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LEAD FEATURE CU AMIGA Tired of all this hot air about so-called Want to for - it’s about let CU guide you through the hypertext maze and interac jungle, with the definitive guide to creating your own multimedia Multimedia is one of those magic terms that has yet to be tied down to a definitive meaning. But if any computer deserves the title of Multimedia Workstation, the Amiga must surely be it. No other micro can combine sound, graphics, animation and text so effortlessly. Even a standard out-of-the-box A1200 is capable of easily out-performing a PC, and a fully-equipped Amiga 4000 can be said to be state of the art. The success of the Interchangable File Format or IFF standard means that data can be freely shared between programs. Only on the Amiga can you be sure that an image created with a scanner will load directly into any graphics program. This ability to share data is taken a giant step further with Arexx- the Amiga’s own inter-process communication language. With Arexx, any program can communicate with any other. So for example, a multimedia application can call on the skills of a dedicated stand-alone animation or sound playback program. But what exactly is a multimedia application, and how would you go about writing one? Read on to find out more... AREXX THE MISSING LINK Hie unsung hern behind Amiga muhlme- Dia is Arexx- the inletprocess communication language. Getting to know Mexican be a frightening experience, hut k is essential to harness the real power ot Die Amiga.

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Document sans nom Pj"»soteo m r Ttairoiti mg- .ru*irw*i CwtiwW«« LIDAT )W COKi * U«uHn; Ik* no I* j»,»o el w UiCS irt AUC6 ftMisoW i AT SAM CU AMIGA 97% PC Screen shot D A The ultimate in space adventure, Frontier is the single most important step forward for games this decade. ' * ' PC ZONE 95% U Unrivalled classic, nothing _ _ ' comes close. i AMIGA ACTION 93% £ Frontier is probably the best game I have ever played. This offers everything you could _ _ want in a game of this type. &KONAM!
Only the very best Available on PC, g David Braben 1993. Licensee THE ONE 96% II mam JGA Screen snot ¦ ¦ 44 Like Elite before it*Frontier is a game that rises above its feeble competitors like a colossus and will b§ talked about in awe for years to come. It's better than you could ever have dreamed it A A hko 7 7 C&VG 96% 44 One of, if not the, biggest games ever, Frontier is a title - that will make the rest of your • software collection obsolete. AMIGA FORMAT 90% 44 Frontier sucks you in and keeps you hostage. It's a monster.
4|£ REVIEW 9 io The best space game eveY GAMETEK t mature with time C, AMIGA. ATARI ST nsed y Konami. Distributed by Gametek P C 1 2 0 2 -8 Power Computing and DKB have joined forces to produce the ultimate A1200 32-bit memory expansion. The PC1202-8 uses the latest industry standard 32-bit Simm technology which allows you to use 2MB, 4MB and 8MB modules. Simply by adding either a PC 1202-8 to your Amiga 1200 will increase its processing speed by 219%, comes with real-time batten- backed dock and optional FPU available.
Bare PC1202-8 ..... £79.95 PCI 202-8 ? 68882 20MHz £99.95 With 2MB PC 1202-8 ? 688832 no FPU..E1 59.95 PC1202-8 ? 68882 20MHz ...£179.95 PCI202-8 ? 68882 33MHz ...£199.95 PC1202-8 ? 68882 40MHz ...£225.95 Trade in your 2MB Simm to upgrade to 4MB or 8MB, telephone for details.
With 4MB PC 1202-8 * 688832 no FPU..E239.95 PC1202-8 * 68882 20MHz ...£259.95 PC 1202-8 ? 68882 33MHz ...£275.95 PC 1202-8 + 68882 40MHz ...£299.95 There is no need to throw away the board if you want to upgrade from 4MB to 8MB. Its simple, just buy an extra 4MB Simm.
Extra 4MB Simm £159.95 P C 1 2 0 4 The original PC1204 4MB 32-bit memory expansion is still available, and is exceptional value.
PCI 204 + 68882 50MHz £319.95 Home Music Kit Midi Interface £15.95 Home Music Kit ....£29.95 MegaChip Ram Increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 2MB. MegaChip does this by using its own I MB of RAM and drawing extra memory from any other RAM you have installed in your Amiga. No soldering is required.
MegaChip RAM .£ 159 A500 Memory A 4- hip 5I2K RAM expansion with a battery backed clock. Free software included. (A500* compatible) A 5 0 0 8 MB Expand your Amiga 500 from 2MB to 8MB of RAM. Plugs into the side slot, full auto-config, and through port.
2MB Board .£139 4MB Board .£219 8MB Board £299 Memory Expansions We manufacture a vast range of memory cards for the Amiga 500,500., 600,1200,1500,2000, 3000 and 4000. Please telephone us for prices and availability.
DKB 3128 Up to 128MB of RAM on your Amiga 3000 400 using 4,8,16 and 32MB Simm modules.
This is a true Zorro 111 32-bit memory board.
DKB 3128 0MB RAM ..£POA Octogen SCSI-2 SCSI-2 board for the Amiga 2000 induding memory expansion capabilities of up to 8MB.
Octogcn SCSI-2 ..£129 DKB 4091 The DKB 4091 (licensed by Commodore) SCSI Host Adaptor is a high performance board that connects up to seven SCSI devices to your Amiga. The DKB 4091 features: Full Zorro III implementation, fast SCSI-2 implementation, SCSI internal connector and ribbon cable, high density SCSI-2 external connector, direct memory access (DMA) and hardware to install a 3.5* hard drive on the board.
DKB 4091 ..£399.95 Video Backup Use a VCR as a backup storage device. Two hundred Amiga floppy disks fit on to a 4Hr tape which can be used for an alternative hard disk backup system. What’s more you can now watch television on your 1084s monitor. A Scan or Phono version is available.
Video Backup Scan £65 Video Backup Phono .....£60 Power Computing are now one of the official distributors of GVP 'High end professional' hardware and software.
Image FX- Colour image processing £ 100 ECS Spectrum 24-bit card (2MB)...£389 G-Lock (PAL video genlock) ...£299 HC8+ SCSI controller .£129 Hard disks available from 52MB to 1GB Co-processors All maths co-processors include crystals.
20MHz £40 33MHz £69 40MHz £89 50MHz (PGA) ....£154 Epson Scanners The GT-6500 and GT-8000 24-bit colour I flatbed scanners from Epson scan up to A4 in size, with output resolutions of up to I200DPI on the I GT-6500 and I600DPI on the GT-8000 in I colour or greyscale. The scanners include I PowcrScan or Image FX image software, (linage FX • I PowcrScan £100, only when you purduw a flatbed wanner) I Completely re-designed powcrfol user interface, I
produce 256 greyscale images (on a AGA I machine), scan in 64 greyscales (non AGA Amiga can only display 16), add colour to greyscale, images, special effects, new support for 18-bit I scanner, add text to scans, available with mono or colour scanner. A1200 600 version available soon.
PowcrScan 4 (Mono) ..£ 119 I PowerScan 4 (Colour) .£239 I PowcrScan 4 inc. OCR ...£159 I PowerScan 4 upgrade interface ...£5 O I PowcrScan 4 upgrade software ....£20 I OCR Junior Software .....£49 I OCR Full version upgrade ..£49 I (OCR full nW only aauljfclc to rrgMercd am of OCR (unioi) PowerScan IBM For those who own an Amiga and IBM PC XT AT it is now possible to use your PowerScan for both computers. The scanner includes 256 grcy-scales, 100-400 DPI resolution, scan kit for Windows, OCR software and
merge function for the quick and easy joining of two partial images.
IBM interface & software £49.95 Goods are told nhject to our nandard termi And tend,Mm oftale And art aratlible on retpteu. Specification and priett are tub ect to change without notice. And all trademark art Achnoudedgcd Ad Power Computing Ltd product! Come with a bach to haw 12 month POWER COMPUTING LTD I & Disk Expander Order Form Delivery next day £5.00 2-3 days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 deliveries are subject to stock availability.
Please make cheques payable to Power Computing Ltd TEL 0234 273000 FAX 0234 352207 yuaranur. Frit» *n tht month off Mum,on only. F. & OF. Attfrien .ntlutU VA T. *Do« not intbuU Ou A4KO ' $ Fargo Primera Printer Now you can produce stunning, high quality output on paper, transparency film or even T-Shirt transfer from your Amiga. The Primera colour printer, recent recipient of countless awards in the IBM-PC and Macintosh markets is also the perfect companion to any Amiga. Primera uses wax thermal transfer technology, a technology usually associated with much higher priced printers. Some of the
features include, software drivers for Amiga, PC and Macintosh, optional photo-realistic upgrade kit (dye sublimation) and monochrome ribbon cartridges available for text printing only.
Primera printer ....£825 Photo realistic upgrade kit £215.95 Photo realistic refill kit (100 prints)...£250 Photo realistic refill kit (25 prints) .£79.95 4 colour ribbon (80 prints) £38.95 3 colour ribbon (115 prints) £38.95 Monochrome ribbon (400prints)..£31.95 Primera paper (A4 200 sheets) .£ 1 8 T-Shin transfer papa (A410sheets)..£1 7.95 Dak Expander is an innovative program for all Azugi users. With this software solution you may double the capacity of your floppy disk or hard dak drives. The installation process takes only a few seconds and afterwards
Disk Expander works invisible in the background. The compression ratios van from 30% to 70%. The easy to use graphical interface guarantees that even the inexperienced user is able to use Disk Expander immediately without any problems. Disk Expander docs not only expand the capacity of your hard disk drive, even floppy disks now have a storage sp*c of approximately 1.5 megabytes. (Works with all drives including. SCSI.
IDE. Floppies and even the RAD disk).
..£35 Disk Expander.
The XL Drive can be used with any Amiga Computer, and allows you to store a massive
1. 76MB on a high density floppy diskette. The drive can also act
as a standard 880K drive and can read and write disks written
on an A4000 internal high density drive. XL Drive requires
Kickstart 2 or above.
XL Drive external ..£89.95 XL Drive internal (all Amiga*') £79.95 XL Drive internal A4000 ..£89.95 9 PC880B Driv e The new updated PC880B is the most impressive disk drive of its kind on the market.
The drive includes a strong aluminium casing, an anti-dick device, virus blocker. Cyclone compatible chip and the latest built-in backup hardware which allows X-Copv to copy and verify. What's more you an now control these features through your mouse, so there are no more annoying switches to use.
PC880B with Blitz Amiga ...£ 7 O PC880B with Blitz & X-Copy £80 PC880B 1.76MB Upgrade £49.95 Feature* PC.8S0B Amitck Anti-click • • Anti-virus • • Aluminium extrusion • Sony mechanism • • Isolation switch • • Thru’port • • Upgradable 10 1.76MB • Cyclone compatible chip • Built-in backup hardware • Mouse operated • This drive is a high quality external floppy drive at a fraction of the price. As with all of our drives the PC880E has a thtu’pon, disabling switch and 12 month guarantee PC880E Economy Drive £49.95 PC880E Drive Floptical Drive The Floptical stores 20MB of data on a re
writable 3.5’ disk. (A SCSI interface is required) Floptical A2000 Kit ....£289 Floptical A500 Kit ......£389 20MB Floptical Diskette £25 80MB IDE 2.5’ Internal .£179 120MB IDE 2.5" Internal ......£229 170MB IDE 2.5" Internal ......£270 52QMB SCSI IDE .....£169 80MB SCSI IDE .£179 160MB SCSI IDE ......£249 200MB SCSI IDE ......£349 We use the same drive mechanisms as Commodore so that you get the kind of reassurance at a cheaper price than other
internal drives on the market.
We an supply SCSI or IDE 3.5‘ 2.5’ hard drives in many different sizes. Including cables and installation software.
Enclose a chequc PO for £ Credit Card No.
Ixpiry Date Signature PC881 A500 Internal drive .£40 PC882 A2000 Internal drive ......£40 SCSI IDE Drives Telephone No.
System Owned description ..... 'lame Address
3. 5 IDE Internal
3. 5" IDE External £499 £579
3. 5” SCSI Internal ...... £539
3. 5" SCSI External ..... £599
3. 5" 105MB Cartridge ......£79 a Power Optical 128MB
Optical Internal..... £779 128MB Optical External.... £879
128MB Optical Disk .. £40 SCSI Controller
A2000...... £129 Dual Drive 4 Our Dual Drive is packed with
the many features of the PC880B whilst having two drives using
only one port. Ttiis is another original from Power.
Dual Drive ..... £125 The new 3.5’ removable hard disk from Syqucst stores 105MB on each anridge, with an accessing time of 17ms. An internal and external version is available. (A SCSI controller is required) X-Backup Pro X-Backup Pro daip-d (**£29.95 4,5,125,127 44,45 176 IBC 118 141 43 115 114 115 122,123 136 164 71 81 114 9,170,171 81 86 95 131 132,133 6fe,83
13. 38.81 40 130 54 46 IFC
108. 109 72 Sidmouth Software Seventeen Bit Software 141 128,129
22. 3fe.37 46,85,87 19 70 52,53 34 90,91 ,386&9 142 119 66,67
135 156
100. 101 26,27,28,29 71 15,21 in 14 136 71 107 75 ABC Acid
Software Activa Alpha Design Bruce Smith Books Burgess Video
Blittersoft BVCC Caliaari Corp C & S Computers Care
Electronics Classifieds Dart Datagem Diskovery PD Direct
Software Deltrax PD ECU Empire Software Emerald Creative
EPIC Marketing Evesham Micros Express PD First Choice PD
First Computer Centre Five Star PD Gametek Gasteiner
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Hobbyte Indi Ladbrooke Computing Mantasoft Microprose ~ ~
Diects ~3 Shop Owl Associates PD Soft PDQ Silica Systems
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Special Reserve T rilogic Team 17 United PD Virgin Games
Virus Free PD Visaq Power Computing Phoenix Computers
Premier Mail Order Rombo Seasoft Selectafont OFF THE CUFF
EDITORIAL Here I am, your jet- lagged culture
- shocked compere for the next 172 pages.
Just back from New Zealand, I expected to tind the magazine in an understaffed crisis without me, but was surprised to find a killer issue ol CU AMIGA all ready and waiting to go off to the printers. Just take a glance around the page and you’ll see what I mean. What a team!
If you haven't figured out why we've got Alice in Wonderland on the cover, it's all to do with our massive multimedia feature.
Multimedia - Alice in Wonderland...get it?
No neither do I really, but it makes a better cover than a picture of an Amiga, right?
There’s good news on the CD32 front this month. David Pleasance announces in our exclusive Commodore Writes column, that CD32 software sales are now surging ahead ol those of Sega's Mega CD. And we've got details of a new wave ot stunning, original games that could be the CD32’s ticket to the big time. Here's hoping... K240 is our game coverdisk this month, and it’s a right stormer, quite possibly the best game of its kind to appear in years. In fact. I believe It's a major contribution to road safety (why go crash a car when you could be at home playing K240?). Then there's our extra special
‘tech disk", which as usual houses a full-featured commercial software package - this month it’s the acclaimed Softwood File IISG database, just the thing for putting a bit ol order into your lite. For AMOS programmers, we've also got the amazing extension system Cralt, which is to AMOS what a nitro-injector is to a Beetle.
As it that wasn't enough, we've also squeezed on part two of our exclusive Weird Science series, a wonderful program that does your science homework tor you (well, almost). Of course, that's not to mention the usual skipload ol reviews, previews and regular step-by-step tutorials that you can rely on to help you get the most out of your Amiga. Tempting as it is to wish you a Happy New Year in the third consecutive editorial intro, I think it’s wearing a bit thin now. So I'll just shuttle off and let you enjoy the mag.
See ya.
Tony Horgan, Assistant Technical Editor.
TVOMKAL BWTOe MdBrocmUd ASSST AWT TKMMUi idtoa Tony Hcrj n MWS iDfTOA Tcny Dilcn production BXTOa Lsa Colins MOW AST HXTOA Gcrtbn Bomd AWT IdfTOA to Wirrtfaw TVOMKAL ADVISOR Wn Kennedy end foul Eggleicn MB COMWR Kenny Grarf Col mgs tAUS IXKVT1WS Chris Pbraro & Kicro Roche AO MOOUCITON Tno Gynn & Robn Ryan PunHHMODHC- TO« Mite Frey a MKA Itoy Co* 3032 Fan fcn Une. Lento EC IR 3AU lei 071 97267CO FAX 071 972 6701 OabAn EBC t*x4r* M to. Ft* fcod. Ft I 2TP Tel. 0733 555161 tMJpxn nl Enj«*« Tcv« Rifch-g. K oc.
Wgi fee* Util 9. Vote,, tttnagh l-o IE 16 Tel 0858 468888 tmti wkrofHt. R* s H b I2bs s Lxord BFO.M7 G«*ee» »d mol St0. Vrrf rd Em: £66.
Aural are 1. 2 crd 3.W6.50. NEXT ISSUE ON SALE 19 MARCH 111,408 Jan-June 1993 okt serious COVERDISKS PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS PRODUCTIVITY REVIEW Full Motion Video ftnaBy makes an appearance on the CD32 with Commodore s new FMV add-on card. We also test realtime video digitisers head to head and crop the verdict on TV Paint 2.
A superb professional quality database is yours this month in Softwood File II SC. There’s also an exclusive playable demo ol K240, and the AMOS extension that everyone's raving about, Craft.
SCREEN SCENE GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS Are you ready for K2407 Probably the best game this side of Cricklewood. It kicks off our tangy selection of delicately spiced game reviews, including the cnspy Winter Olympics and soft-centred S.U.B. with a side-serving of previews nduding an exclusive look at the deep-fried Sim City 2000. Tuck in!
REGULARS Get Serious above.
NfWS The Amiga scene shows no s*gns of stowing (town, and this month’s wadge of new releases and product announcements is healthier than ever.
COVMMSKS See panel on this page.
CO3 2 ZONK Onginal C032 soft ware is at last beginning to surface.
The Dillon man itts the lid on a brand new Body Stows game and some hot PC ports.
PHOOOCTIVrTY REVIEWS See PD SCENE The latest amazing techno-video demo from Spacebars is here, along with some spot-on games and tho best d«sk mags around.
PdimuraS Where else could you get your hands on wordprocessors, utility compilations, paint packages and clip art for the price of a couple of disks? Step this way to Bargain City.
ART OA11EB Y More exotic examples of CU AMIGA'S talented readers' art DISK 76 PAGE 16 Heading this month's first disk is the excellent Softwood File IISG database.
Whether you want to simply convert your phone book to your computer, or if you need a powerful tiling tool tor your business, this is what you need. Combining last and efficient data management with a veiy friendly user-interface. Softwood File makes other databases look positively archaic. Not content with giving you a top full-price application, we've also found room on the disk for Craft, an essential add-on for all serious AMOS programmers.
Now you can include blindingly fast fractal generator routines in your AMOS creations. Plus we’ve crammed in Weird Science!
PAGE 24 DISK 77 It’s the game everyone has been waiting for, and as always CU AMIGA is first with the news.
Gremlin’s sequel to Utopia is iust about ready for release, so to whet your appetite, we proudly present our exclusive playable demo of one of the biggest releases of 1994 - K240. You are based on an asteroid in one of the deeper areas of space, mining for rare ores. Unfortunately, so is a vile enemy alien, who not only wants the minerals, but also wants control of the sector. You're not really going to sit back passively and let them lake over are you? Of course not. Colony control, mine administration, city planning, intersector exploration, catalogue shopping and more space combat than
you ever thought possible. What are you waiting for!
What's so bloody funny? The game is called SkidMarks, what’s wrong with you poms? Not only has every Amiga magazine devoted columns of childish schoolboy humour when reviewing the game, they seem to have missed the point. The point is that SkidMarks is a communications revolution just waiting to happen!
With a 2400 baud modem, registered SkidMarks racers will be able to compete in our national championship. Over the next few months we are fine tuning the comms code and polishing another 12 competetion tracks to kick the championships off this June.
And if you haven't already got yourself a copy of the racingest, chasingest. Car game of the decade then get your pedal to the metal and race down to your software shop now!
"A milestone In Amiga games. One of the most playable racers ever... If future BlitzBASIC games are as good as this one, we are going to see the Amiga and CD-32 become the games machine of the decade... SkidMarks is for Car Racing what Kick Off was to Football."
CU AMIGA SCREENSTAR (92%) "An immensely satisfying experience akin to peeling those stringy white bits off tangerines... SkidMarks is without doubt the best racing game I have ever played outside of an arcade" AMIGA ACTION ACCOLADE (90%) "A no nonsense, adrenalin-pumping racer. SkidMarks is beautifully simple to play. Like SensiSoccer, this is a timeless two-player game which is likely to be dragged out of your collection time and time again."
THE ONE (88%) "It bring’s out those primal competitive urges, better than running around in woods naked and banging on big drums. It’s packaged playability, it's canned competetion. It is great!"
FORMAT GOLD (90%) BLITZ NEWS New AGA support is now available for Blitz2. All the enhanced display capabilities of the AGA chipset have been made available to Blitz2 programmers including 24 bit colour control, 256 colour screens, super hires horizontal scrolling, 64 pixel wide sprites New GadTools support offers the applications programmer access to 12 new gadget types including sliders, scrollers, listviews and palette gadgets. New ASL support allows the opening of Screen. Font and File Requesters in single commands.
Currently under development for release in subsequent BUM issues (Blitz User Magazines) Developers-Pack for creating B!itz2 user extensions GadTools design utility CD32 specific command library Highspeed animation language Rerelease of Blitz2 3D 68020 optimized libraries If you're programming the Amiga and haven't taken a serious look at the fastest growing language in the industry then do so now!
Acid Software PO Box 3172 Hampstead London NW1 9XA ph 071 482 4066 fiCID SOFTWARE NEWS CU AMIGA AURAL ILLUSION NEWS
1. 1 The latest revision of Aural Illusion, the 16-bit sample
editor. Has )ust been released. Featuring 20 variable
effects, such as reverb, echo, delay, bounce, flange, chorus,
phase shift, distort, resonant, feedback, detune, enhance and
filter. It could be the most advanced sample editor yet
On top of the effects, there’s a range of 30 other manipulations available, offering modulation, AND. OR and XOR operations, thickeners, filters and more distortions.
A sample synthesizer gives you the chance to create your own sounds from sections of samples, which can then be contorted with wave morphing and mixing, along with the envelope generator. File formats supported are IFF, AIFF, AVR, RAW 8 and 16-bit. Aural Illusion is available from Blachlord Technology, Glendale House. 77 Southwell Road, Bangor, Co Down, Northern Ireland, BT203AE.
Priced at £40 inclusive. Tel:0247 468613.
U EXCALIBUR ACCELERATOR Claiming speed increases up to 530% over a standard A4000 040. The Excalibur due soon from RCS is the fastest accelerator available', according to RCS. In its basic form, the E650+VAT unit promises a 400% speed gain, while the 33MHz model selling for £1150+VAT is responsible for the bold 530% increase claims. Contact RCS on 0203 473333.
APOLOGY CORNER We incorrectly stated last issue in VFM that Railroad Tycoon, Silent Service 2 and Ashes from Action 16 were all £12.99. The correct price is, of course £16.99 SUGAR FREE MAX!
It’s a well known fact that many computer games players are big fans of the comic genre, so it comes as some surprise that it has taken this long for the two to really mix - if you forget things like the Sonic Comic and the Melbourne House game Redhawk. Max Overload is a new publication from Dark Horse International, the company responsible for Aliens, Star Wars, Predator and Robocop comics among others. The London- based firm have signed up the rights to Lemmings, ToeJam & Earl and Core Design’s FAST IV24 FOR A4000 GVP's popular IV24 24-bit graphics system is about to reappear in an updated
form to cater for the A4000. Designed to take advantage of the A4000’s faster video bus, the IV24-A4000 will run twice as fast as the previous versions when installed on an A4000.
The IV24-A4000 software set has also been reworked to provide a complete, consistent user interface for all application aspects of the IV24. The previous software offerings have been replaced with a bundled version of the image processing package Image FXV1.5 that full supports the IV24 for frame grabbing, video processing, painting, and rendering out to tape. The IV24-A4000 is scheduled for release in early February.
GVP have also just announced the imminent release of a customised version of Image FX 1.5 designed to run specifically on the EGS-28 24 Spectrum graphics board. This is available to all registered owners of EGS-28 24 Spectrum directly from GVP for $ 19.95. For further information, contact Silica on 081 309 1111, or GVP USA on (0101) 610 337 8770.
Chuck Rock for their first issue, which should just have appeared on the shelves as you read this.
Max Overload promises ‘cutting edge comedy and a host of lively games-related features', is a mammoth 64 full-colour pages tome and costs just £1.95. For more information, call Bastion Marketing on 071 490 1323.
DEMOMANIAC DIY demos are promised from Black Legend's forthcoming DemoManiac. Along similar lines to Red Sector's Demo Creator, DemoManiac is aimed at anyone who wants to use their Amiga to produce stunning audio-visual sequences, without having to spend years of sweat and toil learning the coding tricks of top demo programmers. Available effects and features include vectors, vector landscapes, vector worlds, animations, 6 layers of simultaneous graphic effects, importing of graphics and music, script control, zoom, fade in out, bumps, support for 020 030 040 processors and AGA graphics, joy
stick and mouse controlled effects, IFF image, animation and sample support.
We’ll have more for you next month, but for now you can contact Kompart on 0438 840003.
CU AMIGA NEWS TECHNICOLOUR STARDUSl|j| 0 I Bloodhouse, those rogues who created the absolutely fabulous Stardust - an Asteroids done that featured some of the hottest Amiga graphics ever - have gone that one step further and started work on a 256 AGA version of the game Going under the monicker of Superstardust, the game will be hard disk installable, feature ray traced backdrops and enemies and enhanced 256 colour graphics, plus the same stunning stereo sound and parallax scrolling lunnels that made the onginal so popular. Call Daze Marketing on 071 328 2762.
PRACTICALLY HALF PRICK AMIGA C CLUB When learning to program the Amiga in C you need all the help yon can got - and help la exactly what the Amiga C Club oners II was stalled by Anders B|erin who wrote a disk based C Encyclopedia, new into It s Ainl edition. The encyclopedia Is now available on disk from most shareware and public domain libraries, hoi It can also be obtained directly Irom Anders himsolf.
Now the C Club has opened a comprehensive library of disks, each one crammed with hard-lo-obtain information You've seen The Soccer Expert reviewed on page79, and read how it correctly predicted the results of seven out of ten matches, induded the only three draws in those ten. We all know how risky gambling is, so just to reduce the odds a little we’ve done a little deal with Voithia Software.
Normally, The Soccer Expert is a very reasonable £16.95, but for CU AMIGA readers, you can pick the full package up for only £101 A saving of nearly seven quid! No! Only that, but when you upgrade to next year's edition of The Soccer Expert, you get your £10 back!! To make full use of this superb offer, just fill out the coupon below and send it to: Voithia. 32 High Street.
0CTAMED 5 OFFER Welshpool. Powys SY21 7JP.
PHILIPS ANNOUNCE 30 CD MOVIES Philips recently announced a deal signed with Metro Goldwyn Mayer Inc to distribute 30 CD films, primarily for the Philips CO-i.
Which should be fully compatible with an FMV- equipped CD32.
'Philips is extremely excited to add MGM UAs titles to the growing list of films available on the live-inch format,’ states John Hawkins, President and General Manager of Worldwide Distribution for Philips Media. 'This format is impressive both for its technological advances and for the range of titles fast becoming available to the consumer.'
The MGM UA library is comprised of titles that represent some of Hollywood's best known films Under the agreement. Philips will be able to select from such classics as A Fistful of Dollars. Rainman. Rocky. Raging Bull and The Pink Panther. The library also contains 16 James Bond titles, as well as classics from Clint Eastwood. Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese Also included are the recent hits Benny and Joon, and Thelma and Louise.
On programming and debugging. There are also disks con- lainlng test editors, compilers - even the Rom Kornal Manuals In electronic form. The club has just opened It s own Bulletin Board, running on the Xenollnk system on an Amiga 7500. The board is open 74 hours a day to help with those late-night programming sessions, and can be 0(010)46 8765 45 85.
For mors inlormalion on joining The C Club, or lor more details on the library, or the colour photograph digitising and sound sampling service, write to: Anders Bjerln. The Amiga C Club. Tulevagen 77.101 41 IIDING0. Sweden.
Please rash me copies ol Tkt Soccer Expert at the once in a lifetime special offer price of £10.00. What's more, when I find that I really like It. I can claim my ten pounds back against the price of The Soccer Expert 94 95 Name ... ™ | Address ...... Postcode ... ¦ Please make cheques ?.O.s payable to ¦ L:___I £39 99 plus £1 post and packing.
That’s a saving of £6 off the standard If you previously bought OciaMED * from Seasoft without the tutorial, you can pick up the three tutonal disks for £14.99 plus £1 post and packing.
Iljmn oBiiii OM1III =*1111 SesoIJZe™sSdbe Its panel with your orOer NEWS CU AMIGA TEAM SPIRIT ¦i mnmw New users to the Amiga market probably won't know what all the tuss is about. Team who? They say. Team what? If you've missed the boat in the rush to tell Martyn Brown and co. What a wonderful bunch they are. Then here's your chance to catch up. The Team 17 Collection - Volume One contains three of their best loved hits, at the extremely affordable price of £29.99. Body Blows is the game that knocked Streetfighter crying back to mummy. Superfrog is the cutest and greenest plattormer yet and
Overdrive is what your joystick and deep throaty brumm brumm' sounds were made for What you hanging around for’ Call Team 17 on 0924 291867
• • • »»» -• SOUND IMPROVEMENT FOR GOLD Compilation
freaks, hold on to your hats. Empire, those lovely people
over in Finchley are releasing yet another of those increddjle
Award Winners packs Priced at E29.99, by the time you read this
you should be able to get your mitts on Award Winners Gold
Edition, leatunng in no particular order: the ground breaking
Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker, Sensible’s Amazing Soccer,
that speedy Space Ninja otherwise known as Zoo! And the game
that started it all - Elite. It came in a little too late for
this issue’s reviews, but II goes without saying that it's one
of Ihe best compilations we've ever seen. For more infor
mation. Call Empire on 081 343 9143.
CD32 IN NON PRICE DROP SENSATION Hfioft. Who recently incorporated Microdeal into »ww told, have announced two items ot interest Ip Amiga sound and music fanatics.
The first concerns the upgrading of the Clarify 16-bit sampling software As it uses the parallel port. Clarity can sometimes get contused when used with Amlgas fitted with a 68020 or better processor. This is especially unfortunate as some extra processing really is needed lo make the most of Ihe 16 bit multisample playback features.
The new version 1.5 software finally solves these problems for good, which means all Amigas. From the humble A600 to the top of the range A4000 can benefit from Claniys 16 bit sound.
Potentionally even more interesting is the information released regarding a brand new sound sampling package. As yet unnamed, the new hardware connects via the PCMCIA slot on the A1200 and A600 to offer 12 bit stereo sampling, with a direct to disk option. When used properly, 12-bit sound can be almost as good as CD quality 16 bit so all would-be hifi sample fans should be prepared to rush out and buy in March. The best news of all is the price: provisionally set at only £79.95. this kit costs only a little more than standard 8 bit samplers. Stay with CU Amiga tor a full review Last month
we staled lhal Ihe C032 was lo drop in price by £100 in Ihe lirst quarter ol this year.
Commodore would like lo slate that contrary to industry rumours, there are no lirm plans to cut the price. Lew Eggebrecht did state In Toronto last month that the C032 was to be cut by S100 in the US. But this apparently will have no effect on the European market price.
Finally, those interested in VtdeoMasler (reviewed this issue) will be pleased to leam that Ihe IFF Anim conversion software has been finished and is now being included on the same disk as the standard VtdeoMasler software. The stand alone utility will convert VideoMaster films into Amiga-standard Anim files which can be played back with most animation players.
Well, not quite. Sierra, those nice people who brought us so many wonderful graphic adventures, have decided to join in the mammoth kickabout currently brewing and release their own soccer game based on the World Cup. Stem World Cup.
As It is imaginatively titled, leateres a Striker-style forced per- spective viewpoint, and promises even more realistic football run around the pitch after Ifit tail, ttrtlcher Mam and a physio who acfnally runs oof lo rtpalr yoor players! We'll have a Mil review nest issue.
LORDY LORDY VIE are geanng up to unleash Rowan Software's thrilling new flight simulator: Overlord - D Day. Using state-of-the-art imagemap animation and Gourade shading techniques. Ihe game features an atmospheric recreation of the battle for air supremacy in the run up to June 6th 1944 - D-Day. The player will be able lo fly Spitfires, Mustages and Typhoons against Focke-Wulf. Jukers and Heinkel 111 enemy craft, and the whole thing has been descnbed as -mind bendingly realistic' by a Virgin spokesperson For more, call Virgin on 081 960 2255.
THE NEXT MILLENNIUM AMIGA HEMS Those Cambridge boys and girls have kept things a little quiet recently, but have just stepped out of the closet to unveil no less than FIVE new products in development. The shock news is that NONE of them have anything to do with JAMES POND. Not a fishy joke in sight. Not a single Piscean reference. For example. Mr Magoo, based on the popular cartoon of the same name, has no fish in it whatsoever, although the cartoon graphics make the game look decidedly similar to the actual cartoon.
Brutal Soccer is the continuation of Brutal WORDWORTH 3 If you like a few bells and whistles on your word processor, Wordworth 3 could be right up your street. Already an accomplished ' word processor in it’s previous release, the new version 3 has an impressive number of promised new features.
Auto correction will give you the option of automatic spell-checking and correction while you type. Activated by the spacebar, the auto-corrector can be used as a simple spell-checker, or as a means of speeding up your typing by defining words to abbreviations. For example, if you find yourself getting bored of constantly typing your company name in correspondence, you could tell Wordworth 3 to replace the letters “MMM" with “Manchester Multimedia Magnates", thus saving your precious pinkies from too much wear and tear on the keyboard.
Ruluro Book II and Ito'c Futur. Bold II aod Ihrlk Gan mood Aniiqai Cwr-nond IUIbF.lt Kmnv H.tfca QIS.1* Wroohlfe Book and Bote Ibroahlg* Bold and Dalr.
TeUQMt OcmiM1 DroBD COM&fUr Mcirotyb ana ¦xamaaa a 4 An on-line librarian feature is also billed. Another labour-saving feature, this could act as an alternative to repeatedly typing out often-used addresses, paragraphs and so on, which could be written once, stored, and then recalled from a menu and pasted in to the current document. A collection of 50 Agfa Compugraphic fonts are also included.
Extensive file format support should ensure compatibility with Mac, DOS and Windows-based systems.
Digita’s own custom printer drivers come with the update, replacing the Workbench drivers in order to get the most from your printer. The update will be available to registered Wordworth users for E49.99. Users of other Wps can upgrade for £59.99. Contact Meridian Software on 081 543 3500.
Football, and the only place you’d find a fish in here is in the shower room, though we doubt it.
Troll Island is an odd one, as a colourful collection of Troll Island inhabitants work through their daily lives. You never know, one of them might eat fish.
Motor Mania sees Micky the Micra saving the day when the bad fog of pollution send the factory into chaos, leaving him to sort out the mess in a brain teasing time sort of way. Neural World is the strangest of the lot. Remember Little Computer People, where you had to keep a little chap entertained? Take that (scream!), then add the fact that you have to educate them. Strange, and not a fish in sight.
James Pond 3's coming too. Ooops. Call Millennium on 0223 844894 ART DEPARTMENT PROFESSIONAL As we go to press, news has just reached us of the latest update to The Art Department Professional, now up to version 2.5. Details are sketchy at the moment, but we have it on good authority that it features a style-guide compliant user interface. Meridian Distribution are handling the main distribution (tel: 081 543 3500), while Emerald Creative Technology Ltd are dealing with upgrades for registered users, and can be contacted on 081 715 8866.
TWO' COMPANY S Sensible Software, the purveyors ol such fine software as Cannon Fodder, Wizkid and Sensible Soccer, have linked arms with Virgin Interactive Entertainment (formerly Virgin Games) and announced their big Christmas release - Sensible Goto The game is part of a deal between the two companies that will see Sensible exploding all across the console formats, and has Sensible Software preparing to set the sports genre alight once more with a golf game that will offer all the playability and addictiveness that Soccer had. More news as we get it.
THE MILITARY SIMULATION OF THE YEAR Don’t take our word for it... Take their word for it!
“Simple to use, but complex in nature, Campaign II is one of the most demanding games available... a well researched and truly compelling in-depth warfare simulation.” PC POWER “Highly playable, one can but hope for a third in the series."
CU AMIGA “It's strategy, warfare.” “Here’s Campaign II - bigger, bolder, and flawless." PC HOME “A complex game with easy controls and great depth - smart.” AMIGA FORMAT Campaign II heralds a new generation of WAR Simulations with more depth than ever before and fabulous 3D action. The sequel to the best selling “Campaign” has emerged as the most comprehensive simulation with new improved stragegy at any level in the chain of command
(C. O.C.), closely resembling that of a real military situation.
E Featuring all the modem weapons systems: guided missiles, rockets, homing missiles, laser rangefinders, gun stabilizers and night sights.
E New features include new improved strategy, helicopters and animated infantry.
• Including over 130 templates of the most significant military
forces from 56 different nations of the last 50 years.
E Battle scenarios include: Vietnam, Korea, 6 day war and Dessert Storm.
E Pack includes sophisticated map and battle editor, 170 page equipment fact finder, extensive user guide and photographic journal.
“MlPMF take C0MMAflD of A COPY NOW!
Emp*e Software The Spires. 677 Hqh Road. North Finchley. London N12 OOA Telephone 081-343 9143 Empire Software ts a regetered trademark of En onal (UKj Ltd.
© 1993 Empire Software - Jonathan Onfltfhs Full of tht |oys of spring. Commodore MD David Pleasance spills the beans on the rising success of the CD32.
‘A lax has fust plopped onto my desk bearing rather pleasant news According to Gallup, sales of Amiga CD32 software now exceed sales of Mega CD software by 34.6% to 32.6%. The balance has been tilUng steadily in our direction for the last lew weeks, and I expect to see us pull away from Sega at the same rate in the near future.
The reason I'm so pleased about this is that quality and quantity of Amiga games has always been the key to the success of the range, and thanks lo the diligence and Imagination of developers, it looks as il Amiga C032 is getting the same support as its floppy relatives.
Already there are 38 titles available for the new machine. Every week more titles emerge - some are obviously ports but others are specially enhanced or released simultaneously with other formats. We re in constant touch with the publishers so we know about some of the gems coming your way. In a few weeks time, games like Rise of the Robots and Microcosm will be available on CD32. And I'm really pleased to see companies such as Gremlin and Team 17 putting out budget compilations which take advantage ol CD’s huge memory. That’s one of the reasons we all want CD to work isn't it?
It can t be long before Gallup starts work on a Video CO chart. Slowly but surely the new platform is gathering steam. In January the music industry gathered at the. Shall we say 'atmospheric' Marquee club to discuss Video CD.
Many of us have suspected that record companies would give momentum to the new format. And here they we doing (ust that. BMG. PMI. Polygram and Castle were there pledging lo re-release parts of their catalogue on Video CD.
Their customers, more so than movie Ians, are used to CD as a medium so the enthusiasm of the music big is understandable. The first true MPEG titles Irom artists like the Eurythmics. Queen and David Bowie will be in the shops in April.
PMI even announced plans lo release Video CD titles LOGIPAD There are pads, and there are Logipads. This is the latter ol the two. And mighty logical it is too.
Featuring no less than six lire buttons, eight-directional thumb control, select start buttons and independent lire buttons Retailing at £18.99, the Logipad is available Irom Spectravideo, who can be reached on 081 902 2211.
After many months of strenuous coding.
Heimdall 2 is just about nearing completion, and Core Design are just chuffed to bits about it.
Based in the age of Ragnarok, the game tells the tale of the Hakrats. Vile creatures created by Loki (a mean dude) who wants revenge upon the world for stripping him of his Godly powers.
The Gods themselves agree that something must be done to stop him. And send Heimdall - the hero of the first game, to cleanse the world once more.
At the moment, the whole thing looks incredible, even better than the first game.
We'll have more news next month, but in the meantime for more information you can contact Core Design on 0332 297797.
Impressions have made more than a small impact on the wargaming front, and they continue this month with the release of Edward Grabowski s The Blue And The Grey.
Based on the American Civil War. The game lets you play either the Union or the Confederacy in one of the most important struggles in American history This might sound like a right treat lor wargame fans, but wait! There’s morel If you buy a copy now. You'll find a present in the box in the shape of a huge fact filled history of the Civil War in book lorm. Who said they aren't good to you? We’ll have a full review soon.
BSP"'8 Some guys get all the luck, as the Robert Palmer song goes, and newcomers to the A1200 fall easily into that category. Bruce Smith Books are about to release the Amiga A1200 Beginners Pack, everything you could possibly need to get started with your machine. £39.95 gets you Bruce Smith's bestselling A1200 Insider Guide, a copy of A1200 Next Steps, an exclusive one-hour tutorial video and four disks packed with essential PD and Shareware. What more could you possibly ask for? For more information, please call BSB on 0923 894355.
ENEMY UNKNOWN COMMAND EARTH'S FORCES AGAINST THE ALIEN TERROR MICRO PROSE FOR IBM PC COMPATIBLES AND COMMODORE AMIGA COVERMSK 76 CU AMIGA COVERDISKS This month’s knockout package of software includes File IISG, an excellent data-base program from Softwood, Craft, a fantastic extension for AMOS which gives you dozens of extra commands to help you create even more impressive programs and enjoy part two of our Weird Science series.
YOUR QUICK- START GUIDE TO LOADING DISK 76 FILE IISG Before you start, write protect the disk to prevent any mishaps. You're also going to need two blank disks (they don't have to be formatted).
1. Put disk 76 into the internal drive.
2. Double click the CU 76 icon.
3. Double click the Craft or Optics icons according to which
program you want to look at. Some programs that you choose
will need to be expanded onto its own separate disk. Follow
the on-screen instructions to do that.
4. NB: Boot from your expanded disks or coverdisks only. Do not
load from your Workbench or hard drive, otherwise you will be
told that you don't have the explode library - which is, in
fact, on your expanded disks.
File llsg is a database program, which means that you can use it to store lots of pieces of related information, such as addresses, or lists of records or games. You can even use it to store pictures and sound samples.
The File llsg program does not need to be expanded, it can be run immediately from the coverdisk.
However, because you can customise the program to your own preferences, you are strongly advised to make a back-up copy of the coverdisk and use that instead.
Ni« Ifr - H.M ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ Th« program looks a little barron whan you first load It, but this plain exterior hides a pow- To load the program, simply double click on its icon, and after a few moments the main window will appear. Before you can use the program for entering data, you’ll first need to specify the subject headings and type of information that you want to store. To do that, select Define Data from the Column menu. A requester will appear ready for you to define a new column. You'll see the words "Column Name:" with the cursor all ready for you to enter a new name. Let's assume
that you are creating a phone list. The first item in your list would be the people's surnames so just type Surname. Now you must indicate the type of data - there are ten types to choose from.
The type that you choose depends on the sort of data that you’ll be entering in the column. Here are the different types: Text: You can enter any printable character into this type of column Amount:You can only enter numbers and decimal places.
Date: You can only enter dates into this type of column.
Time: You can only enter times into this type of requester.
Yes No: Yes or No answers only in this type.
Phone: Numbers, spaces and brackets go in this column.
Alpha: Upper and lower case letters only. No numbers or punctuation.
A N: Numbers and letters only.
No punctuation.
F The program supports 10 different data types.
By choosing the correct type for each column, you can save both disk space and memory. If you're not sure which one to choose, play It safe and select Text.
Picture: This column can hold IFF Pictures (not AGA or 24-bit) Sound: This column can hold IFF samples.
Because surnames can contain letters and punctuation, you need to specify the Text data type so click on the word Text, then click OK to return to the main screen. Now you’ll need to define a column for the first name and phone number. Select Define Data again and call the column First Name. This time the data type can be Alpha because there are no first names with punctuation or numbers.
When you come to define the telephone number, remember to define it as the Phone data type.
Down to the next data area on the page, the page disappears and is Having defined your three columns, you're ready to enter some data. On the main screen the three columns should be visible, so to go into data entry mode and move the cursor into the first column next to the word "New-. Click the left mouse button and the display should switch to show your record as a form with the three column names one on top of the other. You’ll notice that the cursor (a vertical line) is in the first data area ready for you to start typing. Type a surname of your choice then press return or enter. As you
do so, the cursor jumps down to the next box, so type a first name and press enter. All that remains is to type a phone number, so input a number of your choice then once more press return.
This time, instead of the jumping replaced by a blank one ready for you to enter more names.
Of course, the information is not lost, it’s merely been stored in memory ready for you to look at later.
Now enter four more names and phone numbers so that we have a database containing five entries in all. When you’ve entered the fifth phone number, we want to return to the main window.
Mrn&mrrrRn- i * . R-rf SSi WIWWW
• »*." IklrwV MN
• m Wlb HI *H This Is what you should see once you've added some
records, though the column widths are wrong.
To do this you can either select List from the Options menu at the top of the screen, or click anywhere on the pale cream coloured bar at the bottom of the screen.
Back at the main window - unless all your friends have very short names, chances are some of the letters have been chopped off because the column isn’t wide enough.
Not to worry: your data is still intact, it's just that the screen display hasn’t been adjusted yet. To do that, move the cursor into the very pale cream coloured strip at the top of the screen, and place over the line at the end of the first column. As you do so, the pointer changes to show the words "Column width". Now press the left mouse button down and keeping it pressed, drag the column to the width you require.
So now we’ve created a small database, let's save it in case of accidents. Using the mouse, select Save as from the File menu. A requester will appear containing the words
- OH&UnMled.FLR'. This s the file name and path The program
expects all dataoases to have the characters .FLR after thetr
To save your database, delete everything in this requester and enter the drive name and tile name that you wish to use. Don't torget to add the characters .FLR after the name.
For example, it you want to save your database on a disk in the external drive in a drawer called DATA, with a file name of ADDRESSES, type DF1 :DATA ADDRESSES.FLR Once you've entered a name, press return or click OK and the file will be saved. Unless you alter the default settings, the program will always look to DHO: when you come to load and save data.
To change those settings, select Default Runtime Values from the Desk menu. A requester will appear in which the Database, Sound and Picture path names are all specified.
To change them, simply erase the current values, and replace them with the path names of your choice.
Select OK to return to the program, and the new path names will auto- matically be saved to the disk if it's not write protected.
Now let's suppose you want to alter the order in which the names in your database are presented. The program gives you the option to arrange data in forward or reverse alphabetical order.
To arrange a column, simply click on the column name (it should turn blue) then select Low to high or high to Low from the Sort menu according to your preference. The data will be automatically rearranged for you.You can also alter each column’s justification, that is, the way the text is positioned within the column. There are three options: Left, where the text is aligned with the left hand edge of the column - this is the default.
Right: the opposite to left which is useful when a column contains numbers. Centre: aligns text up with the centre of each column so there is an equal amount of space at each end.
To alter a column's justification, click on the column name, then select Left, Centre or Right from the Column menu.
That's all we’ve got space for here, but if you want to get the very best out of this superb program, you might like to order a full manual directly from Softwood Europe. Full details on page 25. *3* IF YOUR DISK WON'T LOAD If your coverdisk doesn’t seem to work as it should, then follow this simple guideline. Firstly, remove all unnecessary peripherals, such as printers, modems etc. Follow the instructions of these pages to the letter, and if after that you find that the disk still doesn't work, call the PC Wise helpline on 0685 350505 between 1030 and 1230 Monday to Friday. If they advise
you that the disk is faulty, then pop it In an envelope with a covering letter explaining the problems to: CU DISK RETURNS. PC WISE.
Please include 28p per disk to cover postage and packing (55p for overseas readers).Your disk will be tested and a new, working one dispatched to you as soon as possible. Please note that neither we nor PC Wise accept responsibility for any disk damaged due to negligence on the part of the user.
We try to ensure that viruses do not get on your disks. We always have the most advanced virus checkers available when the disk is compiled and every program goes through rigorous testing. However, we can accept no responsibility for possible damage incurred by viruses which have escaped our attention.
CU AMIGA proudly presents part two of our Weird Science series bringing the wonders of science onto your Amiga. This month, we give you the chance to experiment with the world of Optics, examining the way that light and lenses behave.
Who knows, perhaps one day you'll be able to use this knowledge to design your very own lasers sometime in the future!
COVERDISKS CU AMIGA UPLOADING To load the program, insert the decompressed disk into your computer and turn the machine on. After a few minutes of loading, the Workbench screen will appear.
Double click on the optics icon, then double click on the optics icon that appears in the window that opens.
The program will automatically load in a tew moments and you'll be presented with the main screen.
Provided you don’t click the Save button, nothing that you can do on this screen can in any way do any damage so by all means experiment by clicking buttons, etc. Provided your disk is write protected, even the Save button will have no etfect.
SEE THE LIGHT The program consists of two basic elements, the light sources and the modifiers. There are three light sources, single beam, divergent ray and parallel ray. These are represented by the three top icons with yellow lines coming out of them.
Select the type of light source you want and position it on the screen. As you dick the mouse button, a requester will appear which allows This Is the requester you'll see as you position a light source. It lets you specify the light s colour and other spectral qualities.
Dm you further spec-1 ifythe characteristics of | the light. Once you've set this up I according to your| requirements, click OK to place | the light source.
Now you must do the same thing with the modifiers. There are five different lenses: a flat mirrored surface, a flat absorbent surface, a three or four surface lens, a curved mirror and a curved lens. The icons representing these are to be found immediately below the light source icons.
LENS US A FIVER Select the modifier you want to use.
Position it where you want it, then click PART the mouse button, upon which you will again be shown a requester allowing you to customise the modifier. If you choose the multi-surface lens, you'll need to define two or three of the surfaces, and to do that, just dick the start and end position of each one.
To reset the light beams without, altering the modifiers, click the R button. To redraw the beams, click Go!
IDEAL WORLD When you have played around with the program to your hearts content, you can then choose whether to see the results of your experiment under Real World or Ideal conditions by clicking the Real Ideal switch at the top of the screen. The program will then redraw the beams accordingly and you can watch in amazement.
CU AMIGA OFFER THEWQRLJ m SLAL I Scala UK are proud to present an exclusive offer for CU AMIGA readers.
F you’ve already used this month's cover disk and followed the tutorial in this issue you’ll know what a superb program Scala Home Titter is. Now if you want to take things a step further you can order the full Home Titter manual complete with two extra disks simply bursting at the seams with over 150 extra symbols and additional clip art for use with Home Titter. That means that you’ll be able to create even more original and interesting titles, as well as learning how to get the very last drop of power from the program! The manual and two disks cost only £14.95, and CU AMIGA readers who take
advantage of this unique opportunity will also receive automatic membership to the newly-formed Scala Club.The Scala Club is an organisation dedicated solely to keeping Scala product users updated on the latest Scala news and innovations. Members will receive a packed magazine and are assured of priority treatment in any future Scala promotions!
SCALA MM200 Scala MmfOO le multimedia tool to unleash your lives you the ability typefaces, 80 d cube), 60 quality ruly professional types of information, is and single frames, lusic modules. This s, including CD ROM, disk.
Hure ring Scala UK Ltd you've always dreamed of. MM200 gives you the imagination. Its superior functionality and ease-of-usi to bring your ideas to life using 15 specially-de sophisticated wipes (including stretch, flow, flipcoi backgrounds and 80 ready-made graphic symbols j results. With MM200 you can integrate many dtffe such as CD Audio tracks, MIDI music files, animatl sound samples and even Soundtracker compatible information can be retrieved from a variety of sou CD Audio, MIDI devices, video players and, of c To find out more about the MM200 or for a free on 0920 444294.
COVERDISKS CU AMIGA CGVERDISK 76 Just because Blitz Basic 2 has stolen AMOS’ throne doesn’t mean to say that programmers have neglected Europress’ brilliant BASIC language. Jason Holborn takes you through Black Legend’s Craft extension.
Black Legend’s Craft is an extension for Europress' AMOS programming language that adds no lewer than 160 new commands 10 the existing AMOS instruction set.
For AMOS programmers everywhere. Craft is the bees knees - short for "Colour, Requesters.
Audio. Fractals and Turtle". Craft addresses many ol the areas that the basic AMOS instruction set neglects.
As you can probably guess Irom the definition above. Craft gives you commands lor creating fractal graphics, a range ol powerful requesters and a lot more besides Belore you can use the demonstration version of Craft on this month's coverdisk. You'll need to not only decompress the Craft lile but also install the Craft extension files on your copy ol AMOS. Craft fully supports both AMOS Classic and AMOS Professional although it won't work with Easy AMOS Follow the detailed instructions within the box elsewhere on these pages and you won't go far wrong.
ABOUT TURN Once you've installed Craft, you're ready to start using it Because Craft is an AMOS extension, you'll have to start by booting up your copy ol AMOS with the Craft extension files installed. II you want to check to make sure that Craft has indeed been successfully installed, use the "About Loaded Extensions" option from the 'AMOS* puN down menu in AMOS Professional - extensions 18 and 19 should be "Craft extension' and 'MusrCraft extension" respectively followed by your name. II you're using the Classic version ol AMOS, a lisl ol all loaded extensions should be displayed when
you first boot up.
Right, now we’re ready to get stuck into Craft - il you just can t wait to see what Craft is capable of.
Why not load up a couple ol the demonstration programs on the "Craft Examples' disk which was created by the Craft installation program? These can be found in a drawer called "Examples" on the disk. Inside this drawer you'll tind a number of demonstrations and a number of additional drawers which contain even more examples covering particular areas ol Craft obvious talents - Fractals, Audio etc. So now, give 'em a whirl.
Cr TwWovr 160 nmwcomnwnd. LoWwiMUng AMOS wmniclion WNIeewi .mcW rang* of dMoront am of computing.
INSTALLING CRAFT Cntl cannot be run directly trom our coverdlik. You mud have a copy ol AMOS. If u. a lair bit ot lotting up Is necessary betore you can eiperlence the delights that Craft has to otter.
The first thing you must do is to decompress the Craft tile which has been cleverly packed onto our coverdlsk using the PD disk packer, OMS. All you have lo do is to double dick on the Craft Icon and a window will appear prompting you to Insen a blank disk - follow these onscreen prompts and OMS will unpack Craft onto your disk. You're then ready to move onto the nest stage.
Obviously Craft is ol little use lo you unless you own a copy ol either AMOS Classic wo gave It away on out coverdlsk many months ago) or - butter still - AMOS Professional It you don't own AMOS, then you may as well stop ngtit here It you do own AMOS however, you can stan to install Craft onto your copy ol AMOS The tint thing lo do is to reset your machine and boot up Irom the Craftdisk that we decompressed earner. Alter a lew seconds, a very llasby screen containing the Craft logo will pop up onto the screen and you II be prompted to enter your first name and then your surname Craft
automatically embeds this into your copy ol the estension when it Is Installed, so It's important you don’t enter anything stupid like Alt longbottom* apologies to those unlortunate enough to have this namol).
Once you've entered your name, Craft will then write it lo the disk and prompt you to reset your Amiga. Do as it says and then wait tor Craft to boot up again. When it does, you should see an entirely new screen containing a list ol fho different versions ol AMOS which Craft can handle - click on the version ot AMOS thal you own AMOS Pro owners with anything greater than version 1.11 should click on the '1.11' gadget) and Craft will install onto your version ol AMOS. Ounng this estension Installation process, the Craft installer program
• ill also create a second disk containing lots ol Craft
demonstration programs so have a blank disk at the ready CU
AMIGA COVERDISKS CRAFT LAID BARE We have briefly looked at what
Craft is capable of, but now it's time to look a bit deeper.
It's impossible to adequately discuss every command in the amount of space that we have available here (so it will definitely be worth your while buying the Craft manual that explains them all in detail). In the meantime however, here's a briefer run down of the great things that Craft has to offer: COLOURS Craft's strongest area has to be its impressive selection of colour palette handling commands.
These commands are certainly a C KHI I _HS . I I . Hit OS KH» I_Dunper.HMDS CHBil.HvperText.HMDS KR» r_HvP«*rText_Conv erter « KHI I _ I .** .-.-I ... «» P*. K«*r . HM (KHI I Me*!.*. HROS KHI I..Pj I «* t f .• . HMIIS KHII_Kjucodes.HMDS KHI l_SnaI I.Message.HMUS Cl l_Iext_Deno.HMDS Dir list. HMIIS l I r_Ki« ...I Spot i.i I. HMIIS cut above the rest as they allow you to create what Craft calls "Palette Banks’ (which are similar to “Sprite" banks but they hold palettes) and then perform all manner of palette manipulation operations such as copying colours, swopping colours (a bit like
the Dpaint "Exchange" option) and even spreading colours to produce a range of shades between the first and last colour in the spread.
REQUESTERS AMOS has never been particularly strong on the requesters front but Craft sorts this little problem out with the addition of two new Requester commands - “Sys Request" and “Guru Alert". Not surprisingly, Sys Request produces a system requester similar to the “Insert Disk in Drive Dfn:" requesters you see on the Workbench (but in AMOS style) and ‘Guru Alert" produces one of those flashing alerts that appear on the screen every time something terrible has happened.
EXTENDED AUDIO SUPPORT I know, I know, AMOS has fully supported Sound Tracker "MOD" format music files ever since Europress released AMOS Classic version 1 H rued b ru o d 12 ----rued 24 ----rued 45 ----ru p d 13 ----rued 1 -ruod blocks protect rupd --ru.-d
- ---rued 2 ----ruod 6 ----ruod 5 ----ruod 3 ----ruod CHAOS RULES
Possibly one of the most fascinating areas of Craft is its Fractal graphics commands which provide AMOS with all that is needed to generate impressive Mandelbrot and Julia set images on a par with those produced by commercial fractal programs such as Fractal Pro 6.0. Let’s take a look at a few of the more important commands that you should be aware of. Once again, the best way to get to grips with these commands is to experiment with the demonstration programs you'll find on the Craft Extras disk.
FR POSITION X,Y The “FR Position'' command defines the geometric co-ordinates of the upper left - hand corner of the screen. To get the fractal generation working as fast as possible, however, the values that you pass must be multiplied by 8192 (don’t ask me why - it seems that the programmer has found some new system that beats the hell out of Benoit Mandelbrot's algorithm!).
The Mandelbrot set lies within the area -
2. 0 X 1.1 and -1.1 Y 1.1. The co-ordinate origin, however, must
always lie approximately in the middle of the screen. If you
set X to -16000 and Y to 12800 and use a “STEP" value of 100
(we’ll be covering this "STEP” value next) you'll be able to
adequately display any set on a standard 320 by 256 pixel
FR STEP X.Y This command defines the scale (or the
• zoom level") ol the screen when the fractal
1. 34 but Craft s audio commands are a cut above the rest. Unlike
Europress’ own attempt at a Sound Tracker player, Craft's
audio commands can play both sound samples AND Sound Tracker
modules simultaneously - try doing that with your copy of
AMOS Professional!
FRACTAL GRAPHICS One of the most impressive aspects of Craft is its support for fractal graphics in the shape of Mandelbrot and Julia sets. I'm sure you’ve seen the results of this fascinating area of computing on the album covers of such bands as Inspiral Carpets.
AMDS ERHFT EX is generated on both the "X" and “Y" axil.
Possible values range from 1 to 1024 with the larger values covering a wider area of the set. A value of one will give the maximum possible zoom level. The scale level is specified separately for the “X" and "Y" axis to allow you to tailor the aspect ratio to suit the screen that the fractal is being displayed within.
FR WINDOW SCREEN,[X.Y.WIDTH,HEIGHT) This command lets you specify which screen the fractal is drawn into and both the position and size of the fractal ‘window" (the area of the screen which the fractal will be drawn into). II you simply pass the number of the screen without any further parameters, the fractal will fill the entire screen. The “X",“Y". "WIDTH" and "HEIGHT" parameters let you specify a portion of screen with the rest being left blank.
FR COLOUR INDEX,COLOUR This command defines which colour is drawn for a particular iteration. The "INDEX" parameter defines the iteration number and the “COLOUR" parameter defines the colour register which will be used for that particular iteration.
FR MANDELBROT ITERATIONS Finally, we have the "Fr Mandelbrot" command which, not surprisingly, is that all important command that actually generates your fractal. The "ITERATIONS" parameter sets the number of iterations that the calculations use.
Fractal graphics are a bit too complicated to explain in-depth, but a brief breakdown of Craft's fractal commands can be found in the box elsewhere within these pages.
TURTLE GRAPHICS If you didn’t spend your entire school life skiving off behind the bike sheds with Flora Smith from the 5th form, then you probably remember a rather archaic language called 'Logo' that was used within schools to teach the basics of computer programming.
Although Logo was hardly a language of any great importance, it did offer one feature that is still finding favour - Turtle graphics.
The basic idea behind Turtle graphics is that you program an invisible “turtle" to draw images on the screen by passing it a list of instructions - move to position 100,100, rotate 90 degrees and then draw a line 20 units long etc. As you can see, the major difference between Turtle graphics and conventional graphics commands is that Turtle graphics use a system that makes every command operate RELATIVE to the last command.
That’s all we have space for - time to go off and experiment with all that Craft has to offer.
Okay, so thl* lonl isn’t quite a Compugraphtc outline lont but It’s pretty damned close - what's more, It was produced entirely using turtle graphics.
RETURN TO THE GOLDEN AGE OF BUCCANEERING URE GOLD Sid Meier’s 32 carat, swashbuckling adventure; enriched with stirring animations, ol , ,• TM crisp, sparkling music and ear-shattering sound effects.
The Amiga CD-32 Game To Trea: SOFTWARE SOFTWARE DEMON LTD would like to announce their move to larger premises in The Heart of Penzance.
For our Mail order customers we now have 6 lines available, for a better service CALL: SOFTWARE DEMON LTD 35, MARKET PLACE PENZANCE CORNWALL TRI 8 2JF TEL: (0736) 33 1039 FAX: (0736) 33 1499 csp&gi*
* tSS6s Il oo want 10 use your CRAFT for AMOS coverdisk to [
and maximum potential and unleash the massive po»e - s “i
within, why not purchase the original program s ma-.
The special price ot just £9.99’ CRAFT will give AMOS possibilities and commands that jd eH until now you could only have dreamed of; it will shortly become an integral extension to AMOS and you'll wonder how you ever managed without itl Here's a mere selection ol the doors CRAFT will open 'or both beginner and expert with its over 160 new instruction and functions: ’ ¦Colour-handling including multi-palette banks and coc.- --------n-g • Requesters. • Audio system lor Sound and ProTrackei c • --actjis 'both Julia and Mandlebrot) at a speed previously exclusive to The comprehensively written
65-page manual will give you a t-e nfor matron needed on each command and include many useful examples The manual is easy to use, thanks to its good layout arc :-e . : - ¦ a most helpful glossary The handbook is written both lor beginners and experienced users alike and also otters interesting background inlormano- j- objects such as Mandlebrot and Julia fractals.
II you want to get the most out ol your coverdisk (and AMOS), then there's no time to waste - till out the V coupon below and return it without delay' e have another special offer lor CU .. AMIGA AMOS enthusiasts Now that you have read about and been able to tAFT for AMOS, we can offer you the - lie boxed verson lor just C19 99' (It usually s a free budget game from the Legend label, vai- i get the complete boxed version ot CRAFT tor is; plus one of these Mogamotion, Hyperion.
* Pli s*: ; ii * i f ; - * 1 I Utopia was a big, big game.
Yeti it rfasn’-f big enough fdV Gremlin GrarpihiCs. They’ve
gone Drther. They’ve left the ground and shot off into space.
Far into space. All the way, in fact, TO LOADING DISK 77 This
month, loading your disk is very simple Indeed - all you do is
put the disk in you Amiga and switch the machine on. Simple.
First ot all you should read the K240 preview on page 63 because you'll need as much background information as you can get before you consider tackling our enormous K240 playable demo.
Once you’ve done that you can begin. Ready? Then let's start.
So what do you actually have to do? Well, you have a single asteroid and a whacking great chunk of money, and so does the alien you’re up against.
All you need to do is equip your asteroid sufficiently and wait for the enemy to turn up Before you sit back and assume that there isn't much to do. Take a quick look over the multitude of menus you have to play with.
Remember, this game isn’t just about war; you’ve got an entire colony to play with, and half the fun is making sure that the colony is thriving before you start worrying about the opposing ships.
Incidentally, they’re looking for you too. And chances are they’ll find you first!
There's a lot of game here: K240 has a wealth of options and menus, but the nice thing about it is that you can pick it up with almost no instruc- to sector... This Is ttw v*w you'll spend most of your time with. As you play the game, you'll get to recognise all the different buildings.
Tk n at all, and be completely in control in no time at all.
Just to get you going, though, here are a few pointers on what you should be doing throughout.
BASIC CONTROLS The game is controlled with the mouse. As a rule, the right mouse button brings up a sub menu and the left mouse button selects an option or builds on empty land.
If you find you are using the same options over and over again, and don’t want to keep working through the menus, then holding down the left mouse button for a second or two over the menu option extracts the button and places it on the side of the screen, where you can reach it much more quickly and easily.
PPEP HEXI PUPCHPSE CLEOP ENP At any point, to leave a menu or confirm an action, dick on the Return Icon, which is always found in the bottom right of the current window.
You can t actually buy anything from Sytach In our domo. But you can at iaast appractata the toy* of catalogue shopping A sort of Mmsrplan- BUILDING There are two ways ot HHselecting the building you Bunding want. The lirst is.to bring lc( n- up the building menu and Ilick through the choices as they are shown This is ideal lor beginners to the game, as it tells them exactly what each building does and how much it costs to build The other way is to dick on the number icon in the bottom right ot the display which allows you to flick through the various monoliths.
THE VIEWS rangThere are essentially two l ldilferent views ol an aster- ctoM-up oid that you need to know about. One is the close-up view, which is where you are dealing only with a particular asteroid (this is the view you start with), and the other is the sector view, which ¦ shows you all the asteroids you have currently detected In this mode, clicking on other asteroids selects them, allowing you to view and build on them.
ATTACKING ¦¦¦¦In our demo, you start 5*wilh a sel number ol cralt Missile end missiles. To launch icon either in an attack, select the appropriate area, and then select the destination when asked.
To choose which cratt or missile to ¦ ¦H fire, bring up the inven- M tory screen (which M appears when either mis- icon siles or spacecraft are selected) and then click with the right mouse button in the bar next to the name you want. K240 will do the rest.
K240 is a huge game, and can seem a little bewildering at first, but as you experiment and toy with it.
Everything will become clear.
Have fun, and watch out for those aliens! S) Coverdisk Manual for SOFTWOOD Ilsg DATABASE SoftWood File Ilsg DATA- COMPREHENSIVE USER MANUAL, HOTLINE SUPPORT & MONEY SAVING VOUCHER OFFER!
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- it’s about let CU guide you through the hypertext maze and
interac jungle, with the definitive guide to creating your own
multimedia Multimedia is one of those magic terms that has yet
to be tied down to a definitive meaning. But if any computer
deserves the title of Multimedia Workstation, the Amiga must
surely be it. No other micro can combine sound, graphics,
animation and text so effortlessly. Even a standard out-
of-the-box A1200 is capable of easily out-performing a PC, and
a fully-equipped Amiga 4000 can be said to be state of the art.
The success of the Interchangable File Format or IFF standard means that data can be freely shared between programs.
Only on the Amiga can you be sure that an image created with a scanner will load directly into any graphics program. This ability to share data is taken a giant step further with Arexx- the Amiga’s own inter-process communication language. With Arexx, any program can communicate with any other. So for example, a multimedia application can call on the skills of a dedicated stand-alone animation or sound playback program.
But what exactly is a multimedia application, and how would you go about writing one? Read on to find out more... AREXX THE MISSING LINK Hie unsung hern behind Amiga muhlme- Dia is Arexx- the inletprocess communication language. Getting to know Mexican be a frightening experience, hut k is essential to harness the real power ot Die Amiga.
It your authoring program speaks Men. Adding new leatures is easy. For example, the One Stop Music Shop synthesiser carp comes with an Arexx compatible tune player. Using CanDo.
HyperBook or most other development systems, an Arexx command can be sent lo the player, which is quietly multi-task- mg In the background.
The same principle can be used to add animation, sound effects even control over external video-recorders and faserdisk players.
THE ABC OF DIY Any program which includes pictures. Sounds, text and information can be said to make use of multime-
- and this leaves rather a large number of applications open,
from james to education to dedicated formation systems in
shopping centres or offices.
A typical multimedia application
- s -ather like a book that is filled with a“erent pages of text
and sound.
Thnk of a graphic adventure pro- pam. Each game location can be ccnsidered as a separate page, and eacn page can contain a picture,
* cme text and perhaps even some sound and animation.
By choosing from a list of oetons. The reader of the book can tfioote which page to go to next. In r* case of the game, this may a*oend on how well the reader is »rq - if he or she has just fallen a 50 foot well, the page would
- o«l*ely contain the message ’ co are dead - please try again1.
However, in a multimedia Point ot r-w mation system, (POI) system, the jem can select which items of intor-
- rajcn they wish to see. The pages car contain text or pictures,
and a
- w-rtcn can be triggered to inform r* user Of ask them to
WHAT YOU NEED you start writing your own WpAcsbon. You'll need several gs First of all. You’ll need a suit- «c i.-honng program.
’‘wre are many dedicated pack-
• » choose from, but even a programming language like AMOS w «
capable of doing the job.
A* cr«5 as the language can display and text, play samples and mxmc* nput it will do the job.
Next on the list is a way of getting your desired pictures into Amiga format and displaying them. There are many different pieces of hardware around that will do this, and we’ll be taking a look at the most interesting later on.
Sound is also an important issue, and again we've looked at what's currently hot in audio hardware.
Of course, the public domain libraries are full of disks stuffed with pictures and sound samples, so to get started you won't even have to spend more than the price of a blank disk.
MEMORY AND STORAGE When you need access to lots of graphics and sound, you’ll soon find that even the highest of high density floppy disks aren't man enough for the task. When the graphics are true-colour 24-bit, and the sound is CD-quality 16-bit, the bits soon rack up and occasionally even a hard disk isn’t big enough.
Imagine you are authoring a multimedia system for the local tourist board. You find that you’ll be using about 50 hi-res, interlaced HAM8 pictures - already that's potentially over 10Mb of storage space. Add another few meg for a MED sound track and the control program and you’ve easily filled a 20Mb drive.
Moving video animations and sound will multiply this amount of storage by a factor of ten and then you probably might find the system is un-economic. What if the drive fails?
How many spare 200Mb hard drives have you got?
The answer could well be CD- ROM. At the moment the cost of creating a one-off CD is still rather expensive, but you can bet that the success of the CD32 and cousins will push the prices down.
If you do get your system onto CD it makes multiple platforms very easy to make - and it means you only need one CD32 player for video, computer graphics and CD- quality sound.
MOVING VIDEO Still graphics are all very well, but for true ‘interactive television” those pictures are going to have to move.
At the simplest level, normal IFF animations can be very impressive.
As long as the number of colours is kept low, any Amiga can animate quickly enough to look impressive.
Commercial packages such as Clarissa, Magic Lantern or shareware programs like MainActor are Arexx compatible, and so can be used by the majority of authoring systems.
Playing back digital video is a lot more difficult. There are two problems: the first is the amount of space a video sequence will take up. Each frame of VHS quality video could be a megabyte big, and when you multiply that by 25 frames a second CD-ROM is the only viable solution.
The next problem is speed - if you can’t keep the data coming in fast enough the result can be horribly jerky.
One solution is to compress the data to reduce both storage and transfer speed requirements, and this is exactly what the MPEG standard does. Video is stored in compressed format, and then custom chips decompress it for display on-screen.
There are a few MPEG cards appearing on the market, but at the moment many seem to be beyond the reach of most home users.
There is a sneaky way around this problem however - don’t use full-screen video. In most cases it is completely unwarranted anyway.
Only the top right corner of the display will actually need updating at speed, which reduces by a quarter the data required.
Reducing the colour requirements as well will mean that standard ANIM files and players can cope too.
Capturing the data requires extra hardware, although this needn't necessarily be a ludicrous expense.
MacroSystems have developed a version of their superb VLAB video digitiser that will grab a sequence of video by making several passes of the original source. It also links with the Tocatta soundcard for a complete audiovisual system, costing about £800. MacroSystems are also working on a dedicated motion capturing systems, and we hope to bring you details on that when it is announced.
For the more budget minded Amiga owner, the VideoMaster system from Microdeal HiSoft can’t be overlooked. It may look like a toy, but it can capture video and sound at 25 frames per second - see the full review on page 110.
MAKING YOUR OWN HARDWARE If your multimedia system is to be used in a professional environment, it may require a completely new housing.
Building a plastic-coated wooden enclosure isn't very difficult, the hardest part is ensuring there is sufficient ventilation. Using coloured switches instead of a standard keyboard is a real step forward in user-friendliness.
The electronics behind such an improvement are ridiculously easy - simply wire up four switches lo the second joy-stick socket.
Most software can accept joystick inputs which means you won't even need to write a special Arexx input handler.
LEAD FEATURE CU AMIGA Authoring an You might like what you see here, and decide what you really want to do is to write your own multimedia application. The only problem is you’re stuck for ideas - so what do you do?
Firstly, you might like to try looking around your local area. Many shopping centres are starting to place interactive terminals in large shop- prng malls. Perhaps you could create one on a more local level - in your Post Office for example.
If you would rather stick with less commercial aspects, take a look in the PD libraries There are plenty of educational programs featuring digitised pictures, text and sound - could you do better?
Or how about creating a graphics based adventure program based on your local area, featuring your friends? All you need is access to a scanner, a video-camera and digitiser and your family can star in their own Zork adventure (or something). If you don't have a digitiser, check out the advertisements in CU AMIGA. Some advertisers offer digitising services - so all you need to do is send off your photographs, and get a disk of IFF pictures in return.
GET STARTED Whether your multimedia program is going to be a game or a serious money-making scheme however, the most important stage in the development cycle is planning. Jumping straight in might be fun. But it will only result in total chaos as you try and work out exactly what is going on.
Nothing is more annoying to an end user than a lack of consistency or the feeling that they are not really controlling what Is going on.
Spend as long as you dare planning your system. Start globally, looking at the system as a whole and then break it down into chunks.
Fill pages of paper with squiggles until you know exactly what your system is doing.
Early on In the process you will have to fix the hardware aspects of your design. Will the user be running the application on their own Amiga?
Will a stand-alone terminal be used?
Is is possible to use an external video or sound source? Where will the system be situated - will it need to be HELPFUL INDEX INDEX This screen Is offered for those who have maybe used the system before. They know they've seen something useful, but they can't quite remember where. In this situation the four buttons can become a hindrance - the user would reafty like a keyword search.
Instead we offer a scroll through a IW of options A new tune plays here to make whiling away the time looking for the right word, a little lees tresome.
Draw a box for each different display. The arrows indicate the flow of control backwards and forward between different pages In the HyperBook.
Vandal or weather proof? What sort of interface will the user be presented with? These are all important questions which shape your finished system.
USER INTERFACE When designing a user interface, try to keep in mind as many different people as possible. Not everyone is as expert at the Amiga operating system as you. In fact, your system could be the first computer a person has ever decided to use.
Think of the technophobic housewife, the old-aged pensioner, the cocky computer literate school kid, and the bored IT professional who wants information in a hurry. Your software may have to cater for all these people. Try not to use computer related terms (even phrases such as “Hit Return" can stump many), but above all avoid being patronising.
If you are building a stand-alone system, try to use buttons which are colour coded and can be placed beside the main monitor display. On a home system, make good use of the mouse and normal Amiga keyboard short-cuts.
Since most people know how to use a video recorder, a favourite interface is based loosely on this sort of control. A “Play" button can bring you to the next page, “Pause" will halt the proceedings and “Stop" can terminate the entire process. If you use icons, for heaven's sake make them understandable. Use big, bold colours and test them by showing them to someone else.
Getting hold of information in the first place is an entire discipline in itself.
Welcome to.
As the first part of the guided tour Images it's important to set the scene before launching Into any detailed descriptions. Notice the Stop and Pause buttons which can restart or temporarily freeze the current action.
For this rather smart looking building, regal music is played via a MED module and the sound card is used to replay a brief history directly from hard disk.
Speech doesn't require full-CD quality (certainly not stereo anyway), so It can prattle on for several minutes as different views of the building are displayed.
This section introduces a small section of moving video. After the nice colour picture has been displayed, a short monochrome animation shows passers-by and pigeons walking around the clock.
Even a digitiser like VldeoMaster will produce very pleasing results.
T fed yatem.
10 Pics.
» 33 n application Thi* is one of the more interesting selections the user can tako. H launches a part of the program that displays a continuous presentation. New images are accompanied by a full narration, and music is QakirtAn played in the back-
- sAN-oK_ ri i 9r°und Using the various wipes offered by the I
authoring software, a 3eL * -1 rea,lv sma'' npa,-Tv quality
programme can “ produced-1 ,,nd ,hal jjl an image processed
EBKSHflBKl digitised picture (thanks r, n,. R , i |„|. ADProt)
makes a perfect Co. Down. N. Ireland M„a,op fo, text.
This Is the most important screen of the entire project, as It will be the first display a user will see. It has to be inviting, look easy to use and avoid all types of jargon, n cannot intimidate, or it won't be used.
A tranquil tune plays whilst this screen is displayed, preferably one which won’t drive anyone who has to listen to it a lot to distraction.
There are four options, one tor each coloured switch on the terminal. The first leads to a Help screen for the scared. The second promises a Guided Tour - notice how the estimated time is given. The third will quickly produce a list of Interesting places, and the last offers a way of finding specific information quickly.
Welcome to this computerized information system.
It has been designed to be easy to use.
? Please press the Red Button to continue... A lot of users will never have seen a system like this before, so it's important to offer guidelines. Many people will be afraid that pressing the wrong button at the wrong time will break something, so It's Important that they are reassured. Keep text simple.
This screen also triggers a section of sampled narration to convince the user they have nothing to worry about, and also provide instructions quickly.
If the user has reached this far, they deserve some kind of reward. It is Important that you manage to get this far in order to test the system. There may be thousands of different ways of traversing the system, but It's up to you to ensure none of them will crash the computer and leave the same Image on the monitors for days at a time.
- -1 Please press the button ~ corresponding to your choice.
SALES 0274 691115 1 Put : HHMB9BI I 1UTI1UD 11 warn tmwunrr just plug r» a 00.
~ . i • ~ «W. .
AP e*er.l»»t center to.
O«lr ••tie ,y ytf,,,« ,,rigg"wggg‘.T PRICES SHOWN ARE FOR RACE n CHASE PACK ADD £50 FOR DESKTOP DYNAMITE PACK amazing GAMES PAC CE19.9' .u. r»u* * a*'*'
* * »:w *! 1 tragtli AMIGA 1200 32BIT RAM CARDS AMIGA 4000 AMIGA
• lOl 44117 ..*» (or PHI. -ee too !*».« MONITOR LEADS it KANOS
available plaaaa aaquira.
RICOH LP1200 LASER PRINTER NOW £689.99 COCK) DO WE 10849 (181
- t VC* 4.74m HI MS NWITca 12 »0« 31 KHZ MODfS ONLY BI-UK* COLOUR
HONI TOM witA Difital wewerr pioturo for kerferleii dtepley NON
create a theoretical tourist information system, I paid a
visit to the local library and bought a bunch ot leaflets.
These contain more background information than I could
possibly use. And provided a whole host of ideas.
The next task was to pick a nice sunny day and travel around town with my trusty 35mm camera. I was planning to scan the photographs after developing and printing, but if I had managed to keep hold of that Canon still video camera that I had a year ago I would have used that instead, most likely.
Sound was proving to be a problem, but I decided that as this system was going to be used by ordinary members of the public that as much narration as possible was required. This implies quite a large hard drive, and some direct from disk sample replay software.
Getting an introductory jingle and some tunes was a matter of asking a musically talented friend to create some MED modules. He sampled a MIDI module for the best quality sound.
For sound effects, I looked through some old record shops until I found the old BBC Audio Effects album I was looking for. I had decided early on to use CanDo, because as the name suggests I find it can do just about everything, and still manage to produce a standalone program.
Once you have a few hours experience with CanDo, each page of the system takes only minutes to produce. Items such as buttons can be easily duplicated, although the most time-consuming part of the process was getting the graphics and sound just right.
When all the software was working, it was time to build a dedicated cabinet. I used some illuminated arcade game style switches (try Maplin Electronics) and placed them as close to the monitor as I could. A standard Philips Commodore 1084 monitor was more than adequate, as all the interlaced pictures I was going to display came from real digitised sources, which reduces flicker to almost negligible amounts.
The stereo sound from the monitor meant I didn't need an external audio amplifier. After extensive testing it was time to try and sell my system... but that's another story!
Software reviews So now you know how to create your own multimedia products, it’s time to look at the available software which will help you complete the job.
CAND02 One ol the first, and still one ol the best authoring programs is CanDo Irom Inovatronics. This has to be one ol the most underrated Amiga programs ever - hardly anyone seems to realise that you can probably do almost anything with CanDo.
Using CanDo to create the Tourist Information system was quite straightforward. The buttons were actually part of the screen Image to keep palette match problems at bay.
Overlaying some of CanDo's "shape only'* buttons ensured they still did something when they were clicked (when I was testing It). In the finished system, the joystick reading routines were used to scan the extra switches connected to the second mouse port.
Programs or decks consist ol special cards. Each card can be a window or a screen with or without an IFF picture backdrop. AGA images are now fully supported in the latest versions.
On the card you can place animations, buttons, text, lists ol items, pulldown menus - just about everything you might need. You then write scripts (by pointing and clicking, or directly with a text editor) to deline what happens whenever a particular action is taken. For example, a button may inform CanDo to display a new Card or play a sound sample - or both.
Other actions are handled automatically, so for example inserting a new floppy disk can be detected. There is even a timer to launch specific scripts at specific times. Input support is extensive, as is the Arexx interlace for linking CanDo Decks with other programs.
CanDo is my multimedia tool ol choice. It might not be lightning last, but it does almost everything I could possibly need.
BooksheIf Product: CanDo 2.5 Price: E149.95 Availability: Meridian Software, Tel: 081 543 3500 distributable browser program.
HELM Helm is a relatively new multimedia authoring program, that seems to be a cross between CanDo and HyperBook. It offers a huge range of options including remote CDTV control and AGA graphics support, whilst avoiding the multiple sliding screens of CanDo to provide a slightly faster user-inter- face.
It has special features dedicated to creating hypertext documents, and remember these text files can now also include moving graphics and sound.
Creating pictures is made a lot simpler by the inclusion of a dedicated drawing program, so you don't have to keep flipping back to Deluxe Paint or whatever.
Best of all is the freely distributable browser program which means you can share your work with anyone who has an Amiga.
If you wish HyperBook had been updated, then you'll be pleased to know that it has. It's just changed its name to Helm in the process.
Product: Helm Price: £99.95 Availability: Meridian Software, Tel: 081 543 3500 AMIGA A4000 040 GAAPHICS AND VIDCO !
The flagship of the Commodore Amiga range. RCRL3D 2 £378.50 £134.99 £136.99 £ 66.00 £ 59.99 £ 54.99 £ 44.99 £ 23.99 £ 23.99 £ P.O.R 1 £ P.O.R Based around the 68040 processor. Comes uuith a ART DCPT PRO Hard Drive. 2+4 RAM and UJB 3.0. MORPH PLUS 85 Mb version - £ 1899 340Mb version - £2069 DpfllNT 4 fiGA 130Mb version-£1919 426Mb version-£2149 DPH'NT 4 200Mb version - £ 1939 540Mb version - £2299 SCCNCRV ANIMATOR 4 250Mb version - £ 1979 VISTfl PRO 3 MAKC PATH TCRRAFORM SC ALA MM210 SCALA MM300 AMIGA A4000 030 The some specifications os it's big brother but designed around the 68030
processor. The A4000 030 comes ujith a Hard Drive. 1 +1 RAM and UJB 3.0. (FOR 2+2 PLCASC ADD £69) 85 Mb version - £899 340Mb version- £1099 130Mb version -£969 426Mb version- £1199 200Mb version - £999 540Mb version - £ 1299 250Mb version -£1039 UTILITIES X-COPV PRO G8 ROUTC PLUS LATTICC C V6.1 DIRCCTORV OPUS VIDCO BACKUP SVSTCM OUARTCRBACK TOOLS D€V PACK We are recognised in the Amiga community as one of the leading specialists in Hard Drives and Mass Data Storage.
AMIGA AI200 V.DI AMIGA 12 The A1200 sports many of the features of the R4000 DISTANT SUNS V4.2 series. Based around the 68020 processor uuith 2Mb of RAM and UJB 3.0 as standard. A full range of Hard Drives are also available for the A1200.
MUSIC STCRCO MASTCR BARS & PIPCS PRO TCCHNOSOUND TURBO Bosk A1200 - £289 120Mb H.D version - £494 40Mb H.D version £388 170Mb H.D version - £528 60Mb H.D version - £445 200Mb H.D version - £548 UIO AD PROCCSSO A & DTP 85Mb H.D version £468 256Mb H.D version - £578 LUORDLUORTH 2 FINAL COPV 2 __ m I0T*,. ' PCNPAL PAGCSCTTCR 3 PRO DRAUJ V3.0 Wf' '.'-;' PAO PAGC V4 0 GAMCS .-¦ •* -! V. I l CIVILISATION AGA ‘ ’CIVILISATION AGO UPGRADC (SCND VOUR DISKS AND DCTAILS) mtl PRINTERS CITIZCN CITIZCN 240 CITIZCN 240C PANASONIC KXP2123 COLOUR KXP2023 HCLULCTT PACKARD HP 500C HP 510 HP 550C DESKTOP DVNAMITC
PACK The desktop Dvnomite Pock contoins 5 pieces of software mritten specificollv for the AGA chipset, which includes DpomtAGA. LuorduiocthAGA, Oscar and other ujith a totol street value of over £300.
(PLCASC ADD £40 FOR DTD PACK) £210.0C £178.0C £290.0C £246.0C £490.0C U OVERDRIVE 35 ! Those extemol hotd Y drives come in on K ' ABS box styled to motch the Amiga 1 200. They plug in £ vio the PCMCIA slot ™ ond m lode on externol PSU so os . Not involidote your Commodore wor- ronty. Ultro Tost Tsfer rotes of up to 2Mb sec. Full I year warty. Oil the software needed to mount ond figure the drive is included.
Mb version -£299 340Mb version- £449 Mb version - £349 426Mb version- £549 Mb version - £399 540Mb version- £699 1200 UPGRADES tV SCSI RAM BOARD board is user fittoble vio the trapdoor onsion slot of the FI 1200. It hos slots for up to 'o of 32bit RAM, o moths co-pro ond includes a interface os stondord.
• 6 NO FPU £179.00
• o RAM 33MHz FPU £349.00 ‘ CABLE KIT £ 59.00 VPR1230 BOARD
* her quality trapdoor expansion for the !00. It features o 68030
processor os stondord l hos slots for o moths co-pro ond up to
8Mb 52bit RAM.
NO FPU £269.00 b RAM 40MHZ FPU £439.00 ’ACCESSORIES
• 'Hz 68882 FPU £ 99.00
• 'Hz 68882 FPU £129.00 32bit RAM £ 64.00 32bit RAM £153.00 VI
RAM BOARD udget expansion boord fits vio the trapdoor.
2x32bit SIMM sockets for up to 8Mb of
- ory. O 16MHz 68881 FPU. Ond o bottery
* ed clock fitted os stondord.
With 0Mb RAM'68881 £99.00 with 1Mb RAM 68881 £129.00 with 4Mb RAM 68881 £229.00 IDE INTERNAL HARD DRIVE KITS These kits come complete with screws, instructions ond oil the software necessary to prep ond configure the drive.
40Mb-£139 60Mb-£l 19 80Mb-£179 120Mb-£279 209Mb-£399 R4000 UPGRADES PHOTON (FOR A4000 030) This boord wil transform on AMIGA A4000 030 into
o fully fledged 040 It features a 040 CPU module with a MMU ond o
built-in FPU running at 25MHz.
PHOTON UPGRADE £699 HEUFIRE (FOR R4000 030) This is a replacement CPU board for the A4000 030. It features a 50 Mhz clock speed, a built in MMU and a 50 Mhz 68882 FPU. Vour 030 will only be 10% slower than an 040 during most operations.
HELLFIRE UPGRADE £299 DHB 128 The DH8 128 is a 0 wait slote memory expansion boord for the R4000 series. It hos slots for up to 128Mb of 32bit RAM using SIMMS of ony size. It is o true ZORRO 3 cord which makes for o very fast boord.
DHB BOARD (BLANK) £269 (See chips for memory) HARD DRIVES (RI200 & R4000) These Hord Drives con be fitted ot any time by us (FOR THE A1200) or the end-user. All the necessary software is included.
85Mb-£129.00 330Mb - £299.00 130Mb - £ 149.00 426Mb - £369.00 200Mb - £199.00 540Mb - £399.00 250Mb - £249.00 FITTING FEE FOR A1200 £ 29.00 CHIPS 1Mb SIMM £39.00 4Mb SIMM £134.00 25MHz 68882 FPU £ 89.00 33MHz 68882 FPU + CRVSTAL £ 99.00 40MHz 68882 FPU + CRVSTAL £129.00 CD32 CONSOLE This machine represents the future in home entertainment ond video gome ploy. A self-contoined CD console which you con expond into o full CD based home computer. CD32 comes complete with two stunning AGR games.
ALL FOR JUST £279 We offer a full fitting, installation and advice service to anybody interested in upgrading or adding a Hard Drive to system.
A full range of Amiga products are available from our mail order service at:- S0FTWARE DEMON Ltd.
(0736)331039 Born in the mind of Syd Mead A New Form of Entertainment The Ultimate Planetary War Game that mirrors real life yet lets players escape to worlds only dreamed of... Superb i on-linoar gamcplay, st?l in a realistic l*JLL 06‘ 5 TOTRC FUNDS v s »;.* * , •C VA fcomic environment 4= * V'M' !• Megabytes of fanta c action sequences.
• O-! I n I .i i A ii l ii in aid, a unique new feature “~r ~ '
where cvei tfiaracter has its own life, nnnnnnn mnnnPiPiR
motivation and rules. Da mm ___ Fullv animated strategic battle
command area. ** r77N’ iTv ir1 :'ir.- 4? I • i~~ ~ii.¦ t W& _ _
mi inrnr r i . It Maelstrom includes a multitude of dlobrl
computers, weapon types and ship classes that iom .u~ ; ae can
be set up in many ways.
• All computers have different intelligence _______ , rr ™
™rr7r ™ cbc patterns and task abilities.
Mu"‘ • Fit out your battleship from a vast array of f§L“" weapons.
I ¦. • Fully animated strategic battle command area.
I'J II 'JI.IJII II. - II..-JI. .1 II . 'JI..I4I |i). II IJI.. I II . II • II..I-.II T .'U| IBM PC and Amiga MAELSTROM IS NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED, WHEN YOU LOSE - YOU DIE... Distributed by Empire Software The Spires, 677 High Road, "Maelstrom" is a trademark owned by EPICENTER North Finchley, London N12 ODA Tel. 081-343 7337 I ©1993 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED MEDIAPOINT Aimed squarely as competition for Scala, MediaPoinl does pretty well for itself. It was written by the same people who brought us Real 3D, and received a strong review in the January 1994 issue.
As Scala, it uses the same sort of pinky-lilac screen with point and click event bars. Animations, sound and Arexx messages can all be produced depending on input or pre-set times. The extensive set of example image and sound files which come with MediaPoint will mean you can probably create half a dozen applications before you need to buy a scanner or digitiser. Also like Scala, MediaPoint is rather expensive and worse still you may find you have to pay a royalty or buy a license to use it on a standalone terminal.
Product: MediaPoint Price: £399.95 Availability: Meridian Software, Tel: 081 543 3500 i: Tele-Date ¦• Kfr
* Jt Meet your perfect date with the hetp ot our discreet
love-match person.d database.
Select transition: SCALA You're probably sick of Scala, aren’t you? Surely not I hear you cry. If last month’s extravaganza wasn’t enough for you, here’s a brief re-cap. Scala is the multimedia tool that the professionals use. It supports almost everything under the sun, and is in use all over the world. Even IBM use it for their presentations.
If you want to know more, either look at last month’s issue, watch cable TV in the States, book into a Danish hotel or buy a McDonalds.
Product: SCALA MM300 Price: £329.99 Availability: Scala UK Ltd, Tel: 0920 444294 HYPERBOOK HyperBook was developed by GoldDisk, who are probably better known for their DTP software rather than their multimedia software. This program manages to combine ease of use with an incredibly powerful Arexx interface.
The interface is needed because HyperBook can’t do a great deal by itself - 3 Moue up 2 Moue down 3 Moue right 13 Moue right douin ZlMoue left down ? Moue left up Speed: Uariation: No effect Cancel even the animation support isn't up to much. In its favour is a very low price, an excellent manual and a really classy feel. Unfortunately there are problems using HyperBook with Workbench 3 machines, and there is no AGA support. Until some upgrades come along, this is probably one to avoid.
Product: HyperBook Price: Original price £70. However, can now be found in various shops for a lot less.
Availability: Gold Disk, Tel: 0101 416 602400 or shop around in the UK.
» AMIGA PC UTILITIES Cross Dos5! Cross PC . £39.95 Amiga lo emulate a CGA PC ana read and wnt* MS Dos Sha PC TASK .£39.95 Ai«w* an Amiga to smuiaw a VGA EGA PC. R«M & «rra us Dos (lies BOOKS Bruce Smith Books A1200 Insider Guide £13.95 A1200 Next Sleps ......£13.95 Insider Guide ....£14.95 A-Z ol Workbench £14.95 AmS ‘‘ner, Amiga Printers ...£18.95 Mastering Amiga System
£28.95 AmigaDos 3.0 R
3. 0 Ti Mastering Mastering AmigaDos 2 Volume 2 DISK UTILITIES
Disk Expander Ccmpratws y x» hard drtvo £29 95 X-Copy
Professional £24 99 Hardware and solatest version Directory
...£49.95 04k
utas • snow pictures, pay music, hex read lies, backup. Search
.....£37.55 Dak cachng »
speed up hard drhes by 22 Bmes. F copWs by 320 timee1
Quarterback Tools Deluxe ....£79.95 loctcv v8
Back-Up and archival system .£59.95 Video
Back-up Syslem
£54.95 Becks up
floppies and hard drhes onto VHS video tapes DATABASE e
4 .....£99.95
Forms Desgner and futy ratabonal datatrea e Pro 4
v1.3 .....£199.95
Fuly relational database win Database Managamant language
DATABASE APPLICATIONS QB Route Plus Plan your route anywhere
in the UK £39.95 Mailshot
Plus ...£39.95
c Librarian .....£19.95 Plants For All
Seasons .....£19.95 DRIVERS Sura aione device
anver* with hofflnka to ASDO's Art Dept. Professions Scanner
Software ....£99.95 Sharp JX100 Driver
£99 95 Sharp JX300 Driver
LFR Driver ..£119.95
EDUCATIONAL ADI English age 11-12 ADI English age ADI English
age ADI English age ADI French age ADI French age ADI French
age ADI French age ADI Jnr ADI Jnr ADI Jnr ADI Jnr ADI ADI k
ADI k ADI k Math it Create lllng Fair Kid Pix Pam package tor
k« .... Math Answerback Fact 500 Spelling
8 12a)... hood, * Pteyo-ij ;ege J.r Noddy's Big Adventure
(age 3-7) .. ms V4.2 Astronomy .... EMERALD CREATIVE
081 715-8886 FAX: 08!
FINANCE MANAGEMENT Arana Accounts ...£89.95 Ful acooure package to• re Amiga Cashbook Combo .....£59.99 Day By Day Dary and personal organoar ....£24.99 Home Accounts 3 (Money Matters) ......£39.99 Personal Finance Manager Plus ....£32.95 Keep track of your cash!
System 3 £49 99 Moctjies t y cashflow, sates ledger and stock comm .. Syslem 3E ... £54 99 IMAGE PROCESSING Art Expressions .....£145.00 Real 3D Classic Co« atfaciva 30 renewing, ray tracog £69.95 3D V2 ....£359 95 Ultra-powerful profession* quality 30 rerdenng Callgarl 24 PAL £97.95 Callgarl Broadcast v3.1 .£349.99 Alternative Textures 3D vol 1 ..£39.99 Add distent textures and feels' lo Re* 3D and
Imagne Alternative Textures 30 vol 2 £39.99 Essence v2 Textures lor knagre ...call Art Department Professional v2.5 .£145.00 Art Dept Pro Conversion Kit .£59.99 ard sava different tie formats n Art Department Professional Doug's Pro Control £55.95 Bmoi processing front end tor AO Pro and Morph Plus Morph Plus ...£145.00 Twist. Dts»n. Morph and warp images - watch Madonna turn arto Mr T Pixel 3D Pro £89.95 Oeaie 30 mages trom
scratch or from 20 pictures.
Taks 2 Animations Dsney * yoi o-r home .....£39.95 Video Director v.deo Edbr* ...£119.95 Professional Draw v3.0 ..£89.95 X-CAD 2000 ...£99.95 INTEGRATED PACKAGES MUSIC SOFTWARE Bars&Plpes Professional ...£199.95 The most powerful sequencer you could ever wish for.
BarsiPlpes Pro Upgrade v1*v2 . Creativity Kit nternal Sounds Muh rrwoie Kit ¦toate 80s A M atc8ox B RwtciTTTarc* Toots n Power Tools Kit P-o diuOo Ki* Ruiee fo* loof* Cc-a » O-e-Stoc Mls*: Shop £499 rt '¦* sw-v g £W, '•pieua XT • « « s*~j v eevwaon S samples on ROM PatchMeistar £79.95 Patch librarian lor M»l. Drivers for many sound modUee aid handles Sysex dumps SuperJAM! Vl.leTtie easy way to make muse £74.95 rru* with mWbmodia .....£151.96 Triple Play
Plus ....£159.95 With ms 3 out MIDf interlace, have up to 48 channel MIDI composdons Amas 2 Sound sairw - "to menace ...£79.99 Parity 16 16 txt sampler wth software ......£129.95 ro Midi Interlace The pnce.penotmare* midi mwtace £24.95 Stereo Master 8 bit sound sampler ..£34.95 Mega Mix Mastersoord samoing *d dgfi* effects £29.95 Megalosound ...... £34.95 Deluxe Music Construction KH v2 .£69.95 Loog awated new version Miracle
Piano £259.95 then write patterns to your sequencer wdi th.s ful sue MIDI kaytoard and software Technosound Turbo 2 £34.95 sampler Sample drect to hard dsk PAINT Art Expressions Oraewg .. Brilliance A tantasOc 32 bit paint package Oeluxe Paint 4.5 AGA Deluxe Video III ... Deluxe Paint 4.1 Std. Non AGA Personal Paint v4.0 .. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Cygnus Ed Protessional
v3.5 ..... Amos Professional Amos Prolessional Compiler ...... Power Basic DevPac 3 . SAS C Ver 6.5 . PbPMl .. CanDo V2.5 Blitz Basic v2 VIDEO HARDWARE Editmate £189.95 Control vdeo from Amiga. AOS sound via die mixng board.CaOles and shw Power Grey Scale Scanner v3.0 .....£124.95 Colour Power
Scanner £249.95 Video Master £69.95 A5O0 only Sample sound grab, video, mono Epson GT6500 Colour Scanner £759.00 Hgh quality. As. Flatbed colour scamer irdudes AS0G scanner soft ware Video Back-up Syslem £54.95 Backs tp you *cpo«es and hard drhes orco VHS video tapes Rendale 8806 S-VHS Genlock ....£499 00 Rendale 8802 FMC Genlock .£159 95 Amerge Genlock with fade wipe control £195 00 Vidi Amiga 12 .£74.95 Grabs tut cOcur images inxn a
vdeo source in under one second Vldl 12 Real Time Realome 12 bit trame grabber......£159.00 VWI 24 Real Time Real me 24 bit fr*he g-aboe- £239.00 VIDEO TITLING Big Alternative Scroller Big Altemallve Scroller 2 ...... Broadcast Titlar 2 Super Hi Res .... Font Enhancer & Font Pack vol 1*2 lor BT2.
Helm ...... Montage 24 bt AGA Tang .. Scala 500 HT100 1 Multi Media MM210 Scala MM300 ..... VIRTUAL REALITY distant Suns v42 A500nomy Scenery Animator v4 ... Vista Pro v3.0 Create textured 3D tandscaj** Vista Pro upgrade v2 - 3.0 ... Makepath lor Vlsta Pro An male a path through your tfieta Pro 30 la Torralorm
lor Vlsta Pro Vista Scapemaker 3.0 WORD PROCESSING and DESKTOP PUBLISHING PenPal UK ... Personal Write ..... Wordworth 3.0 AGA ’rotesslonal Page v4. ...... ’agesetter v3 .... ’agestream v3.0 ..... TypeSmlth 2 Font desgnev .... Final Writer Final Copy II UK ..... furboprint Professional ... HOW TO ORDER and PAY to "Emerald Creative".
Allow lys for cheques to clear.
Mastercard, Switch, Delta. We card when we process your Cheque m at least 7 v Credit Cai will bill you order and ship the product, not before.
Pricing:AII pricing includes VAT, but not carriage We resen e the right to change prices. You will be nformed of any price change betore your accepted.
Post and Packaging charges within the UK are £2.50. Registered post is an extra £0.55 Next day courier is £4.95 inc VAT within the UK Mainland 3lease ask for Overseas pricing.
Problems: Faulty product will be replaced 01 epaired, at our discretion, within 30 days of purchase. Phone us and we will tell you what to do. Nc efunds can be given at any time, unless we cannot epair your faulty product.Keep your Invoice. ESOE.
AMIGA GUIDE Commodore don't always get things right, but occasionally they come up with some blinders, of which Amiga Guide is one. It's a hypertext system, that should relegate all those nasty scrolling “More" variants to the trash can. An Amiga Guide document looks much like any other text file, except for one or two little extra comments.
However, when used with the Amiga Guide program these comments trigger all sorts of magic. For starters, you can control text colour and style, but you can also create "hyperlinks' to other pages in the document.
Click on an outlined word, and you immediately get brought to a detailed explanation. Click on the gadgets at the top of the screen and you can return. It’s dead easy to use, and also very easy to write your own documents.
The best thing is that it’s free - yup, the entire Amiga Guide environment is available for nowt. I got mine with the official Commodore Native Developer Kit 3.0, but the file is freely distributable so ask your favourite PD library for a copy.
Product: Amiga Guide Price: Free Availability: 17 Bit Software, Tel: 0924 366 982 AMOS The first of the BASIC language systems covered. AMOS has been around a long time now. Apart from anything else this means it is both cheap and reliable, and has also amassed a huge following with various clubs and newsletters.
As you would expect from a language primarily designed for writing arcade games, AMOS is fast and has lots of support for IFF sounds and images.
Unfortunately the AGA modes aren't supported, although there should be some third party extensions to plug the gaps.
For multimedia applications, the Professional version of AMOS is required, as it offers standard requesters, better animation support and Arexx.
My main reasons for not liking it much are purely based on the fact that AMOS doesn’t integrate itself with the Amiga operating system very well.
Its problem is that it just sort of sits on top of everything and bosses the rest of the system around.
So remember to get the compiler if you need stand-alone code.
Product: AMOS Professional Price: £49.95 (and £34.95 for compiler) Availability: EuroPress Software, Tel: 0625 859333 fc'A X'k
7. 'A K1 kk 'A'A
* 'KJ k j'A'A k 'a 'a k 'a 'a 'A'A BLITZ BASIC2 Is this the new
crown prince of Amiga BASIC programs? It certainly looks as
though AMOS has had its day, although there will be plenty of
die-hards who won’t admit it.
Blitz is a corking adaptation of BASIC, souped up with total control over the Amiga hardware and one of the fastest BASIC compilers ever seen.
It provides plenty of support for IFF screens and samples, and like AMOS it has an open architecture which allows third party extensions - like 3D and AGA graphics - to be added later.
Again, Blitz is primarily for writing games. But don't let that stop you. Knock up a few text-handling routines and a nice picture loader and you have the heart of your own multimedia system. Programs compile into stand-alone lumps of code which takes all the headaches out of distribution.
Product: BlitzBasic2 Price: £69.95 Availability: Meridian Software, Tel: 081 543 3500 LATTICE C The ultimate method of creating a multimedia system is to write the entire thing from scratch, and there is no better way to write a complicated program than to use the C language.
VoTff Tn iT_d 1 o ? ToneryC dlctroot.Ilnk=MULL; diotroot flrst»NULL.
Dictroo* code-KERNAL.
Strcpy(dictroot rame,"Root”);
• »ke_kerr el( ; void fldd_v ord cK»r niMl 161) fidd other
words to the current word in the dictionary Do this by 1
Looking along dictionary to last entry (2 Looking through
list (started by first) struct word efindl; struct list «find2;
struct list »new; e Allocate speoe for a new word • new *
(struct list a) salloo(sizeof (struot tlst ; (new«-*JLL
•.Check to.see if it was. Created ok • Currently Lattice SAS
C is the Amiga compiler of choice, although it has to be said
that the public domain and shareware offerings are getting
pretty close. DICE in particular is hot stuff, although you
will have to remember to buy the Commodore Include datafiles
before you can do anything useful.
The benefits of writing your own system are obvious - it will do exactly what you want it do. And you have total ownership of the copyright. If it was any good, you could even sell the system yourself. Writing in C also means your code is portable, so adapting it to run on Pcs or MACs might bring even more fame.
The disadvantages are also obviously - it’s bloomin' hard work. You’ll need to write your own image display code, your own animation code and your own sound management code.
You’ll have to cope with keyboard and mouse input, time scheduling, Arexx ports, editors and above all, it will have to be totally reliable. Working alone, this could easily take six months to complete - no mean task.
Product: Lattice SAS C v6 Price: £255 Availability: HiSoft. Tel: 0525 718181 » AREXX Believe It or not. But it is possible to write an entire application using Arexx.
The only catch is that you'll need standalone programs to display graphics, animations and so on. The good news is that all you reguire is already written and in the realm ot public domain and shareware.
Graphics can be handled with VlewTek, lor although VT doesn't itself have an Arexx port (shame) it can be driven trom the CLI SHELL, which Arexx is more than capable ot doing. Likewise there are dozens ol IFF-sample playback programs around, so linking the entire lot together is only a matter of churning out the relevant Arexx script, It there is a major problem, it's probably one ol speed. Arexx is an interpreted language and therefore not the fastest. It would also be a difficult task indeed to prevent glitches as the various programs are called, and you might find the Workbench display
keeps popping to the front - not always a very pleasant experience.
II you don't have an A4000 you will need to invest in a good tutorial work, ol which there are now several.
Product: Arexx Price: free with all new Amigas Availability: Commodore. Tel: 0628 770088 Suppliers Harrow. Middlesex.
England HA1 2YR Tel: 081 427 5377 SILICA SYSTEMS 1-4 The Mews Hatherley Road.
Tel: 081 3091111 East House.
East Road Industrial Estate, Peebleshire.
London. SW191AH Scotland EH43 6AB Mill Studio.
Tel: 081 543 3500 Tel: 089 687 583 Cranemead, Ware, Herts.. MARCUS MUSIC MICR0DEAL HIS0FT LTD.
England SG12 9PY 125 Royal Avenue The Old School.
Tel: 0920 444 294 Bellas!
Greenfield. Bedford,
N. Ireland England. MK45 50E EUROPRESS SOFTWARE.
BT11FF Tel: 0525 718181 Europa House.
Tel: 0232 322871 324956 Adlington Park.
Poynton, K0RG (UK) LTD.
Baird Road. Livingston.
The Crystal Centre.
Scotland. EH54 7AZ England SK10 4NP Elmgrove Road.
Tel: 0506 414631 Tel: 0625 859333 JARGON BUSTERS
• HYPERTEXT A hypertext system is one in which clicking on a
particular word will bring the user to a definition or more
relevant test.
• SCRIPTING LANGUAGE For line-tuning, it Is Important that an
application can be editing at the script level. For example,
although CanOo applications are generated by clicking and
dragging, it is also possible to enter commands directly Irom
the keyboard.
• PLAYBACK FROM DISK Especially when memory Is limited, it is
useful to be able to play back animations trom disk without
having to load them all into memory tirst.
• EXTERNAL HAROWARE SUPPORT Some systems can control dedicated
hardware such as laser disk players or audio CO players.
• MIDI PLAYBACK For the best possible musical backing, an
external synthesiser can be controlled it the software
THANKS TO.. Martin Lowe (Amiga Centre Scotland) lor some excellent kit. Andy Leaning (Silica) lor keeping us on our toes. Marcus Music and Chris Campbell for MIDI equipment and being the best music shop. Bangor Town Council lor not taking legal action... yet.
You might be worried about using a particular sound sample ot photograph, but news just in from the States presents a whole new problem: the concept of Multimedia has itself been copyrighted The Amercian company Compton's NewMedia has been granted a patent for "a search system in which a multimedia database consisting of text, picture, audio and animated data is searched through multiple graphical and textual entry paths'.
In its broadest sense this covers just about everything covered In the last few pages: a truly crazy state of affairs. Compton NewMedia are actually proposing that you pay them to license your multimedia application. Until the big boys such as Microsoft (who produce a help system for Windows that neatly infringes the patent) and their lawyers can talk some sense into the patent commission, this Is what you'll have to do to remain 100% Inside the law. Frightening, isn't it? They'll be patenting breathing next.
Individual programs and features Program name CANOO HELM MED1AP0INT SCALA HYPERBOOK AMIGAGUIDE AMOS BLITZBASIC 2 LATTICE SAS C AREXX Program type Multimedia Multimedia Multimedia Multimedia Multimedia Hypertexl Programming Programming Programming Interprocess authoring authoring authoring authoring authoring system Language Language language communicasystem system system system system tion language Hypertext support Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No 0IY No Graphics support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Limited Yes Yes DIY No Amiga Sound support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes DIY No MIOI support No No Yes
Yes No No No No DIY No Animation support Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes DIY No Animation played Irom disk No No Yes Yes No No No No DIY No AGA graphics Yes Yes Yes Yes No Limited No • promised No - promised DIY No External hardware support No Yes Yes Yes No No No No DIY No Scripting language Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes (BASIC) Yes (BASIC) C Yes Arexx Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes (Pro only) No DIY » a Overall Rating
• •••
• ••
• ••
• ••• (notel) moth 2) Notl: Airy lynterr that Ins an Min port can
(In theory at loot) M anything For example ClnOo can call a
pro|ram that plays animations directly trom disk. Ot coarse,
this Isn't as convenient as a program like Metf aRvinZwhich can
directly play animations in mis way Note 1: With Lattice SAS C.
you need to errtte the leatares yoorsell Theoretically, it can
do everything Note 2: Although Men itself cannot display
graphics ot play sounds, it can ash other programs to do K on
Its hrtalf ? MediaPoint multimedia magic for the Amiga
MediaPoint is the state-of-the-art in interactive presentation
Commodore Info Main Menu ' 9 New Amiga models U CDTV titles H Multimedia softwcre 3| Other products Interactive Information Systems No other software package on the Amiga has this many features in the standard package. Some of the highlights: MediaPoint is professional:
• Script synchronization on standard time, SMPTE and MIDI.
• Play full motion video and samples from harddisk. Supported
animation formats: anim-5, 7 & 8 and (AGA) CDXL.
• Over 150 smooth screen and object transitions.
• Use buttons to create interactive scripts for mouse, keyboard
and touch screen.
• Script events can be scheduled to be displayed on specific days
and times.
• Use ScriptTalk™ language to create customized scripts with
variables, conditional jumps and Arexx support.
MediaPoint is easy to use:
• Cut, copy, paste and undo for all page and script editor
• Script parts can be collapsed and exploded.
• Text editor allows a different font, size, color and style per
• Antialiasing per character color, not to just one color.
• Frame-oriented page editor with solid, pattern and transparent
frames. Over 50 frame transitions.
Video Titling
• Duplicate, centre, align, lock and group move functions for
MediaPoint means good looking, fast graphics:
• Import any Amiga graphics file including 24 bits.
• Scale and remap to any (AGA) graphics mode.
• Save page layout including text and graphics for use in other
• Ready to use clipart, maps, pictograms, fonts and sounds
• Fast color thumbnails in file requester for easy file browsing.
MediaPoint is modular:
• Xapp™ modules for GVP's IV-24, Studio 16 cards, MIDI, CDTV,
LaserDisc players, VCRs, still video players. Coming soon:
Video Toaster xapp.
Profit before Taxes MediaPoint is complete:
• Standard bundled languages: English, French, German and Dutch.
400 300 55 200 35 5 T ~ r- 100
- *r 0 mo 1991 1992
• Free runtime player.
• No hardware key protection.
MediaPoint is a trademark of MediaPoint Int. All other brand names are the property of their respective owners. For more information: Presentations Activa International Inc. +31-20-691.19.14, Fax: +31-20-691.14.28. Activa Technical Support UK: 081-402.5770, BBS 081 986.5964. |!|SSSS “f SSS mm m fciwiLJji
h. 2* °n a mC f c - -* i!
Iiiiii liii!
IU il ¦ 5
0) 0 0» 0 Ol 0) 0) 01 0
* n (0« « «»
0) «N0»J«o»cors yuu"uuuu iiiBS i i a 8 i i i SI i i= iiiiiiSii
l:i3 ml!
Illj™.™ mm .
I!,i miwm mim 01 01 01 0) « 01« ¦ 2 Mo»o 0»0*0 OC j" “uijoioi jj os “i ;yy*-nuiij* |» O : ;ww ?(• 1 " Hi !j|=i|aasaiia ||1 a a a a f l! r-iig!snr-8nij Mbjiffip imoffiMaft 0.0. 000.00 oooooooo
0. 0.0.000 •»•»• «*«i ago* 010; a* a « * •) mffioiaia
0 oi«toiaisiotot T 0 0.00 0 0. 00.0.0
Qi *l!v,lM !l! !** ! O a* o»e»o»«n "o K ff
If»xr•GNa’aaaaiffiaiteaiffi «*ai ffiaviai-nriai
a»nkW?'w*» ,“MwNnNN m«*)£Nn**f«»ii»w fiifl VWUrpU-WWWWUw W 2 W
W W M BWWI* isssssss isuis-as J0HB0" I I
* 31* i I iJ J‘««D9icipj ®5 5g»g8t *»0» atfi9i»if)«Ni(»a «0i.
&44*0 0 0t0t0t0»rii0W Elflctffl" an mt« *10 core £(•)*
l"NP)NNNnrin « £ 2 ? R, ° N 0»CO«0P*W«f WN WUWUWWnpUWpuUnSwW
- i * ¦; J 5 : ; ft : : : • : w *Th jei : : • s : : 3 i i iii*
U |( isijs'i Jj BSPs'! Ilili ! Si The Best Selling Word
Processor and Database just became even better... VALUE!
I I reports, inio which infomiation can be merged.
Our Amiet Since its launch. Pen Pal has become the most popular package of its type Nol surprising when you consider the extensive features at your fingertips, combined with user friendly simplicity, it was bound to be a winner! In a comprehensive Word Processor test. Amiga Format commented "There is little to fault Pen Pal. It deserves to do well" - quite a prediction it seems!
Format have since said that it's "Still the best value for money..." If you're not a Pen Pal user yet, we hope you soon w ill be. Because at just £49.95... the best just became better, even better value!
CD32ZONE CU AMIGA CD32 ZONE TheBlT nTrntor news and reviews on the CD32 THE END OF SHOVELWARE?
Iave you noticed anything different about the CD reviews this issue? Notice how, for the first time, it isn’t just CD conversions of existing Amiga floppy disk products?
I Glance down this page to the news piece on Stellar Genesis I Agency's new game. The big news seems to be that Shovelware is dying, being replaced by genuine CD development. The CD32 seems to be succeeding at speeds that I no-one could have expected, as developers start to develop CD32 products in tandem with PC CD-ROM titles. This can only mean good games for the CD32 as developers draw on all the experiences learned from years of PC construction and start to create games that fully utilise the CD, instead of a standard Amiga game with half an hour of music. Amiga conversions won't help
the CD32 survive, but developed-for-CD titles will. Three cheers for the flourishing PC CD-ROM market!
Tony Dillon, Games Editor.
DOUBLE THE FUN NEWS I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW kA recent survey by the International Federation ot the k Phonographic Industry (IFPI) showed that over 700,000 illegally-printed Cds entered the UK in 1992, 1 showing a dramatic rise in CD piracy as CD master- I ing units become cheaper and cheaper. Disctronics, 1 Europe's leading independent CD manufacturers r have sailed to the rescue with a new. Low cost way of rprinting full colour holograms onto CD, to help customers ¦'identify the original product. Says Chief Executive David Mackle: In view of Ihe amount of money illegal discs are going to
cost legitimate producers, we feel this must be a good, simple and low-cost step towards security. We believe it is the responsibility of the company to provide security features which allow customers to know they are buying the real thing.’ The other bonus of the system is that it makes the Cds so attractive! For more information, call Disctronics on 081 878 4999.
BIRTH OF A STAR News just in! Mindscape have just signed the rights to a brand new, CD-only product from new development house Stellar Genesis Agency under the working title of Space Academy. Being designed and coded by long time programmer John Jones- Steele, with extra design and all visuals supplied by artist Dave Rowe, the game features an isometric, forced perspective view used in a way never before seen. John has already had plenty of experience with isometric views from his numerous conversions of D-Generalion for Mindscape, and his CD32 coding is second to none. Interestingly
enough, as the game is designed for CD, it will use most of the CD. We re going to use the CD to store loads of gameplay, rather than cop out with forty minutes of muzak,’ explains John. Look out for Space Academy this coming Christmas. More news, as and when we get it.
More news from Team 17, this month, comes in the form of a brand new Body Blows release - Ultimate Body Blows.
Seriously revamped, the game features no less that 23 characters in total for you to play around with, featuring many of your favourites from the previous two Body Blows games. All the graphics are drawn in 256 colours, so it looks stunning, and with some professional 16 track digital soundtracks, it should sound stunning too!
RUNNING AMUC tt didn’t take long tor those over the great pond to catch on. Did it? No sooner have 17 Bit released a couple ot CDTV and CD32 Public Domain disks, then the Amiga Users Ot Calgary get in on the act with The First AMUC CD. A collection ot public domain art, sounds and programs taken trom the AMUC Express BBS.
Everything trom JPEGs to MED Modules can be tound on here, covering an enormous 610Mb. A bargain at only CDN$ 20.00 (Canadian Dollars! Plus CDNS3.00 lor postage and packing. For lull information, write to AMUC. PO Box 34230. 19 1200 - 37 St. S.W.. Calgary. Alta, T3C 3W2. Tel: (403) 242 5406, remembering to add the international dialling code tor Canada.
The best thing about it? Absolutely no disk swopping at all! Ultimate Body Blows should be released at the end of March for only £29.99! Call Team 17 on 0924 291867 to book your copy!
With many of us, including me. Still waiting fo be really impressed by the CD32,1 was keeping my fingers crossed that this would be the game to do it. I'd seen pics ot the PC version and as this is supposed to be a direct port I was holding out for something special.
I didn't get off to a good start though. On the box it says it's compatible with all Amigas, including CDTV and I Mb machines with a CD drive. I'm offended, this seems to be a lie as - my poor old CDTV seized up at the first sniff ot this game and, in tact, the only machine it will run on is the CD32. Which is not surprising when you look at the graphics.
A-MAZING The game s plot is a little bizarre, and is probably the produce of loo many late nights and one too many. Er. Coffees. Daedalos. The bloke who All of th. 1800 Images In tho game havo been raytaood.
Designed the original Labyrinth for king Minos to hide his hall-bull son from the clutches of the evil Ronaldium McDonaldus. Has made a comeback. Being a bit of a clever brick. Daedalos' latest creation spans space-time to encompass all kinds of weird dimensions.
Once it was completed he decided to try it out by popping over to our reality, kidnapping a junior accountant from 9:15 Luton to Kings Cross and dumping him right in his maze.
He then proceeded to tell his bewildered and slightly travel sick captive that his only chance ol escaping was to find the secret of the maze and destroy it.
As a PC CD-ROM conversion this is perfect, but then I didn't expect anything less. The 256-colour graphics are stunning, easily the best seen in an Amiga adventure. I don't know if it's my eyes packing in after staring at h»gh-radiation Mac monitors for so long, but I swear the graphics flicker, not as bad as the Amiga in HAM mode, but there's a noticeable twitch there all the same. But what really wound me up was the lack of action.
Here you have all these lovely static screens, but with nothing happening on them. Once in a while a door might open, you encounter Daedalos who does a great Captain Scarlet impression as he waves his arms around.
As you can see. 0* Labyrinth nmM haa baan but for the most part you're just looking at pretty pictures.
The CD32 is also a bit slow when It comes to accessing the graphics.
Rather than show a transition between two locations, you have to wait a couple of seconds lor the next screen to be loaded in. I mean, a little bit of animation as you walked down a corridor would have made a big difference. It can be very annoying when you've got to go through several locations in quick succession you wait lor each one to be loaded in individually.
Still, the screens are nice though... For all its visual excellence, Labyrinth's playability has all the attraction of a decomposed corpse after a two-week swim in the Thames.
The gameplay is quite loose, letting you travel to loads of locations without having to actually kick your brain into gear. When you do decide to actually stop gawping at the graphics and start W WHERE'D MY MAP GO?
An be contusing in the labyrinth, and a little scary too tor the weak s a taster of lite on the other slle .
There you where, standing on platform lour at Kings Cross, when all ol a sudden, wham1 Some 3000 year-old Greek geerer grabs you by throat and whisks you oil to his mare.
See the clown? Scary, isn I ho? Howe*er.all the atmosphere s ruined by the completely rubbish digitised laughter he emits. You'll definitely turn the volume down when you hear it CD32 ZONE CU AMIGA thinking about escaping from the Labyrinth, you find out just how weak the gameplay really is.
&YAfiTDTRY Puzzle solving is a simple case of trial and error. Which key fits which door? Will Object A release Object B so I can get through this door to solve even more similar puzzles? As the game contains somewhere in the region of 280 screens, it can take a fair while to solve even the most rudimentary problem, leaving you time to count the number of steps backwards the Labyrinths programmers have taken when compared to recent games.
This is hindered further by the lack of a decent user-interface].
You've only got a few rudimentary commands at your disposal, such as pick up and drop, which severely limits the ways you can try and solve puzzles.
I don't want to rant, but old-fashioned text interface adventures offered far more scope for gameplay than this. And now with the trend for interactive characters and backdrops in games like Indiana Jones and most Sierra adventures. Labyrinth seems pathetically inadequate.
The real challenge behind the game is escaping from the labyrinth, which is quite a feat considering its size.
Normally this would involve several yards of graph paper, a few pencils and an eraser, but for some strange reason the programmers have decided to include an auto-map feature. I’m the first to admit that it's far more practical, especially for someone like me who's writing has to be read within four hours or be forever illegible, but it does seem to defeat the object of the game slightly. Every time you enter a new location the Explore a bit further and you II find yourself in a mirror maze. This is obviously the section where the artists where a bit bored, as most ol the screens look the
same. What a rip-olt.
K5 fcfl maP is V J F Bk updated, so it’s almost impos- sible to lost Combne $ ¦ that with the JyH lather ('LCinen- v tary o,-zzle ' -V aalv r9 ard ¦L|_J impression that One of the more Impressive looking locations In the game.
You're making some progress now. There's just another 275 screens to go. It's worth sticking with at as the graphics later on are just totally amazing.
Completing the game is matter of persistence over real adventuring skill.
If companies are going to do direct PC to CD32 conversions, why don’t they choose good games? The forthcoming CD32 version of Simon The Sorcerer promises to be a significant event in Compact Disc adventures, but in the meantime I wouldn't say no to conversions of excellent PC titles like Sam And Max and Day Ol The Tentacle.
Don't be taken in by the pretty graphics and the promise of PC-style adventuring. Labyrinth Of Time may be like my milkman, slow, crusty and rarely delivers, but if you're an adventure-starved CD32 owner with cash to bum, you might want to overlook the faults, in which case you get a passable, if not that challenging, slice of surreal role-playing.'
(Top) Even gigantic hairy mlnotaurs need to have a tew home comtorta, although this kind ol set up is a little rudimentary tor my tastes.
(Left) All through the game you can meet friendly characters like this, who will probably drop the object you were looking for when you kill them.
• ?•.*?95% SOUND ????
* ? ••85% LASTABILITY ????
• ?•?64% PLAYABILITY * ...???73% A significant release for the
CD32. Shame It’s not very good.
OVERALL 69% ALMATHERA OUT NO Now here’s a 1 game which gave me a jolly laugh - about ton million f years ago on the CDTV. Lfc It’s set inside an aban- [ doned mining ship f MU where the occupants have all been devoured by aliens. Sounds famil- MR iar? Damn right. Wr I Into this alien environ- f I ment comes you, a puzzle-solvin' - xenomorph-zappin' desperado.
That's the idea. Sadly something's gone wrong in the execution. The gameplay has you trudging through miles of deserted corridors, tracking down fresh oxygen supplies for your environment suit and frequently being killed. When you do encounter an alien the result is a rather disappointing combat scene where you attempt to duck the alien's feeble attacks while trying to fill it with bullets.
The action is accompanied by heavy breathing noises, which is Supposed to be you in your suit, but instead sounds like something which could get you arrested. This is matched by the graphics which, bar a few nice effects, are painfully dull.
Don’t expect to see much of the s very limned, but wht title which originally The game features a nice fractal Intro, but the same quality of graphics fall to reappear In the ghme.
Aliens either, when one appears your Suit switches lo 'thermal' mode, which basically means you get a cruddy. Ill-tormed pic of what should haue been a well-drawn alien.
What makes this a thousand times worse is the thought that this isnt actually a CD32 game, it's merely a CDTV title with different packaging and a fractal intro. And when you compare the two machines it's like someone suggestion you hook up their dodgy mobile home to the back of your Bentley.
Things like that are just not on and neither's (his game. Mark Patterson jg take Elite, strip out Hv ' v all the hi-tech gad- getry and set n in ¦ the 16th century “ * W Caribbean. You
* start off as a wannabe pirate with a little boat of your own.
Several thousand miles of ocean and a couple of sailors who've
tagged along for a laugh.
Right from the start you’re on your own. There are plenty of careers to embark on, from out and out brigandry to attacking outposts and innocent towns. This freedom to basically do what you want is the game's strongest feature. You're not constrained by plots so you re free to progress, by bigger ships and hire bigger crews.
Before you take to the seas with your crew of salty sailors you need to pay a visit to the docks. This isn’t as suspicious as it first seems.
Here you can buy an amnesty from the king, who'll promise he won't send out any more fleets to sink you. Or sign up as a privateer - a part time member of his fleet One-on-one combat forms an integral part of the game, unfortunately it's not very good. When you've selected your weapon, rapier, sword, cutless. But no guns, you're treated to what at first seems to be a graphically excellent combat Those graphics too* nfe® enough when they're not moving, but • soon as they startja£tfng you realise the artist flfa supremely untalented.
Section. That is until the characters start moving, at which point the ludicrously unconvincing animation ruins any sense of realism, as does the gameplay which requires you to stab your foe at least five times to kill him.
On a larger scale, no matter how cautious you are. You'll always end Most ot your business is earned out on a rather suspicious basis in the local pub. Here you recruit crew and here tales ot daring deeds and urine drinking on the high seas.
Up in a navel conflict. Here you get a top-down view of the combat area which contains tiny graphics of the ships. Looking at this, and the fact that the game s on CD so there s not memory problems. I can’t help but think more could have been done here.
Pirates Gold is a nice concept which plenty of good ideas.
Unfortunately it doesn't deliver the goods. 6 4 ° o Mark Patterson COMPETITION CU AMIGA To celebrate the phenomenal success of their Overdrive hard drives for the A1200 and A600, those incredibly generous people at Software Demon have thoughtfully offered us 10 drives worth over £2,500 to offer to you, our lovely readers, as competition prizes.
First prize is a massive 540Mb capacity Overdrive 35 - big enough to run your own bulletin board from! Second prize is a 426Mb drive, third prize is a 340Mb unit and there are seven runners up prizes of 130Mb drives!
To stand a chance to win one of these drives, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions. Once you've worked out the answers, write them on the back of a postcard along with your name and address and then send the whole shebang off to: OVERDIVE COMPO, CU AMIGA, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU.
RULES 1 The Editor’s decision is final.
2 No correspondence will be entered into.
3 Closing date for all entries is March 31st, 1994.
4 This competition is not open to any employees of EMAP Images or Software Demon.
5. All answers on a postcard please or a recycled
Christmas Birthday card if you want to save the world.
16. 99 13.99 20.49 9.99 13.99 MICRO MACHINES
13. 99 S Of MONKEY Isl
12. 99 MICRO SCIENCE tm» to ocse. Coworms to TtONAl CURRICULUM
• nCCAT* (I MIOI----------
AOVt) THEATR* Of OBATH ...... TTTU* THE FOX___________
be ubed on your ;T2 AIBGA PLEASE NOTE THAT THENNOT .H *W»**L*
tOOUTOP tO ONOSAURS (1 MS. ALL AO*s. Discover all about
CWLOREN TO BUBO ON)------------------------ AMIGA CD32 GAMES
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, I M» "» and every Ome No dnv.t sollware reeded ONLY £29.95 ACCESSORIES CLEARANCE ITEMS ,S«M i, .W,'*l,iAVnr MtWkV: !¦ ' ONLY £57.58 I ONLY £39.95 ONLY £198.58 CALL US NOW FOR IMMEDIATE SERVICE ON (0386) tvesham meres kveshammc When it comes to strategic wargames. There are lew companies that Know how to bring it to the masses as well as Empire does. They did it with Team Yankee. They managed it again with Pacific Islands.
Campaign was superb, and now they've stepped back into the breach with Campaign 2- a bam stormer ol a wargame that sees you controlling tanks, aircraft and ground forces in the kind of battle situation that would have had Napoleon weeping into his hat.
To celebrate the release of this strategic milestone. Empire have kindly donated no less than five copies of Carppargn 2-the 81%* sconng combat simulator to go to five of our most fortunate readers.
Stunning Tamiya model tanks to give away! These super high-quality kits are as detailed as the real thing, and their easy but intricate design means you'll have just as much fun piecing them together as you will admiring them afterwards.
There are five completely different tanks to win. From an M3 Bradley to a Challenger, and even a mighty Kamptpanzer Leopard All these tanks are featured in Campaign 2. And could be founct in your living room If you can answer the following question correctly: What Is the name ot the third movie In Oliver Stone s famous war trilogy?
That shouldn't tax your brains too much. All you need to do now is scribble that down on the back of a postcard and send it to: 'War? No Tanks’ CU AMIGA, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU. All entrtes to be in by March 31st. 1994.
1 This WWWmTonis open to absolutely everyone, provided they don't work lor EMAP Images or Empire. Oh, it helps it they have an Amiga too.
2 The Editor's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered Into We just can't alford the stamps, you see.
3. The closing date for all entries is 31sl ol March 1994 4 Oid
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A1200 Beginners Pack ____ Is., UbflK III r HI, gipgSy Department imMII New Street • Alfreton Derbyshire • DE55 7BF Fax: 0773 831040 CUA- j: Wa mimm rairaira.»M.ii m Ssy im Id. ¦ mp ou in u. md w mi lun range rani mult! Pkmj ol FREH puling!
FIRST IMPRESSIONS CU AMIGA ‘How do you see so far into the future?’ the readers cry.
‘With the aid of the CU AMIGA crystal ball,’ we reply adjusting our head- scarves and gold Turn up the colour contrast on your monitor, boost up the stereo sound and prepare to plug into the most revealing, witty, informative, critical and downright marvellous Amiga game review section in this entire magazine.
Hoop earrings THE GAMEPLAY Bubble is a small boy, who looks a little like Charlie Brown. His Iriend. Squeak, is a small, friendly but slightly stupid dragon Together they have to. Well, run around very large screens solving puzzles and collecting gems Bubde can ride on Squeak's back to reach some Inaccessible areas, or kick Squeak around the screen to reach others.
WHAT'S NEW: The versatility By having two characters with completely different abilities. Audiogenic have managed to come up with some ol the most BEHIND THE SCENES: The whole thing has been coded in-house by Audiogenic, by the same team who pieced together the impressive Graham Gooch's Test Cricket.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Extremely good. With a couple of very playable levels under our belts, we can safely say that Bubble And Squeak is shaping up to be one of the best Amiga platform games ever.
Amazing graphics, mixed with some infuriatingly addictive puzzles will send this game to number one and keep it there. Look out for a full review next issue.
Fiendish puzzles yet.
With the whole thing held together with the sweetest characters since Robocod learned to wiggle while he walks.
An intelligent control method means that the lire button can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on where you are and which object you're lacing at which time.
A CU Scraan Star Is lor games scoring 8S%- 92V N a game gets on ot mesa, m be ol lasting quality and you con rest asaured that, It you deckle lo purchase it, you won't be wasting 93%and a Qnme’s worth a Superstar. We hardly throw SUPER STAR N TJ-Ji; JALL ASCON THE GAMEPLAY: It's a football management game, as it you couldn't tell by the screenshots.
You take your team, train them up. Sort out their tactics and then get them out onto the pitch and up to the top of the league.
As information friendly as they come, everything you could possibly need lo know is displayed in front of you, as you race for the top!
Behind this one, and if their previous title - The Patrician - is anything to go by, then the year or so spent developing On The Ball should pay off quite nicely.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Surprisingly good. On The Ball looks set to revolutionise football management, as a wealth of new ideas and fresh approaches set it up to be a huge release. The proof of the pudding is in the playing, and some of the subtler options could well be the key to this game's success. We'll have a full review soon.
WHAT'S NEW: The gorgeous inmatch graphics, for a start. A whole series of watercolour illustrations were created, and then scanned in and touched up. The result is some stunning animation. Other than that, you can try out some brand new tactics (feigned injuries?), perform TV interviews, bribe players and do all the other things that managers do.
BEHIND THE SCENES: German team Ascon are the lads and lasses mazi who were responsible ’or our extremely popular ooverdisk Interword. Naughty Ones is ‘ their iirst real arcade game.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS Good little game. The graphics are very cdourlul and lull ol character. Giving the whole game that *just one more go" look.
The playable levels we ve seen solar are very good, so it all bodes well for Interactivision.
We ll be reviewing Naughty Ones in our very next issue. „ TURR1TRAX ARCANE Trax is their first game as an independent developer and publisher, made up of MD Steve lies, graphic artist Mark Wortham and main coder Andy Coates.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I loved Overdrive, so if this is even better (as I am promised it is), then I can’t wait.
I’ve always been a fan of this type of game, and the glut that has appeared recently (Skidmarks, Micro Machines etc) is doing nothing to quench my thirst for more. Roll on next month, when we can show you more of this little number!
THE GAMEPLAY: As you can tell from the screenshots on this page, it's a top view, multi-directional scrolling racer, in the mould of Overdrive and Micro Machines. Race against three computer opponents at once over three different terrains (cities, off road courses and ice) or try out your speed skills in the time trials. There are four different types of car for you to race, and more challenges than seem feasible!
WHAT'S NEW: Not a huge amount, really. On paper, Turbo Trax isn’t doing a lot that hasn't been seen in other games, but it does look like it's going to do it all a lot better. One nice feature is the inclusion of an indicator that hovers in front of the car and tells you which direction the next bend will be in - useful for when you’re learning the course!
BEHIND THE SCENES: Arcane Software have been working on other people's games for over two years, having work included in titles like Syndicate. Birds Of Prey and Powermonger. Turbo Graham Ing and his merry men have been beavering away on the sequel to the smash hit Utopia. Tony Dillon enjoys some BR coffee and gets the whole story.
Sheffield is in a bit of a state at the moment. The centre of the city has been turned into one gigantic one-way system as the local council dig up the roads with a view of putting in a new tram system.
The Town Planners must be having a field day, obviously employing the planning talents they've developed from playing Utopia for hours on end.
At least, that's what I thought as I tried to work around the backstreets of the ex-steel capital of Britain in search of an exclusive look at Gremlin’s next success story, K240.1 sat down with designer and coder, Graham Ing, in the battlefield that is Gremlin's new wing (the builders are in, say no more), to find out exactly what K240 is.
Graham explains: ‘It's a big military strategy game. Basically, you are based on an asteroid, having just arrived in a sector of space (Sector K240, for those who were wondering what the unusual name was all about), which you know nothing about. Your brief is two-fold: the first is to grab as much raw ore off all the asteroids in the sector as you can to take back to Earth and make loads of money. Secondly, somewhere in there is an alien, who is trying to do the same thing, so clearly one of you has to wipe the other one out. Let's face it, it’s plain xenophobia!’ Graham has already had
considerable success with Utopia, a game that for many took Populous to a new level. Utopia 2 would have been too easy, and if they had gone for more of the same, would the world have been happy? So whatex- actly were Gremlin after? ‘Really what we wanted when we set out to do this game was flexibility.
There's no one way to win the game You’ve got lots of things at your disposal, and it’s up to you which path you take. You start with a single asteroid with a tiny sensor range and nothing else. From there you've got to work miracles.
'It’s been in development, on and off, for nearly two years. The specification initially was immense, I just sat and Lett and above: Being a bit of an intergalactic space feast. KT40is going to be stuffed to the gills with loads and loads ot different space ships The graphic artisls have already produced numerous sequences ot space ship sprites, both in flight, (left) and as they will look on some of the menu screens (above).
Designed it all. Since then it has all been rectified and redesigned
- for example, the section I’m putting in at the moment is
totally new, only designed a couple of days ago. It really is a
case of us playing it as we go along, saying, ‘Oh that’s not
quite right" or “That's got to be changed", trying to get it as
flexible and as fun as we can!’, he continues.
If you’ve already looked over our incredible coverdisk, you might have some idea about whalthe game is like. Mr. Ing and colleagues had a fairly hard time defining what the game was going to be.
The original brief was completely open ended. Essentially it was “Let’s have a good military, strategic space game." Very soon, literally days after, came the concept of the asteroids.
That's been in there all along. We thought it would be quite a different thing to do, with all these asteroids - and there are a lot of them out there
- all hurtling about in different directions at different
speeds, coming in and out of your sensor range and colliding
with each other. Later on in the game, you can actually plonk
engines on the things and steer them around. The concept of
asteroids is also useful because you’ve got such a limited
area. The asteroids are quite small, so you have to be more :
about what you're actually j on them.' Says Graham.
So you're space trading That to r tome people might seem enough.
I After all. If you're going to spend all I your time making sure that you aren't I smashing into other floating pieces of I mck while mining like a right one, I to* much more time do you need to Graham is confident that you'll I need al leasl three pairs of hands I and a multi-tasking brain.
He adds: 'The game also contains I * My working colony simulation. Not I only do you have to mine ore from I Tie asteroids, you've also got to keep Inhabitants of Beta Ceti Eat lots ot Aero bars and 90 to see Glam 9*oups. Sti ange* your colony going by man aging a whole series resources. II sounds a little complicated, bul when you get into it you'll find lhal. Although we've spent a very long time get ting the simulation just right, the actual player interface is quite straightforward It's not as if you have to worry about two million things at once. Essentially you've got Power, Air, Fuel
and Water, which you have to make sure you generate enough ol. You are shown your production, usage and surplus, and as long as you make sure that your production is higher than your surplus, you'll be alnght. There are other things to watch out for. Of course, such as population control, radiation control, security and other aspects, generally more and more as time goes on. You've got a selection of buildings to build with - over 40 in the entire game, all of which do different things for your colonies. Obviously the more money you have, the more buildings you have access to, although the
bigger buildings do lake time to create.'
Mi le* guMWng wtwt m*M an. And man an anomat al altan typn lo coma acroaa In Mr aaagaa Ml the game loo.
With all this going on, Graham is confident that everyone will be able to play the game with a minimum of fuss. He says: 'We've gone for a completely cus- tomisable interface. It's all very well working through the hierarchy to find the options you want, but if you are using an option a lot. You can extract the button and keep it out on the mam screen We've got several time saving features in the game to make it easier to play. For example, in a position where you want to place a b*g building down and it isn't particularly dear from the view where you can place it. There's a tactical
mode which allows you to see where all Ihe spaces are.'
Ah, so you do have to buildl The game isn't that different from Utopia then, is it? Well, perhaps just a bit.
‘Initially in the game you have very little money, which quickly runs out.
Just dropping down a few buildings, quickly eats up your savings, so you have to start mining fast. Once you've made some useful amounts of money, you can start to buy plans and equipment from a company called Sytech.'
'At the start of the game, there are only three different types of ship that you can build. Some you can then buy from Sytech, and others can only be built from huge space docks, because they're so huge. Typically you'll start with a small ship, which you can then customise with a whole series of weapons. Ships can then be grouped into fleets and used to defend your asteroid or go and attack others in the vicinity.' Says Graham.
Why would you warn to go out fighting? Because of the standard alien content, of course, and K240 Is full of it.
'There are six different aliens in the game, each one has a different set of tactics and they range from easy through to extremely hard.
Eventually, when the game is finished, you'll have lo get hold of spies and send them over to the enemy asteroid before you can go and have a look Once you've sent a spy over there, it will send you reports of what's actually happening and what it thinks they are doing. To make it that little bit easier, it isn't always a hundred percent accurate For example, you might have your spy sitting in orbit when it suddenly tells you that the alien has launched a fleet. Now, that might be accurate, but you still have to interrogate it and ask it for more information such as where is the fleet
headed. If it tells you, and you then rush to that asteroid, you might find that it was completely wrong and you lose one of your undefended bases, so you ! Have to be a little careful there,' he concludes.
After only a couple of hours, I seem to be gening the hang of it. This game looks like it'll take some playing before you fully master the sector, but will it be as much fun as it promises to be? We'll have a full review, soon. ® 1 H R 1 H R R !RH 1 R 1 r 1 1 1 IRI 1 R 1 Q 1 I 1 1 I * 1 0 Above and right There's Ions ot ol explosive power in KT40. Which means ot course that there has been lots of playing around with the difteront graphic presentations ol Ihe detonating sprites.
Out, you can actually build a town that's pretty similar to it and see what's going wrong, if anything is, and how you can change it.'
‘The first thing I needed to do was to get all the text and pictures from the Mac,' John continues. 'There were basically two ways I could have done it. The first, which would have Ever since it made an appearance on Channel 4's Equinox, programme, Amiga and PC owners have been waiting for Maxis' Sim City 2000 with their tongues somewhere around the region of their ankles. It's promised to be bigger and better than any of Maxis’ games to date, and looking at the Macintosh version, I have to say that it’s been well worth the wait so far.
Aberystwyth-based coder John Jones-Steele is the man responsible for converting this enormous game.
His aim is simple - get the game as close to the Mac version as possible.
‘It’s basically the same as Sim City, only with lots of nice refinements.' Begins Mr Jones-Steele.
'There are a lot of things in Sim City 2000 that weren't in Sim City, that meant you couldn't really simulate a city in its entirety. Things like water and plumbing were missing before.
Disasters are better this time around, fires, for example, work more realistically than before. The whole transport system has been revamped as well.
You no longer just lay down a track and let trains run up and down it - now you’ve got to have a terminus at each end. Same with buses. In fact, you can have a combined transport system now, so roads and rail interact properly. There’s just a lot more there, now. You can build much bigger cities, and actually model cities now. If you know how your local town is laid taken the longest, was to just get all the resources direct from Maxis.
Instead of doing that, I just pulled all the resource files out of the Macintosh version, loaded them into the Amiga, and then ran a conversion program I’ve written to turn Macintosh pictures into PC LBMs, and then rebuilt the resource file from that. The nice way of working like this is that when we come to do German and other language versions, all we need to do is pull the resource file from the Mac, convert it and drop it back in.'
What will surprise most people is the little time it has taken to actually convert Sim City 2000.1 saw it after two months work, and at this stage there is only a couple more weeks' work needed.
'For my part, the reason this has taken so little time to convert is that it is written in C. rather than C++. Sim Life was written in C++, and at the CU AMIGA could be a bit unwieldy at times. Will Sim City 2000 be a game or a toy?
'It’s a bit of both. Where Sim Life was very much a Software Toy, this is both. You can play it on different levels. You can play it as a game, where you have a specific objective, such as trying to rebuild the city in five years after a major earthquake, or you can run it as a toy and do whatever you want with it, rebuilding a city over a hundred and fifty years if you like. You’ve got things in there like monsters coming down from outer space and invading your city, which isn’t exactly a real-life situation, except in Hollywood.'
WORK IN PROGRESS time there weren't any good Amiga C++ compilers, and it took absolutely ages to convert. Also, the Macintosh messaging system is similar to the Amiga, only more primitive. It's relatively easy to take anything written lor the Mac and convert it to the Amiga.’ says John.
So what else needs to be done, John? ‘The only things I’m waiting on now are the PC MIDI files, which I’ll convert into tracker modules. It’s the only part of the game I can't take from the Mac version, as the sound m the Mac leaves a lot to be desired.'
One thing that has seemed to bother some people up to this point is that Maxis’ simulations are getting a bit, well, serious. Sim City was a lot of fun. But Sim Life and Sim Earth CU AMIGA will have a full review of what looks like being a modern classic soon. Be prepared.
A HISTORY AND A HALF John Jones Steele is one ol the longest running and successful programmers in Ihe software industry today, despite keeping himself more or less well out of the limelight. With a CV covering more pages than I could read in one sitting, John has been programming games for the last 14 years, Ihe first few of those being taken up with running Abersoft, an 8-bit software house based in his current home town of Aberystwyth. Although we just don’t have the space to list every game he's ever written, here is the complete run down of his 16-bit career.
PROGRAM PUBLISHER MACHINES ABERsoft FORTH Melbourne House Amiga, PC, ST Mordon's Quest Melbourne House Amiga, PC, ST Slap Fight Ocean ST II ill 0 on )m His n i s 1 r 5 .
Tit n Garfield Softek Amiga BMX Simulator Codemasters Amiga, ST Alien Syndrome Softek Amiga Level 9 Adventures Level 9 Amiga, ST, Mac Tetris US Spectrum Holobyte Amiga, ST Tetris Mirrorsoft Amiga, ST Weird Dreams Microprose PC Tracksuit Manager Goliath Games Amiga. ST. PC Boxing Manager Goliath Games Amiga, ST, PC Subbuleo Electronic Zoo Amiga. ST, PC Nam Domark ST Dizzy Codemasters PC Hard Nova Electronic Arts Amiga, ST Bridge 2000 Oxford Software Amiga, ST, PC Rugby Coach D&H Games PC Castles Electronic Arts ST Ultima VI Mindscape Amiga, ST Super Space Invaders Domark PC Championship Manager
Domark Amiga, ST, PC 0 Generation Mindscape Amiga KidPix Electronic Arts Amiga Sim Life Mindscape Amiga Populous Electronic Arts Mac Championship Manager Domark PC Windows D Generation Mindscape CD32 Alfred Chicken Mindscape CD32 'Trivial Pursuit Domark CD32 'Here With The Clues Domark CD32
• Sim City 2000 Maxis Amiga
* D Generation Mindscape PC Windows ‘ Currently being written.
= This detailed simulation of both Serie-A and w Donc Serie-B of the Italian Football League, includes all the correct rules of Italian football, featuring the correct play off - ...... systems and 2 points for a win .
All major competitions including the Italian .... U.FH :¦», _ CuP. Eu'°P“" C“P- C"P Win"«« Cup.
"" ".....- UEFA Cup, and Anglo-ltalian Cup are fully a ' T?:-----"ass- implemented.
5 -sss" Full details on all players in Serie-A and 6m« i m huiS h o h i icon Serie-B including full career histories and accurate ratings for passing and tackling.
Additional information is provided by Italian
- researcher Ciancarlo Rinaldi, and World Soccer Magazine.
Details on players in Serie-C. Pool of the world's best foreign players.
Realistic transfer system which conforms to the Italian method.
All aspects of the game adjusted to suit Italian football for example the use of five possible substitutes in matches.
Includes all the features of our best selling Championship Manager 93 published by Domark Software Ltd.
Came runs over 40% faster than the original Champ Man '93.
Comes fully packaged, including comprehensive manual, which includes a unique guide to Italian lower division players.
NAME • • I - • POSTCODE JPHONE •i ITEM PRICE • MACHINE Make cheques or postal orders payable to: INTELEK PO BOX 1738, BOURNEMOUTH BH4 8YN INTELEH Price includes post and packaging £17.00. Please allow 28 days for delivery.
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Computer Mall St. Neots No.6 Priory Mall Shopping Centre St. Neots 0480 471117 Computer Mall Hertford 49 Railway St. Hertford 0992 503606 Computer Mall Dunstable 84 High Street North Dunstable Bedfordshire 0582 475747 Computer Mall Bedford No.16 Downstairs The Harpur Centre Bedford 0234 218228 Head Office WIS Electronic Ltd Chau I End Uine Luton 0582 491949 nal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale. Seasonal Sa GAME REVIEW The weather’s been cooler than Prince Charles lately, so what better time for Rik Skews to look at Winter Olympics, a game based entirely on sports played in
such chill- some conditions.
CU AMIGA WINTER Strike me with a brick, was it really ten years ago that Summer Games, the first of Epyx’s classic games series appeared? Amazingly enough it is.
And although a heck of a lot of computer software has flowed down the river of time since, the basic format of these sports-based games has remained much the same.
This year it was the turn of Lillehammer in Norway to host the 27th Olympic Winter Games. So what's the game all about then? You (and up to three friends if you've got them) can compete against each other (the different players are represented by different competing countries) as well as, or with up to 15 spirited computer opponents.
There’s 14 disciplines, covering six Olympic winter sports: these being alpine, bobsleigh, luge, biathlon, short track speed skating and ski jumping. And you choose up to four of them at any one time (the biathlon is always included).
Clearty the first thing that Winter Olympics has going for it is that there’s no figure skating event, the bane of the Epyx product, while the included opening and closing ceremonies turn up the atmosphere no end. Sadly, all the games - apart from short track speed skating
- are one- player only which takes some bite out of the game- ..
play. After all. All the good things in life are best done
with a partner, eh?!
GOLDEN MOULDIES The earliest recorded date given lor the first Olympics is 776BC, although historians, being the knowledgeable people they are, believe the games began well before then. Staged during midsummer at Olympia, (with The Grateful Dead supporting no doubt) the festival became a regularly scheduled event during the pre- Christian golden age ol Greece. The Games were held in honour of Zeus, the most important God in ancient Greek mythology and all wars would cease during the contests. There must have been a lot ol bored people however, because records suggest that the first
Olympics boasted only one event, a 200yd (183m) foot race.
4 INTRODUCING... So just what are the sports on offer?
Ladies and Gentlemen, in no particular order, may I present them.
Biathlon is a combined sport of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting and takes the form of a link event (just as it did in the Epyx game) between the other sports. Movement of the athlete is achieved by simply moving the joystick left and right in a regular rhythm while shooting is achieved by, you guessed it, moving the cursor over the target and slap- 1 ping that fire button.
This is perhaps the ¦ strongest event ori ¦ offer here. Ignore Ri PPPlR the boring walking 1 section and wait until you've reached the targets. The graphics here are Walking lo the biathlon requires rhythmic Joystick movements, not |ust frantic waggling.
Cady the tlrongtst •vtnl on offer the biathlon Is also strong gamaplay wise.
Very good, particularly the view through the viewfinder. The gun handles very well, with a lovely weighted feeling. Pleasing stuff indeed.
The downhill track is based on what is apparently one of the world’s toughest downhill courses. The winner is whoever completes the course in the fastest time after just one run.
Miss a gate and you'll be disqualified.
However, you can continue to complete the course but no result will be given. Hitting the trackside obstacles is not advised unless you want to become a permanent Christmas tree fixture. Control here (as with all the Alpine disciplines) is achieved by moving the skier left and right, while pressing up tucks the skier, speeding him up in the process, while holding the joystick down brakes him.
The futuristically named super-g is up next. Another alpine event, this is set on a somewhat shorter track than that used for the downhill. Again the winner is decided after one run.
The downhill event is the worst on offer. And yes it really is as slow as It looks.
While each event Is loaded you're treated to a greet picture depicting the event.
THE SUN NEVER SHINES IN NORWAY Apart from having a fairly decent footy team the Norwegians aren't exactly famous for much are they? Okay, so if this was 1986 then A-ha could safely be added to the list but the only other things we could think of was that they tend to say ‘moose" quite a lot and all their cars are called "Fjords”. Probably. The accompanying souvenir brochure of Winter Olympics doesn't go a long way to changing our opinion of the Norwegians as it describes the region's favourite leisure pursuits as swimming, angling and swimming. The Norwegians, they're a bit boring aren't they?
The giant slalom's next. The winner here is decided after two runs. It's a case of lowest overall time winning.
Slalom's much the same, other than the winner here being the competitor who has the fastest aggregate time after two runs. All the downhill courses are very weak gameplay wise, partly because they are too slow, with little to avoid, but primarily because they are far too long.
Last of the ski-based events is the ski jumping section which requires strength, grace and courage, not to mention a healthy insurance policy.
Competitors with ¦Eagle” in their name are frowned upon, especially if they’re representing Britain. Two jumps are required, with points being awarded for style and technique as well as the distance achieved. Hitting fire when the green light shows sends your skiier spinning off into oblivion. Just like real life going through a red light means instant disqualification. Tapping left or right keeps the skis straight which is essential to build up speed. Once in the air it’s "simply’’ a case of keeping the correct stance by moving the joystick up and down and pressing fire at the right time
as you come in to land. Leave the fire button too long and you could find yourself becoming an experiment in 3D television as you hurtle towards the world's press screaming wildly. Despite the simplicity of this event it’s actually pretty good fun thanks mainly to its speed, and I’ll bet you’ll never tire from making your competitor crumple up in a heap. Hear those tendons snap!
GAME REVIEW Bobsleigh next. Yep, speed rush city this one. Expect to push your competitors to 4 G as you hurtle down the course’s 1,365 metres.
The control here is of the waggle- waggle variety with frantic left and righting to push-start the bobsleigh.
Once in it’s simply a case of pushing either left or right to keep the best line on the track.
Coming in to the home straight and it's the luge event we bump into. This strange piece of kit is for one or two people who hurtle around the track bobsleigh-style in a mmmmmmm light toboggan. The con- jpj trols here (and indeed B the game itself) are fl much the same as the bobsleigh event
• : although the winner is ¦] the person who has the ¦ g best
aggregate time ¦I over two runs ‘-g Bobsleigh Luge what I! Ever
is up there with Biathlon. The 3D effect g is fast and
convincing and the grating sound effects give this event a real
hang- on-to-your-pants effect.
Lastly there’s short track speed skating, where you get to wear rather raunchy skin tight-togs as you hurtle around an icy track with a group of similarly clad skaters. Once again it’s a case of using left and right to build up speed. In case you wonder how you move it’s a case of shifting left and right on the joystick with the fire button pressed down.
This is a frustrating event to start with and requires a lot of time to get used to. Bear with it though ‘cos it’s the fastest event on offer and pretty damn exciting I can tell you, especially with those skin tight clothes.
So, all original stuff on offer huh?
No, not exactly. And that’s a big problem with Winter Olympics.
You’re likely to have seen games like this a million times before. Most of the sub-games require little more than either waggling the joystick or tapping it left or right. You could argue that this is a welcome blast from the past but the old Epyx games had much more variety than this. Take the similarity here between the four skiing events for example. The downhill and Luge are much the same also, hardly likely to create longlasting gameplay eh?.
Presentation is very good though, with lots of options and some nicely detailed graphics, especially on the still screens. Sound FX are convincing too, and the tunes, while not being strong musically, create a suitably tense feel as you rush around the courses. If you’re looking for a good blast from the past then take a gander at this, as it recreates the feel of the old Epyx product pretty well, and is the sort of game you’ll dig out on occasions for years to come.
???79% Keep those skis straight, to gain speed and distance.
A fun In most parts, nicely executed game.
PUBLIC DOMAIN if Dept USP, 11 YORK PLACE, NR BRANDON HILL, HOTWELLS, BRISTOL BS1 5UT IN AUSTRALIA All disks are compatible with all Amigas unless other vise stated Strictly PD wishing all our customers a VERY happy Christmas!
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? U223*12 Compographic lonle...will work with Dpant V4.1. ProPage 3.
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font formats. Please slate Adobe or scalable when ordering fonts.
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IX‘200 300 Star LC24-10200 286 Toon Kaga KP8IIV8I5 9IQ 9I5 3
14 COLQCK CltUoi Swift 24 1281 Panasonic KXP2I23 2I80 1063
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lflfl 2t S± ill 331 3.11 291
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12. 66 12.46 12.06
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9. 63 9.43 9.03
9. 48 9 28 888 PCW82S6 8S12 LQ3500 2 85 MI009 I024 1109 1209 3 90
¦2MVlSPlQ 5wm 24 9 285 ¦tore MPS1220 I230 4 50 LQ100 4 10
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10 Disk* £5 S8 25 Disks S12 £18 50 Pisks £21 £31 00 Disks £36
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Lockable Disk Box £5.99 with orders of£10+ HP DeskJet Tricolour Cart rid** Refill 16 00 each InkJet Refill* (Twin Packs) (or Canon RJ-IQ 20. BJ300. HP DeskJet. Available In Black. Cyan. Magenta. Yellow. Red.
Blur .Brown, light Green. Dark Green and Gold.
1 Pack SI 1.00. 2. Packs 510.60 ea. S. Packs 59.95 ea 8wfarmalted (WSOOSl disks available al 2p extra disk.
All Disks Certified 100% Error Free and INCLUDE FREE Label*.
HP LaserJet 11 111 Toner Cartridge 4451 each HP User|rt IIP 1IIP Toner Cartridge 53.14 each Ring For Inkjets & Toners Not Ijsted
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9SE Official Government & Educational orders welcome 6 GAMES
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offer 6 popi des for only £14.99 (+£1.50 P&P). This bargain
orfer consists of:
- Sword of Soban, 2. Battle Squadron, 3. Gem X, 4. White Shark, .
Final Countdown, 6. The Plague.
U5Q AVAILABLE AT UNBELIEVABLE PRICES:- (+£1.00 P&P) Vista Pro Vers 2 ....£19.99 Vista Pro Vers 3 ....£44.95 Distant Suns 4.2 ....£44.95
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Paul Safr.
CALIGAR124 is the powerfull 3D tool with the easy-to-use Virtual Reality interface.
CALIGARI 24 is a complete 3D modeler, photorealistic renderer and animator for anyone with the vision to create in 3D.
J LOOK | ¦ Perspective Editing ¦ Organic Deformations ¦ Fast Photorealistic Rendering ¦ Hierarchical Animations ¦ Runs on all Amigas w HD ¦ Polygon Editor ¦ Real Time Response ¦ HAMS, 32 Bit Color ¦ Visual Time Editor ¦ Requires only 2Mb RAM ¦ Much, much more...!
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War games are often viewed as archaic, dull and of little appeal to anyone who doesn’t wear an anorak.
Fortunately, once in a while a game such as Maelstrom comes along to give people’s views a kick up the bottom.
Mark Patterson goes to war... LSTROM I don't know, all this talk ol peace and disarmament, when you never quite know what’s out there. Take the peaceful people of the planet Harmony in Maelstrom, for example. They had no weapons, long hair and preached peace and love. Then aliens invaded, destroyed everyone who tried to reason with j them and subjugated the rest.
Without a clue of how to run a proper war and with passive resistance failing at every attempt, they I call you in to work for their biggest corporation and to raise an army capable ot freeing the planet - setting | the scene for a high-tech interstellar wargame with you as the key player.
Any game where I get to be called Overlord and have a pretty PA is fine by me. All I was lacking were some grovelling subjects and peeled grapes. Even without, I was perfectly happy to wreak death and destruction on the forces of evil.
Unfortunately, bureaucracy is the factor which dominates this game.
Basically the brief is - you want a war? You pay for it! Also, seeing that Harmony's sole income is from mining, you'll need to don your hard hat, grab your canary and head for the pits. The more your mines produce, the more dosh you have to spend on building armies. The mining section | is similar in lots of ways to Virgin's Dune, although in this case it’s very dull. There must be a more interest- ing way to limit the amount of money you spend on forces.
To start with, your army is weak and entering a battle is liable to earn you a scudding. However, a quick call to the research and development department followed by several large payments will lead to better weapons. Building your forces is your first task. With only limited cash it's hard to decide whether to spend you money on ground forces, or build up a sizeable aircraft squadron.
This bit is actually more absorbing than battles themselves, as you’re never sure if you’ve got the right combinations until they've been slaughtered or return in one piece from the battle.
More important than any weapons is your phone book. Your video-phone is the most important bit of kit you possess. From the safety of your office you have to deal with government officials, scientists and soldiers. With this phone you can keep track of what’s going on in the world, what your bosses think of you and any news which might give you a tactical advantage.
I would advise you to install this game on a hard disk, unless you're very patient. It comes on six disks and has loads of annoying swops which interrupt the action with irritating frequency. Extra memory would probably remedy some of the problem, but I wouldn’t be so inclined to play this game without a hard disk.
Like most wargames, the graphics are extremely poor. Most of the time you’re looking at dull text read-outs, punctuated by the occasional animated piccy of the person at the other end of the phone line. A bit more could have been done with the user interface, all the screens are accessed via a row of tiny boxes right at the bottom of the screen. Several times I accidentally clicked on the wrong thing to be faced with a multitude of disk swops before I got to where I wanted to go.
There’s enough here to please ardent strategy buffs, which basically means this isn't the sort of game you can have a quick go on. I prefer Dune 2, mainly because it's more polished and far easier to get into. If you’re the sort of person whose strategy game tolerance limit stretches as far as Powermonger, then this isn't a game for you. 'Hi* EMPIRE £34.99 A500 9 A500. 9 A600 9 A1200 9 aisooB aiooK ..9 EMPIRE, THE SPIRES, 677 HIGH ROAD, NORTH FINCHLEY, LONDON N12 00A.
TIL. 081 343 7337 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: STRATEGY TEAM: EMPIRE CONTROLS: MOUSE NUMBER OF DISKS: ' 6 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: YES MEMORY: 1Mb GRAPHICS ?*?**•????67% SOUND ????•**???70% IASTABILITY ?????? ??85% PLAYABILITY :»*??? .??82% Unusual and engrossing strategy game. Y OVERALL 84% GAME REVIEW THAI, 11 CU AMIGA me that involves _0Jj A J _T J Jij J AZJ Paul Presley reviews a game releasing gas. Insert your own joke here... How we Old cartwheels when Arkanotd appeared. How we whooped and huzzahed when Frontier triggered our memories ot a misspent youth sat in Iront
ot Elite.
But see also how we treated Super Space Invaders with an adequate degree of distaste. You can only push nostalgia so tar before it turns around and punches you squarely on the nose A lesson there for us all!
But with that rather terse warning still ringing in our minds we once again embark on the express train ot memories and return to our 8-bit salad days with Super Methane Brothers The secret - and this is an important bit - is to treat your aging classic to a complete overhaul at the Nineties game workshop. This is what Apache Software have done with the Bubble Bobble genre and so managed to create a game that appears fresh and new.
HIDDEN DELIGHTS The idea, as with all of yesterday's arcade brethren, is a simple one.
Clear each screen of its enemy infestations and progress to the next.
Complete a hundred and you win the game Complete a mere ninety- nine or less and you are deemed to be found wanting But waitl Such simplicity is perhaps too much to comprehend. Before you tum your attention towards something with a little more bite you should be told that there is more than meets the eye awaiting your joystick-earned commands Bonuses by the hundred sir, of many a variety. From raging fruits (of the apple and orange kind) to littte motor cars. From giant playing cards to over-cooked sausages. All are worth points and so much more and it is here that we see the true beauty of
SMB- the thought that has gone into providing the player with much more than the initial challenge.
To contain all this you would naturally expect a plot Such plots are usually as thin as a week-old pair of socks and here we do not have an exception. The siblings are ah unearthly pair, although they share much in common with the Californian youth - a love of trekking the country in an open-top sports car - without wheels. On one such trip their car hits a snag, or a rock if you will, hurling the pair from their seats and towards a mysterious tower In true Scooby Doo fashion they investigate and find themselves trapped, their only hope of escape coming from a mysterious stranger who arms
them and reveals their objectives This is told in the opening animation. A graphical sequence that sets the style for the game to come.
Cartoon themes are the key to SMBs appeal. Cartoons in the Japanese mould (large eyes on small creatures|. Cute and colourful is not so much a watchword as a whole Bible at the designers offices. The sound too is interesting,- you'll either love it or hate it.
Apache appear to have gone to several towns and had what amounts to a field week when it comes to the game design though.'Pick up enough banana bonuses and you gain access to certain cheat rooms.
Collect four different playing cards and you arrive at the hidden playing card rooms. Accumulate enough bonuses in these rooms and you open passages to yet further stages The list is endless and does more than enough to provide you with more to do than just shoot things.
Mind you, there's even several ways to do this. You have your gas guns of course, but you can also hit your opponents with water, throw marbles at them, hurl a few tomatoes. And even tum the pesky varmits into nine-pins and lob a bowling ball at them. All ol this depends on finding the bonuses available and putting them to use.
IT TAKES TWO BABY Now here's a funny thing. I was playing SMB by myself and after several hours I began thinking that the lasting appeal might not be as great as I First thought. Then someone else picked up the second joystick, pressed start, sucked up a bad guy (the method required to dispose of them) and threw it at me. Stunning me for several seconds - two-player gameplay had been discovered!
The two-player element to SMB is great fun Because you can hit each other with bad guys, tomatoes, ten ton weights etc. and so the game takes on a very competitive feel as opposed to a teamwork kind of thing.
As we all know its much more fun to beat your friend at something than to work with him. I know full well that sucking up monsters and jumping on platforms isn't going to appeal to everyone, but the brothers gaseous certainly provided fun for a couple of hours. As long as you don't plan on making a night of it. You might just find it fun too. SM Brothers is a «« pleasing starter before a fully blown meal.
APACHE £25.99 ASH U ASM. M AIM M Al»l H A1SM SI A»U WA A3000 W A10M 9 APACHE SOFT. 120 ANDERTON PARK ROAD. MOUSIEY. BIRMINGHAM 613 TELEPHONE: 021 412 2060 RELEASE DATE: NOW GENRE: ARCADE TEAM: APACHE CONTROLS: JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 2 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 or 2 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY 0.5mb GRAPHICS 000*00., 0085% SOUND *** .,,,**80% LASTABILITY ******,,**80% PLAYABILITY *«««•«,, ««81% t Fun. Just as it should be. J OVERALL 80% the SORCftROR i oi «»fmy featuron'" ¦s rfmnved' Hr I..' I ' iiinwi 'un, plus Stunning Graphic*.
* ('L AMIGA, Feb. '94 SCRflN Jl AV A1I.AIM.I-: ON IT S
Billion I old fir Id. Hail Midlands. B74 4111 lima GAME REVIEW
CU AMIGA IE CHAMPIONS as MUPLC to save wear and tear on my
keyboard, will most definitely surpnse you.
At first glance, it bears more In relation to Sensible Soccer than anything else The players are quite small on screen, there's very little on- screen information (no scanner, the score only appears at important points in the match, along with the current timel and it can get quite fast and frantic. The teams have distinctive strips, and the ball is greatly affected by the type of pitch it's It may have one of the longest names ever, but Tony Dillon finds Krisalis’ latest football foray is every bit as good I as the other WL snappier titles.
SCREEN STAR MANAGEABLE HAIR Something I've never been accused ol having. But a weak link into one ol the more unusual parts ol the game Along with all the usual fantasy leagues and cups that are par for the course with these games, Manchester United Premier League Champions features all sorts ol other little charts, showing your progress through leagues and seasons, lists ot top goalscor- ers, highest scoring teams and all sorts of gubbins designed to appeal to the more managerial minded players out there.
Funnily enough, the only difference between this and a managerial game Is the buying and selling players option. Maybe It's being saved for the sequel!
I there was ever a good reason for a software company to expenment with various types of football simulation. It has to be a hot I licence. Can I there be any- lone. Apart ffrom r Audiogenic with ’ their Emlyn Hughes season ot games, who have made more use of a soccer licence than Krisalis?
I could attempt to list all the ways in which they have used the Manchester United name, but I tear I would run out of room.
Some have been ama2ing, some have been dreadful, but Manchester United Premier League Champions is one of the best.
Nmom League Top Scorers Plater Itoie Tea SullLtT ) *Tf Of Neoccst]? Utd unrest* ws make jns, set your ( Some would say that Krisalis went as far as they could with the old side on, forced perspective view.
Others would say that particular style of football game went out with the Commodore 64. Both parties will be happy to know that the latest release is a top-down view 0 approach, as used in practically every football game since Kick Otf. That isn 't to say J that this is like every single football game since Kick on. If you thought that arcade football games had run out of new tricks to play. Manchester United Premier League Champions, which from this point will be known rolling on. There is a school of thought that says Sensible Soccer is as far as this type ot game can go before it
becomes ?
4 unplayable. I agree, but this still gets a huge mark due to all the work that actually goes on behind the scenes, rather than on the pitch itself.
If you have a licence of a real world team, then it makes perfect sense to your game in the real world too. Every team in here, and wondering what the game is really like to play. Surprisingly good, although the speed ot the game might take a little adjusting to. It all seems to run a lot faster than previous games, particularly on the dry or frosty pitches, and the ball spends a lot less time in the air than it does in other games. What makes it so playable is the fact that the team works like a team. Players are where you would realistically expect them to be, responding to the flow of the
game properly, instead of returning to some preset mark on the pitch as soon as they are off screen.
MUPLC Is one hell of a good foot- Below: Hoi goalmouth action.
Against until you can beat everyone.
Possibly this game's biggest strength is a single tactical screen called the Tactigrid. This marvellous invention allows you to tailor your formation and instruct individual players in a way never before seen in a computer football game. Forget programmed set pieces, throw away any preconceived notions about having fifteen different formations to play with. The Tactigrid allows you to program the exact way your team plays, from how wide you want a defender to wing, to how many midfield players should run forward when it looks like the game's going on the attack.
Abovt: All the set pieces are In MUPLC, such as penalties.
There are hundreds to choose from, are all real teams with real players and, get this, real abilities. A Third Division team would never stand a chance against a Premier Division one, and that is shown in this game.
Try to pit the two against each other, and you'll discover for yourself exactly how outclassed you can be.
Ball game. Although the actual match itself might not be as smooth or fluid as Sensible Soccer, and the controls might not be as comprehensive as Goal!, the tactical side of the game gives you far more control over your team than either of those. One worth having in your collection. GET REAL MAN The realism of Ihe game has lo be one of its strong points. By using real players, that are as up to date as it is possible to be, the game has its own built in difficulty level. If you are beginner to the game, then you should be able to hold your own against only the worst of the bottom division
teams. As you progress through the game and become more competent, you'll find fhe higher leagues easier and easier to play intelligence, and then you can set the overall layout of your play.
Thankfully, this screen can be pulled up at any point in the match, so you can change your playing tactics at any point.
There’s no better way to turn a match around, as I found when playing against an experienced human opponent for the first time. Within no time at all, I found that I could run the ball down the wing and then chip it into the box for an almost guaranteed goal every time. Half time came, and my opponent moved his midfield players wide while bringing his defenders back into the box. In the second half I couldn't even get into the box, let alone score from it. This is really what makes the game as challenging as it is, and is the one facet that will bring you back to play it again and again.
Of course, you might actually be EASIER THAN SETTING THE TIMER Like Sensible Soccer, MUPLC features an instant replay leature that lets you wind back from an especially impressive goal and watch it over and over again. If you like, you can watch it in slow motion, follow the action by focusing on a specific player, and even watch the action trom the other side of the goall Oepending on the amount of memory you have, you can wind right back to the start of the match and watch the entire thing in slow motion. I can't think ot any better way to wind up your mates!
KRISAUS £25.99 ?500 9 A500. 9 A600 9 A1200 I A1500 9 A2000 9 A3000 9 A4000 9 KRISALIS, TEQUE HOUSE, MASONS YARD, DOWNS ROAD, MOORGATE, ROTHERHAM S602HD, TEL: 0709 372290.
RELEASE DATE: GENRE: TEAM: CONTROLS: NUMBER OF DISKS: NUMBER OF PLAYERS: HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1Mb MARCH SOCCER IN HOUSE JOYSTICK 2 1-2 GRAPHICS ••?•??¦ ?•82% SOUND ??•••?..??79% INSTABILITY ??••??i ??89% PLAYABILITY •?••?••? ?91% OVERALL 90% CU AMIGA are correct at copy date 24 1 94 (while stocks last), and are subject to change without prior notice. All pnees include VAT but exclude delivery.
OVP II Hard Drive* fga pack» Mo„itors How to Pay You can order by mad Cheques Postal Orders made payable to LadBroke Computing. Or g»e your credit card details over the phone under £40 (NomaBy £3. Phone lor details) Add £7 lor courier deSvery Next working day delivery on mamlend UK subfect to stock (£20 tor Saturday dekvery) Open Mon-Sat 9.30am lo 5 00pm.
Ladbroke Compuhng Ltd tradng as Ladbroke Computing International Fax:(0772)561071 Tel: 9am-5.30pm (5 Lines) GVP 286 emulator eklipSe tfious* o30 IHU printers Star Star LC100 Colour £149.99 Star LC24 100 Mono £179.00 Star LC24 30 Colour £249.00
• Built in 55 sheet feeder
• 24 Pin Colour Starjet SJ48 Bubblejet £210.00 Star SJ144 £459.00
• Thermal max transfer colour printer
• 144 element head
• Glossy colour output
• 360 dpi resolution Citizen Citizen Switt 240 Colour £270.00
Citizen Project £209.00 Hewlett Packard HP Deskjet 510 £309.00
HP Deskjet 500 Colour £389.00 HP Deskjet 310 £239.99 Lasers
Ricoh LP1200 £699.00 Add £3 lor Centronics cable and £7 for
next working day courier delivery.
S Quantum SCSI Hard drive S Ultra fast 11 ms access
• Up to 8Mb RAM on board 2 year warranty SPECIAL OFFER 170MB NO
RAM £349 240MB NO RAM £399 2Mb SIMM Upgrade 4Mb SIMM Upgrade
£59.99 £119.99
• 16MHz 286 PC Emulator
• Norton rating 15
• Plugs into GVP II HD GVP PC-286 Emulator £89.00
• Ergonomic design
• 320 dpi resolution
• Easy to use
• Microswitch buttons ONLY £29.99
• Video processor provides real lime software control of
brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness, tittering,
gain etc.
• Audio processor with two audio inputs, software switchable or
mixable. With software control of Volume. Bass and Treble
G-Lock Genlock £284.00 ifooOHam""1** Plugs into PCMCIA slot Fully external, doesn't attect warranty 170Mb Overdrive £349.99 Phone tor higher capacities.
Amiga A600 Lemmings Pack £184.99 Includes A600 with 1Mb RAM, Lemmings A1200 Race & Chase £289.99 Includes A1200 with 2Mb RAM.
Trolls and Nigel Mansell A1200 Desktop Dynamite £339.99 Includes A1200 with 2Mb RAM.
Digrta Wordworth, Digita print manager, Deluxe Paint IV, Dennis, Oscar Amiga CD32 £289.99 2Mb RAM. Dual Speed CD ROM.
Multi session, plays music CD's.
256000 colours on screen, includes 2 games Oscar and Diggers.
Amiga 4000 030 £999.00 Includes A4000. 030 processor.
2Mb Chip RAM, 80Mb Hard drive.
290dpi resolution
• 2 Microswitched buttons
• Opto Mechanical mechanism
• Switchable between Amiga ST
• Direct Mouse Replacement Eklipse Mouse £11.99 Dr,ves
• 880K formatted capacity
• Double sided. Double density
• Through port Cumana CAX 354 £54.99 Amiga 500 internal drive
£49.99 HAIII UP**1'” A500 512K upgrade £14.99 A500+ 1Mb
upgrade £19.99 A600 1Mb no clock £29.99 Plugs straight into
A600 trap door compatible with A600. A600HD 10230**°'"“'°'
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• Makes your Amiga 1200 run over 7 times quicker
• Allows up to 32Mb RAM
• Optional FPU A123Q 0Mb No FPU £289.00 A1230 4Mb No FPU £429.00
A1230 4Mb 68882 FPU £529.00 Samsung C13352X £179.95 14‘ SC ART
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SCART cable lor high quality display) Commodore 1085S £189.9!
Commodore Colour Stereo Monitor including cable Mlcrovltech 1440 £399.9!
The Microvitec 1440 is a mullisync monitor compatible with the A1200.
Includes setup memory lor different resolutions.
Colour SVGA Monitor £229.99 High quality Colour SVGA Monitor .28 dot pitch.
A1200 VGA adaptor £14.99 Falcon VGA Adaptor £9.99 Philips SCART to Amiga £9.99 8833 MKII to Amiga £9.99
• 16MHz 32 bit 68030 Central Processor, 16MHz Blitter, 32MHz
56001 Digital Signal Processor
• 1.44Mb 3.5" Floppy, up to 14Mb RAM. Displays 65536 colours from
262144 palette
• 8 Channel. 16 bit, high quality Stereo sound sampling FALCON 1
Mb No HD £499.00 FALCON 4Mb No HD £699.00 FALCON 4Mb 64Mb HD
£799.00 FALCON 4Mb 127Mb HD £899.00 FALCON 4Mb 209Mb HD £999.00
Falcon Screen Blaster £89.00 „epa!r Our Servo? Department can
repair Amiga's m minimum txne at competitive rates We can
arrange tor courier pickup and return delivery ot your machine
to ensure it's salety. We even have a same day service which
will ensure you machine is given priority and subject to fault,
completed the same day We otter a Quotation service tor £15 lor
which will examine your machine and report back with an exact
price for repair. It you do not wish to go ahead wrth the
repairs then |ust pay the £15. However you do go ahead then the
charge is included in the minimum charge. Please note: The
minimum charge covers labour, parts are extra.
Our to Iter I " Quotation service Min repair charge Courier Pickup Courier Return Same day service £15.00 £35.25 £11.00 £7.00 £15.00 SO CCER EX PERT IIA SOFTW Accuracy test: Seven out ot ten results predicted correctly including the only three draws.
CU AMIGA GAME REVIEW We’ve all seen the little ads near the backs of mags, offering us the chance to win a fortune on the horses or the pools. Tony Dillon was a little hard up for cash, so he decided to investigate a couple.
You would think, with all the computing power available to home users these days, there would be more of these things about. The Soccer Expert, Irom Powys-based Voithia Software, is one of the simplest pools prediction programs available, along with being one ol the cheapest. Belore you fall into the trap ol assuming that, "you get what you pay lor', let me tell you that this is also one ol the most accurate prediction programs around.
Using a complicated system ol weights and measures, it takes the current performances of all the teams in all the leagues, and runs a series ol comparisons to predict the likely outcome ol a match. All the teams and ' leagues are supplied up to date, although it's up to you to keep the league updated as the weeks roll by.
A class product, available Irom author Andreas Andreou at Voithia Software, 32 High Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7JP.
ORACLE I soptware Accuracy test: Correctly picked eight placed horses in ten races.
One sport that can definitely claim to be more predictable than soccer is horse racing, which explains the plethora of horse racing predictors around. Oracle is, without a doubt, the most impressive one I have ever come across. Where most packages of this type require you to enter every last scrap of information you can lay your hands on, Oracle has a surprisingly large database of asssf
- “an. N **.-»
• - ’i nf" is -w* s A WORD TO THE WISE Belore you even consider
spending your cash on these, or similar products, there are a
couple ol things you must consider. Firstly, none ol the
prediction programs on the market are guaranteed lo make you
money and the ones we reviewed don't claim any more lhal 50%
accuracy, even though in our tests they scored much higher. *
working knowledge ol the sport concerned is a must, as these
are merely aids lo your own predictions - don'l put £100 on
League 01 Superheroes to win lust because a product told you lo
- check It out lor yourself and see il your conclusions match
upl All the available courses can be viewed.
Courses, riders and trainers, leaving you to only tell it about the horses that are running, and then let the program do the rest.
Oracle is stunningly accurate, to the point where the author, David Somerskill no longer needs to work, living quite happily off his gambling earnings. Of course, information like this doesn’t come cheap, and £75 for the initial program plus £30 for monthly updates might be a little out of some people s league, but if you’re really serious about your gee gees, there’s no better package to lay your hands on. Available from ESP Software, 32a Southchurch Road, Southend-On-Sea, Essex SS1 2ND.
Tel: 0702 600 557.
THE TIPSTER HUHR £34.95 Accuracy test: Correctly named six placed horses In ten races.
The Tipster Irom Sidmouth Software comes direct Irom the land ol the experienced betting expert
- the person who has all the systems worked out lor themselves
and consequently goes through all sorts ol horrendous maths
first thing on a Saturday morning. The package contains all
the actual calculations, but none ol the information, so you do
need to spend hall an hour or so scouring through the back
pages ol The Sun or The Radng Post to find all the information
there is.
The Tipster comes in two different incarnations - Tipster International tor the amateur and the more advanced and more accurate Tipster Professional. Both supply you with a grid, into which you enter all the information you need belore keying it in on screen. Then the computer will give you the most likely horse to win, plus the best horse to lay an each way bet on. Some knowledge ol horse racing is required, but it's an excellent package, well worth the money. Available Irom Sidmouth Software. PO Box 7, Sidmouth. Devon EX10 OTD.
Tel: 0395 567073.
Cor cop a load of this fab T-shirt.
How would you fancy the ultimate games set up? Your mate might think he’s the donkey's ears with his NES AS plugged into his rusty old black and white portable TV, or that girl from down the road who I has a Space Invaders game on her watch may think she rules the world. But they won’t ” be a patch on you if you’re j f one of the lucky winners in this exclusive Gremlin competition.
For two extremely fortunate readers, we have two sets of Sony 21 inch remote control colour Tvs and CD32s to give away! You already know how incredible the console is, but you wait until you see it running through this fabulous Sony colour .TVI You’ll be the envy of your street!
Of course, you’ll be wanting to know how you can get your hands on these magnificent prizes, This 21" colour TV could b* yours.
Which include five exclusive Gremlin T-shirts for the lucky runners up. Simple, just J answer these three easy questions:
1) Lotus 3 gave you a course designer called RECS. What does RECS
stand for?
2) Who sponsors Zool 2?
3) How many cups can you win in Prerhier Manager?
RULES AND REGULATIONS Got that? Now bundle your answers on a postcard and send it to: It's Okay I’ve Got A TV License Honest, CU AMIGA, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU, by the closing date 120th March). Good luck!
1) This competition is not open to any employees of EMAP Images
or Gremlin Graphics Software Limited.
2) Nor is it open to work experience people called Derek.
3) The Editor’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be
entered into. We won't answer your letters either.
4) Closing date lor all competition entries is 20th March 1994.
5) Answers given inside sealed envelopes will be ripped up and
6) There is no official cash alternative to the prizes stated,
but we might buy one ol the Tvs off you lor a tenner.
COMPUTERS Jjel: 0803 32911 25*0 m
- 23.CO
- 25.CO 25 CO KMSrxson
.18.00 * .1600 .20.00 I--,.'
.24 00 .2400 .20.00 .2000 .2400 GloM Donnorion tyiarC«AI200 . Sword Somroi.. WbUSwo. V2 V3 S»0hAI200 SIS’ - i Gobic ... i G*»ii A12CO
* 240 IlNopto 2).
SlpEs AI200 2700 20 DO .2000 .2400 1800 .180) 1800
200) .180) .20.00
20. 00
180) .20.00 .18.00
180) Wortooi . VaotmVoyogeAI2CXJ.
Wii N Ur WwU Oou Oii» A)200 Work) Cup "94 A1200 Zod 2 .... Zod 2AI200 .18.00 .24.00 .2000 1800 .20.00 1800 PwtMlon PGATcurGdf f )05,*-C
• W.i*ril2 Promt* Wooon Reodt For Ifc« i 2000 .2000
18. 00 1800 .21.00 ;AI200.
hupmuh jiillijnii ‘'uuIsM jl.r.i-jigf jju li vMspi ROM SWITCHER £14.95 Keyboard!mouse switched kICKSTART 1.3 ROM £25.00 j For software compatibility kICKSTART 2.05 ROM £29.90 L'pgrade to A500+ Rom SUPER DENISE £28.70 Excellent value «ooo CPU £15.00 A ATTENTION ALL DEALERS A Our company now offer the most competitive dealer repair service.
Full credit facilities available Send for our Free information pack today... We reserve the right to refuse repair for whatever reasons CU 594 Prices only valid with this coupon mctci iciwuna •
- BART- omputer Services Service HOTLINE (0533) 470059 DART
Computer Services 105 London Road LEICESTER LE2 opf 2E Computer
£25.99 I I there was ever a game that could I win an award for
Being the most sponsored event in the software industry, this
would have to be it. Not only is The Sun newspaper behind it,
but so are Fizzy Chewits and Domino Pizzas. While it's
encouraging to see idea of the topics covered You play the
Snapper, a small but willing photographer who wants to get
into the world of the papperazi To prove his worth to The Sun
editor, he has to race around some large, jerky levels, taking
pictures of some ol the most misshapen sprites ever seen, while
collecting rolls of film and trying to avoid bills, shops and
anything else that might try to take his money. He also needs
to collect enough delicious Domino pizzas. So he can then
build a space ship to take him to the next level I'm sorry, but
this is a really dreadful game. The joystick controls are
sticky and wooden feeling, the sound effects are drab and
basic, and the garish use of background colours gives the game
a very confused look. I can't think of anything positive
about this game at all. Even the box front looks like it was
thrown together in the dark, Hayleigh Rodgers so many large
companies taking an interest in the games world, it's a shame
they had to sponsor such a terrible game No, scratch that,
Snapperazi is staggeringly terrible.
Alternative have surpassed them- , selves with creating a game that plays on the 1 lowest interests.
1 Levels like Planet Of 1 The Page Three Girts and Planet Royale should give you some ET TU BR r 1 YO JULI uropea
10. 99
12. 99
20. 99
9. 99
10. 99
16. 99
23. 99
17. 99
25. 99
16. 99
9. 99
12. 99
24. 99 H
17. 9*
18. 99 F
16. 99 L call!
15. 99W
20. 99
9. 99
20. 99
15. 99 j
55. 991
9. 991
13. 91
69. 991 CALL !
19. 99 8 99 |
20. 99 CALL
18. 99
15. 991
12. 9*
17. 99
17. 99
16. 99 1999
10. 99
10. 99
21. 99
32. 99
14. 99
25. 99
24. 99
20. 99
6. 99
7. 99
20. 99
16. 99
49. 99
12. 99
7. 99
7. 99
20. 99
9. 99 ID 19
16. 99
16. 99
* .99 .99 99 Bouldeidash tans will love this AMOS clone!
Of course. £26 for games that are. Essentially free, may seem a lot to most people, but that's before I mention the luscious 48-page manual that gives you the entire history of games, along with details of how these games have shaped the world. For the first time, you can read full instructions to many of these games and leave the booklet happy in the knowledge that you at least understand why games like Pacman were so addictive, even if they pale a little in comparison to something like Dynablaster.
Like any collection of games, you are going to get some duff titles.
Games like Fruit Salad and Monaco might as well have been left off. And I would have liked to have seen a faithful conversion of Battlezone. But you can't have everything. Games like Missile Command and Jeff Minter’s exceptional Berzerk inspired Llamatron are well worth getting hold of. And if you don't have most of these games already in your collection, then this is a package well worth investing in m Tnnu Hillon M T0 O ?F117ANIGHTHAWK ?F1 5 STRIKE EAGLE 2 FLASHBACK ?FORMULA 1 G.P. FRONTIER - ELITE 2
• LEGACY OF SORASIL AH Hems are wbfcct to availability.
Port and packing: UK = 7So per item 2nd Class; £1.50 per item 1st Class; £2.00 per item 1st Class Recorded
LLC. * 0.00 per item; Non E.E.C. = £6.00 per item; Swift Air
E.E.C. = £5.75 per item; Swift Air Non Ei.C. = £9.00 per
SATURDAY PHONE (Please indicate whether you require Disk or
CD-ROM) Visa Mastercard Switch Number: Switch Issue No:
THE SOFTWARE BUSINESS OUT NdW £25.99 T fairly qmet lor the
last couple of years.
Bul now The Software Hbfl Business are back with A a vengeance starling __ with Addiction. A coilec agtgrmni B A tion of 25 games that snow Amiga gamers ‘avounle games came jilrl- from, and tracing the evolution and growth of computer Boulderdash Ians will love this AMOS clone!
Games from Pong through to Frontier All the games on here have Of course. £26 for games that been seen on the public domain are. Essentially free, may seem a lot market before, but I have to admit. To most people, but that's before I it was quite entertaining and thought mention the luscious 48-page man- provoking to sit down with these ual that gives you the entire history faithful re-creations of the games of games, along with details of how that made the games industry. These games have shaped the All the games you would expect world. For the first time, you can to see are here on
Addiction, from read full instructions to many of Space Invaders to Pacman. Taking these games and leave the booklet in Breakout. Tetris. Berzerk. Missile happy in the knowledge that you at Command. Battleships. Centipede least understand why games like and a superb version of Delender. If Pacman were so addictive, even if you can't spot some of your they pale a little in comparison to favourites in here. I'd be very something like Dynablaster.
Surprised indeed. Like any collection of games.
• GUNSHIP 2000 18.99
PIRATES GOLD 19.99 R0B0C0D 17.99
• URIDIUM 2 17.99 WHALES VOYAGE 19.99 ZOOL 17.99 A120J !NSC€R
• ZOOL 2 FREEPHONE 0800 318576 Fax: 0480 496379 NAME ADDRESS
cheques payable to: European Computer User & send to: Units
A2 AJ Edison Road St. Ives, Huntingdon CAMBS PE 17 417 GAME
REVIEW The intro has spacecraft flying between planets.
The game is about underwater empire- building. Can anyone tell Paul Presley what’s going on?
CU AMIGA I like a good laugh, me. Especially when it s at someone else s expense That's why I love look J*ng at foreign games that contain all manner of translation gaffes S U B should be able to keep rfe snigger mg throughout the rest of Spring thanks to the atrociousness of it introductory sequence Oh the graphics are superb, it's the text that constantly writes itself across the screen that allows my laughing gear to shift out of reverse.
Graphically, it has the look of one of those European PD demos that crop up month after month - the ones with beautifully-rendered 3D spaceships flying through space that make peo pie go. *Ooh. Isn't it pretty'. Of course, beautiful as these space shipjgre they don't seem to have ' muc bearmg on the game itself which, for the main part, deals with the exploration of Earth's sea bed and the manufacture of a global submersible empire.
Gyrating against several other giobjMmvnded figures, you have to lake ir initial supply of bases and Deep Sea Vehicles (yes. That's A what the D.S.V. in SeaQuest J stood for) m order to explore.
Expand and extract. Explore 1 uncharted areas of the sea bed j||| expand your horizons to cover as much territory as possible and extract mineral wealth and I turn it into an army With an spree of your enemies However.fcefore I get onto that I really must just go back to this whole translation thing. Some might say. Well it's from another country, you can't expect perfect English Nice miro sequence, it |ust goes downhill alter thn. Bachgroundtlhp only Ihjng mi9Sing is a scroll* mossage thanking 811 and Jak and Skim and Blolto etc. Well no. I wouldn't if it were being released in another
country. But it isn't (well it is. But I'm talking about this version), it's being released here If distributors are going to release a foreign game onto English-speaking shores it ts their moral responsibility to translate the text into readable English *Qoh it gets my IQUA-BAT1CS Bmewhere along the lengthy line that is computer gaming history. Someone L re-wrote the type of game it was. From the shoot em up to the strategy fare, you coukl be sure that it would at the very least be fun. Then at some point fun stopped being important and people started to taj|» everything seriously. The
upshot of this horren- _______ dou3 event is a game like r S U B. At no point while playing ever having fun.
Zokt 801 couW write this review in one of two ways I could sit and go L&n. Your ease -
* *nere you build up ---- your empire through each of the
game's elements. Analyse and assess each separate nuance and
came up with an overall impression based on the Just one ol me
encitlnfl (aheml undersea vehicles on oiler.
Lresults Or I could simply fell you that S U B. isn't ¦ fun and leave you to |f get on with something that is.
If I had taken the analytical route I would have told you that the m game graphics are fairly good, but nothing special, that the music is professional at first but soon begins to grate, that the control interface could have done with being far more user- friendly that at no point do you ever feel as though you know exactly what is going on But that despite all of that it is very polished, has no immediately apparent flaws in its structural design and it could no doubt provide you with something of a lasting challenge for a while.
GRAPHICS SOUND INSTABILITY PLAYABILITY ???75% ???70% ????»»% ?????50% Trouble is it would all be academic because it's |ust plain dull it has all the enjoyment properties of cleaning somebody else s toenails.
Throughout my thankfully, bnef acquaintance with it I just kept thinking. When can I get on with a more enjoyable assignment and that is always a bad sign cu You can't use Software this Powerful, and produce Documents this Good... Unless, you buy an expensive PC or Macintosh™ a high priced Colour PostScript™ Laser Printer, and a complex, costly Desk Top Publishing Package... Ily An I mnii Swon f '"'versifv „ e_C0nom cs If you're looking for a quality Word Processor Publisher that performs as well as this, you may well start by searching through PC and Apple™ Macintosh™ software catalogues.
Even then though, you probably won't find a program that will combine the very best in Word Processing and... easy to use integrated DTP type facilities.
You certainly can't find software for your Amiga that's capable of all this... * Origins
• Current situation ’ Pr posed measures
• Future Prospects inclusions ""•'IK, ...or Can You?
Meagre Prices 7 days a week Games
3. 5" Disks CD32 Oty
260. 00 All our disks are fully guaranteed and include labels
Hardware Amiga 1200 Miscellaneous ccetnsi Qmnuaooot* -mono
Matos om» MOoopiwo«u ai»sac*c«fTnv8i Please note NOT* means
software ts not compatible with the 500 Plus, 600 or 1200
Educational Disk Boxes 10 t*n»U 0.
DataGEM bus supplied computer hardware and sofluare to tens Amiga Atari PC Segal L 23 Pitfield St, London Si I DataGI I effective until iMLMarch Trust us to have all you need You Can Now... with New Final Writer Put Your Finger on the Buttons of the Ultimate Amiga Word Processor From the publisher of the acclaimed Final Copy II comes its new companion, Final Writer - for the author who needs even more! If you already use an Amiga Word Processor, it won’t include the complete and comprehensive array of features found in this latest addition to the SoftWood family.
Final Writer is not just a one-off product... SoftWood are acknowledged as the World's leading software company publishing for the Amiga and no other system. So. If Final Writer exceeds your current requirements - whatever your Document Processing needs, whatever your Amiga - SoftWood will still have the Perfect Package for you... Pen Pal or Final Copy II and Proper Grammar IL.a Complete Range.
Once you become a registered SoftWood user, you'll gain access to unlimited free UK technical support (others often charge you or don’t provide support at all) and preferential upgrades to fututc versions of these and other exciting new products being developed right now.
Can your Word Processor... Output crisp PostScript™ font outlines on any graphic printer (not just expensive lasers), and was it supplied with over 110 typefaces? Import, scale, crop, view on screen and output :tured EPS clip-art images (Final Writer is supplied with a hundred), again, on any :r? Also create structured graphics and rotate them along with text to any angle, giving you DTP quality presentation? Provide a huge range of printing options (eg. Thumbnails, crop marks etc. on PostScript™ printers) and fulfil other advanced Word Processing functions easily such as automatic indexing,
table of contents, table of illustrations and bibliography generation? With Final Writer, this f m is now available to you .. . Along with a list of fea- Motoe FooScnpt , . .
MmrjtaSMW ton just $ °« on i-MginffMto'oAB’ and „n. We know that you’ll be impressed by this revolution in Amiga Word Processing, but don’t be pul off by it’s advanced capabilities. With its complement of user definable Command Buttons and Superb Manual. Final Writer is simply one of the easiest programs to leam and use.
FimlWnter SoftWood SoftWood Products Europe New Street Alfreton Derbyshire DE55 7BP England Telephone: 0773 836781 Facsimile: 0773 831040 Available from all good dealers or. Contact us for a list of nationwide stockists.
All information coma ai lime of going lo press. E&EOL All Trademarks acknimMged. The document on the previous page mu output on a low cost Canon Bubble Jet If you've outgrown your existing package ask about our 'trade up' options from your , current Word Processor (olher publishers' Wps are eligible loo).
Whalbrnu * II it's silly conversation that you like, then thcro is nowhere better to have a bit ol a chinwag than in the local pub. While you're here make sure you llnd the matchbox on top ol tM truit machine an*give that diunken ' dwart s beard a trim.
Ltll: You having devoured all ol the mud slew, the Swampling has now gone to fetch more ingredients, leaving you to discover the trapdoor hidden under the wooden chest.
Right: There has been on® two many occasions when the Troll has been outsmarted by those pesky billy goats, so now he Is fighting back.
Unless he gets a roast goat dinner, there will be no more 'Trip-Trapping over this troll bridge.
Would be churlish to refuse to eat some, so grab a spoon and tuck in.
There, that was delicious wasn't it?
No? Well perhaps the second bowl will taste better. Ask for a second helping, but this time you should put the stew into the specimen jar for later. (This is a long game and you may need a snack before we finish.)
If you continue to take bowls of stew, eventually the mixture will run out and your host will be forced to leave the house to get more ingredients.
Now is your chance to move the chest and find the trapdoor beneath.
On the jetty below the house you will find that a loose plank prevents you from going any further, so it's back to the forest for you.
Sitting alongside the path you'll find a woodcutter who will give you a metal detector if you promise to help him search for the magic mithril ore.
Being a typical adventurer, you should promise him anything as long as you can get something for nothing.
Up until now we've only spoken with strange folk who seem to be stupid, so perhaps you should seek out this game's Help Centre. In the forest is a wise old owl who lives in a hollow tree. Repeated questioning of this fantastic, feathered font of facts will reveal many of this game's secrets - although you'll have to search for the gems amongst a load of drivel. Keep a sharp eye on the owl and you will notice that the shock of seeing you will cause something to |ii' fall from his plumage. Picking up this item will be "a feather in your cap".
In the eastern half of the forest is the crossroads. Take the south-east path and this will bnng you to the base of a tower. There is a large bell here which is one "ding" short of a dong", so use the clapper to repair it.
Operate the bell and this will make a rope appear. Climb the rope into the tower and get into some serious snogging with the princess who lives there. Normally a kiss from a fairytale character would make things better, but a peck from your fair lips will turn Swamp slew may make your stomach curl, but thore are some strange characters in this game who would be glad ol a bowl-full. Walk to the vines at the side ol the crevasse and you'll llnd yoursell a fisherman with quite a useful catch.
£.3 the princess into a pig. Pick up the pig and return to the village.
JWi Just past the Druid's house is : a picturesque cottage with a door pC made out of truffles. Use the pig on the door and it will gobble a Wj hole through it in a flash. Inside j the cottage you can collect the $ i bee keeper's hat and smokegun.
1 Go outside to the beehive and
* , wear the hat. Use the matches to light the smoke-gun. Then
use the smoke to calm the bees, (or at H least choke them
senseless!) Then take the wax from the hive.
TOW *s Vf H wn Time for another drink I think, so "leggit" back to the pub and order a pint of whatever suits your fancy from the barman. When he stoops to find you a glass from beneath the counter, quickly bung up the beer barrel with the wax. The barman will now find that no beer comes out of the barrel so he will assume that it needs changing. The barman will take the barrel outside and dump it. The bar man will give you a free beer voucher as compensation. You are now able to nip outside and pick up a barrel of beer. If only life were like that!
The next characters we should sort out are the dwarves who live in the cave in the centre of the forest.
So with a song in your heart, a "Hi Ho" on your lips, and a dwarf's beard on your chin, head for the entrance to the diamond mine. The first thing that's needed to get into this area is the password - BEER - which is written on the underside of the rock found just outside the cave. Once you arrive at the bottom of the stairs you can offer the barrel of beer to the guard and then help him carry it down into the cellar. The fat dwarf who is asleep on the floor can be persuaded to roll over if you tickle him with the owl's feather, and this will reveal a key. Nip back upstairs to the seated
dwarf then down the other staircase to where the three dwarves are singing. There is a hook hanging from a post which you can pick up. Use this hook with the rope and they will combine into one item. (It's a bit like a soap on a rope; but whatever you do, don't attempt to wash your bottom with it!)
Use the key to open the nearby door and you'll find yourself in the diamond vault. The guard is easily runout th* ccnta* yot well give up here.
Bribed with the beer voucher and he’ll reward you with a diamond. Take a trip back to the village, and with a bit of arguing you'll be able fo sell your glittering prize for 20 gold pieces lo the geezer seated by the duck pond Having done all this work you might be feeling peckish and be tempted fo sample that swamp stew in the specimen jar. After all it can't be as awful as you remembered if.
Oh yes it is! Instead I suggest you return to the crossroads, then go to the edge of the chasm. Find the vines which are almost hidden in the bottom left of the screen and climb down them. Here you will find a Gollum who is fishing in the nver. Offer the swamp stew to him and you will be rewarded with a magical ring.
Exciting isn't it? I can hardly wait for the final instalment next month!
Encounter spectacular arcade action as you, (and a friend if you prefer!), take on the might of a terrifying and rather large Alien army that has infested a Federation Research Station.
A shoot-em up of epic proportions.
You've been chosen to I fly your craft I to the planet Ryxx, once there you must destroy the mutated insectoids and save the universe.
Arcade st racing game' Race your « around sixti of the toughest circuits in y dream to become the T17 cham| of the world.
THE GAMES MACHINE 92% GALLUP BUDGET CHART This game broke all the records by staying at the top of the budget charts for a record 33 weeks.
AMIGA COMPUTING 93% AMIGA COMPUTING "words don't really do Project-X justice you have to see it to believe it."
THE GAMES MACHINE Editor of CU AMIGA "Good isn't it? Full priced qualit say. But how about this, a priced game selling for only £12.
(061) 339 0326 West Midlands Broadsgate South Yorkshire INVERNESS
(0384) 481262 COVENTRY (0302) 326073 IN1 1EB NEON COMPUTER
(0203) 555228 (0463) 2262C SERVICES BURNLEY COMPUTER
45a Robertson Street MTS BARRY Crown House 118 Adleston
Road ESSEX 1 Towers Built (0446) 735633 31-39 Manchester
Road CREWE East Sussex Blackwell Stre BURNLEY Cheshire TN34
1HL KIDOERMINS1 PREMIER MAIL ORDER Lancaster (0270) 214118
(0424)444515 (0562) 7454!
9-10 Capricorn Centre (0282) 34772 Cranes Farm Road SOFT CENTRE MAUGHAN MICROS ANR BASILDON MILES BETTER SOFTWARE 28-30 The Parade 93 The Galleria COMPUTERS (0268) 271172 221 Cannock Road CWMBRAN Metro Centre 6 Church Lam Chadsmoor (0633) 868131 GATESHEAD Crossgates ULTIMA RETAIL LTD CANNOCK Tyne and Wear LEEDS 33 Mayfair House Staffs TOPSOFT
(091) 493 2308 West Yorkshi BASINGSTOKE (0543) 466580 6
Wellington Court Mews (0532) 3263 (0256) 54026 Grange Road
NEXT LE MR DISK 29 Winchcombe Street County Durham White
Lion Walk Unit 2 8 Smallbrook. Queensway CHELTENHAM (0325)
486689 GUILDFORD Burtons Area BIRMINGHAM Gloucester Surrey
(021) 616 1102 (0242) 254432 THE COMPUTER STORE (0483) 506939
West Yorkshi Unit 14 (0532) 458E BOLTON COMPUTER COVENTRY
CENTRE Kirksandall 50 Southgate DATAGEM 148-150 Chorley Old
Road 62 Lower Precinct DONCASTER HALIFAX 23 Pitfield St
BOLTON COVENTRY South Yorkshire West Yorkshire LONDON
(0204) 841937 (0203) 223081 (0302) 890000 (0422) 355079
(071) 608 0 1 Bata M _ 1 ¦¦B 1 Jit II ¦79 Rack-em up and shoot
for glory in this stunning and hugely playable pool
Many different pool games available, including 9- Ball, Straight Pool to the multiplayer game Killer.
Fantastic coinop style action this cute platform romp!
Eight worlds across 80 fun- packed levels I *eep you on your toes for hours, ¦me so addictive you'll never t to put it down.
You are the Assassin, battle through 16 levels of a d r e n e I i n flowing action in an effort to confront the evil Midan, if you make it to Midans' Lair you will meet your greatest challenge.
I ONE MAGAZINE AMIGA FORMAT 87% RELEASE DATE 17th March 88% THE ONE MAGAZINE ; is simple stuff, but it's hugely i and a great laugh. Budget i never smelt so good."
AMIGA FORMAT “an incredibly playable and highly addictive platform cum shoot-em up at a bargain price."
AMIGA ACTION "A brilliant simulator for 1 or more players."
1 SOFT CENTRE PLATINUM PERSONAL POWERDOME CENT I Unit 4 COMPUTERS 27 New Hall Street 1 Cambrian Retail Centre 155 The High Street Hanley I Cambrian Road RAYLEIGH STOKE ON TRENT 205 1 NEWPORT (0268) 778909 (0782) 206246 I Gwent 1 [0633)222481 ULTIMA RETAIL LTD Unit 2 INVICTA SOFTWARE 82 Grosvenor Road ulrli 1 ONE STEP BEYOND 2 Friars Walk TUNBRIDGE WELLS reet 1 1 9-11 Bedford Street READING Kent STEP I NORWICH (0734)568510 TW11 2 AS 451 1 Norfolk 1 [0603)616373 GEMSOFT 28 Fornival Gate (0892) 511542 THE MICRO CENTRE s I SOFTWARE EMPORIUM SHEFFIELD 20a West Moreland Street ne 1 75 Magdalen
Street NORWICH (0742) 757070 WAKEFIELD West Yorkshire hire Norfolk ULTIMA RETAIL LTD (0924) 201953 (0603) 633362 118 East Street 341 SOUTHAMPTON SPORT AND BUSINESS EVEl HI-TECHNOLOGY (0703) 639419 206-208 Walsall Wood Unit 10-12 Road ade West End Arcade VU DATA Aldridge Chapel Bar, Longrow 44 St Petersgate WALSALL hire NOTTINGHAM STOCKPORT (0922) 59380 (0602) 470766
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Wakefield, West Yorks. England.
Tel: 0924 201846.
FOR ALL ENQUIRES - MOBILE FROM 11AM TO 8PM T TEL: (0374) 446776 l ,r public domain
BISHOPSWORTH, BRISTOL BS13 BAB ALL DISKS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGA S WHEN DISK K001 - DISKSTART V1.3 IS USED ON A500+ A600 A1200 A4000 U2CB • UNOELE TE - Tna uORy Aon ytu 10 get Oaca wua mat ma srxsss's®.. l?T** d cto253omake r
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A030%ERRARI PICTURES - Picluroo Ol a now mod* Irom Pa worlds
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Rmnj IKS*: ECO FRACTIONS ANO SILHOUETTES • Good malhe u E004 • WORLD WAR 2 • Good I mcljda* Dccoy V3 0 whkfi a ptWaWy iha only copai I fat worka succaaMutv cn me A1200 A400D I U12J - WofWBCNCM HACKS Man, .nan new 0021 • MASTER OF THE TOWN • Tha aan at tha aama it to cauee m 0-326* SS HUX HALLENGE 0039 - SMURFHUNT ¦ Plonly Ol Dim power n Ml *toe« •» «X 00*0 • PARAOO* • FipWy piun &043-WieeiE WORLD OCDY • A auperD paadorm game Thttaonecrf Pa boat puMc domem garrwe ever GO*' - St CR pakmaN - V you *a Pak garnet , men game* The beat MMM la ll.l’c 00*8 • NEIGHBOURS - (2 daktl An U193 • MAGNUM -
Craala your own Mhfl maoanno U1S4 - EDWORO - Etadam ten U1B5 • POOLS PREDICTION -(I you naod me»e ha* (or monoy) try tm U1BS • VMORPH V2 0 • EiceUeN U2I2 • AIB8 V5 • A good diagnonc ES J SVSMFOVS.tl ¦ Adaaval w R'Skr.
You to try and make all your uruaaM I ia mb aaal L018, AjjgADlAGNOST U2 °LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT U2H - CjSkTbASEI UTILITY - Stcra 5 9 • ERROR INFO • Gaaa you a ket ol all amlga anor code* and iher uZT& TASK V202 MMPC
• ddmorafhardSaJT&wuwporl* VGA. EGA CQA and MOA (OV) U222 •
RERMRTT 3 - Camara a satoceon ot and hem dra raparn uMiiae
E«ca*ent lor sov-ng U224 - Spf LTRUM EMULATER - haaiaMtM.
Amiga Thaia ara eecco rao version lor new AGA amgai.(2 ditka) U225 - STOCK ANALYST • Thtt a • sarwa- SSTiCT ih. German and Itaken AMKaAWORLD ¦ Thlt pace ol I U118 • MORE WORKBENCH HACKS • Queas whal?
’ WB V3.0 INSTALL • H you need to install your hard I m you need P»» 1 .... A1JO0 DEGRAOERS • An asaaraal pwtnaaa lc» I AGA ownan. IrduMt Fake Faal Mem Tha Oagrwdar I OrSkslart. Kit AGA V2 srd HepM hmu I U2S7 VIEWTEK tfl 03 - An aaoareal purchase alowi-tg . M T -o- y« AOA w«Nra to I LS ymr hard ®sk a» wnual mamay f you've not a I Wmb hard disk man you can have 0OnO ram ftequres I FMU MMU etc I UZ72 • WORKBENCH V3 0 SCREENS • kr ro e Pa , Sev EAM HOI PLANNER GROOVE-The wee fa I wc H» (let evor AOA mogadamo I D195 • PANTARHEI A new AGA megademo With I pmarraaoimd mhaMmn I 0197 • Team HOI 2 •
Segjot to PW «rat ever megMamc ABOVE DISKS WORK WITH A1200 A4000 ONLY.
UXV- n cSPnese ASTROLOGY WWIcraato ho cZcZcrZ- WHY PAY MORE THAN £3.00 FOR FONT DISKS WHEN FIRST CHOICE SUPPLY EXACTLY THE SAME FROM JUST COM III FONTS AVAILABLE M ADOBE TYPE t TESTED ON FINAL COPY BB . PAGESTREAM V2.1 ANO SCALABLE FORMATS TESTED ON deagned to thorn graphically fa poeionaol Pa elan and ptoraN horn J AOUAWUM - Tuna you acraan Into an eye calchrrg Ash tank U232 - OC TAMED V2 leieel vemcn um •'wISraSFofi'SoP- a program Oat makao Pa AOIX) IMM « "»lr&NTV3..VNy uaaAJdymm nzmiu M26 • TV GRAFFix • Load* at iTa-Sr0* . . _ JOIN VIOEO ART 1 • Eioetom ookacaon ol bPcKOnce cd eupvb
guauty tor uoe «ah oarfock UI71 - HARLIOUM FONTS t - Lead ol aieaienl HhRas lorra U172 • HARLEQUIN FONTS 2 - Mora ol Pa above Mao Iona lor O U169 - HARlEC U236 - IFF BOOT • Oapiaya a pttjra whim your hard disk booto up.
U237 - PAY ADVICE ANALYSER A 7E«a»Mdr!aM"aeaoWK» U238 - CAWtON PRINT STUOtO Oo Camon pnler?Thl» doK I* tax - faky pfuhting D»s* Coraana Banrw Gracm P»ar VI 2 andOakPnmVSS U240 • BBASEIM • An aaay Ioum vanatle yat tub, teatoerf databaae G*aaay erPancad axcaeeor to U241 - ADM VI 01 • Flanabta addraaa database wifi toads I great toaluraa U242 - LITTLE TRAVELLER V1 1 • Tha uaary tfwwa a map and atom you to aoiact any couwy tor iravot rtformabon. * man won* in fg*to*aoi»ip map wm rrcra BANNER MAKE W CraaN a pto ectywT'kw unwantod uaar* Irom ptaytrg wtlh yoo Sff.r V0O1 SUPERKALERS RgN| I rojirraiad
a* * could aava you I ft* EssenMI tor haid d«M o.n« I Wyh no vVua P'cdaclcn you ato puttlngl predcacnaall uaoa-MONt Momeaaoinl 3313?
| MUSIC | M001 - MUSIC MOOULES - A maearra 10 dak cdacUon ol good duality "U* modutok Al V uxmdPaaar Me rypa tor uaa adh RSI Demo maker Ftoaapiayar and many other app»caltora OF FONT* FROM DISKS F001 TO FOB* NORMAL DISK PRICES APPLY ALL 26 FONT DISKS FOR JUST £25 J1 AachenBold MMOI K BouhousBeld Anqm| BILLBOARD Chicargo Arctic2 AvantGarde Cartoon Architect CaslonOpenface BISK BRIBES 1 POSTA&I RIATISl SINGLE DISK C1.B5 INCLUSIVE PAP 2 -15 DISKS ONLY £12$ EACH 16 - 25 DISKS ONLY £1.00 EACH DISKS ONLY CON EACH A SMALL SELECTION OF FONTS FROM SETS 1 TO 4 WORLD .45p DISK (M Can’t afford any new
games this month? Don’t fret, dear reader, there are some top re-releases this month, as Hayieigh Rodgers explains.
BUDGET ASSASSIN TEAM 17 CLASSIC OUT NOW £10.99 Even though Assassin was generally regarded as the best example ol how to do a Strider clone on the Amiga, It didn't sell particularly well.
A* However, because Team 17 are the software equivalent ol the Midland Bank, they’ve listened to what the public didn't like about the original Assassin, tarted it up a bit and re-released it at a new easy-to- attord price.
As you may have guessed, the game's plot remains the same. Take control ol the Assassin and make your way through lour massive zones, with the ultimale goal being the destruction ol Midan, a twisted, power-crazy being intent on causing havoc. On the way to Midan's base you'll encounter a range ol crazed soldier-types which have to be taken out belore they manage to destroy you. There are power-ups galore to be collected throughout your mission. Which boost your lirepower and make things just that little bit easier.
The most noticeable ditterence between this game and the original Assassin is that the main character now carries a more uselul gun, as opposed to his boomerang. This makes the game lar more immediate - you no longer have to creep slowly through the levels it you don’t want to (although you know what they say about tools rushing in) because your Assassin s newly-acquired weapon is so effective you can otten take out adversaries belore they even know you're there.
There can be no doubting that Assassin is an extremely polished platform game and at this price is well worth a look. But it s certainly not worth an extra tenner it you purchased the full-price version.
LaRRy I don’t know about you. But there’s nothing I like more than watching American situation comedies They really are the funniest things ever. I reckon, and the way most infect a degree ol sentimentality into the proceedings is not only heart-warming but reaffirms my faith in the human animal.
I am. Ol course, lying. American humour is generally as funny as watching the war develop in Bosnia, so it was with some reluctance that I loaded up this, the lust in the long-running series of adventures revolving around the hilarious exploits of Larry. His comical attempts to secure true love (or. Failing that, a quick wngglel have apparently kept thousands entertained during countless sequels and those of you who missed his first outing can now snap it up at a CRUISE FOR A CORPSE KIXX XL OUT NOW £14.99 Delphine may be remembered most tondly for Another World and Flashback.
But this graphic adventure released between the two is in some ways their finest achievement. Cruise casts you as Raoul Dusentier. A detective invited to spend some lime getting away from it all on a luxury liner. However, your tranquil holiday is spoiled prematurely when your host is murdered, throwing you headfirst into a complex web ot intrigue in search of the murderer.
Solving the crime Isn't easy. There are numerous other characters roaming the vessel and most have a - secret or two to hide.
Apart from entering the other passengers' apartments and rummaging through their luggage and accessories to discover dues, you need to spend time eavesdropping on conversations and employing devious cross- examining if you are lo get anywhere at all. To this end, things can become frustrating because you often need to be in the right place at the right time - something which has never worked well in graphic adventures. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than being punished because you didn’t get from A to B within a strict time limit, is there?
But it's Cmise's atmosphere that helps to negate this particular gnpe.
Graphically, it's nothing short ol stunning - all the characters move extremely ftuidly and the use of cinematic close-ups and the occasional black and white flashback sequences which detail events prior to the cruise really do add to the overall tension It's been two-and-a-half years since the game's original release and it's aged really well - It's certainly on par with the likes of Simon the Sorcerer and Beneath a Steel Sky And at this price it deserves to sell in droves.
Do yourself a favour - buy this now. You won't regret it.
Relatively low price. But would you want to?
The answer, in a word, is no. Unless you like dated visuals, an antiquated player interface and non-troublesome puzzles.
Like Cruise lor a Corpse, some of these brain teasers are time-based which don’t exactly complement the crude parser (you often lose valuable seconds trying to get the would you lax* ¦ ch«nc« on cany- game to do exactly what you want) But the difference here is that Leisure Suit Larry doesn’t have any redeeming features to compensate lor the odd frustrating moment, meaning that you're more likely to use the disks as ashtrays rather than load the damn game up again. Do yourself a favour - pass this by.
LASER SQUAD KING'S QUEST CU AMIGA BUDGET REVIEWS BUZZ OUT NOW £9.99 I’ll get this out of the way right now: Laser Squad is an updated version of Rebelstar Raiders, an old Spectrum game. But, hey!, don't worry your pretty little selves because - ta-daal - it’s great!
For your tenner you get five sci-fi scenarios spread over seven difficulty levels, all complemented by some great strategic action.
It’s your job to work your way through increasingly tough space battles, blasting anything looking remotely hostile and picking up additional items. You instruct your band of mercenaries using either the joystick or the keys to make the required selections, and by ploughing through a series of sub-menus you can go into greater detail. Battle tactics, attack formations and so on play an integral part in any successes you may have so it’s important to experiment with minor details like these if you want to get anywhere.
Okay, so it may not sound like the most enthralling gaming experience ever (especially if you've never played this kind of thing), but for some reason Laser Squad is immensely enjoyable. There’s a great deal of satisfaction to be gleaned from senselessly killing alien slime baskets just because they look a bit funny even arcade purists will gain a large chunk of enjoyment from this budget release. And you can't ask for much more than that, can you?
GUNSHIP OUT NOW £12.99 the way the game’s presented that gives away Gunship's age. Flight sim enthusiasts were obviously more easily impressed back then, so the game's graphical style may not have seemed out of place. Now, however, Gunship looks, feels and plays like a C64 game. There's no complex shading, the 3D is slow and jerky and most of the sound effects are pathetically weedy.
The only thing good about Gunship is that without it Gunship 2000, the best helicopter sim to date, wouldn't have seen the light of day.
Just thank heavens for that and say no more, shall we?
KIXX OUT NOW £12.99 Hurrah! Another ancient Sierra release. And what a crock of pooh it is. But before we deal in opinions, let’s talk about the plot. You are Sir Graham, the bravest knight in the kingdom of Daventry. Three valuable treasures have been swiped from the King’s stores and you have been charged with the task of retrieving them. Do this and you’ll become heir lo Ihe Ihrone. S" Gn"'am 0e9ln'Bl* "el Even if you offered me the position of God I wouldn't have accepted this challenge. It’s not that the puzzles are obscure, it’s just that the game’s origin - the PC - is blatantly
obvious. Thankfully, Sierra recently realised that their conversion process leaves a little to be desired and have tied-up a deal with Revolution Software whereby they completely rewrite Sierra's original code, using the Amiga’s capabilities to their fullest.
Unfortunately, this doesn’t really help us here. The game moves like a snail Superglued and stapled to the floor, resulting in too many moments of lengthy disk accessing, and the characters aren't much faster. After you've attempted to cross three screens it soon becomes too much to bear and the prospect of holding down the two Amiga keys and Control is a tempting option.
Why on earth Kixx XL have decided to re-release this tedious effort at the same time as Cruise lor a Corpse is quite frankly baffling. In terms of quality and enjoyment, the two couldn't be further apart, meaning that one of the pair isn't likely to be very successful. And I think we all know which one I’m talking about.
LORDS OF CHAOS BUZZ OUT NOW £9.99 Like the sound of Laser Squad, do you? Well, come on down for what is essentially more of the same as we check out Lords ot Chaos, this month’s second Buzz release.
Just swop all the super-hard space geezers with more weed-looking but still quite powerful wizards and such like, exchange the beefy weapons-based combat system with more sedate but equally efficient spellcasting, replace the word laser’with ‘Lords Of’, and ‘Squad’with ‘Chaos'and you’ve pretty much got the idea.
And that’s pretty much the size of it. I could, if I wanted to, go into how you use either the joystick or the keys to make the required selections, and by wading through a series of sub-menus you can go into greater detail, but I'm sure you've seen it all before and probably weren’t that interested in the first place.
Okay, we’ve determined that the two games are all but identical, and this is perhaps the problem. You’ll notice that both Laser Squad and Lords of Chaos have been marked identically, mainly because the two games really are very good. But what confuses me is why Buzz are releasing them during the same month because I can’t see why anyone would want to buy both when just one provides a great deal of playing time. So, basically, you pays your money, you takes your choice... UNBELIEVABLE GIVEAWAY
I..Garnet Muuc Creator
1121. ..The Canim l»«i
11. 12 Mufcm Util.
U14 ...Red Devil. Litll. I UJ5 ...Soundlrakef Spaul ( *H Pair*.Mil. Media GAMES Gift' ..No Mant land Olftft Wiml Square Solver OI6T (MmMic S79...Kredlie. Dead SW Wendy lame. Slide* SSI The Invivible Wortd SH2-' * Terminator 2 (2) SS4 tama.y Pfc.
SS5. Gull War Slida S86 Mag.ul Pk SIS Gulf War Titfeuar SSW90. S Thing Hoy 2 CLR LICENCE WARE G I...Return ORDER NO P01 NCF IN STVI t WIKI All IATE8T RAVI A TECHNO GI10 None Hllla 0171 (ii vW 0172 Make A Bret* 0171 ... 0174 Mowlkng* 0171 (Uirllti 022 Dragon Cave 024 R«i*' HI .o •21 Mayhem 06 JWMi 027 The Tcnni. Game 02* HJKhbitf G2V Hutfc Rouen guimkp AS...Walker Damn A9...MagK un 2 A10 .Pup In Spar A11 I.ukk Teenager i All. Juggler Denv.
I AI6 CniCngaf j A17. Mono Cycle Anlm AIH .Rtiho.op Anlm A20 Mayhem On Who*.
L Am ID Demo
- A Trip To Man A2iM GmkkkDemn 021* Ai Hockey 0220 Ana (Md Qull
0222 Rtmlelle 022* PieiwrrPia 0224 Ihniu Duel 022' WlhMeOkMy
022*. Super Km* 0227 Pn* Salad 022* Hrambo.
022* leopard 02 VI S(ui* Invaum 02*1 Kama Worn ss xirSjr ORDER NO POIO M Ray Ot Hope 2 »*• V, Hum So Pain B*l59.C)t«vg Dcm *2) M» Coatitl Comp IT MC Di*k I Coma Ml taJOfCcnua) IW ¦* Avrngm NHVttki run iMiBwxk.
Oui tMwSTwrni tuit ftPiiim ion1 G'X...(iamci omp 7
059. ..Game* camp X
060. Pom Him Gun nr Ofti.Cavcnmner Gh2...Ciy *ul Cavern* KEEP
Dennl*. Link Ih.k UI67 Deimdithcr dull UI68...IIMM Butina. 1
dl72...S.|urkh l Italy) Rectum Rrlsilc ORDER NO 1*0
A79...DaK An .i ASO Bad Bird Amm AS I.-Holiday Anlm AS2 Hike
The Pi.* A9D9J ..The Mtxm 21 A«5 My TmToy GIM Nt Game Gl
lO.TfKfcy » The Turn Gill .Mart*Slide 0112 Garnet Comp II)
Oil* Bla.-kIa.kUh 0114 Oaweoa Of Madmj Oil' AmigaCOimi 0116
Roftocoplalrki 0117 .Muun Camel.
0120-122. .Wartock(J)
C. I24 Ban Simp o! 27 BreWaw C k.
I) .Paint Ponii AimCmh VI EDUCATION El.Jakxatian Pack I K2_
E»*acalien Ivk 2 Uluk*ullt* IV k I E4. Jutaalicn Pack 4 ES.
Eika-alim Pack 5 Eft.l-dUiatlKi IV k ft E7 .EducMiimal World.
I 0*41 Anarchy Smoko Co 1*42 Id 21 Hit Revenge 04V144
Hard-tied 12) 0*46 Wildlife MSDmm D*4» Mimi.arp SUVroo Dul’U'i
Ski i Drmoi2) »»112 Tiea.lt Team 71 km Miloe OtMicommt 2.0
.Nc* Supeikillcn 2 Ptrtracker *20 .Alan ST tmolUia nccn'
EM-SMylwJ2 ElS-Ccdow 1 Klft TitarlWAMM EI7_DTP KaCVkMi EIS
i. :- SsmMI tJi Amman*-..’' GI4H ..Sqiuct Revenge
0149. Sky Fight
0150. Wo Beam Gl.'l. Airmonla OI52...Wiranl World GI54. .Totally
Frantic Q GI55...Qn»V20 GI56...S«na*hTeUy OjSW. BU Tin
Dragor HeUraiicr Hilda Ntghl Hrerd Slida Rayiraelng lienor
Srdta IT Min. ninth V morph V2.70 E£SS!).
Law V2I DM2 1 ProlaiTe.lm.i2. DIM Inwnpace 0W6 Mini- up I AGA) 0**7Panu Rhci (AGA)
0154. ..Totally Fr GI5S...OkuV2 GIS6...SouahTet
0159. ..Billy The GlftO l-Ching sstas below along wrth a cheque
or PO made payable lo DISKOVERY Please donl foigel to
Include the correct poataoe to enaurt speedy delivery WE
ADVENTURE HELPLINE Vampyra: tasteful, dis-
* ¦ creet, and pure as the driven slush. Hold onto I yourself.
Our girl is back to solve all of your little gaming problems.
Office thank you i en much, so u e certainly don’t need any more!). Why don’t you pick up a few of the mugs and then use them one after another as you make your way to the jail?
MEGATRAVELLER Your eyes are deep and blue, like a lake on a moon-lit night.
Your hair, the colour of ravens wings in flight.
Your lips the seductive colour of blood, that flows.
A body to die for, and you know your style shows.
Vampyra, the lone candle lighting the dark window of my heart.
You have aroused feelings in me that I haven’t felt for three hundred years. You also make my fangs tingle.
As you seem to be. Not only very beautiful, but also highly intelligent, perhaps you can help me. My problem is that I can't find the ancient experts in Megatraveller II.
Yours for ever, Count Vladimir, Bassarab.
Fbu old smoothie. I would love to help, but I must confess IW failed you. I contacted the software supplier, but et*n they don I hen* a solution. To make matters worse, the American software company who wrote the game appears to have gone out of business. Your only hope is that someone sees this plea for help and writes to me with the solution.
Any offers?
Ra -dMtress Nice earrings' I was wondering il you could help me with that aged beast ol a game - Elvira.
I need the Crusader's sword trom the tomb in the chapel. I've tried giving the crown to the Crusader but that doesn't work.
Zephr. Mid-Glamorgan.
ADVENTURE HELPLINE CU AMIGA T M That has Ehnra got that haven't VV got more of? You do realise that none of what you see is her own. (hue you get inside the ( hipel you must take the prayer book. Insert Elvira’s nng into the cross. Enter the chamber under the alter and get the croum. Face the crusader wall and use the prayer scroll on the vail. Put the croum on the crusader’s head and lake the suord.
KNIGHTMARE I would like to bet that most of your problem mail is from people who play Knightmare. I am having a lot of trouble. This game really is a nightmare. I've got to a place called the prison and I have explored everywhere, but I don't know what to do next. I have tried using spells from the wand of magic and other items, but they don't seem to help me open the pnson. Can you give me some help?
Alex Doe, London 1 you really believe that most of my 1 mail is asking about Knightmare then you don't know much about CU AMIGA readers.
The first thing you’ll see when you enter the prison is a porthole which leads you back to Mr. Childs through a false wall. In the prison there is a door which leads to a safe room with a key inside.
On the other side of this area there is another false uali. Go through this wall to find a switch which opens one of the prison doors.
Inside the prison is a key-hole which opens an exit behind the false uall with the button. Nou all you have to do is kill the hob-goblin and take the shield.
¦MuM* I am writing to you, not because I need help with an adventure game, but because I need help finding one.
I have completed lots of the Sierra- on-Line adventures including, Larry
I. 2 and 3. Space Quest 1,2 and 3 and Kings Ouest t and 2.
I played these games on an Atan ST. When I heard that Sierra were no longer making games for the Atan I was shocked, so I bought an Amiga. When I went to a shop to buy Police Ouest 31 was told that it had been removed from sale. I am desperate to get hold of this game. Could you possibly find out whether it can be bought anywhere7 David Smith, London.
TI Then I read that the VV game had been removed from sale I uxis rery uorried in case this was some form of censorship. Goodness, they might even try to censor me next! Howex*r you got me going for no reason.
And you know how much I hate that... Sierra no longer produces games for the Amiga, but their back catalogue is still avoilaNe if you contact them directly. You can either order via a credit card on 07A3-30SI7I or unite to Sierra-On-Une Ud. • , Brewery Court, The Old Brewery, Theale, Reading RG7 5AJ. Police Quest III costs 29.99 Incidentally you may like to know that some new Sierra games may appear on the Amiga, because other companies WEEN I am on disk three of Ween. I am in a place where there are three holes, a pendulum, three arrows and a walnut up a tree. In my inventory I have a flute,
ring, three grains of sand, a tiara, copper ball and a necklace. What do I do next?
Please can you help me?
Paul Newton, Newcastle.
RJ us part of the game involves rescu- 1 ing a fairy from a nut. I'm sure there is a sexist yoke in there somewhere, but I can’t think of it nght now.
assume you hai e a ward, even though you don’t mention it. You must use the suord to cut the branches on the right, and the ‘curved' branch on the left. Place the cauldron on the left-hand hole. Touch the nght-hand hole and this unit dislodge the pendulum which is in the middle hole.
Use this pendulum to find the hidden gold in the undergrowth and give this to the Orivor.
This will gel you a piece of rope which you can use with the curved branch to make a bow.
With a bow and the arrows you’ll be able to knock down the walnut. Use the sword to open the walnut and release the fain. I'm sure the fain unll be so grateful he’U she II guv you something. Oooh!
Ra,ous I've been stuck tor a very long time in Suspicious Cargo. My problem is that I cannot get into Hyperspace.
I’ve completed the puzzle' of the DMS board where you have to hotwire the hyperspace computer, but I can't make the jump to hyperspace without the police catching me.
Ian Lloyd, Carterton.
Rfcu game is loo boring to even warrant a witty remark so here are the bare facts: Run Badge, Examine Hyperspace Governor, Insert Hyperspace (Mftndge, Push Hyperspace Initialise Switch. Pull Hyperspace lever. Push Hyperspace !*ver. Run Auxiliary Control Room.
Play And Solve Puzzle. Run Bridge, Pull Hyperspace Lover. Push Irver.
I've pulled a lot less, for a lot more fun, I can tell you.
My problem is with Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. For the past three weeks I have been talking to a parrot outside the temple of Tikal. But I have never been given the opportunity of saying title' as indicated in CU AMIGA (February , 1993), so I'm unable to get past Sternhart and enter the temple. If i you could help me on this point I would be really grateful.
John Gough, Chardstock.
Getting past Sternhart is simply being able to give him the name he asks for. AH you need to know is that the parrot unll give you the answer you need if you simply talk to it.
Sooner or later you can say Wame", (or something similar) and the reply that the parrot gives you is the answer. Save the game and try all of the options the parrot gives.
Ifxou are stuck between a I iuw evils: pick the one you' Write down your little problem and send it in a plain envelope to:- Dear Vampyra CU Amiga. Priory Court 30-32 Farrmgdon Lane. London EC1R3AU F I RST computercentre (Leeds)Tel:053231944' Uwnch.mouseA 13nonthwarrar ¦ JzfSZlZt' amosthtooMt warranty ¦ _ °"£ £' :..„.£ 175.9i :_____£274.91 Star LC 100 colour--------£ 139.99 'pterohwv.Iban. IBOcpadroftU c NLQ Star LC200 colour .£187.99
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1 Internal .£219.99 External. £314.991 |GVPA4008SCSItontroller..£ I 22.991 IE The AMIGA 4000 IA4000 030. 80 Mb HD .£ 1037.99 ( IA4000 030.130 Mb HD.... I A4000 030.250 Mb HD*.. I A4000 030.340 Mb HD*.... I A4000 030.420 Mb HD*..- I A4000 04C.130 Mb HD £1879 991 IA4000.040 250 Mb HD* £1949 991 I A4000.'04C 340 Mb HD* .....£2029 991 I A4000 040.420 Mb HD* ....£2149.991 I Price Rise* Imminent on the A4000 range!
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V. 32 bis (14400 baud I) M man of I"- tlauM VHBu Baa rniBlM I
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DeskJet Plus. Canon B| 10 20 80 1 30 200 3f 110, Star SJ4A, Citizen Projet and many othe Full range of colours available MONITORS All our monitors are UK spec. All monitor I come complete with a free Amiga lead MicroLin V22b FAX.. MicroLin V32b FAX... S year warranty and FULLY BABT Approved 9 US ROBOTICS PREFERRED DEALERS PACE MODEMS A500p A60° Unpopulated only £ 16.99...£23.99 Populated to 512K.only £ 19.99...£28.99 Populated to I Mb..only £28.99...£33.99 Mb A600 OR A1200 RAM card £114.99 Mb A600 OR A1200 RAM card.£l69.99 AMIGA A500 512K RAM by PRIMA fcr the original 1.2 1.3
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PRO....£ 144.99 2 MB & 33 MHZ CO PRO....£ I 94.99 4 MB & 40
MHZ CO PRO....£289.99 8 MB & 40 MHZ CO PRO....£489.99 FULL 2
YEAR WARRANTY SUPRA A500 RAM Simply the best! Fits onto the
side expansion port I Auto configures with qq software
8Mb pop to 2 Mb.________________________£159.99 8Mb pop to 4 Mb.--------------------------£214.99 8Mb pop to 8 Mb_____________________________£319.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb for 2000 1500 range..£ 149.99 iVP PRODUCTS Miscellaneous Hardware Overdrive 35 External hard drive case ...... .£139.99 .£16.99 XDS Dataflex External Hard drive Icontroaer______________£64.99 DKB Mega Chip II (2Mbchipram)..£ 169.99 DKB 1202 A1200 RAM board...£84.99 takes 2 32 bit SIMMs. Has an optional FPU. See above for prices Directory Opus 4..------------ Distant Suns 4.2 .
,£2S.99 ,£24.99 , .£64.99 Kindwords 3 -.....- Make Path for Vista ..... Maxiplan 4 spreadsheet.... Scala 1.13_________________________ Pagestream 2.2 DTP.™.™ Xcopy Pro plus hardware.
Technosound Turbo ... .£18.99 .£27.99 ..£25.99 .£45.99 T echnosound T urbo 2...™ Terraform---------------- Vista Pro 3_____________________ Fujitsu Breeze 100 Incjet (2 left)..£ 145.00 Fujitsu Breeze 200. Incjet (I left).£200.00 GVP HC8+from £199.99 Mega Lo Sound.
I With the latest version 3 s w for bright A sharp grey scale I I performance. Flexible scanned image display manipulation I options, plus Clean up, emboldm, resize A flip.
Only £119.99 Colour version only £239.99 EPSON GT6500 Colour Flatbed only £587.50 phone for details 6dt.no Art Department Pro Scanner S W..£ 109.99 compatible with Epson ES300C, ES600C, | ES800C, GT6000. GT6500 A GT8000 | MICE &TRACKERBALLS DISK DRIVES NEW AMITEC I mb 3.5" drive Features And Click, Anti Virus Son, Meeh. 2 .car warranty Only £58.99 Cumana3.5" .....only £56.99 I meg external drive. The best name in disc drives A600 1200 internal drive ....£53.99 A500 internal drive .....£49.99 A4000 internal drive ...£99.99
OPAL VISION 24 bit graphics card A video system for the I 500 2000 3000 4000. Includes software bundle only £509.99 with Imagine 2 New generation retargctablc graphics has arrived with this true 24 bit graphics board for the A2000 I Mb version ..£289.99 2Mb version £325.99 GENLOCKS For creating special effects in video production with genlocks. Only £ I 39.99 PRIMA ROM SHARERS VIDI 12 Real Time £134.99 Real time colour digitizing from any video source. Full AGA support VIDI 24 Real Time £223.99 24 bit quality real time colour digitizing from any video
source. Full AGA support VIDI 12 AGA £70.99 Full support for AGA chipset. Colour Images captured In less than a second, mono images in real time with any video source.
Multitasking s w, cut & paste.
VIDI 12 SOUNDS VISION AGA with built in MegamiiMaster £98.99 TAKE 2 £35.99 Features include load and save from D. Paint animations and IFF files. Supports HAM graphics.
Megamix Master £26.99 8 bit, high spec, sampler. Special effects include echo that can be added In real time, fully multitasking A easy to use.
MIC ROBOTICS New Ml 230 for A1200 withup to 121 Mb fast RAMI M 1230 XA 33Mhz. 0Mb ......£245.99 M1230 XA 40Mhz, 0Mb ......£264.99 M1230 XA 50Mhz, 0Mb ......£329.99 See "RAM & CUSTOM CHIPS" section for prices on Co-pro's and 32 bit RAM. Call for prices on upgrades from MBX1200Z to MBX1230XA GVP A1230 0Mb RAM for A1200..only £284.99 A1230 1 Mb RAM for A1200..only £384.99 6882 Co Pro for A530 only £129.99 1500 2000 G-FORCE 030-2SMHz with 4Mb 32 bit RAM ....only £479.99 G-Force 030-40MHz with 4Mb 32 bit RAM only £729.99 NEW! SUPRA ACCELERATOR for the
A500 A500+& AI 500 2000 28 Mhz, uses A500 side port so there is no internal fitting only £129.99!
Real Time A1200 internal clock module on). 11 2 .99 Mouse,joy stock manual port switcher. .only £ I 3.99 Computer Video Scart Switch .o-ly £ I 9 99 2 3 4 way Parallel port sharers £POA Amiga Sound Enhancer Plus by Omega Projects. Hear the Amiga's sound tfce you're never heard it before! £36.99 QUALITY MOUSE MATS.-----------.£3.99 10 CAPACITY DISK BOX______________.£0.99 20 CAPACITY DISK BOX______________£2.99 40 CAP LOCKABLE DISK BOX--------- £3.99 100 CAP LOCKABLE DISK BOX---------£5.49
• 90 CAP STACKABLE BANX BOX_______£9.99
• adl £300 ddntry if purdubig jut cne Pouo or Sam bra. Nomul
deflmy »*en purchased eith «he» predict or ahei buybg ] or
AMIGA A500 DUST COVER.-----------------£3.99 AMIGA 600 COVER. _______________________£2.99 14“ MONITOR DUSTCOVER. .. £6.99 12" MONITOR DUSTCOVER ......£5.99 AMIGA TO SCART CABLES.-----------------£9.99 STD 1.8 METRE AMIGA PRINTER LEAD £4 99 MODEM AND NULL MODEM CABLES £9.991 AMIGA CONTROL STATIONS A500 or 1200 VERSION ..£36.991 A600 VERSION I All disks are 100% error free guaranteed New High density 3.5 inch bulk and branded Please phone for best prices!
Branded disks come complete with labels Disk Labels....500 ......£6.99 Disk Labels.. 1000----------------------£9.99 BUSINESS MISCELLANEOUS MUSIC SOUND PROGRAMMING Arno* Professional - ..-.£47.99 AmosPmfi'Mio-ulCon.i.ii.v £24.99 leii,BMi«2 ...£53.99 Dcvpac3 .. £50.99 Easy AMOS ------------------------------- -£24.99 Lactic - C LanguageVertiOn .£229.99 PUBLIC DOMAIN Top 30 from I.SO.' ,
• tfogors ft*.* POA0t8)) fafc | H (POACH. • «**« V)
M. *K W h |*OAOi7» d* VO a,. PO*C2«: I •* c VO » twv«r v«
|Pt)A00vi M.. VO ;POA00t;i ** « VO P|»A® i9| I Mb VO
POAC)9. I cbtk ( VO ScA-deMa-l. IPOAOIV, •*»' VO (POAClft; I
bi* ( VO
- Wvr*GAO»mo (Pt Af i V) ¦ tksfc 11 VO
• 4- - • a « .»G4 iPOAO T|icM 0 ta.,Ca. (POAM6Iidw* n VO
.POAOIO, da*' VO |POA024|ldnfc«2 2V
• o*d«.H*t POAOl7|ida* (i JO 2000* ’ |POA3i$ | i 4nm ti VO (POM
1271 da* It 1$ KxnWzaU .POACit|tdB*«2 »V Pro Vi 8 (POACH) i d«k
21 VC I Stand n Mod. (POAAI4) , VC A " BataPro. 8 (POA00 I: I
ds- 11 VC V,.wVMan 1POAtl» idn*4i VC Fra iffv V*.tua«l -cas •
. POAOC8; • d v. ( I VC Starbate I)------- (PDA02S)2dUc.£2.25
(PDA009) 3 disk Spectrum Emulator veruon I 7(PDA027) I disk...
1.50 Spectrum Games Disk. (PDA028) I disk £ 1.50 The Mini
AGA..._ .....- ...(PDA0J8) I dbk 11 50 RD Prep
..(POA022)I disk £1.50 Ireorg
VJ.I ....(PDA023)I dbk £1.50 CD32
Review ..(PDA039)I disk £1.50 CU She*
Help --------------(PDA002) I dbk. .. £ I. SO Text Engine v4.1
_. (PDA031) I dbk I 50
Ami.-------------------------------- £44.99 Am-hack TooH...
.. .£39.99 Amibaek Plus Tools
Bundle ...£74.99 AMIGA Release
2.1 software upgrade -...£49.99 Cross Dos VS £36.99
Directory Opus 4 ...-------- £45.99 GP FAX 2.3
software- .... £49.99 Gig a
Mem..- ... £51.99
QuartbaekVS----------------------- - -......£40.99
QuartfeackV6NEWT.----------------------------£62.99 Latest
version ofthis Fast A Famous hard dbk backup maty.
Prima A600II200 Hard Drive setup software. This b the best setup software on the market .£5.99 Quarterback Tools ------ £54.99 Xcopy Proinc. Hardware £2 5.99 VIDEO AND GRAPHICS 3 7 Compugraphic fonts Vol 1,2. Or 3 by GT £9.99 Adnr.v - .....£67.99 Art Department Pro 2.3 ......£ 145.99 Art Department S anner software £1 14.99 Brilliance Pro. Paint and animation ......£ 119.99 CaJigari 24 3D Design and animation -£94.99 Deluxe Paint 3_____________________...... .£12.99
Deluxe Paint 4 AGA .£69.99 Image Master RT .£149.99 Make Path (or Vista .... .£25.99 Morph Plus.---------------------------- .£147.99 Morphus by Impulse for Imagine ..£59.99 I Pixel 3D Pro NEWT-------- £99.99 Real3DV2 ZZIIZZZ Scala 1.13 -_______ .£49.99 I Scenary Animator VI (3Mbrrqlred) ...£49.99 Terraform ....£25.99 Video Director--------------------------------.£115.99
I Video Master . -.-£49.99 Vista Pro 3 (4Mb required) £45.99 WORD PROCESSING DTP [Final Copy. (UK) Release 2 ...... only £66.99 I budt in outline fonts, full graphics Import (IFF and HAM). UK thesaurus, spelling checker & much more.
Final Wnter DTP NEW! £99.99 Kindwords V) ... £24.99 Penpal 1.4_____________________________ -.£29.99 Best seBing feature packed word publisher with database Pagestream 2.2 U.K. version. .....-£64.99 [Pagestream 3 U.K. version ____________£249.99 [Pagcsetter 3 ...... £42.99 I Pro Page V4------------- £109.99 Pro Page V4 A Pro Draw 3.....-...- ......£139.99 Protext 4.3 WiP______________________________£39.99 Prowrite 3.3 NEWT.---------------------------------£45.99 The Publisher DTP - ..... £24.99 Wordworth 2
AGA- ..£44.99 A4000 30 & 40 I 000 30; 16* Oa S*. 44030 era**. 44442 TVS Mhr,» B (WY c-euMt A500 600 CDTV WITH ANY COMPUTER CHAOS ENGINE SYNDICATE.
• 5 I .‘I' s „ SI = 1
* m :!
Is A600 »o 80 120 210 If STARTER PACK A most for now ymw ahmu ho users! All voo need in one volue pack irf. Yp. W Mmi rni Ma -W- arfiaia fco ¦ i ¦ w |* A Owt Am 199 Jorly. »5**crfly I iton( •* fnarfi Hcrfi pmml Art Am (oAictaf m mmm caMA m £15 £25 TWSbMpMrf* OR Fm School 7 FwStfcorf 3«4 OR AM Ja ImNm ORC nrf, Drf*K* Pda 14 700 dpdrtpta 18&"J=p-
J. T.IU, U kd4U4 «u Wx. DM Cm Wav UohbOhOI fiZia B lonMwdaskbiadi
HOT BUG GAMES PACK "•KM" uo"1 Mode, iktRlliRMl. £44 £59
|oystkk III HU RUG’
• AMa'ssa- iiCr*aRffi3s sMkn oimnllamdy l-tiqo wm!
WdtOaRaH HOME APPLICATION PACK Perfect for all Home SPECIAL Office needs Vlrw Kla DhA, RfTJ'ttCrW ALONE UrNM-AN £55 -p*- wnM A._. £39 t PARTKUAILt SUT* (WDRIN (MAT MID a not a I too coan NO OTHER DEALER CAN BEAT OUR CREDENTIALS (MtlmAicn (•mpany nft 1 y*on apcritnn ¦ (emmdwi prafat and ha*»4or tdneaaL fomm pfaM| m Mfcid**arfa («rfy aa* tm ml) Opt" 9-4 pm Moray M Saturday and 10 00 *m lo 410 pm Surxtoys PIUS (Mm *rfaalTrf»*rf daMuix ¦¦*!*«. S*kl*Ma.
(Hr*brarf*t Sawfcy feqolcfc hnnw1 ocdas nowrf by S.30 pa. Wpt«s aw *nd Hafcme anSh Udrf ad drfwrrf aUy mi rrfaUy by c*|rf Warf.
NaMa*«n*r«nia h*LJ0doy « * *? (oJl*«ie! i iorrf*dtin*ryofHEWr*ploMBmnt.(i«(8pl proAxI .js ks- OLD AMIGA 1RAOE-M* flu bM m4hr fdbn... n hr pnknk Red accessories I rod* a m old aodaa lor o brand R*w
* 400 1700 4000 CD37 ormnoN Aha hod* in. Equipment b (hacked and
refurbished by our ¦pnoars md b dm offaed ol bargoa pnces.
Coaglrft «* 3 am toJS&S. 229 " 244 44 ¦ATI (onaiB. Cue*.
MRU 4nuB"RM.I«d*c OMI084U *"» 178.4* Ir~ CIM 940 «»¦“*«¦«* 269.4. i- Philips 8833II r e swmi cio 209 " JC Sior IC100C 'SifJiJ I49« 159" i" OtiiM 240C 14P..~» 252" 262" ir~ A500s FROM £139 AISOOs FROM £199 WOOSO rn IranlSt HO,.ConndUn .hem 171
* 3000, low GVP HD8 40 52 704 279 Ol*--170 XT tTtt4«d SMI A590
* AaAm of mdmm ¦" la lewd A A,00 cn Sait rum, II Guno
S. 'SrSr 194" 209" ¦?
Unman ntarwn (1 A600 ho 20 269.ee 2M.tr '* ,n( 40 !".««.u™. 3l9ao33440 PACK 64 oiL'-.rV,,, 349.44 36444 PIUS ,S4»»ir,W 389 M 404.44 36544 379.
415. 44 4294,
5694. 564. A500* CARTOON OASSKS A600 SO IM A Musi lor new users!
MiciorxiKhed (oytlxk 10 Blank d* ,.10«»«,Udd.d~bex HOBBYTE VALUE PACKS Hcbbyl* or* (emus he Ihair porks. OlloWng you lo choow «hat you ml. Rfnht sftd beaafitting (ror patkog* d*d Mninas.
I bayao b a bafaia rfaa yea A* rfrf yaa aifl So, d yaa vaa'l «9d. Imrd « Mckrf. SimpnLm siedi yea I* d**p. Sana *a Uovei yea Ea**linm Piradrarf doe aan*. I lew bnaly ba I yea, narau yaa «pR*ai and grf r*rf *rf** l* aanoy b*a Nabbyl* CD32 CONSOLE SPECIAL (Imm ony* 3 CD discs (see mHwm sMion) ta 1S9.90 »i»"R CD32 SOFTWARE 0*f 75 HIM, ipeoMb, «IHm fa, lU CO”
U. .U b. |,h... I., IM). M f7 V W-™ I~. *4_8i;5 r z&tZ'tfzrx E-*
£465 SERIOUS USER'S PACK p,. i7 2 77* *¦- ThRR Hill puck is
lor y«il j srasaartWiKi OR XMOS Pi4li,H4Ml inUlU"
4i™Mb M"«"E«l AHMOfclSaa Si'S.*rir?+Z'£l'Z2 HUArHAiiobra
b~.yuRR.4M~t. » "R" 3ftSCT“ " »*..r-R* o 7RR d. tr, rM
taxational for with AMIGA 2 to 11 years £39 (Sd«. «,biWrf)
l hmp-*)MWM«irf lOkW* le «r! R rW, rrrI to t IwaHl (untaAn
itiMM **m. M*t R. *• II »»»» ¦sa‘H Uto“
17mondnorvyt*¦orronfy£39.9? I pTE Echo Tyn ow-sd* warranty
£69.99 | 1 "" COMING SOON 1 ¦ fapfydrm Itybcad-ocr-(D f.AI71
STAR GOLD DEALER • CDTV CENTRE • PHILIPS APPOINTED DIA S fmm 1mm mi larfk 6 a-i md ! • TbRlVW Hill MtRPKMI t't.y «4R«l! JMRJ ys m-M p. J * 11 ymy w* * hhrfbaw HaaMt-TpMa M*i Art R.g Oa*rf (wb hah 1.1»: An x iNttw layrf.. Lanl ckmMn .S»». A1200 1200 2MB 269 1200 . 20MB HD 379 1200 .60MB HD 439 1200 . 80MB HD 469
1200. 120MB HD 509 1200 . 207MB HD 549 Extra 4MB.
(lock lined ADD £200 SPECIAL I Clm M 74 XIM IM Ml MMRi I M5M.4M ONLY £180 W Marfikt.lWNa*5 EttStSiLa Kao Kod W orfH tod «rf tank 700 Op Art rf» MfNoHMMAoMat A y Ta* Ha Ini Tmn IM RURbMbniM CD°SUn4 d ADO CM GENLOCKS MODEMS iN kimjIZM nmppD.in.lf Molti »- :S StiSfca: 94? Teal sync .28 dp AGA monrto * speakers--------339.90 CIOVITK CUB-SCAN 1440 14* .284. for 1200 4000. M-finately
* ¦ ton rain between ISKHz (defadt on booi-uo) and 40 Khz foe ol
AGA b * fcs range. Wmi lit and nrivri slcnd 'CUA BIST BUY'.
.399.99 mte (ub-Kon 28dp lor 1200 4000 « abw, but
20* ._1039.99 mm Gib-won .1782,17’. 27dp. 29 82 Khz
horiz. Won .....819.99
jtofarAI20Q Miowiltc ...29.99
11*3* Hwes SVGA 28dp inc. tdt & swml ----------------259.99 ¦Mr
IS37 31-62kHz 14"____________________________519.90
»MNme211021’___________________________1790.90 SUPRA 2400+
FAX l ssMiRttsiJiaP- ¦ 15 external droe, doisythooi» oi oH....
¦ (AX 354 3.5 eitennal drrn. Beige... Brociietle CDTV joystick
odopt. ,39.99 Zy F. Speak.
10 Men DS DD disc in box. 4.99 Zy Fi Pro So 10 Bbnk DS HD discs 6.99 SOBloidtK ¦ Wh a* di . Bkz bmk up and Mus prokek.. Cychxw congalUo.75.99 NosPtHOB ...... 121*9 ty 1,76MB eit. Drin lor cry Amiga (WB 21___*150 ty 1.76MB e«t. Drin foe o»y Amigi (WB 2) * 10 HD Ones 104.95 B itenol Bogpy foe 1500 2 3 4000---*190
- * Ml floppy for 500 600 1200-----*140 ASM 512k Ren (xp.Oxk
ASM-1 MS o» ASMi 2MB. E« to 8MB
* 601...
* 600 1293 2BB up (card)...
* 600 12004MBop(anJl... ee*VaiJ0u.. AS0G Ron Sbonc 13_______ A500
tom Sharer 2.04______ A600 Rom Sherei * 13 A2065 Ethernet
Cord ..... PC 12 ben + (to . PC
12082MB PC 12019* ... PC
339.99 £r ih.** itla»l&¦. al¦hdh •,, EzEEEig mum Vl »..______mS
(o Pro f» I MO ..... .479.99 1000 Miaou
40IM 23*.* Ml 230 U Mmb
4NI .499.99 Ksf£5!=M I OpdHoMcey.OpdAfmMATE
£325.00 47 9
* 47 69 647 99 329 80 3*180 409 80
- JJ4 9* ;._789-99 329 99 Vnw®“*" “-sva* CtomlTO+D______111.99
Slvia 119.90
S) or 1(700 c*f.._...... 18499 Star LC 24-70 ?__________218.49
Star 1(7*100 24 no 173.49 StorU 74-200 ......_...,2 9.99 Sen
1(24 200 col 241.49 KXP7123cd . .198.90
100. ......179.99 10 570.... 249.90 10870_________.4*9.90
101170 5*9.90 iABCHM 19100 (ilizoi ABC * at .vM 174.90
Qta*oS20074'. ..184.99 S700 24 col" 199.99
Gezm5240’ .... 107.90 Okm S?40Coa4*...... .233.90 (Him
S?4x «d*._ ..325.90 Star 1(24 • 30 (ol 71190
ter 1(74 - 300 (ol 27590 (Him (d KoN Pitt 111 269.90 ¦G CAD
• ....-.....-213.99 Awoo.lYPbialVT. 58690 Hm_____17.90
Ateoao - .....48.50 vkum AGA ...... 134.90
Aiwg)tt»e .17.90 » Pro I3A . 129.90
Bronkos- Trite Hofc In 138.90 PnfCnmrtoo 48.99 NEW-8ran4cnit
THW» AGA ¦________ 133.90 SaoarMghm-239.90 itonti run nn Bran!
1 Fort EiAmcer POA ,1T 94 90 Broni T Fent Podc -....-POA
DatetePtelibb ...$ 1.49 3 Frcmo NodMe 329.90 S'S 5,w g-J
159.99 'S?*6* *?.90 Monttoo 7IAGA ..POA Morph.
________138.99 ,s* Pro Mm Mb_________137.99
- -3r2 Sw«A«n4 .48.90 32
SuoiUr! ...59.99 3” IV Record 189.99 ,32 IV Shnoo
Pro___________SIJ9 "JP-5- IJJ2 WlBihe....- ......79.50
I4. ...522 «“***----US-95
- '32 WeoKnclei 118.90 ‘fl*n ,55-!2 T doj [fleas
30-----------POA :r-----------'”1! Video Nato ...49.4* ¦
Pro.-J9.90 i 74.50 ¦3 54.90; yiMOffB-
* 4 AGA _.POA Vrfi Ami*B 12 w«fc IooM 7190 M eMMBWr £97.90
B. 7 .-...... 374.50 M12 Ifd font-------154.50
aOHVT .64.44 «24lMirm ...224.50
SMM210......, 137.90 Virion Ttaelnpta Vtl ¦»SyW*74.99
¦¦MBrtnneMMNepw SMM300. - . 322.90 wqueacts «:« cgeni*
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: aJfPn:».
• Comtek 0tewwm Ooo® *»
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VwW UfTtj t
IM. MI MV HWGcnmJ. . KkjPEGfe Anoi COS 7»«3 (arw'tw AH u, ?4 (n f
F, OCTV. Taesaer aid (tonlSew* Fju. WMb bnUKoit opamon Inn
Prort 74 .. 47.90 VIDEO TAP! BACKUP UtlliTY £57.50
lod.u»«.l?(MI«aooo3 Wupo XcopyPro ---------31.50 APPLICATION
AeaoAootah ...8150 Exalomo3 ______ 89.90 RMCmrtt
63.99 Firal Wrilw 99.90 Hom Jcrauots 2 48.90 K»dW«tlll 17.90
Mfln(tooPtev4 17.90 MiioOflw _________37.49
MoooyMonon 4199 PapMtrooM 2.22 -62.90 nolo.«. roccrdtroaor
w.dod Momlork ntro .329.90 ScdhnrooMy .189.99
EDUCATIONAL Any Fin Scteol 3 «4______1 $ .99 Airy ADI
__________18.99 Marin's Morin __________16.99 Paiieilrooeo
----------1699 5pefcfFnh-----------1699 Any Note, 1699
ANAXIIPfus ...249.99 AlsoQTVu
* lo 34.991
extepl where staled ore Inc. VAI. I80E HMMQW32WR_______
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• «»a»SJs«»* 5UPPOBT5: IV Point. VS colgai. Sympetta. Ad Pro, led
30 . Olhon H1500 1.5MB__________________£*W ’H1000Pkn H7000 2MB
• Apho ...C*W 'H4000 Pus H3000 3MB
*D Buff« ....1109* FREE V tab H4000 4MB • Alpha tD BuAer
Cl279 with Hnrlecpin Plus «¦* - £,w )SKES £324.99 0(1010 74
16. 7 miBn (olxn oobood Him.. M eip Id 7MB iota) MM. Htt,
iaNeiRoM ta&ebeiw*«i«iM»saeM*AIDXsMpet.
£379.99 RAIB0W ra 24 BIT GRAPHICS CARO . VIOEO C0N1R011ER £1489.99 Sinto lo Pwdo but wtti 4MB wteo RAW ciooniumtte rosoWWi to 160011280, Mt
- h nj« (cortKda « 110MHz dxk. Win Frtl TY Port Jnr.
PEGGY MPEG VIDEO (AD .. ...... £479.99 lob 24 bt owrntoos him ihw « oltm stwooi dewes ml *dof n imFW duto the ...... ‘ stawohstkata ords iWerdwrtAGA - .41901 VteisPtewm 3199 MUSK ADI017S*riol6 tenter 849.95 Audolngnrn *2-------189.49 tedo Hosier 4_____________41.49 Ion 8 Mm 7 -.....225.90 (tarty Senghr _________104.99 Mine Nuw (cm) ¦......-67.90 GIT0SS8PIUS *4.90 Mrgtesouodsmcte .23.90 Mol hlrrlor 19.95 MnctaKW'Tutor 277.99 Ronho Mapani. Mstr......-27.99 (see rffor with Viril 12) iXEmfTetho ..25.50 LEISUBE TOP 5EUIR5 Aka fewd II
AGA ......2190 AT88 tenor Anoul------.27.49 Mo dm____________1199 Bbrieol Otter, ......24.49 Bed* Btows Gdoctk AGA .2X90 B17FKinoF«1r« .....2199 Congo*) 2199 OinMooitlp Mntnpoi 1144 STI73 .2190 SCANNERS & DIGITISERS G1 *40 630ap74bf M« Sanv'» 08900 GT8000 8J0ot.24yM«Sanvn 889 90 icn S«w AayM A Aeww» r 40
59. 99 Paaostraaa »3-219.1
- 21.44 AF GOU) WINNIE
30. 9$ Pogesaiter 3 AGA---------41.4 .19.44 Pt. MIS ...... .21!
32. 99 Poo Fncmt Mai * ......24.!
24. 99 Profusion Poge 4.1 AGA .22.49 UnOnMomMttpDIP ™! To rmpoM
pm«A lo get)topi |fio fc.
Enwls. To p*Mwc ssjhwo WOTOtoraUtmnnj loton. A Moo SfflS qujity. 16.7M cotan. MFK teak ? Buoy fu ww.nu-sZ CO GVPtv.nu T- SOOH- Impod Vfikw 74 ... Pontr Hond Sconner 4 254 Grey OCR software for Power Sconner Po«er Colour Hand Scanner V4 .
1COn|Utn«W)ft.PBW, Mpeg on ate cgtao fw Po® Bray tinctoRS. 2S fromn sic 359 99 S?* 99 PAYMBIT m Aw la OdM ** WTB **'jfft MeoMotaOMltaMOr***** Vm lo* l« Wl® WT4 i}4b anetescort !¦».»*%- .JeaEwwte iY-MB.O4 OPAL VISION (far 3000 4000) 24bebwdv2.0ndPbrt.taii ALSO WITH IMAGINE Son If TOU HAVt PURCHAS€0 0TA1W EMULATION 6 Galt 38*s 25MHz ..- ......POA 386 486 GVF 40 4 for 1500 ________*45.** bflpM.-.. AT Once .. 514.9* b dant Deluxe SMO Supta la Modm ..140 90 MODEM £148.99 sure* 14440 FAX MODEM As ohm, but. 1414.410 Fix Do. - £279.00 Rixgwi plus iotkey
lundk--------------------------£239.90 ACCESSORIES & DISCS- A500 tOO IMDpnut.tm.M.44 AlmyTalmm nAayslkk.... 10.99 A500 1240conttolcentre .34.40 Puotmstitl 11.99 A600conliol centre 17.40 (OlVIqburi-------------54.44 ‘ ---- ---- " 1 -.37.40 is .- 57.40 . On_______17.44 .34.44 50 MutkOS M) (fas_____37.44 Oxlipumfa ---------34.44 115.99 Amtedi Howk • deck 2m ..123.50 169.99 Amioch He«* t dock 4NB 193 JO
157. 99 AmMdHonk.deck8MB 39*30
37. 95 sm beta, for FPU's
38. 95 68882 29Hzta NIX I Hmta*. 79.90
- 49.95 6888233MHz.oysld 9SX*
229. 95 6888240MHz.ayflM 129.00 ____65.90 68K2
50MHz taMBX 12Mdtak .159.90 137.90 CBM 2.1 upgrade ki
214. 90 dip fitting and board upgrade aval,
396. 90 by oar qoafied engineers -POA nUOA CQUNR PRIMER It ycuW
otnral 1h 'flWiloi (*n d Ite Wityfrr* cr i :lto rtom* Kttmma
£799.90 to Projol II 220.90
- _-.J49.90 Pi-295.90 3 459.90 o »l I2D0C 1249.90 lJl05X Port
189.99 Cenoe BI 200 ------295.90 Cam 8J 310 colow-24960
ShtoHooterlwokn-49.90 C"o Canon IJ 230 A3 339.90 Canon IJ 330
A3 449.90 Canon II300------399.90 Caen IK 660 Col 539.90 w
Star 5J 48________198.99 StatSJ 144---419.90 LOWEST PtWLASa
QUAUTTOUOL mmilSS PoonEom DP 4430 *59.90 SlvlSStasnr....-
5*9.90 HP lamia 41 ....56990 HPL« yil4 1209.90
SmlS5«S«ni?lM-6a.90 JX95&, PRINTERS WITH ALOW 5TARTTI p*a
UNHUfVAIli INKJET PtaSI HP Deihjcl Port 249.00 Edsm StvWs
800 259.90 GtiiM Prafol II EXPANSION 31.99 NO 12(0
29. 99 NO 120) »•_...... Con** «tt tew dr* iWntow. Er Me
dwrfsuhiwisrdAngitai ..
134. 90
194. 90
379. 90 CU AMIGA GET SERIOUS GET SERIOUS Get down on your funky
bad self, take a look and be amazed at some of the best
technical reviews ever seen in a magazine since...er the
last issue really.
102 QUARTERBACK 6.0 102 T-SHIRT PRINTING KIT 103 MAGIC LANTERN 103 SEIKOSHA SPEED JET 200 104 FMV 106 TYPESMITH 110 VIDEOMASTER 116 OVERDRIVE 120 TV PAINT 124 E-Z FM 126 3DO 134 PD SCENE 137 PD UTILS 140 ART GALLERY TheCU AMIGA lop rated accolade for non-games products scoring over 90%. They will definitely be worth the money and are likely to act as a benchmark for future releases.
Mont h: Dav: Meek: Year: I Phd Feb Su| M |Tu| M |Th| F |Sa |1 994 |- j Mar Apr 1 1st | _J flnnua I ly May Jun 2 | 3 j 4J 5 j 6 | 7 J 8 2nd | Jut Rug 9 |10|11|12|13|14|15 3rd T ine I Sep Oct 16|17|18|19|20| 22 4th |11 :|08 | Nov Dec 23|24|25l26|27|28|29 Last | _I Hour 1y j Month Iv 38|3l| Schedule Pro Is the main addition to the package. You can use It to launch any script or program (including Quenerbsck ol course) at any time up to 8000 years In the luture!
QUARTERBACK 6.0 As more and more Amiga owners buy hard drives, the potential tor them to lose data is ever increasing. Some sort ol ordered backup ot data is the logical step, and no program has a better reputation lor reliability in this area than Quarterback.
In?"i sis?
Backup Oa* tons : Bdr|: worj: „»M*s _i or*: This latest version boasts quile a number ot modifications, ranging from, functionally unimportant ones such as menus being tidied up, to major enhancements such as the addition of a new automated back-up mode. Quarterback Is more than just an essential back-up tool! You The program is very easy to use. For starters, all S” "r""9 “ infrequently used options have been taken off the main screens and tucked away in menus so that the main work area is as uncluttered as possible.
You can perform two types ol back-up - Selective or Complete. It shouldn't take any great act ol genius to work out the difference between the two! Complete automatically Oacks-up everything on the selected device without requiring you to go through any of the selection screens. Selective on the other hand, gives you the option to specify the tiles to be backed-up. You can do this manually or by telling the program to only include those tiles which are new or have been changed since the previous backup. Alternately, you can tell the program to back-up everything created since a certain date.
In lad there is an entire back-up filter section where you can stipulate complex criteria tor including and excluding any of the files in a back-up.
Once you’ve decide what data is going to be backed-up, you can also specity where and how it will be stored. You may choose lo save to any device, and the data may be written as an AmigaDOS file, or in the program's format.
You can also specity the compression ratio to be used. The higher the ratio, the slower the back-up (and restore! Speed. If you choose to back-up to (loppy disks, the program can automatically spread the back-up across as many disks as the job requires. Fortunately the disks don't need to be pre-for- matted so you can use new disks fresh out of their boxes it you like.
Incidentally, because Quarterback automatically spreads large files across as many as are needed, the program is also ideal as a way of transferring files bigger than 901k tiles from one hard disk to another. Smaller files will fit onto a single disk anyway.
As I mentioned earlier, one ot the most significant new program features is a nitty stand-alone program which will perform automated back-ups for you. Called Schedule Pro, the program can be used to automatically execute any DOS or Arexx program (including launching a full or partial back-up). Once loaded, Schedule Pro will sit in memory quietly clock watching, waiting to execute whatever programs are in its "Must do" list. The "Musi do" list is a summary ot the the commands you’ve given it; anything trom loading a program, to reminding you about someone’s birthday. It can initiate commands
hourly, daily, monthly, yearly or on a one-otf basis.
Quarterback is already the de facto back-up program on the Amiga. Now it’s become even more powerful and even more user-friendly.
Available from: Meridian Distribution, East House, East Road Industrial Estate, London, | SW19 1 AH. Tel: 081 543 3500. Price E74.95. f HIRT PRINTING KIT A couple ol years ago. We looked al a special ribbon from Care Electronics which lei you print designs onto ordinary paper, and these could then be ironed onto a T-Shirt. The only problem was that ink and bubble jel owners couldn’t use the system at all.
Now a new company has come up with an entirely different and more flexible approach lo Ihe job. Quill Marketing are distributing special paper which allows owners ot virtually any printer to produce lull colour designs which can then be ironed onto material, and let me tell you. Nol only does it work well, but Ihe results look great!
IlH, There are lour types ol paper, one lor dot matrix printers, one tor ink jets, a third tor thermal wax ribbon printers and a linal type lor desktop laser printers and photocopiers. The paper is very smooth to the touch and is actually a composile consisting ol Ihickish backing paper and a semi-opaque membrane.
In theory, the paper is used exactly like ordinary printer paper in so much as you MAGIC LANTERN GET SERIOUS CU AMIGA Tired at the seeming impossibility of the IFF Anim format to support high-quality 24-bit or AGA playback, Michal Todorovic (the author of Magic Lantern) has done what any self- respecting programmer would do: he invented his own standard.
DIFF files use the best possible image compression techniques which enable much faster playback times - especially when used with "chunky" colour graphics. All 24-bit cards use chunky pixels, which means at last there is a standard animation system which will play on Opal Vision,Retina, GDA, Picasso II and will still support AGA and 'normal' Amiga modes.
Creating animations is achieved via a singlescreen editor program. If you have ever used SID or Directory OPUS, then Magic Lantern will hold no fears. DIFFs can be played back from the editor, but two freely distributable playback programs are provided. The first is a standard 'load the entire animation into memory" player, but the second will spool the data off hard drive, which means animations are limited only by the size of your drive. The snag is that hard drives are never as fast as memory, so expect an A1200 with an IDE mechanism to stutter a bit when lots of colours are involved.
On the other hand, An A4000 fitted with a SCSI2 controller and drive will pretty darn close to RAM speeds, which will make budget TV studios very happy. Even better is the facility to synchronise the video to a sound sample, which opens some amazing multimedia applications: imagine storing an entire episode of Red Dwarf on your A1200’s hard drive.
Available from Terra Nova Development, PO Box 2202, Ventura, California 93002- 2202 Tel: 0101 805 652 0531 Fax: 0101 805652 1639 Price: $ 95.
SEIKOSHA SPEEDJET 200 The Speedjet is Seikosha’s attempt to get into the ink jet market. At only £250 excluding VAT il's pitted directly against Canon's BJ10, Star’s SJ48 and even the Kodak Diconix printers. However, unlike those machines, the Speedjet is rather too large to be described as a portable, and in any case, it can only run oft the mains.
The printer has quite a reasonable specification given its price; maximum print speed of 180 characters per second, maximum resolution of 300 dots per inch and five resident fonts (if you classify two italic ones as separate fonts).
The printer comes with HP Deskjet emulation as the default, but amazingly it doesn’t support any more common printers as standard. You can get optional cards which offer Epson LO or IBM Proprinter emulation, but these are not free.
This is a real pain because the Amiga doesn’t come with drivers for this printer as standard, so unless you manage to track one down (perhaps from a PD company or from Hewlett Packard themselves) you’re never going to get the best out of the printer. Unfortunately. I was unable to locate exactly the right driver and had to use the standard Deskjet one instead.
Text printing was fine; whizzing along at 180 characters per second in draft mode, the text is perfectly legible, it not exactly perfect. In letter quality mode, the text was naturally considerably better quality, and at 120 CPS still acceptably fast for a home machine.
The main problems occurred when I tried to print graphics. It was at this point that discrepancies in the drivers revealed themselves, for I was unable to achieve a resolution above 75 DPI. This meant that all graphics looked very coarse, and grey scale shading looked really awful. Despite trying every available resolution, both Deskjet drivers and altering the printer’s hardware settings, the results looked really hideous.
Experience teaches me that at 300 DPI (laser printer resolution) the graphics output should be sharp and legible, but as Seikosha don’t provide an Amiga driver I never saw it in all its glory.
Available from:Seikosha UK Ltd, Unit 14, Poyle 14, Newlands Drive, Colnbrook, Slough, Berks, SL30DX. Tel: 0753 685 873. Price £235 ex VAT. Mm*' feed il inlo Ihe printer and pnnl on il |ust like any other type.
However, because the porous membrane takes a long time to absorb ink jet ink. It using this type, you'll need to set up your printer prelerences to take account ot this, especially when printing large areas ot solid colour The lirsl time I tried to print a screen with a Canon BJC- 600, the ink remained liquid on the surlace ol the page, and consequently ran all over the place to produce a murky mess. The second time. I reduced the print density to its minimum setting and Ihe paper was able to cope with the reduced ink volume The image was still lar short ol what I could have produced on
ordinary paper, but unless you inspected the results closely, the result was still impressive.
This is one ol those rare occasions where dot-matrix owners are at an advantage because ribbon ink doesn’t run.
So the end results are perleclly sharp Owners ol expensive thermal wax can apparently expect photo realistic output, even without the sublimation option lor their machine. I didn't have one ot these printers available lor test, so I ll just have to take it on trust.
Monochrome printers (or lasers) can be used lo print an outline and this can then be coloured in by hand with water- based or permanent markers. You can even use pastels.
The next step is to leave the ink to dry completely it you used a bubble jet printer and when that's done, the image needs to be cropped so that your T-shirt doesn't have a white border. Having done that, place the paper upside down on the T-Shirt and iron away. It takes about a minute to do the job. But despite the warnings on the instructions, the process is very lorgiving ol mistakes. I took too long to peel the backing sheet otl. But so what? Just re-heat the remainder and finish the job.
II you're using the ink jet paper and you own a tumble drier, popping the finished article into the drier lor a lew minutes will increase its lade resistance, and help to lix the ink.
The end result is as professional as any commercial T- shirt art. The image leels as il it s on some kind ol rubberised backing, and can be washed exactly like any other item ol clothing. Because ordinary ink lades a bit alter a lew washes, you are strongly advised to use lade-prool ultra-violet resistant ink.
At last it’s truly possible to achieve completely professional looking output, without spending a fortune lor it. This product is so easy to use that a ten year-old could produce respectable results.
Available from: Quill Marketing. 11 Hemmings Close. Norwich, NR5 9EH. Tel: 0603 ft3o 748002. Price £6.95 for lour sheets. ©«» o Ils been a long time coming, bul finally. Full Motion Video (FMV lo Ihe boffins) is a reality on the Amiga thanks lo Ihe launch ol Commodore's new FMV cartndge for Ihe CD32. Unless you make a habit ot keeping a watchful eye on either Philips' CDI or indeed the PC multimedia market, chances are that you may not have encountered FMV belore. The basic idea is that by simply plugging an FMV cartridge into the back of your machine, the CD32 is suddenly transformed into a
state-of- the-art FMV unit capable ol playing movies direct from standard Compact Disks.(CO) Commodore have tried on several occasions to come up with their own FMV solutions in the form of CDXL and AVM, but neither managed to quite reach the sort of quality required to match a conventional VHS player. Now that the industry has agreed on the MPEG-t standard lor CD-based FMV movies, however, Commodore have jumped on the technology required to take advantage of it in double-quick time. Unlike CDXL, FMV movies are certainly no poor relation to a conventional VHS video player - most FMV movies
match and (in certain cases) even surpass the picture quality ol a swish Super-VHS video player Combine this with the high quality sound that is the hallmark of the CD medium and you've got a home entertainment system that can trade punches with any consumer video player.
THE MOVIE GAME Commodore's FMV unit consists ol a rather bland- looking sealed box ol electronics that contains all the necessary hardware to decode and display the compressed MPEG video signals stored on a VideoCD - the heart ol this silicon beauty is a 40MHz video decompression engine which is backed up by an equally pokey 28MHz DSP chip (at last, DSP makes it's way to the Amiga).
Installing the FMV cartridge inside your CD32 is pretty straight forward, all you have to do is to remove the single screw that holds on the CD32's back panel, slide in the FMV unit until it (its snugly inside your CD32 and then lix it into place using the screw you removed earlier. Such operations always sound a lot easier on paper than they actually are in practice but thankfully this is one upgrade that even the greenest beginner could probably handle.
Once you've got the FMV unit safely installed, rou’ll probably want to try it out to see what all the tuss is about. Commodore thankfully include a disk
* ith the FMV unit that shows it off, but you’ll need lo buy
special MPEG-1 disks to be able to really see it in action. If
you load a normal CD32 disk that doesn’t take advantage of the
FMV unit, the cartridge's presence will be completely hidden.
In theory at jeast, any standard MPEG-1 disk should work on the
CD-32 FMV unit even if the CD32 isn’t specifically mentioned on
the disk's packaging.
This isn’t true of all MPEG disks, however, any disk that is interactive (an FMV game like 7th Guest on the Cdi, for example) will not work. For general movies, however, compatibility should be very high indeed.
Playing an MPEG movie such as those that are currently available from Philips (a full list can be found within the box opposite) is very simple indeed. All you have to do is to place the first disk into the CD32's drive, reset and after a couple of seconds a selection screen appears that lists all the available movie tracks. Surprisingly, although most MPEG movies are broken up into separate tracks (act one, act two etc), this selection screen usually shows only two tracks - the movie company’s ten second trailer and the film itself.
Splitting an MPEG movie up into a series of separate tracks does allow FMV one major advantage over a conventional VHS video player; instant access to any section of a movie. Say, for example, you wanted to watch only the last 15 minutes of your favourite film. If you were to watch it on a VHS player, you’d have to manually - and rather haphazardly - wind the tape forward until you found the section you were interested in. With FMV. However, you can instantly skip to the section of the movie that is closest to the bit you wanted to watch. The other great advantage of FMV is its
freeze-frame facility because the FMV unit works with digital data, freeze-framed screens are always rock solid with none of the "dot drop outs’" and the loss of picture sync normally associated with VHS tapes.
PROBLEMS FMV is not without its problems, but these are imposed by current limitations in available technology rather than Commodore’s FMV cartridge.
The picture quality ot FMV movies is so good that It'll make your eyes pop out I Top Gun's Tom Cruise appears to be suitably impressed.
FMV EXPLAINED The high-brow inventors that have been responsible for many ol this century's great inventions - the CD player, the television, the VHS video recorder etc - have been dreaming about squeezing full motion video pictures onto CO for many years now but it wasn't until 1988 that development began on the MPEG-1 technology that forms the heart of the CD-32's FMV cartridge. Developing such high technology proved to be just too much lor even the likes of the massive Japanese conglomerates that dominate the consumer electronics market and so, under the direction ol a very lorward
thinking chap by the name ol Leonardo Chiariglione, an alliance of over 200 different companies set to work on the MPEG-1 technology.
The development of MPEG-1 owes a great deal to the existence of the JPEG image compression standard which has already lound its way onto the Amiga within image processing programs such as ASDG’s Art Department Professional. Adapting the JPEG standard to work on FMV was certainly no mean feat, after all, JPEG is designed for single static images, not a whole series ol moving images that have to be decoded and displayed at a rate of 25 frames per second.
The MPEG group finally managed to adapt the JPEG standard using a technique that is rather similar to the system used within the Amiga’s own "Anim" IFF file formal. The basic theory is that MPEG frames are not compressed in their entirety - instead, only 41 the discrete areas of a Irame that differ Irom the previous frame are compressed along with a series of vectors that tell the MPEG hardware where the small compressed sections are to be placed onto the screen. The rest of the image is simply borrowed from the previous frame.
There's obviously a lot more involved but the upshot ol all this video trickery is a staggering compression ratio of around 100:1 with each Irame being decompressed and then encoded into a video signal in less than 150 milliseconds. The development ol MPEG isn't stopping here, either - already the boffins are hard at work on an MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 standard, the latter of which could end up being used by communications companies such as BT for video telephones and teleconferencing. The great thing about FMV is that it is modular and so enhanced versions of the MPEG standard could be added
whilst still providing full compatibility with the existing MPEG-1 disks.
The VkJeoCD format really is aimed at the consumer that wants a high-quality alternative to VHS.
But the inability to record your favourite soaps onto a MPEG disk will stop VideoCD from taking over from the VHS video recorder altogether. No doubt it’s only a matter of time before the boffins manage to produce FMV units capable of ‘encoding" video on an MPEG disk but don’t hold your breath - I personally wouldn’t expect to see this sort of technology being made available (and affordable) for another two years and even then that’s being rather optimistic.
Unlike standard audio Cds, VideoCDs are a lot more susceptible to dirt, dust and grease too so it’s important that you look after VideoCDs - I recently attempted to play a VideoCD which refused point blank to be recognised by the CD32 - after several minutes of head-scratching, I eventually found that the problem was being caused by a very tiny fingerprint on the CD’s surface. Audio CD player’s don't really care about this sort of thing because less data is being processed and the timing is less critical but FMV players absolutely hate even the smallest smudges!
Gripes aside, I can honestly say that Commodore s FMV unit is easily the most impressive (and certainly the most important) product to hit the market for many years. Combine the CD32’s obvious power with its impressive price advantage over the competition (a similarly equipped Cdi system will cost you more) and Commodore have a sure-fire hit on their hands.
Let's just hope that both the major film studios and Amiga software developers jump on the bandwagon so we’ll get not only some great MPEG films, but some great MPEG games too!
COMMODORE £199.95 COMMODORE HOUSE, THE SWITCH- BACK, GARDNER ROAD, MAIDENHEAD, BERKSHIRE SL6 7XA. TEL: 0628 770088 VALUE FOR MONEY FLEXIBILITY ??????????97% f Easily the most important Amiga product to be released ¦ for years. OVERALL Since version wo of the Amiga operating system which provided scalable fonl support, numerous packages have taken their cue from Commodore and included similar fealures in their software tin last received a decent and long Broomfield outlines what’s new With Typesmith 1.0, the Amiga at overdue scalable font editor. Mat about version 2.0. Unfortunately, despite
Commodore s attempts to come up with a standardised scalable font format, there are currently at least tour different formats available on the Amiga.
The trouble with this, is that designing fonts which will run on all systems, or exchanging fonts between systems, is difficult, and without custom sofWare, it's impossible.
Hence, the birth of the original Typesmith program which sought to end this lack of font support and, since then, Softlogik have managed to come up with numerous invaluable additions to their onginal package wnh Typesmith 2.0 you can convert an antlra bit-mapped lont.
As with Typesmith t, the latest version provides you with a comprehensive font design engine which is, in turn, supported by a comprehensive and wide variety of tools The mam program interface is a work screen where individual characters are created and edited. The screen may be magnified so that you only see part of a character, or reduced so that you can see it in its entirety.
The work area may also be marked out with a variety ot templates to help in the design ot your characters These start with things such as grids of dots and baseline markers, but can do far more than that. The most powerful template feature is the option to load bit-mapped fonts which are then displayed as grey images for you to construct outlines around If that sounds too much like hard work, you can tell the program to autotrace the typeface, creating a crude outline image ready tor you to touch up when you're ready Although, three levels of trace precision are offered. I would have liked
to have been offered even more scope in specifying the tracing accuracy the bit-mapped image than I was Still, even as it stands, this feature is massively helpful, and will save many hours of otherwise tedious work.
AND THERE'S MORE As il that weren't enough, you can load standard IFF picture files into individual character slots, using your own artwork from Deluxe Paint, perhaps, as a template for your font. This means that you could easily digitise examples of your handwriting, then clean it up in your paint pack age before importing it into Typesmith which will automatically trace it and create a scalable typeface for use in the package of your choice Having traced and cleaned up a typeface, you'll also need to create font metrics (kerning and spacing entries) for it. You could do this by hand, or it
you prefer, the program will automatically generate them for you.
When you've finally created the font of your dreams, all that remains is to save it. The program can handle Compugraphic Intellifonts, Postscript Type 1 & 3 and Softlogic DMF typefaces. If can also import the same selection, making it ideal for use as a conversion utility tor processing typefaces on from the PC or Macintosh, to mention nothing of inter-program conversion on the Amiga.
CONCLUSION Despile Wo hurried modifications. Version 2 is nol completely bug-free. Still, this is one ol Ihe best DTP accessories presently available for the Amiga.
The inclusion of an Aufolrace feature, with the bil-mapped font import elevates if from great lo superb. It's a pity that it can't handle Truetype typefaces, but the licence lo drive them is so expensive il would have rocketed Ihe price of Typesmith way oul of Ihe reach of ordinary, users.
• CHARACTER A single printable alphabetic, numerical or
grammatical item. The letter Q . The number 7' and an equals
sign V are all examples ol characters.
• FORT The word used to reter to all typefaces in a particular
lamity. For example the Triumvirate family will probably
Include bold, light, italic, black, extra-black and many other
styles ot the basic typeface.
• KERNING The process of reducing the spacing between certain
letter pairs so that the amount of space between them looks
natural. For example, the letters AT’ are closer together than
the letters AA'.
• TYPEFACE: A single style of type. All characters in a typeface
share the same design and aesthetic characteristics. For
example, all characters in the OldeEnglish typeface, share the
same ornate design.
You can Import en TFT picture to Typesmith can uko-trac* N. In terms of speed, power and sheer joy to use.
There has never been a better way to create outline fonts for the Amiga and finally Softlogik's well-written manual is the finishing touch to this superb product. '2* MERIDIAN DISTRIBUTION £169.95 A500 91 A500* M A600 91 A1200 M A1500 H A2000 M A3000 51 A4000 91 Requires Amiga DOS 2.0 or higher and 2Mb RAM and 2 lloppy drives or a hard drive.
CUT. TICK & POST-CUT, TICK & POST-CUT. TICK & POST Telephone hotline's (0702) 466933 Fax (0702) 617123 PD Son (CU59| 1 Bsyant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, ESSEX, SSI 2YD PDSofts Famious 300 Font Packs in Adobe Type I or Scalable formats Special PaCk OtTer for 139.99 (Now 27 disks) II yarn would late * coheir ten of the few. O. vmW like k nedrr dr complete pack of 27 did* in oafcer fmaatia au ring « wmr no». Bach pack of 27 disks in ¦¦ maty costs E49.99. Pleas, suit Add. C. Sc.I.bV- -hen emkrin* the pads.
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SfnaNealDa Drll rt «4 Wukoily Signature GASTEIIUER 126 Fore Street, Upper Edmonton, London IU18 2AX Tel: 081-345 6000 Fax: 081-345 6868 A4-000 (32 BIT RAM) 1MB ....£49.95 2MB ....£69.95 4MB ..£149.95 A1200 Ram with clock upgradeable FAST RAM board to *1, 2, 4 or 8mb with optional floating point unit 1 MB no fpu ..£89 2MB no fpu £115 4MB no fpu £179 8MB no fpu £359
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P. C. compatible hard drives Controller
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Multimedia on the cheap?
John Kennedy puts two budget-priced video and audio systems, head to head.
As we are all dragged into the world of multimedia. It becomes increasingly clear that the two areas of graphics and sound are coming closer and closer together. Two companies have released budget-priced hardware to capitalise on this trend - VideoMaster and Sound And Vision.
Although both have similar specifications, they work in totally different ways. CU AMIGA put them to the test... VIDEOMASTER Real time moving computer video is still a dream for many, but HiSoft are doing their best to i make the dream a reality with f the release of VideoMaster AGA Originally, a much under-rated A500-only peripheral from Microdeal. HiSoft have taken over the hardware and added a PCMCIA slot. My major criticism of the A500 unit was the fact that it tied up the expansion slot on the side, preventing the use of any extra memory or hard drives - both essential when dealing with
moving video Now on the A1200. Using the PCMCIA slot is fine by me: most expansions can be done internally. It's possible to tit huge hard drives. 68030 accelerators and ndiculous amounts of RAM without even touching the PCMCIA slot.
The good ok) A600 also sports a card slot, and VideoMaster will work fine with it too. Of course, a hard drive or extra memory isn't essential to use VideoMaster, but boy they're a good idea When you start to digitise frames at the rate ot 25 a second with a good quality soundtrack. 6Mb of RAM soon starts lo be a limit. And it won t take long to till an 85Mb hard drive either with data tiles ol this size. Did I say 25 frames per second there? Yup.
Sure did - VideoMaster mil grab frames at 25, 12 and eight per second or slower, directly into memory with an accompanying soundtrack. On an A1200 with an extra 4Mb of RAM, this allows for well over 600 frames. The images can be replayed at any speed which makes tor some interesting viewing. VideoMaster Is the cheapest piece of hardware that passes the 'juggle test' - a particularly strict benchmark I devised myself.
Before you start talking acronyms such as FMV. CDROM and MPEG, bear in mind that VideoMasterS images are quarter screen 16 shade grey scale, which is far from VHS quality.
They are. However, big enough to be recognisable. And a sound and vision head and-shoulders A good way of leafing the speed of a digitiser is to grab a sequence of a juggler.
Working at 25 frames per second,I found VideoMasler.
Above, to be the clear winner In this contest above Sound and Vision left.
As there is a perfectly good image grabber in the VideoMasler box, it's only a matter of soft- ware to get full-screen pictures.
A gadget in the software brings up a fullscreen grab menu which offers mono and colour, low and hi-res grabbing, with or without interlace.
Colour grabs can be achieved by placing the supplied coloured filters in front of the camera lens, but best results are achieved using the optional electronic RGB colour splitter. The auto button on the control screen uses the splitter automatically which makes the process simpler.
CONCLUSION Overall, the VideoMaster software is extremely good. The card-based screens with big embossed buttons are excellent, and even the rather tricky video sequencing screen can be used quickly.
Sound editing and video special effects are thin on the ground, but as memory is rather critical it makes sense to keep second options out of the main program. There are plenty of other PD and commercial programs around which will do the job.
If I have a bone to pick, it's with the memory VIDEOMASTER £79.95 (WITHOUT RGB SPLITTER) £69.95 (FOR SPLITTER ALONE) £1 19.95 (INCLUDING RGB SPLITTER) A500Q A500.CI A600 WA A120D WA A150t)F3 A2000 F3 A3000 13 A4000 F3 HISOFT LTD, THE OLD SCHOOL, GREENFIELD, BEDFORD, ENGLAND, MK45 5DE TELEPHONE: 0525 718181 ??????« ?90% ??????? ??85% ut full grabs and sound shot of a talking person is an amazing sight to behold played on an Amiga. The software includes a vaguely MED-esque sequencing program, which will allow short snippets to be ordered and played back to make your own scratch video.
Apparently it’s been used on MTV, so it’s certainly good enough.
A budget priced piece of multimedia hardware that deserves great success.
Terrific fun.
OVERALL 90% CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST » management. Although the software will inform you how many frames you can store, and how much memory is available for sound, it won’t automatically balance them. This means it takes a lot of trial and error to maximise your system.
The other problem with the software is with file formats. Although sound samples and still images are stored in normal IFF format, moving video and film files aren’t. This means you can’t load a short video sequence into Deluxe Paint as an Anim. The programmers have promised IFF-Anim support by the time you read this, and I for one am eagerly awaiting it.
There is a tremendous amount of scope in terms of multimedia applications as there are many Anim players available which can even play and spool files off hard drive at the same time.
Some will even synchronise a sound sample.
When IFF files happen, VideoMasterwill truly be the cheapest piece of real multimedia hardware around. At present, the stand-alone playback program is still enough to impress your friends.
SOUND AND VISION At first glance the Rombo Sound and Vision digitiser is a bit of a cop-out. Although they have managed to fit both a VID112 and a MegaMixMaster inside the same case, the software remains completely the same. You get two disks, two manuals - they are In effect, two completely different products.
The only real advantages are cost and convenience - there is no way ot using both video and sound hardware simultaneously, as on the VideoMaster Both pieces ot hardware have been dealt with in past issues of CU AMIGA, but a quick review of the features here won't go amiss.
GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING The graphics part of the Sound and Vision team are handled by a VIDI12 digitiser. This unit will grab individual single-colour frames from a video signal in 16 shades. As it includes an electronic colour splitter, this means it can grab a full colour 12-bit image very quickly indeed.
The driving software is very slick, and will quickly stuff as many pictures into memory as possible. Colour images can be created in just about any Amiga screen mode - including the new AGA modes - and saved to disk for later mutilation in art packages.
A host of image processing filters are included, but most are for creating novel special effects rather than any serious image manipulation.
Although an entire frame can be grabbed. VIDI12 can't pass the data through the parallel port particularly quickly. This is a feature of the parallel port rather than a failing of VIDI. Although it does mean that live 25 frames a second sequences are out of the question. VIDI fails the juggle test, and is therefore best suited to stills or time lapse sequences.
In terms of image quality. VIDI seems to have a slight edge In bad light, the Rombo digitiser gave supenor results with considerably more stable edges and better colour. However, the example picture of some fruit taken in good sunlight with an identical camera should go some way to demonstrating that there isn't a great deal to choose between them.
VERY SOUND Also nestled in the compact little box is a MegaMixMaster stereo audio sampler. This is a standard 8-t it device with a 3.5mm stereo input jack. The software provided is one ot the easiest to use sampling packages. It mightn’t otter any stunning direct-to-disk eltects or studio quality editing features, but it's crammed with nice touches The twin oscilloscopes ensure you have the input level settings right, whilst the real time etlects will provide 15 minutes ot tun as you recreate great Karaoke moments of last year's Spanish holiday. Home keyboard fans will enjoy Ihe MIDI
support, which will allow the easy addition of sound effects into compositions.
As we've already covered MegaMixMaster in detail in past issues, there isn't really a lot more to say. The software is good, and the hardware certainly above average in terms of sound quality.
CONCLUSION By squeezing the two digitisers into one box, Rombo have hoped to provide the best of both worlds Good graphics and good sound - put them together and what do you get? Well, at the COMPARISON CHART VIDEOMASTER S & V COLOUR Digitising a monochrome video signal is quite simple: the timing information at the start ot the frame is detected, and then the rest of the signal Is digitised with a fast Analogue to Digital converter. The values from the A D chip correspond to the brightness levels of individual pixels in the picture.
Capturing colour is only slightly more difficult. As any good video boy scout knows, every pixel in a colour image can be reproduced as long as you know the relevant quantities of Red, Green and Blue light. It follows that to digitise a colour image, you need to separate these colour components out and then digitise each individually. When the amount of Red, Green and Blue is known, the Amiga colour pens can be set and the image re-displayed in colour.
As each colour needs to be separately digitised, the system requires three video frames with which to work. If these frames differ from one to the next, the result is a blur of colour. This means the image must remain completely static. Using coloured filters in front of a camera can present problems, as it can take several seconds to finish the grabs. In fact, trying to grab a moving person or passing car in this way ts impossible. Tt* •fleet* of movement can be catastrophic whon grabbing a With an automatic electronic colour splitter all three colour lma0e over several frames. The Red,
Green and Blue grabs are done in quick succession, which means it is just components each differ slightly from frame to frame causing about possible to grab from very slowly moving scenes. If multiple coloured images and possible image blur, your video recorder has a perfect - and I mean digital-type perfect - freeze frame, good colour stills of moving images can be grabbed. A YC' digitiser such as VLAB works slightly differently -Jt samples the entire composite video waveform, which consists of the colour information as well as normal brightness and special timing or sync signals. Using
software, it then calculates the colour components mathematically. It can take a good few seconds before the image is presented on-screen. The advantage to this method is that the entire video frame is sampled in one go, and so there is no need to grab three different frames and risk movement and subsequent colour blurring.
Sound quality .... ••• Ease of use IniM quality AGA support?
Mmbr simultaneously Y Y Y N Image processing?
N N Y Sound effects? N Y S-VHS input?
N Y Sound resolution 6-bit* 8-bit 12-bit 12-bit Electronic Colour Splitter?
Option Internal Arexx N H TimeLapse (monochrome) Y Y Price £79.95 £129.95 Bundled £119.95 E129.95 moment good graphics and good sound.
If you want to combine the two you are really on your own, as there is no supplied software to do it. A lot of Amiga owners will already own a sound sampler, in which case the only real benefit is the reduction in the number of times the poor parallel port gets used.
OVERALL Although the specifications for both VideoMaster and Sound and Vision are similar, in use they couldn't be more different. VideoMaster integrates moving video with sound perfectly, with good quality grabbing added almost as an afterthought.
On the other hand, the Rombo unit is really two different peripherals sharing the same box, with no cross-over between them. As a result, it can manage still graphics and sound with slightly better fidelity. The ultimate decision of choice between VideoMaster and Sound and Vision depends on the applications the potential buyer has in mind.
In terms of multimedia, the VideoMaster is an extremely exciting product.
Interestingly, the VideoMaster provides support for an external sampler to handle sound and the MegaMixMaster made a big improvement when it was used instead. A case of two rivals helping each other out?
COLOUR KITS lor MONO PRINTERS 1 Ever wrshnl you'd bought a odour printer iiwtead of a mono one? Wouldn't it be nice to pnnt out pictures m colour’ Now you can with .Amiga "Ftrucctor Kit*. Eadi Amiga Flrxkolor kit comrs complete with b software The colour kit is simple lo uw, the nbbreu fit exactly the same way as your black nbtxeis so it will not ailed your guarantee. Abo on all models listed r printer snot toad brio* oka* phone Aimga Rexn*v kits lor Star IciaiOO, all Star 21 raopMrw«ha4nndrMur» COMfUTEKTTOMS everything you tired to print in colour, including superb s» Mem paper abgnmrrt »
automata. You do nrthne Id m Pin Parmxat 10B M 113 1124 Epwi FA* FA ICC. LQKPrA Citum IMKNFCPkfr* IV» nt» cttow bs a colour pwn word procewcir documents. * Page control. * Colour wvr
* Ink correction. * Pattern rotate. * Dot pattern control
* Automatic porta mode lor lamr than A4
* Prcducoai Graphic Tot Ubrfs LrtBfihrads
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* Colour separation far B Jets. * Laser quality colour graphics
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Full instructions supplied.
Reloads fuc- Sur LC2009 Pin 4 Colour (Normal Ink) I Reload - 0.99 ..._..5 Reloads - £23.95 Star 24 Pin 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1 Reload - £6.99 .5 Reloads - £29.95 Citi m Swift 4 Colour (Normal Ink) I Reload - £699____5 Reloads - £29 95 Panasonic 4 Colour (Normal Ink) I Reload - £6.99 .5 Keloids - £29.95 Ink ribbons also available in Cold, Silver. Magenta.
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The HP51626A High Capacity 3 limes. The Canon BC 01 Cartridge 6 times.
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Please make cheques postal orders payable to VCXIHIA Orders despatched promptly Send correspondence to.... VOITHIA SOFTWARE 32a HIGH STREET, WELSHPOOL, POWYS, SY21 7JP U.K. r-J Put the world’s best setting Amiga books at the top ot your Christmas list this year!
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Packed with helpful hints, tips and useful advice this book is aimed at the novice and guarantees to get you using both Workbench and Amiga DOS without any fuss. A must for Christmas!
Amiga A1200 Next Steps by Peter Fitzpatrick. £14.95, ISBN: 1-873308-24-8 Now you’ve come to terms with your A1200 you're looking to improve your techniques and explore the many possibilities that the machine offers. Amiga A1200 Next Steps shows you how. It explains in an easy to follow style how to choose, install and manage a hard drive, how to use MultiVtew and AmigaDOS and how to best improve storage and display. H provides an introduction to video and graphics editing, making music and programming, with advice on getting the most trom the machine in everyday use. With free disk of PD
Amiga Assembler Insider Guide by Paul Overaa. £14.95. ISBN: 1-873308-27-2 Do you want to leam Assembly language but don't know your IntuiMessage from your Null terminated string?
Then the Amiga Assembler Insider Guide is the book for you. It explains the concepts behind the processes and demystifies Ihe jargon with easy-to-follow worked examples and step-by-step instructions. Applicable to all Amigas Including A600, A1200, A3000 and A4000, it provides a perfect flying start in Assembler programming.
Comes with a free disk which includes the A68k assembler and all the programs from the book.
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Alternatively charge my j--i--j----] i 1 j | | | . |- Visa Access Mastercard Number: i ..... 1_1_________ Expiry Date: ...Amount: £ .. Name . Address ... Postcode ....Signed: ? A1200 Starter Pack' ......£39 95 ? Amiga A600
Insider Guide £14.95 ? Amiga A1200 Insider Guide ....£14.95 ? Amiga A1200 Next Steps £14.95 ? Assembler Insider Guide £14.95 ? Mastering AmigaDOS3 Vol. I. £21.95 ? Mastering Amiga00S3 Vol. 2 ..£21.95 ? Mastering Amiga AMOS ....£19.95 ? Mastering Amiga Primers .£19.95 ? Mastering Amiga System ..£29.95 ? Mastering Amiga Assembler ...£24.95 ? Mastering Amiga Arexx ....£21.95 ? Mastering Amiga Beginners.....£19.95 ? Mastering AmigaD0S2 Vol. 1 ..£21.95 ? Mastering AmigaD0S2 Vol. 2 T19.95 ? Amiga Gamer’s Guide .....£14.95 SCSI Address A, LUN 8 Cyl = A partition = Current partition
839 Size: 11 Heg Delete Part it ion| New Partition | Default Setup | Help Advanced Options _| pjptiti n |(v|ff Cancel | U • Overdrive 35 Now, thanks to Overdrive 35, you can add a large hard drive to your A1200 or A600 and still leave your warranty intact. Mat Broomfield looks at this very promising product from France.
When we first previewed the Overdrive in the October issue of CU AMIGA, I was very enthusiastic about it and congratulated Software Demon on coming up with one of the most innovative 1200 products so far. Since making those comments based upon the pre-production models, a lot has changed, so we thought it was time to give you the full update.
IN THE BEGINNING Overdrive 35 is an IDE hard drive which connects to your Amiga via its PCMCIA (smart card) slot. It's revolutionary as it's the only hard drive to connect to the Amiga in this way The beauty about using this connection method, is that the drive can be plugged and unplugged as often as you like without affecting your repair warranty, so if something else does go wrong, you won't have to worry about some snotty repairman telling you he can’t fix your computer because you've fitted a drrve and invalidated your warranty Better still, not only does the Overdrive connect
externally, it also runs between two and lour times as fast as Commodore's recommended internal drives.
So what's the problem? Well, it seems that since I took a look at the early prototype drives (which worked perfectly but didn't autoboot) a number ol problems have arisen in large scale manufacturing. The drives are constructed by Archos in France, and distributed by Software Demon over here. It seems that the first 1,000 drives to come off the assembly line were faulty.
Unfortunately, each ot the three review models I received at CU AMIGA were taken from this batch.
The drives appear to work normally until you attempl to do a lot of reading and writing to them, or you accidentally interrupt the initialisation sequence. In either case, the drive crashes, and may then crash intermittently tor a tew hours As if that weren’t bad enough, the actual data on the drive became corrupted if the crash occurred whilst data was being written to the drive.
As you can imagine, after several months of this, I’m not feeling as disposed towards the drive as I originally did. To make matters even worse, everyone I speak to says that they're not having any problems with their units.
Eventually, a few days ago I received another version of the drive, and this time it seemed to work perfectly. Software Demon tell me that Overdrive come. WHO a much modinedveretonol Commodore'. HpeneMr program .micli can be uaad to partition Ilia drive Mid cop, a version ol wovnoencb onto N tor you.
Fast File Systees Ok they' re desperately trying to locate and recall all faulty drives, but they have no way of finding out whether or not a customer has a faulty unit unless the customer complains.
Anyway, back to the latest drive that I have received. Physically it doesn't looks any different to any other hard drive. However, for the last hour and a half, I’ve had Power Computing s Disk Expander continuously compressing and decompressing thousands of tiny files.
This is a particularly strenuous task to subject the drive to because it involves rapidly alternating between short duration read and write operations.
So far, not a single crash, so I'm starting to gain some confidence in the unit now.
GET ON WITH IT So anyway, whilst the drive continues, I'll just tell you exactly what you'll get for your hard earned cash. Depending on the capacity you purchase, you'll receive an 80-540Mb drive.
This unit is a 426Mb model made by Western Digital, but the exact mechanism depends on the size that you order, and the availability.
Software Demon tell me there's a chronic shortage of small (less than 200Mb) capacity drives at the moment, so if you want one of those you may have to wait. However, you can be sure that you'll receive a mechanism from a reputable manufacturer such as Western Digital, Seagate or Connor.
Software Demon are also going to be marketing a portable version ot the
2. 5 inch drive mechanism. It comes in a tiny black box and
doesn't requir can be easily slipped into your pocket and can
be pluQoejUgMMrflNfo The drive is housed in a white plastic
case which matches the curves of your A1200. Included with the
drive is a program disk that contains the special AO Set Up
software, as well as a number of related utilities.
The drive is pre-formatted and has a version of Workbench already installed on it. All you have to do is plug it into the side of your A1200 and turn the power on. The drive comes with its own VARIABLE SPEEDS One of Ihe earliei problems with Ihe Overdrive was caused by Ihe lacl that Ihe PCMCIA slol and Ihe drive's conlroller were no! Able lo synchronise Ihe rale al which data was read Irom. Or written lo Ihe drive. As I've already mentioned. Ihe Overdrive ilsell is extremely fasl; unfortunately, mosl ol Ihe mechanisms being used, whilst well made, are just nol up lo Ihe standards sel by Ihe
conlroller card. This was one ol Ihe reasons lor frequent crashes that occurred. Software Demon came up wilh an eleganl solution which is to add a sollware speed setting in the AQ Install program, so that you can adjust Ihe drive to Ihe speed ol Ihe mechanism. In theory, this should be lactory sel when you receive the drive, but it's nice lo know lhal you still have Ihe option lo adjust il il you need il.
Power supply, but also draws power from the PCMCIA slot.
The drive is pre-divided into two partitions, one of about 7-13Mb (depending on the drive capacity) and the other which occupies the balance of the space. The partitions have default device names of
• AQO" and -AQ1". The manual recommends that you don’t alter
these partitions; a sentiment I heartily endorse as each time I
altered them, the drive gave me nothing but trouble afterwards.
Only trouble is, the boot partition can soon fill up, espe
cially with a large capacity drive.
The drive is controlled by the Amiquest.device. a controller built into the card. This device identifies itself with a little "AQ" icon, which, to my irritation, is ever present on the workbench screen.
VARY SPEED As I’ve already mentioned, the installation software can be configured to work with normal, medium or fast drives. The setting that you use will determine the maximum data transfer rate. I used the slowest setting just to be absolutely safe, but even so, I managed to get a very respectable 1430k per second that’s nearly 1,5Mb a second, and that's on slow mode! Compare that to the 900k a second that my GVP A530 Turbo used to do, or even the 809k per second that my (fastish) internal IDE drive does and you’ll get the picture; this is a seriously nippy drive!
Another good thing about the Overdrive is that it will quite happily co-exist with an internal drive if you have one. Because you can specify the boot priority, you can assign the boot to any partition, or simply leave your internal as the boot device.
However, the Overdrive is not so accommodating when it comes to expansion devices plugged into the internal trap-door slot. It can argue quite terminally with some of them. I have a Siren Turbotech 4Mb expansion board, and the hard drive works just fine with it.
When I plug in my A1230 II, the drive won't boot, and the whole computer just sits there hopelessly locked up.
Software Demon tell me that the reason for this is that the peripheral manufacturers have mapped their device drivers (especially those controlling RAM above 4Mb) into PCMCIA address space. This means that when a PCMCIA device is plugged in there's a device conflict and the whole caboodle falls on the floor waving its little legs in the air!
I can't confirm whether or not this is true, but if it is, it shows very lazy development on the part JARGON BOX CONTROLLER CARD: The electronic interface that acts as an interpreter between the Amiga and the drive.
Normally a controller is not needed for an IDE drive, but as this one is connecting to the PCMCIA slot instead of an IDE interface, it Is required.
HARD DRIVE: A special type of disk drive which contains high capacity, non-removable disks. These disks spin at great speed and are far faster than floppy drives.
Typical hard drives contain anything from 20-1000Mb of data; that's the equivalent of approximately 23-1150 ¦loppy disks!
IDE: Integrated Device Electronics. The term refers to a type of hard disk drive which contains its own built-in controller card.
Of these other manufacturers. If it’s not true, then Archos are the ones who are guilty of insufficient product testing, and they need a swift boot up their Gallic bottoms... Anyway, the upshot of this, is that I have a 426Mb hard drive and a 50MHz '030 accelerator, but I can only use one of them at a time.
CONCLUSION Well, this has been a very difficult product to review. On the one hand it's a potentially superb piece of kit, but on the other hand, it had a rather troublesome birth. However, to be fair, I can only review the finished product, and I shouldn't hold their development tribulations against them.
The unit I have here has read and written gigabytes worth of data now without so much as a twitch. I did experience a device failure when I reset halfway through a boot, but then even a non-hard drive Amiga crashes under those circumstances.
The drive is very fast, and quite reasonably priced. However, I don’t get the impression that it's particularly sturdy, and it would probably fail the ultra-stringent American FCC regulations.
Nevertheless, if I had the choice between using the drive or my super-fast accelerator. I'd stick with the drive and that, my friends, should tell you something!
SOFTWARE DEMON £299-£699 (for 1 30-540Mb versions) A50oH A500. £3 A600 JH A1200 I A15OO0 A2000 P1 A3OOO0 A4000 1 SOFTWARE DEMON, 3S-40 QUEENS CHAMBERS, QUEENS STREET, PENZANCE, CORNWALL, TR18 4HB.
TEL: 0736 331039.
VALUE FOR MONEY t Very nippy drive. Increases J functionality of your Amiga.
OVERALL 88% SEASOFT The Logical Choice - OctaMED Pro VS. 01 Latest version ol this famous 8-channel music editor with new workbench v2.1 files (Note - requires Kickstart 2.04 or lafer) £30.00 EDUCATIONAL ACHORO (C3.50) AMFC Pro Converts files between most trackers and OctaMED A Music-X format £10.00 AmiVision Licenceware FORMULA ONE CHALLENGE V2 - £4.99 Manage your own racing team POWER BASE V2.2 - E4.99 Powerful database program POWER PLANNER - £4.99 _Personal organiser_ AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN & SHAREWARE PD SHAREWARE PRICES - PER DISK (No. Of disks shown in brackets) 1 disk - £2.00,2 - 4 disks
- £1.50,5 - 9 disks - £1.25,10 - 24 disks - £1.00,25. disks - £0.90 Unless stated all titles work on A500 (1 meg), A500+, A600 8 A1200 JUST SEND £1.00 FOR OUR DETAILED CATALOGUE DISK Please add 50p PSP to P Daicenceware only (£1 50 Europe. £3.00 resl ol Work)) or £1 00 if your order includes olher items (Europe S res! Of World at cost).. Send cheques poslal orders to: SEASOFT COMPUTING (Dept CU), The Business Centre, First Floor, 80 Woodlands Avenue, __ Rustington, West Sussex BN 16 3EY 111 or telephone (0903)850378
10. 00am lo 7.00pm Mon-Frl (lo 5pm Sal) Callers by appointment
please :I)M PLAY IT SAFE (£3.60) BIO TOP FUN (£130) JtGMANlA
(£150) CHESS TEACHER (£3.50) SpIeD READING (£5-50) CHORD
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AMERICA (£3 SOI nTANC (£4801 we stock FRED FISH 1 - 930 + (Fish
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TYPING TUTOR (£3.50) Complete cuunc and speed tcuv AlrtU GRAPH
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(£3.50) (nol A500) le«l adxeniurcrane creaue FLOW CHARTER
(£350) 300 OtSK LABELS - £6.00 «000 DISK LABELS • £1000 1000 T
FEED LABELS • £1280 DISK BOXES 10cap-£139 (S FOR £S 00| 40 tap
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INcedv 2 dixk dn.c.) DRAGON TILES (£350)
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-1? 99 AMO OUST COVER - £2.99 A1200 OUST COVER • 0.99 PWNTER
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find Daptmic WHITE RABBITS (£3.50) Save IV rahbrf from a fr
.a. wrote. Great puzzle g TIME RIFT (£3.50) bxrrlteol plorfon
1. LYME* PtOJECTS - Wind It nn.Eicellent Bore Demo
2. UVE NATION-Cool (ere Disks
Works on Floppies
6. RE0NEX- Enptyhead 'AGA'
7. SANITT-ARTE. Cool Demo.
B. SPACEBAllS-9 Flnoers. Miss This At Toot Per.l.(2Disks) Infers.
I ?NOXIOUS- Beyond Wlel *461*
10. OLD BullSi'Tili-lipilseir? Disks) ‘ V Deao (I Disks)
• void Be . ifflfe-to.
12. NOVA-Sorry.'AGA"
13. LEMON -Pikpatonos 11.'AGA' (6 Disb H.Dri.e only)
14. RA6E Neural Assault
15. FAI(LIGHT--242 (CU AMIGA RATEO 90S) It. LEMON -Groovy.
17 LEMON Kink-A Dink (ASM Only)
18. TEAM HOI-UHST 'AGA' Eitrnofomo(3 DlsbWert IB
19. PGMY DESIGN. -Eitnnsioe CU Apim Rated BBS
20. LSD-JESUS ON E1(No» (ally *AGA AB *0 oip).2 disb
21. KEFRENS-Desert breom (2 Disks)
22. KEFRENS-lnterrhanoe 'AGA'.
23. MAD EIXS. -Terhooloalcal Death. Rare Rove Rave
24. FLYING COWS-Prosolk.
25. XANADU-Realli Good 'AGA' Deio
24. ARISE- Chanel 5 'AGA'.
27. SANITY-Booglepop
28. SCOOPEX-Pooq
29. MELON-Croyoa Chinchoo 3I.MEL0N- Rononlic Demo
31. THE SH"S. -Jesus On Chene 'Fast Mm liq*
32. H€ ESSENTIA CCUECDON 001- Oil- Ike Ter i lest Deies And
33. VOMIT -World of Coaluskm
34. RAGE- Alchemy (2 Disb)
35. UNION- Hollecinotion I Dreams (2 Disb)
34. SPACEBAILS State 01 The Art. Classic Music Deuo.
IDCOPT11-Best Pd Copier Akdbble 2N CQAW V3-fan*rt Com Podoge IraOWCK 13-Essmttal Fcr K5? Users
4. RHOtOCX 1.4-AGA tons CPU Cade OH
5. PC TASK V? 03-Needs Dcs Disk
7. V MORPH V2.03 -TO Msphbg Podap
8. NORTH ( - C Carpker (2Disks)
9. C MANUAL-CCatffa (2 Disks) ia PROTRAOCl V11S-Ldest Venn
13. FRTOOflM 3d Demo. Coal Modoc V«h Amiga (Me
14. SNOOPY Das VI 5-Mtrikn System Cafc
15. TRASLW V*atrnkmHm.mr% 16BKANMV15 -Lets You Floy Huge MmMons
Fran HD 17iliMASrER 22 -Roc * Good Dirodx* Umty iaiSD-WsS«w*m
Enxfatts Game Cdeden
19. PROTEO 6Denx -TryOut This DanoBefae You Buy
20. VKUSCHECXBV6 33-latest Venn
21. ORSKSAAVVI1.28- (RfO«2
22. AH V6. SS-Systan Pnfamame EduaMcn u*y 21CRUNCHMAMA V1.9 -
Coed Cruncher
24. VBEOT RAOS-This stipes Ihe RarVMi RSI Dano Geakr(5lWo) 2S AGA
UTIS -Thme Disb Fled Vfth Eaenfai AGA Umles
26. V2 BMJLATOr -Emlfcs K52 (A 500 (My)
27. MBSftJDV2-Coverts PC To AmiyiFfcs.
2&JAKE FAST ME MOW--Turns dip In Fast Moray
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ETOCroig-HfrmScaipiiaiaaofapnda) 60W3 CCUIM-Uaf Skni Oi N* *3
AC 0*(4CWe) 7COMAX -World Ol Mongo ‘AGA* (4 Disb)
8SPB a-4b»hlho[bk(9NB)7MEG REO 9QTAB-We HueMegd sCN Oprtfco
Itm, To list *CdT I0.NFA Bodyshop 4 'AGA' (7 Disb)
2 HAKD0H- UMMnd Horfccre Sort 3IHUNHRDOME 3-Hndccee Aw 4 PARANOID -Atom Hts Vdumr 1 SBKMRHtmD-WnuyIMBt Dule 4 MUFTBUSTBB-Sdmonki lXomosksn 7K9K-Evolution mWno(l8t only) 11ANATH0AA-4 Qvmel Heonn. Cod l2ANCCOAKA-SovmiSoas.lhokta Fimn Ankara 13SAWTY -CU Disk W* The Bart Ol'taten* Abac l4SPACBAliS9K»aESS-Otny Tunes II ptftfa) HWBdufflM Fred Fish- 1-9S0 LSD Legal Tools-l-149 Assassins Games--I-160 LSD Grapevine Disk Magaiine Issue 18 (3 disks) For The Bestl Very lotos! Amiga Public Domain Coll *Visoge Computers* We Will Not Be Beaten On Speed Aservice All Our Public Domain Is Copied Onto Branded
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graphics and Animation, Utilities, Music, Demos, T-Bag, Fred
Fish Disks 1-880, Assassins Games Disks 1-108 Below is a small
selection of titles available 2164 Girls 01 Sport Side* _ 2196
Sweet Revenge t.5mD) 2230 Unpleasant Way To Dio 2279 Saving
Cert AlfceiTtArtm) 2281 Speed Umctt 5mb) (3D) 2283 Two Slnko
Ergno Ar.mau: 2284 Steam Eng he Anm V2 2286 FantavisOn Anms ("
2290 Sixth Joke (2mb) |i 2292 The Cat Slideshow 2310 Gladiators
(S______ 2314 Gore Slideshow 2315 ' *..... ACHORD Guitar tutor
(tONnO. Chords etc) NIGHT SKY Sun. Uocn. Planets 6 1500 Stars
BASICALLY AMIGA A complete Amiga DOS reterer FAST FRET Set o'
guitar e.eroses FUN WITH CUBBYi Educatonal Games FUN WITH GJB8Y
2 7 More games tor young chKT BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY Te«t &
Oagrams DRAGON TILES Classic Puzzle game Ogi E.cellent Pjhorm
Game Ft RACER ExcelIent30 Racng Game PIC-it Very good Tnvia Ouz
Game VIKING SAGA Slramn. War Game ARCHtOELAGOS MiAlG:, SjierB
• MMiBMWiMiii!
Afrean Board game, reputedly me workla oktest game Yokon.. Black Mana. Frustraton. Stonewall. Baroness.
CrPBage. Sir Tommy. Quads. Rapde. Be»od«il.
UNBRANDED 3.5" BLANK DISKS DS DD 50 -£21.00 TOO £40.50 200-072.50 500-0169.00 Ar Warror (Fight Sim) Tile To* Kogdom At War intact (Shoot cm up) Dyniirite Dick OjO. A Siva Platform (Superb) Pete s Quest (PtaBorm Rom Pom Gunne) Starve* (T Richter) (2D) Survivor V2 Cmanual V? 0(«D) Te«t Plus 3 Nor» C VI.3 (20| W.B| MED V3.2I (Music Edttf) Sound Tracker 2.6 Epoch V (1200 year calender) Learn & Play Plus A Game V4 I8 Dbase II V5S IQ Challenge (WH) 50*5 Iron Maiden 5050 Guns & Roses'IYour Crazy) 5072 Van Haien (Eruption) 5075 Bad Boyf (Rave) AMIGA DESKTOP D 6075 Odyssey (50) 6095 Jesus co E’s C?D|
|2 Omm) 6096 Stale ot The Ah 6096 SmtyWorUo'CcmiTOOcre 61CO Xpose (2D) Kick 13 (A50O Emulator) Mng Shu Chinese Astrology Ncomm V3 0 BootX V5.23 (Not 13) world War II H,pert OCk Crossword Creator V1.0 LSD 120 (PC Task V2.03) Copiers Immted (OCopyV31) Kickstart 2 0 (A600 Emulator) is Al200Fix Disk Colour ft tiSt Otneuo « Card Sharp 1157 Total War (Risk) (WB) 1163 Baffle Cars 2* 1167 Amca CrcKet 1170 SaveThe Trees 1163 Dungeons ol Nadro) 1193 Intrepid Mona V5« (Roieplay) (tetris) 6101 TimaZono (20) 6102 Wckad Sensation (20) 6103 Apha 6 Omega » 30) 6105 Illusion IfairttgN) (P) 6106 Boundless Void
(Nemotl 5110 Oarce Trance 5113 Toe* My Love' Not 13) 5114 1993 Dane* Volf (Not 13) DELIVERY PaP INCLU DEMOS Tee ot The League tflth Hole* (20) Grand Pn Manager (1993)) Sodmarks (P) Serious Backgammon Demo Cheat Ust V203 The Mental Image Collection Siam Ball Kjondyke Deluxe (AGA) (3D) Excellent Cr*d Demo Suoer Viewer V2.4 Animals A-G Clipart Animals H Z Ctpdt Arcratt Olparx Weapons Ctpait Religion Clpan P«ants & Flowers cipan Numoad V373n (For A600) L«B Ottioe Forms Really Urrtmted 5116 The Trio (Rave'Dance) St 17 Led Zeopelh Guitar Solo's 5116 Utah Saints 6SL2 5t 19 Farcasy To ReaWy 6107 Deem
Owm.xmwu) (20) $ 106 Miaary (TRSl) 6109 Akhemy (Rage) (2D) TOWfR SofTWAM PRICES (NCtUOE PSP AGA-A1200.4000- only (20)-2 Disks 30). 3 Oisks etc. W B). Workbench needed to run it Wank disks are 100% certmed & guaranteed, onces irdude label. O3Staoe.denory and VAT. Catalogue dak ont. 75p or so 3x24o -larrps. Add 5Cp tor outside UK At enjers o' PD sent same day by Vet class post Postage & packaging add 75o UK £2.50 eurooe (inc. Eire). £4.00 Rest ol The World. Payment in Sterling please Cheques.pastal orders made payable to South LncsPD SERIOUS SOLITAIRE SERIOUS SOLITAIRE II SERIOUS BACKGAMMON £20
CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST How can a graphics program which doesn’t run on a standard Amiga be so good?
John Kennedy draws his own conclusions.
11 ho suction and pasta It on. Notica now tha CU AMIGA tan la to rlntsh tha antlra knags.
FEATURES Composing scorros using dlftaisnt Imago, is sasy - simply lasso curvad ana sluidad around tha spharo It rook atrout Ian mlnulos I At first glance mere doesn't seem to be a large number of features After all, Briltlancfrias hundreds of stacking sub menus to wade through. I Perhaps the reason for mis is that TV Paint ? Was I designed tor the artist, not necessarily the com puter user Also, there Is no sjpoort apt animation, none at all - not really surprising since each screen I can consume several Mb of RAM The TV Paint 2 drawing toots work like any other program. Although the
display is compos U of real-lime 24 bit colour, updates are inr.iudibly fast. On my A4000 030. TV Paint 2 is laiJ H mode and 4 displays more c speed, the file handling is at fly the quickest I've ever see special 24-bit DEEP format, hard drive almost as quicklij me integral JPEG supportd an EGS card (the Spectrum 4000 card, and there was I in speed between the twojE JARGON BUSTERS
• DEEP: A relatively new image formal, which takes advantage of
the way graphics card store pictures in memory.
Instead of using bitplanes like an Amiga display, a DEEP file contains the chunky colour information ot the pixels for speedy loading and saving.
IlTQj jAl sDsiA ? SUJSSJ ? ®*J
• EGS: The "Enhanced Graphics System" is a standard which several
different video boards aspire to. An EGS card offers a
user-definable resolution and any software with the correct EGS
drivers will work on any EGS card.
• JPEG: A compression system that crunches pictures to a tenth or
more ol their original size by carefully discarding information
which hopefully might not be missed. Using 24- bits (three
bytes - one each for red, green and blue) a graphics card can
choose colours from a huge range ol 16 million. ,
• HAM8: The 262,000 colour mode offered by the new AGA chipsets
tound in the A4000, A1200 and CD32.
• VLAB: The excellent video frame grabber Irom German company
• PISSARRO: An Impressionist painter, bom in the Virgin Islands
the son ol a Jewish-French shopkeeper. Enrolled at Ihe Ecole
des Beaux-Arts and Acadamie Suisse. He attended the prestigious
Salon in Ihe 1860s and between 1870 and 1875 he organised ten
exhibitions in London. Eventually his style drifted Irom
Impressionism to Pointillism.
Fife.. i II 1 f&j
S. ' ' ' V H-jjl N«9. : t iekt house. 74 JI * t EGS card had the
advantage qf dispfeying files on the paint screen.
Brush support is extensive, wit ox, lasso and polygon clipping and all sorts of weird mapping options. Once you have the brush in memory, it can be distorted beyond recognition and also be quickly shaded and re-coloured. In fact, the use of colour support is amazing, the ability to choose from over 16 million colours unleashes some real power. Creating a light-sourced sphere takes only seconds to do and looks beautiful. You can even mix the perfect colour in a miniature artists’ palette.
Huge displays afforded by most graphics cards means the Image and the TV Paint 2 menus be used lor mixing colours or playing with balls.
DARK SIDE After using several Apple Macintosh programs, it has to be said there are a few areas where TV . It would be nice to see q magic ush-cutter, and an easy way to | e image over another. Both are j dealing with scanned 3 fun.
To give the bfoMk a real run lor their money, ome image processing 3 supported, but morph- aren't.
I remarkably stable.
Start to use 10Mb of What’s new with version two
• More support for Touch Tablets, with the ability to use
pressure sensitive pens and airbrushes.
I • Chalk and coloured pencil have been added to the airbrush. These provide a more Interesting texture tor shading | and drawing.
' Brush modifications are better, with shrinking, enlarg- ig, rotating and | perspective control.
K A new transparency I mode allows Ihe picture in the spare screen lo be rubbed through lo the Iront screen. The impressionism mode will make you an instant Monet, Renoir, Sisley or Degas.
• A link to VLAB to automatically import pictures tor processing.
Pj8Safro eal your heart out. This j • Arexx support has is a
VLAB grBb treated with the | been improved. New Impression
feature. Art Students spend years doing this sort ol thing, you
Album covers, get yer album covers here. I think I’ve discovered my vocation. The interesting speckty texture was a ceillr tile belore Dan scanned it RAM at a time I expect to see the Recoverable Error on screen (whj as it usually turns red and crashes didn't lie to me once. In fact the or went wrong was « under the cui real image as they weren't saved with the ture, rather they seemed to be caused by cursor corrupting what was underneath. It awful, but in practice it wasn't a problem.
REQUIREMENTS Although TV Paint 2 itself is relatively inex the hardware you’ll need to run it isn't. Fa you'll need a graphics card (although tjfl about £300 or less these days), then fast processor (68030 or 68040) and H need a huge amount of RAM and ha H 1 I have 14Mb of RAM on this A400ty H ; once or twice when using some big Ujf you can live without an resolutions you can get away with less. A' feature will allow a tile that’s much too big loaded and processed in sections.
H I'd never ible to use £ coexist peacefully. The border I had TV Paint 2 and a graphics card 9 ability to run and create true colour redible.
With a broadcast quality board like the Harlequin and TV Paint 2's alpha channel support, professional video work on the Amiga is now a reality.
TV Paint 2 is not really anything new. But it is fast, expressive and easy to use. It's the best. I love it - I want to marry iL w Will work any Amiga with an external 24-bit graphics card.
? 95% ? ?85% vALJL FOR MONEY EFFECTIVENESS ? 96% FLEXIBILITY ? ?87% ? ?80% £ A professional level graphics ¦ program - brilliant. * ORDER HOTLINE 0674 611633 Adoi'agc!
Buy ?or£119.95 i£uLHJLv SMOOTH ANIMATI0I £29.95' flDOmt Order codeSW0103 There are several distinguishing criteria that differentiate between IFF animation and SSA animation. IFF animations are generated and played back as complete single Images by means of so-called page flipping. The advantage I of IFF animations is to be found In their compatibility.
This means that, for example. IFF animations which have been generated In Adoragc can be imported and played back In Dpaint and then, for example, in Scala. This format presents serious disadvantages in all other respects, however. The quality of the animation lcav a lot to be desired when large quantities of data are Involved. Apart from this, they require a lot of memory space.
ORDER BY The SSA animation format Is new. Frames are calculated and played back in this format. SSA = Su Smooth Animation: super smooth playback quality Is the most outstanding advantage of this format. ] Furthermore, data Is compressed to a much greater extent. Which Is indicated by the modest memo requirement. These advantages ensure a considerably higher degree of flexibility in the realisation i animations.
"A powerful piece of soft ware which performs to the highest standards' 'Gob smacked" 'Magical stuff PERFORMANCE 92 OVERALL 85 AUI MARCH 94 Adorage is a multi-effect system. I.e. it Includes an infinite number of options for the generation of video effects, as used In television. The main feature of Adorage is the generation of high-grade fade-ins. Crossfades and dissolves between computer graphics or images and. As if by magic, between computer graphics and a running video signal, which presupposes the use of a Genlock.
This means, for example, that a graphic Image or text can scroll on a running video image and rotate about several axes before exploding out of the screen, whereupon the second scene commences, in which a logo Is brought In undulating only to disappear again in a spiral nebula - Just one example of the unbelievably wide range of options offered by Adorage. Order Code SWOIOX Adorage. Order code swoioi JLWA-A (System Requirements: Kickstart 1.2 ond above with ot least 1MB of memory| [ ¥WI I or by post BURGESS VIDEO GROUP Unit 6 18, Industrial Estate, Brecon, Powys, Wales LD3 8LA Best Selling
Videos For Beginners The Amiga Primer . . AM0112- £14.99 Animation Volume 1 . AM0101 -£10.99 Animation Volume 2 . AM0102 - £14.99 Amiga Graphics Vol 1 AM0117 - £10.99 How To Animate AM0104 - £10.99 Animation 101 . AM0105 - £12.99 CV0104 £14.99 For Intermediate Advanced users Dpaint IV Video Guide AM0201 - £14.99 CV0105 - £14.99 Dpaint IV Video Guide AM0202 £14.99 Magic of Music & Midi AM0107 - £12.99 CV0106 - £14.99 Imagine2.0-The Detail Editor AMO 118 - £15.99 General Videos CV0107 - £14.99 Stars Wars Animations AM0115-£8.99 Benny The Bear . . AMO 106 £ 8.99 Hot Rod Your Amiga . AMO 113 -
£10.99 Amiga Service & Repair AM0114 - £10.99 Camcorder DTV Videos Desktop Video Vol 1 .
AMO 109 AM0110 CV0101 CV0102
- £12.99
- £12.99 £14.99 £14.99 Desktop Video Vol 2 .
Camcorder & Video Fundamentals How to Shoot Videos Like a Pro Camera techniques & Continuity & Combining shots CV0103 Ught Techniques & recording Sound Basic Editing with Consumer Gear Intermediate Editing with Consumer Gear Advanced Editing with Prosumer Gear Shooting Great Wedding Videos Vol 1 ... . . CV0108 Shooting Great Wedding Videos Vol. 2 .. . CV0109 PER SMOOTH ANIMATION SYSTEM FOR THE AMIGA® LARISSA PROFESSIONAL Trade Enquiries Welcome ORDER BY 0874 I came to clariSSA sceptical. And came away convinced I had found a useful animation display tool... ... all Amiga
animators should consider this as an essential buy.'
"Its called Super Smooth Animation, and so it is."
OVERALL 90% CU AMIGA FEB 94 to :.99 :.99 .99 .99 .99 .99 .99
1. 99 ,.99
1. 99
1. 99 i £79.95 or by post URGESS VIDEO GROUP
* 6 18. Industrial Estate, Brecon,
• ys, Wales LD3 SLA & 0874 611633 24hr Order Hotline Fax Orders
0874 622994 I « I r SIMM BURGESS VIDEO GROUP Unit 6 18,
Industrial Estate, Brecon, Powys, Wales LD3 8 LA _P0STC00E_
EXPIRY 0ATE_ SIGNATUfiE_ A offers a means of converting
Standard IFF or Anim5 ani ms into SSA format to which you have
become accustomed Adorage. And that is not all.
. Offers a further 40% improvement (compared Adorage) with respect to the smooth, natural play- of animations. This means that you can even rove the quality of an Adorage animation, so if an ani- Bon bucking In Adorage. Simply Import It into HSSA for smooth, non-bucking playback. Apart from you can combine graphic formats and palettes tnde- »dent of the animation In this program, as a different Jr? Rile can be used for each frame !!
Of BSSA also offers a lot of useful cutting functions which
K) ft » you Inject the animations Into videos and presenta
s. it goes without saying that you can also combine nations
produced by different programs to produce a Je one - all in
all an incredible number of faciliUes for versatile nation.
• r the benefits of SSA were recognised, the wait for a program
to t normal Amiga animations began - and with the introduction
lari SSA. All can be revealed.
1SSA Is a fully-fiedged animation editing system, which Just hap- i to use the SSA system to display the finished work.
Er existing Anim5 files, or a collection of individual frames, may loaded and automaUcally converted to SSA.
R In memory, the animation can be processed in all sorts of estlng ways, some of which would be simply Impossible with
- n5. Order Code SW0102 No dints Product Nt nber | Com I _J
- -- dosage & packing charge Total ' | Cheques made payable to
Remember lo add p&p lo EACH PRODUCT UK £150. EUROPE £300 OTHERS
£S 00
i) RDER HOTLINE 0874 611633 System Requirements: A500 owners and
- RRRR Making music on the Amiga can be a lot of fun, but finding
a decent sound source can be frustrating. Rob Baxter looks at
an underrated program to show us what we’ve been missing, the
operators are combined with a j each other r .. rr~ 'ff ’ I-- E
2 FU main screen showing Ihe sliders which control pitch and
output lavel tor each operator HOW TO MAKE MUSK ON YOUR AMIGA H
this article has whetted your appetite but you would still like
to hear wtiat it's all about belore buying E-Z FM there are a
number of PD music disks which I have produced that use FZFM
eMMy. Some CU AMIGA readers may already be familiar with my
"Desktop Music Workshop' disks ol classical music which have
been around tor some lime! Of late, I have been using
E-ZFMalmost exclusively to make my instruments, so the disks I
would recommend are: Coacerttr. A three disk set ot Bach's Six
Brandenburg Concerti, Ihe vast majority ot sounds lor this were
made withf-Z«f.
The Desktop Harpisicbord Recite? The title says It all really, but all the harpsichord sounds were made with E-ZFM.
Classic Gold No. T Bach's Toccata and Fuge in D Minor. Again, all the instruments were made with E-ZFM. This last disk needs 1Mb ol Chip RAM.
All these disks can be obtained from United Public Domain Distributors.
Contact Blitterthips. Clifte House. Primrose Street. Keighley. Yorks. BD21 4NB DOIN' THE DO When all your settings are complete, dick Ihe DO button and the computer does Its work. E-Z FM is quick; a lull 64K sound only takes about 35 seconds to generate (mud quicker on an accelerated machine) shorter sounds a lot less, and while the sound is being generaled you can actually see Its waveform 'grow in a window at the bottom right ot the screen. Full marks lor that, it’s tar better than staring at a -busy' sign and wondering when It's read gadget (one tor each operator) and a window opens in
which you use the mouse to drag the 'slopes" ot the envelope curve into the desired shape. Click on “update" when you're satisfied and the deed is done. E Z P-ZI .
FM synthesis, however, is a complex subjed - as one gets deeper into the program you begin to find out which pitch relationships produces which type ot sound. At first, you might have a particular sound in mind but no amount ot fiddling and tweaking with the various controls will come up with quite what you want. Thefe's often no substitute tor trial and error but It quickly begins to make sense.
The odd head-scratching session aside, E-Z FM is a breeze to use and the sounds are truly magical, Ihey all possess that 'crystalline" digital purity that we've come to expect from FM synthesis. The program will produce astonishingly rich and inter esting sounds with a clarity that can be difficult to obtain Irom a sampler aravelorm at various frequencies - or in (tie cata ot E-Z FM. A part ol a compute) program which reproduces that fimctioa OPERATOR; Anolher name lot an oscillator la FM )argon.
WAVEFORM: Tko electronic (or digital) representation ol n sound.
SINE WAVE: Tbn simplest aravelorm It sounds vary pure, a bit like a flute.
Own a suitable sample editor (if you don't already own an editor, try to get one with a reasonable crosslade facility as many E-Z FM sounds can be quite complex and difficult to loop smoothly otherwise) CONCLUSION E-Z FM is a remarkable program which deserves attention from Amiga users. It is easy enough to use for beginners lo get satisfying results straight out of the box. But it is also powerful enough to keep the most experienced synth jockey very happy for a long tlmel The manual Is quite slim but along with the excellent example file* Included on the disk (check out the amazing piano
settings), it s more than adequate to get you up and running on the basic* in a very short time I would recommend E-Z FM as an essential "must-buy" lor anyone with even the most passing interest in sound and music, rrr, At 200 V A4000 WA A500 ' AT 500 1 A500. I A2000 1 A600 1 A3000 1 All Amigaa with 512k or more. V. 1.3 A higher. Hard Dish installable.
E-Z FM really makes your music stand out from the crowd, m OVERALL 91% WHAT IS FM SYNTHESIS?
Invented by Dr. John Chownlng of Stanford University in the USA. In the seventies, FM (Frequency Modulation) wis one of the early cumputer techniques developed lor the digital synthesis ol sound.
If sn sudio oscillator ties its frequency (pitch) changed regularly up and down by Bte output ol another oscillator, its frequency is said to be modulated. At slow rates, an example ol this would sound Ida a gentle vibrato.
However. II no frequency ol he oscillator doing Hie modulation Is at audio Irequencies.
Mead of a vibrato, we bear the tone colour of the sound change. Ibo larger me output from tbe modulator, the more extreme the change in lone colour we bear trom the oscillator (the carrier).
In other words, at audio frequency modulation. Me stupe ol Ike output waveform ol the earner oscillator Is changed, thus producing an audible change in the loan colour. There is a lot more lo It than that, but Out is the basic principle Once your sound is made, you can preview it using the Amiga keyboard Just as it it was a fynthesiser keyboard and this in eself is great tun.
Unless you've clicked the "sus- nm" button though, when the sound ¦ops as soon as you release the lays The program also includes a
• sound to buller merge trom buffer" tacility which is useful for
construct- ng ’chords" tor reproduction over a single channel,
or for mixing two simple sounds Into a more complex 'sound
A feature which I like is the waveform animation window. When you have created a sound, click on the small waveform window and a cug window opens showing your sound in high resolution You can zoom in on a small portion ot the sound and just hear what that section sounds like in isolation.
Or you can animate it and see the sound wave dance around before your eyes, just like an oscillo- I scope display. Not of much use really, but great fun to watch just the samel I When you are happy with your new sound, you can save it to disk as an IFF-8SVX file. You can also save if in a number ot other formats including 8 or 16-bit Audio IFF (useful for some of the 16-bit 9*mpier cards you can buy) The program also allows you to save a small file containing Just the actual E-Z FM settings which is very uselul if you have lo stop editing a sound before it's fully complete.
One major omission, is the fact that E-Z FM does not have its own built in looping facility, so if you want to loop your sounds you'll need to load them into your lavounte sample editor I can't see this presenting too much of a problem though, as most Amiga musicians who are serious about their art will already THE OTHER GUYS £59.95 The easy-to-use graphical user interface guarantees that even the inexperienced user is able to use DiskExpander immediately without any problems. DiskExpander does not only expand the capacity of your hard disk drive, even floppy disks now have a storage space of
1. 5 megabytes.
Expander features Can add 50% to your hard drive capacity at a stroke Fast compression and decompression Flexible and expandable as new compression libraries arc developed Works with all drives, including SCSI. IDE. Floppies, and even the RAD disk Reliable in tests - no data corruption Once installed the program is transparent to the user Works on any Amiga and any KickStart disk expander ....£35 telephone 0 234 *4 3388 Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Ind. Eatate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN delivery: next day £5.00 2-3 day, £2.50 Saturday £10.00
deliver in art subject to stock availability. AUprim intludt VAT E & OE World-wide distribution available, excluding Germany increase your hard disk capacity, CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST I his My h.M -d image K»ohJB i s but look * IheqkissaiMlrelkKlioJerptlrcl Pity about Ihe cup. II looks an iM jfl pstqiiod n mysHI (I dwtn I). ~~ ~ M* - If you love 3D find designi objects a chore, why not follow John Kennedy into a virtual cafe for a chat?
Realmg objects lot usa m 30 I rendering programs isn't easy V - most ot my attempts at creating spaceships and helicopters with Imaging end up looking like strange sp'Ky balls It I can't find the Objects I want in a PD library somewhere. I usually give up and use Real 3D Instead, as I tlnd It a lot easy to work with.
That Ism to say that Imagine doesn't have a lot going tof it It's very good at rendering complicated objects. And it’s also very good it you need to re-create a 1950's American Diner, complete with counter, stools, jukebox, pay phone, ptates, glasses.
Imagine is also about to be given a n't only r*ion you m Ihe wlronenw representation HI the epilor Ihel you c menus - heck, there is even a toilet in the comer. Everything you see in the accompanying pictures came trom the set and there are sti plenty more bits and pieces left 10 use.
The objects are designed so that loading them into the Imagine stage editor will automatically position them correctly tor the scene, which means you only have lo make a lew quick adjustments to camera angles and lights balore you can start rendering. Rendertig is lemaksbty quick tor ob|eas which appear very detailed, and using them to make an animation is a real possibility. On an A4000 030 With a FPU (Floating Point Unit). I found I was creating 24-bit hi res scanline Images in about 11 wiihjwja.
A500 WA *500. HI *600 91 *1200 91
* 1500 91 *2000 H *3000 91 *4000 91 Works on any Amiga running
Floating point unit, 5Mb of memory and hard drive recommended.
TERRA NOVO DEVELOPMENT PO BOX 2202, VENTURA, CALIFORNIA 93002. TEL: 0101 805 652 0531 FAX: 0101 805 652 1639 ? ?85% id render. Good instructi ONEY ??????????90% id import duty permitting, these objects EFFECTIVENESS ????92% '4-bit colour look staggering, there DETAIL The objects t FLEXIBILITY ? ??75% Okay, so when 'o leave the diner excellent, great use ot existing Imagine textures.
Although there is a limit to what you can do with the inside ot an 1950's Diner, the objects will find homes in many othe scenes. The techniq es used to build them wi I keep Imagineers busy for hours as they try to recreate them. Highl recommended, rrr, ? ?80% real! Look out lor more in r Imagine owners everywhere will appreciate the work that has gone into this set and _ demand more of the same. 9 Now you can produce stunning high quality colour outputs on paper, transparency film or even T-shirt transfer paper from your Amiga. The Primera colour printer, recent recipient of countless awards
in the IBM-PC and Macintosh markets, is also the perfect companion to any Commodore Amiga.
Primera uses thermal wax transfer technology, a technology usually associated with much higher priced printers.
Th* jukebox Is Ihe highlight ot Ihe sel. It s an authentic Wurliteer 1015 and It looks fabulous.
Minutes. Ray tracing, however, reveals the true quality of the objects, but takes much longer. Come on Software Demon get that 50MHz 68030 upgrade out before I die of old age!
Memory is the only problem, because y u are going to need lots.
Although supplied in both low and hfgh resolution forms, a scene featu ing all the objects can take from 5Mb to 14Mb o RAM to render. You be able to get by on an A1200 with some extra RAM if you try not to get carried away. These scenes were created on a 14Mb A4000, but most left about 9Mb to spare.
Primera fe at it res Software drivers for Amiga, PC and Macintosh Prints A4 and A4* size paper and transparencies Monochrome ribbon cartridges available for economical text only printing Print full colour 24-bit photographs Optional Photo-Realistic upgrade kit (Dyc-sublimation) Produce photographic quality images for a fraction of the cost of similar devices Extremely small footprint, not much larger than A4 Primera printer ...£825 Photo-Rcalistic upgrade kit E215.95 Photo-Realistic refill kit (lOO prims) ....£250 Photo-Realistic refill kit (25
prims)...£79.95 4 Colour ribbon (80 prints) .£38.95 3 Colour ribbon (l!5 prints) ...£38.95 Monochrome ribbon (400 prints) £34.95 Transparency film (A4 50 sheets) £31.95 Primera premium paper (A4 200 sheets) £18 T-Shirt transfer paper (A4 lO sheet*).£17.95 Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Ind. Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN delivery: next day £5.00 2-3 days £2.30 Saturday £10.00 deliveries are subject to stock availability, all prices include VAT. F. & OF FOR THE BEST IN PUBLIC DOMAIN & CD ENTERTAINMENT, NO-ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE!
48,500 MEMBERS!!
THE 17 BIT COLLECTION This double CO collection contains 1700 disks from our own library from disk 0001 lo 2301. All Ihe classics are included, as welt as hundreds of great PD games. Demos, Music etc. Yours for Only £39.99 .£1,00 PS P DEMO CD 2 Another stunning compilation of new PD products. This one is even Detter than the first! Over 600MB ot Data!
Get it now tor £19.99 +75p P4P GREAT PD GAMES!
.2924 C*or S 4 MANCALA .2870 SPECTRUM GAMES ‘8
• 2864 SPECTRUM GAMES "2 All the Spectrum Games Disks above
contain over a dozen game ¦Snapshots’ to use with either VI .6
or VI 7 Emulator .2850 GORF That otd Arcade Cl Mid
• 2849 GAMES GALORE 10
• 2848 GAMES GALORE 09 .2847 GAMES GALORE 08
• 2846 GAMES GALORE 07
• 2845 GAMES GALORE 06
• 2844 GAMES OALORE 05 .2843 GAMES GALORE 04
01 Ai the above wilt now work fine on your A1200 Each Dek is
packed with some superb PO games.
.2838 ORC ATTACK Nice Game ...Kill The Orribte Ores.
.2837 OP FIRESTORM 1st Level Only Playable Demo
• 2814 PROFESSIONAL BINGO Err, Legs 11 4 Two Fal Ladies .2813
D-SOLVE CROSSWORD Nice Crossword Disk wrth Solver .2811 NEMESIS
Great ReveraLOthefto Clone .2803 BEETLE Playable Demo Of A Good
Game ?2801 GNU CHESS WB2.Q3 0 Only Chess Game AMIGA ANIMATIONS
.2927 (ABCO)CHARLEY CAT4 Moustermind - 3 5MB .2925 (ABC)
CHARLEY CAT 3 How To Catch a Canary3MB .2923 (AB) CHARLEY CAT 6
Charges at tt e Flu' 22 (AB) CHARLEY CAT 2 'Down At The Saar
• 2872 (ABCD) MEAN MACHINE Another stunning Craig Collins Amm,
mis one requires 3.5MB and features a Virtual Reality Battle
between CD32 MEGA CD 4 Phitops CD-I. Impressive!
?2871 (AB) DANGEROUS CLUB Dangerous sports club Anim.
.2854 THE LEMMINGS SHOW Requires 1.5 MB. Please do not purchase 4 easily offended.
.2853 SUICIDE MAN 2 Requires 1.5 MB. Please do not purchase it easily offended.
.2853 DEATH WALK Lots ol Gore in this Arvm!
.2829 (AB) C032 REVIEW Great Startrek Meets CD32 Spool UTILITY DISKS .2921 PARBENCH Set Up Parnet On Your Machine
• 2914 MINI MORPH V1.0 Great PD Morphng Package ?2912 RAOBENCH
V1.7 Recoverable RAM Workbench ?2911 PAY ADVICE ANALYSER
Calculates Deductions Etc ?2910 SOLDERING DISK For use with
DPAINT. Includes Circuit Board Layouts Etc .2908 PROPAGE
TEMPLATES Various Pre Dofined Templates ?2892 MAGNUM 1.8
Updated To Create Better Mags* .2890 ANIM HELPER Clip Art To
Use in Dpaint to Create Anims ?2888 ADDRESSPRINT V4.0 An
Address Pnnier Sware .2887 ONFORM VI.1 Create Invoice Orders
etc S W .2884 VIDEO WORKSHOP Various DTV Utils .2878 WEDDINGS
DTV Nice Anims lor use with DTV ?2877 WEDDINGS DTV II Brushes.
Pictures 4 Arums X2875 CDTV » CD32 ADAPTOR Use a CDTV keyboard
on CD32 .2855 GARDEN DESIGNER Design a garden in 3D!
?2873 ASTRONOMY V2.1 Get your Telescopes out!
.2861 AUDIO MAGIC IV Loads ot Audio llbls!
.2860 AUDIO MAGIC III Even more utils 4 players etc .2858 ASSASS. MULTI VISION A bundle of GFX utrts .2857 ASSASINS RX DISK Fakemem, Degrader, Runlt Etc. ?2839 SILICON JOURNAL Great Electronic Diary
• 2836 AURAL ILLUSIONS JR Sample Manoulator.
.2833 BLACKBOARD Create Maps Elc. For Games .2828 FONT X PRO 16 Colour Font Design lor AMOS ?2827 HOLMES BROS COMP 1 Degrader. Numpad etc. .2842 AMY PD REVIEW 5 More Reviews From Cybercraft.
.2823 NO SAMPLER? UTILS Gel The Most From Your Anga without a sound sampler .2815 REORO 3.1 Excellent HD Re-org 4 Optlrmser .2789 ASTRO 22 V.3.5 Updated Astrology Program .2788 AMBUSH 1.03a Resizes Windows After changing WB font sizes.
?2786 RUSH Great Hard Drive Utils Disk DEMO DISKS .2919 (AB) SPACE BALLS!
9 Fingers Demo, it you kked slate of the Art. YouH d* t!
SERIOUSLY GOOO' .2915 A TASTE OF U41A Old. But popular U4 a Toons +2913TYMPANIC MEMBRANE Great new Demo by PANACEA ?2879 HELIOPOLIS DEMO .2880 HYPt 5 DEMO Another Excellent Production .2876 (ABC) GRAPEVINE 18 Broadminded only need apply!
• 2874 DR WHO THEMES Variations on disk II* .2835 HANDEL - ROB
BAXTER Music lor me Royal Fireworks ?2834 FOP - SIMPLY BLUE
Fnends ol Paula Muse dsk .2832 MUSIC EXAMPLES 2 Nice Mods from
various games.
.2831 MUSIC EXAMPLES 1 Nice Mods from various games.
.2812 (AB) DR WHO THE 60 s Information 4 GFX about the DR .2862 EXTENSIONS DEMO Another Great Demo .2849 SHORT MODULES DISK Loads of Neat Tunes ?2747 TECHNO MODULES *5 ?2746 TECHNO MODULES *4 ?2745 TECHNO MODULES *3 .2744 TECHNO MODULES *2 .2743 TECHNO MODULES *1 Very Nice Techno Mods ?2718 FAIRUGHT 242 DEMO Stunning effects' .2683 SANITY INTERFERANCE Nee new Demo EDUCATIONAL
• 2926 (AB) TOME OF MYTHS Read an about those Myths .2920 ASI
BACK TO SCHOOL 3 Even more Educational Progs1 X2916 (AB)
TUTANKHAMUM Educational Slideshow for AGA.
.2909 FRENCH VERB TESTER Err Test French Verbs' .2886 AZ SPELL V2.02 Wot Du Ya Meen Ye can Spel .2851 DTP FOR KIDS Nice easy DTP lo interest Kids .2802 PHOTOGRAPHY All about The Dark Room.
.2796 JUNIOR MATHS Great Mams Tutor for kids.
.2795 (AB) READ 4 LEARN The 3 Little Pigs Wrth pictures Text 4 Narration ?2772 (AB) THE ATOM The Discovery of The Atom.
?2741 HIGHWAY CODE Ask Questions On The Code.
.2724 BACK TO SCHOOL *2 CompMation of Progs for tods IMAGES &FX .2917 COMIC ART III Nice Comic An Slideshow .2908 GIF BEAUTIES *10 .2905 GIF BEAUTIES "9 .2904 GIF BEAUTIES’8 ?2903 GIF BEAUTIES *7 .2902 GIF BEAUTIES‘6 .2901 GIF BEAUTIES *5 .2899 GIF BEAUTIES’4 .2896 GIF BEAUTIES *3 .2897 GIF BEAUTIES *2 ?2896 GIF BEAUTIES’1 Loads of raunchy women who don't seem to be wearing very many clothes' Best viewed on an AGA mactwie but can be viewed on any!
• 2893 SCALA BACKGROUNDS 1 Backgrounds m Hi-Res Overscan .2889
3DObjects to use with Imagine.
• 2820 SFX SERIES ’5 .2819 SFX SERIES’4
• 2818 SFX SERIES’3 ?2817 SFX SERIES’2 ?2816 SFX SERIES *1 SFX
For use in Games,Mods Elc.
.2821 IMAGINE OBJECTS More objects lor imagine AGA DEMOS & PICS X2863 (AB) BODYSHOP V More lovelies In 256 colours I X2862 (AB) FIT CHIX 3 Yet more pouting girlies X2859 BODYSHOP III You guessed* X2826 PANTAHERI DEMO Great AGA Demo X2825 (AB) BODYSHOP'4 Ooooerr Missus' Nudge Nudge X2798 MINO WARP Planet Groove II Team Hoi X2776 (ABCD) AKIRA PICS Loads of The cute Jap Chicks X2761 CHROMAGIC AGA Another AGA demo dose X2759 POINT OF SALE European AGA demo.
X2672 RETINA EURO 1 DEMO Another nice AGA only production.
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NEW!! 17 BIT II - THE CONTINUATION Includes 17 Bit Osks From 2302 To 2800. I Assassins Games Disks trom 1 To t40 (Over I 500 Games!!)NZ Disks. T Bag Disks. ARUG & I AMIGAN1 Also Includes A FULL Filo Search 4 I Index Across Our Previous CD'S Too! I UNBEATABLE VALUE £19 99 • 75o PSP I WING COMMANDER 4 DANGEROUS STREETS FOR CD32 AVAILABLE NOW' Both Titles on 1 CD for C032 ONLY _ GET YOURS FOR £17.99! .75p P4P ¦ I AMFM 17 AVAILABLE FEB 94! L The Definative Amiga Vidt Mus c Oskmag I £2.50 (Mag) Or £4.00 (Mag 4 Sample Disk) j 3D OBJECTS & TEXTURES I 7 Disks of Imagine Format 3D Objects 4 Textures
All Archived So Iheres loads ' stuffed on each disk! £10.00 Inc. P4P FINAL FRONTIER 6)
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LSD LEGAL TOOLS COLLECTION- We now stock LSD disks upto I number 140. These are an 1 invaluable source for uncommon I utilities See below for disk price I BY POST I BY FAX (0924) 20094.
Leave Order & Credi Card FLOOR OFFICES, 2 8 MARKET WAKEFIELD WEST,YORKSHIRE WF1 1DH rars, Bo.JO s.edx actudbp Tel. +46- (0)8-749 08 06 A NOTE TO ALL 17 BIT II CO USERS Due lo a fault on the FIRST batch ol tha 17 Bit continuation CD, we are offering a FREE upgrade to all uaara who have a PURPLE ONE Simply sand It back (without the box) and wa ll send you a nice new RED ONE!
• r IUHRC Fax *46- (0)8-749 26 76 ' ‘ I Bestall 17 Bit dlskar
trhn oss! I -I 0*n «nda officietlt godkanda lavaranldran av 17
Bit diskar i Sverige Horde na ladande Public Domain 4 Shareware
blbllotek fOr Amiga och PC ¦ til 3 dlakar ,23kr at 21 till 30
dlekar 17krAt 31 dllkar 4 Her 16kr «t Hi! 10 dicker 20krAt II
til 20 dbkat Ilkr tl irc.gror..n. «al»«iw,.J lAga lAga priseri
SUPEm hoo mu pureormspoe 2M.
AS*A84*4 Actor- 2*0 PNOJSCT X Dot Mate snoorem up* i •:- AUCN BREED Special Edlod 1» - BODY BLOWS Boar cm up* 2*0 OVERDRIVE Bmoet *«•:- QWAK Kul piaraorrrspei* tM: F17 CHALLENGE Formal I! 1*»:- CARDIAXX ahoorom upl 11*.
- TBanic NEW CLE 54 (2) ...
CLE53 .. CLE51 .. CLE 050 (2) .
CLE 049 (3)_______ CLE 048___________ CLE 047.---------- CLU
034 .. CLU033 CLU 032______________ CLU
031 CLU 030 CLU 029
CLE 046 CLE 045 CLE
044 CLE043 . CLE 042
CLE 040 CLU 039 ...... CLG
038______________ CLG 036 CLG 035
CLG 034- .Lets Loam II Paint Pasta A Dra Rune
Forcaster .Dinosaurs III
...Rockat Maths Sea Sense Doctor Tuition Power
Textll Flowcharter ..Draw
Selector ...Q.F.X. ......Basic
Anatomy Fun With Cubby II Portraiture Quiz s Junior
..CybaH5 Qungo V4 0 ...RAW OG!
(1200 Only) Cybernet NEW CLR PRICES AS FROM 1 1 94 Please note
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£3.50 2 Disk Set £4.50 3 disk CLR sel £5.50 STOP PRESS!
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• • Both available separately tor £1.50 each All 17 Bit Disks Can
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Alberta. Canada DEALERS STILL REQUIRED From all corners ol the
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Ore by MK1 - fBMiar, 19M -S155S OemoCO 1 IganesM'!«,S*»!siW7S5 DrnoCO 2 Iseree u aKwe, Newer) SZJ.95 C0f1)20i*t*0 ‘60. Ctosrt MPSK2W5 (WO J Psa 7*1-89024 Hair. «dS27ar RUSH Isi HSU 910- and matt 128.80 N0RTHW65T PUBLIC DOMAIN Va ba». Mvavm Lock -N- Load Tr*llIMA!lAWaPIWW*ieC*ws Conpllalort.! How about 1000 Gaines and ConmWal Caiwi Demos? All nnnable hoai Wofk- Bcnch! Compelble wlh 0)321 CDTV. A570 and an.
External Amja Cwbm 0 Hc» MucH* ONLY $ 22.49 l*$ 2.00S«Hl
V. Dealer Ltuftnriet Welcome! IRW'IIUWrtl"?- Wl CARRY THE FU1
AH'TH • NORTHWEST PUBUC DOMAIN IS NOW THE EXCLUSIVE U.S DISTRIBUTOR FOR THESE OUTSTANDING MUSIC MAGAZINE DISKS and Companion Sam pi® Disks I PRICES' AM FM • $ 5.00 (get lie AM FM dkK and comportbi Sample dbn lot $ 5.00) CLR LICENSEWARE- Wo coiry Ihe fun line of CIR ICENSEWAREI. All of 'em!
PRICES 1 DISK TITLE - $ 5.50 2 DISK TITLE - $ 6.50 3 DISK TITLE - $ 7.50 SHIP»NG AND HANDLING FOR AM FM AND CLP ICENSEWARf DISKS tS THE SAME AS FOR OUR REGULAR DISKSf) m Box lMiiyburn. WA 98071-1(517 1206',351-9502 send $ 2 00 TOR OUR FULL CATALOG DISKI New Anauini Games bisks.lC*ll for free Ini') ASI139 - The Big Game. Bat Dog, Amiganoid AS! 140 - Fatal Mission I Chronic the Hodge Meg and Megaworm ASI 141 - Black town, fevcisi H. Gold Rusher.
ASI 142 • Rueda. Ga axy '93. Courtroom ASI 143 ¦ Wense. Xalorm, PootoonfCardgameJ ASI 144 -BcalnShave. Nibby Nibble. R edJon.
ASI 145-Puuwonl KungFu Charies. Super Pong ASH 46 • EnMy. BaOeCarsR AmasterMind HI ASI 147 BadtGamiteo Deluxe. Tuts Tomb (Card game! MancaU ParattaA ASI 148 • IwyMorpH Nostalgium. MegaMind RCNCNiOt! ANY 10 ASSASSINS GAMES jjiMotUgoagn wrmrnx DEM 163 • AIST1AX FIG D«mo Great new AGA only Domo, open o 1280x03 ovenccn icteenl GAM 271 • RUBICON - Nee bekog Roe Poye GAM 272 • MEGA BALL 3 - AT new wth AGA graorci KJDPOft Some giect gcne.-no* coOn GAM273- MINE RUNNER - Awesome eae oncn o' ‘necoflc -cce Punrw jc.~eR Utl 147 - MAGICWB 'ne ul rra*e WcrKBerCft ivc'cerer *equ*ei W320oi Mqnor lin 144 •
DBKSALV v2 and BFORG vll -1 wo mil hot no Hcid Dn»e ut» shcxc se w o W3 211 For 17 Bit. NPU, AMOS PD and ASSASSINS Gamer Uitkt pricing is as foUt 1-14 Disks - $ 2 00 Ea. 25-49 Disks -SI AO fa.
50+ Disks - SI.00 Each!
1-49 Disks - Si.50 Ea. 50+ Disks - SlM Ea.
SHIPPING & HANDLING: t-IODisks-SZOO. 11-50 Disks-U.00 51+ Disks S4.50 (S&H Prices for US.
CANADA, and MEXICO.all other Foreign countries add SO.25 per disk) We accept Cask, Checks. And Money Orders im US funds, as well as MSA MC AMIGA (Dynzsa-yyt- A600DX SET V2.004 A500 V1.3 1MB RAM A1200 V3.0AGA AI200HD V3.0 AQA 85MB EejEi pnnng A2000 V? P5.ECS A4000C3Q 5MB HOI20MB A4000 68040 6MB HD120MB ft3C00030t20«MC tflZMMUOSNHtAiaOO »ooo rzuAsaosMtfAns OflOO SKACEMnM BAXa e«X GRTCEOHZ-ABAnX GkfCE»HZ-4WAaXX sNrwTkcorwc*'« »HirNC0KWDAi2K ASX TJWOIJOBUB Oatf QtttfOV AM*4* na 1 DC-TV__________ 49 «XJ ¦Xr.-aU- - SL.er«HT ArVMA I uh t---- BRILLIANCE DELUXE PANT AGA 39400 ALA0CNN4O
* 9400 27400
• 49 COO 386SX BROGE BCARC EM-"_AV 'XLUXE SVBA; H9000 71000 1*000
VISION 24 .229400 AVIDEO
24____________________139,000 mwu AMOS PROFESSONAl 14400 SASC
LATICE C V6 0 39400 0EV PAC 3-----------------14400 VIDEO
III ...149.000 ART 0EPT PRO
AGA 29.800 MORPH PLUS .29.800
....25.900 CMRCMA KEY PLUS .54.000 (PRICES
MM) 2SH** B9CU«TA1»00 4M00 me?5'H*FDOS(U«TA1200 *1«» Mki SCS 2 *
.29.400 ClOCKQEteaK 88103 MTERNAl 2H0 FLOPPY OWE A2CD0
20.000 CIARHYI8... .29800 A12-BOOSCSIA1200
.....46903 INTERNAL JHOFLCPPY WYE AW» 2000) SIM? 4M6 R*M
69X0 ...2990 1942 QUA0SYNCIKWT0R 31903 MCMJP
SCANNER 4X0F1 27100 Till | VtstUTjIVjO TEL: 03-3837 8689 FAX:
03 3837-8218 Order hotline. 0793 490988 PUBLIC DOMAIN I
The moti iniclliyi'iu di ? Non 4 FREE CD TITUS 2 AGA DEMOS.
2AI2tl dr- OSCAR AckA tn imjFCbidw.i ]C627-2 MOIOROt A INVAI) KN 2 An AGA SpKr Imadn* kmr ?caw AiroiviRLS kiii kkn A *leetion ol viiu killm ? C28V AI2HlimUllK% Nuvelul -l.k ? C29 PCX DATATYPE.
• Tnilb AGA * Innball lanUvicv AGA
• Own Engine AG A * Svndkculc FRKK! I ln»»'
y. wr A1200 WHS HACKS v».yiw«u WBJ SITER Ml I ms A1200
DfcGRADERS Hrlpv dernto .iuf A1200 to ,an ran a l« 4 lhr
older 1529 1*59 SPECI AL OFFER!
COMMODORE 1142 COLOl'R MONITOR Onl £349 * carriage ¦ AGA GAMES AGA SOFTWARE Ameher 50 c« to hoikt ? C40!S WINBLhNIHR A 256 colour I rac ial general.. ? C4I* NFA AI300 UTILS KIT AGA ? C422 RKTINABURN I «.i A1200 rave demo. Oathy NIGHT I SUPIKHASF PFRSGNAI. 4 (100 HRUJJANCt 114* PD CLIP-ART IISHAR 2 | II ;rasmc PARK BUSINESS PD MISC. UTILITIES OcmnniKw Twhr-rO-radpo.
? CD 1221 (lAVHTHIS PACK ? Cd1252 rsi i Time n A «Ual .4 U»*. Ira RSI Mb ? CDI25S PKTDRfcHELP VIO.
- »'I M » SI. ICC . |C|| Vii.HABI I 15 «* Ui.*9 OJ* OS POST. PS
PSHINTS MO Pagrairvam A K) M crtkcooo cl ? 0.111 PHI MIR
CDI686 HUGO SYSTEM Thu hat 70 ne tliAhell c ?cd 10*8-2 video
PD OVERSEAS ORDERS Ovcrwa* orders are welcome (or PD dttks. Bill nlcacc nM 25p per disl hr canmul game* plcmc add £i» (« PEP ORDERING BY POST Credit Card Details Credit card no: COLLECTING You are ckuanc lo ccdtol your c«drr.
Advised lo phone H through poor lo omct l o * Mh» 5 Jopra Mon Sal ORDERING BV PHONE Call aay lime bclwcen *10 A 5.30pm M.mday lo Sal vtodii card drlails I the neim ycu would like lo older EPIC MARKETING, FIRST FLOOR OFFICES, 31a FARINGDON RD, SWINDON, WILTS, SN1 5AI Pnce£.
Payment method.
12. 99 ...16.99 Kingdom ol Germany
Kingmaker ..... ....19.99 ....22.99 King*
Quest 6 ....22.99 Kit
Vkiawt .....- ..., ....16.99 Lombourdini....
- .16.99 lord Of The Ring* 2-- lotut 3 - Final ChaBonge...
19.99 16.99 Mon lAd Premier Chompia n* 19.99 DinOMwr DHMliv*
Agency ..10.99 7199 DinoworWi 19 99 Alien Breed
2 .- 16.99 Gool...... ...Il.w
Uinowortas--------------------IV.W . , Gunshio ...19.99
Doodlebug .- ...10.99 * l*iww ....,v yy
...15.99 ...22.99 A-Ttoin 22.99
Hired Gum .....22.'
* •*... * »*---------------*9.99 Body
Blow* .17.99 Jurrosk Pork
IA1200) .....11.99 KitVkiou* Bodv Blow*
Goloctk ....-17.99 Krusty * Funhou**---------16.99 Body
blow* Goltxhc IAI200I.19.99 Lord* ol
Power ...22.99 Brutal Sports Footbal---16.99
Mope Boy
• 1.2 (A120Q-------22.99 Droculo
• •IA1200) 16.99 Dr u Serve* 2 (IMeg) 22.99
- ---16.99 Dre g Rubber_____16.99 Micro Mochines komhipMonoger
”93-16.99 Monkey blond 2-
- 9.99 Dune 2 _
- 17.9* Cho
- 16.99 dCerepGom* 16.99 IA1200I... IA1200I 2175_12.99 Semite
Socror 92 93 _ 2--19.99 Sempsons V* The World...
19. 99 Soccer Kid [A12001 _
22. 99 IxceBmi Game*... ....9.99 tye of The Beholder 2 2__19.99
(IMog)_____ Mkz Ssfcz
22. 99 Spoce H
- ...16.99 Sport* Top Ten.... 22.99 - “ * - e LA 12001.. 25.99
.18.99 Spoce A ...22.99 6.99
17. 99 Syndkalo .....22.99
16. 99 Ten Intel Game*---------------19.99 ...22.99 Theatre o*
Death--------------12.99 Mr Nutx------------ ...19.99
Terminator 2 Arcade . .-.-.19.99 Mr Nut* (A12001-.
Frontier (Elite 2) ..... 21.99 Uridium 2 16.99 Mr Nut* (600)...... 16.99 (A1200) . 22.99 d The Furriet ...19.99..... ... 2nd Inning* ...11.99 ___________10.99 F16 Strike Eagle 2(1 Meg) .14.99 ..16 99 Fonlastk Dizzy---------------16.99 Mih Steel Sky ....19.99 Fatal Stroke* .....19.99 dedor ..-19.99 Ferrari Grand PH*. -----16.99 doctor IA120O -...16 99 Fire&lc*---------------------16.99 b of Destiny ..25.99 Flight Of The Intruder ......9.99 ¦
Broiten ....J.99 Football Manager 3--------15.99 M * Bod Day__________-__16.99 Formula One Grond Prix 23.99 m___________16.99 Formuio One Team Manogorl9.99 KIA1200)__________19.99 Sprit*________ jtz____________________16.99 Sprit* Point______
- 17.99 Star Trek 2Slh Anniversary . ..... iw rro Fury af The G
Gooch 2 ....22.99 19.99 ..18.99 Mansell Grand Prix-..14.99
Nigel Mantel World Chompionthip----- Nobby The Aardva*
16.99 Noddy’s Big Adventure ... 16.99 Ora Step Beyond--
- .12.99 QrerldB .. 12.99 Super league
Manager___16.99 Temai 16.99 Bmg Rubber (12001
- 16.99 ......19.99 Game* Machine----- Gouniet 2_____ _19.99
- 7.99 l-po 2-------- _____22.99
2. . _19.99
- 22.99 Cades 2 (12001 .
22. 99 Giobdul* 19.99 CdhcUgend* ..... .19.99 Goblin*
3______________ ......22.99 Qam.Monooer Kola ......19.99
Gvb ... ......19.99 Chuck Rock 2 .. ......16.99
Gunthip (XI)_________ .8.99 Gvi lotion (A 12001.....
......25.99 Hanna Borbera Anim ... ......31.99 Combat Ak
Patrol . Coal Soot ......19.99 1999 Hero Quell 2 legacy
..„ Inc&anaools 500
- ----16.99 . . 899 Cotmk Spocehood...... ...
.16.99 ......19.99 Innocent . bhor
2 ......22.99 ......19.99 ..12.99 Jock
The Pipper________________28.99 ...B.99 Joguar XJ220__________
- 16.99 Joguar XJ220 (1 Meg)-----9.99
- 22.9 16.99
- 15.99
- 16.99
- .16.99 ...22.99 Mortal Kombat £19.99 Frontier Flite 2 £21.99
Jurassit Park £16.99 PGA Tour God » Court** 18.99 T«*ght 2000
.. Populous Sim Cky----- Populous 2 ..
- 16.99 ...17.99 Populous 2 (1 Meg)-...... Populous 2 + Data
Disk.. ...18.99 ...21.99 ...19.99 . 5 99 1AOO
Primomover ......19.99
U96 ... Ultimo 5 ..
..22.99 ....9.99 UMS Comoilotion
..28.99 V240 ..19.99
Walker .... ..18.99 War in The
Gull_____ .21.99 Western Grant_____19.99 When Two World*
War 19.99 Cannon Fodder £19.99 Alien 3 £16.99
T. F.X. £22.99
9. 99 Wng Cor
- 19.99 WoOm Olympic* ... » f «
- 16.99 ISM Wa Kid-- Wi* N I* ..
18. 99
19. 99 11 99 Rood Rosh ...
- ....19.99 WWF WmAng 2 - .....15.99 Ryder Cap-
- 16.99 Zool------ ... _____ 15.99 Lemmings £14.99 Zool 2 £14.99
(Req. Amos) ...22.99 Maxiplan
4 29.99 Amos Compiler (Req
Amos) ......19.99 The
Publisher ..29.99 Amos
Easy .22.99 Tecnoplus
Business Pock Contains Amos
Professional .32.99 Wordsworth
wordprocessor, Amos Professional Compiler 24.99 K Spread 2,
Deluxe Point 4 (lMg) ....55.49 Spreodsheet ? K
Data database) (lmeg) Deluxe Point 4
(AGA) ...60.49 .59.99 Home Accounts
2 .34.99 Wordsworth
V.2 .-76.49 Kindwords 3
(Wordprocessor) ..29.99 Mini Office (Wordprocessor,
spreodsheet. Database + Disk Utilities)
......35.99 ADI English 111-12 ynl ------- 16
99 f yho© 4 IS 7 yni ADI French ;12-13 yrtl ----- 1699
F **schooJ 4 lover 7 yv*; A3 french ;13-I4y*sl------------16 99
Megomofh* A level 1 - Adt kmror Covnfcng 6-7 y*»||------14 99
M*ro English To GCSf' .
ADI Juroor Reoong )4 5 yrsl) . U W Mtcro French (To GCSf)--- API Junto* R*oe6ng |»7 ynfl ,14.99 Mtcro German do GCSG , Adt Maths (11-12 yrs)______________16.99 Micro Maths (To GCS£)... Adt Maths (I2-I3yrs)__ Adt Moths (13*14yrs)- 1649 1649 1749 1749 1749 1749 17.49 1749 1749
16. 99 ....16.99 1749 ..16.99 Micro S ..16.99 Micro Spanish
(ToGCSC).. (To GCSf)..
14. 49 Merlin Maths (7-11 yrs) (5*yrs).. Primary Moth* (3-12yr»)
„ Funschool 3 (2-5 yrs).. External Disk
Drive .... 49.99 Funschool 3 (5-7
yrs)-------14.49 Funschool 3 (7a yrs)______________14.49
Funschool 4 (2-Svyrs) - ....16.49 Spelling
Fair (7-13 yrs) --16.99 Please char~ijTmy AcceeV
WeTM'oTpT~f~f~f~T~T~M~ri~YTYTi lo: DIRECT DEPT No CU03SC Unit
3, Cross Keys Shopping Mall St Neots, Cambridgeshire PE 19
2AU Post & Pocking UK • Cl Per Hem EEC - C3 Per Hem Non EEC -
£4.50 Per item Al lUvert « change-HhoiCnakce flC* Hen* Now
Mai06* awpame.
Nay take tp id 78 doyi la d rer good* kon mai odr Pin. Ado.hdeMtkeaa CU AMIGA MARCH-94 Please supply me with the following for
nmnutnr: ..
Date: ....
Name: .. Titles Price
Address: .... Pnet K
Parkinn TOTAL DELTRAX PD Tel Fax: 0492 515981 PUBLIC DOMAIN
P01T' PRINTER DRIVERS |? DsAsi loulto' oml P020D PRINTER
IPICCT IMUAIOR (1.1 Al knqa tWMK | ICR S*rtiMNS J 01013
Oul' BOApi vwvrnc .ibw bni!- ioihs wwiuir a 11 EDUCATION 0U4M
C010OR I0NIS 4 t* rtf* Guil: COLOUR I0NISI Cn«mI. Isn GJ4'
owns uunis mu«iam« « W-V OHUIBSAmilOCSSl!Ui’i»n loisnair
G3i1UnttT«l8M(aiMMH9 anta-$ a G3'( (W S« IIMM pNfem GJKlASTKHlMMta WOBJOTSWJUfjJl aiCMUEWt *kxi Mil:«r «« '•'W*nHW»n39*m ¦ CMICiitMcnMWtiWt ¦RIOT Ail Miq grot WflWlrf Gmmoscncui
63) 1 AAA2IUI 4) M G3MHIU rota • G3J5 TATA N8S0N ASSASSINS aui4
men ComnOUW u* tf odue ¦ »pui uock am I wn» aUIS (POCN Wry
poiwilil camdir utlrt. 1 dal D 50 CUM CROSS STITCH Uirful
utnt, 1 diM D SO CIUI ICIOTORTSOMmflUoMllor,ou ICIO P'lNei I
fltADSO CIUIIICMO TORTS DdlifO't low Tor yorr IC200 Pnwr 1 dm
090 ClUtt IC74T0NT* OlNrmi Tents for wur IC24 Pnntt. Ida. DM
aU?D CANON SJIS TONIS Wlwfrt TbnU (Or W SJ10 BuMNpl mm i
Ninso au l MVOOMASTIR SoilyOU m*tt*outNtHy a«i ¦* M I
• M Cl 50 auxNO¦*.MW*on*"tutu*!*mown*" IM DM aunUlMnmM IMD« OUM
Wm ei p*n tneaen i *e DM cum Stmin I Tove »nxt»or 1 aa DM CLUD
MHMWN A»N» •"«« « 1 an. A SO CUJH MAGI DOCTOR Fdxt pnxroo HMD
SO Wt Aivt Auwra pinn c-uVRVsn flsn I • 148 w Mca ¦ miuMv •
Aumat toavPter cnW Ji A5 I AST7iK • AW «o*» (MA5W 8 A1200
• UriUK T'ouk tnd Cr Oa atQlSOURSTSTIN- PuntU t* *t» KtWM SO*
Cl£05 ACHORO lmm lopJ« »ng* Mofd l*M I MAD SC Cll» MATHS
MSTNUCTON nitr«mr Mw *z» CD32 COMMERCIAL GAMES QinliWfatatalM ?
SO af??CMSs iiamrimnww Sxan»gi».
Vino I dot DM CU27CATT Ac(*MMTn a is 2 Inis (4 SO Cl 128 TUN WITH CUMT S (ragrv tut IdalDM CLEW PIO A PlCTIM 0f»» pci» cMdrtn Ida*DSO QfV INOIRSTAROIR6 AMOS 11 COPOI CDP02 CDP0 3 CIOOS TRUCKING ON Tr j-d rrafBOt your Own tn** Wit «*Mr* 7 4NUC4S0 CICOS ¦MOONTIlBCilAoretypenurpmtfWsimi 14*090 ClGISNW00l»m.7Tsnr«:M1n*K-nc W-X, I 0MV3S0 CIO1* SONICSMARIKHIAD.VurtfpalKrm 5V»gwnt 10*050 CIGIBCRYSIAI MAZE Smooth & fatt[WfnantyM lOWDSO :CIG'B MAN 71 Ml pUtlcvmtf uM 220 InNt ind Md oTI»*l ¦0M IWAAIOMMS BOH IMRAlOMNIt 80RIWRAIOMNI7 Ion UNRALOMWIB COMMERCIAL CD’S ! ARABIAN NIGHTS .. I CASTLES 2
to* nlm * Idatnso dim TYMO TUTOR T ag CM M AO I 0*050 a uM
a-oram cmi ni cm m w auw PlAY AN0 AAVI2 A -odd dou C4 50
890 A570 ADD-ON CDTV DRIVE Turn your SwbOO. Rto C0TV Run CO
proas Of AudioCOs $ NnpNfts«« wasur ton««rt»iFfwCOPtH worth
£19 95 & THE A64 EMULATOR V3.0 PC TASK V2.0 III Y«f£im A OWS
PC Ttrti version a&ows n. Software on a* Arman ...... ,n . ..
DELTRAX PI) (CU), 36 Bodchvvddan Ave, Old Colwyn, Clwvd LL29
9NP DISK PRICKS: 1-2 Disks = £2.00 each. 315 Dwtt = £1.50 each
16-24 Disks = £1.25 each. 25* Disks = £1.00 each a* order. »ck
payable in sicriinc please.
POSTACai & PACKING: UK = 60p per order; Europe = +20p per disk; R O W.. *40p per disk Note: Prices are per disk and not per set If you really want to see what your Amiga is capable of then take a look at what the PD libraries have to offer. Jason Holborn is your helpful librarian.
ARCHIPELAGOS CAMPAIGN Game World domination is the name of the game (again) in this simple but surprisingly addictive strategy offering in which up to six players (human or otherwise) slog it out in an attempt to wipe out opposing armies and conquer lands anew.
:ronlier The gameplay is certainly simple enough however. So even those that don’t normally enjoy strategy games should find this easy enough to get into. A map of an imaginary world is laid before you and you’re then allotted your own share of the islands that make up that world. Each of these regions has a number in it which defines the strength of each individual army on that island.
And each island is displayed in the colours of the armed camp that controls it. In order to gain Seventeen Bit Software.
1st Floor Offices. 2 8 Marketstreet, Wakefield.
West Yorkshire, WF1 Who needs peaceful co-existence when It's so much fun conquering lands In Essex Computer Systems' brilliant Archip*t»gos Campaign'11 supremacy you must soldier forward and attack neighbouring lands, matching your torces against theirs. If your attempt proves successful you're then the proud owner of another chunk of territory When the cries of battle have subsided, you can then proceed to move your remaining troops around your empire to strengthen those areas ot the map that are most under threat from enemy invasion. Gaining land can also strengthen your armies as the
more countries you occupy, the more new recruits you are rewarded at the end ot your turn. Once you start to lose land, however, it’s a bit of a slippery slope trying to get back on top of the game Archipelagos Campaign may not be the most original game by any stretch of the imagination, but it's an enjoyable romp nonetheless.
Available from: Essen Computer Systems.
118 Middle Crockerford, Basildon, Essex SS16 4JA.
9 FINGERS Demo GRAPEVINE 18 Disk magazine Are you ready for another encounter with the guys from LSD? You'd better be because here is Issue 18 of GrapeVine. The demo coder's and hacker's disk magazine Packed full with over 321 articles containing gossip and hardline tips on how LSD think you should live your life - and believe me, these guys don't mince their words. Sub)ects such as the 10 worst chat up lines and 10 things you can do with a dud floppy disk are both covered in this three disk set To be perfectly honesL a great deal ol the humour is definitely from the "Chubby Brown" school of
comedy and so those who are easily offended should sleer well clear. For the rest of us, however. GrapeVine Issue 18. Is guaranteed to raise a smile or two.
Available from: Mega PD Computer Software. 78 Bockingham Green. Basildon, Essex w%.
SS13 1PF. Tel. 0268 559164. Disk Nos. 0076A, 0076B, 0076C. YjfC?.
Remember Spaceballs' brilliant Stale ol Ihe An demo? Well this is their follow-up, and It's even Better than the original!
It's a two-disk set, but fortunately you only need one drive to run it. What you get is a stream of stytised video animations, consisting mostly of various dancers going loopy to a decent techno Oecfung track The coders have done a sterling job «i vastly improving the graphics over the originals, proving that they're still the best demo crew on the I scene by a long shot. Oh, the soundtrack s got a I more beef in it too. A bit special and no mistake.
Available from: Graphic FIX, PO Box
69. Manchester M21 2BN. LTP* otsk Nos. MU184A, MU184B.
Hands up those of you that actually follow the exploits of that masterpiece of American television, Baywatch. Right, hands up who pencils a regular date into their FiloFax just to sit down in front of the box to oggle at that goddess ol the Californian sands, Enka Eleniak. Just as I thought! Well. I've got some good news for you - she of the skimpy swimsuit has made her way to the Amiga thanks to a flatbed scanner and a copy of ADPro This single disk slide show contains some glorious AGA pictures of the blonde beauty herself in the sort of poses that would certainly give David Hasselhoff
something to think about.
Due to the sheer size of each picture, there are only four images to look at. But quantity seems to have taken a welcome back seat lo quality. For all Erika Eleniak fans over the age of 18 (two of Ihe pictures are definitely adult material).
Enka AGA will give you a new insight into the lady behind the swimsuit.
Available from: 17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Offices, 28 Market Street. Wakefield. _ j-.
West Yorkshire WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 (-VCE 366982. Disk No.2896. “ ...... it contains a * healthy selection pictures am utilities and features for A1200 and A4000 users Definitely worth a mention is an excellent Enc Shwartz animation and there is also a special feature all about Eric, which lists all his wort's and the pieces of software that he used to actually create them Also worth a mention is an impressive animation of a very tasteful (but unfortunately mono) Marilyn Monroe head, which smoothly rotates back and forth. Backing up these visual treats are some useful graphical tips and
utilities, soothing music and a good selection of interesting articles.
The only real problem with the Channel Z magazine is the almost total lack of A1200 specific material - surely an A1200 disk magazine should include At 200 information?
Available from: C2WN. 3 Edelston Road.
Blackpool, Lancashire PY1 3HN. _ _ Disk Nos. Channel Z Issue 3. 43% In days ot old.
When knights were bold, And computers were not Invented, Warriors In white, Came to light, And walked away contented. (Ahem.)
Oh well, poetry was never my strong point, but beating the living daylights out ol ptxelised warriors is something that does appeal to me. In this AMOS game you can choose to be one of four ancient warriors - either a knight, a wizard, an elf or a dwarf - each of which, in true StreetFighter style, has his own special moves.
But Knight Fight does offer a few pleasant surprises which save it from being lost amongst the plethora of fighting games that seem to be filling the PD libraries these days. Most interesting of all.
You can place bets on the fight which can result in funds for the purchase of "power-ups" if you win Unfortunately Knight Fight does not manage to succeed in the playability stakes The controls are just too basic Gnpes aside though. Knight Fight may be worth investigating.
Available from: Essex Computer Systems, 118 Middle Crockerford, (TTw Basildon. Essex SS16 4JA.
FAST QUALITY AMIGA REPAIRS London A500, A500+, A590, A600, Upgrades + Engineering requirements A1200, A1500, A2000, A3000, A4000 Plus Amiga add on hard drives and monitors.
SAME DAY SERVICE £34.99 + parts (comps in by 11am) Door lo door pick up + delivery anywhere in Ihe U. K. Spares also available NORMAL SERVICE £24.99 + parts (Typically 24 hrs) 144, Tanner St., Tower Bridge, London SE1 2HG Tel. 071-252 3553 JJWWMM.’P BLMNKNN PACK I Caalaiaa 5 4Ui C4«J HIMM.HH PACK 2 A farther 5 disk. 14.95 IT1IJTIK8 PACK I Contain. 3 disk. 14 *5 KOVIS PACK I Contain. 3 disk. 12.95
CI. IPAKI PACK I Contain* 5 disks £4.*?
Ci.ipam pack 2. .cwnfail'MiHn CI .IP ART. PACK • ChifU* 9 mrnk* t*St Dept CU4 14 OUSTON CLOSE WARDLEY GATESHEAD TYNE & WEAR NEIO 8DZ Tel: 091-4385021 or poaui orders payable lo -ORK All ordrr. Despatched 14 daw sar = A500’)A6«0 ..mputiMe ) = Nun» ' all »aa: twaaMiMt Y=AU1 w snHs R2SVV k l®5*.
I • C*34 Backup.* ji(m.
U837 Lo«cd«ip o ' SSM?:,
• sva ASI (iaan 1-153 XU AM.M.nnFfadcs Any 10-410 Any Xvll"
¦°-*TAny«0-C* Any 0-i*2 Any »HM Any 100-0*2 , Or .indy 4 nmol
m sd U*khI look 1-150 V-, n» ban aliliUea collection vKr Irrd Fmi 1 -036 V?.. Kith Catalogue £155 ¦:*K*i 1200 I'liblM-. Pnck
• J.'.*.''. five diak. 1495 Sv:*HCA Nbdes Park s ki-'vc'T** *-*•
1990 WIMVIII INI .0*1 ’ G359 Teln. Hi • V • AAJ-Jv
• ftttO Turbo Tirol • Y Aofo'fe G*JNtadHo-b»’. Y AOOHta
GV£Vy f* le wurld (tddy - A03I At gvWsimv.-. aovi Sto 0366
W*JI- A047 Vic LiWi * Pna JSJ.-.YvVOTDPta* tan. • V 1161*5 Po C
M«ga 5- 1 Fta tany*
1. 1671 cmfe*. To***' fOADj M.Kaa I 16" Tyt.s™*er -Y 1*21 u
Rafcr • ’ 11W • t*23 S AWyU UlhtfimNW• lft38 MapithnR" ’ ,..AU
Y U650Vie«d» «* • amass* sn K*J Tend-k.1990 ,;Pbfa:;TMd-».0 90 misrlss .y»3:T«i -k.w « XIP Pack 2 .V.Mn diak. 14.95 diak. 1495 UV«ri5tam.
I. TVWOhMM .'fr- vgrnssibiiii 0351 Atand. 2 • Y 0X53 Top W. •
0X54 Tcln. AOA • 0355 Bomb lack. ¦ V CCA Cry,)| • Y RENDALE
GENLOCKS Do you want to overlay Amiga graphics onto your video
If you want to do this, and more, you will need a genlock.
Rendale genlocks are British designed and manufactured, and will give you a high quality output of the mixed image for recording.
Prices start from £139 - including VAT, and we offer a range of models to suit your requirements.
Please telephone or write to us for further information COME TO RENDALE GENLOCKS, COME TO THE BEST Marcam Ltd, 62 Tenter Road, Moulton Park, Northampton NN3 1AX TEL: 0604 790466 FAX: 0604 647403 YOUR FIRST PONY Educational Do you know the difference between a “Running Martingale’ and a “Standing Martingale'? Do you even know what they are? If not, then Your First Pony should be at the top of your PD shopping list.
Put together entirely using Gold Disk’s HyperBook, Your First Pony is an interactive information system that contains everything you need to know to help keep your horse or pony happy.
Subjects covered include horse and pony health, tack, grooming and clipping, shoes and a very detailed breakdown of horse face and leg markings. All this information is displayed in a highly graphical format complete with a healthy selection of digitised pictures. In all, a must for all horse mad Amiga owners.
Available from: NBS PD, 1 Chain Lane, Newport, I.W. PO30 5QA. Tel: 0983 529 fm
594. Disk No. CLE34 (2 disks).
Holborn does the sorting... SMALL BUSINESS PACK Applications Need a spreadsheet? How about a database and a word processor? Well you can put away your cheque book because GVB’s new Small Business Pack provides everything that the more serious Amiga owner could ever want in their software collection. Consisting of a total of six disks, the Small Business Pack contains a selection of the very best in public domain applications old and new.
Some of the programs on offer are rather strange choices for such a pack, but on the whole this is a very good pack indeed. Highly recommended.
Available from: GVB-PD, 43 Badger Close, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL62TE. Tel.
0831 649386. Disk No. U294.
T I f tic, Iriutr K MliM a the *m iMMnt, «r by M MfHt il the c si,st ste.T.T.'wr.iwriM s'ri.n,, W tf lek «i te »kl th» naiilir M njKt »wr USEFUL UTILITIES 4 PD UTILITIES Public domain software doesn’t just mean games and demos - look hard enough and there’s a wealth of productivity software in there too. Jason Utilities Haven Computing do it again in this latest ottering containing even more useful public domain utilities. Once again, the quality is very high indeed with the programs covering such diverse subjects as animation, data compression and even money management. Comms fanatics
should find all it very useful as it provides a quick and easy method of adding an intuition-style interface to any of the many Shell-based archiving utilities. The program fully supports LHA, Arc and Zoo formats with all the options that they provide. Main Actor is interesting too - it’s a fully fledged animation editor that supports a number ot well known animation formats. With it you can load and save animations, edit frames within an animation and even alter the timing of frames. In all. Another great PD disk.
Available from: Haven Computing, i5b Meeching Road, Newhaven, East Sussex BN9 9RL. Disk No. UT082.
UTILITIES 3 me1 Useful Utilities 3 is a disk containing some of the most useful public domain utilities available.
Although the disk contains only six different programs, all are of very high quality indeed, both in terms of their features and presentation. Of particular interest is FHSpread, a relatively unknown spreadsheet program that is definitely a cut above the rest. Although not quite in the same league as most commercial spreadsheets, FHSpread is packed to the gills with spreadsheet functions - making it ideal for the businessman on a (very) tight budget.
Also on the disk is LogicShop, an interesting circuit design program and S-Pic, a small utility that converts IFF images into executable files that can be viewed without the need for a separate picture viewer. Your Workbench is also in for a treat too with DiskSatv 2 (a brilliant disk recovery program), DiskMate (one of the best PD disk copiers) and ArtM (definitely the best PD system monitor available). All in all, a very good line up that every Amiga owner should find useful.
Available from: Haven Computing, 15b Meeching Road, Newhaven, East Sussex BN9 9RL. Disk No. UT081. Qytt SPITFIRE!
Educational Bandits at four o’clock! Yes, it’s time to take a nostalgic look at the aircraft that is generally credited as the warplane that beat the bosh over the skies of England. NBS Spitfire! Is another Hyperboo c-generated information database that has been designed by the same skillful hands that brought us Your First Pony.
Chock-a-block with interesting facts about the Spitfire's development, its many revisions and even its armament and cockpit, all of which is backed up by lots of pictures and diagrams. This disk is a must for all Spitfire fans.
Available from: NBS PD, 1 Chain Lane, Newport, I.W. PO30 5QA. Tel: 0983 529 594. Disk No. CLE32 (2 disks).
United Publi Assassins Game Compilations The bea selection of PU gamo tier assembled any»here now all autobool on A1200 (though you may find one « two that will still not run) Here are a selection of ihe most popular and highly recommended disks!
.... ...... ASI86 ..... Lords of Host, Legend of Lothian ASI 89 Megaball 2.1, Cluedo MKGAPACK ASI 94 Super skoda challenge. Giddy ASI 95 Premier pics.Tangle. Super league man ASI 96 Dungeon Flipper. Backgammon ASI 100 Bloadrunner. Monaco MKGAPACK ASI 102 Fruit Salad. Pacsim MKGAPACK ASI 105 Particle man.Rummy ASI 109 Psyco blast. Hamburger. Thrallbound ASI 113 Trek trivia. Popeye MKG APACK ASI 115 Star trek SEC.Egyptian run. Slime line ASI 118 Zombie Apoc. Last Tetris. Army Mines ASI 123 Arttllcros II, Lamerbug, Yahtzee ASI 128 Space Inv, PacMan Delux. Solar Wats ASI 138
Galactoid.Scorched Tanks.Air Hockey ASI 139 The Big Game. Bat Dog, Amiganoid ASI 140 Fatal Mission 2. Chronic Ihe Hedgehog ASI 142 Galaxy 93. Courtroom MKGAPACK ASI 143 Intense. Xatoms, Pontoon ASI 145 Puzzword, KungFuCharlics. Supetpong ASI 146 Entity, Amastcrmind, Classic Solitaire ASI 147 Backgammon. Tuts Tomb. Mancala ASI 148 Polymorph. Nostalgium MKGAPACK ASI 149 Glodrick. Webz, Eric watch your step ASI 150 D-Solve, Dot 2 Dot, Tactik Tank ASI 151 Krillian , Caffeine MKGAPACK MORE DISKS ALWAYS ARRIVIM, t improved spelling cm More super graphics g Comms type p A graphics utility p Amiga-PC
comms It A very good directory utility g Video titling. L~ Hires video a l-utevt version. Dos 2 c (iHSSRSSinS 1 Superb Another Nice star wars Amusing little Watch the Earth rew b early kar Khcr funny Education PB 002 3 ANALYT1CALC Superb spnMkbcct PE 007 8 LEARN & PLAY for ago 5-10 yn PB 014 RIM DATABASE Fully relational PE 021 4 SCIENCE Very good four duk act!
PB 015 TEXTPLUS V3.00 The beti Wordpro PE 035 KIDS DISK I Alphabet & Colours PB 017 VISICALC Simple lo utc spreadsheet PE 037 HOORAY FOR HENRIETTA Preview PB 020 TEXT ENGINE 4.0 The lalcsiVcrsion PE 038 HENRIETTAS SPELLS Preview PB 022 BBASE III v 1.3 Super database PE 040 HOW EARTH BEGAN Picture book PB 023 FORMS UNLIMITED Fora creation PE 042 CHILDRENS FAVOURITE Kids fun!
PB 030 MONEY PROGRAM Home accounts PE 047 9 BACK TO SKOOL 1.2. A 3 Kids PB 031 EASYCALC New Fast spreadsheet PE 052 COMMUNICATE Sign Language PB 035 BUDGET VI.34 Personal Finance PE 05M WORD FACTORY Bnll spelling PB 036 CHECKBOOKACCOUNTANT v2.0I PE 053 HIGHWAY CODE Useful tutonal PB 038 BUDDBASE Brill beginners D base PB 042 EASYCALC PLUS Dos 2.0 or higher PB 043 ACCOUNT MASTER Home finance PE 054 ARTISTIX Superb art package given rave reviews Music Games PG048 HOLY GRAIL Text adventure PM 016 BEATLES SONIX Nice music PG053 LARN A superb text adventure game PM 026 DEPECHE MODE Tracked tunes
PG059 LORE OF CONQUEST Space D&D PM I34 5SOUNDS OF SCIENCE Bnll PG063 MORIA Classic adventure now v5.4 PM 155 VINE G RAVE 5 good rave tracks PG079 SEALANCE Submarine strategy PM 164 OCTARtX K 3D 8 track A 3d gfx PG199 CASHFRUIT Nice fmit machine game PM 167 8 JESUS ON ES Mega GFX-2 drive PG255 KINGDOM AT WAR Strategy war PM 176 TUNE UP THE BASE Killer Rave PG26CV1 18TH HOLE Excellent golf (2 disks) PM I8I 2PASTEL VANILLA Super cool PG264 SOLITAIRE SAMPLER Card games PM 189 CHIP ‘V DIP 20 chip music lu PG279 80 OLYMPIAD Lemming games (2d) PM 190 1 DANCE TRASH 2 disk set PU 015 HIOR YTHMS. And
ST ARCH ART Good PU 367 PE LABEL PRINT UTILS PU174 ASTRO 22 Profewwnal .urology now V3C PU 326 PLOTTER Plow two dmKnuonal funct PU183 AMYOEN Excellent geneology program PU 071 JR COMM 1.02 Modem COMM pad PU 112 3 SOMETHING FOR NOTHIN Video Ulila PU 349 NCOMM V3.00 Co PC 121 2 TV GRAPHICS Dpainr backdrop*AFonn PU 385 LEMMINGS 2 HD INSTALLER PC 129 30 VIDEO APPLICATIONS Vidro MlttM PU 386 KITE SIMULATOR Woti. With no PU 198 VIDEO WIPES Ma4. A fade* Dpam U4 PU 387 REORG Goodlurddnve PU 215 CAPHONATOR Shareware »lro ulmg PU 393 ASI FIX DISK 2Mafc* old a PU 286 INSCRIPT Program for Vako ndmg PU 395
MENU MASTER 3 r PU 037 D-COPY TV be*iPD tak comer PU 398 AMIGA CASIO DIGITAL PU064 IIARDDRIVEUTILS MR Backup. FixDMk FOUtS, PrlUtiB PU 067 IMII.ODER V4.0 Mega crunching Ulil pu 231 5 PAOESTRBAM FONTS ™ 0J» MPJSSY-SID2 Rc«VWn« PC F.le nllum m 2J7*, PAGHSTREAM FONTS n K ww scotch?. AM, W tc™ «»*'* OU7UNB FOOTS Fo.tupv.J PU 063 HAMLAB PRO 2 .(¦ iroCTW p«* w liam m n ivhovtx ¦ -______~ , PUI» UFXCDNVERTCRS foamv*. .fZFJTL MJ06S KONMANIA Protnm (cam A more SlflWJCDUXSiwis l3doU(4Anu PU»6 ICONS Cmnrn nTktdTi* ira. "I » FOOTFARM C onum.SSlMpASm.il PU IU ULTIMATE ICONS kMbSS 5!?'““®* PU 22I
-225S COLOR ICONS llnmlredioticon. " PU 192 SID 2 a« IRUI Shareware dRccraiy uni JV.i®-’1 PU 205 PC TASK PC Emulator Veruoa 2. VGA PU 408-12 OUTLINE FONTS (5) For Pro Page PU 207 MULTOID Combine SID2 A Muhnto. JV 413-17 OUTUNB « NTS 5 F« Pro Page PU 272 OOLF RECORDER Daraha* for golf wore. « S'™*™* «hpan for PU 279 V MORPH V2JO PD morpbmg prog' K’ SCOItIM PU 280 POOLS WIZARD Prob pee taa« ™ D*IVE*S PU287 NUMPAD Numeric keypad for A600 FU 352 HP550T A of rave EXCLUSIVE TO U. P. Oml lhLH PRO LOMMLKLLA TRIASSIC IHN ISA I R CLIPART I JIRASSU' HN08AIIRS CUP ART I JURASSIC DINOSAURS CUPART 2
- i"« k* Umndi * lo 24 dtaki 11.2$ each « add 50p to IV I oral
price, lo «.» rr p~l and packing (UK tmty)
- --------- K-rupe_Add 25p per disk poOag.. V5.«td _Add 50p per
di ASI 33 Hyperball & War ASI 36 Wond'land.DonkcyKong MEGAPACK
ASI 39 More card games MF.GAPACK ASI 40 Disk full of sliding
block puzzle games ASI 41 Pacman. Hellzone. MEGAPACK ASI 42
Galaga. Intuder Alert MKGAPACK ASI 46 Amiga Q, City .Checkers.
Ouch etc ASI 51 Lamers, Fighting Warrior Shapes ASI 57 Poo-poo.
Dominoes. Dizzy. Squirm ASI 60 Pipe master2 Alien Hunter &
Checkers ASI 64 Oblivion(fab!) Breakout con kit etc ASI 65
Paranoids. Chess, Word Puzzles ASI 67 Siege of the Beast,E Type
II & Vektor ASI 69 Klondike,Celestial Poker Bridge etc ASI 70
Wangle & Tetris pro. MEGAPACK ASI 71 Numerix, Battleships
MEGAPACK ASI 74 Crazy pipes II.Bombjacky & Chute ASI 76 ' Gnu
Chess. Cubus & Gerb ASI 77 Balloonacy. Cliff hanger & Descender
ASI 80 Arm liner Flip it,Golf The Gallows etc ASI 3 Megaball &
Drip MkfiAPACK ASI 12 l.lamatron. Car. XF1. MEGAPACK ASI 13
Twintris, Squamble.Block it.Ball etc ASI 14 China Chal. Columns
MEGAPACK ASI 22 Lemmingoids.Wizzys Quest. Moulhman ASI 24
Revenge of camels. Plus. MEGAPACK ASI 26 Superpacman. Smashtv
MKGAPACK ASI 27 Card games. MKGAPACK O ( ARDS ASI 28 Doody.
DrMario. Invaders2 F I 9 H T B K S (3 disks. £5.99) A super
Street Fighter clone but written in AMOS.
Fab graphics Unbelievable!!!
DICE V2.5 C COMPILER C Language (2 PU 451 2 HARLEQUIN FONTS Hires fonts A Te.run PU 453 SOUND ENHANCER PROJECT PU 454 5THE HUMAN AURA Interesting New Releases PG 314 5 MR MEN OLYMPICS Super Ga PG 316 METAL MOTION Operation wolf type a PG 317 KLAW7 This is a nice pUtfor* PC. 318 BEETLE Shareware platform game 5 PG 319 PROFESSIONAL BINGO Great. With PG 320 SLIME Yea iu slimy! Destroy the 4 PG 321 ESCAPE MT DOOM Dungeon type ad*« PG 322 QUACKERS A cute character rlirfnral PC, 323 ADVEN OF BIG WILL A STICKY TROLL PG 324 EXIT 13_Very addictive p PS 133 JURASSIC PARALLAX Interesting Dmoviur PS
134 7 COMPLETE MA.NGA Fab colour pics (4) 1200 PS 138 STAR WARS SLIDESHOW Nice space pktt PS 139 40 SHED TEARS Nice fantasy pics 1200 PS 141 MAGIC SLIDESHOW 2 More Startrck pics 1200 PS 142 AKIRA A XMEN SLIDES Superb Manga type Pti 325 MEGABAI4.3 AGA The BEST breakout game available? (1200 o PI) 456 THE MYSTERIES OF RUNES Utilities A nice quia o Teach younelf Ji ih lomain Distributors I Everyone should Icim lo type, and now Is the lime with this popular luior. The structured lessons will soon have you wUuing around (lie keyboard at a fraction of the price of a commercial tutor.
G TUTOR £3.50 type she lalform irtie. 5 L Wiih | roy ihe peadve lalform LL puzzle; ickClock teaches the
ic. KuMimes Tables, ami .Shopping. are practical Ip to learning
maths. All :ely presented and I games for ycung children.
The endorsement for this disk u that the follow up ,(FunwithCut*»y2,CLE45) is also a very popular disk I Great fun for children.
CLE 28: FUN WITH CUBBY £3.50 ..... 23 great colouting and
- ®r,', . . Dijwn. I'.kljcc tm the T1:?• •¦In; C‘r. Alter i
aii.1 to :1cm.
- PSA-f Min •l"1 _ l.icli.;. ic."Uiii.i.Jiii. CLE 51: PAINT &
DRAW £3.50 ;4 classic fun games for i young children all on a
dinosaur theme.
Possibly more fun than I learning, but bound to be popular with the jurassic connection.
• CTT (2 disks)
O. YMPIC MEDICAL (2 disks) kopy3.| ling cho raphiesi hiwave t
colour it cful uiil I map a jnag ere own ga Massive graphic
adventure game originally destined for commercial release.
Wonder around the populous type landscape and imcraci w tth Use people ¦ (Iiljugai.;. disk* 1 Aho available CLE CLE 03: T.C. SOLAR SYSTEM £5.50 This should be commercial Unities i ingpa.
Otecta ge (2 cxlure I Don't take my word for it. A 90S rating from CG should I tell you this is a cracking You've seen the film, you've read the hoc*, now for the first time see it on disk! Loads of l»N about Ihe ship and the sinking, including a timetable of disaster!
28 mono and colour slides. Excellent presentation on practice.
Usic Utilities TRUCKING ON 2 Maacemm sun. PARADOX PitflV game CRYSTAL MAZE Pocnan ink nui IMBRIUM Escrlkxa *npbK alvcTO.
IUNG1X BUNGIX Kids giaptac »d» EASY MONEY I nm machine W1HTE RABBITS Sapapuafc SHYMER Kids adventure TIME RIFT Good ptolfoon CAPTAIN K RodlaraJ ijpe platform OOI Out Rod: type gmc OX 02 TOTAL CONCEPTS: GEOLOGY 2 14.50 OX 05 ACHORD Guitar chxd ran £5*0 CLE 06 TAM1 Maihs rauabons sotver £550 ax 07 TC: FRESHWATER RSHING What. Baa. En£4.50 CLE 10 BASICALLY AMIGA (5 dufcwt) Info £5.50 CLE1I LETS LEARN Yeung educarn £550 ax 12 ALPHABET TEACH Simple spcDing £350 ax 16 KINGS AND QUEENS Hislon £*50 CLE 19 PLAY rr SAFE CM* ham afe? £350 CLE 21 JI0MAN1A Paula. £3-50 OX 22 CHESS TEACHER £350 ax 25 aiORD
COACH Piaiw Tutor £3.50 0X27 CATT (Ton* Cud Imor) (2 Db*sI £450 CLE 29 PREHISTORIC fUNPACK KidsNn £3.50 ax 32 SPITFIRE 2 dak.) Lnfomuiioo £4.50 ax 35 TOTAL CONCEPTS: SOLAR SYSTEM 2 £5.50 CLE 36 THE TIME MACHINE Tell chrome £350 CLE 37 DISCOVERY Of AMERICA Info. £3.50 C1X4I BASICAl l.Y MEDKJNE Medkal « Rmt Aid£4.50 OX 45 EUN WITH CUBBY 2 Ycuogtun 0.50 CLE 46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY Info. £3.50 CLE 47 SEA SENSE Beal corn Mo 0.50 CLE 49 TOTAL CONCEPTS: D1MSAURS 3 (3 Disks) £5.50 CLE 50 DJLA.T. Raneswne future (wdittkm £4.50 CIX52 TELL THE TIME Time im*ar« ml 0.50 CLG 40 T.R.A.X. If you like fruit
machine simulations you will love this one! Ihe Mg problem Is you can no! Actually win money from your Amiga, but here the object is to complete I he feature and winning money just gives you more trie.!
Include* mini arcade game. Too. Hard to complete but very adlrtlve! £35® using i anim.
Needs F type i
No4r:AII anims require Imb of memory unless staled (c.g.
- 'mb = 3 megabytes required) Mosl of these come on more than 1
divk. (e.g. PA 091 3 is a 3 disk set) PA 072 THE JUGGLER A
classic amiga demo PA 091 3 TURBINE. STEAM & PETROL (3) Engines
V2.0 Now with sound PP 046 SWEET REVENGE Coyote vs
Ra*trunnc«2mb) PP 004 7 AUTOMATED LIGITT (4) Galartkra (3mb) PP
077 84 THE HAUNTED (8) Tremendous (3mb) PP 113 4 CALVIN &
HOBBES (2) Super Cartoon 3mb) Agatron Animation!
AGA 03 STAR TREK Shuttle fly past - Great AGA 10 STAR TREK Enterprise in dry dock. Incredible AGA 23 FLEET MANOEVRE Stunning animation AGA 25 THE RUN A suberb car chase AGA 29 MILLENIUM FALCON Die ship being chased i MED 3.2 Excellent music seq MIDI DISK Various midi stuff SOUNDTRACKER16 Music Maker 1 SUPERSOUND II Superb sampling software i OCT A MED V2 8 channel MED sequencer AUDIO MAGIC 3 Trackers disk 15' METAL MODULES 5 disks heavy rock
* 7 VOCALS 5 disks of super vocal samples PO DRUMKITS 3 disks of
high quality drums r'KORG SAMPLES 3 disks keyboard sounds H6
PURE SAMPLES Assorted samples SAMPLE FACTORY Sound effects
CHIPMAN SAMPLES over 70 samples here XI RAVE SAMPLES Bass Sc
Drums SAMPLEMAKF.R V3.1 Make samples £3.50 £3.50 £3.50 £3.50
£3.50 04101 VIDLO TITLfcK Crrare video nOr. £3.50 CLUO*
ALPHAGRAPH Comprehensive soph ulil £3.50 04110 POWER ACCOUNTS
D.50 CLUII CALC SoafcheeL 13.50 CLUI3 DATOS rowwfb dmbur syUon
pKsio puiems! 13.50 CLU 22 HARD DRIVE MENU SYSTEM £3.50 CLU 27
IMAGE BASE Daub-* £3.50 CLU 30 DRAW SELECTOR (tool* predKDon.’
£3.50 CLU 31 FLOWCHARTER Dow ctsrn cream £3.50 CLU 32 POWER
TEXT Nlcelv prevented, fullv featured word proccessor wttt most
of the facilities found on the expensive com mercia versions
including a spelling checker, auto save, mat merge, word
wrapping, and more. For the beginner, then are plenty of
documents and instuclK.m on the disk, to ge you started.
Receommended! £350 ical Music PA 039 AMY VS WALKER Cute & sexy!
Mig-29 vs Stealthy PP 001 2 AND LEMMINGS (2) Bnlliant Spoof
(2mb) PP 016 GULF WAR Bnlliant fun (2mb) PP 050 UNSPORTING
Wicked acroioon (2mb) PP 070 1 LEMMING REVENGE(2)One of the
best(2mb) PP 101 4 QUALITYDME(4) Superb 5mb) PD ES E-Sr!;
10,000files! Pictures(Jpeg, Ham, Ham8)clipar£ fonts, icons,
modules, etc. Works on CDTV, A570, and CD32!! PRICE £19.95
92 1200 UTILS I Gif A PCX datatypes etc
* I ASI FIX DISK Run old programs on do.2 3 BO SLEEPLESS NIGHTS
Utils useful for 1200 mi WORKBENCH 3 BACKGROUNDS 1»0 WINDBLEND
Super effects in a window
0) 1 1200 INTROS Yes. Some AGA mtros ¦*7 HOY AGA DEMO 1st 1200
demo.a must Bl I VIVID: ABSTRAX PIG AGA Colourful demo M2
AGACHESS Needs 4mg of ram to play 05* AGA TETRIS 1200 tetns
game & more BB5 7 AGA KLONDYKE Nice quality cards (3) 117 8
Superb pkturcs CD KEITH RHODES SLIDE 3 fantasy pars 1131 40
STEVE PACKER 10 disk set of Steves anims IW2 NIGHTBREED AGA
171 2 SILENTSEXPOSEI2) Incredible Get« PD 182 SPACEBAU.
Absolutely brill, needs I meg chip PD 183 DIGITAL: LETHAL EXIT
Good vectors demo PD 185 6ANDROMEDA MIRROR Fab Music & Gfx PD
DOWNLOAD Fab demo PD200 PHOENIX DEMOS inc Flashy rave demo
SKIN A CAT Nice effects PD 209 STONE ARTS ATMOSPHERE Nice demo
Also available: CDPD 1, CDPD 2, CDPD 3, CD DEMOS 1, CD-DEMOS 2 (OK on CD32 !!)
Amazing value! All at £19.95 UTTERCHIPS PD (CUB) IFFE HOUSE. PRIMROSE ST. KEIGHLEY BDX1 4NN TEL 0535 6*7 4*9 VALLY PD (CUB) PO BOX IS PETERLEE SRS 1NZ TEL 091 587 1195 NBS PD (CUB) 1, CHAIN LANE NEWPORT, I.W. PO30 5QA TEL 0983 5X9 594 FAX 0983 8X1 599 BUTTERCHIPS NBS VALLY UNITED PUBLIC DOMAIN DISTRIBUTORS HEAT WAVE Think you can better this month’s selection of readers’ art? Then send any contributions to the usual address. For now, feast your eyes on this collection.
MAGIC By Steven Browne.
Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd Unit 6, Ashway Centre, ANALOGDC ANALOGIC « L0GIC Elm Crescent Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey KT2 6HH Telephone Mon-Fri 9am-6.30pm Sat 9am-5.00pm 081-546 9575 Tel Fax: : 081-541 4671 COMPUTERS AND MONITORS REPAIRS WHILE-U-WAIT!I!
+ . .....19.95 .....19.95 SUPER PRO
...9.95 1MEG RAM A500 + ...... .....24.95 10 UNBRANDED
BLANK DISKS ...5.95 1MEG RAM + Cock A600....
34. 95 MODEM CABLE . ...9.95 AMIGA 400 DPI
Mouse . .....14.95 PRINTER
LEAD MOUSE MAT 9.95 4 95
A1200 RAM ..... ..POA r i kt rnvFR 4
19. 95 KICKSTART ROM V2.04 .. ..24.95 KICKSTART ROM
V2.05 .. ..24.95 ROM SHARER+ V 1.3 ROM ..34.95 ROM
SHARER + V2.04 ROM ...39.95 ROM
SHARER ...... ..19.95 A500 A500 +
Keyboard .44.95 AMIGA PSU .
.44.95 8375 1 MEG FATTER AGNUS . 24.95 8375 2 MEG FATTER
AGNUS .29.95 PAULA .19.95
GARy .....9.95
CIA ..8.95
68000 ..14.95 6570
KEV80ARD CHIP 19.95 CM 8833 MK II .. SC
1435 . ...219.95 HP
510 . HP 500 Colour .
..349.95 HP 550
Colour . ..549.95 1 MEG
3.5" A500 Internal ...44.95 1 MEG
3.5- A600 Internal ...44.95
* All prices include VAT and NEXT DAY DELIVERY subject to
availability 2 Fixed charge for repair does not include disk
drive replacement nor keyboard lick by Papular Demand! |HJj°
xr§»@©@s ©sa ®'2bo i?®ava% „ '»«
- A aach Oink will ba made up to
* * your Individual raoulramatits. 'J; Salnct Irom Iha Uks
most Acamprahannlva Catalogua. (Aon," * gamaa--- * STARBURST
jiiiiy amis e&gspgKS’o’ggs 7s w The Tipster c
• Probably the world's best selling Horse Racing software
• Uses information from daily newspapers
• National Hunt, Fiat and Dirt
• Includes course editor
• "At the price, no self respecting punter can afford to be
without it". (Amiga Formal)
• "A nice little earner". (Amiga Computing) Tipster is available
in two versions, costing £34.95 each. The International version
is for use with daily newspapers while the Professional is for
use with The Racing Post. Please phone for a demo disk (£9.95
refundable against purchase) which also contains The Punter
(Pools), The Dogs (Greyhounds) and The Bookie (Odds
RiA QC Acce“ hr • -A inc VAT & P&P 8 Sidmouth Software PO BOX 7, SIDMOUTH, DEVON EX10 0TD (7 )24 HOURS 0395 567073 VIRUS FREE PD, 31 Faringdon Rd, Swindon, Wilts. Tel: 0793 432176 LATEST TITLES | UTILITIES | MUSIC | JUSTIN... CLIP-ART GAMES TTZT Pm* ? Mi* ? W*5 uu bc tub* 2 A Ir- cImmc iW dmo Nc ? »»2 m • oKiAntr Cafflrmcovn u o»n iMr inlip UDCTV50A ? Wn ost HAS band Mum. LiMra w thr cvmjMrr' ? *CN KaVTAQja UAKIV tt m Dm PAIAIWIKJINO ? R i hnhiw ? Mo bon Mi-e onto O WO KEKMATIMI ? »WM JOUOMCM1IHWE
• urn ’ niM.m" Aim' cm ARTlb Muwwrm Ajril'i VCJKXOL'U dHbi attm
bahs AITP92 WJ*T Q Imul Akr» OLYMPIC Ami2Un«CAl 2drtO arm walr
niTTOtnjis A*T2*2 MOO 2 ' AmumBiiM MT52 MAC air.
ATTM MIKMMCK AminroM A*T»2 WITT FAB ABT30 HALLOWEEN ATT ATTT MIVTM Airry* fiodal A»r«l MVTH5 attai dog woodcut* aitc cavoooa’n AIT45 AIKICA.S ATTM AMERICAN AlT«5 ABCTKWOCCCrT* att-. Nwwoooaas ATT*" MIXED ANIMAL woooan* ? 2S0I AMIGADfXVUI 0 535!
H*wTWt»KWW ? M2! PROPTSMONAl DtT.TRs A trlnuoo 2 |r*nct «mn loc (hr tootc ? 2S2S Asimis iminits 4 ? 2W AWUSUTUTIBS ? Isr KOMPORAUJ ll»i 4 •»!« » wr K Mi he Wbhmh ? MU SNOOPDQS ¦ rm cm* p. , to «¦ M M ? 5552 Osw ? MTS aiNTTNIXT.Al TECH UAMJ.
M*» | cd twm ilra» i ? •M2 * HASTTrA M*E Umrn .lMNnb NaAueo ? MO IMDUGKT APDrtpn OI TMI k» *M«r r-W-rd Dmi poupbni ? »M ITT MAP HMTIB ? *T» SHEU mOIS IO» Vhi l Ox*
A. 9 po » 2* po pnmcn ? »M HP IWTB »T mxEsm On MnaOMADUTU a MM md
bn crimes ? Ms ib’ w* snem ? M7-2 **« »ob Imnim 2
|H I UDID Rn Id) AGA tauxt me.* dcmo ] MM Jptr. DATATYPE AGA
lutmuiiD* ] W 1 AM (IX DISC AI201 ANMAI LASH I jr»2 OWMOIK1T ]
CSC-I v II ME 1 ]WM SB PlOUXi j 5'w mpk imuras UT BOAT VMM ?
Mw ? Mi ? M:i ? *«-' C- - N ***l ? '- ] ns Spoul hpr-lns* PC
TASK WditahxdO On*, in* ? XIVJ CB* AW 95 ? M WH VmnoiKurAMp ?
)«H TTKX MANAGED 2 ? Cm FAVtA M A. ? WM iwiMouoca The Aim PP
p* pm ?«50 F1BHY ? 5557 5FAd KVASHIN Hnolfulnkadur ?jbh calaga
nj ? 5120 O0» OVER - Puak p ? JM KBBHOT Bo ).
? Jr« OWJVIUN D»fa*» k«.
? Jitt orneuo ? Mi PKMUPID Thr 2fd Prr«Uf Iripr » hrc ? )AM CAMITAMR40I ? Jl’O rummy ? M*j bcudtowu ? Mi: mw» p.acman vi_ ? S*T GIGAB TVT1B foOM NtudiiMii ? Awa HAMBAU Fcab.
? Mb ? 5540 niraM ? Mm Cm" BGAB.U1 21 ? Mm non has ? C240 FIRFRXflK ALHIABIT ? **2 MATXS HJUi TOT ? An DOWJN ? Oijfc POO ATROU Omlne ? » l MATIIA -aY'duoc URPIA BOOtOtLfrib ? A OP IEARN AND PUT ? N*' alcimad ? HIM MAUI' WIZARD ? Rim story u*® Wrnsks £4.95* EDUCATIONAL ? Mm swum ? MW TW wuit WO EMULATORS ? L-*2 ? »w ? MW ? *» pon.ppiom ? M2* PilACnilPB- liba ? 5VM FONT TAHM .' «» » ? »**' DpacoPmn ? M*» a»»rwov2 L»t* |i- too» Mui tmt nim ? «'•» tlta DAB - Mm ? IR.
? »MB ? »MC ? Mi ? Mi ? Mm ? Mm ? Mm ' ? Mir ? Mb ¦ !H» a Wnmio poiR Ihc 9a ? }«» SOOTm • BOOTCML lutfcit ia« M ? Mm racivnTOo ? LM» LEMMINGS 2 Iff) ? »M* IUB IKSK ? 1N*I VAIL STBET ? M TOOL MAKAL JI 2 ? W* DHMADT2 hmMwPtoHtaitVI ? *W RxffBAU KmitAsra SIPO VIPTOI 2« KOURTtAKDP* TV** Bd*.
MUGSV Hllfl) HOOD ? J'H CAIAIOOCE A ? Ivte IIMJIV 1HOOT-1M ? «M SCTT AGA AGA ot ? MM SC**C TW WDGBtO A1200 PUBLIC DOMAIN II Swiowi .n Am® IJ»a »«»¦* Iw AOSACO REBOUND • 2 [*.y*i KxsLM Sr. Paam
• OXINT MA TTI AMAH V H RADIO cctota aholaft ? Mm EJCjpr 4 But
Bumrr »Ukmr TOY W*M SIMON JtaCT M|V TEMBNGSNOMTa ptwiramtm ? "M
Oj4W 5MCBCI1ANBR ? Mpi afomx ? M*2 tv nrus Wln.mta.prt ? Mm
MAVUIIl* COP1E1 Priority Order form !te 1 •!2**.J-2D«to PD
Prices per disk InnMdB UO) Isa*, UwrHh A blNKi Nc*lhb|,hll
*414* Tel w'' rS»Tk tantn •*.
Aim** model Nmrm method
- w-!- i«u» 2TJTJZ Cirrtil Caid No.
¦"-ftrSSSraso- Exp
- Cl «l Cl"- «.
Total diiikA onleml Toul ptke: I .
• WpPAP ?oaw TtrxAcerr IWMihl cM «(m dal »«i cm phy os-'isxr
W r* ? 5155 X*OPU Var. P«*cluB ? PTC DOK MOT irsr nutcopv*m
BfflK*** cop* ptantMn Nan mt ? WW* SartI Mr. [«*c*jl dM cop®
tr-.ro, ..no. copt cocW*. Me ST PC copt li i mi copf PC dW In
mud 1 Mpu MOTOROLA INVADERS 2 ACA TV -Crtls 6m AI200 Sfm, mdm
game with a music soundtrack enrr I Meg km* *nd 140 colours
rM,CDO»iA SOFTWARE I f To onler Public Domain software, simply
send your name, address (PRINTED CLEARLY) and your ordcr
dctails. Eg. Disks code numbers and liile names. I . Remember
ihai prices are per disk and noi per title. Take particular
notice with multiple disk titles. V f UK Postage and packing at
75p covers any order size. E_b ' Make sure you send the correct
sum of money, otherwise your order cannot be processed. I For
detailed programme descriptions of these and thousands of more
PD titles, check out our disk catalogues.
V0L.2 ... £0.50 Overseas orders. Use the above prices, then add
20% of that total, to cover the extra postage costs. Thank you.
B BAIT MASKING - Another bolliant canoon firm Enc ¦re -REQUIRES 1.5 MEGABYTES- ¦4 OCTAMED TUTOR • Still having problem* with V Octamcd. Well follow thi* comprehenuve courae and
• a AGATHA Decent AGA demo with good me of the ¦a rowine. -A 1200
ONLY- .32*4 2*5 (3 DISKS) KLONDIKE AGA - The popular I game
with a lo*wh of AGA? Each raid display* a 256 m picture of a
glamourous lady. Look* great. -AI200 LY- -YOU MUST LOAD THIS
» -AI200 ONLY- 5 TERMINUS 2 DC - Latest upibtc to this supreme
canon* prekage. Pull* the maxunum CPS frem your I? HYPNOSIS -
Rare demo. Good rave track ptos
• * graj*.- -AiNaxiM • I
- MAGIC WORKBENCH TreaTW Workbe ¦metac facelift. Automatically
alter* your Wcrkbrn ¦chide* load* of Workbench hackdrop*. -NOT
• a nipematural May line.
' OBJECT EDITOR VIA - 3D »«t« obyeet edi tone code programmer*. Fait and easy.
* M'MERIX - E.allent pu ile game fa one a | By original and
highly addictive.
¦* MARKSMAN Trojan Light PhMO game. Or,
• NOT AV)t» HT)
• i HOW TO SKIN A CAT Nothing to worry the RSPC-
• decent demo all the same. Lnhais. fa AIJBB 0»«B.
EXTENSION The haicst demo th.s rttoBh Recently ¦ a rave review in CL' AMIGA.
0 AGA FERRARI Dtsk packed 256 coliwr hand drawn ¦near*, interior*, and part*. Very good. - AI2QQ0NLY-
• BLITZ BLANKER - Superb screen blanker -mien in 1 Basic, loads
of options Includes voagcatSede.
(2 DISKS) THE TAVRO MASTER - Tario card rxal an) pmhcfu kofiware, Vcty well prevented wMh the PHONE ENQUIRES IMON-FRI 9.00 OM TO 6.00 PM): 0272 741462 E44 IMF MATHS ADVENTURE Mate problem* «er-
• nlcreumg f*Iv and beautiful digitized Hill*.
E24 TOTAL CONCEPTS • DINOSAURS Want to leant abort peeliMuric Faith- get thi*!
E43 WW2 HISTORY BOOK Muki-media account of Wortd War 2. Include* picture*.
E60 CODE MUNGUS Strange nantc. But Ihn nether well produced Highway Code teuing programme, (nd.
BUSINES Ufei 600 BUSINESS LETTERS - Hundreds ograrfy writ* buiigfei letter* fa e*er bunnc** and pcrwmal j Inc nkppplKaiionv. Complaints. File* load inioany wont 1166 A-GRAPH VI .0 - Input data for msum nWite. Graph- L 5 .KHWLAlVlS*- Oignnire'you » a detailed hank uatement. Easy to u*c.
U273 ACCOUNT MASTER V2.I - More couple, than loumal -nh feature* found in espeui.e ..munerical finace software. The format AUK!A PO perv- il KCMflU protran U2S8 PAY ADVICE ANALYSER VLB - Puyslip database U3I0 TEXT ENGINE ViM - The be*l PD wad proceua with uiirrgrated spell checker.
U3II EASYCALC PLUS Impeuive and profesMonnl Spread sheet with graphing facilttie*. A* good a* many commercul alternatives.
U3I2 BUDBASE 1.2 - E* CLR tide. Database which uni restricted to memory *ue. Dau is written to di*k after eas* U281 B-eOW'll - Powerful ditk duplicationBlf L29I RILOMt K - Downgrade, your A500-. At Aippfrun many AMO only title. Very reliaK vu«fc ratio, even cn commerial game* F.i*cnti|£; U715 PREECOPY - Remove* variow type* of & lion tchcmc from conmervial game*. £ U283 LOCKPICK - Similar to Freccopy but vup different title*, rough) 450 .
UI58 NOERRORS Formal* floppie* a hard di*k hard error* phy wal damage to wirfacc) and hide* ing what would be uiclew tek*. Functional.
UJOI A-REXX MANUAL - Euemive manual on the A-REXX programming language. Load* of eumtpks.
U206 RACE RATER Hone wing picdKWf.
U2SU POOLS TOOLS - Football pool* predictor.
U293 PARBFNCH - Urtk up two Amiga' * (even CDTV for communicating between the two. And vending or receiving file*.
U2X2 TERMINI'S 2.0 - Software for modem uter*. Better than Ncomm but harder to retup.
U3M NCOMM 3.0 Update to thi* nopular modem communication* package. Good forjHgmcer*. Ea*y to u*e.
U267 SPECTRUM EMULAT IK VI.4 - Run Spectrum uS T DISKsTMORC BBe teller.
D94 MRBACKUP - Hard dtftftMTOp *oftware.
U24I CANON PRINTER DRIVERS Bubble yc drows for the following: CanraiBJ ttCnnonBll" '0. CanooBJ300-300.
U239STAR PRIM I K DRIVERS - PIN and 24 PIN printer driver* for tho'Stm range i 1103 MESSYSID I- Tramfee file.fc and frran Amiga DOS Iklite to to PC
* 313 AciA lions - Tool* forSsi20CT».
U274CG FONTS CofXELTlON'.YOLI F«** for wordpi.K.MOr* and DTP package* which u*e compugraph.
U30S CG FONTS COLLECTION VOL4 A* above U236 - Photo copiers. Office. Men ac Wok.
U230 • Food • loo of ir, U224 . Sign*. Star Trek. Chrbtmio.
OWJ - Sport. Transport. Work 0221 - Anatom*. Building*. Christmas. HoInUv*.
0220 - Alumni. People. Pface*.
0218 • Cartoon*. Cowroction, Rehgkm. School. Wedding- U100 . Toddy Bear.
096 - Easter. Christina*. Jungle AmmaU. Famcuv People 095 - Zodiac sign*. Computer*. Symbol*. Logo*. Sport*.
0251 - Babie*. Furniture. Space. Watcfw*. Skelctrevt.
0233 - Chri.tma*. U229 - Cars. Flowery decorations. Cupid. Hean*.
U227 - Palm Tree*. Puny invite*. Map* of Europe. Sump* 0226 - Wild We*t. Crowd* Of Peopfc. Frame*. Sign*.
U22S Fancy letter*. Car*. Cute Animal*.
U222 - Music. Silbsuctte., Symbol*. Teddy Bear*.
MM. ES G265 BONDMINE 13 E»« G268 SLAMBALL • Future G2TS 274 (2
DISKS) STARBASE 13 - Graphic point and click adventure. A*
used by the likes of the Monkey l*lwd games Very good.
0275 POPEYE - Conversion of die cla**ae CM vcrsaon.
• ASM ONLY- G222 CHESS GAMES - Two Che** games. GNU Chess.
Che** 2.0. Pin* 10 vital cheu tip* test file by an ireematioul Che** Grandmaster.
G280 BLACK DAWN JD pcr*pceti«e dungeat Mvcnture with a Alien breed scenario. Superb graphic*.
G28I SUPER PRIX - Overhead Formula One racing game w ith car upgrade ogriou and a variety of track*.
G77 - TRACK RECORD . Anther a.erhcM racing game.
Been around fa a while, but ttill the ben.
G49 POM POM GUNNER - Shoot-em-up with digitbed graphic* 037 SEALANCF. Submarine simuUikxt. Wartime vceruiw.
0183 BOL'NCF. & BLAST - Top clu« pKufonyftilmtmg game. Rave review*.
G193 HELLZONK - Space shoot em-up like R-Type 0200 FIGHTING WARRIORS I ot 2 player martial art* hvai-cm-up with Urge animated *pnte* and *pecinl moves.
G2Q5 TOP OF THE LEAGUE • Socce. Managemciu game.
Have the oppotunity to take your average league team io the very top of the premiership.
0206,0207 2 DISKS) OLCMPIAD Spot* evrru* with lemrnangs aa the itar*.
G2KK2I t TALISMAN (2 DISKS) - Huge kon dnven graphic adventure. -REQUIRES 2 MLG A BYTES- G2I2 FRUSTRATION Imiedibletc.l based adventure.
02P K HESS Che.* game fate AGA machine.
G229GI(;kr TURK-Teals iBiit A1200ONLY- G232 MONACO ArctUfc Clone. Ffe.t and furious.
G234 WOTS IT S NAME - Popular in • ia baud game.
G237 BACKGAMMON • CompuWi .l Backgammon.
G24I IMPERIAL WALKER-Tali control of an X-Wing fighter and *top the imperul w Mnn reaching Ihe allied G246 WIBBLE WORLD GIDDtfft Platfam puraie game m the same sty le a* the budget Diayterie*. Thi* i* ama ing.
G247 FLEUCH Convemon of the CM Thrust game Look* crude, but one very playable game imide.
,«8 BILLIARDS - Peel game GI69 DONKEY KONG The the Tint ever game that uwroduced Mario all tho*e ear* ago. Still brill. -NOT AI2M- G23S TETREN - Tetn* game with added feature* which lake rt beyond the original theme.
GI2I BIPLANES Take lo the *kys in tlm I or 2 player dog Hghting game.-AI200 USERS. DISABLE CPU CACHES- G68 INSIDERS CLUB - Stocknurlct game.
G63 GROUND ZERO GAMES 06 Big hargam d.*k with 22 game* crammed onto a vingle floppy.
GI06 ANTF.P - Good Role Playing game that look* like one from the otd Ultima reriej.
G27I JELLY QUEST • 3D Dometric puoic game.
0168 OTHELLO - Good comemon of the bond game. The computer provide* a tough competitor G276 THE GREAT ESCAPE OF BII J.Y BURGLER - Great little platform romp.
G279 MUGSIES REVENGE - Gangwer game.
0278 FRIDAY THE 13 PART * - Run around the roan*, and daughter thg inhabitant*.
GI77 CRAMpiUK II - Always a popular title. Ptufomt game.
035 of ,Ump ‘uul Run S-n,l“10 Ciytttl Cattle*.
.MW ifman with 3D plalfcrm* and more vancty.
GI82 TREA.SI Rl ISLAND - Treawre search game for kid*.
Produce your own ic.i adventure* without programming know how. Ode* the hard bit*, jmt u*c your imagination G4J RETURN TO EARTH Space tradmg game 068 AMIGIODS Polished vcmon of Asteroid* wrth plenty of option* to me** around with.
065 TRAIN SET - Train t«.
GI98 THRAI.I.BOt NM - Viking adventure.
0230 ROACH MOTEL - Onginal platfon. Game It IMSMIUS, MusIc D!l I FRACTAL FRENZY - FW ii - 1,-ik.s, D105 SUBSTANCE - V«M»Tccora and more..__ D46 PHENOMENA ENHJM Ihe classK demo tha set the lundaid. Still incrediNc DI4D RSI TIME ZONE One of the beta mega demo* aroun D|4S STATE OF THE ART The honest demo of 9.V Na be missed. -AR00 USERS. DISABLE CPI CACHES- MM GATES OF PAGAN CU** music disk. Atmospheric.
M7S LOONEY TUNES - Sane well known tunes M51 PET SHOP BOYS 4 of their hits recreated.
A99 AFT AgnirY-Funm Eric Schwartz animation.
AIM BUBBLKMaN 11 -jtCMaahlonroe.
A97 THE CHIPS ARE UP Horouurou* **,( - .
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ISSUE 15 MARCH As anyone who has ever used an Amiga will tell
you, you can use it for a lot more than just playing the odd
game. Amiga Workshop is here to show you exactly how your Amiga
can be utilised to do everything from create games and works of
art through to linking up with the outside world. Through the
next 32 pages, you’ll be taken through tutorials in Arexx,
Shoot ’Em Up Construction Kit and Blitz Basic, along with our
usual Question And Answers session and your opinions aired in
Backchat. What are you waiting for? Turn the page!
P ?d RHM:HrgDeno.R ype RAM:HrgDeno Hrg denon arg(1 = wordsCargsl II last month’s AGA tutorial got you off to a tlying start, this month's four-page extravaganza will have you foaming at the mouth! Single colour cycling, metallic glints and all manner ol practical tips await youl DESKTOP VIDECco Video titling needn’t be the domain of the expensive titling packages. Jason Holborn shows you how, with nothing more than a copy of Deluxe Paint IV, you too can create a vast array of highly professional and impressive video effects.
Regulars 1 66 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS You’d be surprised just how many ways there are to get stuck in the Amiga world. Honestly, it’s worse than playing Twister in the dark when your back's gone! Thank goodness, Mat and John are on hand to help out 174 BACKCHAT Yet another hot-bed of opinions, views and violent disagreements, Backchat is the place to be these days if you're a youfh with a conscience and you want to change the world. Alternatively, you could just tell us if you think Pcs are better than Amigas 178 POINTS OF VIEW Is the future of the CD32 so bright it has to wear shades, or Is it
looking tor an early retirement and a favourite armchair? Mat Broomfield voices his opinion.
Oi, what do you think you're looking at? You start- ing something, or what? Okay, so that might not be wha't Dave Smithson means when he says he'll show you how to have an argument with Arexx - at least we don't think so. But read on to find out.
What's that? You want to try your hand at desktop publishing, but don't feel you have the equipment to do the job? Jason Holborn is at hand to show you just how you can create your own publishing empire using the smallest amount ot equipment.
Maybe you'll be the next Rupert Murdoch?
Owners of Amiga 1200s are in for another treat this month - swarming ants, flaming comets and blazing effects - as Peter Lee shows you how to squeeze the most from Dpaint’s enhanced AGA version.
• he beauty ot Dpaint AGA has a lot to flo with Its use ot
colours. Taking lull advantage ol the A1200's beeled-up
graphics and display modes, it makes the 32-colour set-up ot
the standard, non-AGA type program look really sad.
It's not just the range ol 256 colours in low-resolutlon mode which Is exciting. But the sheer joy ol not having to scrimp, save and hoard each colour jealously. In tact, you can actually waste colours in AGA mode and it won't matter Last month, we looked at ranges which had a detault palette ot over 250 colours. This month, we check out colour cyding, which also has a detault palette ot over 250 colours. So, you have to do very little to create multi-coloured, wide- ranging single-trame animations.
Just browsing through the colour palette will show the wide assortment of ranges built into the program - there are so many colours to choose Irom including golds, blues, greens, reds, yellows, oranges, pinks and so on. In tact probably almost every colour under the sun is here to choose trom We’ll be using those to their best advantage But it won't be that easy. There are a couple ol things to leam betore you can rush in and start tackling the hands-on tutorials, and the first is: SINGLE COLOUR CYCLING PART 2 Kmmm No. It's not a mistake Dpaint IV AGA can cycle one colour to another without
affecting anything else in the palette. And using this feature allows you to pulse colours to give a stroboscopic effect, or make objects disappear if you change them to the background colour. Here's how to do it: the ranges requester should be familiar alter last month’s tutorial, but you may have missed something as you added colour beads from the palette to the pla»- ment bar above. Each colour you position there has a dot underneath it - this shows that it is a colour from the current palette.
To get a single colour lo cycle, we have to use some other colours not in the palette To do this, just put two different colours at opposite ends of the placement line, and dick on "show. The intermediate colours Win be displayed in the display window.
This is the Amiga's palette you're seeing, not yours.
To select one of the shown colours, press the comma key on the keyboard, and your cursor wH change into the pipette sampler Click near the end of the second colour on the shown cfcsplay to choose that colour. Now move your cursor (which has changed into a colour bead) anywhere you like on the placement line. The colour will be positioned, but won't have a dot underneath it The shown range will incorporate this colour, though. You can remove the second ol the original colours now (dick on it and drag it off the placement line and let go ol the mouse button), and the range which is dOpfayed in
the show window is the range of colours which win cycle when your first colour is used on screen. So you can see, iTs using one palette colour, and an
- imaginary" one which isn't available to draw with.
Set the rate slider to suit your needs; a low rate gives a very slow transition, while a higher rate strobes the colour. You can use this technique several times so that, for instance, a dark colour suddenly flashes from blue lo yellow before disappearing Into darkness again. Do this by placing non-dotted colours in the appropnate location akmg the placement bar as before Remember though, that this single-colour Range takes up one of only eight available ranges at your disposal.
TEXT As an A1200 user, you have automatic access to new Amiga font technology In the past, lonts were stored as bitmaps in standard sizes. But now with a new Workbench setup you can use outline lonts.
These have the advantage of being displayed in any size you want - they aren't restricted to the normal a. '-dS™ CAST vi(TT Cairiunviral.
This colour has been artificially placed on the placenent bar Note - no dot.
This colour has been artificially placed on the placenent bar Note - no dot.
F. ll 8,24. Or 36pt definitions which you find on almost all
bitmap type styles. However, the downside is that this kind of
flexibility leads to larger amounts of storage and memory
There are three standard Amiga outline lonts CG Triumvirate. CG Times and letterGothic (the CG prefix stands for Compugraphic. The company which developed this system). The way to control their size is simply to highlight one ot the typefaces in Dpamt's Text window, dick in the size box. And type in the new figure. You decide how big the lont will be, which is a major change from the restrictions of bitmap fonts.
This colour' is ft'on Ihe palette.
Note the dot under the colour' bead.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Before you move onto the main tutorial, you may want to refresh yourself with this example on the main points of colour cyding - illustrated in figures AMIGA WORKSH 'o o e big’n Figure 1 Initially you Hava to Altor thA pAlAttA to acMava thA movement effect.
RANGE: BOLD ‘N’ BRASSY THE GLINT FACTORS Shimmering metallic effects (or wolo-hosed nppfcs for h) matter) are just a combination of ranges, fik and (ydng.
Here's a quick guide lo making this brassy text example specific details of accessing Dpaint3s features are grrtn in die other tutorials.
I • i i Select one of Ihe 012 11 compugraphic fonts.
‘ *- ¦ ana give it a beety I , lOOpt size.
L- I Aholl up Ihe range Lx1 VJ- requester and set a
* (all up the fill requesler, an with llie gold range active,
select Line fill.
• , 9 Select Ihe fill tool.
Km J1 and fill each letter . 11 individually, placing
- ”' - ihe direction crosshair | y-1 in loughly the same position
each lime SHOHI IhaiW I liail I I I I I I i l-h-F strobe and do
you an injury! Select the little cross brush (the next-to
smallest one), and Freehand drawing mode. Now press key F7 to
turn on cycle draw and ensure your foreground colour is one of
the 11 we’ve just detined. As you draw your trail, you’ll only
see Ihe black dot as it's painted, but don’t worry readers -
the 10 background colours are also painting.
You can draw with screen cycling turned on lo give you a better idea ot what's happening (Tab DxCuwPxtnt c nr 1 ~ key). Draw out the lines of ants, and go over them again to make the swarm more plentiful.
You should have a nicely animated string of little insects once cycling is activated. I've included another screenshot to show the actual colours we used before converting them. You can easily see that as you cycle paint, all the colours in the range are used one after the other. The fact that 90% are ’invisible" until cycled is all part of the Dpaint AGA magic. 3 NEXT MONTH We'll be moving onto animation using all those lovely AGA colours, and having more Ian wilh morphing. Until then, keep those pixels pulsing.
5 When you activate Cycle now, Ihe letters will shimmec very nicely.
8 I added a background for extra interest; Extra lei ___leiing was created in ihe spare screen, and I T tq Pl°lcl behind' the ( ) 1 V j j golden letters by cre- ¦ aiiag a stencil (Iasi 1 -1* month's tutorial).
7 Similarly the streaks of light and dark were created with the stencil on with Transparency sel lo 40% and Ihe Polygon tool used with a darkish gtey colour.
DMEM) Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue - just a few of the brilliant range of colours that you can achieve when you use Dpaint AGA. In the second part of his tutorial Peter Lee boldly goes where no artist has gone before.
- ' rj r ' - J p J r ' rj JJ n H Dpaint AGA users can count
themselves lucky to have such a vast palette to work with. Once
again for this tutorial we re using 256 colour low-res mode;
It's not that we're going to be using so much colour In our
work, It's |ust easier to set up things like Ranges. For this
walk-through demonstration we're going to check out the
dltferencee colour cycling can make to your work. And on the
way we'll be brushing up on some tips on getting the most out
of Dpaint.
As usual we re going to start with Dpaints detault palette, in 256-colour low-res mode. The first thing we need do Is create a range ol blues lor the startield and comet head. Call up the range requester and, as in our illustration, place the colours numbered from 140 to 155 in alternate slots on the placement bar. There's not a great difference in colours, but enough lor the kind ol twinkling elfect we're alter. Set the rate counter to 60, which is quite a last cycle, and click on OK.
STEP 3 You need another range detined now. For the purple planet. Again, call up the range requester, and be sure to move the range number slider along one, to position Two. Otherwise you'll over write definition One. Which is for the stars. Now place the colours numbered 162-174 next to each other in the placement bar. You can click on Show it you like, to see how the colours merge together.
Click on OK. Open up the Fill requester, and click RANGE: JNOOIOK DITHER: STEP 2 Create the startield like this: Select the airbrush drawing tool, one ot the blues in our newly-created range, and the single pixel brush. Press key F7 to turn on cycle draw, and paint the stars on screen in clouds. It you like, turn on colour cycling as you draw (press the Tab key) to get an idea ol what the image is going to look like. You can make the stars as dense or thin as you like. Now we want to draw the comet's head using a cute Dpaint trick. Select the line tool now, and with a linger on the Ctrl key,
draw out a pattern ot radial lines, which will centre on your starting point. As long as you hold down the drt key, you can radiate lines like this. It you have cycling turned on.
You will see how great the strobes ol coloured lights look as they pulse down the lines.
Using Range 2 to c reat e a h i gh I i ght ed filled sphere.
Note how the ‘hot' spot adds depth on HI, tor a highlight till. Make sure range Two is the active till range.
From the illustration you can see how the position ol the Fill highlight crosshair determines where Dpaint will place the first colour in the range For the purple planet, you can place it top right, but tor the green planet you might try to create a polar cap by placing the highlight just below the top centre ot the circle.
STEP 4 The green planet needs to have another range defined lor it. So call up the requester, and move the range number on to Three The colours to use across Ihe placement bar are 90 to 109 with a zero rate selected. Click on OK, and open up the fill requester, changing the range number lo Three. Now draw the planet as betore, with its highlight In the polar region. The planets and stars are now in place, and so are their graphic "hot" spots.
STEP 5 Time to add some text now. Call up the toms requester (right click in the Text tool) and select CGTimes. This is a special compugraphic font which can be made any size you want. Unlike the Amiga's fixed fonts, which need a defined size, some of the A1200S typefaces are computed from data, and can be re-sized at will. You'll notice I’ve set this font's size to 56. Which is beefy enough for our needs. You may want to add your own text, so the size you type in will be based on how many words you want. We need to be careful, now, in selecting a colour for the text. If we pick one which
has already been used in the image we could hit a snag, because they've all been included in a Range. Some ranges will cycle, and others won't (the ones with 0 as their rate). In a cunning move we re going to make the text pulse, Irom invisible black to its current blue colour - and only use one colour to do it! It amazes me too, but it works. Here's how.... STEP 6 You might just make out that of the four colours in the placement bar, only one has a dot underneath it. This is the only true palette colour; the others have been picked up and placed there by another means. So what will happen
when cycling is turned on is that the text colour (the one with the dot under it) will strobe from black, to blue, then flash white before fading again to black. And as I said, this uses just one palette colour. Check out the main article for a more detailed summary of how to use this feature.
With a tittle bit ot text. And, yep, you've guessed it - we need a range I This time it's a little different in that you'll be using several different colours, because we don't need smooth transitions this time. Call up the Range requester, and make this range Five. As you can see, this is a mixture of 14 colours, alternating yellows, reds, oranges and blacks. The black, incidentally, is to add a realistic flicker as a flame bursts into life then disappears. Set the rate to 44. And click on OK. Now, with cycle selected from the modes menu (or key F7), and a medium sized brush, draw the
tlames on the spare screen using one of the colours you've just placed in the range Turn on cycling to see the effect as you paint until you get a pleasing effect. You may also want to smear the topmost flames to give a more realistic took. Once you've done this, you can add the flames to your text, as seen in the final stage of the illustration.
STEP 8 The final touch to the illustration is the comet.
Although it's the last thing to draw, we can put it behind everything else by using the stencil. The comet itself uses its own range, so call up the requester (second nature by now...), and make this range Six. Place the colours 254 to 256 on the placement bar, with a rate set to 63. This gives a great purple mauve look which really Ihe conet Is a freehand shape drawn with ranqe six, and Fill set to contour.
Ihe inage was then Sneered to give a granular tail.
Throbs when its cycled. OK that, and from the fill requester, select contour, and ensure range Six is active. Next, switch to the spare page, and draw out a similar shape to our illustration, and watch Dpainl fill it in beautifully. You can smear the edges to add realism if you like. Cycle this and you'll be transported back to the psychedelic 60s! To add the comet behind your work, pick it up as a brush, switch back to the main drawing screen, and call up the stencil; requester. Click on the first colour (Black), and click on Invert. OK VIDEO You don’t need a desktop video titling program to
create fantastic video titles. Jason Holborn reveals the video talents of Deluxe Paint IV.
DESKTOI VIDEO Ask any Amiga owner what they automatically associate with Desktop Video and chances are you’ll get the same answer over and over again. Fact is, most people see Desktop Video as simply adding litles to video. Ot course we all know that video titling is a lairty small aspect of what is possible with an Amiga connected to your desktop video setup: video editing, 3D rendering, video effects and animation are only a small sample of what you can squeeze from your Amiga. We'll be covering all the subjects and more in future issues, so stay tuned it you want to add that little bit
of extra sparkle to your home video productions.
STARRING Before we get too bogged down in such things as video editing however, let's take a step back with a look at video titling, one aspect ot desktop video that is immediately usable to most home video enthusiasts. Time to shatter a misconception, methinks - most people seem to think that you need a video titter to produce titles, but this needn't be the case. Sure, a program like Alternative Image's Big Alternative Scroller or even Scala HVT (Home Video Titler - you'll find a demo of Ihis brilliant titler on last month's coverdisk!) Gives you unrivalled control over your video titles,
but there's no reason why you couldn’t produce some very nice titles and even video animations with nothing more than a copy of Deluxe Paint.
TYPOGRAPHY The arrival of Workbench 2.0 and the more recent AGA chip set has made video titling with Dpaint that bit easier thanks to the increased colour palette and. More importantly, outline font support.
Gening decent video fonts was perhaps the main stumbling block lor mosl video producers on a budget, but Workbench s new outline fonts give you the power to expand a font to any size with little or no loss in quality whatsoever The basic Workbench system disks come with two outline fonts as standard - CSTimes and CSTriumvirate (AGFA'S version of the standard Helvetica font) - but a whole range ol additional PAG nEAM VIDEO nixtH nis SohLo cs'p eSnOTi desktop pufitsfiingpro- gram. Okay, so PogeSfrecm mcy not seem mmedately useful as ? Video taaL but believe if or not, if Is adudly great far
produdng origknl video tides. Amnugh I'm nol trying to claim that ftgeSfreomvdl handle all you video titling needs, there's one amed of A eStraam dial leaves al video Mtng programs far dead its afadky to iranipuiale aulfine fonts.
4s any ftgeSlraom owner wi lei you, PngeStream excefs al rotolaig, stretching and slanting text with no loss in quality. Of couse you can't save PogeSlrean documents out as IFF piclue ffcs. So you »i need a screen grabber such as the PD programaiMGnaA (the grabber I use) to grab die PngeStream screen as an IFF He. Once this is done, you can dien load die grab into Oedzxe VWtf, paini out the sedioiis you don't want and - vodal - high resolution lilies that mild moke even Scab user green with envy! Wei be aw- emg, bo* using AgeSream tor video Mfag and nieed outline fonts in general, in the next
issue, so if you Find fonts suitable for video work can be bought from many public domain libraries Most of these PD fonts are in Adobe Type 1 format, but many Public Domain houses will happily convert them to AGFA Compugraphic format suitable lor use with Workbench and Dpaint.
Dan Slingsby as Himself ( y Jason Holborn as George the Half witt All versions of Dpaint will happily handle outline fonts but you really do need to get your hands on Dpaint Version 4.0 If you want complete control over your fonts, as this version of Dpaint allows you to specify the size of the font simply by typing it In to the Dpaint lont requester.
Once you've picked the font in the size you want.
Dpaint gives you full control over where on the page it should be placed.
Dpalnr a perspective mode can be used to add a whole new dimension lo your titles!
Even if you're nol complelely sure, you can easily pick up your title as a brush, delete the old version and then paste It down in its new position Dpamt’s brush operations come in particularly handy when designing video titles - brushes can be resized easily by simply pressing "shift" and then the "Z" key.
You can also rotate a brush to any angle, shear it and even rotate it in three dimensions using Dpaint's powerful “perspective* feature.
MICA WORKSH VISUALS DPAINT VIDEO EFFECTS Titling effects such as outlines, shadows and even 3D extrusion are very easy to create in Dpaint too.
To apply an outline to a title, pick it up as a brush, select the colour you'd like to use for the outline and then press the ‘o' key and Dpaint will automatically add an outline for you. Shadows are just as easy too - just pick up your title, click on the colour that you'd like to use for the shadow using the right mouse utton and then stamp the title down with the right mouse button, offset the title by a couple pixels and then stamp it down again with the left mouse button. Good eh!
VIDEO VISUALS Three dimensional "extruded" text can look very professional and it's relatively easy to create in Dpaint. Start by picking up your title as a brush and then select the colour that you'd like to use for the extrusion by clicking on the colour with the right mouse button.
Next, select the ‘line draw" function and then move the mouse pointer over the point where the extrusion is to start, hold down the right mouse button and then drag the mouse pointer slowty across the screen until the height of the extrusion is to your liking. When you release the right mouse button, the extrusion will be pasted onto the screen but you’ll still have to realign the title over the top of the extrusion and then paste it down with the left mouse button to get the full extruded effect.
CONCLUSION Dpaint is ideal for producing video titles, but it does have a number of limitations. For starters, it can only be used to display a maximum of two screens worth of titles, and even then, you cannot produce the sort ot fancy wipes, fades and scrolls that are the hallmark of a decent video titling program. One solution would be to buy a video "slideshow" program such as Elan Performer- this can be picked up for around £20 these days, so it's hardly going to break the bank. Combine DpaWwith Elan Performer an! You have a video titling system that can easily trade punches with
dedicated titlers. 52 garish, ifs always worth putting a solid blodc outline around your titles to k oudine around your titles to stop them from 'bleeding" depicture quality degodction). Most video tiling programs will do this fa you, but it's just os easy to do in Date fttinf- select block, pick ip your tides as o brush ond then press the'o’key. You con ...... then paste them back down onto the II balanced colours.
NVTfa demo of which was on last month's covenfck!), then you're given control over the oudine colour and thidcness
4. When choosing which font you titles should be deployed n, try
to make sure that the style is both easdy readable and large
enough fa the viewer to read from a distance. A 24- point tide
moy be ray reodobte on your AMIGA's monitor, bul try genkxking
it and then view it from four metres (12 foot) away - unless
you've got Ihe eyesight of a howk, I con VIDEO TITLING AMIGA
AMIGA TIPTOP TITUNG TIPS Whh the arrival of the AGA chip sel
ond its fantastic 16.7 ml- ton colour palette, nol to mention
those lovely 256 colour ond HAM8 screen nodes, ifs all loo
tempting to go to town when deigning your video tides As any
designer will tell you, however, there ore rules that equally
apply to desktop video designers as they do to ortists,
desktop publishers and designers in general, follow these
simple rules and your video presentations wfll not only be
easier to read, but for mote professional too.
2. Try to avoid colours that me garish. Once agin, they moy look
very nice on your RGB montlor, but theyll loolc afasolulefy
owful when genkxked. Possibly Ihe worst cofaus you could have
to be bright red and blue these loolc particuiarfy to VHS
equipment, although S-VHS ond irry them better. Once i with
hundreds of different colours moy look nice on your over a
live video signal. If youdn t out Ihe sort of colour palettes
the professional video producers use (just sit in front of
your television fa o few hours and you're bound to see , ,
cony Ihembetter. Once again, the best bet is to take alook ot
the sort of colours Ihe professionols use - most use whites,
Ight blues and yellows.
Ifs rnpofluri to matrh the cobus you use fa your tides uts and you're plenty of tides!) And you'l notice that they generally tend to afourwellhc
1. When deciding how many colours to use in your tides, the
unwritten rule 'less is more' definitely apples. Creodng tides
restrict their tides to just three o 0 _ outline:
5. Always plan your tides before you commit yourself.
Although it is easy enough to make changes, it only adds to the hossles if you hove to creote a new masterlape with the necessary chonqes. If other members of your fomdy or friends ore involved ond you wish to credit them, think very carefully about the order of these credit - although your mole Dove may think dial his contribution was the single most important pori of the entire production, chances ore that other contributors wdl have something lo say about it. As the r titles will be virtually unreadable! In _h resolution interlaced mode, font sizes anything less than 2’ point aren't ready
that useful. Ihe font typeface is very important too - ornate fonts such as Zopf Cnancelery a any freehand font moy look nice, but they're not very readable.
Try to stick with standard Sans-Serif fonts such as ffefvetka or Avante-Garde. Serif fonts such as Times look nice loo.
Mine ~ uv uu Wiftvwniiuiw UJ jnnmmi III Jill -1 |l f)OW6V6f the "Stars' of your production should come firsti followed by the production team.
Old saying goes,‘You can’t please ol of the people ol of the time' so be as diplomatic os possible. In general, ho Garish colours should be avoided at all coats. Don’t forget that you’re trying to grab your audience’s attention, not throttle them!
DelvxePdnf IV is avalable from Electronic Arts (tek 0753 549 442) Price: £89.99. Probably the best way ot learning to use any software is to sit down and use it, and tor this reason, I've been creating some SEUCK games trom first principles Ageing hippy that I am, one of my all time favourite games is Asteroids - that black and greeny-white, vector- based rock-pummelling classic Although rather simple by today's standards, Asteroids offers many opportunities lor expansion.
Once you have this version working, you'll be able to update it to the latest 1994 specifications First of all however, a step-by-step guide: CONSTRUCTION KIT John Kennedy takes a further look at creating a game from scratch, and discovers some of the finer points in the process.
The first consideration is to draw the sprites.
Unfortunately, here we meet a snag: my drawing capabilities I hope you can bear with me and my awful scnbblings. Just squint a little and wave a hand back and forwards In front of your face and the graphics will look a lot better The player's ship in Asteroids is nothing more complicated than a small triangle It rotates left and right to face In eight directions, so the first task is to draw eight different ships.
Thankfully the ‘Copy" and
• Mirror’ options mean we only need to draw three original ships
Stan with
• Sprite O’ and draw a ship facing upwards. Next, adjust the
destination number to 4 and use Copy Now select sprite 4 and
use the mirror button to flip it around so it's facing
Repeat this operation with two more ship drawings, one facing top-right and the other right, until all eight positions are looking good.
(See tig ».)
The next stage is to create bullets which the ship can fire. You'll need a vertical set, a horizontal set and two angled sets. Again, the Copy and Mirror function will help you out here.
3. ADJUST EDIT ENEMY BITS Adjust the settings for all the enemy
asteroids so that the settings match those shown.
The flying saucer is special as it can fire its own bullets, so set the relevant boxes to some new values depending on how nasty you want the saucer to be. (See tig 4.)
4. CREATE A BACKGROUND AND SOME SOUND No game Is complete without
a starry backdrop.
Define a few blocks with white dots and you're away. The easiest way to add sound effects is to load some from a previous game Save what you've done of your Asteroids game to data, and then load the game whose effects you wish to Draw a big mean-looking asteroid, a small flying saucer, some flying-saucer type nasty bullets and dozens of explosions for dead spaceships, rocks and saucers.
From the object menu, select the ’Edit Object" option.
Adjust the "Object Number until Player 1 appears. Now make the player's ship ’Direct" instead of "Animate": this will make sure the ship's sprites turn to face the direction the joystick is moved In, Make sure ’Held" is on. For each of the positions around the central pair of sprites, select the appropriate sprite and dick on the box. Eventually you should have a display like mine, but with much better graphics, of course (See tig 2.)
Make the bullet objects In the same way.
Remember to switch from ’Animate" to ’Direct".
(See tig 3.)
Now create the rock objects. It you designed several different rock sprites you can use the Animate feature to make them appear as though they are tumbling.
"borrow", Save them Individually from the Storage menu, reload your Asteroids game and then load In the sound effects.(See tig 51
Copy the settings on the player limitation settings If you change the ship's speed from 0, it can move around - a bit like the thrust feature of the original game. (See fig 6.)
Now adjust the piay area. Hold the joystick left, and then press fire - the asterisks will move. Do the same for up, down and left so that the asterisks encompass the entire screen.
A4000 AND HARD DRIVE HINTS When using SEUCK on A4000 AMIGAs you might find you need to seied an older display mode ond or adjust the CPU toches. To do this, reset the computer with the CTRL-AMIGA- Suugui uuu i get and put a .. Installing ihe game on a hard drive is easy: boot from your hard drive os normol, open a window on your normol work partition ond then drag the editor SEUCK disk icon into it.
The entire disk wl be copied, and a drawer w® be created outomotkolly (this is a Workbench 2 ond obove feature).
Now use the game data disk in the dfO: drive as normal. Note: if you wont to delete the games that come with it, remember that not all files hove kons, so use Show... Al files from the Workbench menu.
Set the start position to be exactly in the middle ot the screen.
9. TEST Now you're ready to play! The cheat option will give you
infinite lives while you fine-tune the enemy attack waves.
When finished turn the colour of your TV down, the brightness up and play some Pink Floyd - time warp!
Th* finished gam* in *11 Its glory. Dont giv* up th* day Job, *h John?
7. ATTACK WAVES Taking each enemy asteroid in turn, move them
across the screen towards the central ship in a menacing way.
When the game is played, this is how the rocks will appear. Add the evil enemy flying saucer every so often to heighten the overall general excitement.
8. LEVEL CONTROL Change the level type from scrolling to still,
and make the delay time 2,000.
Want to connect your computer to the world, for the price of a local call?
Join John Armitage as he works his way through the FidoNet system.
F e've seen what FidoNet is. And what it can ' da lor you, but here's a summary tor newcomers: FidoNet is a global network ol BBS systems which share mail and programs. You can contact your local FidoNel BBS and send Email to any other user, anywhere in the world.
W FidoNet is tar from being an Amiga specific system, but that really doesn't matter. The people who designed it made sure it worked with a set of standard protocols, so any computer capable ol using a modem could take part.
To get connected all you need is an Amiga, a 2400 baud or better modem and a telephone line.
You'll also need the telephone number ot al least one FidoNet compatible BBS.
THE INS AND OUTS The first piece of software you'll need is a mailer This is a program thal logs onto your Boss system, uploads your outgoing mail and downloads your With FldonM you* AMIGA lo o doorway to the global highway.
Incoming mail. The more automatic the process the better, as you don't particularly want lo spend a long lime on-line. The quicker your mailer (and modem), the cheaper your telephone bill.
The Amiga program TrapDoor is probably the best program to use. It's tar Irom simple, but it does come with a very comprehensive manual which all potential FidoNetters should read every night belore going lo bed.
Essentially, you adjust some settings to reflect your personal FideoNet address and modem, and then create two drawers: one for in mail, and one for out mail. When you call the TrapDoor program (CLI only at this stage, I'm afraid) the program will automatically dial your local Boss and perform the necessary exchange ot malt. TrapDoor is full of Amiga specific features such as Arexx, so with a bit of time you can soon make it as complicated or as simple as you like.
Theoretically this is the only program you'll need, but reality is another story. To start with, using the standard Amiga ED program lo read and write Email is extremely tedious. There are some excellent text editors in the PD. Although I have to say that ASDG's Cygnus Ed v3.5 is my favourite If this still isn't enough, and you want a nice Intuition based front end, then track down a program called Point Manager. This is a program which works in conjunction with a mailer program such as TrapDoor. Point Manager will make reading and writing Email messages a lot simpler. II even has its own
Using a well configured FidoNet system like this is a dream. For almost negligible cost, you can soon be embroiled in conversations all around the world.
Replying to Email is only a matter or entenng text at your own keyboard, at your own pace. The system automatically sends on your replies when you want to. Welcome to the world!
Ask you favourite PD library about the software mentioned above. Alternatively, buy the AmiNet CD Rom collection as it contains many Mb ot FidoNet specific programs. 3 NEXT MONTH More tales from the FidoNet as John Armitage tells you how to avoid viruses.
The standard C compiler for Amiga DOS gets a major upgrade for 1994; now the SAS C Development System (version 63) supports translation of C++ files with Streams and Complex libraries allowing you to write Object Oriented code.
The C*« translator is compatible with CFRONT Version 2.1 from AT&T.
There’s an improved peephole optimizer, more efficient stack extension and structure return code generation.
Including an enhanced instruction scheduler for the 680W CPU and the 68882 maths coprocessor, an improved profiler, a friendlier interface to grep, support for C++ within CodeProbe and more. Workbench 3.1 include files are supplied. Upgrades start from £59.95 - please call for pricing information.
Video with sound at 25 frames per second as well as quality full-screen stills from your camcorder or video recorder.
VideoMastcr RGB includes our new colour splitter, ColourMaster, and produces amazing quality colour stills.
VideoMaster AGA works on the A1200 and A600, connects via the PCMCIA slot for extra speed and freedom to use other peripherals, allows high quality stereo sound and supports HAM6 and HAM8 up to 640 x 512 resolution for stills.
All | mhIik is on this piipc arc eillici available n«*w or by the end ol Jamiaiy ‘‘M please i .ill lo c«*tilitiii availability.
l e g Megalusound is the new 8-bit, stereo, direcl-to-dbk sampler package, the software is packed full of easy-to-use editing features, special effects and extras such as the ability to print waveforms and sample information.
The package allows sampling up to B4KHz mono and 56Kllz stereo to memory and up to 21 Khz stereo to hard disk on an A1200.
Supplied with a hardware volume control and an extensive 144-page manual, Megaiosound b impressive value at only £34.95. ColourMaster ColourMaster is a new electronic colour splitter which works in conjunction with VideoMaster for stunning colour stills.
High Quality Software Tin* ( ld SI tool (in •onfield I led ford MMSS!)! UK Tel • I I (d) 52I» 7I8I8I l ax i I f (Hi 71371b 1 Prices 1 Clarity 16 new price £129.95 ¦ Megaloround £34.95 ¦ VldeoMarter A 500 £69.95 ¦ VtdeoMawtrr AGA £79.95 ¦ Video,Harter RGB £129.95 ¦ ColourHarter £69.95 ¦ SAS C6.S £329.00 ¦ SB a we Peruona!
£129.00 ¦ Sbare Profer.iona! £249.00 1 ¦ Maxon Magic £29.95 | If you have difficulty obtaining our now lillM, jtittl coll. Quoting your Aocoiin Mniilnronrd Vian ftwitoh Conrioot curd oiioiImw nod oxpiry dafo find wo will docpnlch Ibo pood1; within !» working dny.. For no oxlru £f» wo will despatch Ibo duy of ordwr by PurcolForce 24 himr MrviM. Ask for our now (i'J page catalogue.
Clarity 16 is our premier sound sampler allowing rates up to 32KHz in 16 bit stereo and up to 48KH in 16 bit mono on an A500; accelerated machines can handle faster sampling rates The software provides extensive features including full edit control, a MIDI keyboard emulator, a sample sequencer, many special effects and FFT analysis. Version 1 5 has an up-to-date Workbench 3 look, in its own window and is fully compatible with faster Amigas.
Jason Holborn puts on his leotard and gets into shape with Blitz Basic 2. Eat your heart out Mr Motivator!
Regardless ol Ihe type ol game you'd like to write with Blitz Basic 2, chances are you’ll want to use sprites sooner or later. Fact is, sprites are a fundamental ingredient of any modem arcade game, tie it a common or garden shoot ’em up. A Street F Wer-beating combat game or even one ol those hard-to-categorise -weird’’ games that magazine game reviewers seem to love so much these days.
Mm to basiat wim BUT! BASICS What you may not have realised, however, is just how important sprites are. Take a shoot ’em up, lor example, virtually every object that you see moving on the screen is a sprite - the player's ship is a sprite, the attacking alien spacecrafts are sprites and even the missiles and explosions that litter the screen are sprites.
With the advent df the Amiga, the term “sprite" has become something ol a generic term that refers to any object that moves around the screen, rather than a particular type ol object. II you know your Amiga’s hardware, then you’ll already know that the Amiga otters two types ol sprites - the technically correct "hardware sprites" and the more commonly used "blitter objects" (called "software stay the same size regardless ol the resolution ol the screen that is displaying them.
By default, all hardware sprites are displayed in low resolution. However. If you're lucky enough to own an AGA-based Amiga, hardware sprites can also be displayed in high resolution. However the Amiga imposes quite a few restrictions on sprites") Both have their own individual strengths and weaknesses which are as follows.
HARDWARE SPRITES Hardware sprites are generated by the Amiga’s display hardware and are completely separate from the screen ‘bitmap’. As a result, hard- the size, the number ol colours and the number ol hardware sprites that you can display. At their simplest level, only eight hardware sprites can be displayed at once (one ol which is the mouse pointer) although you can re-use hardware sprites by performing some dever trickery with the Amiga’s copper display co-processor. Hardware sprites are restricted to just lour colours too, one ol which is transparent. Once again, however, you can get
around this by doubling up sprites so that two sprites are used to display one fifteen colour sprite. The size ot sprites is restricted to just 16 pixels across although you can join together several sprites to form a much larger single sprite.
However hardware sprites move very quickly indeed, which is why most games use them lor missiles and other objects that have to move across the screen very quickly.
SOFTWARE SPRITES However, only a few computers can utilise hardware sprites. As lar as I’m aware, only the Amiga, the Commodore 64 and the old Atari 800 oiler hardware sprites. Software sprites, on the other hand, are used on most micros as they need very little specialist hardware to incorporate them. In the case ol the Amiga’s software sprites, they’re drawn directly into the screen bitmap by the Amiga’s blitter chip, hence Amiga software sprites are more commonly referred to as "blitter objects" (or "bobs").
The great thing about blitter objects is that their size is restricted only by the amount ol chip memory inside your Amiga. Bobs also don't suffer from the same colour limitations as hardware sprites - it's perfectly possible to create a bob with up to 64 colours (or even 256 when the AGA version ol Blitz » 157 : | • I . I MASKING When designing shapes, it often helps lo set aside a single colour which con be used os a bode around'mask' colour. Not only does this help to keep a check on both the size (using a Eodcground mosk wil alow you to creole shapes that ore vetlicoly smoler than die rest
of on the some In) and vertical alignment ol your shapes, but it also hefos to keep When you convert you shapes imoge to o shapes lie with the remove the bodqpound mosk so ixil i is slopes cenlnised. When you cor , you can ask i to outomaticaey r*» making use ol the ShopesMcief's 'Remove Colour’ option. Simply tel i Because the ShopesMdiet utility extracts shapes front or IFF He in horizontal strips, it's very important Hot earn row ol shapes is oligned on exactly the same fine across the screen. If a shape is just o single pixel loo for up the screen or too for down, the ShapesMoher not
recognise it.
PRO JE Cl Ur I I UN; which colou you've used os you bockyound mask and the Shapes Maker wfl remove it.
When the shapes are converted.
J* Co l our cfet'ect-T- 1 Colour to r enove: 11 5 Btti isn't fussy about Ihe horizontal size of you dapes, but it is very fussy abcxit ttieer v«r- tkd size. Once ogam, this all | OK | CANCEL f ¦Wll lfr ":!l 1 r uze. Once again, tries all s down to me my that the ShapesMaku ulity sans throu ii* Iff He. As o result, d drapes ini ue in ¦ same rowmustbeofexactiyfa sunemtdsMfcr e b 32 Background Mask pixehckwnjhenall shares on me some horizontal axis must be that size too.
GET INTO SHAPE Designang shapes in a paint progran) that wffl be suitable for use wiliiin Ihe Ster 'StnpeslMef ’ uliiy isn't as straightforward as you might first think. However, follow these aifle guidelines and you won't go for wrong: » is reteasedl). Because the Amiga's Witter simply pastes a bob down onto the screen, bobs are treated as nothing more than an extension ot the current bitmap. This does mean, however, that the resolution of a bob is dictated by the resolution ol the current screen.
The only real limitation ot bobs is the amount ot time that they take to be drawn The Amiga's blitter may be able to run rings around even the tastest processor, but drawing bobs still takes time - much longer than it takes the Amiga's display chip to draw hardware sprites, that's tor sure. However, thanks to Blitz Basids quickness, this minor speed limitation does not aftect the quality ol your code.
BOB'S YOUR UNCLE Bhtz Basic supports both software and hardware sprites through an impressive set ol commands that give you full control over their placement and movement. We wont be discussing hardware sprites tor a couple ot months or so, but as any games programmer will tell you, software sprites are far more versatile so we ll be concentrating on them instead for the meantime.
In Blitz Basic, blitter objects have a new name that is relatively unheard ol amongst Amiga programmers - tor reasons known only to Marie Sibly and the rest ot the crew at Acid Software, Blitz refers to its blitter obiects as ‘shapes' This can be contusing tor the first time Blitz user, but you! Soon get used to it Before you can write a program that makes use ol shapes, you need to create some shapes. Unlike AMOS. Blitz doesn't actually otter a dedicated 'object editor (or shape editor) so you have to create your shapes using an IFF paint program like Deluxe Pairs instead. This really
isn't too much ol a bind, as even most AMOS owners use Dpaint tor designing bobs anyway.
Once you've drawn your shapes in Dpaint. You must then save them onto disk as an IFF picture file which is then loaded imo the Blitz s ‘Shapes-Maker utility which is bundled with the Blitz package. This very simple utility scans through your IFF image and picks out any shapes that it finds which are then saved onto a disk as a shapes file which can later be loaded into your Blitz program Although the ShapesMaker utility is very simple. IT* important that you totow a lew guidelines when designing your shapes, so it's worth taking time to read the box out above to find outflow it's done.
BUT ON THE SIDE Unlike AMOS, Blitz Basic 2 doesn't just give you a single set ol commands lor drawing shapes onto the screen Because ot the technicalities involved, you're provided with three separate sets ol shape drawing commands, each ot which has its own individual strengths and weaknesses Which set you use depends upon the type ot game you're writing and Ihe screen mode that your game uses. Let's take a look at each DM mode' in turn.
BLIT BtitZs simplest method of drawing shapes onto the screen is the Blit mode. Although Ihis is undoubtedly the fastest mode available, it does have a number ol disadvantages that make it somewhat less useful tor games programming For starters, this mode does not allow you to keep track ot where the shapes have been drawn - once they've been drawn onto the bitmap. Blitz targets all about them.
It you then decide that you'd like lo move a shape that has been drawn in this mode, it's up to you to manually remove the old shape image trom the screen, restore the background image and then redraw the shape at its new position.
QBUT Qblit mode is somewhat more useful as it does allow you to keep track ot any shapes that are drawn onto the screen. Whenever a shape is redrawn al a new position on the screen, Blitz will automatically remove the old shape image trom the screen.
As always, there has to be a down side - Qblit mode does not restore the background image and, therefore, it is probably best suited to games that either use a blank background or a dual play- field display.
Surprlsingly, Qblit mode is the most popular blitting mode amongst Blitz games programmers despite its obvious shortcomings. Because ot its obvious speed advantages over Bblit mode, most Blitz games use a combination of a dual playtield display and Ihe Qblit mode to allow shapes to be moved rapidly across a background.
Take the Blitz demo game BuzzBar. Lor example - because BuzzBar uses a dual playtield display, the shapes are drawn onto the tore- ground playtield using Qblit mode whilst the background remains untouched in the background playtield.
BBLIT The most capable blitting mode available is BBIil mode. It otters most of the advantages ol Qblit mode but. Unlike Qblit mode, it also automatically restores the background image whenever a shape is moved Bblit mode is most like the blitter object commands in AMOS as it handles everything for you. Bblit mode is rather slow, however, so it is rarely used in arcade games that require lots ol last-moving shapes. (J) NEXT MONTH How that wo ve looked out how lo create o shapes (ilc ond the dilfcicnt types ol blil mode1 that Blili Btnit ?hos to offer, I'll be demonstrating how to ose shoots
within yout own piogtams in the next issue. Stoy tuned!
Designed lo bring you high quality and performance al aftordable prices. AmiTek peripherals otter outstanding vaiue-tor- money. They are built to ensure easy fitting, and trouble (ree operation - making them a pleasure to use. AmiTek products are also thoroughly tested and very reliable, so reliable lhal we are pleased to otter a lull two year warranty on the AMITEK - ‘FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY’ A PERIPHERALS FOR ALL AMIGA SYSTEMS AMITEK Technology AmiTek products detailed here.
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BuH to a high standard, this board can be easily instated and comes with a 2 year warranty The Hawk RAM Board is
• ••able in 9 pre-configured versons enabkng you to select the
model which bed suts your requirements.
BAM BOARD ACCELERATOR WJ s Co-wnwi - ao4s ziss.trm ,c BUILT-IN BATTERY BACKED CLOCK e Plugs straight into A1200 trapdoor - No soldering required
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40mh, PLCC 68882 co processor e Comprehensive easy to follow
manual with illustrations e Works with all A1200 and A1200HD
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The f dL following RAM upgrades are afl I YEAR J trapdoor
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Wn be mate] to tou. »• steciii ottm md tui Mtw (wnphenls anl software.
Debenhams i** tw). Waterloo House. WestQate 9. Ipswich. IP1 3EH Tel: 0473 207082 .K«mV Mcyt ISW 9IXW--'. LW Ny* Ty iQb, to- Fn No 0473 28TO2 COLOUR CATALOGUE
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H any, do you
own? .1250
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PLEASE SEND A 64 PAGE Dave Smithson V demonstrates J. your
Arexlum ripts without ending ufiWl QT hospital.
Very few Arexx scripts will run without some form of user interaction and control, especially It the script is designed as a general purpose tool Up until now, the scripts that we've been writing have been controlled by the user via the very useful "pur command which acts in a very similar manner to BASIC's -Input" command Whilst ot interaction certainly does the job. It's :al if you want to use your Arexx within an AmigaDOS script (batch) file.
Count = uords(ai Say, for example, you wanted to write an Arexx script that was controlled by the output from Using the "pull" command, you'd the information yourself via the n count RX HvRVMKProe.REXX outf-we"* 4 = and indeed lake a aux that , IS that ffiev olfow you individual dents to* carqm Smith k very raretuty al the fast demonstration fetina youl tfo rvotice fat d makes use ol hw functions thof v* ramlwed - WonM) aid *M). Ahhough thee names are rator snior, their uses ore somndttf ifferenl.
)1» f a of tk hra functcm, WortK), is realy noding more than a md counling function - al il does is to lei you ho
• ants there are in a particular string. Ihis is very importont
vrhen extracting arguments from the command line as vou not
always know exactly how many orguments the user has passed. By
passing the output from 'argO' to the Worts) I however, youl
know exactly how many arguments ere in the string.
11* second findias Word)), is my similar to tie iconfd' function in die C programming language. Mid ) does is to Jew you to extract a given word from a string vriech is den transferred to a second variable. Al you hove to do is to pass if the name of the string that you're extracting a word from ond the position of the word in the string (which word 1 is -Ivro, three or five etc) and the Wordf) function wdl do the rest. Clever stuff eh!
Keyboard but wouldn't it be so much nicer if you could write Arexx scripts that worked like AmigaDOS commands!
Being an Arexx programmer, I’m sure that you already have a basic working knowledge of how AmigaDOS commands work (let s lace it, the Arexx language is fairly inaccesstte without some knowledge of AmigaDOS). To be perfectly honest, there isn’t really a lot of difference between AmigaDOS commands and Arexx scripts (well, apart from the language that was used to write them) AmigaDOS commands have one feature that makes them useful for scripts - command line arguments. Command line arguments are a lot better than the interactive prompts that we’ve been using so far as they allow you to feed a
script all the it needs in order to run.
Fc leavelt to gefdn mV : for exaryple. You wrote a to the AthigaDOS "Delete" command. If you had to feed the script the name ot each and every file that you wanted to delete as and when the script was ready to process it, you’d have to sit in front of your Amiga and wait for the script to process each file. By feeding the script all the filenames (or even a wildcard pattern) from the command line, you could leave it to do its stuff whilst you got on with something t mol)i-t| " the I Arexx scripts also makes Arexx an candidate for writing your own AmigaDOS . Without having to resort to more
complicated languages like Assembler or C. COMMAND PERFORMANCE , Arexx supports command line using a very powerful function called
r. Adding command line arguments to your irprisingly simple too -
certainly a it ehslhctNdri it is with a language like C or
even assembler. What you may not have realised is VfttHRexx
supports command line arguments ’Stkaiit the need lor extra
code - yes. Even the that£e have been examining over recent
accepted command line argu- n how to process them. As it was.
Even if you had fed a script command line arguments. Arexx
simply ignored them So how does the Arg() function work? Well,
it s very simple really Whenever you run an Arexx script and
pass it command line arguments, all the arguments that you
pass are bundled together into a continuous string that is
held Internally within the Arexx interpreter. This string is
automatically handed to the Arg() function. All you have to
do to access it is to interrogate the string that is returned
by the Arg() function using a line similar to the following,
arguments = arg(l) CUIHM This line simply transfers the string
of command line arguments to an Arexx variable called 'argu
ments'. Once the string has been transferred, you can then
gain access to the arguments embedded within the string using
a combination ol Arexx1 s powerful string manipulation
functions. If you're only passing a single argument to a
script, then the string relumed by the Arg() function will
contain only a single argument and so it can be used without
the need to strip out indwidual words. It’s worth noting,
however, that each word that you pass to an Arexx script is
treated as a single argument and so it you were to pass
something like CU AMIGA as a single argument, Arexx would
treat it as two arguments In most cases, your Arexx scripts
will expect to be fed more than one argument and so you need
some way to extract each argument from the string that is
returned by the Arg()func on. Thankfully, due to a combination
ot ArexXs powerful arrays feature and string handling
commands, this is very useful.
Here's a demonstration listing that you can type in that win demonstrate how lo strip out arguments •ARexx 'Arg( ' function demonstration •Get arguments from comnand line* cmdline - Arg(l) •How many arguments?* count - Words (cmdline) £$ Mlag.enta argument. Loop - Word (cmdline, loop) MUSE THE BUCK H the thought of having lo go Ihrough »»ratwr long- winded process of stripping indhfdual words fmm a string and then placing them into an array seems rather too much trouble, help Is at hand in Ihe shape of the very useful 'Parse Arg' command. Although Parse Arg does exactly the same job as the
code cowered above, the great thing about it is that * automatically places any command Sne ar mens that are passed lo your script iruo a set ol vandM that you define Obviously this does mean M tie Parse Arg command is only usehi when you Know exactly how many arguments * expect -1 you M tie Parse Arg command lo expect only three argumerSi and the user actualy passes six, only the first tvee arguments will be made available - the rest «• limply be forgotten before you've even had a chance lb access them.
Using Ihe Parse Arg command is very simple indeed AI you need to do is lo add the command to the start of your program fotcwed by a 1st ot wtofclas which w* be used to hold the arguments txa are passed How many variables you define drecHy delates how many arguments are accepted -1 you orty give the Parse Arg command a single variable, orty a single argument will be trapped. The Parse Arg command does have one annoying feature, however - tor reasons known only to William S. Hawes (the programmer of Arexx). The last word that Parse Arg extracts from the command line always always seems to
have a space character proceedng the word Ml.
This isn't too much ol a problem I you sm0y inland to dsplay the text on screen, but magine low catastrophic the results could be I the argument were actually a filename! In short. Arexx would never be able to find the file you were referring to. By maktog use ol the following line, however, it can be automatically removed.
Lastarg - Space (lastarg) The 'Spaced' function simply removes all spaces PARSE IN ACTIONS Btlow k the complete listing for a short program colled HT Co c that demonstrateshow to write o tool that mokes use of commond line arguments. The program provides Iwo funcltens -» odds VAT lo o value and also takes it away if you need to know o price minus VAT.
Even if you're not VAT registered, you moy find this simple tool very hondy when calculating the price you hove to pay when ordering goods from mail order componies that guote their prices minus VAT. Simply pass it the VAT rate os a percentage (17.5, foe example), Ihe price and either on lM* if you wish the VAT to be token off of Ihe price or T if you wish VAT to l» odded. Internoly, the program is nothing special. The only function that it uses Ihot we haven't already coveted is “Trancf)' that simply olows you to control how many decimal places in a Hooting point number ore displayed All
you need to do is to pass the floating point number followed by the number of decimal places required ond the TruncO function trun- cotes Ihe volue to the required number of decimol places.
Give it a try! •vat Calculator
• Parse Arg RATE AKXIWT OPT Say -VAT Calculator" If RATE - -?*
then do Say -Osage: VATCalc VatRate* A»ount M inua P lua"
Exit End If OPT-"P* then do VATAKXJNT - AMXJNT 100'RATE
VATAKXJNT - Trunc (AMOUNT *VATA- icnrr,2) Say -£"AHXJNT "? VAT
"£"AMOUNT *- VAT - £"VATAMOUNT End Exit from within a string.
H, for example, you passed it a stnng such as “CUAMIGA
Magazine’, it would return CU AMIGA Magazine Anyway, here’s a
quic* fcstng that demonstrates the Parse Arg command in action.
•Parse Arg demonstration •Get ccrrmand line arguments* Parse Arg arg.l arg.2 arg.3 arg.4 •Strip cwt leading character* arg.4 - Space(arg.4) •Display arguments...* Do locp-1 To 4 By 1 Say "Argument" loop arg.locp End Exit NEXT MONTH II ol Ibis talk obout arguments hosn I got you loo flustered then stay tuned for next month s issue in which we! Be lok mg o look ol how lo use Arexx lo automata Ihe opeiolions oumolher program Many ol you hove asked for o round up ol books available lhal covet the Arexx language so.
Just lo piove how much notice we lake of your letters, you can look forward lo a mego Arexx books roundup too!
TPEJ In the first i I a two-part ¦ I H tutorial, Jol Dodds tells 3 9 you all you d to know about ktop publishing on r Amiga.
Esktop publishing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The secret is to learn and accept what you can't do, and then work within those limitations. Plenty can be done with just the bare essentials, and to a fairly high quality. But what exactly are the bare essentials? Three things - computer, software, printer. That's it.
As far as the computer is concerned, the Amiga you are using now will do fine, even if it is an A600. If you are reading this with a view to buying an Amiga to desktop publish on a budget, the extra money you'll pay for the faster A1200 will serve you well, if you can’t stretch that far, go lor an A500* rather than an A600 as there are more add-ons available for the A500-*. You will need a minimum of 2Mb of ram.
Now don’t go thinking that 2Mb is all the memory you need. It is the minimum. That means that the software will run and you’ll be able to use it. But at some point you are going to run into the hated “not enough memory" requester. This can easily happen half-way through designing just one page, it depends what you have on that page. And then, even if you’ve got a complete page designed, printing the thing requires more memory, so you might get a get lost requester then, or, more likely, bits missing from the printed output. The only solution to this problem is to throw memory at it. If you
can't afford more memory, then you will have to restrain the creative juices and design less complex pages. To desktop publish mul- tiple-page documents you will need upwards of 4Mb of expansion memory.
As th* profession!! Packages are Ofiy a little more expensive, even budget desktop publishers should consider spending that little bit extra rather than plumping tor the cheaper and more limited PageSeffer.
The general advice is lo go for the best one you can afford, but there are certain things you must keep in mind. You must understand that the output from 9-pin and 24-pin colour dot-matrix printers is nothing to be proud of. With a brand new ribbon in the printer you can almost always get three or four quite decent pages, but the ribbons get dirty so quickly that pretty soon all your colours are looking dull and streaky. There is no magic wand that can be waved to cure the problem, you can't buy software or printer drivers or anything else that can make a dirty ribbon print brighter colours;
all you can do is buy a new ribbon. At E15-E20 a throw, it can work out damn expensive if you are printing lots of colour documents.
DECEMBER 3 - JANUARY2 Now, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn't buy a colour dot-matrix printer.
I'm simply telling you that you must not expect miracles from them. For miracles you need to spend upwards of £500.
It is, however, a different story for mono printers. With a little experience and ingenuity you can do wonders with an inexpensive 9-pin dot-matrix, but for DTP output on a budget you can t beat the little Canon BJ-10 portable bubble jet. Considering it costs just £200, the 360 dpi output is superb. You will always get some slight banding, but then you'll get that from a 9-pin dot matrix as well.
To eradicate banding, again you need to spend more money.
Higher output resolution is much more important than colour. And you don't need a colour printer. If you are doing anything that is going to be mass reproduced, it is going to be cheaper to approach a High Street print shop or a firm of printers, and neither of these will be able to do very much with artwork printed on an expensive inkjet colour printer, let alone a 9-pin dot matrix. Mono artwork can be reproduced quickly, easily and very cheaply. If you want colour, then “spot’ colours can be used, and tor the print shop or firm of printers to do this they don't need colour artwork, they
need mono artwork and a note telling them what colour toner to put in the photocopier or what colour ink to put in the printing press.
Resign yourself to the fact that unless you are willing to spend a few thousand pounds you will not be able to produce anything that even approaches full colour, like the pages of this magazine for exam- JARGON BUSTERS 9-PIN 24-PIN PRINTER: A low quality output device that strikes wire pins onto on inked ribbon in order to moke morks on paper.
DPI: Dots per indt DYE SUBLIMATION; A method of thermal transfer printing that melts coloured wax on to paper lo print up to 16.8 miBkm true colours ond so produce rich, continuous tone, C%°OuVbtat2ri™f2Sished using Ihe four-colour CMYK printing process.
Mb: Megabyte, a unit used for ihe measurement of mem- f:A, the standard for REPRO: Short for publishing.
Pie. Instead, think about how spot colours can be used to enhance your work. You can also introduce colour into your work by using tints and washes, and again you don't need a colour printer for these. In fact you don't need a printer at all for tints, the firm doing the reproducing should be able to do that for you, all you do is tell them where to put the tint.
But for one-offs and short runs you will probably want to print them at home on your own printer. In which case you must experiment a lot, discover which colours print best and stick to using just those colours. Don’t expect to be able to print HAM or 256- colour pictures and get output that looks just like it does on the screen. That's difficult enough to do with high-end colour printers that cost thousands of PRINTERS BUREAUS When buying any printer it is very important lo check Ibol there is 0 suitable AMIGA printer driver for it. No good buying on obscure SiberSpecial model lor five quid
ifil woril tvork with your AMIGA.
A good bel if you are alter something ol ihe cheaper end ofihe moikel is the Otiten Swift 90. A monochrome 9- end ofihe moikel is the Otiten Swift 90. O monochrome 9- pin printer lor which there is o colour option available. Bui pin primers, bolh 9-pin ond 24-pin, are more suited lor text outpul than graphics, os they suffer quite badly from bond ing - regular horizontal lines lhat stretch ocross the poge. If you wont some semblance of quality then start looking ol inkjets and bubble jet printers.
For monochrome output you can’t go wrong wilh the Canon BJ -230. It enables you to print on lo A3 paper and its output is as good os mony lasers. Il you need colour, check oul Ihe Hewfett-Packard DeskJet 550C or the new (anon BJC 600. Bolh of these provide good enough outpul for rough colour proofs. To gel the best from these priaters you need lo odd the cost ol o print enhancement package like Studio that comes with suitable drivers.
Ink bosed printers offer limited options when it comes to resolution, me maximum being 360 dpi with the Canon pounds. Find out what colours your pnnter pnnts best, and then have a good hard Bank about how you can make the most ot what you've got.
01 course the computer and the pnnter are useless without software. Amiga owners are very fortunate because even the powerful, professional desktop publishing packages are cheap compared to PC and Mac prices. If you don't own a hard drive, Professional Page is ruled out, but PageSlream, which doesn't require a hard drive, can be picked up lor under £70 these days. Pagestream doesn't Include a word processor, so a better buy it you are on a real tight budget is PageSetter. This software not only comes with a word processor and spelling checker - a spedal version ot the HB Trans Write
TransSeetsoftware-Out |||||H isois "Moa" ' ggggjH these programs are hot-linked to BBH PaoeSerrer sc :-a: :c: a-o g-aoros ||jf||H can tie moved between re D'og-1" S§HjH without Ihe -etc -3' 45. 'C a-o •'¦ '.
¦BB| To nu'ti-tasK like ns regci'es -'.•mot-, HB and. While t W'l wcr- »e 2MC -on- s HR recommended.
¦V wan ar- Arrnga a DW o "xnor, a H mono inkiet printer and PugeSelW' you fg R Will haee a desktop publishing system lhat really can be used to produce pro jMBH tessionai duality work You can • eipect B B» the tools to do the won. To- . - “Oug- ¦H Desktop publiS-ing cc-c-r..... p pVit Irom writing the copy to distnbuemg re ¦KRk finished publication No maner how much or how Itttle you have spent on hardware and software, none ol««ol SsfSfH f§lpiH • re c-' HH iish and distnbute pjBffl&jj Where do you get rose s- « g§§|H ¦Hk the hard way by ocrg .t *• • limes until we beg n to gut " r" Tjg B'
need lo practice often Read -q oco«s on Ihe subjects can help P-mtmg pub I'Siting and distribution IS eas e- fc e.r abouiasyou wlloepay ¦ t BwaM ltd on other people 10 do th'S for you g|j ‘lather ran taking sc-,-- - * Bwatw punt Shop ano saying O yo- pr-t PIBlI this . Go lo the print shop tirs! Te* ther- ” what you want to produce and ask what Rmk would be the cheapest way to produce « rM mA without compromistng on quaMy I can't hide the tact that desktop pubkshmg on a budget is really hard work because you wont have the equipment that can make everything happen quickly But the thing about
hard work s that the rewards are always greater. Heck, anyone can spend money and do it the easy way. It takes genius lo do it tor next to nothing.® NEXT MONTH Next issue we ll look nt the best monitors end sconneis ihol your hard-earned yen tan buy, how mudt memory you need to cruise through the glossiest pubkotion and find oot which wocd processors are available w* what programs mmi on Ihe hi9h eo DECEMBER 3 - JANUARY21 BLACK8TUFF TRAVEL BOOK NOW!! 'ISSnSTT* BOOK NOW!I jSTMA on Ihe hi9h eo DECEMBER 3 - JANUARY21 bubble iets Inset ptinlets offer higher resolutions, horn 300 reaming o
small number of copies - horn one to o lew hut dpi fight up lo 1000 dpi or mae Jjthougb die natural feel died -fen risk your bureau andtheteox Docieeh ParieardTaserJet 4M. Which is a 600 dpi device.
Lo achieve better results than this it moy be less expen sive lo approach repco bureau, where they wil have even higher resolution output devices.
Ihe type of services open to you ot buieous are mony ond vonetl from colour laser copies to high resolution oulput on In film. If you have some colour images from which you would like posters made, you can toke them lo o bureou os
o PostScript file ond have them printed on o coloui Inset
printer. Ihe auolity from o colout loser printer is not os good
os you may think so if you wont something that is closer to
pholoqtophk Quality, enquire obout having yout document printed
on o dye sublimation printer.
Another option when you require photographic quality atlwotft h to nave a bromide created These are just like photographs but are meant to be used as Ihe ortimrit from which lo print further copies, rather than the final step in the reproduction process. If you hove o document thot you need to print out ony octwk ofyour mm. You ran keep costs down.
PostScript files on lo slide f3m, ot creating overhead ptojec lions, either in colour oc black and while. Then there's Ihe (hromplin - o high quality print taken (torn colour separations and used as on accurate guide lo the final quality of p colour image when reproduced on a the tmol quality ot a colout image when reproduced on a printing press, the quality ol these is so good that they con be used os contract pools whereby that the colours seen in the Oitomatn will be exactly the some after tepoduction.
EXPRESS PD, Dept CU, Magazine Business Centre, 11 Newarke Street, Leicester LEI 5SS.
RE?qpress Pd Tel (0533) 559711 Fax (0533) 490118 Mon-Fri 8.30am to 5pm GopanHswlini
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CDROM FOR CDTV A570 IV miiKt CDROM » a o««,lMn ol n.i ««0
file, for Iiiii.m P. rviu.l KimpslCI Ihe Iminri I DRUM
• naluln. D.UlMu- pnifiiamh drnrr. Ol «tniu»mi.il utml prut
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Lie uup* KISS THE CANVAS d lhirl.li,
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.VXT-CtBl’-WtaW TWT 1ca.PB!Z?r. .vAKigaPftw, »Citvtn Smrr
2ta?4CC ¦ 2* pm- 80 column Ijr.f.l _ »3QX& SO nfcw. 2*0 cm
Drift. Som IQ A-ILIIUb
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¦ wjSLasffiflsse.- ¦ muffosaxsi. OtltujrdluiaBUhotha pmptwMindstfMars CROYO RDER: 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd. Stdcup. Kent. 0A14 40X Tel: 081-389 1111 Op- *"•»« eCOeTT-0ft-.l9-amwi4.30pw, No L«. Fftyi Oy-rw, r„ Ho C*i.»e cece QN SHOP 5 °* ','31 Nortn ° C, flon Su,27- 1BQ TlL MVSM USS LONDON SHOP: 52 TonenMm Court Road, London. W1P OBA hh 071-580 4080 Cwnna Havs Uce S« « Xmrr-a Ocywi K m F*qf.r ¦ No Oft-SB W LONDON SHOP: SeltnOges iBtsmeW Oxford Strwt. London. W1A 1A8 Tel: 071-629 1234 *»* -eu* M nSw S*Wtv7HX in wri TinUi tmrmor 1*14 SIDCUP °V'S SHOP: 1-4 The Mews. Hetheriey Rd.
Sidcup. Kent. 0A14 40X Tel: 081-302 8811 n»n Uon-S acov-.SXftT. im togre fnaty p* In No oei-aoe oot- ESSEX COKW, SHOP: Keddies im»). Hch Street. Sourhend-on-Sea. Essex. SS11IA Tel: 0702 468039 Hxn Mon*t »J w.4»ftm(a-»COwv?Oftr.| UW Hqn rtund,, • Tpr. Fu No OTTO WS IPSWIC Ow. 1 SHOP: DeOentiams im Rm». Waterloo House. West(ja1e St. Ipsvnch. IP1 3EH Tel: 0473 287892 l*sn o BJOw.-smpr.'SweCO.rMlCftmi LM NUT nuioi, fee fa. No To Silica CMUSR-0394-55 1-4 The Me%vs Hatherley Roao Sidcup Kent DA14 4DX PLEASE SEND A BROCHURE ON THE CITIZEN RANGE 1 Mr Mrs Mlsa Ms:______ Innials: .. Sumam Company Name
(If applicable): AdOrosa; . Postcode: . Tnl IhnmnT Tat fVUnAV Wnch computer(s). If any. Do you own? .. ...55AB r, cf-rq. Pimm *un m* ox»«in tor I- IMM ntoeeton John Kennedy and Mat Broomfield pit their wits, once more, against some of the hardest technical problems since the invention of Comms packages.
* » I haven't had my machine long, but I've learned to use Welk
in N Yb . Bench 3-0 pretty well. But I have a Jj A » problem If
I am designing or alter MtSa ffM * mg icons -when I draw the
icons everything is line and in colour.
However, when I save them, all the colours disappear and the icon is saved as a blade and white mess. Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug in the Icon Ed program?
Chris Borvrlck, Stoneygate, Leicester.
An Icon can only choose Its colours trom the existing Workbench 3.0 pen colours. If there are only two Workbench colours, the Icon will appear In black and white. This Is the first thing you should check and try upping the number ot colours to eight or 16 with the Prats program screen mode.
The Workbench 3.0 IconEd program does have a taw quirks when it comes to colour. It turns out most ot these can be solved by using the IconEd program which came with Workbench 2 - perhaps you know someone with an A600 or A500* who can let you use their copy.
HARD DRIVE BARGAIN I have a hard drive from a PCII. Is L(T|A there anyway in which I can use It with my Amiga 500? I hope there is, please help.
Scott Plumrldge, St George, Bristol.
The hard drive trom a PC la likely to conform to the IDE standard. Unlike the At 200 or A600, to use It with the A500 will need to buy an IDE Interface - try Trtloglc on 0274 691115 and see If they can help you.
A word of advice to anyone trying to use PC hard drives: not all IDE drives are completely compatible. Some drives will only boot from cold (that Is, not from a CTRL-Amlga-Amlga reset) and some won’t boot at all. The problem JOHN KENNEDY They call him Big John at his local.
We just call him every month to tell us about Lotale.
Is one of speed - sometimes the computer Is too fast, sometimes the DRIVE la too fast. Take care to ensure the drive you buy Is compatible with your model ot Amiga - drives which work on the A600 don’t always work with the At 200 and vice versa.
Some drives will hang with long data transfers - one possible solution Is to use HDToolbox to adjust the maximum speed to a amaller value. Please don’t mesa around with this program If you don’t know what you are doingl Pressing the wrong gadget can erase all the data and an accidental Low Level Format will even destroy the drive permanently.
DRIVE BOTHER .no I have recently added a GVP A530 Tuito Hard Drive to my Amiga 500. To do this I had to disconnect my Amiga A570 CD ¦v B ROM drive, as it uses the same Y connection. Could you please let me know how I can reconnect this with the hard drive in place? I have been told that a Centronics cable would do thq trick and if so. Where could I purchase one?
Mr. W. Graham, Dunbar, Scotland.
I don’t know who told you about the Centronics cable, but they are way oft target. A Centronics cable will only connect the parallel port of the Amiga to a parallel printer - Centronics Is the name of the parallel data protocol. Perhaps your friend was misled by the similar-looking 25 way connector at the rear of the GVP A530.
This is, In fact, a SCSI interlace, which will allow you to use other SCSI drives (Including CD-ROM drives).
Unfortunately, the Commodore A570 CD- ROM drive isn’t a SCSI device. The only Interface It does have is the edge connector with which It interfaces with the Amiga 500.
What you need la a card which will duplicate this edge connector, and I believe Datel (Tel: 071 580 6460) make such a device.
Unfortunately, you will have a tremendously hard time using It, as the second connector Is at right angles, pointing upwards. Secondly, there is no guarantee that the CD-ROM DRIVE and the hard drive will work together.
My suggestion Is to scour your local paper for the cheapest secondhand A500 you can buy. Then use the Psrnel linking software (supplied on last month’s cover disk) to link the two computers.
Please, please help me as I’m at my wits end. When I read your review ol The Publisher I thought ¦brilliant- until I tound out it doesn't work on the A1200. Why? If I use Relokick will It work?
P. M. Bagguley, whereabouts unknown.
The Publisher!reviewed in the December 1993 Issue of CU AMIGA) won’t get on with the AGA MAT BROOMFIELD Our Mat found out all about drives this month: CDTV drives, IDE drives, whist drives... chipset present In the A1200 and A4000, which means no matter what Kickstart you use (Relokick will swop from 3.x or 2.x to 1.3) the program will continue to fall. This is a pity as It quite a good program. However, the similarly priced PageSetter III by GoldDisk (available from Silica Systems, tel:081 309 1111) will work fine. So get that instead. It’s good.
MAGK WORKBENCH I’ve noticed that a lot ol screenshots LlYf b in your magazine seem to use a new Workbench, with different colours and icons Please can I have a copy?
J. Runner, Bangor, Wales.
Anyone can have a copy - Juat get the program shareware disk from your favourite PD library called Meglc Workbench. I notice that 17 Bit Software (Tel *924 366982) have Included It in their collection as number 2785.
e. I’m Interesting in learning more about the AGA chipset and the
new Workbench features. Is £ 0 3 *lh8,e 3 new ’’‘•'d'*318
W. M * coming out?
WsjUV* Nicholas Barnett. Chelsea, London.
Well, according to Commodore’s Sharon McGuffle there should be a new set of Rom Kernel manuals released In the UK by October this year. These manuals should contain all the Intuitlon-lriendly coding you’ll need, but I would say It is extremely unlikely that there will be a hardware manual containing the same degree of detail that was made available for the A500 A2000 machines.
In the meantime, the Commodore Amiga 3.0 Native Developer Pack Is now available. This five disk pack contains a heck of a lot of essential programming details, and any budding A1200 programmer should send a cheque or postal order for £23.50 made out to CBM (UK) Ltd. To: Sharon McGuffle, CBM (UK) Lid, Commodore House, The Switchback, Gardner Road. Maidenhead. Berks SL6 7XA. Please write your cheque number on the back of any cheques. Please note that this set won’t teech you to program, nor does It contain any programming languages. Instead It Is full of example code (mostly C) and Includes
the famous "INCLUDES- that are needed to access the operating system.
If you really, really want to know some AGA hardware details, get the latest AmlgaGulde version of Comrade J’s How to Code document from a good PD library or BBS. Writing programs which directly use the hardware will mean your programs will only work on the current AGA machines. A lot ot people get upset about this, and call you silly names If you ask about It on the CIX BBS. Mind you, when asked how to duplicate an effect originally achieved by hardware-hilling using the OS, they went strangely quiet end said Ihey would gel back lo me. That was six months ago.
PERPLEXED AND CONFUSED 1 * * For a while now I have been thinking about upgrading my 1.3 Workbench to 2.0.1 own an
• A500 with 1 Mb of RAM, but I am unsure of some things:
1. How much will the upgrade be?
2. Will it affect any of my games programs?
3. Call me stupid, but how much memory will I have without my 0.5
Mb upgrade?
4. Will I need to take my Amiga to the shop to get it fitted?
James Edwards, Barnt Green, Worcestershire.
Wow, I would have thought this letter was a year late if it arrived last year. If you can possibly afford to buy an A1200, do it tomorrow - it will save you a lot of hassle. I really don’t know how you can continue to use the horrible orange and blue of Workbench 1.3. Failing all that, here are some answers:
1. Looking In the current Silica Systems catalogue, the ROM
switching hardware Is £10, and the new (Ish) ROM is about £20.
2. No, because you can switch back to the old ROM at the first
hint of any problems. Only very old programs should fail.
3. 1Mb of RAM minus 0.5Mb of RAM leaves
0. 5Mb. Why do you want to remove the memory? Workbench 2.0
will use it just as well as Workbench 1.3.
4. No, you can fit the ROM switcher yourself.
As I said, please get an A1200 Instead. If you can’t, you can be sure that there will be a lot of secondhand A500 hardware around as users upgrade. Put a wanted advertisement in your local paper.
PC CD-ROM PDQ I own an A570 CDTVadd-on and a 1 Mb Amiga 500 with
* 1, Workbench 1.3. When I bought it g-the box said it was
compatible with ISO9660 I read somewhere that this means it can
run PC CD-ROM software. If this is true could you please tell
me what PC disk software I can run. Would an AT-ONCE PC
emulator allow me to run them?
I know the CDTV is not compatible with CD32 programs, but can it run Apple Mac Cds? Finally, do you know ot any CDTV based dubs or magazines so I can find out more?
Richard Johnson, Tywardreath, Cornwall.
Yes, the CDTV drive is compatible with ISO9660 - the usual standard for CD-ROMS.
However, all this means is that the data can be accessed - It doesn't mean the data can be understood. For example, If a PC CD-ROM contains text then this can be loaded, but If the disk contains a program to display the text, this program cannot be run.
Adding an emulator such as the AT-ONCE would certainly allow some PC programs stored on a CD to run, but I’m not sure If the CDTV drive and the emulator would work well together. Besides, the emulator isn't really up to running games - only "serious” text-based programs.
The Apple Mac's tile system Is rather weird, and uses two files (data and resource forks) where the Amiga uses one. This can cause problems for AmigaDOS, although apparently II Is possible lo use a new CD-ROM File System on the Amiga lo read Apple Mac disks. Again, data can be accessed, but the programs cannot be directly executed.
ASK THE EXPERTS I wish I did know ot some CDTV clubs -1 have a CDTV, which is solely used tor parnet- tlng PD software Into my A4000.
PC, A1200 OR CD32?
I wonder if you could help me with a problem. I am torn between getting an A1200 or a CD32.1 am not a programmer, and I doubt it I ever will be, but I want a powerful machine to play games on. What I really want to know is are PC games easy to convert lo the CD32, and if so, are there likely to be any games converted trom PC to CD32, such as the brilliant X-Wing.
I know that they are working on a CD version ol Frontier, which will be like the PC version, but the software that comes tree with the CD32 (so I've heard) is rubbish.
Please tell me which machine is better tor the gamer who wants PC quality games but cant afford a PC!
Steve Ovell, Alton, Hants!
So, you're a frustrated PC gamer are you? It you want a PC that badly you should start looking around tor secondhand 386 machines. It shouldn't cost considerably more then a CD32 or A1200.
But, tt you want state-of-the-art hardware (and here I mean a computer designed after the 1970s), you should stick with Commodore. I reckon a CD32 Is what you want. The CD-ROM means bigger and better games, and tt tt catches on like it should, there will soon be peripherals to add to all the A1200 features necessary for a complete home computer.
The CD32 has a CPU of the same family as Ihe other Amiga's - a Motorola 68020. This is as far trom a PC's Intel brain as you can gel, so converting games Isn’t easy. Besides, in order to take advantage of the more advanced Amiga graphics and sound, the game will need to be re-written anyway.
The AKIKO chip is rather misleading: it provides a reasonably quick way of providing a special "chunky'' way of writing pixels In the same way Ihe PC does. It will make certain tasks, such as texture mapping, quicker but it won’t make porting PC games any simpler.
The software that comes with the CD32 isn’t gob-smacklngly brilliant, but It is tar trom rubbish, Wilhin six months there should be a lew games that will give X-Wtng a run for Its money.
PARNET PROBLEMS Does leaving an A1200 on IVFr K overnight do any harm? Also, how can I gel Pamet lo work? I have linked my son’s A1200 to my A4000 030 but il just won t work, please help me.
Mr. R.J. Blount, Mlnehead, Somerset.
Leaving the A1200 on overnight Is a matter of personal taste. Some people don’t even like leaving their video recorders on (which is why Ihey always have 0000 Hashing on them all the time). Certainly Ihe risk of tire is present, although it is a very small one. If you are nervous, ask a qualified electrician lo Inspect your wiring. The best thing you can do Is til a Smoke Detector Fire Alarm in Ihe same room!
I frequently leave my computers on tor days at a time, and once I even left It on whilst I went on holiday, although In retrospect this probably wasn’t a wise move: last week my monitor caught fire as I was watching it. I would say that the solid state workings of an Amiga are incredibly unlikely to catch fire as there are only low voltages and currents present, unlike a TV or monitor where 26,000 volt sparks can shoot out the back and scare you witless. I'd say leaving the computer on overnight Is fine, but always switch off the monitor at the mains.
But don't hold me responsible!
Parnet is a notoriously tricky program to use. It took me weeks before I realised I had the cable made Incorrectly. I would wager that most problems are due to the cable not being- connected properly or just plain wired wrong.
When you do get Ihe wiring right, the next thing is to start the server and client programs
- this can be done in the user-startup file.
Now, make sure the NET: device is mounted: open a shell and enter mount net: (return).
Before any device can be accessed, It Is necessary to Inform the system it exists. This can most easily be done by CD'Ing lo it. For example, to access the floppy disk on the remote machine, enter cd NET:df0 (return) at the shell.
To access Ihe hard drive enler cd NET:hd0 (return). You might want to create assigns to make access simpler: assign dt2: net:df0 (return) will create a new device (df2:) which can be used like dfO:.
For more help on Pamet, get 17 Bit Software (Tel: 0924 366 982) to send you disk 2763, which is crammed of pictures and text. You'll have to pay them first, by the way.
Incidentally, It you are having problems with Pamet appearing to hang alter long file transfers, you should look out ParNFS, and alternative set of routines which use the same Pamet device drivers. Although il introduces Its own quirks, ParNFS Is faster and more reliable. The only snag Is lhat II is WB2 only, but It can be coaxed to work on the the CDTV.
ROM IT HOME I have ret with an 85Mb Hard drive. I’m t very interested in the CD32.
Could you please tell me when the CD-ROM drive for the A1200 will be released, how much it will cost and (my last question), will it fit into the PCMCIA card slot?
Krlss Goodall, France.
No, I'm afraid I can't tell you, as that information has yet to be made public. What I can give you though is the best guesses I can make from what little facts are floating around.
First of all, don't hold your breath waiting.
The Big C have said that they have the CD- ROM drive almost finished, but the big problem is cost - It will cost almost as much as a standard CD32.
The CD32 is really a miracle in the exercise of value for money and cost control. As the A1200 was designed well before the CD32, in my opinion it is unrealistic to expect an easy (and cheap) upgrade path.
Secondly, the CD-ROM drive will only fit to the trapdoor expansion. This leaves a problem as to where any user-installed extra memory or faster processors will go: at the moment It looks like the bin.
The really bad news is that currently there appears lo be no way lo lit the FMV cartridge (the MPEG chips that allow real video (ootage to be ahown Irom CD) to the A1200. It's all pretty messy really - perhaps by this time next year we'll look back and laugh at all the luss we were making. Nah, we won't.
PLAY BY MAIL . A. I wish to purchase software that would enable me to run a "play by mail' football game (i.e. when P Q A*the players ol the game send M * their moves in via the post), but
* am having great difficulty locat- ing any. Is there a company
that could provide me with some?
Mark Clinton, Werley, West Midlands.
Sure there Is: It's called AMOS or Blia Basic, and the only snag Is that you have to write It yourself. It you can't manage It, I'm sure some budding programming genius would be only too happy to volunteer their services.
Falling all that. I'm stuck. Perhaps If a software house Is In fact publishing such a program they would let us all know.
A . I've recently changed over from the Atari ST to the A1200, so I'm W ,eel‘n9 a lme “ 31 0"x W A »lems begin when I try 10 copy
* programs trom one disk to
* another (especially cover disks).
I'm never sure which files need to be transferred or where to lind them (not a problem on the ST). Have you any general lips on how to set about copying programs Irom one place to another, and installing them onto hard disk?
Peter Bardon, Bradford. West Yorkshire.
Copying programs is slightly trickier on the Amiga than on the ST because the Amiga has a proper operating system. The multi-tasking natura of the Workbench requires that a special re-entrant code Is stored In particular places. This code, called libraries and devices, can be used by many programs at the same time. The operating system then arbitrates between the programs, making aure each gets its fair share of processor time, memory and any extras such as the printer, or serial port.
These code modules always live In the same place. The general purpose libraries stay In a drawer called UBS:, and to look at them all you need to do is open a Shell window and type DIR LIBS: (return). Similarly, devices (such as the printer device) live in the DEVS: drawer.
The AmlgaDOS commands (such as LIST, DIR and so on) live in the C: directory.
Probably the first problem beginners meet is tha fact that LIBS:, DEVS: and the rest can move around. The disk that an Amiga first boots from (either floppy or hard) Is assumed to contain LIBS:, DEVS: and so on. Thus, it a computer boots trom a hard disk then a cover disk program may no longer run because when It looks In LIBS: for a particular library, It can't find It. Instead of looking on the floppy, It's looking on the hard disk.
The solution Is to copy the libraries and devices to the hard disk. Let's assume your program won't run because It needs the explode.library (this happens all the time when virus checking programs are copied). Boot from your normal disk (hard or floppy), open a Shell and then insert the floppy disk that contains the ottending program. Enter "copy dfO:llbsexplode.library to UBS:" and all should be well. Try entering "resident c:copy" first It you get Into a disk swopping frenzy.
• o I recentty purchased a Roland JV30 General MIDI synth. And I
=- would like to sequence it using my Amiga. I own a bog
standard A600 and I was considering buying a 4Mb PCMCIA card,
a MIDI interface and Bars ana Pipes 2.
Would Bars and Pipes 2 be able to utilise PCMCIA memory? And would this set-up work at a reasonable speed when processing information and performing tasks such as quantisation and putting my recordings on-screen in traditional stave notation format?
I would be most grateful if you could answer my questions and I could demonstrate my appreciation by mentioning you in my first akxim'
J. Riley, Woolton, Liverpool.
Hmmm, a JV30. Lucky you. Any program will utilise extra memory, all that sort ol thing is handled automatically by the operating system.
It's only games and demos which Ignore Intuition and the OS that refuse to acknowledge memory above the standard 1Mb.
However, you might find It a better Idea to till the trapdoor memory slot before buying an expensive 4Mb card.
Bars and Pipes 2 Is a processor-intensive program, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use It. The beauty ot Bara and Pipes 2 means that a lot of processing, quantisation for example, needs to be only done once. You should be able to construct some very advanced pieces before speed becomes a problem.
Unfortunately, Bars and Pipes 2 won't display your songs in traditional notation. The closest It will manage is a sort ol blob and grid display. It this Is important to you, consider buying the Deluxe Music Construction Set 2.
MONITORING THE SITUATION I own an A1200 and I'm wonder- ing which monitor to get: the A |M- Commodore 1942 or the ¦ _ 5 „ Mcrovilec 1440 Multiscan? I ”IKNy * ily with a flicker free display m all modes.
What IS the difference between Multi and Dual sync monitors? Which would be better lor video games? I've been searching for five months and have about £450 to spend.
Hrant Jule Bedoyan, Amman, Jordon.
Last things first: Multi and Dual sync displays.
The new Amiga range (the A1200 and A4000) are the llrst Amlgas to have a programmable video output (okay, to be picky the ECS chipset In the A500+ was. But only just). This means the video signal can exist at dltterent horizontal and vertical frequencies.
Standard PAL works at 15.72 kHz horizontally, and 50Hz vertically, whereas a DoublePAL screen (the flicker free display) works at 27.50 kHz horizontally and 48Hz vertically. This Is fairly close to the PC standard VGA, which wants 31.5 kHz. Most, but not all, PC monitors will display DoublePAL mode.
Some need the extra VGAOnly program to be placed In the WBStartup drawer to slightly alter the scan rates. These monitors will not work with the 15kHz signal which all games use. The 15kHz was chosen to permit usage with domestic television sets.
The standard 1084 Commodore Phlllps monitor only works at 15.72kHz, and will therefore not aupport DoublePAL mode: It will flicker.
The 1942, and 1940, are dual sync monitors, which means they will work at 15.72kHz as before and also at 27.50kHz for a flicker-free DoublePAL display.
These monitors should also display Euro72 mode, which Is a 29.32kHz, 69Hz display. As H works at 69Hz It Is updated more regularly than a OoublePAL or PAL, and is a bit easier on the eyes.
The Mlcrovltec is a multiscan monitor (like the old Commodore 1960), In that It will try Its best to work with all video signals. Irrespective ot frequency.
From an Amiga owner's point of view, this means one more screen mode: Super72
(23. 21 kHz71 Hz) which gives a rock steady display, but too
small to be useful.
Anyway, the point Is that a 1942 Is a perfectly good monitor, with a high resolution display and the bonus ol stereo speakers. The Mlcrovltec Is a true multiscan, and should work with anything (although rumours ot some software Incompatibilities are starting to surface).
I would recommend you get a 1942, which will give you a good picture for games, good sound and also a flicker free display.
Incidentally, In order of preference, here are my favourite screen modes (I.e. less likely to give me a headache alter staring at the screen all day). Try them In order until your monitor can't cope: PAL, Euro36, DblPAL, Euro72 and Multiscan.
APPLE TURNOVER I am looking for a program, like CrossDOS. That will allow me to I transfer normal text files between I Amiga and Macintosh formatted disks. It is very important that I can find such a program so I can continue work at college and at home. If there are any programs that are on the PD circuit, shareware or even commercial, can you please let me know the title, the price and the name of the company concerned Ryan Morse. Milton Keynes.
You already have all the programs you need: CrossDOS. Using this program (which all new A1200S and A4000S are supplied with as standard, by the way) the Amiga can read and write to PC format disks. You can also format disks PC style trom the CLI, by typing "format drive pcO: name PCDISK" (return).
All Apple Mac computers come with a program called Apple File Exchange, which Is a utility which will read and write PC disks.
Problem solved!
It you want to read or write Macintosh format disks directly, you'll need to Invest In a little extra hardware: namely an Emplant Mac emulator and a suitable floppy disk drive. I guess that as you're at college this will probably be outside your price range... NEXT MONTH There will be plenty more Q&A next monlh » write with your queries lo Mot ond John. CU AMIGA Priory Court 30 3? Forringdon lone London. EC1R 3AU.
GH3 company looting for and utilities written by language for the Amiga 25% royalty payment.
Your program worthy and your program is then send it to a free and fast evaluation, or send us an SAE.
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HYPNOStS (At 200 ONLY] Exploit hordcor. Done. Dwno from dsf SC D 9 High Street South Olney. Bucks MK46 4AA Tel: 0234 240954 Fax: 0234 240272 LU ¦ HV ¦! M : ma u O H M V: VH 100 CAP LOCKABLE tr MAIL ORDER DISK SUPPLIERS DISK BOX only (3.S0 .£2 p&p jO WNOIISAIf ft IITftll
• 'A' ffullv uuirantMd 100 CAP STACKABLE DISK BOX only £8.00 . £2
p&p DS DD 3.5" PLANET BRANDED nucT rnuppt snn fino 1700 20 £8
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£1.50 *40p p&p 250 - £70 ? £3 p&p Sam* day despatch on orders
recieved before 3pm Please phone for full brochure and price
* These games are NOT Public Domain! Or Shareware ! *
* They are AI.I. 1993 Copyrighted games titles!*
* Adventures, Puzzlers, Platformers, Sports, Shoot-cm-ups,
Beat-em ups etc!* Some of these Games were MEGA-HITS!
FUTURE SOFTW ARE (CL), 8 Magnolia Park. Dumnurry. Bellas!. BT17 OOS.
Fast despatch on orders. Overseas add £2.00 is Ihe biggest NON Public Domain games in AMIGA history.
Its got enough entertainment to last a Ml COMPETITION Thanks to the Caligan Corporation and Meridian Distribution you can win one ol ten copies of Caligan 24. The superb 3D design and animation program Irom America. The program normally costs £99.99 and it s ideal lor designing and rendering complex real world scenes in three dimensions However, because ot the piny that the program works, it can render your pictures many times taster than the nippiest rival producl** So what do vou have to of these oi i..ingan L’4' bHbp*y answer k ttie following mOltiple* choice* * A questions and write
your answers flrfthij back of a postcard along with your name and Then send the postcard to Cahgari Is Supei Competition CU AMIGA Priory Court, 30-32 Farnngdon Lane London EC1R 3AU The first ten correct entries out of the hat by April 1 st. 1994. Win the goodies , RULES GLORIOUS RULES 1 tn* con caster • -olccanto.ioyempWrw.c fMAPlTngaa, You cun use Caligan lo icndoi Munnmg photorealistic images such as this incredible Lily.
XI a posft-iro D-M» IU CU AWI( .A. Pnoiy fcun i- !0ndC«ifcClR3AU Copyright (C) 1992, Steve Menzies THE QUESTIONS Be very careful Uiere s a couple of tricky ones in there' 1 Is Caligan is a ray tracing package7 Y N ?
2 How many bits of fantastic colour can the Cahgari use?
A 18 ?
B 24 ?
C: 32 a
3. Meridian means a A lino running through the North and South
Poles ?
B The highest point ?
C A weight equivalent to 1000 kilograms ?
4 Tony Morgan recently went on holiday to a Bali and Peking ?
B Peru and Australia ?
C Fiji and New Zealand ?
T hint think bungee jumping ) II you are noi fortunate enough to win one of these stunning prizes you can stiH buy a copy dnectly from Mondian Distribution Contact them by ringing 081 543 3500.
DELUXE PAINT ¦ . £7«W LEUViNOS -------- £2589 ftt FRCW SAC A |Se.-*L £125.96 TOTAL PACK VALUE: £431.93 LESS PACK SAVtWG £243 93 SILICA PRICE: tlW.00 2pg;-£599 STEREO MONITOR FOR ALL AMIGAS AMIGA 4000 SPECIFICATIONS CDTV ADD-ON FOR A500 Of A500m« CONFIGURATIONS The Amiga 4000 030 and 040 are avulaOW m sovenU RAMIMarO Orhe opOon* from Saca (ptaaae &oo 0*o*) Alimlid, configured and atpuwod and cairy Commodore* fUl one year orvMe wararty RAM upgrades are a»o avartaCM from Si lea Due » current FREE NOW WITH 5 FREE TITLES DANGEROUS STREETS WING COMMANDER DIGGERS OSCAR I PLUS! LEMMINGS CD I A570
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OpuMB Haw MxhSM 930am*00(«n_M) UH MgN LONOON SHOP: Setlridoes itaemMAwwi. Oxtord Street.
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ESSEX SHOP: Keddes t?rd Hloh Street, Souttieod-on-S OpaaMQ ftauw Man*" Q30e"-5.3)wiHSB9flOm -60Cpn1_law ny TH IPSWICH SHOP: Detwnharris law Roar). Waterloo House. Wesioate Oparrg Hxr» Ua f« a» 5ttp"(Sll9iXMrr9 0Cp"l Lay Hfl **¦ We haw (Mnonsinoon ana oaninj taciKws at N or flow
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(APR 29.8S • written qirtes on fewest) 0394 PLEASE SEND A 64
PAGE AMIGA COLOUR CATALOGUE Icl on-site warranty IYERY: i the
UK mantinfl HELPLINE saWDeafyoMsefvce.
Prodict - Sane pnee’ toss re.
MriWr&Wiss Ms: Initials: Surname: Company Name fit appfacatrt): .... Address:----------------------------------------------------------- ____________________________________________________________________Postcode:--------------------------------------------------- Tel (Home): Tel (Work): .... I Which computec(s). II any, do you own? .. 1Q4T j EAOC • Ad»««d pneaa and apadBoMMm i y cfanjo Plean mjn' ire cx*on *x th» OH* mW-wnpr, raEManm BACKCHAT VAT We all know there are times when you just have
to be heard, when you are screaming inside, when you feel like no one truly knows how you feel. If you need to talk, Tony Dillon is a fairly desperate measure.
A LITTLE DEFENCE flogging CD32s in either Perth or Dundee Now call me finicky but when you have a £7 million ad campaign, it seems sensible to make the product you're (logging available I never saw one in any ot the large electrical outlets or more disturbing, any ot the special computer shops including the software house owned by DMA I finally tracked down a CD32 in the local Clydesdale branch here In Arbroath. Commodore may be good at making computers, but they're no good at marketing I'd get rid ol these so-called marketing gurus. At least it would reduce any unnecessary overheads.
On another subject I am very interested in DTP and would love to be able to produce tanzines. But how do I go about it? I think it would be interesting il you were to run an article on the production ot mags and tanzines, even about how you produce CU AMIGA.
I am writing to express my shock when reading the January issue ot my tavourite magazine (CU AMIGA ot course). Almost every letter that I read was to complain about the magazine All I can say is that these people obviously had temporary brain displacements while wnting their letters.
Having said this I am rather jealous ot my friend who has subscribed to a rival magazine as I would very much like to subscribe to CU AMIGA, but there doesn't seem to be a page with any details ol how to do this. Also. I have only been reading CU AMIGA since May. So I would like to purchase some back issues, but there isn't a page on back issues either.
I don't want you to think that I am complaining because I think that CU AMIGA is the best magazine around and I will continue to buy it as long as I have an Amiga.
Mark Cliff, Wednesbury.
You want a subscription? You can subscribe!
All right,-so we don't crow about it like other magazines, but our subscription details are there on the contents pages for all to see (just below the back issues bit!). We have plans for an enormous promotion to go with subscriptions soon, although these have yet to be finalised. Watch this space.
SCOTCH MIST Last year I bought an A1200 but alter nine months. I (logged it due to the lack ot the promised software. Anyway, now that the software houses have got their dundee cakes together I'm thinking ot purchasing a new machine The problem is that both the 1200 and CD32 seem very limited due to the limitations ot the trapdoor expansion slot: i.e. you have to choose between a CD Drive costing almost the same as a CD32 or an accelerator? I feel this is a senous mess up by big C - especially for nonloaded doughnuts like me.
The biggest faux-pas, however is Commodore's lack ot support to their ad campaign. Try as I might I couldn't find an outlet TEAM TALK ‘No no, you can’t possibly!’, cries Lisa. A Team Talk without Dan?
Can it be done? Does anyone remember life before him? CU AMIGA shares their favourite childhood memories with you, our lovely readers.
Last month, you said in Backchat that the screenshots ot Interno which were PC shots are identical to that to be seen on the Amiga.
However I read in a PC mag that DID will be using less than the 256 colours available tor the Amiga version in order to keep the speed up Who is right?
Also "worried mother" seems to be one ot these typical politically-correct ansel cakes.
Maybe she should realise that CU AMIGA is a predominantly guys mag, not totally but more guys buy it and hey. Guys enjoy these types ol things. Besides, can't she get it into her head that it's just a bit ot tun and it anyone doesn’t like it, they don't need to buy it. Simple really.
Ian McEwan, Arbroath.
It's one thing to criticise, but It's another to constructively criticise. If you really think Commodore's marketing this Christmas wss s little oft, then whet would you do to Improve It? Anyone? Answer* on a postcard to the usual address.
Your luck is In this month, Ian because on page 162-163 there It the first part a tutorial aimed specifically at Desktop publishing on the Amiga.
On the subject ol the Inferno screenshots, at the time ol writing Ihe review, the aim wet to make the game look exactly the same on the Amiga.
CD GRUMBLES How come it I want to buy floppy disk based software then CU AMIGA gives me a complete breakdown of the product down to what machines it will run on However, change the format to CD ROM and this sensible approach goes out of Ihe window.
For example, in the January issue Ihe Insight Technology CD was reviewed in the CD32 Zone as a CD32-only product. This is not true as it will run from a CDTV (through Workbench) and I don't doubt it will run from the A570 as well I expect the best Irom CU AMIGA and in this respect you are not delivering it. Why not change the name ol CD32 Zone to CD ROM Zone.
You’re going to have a name change soon with the release ol a CD drive lor the A1200 anyway Philip Bowden, Middlesex.
CD32 Zone contains news tor the CD32 and other related Amiga CO markets. So we don't have to change the name, and going by the news that there probably won't be a CD drive lor the 1200 (at least, not trom Commodore), we probably never will.
IN VIEW OF THE AMIGA I’m writing to you to ask about the Amiga market How is (he Amiga really seen by the industry? A dying machine or a growing one? I'm a bit worried, that’s all. I really can't believe that PC owners are in a position where they can even try to put down Amigas.
On the Teletext magazine (Digitiser) today, a result ot a survey in the industry shows that Amigas only account lor 10% ol the companies' software sales. Isoutotthe 18 people quizzed thought the Amiga would be dead by 1995. Only two people thought CD32 would make it - appar ently some think that Commodore is heading for bankruptcy. What I want to know is if (according to you) CD32 is heading for sales of 400.000 by the end of January, why the lack ol confidence in the product? Hall the companies said they were producing for PC CD and Mega CD yet there was no mention ol CD32. And why is
everyone investing in 300 and at the same time complaining that It's too expensive?
Please tell me how many units the CD32 has sold in the UK. Are these good sales and will they make the industry seriously take note - companies like Virgin who said they wanted to see how it was marketed and how much it would sal. How much does it need to sell lo save Commodore and the Amiga, and to get proper software investment?
Another thing, when will Commodore tell the work) about the power ol the Amiga as a ¦serious" machine? There's no point having the best OS and software like Final Wnter and Wordwodh 3 if non- Amiga owners don't know about them.
Charty, Amigadom.
The Amiga Is a machine that Is not only surviving, but thriving! Just look at the sales for last Christmas. Console sales seemed to be plummeting whilst, Amiga sales were upl The Industry still supports the Amiga, and will continue to do so. As for Commodore telling the world about the serious power of the Amiga, they don't really have to when there are programs like Scala and hardware like the Video Toaster ruling the world. I don't have the official figures yet for how many CD32s have been sold - but rumours have H that over 70,000 have been sold already.
SENSIBLE THOUGHTS I have read with interest over the years the continuing debates about software piracy. You have those for it, complaining about the price ot software and those against saying that piracy is the cause of high pnces This got me to thinking about another industry that is plagued by piracy... the music industry. The average pnce for a cassette tape is £8.50, for a CD £13.50 but for a piece of gaming software £25- £301! A music cassette costs about £t to record and package etc. a CD we are told about £2, a computer disk , my own personal estimate is about 75p - that's for one
disk and its recording costs, packaging etc. So why does a disk cost 30 times MAT BROOMFIELD Mot s ? Mellow kind of guy. And the reasons behind this become completely evident vrfnnhegbbade andlefcyou thai he favourite chldhood memory was lhal of his dod (tggina Kim oulaf bed in lie momina loMoNm goodbye before he wen! Off lo work. I'm sony, I con’l be sarcastic about this one. It's just making me go alleay eyed.
LETTER OF THE MONTH HONESTY IS BEST I was astonished to read Tony Dillon's excessively negative review of Digital Integration s Tornado flight simulator in the December issue of CU AMIGA. His claim that: 'On an At 200. With most of the detail off, you are talking a frame every two seconds' seemed particularly preposterous.
I immediately phoned Digital Integration about the review, asking: Surely this cannot be true?' I was relieved to hear from their PR Lady that of course it wasn't true. Tony Dillon had seen an early pre-release version which was nothing like the finished product, and on a 1200 of course it was smooth and fast, etc etc Well, when this flight sim eventually did he the shelves. I almost bought it (in all senses ol the phrase).
Fortunately two things stopped me. The awful memory of Tony Dillon’s review and tie fact that on the side ot the box was a label stating ’Accelerator card recommended ' I asked for a demo. What a shock! With al the detail at low setting on a 1200 it was impossible to fly. The frame rale was acfuBy about two frames per second, which is ol course ludicrous for a flight simulator Thanks for your honest review, Tony, rm sorry I doubted you. Guess it's back to Vietnam in my Intruder until somebody can come up with a decent new flight simulalor Mike Eustace, Leeds.
There you go Mike. How dare you douM wry word. CU AMIGA will never review a gesee that Isn't In a revlewable state, does not automatically mean t Why would Digital Integration I show us something that ran I Tornado does If It was going to be aw faster and smoother when released?
More than its initial value and tapes and Cds ortf eight and seven times more respective*)!?
You might argue that a lot of time manpower and effort goes into producing a piece n icAaars but is this not also true for a piece ol mac ? -3.
Might argue Ihat software does not hae as wig* user base as music, but then agar rare are sorr musicians that are not very wen knaar tare* product costs the same, or in some casws -ESS than popular musicians such i U2 etc. I mean, how many fans has Kb I got?
PC Consoles Amigas: Sts: Mr Blobby: Youmgrtsa,Bat B gat quality you must pay song is only worth £3.
I song in the world still only aw B me that the bigger the venarve the product1! Does II am n no way condoning
• that the software houses argonent as far as overpricing is
overpriced! Until It falls e here to stay!
I In the charts I »a single sale, trom sales o* wa aBvww. A* performances, cassette saws :c u«* . Sales and merchandls-
• . » - x - ;j ;a-e makes its monoy purely aw Be sales of the
disk. Also, don't be too goes B aaauwM that every single
released . True, a track by Michael a fortune, but a track by I
Sensation won't. If anything, run to a loss. Unfortunately, H
ma PC world Is anything to go by, games are goBg B become more
expensive as time goes on a takes a lot of work to fill a CD,
and this is ¦ iweung we re all going to have to pay for.
FRONTIER PHYSICS ar- w-ting to your Tine and excellent magazine wd reference to Stuart Murcock's letter in uarvjary's CU AMIGA concerning Frontier. Since a wease there has been a small amount of wringers who rip the game to shreds without see- rtg Be depth and the accuracy of detail on a subiect which is still a subiect of unknown termer, I do admit your rating was a trifle lavish (97V the game is still a milestone in computer program mng You cleared up the autopilot and dockng computer problem but you didn't dear up the pm» lam of acceleration and deceleration Oh how gee I am to finally
explain this bit of information Ham goes.... On Earth we are fortunate to have pai* This means that if you throw a ball up inB Be ar (disregarding mass'areal the force acting agwmr the gravity would propel the ball upwards -nti rw force In the ball is equal lo gravity, wherBOOr Be ball would start to fall to Earth and gather vase In space, however, there is no grave, sa Bam is no force acting against a solid obtec f ma move an ob|ect at tOrnph. The object wcwB aw* tlnue at 10 mph until (a) it comes into ctrma a* a solid object or (b) an opposing force d «: «pw a applied, whereupon the solid
would comwB • vafL All this Is explained In a far more cowbbw Booty in Appendix III of the manual ! Car' «ac M feel the standard of education has Hatfaar. Deed Braben should be congratulated on Be aonaacy of his game.
Robert Barlow, Hull.
Well, I'm glad that cleared up that Warn wees.
Mind you, now there * a load of aaawawed apples all over the carpet, and wbs a gseig to clean that up? Eh?
...USA ... f~Pv£'hiiCV xAy ii Ovt)CV Please send cheque PO's (made out to Premier Mail Order), or advise Visa Mastercard number and expiry date to: : Dept CU 18, 10 Tinkler Side, Basildon, Essex SSI4 1LE Tel: 0268 271 1 72 Fax: 0268 271173 Telephone Orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat & Sun 10am-4pm We Are Open 364 Days a Year P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add £2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for Rest of The World Next day delivery service available £4 per item UK only.some tm » may not be- „i,. ,sed oi the i™, oi going io Pr.»i e&oe ...22.99 .17.99 1999 _1799
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18. 99 AI200 19.99 ..25.99 CDJ2 19 99 1699 A1200 1799
..22.99 i-xsx-1? 99 A1200 22 99 ________19.99
...16.99 ..799
* Sun: Shotlered lands... 01,32,9:99 1299
- 22.96 CD32 19 99 !f?c
7. 99 6.49 5.99 4.50
14. 50 11.99 10.99 8.50
21. 99 17.49 15.99 12.00
28. 49 24.99 20.49 15.00
35. 00 26.00 23.99 17.50
65. 00 49.99 44.99 35.00 1199 ____11??
CD32.12 99 »One Grand Ptfa ..... 2199 ZZZZZZZTO?
E EE I ..._ ...... --ig rsssnsrc . Lis .wo*,. ----------------- IpnxGrevit ...... ..8.99 ..... 16.99 .... ...It99 ...... C032 19 99 ......sS ££200.1.4 .. .: ”» Ept ss ’,'5 Hired Guns 22 99 History line 191418 - ......*99 Intones ¦ Atlonh, Ad. |1 Mor) "ZZ'~"!™24 99 Scll'1 ' CM2 1 o 99 SCTIZrr a . A500 A1200..19 99 JocE NkJdous unlimaed Golf .... 1299 Joel N *WG*-s.0«*n*,Ci.p Art*11 ...799 loci »e Roper J yf _..a»B8 MM* .. 17.99 0,32 « ££& a.:«8 K240
Utopia 2(Non AGA) A500 CD32 19.99 M Korn Quest 6 A500 AI200 26 99 Kl eoous 17 99 DflOMTS Of IwfWY (1 MCGI--10.99 :::::::: ! :8 l2SHtel.,NOn *** “r 2499 Ssaesa- s* lonm-os Doubte Pad 19.99
l. .li Tre Ckattsnae of Go* 12.99 ::: =W] LORDS Of
POWER ...22.99 ,is wwtmr
.... Cray 1199 MonSesW United Premmr leogue Champions
19 99 " ‘s Missing 1999 Macon
2 ...... 19.99 ......17.99
Doom ..-jn 19.99
- --------------.CD32..27.99
- .. ..p MrtM ______ ....*7.99 Mr Nub
___________Al 200 18.99 pSr ::: II Nicky 2...... 1799
NajManplWodd Oamp A500 CW2 1999 NeevScAs 19 99 NoSecond Pnee
CM2 14.99 Operation SteatRi 1199 0mor
.. 500 or Al 200 .17 99 0**4~e
..16.99 699 899 !§X“
• IANIASRS 22.99
I. . A1J00..19.99 Kr»!u» amjjj.
FfcoMsGdT CD32.19.99 Police Quest I 12.99 Pr*is«onc2 ... 16 99 PWMO MANAOa 2-17.99 Mm Motor__________________19.99 KitfMi .....-A??
~ . -J.UU..IQ.99 .....CD32 12.99 .... 19.99 ...
- I"HB _..... 9.99 . C032 17.99 rGiory 1
.....12.99 22"
¦ambo-Monds . . 6.99 laMood Tycoon 1299 ragggi &glta|em
...... OM ran cufJl..-------cdm_»99 (EUROPE) LTD OMEGA HOUSE 83
DEBIT CARDS, CHEQUES, P.O's and we even accept CASH I ALL PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF VAT CSA 12 GAUGE The only board available that gives the A1200 user TOTAL flexibility. Fits into trapdoor and offers a SOMhz 68030 MMU, optional SOMhz 68882 Co-Pro, up to 32 megabytes of 32 bit ram, and SCSI 1 & 2 interface, yes SCSI as well as STANDARD, i an Amiga Format verdict of 89% they said "ADDS SOME SERIOUS POWER TO YOUR AMIGA 1200" 12 GAUGE Ok no FPU £499.99 12 GAUGE 1 meg no FPU £549.99 12 GAUGE 4 meg no FPU £699.99 12 GAUGE 8 meg no FPU £799.99 ADD £199.00 for 50Mhz Co-Pro BEWARE OF GREY
IMPORTS. WE ARE CSA'S ONLY OFFICIAL UK DISTRIBUTOR. NOW BEING USED BY THE WORLDS LEADING PROGRAMMERS CSA DERRINGER CSA'S DERRINGER is the BEST 030 processor accelerator for the Amiga 500 500+ 1500 2000. This board has a 25Mhz 68030 MMU clocked ot 25Mhz, 25Mhz Co-Pro, ond the ability to odd up to 32 meg of 32 bit memory using STANDARD simms.
SOMhz version ALSO AVAILABLE DERRINGER + 1 Meg £349.99 DERRINGER + 4Meg £599.99 DERRINGER + 8Meg £699.99 25Mhz Co-Pro adcT £ 149.00 SOMhz Co-Pro add £ 199.00 BEWARE OF GREY IMPORTS. WE ARE CSA's ONLY OFFICIAL UK DISTRIBUTOR A1200 Al 200 Standalone£299.99 A1200 + 20 MB £379.99 A1200 + 60 MB £459.99 A]200 + 85 MB £519.99 A1200 + 127 MB £549.99 A1200+ 205 MB £629.99 A4000 030 A4000 + 80 2 £ 949.99 A4000+ 120 2 £1049.99 A4000+210 2 £1159.99 Other configurations available CALL FOR PRICES LIMITED AVAILABILITY AT THESE PSICES A4000 040 A4000 + 80 6 £1899.99 A4000+120 6 £1999.99 A4000 + 210 6 £2099.99
Other configurations available CALL FOR PRICES LIMITED AVA1LABIUTY AT THESE PSICES A500 HARD DISK 40 meg + upto 8 meg ram
199. 99 80 meg + upto 8 meg ram MEMORY 8 meg SIMM - 32 £299.99 4
meg SIMM-32 £199.99 1 meg SIMM - 32 £ 79.99 1 meg SIMM - 8 £
P.OA. 4 meg SIMM - 8 £ P.O.A 4 Meg SC ZIPS £199.99 MULTI -
FACE 2 EXTRA Serial ports & 2 EXTRA Parallel port for AMIGA
1500 £179.99 Ideal for BBS HARD DRIVES AMIGA 600 1200 60
nwg, 120 meg, 170 meg.
249. 99 210 meg + upto 8 meg ram
WE ARE NOT JUST Al NOT TO SHOP BY MAIL SHOP PREMISE* SOUND ENHANCER PLUS This product is DESIGNED & BUILT by ourselves and the past 2.5 years have seen thousands of units sold to very satisfied customers. We are so sure that YOU will be amazed at the difference the SOUND ENHANCER PLUS makes to the sound of your AMIGA that we are offering a NO QUIBBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
The KIT is VERY EASY to build so much Riot very fit experience is required. So long as you can use a soldering iron you can build this project.
ONLY £19.99 AND if you can't get it going we offer a get you going: H CD32 - Okay, so the CD32 has been around for a little while now, but Mat Broomfield thinks it’s time to think about the future.
¦where I© wow?
As far as Commodore's concerned. Ihe CD32 ought lo come with wings and a halo! Why? Well, if Ihe word on Ihe street was lo be believed, Commodore were al a make or break slage in the latter half of Iasi year, and CD32 was Ihe product that held their future in the balance. Amidst a well-choreographed whirl of PR hype, the CD32 was launched lo a generally good reception. It sold well, despite the non- appearance of more than half of the promised software titles. This came as no surprise; I don't think there's ever been a computer launched that actually received the software at the promised
release time.
One thing that did materialise, however, was the FMV cartridge which enables the CD32 to play video Cds. This is seen by many as an integral feature of CD32 s future success, for it gives the machine appeal to a wider audience -i.e. not just gameplayers.
It s ironic then, that most people think that the CD32 was designed as a nval to the consoles; doubly ironic when you consider the fact that both Sega and Nintendo reported a disastrous period of Christmas sales despite massive price cuts.
So. Is the CD32 the proud herald of a new generation ot machines?
I think that it is. Thanks to new machines like Jaguar. CD32 and 3DO, people have had their sights raised to a new level of performance However, although the Jaguar only costs about £200, there aren't any games available tor It, and even when they appear, they're probably going to be on cartridges costing £50 upwards. As for 3DO, its $ 700 price tag all but condemns it to death before it even hits the streets. Sure it'll sell, but it'll never be a mass-market machine. As for Philips CD-i, which is not too expensive - well, how many great CD-i games can you mention?
So what does all this add up to? Simple, hundreds of millions ol pounds, dollars and yen spent on raising people s awareness ot the new technology, and only CD32 and the A1200 in a position to capitalise on ill And why? Because CD32 is a) Here now; b) Cheap; c) Has cheap software and d) Has expansion potential Commodore have also rather shrewdly targeted the machine at gamesplayers and underplayed the machine's further expansion capabilities. However, since Christmas, it seems that they're now gearing up to add another prong to their assault, this one aimed squarely between Philips' eyes
- FMV (Full Motion Video). FMV is now with distributors across the country, and whilst at the time of writing, it's not actually shipping. There seems to be little doubt that it will be available in shops by the time you read this.
Initially, the FMV will otfer nothing more than the facility to play Video Cds. A prospect which I don't find that thrilling, although I realise that it could raise the standards of video recordings. I can also appreciate the fact that you now get an opportunity to go and make a cup of tea whilst the other half changes the CD half way through the film (at present each CD can only hold 72 minutes of video).
Far more interesting however, are the possibilities that this medium opens up at last tor true multi-media software, where tull-sereen. Dolby stereo video footage will become an integral part of the program. So considering the tact that CD32 is at this moment, the most advanced CD-based machine anywhere in the world on a power-to- price basis, why does its appearance belittle its capabilities? HG Wells and the makers of Lost in Space might have thought that a plastic-coated future where everything was streamlined seemed like a good idea, but the reality of the situation is that the CD32 just
looks tacky and cheap, like a young child's toy.
This a real tragedy because, if it were designed to fit in with most people's component hi-fi systems, it would be far more appealing to the general public, and they'd be likely to take it more seriously as an addition to their home entertainment systems. Anyway, that glitch aside, it really does look as il Commodore have got it together, with the UK division proudly leading the way forward (in all its plasticglory!). Well done guys, we re all watching... 2i Rombo, are proud to announce the launch of their new range of Multimedia Digitisers.
Each digitiser has been designed with total flexibility in mind, by offering a cost effective upgrade path between models. Giving the user complete peace of mind, and the freedom to choose a digitiser for his present requirements. But reassuring him, that if those change, he can move up to the next model. All Vidi Amiga's now have a similar user interface, so moving between products is easy !
£12i) £199 Vidi Amiga (12) RT. offers all the functionallity and specification of Vidi (24) RT, but in 12-bit. Capturing 4096 colour images in real-time from any video source. This includes TV, Video Recorder.
Video Camera. Satellite etc. etc. New user interface with powerful image processing and picture manipulation. Support for both composite and SVHS or YC inputs Plug-in device with easy install software. Simple enough for the novice yet powerful enough for the professional. Compatible with all Amiga's. Never before has the Amiga market seen such value for money. Manufacturer upgrade available to Vidi Amiga (24) RT POA. Compatible with all AGA resolutions and colour modes.
£299 Vidi Amiga (24) RT, will push your Amiga to its limit. Real-time image capture in excess of broadcast quality. True colour, photo
- realistic picture files grabbed from any video source. Display
resolutions up to 1472 x 576, what more can I say !
Vidi Amiga (24) RT offers a breakthrough for all Amiga users, taking them into the world of 24-bit image capture. With no restrictions on video equipment or Amiga hardware.
All the pictures shown on the full page Vidi Amiga (24) RT advert represent the actual printed output quality that can be achieved.
Simply by sending the finished image file to a Bureau for output.
Throw away your scanner, its too much like hard work !
The One 93X we were concerned when LucasArts announced they going to leave the Amiga scene, but with Revolution currently producing stuff like this, who needs 'em Amiga Action Accolade 92X "Absolutely outstanding in every wav."
(bbi UUU rll EVIL you SCREEN SHOTS MAY BE FROM A DIFFERENT VERSION 1 64 greyscales 100-400 DPI ? Thru'port to printer ? Fully compatable with Delux Pamt 4, etc. ' Advanced software 1 Power Hand Scanner v3.0 £96 ' Power Hand Scanner Colour £229 2 All prices subject to change without notice * We reserve the right to refuse any Amiga repair 3 and 2 overleaf. We re going lo paint a swarm of anls on screen, which continuously moves along a given path. Firstly, you’ll noOce I’ve made the background purple. You can use any colour you like, but it’ll be important later that you make a note ot exactly
which colour it is. To do this, check its colour number in the Palette requester.
The heart ot the animation is a range ot colours which are all turned lo the background colour - except one. So as this one colour cycles along the line of blacks, you get an impression ol move- f menl. To achieve this eltect. We have to alter the palette. Call up Ihe palette requester (p. Or rtght click in the current colour selection window). I’ve used a sequence ol 11 adjacent colours, turning 10 into the purple of the background, leaving the last one blank for the ant colour.
To copy a colour (in this case our purple, number 170) click on it in Ihe paletle requester and dick on the copy button, and place Ihe cursor in the slot into which you want to duplicate the colour.
If your colour is in a different palette number from the destination, don't worry - just dick on the up down arrows of the requester to move to the cor- red location. Do the same on the other to colours, and copy colour 0 (black) into the first position.
Click on OK. (II your chosen colour is a tew palettes away, ramem- ber that once you’ve copied it into a new slot, you can use that slot as the basis for the rest of the copies, without having to go off to other palette numbers to duplicate it).
Call up the Ranges requester from the colour pull-down menu (keyboard shortcut Ctrl r). One by one, position the 11 adjacent colours (10 purple, one black) next to each other on the placement line, starting from the left as in the illustration.
Set the Rate to the highest level, to give the little critters lots ot rapid movement when animate, and click on OK. You can see Irom Ihe screenshots that I added some text, but this is immaterial to the project; you can simply draw Ihe ants on a blank screen, cleared to the original colour you used as the background, and which is copied into Ihe 10 colour slots in the palette. It’s important to use the original colour as your background. And not one ol Ihe copied colours used in the range. If you don’t, the whole image will 4 PAYMENT: 5 We accept most mijor crest cants cash, chajue or
rrxrBity ta (APR 29.8N - wrtttBi quctt* on request)

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