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Commodore and Atari is, as they say, history. At Hi Toro Amiga, later Commodore Amiga, Inc. Jay developed his vision, the original idea being a 16-bit games computer that could be expanded into a full computer - revolutionary at the time. Jay came up with the original concept, and also developed the Agnus chip. He worked with Carl Sassenrath. Dale Luck, and RJ Mical on the Amiga and the final product that shipped was simply unmatchable at the time, indeed it's only today - almost 10 years later that other systems are starting to catch up. Even though Jay Miner's involvement with the Amiga development officially stopped shortly after the original Amiga 1000 shipped, he continued to be closely involved with the Amiga. He could regularly be found talking to developers and end users, ran his own Amiga bulletin board and also unofficially liaised with Commodore up until fairly recently on future concepts. The creator of the Amiga passed away at the El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, America. The actual cause of death was heart failure, resulting from kidney infection complications, from which he'd been suffering for some time. The CU AMIGA team, along with everyone else in the Amiga market we're sure, will sadly miss Jay Miner, and lon remember him. CU AMIGA gratefully acknowledges the help of Andrew Farrell, Editor of Australian Amiga Review, in compiling the above. Jay Miner R.I.P. LATEST NEWS Negotiations regarding the future of the Amiga are now practically finished. Samsung, and up to four other companies, have now put in their final bids to the Bahamas courts. These courts will be sitting to decide the fate of Commodore on July 15th. It is unlikely any further information will be forthcoming before this point. Contrary to rumours no deals have yet been made, or for that matter have some bidders pulled out of negotiations - all are waiting on the decision of the Bahamas courts. What isn’t in any doubt however is the commitment of Amiga hardware and software developers and loyal users especially in the UK but also around the world In a straw poll CU AMIGA earned out of developers 94 percent of them said they would be continuing their support, even in the unlikely event of the Amiga not being sold anymore.

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PROCESSOR PLAYS AUOO A srfii ::»viA n scree*. Ckspia ' 1 AND
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InitiaKs): Surname: C ' Address: 7 c County (Country if overseas): ”T. *« fc, ‘rn- Ou, P BY POST ...to the address below 3 Easy ways to Order SoftWi CU AMIGA CONTENTS OFF THE CUFF AMIGA CONTENTS Witat a month the Amiga hat had. Still no Commodore, tut the react on 26 AMIGA: THE ULTIMATE KEYBOARD Tony Horgan lakes you on a wild trip through Ihe music world and shows you how to ind cut a record deal using an Amiga and two spoons.
(he most definitive guide lo Amiga music you'll ever read.
Spoken to remains very I positive, hopefully we'll have the full details in time for the next issue. The month got off to a good start, but then an expected and very sad event took over. The father of the Amiga, Jay Miner, passed away on the 20lh ol June. A sad. Sad day lor all Amiga fans, we pay our tributes on page 18. Given his untimely departure it seems fitting that this month has actually been Ihe busiest month for amazing new products. For starters we were Invited down to Electronic Arts UK offices to check out their new version of Dpainl 5- and it's pretty impressive - see page 112.
Then came the hottest product of the month, the Zappo CD-ROM drive - amazing I And of course there's Lightwave.
On the games Iront it's been just as hectic.
On the Ball. Ishar 3 and Putty Squad have kept the team crowding around Toay s desk lor the last couple of weeks. All this and the mega monster music feature, it's been a hectic, busy month. I hope you enjoy It.
GET SERIOUS PRODUCTIVITY REVIIWS PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS This monlh we've come over feeling all graphical Not only do we exclusively reveal what's in store with the next version of Dpainl. Version S. but we also check out the amazing Lightwave 3D rendering software from NewTek and exclusively interview the President of NewTek! And of course there's a whole lot more.
2 MANY FONTS Want some colourful foots to liven up your documents?
These fonts may be just the trick.
AMINET CD-ROM Almost every type of Amiga file and program you could want on one CD.
MAXON MAGIC The first commercial screen saver, is it worth it?.
COCOON MORPH A new morphing and warping application from American developers, DevWare.
NEWTEK INTERVIEW An exclusive interview with founder and president of NewTek.
LIGHTWAVE PREVIEW We take a look at this great 3D rendenng package A4000-T Power up with a Tower.
DPAINT 5 We take a peek at some of the new features in the latest version of EA's classic graphics package.
ZAPPO CD-ROM DRIVE The world s first A1200 CD-ROM drive. In a world s first review we examine this new technology.
VIDEOS Resident mix master Tony Horgan takes a look at some Amiga videos.
CD UPDATE Just what is happening with CD-ROM technology on the Amiga? All is revealed.
MODEM REVIEW We examine two low-cost modems for new users.
PRINTER REVIEW We check out the Star LC24-30 colour printer.
100 100 101 102 106 108 111 112 115 117 119 122 125 CONTENTS CU AMIGA
happening this month! Not only do we have more football games
than an over enthusiastic Sunday league team, but we've also
got exclusive reviews of Ishar3 and On The Ball, followed close
behind by part mo of our full Games Compendium and System 3 s
rather splendid Putty Squad What are you waiting for?
SeitiiN sciNtnr We have two lantaslic disks lor you this month. Disk 88 is crammed lull with Art School, Crall II Turbo Plus and some groovy little tunes Irom our resident mu master Tony Morgan Disk 89 is a blinder as well with a CU AMIGA-eidusive demo ot Ishar 3 DISK 88 PAGE 8 56 FIRST IMPRESSIONS What's the first thing you see when you open your eyes? Chances are it isn't Alien Breed Tower Assault. FIFA Soccer or Vital Light 59 PINKIE Millennium think they have come up with the ultimate in computer game characters Tony Dillon finds out how to get a record deal.
62 PUTTY SQUAD System 3 recreate all the fun of the fair with the return of Super Putty- the world's boundest hero.
64 KICK OFF 3 COMPO Anco have finally released Kick Otf3. And to celebrate they're giving away a fantastic Sony Nicam Stereo video recorder.
66 ISHAR 3 Do you fancy taking on the might of the great Dragon Wohratax?
Tony Dillon did. And he had a great time too.
70 ON THE BALL It’s already been a massive success in Germany, and now it’s here in the UK. Welcome to the future of management games.
73 BURNTIME If the world were to collapse around you under the threat of nuclear war, would you survive? This game will show you how.
76 KICK OFF 3 Dino has gone, and Steve Screech has taken the helm of Anco's flagship game But is it any good?.
18 NEWS The tragic death ol the father ot the Amiga. Jay Mmer kicks off the news this month, along with the shock revelation that Mr Blobby is to appear in his own game! Read on... 39 CD32ZONE Part five of our Diary of a CD Game, a superb Dinosaur encyclopedia and some more on Scavenger. What more do you want?
130 PD SCENE We've got top demos1 We’ve got tun- nelsl We've got games!. We’ve got Tony Horgan at fhe top of it all!
134 PD UTILITIES PD Utilities this month features a choice selection of the more serious side of PD. Module players, slideshows and runes ahoy!.
142 ART GALLERY Combat Collins is on the rampage!
Hide your Deluxe Paint disks, or send your pictures in - if you dare!
179 POINTS OF VIEW Tony Horgan looks to the future of football games.
Titus have kepi this one under their hats lor some time It's cute, it's funny, it's a great platform game!
79 WILD CUP SOCCER More blood on the pitch with Millennium's sequel to the smash hit Brutal Soccer Andy Nuttall loves it.. 80 WEMBLEY INTERNATIONAL SOCCER We've been after it lor a very long time, and now we've got it. Prepare to be amazed with this huge, fully-playable level ot the astounding Ishar 3. Can you get to the time gate in. Er. Time?
Audiogenic join in the football lun this month with an update of Emlyn Hughes International Soccer and a brand new licence.
84 CLOCKWISER Rasputin Software have been going around in circles lately, hence this rotational puzzle game. Probably.
84 BRUTAL SOCCER AGA Didn't I just mention this one a moment ago Millennium treat AGA owners to their spedal blend ol sport and violence this month.
87 VFM Pocket money pleasers this month include Road Rash, Espana the Games and possibly the greatest compilation ever!
88 GAMES COMPENDIUM We continue our journey through the magical history of Amiga games, and invite you to join us.
94 VAMPYRA More spooky and saucy goings on from the adventure expert who is more informed and better looking than most.
97 HELPLINE It’s back! The original interactive help service for games is back on line, and Tony Dillon is on the other end of the postal service ad mDHK CU AMIGA COVERDISKS Have you ever wanted to just make a mess on the screen, without all the fuss? Now you can, with our brilliant Art School package. CU AMIGA takes you through this month’s fantastic art package.
An School Is a paint package specially trade for kids. It's not Tieant to be a rival to Deluxe Paint-instead the emphasis is on tun and simplicity.
The idea is that anyone who can use a mouse can paint a picture in a matter ot seconds. Almost everything is controlled Irom the picture icons, so it could hardly be easier to use.
See page 16 tor loading instructions, then just dive in and you'll see what just what we mean.
Here's a guide to the icons for when you get stuck.
THE MAIN STRIP All ot the most important icons are found on the vertical strip running down the side of the screen This is what each one does PENCIL je I This selects the normal drawing mode, and is set when you first load Art School.
Holding down the left mouse button, whilst moving the mouse around the screen, will draw a continuous line in the currently selected colour.
UNE Click this to enter line
* I mode Now when you hold down the left mouse button, you set
the start point for a line. Move the mouse to where you want
the line to end, and release the mouse button.
SQUARE . | Believe it or not, the icon JwjLJ marked with a square is used for drawing squares. To use it hold down the left mouse button to define the first comer of the box, and drag the mouse in any direction to set the dimensions.
CIRCLE And here we have the circle icon. Hold the left mouse button, and drag the mouse to any point on the screen to draw a circle or ellipse.
Snnra AiiBipanfflE UGHTBULB I The lighlbolb switches the I V bottom icon strip from the palette to a selection of special drawing effects See the section on Special Effects lor more information on the selection ol effects available.
RUBBER y-y | This is the rubber icon. To C I mb out anything, you need to select this, and then select the background colour from the palette.
Otherwise, this acts as a big square brush, drawing in the currently selected colour.
SCISSORS wj 4 Click on the scissors, and I you can cut out any section of the picture, and paste infinite copies of it around the screen. Hold down the left mouse button and drag out a rectangle to define the area you want to cut.
FACE rn I This brings up a selection
S. I of pre-loaded clip art along the bottom icon strip There are
more dips than can be shown on screen at once Clicking the -
icon at the bottom nght comer of the screen will bring on
the next set of clip art brushes. There are nine ot these
Clicking the arrow in the bottom left comer will take you back through the brushes To use any of these in your picture, click on the required brush, and then paste it down on the picture with the left mouse button.
BUCKET The bucket icon fills the f area with a colour or pattern You can select your colour from the palette in the usual way (see Colour Selection), or use one ol the built-in fill patterns.
Ml selected a These patterns can also be selected by dicking the left and right arrow icons that appear in the bottom-left corner of the screen when the fill icon is activated.
Click on the area of the screen you wish to fill. The fill tool will automatically stop whenever it encounters a change in colour.
CROSS I Mistakes can be corrected I with this, the undo icon. It reverts the picture to its state immediately before your last move.
COLOUR SELECTION The current "Ink" colour is selected by clicking on any ol the squares in the palette strip along the bottom of the screen. The multicoloured square at the far right end of the palette is the "rainbow" colour. A rainbow is a graduation of smoothly fading colours that run in honzontal bands across the screen also known as a copper list. These can be useful for simulating sunsets or night skies, or just for brightening up your pictures.
If you select the rainbow, and draw a line from the top ol the screen to the bottom, you'll notice that the colour of the line gradually changes from one end to the other.
If you have the lightbulb icon selected, the palette disappears to make way for the effects. Holding the right mouse button brings the palette back into view, allowing you to change the colour once again.
Nm* AND Art School is not hard drive compatible. We recommend that you do not attempt to install it on your hard drive, or use it to load or save files to the hard drive.
Saving a picture you have already created Is a simple matter. Insert a pre-formatted disk into the internal drive, and select Save Picture from the Project pulldown menu. Click on the Disks button, and then dick DFO Click the pointer in the File box and type in the name your want to call your picture, using no punctuation or spaces Press Return and your picture will be saved to the disk To load a picture, insert the disk with your required picture into the internal drive and Select Load Picture from the Project menu. Click a» • DM button, then dick on the cI fw picture you want to load
‘•ney the Load button.
* J d re»e effects are accessed by cadung the lightbulb from the
I icon strip.
Il- aThe bin clears the screen You can bring it back with the undo icon (the cross just above the bin) so long as you don't select any other function i completing this operation.
DOTS This is a kind of airbrush effect that paints with random-sized circles around the mouse pointer.
E ai BOXES The boxes work just like jjfil the dots, but instead of rj .1 spraying circles, this sprays little rectangles.
UPDOWN _ Up and Down mode varies ¦Kl the vertical position of the I pen randomly. It does this while you control the horizontal position.
Ady UFTRIGHT This works just like up and down, but the random element is in the horizontal axis this time.
ORBITAL Orbital drawing is a funny jrai one. It moves the pen in a circular motion around the pointer position. If you keep the pointer still, it will draw a circle. It you move it around, you get a kind ot drunkard effect.
SPINNER Svgfc-d Tri-spinner draws a senes of tnangles rotated at dif- IfBTj te'ant angles, all centred around the pointer.
WORM Wacky worm draws a snake behind the pointer, with some cute little circles that tollow the mouse with a slight delay SAMPLE The piano keyboard puts MM Art School into sampie-play I I mode. The function keys ' will now play back notes at different pitches. Here’s a test: see if you can play a tune - it’s not easy!
JajaioiMJSJ PICTURES The next six icons bring up pre-programmed pictures. Click on the cameo representation, and the full-screen version will be drawn.
BOOK . The book mode is not 11 active in this version of Art |Nr| School.
RAINBOW Each time you click the rainbow icon, the colours in the rainbow are changed.
You will see the changes If you have something drawn in the rainbow colour on screen.
TILE Tile mode gives you a small box, which you can position anywhere on the screen when you dick the left mouse button.
SPLAT The splatter brush is a bit like a DeluxePaint anim brush. By slowly moving the mouse over a small area, you get a progressively larger trail of splats.
FRACTAL This draws a fractal-generated tree, sprouting from the point of the mouse.
Ml 3D FLOOR | Select the 3D floor icon and I move the mouse around EODj the picture. You'll get a different perspective on the floor depending on the mouse position.
GHOST Ghost pen mode is a two point symmetry effect. The mirror image of what you draw appears either above or below the actual pen position.
SMOKE i Works the same as the 1 splats, but draws cute little puffs of smoke.
TALKING m , After clicking this icon, the computer will speak the 'w' I names ot the keys when you press them.
TEXT A| Allows you to enter text from the keyboard directly onto your picture.
LIGHT COVERDISKS CU AMIGA Mg If you want to change parts InB of the picture to a seem- Hi ingly random colour, dick this icon and then simply draw over the screen SPRAY Mj For a graffiti or airbrush A | und of effect, use this U I lovely bttte icon RADIAL Racial lines are great tun.
And look a bit like lasers.
- | Want to draw some dotted lines down the middle ot a ' I
road? This icon is the |ust the thing you need.
GROW SQUARE Growing squares that I emanate from the pointer |I”B position can De used to simulate time tunnels.
GROW CIRCLE Growing cirdes that emanate from the pointer position can also be used to simulate lime tunnels but with round walls this time INVERT B inverting the palette is achieved with this Icon.
Basically, It changes the colours beneath the defined area to their exad opposites.
GRID ¦ The grid icon covers the screen in a fine mesh.
ZOOM You can zoom into the top O 'eft comer of the screen . | by decking the magnifying glass This allows you to see your paintings in more detail and to focus in on to add some finishing touches WRAP This dever feature allows you to squeeze the screen horizontally. Move the mouse lett and right until you get the desired squashlactor SLIDE This icon covers the slide show option ol Art School This comprehensive part of the program will be covered in more detail next issue.
CURVE Curve mode lets you draw smooth curved lines between two points.
MAGNA . Magnadraw is a bit like the ?I drcle-draw tundion. But SgjJj instead it draws lines between the pen and a second point that simply floats around the pointer.
FRACTAL Fractal patterns can be drawn by simply clicking the fractal Icon. The type of fractal pattern can be altered with the Set Fractal option from the Supervisor pulldown menu.
We will go into this In more detail next month.
¦* MUSIC The music player is not readily available in this version of the program.
TURTLE a This allows you to control an external turtle robot.
We ll cover this feature in detail in a forthcoming issue of CU AMIGA RUB THROUGH Rub through mode lets you rub through to the spare screen, as if the spare screen was hidden by the current pidure. To ]ump between the spare and main screen, simply press the S key.
COMBI This gives a wide brush for drawing thicker lines COMB2 This is just like the previous option, but it draws with a few colours at once.
SHRINK Shrink sdeen mode puts a small copy of the picture into the top left comer of the sdeen.
You V* know T* it's... International action at its dazzling best. The atmosphere is electric as the stage is set hr the World's best players to display their awesome skills. KICK OFF 3 is a game hr the true soccer fan. Top footballing Nations from 5 continents battle for soccer's biggest prize - The World Cup. Thrill to the one touch football of the South Americans, the power play of the North Europeans and the skillhl yet eccentric African nations. Shmp your authority on the match using the key players within the team. Each country has its own style play dependent on the way these players
are used. Be sure h play to your team's strengths. Use PC & COMPATIBLES PC CD ROM the Brazilian Playmakers to split the opposition with pinpoint passes or the German Sweeper to build from the batk. Play the ball to the dashing full barks from Cameroon or release the flying Dutth Wingers.
KICK Off 31s parked full of dynamit features that set H apart hem any other football game.
Over 2000 homes of animation for smooth, fast flowing International artion and multi dirertional pitch strolling. Thirty different MKT PLAYS for comers and free kirks give the most dramatir dead ball situations ever. A prartire mode allows you to spetialise dribbling, overhead kitks, volleys, fiitks, diving headers and the deadly A AFTER TOUCH. Switrh your tartirs and your side's Style of play with a TEAM TALK at the right time. Speed and ball rontrol options give instant playabilty for novice and master gamer l| i alike. Sorter realism with Matrh farts, a Man 4 of the Matrh award, artion
replays, all the 9 9 latest sorter laws and muth more.
Kickin' AMIGA 500 600 1200 AblCO Industrial [state, lawson Road, Dartford, Kent DAI 5BH Tel: 0322 292518 Fax: 0322 293422 CU AMIGA COVERDISKS It’s here the AMOS extension you’ve been waiting for. On this month’s coverdisk, you’ll find Craft 2. With this turbo utility you can turbo charge your programs and create stunning new graphics.
AMOS was given away on the April 1993 issue ol CU AMIGA. II you missed Ihis you can gel AMOS trom Europress Software on 0625 858888 II you are new to AMOS we advise you lo experiment and learn AMOS tirst before trying to use Ihis AMOS extension.
II you're one ol the Ihousands and thousands ol AMOS users, you'll find the second program on disk 88 valuable and useful.
Craft 2 is a powerful and flexible extension to AMOS, giving you over 130 new last commands.
With these you will be able to create much faster graphics, with speed improvements ol up to live times faster than normal AMOS programs, generate stunning 30 graphics, display interrupt driven startields. And easily manipulate 3D objects Plus, many other commands and features that enable you to create more impressive and (aster programs and do so more easily than previously possible with AMOS.
To start using Craft follow the loading instructions given on page 16 and in the panel INSTALLING CRAFT 2' on page 13, and then load AMOS.
You can now program just as you normally would in AMOS but you now have a vast range ol new commands. Whilst other commands provide laster alternatives to existing AMOS functions.
Over the next lew months CU AMIGA will be running comprehensive tutorials ol these new commands. Starling with this issue we'll run through some ol the new and replacement graphical commands. The remaining commands will be explained over the next couple ol months, to be followed by tutorials and sample programs COVERDISKS DU AMIGA CRAFT - Over the next lew months we II be bring- o« you the complete run down ol Crall commands, and then complete tutorials to help you get the most out ot this power packed Amos extension. Here s a run down ot what will be covered when: August: Hew and
replacement graphics commands and 3D object functions.
September: Sprite and star held functions. With tutorials on these and the 3D object commands covered in August.
October: Icons, scrolling and miscellaneous commands, with tutorials.
November: Zone functions, and remaining facilities.
The following are all faster, more efficient replacement functions of existing AMOS commands.
F PLOT x,y, colour Plot a point of colour on the current screen at coordinates x,y in the given colour.
=F POINT (x,y) Returns the colour register of the pixel at the given screen position.
R MOVE dx.dy Relative move of the graphics cursor.
The same as Gr Locate.
R DRAW dx,dy Draw a line relative to the graphics cursor. Same as Gr Locate and Draw To in AMOS.
R BOX dx,dy Draw a box relative to the graphics cursor. The same function as Box.
R BAR dx.dy Draw a bar relative to the graphics cursor, based on the BAR command.
Stuck? Installation contusing you? Can’t figure out a command?
Don't worry, help is al hand for all your Cratt problems.
Black Legend, publishers ot Craft2, have set up a helpline just for you.
If you have any problems wilh the Craft 2 extension simply call the following number: 081-478 0097.
F DRAW x,y This command does the same thing as Draw To X,Y, replacement for the Draw command.
F DRAW x,y to x1,y1 Does the same thing as Draw X.Y to X1.Y1, again based on the Draw x,y Tox1,y1 facility.
F CIRCLE x,y, radius,colour Draw a circle at the given screen position, with the given radius and colour. This is approximately 550% faster than the original AMOS Basic version. Not bad.
S8BH&B&S Blit Clear x Clears bit planes, if x 0 all bitplanes of a screen will be cleared, 0 clears bitplane x. The following are new commands for 3D graphics.
Line 3d x,y,z to x1,y1,z1 Will draw a line from first coordinates to second coordinates in 3D space.
Eye 3D x.y Changes the location of the vanishing point for Line 3D.
The remaining new commands are Vector graphics commands. A vector is a collection of connected lines drawn rapidly at machine language speeds. You can draw them anywhere on screen.
Objects are defined as a series of draw and move commands, but before defining the object you need to tell the system how many objects are needed. This is done with: Object Limit x Before manipulating 3D objects, you need to allocate memory. This command sets the amount of 3D objects that can be used.
Reserve Object object, count Reserves public memory (count * 6 bytes) for object OBJECT.
Next you define the objects themselves. These definition commands must be ended with the Define Spot command.
Define Draw object, element to x,y Defines vector ELEMENT in object OBJECT as a draw instruction with x and y as the coordinates.
Define Move object, element to x,y Defines vector ELEMENT in object OBJECT as a move instruction with x and y as coordinates.
Define Attr object, element to colour, drawmode Define the element ELEMENT in object OBJECT as an attribute instruction, this allows you to set the colour and drawing mode. Normally this function is the first instruction on your object definition.
Reduces) and then draws it.
R Object Mag Draw object,x,y,mul A combination of the above two commands. Magnifying or reducing the object and then drawing it relative.
Object Erase object Erases the object OBJECT instructions from memory, and frees up the allocated memory. If OBJECT is negative all objects are cleared.
Object Save "name", start to end Saves all defined objects from start to end into the disk file ’NAME’. File names longer than 80 characters are not catered for, and undefined objects are skipped over until the END object number is reached.
Object Load “name", start Loads the object file ‘name’ and inserts in from start object on. It also checks that the file loaded is an object file first - by looking for ‘OBJE’ at the start of the file. And that’s it for this month. Next month we’ll look at interrupt startfields, spite handling amongst others. Define Stop object,element Signals that this is the last element in an object definition.
You can add further elements later (remember to increase the amount of memory reserved) by inserting further Define Move, Draw or Attr before the Define Stop.
Next, to display, magnify, cancel and store the objects the following commands are now also available in Craft* Object Draw object Draws the obtect OBJECT on the current screen.
R Object Draw object,x.y Draws the object OBJECT relative to the x and y coordinates.
Object Mag Draw object, mul Magnifies or reduces the size of the object by multiplying or dividing the object coordinates with factor MUL (positive magnifies, negative HOW TO INSTALL CRAFT INSTALLING CRAFT 2 To lit both Craft. Art School and further sound samples on disk 88 we have compressed Craft and Art School. To use Craft you will first need to uncompress these tiles, to do this follow the simple procedure on page 17 ol this issue.
Once yo« hare a working Craft disk you will then need to install the Craft Amos extension on to your Amos disk. Follow the following simple instructions.
1. First copy the file AMOS TURBO PLUS.LIB’from the new disk to
your AMOS SYSTEM drawer. This file is in the drawer AM0S1
3 AM0S SYSTEM on the disk.
1. To copy the file type in the following line: COPY yyy:AM0S1 3
the name ol your uncompressed Cralt disk, xxx being the name
ol your AMOS disk.
2. If you can t fit the AMOS JURB0 PLUS.LIB file on your AMOS
disk copy the tile con- fig1 3.AM0S to another disk to make
space - but keep it handy as you will need it in a minute.
3. Once you ve copied the file over, load and run AMOS.
4. From within AMOS load and run the C0NFIG1 3.AM0S program.
6. Click on LOADED EXTENSIONS' Irom the SET’ menu.
7. Click line 12 of the displayed list and type in:- AMOS
8. Click on the QUIT’ icon, displayed on the left hand side of
the screen.
9. Select SAVE CONFIGURATION’ from the DISC' menu.
10. Now make the same changes to the AM0S1 3 NTSC.ENC and RAM0S1
3.ENV liles following the above procedure Irom step 5. But
change this line from LOAD DEFAULT CONFIGURATION’ to LOAD
Once you’ve done this select QUIT' FOR AMOS PRO USERS Copy the tile AMOSPro TURBO PLUS.UB' into Ihe APSYSTEM drawer, using similar com- mands to above, although obviously changing them to reflect the different tile names and drawers.
Follow stages from 3 to 9 above, again changing the file names where needed, in this case, step 7 becomes AMOSPro TURBO PLUS.lib’. Champi°',s European SENSIBLE SOCCER Sensible Soccer was playing ¦ who needs England when you've just gol hold of the best PC loothall game ol all time anyway!? - PCH- "Delinitely. Without the merest inkling ol a suggestion ot a shadow ot a doubt, the best lootball game ever'' - Amiga Pi GOAL!
"Fast - Frantic and a good alternative to Sensible Soccer", - PC Ret v. Goal is undoubtedly a superb game, you can never have too many good lootball games and Goal is certainly one of the best" • ’’ One STRIKER A great and very playable lootball game” - PC Review "It's a stunning debut, and all Striker is missing is the half lime oranges" - CU Amiga CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER 93 BA "The attention to detail is excellent and the number ol features too numerous to mention " - A-.iaF:- "The most addictive management game available. It's still the best" - PC i THIS INVINCIBLE COLLECTION OF FOUR NO.l
AVAILABLE FOR IBM PC & AMIGA r Swibblt Software C 199? C 199J DmottrW c IM3 Virgin Gamn Tus ftm, n K ixlwwl 1 I «aiw*»»l m my «¦» rHwn* to m OH9)«a9»So«.M © INI Oo*n»r* Group Lid ©•••* tr«e»* Software ¦ t U * m t» ¦« 1« *» M * " ¦¦¦' n THE NO. 1 SOCCER CHALLENGE . OF THE YEAR!
[Manager COVERDISKS CU AMIGA COVERDISK 89 Take part in Ishar 3, the incredible Role Playing Game on this month’s CU AMIGA coverdisk 89.
ISHAR 3 If you asked most Amiga owners what was one of the most awaited games of this year, you would probably find that Ishar 3 would rank somewhere near the top. Silmarils have already released two of the Ishar series to a great reception, and now they are ready to set the third and final part of the trilogy onto the world.
I What’s more, it’s even better than the last two, and if you don't believe me. Then why not check out the review in this very iisue.
FIRST LOOK Even better, why don't you boot up the exclusive cover demo this month and go for a walk in the woods! To set the scene, the evil wizard Shandar didn’t die at the end of the last game, and has in fact somehow managed to free his mind to wander the world until he finds a body to suit his purposes. For some strange reason, he has settled upon the body of the last great dragon, Wohratax, and this is where you have to step in and stop him.
The changeover of minds can only happen at a certain point in time, so you need to travel backwards and forwards through time until you find the great dragon in a vulnerable position and kill it to foil Shandar.
The level of the game we have supplied you with is a piece of woodland some time in the past, where you need to make contact with a wizard in a house, who will open one of the timegates for you, allowing you to progress through the game. Those of you who have already played the Ishar series of games will already know how to use the simple and intuitive control method, but believe it or not, there are actually people who don’t know how to use the classic icon controls, so just for them, here is a rundown of how to actually control our demo.
BOTTOM ICONS We’ll start by looking along the bottom of the screen. You’ll notice the five faces of the five characters in your party, with their names at the bottom of their portrait and four small icons above. If you click on any one of the names, a full screen inventory will appear showing you everything they have in their possession, along with any money they may be carrying, the weapons Hidden in the woods you'll find this wizard and his army. Can you placate him?
They have in their hands and the clothes or armour they are wearing. To move anything around in the backpacks or change weapons, all you need to do is click on the item you want to move with the left mouse button.
You’ll see that item 'lift' from its position and stick to the mouse pointer. Now you can just move it to the place where you would like to place it, and dick with the mouse button again.
Now click on ‘Exit’ (in the bottom right corner of the window) to go back to the game screen.
PORTRAITS The four icons along the top of each character's portrait change the window where the portrait is, and give you instant information about what the character is carrying, any spells they can do or their health and strength levels. The only different one is the one marked ’Act’, which brings up a further four icons which let that player (from left to right), accept a player to the party, send them away, kill them or perform first aid on them. They won’t always follow such a direct order, however, as all the characters in the game have their own opinions, and will sometimes go
against you quite happily.
Moving to the left of the screen, you’ll see two main square windows.
The top one is the movement control, and allows you to move one step forward, backward, left or right. The two arrows on either side of the top arrow let you rotate through 90 degrees at a time through both directions.
Below this window are the combat icons, these merely show you which characters are in a position to fight, and the weapons they are using. To fight, just stand in front of someone and click on any of the five windows to swing the weapon. The button will go dark, as the character regains the strength for another swing - and this can be some time if the weapon is heavy and the character is weak - and will then 'pop out' again when the character is ready.
That’s all you need to know to get in there and start searching. Good.
AMIGA ART SCHOOL Yi-» The complete hec tnncrs art pncknge . O E .TTfflK- yorrr AMOS Ki -'¦» tvitii this qir.it uiigi.tdy Live the latest episode of the Ishar trilogy in our BhnE3r«DDFniB mwm Coverdisk 88 has three main parts: Art School. Cratt 2 and an OctaMED music module. Art School and Cratt 2 must be expanded onto separate disks betore you can use them. To hear the music module and use the samples, you'll need to load it into OctaMED See the panel marked "OctaMED Module' on this page.
Betore you do anything, make sure the wrtte protect tab on the disk Is in the open position, so that you can see through the hole.
You'll need two spare disks. They need not be formatted.
1. Inserl the disk into the internal drive, and turn on the
2. Double dick on the icon marked CU 88
3. Double click on ty6 icon marked Art School
I. insert the first of (which should . And press
4. When your two be write RETURN.
Coverdisk 88 when your first spare disk 'Art click the icon marked Insert your second spare disk when prompted (this must also be write enabled), and press RETURN.
DISK VIRUSES We try to ensure that all our coverdisks are completely Iree ol viruses. We always have the most advanced virus checkers available when the disk is compiled and every program goes through rigorous testing on all relevant Amigas However, we cannot accept any responsibility for possible damage incurred by viruses or faulty disks which have escaped our attention.
IF YOUR DISK WON'T LOAD It your coverdisk doesn't stsm to wort as It should, then lollow this simple guide.
Firstly, remove ell unnecessery peripherals, such as printers, modems etc. Follow the Instructions on these pages lo the letter, and H, after that, you find that the disk still doesnl wort, call the OiskXprets helpline on: 0451 61131 between the hours ol 10am and 5pm from Monday to Frtday.
If they advise you that the disk Is laalty. Lilt in your details in the form below, and send this form, along with the disk and a 28p stamped sell addressed envelope to the following address: CU AMIGA DISK RETURNS. DISKXPRESS. UNIT 3, OLD C0ALYAR0 FARM.
9. Replace coverdisk 88 when prompted.
Art School can be loaded directly from the decompressed disk, or through Workbench Double dick the Art School disk icon, then double click the Art School program icon.
For Cratt 2 installation instructions. See page 12.
OCTAMED MODULE The OctaMED module can be loaded into OctaMED in the normal way. The module is called Tone'sTuna, and we reckon It’s a bit ot a cracker. As you might have guessed from the name, it was written by our resident musical expert, top DJ and all-round nice guy Tony Horgan. If you think you can do better. And you'd like to have a tune on a tuture CU AMIGA coverdisk, send your modules to: Coverdisk Choons, CU Amiga. 30-32 Farringdon Lane.
London EC1R3AU.
DESCRIBE EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO LOAD THE DISK mwm You’ve already read about Ishar 3 earlier in the issue. Now here's your chance to play the demo Loading your Ishar 3 playable demo could only be made easier if the disk removed itself from the plastic package and loaded itself for you I All you need to do is follow these three easy steps: NAME ADDRESS.. TYPE OF AMIGA OWNED DISK NUMBER
1) Turn oil your machine (oral least 15 seconds. Thishs 10 ensure
that ' you don't encounter any nasty
- viruses when ou start to boot up.
2HBs«1 Bvdisk in the internal drive and switch the machine on. The game will then Boot up and load automatically. .
3) That's it, really OK o there were only two steps But we told
you it was easy.
What's won more trophies than Brazil?
FIFA International Soccer scores big on both sides of the Atlantic. Winner of seven major software awards worldwide, there's more silverware in the EA SPORTS cabinet thanks to FIFA than any other EA SPORTS classic.
And it wasn't just the pundits. The punters voted with their wallets, making FIFA International Soccer the UK's biggest and fastest selling videogame of 1993.
There are already over half a million FIFA fanatics scoring spectacular goals all over Europe. And is it any wonder? With top flight international teams, 2,000 frames of player animation, team management options and EA SPORTS StadiumSound'" adding atmosphere, this is the one you'll be talking about this summer.
Can't make it Stateside?
Save your air fare - the real tournament's right here.
R. I.P On June 20. 1994, Jay Miner, the lather of the Amiga,
passed away. Jay Miner, was one of the key people responsible
for the Amiga and without doubt was the major figure behind
Amiga technology. Without his involvement you wouldn't have
an Amiga, and possibly neither, for that matter, a copy of CU
AMIGA, at least not in its current form.
It is largely only due to the remarkable foresight and skill of Jay Miner that the original Amiga is still a leading computer in the 1990s, despite being nearly 10 years old.
He invested his own money into the original company developing his vision. Prior to starting work on the Amiga. Jay worked for Commodore arch rival Atari and developed many of their early games consoles, It was at Atari that he had the first ideas for what later became the Amiga. But Atari didn't want to know and so he moved on. He got together with several other developers and set up a company called Hi Toro, this was later changed to Amiga. Some time later Atari tried unsuccessfully to buy back Jay and his team, but Commodore came in at the last minute with a better offer - the future of
Commodore and Atari is, as they say, history.
At Hi Toro Amiga, later Commodore Amiga, Inc. Jay developed his vision, the original idea being a 16-bit games computer that could be expanded into a full computer - revolutionary at the time. Jay came up with the original concept, and also developed the Agnus chip. He worked with Carl Sassenrath. Dale Luck, and RJ Mical on the Amiga and the final product that shipped was simply unmatchable at the time, indeed it's only today - almost 10 years later that other systems are starting to catch up.
Even though Jay Miner's involvement with the Amiga development officially stopped shortly after the original Amiga 1000 shipped, he continued to be closely involved with the Amiga. He could regularly be found talking to developers and end users, ran his own Amiga bulletin board and also unofficially liaised with Commodore up until fairly recently on future concepts.
The creator of the Amiga passed away at the El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, America. The actual cause of death was heart failure, resulting from kidney infection complications, from which he'd been suffering for some time.
The CU AMIGA team, along with everyone else in the Amiga market we're sure, will sadly miss Jay Miner, and long remember him.
CU AMIGA gratefully acknowledges the help of Andrew Farrell, Editor of Australian Amiga Review, in compiling the above. Jay Miner R.I.P. LATEST NEWS Negotiations regarding the future of the Amiga are now practically finished.
Samsung, and up to four other companies, have now put in their final bids to the Bahamas courts. These courts will be sitting to decide the fate of Commodore on July 15th. It is unlikely any further information will be forthcoming before this point.
Contrary to rumours no deals have yet been made, or for that matter have some bidders pulled out of negotiations - all are waiting on the decision of the Bahamas courts.
What isn’t in any doubt however is the commitment of Amiga hardware and software developers and loyal users especially in the UK but also around the world In a straw poll CU AMIGA earned out of developers 94 percent of them said they would be continuing their support, even in the unlikely event of the Amiga not being sold anymore. Those contacted included GVP. Scala, Amitek. Power Computing. SoftLogik. SoftWood, NewTek. Millennium, and Team 17 BLOBBY GRAPHICS Exclusive news reached us this issue just in time to be included on these pages. Mr. Blobby is to star in his own computer game! Yes,
the large pink bloke with the little yellow spots who has somehow made a career out of falling over and gibbering inanely has granted Millennium the rights to digitise his persona and include him in a wacky platform game! Details are quite tight at the moment, as the ink is still wet on the contract, but rest assured that the moment we have any screenshots, we'll be printing them in glorious technicolour Also, look out next month for an in-depth interview with the great man himself and the chance to appear on Noel’s House Parly every Saturday for a year1’ Call Millennium on 0223 844894 for
more ’This last bit probably isn’t true.
WORDWORTH UPGRADED Digita have shipped another upgrade to their VzordWorlh 3 word processor. Version 3.0b is now available.
The latest version now includes smarter installation, an extended help section and faster screen redraws. The new version also corrects compatibility problems with earlier versions of the program if, for example, different fonts were used between versions.
Wordworlh 3.0b is available from Digita on 0395 270273.
NEWS CU AMIGA GAMES CHART UPGRADE WITH BUTTE RSO FT Blittersotl are now selling the official Commodore upgrade of the Amiga operating system (OS) as version
3. 1. This is the same version of the OS as found in the A4000-T
(reviewed this issue) and CD32.
Amongst the many improvements in 3.1 over 3.0 (as found on the A1200 and normal A4000) are faster operation, support for CD-ROM drives, and various internal enhancements and bug fixes.
The upgrades from Blittersoft include the ROMs, full manuals and
3. 1 disks.
Prices start at £84.95 for the A500, A1500 and A2000.
For full details contact Blittersoft on 0908 220196.
The Amiga Top 10 Games Charts compiled by HMV.
- » 2 Sensible Soccer International
- » 3 World Cup Year 94
- » 4 Beneath A Steel Sky 5 Arcade Pool
- » 6 Skidmarks 7 Man United Champions
- » 8 Elfmania 9 Frontier - Elite 2
- » 10 Body Blows Rombo, manufacturers of the hugely popular Vidi
range of Amiga digitisers have revealed to CU AMIGA that they
are planning a series of major developments, expansions to
their A1200 VideoRT colour digitiser and a new big box Vidi
Firstly, is an update of the software. To Version 2. The new version will be shipped with the digitiser from early July, amongst the many new features it includes HAM8 preview on AGA Amigas.
Rombo have also revealed to CU AMIGA that they will also be shipping a TV tuner to work in coniunction with the Vidi-Amiga RT system, again in July. This unit will allow you to watch TV on your Amiga monitor and switch between the TV display and normal Amiga output. The unit, which Rombo told CU AMIGA will be called the Video-AmigaTV tuner, provides composite video and sound. Full control of the tuner is through Vidi-AmigaRT software and a separate program.
Rombo have also revealed they are working on a Nicam stereo decoder. Fastext decode and a digital genlock, and a version of Video for big box Amigas.
Again, all for use with the Vidi- AmigaRT system.
Colin Faulkner of Rombo told CU AMIGA: ‘ Our next project is an internal A2000 3000 4000 Vidi- AmigaRT24. Complete with all the new bells and whistles."
Rombo are on 0506 466601.
GVP RELEASE A4000 ACCELERATOR GVP. The world's largest Amiga developer, have released their long awaited A4000 accelerator - the A4000 GFORCE 040. Using the card A4000 030 or 040 users can upgrade their Amiga, with 030 users getting a performance increase "ot at least 12 times" - claim the UK suppliers Silica.
The card has two 32-bit SIMM sockets, one of which is populated with a 4MB 60ns SIMM as standard. Using an extra card it is possible to increase the maximum memory of the Amiga to a huge 128Mb. GVP have also revealed details of a further SCSI-II option which can be added to the card, although no details were available.
The GVP Gforce 040 accelerator with 4Mb of RAM is available for £1299 including VAT.
GVP have also just cut the price of Cinemorph still further. The program now has a price of £19. Its original UK launch price was £99. CineMorph is also included free with GVP's other software title ImageFX.
Silica are on 081-309 1111.
BLOWING FUNNY COLOURS I - k Team 17 just don't know when to slop giving. Those generous types up in i V . ’ Wakefield have created Body Sows AGA for all you lucky A1200 owners, • and it looks like it'll be a cracker. Featuring 256-colour graphics, ol 1 course, plus the 21 player Tag Team option that was previously only seen ' in Ultimate Body Blows, the game looks like it’ll be a real treat But that is vfc not all No. It gets a lot better. It's hard disk installable! It has new AGA • • backdrops, as seen in Ultimate Body Blows. It also only costs £14 99! But :' i_-» CV it gels even better!
If you have the original Body Blows, you can upgrade 1 to the new exciting update for the measly sum of £7.99! It you would like to upgrade, then send your original disks, with a cheque or postal order made out to Team 17 Software, and then send the lot to Body Blows AGA Upgrades.
Team 17 Software, Marwood House, Garden Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1DX. Call Team 17 on 0924 385903 for more information.
» VISTA COMES TO BRITAIN Virtual Reality Labs have released three packs ol British landscapes tor use with Vista Pro and Vista Lite. The packs allow you to render landscapes ot Britain using Vista on your Amiga.
The three packs cover British Highlights, English Lakes and Snowdonia National Park The information tor the landscapes is taken from British Ordinance Survey Maps and is very accurate. British Highlights includes mountains, teaturing Ben Nevis amongst others.
Each pack has a price ot €39.99 including VAT. But Emerald Creative are running a promotional otter with each pack going lor just £32.99. Emerald are on 081 715 8866 fonts. The fonts can apparently be used with Dpamt II and III and can be used in all screen resolutions For €15 you get a two disk collection consisting ol live fonts, a catalogue listing 25 other fonts is also provided Diskotech is on 0591 2242.
PROJECT YOURSELF One of the biggest manufacturers of Amiga printers is to launch a colour video projector. The Citizen 30PC is an LCD device which can take an Amiga video signal (via a genlock) and project it onto walls, giving an image size of between 6 and 100 inches - ideal for displaying the Amiga screen when playing World Cup Soccer with your mates.
Epson have released a new inkjet printer. The Stylus Colour Is a colour inkjet printer with a price of £639 + VAT. Features include 64 nozzle print head, speeds of up to 200 characters per second, a 64Kb buffer and resolutions of up to 720 dpi. You can contact Epson on 0800 289 622.
NEW VIRUS COLLECTION DISK To coincide with the Worid Cup.
Renegade are getting ready to release a special limited edition of Sensible Soccer under the non surprising name ot Sensible Soccer International Edition The new edition features all the teams and matches in the World Cup this year and the game has been modified slightly to allow the referees to show red and yellow cards Later in the year this will
- -------be followed up. Of course, with Sensible World Ol
Soccer, featuring an improved game system, plus 1500 real
club teams from all over the world, including all the actual
players and stats' Look out for an in- depth preview in the
next couple of months.
Epson have produced a 100-page guide to scanning The guide. Totally ScantasK Guide lo Desktop Scanning is available free from Epson The guide was produced to help explain scanning technology, and covers practically every aspect of scanning including optical character recognition, using images to increase productivity, printing in colour, and ol course, how to scan images and text.
For a copy of the guide call Epson on 0442 61144 LEANING OVER THE EDGE This month I'm not going to speculate on future tech nology but rather think back on past developments, and a great loss to the whole Amiga market As you will have already read earlier on June 20th jay Miner passed on Even if you hadn't previously heard of Jay you cant help but have seen and used tvs work - the Amiga But to many Amiga users today Jay will be |ust another name from the past Yet he was far more than that Consider lor a minute that the Amiga was first designed in 1982-84, almost 10 years ago Now consider that
it was only just before that whon the mighty IBM created their IBM PC. Now think forward to 1994. The onginal design of the PC has gone, changed completely - new processors, different storage types (the onginal PC was designed to use tape), completely different grapn s standards, afferent BUS types (Local BUS) - m fact apart frcm the shape of Pcs there's hardly anything that remams And the Amiga? Sure vanous pans have been on ha need (graphics, user interface etc) but the majority of it remains the same.
After 10 years much of the onginal Amiga design still remains, and not only does it still remain, but only now are rival systems from Apple and IBM starting to catch up When Jay and his co*workers created the Amiga they were, without doubt, years ahead of worlds greatest developers Jay Mmer was without any doubt a genius as were the other developers, they were far and way the most innovative design team ever Now the creative talent of this group has gone forever Would it not be a perteci farewoll to Jay if the Amiga was to go on to match its potential and become not just the best selling home
computer, but also the leading games console and business computer7 You already help Jay’s dream by using the Amiga But you could do more. For starters start shouting about iust how good the Amiga is to your fnends. If you can wnte software that takes advantage of the power that the Amiga has. And if you can t do anything else buy some software and peripherals and spend money with Amiga dealers, developers and distributors to show them it's worth their continued support Jay gave you a machine you could only previously havo dreamed about, now it's your turn to keep that dream alive SOFTWARE
Super Frog (I Meg)___£17Ji A division of SOFTWARE PLUS Britain's largest independent specialist retailer ol computer games.
1981 Super Seymour Sm the Ptmrt MM Super SpeceMvadtn--MM ADI EngBah 1MMM4-13 yr*-----£18.99 ADI French IMMHH5 yr*------£1090 ADI MMM 11.1M3-14.15yr*-----.£1099 ADI Junior CounMng *4 yr*_fKM ADI Junior CounMng *-7 yr*---C1»99 ADI Junior Reedng *-5 yr*--------(KM ADI Junior ReeOng 6-7 yr*-------.MM Early E.sentlal' 10 oul ol 10-----.£18.99 EngBah 10 oul 0(10---MM Franc* 10 oul of 10---------------.C18.M Fun School 3 under 5 yr* .£14.40 Fun School 3 Myra... .(14.48 Fun School 3 over 7 yr*-------£14.49 Fun School 4 under 5 yra--------£10.40 Fun School 4 5-7 yra-----------£10.40 Fun School 4 7-11
yra------------£10.40 Junior EaeentMt 10 oul ol 10 - .£18.99 KMPB----------------------£10.90 Mmta Algehra 10 out ol 10---£18.99 Malta Nianber 10 oul of 10-----£18.99 Marta SlaOtOc* 10 oul ol 19--------I18.M Mamn* Malta (Fun School *p*c)....08.99 uwgiira'M.
L i'9MM» C» 0W *ece .
- ------- icmoareRAC Ra* Me* .
Zydec Upgrade NO CLOCK.
ZydK Enamel Diet Drive- World Cup USA 94 Final Flgm.
MANAGING UP TO DATE Admit it. Updating your football management game to keep up with the real world can be a royal pain, can't it? The last thing you want to happen is to find someone like Darren Peacock sporting QPR's kit, but who wants to go through moving all those people around in an editor?
Nobody, that's who. Which is why Oomark have kindly come up with the Championship Manager End Ol Season Data Disk.
For the small sum ol £1 5.99 you can update Champ Manager at the touch ot a button, and what's more you can even grab a tree copy ot Fever Pilch by Nick Hornby, which is all about Arsenal so it's probably a very good item.
Call Domark on 081 780 2222 lor more news on this attractive deal.
INDI - COME BACK IN SIX MONTHS One of the UK s larger Amiga mail order companies, Indi, have launched a new purchasing initiative. You can order products now, without paying anything, use them for six months and then pay for the goods in full, without any interest charges being levied.
Indi see the move as a major development in retail computer trading, although other dealers sounded a note of caution. One source said that he felt it was unfair to customers as those who couldn't afford to pay now, were just as unlikely to be able to afford it in six months time, and it could trap customers in to buying goods they can't afford. Indi however are confident that the scheme will prove very popular Indi are on 05430 419 999 GRADE A DISKS SPECIAL I MONTH ONLY LOWEST PRICES BEST SERVICE RAPID DELIVERY ttESMMMMSSm SALES HELPLINE 081 686 9978 081 781 1551 RAPID DELIVERY CRAZY DIAL 1
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roil HAD - FR1I DILIVIMY A ACCESSORIES f J 90 £2 25 3 S’ OisL Keod Cleone* MOA.M MOI IOOO label*
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(Unless otherwise Stated) WITHIN 3 DAYS (UK MAINLAND ONLY ADD
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only FAX: 081 686 9974 All offers subject to availability. E&OE
Prices Pack details may change without notice due to currency
fluctuations Please allow 6 working days for cheques to clear.
. Mk.
All title9 are compatible with all Amiga flhhjg utatedj ICUtati MSEEIXKnOYDTHlRAU Mdii MamciNai kdcnn
U. .b,raim n;M W dmi stai was DB»asm** *«* »
• » M«Ia|aa STILL ONLY £4.99 (ALL M1I6AS) MBAJTIOMlMVwWoi .ku:
BNSINOS A HATHs Mmut ¦ Br.nnc*ncKnansi*ii«. CAMUS
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afaMrf.'l pnpd.
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Cf i ndaf iKirr CmiAVEMTIUMb-J rpB C?imUK+*k G»M*2W'M ".ZniSl'jmao : »or.
U250 ?'TWO TOOL 01 laoFVfellnAMttii U2M con * CIAU T0CH4 lay alum iofm s&KSgBsr"” DM CeC i» MR IRQ COT Vlfftn.mr amatol pm DO UTTU 0(«n Do M nfcr « CjIbm D52 dmiw too i a:x*» m nil DM IE.G IADYENTUf (AMIS an» I: ft*. I UJ77SC0MM III Unci Malm .AwicnnJci DO UAFVNOV C.MWTM r«. Kxr* «o in CM I PUB Ml HA Mi:! OfaWarfi uimla'ftr Aff r. UM AI2fBiaK WZ7 PRINTU STWIO Iron* toil to wi« UOIV1M0 APPUCATWK (2 to. V*. Ate A CAM tUID USA OXX 2 teti LHIm oi Iton ¦ MU« dcdcot in p»ts«*u;v «¦!¦*» UsnaWtSI • CMATOI T00l(4*t l P. Inal lot anlir puna IBM MACMTK P AGBiufal to m an IM2 GATOR GUMCinC* (ai * mat -
np*l«AUW IWHUMU TOOl Make temdavinM Ittl DBUAIVII. AIAOUP fapnM rw if to jwesissBn QBOtflllllac pMlfalwllri GSStMOMUlAWtfiM M.m IM*T|»a An CM2 DOW PAOUM Mil ft. M Proa mt rdmnl (M RIWO CAUB Anar «i pi w to Uh *cd OS m ta I»m mto 2BWI tea pm »CA»0GAMB latof*¦ ipcpaa GWUTU.S inm dor HP* mat n AMKA FotMATl GSO MWU GHCST (m k aamn I GAM ramtc WABXI r? Nan Mte 2 GAMUTU MBOCHIIamiMnaM l«2|M GUT HVISTAI12 flZZU EMI Antu«afraM ».
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K7CW AID krparm pack*.
D) iKIYQianCa Jlfpa|M» DB2 '.lEAML'i UV, Un liw u «rl l**nm D2S*
MANGA WcfED’ltor Map tor to.
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17HHDMURIH «!. IwfcrA Ann can ¦¦¦n R07S MADONNA SIX ')(**' IR* sal* :i?4 ADD ! MCP (18-ONLY I limn.
IU7W REIOCKII14 lam A500naulaor U7» ARU MANUAL Mtor ARIX (WB I »| ,mh U7» fTV STAtfclR Iwri. Iw mao an pm HP -art .«**!**. ¦ un*i _______ I HOV» lO.RIAT* 1*735 DISK REPAIR 3 12 diik nMMiw Mri.
, ’ U72S SKICK PmAcutonM 3 .colon of WB 1.3 cmn ’ U73I 3D GARDEN DESIGNER Amp. Cmden. In Ml U7» MR RAC* IT Profcmiooa Em* a Hl «.
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G* t tow CARDAN • DMAAI heM ACAI21 AMKiA EACTORY DHSK): VTKSPECTRUM EMI'LAIIIH VI.7U facndiAMIIMmlan) MSI SPECTRUM (.AMIS III uw -II* iW VK M Iml'UTN in I pro , ko, UiM KUCASni« ton. I*ir( I'xS.tMpar UM ASUB COMB adttn at * ..pm GSMM0HA.0FKh*».. pno GSNftVIIIX Si'hatiit* UnMil ndMpm CSJS«l*vn 111 MlVUHOVm pa* ca, Ml UTTU HATEia JO.* f -M W0I1D GWJAEHY *c M Ac ndA I fca LIU DBCOVm 01IHI Aim 12 Ifcbl liucul AGA (M AGA »Un SCHW BUS1Q AUM EASTGB IdMaGIFTp. A W-ilnd tanU a* roMar tkm oT IOI mm path.
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MIT AIM ! r»f -414 lOMPATSBI I VA1IM All AVAM-AS OAMY BS4.99 SPTTIAI QfflR THIS MONTH UM Y EXTRA I Htf tllSK TRANSPLANT Bin ran iff &UIHPAOI bHftoMbM MAMBA AGANSQUXGIABACA .m AGAIMWCtlDBIYONDIOli AKIRA 12S0 CHOIR taut) GSA2 HMD TO HE1 fcftal l a! |fcm ondat Aft ai ¦Mt im Mft apv yppalr ipm M OAA&ICITONGTta mddxrappm G8AIWD A ¦* mm •* Blip Gis: AMU 1CMKA MONn mMb «T p»4 h- (Ml Ml MINCt!WICSi2 MSK5I okr Mi MIM ilm S minlahllMianvmfebam t WrU GWLLDMAM pm (Ml MVQLDAaonWddiaAlaCba GM2IU1T QOSI JD«At*m| pm -nit: U s Mn UlTEAPfT I0X DOIOkM. Pa fnpin 11II WHOMa 2 Tianl I on pdr I El l DNS WAIQM «
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INSTAUM iiudcf »1l*pdWfc.k»IM AcaAIMClO&DQSnOSiSlaivaEClln
CLIP-ART (very higl quality) colour clipart U5ISTMTM aaaa
TOOL ntm am HC U7S2 in1 ST Acni(M ASM Id) EKI -a duU
* 11 on. 1 »m*. Macabre. Ehlhlck_ it'% mmt •Item I1limit sameaue
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Ihixul Si ;irs-( :oMI'l I I M “The frafhii nl immy mu Weil iif by llie mm i iage l I »'«*«• i mul the i inn filler mi limit mil n, initslmii iiii;."
It : II.hih M.iyu iiu "....buy it * «*.» • mnl fuse Mansell m ii mii'hi iiii him-lit iiiilv existeil
• HI1, .ml It : .mu t :|;inxk- lt ! Am. l:i£u ilK' JUST
CU AMIGA i on earth It is1 What’s record at the momont.
That one going round in your head right now? You could have done that with your Amiga and wo re going to .how you how Mere’s the exclusive CU everything you'll need I' In the world ol pop, rock, dance and even classical music. For tliose who have advanced a bit turther down lt»e released on CD, cassette or good old vinyl First though, hero are some basic tips to get your Amiga sounding like a sprawling proles tional studio Explanations should understand before launching yourself Inlo Ihe world of Amiga music AH called Paula. Paula Is capable ol playing up 10 lour 8 btt samples back al once,
although the Amiga can hold as many drllerent samples as memory will allow With the aidol MIDI [I (Musical Instrumenl Digital iriioitace) you can Imk up your Amiga lo a massive range ol musical equip
I. including 6, drum machines, olfecls umls and so on Jusl a
single A500 Is enough to make storming tunes, but with a bit
ol arc opened right up You'll ollen hear com ments such as "8
bit sampling is okay, but not good enough for senous use"
You believe if These comments invariably come trom those who have had lltlle or no experience ol the Amiga Your Amiga is a goldmine - you |ust have to do a bil ot digging and you'll be generously rewarded SOUND QUALITY Here are a tew tips to help beginners avoid the most common Amiga sam pling pittalls Use high samplo rotes.
Try not to sample at anything below around 16Khz This will avoid the olten heard scratchy samples ol many Amiga demos For any sounds with a lot ol high frequencies such as drum sounds or vocals including S’ or T sounds use a rate Ol 21 Khz or higher Got a good sound to noiso ratio .
This means making sure the volume level coming into the sampler is loud enough to use the lull range ol the 8 bits, but not too loud as to distort.
Quiet samples will be bugged by hissy noise Trim samples property.
Timing will be out on your music if there’s blank space at the start o!
Your samples mmsa Arnigas are used in music production right across the board from bedroom hobbyists to megabuck international stars Possibly the most exciting area in which the Amiga has a firm foothold is Ihe dance music scene The immediacy of the Amiga's built-in sampling features and very cheap sequencing software such as Protracker and OctaMED, has grven many the chance to realise Iheir dreams and release their own records, without treading the tradi tional rock and roll route ol forming a band, gelling gigs and signing up with a major record company A setup of jusl one basic Amiga is
enough to get you started we've already seen successful releases created on nothing more than a 1Mb A500' Just to prove that it s all possible we tracked down the top Jungle Hardcore setup Urban Shakedown to see how they've man aged to release a stack of successful dance records in Ihe last couple of years Urban Shakedown is a Jungle cd leclive that revolves around one man and his Arnigas. And embraces a number ol collaborators, such as the "man like' Mickey Finn among others The Urban Shakedown studio consists of two A1200s, two Tandy stereo graphic equalisers, an aural exciter, a guitar
effects pedal, a DAT recorder and a pan ot Jamo speak ers. Big enough to give an idea ol how a track will sound in a club OctaMED 4 is used lo» all the sam pHng. With the two Arnigas allowing eight good quality sample tracks Audo Engineer Ptus 2 is used lor sampling and sample oditmg The Shakedown boys were the ones responsible lor the classic hard core anthem Some Justice* (the one with the goose bump inducing Ce Ce Rogers sample We ll live as one tamily ). All ol which was done with the above setup, only with A500s instead ol A 1200s Following a spate ol under ground hits, Urban Shakedown
are soon to re surface with a killer EP to be released on the Pwl label lea- luring a trio ol stomping new tracks, along with two new remixes ol Some Justice With jungle hardcore win mng over more Ians every day, it might |ust be massive see it in the shops by i ¦ssz Expanding your Amiga lo Include MIDI Inalru- M®W YOUR VF Want to break the charts or storm the club scene with your latest tune? You can, and it’s not as hard as you might think.
Tony Horgan and an Amiga show you how.
Whether you want to oe a gorgeous pout- I ing pop star, or an I anonymous producer, you must have dreamed about releasing your own record at | one time or another. So long as it remains jusl a dream, it's never going to happen Let’s face it. A talent scout from a record company is hardly going to come knocking at your door on the off-chance - if you really want something to happen, you've got to make it happen yourself.
But where do you start? How can you get that tune that’s on your computer into record shops across the country, played in all the top clubs and radio stations, and most importantly, into the hands ol the record-Oujftig public? It all starts oil at the studio, whether that means a lully-fledged professional studio, or just your home setup §SalStye£ontrol All of the advice that follows this is useless unless you have a good track in the first place. H is absolutely essential to get flawless sound quality trom your system. You can get Most of the following will apply whatever kind of music
you're making. But we've slanted it towards the dance music scene.
Doesn’t It? The good news is that 8- brts can sound |ust as good as 16.
You just have to wod a bit harder at it, that's all. Remember, no one is going to make allowances because your track was made with an Amiga.
II it sounds bad. It won’t gel played by Djs, and it wonT attract the punters It’s no good justifying scratchy samples by saying: "Well what do k you expect, il was done on my k computer at home!" See the sec- tion on sound quality lor some advice on getting the best scund (torn whatever setup yo- have Ot course, if you add sons- MIDI equipment ic your syr.trrn yn.i can can-.|Mill; rr |H Ihesumn evel as llii- pros away with rough samples and sequencing with PD centos but now ¦ I I mwftoHs two ,.u?4v£jAf ' f-: likes your lune. Then mayo- you WugttjSBB P'olui.MO- inould I- III« .iiiuiil
some nitre.* ••.
Ills. These are Alter all you want to sell more ihan ( professionals who one record, right?
Work in a world where 16-bits are the minimum, and digital editing IMPORTANT: the most importMt I and effects often make use of 24 or thing to beware of at this stage is a 32-bit technology false opinion. Let's say you've got If you’re using Amiga samples. Some mates round, you’ve just made you’ll be limited to 8-bit sampling them a nice cup of coffee, and things Sounds a bit pathetic in comparison are going swimmingly. You say; CU AMIGA you heard my latest MM*" and play them the track in ¦Men Dstences lowered by the Mdwnng round ot cottee and
• M relaxed and ready for a |M of Sensi Soccer, they all tell you
(s a stormer. Not wanting to rock tioM and seem ungrateful for
the xepca&Ty or hold up the impending fwoftooty So off you go
on your mission to you record pressed up. Dis- rtuiBd and into
the charts, confident i • •-'owledge that you have a airong
tune to your name. In fact.
• *"ar you might have is a third-rate 0% tmt no-one is going to
• e a barge pole. What a waste of v* effort and money that would
Here’s one way you can avoid a you can go back to the drawing board, but if they like it. You can announce with zest and pride: "Haha!
That was really me and my Amiga!
Cool huh?"
SSMHiirBff’- MODULES ON CD II you don't have access to a DAT recorder, but you still have com mercial quality music on disk, Technical Dimensions are ofloring a unique service, whereby they take an Amiga music module Protracker. Soundtracker.
OctaMEDetc), load it onto their Amiga in the studio, pass it through some fancy boxes to bring the sound to life, and master the music to cassette. DAT or CD.
The prices are very inviting For example, modules can be mastered lor £4.00 each, plus £10.00 lor the DAT, £2.00 lor cassette or £30.00 lor a one-off CD.
Technical Dimensions have a flexible enough service to suit most requirements.
Contact Technical Dimensions.
32 Midway, Walker. Newcastle Upon Tyne. NE6 3PA. Tel: 091 263 7971.
Now that you think you’ve got an honest opinion from your mates, and they like it, see what the reaction is from those ‘in the know". If you're making dance music, get it onto a cassette, and take it to your local independent record shop. You’ll find that a lot of shop assistants in these CU AMIGA GUIDE JARGO Get your designer head on when It’s time to create your own record labels. Why stop at squares when you could have just about anything you can Imagine - even circles!
Send copies to radio and club Djs, and to the dance music press.
However, be careful how you do this.
There's no need to send out heaps of copies to all the big name Djs if they're never going to play them.
Limit your promo mail-outs to those in line with your particular style.
Don’t forget to include a press release (a single sheet of paper saying how great your tune is, with details such as the name and number of the distributor, and maybe some fascinating snippets of information that the magazine writers (and radio Djs) can use to make their reviews a bit more interesting).
It also helps to keep your profile If you’ve had any of your music released on vinyl, cassette or CD.
And you want it publicised in CU AMIGA send a copy in to Tony Horgan. CU Amiga. Priory Court. 30-32 Farringdon Lane.
London. EC1R 3AU.
» might have to pay a small fee upfront to cover some of the initial costs, but even if you do, it'll be a lot less than you'd have to shell out if you did it all yourself. This way, you can release a record on your very own label, without incurring too many costs.
Basically, the distributor should handle everything, although you might have to put some effort into promoting the record yourself. The deals you are offered will vary, but you should end up being paid a royalty for each copy of the record that is sold.
There are plenty of distributors around the country. To find one near you, just go into your local dance record shop, and ask them for some telephone numbers of distributors.
Alternatively, contact Up Front Audio, who offer just such a service.
Their address is: Up Front Audio, 24 Chapel Farm Road, London SE9 3NQ. Tel: 081 857 7082. Fax: 081 851 6723.
O ER If your music isn't dancefloor stuff, option B won’t be applicable. If you don't have any luck in getting a deal with a record company, you can still press your own Cds, and sell them through mail order.
Apart from raising the cash to get the Cds pressed, the biggest problem with this method is advertising.
You can send it in to the music press for reviews, or take out small ads in appropriate publications.
Probably the best way of publicising a CD is through live performances, which get your name known, and also give you a chance to flog some copies at the gigs.
Seeing as you’ll be using an Amiga, you can always use the old trick of sending it into Amiga magazines, where it’s likely to get more column inches than it might do in other magazines.
Alternatively, take a look at the on CD" panel on page 29, if you want some more information on this.
50-50 DEALS One thing to remember is to steer well clear ot 50-50 deals. A 50-50 arrangement might sound like a good otter on the surface. The instant assumption is that you'll get 50% of the retail price tor each copy sold, but in tact what they’ll be ottering is 50% of the profits from the record.
Profit is what is left after ail the costs have been covered, and it’s very easy for the people releasing your record to invent all kinds of extra expenses. Once your record has passed its sell-by-date, the distributor record company could come back to you saying that the record made no profit at all, and show you a list of costs to back it up. Short of conducting a big financial investigation into the companies’ books, there’s no way you can disprove their claims. At the end of the day, they might have made a nice profit, while you walk away empty handed. So, if you get offered a 50-50
deal, just say no!
WN Promotion can make or break a record. If your tune really is an absolute stormer, word will get around, but there's no harm in giving it a shove in the right direction. The best way to promote a dance record is to good picture (it needn't be of you), then you stand a better chance of getting a few column inches in the music mags. If someone has just read a piece about the new acid release from, "A Box Called Roland ", they’re likely to recognise the name and pick it out when they're flicking through the bewildering selection of new vinyl in the shop.
If you want even more cheap exposure, you could release your sample library as PD or shareware, just as Urban Shakedown are about to do. Then, to promote your sample disks, you could write a cracking tune and make a top PD demo, with your name plastered all over it of course (as Urban Shakedown are about to do). Basically, put yourself about.
Congratulations, you’ve just written, released and promoted the next big tune. Fun wasn't it? Thanks to Urban Shakedown for their help. » up, by sending out various other press releases from time to time, with any interesting information on yourself or your records that you can cook up. If this is accompanied by a A BLUFFER'S TO MUSIC N It's embarrassing isn’t it? You go into a shop, and all you want is a black box with flashing lights that makes noises, and you get assaulted by the sales assistant with a spew of techno-babble?
Well, at least that's better than having a sales assistant who can’t find the “on" switch Next time, make sure the boot's on the other foot, and go armed with our guide to high tech music jargon SAMPLE A sample is a digital recording of a sound A sample of a single note can be played back at different pitches to create melodies.
SAMPLE RATE The sample rate is partly responsible for the reproduction quality of the sample. A low sample rate will give lower quality reproduction than a high sample rate, but higher rates use more memory.
8-BIT 16-BIT The bandwidth of the sample is the other main factor governing its sound quality This is usually 8- bits with Amiga samples. The standard for professional MIDI samplers is 16-bits, which gives supenor reproduction. 16-bit samples require more memory than 8-bit samples MIDI MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It’s the standard system and Ian guage used by electronic music equipment, that allows instruments to ’talk' to each other MIDI makes it possible to remotely control any MIDI device from any other MIDI device POLYPHONIC If an instrument is polyphonic it
can play more than one note at a time. An instrument that is not polyphonic (monophonic) would not be able to play chords MULTI TIMBRAL A multitimbral instrument can play more than one instrument at any given time For example, the same instrument could ptay a bassline and a chord sequence simultaneously.
DAT DAT stands for Digital Audio Tape, which is a very high quality digital recording medium, now extensively used for recording master tapes, from which Cds.
Cassettes and vinyl copies can easily be duplicated Take a classic arcade game. Add a whole heap ol seasoning in the form ol stylish, slate-ol-the-art graphics and lour MASSIVE levels ol up-to-date aclion. Stir in an Alternative Dimension, exquisitely evil aliens and a heavy-sprinkling of mucho-big guns 'n' power-propped planes. Leave to simmer on an incandescent heal and wail lor the best BLAST in light years TOP DOWN VERTICALLY SCROLLING VIEWI CHOICE OF THREE DIFFICULTY LEVELS! FULLY ROTATING RAY-TRACED ENEMIES!
Available on: Amiga 1200 and Amiga CD32 Banshee © Core Design Limited. All Rights Reserved.
55 Ashbourne Road Derby DE22 3FS Telephone (03321297797 Facsimile 103321381511 ±ija±l All) TRACKERS Trackers are the most popular type ot music composition software in the PD and demo scenes. Most tracker programs are public domain, and can be obtained trom PD libraries for between £2 and £3 Most handle just Amiga samples, but some offer MIDI sequencing too If you’re just using Amiga samples, trackers offer far more control than sequencers.
There are 101 variants on the original Soundtracker program, which has been re-written and re-released by numerous groups, under names such as NoiseTracket and StarTrekker. There is very little to choose between them, so we’ve just covered Protracker, which is the most popular and advanced of the tracker family.
PROTRA emu This is used by many musicians involved in writing demos ot game soundtracks Like all trackers.
Protracker uses a vertically-scrolling numerical display for all its musical data. This looks very confusing at first, but once you can understand It.
It’s a very immediate and powerful system There’s a built-in sampler and sample editor, so you can use it directly with just about any sampler cartridge to grab sounds and use them instantly. Protracker is very powerful, and pretty much an industry-standard as far as game and demo music goes Contact: Cynostic PD. Office 01, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road. Coventry.
Tel: 0203 681687.
Price: £2.00 Including P.P. OctaMED PRO If you got the May Issue of CU AMIGA, you will already have OctaMED 4 Version 4 is the last release that s compatible with all Armgas- Version 5 needs Krckstart 2 or higher to run, so it won’t work with standard A500s. OctaMED works like a tracker, but has some unique features of Its own. Not least is the option to play up to eight Amiga samples simultaneously, although this results in a loss of sound quality OctaMED has an excellent sampling section, the ability to create synthesised sounds, and best of all, MIDI support.
Version 4 gives you up to 16 tracks when using MIDI. Version 2ot OctaMED is now PD, and available from any PD library in this issue.
OCTAMED S OctaMED 5 uses a system of menus and windows for its interface, and offers up to 64 tracks with MIDI, online help and lots more handy little features OctaMED is CU AMIGA’S favourite Amiga program so far.
Contact: Seasoft Computing, The Business Centre. First Floor, 80 Woodlands Avenue, Rustlngton.
West Sussex BN16 3EY. England.
Tel: 0903 850378.
Price: £30.00 Including P.P. X-REAT PRO Not strictly a tracker, X-Beat Pro is a actually a drum machine system that uses Amiga samples to create four channel rhythms. It's very easy to use, with a mouse-controlled graphic representation of each bar. All you do is select a drum sample from the menu, and drop it onto the bar with the mouse.
To add more sounds, just go back to the menu, and add some to those you just programmed There's also a bassline generator too. Good fun.
Contact: 17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorks WF1 1DH.
Tel: 0924 366982.
Price: £2.50 including P.P. SEQUENCERS Unlike trackers, sequencers are primarily used for controlling MIDI equipment, such as synthesisers, outboard samplers and drum machines.
These are all commercial packages, not Public Domain like some of the trackers.
PROFESSIONAL 2.S r Unique amongst music packages. Bars and Pipes treats sequencing as an exercise in plumbing. MIDI information is routed around the program using virtual pipes - arriving from the MIDI IN port and leaving via the MIDI OUT port In between, the MIDI data is processed using special tools to add echo, delay or several dozen other special effects.
Bars and Pipes goes way beyond simple sequencing, performing music sconng well as advanced multimedia features, with the Sunrize AD516 and DPS video board. However, Amiga sample support is poor.
Ivanced i support lor DPS PAR Contact: Meridian Distribution, East House, East Road Industrial Estate. London SW19 1AR.
Tel: 081 543 3500.
Price: £299.95 or £69.95 If upgrading from Version Z MUSIC X 2.0 Although recently updated to version 2, Music X remains the same as version 1.1 at heart - with only the addition ot Arexx and a scoring package (Notator X) to account for several years in the wilderness Music is recorded to form tracks, and these tracks can then be triggered by other tracks - it’s an elegant and flexible system that even supports a limited form ot live mixing on the fly.
The other editor pages will enable you to remap you keyboard and keep track of your favourite patches.
Contact: The Software Business, Suite 1. Unit 4. Cromwell Business Centre, New Road. St Ives.
Tel: 0480 496497.
Price: £140.00, or £79.96 If upgrading from version 1. Music X version I Is still available for around £30 from various retailers.
Check the adverts in this magazine.
SEQUENCER ONE 2.01 Gajits made an admirable attempt at producing a low-cost MIDI sequencer, as an alternative to the pricey professional options.
Sequencer One was the result It takes a simple approach to MIDI sequencing, offering all you’ll need to control a modest MIDI setup. If you don’t need the reams of features on offer from the bigger packages.
Sequencer One is an excellent start ing block, and it’s cheap too!
Contact: Software Technology Limited. Freepost MR9455.
Manchester Ml 8DJ. Tel: 061 236
2515. Price: £19.95 SEQUENCER OMWPLUS 1.3 A more advanced version
of Sequencer One. Sequencer One Plus is the next step up,
offering improved power and flexibility. And it's still one
the cheapest sequencers that you can buy.
Contact: Software Technology Limited, Freepost MR9455, Manchester M1 8DJ Tel: 061 236
2515. Price: £49.95 RAVE This is another attempt at a budget
sequencer, but while Sequencer One Is quite useable, Rave
is one ol the more awkward programs ever written lor the
Amiga. It's slow, illogical, lacks any real power, and
overall has nothing much to recommend it at all.
Contact: The Software Business.
Suite 1, Unit 4, Cromwell Business Centre. New Road. St Ives.
Tel: 0480 496497.
Price: £49.95 DELUXE MUSIC CONSTRUCTION SET 2.0 DMCS 2 is described by its producers as a music DTP package, rather than a sequencer. It’s more ol a musician's music program, in that it uses traditional music notation instead ol the piano-roll display ol most sequencers. The best option lor anyone wanting to transcribe sheet music, and generally a very competent music creation tool.
Contact: Electronic Arts, 90 Heron Drive, Langley, Berks.
Tel: 0753 549422. Price: £89.99 8-BIT SAMPLERS 8-bit samplers can be used to grab sounds tor use with trackers and most sequencers, as well as various other Amiga applications. 8-bit sampling gives generally inferior sound quality when compared to 16-bit sampling For more detailed information, check out our sampler guide on page l68otthe June 1994 .ssueol CU AMIGA.
AUDIO ENGINEER 2 PLUS The best 8-bit sampler available.
The hardware produces clean samples, and includes an input volume control The software has some unique editing leatures, such as very powerful inters and good time- stretching functions.
Contact: Hobbyte. 10 Market Place. St Albans, Herts AL3 5DG.
Tel: 0727 856005.
Price: £159.99 TECHNOSOUND TURBO 2 One ol the most popular samplers.
Technosound Turbo 2 has some very interesting effects built into the editing software. Sampling quality is good, but could be a bit deaner Very capable all the same Recently reduced in price by a tenner.
Contact: New Dimensions, Brooklands, Bryngwyn. Raglan, Gwent NP5 2AA. Tel: 0291 690933.
Price: £39.99. MEGALOSOUND A very nice combination ol hardware and software. Megalosound produces clear samples, and the cartridge indudes an input volume control. The software is packed with unique editing features, such as intelligent looping and loads ol useful effects The best buy for the money.
Contact: Microdeal. The Old School. Greenfield. Bedford MK45 5DE. Tel: 0525 713671.
Price: £34.95 DSS a PLUS This is a neat sampler, with a good software editor and a cartridge that has a trendy dear plastic case.
There's a built-in tracker, and a very good filler option, that takes out high frequencies while it samples, but overall it's a bit over-prioed for what's on oiler Contact: Silica, 1-4 The Mews.
Hatherley Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14, 4DX. Tel: 081 309 1111.
Price: £69.99 16-BIT SAMPLERS All ot these 16-bit samplers work a bit differently to their 8 bit counterparts. The Amiga cannot replay 16-bit samples under its own steam, so they all need to be used in conjunction with their own software.
However, they can be used to grab sounds for use with trackers and sequencers, by downgrading the samples to 8-bits CLARITT 16 There's no cheaper 16 bit Amiga sampler than Clarity 16. Features are limited when compared to the higher- priced alternatives, but it has its uses. There's a single-track cue-list sequencer induded with the software, but Clarity is most useful when controlled via MIDI from another sequencer. This gives a maximum of four sound channels, although you will need a fast machine to get any more than one or two. Also indudes built-in MIDI interlace.
Contact: Microdeal. The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE. Tel: 0525 713671.
Price: £149.95 ADS 16 a STUDIO 16 Studio 16 is the software that comes with the AD516 sampling board. It only works with "big box' Amigas (1500, 2000.3000 and 4000). It s based on a system of recording samples to a hard drive, then playing back up to four of them at once direct from the drive. It's best suited to producing the non-musical parts of a above mentioned 16 bit samplers Also, it is being developed in conjunction with the developers ol OclaMED so the two will be CU AMIGA BUYERS’ GUIDE The board will leature 12-bit sampling input and will have an optional add-on kx replaying 16
bit samples It is expected to be priced at under £100 lor the 12-bit Contact: Microdeal. The Old School. Greenfield. Bedford.
MK45 5DE. Tel: 0525 713671.
WIN WIN WIN For your chance lo win ol these brilliant new samplers Irom Micordeai. Enter the competition on page 51 ol this issue of CU AMIGA soundtrack, cuemg dfferent samples as It moves Enough a cue-list A software link with Bars and Pipes increases its versatility Contact: Premier Vision, 31c Hearn Hill Road. London SW2.
Tel: 071 274 4407. Price: £1,000 MIDI INTERFACES A MIDI interlace allows you to connect your Anvga and any piece ol MIDI equipmenL You can then use standard MIDI leads to plug your keyboard, drum machine or sampler into the back of the computer There's not much to choose between MIDI interlaces Some have more inputs and outputs than others, and some are more sturdily-built. Here are a few good examples.
POWER COMPUTING A neat little black box that plugs into your senai pon. The MIDI interface from Power Computing has three dm sockets aligned horizontally (MIDI in.
Out and through) That's about it really. It works and Its cheap.
Contact: Power Computing. 44 ab Stanley Street. Bedford MK41 7RW. Tel: 0234 273000.
Price: £19.95 MICRODEAL The Pro MIDI interface from Microdeal comes with a ribbon attachment lor easier connection.
This means you don't have a box hanging out of the back of the computer. Which is handy if you're short on desk space There are two MIDI ms. two MIDI outs and a Through connection, and is competitively priced.
Contact: Microdeal, The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE. Tel: 0525 713671.
Price: £24.95 TRIPLE PLAY PLUS Normally a MIDI interface will give you 16 channels, bul Triple Play Plus gives you 48. It does this by pretending to be three different sets of 16 MIDI channels. At the moment the only software you can use it with is Bars and Pipes.
Contact: Meridian Distribution, East House, East Road Industrial Estate, London SW19 1AR. Tel: 081 543 3500. Price: £169.95 M1S&JLLANEO HARDWARE SOUND ENHANCER The most common complaint regarding Amiga sample playback Is a loss of top end. The Sound Enhancer from Omega Projects has been specifically designed to boost the frequencies that are often mute It succeeds in making good samples sound brilliant, adding beef to the bass, and bring out the detail in the treble. Excellent for all serious Amiga samplers.
Contact: Omega Protects, 83 Railway Road, Leigh, Unci WN7 4AD. Tel: 0942 682203.
Price: £39.95 swraff0'* SUPERJAM The Amiga software equivalent of the home synthesiser keyboard, one of those that plays itself, with 100 rhythms such as Pop, Tango. Swing and Utin. It aims to compose tunes almost by itself, with a bit of input from the user. Unfortunately the styles all sound like something you'd hear coming from one man and his organ busking on the seafront.
Contact: Meridian Distribution, East House, East Road Industrial Estate, London SW19 1AR.
Tel: 081 543 3500. Price: £99.95 EZ-FM With EZ-FM you can synthesise your own sounds (or use with a sequencer or tracker. II uses a software emulation ot FM synthesis, as used by keyboards such as the Roland DX7, and loads of more recent synlhs. You select a number of parameters with easy to use sliders and buttons, then set the program rending the sample, which you can then save out to disk, many of which are very useable, and deaner than you might get from just sampling from another source.
Contact: The Other Guys Software, 55 North Main. Suite 301, Logan, UTAH 84321, USA.
Tel: 0101 801 753 7620.
Price: £59.95 The Amiga’s sampling features are excellent, but if you want to expand your musical options further still, get yourself some external MIDI equipment.
Here are a few of the more interesting music boxes on the market.
A WORD ON MIDI Ail of these wonderful devices can be connected to your Amiga via a couple of MIDI cables and a MIDI interface Most CU AMIGA readers will already have a MIDI sequencer in the form of OctaMED 4. Which came with the May 1994 issue (now sold out) The main advantage of adding a MIDI device to your system is the extra sounds that wil' become available, in addition to your existing Amiga samples Synth modules are just like normal synths. But without a keyboard These can be controlled from another keyboard, your sequencer or OctaMED 1 SAMPLER The SOI is one of the cheapest and most
practical ways of expanding your sampling options. It gives you an additional eight voices, and comes with 2Mb of RAM for sampling, giving you a total sampling time of 15.6 seconds (expandable to 31.2 seconds with a RAM upgrade). The sample rate is fixed at 32KHz, which is below the rate of 48KHz used by most of its rivals, but this is with 16-bits (as opposed the 8-bits used by the Amiga) and in practice this is good enough to give crisp, clean professional results. A high density double density disk drive is built-in for loading and saving samples.
Despite the lack of a graphic display for editing, the SOI is very immediate. Sounds can be grabbed, edited and used within seconds. Multisamples can be set up across the keyboard range, so you can create your own drum kits, or more realistic instrument sounds. It's pretty basic, but the sound quality is top notch.
Shame it's not stereo though.
Price:£799.00 JV ITH You’d be hard pushed to find a better entry-level synth than the JV 35. It's Roland's successor to their discontinued JV 30, and aims to cover all the bases without breaking the bank. It’s 16 part multi-timbral (plays up to 16 voices simultaneously), and has its own built-in effects (four types of reverb and four chorus effects). The quality of the preset sounds is superb.
As it conforms to the General MIDI standard, you're assured a good stock of all the bread and butter pop-rock- dance sounds, including a selection of pianos, organs, basses, strings, pads, brass, woodwind and percussion.
There are nine drum kits, with stacks of useful sounds including a good 808 kit, plus a few sound effects.
The resonant filter gives more power to the synthesis side of things, and is instantly accessible via the front panel sliders. Synthesis is the only weak point. You can't build your own sounds completely from scratch.
However, combinations of the filter and cut-off frequency can completely transform the sounds (great for techno and trance).
An excellent all-round synth.
Price:£975.00 One ol the JV 35 s big brothers, the 8- part multi-timbral JV 90 has a longer 76 note keyboard. It builds on the features of the JV 30 with greater synthesis control, giving you more possibilities for creating your own sounds Filters and LFOs can be edited tor each sound, and can be given their own envelopes, so that they change in intensity as the sound evolves. The JV 90 is capable of some stunning sounds that fade in, fly around your head, spray you with moondust. Then heave off into the distance. This is just the job for film soundtracks and atmospheric ambience. On top
of these amazing pads and effects, there are heaps ot rich orchestral instruments, and a lots of In-your-face lead synth and bass sounds, not to mention the drum kits.
There's plenty of -synthability" here, and although programming new patches isn't child's play, there are a few sliders to make it just that little bit easier.
An adorable synth.
Price:£1375.00 SymHMODUUp For the JD 990, Roland squeezed the legendary JD 800 into a rack- mount module. The JD 800 has since been discontinued, but is still cherished for its analogue style panel of knobs and sliders that make editing sounds so much easier.
The other half of the JD 800's appeal was the sounds it made, and although you lose the knobs and sliders with the JD 990, you still get those delicious sounds. Like the JV
90. It's the epic pads and effects that make the JD 990 stand out
from the crowd. They're absolutely stunning, some of the
pre-set sounds are almost complete ambient soundtracks in
their own rightl Although the module uses digital synthesis,
there's a definite analogue feel - the basses can be
extremely deep and smooth. However, editing the sounds on the
LCD screen is a far cry from the immediacy of the JD 800's
control panel. All the usual orchestral sounds are catered
for admirably. This is definitely one ot the best rackmount
synths money can buy.
Price:£1599.00 wml«38?
Designed as a desktop module, rather than a rackmount unit, the TG 300 is a lot more powerful than its compact appearance suggests. It’s 16-part multi-timbral and 32 note polyphonic, and has 456 preset and 128 editable voices, taken Irom its 6Mb of internal memory. There's a built-in digital signal processor, which allows a wide range ol effects, such as chorus, reverb, delay and Phaser.
There’s plenty of potential for creating your own sounds, using the basic CONTACTS AKAI Haslemere Heathrow Estate The Parkway Hounslow Middlesex TW4 6NO United Kingdom Tel 081 897 6388 ROLAND Atlantic Close Enterprise Park West Glamorgan SA7 9FJ United Kingdom Tel: 0792 700 139 YAMAHA KEMBLE MUSIC Sherbourne Drive Tilbrook Milton Keynes MK78BL United Kingdom Tel: 0908 366700 waveforms as a source, and altering them with the LFOs, resonant filters and effects. For a module, the TG 300 is very easy to program, thanks to its large LCD screen and logical menus. There’s even a complete graphical
mixing desk, which lets you set the volumes, effects levels and pan positions for each of the MIDI channels! Of particular use to Amiga users is the stereo audio input. You can feed the Amiga's sound channels into the module, and they'll be output together with the TG 300 sounds, so you don't even need a mixer. It’s generally MIDI compatible, so it's got all the essential sounds, plus a good few corkers of its own.
Highly recommei 3: £649 'cl) 0 All the lastest +0 transfers management changes have been included up until the end of the season.
Peacock will be at Newcastle, 9 Limpar at Everton, Rocastle will be at Manchester City. Joe Allon will have left Brentford to join Port Vale, etc. 0 The End of Season Data Disk M makes Championship Manager ‘93 the most up-to-date football management game ever available.
Friendly fron Ewood Park 'Brilliant goal for Newcastle!
BLACKBURN 1 | NEHCASTLF" 1 D« • ••mi. Attacking . . .
Were proud to otter you some really crafty oilers this month...to maximise the use ot AMOS and AMOS Pro, we otter you the hilly boxed CRAFT and CRAFT II (Turbo Plus 2.0). Firstly, we otter you version 2.0 ot CRAFT II Turbo Plus, fully boxed with 75 page handbook tor just £19.95 plus P*P What do you get tor your money? You get: CU AMIGA OFFER
• 141 new, powerful commands
• A comprehensive 75-page manual documenting every command and
feature Including the entire Scene Editor and Font Utility
• A Scene Editor with thousands ot possible icons, instead ot
just 255!
• Lightning quick fills
• Fast visible brushes
• Brush rotation and stretching
• Full on-line help
• Icon editor
• improved maze generation
• Shadow mode and much, much more... Secondly, you can get CRAFT.
The Original, fully boxed with a 65 page manual tor just £19.95
plus P*P. For that cash, you can get your hands on...
• Over 160 new AMOS commands
• Colour handling
• Fractals
• Turtle graphics and loads more. J An 88% review in CU AMIGA
says It all!!!
Thirdly, we can otter you Art School V2.0, fully boxed wi a manual and two support disks tor the paltry price ot £9.95 plus P+P!
Or how about all three packages, all boxed, all with m. i and all upgraded for just £35.99 plus P*P! That's CR s Original, CRAFT II Turbo Plus V 2.0 and Art School £36!
S a tilth otter, you can get your hands on boti 1 CRAFT II V2.0 lor the paltry sum of £29.95 plu* AMIGA All Models CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY "Play it for an hour and you might as well kits goodbye to a year."
CU AMIGA-91% "Not since Dune 2 have we been treated to such a great strategy game.
Designed in the mould of Populous but taking the whole idea beyond the stars and er, into asteroids."
THE ONE-90% • GREMLIN PRESENTS "A mixture of think-em- up and wanton destruction...think Sin City and now put it in space."
"A very addictive space exploration game which get* so involved you'll want to hire someone else to play it for you."
AMIGA FORMAT-84% n "Gremlin can be proud thM they have produced yet another quality game."
AMIGA ACTION-86% "Gremlin's space strategy game will have you playing into the wee small hours and I heartily recommend it."
AMIGA COMPUTING (Silver 4*r*rd) "I love this game" AMIGA POWER-83% DEEP SPACE • DEEP STRATEGY • OEEP TROUBLE THE YEAR IS 2380... The population explosion ol the 21st century has forced man to expand his botders and colonise the outer worlds By mining and selling huge quantities ol ore you can gather an A unimaginable amount ol wealth, however, you are not alone Six kgown species of alien are currently making their way to I Sector K24Q. All preparing to stake their claim to the riches therein If you are to survive, you must not only be a shrewd businessman, but command an army and control
fleets ol battleships to defend yjur territory.
U »* t»m r*» iiiuu mrervrits
i. %' I * M t »«~ I; 1 UL 1T. ~| J . C "J
• 6 different alien life-forms
• 8 different types of space crafts
• 16 different types of ships weapons and shields
• Over 40 different styles ol buildings to manipulate
• 10 missile types
• Up to 24 different asteroids to discover in each sector
• Highly intelligent enemy colony policies and attack strategies
• Fully definable asteroid field interlace
• Sophisticated digitised speech and almosjiheric sound effects I
' User configurable, icon-driven interface
• Hard disk installable AVAILABLE NOW £29.99 AMIGA 1200 HARD
DRIVES HARD DRIVE AMI GAS £449.99 £499.99 £514.99 £539.99
£579.99 £619.99 £699.99 ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY
SALES 0274 691115 raaidant outside
• nda 30-9-94.
I AT last A1200 CD ROM DRIVE _ £199.00
• drive. «b« lilabl* leparetely A1200 ACCELERATORS GVP Al230-2
40MHz kith 64881 mhil lor PP0. Hal two 1.
Nrn akt* 4 oipa-mon connector.
Charge, or dob it card.
2| Order By Nell - Handing cheque banker, dr.ft or poaLal orda.a payable to TIILMIC.
J) Pleaae add part puatage S packing el 11.00 to aaall ordara
under 1100 or
(2. 00 to nil ordara o.ar 1100.
Lerqe haavy or Iraqi la itena sent by carrier onlyi 4BHR (5.50: Overnight
(7. 50 Ok Mainland only. Scottlah Highland* E9.50| S.1RELABD.
(12.00; BIRR »(2G US Saturday delivery (14.05 (Hot available
to Scottlak Highland ) Cooda ram .0 our property until paid
* ONLY REPUTABLE MAKES of DRIVE USED Eg Conner, Western Digital
etc. AND REMEMBER... If we fit the drive, we cover your
computer for the remainder of its 12month warranty.
AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. •*° ou miiat mention where you aaw this
advert to qualify, ffer appliei 210MEG only £234.99 250MEG only
£259.99 340MEG only £299.99 420MEG only £349.99 540MEG only
SERVICE ALL DRIVES READY TO USE Uk mainland only 4 cu»to« rt to
availability of driv.
TOP SOFTWARE ability of OPTIONAL 2ND YEAR WARRANTY £27.99 ALL PRICES INCLUDE 12 HONTHS WARRANTY covering computer 4 drive. PREE PROMPT COLLECTION DELIVERY in the event of a breakdown.
20MHZ FPU ADD £49.00 25HHZ FPU ADD £59.00 33MHZ FPU ADD £69.00 40MHZ FPU ADD £99.00 A1200+80MEG A1200+170MEG A1200+212MEG A1200+2 5 0MEG A1200+34 0MEG A1200+4 2 0MEG A1200+540MEG .32BIT RAM CAROS BEST SERVICE S CLICK. DISABLE T, STEEL CASE, UK WARRAHIV.
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AMIGA 500 HARD DRIVES & UPGRADES PROPES4IOIA1. ORAM l**PTERHA (---- OCARTERRATX TOOH REAL ID PROPE4SKT 138 Bradford HC6 AS3C PCJ84 EC EMULATOR A58 Halifax, H62 Kanchaata 0-4-94. Hu-* ¦ aia acknowledged.
L. * The for news and reviews on the CD32 You will notice when
you turn over the next couple pages that we have started to
include CD32 hardware previews in this section.
Well, what do you expect?
This is the CD32 Zone after all, where we want to cover everything to do with CD32, not just the games.
The only reason we haven't given any space to CD32 hardware in the past few issues is that the actual hardware has been quite slow in appearing.
But the next couple of months promise all sorts of add-ons and expansions, like the fabled SX1 watch out for the full review next issuel The CD32 just a games console? Hah!
Tony Dillon Games Editor MICROBOTICS SX-1 This is one of fhe most awaited CD32 expansions, and should be available as of next month.
The SX-1 provides just about every expansion you could want on a CD32. These include keyboard interfaces, disk drive interfaces and RAM expansions.
CU AMIGA will have reviews o* both products in next month s CD32 Zone section.
EXCITING NEW HARDWARE It's a hectc -onth tor CD32 and Amiga CD-ROM technology. Later on in this very issue we -evew the first Amiga 1200 CD-ROM drive, but there's more. As exclusive -erealed last month Eureka has developed a CD32 plug-in expansion Which a'cws you to control the console from a normal Amiga and transter files between them. We have also just been informed that the much awaited CD32 SX-i expansion is about to finally ship.
The Communicator plugs into the keyboard port ot the CD32 (on the left hand side ft front ot the two joypad ports). Its shape and colour matches closely with that ol the CD32, and Irom the box comes a cable which plugs into the other Amga Software is then run on both the CD32 and Amiga (supplied on CD disc and fioppy disk) which allow you to control the CD32 folly Irom the Amiga. You can transfer tiles, load pictures, play sound files and control FMV titles ft’s al done, reportedly, via user Irierxfy software, that figures out nasty things Hie baud rates lor you, thus leaving you |ust to
concentrate on selecting the files to be transferred or playing sound the way it should be.
There is also »ie ability to control FMV playback from within Scala multimecka authors win find this aspect appeafing The Communicator is available from Mendian Software, tel: 081-543 3500 BREEDING ON CD DREAMING ON AND ON... As you sit reading this, Empire Software will be putting the finishing touches to the world's first adult adventure, Dreamweb. If you haven't read about it yet, then you won't know that this film noir adventure game features some of the most depressing dialogue ever seen in a game, is very dark, has plenty of violence and bad language, but is handled in a
non-sensationalist way.
You play Ryan, a man brought into being by the Keeper of the Dreamweb - a higher plane of existence that is being threatened by a group of seven mortals, the same seven that Ryan has to hunt down and destroy. For the CD32 version of the game, Empire has recorded the entire script of the game using a selection of top actors, including regular LBC broadcaster and poet Martin T. Sherman as the voice of Ryan himsetf.
We'll hopefully have a full review next issue. Call Empire on 081 343 7337 for more information.
Team 17 has announced Its plans to convert Alien Breed 2 to the CD32.
And it looks like it Is going to have a great time with it As well as the original Alien Breed 2 levels, the Wakefield bunch arc intending to include all ot the 50 new levels from Alien Breed Tower Assault - the stand alone game being released on budget for tloppy machines.
On top of all that there is. Of course, CD-quality sound. Lightwave rendered animations, plus speech and all the other thfigs you would come to expect from a full blown CD-Rom product Alien Breed 2 will be available in the next couple of months, priced E29.99. For more information, call Team 17 on 0924 385903 We said it would be good - were wrong, it's amazing. The lira CD32 r Amiga CD32 now comes of 2 Expansion Options £ 45.99 £ 48.99 £ 35.99 Black Keyboard i Zappo Floppy Drive
* Power Supply subsidory of a public company now in its spedaisne
in the supply d computer products, umover approaching GO
million per annum INDlhave the the purchasing power to ofler
you the best deals, d nationwide and always be around when you
ne SX-1 Super Bundle SX-I Ex pansion Module Black Keyboard
Zappo Floppy Drive Power Supply £289.99 nE2Sl-| 1 £36.971
Competition Pro CD32 Control Pad Competition Pro CD32 control
pac not add a second control pad and r compete!
* Turbo fire and Auto Fire
* Slow motion selector
* 8 way Superswitch
* Control pad for both CD g audio C 99 Frontier Innovations Pack
Comes complete with Amiga 1200 * Frontier Elite II Batman
Returns Wordworth AGA ; Print Manager Personal Paint V4 ?
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Simply plug into your CD32 3 the world of real computing begins. No longer a mere cor this is what new technology is ] about * Real Time Battery Backed Clock * Serial Support
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A great game". CU AMIGA Instability 96% Playability 93% lll«k Legend Mil Bam I .a.., Mil I *- WeS n. I lert. AU VNI* lei 0438 840004 Well, it's five months in, and Space Academy is really taking shape in a big way. It all might have seemed a little broken over the last five months, but that shows just how much background work needs to be done before the game can be thrown together in the final stages At the end of the last issue, John Jones Steele, rugged programmer of Cardigan Bay was busy trying to get his escalators working, and Dave Rowe, man of a thousand sweaters was hammering away at
the graphics for Mindscape's milestone. We join John once again ¦We have found that our original Milestone list was not achievable, giving the amount of graphics that Dave needed to draw to allow me to make the puzzles he has devised work. We have discussed this with Mlndscape. And have inserted another Milestone into the list,’ begins John, showing that even the most expenenced programmers can be thrown at times.
¦This has allowed us to split the work on level one into two parts.
Where the men are men and the power cuts out every time it rains a little bit.
Join Tony Dillon as he drags John Jones Steele away from his coding once more.
The first pad has been completed and consists of the complete level with all the doors and escalators working and we are now coming to the end of the second part which is the whole level with all bits and pieces complete.
• One ol the changes we are now implementing on the original
specification. IS that we had planned on using roughly drawn
rooms for the initial work, replacing them with more By Mfcting
* tr* fimple snxtows to th* room* Dav* Jumpers" Rowe Bas
created a real sense ol depth finished rooms as we progressed
with the game. Dave has found that producing finished rooms
from the rough rooms Is taking about 70% longer than producing
finished rooms in the first place, so from now on all rooms
will have the finished textures on from the beginning. This
will also speed up my work as I will only have to produce the
masks required lor each room once."
The work on the graphics has been held up by other factors as John Is only too happy to explain.
• We had planned by this stage to be using Lightwave to generate
the frames of the animations.
Unfortunately, It is still not available in the shops, and apparently won't be available until the middle of next month." (Time of this issue going to press - June.)’ The Joy ot creating anything is that first hint of a finished product, and John is full of joy at the moment.
- Now that we have the escalators and doors working property, it
is time to actually play the first level and make sure the
puzzles that we have all work correctly and give the correct
level of difficulty so that you will all rush out to buy a game
that will give you both plenty ol entertainment and longevity
of play.
The last thing we want is for people to tell us they completed the whole game in one evening.
- We want everybody to have weeks of enjoyment from the first
title from the Stellar Genesis Agency.’ But it's not all fun
and games, is it John? After all. Besides trying to have
barbecues in the middle ol thunderstorms and planning limitless
holidays to Florida, what else has been going on?
’A lot of time this month has gone into the workings ol our hero's laptop computer. The original design (a picture of the same was published last month), had a row of buttons along the bottom which we found were not very intuitive in use, and we have now settled on a liquid crystal type display with smart buttons at the bottom (see pictures on page *5) which allows much more information to be displayed without duttenng up the picture with lots of buttons The laptop can be accessed at any time during the game when you require information, but it will also make itself known to you when it
has any information tor you. For example, it you try to get into a locked area, it will tell you the reason you can’t get in. This might be that your security level Is not high enough, when the laptop will tell you what level is required or that a combination is needed. Thai will need to be searched for. The laptop can also be plugged into various bits ol equipment that you find on your explorations and will then allow you to control it "One ot the main bits ot equipment you can control on the first level is the switch room. The switch gear in this room allows you to change the direction ot
some of the escalators you will find that are going in the wrong direction. The direction ol all escalators on the level is available at all times, as long as you have visited the room in which it is in.'
DIARY OF GAME CU AMIGA Already the Stellar Genesis Agency are well aware that the game is turning into something much bigger and more tricky than they ever expected.
• As I said last month, we wanted the first section ot the game
to be a gentle introduction to the game, allowing the player to
gain experience in controlling the character and interacting
with the various switches that appear in the game without being
constantly attacked by the SAS (Space Academy Saboteurs)
troopers. With this in mind, Ihe first 10 rooms comprise a
closed oft level lhal allows you to wander around with
impunity. Once all these rooms have been fully explored, your
security level will be increased by one and access to the next
section of level one can be achieved.
This will then give you your first meeting with the SAS men, except lor the view seen on the video wall.
The main reason lor fully exploring this tirst section is so that you can tind your tirst weapon and the ammunition you need to use with it.
Without this the next section will be lethal. The first encounter with our transporter device is also tound in this tirst section, and it will be advisable to move certain obieots tound into a sate area which can be accessed at a later date 'This is the part of the game that I am concentrating on now. The SAS men need lo be threatening enough that they will need to be removed trom the action as soon as possible, but not so deadiy that you get killed the moment you enter the room. The intelligence ol these troopers will get progressively more and more acute as the levels are completed. So
be prepared. What removed them trom the action in level one is not guaranteed to do so in any of the other levels!"
Still, that’s enough about the brains behind the team, let’s talk about the beauty for a while.
"Dave in the meantime has comcieted the final graphics tor the first section and is concentrating on producing final rooms for the next three levels. We have worked out alt the puzzles that we want to put in these levels and also the interlinking between the different doors in this building.
Just because you have completed a level, don’t think that it is the last time that you will see it. As there are eight lift shafts in this building, be prepared to use them ail. Each lift shaft requires a different secunty level, so that on completing level one. You will find that only one or two lifts are available to you. After completing certain sections on higher levels, it will be necessary to go down to a previous level and tind another lift, that is now accessible, to enable you to enter the next section.'
Phew, what a busy month! What’s happening next month. John?
'While we slog on with the next lew levels, Dave will bring you an insight into how the graphics lor the game have been thought out and produced, along with all the headache producing problems that we have found during the upcoming tour weeks, while I take a break trom the article writing and concentrate fully on getting both the CD32 and the PC CD-ROM versions running smoothly.'
See you then! ’3r To take e bree* rrem creating ions ot leomeetc 30 graphics. Dm and John loo* Iho tlmo 10 croale you* laploo computer This Is 0 vital port ol Iho poms, and gives you access to Ml ms hero ¦ resources, such as Ml maps lo Ihe game .no orhef Mportm Inhumation Colour hoe been ueod partKularty tees on IMS port ol the yrmiolo. Creseng o convincing SELECT ITIRP
thing that needs to be explained this month is that the name
ot Microcosm's sequel ot sorts has been changed, as you may
have noticed at the top ol this page With the release ot
Scavenger Ihe movie racing toward the horizon, Psygnosis
kindly decided to rename the game to In the second part of our
three-part look at Psygnosis’ new CD epic, Tony Dillon travels
down to Kings Cross to find out how a game like this is
Prepare to be surprised.
Avoid copyright problems, and came up with the slightly more snappy Novaslorm. There you have a per- lect example of how even the most fundamental parts of a game design and construction can change radically during the course ot coding and design.
BACK TO THE START Bul going back lo the beginning, the design of Novaslorm began the moment the FM Towns version of Microcosm was complete. Fujitsu, the parent company of FM Towns had a lot of say in how the game would be when it was complete, and worked very closely with Psygnosis on honing what was already present in Microcosm, and hopefully improving upon all of the good points.
What followed was a thinning out process, where the original game design for Microcosm was stripped down as far as it could, leaving Psygnosis with the simplest of shoot 'em ups; something that seemed to fit the FM Towns market just fine.
One of the biggest criticisms of Microcosm was that there was so much going on, what with the maps and being able to use more than one power up at a time, that the game became confusing to play.
Every comment has been taken WORK IN PROGRESS CU AMIGA an) a lol ol people ate to 6* very pleasantly sur- Oy Novastorm STRAIGHT AHEAD :or a start, there are no junctions or tor*s anywhere in the game. Like snoot ’em ups. The game will a linear path, with your route n tor you. Leaving you to con- 9 on killing the bad guys.
A*-c }h this might seem like a step wards. It actually looks like it will
- .a*e the game a lot more playable.
Plus the fact that a lot more ime is being spent on the attack waves this time.
In Microcosm, some of the aliens oc nave a tendency to zip past you and disappear without you really hav- rq much chance of taking them out.
The time they act in a far more tradi-
* -onal way. Which again should mprove the playability no end.
A&wsiKr5 The final big change that has been made to the game is the fact that you can now interact with the background. You can crash into walls, or cause other ships and missiles to crash into walls, forcing the player to concentrate a little more than perhaps they had to with Microcosm.
Instead of weaving randomly around the screen, they now have to watch where they are going, and as the screen is constantly moving, with platforms and other jutting objects to block the player's way, you're going to need to be particularly nifty with a joypad, especially on the later levels.
OLD All in all, the design for Novastorm points toward a far more traditional shoot ’em up than Microcosm - something that should make the game an even bigger success than the previous game. Obviously the graphics will be of the same high quality, if not even better, but the familiar layout of the game should be enough to convince many CD32 The cities of the game are dark and ominous places, sitting almost completely in shadow most ot the time. Still screenshots look Impressive enough, but you should see It move!
Owners to rush out cash in hand. If you aren't excited yet, then watch out next month when we take a look at the making of the intro sequence to the game, plus an in depth look at the music for the game, which is being pieced together as I write by resident Psygnosis muso expert Kevin Collier, the man behind the Microcosm music. © V I THE WEAPONS OF THE SCAVENGER To give you some idea ol how detailed a game design has lo be. Here's an excerpt Irom Paul Hilton's design documenl. Outlining the weapon systems ol the player.
The weapon system lor Scavenger 4 is remmiscenl ol Gradius in design. II is represented by a scrolling bar in (he bottom ol the screen. The highlighted icon in (he centre is magnified and accompanied by a sample when il is lirsl activated. Power ups are gained by collecting tokens (there are three tokens: Gold, Silver and Bronze, they have respective cash equivalents) which are revealed by destroying waves. The system allows the player to select the weapons systems that he or she prefers. All power ups have a restricted use.
When this is achieved the icon becomes halt bright and is no longer available.
The tokens move the scrolling bar at the bottom of the screen in the following order:
I. Speed Up. Speed Up increases the speed ot the shots 2 Single
Shot. This increases the power ot the single shot by one.
3. Double Shot. This increases the main ship shot to a double
shot. Selecting this power up when you already have a double
shot increases the power ol the double shot.
4. Treble Shot. This pick up gives the player a treble shot.
Again this power up increases the power ol the treble shot
when selected a second time.
5. Homing Missiles. Homing Missiles destroy one enemy. You can
have a maximum ol lour homing missiles at any one time.
6. Wingmen. You can add a maximum ol two wingmen to your ship.
They hover around the wings ol your ship tiring a predefined
7. Trailers. Trailers tollow your ship, a maximum of three are
available. Again they use a predefined weapon type.
8. Plasma Bolts Plasma Bolts are brightly coloured hoops.
Selection alter this increases power and size ol the hoops.
9 Beam Laser. This gives the ship a beam laser. This power up causes the central ship to tire short bursts ol laser lire. Once the Beam Laser is powered up to maximum one more selection is available. The final selection of Beam Laser causes the beams to home in on enemies
10. Laser. The laser shoots a long beam ol laser lire. Movement
ol the ship is restricted when using this weapon.
II. Shield. The shield prevents enemy shots Irom harming the Scav
12. Smart Bomb. This adds one to your Smart Bomb cache.
13. Extra Man. This adds one to your ship total.
GUMSHIP 2000 (A1200) 22.99 HARPOON V.121 9.99 HEIMDALL 2 22.99
18.99 JET STRIKE 15.99 JMIKXOUGWimiML 10.99 K240 19.99 KICK OFF
3 16.99 KINGMAKER 24.99 0 KINGS QUEST 6 (A1200) 28.99 LEMMINGS
(A1200) 17.99|™ POLICE QUEST3 10.99 1 BATTLE ISLE 2 CALL ¦
* HfY®FIW*8i3Ma3I 10.991 i SPACE QUEST 3 10.99 CIVILIZATION
22.991 STARDUST_110.99 a items are lo availability.
Port and packing UK = 75p per Hem 2nd Class; £1.50 per Hem 1st Class; £200 per Hem 1st Class Recorded.
E. E.C. * 0.00 per item; Non-LE.C. = £6.00 per item; Swift Air
LLC. ¦ £575 per item; Swift Air Non LLC. - £9.00 per Item
.a.jr* ¦OTH Next Day Courier = £5.00 per ccragnment (Up to
Skq. Dhhws Mon-Ffi Only) f 1 C4 Title marted wtth a* may not
be retewed at time of going to press. [ Please telephone
formaiabffity and a ful of our terms and condition*. V Titles
marked with a* are available at the prite shown while stocks
last Mm CD32 TITLE: PHONE 0480 498889 Fax: 0480 496379 Open 5
days a week IS CCER E PERT Football forecast Generator The New
Version This outstanding football result predictor program
gives you the Intelligent way to win - predictions are
generated from user entered values.
The stored information of the software can be combined with additional team and fixture information from your own sources (e.g. newspapers, tips, latest results etc..) to give you maximum flexibility.
You decide how the predictions are calculated by applying your own choice of 'weights’ (e.g. Home advantage, Current form etc..). IS CLEAR MENU OPTIONS Atll po POINT AND CUCK USER INTERFACE 0 FIXTURES AND RESULTS EASILY ENTERED K PRINTING OPTION INCLUDED SJ "I used the program for the first time on Saturday. I put four lines on a fixed-odds coupon, all predictions taken directly trom the program. The success rate was as follows; 9 correct out of 15 (60%) 7 correct out of 10 (70%) 3 correct out of 4 (75%) 7 correct out of 7 (100%) You have one very satisfied customer-looking forward to next
M. O'Brian. Linlithgow. Edinborough SJ "Simply the most
comprehensive and easiest to use.
Delighted to receive it within days of sending my order!"
G J. Kendrick. Leicester.
? “Seven out of ten results predicted correctly. One of the most accurate prediction programs around. Using a complicated system of weights and measures, it takes the current performances of all the teams In all the leagues to predict the likely outcome of a match. A Class Product."
CU Amiga Accuracy Test • March 1994 A NOTE FROM VofTMlA Please note that no prediction program is guaranteed to make you money. The Soccer Expert is designed to Interact wth and enhance your own knowledge ot the JgJ SOPHISTICATED, COMPREHENSIVE FEATURES QJ THE INTELLIGENT PREDICTION SYSTEM El FOR FIXED ODDS & POOLS .0*2 LEAGUE TABLES & STATISTICS £32-95 inc. p&p |y!
OITHIfl NAME ADDRESS POSTCODE I IPHONE PRICE ; PRICE PRICE POSTAGE flZ____ TOTAL Make cheques payable to: European Computer User ft send to: Units A2 A3 Edison Road ITEM "" _____ ITEM ITEM (Please indicate whether you require Disk or CD-ROM) Visa Mastercard I Switch Number:_ Card Expiry Date: Switch Issue No: I Rush me a copy of The Soccer Expert 94 95' at the price of £32.95 A.S.A.P J Price includes postage, packaging, disk and instructions. (August Release.)
I Please make cheques postal orders payable to YOPWA Orders despatched promptly Send correspondence lo: VOITHIA SOFTWARE (CUA Dept.), 32 HIGH STREET, WELSHPOOL, POWYS, SY21 7JP U.K. CD32ZONE CU AMIGA makes it all Ihe more interesting.
So if you are interested in Dinosaurs at all. Or would just like to spend a couple ol hours educating yourself, I really can't think of any better way to do it What an absolutely amazing package' cu though, are lh
• olographs artists CDXl him and model Optonica show off what its
Interplay system can do with this tie-in with The Natural
History Museum. Tony Dillon drags himself out of the swamp.
Have managed to create alive Some ol Iim.- illustrations used are quite- staggering. Particularly the CDXl model animation which has to On Ihe whole Ihe jirosentation is incredible. But tliere are a lew points where it all gets let down On the CD32, a lol of Hie CDXL animations arc- blown up on screen, to create an 80% window which looks blocky and nasly Also, most ot the 2D illustrations that have been are poorly drawn and badly animated, which is a shame because they are overlaid on some spectacular backdrops I can't help but leel disappointed at this large glitch on what is otherwise an
incredi- OK. So all lh«.- hype over Jurassic Path died a long time ago. But tti.it doesn't stop dinosaurs from being interesting I his is obviously something that Optonica have realised, which is why I hey have pieced together such an excellent package as Hus one. I have to admit that I have always doubted Hu- viability ol encyclopedia on CD.
Tint that could easily In - because most ot them just aren't any good Il's quite a nice surprise to come across a package like Hus one. That has obviously been thought through prop eily with a lot ol lime and ellort being spent on it. Although it is a little weak could be. I arge well drawn screens show you exactly wlial to expect, and all you need lo do is click with the red joypad button on the option you want.
It you want to u-turn to a previous topic or just skip the current screen, then clicking on the blue button takes you back through all your choices OPTONICA, 1 THE TERRACE, HIGH STREET, LUTTERWORTH, LEICS LE17 4BA.
TEL: 0455 558282 ? 93% ? ?81% VALUE FOR MONEY EFFECTIVENESS ? 91% ? 90% FLEXIBILITY Ihe book until you stumble look up anything specific I he index lakes the form of a scioiling list, and you can jump straight to any pari ol Ihe book by clicking on Ihe name I here is an absolute wealth ol mtor maiion on this CD. Presented in a variety ol dillerent media. The bulk ol Hu: actual (actual information is in easily readable text files, but that's only part ol Ihe package The entire thing is read by a Tom Baker soundalike. Whose gravelly tones are just interesting enough lo keep you listening,
although Ihe script hk-collection ot images.
There can be no doubts at all as tegards the accuracy of the information on the CD. As the whole thing has been cieated in conjunction with the
N. itmal History Museum in London as part of their Dinosaurs
exhibition. In a way. It's their seal of approval that ? 91% f
A very entertaining g educational product.
CU AMIGA CD ZONE HEIMDALL 2 It’s already had rave reviews for the A500 and AGA versions, so it’s only natural that Tony Dillon should walk into this review with his head held high and a look of pleasant expectation in his eyes.
SCREEN STAR Right, it's time tor all you CD32 owners to stop glaring with contempt at your floppy-owning fnends. Core have done the decent thing and converted the incredible follow up to Heimdall to the CD32. OK, so they haven't done a hell of a lot with the game during the conversion turning the text into speech would have been a welcome boost), but then they have added a hell of a nice soundtrack to it, so that's all right then.
THE PLOT Like the first game, it's an isometnc- scrolling adventure game with terrific graphics, sounds and animation, and a lot more of an adventure.
Once again you take the role of Heimdall - the only man to take on the Gods and returned to Earth to restore harmony and drive away the menace that is Loki. OK, so the plot might not be up to much, but that's fine because the game it's standing behind is so good.
It's a very intricate game, with numerous quests between quests, that all add up to a complete story.
You don't actually begin the game with a task as such. Instead you are taken through the various worlds from Ihe Halls Of The Gods, and the tasks you have to solve make themselves apparent as you talk to people For example, when you come through the first door, you will hear a lot of people talking about creatures called Hakrats.
There are two villages in the I first world, and both of them assume that the other is responsible for sending the Hakrats to I attack. So the first thing you need to do is convince the chiefs of each village that it isn't the case, and that the Hakrats are actually being sent by Loki.
Along the way you have to rescue the daughter of a fisherman, steal a royal coat of armour and travel back and forth between this reality and the twilight world And all this within the first ten minutes of the game commencing!
THE PUZZLES The end result of these stacked tasks is that you never feel lost, never feel like you are in something that is way too big. Every task can be solved within half a dozen screens or so, and this tends to make the game quite intense a lot of the time - to the point where you don't really want to turn it off when bedtime comes! As you play through the game, the overall plot is unfolded, until you reach the glorious dimax when.. well, you’ll have to play it. Won't you?
Like I said, there aren't any actual enhancements to the game itself, which is no bad thing when you consider that Matt Broughton from the The One, the man who is harder to please than most, gave it a whopping 90%. The soundtrack is fairly incredible at times, sounding very much like a classic Viking movie theme tune, swelling and fading to match the on screen action. The game is a little short on sound effects though, which is a shame as it could do with a more varied selection of dangs and thuds in the fight scenes. It's surprising how little the sound has been improved overall,
considenng the format the game is coming on A little speech here and there wouldn't have gone amiss, but you can't have everything can you?
THE CONCLUSION The CD32 needs a lot more in the way of adventures, simply because CD is the perfect format to supply them on, and Core have done well in getting this one out as quickly as they have. It's a big game It's a great game Well worth getting hold ol.
DERBY DE22 3FS. TEL: 0332 297797 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: RPG TEAM: 8THDAY CONTROLS: JOYPAD NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 GRAPHICS *** ?•*5% SOUND ?•••?? ?•««% LASTA6ILITY »91% PLAYABILITY •90% Highly playable RPG, just what the CD32 needs.
OVERALL 89% Microdeal has long been known for its market-leading Amiga samplers, thanks to the likes of the CU AMIGA Top Rated Megalosound, and the cheapest 16-bit sampler ever, Clarity
16. This time though Microdeal has surpassed even itself. As the
Microdeal boffins have developed what could be the most
significant Amiga music product ever: a 12 16- bit sampler
that's actually compatible with existing sequencing and sam
pling software!
Whereas other attempts at high quality sampling add-ons have been tied to the limits of their own software, and hence become white elephants to all but a minority of users, Microdeal's new baby promises mass appeal largely because of its OctaMED compatibility.
Yes, that's right, unlike any other 12- or 16-bit plug-in sampler, you'll be able to use it with OctaMED. Version 6 will be directly compatible with the sampler, and there’s also talk of a software patch for compatibility with existing versions of OctaMED.
WHAT YOU WIN As for the sampler itself, it connects to either an A600 or an A1200 through the PCMCIA slot. There will be two versions of the cartridge available. The basic model will feature 12-bit sampling. This will be expandable to the high-end version, which will offer 16-bit output. Direct to hard disk recording will also be possible, with rates of up to 40KHz and above on an A1200 with a fast hard drive. It won't leave a big dent in your bank account either - the high-end version will sell for less than £100, with the basic model cheaper still.
HOW TO WIN The trouble is, Microdeal haven't decided on a name for their baby yet. Which is where you come in.
Microdeal want you to think of an apt, snappy name for their latest invention. Whoever suggests the best name, in the opinion of the Microdeal staff, will win a full 16-bit version of the sampler, plus a portable CD player. Two runners-up will also receive a 16-bit version of the sampler.
So get your thinking caps on, and get them on quick!
The closing date for the competition is 19th August 1994. Send your entry on a postcard to: NAME THE BABY Microdeal The Old School Bedford MK45 5DE And don't forget to include your name and address on the back of the card.
If you win we'll need to know where to send your prize.
R *”¦ r- r This competition is not open to emplaM f ees of either EMAP or Microdeal.
• The judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be
entered into.
• Only one entry per household is permitted. So don’t even
think about it.
• Closing date for the competition is 19 8 94.
Do you want to upgrade your Amiga music setup with Microdeal’s brilliant new 16-bit sampler? And while we’re at it, how do you fancy a portable CD player too? That’s a tasty prize if ever there was one, and we’ve even got more of the samplers waiting for the two runners-up too!
?ncssura .j.: - ish ..jsi TBSW nth speed_1 !| Synth rang* 64 tain' aw I Sei | « . M ¦ .» 1 1 IT "¦¦FTTH Hi r I A. ¦ZE318
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tho Amiga Marketplace. If yon are thinking of I buying
UPGRADES & ACCELERATORS CITIZEN I"A printer for everyone that
can ~ 24 he used by anyone "
1) M PM pnntat a SO a Mn CW i 1m* Start wltaiw «| tncM Ml CM
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1 90.00 SWIFT 00 COLOUR--------------- 190.00 COLOUR 9PIN
printer. Fait, quiet, additional fonta, 2 year warranty 0 v2.
Disk driver SWIFT 240- 210.00 Colour printer with 2 year
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Amiga driver disk SWIFT 200 COLOUR-- 182.00 Colour printer with 2 year warranty A v2.
Anioa driver disk BJ 10 OUST COVRR9-1 S . 0 0 BJ 200 OUST COVBRS--------1 S . 9 9 BJ 10 ea ss Ml CARTRIOCBS...I 17.90 BJ 200 INK CARTRIOCIS ... 24.99 BX 600 INK CaimUOGRS (each)f 9.99 For BJ 10 ex si CANON BX BOO------------ 9 94.00 (Colour) 360dpi, new print control for non banding solids, fast dry inks that don’t blur or mix. On line black ink for true black on same page, prints on plane paper OHP Mm special papers and envelopes, Epson?!BM emulation
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CANON BJ 200.------------ 290.00 95% Amiga Cold features include: Min 80 page auto sheet feeder, minimum 3 pages per minute.
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3. 5" DISKS Disk Office MICE TRACKBALLS tible with GT6500.
QT8000, E8600C. E5800C._ ORDER BY PHONE ORDER BY POST Summer
is here at last, and it’s 80 degrees in the shade. Not that
any of us really mind being sat inside through the long, hot
afternoons, as there is more than enough in the way of
exciting new products to keep us glued to our screens until
Christmas. The August issue normally is the bane of the
magazine publisher, as software houses tend to go off on
holidays and the software flow is not as fast or furious as it
normally is. But not so this August, if you are football crazy
or indeed football mad you’ll just love this issue.
BURNTIME WtMtWOUkf life be lil Nuclear Holocaust?
FF 3 we’ve all been waiting lor Was it worth the wait? Turn to page 76 to llnd out more!
THE THUNDER RABBIT come up with a corker! Check out the cuddly furry with the cheesy grin.
5$ who is going t SOCCER _ follow up to the 'smashing' Brutal Soccer is avail- and here's our review.
Oeen honed and po puzzlenfffeuld see Rasputin Software skyrocket.
7& SOCCER hardly throw them around, but It a game MILT j returning to the top & with this extension of iquel. Come take a look with ou know you want to.
VITAL LIGHT You may never have heard ol the people who wrote this, but you soon will once you gel your hands on this game - it's totally brilliant.
ERNATIONAL SOCCER It’s already been a mammoth success in the console market, and EA are confident that their entry to the soccer world will do just as well on the Amiga BALL WORLD CUP ready making a name lor themselves in the strategy world, and this German No. 1 should only help to uphold that position.
He's small! He's cuddly! He's a successful pop star Tsgoing to appear in his own TV show! Meet Pinkie - the world's biggest star.
KpWCSQI System 3 have con Amiga, and they've INTERNATIONAL SOCCER all game? Yes. I'm afraid so. Although this one has 1 and polished over the last six years Have Audiogenic finally created perfection?
A CU Screen Star la lor 92%. If a game gels one ™ of these. Nil be ot tasting quality and you can rest assured that. If you decide lo purchase It.
You won't be wasting ” annum Didn't I just mention this? One of the meanest Amiga games ever has just become available lor the A1200. Enjoy!
J life be like after a ar Holocaust? Join Max Design as they paint an extremely bleak future.
Vm SUPERSTAR are giving away FREE INSIDE EVERY SPECIALLY STICKERED LIMITED EDITION GAME PACK Don't waste your time buying clothes this Summer. You'll be too busy playing MicroProse games! So, we're giving away a FREE Limited Edition black 100% cotton MicroProse Sports Shirt inside each one of our special game packs.
LOOK OUT FOR THEM AT THESE LEADING SOFTWARE STORES: GAME VIRTUAL REALITY AT SELECTED STORES and all good software retailers CU AMIGA FIRST IMPRF You know, even though we’ve only known these games for a couple of weeks, it seems like a lot longer.
Is it really love at first sight, or just a first impression?
FIFA INTERNATIONAL SOCCER ELECTRONIC ARTS Lalt: Goalmouth action In FIFA International Soccer.
Balow: The gam. Will laatura a lull tac- tlca ud.tor Bottom lefl and right: Thar* ara ovar
2. 000 Iramaa m animation lor hid, realistic ptayar*.
THE GAMEPLAY: It's a soccer game, currently being convened Irom the SNES and SEGA Mega Drive versions. It's been hailed as the best console lootball game ever, with 46 international teams who look and play like their real-life counterparts There are over 2,000 frames ol animation in the game, so the game naturally looks superb, and the unique 30 degree isometric view gives a whole new slant to the game.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: With so many football games around. It’s a little tricky to be unbiased with any kind ol initial impression, but going on the track record this game already has, I have to admit that I'm really looking forward to seeing it.
We'll have a more in-depth preview in the next issue ol CU AMIGA, so keep those eyes open.
WHAT'S NEW: A lot ol lime and eflori has been spent on getting the computer intelligence just right, allegedly adding a whole new level ol realism and authenticity ‘never belore seen in a soccer video game M FIRST IMPRESSIONS VITAL LIGHT pieces always fall at the same speed as the others. In Vital Light.
Pieces fall at all different speeds and if one should hit another on the way down, both will cannon towards the ground faster than before Things get a little frantic at times. I can tell you!
MILLENNIUM THE GAMEPLAY: Vital Light is a puzzle game, but you can probably tell that from the screenshots on this page. Sort of a cross between Tetris and a shoot 'em up, the idea behind Vital Light is to destroy the pieces that fall towards you by shooting paint at them, and hopefully turning them all into the same colour.
You only have a limited amount of each paint, as well as working against the clock as some of the pieces come at you very quickly indeed.
WHAT'S NEW: Speed. In games like Tetris and Columns, ALIEN BREED 2 - TOWER ASSAULT TEAM 17 the original game to play, will feature a total of 50 new levels, similar in design and style to the existing levels, with at least three new types of alien, although Team 17 are looking at the possibility of adding as many as five new types.
WHAT'S NEW: To be honest, nothing at all.
The game is merely a continuation of the previous game, and therefore doesn't feature much that hasn't been seen before.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Andreas Tadic and Rico Holmes, the two young men behind the original Alien Breed games, have taken a backseat for this one, although Andreas still magazines and software houses than anything else.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: What can really be said? If you liked Alien Breed and Alien Breed 2, then you’ll like this one. We'll have more on this in the next couple of months, shortly before its September release.
? «* * 'Y * i THE GAMEPLAY: Not so much a sequel but a continuation of a sequel.
The actual sequel itself was so popular that Team 17 decided that there was a lot they could do with the existing format that they hadn't tried, and as a result began work on this bud- get-priced extension of Alien Breed.
The update, which you won't need DROME Herrington Burn.
Houghton* Spring.
Tyne ft Wear DH4 7AF 1 iwimamhz BvtthftMHiO 53SR1S wr«non4*G*c ntolbiLxiM MjUBWE uyi «l«il'WtBhi!
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COMPUTING The Business Centre, Woodlands Avenue. Rustington. West Sussex, BN16 3EY. England airy moduiaa by Slav royalty payw* tw, itlhcut turther pay- OctiMED CmfttiH OctaMED 5 u £14.99 M m disk magazine for the serious Amiga musician Issue 18 out now Only £2.50 SAMKES (Iss 1 to 17 also available) 18 disks packed with high quality samples £2.50 per disk (send sae for detailed | listing of AM FM magazine 4 sample disks) or telephone (0903) 850378
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quality ot the results are absolutely excellent ‘ 95% tor
innovation' AM-FM issue 18 £40.1X1 MIOI INTERFACE (t in, I
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Multi-Format ( works on Amiga, PC &» Amiga files ii PLAYERS. I
VIDEO TRAC £19.95 (Send sae tor full c this, and our ol
CD-ROMSsi MIDICRAF High qualit.
MUSIC-X a AMIGA PC MIC Produced 8 arr by K 8 G Cr Call for dele
• m m u wa MED V3.21 (1) OCTUMD .1
- -...aim* pc X-8€ATPR0(1) Excvtarrt Shareware Ovn Si, OCTAMED
IN PROGRES WORK Millennium has done a first in the software
industry marketing a character, and then building a game
around it!
Tony Dillon sits down with Marketing Manager Keith Smith to find out more.
You will have heard a lot about Pinkie by now. Although you might not have actually seen anything on the game. This is testament to the tact that Pinkie is a person in his own right, with a hell of an exciting life. Who would have thought that this little pink bundle of fluff would end up appearing in several newspapers, have his own single released and get his own TV show by the end of this year! And now, he's in a game as well.
To bring you up to speed, Pinkie The Game is an unusual little platform romp that plays more like a puzzle game than anything else.
Although you have to leap and hop from ledge to level like a platform game, you spend most ot your time solving problems and working out how to get from A to B. more like a puzzle game Pinkie himself is a cute, caring alien from the planet Purple, who is on a mission to rescue all the eggs left m odd places around his planet, and trade them in the local shops to soup up his Pinkie Pod
- a strange motorised unicyde with a boxing glove built in.
IN THE PINK The game has been coded by Data Design, with Mdenntum taking a back seat for much of the production time. As a result, it has been able to spend a lot more time on the marketing aspect of the game, and Keith Smith, the Marketing Manager at Millennium is looking dead pleased with himself. One sunny Thursday afternoon, he introduced me to the future of platform games.
“Pinkie started off as your typical platform hero. He had everything that all platform characters of a year ago had. He was cute, he looked nice, he was different. The thing that struck us most was the potential for really nice, cartoon style graphics which we’ve never really done before.
We've never had a game with such cartoon-like graphics. There are no rough edges where pixels meet pixels, it's all been smoothed off and it looks great."
If you look at the screenshots on these pages you have to agree.
Pinkie has a lot of character, and that's one of the things that makes the game so appealing. Every single movement is loaded with personality, from the set look in his eyes when he runs to the way his hands operate the levers on his Pinkie Pod.
WORK IN PROGRESS CU AMIGA Keith explains: “We market tested it very early on with a focus group, and asked them what they thought of Pinkie, and the kids that we had in completely ignored the platform side of the game and went for two elements. Number one was the cuteness, and number two was the puzzle element of the game.
“Even in the early days of the game the levels were there, they just needed filling up. Certain screens we were showing them were just blocks where the graphics were supposed to be. And they were having a look round those. The thing they found that was really good was the way that you could go all the way through it, and then get chucked back to the start again because you had done some- bit at the game so that they can be chucked back to the beginning of the game and be able to spend even more time with Pinkie.
There are some who would say that being thrown back all the way to the start of the level would be an incredibly frustrating thing, but after playing a couple of the finished levels, I can honestly say that this isn't the case at all. Pinkie is a lot of fun to watch, and a lot of fun to play. The popularity of this character is so widespread, he even has a single coming out. It should be just about to hit the shops as you read this, and Play If, as it is known, is the first time an actual computer game thing wrong. They liked this factor because you end up spending a lot of time with
SPIN DOCTORS So this lovable character is such a hit with the kids they even want to fail a a o o o might have good audio potential. So we went to see them virtually the next day. We showed them the screenshots, the artwork we'd had produced and the profile of Pinkie. I had this feeling that it should have this mad, techno, silly, sort of 2 Unlimited music, because it was just perfect for that sort of age. Station To Station then went away and worked for a month on what they thought would be a marketable single. In that time, because of the regulations, we had to have Pinky signed to a record
label, and Message Music, who had Kelly Smith (who went under the monicker of Little Sister) on their books were looking for a good platform for her to emerge from. So she was ideal for the single. We came up with a deal where they would create all the in-game music as well."
PINKIE INTERACTIVE Another interesting point about the single is the fact that it's the world s first fully interactive CD single. The character has recorded a single, something Millennium are particularly happy to crow about.
"We were approached by the company that did the Mr. Blobby single - Station To Station - they asked whether we had any characters that 0001268 effects, they’re beat effects and everything else you can think of.
Track 4. For example, would be whooshing noises from the single put down under a house beat. If you play it, it stands up. Each track is something stupid like two-tenths of a second separation. It never misses a beat when it goes from track to track.
It's an interesting purchase, because there are no other singles around that will let you do that. It's not totally interactive, because anyone who knows what interactive means will puke at the idea, but it gives you a bit of freedom to select your own noises and make your own mix of Pinkie.
We were very pleased with it as a single, and as a soundtrack. When you listen to the game with the soundtrack behind it, you start to get a feel for where Pinkie's pitched.
When you look at the screenshots, you think five-year-olds. When you listen to the music, you think thirteen- year olds."
Whatever you think, I can reveal now that Pinkie - the game is shaping up to be something very interesting, if only because most people know the character better than the game itself.
It’s being released towards the end of next month, and not only will we have the exclusive review next issue, we'll also have the exclusive coverdisk!
Hang on to your hats! (£) person playing it can actually mix the track in real time and compose their own version of the Pinkie single.
“When we were doing the ingame music, we came up with the I idea of putting all the tracks on a CD I single, and then allowing someone to hit a ‘random play' button and just play a selection from the CD," said Keith. “They're not all just mixes of the same single, they’re sound f Stunning World Cup football management, you can even turn the clock back to the gualifiers, but this time you make sure England get through!
Featuring: Five difficulty lovolv I 4 players: full (mining sessions (18 styles) full World Cup programme, or start with qualifiers?: comprehensive editor for matches, groups, players etc : group and individual pep-talks: strategy sessions view your opponents matches: six playing styles: create your own weekly and daily schedule animated match highlights: make in-match changes lo team and playing style: in-match commentary (spoken on CD).
And more!
Out: End June, PC, Amiga lmeg, Amiga 1200 Combining meticulous detail and realism with sensational animated graphics and irresistible presentation, this game will inspire the football strategy genius in you.
Featuring: Unique digitised TV style match coverage: running commentary (spoken on CD): training seminars: sponsorship: home and foreign transfer lists: comprehensive data and statistics: team finances and morale: player and manager | olilics: expert opinions: press praise and criticism: cup conditions: uniquely accessible interface: I 4 players.
And still more!
Out: End August, PC, Amiga lmeg, Amiga 1200 CD-ROM features both League Vorld Cup i Phil Thornton is a strange bloke.
Although on the outside he's sweet and inoffensive - almost Uncle-like in his complacent and easy going nature, he freely admits that he has odd thoughts. How lucky he is, then, that he works in an industry where unusual thoughts and ideas can be turned into a successful product. Take Super Putty, for example.
Find me an industry where creating Terminator Carrots who shout, “Uzi 9 Centimetre" before shooting oversized bullets at you, or an old bloke with a bad wig and a Hammond organ can stop the whole world from doing what they are doing and get down and groove before a small blue blob of putty comes along and punches them is regarded as entertaining, or at least a sane thing to consider.
Phil has been really quiet since Super Putty, and after five minutes of playing System 3's new platform extravaganza, you wonder what he's been doing. Has he been travelling around the world collecting ideas? Has he been working far too many late nights? Or has he just been sitting in a very dark place on LIV2S STARS MIA USE BOUNCING ALONG Bui let's begin wilh the plot. After 20 years of war between the Putty people and the Wizard Scatterflash, the Putties finally withdrew from the capital city of Klud and the battle itself was deemed to be at an end. That is until Ihe Putty nation was
quickly occupied and overthrown by the Wizard's army, and the once peaceful and fruitful land became a barren and desolate place Years later the UN received bluned and faded photographs showing that all the Putty soldiers who had long been thought dead were actually being kept as Prisoners Of War. And so the decision was made to send someone in to get them out. Napalm the Cat and his collection of Q.l. Pups were sent in. But Napalm went mad in the field and made himsell a God lo the native population of frogs in the area.
Again, someone had to be sent in.
Someone who could be trusted.
Someone who wasn't about to flip out. Someone who was capable ot taking on all that danger on their own and win through. Only one marvball came to mind. Super Putty himself.
This is where you come in. As Putty you have to travel through the 50 levels of fhe game, freeing the Putty POW’s where you find them, as well as annihilating the G.l. Pups and the Wizard's army on your way.
Hhji.xi.il It might seem like a hell ot a challenge. But then Putty has already proved what a flexible guy he is. If you remember the first game, you'll remember that there really wasn't anything that Putty couldn't do He could stretch from level to level, lie flat on the floor to avoid detection, run. Jump, inflate himself and explode and even absorb other objects and take on their physical form. In Putty Squad he can do all this, and even more depending on the objects he absorbs. II he collects a jar of Nitroglycenne for example, then he can leave bits ot himself dotted around, which
explode whenever the Th« comic Mol 04IIM gomo to ovtdont right trom ocroon ono. Wlwro moo would o ghost soy boo: enemy come into contact with them.
Collecting the stars that float in mid air can give him some really special powers too. Collecting 10 gives him a super punch, capable of destroying most things Twenty stars gives him a blow pipe, giving him an even chance against things like the Terminator Carrots, and so on all the way up to the maximum of 40 stars, where Putty becomes the Terminator Putty, destroying everything in his path.
Mm™ The first thing that stnkes you when you play Putty Squad is how fluid it all is. Some people had a lot of trouble with the original game, finding the control method a little too complicated and the game itself far too difficult. Putty Squad has been far better thought out. Losing the puzzle element of the original game and replacing it with a more standard platform game layout, made more interesting by the original control method. Instead of having to think hard about how you are going to move around the screen, you can get moving immediately It's hard to describe, really, but Ihe
controls feel a lot more natural this time around.
Plus the actual levels themselves have a real learning curve - on your first go. You'll have no problem at all moving through the first three or tour levels, but no further. With practice, you will actually be able to get to the end of the game fairly easily.
The presentation ol the game is fantastic The sound s. as always, amazing, with great tunes and highly amusing samples Its got Unde Ted in it. Which is always a bonus as far as I am concerned, and the whole game looks mDVe System 3 have used the AGA palette really well, creating something that's bright and colourful without being clashing or garish Fans of the original Puffy will love this. It puts right a of the things that caused anyone problems originally, and then adds a whole lot more Puffy Squad is a lot of fun to play, and a lot of tun to watch The whole game has a polished feel to it
that most games don't seem to catch these days, and that in itself should be enough to keep most people hooked for weeks, 'qtj SYSTEM 3 £29.99 A500ia A500- S3 AMO U A1200-9 JUHoHxTDM Uu £§4000 M SYSTEM 3. ARCADE SOFTWARE. 18.
SOUND ??????????93% LAST ABILIT Y ??????????91% PLAYABILITY ??????? * 93% The strangest, funniest platform game yet. Y OVERALL 94% fiSYiMW.. The G I Pups were originally on your side, but due to the horrors ol war that they've been made to tace. They've all gone a bit loopy and are now following their original order to shoot on sight a little too literally Here s the run down ol the diflerent Pups you'll get to run across as you go through the game GRUNT PUP A basic, bottom ol the range Pup. Completely unarmed and fairly easy to kill.
GUN PUP Just like the Grunt Pup. Only this one carries an assault rille. And therefore needs to be avoided GRENADE PUP The name says it all. Really. Again, a basic Grunt Pup. Only this one tires BALLOON PUP Hangs oil a balloon and lires a laser ride at you. The easiest and best way to get rid ol this one is lo jump at it and punch the balloon.
MORTAR PUP This one hides behind a stack ol sandbags and lires mortar shells at you Can't be punched on jumped on.
PARACHUTE PUP The Parachute Pup gets dropped trom the top ol the screen and descends towards you tiring a ba ooka UXB PUP The UXB Pup controls an electric emotion device from the safety ot a sandbag emplacement Again, this one can't be jumped upon or punched HELICOPTER PUP One ol Ihe hardest Pups In the game, the Helicopter Pup (lies a huge helicopter, drops bombs and is the only thing that can attack you it you are in the Putty Pod.
AQUA PUP Whenever you travel underwater you'll come across the Aqua Pup. Who can swim like a lish and carries a mean har- r ) r ) Imagineer and Anco Software are celebrating the success of Kick Ott 3 by offering you, the buying public, a chance to win this rollickingly fantastic Sony Hi Fi Video Recorder. Hairy blighters! That's a turn up for the plus fours!
How many times have you watched Coronation Street and wished you could be there with Bet? What about those long Sunday evenings when you want nothing more than to join Harry Secombe in his Highway singing?
Thanks to the magic of Nicam Digital Stereo, you can!
Record your favourite programs, and play them back with full stereo audio! What could be better!
All you have to do is answer the three questions on the opposite page and you could be watching those replays with the benefit of surround sound!
Tie breaker: In no more than 20 words please tell us why referees always seem to get in the way at important moments... Got that? Stick the whole thing on the back of a postcard and send it off to, Kick Oft3 Giveaway', CU AMIGA, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
RJ,' ISTBL! OlJi iJULU O How many Kick Offs are there now?
O Where is the next World Cup going to be held?
O What team is Jack Charlton manager of?
1. The closing date for all entries is 19th August. 1994.
2. The Editor s decision is final, and no correspondence will be
entered into.
3. Employees or friends of EMAP Images. Imagineer. Anco Software
or Bertilli's of Exmouth Market are not allowed to enter.
4. All entries must be on a postcard or on the back of a sealed
envelope. Any other formats, including frozen food boxes will
be binned.
5. If we have to open it. You haven't won basically.
6. We have a special deal with the post office that means all
multiple entries come tied together with elastic bands. We bin
all of those as well.
7. If you've read this far. You must be keen.
C4-;' REVIEW ISHAR 3 “Ishar tea all right?” as they say up North. Or perhaps not.
Whatever the case, Silmarils have created yet another in the mighty trilogy of adventure games, and Tony Dillon has finished all his greens, so he gets to review it.
I absolutely loved the original two Ishar games. The lush forests and busy cities of Ishar and Ishar 2 generated the kind of atmosphere and environment that made me want to keep playing over and over again.
So, I just couldn't wait to get my hands on the latest Ishar game.
THIRD COURSE Ishar 3 is the third and final part of the mammoth French trilogy, and some may need a little recap just to set the scene so far. In the original Ishar, you had to fight to keep the Kingdom of Kendoria safe from the evil wizard who was trying to overthrow the king and rule the land. If you made it through that one, then in the second one you took part in a daring raid against the Wizard Shandar, in a perilous adventure over land and sea which eventually saw you destroying the Wizard in his own castle.
Or did it? After all, if he did actually die, then surely there wouldn't be room for another sequel, would there? If you haven't already heard.
Shandar is alive and well and waiting to wreak his revenge, albeit without an actual physical presence to carry it out with. Long before he passed away, Shandar created a spell that would allow his vital energy and consciousness to survive and adapt after the destruction of his original body.
Now he has found a new body to inhabit, one that will make him the biggest threat the world has ever seen. He has chosen to inhabit the body of Wohratax - the last surviving Great Black Dragon.
According to local legend, the Black Dragons were used by the evil armies when they challenged the white knights some 2,000 years before this game. The battles got greater and created more and more casualties, until the great war itself happened and all the Black Dragons were destroyed, with the exception of Wohratax himself. In reward for his victory, Wohratax was crowned Lord Of Sith, and given the gift of Invincibility. No wonder that Shandar wants to get his hands on him really!
There is a tiny flaw in the plan, however, and this is where you come into the game. You have to step in and destroy the dragon before Shandar can take over Wohratax’s mind. This changeover of minds between Shandar and Wohratax can only happen during the planetary conjunction of the two moons, the sun and the planet Ishar. So you have to make sure that you destroy the dragon before this happens.
If there is one thread that has carried through the Ishar games since Crystals Of Arborrea, it’s the fact that in each successive adventure, Silmarils take the travelling element a little further. In Ishar, you were restricted to walking around a single large island. In the sequel, you travelled around all the islands on the planet, sailing between each whenever you had finished the puzzles and problems each island had to give you. In this sequel to the sequel, you travel in time between the islands, popping backwards and forwards through time gates to 'be in the right place at the right
time' As you can well imagine, this adds a lot of variety to the game, putting you in all sorts of strange locations against all manner of unusual opponents, from oversized spiders and bees to tigers, zombie guards and, interesting enough, real people!
You will have already noticed from the screenshots dotted around this review that Silmarils have really gone to town on the visuals for Ishar
3. Coming on six disks, there are far more graphics in the game
than ever before, and as a result the realistic effect the
previous two have generated has been increased ten fold.
Take the major city, for example. In most games of this ilk, all locations look more or less the same, or if you’re lucky, certain parts of the city will look different to others, if only because the buildings are a slightly different shade of red. In ttiis game, however, every single location has its own flavour, and the city actually looks and feels like a real city. You can actually recognise locations f WHERE'S THE PARTY PEOPLE?
Unlike the original two Ishar games. Ishar 3 gives you a lot mum control over who you have in youi gaily, Instead ot darling with a single preset chaiaclu. Anil then having to natch the local inns and fat ems to create yOui ciew. You can just step into the party Sesigner at Ms beginning of the game and create the tsam you want to have. You can detine almost everything about yuui party, lioin cluiai.
Let classes and professions, to how good each character is at various actions by splitting up ,1 number ol points between dilterenl characteristic The onty thing you can’t detine is then personality, and as the Ishar games are very much based on team spirit and personality, il is guile possible that you will create a team that just doesn I gat on wilh itself ffiffflp0" Ishar 3 contains an extremely useful map facility, enabling you to cul out the all usual aimless wandering and lets you get on with just solving the adventure. When you arrive in a city, you can view a complete street plan of
the place, with absolutely none ot the major buildings and locations marked. As you visit places, coloured arrows appear to show you where taverns, inns, shops and other important places can be found. Carry out a thorough search ot the city and you'll never be more than a couple of streets away from the equivalent of a Seven-Eleven shop.
Going back to the graphics, one of the most major enhancements is the use of actors to make up the inhabitants ot the city. Although the well-drawn fantasy figures of the last couple ot games did the job perfectly well. Silmanls have gone a little turther and actually photographed people in costume, which just makes the game look all the more realistic. When you enter someone's house, you actually watch a real person talk to you.
Instead of yet another 32 colour barbarian or wizard. Ot course, to do this those lovable French rogues have had to try and detine the dress fashions of the city, and I can't honestly say they've done the best job they could have Muscle bound bar- banans stand next to what can only be described as a woman dressed in Elizabethan garb, and the image just doesn’t quite work. The dogs and horses work well though.
As tar as the game itself goes, there have been few enhancements from the last one. Anyone who can play Ishar 2 will feel instantly at home with this as it contains all the same controls and icons as the last.
There are some who will say that this is just more of the same, but as far as I'm concerned Ishar 2 was such a great game there isn't a need to change anything about the controls. Why fix what on t broken?
At the end ol the day. This is a great game Al of the nght elements ot the last two games have been kept, the plot has been improved and the game looks simply incredible I'm sure that adventure nuts will go |ust as mad over this one as they have done over the last two 3i 1500 SI 1S00. SI IMP SI itzoo SI
• isooEl izoooSlisoooSI 14000 SI SILMARILS, 2 CANFIELD PUCE, LON
«•« ???
?96% 1 SOUND ???????
? ?85% ¦ LASTABILITY ?92% I PLAYABILITY ?93% t Almosl the perfect RPG.
M A ‘must buy’.
Y OVERALL 92% SILMARILS £32.99 C n trp W JLJL 11 V Bedfor(» AMIGA 4000 PACKS AGA chip set 68030 40 processor Co-processor option 2MB 4MB RAM A4000 030 with 0MB HD A 4MB £829 A4000 030 with 120MB HD A 4MB .£949 A4000 030 with 250MB HD A 4MB £999 A4000 030 with 540MB HD A 4MB ..£1199 A1200 A600 HARD DRIVES AMIGA CD-32 A1200 PRORAM A1200 PRORAM MONITORS Easy to install 2.5* upgrade kits Full instructions and cables where necessary All drives supplied with tormaBing instructions and software Free Fitting available - phone for details 20MB HD upgrade kit ....£85 40MB HD upgrade
kit ..£1©* 60MB HD upgrade kit ..£12* 85MB HD upgrade kit £148 120MB HD upgrade kit .....£199 210MB HD upgrade kit £229 HIGH CAPACITY HD'S These prices include collection, delivery and tree lifting, all guaranteed 3.5" drives. Phone for details.
250MB £199 340MB £259 540MB £379 CDJi Dragon Street, Wing Commander.
OSCA, Diggers ...... £239 New full motion video, allows video CD's to be played on the CD” £197 lead for CD1' to 1085 monitor £14.99 AMIGA 600 A600 Wierd. Wild A Wicked pack Includes Delux Paint 3, Micoprose Grand Prix, Silly Putty, Pushover and further free software A600W.W&W £196 A600 W.W A W with 20MB HD £276 A600 W,W A W with BOMB HD £359 A600 W,W A W ? 1.3 ROM £218 High quality memory expansion Easy to fit full instructions Co-processor option ProRAM 1200 simply slots into the expansion port under the trap door ProRAM 1200 2MB .....J ProRAM 1200 4MB
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£109 £159 £32 Commodore 1942.
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instructions Pro ROM Swapper .....£18 Pro ROM
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in the form o low power Zips 'Allows (he processing of
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i hip memory as the A120U A4000 & 500* 'Increases addressable
memory space from 9MB to 10MB
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What’s this?
The Germans have re-invent football manage ment? Tony Dillo says Bitte?
SUPER STAR I Ascon must be an Indiifibty even tfie phenomenally selling Bundesliga Manager, and these are now finally being translated into English, so m can enjoy them as much as our Deutsch cousins You mighj ave picked up the fact that there eke in fact two versions of Ansloss from the above paragraph - League and World Cup editions, the World Cup one being developed specifically for this time of year When it came to actually translating the game for the UK market, the I happy bunch. In their naive Germany they've only released two games, yet they have been top of the charts for more weeks
than most people have on their calenders. Their first product. The Patrician, went k- ' through the roof, and building on the reputation for hot strategy games their second - Ansloss did just the same Anstoss and Ansloss - World Cup were both recognised as being among the best soccer management - .
S&L' T*T d- A x •- [t 15- j Wpckl Cup edition has turned out to 06 tar easier to move across, being as 8my the text itself needs to be changed In the league version, the actual structure ot the leagues need to be rewritten, and as a result the World Cup edition is being released in the UK a couple ot months before the League version. C'esf li vie.
LOOKING STRANGE Looking at the screenshots on these pages, you might have noticed that On The Ball doesn't look like your average football management game.
That's OK though, because On The Ball isn't your average tootball management game.
This game is crammed with new features, and I can’t remember the last time I said that about a football management title.
The aim ot the World Cup edition is much the same as most other games in that you choose your team, and then try and take them all the way through the qualifying rounds, through the quarter and semi finals, and eventually to the final itself. All the usual World Cup rules apply, and all the teams you would expect to see In there, are there. In that respect, this is very similar to most other management games, but that is where most of the similarity ends.
Before I fell you about the fabulous presentation of the game, let me tell you what is so exciting about the game engine itself. On the basic level you handle the players statistically - the usual sort of thing, where you find the players who work best in each position by combining their skills, and then find the best tactics and formations needed to defeat the opposition. Then It goes much, much further.
GOOD EOR MORALE To give you some idea of how much detail and information you have to play with, let's take a look at the morale ol the team. When the team is fitted together perfectly, morale will be high. To get a perfect team, however. You have to find a team where the personalities work, rather than just lump the highest-rated players together. Hot headed players will more often than not disrupt a harmonious defensive set up. And someone who is too passive might be taken as being lazy. Still, once you have the right squad, you have to keep them happy. Keeping them happy isn't as easy as
it seems.
If there Is one thing missing Irom most soccer management games, It's your office A lot of the time you are sat staring at tables and numbers, with no real leellng ol being there’. On Tha Ball rectifies this by showing yo« exactly where you are at any one time. At the beginning of the game, before you jet off to wherever the game happens to be, you work Irom your plush office When you reach the semi- and quarter linalt of the game, however, you are moved to an untidy hotel room, with all More interesting than a menu screen. I say.
However You have to otter them a varied and exciting training schedule.
You have to be very careful what you say to the players at halt time, you have to watch what gets said in the papers. You even have to watch out for players becoming bored in the situations they play in.
The personality aspect of the game is just one of the things that makes it so involving to play.
There's a lot more to being a manager than |ust managing people.
I usually hnd. And On The Ball covers every aspect you can think ot. You have to do sponsorship deals with people, participate in TV interviews and press conferences and even be called to comment on the match alter a particularly good or bad game.
There are all the standard options such as team formation and selecting the different training opportunities. As well as less standard ones such as telling your team to play violently, or even to take a Klinsman-style dive in the box to get those extra goals I It there is one thing that will really engage your enthusiasm initially, as well as capture the mass market where most other soccer management games have tailed, it's the presentation. The game looks absolutely fabulous, with all the images in SPEAKING PERSONALLY One ol me moot intemtlng men in the geme is tliel ol e rating which
shove yen how comment you ere leeling. As well as how confident Ihe hackers, supporters and leam are about your performance.
This Is given as a percenlage, and takes into accounl every aspect ol your game so lar. This might seem like another meaningless statistic, but In lact II alters a lot ol things about the game. In press corner- ences. Lor esample. Yoe will bo asked a The toae ot Ihe answers is governed by your personal teellng. So therefore you coo t be incredibly positive It yoe have nisi lost die last three matches!
The game being painted in watercolours. And then scanned in the AGA version looks particularly spec tacularl Every screen is a treat to see. Such as the outside ol your hotel, or the screen that's Hashed up on those odd moments in the game where you have nothing to do (your- selt, laying by a pool with a drink in your hand!)
Where the presentation really stands out. Though, is in the match itsett. By using the same graphics system of scanned watercolour images. On The Ball plays you the highlights ol your match as they happen, from various camera angles and settings And throughout the match, a running commentary gives you all the interesting points of the game underneath, trom the crowd reaction to certain parts of the match, to the kind ot things the players are shouting at the referee POLISHED BALLS All in all. The whole package gleams and shines like no other On The Ball has all the strategy and skill of
the best ot the rest, yet is so user- friendly and easy to get into that the 100-plus page manual is almost completely redundant It'l take some tune to crack the game, though, no matter which team you choose to play with as you really will need to leam how players react to different situations before you can fully control them. Atmospheric and gripping. On The Ball is easily the Best football management game I have ever played. 25 ASCON £29.99 A500 ¦ A500- ¦ MOO ¦ AI700 91 A1 500 S A20D« Uf M A4 R ASCON UK LTD, 2 CANFIELD PLACE.
* 96% 1 SOUND
• 93% £ An excellent ¦ management game. OVERALL 94% DEPT CU08SC
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Kombat £19.99 DIRECT SPECIAL BARGAINS FR(€ • FR€£* When you
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HCOKIp.*. Ho. IK C4.S0 p~ Please supply me with the following fi computer:____________________________..._____________ Post Packing TOTAL SiiHjixaZfi MJXsuiienr ussw GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA You might not have heard much about it, but it has been incredibly popular in Germany for the last six months.
Tony Dillon takes a tearylook at one of the most environmentally- aware games ever released.
777 2 0Q I 20- I 7 7- 8W I dso I The world isn't in the best possible condition This is something we are being made aware of all the time Chanties campaign on every street corner The homeless surround us The Ozone layer is rapidly disappearing I m sorry if I sound a little negative, but I've just been playing Burnt me, and the future's so black I'm going to have to carry a torch Bumtime is set after the Nuclear Holocaust has occurred, and you are one of the few survivors. What was once a beautiful place has become a barren wasteland, with small isolated settlements dotted around
populated by savages, mutants and bounty nunters Your aim is a simple one- Outsell something u "OS disgusting out Actually there is something more to the game than just that. To make your life that little bit more comfortable. You do actually have a firm aim
- to rule the world OK. So that might seem a high sight to set.
But then we're all driven by something Remember, that most of
the villages are in fact empty, or only controlled by mutants
with food on their mind rather than politics.
If you can seize control of the 38 small towns dotted around, then you automatically gam control of the five large cities, and therefore control the world. It might not sound like a lot. But the programmers behind the game estimate that if you played the game intensely, it would take two weeks start to finish to II complete it You begin ' ' the game m the middle of nowhere, and I from here have to ere- r ' " • ate an army - of soldiers, doctors and technicians lo help you run the world. The soldiers hold fort in Ihe towns lor you, as well as aiding you in corn bill with Ihe wandering
The doctors keep you lit and well, although you're going to have 10 go into Ihe major cities it you are really close lo death, and Ihe technicians will lake Ihe odd things you lind scattered around and turn them TorecvlpectM, ffV _ f*3T , f you need lo slop and kjc chat 10 them The * I ’ 1 ) where the more grisly J *--' ’'»*'* &. ' i ~i ' aspects ot the meer aOie tuture wond come L into emstence Some | people you tafc lo aren I capable ol any . *1!* , - --- thing more than a ! * J, couple of grunts or ten JL- you that they are gong uuj. Jt to eat you Others Will A "*• •'•*« o' "** game
you can choose youi porliail and llag spill Slones ol woe and p“""*ss bu'11 hardship. Occasionally. You’ll meet in a nutshell, except lo say lhal il's a someone amenable, but I wouldn't very atmospheric RPG, with a mes- hold my breath These are |ust peo- sage lhal really makes you sil back pie doing the same thing as you. And think at MUSIC MAESTRO The launch of the CD-ROM ver son in Germany heralded the first high in the charts all over Europe, getting as high as Number nine in the French Techno charts! As CD- ROM games start to use real music, with any luck we ll see a lot more of this sort
of thing going on.
Trying their best lo survive in an inhospitable environment Playing Bumbme could be described as a depressing experi ence. Because it makes you painfully aware of what is happening to the world around us It «s painfully true to life, a lot of research as gone into this game and the programmers have consulted Greenpeace all along the way I can't really describe Burntime MAX DESIGN TBA ¦mo a soo.a moo a umS iloooB ?oooB noooB 4000H MAX DESIGN, FULLING Mia BARN, FULLING MIU LANE. WELWYN. HERTS AL69NP. TEL 0438 M0003 RELEASE DATE: JULY GENRE: STRATEGY TEAM: MAX DESIGN CONTROLS: MOUSE NUMBER OF
PLAYABILITY ???72% ???70% '??81% '??80% £ Entertaining but disconcerting ¦ strategy game. J OVERALL 76% has mors lo say than this!
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(Home) - WOWortfc- When ecmpu»ar(s). D any. Do you own?
Kick Off- the game that started ¦ | it all. Up until the release of that most classic of football games, people were happy to kick the ball in a single style in eight directions and call that soccer. When Dino’s first product hit the shelves, the reviewers hated it and the public loved it. The amount of control over the ball you were offered had never been seen before, and the unique ‘top down' view which gave you a far better view of the action were the trademarks of this game and all the clones which followed in the years after. Kick Off 2 appeared, and the world went ga-ga. Then Dino left
the Anco stable and created Goal! For Virgin, which to all intents and purposes was recognised by the public as Kick Off 3, and Anco were really left by the wayside.
KICK OFF Anco are out to prove that they don’t need Dino Dini to create a good arcade soccer game. Tony Dillon squeezes into his old school shorts.
Until now. Finally, after literally months of hype and guesswork. Kick Off 3 itself is finally available, and I can honestly tell you that a lot of people are going to be very, very surprised. Gone is the top view.
Gone is the scanner. Gone are the extremely fiddly ball handling controls, and in comes a game that is far more traditional in terms of soccer gameplay than the previous two Kick Oft games.
From the outside in, the first thing you are confronted with is the choice of games to play. You can either work through the standard friendly or league matches, or take part in The Challenge where you go against 30 other teams, one by one. Until you reach the Anco All Stars at the end of the game. Plus, just to be a little _ topical, you can take art in the World ( hiJB TiWffWM which team you are going to be, which of the three speed levels you’re going to play the game on, which of the three game levels you are going to play with (the easier levels make it much easier to control the ball,
and in the hardest level you are really going to have a problem when it comes to kicking the ball straight), you can actually get into the game itself, and this is where most people are going to be really, really surprised.
As you can see from the screenshots, the game is viewed in the classic ‘side-on’ view - a view that was previously dropped, if you can remember that far back, because it didn't give the player enough information about where their players actually were on the pitch. A step backwards perhaps? Maybe, but then if the game was viewed from the top you wouldn’t have the stylish animation this game possesses.
Although the view might be dated, game looks great, with well-drawn players and for every occasion, has to be the point gets a yellow card, stands with their arms ¦ afraid to say. Isn’t a positive one.
The practice mode, where you can perform exercises to improve your playing skills is a great idea, as it makes the game that little bit easier to get into, but at the end of the day the controls are just too sluggish and the actual movement of the players too slow to make the game really playable.
I really wanted to like this, as I'm a big fan of the first two, but it really just doesn’t come up to scratch. It looks great, sure, but it just doesn’t have the responsiveness needed for a really frantic soccer game.
The key to the first two games were the fact that they were incredibly smooth and responsive - you really felt like the players were under your control. With Kick Off 3, you seem to spend most of your time fighting the controls rather than flowing with them, and that just takes all the fun out of it. TWO BUTTONS AR1 BETTER THAN ONE Possibly the most unusual thing about Kick OH 3 is that it requires a joystick with two or more independent (ire buttons or a lour button console joypad to play.
Instead of having to leam various twists and patterns with the joystick to perform moves like bicycle kicks and banana shots, you need to use separate buttons at different times. Although this makes the game more playable in the long run, if you don't have a dual-button joystick, you’re stuffed.
Oddly enough, there is no support at all for single button joysticks!
ANCO £25.99
* 500 Bf A5OO.0I A60D A!200 W A1SOOffll A200ofl A300dEI AADDoSI
* ** ,??87% SOUND
* *?*?????*62% LASTABILITY ?***??,???71% PLAYABILITY C Looks good
but Is let down somewhat by sluggish OVERALL 68% Titus are a
software house who have been incredibly quiet for the last two
years. Now, they’ve come back with a game that really is a lot
of fun.
There isn’t really a lot of a plot, in Quik - the Thunder Rabbit but with a game as odd as this one, you foxes m OUT NOW PLATFORM IN HOUSE JOYSTICK 3 1 NO 1Mb
• *83%
* * ?•?78% ???79%
• ?81% on everything that moves, then so it has to be.
SPINNING WHEEL Unlike most platform games that have come out in the last couple of years, you don’t damage enemy characters by jumping on their heads.
Instead, a quick touch of the fire button turns you into a rolling ball of fur.
With which you can launch yourself Sonic-like against the opposition, smash-" ing them to pieces in the meantime. There is no limit on the number of times you can spin around the screen like a pinball, but doing it
- -j;j.
THUNDU What has big floppy ears, is covered in fur and has particularly good eyesight?
Ever the talkative type, we thought we’d let him ‘rabbit’ on about Titus’ Not Tony Dillon, that’s for sure.
Latest platform romp.
And it 'realty has 'paid off.
R There are a rwhole string of different tactics you can 'apply to taking on the enemy such as rebounding off walls, slamming them off ledges and it really adds to the game As does the variety of the backdrops and tasks for each stage. On some levels all you need to do is find the exit, which is usually on the extreme right of the level. On others you need to find a clock before you can move ahead, which is usually hidden on another sublevel, the door to which ENEMY TACTICS The enemy spews are as varied as you could want them to be. From snakes with hypnotic vision that fixes you to the
spot to caterpillars with electnfied spires on their back all the way to taxes that unicyle shoulders. Before kicking them towards you. A lot of care and attention has been paid to the is hidden away somewhere on the level. Each level itself is huge, and laid out in the form of a very complicated maze, so just finding your way around is a real challenge. Thankfully there are arrows and signs reading This Way' dotted around the screen to help you on your way, although sometimes they’ll just lead to a dead end, in which case you’ll be confronted with a sign reading 'Joke’.
Ahh, that French humour.
STRANGE BUT GOOD Visually the game is wonderful. There is a real character and charm to the game that makes it stand out quite a bit. Take the main sprite, for example.
At first glance, it doesn't so much look like a rabbit as a small child in a rabbit costume. His face is very well animated. Breaking out into a smile whenever he collects everything, and the way his ears bounce around when he jumps is just adorable.
Quik - The Thunder Rabbit. It has an odd name. It’s a little odd to play.
But then, odd is interesting! Qtp
* 500 ¦ *500, 9 *000 9 *1200 9
* 1S009 *2000B *3000Hi *4000Hi TIIUS THE OLD FORGE, CALEDONIAN
TITUS £16.99 (Quik is a much better than average game, and a
lot of fun. J OVERALL 80% 001 MRCAN oo; INOUJt INST 005 HCIM me
004 AM0C 005 WMST Sian. Bunin ChMsn: (19) sascssii '«*» Vh «ol
twuni on , Pv-p«« JO: ,73 ¦ (Ml *1 oil AmlOGftRC 01? LAIWPfftC
127 mb HD ? Gup soflw A600 I200) .£224.00 Wesiern
Dieiial 200 mb ? Gup S*»l CA 600CA200 £274.00 A time has
come for someone to take the lead in selling computer games,
someone who cares about their customers & prices, someone with
guarantee’s that no one can match.
KNIGHTRAVEN COMPUTERS For more details turn to page 101 HIGH QUALITY SOUND SAMPLES EXTENDED RANGE OF IFF SAMPLES (include. New rhythm loop dUs) Eat*tom • iMo imM "MM and ¦ on *w Amiga at Mm Um .amp*. ru» « tpv«ingt* *Oc« *a-cKmi
* ¦' CU *wgm 7«.-Oo you mn urrm »-* rW.
Na**WC*C«felK«.' ***,« % *™g,Fonw«lSpoaalr Oruw MmrrfiH ChMMc |S» Bm 4 S** h (*•*«». CyrrAM A hmi fS ORIX lOCfS 2 Monpw'rtt. . .
TR BOB. W-7B. Loom R |64) 029 TKHW 1 T«cMo. MnOW A IlKftvK Low (W) TrrMM* Corow.CmCtnMUae(107) 030 UOBM2 Won oi *¦ (bow1(11) ' ---- ~M Me (41) 031 ROOl NYT*«S Vuicui roM rMhcm -Oi »1Hca 09
- -nw.p»p*«awMiMt(i»i ¦MMRMBS umwwm Sum inmpm Bm SacM Me (IS)
M*Mala H) Mi LA IK (II) PRKK5.1-9 Ddks £250 each. 1019 Dttks
U00 each » or more 41.75 each. The Compta* Set 45995 Ntfi Add
4100 (any sue order) Oieoue* « Poa to WAUCABOUT MUSK Dept Cl
Tel: (0726) 813*07_ 010 PIANOS OcM So*t» itrtnj* FX (16)
aaSTNNGS Cmo cm. W. S«dkmett(21 (Cl SYMTH STNIW2S AflMcq &
OqiUI’19; 022 C"0«S ilnd Oon mti Brti & Syi* 11*1 011 SWTX
BRASS i npi ¦ (14) Hew letl Packard DeskJet Smk Colour £499.99
Rkom Lpl2ll0 Laser Printer £555.99 KAO 3.5" DSDD I mb Disks
(1(1) £6.85 KAO 3.5" DSHD 2mb Disks 110) 110.% CALL I S FIRST
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1200 Computer Combai 80mb III) Amitek 2mh PCMCIA Ram card Zappo CD Rom Aro Drive I REE! Lemming* l ame £76*).*)*) Ziippn ( I) Knm l200l riir With I A 500 CDTV Add on (also AM mi COLOUR KITS for MONO PRINTERS Kif. Each Amiga Fteakoior Kit c. Ever wished you’d bought a colour printer instead of a ,_.1_ i T__i_i -rtwnware.T'- ially alien PR I (Ml. LQBOO cl « way as your b i not luled hctos T-SHIRT PRINTING RIBBONS! COLOUR PRINTER RIBBONS PRINT ON NORMAL PAPER IRON ON T-SHIRT I ( How to order: Enclose cheques PO made payable to: CARE ELECTRONICS or use Access Visa CARE ELECTRONICS Dept CLA,
15 Holland Gardens, Garston, Watford, Herts WD2 6JN Fax 0923 672102 WT% ORDER LINE ON 0923 894 064
• An extended range of special Dithering Patterns.
• User selectable levels of Anti-Aliasing to remove those jagged
edges and smooth.
• Compatible with the new screen modes.
• Deskjet 500C 3 IOC users can now have a colour picture with
true black - The colour results with this new version will
astound you.
• Suitable for Citizen. Epson. Hewlett Packard. NEC.
Panasonic. Seikosha. Star and just about any dot matrix or inkjet bubblejet lazerjet printer.
FLEXIDUMP 3 4 Colour Citizen Swift .. ..X29.95 4 Colour Citizen Swift (Reload) .. 4 Colour Star LCI0 .... _______________ _____X 14.95
- ------------X 14.95 4 Colour Star LC200 9 Pn--- 4 Colour Sur
LC200 9 Pm (Reload 4 Colour Star LC200 24 Pin .
_____X 19.95 _____________________XI2.95
.....£29.95 4 Colour Star 24 Pin
(Reload) ..... ...XI 4.95 1 Colour Star
LCI0 .
......XI 1.95 1 Colour Star LC200 9
Pin .... 1 Colour Ml Star 24 Pia---- 1 Colour Epson
FXMVLQKXVMXK) 1 Colour Epson LXHO ..
____________£11.95 ______XI 1.95
- ---£11.95 ____________XI 1.95 1 Colour Epson EX
100 ..... ......XI
1.95 1 Colour Panasonic KXP 1080 .... 1 Colour
Taxan Canon I0H0A .... ...XI
1.95 .....XI 1.95 Heat transfer pern 5 large
red orange yellow green blue.
Large pen* have a marker size a*----1-£11.95 a tet Heat transfer Pem 5 small red orange yellow green Mur.
Small oen* have a fine mb .£11.95 a set TRANSFERLAQ for Transferring on Aluminium £14.95 lo Ceramics. Glass.
ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND CARRIAGE “CARE THREE PACK" will refill HPS 16011A Cartridge 3 Ilmen. The Canon BC-01 SJ48 Cartridge 3 lime*. Three Pack available la Yellow. Magenta. Cyaa. Red, Green. Brown. Purple.
Black £ 14.98m each.
TRI COLOUR PACX-J Yellow. 3 Magenta. J Cyan refill £17.95 available for HubMejei and De*kjei “CARE SIX PACK" will refill IIP5I60K A cartridge 6 lime*. The HP5I626A High Capacity 3 lime*. The Canon BC 01 Cartridge 6 lime*.
Plea*e tlale type when ordering 6 BLACK REFILLS ONLY £24.95 GOT A BLOCKED NOZZLE? DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR CARTRIDGE - NEW “INK MAGIC PRINT HEAD RECOVERY FLUID 18ml BOTTLE £5.95 Don’t throw away your plastic printer ribbon case* when the ribbon wean out. Juti take the top off. Take out the old ribbon and reload it with a new one. It * simple Full inwmcons supplied Reloads for Star LC2009 Pm 4 Colour (Normal Ink) I Reload - £599 5 Reload* £23.99 Star 24 Pin 4 Colour (Normal Ink) I Reload - £6.99 5 Reload* • £29.95 Citizen Swift 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1 Reload - £6.99 5 Reload* - £29.95 Panasoruc 4
Colour (Normal Ink) I Reload £699 5 Reload* • £29.95 Ink ribbon* also tvadaNe M Gold. Silver. Magenta. Orange. Purple.
Brown, Green. Blue, Red for a wide range of pnntcr*.
Special reink for Panasonic printer* and Star LC200 9 pin black bot- HP DESKJET CANON BUBBLEJET REFILLS Despite claims to the contrary by the likes of Maradona and Klinsmann, football is definitely not a violent sport. Each time you see them (and others like them) play, you're guaranteed not only a superb display of skill, but an excellent show of play-acting. If, for instance, the ‘great" Diego is so much as touched by an opponent he clatters to the floor, clutching his leg, wearing a pained expression that wouldn't look awry on a cow after licking a stinging nettle. His Argentinian
team-mates then raise their arms aloft in mock despair, trying to goad the referee into awarding them a free-kick. Klinsmann's much the same, and if anything his dramatics are even more noticeable because he plays with ten other Teutonic robots, whose clinical, structured football doesn't normally need such antics.
But football's not usually like that.
Sure, you get heels clipped and groins kicked; but put those footballing prima donnas in, say, Gaelic football or rugby, and they might really have something to cry about.
They really are contact sports, and it takes a near-crippling tackle to put those players on the floor.
MAD MUG So football’s an easy target, then, for the boys at Millennium to continue their Brutal Sports series. Beginning some months ago with their adaptation of American Football (a sport for nancies if ever there was one}, Millennium is intending to Brutal-ise every sport they can - and the World Cup provided a brilliant excuse for the second on their list.
With Wild Cup Soccer we're treated to a 3D isometric view, looking down at the pitch from one corner (just like FIFA Soccer).
Unexpectedly, there’s actually a pretty good football engine in there, driving a game which might just have stood up on its own merit, without the need for blood and beheading... but.
As the name suggests there is rather more to Wild Cup than any other football game.
Between two playevs. The Hie ot which we haven't seen since Speedball 2 tl wasn't a tan ot Brutal Football). It wont take you long to beat the computer and soon you'll tind yourself winning the league and the Wild Cup itself - however, for a EGGJIG two-player rumpus there’s no better tun to be had. It’s wild, it’s chaotic, and it plays a mean game ot footy. ® CORE DESIGN £29.99 I A500- Vfl A600 WM A1200 I I azodoH A500qH aaoooH A15I MILLENNIUM INTERACTIVE LTD 0UERN HOUSE. MILL COURT, GREAT SHELF0RD. CAMBRIDGE CB2 5LO.
TEL: 0223 844894 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: FOOTBALL TEAM: TEOUE LONDON CONTROLS: JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 10R2 NUM8ER OF PLAYERS: NO HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1Mb HEADS, YOU LOSE Unusualfy. Fori football dm. A WIU Cop Soccer game Hal necessarily won or lost (or drawn, if you're being picky).
Goals are goals, and the team who scores the most has. Technically, won the game ¦ hot the number ol Headers is also taksn info account at the end of a match.
A Header is scored when you beat, hack and slash another player so much that his head comes oil, leaving a lifeless torso behind on the pitch as a kind of sick, This obviously GRAPHICS SOUND INSTABILITY PLAYABILITY reduces the number ol opponents, which should make scoring goals a bit easier, but also it increases your bank balance by $ 200,000 for each Header scored. A meter in a comer of the screen shows you each team member's energy level as he grabs the ball - and although his energy lasts a long time, eventually it could be... Oft with his head!
Deadly but cute. The best gore-fest since Syndicate.
OVERALL 80% Sick of football yet? The World Cup season always brings with it a plethora of footy games, but this year there’s one company which has taken a slightly different tack than normal. Join Andy Nuttall in a world where referees are CRAZY CHALICE If you earn enough money you can but yourself all sorts of goodies.
$ 200,000, as it goes, is almost enough to buy one of your players a Mortar Gun, the most powerful weapon which can bring you even more heads in the next game. The goalies, who spend much of their time at close quarters with marauding strikers, are provided for with a selection of swords, while defending hasn’t been completely overlooked as a decent-sized shield is also on offer.
There’s a whole arsenal of other weapons too, as well as a variety of pickups which turn the ball into delights such as bombs, firecrackers and flapping cannonballs, which can at best kill you, and at worst cause your players to spontaneously combust.
So it's not your usual game of footy, then? It is, though, a highly- charged, competitive battle aliens, ball-boys are vultures and the players, should they so wish, carry shooters... You see, while the main structure of the game is what we're used to - 11 players a side, trying to boot a ball into their opponent's net - the rules have been relaxed slightly, to not only allow tackles from behind, but also to stab, maim and behead your opponent in order to get that vital goal.
In fact, in the Wild world chopping off heads is positively encouraged, because to get a Header', as it's known, means an extra $ 200,000 dollars at the end of a game. And that money comes in pretty useful.
Kick Otf jiuung ryWWSiJ V'.'SU'lI Lscunm |bi;i!i2ii mmna B*or* MCH m.tcr you can change eny aepect or the game.
Counterparts. This game also lets you select your squad and tactics, and you can choose to play in a league or cup competition.
In essence, there are only three types ot arcade soccer game - your Sensible Soccer top view, your Striker lorced perspective and the Kick OH 3 Emlyn Hughes classic side-on view.
Wembley International Soccer takes a leal out ol all three, allowing I Tactics Editor HRITISH : .’ S?
'v « KICK Th Tadics Editor it logically laid out. Allowing you to plan your laam position for evary avantu- allty, right down to where they are when tha ball It In a certain position.
Though there games coming ed on formats, with md|_ Like the international Teal life you to switch between the side-on view of Kick Off 3 and the top down view ol Sensible Soccer. Oddly enough, it's the side on view that actually seems to work best. The players look good and you are given a good feeling ol distance and perspective. When viewed Irom above, only the £ ting many ol t others, this one I teams who play li As World Cup fever comes to a close, Tony Dillon relives those memories with the latest soccer game from Audiogenic.
Onion bag'. "A game ol two halves". ’I'm over the moon Brian". These are just some ol the cliches and rehashed lines that you must be absolutely sick ol reading in your lavourite computer magazines. Never belore has a single sporting event sparked such a reaction in the sottware industry.
Previous Work) Cups are incredibly tame by comparison to the Hood ol soccer games crawling out ol the woodwork at the moment, and as a reviewer it is getting very hard to write about them without teeling like you're repeating yoursell.
The game runs very slowly, and the size ol the players means that you don't get to see anywhere near as much ol the pitch as you do in the default view. Still, people have different opinions, and it's nice to see a game that caters lor all tastes.
WE ARE... II you aren't familiar with Audiogenic soccer games, then you won t know that over the last ten years, Peter Calver and his team have tried to lind the perfect control method - one that allows you all the freedom you need to get some real team action into the game yet is simple enough to make the game playable. Through the Emlyn Hughes series they got closer and closer, although some felt that the games were a little too sluggish in places to actually stand up against panic starters like Sensible Soccer and Kick Ott.
The method that Audiogenic have finally settled on is both simple and effective There are essentially two different ways to kick the ball The lirst is fairly standard and Sim I ply makes the player kick the ball in a straight line in the direction they are running. The other method is a little more unusual. When a player has the ball, an arrow will appear above their head. This is the passing indicator, and tells you which direction the ball will be passed to if you hit the lire button. The player the pass is aimed at is identified by a large hoop above their head, a la The Saint, and this
makes it quite easy to set up a fast passing game with a minimum of practice.
...ON OUR WAY Trio game looks good enough, with more frames ol animation than most games and a very realistic ball, but it does seem a little slow when compared to something like Kick OH or Sensible Soccer In fact. II there is anything that does let the game down, It's that the controls leel a little sluggish and slow to respond a lot ol the time. Although the design ol the game means youdbn't have to be Th Plctur. Hi Picture option Ms you aaa Wm player you are paaaing to, II they are oil scree* when you select them.
QuickDraw McGraw on the lire button. Havinfl to slow down with the controls makes the game a little frustrating at times.
Wembley International Soccer is by no means a bad game. Indeed, there are enough original features and factors in there to make it worth checking out. But the slow control method means that Sensible Soccer fans will probably hate it. Fun to play, but there are a lot better football games on the market, iismBihm Bum B umE AUDIOGENIC, UNIT 27 CHRISTCHURCH INDSTR.CTR, FORWARD DRIVE, WEALDSTONE. TEL: 081 424 2244 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: SOCCER TEAM: DENTON DESIGN CONTROLS: JOYSTICK. JOYPAD NUMBER OF DISKS: 2 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 24 HARO DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1Mb GRAPHICS SOUND ???
•???65% LASTABIUTY ??????•'???71% PLAYABILITY ???79% m Just not fast enough ¦ to keep up ¦ with the best, * End to end action In Wambley International Soccer. Th arrows OVSf each player's haad I they will pass In.
OVERALL 78% AUDIOGENIC £29.99 The first ever amiga speech adventure In this revolutionary Speech Adventure you arc the prince’s nu-ntor on his quest to avenge his father’s murder at the hands of Infinity. Inching your way through four vast levels in the chilling castle of Valhalla, you enter a world crammed with logical puzzles and richly interactive characters. The cinematic graphics are dazzling, the spine- tingling soundtrack mesmerising in this magical world of words which redefines the adventure game and leaves you speechless....
• Over 1,000 indt idiitl spoken words.
• 30 characters, 4 nu g.» levels.
? ¦ • A host of hr. I n .r *gn al puzzles.
• User friendly icons.
¦ • Atmospheric sound tracks. | • Amazing graphic s. • |
• • Handy save fumt -n. 4 ** A • No disk sw is possibly the
most instantly captivating game ever 99 »* ulcan Software hare
come up with a groundbreaking piece of software 99 F I
R.STcomputer centre (LEEDS)Tel;0532 319* » open late f night
Wednesday | & Thursday till 7.30pm COMPUTER CENTRE CD ROM
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0532 3 I 9444 FAX: 0532 319191 SHOWROOM ADDRESS: DEPT. CU, UNIT 3, ARMLEY PARK COURT, OFF CECIL ST, STANNINGLEY RD, LEEDS, LSI2 2AE A1200 OVERDRIVE CD-ROM Runs CD32 software. Plays Audio CD’s, shows .photo CD's. Plugs into PCMCIA slot only £194.99
- ------- stress*?
I NECMultispin“2XI i m,i £ I 67.99
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• 300KB transfer rate _ ITOSHIBAXM340I mtemai£32l.991 I «200Ms
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The AMIGA A I 200 A1200 Standard pack only £264.99 I Computer Combat pack only £334.99 1 I AllourprintersareUKspec, come I I with ribbon toner, printerdrivers I (if available), paper & cables Canon Canon BJ lOsx .... .£181.99 Laser quality output. Large buffer .£231.99 3 page a min speed, 360 dpi, small footprint A 80 page sheetfeeder Canon BI230 ......£314.99 wide carriage version of above Canon BJ300 ..... .£419.99 Desktop bubble jet with laser quality Canon BJ330 ..... .£499.99 I Wide carriage vcr.ion of the BJJOO Canon
BJC600 Colour ...£532.991 tt bubble jet from Canon I BJ 10 Autosheetfeeder ...£49.991 I Citizen printers have a 2 year guarantee I New ABCColourprinter ..£154.991 I simple (as easy as ABC) to use 24 pin printer. Comes | as standard with 50 sheet Auto sheet feeder.
Tractor feed optional at £27.99 only £ 139.99 If bought without the colour option I Swift 90 Colour ..£156.991 Excellent value 9 pin colour. Highly recommended I Swift 200 Colour £ 181.99 I Same out put as the 240 but with less facilities Swift 240 Colour £218.991 24 pin, 240cps draft. 10 fonts, quiet mode, 240cps.
Projet II £214.991 new inkjet printer with bulK In auto sheet feeder I Swift Auto Sheet feeder .£79.99 [ HEWLETT Ik aE5“5i2,.. I HP 3 I Otort.ibicj..'..'7229.99 I I NEW! HP 520 mono ......£249.99 I IHP500 Colour ...£344.991 I NEW.'HP 560 Colour ....£489.991 even faster than the old HP550C!!
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Fax « | Features as below but class I fax only and LED • only
£143.99 lsuprorMX**odsm si I This modem has full 14400 baud.
Includes V M I VJ2, V.22bis, V22, V2I, MNP2-5, V.42. Vflj I
Class I & 2 commands, 9600 14400 Group • I Includes free
modem comms (not Fax)s w A only £179.99 supraf-MX Plus £111 I
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Auto receive. 9600 bps Hayes I V22Bis, V42 Bis. MNP 2-S & auto
adjust to muM I Supra 2400 ..£59 on line
using this great value fast modem I auto dial A receive. 2400
baud Hayes comp.
1 BIS. Includes free modem comms s w A cable* I Supra modems are not BABT approved, however t I perform as well & often out perform BABT appm I modems. Supra Modems have a 5 year limited warr»*| NEW LOW PRICES!
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I Follow signs lor ASS. Fliis merge* with Armlcy gyratory. I from the A take the turnoff for the A64. This merges with I the AS8 (By-passing Leeds town centre) which meets the I Armley gyratory. After 'Living WorkT at traffic lights!
Take a right, left, left again, A 2nd left to get to FCC.
DESKTOP DYNAMITE pack W» Wtmen* Hlnipt. OT4 AGA Dm* nl Om v only £329.99 HARD DRIVE VERSIONS STD pack R&C pack DID pack I 164Mb- £419.99......£439.99......£ 185Mb .£479.99......£489.99......£537.99 I I l27Mb £499.99......£519.99......£564.99 I 209Mb-£569.99......£589.99......£629.99 THE CM AOS PACK!
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covered by on site warranty I |StarLC24-IOO.... I Star LC24-30
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sheet feeder. 192 cps draft I complete with automatic sheet
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r. 3 PPM, low running costs I only £339.99 Star SJ48 Autosheet
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LC10 100colour £7.99
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for mono ribbons_________________f| 1.99 COVERS Canon printer
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1. 28 dpi, 15 38 Khz, all Amiga modes, AGA comp no audio, tilt A
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Now only £289.99 I *Free cable for A4000 only A1200 cable £6.99 ex PREMIER Ink Cartridge Refills Save a fortune in running costs with you bubble jet. Compatible with the HPSOi “ sklet - ------------------ ir SI4 Single refills (22ml) .£6.1 Twin refills (44ml) £ I 2.1 ...£19.1 Three colour kit (66ml).
Full colour kit (88ml)..... Bulk refills (I 25ml). ..... Cartridg.
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HP550 500 Colour cartridge £24 Star SJ48 cartridge .- ....£ 18 Star SJ 144 cartridge (pack of 3) .....£42 Star SJ 144 mono cartridges (3 pack)...£21 Star SJ 144 colour cartridges (3 pack). £ 21 Miscellaneous PrinterSwitch Box 2 way.
Printer Switch Box 3 way.
Printer Stands (Universal)- ... 3 Metre printer cable- . S Metre printer cable .. 3 YEAR WARRANTY RIMAA500 &A600 RAM A500 512k RAM expansion (no clock).£ 19.99 A500 Plus I Mb RAM expansion £34.99 30 Fax todem.
Display Vbis ,12bisJ 42bri., 3 Fa*. | a with comp, (imise xnmi A600 I Mb RAM expansion (with clock) .£39.99 32 BIT RAM (for A4000 etc) £309.99 RAM & CUSTOM CHIPS PGA 25 Mhz 33 Mhz 50 Mhz I mb by 8 9 SIMMS (I Mb) £34.9 9 4 Mb by 9 SIMMS (4 Mb) ...£144.99 I Mb by 4 DRAMS( I Mb) £39.99 I Mb by 4 ZIPS( 112 Mb) ..£22.99 256 by4 ZIPS______________________(each)£5.99 256 by 4 DRAM (DILs)-------------(each) £5.99 DKB 1202 AI200 RAM board £84.99 rake, 1 31 bit SIMM,. Ha, an optional FPU. Sce| above (Or price, Kickstart 1.3 . .£19.99 Kickstart
2.04-------------------------------£24.991 Kickstart 2.05 (for use in A600)...£26.99 Fatter Agnes 8372A_____________________£26.99 Super Denise ......£18.99 6571 0326 Keyboard controller. 13.99 CIA8520A I O controller______________£8.99 AMIGA 1200 RAM HAWK CO-PRO & RAM Realise the full potential of your AI 200 with this trapdoor expansion, inc real time clock I MB RAM ...£98.99 2MB RAM .£134.99 4 MB RAM .£198.99 Tha, ovedl 8 MB RAM .£394.99 1 MB &20MHz CO PRO....£l47.99 2
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Planner- . __________________ .£39. Xcopy Pro plus hardware.---------------------------(2S Frame Machine (one only) ----------------£S79.
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Multitasking s w. Cut * paste.
VIDI 12 Sound & Vision AGA with bull. In M.g.mi.M.it.r £98.99 TAKE 2 £35.99 Features include load and save from D. Paint animations and IFF files. Supports HAM graphics.
Megamix Master £26.99 8 bit, high spec, sampler. Special effects Include echo that can be added in real One, fully multitasking MBX I 200Z with 58 Mhx FPU ....£214.99 expandible to 8 Mb 32 Bit RAM (tee RAM prices) New M12)0 ft A12M -itflup to 128 Mb fast RAM!
MI 230 XA 33Mh«. 0Mb ......£245.99 M1230 XA 40Mhi. 0Mb ......£284.99 M I 230 XA SOMbx. 0Mb ...£334.99 VXL 30 25 Mhx (lor ASM) ..£ 184.99 VXL 30 40 Mh* (for ASM) ..£259.99 VXL 2 Mb Ram Board (for A500) ...£ 189.99 expandible to 8 Mb 32 Bit RAM (tec RAM prices) SUPRA 28 ACCELERATOR for the A500 A500+& AI 500 2000 28 Mhx. Uses ASM side port so there is no internal fitting only £144.99!
PRIMA ROM SHARERS Amiga S00 Pie* Can-£'2’9 QUALITY MOUSE HATS----£3.99 10 CAPACITY DISK BOX-----£0.99 20 CAPACITY DISK BOX----------£2.99 40 CAP LOCKABLE OfSK BOX------£3.99 100 CAP LOCKABLE DISK BOX-------------£S.49
• 90 CAP STACKABLE BANK BOX------------£9.99
• 150 CAP STACKABLE ROSSO BOX-----£17.99 delhery elw pirtkwd «»«r
yre*a «r eken buying 2 or more.
AMIGA A500 DUST COVER--------------£3.99 AMIGA 600 COVER-------£2-99 14" MONITOR DUSTCOVER. ...£6 99 NEW! Keyboard Membrane Cover*----------114.9 5 AMIGA TO SCART CABLES----------------£9.99 STD 1.8 METRE AMIGA PRINTER LEAD....£4 99 MODEM AND NULL MODEM CABLES £9.99 AMIGA CONTROL STATIONS A500or 1200 VERSION-------------£36.99 A800VERSION----------------- -£2 9.99 Distant Sum X CAD 2000.
MUSIC SOUND .£18.99 .£25.99 PROGRAMMING SAS C Version 8.5 ZlZlZZrZZIltUd.W PUBLIC DOMAIN Tap SO from £1.50! (many more ttt es ovoifaWe) A - Base P»t • 8 POA00 I ¦ dak • *0 Ts.SaNV. 'POAOOIl i dak * 1 0 Coo, VI :ROAOO*I. Dak£i 50 1 «-• - *ProV4 POAOOM i dak • ' W fa.yCa*. **.. 'POAOO61 • dak*' V C Typ.J--(POA048) i dafc f' W
f. ttModsd *- * |**t A0S*., 4ak ' W O-pe-eseif OA M9| I dak '
» *» Re ofckk I J-(POAOl I) ¦ disk-*1 50 KlondykeAGA-
-----------.-(POAOl3)3 disk £2.75 FirstModsdisk I
...(POA055) I dbk£l.50 Mindwarp AGA
Demo----------(PDA015) I disk £ I-SO Motorola invaders AGA.-
(PD A016) 2 dbk-£2- 2 5 Magic Workbench Utils.-------(PDA0I7)
I diskOSO First Mods disk 3-------------(PDA057) I disk-USO PC
Task Emulator--------------(PDA019) I disk-£ I 50 ReorgV*!.
(POAJil. 53
5. -fi’x" * ¦ . •«t» ."son I * |PDAS27) i dNfc 1 '*
SoertnjmGamokOWu (ROACJO) i dhk « 50 MO** iPDAC »C)2dH» 1 75
(POAC33)2 8«k £t 25 r*»a-C£ *Wvw .PDAC Uhds. 5 HO*. I. (POAC
J4)) fi*a • • 7' T-.Mn»4GA POA03I ¦«.. ' 5C CO W»-. POA©)9
i *,. I • 0 F tMod*dM« (POA058) I ds» 1 50
6. -..vyo'.u- 'IUtM . ,POA0H)id.. « 1 " Oese»tD**am.Oe. . POA©i
S»2ds-l» OrtgeComp*.. i PC A04CI I d k « 1 50
- ,,W. • At.A O' POA04 cuwum* po aoo: • i d '150 C pan MacAn.
POAC0i)i S* 50
- '•'i POACH)id* 'O POACC3 -i d«s- 50 C pa «Fonc. PCACC4. ’
dss 50 ( pv Kd. :POAC05)id»-« w P* -spe. Hre-o»» (POAOl711
dak 11 50 Procrariser ) |»UA04»| i dak 11 50
• oncriman Tests (POA0 35j a«fc 50 IW.moi 5'X»l-| (wi A3S« 53
C*»arstJ»*«. POACJ5 «»* '2 55 CDROP4on. s(Amf| . (POACDi) i
enk « • 53 CC*OM8.n»U’k I *OAC 07 ¦ desk 11 53 Megapel'AGA
(POA359) i Crik t S.*
* ntUiwnSd«l-« ,* IAC S. ¦ dm. « Orep.C'.-dan iPDAC«9 i cn- i 5C
Frdc ,POAC53)i *w« 5C »-rkv(i!)(. I iHIAfO ) d*C' fmfv'oOPi
«POAio;iid*fc : »e ? .vi -nOkl POAFO)|id««: 50 UTILITIES
Amibaek Tools .... £39.99 Amlhar k Plus
Tools Bundle £74.99 Directory
Opus 4 . £51.99 GP FAX 2.3
software ...... £49.99 Quarterback V 6
NEW £52.99 Latest
version of this Fast 8. Famous HD backup utility.
Prima A600.’ 1200 Hard Drive setup software. This is the best setup software on the market .£5.99 Quarterback Tools ......£54.99 Quarterback Tools Deluxe ..£84 99 Xcopy Pro inc. hard ware ...£25.99 VIDEO AND GRAPHICS Art Department P-O 2.5 .£145.99 Art Department Scanner software £ I 14.99 Brilliance Pro. Paint and animation £ 149.99 Caligari 24 3D Design and animation .£94.99 AI 500 2000 4000 Products
HC8+ 42Mb drive------------------ HD8* 120Mb drive. -------------- PC286 Emulator for HD8* A530... G-Force 030 40 Mh* 4Mb RAM Hard Drive mounting kit for G-For GVP Simms I Mb -------------------- 4 Mb ... 1291 SCSI Module for A1200- Miscellaneous Hardware The Serial Link (Adaptor to link CD32 Amiga PC) only £29.99 Panavision SX-1 (CD32 1200emulator -.£219.99 XDSDataflyer External Hard drive kh. £64.99 DKB Mega Chip II (2Mb chip RAM).---------------£ 169.99 gV*» 2 Mb of chip rmtmory on A500 A15002000 ROCHARD DRIVES from £214.99 (42Mb) i.w.wu». hama on
demo now.
The Professional answer hama 292 ....£269.99 S-Video, and composite compatible hama 290 ....£674.99 S-Video, and composite mixing, plus far more hama A-CUT Video Editor £l8S.99d?Wh GVP Genlock ..oniytf54.99 features professional SVHS output Rocgen Plus ....only £152.99 Includes dual control for overlay and keyhole effects, extra RGB pass thru.
Rendale 8802 FMC..only £164.99 Rocgen Rockey .....only £ 152.99 For creating special effects in video production with genlocks.
All disks are 100% error free guaranteed ew High density 3.S inch bulk and branded Please phone for best prices!
BZPBBSaEffiBEH] Best selling feature | Pagcstream 2.2 U.l Pagestream 3 U.K. Pro Page V4----- Pro Page V48i Pro Dn Protext 4.3 W P------ Prowrite 3.3 NEW!..... Wordworth 2 AGA n Wordworth 3 NEW!.
Branded disks come complete with labels Disk Labels....500 ......£6.99 Disk Labels.. 1000 ......£9.99 BRUTAL FOOTBALL A1200 MILLENNIUM OUT NOW £29.99 Nol only has Millennium unleashed the rather excellent Wild Cup Soccer this month, but it has also decided to let the At 200 owners ot the world in on the smashing Brutal Sports Football - the game that takes the national pastime ol the US, and throws in more than a little violence. Basically, there are no rules in this game Just get the ball into your opponent's goal, and il that means you have to punch, kick,
slam or rip your opponents to pieces to get there, well that's just part ot the game.
At the start ol the game you can choose whether to play as pari ol a league, in a Wotld-Cup style championship or just a sequence ol unlnendlies' - more or less the same sort of thing you would expect to lind in any sports simulation.
Select your team, set the venue and you're into the game itself, and this is where the character that has made the game sell so well comes into play.
It's a great-looking game, and the sight ol luturistic Vikings swinging axes, knives at each other around a modern sports arena is quite an addictive one.
Brutal Soccer is a surprisingly violent game, hence the name, and the amount ol blood and carnage loft dotted around the pitch by hall-time is enough to have even the strongest constitutions twitching.
Like Wild Cup Soccer, this isn't the smoothest or lastest game in the world to play, bul then you don't really mind alter a while because the game itsell is so good Alter a couple ol goes you get so worked up about decapitating your opponent and smashing them against walls that the technical side of the game stops being a problem.
I don't think this will ever be a classic, but it's still a lot ol fun, and the addition of 256 colour graphics just makes it that little bit better.
Tony Dillon CLOCKWISER RASPUTIN SOFTWARE OUT NOW £25.99 For a new software house. Rasputin seems to be making a lair old name tor itsell. Its lirst release, Jetstrike. Seems to have shitted more units than anyone ever expected, and now it is entering the puzzle arena with Ctockmser. A simple game ol block arranging that is so simple. It’s brilliant. The game works like this: you are shown a screen split directly down the middle. On the left-hand side are your blocks scattered about, and on the nght is a layout showing you how your blocks should end up As you have probably guessed, you have to
make both sides match.
To do this, and this is the really clever part, you have to select groups ol blocks by dragging a box around them, and then slide the group clockwise or anticlockwise. Different blocks have different effects, while others are atfected by gravity and then even others cant be moved or destroyed. To begin with, the moves you need to make are lew and relatively simple. But as the game progresses, things get very hard indeed, until CUT, TICK & POST ...CUT, TICK & POST...CUT, TICK & POST Telephone (0702) 466933 Fax 617123 PD Soft 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, MaaaCord ESSEX, SS1 2YD C 4 v ,v
TcaSS1 Advdtcr Kin, T-'t’Su SCS£X ajssasr; lu..,.n,kfi. inyiukn iSH5S2% tt£3££ PC TASK v2.0 LmMI R«*i%*cred vmxn 144.9* A64 Emulator v3.0 ? T1000 FullRcpiucrrd vimtin 151.94 J TDXXI Softy arc* Minuilcnlv 124.94 3 TJ000 il liXOMepiVcwitiJi 174.94 ? TUXXI lTa«U-M f,LwwndlLS*.9« REFIACIVOlKW P.- m~l*,.
N provided (omeru you lomimXm M dlfCtBnr Ulhe Amp (OfdliMI l0*Hn* •" me mutter. $ afnw«tU«Tvt It) court
• CM l«d A pliy voh**ir vhtfi •nikv fi o ii ii * rv *i vnritvn fv
r. ireMor* CKHODU* 0*0*0 IsetSttSSS DEATH uriucWinu 3820 DOG F
iNiikillriinBt onUimil 3*29 TANK cfleeVCSgwani Nn. Run M
ri.:1000,u i Okk.TOO M««. B.rt« Hnnn Cu
I. IM. I'V m.Mf.Hrr.ni* V1070 (AQA) UTLs 2 MI .IT Mu. Hnulfe.
(WlV, j“* • vii ‘(LECTnoci WI.4J) DcirroMn draroi Proirani
? I - V917 A500P EMULATOR WB »2«. «*.«. WITHOUT -n nerd lo
pmfcuc dvr WirtfKMh .2 • ctnr- 3 * . V821 SNOOPOOS VIJ
sts'SbJF"' Ne*7jp .11 Sour file cilia RxftSK v I2.
Smsn er • srr awggg; 'lUAQITp«*&1SSR
- J • • V989 " UANDEl E WIOrL'r CAME DISKS J I - 1073 TETRIS
W. M.I *t2jfi Blrtmtl.vl«» .Be I rflkeo J * . 749 SCRAMBLE S?5W
w. TsrssBa-’" - wiarajsaa J * - 1164 DUNGEON NAOROJ j - I ??!«'
' strategm;Fame's Btrwl Rome.UiA Ipktxmkine 3 * . V1209 CNUC.-
Rrqure HD «Mb». DiU.
I«u..ru-MU. OCT «n 3B42 MR.BROWN ST ¦n Mv~.it pmlr ni« if vfn sJmj* •uzz8S5°,'j'' l vm Oirifrtugn tp«e D n» H 3844 ' M&OSE DRIVE' J * * VI074 (AGA) UTLs 3 ColetOM* AGGA BboJ ifllOct. Li.IMti Kill AGA *WI illi*. vu k rut rMBsSy .non* 5*fTynfff OENEALoSlsT
1. 1 Mih«H«uliiMRuhm P»* j KEYB0AR0 TRAINER £lHSS2S.,,r,ll,n'
v~2«l in bM nahfuK M*r*r TANX N- STUFF ‘V I J * * V1090 ANOVS
(AGA)’ Sritra* of U1» ft. A1 X»dran (IfO i fHeMm til-M-V
A0»Tr.Jfcy» J * . V1093 PARNET SET-UP Am »«y ne»»iKk
filiiyiiim ticviti iw pnW pora.nuNHhvur»omui.fi 3 * * VI095
THE DEGRADE RS ifMbardTtnvVi Hill SbtlL iBtaiBK I 3 ** VI229
(AGA) (.1141 A mri*W u.n p ftuimin .MmVT.T.m ffnwwisa Cirtum
J * . VU17 JUNIOR MATHS Coarani njooo* » An ycur «Md on Mp yfih "btWp J * . VI291 SMARTV PAWTS V3.43 ILKiOrx IfTILITY DISKS V16 AQUARIUM ‘v277°' 'fORTRAnIt '* V11J7 UkaA)UTL» 4 a l-nkGA. O 'ikuip. PKUV
I. RroCi. VcvTck Mi W V1138 (AGA) UTLs 5 V1139 (AGA)I UTLs 6 J *
- 2622 DONKEY KONG rj • . Ij .' '¦neighbours IW j'V • 2 * JaTr
t|‘un5jMxh g»g|« m wsaer Com™* n H« on[ ul Itowh Ink j * •
2«aa baLders grove
II. l«..-H .I»-J.!»uni.ur.li » !• II hlh n »« .» 2 i. np«t J *
. 3039 ASTEROIDS II vOS5 TV h.1 .mu (4 Aiuim* i Sue on Kin.
If fuc like AiKiorfe l .n On I. An Hu J * * 3040 TETRIS (AGA)
j'**. SOTS'119 HOLE GOLF illy xlfcONf 9W4 ud fo f luanm.Mi-
* ™ mo mrtfi iiMki ml . M ir J * . 3214 UNIV CONG SffSFS'SSwrs1:
J1- .'msTkpant!&sviproject inf *a inaf« n« «« pwtMAui •*
J* 3B53 ,MtH5oP1 SVM'MiitUPhfiaKytuutai'rtdMTu nfnu I
* •«' •' mmy «l» tidt ,f ilVr.M k wnMut.«lln)c«nirinjiM
Gujffuhol j - • 39m (aga) Missiles
V. m ou»nwM r«, « ol liraiii fiiluinth I lnl(« .u-«IIH i.n.
inai uiU)ouMMmll-inM
- =,'Cb J * . 3900 DELUXE GALAGA ff»I W mnl Mi* fi( if «f J***
• 3902 GALAXY 'SlaST (K) ‘¦mol «i iloi vtfir 14 a it m Or yn"
aifK‘M n|in|»NM oil Hmnm Mil* i«iO M ¦» (ic hdli n dflmal. Iii
1874 ONSLAUGHT vl.O r imukm f)l» »•"* * wknli yiu Onh Ni K
dkeu auk ihif* eu «85 MPERATOR (Irvin««(film Miatyiimu
f. v.U CM **t Wra.
Pm.I.L iuo«liUa~ liil. VTKG%T- j VK Iii W MACKS ASMWEHffluinofLiilnv. A H.kv 0 • . VI039 HARO DISK INSTALL B ya* and u mdlyvur AI2I0 HD »*t yoi nnd An -1 of dstv «ti.k m U 1 lj.lr.tl CruSyrrtuoN ¦Uii.Mvwrio'B'SI II ? * . V1041 DIO ITAIL BBOARD Kill NrarM Spsl emus insulaur ? * * VI043 SUPER DARK V2.04 A «mdi HmAo Hr Atn Hut Ins to MAC J * . V1044 FANCY PRMTING Q ". V1045 uORAW vtO ¦aasijsaii'i 1 v*n IvUr IJ fMOMi K-»«in i(».«)KkMbu30cW IIBINcaGa V1184 AMIGA DIARY inc Jnvtn Jiuy cmbk f mmrv 1 mw Brpn Inn Ovl.Mll 1 K*ndi 'J * . VI273 AMICOROM vl .7 A CD-RomdiA nii»iy*wn (n*. Am**
I. -------aN» Mr V .Nil. ..._l I I ..II J * * 3283 NECESSARY
A. kU.nk iv. Mil UniidlN ffifUUl
• if ivn t. UN • n « »iw«. Lith*id t. i R0*D TO flflTpMb] Iv o
maArM ¦ «* wr* pm I m I In KM Ihmr 11« In*| ir« *tKl.« Nr
W(k m.n «¦ ihv IM npn. Luinv Inl.n 4 N»«.
J * • 3310 STARBASE 13 J * . 33V0 DIOITIAL TETRIS j'-l'MoT* JET OUEST"-* 1 Thu pm i. 1 urn Nf.m Qllrn IH Blnk Ii .ipiwlrvrwiuifiil’. M.'i.i»rpinlrprir J • • 3411 KINGDOMS AT WAR Ro i, 1110 1 (Siyrr RiA i p» pnv .nf • ufdcofajmjl pirf Kii«d rni-mii.n J-.3414 C0NQ 4 OOIBNATON Vtikiji »« pm n .tnfi ym is* funk ..n mpv. F nk v (iwv. Plnv. KTTf.rv dinkvli|-
• MM 'CLASMC TETHIsTk)'' j" MR MEN OLYMPICS nr olmluu! Mhi'uN 'Sn
!l J * • 3439 MOTOROLA MVAIDER In (ml mn'ii rxilltn AGA ik
Isir '~?:&v*5i3i£ir*a d“ «ii* jvrrvn*.'vi in fv yif jf (initt
STAR TREK SELECTION .fncicvi iflriUuUffii ihiiaNnsTGflCVun vin u.n I livfl fltrvnr, 1. (uni.n M NORfMI iNi-.m 1hmm11.11 II dm inmixil’l In if* I Muni J * . VI303 SCALA PICTURES PRICES (Price* sc* Per Disk) I . Did. UM di«. 12.75 US didnUiO 11-30 di*k.UM 2I «0 dirt. 11.75 51* dU9*£l45
(1) Ordrr any Ii PI) do*, fo. (hr poc*of 11 Ihstionly £2109 . 50p
P&P (which borirlljf far (KhdU).
(2) Offkranv 24PI)diiL«furlWlhc pnersf onh 134J9. FOp PiPlwhkh it
only £ 142 (or fsch dii i. COLLECTING DISKS POSTAGE &
CARRIDGE Tvn h • Pmuh nd Pxklnj on M bf Mdnlunrmry ndn 0f5cyi
If y.n ...xi'd Mil R«ori)ai ) Delivery *M (Cl 25).
Spec ill Neil Dn Dilivnv fC4.30)L'K ml PAYMENT DHAII.S Your Name Address CLTOUTv ifKnni A Bmkmdrdl .oUMPtlSOfT CniiCiidiiiikr tad OvnniO«an kdur k* ¦»• oa LX Bink iNhkiks'i Kind Oan ens be memMI Fv« fad ikwuvfi Clnrcd find* mb OVERSEA’S ORDERS Win. .rdenn frou vufvde Ov H C rhere ronw Am Mm I LIP5 llrlcvm H Hn.
PDA SHAI Card Card No [ I endow ch*|iieTO (ot 4f4** churK* my card) for I am ordering from: Nam* of MsjMlnf EX-SOFTWARE 3.5' DSIDD DISKS ‘ WA 50
14. 99 too
27. 99 200
53. 99 250
66. 99 500
129. 99 oisks »sf om utommt nts rtot a sonwAti imsi Ait usa Atf
tomtm r smumn amo mi eotntn mm uuas.
100 Cipicity box 140 Ctpteify Box 5.99* 200 Ctpteify Drtwer 9.99* V_• our ir mam tm usts , All pnittft trt stkjttf to «MiMllHf - All prioos m mI* VAT. PlotsoAU £3.50 P+P hr Asia oo4 kotos or £5.99 If fttis rtfilrU totnlfkt E&OE SNAP COMPUTER SUPPLIES LTD HOTLINE 0703 457111 RIBBONS ¦ POST FREE 2 on 4*n PRICE EACH CmmlMt HStMH
i. 1S t-SS CHIm StHI U Mm
II. 9S' TmmkttTlOiO KU llt* US
3. 0S tmmhOrmS
4. 9S VS TmmkUTtltSUm
10. 91' SteltlOAClO 160 1*0 StvltlMUm
S. S0 us ItvlCH-tO H-tX L9i ITS StwlCSt-IOUm
9. 9S' Stir Lit 00
3. 00 L10 StrrUtOOUm
9. 9S' Stir lit*-tOOUm
9. 9S’ HfhrtoSOOMkm Cmi SJIOt OhLIi Ri ill
9. 9S'
9. 95' Khlim kSk -1 riUtu imfl Itm tl6 u KHHit' y ACCESSORIES
POST FREE 1000 3.5 Disk loktls Amltt A500 A600 A 1200 Ctnr mot
mtiitir mttr
6. 95
1. 95
12. 95
12. 95
1. 99
t. 99
3. 50
3. 99
3. 99 Stor CIHsti Puttttlt 0 ml. PritHremr SNAP COMPUTER SUPPLIES
LTD FAX: 0703 457222 Unit 12, The Sidings, Hound Rd, Netley
Abbey, Southampton S031 5QA When Compl
2. FocJft ___________ _
3. Virtual Dreams - love 'AGA* . .
4 Mo»emen*-Mina Om.ston 'AGA* gel if!
S. Romiom Toste The Difference.'AGA* |2) ' Rednex -
Quockbusfed'AGA' Crypt burners-Broinsfote in a box. 'AGA' 2MB»
Polko Brothers-Friday At Eighf'AGA' .Andromedo Sequentiol lsf
ol gathering 94 .Talent- QED 2 'AGA'(2) 10 Myg.c-Vital.'AGA' .
• Artificial Parodise *AGA'(2| II N 2 Sector T--Runowoy Brain
3 TEK-Rompoge 14 Rozor 1911 We Shave Ass' .omple*.Origin
.rypfoburners.-Crash test . Lovo SOHO 'AGA' (3) 9 RogeMoi.mum
Overdnve 'AGA' (2) FD MD
O. lSD-Jesus On E’s 'AGA F..ed'(2. '1 Anathema -A Febble T,me
12. Old Bulls T.lt-lmpulse 2 (2).
!3 lemonpoint - PikpatOnos 'AGA HD Only'(6) '4 FAIRllGHT-FUll Moon AGA (CU Roted 90%).
25. Axis.Big Time Sensuolity 26 Scolo- Not Agoi •"¦***
• AGA* 27 lemon - Groovy
28. Kefrreni;JDesert Dreams (2) Essential Demo totn
29. Mad ElksTechnologicol Deotl Foirlight-- 242 Sanity.Arte|Cool
2. lnvestotion-Royworld 'AGA' (3) ¦3.Teoom Hoi-Final Chopter'AGA'
(3) Cert 18
4. Noxiou*-Beyond Belie*'AGA' 5 Rednex-Emofy heod 'AGA' i6.Arise
Smells like Chanel No 5 'AGA'
7. lyme« Projects -Wind It Up “ Roge Neurol Assault Polka Bros -
Gevalia 'AGA' 'Call For Latest Titles' D Copy 3.1 ¦ Best Pd
Copier A« lab*e 2N Comm V3 0-E*cellenf Comms Pocloge 3 Erg
neer Pro-- Ripper DiSJOiemWer (Top Tod II ReTok k 13-Essentiol
For KS2 Users Re okick 1 4- AGA turns CPU Cache OR
6. PCToskV2 03 -PC Emulator 7 Text Engine V4.1- Best PD Word
8. V Morph V2.03B -PD Morphing Pockoge
9. North C - C Compiler (21
10. C Manual -CompleteTutorid(12) 11 ISO*
Shogg«feug-Monitor,Diso»embUr 12 DMS Pro v5.0 -Now Pocks Hgh
Density Disks 13 Octomed V2. 0-lotest PD Releose 14A Bock
UpV.4 03 5 Action Redo* Pro- Fdly Supports A4000,030,040 6
Snoopy Dos VI .5- Monitors Systems Cd*S 7 EPU - Hard Disk
Ewxier. Works ktwsWy 18 Procod VI 00-Etfelen* PC8 0e«r*r 19
Oeorftf-A-Z Of gomes Cheats 0)
20. Troshm l -Excellerv Assembler 680*0 21 Big Anim V3.5 -lets
You Plot Huge Anims From HO 22 F.fcrrcsfer .2 2 -Redly Good
D ectory Utility
23. ISO -Ken Ds Spectrum Emulators Gome Collector
24. Super Duper-Mdti Tosk.ng Disk Copwr (REQ KS2*|
25. Virus Checker V6 34 •• lotesf Version
26. Disksolv VI1 28- (REQKS2+I
27. ABB V6. 55--System Performance Evakjahon utility
28. Crunchmonia VI .9 latest Version 29 Infect Ripper -Rips
Virtually AllKnownModdeFormols
30. V2 EMUIATOR -Emulates KS2 (A500) ody 31 Video Tnxter «el rt
Demo GwW (14] Rec 2MB * fO 32 Messysd V2 -Converts PC To Amgo
Files 33 Mondelptot 2.4 -2D OR 3D Frodo Generator 35 600 Bus
ness letters 36 Mogc Work Bench 37 Next Ger«ra*on Workbench
(2) 38 AMIGA Gome Re*erencer Gomes Dotobose 'CAll FOR LATEST
TITUS' 1 NFA-Bodyshop 7 'AGA' [2 Disks) 2 ErcSUcrt
Clab.Trte'5MeN 3 Eric 9 »orB-Morphy mope man 2M6 la*e*t 4 3
Ways To S*op Smokmg '1 5 MB REQ' 5 SjaJehkr3 15h« 6 Ren
&Serp«ftji*9v v
7. ClAUOiA 'AGA' Slideshow CERT 18 8 6k -VOV SkkW*x.Cwl8 9 Caro
- Workf Of Wxgo 'AGA' (4)
10. SuicideMAN 2 1.5 MB 'Coll For latest Titles' 3 ANATHEMo-MW
ABSaUTES-edsh Mu*c Dek
7. IMPACT -Virtual Harmony 8 STEllAR.Ch.pi.e Kvtgs iS Cm HM0CORE
TWI (REA HMOCOWE) 13 Spocebolls Noiseless-Dny Tunes 2 |3) 14
DIMENTIA UK- Gathering '94 MOOS (4)
15. DUAL CREW SjUNTS.SONIC AITAC* 2 (4) Fred Fish- 1-1000 LSD
Legal Toolsl-151 Assassins Gomesl-180 ISO Grapevine Disk
Mogoxme Issue 19(3) Coming Soon GRAPEVINE ISSUE 20 TOR THE
5.30PM Comjouters Post Please Moke Cheques. With Bankers Card
Number Or Postal Order Payable To"' KFY() = NUMBER OF DISKS
DE7SU) Precision 3.5 ¦ DS D0..50----2150
3. 5 ‘ OS DO.. 100__41.00 .199 3y lol5*« odopftr bad-19.99 Id Of
Disk labeblOM-------------7.99 Pi PON THE ARM (TIMS £1 JO
Software & Hardware Abo Available Call For Latest Prices DISK
26* Do you remember the days when you could go out and buy
yourself a few hours of entertainment, and still get change
out of fifteen quid? Tony Dillon can and it was only this
Every time any kind of major sporting event comes r -S r around, someone has to snap up the licence and S release a multi-sports arcade game along the lines . .y HP of the age o*d dassic Track And Field In 1992 it t „ ~ |P i Ocean's ,c IjWlBf Wfc ; fc« jCVg- 1351 turn to try HE [j twr ¦ i andDu,w 1 ’ B . Hf °n an already proven formula, something they t- v" -4lL lried 10 do by adding a management and
* fa a training segment to the game, as well as an 2 r f_|
on-screen encyclopedia about the games ” oja' *$ 281 i-fl
themselves. You can participate in practi- ==spBl cally every
sport known to man, from ___straightforward running and jumping
through to more one-on-one competitions, such as fencing or
boxing. All is shown with the same lavish presentation, and the
game has a real gloss to it.
That is, however, until you come to the actual events themselves. You would expect them to be bright, colourful, smooth, well animated and every bit as professional as the rest of the package. Instead, you are left with a collection of barely playable events, where the aim is almost always to waggle the joystick in time with something, and then press the fire button f? A* '** 1
- 4- game is just far too shallow. It may have dozens of events,
but you'll be , r bored with it m a day Road Rash nas to be one
of the best selling SEGA games of all time. The mi* of Super
Hang On style bike racing and extreme vdenc* captured the
hearts and imaginations of the console ownmg public so much
that Electronic Arts showed no hesitation at a« m converting it
to as many different formats as they could.
The result is a game that could have been a hell of a lot better.
A sprite-based game, the idea is to race across all manner of terrain through major locations all over the road against a ¦¦¦¦¦¦ group of bikers who just don’t play fair.
J Naturally the oea * to gc .is Ms* , ¦ possibly can and reach the finish line l.i .ier ’ lhan any°°e else' but ,here is the a JOe-1 oo-us o' tx* % aov. * a- j - - ' bikers as you pass them.
A strange idea, I think you'll agree, and to be honest it doesn't really add a lot to the 4 1 j game. Most of the time you are too busy tmW I wrestling with the controls and trying to stay
* ! On the road to worry about hitting Last issue l stated that
Empire had come out with the greatest Amiga compilation ever. I
would like to scratch that comment and state this month that
Empire have come out with the greatest compilation ever. It's
so good, in fact, that I really don't need to review it.
All I need to tell you is what is actually in it, and you'll walk away thinking to yourself, “What a great compilation, I must buy it!* Taking it from the cover of the package, in clockwise order from the top left, there's Sensible Soccer, Dino Dini's Goal, Championship Manager 93 94 and Striker. Quite possibly the four greatest soccer games ever, and if not pretty damn To recap. Sensible Soccer is the arcade football games by which ail other soccer games are rated. Goal’ 1 is Dino Dini's return to the soccer •_. .. - .
World after Kick Oft 2. Championship ~ Manager is the top selling Domark title that took no less than five years j j to design and Striker was the first soccer game to use a scrolling 3D pitch viewed from the sod of angle you usually associate wilh racing games like Out Hun or Chase HQ W* at can i say it s truly a fantastic compilation! C'Z: games compendium We pick up where we left off in the products compendium last issue take a look at the games that we’ve reviewed in the past year.
And FULL-PRKE GAMES GAMES REVIEWED AND RATED 1993-94 AIRBUS AS20 Sim US Gold I .. 1 « Qft juiy no Impressions December 93 Mindscape December 93 Team 17 December 93 Virgin May 94 Team 17 June 94 Gametek February 94 Kompart UK | July 93 September 93 Virgin January 94 j US Gold August 93 Core November 93 Core September 93 Psygnosis November 93 Team 17 January 94 Psygnosis January 94 Millenium December 93 £25 43% £29.99 48% £29.99 70% £25.99 83% £29.99 49% £29.99 Perfect simulation ol a boring ilight.
AIR FORCE COMMANDER Sim Sad flight sim with no imagination.
ALFRED CHICKEN, Arcade A few niggles leave the game gutted.
ALIEN BREED 2 Arcade Very tough, but a great sequel.
APOCALYPSE Arcade Good idea turns to drivel.
ARCADE POOL Arcade Accurate sim with learning curve difficulties.
BATMAN RETURNS Arcade Sad. Sad. Sad. Shame on you.
BATTLE ISLE 93 Strategy Nice, strategy game that’ll please war fans.
BEASTLORD Arcade Suspect controls and very smelly, leave alone.
BENEATH A STEEL SKY Adventure One of the greatest adventures ever.
BLADE OF DESTINY RPG An incredible isometric RP adventure.
H IwiTTi TT-W "' -¦ BLASTAR Arcade Hard to control spiralling shoot ’em up.
BLOB Puzzle OK puzzler, but eventually repetitive.
BOB’S BAD DAY Puzzle A very addictive first rate puzzler.
BODY BLOWS GALACTIC Arcade A sad follow up to a decent game.
BRIAN THE LION Arcade Platform chaos with stunts and tricks.
BRUTAL SPORTS FOOTBALL Arcade Complete scrap fest and lots of fun.
BUBBA ’N’ STIX Arcade Arcade adventure in the next dimension.
Core February 94 90% £25.99 BUBBLE AND SQUEAK Arcade Redefines platform games. Stunning.
Audiogenic April 94 94% I £24.99 BURNING RUBBER Arcade Avoid like Romford on a Friday night.
Ocean November 93 41% £25.99 CANNON FODDER Arcade Sensible sprites do it again. Marvellous.
VirSin__i January 94 93% I £35.99 1 CAMPAIGN 2 Strategy Unfriendly but potentially absorbing.
Empire February 94 81% £34.99 ¦ CIVILISATION AGA Strategy A great strategy game but over priced.
Software Demon December 93 86% £39.00 COOL SPOT Arcade Too slow for a truly great game.
COSMIC SPACEHEAD Arcade Virgin February 94 Codemasters 61% 1 £25.99 j 59% ® Not going to grab your attention and keep it.
CREATURES Puzzle February 94 Thalamus £25.99 ] 58% Much better puzzlers around than this.
July 93 £25.99 1 CYBERCON 3 Adventure Slow and confusing space adventure.
Kixx December 93 32% 1 £12.99 1 DARKMERE RPG Attractive fantasy adventure, could be better.
Core April 94 79% , £29.99 DINOSAUR DETECTIVE AGENCY Arcade Another waste of time.
Alternative January 94 20% 1 £16.99 DISPOSABLE HERO Arcade Fast paced, well polished shoot ’em up.
NnriiirUT CimnUlinn Gremlin October 93 79% £25.99 42% 1 Uuurlun l simulation Lacks depth to be a top simulation.
Microprose November 93 £29.99 DONK Arcade Supervision 34% Completely uninteresting Japanese- influenced platformer.
November 93 £25.99 DUNE 2 Strategy .Ykgin.. 85% Atmosphere, tension and a right good blast.
July 93 £30.99 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS Arc The third real contender to the footy crown.
Ocean September 93 90% £25.99 Domark February 94 Gametek October 93 Mindscapc January 94 Software Business October 93 Virgin August 93 Coktel Vision February 94 Core May 94 Gremlin September 93 84% £29.99 97% £34.99 81% £35.99 71% £19.99 75% £25.99 53% £25.99 90% £TBA 83% £27.99 91% £29.99 78% £37.99 35% £25.99 83% £32.99 80% £25.99 75% £25.99 Octo Psygnosi May 94 Ocean September 93 Daze August 93 Daze July 93 Alternative January 94 Ocean 50% £25.99 87% £25.99 91% £35.99 Febt Gremlin May 94 Interplay October 93 Thalamus March 94 Alternative January 94 Titus July 93 86% £34.99 58% £29.99 rategy
Bad design and scrappy presentation.
KINGS QUEST 6 Adventure Slick addition to the genre.
LAMBOURGHINI i ;. ! Super smooth racing game with class.
LIBERATION CAPTIVE 2 RPG The best CD32 game on floppy.
MAGIC BOY Arcade Colourful and cute. One for the young uns.
27% £25.99 MORPH Arcade Flair 54%. M Boring shape-changing puzz MORTAL KOMBAT The best beat 'em up vou ra: Arcade, n buy.
Virgin December 93 93% (J* Sri MR NUTTS Great looks, not much else.
Arcade, Ocean June 94 H £25.99 Hj NAUGHTY ONES A good, cute platform game.
NICKY 2 Arcade.
Interactivision April 94 Microids 80% ¦ £23.99 Q 58% 1 Nothing you haven’t seen in thousand platformers.
A September 93 £25.99 Tfi ONE STEP BEYOND Addictive puzzle game from Quaver stable.
Puzzle the Ocean September 93 Wf £19.99 HI OPERATION STARFISH Arcade One of the best arcade games released.
Millenium June 94 94% 1 £25.99 r™ A OVERDRIVE Arcade Team 17 83% Hr Hugely playable arcade racer in Micro mould. November 93 US Gold December 93 Sierra April 94 Titus February 94 Mindscapc April 94 Empire January 94 MICRO MACHIENS Arcade Codemasters Miniature race game that’s very playable. November 93 MONOPOLY Strategy Supervision Board games on computer? What’s the point? June 94 F-l Arcade Superb two player racer. Pales on solo.
FRONTIER - ELITE 2 Strategy The ultimate in space adventure.
FURY OF THE FURRIES Arcade Wonderfully animated puzzle adventure.
GEAR WORKS Puzzle Cog based puzzler. Worth a try.
GLOBAL GLADIATORS Arcade Looks great, but is too easy.
GOBLINS 3 Adventure The Goblin Saga wears very thin.
HEIMDALL 2 RPG Tasty graphics and puzzles to boot.
HERO QUEST 2 RPG Excellent sequel and worth your money.
HIRED GUNS RPG A fresh look RPG with a challenge.
INNOCENT UNTIL Peculiar adventure that lacks a hook.
INTERNATIONAL OPEN GOLF Sint With so much competition this one is bunkered.
ISHAR 1200 RPG The most incredible RPG everl Brilliant sequel.
JETSTRIKE Arcade More like a PD game than anything else.
JURASSIC PARK Arcade K240 Strategy Build a settlement on an asteroid.
NGMAKER Str A substantial improvement over the A500.
RPC , 94 OVERKILL Arcade Fantastically playable space shoot ’em up.
PREMIER MANAGER 2 Strategy Good, well presented footy managing sim.
PUGGSY Arcade Entertainment factor 10 for the lovable blob.
ROBOCOD A1200 VERSION Arcade One of the Finest platformers ever.
SABRE TEAM AGA Strategy Buglcss superb strategy monster.
SECOND SAMURAI Arcade An Amiga platform martial arts classic.
SEEK AND DESTROY Arcade Brilliantly original *h ot 'em up.
SIERRA SOCCER Arcade A cracking go*»d soccer game.
SIM LIFE AGA Sim Draws you in jnd keeps you playing.
SIMON THE SORCERER Adventure Stunning graphu* and fun adventure.
SINK OR SWIM Arcade Average Lcmmtng-likc platform game.
SKIDMARKS Arcade Most playable mini racers ever.
SNAPPERAZI Arcade Nothing going for it at all.
SOCCER KID Arcade One of the bcvr platformers of the year.
SPACE HULK RPG Will test everv level of your strategy skills.
SPACE LEGENDS Strategy Great space combat compilation.
STARDUST Arcaae Nice space 'em up in Asteroid mould.
STAR TREK 25TH ANNIVERSARY RPG Atmospheric and challenging TV adventure.
S. U.B. Strategy Second-rate strategv game.
SUBURBAN COMMANDO Arcade Appalling quality - lor a change!
SUPER CAULDRON Arcade Dated, infimtclv dull and tedious.
SUPER SPORTS CHALLENGE Arcade A complete sunkcr ol a sports sim.
SYNDICATE Strategy Innovative and phenomenally violent.
SWITCHQUIZ Puzzle Fun pub quiz with specific controllers.
Psygnosis November 93 THEATRE OF DEATH Strategy Good game too unplayable to be fun.
TERMINATOR 2 THE ARCADE GAME Arcade Slick conversion. A fab arcade experience.
TORNADO Sim Far too slow to be playable.
TURRICAN 3 Arcade The best in the series so far.
URIDIUM 2 Arcade Slick, polished but too tough.
WAR IN THE GULF Strategy The best war sim around. Check it out.
WHALE’S VOYAGE Strategy Uninspiring space sim that loafs along.
WHEN TWO WORLDS WAR Strategy Don’t bother unless you WIZ ’N’ LIZ Arcade Fast and fun with simultaneous two player option.
WONDERDOG Arcade Never really gets your attention.
YOJJOE Arcade Enjoyable but flawed platformer.
ZOOL 2 Arcade Disappointing sequel to the popular platformer.
BUDGET GAMES (The VFM section of the magazine where we take a look at some of the reduced-price games around.)
90% £29.99 46% £34.99 85% £25.99 78% £25.99 83% £29.99 45% £29.99 45% £34.99 79% £29.99 31% £25.99 69% £26.99 76% £25.99 Virgin December 93 DI December 93 Renegade November 93 Renegade November 93 Empire July 93 Flair August 93 Impressions r a serious strategist. December 93 Psygnosis November 93 Core December 93 Hudson Soft October 93 Gremlin January 94 Software Business March 94 » SYNERGY Puzzle Black Legend Great value for two puzzle pack. June 94 TACTICAL MANAGER Strategy Black Legend Extremely involving. A great game. June 94 THE BLUE AND THE GREY Strategy impressions Competent war game
with flawed combat. April 94 THE LOTUS TRILOGY Arcade Gremlin Three of the best racers ever - FAB! February 94 THE PATRICIAN Strategy Ascon Almost perfect strategy game. August 93 THE SETTLERS Strategy Blue Byte Fantastic God sim that’s fun. December 93 79% £25.99 £12.99 ASSASSIN Arcade Weapon ridden shoot 'em up on budget.
Team 17 March 94 80% £10.99 BLACK CRYPT RPG Jewel in the RPG genre crew.
Hit Squad February 94 90% £12.99 BLUE ANGELS Sim Exceedingly boring flight sim. December 93 Dnnv DI OlUG rMU A Viren Arr rl Hit Squad £9.99 Tmm i 7 20% qa K bUUY BLUWa r,iNnAiNtLU vrcaae You'd be mad to miss this budget release.
I earn i July 93 £12.99 BRIDES OF DRACULA Arcade Interesting, original scrolling adventure.
Zeppelin July 93 73% £9.99 BUDOKAN Arcade Hit Squad 35% Not much fun to play for a beat 'em up.
CAMPAIGN Strategy Waste of time data disks for Campaign.
July 93 Empire August 93 £12.99 33% £15.99 CHASE HQ 2 Arcade Mix of simulation and action doesn’t work, runm Dnrv AmHi* Hit Squad October 93 56% £9.99 80% titiULit nutiiv vrcaac Caveman antics with the platform pal.
January 94 £9.99 COMBAT CLASSICS 2 Compilation Empire 89% One of the best compilations out there.
January 94 £29.99 CORPORATION RPG Interesting and innovative RPG.
Corkers January 94 80% £9.99 CRAZY CARS 2 Arcade With Lotus around don't bother.
Titus July 93 61% £9.99 CRUISE FOR A CORPSE Adventure Brilliantly stylish Delphine whodunnit.
FDVCTA T UlMC.nOU HI77V Arnili* Kixx March 94 90% £14.99 35% LnlJlAL MnuUUM U 11*1*1 MCaQC Even at this price it's poor value for money.
December 93 £9.99 DUNE Strategy Smart, understandable, futuristic adventure.
Hit Squad June 94 80% £14.99 EDD THE DUCK 2 Arcade Terrible, even for the kids.
Zeppelin July 93 41% £9.99 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER RPG The RPG adventure that started it all.
Kixx May 94 89% £16.99 F-15 STRIKE EAGLE 2 Sim Rush oul and get this great flight sim.
Kixx September 93 81% £12.99 F-17 CHALLENGE Arcade A trifle shallow and lacking pace.
Team 17 October 93 79% £12.99 FACE OFF Arcade Krisalis August 93 38% £9.99 Not a patch on EA s game.
FIREHAWK Arcade What a terrible shoot ’em up.
Codemasters July 93 32% £19.99 FIST FIGHTER Arcade The worst beat ’em up around. Arrgh!
Zeppelin October 93 20% £7.99 GALACTIC WARRIOR RATS Arcade An original, diverting action romp.
Alternative Septemher 93 75% £9.99 GRAND PRIX CIRCUIT Sim Hit Squad 65% Average racer, but there’s better.
November 93 £9.99 GUNSHIP Sim Prequel to the best heli-sim flops.
Kixx March 94 45% £12.99 HARDBALL Arcade A decent baseball sim purchase at this price.
Tj inn nDTVIV 4 Hit Squad October 93 llit 82% £9.99 nAKD UkiviiN z Arcaae A pleasant distraction for a few hours.
Hit oquaci November 93 OOA £9.99 HARD NOVA RPG Small graphics and awful sound.
Hit Squad September 93 39% £9.99 HILL STREET BLUES Arcade A wasted license and very dull.
Krisalis August 93 41% £9.99 HOOK Adventure Below average graphic adventure.
Hit Squad December 93 56% £9.99 HOT RUBBER Arcade Useless rubbish, not worth the disk it's on.
Titus July 93 31% £9.99 HOYLE OFFICIAL BOOK OF GAMES VOLUMES I AND 2 Puzzle Card game compendium for pundits.
HITCKI FRFRRY HOUND Arcade Kixx April 94 74% £16.99 20% Horrific to look at and play.
JAGUAR XJ220 Arcade November 93 Gremlin £9.99 88% Major contender for the racing crown.
May 94 £9.99 JIMMY WHITE’S WHIRLWIND SNOOKER Sim Hit Squad 86% Accurate and still the best snooker sim.
June 94 £14.99 KING’S QUEST Adventure There were a lot better adventures to come.
Kixx March 94 45% £12.99 KINGS QUEST 2: ROMANCING THE THRONE Adventure Good value but looks dated.
Sierra April 94 84% £16.99 LASER SQUAD Strategy Immensely playable classic game.
Buzz March 94 82% £9.99 LEISURE SUIT LARRY Adventure Bawdy fun with the tiresome bachelor.
Kixx March 94 50% £14.99 LEISURE SUIT LARRY 2, Adventure, The involving Larry saga starts to take off.
Kixx April 94 82% £16.99 LOOM Adventure Kixx 81% Film like action and great gameplay.
A superb adventure.
September 93 £12.99 LORDS OF CHAOS Strategy Lousy graphics hiding great playability.
Buzz March 94 oZVe £9.99 LOTUS 2 Arcade GBH 94% Exciting race game that still looks good.
July 93 £7.99 LURE OF THE TEMPTRESS Adventure Fantastic graphic adventure full of twists.
Hit Squad June 94 87% £14.99 MANCHESTER UNITED EUROPE Arcade Worth a look but not the best.
Krisalis August 93 70% £9.99 MEAN 18 Arcade Very poor golfing sim.
Hit Squad October 93 35% £9.99 MIG 29 FULCRUM Sim Don’t bother with this bad flight sim.
Hit Squad August 93 38% £12.99 MYTH Arcade Solid, good looking fantasy platform game.
Kixx August 93 79% £9.99 PARASOL STARS Arcade Hit Squad 82% Not the best of the three, but still welcome.
December 93 £9.99 POLICE QUEST Adventure Classic police based adventure.
Kixx April 94 88% £16.99 POOL Sim Archer MacLean’s snooker sequel is a hit.
Hit Squad June 94 93% £16.99 POWERMONGER Strategy One of the first and still one of the best.
DdrUICTADIV Hit Squad February 94 Xitu, 83% £12.99 &QCZ rKt.Hla t Ukih Arcade Looking a bit sad even as budget software.
1 ItUS July 93 3a* £9.99 PREMIER Arcade Stunning graphics, but the playability’s stale.
Corkers May 94 84% £9.99 PROJECT X Arcade Bargain busting budget bonanza.
Team 17 August 93 89% £12.99 QWAK Arcade Team 17 87% An excellent little colourful platformer.
November 93 £12.99 RAILROAD TYCOON Sim Surprise straiegs hit from the railroad.
Action 16 February 94 91% £12.99 SHADOW! .AMis RPG You can't go wrong with this RPG.
Hit Squad November 93 82% £9.99 SILENT SERVICE 2 Sim Action You've got a bad game and you make it worse. February 94 54%.
£12.99 SILLY PUTTY' Arcade GBH 74% Enjoyable whu and nice graphics.
February 94 £9.99 SLEEPWALKER Arcade Frustrating noveltv platform adventure.
Hit Squad June 94 70% £9.99 SPACE CRUSADE RPG Dark and claustrophobic strategy.
GBH 88% A great plas February 94 £9.99 SPACE QUEST 2 Adventure Lots of character but a bit expensive.
Kixx April 94 80% £16.99 SUPER SPACE INVADERS Arcade You’re better off with a PD version.
Hit Squad November 93 40% £9.99 SWAP Puzzle Not very addictnc hexagonal puzzler.
THE IMMORTAL RPG Titus July 93 Hit Squad 78% £9.99 84% Quality animated isometric fantasy.
August 93 £12.99 THUNDERHAWK Sim Corkers 87% Top sound-eftects and gameplay that holds up May 94 £9.99 TOKI Arcade Great arcade action, ace platform fun.
Hit Squad September 93 81% £9.99 TORVAK THE WARRIOR Arcade Thank God the) stopped making Corkers 21% software like this January 94 £9.99 WING COMMANDER Arcade Hit Squad 70% Very slow space battle sim.
May 94 £14.99 WORLD CLASS RUGBY Arcade Nice change from football but not special.
Audiogenic December 93 74% £14.99 "• -i*,- - i B * * * * Jrti * * d'
• - - ¦ - m 4w* J-'- 000 i iaii % • 0 • V7 • : | • • • '* m
¦MHP* .5 0 f 4 4 41 ' fa? Jfr jtjp Scalable (Compgraphic). When
ordering please use the following prefix's AD for Adobe Type 1
Fonts, and CG for Compugraphic. Ie when ordering Adobe disk
number 11 just simply use the order code ADI 1.
The Adobe Type 1 Outline Fonts (Code Prefix = AD) These fonts are the standard Adobe type 1. The binary (.pfb) and metric (.afm) files are included. These fonts are for use with Final Copy lib. Pagestream v2.1 or better. There are probably more programs that will use Outline fonts please check your programs instructions carefully. Should the need arise we will do our best to provide other formats to suit the needs of the Amiga community.
Computer Graphic Fonts (Code Prefix = CG) The fonts on these disks arc compatible with Professional Page V3.0, Page Setter V3.0, Workbench V2.0 and Workbench V3.0 machines with a hard drive or a cut-down workbench, Scala etc. There will be more programs that can use Computer Graphic Fonts.
If you wish to order (any amount of disks or a CDROM) simply write to one of the dealers below or place a credit card order (or fax) order.
Please note only dealers with the credit card signs will accept a credit card order. For trade and dealer enquiries contact PDSOFT.
Postage and Packing add 50p to floppy disk orders what ever the amount of disks and £1.00 for a CDROM order.
Disk Number 01 I Disk Number 02 1 Disk Number 03 ABILEHE AnteatBold IDBJOD ® Anson Algeria kfe hm Angiy Uwffll&Wflfi ATHIJir AntiqueOlive flWEP Aral ArialBold Aria So d ta rc API A£Mir£»Tl7AL;:AXWT0T9Mjte AnalMe Aquillo Aram ¦¦JmJi KB Baker Baskemle BaskervilleBold Star BojUx qht BouhousThin Remunin BenguiatBold BenguiatLight Berns Becker .('fftf- BEFFLEBeatsville BN0 lull itrate Disk Number 05 Disk Number 06 Disk Number 07 BrockBdd Mi Cairo Cabe; Bu9JiEBl "lfnuiLCom6eric IKMd t- lurlrhlit-Oi.
Buccaneer Caligula Carol ii vuftdjieoi LMLEAUfAEBfiiiiDirago Cheltenham CtopmBolJChcrfeChon CUWWMEMAN Chilouin CmsUWbm BtyBiU Cytnjgllt 1 topin(Qainilra 0® Clllfefi''* i '5‘fel r CitrMediumClearFace ClouIerSlirk COLLEGIATECourierKcw Swjf Cochin CmjttHijiliiht Disk Number 09 I 1 Disk Number 10 1 Disk Number 11 DinjDonjBoldte-MDuntaOUPuy EMPIREBOLD E.CCCP inglislittiinBt Engraver empire tan ton eineDiBato'JyDnbiel ErieNorrral ErieBold Erielight Essay ErieBlatk 6SPH6P6S to immwMffe Aras Flemish %t)er FranklinGothicHeavy FranklinGothicliglit f rizQuadrataBold FrankenFont FrizQuadrataThin
for»ialScri[Wl‘tf;iriyl Frutigerbold FiTRcr ?«*» Timon BUBEJBoldfflceliaiicFrraifttav tojsli BonoiBold RkMIvRoM ItytM BorcoiltllliC MhonMd : : ••lBfur:X00"B cosljqhtBlast [rllleemiam«Mi»u Cuneiform CsftaJ OooriBr CSOCharlston Bwfiy CSWKmLOCK Delegate[eif||a}e DESOTO SUJSiffMwsy FrutigerExtNormal LL.1 LU FrutigerNormal FiutigerExtOblBold FrutigerOidNormal FrutigerExtBold FwhgerCmlOblNiml FUNNIES Fn t grerfxf Ob A orma FrutigefCndBold FusionNormal FusionBold Flltura Disk Number 14 1 Disk Number 15 I Disk Number 16 I I Disk Number 17 GrandCHdSt leBoldGrandOldSt le '»’''t HancockParkBold
HancodsPapkUqht MiMMIItlenim Humana777 noiynoT ,.*.v,;nP ypi ouOnOBnScOD I3CK raiiicCiiauKHoiijdsHuiiiaiia970 Wsim*iiRiiiiNwiiii KASTELLARBOLD ® kOTlAROPmMW Jott9S3M IliUkU JmMMk Uglreial JUJUS KrlmcJtt taoofacritt'Kos ren Korinalight KorinaMc Ulmt (m LetterGothic 1IHAH LEDW 17 Bit 1st Floor Offices 2 8 Market Street Wakefield
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The Business Centre - 1st Floor 80 Woodlands Ave Rustington,
West Sussex BN16 3EY Tel(0903) 850378 The Professional CDROM
£19.99 If you have access lo a CDROM then order ihe
Professional CDROM Volume 1 By PDSOFT. It contains all of ihe
fonts below in both Adobe and Computer Graphic formats. It
also contains the following professional related files: Over
8300 Files 1162Mb of software) Over 5.073 Over 284 Over 793
Over 2379 Files Files Files Files Files Files Files (72Mb of
software) (40Mb of software) (41Mb of software) (38Mb of
software) (43Mb of software) (64Mb of software) (75Mb of so.
FONTS Over 6,000 Files (320Mb of software) ADOBE TYPE 1 FONTS Over 2,881 COMPUTER GRAPHIC FONTS Over 188 TRUE TYPE FONTS Over 1369 CLIPART PCX FORMAT GIF FORMAT EPS FORMAT TIFF FORMAT All ready to use from the CDROM All ready to use from the CDROM All ready to use from the CDROM All ready to use from the CDROM AH ready to use from the CDROM Jjia and DMS formats All ready to use from the CDROM Ther also a large selection of Professional Draw fonts. ProPage II Professional Page II Fonts IFF Colour fonts, IFF Mono Fonts and all our colour Fletcher Colour Mono Fonts (Very large fonts used for
video production work etc). Also contains all our large 27 disk Adobe and Computer Graphic font set from 1993. This CDROM will work on IBM and Amiga machines and is in standard ISO9660 formas Thes also some extra Compugraphic clip art.
This CDROM contains Ihe entire PDSOFT Font colection of software. Over 610Mb of software for the Commodore Amiga and IBM computers. - Over 15,000files including tools for the Amiga land PC) like Lha, DMS, Twin etc. UTCHNER ligJit JtuHc MACIAILU LITHOGRAPH LuciMolMc LITMU S LucidaBoldLunaBoWL T nx liMLucida MfallMl Disk Number 22 ’TOT1 Zn.Ui Roissy RoissyBold .. MmtK i" S1IAI1U 4W SapirSans JapttmsMc Schneller jfjjor Scupt i?4"* 9ech$ honetic rm w w « gha lia TempusBold Maujllin TiffanrBoM TimpaniBoldltalic llulWSii!)
Deltrax PD ra Virus Free ¦sa* PDSOFT 36 Bodelwyddan Ave Old Colwyn Clwyd LL29 9NP Tel (0492)515981 Fax (0492)515981 138-139 Victoria Rd Swindon Wilts SN13BU Tel (0793) 432176 Fax (0793 )514187 1 Bryant Avenue Southend-on-sea ESSEX SSI 2YD Tel (0702) 466933 Fax (0702)617123 Jariagr MartefeHftm MarlierfeHWde IMMGOl MEDO Memoiy ffiedusa Prices £2.49....Per Disk 10 disks....£19.99 33 disks....£39.99 CDROM....E19.99 six tl Blit Silicon Mm fafi lUKUmtm UltraBlack IJMSRATHIN llNOAblS IflnfJSit Upsilon OsffideTyme Disk Number 20 I Disk Number 21 METROmiRHiamNshts Mirisch McroSerif xmotonySw wxr tl
ic exeac Npwbukrr._- Hewflold NewBrumickBoldltalic Nardic Wransiiiictfto icNewBrunswttk Afcrfei%»WicN»€«MTT NewsGothic NewWU Srt. 1flmMfa IhUMllill’ilNwaiese Disk Number 24 1 Disk Number 25 1 'J-'rlsha* Phiednis ?KietJru lra(ic flwuftmPitfixBlScreen PiiiePoitPbylll P we«iiScript riiripdiWfaii - PostAntiiua m Presenter Prestige PrestigeEliteBold PiWentScripl farMW IjnKjhin Disk Number 28 Disk Number 29 SumSatlt ¦' SouthemBoldSouiliemBoMIialic SPRINGGARDEN m Southern STAUMAP Steelplate DNEMANStrongmanEoLD STENCL *Hv fotM* Sydney StpiMSpMhfcSj Tempo CARADCiS Techno Disk Number 32 Disk Number
33 UlopiaBold: Utopiamik UtopiaRegukr UStbfi ACRounded ffilS rnngtcpWindsorDemi lesten YearbookBoId Yearbook Yearbookboldllalic FeorWMicIAliE KICAP 2ZeopoHeovu I i VAMP Hello boys. Are you pleased to see me, or is that a stake you've got in your pocket? I was told that around here a woman needs to be twice as good as a man, to go half as far. Luckily that’s not difficult for this woman, so let’s get on with it.
KGB I am stuck in Chapter Two of KGB. I have found the one-way mirror and have used the ashtray to enter it.
When I get back to the hotel the game says I'm sleepy and so I go to bed. I am awakened by a sharp kick in the side from Chapkin, who kills me whatever I do. Please help me I am going mad.
Rukov, Department P. Fou were quite right to smash the mirror - useless things. In the secret compartment behind the glass you 'U find a Polaroid photograph which you should take. Now head back to the warehouse and listen to the tape. Take the recorder and microphone, then return to your hotel.
Set the recorder to *voice-activated record' and remove the headphones.
Put the headphones and yourself onto the bed and dream sweet dreams of me. When Chapkin wakes you up, follow him to the bathroom and ivait for the moment when you can speak. If you choose the sentence containing the word TALK, the recorder will start to operate and this will divert Chapkin Curse of Enchantia My problems concern the holes in the caverns, the magnet and the wishing well in Enchantia.
Mark Johnston, Ayrshire.
A yrshire is in Scotland isn’t it? I took
xm. A trip to Scotland once, but as it appeared to rain for
fifteen minutes ever quarter of an hour I didn't see very
much. I've never eaten a haggis either, but I understand that
it is a kind of sausage that looks like a football - and
after you ve eaten it you wished that you'd kicked it
You'll find it hard to believe, but the object of this part of the game is to make a mask out of mud and twigs long enough for you to slug him in the jaw. You can now inject him with the truth serum from his pocket and ask him a few important questions, (e.g. What does he want for Christmas?
Does he believe in vampires?)
Shadowgate I have been playing Shadowgate for about four years and now I'm stuck.
Could you please help me? I have got down the well, crossed over the lake to the room with the skull doorway and then put the talisman in the correct place. My question is, how do you open the skull doorway?
Ian Simpson, Swansea.
T~ o I understand that you have been LJ playing this game for four years, and it's only now that you believe you are stuck? Well I like a man who takes his time, but don't you think four years is pushing it a little bit?
My next question may seem a little indelicate, but have you got a horn? I am of course referring to the horn which you should have taken from the hellhound. If you have it, then operate it. You now need to operate the spike and the orb on the staff. After you've which can turn you into an ugly monster. Once you are wearing the mask you can climb into a bucket which will be hoisted out of the cave system. Before this can happen you must get string from the rock-basher, (gyve him rocks first). Attach the string to the magnet, and then it can be thrown into a little hole in the wall. Now you
can pull out some wire. The wire can then be tied between two metal hoops in the ground to slice off a piece of the mud monsters.
There is a small gold coin lying on the ground somewhere in the caves which you must find. Throw this coin down the well, and when you are given a choice of wonderful things to choose from, select a hard-hat. The helmet will let you pass under the falling rocks.
Done all that you '11 have a staff that glows in the dark. Mmm... I don’t think I'd be able to handle that without laughing.
Operation Stealth I'm having big problems with Operation Stealth from Delphine. I'm in the room with Otto who is stopping me from touching the CD controls. I know I have to put the electric cable into an electric socket, but I can't find one. Help!
Tim Causer, Whereabouts unknown.
It’s awful when people won’t let you play music when you want to isn’t it?
However I do sympathise with Otto -1 have a ghoul who comes around to my tomb every night and beats on my door for hours on end. It's so noisy I can't concentrate on my organ practice.
In your case a noisy distraction is just what you need. You ’U find a socket in the corridor outside the control room, where you can plug in your electric cable. Operate the razor and then use it on the trashcan. Return to the Control room and prepare to use the deadly cigarette on the computer.
Once the message from the razor starts everyone panicking you can blow up the computer and punch out Otto’s lights.
'To those people who say that I am a wicked, feminist, sexist vampire, I say
- Shut your face!
Remember, it’s only the young who die good. ’ When this girl is not in your neck, she is in your face!
She may take your blood, but she’ll take no nonsense.
C'monfolks, there must be a reader out there who can get the better of her.
(¦Trite down your little problem V and send it in a plain envelope ’Dear Vampyra' CU AMIGA, ory Court. 30-32 Earrinotion Lane. London EC IK 3AU FOOTBALL MASTERS We have served thousands ol salislied customers during our 4 years ol Defenders, Midfielders, markets S Utdity, Rctrrerr trading. Over 10.000 man hours (during 5 years) has been dedicated to transfers. Unhappy players, lop 10 Hot shots, ihe production ol this constantly improving gome. It is one ol the most leom: Training, ladies (15 different styles), Agtjr realistic and accurate representations ol a professional lootbal manogcts
allows specific player lieW settings (left winger, S I PLAY BY MAIL Service Now Available ual challenge Ic :k Ihe Match: Real time scoreboard ted at any time to change todies, lotmatrons am team in or league 8 fup: Premier 22 teams. Division 1,2 8 3 hove 24 teams, porhcipalioii Playoffs, Tables. 7 Cup competitions with precise rules (2 legs, eilra Othei: lost lime, away goal rule, seeded draws, [uropeon Cup tobies, 5 subs, gome piclerr non-domestic player restrictions etc.). Finalist route to glory. Plus: Over I its impossible to list here.
ESI Scottish : Dedicated version details available upon request.
CRICKET MASTERS ,1 Ti 1 j y v j _j , T j • r-ull match highligh's let you ¦ n£rsr3; A~3.4 i* t 111 *l.r* j I t . J s TV -ooyc •¦e’mmgrprt tat x MjrosMxe amcAssr Y s. yjjBjjSl strategy and includes plenty ol relevant stotistcs Ihe game has been sampled sound effects lor [ J that o real manager has to contend with and it's a totally unique decisions, etc.). Interventions ate production that anyone with on interest in Cricket should experience. Permitted ot ony time to change batting Inches oc fielding plodngs.
A summoiy ol the moin features is shown below:- • 3 Batting Bowling classifications (Normal, Attock and Defend).
• AXA EQUITY 8 LAW 18 league county teams, 50 overs pet gome. •
Choice ol 15 different field placings.
• 4 Cup competitions including Benson 8 Hedges, Not West. • full
scorecard results with best baiting and bowling ligates.
• 20 different match umpires with accurate nomes and strictness.
• Other staff (Physio, Gioundkeepet, Seoul) can be hired and
• Accurate player details Surname, height and age. • Annual
league fixtures listing. Current week and lost league results.
• 27 different player attributes. Most skills hove o direct
impact on the • View current cup competition draws ond historic
records, effectiveness or each individuals actions during a
simulated match. • Real time transfer market. Player contract
ond wage negotiations.
• Easy player selection. US gome text is dearly presented. •
Sponsors, Printer access, finances, Poor ground lines, Monoger
• Batting and bowling averages. Top batting ond bowling tobies. •
15 Options to olter game preferences, lood Sove gome.
• 3 Different homing intensihes to boost bolting, bowing or
fielding. • Instruction book with plenty of examples.
• Weather, pitch ond light ohen moke on impact on ground
condition. » Plus mony more line details that we ore unable to
list here._ STABLE MASTERS This gome bos been designed to be os
close to teal toeing os possible. 7 *. .- - • L Five years ol
development by o clever racing expert has led to the ¦
iTiiiffrfilfc -- second revision ol this flat Horse Racing
Simulation. . NUrrt ; Up to 4 players can participate as
O-mrter Iroiners with the primory i I I objective ol becoming
the lop rated trainer, in respect ol prize money i-mr-t.rtf.
.¦-.in. Qcj] won, at the end ol each racing season (March to
November). Ihere eio fifttr - ore up to 3S other intelligently
controlled computer trainers to compete I _ ogainst ond compare
your personal pedoimonte. S. TJ i . ---; To achieve this
aim you must discover a potential champion ond train - them so
that they become copable ol competing well ond winning ony • 20
Tockeys who vnry in obfdy ond booking lees. Orders 8 Feedbock.
Ol the 47 big prize money races (Handicap ond Group), eg. The Derby • Formbook ond Win Summoiy Cords cover the previous 200 races.
To give you an ideo o( the tools provided in this gome to assist you • Animated race display ot just Ihe result. View Dedaration list for rotes, reoching your objective we have listed the mail features below:- • Very infotmotrve report by Heod stable lad. Tipsteis. Bookmokeis.
• 250 horses eoth with over 60 independent variables. • Rocecords
similar to racing press. Real life. Handicaps 8 Roce Types.
• 26 different roce courses (2 all weather), real life
characteristics • Viruses, Injuries 8 Vets. Lood Sove gome.
Mony other items included, minuting the drvetsity ol
racecourses in the UK (descriptions provided). Version I is
available upon request (Simple hoining 8 betting) @ £15.
0igcrosedm|w3SK *3 by Racecoll, regulatec by the Tote, this program nhieved USaH joint second. This led to a serious approach from c well nohonol book maker Rejected in lovour ol supporhng the public Winnings Statistics: 104 wins out of 166, os trom 2 6 to 1 9 93 Formula: This program tells you exoclty what to do. You ore NOT permitted to amend oar system unlike so many other simiks programs.
How confident con you be in something thot tov'rtes amendments I Research 8 Development: Three years full lime race analysis and experimentation to refine ond test the prediction system.
Inside knowledge Plenty ol unique hints ham contacts in Ihe know User Friendly: No toeing knowledge required, easy to use, tutorial book Restricted Soles: As soon os out programs predictions have a prolific impact on the betting odds we will stop accepting new buyers.
Monthly Updates Highly recommended option. II ony update foils to break even we'll send the next one tree ol charge, from £25.
Price Increase: Highly likely. Elay now before success forces increase.
Imputer to FRIEHOtY C0N1R01S I Day limited overs or test. • Scorecard 8 bowling onatysis. • Icon driven with point 8 dick.
White or coloured clothing. • Weather and ground reports • large 3D scrolling saeen Three Cricket grounds. • V agon Wheel covering the entire playing area.
Lood Sove gome. Skill levels. • Manhattan Chart. • Mouse controls boivlei's Sne, Computer Human players. PLAYER VARIEIY length, direction field settings.
IIMA1ED ACTION • Rated on 8 adjustable loctors. • loystick control of batsman's Sound Commentary * left and right hooded players. Attack level, strokes and Umpire signals. • Range ol tolling types. Running between wickets.
All the strokes tut, pull, drive, etc. • Editor lo amend gome slots. VARIABLE CONDITIONS Appeals, dtopped catches, tun outs. • Bowlei types include seam, • Surface and pace ol pitch Bouncers, wides and no tots. Swing, change and both types ol • Rain, bod kghr. Cloud covet, spin with 8 speed levels. Temperature and humidity.
DESCRIPTION _ Professional Football Masters V4
P. F.M. Editoc V4_ j Stable Woslets V2 Oracle Horse Tipster (RRP
£99.95) Ciicket Masters_ World Cup Cricket Masters _ Wrestling
iwo iruo wvoua .waw PLANTS * TREES _Onygiooo ? CCD06-3. DOGS
TWO Anolhm forty dqpgUgg- CCMA8-4. MAMMALS TWO Another forty
anmalmaQaa_PfrCftO CCLSIO-4. LANDSCAPES cowscn or landscape*_
A three disk cotoctionof Kiddies clipart, cartoons, animals
and comical pictures included, all can be coloured in.., Only
£7.00 the crowd wtth this superb selection ot Eye-catching
clipart Only £4.00 Only £4.00 The most comprehen set ot
professional cc fonts available, wea c 120 in aB For use in
Painf package.
Only £9.00 Over 100 True type (onts for use n Wordsworth 3. Every font will give you a very professional quality pom out from size 3 to as large as you Ike.
Ony £ 7.00 There's over 100 top quality Pagestream fonts featured on ten disks, all easily instaiable «Mo Pagestream.
Only 17.00 WWF17-I0. WORDSWORTH FONTS PSF17-I0. PAGESTRFAM FONTS Credit card details.
Credit card No.
ORDER FORM Name---------------------------------- OVERSEAS ORDERS 0*enem ctdm *r .tkunr. tui Ihee* it a mnimia mdo i i Mbi aid pbate «U £100 per title lot Am elatt Anna del toy.
COLLECTING You ue velour » col bn you adn. Bdymn nhitoJ i itmir il (track prior to collcnim. Office low: 9.Mm 5'0jm Mon-S* _ Address .. Tel ... .....Amiga . Payment method .....Total packs ..... Expiry date .... All cm OCR UJPABT B AVAItAHI LV A (HOKI Of M OH M CxnCAIRR 2tt an OCRS «*c* I oa M CUIOL R» (HAM I
COLOURS (AGA) C 4096 COI-OURSI HAM) Epic Marketing, First Floor
Offices, Victoria Centre, 138-t 39 Victoria Rd, Swindon, Wilts.
WITH EVERY PURCHASE OVER £25 Professional Clipart & Fonts for
All Amiga’s t c'CMI12-5. MICELLANEOIS I ? CCMI14-6.
MPC3-1. MONO PACESETTER A OnvCIZ.OO Hundreds of moeHaneoud
poured C1« CO Over feentyOrnxuc purengs Qr.yt800|| Twenty
nterOTtnq ttke image._»OOj TO may* (compuem, peofjeeicj_ 1Order
hotline. 0793 49098!
S3 SS JEL IVHWe)l oue' '00 Amiga I * bimap fonts for use in Scala. Penpal Deluxe ‘ ' 1 ' to 90 ( oint in size.
C xnpiiti with easy to use ? SCA9-3. SCALA FONTS & EDITOR ORDERING BY POST Simply ml o*r onto in on ¦ At MS' Inn* d* im* yoi m|arr. (he out «• you nine a attm. Or if y«« Mh wi[ty iwrt of! Die linm you anti lo crbe 6 , ui mrr* c*. Ird tad ih» puno lf« Mrtrtir*. In Hox Ofi v Vonra Cm IJSI3* Vkajcii Rd. S.nOie, Witahrr. Minii* p.ymc* - PAP ORDERING BY PHONE Call my lime (ki-mr 93(Um A 5 30pm Monday » Suurdiy »Hh your at*.
Deuli md lit Hero you valid like lo onta. _ All Wcur difvn mi|o ire niiUNc is 16. }!. 256 a Mbh cokon *4 to wdl »wi with ¦ Ham (wm iciev ProPigc Pignutm. Pagnmrt. The DeskKf fcNukr. Sals Adxige.
Dolloc IhbOhni iuomI if u i* omrt. A unfit all iu ¦?OCVI-I GfcCMCSCXIhVHtlHt in»iiliHtiiII.IBR»lla.)oi»cw.ptitorm | Please add a lolal of 50p for Postage & Packing.
ME DAY GUARANTEED DISPATCH ON ABOVF. TITLES ADD £4.00 This coiecton ol tantasac quality mono images contains well over 100 in total, subjects induda: Can pecple. Oamers. Xmas, food, animats etc. etc cvnyfrsoo J CCCV3-1. CARS & VEHICLES TntieenmaoMinSuOM faoo CCFL12-6. FLOWERS Over ninwy Wgw cI ttoweig_ 3 CCMA10-5. MAMMALS Cwr 100 Hmdi Of 1 Help make your documents stand out from CLF9-3. COLOUR CLIP FONTS 1CCIB7-3. INSECTS & Bin ERRIES awhmi tony stunning clipart was_tr.oo It’s back! After months of requests and begging letters, the infamous CU AMIGA helpline is back. Do you have problems with
games? Can you help others? If you do, or you can, then get writing to CU HELPLINE, CU AMIGA, Priory ENQUIRIES A1. I’ve been playing Bubba 'N' Stix for the last couple of months, and I’m beginning to tear my hair out. I’m at the start of the second level, and I just cannot figure out how to get out of the room with the barrel in it. What am I doing wrong? I've knocked the barrel over with my stick, but I also keep getting knocked over. Help!
Barry Chester, Market Harborough.
A2. I've had the excellent Supervision game Donk for quite a while, but just can’t get anywhere with it. At the very start the moment you collect a gem, the whole screen goes red and I can't see where I’m going and die. Tell me. Are there any cheats that will get me through to the second level and beyond?
Janet Peterstroke, Frantham.
Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
A HELPING Willing to the CU AMIGA Helpline couldn't be easier. Just pop your enquiry or solution in an envelope, keeping your letters nice and short if possible, and then bundle it otf to CU HELPLINE, CU AMIGA, Priory Court. 30-32 Farringdon Lane.
London EC1R3AU.
Please mark on the back ol the envelope whether you are sending an enquiry or a response.
A3.1 have managed to get all the way through the desert level of Fury of the Furries, but am having some problems on the level with the sliding walls and the island in the middle. Every time I press the button on the side, the wall comes up, all the water is drained away and I'm left stuck in a corner.
What am I doing wrong?
Peter Beard, London.
A4. Hello, I was wondering if you could help me? In the new Psygnosis game Puggsy, I’ve got a little stuck. A few levels into the game you get caught in front of what I can only describe as a lake of fire, and I can find no way of getting around it. A friend of mine said it had something to do with a water pistol, but I can't find out what they mean.
Bill Edwards, Welwyn.
A5. Help me! Help me! It’s just too hard! You know what I'm talking about! It's called Disposable Hero, and although it’s a great game, it's just far too hard for it’s own good.
Are there any cheats that will get me to the end of the game? I can complete the first three levels on easy mode, but I just can’t get any further than that.
Tony Bond, Gwent.
RESPONSES A1. To answer the reader enquiry this issue (see this page), the start of the second level of Bubba TV’ Stix couldn’t be easier. You’ll notice when you knock the barrel over that there is a hole in the wall behind it.
To open the hole, jab Stix into the hole in the wall on the left of the room, and then quickly run to the hole, where you will be sucked out of the cell.
A5. There is a cheat for Disposable Hero, and I’m more than happy to give it to you. First of all, go to the option screen, and select 'Arcade' mode, and turn the sound effects volume down to nothing. Then go to the high score table, hold down the right mouse button and type the word EUPHORIA, pressing return at the end to go back to the main menu. When you return to the options screen, you’ll find there is a new option, Configuration, which lets you set everything in the game from the number of lives to the level you start on.
Codes for Second Samurai -here they are. What more could you possibly want?
Level 2: RFBW1CA1 Level 3: UH2RWEYM Level 4: B4XUDVVY Level 5: ZHTI40TI Level 6: 5ALIC1JF you've got 'em: Level 2: PHOTON Level 3: METAGRAV Level 4: BLACKHOLE Level 5: SUPERNOVA Level 6: TRANSMITTER Level 7: QUANT Level 8: NEOGEOPOWER IP , Merge It and OCR software.
Stem reauireroent 2Mb New Low Price ncluding OC R King of the Scanners Just Amiga Month I £39.00 A 400 dpi high resolution Opto-Mechanical Mouse.
Top quality construction ensures rapid and smooth morement, with micro switch buttons.
, new low cost replacement Mouse for all Amiga Systems.
260 Dpi 12 Months Warranty.
Stylish three button trackballs, with third button supporting auto fire and drag and bold Nc» touch lad light two I Crystal Ball Eg. Mouse joystick 1 I OKTAGON 2008 SCSI-2- Controller with upto 8 Mb upgradeable RAM for Amiga 2000 3000(T) 4000(T) The Oktagon 2008 offers comprehensive solution to the most diverse SCSI devices and to the most diverse problems.
A stylish Pen Mouse with quality construction and smooth fast movement.
Micro switch buttons. Ideal for DTR artwork, etc Includes Optical Pad £ 129.00 Superb 300dpi Optical Mouse with effortless micro switch buttons. Fast, smooth and reliable.
NEW TANDEM CONTROLLER FOR CD-ROM DRIVES WITH IDE INTERFACE. ' This is a dual multifunction controller card for the A1500,A2000,A2500.A3000(T) or A4000(T) The ideal bw-coit and one of the cheapest Amiga CD-ROM aotuhcn around.
£ 49.95 £ 39.95 £ 39.95 £ 49.00 £ 15.00 £ 35.00 IDE HARD DRIVES FOR AMIGA A500 A500+ 1500 2000 3000 4000 I with Optional Ram Upgradeable from 0 io 8Mb Controller Plus 40Mb Hard Disk 4 179.00 Controller Plus 85Mb Hard Disk 4 279.00 Controller Plus 120Mb Hard Disk 4 299.00 Controller Plus 250Mb Hard Disk 4 329.00 Controller Plus 420Mb Hard Disk 4 419.00 HARD DRIVES FOR AMIGA 600 1200 with IDE Cable.
40Mb Hard Drive 4 109.00 65Mb Hard Drive 4 149.00 85Mb Hard Drive 4 169.00 120Mb Hard Drive 4 219.00 200Mb Hard Drive 4 259.00 £69.00 Colourful Animal Jungle or Dinasour Design Mouse Mats.
P1.f r’Pr1 P°«**8e ,nd Packing lo .U crtos unto £100.00 and Ortoi over £100.00 add £5.00 postage and packing. COURIER CHARGE £10.00. AU price* mckide VAT. Gold® Image accepts payment* by Via. Acceaa, Cheque cr poital ocdex EAQE. Price* subject lo change without notice Good, subject lo availability.
Specification subject to change without notice AU Trade Marts are Acknowledged.
Tel :081 365 llC MHHjRMI Spredicatioii lubjtct to change without nodct AU Ivadc Marti are Acknowledged.
Tel :081 3651102 . Fax Ml 801 8356 Unit 12a, Millmead Business Centre, ¦BSIGOLDENIMAGE UK LTD Millmead Road, London N17 9QU GOLDENIMAGE (UK) IS THE SOLE DISTRIBUTOR FOR ALFADATA PRODUCTS IN THE UK G Full OCR for all Amiga’s Junior OCR Touch Up & Merge It Scanning Tray Merge It Touch Up Touch Up Upgrade V3.x £ 29.00 Upgrade to full OCR £ 35.00 Only available lo Registered users of OCR Junioc ColourBurst Color Scanner with Scan Kit and OCR £ 399.00 III Multi I O card for Amiga series 1500 2000 2500 3000(T) 4000(T) AI.FHA SCAN 800 The new 800 DPI scanner for Amiga systems £119.00 The multiface
catd III expands your AMIGA by adding 2 serial ports and 1 parallel port, which work at the highest possible transfer rate.
what an absolutely amazing tech. Section you’re about to read.
When he found out what products he was going to get his hands
on this month Andy got over excited and had to lie down tor a
few minutes to recover! “It was just too much,' said Andy from
his bed, before once again passing out to dream of 3D rendered
animations, AGA paint modes and modems.
So just what caused such excitement in our normally calm technical Ed? Well for starters there’s never been a better issue for graphics in fact just the thought of the new versions of Dpaint and Brilliance had him doing back flips1 And when UghlWave arrived, well it’s probably best if we don’t mention that bit, but we've never seen anyone use an Amiga quite like that before, it's amazing what you can do if you try!
SERIOUS Next up, our resident netsurfer John Ken-ecy gave the run down on two low-cost modems, whilst also helping the rest of the team knock together a review of Commodore's latest towering monster, the A4000-T.
And of course there’s lots ot other rev. coo jets, including dot matrix printers, CD-ROM drives for the A1200, how to connect PC pe-p-e-a s to your Amiga and an exclusive interview with the president of Newtek.
100 AMINET CD 100 2 MANY FONTS Need a strange or unusual typeface for Dpaint or Scala presentation. Endr6 Digard ta-es a oc« at a general purpose collection of fonts.
A CD disc packed to the gills with utilities, graphics and programs.
101 HISOFT MAXON MAGIC A commercial screen saver? What makes Maxon Magic so special and better than PD screen savers?
102 COCOON MORPH A flexible new morphing program from American developers, DevWare.
106 NEWTEK INTERVIEW A CU AMIGA exclusive! We talk to the President of NewTek - the worlds largest Amiga oper, to find out what the NewTek are doing and why UK Amiga users are so importan- to 108 LIGHTWAVE OVERVIEW At last the best 3D modelling and animation program for the Amiga is available officially to UK users. CU AMIGA checks it out.
CU AMIGA gives you the complete details of Commodore's latest and greatest Amiga - the A4000-T.
112 DPAINT 5 PREVIEW In another CU AMIGA exclusive we take a look at the next version of the Amiga's most paint program - Dpaint 5.
115 ZAPPO A1200 CD-ROM DRIVE What’s all this then, a CD-ROM drive for the A1200 but not from Commodore? Andy Lea- reveals all!
If 7 VIDEOS DJ Hcrgan lakes a peek at some impressive Amiga sound and visuals on video.
119 A1200 CD TECHNOLOGY OVER VIEW CU AMIGA lakes a look at what’s happening with CD-ROM drives and the At 200 122 MODEM REVIEW A Wired World special review of two low priced modems to get you started in Comms 125 STAR PRINTER A low cost colour printer gets the CU treatment.
128 PD SCENE Tony Horgan tours the public domain world once again.
135 PD UTILITIES Andre Digard is the new blood in the PD utilities scene this month.
141 ART GALLERY Lisa's having a bit of a bash about on the tennis courts this month.
It’s a varied selection of weird and wonderful products in this month’s Get Serious. No matter what your interests are, you’ll find something in here to tickle your fancy.
2 MANY FONTS Colour Screen Fonts and Textures When I first looked at this package my enthusiasm almost keeled over and died. I thought to myself something along the lines ot. A collection ol tonts. How boring can you get?’ I was about to write as much, when I decided to create the screenshot below. Several hours, 205 brush patterns later and I'm a changed man. I'd never really played around with colour fonts before. There are ten fonts in the pack and each comes in two sizes. They are of differing quality. Astronaut being the favourite and Flint being duff in my opinion. I guess everyone would
have their own preferences.
The clever bit about the fonts is that they are just anti-aliased outlines (that's clever?) This is the way that it works. You decide which lont you want and print it up on Dpaint or a similar package. Then you find a texture to suit your purpose and using Brush Fjr you create the end result with ease. The results speak for themselves The variety of the textures is BAREST EHANDRA nm §S®33SSLE good and they are well chosen. Some ol them border on being completely useless but most are well designed and there are a few gems. As brushes they nearly all look dreadful, but spring to life when used
as a 511. There are also several hundred colour palettes on one of the disks. These are designed to optimise the colours you use for either the original brush palettes, RGB screens or composite video output - the latter being there to eliminate colour bleeding especially for video production.
Lastly, the pack includes a disk of picture files, showing all of the different fill patterns, which proves to be a very useful addition. You can try out the various palettes to see if they work with the particular texture or gradient that you want.
Not all is sweetness and light though The manual is minimally written and although it contains all of the information that you need, it also contains many assumptions which could confuse a user who has Itttfe technical knowledge.
The installation is reasonably easy it you ignore the manual and just try for yourself, which is not the way to please most users. On the plus side, the manual contains some good hints about how to get the best out of the fonts. I am surprised at the lack of animated brush fills for use with Dpaint and so - on. It seems almost too obvious to expect to be able to create animated burning letters for example The effort on the artist’s part would have been minimal and the end results would be improved tenfold.
All in all, 2 Many Fonts is a mixed bag. Some of the fonts are really nice and chunky. They all have a professional air about them which is something that you seldom find. Considering that the various brushes only use 16 colours, they produce some really good results and if you have an AGA machine mixing effects on screen can look wonderful.
I have no hesitation in recommending that video professionals at least take a look at this pack. Dedicated amateurs might also be interested, but for most people the price tag is just far too high tor what you get.
Available from: Meridian Software. 9 Gurney Crescent. Littlethorpe. Leicestershire LE9 5JL. Tel: 0533 863501.
Price: £59.95. You are probably sick of hearing about the Internet by now. But even if you hate Comms with a passion and the thought of connecting a modem to your telephone wall socket fills you with tear, there are several major advantages to the Amiga owner The 5rst is the constant trickle ot news and rumours, and the second is the amazing quantity of free software. Several altruists with access to several of the large computers which make up the Internet, have got together and organised Aminet - the definitive library of Public Domain and Shareware programs.
There are several mirrors of the Aminet. Which means the same programs are available from several sites. If you do have Internet access, the sites you should FTP to are: USA (MO) ftp.wustl.edu, USA (CA)ftp.cdrom.com, USA (TX) ftp etsu.edu. Scandinavia ftp.luth.se. Germanyttpuni-kl.de, Germany ftp.uni-erlangen.de. Germanyftp.cs.tu- beriin.de. Germany ftp.uni-paderbom.de. Germanyftp.uni-oldenburg de. Switzerland ftp.eunet.ch, Switzerland Iitamiga.ep8.ch. UK ftp.doc.lc.ac.uk.Australiasplat.aamet.edu.au. Now the good news - if you don’t want to take the bus down the information highway, but you
have a CDROM drive, you can still have all the software. Walnut Creek regularly copy the latest software and put about 610Mb of it onto a single silver disk - for £20 you get more programs than you'll ever be able to use.
All files are stored in compressed format - usually LHA, which means using the programs is a lot more complicated than the average magazine coverdisk. You will need to feel confident at the Shell, although a program such as Directory Opus can simplify the process considerably Personally. I prefer such a compression method over DMS or similar, as it makes getting hold of a single program very quick. Any CDROM drive will suffice - so no matter if you have a CDTV with a floppy drive, a CD32 with networking software or a dedi cated drive connected to a Tandem card, using this disk is the same.
Files are stored in the drawers which will soon be familiar: BIZ. COMM. DEMO, DEV, DISK. GAME.GFX. HARD. INFO, MISC. MODS, MUS, OS20, OS30, PIX. TEXT and UTIL.
Almost everything you can think of is included, from utilities (including a lull C compiler) through ray-traced pictures and animations, to demos and games. Several times in the past week alone, I've read or heard about a fabulous new program and tound it within seconds on the CD. This CD was supplied to us by 17 Bit Software, and is dated February
1994. For the latest details you can contact Walnut Creek
directly via electronic mail - their address is
infotgicdrom.com if that means anything to you you'll know
what to do with it.
Available from Seventeen Bit Software, First Floor Offices, 2-8 Market St Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1DH. Tel:0924 366982. ¦ Price: £19.99. Vl'SPl MAXON MAGIC Screen Blanker Anyone who has ever longed for a Macintosh-type screen blanker could finally have their wish fulfilled. Maxon Magic is a screen blanker in exactly that style and has a few extras thrown in for good measure.
For those who are wondering what a screen blanker is; if you leave your monitor on for a long time the screen can burn itself into the tube; after a certain amount of inactivity a blanker will automatically show a picture or animation designed to stop this. Maxon will work with any Amiga that has at least 1 Mb of memory and two drives. Personally, I would recommend 2Mb and a hard drive. Three cheers for a program that doesn't kickstart 1.3+ (When are other developers going to remember that the majority of Arnigas are still using 1.3?) It even works with graphics boards that can show a
workbench screen. The program uses the standard Commodore installer and once in place presents you with a tidy little requester.
There are 18 different screen-savers and the program can assign either a sound or a music module to them.
The blankers range from the standard aquarium through to just a blank screen via such effects as a storm and, the demo writer's favourite, plasma. They are of variable quality and, unfortunately, that means mostly average.
Maxon The loudest, totaea most colourful.
Sy»«em Sample Manager yet most useful program of all time!
I was quite disappointed as the control panels were very well put together and someone has obviously put a lot of time and effort into the program. I suppose I shouldn’t complain, if I want a demo I should buy a demo, but I do still feel somewhat cheated.
AMIGA AXOIf There are a few other niggles as well. The graphics, whilst competent, are hardly anything to write home about and the animation on savers like ‘Flying Breakfast' is distinctly jerky. With so many graphic artists and demo writers around these are small but inexcusable faults.
The sampled sound support is great, allowing you to attach a sample to just about any process or key. You can use as many different samples as you want and can create an absolute cacophony if you do several things in rapid succession. Then there’s the music module support or rather the lack of it. Maxon only supports modules created with a program called 'Face the Music.’ With the majority of Amiga musicians using either a tracker program or OctaMED, this is also inexcusable.
When all is said and done though, Maxon still holds its head up above water. The flexibility built into the control panels is excellent and well thought out, the blankers themselves are modules. Hopefully, HiSoft will release some new modules that address the problems mentioned above.
The potential is there for this program to be an absolute killer. However, at £29.95, it can only receive a moderate score.
Available from: HiSoft, The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE. Tel: 0525 718181. Price:£29.95. rfZbk Cocoon Morph Andy Leaning morphs and warps his way through the day with the new Cocoon Morph special effects graphics program.
Morphing is the process ol creating animated sequences where one object magically translorms into another. Cocoon Morph, the latest Amiga morphing program, otters similar capabilities to its competitors CineMorph and Morphplus and more. For example, you can create morphs, warps and animated morphs in 24- bit, AGA and other lower colour mode images It can also composite a morph over backdrops, rescale images and morph different areas of an image at different times and speeds.
The program works In a similar manner to most other morphing packages. Two images are loaded: the starting and destination pictures. Over these you place a grid which tells the program which parts ot the the first image will change into which parts ot the destination. For warping images, ie distorting a single image rather than changing between two dit- lerent pictures, the same picture is loaded twice.
I The grid over the destination image is then reshaped to show how the picture contents under the grid will be deformed The program can also change different parts ot a picture at different times, giving more realistic effects. For instance, the legs of a horse changing to the wheels ol car, then followed by the body and finally head. To do this, additional tiles are used.
These being the Form Value Map and Colour Value Map. By using the value of the red, green and blue component ol each pixel in Form Value Map tile, the program determines when the equivalent pixels in the morph pictures will change during the course of the morph. The lighter being sooner, darker later. A r r Two rivals are available
A) Morph Plus Irom ASDG Available from Meridian Software, tsl
081S43 3500. Prica:C199
B) CineMorph from GVP Available on its own (E25.B5 from Silica,
tel: 081 3091111) or with ImageFX (£149).
TIME TRIALS Cocoon Morph came out a tad slower than Its competitors in the extensive tests that we carried out here at CU AMIGA.
The image loading, saving times, morphing limn, all came out considerably slower than its competitor CineMorph.
Check out these times In the CU AMIGA time trials. They were carried out on a 25MH; A4000 040. Add some extra walling time if yon are a A1200 or A5M users The good news, however.
Is that DevWare are now working on a faster version which will, hopefully, speed Ihe program up.
T A good program dampened by ¦ ¦ slow performance. * OVERALL
I. Chech out the werpinQ cap.Dilitiei of Operation CineMorph
Cocoon loading a 6 bit (256 colour) Iff image
2. 4 5 seconds
29. 3 seconds and saving the results 175 seconds
3. 45 minutes CU AMIGA tune trials 1994.
Similar process acting on Ihe Colour Value Map H» determines how quickly Ihe pixels change happens once they start.
Alternatively, Ihe speed of the morph can be manipulated globally. Instead ol setting mdrindual pixels, a line.withln a requester, Is moved verbcaty over a horizontal axis. Increasing or decreasing the height ol the hne sets the speed that the distortion is carried out at ,at that particular point in the morph - the left-hand edge being the start, the right-hand being the finish.
PROBUMS Cocoon Morph has more than its fair share ol problems For starters it's slow (see the time trials panel), it also only displays the source and destination images in grey scale, and insists on first showing a full size version of the image before rescaling if for the working display! Other irritations include only being able lo magnify lo one level, and not being able to clearly see the grid mtersection-points on areas of dark background (which frequently happens with the grey scale pictures you are forced fo use). Finally, having lo make sure that the two images I wanted to load
were Ihe same size, ie the same width and height was the mosf annoying factor ot all.
CONCLUSION The designers of Cocoon Morph seemed to have Ined lo make Cocoon Morph flexible and useful.
Even wllhouf Ihe added bonus of speed controls, Cocoon Morph gave belter looking images than those I’ve seen from CineMorph or Morph Plus.
Add the speed controls and Cocoon Morph can produce some very realistic results indeed However, the problems - such as slow operating speed, restricting the files to the same size and only one level ol magnification - alt make the program difficult and annoying to use. Once they are, Cocoon Morph will be worth having 125 JARGON BUSTER
• Morph: A technique used in films adverts etc where one object
on the screen Is magically' transformed Into another. A car
into a horse, bowling pin to milk bottle etc. . Warp: Similar
to morphing, but rather than changing between two objects, an
single object Is warped mutated into a different shape.
COCOON MORPH $ 99 Aay Amiga with 3Mb ol RAM. Hard drive required II tele thee 4Mb el RAM.
TEL: 0101 603 532 7701 i version 2 he amazing new version of this 32 bit I paint package has now arrived. For a I nited time we can offer exclusively, on I ehalf of Digital Creations, to CU Amiga I ders, a new full version of Brilliance I |v2 for only £39.99 inc vat. This offer is I ¦too good to miss and stocks are limited tol ¦the first 250 customers. Normal retail | |will be £99.99 IMAGINE 3 ¦Upgrade to this phenomenal and long I ¦awaited new version from any 3D pack-1 |age that you have or from the Amiga!
¦Format Imagine v2 Cover Disk. Call fori ¦more details. ONLY £89.95 plus £3.501 |post and packaging. This is the offer!!!!!! | BARS & PIPES PRO v2.5 Contains 50 new features. Loop any num-
• of measures on all tracks simultane- usly; split one track into
several containing only one pitch; precisely control the
number of measures per line and staves ¦per page when printing
notation, and |much more. Retail Price is £299.99 Bars & Pipes
Pro v2.5....£199.95 Upgrade from v2 to v2.5 for £69.95 SPECIAL
Smith Books (lew than retail price*) | A1200 Insider
Guide ... A1200 Insider Guide:N xt
Steps a Disks & Drives-lnsider Guide ¦ Assembler Insider Guide
1A-Z of Workbench
..... ¦ Mastering Amiga
• ring Amiga Arexx_______________________ g Amiga
- ring Amiga Printers .. g AmlgaDos 3.0
• ring AmlgaDos 3.0 Tutorial . g AmlgaDos 2 Volume 1 ......
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induding At 200 Insider I . A1200 Next Steps Book, plus Amiga
Insider ¦
o Tape, plus 4 disks of shareware .....£36.95 f
DRIVERS Sharp JX300 Driver Abekas Driver
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on a car a. 4 Meg or wa-stabies 4 sairpes on ROM I ¦ Paten liOtanan lev MID. (ft-vcrs 'o’ marr. Sourd rrodulos S,soi dumps ¦ ¦ SuperJAM! Vl.I.In. aasy way to rr.** rru&c £74.95 I ¦SyncPro S»r »iron*e ma wm mummed* .....£151.96 I I Triple Puy Plus ..£ 159.95 I I wth 11.8 3 Cut MID menace, nave ju » 48 channel MIDI ;an-positons I ¦ Clarity 16 16 on lanoler wth software ...£109 95 I ¦ Pro Midi Interface '-mp.Mpofto.-unc« mini interlace £19 95 I I MegaMix Masters:., ro nairping a-d dgrai .£29 95 | ¦ Megalosound Sampler
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Personal Font Maker...... £48 00 .£89.00 'I DEO TiTLiNG pf oducti' Video Creator for the CD32 It is a totally new CD32 disc with over 1000 images and special effects with a full manual. With Video Creator you put together images using special effects synchronised to music of your choice, from any music CD, to create your own personal videos.
_Special launch offer £34.991 Upgrade to version 2.5 of Art Department Professional. In the words of the president of ASDG, "The most significant upgrade we have ever had!"
Upgrade from AdPro v2.x £39.95 Doug s Pro Control tor Art Dept (HnUKr me wWor WHY CHOOSE EMERALD?
JF" • " MA’iA'" :;MF I Arena Accounts Full account* patxago lor tr« Ampa £82.95 Cashbook Combo .. £59.99 Day By Day Dtary ard personal organs* .£24.99 Home Accounts 3 (Money Matters) .£34.99 Personal Finance Manager Plus .....£28.95 I Keep tracx or your cash System 3E Maowes o cashflow. A«es *dQer. Stock control.£49.99 Quite simply. Emerald offers you the enthusiasm only a young company can. We can take your order quickly and without fuss, and if you're not quite sure [which product will serve
your needs best, our friendly and knowledgable sales staff will be happy to dis- Icuss your requirements and budget, and point you in [the right direction. With no games to fill valuable shelf space, we hold everything from an inexpensive WE ARE NEVER KNOWINGLY UNDERSOLD |Mini Office ¦» -y. 13?9b =: ” EDUCATIONAL Any Fun School 4 .....£15 99 New ADI GCSE Maths. English or French ......£25.99 SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Amos Professional ......£32.96 Any other ADI Maths, English, or
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3 ...£51.95 IlCL (to GCSE) Micro English, or Micro French, or Micro HPaecal £79.95 |German, or Micro Science, or Micro Spanish________£16.99 K, |SAS C Ver 6.5. (NEW) .£249.00 VIRTUAL REALITY Distant Suns v5.0 Asvcnom, (NEW) .£39.95 Scenery Animator v4 £49.95 Vista Pro v3.1 Create lectured 30 laoascaoe* £48.95 Vista Lite (only 2mb needed) (NEW) .....£41.00 Mekepath tor Vista
Animate a padt in Vista 30 landscape .£24.95 Terraform tor Vista £24.95 product w* 0e GLADLV replaced cr repaired wttnm 30 Phone and we M you wne» v «o w» oAi-d 4 »*19(3)(P)(Y) Bskmag P)(Y) 2 Meg A wn (P).|Y) On* Ttsi AGA Demo Parspex Hypnosis AGA 100% vafilon AZ 64 Tunes (4 Disks) (P)(Y) High Octane 1 Meg Overhead driving game UN-Sensible Soccer (P) (V) To The Death AGA Karate Game Hoi AGA Platform Game
W. S AGA Stales (6) Shed Art Sues (2) »AGA (3) AGA Card Set 1-4
(4) DO » HD Modification CO 32 COTV Patches AGA VO 1-4 (New
Editions'Update) WB Pcs (£) 8 Colour Wb PCS A64 V3 Emulator
(2) (P) (Y) Impenai Wafcer (P) 30 Wafcer Game Fantasy Footba-
laagua' Red Dwarf Slides (2) AGA FI UCCNCCUJflRC F1001 Magnum
Pro £23.99 F1002 Cricket Crazy £23.99 Guide To Amos £23 99
F1004 Super Fun (For Kids 5-9 yw) ....£23.99
F1005 FI Music Vol 1 ......£23.99 F1006 Blackboard V2.0
(2Disk AGA only ....£4.99 F1007 Fortress AGA
only £3.99 F1009 The Rainy Day Disk £3.99 F1010 Karate Master
1.5Meg.£3.99 FI011 IFF Vector Ball Designer £3.99 F1012
Obkteratives (1 or 2 player arcade skill game) £3.99 F1013
Through The Red Door £3 99 F1014 Tots
Time ...£3.99 F1016 Art
School ...£3.99 F1018 Relics Of Deldroneye (4
F1019 Touch N'Go ..£3.99 More Titles Available.
Order catalogue disk for a detailed description of each disk.
NOTHING BUT AMOS Disk Magazine - Issue 6 now in stock on 2 Disks £4.50 CD 32 TITICS Now Games 1 ...£18.00 Now Games 2 ...£18.00 Sensible Soccer £18.00 Microcosm ..£39.00 James Pond £22.00 Liberation ...£25.00 Ultimate Body Blows....CALL Kick Off 3 .CALL Express PD Galore ..£14.99 Lotus Trilogy £25.00 Now Games 3 ...£18.00 Demo CD 2 £18.00 Chaos Engine £24.00
T. F.X .CALL Gunship 2000 CALL
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Ed CD AOM Software EXPRESS P.D. Dept Cu Magazine Business
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2pm express PD galore New CD ROM lor the Amiga CD32. This CD
contains 150 * AGA disks. 250 MM PD Software. Assa&n games t
-178 AB can be copied onto dak u«ng menu system (Disk Drive
regueed) CD atso contact ’00 top latest PO games mefcxkng AGA.
AGA damoe. Mueic demos. 100 music modules weh easy to use
player and tracker, latest animation etc. Anescue 1-25 afl tNs
can be accessed via workbench.
Only £14.99 Save £5 off normal R.R.P.-E19.99 -This Month Onlyl Thla CD will work on the CDTV AS70 HOWTO ssa 17 BIT COILCCTION Double CD Disk 1-2301 £36.99 17 BIT CONTINUATION 17 Bit Disks 2302-2800, Assasin games 1-40 £18.99 Aminet Vol 1.
Aminet Vol 2.
£20.00 ..£18.99 Gold Fish Fred Fish 1-100 Double CD £36.99 Noticeable results In 28 days guaranteed Send for FREE Information Pack.
INTERNAL DRIVE 141.90 Simple to fit, fully documented KICKSTAR T1J ROM £25.00 For software compatibility KICKSTART 2.05 ROM £29.90 Ip A500*ROM DENISE £28.70 Excettenl value wooocpu_£i5.oo_ A ATTENTION ALL DEALERS A Our company now offer the most competitive dealer repair service.
Full credit facilities available Send for our Free information pack today... CU894 We reserve the right to refuse repair for whatever Prices only valid with this coupon
- bMt mputer Services Service HOTLINE (0533) 470059 DART
Computer Services iti 105 London Road _ LEICESTER LE2 ope 3E
i i AMITEK Friendly Technology Designed to bring you high
quality and performance at affordable prices, AmiTek
peripherals offer outstanding value-for-money. They are built
to ensure easy fitting and trouble free operation - making them
a pleasure to use. AmiTek products are also thoroughly tested
and very reliable, so reliable that we are pleased to offer a
full two year warranty on the AmiTek products detailed here.
'AmAHs nt* d,Y« Onti COTbrei in eapra ijtsijn. N«pi E«.:E: s.aily 400 smxoi Kttaminie in a rey atlDida e (relay. Hghty iKomirHnOW. Jason HoEorn - Lealng fimga JoumNW CRAM UPGRADES AHITIK FOR A500 A500PLUS A600 - 2YR WARRANTY cooe description inc vat RAM 0505 A500 - 512K (No Clock) £20 RAM 0510 A500 - 512K (Wrth Clock) £25 RAM 0520 ASQOPtUS - It b RAM £30 RAM 0605 A600 - 1Mb (No Clock) £30 RAM 0610 A6CO - 1ML With Clockl_£40
INC VAT RAM 6020 A60Q 1200 - 2Mb Card £119 RAM 6040 A60CV1200 •
4Mb Card £179 Maximise me processing cower ol your standard
*1200. Be ready 1o» the new generator ol software which makes
more demands on Amiga memory and lectinctogy. The AmiTek Hawk
RAM expansion includes up to 8m last 32-tit RAM.
The aWity to support a soptwtdated 68882 FPU (Ftoatng Point Unit • drasticaiy ocreascs the speed ot maths intensive operations) and a battery backed up dock.
Burt to a high standard, this board can be easty installed and comes with a 2 year warranty The Hawk RAM board is available in 9 pre-configured versions enatting you to select the model witch best suits your requirements.
HOUSES OMMTOC IY Iff 10 01 ' C«i55w ",f “ • Itgradeet)*FAST RAM Board 101. £4era*.
• UsesindsirysmHidsxUtedSNMshy oa6y '*c d0m
• Two type* otc0xalFt«rg Port Unt- 33vh, or 4tto«PLCC 68682
coprorrwor . 10 • CcmpreheraiMmanjilwrthlUMons
• Works MhalAl2X) and AI200HD conquers »~(g* H-*rnj u irv • 0*s
not maMate you A1200 warranty 1222-•“!“!!-!“!*!*- •
The AmiTek drive has Been speoaPy designed lo meet the needs of
Amiga users and has many deluxe features which are nol included
m other drives - check out the competition!
ANTI-CLICK wli-click feature stops your is empty and searching for a disk.
ANTI-VIRUS The switchable Anti-Virus mode stops track 0 viruses infecting the disk while in the drive Yet, unlike many other doves which have virus kilters, this Anti-Virus mode can Be disabled, allowing some fussy copy protected software to run.
ADD ADDITIONAL DRIVES As a double sided mechanism, the AmiTek drive gives 880K of disk space after formatting. It is also daisy-chainabte. Which means that you may add further drives to your system and. Uses very little power from your Amiga HIGH QUALITY SONY MECHANISM AmiTek took the time to source a mechanism that has all the features, quality and reliability that Amiga owners have been crying out for. After vigorously testing Sony's mechanism, it proved to be the best by far available.
;«ppo l - i - l
• High Quality 314" Sony Mechanism
• Strong Metal Casing
• Built-In Anti-Cuck Feature
• Switchable Anti-Virus Mode Enable Disable Switch
• 75ms Access time
• Daisy Chainable Via Thru Port
• Low Power Usage
• No Need For External PSU
• 2 Year Warranty EXTERNAL DRIVE £59 INC VAT - DRI 1159 Belem
yc«j decide when to buy yaj! New Amip THE SILICA SERVICE .
P-caxts. We suggest Y*J ?t.afe l,n* «*Y caretuty a box . 5*?
WHERE you Or, them Cg TO Coreder «ire I wil be Ike a tew months
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peripherals ct scrtware. Cr hap and advce And. W*l ttv© company
ycxi buy from cortacJ yco wtr details ot new croducts? At Sica
we ensure tbal you w« have rating d wcrry about. Wth car
uirrvaled experience ard nportse we can meet cur aisfcmers'
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We lu e dunrsliatcn laciitics at all our store*
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• FREE CATALOGUES: wit Be rruiw to »«u. -1111 speoN rediew price
crters. As vwl as «tib on al software and peripteral*.
MAIL ORDER PLEASE SEND ME AN AMIGA CATALOGUE PLUS TECHNICAL AND HEAD OFFICE 081-309 1111 1-4 The Mews. Hathii*ey fto*D. Seam. Kent. DAI4 4DX PIUS BRANCHES AT: BRISTOL cwe’lums -nts**. St AttS Barton 0272 291021 CHELMSFORD lettrtrs ¦ -M n,,i 27 Hyi Strwt 0245 355511 CROYOON : 081-688 4455 GLASGOW Oil-221 0088 GUILDFORD 0483 301300 HULL Ceaffluro-fr.**, ProspsiSa*! 0482 25151 IPSWICH 3473 221313 LONDON i i ’ ---turn «MitROM_171-580 4890 LONDON 371-493 3735 LONDON •' • - •' ’ 071-629 1234 LUTON Cete-tum: 0582 21201 MANCHESTER Cute-rum* ¦ at im kUfW SltW 861-832 8666 PLYMOUTH Petertums- to r*a
RowlPwdi 0752 266666 SHEFFIELD tortums aiBpt.TMMoor 0742 768611 SIOCUP 1-4 The Mw. HaittertwRoM 881-302 1811 SOUTHAMPTON Oitanars ¦ D-irva 0703 223888 S0UTHEN0 •_3. II.' 4R6 3 .9 MoMryViss Vs .
Surname:----------- Company * «• Address:___________
- ------------------- Postcode: Tel (Home):
_________________________________ Tel (Work):
_______________________________ Which computers), d any. Do you
There’s a revolution about to happen, and it’s going to happen on an Amiga near you! Desktop Video, the creation and manipulation of video on a small computer, is going to do for the Amiga what DTP did for the Apple Mac.
Andy Leaning talks to Tim Jenison, the founder and President of NewTek, the company at the heart of this revolution.
In America the Amiga is tar more than a sophisticated home computer, an entire industry has sprung up around it. Desktop video is now a huge market in America. This desktop video market has now grown so big that Sony. Apple. IBM and many ol the world's biggest computer firms are desperately trying to catch up with the Amiga and get in on this market. And it's finally coming to the UK Soon you'll be crealing wonderful video images on your Amiga! And this is all possible thanks to one company. NewTek Inc. NewTek developed and sell the VideoToaster a plug in card that gives Amigas ail the
tools ot a professional video studio, and the power to easily compete with computer systems costing tens ol thousands ol pounds!
In a CU AMIGA special feature we exclusively talk lo the founder and president of NewTek and then take a look at a key component ol the VideoToaster system - LighlWave.
Andy: When was NewTek formed?"
Tim: -In 1986. And our first product was DigiVietv- an Amiga video digitiser At the time it was the largest selling digitiser on any format NewTek.
Standing for New Technology, was formed to exploit such video applications, using computer technology to solve the problems ol traditional video production. We wanted to bring personal computer technology to the video world."
Andy: "How big is NewTek now?"
Tim: "We have 45 staff, although we use a lot of - external contacts, we're what a lot of people now call a virtual corporation Including these contractors we have about 80 to 90 people in total' Andy: Where did the Idea tor the VideoToaster come from?"
Tim: "DlgiView was a step back for me. I had been designing high-speed video circuitry, and was familiar with the concept of manipulating video with microprocessor technology. The idea of the Toaster came from video games. Back in the '70s I was a video game technician. This gave me experience ol how a microprocessor could generate video. I was also a video lape fanatic, and was frustrated that low end video production was so poor Once you filmed something you couldn't edit it - editing had be done at film time."
Andy: 'Why did you chose the Amiga?'' Tim: "When the Amiga came out I envisaged a tool to bring video tools to the masses, which is what the Video Toaster became. Commodore had a reputation for producing low-cost kit, and we wanted to keep costs down for our system I'd never used Commodore kit, and I jumped for the Amiga solely on the technical merit of it and the value price."
Andy:"LighlWave, the 3D software part ot the VideoToaster, has proved very popular, why do you think this happened?” Tim The short answer is Allen Hastings and Stuart Ferguson Allen handles the rendering side ol Lightwave. Stuart the modelling.
"They've been friends since they were boys and they work very closely to ensure that Lightwave keeps getting better. There's a lot of synergy between them, they cross pollinate each other.
EH Tlw modular W actton.
"Allen resents it if there's something missing in his program. If he sees something really good which is not in his products, but in someone elses, he goes out of his way to implement it. They are always looking to improve the program, making it better. They talk to Hollywood people everyday to get feedback, to find out what they want - new looks, new modes, interfacing to specialised CU AMIGA SPECIAL REPORT CU AMIGA images photorealistic. If you tned to do a seaOuest or Babylon 5 with a computer five years ago it wouldn't have been possible, the images would have looked false. Now it can be
done images look real. The undersea scenes in seaOuest lor example, work because the sea looks murky and defy, the computer is generating debns etc in the water, lots of little Ihings that make the picture look real. SeaOuest is the first time anyone has been able to generate underwater shots on a computer with Lightwave ' a lull range ol Andy: “What is Allen's background?"
Tim: "Allen started doing 3D graphics way back.
He would work oul the calculations, draw the results on graph paper and then film the drawings he was doing 3D graphics without a computer1 "Then he wrote some 3D software on Vie Commodore PET, and later moved to the A-n a. I first saw his work at the first Commodore Users Show in Canada. He’s very understated ar.J turned up at the show and offered to snow a . Oeo ot some 3D graphics he'd created w tn the Ar-ga Everyone was blown away by the results ' Andy: "Why have you now decided to sefl Lightwave in Europe?"
Tim: "Well, there's been a slowly buikkng nanble from Europe over the last few years of peooe that want Lightwave. They've heard ot the success of Lightwave in the NTSC market IUSA Japan etc - Ed) so there’s been a demand building kx «fX.- there But previously we looked at Lightwave as one of ten tools needed to make TV widt the VideoToaster, not as a separate tool in 1 Thl* screenshot illustrates perfectly the lour right. But there is nothing about Lightwave that requires a VideoToaster and as Europe didn : have that (the VideoToaster - Ed) we eventually gave into the pressure that Lightwave
would be a good product in its own right."
Andy: "How Important are users In the I Kingdom to your future?” Tim: “We want to continue to develop the DTV (Desktop Video) market. Up to this point we've neglected PAL users and you can see the result of that the markets are very different. There's never been a Toaster in the UK. And now there's a real difference between the American and UK video production markets.
‘We see it as crucial to make the Toaster available to PAL countries. It's an incredible phenomenon waiting to happen.
“For our future the UK is incredibly important, in fact, when we have looked at it more closely, per capita we think the UK is probably even stronger than the US!"
Andy: “Lightwave is a stunning product, but what plans do you have for a PAL Toaster?” Tim. “The Video Toaster is tied to the NTSC video signal, there's no way in which it can be converted.
We are now developing a universal Toaster."
TIM JENISON ON COMMODORE It won’t come as much of a surprise to most people that, despite the power of the Amiga.
Commodore has always had a problem getting it accepted as a serious computer.
Tim believes much of this problem is because Commodore marketed the Vic 20 and C64 aggressively in the US - part of this marketing was through toy stores and people still see Commodore as a toy company as a result.
Also of late. Commodore has not been performing well, which again causes image problems.
Given the problems Tim seems room for incredible improvement. There's so much potential that if a good company took over Commodore it would be "the icing on the cake He also believes that a lot of the R&D being done at Commodore would continue under a new company. The triple A chipset and other products that he's not allowed to talk about should therefore all continue to be developed.
Andy: “NewTek is developing fast, so where do you see NewTek going in the future?"
Tim: “There’s still a lot of work to be done in the desktop video market. We've still got to do a PAL Toaster, in fact, given the size of the PAL market, the existing DTV market is just the tip of the ice berg.
“It's interesting to compare the US and European markets, in the US there’s been an explosion in DTV, this hasn't happened in Europe - that’s an opportunity."
Andy: "Talking of the future, there’s been rumours recently of departures and changes at NewTek, why did staff leave?"
Tim: “Those people decided that they wanted to do other things with their lives, a philosophical water shed.
NewTek philosophy is to bring things down scale, make things as easy and as low cost as possible. The other group wanted to go for the high end market."
In act ton Andy: “What new products do you have planned for the future?” Tim: “Several, but I'd rather not talk about them.
We have long term, big, plans, to do with consumers and graphics, but I can't say any more."
So there you have it in a nutshell or straight from the horses mouth as the sayings go. On the next page you’ll find an overview of Lightwave, NewTek's power packed 3D modelling and rendering program.
As revealed in CU AMIGA June (page 23) deals are being struck which will hopefully see Lightwave on sale in the UK as a standalone product by the time you read this.
NewTek are also finalising distribution of the VideoToaster (with standards convertor) in the UK as well.
You're going to hear a lot more about NewTek over the coming months, but just remember. You read about it in CU AMIGA first.
Lightwave is one of the Amiga’s top applications, doing more for the cause than almost any other program. And now, for the first time, it’s available in the UK. So just what is it and what will it do for you?
A chain will consequenlty move other bones attached to it and so on, much like in real life.
REALISM Added to all these features are a whole range of other facilities that give increased realism, including facilities to recreate things which only occur as accidents or optical illusions in real life These include motion blur, (the blur you get when you take a picture of a fast moving object), lens flare (the effect of sun shining on the side ot the camera) and so on. The combined result of all these features gives Lightwave the potential to create stunningly realistic images and animations and do so quickly and effectively.
The prograffil l.gu ?'happily ..... work on Amiga’s with 4Mb of RAM and a 68020 processor or greater (I know, in a previous article we quoted 8Mb minimum, but Newtek's Toastermeister, Lee Stranahan put us right, claiming that the modeller alone will work with even) less), although obviously the more objects mafions you use the slower things get wl operating with minimum RAM With Lightwave you can create amazingly fessional video effects and 3D visuals, reputation gets out, the Amiga should new market amongst the UK’s professional video market. But perhaps more importantly, with Lightwave.
Everyday Amiga users will have the ability to make money selling their creative skills to corporates, business and other paying individuals.
Think of all those TV production companies and corporate videos, they pay a fortune for their fancy logos - do you want some of that money?
LightWave is available from most Amiga dealers for around £500. And also from Digital Processing Systems (DPS) who supply it with their PAR card.
DPS are on 0252 718300. Alternatively try Silica on 081 -309 1111 or Premier Vision on 071 721 7049 '© Lightwave is an acclaimed three dimensional graphics creator and animator. Actually, it's really two programs - Lightwave 3D and Lightwave Modeller. These programs let you create complex objects and shapes in wire frame form. Creating a shape in wire frame form means that you create a skeleton of your desired shape using a series of interconnecting lines. The lines can then be positioned and moved about wherever you like.
You can view your wire frame creation in three different windows that are shown simultaneously: from the front, side and from above. By using these three views you can see how your three-dimensional shape(s) will look. A fourth view is also available giving even more depth and perspective.
Using a variety of tools the wire frame can be very easily created and manipulated. There is a collection of simple shapes which can be used to build up complex objects. Or you can break down these shapes into their constituent elements to create even more intricate shapes. Lines can be j they can be grouped I (rotation, duplica- straight or spline cui together tor further tion etc).
There is also a wide range of custom special | functions which perform a huge variety of com- f mon 3D graphic operation creation of symmetrical sides and adding depth to flat objects. Plu have different layers too, which means able to alter the contents of one layer withou interfering with the others.
NEXT MONTH We plan lo go lo town on LightWave, with several members of staff creating their own masterpieces, and a full, in-depth review.
POSTSCRIPT Multiple objects cai form very complex there is s supplied with also read in any Post.
Built up and combined to try detailed scenes. To :ion of pre-built program, and you can Type 1 font.
Enren- Once you've created objects der them, ie add texture and frame, in very high resolution (up 16,000) in 24-bit colour (16 millio In order to render at such a high resolution, there are a whole variety of rendering features.
The rendering engine takes care of hiding objects or parts of objects that are out of view (ie behind other objects), as well as creating shadows.
You can take any IFF graphic and map it over the surface of an object, and with suitable IFF files objects can be made to look extremely realistic.
Z f j Scala natural life backdrops such as marble, wood and water, for example, can be ‘texture mapped’ onto a shape to give your objects the perfect finish. But that’s only part of the story. Just adding a textured surface to an object may make it look realistic, but it will also have that extra computergenerated quality.
Lightwave also lets you W R& ToM» ha. «n won ,n Emm, add shadows, reflection, award lor video engineering dwttoptmnl.
Transparency, refraction, radiosity. Diffusion, and different lighting effects. You can move the camera (ie the angle and position from where the objects will be Viewed! Anywhere, and use various light sources (distant, point, spotlight, and ambient), and gels (colouring the light source), to create surface effects.
To speed up building images you can test-ren- der the images in low resolutions and lower colour pallels, or render just part of an image.
DR. McCOY This all creates very pleasing and very life-like still images, but what about moving images or animated sequences such as those on the TV series Babylon Five or seaOuest? Here again the program comes into its own.
You can animate textures on the surface of objects, giving a whole range of possible effects.
You can set each object’s movement paths and velocity, rotate objects around, scale them, and create objects that can be moved around very easily.
To create a moving object, as you’ll remember, you must first create a skeleton and then add a texture over the top.
This is easy enough, but if you have a complex object, such as a human body, trying to animate it jn a life-like manner can be a horrendous task.
This is because, usually, the 3D modeller only guilds individual objects, so if you wish to move, »r example, an arm or a leg, it usually means ving several objects at the same time (mus- upper arm, forearm, hand, fingers etc) in frame.
Lightwave's developers however, have cleverly devised a system which does this as easily as possible. Known as bones' it's so simple, but so super and easy to use, that it should have been called Clark Kent. (Strange boy -Ed.)
The bones are built up in the model stage by inserting them in a chain along the inside of the object, forming an interconnecting series of movable points. Moving one bone in NEW!
- When toj Du ,0.1 kiwpi-osSl« * (- ¦ eur *Sv«tW«) prtw.
Wwitcneycuore i i ' ? 01 moe v« flms. T*e q.ftt ucu* it* «« ,
CVVy Owns »cL GM B»c & Phtfon Pan n ” _____ ’ Cr« m$ «io
see sNcfi flim co-*f «nm each Ajn.ji from Ska An nftaroM ASA
verycn ti Cw* 9W takes till artarraje of Ml »etd am Software
Pack re aa Chpsei hi oe sem *nti aijoo 4 aacojs IHAOS ENGINE
..- .... £25.99

... £29.99 ¦CK
£125.96 IFA BASIC v35 - Powerful Base Programing Language..
£50.00 HOTON PAWTI - Powerful Graphics Painting Pactage £89.95
»« £12.99 l» A MCA 600 £199.09 WU* taORAITV
KclUJCfl ZOO. • FlaTorm Oim* £2599 STHKER • Sox* Siru-x. £25 »
Pf«U MEANS fiW Sis £2599 nUKSWiUTE-WjUProwr £4999
aaraoa«coib ' «uii £20591 TOTAL PACK VALUE: CS9J82 LESS PACK $ A
WWG £394.62 SILICA PRICE: C1W00 ’
law £199 Out £.=xi £229 AMIGA 4000 CONFIGURATIONS PHILIPS 8833
Mk II 25mhz 68030ec DESKTOP |4~-2J £999 4- 540: £1299
fKE FWCU «*CA |8«ToeU* COMPUTER COMBAT . W mo* auc* «~rwi RACE
N’ CHASE S fca nalUV authorised Arr* , dealer. We can uppado
Amiga 603
o 12001 w«i hard doves. IdiMwor
e. isu-q owners. Wthojt attecirg Commorfcre's OacW cn Me
warranty. We crtor olhai upgrades ana repair service lor A500
and ASOtaus carputorc.
• LtUtsl f**r adupmenr
• 90 trained toe vi aa u
• 1.000a ot parti v ilock
• FAST. 48 how MW*
• Wa can cotact (CO»VAT)
• FREE -elum courier
MAINLAND %2-P.9; £529 2 340--£699 2h340 £749 ' LORO n SLOTS
AA CHIPSET i V4H0&0T THE SILICA SERVICE PLEASE SEND ME AN AMIGA CATALOGUE C'F TO 8HBT0L_ CHELMSFORD CROrOON GLASGOW GUILDFORD HULL IPSWICH LONDON LONOON LONOON LUTON MANCHESTER PLYMOUTH SHEFFIELD 8I0CUP SOUTHAMPTON SOUTHEND 171-493 373S 071-629 1234 0582 21201 061-832 8666 0752 266656 0742 768611 081-30? 8811 0703 223888 0702 468039 Befcre ycu dectfe when lo txiy your new computer we suggest ycu hr* very OkttiAf axut WHERE yew buy * Consider what wt be Ike a few (tenths aher you have made your ptnJrase.
When ycu may require addtwial pprpherals or sc*tware. x help end atJW*. And. HI th® OTTtany you txiy from contact ycu with deals ot new prOTucts? At Sica, wo ensure thaf you wit have reding » worry | attxrt VrthouruiYWrteaenxnerxeaMraporiise.we X* customer' requremerts with an irderatamng wtKh ts seccm » ncne. Ccrnplete am iWjm the counn row tor ojr laieet FREE Heratuo am t« n to e«peneme the-SJka Service'
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your $ *nke | • PRICE NATCH: a'Saw producl - Same pnw* O’ all
fanl»3'B otOtis stuwed in ihi UK maltia lltnre is a small
charge lor Safirday ceiver,) Wt hM a cro’tn iradr racom in
prtfcssCrul mrroiWi sales
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relate am proouwe
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Deeenhams• atnn 334Q»todSt SeHiWm-lM Nii 3»0M ida Dttenhams •
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computef(s), ti any. Do you own?
J Mr Mrs Mlss Ms: I Surname: ... I Company ,* 1 Address:___________ WE MUST BE MAD!!!
NICK FALDO’S GOLF PINBALL FANTASIES £12.95 £12.95 £9.95 £9.95
3. 5” X 100 CAPACITY BOX £4.75
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3. 5" X 20 CAPACITY BOX £2.50
MANY MORE PRODUCTS ARE ON DISPLAY ALL AT LOW PRICES PLEASE ADD £3.50 FOR P&P IICROMANIA ARE HERE (UK MAINLAND ONLY - OTHER DESTINATIONS WILL BE CHARGED AT COST) CHEQUES, P O S TO:- MICROMANIAoept AMP 74 OLDBURY ROAD, ROWLEY REGIS, WARLEY, WEST MIDLANDS B65 OJS TEL: 021 559 1002 All off©»S subject to availability All pnces subject to change without notice E & O.E. Since the demise of the A2000. Power-hungry Amiga users have pleaded with Commodore to release a more expandable model.
Sadly, with each new Amiga since the A2000 the expansion capabilities seem to have dwindled, leaving A4000 users with just tour measly Zorrow III slots, one video slot and only two drive bays lor CD-ROM mechanisms etc. To correct this delicit, Commodore have released the A4000-T. This latest Amiga is similar in specification to an A4000. But with a redesigned modular' layout and boxed in a large, floor standing case to give more space tor expansion.
The A4000-T is the most expandable Amiga yet. But what does it offer? Andy Leaning, Tony Horgan and John Kennedy checked out its potential.
Now I know you've already peeked at the panel listing the new features, but that only tells half the story. What’s interesting about the A4000-T is not the paper specifications, but rather the design.
Sure the SCSI interface, extra video slot and drive bays are nice, but it's the modular design that stands outl This modular approach gives the system tremendous expansion potential. There are modules for not just the processor (as on the existing A4000I, but also for input out interfaces, sound and audio and finally Disk interfaces!
The processor board is no surprise, it looks and acts just like the existing A4000 card, which has recently been discontinued. The Input Output card contains both the mouse and joystick ports along with the serial and parallel interfaces. Interestingly enough there are additional spaces on the back plate so we may see new I O cards with other interfaces types (Ethernet LAN etc). We'll just have to wait and see.
The sound and video module houses everyday Amiga video output and phono sockets for sound along with a new mini-jack socket for headphones.
The last module is the Disk Module and it houses floppy drives and SCSI-II interfaces. Oddly enough, the IDE controller is mounted on the motherboard and not on this module. This card provides an internal ribbon cable so you can mount hard drives internally, but it also has an external socket so you can connect large optical drives etc to Commodore's tower system. When tested, the SCSI interface turned in transfer rates of between 2 and 3Mb per second, which is quite respectable.
Following the good news of the new modular design, it was a bit disappointing to find that the ChipRAM addressing problems still exist. On A4000s the accessing speeds of the ChipRAM (the area ol memory reserved for pictures) is very slow
- slower than an A1200. A real missed opportunity! However,
Commodore have corrected me DMA problems in the Buster chip
(used to contro the Zorrow III slots).
THANKS FOR THE MEMORY The number of SIMM sockets has been reduced On the A4000 there were five sockets now there are only four. At first this may seem like a dsaste'
- but only until you realise that the size c‘ the SIMMs that can
be fitted has increased Previously, you had five SIMMs of up to
4fct - now you have four of 8Mb, which gives yc - a new
maximum memory of 32Mb!
Other improvements include increas e t e number of Zorrow slots by one, adding a- e«**a video slot and vamping up the space for extra drives. There are now five 5.25' bays, three horizontal and two vertical. These extra bays are needed to hold the vast number of hard drrves that can be fitted (nine in total).
MONO ONLY Other less noticeable but important improvements include a secondary tan, in addition to one mskle the upgraded power supply, positioning one ol the video slots next to a Zorrow slot and a sma internal speaker. The speaker pumps out a meagre .25 watts and is mono only, but useful none the less.
New versions of the Workbench and Kickstart are also included, although they are not the major upgrades of Workbench many users have been waiting for. The most noticeable difference being the support for CD-ROM discs. An A4000 or A1200 owner adding a CD-ROM drive wa also need to get a CD-ROM filling system for it ie the software to read the CD- ROM drive. Commodore, by pre-induding this in the ROM, have ensured that adding a CD-ROM drive is as simple as plugging one in and clicking on it!
CONCLUSION The modular design is wonderful, SCSI-II is nice, as is the increased rating of the power supply, the inclusion of a fan and extra video slot. But this new Amiga could really have been so much better.
Why did Commodore opt for a 25MHz 68040 instead of a 33MHz or 40MHz version? If the Amiga is going to continue competing with Pcs and Macs, and the presence of this new model implies that Commodore intend it to do so, then a 25MHz processor isn't good enough. It's also annoying that the problems with the ChipRAM remain and a PCMCIA interface has been missed out!
Don't get me wrong, the enhancements are good news and show that Commodore are confining to expand the Amiga line, but it could have been a lot mote impressive. 5 _ THE DIFFERENCES AT A GLANCE Her* an Ike differences between the A4000-T and the UOOQataglance FEATURE A4000 A4000-T More expansion: Zorrow Slots 4 5 Video Slots 1 2 PC Slots 3 4 Hard Drive Interfaces SCSI II No Yes IDE Yes Yes Drive Bays 2 5 Processor module yes yes Audio Video Module no yes I O Module no yes Internal Power Supply 145Watt 250Watt Kickstart Version
39. 106
40. 7 Workbench 39 29 SIMM Sockets 5 4 Max memory on motherboard
?????80% ? ?85% ? 92% INNOVATION ? 90% £ The most expandable
_ AGA Amiga available. OVERALL 90% Dpaint is one of those
rare programs that set the standard by which all other paint
packages are judged Prior to its release in 1985 there was
simply nothing as powerful or as flexible for painting on a
home computer.
CU AMIGA EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW This September, Electronic Arts will reveal Dpaint 5 to a waiting world. In this CU AMIGA exclusive preview Andy
- hearting takes a spaftk peek at what . Could be the Ipiggest
software release of the year, u ¦ .' ’ ' w-1 In fact it was
almost 10 years before Dpaint had any real competition, with
the launch late last year of Brilliance by Digital Creations.
Brilliance rocked Dpamf s number one position in the Amiga
painting programs arena, as it came out with some extremely
good new features.
But as we revealed last January, Electronic Arts (EA) didn’t get where it is by resting on past glories and even at that stage had already started work on a version. Dpaint 5. To hit back at the young upstart.
EA have been in consultation with many people to find out how to make Dpaint better, including user groups and professionals and, of course, your favourite Amiga mag. On our last visit to their Slough headquarters we took a look at the first working test version.
OLD FRIEND Guess what. Dpaint S looks like Dpaint Because the first four versions are easily the most used art packages ever on the Amiga, EA decided, wisely, to leave the interface basically the same. Because of this, users ol the older versions will have no problem picking up this version and instantly knowing how to use it.
Surprisingly, when you first scan the drop down menus and toolbox there doesn't appear to be very many new tools or capabilities although on closer inspection there are a couple of major ones).
Instead they've chosen to extend and develop existing features. There are, tor instance, no new graphics tools, but the paint brush tool has been considerably enhanced and natural media pens have been added, giving a more polished and natural feel.
NATURAL MEDIA In the existing version there isn't a facility to alter the flow, area or type of the air brush spray. In version five, however, you can alter the rate of the spray and the focus, a spray area indicator will also be provided showing exactly where the paint will fall.
Tired of your pictures looking like computergenerated images? Then you'll welcome Dpaint 5s natural media pens.
Natural media means that when you paint you get a finish just like you would if you were using actual natural media pens. Thus when painting with chalk you get a flaky pastel effect, while felt tip gives strokes a dark finish towards the centre, fading towards the edge etc. This mode is only possible thanks to the extra colours of the AGA chipset although you can use them in pre AGA modes the results aren't as nice or clear. There will be roughly 15-20 different types of pen available in the release version - although exactly which types they will be hasn't been decided yet.
BRUSHING UP Brush handling was one major area where the old Dpaint could have been much belter. Once again, at first glance, nothing seems to have been done about it, but upon further investigation it transpires that one of the biggest gripes, which was the inability to cut out non-.rectangular brushes, has been corrected. You can now define any shape you want as a brush, whereas before, even if you cut out an irregular shape, it would EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW CU AMIGA Paint llrst appeared on Ihe Amiga way, way, back in 1985 Even in Ms first incarnation it was a revolution- ¦jR hlng else like it
rf»me computer.
At the lime, the pole producing stunning g st paint package avail lot Ihe Amiga as a computer lies was well known, but the was a limited program Paint entered the arena and setting the standard tor this way, with EA upgrading their flagship 1 every two years: October«y '89 The last version ot Dpaint, version released in January ol this year and wa eral widespread applause. And it Woks set lo receive Ihe same response. LI still revert to a rectangle. Sadly, however, nothing seems to have been been done so far about the poor memory handling and speed of brush manipulation there's still a lot
to be done here (don't worry though, they still have plenty of time).
Another new feature on Dpaint 5 is the enhancement to its animation tool. You can now set up a window on a picture, set the start and end locations, and Dpaint will then fill the screen with window contents and track between the two locations, scrolling across the picture as it goes - a sort of camera pan effect.
AREXX AND MACROS The added animation tool is an advanced macro capability. Macro and Arexx support is probably the most important feature of the new version of Dpaint. Every feature of the program can now be recorded as a macro for playback (up to 10 macros can be defined).
Alternatively, the features can be accessed via other programs through a complete Are*« implementation. Using these facilities it’s possible to automate processing of graphics files and animation sequences in much the same way as ImageFX can.
With the advent of AGA graphics and 24-b«t cards, the number of 24-bit graphics files e pictures with 16 million colours, available on the Amiga is growing. Previously, Dpaint didn t have any facility to save these 24-bit files. The new version now supports full 24-bit IFF Me loading and saving, although at the moment it smi won't handle other file formats - such as JPEG THUMB NAILS There are also many other minor enhancements all the way through the program. File requesters, for example, now have a secondary requester displayed just next to them. As you highlight different files in the
main requester a small scaled down version (known as a thumbnail) of the file.
Along with the author and other supplemental information is shown in the secondary requester.
Having seen the initial stages of Dpaint 5, it appears that Electronic Arts have decided that rather than completely overhaul Dpaint and change everything, it would be better to improve the code and enhance sections of it, addressing the problems in the older versions rather than experimenting with a completely new product.
This may mean that there may still be some areas where Dpaint 5 has fewer features than Brilliance - but it also means that EA can get this eagerly-awaited new version out much sooner by upgrading and enhancing many of the features that have previously made Dpaint an easy-to- use, standard setting piece of software.
Whether or not, it will totally outshine Brilliance remains to be seen. Rest assured, CU AMIGA will be there to find out.
’•tnt Colo** 917 918 919 18,118 84 83 79
18. 292 84 83 79
18. 438 4 13 71
18. 648 84 83 79 18,528 4 83 79 18,944 •4 83 79 18,912 84 83 79
7 924 19,116 84 83 79 7 . B0BB0nu[iniiH
1. A.G B. Oc. ?
2. A. ? B. ? C. ?
YOUR DETAILS PUASE Forename: Surname: Address: ... Postcode: ..... Amiga owned: ..... Amount of RAM: .. Hard Drive (it any): ..... Please tick whether you want Final Writer lJ or PenPal The competition entries should be sent to Softwood Direct, marked CU AMIGA SOFTWOOD COMPO'. New Street, Alferton.
Derbyshire DE55 7BP.
HI It you would like further details on any SottWood product c Softwood Direct on 0773 5121 Here's a fabulous chance to win some stunning SoftWood mtni pnacessers.
- ft N
l. 'l «¦!» ¦j »: )•.
Mel* Fisherman's “ tales Softwood is a name any regular reader olCU AMIGA can't fail to know. This American software house produced one ol CU AMIGA'S favounte word processors (Final Writei) and also produced a whole range of rather nifty other word processors and utilities any budding Shakespeare would love.
When we reviewed Final Writer release 2 in our May issue, we gave it the CU AMIGA Top Rated Award, saying, 'About as dose to a Word tor Wrndows-killer as the Amiga has ever seen. Final Writer is an astonishing program.'
Final Writer is still the best word processor available tor the Amiga, and even better we've now got seven ot them to give away in a competition! Not only that, but we've also got live copies ol its distant relative PenPal to give you.
To enter the competition all you have to do is answer the following simple questions, fill in the lorm at the bottom of this page and send it off - or use a photocopy to the address given below 1: Is Final Writer ?
A: A graphics program.
B: A game.
C: A word processor.
2: In which town is the SoHWood UK office?
A: Alfreton B: Sidcup C: Wimbledon QUESTIONS Final Writer • Relea» 2 • ftetc
- LLL It's Been a busy couple ol months lot Amiga CD-ROM
technology. Firstly, CU AMIGA exclusively revealed that
Commodore would be releasing its own A1200 CD-ROM drive. Then
independent market research showed that CD32 games were
outselling all other CD-ROM lormats (meaning that there are
more active Amiga CD users than PC, CD-i or Sega MegaCD!). And
finally, several third-party developers announced that they
would be shipping A1200 CD-ROM products as well!
Alter months ol speculation we finally had a real AI200 CD-ROM drive! The unit is made by the pioneering French developers Archos (makers ol the acclaimed Overdrive), and marketed In this country by Zappo, the Amiga peripherals brand name ol ZCLs.
MY FIRST MITSUMI The technology used in this system is remarkably simple and commonly available. The unit is in two halves, the PCMCIA interlace and the CD-ROM drive. The PCMCIA card slots in to. Strangely enough, the PCMCIA interlace ol the A1200. The card is tiny in size, smaller in width and length than a floppy disk, although slightly thicker. There can’t be more than a couple ol chips, il at all, inside it!
Protruding from this card is a chunky cable (just over a loot long) which plugs into the supplied CD- ROM drive mechanism.
The CD-ROM drive is not, as reported in other Amiga mags, a Sony mechanism but rather a dual speed Mitsumi FX001D drive, and housed in its own plastic casing. This drive delivers a transfer rate ol 300ICsecond. With an access time ol 300 milliseconds On the back ol the drive there is an interlace lor the PCMCIA cable, and phono jacks lor audio-in and out quite what audio in' is lor no one could say.
There is also input lor a 12V power supply - taken from the mains via an adaptor The third and perhaps most vital component ol the Zappo dnve is the software On a single Amiga disk you'll find the drivers to emulate version 3.1 ol Kickstart and the Akiko chip. These drivers are needed as the version of the operation system found on A1200S was developed belore the CD32, and doesn't come with CD-ROM drive support built in. The Akiko chip is also a custom component tound in the CD32 and not in the A1200. To play CD32 games on an A1200 you therelore need to emulate both ol these.
To play CD32 games all you need to do is to boot Irom this disk. For hard drive users an install program is provided, more on this in a bit. As the Amiga starts up hold down the lett mouse button and an option screen appears. This gives you three options - boot the game in the CD-ROM drive, start up the Amiga with different memory configurations (lor playing games under Workbench) and boot as normal Assuming you chose to boot the game, the Amiga 1200 will then load and play the CD32 game as it it were a CD32. A CD32 joypad can be plugged into the Amiga joystick pod. Or it you don't have one.
You can emulate one with a toystck and various keys on the keyboard It does a respectable |Ob ol emulating the CD32 and played many ol the games we tned. Including Microcosm, Chaos Engine. Fly Harder and Zoo! 2. Sabre Team however didn’t work.
A BIT FISHY A1200 Si 9M Andy Leaning takes a look at the first Amiga 1200 CD-ROM drive not, as expected, from Commodore but from Zappo.
Alternatively, you can use standard Amiga CD discs such as the CDPD collection, the Fred Fish Cds or even the Aminet disc reviewed in this months Get Serious In this case the dnve acts just like a wnte protected very. Very, large floppy disk. You can copy files from the CD disc, and directly load programs and other files Irom it.
There is also the potential to play music Cds, and directly read PhotoCD images Both ol these options were mentioned in the stapled pages supplied as a manual, but I could find no drivers lor these purposes on the disk provided. It's also worth pointing out that the disk supplied was not set up correctly and initially failed to install It was only alter some messing around that I finally managed to get it installed Zappo assure us that such problems will not be present in the release version CONCLUSION It's rare to come across a product that's reasonably priced, does its job well and has
no major faults. The Archos CD drive is one ol them, and by god it works!
It's very compatible with the CD32, and supports the joypad Just as good, but by no means as impressive. Is its ability to play quite a lew CDTV titles and other Amiga CO ckscs CDPD etc It does what some said was impossible, and does it long belore Commodore has released its own version This is one product that's going to sell like hot cakes. ® THE ALTERNATIVES See page 119 ol this issue lor a full run down on CD drives planned for the A1200.
ZAPPO INDI £199 A500B A500. El A600 A1200 H At 500H A2000HI A3D00 Q AAOOOH Indi, 1 RingWay Industrial Estata, Eastern Avenue, Lichfield, Staffs WS13 7SF.
Tel: 0543 419 999 EASE OF USE ????????????% expensive qiven comparative prices on the PC EFFECTIVENESS ???????????!% FLEXIBILITY ???????? ??!% INNOVATION ???????? ??*% A must have product lor 1200 owners.
Evesham I A500 HARD DISKS bt*Ui-«MMal0M price " |[ Reteielice
A SCSI HARO DtSK MECHANISMS for optimum performance. Iasi
Access Time 6 AuKparking T Ircludos SCSJ THBOUGHPORT at roar
for furmor exponson
* COCt.... by popular demand, we have lilted a Cocftng Fen!
Ft GAME SWITCH stows Games to be Kaded without deconne ft Hgh quaity metal casing, cokiur and style matched to the Amiga 500 ft Opocn icr up lo 4MB addAonal easy RAM EXPANSION, using 5 ft Compatible Wth Reterenca Add-On Hard D*v* and Rmemnco RAM unit ft Ircludos its own DEDICATED PSU CBM recommends against use ol Hard Disks without independent power supply ft Ircludos HD Sotup 3' (oxtomal SCSI o. level formal and partition utf ity) and MRBACKUP PRO (bodup ublrtyi 40Mb model 100Mb model fc 84% £219.99 £249.99 asin Winner of all .&*. Customer Service 2 JnTsl related categories ' 0 in the 'PC
Direct Hits Awards' for '93 & '94 RETAIL SHOWROOMS Normal Opaning ttmas: Mondor+akrtey. *004*0 Evesham tr 0386* 765500 Birmingham IT 021« 446 5050 Credit card order* ri J r | ,1 Jj JJ1 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT.
Government, Education and PLC o All products covered by 12 Months Warranty.
MAIL ORDER 1 uona -Fnaay. 9.00 • 7.00; E TkhnM support (Mpp-Fri, Ifl.fl Dept. CUAM, Unit 9, St Ric Road, Evesham, Worcs WR1 Call us now on ® 0 A500 8Mb RAM UNIT Reieiepce Incorporating the latest ‘ZIP' DRAM technology, our External Memory Upgrade allovrs the A500 A500* to be upgraded by up to a further t 8Mb of auto-configuring X, FASTRAM.
O ft RAAI access LEO ft RAM test'nn switch ft Usee 1Mb 4*12IPS ft Style malchod to tho A500 ft Very kr» power consurrptOn ft Throughpori lor lurthor expansion ft Optional PSU (allows Amiga to power other devices) ft AvaHablo titled with 2Mb 4fA). Or Iriy pcpjlatod with 0Mb ft Ccmpatbte with A590 and moat other SCSI Hard Drrees ipSease call to chock)
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* POA or PlCC FPU compaifcie ¦ft Snrpte trapdoor instalaaoi ft
On-board real lime dock ft Includes RAM cndH switch I nil with
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Addition of further dm-. -*-« - ONLY £52.99 ASOQRfphs Fuly ccmpobde. With 1Mb unforma tied capacity.
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ONLY £14.99 Kickstart 13 ROM suppled separately onty C »¦ Kickstart 2.0 ROM suppled separate y only £39 ¦ A500 Revision 5 PCB Modiltcatlon Service E 2*1 A500 512k RAM UPGRADE ft COMPACT. ULTRA-NEAT DESIGN ft CONVENIENT ON t OFF MEMORY SWITCH ¦
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' *v -» I ,,cc nD - exreoeirq ictr ir ie-iglhi.
VP® ONLY £47.99 MEGA0OARD neecB Kickstart t .3 » coerata (KKksfar. 1 3 up
a. eiubie frcm us for E29.9S) kwtaeon requres comscton GARY chp
Easy * lolo- rgf-cnye pxmdw
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2Mb! Ft Plugs no trap door area. & corrects »D GARY' chip ft
Ircludos Beaory- Backed Real-True Cttck 9 Sxketvd RAM Ics on
$ 12K1l* Verscrs ONLY £73.99 Unpopulated RAM board with
dock----------£ 34.*
N. B The expansion board reouree Kickstart i 3ko operate
Kickstart 1.3 upgrade available Irom us lev £29.96 A50Q+ 1Mb
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Compos uni sire ¦ CnyBo.
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Suppleo wrih Oaatascan Prot.s.lon.l Verso. 3 scarring andedeng soltware.
Aiowe realtime acanNng n either Ine an cr in up lo 64 simulated grey scales Provxics pcrwedul edong features and excetent compaibity with most DTP and Pamt Packages, eg. Dokixe Paint 4. Torch-Up.
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R a. Plugs irVo rrcuso or (oystd. Port. Supor smooth i accixate • ytu probably wont war* to use a mouse as after using thia Trackball! Full o , handed control. Top quality ot mechanca dnsijn gvtng r L B| speed ard apsjrAcy ever, ii ONLY £29.95 A5Q0 POWER SUPPLY Genune Ccurmodo-e Amiga A500 typa repacemenl Power Supply Unit. Gccd quaiiy 'snitch mode typo. Siptir low pnee’ ONLY £39.95 Replacement Power Supply lor AS90 Hard Dsk ....-£ 49 PRINTERS Star LC 100 Erpy level 9-Pln Colour. 4 fonts ....C11ASS Star LC 24-100 24-Pln. 5 lonta.
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0 fonts. 00-sheet teoder IBM and Epson emulation ...... C233 S3 Epson LX400 budget 10" carriage 9 rt 10(V25cpa .£139.00 ONLY £48.99 The KX-P2123 offers quiet operation, coour Super Letter Quaity • piinrnvj end extensive pace- M .
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PIN Diamond Printhead high qualify output ONLY £186.83 ZY-FI
T Simply Piugs itto me ABOO* trap door e«par«ion area H Increases total RAM capacity of A0OO to 2Mb ChpRAM
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Ipi ACTIVE SPEAKERS I Your Amiga produces *ne quaity hi-n
stereo sound Enjoy quatty stereo sound reproduction ro me fut
with the new design twin speaker system!
IrKorporates a buR-tn ampHtor wen separate ad.ustablo vdume ccntrds for each speaker unn. Spe»ter Dimensions 160*95’ 105mm HxWkD ONLY £34.08 ZY-FI PRQ SPEAKERS EXPERIENCE NEW LEVELS OF AUDIO PERFORMANCE WITH THIS NEW PROFESSIONAL TWIN SPEAKER SYSTEM.
Thoso versatile, power II , _ A ampined speakers laittvuiy f B repuxluce a nch e pressi « s n *-oi '•*«* .I mm B Amiga user Toalu.es I W “ ¦ lSW'Channel. Bun-in power I B ampifier wrth volume oontrol, I
• j r Je basslrebla controls, and i k ' * - detachable stands.
Speaker I Qmansmns 20Q f 4Q» 130mm (HxWtO) I ONLY £57.58 Virus
Protector tits to last drive in system.
Protecting si «rves _.... Amiga 500 Dual Cover Amiga 600 Dust Cover CLEARANCE ITEMS A600 A600 Epic Pack A600 with 60Mb hard disk CBM64 Monitor | 100Wb Add-on SCSI Hard Disk IP'SW backs on » A590) ..... I A500 4Mb RAM Upgrado Trackball Zy-Fi Amplified Stereo Speakers MIDI Interface .. Rocgen Genlock Plus ..... VIDl Amiga Indudrtg VIDt-Chrome...... VIDI Chrome . VIDt-RGB Splitter ... ICD SCSI 2080 Home Accounts 2 Mavis Beacon
Typing tutor Panasonic KX-P2123 Colour primer Citizen Svritt 200 Colour printer Epson LG100 printer .. Turn yourself into a goggle-eyed gibbering wreck with a couple of new videos. Tony Horgan cracks out the Lucozade and popcorn.
X-MIX 2 If you caught the Acid Video feature in our June issue, you'll already have had a taste of X-Mix
2. Although we included some stills from Ihe video, due to a
cock-up, the story on its producers never got to print, so
here it is.
Responsible for some of the most original and varied acid videos, Studio K7 is based in Berlin, Germany. You’re guaranteed a good cross-section of the current trends in dub visuals with their releases, as they advertise worldwide for computer animators to submit work for inclusion on forthcoming tapes. So far. This concept has lead to the release of three 3-LUX videos, and now two X-MIX tapes. The latest, X-MIX 2, has re-introduced a lot of the chaotic variety that was missing from the X-MIX 1 tape, with all kinds of effects and animations lo keep you occupied.
The Amiga interest comes from, among others. Alternative Image, who have supplied more ot their slick ray- traced dreamscapes, and also from the well-known PD animator Tobias Richter, who has rendered a good few minutes of 24-bit space battles in his popular style Most of the 60 minutes are filled with crisp 3D animations, generally slanting towards abstract sdence fiction As usual, Studio K7 have got a top DJ to provide a continuous soundtrack to the whole thing.
This time it's Laurent Gamier, who spins an hour's worth of tunes from the likes of Kenny Larkin, Dave Angel, Carl Craig and Rhythim is Rhythim.
The overall style is minimal repetitive house and techno. For anyone who’s seen the previous Studio K7 tapes, this is more of the same high quality audiovisual trance material, and comes recommended to all armchair spaceheads.
Available from: Alternative Image, 6 Lothair Road, Leicester, LE2 7QB. Tel: 0533 440041.
Price: £13.00 Including P+P.
VIDEO REVIEWS INTRUSION - EAT STATIC There's not a single ray-traced ball to be seen in this one. Whereas X-Mix 2 comes across as a premeditated, finely cratted product. Intrusion is more of a spontaneous lucky bag brimming with video clips and graphics.
Sections from most of the best recent PD demos have found their way onto the tape, including loads of tunnels and plasma effects.
These are spliced together with various other video footage, including some film taken from live Eat Static performances from the MegaDog night at London s Rocket dub.
Eat Static provide nine tracks of their uniquely abrasive dance music, including the likes of Shiva Unleashed. Gulf Breeze. Forgotten Rites. Abduction, Squirm. Kalika.
The Beast Within, Warp Spasm and Prana.
It’s good to see someone still knocking out videos like this, full ot energy and life, without succumbing to the popular notion that computer graphics has to mean 24-bit ray-traced animations. This is rough, and at times amateur
- looking, but it's much more hard-hitting and exciting than the
competition. Top one.
Available from: All HMV and Virgin Megastores £10.99. AMIGA repairs Repairs undertaken to Amiga 500 computers at 144 95 inclusive of parts, labour, VAT and return postage packing Commodore registered for full technical support Computers repaired in the quickest possible time All machines will be overhauled with a full soak-test to ensure optimum reliability Entrust your machine to the experts, full 90 day warranty Repairs to disk drive and keyboard also included (extra charge possible if found to need complete replacement!
Repairs to other Commodore systems undertaken - ohone for details Upgrades and expansions supplied and fitted - phone for derails £44.95 COLLECTION SERVICE AVAILABLE To take advantage ol this exceptional offer. Simply send or hand deliver your computer to our workshop complex, address details below, enclosing this advertisement voucher, payment, fault description, return address, along with your daytime and evening telephone number and we will do the rest.
Should you require Group 4 Security return delivery, simply add S5.00 to the repair charge.
Electronics Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton Bedfordshire LU4 8EZ Tel 0582 491949 (6 lines) (We ffwtvr the right to reject machines »hkh. W o*f opMon. At beyond rep**- NonrW charge app«e») CHK yjhiu Cris feiill gJGXaXii w&mm j CREDIT CARD (0923] 894355
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Covering everything trom floppies to hard disks, with Ram. RAD and CD-Rom drives inbotween, this book explains how lo install software properly to run on hard disks, repair damagod disks and recover lost files with essential back-ups. It also explains the principles of how devices work and how to use and program from them Amiga Gamer’s Guide by Dot Skngsby. £14 95. Isbn 1-873308-16-7.
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Postcode.. Since Commodore announced the launch of their CD1200 we’ve heard from numerous companies all of whom will be launching their own versions. With all these peripherals coming out, no one really seems to know what’s happening with the future of CD technology on the A1200.
Andy Leaning investigates to find out who is doing what.
For a long lime now A1200 owners have wanted lo conned a CD-ROM drive lo their system and to be able to play CD32 games on their A1200 as well.
For months, CU AMIGA has been talking to Amiga developers and Commodore on your behalt to get them to release such a produd. And in our June issue we exclusively revealed how, much to the indignation ol a certain other Amiga mag.
Commodore would be launching their own model.
Since then, several ol the biggest names in the Amiga market have jumped on the bandwagon and revealed their own models.
In lad, so many companies have announced CD type products lor the At 200. It’s now pretty contusing lo try and ligure out who's doing what and when Here we present the definitive guide to what the tuture has in store tor Amiga 1200 CD- ROM technology INDI ZAPPO The first A1200 CD drive to be released is the Indi Zappo CD-ROM drive. This, like the other two third-party drives looked at here, attaches to the At 200 via the PCMCIA intedace - it seems someone does read my 'over the edge' column alter all!
It's based around a Sony double speed CD-ROM drive mechanism, the Sony CDU33A and provides a double speed drive with a transfer rate ol 300K per second.
Indi daim that the Zappo drive will work with nol just multimedia and Amiga PO discs, but will also play most CD32 games The problem here is that the CD32 contains a custom chip, the Akiko chip, which is used by various games. Without this chip such games may not work. The approach taken by Indi, Commodore and Silica is to include software emulation ol the chip which tools games into thinking the chip is there, even it it isn't - cralty huh?
The Indi drive also includes all the drivers (the software which controls the drive) it needs on board in ROM, thus negating the need to upgrade the Amiga ROM first - see the Commodore drive A lull review ol the Zappo drive is on page 115.
AMITEK The next model available will apparently be Irom Amitek. Amitek were still working on their product as this text was written, so the final details could vary, but it is known that the specifications ol Ihe drive will be very similar in specification to the Indi Zappo drive, ft too is likely to be a PCMCIA device wilh Akiko emulation and based around a Mitsumi CD drive mechanism.
ALFADATA The third and last third-party CD-ROM upgrade drive is Irom AllaData. This unit is slightly different Irom Ihe others in that it isn't a complete solution, ie interface and CD-ROM drive, but rather just a CD-ROM PCMCIA interface lor the A1200. II provides an interface lor the low cost range ol Mitsumi CD-ROM drives, both single speed and double speed. Mitsumi drives are available with prices starting Irom just over £100 - try Silica on 081-309 1111.
COMMODORE The Iasi model is Commodore s official A1200 CD ROM unit The CD1200 has internal space lor extra RAM, and should be lully compalibie with both CD32 games and some CDTV discs. In theory this model should be the best ol the lot, after all it anyone knows how to develop an Amiga CD- ROM DRIVE it should be Commodore But strangely enough the CD1200 has several major downfalls compared to its competitors.
First and foremost ol these problems is that the interface occupies the trapdoor slot. This means you won't be able to upgrade your Amiga with those juicy trapdoor expansions that are available
- such as accelerators, SCSI inlerfaces and RAM card. It's also a
chronic waste ol the A1200S only high-speed bus connector to
use it lor a slow stor age device such as a CD-ROM drivel Being
a trapdoor interface, compared lo the other PCMCIA peripherals,
also means that it is the most difficult dnve to lit.
Another problem is that to connect a CD-ROM drive to the A1200 you need the latest version ol Kickslan 3.1 existing Amiga owners will need lo upgrade first.
None ot the drives looked at here will be able to support the FMV card, and it's unlikely a solution will be lound to this problem In the near tuture. II you want to watch FMV films etc, you'll still have to buy a CD32.
Other than that problem, the CD1209- *90i.
Amitek and Indi models should all prove ideal it you want to play CDTV and CD32 games, access the PD CD discs and multimedia titles which are now appeanng The AllaData model is only suitable should you want to use the PD and multimedia applications.
So, I hope that cleared away the some ol the confusion that is surrounding the plethora of CD products that are being released onto Ihe market at the moment.
Stay tuned to CU AMIGA lor more inlormation about what’s hapjjening in the ever-changing world ol CD technology Si AlfaDala (Gasteiner): 081 345 6000 Amitek: All good Amiga dealers, try Silica Commodore 0628 770088 Indi 0543 419999 Silica 081-309 1111 i*i SOFTWARE TMI The King James Bible on disk It's Ihe hi-Tech BIBLE way Only €1000 t KJIU0-4. THE BIBI K ¦ •ay that * you can't copy somethng they'll Qtwe you your money beck OrOff' Now 04 95 XCE35-1. XCOPY. PRO.
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Features enhanced sound on 2 dnve Amigas Only €8.00 ALB3- CLF15-8. COLOUR FONTS WPR4-1. W FREE! !!
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BEGINNERS MMParey if you re new to CorrpiAer* Hen you may want lo ¦JtA.M.MJt.i.n.B competent 0n* C3 00 Tool manager wfl totally transform the wey you ua your Workbench Place snazzy one ekek buttons RDS3-1. RANDOM DOT STKREOGRVM Over 1000 Amaga game cheats Includes Adventures, Puzzle.
Ptatlormers & shoot ’em ups Ail run through an easy to use menu Only €900 different engines meSudtng Steam. Petrci A Four Stroks, fs your chance to sse exactly what happens inside an engine. Good eduoabonai Deluxe Part etc. Over 70 additional fonts are also suppled A very easy to use package. Don't miss It Pack pneca Only €7.00 nqne TmcqTC Only fV 00 ensures that you're sale from the 600* Amga viruses currently available Pack pnee only €4.00 Spreadsheet. DataBase.
[?J Spel Checker, and ccrrpMe “ j dtary system. AJ easy to uee *9 CrtyCIOOO will give you an excuee o to. Because you'll be too busy designing it Only €3 00 VIRUS KILLERS S If you want totes! Your Annas tu»y then The Engneefs K* w* sort you out. ¦ can test dnves.
Memory sound loystkA.
Mouee.edc.elc. Only €300 ¦v»; Lmk up rwo . FlBE ill | can use each others | 1 orn« « HD COMOV
- ¦ m aVl D ves etc ss • me. Ne'e
- K9 connected to your L mach.re Complete *«h instructions Only
€7.00 ? PNT7-3. PARNET SETUi* [""TTi Jd| I) That s nght. Over
- - Bb’ I Sr II u!,l,l'es 011 one 8'n‘" **k R W IT II includes
F1N7-3. FINANCE Frve of tho best menu makers available Includes
titles such as Menu Master3. Am.rage menu Perfect for all
budding cooks & chefs this disk contains 150 excellent recoee
lor you to try Run PCXT software on your Amga. Very easy lo use
and support* VGA graphics on a
• •• ij x MNU4-2. MENU TOOLS " i - Only €300 TTU3-1,203 UTILITIES
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Onfy £4.95 a box Hthe most professional Word searcher & crossword solver available on the Amiga. It features a dictionary of over 50,000 words and you can oven add your own if you wish.
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Only £9.00 ®z IO I res stuff.'
EDU9-4. KIDS EDUCATION A collection of easy to use tools for degrading your new A1200 so it will run most of the older Amiga games.
Only £4.00 If you’ve jus: gol your UTIS 4 -20C T»» " O music etc. pac* P'** C»5 00 AGA15-10, A1200 PACK. 1 If you've just gol your " efrt music etc. pac* P'** C»5 00 AGA15-10, A1200 PACK. 1 ] Possibly the best graphics I converters available 1 Convert between PCX, I IFF. Degas and loads I more. Convert from Ham j| 10 16. 32 or 64 colours etc. Only £5.00 . GFC5-2 GRAFTOC? CONVERTERS A collection of various hard drive tools for backing up. Formatting, copying fees, repairing bad sectors etc. An essential purchase.
Only £500 HD 15-2. HARD DRIVE TOOLS ? DEG5-2. A1200 DEGRADERS Epic Marketing, First Floor Offices, Victoria Centre, 138-139 Victoria Rd, Swindon, Wilts. SN13BU. Tel: 0793 490988 WIRBD WORLD SPBCIAL RBVIB As electronic communications continues to explode in popularity, the price of modems is falling all the time. Cybernaut John Kennedy looks at two of the most popular modems available.
As any Comms freak will fell you, there are two Important criteria when looking at modems - speed and reliability. Obviously, you'll want the fastest modem possible, as the greater the speed the less time you need to spend on-line and the less money you end up paying to British Telecom.
V!,mmvpoRTSTER ms***MODEM A good speed to aim for is 14.400 baud which is roughly about 1,400 characters per second Although there are faster modems available, there is still a little confusion over the proper standard for faster transfer rates (VFast or Turbo?). Rest assured that as soon as the next generation of 28K modems start to appear we'll be giving them a comparative review as well.
In the meantime, with the extra compression most modems use automatically, you can still reach speeds of 3,000 characters per second (cps) with a 14,400 baud modem sending plain ASCII text. Unfortunately, the built-in compression routines don't work if the file is already compressed, and so sending LHA or JPEG files will bring the speed back down to about 1500 cps. Bui because the amount of data being sent Is now much less, thanks to the high compression factor of LHA or JPEG lor example, sending precompressed files is still slightly faster than it would be sending an uncompressed file.
Both the Supra and USRobotics modems reviewed here have recently dropped in price, and both make excellent general purpose workhorses.
They'll be equally happy sitting at home working as a primary way of connecting your Amiga with FidoNet, or getting the latest PD software and information from local bulletin boards.
They are also perfect tor connecting to the growing number of Internet access 'Points of Presence’, and as most ot these commercial systems operate at a maximum speed ol 14,400 baud anyway. Ihere is no need to spend more getting a faster system.
In the office, these modems will also work as very efficient fax machines, although you will need some extra software (such as the latest release ot the superb GPFax, reviewed in the June 1994 Issue of CU AMIGA) Systems Operators (Sysops) of Bulletin Boards will probably invest in faster modems (helped by the generous sysop discount schemes), but for the average user, for whom Comms is a hobby rather than a way ol life, these little boxes, reviewed over the next few pages, are more than adequate.
Although the Sportster is also available in the guise of a 2400 baud FAX modem, the low price ol this unit makes it well worth the extra 270.
Visually, it may look like a stylophone alarm dock-radio combination, but beneath the sleek, purplish, plastic exterior lurks a very reliable piece of comms technology. Older modems I have used would occasionally fail to connect, but when I upgraded to the Sportster I never once suffered a bad connection. This sort of dependability makes the Sportster a perfect choice for the beginner.
The manual, too, Is superb, and although it can't be denied that there is a heavy PC bias in the bundled software and documentation, even a total newcomer to Comms will have no problems getting the Sportster working.
The only disadvantage used to be the limitation of Class 1 FAX standards - which basically meant getting Amiga software to use it as a fax machine was difficult.
However, although there are rumours of an American Class 2 modem, Ihe best Amiga fax software, GPFax. Has been updated to work perfectly with all Sportsters.
What is there to say against this modem?
Nothing - if you want to start exploring the information super highway you won't do better.
There are two versions of the Supra FAX modem, a full' version and an 1C' version. The LC version is practically identical to the full version excepl it doesn't have dual segment LED display and Class 2 compatibility.
The full' version is the one under test, and, once again, this is an excellent modem. In a more traditional metal oblong casing, the normal bank of status LEDs is supplemented with a green two- digit display, and very smart it is too.
Sending faxes is easy, and the Class 2 fax standard means your choice of fax software is a bil wider. There were no problems with this modem either, although I missed the Sportster's volume control. The input for a microphone at the rear of the unit, and the capability of upgrading the internal firmware, offers the possibility of using the Supra to create voice mail system I wait in hope Viifp CONCLUSION Which modem you eventually buy could depend on which is currently in stock when you order, there is very little difference in their specs, I have to admit to owning the Sportster and using
it everyday, but a colleague uses the Supra and often We re both convinced we have the best value-tor-money modems. 3 Reach the top with.
Tutorials a book and manual)....Of excellent tgram)..."AMIGA USER INTERNATIONAL- MICROSP : JARGON Baud A measure of data transfer The terms Bits per Second (BPS) or Characters per Second (CPS) are generally more accurale.
Bulletin Board System (BBS) A computer system acting as a central information and mail swopping sys tern. These are usually voluntary-run By enthusiasts, who want to provide a worthwhile service to Ihe local Comms community. Many are part of the Fidonet system.
BPS (Bytes Per Second) Equivalent to miles per hour, specifies how much data is transferred per second The higher the number the better.
24 Programs 1 Real speech 1 Graphics Adventure Gamel Talking Cartoon etc " 1 24 Programs 1 Real speech 1 Business letter generator (1 Mb) etc. ' | 24 Programs l Real speech 1 Graphics adventure game i Business letter generator (I Mb) etc. MICROENGUSIUByear iCS j 24 Programs 1 Spelling i Punctuation 1 Grammar 1 Literature etc. ",TGH* MICRO SCIENCE Physics, Ltwmlsrty. Biology 18 years - CCSF.) | 24 Programsl Tuition. 1 Practical experiments 1 Learning by pictures 1 Advenutre game 1 Mb) etc MICRO MATHS (II years-GCSE) | ( fopj«ii«') Electronic Mail (email) A message in eleclronic form (like a
text tile on disk) which can be sent la anyone with a suitable eleclronic mail address. Users of the Internet and Fidonet alt have Email addresses.
FidoNet (tido) A world wide, Iriendly and Iree network ol amateur bulletin board systems InterNet (The NET) The network ol networks'. Thousands of computer sites Ihe world over are connected together via the Internet. Anyone with a computer and modem can gain access lo the Internet (although they may have to pay a small monthly lee for the privilege).
£5 OFF TOTAL FOR 2 COURSES. £19 OFF’ FOR 3. £17 OFT FOR 4 (Fror all Amiga* New! Now for A4000 (•All appropriate LCL Courses are National Curriculum compatible & run on almost all Computer.i £24.99 per course. Cheques or P.O. pajabtc to “LCL” NO NEED TO PHONE AROUND - We are always in stock.
LCL (DEPT CU) THAMES HOUSE. 73 BLANDY ROAD. HENLEY-ON THAMES. OXON RG9 1QB Phone 0491 579345 & it will be sent within 24 hours Modem A piece of electronic hardware which converts computer data to and Irom eleclronic tones suitable for transmission via the normal telephone network Points of Presence (PoP) A service company will sell access to the Internet by providing a Pop lor you to dial up with your Comms software.
Systems Operator (Sysop) The person in charge of a bulletin board SPEED TEST To lest the speed ol these modems we sent the same large compressed graphics tile. The results being: Transfer time Characters per second (higher value is beller) Supra
3. 22 1560 Sportster
3. 33 1552 Time in minutes and seconds.
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Price £12.95 Postpaid Fast despatch under plain cover MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not 100% delighteo with CONTACT 18 Simply return remainder withm 30 days for a yi refund-No questions asked 24 HR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE P] 0534 61 71 81 GKS RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY.
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PC GAMES looks good, tastes good and by gum! it does you good. It’s quite literally jam-packed with top stuff, such as the completely EXCLUSIVE first review of THE CHAOS ENGINE, as well as in-depth analysis of THEME PARK, PACIFIC AIR WAR. THE SETTI and dozens more games besides.
And, as if all that wasn't enough, there are amazing previews of SCAVENGER 4, CREATURE SHOCK and PROJECT-X, comprehensive playing VIII, MYSTand BENEATH A STEEL SKY, a simple-to- follow guide to buying and installing a soundcard and ooh! loads more.
And let’s not forget as If we could the two high-densi- ty disks affixed so firmly to the cover, bearing totally exclusive and fully-playable demos of ZOOL 2 and COOL SPOT.
Did you spill my port?” Star LC24 30 6 5 42 Following last month’s test of the Citizen ABC and the Seikosha SL96 printers, Andy Leaning tries out a third model, the Star LC24-30.
A500+ I A20DD I A600 I A3000 ( A500 1 A1500 I OVERALL Star has a very respectable reputation in the Amiga market. For a long time now it has been producing solid, reliable printers at attractive prices. Its 24-pin dot matrix model follows in this tradition.
The LC24-30 is a colour 24-pin model, supporting three emulations (Epson LO, Nec 24 and IBM Proprinter), is slightly more difficult to use than both Citizen and Seikosha models reviewed last month, mainly due to poor and confusing legends on the buttons.
Paper feeding is simple, with the printer taking care of pulling the paper through and loading it ready for printing. In the tests we carried out it handled a variety of paper weights well and had a general feeling that it would more than likely stand up to a battering as well.
In fact, for reliability and strength, it looks and feels well made. During the course of the review we gave it a battering, and really tried our hardest to break it, really we did. But it took everything we chucked at it!
1 terms ot output quality our judg- j panel considered the Star printer to produce good quality print, although graphics output was generally considered to be a touch on the light side, with one panel member finding the output faint.
Banding problems that have been seen in other printers were impressively not that obvious, although when they did show they were severe.
For speed it performed admirably, being faster than the Citizen ABC but a touch slower than the Seikosha. About one second slower for the entire series of tests!
A TESTING TIME CU AMIGA now has a bench test program to check compatibility, and printing speed.
We also check print quality, by passing a sample of the printer output in front of five different users and asking them to grade the output, before then averaging out their total scores.
This serves as a yardstick to provide a statistical figure, which with the score from the judging panel is then used to evaluate towards the overall CU AMIGA score.
CONCLUSION For home use the Star is, without doubt, a very capable colour and black white printer, and for office use it is probably of some use, although not for serious work. Working alongside Dpaint, Brilliance, PageStream etc at home however we have no problem in recommending it.
THE ALTERNATIVES Cifizen ABC 24-pin Colour dol mafrix pnnfer.
86% Reviewed in July 1994.
Seikosha SL96. Same as the Citizen model.
89% Review in July 1994.
TESTS For a full explanation of the tests CU AMIGA now checks printers with, please refer to the printer review in last months issue, July 1994.
TEL: (0494)471111 VALUE FOR MONEY A bit expensive compare EFFECTIVENESS Good all-round choice FLEXIBILITY Colour, black and while INNOVATION Nothing innovative lor p TEST RESULTS Test Print Quality for Text Print Quality For Graphics Speed Result STAR LC24-30 A1200 I A4000 • 87% A respectable product ® from a respectable company.
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?3073 FRIENDS OF PAULA 1 4 More Great F.O.P. Modules ?3070 FRIENDS OF PAULA 5 More Musak tor Paula Fans
* INFINITY lice Plazma Cycle Demo (AB) SEVEN SEAS SS j Gothic
Fantasy Slides lUTION SLIDES 2 jnt Raytraced Artwork 3 CD 1 650
MB Of Music S GFX 8 £17.99 ? 75p PSP ir 650MB Ot Music.
I anims £19.99 +75p PSP I 600K Music Mod' D GUNS MUSIC The Best Ever Musak I (AB) THE MIDNIGHT HR composition 17 BIT CD's 17 BIT COLLECTION (DISKS 1 & 2) Over 1700 Disks From Our Own Library From Disk 1 lo 2300 £34.99 . 75p PSP 17 BIT CONTINUATION (DISK 3) Bring Your Collodion Up To Disk 2800 Nol To Mention The Entire Assassins Games Collection To 140!
Includes A Menu & Full File Search For Disks 1.2. 83! £19.99 . 75p PSP Our CD's Are Ideal For Those Who Want A 'Broader Spedrum Ot PD Titles BITS N BATS EDUCATIONAL ?3117 RUNEMASTER V1.05 RuneStone Tutorial ?3102 G.C.S.E. Maths Ideal lor Helping With Revision DISK II DISK 1 Kids Stash Compilations S OTP V2.6 to The Popular DTP ?3017 ILLUSIONS Art Package. Great!
DTP EXTRAS Pics Etc For kids DTP PAINT Prog tor young kids SMARTY PAINTS tor Kids. Preview Ver.
DISK 3 DTP tor Kids.
)) TOME OF MYTHS all about those Myths BACK TO SCHOOL 3 Educational Progs!
X3115 MECHANETIX Space Robot Orientated Slides X3076 (AB) BODYSHOP 7 More AGA Glamour Girlies X3075 (AB) BODYSHOP 6 Well Popular AGA Glamour Pics X3060 (AB) NIGHTBREED 3 More top Quality AGA Pics X3004 (AB) SHAD ART SLIDES Superb Hand DrawnS Traced pictures Ferrari & Misc objects X2977 MC ESCHER SUDES
S. Show Of Mind Bending Images X2959 JPM’S AGA PICS 5 X2958 JPM'S
JPM'S AGA PICS 1 Most Ot The Images on The Above Disks Are Ot
The Fantasy Art Genre All In 256 Colour.They Look Superb On
AGA Machines!
X2931 (AB) SCAN IS LAME Superb AGA Hand Drawn Pics!
X2896 ERIKA (AGA) Erika Eleniak In 256 Colours!
X2863 (AB) BODY SHOP 6 More Basking Beauties!
X3142 BRAIN STATE IN A Alter Many Requests!..... X3127 FRIDAY AT 8 AGA Nice Effects. Good Demo X3104 COMPLEX "REAL" AGA Superb New AGA Demo X3091 FATAL MORGANA AGA Groovy AGA Ostrich Demo!
X3046 (AB) BIG TIME SENSUAL 2 Disk AGA Extravaganza!!
X3016 FAIRLIGHT FULL MOON Superb. Faklight Do It Again.
X3015 NOXIOUS: Demo Titled "Beyond Belief X3014 (ABC) INNESTATION Present Ray World. Excellent.
X2934 VOLCANO AGA Colours Bobs sounds, its all here!
X2933 (AB) COMPLEX "ORIGIN" One of the best AGA Demos Yet!
X2932 SMELLS LIKE CHANEL 5 Excellent Production from ARISE X2930 XANADU - EXPLICIT II Another worthy AGA Presentation X3020 SWERVE AGA *1 Superb Robot Orientated Slides X2975 (AB)CHANNEL Z ISSUE 3 AGA Owners Disk Mag!
X2964 MAD FIGHTERS Excellent Beat em Up Like B.Blow X2943 A1200 UTILIES Includes IntelOUt, NewMenu II ... X2939 AGA UTILS "3 X2938 AGA UTILS *2 X2937 AGA UTILS *1 Popular AGA Utils compilations M SC AGA Cor*. 0»«** 3200 Pvooram* Thai Cover EVERYTHING imagineaWe!
Games Oemos. Uws AppScations Mods Techr *t Ooce. 30 Objects The beta Enr*' ss'; Contents Are Archived!
Only £19.99 . 75p P8P SPACE S ASTRONOMY CO CvC' 1000 Superb 256 Colour Pics Ol Our Solar System A other Space Obtects. With Official NASA Texts That Date Back To 1962 £19.99 . 750 PSP On CD Then You Really Do Need This Just I About Everything On The Compilation Was I Released In The Last 18 Months! Also includes Demos Released AtTG 93 8 94 ' I C14.99 *75p PSP Don't Miss This Superb Compilation!
IETWORK CD & CABLE Connect Your CD32 To Your Amiga For Complete CD Access!
CD £14.99 CABLE £19.99 (CD Also Includes Fish To 975!)
CRAIG COLLINS PRESENTS.. The Imagine Video Collection *1 This 20 Minute Long Hi- Grade Video I Contains All Of Craig Collins Animation Works | To Date, Specially Enhanced With Digital Sound For This Unique Collectors Video.
Not Only Are All Craig's Previous Anims Such As Last Stand on Hoth, Mean CD Machines & | Speed Limit included, But 3 More Never Before Seen, MASSIVE Animations Created With gine, Especially For This Video Are The Main Attractions! These Are:- Soldier X, Tigris 3 & Aliens, The Survivors!
| II You Enjoyed "Space Wars'' You’ll Die ForThis!
Gel Yours NOW! £12.99 ? 75p P4P POSTAGE RATES BY PHONE (0924) 366982 BY FAX (0924) 200943 All Major Cards Including SWITCH I Please Add 50p For All| UK orders. Europe Please Add 10% Rest | ol World Add 20% of Total Value ol Order BY POST Please send Cheques PO's To;-: 17 BIT SOFTWARE 1ST FLOOR OFFICES, 2 8 MARKET STREET WAKEFIELD WEST YORKSHIRE WF1 1DH DISK PRICES I-10 Disks £1.50 Each II-20 Disks £1.25 Each 21 Disks or more £1.00 Each!
(AB) Etc Denotes Mutiple Disk Title 2 S-124 OgBandhaganff’ LICENCEWARE TITLES VIHAR ALLA CLR 1 disk. .45:- kr 2 disk set....60:- kr 3 disk set....75 kr
- Sound* Digital -uaV CD av A. BrirrMe.
Massor irec kanda Utar 7An Amtoaspd 149:
• Hobbita I Spaceship* av Bj»m Lynne 159: MontageNyskJva ''In
3»mLyr * ......169: F1 LICENCEWARE mad enaamritl I
1 disk ....59:- kr 2 disk set 75:- kr mmnKtO* SCENERY ANIMATOR 2.
BRILLIANCE ------ DELUXE PAWT AGA IMAGINE 2- IMAGE MASTER_________ RETINA 2MB _________ DC-TV --------- CALIGARI 24. ...... ALAD0IN 40....-...... PLAYMAHON ... REAL 3D CLASSIC.
OPAL VtSON V2.0. PIXEL 3D PRO 57900 34900
42. 600 .9800
27. 9CO .49.800 .119.000
78. 000
14. 000 ..27,900 ..77,000 ROCKEY CROMAKEY..... THE PERSONAL
.62.400 .72.800
139. 000
18. 900
IMPACT VISION 24- ..... VIDEO TOASTER AGA .... PERSONAL TBC ¦_ ..... MORPH PLUS VIDI-AMIGA 12 AGA ...... ..298.00 .229.000
39. 830 ..58.030 ¦A-KT-fX* gvp :ke»e sesi ccntrouer asm ».ko DVP
neve SCSI CCNT A4C03A2C00 27.8X B121UB 25' HARO DISK UNIT
A1200 .89.CCO 128MB 25' HARO DISK IMT ....65.00
B4MB2.S HARD DISK UMT A120X. ..49.0X pCWB 25" HARD »» UNIT
A1200 41.4CO kl05l SCSI ? H3 CONTRaiEP A4O350eOO VtstUTjIW
TEACH :lei3 home brew :LEI4 (3) ECOLOGY :LE15 FAST FRET 2
V2.0 :LE16 (2) HISTORY :lei7 thingamijig :LE18 WORK S PLAY
:LE19 PLAY IT SAFE :lE20 big TOP FUN :le2i jigmania :LE22
chess teacher :lE24 (3)SPEED RACING :LE25 CHORD COACH V3.1
- G34 (3)CYBERNET ¦G35 OG I .G36 RAW ¦G38 OUINGO V4.0
• G39 CYBALL 5
• G40 TRAX
AMFM 18 Latest Musicians Music Mag.
£2.50 Per Issue Or £4.50 If Purchased With Samples GRAPEVINE 19 THE ONLY AMIGA MAG TO READ!
4 Disk Issue £6.95 + 50p P&P Fresh Fish • Hundratals MB mad Irisha Amiga program varjeen till tvi minader.
Maj Juni tklvan innahdll lax diskar 976-1000. GNU C** kompilator. Program & kSllkoder. 128 MB mad and (.a nya Oh«? f m $ r lnrin! «a y mQQgV®a: Frozen Fish - Kommer ut varje 6-8 minader med arkiverad Innehil av ire lill fyra Fresh Fish- skvor. Ger dig Inte Ilea mSnga tOrmSner I term av exlra erbjudanden Irfin oss.
Pris i prenumeration 269:- CD Gold Fish - Dubbel CD mad Fish diskattar 1-1000 Klara att anvanda drekl Iran . CD n saml arkiverade I6r BBS_____________ Pria: 31S:- k ASM CORCM FS__________H900 PCMCIA 34BA8XA12OT V21IPGRADE IQT W.flOM _______19.800 SUM RAM 4MBNNS A4M 30K0 SUPER GEN GENLOCK. V21 UPGRADE KJT WO ROM 12.00 SUM RAM 4M6M9X CCPRO BOARD 2S.M) BA&LPaCXK A13M----- UULTISTAPTI SWTTCI€R 12.500 SUM RAM 8UBM8X CCPRO BOARD 538M VLAB24BT-------- EX1ERKA.2H3 ROW CURE A9XA2MC.24.503 DX3IV1EW MetXASTATCN ..29,400 CLOCK GOILOCK NTERNN 2H0 FLOPPY 0RNE A3XD .20.(00
CLARITY 16.. ... .29,400 A12FP00 SCSI A1200 NTERUH 310 R0PPY 0RVE A3XD 20.CO0 SUM32 4U6 RAM 68333 289M 1942OJADSVNCMCMT0R- BACKJPBUOOY FLOPPY DfiTVE 25.900 DSS8HUS-----------------------189(0 KITCHEN SYM3 ... TOSNBA12GK5 HARO MfVE 233.(00 UEGA MIX MASTER 99M EUREKA SCANNER 400PI. .
A600DX SET V2.004 A500 V1.3 1MB RAM A1200 V3.0 AGA A1200HD V3.0 AGA 85MB EESEl «mnu *£m:hhi EZDQKD A2000 V2.05.ECS A4000-03Q 5MB HD120MB *40X68040 6MB HD 120MB A3000430120 4MB KH;K«I»I«1 W?Ott s-9- U12340XA Ofi 39W A13» 7280 H30 2SM42 ASXA2C0} 58JM U123XAS 030 KU-x A2X0 89M YXU22»*RANFCflWL3C. ------43IMO GF0RCE W3 33A4&4MB A2C03......229.(0} OERNGER28MHZAXO 88400 G-FQRCE401M.48*A2030 '15Q» l€RCLR»35MM2A3XO 129M0 GRDRCE SMCMI* A2O30 .....153000 0ERIN3ER 93UMZ *4M8 -MATH CDA5K918M 58881 MATH CO 83AFO A1200 ....269M
B3M3A12M .....45(00 AI2X TLF03 A13C ...96.400 ASX
TURBO H312M11 IS 40M«2.....'54 (DO f CDTV CD32
• COPO 1, CDPO 2. COPO 3_________________
- Demo Collection i CM a»m»i P|CD1?. .. . .
- Demo Collection 2 Daree.c* 1(4 mdmm-----
- AmlnrtCO cro0.nittyQ. Uautfw mm (0).....
- Weird Science mrMa Baum AtrigtPC
• 17Bt Collection 0 «X*CO. INePOrM* (01
- Olga Posr iiM .n »tia iiM»« H«B)l ..
- Pendoia CO darMi nlntlgiTafiroagyam
• Robocod C032 IrcooninrtpMHtMepeCD
• Putball Fantasies CD32 aw bun
- DfCeneraOon CD32 - 30 mio0 eckn
- 17 Bit Coiectlon 2; m«*i it m m .
Atutdn Oama* 11 «l (red tew Ml ip*) rt
- Scar Amok Tvjty»jp(vw«i« ALIEN BREEO'QWAK CDJ2 (J M 1 Col|
MYHEII VIDEO C RE ATORCD32__________ Flera an dm eUvor Anna-
v.g. ring »6r elt Rv her Avon mtnga efclwor far PC CO JM
Pranumarora hoa oaa pi Frqsh Flah CD och fi upp till 10%
RABATT PA ANDRA CD:SI ?110 ¦W9B 9*Be»4-2?-IO TEL: 03-3837-8689
FAX: 03-3837-8218 ¦x=ob-*- AMAX II PLUS....- -..... ROM
EMPLANT DELUXE .. SYBILL --------- (PRICES QUOTED IN JAPANESE YEN) j AMOS PROFESSIONAL 14.803 SASC LATICE C V6.0 39.800 DEV PAC 3 16.903 a beautiful amigq life for you ...79.800 .227.330 ...27.600 Roll up, roll up! Tony Horgan dons his knotted handkerchief and rolls his trousers up to his ankles so he can wade in deep through the latest collection of PD demos, games and programs.
Animation video Craig Collins will be a familiar name lo all Amiga animation fans. He's been responsible lor some ol Ihe best 3D num lilms to appear in the public domain over Ihe past year, and now he's pul logelher a video tape ol all his work, plus some longer sequences that are exclusive to Ibis collection.
All ol Ihe animations were crealed primarily with Imagine, and include Last Stand on Doth, Dolphin Dreams. Mean CD Machines and Speed Limit. The best come alter these though, displaying some expert 3D modelling and animation This bloke should be making megabucks wilh Sleven Spielberg, and surely will be belore long.
Available Irom: 17 Bit Soltware. 1st Floor Offices. 2 8 Market Street.
Wakelield. West Yorks, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982. Price: E13.74 including P+P. 80% MINDFIELD music demo Mirdtieldstarts out really well. There's a clever simulation ol someone tuning in a TV set. Which leads into the main demo. A slab ol last moving breakbeat techno opens the proceedings, with some basic graphics (lashing on screen. Pressing the right mouse button brings up a list ol tunes, similar in style to the first, which are spread across the demo's three disks. Unfortunately, neither the music or the sound quality is up to much the samples are often distorted and scratchy, and the
loops run out ol time in places.
Available trom: Cynostic PD, Office 01, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry, Tel: 0203 681687. Disk nos.
00255a.b*c. Price: £4.00 including P.P. OG THE CAVEMAN Sie ol the belter examples ot a PD game. OG The Caveman is a prehistoric plattormer along the lines ol Chuck Rock and BC Kid. It's the usual story: leopard skin-dad caveman has unexplainable urge to run trom one end ot a honzontally-scrolling level to the other. Along the way are spikes, holes, and the all-important nasties. At certain points in the levels, you can pick up weapons to fight oft the scaly enemies. It’s all pleasant enough, and quite playable in a frustrating kind ol way. The graphics are nice and colourful too.
Available trom: Choice Software, 144 London Road, Hlghflelds, Sheffield. Tel: 0742 . PW.
555894. Disk no. G301. Price: £1.50 rA including P+P. BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD slideshow This sucks! Well. It would it it wasn't a Beavis and Butthead slideshow. The quality ot the digitised pc tures is pretty ropey the tuzzy low resolution grey scale grabs aren't the best advert tor the Amiga's graphical powers. However, we all like Beavis and Butthead here at CU AMIGA, so ttus was all that was needed to get the whole office saying things like 'That was cooT, 'Dumbass1' and
• Hu hu hu hu huhu.' Tor the rest ot the day What a sad bunch eh?
Available from: Freestyle PD, 108 Woodslde Way, Short Heath, Wlllenhall, West Midlands, WV12 5NH. Price: £1.50 Including P+P.
AUTOMOBILES 1.0 gam« It you can't get enough ot Skidmarks, maybe this will ease your passion for a bit of olt-road racing.
It's a quire blatant copy ol the top racing game from Acid software, but the main difference here is that all the tracks are contained In a single screen. The cars are even smaller than in Skidmarks they're tiny, but at least it gives you a bit more room on the little tracks.
There's an almost complete lack ol sound, apart from a little dick when you land after a lump. Some rewy engine noises would help. As it Is.
Automobiles is a bit ot a non event Maybe It it gets updated tram version 1.0 it could be worth a look.
Available from: Cynostic PD, Office 01, Little Heath Industrial Estate. Old Church Road, Coventry. Tel: 0203 681687.
Disk no. G0200. Price: £2.00 TTk Including P.P. V GRAVITY FORCE 2 game This isn’t jusl another Thrust clone. It's a two- player version of the old Asfero ds-with-gravity game, and not a bad one at that. There are plenty of different levels to keep you interested, as you thrust around the landscapes and mazes, taking pot shots at each other with your nose-mounted machine gUns. One devious twist in the game is the way your bullets are attected by the gravity, so it's quite possible to shoot yourself by accident - send a flurry ot lead up into the air, and it's likely to come raining down on you
a few seconds later!
Good fun.
Available from: Cynostic PD, Ottice 01, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry. Tel: 0203 681687. Disk no.
G0194. Price: £2.00 Including P+P.
FIENDTALE comic slideshow Something different and original! It’s a comic book that's been drawn and scripted, then digitised and put on a disk as a slideshow. The artwork is brilliant real professional quality stuff, and the digitising is clean enough to do it justice. The story is a speculative tale of what might happen if this deviant professor unleashed his mind control gas onto the public. Not much of a story, but well worth a look for the artwork alone.
Available from: 17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Offices, m Market Street. Wakefield. West Yorks, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982.
Price: £2.00 including P*P. *'
- ~ " I A Ch£*-cAl. ... CUZCO GAME OF THE AGA demo They must have
had Ihe contrast knob right up on the monitor when they wrote
this demo. Half of it looks as if your screen is covered in a
layer of dust.
By the way, that title might be wrong - it’s a bit hard to tell these days with all those fancy logos.
As for the demo itself, it's a fairly brief collection of pleasant effects: a phong-shaded vector, some fast texture-mapped 3D objects, a bitmap zoom-rota- tion and a fractal zoom.
Available from: Cynostic PD, Office 01, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry. Tel: 0203 681687.
Someone sent me a compilation disk which included a program called Virus Maker (intended for putting viruses on disks). What a prat.
GALAGA DELUXE 2.0 game and a hall. Like most PD games, it’s a rip off from an old coln-op. Space Panic in this case. You play Dr Strange, a mad professor type, who’s invented an evolution machine. Unfortunately, his slobbering assistant Igor presses the wrong button, sending the machine haywire. Masses ol disgusting little blohhy monsters are released, and start having a riol in the castle. Pulling out your pickaxe from under the bed, you set otf lor a night ol murderous blob-squishing.
It plays just like Space Panic. To kill the nasties. You need lo dig a hole in the floor, and wait lor them to tall in. Before they can climb out. You hack them to pieces with your pick-axe. This is actually quite a cute game.
The graphics are excellent, from the cartoon intro, to the lovely little sprites and detailed backdrops. The sound effects are good too. With metal clangs, squelches and whines trom the little monsters. This is definitely Ihe best PD game ol the last lew months.
Available from: 17 Bit Software. 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street. Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 2DH. Tel: 0924 3B6982. Disk no.
3151. Price: £2.00 including P.P. music demo You cannot be
serious! We've had some “alternative’’ music demos in the
PD postbag before, but this one takes the biscuit, and
dunks it in a big mug of cold cocoa. Get this:
“Afefro rnkwas inspired by the opening, in 1992, of a new
light railway system in Manchester'. Phew, I thought it was
just me that got excited about public transport.
The best bit, nestling among the cheesy Kraftwerk-style synth burbles, is the catchy chorus: ¦Driving through Ihe city streets, sleek white trams on rails of steel, Metrolink. Climb aboard and take a ride!" It's like Rod Jane and Freddy on your Amiga!
What next, an anthem for the London Underground, or maybe a theme tune for the Hastings to Brighton bus service? We can’t wait for the follow-up!
Available from: 17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Offices, 2.8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 2DH. Tel: 0924 366982.
Disk no.3126. Price: £2.00 including P+P. * Uk game The best PD shoot 'em up to appear for a while.
Galaga Deluxe is a conversion of the coin-op of the same name. It’s a pretty good copy of the old zapper. Even if the game itself is just Space Invaders with knobs on.
The only irritating thing is the way you need to get power ups just to accelerate your ship to anything above a snail’s pace. Once the ship has a bit of speed up, it plays fine. You also get the choice of a good Enigma-style soundtr k (with that Soul II Soul beat).
UndtrMk (w 4 or some nice bleepy sound effect|. M Recommended to to zap fans.
Auriil-iKIn frnm ('irrmdil' PD • Available from: Cynostic PD.
Office 01. Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road. Coventry. Tel: 0203 681687 Disk no. G0202.
Price: £2.00 80”.
Including P+P.
• To order Public Domain software, simply send your name, address
(WRITTEN CLEARLY) | and your order details. Eg. Disks code
numbers and I title namevSRemember that prices are per disk and
Overseas ordors Uss ine ab0u8 then no1, T , , if,„P*rllcula'
"0,,“ . Wl,h add 20% ol that lolal, to covet the extra multiple
d, k wlcs.*UK Postage and packing at oosuge costs. Thank you,
75p covers any order size.»Make sure you send the correct sum
of money, otherwise your order cannot be processed. «For
detailed programme descriptions on these and thousands of more
PD titles, check out our catalogue disks.
BHB G282 MEGABAIL AGA • Superb adanok a odoura A real guaMy gerre by ony « G288 NUMERIX Excetoni Kara game «x • ptayora A hybrid ol Toms Domroa. And Soe G27327* (2 OISKS) STARBASI 13 • Sc ‘ graphr eeNenKre Lhas pent ox) *ck nM a by such gamos Iko Mx*ey Islorel 72 CHESS GAMES ? Very wet program- os games QMI Croat -NO' A’, - ore I dot ai Amge s). Inoudos 10 tc© Chao* c . Lo Pay succrehii Chee.
0280 BLACK DAWN - » parapaetoe dnp BOU rwlw V PmraE* pa bUeing gom* Btlliyni certare spdee G2CO FIGHTING WARRIORS 1 or 2 p*y» 1,4c AMIGA SYSTEMS CHECKERS - SjIo o* Unga syeMm pedcnronce toetera and dagnretc Ut 12 AMOS WORD SOU ARE SOLVER - Locdo thcae ®usr»* wends.
QOLFSCORE • Go* scene cBtabne Keep XhOensed rexird d your reeuta U7 GHOST WRITER - Intro dsn* wrtar. Also M your own musk modules.
BROWSER * - S orb drectoy uM«y For rsnUBitng t*a Ble. Edub* pul dorm menus UtBS EDIT KEYS Koyreap odror ART MACNNB - Ccmpolen don acorr® JiARACTER GENERATOR - Adrareod Dunjoons and Oragons cr N WS OFF CLIP ART «. IrioWtcm llu?36 U224 - Sign boon*. Star Trot. Oneene* U223 • Spona. Traniport Won.
U221 • Anatom,. BJUngs. Chitumoi. HoMa,s U220 • Artma*. Pet*ie. Paces U21B • Conocr*. Corelrocbon. Rnipon School.
Waddnot U3» 'jne (3 WSKS) WILDLIFE cup art U100- Teddy t«*a U96 - E*»H*. Clutttmot. Ang* AnrnaU. Famoua U251 • BabNo. Fumnve. Spoco. Swteoree U2» • Chratmaa.
U229 ¦ Cara. Ftowory dacoialona. Cupd Means U227 - Patrn Pern. Party IrrrtlM Maps • Europe.
Pc*ta***ump* U226 ¦ Wid weal. CrnkM ot p«pN Framoi. Sgna U225 - Fancy tattera. Cara. Cute Arama* U2» - »Aao. SiPcoanaa. SymbO* 1000, bean.
- ' • • IP ART EM STAR Vttw. Oaphiys at the U TUTOR • Four
programs tat take you through the nitse to Mkrg pen m Naax*
ES2 COLOUR THE ALPHABET } laarong game
• toms. Includes OotoM speech v good FRACTIONS • TeiKhw and urn*
you on MttVKtlcra.
GUIDE TO MUSIC lop of Ihe Premact le«oe Lomb ol features like exira iraming and ground improvements.
CHAOS - Manages Ssiss Pairing and Round Robin Chess liumuncnu. -NOT A5CO G *25 ACT OF W AR vl.4 - Superb User Squad Brereh style strategy »argame. Ne» bug free sersWn. And extra (enures D199 REAL ¦ AGA demo Incredible effects with solid sectors.
Ml46 (2 DISKS) ROCKILY - Nice variety of music.
Fc-SO DYNAMIC SKIES - Full featured astronomy programme MI47 LARGO - Synthesised version from Bectlwvcn s piano coocerlo No. I in C. NOT A 501) U407 VIDEO TRACKER *1.42 Create impressive demos without any programming knowledge whai-scxvcr. Includes vmwns for AGA and ncn-AGA Amiga user*.
U408 CG FONT COLLECTION VOL.5 - High quality CompugraphK fonts for Wcmts orth and other Word processors and DTI* packages that can use this type of font formal.
II409 CG FONT COLLECTION VOL.* - More of the time.
U410 CG FONT COLLECTION VOL.7 - As abrovc.
U411 SONIC DRUM KIT • PD seoion of Has highly rated Computer drum kit. This PD version has the SAVE ms disabled Hill version only available from the author.
D200 BILLS INTERACTIVE COLOUR CYCLER 2.0 - Semi cractiveAxser defined lightshow. In other wemh a variety of cotour cyclmg pictures (tunnel*, mtrdlebrot*. Plaura*. Etc) where the user can alter the type of effects on screen. This m slops after a few minutes. Full version from author only.
U412VMORPII *2-50 • Latest version of this superb picture . Ig and morphing package.
U41.1 CASIO COMMUNICATIONS - Software and DIY cable m to connect your Amiga up to a Casio digital duty SF-'430CYSF 4601 (and other modelsl U414 (INFORM - Fuel lent invoice printing tool. On line speech tell* ycu what do next Powerful and easy to use G326 KISS THE CANVAS - Boxing game with big -ell animated sprites. -A 1200 ONLY- T4.1 WITCHES COOKBOOK VOL.I LSSUE.I Magical use of hcrhs.
G»27 PJP FORMULA I MANAGER - Run your own Formula One racing team. Keyboard and joystick controlled.
U4I5 FORCASTER v2.01b • Very good horse r*mg predictor.
Nl and click operated for ease of use. 'NOT Asttl* U416 COURSE FORM - Aiwthcr horse racing (redaction package. User friendly modular interface.
U4I7 1200 HARD DRIVE SET UP DISK - Formatling and partitioning software for A1200 HD owners. -A 1200 ONI. Y- ESI ANIMAL LAND - Nacc game for infants. You will be taken lo different scenes, where ycu'll be asked where the different uumais live. Includes speech and animal sound effects. -NOT is: CALCULUS COMBAT - Maths questions mlrgmrd mlo ntssile command. Answer the question* to destroy the incoming nistile*. Several skill levels. Clever idea.
583 JAPANESE TUTOR - Tests ywir Japanese. Based on nutiplc choice questions.
U4I8 NO SAMPLER *2.0 • Several music module ripper*, a sample maker, and articles from the Med User Group (MUG).
* 328 RAISE THE TITANIC - The best 3D Construction Kn game lo
dale. A under sea adventure with smooth 3D graphics.
G329 NOSTALGIUM - Clone of Andrew Briytrool s classic
m. Horizontal two way scrolling shoot-cm-up.
G330 CAG v3.1 - Tot graphics adventure games creator. Super value. Hus will allow' ycu to create professicral games without rogramming knowledge, just a good imagination 1419 LECed I LECasro - Combined Editc ml assembler.
Completely ett up. No hassles like similar PD ones. V.Good. (.420 CD READER *1.1 • Connect your A1200 to the CD32.
Read CD’* from your A1200 l* THE MATHS ADVENTURE »t»Te problems egrawd in* an adventure gome EDO COOE MUNOUS - Cat* ussng pro- reBASTROM ANro p progyra relor pa&Sr SPELL It Spolrg game •NOTA500- 46 Lime TRAVELLER - U**Ai Wooweticn on me Wert* pc*ulra- travel spots E» trovday maura TOTAL CONCEPTS - ASTRONONV ¦ Lets d
• ostng (acts and dgneed site LorrY-rryjs 2 on your Hard dme
G2Wt TOP OF THE LEAGUE 10211 12 DISKS) TALISMAN • Muge :¦ .t. tiiQcc *. IlcniD' i Amce acuroa oxla Save youradt hi U314 0 THE MYSTERIES OP THE RUNES ¦Show « p*»nrq mu mearangs ot the venous a Ssxres -NOT Ai?00- E83-66 12 DISKS) TARRO MASTER - TaiTO co-d and pradelon edlware E76 FRENCH WORD TESTER TrSo nrw speaks »IMt. +K)T A50 i 1B BIORHYMS CALCULATOR - Dopey* you personal txrt-yms graph lor any «* ot any ** t;* dreams for an angel ro.mi mo socrats ot your dreams H2 UNITS • Speed. «-re wetfe. *nph. Angle*.
Seguoreor around Oul* 0d*pte«. But wed wed" tlweltort U344 OCLITRACKER *137 Hac mcrtj* Rayar Scppods SO lomiats dlOT A500- U2S6 ST-6S - Sound aampwa and «*vn*nt* tor ut* wtpi aithar U1B3 and U32S G229 GtGER TETRIS • Tolr 0290291 (2 OISKS) GEORG GLAXO - iwry.
Corrcular veraicn at 81 boerd go*e. Ore or too pMyara 0241 imperial WALKER - Take control or at X-Wng Ighler and He© Iho lrr©onal Wakws «• reaping the Al»ed h*3. 30 Game 0246 WtBBLE WORLD OIOOY - Arrezng PW-t puzz* gome swaur to ro budget Dxzy garni
- 298 HIGN OCTANE Orothood raong gem 2 pW era Mareee P *eiurea
ard beat gra PdreOnggmre.
168 OTHELLO Good er»ko ol mo ccerd Compxer payer te a roai lough oiabjmer 0276 THE GREAT ESCAPE Of BUY BUR ip Btfy escape hem mo spotlghs.
INSIDERS CLUB - SfdmitW gome I ecuree Very pofched addcii.e game JAR Crystal Coslos ctore. An dd area eadllke Pecmen miTi reew ptohxrre arc A real reset PO game 2 TREASUE BLAND Iroosoe taerch gore • yoj-gMere 0286-287 (2 DISKS) EXORCISM - Si nay* goer.
Ta .-. adveraure in a hauted house G2B3-2B5 13 DISKS) KlONOKE DELUXE AGA Fariashc re-d geme. Each red ihota * dWeree 258 cotox pcsxe Qumourous lodes. • G296-287 12 CIOKS) MOTOROLA INVADERS Shod-envu© lor AGA. 1200 ONLY-
G. -55 AMOS CRICKET OC0I game.
G256 SHANGHAI Onontal lie bood game G2V DELUXE PACMAN - Greet Peo n rxre
• 13 - BoJdor Ckrre el *» baa nesed.
G268 SLAMBALL Fulurelk Vreman loo manogymem game Baaed on SpeedMlt G26G270 (2 DISKS) IIMi HOLE ¦ Got gen G239 RAID HI • Greel )x*ng sh©ol-em-op 01» CROAK - FrotWN «n*. 2 pHyer rrkrta braKballom* lodtkgregnl puzi* gem. Raquires greer *ut. U ir» pen, iou».
- -----------ORAOON Easy gong ale 0196 CAO • Prodxe* gtaphic
adventure gome* r porcrammng kr©wlege royurod.
GM 21 GAMS - Chrreee Oeeter. Amgelraacr CowrenxdL Peg puzzler. R »c k*. Be*, ill.
Backgammon Up arre down. Dolixe Hambirger Kamkaze chow. Egrtdan run... And fcade -re* OMR DELUXE GALAGA - GeUiOre ckv* See graph's and po-er ups N.goca -MOT AMO GD3 ORK ATTACK Proiecl Ihe casho -MM **¦ me ©on Iced* d Wood ard gun in Itae dre 0»1 TURBO ICE HOCKEY - Ice Hockey gam. «
• • «ra -NOT AMO- MET AL MOTION Oporalon rttXI sty* snkd-em-up.
Gc©d graph©* -NOT A500- Q»7 OARTS ¦ Play dans against ihe
compvaer * mend Mxrai ru*5 and sccnng axled.
G2W FLEUCN V2 • ThruM ctjne Th*d*MkC8* MEOAhR.
V CHESS 2.0 Featured packed Chen yan Everymng ycu coUd rmagne and mere NOT AM G278 FRSOAY THE 13lh PART X ¦ SearO« ¦* buidrg lor Vktlns. Ml avdd Ihe cops G279 MUGSIES REVENGE Beoxi* a Gang GYM DELUXE GALAGA - FebuCu* *hod*rwn« Amazrre graph's -NOT AMO- G316POLYMORF Neel puzz* ga-re Q3I7 HYPERDRIVE The t-tutu Amga gore am payer spare Vip raong and 'rtei
m. &T A5D 0314 A DAY AT THE RACES Horse radrre rranaacmonl game
Run your emu Slades B.v* ihem Even prd doww loan engiro
Seehrowtfreywcrt. Wim*bel* ¦37 FOUR STROKE PETROL ENGINE ¦
Ciou potroi engmo “iMTamTIES 018$ FATAL MORGANA Indudos a
trtuze tc od ButPieod.
0157 MOBILE - DESTINATION UNKNOWN - it secrkn antmaOans U283 LOCKPCK - Smlar to Fraewy but tuppcrt* icma ot*r dtloront Idea • around 450 UI56 NOERRORS • Forma* herd ddrae red Ikppna -oi hard ancra (phyMcat dtmeg. Re tu-Oce) o d NdM thom 10 da* w I not be wrraen or reed trom m* bed traett Seven you money.
UMNO* «*«i can now be uied US4 MPBACKUP • Mud «W* CacXup lottware.
U327 OaSKSAl V 2 - Corrupt do* wovery.
JndNaw*'Ml. VakUia* dM* re»» bo*, com*!
1M* and row me* mam etc.. *«0’ AMO- U32S MAVERICK COPWR - AnoNor games bocfep ayaaam Wert over lour hunched gamea Mponea U329 EPU HARD DRIVE STACKER Ireroeaea herd de* tveoe wro 50% u*ng ipeoei n wNch compraas ties men to f dre Suing engro E 36-37 12 OtS'S) AA LETHAL EXIT - Lcng nj-nrg vector besed damo. Li»u acuroed vactws and lurerets. ... DIB3 TROJAN • TECHNO TRACKS ¦ • Brno 31727173 |2 01SKSI ORIGIN Tnedtmo has
o. oyllng Woodorlul veua* DI49 PLANET GROVE - Very Bye oWKhrg
DI58 NOP AGA - Utl* damo horn Mmgary DBS D161 FARLGHT 242
T-enty one mogabytee ireaeed ore one d*A Inoredb*
ARTE - Who read* AGAwiptcoa demo* IM tha A rraat.
DI48 STATE OF THE ART • On* ol meet grafrtcoh hr rrpreesrro musk demos ever 0140(141 |2 CXSKS) RSI TIME ZONE A-asoma AMERICAN POOTBALL • EBB KIDS DISK 2 Maths More. Best Sheets Shape sorter Edu* n-reni game* E77 E78 (2 DISKSl TOME OF MYTHS Grool ai ?NESS SOFTWARE VIZ - Snip* to use (database UJ11 EASY CALC PLUS - Ccmmwoai quatty spreadsheet loads of Natural -NOTA500- :4 JcGRAPH I. » dHteror. Type d gW* men 30 ore* into PAV ADVICE DATABASE *3.00 Pays!® so ?iaroware domo verier U»3 INVENTORV *9 - Soo otrtrc*. Ata" «*g«» aa and gworat aaucaa* all in one too BUSINESS LETTERS A Boor ft emy ire.
Jct apgtcabons to ccmptsinH Ant kad Hem up Mo any woro proeaw U273 ACCOUNT MASTER *2.1 • Vary powairul ol hrarroe accounts programme toot CHEQUE BOOK - Kw© a lrac» on yew U34S RE0RG VJ.lt • C»ak oplmeet reetrargea do* on HccpMNhNd d-rrat tor cpttrum pertormarce DI71 EXTENSION ¦ Ore ot those » LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT - Reedy er end*** M.ialon* JuH lo*S anj woTO prcoasacr U2t» FORM REALLY UNUMITEO- Ywdoeard ire-t da*gne wWt p~ii laotty U166 BIZCALC Loan and mortgage cafcitalor TEXT ENGINE *4.t • The t**l sherownro (Kteww vwtti rrargrMBd epeli chNMr GRAPHICS UTILITIES U1 ULTIMATE ICON DISK -
E«*t. Dra- your own ("ton grapnes trom *F parr cacoges. IoaOt ot eramp* oons mduNd
U) NCAD - The only PO Ccropulw Adad Dawy, . AMO onl, Ides E.en
wort) w*k many conrnertOoi game*. EaeaMM.
U301 A REXX MANUAL Eitomi.0 maruat on te A Reo crogermrg language Many e.an»N acrVN.
U206 RACE RATER Knr raong prodckn.
U2S4 POOLS TOOLS • Football KcT* pradOor U32J POOTY - FoottaP *egne detaboae Preterm vonoua typos ot sumtcs. PLo mavrh prod dons U316 MAGIC WORKBENCH Grre your Wcrtbereh a cownetK face IR Chengmtheoma end • choice d bediground panama -not A300.
ELTED EXPERIENCE RooxnmorOoa to us demo coieclora 06566 (2 DISKS) SHENTS BLUE HOUSE M137 piano rendoore ol Claude Debussy. By Rob Barter MI36 DIGITAL OEBUSSY VOL2 - Mo-* p*no M133 CLASS1X I Handel. Bach, and Pachetei MI34 RHAPSODY IN BLUE • Pc©u*r pa
* iUuy chocouta advartll ccnneaed Am*g* (o.an COTV) ccmputara
U3S3 TERMINUS 2 Od • Eudlant modem tommtncebcni aohwars U3»
NCOMM X0 ¦ uaieai venire o m* U1 to LANO BWLD • ArMher po-adul
L*Clal SSSt.ro, OetUp cub*sh»ng Wage J142 FREE PANT - The best
PD IFF paM £ w.
US3* VIEWTEK 2.1 • Tha ulma* POL** and amaore vtewor Ful AGA sucore •NOT AMO- 271 POLYEO • Atimjloo dearer Lno* pci gons atom targe anmabon* on *w memory AngH U190 OATOflS GRAFTX GALLERY Tpa on how r A 200 00 Don't Will months lot Commodores A1200 CD ROM.
Zappo’s A1200 CD ROM drive is here, now.
Double Speed.Mulii Session CD ROM. Vfu,'
• Photo CD Compatible. *
• Plays CD32 Software and standard music CD’s
• Slots into PCMCIA slot (unlike Commodore ) Available Early
M125 MUMBO JUMBO Deconl m a sampler Gamee a U241 CANON PRNTER DRIVERS • Bubb* Jet drt-era tc* the IcTbtMng mrea*. Conreexo.
CarocGJIO-20. CotKraiXXOJOO U2» STAR PRINTER DRIVERS - 9 end 24 pM pnrear oarers tot P* Star range ot prrare.
UIQ3 MESSYSIO I - Transfer * Ire to red from Ansg* 0OS ard PC MSOOS dskt U313 AGA UTIUTES Loads at uMoes tor A1203 o-rera InOudm a nunCer dtwngradrg too* U274 CO FONTS COLLECTWN VOL.! • ScaUb* CorrpugraphC tons lor word prooessccs and DTP that support hi ireraL M fi Wmtty U275 CO FONTS COLLECTION V0L3 - At Abcrra.
U276 CO FONTS COLLECTION VOL.3 As abfrro U308 CG FONTS COLLECTION V0L4 - As abora U36M70 (2 DISKS) SCALA BACKGROUNDS HI-res backdrops fee usa w«h Seal* U366 TRONIC AD Schometc des«y«r and pnraar U342 SUPER LEAGUE 3.40 - FdV CorV xMka FooIBMI *egra Ottaibaaa Loads d Notu-B* U246-U247 (2 DISKS) MORC VIO • Hj-« skrc tortur* taller U21(. BON APPETIT Vt 3 - Raopa UU0a*a U390-U401 12 0«SKS C UAHUAL dZ C programing manual bom N author d Noroh C U4Q2 AMKkA GUIDE TO COMMS EvoryCing ycu ceudevot want to »now oKut Mode- oreiuncabore Very -eft vwoen *hOT AM» U37S BBC EMULATOR Run BBC sotvraro re tha
groat anulabsr *NOT AiPOO- U382 PRINTER DRIVERS Ore hundred ard *n pnrrer Oreera (Or nraI prrtor males ard medals.
Glvo us rrg to soe rt your pmtor is stpW.
Bgoeifc SLIDESHOWS 3N PICTURE SH01 trcm 200GAD and Ihe DC comet STS GULF WAR SLIDESHOW • Wh* hardware was iaM in me contact S47 HAM PICTURES 1 Mrtels n *-*" auta ise SATURW 93E WY.I 0 S rtSSo N-adsnoln the cull japantoa cartoons «mn* pro»amme S U286 KIOS P. JfSRiStHXSe.™, U187 MOBED 2 • SpTOe t»*-tng an ONSLAUGHT V 1.0 C ahod-envs©. -NOT A500- 0312 SOLAR LOROS - 21© game. Each pUry is almng ic »d kckng lough I player wore rule mo unwor ' K© la Here any GAMES COMPILATIONS 1-167, IN STOCK.
US4-UJ6 (2 OSKS) VIOEO UTRJTIf S - Cofleoon c4 uaoAA ndw Mtng
- and wow pie acraon Pda wrr* rhar tra tx U»6 MIXED IMAGINE
OBJECTS Loac* ot 1 milaiy tiwdw*-o *|0 O tor rBytTace .
GIL MANSELL AGA • Niga in he Fotmu* 193 Delations' 'Dedde nest hare drawn skdeehkiwe e er Amaonj anenson lo droall S1CB-S109 12 DISKSl FIX CMIX 1 Sexy mode* * il 13 12 DOCS) FIX CHIX 3 ¦ Mxo Si 14 BODY SHOP HI - Beeulld lodes poeng n 1117-S118 (2 Diacsi BODY Sh SI20 UNPLEASANT WAYS TO DIE - Several every da, stuaiccs wrtch end m rear, (ard lurxr, aoxMnta Ohdaer ERIKA ELENUK • The BayoaTOh bwuiy Orar 16* ony peete - ‘1200 ONLY* SI lOSl 11 12 DISK) FIT CHIX 2 • Owe 18* or»y . _ I nl, hv-.«I» Vomajlur 't r- II •,- I - fINOY r.AROA lie- 19 ONOY CAROS I .. Is lor Ddura Ktondke oerera -A' 200 Of
II0321 WIPEOUT Ore d me best )x*ng PI llir w«TKps around I 0322 AUTOMOBILES • The boreal Tvng to IISNdmarta dc-ng the PO crou* II0323 PARADRO® 54 - Cone Ot TO Classc llcmmjixe 54 game IroVn a 2player ap
e. -r-OI A5G
* VMOR*SH°viJdiof eitcoient nerprtng yamma.
LOTS LANDSCAPE - Ca*©olOf ad*1 gaidan 2»rcS .. n leature •'' DISKMAGS THE GALLERY Issue 1 Devoted entirely to graphics, The Gallery is a neat diskmag that aims to give Amiga artists a platform to talk about pixels and palettes and stuff, and get their artwork distributed around the PD circuit.
The menu system was playing up a bit on the copy I got, but that aside, there's some very good stuff on show here. The editorial content is limited to profiles and interviews of various artists, but this is propped up by loads of nice graphics. In true demo tashion. The disk isn't AmigaDos com- patible, so you won't be able to mess ™ about with the graphics in Dpaint without using a ripper.Looks set to become one of the scene's most popular diskmags.
Available from: Cynostic PD, Office 01, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry. Tel: 'WP ¦*" 0203 681687. Disk no. P0149.
Price: £2.00 including P+P.
TOTAL IRRELEVANCE issue 1 This is the diskmag ol the official Med Users Group (MUG). It's mainly text-based, with chatty reviews ot readers' Med and OctaMed tunes, and other editorials covering commercial and PD music software and hardware. It uses the same interface as the AM FM music diskmag, so it's all quite neat and easy to use.
There are also other articles on anything vaguely to do with music, such as a ramble entitled “75 Years and Still Med'ling", which is all about a 75-year-old Med user, the history of the Amiga, and the history of computer music.
At times, the articles tend to ramble on like a couple ol fishwives chatting across the garden fence, but other than that most of them will be of interest to enthusiast OctaMed users.
Readers' tunes are also included with every issue of the mag.
Available from: Seasoft Computing, The Business Centre, First Floor, 80 Woodlands Avenue, Rustlngton, West Sussex, BN16 3EY.
Tel: 0903 850378. Price: £2.50 s+y*.
I Including P+P.
ARTIFICIAL PARADISE Another good selection ot slick effects are waiting to massage your eyeballs in this two-disker from NCG. The obligatory flight around a fractal-generated mountain range gels things oil the mark.
Then you've got some ol those blurred vectors that spin around in ever-mutating patterns, followed up with a good variation on the plasma theme. A demo just wouldn't be a demo without a dot tunnel, would it? There’s one here of course, along with a texture-mapped cube. The star attraction is one ol the best tunnels ever! It's a tubular pipe with yummy colouriul texture- mapped walls. All ol this comes with a brassy, organ-driven soundtrack that's pepped up with a bit of lunky guitar, like the ritl Irom the Doobie Brothers' Long Train Running.
Available Irom: Choice Software, 144 London Road. Highfields. Sheffield. Tel: 074? 5558S4.
Disk nos. 0591 a+b. Price: £2.50 78° PARADISE including P+P. * , The Central l.icenscware Register Commciriiil Quality t ny . mv ill a * « CliOl TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS HM yom ohlMten avar wanted to know about the ancient wo'td ,o» lha dinosaur? It so then ltd ta lo* you an MORE CLR EDUCATIONAL CLE02 T C GEOLOGY 2 disk* 4.95 CLU22 HARD ORIVS MENU CLU27 IMAGE BASE CLU28 CREATIVE ADVENTURE CLU290 F.X. CLU30 DRAW SELECTOR V2 CIU31 FLOWCHARTER CLU33 AM TUITION
2 dfck 4.95 CLEM NIGHT SKY I d«k 3.95 .
CLE12 ALPHABET TEACH 1 dsk 3 95- CLE13 HOME BREW 1 dak 3.96 .
CLE14TC ICOLOQV 3*sksS95 CLE56 TOTAL CONCEPTS! STARS 6 GALAXIES In INI* Tct Chris Hill takas you Irom lha conlinas ol lha Solar System lo lha UnWaraa bayond. Just about everything la covered Irom star births to Black Holes 6 Quasars over slity images ol auch quality that you will think that some are Ham8 This program la a muetl 3 disks only r5.95. step through a lull lyptng course, showing where to place your lingers or«) lots more Balwo (ong you* be able lo type as tael as I cen • Price £3 95 • CU17THNGAMARG 1 ds» 3 95 * CLEUWORK * PLAY I dsk 3.96. • CLE'9 FLAY IT SAFE 1 **k395 .
CLE24 SPEiO REAOINO 2 ®SKs 4 95. .
CLE25 CMORO COACH 1 dek 3.95. • OE26 SNAP 1 dsk 3 95 .
CLE27 C A.T.T. 2 disks 4.961 .
OEM FUN WITH CUBBY 1 disk 3 95.. CLE29 PREHISTORIC FUN PACK 1 disk 3 95- CLEM PEG A PICTURE 1 dek 3.96 * CLE31 UNDERSTANDING AMOS 2 disks 4 95 .
Cl (32 SPITFIRE' 2 daks 4.96. CLEJJME8SERSCMMITTBF109 2 asks 4 95.
CLE45 FUN WITH CUBBY 2 1 dts* 3 95- CLE46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY ItM* 395 - CLE47 SEA SENSE 1 disk 3 95 .
CLE4S ROCKET MATHS 1 disk 3 95.
CLE50 DRATV24 noedsl 5mg 2disks4 95.
CLE52 TELL THE TIME 1 disk 396.
OE53 LET'S LEARN 2 t dak 3 95.
IlU04AlPHAQRAPM CLUIO POWER ACCOUNTS CLU1I CALCVI CUJI2 VMTUAL WWOOWS CIUH OATOS dUI4 STOCK CONTROLLER CLU15 EPOCH VI CLU17LC10 FONTS CLU1BLC200 FONTS CLU19 LC24 FONTS CLU20 CANON BjtO CLU21 INVOICE MASTER NEW Ti' This IS an absolutely essential CO lor the C032 4C0TV owmr' II allows networking between lha CD DRIVE 6 lha computer via Parnet'Sernet lo enable Ida Iranslar 6 other lunetlona The CD32CDTV Is prevented Irom rebooting on removal ol this CD thereby enabling acceea lo any CD. II contains a networking program.
CDPO 3 This CD contains Fred Fish 761-600, (also In archivad tormat. Kda ol HI cliparl. IFF pictures m AOA 6 ECS tormal which run trom a akdaahow. Aa wall aa Jpeg 24 bll versions, utilities. V* pro Dam landscape hies. Hundreds ol classrcal literature relerenc Irom Dickens. HO Wads .Shakespeare Milton Darwin 4 marry rwor also contains Workbench 13X6 4 J 0 only C19.95 plus Sop p. Per net. Bema.Ncomm. Term.Fred Fiah 900-976,Tbeg t-74.PhoM CD aoltwara.tha teles- Amos dlskslovar 120.500 266 colour images.
Image converters 4 much more! Works with (oyped A has 16 colour WB on WB 2 4 1 systems! With ms CO you can access an lha others on mis Leg,' Only C14.90 plus 50p p4p Esallanl new CD trom Almathera. This one enables you to uaa images, animations and special etlecti 4 time them with your music Cds.
II Is also Ihe llrel product to ullliaa lha FMV cartridge lor lha CD32 so you can superimpose Images over your existing video CdsI Complete with hundreds ol Images, pro sheets 4 colour cycling changes.
4 random generated video sheets' Super value only C34.9S plus Sop pAp ORDERING MADE EASY BY POST: send tour Name. Addrro & Order details with a Cheque PO IMO lo aa; of the companies listed BY PHONE: Call us with tour card number, expiry dale and details for a 1st class service. All major cards accepted PD PRICES: For this summer, disks are only 99p per disk, any quantify ( minimum order of 2 disks! ( should work on the Amiga 500. 4 600 machine*’ However there are so many different setup now in u becoming impossible to lest tor every possible vena please use some caution especially with
A15002000 various dos systems. CDTV and ot course the new A & 4000 systems. Disks marked with a "V* should be A1200 4000 though obviously not yet extensively ta POST A PACKING: IK - 50p • I K ’Recorded Delivery’ £1.25 • Europe .25p per disk • Rest of World *50p per disk REMEMBER: W’e stock Fish 1-1000. Thug 1-74. Amos, Scope. Snag. Amicus. AMIGAs & lots more superb PD dhks’ ain Distributors Price!
• •«r)(Ot*ro*Airoo amoo) P0I9I ACT OF WARN.
FOMeG IRON OJLH PG2I4* CLASH Of TV pg»i kingdom At.
T*oa*»GATtmsia TOJ8&I 1BTH HO,E .
PG«? AGA CftSB Nt PO30V3 MOTOWXA e pQiuiMondKiei PG30S? K10M3Kt I i (inAn to nr i This is a suparp coVectico ol cotaorod expert, mostly in Ham moOo 14096 colours), mouon 10m* « m 16 colours. Can be loaded mu Dakoa Par* or any odar package accapeog Ham powas!
(OK on 500. 500.. 600. 1200 I 4000!)
Upo toi urn only CCLD1 St AJICItAI T A CAPS MfCHM »I XD9«t -Y cciot at* nntw n Oft saw. *atoxa1 -* CCUB7 cats MS Saw la Mi.lBxll -V ccub*%oogs.i -• CCLCOC EXPLORERS I 13 Imnx. ¦nrni.uan. sstsssigssKswiss' CclCM.4 IMIAI2 0WS 0X4 C-X'lZd.COX't’ •» cacw focwtsr in pow nunuumi CCICSS1? KJOStS 1 16 Qrau Ncna mMAttaXOIl ¦ aaSfJSgSS.TlESS'.?"1-' sgs3'sssi'i,!?:s,ss5s?s,"r" CC10T4 MITABY 7-174 MUSCIANS 1 «'.Y CCL075 MUSICIANS 9 21 ClMMAl luiiou .Y CCL0T67 PPER5T0PIC Dwui i tumou .Y Cclotbbi people lot. Ot mo. It ani.YY ““£* 1 « .«¦ S3H3JK,SMSSfir-“ - CC1068 SPORTSMEN ViAV.(v:ti'niit.iw.ii i CCI091.S
TREES. 6 MU f ft. Txl-na .AOxOI -Y CC LOST. 100 VEGETABLES 146 «o|o«u Mi.y COLOUR BRUSH CLIPART “t"’L ssssssr
• tOWVT IT UfXMt1»«-Y iP*Radf*xdsw«.
I MESIAL I sums?; nimutsftoH, I &COCREX CHROMUU S. scooaei mgntm Am 134 ALCATRA2 OOCCSSY.
TSS&SMSKB N .M -- won - : c;*MXCRE St- tw skents oemcr ccwnloao F*a 1 TECHMXCGCAL DEATH Ft*, own u IEAIPLGMT IlLUStCW Uxrt 0«TO t-ecu TO SKH. A CAT M» : V AlUfiMT 74? UXWHl6 tlWMOig 0*"C «¦ n g . H( M IM 1H V,.K, N..|,, „V
• •oowns I-.T.I .IMMpKV KAN WOOIK ITS Or-., inn UK AN »l-ll I IN
Min u.™ n »IXH» I IN N.ol.r. .ilo.l ID AMMO HIHMMITSNtil Ot
WIMHM I IN l*n nM.li K.r B ANIMALS Mwt MU IIU.lt VmwImMm.. i
1CNTS OiYIFwc l .
PD23S AGATHA 1 1 Mil A ccAw. 1200 CM.
PD243 VOLCANO N AGA TNMrrq •200CW, PD241 II SntllSIKf CHANEL m5 &MI' l|C5* PD24J I UU Utxn AC* N o Wto 17W Onf PD744 BE»CM BELIEF AGA F«oiruw «x»t2TO c PD24S &ANTY ARTE A ScDtft d«TO lev Ml lohror PD2*6 ABSTRACT SUBTLE SHADES Oml W.Y
- I..’ Ei'.'"..'it. oiuawMn.-Ucw» P02AI aviso COWS PRO 5LAK G O0
•r0- h«.p, PS'r.V. SMAQAPT AOA CahRj, IJ UI MCI7, 120 piw Sway
n 'oi f ciN PEC6S ILNCfl MATHS S.IOM ' PE!6‘j' WAD 4 LEAfN VCXl
PE07I FRENCH VIK-. I-'tir «Si77«.’ I
UUSC BtO. Won Mi .Y pmSslvciItal ?:m'ls-iYi''" PMOX FfiAPSOOY
IN BLUE »AC*M 0. P® BA.NO 1MY PM «7»B7D 'IVALOI foki seakms at
Put*' . UPO l«nw»iir only SwtSOp pi roATONS on IIMW6 ’ WXFJLES 5 c jgffisssuragssc JIR I 36 LFOATE LATEST ( .TO*M S*W,CC**T TkAU«t'wI:‘.y *' Y S PLAYTIME Irum-a Onel .» 6 PRO FcAHMFVoMFMrW.Y ElHE HAGUE 'met* "•MOMl.Y I POO UPOATEP VI 17 AM nTT.Y ¦ BATTLE 7CKE A aeoj .vfxi -Y «rsvn*mwwn i -y Y HSTOPY MTASASEV2J LumII .Y i &*•( DwttMi «n .
KM* B POI36 ATTACK ANN G M! Gj tp PP13740 -EADNJ FOP (ONE R PP1414MEAN UN0I4NL COU«4 T he t sM we »ci o' PD oamra mot '}! ]“ assomWsa aoywhsrn now ai ajioOcoi 00*51 „h l.
AI20DI (ItMxah rot «l oamas wll *31 "» ls*»n Uii.| nyi|S-ynetHino (Of everyone1 JJJ |[» T' j- T'M‘_»M«l .ETmh(*tf.Y .Mll. isuv Tm .1... PumOt’ 2S (Mm V H»r« n PU330 SLEEPLESS HK 1TS PL046 EXOTIC FtPPER V2.1I PU346 SPEED UTILS tap PLOA9 NCCWM V3 Cfl IS* U ssissmssx PUMB SJPEFCAP. 1 PU35’ CASCN MWT SILOI PU336PPACE TfUITATIS.I PiaSOPROPA J I..PD.SI IM!M0W1SI»LESCI S.Ot' Ml PLO»1 «F* CCNEHESSK I I iCttowlCMNMM** _ iv_. A l__.i . V PU3’;.3 FAIKT ! SOFTWARE Lr.?* : PIOT4 I7W UTLS 3 U:.o ot- 150) JH» PUM1 SPECTRUM EMULATOR VI I Win.
TEL: 0535 667 469 FAX: 0535 667 469 NBS CUG, I CHAIN LANE. NEWPORT
I. W. PO30 5QA TEL: 0983 52 9 594 F A X : 0 9 8 3 821 599 VALLY
T E L:0 9 1 5 87 1195 F A X : 0 9 1 587 1195 U91 DCOPY 3.1 PD disk copter.
Fie dir utility.
U93 600 BUSINESS LETTERS Ready lo use forms letters.
U94 JOURNAL Financial utility.
U96 LOCKPICKV2 Password protection resolv U101 RELOCKICK Downgrade to WB 1.3 U106 ELECTRONICS CAD Circuit board des»gning program U107 BUDBASE 1.2 Easy to use database.
U108 BLACKBOARD Amiga image processor.
U109 CRIME DEVILS CRUNCHER Disk full of crunchers.
U110 FORMS REALLY UNLIMITED Form creating utility.
U113 MAVERICK Another password resolver U114 MAGNUM Disk magazine creator U115 DISKSALV 2 U116 BLITZ BANK 12 assorted screen biankers.
U119 MT COPY Checks tor viruses U120 FAKEFASTMEM Compatibility aid U134 SHOW STD (W B) Area code utility U137 AMIGADEX Disk based address book.
U139 GAME TAMER V3 323 different cheats.
U140 GAME TAMER V4.01 337 more cheats.
U142 GAME CHEATS & SOLUTIONS More cheats and solutions.
U143 DISK MANAGER V3 Disk cataloguing program.
U144 ULTIMATE CHEAT DISK Yet more cheats.
U145 W B 3 SCREENS (A1200 ONLY) Fancy backgrounds tor A1200‘s U146 VIRUS KILLER V6.20 Powerful virus checker.
U149 EDWORD PRO V4.0 Excellent text editor.
U150 CODE MUNGUS (1MEG) Highway code tutor.
U151 MENU MASTER 3 Create new menu systems.
U152 UTILITY DISK MAKER Create utlilty disks.
U153 PPMINI CRUNCH (NOT A500) Powerful cruncher decruncher.
U75 MED 3.20 U117 QUADRA__________ New style soundtracker.
U118 DEUTRACKER 13.7 (NOT A500; Music module player.
G61 BLUE I Good Boulderdash done.
G72 ESCAPE OF BILLY BURGLER G77 G78 ___________ Arcade Breakout done.
G80 AGA MEGABALL A1200 version G81 NUMERIX Addictive puzzle game.
G83 Street Fighter 2 done.
G84 GEORGGLAXO (2 DISKS) Good German Ptatformer G86 ROAD TO HELL (1 MEG) Overhead racing game.
G87 MOTOROLA INVADERS 2 (A1200 ONLY) (2 DISKS) AGA soace invaders 1 “’'•’a wuiw m mo i v G90 TURBO ICE HOCKEY (NOTA500) “5 “HE FINGERS (2 CHSKS) i invaders Ice hockey game.
G93 MR. MEN OLYMPICS (2 DISKS) New decathlon game.
G96 CLUEDO Classic board game.
G99 MONOPOLY (A500 ONLY) Another dassic game.
G100 SOLITAIRE SAMPLER Five card games.
G101 CONNECT 4 G104 KASTLE K__________ Overhead run and kill.
G105 ESCAPADE nice Breakout done.
Very nice Breakout clone.
G106 INTREPID (W B 2 ONLY) Arcade strategy game.
G107 BRIDGE Card game.
Colourful collecting game.
G111 FATAL MISSION 2 Nice spacey blast ’em G112 REVERSI 2 Excellent Othello clone.
G114 ENTITY (A1200 ONLY) Bizarre zapping game.
G115 STARBASE 13 (2 DISKS) DEMOS" D53 LETHAL EXIT Stunning visual effects.
D66 EXTENSION RAR?J Hot visuals and sound.
D88 GROOVY Excellent. From Lemon.
D92 DREAM TRIPPIN Takes control of the TV Mind blowing dance demo D99 MONALISA WAS A MAN Extremely energetic.
D100 MAYDAY RESISTANCE Something for your mind.
D101 RINK A PlNK (NOT 1200) Plenty of Lemon Culture.
D107 ALCHEMY RAGE (2 DISKS) Animated story.
D125 SANITY ARTE Bizarre and wacky.
D134 QED Very impressive.
D135 ANNOUNCE Another from Lemon.
D136 SAERE Lemon again.
D139 SUBTLE SHADES Energetic demo.
M66 SOUND BARRIER (2 DISKS) Mega music demo M80 TECHNO REACT 2 Techno Rave compilation.
M81 JUKEBOX Music juke box style.
M84 CHURCH MUSIC ¦¦13 church hymns.
D54 TECHNO TRACKS 2 1 FREE DISK OF YOUR CHOICE WITH EVERY 10 PURC Red hot dance den* D55 FAIRLIGHT 242 29 meg on one disk.
D67 HYPNOSIS Psychedelic dance D87 FULL MOOD Incredible virtual dre D90 CHANNEL NO. 5 Very lively. Very goc AMIGA 1200 AGA graphics in ext D93 XANADU D91 D94 PRO S. I. A. K Superb Flying Cows dema EMPTY HEAD Another super AGA D98 FATAL MORGANA Tasty AGA demo.
D119 DEJAVU Some clever stunts.
D137 OED 2 (2 DISKS) Outstanding. From Tate* 0140 MIND RIOT Speaks for itself.
D145 RAM JAM Awesome Effects of various Ml D146 REAL Plenty of Stunning 3D D147 MINI OMISTAN Bizarre AGA Rock Demo M71 CAPTIVE IMAGINATION 15 tunes and 2 demos M83 CHROMAJIC Good AGA music disk.
PLEASE MAKE ALL CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS PAYABLE TO SRT-PD AND SEND THEM TO: SRT PD, 27 KINGSHOLM ROAD, WESTBURY-ON-TRYM, BRISTOL BS10 5LJ Latest Uemos L I Groove ’ AOA a o« the An- Sale- D*mo AGA 2 lest Stand on Moth Animation (401 4 Talent ’Pente Mel- AGA Only 4 Teem Hoi ‘Mndwerp’ AGA Om, 8 Madonna SEX OM-Ptct 13 dlekel 1 Mean Mechin. CD Arwn |40)(4MBi 2 Trojan - TecPme Treeke « AGA 3 Smells lie Chermel Mo S AGA 4 SpecebsUs 9 Fmgers' (2 Dtsks) 6 Senlly ‘Ano* 9 Complee •OHgn1 AGA (2 Diet 11 0 V*nu* Oreeme *Ful Moon* AGA 1 Mooo-M -Beyond Betlef AGA 2 Xene.*. *E.pl*:H 2* AGA 3 Teem Mol *AGA Ml*
|AGA| (30) Latest Utilities U078 WB3 Herd U108 PC Amfle V2.3 sisssrife?
Dept CU, P.O. Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT Tel : (0325) 352260 Hours: 9am - 9pm XIHS.
O insial Drat Te«1 Frgrre V4 1 |WB2 .
Oetemed Pro V J Demo IW82 • | Fell Iniro Maker V2.2 (Not A800I U219 SXIct Pro V3.21 IWB2.1 U230 V2.1 |WB2 .
U239R9CAG v3 11 (WB2.I U251 PC-Teek IBM EmUetor .2 03 (W2e| U273 CroemOoe Phe -4.06 |WB2 .1 U270 KiokStart vl.4 IWB 2 » Onlyl U289 AGA Screen Blanker .1 01 (AGA) U294 Copy W Creek Tode v3 U302 Viewiek .2 00 |W82e; U305 Address Print u4 0 IWB2 . I LI306 Pi. Adv«. Anslyeer v4 0 (WB2 »| U309 HD Games meaner U310 Verts Cll Utils v4 U316 DMS PRO 2.02 |WB2.)
U317 Action Bette. H»0 1AGAI U319 SIO Pro .2,01* IWB2 . | U325 EOWcvd Pro v4.1 |1MBIIWB2e!
U328 TUI Plue Pro v9 01 I2MB)|WB2 .)|HD] NAUG Disk Packs An Introduction So why buy thoso pocks?
Possible, use lee l.r ee pos. Bis) the leieet version. End ell The * ta.
Some ol the peels. Me ihe MerO Ortve Toole, come with e«t e * *! DlM‘ *" “ I** “ ** n inlormat.en Such et how lo inel.l eottwere lo yoor herd drive. • Al th. F'Offramt tn the pecks w«l be or uee general herd drlv.lcomputer maintenance, lot eeempl. • P»o** »e»V popUet el computer shows -here we can demons!rele Ihe QueHv end ue« ulneee ol the content end Ihe Cell ue lor tun her mtormatlorv Or eend lor our Peck Information velje ol the compilation.
Moot Uaaful UtilitidO v2 Tne pk ccmerne otitBes 10 your workbench In term, ol speed, usebBty end mote Mete you1 WB loot eke the pcturee m Amiga megerlneel Coname, pc Wert bench leone leneer vj 2 Screen Blanker
* Daemon v2.1 2 Bel* r aqa Yrvtd -Abepeei Pig* AG I Sceptic
-Agatha* AGA irweetetlon -Ray World* AGA (30) CheoeSenity ‘Not
Ayonl* AG.
Aele *Mg Twne * AG A (2D) Xehene ‘interchange* * **' lyene ’Wind * up* Mystic *V*B* AGA Poll. Broa -Frtdey et __
P. rape. -H.r-vseu* AGA (2 Poke.
Nnua ¦Bnim* AP.A Hard Disk Tools v2 A cotecBon ol the very bell m Hern r lode Cletabe menus. Backup Repecere. Me tolar s w * HO Ctol -2.60 Abectup v4 06 »P«k wee Studies at Urwere.
It group I heve become it prngs-u needed lor Vdheludysrtg » tsst U327 (PU Stalker v1 « |WB2 e) (Had Ortve} Ui3A SW-O’**- “3 1 IWB2 .) (W«2 .1 US 36 f poch Mbs ler V |WB2 .1 UJ40 y-deoTrbtk.i AGA .1 34 (AGAJ s ‘Sorry* AOA 9 Andromeda-Mirror- (2 Dtekei
- ----1 12 Dtekei Tmaiiia” A IRDS Gen.alor II (WB? • 6 Meglc U*.
InteHec. V2 (WB3!
When correSSng dSke one enpontm lo Ihe Me cautoher. M order to Improve dl ie. Thie del hat them *1- Crunch I double you herd dlekli 0128 Mire OiMeten AGA- Get W D129 Tstent *OED 2* AQA (20) Other Bit© A055 Bodyahop V AQA 120) A068 Bodyahop 8A AGA (201 A067 Bodvehoo 7 AGA 120) Grepe-m. 19130) Deedoct 9 Bet Meoeime Chermel Z *6 1201 Upstream Oisk Mag re Oepr Rot. Del Mag 2 • Jun» 1994 MAUGPDOOk** sr.
. 3 Pro v2 02 IX* Toole PP Mmcruneh vl .)
EPU HO Sietket v* I' v3* ! 1020 vr
- EuenM Ament -oil Me, ,94(2DXWB2.| BoolX v$ 23 with y2.16 Recog
Fie (WB2e| U375M Mwhiv19(WB2.| ...... -7.11SIWB2*) I vd 2 Are
•94I2011WB2*) IWB2.1 Ylrus Extsrminators e ehotAI atweye be on
ihe guerd lor row dd computer viruses This peek oonteme e very
leieet m Wue tWere A muel Vkue Checker -8.41 Music Creators ¦I
song, eempte loud or hat rd etc I I £J I Bet* We stock some
amez.ng quality Sound Sample, in our Professional CoHectwn AU
ihe samples can be used within the popular music sequencers,
such es Oetemed usic X. As reviewed in Amiga Computing. August
1994 SP0I4 Xmee 1 SOOt S Ineoerde 1 50027 Percwswe I S0029
PerewBO* 4 soot 1 Smdw 7 SDOt 7 ¦eytoerde 1 S001S ¦ewoerde*
spo.4 vocXs. Voces SD020 •rvsoerdi S sspsxs; SP048 Vocals.
SP022 loon 2 SO03S S-UIM t SP04S VocaA. Voces 50024 koape 4 SO037 S.«dii 3 50050 Waawp Somes 50028 Partusswn 2 SO03S Smrhs » fSSSti1 0 sk Codes m Workbench 1 3 Only Choose I' How to Order
- J wouU tke. Mot mg e. Prices 99p Works on Workbench 2 . Only
compel** wdh your mechme. End se SD006 Centum 2 SB207 Prwm end
5W0S IftfCtS I S0009 Emecrs 2 SCOIO tHscts .
All dWl work on e* rreclrres u. o*h*'wise Hxed »« •n'O* ' meene AGA only in 1MB mean 2 Disk Set 3 Disk Set 4 Dnk Sel 4 Disk Set Make ell Choguet or PaelX Orders p.vsWe ic PD UTILITIES CU AMIGA Fi- UTILITIES Lots of useful programs and utilities to be found in| this month’s PD utilities pages, as Andre Digard is all too keen to point out.
Colour Slideshow Every lime someone has given me a disk lull ol clipart or a slideshow I've been disappointed. Now, al last, that's a lie Sing it Irom the hills. A clipart disk that j* doubles as a slideshow and it's nave IgS,, a matured m oak jA vats look 4 j j CANON Printer Drivers Wolt Faust's Canon Studio is the absolute delacto. There are no two ways around il. Wolt wrole the Canon BJ driver for Commodore and Canon Studio was written for Canon. The big players trust this man and with good reason.
The software on this disk is simply superb.
There are all kinds ot tweaks which can be performed to get the very best out ot your BubbleJet. Be it a humble BJ10 or a scrumptious BJC 880 You can change everything trom the greyscale patterns to the proportions ot ink used II you have a BJ10 then get this. It doesn 1 transform your print outs to miracles ol modern science, but it does improve your print speed, tighten your control over the output and it lets you adjust almost everything.
The version on this disk is not the lull vet sion, lo get that you will need to register which will cost you £15. It you do a lot ot printing then it is easily worth that price.
Available fromi 17 Bit Software. 1 It Fleer Offices, 2 8 Merlcet Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1DH.
Tell 0924 366982. Priced at f 1.50 plvs 5 Op P+P per order.
.HP no QOOC ¦ -« Khe- "alt make -0 fcr : mougn H3flB0nrp Use tnem as letter-eacs. O- oosiets or even just :o imo'ess Visit,ng relatives v0J cou d use mem n yo..r aw j'l wo1" or as line screens ic v ceos l! Nas six historically moonara military ancralt and thirteen vehicles ol old This is one ol those t disks lhal it’s nice to have just lying around.
Then there's the bad news. IIS AGA only. Arggghh! Why can ! They make two versions? II you enpy good artwork and have an older machine then find someone who has a 1200 and ytfWk’ gel them to convert il tor you. Not a must have, but definitely a good lo have.
Available from: Roberta Smith DTP, 190 Falloden Way, Hampataad Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE. Tail 081 45S 1628 Disk No. PD009 (G16). Price £2.30 including P*P.
WORKBENCH 2 Utilities This disk is a mixed bag Some ot the utilities presented here are wonderful, whilst others are simply useless Whenever I load a disk like this Into my machine it immediately gets judged by its usefulness. This one almost got tormatted. It was saved by just two programs The f Toots Daemon, which for anyone v frequently-used programs is an i cracker. The other was Guru, v database [ get one ot those dreaded red boxes indicating a program failure, load up Guru, type in the failure number and it will tell you what happened.
Whilst it is not everyone's cup ot hot beverage, it is very useful tor anyone who programs or tests programs.
There are some other semi-usetul programs on this disk too, maybe even the exact one that you have been trying to find.
Mostly, though, this disk is remarkable only tor being completely uninspiring I'm dishean- erned to say.
Available from: Roberta Smith DTP, 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE. Disk ¦ No. UT610. Priced at £1.40 l o' including P.P. CU AMIGA PD UTILITIES Hard Disk FANTASY SLIDES Management This quiei and unassuming little floppy slid and I didn't have any great expectations and that was a good thing. II you are alter programs to do amazing things then you have the wrong disk.
1 screens but Ihey don t However, il you want a solid, reliable set ol utilities then here they are waiting tor you. Nothing!
Special, nothing exciting, but extraordinarily useful. First up is Abackup As you might guess, this is the ubiquitous hard disk backup utility. An extremely competent effort that easily rivals the commercial releases lor usability. It Mat a Me while to figure out what is going on. Especially as the documentation is a complete dog (which is torgivable as the author is French). Then comes DiskSalv, a marvellous program for anyone with problem disks (floppy or hard). Not for the taint ot heart though. Il you need to use it then practice on something unimportant tirst. You have been warned! Ever
heard the term ‘disk fragmentation’ being bandied about? Well ReOrg is a program to eliminate just that problem. Again, best to practice on some old floppies first. If you can't lind a particular file on your hard drive then try File Locator Lastly is Nico Francois’ Tools Daemon. Nico is a hero of Amiga public domain well known lor his excellent programs and this is no exception All it does is to allow you to put your lavounte programs on the workbench menu bar Nothing special you might think. It wili save you hours in the long run.
Utilitloa This is one of the more uselul public domain disks available Amongst its solid contents are such programs as Flexor, a simple to use, easy to set up database program, plus a home budgel program, and a share manager program to keep track ot your investments with the stock market. There are several other programs too. But they all pale into insignificance alongside a simply superb program.
ShowSTD the pick of the bunch Tap in a telephone STD code and it will not only tell you where it is lor, but will show you a set of crosshairs on a map of Britain. Invaluable it you have a business.
Available from: Roberta Smith DTP, 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Darden Suburb, London NW11 6JE.
Tel: 081 455 1626. Disk No. BU170.
Price £2.30 including P»P.
This disk is an excellent complement to yotir hard disk il you have Kickstart V2+ and most of the programs work on any Amiga; Available from: KEWxIl, PO Box 672, South Croydon, Surrey CR2 9YS. Tel: 081 657 .
1617. Priced at £1.50 including P+P. JM THE GUITAR CHORD
Directory VI.1C There must be at least a few of us around
who try to play the guitar In my case it’s definitely
trying for everyone within earshot. One ot the major
problems, especially when you are attempting to learn, is
that It is quite difficult to find any reference lo chords
thal go beyond jusl the basics. Bob Stanley has addressed
this problem and now you can really wake the neighbours up
with the sounds ot a tortured six string. GCD is public
domain in its cut down verson, the lull verson being
available Irom Bob GCD lets you choose any of 96 chords and
will then display three possible playing posifions of lhat
chord As a nice bonus the program also shows you whoh fin
gers should be on which strings, something that saves a Ot
ot time for beginners. The only problems with the program
are that it displays tabulation horizontally rather than
the more usual vertical; it would be far better if the menu
system were improved to make it easier to find chords that
are commonly played together. Otherwise, it’s an excellent
program. If you have a guitar then you should get it.
Available from: R. Stanley, 13 Canterbury Avenue, WlHenhall, West Midlands, or'ci directory ran (ms m »¦»¦«¦¦¦ m.____H i m cKiii i hi » i i i a c A - WV13 1 JO. Priced at £2.50 (£5 for the full version) including P*P.
Disk Catalogue Utility Have you ever wondered which disk a certain file was on? Most Amiga owners find that after just a few months they have a considerable library ol disks, be they magazine coverdisks, public domain, shareware, a paint package or, ot course, your own data disks. Once you start getting past 50 disks or so. It can be a real pain to find that much needed utility or data. Ois* Manager promises to overcome this problem lor you. You should really have a second drive or a hard drive to use this program but it will work trom a single drive. Once loaded, all you need to do is
insert a disk and press the Scan’ button It will then read in the disk contents for you. You can specify tiles to be left out (e.g. devs and .Info) and you can also manually check which tiles it remembers. There are some excellent options for sorting through your files (e.g. all Doc files smaller than 5K in size). Disk Manager is bnlliant at what it does. Unfortunately, it will only work on Kickstart 2* machines which means that it is useless tor the majority ol people who would like lo use it. For instance. I have about 200 PD disks that friends are always looking for utilities trom. I was
going to make a catalogue disk using DM but most ot my friends still have 1.3 machines. PD libraries are In the same boat with their catalogues as well. A 1.3 reader would have done the job, but it's not there. This program would have been awarded a score well inlo the 90s it the programmer had only thought about his likely users.
It's a great big omission trom the best utility I have seen in ages.
Available from: KEW.U, PO Boa 672, South Croydon, Surrey CR2 9YS. Tel: 081 657
1617. Priced at £1.50 including P*P.
SPECIAL PACKS G AMES PACK 1 30 GAMES 5 disks £5.99 GAMES PACK 2 30 GAMES 5 dbk» £5.99 EDUCATION PACK I 5 dfalu. £5.99 EDUCATION PACK 2 5 disks £5.99 C64 GAMES PACK 5 dhk* £5.99 SPECTRl M GAMES PACK 5 dbks £5.99 ASI Garnet 1-178 - The best games col lection LSD Legal Toot* 1-150 - The be* utilities collection CATALOGUE DISK £1.00-4.500 Talc, in stock FRED FISH 1-1000 - Fish catalogue £ I 25 HOW TO ORDER Pleat* make cheques «tlb bankers card number or postal orders payable to "ORION PD . AD orders despatched I* class same day. A500WAMW compatible.
• ¦ Only W1W compatible. Y - A1200 C ompatible.
PLEASE STATE MACHINE WHEN ORDERING DEPT Cl X 14 OUSTON CLOSE WARDLEY GATESHEAD TYNE & WEAR NE10 8DZ Tel: 091-438 5021 D m i © H PRICES 1-10 DISKS XI.25 11 -25 DISKS 99p 26*- DISKS 89p POSTAGE UK ORDERS 75p EUROPE ....£2 CD WORLD ......£4 00 BCAFb»-r KalMuniA't BCAAurdcoi’l. Y BCA Butdrp • Y BCAOWcY BCA Cm (2| *Y BCAOip.Y BCA fNoptr l5l - Y BCA Aim* (51 *Y BCAHito.eei.2ltY BCA Ftoxtn (2) e Y BCA Fata (21 eY BCAF*friv(!l-Y BCAMnOCY BCASolft(2 Y BCA*Oneo(2ieY BCA Spa* .Y 0115 5n»oC* 4« 0119 Bide C«i 2 - Y CIS) CRMfceY CIS ItneneV OIK? LotfWa.Y Gin It)Mm. 1*1. Y 019} Sr. C*vt Gioo * Y
G!9t Foie Muiite 1 ? Y G20t Teante 0225 Enpre-Y SPF.CIAL PACKS 1CMM» PACK I - 5 DISKS - £5.9* Ten Bap* * 1. Antoe P" 2. An«i In. DTP. Bulpl time
• om. Amwwo. Typr* Tior. Bunru Cad. Sprl Ctwlo.
FtWiv Sqmqtr .'ft WfrtiTttt Bt STOSS PACK 2 - 5 DISKS - 0.99 h*m M Mem Sd U. Imp* 10. Sped. S™n k« S*s 5*e» HvpaCa. HO B««» lows Fk rf«c FC-Twt 2B.l*riFnKPMS** A DOM nn I FOSTN - ! DISKS L'«9 Type I BnaaM*.* ftftwtui21*.ThePiHiJo. F-rfG*.2«ti F-dWrar PACK I_5 DISKS £5.99 97 TYPE I FONTS pack: 5 DISKS £5.9* IS TYPE I FONTS PACK 1 5 DISKS £5.99 T* TYFE I FONTS PACK* 5DBKS 15.99 IXTYPE I FONTS UTILITIES U»l Fiona C*d«Y 0X4 Dcfpy 11 * V l«r5 Merty Sit II» Y L«9 Ut*l Desper • Y l«X 9 UMBatter-» 0577 SpnRnae.Y G»l Ara. Man * Y GH2*nta MeC).Y GVSM'SuiTrrtMli. Y G257 OettTiaa.Y 0261 Aatnaa* Y 027*
Sumw.YAd. G29I Sai.PuoteGim GM Cnciet I e Y GUI bieift.Y CCABM*(7). Y CCA Fto»en 111) • Y CCAReiotc.(*).Y CCAFa»(5)*Y PACK* SMB UmiPFIDOJPART • Core** .ttttypopa PACK I-----scr U**5 ItKEuaMiCofu UMV*8 Vda.Oofto,'.- UM9 IBM PC (mane- GtM GtiM Pm Maurer e Y Gt)U7t Suitov II |2 * Y sasi.. G192W5 W li.aVn AGA CCACmtli.Y CCA Cai 111» Y PACK* ----------5 DISKS : HIGH QCAUTY IFF CLIP SI I • GAMES G505 Gj.e. T«n » Y G5 * Fill M*tmr 5 ? V .FtoMO PACK 1 J DISKS £599 PACK* J DISKS 15.99 SOIND SA.MFM3 - S DISKS - 0.99 DISKS ¦ GotfeY "|WMC PD ALL DISKS GUARANTEED VIRUS FREE 24 HOUR TURNAROUND TELEPHONE
SUPPORT HELP LINE ¦ ELECTRONICS PACK 4 DISKS £3.50 Tronicad - create circuit diagrams with ready made component*. Digital Bread Board - build and le* logic circuits. Also includes Gaier-Generic Array Logic. Analyser* Channel Osacilloccpc etc. etc. CELEBRITY SPECIALS 3 Y CELEBRITY SPECIALS 4-Y CELEBRITY SPECIALS 5 +Y NAKED DREAMS *Y GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS 2 -Y MAMMARY MAMAS I +Y MAMMARY MAMAS 2 *Y BLONDE BEAUTIES *Y BUST UP -Y BORDELLO BEAUTIES 9 -Y CLASSIC GIRLS 2 .Y CLASSIC GIRLS 3 +Y CLASSIC GIRLS 4 .Y ERIKA ELEN1AK AGA Y GIRI5 ON FILM P.Y MADONNA SEX I *Y MADONNA SEX 2 *Y MADONNA SEX 3 .Y
PENDLE ELROPA .Y PENTIRE GLAMOUR +Y (2) ROSEBUD.Y WOMEN OF THE ORIENT .Y MAYFAIR BEAUTIES 2 .Y MAYFAIR BEAUTIES 3 +Y UTOPIA 3 »Y HUSTLER CHRLS + Y (2) IF ORDERING FROM THIS SECTION PIJCASE SIGN TO SAY YOU ARE OVER 18 YEARS 600 BUSINESS LETTERS *Y Letters for every occasion DEGRADERS +Y A selection of degrade™ to solve compMibilty problems TEXT ENGINE V4.0 P.Y Excellent word processor EPL HARD DRIVE STACKER -Y Make more room on your HD ENGINEERS KIT *Y Check out your system V MORPH .Y Good morphing program FREECOPY 1.98-Y Make back up copies of lots of commercial games HAMLAB PRO *Y Good HAM
graphics program DISKS ALVEII -Y Salvage lo* data SIMPLE ACCOUNTS .Y Two complete accounts packages LABELS*Y Good label printer SPECTRUM EMULATOR VI.7 +Y Play your old speccy games PRINTER DRIVER GENERATOR +Y Create printer driven SHOW W1Z Y Good slideshow creator ACM MEGABALL Y 1200 version of dus great game KISS THE CANVAS »Y Good Boxing Game AMERICAN FOOTBALL COACH .Y Management sim TALISMAN +Y (2) Excellent RPG Game ALL NEW STAR TREK -Y (2) By Richter, best Trek U CHESS (4 Meg) The Ultimate Ches. Game MADFIGHTERS 2 Y IMAGINE OBJECTS & TEXTURES 7 DISKS £5.95 Crammed full of a large
selection of objects and textures for your favourite ray tracer. Archived for extra value.
COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS 3 DISKS £2.50 36 scalable compugraphic fonts which wort with WB 2.0 or 3.0. Pagestream V2+. Pro Page V3*. And Pagescttcr V2.. ORC ATTACK+Y Beal off the ores lo save the c*stl SKIDMARKS +Y 2) Overhead view racing game DARTS *Y Score a bullxeye SUITCASE .Y (2) Text Graphics adventure game BILLY THE DR AGON. Y OSWALD .Y P Jump the polar bear to safety JIGGERBUGS -Y(2) Excellent puzzle with a twist!
18 HOLE GOLF «Y (2) Great golf game STARBASE 13 Y (2) Best PD game ever - get it!
CRAIG COLLINS ANIMATIONS 10 DISKS £8.45 From the master of animation, the highly acclaimed LAST STAND ON Honi. THE AD. REVENGE. SUNSET JETS A DOLPHIN DREAMS.
(Requires 3 meg).
BLANK DISKS Dyxan Precision Branded 3.5' DS DD dirts with labels 10-£4.75 25 - £11.25 50-£21.00 100-£40.00 (inc. P&P) Also available - Joysticks. Mousemats. Disk Boxes etc... See Catalogue for details.
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WLDRSHW1 .000(1 CD*) WE STOCK FRED FISH 1 ¦ 1,000 GAMES : G5 8TAA no I (? M Swct A1200) 613CAlTU0f D00MM«nni : 614 HOT GRAIL Ted a%M*itifr G15 GotDEN ElEECE TU cn steilirr . G2? CAAO GAMES Klip fW.OismtK 634 RETURN TO EARTH Eht tn« 635 ItAMATRON S12K 41Mb 9la*«n « G41 ESCAPE EROM AW S«c» VaJ.
&M MTTU FORCE ham, 01 MW4 t*rr 645 DRAGON CAVE DiiqKfi tan*- l w &49MCHfM!HTRPGR«l«w s»™ Guewrnn* IM tTAR mil 2 |3 Ass]AM 1200 DGJ2 BUOUACII Glifl RUT* ? G44 PfTtWS QUEST AftK*-Ahcm I* MBMn Z 8U AWGAAMR GAMES10 pm* 0 Gf? HAIITKI nc KXT neunM Ml A12W 009* HACK Ttd KV ? GK 0RM0R Tut GM Ita cmt« ? 697 ATW AT At C84 iuh 0 099BART SIMPSON V 'Irg SI.U C51H RAMIE' Pirnj ? 61» KWH HOUR Ftower - 0*1 won H» W0 06130 WUAR0 WofllO Sf U PW1«r ? 6131 W0RID Of I0OIJ Sftxlsnio ? 6193 CARD SHARP 9 U'C I* nn ? 6134 T0TAI WAR Rtt. W ?6i*t*mnRWOTSLu.
? 613' PUQQIES G an Ml ? GiatOOATlROBW Wafdm ? G1flPA*ITSywt ? 6140 GAAIEICOMP1LAHOR16 QTUt : 6152 OUNGEORS Of NUROJ HUW Glil OUKl I SILVER Pjlfcm iaxWT ! G154 MASTER Of THE TOM Sica K 9fn (Ms 6154 ETHOS «« .. (a )6I57 limi CAMS 30 an SEU GlMCH»UII6£Rai.- . G1I2 ttUCOM Goff* »Jv - wy M Sen.
: Gin nsni at war w ¦ gm : 6144 SMASH IV RIPOFF S i U FulinOx )611600008 MB* 1ft* pM*ro Igl*MCKOOTPir V9ca1 Gi47 NU-SH00T IN UP Swu G G266 HUNKR FUMKIR Itanta fun* CG267 1EMMKQ0S iUt.nm, ? 6261 GROWTH CG273PBOJECT1 CG271 lAflRTONE G G272 LetNAKS PAC1 . G2’3THENA2IGAM( G275AP10YA ::g??6 shoot out ? 6277 SUPER SICOA CHALLENGE ? G278 COMPUTER CONFLICT 2 G?79RNTlPtSlOTCARS6AMEftPG 6?i0 IRCrr I TH( 1URRGAM 6233 CAM GAMS2 ! G24S WHO UAHS 21 Z 6286 HYPER TEIT CHI ATS CG2l7TEO8106ABPratiB»™ ZCWmOEASTMiiaitoW Z©KNAD10TRUNC4l4Mflit« Z ©91OOCH CttW* How iK*» Z©?2 A4S01UTIADV VOL ONE Z ©93 CHAOS STMilS
MO W«* ie ? ©94 8AHI TAMER .414 UIW ? 63© 41101CMCUT Goa crMI ZGB3ARA2NM45*..* ? 6Jl2»OUIiaAAO«AST«il1: TT ? 6313 S0CCIR CAROS R.nB. 9tf ?6314 CTIBUTBImI Ida* ? 6313STARIU2 3o«t«s l ] 0316 FU6 CATtKR Soaw (UI2 ? 631'OMEGA Vi Mynlm ? G318 TOP HCJWT Umtoit oW« wnxn ? 6319 MAOORNA }H» ? G331RCMCOP 00IS TO MAQ Wl ?6321IACI TO THE f UTWI ¦ Fimv G4?7BIMJf*uM 6429 BOW A AAROW G4I08L0AORUNMA 6431 POPETT C!4 daw &cs2 castle hcwbs : G433IX RIGHT WAY linanp G4J4 PtnENCE Cl iB ! G435 PAEWERE PCIS ItotM 6436101 *' HOP ! G437 ROAD TO Iwll Rk*d VU ! 6438 RONIBJ WARRIORS S»n*l FgUn 2 Oon 6439 LEMMINGS 2 hC
r*UI : &440 RAPCAIOKIC WARFARE |7 Otts) Smg* ; G441IE JAS CHAKSAW MASSACRE &443SOMU G441 SMURF HURT 64*61HAUST OUR Gwiyctnwi 6447 ElORCtSM I? OMK) A* 4 9 WK.
ASSASSINS COMPILATION GAMES BOM- unit BoaDER ss'Kssa™-™'0" BO 83 • OERMNE 2 ¦hi m SS SSSS1 eo 87 - CCRMNl t 80 84 • EMERALD EATER 1 BOUlOfflOASH !-undw Tron 4 G«rg Run SarcMe Voir Cno&SciO«r|C4'3( «W, 80110 -OONOMNE3 80 HI-BORO MNE15 D 113 - BONOMNt 9 80114-BONO MM 11 tO-13- RABOGIDIX B!!!:SWSS!
TO “18 - RGPPK HIM 2 B011B-RUPPUMIIC4 B3 “20 - B.LC OIAMOM3S4 BD-2- ¦ INTO T"t tRjST' MM B0127 - SnaMRE 1 EiS ss;
K) 123 • 02 MWIJ B0128 • BONCMIIE10 tO 129 • (XPERT MNE 2 B3 133
• RXXMJTS 2 1 3 Omf 7 MulHxBatlei 7 Soom CMII 1 7 Gal CbfcWn ¦
78 40tWvCoc« £:y:|S!M« ’."•I 'i WIHf ?
93 134 REOUED U*tS ¦ BO 135 fMiWlO FRSM S1S*-fXCE»nON1 1» • JUMOR 1 IsigilSSS&’i U BO 1«-RINHERMINES U BO 1M - BUGAnS! 3 ti SiaTSSS} ? SiS:!lXKSSiaES : BD 898 IMERA.D MNE TUTORIAl U ® 15’ -BACRAID MNE TUTORIAl 3 “ 03 152 • IMIRMD MNE ‘1KA1 1.3 ON* ? 80 153 • RCW EMERAIO MMES1 J aHf CLR LICENCEWARE ? 0317 TECHH010GICAI DEATH LM v** tab tn STOCK THE FULL fWiGC OF cut- PLEASE SEHO FOP DETAILS OH ORDER WITH APPROPRIA TE HUMBER PRICES 1 Out Protnw m a.M 2 Dut Pntnm - E4.U 3 Dut Piogrtm * £5.50 ? 0313.
DELTRAX PD (CU), 36 Bodelwyddan Ave, Old Colwyn, Clwyd LL29 9NP DISK PRICKS: 1-2 Disks . 2.00 each. 3-15 Disks - £1.50 each 10-24 Disks = £1.25 each. 25. Disks = £1.00 each Overseas orders welcome payable in sterling please.
Catalogue disk £ 1.00. Fast, reliable friendly service.
Make cheques postal orders payable lo ‘ DELTRAX PD™ POSTAGE & PACKING: UK = 6()p per order: Europe = +20p per disk: R.O.W. = *40p per disk Note: Prices are per disk and not per set ram Lisa’s here with another fine selection of artwork which has all been done on the Amiga.
By Paul Keddie, Fife, Scotland.
This picture is just one of the trillions of really superb pictures which were sent in by Paul Keddie. All the illustrations were done on his Amiga using Dpaint 3&4.
NNNNNNN-19 by Sean Ryan, Waterford.
It’s good to see someone from the ’ol sod producing such fine work with the Amiga. Sean Ryan sent in a rather fine collection of animations.
This illustration is taken from a short sequence which show a Vietnamese soldier lurking in the shadows, reaching for his gun and then firing.
* 19 «*?
S SUPERMAN by Richard Habbershaw, Hull.
GHOST VESSEL by Lorenzo Milllo, Genoa, Italy.
1. First, the various blue colours tor the sky and sea were
created in HAM mode using the range option. Then, still using
the range option but with a different set of colours, the
stars and the moon were added. The blue areas of the moon were
done using the freehand shape tool with a different
translucency setting.
• •
2. To get the choppy sea effect, some waves were drawn which were
then picked up as brushes and, using the translucency option,
were placed on the sea again. More waves were drawn and the
final touches were added using the smear and smooth option
from the menu mode.
I know Wimbledon was only a few days ago, but did you really have to get out your Dpainl kit, crayons and child-proof scissors to do this Mr Lynch in Southampton. Have you never actually seen real people before, or is your eyesight on the blink? Look at that crowd! Where are you going to find a group of people with identical expressions, identical haircuts and no bodies? What kind of a place is Southampton if it causes you to come up with this kind of twaddle? As for the yellow shoes, well, it kind of explains your disjointed outlook on life. It's a good thing they aren't playing in the
cold, because anoraks tend to slow people down at sport. I can’t think anymore, I’m too disgusted. People like you shouldn’t be allowed out.
4. As the background was in HAM mode and the picture in
halfbrite, there was some odd colour changes and some HAM
fringing when the two pictures were put together.
3. Next, the picture of the vessel was created on a spare page
using magnify tool for details. The vessel was successfully
placed on the pre-existent drawing and more details were added
using magnify tool.
Therefore, the main picture had to be recoloured carefully avoiding colours used in the main background palette and altering the rest for the main picture to avoid colour changes and hopefully fringing.
This image was created by Jason Mitchell, Surrey using Dpaint3 on his A1200 with low res and 32-colour graphics.
M m *
• : * * ¦ : *, & j, i ts f*dusrvefy from HaJihvu i co” ICROCOSM
PACK Wow wKk CHAOS ncmf md MKKOCOSM £239.99 am » iiU
•»«»»» . ¦tooths reton to bn*. Koytaard for SXI...
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A500s FROM £139 A1500s FROM £199 rejr- A600 S0 H0_____________from 159 Hos. Ccnfrolecs Iron 179 A3000s. _______from 499 GW HDB 40 52...209 229 fcr'3 CDIV __________179 XT AT Bbord JO 91 "?•** A590 2Q 40IAB .129 159 _ JS* A4000 30 AGA Chip Set » 68030 processor, 68882 25 50 Mhi coprocessor option, 256,000 coleers ho* 16.6M, sen doubling for ftder free display, Mono, AMIGA 3.5' 1.76 MB 3 J" drive, Hard Drive as beiew, Amiga DOS 3.0 system aadotilles.
A4000 40LC Desktop os okove, but footomg tbo bhtering 68040 processor, with foil Hooting point focOtWs.
A4000 40TW: Tower whta M 040 FPW MMU processor with SCSI-II t IDE I Faces. Al *ee% hi tM mdili ¦» e«t do, w*. Wmwy.
WIMOtn UP6MKS: So. Do» Wermt, 04.99 IJ5 "'IL Jyr lit. Wenemy L99.99 i mu e*Tte oe twn*4 P«ajmooo 30 A4000 40C 4dW !
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yr' CD32 SOFTWARE ¦ should be in stock (phone for list), inc.
¦ Syndiiole. Zool 7, Jurassic PorL. Choos ¦ Engine, mony of
-huh mdude o full (D ¦ nuw u«k alongside the gome. Abcut hoH ¦
ol existing CD1Y titles ere (orponUe (0s7 ¦ «it ok pk, norool
music Cds crd (O.G 120 130 240 260 520 540 A500 600
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Syn*ohio. Ad ho. Red 30 ? Othm piasso II24 in graphics CARO
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1469. 95 MICROVITEC AUTOSCAN 1438 M* m te red* 120 4000, infmoMf
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fcK renqe. Wfr li ond tered---- ¦HRMMULM' Jteh Ml screw
* 1m '.3OS 40D0 «abow. Hul JC".
?’dPi 2* fl? Khr lariJ «r and 41
294. 90
399. 90
1039. 99 M9.99
19. 99 ’.49 '.90 m Cifc-Kon 1440 . ...... h to mi ?! ’ I Miaowc
to-Kon I Adrpinr fo 12 Kit _____ for 4000) oil 431._ Smiw
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lto|A. IV &9te««a hep FX K - te sss a , PKCOIO 24 BIT
16. 7 miioo atom. O**d tfcw. IMS wp to 2MB teo JAM. U) frogamnte
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4MB tec RAM. (ko ib lo 1600» 1280, , toRfirtdwrortialirlR.
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ledltecol«eup»l600xl2B0 rl0Oi6fl0innffr~Sj4lli £1389.90
£479.99 ACCELERATORS 10 2000 4000 1200 HSW cdTo flopp rivSP
Zoom 3.5 ntereel dm, dKy** * Wofl ------- .4150 HEWiAUTEK
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BIN .. 12A99 j I76NI e*t dm far «r Aan|e (WI 2) * 10 HD
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Dm------199.45 SOHI (odrol*----------------98.99 ¦*W»9*dto,
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-.21.99 D01»h»_ 74.95
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169. 99 IBM ? CJ dewes end repkr.-
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4:2:2 teo tignal
H. trameode awoosto * Y C inset, 3 kmnd
* 509 400 1200 | iii«i c«« ......20.99 W 2SWi • lytd-59.99
A500.X1200 taihr* tcnlr ...... 17.90 68002 33I4HI.
OjOd________09.99 UmHMtu- ..34.99 11082
40ttli.oiad-09.99 0i« Expander_____________________34.90
688250MK!.(iWd-----109.99 50 Blonfc DS DD dba-----------17.09
10 Sleek DS tO dta I. box 4.90 50 Blank DS HD
dim___________27.00 10 Olonk OS BO ifca ....0.00 :c-p- =:
IRB xte flk-., ted Caw fane* G$ prv.v*n ivprv.vwa PRINTERS vmw
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woo'______131.49 Gtttw 90 lalsur"----149.99 Stor LC200
col ..171.49 SW LC 24-20 D________144 99 felt
24-100 24 *_......119.90 Stor LC 24-700________179.99 Shu LC
24-200 cel------199.49 Powwow KXP 7173 cd... 179.49
EpwlOlOO________147.99 EpnalOISOcobw- 709.99 538=8:8 - zs Epson
IQ 1170______-567.90 (item AM H «e-----10.99 GfcioABC-taiMAto..
C) ?mS700 24*_______169.99 Giuei S200 74 col* 174.99
ObaSMr--199.99 Gfc»S240Ca)P 199.99 Gena S24i at* 325.90
Srria4-30Cel 1BB.90 S» 1(24 - 300 (ol 219.90 Oam cel
(WsPrtein 269.90 P MS Bf SttteCdr -499.90 » Qtnre Proht
II---178.90 -
• HP Datkjat S70 ...249.99 HP Dmk|«t S00reP_3l9.99 .
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EMPIANT BASIC ....289.95 (MPLANT APPLE TALK ......339.95 EMPTAHT S SI ......339.95 EMPtANT DELUXE (A"Ml ? SOI) 3B9.95 . Wtocw tan* tore w Anei.lleteilOM »*0 . Mia l i a O) tWS PC EIAUUT0R FOK EMPtANT 95.90 STOP PRESS EMPIANT PCMCIA FOR 1200 £289.95 IX 600 C.______ CoBon IK 800 --1426.99 _ Slor SJ 48____________191.99 SlarSJ 144-346.49 SVSLa m.n SSSBBfi4-"* 0«aD*i*5---- te»td Press.. Kst*:: Gltottt. _ US lntnCwIL KM_____ tea 7 bit .679 90 PRIMERA COLOUR PRINTER...£639.90 | hremstte.
5 • Phmaolv «h tec c*em •
• (ai jo ,w Ks ™ rt K. • tl noaarena*. - COMPUTE WITH AMIGA
Vtotop**msn I i it*rwgo*iPKrt*,*r.
* »»*«*• =ass ».aov SKCM1-AMYI* 51.94 IJ-WS-te* 499JI
• tn JIJ« Ban & ffu 1_____ O Sate------ DohuNMCoifll--- »»»» .*
a» iWe’n jrree IX »*JC »«c » •* «. ? J4K uju. Irnr -2;
-0-te.r reel .32.90
16. 99 Wr-_»i .....A|99 LOSURE TOP SttUtS -PcnSxe 2 000 Op
«d ¦I*-** 99 90 hte Pod .....7.99
L99S*ite ----- «. * ,6W HmAccwNs2 48.90 ,4*w -Vm,P«-n «.&k.
3U.0 '*•* lifdWofc n 17.90 IteciOtte, .14.49
SanMiSecarMGA ...IA90 Zzte-:::i=Ii7.90 2190
s rmAU 11.90 imUT*S UI4GUA«S teOte .17.49
'Miii B-t»- BNUEte...... 249.99 Itanlbnm 34-49
tetote l‘-49
15. 49 16.49 Mteitem 71.90 teoto .
119. 99 Mel .... .3199 " £S aiS zz« KSSSisli «i«
_ »•••• r3,T.
'£ zs- J!'2 ORDERING: TELESALES Noi 0727 856005 PAXi 0727 824944 Sawdrrite fcrokbtcra cadcnkopkjc bdweS attecttoCMteiWtr Mwxnte wed tew. Pwd tec, te dolt a ateSte. (PIG. Ednte ad Gonrmwit toftes ertj)»Ctaft CUA HoDbyte Ccmpute (ettreJO Mat« fVra. Y Abas, Hats *13 SDG Hecr tto» 7 dw tcc cfaeqw dtowo. Steo te watoMtj, dwenh s icmdV tetfin 74 hc«s of rente tf ckoed mmeit Pwk ae caieo etttwol giro to press, tew, •» m wrntmn Wcto «3 (»a g fwi. Ete » « 4w P«w did Were ccttemo Mdtivnl 3*nicB ad Otent patoon bt rfered » on Doeecm, ml prices may «r» ban Nd Cdw tncts. Pcrod colm ae edto te JWR *c od to
wue Mol Onto: pntojB m cfael KUVRY CHARGES: uo iwhud (not hkhukis) Son* aRWMEB & De Wbed bt ofl, those dwk wham tom dioDB teen onMng Other tom. Eneot ten Mmdo»ccutorwte,£10»ebo« OhteeonJHtdtote Ple«M«oure IN ADDITION Wf OFFER THE FOUOWING EXPRESS SERVICES: Sonrdo, Wre«5 Amreitte HP AUTHORISED DEALER • CITIZEN DEALER PLUS • *n,,g.i«. ...epi. Welcome to our new look readers' offers. This month sees the launch of our new upgrades for the Amiga A1200.
Unlike some A1200 upgrades, ours are fully PCMCIA compatible. Designed and built in the UK exdusively for CU Amiga - never has it been so affordable to upgrade an A1200 with more memory on a board also capable of adding a 68882 floating point maths co-processor at speeds of up to 50MHz.
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RAM instead of upgrading your printer or buying an expensive buffer.
For reasons best known to themselves, Commodore forgot1 a realtime dock for the A1200. Well, we've put it back with our new UK made A1200 dock for just £12.99. Getting more from your Amiga means at least 1Mb, getting the best means adding as much RAM as you can Is the essential Amiga upgrade!
A superb replacement Amiga mouse.
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Delivery Address _ Postcode.
1 IDIIC Cdrr Df) Faringdon Rd, Swindon, Wilts, SN1 5AR IE £ Vifit J rffCC I IS, Tel: 0793432176 Fax: 512075 o • CLIP-ART 1ATF.ST GAMES COPIERS EDUCATIONAL TETRIS GAMES EMULATORS OCTAMED 4 TUTORIfll PART 3 TIMER Ol This month we have a damn good look at all those obscure little buttons and panels that make OctaMED the powerhouse it is. John Kennedy and Tony Morgan take you on a tour of OctaMEDs hidden secrets. If you ever wondered what the curious N016 button does, you’ll find out on page 150.
PETER LEE'S ANIMATION MASTERCLASS 166c I QUESTIONS AND I CU AMIGA'S own Odd Couple get their caps on and take a deep breath before p your trickiest of technical problems. See if tf solved your problem this month.
MUSIC-X 178, POINTS OF VIEW With the World Cup finally over. Tony Horgan takes a look at the next generation of football games that are due to appear for the 1996 Eui Championships, and wonders if we'll be play tual space football on the moon in the year 2 Then he wakes up. I ISSUE 20 AUGUST Every month, we at CU AMIGA gather together the world’s top experts on just about every aspect of the Amiga, and then get them to pass on their secrets.
Amiga Workshop is where you can discover stacks of previously unknown tricks and techniques to help you get the very most from your Amiga. Starting off this month, we’ve got the first of our Buyers’ Guides, with general advice on buying equipment, then there’s the OctaMED 4 tutorial, Q+A Masterclass, Peter Lee’s Animation Masterclass, Wired World, Sound Lab, Q+A, Backchat and Points of View. If that’s not enough to get your teeth stuck into, then maybe you should go out and buy a big sticky bar of toffee.
Just don’t blame use when all your teeth fall out. CU AMIGA - the mag that prevents tooth decay.
¦ISA Just for a change, this month Music X gets the Sound Lab treatment. Effects processors can be a bit pricey, so seasoned Music Xer Darren Irvine passes on some tips on how to generate your own effects such as echoes and strobes, from with in the Music X software.
AmigaDos is John Kennedy's chosen subject for this month's Q+A Masterclass. He’s spilling the beans on how your lovely computer deals with devices. You thought you just had your floppy drive (DFO:) and your hard drive (DHO:)? Well what about RAD: RAM: PCO: PAR and PRT:? The Kennedy man has the answers.
Find out what we've got in store for you in the next sizzling issue of CU AMIGA, and have a chuckle at the picture of Andy Leaning with a big head. No we don't mean that he's gone all big headed with all the praise that we heap on him, it's the mind-blowing issue that's coming.
HiSoft BASIC 2 __at last!
HiSoft BASIC 2 is a complete development system which is ideal for both the professional and the casual programmer.
Your programs can be written with the integrated, multi-window editor where there is a complete range of features that allow you to create, edit and run your BASIC programs without ever leaving the comfortable interactive environment: block marking with the mouse, cut. Copy and paste, bookmarks for quick reference, fast, case-sensitive search and replace, flexible organisation of your text windows, compilation at the touch of a key and much more
- ----- 1ffir arwr.'-iw. :-----------T fr- 1 The editor takes
full advantage of the new features of Workbench 2 and Workbench
3 and there is a version of the editor that emulates many of
the advanced features of Workbench 2 under Workbench 1.3.
HiSoft BASIC 2 shows off its AGA support The Compiler HiSoft
BASIC 2 is a compiler that feels like an interpreter when you
use it from within the integrated environment. It takes source
code either directly or via the include statement and produces
fast, efficient 68000 code; it is also possible to pre-tokenise
your source code to obtain maximum speed of compilation The
syntax is highly compatible with other implementations
including Microsoft QuickBASIC ' (PC). AmigaBASIC etc. allowing
modern, structured programming with a high degree of
portability between different machines. The graphics commands
built into HiSoft BASIC let you take advantage of the AGA chip
set You can link with assembly language and SAS Lattice C
programs and compile to memory for testing or compile to disk
to produce your final, standalone masterpiece - as 41* SftFx
i- »• ujr .
Mm Even Animation Datatypes are easyt The Debugger There are times when your program does not behave in the way that you planned. On these occasions, you can use TRON TROFF statements to trace execution by line number, or you can invoke the HiSoft BASIC debugger This is a medium-code-level debugger, which displays the source code and object code of your program at the same time. You have access to all your BASIC sub- program and function names and you can step through the BASIC source code by line, setting breakpoints as appropriate.
The Libraries HiSoft BASIC 2 comes with libraries that let you access the features of all versions of the Amiga operating system from Workbench 1.3 up to Workbench 3.1. The standard Amiga names are used, as described in the ROM Kernel manuals, making it easy to translate examples from C. There are examples of using and displaying IFF files. Datatypes. Gadtools gadgets & menus. Tasks. Sound etc The Package HiSoft BASIC 2 is supplied with a comprehensive. 640-page manual which, in addition to user and reference sections, also contains an extensive tutorial on using the package.
The system works on all Amiga computers with 1 Mb or more of memory, at least one floppy drive, keyboard and mouse, in all 80 column screen resolutions. We recommend 2Mb of memory and a hard disk if you intend to work on larger programs or to take full advantage of the new operating system features.
High Quality Software HiSoft BASIC 2 @ £79.95 + £2 p&p Upgrade from HiSoft BASIC 1 @ £39.95 + £2 p&p Signed: Card No: Expiry and Issue i THE CU AMIGA GUIDE TO HAPPY BUYING Get a good deal and peace of mind when buying from advertisements in CU AMIGA.
7. Find out what faulty goods and dead-on-arrlval policy the
company has. And make sure you're happy with this.
| uying from advertisements in CU t AMIGA can save you time and money.
"Over the next few months CU AMIGA will be giving helping you understand all the aspects that are involved when you buy a piece of Amiga hardware or software. Andy Leaning starts us off.
8. Find out what warranty the company offers
9. Check that money will not be debiled until the goods are ready
to be dispatched.
ORDER any cash, reac ihe B. V®8 jg reviews and ¦j j
• »- " loeu* on rtpndmaM glean as much information as you can
about the products Save yourself not only heartache, but also
money. Be sure what you intend to buy is what you really want
and is right lor your needs. Know the manufacturer, product
name, and product code (if relevant) of the item you want.
I llllllHavrc conln",. ¦ III.-,ll i:.-i l B H use a credit card whenever J| oossible Most credit card issuers run an insurance poi icy. Be aware that direct I debit switch cards do not. In many cases.
1 offer this service. Never send money through the post.
9 TAKING DELIVERY When your goods arrive check the contents of the delivered parcel as soon as possible. Ensure that CU AMIGA ORDER FORM To the supplier: this order follows your advert in CU AMIGA. Please treat this as a priority order II ordenng by post or fax complete this form and send it to the company you are ordering from.
Alternatively use it to note down your order when calling k SUPPLIER CUSTOMER DETAILS Company.. ORDERING When speaking to a company, there are several key things you should do It calling by telephone follow the CU AMIGA check list below. If sending your order by post or fax use the order coupon provided on this page.
5. Confirm the price: does It include delivery and VAT? Are there
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6. Ask for a definite delivery date and try to get this in
writing, (it will help should anything go wrong, heaven
Always gal tb* name o* the parson you a»e dealing with They don't have to be tnendty (although it helps) but there is no reason why a name shouldn t be given It they wont give you their name find out why and if they still won't reveal their name speak to their manager and get their name There's nothing wrong in asking tor or giving a name and if it s not volunteered ask yoursell why they feel they need to hide. Many customer-oriented firms instruct their staff to give their name regardless you have been sent the right order and it contains everything that you asked for. If not. Contact the
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If you are not happy or. Alternatively, impressed by the level ot service from an advertiser please write and tell us - we want to hear from you.
Priory Court. 30-32 Farrfngdon Lane, London, EC1R3AU. 'S, THANKS TO: This page has been written m consultation with many people, including advertisers, buyers, and consumer protection associations. In particularly Advertising Standards Association Citizens Advice Bureau TAKE NOTES Make notes at all points, and write down exactly what is said at all times Having done this keep your notes They may come in useful later on ORDER CHECK UST
1. If using an advert make sure you are referring to an
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Then make sure that the goods include every thing warned and conform to the advertisement Daytime phone number.
METHOD OF PAYMENT Postal OrderO Card Number [ Date Start Date Expiry OF GOODS ORDERED__ _ _ Goods Code Individual Pnce Total Price
- Subtotal Delivery Date
Required .....Signed .....
Delivery If you Intend to send this order form through ihe
post, take a photocopy first. Total OCTAMED 4 i JTORIAL In
part three of our OctaMED 4 tutorial, John Kennedy looks at
all the buttons, requesters and gadgets still hidden deep
inside the ultimate Amiga soundtracker.
Although we've spent the last tew months covering various aspects ot OctaMED in some detail, there still seem to be about a thousand buttons which we have yet to explore, most ot which we'll be covenng here.
You've probably noticed the cluster ol buttons at the top right of the OctaMED screen. Each of these brings up a different control panel, each of which deals with a different part of the program.
We'll look at each of these in turn.
From one Amiga sound channel to another.
With SHRINK and EXPAND you can halve and double the length of the tracks Expanding the block will insert a blank line between every existing line in the block. Shrinking the block will take out every alternate line, so use this carefully.
The number of tracks after TRKS: will decide how many tracks are present in the current block Click 4,8.12 or 16 to change the number of tracks Depending on the status of the A Of 6 button. You may see all the tracks on screen at once, or a maximum of 8. See the section on MISC for more info.
LINES: controls the length of the tracks In the block Although all the tracks in a single block must be the same length, different blocks can be of different lengths. For example, the main parts of your song may be in blocks which have have track lengths of 64, whereas the introduction and ending may have tracks which are 32 lines long.
EDIT Before you can add any notes to a tune, you need to invoke edit mode - this is usually done by clicking on the small E button or pressing ESCAPE on the keyboard. However, the EDIT screen displays many features which can make entering notes a lot easier to 9 through to F, will turn the corresponding track on or off. You can also toggle the tracks with the tiny buttons just beneath the NOTE button, or use the numeric keypad. SET and CLR provide quick ways of switching all tracks on and off.
The KEYPAD option determines in what way the keypad operates It defaults to toggling tracks on and off (TRK OMOFF). Although it can also be used to choose instruments (SEL. INSTR}.
Different combinations ol SEL INSTR and TRK ON OFF will give you two ways of using the keypad to select instruments, and two ways of using the keypad to turn tracks on and off.
SPC will cause the cursor to move through the tracks in steps ol two, or any other number you enter in the box next to it. This Is handy for entering drum patterns. Click the SPC button or press the key just below ESCAPE to activate It.
The OCTAVE number selects the octaves of the main keyboard - pressing FI to F5 will achieve the same effect. The other function keys are shortcuts to jump to different parts ol the current block.
The ADV- short for Advance - settings control what happens each time you press a key.
Normally, the tracklist will scroll up to let to insert more notes, but you can get it to work in reverse if you desire. You can also cause it to skip across tracks for weird stereo effects. The little button with OctaMED Professional i BLOCK To understand the features of the block menu, you first need to know the difference between a track and a block - once you have mastered this, you are on your way to total tracker mastery.
A track is a single column of notes and effects- the normal display consists of four, because there are four Amiga sound channels It makes sense to keep each track associated with a single sound channel.
Of course, OctaMED provides an extra four tracks of sound using a lot of programming trickery, and a further eight tracks if you want to use external MIDI Instruments. The length ot the tracks can be varied from one block to another. When the tracks are played, they scroll up the screen and each event is processed one at a time When the end ol the track Is reached, the tracks flip back to the top and start again.
A block is a set ol tracks, and could contain anything from four to 16 tracks. You create a song by writing all the different tracks, making up the blocks and then playing back the blocks in a sequence. It's a very simple and elegant way of composing The block editor is where new blocks and tracks are created, and their contents copied and deleted For example, it's possible to select a track, copy it and then move to a different block and paste it In. In this way you can move tracks The TRK ON setting controls which tracks are active and will actually make a noise. Remember lhat are up to
sixteen possible tracks, although only the first four (or eight in special OctaMED mode) will generate sounds using the Amiga sound chips.
All tracks are turned on when you load up OctaMED. Clicking on any of the buttons from 1 a picture of a speaker will let you hear the samples in the block as you move through the lines.
One of the most powerful features ot the EDIT panel is the programmable keys section. This lets you assign a single note and command (eg. C-3
0102) to a single key, or even assign a whole range to just one
key. Highlight the note or range you want assigned to a key
by holding down the right mouse button, and dragging it
over the chosen part of the block. If you just want a
single command, dick the NOTE button, and if you want to
grab the whole range, dick the RANGE button.
Now if you press SHIFT and the zero key on the main keyboard (not the numeric keypad), the range or note will be inserted in the block from the current cursor position. Use the little and buttons to move through the keys from zero to nine.
This lets you set up ten different assignments. You can also assign commands and ranges to the left and right ALT keys The SPACE-DEL button will make the spacebar double as a delete key INSTRUMENT Each individual sound in OctaMED is referred to as an 'instrument1, and it can be composed of a digitised sound sample, an OctaMED synth sound or both - a Hybrid sound. You can also have MIDI instruments, which are none ol the above.
Below the instrument name box are a lew arrow buttons. These can be used to move Irom one instrument to another, either in steps ol one at a time, or by jumping to the first or last instrument The TRANSPOSE value will transpose the current instrument up or down in semitone steps The FINETUNE setting can be anything Irom minus 8 to plus 7. And will linetune the instrument up to a semitone above or below its normal pitch.
HLD delines the length ol time the instrument will sound lor, and DEC sets the decay rate (fadeout VOLUME It's rare that all the samples used in a song will be ol exactly the right volume. Although it is possible to control the volume using special codes in the track lists, it is sometimes preferable to fine-tune the overall balance.
The OctaMED mixing desk is tairty simple to use SAMPLELISTS II you don't have a hard drive, keeping track ol where your samples are stored can be a real problem. Sample lists will let you create an addition to your song which remembers exactly where the samples used reside.
For example, you might keep percussion samples on one disk, and bass sounds on another.
OctaMED will remember where each are. And prompt you lor the right floppy.
Load the directory ol the disk with your samples. And then click DIR AM. II there are any tiles which aren't samples, use InstrI DEL to remove them - don't worry, they won't be deleted Irom the disk.
The samplelist can be saved by clicking on'S.'
Which will store the list ol the samples used in a tile called M£D_Paths in the S: directory ol your boot disk.
MISC The majority ol the MISC menu is taken up with the colour requester. Here you can alter the shades used to display MED buttons and screens, and each time you save a song the colour scheme will also be saved.
II memory is limited. LOADGFX will save you some valuable sample space. Rather than load in the graphics at startup time. OctaMED will only load them in as required.
A OI6 will tell OctaMED not to display all 16 tracks on screen. This could prove useful il the 16-track display Is too small to see on either your TV or monitor.
DEP2 will Inform OctaMED to only use a two colour screen the next time it is run. This is another excellent way ol saving valuable chip memory which can be better used lor storing samples iVB OPEN CLOSE will attempt to shut down the Workbench II successful, this will also save some memory lor samples.
MOUSE2 will switch to a new method ol placing the cursor - normally the left hand button will switch a track on and oil. This can often be more intuitive.
• ctaHEI Pnfessiml § 1W1-1W2 Teijo Kinnunen I Ray Burt-Frist SA
VE PREFS will store the current colour scheme and saltings lo
disk so that every time you load OctaMED. Your favourite
settings are restored CLEAR ALL will remove all samples and
song data Irom memory, and CLEAR SONG ONLY will remove only the
song data - useful lor starting again from scratch whilst
keeping samples intact.
To make sure you only QUIT when you really need to, you must click on CONFIRM as well.
That's the end ol the OctaMED tutorial hope you enjoyed It. 'til time). Lower numbers in the DEC box give longer decays. The VOL slider sets the delault volume lor the instrument, which can be over ridden by volume commands in the blocks. LEN is the length ol the sample, and R B and R L are the loop points.
- simply select the track you need to adjust by highlighting it,
and then use the arrow buttons to set the level - the volume
can be set Irom anything Irom 0 (quiet) to 64 (loud). The
Master control setting will then adjust the volume ol all
tracks proportionally.
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MASTERCI* What happens when John Kennedy is left to his own Devices? He starts playing with AmigaDOS, that’s what.
If you open a Shell and type ASSIGN, not only will you get a list of the current directories and volumes which have names assigned to them, you’ll also get a list of all the available AmigaDOS Devices.
To the Amiga, a Device can be almost any thing from a floppy drive to an abstract piece of software. Devices control the input and output of information to and from the Amiga, and by dealing with them directly you can save yourself some time and effort. This month, we’ll take a indepth look at common devices and how they can help you.
VmrD fioppy Disk drives are the simplest devices to deal with because you can see them, touch them, even break them (though they cost you a lot of money to replace).
DfO: is the device name for the standard Amiga internal floppy disk drive and even though the Amiga 4000 comes with a high-density drive, you still use the same name. For example, to format a floppy disk you would enter: Format drive dfO: name MyDisk I usually put FFS NOICONS after the above and if the drive has been formatted once before, adding QUICK will speed the process incredibly. This is also the fastest way to delete all the files on a disk, so don’t mess with it. If you add an extra floppy drive to an A1200 or A500, the name will be df 1: so you can copy files from one disk drive to
another using the following: copy dfO: dfl: ALL If you have a Big Box Amiga (A1500, A2000, A3000. A4000) the drive naming is slightly different.
As these machines can support another internal floppy drive, any floppy drives added externally will actually be called df2:.
Hard drives are named in a similar way. But the exact name will depend on the what they were christened at the formatting stage. Names such as HDO: and DHO: are common.
Remember that each partition on the drive will have a unique name, so drives called HD1: HD2: are also likely.
Formatting IDE hard drives (those fitted to A600s. A1200S and A4000s) is easy, you can treat them like giant floppies. To format a disk drive partition DH1: use the following AmigaDOS statement: format drive dhl: name BigDisk FFS NOICONS QUICK The QUICK is essential if you don't want to waste time. Even new drives will accept a QUICK formatting, but this will only work after the drive has been initially prepped with a program such as HDToolbox. Remember - formatting a drive will delete EVERYTHING on it, so don't do it to your friend's computer for a laugh.
NOICONS will prevent a Trash icon from appearing - it's a matter of taste, but I certainly never use it and so always use NOICONS.
RAM: The RAM disk is always there on the Workbench when you boot up your Amiga. It's like a very fast floppy or hard disk, and is very useful for storing data temporarily because as soon as you do a Warm Reset (CTRL+AMIGA+AMIGA) or switch the power off everything is lost forever.
During the boot process, the Amiga copies some files into the RAM: disk. These are usually preference files for any software you have installed and are kept in the ENV drawer (they are copied from ENVARC which is stored on the boot disk). The T and Clipboard directories are also kept here as fast access to their contents is usually required.
RAD: The RAD: device is an interesting idea, it’s a disk drive which doesn't actually exist. Instead, it's a section of memory which only pretends to be a disk drive, which can be extremely useful if you only have one floppy drive.
Before you can use RAD: (which stands for Recoverable RAM Drive), you will need to patch it into the Amiga system by using the Mount command. If you have AmigaDOS version 2 or 3. You will need to make sure that RAD: device has been copied from the Storage DOSDrivers drawer to the Devs DOSDrivers drawer and enter the command Mount rad: from the shell. Alternatively, double click on the RAD: icon in the Storage DOSdrivers drawer.
The RAD: disk should be loaded, and appear on the Workbench. You'll need to format the RAD: like any other disk so enter: format drive rad: name Rambo FFS NOICONS QUICK You can now treat the RAD: like a super-fast disk drive. You can even copy disks to it which can speed up mass duplications of PD software considerably. Workbench 2 and 3 systems are set-up so that RAD: is exactly the same size as a standard low-density floppy disk, but previous versions of Workbench will require delving into the Mountlist to make the necessary alterations.
Unlike RAM: RAD: can survive a Warm Reset (CTRL+AMIGA+AMIGA), and it is even theoretically possible to make the computer reboot Irom the RAD: if you can spare the memory imagine Workbench loading in seconds, not minutesl You'll have to make sure the RAD:.disk is bootable' first, although the AmigaDOS INSTALL command won't like this. Instead you’ll need to Diskcopy an already bootable floppy disk to RAD: Of use the Install utility which programs such as Directory Opus come with For a much easier life, find Ihe Public Domain program StatRam v3. Which works a lot better that the original RAD,
It also is a flynamic memory device, in that rather then reserve a block ol memory immediately, it changes size to accommodate what ever is stored in it. Highly recommended PCO: Another special AmigaDOS v3 DOSDriver device lurking on the Workbench disks is PCO: As the name might suggest. PCO: will enable the Amiga to read and write IBM-PC done disks. This is incredibly useful if you need to swop data to and from other computers, as practically all hardware will cope with PC format disks.
Once you start PCO: (in the same way that RAD: is started either by mounting it by hand, or clicking on the icon) you can pop PC disks into the Amiga's disk drive and read and write to them Unfortunately, the PC has an antiquated disk handling system, so remember to keep names to the form of eight characters, lull stop, three characters or CrossDos will start to make its own names up.
If you are copy text files to or trom a PC disk.
KKUIKEVl lUPl You might be wondering what the greater than and less-than signs which appear in the examples are ail about - so I II tell you. Using these signs it is possible to redirect the output ot command to another file or program For example let's pretend you want to list all the files on your floppy (with the DIR command) but instead of on-screen, you want the list to be in a file which you could then load into a word processor or send to a printer Instead of simply entering DIR type the following The contents of the directory will be placed in a specially created Me called mytile
in the Ram disk. You can look at it by entering: There is no reason for using the Ram disk other than it's a lot speedier than a floppy disk. You can also send data into a command using the redirection sign in the other direction, see the NIL: device example for more details you might find that they either come out doublespaced. Or all on one line The remedy to this problem is the CrossDos commodity which Is supplied with the Workbench disks Run it, and all should be well.
PRINTING DEVICES PAR: and PRT: are the two AmigaDOS devices which can be used to drive a printer normally connected to the parallel port. It turns out that PRT: which is the dedicated printer device will also work with the serial port as it depends solely on how you have sat up your preferences using the Workbench preference programs Assuming that you are using the default case ol a standard printer port, both PAR: and PRT: send data to the parallel port The difference is that PRT: is specially designed for printers, and will use the selected printer driver to expand special control
sequences, select fonts and produce graphics. Trying this with PAR: won't work Using PRT: if is easy to get a hard copy of dir PRT: M i or copy frcm s:startup-sequence to PRT: Times when you would actually use PAR: are few and far between, perhaps if you had some extra hardware connected to the parallel port it might be useful.
SERIAL DEVICES There are also two devices which deal with the serial port, SER: and AUX: although they are rather different from their parallel counterparts.
Using the SER: device data can be sent to the serial port, but first it enters a special buffer held in memory This means that data might not necessarily show up at the port immediately which can cause unexpected problems.
However, when communicating with other circuits connected via the serial port. SER: seems to work best: when we added a robot to the serial port in ages past (CU AMIGA. September to December 1993) the software supplied used the SER: port.
In contrast, the AUX: device isn't buffered and so the data sent and received appears immediately AUX: can be quite lun, especially if you have another computer and a Null Modem cable.
If you connect the computers with the serial port (switch off first!) And start a terminal (comms) programming running on the second, when you enter: Newshell aux: The second computer will be able to access the files on the first machine This simple torm of networking is described in more detail in the excellent Bruce Smith book - Mastering AmigaDOS 2 Volume One.
MISCELLANEOUS DEVICES One ol the most under-used AmigaDOS devices is the Pipe:. The reason is very simple - you probably won't need it.
Think of the Pipe as a temporary file held in Ram. Which can be used to share data between different processes To see it in operation, open two Shells on the Workbench. In the first shell, enter: type pipe :one Amazing, eh’ Perhaps slightly more useful is the CON: or Console device. Try copying a text file to CON: like this: copy s:user-startup con: Remember that the 'From' and 'To' in the copy command are optional. You should see a window opening the contents whiz by Try this as weH: copy s:user- startup con:plop The window should now open to cover the entire workbench.
The NIL: device is more useful than it would at first appear When you send data there, nothing happens. When you try and get input from it. There Isn't any. How could this possibly be useful?
Sometimes, when you start a CLI program, either by typing only its name at the Shell, or typing RUN program-name , you'll see a window open Sometimes Ihe Shell will seem to lock up once the program has finished. Now this can prove to be more than a bit of a nuisance, especially If you are trying to run the program from your startup-sequence.
Instead, you should direct output and input to and from the NIL: device, like this: run NIL: NIL: program-name The program will then run. Not opening any windows. And not locking the Shell The final device we! Look at is one which only non WB3 owners will be able to use - the SPEAK: device. From WB3 onwards the Amiga’s text-to- speech device was dropped from the distribution of Workbench, so this will not be relevant for A1200 or A4000 owners.
Other Amigans can have hours of family entertainment by redirecting text to the speech device, like so: dir SPEAK: NEXT MONTH Even more top hints and tips trom our Master of all that is Amiga.
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Both DehuePaintand Brillianceoffer a wide range ot automatic tools. But there comes a time when you have to get your hands dirty, and manually control what's happening on screen.
This is particularly true ol eccentric movement having brushes whizzing this way and that is pretty difficult using the bare horizontal and vertical controls offered by the programs' requesters There will also be times when you will want to define your own anim-bmsh, and move that across the screen too. Once again it’s unlikely that the software alone will let you achieve exactly what you want.
So in a nutshell, you have to control the draw ing software, and not the other way around, to get exactly the kind ol effect you need.
Our tutorials this month focus on hands-on animation; we'll be combining all the great techniques which make Amiga graphic software so special, _ and also DRNNT: . . , | | t . J -4 . . | , a | be Tindirig out now much difference our own input makes. _ Object ol effect to have a pencil appear to write a message on a piece ol notepaper Mode: 32 colour, low res. The beauty of this neat animation is twofold: it's quick to do. And you can accomplish it in low resolution with under 20 frames. Once you know how to achieve the effect of writing on screen, you can use it to create many
vartations of the same theme. Here's the basic technique: I From scissors |to searchlights, Lee some TUTORIAL I PART centre of the screen, about the size of our illustration. This will be our sheet ofwrtting paper _For an attractive memo-page look, you can easily create a just ripped' feeling to the top of the sheet.
Here’s how - right dick the pointer on the straight line tool, and dick on the _________ Every nth dot value ¦tart'tna aaquanco aa n « bad |uat box which appears, mitten tita lettar M_ entenng 8 as the value. OK the requester, and select the mediumsized round brush, with the blue you chose as your background selected as the foreground colour.
Using the straight line tool, draw out a row of holes' across the top of the grey rectangle so they give the appearance of a page pulled from a nng-bound memo pad TIP - before drawing out the line, hold Mai your finger on the SHIFT key to ensure a perfectly honzontal line.
O It's time to select your font, so rtght click on the text tool icon (The capital A), and select the font you'd like to use. I've used a script one to give an added appearance of writing, but the choice is yours. Type in your message.
Our example would be of use as part ol the title sequence ¦ The Window adds to ttiy laaltam ot ¦ the acwne; because thy pencil point ¦ anaa™. Torn. Papa. Thw.th.wW ynu Itaea to dR tha shadow Mia tMa fl Turn the background to mid-blue and clear the screen to that colour (right click the mouse button on your choice of blue, and left dick on the Clr icon or press SHIFT K). Draw out a white rectangle in the screen (keyboard j).
As you can gather from the illustration, the penal is a simple object drawn with straight lines using the smallest brush. Before drawing it, go back and "** m“ • right click on the Line requester and choose the Continuous option to disable the dotted line function we activated earlier To make sure the lines don't show the jagged edges assodated with such a low resolution, try to follow the angle used for the penal in our example (which is 45 degrees). Use light and dark browns to fill in the pencil sides and give it a solid feel. The sharpened point is a brown trtangle with a black line for
the lead, as you can see from » enlargement.
Cut out your pencil as a brush, and switch back to the animation (the j key, remember). II you are not on the first frame for any reason, go to it by pressing key 3 and entenng 1 in the Go to requester. Clear the menus off the screen by pressing F10.
Place your penal manually with the point a little way in from the first few letters, and paint it on the screen with a left mouse dick. Move to the next frame by pressing key 2. And position the pencil brush a little further along the letters, and paint it down.
Tor a home movie, but It could be anything relevant to you.
C Pull down the Anlm menu, and select Frames Set . When the requester appears, type in the number ol frames for the sequence, which In this example is 16. Your original drawing will be copied to every frame in the animation, which is where we ll leave It while we create the second key player, the pencil.
Switch to the shadow on screen under’ Ihe point without over- painting the pencil.
Move forward manually through the sequence, positioning the shadow In the right spot under the moving pencil. When you've finished, turn off the stencil and play back the animation. If things move too quickly, slow down the rate by pressing the left arrow key repeatedly until it plays realistically TUTORIAL 2
* o In the case of our example, shown here, this is the curved
line flourish, £ Playing the sequence back will now show a
pencil moving pointlessly across a sheet ot paper with text
already on it. To get the realism you need to carefully erase
all the text on each frame which occurs after the pencil point.
For instance, il your first frame shows the point at the end of
the H on the first word, remove ome Movies' You could usefully
use the stencil to protect your drawing as you erase the
unwanted text, but care will see the ) done.
| Once you reach the final frame, all the text J be intact, and once the frames are played back you should get a good impression of a moving pencil drawing out the text. But to add the professional touch, how about a shadow for the pencil? OK-let's do it.
Q Switch to your spare screen, and the pencil.
Cut out the pencil, and select darkish mid-grey as the foreground colour. Press the F2 key. And the pencil retains its shape, but becomes solid colour.
This is what we want, so switch back to frame one of the animation.
To convey the impression ol a pencil whose point is nearer the paper than the chewing end, we can rotate the brush. So from the Brush pull down menu, select Rotate and Any angle. Rotate the brush about 10 degrees to the right.
For an exact measurement ot the angle, switch on Co-ordinates from the Prefs pull-down menu t of all.
[I Adding the shadow now requires two small s on our part; from the Process menu turn Translucency on. This will halve the darkness of the pencil brush as we paint and create a realistic shadow. Now call up the Stencil requester (Effect Stendl makel and protect the original pencil Continue this until you have placed it across all the words of the sentence; your last frame should coincide with the pencil s final position on the notepad after the last item you want to be drawn’ 0 Drawing the scissors are the hardest part of the whole 15 frame animation I've used hairdressing scissors because
they were handy, and you can copy my example if you like. But for perfect results, you should really use your own home scissors as a model. To make life easier later on, look at the two blades as individual items, and draw them separately, as if the scissors were in the open position.
Q Once each blade is drawn and saved to disk as a brush, you can cut the front blade out, and overlay it on the other to make the finished article. Switch to a blank spare page now, and create a two-frame animation (which ot course has nothing on it yet).
Now copy your open scissors drawing onto the first frame, switch back to the spare screen and clear it umit ¦vl,l. JJ-j’ Jjj Object of effect To animate a pair of scissors across the screen, slicing through a picture which Again, a simple enough animation which can form the basis of an extended project of greater depth and detail.
But until then, here are the basics: Activate the Brush Rotate any angle option trom the pull-down menu, and manually rotate the brush. I found an angle ot 19 degrees worked, but you will have to judge by trial and error when the rotated brush appears in the correct position relative to the back blade. You may also find you need to touch up the rotated blade, as straight lines tend to turn jaggly while doing Position the new on top of the back I one, cut out the finished bn"" "“““’“"v item as a brush and switch to the animation frames. Carefully position your new brush relative to the
existing picture of the open scissors.
H but don't paint it on screen yef Press key 2 to advance fo the second and still blank animation frame. THEN paste it down If you play the am- mation now you should see the rwo frames giving Ihe appearance of a pan ot scissors opening 0 We need to save this sequence now, but not as an animation, as we shall be overlaying it on other screens, It needs to be turned Into an animated brush or Animbrush. To do this, from the Anim pull-down menu select Animbrush Pick up. And you will see large cross-hairs on screen. It is important you don't miss out any part of either ot our two drawings as
you drag out a rectangle to encompass the image area we are going to be capturing. Picking up an Animbrush in this way allows Dpainl to automatically work through every frame and copy the areas ol screen you have defined. In our case there are only two frames, but it works on how ever many you have created. Save this Animbrush straight away, by using the Anim Animbrusht Save menu option Howlre tMtun ot it» utr Ponton Now |,.s time t0I 5ES3S5?" ’text Clear the decks tor the main sequence first by pulling down the Anim Frames'Defete Frames requester and selecting All frames. Your text can be
anything you like, because the technique Is the same -1 |ust chose my text as a relevant example.
Use a text colour different from any you may have used for the scissors, as this will be a vital link in achieving the effect Once you're happy with the text, Pull down the Anim Frames Set requester, and enter 15. Your text will now be copied to every one of the new frames created Copy the frame of text to your Spare screen for inference, we'll need if later.
If your Animbrush of the scissors is not already loaded in memory, load if now from the Anim Animbrush menu. The beauty of Animbnjshes is that they advance a cell (or frame) each time you paint one down.
We shall be painting the Animbrush down manually, so start at the bottom left corner of advance to the next frame by pressing key 2. And move your scissors brush to the right and up the screen a tew inches before painting down the Animbrush again.
Repeat this for the first five frames, and try to have your scissors move across virtually the whole diagonal of the screen.
© You can repeat this procedure twice more (or H as many times as you wish), beginning at the next frame in the sequence But to add variety flip the Animbrush either horizontally or verli cally 'keyboard x or ¦ y i ana have the scis tiw 'lit' h on ns way out waving.. sors moving in the direction of the points. Again, move the Animbrush manually lor five frames each time.
Q More manual labour now We need to make it appear that the letters under the scissors fall down the screen. This is not too difficult, thanks to the stencil. Call up the Stencil requester, and protect every colour except the one you used lor the text.
Switch to the spare screen (where you stored a whole copy of the text frame) and cut out the first letter the scissors pass over In our example, it s the o' of out', and the event happens at frame 3. Switch back to the first frame of the animation, and manually progress frame by frame (remember, key 2) until the scissors pass the point at which a letter would have »Bn cut.
©Nith the stencil on, you can use the letter brush previously cut out from the spare screen to fully erase it from its position in the animation You also need to erase it from the remainder I of the frames too. Because it's history Irom now Turn off the stencil, and using key 1 to step back a frame at a time, go back to the first frame where the letter has been cut (frame 3 in our example) Manually place your cut-out letter a little way down from where it should be, and paste it on screen. Advance a frame (key 2), and position it a little lower. Do this over the next three frames until the
letter has almost vanished off screen.
Feeling of depth. This is done in exactly the same way as you would do It in Dpaint namely pick up (E Repeat this cycle: stencil, cut out appropriate letter from spare screen, erase letter on animation as scissors pass and on subsequent frames, paste letter falling down screen. Eventually your animation will have fewer letters on screen as it progresses Take care not to overlap the falling letters on to frame 1 - this must remain intact: start your last letter falling lour frames before Ihe final frame, and make it disappear on the very last frame.
TUTORIAL 3 M1M5E Objed ol effed: to simulate a searchkght picking out and highlighting darkened objects.
Mode: 32 colour, low res.
Brilliance hides a lot of its power beneath the surface, and what this means to you is that you can create some realty innovative effects very quickly.
Take this searchlight beam effed for instance.
Your object as a brush, right-dick on the colour you want as the drop shadow, and right dick your brush on . .ii f1» portion of Ml. C creating a sif- houette of •mm.
The brush In your seleded colour. Now paint your original brush down on screen, offset slightly over the shadow QI wanted the text to appear as if it had been sprayed on the wall, and luckily Brilliance has an Airbrush mode of painting. Select it by dicking on the toolbar icon which looks like a can of spray-palnt Weneedafine spray, so you may have to alter the size of the nozzle'; to do this, right dick on the spray icon, then dick on the Size icon, and on mm is eons. Screen make the drcle I as your paint colour. And draw your text on the To add authentidty I smeared some of the text, as if
the paint had run and smudged into the brickwork. The Smear option Is one of scores available from the Paint Mode requester, which is accessed either by pressing F4 or right clicking on the Draw Mode toolbar icon (which looks like a mess of colours).
¦O* ©The bricks and text are in place, but how to achieve this clever effect ? Before creating any anim frames, we have to Fix the background This will preserve our screen, no matter what we do to it later, but it will not affed any spedal effects we will be doing.
To Fix It, simply click on the Toolbar icon which looks like an open padlock, and the job's § We are going to darken the image now, so later we can bnghten up patches of it with the light effed.
To do this, seled black as your foreground colour and horn the Draw Mode menu (see stage 3 to access) seled Colorize, with 50% set in the Amount slider at the bottom of this requester.
3 Seled tilled rectangle from the drawing tools, and drag out a redangle which covers your image, it will remain, but be darkened considerably tao Now's the time to create our animation Irames, so call up the Animation menu by clicking on the Toolbar Animation tool (which looks like a movie camera).
Click on the Set box. And enter 15 as the total number of frames in the sequence Click on proceed, and our original drawing of the wall is now copied to 14 other frames, with the background fixed and colours darkened.
Q We need to make the searchlight now, so choose a blank area ot the screen (or swop to the spare screen if you like) and draw out a filled circle in any colour,roughly about the size of a 10pence coin.
Cut this out as a brush, deleting it from the screen afterwards it you used an animation frame to draw it on.
The background, it cuts through the dark image to reveal the dear, bright original underneath _ hence the lighting effect vmoua apMigma.
Q To easily move the beam across the Image, we will use a combination ot Animpainting and Segment draw. This sounds slightty complex, but Beam being registered on screen. It will not paint until you release the mouse button, so when you’re happy with the direction, let go ot the button, and Brilliance will paint the circle over the image moving it throughout the 15 frames. But since we fixed Spot Spot Spotlight NEXT MONTH Hone your animation skills even further when Peter Lee guides you through more rewarding tutorials in Brilliance and DeluxePamt Can you wait until next month, we can't here
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JOHN KENNEDY John knows everything v J there is to know about an Amiga.
I'm surprised he can tear himseH away from his trusted machine, every month, to answer these questions.
ANDY LEANING jwf Andy too, is 2 the Amiga's Aa number one fan. What he doesn't know about the Amiga, could fit on a postage stamp.
CDTV LIVES ON Unfortunately, I am a CDTV owner, ,* and I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions forme:
1. Can I connect a SCSI hard drive to my CDTV? Also is there an
internal drive available?
2. What RAM Expansion can I use with the CDTV? I have seen a 1 Mb
Super Agnus advertised in various magazine, what is this?
3. Is there an internal genlock available for CDTV? Will the
GVP and Rocgen Genlock work with it?
4. What use is the memory card slot on the front of the COTV?
5. Should I buy an A1200 instead?
Kenneth Ho, London.
Don't be ashamed ol owning a CDTV, they are still the best finished and best looking Amigas ever made (although the new Amiga Tower system la a looker.)
1. Yea, you can. Indi advertised a SCSI drive lor quite some
The Interface card fits Inside the CDTV casing, with the hard drive fitting externally. I know of no CDTV hard drive which can fit totally Inside. Unfortunately, there is no way to upgrade to Workbench 2.04 as although the necessary ROMs have been made, they were only ever made available to developers. Boo, hiss.
2. CDTV RAM expansions are very difficult to come by, as there is
no equlvelent to the A500's trapdoor (the CDTV Is very close
to being an A500 In a black box).
The Super Agnus Is an improved version of the Agnus custom chip, and by adding to It you can Increase the chip ram from 1Mb to 2Mb. The Super Agnus expansion boards come with the extra memory In place.
It's the only way I know ot expanding the memory on the CDTV.
3. Yea, again Indi advertised |ust such a piece ol kit.
Apparently there la a button on the CDTV remote control
especially to toggle It on and off to let CDTV graphics
overlay the normal TV picture. It was ahead of Its time.
4. Not a lot. It's a sort of early PCMCIA slot which was
originally planned to allow games and other data to be stored
5. Certainly. Go ahead and get an At 200 as they re great. But
hang onto the CDTV because you can, via Parnet, access the
many CD- ROMs of Public Domain software now available.
CD VS MEMORY After waiting patiently since k* Christmas for the CD-ROM drive to appear, I was delighted when I read the May 94 issue of CU AMIGA, which broke the news that Commodore were soon to be releasing a CD-ROM drive for the A1200.
However, before the appearance of the CD1200 I look a trip to Gordon Harwood's lo check out the Blizzard Board. Wonderful I thought, what a speed increase this board would make to my Amiga.
Now I cant make my mind up I'd love to join the CD Revolution, but I also want the incredible speed of the Blizzard. Which should I go for?
Jamie Wilton, Sheffield.
You are not alone Jamie, many A1200 owners are In a quandary aa to the beat way to upgrade their computer. Which would be better: CD-ROM and CD32 compatibility, or extra memory and possibly a new processor too?
The Commodore CD1200 looks good, and It can’t be denied that the ability to stick a 4Mb SIMM in the CD-ROM drive provides a reasonable degree ot expansion.
However, suddenly there la a new generation of add-on CD-ROM drives for the A1200, and they are making It look aa though the third- party manufacturers have beaten Commodore at Its own game.
Looking through the advertisements and listsnlng to the grapevine, there are now several expansiona which provide an A1200 CD-ROM Interface connected via the PCMCIA slot, leaving the trapdoor tree for memory or accelerators. Although these drives will work perfectly with the PD collections and PhotoCD disks, the big question Is whether games will work, as there Is no way the third-party companies can put an Akiko chip on the Interlace. Rumour has It that a new Workbench upgrade will emulate the chunky-planar conversion routines In software If the Akiko chip isn't present, but only
time will tell.
However, aa predicted In the April Issue of CU AMIGA, at last A600 ownars will be able to connect a CD-ROM drive to their computers.
I am a newcomer to computers, and I “ e have recently purchased a Commodore A600 with RAM upgrade, Microvifec monitor and Screen Beal 3 Speakers I bought CU AMIGA with Disk 80 (Octamed 41 which I loaded Although the program runs, there is no sound. Could you please let me know where I have gone wrong?
B. C.Sharman, Ipswich.
Got a problem with your Amiga?
Well, you've come to exactly the right place people.
The Q&A section ot the magazine covers all your Amiga problems and gives good sound advice as well.
First things llrst, check the connections. Are the speakers plugged In? They should be connected to the AUDIO L and R sockets at the back of the Amiga and also to their own power source.
The next thing to check la whether the Amiga is actually generating any sound at all. It you load a game or demo, are the sound effects present?
Assuming you can hear something at this point, reload Octamed. Octamed makes sound by replaying sampled musical instruments. It won’t make a peep until you have loaded In a sample.
Load in a sample using LOAD INSTR from the FILES MENU.
Alternatively, load In an example song. Now depending which keys you press you will hear the sample replayed at different pitchea.
Remember though, the coloured bars will only be displayed If a sample Is being replayed.
,ii(, Mydaughter UMEk'. Received a Desktop Jmt Dynamite pack for ’ V Christmas and we recently upgraded It with a 120Mb hard drtva from Trilogic in Bradford (good value, great service). I then set about installing some software, and this is where I encounter problems:
1. Indiana Jones and the Fate ot Atlantis will only run when the
enhanced chip set has been selected from the boot menu.
2. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade will only run when I
disable the CPU caches from the boot menu.
Is there any way that these two games can be made to run automatically from the hard dnve without messing about with the boot menu?
Philip Blakemore, Wlnsford, Cheshire.
Well, at least look on the bright side, you have the option to disable the new features without opening the case and physically removing the new hardware.
Blame the software companies for not following Commodore's rules.
I don't believe N Is possible to switch to ECS mode after the Amiga has booted from disk, so unfortunately Fate ot Atlantis will always need messing with the boot menu. Last Crusade, however, only needs the CPU caches switched off. Incidentally, the cache is an area of high-speed memory built Into the 68020 processor which speeds up some operations. Unfortunately, some badly-written software will fall when the code is held in the cache. The cache can be turned off from the boot menu, but also whilst the computer is running.
The Shell command CPU will return data on the existing set-up, but try entering: cpu nocache The IBM drive was made to work by cutting pin 1 of the 44 way IDE ribbon cable, and you might like to try doing this on your system.
There is a good chance this will solve Indf s problems. You can then make a special script and attach it to an Icon with IconX to perform this command and then load Indi automatically. If you can hold out until next month’s AmigaDOS Master Class this process will be covered in more depth.
WILD WEST I have fitted a Western Digital 3.5 inch hard drive to my At 200. Allis well except that the system is unable to mount the drive on start-up. This means the drive remains unrecognised until it is mounted manually by the shell.
Is the drive taking too long to spin up and therefore missing the chance of being recognised by the operating system? If so, can the startup- sequence be delayed in order to allow the drive to rev up? Or am I doing something daft with the jumper settings?
By the way, I have tried a separate power supply, but it was no good as rebooting still results in the drive shutting down momentarily.
Come on chaps, is there a solution, or do I have to boot from floppy from now on?
Kevin Lee, Plymouth, Devon.
Although the IDE disk Interlace fitted to the A1200 Is a recognised standard, there are many variations. I've experimented with many, many drives and found exactly the same problems with drives manufactured by Connor and IBM.
Sometimes the drives would not boot straight away, but warm resetting (le pressing the two Amiga keys and the Control key all at once) a few seconds later, often got them working.
Both the Connor and IBM drives displayed this annoying characteristic, whereas Seagates worked perfectly.
I solved the Connor drives by swapping the jumper setting that defined the drive as ICS or CAM. I have no idea what it meant, but the drive worked perfectly from then on and very quickly too: Connor drives seem to be the ones that worked the fastest.
DOWNGRADING I own an A500+ with an external floppy drive and some extra memory. I am going to upgrade to an A1200 with a 80Mb hard drive, but have been told by a computer store owner that you cannot buy a PC emulator board for the A1200, but you can for the A500.
Is this true, as I use Windows at work and would like to extend this use at home. Also, can you buy a disk stacker for the Amiga like we use at work on the PC?
David miners, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear.
The A500 can Indeed be downgraded to PC compatibility via the side expansion slot and it costs £99 from Silica Systems (081 309
1111) . The catch is that you need to own a GVP HD8* hard drive
before you can do this.
Hardware emulation of the PC on an A1200 might be possible If the recent advertisements for the PCMCIA version of Empiant are anything to go by.
As soon as we get a review model, we'll let you know.
Disk stacker software Is available for the Amiga from Power Computing, although you might like to try the public domain shareware program PowerPacker first, as It achieves the same effect with a lot less hassle. PowerPacker compresses each program Individually, whilst preserving the normal AmigaDOS disk structure. Other disk compression systems are available In the Public Domain the Power Computing system Is based on one.
Alternatively, why not get your office to use Amigas Instead of Pcs? Then they too would have the advantage of Intuition Instead of Windows.
BASK BUIES I own an A500 and at school we have several IBM Pcs.
1. 1 have heard rumours that BASIC programs on the Pcs can be run
using Amiga BASIC. If so, how could I go about doing this?
2. The Pcs can load images saved as PCX files, and on the Amiga I
have Personal Paint which can save in this format.
How can I get the pictures into the Pcs?
Mark Olblson (aged 13) Pontetract, West Yorkshire.
As long as the programs you want to get working on the Amiga don't rely heavily on graphics, there won’t be any problems. Your best bet would be to get Hisott BASIC 2 (reviewed July 1994 issue of CU Amiga). Any graphics would require some re-programming, as PC and Amiga graphics are completely different.
All you need to do is save the Images to a disk which both the Amiga and the Pcs can read. This is easy with an A1200 or A4000, as these computers come with a program called CrossDos which does this automatically.. However, as you have an A500 you'll need to track down a public domain program called MessyDos.
With MessyDos. You can save your Amiga images to a floppy disk which can be read directly by the Pcs. Format a double density floppy disk on the school computers first, as it can be difficult formatting a disk with MessyDos.
A4000 HELP ©Having recently upgraded from an A500+ to an A4000 030. There are a few points I would like to clarify.
1. Exactly what is the point of the warranty seal on the A4000
which is designed to be opened lo be internally expanded?
Does this mean I can’t open it for a year?
2. Would you recommend a video back-up system? I have used
HDBackup but I have decided that 30 blank disks are too many,
and I have a video recorder in my room.
3. Which programming language would you recommend? I have tried
AMOS but didn't like it.
4. Will there be a CD32 compatible CD-ROM drive for the A4000?
Also, is a second internal 1,76Mb floppy drive a good idea? My
ok) external 800K floppy disk is starting to collapse, and
it annoys me because it is called df2: not df1:
5. The A4000 is a big improvement on the A500 isn’t it?
Paul Clark, Goxhiit, Sth Humbs.
1. The seal on the A4000 doesn’t mean you shouldn't open the cas
ing, after all, how could you add more memory or some hard
drives? I was told by Silica that It's there to make sure the
dealer has performed no Internal alterations, but you can
safely ignore it.
2. The video back-up system works well - the only thing that
stops me getting on Is that fact that it Is so slow. I usually
back up to a spare IDE hard drive that I am lucky enough to
have around. I have fitted a removable hard drive system to
my A4000's bay which means I can swap hard drives very easily
3. Depends what sort of programs you want to write. HiSolt Pascal
and some textbooks would be a good way to learn programming in
general. Try C If you want to jump In at the deep end, and
Assembler if you want to hear voices In your head and dream In
op-codes. Blitz Basic is good for games as well as more
serious applications, although It Is very Amiga specific.
4. Commodore said there would be, but that was before their cur
rent problems'. The answer is now probably not for some time',
so buying a Tandem controller and a Mitsumi CD-ROM drive Is a
good Idea. Would you really use a second high density drive?
Wouldn't the money be better spent on another 4Mb SIMM?
Anyway, If your floppy drive gets really annoying, as long as there Is a disk In df2: you can always enter the following: assign df1: df2:
5. Yes, It sure is. I don't regret buying an A4000 for a second,
even if it's a 68030 version and since Software Demon vanished
I can't find a way of upgrading to a faster 60040. Yeti BtfVZ
THIEF I have been an AMOS programmer for over a year, and
have recently moved over to Blitz Basic Although it is a lot
better than AMOS, there is no equivalent to AMOS memory
banks which means all pictures, shapes and so on have to be
stored on disk. This wouldn’t be so bad but it means they’re
free for anybody to nick. How can I get around this?
Nathan Ferguson, Doncaster, South Yorkshire.
A good point. It’s not fun to see the graphics you spent weeks designing appearing In someone else’s code. The simplest way to hide your work is to store the graphic images in the form of DATA statements within your program. Then, at the start of the program set all the colours to black to disguise what is happening, display the graphics and grab them as shapes.
Getting the graphics into the DATA statements will require you to write a program which loads a shape, and sends it to a disk file » Hi collection of ASCII pixels vat- ues preceded with DATA and separated with commas. You can then load this file Into. Ted, the Blitz Editor by disabling the Tokens. That should keep you busy tor a day or two!
Alternallvely, encode any dele which must be stored on disk. The easiest way to do this Is to go through It byte by byte and XOR It with a value trom a text string ot your choice. To decode It the data Is XORed sgaln with the same string. You'll still need to write routines to load and save the data and process It, rather than loading and saving the shapes directly.
1 have an A500, but I'm going to upgrade to an A1200 soon. I would like to link the two computers together so I can make use ot the A500's extra memory and possibly its expansion bus.
However. I have a printer and don't want to keep disconnecting it.
Could you tell me. Is there a serial port version of ParNet?
David Randall, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen.
Yes, there certainly Is a version ol ParNet which is functionally Identical, except It links the computers via their serial ports. It's called SerNet, but you should be aware that It will run quite a bit slower than ParNet.
You ahould always realise that although using the expansion port of the A500 Is possible (say, with a 99 Commodore CD-ROM drive) It Isn't really possible to use the A500'8 memory.
Although the RAM: disk can be addressed as can any device , the eystem memory doesn't merge with the A1200’s own memory, It la In no way a cheap and cheerful memory expansion.
®l have recently bought an A1200 in favour of my old A500. But I still have the internal disk drive of the A500.1 am wondering how I can connect this drive to the external floppy port of the A1200? Is It even possible?
Kenneth, Norway.
Sorry, Kenny, Internal drives and external drives are rather different. The external drives have some extra electronics which you would need to cop. But It's not malty worth the hassle. H you still have the A500. Link It to the Al 200 via ParNet and use the drive that way aa a device called nehdtO.
Keep a look out, as someone, somewhere Is usually looking tor a replacement Internal drive to repair the one they split Diet Coke Into, and you might be able to reach some sort ot deal.
® Being non-AGA, I like the thought of Workbench 2. T. Granted it will take up a lot my 20Mb hard drive as it is on live floppies, but I gather the manuals tor the programs are excellent The question is. Will the new ROM end up causing a lot ot my existing software to tail?
R. C. Pavey, Totton, Southampton.
The Workbench software won’t conaume a great deal of space, as you won’t need the contents of all five floppies. For example, you will only need one printer driver, not the entire disk full. LlkewlM, unless you are a DTP fan you won't need many fonts. On the other hand, your predicament serves as an excellent warning for thoM looking at small hard drives
- save your pennies and get one that seems far too large. Aim for
over 100Mb It possible.
Several older programs will not work with the new ROM, but the vast ma|orlty of programs will work tine. A ROM switcher Is one solution, but you might be better with a PD degrager program such as Reloklck which was given away with CU AMIGA.
USA HARDWARE 1 have an A1200 (doesn't everybody) and I was intending i to get a 1200CD drive (but no FMV) at £200.1 thought I'd get a CD32 instead, but to connect it up to my 12001 would have to buy an expansion module at £140 No thanks until Brian Fowler Computers brought out a connecter lead to connect the two without the expansion module.
But how would you load up Parnets bootable disk on the CD32 side ol the link, because without the expansion module you can’t have a disk drive, so you can’t load up the Parnet bootable disk?
I'm going to America lor my holidays and wondered it RAM boards or accelerators would work on my UK A1200?
If not. Do you think US 72 pin SIMMS would work on UK Ram boards or accelerators And would they be cheaper’ Gavin Lewie, Nottingham.
You are right In that software Is required at both ends ol the link between the A1200 and CD32, but it is not necessary to use a floppy disk with the CD32.
In order to get the necessary data into the CD32, you will need to get a CD-ROM,such as the CDPDIII produced by Almathera, which Includes Workbench and the linking software on It. A great bit of clever thinking on Almathera's part, that. All American peripheral, with the exception ot video equipment, should work tine. Memory might be cheaper, but check It with customs belore you bring back several gigabytes.
WEDDING PLANS ®l own an Amiga
500. With a 200 MB hard drive, and while I was playing around
with SCALA 500 HVT which was tree on your cover disk (more
of the same please) I decided to use this to make a video ot
my sister's wedding.
I already own a Sanyo VHR-335 VCR and a camcorder and I was wondering what other equipment I should obtain belore I can start producing my own video I plan to use some music oil a CD which has copyright tree material on it and I would like lo use these on the video I know I need a genlock ot some son. But I am stuck as to what sort I should get.
I don't want to spend too little or too much. Around £200 Is my budget Richard Jones, Bristol.
If your budget could reach |ust a little further, I would recommend you get a GVP G-Lock. Although It costs £299, the video quality Is excellent (composite or S-VHS), end as It IncludM an audlo-mlxer, not only will you be able to overlay your titles over the video lootage, but you won't need to splash out lor a separate mixer to dub on your backing music.
Falling that, both Rendsle and RocTek make genlocks around the £150 pound mark, although you will need to purchase a separate mixer for the sound.
INSTALL PANIC ®l have an Amiga 600 HD. I bought the machine two years ago by mall order. I wasn't supplied with a hard disk installing disk, so I borrowed one trom my friend.
Recently however. I erased all my programs trom my hard disk When I rang the company to send me a HD install disk they said it comes with the computer and they cant supply it now I don't know what I should do next.
R. Sanlkop, Preston.
Installing a Hard Drive Is a two- part process. First of all you need to the Prep the drive to make It talk to the Amlga.Thls Is done with a program such as HDToolbox (supplied with some A1200S and all A4000s) or RDPrep, which you can obtain from a PD Library such as 17 Bit Software -1 got mine trom the continuation CD-ROM.
After prepping, the disk can be AmigaDOS formatted, and now the second stage begins copying all the Amiga Workbench over.
This Isn't really as difficult as It sounds, as all you really need are all the tiles trom your original Workbench disk and any from the Extras drawers you think you might also need.
The easy way Is to boot trom floppy, use SHOW ALL FILES to highlight the contents of the Workbench disk and drag ALL the tiles over. You should be able to reset the computer,boot from the hard disk and carry on as normal.
GOOD OU 1.3 Belore you know it ifs 2 am and at
6. 30 I start a 13 hour shift driving a bus. Death wish or what?
Until I can afford the 2.04 ROM, have you any ideas for some
"informative and illuminating" literature to gel the most
out of my 1.3 Kickstart. Nobody seems to advertise old stock
in the literature department any more, and ail the Workbench
Tutorials seem to assume the reader has a 2.04 or better.
Robin Pacey, a bus.
The main reason why most books and magazines assume everyone has Workbench 2.04 Is because It Is soooo much better then 1.3, and therefore anyone who uses their Amiga for anything other then games should Invest In an upgrade immediately The Bruce Smith AmigaDOS guides always include reference to Workbench 1.3, Including a lull description of all commands and details on optimising the start-up sequence. It you're Interested In using It, why not check them out?
NEXT MONTH Well, that s it lor another month.
Please send queries into Andy and John s Q&A. CU AMIGA.
Priory Court. 30-32 Farnngdon Lane. London EC1R 3AU. We regret that we cannot reply to letters personally.
WORLD CLASS I1M fif, AMIGA PERIPHERALSII H I A G-LOCK VIDEO GENLOCK FOR AMIGA 1200 Simple. Intuitive Mouse-Driven Software Control --“»iSo'i TO|J • , Panel*. Full Arexx, CU and Workbench Interlaces gjfc ag Software Selection ot 2 Composite Video Inputs or Lf I Y C S-VideoI Input J L . K Simultaneous Composite 8 S-Video end PCS Outputs P* ME | Software Selection or Mixing ol 2 Audio Inputs with I * _ J " i Volume. Baas and Treble Control ¦ Software-Driven Video Processing Amplifier I I Offering Complete Beat-Time Signal Procettino M Control, Including Hue. Brightness end Saturation. _1 r
j ™ Software-Controlled RGB Colour Splitter Th, m sue A J»« sxmron n MAW if 4««C rd i" CompttfWe with Video Digitizers Mm MBX wHWiu Tbggp «m «tr knorui * ms 6» utb .
Built-In Transcoder Converts Input Video to Tff I Mil ** * I *nU'* L Composite, Y C, RGB or YUV Outputs mmu OR fpu? M Fu« ECS AG A Support for Full CompeMUty with lMSta«waMiMMn y»rliu ;wiiHji.i» ¦ s :: G-LOCK [WWW dsSSSSL 40“« 6803o7c £229 £249 rss-* £269 somh, bbmo tos £329 fulMaaMSuiport . ¦. « J L_L«™ ' I ,.T%,Z 24-BIT GRAPHICS CARDlG-FORCE 040 ¦ FOR A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 I TAKES YOUR AMIGA BEYOND AGA!
EGS Spectrum Is tm answer to a yoor 24-bt graphcs I Mion. 24-bit board that WI take any Amiga 1500. 2000.
¦ 3000 or 4000 beyond AGA! Bui the hardware a only halt ¦ of the picture. Without quality software, your investment ¦ will be wasted. Not only does QVP*s own award winrmg graphics appfcabon ImagoFX My support EGS Spectrum, but also, using a Workbench driver, nearly all I I existing Armga Workbench compatit** applications will J also work on and support the EGS Spectrum system.
Workbench driver to run Workbench directly on the EGS SPECTRUM Board, Freeing Up Valuable Chip RAM Hardware Blitter to Accelerate All GUI Operations, Including the Workbench Driver EGS SPECTRUM SSL 2m VIDEO RAM %$ gSZ£L E399
* S«M2»or £349 40mhz & Somhz ACCELERA1
• Ainor iccMnlu unlc (as VI»« SIMM ncWO torn,!** RMH MMOI
laliftnnqSMMlCVMgMWIkMVm I 1 MB 60rs last RAM SIMM (RAM 3216) -
F69--T 4UD com Fut RAM SIMM ¦ |RAW3?4«| flOT-,.. IgMMgMFg HAM
SIMM - I PAM 3?86| - C999 . Vi ] The extremity hgh auWtv Amfca
omioc*. Iron GVP. Has in irrtiiton-taied Mlt-srs contrcJ pm *
«tfi lull »Rea and mmrnerd line mud*** ¦ a easy to use am)
supports mott VMS ana S-VHS rdto models Tor crop weh«
• Cortmne Hem cMnraM r«r*-*' e Trette « ten mtatni
Thie It itt Never before has such a powerful processor been avaiabie for the Amigal The G-Force 040 puts a 40wh, Motorola 040, plus bulHn *Owo 68882 FPU into your A4000 (030 or 040) and Oouplae it with up to 32v» of super fast 32-bt SIMM memory on the board. The Standard board comes with 4* RAM • see left tor RAM upgrades.
Add one of the two 96m» memory expansion boards • see left, to take your total memory up lo an amazing 128m RAM. Tfrectty connected to this btazing processor For maximum performance, a second optional module w« be avaiabie soon, tor e tut 32-bit SCSI2FAST 2m ot On-Board Memory ae pm Aphw mcaetn* 4 mm cmv* f r«V • Programmable Resolutions Up To an Amazing 16Mx 1290-800, 600 ln24-bH Heat-Time 24-bit Display and Graphics Operating System!
High-Performance 24-blt EGS-Palnt Package lor Professional Painting and Photographic Editing AMIGA-RGB Pass-Through so the Amlge and the EGS SPECTRUM can Share a Single Monitor SrUuJmmtiHamanc? AuU s*"ln9 Scan Rates Up To 60KHz 80,000,000 PixetsJsec Pixel Display Speed (8-tHt) amazing 10ut per second!
• Feat 040 Accelerator * RAM tor A3000 A4000
• 40uhj 68040 Processor
• *0mu 68882 FPU Built-in to the 68040 Chip
• Make your A400QI030 at least 12 rtmee Quicker
• SEIZE*. Q-FORCE 040 Jn. Bom lo . 40»m 4.t RAM Total ot 128m via
an m a Extra Card-see left £19QQ
• SCSHI Feet Optional ** (Pricing TBC) FOR ALL AMIGAS ¦ ¦ Capture
sound from an ex- ’ - temal source and play it back ¦ in
stereo or mono on your S Amiga. The latest version of . GVP-s
Digital Sound Studio gjiL, i » (DSS8+) enables you to mem n *
create audo effects lor use « in games or jingles.
Hew Style Hit* Impact. Clear Poly Carkonata Casing Slmattaateasly HeMs up lo 31 Sound Samplet hr Memory VIDEO EFFECTS FOR ALL AMIGAS WITH 3»b F IMAGE PROCESSING ACCELERATORS FOR ALL AMIGAS WITH 4m RAM I FOR AMIGA 1500 & 2000 image Warping Few Render Tkme Rondere to HASFE end DCTV THE SILICA SERVICE 1-4 TmsMfw*. Hathsrlsy Roao. Sccup. Kbtt. DA14 4DX PIUS BRANCHES AT: Company « BRBTOt. Cwwtfacs -aiRwl. AJawBinw C72 2B1C1 CHElinroW) Dnwfftim-BBiw. 27rtQt»Stree« ««S3WS11 CROYDON Dt0Wm-0«)tat 11-31 NcmEW M1-W 4466 61A500W Otbwkws • 6a Rutj. 97 Anw e Street MI-221 HU OWLDfORD Dt0tf4aas-a.(tn|.
Mkrock 04S3 301300 Hull Ortnmaw-OMRBjPTOHeaarwl 0412 281S1 rSWICH Dwrt S-QWR1. WWDWStrot M73 22H13 (ISpSa L0W00N 52 ToMnhW Cout ftof_171-61 411 LOMOQR OltMRwB-tMiW. CTOfWa 171-41 7736 LONDON Skonn ««ml3MCMBn)St 171-OT 1234 LUTON Oitet« SM'«%»). Amdai Centre N602 212N1 MANCHESTER DiWrttc • m VaW $ M 11-12 11 PLYMOUTH DnafNans • cm twv . Royal Piradt 0752 26801 Which computer(s). If any. Do you own?
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Otfet closing date: 19TH JULY 1994 Source Code: IA1Z This month, Darren Irvine has some Music-X tips to add a bit of je ne sais quoi to your sequencing.
If you’re a Music-X user, you’ll probably already know what an-easy-to- use program it is. It's one of the best Amiga sequencers available, letting you get straight into the business of recording individual sequences and stringing them together to make your finished song.
SOUND LAB At first sight, however, Music-X appears to be a bit lacking in the special effects department, as it doesn’t have any of the sequence-processing goodies associated with programs like Bars&Pipes Professional. On the other hand, just about any effect can be simulated, copied or downright stolen with just a little bit of effort, and here are just a few of the sneaky effects-techniques that I’ve accumulated over the years since I’ve been using Music-X.
ECHO BEACH One of the easiest effects to simulate, but one that can produce great results, is echoing. This effect is usually produced by sticking the output of your synth, sound module etc. through a dedicated effects processor, but if you have enough polyphony available, there’s no reason why you can t do the trick with MIDI. The effect works most effectively on sequences that contain notes that are spaced apart by at least a whole note length.
The first step involves making two copies of the sequence that you want to echo. Highlight the original sequence and select Copy from the menu or press Amiga*C. The copy requester will appear, and it's simply a case of highlighting a free track where you want to copy to, and clicking on "OK".
Next, edit the first of the two copies and select "Scale Velocities’ from the Modules menu. Scale the velocities of all the notes (dick on the ’AH’ button) to about 60% of their original values. Ensure you have semiquavers selected in the Grid requester (the ones marked "48" for 48 ppqn or pulses per quarter note) and press AMIGA-,A to SELECT every note. Press the right cursor key three times to move every note three semiquavers to the right. If any of the notes have crossed the End of Sequence marker (the yellow dotted line).
’Select’ these notes only (first ’UnMarkTng all the notes which are currently selected) and move them to the very start of the sequence. If you've got it right, you should have a slightly quieter version of the original sequence that is offset by three notes, but should sound the same when played back.
Now do the same thing to the second copy of the sequence, but this time scale the velodties to about 30% of the original value, and offset all the notes by six semiquavers. When you play back all three of these sequences, you'll have a great echoing effect that instantly brings dull riffs to life.
You might like to try experimenting with amounts of velocity scaling used, and you could also try using offsets of four and eight semiquavers.
STUTTER RAP Another impressive effect is the simulated mixing desk mute-button stutter. You can achieve this effect with dever use of the MIDI volume control change fundion. It works best on a dynamic synth patch that changes a good deal over time. The basic idea is to produce a sequence of long chords on a given MIDI channel and then send a series of MIDI volume changes over the same channel. Stan by editing a blank play sequence, and move the End of Sequence marker to the length of the sequence you need.
Click on ’Add’ from the right-hand side of the screen, and then pick ’Control Change’ from the requester that appears. Seled controller number seven by dragging the top slider from the group at the bottom right of the screen until it reads seven.
Click on the edit window where you want a volume change to occur. The further up the screen, the louder the MIDI channel plays, and the further down, the quieter. A good starting point for this effed is to put a full volume control change at the start of every quarter note, and to put a zero volume change between these. Delete a few of the control changes at random, and it’s probably a good idea to quantise everything nicely to eighth notes.
When you play back this sequence, along with the chords on the same MIDI channel, you'll get a series of short notes that change in timbre with time, as if you had played the normal long chords and then repeatedly pressed the mute button on your mixer. A bit of tinkering around with the timing of this effed produces some great results, just period for those three-hour ambient dub mixes.
IN THE MIX Another ’interesting’ effed (for interesting, read ’ extremely weird’), you can achieve, is to crossfade between two different synth patches playing the same riff. The first step is to record a nice repeating riff with plenty of short notes and maybe some pitch bends. Make a copy of this sequence.
Edit the original version and ’Seled’ the first half of-the sequence. Now use ’Scale Velocities’ to ¦Ramp up’ the volumes of the notes by seleding a starting scale of 0 and an end scale of 100.
Unmark these notes, and ’Seled’ the second half of the sequence. Again using ’Scale Velocities’, but this time scale them down from a start of 100 to an end scale of 0.
Save your changes, and edit the copy of the original sequence. Repeat, except this time scale the first half of the sequence down, and the second half up. Now ’Seled" all the notes (AMIGA*A) and dick on one of the 16 MIDI channel buttons at the bottom of the screen, to play the sequence on a channel other than the original sequence. Now.
Depending on your choice of synth patch playing on the two MIDI channels in question, when you play them back, you'll get a riff that sort of cross- fades or morphs from one sound to another.
Using combinations of the above effects and others, you can compose some brilliant stuff using Music-X. We'll look at more sequencing weirdness another time, but for now, go and make noise. © DOT MATRIX AND INKJET FREE! FROM SILICA
• £f*W5L *i tha UK miKUnd flr i Lh Pritfar XI COLOUR OPTION
CniZES AHC 24 Wlff Cfflwn Ooi hhpb ytntn horn Sl»u
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• 8K Printer Buffer
• 5 fijnfs.
3 LO, 2 Scalable
• Parallel Interlace
• Graphics Resolution: 360x360dpi
• 2 Emulations: Epson A IBM
• Citi:en Emulation Autoset Facility
• Quiet 48dB(A)
• Built-in SO Sheet Automatic Feeder
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- Windows Driver
- Amiga Driver
• Optional Extras:
- Colour Kit ¦ Tractor Feed
- 128K RAM
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E129 Add lul colot* to your pnnlouts with the easy to install,
optional A8C cdoundt_
• VAT-C151.
[INKJET 180cpsb9pin 240cps 80 column W24pin 270cps 80 column W24pin 300cps 80 c «¦ KLUUK H f m W.' t
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9 Mo ¦ 80 column 240cps SO (ttept) 216cps Draft S4cps HID 18K
Printer Bufttr 6 fonts Built-In iParaSef Interlace SWIFT 90
MONO iGraphicsResolution: n" ' . LvnSSm mt,s P19Q Emulation
L-f I mm W 1 AuMSef fJOftty “"“23 •V»T*t“51 SI-P422K f»re Ouwr
• orwsiHnaxwajc • 2* p* ¦ bo com
• 270CK SO (15ct»h 216 cm Draft 72cm LO
• 8X Printer BufferWnm).7 10 Fonts
• ParMmriac* SWIFT «
• nommn&riSb m
• sotoz» *x-o Mt4mt frjTT.
• •wpvrs**' mJLiM
• ' ¦ tC Card SW icr HAM. BaNNmMmM
• 3 fons ftM*t • Optoa) HP Co-whM for O
• iMMMv
• Graces PetoLM X0 3M&
• HPDesNet PM TOW fmuW&?
• ((WS.TW jC05Bff«U»M»CjrWto«0ny
• AoiBSiWWftoCw Snwn)
• IxcUtos J r flrw
• frearWtarnay e Quarter Pnntow a AufoSrtfaoWy
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- 43dB(A)
• Colouri THE SILICA SERVICE Before you deoOe Mien to buy your
new porter, we suggest you thin* very careMy stout WHERE you
buy t Coraider what it Ml be ifee a few mentis after you have
made your purchase. Mien you may require addocnai penpherato
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SttfCK RANGE: reaurarttmts are iviiUOte trcm one Md as details
on al soft-art M ptricfterato
* SSSSimmjpv montNy tarns (APR 29.
- --------------Postcode:________________________________ TW
(Home):___________________________________________________ TW
Which computer(s). It any, do you own?
- -------------------------------------- 215B a .tlas trcfesjonal
canpiwr sates.
BACKCHAT Tony Dillon loves lively debates and interesting little chats, so he gets the prized job of reading what everyone out there thinks.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE After reading Ihe May 1994 issue and looking through Ihe Art Gallery section. I suddenly thought, where do all the disks go when you have copied the picture tile to your hard drive’ Now tor the senous part ot the letter Alter reading the news section ot your mag, I discovered that Commodore are bringing out a CD-ROM drive at last, but I have a tew questions about the drive which are:
1. Will the new CD-ROM drive use the trapdoor expansion slot? It
it uses the expansion slot and the CD-ROM drive has not got an
expansion slot what is the point in buying the CD-ROM drive
it it stops you Irom expanding your machine to its lull
capability? 2Mb these days IS nothing.
2. How important is the FMV module, because I am thinking ot
buying a CD32 which I can connect up to my At 200 or a
CD-ROM drive which will be cheaper?
David Hoarne, Runcorn.
'When we've done with them,' what do you mean? We NEVER finish with the Art Gallery dlakal I've lost count ot the number ot lunch- tlmes we've all spent sitting around monitors, looking over our art collection. In answer to your questions, yes It will use the trapdoor slot, but It will have room lor extra memory.
The FMV module Is only Important II you want to watch Video Cds, as it will be quite a while before any companies start releasing FMV- only games.
Wl'Rl SORRY, SO SORRY While reading the May Issue, I noticed a picture of Captain Picard on page 32. Well firstly I would like to point out that in the picture there are only three pins on his collar when there should be lour, and secondly they're on the wrong side!
Please tell me. Is this a deliberate mistake or is someone blind?
Wayne Thorore, Bumf Oak. Edgwara.
Okay, we admit It, It’s wrong! It's wrong! But It Isn't our fault! It's a screenshot from an American game, so blame them, don't blame us!
FUTURE I am writing to you because I am deeply worried about Commodore's future. With unsettling rumours about the Big Cs imminent demise rife in the press. I teel it's about time Commodore did something positive lor its range ol computers For years Commodore have been happy to chum out computer after computet, with limited hype, and let magazines like yours do all the advertising lor them. First the 500*. Then the 600, followed by the A1200 and so on. Each time, unless you were seriously interested in the Amiga scene, you could easily miss the fact that Commodore had released a new machine.
Commodore had a dean slate with the CD32 but sadly they didn't do a very good job ot advertising the product Okay, so they let potential software developers know that they were developing a CD-based console, but a month before its official release they were actually denying its existence to the press and public.
Admittedly, they was some advertising on TV at Christmas but when compared to SEGA's and Nintendo's offerings it was obvious what a ten- year-old kid would be influenced by.
I adopt the view that you have to spend money to make money. For too long Commodore have been happy to let the success or failure of therr computers rest in the hands ol third-party developers and software houses. Commodore should be out licensing major software houses like Capcom and Konami to design and release games for the CD32 platform.
It Commodore released a CD, in conjunction with Capcom. That had all three versions of Streettighter 2 on it. Boasting arcade quality graphics. Sound and no inch-thick black borders, backed with some TV advertising they would be on to a market winner.
Die hard Commodore fans might argue that Body Blows is vastly superior to Streettighter 2 so why spend money investing in it. I would answer Streettighter 2 has a far higher market profile (look what it did lor Nintendo) and thus would be a bigger seller With the Imminent release of the SEGA Saturn console, which will no doubt be backed by a multimillion advertising campaign. Commodore risk losing all the momentum they have built up. It would be a great shame to see a technically excellent machine lose out to an inferior competitor just because ol the opposition s greater advertising
budget I do not want to sound negative. Commodore's range of machines are superior to just about everything else on the market place. I just leel that it Commodore don't do something major, and soon, they risk being deserted by legions of disillusioned users and buried into the ground by the might of companies like SEGA and Nintendo.
Lain Hunter, lata Ot Skye.
Lain, your point has been taken on board and accepted, although I personally feel that Streettighter 2 Isn't the right choice. The consoles have been built to do that kind of game and the Amiga hasn’t. As tor Commodore sponsoring a company to produce something really special for the CD32 - well, most console and computer manufacturers already do! I don't think there Is much chance of Commodore being buried by console companies, as the market Is now swinging back In favour of computers, finally clearing away the fad that was consoles. Hurrah!
INTERPLAY This is the second letter I have had to write to a magazine and unfortunately the first to CU AMIGA for similar reasons. I have just read the review ot our recently released product Interplay-a professional authoring system for producing CDTV and CD32 titles. I realised with disbelief, that your reviewer had little Idea of what Interplay was and what market It was created for.
Authoring tools for multimedia fall into two categories in terms of how a title is created There are the low level programming language script based systems such as Can Do which are ideal for technically gifted people who want to squeeze every ounce out of the machine, and the high level point- and-click systems aimed at the rest of us - people who have communication, knowledge and creative skills and need an easy-to-use, yet powerful, production tool - the likes of Scala. Helm and Interplay. If we stop here it's easy to see why you TEAM TALK Yay, it’s strategy day. The day when the
entire CU AMIGA staff, including upper management, marketing people and anyone who likes to have a good time are invited to spend a day in a room in a pub without a phone. During the course of this sabbatical, CU AMIGA have to try and ‘improve themselves’, impossible as it may seem. Here are just some of the ideas that arose from that meeting.
USA COLLINS i mr.hiMdia when eta rf she weuid Hu a coffee a Ml HOF die tad when eta if imanymanran i should my NOIII eb men kirn raem, tad tand on rip « hew aa am m 3t N e»iee*-ri * exertnees timing am. Mnhnfen e mertq hmelMeebolhe ...... LflWrneeellsB) could compare Interplay to Scala, Helm etc but read on.
Markets for multimedia range from consumer reference tittles (our own Insight series) through educational and training titles to corporate and retail POS POI uses. There are high-level tools tor developing in these markets as outlined above and there is some cross-fertilisation between these tools, some have a presentation bias and some have a reference bias. Interplay is biased towards reference titles and uses the analogy of an electronic book for production purposes. These applications tend to be expensive to produce, and require some specifically different features to presentation
biased productions.
TNI PAR SIM The CD32 Is a very limited operating environment and gives the following difficulties at its most simple level: limited amount of of memory, slow access and data transfer rates from CD, controller not mouse driven (requires different control mechanism), relatively slow processor and lack of expandability. All of this and yet the customer has very high expectations for high quality, high volume information access in the torm of video, photos, pictures, animations, music, text, speech and sound effects. All high end multimedia authoring systems have been designed on the basis that
if your application needs to work faster, have more or faster storage, and need more memory, you simply select or expand your Amiga to do the job. These are not options for the CD32 title developer - he has to work within the severe limitations of CD32.
Interplay is currently the only high end point- and-dick authoring system which is suitable for use to create substantial commercial projects on CD32. It has been developed over 3-4 years and we have been working closely with beta testers working on their own titles over the last year to really make Interplay a professional product.
Optonica have also used Interplay to produce Pandoras CD (we have many letters of recommendation from happy customers) Insight: Technology (ironically you gave this a 91% rating) and Insight: Dinosaurs (our new 670 Mb application produced in association with the Natural History Museum).
Interplay is sold only to CD32 title developers - it cost over £100,000 to develop so the value to serious CD32 tiltle developers is far higher than the asking price. We thought long and hard about making Interplay commercial. Within the industry and outside in corporate circles, Optonica have a very good name for professional products and service, we urge you to look again at Interplay and if you don't have the CD expertise to evaluate the product, ask people who have, to find out their reaction. As always Optonica are more than willing to demonstrate Interplay to customers and if, after
demonstration, our customers find Interplay unsuitable tor their application, they are welcome to a refund.
Lee Gibson, Managing Director,Optonica Ltd.
You may be making a fair point Lee, we'll take another look at It then.
I WON'T SEE THIS... I've decided to stop buying CU AMIGA until there is an issue which contains a disk with something that I would find useful. The soccer games were a bit naff compared to Sensible Soccer, Premier Manager 2 etc, and Videotracker was rubbish.
These types of programs have appeared so often on different magazines. On the subject of demo (animation creators) Adorage was a complete waste ol space as Amiga Format had already given a version away. Amiga Format's version may not have been as up to date, but for people who aren’t interested in video titling and who haven’t got a camcorder, it was a waste of money buying a mag with disks they could only use for formatting.
The cover price of £4, is a lot when the other mags around contain the same game demos or exclusive news (except for Frontier 2 which I had already read about it on Teletext's Digitzer). Now that spreadsheets, databases, word processors, demo creators etc have been given away, stop trying to put full packages on when you could drop the price by 50p if you just had things which don't try to bribe people to buy the mag.
Rob Stone, Hassocks.
Rob, you don’t have to buy the magazine It you don’t want to. However, it Is the best value place to get super programs like Videotracker (which you don’t actually need a camcorder tor) and OctaMED, plus try before you buy demos ot the best games available. We do have a good record for getting our readers EXCLUSIVE demos, and Intend to continue doing so.
REVERSAL OF FORTUNE ¦The Amiga is just a games machine that can word process." I'm sure many of us have heard this phrase during the time we have owned our favourite computer. The culprits are normally those immature PC types.
Although the Amiga is regarded as little more than a games machine by the uninformed, with recent software titles exploiting the Amiga's potential, it is dear that the future for Amiga owners is brighter than ever before. Pagestream 3, for example, will take the Amiga Into new realms of desktop publishing. The title, as you already know, indudes over 50 features that aren't even present In the forthcoming version 3.3 of Xpress and hundreds more than any other desktop publishing packages on other platforms. Pagestream 3 will firmly establish the Amiga as the leading desktop publishing
Another example of high standard Amiga software is Real 3D. Version 2.40 for example Is simply the most powerful ray-tracer available. It is at least on par with Silicon Graphics programs costing thousands. According to Realsoft, version 3 is also being planned, and with this the Amiga will be far and away the leader of the ray tracing field. And let's not forget ProVector 3, ADPro 2.5. TV Paint 2, Brilliance 2, Bars And Pipes Professional, Image FX 2, Morph Plus, Lightwave and the up-and-coming Final Writer 3.
And another thing, what have most of these grams got in common? That's right, they adhere to Commodore's Workbench guidelines, and seeing as Workbench is the most powerful operating system available (easily outperforming Windows and System), these titles guarantee a satiie and user-friendly environment.
If we're being honest, it's clear that the tables have turned. PC owners have recently taken a huge interest (to describe it lightly) in Doom and similar titles. While the PC is becoming increasingly popular with the games fanatic, professionals and serious enthusiasts are realising the benefits of using the Amiga. I even know of many PC users who are switching to the Amiga. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that the PC is, in comparison with the Amiga, just a games machine that can word process.
Nathan White, Walsall.
Occasionally a letter comes in that makes everyone sit back and say: ' Oh yes, that's right’’ and Nathan White has done It this month. If you look at the number of magazines out there for the PC now, there Is a much larger leaning towards the games end ot the market than ever before, which shows that the PC market is waking up more than ever to the world of fun, while the Amiga has more and more sophisticated professional tools by the day.
ANDY LEANING i "We could reolly tk) o lot ! -| wrth tovermourrts from 1 now on", piled up cur M ¦ I very own WY expert, m 1 | who was just aboulrerov- « flasgs ¦T , "’M ing old disks ol the Ar j lime? We rould hare lo: morn fun and coptmhino gtfts, Ike spama and raps wdh propellers on the lop!
Shot's more, wo could own brand ihom, just like The one's I’ve hmd" Wo worry about him sometimes, wo reolly do.
* The musk section just bn't big enough”, tome the roor from the
Dark lord's throne. (Guess who wrote (his?). The room turned to
see the, six fool seven.'When was the Iasi time loot into o
free conerifWhoi was Ihe losJ adbum review I did? When did I
lost swon nround with rode shnsT Everyone made o note »cored
lies Bern, and the King Of Darkness striked awry into Ihe nighl
to see one of his top model Defends.
3HSL Br® : JOHN KENNEDY idea, reaty. John arrived bright andeorfy.wav oheod of everyone else, even Inev. Tie was •iwe. M doimed he was nisi going to 'see omon about o dog1, and wasn't seen ogoin. Ihot is untd someone heard a selection ol rhoke phrases in a Bangor onent coming front Ihe bar below the strategy meeting room. The bar was searched ond sure enough, our stout tedmkol consultant hod fused to he pumps and berome o 'stout' tedmecal writer.
I jflLh ¦ for proof, or Ihe Next Month1 ooge in lt» ostisswl ord rhfelore was well I Wo. Mosl people s ouiol Ihmshold. Hi ihe end o! The dry oil he warned «s o couple ol rusimn lo sit on and
o steploddec and '0 now be known os liny Hrngon COMPILATIONS Mego
to Mania.
Poodon. RaabiS.
Vmonfc nd
m. 9* AWARD WNNFRS 2 Senubi* Soccer.
Zod Jiirvny WbitM.Elitel £19.99 lottos c* *ovvt» 1VIW2 lUd1000.
Tttt-oad T*oon.
03. 99 TEAM 17 VOL 1 Body Bkwi. Superfrog.
Ovwdrive £19.99 cawtocw cancsic* Otirp Itiiol CJ* Ewrara irrtc*. Sight, Mrqc Sofc* * TrareyVona. Soymxr * uss” SPACE LEGENDS Wing Commands. St*, Mega rod* 1 C19.99 DIZZY COLLECTION Foot Food. KwO Snox.
Fo-**, Wohd D*zy. Traosor.
Is. Dizzy. Mogxlond Dizzy £16.99 SPORTS MASTER
1992. PGA fcxx GoU.
A-WiPge W* y4, 500 £19.99 DIZZY'S EXClUiNT ADVENTURES DizxyPomc.
BubbbCVzzy.Dizxy-IVincool Tbdi FoA. Spofcound Dizzy .K-ik Sna.
£16.99 THE GREATEST Jimmy WW» Vooier.
Lr d The Temotrew Dune £21.99 Hgapsassr.
Vofcrm fcv'l- Jimmy Corro-i 88 Gmt Courts 2 . i&P&l l&&r.3i£idi j bsshs fprehtiev &vdcv Pleose send cheque PO's (made out lo Premier Mail Order), or advise Visa Mastercard number and expiry date to : Dept CU22, 9-10 The Capricorn Centre Cranes Farm Rd Basildon, Essex SS14 3JJ Tel: 0268 271172 Fox: 0268 271173 Telephone Orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat & Sun 10am-4pm We Are Open 364 Days a Year P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add £2 P&P for Europe and C3.50 for Rest of The World Next day delivery service available £4 per item UK only.
AND CHECK OUT THE SX-1 CD32 EXPANSION PLUS REVIEWS OF VITAL LIGHT, MEGARACE, DREAMWEB AND MUCH MUCH MORE All this and more than you can imagine in CU AMIGA September 1994, on sale August 19th.
Wmmm* mm, mm mm mum 177 So the World Cup is finally over. When England failed to qualify in 1978,1 could take it - I couldn't remember us ever being in the World Cup, so it was an easier pill to swallow.
This time it was different. As if the shame of not qualifying wasn't enough in itself, the large Irish contingent ot the CU AMIGA team just wouldn't stop gloating.
But it's all over now ... all over until the European Championships that isl And even if England are the most crap football team on Earth, in two years time, we'll still be there by default as the hosts! Hoorah!
More relevantly to this magazine, these European Championships will trigger another explosion of football games, hopefully advancing the formula another few stages. If there's one type of computer game there can never be too many of, it’s footy games. It's brilliant, because each new game learns from its predecessors. Sure, you're always going to get your fair share of Wipe whenever there's a rush of footy games, but for every one or two bad ones, there's always a goodun'. And the goodun's are getting better all the time.
Here's my top five list of football game innovations so far: TOP FIVE PREDICTIONS
1. Mouse-controlled players A control system something like that
of Cannon Fodder, which would allow full 360 degree movement,
avoiding the same old straight or diagonal shots at goal.
2. Intelligent player When you pass, or take a free-kick, the
player in the best position would run onto the ball, instead
of running away or just standing there like a silly yellow
3. Virtual football Probably to be seen first on a PC, due to the
machine’s direct screen addressing that makes games like Doom
and Wolfensteln possible.
4. Golf Jimmy White's Snooker style controls A complex series of
mouse clicks will be required for every kick of the ball,
defining things such as boot elevation, leg swing, ball
contact point, head position etc. This will of course fail
disastrously to convey the majestic flow of a football match.
5. Real John Motson commentary Using sampled names and phrases
spoken by the man himself, this will give you a running
commentary on the game in progress. At moments of particular
interest (such as imminent goals), the commentary will
sidetrack and ramble on about how Nobby Stiles never wore his
shirt untucked from his shorts, missing the incident
completely. The voice of Trevor Brooking will encourage this.
AS I WAS SAYING... So as you can see, Ihe future’s looking rosy for the old computer footy game.
Not only will you be able to control the players on the pitch, you'll also be able to feel the thump ot the ball on your foot as you hit a 30 yard shot. A special computer-controlled suit will actually give you a groin strain, should you make a particularly rash tackle.
In fact, a whole range of injuries will be available for those who want that extra bit of realism torn knee ligaments, twisted ankle, elbow in the face... the list goes on.
Then again, maybe we ll just see 101 variations on the Kick Off theme, with two hour-long24-bit 3D intro sequences and a CD soundtrack, TOP FIVE INNOVATIONS
1. Diving goalies Pioneered by International Soccer on the
Commodore 64. Brilliant!
2. Trackball controls Tecmo'stabletop World Cup coin-op broke
away from the eight-directional, single speed movement imposed
by joysticks.
3. Overhead viewpoint Also first seen in Tecmo's World Cup.
4. Aftertouch Kick OH2introduced the ability to curve the ball.
5. 3D viewpoint First used to good effect on the Amiga in
Hat the press said... Rarely will you find a device so highly acclaimed os Ihe Vidi series. A range of products designed fo suit both your budget and requirement.
To Offer you complete pence of mind, each ond every model is upgradeable lo Ihe next. So if you move towards o more professional application your digitiser con progress with you.
No longer ore you faced with on out of dole producl Ihol doesn't fulfill your needs. Its oil very well me blowing my trumpet, but whol do Ihe journalists think of ihe Vidi Ronge ?
After purchase we welcome your comments, its our policy to listen.
In fact Ihe anas was Monoging Director Ma' Bro°field Wlthirtk that Vidi,7 4bddeCheapes,re e Jdc asSSS.SEa, potties when you slip it out ond extol its virtues. ’ Vidi Amiga 12 is our entry level digitiser. Perfect for someone who's getting involved in video capture for the first time. This model captures mono pictures in real-time, colour in less than a second.
* 3 £99.95 Software includes an Animation Workstation and
powerful Image Processing grabs pictures in 4096 colours and 16
greyscales. Comprehensive file support includes BMP, Tiff, IFF,
ANIM etc. Fully compatible with all Amiga's.
Vidi AMIGA 12RT, is the perfect Multimedia video tool for A1200 users. Offering real-time colour imoge capture in al Amiga modes including 24-bit.
Resolution) Jst AMIGA to £299 Vidi Amiga 24RT is our most powerful real-time digitiser. Producing SHR (Super High true colour images ot beyond broadcast quality. Designed for the normal but offering truly professional results. For the person who wishes to push his MAX!
It will capture your imagination, bringing photorealistic images lo your screen.
Suitable for any image related multimedia, picture scanning application. Although this compatible with all Amiga's it is best used on AGA machines or Amiga's fitted with true colour display cards. Most of this advert has been produced using Vidi so throw away your scanner I AMIGA 24RT Further information and details on how to order Rombo, winners of fhe coveted SMART Awards 1 & 2 for innovation Call: 05W 466601 Rombo, Kirkfon Campus, Livingston, SCOTLAND, EH 54 7AZ.
Full working program disk and manual available for £29 also includes image disk.
Pie Arithmetic SIM £ £ G t INTO ONE $ O T t If you enjoyed tbe streets abead brilliance of SimCity 2000, bere’s a cbance to catcb up on some of tbe famous titles tbat Maxis bave created in tbe past. Wbat’s more, we're launching our range of SimClassics witb a limited edition of tbree great Sim titles for tbe price of just one. Tbe SimClassics Collection Volume 1, available on PC, Mac and Amiga, comprises SimCity Classic, SimLife and SimAnt.
Sim Cfc Classic is tbe original version of SimCity tbat first started tbe townbuilding craze. SimLife is an incredible genetic laboratory tbat enables you to create new species and build your own ecosystem. In SimAnt, you’ll view tbe world as leader of an ant colony, doing battle witb spiders, lawn mowers and buman feet.
Tbese titles will also be available individually in September on tbe mid-price SimClassics label, along witb A-Train and SimEartb. Maxis games always pack in tbe entertainment. Witb our tbree in one collection, we ve never pacbed in more!
SIM CLASSICS Maxis Ltd 18-20 St John Street, London EC1M 4 A Y Telephone: 071-490 2333 © 1989.1991.1992.1993 Sim-Business. Will Wnghl and Ken Karakotsios. All fights reserved worldwide A-Train trademark & copyright 1991 Artdink and Maxis. All rights reserved worldwide ithmetic ZIN E FOR A 5 0 O SUPER lior 3, Ai ft Craft * DISKS rt School 2 Turbo AMIGA
- -* -• £ N E 7 SCHOOL mptefe beginners o 0 I 2000, here’s a
chance lo catch up on some of the famous title, he’re launching
our range of SimClassics with a limited edition of he
SimClassics Collection Volume 1, available on .PC, Mac and t.
nrst started the townhuilding craze. SimLife is an incredible
genetic (ild your own ecosystem. In SimAnt, you’ll view the
world as leader nd human feet.
Nher on tlie mid-price SimClassics lahel, along witli A-Train and lent. With our three in one collection, we’ve never packed in more!
I "AMIGA o c VI r tf Ar [slur trilogy in a isive dcm « o a ondon EC 1 M 4 A Y Telephone: 0 7 1-4 9 0 2 3 3 3 lose'voa worldwide Atiein iraaematv A copyngtn 1991 Artdink ana Mails Alt 119ms reserved .
1 ______ - Postcode . (A stamp lor reply appreciated) 2 FREE ovtmaOHT oeuvery 0a al iwwen onMn traced a me I m k*7Sm»mn*
• Piece MATCH 4
3. 5” H drive upgrade kit no HD only £22.99 PRIMA A I 200 REAL
TIME CLOCK check for compatibility Only £ I 3.99 5 Th lop
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