------------- £239.91 WMSSLm
A500 600 1200 pint" certre.ifli A500 1200 control
centre .34.90 A600 conArol centre ..27.9
Brkketle CD1V Joplid odapt ..39.9 taU_________________11.99
CdlV Keyboard .54.99 7y Fi
Speakers ..37.90 Zvfi Pro Speolem 57.90 56
Blank B DDdho 17.99 50 Blank DS HD discs_______27.99 Disc
Eiponder ___________34.90 EXPANSION ?* 99 A500 5121 tom
A500* IMB exp ... A500 f2MB.exp.loMB 2999 nmm
149. 99 * VW
• Cl .... 3799 NlflBM 34*93 WinMocd!___13799 *: X W MW
MttWCWnp xrt I6909 *1 U M 1)490 bRltta.****_IS 99 nc««r 19993
ItsOCbrSWR :• J795 rxW 37199 3195 *C8ft »aa W 79.90
* 00t»~Vv*.i) 4995 15999 tms(M(ar4 729 95 74.99 159 90
Z5Ub6W?lm400C ____15.00 fcardWOBtf 290 99 S*ft688ft. Rad 95-00
Binord 12004MB 25MHr ....299.90 4QMto 68882 .
Ayfld .-129.00 Binord 1200 4MB 50MHj ...POA
Chip frttMg nd board upgrade o*«L, by on guofified
engineers ...POA 6 Gate 386sx ?5MHr GVP 40 4 for 1500...
AI Ora_____________ POA
245. 90
339. 90 44 50 234 49 HAPHICS CAD bodB40 ....213.99
MmVnte .17.90 fct&preiwnAGA 134.90
* Dept Pro 23A .129.90 Vfro Prof (onwnion ...48.99 rta«e
133.90 l SPKIAl CI40 Off I ! Mean 24 ...94.901 Jteri
Broadcast 3 396.90 ImMonh .....29.99
IVPartJaMor-----179.99 Vis»Pro3 ...49.99 Vblo
Makapath .24.99 X (AD 2000 ...-90JO X
(AD 3000 ..249.99 XUD7»3i*grod .. 149.99 VIDEO
PROD TITLING A Vdeo f IV Paint V7.544.90
Adsrooe ..44.50 AnigaVigai 17.90 Broo(k«l
Tiller II ..173.90 N(W-firood(oil ruler AGA Sim« High
ras_____239.90 Brood I Font Enhomer POA Brood I Font
Podi POA Oahxe Plomlab ....51.49 imogtmaslrt
159.99 APPLICATION Arm Atroanls ...-42.50
Ei(ahna3 .49.90 RnoKopy V? 63.99 linol WrHor
99.90 Kind Words III ... 17.90 Moxipbn Plus
*4...... 17.90 Mini Offke 37.49 Rootstrtom 2.22.-.62.90 Roots
tram *3-219.90 AF GOLD WINNER Pogesalttt 3 AGA .....41.90
PtnPd 1.5 ..28.50 Pec Eiaonre Alon * 29 JO
Proitssioiial Page 4.1 AGA RAJTD os the (arrant lop DTP rIRE
TOP SELLERS head II AGA 22.90 AVB8 Honirr Assort 27.49
BoldaOmss .14.99 Bloda ol Destiny24.49 Body Blows
Golortk AGA 23.90 B17 Flying Fortress. 22.99
CfW- ..22-99 Branch .
O teTOC .
: S5R’*: tote. Mil.
Pefy-._____ ItOo* Cj .
S3E Sni HM== IV Show Pro . .. IV laxl Pro...... Video Sf.dlo 3.
51. 39
- 79.50
- 115.95
114. 90 POA
49. 49
74. 50
78. 90
374. 50
64. 49
137. 90 «6A 274.99 Works Plotoum -38.99 MUSK AD 1012 Sn*do 16
Sompler ...349.95 Audb EnginaR *2 189.49 AwkoMasMr4 .41.49
lesiy; 27S90 (bteSamb teutons 67 90 GitKSnj! 4 90 Mtexam
7390 MidmHw 1995 tURPetMR Trtv 2 7 99 ton* Roork *» 7 99
iwteltertnr i?!
Stereo Mosler 26.99 ItXnmwid Turbo 25.50 Vdi Amiga 17 V7.
VIM OfFER - C97.90 .129.50
214. 50 True Print 24----- VIDEO TAPE BACKUP
Any Fun Sdiool 3 «4......15.99 Any ADI ...16.99 Meria's
Moths____16.99 SCANNERS & DIGITISERS Itw £T8500 Mcotx jobr
M* Vm v- 7 9 00 "8»C Woto74*4• V»100900 «0C » W6**yvM J •
c4*w O$ O0 Pwr t 4 ?Si Gctw * . V*» : l veteR * -x PC*. 5m
PwlNxtialVamit' Sharp JX100 A6 Scanner. Scanlob v w up lo 18
til Summo Sbtch 11A4 with
s . A3 Toblel Digiliser 359.90 529.99 TWARE
Port 8 (itole ....16.99 Spaing Fab .....16.99 Any
Noddy- ..-16.99 See also uFtnaepxki
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Am* Prel. (ompilR 24.99
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Gonna ......47.50 SAVloBiaC_____255.99
Oartbai ..39.49 ’Pike applies ody »ilh AMIGA
hordwrt purdwrve } DISCS (OTV Kites 15 off RRP londoni .
.£479 2,000 (lip Art 899 Sounds Man™.. A 27.99 lotus lorbo
Iritogy ..27.90 LmoVOmriiill 21.90 Sup*
Pully AGA .11.90 Sensible Sowar MAGA.....18.90 Wnlet
Sup* Spxls 21.90 Zoolll .21.90 SPECIAL -ANY
• up lo 34.99 MR BOOKS UndRsUndng Imcgne 1.22.90 EMULATION POA
386 486 Bmgeboord zzmX S!'SKr.i::::: PRINTERS ««, m. «0« sS.
- !!i-2 UM&CVAIU MUT PtKBI & L® - • UJ® HP Dath|el Part 249.00 2
T®. ?! IX Fp*0" s, *" 800 239.90 GlUea W icter 154.49 (£)„_ ii
220.90 122 o* HP DesfcJal S10 249.90 Panama Kxf7l80(d
....159.90 HP Dtikiet SOOnR 29S 90 SurlCTOOtal
.....1*4.99 _ HP D«kU SSK3 49S 90 SrorK 24-20
U--------211.49 °* H? 53C IMOcZllIllSS £*»"*+¦ '"S'S ' C«»SRo5X
Part-.1*9.99 ®* J? ”!2S , 22-2 cs, Conon BJ 200 -----29S.90 .
222 Conoa IJ 310 colour ..749.00 Paw W2l23(al....W9.99 _ sWrfmte in ten _49.90 o. r" s SS 1:2 2 c* n 230 *3 339.90
- .....-5X2 w Conaa IJ 330 A3 449.90 psl" ? 2X2 Conoa IJ
300------399.90 . , fcSlSk Com- IK 600 Coi-559.90 w Oman S700
74 .... 184 W St«SJ48 198 99
* *at-1W.99 star 5J144____519.90 J 2 ° lOWBTPBKEUSB °
(SaCor ......325.10 JSHSff* CMM ° Snr 104•
30(al-----21190 llln~§9W - Sir IC24 • 300 Col......-27590
JJJJJ gJ-J ¦« (to. (ol l«. Pmr 111 ..JIM £rS?£, HP Imwial 41!
.56990 NPIaurjat4 1219.90 iMdiChnlRSfleiWkHiieiMsi Sir IS Sax
Spam 7 te-. 659 90 Sharp II9S0) 9(pm S99S0 HP AUTHORISED DEALER
• CITIZEN DEALER PLUS • AMIGAprices exceptwhere sioirdorein
VAI F&OF the kind of reputation Team 17 have had since
X. After Blitz Basic comes one of the best top-view racers
ever. Tony Dillon has been looking forward to Skidmarks for
(Stop sniggering at the back!)
Acid Software are looking to create grammer to create some rather stunning results. This is exactly Acid Software’s aim, and one look at Skidmarks should be enough to silence even the most ardent cynic.
Skidmarks is for car racing games what Kick Off was to football - the start of a new age.
Coming from the mull school of games like Super Sprint pi and Micro Machines, Skidmarks takes the top-view racing scenario and kicks it into the Nineties with a Style and flair that you just don’t usually see in games these days. The basis is quite a simple one - take four cars and a winding track, and let up to four players race against one another, all fighting for the best times, sometimes just fighting to stay on the track.
Opening the box for the first time, you are presented with the main game disk, an AGA car disk for the A1200 A4000 (let’s see AMOS do that!)
And two track disks, the titles of which show off the programmer’s music taste a little too obviously (Pearl Jam’s ‘Even Flow’ and Rage Against The Machine's Killing In The Name Of). By having the tracks, six to a disk, on separate disks, Acid are paving the way for bigger and better tracks as time goes on.
IF YOU CAN'T FIND IT... Acid Software are a New Zealand-based software house, and are still in the middle ol setting up a full distribution deal In the UK. II you are finding it a little hard to lind a copy ol this superb game, then you’ll be happy to know that you can order a copy direct Irom Acid by sending a cheque or postal order (no cash) to: Acid Software, PO Box 3172, London NW3. The cost? A measly £25.99. After loading, you can choose to link two machines, set up your function key messages (when two machines n are linked, you can send messages back and forth), choose the number of
players, set the difficulty level, select your car out of a H list of four, choose the Lett: Belore each race you can select the type ot car you want to drive - a sporty number or a more rugged 4x4?
Computer team to play against and finally get into the game. After you’ve chosen which of the 12 tracks to race on, of course!
The controls work in the same way as most games of this ilk. The fire button accelerates and the left and right buttons steer your car.
Pulling back brakes, but who ever uses that? From this point on, everything gets different. You've probably noticed from the screen shots on this page that the game is viewed isomet- rically rather than straight top-view, which has given Acid a lot of scope to play with a more three dimensional track. Corners are banked, which affect the way your car steers, and rough areas of straights and jumps mean you lose control when your car As you can see from this comer, I be track gets a bit of a mess after you've run over it a few times.
Just one of the twelve tracks supplied with the game. This one features some particularly nasty crossroads.
Is in the air. Keeping II under conlrol is a real skill, and that's one ot the secrets to what makes the game so damn playable. I haven't been able to put it down yet, and I doubt I will tor quite a while.
One thing that I'd love to be able to show you, but can’t, is the realism ol the graphics. Okay, they might look a little pokey on still screenshots, but when you see everything moving you WHERE DID THAT NAME COME FROM?
Skidmarks might seem like a bit of an odd name for a racing game, schoolboy humour aside, but it does have a good reason. When you start a track, the road is clean and smooth, but once you start skidding round corners, you notice that your car leaves a long trail of disturbed dust. It's such a small bonus, but it adds to the realism of the game no end. I have never seen an effect like it, and it just shows Acid Software's commitment to creating the best games yet seen.
Can see why it took so long to do the graphics. Each car is made up of 800 sprites (32 rotations with five elevations and five pitches), all rendered in Imagine 2, all light sourced and totally believable. All that’s lacking are the turning wheels, but who’s being picky?
Skidmarks is one of the most instantly playable games I have ever played, along with one of the best two player games ever released on the Amiga. Okay, so it won’t take too long before you can beat the computer opponents on all tracks, but who can’t beat the computer teams in Sensible Soccer'? The strength here lies in the electric atmosphere generated by a good two or four player game against opponents of equal skill. The manual suggests you should spill beer on the lap of your enemy to give yourself an advantage, and you can see why after a few games. Skidmarks is a landmark in computer
games, and if future Blitz Basic games are as good as this one, we are going to see the Amiga and CD32 become the games machines of the next decade. ACID SOFTWARE £25.99 A5D0 Ql A50G. Tl A600 til A12O0 9 A15O0HI A2GG0 A30(0 A.lfl ACID SOFTWARE, PO BOX 3172, LONDON NW3. Tel: 071 482 4066.
RELEASE DATE: ' OUT NOW GENRE: ARCADE TEAM: IN HOUSE CONTROLS: JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 4 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1-4 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: YES MEMORY: 1Mb GRAPHICS ???????•*?95% SOUND ????????*?91% INSTABILITY ???????* ?93% PLAYABILITY ???????*.?94% K A milestone In Amiga ® games. One ot Ihe most ¦ playable racers ever.' W OVERALL 92% Level 2 has a very podgy backdrop indeed.
He bends, he flips and he’s got very cool glasses. He's also one of the hottest characters to appear on the Mega Drive, with thousands of console addicts falling for his charm and character. Spot is a bit of a console hero, but what most console owners don't realise is that the character was actually first used in an Othello-style puzzle game called Spot, where his flipping and bending just didn't seem to tit at all So Virgin took him. Loosened him up a bit, and stuck him in a platform game of his own Spot isn't very tall, so many of the levels are set in oversized environments, like the beach
where deckchairs are hun- I dreds of feet tall. This makes j room for some unusual ene- ‘ Rft mies. Such as oversized I spiders or rats in raincoats I * J who fire small pieces of * cheese at you. What it also makes room for is some of the most best character animations seen on the Amiga. Cool Spot stretches, yawns, taps his feet, polishes his specs, flips, leaps, spins, bounces ' and generally does as much as he can, and it Pbk- looks great. There are dozens of frames of animation tor every action, and that goes I flfej why the Mega D-ve version was such a Unlortunately, Coot Spot was a game
designed for the con- soles, and used their custom graphic chips well. On the Amiga, it just plays tar too slowly. The problem . . .. . . There are plenty ot bonuses dotted about the place, with all those frames of but you have to search lor them sometimes.
CU AMIGA It you leave Spot alone, he goes through all sort* ol contortions to get your attention.
VIRGIN OUT NOW £25.99 ¦ animation is that it takes a hell of H a long time to get through them I all. And as a result. Spot ends up I crawling all over the screen when I he should be sprinting. A well pol-
• 1 ished game, with plenty of small touches and all the other
forms of
* garnish that make a good game great, but the lack of speed just
leaves the game entertaining to watch, but a drag to play. « 0
Tony Dillon w ¦ o I TO •: FIR S Icomputer centre ( lee
PS)Teh05323l9444 BSESraana PRINTERS Canon (Tn Vii i i (Vii-
;- it'HosHA nnmm A -I ¦» HEWLETT _il_ , Colour monitor with
overscan T °M Jt 9nly£l 9.
MONITORS All our printers are UK spec. All our monitors arc UK spec. All monitors come complete with a free Amiga lead" HOW TO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your credit card number. If paying by cheque please make payable to the: "FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE."
In any correspondence please quote a phone number & post code. Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance
• Credit available!
Please phone for details
• All prices include VAT
• All hardware computers are UK spec. UK MAINLAND DELIVERY
• Standard Delivery £ 1.00
• Guaranteed 2 to 3 day (week days) Delivery £2.50
• Guaranteed Next Day (week days) Delivery £4.90
• Open seven days a week
• I 200 sq. ft. Showroom
• Free large car park
• Overseas orders welcome
• Educational orders welcome COMPUTER CENTRE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
DIGITA, PACE. PRIMA. SEGA. STAR ROMBO. SUPRA, US ROBOTICS The AMIGA 4000 A4000 030, 80 Mb HD------------£1037.99 A4000 030,130 Mb HD ....£1099.99 A4000 030,250MbHD*.---£1159.99 A4000 030.340 Mb HD*-------£ 1239.99 A4000 030.420 Mb HD*----------£ 1339.99 A4000 040,130 MbHD .£ 1879.99 A4000 040.250 MbHD*..,~ .£ 1949.99 A4000 040.340 Mb HD*.-----------£2029.99 A4000 040,420 Mb HD*-----42149.99 tU d* M. .u to. roma -Wi « Mb ri RAM m SmaI
• The hard drive only n not covered by on wt* warranty Al
Arwgticome wth Workbench.mo«aeft 12 menth wirrsnty The AI200 A
A4000 come with 12 months on iite warranty Al 1200s also come
with a built n integral hard dnfc option driver software and w*
read both CDTV CD) 2 A PC ISO
* 600 standard disks. External kits for AJOOO alto available TEAC
CD-50 Internal driv.oniy
• 26SMt Access time • 3SSKB transfer rate £339.99 TOSHIBA XM3401
• 200t*i Access time • 330KB transfer rate £321.99 TOSHIBA XM4101
• 3BSMs Access time «300KB transfer rate Internal .£219.99
External.. £314.99; G VP A4008 SCSI controller....£ 122.99 j
PACK only £339.99 HARD DRIVE VERSIONS R&P pack D D pack
64Mb ......£439.99 .£489.99 AMIGA
2000 3000 4000 NEW! CD ROM Drives PRIMA AI 200 REAL TIME CLOCK
Iasi now you can dale and lime stamp your (lln is directly onio
ihe motherboard with no soldering.
Only £199.99 COMMODORE 1940 Dualsync, .39 dpi only £284.99 COMMODORE 1942 Dualsync, .28 dpi only £379.99 COMMODORE I960 multisync ,28dpi only £379.99 MICROVITEC 14" MULTISYNC I year warranty Only £399.99 fra* cabfe fa. A4000 M, A1200 aM« «.** ..... SONICA Colour Monitor itmlUrto ih. Philip, MSI marie 2 monitor only £194.99 RETINA 24 bit graphics card from £334.99 The Supra-Fax I44LC
V. 32 bis (14400 baud!)
Low co« renfon of the clastic V)2Bn Fa* modem. Features as below but clast I fa* only and LED display only £159.99 The Supra-Fax Modem
V. 32 bis (14400 baud.1) Send B receive fa* messages using fa*
»fw. This modem from Supra has full 14400 baud capability.
Spec includes V.jSbfo. V.J2, V.22bh, V22. V21. MNPi- S, V.42, V42bis, Class I B 2 commands, 9400 14400 Group 3 Fa*. Includes free modem comms t!w B only £209.99 SUPRA MODEMS SALES &TECHNICAL 24 HOUR MAIL ORDER SERVICE 6 LINES 0532 319444 FAX: 0532 3 19191 • FOR DESPATCH & RETURNS ENQUIRES TEL. 0532 319444 SHOWROOM ADDRESS: DEPT.CU, UNIT 3, ARMLEY PARK COURT, OFF CECIL ST, STANNINCLEYROAD, LEEDS, LSI2 2AE.
(Follow A647 signs from Leeds City Centre) It is recommended that prices are confirmed before ordering goods EfirOE.
A600& 1200's HD kits 20Mb -£89.99 60Mb....*£ 179.99 l20Mb..*£2l9.99 80Mb... .*£195.99 2IOMb...*£349.99 -luuAbdno.oolorlhmg
3. 5" H drive upgrade lot no HD only £22.99 THE CHAOS PACK!
• ZOOL (17 Amiga Computing, Nov *2)
• STRIKER (94 CU Amiga. June 92).
• TRANSWRITE word processor either bundle only £29.99 or £ I 9.99
with any AMIGA!
AMIGA CD32 4 Game! PACK SupraFax Plus.only£l 19.99 Send B receive (axestfneeds FAX s w) Even fatter than the standard 2400 from Supra with auto dial B auto receive. 9600 bps Hayes comp. V22Bls, V42 Bit, MNP 2-S B auto ad|uit to maximise transmission speeds. Includes free modem comms s wB cable • Supra 2400...only £64.99 Get on line using this great value fast modem with auto dial B receive. 2400 baud Hayes comp. V22 BIS.
Includes free modem comms s w B cable PREFERRED DEALERS Sportster 2496 +FAX_____________£ 145.99 Sportster 14400 FAX_________________£245.99 WoridPort 14400+FAX ......£251.99 CourierHST(l6.8) ....£469.99 Courier V32bisTerbo*FAX £449.99 Courier HST Dual 16.8 Fax. £486.99 Courier HST Dual l6.8TerboFax..£556.99 If you thought V32bta was fast try the terbol They | come with a 5 year warranty B ore BABT Approved I PACE MODEMS CD Rom Amiga A570 Turns your Amiga 500 into a CDTV. Includes Fred Fish CDPD disk & Sim City now only £147.99!
MicroLin V22b FAX £ 175.99 MicroUn V32b FAX £274.99 Syoar warranty ond FULL 7 BABT Approtodft S.
2. 1 software Amiga upgrade kit ..£49.99 Directory Opus
4 ....£45.99
Kindwords3 .....24.99
New VIDI I 2 Real Time.£ I 34.99 Real lime colour digitizing
from any video source, lull AGA support New! VIDI 24 Real
Time.£223.99 BUSINESS Gold Dak Office U.Kapec________(45.99
Maxi Plan 4_____ Mini OfSce-------(38.99 Money
Matters.----------(35.99 MISCELLANEOUS Distant
Suns---------(35.99 GB Route Phis_____ MUSIC SOUND Audio
Engineer Plus V2__ Clarity 16 sampler.--- Deluxe Music
Construction S«v2___ Pro Midi Interface by
Microdeal .... Stereo
Matter .. Techno
SoundTurbo Techno Sound Turbo 2
NEW! ..... PROGRAMMING N -A500P A600
Unpopulated ....only £ 16.99...£23.99 Populated to
512K..only £ 19.99...£28.99 Populated to I Mb...only
£28.99...£33.99 2 Mb A600 OR A1200 RAM card .£ 114.99 4
Mb A600 OR A1200 RAM card.£l69.99 AMIGA A500 512K RAM by PRIMA
for the original I.2 I.3 AMIGA.only £13.99 Maxiplan 4
spreadsheet... Scala 1.13 ...... ..£24.99
..£49.99 124 bit quality real time colour digitizing Irom any
I video source. Full AGA support New VIDI I 2 AGA £74.99 I
Full support for AGA chipset. Colour images captured I in less
than a second, mono images in real time with I any video
source. Multitasking *fw. Cut ft paste.
PAGESTREAM 2.2 DTP only £64.99 XCOPY PRO PLUS HARDWARE £25.99 TECHNOSOUND TURBO only £25.99 Technosound Turbo 2 .....£34.99 VIDI 12 SOUND & VISION AGA with built in Megamix Master ....£ 98.99 TAKE 2 .....£37.99 Features include load and save from D. Paint animations and IFF files. Supports HAM graphics.
Megamix Master £29.99 8 bit, high spec, sampler. Special effects include echo that can be added in real time, fully multitasking A
(24. 99 I
(29. 991 (25 9?|
(34. 991 ROCHARD DRIVES for the A500 A500+ from £219.99 Mega Lo
Sound... Amos Creator... Amos Compiler Amos 3D-------- Co
processors for the A4000 Motorola 68882 PLCC(33Mhz)..£74.99
Co processors for Microbotics Motorola 68882 PGA
(33Mhz)..£79.99 Motorola 68882 PGA (40Mhz)..£89.99 Motorola
68882 PGA (50Mhz)..£ I 57.99 (for Microbotics boards inc
crystal chip) I mb by 8 9 SIMMS (I Mb) ..£34.99 4 Mb
by 9 SIMMS (4 Mb) .....£144.99 I Mbby4DRAMS(l
Mb) ..£42.99 I Mbby4ZIPS(I
Mb) ...£39.99 256 by 4 DRAM (DILs) 4+
(5I2K) ...£3.99 8+(I
Mb) .....£3.94 16+
(2Mb) ..£3.89 Kickstart
1.3 ...£17.99
Kickstart2.04 .£24.99 Fatter
Agnes 8372A .....£25.99 Super
Denise .£16.99 6571 -0326
Keyboard controller...£ 13.99 CIA 85 20A I O
controller ..£7.99 I I .Util-Cl .lll i.l.V.
PUBLIC DOMAIN Top 30 I from £1.501 (monymor»tltUi available) (PDAOOI) I disk I.SO performance. Flexible scanned image display manipulation I options, plus Clean up, embolden, resize A flip.
Only £99.99 ond.mo Colour version only £239.99 EPSON GT6500 Colour Flatbed| only £689.99 phon.ford.uiis*d.mo Art Department Pro Scanner S W..£ 109.991 compatible with Epson ES300C, ES600C, ES800C, GT6000, GT6S00 A GT8000 I disk.(1.50 I disk (I. SO I disk A026) 2 dhk.(2.2S JtSsk.d.SO 'DAO 19) I disk t 1.50 Alpha Data Mega Mouse »o% rating. 290 Dpl..£ I 2.99 or £ I 4.99 for 400 Dpi version DATALUX CLEAR MOUSE High quality clear 2 button mouse £19.99 PDA023) I disk £ I 5i.
A020) I di$ k.( I .SO I disk.(I.SO I disk Revelations-------- RD Prep ..... Road to Hell...... .PDA027 sD.sk ......(PDA028
13. .(PDA025 he Art (PDA024 TRSI
Misery Demo ..(PDA029 I disk ( 1 disk £ 2 disk.( I
disk.(1.50 I disk Izydec T rackball £29.99
Golden Image Trackbail...£37.99 The HAWK CO-PROCESSOR & RAM
TRSI Misery Demo.. UTILITIES DISK DRIVES Realise the full
potential of your A I 200 with this trapdoor expansion, inc
real time clock I MB RAM ....£94.99
2MB RAM ..£124.99 4 MB
RAM ..£194.9 8 MB
RAM ..£389.9 I MB&20MHZCO PRO £144.9
2MB&33MHZCO PRO £194.9 4 MB & 40 MHZ CO PRO.....£289.9 8 MB &
mb 3.5" drive Features Anti Click. Anti Virus, Sony Mcch, 2
• rarr.ruy_______________ Only £58.99
PrimaAddup3.5"....only£56.99| I meg high quality external drive
at a low price.
Cumana 3.5" ......only £56.99 I meg external drive. The best name In disc drives Amiback Plus Tools Bundle NEW!
¦ Directory Opus 4... 3P FAX 2.3 softwai iiga Mem... Real Time AI 200 internal clock module only (12.99 Mouse joystick manual port switcher ..only (13.99 Computer Video Scart Switch .only (19.99 2 3 4 way Parallel port sharers (POA
• * pW*twxeFa(i y»wf-w n "¦» "V * - j. » WW-i yM * -*.** 'tKf I
to* f or- r « 10 *+
1. 99 QuartbackVS... £40.99 Prima A600 I200 Hard Drive software.
This Is the best setup software on the
marked---------------------------------.£5.99 Latest version
of this Fast A Famous hard disk backup utility.
Quarterback Toot*---£54.99 QuartefbadcToob Deluxe----------£64.99 Xcopy Pro inc. hardware.-----------£25.99 VIDEO AND GRAPHICS SUPRA A500 RAM Simply the best! Fits onto the side expansion port Auto configures with no software patching.
8Mb pop to 2 Mb £159.99 8Mb pop to 4 Mb .£214.99 8Mb pop to 8 Mb .£319.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb for 2000 1500 range..£ 149.9.9 137Compugraphicfoncs Vol l.2,or3byGT £9 991 I i-'ivi
* -t Department Pro 2 3_£I45.99| Department Scanner
software .£114.991 illiance ...£ 149.991 Caiigari 24 so
o..„ ------------£94.991| I GVP PRODUCTS ¦ Sccnary Animator
VJ(3Mbreqired) I Video
Director . ¦ Video Ma
....£•19.99 ¦ .£1 15.991 .£49.991 DISKS I Vista Pro 3 (4Mb
required) .£50.991 WORD PROCESSING DTP
¦ includes dual control for overlay and keyhole ef- I fects,
extra RGB pass thru. Now AI 200 compatible I Rendale 8802
FMC..only £ 169.99 ial Copy 2 (UK) R t in outline fonts, ROCGEN
ROCKEY ¦ For creating special e ¦ with genlocks ts in video
product) ..only £139.99 Best selling feature packed word
publisher with d: Pagestrcam 2.2 U.K. version
.£64.991 Pag.-strt-arn J U.K. version
..£249.99| Pagesetter
3 .£42.991 PRIMA ROM
SHARERS ¦ This high quality ROM sharer features a flexible ¦
ribbon connection so that it can be positioned I anywhere
within your A500 Plus or A600. Full 2 year ¦ replacement
warranty Prowrite 3.3 NEW!________________ The Publisher
DTP-------- Wordworth 2 AGA now only £ 19.99 or £27.99 for
keyboard switchable version Wordworth 3 NEW!... iifiaaveiiBidat
unru i CI L-civ ri -E~«wiK5 I L.ui’irUT tt k_t=ivj I Kb UfHKS
withupio 128 Mb fast RAMI POWFR fANNFRV
MI23OXA33Mhz,0Mb ......£245.99 rwwci OL.MIil'ICii V J
MI230XA40Mhz,0Mb ......£264.99
MI230XAS0Mhz,0Mb ......£329.99 See "RAM & CUSTOM CHIPS" I
section for prices on Co-pro's and 32 I bit RAM. Call for
prices on upgrades I from MBXI200Z to MBXI230XA GVP A1230 0Mb
RAM for A1200 only £284.99 A1230 1 Mb RAM for A1200 only
£384.99 6882 Co Pro for A530 .only £ 129.99 MICE
&TRACKERBALLS 1500 2000 G-FORCE 030-25MHz with 4Mb TE g TE *s
TE T[ *s T!
TgS TEJ J 32 BIT RAM (for A4000 etc) TE I 0 £4.49 ....£5.49
30. .....£12.99 ....£14.99
50. .....£20.99 ....£ 22.99 I l
00....£37.99 ...£42.99 I 200....£69.99 ...£79.99
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¦ fects, extra RGB pass thru. Now I 32 bit RAM .....only £479.99 G-Force 030-40MHz with 4Mb 32 bit RAM only £729.99 NEW! SUPRA ACCELERATOR for the A500 A500+ & Al 500 2000 | 28 Mhz, uses A500 side port so there is no internal fitting only £129.99!
IVSTRUMPCARD IDE controller similar | I to the GVP hard drive for the A500. Space [ for 8Mb of RAM using SIMMS only £49.99 phone for prices with hard drives fitted 1 MbSIMM ...£39.99 2 MbSIMM ...£79.99 4 MbSIMM .£154.99 8 Mb SIMM (onlyforMicrobotics) £309.99 only £509.99 with Imagine 2! | IjreM.-H.ITl e fonts, full graphics import (IFF and I IH AM), UK thesaurus, spelling het ker & much more. IT | Finn I Writer DTP NEW! ...._..£99.99| All disks arc 100% error free guaranteed New High density 3.5 inch bulk
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Kindwords V3 ... only £24.99| Penpal 1.4 .....only £29.991 PRIM A A500 & A600 RAM RAM & CUSTOM CHIPS ACCESSORIES OPAL VISION GVP HC8+from £199.99 JT!IS Another great offer from a* manufacturer you can trust
* Price includes VAT and delivery I ?
[ umuuu High quality
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o Styled plastic case
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further drives
POSTCODE [ CAX354 Disk Drive(s) at £49.95 products carry our 30 day money back guarantee I I would like to i Please debit my ACCESS VISA card (please delete); _Expiry date of card Number Signature All products carry our 12 month Cheques should be made payable to Cumana Limited.
I by teleph Orders may be placed by telephone - 0483 503121, or by fax - j, 0483 451371, or sent to - Cumana CAX 354 Offer, Pines Trading Estate, Broad Street, Guildford, Surrey GU3 3BH.
Warranty All inclusive price Cumano reserve Ihe right to increase Ihe price at any time. This offer is subject to availability.
Has the Festive season taken its toll on your wallet? Then check out VFM where Steve Merrett reviews the best of the budget releases - games that won’t put a hole in your pocket!
Tycoon Sid Meier has been responsible for some ol the best strategy games to hit the Amiga. His most famous creation is Microprose's Civilisation - but his most fun game is definitely Railroad Tycoon. Having chosen which country you intend to befuddle with your rival to British Rail, every aspect of running a railway is thrown at you. Starting with a small sum ot cash, you must open your first branch line, buy a few trains and set up a reliable system - ah, if only BR could do that! From this little acorn - and via an extremely simple user- interface - you watch your empire grow as more trains
and lines are added. Sounds simple? Nope, because maintenance, development and wages take a huge cut of your profits, and the books need to be balanced whilst you try to ensure your service is the best on offer - there's none of this 'wrong kind of snow leaves on the line' excuses; here, a disaster can cost you everything.
Basically, this is an excellent budget title. It has longevity, variety and, most ot all. It's fun. Running a huge railroad is extremely taxing and mine always seemed to collapse just as I was about to break even. Playing trains was never like this - but this is more fun than the Hornby variety. &jLMo tern s* empire Mike Singleton took his Midwinter idea one step further with Ashes ot Empire
- but sadly lost some playability along the way. Whereas
Midwinter was a neat combination between arcade and adventure
ideas, Ashes is buried within a complex scenario and fails to
succeed as both entertainment and as pure strategy. The game's
scenario is set in the not-too-distant future with four of the
world's leaders at each other's throats. As part of a
peace-keeping force, your task is to make sure they all end up
the best of mates and don't blow each other up. To do this, you
navigate a series of polygon-based arcade sections, before
indulging in seduction, kidnap, or whatever the game's menu
system offers as you try to win people over to the side of good
(barf I).
It's hard to criticise Ashes on any one count. It looks superb, features loads of characters to interact with, and also sets a huge game task. However, little aspects of the game come across as half-baked - the people interaction is very limited, for example - and, somehow, the whole thing fails to gel. The 3D sections seem out of place when you're on your way to converse with an important leader, and everything seems given over to aesthetics as opposed to content - fractal maps. Etc. Great for people who want to see what their Amiga can do, but not one for those who yearn for a game to keep
returning to.
Mmmsm** Bullfrog's follow-up to Populous combined the God sim's unique perspective, but added a war-gaming theme to the action - and the result was one of the most accessible war games you’re ever likely to play. Gone are the dull-look- ing SSI-style map screens where very little seems to happen: in Powermonger you see the results of your strategies, with your little on-screen recruits running riot across a series of landscapes. Cast as an all-powerful Warlord, your basic aim is to amass a huge army and wipe the floor with a range of computer-controlled opponents. To do this, battles must
be fought, alliances made (and broken), and bases set up - and all via an easy-to-use menu system.
Ocean's welcome rereiease offers would-be Generals the chance to experience both the delights of the original game and the add-on data disk which brought the battle into the 20th century - World War 1, to be precise.
Originally. Bullfrog had hoped to continue the data disk idea through a series of famous wars but that seems to have fizzled out somewhat. Still, Ocean have a real cut-price winner on their hands here and whilst Powermonger is by no means as ground-breaking as Populous, casual strategists zTCVH should welcome it with open arms.
SU rflUSERVICE II It's hard lo believe, but the original C64 version of Silent Service is over ten years old. This sequel brought Microprose's mixture ol battle and maintenance to the Amiga - but never quite came up to the standard of the likes of Ft9 or F15II. Basically, having chosen your war scenario, you're dumped in a sub and left to plot a course through a series of battles. The everyday running of the sub is yours for the taking, with maps to look at, gauges to read, and periscopes to look through. In addition, every now and then a really tedious bit of fighting comes along where
badly defined ships appear on the same old horizon for you to pick off. Great stuff... Nope, it seems that Silent Service It failed because of its simplicity.
Basically, I can't imagine actually running a sub being that interesting, but this takes mundane tasks to the limits. Very little happens, and the only chance for excitement comes via the aforementioned repetitive battle scenes. If you want a decent Microprose sim, make sure it has planes in it and loads of different options - because this simplistic effort deserves to sink without a trace.
CU AMIGA BUDGET REVIEWS Mi space no ©*e r. i heai you scream Bui Ihef can smell you're nr .nod
• • 11*
• r • ¦ mc - * ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦IBS: , k ,1 1 taaaaaaaa r£n"T ll' ¦I r r
1r" ¦¦I- ¦¦¦¦¦a!
Ia* aaaaaa
- mra~-• J SkT mi SPACE CRUSADE GBH GOLD £9.99 By rights.
Board-game-to-computer conversions should be the ultimate
evolutionary step. Whilst D&D Ians have to use their
imagination to conjure up images ot the huge Cyberbeast trom
the planet Morion, the Amiga can pre sent them in all their
pixelated glory Space Crusade is a prime example ot this, and
actually manages to add real atmosphere to a potentially dull
board game conversion The Alienesque plot drops the player into
the combat boots ot a hardened Space Marine A huge,
creature-tilled spacecraft has entered an Earth zone so, with
your buddies, you've been sent on a reconnaissance mission to
find out whether it contains anything vaguely hostile Thus, com
plete with a motion tracker device, you and your gun-toting
mates wander the decks in search ol action.
For a board game conversion, Space Crusade looks the business Gremlin give the player the choice ot an isometric play area complete with huge sprites and tasty eHects, or a simple plan view which plays slightly laster than the 3D version Sending your party explonng the decks ot the ship is extremely easy to elfect thanks to a simple control system, and this is essential in a game such as this where you’ll need to switch between key characters in the heat ot battle. Such accessibility is what makes Space Crusade so much tun, but the main reason it won itselt a legion ot tans first time round is
because ol the claustrophobic atmosphere its dark rooms generate A stunning game, and it you missed it first time round, make sure you get it this time.
BfMKJRXr Eas answer to FTL's classic Dungeon Master and US Gold's equally smart Eye Ot The Beholder, it seems that most people were too busy in other dungeons to take any notice ot Black Crypt first time 'round. In tact, despite gamenng all manner ol high scores and awards when it was first released.
Crypt never quite got the attention it deserved. Hopefully, this time round it will as Black Crypt is quite simply one ot the best games to appear Irom the Hit Squad label since its inception It's all very familiar stutl. With the player wandering around a smooth-scaling 30 play area in search of Spells, treasure and the obligatory DSD-inspired monsters lo kill, but it's extremely well presented and easier to get into than Dungeon Master. It's also much bigger and. Despite 1 what anyone says, size does count Don l miss Out on your chance to pick up a copy ol Black Crypt this lime. At a mere
thirteen quid it rep resems simply stunning value and 10 miss il now would be to ensure your RPG collection is witti out a true |ewel in its crown THE LOTUS TRILOGY GREMLIN £29.99 Gremlin's road race series comes to a logical conclusion as the Sheffield based wonders bundle all three together in one big package Shaun Southern first wowed Amiga owners with his tabby racer over three years ago. A one or two-player game, the original Lotus is a brilliant race against time or a mate set across a series ol tracks For the sequel, however. Shaun tinkered with the basic concept, using the entire
screen for the one-player mode and giving a more Out-Run ish leel to the game by adding a number ol weather changes ana giiiijiuni erenarlrw In the action. In 0W 'KJ «"», I" created whot mucl Ctill rank as the best racing game to hit the Gommodnru machine - SV«n Belief than the third in the series Yes. Because several months alter Lotus tt appeared, the third game hit the shelves offenng all the above and a construction kit, too.
01 the three, it has to be said that the third is the weakest ot the bunch The first Lotus is quite simply one of the best two-player games ever to grace the Amiga (yes, alongside Bubble Bobble and Kick OH III)-, whilst the sequel is similarly addictive and looks ten times better than most ol its rivals. Thus, all the third game can otter is Ihe construction kit - which wasn't really enough to make il a worthwhile buy as a full-price title. Still, we re talking compilation time here and. As such, Lotus III is a reasonable way to round off the set.
Car fans can't go far wrong with this compilation. The first Lotus is a genuine Amiga classic - as is the second - and there's the chance to extend the package s longevity with the construction kit. There's every chance of the buyer suftenng Irom Lotus overkill - but, hey, driving games don’t get any better than this.
SILLY PUTTY GBH GOLD £9.99 System 3's Putty always struck me as a bit of a programming challenge. The idea ol a bouncy character who can perform an almost infinite number of elastic moves is a good one, but to cram all these leatures into a platformer and still make it playable |ust doesn't sound feasible. Stilt, they managed to pull it off. Scoring a mammoth 93%. Playing it alter a year break, I can still see why Basically, the inhabitants of Putty Moon have been kidnapped by an evil wizard who is planning on turning them into chewing gum. As the last tree member of the putty race, it's up to
you to free them by ascending a huge tower and avoiding death at the hands of a seemingly endless variety ol wacky creatures. What follows Is a platformer which leatures an extension ol the usual bouncing, jumping things a platform character can do. With Putty also inflating himself, dropping down a level or bridging gaps with his rubbery body. So far. This sounds great, but the sheer number of foes Putty laces makes the game extremely challenging - especially as you have to spend so long just getting to grips with the controls. As you attempt to collect objects, stun toes AND use the
alorementioned moves, it s nigh-on impossible to progress up the screen without the loss of a great deal of energy at first, but with practice you soon find yourself whizzing all over the screen without a care. A very enjoyable plattormer, miles ahead ¦».
Ol most CUT. TICK & POST-CUT, I ICK & POST-CUT, TICK & POST Telephone 0702 466933 Fax 0702 617123 PD Son [CU| 1 torANi A«, Southino-on-Sw, ESSEX, SSI 2YD
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Qtoean SpaterMUns Arai.s, isn, SttodeCa-tnandtoerkM, J* . ASS 131 SC CACHED TA «S IN,-11
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U rar d jl: SSSSSSSSi- I ATTAT ntm IHM.S . ViommAtortM-.i ssasairi r- nutMkilxMyi Ihvena xotoegor ,»,Mt £1 VXM7 STOC* ANALYST ImIvmi n nod MuiltM MiHlrg inga liAlAa. *tx» ». Tan A u lxv V300I MM TO. On. -I.., ¦¦¦ mm '““sBBsar' DATA MM "¦toPhtti n» r ,J ' . VMTlANOUAGi TUTOR.! 0 ,.» ¦. VtAA ONHT tutoa (to r- h«
• . M? Ai tutor mkkatkmal disks . VII HAY A DUO CHALLENGE 01 akn
«agran- ki Kir into ‘ . VM4 An p*kt a ion iM i» i n stmng
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MM CONOCVST A DOMNAINM Ilona. Bcrrten. Tob slips top*] ¦aew
untvs Bill li.tor ml MM CLASS* TBB OAAMS lix.4 SvasskSsS 0 tom.
«•» to to*, to "«rtn r*x.
' UpmtomStecAto TnnirtiuKiexInlxl ¦Y 1 a«kKllyatM r.
1- . 3370 OeSETLAL TTTtoS l 0 Ctoe ot i?rs,'ssssrsur ei toxntoeCMcoTWAM Mnpt AAr U* . 33M toOAC toetoOl OJ irus «M • Mm l*xU to gel pom I S*47BOAtoLAOCY A iinniAx ii « ™id Bomb * V rs os toi beel I *• I4M1AU3MSOKM tohnttoto _* cBsb-4ti 0 wtobr,« 1 A toll y. n fu*» c«i MixUxxih ? OkM U k- 3037 SSM A.*ft- x I sr.ttR sss 0 liM. ON
- ertene*' totoU WMi nwtoiu I “lull I now I.ln k«i|. dnl
cirroin la0ufliiw!|l j|' .nuM* I'f.w A -u-n A
kNhlllne iinu lMrn|Mnrt NrlVl.li-i.UK II it (Num SrSSSSrin
rtSES . ¦xi*.*IMi PW uMM
* )«e4i..1lMNI)U. .
• +*_ *¦r ,im i * ’ ¦ rctoi m;» .T ¦ ¦»'»' MsAAosis jeu* j»««-•*.
Card Cord No CU AMIGA ADVENTURE HELPLINE Hi gang! Well what a month it has been. Did you have a good Christmas? I hope you spent the festive season playing exciting games, for I certainly did. I hope mu got all you wished for Christmas even if I couldn't be there to kiss you awake.
They said that she could never keep it up, but here she is again. Taking time out from her more interesting pastimes, Vampyra has returned once more to help you with all your gaming queries and worries I'm sorry if Santa was a little late in arriving but I’m afraid that it was my fault. He came to see me on Christmas Eve with a sack of presents, but because I hadn’t been a good little girl last year, he said I had to give him something instead.
Wow! That's the last time I'll sit on Santa's knee. ‘Ho, Ho, Ho'.
Venture FUTURE WARS I saved up for Future Wars for weeks! I can gel to the shuttle port but no further as the Croughons capture me and put me in a cell. I have in my possession a blowtorch, lance, newspaper, fuses, key and some documents Eric Swanson, Edinburgh.
Ybu are ‘supposed* tv get captured you silly billy. What you need to know is, how to escape from the prison cell after you’ve been left there to rot. And the bad news is that you don't hai* what you need to get out. Dot a save game hai e you? One that's right back in the middle ages where you rescued that girl from the glass tube? hope so, for that is where you must return to.
Perhaps if you had spent more time searching for the gas-canister uhich is beside Ihe glass cage instead of stanng at Ihe girl you wouldn't be in trouble now.
You need to unscrew the vent that is on the wall of your cel! Then use the gas in it. You'll also need to use the newspaper to stop the gas seeping back and gassing you.
After working through the first halt of Lord of the Rings I have come to a stop in the mines of Moria. I have succeeded in collecting the dwarves tools and received Durin’s Axe However, I cannot escape from the level and I have tried all of the exits in the maze after dropping down the pit. I have been told to use the Golden Wheel to escape and meet Dunn’s Bain, but how?
I have also come across a dwart called Kiri who has been trapped in Moria but I cannot recruit him since I already have nine in the fellowship.
Finally, in the lowest deep. I have found a back door which requires the Lady Key. The Lady Token doesn’t work so where can I find the key?
Graeme Herdman, Tyne & Wear.
Look, anyone who has already had nine dwarves and still wants more is just being greedy. (ioodness, even lluil nymphomaniac Snow While only had seven. If you really can’t do without him.
Why don’t you simply disband someone from the Fellowship and recruit Ihe dwarf?
The golden wheel's purpose is to dispel the magic which endlessly transports you when you are in Ihe Endless Maze.
If you haie the wheel, the magic will not affect you. Al Dunn's Bndgeyou can use the wheel or Ihe Wizard’s Staff to destroy the Balrog.
I fear I can't recall a door on the seventh deep that rei uires a key so I can't help you there.
In the third deep there is a magical bamer that requires the lady Token.
Behind Balrog's throne in the seventh deep is a concealed treasure chest. If you use Delect Traps and a Devices skill to open the chest you'll find one of the two Lady Tokens, maybe that is what you are looking for.
!o§ft&FF&GE I don’t know what to say to the Delphi in the Dark Forest - it just fades away and refuses to talk to me. The Temple of Ramm is heavily guarded - where do I find the key?
I am also missing the key to the dungeons beneath the Temple. Do you have any tips for this brilliant game?
Anders Rostrup, Solheimsviken, Norway.
see from your letter that you have made it to the Enchanted Forest. Well if you open the chest which rests there you'll find a TinkerbelL Take this and use it in the small circle of stones and that will summon fairies.
The fairies will give you a ring and tell you how to talk to the Delphi. To get information from the fairies you're going to have to try and read what's on their minds. You also need to obtain the Staff of Aram from the dark cave for you will need it to cross the boiling oil pit.
There is no key to unlock the Temple gates, you may only enter if they let you in. To achieve this you must equip the first member of your party with the Goat's Mask and then approach the gates. The guards will think that you have brought some virgins to be sacrificed and let you in. think virgins really get a bad deal in games like this, don't you? Of course am only going on hearsay.
The gales below the Temple only open from the inside and you would have come through them into the forest if you had used another item to get out of the Bane King jail.
HEIMDALL Please could you tell me where to find Thor's hammer in Heimdall World 1? I have had this game for Ehta H.Frontler. weeks and I would like to see what World 2 looks like. Any other hints would be appreciated.
D. Thomas, Mid Glamorgan.
RT~iior’s Hammer is found on the JL island which is guarded by the sea serpent Ilop right) and you'll need a serpent killer spell to get rid of the ugly brute. Find the old tree on one of the islands, and place three items in its branches to be given this heavy duty spell. On the final island you will meet a wizard who will ask for six scrolls. If you are feeling generous you can give him what he u ants.
On the other hand you can instead give the wizard what he desen es. A swift thump is what he deserves, so I'll leave you to decide whether you play il straight or nasty. I warn you now that Thor's Hammer is really big, although it's not just its size that counts (and if you believe that then there is no hope for you) so if you u anl to move it you’re going to need a shrinking spell. Ice cubes down the pants won t help in this case, you’ll need to find a shrinking spell in the belongings of a dead monster.
ELITE II: FRONTIER Here’s a couple of tips which will help out ’L' drivers in Elite II. Start trading and saving your money until you can afford a passenger cabin.
Pick up some people then enter the Buy and Sell section of the game to look at the new and used ships.
Search until you find a ship with a minus figure in the part-exchange column and attempt to sell your ship by pressing 'buy'. You will be given the message that you cannot sell a ship with passengers onboard, but you will still be given the money shown as the trade-in value.
At this point you can simply set your joystick fire button to ’auto’ and watch the money pour in. I made a million credits this way.
P. S. Vampyra is a BABE! Do you have any posters?
Dave Atherton, Liverpool.
‘Dear Vampyra’ Feeling disheartened and unloved?
Got an awkward little problem with any game that you're too embarrassed to talk about? There there, never mind. Vampyra is here to raise your spirits (and anything else she can gel a hold ol) and kiss it all better.
T've got an idea which is also helpful JL for trainee pilots, and it’s not a cheat like your naughty suggestion. When you begin you’ll need all of the cargo space you can gel to help make your trips more profitable, so I suggest you sell your cannon and your atmospheric shielding.
Now you can use the extra cargo spcue to stock up with more goodies for trade.
GOBLIINS II I’m out of ideas and need help with Gobliins II. I’m in the castle and I have opened the well and found the diving suit, but I can’t get into the well. And there any adventures in the Dutch language?
Richard Nieraeth, Holland.
Tdon't know if there are any Dutch JL adventures, but it doesn’t seem very likely. If anybody in Holland is feeling adventurous they only need to take a trip to the back streets of Amsterdam and they can gel all the adx enture they need.
I don't think anyone in the known xiwrld had trouble getting into the well, so that makes you pretty special darling.
suspect it also makes you pretty thick, but let's not dwell on that shall we. The ansu er is simply to use the diving suit on the well and that should get things moving along swimmingly.
Now do concentrate dear or we’re going to be here all day.
WE ACCEPT PAYMENT BY MOST CREDIT CARDS and DEBIT CARDS, CHEQUES, P.O's and we even accept CASH ALL PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF VAT CSA DERRINGER CSA 12 GAUGE |The only board available that gives the Al 200 user TOTAL flexi- Ibility. Fits into trapdoor and offers a 50Mhz 68030 MMU, option- lal SOMhz 68882 Co-Pro, up to 32 megabytes of 32 bit ram, and ISCSI 1 & 2 interface, yes SCSI as well as STANDARD.
Iwith an Amiga Format verdict of 89% they said "ADDS SOME SERIOUS POWER TO YOUR AMIGA 1200" 12 GAUGE Ok no FPU £499.99 12 GAUGE 1 meg no FPU £549.99 12 GAUGE 4mw no FPU £699.99 12 GAUGE 8 meg no FPU £799.99 ADD £199.00 for 50Mhz Co-Pro BEWARE OF GREY IMPORTS. WE ARE CSA'S ONLY OFFICIAL UK DISTRIBUTOR. NOW BEING USED BY THE WORLDS LEADING PROGRAMMERS CSA'S DERRINGER is the BEST 030 processor accelerator for the Amiga 500 500+ 1500 2000. This board has a 25Mhz 68030 MMU clocked at 25Mhz, 25Mhz Co-Pro, and the ability to add up to 32 meg of 32 bit memory using STANDARD simms.
50Mhz version ALSO AVAILABLE DERRINGER + 1 Meg £349.99 DERRINGER + 4Meg £599.99 DERRINGER + 8Meg £699.99 25Mhz Co-Pro adcT £ 149.00 SOMhz Co-Pro add £ 199.00 BEWARE OF GREY IMPORTS. WE ARE CSA's ONLY OFFICIAL UK DISTRIBUTOR A1200 A1200 Standalone E299.99 Al200 + 20 MB £379.99 A1200 + 60 MB £459.99 Al200 + 85 MB £519.99 A1200+ 127 MB £549.99 A1200+ 205 MB £629.99 A4000 030 A4000 + 80 2 £ 949.99 A4000+ 120 2 £1049.99 A4000+210 2 £1159.99 Other configurations available CALL FOR PRICES LIMITED AVAILABILITY AT THESE PRICES A4000 040 A4000 + 80 6 £1899.99 A4000+120 6 £1999.99 A4000 + 210 6 £2099.99
Other configurations available CALL FOR PRICES LIMITED AVAILABILITY AT THESE PRICES A500 HARD DISK 40 meg + upto 8 meg ram
199. 99 80 meg + upto 8 meg ram MEMORY 8 meg SIMM - 32 £299.99 4
meg SIMM -32 £199.99 1 meg SIMM - 32 £ 79.99 1 meg SIMM - 8
£ P.O.A. 4 meg SIMM - 8 £ P.O.A 4 Meg SC ZIPS £199.99 MULTI
- FACE 2 EXTRA Serial ports & 2 EXTRA Parallel port for
AMIGA 1500 £179.99 Ideal for BBS HARD DRIVES AMIGA 600 1200
60 meg, 120 meg, 170 meg,
249. 99 210 meg + upto 8 meg ram
SOUND ENHANCER PLUS [This product is DESIGNED & BUILT by ourselves and the past 2.5 [years have seen thousands of units sold to very satisfied customers. We are so sure that YOU will be amazed at the difference |the SOUND ENHANCER PLUS makes to the sound of your AMIGA Ithat we are offering a NO QUIBBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
The KIT is VERY EASY to build so much that very little experience is required. So long as you can use a soldering iron you can build this project.
ONLY £19.99 AND if you can't get it going we offer a get you going service !
SWITCHER £14.95 Keyboard!mouse switched KICKSTART 1.3 ROM £25.1)0 For software compatibility KICKSTART 2.05 ROM £29.90 Upgrade to A500+ Rom SUPER DENISE £28.70 Excellent value 68000 CPU £15.00 A ATTENTION ALL DEALERS A Our company now offer Ihe most competitive dealer repair service.
Full credit facilities available Send for our Free information pack today... CU 594 We reserve the right to refuse repair for whatever Prices only valid with this coupon ir9 3E Computer Services Service HOTLINE (0533) VISAGE COMPUTERS (DEPT CU) 18 STATION ROAD, ILKESTON, DERBYSHIRE DE7 5LD TELEPHONE (0602) 444501 DART Computer Services 105 London Rond LEICESTER LE2 OPE ““Vfeaae Computors tmm PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY tJ TELEPHONE (0602) 444501 All Public Domain is copied onto Branded Disks which are certified 10DT error free. For a free disk catalogue. 1 please send an SAE plus 2 Id Class sumps.
Telephone orders: Mon-Sal 9am-5.30pm. Key: 0=No. Of Disks. 1; This is only a small selection from our library. V»e currently have over 2300 disks in slock.
F DEMOS "A ( UTILITIES A ANIMATIONS ® Desert Dream (2) Spaceballs “Slate Of the An" Jesus On E’s (2) A Ra crnnce Mad I-lls "Technological Death" Ski . o Demo 2 4) Melon "How To Skin A Cat” Lemmon. Kink a -Dink (noi AGA) Spirit Pi*l Generation An arch v "Synlhcnlic Delight 5" Scoopc.v Play 2 Unlimited (2) Techno Team ‘American Names" Rage "Neural Assault" Melon "Romantic" Pygmy Design "F.stensions" Fairlighl “242“ Lemon "Groovy" Lemon “breams & Halhh-iiuiKais" Snake Rider (AGA) (2) Jesus on Cheese (Rcq Fast Mem.)
French (AGA Primo Demo) Nonh (2) Ami Base V3.76 RcloKick 1.3 Amiga Fnginecr PC Task V2.03 Next Generation Workbench (2)
R. S.I. Demo Creator V2 DCOPY 3 600 Business Letter* Virus Check
V6.3 Disk Salve V.l 1.27 LKS2)
F. R.A.C. Adventure Creator Magnum VI.4 (Disk Mag Creator!
Meuyud V2.0 SSBEr' Videotrackcr (Beta! DCOPY 3.1 Spectrum Emulator V 1.7 Rom Monitor V2.7 Sctman Quality Time" |4 5Mb ¦ Schwnru "Bait Masking" 2Mb m Melon "Pnsm" No Speed Limit |3) 2Mb 3 Way v to SlO| Snicking 1 ..'Mb H Beyond Force 12) Crypto burner* "Rovelalimis" I.H R WO Slideshow fl f I..S.D. I
1. .5.D l-cgjITmtlv Ihelx'i H utility innks on ilv Amiga. «e ¦
have 1-150 in stock ¦
1. .5.D. Simply the Kit demo p*.-k As the nanse suggests.
These contain all the beat intros from all the lop groups. 1 Wc have 1-70 in slock. 1
• DISK FRICKS & POSTAL RATES No. Of Price disks per Disk P&P 1-10
£1 £1 11-25 95p £1.25 26* 90p £1.50 HOW TO ORDER By Credit Card
or By Post Please make cheques.«ith GRAPEVINE Disk Magazine by
L.S.D. Out nw issue *17 (3 Disks) GAMES We slock Ihe entire
Assassin' games collection 1-150 postal orders payable to: FRED
FISH Wc currently have in stock lush numbers 1-910 (DEPT Cut 37
.13.00 k fgmo .. S2!£5£S.«». .13.00 Janes fcnd2.
.25.00 loJwBcmwfunwoftFooliiol.. 1300 fc-wtoi .
25. 00 Sd-.. ... .29.00 le«*ycfS«o»»l...... .2500
Uwrofco ... .25.00 UMOMI .2900
thvpool fodbafl ... 2500 iMdC*Th«e»q»2 .25
CO UW-twI-i.*. ... 2200 Mkhkos* ..
25. 00 Men* ¦ ......
25. 00 My* ..... 2500
r&fofclssCcd . 2500 bfadMemdi ......
.13.00 mS5»3 -a- .-.....
73. 00 Hr* iKaS What I Cat Games 1.
.25.00 f*r~ tbaU Wbd I Cot Gamm 2 .25.00 0 »M lu«(«C.r..,.- ...... AMIGA CD Amnncan f ootboh §»¦?=:..... Ody B*»-s . Bubble a-rf Saw* .... OwwrCaWCcbor.?..... ' 3.00 R«Kb Out ler_Gold.
75 CO M“C Gd(
13. C0 Swivllc Sorem 92 93 ... 29 CO 5e G«oi Ol Janfc * 27 CO
29. C0 Sopo Puty .
25. CO Surf Nnior
75. CO T.Brwk 25CO tadCorrof,.. .29.00 W.ondTn*.
25. CO: 'mfc 2500 Is.f~.s3 1310 U.Kbx«2 .2900 UtuHa 2......
.22.00 Vkfc.Crea»f
13. C0 'Mk wVo™
17. (0 t:
17. 00 7ocJ I
75. 00 ZoolZ. _... .2500 1300 2500 .25 00 2500 1117A NiuMu-b
D7 A1200 MSI«, . I- _i_.
.24.00 SwivW Socct. •92 ,93
18. (0 StmlfcAlTOO 19(0 TOCO SfXX.Ugord, ...... Uoo »'•:
I8C0 $ 4orTr*A«200 DO YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS TO 70 00 ii*.
24 00
24. 00 ;1 *¦ I0A
74. 00 .24.00 .70.00 7400 7000 .24.00 .20 CO- 1 :¦.
18. 00 .18.00
20. CO 'li«i
70. 00
20. 00 . 18.C0 Bofchio ond Squok Al 7C0 .
Lumra fi.Ww* teSE?!”:. : Co* Da* AI2C0 Chao* (main* Chaosfnginn AI2O0... G-*K h».A1200 ... Combe* Cbuo V 20 .. id Spot .. 70 CO WHY N@T ADVERTISE IN THE ONLY GROWING AMIGA MAGAZINE ©u amiga CALL CHRIS OR KIERA ON 071 972 6700 Xi-gmxn SfreW Al 200.
Tennn AI700
22. 00 .2000 .2000 2400
20. 00 TOCO Pram*. Mr
18. 00 Hooch for WoddClou Creinl AI200 VV0-WG® 94 A12CC Zod 7
... Tod 7 Al200 .
You Can Now... with New Final Writer Put Your Finger on the
Buttons of the Ultimate Amiga Word Processor From the
publisher of the acclaimed Final Copy II comes its new
companion. Final Writer - for the author who needs even more!
If you already use an Amiga Word Processor, it won’t include
the complete and comprehensive array of features found in
this latest addition to the SoftWood family.
Can your Word Processor... Output crisp PostScript™ font outlines on any graphic printer (not just expensive lasers), and was it supplied with over 110 typefaces? Import, scale, crop, view cm screen and output structured EPS clip-art images (Final Writer is supplied with a hundred), again, on any xinter? Also create structured graphics and rotate them along with text to any angle, giving you DTP quality presentation? Provide a huge range of printing options (eg. Thumbnails, scaling, crop marks etc. on PostScript™ printers) and fulfil other advanced Word Processing functions easily such as
automatic indexing, table of contents, table of illustrations and bibliography generation? With Final Writer, this rfm is now available to you along with a list of fca- Akx~ PostScript' Iures ,hal J“st 0n ani| on. We know to .oil’ll be impressed by this revolution in Amiga Word Processing, bul don't be pul off by it's advanced capabilities. Wilh iis complement of „ «ser definable Command Butlons and Superb Quality SoltWafe I Of yOUf Manual, Final Writer is simply ooe of Ihe easiesr Xograms to learn and use.
Pen Pal or Final Copy II and Proper Grammar II...a Complete Range.
Once you become a registered SoftWood user, you'll gain ” access lo unlimited free UK technical support (olhers often charge you or don't provide support at all) and preferential upgrades to future versions of these and other exciting new products being developed right now.
If you've outgrown your existing package ask about our 'trade up' options from your current Word Processor (other publishers' WP’s are eligible loo).
SoftWood Products Europe New Street Alfreton Derbyshire DE55 7BP England kfea Telephone: 0773 836781 Facsimile: 0773 831040 Available from all good dealers or. Contacl us for a list of nationwide stockists.
All information correct al time of going lo press, E&EOL All Trademarks acknowledged The document cm the prerum page was oaipat onalcmant Canon Huhble Jet.
You can't use Software this Powerful, and produce Documents this Good... Unless, you buy an expensive PC or Macintosh™ a high priced Colour PostScript™ Laser Printer, and a complex, costly Desk Top Publishing Package... I nlv rrsitv u III mu SnMOH If you're looking for a quality Word Processor Publisher that performs as well as this, you may well start by searching through PC and Apple™ Macintosh™ software catalogues.
Even then though, you probably won't find a program that will combine the very best in Word Processing and... easy to use integrated DTP type facilities.
You certainly can't find software for your Amiga that's capable of all this... ffnr
• Origins 'Current situation ’ Proposed measures Puture
Conc,usions ...or Can You?
lE]|0Q|a, E» £U CU AMIGA GET SERIOUS GET SERIOUS When you’ve waggled your joystick enough for one day, give your hand a rest and flip through the hottest, liveliest technical section around!
104 FMV 108 MEGLASOUND 109 MS130 112 CRAFT 114 Al23011 116 SUPERBASE PRO 120 BARS & PIPES 123 DISK EXPANDER 124 PROTEXT V6 128 CLARISSA 134 PD SCENE 137 PD UTILS 140 ART GALLERY The CU AMIGA lop rated accolade lor non-games products scoring oner 90%. Thoy Kill del Initely be worth Ihe money and are likely to ad as a benchmark lor tuture releases.
FRACTALPRO 6.0 Fractals are de rigueur these days along with jars ot pasta shells and tie-dye ceiling decorations Even When you walk down your local : high street chances are you 11 see a fractal graphic | somewhere, whether it s on the front of an album cover printed in massive detail on a poster in Wooiworth s. or even on alternative clothing ibn of politics etc.). Fractal graphic generators are still popular on the Amiga too - no one seems to quite understand what the fascination is. But there s no doubt that the results are beautiful. Some would even say that they re art in their own
right' Thanks to the popularity of PD fractal graphic generators, however, very few commercial programs of this genre have ever been released The only other commercial 2D fractal generators that spring to mind are Progressive Peripheral s Maths Equarium and Cygnus Soft s soon- to-be-released Mano2000 a demo version of which is proving particularly popular on the bulletin boards of late The latest arrival on the scene, how- ever, is MegageM s new Fractal Pro 6.0. a fractal graphics generator that will allow you to generate anything from a Mandelbrot or Julia graphic to more obscure forms
of fractal such as the Cube Quad and Sme Mandelbrot s What s more because the program fully supports the AGA chip set you can rer der fractals with up to 256 or even 262.144 colours - more than enough to burn out anyone s retina1 Fractal Pro 6 0 certainly is a far cry from the rather simplistic fractal generators available in the PD libraries Not only can it handle the AGA chip set but you can even render images up to 1280 by 960 pi* els in size1 For true fractal exploration the program wii happily magnify a fractal up to an astonishing 2C00 trillion times - more than enough to reveal even the
most subtle of details! Arexx is fully supported too. So you can easily create an animation of a Iractai zoom (all 2000 trillion frames of it'i automatically, leaving you to get on with something else The only real problem with Fractal Pro 6 0 is its totally over-tne-top system requirements - |ust to get the program running, you’ll need a machine equipped either with a 68040 processor or a maths co processor so that rules out most of us.
The price is a bit over the top too - coming at $ 199 plus si0 post and packing For this you get support for the Video Toaster. DCTV. Firecracker 24 and an the AGA screen modes, but even so mos people will probably save their money and go for a PD generator instead. The quality may not be so good but who cares when you're talking about such a saving in money1 Contact: MegageM. 1903 Adria. Santa Maria. CA 93454. USA. Tel:0l01 8053491104 Price £199.95. Shipping cost S10, Upgrade from Version 4 $ 100, Version 5.1 S60. 60°« GET SERIOUS CU AMIGA POWERBASE A3 soon as you mention the word ‘Amiga’ to a
PC owner you are immediately classed as a games player. But', you might say, HI. Otoieo roMrt ilF" ESSE- tlwr 'my Amiga has a fully multitasking operating system, and supports all the same hard drives and printers that your PC does. Plus it has better graphics and sound.’ Okay', says the PC owner, but where is the business software?’ Erm. Good point, and as the number of letters we receive testifies, there is a real need for decent productivity software for the Amiga. It was with trepidation then that I loaded PowerBase from „ you want a database with vkJeo-slyle controls, Powe.base Is a
Amiv ision $ pftwar$ , for I’m sure Amivision wouldn’t Cheaper alternative to Superbase.
Mind tTO'much if I described them as slightly smaller than Microsoft in the software stakes.
Surprise! PowerBase is a database, and it's good. It uses the now familiar video-recorder style buttons at the bottom of the screen, which makes flicking through records very fast. The use of a scroll bar is an excellent way of finding a particular record very quickly. Entering data is quick and easy too.
First you decide on the format of your database by defining the fields, as fields are the simplest elements in an individual record. Examples of fields would be a name and address, a title of a CD, a bust size ar d telephone number: that sort of thing. A record consists of one or more fields, displayed on the screen iri One go. The database itself is a collection of fields.
You can also include a field which will display IFF pictures for more visual databases, and add a bit of spreadsheet magic with fields which perform calculations on other fields.
Normally I'd run a mile before using a database, although as I advance in years I'm starting to see the benefits. I was put off the entire genre by several extremely poor commercial and public domain efforts, but PowerBase has changed my view. Here, at a bargain price, is a genuinely useful database program. Although modern databases make use of near-programming standard languages to provide powerful searching options, the filter screen of PowerBase is probably easier to use.
Yes, it’s a good 'un, and at less than £15 you should consider it if you need to catalogue anything from little black books to small business accounts.
Compatibility with the AGA chipset is a slight problem. You need to revert to the ECS chipset from the boot options on a 1200 or 4000. All in all, PowerBase is a good program to show PC owners we don't play games all day.
Available from- Amivision Software, 1 O here I n ton Drive, Great Wyrley, Walsall, WS6 6NE. Tel: ( 414731. Priced iject Sysfrw tmV ftrt tfete ItrtTen ) m.: 1 «f 2
- -*r cai Capitalise ail iCttf • • Twt: «BEBH Hirer Ic:
1992 late: 17 19 1 992 lint: 11:11 LmIc: v Exttrait:
Df8:P«wrttas« intro1 Pmentaft: 9 Calculated: 2M1.IB OCTAMED PRO
MANUAL With most Amiga music packages costing £70 or more,
OctaMED Pro 5 offers great value at only £30. It comes with a
comprehensive on-line help feature which may be adequate for
those people who are already familiar with the program, but is
a little lacking for those hoping to learn the program from
The program’s distributors have come to the rescue with an excellent tutorial manual. The book is over 220 pages long, and contains eight tutorial sections as well as program references, and even has instructions for AMFC Pro. Also included in the package are three supporting disks containing demonstration songs files.
The tutorials are well written, although the typeface used is rather unpleasant on the eye and was definitely the wrong choice. Anyway, the technological jargon is easy to understand, and it is dearly laid in out stepby-step format to guide you gently through what can be a rather complicated program.
At the end of each section there's a cheddtst of things that you should know before you go on to the next section.
This is partxxrtarty useful because it enables you to gauge your progress so that you dont try to advance any faster than you’re capable of.
Once you’ve got to grips with the program you'll prcba- bfy find yourself using the reference section from time to time. This contains a complete description of every aspect of the program as we* as a list of all tracker commands listing the way that each of them can be used to perform special effects. Of great interest to MIDI owners is a detailed description of the way that MO is implemented in the program enabling you to tailor it so that you can get the very most out of your instrument The manual is rounded off by a comprehensive set of appendices, covering everything from the song file
format to the synth sound programming language.
If you’re struggling under the intricacies of OctaMED, or you simply want to get the very best out of it, this is your best and only option. The quality of the printing and binding is rather poor considering the high price tag, but it's the content that counts, and in that regard it scores highly.
Available from: Seasoft, Dept CU, The Business Centre, First Floor, 80 Woodlands Avenue, Rustington, West Sussex, BN16 3EY.
Tel: 0903 850378. Price: £15.99. WORD POWER V2 Have you ever seen one of those little machines which look like pocket calculators, but are really spelling machines? Yes, I was a good boy, although certain people might strongly disagree there, and got one the Christmas before last from Santa Claus and I still use it. It’s great fun, because as well as checking the spelling of all the words I know, it also plays a great game of Hangman.
WordPower is sort of like one of those gadgets, however, it is not as good. When you eventually get WordPower to load (it is more than a little tricky - it gurued my CDTV and A500 instantly, but ran on the A4000 with ECS chipset selected) you can enter a word and it will automatically spell check it for you. If the word happens to be a new one, it can be then be saved to a user dictionary as well.
To make it slightly more useful than an automatic dictionary, WordPower will also search for words with missing letters: thus KE??LE will find KETTLE. Do you like anagrams? Enter the letters and if the word is among the 36,000 present, up it pops.
That's about it really. I was very disappointed to find no word games (although the Scrabble score for each word is displayed., which is, erm, useful) and no intelligent anagram searching.
All in all, WordPower is different. If all the bugs were fixed and a few other features added I’m sure it would find an audience. But not here. I’m afraid.
Available from: Amivision Software, 1 Cherrington Drive, Great Wyrley, Walsall, WS6 6NE. Tel: (0922) 414731. Price: £9.95, post and packaging included.
WordPower is supplied with an instruction manual.
Release 2.Be by St wen fouiDCkS 2 Bniuis ion Software 1133 dll rights reseroed Released en 9 August 1993 Includes FastSpell i*.]I dictionary searih systen He reproduction or hiring of this product or My portion of its contents without written Remission from :- foinisien Softuare, 1 (herrington hriue, Great Hyrley, Halsall. MdE, England.
The incredibly detailed Space Shuttle image is another excuse lor some Hares - this time as jet exhausts.
Port Sottware piracy will destroy the Amiga so don't grumble about unplugging your joystick.
Besides, unless you want to multi task several 3D programs (a mad thing to even attempt) there are no ill effects other than mild irritation when you forget it. And need to power down.
CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST With the dongle in place you’ll see the axes part of the editor screen where all the objects are created and manipulated.
Unlike most other rendering programs.
Aladdin only provides one view of an object at a time, although you can quickly change to flat X.Y and Z views as required.
The numeric keyboard is used to adjust the viewing angle, which means you can quickly rotate the ob|ect as though you were actually holding it in front of your face.
This approach might appear more natural than a tri-view but it does take a bit of getting used to if you have ever used a program such as Imagine or Real 3D.
Objects are created on a point-by-pomt basis which makes for incredible accuracy but is hard Virtual Reality or Walt Disney licence? John Kennedy takes the bull by the horns and investigates.
If there is one thing the Amiga is good at. It's graphics. The new display modes offered by the A1200 and A4000 machines can produce images of incredible clarity and have resulted in upgrades for all sorts of programs.
Programs which depend on graphics are amongst the first to be improved, and you can't than rendering programs, the joy of rendering is that anyone, no matter how bad at drawing, can create realistic pictures ' It s an addictive cross between Lego and photography as you build objects and shapes before oroductng full-colour pictures of the result. _ The first catchphrase created by the Amiga marketing board iif there ever was one) was imagination is the only limit and it has never been more true.
CHALK AND CHEESE - REAL3D AND ALADDIN The Amiga market is cheerfully flooded with rendering packages, each with their own unique features. No two programs are the same, but at the basic level they must allow the user lo create and manipulate objects, control the environment and render stills and animations.
The current state ol the art program is Real 3Dv2, which offers just about every feature under the sun. Objects in Real are created by combining and manipulating graphics primitives: spheres, cubes and pyramids. It sounds a lot like hard work, but its a very last way of quickly building real-world things. Equally important is the rendering speed: the use of primitives speeds the process up considerably.
By contrast, Aladdin is a point-based system. Objects are built from scratch with small flat facets, and each individual point can be moved until it is in the perfect position. A lot ol lacets can be created at once using various tools, and with a little effort objects can be created with a lot more accuracy than with primitives.
Real 30 still scores with its advanced real world’ physical modelling: collision detections, gravity, depth ol field, as well as it users definable editor and unique object hierarchy system. Aladdin does however have iens-flare’ the realistic starshaped halo effect around lights caused by real camera optics: but this might not be reason alone to buy it.
You might be asking yoursell what is the point ot image rendering. Wouldn't it be easier to take a photograph instead ol waiting 12 hours lor a single image?
Here are some applications tor rendered images: LOGOS: add a spinning chrome idenlilier to your home videos.
ART: creating pictures lor their own sake.
SPECIAL EFFECTS: make your own Seaquest OSV or Star You can make a picture ot absolutely anything. And what's more you can animate it too.
Anyone with even a passing interest in graphics or desktop video simply must give it a try to see what they are missing.
Aladdin is a rendering program that has been around It never had the profile of Imagine which is a pity as it considerably more powerful Trek TNG by generating the ellects with your Amiga.
That's how the professionals do it • why not you?
GAMES: generate the sprite data lor objects lor your games: both Skidmarks and Stardust used this method FUN AND PROFIT: modelling an entire object and rendering it is actually tun!
Rendering a film can make you money... The first thing you II see when you run Aladdin is a set of XYZ axes rotating in front of you Actually, you won t see anything unless you remember to connect the dongle to the joystick w» vu.. .Ins.. editor. Obiects car m .pun .no It doesn't take long before you have a wire- roomod quickly enough io .now detailed manipulation. Irame object slowly rotating on your screen and PRODUCT TEST CU AMIGA Save Save H going Getting the program to create all Ihe poly you're ready lor some action, gons tor you is a much better idea, and Aladdin is *¦¦¦¦ aviAu crammed
with shortcuts in the lorm of tools ANIMATION The easiest way to build something is lo Imd dealing animations is probably the easiest part an axis ol symmetry, and then mirror, rotate or ol Aladdin Objects - and that includes the view extrude the ob|ect around n. For example, you point from which Ihe observer watches the virtual can create a sphere By rotating a semi-circular world inside computer - can all lollow spline arc around 360 degrees, or a donut by spinning a paths and evenrotate whilst they are doing so circle with an offset: it's not as hard as it sounds' Objects can also be
subjected to waves and When building complicated objects the ability deformations lor even more realisticlbizarre to switch to a different space is very welcome If sequences you are building a car object, the option to take a A great preview option will display a wirelrame wheel away and work on it by itself can simplify animation in real lime, or at least it will it the things considerably scene isn't too complicated Larger projects such Hart la how a typical oBJact la created wan Aladdin Fuat a iwo-aimaoaioriai are la craataq. Than it is rotated around mo central ana with the aweep tool.
Finally, the rendering options are set and you wait lor the image to appear as Ihe space shuttle example, take a good tew seconds between frames When you're happy with the preview! You set the image rendering, and then go and watch TV road CU AMIGA or sleep tor an hour or eight depending on image size and the number ol Irames. A uselul feature is the lime remaining dis play, which will allow you to make carelul estimates as to the amount ol beer you can drink Hopefully, when you return your eyesight won't be too blurred and the animation will be ready to load mto Deluxe Paint lor display.
Unlike Caligari Aladdin is a true multi-tasking program which is handy whenever you need to write a review and rende- pictures simultaneously Ataddtn does share the editor's single view but doesn't manage a quite as smoothly. ( TEXTURES On a par with most other rendering programs Aladdin fully supports textures (both bitmapped and procedural) lor adding a authentic tmish to obiects Textures can Be Blended, and also change with time lor animation purposes Resisting obvious puns, gas objects are also supported and you might be surprised how olten they come in useful. Unless a beam of light
actually hils something, it will remain completely invisible: not terribly impressive Surrounding the Beam with a cloud ol translucent gas will achieve a much better result.
Modelling planet atmospheres candle names, loggy scenes and clouds ol steam are all possible with gaseous objects and prov.de an extra degree ol realism Something new is the inclusion ol lens tlara.- the siar-snaped halo around lights wrwh photographers are usually trying to minimise. Flares are caused by the mechanics and optical properties ol the camera, and previously the only other package to include was Lightwave, the render bundled as part ol the videoToaster Aladdin includes the concept of 'flare obiects which are akin to gas. You can apply textures to them which and you can control
their shape and colour Overall, rendering quality is high - as the images used to Illustrate this review should prove Aladdin can render in any Amiga mode or directly to disk in 24-bit format lor the best possible results Rendering speeds were good on my A400030 much the same as Real and Imagine UPDATE Thr. Version o‘ Aladdin is an update to that touched upon in the October 1993 issue ol CU AMIGA, and it now includes some very welcome additions For a start, the AGA mode HAM8 is now supported and the collection o' editing gadgets have been improved with the inclusion of a scrolling word list
A new open systems approach means.
That il you can program, you can add your own tools, which is an excellent idea. The manual has also been improved. And ihe disks come wilh plenty o' example pictures and example protects Tie Relma graphics card has been added to the list ol Ooalvision, DCTV. Firecracker and Resolver which means owners of Ihese line 2a bit display systems will be more tempted than most On the negative side. Aladdin is still a very dil ¦icult program lo use Some ol this is due to the very nature ot image rendering, but most ol Ihe lime it s just bad design You know Ihe leatures are all In there somewhere, but
getting at them is lar from easy as the user interlace seems trapped In the muiky world of Workbench 1.3 Thai single A500 *A A500+ V A600 WA A1200 WA A1500 WA A2000 WA A3000 WA A4000 WA WORKS ON ALL AMIOAS, BUT REQUIRES 2MB OF RAM.FAST PROCESSOR, MATH CO-PROCESSOR AND HARD DRIVE RECOMMENDED.
To slow down - even on an AGA: Thr new graphics chipset present in A12D0 A4000 and COM that allows screen mopes wilh more colours and higher resolutions HAM! Ts an AGA mode Out permits up lo 262.144 different colours on screen al once PROPERTIES (ich obicct hi AMVAn can have various properties or attributes. Such as transparency hairiness and colour. Ihese effect how ihe nhiect appears when n is RAY TRACING: Mathematically calculating the colour ol each pisel on Ihe screen by imagine rl as Ihe point where a light ra* intersects Ihe plane ol the screen. The ray is traced back in lime, as it is
reflected and refracted by the objects in the scene.
RENDER: The process ol calculating an image based on a particular scene ol objects and light sources Usually lakes a long time.
SPLINE A smooth curve which llows through several control points TEXTURES: The appearance ol an obiect can be improved by adding a leiture An example ol bitmap tenure would he a drawing ol a piece ol wood When an object is given ihrs tenure it will appear to be made trom wood A procedural texture is one mathematically generated.
CONCLUSION Alaodin IS a curious program. It has benefited trom a great deal of work, wilh many Improvements and additions.
However, it remains Orttioait to use The coma plicated requesters and the meaningless menu items makes it a pig to get to know properly. It faces direct competition from other point based programs such as Imagine ano Cahgari, and although it has some unique points it doesn I lair particularly well. II Imagine 3.0 ever surfaces.
Aladdin will require another major upgrade lo remain competitive.
However, it you do persevere you will find Aladdin a very powerful image program. Many powerful editing and rendering features are present and the write your own feature interface otters plenty of scope Five years ago I would have wel my pants at the prospect ot using Alaodin in preterence to Sculpt 40 - today I find it hard to summon the enthusiasm to load it. And much prefer Real 3Dv2 or Imagine instead. CU ? ??? ????»5% EFFECTIVENESS Some excellent eHects FLEXIBILITY ??????????86% Lols oltexluies, gas and lens Hare eitecls. Dir seclion - it will take a long lime to exnausl mis program
INNOVATION ??????????70% It's all been done More.
Good image quality, but difficult to use.
W;VI 0I1LV £2.25 nuniLRBLE FROm 10th DECEmBER.
CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST As we're all slill wailing lor someone lo produce a 16-bit Amiga sampler that actually works, we'll have to stick with 8-bits tor now.
Microdeal s Megalosound is a new player in the crowded 8-bit field, ottering a hostess trolley packed lull ol new leatures to tempt you away trom the competition.
THE KIT It's not quite the smallest sampler ever, but it's not tar oil it. The cartridge is about 5 5cms square, and around 2cms high. Two phono sockets on the back allow you to connect it lo any audio source, although you'll need to sort out the relevant leads yourselt. It would have been nice it it came with a stereo phono-to-headphone iack cable (with a mini jack convertor! So you could use it straight away.
There's also a tiny gain-control knob on the back ot the cartridge to adjust the volume ol the incoming sound . It's very tiddly to use. But can be extremely hard if you're sampling direct trom a CD player tor example, in which case you'd have no volume control at the source. The cartridge plugs into the parallel port as usual, and doesn't obstruct the serial port, unlike some of its rivals.
DIRECT 2 DISK It the shots here look lamiliar. You probably recognise the style of the interlace Irom SuperSound.
The 93% top rated shareware samp'e editor lea- lured in September 93's CU AMIGA The Megalosound software is based around SuperSound and inherits ¦* _ rijett : Uork:Sanples vouU most ol its EBB better points along with some new goodies too Top ol the new goodies list is the direct to disk recording. This has been done before with Technosound Turbo II and Audition III (although Aud'tion III could only s.imple direct to floppy), but Megalosound hails this as us leading feature, so let's take a closer look Depending on the speed ol your drive and computer and the level ot fragmentation of your
drive, the results you get cot*) vary from awful to very good. For example, sampling to a floppy disk will give you a top rale ol about 8KHz. The advantage cl this is that you can record and playback a massive 800K sample on a 1 Mb Amiga, but Ihe quality is very low. Making the treble sound scratchy. With a hard drive you can expect to record at around 18KHz, which is enough to grab most of the audible sound spectrum, although treble response still suffers a little. Once you’ve recorded to disk, you end up with a file that's executable in conjunction With a player program that's included
on the program disk. I’ll leave it up to you to decide just how useful that might be for your own particular uses.
IN EFFECT Effects are an area where the software does well.
There are two panels of effects options, which include echo, reverb, tremolo, vibrato, chorus, pipe, pan. Portamento, high and low pass filters, centralise sample, smooth, phaser, bass and treble I SanpIerl Repeatl Editwl Prefsl You’ve already seen the scorebox - now let Tony (Tony Tone) Horgan fill you in on the of a spicy new budget sampler.
• w; +n1+.ill«l«I J Kl 81 I Hlmte As fai as sound quality goes,
Megalosound is aboc! As good as anyung else for the price, so
there s no problem there, and the gain-control is an unexpected
bonus. On the leatures Iront, nothing this cheap can touch it.
Unique editing functions l*e Ihe intelligent loop-finder. Three
types of sample mixing algorithms bundles of effects, direct
to disk recording, sampling rates of up to 56KHz in stereo on
an A1200 and other* make this the most comprehensive sample
editor you can buy for a two figure sum The only two things
that are missing are menus and a time-stretch feature I can
live without fhose, you can t go wrong Th«w pouy HIM Icon, an
one to. O.U. coxing bin you cm
b. goored to Hu ol to. Control pa M.
Boost, distort, metallic, flange and crosslade, all ot which are variable in a number of ways Some are available tor processing incoming sounds m realtime, and all ol them are available for atfecting the current sample in memory. If. Like me, you like a good range of effects to choose from to beef up your vocals phase the odd breakbeat and maybe distort a bttssline now ond then, these should be nght up your t It you MICRODEAL 34.95 A500 K «500. 01 A600 01 *1200 01 A150DOI A2000 01 A3000 01 A4000 01 MICRODEAL, THE OLD SCHOOL, GREENFIELD. BEDFORD, MK45 SDE.
TEL: 0525 713671. FAX: 0525 713716.
Whether you class this producf as user-lnendly or not depends on how imponant a standard Amiga interface is to you On the down side, Megalosound has an awful strip of icons that are used for the main editing functions, like zooming in. Cutting, pasting, loop- ing-and so on. They probably make sense to the programmer designer, but now are we supposed to know that a little bendy arrow and a box means 'paste from copy buffer"? It's limes like these that I like to be able to go up the puli-down menus, and select what I want from a plain and simple text menu. Unfortunately, all the pull-down menus
have been taken out.
VALUE FOR MONEY ??????????90% EFFECTIVENESS ??????????92% Good clear recordings, and uses Fas! RAM when avail- Most of the functions are selected from the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Thanktully these are more sensibly marked-up according to their functions, and standard tick boxes and sliders are used whenever necessary FLEXIBILITY ???????? *990% Buckets ot editing leatures. Reattimellecls. Direct to INNOVATION Stacks ot new ti 'Jim iTITI Ecfct I Horn I aU I Vibrato RePitch |Heurfb| Tr;i»lo| YFIjj RatelHz) mi Buffer (horns | P ipi | | tofanpja.
The new standard in budget 8-bit sampling.
Mediasource an also oltennj a low variations on Ore MS130. For £21) lass, Hu drkn Is available wrthoul me boa housing, to be titled internally. This Is only recommended however, lo Uiose who don't mind removing the inlemal floppy drive Irom Ihe Amiga, which Is necessary lo make room for the drive inside Ihe Amiga. 200MD and 300Mb drives are also available lor £240 and £300 nspeclhrsly, plus an additional £20 lor Ihe hoi and cables.
Drive yourself, there’s no way around this. Once you've got the top section ol the case out of the way. The long ribbon connector needs to be plugged into the IDE slot on the Amiga motherboard. Two further connectors then need lo be slotted onto contacts on Ihe internal floppy drive and the mother board Finally, trail Ihe nbbon out of Ihe left side of the Amiga, and reassemble the casing.
MEDIASOURCE £220 EASE OF USE ??????????80% i ALUE FOR MONEY INNOVATION ???? ??03% It's cheap, it’s fast, and it has a nice grey box.
87% OVERALL MS13I Want a fast IDE hard drive for the price of a slow one?
Tony Horgan installs his samples on a new alternative.
Before we go any further, it should be sard that the MS130 is just about the cheapest Amiga hard drive of its size you can lay your hands on. It's also one ol the fastest IDE drives too, clocking 652K per second according to Syslnfo. I say that now, as what follows might be a little ofl putting to the less screwdriver-happy Amiga users among us. Instead of silting inside the Amiga like some shy little 2.5 inch drives, Ihis one likes to sit proudly next to the computer, linked by its umbilical ribbon to the heart of your Amiga NURSE!
Installing Ihe MS130 is a much more delicate opera Don than lor most IDE drives, although the base technique is much the same Unfortunately, it involves removing the cover, which wil invalidate your warranty If you're going lo fit any type of IDE READY TO ROLL II should now bo ready lo go Power-up, and as Ihe hard drive aulobools lo a pre-inslalled Workbench, there's no need lor any software installation Delore you can use it. To make things even easier lor the first time user, there's a complete guide to the MS130, with further information on how hard drives work, explaining things like
partitioning, archiving, trouble-shooting and so on.
II that's not enough, you'll also find there's a load of useful PD programs sitting on the hard drive waiting to make your life a lot easier. Disk Sahr, Sysinto, Disk Spaed. Power Packer and New Zap are all found in the Utilities drawer, and there's even a drawer ol archived PD software including demos, applications, archivers, fish disks and games It beats the hell out of a clumsy installation disk and an empty box if you ask me. By the way. If you were thinking this sounds like quite a lot ol data, don't worry, all of Ihe installed software only takes about 10% ot the total disk space, and
delet ing what you don't want is no problem.
CONCLUSION There are so many hard drive options now that choosing the right one for your system can be a bit of a headache, so here's a checklist to help you decide. In short, Ihe MS130 is recommended if: a.you want a big drive for a low price, b.you want one ot the fastest IDE drives available, c.you like the idea of a lot of free software and a completely pte installed auto-booting Workbench.
D you don't mind invalidating your warranty or you warranty has expired, and e.you're not shy of connecting a few wires. Should you run into problems. Mediasource run a technical support line that should sort out any hiccups. It's not the simplest way to add a hard drive to your 600 or 1200, but once you’ve plumbed it in, the performance is excellent. The idea of bundling PD software and a load of disk utilities with the drive is spot on. It may not be the most visually pleasing option, but if it's performance at a low price you want, the MS130 is a pretty safe bet. 2Ji COLOUR KITS for
MONO PRINTERS Ever wished you’d bought a coiour printer instead ol a memo one? Wouldn't it be niee to print out pictures in cc4our? Now you can with Amiga Tlexkolor Kit’. Each Amiga Flexicotor kit comes complete with everything you need to print m colour, including superb software. The colour kit is simple lo use, the ribbons (it exactly the same way as your black nbbems so it will not affect your guarantee. Ako on all molds listed below paper alignment is automatic, vou do not have lo manually align. PRINTS AS GOOD AS COLOUR PRINTER. If your printer is not ksted below pkase phone. Amiga
Hedcolor kits for Star LC10, LC20, all Star 24 Pin. Panaamic 1080 81 1123 1124. Fpscm FXSI, 1X100, LQOOI dc. Citizen 1201)*, NEC Ph. P6*. Plea* note colour kits come complete with coloured ribbons. COMPLETE KIT 09.85 I ( I T-Shirt Printing Ribbons I COLOUR PRINTER RIBBONS PRINT ON NORMAL PAPER IRON ON T-SHIRT Don’t throw away your plastic printer ribbon cases when the ribbon wears out. Just take the top off, take out the old ribbon and reload it with a new one. It’s simple. Full instructions supplied.
Reloads for.- Star 1X200 9 Pin 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1 Reload - (5.99 5 Reloads - £23.95 Star 24 Pin 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1 Reload - £6.99 5 Reloads - £29.95 Citizen Swift 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1 Reload - £6.99 5 Reloads - £29.95 Panasonic 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1 Reload - £6.99 5 Reloads - £29.95 Ink ribbons also available in Gold, Silver, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Brown, Green, Blue, Red for a wide range of printers.
Special reink for Panasonic printers and Star 1X2009- pin black 59ml bottle I .£14.95 4 Colour Citizen Swift ..... _..._.£29.95 4 U«J( w»Swtft;KH»di f 14 95 4 Cutaar Star UI 1C £1499 4 SojujrStw IXTOOiPb* 0995 4 Iotou *V ua»9 pin :KeU*d» . J1295 4 Ccdotr Star 1X200 24 fxi £2* 9b 4 Cotour Star 24 Pin : ReLud I ... 114.99 I Cufcm* Gum I20D S«ift . £11 99 I Colour Sui ICI0 Cl 195 Icolm Star U 2009 Pin it.
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includes new feature to insert colour p word processor
documents. * Page cc
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* Multiple copies control
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unMiWAat EST 1991
U2llhe Contmt Ditk II12 Modem Utils 173-1 Red Dctilt Hllit I
II35- Sounduacker Special 1138 Pair".MutK.Media U39_ Card
Designer 1141 Red Devils Utils 4 1143 lulurr Composer U44 Kef
runs Male*... U45 P.E Giant Utils 168 1147 label Designer
1149. Lllimate Icon Di* 1150 Power Comp Utih U5I Jar Bench U55
..Vuicalc 1157 Quickhench U59 1onl DcMgixr U60...D Paint
Horn* I L6I D Paint loots 2 U62. Med 3.20 U63...Direct Anon
164. IhMarM Designer U66...CIJ Help ? Xher*
1167. ..5.tracker Mega U68...Ultimate Boras I
l. '69...Ultimate Bools 2 1773 Pcmcrlogo U74...M-Cad 075 .Journal
Hume Ace's 076 ...Home Ulilllkt 07?..EIeetrocad
1778. .. Am. Bate USI.BoolheKk V20
l. «2...Slideshow Maker IW3...Catalog W.rtsrtvp I UM ..Catalog
Wiekshop 2
1. 187...Hard Disk Utih 089-94...Amateur Radio (6 U95...C-Ligln .
Others GI67...0 »t Kite G168... Wastelands G170. . . Space
BtkU GI7I...CWySue GI72...Make A Break Gl .Diay Uuy G4 Scum
Halos G5. .Parachute Ioum G6...1raak Preddie 1175 (hhclki
0178. Evil Ivad Game GI79...1 untel GI80-l8I...PComptl«2
1182...Diplomacy GI83...Tta:tra Beam G184 Mrtnr Duel 1185
iome Boy Teois 2 GI Kti Water Worlt GI87._Act Of War
GI88Mutans Garnet GI89-l93-Timelotdt 1-5 GI94 Nirvana
0195-196 Ncighfsiuts (2) 0197 Amcrtu Invaders GI9B Game Boy
Tetm I GI99 Teutn 0200 Ran Rears 2 0201 D» Mario 0204 Anhdo
0205 Cheats Di* 2 (.206 Cheats 1)1* 3
C. flW Airport 1209. E.R.AC. G2I0...The Golden lleecr G2II
legend of latthian G2I2-2I4 Timcl«il'6 8
0215. . Amos. Games I
0216. Super Sid
0217. ..Light Bikes (,.M. Relaver G2l9..Air Hockey G220...Amo»
Child Quit G221 Tesas (Tiainsaw G222 ..Roukne G223.Piemicr
PR* G224...Thtusl Duel G225...WthhR Giddy G226...Super l wt
G227...Ennt Salad Cm.Brainbow G229..Jcuptad GI2...Aslcmidt
GI3. ..Llmtalroi GI4. .Escape Prcan Jovt 115 Mona
Adventure (¦16 . Gmmd Attack GI?...Megatull GI8...Insiders
(luh 019 Vaekut Advemurrs 020 Banlefoece Drum Cate
G24...Ritgt Of Zon G25 Mayhem (.26 Mechflight G27...The
Tetwii Game G28...Hatd*ier G29 . Bwk Rogers G«» (irc slayer
Gsi Me$ £r3k I 2 035-37...Sur Tre* 2 (3) i38-*9...Mechfc«ce
(2) G4»...KIcwdyke
042. ..Car G4 3 . . .Games Ceanp 2
044. ..5.E.U.C.K. Garnet U45...Sacc Garnet Comp G46.Garnet Conp 3
G48... Rays Gam- Di* 049 fiamctC«np4
(350. ..Games Ccanp 6 G5l-S2...TmcklnE (2) G53...Jelpoc (155 .
Qu»k Aad Silva
056. Minlhhu G57 .lamer Gun 158 .. Garnet comp 7 G59...Ganiet
comp 8 60 Porn Pum Gunner G6I . Caterunncr
062. Crytlal Cavcmt 063 Intact GM liemal Rome G65. Lemminvoidt
G66 DowwHill Challenge 167 lameSTHOns (168 Paranoid 169
Pugg let GTO- Ouumaw Death G71 Tirate Pete's Trraturc
072. Serene 2 G73._Catllet 174 . Dyiumilc Dick 075 Card Gams I
076 Wiuy't Quest 1T7 .Growth ¦78-Skate G79._Alic Alac
180. ,Nan4emc Sim »l HTOitrtl 182 laaer awe 1*3.
.lemmings Pack G*4. Star Trek SE.UP 1*5 l«nri GS7 .
Matched Pair* 0*9. SnnkcPit (Ml... cut 192. Bliuard G93.
.The Mare Gan*
094. .. Subculture 095 ..Hollywood Trivia G97..Stwotuut
099. ..Holy Grail Adventure & ' iiiiiantcamiduaaama'iWnM
ItIWUUUJ&* •*»¦• rw IMII tin* n.t nun n»-a '4-O.u 121»» Ian
iw« Or •• ns n» in mom 171 MSB ¦(*¦ 1*040 Ur i *nun k* i*iw
l. m?UllMlmnal lB n.afaln nwlte
096. ..GPX Utih I UIOO Ham l«h IJ 101 ...Sid V20 DIOR A-Gene
(J11.3...Midi UlililKs 0118 1 l9...VHIeo Utih (2)
UI32...GFXUlih2 UI3.VlM...NatlhC(2| 0136 .CrottDoit (demo)
111. 18 .Squid Squad Ulilt 0139 .TernUaalmt V1.0 HI 40. .Squash I
(2.(Mraly) UI4I Squash 2 2.04 endy) UI42 Test Plus 3
0144. . Dennis Saoiptes I (1145 1 Signal Intro Design UI47
Spectrum Emulator 0151 Slipstream V Kilters 0152 .Red
Des.lt Unit 6 0154 Amigafin W P 0155-P.DUtrfi Duct Di* UI6*
.Qmekbrach • f204) II161 Rim Itetabote UI66 Denntt't Hack
Di* UI67.
- I - (iltgMRTRm at. ¦watrniteiUM dn ms rc miu mtw 1 n in i. mm i
nai 11 • n»na nuauumsi tmumti. ,'m.«
0233. .. G234...Colour Changes G235...Bank X Britain
0236. ..5uper TwiMn 0237 Castle 0238 NunuiWI* Only) 12W...Kung
In Iturlcs AS3-J A54...3D Spacedup AS5...Mr Pctaio Head
A59...I IW Lescl Flight A63...Amy V's Walker A64 Real
Pinball Anim A66.. Ivaky Pig Anim A67... Adventure* Of
Chuck A707I. Ma. Overdrive (2) A73-.Spicedmnle Atum
A74...(ihostbustei* . Hone A76...Alarm Anim A77...Plighl
Anim A78...Piano Anim A79...Dart Anim AMI ...Bad Bird Anim
A8I...Hobdiy Anim A82...KIM The Eish A85. Miners Atum
A86...Pockel WaRh Anim A9d93...Th* Movie* 2 (4) A95...My
TinToy A96...T-PW 2 Anim A99...Terminalor .3 AlOO-DuWiin
Dream- A101 102...Thundeititrds (2) A10.1 ...History of Amy
AKM.Pogo Anim(2 h SLIDES SI_IUm Prs Show I 54 Madonna
slides S' Movicsur slides S6 .Party Disaster 55 Immaculue
ColkctRai S9 Simpsims Slides SIOII ..Chmnel 42 (2)
512. ..Bruce Ixe Slides S14 ... Adams himily
515. ..VU Mag Slides SI’...Docklands Jane
518. ..Dr W3» Ivmo
520. ..Na*a Slides S22-24...WWE Slides (3)
527. ..Demons Sliifcs S28 ..Total Recall
529. . Joe's Slides
530. ..Ham Pies Show 2 S3?. Neighbours Slakes S 3.3...Roger Dean
slides S 34. . .Imn Maiden Slides S35-3A...Tobias Richter
S. 3H...Ba*ct case 2
539. ..Etxa Sbdo S40.Era»n n IV«vnc 2 S4L. Era.mn Ivvtne I
542. ..Gokfcs Gate Slides
543. . Cham taw Slippers
544. ..Cry EorDaww S45-.Krgs.tcn Realms (2)
547. ..Kick OfT 3 Slides
548. . El) Slideshow S49-52...Tcrminalor (4)
553. ..Rohocop 2 Slides S54. TrackrtiasUr Slides S" lagotten
Realms 2 S56Gorf*M Slides S57. Pawtthrckcr Slides
558. .-Hel»raiser Slides S59. Night Breed Slides S60 Raytracing
S6I. Honor Slides S70 Muscle Mam.
S71. ..Crealure Comforts 572-.n* Wonder Years 573 Watcrship Down S75_Eemni 348 Pics S76 Brlindi Carlisle S77_CherShde* UI76- UI77SUT Cturt.
0179 ISO. .Dice(2) Ul*I -Cellar Itena) Maker UI *6 206 . Track Im 1(130 11207..1.on Collrcticai I U208 D»sc hwet lontt I U211 Chenartihclics U212...Animated Pointers 1121 3 IV* Top Hublidvr 0215 . Mctty Sid 2 11216...Mater V Killrr 2.2 0218 Data Raw Wizard U223...Tra Pin Dila Ba* 1224 . Q Bate Data Bate 0226 . Games Schakatt I U23I...D-Painl lonh 3 U235.Am.Cath VI 17238 Icimmanta U240.. lccn bdlluc
0252. ..0.taommt 2.0
0254. ..New Supertillm 2 13255...Prccricker *10 0256 . Alar ST
Emulator U258...D Copy 3 U2A2...PC EirailMot U273...Vidi
Fond I
l) 274...lllinoi Lahdt 0275 .600 Buurn* letters
0279. ..1.voice Printer (J2X3...Headlinc limtt
0289. .. Amos Updaaer U290...Kickuan 2.0
0293. ..Black Dger Olilt 2 0294 .Tc.l Engine V4 0 (1296.
.Ultunite Di* Cm U297...IO Pt) Ccpten U298...Pna racket V30
02‘» ..AddrrttPnm V3.I
0. 303. . .Game Tamer U308...Mmic Bate VI
U. 309 PP Minicruntfi 0311 .Vmnr[4i V2.J0
U. 3I.3...PIO 'unions
0314. .Pools Wi aid Ir U319 .liner V2.I U320 .Garden Ivugner
0. 327. .Bericr S»f
0. 329 Music Eneine V3.4 U330 Slarvic- U33I X-Bcal Pro 0332
Superview V24 01(81..Amen Comdrcw OKU...CTattic Comp I
GIU2...Card Game* 2 GI03...Super Skoda Chall GI04...Grand Prt«
Sim GI06...Computer Conflict 2 GI07 Mitucw X Raid 2 G108...NO
Game Gl 10...Thckv . The Tom Gill ...Martile Slide Gl
12...Garnet Coenp 10 Gl 13...Black lack IjR
0114. ..Dungeon (XMadroj Gl 15...Amiga Cnlumnt 0116 ...Rnhocopln
Iraq (II17...Mutant Camlt GI2HI22...Watock(3) Gl24...Bart
Sinonw (1126 . A* Ace 2 1127 . Btrakoul Con Kit G128
Pipeline GI29...DungOf Ihtriddn GI32 PwcrsQuest 0133 Star
Tick 3 Gl 14 I’lrender GI39JX*rToDDc« G143. .Solid Quad
GI44 Omega Race 1145 MitttonX Raid J 1146 Trek 73 0147
Watk In 3 GI48 Squats Revenge 1149 Skylight G150...Wei
Beaver 1151 Aintuwia 0152 Wizard Werti EDUCATION
EI...EdacaionPack I
I. 2.. likiatiin Plk 2 ES-liihxaticn Pack 3 E4 Ilka:alien Pack 4
E3...Bdacatkn pack 5 lA lakxalien Pack 6 E7...llka:alieaal
Weehh I E8 llkaratienal Qan*s
1. 9 Math Dnll EIO Amiga KaKlKm Com Ell DevwareBdComo El2 Simon
Say* • S Maths EI3_Kid* Paint EI4 Stceykind 2 t'oliur It
Colour Ttr EI7-.D.T.P. K«C El* Algrtea
1. 19 Amosagraii E20... Animalland'
1. 21 Animnl Sound* 122 Military War Scu» B23. VehKle-Sounds
124 25 . . . Rend * Learn I 126-Jumcr Maths G156.. Smash Telly
GI59 Billy The Dragon Gl«l ..l-Chlng GI62-.T GI63..2 GI64
BRADFORD, W YORKS BD14 6SJ f One Demo 023* llaiKtvufc
D239..lemnUng* Revenge 0240 laal Rcsgeiy D243..Budrain 3
1) 244 Phrnon*na brenfc* 024' Total Retrial D247..I D2S3..CIiS r
D2M .Total Kccotint D257..Tnul Rebate
0262. .Seourolytk 0264-D Mob M IVrno D267 .SunCtmnc.tHW 2
D270..Kefrwts Hie Wall D27L.1ime Hydra D272..ElecnK Ivmo*
I D274..Defpoeket* Demo DJNi.Cave La Weird
0279. Baqul Demo D2SV28I IVIcrious 2) D307..l_SJ Demo
0312. .Detilt Coheirs
D. IM.Trakmn D315. The Groove Kan)mn 0325 326. Real “ ' *
032K 329Jtcd D330..Dwknc» MAVmo D332 .Melted Fsperknsv
D333-337..Gdywey (5) 0340 .Watchman l)cn* D34I.Anarchy Smoker
D. 342..ld 2l»The Revenge D341 344 Hardwired (2) D346..Wddfi«c
M Demo D347..Mtndwarp M Dtmo D34H 349.Skirao Demt*2)
D35»352..Tr»acle leam(3) D358..Mr Men Slorict ; la Believ M
The Art D36I Mayday Hcvstance 0362 363. Jesus On E's f 2) 0364
11th Tank D365 Optimum Pressure ..360 Mind Hh« 0367 .Inlhc Out
Demo D368 Dynamic llkon.i. D369-Piece Of Mind O370TI) Demo 2
D371 lethal litN D376 Weld of 'nmmtakn D377 Clauslraphobia
0381) Hooter Demo D3*l The Trip D382 3. Project Tnh«*o 2 D184
Interspace 03X6 Mindwaip (AGA) 0387 Panta Rhci (AGA) D388
070. Amo* *1) Derm D74...A Trip To Mara
076. ..A2000 GenlockDrtno 0*1*1 Budbram I (2) M3. BtaJbrain 2
[R5...Cn«in Nevcrwhcrr D87 pMhana demo DIOI AlcMra M Dcmo *
DI02..A Chaplin Demo
0103. .Total Ivuiucticn OKI*. Ml H Item: Comp 4 DI06.WaHe»S.T
Demos Dll I..Defcon I Dl I’.Auitn M Demo 0118 Call M TVtiK.
0125. .Pncitc Drmo
DI. 3 3 finrution 0136 Gotdliir Mcgademo 0137 13* SoWhai(2)
DI39..Drvil»*No Reality" 01*4 Ike Silcmt “ke" DI4S Crystal
Symphonic* DI4H. Hay Of Hope 2 DI49 No Brain No Pam
DI58 l59.C»h«x IvnW?)
0195 Coaiial Ccanp 0197 MC Dl* I Coou DI99l»d Of Century 1999 : 3» Dreamers 3 Dfl* Avenger* MflVmo D2lb 2l7..Bauo Malic (2)
1) 218 Disorder Demo DJI9 Tail Inull D225..Cool Fridge Draw DEMOS
Dl Mental Hangover ?J lotereeptcr Drmo D4 .Wild Center
DI0...I7BU MuBcDcraOB DII ...W«1d Demos 21 Dl* Total Reran
Item DI4 I5 Picdaliast?)
021X21.-Red Sector) 2) 0?V25...NewTek Rcel3(2l D26 ...Total Kcmu 2 Drmo D27 . .T V Tlone DIO..Epic Draw 0*4.PI). Collection D» Vinual Wot kit D37.Vcs.1ra Sinking Demo
DM. ..TH- Drmo Voyage
040. ..Saly Demo A1200 DEGRADER NOWIN ONLY €1.50 each MOST DISKS
WILL WORK NOW A I.3. Juggler Demo AI6 .Cord Cougar
AI7...MemoCycle Anim AI8. Rohocop Anim A20 Mayhem On Wheels
A2I..Jugeoe 2 A22 . Shultkvock Anim A23..T-PW Anim A27..
.Fleet Mraouvre A28 Billited Atum A29. F HHse leases Dock
A30...Slarwan 2 Anim A31 Star Trek AnUn A32.Jla.ion revenge
A34. Mwkwau Anim A35 Stealthy Atutns 2
A. 36_Raider* Of The I Art
A. 37 -Bug' Bunny Show A38 Iraq V* UK Aram A39 Mike Tyson anim
A4Z ..Walker 2 A43 WalkerS A45 46 .Light Cycle (2) A47
Ksplodmg Head A4* Poltcc Car Clutc A49...Top Gun Demo A50.
Animal on Dcnv) A5I...5 Way.To Kill a Mole A52.Another 5 Ways
579. ..1.rcdd*s Ivad
580. ..Wendy lames Slides SHI. 13* Invisible WaM S82-H3.Terminal*
2 (2) .'84 fantasy Pic* S85. Gulf War Slide*
586. ..Magical Pics S88 Gsilf War Trdwte S89-9D snhmg Kthy (2)
S9IJJdorido Slide* ANIMS A I...Prot* Sequence A2 . ..Ghost
Pool A3 . Jogger . Magician A4.. Gymnast Ivmo A5...1naal I
light A6 ...Ba*elhall Ivmo A8...Walker Demo A9...Magician 2
112. OTHER ANT ATOHS ETC 7 disks for only £10.50 - pip HQW TQ
QRPER All you need to do It put tf* number* of the dak*
required and *4tnd il lo Ihe addre** below along with a
cheque or PO made payable lo MOUSE HOUSE . .. MOUSE
MAI...... AMIGA MOUSE 10 CAP BOX ..... A500
COVER ... A60O COVER . Al 200 COVER ..... 3 5
lAWKJAGFS PLAT Gaf.'ES orrecl postage to en speedy del ivery
CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST has its fair share of supporters. Dave
Smithson exam- ines Black Legend’s new Craft AMOS extension.
Such techie tasks', Black Legend kindly include a utility that does the job for you - all you have to do is to tell the installer what version of AMOS you have and it installs the files and then creates a disk packed with demonstration listings.
The year 1993 was certainly something of an Annus Ftombilis' (as the Queen would say) for Europress' AMOS programming language.
With the arrival of Acid Software's Blitz Basic 2 and Europress' inability to keep AMOS up to dale with recent developments in the Amiga market, Blitz's greater code performance and extended command set has been just too tempting for most AMOS owners, resulting in a mass-migration as Amiga users dumped their copies of AMOS in favour of Acid's more capable language.
Rumour has it that Francois Lionet, the programmer ot AMOS, is currently hard at work on both AGA and Intuition extensions for AMOS Professional that will allow programmers to bring their copies of AMOS bang up to date. Rumour also has it that Francois is even considering AMOS Professional version 3, although this seems highly unlikely. Until Francois does come up with the goods, however, owners can inject new life into their copies of AMOS thanks to Black Legend Software's new Craft extension. Craft is compatible with both AMOS Professional and AMOS Classic', although Craft doesn't work
with Easy AMOS.
Before you can start using the addition commands that Craft has to offer, the two Craft '.lib' files that contain the Craft instructions have to be installed onto your AMOS System Disks. For those of you that break out in a sweat at the thought of CRAFT WORK Unlike most AMOS extensions, Craft is a ‘multi-function’ extension. That is, the new commands that it delivers cover a wide range of different aspects of programming. The name 'Craft is actually a pseudonym for Colours, Requesters, Audio, Fractals and Turtle’ which does give some indication of what Craft is capable of. Some of the
areas that Craft addresses are somewhat obscure, to say the least - Craft provides direct support for Sound Tracker modules', for example, despite the fact that all versions of AMOS since 1.34 have supported them too. Solaris (the Finnish programmers of the program) claim that these commands were added to Craft before the release of version 1.34 of AMOS and so they simply decided to leave them in. In fairness to Solaris, however. Crafts Sound Tracker support is better than Francois Lionet’s commands and so they’re still worth obtaining.
By far the most interesting aspect of Craft has to be its range of Fractal graphic commands. Craft includes all the commands you could possibly need to generate and then manipulate both Mandelbrot and Julia fractals. What’s more, because Crafts commands are written in pure assembly language, the program generates fractals considerably faster
- 1 than even the fastest fractal generator written using AMOS'
own instructions. A full range of additional commands are
provided to allow you to move around and explore fractal
graphics at your leisure. These commands produce some
stunning images, but some form of fractal landscape commands
would have possibly been more useful to most AMOS
Il graphics ol this quality can be achieved with just a single command.
DESIGNER LOGO Craft also adds a full range df 'Turtle' graphics commands similar to those tound in the 'Logo' programming language. The basic concept behind Turtle graphics is that instead ot drawing lines and boxes relative to the top lett-hand comer of the screen, you draw onto the screen by writing control programs for an invisible turtle that works not unlike the BigTrack' toy that used to be so popular a few years back (remember that onel). To draw a box, tor example, you’d tell the turtle to move forward and then draw a line ot a fixed length, move left and then draw another line, left
again and so on until all four sides of the box were drawn. It's a strange concept, but very easy to get used to.
Sound Tracker 'mod' file support is now an integral part ol AMOS but Crafts Sound Tracker commands are a cut above the rest. Most importantly, Craft’s commands don't take over the entire sound system, so you're tree to play samples whilst a Sound Tracker module is being played which is ideal for adding sound tracks to games. Craft also adds two new forms of requester to AMOS - a Guru-like Recoverable Alert' and a very useful 'OK Cancel' style requester. Bundled with Craft are also lull source code tor a number ot other requester types including a tully featured colour requester. Adding
these to your own programs is reasonably easy.
CONCLUSION Craft certainly isn't the language extension that answers every criticism ever levelled at AMOS, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. It may lack many of the more obvious features that AMOS users are screaming out for - Intuition and AGA support being just two - but Solaris have made it clear that this is only the first of many Craft extensions. It Craft becomes a success. Solaris will produce upgrades complete with commands that cover user's own suggestions. In the meantime, however. Crafts already impressive array ol commands is just too tempting to miss,
especially at such a low price. It you're serious about your AMOS coding, then you'd be a tool to miss Craft. O BLACK LEGEND SOFTWARE £25.99 A5D0 WA A500+ WA A600 WA A1200 WA A1500 WA A2000 WA A3000 WA A4000 WA BLACK LEGEND UK LTD, GUILDFORD HOUSE, 20 GUILDFORD ROAD, ST. ALBANS, HERTS AL1 5JY.
VALUE FOR MONEY 30CUMENTATI0N For all AMOS users, Craft is just too good to miss.
OVERALL 86% KOQBGDK] LP1200 PCL5 LASER PRINTER 400dpi 2rAM 6pPM HP LASERJET HI" COMPATIBLE • FLASH ROM UPGRADEABLE! v Ricoh, have used the* expertise to produce a hnt in laser printers, tt LP1200 with FLASH ROM HP LaserJet compatible, the LP120C.
Employs industry proven laser technology which. UnUke LED printers, uses a laser light source to produce the most accurate and intense printed images at a range ol print resolutions up to 400dpr. A fast M efficient processor and engine, plus a straight paper path design allows printing at a full 6 pages per minute. The 2Mb RAM vorsion prints a full A4 page ol text or graphics al 300dpi. Using standard J resident fonts and Ihe alternate controller firmware suppliod, It J can also print an A4 page of text or A5 page of graphics at A PLAIN PAPER FAX OPTION
• ONLY £120 The IP 1200 is the World's First Laser Printer to
have the option ot being upgraded to a PC aidependent plain
paper la« Just download the software (C120.«a | mlo the LP1200S
Flash ROM and connect any UnrtrxHlem to the Serial Port (we
recommend the Pace Microlm FX • f 180.*at) Using the Windows
and DOS software supplied you can send and receive laser
Quality lam al over the 400dpi and. Using the Windows driver
supplied, an A4 page ot text .
Af 400dpi from ____ n*c*-.s faxes «nen PC n i-fttiM on Uw pnnltr for punting -ni. Neewng Itwt «i DackgrcMuJ mod* Use userJK or layout protocol docurami Send ti*» ‘.om any w apptcaiion IODEM HARDWARE FEATURES • ClSO-nr worm TOP TRAY ICPTDNAL.EXTRAI 1 The 4Mb RAM version can pant a full A4 page of graphics nr 400 dpi and makes full use of Ihe LP1200 s 400 dpi printing capabilities, such as using Microsoft Windows fonts Unique additional standard features include FLASH ROM 'future proof technology and LAYOUT - a powerful document description language. The LP1200's unique internal FLASH ROM. Which
holds Ihe ponter controller firmware, can easily be updated as new developments m technology occur This protects the CORPORATE SALES TEAM Tel 061-308 0888 Fax 061-3080608 investment you make m buying a Ricoh LP1200. Other manufacturers would reqUre you to buy a new prmteti Internal FLASH ROM and mdustry standard FLASH ROM PCMCIA cards can also be used to permanently store fonts, macros, graphics and extra emulations Agam.
Unlike the competition, the LP1200 includes LAYOUT, a powerful and intuitive document description language as standard. This offers unique opportunities to Fu-¦ develop custom made printing systems. A.. iqi5» P'»»hm »«» Forms and document templates can be nf *predesigned complete with logos and stored -- electronically in the LP1200's FLASH ROM, „ alleviating the need for pro panted forms!
The LP1200 comes with a 100 sheet A4 paper tray as standard An optional wwerta) 25W " feeder automatically feeds up to ISO sheets of paper (up to l69gsm). IS envelopes. ¦ a’ CONSUMABLES * ACCESSORIES 7400 Baud Cata modrm Hiyn compiDM - UK imrMKAPt 5 y«ar auranty on moOtm ircWes toWnodrm. Mftaar* man* adaptn* Mrtll catres.
PSTN connected Nad and nanuali C» C* t CCMPAIfltn OMIY 6 PAGES PER MINUTE 2md RAM AS STANDARD Upgrade to 4m. RAM only £85...' * m below PCLS - ac HP-GL 2 with scalable fonts and wcto. Graph.ei SHARP EDGED PRINTING Ricoh RIAL tFtna Image Algonthmt enhances resoAitton 400dpi RESOLUTION Ideteult res. - 300dpi. Wm address 200. 240 A 400dpil UNIQUE FLASH ROM For controller upgrade and storage PCMCIA CARD SLOT iromM.iw For programmable FLASH ROM cards EXPANSION BOARD SLOT For improved connectivity eg. CoaxlTwtnax. PC-LAN etc LAYOUT Document Description Language SERIAL * PARALLEL PORTS 1 YEAR
ON-SITE WARRANTY Next working day response FREE DELIVERY MiM.r*. -I IPKIUtXI Mb RAM 2 MAIL ORDER: M The Mews. Matherfey Rd SidCuo. Kent. DAI4 40X Tel: 081-309 1111 P*. Bow Cqun M*vSM 80 U»».«0Cp« N) La*» **gfl Q» rg___Em 1 CBI-MI 0U» SILICA OFFER YOU 10ND0N SHOP: '. '',!••••.! I* T-l 071 560 4000 Otwig mn Mttl-SU ojowraoaw_H HM Ngll OfM-g___Em 071-MS 4TJ7 LONDON SHOP: Seltndgr. Oxford Street. London W1A tAB Tel: 071-629 1234 CW g Tur Hx-So taW Ikym L WW VifW, _1.1 X. 3H4 SIDCUP SHOP 1-4 The Mews Hathertey Rd. Sifcup Kent 0A14 40X Tel MI-312 Mil Or tmrt -T '¦ ESSEX SHOP KadtfN MW. Hah SMI
SouMenS-on-Sea Esso SSI 1LA M: 0702 468039 cammrn »¦¦¦ I ii M»eC»4 ae urn am iumm ¦ hw f w ow»« » IPSWICH SHOP » Walertoo House Westgate St ipswch IP13EM Tei $ 473 221313 PLEASE SEND INFORMATION ON RICOH LP1200
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On al hirdunr* owki* sn»oi In in* IU
Company Name (il apphcaWe): Addrosa:--------- .. I Wtitcfi computed*). * any, do you own? --------- WW J 081-309 1111 competition to offer the best A1200 upgrade has become fierce. GVP were first to strike with the A1230 Turbo, and now after less than a year, CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST they’re hitting back with an altogether more impressive piece of kit.
Mat Broomfield opens up his A1200 yet again.
GVP have a reputation tor innovation and they've now turned their thoughts to the challenge ot producing the ullimate Amiga 1200 upgrade. The problem with the At 200 is that you can only add one internal expansion board.
The computer's chips are all surface mounted (soldered to the circuit board) so you can't start removing them and adding new ones like you could with the A500 or A2000. That means that it you want to add an upgrade board to the computer. You either have to buy the ultimate upgrade in the first place, or you must resign yourself to having to trash the board you do buy when subsequent ones arise At the moment, possible upgrades indude RAM cards, maths co-processor boards. SCSI cards, accelerators and even an Ethernet board. It's common to find that manufacturers offer two or even three ot
these options on a single card, with the most common being a RAM and maths co-pro combo.
JACK OF ALL TRADES Like CSA before them. GVP have tried to produce an expansion that is all things to all men. Whereas CSA's 12-Guage board mduded an accelerator.
Maths co-pro. And SCS11 and 2 interface, with optional RAM and Ethernet add-ons, GVP have taken a more modest approach which, to a certain extent, puts more choice in the hands of the user.
. Horhb.nch i.f7f.«?
Rearf Me- riROt T Their boards comprise of an accelerator.
However, you can again add a maths co-pro and RAM, and you can also add a SCSI controller. But that's not all as there's lar more to this device lhan meets the eye.. The board's full name is the GVP A1230 Turbo Plus Performance Senes II. The A1230-II for short' It comprises a large PCB that plugs into the expansion slot beneath the A1200 Although it is easy enough to fit. Once In place there's not a millimetre of spare space in the expansion slot.
A JUNGLE OUT THERE The PCB is a jungle ol components, many of which use VLSI, a manulacturing technique that GVP are exceptionally good at. VLSI stands lor Very Large Scale Integrafion. It's a buzzword (buzz-acronym?!) That describes a way of squeezing huge amounts of components onto relatively small computer chips by using state-of- the-art miniaturisation techniques. Because GVP
717. zee olh.r n* 000,-raa- manufacture their own chips, they are
able to invest in the equipment capable of this degree ot
minialurisation, which in turn means that they can produce
more complicated and more leature-packed equipment than
most of the opposition.
Anyway, back to the board, this jungle ol components includes a full 68030 processor chip, running at a |aw dropping 50MHz This is the same as the processor used in the WHAT USE IS AN MMU An MMU or Memory Management Unit to use Us lull name, is a part ol the processor which controls the rate ot (low ol inlormation in and out ol the chip, ensuring that none gets back logged. Although it is not used by most software, and doesn't yield dramatic improvements on the performance ol the chip, ft is an absolute requirement tor two very popular pieces ot up-martel software.
The lirst program is GigiMEM a program that lets hard drive owners turn their drives into Virtual RAM. This means that as tar as the computer's concerned, your hard drive has just been turned into additional RAM. This is ideal when you're dealing with 24-bit images that can easily occupy ten or more megabytes ol memory.
The other program is called Entorcer and it's a serious programmer's tool which is used lor detecting and trapping certain types ol memory allocation error which might otherwise cause a program to crash.
CSA 12-Guage and, ol course, produces comparably impressive results. In tact, the only thing laster than this is an A4000 040. Because GVP have opted for a full 68030. As opposed to the 68EC030 chip found In both their A1230 and A530 accelerators, you'll also be able to take advantage of the built in MMU if you own software that uses it.
Near the processor is a slot for a maths co-pro- cessor (sometimes called an FPU). If you do a lot of maths intensive work such as ray tracing or fractal generation, you can use this slot to add a 68881 or 68882 co-pro which will speed up this sort of work Also on the PCB are two SIMMS slots via which you can add up to 32 very expensive megabytes of 32-bit RAM. The SIMMs that you must use are GVP s proprietory ones which are CHOICES, CHOICES The A1230-II comes in numerous configurations to suit every pocket. At the bottom ol the line there's a 40MHz version that uses a 68EC030 processor which
doesn't include an MMU. Although this is £130 cheaper than the equivalent 50MHz version. I would not recommend it simply because you never know what requirements future software will have.
Still, at only £249, it offers the cheapest power-for- price ratio of any accelerafor on Ihe Amiga market, and is ideal if you only use your A1200 for a bit of art, maybe a little DTP or word processing or even some music. And. Of course, il does mean that those of you on a tight budget will be able to sample Ihe joys of acceleration too.
At the top of the line is the 50MHz accelerator with the full 68030 processor and MMU. It comes populated with 8Mb of 32-bit RAM. Although it doesn't include an FPU.
This is apparently because 50MHz FPUs are still relatively new, and Silica have yet to decide on a suitable supplier or price point for them.
Comparably priced with other types, but cannot be plugged into other SIMM-using computers if you ever change machines. On the plus side, any of you who already own GVP SIMMs such as those found in the HD8+ and A530 Turbo hard drives, can simply remove them from the older peripherals and plug them into this card.
CONNECTIVITY The basic system is impressive: a full 68030 accelerator running at 50MHz, with space for 32Mb of 32-bit RAM and a maths co-processor. However, this is the really innovative bit: the A1230-11 includes a special feature connector to which you can add a 16-bit direct-to-disk sound sampler, a SCSI card or a real-time video digitiser.
The connector comes in the form of a slot on the board. This slot can be accessed via the blanking plate at the back right-hand side of your Amiga.
Remove the plastic cover and you can slide peripherals in and attach them directly to the A1230-IPs board. At the moment there’s only one peripheral available, a SCSI card that allows your A1200 to support up to seven SCSI devices such as hard drives, tape streamers and even CD-ROM drives (not the CD32 drive though).
GVP are confidently promising that there will be at least two additional peripherals available by the first quarter of next year. To be honest, they made predictions about the availability of mini-slot peripherals for the HD8 and A530 Turbo hard drives, but apart from a PC emulator, the other promised extras never matenalised. Mind you, to be charitable, they do seem to have these A1230-II peripherals already designed, it's simply a matter of production and packaging.
CONCLUSION On its own. The A1230-II is a nice enough unit. It doesn’t come with the SCSI connector that the 12- Guage includes, but it's about £50 cheaper. The really unique thing about this card is its expandability. Whilst you can add an Ethernet card to the CSA 12-guage, the A1230-II lets you add a SCSI card, 16-bit sampler and a graphics digitiser, although no more than one at a time I'm afraid.
Still, it looks like being the neatest way for A1200 owners to get into 16-bit sampling, and may even help to establish a long overdue 16-bit sample standard on the Amiga.
If sampling and digitising aren't important to you, then I still think that the CSA 12-Guage is the better buy. If they are, or if you own GVP SIMMs already, this is a very exciting option at a reasonable price. The fact that you don't have to invalidate your warranty in order to use the SCSI add-on is a big bonus. GVP £249 upwards A1200 ONLY VALUE FOR MONEY JARGON BUSTERS
• Accelerator: A computer upgrade (usually a card or board) that
increases the speed at which the computer works.
• Co-pro : Short for Maths Co-Processor.
• Ethernet card: A card for the Amiga which allows you to link it
to a network ol other computers (either Amigas or Pcs).
; • FPU: Floating Point Unit. Another expression for Mafhs Co-Processor.
• Graphics digitiser: A device lor converting a video signal
taken from a camera. VCR or other similar source, and
converting it into a digital format that can be manipulated
and stored on the computer.
• Maths Co-processor: An optional chip that is used specifically
for maths operations in a computer. Doesn’t give much of an
overall speed increase, but can improve certain operations
• Mhz: Megaherz. A speed rating used in this context to specify
Ihe speed of a chip. The higher the number the faster the chip
can process data. Usual figures on the Amiga range between 7.14
(for a bog standard A500) up to 50 for the A1230-II.
• PCB: Printed Circuit Board.
• Processor: The main chip in a computer. The engine' that does
the work. The faster the processor, the faster the computer. On
the Amiga, processors range from Ihe 68000 on the A500. A600 ,
A1500 and A2000 up to the the 68040 found in the A4000 040 (and
some dedicated A2000 3000 accelerator cards).
Higher numbered processors do not necessarily run faster in electrical terms than lower ones, but they have more eflicient data processing and so the end result is a speed increase in processor power. For example, it’s possible to have a 25MHz 68040 chip that would run rings around a 50MHz 68020.
• SCSI: Small Computer Systems Interface. A standard interface
for connecting peripherals (usually storage devices of some
sort) to a computer and each other.
• Sound Sampler: A device for converting real sounds into a
digital format which can be manipulated and stored on the
• Video digitiser: See graphics digitiser.
• Speeding along: Using the latest version ol Sysinlo, the 50MHz
A1230-II rates as being 12.70 times faster than a standard
A600. Whilst the 40MHz version still manages a respectable
10.09 fold speed increase.
I_I EFFECTIVENESS ?99% »????? ?99% Impeccable pedigree.
Impeccable product OVERALL 97% CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST Why read this article? It|ust doesn't sound interesting does it? Database No - even the word is boring, conjunng up visions ol rows ol dvil service workers endlessly keying in mind-numbmgly tedious lads in triplicate, or train spotters meticulously transferring reams ol drivel Irom Tizer-stained notebooks to their Archimedes.
¦Databases? No lear, I’m strictly a Sim City man myself, you may think, but surely there's something around the house that might benelit from a bit ol organisation. How about your CD collection? You know how it is - when you’re desperate lor a quick lix of 2 Unlimited's seminal and deeply spiritual "No Limits", and you can’t remember which volume ol "Now that’s what I call Complete rip-otl Energy Dance type Thing" it's on.
Ol course you could buy the single but how about a program that you can run on your trusty Amiga, which could provide instant information on any CD in your collection, displaying the CD cover and even playing a snippet ol every track (not that I'm recommending that you do this because it would probably be. You know, sort ol illegal) OPTIONS II you want lo use a database lo store dala lor a simple application, such as a CD collection, you probably won t need all Ihe features ollered by Sbase 4 Pro. Luckily.
Oxxi also produce a version ol Ihe software wilhoul Ihe DML language or Arexx support lor hall Ihe price (£107 ? VAT).
N. on Ihe other hand you need lo develop a commercial database
lhal will run on multiple Amigas. The developers extension
(£286 • VAT) includes a run time version ol the program,
enabling users to run your database application, but not
change your program themselves.
Enter Sbase 4 Professional which could be the answer to these problems, and a whole lot more.
A database is simply a way ol organising and stor ing two or more pieces of related information (data) in such a way that a specilic piece of data can easily be retrieved. Apart Irom simple home uses such as cataloguing CD and disk collections, many businesses can be run with little more than a decent database program, and perhaps only a wordprocessor tor correspondance.
The basic idea is that you decide on all the details ol a particular subject you want to store (each detail being referred to as a "Field"), and choose a screen layout to use lor inputting the data (called a "Form"). A collection ol different fields is called a "record" For instance, an address database may contain fields called "Name", "Address". "PhoneNo." And so on. One person’s complete address details lorm a single record, and collectively, your entire collection ol addresses are known as a database or file.
SOME TECHNICAL BITS Sbase 4 Professional is a rewritten version of the Superbase database which has been around for some time on the Amiga, the ST and even the PC. It's a fully featured relational database management system that comes complete with it's own controlling Database Management Language or DML. It's not to be confused with Sbase 4 Personal, which doesn't have the DML system.
Anyone who fell.asleep during that last paragraph will be relieved to find out that although L»ft:The opening screen showing the vkJeo-style controls which Id you skip through the records al lightning speed.
Largon and acronyms are de ngueur when dealing with databases. Ihe actual ideas behind them are laitly simple and the technical terms were invented to bore people with at parties.
Because most ol your database activity will involve performing repetitive tasks suchs as adding new records, or searching through or modifying existing ones, the program’s wnters have thoughtfully provided a video recorder style control panel containing a number ol buttons. The panel appears at the bottom ol the screen, and provides even the most technophobic user with a relatively familiar and reassuring interface. Familiar controls like fast-toiward (which skips through a database so that you can quickly go to particular records) or Play (which displays the current record) are avail able.
This is a highly intuitive, and speedy way ol accessing a database which may contain hundreds, if not thousands of records.
SBASE4 Professional Sbase 4 Professional is the latest database from Oxxi with all sorts of bells and whistles. Darren Irvine takes a look.
The order in which records are arranged in a database is delined by an Index This is a special list which contains all items in the index field and can be arranged in alphabetical or numerical order The records in any Sbase 4 tile may be indexed by any field or combination ot fields, and up to 999 indexes may be delined. It’s up to you to decide which lields would make Ihe best index.
Sbase 4 Pro also comes with its own integrated text editor, which means you don t have to leave your database to access it II you already have your own prelerred editor, ASCII tiles can be imported to lorm the basis lor things like mail merge letters, Form headings or any other text required by your database applications. The editor has lull cut and paste functions to simplify the inclusion ol 2 Unlimited song lyrics FIELDS, FILES, FORMS When you deline a database you can deline lields ol many different types, Irom simple text or numerical information to lields derived by calculations
performed upon other fields.
Fields can be automatically checked against records in other files , providing you with an easy way ol validating any input. For example, you may have a database detailing your monthly expenditures, so you might have a validation ol total outgoings against another database containing your bank details, so you won't overdraw your account, (at least not without knowing about it!)
Complex calculations can be performed on any number ol lields in a file (and indeed can include any number ol lields Irom any other open files), allowing a great deal ol user-control over the integrity ot the data which is stored - very important il you’re using a database lor serious purposes.
BUT SERIOUSLY Another way ol looking at the relationship between different files is to consider an order-processing type application. II you ran a small business supplying widgets to the specialist widget market, you would have a file containing the details ol all your suppliers, and another file containing the details ol all your customers These two files would be fairly static and are alternatively known as "Tombstone” or "Master" files.
In addition to these, you would have an order file, which would contain many records for every entry in your customer file All the details lot the customer would not need to be re entered in each record ol the order file, with only a relational field such as a customer number required to link in the details already stored on the customer master file.
INSIDE THE DATABASE A database consists of one or more files each split into individual records These records which could be Ihe details about a customer in a business database lor example are made up of individual fields An eiample of a field would be a name or an address and Ihe way these fields are grouped together is described by a form - think ol one of those horribly friendly government forms we all need to till in Irom time to time. The blank boxes where you have lo try and remain honest whilst writing in are the fields The form is a user-definable screen layout which incorporates the
screen location and formal ot any of the fields from the file or files which you wish to display or update along with any text or graphics that you wish to have displayed As welt as allowing for simple databases Sbsse 4 Pro allows the user to produce mail merges from the example to produce labels The database can be com posed ot only one file, but any complex system can only be made efficient (or. In fad operational m the case of applications requiring look-up tables) by utilising more than one file at a time.
The forms that you define are not just restricted to having text based input. Additionally you can include in your design, standard Amiga- type control mechanisms ie Radio-buttons for multiple-choice entry situations and Check-boxes for yes no flags The Amiga function keys are also user definable and can be set up to perform a differ ent function for any database or form you require.
FEATURES I have used a tairty wide vanety ol databases and 4GL (4th generation language) products on a vanety ol dilterent platforms, such as Reolal on VAX mini computers, Dataller on Unix boxes, Dbase III on the PC and many more. Sbase has all the features found In Ihese products and additionally supports some lairly impressive Amiga-specific features.
For instance, database fields can be delined as external files, so you can attach a wide range of external objects to your database file Sound sam pies can be included along with any IFF, PCX or GIF graphic tile, including 256 colour images that make use of the AGA chipset. Even more impressive is the ability to define an external field to be an ANIM tile In this case, the first frame ol the Anim is displayed as part of the standard screen form, but the complete Anim can be played on a full screen by holding down the shift key and clicking on the field on the form. Given enough memory and
hard disk space, this option should make possible a database to satisfy anyone.
Doing this is to use the video controls to scan the file until you find the record that you seek.
Alternatively, and more useful in the long term, you can make use ol Sbase 4 Pro's extremely powerful report generator. You can define reports containing data from any number ol related files, and produce them in any order you might reasonably require.
Reports can include totals, sub totals and subheadings in any combination.
The mechanism for defining a report is very similar to that used In the form designer, and reported objects can be text, fields, calculations or functions. Features such as Mean, Variance, and standard deviation are also supported.
Additionally, there are options for various levels of titles and summary pages One of the most powerful features of the report generator is its ability to create a DML program which you can modify to produce complete reporting applications This sort of feature is great for convincing people (who don't know better) that you're a really quick and accurate programmer.
THE INS AND OUTS As well as standard Amiga files, Sbase 4 Pro can import and export a vast range of files from other programs and from other hardware platforms.
These range from simple ASCII files, through .DBF files produced by Dbase and Enable, to files produced by spreadsheets such as Lotus 123 and Microsoft Excel Additionally, it you use Dbase III applications on a PC you can access the databases that it produces directly, without modification from Sbase 4 Pro Sbase 4 Pro is also Arexx compatible, allowing manipulation of any similarly-endowed Amiga application. The program has built in telecommunications facilities, with support for the Xmodem, Xmodem CRC or Wxmodem protocols.
To make an application efficient and successful, it is vital to plan everything out at the start, and carefully define all the fields you might need, avoiding unnecessary duplication The Sbase manual is surprisingly useful covenng basics as well as more arcane aspects ol database design. In addrtion to an Up and running in 15 minutes'section, the manual has tutorials to help you with more complex features available In lad. The manual is one of my favourite things about this package Occasionally you come across a piece of software that's probably really good, but due to a combination of a
required steep learning curve, and a really useless manual, you just can't get into it. And many of the program’s useful features go unused Sbase 4 Pro s manual on the other hand does the one thing so rarely found in technical documentation - it adually makes you want to use the program.
NO LANGUAGE BARRIER Despite all the features on the menu-dnven Form designer and associated features, there wil come a time when you need |us! A httle more control over your data In this case, a lot more power and control has been provided in the form of the Database Management Language The DML is a superset of BASIC, expanded lo indude all Ihe necessary database-manipulation commands, and so if you are familiar with BASIC in any form, you should have a head-start when it comes to using DML.
There's a separate manual for the DML language which is also most useful, and indudes examples One ol these is a complete Trading application. Which you can customise One slight grimace with the manual is its occasional tendency to skp into Microsoft Windows terminology (an ear Her, release of the SuperBase product is still Essential tor those needing to manipulate a large amount ot data in meaningful way. J OVERALL 90% available on that platform), ie. Referring to the Workbench as the'Desktop- DML contains over 200 functions and commands. All ol which can be run instantly from a command
line as well as from within a program You can also create hybrid applications that DML programs Irom within standard Forms, or Forms that call DML routines lo handle particularly complex calculations. A run time version of Sbase 4 Pro is available so that you can maiket applications written with DML. You can even use Sbase 4 Pro's modem support to write DML applications to allow unat- fended file transfers.
CONCLUSION This is a folly featured professional database, with all the features you might ever need. In fact, wnting commercial database systems is entirely possfole, which should breath some life into the ‘serious software' starved Amiga market.
It isn't always the quickest program you'll ever see, but of course it depends upon which model of Amiga you run it. There simply isn't any real competition. And given the flexibility of the system provided by its multi-layered control systems. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone needing a database tor the Amiga. 'aP JARGON BUSTERS
• 461: A «tli g on Pcs to Him HOI programming men lo onto their
lions We Ian HyperOoot, Candoand HELM.
• DML: Data Use Management Langoage - a super set ol Ike BASIC
programming language, which can ke used lo control ovary aspect
of Ike datakase.
• Field: A single Item ol inloimation: a name or lelepiione
number In Ssase 4, a field can also be a picture, sound sample
or Anim.
• Form: The on-scraon arrangement of fields specific lo a
particular database Is delined in a lorm.
• RDBMS: Rolallonal Database Management System - relational means
several separate files can sbare inlorma- lion and rules.
HISOFT £214 A5I»9 A500t 9 A600OA1200 9 At 500 9 A2000 9 A3000 9 A4000 9 HISOFT, THE OLD SCHOOL, GREENFIELD BEDFORD NK 45 5DE.
TEL: 0523 718 181.
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• 68030 40 processor
• Co-pro option
• A4000 030 with 80MB HD & 2MB £899
• A4000 030 with 80MB HD & 4MB £999
• A4000 030 with 120MB HD & 4MB £1069
• A4000 040 with 120MB HD & 6MB £1999 A1200 Dynamite Pack
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Multisync Monitors Q 1 14" 20" Supar high resolution colour
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accelerators etc.
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A1500 2000 • Designed and built in England • Supplied with 8375
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power Zips • Allows the processing of elaborate animation and
sound sampling • Provides the same max. chipmem- ory as the
A3000 A600 &500* • Increases addressable memory space from 9MB
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British made
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• Swift 90 Colour £168 C9 pin 00 ccAimn. 216 cps draft 54 10 45db
(jjiet modi'
• Swift 200 £186 C24ptn 80 ccrtimr, 216 cps draft. 72 IQ 43dB
pixel mo V
• Swift 240 Colour £259 (24p»n.80 cOumn. 240 cps draft 80 LG 43dB
quiet modi
• Swift Pro Jet £299 (80 columa 50 nozzle pnnt. 360 cps *aft.
120 LO. HP emulation 8KB buffer. 3 fonts, verhial la nr
rn.-V.ry ¦ Fatter Agnus 8372 1 Obese Agnus 8375 1 High Res
Denise 11MB x 9 Simms (3 chip!
¦ 1MB x 4 Zips ¦8520 CIA
- Workbench 2.04 Kit lincludn manuals. Dirts & chip) ¦ Kickstart
20.4 ¦ Kickstart 1.3
o sales hotline 0582 491949 (6 unes), 0480 4711 17(24hr), fax on
0582 505900 Credit Catd ordering by phone is easy. Simply phone
our sales hotline quoting your credit card number., expiry
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we'll do the rest. Alternatively write the above details on
your letter when ordering by post.
When ordering by post in cheque form please write your cheque card guarantee number on the reverse of the cheque and send along with I your order. Postal Orders are also accepted.
NO DELIVERY CHARGES TO UK MAINLAND. MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT £15.00. Should you wish your order to be sent by courier service please add £5. This method includes Comprehensive insurance.
WARRANTY: One year return to base (excluding chips).
ONE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY: Available on all products (excluding chips) at 10% of purchase price when ordering.
Head Office WIS Electronic Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton 0582 491949 Computer Mall Bedford No. 16 Downstairs The Harpur Centre Bedford 0234 218228 Where To Find Us!
Computer Mall St. Neots No.6 Priory Mall Shopping Centre St. Neots 0480 471117 Computer Mall Hertford 49 Railway St. Hertford 0992 503606 Computer Mall Dunstable 84 High Street North Dunstable Bedfordshire 0582 475747 CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST As music sequencers 90. Bars and Pipes is certainly unique For the icon driven user interlace to the DIY plumbing system tor MIDI information, its a program that stands alone in the world ot music sequencing.
When Blue Ribbon were designing Bars and Pipes, flexibility was the word that was high on the list ot the priorities, which is why they placed so much emphasis on tools’.
In BSP speak, a tool is an icon you can drag into the flow ol MIDI information. The tool will process POWER TOOLS AlterNoto: translate one note into another. Will random ottiet it required. Good when used with drum tracks.
AoloHarp: produces a miniature keyboard lor quickly creating notes with the mouse.
Conductor: comrorts note messages to control changes - use mis lo mute dilterent tracks elm dlltereat keypresses lor example.
Corrtroltiiae: delays or advances data by a preset time defined by a MIDI controller - Ore pitch bender tor example.
DataBeep flashes Ihe screen whenever certain MIOI data Is prosont. Usolul lor debugging complicated MIDI sef- 6 Guitar String Filler predicts whore a note would be played it a guitar wore used, allowing dilterent voices and effects to be triggered lor each Noll: removes ot splits notes depending oa where in me beat they occer.
S Ottlwit: changes the rhythmic character oil track-great for hi-hatsand snares.
9 Pandemonium random re positions notes In mo stereo field.
TO Playtime: delay or advance notes by a prasot value.
1t Polygraph: a tool lor analysing MIOI information lo ensure your multltimbral synth isn’t becoming over
12. 13 Receiver A Transmitter used to send data between pipes 14
Skip: cause data to ’jump’ over tools.
15 SuperStop: shut olf all hanging notes 10 Swing: add a human feel to a track.
17 Thin: strips MIOI events Irom me music 10 Transport: adds a small transport control window 19 VeloDoc: adds more control over mo velocity ot notes.
2D VeloFada: create smooth transitions on velocity.
VeloMap: a graphical aid to velocity mapping the data stream, and pass the output on to one or mote other pipes For example, an Echo tool would accept m-comlng notes and generate two ot three more alter a specified time delay Since the tools don’t necessarily make any permanent changes to the music tracks, adding and removing different effects is very easy.
Blue Ribbon have produced extra lots of new tools, which they dutifully stuck on floppy disks and turned into two new expansion packs for existing users.
These additional tools can be installed by simply dragging thier icons into the toots drawer in your Bars and Pipes directory Select install’ form the tools menu and they’re ready to use.
POWER TOOLS The lirst collection is the wittily named Power tools' set, designed for dedicated Bars and Pipers It contains 21 new tools, although some are more useful than others The complete list is given elsewhere, but the ones I’ve used most often are: Autoharp (great lor quick tests).
DataBeep (tor tracing MIDI leads), OffBeat (just lab with percussion), Pandemonium (awesome with long sustained chords), Polygraph (for predicting the limits of the One Stop Music Shop card) and Transport (a handy little window strip to have around).
The kit otters some useful additions to Bars and Pipes Pro, but I suspect you will need to be well into rack-tulls of MIDI gear to get the best from this pack. That said, the OftBeat and Pandemonium tools are now in all my tracks, and my set-up Is hardly state of the art.
PERFORMANCE TOOLS It I were going to appear in public with Bars and Pipes, this add on would be handy The first tool is probably the most usetul - BrgPatch displays a huge window with the current Patch Number displayed. It should be seen all the way across the stage, which means you need never start your keyboard Sax solo with the drumkit still accidentally installed ever again.
Other intelligent additions include a ConPresser (which can simulate a real compressor), a Keyboard Splitter and several others which make embarrassing keypresses more unlikely to happen when playing live. The On Time tool will even make sure you are keeping up with the rest ot the band.
In the studio, the extra elfects (Super-8 and Rotate) can make some very sophisticated sounds, like stereo panning perfectly on-time drum rolls As a ham-tisted one finger keyboard player, these tools are a great help to me.
'TII *¦«¦ iM|v.iocu»n!nf |. ?T| ..... u.iu. m|».io.mim| '¦ l.c?3.| CONCLUSION Both packs contain genuinely useful tools, so I'm afraid your only option is to buy both You will need to be using Bars and Pipes Professional v2, but I'm sure you will have realised that by now Besides, no other Amiga sequencing software comes dose to ottering this level of control, and I doubt any ever will. RTtt PERFORMANCE TOOLS 1 Big Pitch: display current pitch cutting in BIG window.
Music and plumbing had little in common before Bars and Pipes. John Kennedy looks at the latest in add-ons for this most unusual of MIDI sequencers.
2 BreikAaiy: selectively re-directs notes.
3 ConPresse: simulate an audio compressor.
4 Drone: lock 1 note- lor eximple.lddl Kick drum vrhen you plly hiss notes 5 Filler MX: strip certiin MIDI events 5 ForceChord: force ill notes Into chord and so remove ill slipped lingers.
7 Keyboard Split MX: up to 128 dilterent splits 8 Layer: idd several notes to one key, with velocity sensitive etlects.
9 Level MX: programmable volume control.
II Modulator MX: programmable modulation control 11 MoeoPhoney: take 1 mono-syuth.
12 Not Again: tops instant repetition ol notes 13 One Note Out: only play one note, no matter what key - handy tor entering drum parts.
14 OnTime: displa y timing Information.
PatchMap: replaces one patch change with another.
16 PludtDuck: creates a plucked string ettect.
17 Remote Patch MX: send patch changes Irom a remote 11 Rotate dotes a sequence 018 notes lor each root key 19 Simple Sunon: mouse controlled control changes 28 Super-8: arpeggiator with control ol panning and vokiml.
MERIDIAN DISTRIBUTION £39.99 each Zt Works on all Amlgas which have Bars and Pipes Pro v2 running.
Performance Toole KH Power Tools Kit Blue Ribbon Softworks Ltd MERIDIAN DISTRIBUTION 081 543 3500 EASE OF USE VALUE FOR MONEY EFFECTIVENESS ??????????87% FLEXIBILITY INNOVATION £ Breathes new life into the music. Instant Inspiration.
L. S.D. dacS 1-39 SCDPES l-BBO ASSASSIN 1-115 GlamourS etc. rnrr
!**»*» fom™n« rnrr* acmmmuo* rrfLL rncc ZX SPECTRUM 48k Si 50-
original 5pecy Games Packs !t»» ¦ tt* very HM (1.7) nam nm
nuti IMH k include tand Vau urn ev*»i program n M r Hi*
ohginal A SPUN! M 4Hh - HRHLI4M ONLY...£4.99 ALL AMI6A5
tpiv**? Auttl dines compilations pack only £12.99
• mem stun O of M gm part OUT (R4A «i i"*ur ¦. Unu. Mi iw thais.
Vwvnra* Suitable for aTa s k for all Amiga* iai 30- GAME PK I
or i DIMLY E3.99 each Bamn nn *niiH ipinllKj h above For all
age* and for all Amiga* J ASSASSIAT GAMES PACKS Vat UttS Vert
hiqfHu rat it I gamem i ampliation ttiatm ri‘ H‘t*edui iimisI
AnUnn mnn%. Each disk rnnlMm between 2-0 vtHtihkih rnmUtg
gans-n. For tuM IHI of ! «• ASSASSIN game pk-ame ortkv a
latalaque Disk.
ABOVE IS BXLY A SMALL LIST OF TITLES AVAILABLE - PRICE & HOW TO OROER FIVE-STAR (Dept CU) 48 Xemesla Amlngton Tamworth B77 4EL Tel: 0827 68496 OVERSEAS TRADER MISM W BfCOUE 4V OFFICIAL FM STAR PO OMRULWR - PLEASE JMSFF 1015 IIIWTIDI top AMIGAs ... OK I XlEAXSXO Ol DISKS Prices 99p per dish Pkswe add I* to postage per order ILK] Latest latokM ue disk please add Op Ifunnm add 2Sp per disk fur PA I'I Iwnrhtwlde add 5Op pvt tUsk PAP!
MAKE P.O. or Cheque to: FIVE STAR PO „ll,ll- I send to: ¦ AMIGA SOFTWARE O 3) O c z o N m 33 O cTo order Public Domain sofiwarc. Umply send your name, address (PRINTED CLEARLY) and your order detail*. Eg. Disk* code number* and title name* Remember lhal price* are per disk and no* per ink Take particular nolice with multiple disk lilies. PUK Postage and packing al 75p covers any order size, i Make *urc you send ihe correct sum of money, otherwise your order cannot be processed. PFor detailed programme descriptions of these and thousands of more PD lilies, check out our disk catalogues.
PRICE PER PD DISK £0.99 DISK CATALOGUE VOL.1 ... £0.50 DISK CATALOGUE V0L.2 ... £0.50 POSTAGE 8 PACKING £0.75 Oversoas orders. Use the above prices, then add 25% ol that total, to cover tbe extra postage costs. Thanh you.
1) 16.4 GROOVY • Colourful new demo A163 BAH MASKING AnoAtr
brvllurt cartoon from Vtiwai «BQUXBS I ‘ MEGABYTES- U3I4
OCTAMED TUTOR Mill having problems -ah DI64 AGATHA Decent AOA
demo wiA good ate of Ae plarnna routine -AI200ONLY- G»V2*V2*5
(3 DISKS! KLONDIKE AGA - TV p«*ulat card game-ah a much of
AGA* Each cord dnplay. A 236 colour picture of a glamourou.
Lady, look* great. -A 1200 ONLY - -YOU MUST LOAD THIS GAME
tong demo -A1200ONLY- U3I5 TTRMLNLS 20C Laird apdaK lo An
vuprome communeauont packet PuU. The ma.imum CPS frcen your
E44 IHE MATHS AD KNT1RK (midi into a adventure Fyobtem. S E2
about pfthiuoilc Earth- (rl Urn1 E43 WW2 HISTORY BOOK
Multnnrd- -court of FA0 CODE MlNGLS Strange name, but An it
well prodwed Highway Code ten in* programme.
BUSINES bi mness utmas U»1 A RK XX MANUAL I urnuvt manual on At A REXX programming language. Load. OI cvamptev U206 RACE RATER -1 Tone ruling predictor U794 tiMMS TOOLS - Fvabull pool, probe** U293 PARBEM'H LB* up f-o Ami*.. e*e* CO «immunti«mg beiacen the two. And wnding or new I Fan Ncomm but harder to wtup U300 NCOMM 3.0 Update to Huv
1) 267 SPECTRl M EMUIAl tune, im your Amiga.
U24604? (2 DISKS! MORC.
I’M MRBACKI P Hard Jm 11241 CANON PKIMFtefl the follow ing t anunllll H UyOSl ARPKIsn KDRD
• 20, ComaiBI300.00. i PIN and 24 PIN i mmnm knkv to I.. PC -A
I) 113 AGA lltfj1 Gif* DONkl Y BONO The !hr f-M ever pm that
¦nnrtuctd Nuno all *•* year* ago Sail M -SOT AI200- G2.1H
TETRF.N Tern* gome with «Mrd Muitt «Mch lake 1 hcy.raj fee
on*mil throw OI2I UPLAND Trte lo We rty. A An I a 2 pUyra do*
CUV Swrt.nu.ktt same G63 GROUND ZERO GAMD *6 Big 0106 AVTEP
Good Ride Puying game that Icci. Like - GJ7I JELLY QUEST ‘D
heanrmc purk pm GI6H OTHELLO Good convcn-m of the Maud game
The computer provide* a lough competitor G276 THE GREAT ESCAPE
OP BOXY HI RGLKR Great link platform romp 027V MUGSIES REVENGE
Gimgvtcr gunve.
G2T* FRIDAY THE 13 PART. Run around Ae mom*.
SI RE ISLAND - TraatuR tcervh gane (.« k« Stand, for CREATE ADVENTURE GAMES.
DI67 HYPN051S Rave demo. Ga-I no Mowing graph*. -AI2COONIY- V L3I6 MAGK HORKBEV H Trrei S' TRAIN SET Train «r Iivk THRAI.LBOI Nl Viking adventure 1230 ROAI H MOTKL Ongmai pMdom.
Und include, kwd* of WnAhrmh buck.W.p, MOT AJ00- «EQt BUS A HARD DRIVL • G2W2«712 DISkM EXOROSM Gr**- teal VV
• llh a uipematural dor? Line U3I7 OBJECT EDITOR VIA 3D vceto*
object editor for 0160 SUBTLE NMAI ¦NOT A500- D17I EXTENSION TV
hooe* demo ihiHaaH given a rave review In CU AMIGA.
SI00 AGA FERRARI Drt parted 236 colour I Ferrari can. Oknurv am) pat. Vety good. -AIM U3IS BLITZ BLANKER Superb areenbbgg E63 E66 (2 DlSKSl Thk IARRO 11322 ¦com Even MpuVeipen piph.. from my IFF Load* o eumpk non* mcVfcd
1) 3 M-CAD ¦ Computer Aided Ikogn p-koge L’« C-UGHT E» ommcrcuJ
niylracer. No- t
1. 3*35 12 DISKS) YIDEO lUI-TIIES 2 pa: vuhject.
U62SCE.NK GENERATOR Fractal laiukcape generator AMIGA FOX Entry kvel dertlop public*mg SPECTRA PAINT Good AMOS untten IFF FBF.FPAINT Highly ragatkd PI) paml pat age Th best allcmotive if you can I alfotf Dpumt.
I GATORS GRAnilC UALLERY • rutonal cm how POLY ED - Polygon onemated ATARI.
Cat.. Flowery decraiom. Cupal. Hean».
Palm Tim. Pan. Im Itrv Map. Of Europe.
Wild Weti. Crowd. Of Propfc Frame* v lancy lenen. Can. Cute Animal*.
U22J U222 Musk. Silhouette.. Symbol., Teddy Beam.
GRMES 0265 BONDMINK 13 lAcellenl Houkfcfduh G» M .AMHAIX - Futon«t»: manaprmcl gm G27.1 274 (2 DISKS) STARBASF. 13 Graph dirt adventure A. rned by ihe lihra cf the Mt game* Very g«d G27' POPEY F. Ccnveruea cf da daauc Cl ¦AMU ONLY- G222 CHESS GAMES • l*oCVv. Gamec C Cvu. 2-0. Pin. 10 v«al chrv* Op. Tru fdr by t
1) 1*9 I.ETHAI. Tvl I Good AGA demo-AI2DOONLY- A162 SA' INGS
CERTIFK’ATE Al)M RI - From the TV Che*. muu*niu»t G2MI BLACK
DAWN 3D pervpe.ti.e dunp with a Alan hrred Keoarto Superb
gnphicv G2SI St PER PRIX I), ahead Fi al.Oar wtih car upgrade
opcioo* and a variety of mntk GT7 TRACK RECORD Anther overhead
AIM TIIRFJLW AYS TO STOP SMOKING DnMk me tare* to give up tlK
»«ed 4U QUIRES I 'MEGABYTES- RSI I IMF! DM: • line ol the
hc.l mega demo, around STATE OPT HI ART TV heme-demo of 93.
mow dirt. Atmmphcnc.
UN INF Y TUNES - Scone well known tune* PET SHOT BoY v t of Arw hm ieoertrd AFT AGHPTV .Mmnv Eric SdtWIIU anunotun levied and load, of tafenufan n dnpli owner .hook) have (hit.
MU’ GASTRIC ULCER R*« and G37 SEALANLTt • Suhmatt GIU BOCNCF. A BLAST 01*3 HELLZONE Space vhea G2«l FIGHIING W ARRIORS bcai an op »dh lap miauard * E67 PI MPINfi 1)1 DE Strang* game « and boh. Chucked in Raid to dcvinhe. Hi E68 KIDS DISK 2 - Math. Ma e. Beal NEW PRICE STRUCTURE FROM THE 1st FEB 94, ALL PUBLIC DOMAIN DISKS WILL BE PRICED AT 99p EACH POSTAGE AND PACKING COSTS AND DISK CATALOGUES WILL REMAIN AT THE CURRENT PRICES E33 COMMUNICATE • Translate, tr.t into eight other form, of •» verbal -.-nmurwarn Indadc. Morvc Code. S n Language. Bratk. Flag, etc Good kanung ax* E3* STARVIEW D l.y.
all the vtuble Starv planet, and comiellation. From any location on liorth. Al any time of day.
Zoom facifaor. Md Star wanfe tranur EweJent EM THE WORD FACTORY - Fanumc gelling game* for younger*.
EI61 HESS TUTOR - 4 CV» programme, from teaming the rate, lotatog pan ¦dao« cVmp t»M game* of hneory E52 COLOUR THE ALPHABET 2 Fanultara* mfan.. ..th the al|fvabei u.mg a fun theme, include* digiliud speech Very Ml Vr TTONS Trache* yoa bo- » Add. Subtrot Multiply and Divide fraclion*. Ihe mb you.
E4W305I (3 DISKS) DESKTOP GUIDE TO ELECTRONIC MUNK Mamive guide on everything you ever warned to kno about electrode awe -NOT A3O0- KICK - Downgrade, your A500-.
Mm. A300 only rate. V«y relral UH5 FREECOPY Remove* variou. Type* of i G229GIGFR TETRIS • TctntgaJ -AI200ONLY- 0232 MONACO • and (unom.
G2M WOTS ITS NAMK Pupula mu hoard gamt G2J' BA1 KI.YMMON - Ked Bartgaamu- G24I IMPERIAL W Yl KF R - Trt* 4.dan. »mf fighirr and Mop the imperial wd Hran reaching iV allied HQ. 3D game G246 WIBBII WORLD GIDOiV Ptadota pmuk game m Wc uime ayle a* ihe budget Di ayVw IV. B amaraig G247 FLEUCH - Convert ion of the CM Thru* game. Look.
NtlER Latest issue, now on five action packed disks. Bigger and better. Covers Star Trek. The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. News, reviews, interviews, pictures and digitised photos trom recent conventions. So much stuff it's incredible. A must for all Trekkie fans.
Priced at only £7.50 inc. PHONE ENQUIRES (MON-FRI 9.00 RM TO 6.00 PM): 0272 741462 DISK EXPANDER Once you've grown used to the slow operating speeds ol Amiga disk drives and their relatively puny storage capacities, lining a hard drive can come as something of a culture shock. As any hard drive owner will confirm, the addition ol a hard drive transforms the Amiga into a totally different beast. Not onty can a hard drive load your favourite programs an average of ten times taster than even the quickest floppy, but you're suddenly presented with the prospect of lens (or even hundreds) of
megabytes of disk storage on tap without a single disk-swop in sightl Just like a monthly paycheck, however, even the largest hard drives seem to get used up in no time whatsoever. Most hard drive owners have had to lace this problem sooner or later - do you delete large chunks of your hard drive in order to free up some space or do you buy yourself a bigger drive?
Either way. There's a considerable amount of heartache and hassle involved, not to mention the obvious financial disadvantages if you choose to upgrade Help may finally be at hand, however, in the form of Power Computing's new Disk Expander, a program that claims to almost double the storage capacity of any hard drive and even floppy disks.
GET PACKING Disk Expander 'doesn't conjure up a brand new hard drive out of Ihin air, so how does it work?
Well, the key to the program's claims are a number of highly optimised compression routines held in 'XPK' libraries that compress the files on your hard drive, typically delivering a saving in disk space of between 30-70% depending upon the file. In many ways. Disk Expander is very similar to a conventional packer program like Power Packer, although there is one big difference - Disk Expanderis completely transparant. Whenever you load or save a file onto your hard disk. Disk Expander steps in and automatically packs or unpacks the file depending upon the operation.
Both data files and program tiles are compressed and so even if you were to load a compressed file into an application, it would accept the file totally oblivious to the fact that Disk Expander had processed it beforehand As a result. Disk Expander is the sort of utility that can be installed and then forgotten - the only time you'll even know it's running is when you install that 10Mb application only to find that just 5Mb Fancy getting your hands on a hard drive double the capacity of your current drive for just £40? Jason Holborn tells you how... have been swallowed upl The Disk Expander
package consists of three programs and a couple ot CLI-based support files The first of these is the main Disk Expander program that allows you to specify which AmigaDOS devices are affected by Disk Expander. You're not just restricted to hard drive partitions, however - Disk Expander will happily cope with both floppy drives and even the RAM disk, giving a valuable saving in system memory. Power claim that the storage capacity ot a normal floppy disk can effectively be increased to over 1,5Mb - more than , - enough to get both Workbench and Extras onto the same diskl You can also choose
which packing algorithymn Disk Expanderuses - a number are available, each of which has its own performance versus unpacking speed ratio.
Chances are that you already have a large number of files installed on your hard drive, so it's nice to see that Power have included a separate utility that can compress these files without having to reinstall them.
The program does give you extensive control over which files are packed so you could restrict it to only a small pari ot your hard drive if you so wished. Packing a large drive does take time, however - my 80Mb drive took well over 10 minutes to be processed!
CONCLUSION Obviously reliability is bound to be paramount when you're trusting all your data to a program like Disk.Expander and I can honestly say that during the lew short weeks that Disk Expander has been installed on my system. I've had abso lutely no problems with it at all. Only time will tell if this continues, however, but I certainly have enough confidence in the program to trust it with my datal Loading packed programs and data files does seem to take a little longer, although this is a very small price to [lay for the large amounts of disk space that Expander frees up - I tested Ihe
utility on a 50Mb partition on my At 200's hard drive that was over 94% full and after letting Disk Expander get its teeth into this partition.
AmigaDOS reported that the drive was now only 51% full. That's a saving of almost 22Mb!
Although Disk Expander is primarily aimed at hard drive owners, It’s the sort of utility that can benefit all Amiga users. Even if you only have a single drive Amiga, the additional disk space that Disk Expander delivers is just too good to be true.
For hard drive users in particular. Disk Expander has to be a must. It'll certainly be staying on my hard drive! R fr POWER COMPUTING £39.95 kS00WA *500. VA *600 Q At 200 Q
* 1500 1 *2000 WA *3000 *A *4000 WA Power Computing Ltd, Unit 8
Railton Road, Woburn Road Instrustrial Estate, Kempston,
Bedford MK42 7PN. TEL: 0234 843388.
£ Disk Expander is the sort of util-
* ity that should have been m built into Workbench. OVERALL 78%
When you need to write a lot of words and you need to write
them quickly, the last thing you want to worry about are fonts.
They may look pretty and they may be completely jaggy-free, but they also take a heck of a long time to redraw every time you scroll the page. Even worse, if you need to send your words to a printer and your page is full of fancy helveticas, gothics and couriers, it's going to take a long time. In some cases, and here Wordworth springs to mind, it’s going to take a very, very long time indeed. And then there's memory - 2Mb isn't an awful lot for an A1200, and fancy fonts and multi-colour pictures can quickly leave you short and well into the ‘software failure likely' zone. So what's a writer
to do?
Well take a tip from a professional, and for want of someone better that's me: when you want to process words, use a word processor. The most important part of any piece of writing is the words themselves: what they say. And how they are spelt. The layout of the text should always be secondary, and in any case, once the words are on disk you can always load them into a DTP program at a later date.
The thesaurus provides welcome Inspiration when late nights and urgent dead-lines destroy Imagination.
Wot that not 1 - frr*anoy with tvwn • »«f «'«t* lilt In matraa it, «ft*r p I* tthing totor* y* FRIENDLY?
I kora KrocwMor* auaUMX e'wi'onmwif for up*I'D tKwr* I* to got word* Into Thout the abtlity to dr *9 t i«*d with Protext would be p Most software companies have got carried away with this user-triendly, graphical user interlace business. In tact, Arnor are the only company I can think ol who have loughi against the trend and remained faithlul to their past - Prolext v6.11 on the Amiga still looks incredibly like Protext vt.22 for the Amstrad CPC, circa 1985. There are a few more Intuition menus and windows and things, but the program is remarkably similar in look and teel, it I change the
palette to black and green I could almost be back as a fresher typing up COBOL homeworks.
For some Amiga owners this will be a problem as 'serious looking’ may be equated with 'difficult to use': a common fallacy. Some ot the most user-hostile software I’ve ever used was full ot unrecognisable icons and exploding windows. If a program is properly designed in the first place, it will be easy-to-use whether it is fully WIMPy, totally text based or driven solely by breath control and retina scan.
Protext is the king ot serious software. Even Amor admit that this is what Word Perfect could have been", and they aren’t kidding. This is a program for people who write a lot and can do without distractions. It can be argued that even moving your hands trom the keyboard to move a mouse is a distraction and so all ot Protext's menu options can be controlled with keypresses. There is even a special Shell-like display where you can enter commands such as 'Load textfile.doc' by hand.
TooU~ I Caron (m~ Cedilla '%a. Ctrou»f l*« (»“ DiMfMlS •* Doubt* aoul* Doubt* 9 rev* (u ) Grow* * Macron a Ogonck t*; Orritol **.» Ping '»« Inj*rt Itn* *! C*l»t* tin* -F3 Ing*r*t Data a£» Inert Tla* *T t an awful lot for an A1200, a if*• can »u ick 1 leave you abo- p frpm * profess i Amor have always tried to cater tor non- English characters and this Is on* of the easiest wsys to add accents In any word processing program.
Protext has been in constant development tor more years than any other Amiga program bar Workbench itselt. And remains one of the most powerful and reliable Word Processors available. It you don't mind trading a complete WIMP environment for superb speed and flexibility, this is the best way there is to get words into the Amiga.
You may think that without the ability to drag text and lasso paragraphs pages created with Protext would be pretty dull. Not so, as each page can include embedded commands which trigger all sorts of exciting options (exciting, that is.
Protext In g«norai use
- note that there are Windows available It you really need them.
DTP companion Article Editor, Transcript is a little more intelligent.
Thankfully Protexts dictionary comes in both English and American lorms, and with over 100,000 words (including medical and legal supplements) it doesn’t take long betore 99% ol (tagged items are your misspellings, not words new to Pretext.
The control over hyphenation goes well beyond the call ot duty, and I suspect that most writers won’t even notice when it’s working or not.
The frequency with which words are split can be controlled, and there is even a separate dictionary to help make intelligent decisions.
A built in anagram checker provides some light relief, which let’s (ace it, alter playing with software this serious you’ll need something betore you turn into a prime minister.
i For software that is nearly ten years old, you would expect more in the way of graphics or user-friendliness. John Kennedy The ability to count words (and discover It your copy will go over Ihe heads ot some) Is Invaluable tor professionals like what I am.
From a word processor's point ol view). With the special commands, you can add printing commands (bold, italic and so on), create headers and footers (also known as titles and page numbers) and even add toot-notes.
Protext purists will be flabbergasted to learn tnat graphics can be imported into documents but, betore they collapse with shock, revive them with the tact that no pictures are displayed: only a control sequence, tn fact, you won’t see the picture at all until it is printed, so WYSIWYNOK: What-You-See-ls- What-You-Need-To-Know. As it in further homage to a proper DTP program, you can detine print 'styles' to make adding sub-headings and titles slightly easier.
The drawback is that the fonts you select must be integral to the printer, which works quite well in a let ol cases as most modern printers come with a nice selection. Owners SPELL IT OUT As you would expect in a dedicated WP there is a fully integrated Spelling Checker and Thesaurus. A slight annoyance is the way the spelling window seems to pick a random part of the screen to appear in, which requires a bit of chasing with the mouse pointer. Some of the guesses it comes up with are also a bit suspect - certainly Gold Disk’s long t in* In iom cases 30 Ing to tak* a vary, v*r nd than
thara’s memory - fanoy fonts and mu It t-co kail Into the ’software t So what’s a xmm to do' (assuming I get pi Id this hat‘t me whan you want aost Important part of ar what they say, and how th a Iways be sacondary un («
* 1, and In any ot 'nto a DTP pro?
Firnor Public Sorw ? | Pretext V6.IH flmor REVIEW COPY HOT FOR RESRLE investigates, jURITER 1 of 1 JARGON BUSTERS Arexx: The Amlfla's inter-process communication language - a way ol linking programs togther.
DTP: Desktop Publishing - using a graphical approach to text layout otters totally control over how a page will appear when printed.
Font: The typeface used to display text.
MafP.Windows Icons Mouse Pointer - the interface we’ve all come to now and love thanks to Workbench (and some early work by Rank Xerox in Palo Alto allegedly).
WP: Word Processor - a dedicated text entry, checking and printing program.
PostScript: A standard page description language used by expensive laser printers.
Of PostScript and other decent lasers will be laughing all the way to the print shop, as their printers are chock-full of type faces.
In fact, when using one of these printers the only difference between a page created with Professional Page and one created with Protext would be the fact that the Protext page would be printed in seconds, not minutes.
PRINTER DRIVERS Printer drivers - love 'em or loath 'em, we all need 'em. And judging from the letters we get every month, hardly anyone gets the right one.
Amor are my heroes, because Protext comes with its own drivers - and there are hundreds. If you can’t find your printer supported as you install the software, your printer obviously doesn't exist and you have simply imagined it.
With choice of fonts and full control over styles your output will never appear better, smarter or faster.
ARNOR LTD £130 (+VAT) TOO FAR A50oU A500+ FA A600 9 A1200 9 A1500 9 A2000 9 A3000 9 A4000 9 ARNOR LTD.
611 LINCOLN ROAD, PETERBOROUGH, PEI 3HA TEL: 0733 68909 There is so much to Protext that it would be impossible to go into much detail on everything.
In fact, the following features only get a mention to acknowledge their existence: mail merging, the creation of index and contents pages, fully programmable macros, a type writer mode for quickly banging out labels and so on, timed auto saving to prevent mishaps and an expression evaluation window.
EASE OF USE ? ?? VALUE FOR MONEY ???« ??????75% EFFECTIVENESS FLEXIBILITY ??????90% INNOVATION It has to be said that for an Amiga program, Protext does look like it’s running on a PC. As you will hopefully have gathered by now, simply because a program doesn't use icons and fancy fonts doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful or easy to use. Unfortunately, Arnor may have taken this just a trifle too far.
Good, honest ¦ Word Processing, but not J for wimps.
OVERALL 80% The installation screens are still a pig to use (cursoring and hitting ESC just the right number of times) and quite frankly some of the keypresses are ridiculously complicated to remember. Although the standard Amiga-C, Amiga-V and Amiga-X for copy, paste and cut are supported you’ll have to commit control-F3 to memory in order to delete a line.
You want more criticisms? The split screen editing of multiple files is a little poor - certainly no where near Cygnus Ed- as is the ability to quickly move from one part of a large document to another. One more major downer: the Undo feature is basically rubbish.
What else... oh yes, occasionally the pointer gets stuck in a Zzzzz cloud - you can tell I’m desperate for things to find wrong with this program, can’t you? Yeah, I'll admit it, deep down I like Protext. It was the first word processor I ever used, and now I think I’m probably hooked on it again. The speed, the ease of use, the word counting, the English spelling checker... if I need more after all that, I can even program in it: Protext always came with its own set of script commands, but now it supports Arexx which means I could probably use it with my C compiler if I so desired.
CONCLUSION For straightforward word processing, with spell checking, good printer support and every other feature you can think of. Protext is the best. By no stretch of the imagination is it a Desktop Publishing programming, but that's the whole point.
DiskExpander is an innovative program for all Amiga users. With this software solution you may double the capacity of your floppy disk or hard disk drives. The installation process takes only a few seconds and afterwards DiskExpander works invisible in the background. The compressions-ratios vary from 30% to 70%.
The easy-to-use graphical user interface guarantees that even the inexperienced user is able to use DiskExpander immediately without any problems. DiskExpander docs not only expand the capacity of your hard disk drive, even floppy disks now have a storage space of approximately Can add 50% to your hard drive capacity at a stroke Fast compression and decompression Flexible and expandable as new compression libraries are developed Works with all drives, including SCSI, IDE, Floppies, and even the RAD disk Reliable in tests - no data corruption Once installed the program is transparent to the
user Works on any Amiga and any KickStart telephone 023 4 843388 delivery: next day £5.00 2-3 days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 deliveries ere subject to stock availability, all prices include VAT, F. & OF.
World-wide distribution available, excluding Germany Interlace may be one big headache for most Amiga owners, but John Kennedy has made a friend that uses it to great advantage: ClariSSA.
Amiga graphics are special - no other computer system can offer the quality and flexibility of the IFF standard, and one part of the IFF specification is the animation standard called Anim. An Anim file contains many images, with each new frame stored as a list of differences from the previous frame in order to save memory.
Examples of Anim files include the animations created by Deluxe Paint - text scrolling around the screen, for example - to be added to your latest home video masterpiece.
The Anim format is good, but it’s far from perfect. There is only so much information you can squeeze into a file, and you must leave time for the image to be reconstituted: after all, an Anim compression method which takes five seconds for each file is clearly unsuitable for 50 frames per second video work.
Several advances have appeared recently, and one of the more interesting has been the introduction of the Anim7 system. Normal animations files, such as those created by Dpaint, store the graphics data in certain sized chunks. With the introduction of the 68020 and better processors, these chunks can be enlarged, which is what Anim7 does. The result is a substantial increase in play back speed.
SUPER SMOOTH The titling program Adorage introduced a whole new concept - Super Smooth Animation, or SSA.
SSA, works in an entirely different way (see box out), and has several advantages over Anim5 and Anim7.
Once the benefits of SSA were recognised, the wait for a program to convert normal Amiga animations began - and with the introduction of ClariSSA, all can be revealed.
ClariSSA is a fully fledged animation editing system, which just happens to use the SSA system to ClariSSA A* Is Ihe current fashion, ClariSSA adopts an open windows approach - all Ihe options are displayed In windows which c open, closed and positioned anywhere on the Workbench. It can gel cluttered II you don't have a large screen.
Display the finished work. Either existing Anim5 files, or a collection of individual frames, may be loaded and automatically converted to SSA. If there is a catch, it’s this: all images must be in interlace format before they can be displayed. Even if they aren't, a special function will alter them.
Once in memory, the animation can be processed in all sorts of interesting ways, some which would be simply impossible with Anim5.
COLOUR One of the major headaches with Anim5 7 is the fact that the palette must remain fixed. This means that every picture in the file has the same collection of colours as the very first. If the image changes considerably, the results can be very disappointing.
With SSA, each image has its own palette, completely separate from every other. The result is much greater colour reproduction and contrast, and the ability to add special effects such as fading and colour cycling.
The ability to fine-tune the palette for each image means you can often afford to knock a few bitplanes off your display, which is good for both playback rates and memory.
Memory is always a problem for Amiga animators - basically, you never, ever have enough.
ClariSSA offers hope as it comes with an integral Virtual memory' management system. Whenever memory runs low, ClariSSA can use spare disk space. This means it's actually possible to edit a 40Mb animation using a 1 Mb Amiga. Playback is another matter altogether: you will need a lot of spare RAM for satisfactory results.
EDITING At first glance, editing the control display is complicated, but you soon get the hang of it. There are four scratch buffers for storing images, and a Far Left: The Super Smooth Animation system generates new frames using a half field from two previous frames. When animated at 50 frames per second tho result Is a perfect smooth and fast animation.
Lafl: The traditional Anim5 format Is great if your animation is simple and you have an Amiga 4000 with 64 Mb of RAM COLO U R Oi BURGESS VIDEO £79.99 A500 WA A500t WA A600 WA A1200 WA A1500 WA A2000 WA A3000 WA A4000 WA BURGESS VIDEO, UNIT 18, INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, BRECON, POWYS LD3 8LA.
TEL: 0874 611 633.
It's called Super Smooth Animation, and so it is.
OVERALL 90% master butter where the tinal SSA is created. Frames tram the sources can be spliced together, and the finished film is then passed to the Master tor presenta tion, getting converted to SSA format in the process. Individual frames can be inserted, loaded or deleted - all quickly and without fuss.
The comprehensive set of Arexx Macros means that the effects you can subject your animation to are limited only by your ability to dream them up. The use of Arexx also means integrating ClariSSA with other programs is a doddle - how about grabbing images from VLAB directly and them processing them automatically in Adpro? Haven't we been telling you that Arexx is great? Now you know why. A special screen grab program will allow you to 'borrow' images directly from other programs: for example, pinching a set of ray frame previews from a 3D rendering package.
FLAWS Whilst experimenting with ClariSSA I found that simple non-HAM images such as text and logos worked the best. I had no luck at all with a monster HAM animation I spent a week rendering whilst on holiday -1 had stored it in Anim7 format, and ClariSSA only supports Anim5. When I recreated a portion in Anim5 I found that the use of HAM mode only resulted in a colourful mess on-screen. Crunching down to 32 colours was the only way I could get satisfactory results.
| Although very good, the manual does gloss over one or two interesting points such as the ability to drive two monitors, and the use of 24bit backdrops. Hopefully some addenda will find their way into the ring bound folder.
CONCLUSION I came to ClariSSA sceptical, and came away convinced I had found a useful animation display tool. Not only will my future epic productions benefit from the fast display of images, but the editing facilities will make creating them easier. The ability to add colour effects is a worthwhile bonus.
I'm lucky to have a 10Mb A4000, but tests on lesser machines have shown that they too can benefit from the speed injection from SSA. In fact, all Amiga animators should consider this as an essential buy to help postpone the fateful day when they need to spend 4000 on a single frame video recorder.
Interlace Cunning - How it works The quickness ol Ihe hand may deceive Ihe eye. But in this case Ihe speed ol a scanning eleclron beam can lool Ihe brain.
A computer monitor display, like a television set, is updated 50 times a second. Rather than re-building the display Irom top to bottom in one go. The process is perlormed in two halves, called fields . The lirsl lield contains the video inlormation Irom the first, Ihe third, the lilth line. Etc. and the second tills in the gaps. The result is an interlaced display which is much less llickery than one resulting Irom a single update. (Unfortunately, il the image contains horizontal single lines - such as an Intuition window lor example - the dicker effect comes back with a vengeance.)
The Super Smooth Animation' system works by exploiting this technique and relying on the ease at which the human brain can be looled. ClariSSA splits a standard Amiga animation Irame into two fields. II throws one field away and uses the other to display the animation, but alternates between throwing away the lirst and second Irames.
In effect, only hall the inlormation is displayed at a time, but because ol an phenomenon ol the human brain called persistence ol vision' and the very slight dillerence between subsequent Irames in an animation, the overall effect is a very smooth last image. Thus the Super Smooth Animation- works by exploiting the very way in which the display on a monitor works.
All this explains why all images used by ClariSSA must be in interlace mode to start with, although images can be processed to become interlaced il required. When recorded onto video tape, any flicker caused by line lines or shapes is markedly reduced,which means video sub titles and special eflects look excellent.
Now you can produce stunning high quality colour outputs on paper, transparency film or even T-shirt transfer paper from your Amiga. The Primera colour printer, recent recipient of countless awards in the IBM-PC and Macintosh markets, is also the perfect companion to any Commodore Amiga.
Primera uses thermal wax transfer technology, a technology usually associated with much higher priced printers.
Primera features Software drivers for Amiga, PC and Macintosh Prints A4 and A4* size paper and transparencies Monochrome ribbon cartridges available for economical text only printing Print full colour 24-bit photographs Optional Photo-Realistic upgrade kit (Dye-sublimation) Produce photographic quality images for a fraction of the cost of similar devices Extremely small footprint, not much larger than A4 Primera printer ...£825 Photo-Realistic upgrade kit £215.95 Photo-Realistic refill kit (lOO prints) ....£250 Photo-Realistic refill kit (25
prints)...£79.95 4 Colour ribbon (so prints) .£38.95 3 Colour ribbon (ll5 prints) ...£38.95 Monochrome ribbon (400 prints) £34.95 Transparency film (A4 50 sheets) £31.95 Primera premium paper (A4 200 sheets) £18 T-Shirt transfer paper (A4 lO sheets).£17.95 FRRGO telephone 023 4 8433 88 Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Ind. Estate Kemps ton Bedford MK42 7PN day £5.00 2-3 dayt £2.50 Saturday £10.00 object to itotk availability, all prim intludr VAT. E & OE | CENTRAL LICENCEWARE REGISTER CLR SEASOFT The Logical Choice - OctaMED Pro VS. 01 - £30.00
Latest 2 disk version - Now with Workbench V2.1 files PULL DOWN MENUS, ON-LINE HELP, FULL MIDI SUPPORT WITH UP TO 64 TRACKS, SAMPLE EDITOR, SYNTHESISED SOUND EDITOR, STANDARD TRACKER OR TRADITIONAL STAVE NOTATION DISPLAY, etc.. etc. - (Requires Kickstail 2.04 or later) OctaMED V5 Tutorial now available. Call for details.
T. A.M.I. (£3.50) GCSE maths tutor NIGHT SKY (£3.50) A nun! For
all tUna cn WORDS & LADDERS (£3.50) Sa*o A ladders S»ll,nr
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fo* 5-7 year olds ALPHABET TEACH (£3.50) Great fur young kids
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kids about safety in the home BIG TOP FUN (£3.30) 4 circus
bawd games JIGMANIA (£3.50) Jtruv ivulr gaancA rrah* CHESS
TEACHER (£350) A begiaacrs gunk MIND YOUR LANGUAGE (£3.50)
Vocabulary course SPEED READING JE5.50) CHORD COACH'(£3.50)
CJLT.T. (£4.50) 1 nlnck the mysamet of the Tarot FUN WITH
CUBBY (£3.50) X Educational games (NOT A500) PREHISTORIC FUN
PACK (£3.50) PEG a”piCTURe’(’S.50) Juvi like the .hildrrns
eamc UNDERSTANDING AMOS (£4.50) I tarn Ml about 'Uotn' SNAP
(£3.50) MY LITTLE ARTIST (£3.50) Great programs (Not AMD)
PRICES - PER DISK (No. Of disks shown In brackets) 1 - 4 disks
- £1.50,5 - 9 disks - £1.25,10 - 24 disks - £1.00,25+ disks -
£0.90 Unless staled all titles work on AMO (1 meg), AMO.. AMO
4 A1200 (NOI A Mil) i jieal game* for kids SEA SENSE (£3.50)
ROCKET MATHS (£3-50) DRAFT V2 (£4.50) (lalock the myurnis ol
BF108 (14 SO| 5ETTI IHE (14 50) YOUR FIRST PONY (14.50) BASIC
£19.95 C0P0 2 -119.95 CDPD 3 - £19.96 DEM01 £19.95 DEMO 2 -
U00UES. SAMPLES NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL GAMES VOL I I J tt* *5 EACH too PD GAMES ON EACH OF THESE add 60p P4P lo P.DAieenceware orders (£1 .M Europe. £3.00 rerf of World) or £1.00 if your order includes olher items (Europe 4 rest ot World at cost).. Sub|ect to availability, all orders are normally dispatched within 24 hours ol receipt Send orders to - SEASOFT COMPUTING opt CU), The Business Centre, First Floor, 80 Woodlands Avenue, Rustington, West Sussex BN16 3EY or telephone (0903)850378
9. 30am to 7.00pm Mon-Fri (to 5pm Sat)_ we stock FRED FISH 1 -
910 + L3 (Fish Cat Disk £1.50) AM FM disk maga me lor the
serious Amiga musician Issue 16 out now £2.50 ACC HARDWARE
tutorials & source codes lor assembly language programmers
£3.50 per issue Disk 1 (PD) Cl 50 Disks 2.3 & 4 £5.00 each
(£12.50 for the 3) (issue 32 now available) A-GENE V4.38
£15.00 UTILITIES &S$ £SL~ AMIGA FOX VI (1) Desk tap publishing
program ASTRO 22 V3(1) ACC 1-4(1) of Issue* A.C.C. 1-4 KICK
1.3(1) KtCKSTART 2 (11 emulates k k U(1 2 an A500 MESSY SIO
2(1) Amiga PC file convenor NCOMMV3(1| powerful cxmms package
NORTH C (2) demo ufthe hoi PC emu bn* SID 2(1) comprehensive
director) utility CAT DISK £1.00 (inc p&p) AMFC Pro Converts
many standard music files to OctaMED & Music-X format £10.00
BASS SOUNDS (1) high quality Bass sample v CHRISTMAS MUSIC (1)
class* Oniumn n SiS-S,' NO SAMPLER? (1) OclaMED V2 (II fully
functioning A channel cditcu Oc timed V4 MANUAL (1) (.'omptcic
manual on divk OctaMED V5 (1) non save demo version X-BEAT PRO
IRRELEVANCE MED User Group (MUG) disk magazine Issue 4 now
available £3.00 (2 disks) issues 1-3 £1.50 each ALPHA DatA
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1. 8m lead with
P. D. software £10.00 SUPERSOUND 4 £6.00 (manual £10.99) AISOO
ONLY A1200 INTROS (1) collection of 4 viral demo intros AGA
TETRtSAfnUTIES (1) game ami uarful utiliUev ANOYS WB3 l nUTIES
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program (4 megs I V1EWTEK (1) AGA picturv animation viewer
W. B.3 BACKGROUNDS (1) coloured Itus Ldn«« f « workbench WB3
• JL.
CLR GAMES TRUCKIN-ON 2 (£4.50) Run your own trucking Compmy.
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OUINGO (£3.50) Pub quiz machine u umiak* CLR UTILITIES VIDEO TITLER (£3.50) Professional touch to your vidooa TYPING TUTOR (£3.50) Complete counc ami speed tcvtv ALPHA GRAPH (£350) POWER TEXT 2 (£3.50) Excellent word processor POWER ACCOUNTS (£3.50) Keep track of your hank account CALC V1J (£350) towcrful spreadsheet STOCK CONTROLLER (£350) Keep track ol year stock EPOCH VI (£3.50) Powerful calendar system X-STTTCH MASTER LITE (£3.50) Produce cross stitch charts HARD DRIVE MENU (£350) A must lor Hard Drive owners MV0ICE MASTER (£350) CREATIVE ADVENTURE TOOLKIT (£350) (not A500) Tc«t adventure
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’*‘H 8Vhl»B6S10 “S,S 10 - £5.00 50 £22.50 100 - £42.50 ASSASSINS GAMES I - ISO + latest titles always available call for complete list jf 93 94 FOOTBALL MASTERS ompute tea tok teoltslK and o«ufaie representations ol o professional loofboll moi annual challenge lo tacficolly out wit and conquer every opponent.
Managers: I to 4 Human players. Ratings, Performance statistics, and otters 3 Difficulty levels. Manager ol the month and season allows specific player field sellings (left winger. Sweeper etc.), [lab: Sponsorship, Ground improvements, View opponent, fine Ihe Motch: Reel lime scoreboard reporting goals 8 injuries yell cards, Sound effects, Interventiors permitted al any lime to chonge tactics, lotmolions ond moke subs. Physical gioplucaJ pt & 3 hove 24 teams, ss, 20 Options lo sel various Easy lo play. Technical support.
Scottish : Dedicated version details available upon request EASY TO PLAY Ammoted Wrestling gcune f-3 .1 rj EilJ f fTrai J J • full inotiH hghhghls lei you ¦ V l* 1 1 L I . LIH. T* 1 'III ball by ball will ¦tvs s : X'r, -t-rwjera -.iv -u.il - p t -e- ,onter.«res or M graprwc arc t -wMi snategy ond includes plenty ol relevonl slalistrcs Ibe game bos been sampled sound effects tor I SgSPIg designed and developed by i inn bin nl rhi .pair II repUcdes even,timg significant event. Hours. Umpire L LxJNHjjjl that a real monoger has to conlend with and It's a totally unique decisions, etc)
Interventions are prcxhiction that anyone with on interest n (ntkel should eiperience. Permrlted ot any Ime to charge baiting ladies a Peking plaings.
4 sunmary of Ihe main ledums is shown below:- • 3 Buffing Bowing dassdkatians (Normal, Attack and Defend!
• AXA EQUITY 8 IAW18 leogue rourty team, 50 overs per gome •
Choice of IS deferent fiekd pladngs
• 4 Cup tampetdons including Benson 8 Hedges, Not West . Ful
scaerad results wvth best batting md bowing figures
• 20 different match umpires with orcurote names aid strictness.
• Oths staff (Physio, Groundkeepet, Seoul) can be hired and
• Accurate player derails Surname, height ond age. • Annual
leogue fixtures listing. Cunent week ond lost league resutls.
• 27 different player ottnbules Mosl skills hove a dried impod on
Ihe • View cunenl cup rompetition draws ond historic records,
effectiveness of eodi individuals odions during o simulated
match. • Real lime transfer market. Player contract and woge
• Cosy player selection. All game led is cleorty presenled. •
Sponsois, Ptintei access, finances, Pare ground lines. Manager
• Bolting ond bowling averages. Top bolting ond bowling lobles. •
15 Options to oftec gome preferences, Load Sove gome.
• 3 Different training intensities lo boost baiting, bowling or
fielding. • Instiuchon book with plenty of examples.
» Weather, pikh end light often make on vnpocl on ground condition. «Plus many more line delols Hrotwe ore unable lo kst here.
CRICKET MASTERS ORACLE STABLE MASTERS by Rocerofl. Regulated by ihe Tote, this program orhevS wB pint second This led to a senous opprooch Irom a well knowr S ifl national bool maker Reiected in lovouf ol suppoihng Ibe pubic N* Winnings Statistics 104 wins out of 166, os Irom 2 6 to 1 9 93 Fotmuki This program tells you exocdy whal lo do. Vou ate NOT permitted to amend our system unlike so mony other simMot programs.
How confident ran you be in something that invites amendments!
Research 8 Development Three yean full time race analysis ond expenmentohon lo refine and test fire prediction system.
Inside knowledge: Plenty ot unique bints Irom contacts in Ihe know, llsei Fnenrfy No racng knowledge required, easy to use. Totond book.
ResthOed Seles As soon os our programs predictions have o peotfk impact on Ihe belting odds we nil slop excepting new buyen.
Monitty Updofes: Highly recommended option. II any update lads to break even we’ll send Ibe next one free of charge. Emm £25.
Price Increase Highly likely. Buy now before success forces increose.
This gome hos been designed TO be os dose to reol rating as possible. [SisorI live yeors ol development try o •!-.
Second revision ol ibis Hoi Horse Ronng Simulohon 0 "--. Pj i «w?. I |pes abliclive of becomng the lop rated liainer. In respect of pii e rnnnoy |_ ( J I | won, at the end ol each racing seosor [March to November: There ho ecr ' ore up lo 35 oilier mielligendv (onirolled computer Comers lo compete I I agornst end compare your personal performance I"1'"’ |- To ochieve this oim you must discover o potential champion and train them so ttxjt Ihey become topade ol competing well and wmnng ony • 20 lodeys who vxy n obkty and booking lees. Orders 8 feedbod of«« 47 bgiain money races (Handicap ond
Group) eg The Derby • Eomitioak and Win Summary Conk rcrmr Ihe previous 200 races.
To gwe you on dea of Ihe looks provided in this game to assist you •Armored race ispkr, at just Ihe rest*. YmDedarohon 1st for races, iwchmg you oCmtiw we hove lined the mon features below - • Very Hormative report by Head stable lad. Tpslers. Bookmakers.
• 250 horses eodi with over 60 independent vonaUes. • Rocecods
similar to raring press Reol life Handicaps 8 Race Types.
• 26 diflerent rote courses (2 oil weather), reol life
charactensbcs • Viruses, Injuries 8 Vets. LoodAove gome. Mony
other items included, mirroring the diversely ol racecourses in
Ihe Ok (descriptions provided). Version 1 is available upon
requesl (Simple homing 8 belling) @£15.
Been completely written by a l-aditionol Ion.
Panrcipate with boning and or bowling or Ie outomoheoiPy handle See ful featue list beb GAME OPTIONS STATI
* I Doy limited overs or test. * See COMPUTER IDE SCRIRI ION _
Piofessmnal Football Mosters V4
P. F.M. Editor V4 ~~ Stable Mosters V2__ Orode Horse Tipsier (RRP
£99 95 Oiriet Mosters _ World Cep Crirkel Masters Wiesltng
Mosters_ NUMBER 8 EXPIRY E.80.E.
• Wogon Wheel covering the entire playing atea.
• Monhotton Chon. • Moose controls bowler's line, PtAYER VARIEfY
length, direcbon Held settings.
• Rated on 8 adjustable foe tors • Joystick contiol ol batsman’s
• left ond tighl bonded ployeis. Attack level, strokes and
• Range of batting types. Running between wickets.
• Editor lo amend game slots VARIABLE CONDITIONS
• load Save gome. Skill lev
• (omputei Humon ployeis.
• Sound Commentory
• Umpwe signals.
• All the strokes rut, pull, drt
Central Licenseware Register.. Commercial Quality programs al a
PD price Motl ClJt lille ok on A1200: ClEOSt PUNT PAST! A DRAW
'wai Amq A awir j colouring boo*, contaning tots A background
pictures brushes lo put* on, plus editor to design vow oen .
You can even *06 your own CLE02 TOTAL CONCEPTS GEOLOGY TM Ha a
lb* seoond in iho mom ol quetoy program* by Chns ME. Using the
Goto Disk Hyperbook system. 4 will have an amiga ' The program
wrt lake you step by
• lep through a (Ml typing courso. Showing where lo place your
lingers and lots more Betore King you’ll be at»e to rype as
last ae lean 1 Pnc C3 50 .
Pianola 4 systems allh picture* suppled by Nasa.
I is a superb educational P»»«go for children 4 As The tw * so bg N * suppled on Three Asks CLU032 POWERTEXT 7 This is a supeib A powariul wordwrapping 4 much much morel You wrt probeety never need any more than this super product' Needs 1 mg ol ram 1 dis» 3 SO .
CLEON PREHISTORIC FUN PACK Ths e a tuperb line containing lour Kin dnosau games, Dinostder a tiles puirle game Dmosaw Is a |igs*w memory snort me bolero erpodmg. Krhng any monster* nearby I 1 disk 3-50 .
Cl £015 TOTAL COPICEPTS SOLAR SYSTEM 1 to IT* sequel to our most popular Me. Chre M* Dnngs you the vary latest on Ihe Sow Systeml Ad the very latest planetary mitsont are covered 4 • you thought layout gtvmg you a dno image 4 mlo Duttons onevery page' H ndudes the new super si w ot the dno work) Vetooraptor ¦ you are al at nterested in Dinosaurs CUJIO POWER ACCOUNTS account statements ate 3.50 .
ClUtt CALC Vt very laakr tpreedsneet program' 1 ds* 140 .
CLUI2 VWTUAL WINOOWS Notebook Aatresa book' M* 3 40 .
CLU13 OATOS A powerful database, many features 1 Osk 3 50 • CLUI4 STOCK CONTROLLER Keep track ol stocks I Oak 3 50 • CLUtS EPOCH VI calendar tor Amga t?99 y* dary t diskS 50 • CLUte CROSS STITCH good need..on. program 1 Ask 3 50 .
CLUI7 LctO FONTS face loots tor Star LctOpnntarl t disk 3 50 .
CLU1B LC200 FONTS Fonts tor your LC200 prmleri 1 ask 3.50 • CLU1B LC24 FONTS Fonts tor you Star 24 pin pnntor 1 dak 3 50 « CIH20 CANON BjtO Super Fords lor Buttot*|ll I Os* 3 SO- CLU2I INVOtCE MASTER Son att yeur mvoaces' t do* 3 SO • CLU22 HARD DRIVE MENU Superb hard drrre uMily' 1 Osk 3 50 • CLU23 FI5 ANIM BRUSHES Needs D paint! T disk 3 50.. CLU24 REO LOTUS AN At BRUSHES Needs D Pent I cMk 3 50 .
CIU23 STARFK3HTER ANAI BRUSHES For Opemt 2 Asks 4 50 .
CLU24 STAR VOYAOER ANIM BRUSHES tor Dpant3 dBkss 4 M CLU27 IMAGE BASE Single authoring package 1 Aik 3.50 .
CLU29GFX Orapfuc*convertors spa* edtorse*C ' As* 3 SO* CLU30 DRAW SELECTOR V2 poets pieAcaon prog t Ask 3 SO.
CLU3I FLOWCHARTER For creaeon ot tlowcharts' 1 disk 3 50.
CLU33AM TUITION Create WB3 look 4 leal progs td sk3.60. 1CLE07 TOTAL CONCEPTS FRESHWATER FISHING 2 Asks 4 50 .
CLE08 NIGHT SKY Etellent gtade to Ihe stars t dek 3 50. .
CLEOBWOROS 4 LADOERS Good spettng program l Ask 3 50 .
CutO BASICALLY AMIGA gede to Amgados1 3 daks 4 90' • CLEM LETS LEARN For cMAen ol 5-7 years t disk 350 .
!ClE 12 ALPHABET TEACH speltng piogram tw the kids'l Ask 350.
OLE 13 HOME BREW Create your own brews' 1 Ask 3 50 .
CLE14 TOTAL CONCEPTS ECOLOGY learn ecotogy 3 Aiks 4 BB .
CLE16 KINOS 4 QUEENS A history esson' 2 Asks 4 50 .
;CLEf 7 ThtNOAMAJlG An etectronic jigsaw. T Ask 3 50 .
CLEI8VYORK 4 PLAY 3 educational programs I dek 3.50. • CLE1B PLAY IT SAFE Teaches satety m the home t Ask 3 50 .
CLE20 BIO TOP FUN Four programs t As* 350 .
CLE2I JlGMANIA Jigsaw serving 4 construction sell t Ask 3 50' .
CLE22 CHE88 TEACHERIeach chess naW way' 1 Ask 3.80. .
CLE23 MIND YOUR LANGUAGE irr®rove speech l Ask 3 50 .
Cl £24 SPEEO READPtQ Tests your reeAng speed 2 daks 4 SO « CLE25 CHORD COACH The a a auperp Piano Tutor, t Ask 3 SO • CLE26 SNAP An educational game lor language*. I disk 3 50 .
CLE27C.ATT Superb Tarol reading program 2 daks 4.501 .
CLE28 FUN WITH CUBBY 6 superb games lor Mde* t dek 3 60.. CLE30 PEG A PKTURf Make packrres b*i pegs 1 do* 3 50 • CLE3I UNOE RSTANOING AMOSl NEEDS AMOS) 2 daks 4 50 .
CLE32 SPITFIREI The legendary WWH lighted 2 Asks 4.50.. CLE33 MESSERSCHMITT BFI09 And the German' 2 daks 4 50.. CIE34 YOUR F«ST PONY All you need to know' 2 Asks 4 50 • CLE36 THE TME MACHINE Teaches toda to te* wee 2 does 4 50 - ICLE37 DISCOVERY AMERICA Learn shout the USA' 1 Ask 3 SO .
|CLE38 HOME INVENTIONS Invenoons since 1750 2 Asks 450.. ICLE3BMV LITTLE ARTIST cotoumg book Needs tmg 2 daks 4 50 • CLE40 BOREALIS JUNK3R Draemg tor young chkaren 1 Aak 3 50- CLE41 BASICALLY MEOKINE Good help mth Vsl art' 2 Aska 4 50- CIE42 COMPOSITION Photograph Tutonal do* I disk 350 CLE43AM08 LANGUAGE QUIZ Helps team Amos I Ask 3 50* CLE44 PORTRAITURE 2nd photo tutonal ptogrem t am 3 50.
CIE45 FUN WITH CUBBY 2 Anotoer 7 tab ON games' t AM 3 50.
CLE46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY Oood tor aArcahon tdek 3 50 - CLE47 SEA SENSE Learn M atioul boats! I dttk 3 50 .
CLE48 ROCKET MATHS Easy malha lor tods! I dttk 3.50 .
CLE50 DRATV2 4 Runecaater. Translator needs 1 5mg 2 doks4 50.
CLE52TELL THE TME Ahl what toe .ids need i 30.3 50.
Pl PRICES: I - 5 disk. £: POST A PACKIMJ: I K • REVIEMBER: We stuck nain Distributors 4= not the i m i t a t o r s ! D MtlMM » M .KS iH l MPAI) KM.W TO ;n moke pkim.s wokkim; i DELTRAX PD 0492 515981 PUBLIC DOMAIN AND SHAREWARE AT ITS VERY BEST UKIWIM "C *»w COMMUNICATIONS EMULATORS PRINTER DRIVERS I Ml H AM111 a* ButUV.i (Mli (VUIPBMIIH (Ml 11 CM GAMS DIS* I « COPIERS (K&4IKOIMI7 13 umii n*i m»i i cflAGAdHtwt GRAPHICS HARD DRIVE UTILS 'GLUJ4COI0UH10ICOW
• ti' imwcfwii 01019IV OIL MM mm GU277*A1 : Muvn SOUM IRAOUR H I
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COMOPOII1AN lOHtl ¦ Mjt' MUM! Umii DIM I $ £*£«* n; AUHJ Umim
CUP ART I CjiHOH otUC 0041$ COHIACX CLIPART I lining. ¦"«
SAMPU 'ACTON SmhI tftK* auia w whi nn o hi 100474 «JUT»* Twirl
CIE33 Mil CLEJ4 roJ clem rid CIE37 DIM CLE38 HOH CLE39MY I
CUAGBOlj CIE41 8Afl CLE42 CO«J OLE 43 Aud CIE44 Pod 'CLE45 FUNI
Cl (46 BasI CLE47SCA ClE4fl Hod CLESOWuj 00477 HM1 I ARM I
00171VBW 37 Auer Pay.. C047I HAM V A4 PRO •? M Oi««KMUM 01*431
Smx nu alt G232EUS-THE GAME P v1*» G 4 OIMJEON CeiVER (2 £N*«i|
Mlu G25P1CK UPAPU221E' 2 05M! Jffoo) . GTE* CHAWS A » DEATH *
fuliinh; nut lyw G7T CM YOU PICTURE IT • (2 DiUi Aguv Gffl
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GAMES 108*48 G90 SHAPES Wn 3l*HM fa Wl !)l OolOOlYSt J GwdD
Ill: BOARD GINtS Gfl7 ATM ATAK CS* «* G9J BART SIMPSON Scitfn| SEU GI24 P*f RIDER S»* MrtMi SEU G125 RAMfl Paiinj : GI2B RUSH HOUR ‘.-sap - GM tarns He idM Gl?.' TOMTESPEIET ; ot1 Ml r,i« GIMMIT BIAITR GAMES P*8 G131W2AR0WORIOSIU Pmwm : G131 WORLD 01 roOlS S (U (04CI01 - Eflrtttl 1G133 CARD SHIRP 5 ail jtnii GI3I TOTAL HM RntW* G1C6 AIRMAN A ;li5o,n Gi*sicmnRWMiSEu IglJ PUOOlHObRlW* 1G1J8 SQUATS REVENGE AW Otn riGT J8 PM1 IT SliDei Gl 10 GAMES CONPNATIOHI * jintt G1II ATLANTIS I Bratov GI12 NAPOUONIC WAR SNUUTM GM; MISSION RA40 PART Nsi '.i Gmt SNIAiS 8 I ULCERS G«0 6M5 GAMES GAIORE Vol 7
1. 1GJW MCMGHT TH(f GAME JO, G201 UAHR GAME Waltr « ma W husw :
G2Q? IETIRCI 9w«i oiMire knl 62W GRUB GRABBER IH* Bra' A.M
’moral Mi 6207 HGHT AT THE TOWN Tul*.
62C8 QUAORU Pt.v E«Ur( 62C8 YUM TUN' dcntr . G210 REVENGE MUTAMT CAMEIS S ( U G?11 BITTIIMENTSKMCfto:* 1«1WT (21 ? IEMM WGODS Hisi Itirr G217 WBRO IN EDGEWAYS Puik G21B URATE WORM Pttftcmi-caH G279SHWE m THE GRASS PaiWn - rati G 20 WAR OF THE 10UH GoMK Mt G» 1 MUARDS OOMAIN G'M'.: Ior 0222 PKIE IINGOOM 12 OL-?: AACADU Braitoui - ray mnb G22I PORK A PORI P0( IN tuikxn - 0 r IN lean G25 IB* BRICK-Iteo l,i« G2MRU0HSEU-MUM 0(27 SERENE H G23IWOTSITSWME Gvi.
G2?) TETRHI Irlia [ G233 MNPTY 4 IHE ALIEN MNADERS Mtnc Mrer 6222ICTHIAH 6n| H Mi S2J3OMEGA RACE SEU &8M 6224 MENTAl IMAGES CNSK 2 3 gain 62(2 MR B HRS Yun) pWlcrm - wr, g(W 6243 TANK GrW BBS G2« OEKNOA J'ua 95N BliUN QMOiM G265 GRAKD PRIISIWXATOR Atagt 0264 HUMBER FUNBIER Kmbr (ur* SBUtni) 0273 THE MAZE GAME G271 SUBCULTURE
G2E9TTC BEAST Aviioi ID Ul 02* NANLOT RUM Cat 4 MgcUtt G2r1
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6) 16 FUG CATCHER S«uh«B *22 J6ir OMEGA Wt Mo-BtiV‘ 63 IB TOP
SECRET f.srtbf [LBtrn 6119 MADONNA Jqsm 632'. ROBOCOP GOES TO
IRAQ ttv J 6321 BAM TO THE FUTURE IB F.ny . 6322 45 CHEATS Mrs
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G327 HESTER Cmt G32! STARflEET Slml enup G3?9(KCAIIHRSLml tntp
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MARKET GAME &r.(cgy ! G33) Roll OM 4 IAAMR Piling
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G) l ESCAPE Bciulrq gar*
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RESCUE aim 9l! « on to 0353 RffAOIRS MARK 15 04 itoMii 1 G371
ERIC THE WARMOR Sin Si Gaulb G322nAKTRIS TnilywjifH G373CU-TRS
UWITRIS GJ21H1UKE PACIUM GSTi GA1A0A 32 Shwi-tn-io : . 6376
LIBERATOR GAME S2.X4 en u; I i GiT7 AM-AM : G123 CRA2Y SUE 2
Late* Mwn : 638) UST REFUGE iraabi Gif 1 2MCGER GAME Luf pint
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G39i GOOY itf. Toi WjlVim gint G191 ATOMS An']' G19) VECIA
STORM Bill r» Terpra am CIO! Own TETRIS GIC2 TETRIS PRO G403
'MI6 SON « BUGGER EutBeil poHimi 6l[QBRNNB0WM*B«5|U2ik 6110
MYSTERY 2144 AO finjralK MirMi»!.
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- G417 MUGSX Hnrr m*ig ptqcb atMnux G4'! ROULETTE - FWTO 2
Gasfgam »» 12) G419NIT7GAMSlMm .tu22tar iptMaK
642) SKID MARKS Anamg (n.nj g n 642’ 20MBM. APPOOXIPS ARO
0EHNC«2BrB 6422 BILLY BWCUR M Y lo ikw i 6423 OLYMPIAO
iMWibJI 1(284*)
Gift AIRPORT '6l27Ein'UfYl22» 6129 BOW I ARROW 6t:OBIOAD«J*ER
G45IPOPEW ?G432 CASTLE AIOWNS ’ G423 W RIGHT WAY larmnjt 6424
TO Httl Raoag Irill G4« FIGHTING MARRIORS SswH F Bb 2 cW» I
4gt»»*a : 6448 COKUIST 8 DOVMIATCR SU*n »*«(.
MINES 3 0048 (AT MINES 10 80*9 KOCAt MWS 1 80 50 - HO CAI MWS
BD SB • SPUO MINES 3 BD 39 - INEWV MINES bo 40 • eoeeywsH BD61
&D6B-ACE Mnf I 80 69 • SIXER AMIOA&H 80 70 • ROCXMJTS I 80 '2
BO 80 • 1ITTIE KWIOER 80 (1 • WULKRS BROrt . IdfTCR BO I? -
4 B0S6-0EKMNES 6082 - OiHMfli 6 80 88 - (VCRAID EATER I 80 89
92 • EMEftALD MINE 2 BO93 FUEWL0MW3 BO94 • EMIRALO Klill 8095
EMFRA4.0MIW16 80 88 • EMERALD HIM 12 80 92 ¦ NO OW MIKE 4 BO
98 • NO OW MINE 12 BD99NOOWMINE 13 BO 100 HQ OS! MN( 14 BO 101
10* RIMER MAE 4 B0102 • BORO MAE 2 80 108 B3HOMNI3 B0109- BOND
MW 4 80110 KIND MW 5 80111 • KIND MINE 2 5 BO 112 -KIND MW 8
80113 • BOND MW 9 BO 114 KAO MW 11 B0115- RASCUIDCI
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¦» cm Ioislftofrtmt.au tOutnofnmt.rtU. 30tskFtefrnm.au DELTRAX
PI) (CU), 36 Bodelwyddan Ave, Old Colwyn, Clwvd LL29 9NP DISK
PRICES: 1-2 Disks = £2.00 each. 3-15 Disks = £1.50 each 16-24
Disks = £1.25 each. 25+ Disks = £1.00 each POSTAGE. & PACKINC
UK = 60p per order; DhLTRAX PD Note: Prices are per disk and
not per set CU AMIGA PD SCENE HSCENE It's all here in PD Scene
this month: banging techno, 3D animations, slideshows, games,
girlies, [not any more - Lisa] and stuff, as selected by Tony
MAD FIGHTERS XANADU A1200 MEAN CD MACHINE animation animation This is another strange animation trom Craig Collins. It's a kind ol "my computer's better than yours" argument put into the torm ot a car race Contused? Let me explain. There are three sports cars on the starting grid, and one by one the interior capabilities ot the lesser cars (tagged MegaCD and and COI) lead them to drop out ot the race, resulting in Ihe CD32 car winning the race. I know it sounds a bit natt, but there's excellent ray-tracing going on there, which will have 3D tans loaming at the mouth. Unlortunately, you'll
need 1 Mb ot Chip RAM and 3Mbs of Fast RAM to run it.
Available trom: 17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street. Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982. Disk nos. 2872 a.b.c.d (4 disks). Price: £6.50 Including P.P. Another one tor you lucky At 200 owners, Xanadu Is a series of slick effects that go just that little bit lurlher than most It kicks olt with a good colour- cyded tunnel, followed by a very tasty doughnut effect that has colour rings warping in and out ol each other. Then there's the favourite spmny cube, and another cube that pokes its comers through some black and white patterns. The obligatory realtime
rotational bitmap 200m puts in an appearance before a big glenz, some RGB filters and a ray- traced Commodore logo round It off. Not a bad effort in all. But it tails oil a bit towards the end Available from: Visage Computers, 18 Station Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 5LD.
Tel: 0602 444501.Price: £2.00 Includ- Ing P.P. Street Fighter II Amiga was a bit rubbish really wasn't it? Didn't it embarrass you when your SNES-owning mate came round to gloat'’ Well this could have been a chance to get your own back - a 1200-specitic SFII ripotl - but unfortunately this also moves around with as much style and grace as a drunken rhino.
Mad Fighters has potential though The PD ver sion gives you a choice of four fighters from the sixteen available in the registered version. Apart from the slightly rough graphics, there's everything here to make a good SFII done, apart from smooth animation. To keep the speed up, all the sprites jerk around the screen in massive steps The sound effects have been sampled straight from SFII. Mad Fighters is one of those games that's impressive, but only because it s PD. So don t get your hopes up too much.
Available from: Roberta Smith DTP, 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, NW11 6JE. Disk no. RGA 034.
Price: £1.40 Including P.P. yded puling tunnels, Di i bit flat The music? It's iiihough it has the odd good ounds are Knocking on a bit.
Tracks 2 instead Available from: Computa Stuff. 81 Orsett Road. Grays.
RM17SHH. Tel: 0375 392345. Price:£2.00 including
p. p 65% THE MINI AGA SLIDESHOW slideshow With all this talk ot
24-bit graphics boards, it's easy to forget what the new AGA
graphics modes are capable of.
This slideshow from Karl Moore has some good examples ol HAM-8 ray-traced images, although the subjects are pretty run-of-the-mill.
Still, all the pictures are very clean, and should be enough to persuade any unconverted ray- tracers that they must have an AGA Amiga.
Available from: Cynostic PD, Office 01, New Enlerprise Centre. Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry, CV6 7NB. Disk nos. P0076 (2 disks).
Tel:0203 681 687 Price: £3.50 Including P.P. PD SCENE CU AMIGA PRO SIAK Demos Demos are still kicking it, as this production trom Flying Cows Inc proves. It's briet, but hits hard with a stream ol dramatic effects and a buzzy synthy technoid soundtrack.
The Imagine cow spins around various sections ot the demo, which includes some dated sine-plot patterns, but the quality improves with ray-traced animations, tunnels and wibbly bits.
It ends with an excellent new effect that seems to be some kind ot fractal zoom, but looks very like a political map of Europe or something.
Very strange.
Available trom: Cynostlc PD, Oftlce 01, New Enterprise Centre, Little Heath industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry, CV6 7NB. Disk no. D0569. Price: £2.00 including P-.P. i TV OVERDRIVE demo You get a new original demo and what happens?
Someone comes out with an inferior copy before you can blink. Maximum Overdrive was inspired by Fairlight's 242 demo featured in last October s PD Scene. Like 242, it's a long digitised animation seen in spooky green-o-vision. But unlike 242, it needs about 2Mbs to run. And even then it’s quite a mission to get it working.
Thq mini-film, transferred from a camcorder into compressed Amiga graphics, is without any particular theme. A bunch of likely lads jump into a Mk1 Cortina or thereabouts, and drive down the road. No. Hang on, it gets even more rivetting in a minute...then someone stands in front of the camera and pulls unamusing faces. If you haven't seen the 242 demo, I suppose this would look quite good, but it's inferior and so seems a bit pointless really. Don't let me put you off though, it's probably just because it's Monday and I'm a miserable sod.
Available from: Visage Computers, 18 Station Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire. DE7 5LD. Tel: 0602 444501. Price: £2.00 including P+P. N*, 5% CONTACTS To help you get the most from the public domain, here is a list ot the main PD distributors. Should you require anything that's not reviewed in these pages, contact any ol the following libraries who will be more than witling to help.
Blitterchips Ground Zero South Lines PD Cliffe House 4 Chandos Road 10 Linden Rise Primrose St Redland Bourne Keighley Bristol Lines BD214NN BS6 6TE PE10 9TD Tel: 0535 667 469 Tel: 0272 732978 Tel: 0778 393470 CPPD Orion PD Strictly PD 3 Dunedin 14 Ouston Close 11 York Place Crescent Wardley Brandon Hill Winshill Gateshead Hotwells Burlon-on-Trent Tyne and Wear Bristol Staffs NE10 8DZ BS1 5UT Tel: 0283 516736 Tel:091 4385021 Tel: 0272 250992 Diskovery NBS The One Stop PD 108 The Avenue 1 Chain Lane Shop Clayton Newport 39 Lambton Bradford Isle of Wight Road West Yorkshire P030 5QA Charlton
BD14 6SJ Tel: 0983 529 594 Manchester Tel: 0274 880 066 M21 12J PD Soft Tel: 061 370 9115 First Choice 1 Bryant Avenue The Orchard Southend on Sea Virus Free PD 139 Highridge Essex 31 Farringdon Green SS12YD Road Bishopsworth Tel: 0702 466933 Swindon Bristol BS13 8AB Wilts Tel: 0374 446776 Seventeen Bit SM1 SAR Software Tel: 0793 432176 Five Star PD 1st Floor Oflices 48 Nemesia 2 8 Market Street Valley PD Amignton Wakefield P0 Box 15 Tamworth West Yorks Peterlee B77 4EL WF1 1DH SR81NZ Tel: 0827 68496 Tel: 0924 366982 Tel: 091 587 1195 SPECIAL PACKS BUSINESS PACK I Conlaiu 5 disk* £4*5 BUSINESS
PACK 2 A further 5 diak* £4.95 UTIlXnES PACK I Cornells 5 disks £4.95 FONTS PACK I Coil aim 3 disk* £2.95 CLIPART PACK I Contain* 5 disk* £4.95 CLIPART PACK 2 Contain. 5 dUk. £4.95 CLIPART PACK 3 Contain* 5 diiks £4.95 CLIPART PACK 4 Contain* 5 di.ks £4.95 GAMES PACK I Can tain* 5 disk* £4.95 GAMES PACK 2 Contain* 5 dbk* £4.95 ©IRIKDN HOW TO ORDER Plume make cheque* with hanker* card number or postal order* payable to "ORION PI " Dept CU3 14 OUSTON CLOSE WARDLEY GATESHEAD TYNE & WEAR NEIO 8DZ Tel: 091-4385021 AB order* deapatehed Irt class same das
* . A504*IA400 compadNe () = Number of dS* (OOH Yelp * Y 0329
0013 Lhunmron Y 0334 0016 Supra Quiz?-Y G335E-T pe2 • Y AOOI
TheW a™-aw.a 0017 Air Aco 2 Y 0336 Bo* • Y Adveiture AOO? The
W.ttra demo ?-y 0021 Hvpeiball * 0341 Broto Mar • Y Adv A0C6
Star W». • Doodv • 0342 Del-* Pucmww 1.4*, A008 Prwtal Plight •
gZTfZ „ I Pro* Madilae 1 •Y 0343 Pokra - Y A03I At the mo*to.-y
1.5M , .T*' , 0345 MoaopqlY A046 SteuAhy A mm • M MfUtMll
1-lSt U139 PC Talk 203 U140Aa!m*x U142 Table Of t!l«9Anih»*
1) 150 K'Graph
1) 154 ReOrg UTILITIES 1001 Electro Cad • I CO? (Might - Y
C003M-Cad • Y 1C04 D-Ccpy 3.1 * Y 1005 Mewy Sid II - Y 1008
label Droignc. • 1009 land BuiUfcr • Y lOI I Opti lliitiea II
- Y 1015 Di* Salvage •
(X) 16Kcd ItcvUi llti - U019 Super Killer* • 1X120 Primer
t.tilitee* • Y U027 World 1X028 AM Hiutoi 1030 label Print
IXBI Croa* 5.1 •
1) 032 Sid II * Y U033 Prim Studo 1.25 -Y 0023 0027 0029 Jkaw •
0031 kfalhiAi 0038 Ixpkxm 7 Ul 57 Zoom * Y anki
1) 159 Dlik Prut 359
1) 161 65 fto C Manual)5)* 1566Work UI67 CarmVStar Drreeee- U568
Prial Tool. * Y 0346 Shuffle Run • Y A047 Vietnun aroflict -
0347 Tank HuMer - Y AOW49 Ami lamimn 2M
(2) • Y 0039 40 C61 Oamr. (2) - 0348 350 Nelhutk *(3)AArAO0O
Strwlhy 2 • 0051 Dragon Tile* • Y 0351 Artmmb 7 * Y A05I Any
v Walkce • y 0054 Sour. Lrogue • 0X53 Tcp Secret - A053 King
Fuher 1 Fnh Catalogue £1.25 A1200 Utilities Pack Five diaks
£4.95 A(iA Slide* Pack Ten diak. £9.90 Scalable Fonts Pack I
Ten did* £9.90 hui 7 Ten did. £990 Adobe type 1 foots Pack I
Ten did. £9.90 Pack 7 Tew Did. £9.90 Fonts Pack 2 Five did.
£4.95 Musk Pack Five dnk. £4.95 Sound Samples Pack I Five
did. £4.95 Pack 7 Five did. £4.95 Astronomy Pack Five Did
£4.95 Fractal Pack Five dbk* £4.95 Kducation Packs Pad I Five
did. £4.95 Pack 7 Five did. £4.95 €44 Games Pack 1614 Dyn.
U621 Race 1623 Speedy Workbeml 1638 Mem. Cheat. 2 • 1641 Curaoa Icon. • Y 1650 Word .art • U6S1 Addm. Prim - U657 Adventure cetrtw BCA Rdlgicu. (3) - Y U183The U22I PTODemoMJ U223 Font Edtor • U229 Dirt Mute 40 U236 Vote* 3D ft U238 Inmtocape Oardeeang 1662 U242 Deli Trader • U669 ir247 Aoliflirkra - U673 U253 Mem, Mailer 3.0 -Y 1)676 U254Cheque Bcok • Y U677SKk*« BCA Huaneu • Y BCA Office - Y BCA Xmaa |3) * Y Bca sdKoto r2) - Y BCA Babe. - Y BCA Sport (?) - Y III -Y BC A (Myopic - Y Medical (2) • Y U012 Typing Tutor • Y LKX55 HD Click 2.53 • Y 10064 SvperDuper 3.0 •
1) 071 ¦ •»• I • Y 1X07? Free hum • U073Gelignite PoaU 3 - U074
Muhjptorer • U076 Midi Stuff • U079 Icon Editor 4.0* U08I
A-Doc 301 - Y U0*3 Cartoon Bnrahe. - Y U0B6 Fire Copy 1.8 • Y
U088Spectrum Entul.7-Y U089Teit Engine 4 - Y U0*2 Pool. TooU
2* Y
1) 093 BICS 1.1 • 1099 BudneM Card * U100 Amiga Tutorial - Y
11103 Animation Studio - t 104 Slick Show Maker- 1106 Plnde*
Baatwae - ’ U108 Fileofa* - Y IIIIOASI Megahoot - Y UI 11 Rti
demo Inatiucbui 5 Emulator* 1 • II117 NO Bu tineu letter* •
U120 Magnetic Pa ta • Y U123 North C • Y U124 126C Muu»H3)-Y
U128A-Oena 4.18 * Y UI38Form. Unlimited • Y Disk Copiers Pack
Five dak* £4.95 Colour Clipart Pack I Five did. £4.9} Pack 2
Rve did. £4.95 Pwk 3 Five did. £4.95 Pack 4 Fire did. £4.95
Games Pack 3 Five did. £4.95 Games Pack 4 Five did. £4.95
Catalogue Disk 9Sp 4500Tillcsin «ock 0303 Eftupe - Y 0306
Denim. • Y 0307 Trail Bbzcr • 0306 Oome* Qal tor 0310 Aaport -
Y 0317 Roulette - Y 0314 15 Itati-u ------- . _______
0316(fcunroOaJlcre 12 • 0401 MtoroMoket 1.2-Y D3HA12CO« U371
l.yupunovu 15 • U7?7 HD U372 Vim Z 3.12 • Y U728 CheUk.graph •
Y U3W Vkfarph • Y U730 Dili mlvuge 2 * U382 Cartoon Picture. -
Y U737 11385 Copy A crack Tool*. 1)738 U851 Noomm 3.0 UB53
Andy'. WB3 uhUtie.
U854 X-Kopia - Cedour Clipart U394 113 95 U4KY20 Amateur rac U422 Lrnt willjemm 11423 Icon. 3-Y U43S A130«to»i(p 301 - Y U739Fe*Bauc • Y n(J - Y ct.(5) • Y CCA It
1) 272 l Amo'cmLatcr K82 Quad* Compoaer • t.*30 New HP Driver. •
Y BCA Vfcc dip* (2) • Y U27S Auifco Anim Studro • U685ASI
game, fix did, • t*31 Banner 1.4 • Y BCA Teddy bean (?) •
U277 81 Colour Pom*(5)-y 1686Oentatogi-3.01 ¦ t.832 33 Dice
lompitert?)- BCA Golf tnmonr (2) ‘
1) 282 Nib 2 copier 1687 Froctuality deon • Y 1*34 Backup • HD
Uti BCA Navy • Y U2S3 LiBto Oflice ¦ Y 1689 toto. Backup 1.14b
• Y U835 lacomb- video tide* BCA Torel (2) • Y U302 Plot Map *
U69I KUI AO A? 0 • UW6 Ma.na.tor - Y Anim B«'A Alphabet (2) *
3 U313 Orindrr - Y 16921AD copier. 1*37 Logicdiop - kwt octa
BCA Ftoh • Y LOMPCoAmin - Y U693 96CO Pom. - Y (4)
1*10Backdrop. 10 • BCA Rertaumnt (3) • U334 Slip Stmm UilHim-
1697 98 Tool Mnar 2. !•(?( LW1 Videotittor I. I - Y BCA
Artroloay (2) • U338 Blue Rom Font. 2-y L69WW3 hducmion 1 •
(S) 1*12 43 OoldH)0.94 (2)- BCA Build w • Y U340 Sound
Trw*ar2.6-y trTOl MI Eduomoo2-(5) t.*44 ABCDir 1.3 • BCA
Genfcn • Y 11341 lcona2 - Y U713 An crunch A copy 2 1*15
Snocpdo. 20 • BCA Mihtwy (5) * Y U363 64 Tmot 2 1)718 Abroromv
I - Y 1*46 MSM • Sy. Moortnr BCA Cm. - Y ID Inrtd tor • ‘
t. 443 The caamliai copier. U757 Print a card • CCA Bird. (7) • Y
1445 44 Vidro rrrphk»(4|- 1)758 Pool. Wtoard • Y CCA flower*
(1 J) * Y
1) 149 IBM PC Inn la lor • U759 Vim ProWetioo • CCA RrpOto (4 *
Y 1450 QA Teel - U760 Red Devil* tXi 2 * CCAFuh(S)-Y
1) 459 Primer Driver* 2 • Y U76I Rad Devil e Ui 4 • CCA VwgrtaMe*
(4) • Y 1463 61WB3 Utilit*** (2) U762 AI2H0ciu.k fi*e«l*CCA
Itagi (10. • Y 1562 Ea*r Prim U763 AI200c*«mc fiar «(X'A
Prah 3) * Y US65 Kid. Paint - U761 Back to .chool I - Y CCA
Honea (2) * Y Y U765 Back to adrool 2 - Y CCA Pblna 2) ”
1) 7(6 Mu ic Ripper* - CCA ~ .*24 Star View A 5(0 1*25 Diak Mia
U255 Blue’Row- PonU I • I67H D P»irt Trtrabl • 1.826Ooafcecper
1.0 * Y BCA U256 Video Sfaiuger • Y U679 ttard Dldt llti 2 • Y
1*27 hfagic Menu 1.27 *Y BCA
1) 2(064 WB2 Udto (5) 1680 Amin. World 7.0 * Y t.*7K Vlewtek 1.05
• BCA Buttertlie.
U27I Dccrader U - Y U681 Fakehia • 1*29 RDPrrp • HD US BCA Bordrr* (2) 68Typographer -Y U570 Scenery roaetractioo U77I Nurajwd AfOOodyCCA UI72 Ivwra Flayer • 1584 Ukitnmc 4b creator 11772 Rmhin. B,le. Uti 3-CCA tora(l) • Y U173On*. Mate- U587l IVint Port* • Y 11773 Dtwn Paint • Y CCA C«U(1) * Y UI 74 Magic file requerter* U611 Pom Pwtn • U796 VideoproducUoo 3- CCAShipe(l) .*48 Amigaiaue 131 - Y BCA Dog. - Y 1*49 Mod Ptorer - Y BCA Itople (5) • Y
1. 850 Safe Copy - Y BCA Itod - Y ..... GAMES
0) 01 Compihlioei 1 - 0002 CmnpcUtioo ? - 0003Compitolioo3 - (XXH
Compiblioa 4 - 000621 a I • Y U797 Aciun replay IV • U8I4I6.U
II8I5CO I U8I6CO Foot. B - UKI7CO FbntaC ¦ II8I8CO Font. D -
U8I9CO Font* b • 1*70 CO Fonti F - U82I Icon 3 league editor
1*22 Baey Cato Plu* •
- Y 1*23 Eamneen Kit • 3 ack t White Ulpart 0007 3D Bmdeut - 0353
Top Secret 0056 FI Quito age 30 • 0X54 Tetri. AOA • A054 Ohm IM
Anim 0082 Nfemmdv I - 0355 Bomb lucky - Y A055*6 The Circua A *
- OOK3W* Star Tvek I -Y (2)0356 Fightiw Warrtm. -y
A062OalfCoofltot - y 2M 0098 Super Pacman 92-Y 0X57 Crwy Sub 2
• Y A063 Bwk from Ox hemk- 0100 101 Star Trek 2-y(?)0358
Sclitaiie Oolf - Y AOW 72 At Ihe ia»viea2 (4) Ol 10 Fruit
Machim 2 -Y 0359 Tetri. PTO - Y AO» night Anim • Ol 13 Top of
the league • 0360 Turbo Thniit - Y AI45 Aliea breed I 5M - 0114
Dr Nfano • Y 0361 K4ad Bomber 2 - Y A148 49 Scenery earn. (2)-
0115 Soccer Card - 0363 W*bto world giddy- A1SV53 landing -«4»
4M 0119 Battle Car* 7 - 0365 Star War. A158 Canyon Right -
OITOOrowfh-Y 03(6 Batt toe ip. AlO Robot bend aaim • OI79TeOea
- Y G367 Buildmiuh - Al(6Swwt’ievenge - y 2M 0187 Total War - Y
0368 Crary Pipe. 7 - Y A173Cydirt Atom - 0188 No Muu land -
0369Fruit Pane - Y At76 76SpecdUmili3)-y3M 0192 NewCmdGame.-y
OJ70Volly Ball • Y AIM Xmae Anim - y 0194 Fruit Machine 3 • Y
0371 Fruit (Machine 4 - Y DFMO 0704 Team - 0372 Rubik Puede -
Y 0270 Brat - 0373 Artec QuJtoage - D01405 Red e (2 • 0225
Empire - 0374 Premier Pic* • Y lw2 Alphn omega - 0235 Mmkrof
the town-0375 Monaco - Y Dj 22 Voyam - 0236 Stock market mmc
-0376 Demrt Defemler • Y D024 28 Odymey (5) - 0245 Return to
Earth - Y 0377 Sfwce Rmcue - Y D038 Amo. Hig demo Y 0257 Cbem
Tutor - Y 0381 Army Miner - Y D039M4 The Wa8 (6| 0258 Bbo. - Y
Adv 0382 83 ilth Hole .2) • Y D045 16 Mu. On E'« (2)- 0263
Airmaaia • Y 0384 Artilkro. - Y IXH9 Stoto ol (he art • 0274
Survisxr • Adv 0385 87 Star Trek 3 3 • D053 Itaence reve
wuon- 0298 Setu - Pur el g*me 0388AW Neighbour. (? * 1 0300
Criiiet 1 - Y 0390 Scrapie -Y !« 7? Olobal trod, • 0391 The
winang p«t - Y 0182 Itotocpiin - Y 0392 Beetle • Y 1)213 Vector
d. nee 2- 0393 Nemln. -Y D269 Alchemy ctono - 0391 Bcp n Ptop •
Y l 3H,Cbiutrophoh« - 0395Seectnmg.mc.-Y D318 19 Demrt drom. •
OlWrffcKloodfe AOA* D320 Alarm mega demo- 0400 K!*w7. - Y DJ2I
A-rokanmg • 200 col tocuon* 0401 Dinowarp - Y D3B24
Sd.lmi.aal «c- 0320TaboThroat- Y 0405 Rcwd to Hell - Y D325 AOA
Demo* 0322 23 Otompiad - 2) 0407 Slime (iome • Y D376 Ptonrt
(hoove 'AOA 0324 Cfelkton • Y 0408 Fatal Mi.ioo 2 - Y 0171 Puto
Rhe. AOA • 0377 Gurnee (Uhre 13 - 040W10 Mr Men Olympic. |)J»
l*«o - 0328 Miad Oumc. • Y 0411 3D Game. 2 ? Y D330HotBb«.
0317 Ktoktri. • 1-9 disks £1 each 10-19 disks 85p 20+ disks 80p South Lines PD } add 75p for P&P per order Large selection of Amiga PD Shareware (Over 2,200 disks) including: Games, Graphics and Animation, Utilities, Music, Demos, T-Bag, Fred Fish Disks 1-900, Assassins Games Disks 1-130 Below is a small selection of titles available.
CENTRAL LICENCEWARE LATEST ASSASSIN GAMES Ed Jfcq. 4 In A Row etc sirhe Balt Ping War Ccsmb P6«oDHst ronortone* &A«ojo.fito?Wg« Worm 2. Bily Oftxo Inindenon Alena Tron. Slap 2' fnk Tn«B. Pcpeye elc Imcctodi 2. Vun Vum etc Stir!re* Shcot Up. Shaik! «C ASI116 Bkto OanKrtda 4, T»cn Sony) ASM 17 A)iWafTKr.Youp 9lc ASH 18 TorrCwo. Amr.mnM 14 ole ASH 19 PctoUrti. Spied. Irk Trak ASH20 Fret4«iBr.Si*ere»«* aetc ASI12I CtoinM- Ubmci Wrre etc ASII22 Prcjo:! BurrCora. Xcronltetc ASI123 AihleiD*. Lamaibug. Yahtioe ASI124 Mr4Mra.EtoV8»Cn.H8ie OTMTYTTTUS CU01 veto TITUR fa crettog imrti «oArg»)re n« I DO
tJ» aV03 TYWNGTUTCRlaiorott WSWt lOuaM aox ALPnAGWFHFoMtdwsgpedikfe Mi dan mi 0» 09) ASH 28 Spec* 6v«t* v SoBraya War* m ASII29 BciOMMh Royal. Ita* ASH 30 Oum Reactcrt. Bavran. Uggo' mnMr2a*eF«50 aUW PCWtR ACCOUNTS K w *»d elyar Mr* .ccoirl l Ct»I3W aUU STOCK CONTROLLER KiepTkAedHTayiOr hire to iROlOet £3 S) CLLQ1 WVOCE MASTER Aacw*y * 10 (( ad rMKM I CKADSO CLU22 HtFODRNEMEWJSYSTEMEa siaalOw£39) CLU2* CFSARVE AD EHTLRE TOOWT A» gwsM awn 10at C39) aL02 P06ERTEXT2Eo»Ntr»mnlPw«wrtnjtolddHCWn9) GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION GriH 01 Spoil StdeUxrw |P| Sweet Reven* (l.SMbl (P) Unpeawrt Ways to Oie (Pi
Sltri) Cart Albert’ I Anro) (p) Speed Lrnl il.SAto) !3D| |P| r-o Siio*e Ervjna Arrmtoon (Pi Shem Ertjon* Anim V2’ (Pi jo Arim* (OnoMural’ |P| 2290 Snow Joke (2Vb) 2D| |P| 2292 The Cat SWMhcrw (P| 229S Akatrw Akitoun |P) 2302 OuMrr. Time (5W ) (40) |P| 2303 lemmni Rerenge |2Mb) IP) 2306 AI The Fhx (2 Smb) (20) |P| 2»7 The Journey* (20) (P) 23» Rerenoe Ol The B)c© (3W» (20i IP) 2X0 Japanme (Magna) (201 (P) 2316 Bonds laa Stand’(P) UTILITIES mi Cttenual V2.0(4D| (P) A-Gene V4.I8 |P| XO Chalenge (W B (P) Kxk 1.3 A*00 Emiakr) |P) Mug & j Ctirwae Aslrokgy (p| 4181 WofVSWarllH,pe(COO«(P) ?
Sound TmOi’ar 2 6 |P) Epoch V11200 year caMindcrl |P| loam A Play Pka |P| Kctstad 20 (A600 GrwUkrl Avutuna A12(0 Fa-DBk Siper Viewer *2.4 |P) MUSIC AND SOUND CltU EC0L03Vlmrgftr94Pae* rox«fc gi3Ctok tSJC CtEJS SOLAR SYSTEM 2 T-eSr 4 Parti. Oiole»ie4e-l(*alD»oC5W at4» 0 MDSUJ9S 3 Utw Cwmui rcUlrg Vwartr J OaU £S W OTHER EDLCATXMAl TITUS a EOS ACXFOGmrUlrnnrg du«aa I C*»D10 CLIOI NOHTWY&n.Mwi Rarrtl« 1R0SB*I (* f3» ClEto BASICALLVAMOA AanOrttArtigtCOSirlertrceiCOSOdsQSO ClElS FAST fFET S*(( gdir(N*3Hi I Cn». 13 W attt DNGS10UEENS Par*. H» Fin* Tran Kt(nr«T J Cwo E-t SO OLE22 CHESS TEACUR A
Byrrrt I OtkOSO W*nM86IM» 3!t )(30HP) OE2S CHCfOCWOduBr.robrt-ewroI CtokOSO
• *’ CIE27 CAT.T THC n(k«Taw’raWBr30«iCS50 ClE2!
Fl*h1IHCLe8Y8rQooril?rtMWrxrgd6Wr'.CH-(3» CIE4S Fl»JWTH CLS8Y 2
7row ginn hr (tus; diOen 1C» QSO CIE41 8AS»CWb AxtTCW'’oil
Deryare l OmDSJ CLE47 a*St«£Se«»tt«0trtbWu»«;1D*»O9) ClESO 0
RAT Celn Riweroer wn IurtaKr 2 Ods £4.50 CIE51 PAIH1 PASTE 4
DRAW Suwrt (ngui I Del 3 9) Bokrw are (he e&elenl Tower
Sdtware Games (Ful VerUcrel senoua Scrum tto is EueM Cam Gamo*
Senout Sortare II CiO 15 More EweUenl Card Games Serioui
Backgammon £20 The Beat B kgtmmon game »0o can get n me Amiga
PHOTOGRAPHS CIE01 ON3SAU3S Iiu»c.).”««I CwtUwoe 2 OW £450 citm
GKXOG'WuraBtaHo-wfcrtto OEM SOLAR SYSTEM TteMutsampOLWi u»Wty
w ccmptst *Wi manual 5116 The Tr© (RaveiOarc ) (I1!
Bad Boyr’ (Ravel (P) Ubm«eOance(pi Den» Trar®e(Pi 5072 Van Haton (Empl o) (P) DEMOS Ihroon (F.dght) IP) Boondea Void (Nont | (P) Deeen Dream (Ktorertj (20) (Pi .1(20) (pi W«*ed SereMon (20) (P) Awa8 0nK9 ll|30)(P) 6109 AtharrrylRagaM: y and VAT. Catalogue disk only 75p or send 3x25p stamps. Add 50p lor outside UK All ordors ol PD sent same day by first class post. Postage & packaging add 75p UK. £2.50 Europe (inc. Eire). £4.00 Rest of The World. Payment in Sterling please Cheques postal orders made payable lo South Lin SOUTH LINCS PD,(CU), 10 LINDEN RISE, BOURNE, LINCS PE10 9TD. TEL: 0778
393470 .
175 Ojriwrr (50) (PI 195 Jcau»onE'si20)|2Drows)(P| 196 Sltte ol The Art (P| 198 Sarfl, Work) d CommW (P) All blank disks are 100% certified & 9 UNBRANOED 3.5" BLANK DISKS DS DD 50 -£21.00 100-£40.50 200 - £72.50 500 - £168.00 :s are 100% cerbhed A guaranteed pro. Uxtodo laRM Postage • Detvery end VAT.
PD UTILITIES So now you’re skint, but you could do with a new word processor database or Black and Decker sander. Let Tony Horgan recommend some cheap PD alternatives.
FORMS REALLY UNLIMITED 1.04 form designer
Y. O.U. Custarrei-.
A. H.Meek. SI 7 Lichfield Read, usfca.ll, Hal sail.
Uest Midlands.
US4 1CA.
Designing your own stationery is a good way ot saving money it your business is run on a tight budget.
Forms Really Unlimited lets you do just that. It's easy to use You start with a blank screen, onto which you can type any text you like. The menus are used to select basic formatting options, such as drawing out lines and boxes With these simple tools you can design invoices, application torms and so on within minutes It's hardly the most comprehensive program around, but should suffice tor basic requirements Available from: Cynoatic PD, Office 01, New Enterprise Centre, Little Heath Industrial Estate. Old Church Road. Coventry, CV6 7NB. Disk no. U0257.
Price: C2.00 Including P.P. BLACKBOARD image processor You donTgal many PO Imago giotoatora, so I was surprised lo lind Btackboaid in mis month s postbag. It’s primarily designed lor AGA machines and 24-bil graphics, hut can wort with images using anything trom 2 to 18 million colours, in low-res, hi-res and interlace modes. At prison!, there area t that many processes available, hut the main ones are in there, snch as emloss. Edge detect, and sliders lor you lo altor the luminance and colour balance A registered version is available tor CIO. And it's probably worth sending olt lor.
Especially it you want to see it developed further in future to support additional etlects. Tile formats and so on.
Available lrom:17 Bit Soltwara. 1st Floor Offices, 2 1 Market Street. Wakefield. West Yorkshire. WF11DH Tel: 0924 366982 Disk no 2833 Price: ding P.P. CRIME DEVILS CRUNCHERS Crunchers are handy things, allowing you to squeeze far more data on a disk than you should really be able to. This disk from Crime Devils has no less than 30 crunchers on it and if you can ! Find one that suits you from that lot. Then you must be a pretty picky customer.
Available from: Computer and Design Services, 24 Blackmoor Croft, Tile Cross.
Birmingham, 33 OPE. Tel: 021 779 6368. Price £1.50 Including P.P. CtlNCHERS lit* mint 1 MENU 1 Met.-The crunchers on this dislr are all to the best of nv knowledge AN* TYPE PPHME FOB MCS REMO 'README" FILE TO* MORE H1FDFHH1 ION Once upon a time there were3 FOR THE BEST IN PUBLIC DOMAIN & CD ENTERTAINMENT, NO-ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE!
DEMO CD 2 Another stunning compilation ot new PD products. This one is even better than the first! Over 600MB ot Data!
Get it now tor £19.99 .75p P&P CDPDVOLUME 3 Fish trom F761 to F890 ready to run Irom the CD' A»so includes dozens ol lugh quality 24 bn scans plus Ham and AGA MB vorsions 8 MUCH MORE' lor only £19 99 .75p P&P THE 17 BIT COLLECTION This double CD collection contains 1700 disks Irom our own library Irom disk 0001 lo 2301. All Ihe classics are included, as well as hundreds of great PD games, Demos, Music etc. Yours lor Only £39.99 . £1.00 P&P CDPD VOLUME 2 The continuation of the Fred Fish range plus the entire SCOPE & JAM ranges of disks £19 99 *75p P&P NEW!! 17 BIT II - THE CONTINUATION i
Includes 17 Bit Disks From 7302 To 2800. I Assassins Games Disks trom 1 To 140 (Over I 500 Gamos")NZ Disks T Bag Disks. ARUG & I AMIGAN* Also Indudos A FULL File Search & I Index Across Our Previous CD’S Too' I UNBEATABLE VALUE £19 99 -75p P&P I NEW IN! MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT!
Th* CD contains a* you need tor your own Multmecka Producfcons' Thousands of ckpart images m cotour and B&W even scaieabto art' Hundreds ot Adobe Poefscnpt & CG Fonts are also included, not to mention the 750 Modules & 2300 SFX' only £19.-99 »75p P&P GREAT PD GAMES!
GAMES'2 All the Spectrum Games Disks above contain over a dozen
• Snapshots* to use with either VI .6 or VI .7 Emulator .2850
GORF That old Arcade Classic!
08 .2846 GAMES GALORE 07 ?2845 GAMES GALORE 06
• 2844 GAMES GALORE 05
• 2840 GAMES GALORE 01 All the above will now work hne on your
A1200 Each Disk is packed with some superb PD games.
.2838 ORC ATTACK .
Nice Game ...Kill The Ornble Ores.
+2837 OP FIRESTORM 1st Level Only Playable Demo ?2814 PROFESSIONAL BINOO Err. Legs 11 & Two Fat Ladies ?2813 D-SOLVE CROSSWORD Nice Crossword Disk with Solver ?2811 NEMESIS Great Reveral Othello Clone
• 2803 BEETLE Playable Demo Of A Good Game .2801 GNU CHESS W82 Q3
0 Only Chess Game .2800 KLAWS THE KAT Hmm Funny way to spell
cat X2797 (ABC) KLONDIKE AGA Superb AGA Card Game AMIGA
* 2872 (ABCD) MEAN MACHINE Another stunning Cratg Collins Anim.
This one requires 3.5MB and features a Virtual Reality Battle
between CD32. MEGA CD & Phillips CD-I. Impressive!
• 2871 (AB) DANGEROUS CLUB Dangerous sports club Anim.
• 2854 THE LEMMINGS SHOW Requires 1.5 MB, Please do not purchase
if easily offended.
.2853 SUICIDE MAN 2 Requires 1.5 MB. Please do not purchase if easily offended ?2853 DEATH WALK Lots ol Gore m this Aram!
?2799 (ABCD) HEADING HOME Short but very race raytraced animation set in space (3 meg) ?2773 ATTACK!
1. 5 MB Aram Schwartz Style UTILITY DISKS X2875 CDTV CD32
ADAPTOR Use a CDTV keyboard on CD32 .2855 GARDEN DESIGNER
Dosign a garden in 3D!
?2873 ASTRONOMY V2.1 Get your Telescopes out' .2861 AUDIO MAGIC IV Loads of Audio Ums!
.2860 AUDIO MAGIC III Even more utils & players etc.. .2858 ASSASS. MULTI VISION A bundle ol GFX utils .2857 ASSASINS FIX DISK Fakemem. Degrader. Runlt Etc. .2839 SILICON JOURNAL Great Electronic Diary.
.2836 AURAL ILLUSIONS JR Sample Marapulator.
.2833 BLACKBOARD Excellent image Processor.
.2830 MAP STATION Create Maps Etc. For Games .2828 FONT X PRO 16 Colour Font Design tor AMOS .2827 HOMLES BROS COMP 1 Degrader. Numpad etc. .2842 AMY PD REVIEW 5 More Reviews From Cybercraft.
.2823 NO SAMPLER? UTILS Gel The Most From Your Amiga without a sound sampler.
.2815 REORG 3.1 Excellent HD Re-org & Optimise* ?2789 ASTRO 22 V.3.5 Updated Astrology Program
• 2788 AMBUSH 1.03a Resizes Windows After changing WB loot sizes
.2786 RUSH Great Hard Onve USB Disk
• 2785 MAGIC WORKBENCH Transform Your WB Superb .2784 OCTATUTOR
Tmton For Octamed users.
.2783 AMI BASE PRO II VI .8 Great Database Utfcty .2779 POWER LOGO V1.3 Another Programming Language.
?2778 OCTAMED OEMO V5.0 Demo of powerful Tracker ?2774 MAGNUM CREATOR Make your own Diskimage ?2767 TEXTENGINE V4.1 A most Excellent Word Processor.
.2763 PARNET SETUP GUIDE How to got a Parnet Link .2755 EASYCALC.
KS2.0 Spreadsheet. Excolent ?2748 EDWORD V4.0 DEMO Demo ot a very nice text Ed.
?2739 DIGITAL ADDRESSER KS2.0 Only lolkes .2737 AZ SPELL V2-01 Good Spell checker .2736 ICONS PLUS *3 Icons to use with your Disks .2735 ICONS PLUS *2 More great icons .2734 ICONS PLUS *1 Even more Superb Icons.
DEMO DISKS ?2874 DR WHO THEMES Variations on disk II’ ?2835 HANDEL - ROB BAXTER Music tor the Royal Fireworks .2834 FOP • SIMPLY BLUE Friends ot Paula Music disk.
.2832 MUSIC EXAMPLES 2 Nice Mods trom various games.
.2831 MUSIC EXAMPLES 1 Nice Mods from various games .2812 (AB) DR WHO THE 60 s Inlormation & GFX about the DR .2862 EXTENSIONS DEMO Another Great Demo
• 2849 SHORT MOOULES DISK Loads ot Neat Tunes .2747 TECHNO
TECHNO MODULES’2 ?2743 TECHNO MOOULES’1 Very Nice Techno Mods
?2718 FAIRLIGHT 242 DEMO Stunning effects' ?2683 SANITY
INTERFERANCE Nice new Demo ?2675 (AB) ENDLESS MELODY Hemroids
Latest Music comp.
.2668 (AB) LEX GOUDSMIT II The Sequel, Basic, bul tunny.
* 2666 (AB) RHYTHMIC ORGY Plenty ol Music on this disk.
?2601 BOUNDLESS VOID A nice submission trom Melon .2600 (AB) ALCHEMY RAGE Shades ot Oddysey Here!
?2597 TECHNOLOGICAL DEATH Hard Core Dance Track Demo .2560 (AB) DEMON DOWNLD The lates trom the Silents
• 2544 TRSI MISERY Excellent Red Sector Inc Demo EDUCATIONAL
?2851 DTP FOR KIDS Nee easy DTP lo interest Kids .2802
PHOTOGRAPHY All about The Dark Room ?2796 JUNIOR MATHS Great
Maths Tutor tor kids ?2795 (AB) READ & LEARN The 3 Uttte Pigs
With pictures.
Text & Narration.
?2772 (AB) THE ATOM The Discovery ol The Atom.
?2741 HIGHWAY CODE Ask Questions On The Code.
?2724 BACK TO SCHOOL *2 Compilation ol Progs tor kids ?2723 BACK TO SCHOOL *1 Compilation of Progs tor tods.
* 2533 STIRLING ENGINE See How An Engine works ?2523 MATHS
ADVENTURE Solve puzzles to continue game ?2451 THE LITTLE
TRAVELLER Info On Places world wide
OBJECTS 3DObjects to use with Imagine. ¦ ?2820 SFX SERIES’5
.2819 SFX SERIES’4 .2818 SFX SERIES *3 ?2817 SFX SERIES’2 .2816
SFX SERIES ’1 SFX For use in Games. Mods Etc. .2821 IMAGINE
OBJECTS More objects tor imagine.
?2810 (AB) HOLODECK Star Trek Artwork (infinite frontiers) .2809 IMAGINE OBJECTS Even more objects' .2808 IMAGINE OBJECTS Ho Hum.. More objects to render .2807 IMAGINE OBJECTS Scream"
• 2806 IMAGINE TEXTURE Ahh' A race change ?2805 IMAGINE TEXTURE
Texture map your objects.
?2804 XMAS CLIPART Massive B&W Xmas Clips .2781 BABYLON 5 SLIDESHOW Pica from the Classic Show ?2771 CAPRI SLIDESHOW III The 3rd In this poular series.
?2714 MAGIC FACTORY SLIDES High quality Space Slideshow.
.2695 AKIRA PICS II Some More cut sbdes AGA DEMOS & PICS X2863 (AB) BODYSHOP V More lovelies in 256 colours!
X2862 (AB) FIT CHIX 3 Yet more pouting gtfes X2859 BODYSHOP III You guessed' X2826 PANTAHER1 OEMO Great AGA Demo X2825 (AB) BODYSHOP ’4 Ooooerr M*sus' Nudge Nudge X2798 MIND WARP Planet Groove II Team Hoi X2776 (ABCD) AKIRA PICS Loads of The cute Jap Clucks X2761 CHROMAGIC AGA Another AGA demo dose.
X2759 POINT OF SALE European AGA demo X2672 RETINA EURO 1 DEMO Another nice AGA only production.
20% FREE!
As a very special offer during January '94 only. We will give you 1 free disk of your choice with every 5 disks you order!
Beat that for value!
DEMO CD Over 650 MEG ol demos, cliparts, music, I slideshows, games and utilities not to men-1 tion over 1000 modules! £19.99 .75p P&P I Arcade Along With Thousands of Utils, Mods, Demos. Pictures ETC!
£19.99 .75p PAP GET AN UPDATE .
Posted to your door every 6 8 weeks I containing details of all the new PD releases I & a few new Uws tor you lo pay with' 1 Year I Sub tor £9 99 (UK) £f 9 99(R.O W.) I AMFM 16 NOW AVAILABLE!
I The Oefmative Amiga Vid Music Oskmag. I £2.50 (Mag) | O 4 0 Ma ampl isk) | 3D OBJECTS & TEXTURE 7 Disks of Imagine Format 3D Objects & Textures All Archived So theres loads stufled on each disk! £10.00 Inc. P&P " Calling all Sfar Trek Fans"
T. F.F. is a dedicated Trek mag on 4 packed disks. Includes
exclusive artwork by Tobias.Richter! £6.95 NOTHING BUT AMOS -
DISKMAGAZINE A New Magazine Aimed at Amos Users, to I help you
get the most from the package I issues i to 4 Now available at
£2.50 Each I N B Amos is for Beginners and Experts I abke!
- DdNT FORGET!!- We also stock new releases on Amiga!
Check our the prices below on just what | we have!
Hired guna £25.99 Space Hulk £26.99 Combat Air Ptrl C23.99 Overdrive £18.99 | MORTAL COMBAT £22.99 CANNON FODDER £22.99 F117A NIGHTHAWK £22.99 LSD LEGAL TOOLS COLLECTION- We now stock LSD disks upto I number 140. These are an I invaluable source tor uncommon I utilities See below for disk pnee I BY PHONE !
BY FAX 1(0924) 200943 Leave Order & Cred' Card details loci (0924)366982 Access Visa Switch AMEX BY POST Please send Cheques PO's To; 17 BIT SOFTWARE 1 ST FLOOR OFFICES. 2 8 MARKET STREE' WAKEFIELD WEST YORKSHIRE WF1 10H DISK PRICES I-10 Disks £1.50 Each II-20 Disks £1.25 Each 21 Disks or more £1.00 Each! I 1 FREE WITH EVERY 10 YOU BUY! | P&P IS SOP PER OROER m 17Bit CD Collection .....$ 55.00 Demo CD l S:r OC Demo CD? $ 0' OC COPD i $ 3- OC COPD j $ 3- OC Am re- CD Horn $ 20 OC Fred FishCDIst Ed $ Call (Pressed by Fred himselt, contains Fish 600-930 plus the GNU C++ Compiler
v2,4 plus much more tor the Amiga PD enthusiast!)
1. CD Rom prices are shown above include shipping and Harx«ng to
U.S., Canada, and Mexico 2-All prices shown above are in US
3. Orders outside the U.S.. Canada, and Mexico add 20% Slapping
and Handling.
AM FM Magazine and Samples Disks This outstanding music series now available from NPD (or $ 5.00 eo.
(+S&H) or 58.00 when you buy the corresponding magazine for the Amiga music enthusiast!
CLR Licenseware!: Northwest Public Domain now carries this outstanding line of Budget priced, quality software. Prices ore: 1 Disk title - $ 5.50 2 Disk title - $ 6.50, 3 Disk title - 57.50 (+S&H)
P. O Box 1617.- Auburn, WA 98071 - 1617 - (206)351-9502 17 Bit
Library Disks As the main U.S. distributor, we carry the
complete 17 Bit library.
Prices for the 17 Bit disks are: $ 2.00 ea. (+S&H) Fish Library Disks We carry the complete library ot Fish Disks and are always current Prices for the Fish disks are: $ 1.50ea. (+S&H) ffiTSC Programmers' Northwest Public Domain is looking for outstanding new programs for our forthcoming line of NTSC-only licenseware. Call us at (206) 351 - 9502 for submission and specifics nformotion!_ .
NPD Pricing l b'Oitlu _ - . _ $ 200 Auov» ru Conrn Ottkft ---- . $ 2 00 AMO$ POD.»k» - .sroo fr*dR*Dfefc» - $ l $ C $ 5 00 AM fM Sompfc* Oitlit __$ $ 00 CLR Licenseware: 1 Disk Titles ...$ 5.50 2 Disk Titles ...$ 6.50 3 Disk Titles ...$ 7.50 Shipping and Handling 1-10 Disks: .$ 2.00 11-50 Disks: .$ 4.00 World odd 20% S&H pe. Order.)
NPD occepis Cosh. Checks, Money orders and Visa MC (Personal Checks require phone number and valid drivers license number tor Telecheck approval).
A NOTE TO OVERSEAS READERS:- Why not save postage costs and delivery | time I All our disks are available from any of the companies listed on this page.
Drop them a line today!!
NEW CLR DISKS | CiL CbC 21 ro'casw ClC045 3t CiC 046 Clh 047
* »¦&« at 04A Cl F 045 Cl F 044 ClF 043 Wtvv' Arm* »¦v-' w.k
CjZty:: Pcvs'fute Cl F 04k CU04C Ccmbc&icc Bone** vV‘'*0-‘ a::
on CIU0J2 CIO 03 f •0»v CIO 030 CLU 029 .... CIO 028 CIO
027 CIO028 iS, Cni02bi2.
ClGiiM So'et'O’ .....G.F.X.
s. *« '‘-o' V4 Q CiGOJti CIG03S CIG034 CiGG3i Ci.G03C PAW OG-1
'200 CaV.
&s, Pal
H. tt V xsw Slt'Vf CiC 025 CiC 028 CiC 026 CLG025 .... STOP
Just In, Spectrum Emulator Games pack! 7 uuai ill, jficc.uuiu cir uratur uomes fiac Disks containing over 15 games per a Fully compatible with Spectrum Emula "V1.6 A “V1.7! Take all 7 disks for £1C ..... - disk ¦mulators for £10.00!
Inc. PAP ‘Disk 1 of this pack Is the same as our disk 2740 “ Both available separately for £1.50 each (0924)366982 | Northwest Public Domain All 17 Bit Disks Can Be Ordered From Any Ot The Following:- AUTHORISED MAIN DEALERS Computer Man Perth. W. Australia Softler Software Bandhaaen. Sweden Silicone DP Montpellier. France Northwest PD Washington, USA System Compbac Tokyo, Japan Hard Joy PD Kobenhavn V. Denmark Great Value PD Waihi, New Zealand Computer Studio Alberta, Canada DEALERS STILL REQUIRED From all corners of the Globe!
If you would like to distribute the 17 Bit Public Domain range of disks and represent us in your country Phone or Fax us now!
(Number on opposite page) 17 BIT SOFTWARE BE WITH THE BEST AMIGA f A600DX SET V2.004 A500 V1.3 1MB RAM A1200V3.0AGA A1200HD V3.0 AGA 85MB EM raiUHHB :! !»¦ lEEK'HHl A2000 V2.0S+ECS A4000030 5MB HD120MB A4CCC 68040 6MBHD12CMB A30«M)301204MB SVENSKAR! NORRMAN! FINLANDARE!
Bestall 17 Bit diskar fran oss!
Den enda efficient godkknda leverantoren av 17 Bit diskar I Skandlnavien Nordans ledande Public Domain & Shareware blbllotek for Amiga och PC 1 till 3 diskar 23kr st 21 och tier......17kr st Moms och porto ingir 3 till 10 diskar......20kr st Fred Fish 18kr st Ring 08-749 08 06 tfirett 11 till 20 diskar......18kr st Minst 4 Fish 16kr st kostnadsfritt flygbladt DC-TV_________________ CALIGARI24 ...... ALADDIN 40 PLAYMATION ..... REAL 30 CLASSIC... OPAL VISION V2.0.... PIXEL 30 PRO--------
49. 800 48,900 49,800 ...49.800 ... 18.800 ...149,003
29. 800 AMAX II PLUS .57.900 ROM FOR AMAX
II PLUS .34.900 A236 BRIOGE BOARD ......42.600
DELUXE 78,000 SYBIU . 14.000
MASTER RETINA 2MB ......_...... .. 9.800
...27,900 ... 19.803 ...49.603 ...27.900 ...77.000
62. 400 AMOS PRO:ESS*ONAL '4.800
72. 000 SASCLATCECV60 39,800 139,000
0EVPAC3 ...-,,.16.900
18. 900
29. 800
39. 800 VI har over 7000 PD diskar PERSCWLAMM»TC« RECORDER 29600
DISKKATALOG 4 diskar, inkl. 17Bits PD OO MPACT VISION 24
229. COO 19,800 149,COO
29. 800
25. 900 (PRICES QUOTED IN JAPANESE YEN) AM FM Disktidning for
Amigamusiker 30:- kr Samplingsdisk: 30:- kr Bide AM FM och
samplingsdisk: 55:- kr ¦7 7tz5U-*-
X. jfl 5UR2 A530A2C03 ...... VXL322M4 RAM FOR VXL3:
3ERkGEn«l*CA3C0 «ERCLfi'35MH2A33M------- DE RINGER 93MH2 -4MB
+1MTM-C0 *53(93 0M
3. 17Z*ROTUR80I«MHZA5CO*2MO 39033 A123JTLRB04»HZ4ICA12» 76*03 UP
27,033 121M8 25’ HARO DSK UNIT A1200 ,».K0 i2(MB 25 HARD OISX
LOT. 65«0 34MB 25 HARD DSK LNT A12O0 ...49.00 60MB 2,5 HARD
DSK UNIT A1203 .41.403 A4C61 SCSI -2 FC CONTftXLER MOO59.033
M12340IA 03 32NHZ A1200 .... M12JXAS 030 93MK2
*2X0 .... G-FORCE to: ir.VH2.4UB *2(03..... G-FORCE
*0Uh2+*l*A20X----- G-FORCE 50MH2+**e A20X______ 58431 U»TH CO
B0*RD *12(0 . 504KIMTH CO BQ*R0 *1200 .
* 533 TURBO H312CW&1VB43K.
Prlser: 1 disk 45:-kr at 2 disk set...60:-kr st 3 disk set...76:-kr at Vi har CLR diskar!
Licenceware hogkvalitets program ....5an» ...43.000 ...B*03 129(03 SERIE UGA Newsflash Aldrlg t _ , , Ring fOr «tt koatnadsfrltt flygb CDPD 1 Red Fish 1-660 325:- CDPD 2 flera Fish, Scope mm 325:- CDPD 3 Fish 761-880 mm. 325:- Demo Collection ej CD32 325:- Demo Collection 2 325:- Aminet CD prg. Verktyg 325:- Alistair in Outer Space 335:- Weird Science multimedia CD 335:-
- ...I Call Game* 100 PD SWspei 335:-
• 17 Bit Collection-1 GB av PD 565:-
• Giga PD- 000 lonter. Kicksi. Serie 635:-
• Pandora CD-demo CD 76:- Robocod CD32 365:-
• Pinball Fantasies CD32 385:-
• D Gensration CD32 310:- Priserna inklusiv* moms & frakt!
Endacl 17:- kr IHIkommer I poallOrakoli Ring fbr into 001 kompalibilltel & andra •kivor!
ASM CD-RGM FS------------- 14.900 SMU RAM 4M6 «NS *433 .30.000 S MU RAM 4UBMBX Xf K BOARD. 25.000 SIMM RAM 8WBMBX CCRRO BOARD. 53.8X1 DGMEW MEDASTATCN ...29.400 ClARITY 18 ......- - ....29.400 SJMU32 4MB RAM 68033.... 21,900 DSS8PLJS_______________________11.030 MEGA MIX MASTER ----------9.030 PCMCIA2MBAE00*12X SlfERGENGEMOCK------- BACKLP CLOCK A1230 .. V LAB 24 BIT _________ CLOCK GENLOCK .. A12-FPOOSCSIA12XL.:...-. 1W2QUADSYNCWWIT0R .. K(TCl€NSYMG _______ EUREKA SCANNER 4M0PI V21 LPGRA0E K3T WflOM 19403 V21 LPGRADE (OT WO ROM 12X00
MulRST*flT IFKM SWITCHER 12903 EHEFN412HO FLOW CflYE *9)3*200.24900 NTEHN*l 210 FLOPPY OflfVE *2X33.23X03 INTERNAL 2*C FLOPPY OR ME A3X33..23XOO BACKUP BUCOY FlCPPY WIVE 25903 I0SH8A 12GC HARO CRIVE 230X03 Betala pit PostGiro nr 426 99 36-3 Moms och frakt ingir. Logellilikgmmgl vid PQ inbetalning. Vid tel tax bestallning tillkommer endast postforskottsovgift tel. 08-749 08 06, tel. Int. +46-8-749 08 06 fax 08-749 26 76,tax int. +46-8-749 26 76 MfiBSEAHMlAMQ: Var god betala 10% extra per order, min. SEK 30 tack. Betalning endast I SEK.
Mojlighet till momsfri leverans finns.
...7R203 ...689(0 46 833 .798(0 i life for you TEL: 03-3837-8689 FAX: 03-3837-8218 CU AMIGA ART GALLERY Want the world to see your work, but don’t have a large enough monitor? It’s not really a problem, just send your stuff into the Art Gallery!
CASPAR Aaah. Said everyone in the office (apart trom Tony Dillon who has a hard, metal image lo uphold, and therefore never shows emotion) al little Caspar, whom I can only assume is Sammy's cat, Sammy being Ihe artist behind this simple bul extremely etteclive image.
GOLDEN U s Christopher Munasinha again, with his rendition ol a poster given away by Quest magazine, drawn in 32 colours in lowres mode.
The whole eagle has now been sketched in.
The feathers were drawn by making small V shapes with the freehand tool.
EAGLE . O By blocking out Ihe main colour areas, Christopher is able lo dearty define his palette.
Alter attempting cloud backdrop and ring up, Chrislopher settled on a more dramatic blue ART GALLERY CU AMIGA ¦ Back by Popular Demand!
Mm ©arai each Dlak arlll be made up to.
Your Individual requirements. tolact Irom the Uke moat I , .e - 1"------ - ®ri| J* Pfl ¦I»x « STARBURST MulimmER AMY NCPM ChtflESE hairpin HEADHUNTER fcnuyaASil mEDuan ess JlftSIY CKBUB £i»K( SSS‘D,gK rallaM* hi Biach Cyt ’ VTl 7SAv Ef WA This is an interest ig one. Where the rest ot It e world seems bent on imitating Boris Va ejo or Dave Gibbons, Chris opher Minasintfa ot Kenton in Harrow tas taken a leal out ot Carlt in Cards, and done a dig tal rendition ot a b thday card, code 55. Done mainly in magnity mode.
Christopher admit that his biggest problem t isjhe palette, particular jn the blue grey shades, b r dt once lixed the en rpsult is quite stunning* kosmos educational software the connoisseurs choice Our rxtfUlivr riuju at educational tebjacti aov include: o MATHS o GEOGRAPHY o SPORT o o FRENCH o HISTORY o FIRST AID o o GERMAN o ENGLISH WORDS O GENERAL KNOWLEDGE o o SPANISH o SPELLING o ENGIAND o o ITALIAN o ARITHMETIC o SCOTLAND o o SCIENCE o FOOTBALL o NATURAL HISTORY o Vo. Ve seen i-i: '051 can you no ire BgW besl? II you think you're dapper enough with Dpaint or Brilliance is just a
description ot your mousework. Then get it on a disk, in at least lour stages ot construction, along with detailed captions explaining how you got it together, and send the lot to Art Gallery. CU AMIGA. Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane. London EC1R 3AU. I «! « I I 5 S 3 I I S mm 113 3 3 llll S l Ii s=ia*s; SS=255s ilijiii ilHal = CU AMIGA SPECIAL Welcome to our new look readers' offers. This month sees the launch of our new upgrades for the Amiga A1200.
Unlike some A1200 upgrades, ours are fully PCMCIA compatible Designed and built in the UK exclusively for CU Amiga - never has it been so affordable to upgrade an A1200 with more memory on a board also capable of adding a 68882 floating point maths co-processor at speeds of up to 50MHz.
How can we be so cheap? Well, thanks to the huge success of our campaign to upgrade all Amigas to a minimum of 1Mb, we have exceptional buying power. Also, because so many of our readers buy upgrades we can use the very latest manufacturing technology to produce our upgrades - and hence give you exceptional value.
So why upgrade your memory? Probably because a memory upgrade is the most versatile enhancement you can make to your Amiga. Apart from the fact that you need it to run the more powerful Amiga software there are many extra benefits too. You can use some of it as a RAM disk, just like a super-fast extra floppy drive This means you can avoid the cost of a second floppy drive or hard disk Some software that claims to need a hard disk will run on your Amiga from a RAM disk. A print
- spooler can save you time waiting for your printer to finish
printing before you get on with your work, use your new RAM
instead of trading your printer or buying an expensive Do you
own a hand scanner?
For reasons best known to themselves, Commodore 'forgot' a realtime clock for the A1200. Well, we've put it back with our new UK made A1200 clock for just £12.99. Getting more from your Amiga means at least 1Mb, getting the best means adding as much RAM as you can is the essential Amiga upgrade!
Areyou ( fed up with poor * quality scanning? .
A superb replacement Amiga mouse.
Our brand new Scanner Tray will improve your results no end Simply place over the image and clip the scanner into it and it will act as a guide eliminating trick* 1 hand wobbling. This amazing invention is not available anywhere else. Plus, it will help eradicate a I that wasted time correcting mistakes in scanned text with our OCR software It's a pain scanning pages of text only to find that they're littered with spelling mistakes. This software package will cir down on those errors before this even happens The CU Amiga mouse is a major enhancement because it uses micro switches for the
Our mouse also has a much higher resolution • 280 dots per inch which means you need much less desk space and you get a much finer control.
12 GOOD REASONS TO BUY FROM CU AMIGA All the products offered by CU AMIGA have been carefully selected by us as being the best in their class. But top quality does not mean top price. Thanks to our huge buying power, we can deliver to our readers the best products at the best prices.
All memory boards are populated with memory, t All memory boards are individually tested, is Support from a top engineer is just a phone 35, | calaway.
N Prices include VAT, Postage and Packing, the price you see is the price you pay.
¦ lk minimum order and no credit card surcharges.
I Memory upgrades carry an exceptional five- year warranty, r - 28 day no-quibble money back guarantee, i ) We are here until 8pm every day during the week.
Ra 24 hour order hotline, n Because we only sell a few Hems, you order will normally be supplied straight from on stocks.
¦* Your creckt or debit card wil not be if the item you order is not in stock, i - Experienced sales staff are on hand for wrier you order or if you need acMce before an order.
Thanks to the huge buying power of CU Amiga we can give our readers the cheapest high quality Amiga memory upgrades and other essential add-ons _for your Amiga!
Each Memory upgrade comes with a FREE DISK including Memory Test Software, making sure that you make the very best of your new Amiga memory upgrade.
0480891171 ORDER HOTLINE Order by telephone by calling 0480 891171 Mon to Fri Warn to 8pm Sat 10am to 4pm.
There's an answering machine to take your orders at all other times. If you place your order on the machine, leave the exact details in the order they appear on this form.
PRIORITY ORDER FORM Lines are manned from Monday to Friday 10am to Ipm and on Saturday 10 am to 4pm.
You call outside these hours you can place an order by answer phone - just give the information on the order form in the order It appears, you might find it easier to complete the order form before calling so that you can read directly from it.
Ne«K Mow 88 orw for deweiy from wften receive your you For non rK«Xof goods crone 0480891171 wyidar to Fndsr between 10am and 6pm DON'T FORGET... QoPirect ijV FREE DELIVERY! W= nO ? A500 upgrade to 1Mb ...£14.50 Credit Card s a (? ? ?
Card Number Switch Issue No_ ? A500 upgrade to 1 Mb inc.dock ..£17.99 ? A500* upgrade to 1.5Mb .....£15.99 ? A500+ upgrade to 2Mb .£22.99 ? ?
? A600 upgrade to 2Mb ...£24.99 ? A600 upgrade to 2Mb inc.dock ..£39.99 ? A1200 upgrade to 4Mb ......£149.00 ? Clock Module ......£12.99 ? Scanner Tray ..£54.99 ? OCR Software ......£99.00 To expiry _ _ Cheque (?)?
Postal Order (?) ?
7. CUSTOMER DETAILS (This should be the name written on the
Cheque or Credit Card it payment by this method).
Telephone No: (_)_ CU AMIGA-GO DIRECT Delivery Address _ 7 VINEGAR HILL, ALCONBURY WESTON, HUNTINGDON, CAMBS PE17 5JA Postcode PUBLIC DOMAIN iE Dept USP, 11 YORK PLACE, NR BRANDON HILL, HOTWELLS, BRISTOL BS1 5UT IN AUSTRALIA laps WosrttoaM SUM Strictly PD wishing all our customers a VERY happy Christmas!
UTILITY WORKSHOPS ?FX1*12 ? FX2.12 ? FX3.I2 ? FX4.12 ? FX5.12 ? FX6.12 ? FX7.I2 ? FX8*12 ? U212.12 Icon tool kit...ovary tool possible Space...helps you study space. «J I ho stars and cetealiai objects Tronl CAD *1.0...the best CAD program available lor Ihe Amiga System Teal *4.1...checks and ? U269*12 ? U270.12 ? BUSINESS PACK accacaaon such ae Dpant etc and can be used on workbench This 10 disk pack contains loads of useful progs for your business backdrop* IS deM) ? U ? U230*12 ? 11231*12 ? U232*12 e Cheques P.O's payable to STRICTLY PD e Buy 30 or more disks tor |ust 75p each ? Over 21
(Ssks ONLY 85p EACH ? Only 99p per dsk when you order 11 or more1 ? Orders oMO or less pay £1.25 per dsk ? Please add £1 to all UK orders lor first dass postage.Orders from Europe please add 25p per disk and Rest of World add 50p per disk for extra postage costs.
? Catalogue disk available only £1. Reviews ol well over 1000 disks * loads more player' 3d graphics...several 3d modelling and ray track ng progs Graphtee...stunning graphic images creator roeea. Reyshedes etc AGA UTILS 2...2 56 ccAour eon DEPT USR11 YORK PLACE, NR BRANDON HILL, ?The complete Stnctty P.O. Mxary is now available in Austraha. To order a catalogue please send a HOTWELLS, BRISTOL BS1 5UT J«SS22S5SSXT*' ? U234.12 Printing dtafc...contains Banner Graph Paper vl 2 and Disk Pnnt
* 3JB.
? U235.12 Udrewvt.0..-provides a mechanism lor the iap*d drawmg or bitmap ? U236.12 MrmeTaa ls s.. Garrett Wads 806 State sawptae (»n ? U237.12 EesyCaK v1 0 Spreadsheet ? U236.12 ParBanch . Tie software lo hook ip two A ngas or COTVa ? U239.12 Oeveioper . (he official ? U240.12 ? 1041*12 ? U242.12 ? 1063*12 ? U2*4*12 d ? U200*12 Play and raad challenge (2) ? U201*12 FaalFacla... everything you ever need w know about Ihe solar system ? U202*12 Kms Games... Geography, maths.
Science, word oamos ? U203*12 Amiga Beginner... kl Modal.
? U204*12 UATHSADV simple maths probtom* lo solve REFLEXTEST tests ? U2D5.12 Japansaa »vaa A vccab ? 11206*12 Cmd gutt...senpte game wWi cotourtul grapfscai pctiraa bom ages 5 and cpwards E»ca«anl game ? U207*12 GeUgnrt* Ionia (2)...rf you want some colourful Dpalnt fonts ? U20e*l2 Football League Editor ...Update your teams' league position as the results come m ? U209*12 IbeM Emulalro W1.S...CGA IBM pc emulaior wntlen lo run on any Arrlga shareware version ? U210*12 Account masler. E.cellenl Amos WokBench v?04. About 30krtstt) ? U224.12 Letters 6 boBsrpMe...Standard fcxmat tetters lo as and
paste rto your word processor ? U225*12 Lyapunov la VI. 5...colourful program making pctures Irom a mathematical formula ? U226*12 Protection...Ullllllos collection to protect your data ? U227.12 Club League , to help you keep track ol slats and lacts ? U226*12 NCOMM V3A...commumcate ns GIF. IPEG. AtanST (Neochrome.
Dogas). PCX. Targa. TIFF. Ham-E.
And TIFF formal pica ? U213.12 In script v 1.1 ...produce video Ides.
Inc lully edilabio le»l enlrles.
? U214.12 Repalr-412...BewZap V3 3. A mu«i secior Hie etMing system FIXDisk vl .2, recover as much as possbte Irom a detective disk DiskSalve
* 1.42. creates a new Me structure on Workbench 3 uSMy WB 3
Screens. . . Enhance your Workbench Mk backgrounds wrth rneso
colour p«s
* 1.1...Zoom in on ? U216*12 3d Hetpor...hafca you start out with
ALL NEW UTILITIES ? U219*12 ? U221.12 V4 1.1 Bv2J...
• 12 V WE NOW STOCK ASSASSINS GAMES 1-120 ? 0002*12 E«*-13...ten
Cfegtey puzzle game WI*168k source code Ateo enablet uaer the
chance lo see how me game was wntlen ? 0003.12 Wlbble. ..best
(Mtkxm game ? G004*12 Smurlhunt...amusing shoot am up ? 0005.12
Fighting warriors ...arcade style ftghllng game - e«ce*ent ?
G006* 12 Muggle vl0...te«l adventere databese tor keepng track
ol your lamity tree ? U246.12 Stock analyat...technical
analysis securities program helping you lo work out best share
? U247.I2 Aelronomy v2A...calculates into about Ihe sun planets and TW1 Engine *4.0...debugged veralon ol the best pd wordproceeaor.
AGA utils...Great collection lor all A1200 owners Golf Scorerev 1 J4...new go" toonng program - analyse your .ESw»« maPudons on h 2 FS74 .. MO cache speed ip prog a *1.4..,940k ol ri date- 600 games 2 TEK ATAK modules...music 2 Colourful Icons 2 View Tools...contains convert. View Tree, tamily tree oasy lo use daMtMM 2 Major League...keep up lo date with your dub s fortunes 2 Star Vlew...grapNc illuslraWn ol the 2 Disk Print *3.51...pmts 'absis 2 Software lister *1 A-Jeeps track ot your software colection 2 Online vl.4...shortcuts and cheats for games 2 Screen Blanker, one ol Ihe besil
includes Ihe Twikght Zone 2 Trax...br*am fak lor people trying to oet started on pie music side 2 HO Cucb *253...an easy lo use MO ALL NEW GAMES FONTS Stndty PD present* an eme mg new font collection There are 26 disk* with* the eel
• n two forms AdoOe Type t or scalable Adobe lonts work has been
tested on final copy m . PageSlream *2.1. Professional Page
*3.0. Pageserte. *3.0. Workbench *2.0 and *3.0. Both type* will
work w*h loads of other Amiga packages that can take th* font
formats. Please state Adobe or scalable when ordering lonta.
These disks contain a number ot programs on the same theme, giving you outstanding value for money. The disks are compatible with all Amigas, with easy to follow, printable instructions.
? 0006*12 Neighbours (2 disks. Imb. 2DRIVEs) Slop Paul Robnson m Ms superb Ramsay St caper G008*12 A1200 Tetrts...classic 1 G009.12 Dr Marto.. .great game ? 0010*12 18th Hole...(2 disks. 2 drives) Very addcttve god gams Jesus on E'a.. .(2 dtaka) The beet rave music demo to date Mtndwerp...Excellent AGA demo- show oft your Af 200 Swimsuit slideshow (2 disks) ...stocking tchicks In bAlrve or parts ofDAinsl H015 AGA Demo ..another great demo tor showing o" your A1200 Deserf dreams (2 dtefce)... Kerens have put together anceher« THE PRINT WORKSHOP THE HARO DRIVE WORKSHOP THE GRAPMC WORKSHOP THE
10 DISKS._ C GLAMOUR PACK 1 Ten disks stuffed full of foxy
chicks (A500 only) ? GLAMOUR PACK 2 More of the same...
(A500, A500* and A600 only) C GLAMOUR PACK 3 ? GLAMOUR PACK 4
? GLAMOUR PACK 5 ? GLAMOUR PACK 6 Stunning scantily clad
girls... This photo realistic 256 picture set contains
beautiful women in A256 format and wtM load onto any 24-bil
AEA application, such as Dpalnt etc and can be used on
Workbench backdrops (Al 200 only) ? VIDEO PACK This four disk
sat contains loads of great video titling utilities, together
with a 50 page manual to hetp you get the most out of each
programme C GAMES PACK Ten disks full of great games ? A1200
PACK Great starter peck for the A1200.
Blank disks... 12 in own box... £7.50, 50... £22.50
100. .. £40.00, Mouse mats... £2.99 each ISSUE 14 FEBRUARY If
you’ve just bought an Amiga, or even if you’ve been using
one for years, Amiga Workshop is the definitive guide to
getting the most out of your computer. Throughout its
fact-packed 32-pages, you’ll find all manner of step-by-step
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Delving ever deeper into the murky world of bulletin boards, John Armitage shows you how you can communicate with the whole world and guides you through the fibre-optic jungle. This month, he takes a look at the huge global FidoNet system.
I INSIDE AR1 mgg- TollM Type RRM:If.R»xx Enbedded Decisto By Jason Holborn W«“60AIEr* nu"b,r " ” NUMBE??4N5fi8gg , x5r El « 160 S Unleash the true power of your Amiga with Arexx, the powerful programming language that came bundled with your computer. Dave Smithson reveals how to add a little intelligence to your Arexx scripts.
Fancy linking up two Amigas and going head-to-head with a mate over a game of Lotus or Powermonge ? It's the (not so new) gaming sensation that's sweeping the nation and John Kennedy is on hand to tell you how it's done.
IS ft IQ Regulars 1 66 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Got a problem and don't know where to turn? Well, forget phoning the Samaritans (after all, what do they know about computers?) And consuft the CU AMIGA experts instead. It might not be scintillating reading, but they do promise to answer all your computing queries and conundrums.
174 BACKCHAT If you've got something you want to get off your chest (apart from the medallion and chest wig), then drop us a line at CU Towers. This month s letter answerer: the one, the only (thank goodness) Tony Dillon.
178 POINTS OF VIEW John Kennedy’s interest in kites has gone a bit tar this month as he seems to be as high as one himself. Join him for a shod ptece of purple prose (i.e. self-indulgent dap-trap) as he brings soap opera to computer games.
Combining the tried and tested routines c home computing’s greatest art packages new modes, Electronic Arts have once again with a winner. You can be a winner, too, if you follow Peter Lee’s new series of AGA artwork, which this month kicks off with a dazzling look at Almosl as many Amiga 1200s landed on Ihe table this Christmas as stuffed turkeys Well, maybe not - but It was boom time lor Commodore as their home computer flagship sold like hot cakes. And among the packaging and manuals, many new users would have found a copy ol the AGA version of Deluxe PainI in the software bundle.
Or, maybe like me, you've decided to upgrade your Amiga lo take advantage of 32-bit computing, and the lure of an improved version of Deluxe Paint Whichever the case, the aim ol this senes is to explore the power available with the release of Dpaint AGA.
For newcomers, we'll be covering some of Ihe basics, and for old hands we'll be uncovering some of the subtle and more powerful effects which have now become available.
STARTING OUT When you first start Dpaini AQA you come across a mode requester panel, with details of available screen modes on the left, and info about their configuration on Ihe right. Apart from considerations ol your display (some modes require high-performance monitors) you have to make your decision based on your drawing needs Wanl lo create a long animation? Need thousands ol colours? These are the type ot questions which will affect your choice of mode. The rule of thumb is that the higher the resolution, or the greater the number of colours, or the larger your animation plans,
the more memory you'll need.
And even though your A1200 may have come with 2Mb of RAM. This will be whittled away as soon as Dpaint begins to eat into it. So you have to compromise - don't be too greedy To begin with, choose a low res mode and don't ask for 256 colours unless you'll need them. True, your effects will be subtler with more colours, but you are eating into any memory you may need tor animation Below the Screen Mode requester is a sliding bar showing the number of colours you want for your chosen mode. This ranges from 2, 4, 8,16, 32, 64, 128 to 256. For single screen work you may as well plump for 256
colours; but for animation, try and be a little more sparing, 64 colours is probably adequate for most things.
COLOURING IN You’d think that with so many colours to choose from, you'd simply be able to pick up the right one from the palette. A lot of the time you can, but more often than not you will have to define either a single colour - the precise shade of green you need - or define a spread for some delicate blending.
Because of the vast range of colours available on the Amiga, Dpaint offers a number of ways of getting the exact one you want. Calling up the Palette Requester (press the p key, or right click in the colour indicator section of the on-screen toolbox) allows you to select an existing colour, and edit it. You can do this by altering the Red, Green or Blue components, or its Hue, Saturation and Value. However, traditional artists aren't keen on this. So, instead, Dpaint has a mixing box where you can paint colours on top of each other to blend them together. To activate this feature, access the
Colour Palette pull-down menu and highlight 'Mixer' on.
Now with one of the in-built brushes selected, you can paint with the current foreground colour in a ‘safe’ mixing area to the right of the requester, blending as many colours together as you like until you happen upon the precise shade you want. As it stands now, this colour only exists on the mixing pad (which doesn’t reflect what’s actually available to paint with).
To move it into the current palette, click on an existing palette colour you won't be needing, then click on the Pick button of the palette requester, RANGE RIDING You'll find colour spreads vital in your artistic work.
They help in Ihe creation ot effects such as translucency and tinting, and add sublelty lo gradient fills. But it's a technique you need to work at if you're to achive the desired effect. If you want to tint a red object with white, to make it pink, there must be some kind of pink in your palette for the effect to work. Dpaint can only use colours from your current palette.
It tries its best when overlaying one colour with.another, but you will have lo help in a big way. For example, if you wanted to add clouds or mist to a landscape view with lots of greenery and blue skies, you would either choose Translucency or Tint when painting over your existing picture with white or grey. But unless you have a range of whitish versions ol your original colours in Ihe palette, Dpaint will only be able lo do half Ihe job. You will end up with an unconvincing patchwork of colours, with very little subtlety or definition.
So Ihe best way to overcome this is to define a spread of colours starting with a green, or blue, and ending with the white or grey you intend using as your painting colour for the cloud. This will give Dpaint much more scope when it comes to working out the colours. The Spreads and Ranges teatures on Dpaint AGA can be created in two similar ways: METHOD ONE Choose Ranges from the colour menu, and a requester opens up showing a band of colours, and a placement bar above with dots representing the potential position of colours in the range under definition. You tell Dpaint which range you are
defining by sliding the Range button to edit J Clear* | Invent J Cancel THE MISTS OF TIME Using an art program which doesn't think twlca about using 256 colours means you don’t have to worry too much about having some ’spares;' lor special atfacts. Take ihla small example ol Translucency. The main Image la vibrant with colour, but still Dpaint AQA manages to overpaint streaks of mist, using white as the colour, and Translucency set to 80.
Protecting colours Is simply a matter ot clicking on a colour In the Stencil requester. You can protect as many colours as you Ilka, and by clicking on Ihe actual Image you can select colours too.
VIRUS FREE PD, 31 Faringdon Rd, Swindon, Wilts. Tel: 0793 432176 CLIP-ART I GAMES | LATEST TITLES | UTILITIES | MUSIC | JUSTIN... DuTl-2 WEDDINGS 2 fab) DaRT2-2 HOLSBUdaka) ? ATTJ-S RELIGIOUS (3 ill*i D*RT4 WB1 AI1CIAFI ArrS-2 MEN 2 date) ATT62 WOMIN (2 dakl) ? «T7-2 DM 2 data)
D. urre business ? Ad9 oma ? Artio stodenr
• mi 3UFTDU!
Artim was "data AHT1* ANIMA1S ART15 CATS ARI6 3WOUFTTO AKTI7-2 SCHOOCS (2 ebb) _ ART18 BABTO G ABT19-2 SPORT 2 fab) ? AHT20 OLYMPIC D AIT21-2 MEDICAL 2 dbb) ? ARTZ2 SKA 1121 D ART2) MCORATIVE ? AIT2-I WACXY ? Artb WOUDAYS ? AIT26-2 BANNB5 2 fab) ? ART77 WolYEALPiaWB ? Arts buttfrfufs ? ART292 I'JOD 2 dab) ? ART3I-2 BORDERS II difa) ? A*T52 MAC CUPS ? Artss IIOSNRAC* D ARTS4-2 TETOY BEARS ? ART35-2 WflTY FARE ? Aet36 HAUOWEKS ART ? Arts’ SHOWTIME ?art» VTGCIABIB ? Art» floral ? ART« MYTHi ? Artai doc, WOOOClfTS ? Aktu cat woodcuts ? ART" AFRICAN ? ART* AMERICAN ? ART43 ABCTK WOODCUIN OAKT46
PaRMWOCCCUTS ? ART*’ MIXED ANIMAL ? ABT'W BIRDS WOODCUT'S ANIMALS A far* (hew pmr fa AGA m ? «» VHWIBC I 02 _ Ixfaayi any pkaire lomui ? 3*9 WW RAINBOW ’ Pub.fmrynirto.befand'rm wrttcndi ? 5211-5 WHRDSaJNCIAGA Mvedlfa id ray imtdita ? 3216-9 |P6C AGA WAGES and you an ra-PCpapiaure.
? }293 SYTBWOJn Show, rom to «cd d your nuthae.
Roenrayac ? 33W WB3 HACKS ora SO ? SI" WBS SUPa KIUFRS ? )5" AI20) DEGRADUS ErayAt»)o%net«ho»*lh*veane Urn fakcaiuli* Id LJ. KBUGA2, F*k* Fx Mm. At.) The Depxlct Allow. ..w» run ctar An® «« K11AGA2 r prt lot fafd fak u*en ** ? 3*03 MORE WB3 HACIS ? 3*03 WdfflENDE* A 236 total tunddfaa pmmioi ? Calfi NFAAUOOUniS ? Caim rrraacis Vanrm* AGA p«naa cd trnurtob nv l ? 023 FREAKS B00YSH0P Mae 6*de*« aodeb ? 028 WB3 UTILITY DISK Fvrafar Ihe fa* AGA urtiiy did ? 029 HASMA CLOUDS 236 ? G4)2 ACITCW REPLAY IV fated on to hwfaire amtif you a feeze B*«,rtpgnphra. Torn) and ? C*36 JPBGUTTUTTES ? C*7 PPSHOW
Soi DafbytAGApowmpKtodf-niret ? C3» ? C30I Itquon Mmli ? C336 MNTXRHHAGA Anafai Rim AUV ar*ademn ? C5M PC TASK 203 ? COW OSCAR AGA DFMO ? WOI PWNCH AGA PROMO AGApmnoamD.il ? 2BII CTYPE SH«l*«W'A»m** ? *2l) FETWS QUEST » level one pbtfam pm ? AWl TFTRIX w«h rfi from Umainp. Pm ? 2895 DOMINOES toerwtwdmaiuie*.'
G1AY SU1H - Ibtk 1 U»h BLWY BIAST uownrlwtniiraaaklW G2W3 CHAINSAW DIATH WIZARD WCRLD WyivM (lima* pbifaroer 2 2952 GAMEBOY TETRIS BOB,.npcflaimtGun*cn ? 2933 TOP SECRET |**fo jbtiurm anw »rr Im to pUy X TRAX ? 296T TECHNO BAIIN taf Or bsD «¦«• • doqumR loo.
? 29M HEU ZONE Put fat'd hC'Ud-ul shw*-»up. Ff«l ? 2990 KRMIRBUST Cltt ptnton Rin* tu« sho«« 1299* SOCCER CARDS ]*0I DONKEY KONG 0*3 Aiil tlsss Rune Nr I NO Gj315 GIDDY Pmttr *r tm pbdxn pi. NtaNt on H) ? 3313-2 Ish HOLE GOLF The firt FO g-** pmt ? 3330 HIB1Y MdltMWi* ? 333T SMCIDOASION I nr*-Spn hvdn thm ? 3012 GALAGA92 l )» dar •wwn tE GjIiri ftoo Ar ? 3120 CROSS OVER • Puule ruw ? 3169 BCWBJACKY Bon*)*» ? 51’* OBUVTON ? 3103 SLAM BALL ? .1322 TOP OF THE l£AGUF S«»bo»*.- ? 13*0 CASH FR1TT ? 3*60 ? 3*33 AZTTCCHAUJf*OE nmwo fioi Ihr CM MEGAB.U1 21 TO d tm te pm ¦BoL-cxc ? 3*39 BAGfl MAN
AilttanT pbOonon ? 3*36 WITT PANIC A new n*i t Paman ipinc ? 3*33 Up*o ? 3*62 STARIANS Amjnm nh pnl gophw ? 3*69 TUB RHGHT WAY ? "69 IWECTO1DS2 Amtim new Gsluunt gu» ? 3331 PREMIER PKXS Tic 2n1 Pifino lupir » to ? 3332 game tamia *01 Ora *CD dmo (or ipmn m ? 33TO RUMMY ? 3363 ROAD TO HB1 Top «W non* pint. Irtui ? 3*12 31WR PACMAN 92 EMULATORS ? 299T IBM 1MIIATC* ? 3*63-2 3PKXRUM IN ? 33* PC TASK Y203 CAGAI ? 1772 CM PACKAGE V2 ? 2979 ATAM ST EMUATOR ? AOT UCKStART 2IM ? 3*93 KKXSTART 3 EM ? 093 KKKSTAJT 3 O* TAGA EDUCATIONAL A1FHABET 1(2172 MATHS REFLEX TEST 1063 DIVISION 1026 POL* STROKE
113d KIDS FAINT 3; DISKS A bt» el 16 hcW itofccun let coir £4.95*
• Will *n fwtae * PD CbU 3 3*63 THE D*5K MAG ? 3*6* UNDERCOVER
EurUcnOf too,oral na« ? 3*63-2 3PBXY - Imktat ? 3*’l GRAND FHX
MANAGER ? 3*72 HYBRID INSTRUMENTS May Mgh T»l* Oinimcitt ? M73
INTHDER AlfRT ? 3*7* MINI SPREAD Mini N»od U ] power** but null
? 3476 FAST INTRO MAKER 2 Poweiftil demo mkn ? 3477 SAMPLE
FACTORY I Imgr ccktwn t4 wunl ti ? 3*7* K1A» GAMES III ? 3*79
awununsra ? M» K2X (TV Adrawuirl K kA lr.1 drttuic. W1 M ihn
? *»3 BOOTEM • BOOTGWL 2 pmr»n*. T* ‘ pn*r»» on ihe boaaUotk
4 ur dak ? 3*A* TEXT VTEWFRS toCrtTO a(Iro nt%m a future ? 3W7
THE WEATHER Ataw fairy mrriMta ? 3*95 SPACE OiANE* ? 3*91 SUPER
PRIX ? 3*92 TVTTTIES Vkta Hill* part ? 3*9* MAVEOCX COTOR N""
pnnrttka Ntai ora W git ? 3«9S KKXSTART3 . IFFWOT Bi roir hod
Art botitt. Fave « di » Wpkcp ? 3*97 POWER DATA ? 3*3* TRUE ID
33 ? 3516 B10AD RLWER ? 3317 PATIENCE TM cud pne ? 3318 MONACO
? 33» REBOUND-2 ffarn ? 3321 FAX SIM • Nc» P*J*m ? 3322 ACCOUNT
|3» POST • PS FCWTS ? 3S2i FRACTIONS Bdamorul ? 333) IW FARM 3
over *0 ? 3333 DKXCOMHUR ? 137* ERROR INFO V2 let* yew know
wfal em nunbtu rov ladul 3339 SUPIR DARK Sera* Na 33*B
TECHM FH ®IA ? 33*9 ISD112 b : STT XCt ? 330 LSDI13 b»- SAFE
II ? "32 UDUb ARESnwf ? "33 LSD119 b*r towfRflf I LSDI 20 Run
Lm AGA TAUNT MEGA DEMO INVASION ? "3* ? "33 ? "37 ? 333* SLWER
edHiaoiuJ tda ? 361 DOTTY GAME ? 3362 MUSIC BASE UTTUTY lyifat
fa •*¦»* raonMCD.
? 336* SPECTRUM EM 17 ? 3363 MUGSY HMD HOC© ? 369 MICRO MARKET ? 3371 WIUY WORM ? "72 SIMON Smoa 07V ? 3373 UMMINGS NIGHT OUT ? 3376 DCOPY 31 Ptaraful dfa pspc ? 3577 PRINTER PAL VI0 ? »37« PRINT A CARD V2 A«idpnn»ga UT ? 3379 CATALOGUIJ ? "» Plumy SHOOT EM ? 55R1 'SOFT AGA AGAerr UK.
? 33*1 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Yu-p-fmr.
| ? 33903 TOOL MAPLVGP I Priority Order form- 2 Duha PD Prices per disk I 6*|k 4* 63» 2-3dkk IZWmh
• Poop: A Pafaf n Or IK A® V t ¦ an. Odrr o» « fa -eywea a ««tt»
lb fara rt Tel: »»« i.m(m.*afa.(mMv n%n%Sib aTi-nfa. Raw urn -
0*1 -tan n VHIN HO (nlktiln* Dbk* nifa.olnfeUraW.lulrufaii
M,6*.D«lfa .,b»i|nm..pfa Credit Card No ®i.-fa2aW2S,-a- Exp
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txdercd . ..Tefal price: I _-50pPSP ? ISA* SKID MARKS ? 33*3
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Gieil Pun_ MOTOROLA INVADERS 2 AGA II* borids first A1200 Sp*tf invaders game «nh a music wuDdtrack over 1 Meg long an) 140 colours Order code: ? C627-2 2dbktAGA
way I prefer, in the Arrange palette requester, which shows
more colours on screen at once, so is easier to define large
It also means you are not likely to come a cropper by selecting too ambitious a Range, containing colours which bear no resemblance to your actual palette.
The current number. You may define up to eight ranges at any one time.
DPBim AGA s colour arranoar duplicates many function* found In the usual Palette control. The benefit It offers Is In showing mor« colours on screen at once, so lengthy spreads of colours can be defined, and Individual colours moved or copied precisely. It’s vital lo define colour spreads before defining a Range to give Dpslnl as much scope as possible In creating smooth transitions between colours. This Is especially true If you Intend using the Tint or Tranalucency functions to any degree. Not that each colour has a unique number, shown under the larger colour display square.
To put a colour on the placement bar. Just click on the colour bar and your cursor changes to a colour bead. Click this where you want it on the placement area. Click on another colour, and do the same - now dick on Show and Dpaint will give you the best spread ol colours between the two you have placed. It, lor instance, you had placed while at the right hand end ol Ihe placement bar, and green at the other, the range would spread from the two colours, with the mid-point showing a light green.
TIP: because you can place as many colours on the bar as you like, you can build in highlights.
Put dark and light green colours at eilher end ol Ihe bar. And put white in the middle. When you show this a smooth gradient will be displayed ol greens with a bright highlight in the middle. This is very useful when you intend drawing pseudo solid objects: pillars or metallic objects lor instance.
NOTE: Unless you are in HAM mode (which hopefully you won't be just yet) the gradient displayed in the Show area is Ihe besl range possible Irom the Amiga's vast palette, not your current palette. This disturbing tact leads us onto the other, safer way ol delining a range (or spread) ol colours, which has more to do with the real world than this kind of fantasy island approach.
METHOD TWO By calling up Ihe Arrange requester Irom the Colour Palette menu item you are presented with controls which govern your actual palette. You will see 126 colours displayed at once, and you can scroll through the remainder by clicking on the direction arrows in the requester. The command buttons at the lower left duplicate many of the functions found in the palette requester, but for now our main interest is in the Spread button.
By clicking on a colour, then on this button, then on a final colour you can create an actual spread of colours in your palette.
So really, creating Ranges in Dpaint AGA is more complicated than you may at first think. To get anything like the spread of colours optimistically displayed in the Range requester, you should firstly create actual spreads of those colours in either the Palette requester itself, or Workbench Screen PROTECTION RACKET With 256 colours lo play with in Low Res mode, using [he familiar Dpaint Stencil conlrol might have turned into a nightmare. The tact that it didn’t is thanks to a continuing user-friendly approach by the programmers.
A stencil is a colour which you can protect from being overpainted or cleared, and to activate the Stencil call up its requester with the Etfect'Stencil Make pull-down menu option. This brings up a requester showing all the colours in your palette, and you can protect any number by simply clicking on the colour. But with 256, it's often difficult to work out precisely which shade ol a colour to protect.
Hkt* you con toe Dpatnfa iomouo colour trop - sal 10 colcn out lit unwary Having placed colours In the Range bar. And cllckad on Snow, you are given a deleting diapla, ot all the colours available between me ones you've eeiected. But lot's eaten the reality train tor a moment: the spread ol reds and whites la what's available on the Amiga, not In your currant paletto. To ttnd out how lo beat mis problem, check out me article.
The trick is that you can select colours trom your actual screen - move the pointer anywhere on your image, click, and the corresponding colour becomes tagged in the Stencil requester.
The Invert button allows you to reverse the stencil
- it unprotects protected colours, and protects Ihe unprotected.
This is useful if you want to preserve the majority ol colours
without the hassle ol clicking 200 odd times. Simply click on
the colours you don't want protected, and click on Invert.
Another invaluable aid is to Paint an area on screen lo protect. This is accessed Irom the Effect Stencil pull-down menu too, and allows you to work on a dimmed screen and paint areas ot your image which will remain intact while the stencil is active.
AN conventional artists mix colours. All the shades you want lov an Image |uat aren’t available. Likewise with Dpaint ACA. To gat the ported reddy-gold tor that Autumnal scone, or the right coat ot powder blue tor a enow shadow, requires some work In the colour mixing department. That's It lo the right ol the slider bars. You can paint there with any colour trom the palette, end mix mem together umK the right shade 1a reached. Don't lorget to then pick the colour and place It In your palette so It's available to paint with.
So prolection based on complex shapes, rather than colour, can be achieved. You can Paint protect areas using an in-built brush, or any till tool. 3 Deluxe Paint AGA comes bundled with the A1200. However, If you wish to buy it separately, you can do so by contacting Electronic Arts on tel:0753 549442, price: £99.99. The Peter Lee masterclass continues next issue os Peter details how lo set up Dpo nt the woy you wanl it. We'll olso be showing you how to use the vost new palette in (renting stunning colour cycling techniques.
JARGON BUSTERS AGA: stands foe Advanced Graphic Archilectufe. This is a new custom chipsel inside the AMIGA, and provides greater graphic capabilities such os more variety of display modes and greater numbers of colours are ihe main benefits to OAWif users.
Excellent for graphic use, could a maximum 41 l¥6 colours at ony one lime. This was ond Modify (HAM) mode, which restricted Ihe qualtime in standard mode. The enhanced HAM new chipset (Ham-8 specifically) con display over 256,000 colours on screen ot once in ony display resolution.
Ity of the finished work. AGA however, now allows up to 256 colours from a palette ol 16.8million colours at ony one modesofme Pri« *3x*r Bv: Da I las J.ZHod9*on od : 256 Retain Picture STEP 3 Once the colour spreads are defined, call up the Ranges requester. Here, using the start and end ot each spread as the first and last colours in the range placement bar, create two ranges Remember to change the range number after creating the first; let's make the range of greys (colour slots 18 to 33) number 1, and the gold (slots 64 to 79) range 2.
STEP 1 In the article on the previous pages I explained how to create ranges and spreads ol colours.
We need to create Iwo distinct ranges spreads for this image - one will be a series of greys lor the candle, the other a range of golds lor the candle holder.
So begin with a blank screen, and Dpaints default palette (the one It uses every time you run it). Now call up the Arrange requester (Colour Palette Arrange pull-down menu).
STEP 4 Now it’s time to make a start on the actual image First ot all we re going to let Dpaint draw a 30- looking candle. Conveying a solid on screen is all a question of light and shade in this case. We'll be tackling perspective later, so trust me on this one. Call up the Fill requester (Right d«* the pointer in the Fill tool) Make sure Range 1 is selected, and click on the horizontal fill icon (hon- zontal arrows pointing East and West). This tells Dpaint to use our range of colours across the screen. Play around with the Dither option until you get a nice grainy effect on the range of
colours in the display bar. Close the requester by clicking on OK.
STEP 2 A spread of 16 colours for each range should be sufficient. The grey spread should begin with colour number 18. And end with colour no. 29. To do this, leave 18 alone, but dick on colour 29.
Then click on Copy and click on slot 33 Now create a Spread from 33 to 18. Likewise with the gold. Make your starling colour 64. And move colour 59 to slot 79. Make the spread from 64 to
79. You will find that each colour s number is displayed under
the large current colour square.
Click around the requester to find out how the colours are numbered STEP 5 Click at the bottom- right ol the Rectangle tool to activate filled rectangle mode. Now draw out a candle shape, and dick the highlight cursor in the middle of the object.
The shape now fills with the Range of greys we've already defined Clever eh!
STEP 6 Creating the candle holder Is Identical, except you need to call up the Fill requester again and choose Range 2, which goes trom yellow to gold Draw a stubby rectangle for the holder, and a thin rectangle lor the base It's a 60 second job, because as you can see Dpaints doing the donkey work.
STEP 7 Next job IS the wick and flames The wick is simply a single pixel red brush stroke. For the flame effect I called up the Translucency requester (EtlecVTranslucency Settings menu item) and set the figure to 61 The higher the ligure. The more see-through' your colour.
Turn on Translucency Irom the same menu (or press the Alt key and. With it still pressed, hit the Y key) Now with yellow selected as the foreground colour, draw out a small flame shape over the wick. The translucency effect allows you to see through the colour.
Do the same thing with different shades ol yellow and light red to build up a flame which appears to be llickenng. Don't be afraid to over- paint flame colours already on screen, as this just adds to the effect.
1 STEP 8 To ensure the top edge ol the candle looks realistic, just paint over the edge with Smooth selected trom the Mode menu, using the small in-built brush. To get the running wax ettect, you need to call up the Fill requester again, and activate Range 1 (the greys we used lor the candle) The horizontal till button should still be active Irom last time. Now with the tilled Ireehand tool active (click in the lower right area of the Freehand too!
To select).
Draw out a drool of wax on a spare part of the screen. When you ve done that, it will fill with the range of greys.
STEP 9 Cut out Ihe wax dribble as a brush, and select Anti Alia&High Irom Ihe Elfect menu This will smooth the edges beautifully and when you paint Ihe dribble on Ihe candle il will be melded into Ihe image to give a realistic look Position the dnbble. Stamp it onto the candle, and watch the anti-alias do its magic.
STEP 10 That's the candle done with. Now save your image in case disaster befalls... We'll now con- cenlrate on the background. It can be anything you like. I chose a uniform, repetitive pattern, but this technique works on anything. Switch to the Spare page (keyboard press j); this gives you freedom to work on a large area, and at the same time preserves your onginal image Draw your background, then using the Effect Process Tint option (with Process turned ON) cover the entire backdrop with a darkish blue solid rectangle To do this you must call up the Fill requester and select Colour as the
Fill type. The image, no matter how many colours you used to create it, now takes on a gloomy blue look.
STEP 11 We need to illuminate a specific area surrounding the candle flame now. To do this, select yellow from the palette, and with Tint still active, draw out a circle to colour a portion of the background yellow. Turn off Process (Alt P) and activate the Translucency effect to draw out a dimmer circle using white.
STEP 12 Turn olt translucency (AIM toggles). Switching back lo the candle screen (j) pick up the candle as a brush, and switch back to the spare screen.
With black selected as the foreground colour outline the whole object by pressing the O key, then place the candle on the background, lining up the highlights with the actual flame.
SHOOT 'EM UP CONSTRUCTION KIT WORKSHOP By now you should have got to grips with the basics of the Shoot 'em Up Construction Kit from the January issue of CU AMIGA. We covered the essentials of creating a game from scratch last issue, so this month we’ll take a look at some tricks you can use to add a few twists to your games.
SHOOT'EM UP CONSTRUCTION Ktr We gave away the Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit with the January issue of CU AMIGA. This month we take a look at some of its finer points.
ANIMATED SCENERY You mighl think that it’s impossible to animate your backgrounds - after all, you can’t animate the blocks that make up the scrolling levels. In fact, you can incorporate all kinds of animation into your backgrounds. The secret is to use sprites. Take a look at Slap ‘n’ Tickle for some examples of how it can work.
Let's say you want to put some gun emplacements on the background. First you need to design the graphics for the gun. Enter the sprite editor and draw out a sprite or a few animated
* e r * p- * * *
* * * * ¦TOT* CREATING A DATA DISK If you hod trouble creating
your SEDCK data disk lost month, here's exactly how it's done.
1. Load Workbench and format a blank disk, noming II "SEUCK Gomes
disk" (minus the
2. Insert SEUCK disk two ond lowed by the Make Games Disk icon.
Creole your own self-running standalone gomes.
Frames for the gun. Now go into the Object Editor and define the sprites you’ve just drawn as an enemy. For added realism, you should give some thought to what the gun emplacement might look like after you’ve blasted it. As it’s really an enemy, just like any alien in the game, once you’ve shot it, it will explode and disappear. This will expose the background graphics beneath it.
We can exploit this by drawing out a demolished version of the gun emplacement in one of the background blocks.
You should now have a background block showing the blown-up gun emplacement, and a little sprite animation of the working gun. If you insert the background block where you want the gun to appear, and then insert the gun sprite over the top with no movement path, when you shoot the gun emplacement, it’ll explode, leaving the blown-up version showing through.
BONUS SCORES Unfortunately, there’s no way of adding weapon upgrades, but you can still include bonus pick-ups for extra points. Here's how.
Define your bonus pick-up sprite in the sprite editor (maybe a spinning gold coin or a token for example). Go into the object editor and define this as an enemy. Now select Edit Enemy Bits from the Edit Objects Menu.
The important thing to change is the collision wm* iHllf tftlH " III m * *¦¦(*?¦¦ V GET L 2 REP, BY =¦*? L 3 » Here we see Ihe patchwork quill editor. Correction, this Is actually the bank ot blocks used to make up the backgrounds.
Using sprits* and enemies In cunning ways, you can make your own bonus pick-ups.
SE U CK COMMS with a twinkling score indicator. For example, it you wanted to award 2000 points tor this particular pick-up. You could design a nice shiny spinning 2000 sprite, and tag that to the pick-up enemy object as it explodes.
T Now when you run, drive or tly into the pickup. Its explosion will display a nice twinkly 2,000 points logo.
SOUND EFFECTS Okay then, it's cards on the table time. The tile handling on SEUCK isn't the best. It you want to load your own sound effects into your game, you may well have had trouble with the awkward New IFF Sound Directory option You've probably noticed that it doesn't accept the usual colons and backslashes used to address tiles, directories and disks. It assumes you are only going to be using DF0: so the easiest way to load your own samples is to first put them on a blank disk in a'directory called sound!.
That way you can ignore the New IFF Sound Directory option altogether.
Remember that your sound effects must be IFF samples. SEUCK cannot accept samples in RAW format.
FURTHER ZAPPING To get the best idea of what you can do with SEUCK. Contact a few PD libraries and get hold of some other SEUCK created games You should be able to load these into the SEUCK editor to be scrutinised in detail Happy zapping' •£Ji WIRED WORU Want to talk to the world for free? John Armitage looks at the huge global FidoNet system.
FIDONET Zonel Zone2 Zone3 Zoned jrth America Europe Australia region20 region22 region23 You have probably heard about FidoNet, but whether you actually know anything about it is another matter altogether If you happen to have a modem, it's about time you knew what the fuss was about and it you still haven't treated yourself, perhaps this will convince you.
FidoNet was started in 1984 by a chap called Tom Jennings (who wanted a method for allowing private Bulletin Boards to share electronic mail at JARGON BUSTERS
• ADDRESS A special number Out specifies (per location in the
network, just like an ontinary postal address
• MSS: The Sysop ol a local board, who agrees lo imko yoe a Point
on Us system
• ECHOMAIL: Conferences on specialisod topics Not only competers
(including our beloved Amiga) but music. Mms - anything'
Remember Ihe conferences are global, so gel a wider picture
ollhe world.
• FIDONET A world-wide network ol Bulletin Boards, all sharing
electronic mail and files between each other It Is free lo use
FidoNet, the only cost is your local telephone call.
• NETMAIL: Every member ol the Fidonet has a unique address,
making II possible lot any two members lo messages even halt
way across the world.
1ST: The software that Bosses or Points use stsa night). The idea was simple: since practically everyone has a BBS only a local call away, if the boards were connected anyone could mail anyone else tor the cost of a local call It was a tremendous idea, and what's more it worked. There are now about 10.000 bulletin boards on the FidoNet distributed all over the world, and since each board can have hundreds of users... well, you get the Idea - there are a lot of people on-line.
FIND YOUR FIDO To make use of FidoNet, all you need to do is find a local BBS on the system and dial it up.
Once on-line you can send electronic mail messages to any other user on the board, as long as you know their special address. When you send a message, the text is compressed and passed on to other boards until it eventually reaches its destination.
Due to the incredibly well organised layout of the FidoNet, it hardly takes any time for mail to be delivered - certainly taster than Airmail. On the board you'll find conferences on specialised subjects such as the Amiga. Some magazines even have their own echomail sections.
When you start to use FidoNet properly, you can register as a ’point’. A Point is a sjjecial dedicated Email address, and when your local BBS s sysop has granted you one you then have all sorts of privileges Net 201 Net 202 Nodet Node2 Point14 E®ch FldoN®t nddreas consist* ol a Zone, a Net. A Noda andan optional Point. Th® address varies with the geographical poat- tlonol your nearest node. II you become a point, you will beglven a number that follows the node, as shown In the eiample above.
For starters, Points can use special software which allows you to prepare your messages before you make the telephone call. The software will automatically compress your text, upload it and download any waiting messages it only requires a few very short calls a week, which can save you a bundle.
Points can also request files over the net, which makes it the fastest way to get PD software: you simply stick up a request and next lime you log on the software is downloaded to you. '2' Thanks to Colin Turner, sysop ot Heart ot Gold (2:443 13) 0247 274919 In the next inslolmenl ol (omms. John describes Ihe soft wore youl need to set up a RdoNet point .
I G011 • AIR ACE 2 - A greal Wcrtd War I 2ahootemip I 0013 • THE REVENGE • Play ED-209 I ifois - MEGABALL - A gam* mad hi I 0020 - LAME ST-PORTS A space , - - - - MASTER Of THE TOWN - I The am of me game is 10 cauoe as I much dkmege at poestte I G025 • WAGONS CAVE - A ocngecn SS'ffilKSL SLLiNQE I Good aki iu'uimi I G026 - PIPELINE • Classe game tul I loo laal on A120O A4000 due 10 I S&*'«SSnT - Plenty ol gun n mu shoot em up PARADOX • funky puzzle I 853'. WIBBLE WORLD GIOOY • A I superb pttdoim game This it one Ol I the Oeel pubic demain games evoi I 00*7 • SUPER PAKMAN - H you IM I Pa. Gamee.
Men get IW»«1 The Deal I verson to 0*18 I GO*B • NEIGHBOURS - (2 I Budget vers™ r I 85 bomb J. I G055 • TEXAS CMAINSAW ‘ SACRE - ineoired by a Una stery ; -18 HOLE GOLF • The frsl ever : Potman go* game Greal lui (2 I G0S7 • SPACE INVADERS 2 - A 1 revoad version of the ctessic game I 0069-AMOS CRICKET-A good I cneket smulaier written in Amos I OC«) - TRON 2 • II you liked Ihe 1 then you can! Mlsa m« Faster and rtproved I SoST MAPE-The aim o« this I eiceflanl game is lo run over Hies I pushing specific cnee down lo cpon ¦ gates w*«h alow you to reech *e eve Do n w«vn a tme lima to GoS DR.
MARIO - SkWler» a NES game ol atmtar name DU heller SoS ASSAULT - This average game Bvohea you shooing all the I A Xenon styte shoot em up I GOSS • ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE I Good tun wth knsol Wood and guts I OC66 - S'ARIANS Bizarre platform I 853 - SUPER SKCOA CHALLENGE A gxd game lor up to tour players . ,iflh track edtor Me I G068 - PREMER PICKS ¦ Usry Lrwjue ____________... . Is. Very wen I GoeTeiLLY BURGLAR - Dodge I Hgfes » escape Irom prison I GO70 • AMIGABOY • The n game I Tents Is widely regarded a) its hasi on I me Oamehoy II has now been I porlocty corrrerted. Wflh e acl visual I SSTE f
WAR - A game of I solar stile »tit* I G072 - ADAMS FAMILY QUIZ - How lydrvet lo me wound I 0074 - CARD SHARP - Various card I Sots* JEWL • A brthant game I G076 • TOP SECRET - Sony cam lei , $ 77 • JELLY QUEST - The game by I Davd McGjio was deecrtbed by ga Power Quota ‘ITs a •jpehor id ol PO puzzle gam*. And lt» a can only be deeenbed as • dead r it went on lo receive e 4 oil ol S I GQ70*"vInUS INVADERS • E.cellenl I G079 THE RIGHT WAY - A great I Soeo Tl£er proc - a I btrds-eyo-vtewraenqgwre.
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Sasic lhal has done more lo lempt AMOS, jt lo be the extra spurt ol speed that the Blitz code oilers over Its rival. Even the simplest ol programs run much laster than their AMOS counterparts anif lor larger projects such as games, BlitZs impressive turn ol speed can translorm a snail-like AMOS garrie into a slick and lightening last Blitz wonder. The speed advantage that Blitz oilers is more than adequately demon strated by the range ol public domain Blitz Basic games that Acid cunningly distributed prior to the UK launch ol the language itself. Comparing something like the Blitz games
BuzzBar or Defender to an equivalent AMOS game is like comparing the original Elite on the Commodore 64 to David Braben's latest masterpiece, Frontier, running on an accelerated Amiga!
Most ol the Blitz Basic demonstration games distributed by Acid use a very cunning trick that ts misleading when you compare games written in these two rival languages. Take a game like BuzzBar, lor example (it s bundled Iree ol charge with all copies ol Blitz Basic 21) - oltenng high speed scrolling and ultra-last blitter objects whizzing around the screen at the sort ol speeds lhat would make even Nigel Mansell sweat. Programming a game ol this type in AMOS would be virtually impossible. The reason? Simple - dual playlield displays.
Dual playlield is a special display mode offered by the Amiga's display hardware that allows you to overlay one screen (or, to use the correct terminology, one playfield') on top ol another. What's more, the background colour Irom the foreground playlield is made transparent allowing any graphics that are displayed on the background playfreld to show through the gaps in the foreground playlield.
BLITZ BASIC Dual playlield mode is used to great effect in BuzzBar. The game's screen is split between the two playfields, allowing the scrolling backdrop and the sprites that whiz over it to be kept completely separate. The scrolling backdrop is nothing more Acid’. BuuBar game um du.l pfcyiwd mod. To glvo me If you want your Blitz Basic games to run at break-neck speeds, you need to harness the power of dual playfield displays.
Jason Holborn is the man with the code... only allows a maximum ol eight colours to be displayed on each in low resolution mode (this drops to just tour when using medium and high resolution dual playfield displays'). The AGA chip set does increase this to a maximum ot sixteen colours per 'playfield' but until Acid get around to releasing a fully AGA compatible version of Blitz, than an enormous bitmap that is scrolled according to the direction ol movement controlled by the player's joystick. The game's sprites, on the other hand, are drawn into the foreground playfreld which isn't
scrolled at all. There's a very good reason why dual playlield mode is used in BuzzBar- although Acid probably wouldn't admit it - Blitz Basic isn’t that last at drawing blitter objects. In fact. AMOS is possibly laster when drawing blobs onto a bitmap that has to be restored each time the blob is moved.
Blitz is last, however, at drawing blobs when it doesn't have to worry atjpOt restoring the background graphics. Hence the reason why dual playlield mode is used in BuzzBar!
DUAL IDENTITY However, Dual playlield displays have a number ol major limitations. One is the number of colours that can be used - because you're combining two screens into one, the Amiga’s display hardware I'm afraid we're stuck with the old ECS limitations.
The second problem is that both screens have to be the same resolution - you can't have a low resolution screen overlaid on top of a medium resolution screen.
Before AMOS owners throw up their hands in horror and write in complaining that I haven’t done AMOS justice, it has to be said that AMOS also supports dual playfield displays but there's one big problem with AMOS' implementation ol this powerful display mode - it doesn’t work. Sure, AMOS will open a dual playlield screen (sometimes!) But try scrolling either playlield horizontally and you'll get some rather unpredictable results (or maybe even a complete system crashl). Francois Lionet still hasn't fixed this problem - let s just hope the AGA version of AMOS sorts it out!
Creating a dual playlield display in Blitz Basic is very simple indeed, especially if you compare it to either assembler language or even AMOS. In order to get Blitz to create a dual playlield display, you need to start by creating two bitmaps - one lor the foreground and another lor the background 'playlield'. Don’t target that the dual playlield mode does limit how many colours each playfield can handle - eight is the maximum in low resolution mode and there’s just lour on offer when you create a medium resolution display. II you're creating a dual playfield display, chances are that you'H
want to scroll the background playlield. So make sure that it is larger than the slice that will be used to display it. You don’t have to make both playfields the same size either. If you don’t want to scroll the foreground screen, tar example, you can simply define its bitmap as the same size as the slice. This not only saves memory, but is a lot less confusing.
Once you've defined your two bitmaps, you need to initialise the Slice that will hold the dual playlield display using the same Slice command that we've been using over the past two months.
There are a number ol differences between the format ol the Slice command used to display a normal screen and a dual playfield display, however. The first major difference is In the Flags parameter. Unless you specify otherwise. Blitz will automatically assume that the screen that you're defining is not dual playfield, so you need to set the dual playlield Flag. This is easy enough - you simply add two to the Flag value. In the case of a standard low resolution display, this would give » » you a Flag value ol Jttta' (as opposed to
* $ ttt8' tor a standard low resolution display).
For a medium resolution screen, the Rag value would be $ tm '.
DUAL PURPOSE There is a further change that needs to be made to the format ot the Slice command.
As you may remember trom our first Blitz Basic column, the Slice command fed two width values (the last two parameters). In the case ol a standard non-dual playtield display. These two parameters would contain the same value - the width ot the bitmap that the slice is to display In the case ol a dual playtield slice, however, these two parameters hold the horizontal width ol the foreground and background bitmaps. The width ot the foreground bitmap must be entered first followed by the width of the background bitmap II you get these values wrong, expect some very weird ettects1 Anyway, now
we have initialised our two bitmaps and our dual playtield slice, all that remains is to turn everything on by displaying the two bitmaps in the slice using the Show command Once again, however, there's a slight difference between the Show command used by a standard display and the Show command used by dual playtield displays Because you're working with two separate screens, each screen must be displayed using a separate command Blitz gives us two commands to handle this task - 'ShowF' and 'ShowB'. Not surprisingly. 'ShowF' displays the foreground bitmap and ShowB shows the background
bitmap. Note that the bitmaps you use must correspond with the bitmaps you used to specify the two width values when you defined your slice.
Just like a normal bitmap. Blitz allows you to scroll either ot your playtields using the same X' and V extensions to the ShowB' and 'ShowF commands that we used last month to scroll a bitmap using the standard Show' command Be warned, however, the Amiga's hardware doesn't Ike scrobng both playtields at the same time. Say, tor example. You thed to scroll the loreground left and the background right - Although it ; Dual Playfield Demonstration " By Jason Holborn '* Switch to Blitz BLITZ Inlt playfield 1,' BltMap 0,640,256,3 For a-0 To 200 x-Bnd(640) y-Rnd(256 reRnd(10 *10 c-Bnd(71*1 ; **•
Draw random circles... Circlef x,y,r,c Next a ; *•• Inlt playfield 2... BitMap 1,320.256,3 For a-0 To 200 x-Bnd1320) y-Rndt2S6) r-Rnd(5)»10 c-Bndt7)*l I **• Draw more circles... Circlef x,y,r,c Next a ,- •*¦ Initialise slice... Slice 0,44,320,256,Sfffa,6,8,16,320,640 ; pointer if greater than 320.
If planex 320 Then planex-0 ; Display both playfields... ShowF 1,0,0,0 ShowB 0,planex,0,0 I Wait for vertical blank... Vwalt Until Joybl0 0
- *•* Press left mouse button to quit... OVER THE RAINBOW would
work. Ihe foreground bitmap would appear lo jump horribly.
Anyway, it's best lo use dual play- field mode to display bobs on a scrolling backdrop without having to worry about restoring the background graphics.
That's enough ot the theory, let's get stuck into some code. So. Without further ado. Boot up your copy ot Bhtz Basic 2 and enter the following lines ot code. The demonstration listing below simply creates a dual playfield display, draws lots ol colour- lul circles into both playtields and then smoothly scrolls the background playtield horizontally, 'all NEXT MONTH Wei* hope you etyoyed ite month i tour ney into Sfc foil. Next month, we ll be slortmg lo look at how you too creole your own sHopes sprites in games ond how they are used nle what ofe known os copper (dour effects that can
increase the number of apparent (olours on a single saeen mmeasurobly Wei. Blitz offers this focity too in the form of the (olSpfct command Before we go any further, however, it s worth taking time out lo discuss exactly how these rainbow effects are generated Built into the Amiga's powerful 'Denise' custom chip (or Uso' if you own on AGA based Amiga) is a powerful slither of per' chip is responsible for handling colour palettes ond the synchronisation of overlapping screens. It’s this powerful cop per chip that makes it possible for the Amiga to aispfay several screens simultaneously, eoch
with its own colour palette and resolution. The copper works by alowng pro grommers to change certain hardware registers (a screen s colour palette, for example) on a specified scon lincf By creat ing what the techies call a copper list', all monncc of weird arid wonderful screen effects ore possible.
Ihe ColSoh commond allows you to alter the RGB value I of a colour within a sfcce on a specified scan kne Once the command has been called and the colour has been changed. I the slice's copper list which is created automatically for you by I Blitz is modified to retain the colour change As a result the I ColSplit' command only needs to be colled once for the colour W change lo reman It needs four parameters - the number of I the colour that you'd like the command to effect, the new red. I of the scanline that you d like the chonge to take place on.
Give fcs demonstration program a whrl.
PRINTERS FREE! FROM SILICA DELIVERY todO2 3¦(«• MU*mmon 2 YEAR WARRANTY Graptttcs Resolution: 24Ox21U0l Epson and IBM Emulation Putt tractor & bottom lead FREE Sttica Printer Slant' Kit MAIL ORDER 1-4 Tt* Mm HjTwVy Rd. $ 40* lore. OKU 40X M: 111 300 1111 CR DOH SHOP wi. H-?Worti End Wj r 1TO iff LOSbON SHOP: M ToW)h|m Bm0 LotxJon. W1P 08A Tel 071-611 4000 _M. M. NUN op fl_»«¦ *» on-m »TV LONDON SHOP: S«ndgH (am*aw Odonl SlreM London. WiA 1AB MJI71M0 1734 tlDCW OP:’*"4 Th. Mm M*Wrtey Rd sS OAH 40X Mt HIM? 0011 _ l«. M*, ¦*, f tm ¦» mtee cp” ESSEX SHOP: Utttn a* *w ?V S**l SowBwd-on-Soa. Itw
SS11IA teJ7S2 400030 IPSWICH SHOP: OtMnftams £Sl How*. West M SjSfe IP1 3£H M: 0473 207002 l~To Silica. CMUSR-0294-55. 1-4 Ihe Mews. Halheiley Rd S*dcup. Kent. DA14 4DX | Jot (Horn.)_____Tot (Wort*------- I Wnch compuMrf). 4 any, do you own?-----------------------------------------5SYj PLEASE SEND A BROCHURE ON THE CITIZEN RANGE Company Nam* (4 appncaWe) THE SILICA SERVICE
- afecA UMBW All programs have to make decisions and Arexx
scripts are no exception. Dave Smithson shows you how to add a
little intelligence to your Arexx scripts.
PART .M. AREXX . Nm to RIM dvcMons and Aaxxx acflpu xr i Trunk, lo H_Thm' construct you cm Mrr MuKrtpn eicome back lo Inside Arexx. Our regular column dedicated entirely to the Arexx programming language Over Ihe past two months we’ve covered quite a bit ot ground, we've discussed how Arexx can be used as a programming language in Its own right, to write scripts to control external applications and as a ’macro’ language tor internal control ol an application. Last month, we even managed to write our tlrst Arexx script. Sure, it wasn't very exciting but as a demonstration ot how lo
enter an Arexx listing and then execute it trom the Shell, it served its purpose beautifully.
This month, we take our look at Arexx one step further by introducing a couple ol decision making and How control constructs that you’ll find yourself using a great deal in the future.
The ability to make decisions based around a set ot user definable rules - it the value ol a variable Is less than one then do this otherwise do that, for example.
Not surprisingly. Arexx supports decision making constructs too thanks to the good old 'IF . Then ..Else' construct. Anyone who has even the slightest knowledge ot Basic will recognise this construct immediately - yes, Arexx's decision making construct is virtually identical to the equivalent construct In Basic.
Just like in Basic, ArexXs 'IF' statement is capable of executing one of several embedded blocks ot code depending upon the result ol a decision Say, lor example, you wanted to test the value ol a variable against a constant. It the variable was equal to that constant, then the tirst block ol code is executed otherwise a second block ol code is executed instead.
In Arexx terms, all you'd need is the following code Betore you get too excited and start typing it Into your favourite text however, it should be stressed that the following code is whal Is known as skeleton’ code - that is. It won't run without the addition of further code.
Don’t worry - I'll give you a further demonstration listing later that you can type In and experiment with. Anyway, check out this skeleton code first of all: fflMXX W Say ‘Enter a number ' Pull NUMBER If NUMBER4 Then If NUMBER 1 Then Say ‘It's either 2 or 3!'
Else Say ‘It's either 1 or 0!'
Else If NUMBER 9 Then Say ‘It's 10 or more!"
Else Do Say ‘It's less than 10!'
End Exit Looking through the listing, you'll notice that there’s only one 'Do' and 'End' statement in the entire construct despite the fact that the construct effectively contains three separate IF... Then...Else' constructs. If you examine the code closely, you’ll notice that the Do' keyword is attached to the last decision in the entire construct.
As I said earlier, the Do' statement needs to be appended to the last decision in the construct just so that Arexx knows that there aren't further conditions to follow. Finally, the entire construct is closed using the ‘End’ statement.
If you were to wnte this code in Basic, you'd dose each of the three decision making constructs using an End If statement for each - Arexx doesn’t need this, however, as it is intelligent enough to know which conditions belong to which construct.
Because a simple ’If ..Else' construct is effectively a boolean operation - do this or do that, giving you just two possible courses of action, Arexx knows that the second 'Else' statement can’t belong to the second construct because its conditions already cover every possible course of action. This all seems very confusing I know, but If HUMBER - 3 Then Say “It's equal to 3!* Else Do Say "It's not equal to 3!"
End As you can see, the format of the construct is pretty straightforward and follows the same guidelines as Basic almost to the letter.
There a couple of minor difference, however, that you should be aware ot. If you managed to spot them, then give yourself a pat on the back.
Yes. It's that little keyword Do' that follows the ‘Else’ command and the End' keyword. Both of these are very important and. Just to make life a little bit more difficult, the Do keyword doesn’t always appear in the same place.
The purpose of the Do' keyword is to mark the last part of the If construct. In the case of our demonstration listing, there are two parts to the construct - the section, of code that is executed if the variable is equal to three and the section of code that is executed if the variable contains any other value.
It is possible, however, to create what the techies would call embedded' decisions which are effectively decision constructs that are carried out according to the result of another construct.
Say. For example, you wanted to test a variable more than once - if a variable is less than 4 but greater than 1 then do this otherwise if the variable is greater than 10 then do that.
Sounds complicated I know, but its very easy to implement in Arexx Give this demonstration listing a go.
* Embedded decision making demo By Dave Smithson AREXX UNDER CONTROL Lost month, we started our look ot how Arexx am be used to control extend applications with on explanation of Arexx message 'poets'. As you wil remember Arexx con h2:
• Itct.rtxx s??
Mi no o¦»tor option hr record selected.
I MENU fcSfS no enter option ..*uittina progran vio its Arexx port.
Afaacompatible applications have an Arexx port which has its own unique name. Accessing on application vw on Arexx senpt is very simple indeed! All you have lo do is to add the line 'Address' followed by the nome of the Arexx port that you're attempting to communicote with whkh must be endosed by a set ot speech marks. Say, for example, you wanted to open communkotion with ASOG's Art Deportment Pwkssnnol. All you'd hove to do is to enter die following line ot the beginning ol your script.
Address 'ADPro' it’ll soon become crystal clear after a little experimentation, trust me.
OPEN AND SHUT CASE A (ar belter way ol handling multiple actions is to make use of Arexx1 s ‘Select.-.When’ construct, a derivative ol Basic's 'Case' command that is sadly neglected in most modern programming languages these days.
As any prolessional programmer will tell you, the 'Select...When' construct comes in very handy when you need to perform a whole series ol decisions on the same variable.
Say, lor example, you had to write a menu lor an Arexx database that allowed the user to select an operation by entering a number. If the user selected 1, then they would be allowed to enter a record, il the user selected 2. Then they would delete a record from the database and so on. II you were to implement a menu program using an 'IF...THEN' construct, your code would start to get very complicated indeed.
With a Select-.When' construct, however, you could very easily implement your menu with very little code. The construct starts with a single 'Select' command that opens up the construct.
Each decision that you'd like to make can then be entered with a simple 'When' command. II all your 'When' decisions failed to trap every conceivable result, an additional ’Otherwise1 command can be added that is performed if all else (ails.
It’s worth noting, however, that the ‘Otherwise’ command is not optional - even if you don’t want to use it, the command must be added otherwise Arexx will display an error.
Finally, the construct is closed with the same ’End’ command that we used with our 'If...Then’ constructs. Time lor a demonstration, methinks - try this listing for size.
* Select...When demonstration By Dave Smithson CR = 'Oa'x Do Until OPTION-5 Say "MAIN MENU" CR „ Say "1. Enter Record Say "2. Delete Record" Say "3. Find Record" Say "4. Edit Record" Say "5. QUIT" CR Say "Please enter option" Pull OPTION Select When OPTION-1 Then Say "Enter record selected..." CR Arexx1 s brilliant SELECT-. WHEN1 construct comss in particularly handy whan you want your script to portorm a saiactlon ol dlttorent operations based upon the value ol several variables.
When OPTION-2 Then Say "Delete record selected..." CR When OPTION-3 Then Say "Find record selected..." CR When OPTION-4 Then Say "Edit record selected... "CR When OPTION-5 Then Say "Ok...quitting program" CR Otherwise Say "What?!!!"
End End The above listing is a very simple menu shell that could be used to write a database in Arexx.
The listing starts by delining the Arexx carnage return character which is used to insert blank lines. This is placed into a variable called 'CR'.
Once this is done, the script enters a 'Do Until' loop that is performed until the variable 'Option' contains a value of live.
We haven't actually covered the 'Do Until' option yet, but it's simple enough - all code between the lines ‘Do Until Option=5' and the linal 'End' statement are performed in a loop until the Option' variable contains live.
The script then displays the menu using a series ol 'Say' commands that simply display text directly onto the screen - note how the 'CR' variable is used to insert blank lines removing the need lor additional 'Say' commands.
Once the menu has been displayed, the script then asks the user to enter the option that they would like using the 'Puli' command.
Now for the exciting bit - the script then enters our 'Select...When' construct. Each option is individually processed using its own 'When' command.
At the moment the script does nothing more than inlorm the user that the option was accepted, but you could quite easily extend the script yoursell so that it called your own functions to handle Ihe database's operations. We'll be covering functions and procedures very soon, so stay tuned, '~Ti NEXT MONTH Nov we've examined a couple of decision making and flow control constructs we'll be taking our look at Arexx one step further by looking at file handling. We'll also be mok ing the first movements towards writing scripts to control external applications.
It nome is cose sensitive, so 0'will not work. If the application lion will be established but there i 4 fexx is unable to link with the r mon cause of failure is when an i loaded. You con check whether I be coses where
t. Ihe most com- t hasn’t been fexx is capable of opening nome of
the message port that you wont lo access.
If Show(ports,'ADPro' - 0 then Say "Unable to open message port..." Exit End There is one message port that vou ton always oaess without having to worry about whether on application has already been loaded - AmigaDOS. Arexx treats AmigaDOS simply os onothec task that rt can control ond communito lion is established simply by using Ihe 'Address' command to open up o port colled'Command'. Instead of accessing internal functions buSt into an application, however, Arexx allows you to run AmigaDOS commands in exactly the some wpy os yoo would from the Shell. Here's a small demonstration listing
for you to play with.
* AmigaDOS 'Command' demonstration By Dave Smithson Address Comnand Say "You have the following memory available..." ’ John Kennedy shows you what to do when one Amiga isn’t quite good enough - network!
Linking two Amiga computers together has recreational as well as senous benefits, and with a little ingenuity it doesn't even require any hardware other than a simple cable You might be surprised at how much support for networking is already present m the Amiga operating system Although only the CD32 (allegedly) has any I direct network support, every other Amiga is capable of communication with only a few extra pieces of software Probably the simplest way to link machines is via the serial port - after all.
Communications is what the excit mg world of RS232 is all about.
SERIAL LINKING To connect two computers via the serial port you'll need two 25 way D type female (socket) connec tors, and a good length of three way cable As RS232 com munications use relatively large 12 volt voltage swings, the length of wire can be considerable Two Amiga computers in different . Rooms can be linked, and perhaps even reaching to your next door neighbour s house as well I have to point out that a very Song cable could theoretically damage the port, especially if poor quality wiring was used although I have never heard of this happening For really long links, you might be
better experimenting with | MIDI interfaces, as the MIDI standard incorporates an opto isolator which electrically separates the computer from the cabling Making up a serial link cable is t dead easy - all you need is a tine tipped soldering iron and a little r-w i, spare time It you don t feel happy about you mto a street electronics store and ask for an Amiga compatible Null Modem cable (the Amiga puts 12 volts on pins 9 and to. And you don't want these sent back up your port, believe me - I've tried it).
You'll pay slightly more for a cable than if you made it yourself, but that's how it goes Figure 1 shows the wiring details, and as you can see they are not complicated. Connect pin 2 (Transmit data) of the first connector lo pm 3 (Receive data) of the second Then connect pm 3 (Receive data) of the first to pm 2 (Transmit data) of the second.
Finally connect pm 7 (Signal ground) of both together to form a common ground. If possible you should check the cabling with a multimeter before using it. As any short circuits could dam age the computer Only when you are sure the cables are okay, switch olf the computers and plug in the wires The best way to check everything is working is to run a Com ms program such as Ncomm or Term on each machine. Assuming the baud rates, word length and parity values are set to be the same, anything you type on the first computer will appear on the second and vice versa FIGURE I • Mere arc tho connections
which need lo be mado lo link two serial pods There are only Ihree wires pins 2 and 3 and swopped and bolh pins 7 are connected SERIAL PORT CONNECTIONS 25 way D-Typa connector* (female) If you don't happen to have Ncomm handy, don't worry the Workbench can be used instead Boot up both machines and check the Serial Preferences so that the baud rates are the same and there is no handshaking protocol (The RTSCTS method requires that an extra two wires pins 4 and 5 - are swopped like 2 and 3 ) Now open a Shell window and enter NEWSHELL AUX at the prompt (you may noed to enter MOUNT AUX: first). On
the second Amiga a shell process will start and commands such as DIR will actually list the contents of the first computer s disk For more fun things to do with shared computers, check out Bruce Smith's Publishing s (tel 0923 894 355) Mastering AmigaDOS 2 volume One price £21 95 which includes an entire chapter on the subiect.
GAMES LINKING Many games offer a link up option whereby two players can use two com puters to play against each other Programs such as Cr Commodore CDTV !___ rT r ¦ I I -l l - Tho ultimate Pernet set-up a ta«Uy Amiga 4000 networked lo a bargain CDTV The AlOOO can inon read CD-ROM drive* M though the ROM drive were any ordinary device.
III 162 Stum Car Racer. Lotus Turbo. Falcon and Populous have become classics, al least in part due to the two-player option. All these games require the serial ports to be linked together using exactly the sort ot cable just descnbed. Please believe me when I say that two ptayer games such as Stunt Car Racer become an entirely new expenence when two human players are involved.
NETWORKING In the fun (not) world of the IBM compatible PC.
Networking implies the sharing of disks and print ers. In a LAN or ‘Local Area Network. A powerful PC acts as a file server and several smaller Pcs share the file server s hard drive and peripherals It is possible to add an Amiga into this sort of chain using Ethernet cards, but when only two Amigas are involved the solution lies in a public domain program called ParNet ParNet is worth its weight in golden floppies - in fact it's so good we put it on the cover disk in archived format When ParNet is running on two Amigas and a suitable cable is connecting them, each Workbench gams a new icon
called Network. This icon contains all the devices of the other machine, so. For example, an Amiga 500 connected to an Amiga 4000 gains the use of the A4000s hard drive and high density floppy.
Probably the most interesting use of ParNet is to add a cheap CD-ROM drive to an Amiga set up.
For example. I'm typing this text on an Amiga 4000 (because I’m lucky enough to have one) and beside it on the desk is a CDTV I picked up in Dixons for £200. Both machines are running ParNet. And as a result I can directly read any CD- ROMS placed in the CDTV. I guess a lot of Amiga owners now own an AI200. But still have an A500 sitting around Well, dig it out! If the A500 has 1Mb of Chip RAM (or can be expanded to have 1 Mb) you can buy the Commodore A570 CD-ROM drive and ParNet the A500 and A1200 together DIY EXTRA PARTS Serial Coble: 4 length ol 3 tore coble Two 25 Way D-Type tonnetlots
(female) Solder Cosing ana strews for Dtype tonnetlors Parallel Coble: A length of 14 woy ribbon tobie Two ol 25 Woy D-Type tonnectors (mole) Solder Cosing ond strews lor D type tonnetlors Sly ol Mel software on the tover disk parts available Irom electronic sop| mol order tomponies such os The incredible thing is that the A570 now costs a measly £75 from Gasteiner (tel: 081 365
1151) and £99 from Silica Systems (tel: 081 309
1111) which makes them the cheapest CD-ROM drives in the known
universe.There is so much software available on CD-ROM, you
would be mad to miss this opportunity to gain access.
Serial port* Jj tng twt PARALLEL LINKING To use ParNet. You'll first need to make up the special cable. You can't buy this one over the NkftAUXl (KMT COMNtCnOMS 25 way D-typ® connector FIGURE 2 • The parallel link cable can either be constructed trom scratch, or made by adapting an existing cable.
Remember to switch oil power belore connecting any cables.
Counter, as it is only useful for running ParNet The authors of ParNet recommend you buy a ready-made parallel port cable with plugs at both ends, take it apart and cut and re solder the necessary wires.
For best results this is the way to go, but dedicated solder fiends like myself will probably want to solder the cable up from scratch If you buy the ready-made cable don't plug it in before you have made the alterations - if you do you'll nuke your Amiga. If you do want to DIY. You II need two 25- way D-type male(plug) connectors (not the same as the serial port connectors!) And a length of ribbon cable with at least 12 strands Figure 2 shows the connections you'll need to make.
Note that pins 10 and 13 need to be shorted at each end. Although the instruc tions specify pins 18-22 should be connected for a ground. I have used only mrx one ground and have had no problems If there are any spare wires in your ribbon cable, it might be a good idea to use them anyway. The entire process shouldn t take more than a quarter of an hour, two burnt fingers and a solder stain on your Amiga | keyboard.
Again, check the wiring before plugging it. And never (ever) connect the cables with the machine switched on Before you can use ParNet. You will need to install the software.
This is a rather tricky SHELL operation I'm afraid, but there are good instructions included in the archive if you get stuck. If you find what fol lows impossible, there are several disks in the public domain which come with everything already set-up for you The first step is to unarchive the files to the RAM disk, a process covered in the disk pages There are eight files present, including three text files which you should read carefully (use MORE) You'll then need to copy parnet device to the DEVS:directory of both boot disks, then netp- net-handler to the I directory and netpnet server to
the C:. Again on both machines.You then need to add an entry to the Mountlist. Workbench 3 machines don't actually come with a mountlist, so m these cases you simply copy the supplied mountlist file into DEVS . On other machines, you need to add the mountlist to the end of the existing file, so get out your favourite text editor and APPEND The ParNet r ck is to make the mountlist in one machine unit=l and the other unit=0. Then you have to run the server (which is usually done by the user-startup file). On the machine which has UNIT=1. Type NETPNET- SERVER UNIT 0 and on the machine with
UNIT=0. Use NETPNET SERVER UNIT I. Remember to include the word UNIT - weird things happen if you don't.
I Is only one of several g TESTING With the cable connected, the software installed and the servers running you should be ready to test your handicraft. On both computers enter MOUNT NET: at a Shell. You should find new icons appears, although for the moment they will be empty. Before a network device can be used, it must be mounted - and the easiest way to do this is with an ASSIGN statement. Here is how to use the floppy disk on the other machine enter ASSIGN df3: NET dfO and now if you type DIR d!3: your computer will list the other machine's drive. For details on how to get icons, consult
tne documentation which came with ParNet. Cv 163 ALSO WITHOUT CLOCK FOR ONLY: £ 1 6.99 A500 PLUS' 1 MB RAM UPGRADE ONLY £42.99
1. 5MB RAM BOARD Pan Unpopulated RAM board with clock--£ 34 95
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TV MONITOR Credit card ordara: I £249.oo ayisa Evesham Micros
Ltd., Dept CUAM, Unit 9, St Richards Road, Evesham, Worcs.
WR116TD do not cha are despatched.
QUALITY SCANNING - AT THE RIGHT PRICE I Al a genuine 400dpi scanning resolution, this scanner produces truly superb quality acana. Has a full 105mm scanning width, variable brightness control and 100 200 300 400dpi resolution.
Suppeed mth Destaacan Profeaalonal Version 3- scanning and adMIng software allow* real-time scanning in either kne art or in up to S4 simu'ated grey scale* Provides powerful editing leatures and exceSant compattxMy with most DTP and Pamt Packages eg Defcixe Part 4. ToutfMJp With our MEQABOARD. You can further C|0|( BAM UPGBADE expand your A500*a memory to a total of w » HPWY1 VI VRIWk 2HB Without dlspoalng of your existing fA Afl f | fill 512K upgrade (mue.be 4 xRAM Np type, or IU VitE I j VlD not exceeding 9cm in length).
RAM aOCK 1 9.99 IVMlYl V.LV V.I INC. VAT AND DELIVERY UPGRADE I THE FASTEST AND EASIEST WAY TO UPGRADE YOUR A500+ TO 2MB RAM I Smnpty Plugs Into trap door expansion arM mcreiiw total RAM capacity to 2Mb CnpRAM O RAM On Off Switch Compact unit aU» * Only 8 low power RAM Ica High raHabtllty AMIGA 500 SOLDERLESS RAM UPGRADES TOP VALUE 400dpi HANDY SCANNER CONNECTS TO YOUR ONLY £47.99 AMIGA products are now available from selected I ONLY £179.991 STILL ONLY £99.99 RETAIL SHOWROOMS
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external floppy drives
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- Compatible with A590 and most other SCSI Hard Drives (please
call to check) r Opttonai PSU (allows Amiga to power other
devices) vr Available fitted with 2Mb. 4Mb. Or fully populated
with 8Mb With 2MB fitted...£112.99 with 4MB £159.99 with
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WEDNESDAY TO FRIDAY tvesnam Micros Mat Broomfield and John
Kennedy get their hands dirty, as they answer this month's
volume of readers’ questions.
• THE Q&A TEAM JOHN KENNEDY Can you stump Norris?
There’s a prize ol a poke in the eye for anyone clever enough to stump our resident Amiga tech-head.
M' n it* MAT BROOMFIELD With more years spent than he’d care to remember with his head in a circuitboard, Mat’s to the Amiga what Edison was to the lightbulb.
* t a * . I want to Know it the Overdrive hard disk ks (reviewed
in ' October's CU AMIGA) will work on the A600 as weH as the
Matthew McArthur. Sanday.
A quick call to Amiga gurus Software Demon confirmed my suspicion that the standard Overdrive 35 doesn't work with the A1200. Buy hey, don’t cry Matthew
- they produce a much smaller and neater Overdrive 25 which will
work fine. Give Software Demon a call on 0736 331039.
A quick note tor all A600 owners looking to add hard drives internally, check the Kickstart version number you have (use ABOUT Irom the Workbench screen). Some hard drives won't work unless this version number is 37.7xkx or greater.
DISCORDANT MED I recently upgraded trom a A500» to an e At 200. But I'm having a problem with OclaMED Pro.
On the A500 it worked fine, but on Ihe A1200 it I try to enter a chord using the chord button all it does is accept one keyboard input.
Is this a lault in the keyboard, or is It a software compatibility problem because ol the laster processor?
David Swain. Shard End.
It was only yesterday that CU AMIGA'S MED addict, mix-master Tony Horgsn, i about exactly the same problem.
It's caused by a slight change In the keyboard hardware of the At 200, and affects several programs which try to read the keyboard at a very low level.
Although Intuition friendly, It appears that the author, Tel|o Klnnunen, didn't use a 100% legal keyboard code, and as he Is Indisposed at present (doing his National Service, I believe) the fix will be slow In coming. At time of writing, the very latest version ol OctaUED - version 5.01 - still displays the same bug. At this point I'd |ust like to gloat: H works line on my A4000. Smirk mode on.
PC PROBLEMS ,iia Is there any other
* ¦ way to make my A500 compatible ' with a PC other than buying
a hardware PC emulator, as I find that they are very
expensive? I would like to use packages such as Lotus 1-2-3 and
Sage, but my A500 won t do it by itself
J. Moyle. Porth, Mid Glamorgan.
Readers with memories longer than Mr Moyle's will remember the review of PC Task In the November 1993 issue of CU AMIGA. This Is B software-only emulator and It Is ideal for running serious software such as Lotus.
At £50 from Meridian Software It could be |ust what you are looking tor, although It will run rather slowty. The KCS board Isn't very expensive, and will run a great deal faster, so shop around.
II you happened to own an A2000 or any other 'big box' computer, you could have used one of the hardware Bridgeboard emulators, currently going tor a song trom Indl (tel: 0543 419999). The beauty ol Brtdgeboards is that they allow you to fit PC-styte cards which means cheap video cards, IDE controllers for £20. Networking, sound synthesiser cards and so on. The downside is that you need to run the terrible PC software.
THE A500 BLUES trst. I own an A500Plus and | am going to ,» buy an A5000 upgrade board, but I don't know how much it costs I would also like to know which is the best: the A500PIus or the A600 because my friend keeps saying his A600 is better as it has Workbench 2.05 and mine is 2.04?
Stuart Wltson, Tranent, Scotland.
The A5000 was a 68020 processor accelerator and memory expansion tor the A500.1 say was, because Solid State Leisure went out ot business about six months ago. You might be lucky and get a secondhand one -1 picked one up, with 1Mb of RAM. For the bargain price ol £50. The FPU coat me another £20.
In my opinion the A500PIus Is a lot better than the A600.
Although the A600 Is a lot neater and has a built In IDE Interface, the A500PIus is much mors expandable.
You can add SCSI hard drlvaa and have up to 10Mb of RAM In an A500+, and the A600 la atuck with a lot less. The differences In Workbench are minimal.
KEYBOARD FAILURE HI have a problem with my A500's keyboard. Now and then the Caps lock light Hashes on and oft.
This strange ettect renders the entire keyboard useless.
Virus, I hear you say. But I have several virus checkers none ol which find anything on my disks or In my memory.
Alter consulting a local mtorma- tion technology teacher I removed the battery trom my memory upgrade and switched the machine off for a long period, but this didn’t solve the problem either.
Mark Harrison, Market Deeping, Peterborough.
Your local Information technology expert' knows absolutely nothing about Amiga computers.
It ho did he would know that It la impossible for a virus to live in the clock memory kept active by a battery as (a) there are only a taw bytes and (b) the memory Is never executed, as It Is completely separate from the system memory.
What you should have been told Is that your keyboard Is broken, and needs to be replaced.
That's all there Is to It. The flashing caps light Is the giveaway, as the keyboards CPU uses H to warn of failure.
WE ARE THE ROBOTS . I am Interested in xffV~ robotics and I would like to know JBRFwJl, „noiner there is a
* package that
* allows you to pro- . Gram In a way that allows access to the
serial and parallel ports to control a motorised pro)ect. I
have AMOS, but there doesn’t seem to be any commands to do
Also. I have a modem but when I call a BBS all I get is Connect 1200 and a load or garbage I read the doc tiles, and it said to make sure that the lonts are in the 'Fonts’ tolder: but they are.
Martin Keen, Stockport, Cheshire.
Any language can access the serial or parallel ports. To sand data to the parallel port you simply pretend to print It. To sand data to the serial port you open a tile to the SER: or AUX: device instead of the floppy or hard disk.
The ultra-cool [because I wrote It.
Ot course - John Kennedy] language miniFORTH was given away on the December CU AMIGA coverdlsk and It might be batter suited to your needs.
Your Comma problem seems to be related to your modem. The Connect 1200 massage Indicates that It's trying to communicate at Prestel baud rates (a vary, vary slow 1200 75 baud or 1200 1200 baud) and, these days, practically all modems use 2400 baud as a minimum.
If your modem cannot go any faster (alter the serial speed setting In your Preferences and in your modem software), I'm afraid It's time to splash out on a new one.
SCSI SPECIAL tea*, I recently bought an A1200 installed Junkr with a Seagate
P. VjM’ ST9144A hard , , - eW Cve When I used Syslnfo on the
drive, it informed me that there is a SCSI interlace present.
I thought that A1200S all had IDE interfaces.
Do I have a special version of the A1200, or are they all equipped with SCSI interlaces over here in Belgium? Can I add another hard disk by connecting it to the SCSI interface?
Ludo Ghoos, Oostende, Belgium.
ASK THE EXPERTS MICA WORKSH 7'lhe Sorry to disappoint you, but no matter what Syslnfo may say you have an IDE interface in your A1200.
The Amiga ‘pretends' the IDE Interface present is a SCSI to make software more compatible, so I’m afraid there Isn’t a spare SCSI connector inside your machine to add SCSI hard drives to.
Several companies (GVP, Microbotics) have produced A1200 trapdoor cards with SCSI-2 interfaces if you are keen to expand.
PSION OF THE TIMES I'm writing to you in a last ditch attempt for aid. I own a Psion series 3 as well as an Amiga
1200. Extra memory for the Psion costs a bomb. I read in the
handbook that you can communicate with other computers if
you have suitable serial communication software. Where do I
get that software from?
Imey Ahmed, Old Trafford, Manchester.
All you need is a lead to connect the Psion to a standard RS232 serial port, as featured on the back of the Amiga. Then you can use any PD or Shareware comms software (NComm, Term, JRComm - available from any PD library for the price of a disk) to receive the files sent across.
NETWORKING trA . Hello, I have had
* 49 0 an idea regarding RHKAs your ‘Build your own robot section
I have purchased the 8-bit I O port from Maplin electronics.
Anyway, I thought it would be possible to build a networking
box using it by connecting the outputs of the board to the
inputs of other boards on other Amigas. The only problem would
be writing the software.
Lee Matthews, Sutton-in-Ashfleld, Nottingham.
Yup, It sure would be possible. As you guessed, the main problem would be the software as writing a multi-user networking system which would Integrate perfectly Into AmigaDOS is no mean feat. I reckon it would probably be faster and more convenient to built a network based on the MIDI standard, which provides a reasonably fast serial baud rate and opto-isolatlon at each interface, but hey, we're talking theoretically anyway.
For real networking, contact Oxxi on 0203 47333 as they produce a Novell Network interface - something that’s really big in the PC world. For more affordable two-Amiga networking, try ParNet as detailed in this month’s wonderful DIY pages.
NOVICE I have recently bought an A600 - the kids love it to play games on, and so do I as a matter of fact. I have just started to buy your magazine, but I must admit that I don't understand half of what you are saying as I’m a complete novice.
However, I do want to exploit my Amiga to the fullest, so what books do you recommend for a person such as I?
I would like to know about programming, or at least what the programs mean and how to understand roots, dirs, subdirs and paths.
Rob Ford, Blaby, Leicestershire.
Hopefully the boxes filled with Jargon Busting definitions should help, as should be many tutorials that CU AMIGA runs with beginners In mind.
As far as books go, until I can find a publisher for my combined cookery-science fiction- AmlgaDOS guide, you won't do much better than buying The A600 Insider Guide, written and published by Bruce Smith Books (tel: 0923 894355) which will take you by the hand from first principles through to advanced roots, dirs, subdirs and paths. An excellent read.
THE CDTV OWNER tr*i a I own a CDTV with a floppy drive, key- board and mouse. I would appreciate it if you answer the following questions for me:
1. I'm tired of using the ancient Workbench 1.3. Can the
Kickstart ROM be upgraded to 2.04 as with other Amigas?
2. I would like to add another floppy drive to the CDTV. Is it
possible to add a standard Amigp drive with a through
3. 1 have heard about a board for the CDTV which allows up to 8Mb
of RAM and a 68020. Is this fact or fiction?
4. Is VIDI-12 compatible with CDTV?
Paul Green, Meanwood, Leeds.
Ahh, so you are the other CDTV owner. I bought mine cheap In Dixons and I think it’s great - perfect for using CD-ROM software on my A4000.
1. If the CDTV Is your only Amiga you will be sick of the blue
and orange Workbench 1.3. And here's the bad news: as far as I
can tell, a new 2.04 ROM won’t Include the necessary code for
controlling the ROM drive and as a result it won’t work.
What you need are a set of the special developer - only ROMS that Commodore never released.
If you get hold of them, don’t tell anyone - except me that is, as I really, really, really want them.
2. An extra floppy can be added in this way without problems. Why
not consider a hard drive? Indi are selling SCSI interfaces
very cheaply, and a SCSI drive can be picked up for under
3. 1 have heard rumours of a board called the Blizzard, with a
16MHz 68000 and 8Mbs of RAM, but none has materialised. Pity,
as I’d like one too. It appears that the 2Mb Chip RAM MegaChip
expansion is the only way to expand CDTV memory, but if any
one knows otherwise please let me know.
4. Yup, as long as you specify you need Workbench 1.3 software so
Rombo can send you the right kit.
* I have been an avid reader and collec- [ lor oicu AMIGA t
*since May 1992, in M* fact it has been the
* reviews in the mag that persuaded me to buy the Amiga 4000 040
that I now proudly own.
Before I get stuck into my loud screech for help I would like to mention a few problems I have had with my computer:
1. The 1960 monitors are not really worth the money you pay,
unless my monitor is the only one that doesn’t seem much
better than the 1084 that I had with my 500.
2. For some unknown reason my drive refuses to format high
density disks and seems to bail out at track 72 upwards. This
is not too much of a problem since all the software I have
received has come on the low format anyway but I still feel a
bit cheated. I can’t really afford (financially or
otherwise) to send my beloved back to get something so simple
Now onto my main plea. I have recently purchased SAS C version
6. 2. It looks great and it's full of things difficult to get a
grasp of. I have picked it up quite quickly and I have a good
idea of the basic principles.
What it comes down to is the books don't cater for the new screen modes and the new 32 bit technology but the software does.
Since you are all such a lovely bunch of beer drinkers at CU would you be kind enough to suggest a few books and maybe some P.D. disks that would be appropriate for the knowledge that I seek. Thanks.
Dan Harrison, United Arab Emirates.
Thanks for your words of praise.
You would think that with all the » COMMON QUERIES Every month the post bag contains about ten tellers on earn otlhe following topics.
Here are some global answers: CD32 ADD-ON
0. When is the CD-ROM odd- |J* on ft* the A1200 A4000 coining out
ond where wdl it fit? Wffl I be able to use my RAM
expansion oaelerator hord chive?
4. Listen people. Commodore's engineering don't ring me tip ond
say: ‘Psst John, don't tell anyone bill the CD-ROM drive will
be out next week and it connects to the parallel port." We
only pick up information that is publicly announced, and
when we do you can read it in the news pages.
Here is what we know so far
1. The CD-KOM drive will be out sometime lor the AI200. In MKO
one is planned.
Drives for the 4600 and A500 are not pas-
2. The drive will connect via Ihe trap door.
This means you need to remove whatever is already fitted there.
3. We don't really know if there will be another trapdoor in the
CD-KOM drive cosing for connecting memory or accelerators.
4. Ihe AI200 should support the l2button controllers via a medal
piece ol software which authors wil need to odd lo their new
0. 1 have o printer mode by 4 V*-eg Epsom-ond I don't hCi * know
which printer driver to use. Please help.
A. King up the printer manufacturer and ask them. Honestly, theyH
know better than vie will-they should even supply you with a
driver on disk, Ike printers sola by Silica Systems. If oil
else fads, try the EpsonX, the EpsonXold and the generic in
that order.
KEYMAPS .•ife. 0. Pleose help me. My trou- pvM bte is with my printer. I can't get my keyboard to print pound signs, I keep getting dollars ond hashes.
A. ih, keymaps Make sure you have floppy disk to the DEVS: drawer
on your Workbench. Moke sure you have set the LOCALE editor so
that me country is Ihe UK ond the preferred language h
FMV cartridge hunch is imminent.
6. In add-on Iotlheil200 whkh adds IDE ond loppy interfaces, and
serial and parallel polls is planned, but I haven't seen any
Order hotline. 07934909881 ¦ 3D 191 (W “ 1 04000 AGA Software
2 A1200 mini dew®'.. OSCAR AQA A 4 lr**l periicw ol Omim One «f dir fmi A1200 paan »I0 I YAWWMA AGA Cull Mmion Video Module call use for availability CD32 GAMES HOI AGA MliOADRMO TV world, (ml AGA demo AI200TKTRIS A «ne. AIMOmnv AI2&D y£l* K KICKS ? C2lfr* JH-Xi AGA IMAGES 9d»l'. (unl»b..jMr graph*.
FREE Pt) v. .*,i
• HDIaeWpmh •Dmdmdal
• VhmhfcdaFWrtM • UymAGl
• H T*Vl H I.., . lUOoun s Hi IS f= on iiodxci „w
II. d 1.4 or* email* Iwd ¦ PBII" 1199* 1RNWISI : w
h. 1 rr- ¦ V. .
Iiimm: - - •- T W 7 DAT TECHNOLOGY ? CAW IPIO DATATYPE AGA GAMES FATMAN Cl* IAMES POND 2 19 Kminixrd A12l» imoi cf Ihi.
Wry khllcllve pUiloeiiK.
IISNAR 2 O* | JURASSIC PARK 119 AQA SOFTWARE ? WORDWURTH 3AGA On. Of ihe bm W,«dpn ccw unwad A say pMcWoiul (wtaM with graphic. Im*«r ? Cage mu * A i«0 tuenpdtnl fir* DTP ? C4II NFA AlXCirmS non: m chicks A 2 J»1 «. Of p l, pcMt* oi ram Q C422 RCTINA BURN Cm A1200 hit deeiKi. Flatly ? C42) 2*N?oin HKII l A 2 dnl i «4lf« lw*i i l graph*.
• OU) SaS) C 1 27.S m. 1109 t 1029 11299 iH4*.
* 1314 «*« 1 1 099 ( 1 335 ?’aa 11 049 11249 Cl 515 sssr u
II 129 99 u GULP 129 99 QTOTAI. C ARNAOE 129 99 ? INFERNO 12999
; J JAMM PONDJ 129 99 nnai 1J9 99 ? OETNOCU 09 99 DP.D.-,,
WORKBENCH) of WBLm* n DptJ aTJlilMI)'RstALIER* AIXD hud ilnl
imullaicn mll..r. ? DPI) IIAKI) DISK PREP ¦_ i___i .I FONTS
Credit aid no: Ovrivrn. Iwdtrv arc welcome lo» I'D did.', but
plea* add 25p pee did.
Cor cunanenial game, picave add 12 SO far PAP ORDERING BY POST Suagfy tml your onfce m on m A4 pair, hung ihe number, you reuuwr.
Flv Mai cod. And -u namr A akfrro i« if you with 'imply mad oil ihr ¦ilk. Vo. Wnh r order. F.U m •** dr. and vend •». |-pr u. KPK M RKI I1M. I a Floor Oara. 31 hnpW Rd. Swidk*. W .1. SNI ORDERIV. BY PHONE Total order value: £ Payment method Delivery Oane. Amiga hardware A PI) di.k. are ineluuvc i ( VAT Delivery of PD did, coniineivul voltwart A CD game, etc add 11 (Rl PAP per item _Amiga lardw*r i. morally dcli.ritd with* 4H hourv al a cod of 17 30_ EPIC MARKETING, FIRST FLOOR OFFICES, 31FARINGDQN RD, SWINDON, WILTS, SN15AR. ENGLAND.
» sales of Amlgas we are responsible for, Commodore would be grateful to us wouldn’t you?
1. My 1960 is fine - the flicker free graphics modes have revolu
tionised my Workbench. There does seem to be wide variations
In quality though between different monitors: besides the
inch of useless screen to the left, many screens seem to have
inferior resolution. In any case, the 1960 has now been
discontinued In favour of the much, much better 1940s and
1942s. I notice a few pieces of scan doubling hardware coming
onto the market, and I dearly want to try one out to see if
they improve matters. A review will appear as soon as we get
hold of one.
2. If you are using high quality high density disks and the prob
lem persists, it is definitely a case of a duff drive. Doesn't
the on-slte warranty cover your part of the world? You can buy
extra high density drives from Power Computing (0234 843388)
If that's any help.
Commodore haven’t yet released details on the AGA chipset (which Is what you want) at the time of writing. The only way to get them Is to become a registered developer. As far as PD Information goes, I strongly suggest you get the Amiga C Encyclopedia and register for the extra facts on graphics programming - including details on writing games. For AGA information, hunt out the HowToCode series written by my hero, ace hacker ComradeJ.
This document will tell you everything you ever needed to know but where afraid to ask about the Amiga hardware. I'd love to ask the Ed to print it all In the magazine, but the OS Legal Fundamentalists would throw a fit and threaten violence. So pretend I didn't mention It.
Thanks for the Art Gallery submission by the way - unfortunately our moral guardian Ms Lisa Collins Is easily offended by such subject matter and would deliberately sabotage the pictures. She even gets offended by Donuts believe it or not.
* * One of my past- times is birdsong recording, and it occurred
to me that since some music programs seem to be capable of
inputting sound samples and displaying them on a monitor in a
graph of frequency against time, it may be feasible to import
birdsong and display them in the same way.
Birdsong, depending on species, has a range roughly of 1 Hz to 20KHz.
I have also started to record bats using a detector which converts their ultra-sonic sounds down to 20Hz to 20KHz (from 40KHz to 140+KHz).
P. S. Can I use the printer from an Amstrad 8512 computer with
the Amiga, and which printer driver would I need?
G. Moss, Eccleshall, Stafford.
Well this has to be one of the most Interesting letters this month. All Amiga samplers should be capable of sampling In the required rates, although those produced by Microdeal would be ideal, as they perform FFT (fast fourler transforms) on the samples for comparisons.
With a multimedia program such as Hyperbook, you could create a complete audio reference guide, and expand It to Include bats as well.
P. S. Argh! You were going well until you got to the part about
the printer. And as far as I know, the 8512 printer has a
unique cable that won’t work with the Amiga.
EASIER DOWNUNDER I'm a regular CU AMIGA reader, and I’ve recently bought an Amiga A1200 which I use for everything. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me:
1. I’m just getting into DeskTop Publishing and have bought a
copy of PageStream 2.0. I’ve found it runs a little slowly, so
I’m considering buying a Microbotics 50MHz 68030 accelerator
with a program called GigaMem to handle virtual memory. Would
I be better getting the accelerator with 2Mb of RAM instead?
2. Would a math coprocessor increase the speed of DTP more than a
3. My friend is lending me his PC done for two months. He has
fitted an internal v32.bis internal modem. Is it possible to
connect the PC to my Amiga so I can use his modem to download
files for my A1200?
Any and all Amiga questions answered. Why wait for months to get a vague answer in one of the Amiga magazines, when you can rely on the authority of a longstanding Amiga industry expert?
Ring or fax: 081 5674623 for further details |M A PR RR Suite 10.46 Windsor road, 4 Eoling, London, W5 5PE.
¦ Tel. & Fox: (+44) 081 567 4623, Emoil lo:Ben@subwoy.demon.co.uk
4. If I buy an accelerator card in America, will it work in
5. How do you convert programs from IBM C to Amiga C.to make the
most of the Amiga hardware?
6. What's a good book to teach C programming on the Amiga?
7. Is there currently a company selling a casing for the A1200
that allows you to add Zorro cards like the A4000, something
like Checkmate were offering for the A500?
8. Is it possible to increase the speed of the computer by using
a memory cache besides the command AddBuffers?
Lube Saveski, Dlanella, Australia
1. To make the most of the extra processing power a faster
processor offers, you need to have extra memory. Even adding
fast memory to the stock A1200 increases 3peed twofold.
Perhaps this would be your best bet: buy a 4 or 8Mb expansion
for the A1200.
If you choose carefully and buy one which uses memory In the form of SIMMs (and not ZIPs) there Is a good chance the SIMM can be used in an accelerator, if you eventually decide to buy one.
2. A maths coprocessor will make very little, If any, difference
In speed. Apart for some picture rotation and scaling options,
most DTP work Isn’t a lot of calculations and is simply hard
slog for the processor.
3. There is no need to connect them (although you could do It
with a NULL MODEM cable).
Simply download the Amiga files to the PC, and save them to floppy disk. The A1200 comes with CrossDos, a utility which can read and write PC disks.
4. The accelerator will work fine.
Only video standards (and mains current frequencies) vary between continents - not CPU speeds.
5. Simple. All you have to do Is rewrite the code using the
blitter, the copper, the Intuition environment and
re-complle using all the Amiga's Include libraries. That was
sarcasm, by the way - you need to rewrite the entire program
from scratch to make the most of the Amiga's more advanced
6. You'll have to get the official ROM Kernal books. They are
expensive and hard going, but you'll need them.
7. Not that I've heard of.
Apparently MedlaSource (0247 471882) are planing a PC-style case and separate keyboard for the A1200 to hold extra drives, but no Zorro slots. Chances are you would be better buying an A4000 030 for full Zorro-lll compatibility.
8. Hmm, depends what you mean.
Upping the AddBuffers In the startup-sequence will make disk access faster, as the contents are temporarily stored In memory.
This won’t affect processing speed, only make directories and short read write operations faster. The 68010 and better processors all have memory caches on-board, but you can’t alter the size of them as the cache memory is actually on the CPU chip.
Sorry, no cheap and easy speedy upgrades this way.
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They said it couldn’t be done, but they were wrong... they
should never have underestimated the powers of Professor Von
Horgan and part two of his cunningly bacon-flavoured OctaMED 5
tutorial... next to me 4Ch indicator (in me middle of tne lop
section) to let you know when MIDI mode is active You can men
set up your tirst instrument.
Move to a blank instrument slot, and dick m the instrument name box (just beneath the menu bar in Ihe middle ol the screen) Let's say you wanted to use a piano sound trom your keyboard. In that case you'd type in 'Piano' in the instrument name box. You could type in Bananas on Toast1 it you wanted - it wouldn't make any difference to the sound, but you'd have to remember that the instrument you called Bananas on Toast' was actually a the sounds on your keyboard whenever you like, without OctaMED changing them back again RECORDING You can record MIDI music with bom the Amiga keyboard and your
MIDI keyboard II you want to use your MIDI keyboard, you'll need to turn on the Input Active option trom the MIDI menu. Also, youH need to set the Input Channel Irom the same menu, which should match the channel ot the MIDI sound you want to record, and also the channel on which your synth is transmitting. Now MIDI THEORIES v need lo dick Ihe Parameters button. Set MIDI cables do not carry sound Instead, they carry information lor the computer, synth or drum machine, which tells the device at the other end what sound to play. For instance, it you were to play a short middle C note on your
synth keyboard, a message would be sent down the cable that would read something like. Note: middle C, duration 2 seconds, volume 50. No pitch bend, no modulation The sequencer would be rolling along in record mode, listening out lor any messages, and when it got news that you'd hit a middle C, It would store all at the Information at the current Mulb-timbral synths and drum machines can usually play different sounds at me same time, so you can layer one sound on top of another.
OctaMED can play MIDI instruments and Amiga samples simultaneously, so its the Ideal way to expand your basic sample-based tunes.
SETTING UP FOR The first thing you need to do is select MIDI A from the MIDI menu. Without this turned on. R of the MIDI functions woric A letter M' will api you can pul OctaMED into Edit mode, and record with either keyboard just as you would il you were using samples.
II you want OctaMED lo record me length ol time that you hold down the keys (when you're recording Irom a MIDI keyboard), select Read Key- Ups trom the MIDI menu. Similarly, it you want note velocities recorded, select Read Volume.
That should be enough lo get you started on me MIDI front. Next month, we'll have a look at some ol the more advanced MIDI features, such as multi-tracking and how to link two Amigas together to double your available sample tracks. RJJ, Designed to bring you high performance at affordable prices AmiTek penpherals otter outstanding value-for-money. They are also designed and built Co ensure easy fitting, and trouble tree operation • making them a pleasure to use. AmiTek products are also thoroughly tested and are very reliable. So reliable that they are pleased to o«er a lull two year warranty
on the tutl AmiTek range.
• High quality 3k' Sony mechanism f 2
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Thtough connector tor 5 I extra drives
• Compatible with all Amlgas
• Robust metal casing and smea lootprint design Poner taken Irom
THE AMIGA 1200 Maximise Ihe processing power ol your standard
A1200. Be ready lor a new software which makes more demands on
Amiga memory and technology. The AmiTek Hawk RAM expansion
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sophisticated 68882 FPU and a battery backed up clock. Built to
a high standard, this board can be easily installed and comes
wilh a 2 year warranty. The Hawk RAM board is available in 9
pre-configured factory installed versions enabling you lo
select the model which besl suits your requirements.
£59 ¦ INC VAT • ORI 1159 ¦ FOR AMIGA 500 500plus
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included along with fu»y comprehensive fitting nstructoons
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The AmiTek kit features a high quality 3.5* mochamsm drive
offenng uncompromising performance at a fantastic price.
£RAM UPGRADES WIB FOR AMIGA 500 600 FOR AMIGA 500 600 ThetoMowtngRAMtpgratesir' 'o'N A500 - Low cosl 512K upgrades, with or without__ HAWK RAM ACCI 8?
• Plugs straight info A1200 trap door- No soldering required
• Upgradeable FAST RAM board to
1. 2.4 or 8mo
• Uses industry standard SIMMs
• Socketed SIMM lot easy RAM upgrades
• Three types ol optional floating point unit
• 20MH7. 33mhx or 40UHt PLCC 68882 co-processor
• Comprehensive easy to follow manual with illustrations
• Works with all A1200 and A1200HD computers
• Does not invalidate your A1200 warranty PRICES FROM ONLY laeas
_ £119 I £179
• High quality design
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• oo. Wpg*
• PRSt CATALOGUES: WW M maiu to yo* •*» WO* ortn and trt ante ot
nhams uiwi 11-31 Nor»(rtl Cnwten Surre,.CR91R0 M: MI OI 4455
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H-sn street. Souftand-on-Ste. Fssa* SS1 1IA Ml 0702 4M0M I* n «
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Company Name (It appHcaDM)
• nCHHfCAL SUPPORT HELPLtNl A Hot ol IkWkm exjetG «Ml t* *1 you
• PRICE HATCH: Wi imkft conpMn oo * "San* mom • San* pm* Mm
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HELPFUL HOBBYTE Following on Irom your request lor information in Ihe Iasi issue ol CU AMIGA on the whereabouts ol the lifelorm known as The Helpful Dealer'. I must tell you about my recent experience with Hobbyte Computing. St. Albans Once upon a time I decided that my Canon LBP8 Laser printer was no better at printing digitised images than my grandmother is at Frontier, so I decided that it was time lor a new printer Not being able to choose between the different bubblejets. Inkjets laserjets thermaljets TNI PAR SIM By GARY LARSON whateverelsejets, I went oil in search ol a dealer who
could point my Barclaycard in the right direction. Here are the results in all their glory:
1. Mail Order: No, you cannot see the phntout before you part
with your cash.'
2. Local dealer: Is that a 1200 SX or DX. 386 or 486 with cache .
(shut up)
3. Tottenham Court Road: I will beat their price, but we have to
order it tor you and you can’t see it working because you
haven't bought it.' (?)
4. Back page ol a magazine dealer I live in a house with three
kids and I can't find enough room in the kitchen to set it up.
5. Hobbyte Computing: What do we have here?'
The assistants at Hobbyte surpnsed me It is not otten you find so many sales assistants in one country let alone in one shop who know what they are talking about.
They showed me different makes ol printer working, and even opened up a brand new BJC- 600 just to give me a demonstration. They printed off my own images lor me. And were generally friendly and helpful all round.
This Is the sort ol dealer to whom I will return to time alter time lor equipment and extras, not some box-slutting dump with time-wasting caleu- lator Psion organiser brandishing sons ol the management who only want your cash.
Viva Hobbyte. I recommend them to everyone and anyone.
Mark Haysman, Ilford, Essex.
If there Is one thing we really need. It's staff who know what they are talking about. We've all gone to buy something, asked the assistant about It and watched them read the side of the box to you. It's a stereotype, sure, but unfortunately It's one that has proved to be true too many times.
Full marks to Hobbyte for actually training up their stall.
DISAPPOINTED DOWN UNDER I'm starting to get a little conlused about the future ol the Amiga computer. Whilst David Pleasance seems to be optimistic, I simply wonder whether Ihe direction we re headed in is Ihe correct one.
The future alter all seems to be producing a PC machine The operating system is going to be Windows NT and while being fully compatible with all PC applications which can run through NT or a 586 (the Pentium), wont it mean that the Amiga has essentially lost its identity? The Amiga will, in effect, simply be a PC clone, no longer a unique computer. Furthermore, il appears thal no existing Amiga programs are going lo be compatible with the new machine. No Amiga compatibility (lor a while), complete PC compatibility and a PC operating system - will il still be an Amiga'1 Alter all the
arguments in the letter pages as to whether Ihe Amiga is a better computer than the PC, it seems thal the PC has won.
D. Kltlngan, Australia.
You’ve really answered your own point In this letter, D. By your own definition, the new Commodore machines aren't Amigas at all, but high-end Pcs. Just because they are Commodore machines doesn't mean they have to be Amiga compatible. I remember the arguments against the Amiga because it wasn't compatible with the C64! The new technology will eventually end up In a new Amiga, but not )ust yet.
OOOH I'm SO ANGRY!!!!! Why I hear you ask?
Let me explain! The root ol my anger revolves around a particular bundle called Desktop Dynamite and the fact that I had no idea that It was even going to exist Just three months ago I Itony dil h TEAM TALK As we embrace the new year and rush dramatically toward the year 2000, it’s time to look forward to the coming months and make promises to ourselves that won’t outlast the New Year hangover.
DAN SUNGSBY Well, as I'm oH lor pastures new this month. I don't suppose anything I write will actually see print here 111 probably be made out lo be a complete buffoon, rabtutting on about nothing in particular (as usual) and... no, no, they're al il already, slop it.
I'll higher a top international lawyer and see you all in court lor this... USA COLUNS
• I'll definitely stick to the original flat- plan and won't
bring any deadlines torward ever', says Lisa ol the coming
issues. Like heck.
Her real response was to issue the decree, lo have all the copy in within the first three days ol the issue With screenshots and all captions ' It's not the steely glint in her eye we worry about. It's the steel table leg she stole Irom the pub next door.
• To become a more public personality, and develop a more
obliging image to Ihe Ians.' Oh dear.
Ever since CU's hair bear got spotted al a show al the London Marquee by someone Irom New Zealand (Horgan's brother maybe?), he’s been combing his hair, talking about personal appear ances and demanding thal we make sure there are no readers outside the office when he leaves.
Hope that there might be blinked you would have missed it. There was a a A1200 with a CD drive'. I suppose this is an describe the new Escort Cosworth along the lines of 'a basic was yet to come. There was a preview of the 3DO console and one of its upcoming Microcosm. You would have thought that Commodore would have made more of the to plug its products on this programme. Perhaps they could have invited the presenters to show off the CD32 and the FMV add-on and then held a competition to win LETTER OF THE MONTH i. have to advertise if they are to have any hope of making a success, but they
must the maximum out of opportunities for new advertising presented to them and also seek out i opportunities. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that the 'sit back and let it all happen by itself attitude will only result in failure. After all. Bad Influence must be desperate for features if they spend 10 minutes on personal organisers.
David Burley, Bridgend.
Like they say, David, any news is good news, and the fact that the CD32 was on there at all is enough for most people. Bad Influence goes out for 25 minutes a week and is really aimed at the console market, which, regrettably, is a tad more interested in the 3DO than the CD32 . It's a bit much to blame Commodore, as they don't handle the scheduling. It's just the way TV people work. I remember ttlming an Interview for Video View. I was there for over half an hour, extolling the virtues of computer games, and ended up on the box for just under two minutes.
Such Is fame.
Made of existing A1200 owners, since I’m sure I'm not alone in thinking that this situation is just a little unfair. A little extra forewarning of upcoming Amiga bundles would have been appreciated greatly, and would have avoided the anger I now feel at the fact I have to fork out large sums of money to obtain the software which I could have obtained at what is a hugely discounted price.
Come on Commodore, get your act together and consider the consumer just once before releasing future, better Amiga bundles.
Dominic Smith, Northampton.
I had a long chat with Andy Leaning at Silica about this topic just the other day. Yes, the bundles do keep getting better and better, as bigger and better software comes to hand.
Remember, when the A1200 was launched, Wordworth AGA and Deluxe Paint IV AGA didn't exist, so you couldn't have got them If you wanted. As it was, you got one of the best AGA specific packages around at the time.
As to why people shouldn’t be told In advance of coming bundles, well, would you tell everyone what you were going to do tomorrow, knowing that it would mean that you wouldn't sell any today? Like you say, if you had known that the Desktop Dynamite pack was being released, you would have waited. By the same stroke, If you knew that a decided that it was time to move on from my measly little A500 and upgrade to the new, all- powerful A1200. So I went along to my local shop and bought an A1200 for the bargain price of £300(ish). Now then, what did I get with my machine? Five Workbench disks and
one game, the wholly unimpressive Sleepwalker.
As a student I need a really good wordprocess- ing program and as a budding computer artist I would really like to get hold of a copy of the incredible Deluxe Paint IV AGA. Ah, now we see the problem! You see, had I known that the Desktop Dynamite pack was going to exist, I would have waited a few months and paid the few extra pounds so that I could obtain the two programs of my desire. As it is, in order to obtain these two programs I now have to fork out around £150 or more and I’m sure you're aware that as a student I really don't have that kind of money to spend on the rent, let alone
any software I!
What I'd really like to know is why was the A1200 originally released with such a pathetic pack containing nothing of any real interest (except of course Workbench 3), only to be upgraded later to a pack, which quite frankly I really would have preferred to have bought? Surely Commodore must have been planning that particular pack for several months since it would take that long to obtain the rights to provide the software in the pack. It would appear that no consideration was MAT BROOMFIELD TONY HORGAN fmr 1 'To not come back', yells Tone over his shoulder as he lf _t I sprints down the
tarmac to catch up B with the plane that's going to take jii3jyS8P'fiM him to New [jgjjflgllSlB Zeaianc Wren Dan threatens to kill him if he doesn't return, he quickly changes it to, 'To not have a bath all year and to only wear nonabrasive clothing, so that I can keep my deep tan until next Christmas'.
Smug git.
JOHN KENNEDY ‘To move the phone into the toilet. Tony Horgan has this annoying habit of always phoning me when I'm on the toilet.' Keep it clean, John, this isn't really the side of the magazine that people want to know about. 'Okay, how about tidying my room?’ No, that’s a bit too normal and regular.
‘Yes, but not everyone’s room is full of bits of metal shielding from nice shiny A1200s.'
'I simply must spend more time in the office’, says CU AMIGA’S Murray Minter. Mat hasn’t been in all that often recently, having to put up with working at home and therefore being rudely awoken by phone calls as early as 11:30 in the morning! Still, with the Buyer s Guide out of the way, he’ll soon be back in here bright and early, night and day like the rest of us. Ha.
Bigger, better package was being released next year, would you continue to wait?
STOP FIGHTING Lots and lots of people have written into your magazine with arguments about how their computer is better than our Amiga and vice-versa and I think it’s really dumb. For instance, Mr. James Bland (December 93) wrote in saying how ghastly the Mega CD is and all that twaddle, and then Mr. Christopher Ayers wrote in with that clip from a PC magazine. We don’t need people quoting at us. If we wanted Pcs we’d get them, right? I read your magazine because you’re not always slagging off every other machine on the market. You just concentrate on the Amiga and don't bother with other
machines. In your preview of Star Trek, for example, you mention how the sound was good on the PC without slagging it off.
I've used quite a few computers so far in my life, and personally I think it's fun to use any sort of machine. It doesn’t matter what computer you've got, so long as you have fun with it.
Rob Burgess, Somerset.
Hear, hear Rob. That has banged the nail right on the head. Computers aren't about one- upmanship. They’re there for a reason, and If they fulfil that purpose, then there's no point in stirring It up for others. After all, just because a certain Technical Editor went out one weekend and bought an expensive PC, and then came In on Monday slamming the PC Operating System, doesn't mean that Amiga’s are best. Does it?
GAMES ON FILM I have just spent two hours of a Sunday afternoon being involved in playing the greatest moviesque game I have ever seen, and have worked out how Commodore can sell thousands ot CD32s.
1: Anyone who is anyone at CBM should run down to the nearest PC dealer and get them to pop a copy ot Rebsl Assault into a CD-Rom-equipped PC.
2: Then, when they have all picked up their jaws after seeing such awe-inspiring 3D ray traced models, listened to the excellent soundtrack and sound effects and marvelled at the 3D gameplay, they should all run back to HQ, grovel to the finance manager tor as big a bundle ol notes as possible and immediately jump on a plane to the U.S. 3: When they get there, they should run along to Lucas Arts and have a word in their ears and shove a few notes in their pockets and persuade them to convert this game for the CD32 and allow Commodore to bundle it with the machine.
4: When the game is ready. Commodore should send out demonstrators to every point ot sale with a rolling demo of this game and stick it alongside a SNES showing off Starving or anything on MegaCD.
5: Then just sit back and wait for sales to flood in.
Seriously, now that we have the Planar conversion chip, any chance that this stunning game will appear on CD32?
Anonymous, London.
It’s funny, but It all seems so easy when you put It like that. The sad fact Is that LucasArts aren't interested in producing games for the Amiga anymore, as the bulk of their market is In the US and the Amiga doesn’t really have that large a base over there. With the launch of Amiga games magazines 'Premier xA iL (Qri)er AMIGA WORKSH BACK CHAT "Colo II Sldneyt Yougot ffl You've got HI Good hondtl Dorn cMW on Ihe other side ol Ihe pond, lhal might well change, bul until Ihen, or until LucasArts license a third party to convert their games, we re about as likely to see Rebel Assault on the
Amiga as we are to see Tom Jones In our local pub - the City Pride. That said, our sources intorm us that there are currently three Lucas Arts games ready for release on the CD32 (Monkey Island, LeChuck ’s Revenge and Indiana Jones), all with 256 colour graphics and some stunning sound. If those are a success, then who knows?
CLUBCALL out there, let’s have a decent expansion unit.
THE FAR SIDE Paul Davis, Somerset.
Paul, where have you been? Have you not seen the review this Issue of the GVP A1230 Pro II?
Have you not marvelled at the fact that you can plug in SCSI devices and direct to disk samplers, along with whatever else GVP release in the coming months? Give people a chance, Paul. When the A500 was released, it took quite a while before some really decent peripherals started appearing (I remember when a half Meg trapdoor expansion was a big thing to own!).
The A1200 Is leaping ahead faster than most people expected, but not quite as fast as some people want.
SUB STANDARD I am a dedicated reader of CU AMIGAand have been for years. I own an A500 (approx. Four years) and I also have a CDTV (on your recommendation!). As with everything I buy, it went out of fashion the very next day! Don’t worry, I’m not blaming you for the black box under my video. I’m just fed up.
Anyway, back to the main part of the letter.
Why don’t you do a subscription offer? I live in a remote part of the country where magazines take four to five millennia to reach the shelves after their release date, and I am fed up with going to WH Smiths every day for a week waiting for the latest CU AMIGA to appear. I managed to buy the December issue only three days late and that was in Safeways.
I would therefore rush at the opportunity to have my shiny new CU AMIGA delivered to my door on the release date.
I hope you don’t think I am a traitor when I mention that I do read other magazines which do haye subscription offers, the trouble is that I don’t want to subscribe to them even if you do get an extra disk full of PD because they are mostly rubbish. In fact, CU AMIGA is the only mag that I have bought every month regardless of the coverdisks.
Talking of the coverdisks may I congratulate you on giving away the most excellent disk on any magazine or cornflakes packet.
So can I expect to find a nice subscription offer in the back of my next CU AMIGA, or will I have to endure the Newsagent forever?
Adam Eccles, Penzance.
Well, it looks like your prayers have been answered Adam. You can subscribe to the magazine and have it delivered to your door - check out the contents page for details on subscription. And look out for next month for details on how you can get your hands on a whole bunch of freebies, with some other rather attractive goodies.
C'MON SCSI One of the criticisms levelled (correctly in my view) at the At 200 is its lack of expandability via the trapdoor - e.g. a memory board on SCSI interface for CD Roms etc. Surely the solution is not so difficult? What about the SCSI hard drive units that have been available for the A500 lor years that allow memory FPUs accelerators etc. to be added within the drive casing?
A1200 owners out there might be feeling a bit left out in the user group front, so, this month, we’ve dug deep into the Club Call mailbag and pulled out some AGA specific clubs just for you, along with one club in Ireland with a differe Couldn’t one of the myriad of innovative hardware producers out there produce a SCSI trapdoor expansion card (a bit like the one manufactured by GVP) that not only presented a SCSI socket via the blanking pane! On the rear of the A1200 but passed all the trapdoor expansion lines out via the same socket allowing memory and acceleration expansion as with the
old familiar A500 hard drive memory acceleration combinations?
It should be possible to daisy chain SCSI device tools since the A1200’s expansion connecter is a full 32-bit beastie. Perhaps even full Zorro III cards could be fitted In such a unit as well.
Imagine an A1200 with SCSI hard drive, CD32 ROM drive and an accelerated 50MHz 68030 CPU 68882 FPU combination ? Masses of RAM!
Maybe a 24-bit graphics card too and a Toaster!
Well, perhaps I’m getting a bit carried away but there are certainly possibilities and a huge viable market for hardware producers brave enough to invest.
The At 200 is a great machine but the lack of current expandability is a real bugbear. Please, for the sake of the thousands of A1200 owners AGA EXC Set up a lew months ago, AGA Exchange is one ot the only dedicated 100% AGA PD libraries there are. Although the amount of AGA specific PD is quite limited, the group are making a roaring trade in distributing shareware as well as publishing their own programmer's efforts. If you have some licenseware of your own, the group are happy to pay you £1.00 for every disk ’ ifted. Naturally, there is a full postal help ser- along with a monthly
disk-based news lazine - AGA Attack, and a low-cost laser printing service for Amiga owners. What else can I tell you? The PD library costs just 30p per disk and postage comes to only 50p per order. If you are interested, and would like to view their disk jue, then contact them at: AGA Exchange, Brownshill, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 0GA.
II has set up this PD library with the 1 of being the 'World’s First And Only Amiga
* ": PD Library-. He has a massive collection of PD already and
is always looking for more, so if you’ve got anything you want
the world to see, then let him know. He's also in the process
of putting together a regular disk-based magazine, and is
looking for contributors, so what are you waiting for? Contact
Ben at: 27 Pheasant Way, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL61BJ.
This is an unusual one in that it doesn’t focus on the Amiga, but on the actual users themselves. The aim behind the club is to establish connections between Amiga-owning lonely hearts who have no friends with Amiga computers. Deidre Keelan has been in that position herself, so she has sef up this interchange where people can meet others with similar Interests, have a laugh, swop PD disks and generally socialise. If you want to be a member, you need to supply a £2.00 fee towards postage and fill out a simple membership form about yourself and the kind of penpal you want. For more
information write to: Deidre Keelan, Farndreg Cottage, Mount Ave., Dundalk, Co, Louth. Ireland, John Kennedy is in a pensive mood this month. Here, he treats us to his view of the year that has just passed.
DESTRUCTION Onto the weather, and the forecaster is in a statistical mode as they point out the continuing temporary blip in the annual temperature charts. Once again it has been the coldest, wettest, hottest and driest month since records began.
The father flicks through the other channels, finally settling for some computer-generated advertisements and the promise of a new celebrity panel show Someone he had met in the dole queue had told him that the girl with the large chest from the currently-popular imported soap was featuring, and he didn't want to miss it. He opens another beer and settles down.
Suddenly everything freezes - the images on the video game screen, the foam from the beer can, even the smoke from the Cigarette hangs motionless Silently, high above the city towards the east, a tiny speck of light starts to glow It gradually gets brighter, changing trom red to yellow to white until it fills the entire sky.
Abruptly it fades, leaving only the words Game Over' floating in a void.
The child curses under his breath, and snatches the VR eye-set from his face. Another lost game. Another entire population has turned inward, stagnant and suffocating. He takes the optical disk from the player, and placing it back in its box, puts his copy of SIM 1993 back on the shelf, it In a city, a child sits in a room. The central heating has made the double glazing mist up, but it he were to wipe it dear with his podgey hand and look upwards, the orange glow trom the streetlights would mask all but the brightest stars.
The child is watching a colour monitor and his shadow protected on the wall flickers as the on screen images shift and change As he deftly manipulates the joystick he occasionally curses under his breath, and stabs the keyboard to start the game again. The CD-ROM drive whirrs as it pulls the megabytes ot data into the computer.
BANALITY On a pile of magazines next to the computer sits a half-eaten bar ol chocolate, and a glass ol flat cola is placed far enough away so as not to cause a threat if spilt The muffled noise of a NICAM FST television in the other room drifts through the wall as it shows the repeat of a 1989 Christmas special in the sitting room.
The child's father watches mirthlessly In semi-darkness whilst mother smokes a cigarette in the kitchen as she waits for the dishwasher to finish the dry cyde.
As the television programme ends and the news programme starts, she is attracted by the familiar title music and moves into the sitting room The intricate ray-traced images ol the channel logo flash across the screen to the beat of an up-tempo electronic fugue, but everything fades gently to an earnest news reader with plastic hair and capped teeth. The gen- locked image over his conservatively
- suited shoulder shows a ball of flame with the word DISASTER’
underneath it in bold capitals The news story is over in a mat
ter of minutes, and the next appears: the word TERRORISM'
whizzes on-screen. This story is even shorter, and the word
'FAMINE' replaces it within seconds.
Now a haggard on-the-spot reporter talks to camera, surrounded by emaciated children. Mother removes her cigarette and makes tut-tut noises as she returns to the kitchen to dean the microwave.
Rombo. Arc proud lo announce the launch of their new range of Multimedia Digitisers.
Each digitiser has been designed with total flexibility in mind, by offering a cost effective upgrade path between models. Giving the user complete peace of mind, and the freedom to choose a digitiser for his present requirements. But reassuring him, that if those change, he can move up to the next model. All Vidi Amiga's now have a similar user interface, so moving between products is easy !
£129 £199 Vidi Amiga (12) RT, offers all the functionallity and specification of Vidi (24) RT, but in 12-bit. Capturing 4096 colour images in real-time from any video source. This includes TV, Video Recorder.
Video Camera, Satellite etc. etc. ¦I Tv»**£ 12-U New user interface with powerful image processing and picture manipulation. Support for both composite and SVHS or YC inputs.
Plug-in device with easy install software. Simple enough for the novice yet powerful enough for the professional. Compatible with all Amiga's. Never before has the Amiga market seen such value for money. Manufacturer upgrade available to Vidi Amiga (24) RT POA. Compatible with all AGA resolutions and colour modes.
£299 Vidi Amiga (24) RT. will push your Amiga to its limit. Real-time image capture in excess of broadcast quality. True colour, photo
- realistic picture files grabbed from any video source. Display
resolutions up to 1472 x 576. What more can I say !
.IaL 2 -Ut Vidi Amiga (24) RT offers a breakthrough for all Amiga users, taking them into the world of 24-bit image capture. With no restrictions on video equipment or Amiga hardware.
All the pictures shown on the full page Vidi Amiga (24) RT advert represent the actual printed output quality that can be achieved.
Simply by sending the finished image file to a Bureau for output.
Throw away your scanner, its too much like hard work !
Our goofy hero and his friend - an intelligent alien stick - ¦ have crash landed on a weird planet after being captured "*¦ by an alien spacecraft. In order to get back to Earth, Bubba hjy must use his stick in a variety of different ways to solve puzzles, overcome adversaries and foil the comedic I attempts of his kidnapper to recapture him in this ttt horizontally scrolling puzzle. ... Core Design Limited, Tradewinds House, 69-71A Ashbourne Road. Derby DE22 3FS. Tel: (0332) 297797 Fax: (0332) 381511 Our goofy hero and his friend - an Intelligent alien stick - have crash landed on a weird
planet after being captured by an alien spacecraft. In order to get back to Earth. Bubba must use his stick in a variety of different ways to solve puzzles, overcome adversaries and foil the comedic i attempts of his kidnapper to recapture him in this horizontally scrolling puzzle.
DESIGIT LIMITED 1 ' '! " * •'' li §§|§§| B up toe readies tor a
- o-nplelecolecturiol Star Trok vdeos fc®PpB«gB What's more live
lucxy ruoneis up will §Mra|v also gel Ihmr sweaty mitts on a
copy ot ¦HB Interplay s superb Star Trek game What more can we
say’ All you have to do to oe m with a chance ol w ruling It-is
hniiiant prize is correctly answei Ihe fol- EBBS K lowing
question: 2 FastlO Output iXcn(IXp)
• 18X Pmter Butter 5 fonts
• Pantht inttrtact
• Gnptita Resolution 360 * 360dpi 3
• Orrrers tor MS Wmows 3 I. MS Wo'tt tnO WonJPtnKt_ 4
• Epson. IBM. RECandCttien Imuktiona 5 VMUXJtXUSXSB*

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