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Then load up this demo and have a go for yourself. It consists of three landscape scenarios: Snow, Forest and a special CU Amiga Magazine level just for you. Each game lasts just five minutes, and although this doesn’t sound very much, it will allow you to complete each level. Total wormage You will need to uncompress your cover disk onto two separate blank floppy disks. Do this by rebooting your machine, inserting disk 121 and following the on-screen prompts, swopping disks as instructed. For more information on loading your disk turn to page 14. Once you have your two Worms demo disks, insert Disk one into into the internal drive of your Amiga and reboot it. After a couple of seconds an Ocean logo will appear followed by a Team 17 logo, then it takes about a minute or two to load the demo, depending on which Amiga you have. It’s slower on an A500 than it is on an A1200. If the screen goes blank for a while before the loading screen appears don’t worry everything should still be all right. If you have an A1200 you will be asked for Disk two half way through the loading sequence. Disk two holds most of the sound samples for the demo, so you're in for a treat. Unfortunately if you have an A500 or A600 then Disk two is pretty much redundant - your machine will not be able to handle all of the samples. Don’t worry though, everything else remains the same and there are enough samples to keep you happy. Upon loading click straight onto the ’play game' option. You will then see a player select screen. The first four teams, 1up-4up. Are human options, the last four (with the chip sprite beside them) are computer players. Once you have selected who you want to play with and against, click on the 'next' button then on 'friendly'. This will start the level. Oh no ... The computer teams are rated from useless to good, with Oh Nol the worst and HRH the best. It's not a good idea to select more than two teams at a time in this demo, if you want to finish a game that is. Because it cuts out after five minutes the more players making moves, the more time is wasted and you'll end up with no result. Thus, two human or one human and one computer player is the ideal mix. You have only 30 seconds to complete your turn once one of your worms has been selected. You will see a little arrow above the currently activated worm.

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Document sans nom * mill umw ujjij yjTBJII FREE 132 PAGE AMIGA E GUIDE DISK 121 T
sive aemo!
Guns, Strategy, flirstrikes... yeah!
For all Amigas with 1Mb The Amiga's best spreadsheet? G8 Blizzard 1230IV High speed accelerator for A1200 p70 - Demo Maniac «*!
Create demos the easy way p74 nTjJjfJ [iwn namr is and CijTi with this month's cover disk and FREE ooide!
I ¦' 111 [ i Learn to program your own applications with Amiga E [fnijaf Mriifii rTfLi PLUS:
• Leading L p t Flfg saTthe t Amazon Queen
• 3M 2 and more ... An EMAP Images Publication £4.25 r»irn
riTiTiT ¦ USS9.S0 *116,000-ASCH170-BFR 380 •CHS12.95 S' '
GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI ..£659 4 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI .£1099
.....£189 510MB 2.5 IDE .....£299 810MB 2 5 IDE
£599 1 GIGABYTE 2 5 IDE £719 OTHERS 80MB 2 SIDE £70 120MB 2.5
IDE .£95 External IDE hard disk for the A500 comes
complete with an internal ROM switcher, and upgradable to 4MB
RAM M-TEC AT500 BARE ....£99 M-TEC AT500
420MB ..£259 Mf MO** Kf QUIKIS JO PIN SIMMS Save 1.5MB on
a standard floppy drive and 3MB when used in conjunction with
the XL Drive 1.76. FLOPPY EXPANDER
1. 76 XL DRIVE EXTERNAL . ..£79.95
1. 76 XL DRIVE A4000 ...£75 PC880B EXTPOWER DRIVE £49.95
£30.95 £35.95 £35.95 PC881 A 500 RC882 A2000 RC883 A600 1200
External PCMCIA 3.5’ IDE hard disk £99 £259 OVERDRIVE BARE .
OVERDRIVE 420MB 2 TO 4 GIGABYTE ....£659 4 TO 8 GIGABYTE £899 2 TO 4 CARTRIDGE DL90 £12 4 TO 8 CARTRIDGE DL120 £19.95 128 OPTICAL £479 230MB OPTICAL £719
1. 3 GIGABYTE OPTICAL £1999 amiga 4000 230MB OPTICAL DISK
......£29.95 13 GIGABYTE DISK £139.95 SCSI case suitable tor
CD-ROM HD DAT and Optical drives.
* ss&~ 256 x 32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB) £40 512 X 32 SIMM 72-PIN 12MB)
£75 1 X 32 SIMM |4MB) £139 2X32 SIMM (8MB) £279 4X32 SIMM
(16MB) £449 1 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (1MB) £30 4 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (4MB)
£139 1 X 4 STATIC COLUMN A3000 £25 1 X 4 DIP £25 256 X 4 DIP £5
1 X 1 OIP £5 CIA ....£12 GARY £19 PAULA £19
..... £12 FAT AGNUS 1MB £19 FAT AGNUS 2 MB ...£29
A500 2000 £85 WORKBENCH 3 1 A3000 4000 £95 ROM SHARE DEVICE £19
2 04 ROM CHIP £25 The tower comes complete with 6 x
5. 25" drive bays.
5 x 3.5" drive bays. 7 x Zorro slots. 5 x PC slots, real time clock and a 230 watt power supply.
£349 The award winning Power Scanne includes the following features: Scar In 24-bit at upto 200DPI (all Amiga not just AGA)*. Sean in 256 greyscale at up to 400DPI (all Amigas). Thru'pcv for printer connection. Fully support AGA chipset. Display HAMS 24b images on a non-AGA Amiga (vil image conversion), full editing facilttia included. Works with 2.04 ROM » above, mln 1MB (recommend 2MB).
POWER SCAN 4 B W £89.95 POWER SCAN 4 COLOUR £169.95 OCR (BOUGHT WITH SCANNIR) . . £20 OCR SOFTWARE .£49.95 POWER SCAN 4 SAW ONLY . £20 PC INTERFACE . COL SAW £49.95 PC INTERFACE . BAW SAW £39.95 24-bit A4 flatbed scanners, complete with software, cables and manual.* 'SON GT-8500 £579.95 L INC eowtBSCAH soriwaxt ( GT-9000 £729.95 laetT. Ihc imagi rx Blv t s sorrwxxt ADPRO SOFTWARE £149.95 IMAGE FX 2.0 SAW £149.95 'l*SO*l KMMM OtfHH MOM (Ml SHOW* I ScanDoubler II Is a full 24-bit AGA flicker fixer which automatically de-interlaces all AGA screen modes and scan doubles non-interlaced
PAL NTSC modes to allow VGA monitors to display them. Supports VGA. S-VGA and Multiscan moniton Pixel sharp picture, even at 1441 horizontal resolution and has a stand*-: 15-pin VGA type connector. Comes with composite video S-VHS outputs.
£399 SCAN DOUBLER II Disk Expander can add upto to 50% to your hard drive capacity and works with all drives including SCSI, IDE, Floppies and even the RAM disk. Disk Expander works on any Amiga with any Kickstart.
£25 DISK EXPANDER Backup to 520M6 onto a 4hr VHS tape.
Version 3 has new backup modes for Amiga's with a 68020 or higher CPU.
VIDEO BACKUP SCART ..£65 VIDEO BACKUP PHONO £60 £129 TANDEM CD-DE ...£69 UPGRADE TO VERSION 3...... £20 octogen scsi-2 SCSI-2 controller card for the Amiga 2000 4000. Upgradable to 8MB RAM.
OCTOGEN 2008 . .
Connect a CD-ROM, Syquest and any IDE hd to your A2000 3000 4000 Comes complete with cable and s w ROM 2.04 or above.
Award winning amiga peripheral manufacturers Mac and PC emulators for the Amiga.
G-LOCK AMIGA GENLOCK . . £259 DSS-8 SOUND SAMPLER ......£55 i o-extender Zorro II card that provides an additional serial port, parallel port and connection for optional RS422 and RS232 port. Call for details glidepoint Official GVP RAM SIMMs.
4MB GVP RAM . 16MB GVP RAM £159 £549 Intuitive cursor control at your finger tips replaces the mouse or trackball and Tap’ for an instant selection.
ALPS GLIDEPOINT £59.95 a total of 2MB. MegaChip does this by using its own 2MB RAM and also now includes a 2MB Fat Agnus. No soldering is required.
MEGACHIP RAM ..£159.95 in the trap door slot.
A500 2MB RAM £90 MEMORY CARDS 512K RAM WITH CLOCK . . . £24.95 512K RAM WITHOUT CLOCK £19.95 A600 1MB RAM ....£39.95 A500+ 1MB RAM ...£29.95 VGA ADAPTOR A2000 68040 (0MB RAM) .
£TBA n i a4000 68060 A2000 68060 (0MB RAM) . .
£TBA 9 4MB STANDARD ADD 4MB GVP ADD ..... A 68060 accelerator board for the A4000 running at 50MHz and allowing upto 128MB of user installable memory and a SCSI-II hard disk controller. The board can be configured with either 4MB, SMB. 16MB or 32MB industry standard A4000 68040 (0MB RAM) . . £699 A4000 68060 (0MB RAM) . . . £829 4MB STANDARD ADD £139 4MB GVP ADD .....£159 A 68020 EC processor accelerator card for Increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to A 2MB RAM board for the A500 which fits the A500 and A500-*. With an option to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PLCC or PGA).
This card can fit upto 4MB FAST RAM and is fully auto-configuring.
DAC ...£25 tt-WT GRAPHICS ADAPTOR £69 MAXIGEN 3 ......£299.95 VtOEO GENLOCK order form We accept most major credit cards and are happy to help you with any queries.
Ordering by cheque PO please make payable to Power Computing Ltd and specify which delivery is required.
All Power products come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified.
AH prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering.
Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non-EC residents. Call to confirm prices. BFPO orders welcome.
All prices include VAT. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. All trademarks are acknowledged. All orders in writing or by telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and conditions of trade, copies of which are available on request.
EXPIRY DATE SIGN DELIVERY 2-3 DAYS £2.50 MINIMUM DELIVERY £2.50 5 for product information sheets please call .power contents CU AMIGA MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 1995 Our incredibly powerful Amiga E cover disk is just what you need to get into programming.
Writing your own software is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your Amiga but where do you start?
In plain English we explain the concepts behind programming, and guide you through all the available languages to help you decide which is best for you. We'll have you writing those killer applications in no time!
Pedal to
• FinalCalc 68 Could this be the killer spreadsheet the Amiga has
been waiting for all these years?
• Blizzard 1230 IV 70 The latest revision of Phase 5's 68030
accelerator refines the award-winning design further still.
• Demo Maniac 74 Amaze and amuse your friends with Black Legend's
demo creation tool.
• Info Nexus 2 A pretender to the Directory Opus throne gets an
update, along with a bonus database thrown in.
• DICE C 3 The shareware C compiler grows up, but can it cut it
in the commercial arena?
• Amiga M1438S Monitor 83 The brand new official Amiga monitor
has arrived.
We give it a thorough testing.
• CD-ROM Round-up Take your pick from 11 CD-ROMs reviewed and
rated in this month’s CD-ROM Round-up.
There's a revolution going on in computer game soundtracks. With the advent of CD-ROM as the most popular computer medium, development teams are now recruiting professional recording artists to provide superior audio tracks. Now there’s no limit to the sounds that a computer game can make - n convincing heavy rock tracks are now possible. We venture ) the studios of one of the Amiga's more exciting development ms to find out just how they do it.
Ruth Lingford is probably best known for her erotic animation "What She Wants", which was created on the Amiga using Dpaint 4.
Her latest animation Death and the Mother is to be televised next year with a budget of £55,000. She spoke to CU Amiga Magazine about this new project and what part the Amiga had to play in it.
CONTENTS -- Amiga E 10 You could hardly ask for a faster or more flexible programming language than Amiga E, and it's on this disk in its entirety. There's also a guide book! Follow in the footsteps of great Amiga programmers and code your very own applications, games, utilities and more in Piagiam tout own games aad ulMilies with this moath's caver disk aad FREE guide!
O AMIGA Worms 13 They may be squidgy and squashy but don't try any funny business with these worms or they'll blast you into next week. The much, much awaited demo of the game that everyone is talking about is here: Worms. Remember you saw it on CU Amiga's cover disk first. Have hours, no years of fun with this excellent snippet of the game, kindly donated to us by Ocean and Team 17.
Games PREVIEWS » Tracksuit Ivtanager2 40 Alternative say they have made this football management game even more accessible.
K Accessible football manage- lament game? Hmm.
Dungeon Master II 56 e Hillsea Lido 40 Vulcan Software attempt to emulate Theme Park's success with the familiar look of Valhalla sprites.
E Penguins 41 Two cute little penguins dressed in dinner jackets follow their guide around numerous levels. This Lemmings-style platformer has to still to be snapped up by a publisher.
E Flight of the Amazon Queen 47 It's here at last. Warner Interactive's graphic adventure has finally made it onto our Amigas. Was it worth the wait?
• Leading Lap 50 MicroProse's Formula 1 was a great success.
Now new software company Kellion bring us an up to date version.
E Atrophy 41 Intersect Development are a new Amiga dedicated company. Atrophy, a shoot 'em up, is their first foray into the wonderful world of games.
Coala 55 Cute furry animal this is not. Rather annoying flight simulator it is. We wonder whether Empire should have bothered.
• Worms 43 They’re here, at last. Worms. On our cover and on our
cover disk. Find out what all the fuss is about.
E Dungeon Master II 56 A sequel to a classic. One would hope for an equal if not better game than the original. Find out if this has happened.
REVIEWS e Thomas the Tank Engine Pinball 59 The stars of a children's TV programme find themselves in pinball game that is aimed at kids but adults can have a bash too.
E Team 59 Yet another Sensi contender throws down the gauntlet. Has the king finally been beaten or is it another one for the 'failed sensi beaters' pile?
Thomas the Tank Engine Pinball 59 CONTENTS Advertisers' Index Editorial SUUI MULTIMEDIA in csiirsni centre ¦111-231444 11124-M5SS2 nut-iuiss 1111 V44M71 SI 122-2121II 1171 172 7417 11112 US IM MHMNI 01171 114044 0171-172-1701 11712-744717 III1-7II2222 I12U-4111M ¦111 HUMS II711-410111 ¦1M7-4S4I}]
• 17SS-S424M
• 171 2I2US1
• I17-MM4U 1111 711*444 1111-MS-1211 II771-111711 aismu PUISS ME
12 me MUSI I ISC 41 b M 71 7124 It 71% 71 I SI Buyers Guide 100
30 ray tracing software is the subject of our buyers guide this
month Find out which is right for you on page 100.
OctaMED 5.04 102 The Nightcrawlers have based a whole pop career around cut-up vocal samples. Ed Wiles shows you how it's done.
Image FX 104 As our Image FX cover disk tutorial draws to a close. Tony Morgan exposes a variety of new visual tricks PageStream 2.2 106 There's so much you can do with PageStream 2 2. This month Larry Hickmott expands our personalised stationery collection.
Graphics Masterclass 108 Textures, patterns and cosy embroidery effects are on the menu in Peter Lee's Dpaint V tutorial.
Wired World 111 In this month's comms section Mat Bettinson discovers a 'net voice phone and a graphics-free web browser.
AudioMaster IV 114 Powerful sound sampling effects and editing techniques are explained in our AudioMaster IV cover disk tutorial Frequently Asked Questions 121 Animation is the subject under the knife in this month’s question and answer session.
Q+A Masterclass 122 Those things called datatypes that crop on cover disks and BBSes are explored and explained for you.
Questions and Answers 124 Tony and Mat put their heads together to solve more of your technical troubles Back chat 126 Opinions from the global Amiga community get the airing they deserve. Plus The Far Side cartoon I Points of View 130 "Windows 95 is good news for the Amiga" says ex-CU Amiga Technical Editor Andy Leaning. How so? Turn to page 130... Welcome o CU Amiga Magazine. It you are a new reader who has just purchased an Amiga, or it you are a regular reader you should enjoy this issue. Not only do we have a review and cover disk ot what is quite possibly the game ot the year (no offence
to Sens fans), we've also cover mounted a full and fast C- styfe programming language and guide book. If you are an experienced programmer you should find Amiga E very useful. If you dabble in programming or are new to the subject you will no doubt find it difficult to use and understand, but spend some time on it and the fruits of your efforts will show Last month's CD-ROM issue proved exceedingly popular, but if you couldn't get hold of it try again Because it went on sale a week late we have had its on-sale date extended by a week so if you wanted one and didn't get it you should ask your
local WH Smiths or Menzies about it now.
They may still have some leftl On one final note, if you are a new reader with a new Amiga A1200.
Then I hope the Complete Guide that came with it (see news) was useful. If it started you off with the basics then our aim has been achieved.
Alan Dykes. Editor Buying Subscriptions 128 Did you miss out on last month's CD-ROM sdrtion? Yss. Well if you were a subscriber you would have received a CD-ROM with this issue of the magazine. Don't miss out. Make sure you subscribe now, otherwise you might miss the boat on any of future promotions, and you wouldn't want that now would you? You would? Well, you mutt be reading the wrong magazine then.
.TANT CONTRIBUTORS Andrew Hickmott, Ed Wllas. Jason PHOTOGRAPHY Mark Gatahousa AdvertisingTVlarketing Et Ivlanagement ADVERTISING MANAGER Justina Carlson SALES EXECUTIVE: Marlsnna Mastars AD PRODUCTION: Tina Gynn. Vicky Jacobs and Ryan Boundy PROOUCT MANAGER Fiona Maltoch SUBSCRIPTIONS MANAGER Kathanna Xlaab PUBLISHING DMECTOR: David Kail, EXECUTIVE PUBLISHMIG DIRECTOR Graham Taylor Contacts Whan contacting CU AMIGA MAGAZINE there ara two golden rulos 1 Sand vour fatten ate to tha right department end pfaaaa do not send a atamped taH addreeead envelope 2 Pleat* remember that we have to write
and produce your favourite magazine avary month, to try to kaop your correspondanee thort and to tha point. Although wa'd lova to. We tlmply cannot reply personally to tha hundred* of calls, latter*, and faxes w get An*wer» have to be through the page* of the magazine only.
PD SUBMISSIONS We gat hundrada ol new PD program, avary week, but wa re .till hungry for more If you've written a PO program that you're proud of .end It to the PD ZONE. CU AMIGA MAGAZINE. Priory Court 30-32 Farrtngdon Lana. London EC1R 3AU.
COMPETITIONS CU AMIGA MAGAZINE run. Competition, almost every faeue To enter on of the»e um ply put your name and addreea on tha book ol poelcard. Along wRh the a ue e« the ueualeddres. Competition enmo. Ere only accepted by p --- Wanner. WSi be notified by post C READERS LETTERS AND TECMMCAL PROBLEMS For ,_____ fatter, to Beckchat for techmcel problem. »e*d them to OfrA Both are at CU AMIGA MAGAZINE.
Priory Court. JO 32 Farr.ngdon Lana. London EC1R 1AU Phone 0171 S72 S700. FAX 0171 S72 6703 Ptaata remember that we cannot enewer enqutne. In detail by phone If you need advice urgently or have a problem than do call u* betweon 4 30pm and 5 30pm mon-frl We will try to assist you within COVER DISK PROBLEMS: If you have a faulty cover di.k then write or return your di.k to our 35 inch people CU AMIGA MAGAZINE COVER DISK RETURNS. DISKXPRESS. UNIT 7. WILLOW COURT.
• II1-MSH71
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• 1121711177
• 1I2S-7IIII1 I1I71IS44U
• UM-MStTS II443-744377 I144-IMS14 : 11234-143)08 II241-7771 72
• IM1IM17I II7I7 7I7I1S SII1-MS-I111
• 117447MM H779-6SS784
• 11V-S444M1 till 17 MSTCMPma tunas a tmmu» is fa is (MIT
COMfUTII a ITU M at CU A ouk the time of going to preas CU
AMIGA MAGAZINE attempt, to maintain tha Mghaat standards. But
cannot bo hold re.pon.ible for any error*, factual or otherwise
which may have inadvertently creeped into tha Mao Nona of tha
i. free ol any outside encumbrance.
¦ KEYBOARDING FOR JUST £79"- lavles, Larry nent lem with a
i. Contact vrlte to them I 3AU.
A tend your 4AGA2INE, 71 972 6703.
Ce urgently or ist you within imatively.
Ungry lor AMIGA Go on live dangerously Jump on a Casio board and start making your own music. With the CTK-50, for less than 80 notes you get a full size board with 49 keys - count them.
With 100 built-in sounds from Piano to Synth-Bass and 100 different backing rhythms including Techno, Funk and Rock you might surprise yourself and take the first steps to that hundred grand recording deal.
If not, no matter, your guaranteed a load of fun just trying.
Why listen to great music when you can make it yourself with Casio, the key to a great board.
A lhbU fre*n Dtaoro. All jood Korea or you an ordar bi telephone (Credit Card Order. Only) to be delivered to you- hone by ofcg Dan Dtect cn *00 501 0SQ SEE US AT THE LONDON MUSIC SHOW, WEMBLEY EXHIBITION A CONFERENCE CENTRE, 1.2.3 DECEMBER.
20. 99 20.99 19.99 11.99 22.99 AMIGA GAMES ilN . CONSTRUCTION SET
10. 49 19.99 20.99 CD32 SOFTWARE 17 BIT COLLECTION 2 CO * MASSIVE
at ffw same tvne at ptnng or renewing kx _ one year and well
grve you 4= GUVYER 1 =§= An-nated Action MANGA VIDEO (Rated
12. 99 L AMIGA M1438 14" MULTISYNC MONITOR .. 279.9* NEW
Ju*t mind the comet (Km tM bus atatlon SAWBRIDGEWORTH, HERTS The Mailings. Station Road A lew mile* liom the Ml t. nciu the ttdlion «*'• *. Bought m live xiiop* carry j 50p lurchniqc on (he Mall Order prices Member. Only hm you can order as you |oin £299.99 OMIT IIOM MKIU BIMIVI inclursng 125 0* SEGA SATURN F 299.99 WITH VIRTUA FIGHTER AND ONE CONTROLLER COMPLETE WITH SCART LEAD STEREO SOUND, PLAYS MUSIC CD * PHOTO CD COMPATIBLE SEGA RE INTERFACE FOR SATURN TO CONNECT TO NON SCART TV 24.99 BUG ... 3899 SEGA RALLY. PLEASE CALL CLOCKWORK KNIGHT ..3249 SHIN06I
• Microsoft Windows 95 operating systom
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• Enhanced IDE controller supports tour drives
• 6 drive bays, 4 PCI slots 4 16-bit ISA slots
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• Samsung 14* Syncmaster 0 28 dot pilch SVGA award-wiroing
morroor with tut and swivel stand
• 102 key keyboard, mouse and mouse mat SONY PLAYSTATION J 289.99
stereo sound, plays wustc AafiUSiaSiiaiifl Cos PHOTO CD
37.99 MORTAL KOMBAT 3 41.99 IAT 37 99 NOVASTORM 37.99
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Scamer*. CO ROM dnves. Hard onves and much more. Fuly rruzdaaklng Workbench 3 1 operating system and 17 software titles KOLA ) eOawORTH V4. PHOTOGENICS VI.1. DATASTORE VI.1. ORGANISER V1.1.
MA.T1MED1A software, magic pack software and b free games Item
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MULTIMEDIA A ALL SOFTWARE ------------1046.80 9 WIOU AD 8 MB -
SOFTWARE ._ ..1131.91 5M|OU AD P100 8 MB - TRUST QUAD
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Quad Mummeaa PC has everything you need tor the home and small
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We don't cut costs by including cheap fuzzy screens or cheaper altematrve operating systems We build your machine to run tast by usmg the best prtccpeiiormanc* CPU s and adding cache RAM We fit only Quad speed CO ROM drives and super high speed 1272 MB hard drives We enhance your sound and improve games compatibly by fitting genune Sound Blaster sound cards of the highest 16-bit specification And we include an amazing array of CD software as the loundation of your software library iua W6 DX4 100 QUAD MULTIMEDIA PC SKS * 'At7060h Windows 95 operating system serve BLANt* 1272 MB (t 25 Gig) steer
hgn speed hard drive British made - attractive mini-tower case Eeom-OR - .oo UxfOD VH2 irctesso- tSXSSg. BjhIJ .15 fjpl, ,,c * » cache upgradeatxe to 256K IdaeUmHa " : aat i MB PCI 32-bt graphcs lupgradeable to 2MB) ¦ E-ranced IDE controller supports tour drives
7. W* = bays. 4 PCI slots. 4 16-bit ISA slots Bye MD • Loandabie
to 64 MB Ram 23„• Samsung 14’ Syncmaster 0.28 dot pitch SVGA
a rd-wtnnmg monitor with tilt and swrvei stand s j.yk 108
*«yfr»rd, mouse and mouse mat J rREDIT FACILITIES - PLEASE
3. 99 Include* IIS 0I9 40MT0R
26. 99 0 ANDA120C
* UT 'LUG 24.9* )NE CUT.ET
number (it tBlOCK CAPITALS C*«*t Name & Address__ Phone No
DIS.. Amiga ¦nr AMUR A t GulUt E 3.1 i Start programming with
Amiga E, the complete professional programming language on this
month's cover disks.
122 »9a£ "ith thl'mll'H10" - o0 t, Key Features
• Very user friendly
• Easy to get to understand
• Compiles quickly
• Runs fast ©hat sets the Amiga apart from the consoles is the
fact that you can create your own programs and games, so you
are not limited to forking out huge wads of cash for someone
else’s software. You can be the designer, writer and producer
of your very own masterpiece. You already have the programming
language, now all you need are some good ideas and a bit of
Just these two examples it should be clear that Amiga £ is a real, professional programming language that is more than capable of producing spectacular software. The only limit is your own abilities!
The Amiga £ v3.1i package on this month's cover disk contains a the full, registered compiler.
Unlike the PD demo version, this is not limited in size of the executable programs it can produce, so you can now enjoy the full power of Amiga £.
Installation Amiga E is very easy to use. Once you've unarchived the cover disk onto the three blank disks, all you really need is the main disk.
'Amiga_E_v3.1i', and the modules disk, 'EModules'. The third disk contains a lot of example programs which will help you learn the language. Hard-disk installation is very simple and is described below.
Boot your Amiga from the first disk and double-click on the disk icon to open a window with a Quick and easy Amiga £ is a superb programming language by Wouter van Oortmerssen, designed specifically for the Amiga. There are a number of other languages available for the Amiga, but £ is probably the best for one very good reason: the compiler works extremely quickly! This means you don't have to hang around for ages before you can actually run your programs.
Obviously, this has a dramatic effect on the development cycle of a typical program.
But it also makes programming a lot more fun. Since you can see the effect of small changes to your program much more quickly. Your creativity is not sapped by having to wait for the compiler!
9 e f't A lot of people already know the benefits of Amiga E, and some of the more notable ones are Paul Nolan (who wrote the amazing Photogenics in E) and Chad Randall (author of the icon 4 jMt wtat „ „„ „„ „o4Hlcll.
Editor, Iconian). From curtesy of Aniga E. Jost try that with AMOS.
S eJi icon. Double-click on this con to get a Shell. Make sure the modules disk is write-enabled, smce we are going to create a program and write it on the disk.
If you’ve not got a hard-disk. But . :u have two floppy drives then you could put the modules disk in the second drive, where you can eave it. Otherwise you’ll need to foHow the usual Amiga requests and swop disks a bit.
At the Shell prompt, type: cd Emodules:Src Now we can try compiling a sim- p e program. Enter the following in the Shell:
• c HelloWorld.e The E compiler, 'ec'. Will do its bit and
produce the program HelloWorld on the disk. To run the program
type the following: HelloWorld AJI it does is print "Hello
Back at you, but this is just a sim-
o e example - we have to start somewhere! If you have Workbench
2.0 or better then you can try the editor which was designed
for use with E. It’s called ’EE’ and can be found in the 'C'
directory on the main disk.
This great editor by Barry Wills is another good example of what you can do with E. Read the documentation in 'Tools EE Docs’ on the main disk for more details.
Hard disk : is very easy to set up Amiga E to run from hard disk. All you
- eed is the compiler, ’ec’, on your path and an assignment of
'EModules:' to the location of the modules. For example, the
following description shows how to install Amiga E to a
directory ‘AmigaE’ on the hard disk 'dh1:'.
Using Workbench, the Shell or your favourite file manager program, create the directory ’dh1:AmigaE'. For example, using the Shell type: Makedir dhl:AmigaE Copy the contents of the Amiga_E_v3.1i’ and ’Amiga_E_v3.1i_extras' disks to this directory. The 'C' directory is usually called 'Bin' on a hard disk installation so you might want to rename it.
Copy Amiga_E_v3.li: ?
Dhl:AmigaE all Rename dhl:AmigaE C dhl:AmigaE bin Copy Amiga. E_v3.li_extras: ?
Dhl:AmigaE all Now create a sub-directory called ‘Modules’ in ‘dhl :AmigaE' and copy the contents of the ‘EModules’ disk there. You might then want to move the ‘Src’ directory up to 'dhl :AmigaE‘.
Makedir dhl:AmigaE Module8 Copy Emodules: ?
Dhl:AmigaE Modules all Rename dh1:AmigaE Modu1es Src dhl:AmigaE Add the following few lines to your's:user-startup' or 's:start- up-sequence': Assign Emodules: dhl:Ami gaE Modules Path dhl:AmigaE Bin add Now reboot your Amiga for the assignment to take effect and try compiling the simple example: cd dhl:AmigaE Src ec HelloWorld.e HelloWorld Learning E On the cover of this issue is a beginners guide which should help you learn the fundamental aspects of Amiga E. The more advanced features are explained in the E Reference Manual, which is the AmigaGuide file ’E.guide' in the ‘Docs' directory on
the main disk. This was written by the author of Amiga E, Wouter van Oortmerssen, so should be considered authoritative.
The programs in the 'Src' directory on the modules disk and in 'Src2' on the extras disk are good tutorial examples. Some of them show how to use the various utility modules that come in the Amiga E package. The 'RKRMSrc' directory on the extras disk contains translations of the examples in the Rom Kernel Reference Manual (which is the official guide to programming the Amiga, and is available in four volumes: Libraries, Devices. Includes and Autodocs, and Hardware).
Here's some I made earlier The two screenshots on these pages show two of the example programs. The first of these was written by Michael Zucchi and is a made up of spinning donuts as a Workbench backdrop (using hardly any CPU!). This is 'torus.e' in the directory 'Src2 FilledVector examples' on the extras disk.
The other example (written by Wouter) shows how easy it is to create a font-sensitive, resizable Graphical User Interface (GUI) in E, if you use the 'EasyGUT module. The example is 'all.e' in the 'Src2 EasyGui' directory. Another 'EasyGUT example is a fully-working file requester which also shows how to use Amiga system functions to interrogate disks and volumes. This is 'myreq.e' in the 'Src2 EasyGUI freq' directory.
'ShowHunk.e' in the 'Src2AJtils' directory is one of those essential utilities. It displays the hunk structure of Amiga binary files like executables and libraries, and also incorporates a full disassembler.
If you want to learn things like how to use the Exec messaging system, how to program using BOOPSI (the object-oriented system for GUI creation), or how to create a Commodity, then the place to look is the 'RKRMSrc' directory. The examples are, respectively, 'portl.e' and ¦port2.e" in ¦RKRMSrc Exec.library Ports'. 'talk2boopsi.e' in ’RKRMSrc lntuition Boopsi'. And ’HotKey.e’ in 'RKRMSrc Commodities'.
More E sources If you've got access to Aminet (either by the Internet, the Aminet Cds or a decent PD House) then you want to look in the 'dev e' directory for E-specific stuff. Recently, part two of the RKRM translations has been uploaded as 'JRH-RKRM-2.lzh'. There's also a small GUI called 'Economic' to help compile E programs from an A ?exx-friendly editor (the archive is 'ECo092b.lha'). Two huge compilations of modules and programs are 'capus.lha’ and 'capus2.lha', and if you speak German there’s the EPD series of disks I'epd12.lha' through to 'epd21.lha'). For the Internet-connected
there’s a mailing list run by Norman Kraft. To join, send a message with ’HELP’ in the body to ‘amigae-request@ bkhouse.cts.com’. You'll get a message back telling you how to subscribe.
Upgrades The Amiga E compiler on this month's cover disk is different from the full, registered version in only one respect: this version cannot be upgraded for free.
Upgrade patches are available on Aminet as they are created, but you must register v3.1i before you can use them. Once you have registered, all updates will be free. You can register by sending your money to Jason Hulanc (Dept E), Formal Systems (UK) Ltd. 3 Alfred Street, Oxford 0X1 4EH. Price: £26 via disc or £23 via E-Mail.
Go and play Amiga E gives you the power to make your Amiga do exactly what you want it to.
Programming your Amiga is something which can be very rewarding, and if you're particularly good you could even earn some money. But don't let this put you off!
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1 * It's All A Question of Control You will need your mouse and keyboard to play worms. Your mouse controls the cursor and if you right click you will see a menu selection which appears at the bottom of the screen. Right clicking a second time will bring up a second menu with more items on it. For a full explanation of all of these icons see the review of Worms on page 43. You can select a weapon or object simply by left clicking on the one you desire.
The cursor keys control your worm's movement and the sights you use for aiming his (or her) weapon:
• Left: Move your worm left
• Right: move your worm right
• Up: Move your worm's aiming device up
• Down: Move your worm's aiming device down
• Return: Your worm jumps in the direction he is facing
• Space bar: hold down the space bar to increase the power bar,
release it to stop the power bar and fire the weapon. If you're
using a blow torch or drill, hit the power bar to start up and
hit it again to stop.
If you are using a homing missile, an air strike or the teleporter: first select the weapon, then a red cursor will appear on screen. Place the cursor over wherever you want to teleport or bomb and then right click. This will activate both the teleport and the air strike. To launch a homing missile you have to use the space key to activate the power bar as normal.
Ready, Aim, Fire ... Items like the grenade are trajectory weapons. You have to aim into the air at an angle and use the power bar to judge the distance the bomb will be lobbed.
Ohe best game available this Christmas? Turn to page 43 to find out.
Then load up this demo and have a go for yourself. It consists of three landscape scenarios: Snow, Forest and a special CU Amiga Magazine level just for you. Each game lasts just five minutes, and although this doesn’t sound very much, it will allow you to complete each level.
Total wormage You will need to uncompress your cover disk onto two separate blank floppy disks. Do this by rebooting your machine, inserting disk 121 and following the on-screen prompts, swopping disks as instructed. For more information on loading your disk turn to page 14.
Once you have your two Worms demo disks, insert Disk one into into the internal drive of your Amiga and reboot it. After a couple of seconds an Ocean logo will appear followed by a Team 17 logo, then it takes about a minute or two to load the demo, depending on which Amiga you have. It’s slower on an A500 than it is on an A1200. If the screen goes blank for a while before the loading screen appears don’t worry everything should still be all right.
If you have an A1200 you will be asked for Disk two half way through the loading sequence. Disk two holds most of the sound samples for the demo, so you're in for a treat. Unfortunately if you have an A500 or A600 then Disk two is pretty much redundant - your machine will not be able to handle all of the samples. Don’t worry though, everything else remains the same and there are enough samples to keep you happy.
Upon loading click straight onto the ’play game' option. You will then see a player select screen.
The first four teams, 1up-4up. Are human options, the last four (with the chip sprite beside them) are computer players. Once you have selected who you want to play with and against, click on the 'next' button then on 'friendly'. This will start the level.
Oh no ... The computer teams are rated from useless to good, with Oh Nol the worst and HRH the best. It's not a good idea to select more than two teams at a time in this demo, if you want to finish a game that is. Because it cuts out after five minutes the more players making moves, the more time is wasted and you'll end up with no result. Thus, two human or one human and one computer player is the ideal mix. You have only 30 seconds to complete your turn once one of your worms has been selected. You will see a little arrow above the currently activated worm. The object of the game is to kill
off the other team, so good luck. ¦ Amiga E Your Amiga E cover disk contains compressed archives for three separate Amiga E system disks. Before you can use Amiga E, these archives must be expanded onto three new disks. These disks do not need to be formatted. Follow these steps to expand your disks.
1. Insert the Amiga E cover disk into the internal floppy drive
and reset your Amiga. Alternatively insert the cover disk
after booting your system, double click on the disk icon and
then double click the CUMenu icon.
2. If you want to check for write errors during disk expansion,
click the gadget marked 'Don't Verify Expand’ so that it reads
'Verify Expand'. This is not essential and will slow down the
expansion process slightly.
3. You can expand your disks to an external floppy disk drive if
you have one connected. To change the expand device, click on
the 'Expand to DFO:' gadget.
4. To expand the first of the three disks, click on the disk
image marked 'Amiga E v3.1i' or press FI.
5. You will be prompted to insert a blank disk once the archive
has been loaded. Do so and press Return to continue.
6. You will be asked to insert disk CU_121, Do not insert the
Worms disk, but instead insert the Amiga E cover disk, which
has mistakenly been named CU_121 rather than CU_122.
7. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6, clicking on the remaining two disk
images in turn and inserting another two blank disks
8. You will now have your three Amiga E system disks. Label them
according to their names on the expansion menu screen.
9. Boot from your normal Workbench system. Refer to page 10 for
general operating instructions and hard drive installation.
Worms Worms needs to be decompressed onto two separate disks before you can play the game. These do not need to be formatted, but any information contained on them will be overwritten.
Write protect your cover disk, insert it into the internal drive and reset the Amiga. Now follow the on-screen prompts, swopping disks as required. When it's all finished, boot your Amiga using the first of the expanded Worms disks. ¦ ISIT OUR NEW WEB SITE p7Avww.flevel.co.uk for latest prices & bargains
- W THIS MONTH 5 Mks - Connect your Amiga uide 10 the internet.
I.ans & BBS & online Services tale L.Larsen - This is by an ex
C= member of the Amiga
* iirking Group. Well written comprehensive, this is a must S
pages ~£ 11.95. The Multi-Data Machine gives you a 4X CdRom
plus a 650M removable in one halt height drive. The Fourth
Level software includes the advanced tools for removable media
which have until now. Only been available on the Mo-Miga (FLD's
top of the range 1,3Gb M.O. system).
Ami-FileSafe - the new tiling system which has taken the Amiga market place by storm - is also included along with with Full CDRom support.
Prices: Internal SCSI2 £510.00+VAT = £599.25 Options: External ci,III £ 45.V0+VAT = £ 52.87 OktagunCard add £ 95.00+VAT = £111.62 lia NEW AMIGAS with AFS imtected now with AFS.
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Il W • 49 Standard size, velocity sensitive keys with 10 velocity curves.
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Programmable channel pressure & velocity • Pitch bend wheel.
• 6 user programmable ' Program & Bank Change' memory •
805x208x87mm Transpose up to lull range of 109 keys • Standard
MIDI out 5 pm Din Explore the data hidden EEE5E9 on Credit
Cards, Debit Cards, Security & Membership Cards etc. Simply
iwipe your card and mod the content* Read. Irocki 1.2 and 3
Plug* into your Amiga Joystick Pori.
A An easy to handle Scanner featuring 103 mm scanning wic A 400 dpi resolution .
Contrast levels.
* Oeniscan gives you rhe ability to imoges. Text or graphics A
• Save images in suitable format for ¦ leading packages including
PHOTON PAINT, DclUXf PAINT, etc. a View window and position
control 1 Powerful portner for DTP that allow for cut A paste
editing of imoges etc. Ooliath is a direct power supply
replacement with a difference! If you have an Amiga with a
large hardrive, extra memory, accelerator board or indeed any
powerful addon then a standard Amiga power supply »ust cannot
cope. The Golliath pocks more a Fan cooled. A On Off switch.
A Heavy duty com. A 13 Amp uh approved mens lead.
A Switch mode electronic system. A Direct plug-in replacement.
A Full 200 watt output. A Also available for cd 32.
THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR DISK BACKUP PROBLEM ¦d hardware end software package ihel weeks by dkoctfy centreing yaw onering the AMIGA's own Ask drive control sr. This way SYNCRO IXPRFSS to bock up programs, when other backup systems faI backup syitem ever track. Upto 13 tracks.
5. 0 a Totally "transparent' hardware W FOR THE AMIGA Here at
Datel e have been designing exciting computer peripherals
"• * ACTION REPLAY GIVES YOU THE POWER TO Mm r FREEZE ANY PROGRAM AND TAKE TOTAL CONTRO m "1 Sove the entire progrom in memory to disk or even hard disk. The saved J * “T ¦ 1 _ oroaram will reload and run from the aoint where it was frozen. Perfect w ACTION REPLAY GIVES YOU THE POWER TO FREEZE ANY PROGRAM AND TAKE TOTAL CONTROL!
Jfcy Save the entire program in memory to disk or even hard disk. The saved J progrom will reload and run from the point where it was froxen. Perfect to transfer disk games to hard drive to load in seconds!! * Game trainer feature gives you the power to find cheats within ony game.
Infinite UVES, ENERGY, LEVELS etc. Ultimate GAME BUSTING POWER, Screen Grabber option lets you freeze and save screen to disk. Pictures saved in IFF format suitable for all leading graphics packages.
Jvu Powerful monitor functions give you all the tools to freeze and hock the program in memory. Full 68020 assembler disassembler. Breakpoint & troce- single step commands Remember that ACTION REPLAY lets you view the program in it’s frozen state- no other toolkit can offer this feature.
Powerful hardware features custom logic and on-board scratch ram so No AMIGA MEMORY IS USED.
Works with up to 8 megs of Amiga RAMI Very simple to install.. Just plug into A1200 trapdoor.
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A Built-in anti-dick feature.
A Daisy chainable via thru port.
A No need for external PSU.
£49.99 £19.99 Amijg MOO *1500 ACTION LINE BBS ACTION LINE is v* bigitl end beet shareware. M ee.chet. advert*. Lars ids to *32 FA6T.
INSTANT DOWNLOAD NUMBER ong lime Amiga seller and wholesaler and owners of the Amitek brand of peripherals, Silica, have gone into administrative recievership. The company, which has been with the Amiga right from the beginning announced the news in mid October, but hopes that the process is temporary. Although the receiver was unavailable for comment. Amiga Technologies remained confident that it was a minor setback for the distributor and that they would be back on the rails after Christmas.
Silica In Recievership Breathless Just four months ago the Amiga's other old distributor ZCL went into liquidation, blaming their misfortune on Commodore, but Silica have done no such thing. An industry insider claimed that "they are just seeking protection from their creditors until cash flow improves. The Summer months have been bad.” According to Amiga Technologies the A1200 will continue to be distributed by Silica and anyone with machines on order through them should not worry; the receiver intends to honour all orders. The other Amiga distributor, CentreSoft. Remain unaffected and should
be able to pick up any shortfall the Silica situation brings about Christmas 4000 Accelerator Ohe A4000 40 50MHz doubler accelerator, known as the Doubler 4000, has just had a significant price reduction for Christmas. Blittersoft have told us. Previously priced at £399.95. it has been reduced to £299.95 Originally rated at 73% in the October issue of CU Amiga Magazine, summed up with the comment "Reasonable speed boost at perhaps too high a price", this price reduction goes some way to rectifying one of the major criticisms of the accelerator, and should add a few percentage points to this
score accordingly With a Sysinfo MIPS rating of 37.77 and good benchmark results, it looks a very attractive option, so long as the 'overclocking' doesn't lead to heat problems. Also reduced for Christmas is the Image Vision multimedia authoring package. Originally £149.95. Blittersoft are reducing this powerful package to £99 95 up until the new year Look for a review in a forthcoming issue of CU Amiga Magazine.
Oolishly someone said that texture mapped Doom cloi ’couldn't be done' on an Amiga. Ever since that time the PD demo world has inundated with e pies of fluidly texture mapped graphic engines to bring new depths of realism.
Technically the Amiga’s custom chip set isn't suited to thi type of graphics but with the advent of the immensely popular Gloom and AB3D, these techniques have improved to a level that was previously thought impossible. Rumours have circulated about a new game under development by an Italian group known as Fields ol Vision Some of the highlights are the amazingly good texture mapped artwork coupled with an engine that has variable screen sizes, resolution t detail like no other. Most impressive is the the light sourcing and complex texture mapped enemies, which even move around !
Ly on only moderately accelerated Amigas If the game has any of t actual gameplay of Gloom and AB3D it will be an essential purr TWI and WIE Merger Time Warner Interactive Entertainment, who are due to release Primal Rage on Amiga around Christmas time and Warner Interacts Entertainment, who now own Renegade and have the rights to ViroCop, Sensible World Of Soccer and this month's Flight Ol The Amazon Queen have merged. Both were originally formed out of two separate parts of the gigantic Warner Bros film, music and boo publishing empire.
Although their long term plans for the Amiga are uncertain, the merged company is still believed to be publishing Chaos Engine 2 ii the Spring. To contact the Warners phone 0171 391 4300.
Amiga Production Another Squirrel Surfs In Perhaps the Amiga's most serious limitation is its serial port.
Unchanged since the original A1000, it's barely capable of keeping up with modern day modems and easily loses data if the CPU is overly taxed. To address this problem, HiSoft have announced the 'Surf Squirrel' which is an updated Squirrel SCSI interface featuring a faster and more efficient SCSI controller chip and a new high speed serial port, priced at £99.
Capable of up to 300,000 bps, it would be suitable for networks as well as modem communications with the Internet. Review to follow. For more information, call HiSoft on 01525-718181.
Pleasance Music ormer Commodore boss David Pleasance has set up his own recording studio in partnership with two musicians to produce soundtracks for games, films etc, They will also be recording commercial music, with a band called Passion being their first shot at this. The album will be called Everybody's Girlfriend and is claimed by David to be inspired by the Amiga (Amiga meaning girlfriend in Spanish). The songs are written by David and his partners and the music is being written and complied using an Amiga 4000 with Bars and Pipes. For some of the more difficult and complicated bits
they have been reduced to using a Mac though. "There was nobody able to help us with Bars and Pipes at the level we are using it in this country, so because of time constraints we are using a Mac. But the Amiga remains central to sequencing and recording." The new company is called Tangent Design and they hope to have their first CD out in time for Christmas. More news next month.
World Of Amiga Now For Jan As reported some months ago Amiga Technologies and Peter Brameld associates (organisers of last Christmas’ World Of Amiga show) are in the process of organising another one. Although no venue has yet been set and ticket prices have not been announced it now seems clear than it will be going ahead in January, provided new Amiga sales pick up between now and then. If you want to get more information on this contact a show hotline on 01369 706356, hits 15,000 By the time you read this the production of the Amiga Magic 1200 will have topped 15,000, over half of which
will have gone on sale here in the UK, We visited the factory in France where it is being made during October and witnessed two production lines running the Amiga alongside Pcs and other computer related kit. Don't worry though, you're not likely to get a Pentium chip instead of your Motorola. Solectron, the manufacturers are a multi billion pound company producing components for a wide range of PC. Car and other sectors, including Amiga. To add to this good news, your favourite magazine has a special issue going into each UK Amiga Magic pack. Called the Complete Kickstart Guide To Your
Amiga it's been written by journalists from CU Amiga Magazine and is the most comprehensive, yet easy to use starting point for all new A1200 users.
Caption Compo We photographed these towers outside the Solectron Amiga factory n France. There are two subscriptions on offer as prizes for the people who can 1. Tell us what they are actually are and 2. Provide a IQ- 20 word caption for the picture. Only one sub is available per person, but by all means answer both questions.
Send all entries marked 'Twin Towers Competition' to the usual address by December 20th.
Investing in AMIGA ? We have the AMIGA A1200 Magic Pack in stock at just £399.99, with the 170MB Hard Drive version costing only £100 more at £499.99 The new AMIGA monitor is also in stock at only £299.99 By the time you read this we should have the new A4000T in stock.Call for details.
? We have High Density external floppy drives in stock.
These superb new drives work with any Amiga, and unlike other HD floppy drives do NOT change the Amiga's Operating System in any way.
Recommended at just £89.95 We also have expansion RAM and accelerators in stock. Call for prices.
? Interested in Video? We have everything you need, from a Genlock at less than £100 up to VLAB-Motion and beyond.
Call for latest news on the Draco system.
We have CD Rom drives, SCSI adapters, large EIDE drives, large & fast SCSI drives, Syquest drives, graphics cards, Mac Emulators, PC Emulators, internal and external Panasonic PD Drives, SCSI towers... ? We have most good CD ROM disks in stock. We have a carefully chosen selection of serious software in stock.
In short, if it’s for the AMIGA, and it's good, you can buy it from us.
So come and see us or use our Mail Order Service. Either way, the service is second to none.
Please note our NEW address Brian Fowler Computers Ltd 90 South Street Exeter Devon EX1 1EN Phone us on (01392) 499 755 Fax us on (01392) 493 393 brian_fowler@cix.compulink.co.uk CompuServe 100072,1536 VISA (We have a lot more planned for the coming months... stay tuned!)
Hisoft Announce MPEG Squirrel ©ack when Commodore were churning out the CD32 in droves, buyers were drooling for the the MPEG cart which would allow you to watch Video Cds. However, Commodore went bust and Escom don't appear to have much interest in the CD32 so MPEG hasn't been widely available on the Amiga. Now though HiSoft have announced a Squirrel MPEG', Not to be confused with the Squirrel SCSI, this unit is a set-top box with a SCSI connector interface. Attached to some form of monitor or TV and any machine with its own SCSI interface, full motion video can be decompressed from hard
drive or memory, in fact a computer isn't needed at all since the unit can be linked directly to a Video CD capable CD-ROM and play MPEG video direct to your TV with the provided remote control.
Of real interest to Amiga users, however, will be the ability to compress rendered animations into MPEG files and then display the results at full speed via the Squirrel MPEG. HiSoft plan to release the Squirrel MPEG before January next year priced between £200 and £300. Call HiSoft on 01525-718181 for more information.
Disk Drive Network Ohe Canadian based AmiTrix Development have announced a new Amiga networking system call AmigaLink. Bundled with the Envoy 2.0 networking software, AmigaLink doesn't require a Zorro based Amiga as it uses the external floppy disk drive port. This method means that AmigaLink can handle a transfer rate of 450,000 bits per second via Direct Memory Access (DMA) which means CPU usage is far lower than parallel solutions. Capable of networking up to 20 machines it is supplied with AmigaLink 2.0 networking software which is capable of running on OS
1. 3 machines. Expect a full review soon.
Also from the AmiTrix stable is a hard drive interface for the A570 and the CDTV known as 'SCSI-TV'. Being a full specification SCSI interface supporting the Rigid Disk Block standard. SCSI direct and auto- booting. SCSI-TV should be of keen interest to owners of those machines. Call AmiTrix Development on +1-403-929-8459 or E-Mail them on sales@AmiTrix.com for further information.
World Construction Set litterSoft announced UK distribution of the World Construction Set. A package similar to Vista in that it creates very realistic rendered landscapes as seen below. Reviewed in next month's CU Amiga Magazine, the package retails for £119.95. Call BlitterSoft on 01908-261466 for more details.
Charts There are a couple of surprise re-entries in the charts this month.
Whether this has to do with new Amiga owners buying old (but startlingly good) games or not it's difficult to tell but the re-entry on Indy, Monkey Island and Syndicate is good news.
1. Player Manager 2 Virgin
2. Sensi World Of Soccer Virgin
3. Monkey Island 2 US Gold
4. Beau Jolly Compilation Beau Jolly
5. Indiana Jones and Fate Of Atlantis US Gold
6. Formula 1 Domark
7. Ultimate Soccer Manager Impressions
8. PM3 Multi Edit Gremlin
9. Sensible Golf Virgin lO. Syndicate EA The Stateside Column: By
Jason Compton At last, we have a winner. Service Management
Group, the company that provided warranty service to
American Amiga owners during some of the Commodore years, has
been chosen by Amiga Technologies as the first direct
distributor for new machines in North America. In addition.
Software Hut. A large North American mail order house, claims
they also have been chosen. As Gilles Bourdin, Marketing
Director for Amiga Tech informed an impromptu press conference
on IRC. SMG's contract was for non-exclusive distribution
through the end of 1995.
As this issue goes to print, both SMG and the North American Amiga Technologies office are waiting for the final word on this situation. As both seem to feel that the plans will be more long-term.
The only comment on Software Hut's status came from a company representative who categorised the agreement as "verbal." On the heels of this news, orders are already being taken for new Amiga 4000 Towers, the only machines that will be available on this continent before Christmas. SMG has been told by Amiga Tech that Amiga 1200s, built for NTSC standards, will be available in January.
All new machines will come with the impressive software pack assembled by Amiga Tech UK's Jonathan Anderson.
Despite not having any new machines for nearly two years (even before Commodore's bankruptcy, obtaining machines in North America, particularly the US. Was incredibly difficult for six months before April, 1994), Amiga users went ahead and celebrated their machines with two user-organised shows, bringing users, dealers, and celebrities together in Western and Eastern Canada in July and August, respectively. Encouraged by the success of these smaller shows. Wonder Computers Inc.. which consists of a dealer chain, distribution unit and software team, is organising the World of Amiga Toronto
show. The event will be held, as is tradition, at the Toronto International Centre, from December 8-10. Amiga users always seem to find something to celebrate. The fears that North America would be ignored by the head management seem to have been allayed somewhat. The Amiga market is never a boring place.
There’s always someone who's up to something to make life a little easier, a little more interesting, a little more worth cheering about.
Here's to their continued success.
* i py 1 N* 1 4 f«1 a-i-4 r m
* s fy £ P f B A-" .
4-3-3 W E-E-3 r- a-a-a A Tracksart
• T«a Utoantt I* am It the iun htiffct I ol lootkall gi aataau
The new Amigas are finally available but are there any games
developers still making products for our beloved machine? You
A Pro Ragfey laafjn: loakiag goad aa PC cooung to aa Amiga aaai you ia M. Os if I need to tell you.
One of the most important things to report at the moment is the fact that Amiga 1200s are finally back in the UK after some eighteen months' absence. The only major chain of stores to have supported the Amiga so far is Tandy with 130 of their 341 stores stocking the machine, but we'll just have to wait and soe how things go.
Just to prove that it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.
Alternative Software have a fine selection of products on their way, headed up by the sequel to the popular Tracksuit Manager imaginatively titled Tracksuit Manager 2' (How do they think up these incredible titles?) A release date has yet to be finalised, but hopes are that it'll be out on the shelves before Christmas.
There is one version in production at the moment, with the programme being sensitive to CPU capabilities and adjusting itself accordingly but producing machine- specific versions is still a future possibility. TM2 will retail at £25.99. Rago Traitor is the working title for a new double pack due out in November, rather unsurprisingly containing two games (weren't expecting that were you?) Called, wait for it. Rage. And. Traitor. YES! I bet you're wondering how I manage to make these pages so interesting aren't you.
Anyway, Rage sees you as what Alternative Software's Roger Hulley describes as a robot chap' flying in an overhead-action kind of way across various weird ancient alien lands. It's a basic shoot 'em up. But according to the man in charge, very atmospheric. Traitor takes the action to a side-on per spective. With an Rtype-ish joy- stick-melter of a blast. Both of these games are original titles, one of which has been written by Apache, the people who brought you Death Mask The double pack, whatever it ends up being called, should be out in November at £14.99. Rugby League Boss is another
Alternative title to look out for in the future, with a pre-Xmas launch planned. Retailing at £14.99. RLB is a mixture of previous management game styles, with the added element of being able to step in and get involved in more arcade sections such as taking conversions after tries have been scored Alternative s Roger Hulley is also keen to point out that the decisions you make REALLY DO affect the outcome. Unlike some other games that I can’t mention (well, Roger did.
K I’m just not allowed to print them!)
Hilarious japes aplenty. As Thomas Tank Engine Pinball is at last released, featuring four tables, each one themed for a different character. James. Percy.
Tilby. And, of course, Thomas, all have their own tables, each one chock-full of features and sub-games. Created by the people behind Pinball Dream.
Spider Soft, this will be available at £16.99 and promises 'immense fun for kids and their parents.' Apparently.
SPUD a game previously known as Santa Wars has, sadly, been shelved as far as the Amiga goes, ending up as a PC-CD ROM title. However. Penguins a sort of arcade puzzle affair, is still due for a November release. Retailing at £14.99, the game promises "a mixture of the best puzzle arcade games we've seen," according to Mr Hulley Future projects also worth mentioning include Pro Rugby League, a full sports simulator featuring huge polygon players, along with all the features you could possibly want! PRL will launch in May 1996, just in time for the Super League. It's actually being
developed as a PC title to begin with, and once the team start stripping it down for the Amiga, they'll decide whether it'll be At 200 only or whether they can produce other versions. Er. .. oh yes. There's also a children's' painting programme called Playdays Paint, but I doubt you want to know about that.
And finally, for CD32 owners there are a number of projects currently under development from Alternative too. With the most imminent still having no name, but looking to feature a speed boat that attacks aliens.
There’s also full video footage to look forward to. Along with all the usual CD32 trimmings. Oh yeah, and Thomas The Tank Engine Pinball will be available on CD format in November for £19.99. Hurrah! I hear you shout.
Team 17 have had an excellent response to a shareware version o' Worms that's been made available on the Internet Apparently, they're currently enjoying some
20. 000 visitors a week I’m not surprised - it's a brilliant
game, and I can't wait!!
Following my flogging Blitz Bombers to death in The One.
Those clever guys at Leading Edge had a lot of interest, and although quite a few places turned it down due to lack of originality (short-sighted fools that they are!)
The guys have decided to join forces with Guildhall Leisure (the company responsible for the Acid releases). We should see the A1200 version of the game out in the shops in November, and although there's still a little work to do on the CD32 version (mostly music) that should follow on shortly thereafter. At the moment the guys are looking at a PC port, but data disks for the Amiga are a definite possibility (with new levels, etc.) and there's even talk of a sequel to get in all those ideas they didn't have time for Other projects include a 3D fighting game for the A1200. Complete with
light-sourced graphics Oo-erl And that, my CU chums, is the lot for this month. ¦ Matt Broughton -_ AMIGA 12001 ”ne UK’s favourite home computer is back! Amiga Technologies, ; crand new UK company have launched the Amiga 1200 with a sunning array of software in the AMIGA MAGIC pack. And, to
- a*e a great pack even better, every Amiga 1200 Magic Pack ~om
Silica (at the advertised price), comes with a FREE Chaos
software pack - see below.
• Amiga 1200 Computer - 2m RAM
• 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive Built-in UPGRADE SEE PAGE 2
• 2.5" 170mb HD Option s„b,i,.
• Wordsworth v4si wo*mum,
• Digita Datastore v1.1 omw
• Digita Organiser v1.1 ¦ Personal Organiser
• Turbo Calc v3.5 simmeet
• Photogenics v1.2st Pamt Image Processing 3 Composing
• Personal Paint v6.4 Fmr Ptckag,
• Workbench v3.1
• Whizz 30 PHItoim Game A1200 SPECIFICATIONS
• FREE Chaos Pack
• 32-BII68020EC Piocessor AGA Chipset 16.7 Million Colours
• 2MD BAM - Built-In Modulator 96 Key KeyD'rd With Numeric Key
• PCMCIA Smart Card Slot
• Pinball Mania - pineaii aic, cam.
• 68040 25Mhior68060 50wte Processor 6m RAM - 2Mb Chip, 4Mb Fast
i Workbench v3.1 monitor NO* iNauDED sec fAGtz CHAOS ENGINE I
CHAMPIOWSHIP 4MMAO chaosp*ck™ WINNING PACK ! Work to lostly jn
short- nt the art. But re a defi- avels, of a Jeas Ither ing
rlete . Oo-er!
, is the i Advanced Graphics Architecture AGA Chip Set -16.7 Million Colour Palette
• 1 2Gb SCSI Hard Drive
• 1.76Mb Floppy Drive
• 2x3.5" Drive Bays
• FREE Chaos Pack from Silica 53040CPU . 1.20b HD ¦ 68060CPU +
1.2cb HD Scala MM300 Pre-installed on hard drive No disks or
• RGB thru - saving the genlock from Being unplugged when not in
• Optional chroma key unit avaHaBie tarty 96
• Comprehensive 16-page manual plus full colour sleeve £33 These
internal Amtek Loader replacement drives are ideal for users
who wish to replace then existing internal dmt The pack
leafures a high ouakfy internal fits 3 7 drive mechanism tor
the Amiga 500.500* US or Anuga 600 At that you need to h) your
drive is sxiudtd. Plus my to loapt. Mng mtrucl.vns and 24
months warranty £34 £44 mm SCSI-2 INTERFACE SQUIRREL FOR
A600 A1200 14" COLOUR MONITOR FOR A1200 A4000 T £24.95 £14.95
£14.95 £19.95 £29.00 coo £29.00 Aminet 6------- l
iggttftesc*software-ACA0620 Animations Double CD Krdreds of
aramatrons - ACA 1000 CDBoot 1.0 ...... Rum
CO* scftwire CD-ROM fMure! - ACC 1- Giga Graphics
... 10(00 mages on 4 Cds ¦ ACG 0500 Named after
the famous storage hungry annul the Squirrel SCSI-2 interface
simply plugs into the PCMCIA Mar (avoiding warranty problems)
and atows you to connect up to 7 SCSI deuces to your Am n» ar
me same mre This could Be any ComMnaBon of hard dmes. SCSI
******- CD-ROM drives. Tip tOO drives. PD Ones etc lor I 0 h
• Ami-FileSafe is the new de-facto standard Filing System for
your Amiga
• Secure filing system - no more corrupt disks when applications
crash when writing to diskI
• Super last - much taster than FFS
• Instant directory listings
• Parallel access with negligible performance loss PROCESSING
• Enhanced text handing image cootpog_ :»«* |£99| ann-jtUsinfl |
This unit combines a CD-ROM drive with the future in Smart Card
Interfaces, the PCMCIA slot. This makes hr an incrtdtUy
corverUenl and simple to use CO-ROM drive system opening up a
A1200 A4000 T
• Manipulate and paint graphics in 24-bit
• FREE Scaa HT100 program dsk
• Add mes and special effects to videos
• Ideal for home and semi-professional users
• Supports ait standard Amiga and AGAgraph.cs
• Inpirt and output composite video signals
• Snitches Between video only, computer only and mixed graphics
mmmm genlock Terra Sound Library £19.95 7 800 sound files • ACT
0400 The Light Works £39.00 Rayvacng and textures - ACT 0500
UPD Gold £29.95 ErAre PD Itoraiy c* 4 Cds • ACU 6500 Zoom
£19.00 Sefeclion of PO classics • ACZ 06CO CD-ROM DRIVE &
• imports MIDI and standard sound files
• Supports Gift. PCX. R.C. PhotoCD and many other Me formats
manyn Multiple image editing Real-time HAM8 display £54 Hawk
1ml - No FPU £99.00 Bv» 32«« RAM board. Kt popdaled and
battery Dac-eddoc* RAM 1210 Hawk 2mb - No FPU--------£129.00
at* 32-0* RAM Beard. 2vt populated and Battery Bac*ed dOCK -
RAM 1220 Hawk 4Mb - No FPU .....£189.00 8t* 32-bit RAM
board. 4t» populated, and battery batted doct - RAM 1240 Hawk
8Mb - No FPU ....£329.00 at* 32-M RAM beard. 8**
populated and tatte-y betted dec* • RAM 1280 Open your eyes to
a whole new reality. Unlike other head- mounted devices,
Virtual I.O's i-glasses!,M give you a crystal clear lull colour
video image - it's like having a personal 2 metre screen with
you all the time. What’s more, with the hi- fi stereo sound,
you'll wonder how you settled less.
A500 600 1200 £29.00 Beige cofcured replacement power supply
fcr A500'60a,120) • POW 0610 The Amitek Mamba External
Modulator makes an ideal replacement modulator lor ak Amiga
owners Everything needed « supplied Lde all Amitek peripherals.
t comes with an easy to lokow manual.
I glasses!
FOR AMIGA 600 1200 4000 WITH MAMBA MODULATOR £599 AMI-FILESAFE - USER £29.00 Super fast Ung system - ASA 4796 AMI-FILESAFE - PRO £69.00 NoreMncbcra veision - ASA 4800 BRILUANCE V2.0 £49.00 Advance pant & anmalon software • AS8 7912 CANDO V2.5________£79.00 Inieradive airtoveual aUhoMg - ASC 2200 EDGE 1.7 - PRO £16.95 Fa lex) eoilng - AS€ 8200 GB ROUTE PLUS £34.99 Plan inpe and loumeyt in tte UK • ASG 3122 FINAL WRITER V4 ..... £74.95 Word publotier ¦ilh grapbica & lertt - AST3802 PEN PAL UK 1.5 ..... £36.95 Easy » use word processor • ASP 1942 FINAL COPY II________£49.95 Powatul
WYSIWYG word proceaeot - ASF 3622 MAXIPLAN 4______________ £19.00 Busnew software suite • ASM 2012 PEN PAL UK 1.5 ... £36.95 Easy to uso word prtxesaor - ASP 1942 VISTA PRO 3.0 ... £24.95 larxttcape gonorearg paduige • ASV 8002 SONY FLOPPY 314" DELUXE EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS ¦JL LOADER INTERNAL FLOPPY «E 314" 1Mb INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE FOR AMIGA 500 500PLUS OR AMIGA 600 1200
• High QuaMy 3' Sony mechanism • 75ms access time
• Strong metal casing • Daisy chainaUt via thru port
• Built-in anti-click feature • Low power usage
• SwkchaBle anti-vuus mode • External PSU
• EnaBle'disabie switch not requited AMIGA M14SM
• Official Amiga Branded Monitor
• I4‘ 28mm Colour Monitor with Built- in Stereo Speakers
• 15KHt-40KHt
• Digital RGB Analog
• ForAI2008 A40MT
• Power and audio cables SOFTWARE OFFERS £299 AMIGA CD32 MAIL
WHEN lo buy. Nowjesl you ccrmdw WHERE 10 buy • 1‘OUKI your
invnlmonl win a purcbase Irom Sica With (X» unnvul cponanca ana
a.(»rtitia. we well pronda ad ll» a.lra he©, arfctce and ¦ 1
proax. Tnlormalon you may oaad tolh now aot) r the Mura Buy
Or our Moraa or rcaim too coupon now and begm vj anpanwco in *Slea S 17 YEARS EXPERIENCE
• S4kj rua been eujbnym lor over 17 *aan trroe- » man rnoai otoar
computer suppliers, and "a* a Brown track record ei prolrs»onil
ccmputer sales WE PRICE MATCH II before you mu., your pmcb.u
'rent j Silca Wore you ure to. Sum. *ods enwed al i Kruar Pt ce
ta «ai c.i"«a»4or we -u runii tram on
• I Sim. Poducl Same free bisit ‘or Oislcrr-rj an0 mMf b»
Mieplturr. We aill rrjfcn otlief m*.
O"*r rompunwi gncn incluiSiHi inrr Owiyw, cnarvei Ad («• maeciw, are sublet to u ccrrortaor luvng rr. Goal n Stock OPEN UNTIL 7pm Mrt Crt MM ire wei Mowfn 9wr w ?pn art s« Mr | « 1Mb- Cli kxa .tot to srx owrnj rr»s HOW TO PAY 1 WE OFFER DISCOUNTS
• • "vS -»A 1 9w*T,r r i l wwmere [«.i'L*s»rs pure Krtww orders
CM 01*1 Sot M88 CREDIT TERMS AVAILABLE 11 em mcm °*n"Wwc*Seu***
WE SUPPORT YOU I'M 1«Iwcb Hmpknr 0161 »» 1111 and free
brocrt.es avaiabU n reQuasl WSTtK mwara ChtlHSfOM lucrtur -**.
??njr CAOYDON OeWM-ra.11 It 31 NdMre GLASGOW Owns-it i tr«v»St
GIOUOSTfH Wrtan 6UUEW OeWffBtie rwn WtrM Hinmr inwih-im
smoihi HBU oenn-wi ftrtpCH KMKM t» .t SMIJWV MAH ORMR 6 MAO
i. Kart. OAI4 4D* HD & CD-ROM DRIVES, MICE & J’STICKS fritJ il*i
j'iMiniixniISfrfr.l h M *J l.'im-flMilMifrfr SwgateS
• GVP So MORE THAN JUST A GAMES CONSOLE Critical Zone includes
the powerful 32-bi! CD"
* imes console wild built-in dual speed CD- OM drive, an 11
button controller and 7 lop CD-ROM games. Optional upgrades
include keyboard and disk drive (allowing use of 1200 software
| and an MPEG video playback card allowing video Cds lo be
played on Hie CD"
• 32-Bit processing power
• Dual speed CD-ROM drive
• 16.8 million colours
• Plays audio 6 Cdtgraphics Cds
• 11 button controller
• Titles available from £9.99
• Optional lull screen video CD module - ccao&o ecm CRITICAL ZONE
• isr BZ t600.300dp bttcttnd de
300. 300dpi colour
• 150 sheets A4. Up to Isemvlopes
• 12 Buitt-mScMtde Fonts
• 21KB 9ott Memory
• Per met interface -, .IBSSB £249 test warranty Li--. --. I ft?
SmtB tod compjct w4h 24-pin punt outlay Works with joy PC O' Amiga computer i Butt to loots. 2 5ctlMte to 40pt BuW-m 50 sheet Juto feeder n luysUrt software tor Windows and Am i
• AotosettJcrMy OverDrive IDE HD 560Mb £249.00 Utra Past 56CM0
Her) Du*, plugs onto PCMCIA art HAW 3544 OverDrive IDE HD 1.20b
£349.00 Ultra tax 1 ?Gb hard dak pUgt crao PCMCIA Hot -HABJ560
Zoom 14.4XE Fa* Modem £79.00 Exarnal t • ACXtp* •atiTaJar.
Rxludee Zoom 28.8XE Fa* Modem £143.65 ErtemaiaiOCtca'aimrtem
r,UM Cormn* "rnrewnm MCO nee Panasonic PD SYSTEM READ WRITE
• Quad speed CD-ROM Drrve with 600K Data Transfer and 195ms
• 650Mb re writable optical disk drive with removablo cartridges
Cartridges (DIS 1500) £45.00 ALL-IN-ONE NEW as Logic 3 Speed
Mouse £11.95 SaticfuDW to Amiga and ST. 300*.. utra-aer-eil'ra
batons • MOU 4033 Quickshot Apache QS131 £6.99 2 Ire Dotcre. 6
tool ctt e bc e lor maumun control « sucbon Cups ¦ JOY 6431
Quickshot Starfighter 1 £8.99 Turbo Ira button 6 tool cable.
Thumb conroi rands Vac auto He - JOY S467 Jk600 » "300 to • IwO
lM modal - MAR Seagate ST92300AG 262m ,
• GVP Software £149.00
• °* D»erOrtve Double Speed £179.00 dtoae access to AmQi
specific C0» me tee, CD- «o*h«b kab jsjo OverOove Quad Speed
• am kcm* to Vt»9* co» me mi CO- W*mve HAH J542 tarte top .oyrta
• Ultra hyh 400dp resolution wdh OVERDRIVE HD (IDE) - 560Mb FOR
THE AMIGA 1200 H mo PCMCIA slot ¦ reerttce rs twice the weed of
the mentaione operation with reKabk micro- switch Dottoos
OPTIONAL SX1 MODULE TwnslKCO'imoJpowiW 32-M muttreaa (orcuter
using Ihe SX1 multiport expansion module JE199 £39.00 £9“
0181-309 1111 OR RETURN THE COUPON J 10 Slia CMUSR-1295-270.
Sla Horn. Hm»rt. At. Sdc«. MM MM 4 ? Please send me an Amiga
brochure • free oi charge ? Please send detailed information on
the followng product* NATIONWIDE 1111 Ml UN
• 1*1-01 HU minim IIIU HUN tllltf? UN tutt Dim tun mm P?1M4M
IwilMJM Mi’MrvMis&'Ms .
Surname: .
1 Ufa**
• m InttHCWW i iwi nun an puntm I'd W Nil , JMKrb I' M man Ml
(Work):--------- Whch coroputens). * any. Do you own?
The Exciting world of Programming satisfying things you can do with your Amiga and once you get bitten by the bug you won't be able to stop.
You've already got this month's free Amiga E language and manual, now take a look at what else is on offer.
©ith so many hundreds of Amiga programs to choose from and a vast repertoire of public domain software, you might be wondering if there is any need tor you to slip into an anorak and learn to program at all. Why bother, when other people will do it for you?
Tch, tch you lazy so-and-so. There are plenty of good reasons for getting into programming. First of all that amazing program you have been waiting for all these years might not actually exist. Unfortunately your obscure requirements might not apply to anyone else and so you are the only person who would benefit from the program being written.
You might also be interested in career in programming: what better way is there then to proceed than to teach yourself at home?
Money always comes into the picture somewhere and releasing a good shareware program or coming up with the next big cover disk hit could make the cash registers ring with delight. As the move continues towards more and more independent companies making names for themselves in the Amiga market, you might find yourself responsible for the number one selling game at Christmas.
Or you might simply enjoy the intellectual challenge of problem solving and the artistic delights and deep satisfaction of actually creating something.
Don't Be Afraid Many people are put off trying to program because they glimpse part seven of a programming tutorial in C and decide that there is simply no way they could even learn to program. Out come the excuses: I'm no good at maths ... I learnt BBC Basic at school and didn't understand a word of it ... the list goes on.
The good news, however, is that programming has never been easier Of course if you have a brain the size of a planet (like someone Mat met recently), you can jump right into the deep end with Assembler code and write yourself the best demo since sliced bread. The rest of us will want a gentle introduction.though. and preferably one which isn't going to cost a lot of money.
Well, you are in luck as there is a language to fit every need and every level of experience. You can start off gently with a little Arexx (which is free) or try the more academic approach with Pascal. If you want to get some serious work done you can see what C can do for you, and if you really only want to write games then you could try AMOS or the far superior BhtiBasic system You don't need to be a mathematical genius to learn how to program. All you need is patience, an eye for detail and the ability to visualise problems by breaking them down into smaller parts. After that you only need
some spare time, some scraps of paper and a copy of your favourite magazine, of course.
How Programming Languages Work To understand how a programming language actually works, you need to realise exactly how stupid computers are. To be blunt, they know nothing you don't tell them and they usually forget what you tell them very quickly. There is nothing 'artificially intelligent' about computers: they simply follow the list of instructions they are given.
The list of instructions is what we call the computer program and no matter what particular language it is written in there are only a set number of things which can happen.
Computers only deal with ’input' and 'output'. The purpose of a program is to generate output which depends on the input. If the input is a series of movements of a joystick, the output could be a game of Pacman. If the input is a list of numbers, the output could be a sum total or a bar chart.
Let’s look at a very simple program and see how it works. This program has been written in Arexx. The language which comes built-in to all Amigas with Workbench 2 or above. I choose Arexx because it is relatively Making It Up A Language like C is compiled before use: this step can involve lots of other smaller stages, and takes quite a lot of time. Extra large programs can take an hour or so if all compiled at once. Assembly language must also be converted into machine code before programs can be run (and they usually need to be linked as well) but this is a lot faster as each Assembly
language instruction is equivalent to one machine code instruction. An interpreted language is converted as it is actually running: slower but easier to do.
Compiler • IhKatkfakjca ftoUnl 11 1 SSHT Assembler * m unshed program machine code) easy to read and because you can enter and run this program yourself if you wish: all you need to do is type it into a text editor (such as 'ed') and save it somewhere. Then use the special Arexx command ‘rx’ to run it.
* Example program 1 t Sequential execution * a = 10b=6c = a+b say "Number 1 plus Number 2 is:" c This program may be short, but it demonstrates several important principles of computer programming. The first might be obvious, but it needs to be said: the program starts at the top and works down, line after line until it either stops or it is told to go somewhere.
Secondly, it introduces the concept of variables - in this case the variables are the letters 'a’, b' and 'c The letters in the program are actually locations in the Amiga's memory which the Arexx system has set aside. It stores the values 10 and 6 into the locations referred to by the labels 'a' and 'b Notice how the third variable, 'c' is given a value which is the sum of 'a' and ‘b This value is then display on the screen with a simple message.
* Example program 2 ; Loops * do count-1 to 10 say count end This program demonstrates the ability of a program to repeat parts of itself. The purpose of the program is to display the numbers from 1 to 10. And one way to do this would be to use ten different say commands.
However, a short-hand way is to create a 'loop' and that is exactly what is happening between the 'do' and the ’end' statements. In the example below, the program in the middle is being executed ten times, because the variable loop is being forced to count from 1 to 10.
* Example program 3 : Conditional arguments * do count-1 to 10 if count - 1 then say "Number 1" if count = 10 then say "Number 10" if count 1 & count 10 then say "In the middle" end Programs which either run right through or just perform simple loops are rarely useful.
We need some decision making, and that is what is happening in this listing. The variable qount is stepping through the numbers from 1 to 10 as before, but this time the content of the loop is quite different.
Each time the loop happens, the value of 'count' is checked several times. First of all it is checked to see if it is equal to one. If it is.
A message is printed.
Then 'count' is checked to see if it is equal to 10. If it is, a different message is printed.
Finally, 'count' is tested to see if it is greater than 1 and also less than 10 (that is. If it is 2.
3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8 or 9). If this is the case, a third message is displayed.
Line-by-line execution, loops and decisions are the only things which computer programming languages need to know how to do. By combining these elements, almost anything is possible: from the simplest utility to the most complicated 3D image rendering system.
Why The Commotion?
You might be wondering what makes one programming language different from another. If they only perform simple instructions, then why all the fuss?
Every programming language is a trade off between ease of use and speed. It is always the case that what is easy for humans to read is difficult for computers and vice versa. For example, although Arexx is still obviously a programming language, it's a lot easier to understand than something like: add. 1 l,posl move. 1 posl, dO cmpi.1 4, dO bne SayRoutine move.1 N0,po8l rts The above is written in Assembler which is definitely not designed for humans. Instead it is designed so that each statement can be directly converted into the instructions used by the Amiga's processor. So for each
'add.I’ there is a single corresponding instruction in the machine code which the Amiga uses.
Compare this to Arexx. Each line in an Arexx program could eventually end up being translated into hundreds or thousands of these machine code instructions, and each line of Arexx needs to be converted to machine code before it can be processed. An Assembler program would therefore run much faster as it's not slowed down by the translation process.
Two Different Camps All the different languages can be split into two sections: compilers and interpreters. The difference between compiled and interpreted 28 Which Language Is Best Suited To You? Take Your Pick... Speed: fairly slow Suitable for: simple utilities, linking programs Form: high level, interpreted Examples: Arexx (free with Workbench 2 and up) Form: high level compiled Examples: Amiga E and applications Form: medium level, compiled Examples: SAS C, Dice Before you even start to program you must choose which language to use. Your decision will depend on the type of program you
need to create, your experience and of course, how much you can afford.
We've rated each language in four categories. They are as follows:ease of use, speed, suitability for various applications, the form of the language and finally some examples of the language.
AMIGA E Amiga E is a custom programming language which only exists on the Amiga. This means it’s been specifically created to make programming easier and faster than other languages which have to remain compatible with other platforms.
Amiga E is a compiled language but the ease and speed of compilation makes it almost as Quick to make changes as with 'terpreted languages.
You can find the full version of Amiga E along with a manual on the cover of this month's CU Amiga Magazine.
Ease of use: moderate Speed: fast Suitable for: games, utilities and applications ASSEMBLER You can't get a lower level language than Assembler unless you want to enter hexadecimal numbers into a file by hand. It will take some getting used to but it is the most pure and satisfying form of coding and is the only way to create fast action games at a professional level Ease of use: hard Speed: very fast Suitable for: games, speed and critical programs Form: low level, assembled.
Examples: HiSoft Devpac 3 C C is a lot more like English than Assembler, but it's still nothing like English really. C is the choice of many processional programmers, for although with a good compiler it provides the kind of speed offered by Assembler, it also manages to cram in excellent support for 'data structures' (organising information for easy processing) and the ability to create code libraries.
Ease of use: moderate Speed: fast Suitable for: games, utilities BASIC BASIC started off as a teaching language in the 1960s but is still in use today. Originally it had many drawbacks and as it was interpreted it was dog slow.
Over the years it has evolved into various streamlined and compiled forms and is often used as the basis for games programming languages such as AMOS or Blitz.
Purer forms such as HiSoft s BASIC are better for utilities and Workbench-friendly programs.
Ease of use: easy Speed: average (depends on the version) Suitable for: simple games and utilities Form: high level, compiled (some versions interpreted) Examples: HiSoft Basic.
Blitz. AMOS Arexx It’s free, so it can’t be all bad. In fact. Arexx is very powerful. It looks a little like BASIC but is a lot less fussy. It's easy to program and best of all you can use it to control the features of any application program which has an Arexx port.
Ease of use: easy PASCAL If the polytechs taught BASIC, the universities taught Pascal. It is much more structured than BASIC and teaches a better style. The HiSoft implementation is superb and can be used for almost anything C would be used for, but is still easier to use.
Ease of use: moderate Speed: fast Suitable for: utilities, games.
Applications Form: compiled Examples: HiSoft Highspeed Pascal OTHERS There are plenty of other examples of programming languages around from versions of FORTH (a language written to control radio telescopes which has amassed a cult following) to more structured and data orientated environments such as Oberon.
Finally, let's not forget FORTRAN. COBOL and LISP: none of which, however, are particularly useful on the Amiga.
Hrguages is in the way they are translated to ¦achme code.
Compiled languages do the conversion all n one go. The compiler program takes the source code - the lines of text and gobblede- gook you type into a text editor - and con- Mrts it into machine code. There are usually i *ew intermediate steps as it gets converted an object line and then linked with extra 'Cranes and so on to produce the finished executable code.
The advantage of compiling a program is ret it will execute (run) very quickly: good compilers can produce machine code which is : pecty close to being as good as even a dedi- aced programmer could create by hand The | fcxshed program will also 'stand alone' which I Means that no other programs are necessary X use it. And you can sell it or give it away as seu see fit.
The disadvantage is that the compilation amcess itself is lengthy and complicated: lexnprlers are not easy to write and so are esuaUy expensive. Languages such as C and E ¦e compiled.
Nterpreted languages are different. In this cxse a separate program looks through the rce code line by line, and translates and cutes it on the fly. Obviously this is slight- » sewer but it does make developing pro- ams quite a lot easier (you can make a '* ge and see what happens without having to re-compile the entire program) and as interpreters are easier to create they tend to be cheaper.
High Vs Low Level There are other distinctions to make between languages. The difference between something like Arexx and something like Assembly language is defined as the ’level'. Arexx is 'high level' because it is aimed more at people, whereas Assembler is Tow level' because it is closer to the hardware level of the Amiga itself.
As an example of a particular High Level language, think of the AMOS or system. By including lots and lots of specially written commands to create and move graphics, change colours and play animations, AMOS is a lot easier to use from a human point of view If you wanted to write a similar program in C or Assembler you would need to start from scratch with code to open a screen, draw a pixel, alter the pen colour and so on. Of course, the C or Assembler version would be a lot more flexible and fit more closely to the design, but it would also take considerably more time and more skill to write.
¦ John Kennedy The Fabulous Squirrel Surf Packs The Amazing Surf Squirrel Interface The powerful Surf Squirrel" interface is the culling edge technology for easy A1200 expansion. Providing a high performance SCSI-2 interface.
Surf Squirrel permits easy addition of up to 7 SCSI peripherals, such as a hard disk, a Zip'" drive or a CD-ROM to your AI200; Squirrel is also the only SCSI expansion that is hot plug and unplug, requires no opening of your Amiga, no technical knowledge and does not invalidate your warranty!
Bui that's not all, Surf Squirrel also has a fully buffered, high speed serial port that is capable of performing up to 600% faster than the A1200s serial port, so Surf Squirrel gets the most out of your modem and your A1200 to make high speed file download, with multi-tasking, a reality not a possibility.
* 99.95 Surfing Super Pack
* 299 C*.|W| Surfing Starter Pack
* 199 pi* nr s the Surf Squirrel Interface, SCSI drivers,
CD32CDTV emulator, serial driven, and a; Thep extensive, fully
illustrated, user manual. Here are iust a few of the reasons
why the Surf Squirrel SCSI Interface it ideal expansion
peripheral for your A1200: ig High performance (3Mb, s) SCSI 2
hardware for easy expansion; supports up to seven SCSI devices.
No technical knowledge required, easy-to-use setup program included.
Compatible with any SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 peripherals.
If Autobooting - boot from an external hard disk.
Hot plug and unplug • no need to power off to remove the interface.
? All software driven required for the connection of CD-ROMs or hard drives included.
Includes a full CD 3 2 CD TV emulator for use with a SCSI CD-ROM drive.
? Fits externally • doesn't invalidate your A1200 warranty.
? High performance, fully buffered serial port to give reliable data transfer at up to 230400 bps - dramatically reduces the time spent on the phone and your phone bills.
H; Industry standard 9 pin serial socket for easy modem connection.
If Serial port is compatible with all com ms, networking, and serial hardware.
Making the Connection EMAIL • NEWS • WEB • FTP GOPHER • TCP IP • USENET Start surfing with one of HiSoft System's Surf Packs. Designed for both the beginner and expert alike, the Squirrel Surf packs include all software, hardware and documentation to get you quickly, and easily, onto the information super highway.
Surfing Starter Pack Surfing Super Pack it VJ2 Modem, capable of V34 Modem, capable of speeds up io 14,400 bps.
Speeds up to 28.800 bps.
? Surf Squirrel interface.
Surf Squirrel interlace.
Ir Termite communications Termite software.
Software - powerful yet Free CIX registration easy-to-use, perfect for (worth £29).
BBS and CIX access.
All the tools you need for ? Free CIX registration internet cruising, ready (worth £29).
To-go, no set-up.
If Simple installation.
Simple installation.
- zi p The hard drive for the multimedia age How much faster is
the Surf Squirref css-.- ¦tar MfMl pnft ¦wiulpHt Possibly the
most exciting piece of hardware to be released in I995, the
Zip'* drive ‘ represents the ultimate in value for money
rcmoveable storage. Using 100Mb cartridges, the Zip drive
offers exceptional performance, giving a data transfer of I
Mb s and an access time of 28ms. The Zip drive includes a
complete set of utilities, in the form of HiSt.lt Amiga Zip
tools, for use with your Zip drive.
The SuperValue CD-ROM Pack HiSoft has done it again with a brilliant multimedia pack of the original Squirrel SCSI interface (not Surf Squirrel), Aiwa ACD-300 CD-ROM and the Almathera I0-on-10 pack of Cds! Just look at what you get: ? Thr amazing, trend-setting Squirrel SCSI interface tvhuh allow up to 7 peripherals ihard dm*, CD-ROM, Zip, scanner at.) To be daisy-chained together ? Cdi2 and CDTV emulation sofnxrre to that you can all those games and other tales suck as Video Creator.
If The great-lceking Atom ACD-300 CD-ROM dme. A fast, double-speed CD-ROM auk full SCSI tpeaficancm plus complete audio controls on the front so that you can play muac Cds dorah Plus an informant* LCD panel I support from HiSoft.
All prices include UK VA] Shipping u C4 (3-4 day u or £6 for Guaranteed Sex (if goods in stock I Please a our freephone number 0.
223660 for more order any rule ECOt Scee that the cwxgmal Squm interface a, opposed to the I Spuorrl does not include A xenalpon V fhSoft IWSM HiScft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: *44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: 44 (0)1525 713716 The Umathtra 10-cm-W pack of Cds; ikis u 10 Cds including the Tram Yankee fame. 2000 l,pan imafei. The Illustrated Works of Shakespeare. A Cxrnms. Internet O' Smnrkmg CD. TV WcriJ I’ula Atlas. LOOCk if fonts. A complete ph.no hloar* and much. Much mart!
All this, packaged together, at a truly superb price, with full 1 year warranty and Cinema4D 4U The Marvellous Music Master Bringing you closer to virtual reality
* 199 HiSoft Systems is proud 10 present Cinema4D
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powcr-uscr features that will satisfy even the most demanding
Moreover, at £199 inc., Cinema4D does not carry a power-user price tag.
Cinema4D provides an easy-to-use multitasking editor replete with every conceivable option including window-based realtime interactive modelling, modelling directly in 3D, basic and complex primitives with uncountable variations, easy object manipulation, moveable tool, object and texture lists, definable object hierarchies, optimised versions for 68020 (A1200 etc.) & FPUs and much more!
The Cinema4D animator brings you even closer to the world of'virtual reality*, breathing life into objects and scenes. It doesn’t matter whether you want to have your spaceship dock with a new spacestation, or take a tour around the darkest dungeon - with Cinema4D it's so simple. With just a few mouse clicks you will have your objects move realistically through time and space.
Cincma4D mns on all Ami gas with a minimum of 3MB RAM, and Kickstan 2 or higher.
Cinema4D supports all Amiga and graphic card modes (HAM, HAM8,24-bit.eic.) and recognised file formats (Imagine, Sculpt, DXF, Reflections, etc.). Perfect Programming fa Tht HiSoft name has always been synonymous with high quality programming languages for the Amiga I -Axing a broad selection of languages for both the beginner and expert alike.
RFor starters, we have HiSoft Basic 2, ideal for anyone wanting to take their first steps in programming. Based on the industry standard Microsoft Quick Basic, HiSofi Basic 2 offers excellent cross-platform compatibility as well as full compatibility with the Amiga.
Supplied with an extensive tutorial, HiSoft Basic 2 will get you writing your own programs quickly and easily. Suggested Retail Price £79.95. For the main course, we have Highspeed Pascal, a superb version of the popular Pascal language, offering astonishing performance and excellent compatibility with Hirbo Pascal on the IBM-PC. Highspeed Pascal includes all the tools essential for easy development including editor, debugger, compiler and manuals. SRP £99.95. The dessert; for those who want to get to the Amiga's hardware, we have Dcvpac 3.
Regarded by many as the industry*standard assembler, Dcvpac 3 gives you the ability to write ultra fast assembly programs for your Amiga. As with all of our programming systems, Dcvpac 3 is complete, including editor, debugging facilities, include files and a comprehensive manual. Suggested Retail I*rice £79.95. & AI Pack «s u % If music be your food of love then play on with the new Music Masicr Pack from HiSoft Systems. Here is everything you need to experiment with sound, or control your favourite MIDI keyboard, or sample the latest dance sound (or the dog barking next door) or even
sequence a complete song, all from the keys of your favourite computer. The Music Master Pack contains: Aura 8 Sampler Aura Midi ? Full MIDI interface with MIDI-in, MIDI-out and MIDI-thru.
"Ar Perfect for controlling MIDI keyboards, guitars, drum machines etc. ? Compatible with all MIDI software and hardware.
? 8-bit direct-to-disk sound sampler plugs into your parallel port.
Complete with extensive editing software.
? Vast range of special effects (both to sample & real-time) like flange, echo, tube, etc. Sequencer One ? Complete MIDI sequencer. Accurate real-time recording and playback of MIDI instruments.
? Work with up to 32 tracks with 4 channel sample replay.
'A Step editor screen for individual note editing and much more.
The Dream Database Twist 2 Twist 2, from HiSoft Systems, is the highly-acclaimed relational database for all WB2 Amigas (2Mb memory recommended). With a built- in Forms Designer, a beautiful user interface, simple-to-use relations, versatile sorting, reporting and searching features and speed that defies belief, Ttvisi 2 is the only Amiga database that will grow with you.
A screenshot of the fabulous Twist 2 Database Twist 2 is compatible with all Amiga running WB2 (or higher) and with 2MB, or more, of free RAM. A hard disk is recommended. Only £99.95. Classic Squirrel The original mould-breaking Squirrel SCSI interface is still available at the magical price of only £69.95. This interface is ideal for those who want to expand their Amiga fully but do not intend to surf the net. You should also note that wc have a wide range of SCSI and IDE hard drives for your A1200.
Coming Soon... Squirrel MPEG t SCSI MPEC Player lor your Amiga, Alan, Macintosh & IBM-PC Compatible Bring the cinema into your home and onto your computer with the Squirrel MPEG decoder. Playing the popular VideoCD and CDI CD-ROMs, Squirrel MPEG brings high quality digitally-mastered images and 16-bit stereo sound to you and your Amiga. Now you can watch all your favourite films in superb, high-definition colour, again and again and again, with no loss of quality.
Squirrel MPEG is a SCSI peripheral that can be used in conjunction with any SCSI controller, such as the Squirrel, and any VideoCD compatible CD-ROM.
Squirrel MPEG can also be used as a stand-alone unit as an addition to your TV, Video and Hi-Fi setup.
Available from late 1995 early 1996, Squirrel MPEG is the latest in an established line of ground-breaking products, for you and your Amiga, from HiSoft Systems.
To Order To order any HiSoft Systems' package, just phone 0500 223660, free of charge, armed with your credit debit card.
We will quote you a firm all-in price and the expected delivery time.
Be manipulated and edited until the cows come home.
The upshot of all this is that John ends up with a full CD quality stereo soundtrack with all the advantages of both live recording and MIDI sequencing. So how does this make its way to the Amiga version of Leading Lap?
Simple, the whole soundtrack is sampled into the Amiga, chopped up into loops, fills and one-off sections. Then pasted back together in OctaMED to form a series of full bodied cone-rattling rock tracks.
So it loses something in the transition from 44.1 kHz in 16 bits to its 11 kHz 8 bit Amiga form, but it still rocks. See it's not all techno you know! Check out Leading Lap and for yourself! ¦ banks of knobs and faders. His impressively miniaturised studio packs the power of some of the biggest traditional studios, but cost a hell of a lot less and offers far greater flexibility.
Based around an Apple Mac and a combination hardware software digital recording system, it merges hard disk digital audio recording with realtime MIDI sequencing. So why doesn’t he use an Amiga? He didn't know the Amiga could do most of this (and to be frank, at the moment the Amiga couldn't quite do everything this Mac system can do, such as the realtime effects modules that plug into the Mac for instance). The advantage of this system over a conventional studio setup based on a mixing console and a multi-track tape recorder is that audio and MIDI music can easily be recorded, edited and
played back from one integrated mixing and sequencing panel on the computer software. MIDI tracks can be committed to audio at the drop of a hat, and live vocals and guitar parts can be recorded via effects units and amp simulators alongside the MIDI music.
Unlike recording to tape however, the digitised audio can then career built on song writing, production work and session playing for the world's top international rock bands (did someone say Bon Jovi?) John was the obvious choice to provide the Leading Lap soundtrack. When originally presented with an Amiga, OctaMED and a disk of sound samples, then asked to create a hot rocking soundtrack that fits into 300K and plays back on four tracks, John's initial reaction was one of disbelief. A few hours of frustrated keyboard prodding later.
John took a break and laid down a few thrashing guitar riffs onto his Mac-based hard disk recording and sequencing system. It was then that he decided to ditch the traditional module creation method in favour of a far more flexible system. Why not produce the entire soundtrack in the studio, then port it to the Amiga?
Free at Last Free of the constraints of standard module composition techniques, John then set to work on a 'real' soundtrack. While for some record producers, a mixing desk that looks like the bridge from the Starship Enterprise is the mark of a good studio, John knows there's more to top recording setup than Pedal to &e Metal A thumping soundtrack is an essential part of any good racing game, and Leading Lap is no exception. We go behind the scenes to find out how professional rock musicians are making it big in Amiga music.
Oet’s rock! Black Legend's turbo charged race 'em up Leading Lap is poised to revolutionise not just Amiga gameplay but Amiga game soundtracks too.
Taking a rather different approach to the norm, developers Kellion are hoping to get heads banging the world over with the game's rock- tastic audio feast.
If you were to get yourself a CD-ROM and look through the rock section of its music modules directory, you'd probably come across a motley crew of badly sampled and cliched drum patterns and horrifically out of tune chord combinations. If you're really unlucky, you might stumble across an attempt to recreate a Slash guitar solo using that single note guitar sample from taken from the ancient LED Storm game tune.
There are exceptions, but basically that's the state of rock music on the Amiga. Until now that is.
In the Studio Big time record producer, accomplished axeman, and let's face it, blond bombshell John Haines is the main man behind this push for musical advancement. With a COMING SOON!
CALL FOR COLLICTION OR Final ! O 3 A new branch on the SoftWoocl Family Tree I Colonial Pollomi llii iSynfcol. Llil Co*
J. 37S00 A*'SO
s. o; -s ?.iU«
9. 6»3i New Final Cak™ b the spreadsheet Amina owners have been
waiting for. Over four years in the development stage. Final
Cak has all the power you will ever need • and then some!
With at* friendly interfaic and on line help for beginner and expert alike. Final Cak- allows easy access to the most extensile lisa of features ever - iniiuding
• Comprehensive Cell Type' di timtion •I'nbmiicd Indo Ik Redo •
Outline Font Output •Background Rceak
• in Maths Functions with comparison logical ivpcraiors
• Direct support for PostScript1'1 & Preference Printers •Print
Scaling. Autofil. Page Preview and Fvirtraii landscapc pouting
• 2D 3D Graphs with ammation • Read and Write lotus 1-2-3 Wkl
V VORt, Final Who else bul the World 's leading Amiga borne & office I productivity software developer could offer you sucb M wide range of award uinnlng programs?
A range acclaimed as Use best for your computer utim individual programs baring received Amigti Fort Gold. Amiga Computing Blue & Gold Chips, CD Am Top Rated and many, many others uorduide 'rirtlhZ 4 Final Calc' Spreadsheet The answer to every spreadsheet users' dreams! With its flexible modes of operation, it's ide« for beginners and experts alike
• Layered sheets for multiple linked spreadsheet operation!
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calculation results actually as they progress I
• Unlimited number of Undo and Redo events with listing!
• Lotus 1-2-3 .WK1 compatible & full text file import export I F
inal CaF £99.
Toe.pto ¦ Hnw* mitiMg VtuttaKt2M rihW’rt* d Mmwml a ranum if 2 ’MuflMI Mvr mmmuiiM Final Copy II ' Word Processor This powerful alternative is the ideal companion for Amiga users with single or twin floppy drives and a lower memory size.
• PerfectPrint"1 - an advanced system that enables you id output
PostScript1" smooth fonts to ANY printer in bot* landscape and
portrait modes
• FastDraw'” on screen drawing toob for creation of boxes lines,
borders, arrows etc.
• Other features such as newspaper columns and import ofl
graphics and pictures with scale, crop and autoflow tee £49jJ
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Processor Publisher ” The most powerful Amiga w processor for
users needing the highest performance and mos comprehensive
range of features
• TextBlocks'" - to position text at any size and angle
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• French, German and Norwegian dictionary options
• Output PostScript'" fonts & clip-art to all graphic printi
Supplied with 100 images and 120 outline fonts FREE!
£74.*S HvtomE 2 H cvii*t v« a hrnJdmr « btc p(p d mumu* f 25Mb iffm SAM More irmmwuM.
Jb Final Data 3' A Cultivated Approach to Data Management Now In its third release. Final Data 3” retains its ease of use and unique method of simple dau definition and entry but.
Now includes more advanced features!
Even first time u'tes can produce ihcir ixnn ptrsotui inlormatiun fiks immrdiaidy! As you becurnc route familur. You tap take aihanu» '*
• Running Calculations •Muhiple line Memo' «An cxtcmivc Query
Requester and NEW Fuul Dau V
- Database A powerful yet simple to use database with extensive
features enhancing your potential to store important
information EASILY.
• Easy definition of columns for categories of informati such as
name, house number, street, town, county, code, phone number
etc. - no unfamiliar commands!
• Built-in routines for rapid label printing
• Print mail merge with word processors
• Memo' feature, acting like a ’Post-It' note, to enter large
amounts of text within any record £39.M B«U If but dnm muuw
IfMfe** tnc pCp fanromf a mniMM f UU’ffrt KAH iHtX ¦ f.Ubi
features such as. 'Hidden Columns •Redefinition of Dau (eg.
Fnmtlcxt to a Memo column) • Graphics. Sound and Animation
(Requites use of Datatypes tuund in Workbench VO or ahovc) Why
don’t you become.. PERFECTLY wFORMED!
Final Cak ndefinet the uuy spreadsheets should uork - fast and mtuithe, whilst offering a range of adttimrd features Final I tula. has undergone a major upgrade with Imjiwtewents llxtl extend its capabilities bul relain unique, easy data entry techniques If you u uld like lo place an order or Jusl require the FVU specifications ftr Final Calc or Final Data j. please call our.
SoftWood Products Europe limited, Idepartment CU U, New Street, At]reton. Derbyshire. DESS 'BP FAX: 01 773 8ft taftBtarftor Atnital Hates 3 •; M2 til VH9 Order Line on 01 773 521606 tpuler wllb 4 DeuiJj Becomes Her Amiga animators have found a champion in Ruth Lingford. After the success of What She Wants, her latest project 'Death and the Mother' is to be televised next year. CU Amiga had to find out more ... ‘f imiga wore leeding th« i and most of features id angle ?hies tools :h commands i youi Amig« options iphK printers fonts FREE!
Avenues that are opening up to Amiga animators. She has started up her company. Own Brand, and as well as teaching animation she is currently working on projects for Peter Gabriel's multimedia company. It seems that the entertainment industry are waking up to the fact that good quality work can be created on a low cost budget without compromising creativity. And about time too. ¦ Lisa Collins Ohe recent CineWave Media conference in Brighton was the kernel of all sorts of debates I concerning the future of electronic
- edia and the part it has to play in rte television industry.
The role of ne Amiga was heralded by the
• ecently acclaimed Amiga animator. Ruth Lingford.
The Amiga couldn't have asked for a better champion of
• s cause. Lingford's erotic ani- maton "What She Wants’ which
was covered by Channel 4’s Fourmation series has earned her i
Cine Women nomination and her more recent project ’Death and
the Mother' is to be televised next year. Both of these
animations and much more of her work were produced solely on
the Amiga using Dpaint4.
With a Fine Art Degree from Middlesex Polytechnic and a MA in animation from the Royal College of Art to her credit.
Lingford. A one time occupational therapist only discovered the joys of animation on the Amiga whilst tinkering about with her children's A500. She was delighted to discover what her "trusty little Amiga could do." From these humble beginnings she has upgraded to an A1500 with a SummaSketch III tablet board and then onto A4000 with a PARcard. Although she has upgraded her equipment her method remains the same: using the lightbox to draw her stills on and then using Dpaint4 to create frame by frame animation.
Sex and drugs Most of Lingford's work has previously been either of a sexual (What She Wants) or social comment nature (she did a 20 minute animation on the perils of glue sniffing, see top left for some stills of this project). The attention her animation "What She Wants” received won her place as animator in residence at the Museum of the Moving Image which involved allowing herself to be observed by the general public as she worked. She used this time to perfect her new project: Death and the Mother.
This new animation was a departure away from the usual topics of eroticism and social comment. An adaptation of a Hans Christian Anderson tale, it is a melancholic story of a mother who decides to surrender her daughter up to death’s spirit once she has been allowed to glimpse into her child's future. To convey the stark atmosphere to this story Lingford has employed the visual style of German woodcuts. And, if you take a look at the screen shots here you can see what I mean.
Thanks to the cost efficiency of the Amiga she is delighted that she can spend her £55,000 budget for Death and the Mother on luxuries such as getting an actress in to help with perfecting the movement and voices of the characters.
Multimedia PowerStation options for all Amigas Tower Version PowerStation Specifications:- 1 200 waft power supply for complete Power Systems 2 Good looking high quality steel construction 3 Five drive bays, vanous mounfcng configurator 4 ideal monitor stand and cables stole underneath 8 Hgh speed Squrref SCSI2 interface from Haoff 6 Dual speed highly CD32 compattte CD-Rom drrve 7 Power and Hard Drive LED’s 8 Future expansion potential
9. Low cost when compared lo single drive cases 10 Mix CDRom and
Amiga audio outputs thru speakers 11 Computer speed indicator,
2 speed switchable.
12 DOES NOT VOID WARRANTY Rave reviews in all Magazines PowerStation Case Prices includes internal Audio A SCSI Cables Stereo speaker version £ 129.95 Desktop version £99.95 Tower version £99.95 Carriage £12.50 PowerStation pack Prices Includes 2* SCSI CDHom ? Squirrel Stereo speaker version £329.95 Desktop version £299 95 Tower version £299.95 Carriage £12.50 !! HiQ STAR DRIVE BUYS !!
A1200 420Mb IDE Only £124.95 A1200 540Mb IDE Only £139.95 A1200 850Mb IDE Only £189.95 AH dnvss lotmatlod. And Magic Wotkbench plus PD Software nstaAed Free fitting kx personal caters A1200 Cable Pack £20 Poet a Padung £7 (CityLink) SCSI 3.5" Drives Quantum 540Mb FireBall £179.95 Quantum 840Mb Trailblazer £229.95 Micropolis 2.1 Gb AV drive £769.95 The Greatest Drive since the Model T Ford Well the wait is over and the future has arrived in the shape of the new Panasonic PD System SCSI Optical drive. This unit is a Hybrid 650Mb, Quad speed CD- ROM and Optical ReadWnte system. (Yes, you did read
that correctly!).
Now you can read all of your tavounte CD Titles at over 600Kb per second and by purchasing the low cost 650Mb cartndges you have 650Mb of storage space always on line just like a conventional hard drive.
!Limited Supply!
COMING VERY SOON Full blown S-Vldeo quality digital Video Recording, Editing and Playback system for PowerStation users only.
• Digital SVHS Comp recording.
• Encoded SVHS Comp Video Output.
• Full Digital Video Editing software includes many high quality
DVE effects.
• Upgrades Processing power
• 16 bit Audio recording and Playback
• Includes Mpeg playback facility.
• Mpeg tile creation software included
• 1024 768 16 bit colour display
• Add Panasonic PD drive for inslant studio.
Prices Irom approximately £1.500 £599.95 inc. VAT £49.95 inc. VAT £59.95 inc. VAT Internal Drive Unit 650Mb Cartridge External Case A Samsung New “M” Range Monitors The new Samsung *M' Range monitors are only kx tt e serious Amrga user They work at above the frequency range of the Amsgas so you need to run in Double Pal mode, but te display »s the best you wiI see from Vte largest monitor maker m the world1 15" does not support DBLPal 15" Gle ..£329.95, 15” Gli ....£399.95 17"supports DBLPal 17" Gli ....£649.95, 17" Glsi ..£749.95 P&P £12.50 Soon to he made in the UK IbJBL* mm '¦KSST SO I
HI-FI quality active stereo speakers (Suits ill Amlgss) Specification,:.
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Need we u) more CM. 95 .PIP
Q. Is Quad Speed the Future?
A No. Around the comer are the new Jnulti Gigabyte CDBom drives.
Q. b the extra speed ueetul? ' , A In eome Orcumetances. But most
CorfcaMMopod lo run M Dual s O What about very high duality
A. Yes, IS mlnutei worth. All
0. What do HiQ know about
A. See tha MultiMedla Cl ’Squirrel SCSI Interim* dcva p tor
companlea Ilka Samauog.
All Prices include VAT HiQ Ltd, Gable End. 2 The Square, Hockliffe, Bedfordshire LU7 9NB.
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CoxnBJ IQ 200 Bock HdteS_ GfeenftojedK Colour_ Gfem Project ICMono_ j-itTTTT COOJR Amiga to TV Scart. ------- Amiga to Sony TV.,..-------- Amiga to Amiga (Pomet Hull modem)... Modulator overhong leod 23M 23F . Joystick Splitters... Amiga Disk Drives (Sony 2 yrs warranty)... jssmS' Deluxe Mouse H 3y Disk HeadCteaiier- fython 1M Joystick------ I Maverick 1MJoystick... Automatic Mouse,1Jontick Cable... Joystick Extension Lead 10ft ... Add Cl lor Delivery Croo« 'K C«*w i«y 049 » Hw»Mo4»«rwV* M £2*599
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IO A3000 030 Oktagon SCSI 2 .
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Otherwise as Pro-Version ” Tried with Mail Manager again. My
*GOD* it was amazing! Tossing sped up from around €69.75 tac
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Trade Enquiries welcome Picn'Mix FONTS PREVIEWS
• Tracksuit Manager 40
• Atrophe
• Hillsea Lido .. ......40 ......41
• Penguins ..... REVIEWS
• Worms .. 43
• Flight of the Amazon Queen .. ......48
• Leading Lap . ..... 50
• Coala .. 55
• Dungeon Master 2 ...... 56
• Thomas the Tank Engine Pinball
• Team .. 59 TIPS & GUIDES
• Vampyra ... 63 Snip Tips 64 in ZL MR
iix :y m IE WET mi The recent merger of Time Warner Interactive
and Warner Interactive Entertainment (who own Renegade - see
news) begs the question: why were they seperate entities
There just aren't enough good games out there on any format to justify duplication like this, even with a multinational company.
Software companies need to spend money on product development not corporate philandering- Also, why has everyone been scrambling around for the last 12 months adding the title Interactive to their name? Gremlin Interactive, Sony Interactive, 21st Century Interactive Entertainment? The whole games publishing and development world has gone mad, 'eaders. Bonkers.
Ill ipF*!
HI 1 WmWo | 1 o!
Tracksuit O quicker, easier to get around football management game is what Alternative are promising with Tracksuit Manager 2. From what we've seen of it so far, the loading times seem marginally quicker and the ability to call up information about any team or player in any part of the menu certainly makes it easier to get around.
Whether it will make the game any more enjoyable remains to be seen.
As well as having all the usual reams of football management game type statistics.
Alternative have spared a thought for those of you who don't like messing about with mathematical equations and would rather get on with the game instead.
They have introduced concepts like "good, very good, and poor" which saves time having to work out percentages and performance- related statistics.
The in-match commentary is there although so far it is a dodgy digitised picture of Alternative's Roger Hulley and Kevin Pickin with badly drawn speech bubbles coming out of their mouths. Hopefully, it will be tightened up by the release version. All the usual management game options should also I be in the final game: buy and sell j players, transfers, leagues and so I on. Expect to see a full review very soon. ¦ Lisa Collins ¦ Due For Release: January ¦ Publisher: Vulcan © 0705 670 269 to watch your tourists enjoying themselves (sunbathing, scuba diving, paragliding) or you can go into
other screens where you will be able to buy shops and funfair rides, hire staff, book or watch a show.
So far so good, it all sounds fun and the graphics look cute though not the same standard as Themepark. We'll just have to wait and see whether the gameplay is up to the mark.
Hillsea Lido will be for all Amigas with 1Mb. We should be bringing you a review very soon. ¦ Lisa Collins 1 7 t t t seems as though Theme park may contender, in the shape Hillsea Lido waiting in the Vulcan Software, the who brought you the and TimeKeepers are trying their hand at new. This time it's a seaside management simulation.
The aim of Hillsea Lido is simple: you start off with a small bit of beach, a promenade and a theatre. From these humble beginnings you've got to build a massive, Blackpool style, thriving seaside resort full of punter- attracting stuff such as shops and water sport facilities.
Like Themepark you've also got to keep the punters happy, providing them with entertainment and things to do, and make sure that they go to the show that you put on in your theatre at the end of every week.
So far it all sounds like Themepark. A parallax scrolling game you can choose Atrophy H Due For Release: December Publisher: Guildhall Leisure 0 01302 890 000 If you Oeadache sir? Just let me drill a hole in ¦out head to relieve »e pain. Thank God * -r 1 vv'- • a'* ' *..y metical science has _ rrr.yessed since Ben. Intersect Development,
• oxever. Are reviving those davs ¦«r the plot behind their new
TOOt 'em up Atrophy. The game 3* as place in the fevered mind 3
Saxon Priest, a psychotic Atrophy will be their first release,
which is scheduled to appear before the end of '95. It will be
published by Guildhall Leisure. .
It looks quite good so far with smooth scrolling. Borrowing from Nemesis fantasy art books, the colours are also impressive. It will be AGA only, though. Intersect are quite proud of the fact that it has only taken them four months to complete this game. Whether the short development time will reflect in the gameplay remains to be seen. ¦ Lisa Collins brain has just been gently sirred with some incision pre- rme asers during the course of itme test experiments.
Intersect Development are aisis developing a whole host r tames to be released in ’96, I Sescr bed as a "fast and frantic ¦sirct 'em up like never seen kffcre' the horizontally scrolling Penguins ¦ Due For Release: January ¦ Publishertba Ohe old adage 'round and round she goes, where she will stop nobody knows' applies tes Originally to be published
• » ftasoutin. Then Alternative.
V"e*- rack in the hands of the ¦¦not Scott Hayne, Penguins «re ree bouncing from pub-
• s-ie- lo publisher. Hopefully, it
• x rrd a permanent home ¦¦d* recause it looks like it’s F -c •:
be a stonkingly game.
1 a Lemmings style, you've ©ed your band of merry
* xr «e*. Two penguins any- r'rjrda maze made up of over 60
levels. It's a puzzle come platform affair where you've got to
lead both of your penguins to safety. If one dies, you can't
continue with the other It looks good so far, the graphics
are OK and it all seems fairly playable. Most of the early
levels involve pressing switches and climbing up ladders. There
should be a two player option as well so you can invite a
friend around to join in on the fun. ¦ Lisa Collins buy a
different mag.
64--BIT ENGINE AJOOH- 4000 24-BIT COLOUR ACCELEIAra) GRAPHICS CARD For all Zono-5 Amigis, this 64-Bit high speed graphics cngine hliner offers up to 1600 x I2)XI pixefc in 8-Bit colour or 1024 x 768 pixels it True 24-Bit Cctfour. With 2Mb d display mcmorv (4Mb user upgradeable) Cybervision 64... 2Mb -«»” 4Mb - 4434” flaunt vm FREE Tfdmital Brubure fVS fSSoSSSS Wl Jmr ui map mum laium ihr WTMffF 2ftai pmMa Jttfcurfe AjfcWcrzt febfe 27qSto rfn« il *Ww*» mb u £adna. Maflw, Tatmt. Add outclc as util as P ml Toch me (halt PaOeb. Owjo* FdlliflC-mn Hri Oni' r*h«iiv »i».ii to w ldyW8»(i»l»W THE
Sumbnl A50Q 60U 150(1 2000 0.
Suntbril AI2UO Up lo 12HMh of surriud SIMMs .an be msUilld and you .an even uartdci the 72Pin SIMMs from your A40CO strnghl onto Cybemwm Optiau include a SCSI-2 xiy nwdule, or a SCSI-2 ukI combined Ethernet expansion module. Ret uess your FKH Technical Bnxhure The World s Fastest Amiga.'
CYBERSTORM - THE FIRST FLU 680(4 ACCELERATOR FOR THE A4000 Kbkftrdmk** AjOMarnpami no Whcn Cybentomv a SOMHz 6H060 haml tenders a test graphic with Imagine 20 software, ihc processing lime us FAST... Just 2.45 minutes • Compare ihis wth
10. 54 nuns on a aandard A4X01 W '25 Cyberslorm 68060 50 WMIIz
W 0 ifttHhipmUNi: lu 12,** iFHONE!
Rgura »fcwn are m HIPS and tahn fnm (imfaratarfrrfomaace left raid Systof) mndwk (I2JW. IM 2M and C bmlm wru® ¦ 60S uosta*dSLm I pglii vl r 28MHz ~ Am7 68EC020 AwNr A1200 TURBO 1 ® 4Mb' 32'Bit RAM " Expandable to 8Mb Multi award-winning BUZZARD 1220 4 4Mb TURBO Offers by for the hot prer performance ratio of any A1210 32-Hit K.VM expansion on the market ii': p iing. Vvrytriing i go.; nnnn Nur.1 should • such a* a Real Time On*. RAM SmfUffvi expindjbilny. • pinmal FPL ce ft to its Mtfcndi Fr:: t v.f running (tie 52-Hil FAST RAM al an amazing 2XMHr. The 123! T has broken all the harriers!
Check the fans foe yourself and fit the BEST .Amiga A13M 68EtXl20 Turbo Memory hard available.
• Integrated 28MHz 68EC020 Clock Speed Doubler fcrupto 30Cf*
overall performance increase
• Factory Installed ft Tested 4Mb 52-Bit FAST RAM
• Expandable to 8Mb with Bllzard Add-i Board
• Integrated Battery Backed Real Tmc Clock
• Easy Trapdjor Installation
• Can be disabled m situ for full gaitw eomfutibdjty 1220 4 Turin
28MHz 6SEC020 t1QO„ 4Mb 31-Bit Faa RAM (EzpmdaHc lo 8Mb) * 77
Add4 Board-extra 4Mb for 1220 4 4Mb 31*84 Fast RAM add-on »10y"
Motorola Maths Co-processors 68882 PICC type Fpf, 25.35MHz
LUI LXlll' _ 1 Jwi : r1-1-*! 30MHz mV i 1 68030 Aikfc A1200
TURBO 4 V*" *7 ACCELERATOR • 0Mb Expandable to 128Mb The
Blizzard 1230-IV Turbo Accelerator Memory Board ii Or arcv.e
lo lie nutM leading 1130-11 ad da hjhez (ednniiig M» urbnM
Mil* f« ll* AI MU' Nil «l ll* Urn to « :MREAM- • hu: _*¦• -
ftl.I'KI M l IXlt I ’ *%it u- -¦ viMIl- Olivia-.. MM ire .*•*
?H!V .iffr.F'VIS Mi.*F r-.c ABM I l-:v Vanh z Sydnt-.riiiiy
ar.w..rdSIMM. wcuthvlb: 12V11* i '« la-i.• aprftamaw¦'u?t-'
AHUB 5Dtf • I* Jwhtesetl11 •plins * u it* Fa»t r »|:iei*i.‘n
Ru* JE|aafl%£ A iiu udc M.l.lr* *u. I. a* a SCSI • Coimlkr A.i
indu.tr. 'lanln,I SIMM «k« prwuks tar :i. 126Mb .-I
aitK-onfigumg 32-Bit (AST RAM tor 236Mb «* JK7 the SCSI 2
uptcxi wilding ii* SIMM *.cko. Trjpdoor Insullalior
• lkir.cn Backed Self Ro.ro -g. Real 'ime t l«.k
• High tVifoimimc m EqorNon with Pul 52-Ri wxle DMA I V
• rruy be diuNcd with a Sinplc Kei'Ockc on tool Up a&mTnjr Full
Gams Canpatibility - Even Bady Prcgramcd. Older Software!
» PGA FPU Socket alkaung Optmal SOMUa, 68882 FPU _ 1230-IV Turbo SnMH? M.MU JTSSPI , | .lu 0Mb 32-Bit Fast RAM (Expandable to 1 ut-' 32-Btt. 72 ptn (Call far larger SIMM prices) Motorola Maths Co-processor 68882 PGA type FPU, 50MHz SCSI-2 Module1 for 1230-IV Turfxi (ft'tfh additkoal 128Mb SIMM socket) THE WORLD’S FASTEST A1200 030 ACCELERATOR!
NEW 68060 ACCELERATORS FOR THE AMIGA A1200, A1500 and A2000 RANGES If wxi’d bkc to know how to make YOU Amigi A1200, AI500 or A2000 as fast as any Amiga can be... ask for «ir free bnxhure whkh shows you how!
Bkmrd products have always been at the forefront of the .Amiga accelerator market and we were the First to launch 68060 Ixxinfa with the amazing (x-ifurnuncc they hnng Smcc ihai lauixh, there haw hcen sliuruges ul 68060 . kxorcii CPUs and poduction .Aitput las fluctuated .Although supplies f these chips were expected to he fully on line by now. Motorola caima meet the cknund We are assured however that by the early part cf 1996 Mcfoola wjlhema position to fulfil the it kefs neecb and hence. Btoard product delays (which are beyond our control) should disappear. Until then you may well ask...
Should I Ih tempted to buy on ’040 Instud?
WWL when the Blizzard 1Xfti can he Two or Three times as fast yet cos as little as 2W more, why buy an ‘ 10 which offers a far lower price to performance rate* When we cnnskkral the possibility f producing an •interim Dt0‘, we decided a was net a prcduct worthy d development The facts an- sunplc. I YOU wane the FASTEST Amiga, a 68X0 is the ONLY way Maybe you should think atout reserving a Blizrjrd 1260 c 2060 now - stocks are Ixxind to It limiled when the mighty 68060 returns! A small wait now. Hut an tHQ will always keep your Amigi waking longer! .
W 2060 Turbo 1260 Turbo1 For the Amiga 120b SflMHaWOWAMMt!
Cnb 52-Bit F« RAM.
ExpandiMc to 64Mb Fu Armgi IV.. 21.** Wolx A Mml 0Mb 52 Bit Fj« RAM iEx|xuutilic ti.IJSMb, Bimnl |tohn* luir orsiMltr xtortol fir h«lrt lup ix- anOdo ad mnU
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They're not furry, they don't jump over cliffs voluntarily and they're not Norwegian. They are armed and dangerous though ... Do You Come Here Often?
OK, OK, you should have heard of Worms before (we've previewed it often enough) but if not let me fill you in, briefly, on what it's all about.
Worms is based on that old gaming gem Tanks. Basically you and an opponent lob bombs at each other, which inflict damage dependent on how close they land to your character. But in this game you have worms instead of tanks and there are 15 weapons to choose from along with six other items of inventory which are designed to make life easier and more interesting. These include a teleporter, a bungy rope and a pneumatic drill.
You have a team of four worms and you can name this team whatever you like (up to eight characters in length). You can also name each worm. Then simply select how many human and computer players you want to play against, tweak some game options and start.
Worms is a turn based game, with each player having the opportunity to move one worm at a time, select a weapon and try to kill or damage another player's worm (or worms, the more the merrier). There a user definable time limit on each turn of 10, 20, 30 or 60 seconds.
And that's it.
Simple, effective and damned good L fun. It's addictive 1 too, with the sort I of gameplay that I made Lemmings and Cannon Fodder what they were.
Oife is never predictable, as life insurance companies never tire of telling us. One minute you're enjoying a full and varied existence, with friends, loved ones, milk and honey all around and the next minute some plonker swings down on a bungee and knocks you over a cliff Sounds pessimistic? Well iust be glad you're not a worm.
Worms is a game we actually previewed twice. Once way back in February when Team 17 were still going it alone, had just discovered Worms (then under the working title of Total Wormagel and it was a raw. But exciting game to play. Then, two months ago, we were presented with an almost finished version. A lot happened in the interim months. Team 17 had signed a distribution deal with Ocean that not only opened up new international territories for them, it also paved the way for what was now simply called Worms to be converted onto every conceivable computer and console format there is. This
caused big delays though, considering that, under original plans.
Worms was due out around Easter’95.
I Angles Of Fire Some weapons are direct aiming ones, like the shotgun, the Uzi and the minigun. Others are indirect like the homing missile, grenades, cluster bombs etc. Using grenades is most like the Tanks games of old. You need to get the elevation angle right then push the power bar to the optimum point for a direct hit. You've also got to set the timer for the grenade ... you don't want it going off in the air half way to its target.
Even homing missiles aren't straightforward. The default setting gives you two homing missiles and the procedure for launching them is ostensibly simple: select the missile, point it at what you want to hit and press fire. But it's not so easy in practice. The amount of power you put into a homing missile shot will determine what angle it will hit its target at. If you want a homer to hit a worm who is hiding underneath an overhang, for instance.
You will need to apply lots of power to get it to go further than its intended target and then curl back underneath the overhang to hit it.
But best fun of of all is the bazooka.
Although generally a direct fire weapon you can use the bazooka as a powerful indirect fire one by using the wind direction to your advantage. If there is a strong wind (which is indicated in the left and right bars above the power bar) you can fire your bazooka shell up into the air, and the wind will curl it back and make it drop from above like a grenade. This is real show off territory: aiming the bazooka using the wind is difficult, but spectacular if you get it right.
Has Worms benefited from this delay? Almost certainly. Despite what we normally say about other games machines the very fact that it's been developed across so many platforms has led to a number of enhancements which have made the Amiga version more playable. A good example would be the menu tool bar. In the original Amiga version you accessed all weapons and aids using the F keys. Fair enough if you have a good memory. But because it had to work on consoles, which don't have F keys, the tool bar was invented. When you become an experienced Worms player you will no doubt return to the F
keys and rarely use this feature, but as a beginner it is invaluable in helping you to get to know the various options at your disposal.
The graphics have been tweaked too. Though in fairness to its inventor and programmer, Andy Davidson, they haven't changed much in basic detail.
Various levels like Hell (which has apparently been banned on the Playstation version ’cos Sony didn't want burning crucifixes in the game), Desert, Forest, Mars and Snow serve up massive variety.
There are allegedly 4 billion possible game scenarios. There are also some hidden scenarios which, with some experimentation. Will appear.
Landscapes like Snow and Mars have specific characteristics I which suit the terrain: Snow is " slippery, so worms will slide all over the place when hit; Mars has I low gravity so they can jump much further than normal. The scrolling and parallax are as smooth as snails slime too (I mean this in a complimentary sense) - the extra time on devel- I opment really does show.
The dark side As strategy games go Worms can I be as simple or as complicated as I you like. It's not just a matter of I lobbing bombs at the enemy, it's I all about how you use hiding 1 thers most power enade sming le, imount target itance, ¦ to get ¦get and lang to apon irful e is a [he left ) you the air, nake it is is but rios imenta- ' and cteristics iow is lide all Mars has imp
I. The as
o (I ilary n devel- Je jrms can icated as itter of imy. It's ling
Diaces, create safe tunnels, use the bungy. The teleporter and
the orders. Team 17 have put 1000s of man hours into
playtesting Worms and they reckon there's two ways of
approaching the SHEEP Bomb dressed up as mutton more like! The
sheep is basically a hopping, bleating stick of dynamite. It
might look harmless, but point it in the right direction, let
it hop to the worm you most dislike and press the space bar and
it will cause immense damage. It also tops the hilarity stakes
because of its excellent sample.
BANANA BOMBS These are roughly based on the cluster bomb but infinitely more destructive. Each banana will yield 75 points damage and should you be lucky enough to get one it could win the game for you - as long as you don't kill yourself in the process.
Thrown like a grenade it is unaffected by wind.
MINIGUN This is, without doubt, my favourite weapon.
It looks and sounds awesome and really rattles opposing worms. The big daddy of the Uzi is rare and much more destructive but using it is very addictive when you finally get one. (Left) Keef, from the Stones, threatens one of the HRH team.
Air Drops And Additional Weapons At times a crate will be dropped somewhere on a andscape by parachute. Hidden in it may be extra standard weapons, like dynamite or an air strike. But if you're lucky
• ou might just pick up one of the following little bonus weapons
of mass destruction.
Game: Good and Evil. If you're playing on the side of good you don’t play dirty: you don't hide and you don't dig tunnels or teleport your Worms into difficult to reach places. Doing this is lazy.
They reckon, and it’s called 'The Dark Side'. Other Dark Side tactics include hiding a worm until the end of the game and then polishing off the opposition by emerging and pneumatic drilling them to death.
All of this mayhem is accompanied by ridiculously cute and funny sound samples. The A500 600 version is a bit short of these, but the A1200 is positively brimming with fun noises and statements. Worms shout 'oy nutter!', 'revenge' and 'I'll get you’ regularly and when dynamite is dropped they giggle maniacally. Air strikes and weapons drops are accompanied by jet aircraft noises and thunder and lightning strikes every now and then.
If you want a change from the English samples you could always load up German or French versions, where threats are made and fun is had in another language. This does not effect gameplay because instructions, weapons, etc don't change language but it adds to the mirth.
OK, it's not Linguaphone, but you might just pick up some useful phrases. One thing to be wary of though is that while these sounds are good fun for those playing Worms they can get very, very annoying if you're in the background listening. If the volume is turned up you can expect a thick ear before long.
Some years ago Lemmings took the world by storm with its relatively simple but engaging gameplay. It was often frustrating, but always funny and the big bonus was that it appealed to all ages and to both sexes. The Lemmings sprites were cute too.
Worms is made from the same mould, and given that it is being distributed worldwide by Ocean it could be as successful.
It appeals equally to hardened games players and computer virgins because of its easy to use interface and immediately involving gameplay. If I was to make a must have-recommenda- tion for a game this Christmas, Worms is it... ¦ Alan Dykes M TELEPORTER One lor Sur Trek Ians, tea af these are supplied and they aaaMe you to more an endangered worr a somewhere saler or to pick ap Mapeas drops which hare landed in aatward places.
Ie littered at yog can ¦ can use place them ct. They image.
THE PNEUMATIC DRILL If you want to go digging really seriously then you need to use the pneumatic drill. This can create e pretty nifty hiding place for one ol yoar worms, bat be careful about weapons dropped from above.
THE NINJA ROPE |'|| let you in oa a secret: this used to he known as the Bat Rope bat Ocean, spoilsports that they are reckoned that copyright problems would occur as a result So we have the ninja rope instead.
SHIP TOUR GO This oice shipping rope allows yea to make the ultimate boring statement about your lile and gameplay abilities. Still, there may be moments, when a worm is in hiding, that this is accessary.
¦*E AIR STRIAE You normally only get aaa air strike per game but it is pretty asadal. Basically a big plane comes Mnao and drops a cluster of bombs. If this an a bridge it will nearly it and any worms on it THE BLOWTORCH This enables you to burrow into the ground, through tree tranks and up into bilb. It can be used as a weapon too but only inflicts 15 points damage. StilL at the end of a game yoar opponent might only have... 15 points!
THE BUNGEE. The bangee allows you to swiag off the edge of hills and bridges and land softly where ever yon want. In theory anyway. In practice it is rather difficult to get a bungee jamp jast rigbt.
And to avoid death.
THE GIRDER. Fans ol Ira Bra will appreciate this one. If yoar worm is in a difficult position or if you need to move somewhere but the landscape won t let you.
Why not make yoar own mini bridge with a girder.
THE KAMAKAZE MOVE Ha so! It's aot very politically correct and you'll lose yoar awn worm but bey. It's better ta worm oat than fade away! This move wil shoot yoar worm throagh anything, even hills, to eiplode on impact.
¦2. STARTREK MAGIC WB Queen ¦ Price: £39.99 ¦ Publisher: Warner Interactive ® 0171 391 4300 Big name graphic adventures are and thin on the ground these days. Thinner in fact than the ozone layer over the South Pole. Thankfully one has flown in for Christmas though.
Presented itself to me on a cold winter's morning at the office. I had a stinking cold, bad breath, my girlfriend had walked out on me and I had a dreadful hangover.
Just my luck to have to review an adventure game. To top it all Flight comes on 11 disks ... this is one helluva way to implement copy protection. Put this baby on the "net and it would cost more to download it off-peak than it does to buy the game itself! So a hard drive is the only solution. But wait! No installer! I went to the Boeing tri-engmed pas- plane and you're the most gorgeous ictress in the world to the Amazon jungle for a film shoot, ifou'd feel pretty lucky eh? Until a guy called Anderson comes along and messes things up. He locks you in a room, puts it under ymed guard and makes
off with ~e babe. Sheesh!
This was the scenario that was previewed by us way back in November 1994, when we did an interview with John Passfield and Steve Stamatiadis, otherwise known as Interactive Binary Illusions. It suffered a series of setbacks on the Amiga, despite the fact that it originally started out being programmed on this platform. It was originally due out by Easter '95: and it's here now.
At the time they were promising a humourous adventure, and sandwich shop for a stiff cappuci- no and a hard boiled egg. Even though I don't like eggs.
Back at my desk, psyched up for the detective task in hand, things started to look brighter.
Now up and running off my hard drive. Flight was proving to be a rather good play.
The opening problem - how to get out of the hotel room Anderson has locked you in without being slung back in by his armed henchmen minus several items of clothing is a good introduction. Not too difficult to get around, but difficult enough to tax your brain and get you in the mood for the following shenanigans in the jungle.
Learning curve The plot gets thicker as you wade into Flight. The whole idea of the game is that you learn more as you progress through it.
In fact in the spirit of true adventure you rarely know what's going to happen next. The acquisition of objects to help you further into the adventure lead to quite an interesting series of sub-plots.
Flight Of The Amazon Queen A Quick Puzzle Solved Without giving much of the game away here's a pretty obvious puzzle which needs to be solved after you've got to Brazil, but before you start the adventure in the jungle. Your plane has crashed in the middle of a pirhana infested swamp and you need to get to shore.
But how?
Oops, the plane s crashed aid it I'm aol mistaken fiayed tempeis and arguments on the plane make it's hall Hooded It looks as though they're in real things worse Faye is not happy and Sparky looks trouble Help! What are they going to do? Somewhat preoccupied Haim these lily pads look as thoagh they coeld support a man s weight New il only I could lind something to low with.
Maybe Spaiky can help Have a chat with him Yes. Yes. Very well, stop gibbering on about comics and get to the point!
Having met them I was in no doubt as to what the sense of humour would be like. Did they pull it off though (no smut intended, honest)?
A bit funny Well. Yes. Flight is in fact quite funny. It's very comic book style humour, drawing in-jokes from the world of adventure and sci-fi movies, mixed with some harmlessly smutty remarks. I say quite funny because unfortunately the Amiga version does not benefit from the excellent range of voices playing the parts of the various characters on the PC CD-ROM.
13 t: Aha! If it can no longei piopel the plane thiongh the an maybe I can nse this hit ol the ancialt to get Joe and the ciew thiongh the watei Aha. This conld be inteiesting I II wagei those pnhana aie hungry Peibaps some ol Sparky's heel will do the trick.
This was originally planned for the CD32 too but this version has now been scrapped, which is a pity. I've played it on PC and the voices (with Penelope Keith, of all people, included) turned it into a much more interactive experience. This is why we all really need CD-ROM drives folks!
Don't get me wrong though, that's about all that's missing.
The on-screen text is the same as the spoken word, and is very funny in places. The situations too are gigglesome as are some of the very odd characters you meet along the way. Like listening to Billy Connolly on a Walkman and laughing out loud on a crowded bus. It's not a good idea to play Flight while other people are present. Your constant sniggering will annoy the hell out of everyone else - as will your cries of frustration at not being able to solve a puzzle.
The graphics too are nearly identical to the PC version, and are impressive. All of the characters are detailed and the background scenery is superbly painted (Interactive Binary Illusions originally used Dpaint for everything). There are neat, almost unnecessary touches too, like the provision of distant back- Veiy sensible. Bnt not much help to me. Maybe Joe can kill them with his baseball bat? Ooh What a stupid idea And so. The mystery is solved Don! Think you're getting oil lightly hete though, theie s still some moie items missing.
Ground horizons, barely visable, but beautiful nonetheless. In fact some of the graphic touches come as a very pleasant and unexpected surprise, breaking from the norm and giving you motion or smooth scrolling screens. Quality stuff.
Although voices are absent you do have to do a lot of talking to other characters to solve this adventure. As usual, clicking on the talk icon and then on someone (or thing) in the game will bring up a menu of phrases. The type of response you get will depend on what you say and you sometimes have to delve really deeply into a conversation to pick up an essential snippet of information. Joe's speech menu usually contains both straight and funny phrases, and you can seriously annoy a character by saying the wrong thing to them. Luckily you can also talk your way back out of sticky situations
User friendly Control is by mouse, using the left and right buttons to select and use icons from the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, with the on-screen pointer as a positional aid. One thing that really puts Flight up on a pedestal as far as gameplay is concerned is the fact that it's not too fussy about how precisely you point at an object. Each scene has a limited number of objects which can be examined and possibly picked up and used - not too many, just a comfortable amount. But because each object has quite a wide selection field you never have any problems trying to click on
it. Being too pedantic about pixel precise pointing has marred many an adventure in the past.
At the far right-hand side of the icon bar is the inventory. This is a strip that holds as many objects as you need, but only L 48 displays four at a time. If you want to make use of an object in the inventory all you have to do s select the Use icon, then the object, and point where you want to use it. Flight will tell you what you're proposing to do eg.
Throw the chicken at Anderson's
- enchmen", and then right click- ng will make Joe do the deed.
Some objects in the inventory “eed to be combined to produce other objects and while this is not new in adventure games, the whole process is made smoother by the Use icon. You simply click on Use, then on ‘item 1', where-
- pon a message appears saying 'use 'item 1' on ...". Then you
cick on what you want to use it with in the inventory ie, 'item
Tie two will then be combined and a new object icon will 'eplace them.
Jazz and jungle
- though there is no voiceover in version the music is good.
Once again though, you'll drive
• eighbours mad if it is turned up afl the time. The basic tune
¦anges with situations and loca- ttons, but it has a jazzy
feel to it.
R keeping with the 1940's theme of the game. The background ungle sounds are good too.
In terms of difficulty Flight Of Be Amazon Queen gets it about
- ght. It's so long since I’ve :*ayed a decent adventure that I
nought I was a bit rusty, but the ogic and the humour of the
puz- res brought right back into the low of things. Although
some of 7*e problems are frustrating they
• over get out of hand. A quick xffee break and some lateral
tfwiking will usually solve the sit- janon. Indeed some of the
solu- ¦ xis are ingeniously well panned, so once you've got
Tefe you'll feel really satisfied.
In an adventure starved world, ‘tght is a saviour. I'd rate it as Te best humourous graphic ¦venture on Amiga since Uonkey Island: but the cynics ¦ould say that there haven't Men very many since then anyway To hell with them. I like it ire I've a feeling you will too. ¦ Juan Dykes Why Not Talk It Over ... You will meet rather a lot of characters to interact with in Flight Of The Amazon Queen, some of whom are detailed below. Many are very quite forthcoming, but there are difficult ones too.
JOE KING The 'hero' of the show. He's happy J go lucky but it's 1 Vour j°b to whip rrf5£ E23 him into shape.
SPARKY v- Joe's mechanic and friend. He
* W loves comics and
* ** id,e banter which r,y gw he has lots of .
ANDERSON SHVT One of the bad guys. Anderson tries to steal Faye (and her money) FAYE f".-¦%-' A fiesty lass and no mistake. She I _ , has a sharp tongue and an tfTTitfi Wk iron will.
THE LOCAL CHIEF ' Not very easy to » I talk to, because ¦ 4 W he only speaks 1 '¦« pygmy. But there's Mlfl a way around this.
THE BRAZILIAN BABE fTT 7rf She's talkative II ’ **ut You’** neet*
C. more than words
* y;. F to 9et vvhat you need from her.
Flight of Amazon Queen ¦ workbench version..... ....3.1 ¦ number ol Ms ..
- .11 ¦ RAM ... ...2Mb ¦ hard disk
installable .. ...yes graphics 92%
sound .... 87%
Instability .. 89%
nlavabilitv . 92%
- ’infield and Sieve Stamadiatis Ihe game's man ami designers
ia reined studio mode ony Dillon, our ex | games editor left CU
' Amiga Magazine with images of regular hours, good pay and
director's perks swirling around his head. In legal partnership
with an American man called Kelly, he gave birth to his long
planned brainchild: Kellion Software. And they promised some
great games.
Two weeks ago a worn out.
Overworked, impoverished Dillon showed up at our offices, asking the price of a cup of tea in exchange for a couple of disks. He said they would change our lives - and hopefully his - forever. The disks contained Leading Lap.
Le -id, ng Lap Price: £25.99 ¦ Publisher: Black Legend® 01438 An updated FI or an excellent new track racing game? Leading Lap takes pole position and crashes through the sound barrier ... Leading Lap is designed to be an FI for the mid nineties. As soon as it appears on screen you immediately think: F1 But a quick glance back at the original is sufficient to show just how far things have come - at a price though.
Cockpit view because the steering wheel accurately emulates your directions and this makes it a more This price is speed. Although Leading Lap looks fab. On an A1200 without acceleration it’s still marginally slower than the original.
Mind you. Fl was designed to run fast on an A500. So the A1200 is a a bit of a luxury. But F1 looks dated by comparison, and the speed difference is not enough to really effect gameplay, especially when you take into account the realism offered by the graphics.
Ridge what?
The PR banter compared this game to Ridge Racer. This is stretching the truth somewhat. If comparisons are made then yes. This is a smooth polygon racing game and you can view the car from a number of angles, including an outside fly-by position. Taking the comparison a bit further though, its resolution and smoothness just doesn't compare nor does its detail. At all. But we are talking a 2Mb Amiga here, and Leading Lap is being designed to run on ECS machines too. Though we haven't actually seen this version yet.
The cars have realistic up-down nose movements as they accelerate. Though sideways movement is limited, ie the cars stick to the ground as befits vehicles shod with racing tyres. The spins and skids are spectacular. Especially so if you are using one of the three outside views.
These outside views give you a much broader look at the tracks and surroundings, and the game is actually playable in the fly-by mode. Difficult, but playable.
Personally though I prefer the ing too, because as you enter each race and go through it the broad daylight you start out in changes to twilight, slowly but surely.
Serial killer Happily a serial link up is possible and two player grudge matches are good fun. Unfortunately it's just you against the other person, the computer players don't join in. This means that the fun of serial play peters out quickly, but it's always good to return to this mode.
One other area where Leading Lap really excels is in the music department. Although the engine sound is a bit bumble bee-like, the brakes are great and the metal guitar sound track is as good if not better than the one in Mad Mark Sibly's Gloom. It's just such a change from the monotonous housey or semi-cabaret rubbish in most games its almost worth a Super Star award for this alone.
The Tracks: There are 15 tracks in all.
Here's a variety of them. The landscapes vary and the complexity of the tracks means tfiat they don't get dull.
3ut I'm not going to give it an
• ward. Why? The reason is simple: aepth. As a racing game it is
very good. Full marks to the graphics, Te difficulty level, and
the modem irk. The speed is acceptable on an
- '200 too and on an accelerated zre or an A4000 it's very good.
,* u can turn down various graph- cs options to enhance perfor-
• Tance too. But in terms of
• stability, there just isn't enough erg term depth. I asked Tony
Dion why there was no manual fear option and why there were no
xgrades to cars etc. He replied Tax in his experience they
- ecessary. But I think a game
- eeds more than just race after 3ce to keep you busy.
I like Leading Lap. Technically GAME REVIEW The Drivers Like all good arcade games you have the option of choosing which driver you want to play with. The choice will influence your driving style, though apart from slight blips in stability and traction it's difficult to tell the difference. Still it's nice to have the choice.
¦ CTTI i m T-MW-7M r-n ’ wa«' I il ,T~» f-j c ra.... 1 il it s great, music wise it’s fab (although the engine sound does irritate) and the tracks are fun, especially when you’re racing in a crowd. With a track designer promised in the coming months it's a good game if you want to race and you want realism as well. ¦ Alan Dykes LEADING LAP l workbench version ..3.0 + ler ol disks .....2 B RAM 2Mb I hard disk installable res graphics .91% Aiaoo sound .....90% lastability .....82%
playability .....89% For more information on ASCON's high octane, testosterone charged new Formula 1 management sim call us now on 0171 372 7544, and live that dream!
Licensed by FOCA to Fuji Television, © by Ascon (UK) Ltd., 1995 URES OF VIRT REALITY INCLUDE: ¦ Compatible with any standard video output ¦ Capable of displaying 2D and 31) video, PC games, movies and television MM FROM ESCOM PERI HE PULLS HIGH-SPEC, LOW PRICE PACKAGE OUT OF A HA1 Just like that", the Man from KSCOM has launched the superb AMIGA 1200 ‘MAGIC PACK1 in KSCOM stores throughout the UK, And at such an amazingly low price, the UK's favourite home computer has never been so attractive.
Bundled with this 32-Bit wonder machine is an impressive array of software, showing off its capabilities to the full. “Those with artistic flair will love, ‘Personal Paint' and Thotogenles*.
The business minded are spoilt for choice with a complete business package, and games fans can get to grips with the fantastic ‘Pinball mania* and 'Whizz'."
So, it looks like your local ESCOM store and the AI200 ‘MAGIC PACK* offer the complete multimedia experience. Now that, as they say. Is magic?
FEAT RE, I Amiga A1200 ¦ 1 Two Button Mo 1 Power Supply ¦ Workbench ¦ Kickstari 3 User Manuals.
Software Bundle inclu ¦ Digita Wordsworth ¦ Wordsworth Print Mam ¦ Digita Organiser ¦ Di Datastore ¦ Pbotoge
1. 2SE ¦ Personal Pain ¦ Turbocalc 3.5 ¦ W Pinball Mania ¦ Stereo
sound Hi-fi quality a Sold with an installation and a
demonstration video tape plus a free bundle of the 10 best 31)
games ¦ Lightweight for comfort VIRTUAL REALITY ONE VIDEO ONLY
VERSION ¦ Video only but with TV and video compatibility ¦ 240
Version ¦ 380 grammes v? 3s.s3 inc. VAT WOULD YOU CREDIT IT?
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MamSCABO I 7 * • •X'.VW I Act No I 1 I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I
IQQ Coala eing ihe kind I of busy ' journalist superstar I a
(well, lazy git) I Sor'Uiave the time to
- .ade through the kind f complex manuals tnat come with most
smulators. So in a way t s a relief to come oss something like
j which, with the t of keyboard con- 5 in front of you, you can
get straight away. But that's reaily 5 much as you can say
about this a’s good points.
I Price: £29.99 ¦ Publisher: Empire ® 0181 343 7337 Koala: small, furry, endangered marsupial prone to falling out of trees. Coala: small insignificant helicopter sim - prone to falling out of favour.
Diver) 5031 One el the game's features includes a virtual cockpit which let s you I head around at an almost 368 degree aogle.
First launched and compare it to this, running on an At 200,1 simply can't believe how bad this game is.
It chugs along at an acceptable rate, but looks dire. The only time it comes close to looking good is on the external views and, as the game’s impossible to play in those modes, that's pretty pointless.
Pear shaped As for the playability, well, in relation to other chopper sims, this is the poor cousin who doesn't Simulators have died on their t in recent years. I think this is a } as I went through a phase ¦ the late 80s of single-handedly ) off the red menace in s, planes, tanks and heli- tters. Coaid is just another pie of how bad things have
e. There's a total lack of ation and to make things e,
technically this i is appalling.
Rl .Vhen I look back to 5 such as F A18 tor which ! Out right back l the A500 was even get invited to family funerals.
Thundethawk (a Core Design heli-sim from a few years back) was spectacularly playable, looked fantastic and absolutely haired ri the pilots along. On top of that it was easy to get into and. More importantly, ran on an A500. Now I know the A1200 can't compete with a 486 PC when it comes to the 3D graphics required for simulations, but when I look back to what programmers where squeezing out of the A500 a few years back, there's no way on Earth I can accept a game like Coala.
In fact, the only real improvement over older sims I could find was the inclusion of a virtual cockpit. This lets you twist your pilot's head around to almost neck-snapping point to see what's going on around your 'copter. This is something PC owners have had in their flight- sims for years now and they'll tell you that it's a next-to-useless feature any way. So. Including it was a bit of a wasted effort.
Even the user-friendly control system can't compensate for the fact that trying to pilot a helicopter is a bit like trying to fly a large brick through a hurricane.
I'm no aviation expert, but I’ve seen that bloke who covers the airshows on telly presenting programs where they've got military helicopters looping-the-loop. In Coala you're bloody lucky if you can get the damn thing to execute a three-point lateral turn in under ten seconds. It's so unresponsive. The only real way to kill anything is by slowing right down, rotating slowly and hoping you can get your shot off before being blasted. It's pathetic.
True irony It's ironic, really, that your real life Koala is a small, meek mammal prone to stuffing itself on eucalyptus leaves and passing out, because that's the kind of effect this game has when you play it.
My advice to any new Amiga owner (and there should be a few out there now) is, if you want a simulation, raid some budget software libraries for a few of the games I've mentioned here.
They're everything this isn’t and a hell of a lot cheaper as well. ¦ Mark Patterson graphics .53% sound .....74% lastability ......52% playability .....43% Dung Master I The legend of Skullkeep' Price: £44.99 ¦ Publisher: Interplay © 01235 821666 Many years after leaving the eerie half-light that was Dungeon Master, the first true classic RPG returns in a new guise. Or does it?
JTF III (if? Ill |f ' Oas time slipped by that quickly? Can it really be that long since the original Dungeon Master emerged from its labyrinthian manhole cover? Well, actually it is. It first arrived on the Amiga in 1988 and I remember sprinting down to my local house of games with a view to buying it. The devastating news on arrival was that to run it on an A500 you needed to expand an extra 512k to give you 1Mb. However, some bright spark decided that boxing a half meg expansion with a copy of the game for £44.99 would do the trick. They were right and DM’s huge popularity was the
- most punters upgraded.
That was then Dungeon Master was a veritable revolution in games engineering with its point-and-click control and animated creatures. At the time no one had seen a title where you could actually draw a throwing star, or some other nasty sharp object from your backpack and then ? Ike SkiHleep castle on a rainy day How s that lor W Fr'III [*'•.
A nhaf s this er... mtically challenged person ap to?
Simultaneously throw it at the poor wandering beast that just happened to get in your team's way.
Mouths gaped, electricity bills mounted and insomniacs discussed tactics during the few hours they allowed themselves to interact with normal humanity.
DM"s impact on the industry can never be understated. Look at the quantity of Dungeon Master clones which followed in its footprints. Unashamedly copying every technique employed in the game.
This is now When I saw this game, it was like going back in time. It was a totally retro experience because despite the years that have slipped by, nothing seemeddifferent. In fact I had to check myself in the mirror to make sure I hadn't fallen through some bizarre hole in the time-space continuum atmosphere? And re9feSSed tO my teens!
So OK, joking aside, why wasn't I impressed? Well, there’s no real point moaning about the plot because apart from the point of the quest there's little difference betwixt DM2 and any other RPG. The overall object is to assemble a team of adventurers, find the bits to this Zo-link machine and use it on some nasty bloke with mega- lomaniacal intentions.
My main bone of contention, on first examination, was how similar the graphics are between the old and the new. The adage 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' normally applies, but this has been about eight years.
OK, some of the game features 'up-top' sections that allow adventurers to quest overland.
Oh. It rains too and the odd flash of lightening illuminates the night sky. But basically everything looks a trifle samey in the graphics department.
The big selling point of Skullkeep is the implementation of intelligent monsters that respond and act upon your decisions and your level of force.
Good idea, you'd think, but you ne fad diet too many. And he s aot tao happy about never really get to interact to a much higher level with them th to try and orphan their slimy offspring with your axe of sterility.
Summing up. I’m very sad th Dungeon Master 2 is a let-down and the rationale behind why it's a let-down is simple; it's too dated. Diehards of the genre (or DM fan club members) might st« get a slight movement in their scabbards because of the new puzzles and the extensions to the| magic system, but to us normal mortals, you might as well hack your way around the original. I Simon Clays fiUURgJ I workbench version ..1.3 ¦ number of disks ......6 I RAM 2Mb 1 hard disk installable......res The Fall & Rise in Amiga Frame Grabbing... ProGrab™ has caused a
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The revolutionary NEW S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus, with Teletext, is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time, PAL-SECAM-NTSO. 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga, and at the same time has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab Plus™ is now S-VHS compatible tool ProGrab™ has received honours from just about every Amiga magazine!
And... with ProGrab" you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology either... A simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder. IV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
Grab images wirh your camcorder mcfudrng S-VHS Grab TV or video pictures from your VCRs video output including S-VHS STAGE 2... With ProGrabS software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window - and Grab Ibecause the hardware grabs frames in real time, mere's no need for a freeze frame facility on me source device) ProGrab” even includes a Teletext viewing capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources. Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen.
STAGE 3... Use the image with your favourite word processct DTP or graphics package.
For just £129.95 ProGf ab™ is suppled with everything ycoll need .
¦ ProGrab1" 24RT Piuj Digttiier f*un power», composite .«*o mut k*«jy ¦ New Version 2.5 Software
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more for the scnouVproffiscrvl user
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• Fastef Downloading Times fUp to Fh E times quicker)
• Improved aromatxn speeds of up to j 11 fps (rocroj and 3 5fps
|cotouf| ! • New sound sampling and aninvbon capacities
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that simple!
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Postcode: Daytime Phone: Evening Phone: Please nish me... _ ProGrab Plus " « £129.95 inc. p«p £_ _PCM 1 Interface 1 £29-95 Inc. p«p £_ EiBUng FroGnfr ibctv t ptmlc to Softvvr Vcnioa 2.5 • 44.93 Inc. pip pk»t tick f | _Optional FAST Courier Sente Deliver) £ 6:95 (Otmtw lufJomm -plea* call for prices etc) TOTAL £_ Card holders signature: Card No 1 1 II 1 1 1 Issue No (Switch Only): Dept: Cuil Cheque, Bank Draft Postal Order for £_______payable to Gordon Harwood Computers Limited... For more information or to gel your hands on me NEW ProGrab Plus'”, call our sales line on... 1 773 836781 ¦
computers ¦ harwood the UK's favourite Amiga Dealer Gordon Harwood Computers Limircd.
New Street, Alfreton. Derbyshire DESS 7BR Tel: 01 773 836781 Fax: 01 773831040 Network CD 2 I Network CD has heen lc*g rnopwrd as the drfu I way tojuui CD.'? To an Amiga, with a ptrthss I aimed at the transfer of information between I the Amiga by using the CD32 as a slave dnse With I the release or Network CD 2. Weird Science arc proud II to announce that the networking of the CDS2 to on Amiga is about to change beyond all recognition, w ilh emphasis pi rely on speed and ease of use. Network I CD 2 provides a new easy one button scl-up of any of l he tools on hath the CD32 and the Amiga. Sc
met now runs at far higher speeds than ever before and includes | keyboard and mouse emulation from the Amiga Twin btpress can now be controlled by Directory Opus 4 12 I I not included, t Every aspect of the original CD has I improved with mans more features Quo described here | I CD32 cables are 124.99. I PamttcaHtnut 19.99. Aminet Set I UPD Gold £29.95 £29.95 UPD Gold contains the entire United Public Domain Library on lour Cds and consists of over 4.800 floppy disks .. I Rowlandson Close,Leicester, l icestershire. LE4 2SE Telephone 0116 234 06S2 Fax 0116 236 4932 Email
sales@weirdscience.co.uk or tech@weirdscience.co.uk The Assassins Ultimate Games Volume 2 npmrs 4 hundred* 4 game* lor the CD.'2. CDTV and Amiga range of computer* All of the game* are rented via an easy to uv menu system Also eluded on this CD arc the entire Assassins lloppy disk* I to 250. 60 pickrd utility disks and other various games disks. The games on the Assassins CI Wriumc 2 are not repealed from the first CD. Hul ate ess game* with lull instructions lot ihc giintes accessed from the ntcnu system This (1) has hecn tested on the CD32. CDTV. Zappo. Power Drive and Amiga 4000. The CD
contains over 600 games and compatibility is clearly stated for each game on the CD.
(400. For CDTV. 500. For CD32 and 600. For (he Amiga 12U0. All
this and more for only £ 19.95, With EvenI Order Worth
£19.95 Buy Both Aminel Set & UPD Gold for Only £39.91 The
Assassins CD Offer only available whilst stocks last Please
ask for your FREE CD when ordering Thomas the Tank Engine
Pinball ©here's Ringo? The only thing missing in this
conversion of the children's TV programme Thomas The Tank
engine to a pinball game is the ex Beetle's sexy northern
drawl. The cute choo-choos are there complete with
resplendent graphics and
- digenous sound effects. But no Ringo. This omission aside
Price: £16.99 ¦ Publisher: Alternative Software © 01977 797777
it’s still a good game anyway.
Obviously aimed at the younger ones amongst us. Thomas is wonderfully simple to play. The shift keys act as your flippers, the space bar is tilt and the down cursor key is the spring which you use to catapult your ball onto the table.
There are four tables in all and each one is based on the train characters from the cartoon series: Percy, Thomas, James and Toby.
Designed by, the same company that made Pinball Mania.
Spidersoft, each table comes with all the necessary pinball sundries: flashing lights, mushrooms, kickers, multi bonus pickups, passages, ramps, tunnels... it's all there albeit in slightly less sophisticated form. For example, to pick up extra points you have to light up all the letters to complete simple words such as 'steam'. You can also make sure you aim the ball towards the letter you want by cycling through any unlit letters using the shift keys.
There are other concessions to the age group that the game is aimed at. Unlike games such as Pinball Mania there are only two flippers rather than four and there aren't any side gutters for the ball to go down, so the only way to lose the ball is through the flippers. The flippers could do with some power though.
Thomas a good pinball game but one that's really for kids. It's the type of game they get at Christmas but don't get a chance to play because all the adults hog it. Luckily, this isn't too much of a problem because it allows up to eight players to join in. ¦ Lisa Collins ©ince the arrival of Sensi World Of Soccer, it seems as though developers ve pretty much given up try- to produce a game to beat nstead, you get what hap- here, something which "ts to emulate it but, like any other attempts, blasts
• past the post and ends _ r. th its head in its hand, fhe
similarities between this SkVOS are obvious from moment you
start playing, graphics are incredibly ~.r. although with
larger 5 - a potential one-up Sensi if ever there was.
Team ¦ Price: £29.95 ¦ Publisher: Impact Software © 01280 850450 Football may be the sporting lifeblood of this country, but in this case it's more of a haemorrhage ... However, whether it’s because the Sensi boys are complete lunatics and just have a lot more fun when they write games, or because Team's programmers just weren't up to the task, this game just feels so flat when you play it.
The action, like the gameplay doesn't flow as well as it should.
Whether you're trying to dribble the ball or pass up-field the game just doesn't feel good to play. It's a hard thing to quantify, but it's something anyone who plays games will understand.
Unfortunately, because the presentation is kept to a minimum and the graphics are really nothing to shout about, there aren't any other features to mask this, so consequently you can't help but feel let down and soon find yourself reaching for the Sensi Soccer disks. In my case, these usually live on top of my Amiga.
I admire anyone who's brash enough to attempt to take on the mother of all footy games.
What I don't admire is when something like this comes along and can't even match up to Kick Off 2 which, if my failing memory serves, is somewhere in the region of five years old now. It's not a terrible game, just pointless when you consider what's available elsewhere.
Sorry, but this disk won’t be tackling my Amiga Mark Patterson A1200 8MB Ram Accflfkatop OmB £59.99 2mB £11999 ' pomr mnl BATTFRT BACKID CiOCK CalFRPFR a ._a - ttSTAiLS mAl uims Hmb £i ?.99 IL 0-4MR - PCAFC A COMPAT RIF 8mb £29999 £ ho» esi M TP ouitpt n. Soumtii irc.J w 2no Wam Stats Pis cm 2 Yiar Harmm 33MHz FPU At FPU ontttnctur itctrtsts mi suit of mtmtuneti cticuitnots it tt to HT i tto or room ticotmno n rot usrts of etttncti tttuctnots suet ts huet FX. I Visit Pto. Itue ti lie. Out FPU Met corns rut rtf route etrsrti tto a t most A1200 MM Ptoeissot A cent strops suet ts out
Atouo Mtetues otsret. I Burrtto tto Vint If touetr nvimoitr or out lotto rtt met is DIRECTORY OPUS S Advanced Frit Management Soft wart for all AMIGAs Out m mu I nets Omrerotr Oms ms ereetu tSlSSUSHS ts IM IMSI Mmttt PmSClOtT IMJTI OS US tons Win ret ssu Oms S. ns nttomos cosmos Sutun nsrst no *on iincmsT rots ms hum Oms S Tornado & X-Iink High Speed BT Apprered Modems fer all Amigai wm ENTERPRISE £29.99 £34.99 External 1Mb Floppy PrivB for all Amigas ? CoanrmiamAU Amiets ? Am Otturr BOAT Ptm ? Potusr Mrrti Cm ? Am-Cuct ts Srtmttt ? Ftttu Dattu Sonet ? Loo Pont CotsuMtnot ? Tout Potr rot
fxrtt Puns ? 2 Tttt Mttttrrr RART BTAp hem' stems ftp ess ot t Btim MRP2-S£t42. T42tfs towooh* £99.99 £U Sue £ Asrte Otrnnot ... _.
Stoop 1-3 Fax to 14.4k («h.« £IZT99 £l( Four Atrrs CoMttnm -1AO ,11 LFD Ftotr Peni Distrtr WW«a»£l7».99 Hi 2 Y t* Mttttnr l lmaM £229* £2.6 Son Mooites itn tai fouoawe Spfcihcatiob
14. 4x ot 28.8x Ships sH III.U . sU -XI -XX pttut -xt CtBif £
Sormtti Suppofp It Ceil mimes Automata; Faubacx £ Formabp
fob Optimum Oaf Pfrformaacf OR Fax Sormtti Opt am AnetOuroi
Other Arm Aorttcieriu rrtr ttcoetmot srsna nciuonet Ptrtrrtr
Suttotr Fxrnsin One t Ptop ritooetour nr A outero Akrxx
suttotr Ctt ten PtPiter E Flitter Motititci Utumrno r toors
tto terror litres Bur rots ctt it i rton nxi ot entires
Muitrtti cotrieunriot rotrots - rtrct ctt ertA must
tftfottute on ft rests Itritttt Muirrrtstite tuor te rou to
tinotm Mutrrtu ottttnots sotmrtuousir.
Ava iabif mm 0, 2. 4. 8mb or 32-1 7 mm mst uup Usfs Stabvarp 72-mS mms Opt oaai PLCC Tm FPO flOtntC K 560™ 3 BUTTON ’.E & MATS r a I A mig as i Atari Sts BHICt £l*.n BLACK £ I Houami £2*9 £l * RkOMTMm* Hon SOCCER Mouse for dll Amigas for Ml too FOOTBALL FA AS.
Ms is Ttl dim moost for too!
? Hum Btsotonod 400am ? Micro Sorrcoio Bottoms ? I Yus UMMtrr Smoots SiOee. ? Micro Swrrauo I«ihi Aiau ST Ssrrrauru ? Irarowir Bottoms cm u ouo oo matt eroopams soco a Oros M
- EASY LEDGERS 2 El InttrgrAHi Acmthmj Stfhotrt H-l for All
Areyts fHwr of Professional AccommtiMg software for the Andya
Image fx 2a Tit Ccmplth I mutt Prtetsskf StluHn fordl Amy*
.oetoeAmga t to tot Boggle Ibe sUod! MbetBor goo an a prior
orfttt of o rldec magtdas. HomgoFX to sBmoV tko fOsfost. Tko
tost, ood torn most eoofeto Booge pn sggi 0 £149.99 Vwfcn 2Mb
RAM & I---- Hard Disk Required Invoices credits receipts £
journal orfjnstments Produces address labels, sales anaigsis.
Aged balance lists, etc. Fellg Integrated with ledger £
- Use open item balance forward accounting methods Inter
invoices, credits, payments £ journal adjustments. Produces
address labels aged balance lists, transaction histories, etc.
fully integrated with ledger £ Inventory Stock Control £ Price
Book dandles three price scales with auto intry of stocktake
results £ goods in oat movements fed n with other books deports
ructede price lists, re-ordering report.
Sales £ valuation movement history, etc Wg - for Istimatiug £ Ouotatrou Suites a wide range of Invoicing '* charges on a Job card Allows SI f rates Transfers goods directly from Inventory £ goo win Hod OS tit AMIGA Sfstom Performance Tbe easiest to oso aad onst oowerto! Totorfoce, rOomSaad mage loader lets goa Baton toattof K. BaHt to Kma l aa Images sear oaf sfta eeOmlreO meOf lerel me HP FAX Fan Seflomn Se oHm feraUAmf.me.ru. Sup t P am fata now roar oUoMm Too cm ms fully integrated with Creditor and ledger to roar far Distal Amor Comeenec ST£1 - B LO programm eg, aaar defleoBle anon tags
aad mean MIT to Macro Press scr gt recordlag. Iwogawartol OatoO processtag sgsfeau IMP aad Aato X £ rlseal £11999 2Mb RAM & Hard Disk Required e44 .99 ante ORDER HOTLINE 01322-272908 BETWEEH 9AM AND 6PM, MONDAY TO FRIDAY, TO PAY (Y CREDIT CARD. TO PAY RY CHEQUE OR POSTAL ORDER PLEASE RETURN THE ORDER FORM BELOW TO • WIZARD DfVELOPMfHTS, PO BOX 490, DARTFORD, KENT, DAI 2UH iso Available 25 2D M co Ooaurr inro Coiomio Luiu £4.99
- 2S 2D, Hwa Ooaurr mm Coioono Lauis £19.99 I SI2e MM Ueceaoi
£19.99 gRg] I Dios I ms MM l eotavi £29.99 II mi MM Ueetuoi
£29.99 Order Item Price u*" ill £l( Ei £21 VISA rl o EQSD t J m
AMIGA 1200 “MAGIC" rw AMIGA I3P0 Tulga Magic- pack a n The awesome new AMIGA vare includes.
Vofogentcs 1.2SE, Personal Paint 4.6 ordWorth 4, Datastore 1.1 ? Digita Organiser Print Managot ? Turbo Calc 3.5. Pinball ManUvWhlzz ? Plus FREE Mousemal and Duslcover Call now to order yours... £389.99 AMIGA 4000T COMPUTERS ? 68040 25Mhz. Upgradable to 060 27 Watnall Road, Hucknall Nottingham NG15 7LD Tel: (0115) 964-2828 FAX: (0115) 964-2898 ? 1 2GB SCSI-2 HD 6Mb RAM ? AT IDE HD Intertact, SCALA MM300 ? Call tor details and no-faq qq ? Pnce* on 060 version ? Amiga M1438S Multisync Monitor £279 99 AMIGA HARDWARE | HARD DRIVES EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES ACCESSORIES WESTERN DIGITAL iinF A1200
OVERDRIVES 240 CAPACITY DISK BOX APOLLO ACCELERATORS The worlds fasted 1200 is on this page..... Superlast 68040 running at 33Mhz, Built in 68882. MMU & SCSI2 controller
(3. 5MBSEC). One 72 pin simm socket Estimated speed (30+ mips).
Available September for only £399.99 £229 99 assemb,e tncludes metal lock and £289 99 f12M £379.99 ask FOR QUANTITY PRICES £149.99 540 MB £169.99 850 MB £189 99 12 GIG £289 99 540 MB 630 MB 850 MB
1. 2 GIG 16 GIG 10ms 10ms 10ms 10ms TT1 PRINTERS |ALFA DATA
PRODUCTS EPSON Megamouao • 400 dpr . . £12 99 Mogamouao • 3
button . £14 99 SlyluB Colour Inlqet pnnlar otters JlWoo,a
switcher £12 99 photographic like quality whon used 20081DE
£79 99 w4h optional 720DPI pnntor driver AT-Bus 200&SCSI ..
£109 99 BoAP AJUPO««'A5001DE CM» £429.99 »»» “ Coated 720DPI
paper (200 sheets) .£22.99 APOLLO 1230 50 SCSI2 210 MB
270 MB 420 MB 540 MB 1 GIG .
12ms 12ms 12ms 12ms ,19ms £89 99 £99 99 £124.99 The fastest 030 card available tor the A1200 uses a 68030RC50 running at 50Mhz. Built in MMU & SCSI2 controller
(3. 5 MBSEC) Two 72 pin SIMM sockets.
Price ..£279.99 CD ROM DRIVES POWER CD ROM STUDIO 2 - PRINTER S W 12ms 12ms 10ms 12ms f149 99 External SCSI CDROM to. The £179 99 * 'o*e»»«onal prrt shxfco k- the A1200 Plug* rto (he PCMCIA port £219 99 An*9* Enhance the MaptA of your Fast 300Kb Sec transit rate oojq qq printer in 720OPI on Epeon Stylus Conned up to so other SCSI Colour penpheralt B Only .....£49.99 Dual Spood . £199 99 B rrTT'T’TTV BBH Quaa spon'1 60° Kt" e?on 99 APOLLO TURBO 1220 SEKIOSHA SL-96 Awarded a 90% CU AMIGA SUPER- STAR the 1220 combines the best price performance ratio for any Amiga
accelerator. 68020 running at 28Mhz, integrated 68882 FPU, one 72 pin SIMM socket (1-4 MB) Realtime Clock.
Price ...£99.99 The new APOLLO A4000 accelerator cards fit into the CPU slot of your A4000 (A3000 T). Comes in 28, 33 and 40Mhz versions, 4 x 72 pin SIMM sockets, SCSI-2 controller.
Pnce ...ECALL High quality 24 pm cotour printer.
420 MB 12ms . . £124 99 Scalable tonts tractor toed Rale.
540MB 12ms . £139 99 JJ CUAMIGA 850 MB 10ms . . £179.99 °ntV
1. 2 GIG . 10ms . £259.99 MITSUMI FX400 SEKIOSHA SP-1900*
Internal IDE CDROM unit lor Iho A4000 (requires tandem CDROM
controller) Soper-last 600 KtVSec transfer rale FX400COHOM
£149 99 FX400 Plus Tandem COROM ControSer Card £199 99 9 pm
dot matrix prinlor. Single sheet or Tractortoed Only .....
3. 5 IDE (3 4" HIGH) MODEMS 420MB 12ms . . £129.99 540 MB . 12ms
. . .£149 99 850 MB 10ms .'£499.99 14,400 EXTERNAL BABT
approved FAX Modom Complete w*h all leads. PSU and Internal
Incredible 900 KtVSec transler rale Only £34999 Comms Software Low Price £109 99 340 MB 12ms £169 99 510 MB 12ms £229.99 850 MB 12ms . . £399.99 Super fast BABt approved
1. 2 GIG .12ms . £649.99 FAX,Modem Complote with all leads. PSU
and Comms Software An Unbeatable . . . .£174 99
28. 800 EXTERNAL V34 Please request your free news sheet
regarding this amazing now product External Ouad-spoed CDROM
unit that plugs dveclly onto your mtemal IDE port (requees no
additional miortaang) On*y CCAIL EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES A500
ALFA POWER GOLIATH 200 WATT PSU Please call lor your tree
information pack tor the Apollo range ot products 210 MB 270
MB 420 MB 540 MB .
£179 99 £199 99 £229.99 £249 99 Solve ai your power problems with the Goliath Three times more powerful than a standard PSU .....£44 99 ¦cable only If you have found a cheaper price elsewhere in the magazine, call us and we will do our best to beat it 32BIT MEMORY SIMMS £399 99 £799.99 . .£129.99 16MB . £269.99 32MB All 3 5’ IDE drives require a 2 5’ - 3.5' cable only £15.00 when fitted into a A60CVA1200. Drives come ped. Formatted and installed with 100MB of FREE Pubic Domain Software.
All carry a 2.3 or 5 year warranty The aDove SIMMS are 72pin industry standard PS2 70ns.
BY POST: Please make cheques and Postal Orders payable to "Visage Computers" Please allow 5 Working days for cheques to clear HOW TO ORDER CALL (0115) 964-2828 OR (0115) 964-2898 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS INCLUDING SWITCH & VISA DELTA BY PHONE: Credit Debit card orders taken from 9.30am -
5. 30pm Monday to Saturday sAd irenture Helpline I HELLO BOYS.
SEND ME IN SOMETHING I C AN GET MY TEETH INTO. I LIKE A NIBBLE NOW AND THEN, carc m - day El Monkey Island I '•* reached Monkey Island and ¦ sheeted everything. How do I get ¦ oEMm to the bottom? I can only ¦ 9K naif way down with the one I *ece of rope and I can't get the I txe from the corpse in the pond, ¦wftch I think is what I need.
I Andrew Lee, Whereabouts I rtmown.
¦ ftd up the banana and then walk 1* Forest to get a nice overhead I iw« of the Island. Go to the Fort at I oir . Olcanic hole (NW of the island) I pick up the rope and the spy- UU- Push the cannon and pick up ¦ cannon ball and gunpowder I is revealed. Go to the river I East of the island).
I Pick up the rock t which is in fact rmn. Use the gunpowder on the then use the flint on the can- ¦aw hall. This will cause the dry ¦iwr and the pond to fill up l**di water.
I Cm to the pond at the end of the and approach the corpse. Mow ¦ . Will be able to get the second mgma of rope.
Vampyra looks gorgeous and she’s clever. Our Mistress of Adventures can speak five languages Unfortunately, she can’t say ‘no’ in any of them.
Dreamweb ¦V stjck on Dreamweb. I can't get V* d off the junction box outside fete tcathouse where Ms hnu .vood is. I got the bottles Simon the Sorcerer I can’t find the magical staff in Simon the Sorcerer although I have looked everywhere. At the moment I am at the doorstep of the Tower of Doom and I am carrying a spell book, scissors, bucket, hammer, beard, fire extinguisher, placecard. Smokebox, hat. Ladder, white spirit, rope and magnet, key.
Rock, feather, potion, gold coins, sousaphone. Woodworm, matches, ring, small key. Rat bone, hacksaw and breath mints.
Stephen Pattinson, Southampton.
If there is one thing that always makes me laugh, it's the mental picture of adventurers climbing over walls and fighting dragons while carrying what looks like the contents of an Oxfam Shop in their pockets.
You must have noticed the bell which is standing next to you. If you outside Sparkey's Bar and filled them if that’s any help.
Alex McIntyre, Northampton.
I don’t think we'll go into how you filled the bottles, I really don't want to know. Of course if you were a sensible Amiga owner you would know the answer to this question.
First you would possess a subscription to CU Amiga and then you would have seen the complete solution to Dreamweb which we previously published. Are we all wasting our time here or what?
Anyway, first 'examine' then 'use' the railings beside the boathouse. Go to the pipe and 'use' the pipe with the mug which was collected from Ryan's flat. Go to the junction box and use it, first by itself, then with the railing, and then with the mug. Walk to the hole in the balcony, 'examine' it, then ‘use’ it. Mow turn to the back of this magazine, find the subscription offer and sign up!
Want to get into the castle you need to ring the bell. Unfortunately, the bell has something missing, and in its case, it's the dapper. Now where do you think someone would send a piece of a metal bell to be fixed? Of course, the blacksmith. Scurry back to the old smithy and have a rummage around the bits and pieces lying on his table and you 'II come up with something which will strike the right note.
Kings Quest VI I am having great troubles with King's Quest VI. How do I get the serving maiden to accept the Beast’s Ring?
Oskar Arnorsson, Iceland.
Look, if the foolish girl won’t take your presents of jewellery I think you should just parcel them up and send them to me. Perhaps you should first give her some flowers to loosen up her corset. can't resist a man who brings me flowers, especially white roses.
Although tend to dress in black, my heart is as pure as the driven slush.
W hen you first meet her, give her a while rose from the Isle of the Beast. You’ll find the roses through the gate near the Archer Statue (Use the shield on the archer to stop him piercing your heart with his arrows.)
Talk to the girl using every option available, and when you have said your piece the game will take over.
Lure of the Temptress I have asked everyone in the village how to open the Were Gate, so I can see the dragon, but nobody can tell me. Do you know how? I would also like to know where I can find some cowbane to make the potion which must be used on the dragon.
Lee Henderson, Penshaw.
If you go to Smithy Street you'll be able to get some cowbane from the flower patch on the left-hand side of the street. Take this smelly stuff back to Goewin and then go for a walk while she prepares the potion. Once that's done you can go the Severed Arms pub and have a chat with Ultar and he will tel! You how to get through the Were Gate.
Police Quest I'm stuck on 70 points. I have flagged the drunk driver over and told him to get out of his car. I try to arrest him. But can't. Help.
Mark Anderson, Bridlington.
Of course you can't arrest him, for you haven’t proved that he's drunk yet. After you flag him down, go to his car, stand by the door and give the following commands: talk to the man, Look at the man. Show your driver's licence, smell the man. Administer the field sobriety test, handcuff the man.
When the drunk asks to be cuffed in the front say, ''no". Search the man, tell the drunk to get in the patrol car.
Follow him to your rear door. Open the rear door. Radio for a tow truck.
Take your prisoner to jail.
Before you complain that no-one could have worked out all of that solution, let me tell you that anyone could, if they had the game manual because it’s in there. By the way, the drunk is a caricature of Al Lowe - the creator and writer of the Leisure Suit Larry games. How do I know that?
Because I had lunch with him on board IIMS Belfast years ago. Oh dear, what a name dropper I am. ¦ If you’ve got a little problem that you are too embarrassed to ask a friend about, pop it in a plain envelope and send it to our Mistress of the Night and she’ll take a close look at it for you.
Welcome to where we try to spoil every game by printing the cheats so you can complete it in three hours.
And don't forget, thanks to those nice Ocean folk, there's a free bit of Hit Squad software for every tip printed.
DEATH MASK A Find out bow lo get bogi of mmm, tnorgr ood • mw hi Fton.
Alternative Chris Dunn has written in to remind me that, while we printed the first 17 codes for this game back m the October issue, we ve yet to complete the list. So here they are Cheers Chnsl LEVEL CODE LOCATION 18 62156 Dark Castle 19 84678 Training Ground 1 20 57093 Training Ground 2 21 29264 The Caverns 22 47446 Outpost 2A 23 75330 The Asylum 24 82855 Dark Castle Cellar 25 58474 Sub Basement 26 38392 Alien Correction Facility 27 55276 Cerebral Alteration Plant 28 68163 Research Room 2 29 75156 Preparation Room 30 70948 Navigation Control 31 54334 Radar Station 32 39814 Weapon Research 33
52262 Central Core 34 73164 The Last Alien Nest FEARS Guildhall Leisure Carl Woodfhoipe from Lincolnshire has found a nice little cheat for the cover disk demo we ran a tew months back.
During the demo, press the HELP key and a little message saying ’protected’ will flash up under your energy display You should now have a circular power saw. 99 energy points, and lull ammo for all weapons (even the Plasma gun which you start off with, but without any ammo at all!)
BRUTAL SPORTS FOOTBALL j ’TP Millennium Craig Ridley has written in to remind us of some rather handy cheats for this jolly fun sport violence offering Fairly obviously, this won’t work for CD32 users (cause you don’t have a keyboard ner ner ner ner nerlj Er... anyway, sorry about that. Here they are.
To play in any league, hit the letter L followed by a number from one to three (with one being the highest). Now press M followed by a number from one to six to select which match you want to play in (e.g. L1M6 will take you to the last match in the top league). You can also press the following keys in the match for some smashing effects: L for Lightening I for Invincibility G for the Walking Ball R for the shield S for the Hare D for the Tortoise F for the Freezing Blocks VIROCOP AGA Renegade An old chum from my The One days. Aberdeen's own Mark Forbes, has sent me a whole heap of codes for
the excellent blaster by those clever Graftgold chaps.
You need to register your name as being "I am Legend" and then you can use the following codes for the following levels (I say that a lot don't I?)
WORLD 1 WORLD 4 STTPRBN HDKSUM KFFSJLP CRPSBVF FKCSSTD HDHKMR FKVSMPL HDJKFSB WORLD 2 WORLD S MPJPFNB BVRKTKH GNRSTSH UDKGPC NGSDCNG BVFSJLP DHBNPFJ BVNSHDT WORLD 3 RCLKKTV JLCNSGD BVMSVBK BVSSCRG PINBALL FANTASIES 21st Century If the age of the games people send tips in for is anything to go by, you have to wonder if any new games are being bought any more! Either that or people are just looking for an easy way to grab themselves a software prize.
Hmm Anyway, because this is actually a top game. I’ll allow Bath's Stephen Morris the benefit I of the doubt. This time . .. Jusl type in these words for a I variety of ball-enhancing japes: EARTHQUAKE VACUUM CLEANER EXTRA BALLS ANDREAS ULF MARKUS FAIRPLAY DIGITAL ILLUSIONS THE SILENTS FREDRIK OLOF BARRY CREW SENSIBLE WORLD OF SOCCER Renegade Just in case any of you are still struggling to find good players for I your own teams. David Dunn has I sent in a list of his suggested top I ten strikers and where to find them - so here they are. Does anyone out there want to challenge this list? Let
me know. I Usual address please.
11 Dennis Bergknmp (Inter Milan)
2) Rudd Gullit (Sampdoria)
3) Stan Collymore (Nottingham Forest)
4) Bryan Roy (Nottingham Forestl j
5) Dejan Savicevic (AC Milan)
6) Alan Shearer (Blackburn Rovers
7) Andy Cole (Newcastle United)
8) Peter Van Vossen (Ajax)
9) Tatsura Mukojima (Shumuza S-Palse)
10) Roberto Baggio (Juvantus) ¦ Matt Broughton And that's it
folks. Please keep the tips and cheats coming in and can we
have some more of the recent titles in there si vous plait,
POWER CD-ROM ~*e Power CD-ROM for the Amiga
• 0 1200 plugs directly into the ¦CMCIA port and provides a
direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-II interface, allowing
- 3 to six additional devices to be annected. What's more the
Power 3-ROM features a 'Hot-plug' which ¦lows you to connect
and disconnect CD-ROM and any other additional scvices even
when the Amiga is ¦etched on.
Quad-speed £249 quad-speed £179* dual-speed 41 mmm CONNECTORS CD-ROM SOFTWARE LIGHTWAVE 3D ENHANCER £55.95 CDBOOT 1.0 .... £29 WORLD INFO'95 .. £39.95 DA CAPO VOL 1 MUSIC MODULE £25 FRESHFONTS II ... £17 GAMERS DELIGHT £25 GOLDFISH 2 ..... £25 LIGHT ROM ..... £39 MAGIC ILLUSIONS . £10 MEETING PEARLS VOL 1 ... £10 MEETING PEARLS VOL 2 ... £10 THE LIGHT WORKS £34 THE BEAUTY OF CHAOS____ £12 AMINET SET 1 .... £25 AMINET 5 £12 AMINET 6 £12 AMINET 7 £12 CD-WRITE ...... FRESH FISH 8 .....
£25 GATEWAY VOL 1 .. £9.95 CD-ROM drive tomes with a SCSI rface, PSU, manual, audio lead, ns lead and software which
• eludes Audio CD, CD32 Emulator,
• G Film Decoder and Photo CD.
AMIGA 600 1200 w SPEED CD-ROM inc.squirrel . .£179
* SPEED CD-ROM inc.squirrei .£249 AMIGA 4000 JOUBLE SPEED CD-ROM
......£139 3LAD SPEED CD-ROM .£199 miGA 4000
SCSI-INTERFACE £129 double-speed £54 80 watt SCSI INTERFACE
SHOWN AMIGA is back!
The "¦r Computing Ltd no
• ¦9*' sell this product »* »the lack of support ¦» D and CO-i
* MPEG Films). This CD Mmm mil not play movies.
A1200 pack 2MB of RAM
3. 5- Floppy Drive
2. 5- 170MB HD Option Wordsworth v4se Digita Datastore vl.1
Digita Organiser vl.1 Turbo Calc v3.5 Photogenics v1.2se
Personal Paint v6.4 Workbench v3.1 Whizz 3D Game Pinball Mania
Game 6MB RAM 68040 25 or 68060 50 Workbench v3.1 AGA Chip Set
16. 7 Million Colours
1. 2GB SCSI Hard Drive
1. 76MB Floppy Drive 2 x 3.5" Drive Bays 01234 273000 power
computing ltd
- .power 44A B STANLEY STREET 01234 352207 BEDFORD MK41 7RW FACS
¦I AMAAtl »«*( Of CHARM 0* RNUIST.
The largest and most highly praised collection of high quality DTP & DTV PD & Shareware in AMIGA history!
Possible and to hell with the quality ". The majority the end user u faced with a CD containing a ... urban of files that he probably can't even use. So what i» left'1 A CD containing loads of badly organised duectorica filled v graph u s Being a little di*app»u»ied. The user then k.*» in the font directories and finds a massive task on his hands he has hundreds of fonts (that are probably do pi Rated many times) and no way of knowing what he's got! The poor end user is then literally forced into loading each individual foot into an application. Just to see what loots he’s actually got’ If
that wasn't bod enough, he then, quite possibly, discovers that most of the fonts have missing and or corrupt files!
* lo he "shovel as n Some of these ‘ so called" CD developers
even get away with “shovelling" data from their old Cds onto
new ones and releasing the new CD as ’ Professional". We could
go on and on and on. But why bore you with something you
already know? We genuinely feel that the current situation
stinks and wc at EMC are aiming to set the standard on which
all data Cds on the Amiga will be judged A big claim you say •
Well, here's a brief insight to what is included on the EMC Cds
and how the data is organised... Firstly, these Cds are aimed
ducctly at Amiga users, and are not designed for mulu platform
computer use. Tlus means that you don't get Cds loaded with PC
file* that you can not use’ To aid in the rapid location of
font, clipart and image data, each of the 3 Cds CtmUins IFF
font preview screen* for every font (regardless of its format),
you simply click on the preview icon to see the font’ The
clipart and mugc directories have been fully w«rted and all
directories include full IFF preview thumbnail index screens
(and abo descriptive filenames). Purchasers of the Cds will
also have the option to buy a typeface book, published
especially for the EMC Cds. Containing font printouts!
The price for each CD is £24.99 + £i.oouicp*p For first class recorded Airmail lo Europe add £4.00 p & p & Rest of World add £6.00 p & p The third disc - EMC - PHASE 3 - will be released on... Monday 15th January 1996 We lux c «een almost ex wy Ami** CD lillc in existence and sadly. Ihc general tre of the** (IX air also developed a* multi platform OX and while this may be advantage. F * the company selling them, the end EMC-PHASE 1 CONTENTS... FONTS Adobe Typel EMC vote 4. 5, 6, 7 4 16 CGFonu (with postscript & ate fi Professional Draw EMC volumes 18.19 & 20 and 52 IFF Clipfonts CLIPART Folly
aonafl Into .uB-diroclorios (nunbar ol dliactonaa need in brackau) IFF Animate! 114). Fantasy(27), Music(12). People(73). Religion(12) IFF Col Birds, Cars. Cats. Dinosaurs, Dogs. Fish. Horses, LionKing, Music, Planes, Reptiles.
EPS Animals, Buildings, Computers. Food. Logos, Office, People, Transport. USA, World IMAGES n IFF 1S23S cckxe md HAM nianaca kymata Animate. Balloons, Blake7. Cars. Conan, Dragon Lance, Fantasy, Horses. Natural, Planes. Racing. Renders, RepNes, SnowScenes. Space, Star Trek (TOSSMovies) Trains & over 67 MB of 736 x 566 IFF 16 256 colour Video Backdrops OTHER STUFF Pagestream3 updates Irom 3.0 lo version 3.0H, Complete Opalvlsion2.3b update, 19 additional third party Opalvislon utilities. Typesmith2.5a update and Demo. Pagestream2 Demo, 18 really useful Utilities and heaps ol other stult!
A) EMC vots 8, 9.10,23 & 24 AVAILABLE NOW!
£24.99 + p A p IFF Alphabet®, Borders(16), History®, Na!ural 59). Space & IFF Col Fruit. World Maps (ol GEM Arrows & Stars, Borders.
IMG Animals. Cartoons. Food Photo. Transport.
Sports, TheArts. Transport. Xmas AVAILABLE NOW1 £24.99 + p & p People f IMAGES 1- ff 1S7S6 cetour end MAM menace Vkmata America. Babylon5, Birds, BorisV. Britain. Dogs. Egypt, Equest. Famous People. Girls. Kelly, Military, NighiBreed, Panoramas, People. SciFi. Terminator. Textures, Star Trek (TNG), V, Waler Scenes. Wildcats World, World People and over 70 MB ol 736 x 566 Video Backdrops in IFF 16 & 256 colour formate._ EMC-PHASE 2 CONTENTS... FONTS Adobe Typel EMC vote 17. 27.29 4 77 CGFonts (with postscript 6 ate files) EMC vots 25.26. 30. 31 * 82 Colour EMC volumes 48 S 49 and 71 Imagine
Type 1 Fonts CLIPART Fully soiled Into suO-dlrectonee (nunber ol dlrectonee leted In brackets).
3(6), Cartoons(17), Computer(7), Education®, Electric®, Food(90), T(3).
Every country on Earth!), Ships. Vegetables, ers. Buildings. Clipart. Office, OtherSlutt. Phc Dod. OtherStuff. People Plants. Sports. The EMC-PHASE 3 CONTENTS... FONTS Adobe Typel EMC volumes 78. 79.80 & 81 - Pagestream EMC volume 3.
CGFonts (with postscript ( ale files) EMC volumes 83 84.85. 86 & 87 - 200 IFF colour Clipfonts and all our previously unreleased T pe1, CG and ColourFonts EMCouevTenG'uPHC PHASE 3 RELEASE DATE: 15th JANUARY 1996 CLIPART Fuey aoned ado eub-dueclones (noneer ol dkedonee leted m trarknsj IFF Events(45), MIMary(26). Misc(33), Sport(37), Transport(35). Work(37) and Worid(41).
IFF Col Flowers, Insects. Mammals, Trees. Xmas.
IMAGES 1- IFF 16 oolou. HAM Menace and IFF 2W colour tormats Bikes (Motor). Boals, Castles, Cats, Classic Cars, Dungeons and Dragons. Dr. Who. Star Trek (DS9), Fractals. Girls, Greece, Hunks. Heavy Metal. Italian Cars, Movies, Robots. Slarwara, Waleriife. While. Woodrotle and over 67 MB ol 736 x 566 Video Backdrops m IFF 16 4 256 colour formats _ _ SO, YOU HAVEN'T GOT A CO DRIVE?
Well, don't despair, we are now selling all volumes Irom E.M.Computergraphic's AWARD WINNING PD Shareware library at HALF PRICE! All you need lo do Is refer to your EMC Into pack, select the volume(s) you want, add up Ihe total order value, divide Ihe result by 2 and add £1.00 lor postage. Then send, lax or phone your order through guoling "EMC HALF PRICE OFFER". II you have any queries, please don’l hesitate to phone.
This is a limited oiler. Please note: £10 minimum order value (alter discount) for mis offer' EMC - PHASE 3 PRE-RELEASE OFFER £19.99 tplp on si orders received betore I2*i January 1996 I Cult cum goes ¦eruucncMMO **¦*»«¦* emu re Cctv "Ma* mu Wur CO •aMMCWcnrt** nut d* I PIMM Ofdw ofO»n not M C40C4MM unw MmycOc Cot kimh and CD •* to a*p*fcr*d Vw write d* I Cnaqu* 0«JteH in luCpct to 5 vMxkng day cWwiro* DeAxs dapokn It you *wn lo recaxs »ca* CD ¦¦ tool « po tta I aftef ft Munrti, «a raqu'b .often petmMton akwra to lo Dank your chrqua S *t«kng dan pnor to th4 CO* leuxti dM. I NOTICE TO OWNERS
E&OE Cftequee PoeM Oder* pdyatM lo E.M.CoUFvrCfGM tmC Chaquas are subject to 5 working day clearance
: 01255 431389 Fax: 01255 428666 GET SERIOUS Get Serious
Horgan's Organ Marvellous innit?
Here we are hurtling towards what many had predicted would be a winter of discontent for the Amiga scene, and we're virtually snowed under with new products and developments.
While the fly-by-nights may have prematurely lost faith in our favourite machine, the real nnovators are sticking with it to ensure we all have a healthy future with our Amigas.
Phase 5 continue their bid to accelerate every A1200 to at
• ast SOMHz 68030 spec with the fourth revision of their A1230
Meanwhile CD-ROM has taken off as the fastest growing aspect of the Amiga market, proof of which is the amazing
- esponse we had from last
- nonth's cover CD and this ¦nonth's abundance of new CD
¦eleases. This is backed up by the release of excellent new
software like Softwood's Final Calc and others which have yown
from modest shareware mots into fully-fledged commercial
packages such as DICE C. Some Amiga magazines have accused
others of blind optimism, but we're not in the business of
blinkering ourselves or our readers. If this whole thing really
was going down the pan, do you think I'd still be here writing
this? We
• save a business to run tool Let's get on and enjoy the Amiga
and its unique community of users. That's something
• *e other platforms will never 'save nor understand. Be proud of
it. I am!
You know where to come for the best reviews of all the latest hardware and software, tested and rated as always by CU Amiga's experts.
0 Final Calc .... 68 Spreadsheets used to be boring. Not any more! Softwood's new number cruncher will amaze you with its super slick graphing functions too!
• Blizzard 1230 Mk IV ...... 70 As accelerator
RAM boards continue to get faster and cheaper. Phase 5's
68030-based 1230 has now reached its fourth revision and it's
looking good!
• Demo Maniac .. 74 Years in the
making, Demo Maniac finally gets a release. Could this be your
entry pass into the next big demo party?
• Info Nexus 2 76 A brave
challenger to the all-conquering Directory Opus, Info Nexus 2
now comes with Data Nexus free.
• DICE C ... 79
Programming: everyone's doing it! The lormer shareware C
compiler DICE C has grown into a commercial package, but can it
mix it with the big boys?
• Amiga M1438S Monitor 83 Amiga Technologies
have released their official multi-sync Amiga monitor, complete
with stereo speakers. We put you in the picture.
CD-ROM Round Up . CD-ROM Round Up is extended to three pages this month since you enjoyed last month's feature and cover CD so much FD Scene ..... 89 More demos, games and weird stuff from the wonderful world of the public domain.
PD Utilities . 95 All the best gems from the more serious side of the public domain are unearthed in PD Utilities.
.85 EjEsZd PRODUCT TEST FinalCalc ¦ Price: £99.99 ¦ Developer: Softwood ¦ Supplier: Softwood © 01773 836781 Have SoftWood got another winner on their hands?
Maybe but with a few reservations.
R. wlhlt lUrndw. It IW5 mil
- L_ J- rn'iuj 71 lift* mBT lm ii M«*h hn L»mtf i»: A FinalCalc
can sunoand cells with borders, for an sneea table creation It
is. However, difficult to set background colours ime I £ 3D
Graphs - -, -.-,--11 - I started off this review talking about
the Amiga's j ...ttyyr,'.H~~ lead in graphics and 3D j image
markets, so it Mngfafc sr.I,*------- shouldn’t really come as
a surprise that FinalCalc has 1 comprehensive 3D graphics
""Cj capabilities. What's surpris- vy_, - ing however is just
how 1 ¦¦¦ ¦ pi-" ¦ powerful these capabilities - - ¦ are and
how useful they are in a business environment.
Looking at its features first, FinalCalc draws its 3D graphs as true 3D objects. This means that whereas ProCalc simply showed a graph with a third dimension drawn for effect, FinalCalc creates a 3D world in which the graph exists, and in which you can move around to see the graph from different view points. The viewing angle can change in all three directions, and it's even possible to change the scale of each axis!
Perhaps the only thing missing from its 3D capabilities is the option to export the graph as 3D data so it could be rendered in LightWave or Imagine. Maybe I'm daydreaming, but I can't help thinking how impressive it would be to see a graph with texture mapped columns, and custom lighting effects - other presentations wouldn't stand a chance!
©e all know that the Amiga is one of the best computers for video and graphics work. Few other systems have so many different applications offering such flexibility and power for digital video work. Sadly however, the Amiga has been seen by some as not being able to compete when it comes to the professional office market because of the lack of powerful sophisticated spreadsheets, databases and word processors.
People wishing to use these type of applications tend to use Pcs or Macs and once they’ve started using them for these purposes the danger is that the Amiga will be jild- imnt vitut if l«l«V.. I ¦fas. I -jy-l _*s_J iss! !
Lti»l» rinn itlt NKmta k urntrii toitnti in tM r. pushed aside completely.
In the last year or so though, a slow but steady stream of heavy weight business programs have been released: Digita’s Wordworth and Softwood's FinalWriter covering the WP market while HiSoft's Twist2 covers the database flank. But what of spreadsheets? You could wave CU Amiga's ProCalc cover disk around, but by comparison to PC and Mac spreadsheets of late it looks a bit long in the tooth. FinalCalc from Softwood has finally arrived though, with the promise of super league power;so it as good as we've been lead to believe?
Messy On loading the program, after , installing it to hard drive, a fairly standard looking spreadsheet appears. Taking a quick look around the menus reveals a frightening number of choices and possible commands. After the simplified menus of FinalWriter this came as quite a shock! And the icon bar below the menus doesn't help much either.
Only the basic editing and text attributes are set from the tool bar, you won’t find any of the icons or flexibility frequently found in other application tool bars or even spreadsheets: no insert date time, common formulae, etc. There’s also no way to reposition it or tailor it. The user interface is certainly way behind other Amiga spreadsheets we've seen in terms of simplicity - definitely a missed opportunity!
Once you get past the initial shock of the basic front end and start exploring things improve considerably and there are even several touches that make the user interface better. But there are several features crying out for some of the user interface tricks found in Softwood's latest version of FinalWriter, but more of this in a minute.
One of the first things you notice is that the Project menu I doesn’t have the usual Open.
Close, Save affair under the first menu. Instead you have the option to open Projects, each project containing one or more sheets. Although individual sheets can be opened, in use I | found its Projects approach of storing several related documents together under one name | more sensible and easier to wo with. This is obviously very use as it means related sheets can be kept together, stored as one I file. For example, a project for I household finance might contain I
- I*.,. -,r , «»o sheets one for regular bill calculations and
one covering can repayments. I was, however, surprised to find
that Fina Calc Mesn't use the tab-access approach, pioneered by
SoftWood in Fina Writer. To make wnping between sheets easy.
Why not have a row of tabs
• ong the bottom of the screen or each sheet? Instead you need c
go to a menu, click on View, rd select the sheet required.
Animation In Action!
Fina Calc's animation feature is probably one of its most talked about features. As well as being able to move around a 3D graph the view changes can be recorded to Anim. As the data in the spreadsheet that the graph is drawn from changes so to does the graph - nothing new there. What is new is that the modifications to the graph over time can be recorded as an animation. You could, for instance, watch as a graph showed turnover and profit changes for a company happen during the course of a year, watching columns rise and fall.
These changes can be combined with simultaneous viewing angle changes to add impact or aid visibility. If during the animation for example one column of a graph dropped behind another one the camera angle could change to swing above or around the graph to keep the column in sight - clever stuff!
The animation is stored as a series of sequentially numbered IFF files not a true anim file. Although the manual shows how one can be created using the PD program 'makeanim' given the otherwise powerful nature of the program surely it couldn't have been too much to include an option to have this done automatically?
Ho hum!
Classic stuff When it comes to producing spreadsheets the program supports a very strong collection of presentation aids, functions formulae and sheet manipulation tools. When moving a cell or cells around using Fbste the references in formulae can readjust for you automatically while a single cell can be copied to multiple cells.
There's also options to hide, lock and protect cells. All classic spreadsheet stuff.
The layout tools provider are good. Cell widths and heights can be changed, as can the contents font, colour and attributes (bold, italic etc) however they aren't very intuitive. I'm still trying to find out how to do some basic things - setting a cell background colour for example. There's also a simple style facility that allows you to define a common format for a cells that you can then apply to other cells later on. Cool! Along with the functinn being entered these, you can also add borders to cells. Fina Calc also allows you to clean up the borders of cells and remove duplicated lines.
Other programs duplicate border lines - if you've got two cells next to each other, both with their own borders
- giving thicker lines than wanted.
While entering the spreadsheet data there are several further tricks in the Fina Calc magic hat. The first is infinite undo and redo, so you can undo every action ever made on a spreadsheet right back to when it was empty. The next trick and more useful for beginners is comprehensive on-line aids, every function formulae is documented with both quick one line descriptions and more detailed information. Then there's debugging tools to help find problems, like the find bracket feature which finds the closing bracket for an open on in a cell - invaluable for complex cell compositions.
I M rle lest* to nu , firsi h )re 6 1 of ame WO'* jsef- an I 3ne I Of If you print spreadsheets out you'll love the program. There's 29 page on printing alone in the manual. Amongst its many talents are auto scaling of the spreadsheet to fit it on a set number of pages, a huge variety of variables for headers and footers (different date formats, page numbers, total number of pages etc), and the option to map the programs screen bitmap fonts to outline fonts for maximum quality when printing. The program supports Postscript Type 1 and 3, Mac ATM and Softwoods own outline font formats.
If you're looking for the best output for your spreadsheet data you won't find better.
There's more to this program than I could possible cover here, it's calculation facilities are very impressive. Not only is it fast, but it handles circular references for you automatically, it understands infinity references (think about trying explain what infinity is to a system that only understands solid, real, numbers, you could take forever!) And has the capability to work backwards through formulae so it can work out correct starting values given a desired result!
Drawbacks I liked FinalCalc and found it had most of the features I wanted, but not all. Given that FinalCalc is so late to the Amiga the chances are that most prospective spreadsheet users will already have one: Maxiplan, ProCalc or TurboCalc. So why doesn't FinalCalc support the last two file formats? I suspect the s help showiig (be parameters aid arguments ot market for this program will come from users of these existing spreadsheets upgrading, yet with the exception of Maxiplan Softwood have done little to help us do so! Yes, there’s an option to read Lotus 1-2-3 files so we could save
data out from ProCalc etc in Lotus format and then import back in but are we using an Amiga or a PC here?
Then there's the manual. As Amiga manuals go it looks amazing. Hard back, glossy cover, ring bound - it must cost Softwood a fortune per unit! But as the old expression goes, never judge a book by its cover. While the layout, English, and quality are great I found the content and structure lacking. There's no step by step tutorial, although there are Basic Operations chapters showing how to get going. There’s no breakdown or listing of the complex menus of the program it really needs, and more serious the function lists aren't subdivided into type (maths, finance, system etc} but rather
just alphabetical - if you don't know a function name you've had it!
Its user interface is also lacking and could have been much, much better and definitely lets the program down. It's still a good spreadsheet, fast and responsive with some genuinely innovative and useful features and is without doubt the best spreadsheet currently available for the Amiga.
But in the final conclusion an Amiga application that can't directly talk to other similar Amiga applications and a user interface not up to current standards (standards set ironically by SoftWood amongst others) can't and won't get CU Amiga award. ¦ Andy Leaning FINAL CALC * PRODUCT TEST Blizzard 11IV ¦ Price: £179.95 (plus RAM) ¦ Developer: Phase 5 ¦ Supplier: Gordon Harwoods © 01773 836781 If this Blizzard card was a film character it would be James Bond. It's that smooth.
Ohase 5 know a thing or two about accelerators, having been in the game lor a long time. The famous Blizzard range has had various incarnations based around the 68020 and 68030 CPU. This is the fourth generation of the Blizzard 1230 and it's accordingly known as the Blizzard 1230 Mark IV.
High quality Based on a 50MHz 68030 complete with memory management unit (MMUI, this is as fast as it gets before you enter the territory of the expensive first generation 68040 accelerators that are now appearing. Blizzard products have always been high quality units often out-pacing the competition but at a higher price. But now the Mark IV has come significantly under the £200 barrier it's more attractive than ever.
Cheaper RAIVI A1200 trapdoor accelerators are not all made equal. The Blizzard Mark IV is exceptionally well constructed. Sporting a single SIMM socket that allows even double sided 72 pins SIMMs to be used.
Unlike the Mark III. The IV permits the use of cheaper 70nS RAM A jumper connection on the board is used to select 60 or 70nS RAM speed - a very welcome addition.
Faster OS?
Interestingly, there's another jumper next to the RAM speed one. This selects the MAPROM function. With this jumper closed, the Amiga's ROM is copied into the 32-bit Fast RAM on the Blizzard board, which accelerates the operating system functions.
This feature could be activated using the CPU command supplied with Workbench but by using the jumper switch you can enable it permanently if the loss of 512K of your Fast RAM isn't a problem.
Another new feature of the Mark IV is that if, while booting, the '2' key is held down, the unit will deactivate entirely. The extra memory, acceleration and even the SCSI adapter if present, will all vanish. That's extremely handy for running games that might object to extra RAM or more commonly the accelerator 32-bit DMA Like the Mark III, the IV has a 32-bit Direct Memory Access (DMA) expansion connector to allow a SCSI interface to be added. This would give a very fast SCSI interface. Leaving the PCMCIA slot free for other peripherals. The direct memory access would also require much
less CPU time for data transfer than a PCMCIA SCSI interface.
Interestingly, the add-on module also sports an extra SIMM socket which can accept up to 128Mb SIMMs. It's an excellent idea but if SCSI is all that's required, the £90 expense for this feature is a little too hefty.
To the test If you're laying out £180 for an accelerator, you want to go faster.
How well does it perform?
Without printing reams of benchmarks, the results could be summed up by saying that: the Blizzard Mark IV is the fastest 68030 based accelerator that we have encountered. In particular the memory speed is spectacular, faster even than the Falcon 68040 accelerator, and only being beaten by the A4000 Cyberstorm units (also built by Phase 51, Acceleration If you've never seen an accelerated Amiga, you're really missing something. Hard drives leap ahead speed wise. Time consuming tasks take only a fraction of the time Real-time disk compression software can gain extra hard drive space
without you even noticing. With extra memory and I speed, you can finally run several applications simultaneously with I little performance loss. Before I too long you'll take this massive I leap in productivity for granted I We currently use a Blizzard I Mark III here in the CU Amiga offices and it's given faultless performance to date. The Mark I IV providing the same quality coupled with these extra features] at a reduced cost can only be a good thing as far as we're con- I cerned. The Blizzard 1230 Mk IV I is definitely the top 68030 accel- erator for your At200 ¦ Mat Bettinson PER DISK
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AGAJkTOM Om m*M W6EXTRAvWI t20*W BEAUTIES Ve. (11-1818 mew.
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"* AT 8 irwror lv«nr« AGA atrnx MIHTIV1SOV AGA pc tte«r«j u» FRENZE 2 iw.nr Imkt) .pewa. up THE SENSUAL |2ete*| SPACE BAU. 2 IE MM. 1 *-. Gvr~ Heal bo done (TeWel ~ 2 C€W0 re. WlKl -e«eKne ORI3N 2ebl wqura 2 OMIM C» TUTAMCHAVAXV cd Uin IO 2 oMu-ot mlinl CEWOS JtlL7 88|2e»$ ») MenUSEFUl iAl 5 disk pack only £4.99 m Opiur* or Pweotutl Parrba PUZZLE GAMES II lAsumi *o*ecnen oI al Itie very M*l purWi »m« eMniad rajdotg tonta t »t* taw I** H*loci*a.
Pktuia-PurM* ale mueb loo any * lot Vary popeMr 5 disk pack only £4.99 VARIOUS CLIPART park MAGINE VARIOUS Obj€CT (Pack 1.2 ex REAL 30 VARIOUS OBJECT (Pack 1.2 or LIGHTWAVE VARIOUS 06J (Pack 1.2 or . SEE PAGE 1 FOR MORE SOFTWARE FOR YOUR AMIGA We also slock many more packs Please Phone 18 DEMOS MUST BE OVER 1B XOO CINDY CUA WFOFID (2) XY M A DON A (OtSXi (3) Xot SHOWER Cl I Ft L X03 BODY TALK (2) X09 MA ft IE WHITTAKER X24 SABRINA SPECIAL DIE EILKINOER MADONA EARLY DAY X2B KATHY LLOYD X30 MEGA-MAID 31 CALENDER GIRL 32 MAY FAIR 33 I------ * X4S ------ . _ . _ X49 PAGE 3 GIRL XYO GON GON
GIRL XT I TINA SMALLEot X9! CINDY CALENDAR 9S X96 HOT BABE I X9T HOT BABE 2 X9B HOT BABE 3 X99 HOT BABE 4 X100 HOT BABE 5 X101 BIG GIRL II XI02 FEMALE BODY BUILDER XI03 GIRLS GIRLS XIOS ELLE MACPHERSON X106 CLAUDIA S C HI FIFE Ft TTERY WINNER EXCELLENT COLLECTION OF VARIOUS LOTTERY WINNER PREDICTION PROGRAM HIGHLY RECOMMEND Podt only £4.99 THE CLOSE ENCOUNTER ¦ Ute ol real lite documents ot UFO sigMmgs, ‘ *"»nal mutilation and many mor greed 6 Disk set only CS 99 NEW - MAGIC WB (IMPROVE YOUR WORKBENCH BY 500%) this new version ot maot *» are full, compatfcle any amoa men I he very base amiga
eran now run magic wb THE PICTURE IN THIS BOX IS AN EXAMPLE OF MAGIC WB U995 Magic WB 1.3 AGA021 Magic WB AGA .For any Amiga (WBU.-3.0) .Special A1200 & 4000 UACIC WB EXTRA vol 1-12 (2 disk per volume) TO OnOCR «W» MAGIC AB EXTR* JUST WWTt IMGIC MB E»HU t VOL BEOWOE B ACKDBQPfQR USE WTTHABQYE SPECIAL OFFER Magic WB pack each disk pack with dozens ol quakty back drops lor use with Magic WB VARIOUS B-D 1 (4DF VARIOUS B-O 2 (2D) MANGA B-D 2 (2D) SEXY BACK DROP (ID) NEW AMIGA LOGO (ID) MAGIC SCENERY (2D) RD GAMES RACK II Only £4.99 Tine pack contains 5 disks MANGA AKIRA trtal Ml a 6 HE lion liar
«!ti Kl lull HARDWARE PROJECT III M tm 1 MO eMt»i ca* » r Ml» « hr (IS ra* 1J * 8 m WMI»M N « r, i Meax u B Ui ] MIM K 0t« »¦ fu W i hoi lUn i» 1 ran w»i we tea*HM«BT WBJMW ---------- STOCK THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF LSD TOOLS 1-150 SCOPE 1-220 FRED FISH 1-1000 LSD DOCS 1-46 ASSASSIN GAMES 1-200 ETC PRODUCT TEST DemoManiac ¦ Price: £12.99 ¦ Developer: Black Legend ¦ Supplier: Black Legend D 01438 840 003 ©o you ever get the urge to write your own demo, but don’t have the programming knowledge to pull it oif?
DemoManiac aims to solve this problem by giving you a bunch of nifty graphics effects and a point- and-click interface to string them oil together with your own soundtrack. Red Sector's Demo Maker and Peter van Campen’s popular VdeoTracker have already proven that demo construction kits like this can produce stunning results when a bit of style and originality is exercised. So, at just £12.99 DemoManiac looks like quite an attractive proposition.
Black Legend's swirly twirly demo maker finally gets a full release.
Like, wow man!
Stacked effects Demos are created by selecting effects and wipes from a trio of menus. These can then have their parameters altered via slider bars, giving you plenty of options for customising the graphics. Some effects can only be used on their own, while others can be stacked up with more effects to display a maximum of six simultaneously.
BlockPrint Distort DotText DotMern riaiet 6leezVector PlasneGreund jcirdkUlp* FideOui FaSeCress FlastFad?
L;llB»f«d»1 ut,™ - IftBte- SetScree* GENERAL | | (WFI6 | flEMAY | | MSI* | | ICAIPT | ||' " '"JH bl A this ii Ike amn icrwn and in Ike ceesuncliee el e liat [fleets eie ckesee hoet Ike lilt el Ike kotteei letl ef Ike scieee. End tken emkelliiked witk nines knot Ike etkei menus le Ike ligkt These can be combined with wipe effects, such as fades and bounces. There are also a few options for mouse-controlled interaction.
Next the effects need to be put together in a sequence or script.
Various commands are available to control the script that allow the creation of loops and basic program structures. Apart from the basic animation playing and picture viewing routines, there are some very nice graphics effects, including fire, wobbly sine patterns and some picture distortion routines. However, there’s not enough choice for you to be able to put together a really individual demo.
Soundtracks can be loaded and played with graphics. However, Despite claims that DemoManiac is compatible with music created in all major music packages, OclaMED is not catered for There are 14 variants of the tracker format supported but before you can load a module you need to select the correct player from the list. If you get it wrong, at best the music will be play incorrectly, at worst the computer will crash. Oh dear.
When your demo is finished you can save it out as an executable file that can be run independently of the DemoManiac program. As you work you can also save your creations as DemoManiac files Call Rentokil DemoManiac seems to be in an unfinished state, even though we first saw this program a year ago The software refers to the program as Demo Mania' while the packaging likes to call it 'DemoManiac'.
Curiously the contents page headline reads 'Demo Mania' with a lonely letter 'C sitting beneath the title on the next line down. It may seem that I’m being overly picky here, but this does seem to reflect the general state of the program Bugs are evident. They’re not all major, such as the one that writes text outside of the confines of its box and all over the slider bar and surrounding screen. You’ll also have to be prepared for a number of crashes for no apparent reason.
If anything is going to make your Amiga crash, it's routines like these that hit the hardware with a bang. If you have an accelerator in your Amiga then things seem even more likely to crash.
Conclusion The editor has obviously had a fair bit of thought put into its design, but it's still not as intuitive and simple as it should be There are too many stages in the construction of a demo, with data banks.
Effects lists and scripts combining I to confuse things. All of this could I be replaced by a single list of effects and a timeline to sync them up to the music. The incorv I sistencies in the user interface alsd complicates matters.
DemoManiac can be used on I any Amiga if enough memory is I available' and AGA graphics are I supported Considering the low I price and the impressive (if sma® selection of effects on offer.
DemoManiac would be worth I checking out if you want to try your hand at a bit of demo I creation However, be prepared. I the price does reflect the pro- I gram's various shortcomings ¦ Tony Horgan DEMOMANIAC I Gmiaki akj| k*t Ik* arl MCD ROM Dune ....
19. 99,
27. 991
25. 99,
24. 99
16. 99'
16. 99
12. 49
32. 99
34. 99
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16. 99
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11. 49
14. 99 R0181 Aces of the Deep .....
25. 99 R0117 All New World of Lemmings____
19. 99 R0653 Apache Longbow .....
25. 99 R0039 Award Winners Gold ..
25. 99 R0466 Award Winners Platinum......
13. 99 R0098 B-17 Flying Fortress ...
25. 99 R0356 Battle Isle II .
22. 99 R0468 Bloodwings ..
22. 99 R0290 Cannon Fodder Ben.A Steel Sky.
17. 99 R0276 Classic Collection (Access).....
22. 99 R0277 Classic Collection (Velocity)
19. 99 R0210 Colonization ..
27. 99 R0040 Combat Classics 3 ....
16. 99 R0656 Command & Conquer ..
13. 99 R0337 Cover Girl Strip Poker .
11. 49 R0161 Creature Shock ......
25. 99 R0030 Cyberia .
25. 99 R0237 D Generation .
28. 99 R0382 Dark Forces ..
12. 49 R0309 Dawn Patrol ..
27. 99 R0013 Day of the Tentacle ...
25. 99 R0383 Discworld
25. 99 R0165 Doom 2 .
16. 99 R0017 Dragon Lore ..
29. 99 R0010 Dreamweb ...
25. 99 R0045 Dune 2 Lure of the Temptress..
11. 49 R0342 Earthsiege ...
13. 99 R0149 Elder Scrolls - The Arena......
16. 99 R0242 Elite 2 : Frontier ......
19. 99 R0219 Empire Deluxe Masters Edition..
11. 49 R0249 Eye of the Beholder ... . 9.99 R0308 F-15
Strike Eagle 3 ...
12. 99 R0392 F-19 Stealth Fighter ...
29. 99 R0728 Fade to Black .
22. 99 R0194 FIFA International Soccer.....
11. 49 R0256 Gabriel Knight
19. 99 R0467 Hi Octane
13. 99 R0057 Hits for 6 Vol.5 ......
11. 49 R0015 Ind. Jones & Fate of Atlantis ...
13. 99 R0502 Jagged Alliance ......
27. 99 R0285 Kings Quest Collection .
19. 99 R0156 Kyrandia 3 ...
12. 49 R0724 Labyrinth of Time .....
12. 49 R0628 Leisure Suit Larry Collection. .. .
25. 99 R0617 Lemmings 1 & 2 .....
25. 99 R0008 Little Big Adventure ...
27. 99 R0211 Master of Magic ......
22. 99 R0023 Monty Python's Waste of Time. .
25. 99 R0007 Noctropolis .. 27 99 R0239 Myst
30. 99 R0193 Network Q RAC Rally .. ncorv ice also
32. 99 R0727 Need for Speed ......
11. 49 R0190 NHL Hockey 95 ......
13. 99 R0180 Outpost .
19. 99 R0253 Ultima 8 (Speech Pack)
19. 99 R0191 PGA Tour Golf
22. 99 R0675 Phantasmagoria ......
19. 99 R0459 Pizza Tycoon .
28. 99 R0024 Police Quest 4
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16. 99 R0099 Privateer
12. 49 R0384 Rise of the Triad .....
13. 99 R0014 Sam and Max Hit the Road.....
25. 99 R0182 Star Trek TNG : A Final Unity ...
14. 99 R0650 Sim Tower ...
25. 99 R0175 SIMCITY 2000
27. 99 R0003 Simon the Sorceror ... . 7.99 R0469 Simon the
Sorceror 2 ..
27. 99 R0722 Space Hulk ..
27. 99 R0205 Syndicate & Mission Disk......
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22. 99 R0633 Terminal Velocity .....
27. 99 R0171 Theme Park ..
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32. 99 R0284 Triple Action Pack Vol.5
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27. 99 R0253 Ultima 8 with Speech Pack.....
11. 49 R0328 Universe
12. 49 R0486 Virtual Pool ..
11. 49 R0493 Wing Commander 2 ...
25. 99 R0096 Wing Commander 3 ...
11. 49 R0353 World Cup USA 94 ....
22. 99 R0322 Zool 2 .. , Thf price you se is the
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25. 99 R0327 World Atlas 4 .. ZONE 1 LTD, DEPT.
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PRODUCT TEST Info Nexus 2 Ofile manager can turn any computer into a more productive machine. Acting on your file base with a graphic user interface is much quicker than the equivalent operations performed in the Shell or via Workbench. This is a fact highlighted by the enormous success of CU Amiga Magazine's Directory Opus 4 cover disk earlier this year.
¦ Price: £29.95 ¦ Developer Supplier: Optonica ® 01455 668282 Info Nexus 2 steps forward as a contender to Directory Opus. CU Amiga Magazine wonders whether it might have been better where it was.
It is against such stiff competition that Info Nexus 2 comes to the fray. Whether it is a worthy contender is an issue for debate.
Pop and roll Although based on the Dopus 4 style fixed twin list display, its custom GUI interface is horrible. It only became readable after I got rid of the text shadowing and altered the colour scheme.
Like its predecessor. Info Nexus 2 uses a strange Magic Menu-like system. Pressing the right mouse button anywhere will cause the screen brightness to fade down and a menu bar to appear in that location. Fortunately there’s an option to lose the silly screen dimming but even still this system, described as ‘Pop and Roll’, is fairly useless as the menus have limited selections anyway.
Info Nexus does not compare favourably to Dopus 4. There's a ridiculous lack of configuration options. The buttons are fixed and it's not even possible to create a drive button. Instead you have to click on a 'Drives' icon and then choose from a non resizable requester containing your entire selection of drives and assigns. Another another minus point is the fact that none of the file requesters are resizable - a nasty side effect of reinventing the GUI wheel.
Limitations File types are severely limited.
The defaults are mostly based on matching post fixes of the filenames (.IFF. .TXT etc! Rather than the binary data. There is, however. A couple of potentially innovative features, such as a preview thumbnail display of a directory full of images. This presents a screen full of boxes with tiny representations of all your pictures in it. Nice idea but it didn't work on anything but IFF files for me.
When I tried it with JPEGs all I got was a load of garbage even with a working Datatype installed.
Everything but IFF is handled by Datatypes which is a little pointless for a package professing to work under the Datatypeless OS
1. 3. You'll only be able to view IFF pictures those machines.
There are a few positive points to InfoNexus 2. In 'Dynamic Typing' mode, small icons representing every defined file type are displayed to the left of the filenames. InfoNexus also has some neat functions for performing batch renames with specified pre post-fixes. Most of the unique functions of InfoNexus 2 could be replicated with Dopus 4 and Arexx. But the inadequate Arexx port on InfoNexus 2 means that you couldn't replicate all of the unique features of Dopus 4.
Some example Arexx scripts would have helped but there are none.
Odd approach Optonica's entire approach to implementing a file manager seems odd to me given a quote from their InfoNexus 2 addendum to the previous manual; "What about multiple windows and multiple threads? Whilst other file manager producers may feel that allowing the user to do many things at once with files is a good thing, in reality this is a prime example of superfluous glitz winning over intuitive program design." Do Optonica really hope to convince us that we don't need multitasking? If this is intuitive program design. I'll have a double helping of superfluous glitz please.
Sweetner As an extra, Optonica have included DataNexus with the package.
This is a simple but functional 'flat file' database. If the bizarre GUI isn't too much of a problem then it could be useful. Its ability to handle images, sounds and even CDXL animation is a definite plus but again Optonica state,"... you will not find the usual superfluous bells and whistles ...” They _ seem to be under the impression I that the numerous things they * haven't implemented (that are commonplace in other packages) are simply not needed. I strongly disagree. Steer clear and buy some shareware instead. ¦ Mat Bettinson AMIGA CD ROMS JE[ I TEXTURE PORTFOLIO HAS BEEN IN THE MAKING
’ER CO FOR OVERSEAS DELIVERY COLOUR KITS for MONO PRINTERS I fcvtr .»Nyou'd tatthi colour pnnicr in**! Ul a nwto«*’ Wvxsttrt« fc iree u pnm out(return intokm'hiy* you ao widi Amiga"Rctice** Kii“ Ufa Am»gzi FkucokxK*cornscomffcle w*cretythmg m nctd*pal neck™, nvlodag supetb software. IV odour 111 »simple to use. Tfc n*W fu rxMly tta same .ay »your Marl nbh.«h so will r* affect yo« g«r»ire Aim a nil nnlrt b*d takr. (ox-r ahpntcm is automatic, yoe dsMta.clo «n»D. Al n. PRINTS AS 0000 AS COLOUR PRIMER. II ..mi prrnrr is tx. Intad takm pka* (bore. Amiga Rcx»x*x k*s lor Si* LCIO LC20. All So*
2* Pm Panasmi. IOIOSI fll23 l 12*. Epson FXSO FXIW. LQOW eK Cili cn IsiDt.NEC P6. Pf*. Ptrase mc coknr Uscuk I COMPI.HK KIT 139.95 NO MORE BANDING NO MORE WHITE LINES COLOUR GRAPHICS LIKE YOUVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE I Ye* iu irue the new flcxi 3 will remove banding & I white lines from dot mMiix & bubblcjet primers 1 Now you can have laser quality on dot matrix printers.
£2995 £29.95 £29.95 £2)95 £2995 £29.95 £19.99 I .. £2.99 .. £3.99 .. £5 .99 .. £3.99 .. £2 .99
112. 99 How to otdcr Enclose chcqucVPO made payable to: CARE
Holland (iardens. Gurdon. Watford. Herb WD2 6JN Fax 0923
AND CARRIAGE ‘Balance control for picture enhancement •
Select area to be printed‘Select sire to be prmted-Puge
Control-Colour Seive * InkCorrection-Automatic poster im«tc
for larger than A4 * Gamma correctum • Spooler for colour
letter heads etc * Colour scpciution * Now with
Anti-Aliasing to get rid of jagged edges-Large range of
dithering (dot pattern) * Variable levels of shingling to
totally remove banding ’ while lines.- Colour catalogue
function will prim a mi nature of each picture.
Configurable between I to 8 accross. * Star, Citizen, Panasonic.
NEC. Epson. Cannon. Hewlett Packard and just about any dot matrix or inkjet bubblejel'Laserjet printer.
ONLYpirff CARE SPECIAL £29.95 UPGRADE FLEXIDUMP TO FLEXIDUMP PLUS 3. ONLY £14.95 INC. RETURN MASTER DISK Mouse Mouse Mouse Mm 2 Piece Priori Stand ... Parallel Punic* Cable .
3. 5 Digital Cleaning Kit 100 Cap Lockable 35 Disk Box
MISCELLANEOUS EPSON STYLUS four refils 120ml pure black
....£16.99 TRICOLOUR REFILL KITS FOR: HP De*kjrt rung*.
Canon HJC600. HJC4000 etc 10 KrHILs of Yellow. Magenta & Cyan 180ml...------ £24.99 EPSON STYLUS TRICOLOUR refill. 2 refills of Yriow.
Magenta & Cyan 180ml-------------------------£24.99 Print llcad Recovery Fluid for unblinking nozzles .15.95 Important: Please state ty pe when ordering.
For IIP DESKJET 50O5I052D.550.50tK.5fl0C.C50C.5A0C EPSON STYLUS 800.1000, CANNON BUBBLE JET, BC-01.
BJ 105 EX NX, BC02J1J200.BJI30.BJ300BJ330 OLIVETTI JPI50050530.CmZEN PROJECT 6 Refill Kil 120ml pure black... ----- £16.99 Swilt ABC 224 KXP2I2V2I24 2I80 KXP2I35 StuLC2C09P» Scar LC24-I0W2O) Scikosha SL95 Sui LC24»LC240 INKJET REFILLS £16.99 4 Colour Citizen Swift ABC 240 ...... 4 Colour Citizen Swifl (Reload) 4 Colour Star LCIO .. . .119.99 .....19.99 ... 110.99 4 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin .... .... XI2.99 4 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin (Reload)---- .....X7.99 4 Colour Siar LC200 24 Pin ... .... 119.99 4 Colour Star 24 Pin (Reload) . .....X9.99 1 Colour Star
LC10 .. .....X9.99 1 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin .... .....X9.99 1 Colour all Star 24 Pin ...... .....X9.99 1 Colour Epson FX80 LQ40WMX80 ... .....X9.99 1 Colour Epson LX80 .....X9.99 1 Colour Panasonic KXP 1080 . Wide range of other ribbons available.
X9.99 Just take the top off. Take out the ok! Ribbon and reload it with a new one.
Citizen SwifUABC l20D 5 black reloads .....19.99 Star LC10 20 100 5 black reloads ...£4.99 Star LC24 Range 5 Mack reloads £9.99 Seikosha l90(V240(VSL95 96 5 black reloads .£9.99 Epson FX80 LQ800 Range 5 black reloads ..£ 11.99 Star LC24-3G LC240 5 black reloads ......£14.99 Kir Panasonic 108ft* 1. 1124.1180.2123.2135. Star LC200 9 Kin. Epscn LQIOO.Oki 182TOI Black bottle will rc-ink I(X + nHxms £9.95 T-SHIRT PRINTING RIBBONS PRINT ON NORMAL PAPER IRON ON T-SHIRT BLACK PRINTER RIBBONS SPECIAL
RE-INK CWCDD Ann 10 High Street, Nairn IV12 4BJ tVC IV VJ LAUl TEL FAX: 01667 454933 AMIGA DISCOUNT SOFTWARE ..£12.99 ...£12.99 «t»96 t'899 . ¦ ti. « t 999 i9 99 Z6 99 «i. 99 09 .*99 ZIZ99 £8.99 AMIGA Sooty 8 Sweep. ------------------- Heavy Metal------------------------- ST.U.N Runner_________..._.___ - Postman Pm I _____________________ Matrix Maraudere .. Knight foree_________________________ Nevermind. .... Ixerne to Kill - 007________________ Galaxy Foree_____________________ Dogs ol War________________ S rearing
Wings_____________________ Count Ducub 2 Asterods ...... Mayday Squad Heroes ..... Capoxi F172 meets the Blatteront Rado Controlled Racer ...... Skychase---------------------------- Tiunlc Binty ---------------- Ghost Chaser---------------------- Ninia Rabtxts ----------------- Gemini Wing-------------------------- Scramble Sprits____________________ APB--------------------------- Dragon Spirit------------------------- Sew* ***** -s* ••** Ginas Sv*« V»r* Bnana * *voe Baa---------- Orix- WOO haw Par I sere. **¦«*. Bnv i o: w.*v*U Wvb.
SewA-e A*v4f * Va . E- V* , • yvtta
* e I Scar ( «•«.
Su"«e- SvCrw-V-i SW-v ... tntc _ --------- WoH OtM... £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 £499 £4 99 £499 £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 ......£4.99 £4.99 £4.99 099 .see »«*e .«94
* «»* i ; ee ......£4.99
- 14.99 Buffalo Blit Rodeo Gaines_______________ £699 Knife
Throwing Tnck Shooting Bronco Riding'Stage Coach Rescue I
Calf Roping Steer Wrestling Mercenary ------------------------
£699 Championship Riyt --------- .£4.99
Andre Agassi Tennis ...... -11899 Another World
----------------------£12.79 Archer Mdean's Pool- ---- £1099
Bobbie 6 Squeak --------------------£12.99 Breach
J------------------------------------------£25.99 Cadaver I
Campaign______________________________________________ 19.95
CDI2 Awcn Breed 3D____________________________________£18.99
Andre Agassi Tennis __ _.£I899 Fears
----------------------------£1899 First Encounter Etae
3________________________£1849 Simon the Sorcerer
2______________________________-.£24.99 Super Screedgtxer
Wtorms .£18.49
AMIGA ACCESSORIES Mock-E-Mouse I C ereho« Twin
Pack----------£14.75 Mock-E-Mouse giver (oystick control to all
mouse functions. Cybershoc converts any standard Amiga
joystick into a ’Deadly Aurofire Sock'. Futy Amiga Compacble.
DUST COVERS AI200-------------------------------------------------£3.95 CD32 -------------------------------------£3.95 DISKS 10---------- -....1350 CABLES Replacement TV cable (All Anagas me. CD32)......£195 JOYSTICKS Cheetah I2S* --------------------------£7.99 Amiga Joypad _____ 19.99 MICE Aka-Data 400Opi Mouse------------------------£1195 Arriga ST Switchabie Mouse__________________£I19S AMIGA COMPUTERS A1203 ( - Prtoll Mirva.Whirz.Personal P»« V4 £39999 A1200 weh 170 Mb Hard Drive____________________£499 99 Cannon Fodder 2_________________...______ Chaos Engme
2______________________________ ..-£1799 ...11899 ..-£1999
* •«) focal Football_________________________ Tracksuit Manage*
94195---------- Treble Champions 2 ..
_______£1999 _______£1799 ..£1299 .....£1799 :«* -«r*»
: ¦* hew i Kn 1 taei Noe*
- one An.
• » Vr**Uc«6.l *-« * 1 'i*k l iZ9%
• 'C«« »»e« I 699 t'24 Wing Commander--------- ----------------
Wo* Odd_____________________________________
Warns-------- AMIGA 1200 Adventures of Robn Hood Aken
Breed 30__________________ Another
World__________________________ Andre Agassi
- -----£1299 ...... £8.99 .£17.99
- .....£1099 .._.....£1999 _______£1279 ______£1999 Fligta of the
Amazon Queen Final Over_______________...________.._ Hoyles
Book of Games Vbl. 1-------------- Hcryles Book of Games Vol.
2....______ ____ ¦*»«».** * turner** t ...11999 . £1099
- -£1199 ...11199 1 ¦« Archer Mdcan
Pool .. Cadaver - The Pay
Campalp-------------------------------------- Cannon Fodder
2 ......
Chan _... .. ......£10.95
.£12.99 _________£9.95 _______£17.99 .....£1999
• T* V * .*» ’?» Vtr * ¦ •Htr t *", t ;•» t . »v Curse of
Enchantia----------------_.... Desert Scr*e------ Dune
- ------£1299 ..£I09S .£12.95 Secret of Monkey
Hiarri 2 • le Chucks Reicngc.
NBA AM ft a«B«*
L. . 4 ____11199 ' i;i*i • Dungeon Master 2____ _____________
Elite 2- Frontier________________..._...... Embryo
. _______ Exile_______________ . .£2499
- ..£999 .£1999 »**• 2 Axwxtne iivi
* ***»«,.
... ._ Robinson s Rojuim---------------------- Road Rash-------------------------------------- Rugby league Bon---------------------------- Sensible Golf------------------------------ , see
• jee t «-ev I ie* ..-11199
- 11099 £1099 £1895 £1899 F-IS ScrAe Eagle I------------------
* va iviXrdto t
* 9**1 A™ .« Im'« * “"fCi • 4 tu-n * -
- ores y («•*» * - ' ¦rp Oa* How«»g ch* v,« .«•*'( Uk ju
h.OdspdCo1 ______£1295 1499 0999 Oi 99 OI»9 0199 MC99 0999
0499 Sm Ufa------------------------------- S«n
Ocy___________________________ W-cr t** So-te-rv } V* rr-C iOW
SO A*.
’•"-oerw The Adventures of Robn Hood .. Tiny Troops______________________________________
- 11199 ...£1299 £2299 t eve
* aee 3* rgee £10.99
- 119.99
• OCX* - --- -------- “V-**y b«A0 2 Le Ow »
Hook _...--------------------- Obsession
(AI2Q0) ..... Pole
Position-----....._.... Populous
1_ .. Pnmal
R*ge .. Reams ..... Rend
Rash______________________________-___ 0 99 0299 ________£7.99
..£24.95 ..£19.99 ..£1299
- -----£1999 ..£1099 ______£1099
add £2 per title. Rest of World add £3.50 per title.
PRODUCT TEST i Dice 3 I Price: £99 ¦ Supplier: Fourth Level Developments © 0117 985 4455 Ot's always good to see a shareware program evolve into a commercial product. Although :n one hand it can hurt the pock- ft it does mean that there is
- sually plenty of user support and printed manuals. It also
means :nat there has been a long period of real-world testing.
Couple nese points with the fact that SAS Lartice C compiler is
no longer being developed and DICE ooks set to become the new
Amiga standard.
A shareware C compiler turns commercial. Is it setting a new standard for the Amiga or should Fourth Level throw again?
As with any C compiler, you can't expect to take it out of the oox and start writing astounding programs, straight away. If you nave never used C before you will 'eed to read the manual from cover to cover before you start.
The DICE manual won’t teach C
* rom beginner to advanced level, out it will help you a great
deal by explaining the basics and recommending further
reading. There is no doubt that you will need a good 'eference
book and you will also need to obtain the official Amiga
documentation (the 'RKMs').
However the effort is well worth it as C is an amazing language. It manages to provide near Assembler-level control over hardware. Whilst at the same time providing a modular approach which can be used for anything from arcade games to professional databases. If you want to learn how to really program then C is the way to go.
A Whoops: and lot once il isn't my program that is at latlL the DICE debugger bites the dust.
Roll the DICE From the outset DICE looks promising. The manual is thick, all the files you need to start up are included on the five floppy disks provided and it claims to work on an A500 with two floppy drives right up to an A4000 with hard disks. Sadly this turns out to be false, as the floppy only installation routine is broken in this release, so you will need a hard drive to use DICE.
Rather than containing only a compiler, DICE is a complete suite of programs. As your programming projects grow it becomes harder and harder to keep track of your code, and that’s where the Vmake utility and Resource Control System (RCS) come in.
Vmake provides a graphical ‘front end' for the compiler: it's possible to compile and run without having to visit the Shell CLI at all. Which is good news for those who are allergic to remembering long strings of options.
The RSC system keeps track of all the different files which make up your program and ensures that different versions don’t get mixed up or lost. When you consider that a large program can have twenty or thirty associated source code files, you can see why it is such a good idea.
As well as the requisite Linker and Assembler which all compilers need, other utilities are provided for searching through files, removing comments, updating time stamps and handling other mundane tasks. You even get a choice of editors: the simple DME or the Memacs derivative AME.
Arexx friendly Arexx is fully supported by Vmake, which means you can customise your programming environment for any particularly tricky jobs you have. In fact, as the source code is provided for many of the utilities, you can actually re-write the entire system if you need to.
The manual gives some very useful example code for integrating an Arexx port into your own programs. In fact this is made a lot easier because one of the Amiga-specific features built into DICE is automatic Arexx support: a startlingly good idea.
Unfortunately all is not double sixes with DICE. I must have been spoilt by using SAS C for so long, but DICE has a less than professional feel about it.
There are little irritations (the documentation for some features, such as the Debugger, is on disk rather than printed in the manual) and there are larger ones (the code profiler doesn't seem to work, the automatic installation didn't work, the promised integration of DICE with existing text editors such as Cygnus Ed is ropey).
From a beginner's point of view the compiler spits back particularly unfriendly errors, even if you do something simple like leave '.c‘ off the source code file (SAS C automatically knows what you meant). Problems like these should definitely have been ironed out well before version three: and a total lack of response from the supplied UK E-Mail support address doesn't help either.
Overall I was impressed by the Amiga specific features, but feel that more work has to be done before DICE reaches its true potential. You can work around the short-comings if you have too.
There is nothing truly major at fault, but you can't help feel that adequate time in the testing department is not in evidence. ¦ John Kennedy ‘Dept 0*111 £PO ‘5o, 14 IlincoCnsfiire S-C‘JF United ‘KJnjjdotn 01507 450114 10 PD DISKS FOR A FIVER FROM OVER 9000 DISKS, BLANK DISKS £2.50 FOR 10, FROM 17P IN BULK. WE ARE THE CHEAPEST PD LIBRARY IN THIS MAGAZINE!!
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REPAIRS WHILE-U-WAIT !1| That's I_ COMPUTERS AND MONITORS Us Attention Dealers Ring Fax Now for best trade prices and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, CD Rom Drives _and Memory Upgrades._ A1200 FAST TURNAROUND 90 DAYS WARRANTY ON ALL REPAIRS!!
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loaded and include 2-5" IDE cable and software 2-5“ IDE Cable
and Software £9-95 A-1200 Accelerators Please ring
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• MldoCk Upgrade lo 1 Meg Upgrade lo 1-5 Meg upgrade lo t Meg
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1 Meg Feller Agnus .....£19-00 2 Meg Feller Agnus
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10 Boxed Bronded Disks Printer Coble .
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Crescent, LOGIC Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT2 6HH ¦ * All
prices Include VAT * All prices subject to change without
notice * Fixed charge for repair does not include disk
drive keyboard anTI
* We reserve the right to refuse any repair * P&P charges £3-50
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Ro efield.
catalogue disks F ivh Disks 1 TO 1000 1 TO 250 17 Hit Dfcks 1 TO .WOO* All dbks 9Up P& P 70p per order rw nukt ¦hft|iM' A PON putAMr to M.(;rie e DEMON (BRILLIANT CARD JF.TSET WILLY 3 GAME!
- n»urnto*w u«iq»mn a«*«unu m ot *v bwh ¦ u%cu
- tin n ¦ fffffim pMci m if. Tut t ff»i...n m't mm mii rm *~i«
it, motnt fauc. Im m must «" »• fl It™ small - But" ¦ « ¦ |M(0
Vim bowl
- Iff guillli ol Iff Blllett Mlifi If ffHWMfft...Tff BUM! Win If
Of eitremul, Wftfl fMltlof If Iff Wflffiffl Mmouiy ol Of audio
lull.- • fl'. Sml|i Urn Iflnffllnil.
- food Iff Mffdi Ihrfugf tfe -Utllf But" ddfn Win If fuff i
tiighpr quallt, off iwndlfg." • nr. DW|f siuwdt It fdd'rd ¦
fnlfff luefn • Wf umflf ffdi, Iff llttlf Hfu If ¦ cfdff.
Tllffllit eay ol Hfrovlff Iff tuwd awl ffd fftffl «Iff fucfUf-
- fdf. Fftun Music Iff fUco Iff Uttlf Boa Mo rou f|U foo ffd
Mttd. Iff Uftfftli fdl mocf ffned ufwl ImadBu cweol...ffddBf
wetml. Iff UHM Bon Hi «r fe hoi mm imucliuu good Of few wun
cwtug Mf Mf Mu gnctr' Vti dww CfwMMg
- hi ltddd fun Iddf Mg Mi ¦ CdWddM If d ddludcldg ttf fintUg
uwdf. MU Id! Id mtf iMtltWld MegaM Mbm I |w art Im m* crtN mm
wnliM • trt ¦ w ha pf * art pri to m rn¦ Ben rum w Ruts ¦ i
m*N procmoi li HriHA nlmi III Muni U •!-1U lo eoMMlikiMn the
Ibis M tntk mUN d III mmS d MtR *Md • m Md »sdhr Ire led ii|W
"Little Gent" Micro Audio Mixer and E.Q UniP coo Id Id Ml Iff
Il The Problem: Eastenders or Street Fighter?
The Solution: A Dedicated Video Monitor.
Hard on copy. Soft on wallet.
ftficrotrade The Redwood Building, Leighton Road, Buttington, Welshpool SY21 8HE Tel: 01938 556575 556623 Monitor dpoclllcation: Phifps HCS35 Video monltoi »ltn speata - compaKMe with ffnlga. Nes. «ne». Megfdrlve Ml. Atari ft A composite video (price incudes video lead) Printer specification: PhAps NMS1136 9-pei NLQ Dot matrix pooler. EpsorvlBM compatUie. 120CPS draft, tractor single sheet fed. Suppked with K Note an equspmerx advertised « seco nd-user and has beer tufty reUrt»shed. Tested and repackaged n our warehouse fecdfty and cames a 90 DAY WARRANTY Prices advertised do not include P4P-
piease add lor single item - £15.00 Two Hems • £19.50. ordering: piease ptace orders by poet ensunng that you specify «em(s) required & your computer type Cheques or postal orders only piease. Made otf lo ‘MlCRO-T*. _ PRODUCT TEST Amiga Technologies Ml 438S monitor ¦ Price: £299 ¦ Developer: Microvitec ¦ Supplier: Amiga Technologies ® 01628 770034 miga Technologies I make no secret of the ' fact that their 1438S monitor is essentially the Microvitec 1438. This monitor that has already proved itself a popular and cost-effective monitor for the Amiga market and has been on sale through outlets
such as Silica for some time now.
At last the Amiga has an official multisync monitor.
So just how good is it with productivity modes?
Ilf The M1438S is a multisync, so it can synchronise itself to display a variety of screen modes that use different scan rates. This means it can display PAL (15KHz) screen modes as well as Double PAL Productivity (31 Khz) screen modes. Hence this one monitor is theoretically suitable for games and serious applications alike Normal PAL modes, which are used with the majority of games, can be used for serious applications but DBLRsI Productivity is required for a high resolution picture if you want to avoid those dreaded flickery Interlace modes. In fact HiRES productivity modes in the 31
Khz band can be used with the original Microvitec 1438 or many other VGA monitors too. Using an Amiga 23 pin to PC 15 pin adapter.
Dual-purpose Since the M1438S displays both modes for only 50% more than the cost of a PAL only monitor (such as the Commodore 1084). It seems to represent good value for money. The only really new feature in the Amiga Technologies version, apart from a proper 23 pin RGB input, is the addition of stereo speakers. Unfortunately, the sound quality from these speakers left a lot to be desired, especially where bass response is concerned. They were fine for some games and for the occasional warning beep but pretty useless for serious audio applications.
O: !
PC modes?
The other area where the M1438S falls down is in the picture displayed in the 31 Khz modes. Large borders are present on either side of the active screen and with the omission of a horizontal size control, it's not possible to reduce them. The brightness and contrast is also too low for a good quality picture.
On the other hand the M1438S displays VGA modes perfectly well from add-on graphics boards like my GVP Spectrum.This would seem to indicate that the monitor was designed for screen modes coming from a PC rather than an Amiga. If this weakness and the sound quality were addressed then the M1438S would be absolutely perfect. As it is. It's still good value, but if multiscan modes and sound quality are a priority, you should look elsewhere. ¦ Mat Bettinson ¦ Emulators Unlimited contains Software emulation tods for the Amiga & PC.
Spread over the two platforms are emulators for: Apple. BBC. Commodore 64.
Commodore VIC20. Amstrad CPC. Apple Mac. Gameboy. Atari ST. MSX. Apple200.
Atari 800. A!anl040ste. Sinclair QL, Uni* and more. Ajso features hundreds of games.tools etc for most of the emulators.
EMULATORS UNLIMITED newiii (con?) £19.99 A superb CD-ROM for all STARTREK fans, contains Hundreds of graphic images in IFF & GIF from the very first series too the very latest filnVseries Dozens of IFF and WAV sound samples are also included aswell as both the Next Generation & original Startrek Theme tunes. Also includes dozens of Startrek animations in both Amiga anim & FLI.
¦VUI • ¦'! J' H|*'l I 5CI'FI Sensa," ’',s cxcilmg |y ' manors, 3D objects. Sound FX.
L Document*. Ihemetunes, 5;.- ;.l-. A SCI |Bt JljJt V' Subjects included am Sativion- StarfcK nal. TNG. Deep Space 9 and Voyager). Batman. Dr Who. Thunderbirds. Robocop. Sea Quest DSV. Blade runner. Allens. Terror hawks, 2001. Blake7.
BatBestar Galactica. Tron. Total Recal. 2010. Space 1999 etc Hundreds ol miscellanous SCI-FI images, sound fx. SCI-FI music and more. CUAMIGA rated 91% AUI Over 90% (CD76) Now £1 ¦ Arcade Classics Is an original collection o( ALL your old arcade favourites.
BREAKOUT. NUMEROUS C64 CONVERSIONS. A COLLECTION OF JEFF MINTER GAMES AND HUNDREDS MORE Over 600mb of unforgettable retro-gaming Floppy drive required. Keyboard recommended ARCADE CLASSICS STARTREK MULTIMEDIA GOLD (CD04) WOLTSEH5ATIOH2 iDULT SENSATION 7 IhtHfWaVCH Adult Sensation 2 features a whole new batch of exciting new Adult material Including Over 4.000 colour graphic images, hundreds of Adultsexy sound samples in WAV.IFF & VOC, Comical sketches.
Hundreds of Adult |Okes. Dozens of either weird.sick or adult animations in FLI S ANIM Adult sensation 2 also contains around a dozen original adult music modules that footure sexy samples Not one for the faint hearted (18) ADULT SENSATION 2 Pi. .r X*. World 0* Cipart« a double CD- W A ROM containing around 40.000 'A 0m j k+*i mono and colour citparl xnages ‘ Svae | contained in over 100 catagories . IMH 0 • -.ft | in IFF. GIF. PCX. CDR. EPS. TIF.
Q£) MOJtlD & BMP Tools for converting , .
'l L i ? | •d'aQos to another format are M ffl ¦ CLJiV.ft'f I included for both the PC & Amiga. • _' _ Subjects include : Animals. _ Anatomy. Babies. Men. Women. Trees, Reptiles, insects, Xmas. Religious. Planes. Vehicles. Ships. Toys. Zodiac signs. Eye catchers. Humour. Cats. Dogs. Computers.
Technology. Sealife. Space. Symbols. Royalty. Dinosaurs.
Plants. Nature. Ads. Tools. Astrology. Hands. Birds.
Business. Office. Workers. Cartoon. Lion King. Education. Tj» Food. Gardening. Holidays. Houses & Buildings. * “ £5 Hekcoplers. Children. Banners. Medieval. Military.
Monsters. Music. Sports (football, golf. Aerobics. Olympics. Q etc). Transport. Trains. War and more. Rated 94% AF WORLD OF CLIPART Plus POUBLE cp (CD77) ci7.99 SCI-FI SENSATION doubleco FCD49X. Lucky dip volumeGne FCD54. ILLUSIONS 3D V FCD74. ESSENTIAL UTILITES FCD12. HOTTEST4 ¦„ , FCD4T. PRO FONTS & CLIPART FCD60 MULTIMEDIA MAN!At - FCDW9, Sl P£R CARS ’9* FCDiea. wcxy dip volume TfvO FREEPHONE: UoUU Tjj'JS ZliTi At a.» am* &; HB»rHu tiw'rwwi yow ft I If your into Horror thenM 4, | .31 ‘ i Bfci* gory animations. Bloody games.
Spine tingling horror type sounds. Horror stones. Eanee music modules. Pictures A animations from hundreds of horror films and heaps of reaf-We bfood n guts (over 18 only) HORROR SENSATION (CD144) £19.99 Over 7000 royalty free colour images Subjects include: cats, aviation, animals. People, hi-tech, space, cars, trains textures, nature, sports, pinups. Boats, flowers, plants, seasons, birds, technology, raylracod. Cartoons. Fantasy, art. Reptiles etc. etc. I Um-iiik. Ni« milM popular flippy software -H.r l CD PC y-ar. 1 i1- iEi !*«•• *Bi I Ins compilation cc".: fc**" ¦ Jlf :1l.!'!-i nl
--1"-.:; !
Ware, subjects include: Professorial no clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D objects for Imagine & Lightwave Colour. Bitmap. Compugraphrc fonts & Adobe fonts. Graphics convex ers. Music tutorials. Beginners guide. 3D stereogram generators Hundreds of Sound FX and samples. Virus Killers. Hard disk instaaan tods. Various Hardware projects. A number of classic demo's.
Hundreds of games including Shoot em ups. Mind teasers. Puzzle, ca arcade and board games. The latest Assassins games. Emulators ar* the latest LSD utilities are also included. ‘Supplied with printed index THE EPIC COLLECTION v2 CEII1 (CD100X) cm Retro gaming at it's best. Around 500C a time classic spectrum game files on arm CD-ROM. Emulators included for the Amiga. Mac. Atan ST & PC (dos 4 Windows) Games include Manic Mr* Skool daze. Monty mole. Startrek. Thrs* Jet Set Willy. The Hobbit. Strip Poker Danger Mouse. The Sentinel, Micro Olympics, Under Wurlde, Urldium. Abe Atac. River raid.
Barbarian. Hunchback and around 5000 other classc spectrum game files including muitbload bpeccy pal 2 *i ol documents containing instructions for most CbEQJXLLU games aswull us hundreds of speccy game cheats Keyboard requirod rTrmWa’ SPECCY SENSATION 2 (CD119) £' Features hundreds of all-time classic C64 pn grams. Over 10.000 commodore 64 Megadei over 30mb of classic C64 game tunes and m C64 SENSATION (CD120) £' I «j| Essential utifcties is a collection of the most use- PwEfc j ful tons available Caiegoc.es include graphics rBHRf Lm B converters, text, music toots Printer drivers, i Jnrv
Virus kllers. Memory utilrties. Emulators.
r Business applications including r !¦ Wordprocessing database spreadsheets, diary GIF SENSATION double cd C012S| E19M ESSENTIAL UTILITIES Volume One icd74 n.n Hthe Grolier electronic Multimedia oncyclopeds contains thousands of pages of information or every subject, with Thousands of great coloir photographs and illustrations and hundreds cf sound clips from the BBC this CD-ROM is an essential purchase for al CD-ROM users.
Rated 97% AC - 94% AF GROLIER ENCYCLOPEDIA Ver.ion2. CD46| [;6, .'aWi1 - BlrwB :oajus The Jkcnrepra .
AXd. Pakn nvikr; & non?
2000 GREAT MYSTERIES jccn6| £21.99 Adult Sensation Volume One contains over 4.000 | ,. FlPl.Ty - ;jli qua 00111 |lh.» The 5th Dimension « the 5th disc of the 17bit collection. Contains over 600rrb of new data, catagories include: Thousands of tools, games, demo’s, music modules. AGA soft- 17BIT 5TH DIMENSION "-nir.7. n, .. tographs of qiamoDi II'-.
MM months to ponder through.
Only suitable for perso*’s over the age of 1 fT ADULT SENSATION icdod £19.99 S Graphics Sensation Is a collection of the best graphics tools. 24bn images, anima- ' lions and Imagine* Lightwave objects Plus hundreds of texture files.
,he largnnl coleceon & Uaft 9 aBV53l h-" - “ • *-31 ¦ •': '"Kw .011111.-1 B 'fW.WmCI 1 ¦¦ 'A--1 '¦••••
* Vf I in.M-.1t M. : WH Ti.i ¦ • iffBS .-.I .'.I'ljBlyl.'- ,
y.fj j B B erharcer vx‘r.
MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCE1 I This CD contains almost 100 variations of the wcrt most addictive and loved game. Nearly al the gam* are ready to run directly from CD. And archived w stons are also included NOTHING BUT TETRIS icnmm.
Check out the latest Amiga CD-ROMs in our new expanded reviews section. Tony Horgan spins the discs.
CD-ROM Round up The Colour Library Vol 1 If your appetite for all things pictorial is still unsatisfied, maybe The Colour Library is the disc for you. A rather nice picture viewer is included on the CD which lets you view all of the images without having to use something like ViewTek. Which could have you sitting around waiting for directory lists on slower Amigas. This way there's no waiting - just click on the picture and up it comes. Image Desk, Image Studio and Fast View are also included.
The images themselves vary greatly in terms of content and quality. It seems that a simple trawling technique was used to round up as many pictures as possible from the public domain. Quality control was apparently not a high priority. That’s not to say that all of the images are ropey. There are lots of good images here but there's also a large contingent of fuzzy low resolution digitised stills. If you require a wide variety of illustrations for use in DTP applications then The Colour Library should serve you well, so long as you don't expect stacks of high quality high resolution scans.
Available from: PD Soft, 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS1 2YD. Tel: 01702 466933. Price: £9.99 plus 75p P+P.
C64 Sensations Unlike the highly popular Speccy Sensations Cds, C64 Sensations is not a collection of old C64 games. I was so looking forward to playing some of those old classics: Summer Games 2, Racing Destruction Set. International Soccer and hundreds of others, but I should have read the back of the CD first.
What we have is a compilation of music, demos and pictures from the C64. Some of the music is stored as SID files, and comes with the SIDPIayer utility to play them back on your Amiga. Due to an all too familiar mix-up, the installer is directed to non-existent directories, and so it doesn’t work. However, much hunting around will reveal the required library sitting in a deep- rooted directory somewhere on the CD. Copying this to the Libs partition on your hard drive gets it all up and running. Another selection of tunes are stored ready to play from the CD.
Depending on your outlook, C64 music is either a: classic, b: an acquired taste or c: rubbish. If you're not sure what to expect, imagine the sound of a bee trapped inside a Bontempi organ.
Then there are the pictures. These are generally chunky loading screens taken from C64 games and do a good job of reminding us how nice high resolution Amiga graphics look. I'm not quite sure what the attraction is here because let's face it, they are stunningly unimpressive by today's standards.
Finally there are demos. These are included as a rather unfriendly batch of LHA archives. These need to be extracted and then loaded into the C64 emulator Frodo. Anyone expecting a C64 equivalent of the Speccy Sensations disc will be very disappointed.
In Aminet 8 If by any travesty of justice you missed out on our CD issue last month, you will also have missed our free cover mounted version of an Aminet 7 CD Those who didn’t miss out will now be familiar with what has become the world's most comprehensive collection of Amiga PD and shareware. Most of the data is archived, generally with LHA but occasionally with DMS where appropriate. With virtually nothing immediately accessible from the CD this can be a little tiresome, but it does mean you get over a gigabyte of data in total. The AmigaGuide indexes all have automated unarchiving,
so that's no problem.
As well as the usual categories of business, development, games, music, comms. Utilities, disk tools, graphics, pictures, music, demos, text and hardware protects. Aminet 8 focuses on music modules with a massive 2,000 of them included. Aminet 8 contains over 600Mb of new software along with the best and most useful stuff from previous releases. This cannot be beaten. Definitely an essential purchase.
Available from: PD Soft, 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SSI 2YD. Tel: 01702 466933. Price: £12.99 plus 75p P + P. The Fifth Dimension The Fifth Dimension is the fifth CD compilation from 17 Bit Software's extensive library of PD.
All of the software is archived in DMS form, which means everything has to be expanded onto floppy disks before you can use it. This is the easiest way to transfer a disk-based library to CD and is fine for demos that are designed to run straight from floppy, however it's not ideal for serious applications and utilities that would be better unpacked straight to a hard drive.
The selection of software on this disc is excellent, taking in the full range of Amiga PD, from games and demos to utilities and applications, along with all the other oddities that find their way into the public domain. Every disk is included from number 3352 (which just happens to be my own Some Justice 94 demol to 3870 Most of this is top grade stuff.
Highly recommended Available from: 17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street. Wakefield.
West Yorks. Tel:01924 366 Fresh Fish X The Global Amiga Experience Fred Fish (real name) is the original Amiga PD compiler. He released his first 'Fish Disk' in 1985 and was one of the catalysts in the growth of the Amiga PD scene. Fresh Fish X is the tenth edition of the CD series, and contains disk numbers 1000 to 1100 in LHA archive form. All new additions to the Fish library since volume 9 are also included ready to run from the CD, plus a selection of other ready to run software filed in a drawer called 'useful'.
You won't find any Euro demos here - the emphasis is on the more serious side of things, although there are a few games. Like the Aminet Cds, most of the new files are split into categories such as business, comms, music, pictures, graphics, utilities and so on. While it doesn't seem to be quite as comprehensive a collection as the Aminet discs, it's still packed with lots of useful tools and data.
Available from: PD Soft, 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea. Essex SS1 2YD. Tel: 01702 466933. Price: £24.99 plus 75p P+P.
Super Autos 94 95 Super Autos 94 95 contains 112 images, all of which are digitised photos taken from a car show. Each image is supplied as a GIF. HAM8 IFF. PICT and TIFF file. There's also a directory that contains files purporting to be IFFs but refused to load on any of our graphics software or viewer utilities. The pictures have been digitised at high res interlaced resolution and are very clean. If your PicturesOfCars' directory on your hard drive needs topping up. Here's the solution.
Be .
Phase 1 Nothing to do with the 17 Bit Phase X series of CD-ROMs, this Phase 1 is filled mainly with clip art. Image and font files for use in DTP graphics and video work.
The graphics are split into descriptive directories (cars, animals, fantasy etc.). Each category has its pictures compressed onto one or two screens of thumbnail previews. Together with filenames for all the images, so locating the right picture is no trouble.
While some of the colour clip art is very familiar and has previously appeared on similar Cds. The general standard is very high. The clip art is divided into colour, mono and EPS formats, while the images are all present in 16. 256 and 4096 HAM colours. DTP artists will enjoy the large number of fonts available in Compugraphic, ProDraw, Type 1 and IFF formats.
A lucky bag of utilities are on hand to help you out of miscellaneous tight spots. Demo versions of Typesmith 2.5 and PageStream 2 are in attendance, along with update patches for PageStream 2 b 3, OpaMsion and Typesmith 2.5a. In all, a very competent clip art and font collection.
Available from: EM Computergraphic, 8 Edith Road, Clacton, Essex C015 1JU. Tel: 01255 431 389 Price: £24.99 plus £1 P+P.
I E£P 90 Zero G Datafile 1 Zero G Datafile 1 is the CD-ROM version of the audio sample CD of the same wme. You may remember it was this CD that had a big hand in starting the whole dance sample CD market a few years ago. We reviewed the original audio disc and rated it highly. This has all the samples from that disc in 16 bit WAV format, sampled at 44.1kHz. Strictly speaking this isn't an Amiga CD-ROM, but it can be used easily enough directly with OctaMED 6, or if you use another sequencer, the samples can be converted using one of a number of PD utilities.
While the audio sample CD market has exploded, slow progress is being made .-.hen it comes to CD-ROM equivalents which is surprising, considering the idvances in desktop music in recent years. So rather than getting the latest releases on CD-ROM. We have Datafile 1. While this was a great CD when it was
- eleased, it has since been sampled to death, and what were once
fresh sounds are now old hat (a testament to its success at
If you are converting these samples to 8 bit IFFs, it's worth boosting the vol- jme 50% or so before downgrading, as many of them are fairly quiet (which cartly defeats the advantage of taking the samples from 16 bit originals). Even so, it still beats most other music CD-ROMs by a mile.
While this disc isn't such an attractive proposition, it's worth looking out for other CD-ROM (and audio) releases from Time and Space. Give them a call and they'll send you a free catalogue.
While some Cds are full of shaky files with bugged or non-existent installer utilities.
LSD 3 is simultaneously one of the most useful and user-friendly discs around. It's been put together by the Amiga group LSD.
The product of much data swopping and net surfing. The emphasis is on the demo scene, although there are also a few utilities, clip art files and sound samples.
LSD have taken the trouble to make as many of the demos run straight from the CD wherever possible (rather than storing everything as an LHA archive which needs to be unpacked and then run . Considering the 650Mb capacity of CD-ROM. This is something I'd like to see more of. There's also a good selection of animations and pictures which can be viewed straight from the AmigaGuide index Music fans are well catered for too.
With lots of Protracker and Screamtracker modules.
Not everything can be run straight from the CD. So in the Archived Files section you'll find another load of demos, animations, pictures, animations and samples.
Games get a look in too with Assassins disks 211 to 250 along with a few others for good measure. If you like the fun side of Amiga PD. LSD 3 is definitely the one for you Available from: 17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield.
Tel: 01924 366982. Price: £19.99 plus 75p P + P. LSD 3 wmv TfTLES ft uceucewARE U701 VIC 10 EMULATOR Put70 *«"et b *Y CM UTOd U703 (7 OISKSl 0 PAINT 41 BUDDY SYSTEM On loo iuion«i roterance manual lo* n* an pacMgaAQA oay U74H UBAARYS ANO DATATYPES *7 ilrt*m AGA on*, U71V4 AMIGA TO PSION Conned you Amga lo 'or Puo' Pi 1 700 NATIONAL LOTTERY WINNER 20 Net WB 1 3 0700 MORE MARO OMVE GAME INSTALLERS Alan freed 044X1444 12 DISKS) CHANEOUE LV liant lerwnrga uy» ptaltem Q G?i3 3*o5ksI CARO GAME* DELUXE ueaa »« KbodOu.
On ids Wjeo POMr and B*ac» Jact 3 Mag requeod AQA cm.
G6ie CARNAGE St«*e 2 £*»••» NaBa. PM. *41 «r r -wl modam rm Data n •mo awnpvAirt « na "Wi" Not KM i J 05'* VENUS CAROS iNrw cwdl «br*4w Cwuaa 2 c Kate.
G6K MARILYN 2 CAROS ’ Ktrae. DaUa 7« Don.
F artaaec KaA 0" 2 AQA l o» 3 Ur Omad Phmer.
Laav*a Oamo«r« Mucry MrbR»y Owe AGA Pwne le Chaf.
TroOa AQA Uftmaaa PYOM Zoo AQA U710 OBK STM VI. 1 "and. OrUHi V* prVNng 3 5" da* NdaN U7M PRO PAGE Y2JJML DISK T.aon au.,, 3U
M. sgr4er adm«ur* ad r .cl » mat AQA ora.
Saws* chab gla ators .c .• l*N»cr«c ra Wteil oaw M»we 1 3 r~ gab rbewWMM ST U7160 717 3 daaa WORKBENCH BACKDROPS SaKtcr c« G5S- 6CYCAR CHALENGf Racr - -aaar-.n 0aTM G466G6*3 HO DISKS CLASSC C64 GAMES AlBMSwB :'SSS cSS8si EBB7M.w GST- MASTER BLASTER 101 ? P»W- CytNW fc»W GST, PLAYBOY CARDS (c- KOT9M CNK » «“¦' omndnmi aacr H* are loMi ol aaapcra AQA or* 06700675 IS [XSKS i KLONDNCE OCLUXI 1 DISK VERSION Tna .actcr CC Kr ar aqu*aa a haro Onva W ooa« rwaa 4 mag d
- amory AGA or* G6»Q624 1? DISKSi SKDMARKS 7 CARS na. Art lor
Supw SMImwM ’cysla Supr, Land How True* Ypwai Oa* AQA oNy G6X
GLOOM DEMO Payat** Doom cKn» 9*rm AQA orty t Tfirrtes Una
AWT Peeiomwmcr M tmxawrigpwMor um .oa. LTOBa2lI !
Omniaranda- 5*’?3*HARO ORTVE GAME INST ALIBIS S Unfc* 7 Tro»a
Stew Slard.al Shatt* cV be Beni 3 SljOmte ?. TReNbn Ktea Arraa t Ain OraW a Slew 5*1 Bump 6 Oum 'aMoac* Kmgt Owel 6 Ion Krg AGA Mortal Komnal Z. Naoyr, Owt ECS.
Paab Burt. Rte cf *w Robolt Rco & Pa SartHa VkhU cr Sooy Shadow Ft awt ECS Nw m U U724 U725 12 MU' MAGIC WB ICONS 6 Mora lo*' rapacemonli U776 U777 (2 dHM) MAGIC WB ICONS 7 More 10*1 r« e»n«enlt U776 U774 12 d*4« MAGIC WB ICONS 4 M*e Inr -w.ocamenlt U753 BOOKIE BEATER Bamrvo la lo hab -wm« your aimnai Can be unad vnlh uel a every ocBng tpoti U?94 AUTO STEREOGRAM .46 Tho boM .00.00 aroufMT Dime U755 WORKBENCH 2 HD INSTALLER The eeiy «*y lo milel U732 U73S (7 dab. MAGIC WB ICONS 10 M*a kon ra «amenH U734 U735 (7 daM MAGIC WB CONS 11 More bon replacement U717 It TUP PROCEDURES •*: * b tel up
tell boolnfl dot data Several utelu Ulllat rbLded 10 aU Pa law U7JA OPX LAB 24 Wiape procWMing programme talenng lor 24 U7fc, WORKBENCH 3 HD INSTALLER KkKiUH 3 cm.
U757 TOOLS DAEMON vl.1 Add yCW own pul Own rrenot b WbmiwrKh Eg an eaev way lo ecceta KOQ'arnrroa Nm WII 1 II U7S6 MAGIC WORKBENCH VI2P Up.lr.lwJ .areon ol lha orona Sa AwraocH "W4WBIJ U7te POWER CACHE V37.1I5 Incraaaa n»d dtt.. raal and an* oadvura S’wawara Not we 1 3 U7« DESKTOP MACK Modular wreen Manhar m* aound 664*66 U7S" SNOOPOOS .3 »n«yi *1 Wa Ar-.» . «wralara b g»a an U7» VIRUS WORKSHOP .5.1 Ubtl rUcn a P.t a.I-mW, Mi.r.1 N:iW8 1J U74 VIRUS CHKK 6Mf»£,Il«!**?a M-IV0-1 CtSwSSSvTi!? Now Anvge » !- doo-mami a-a eaay -a.
• *lh lha MntO crayarTww Hjt wfe 1 S 1 743 CO ROM DRIVERS Over
Klhaare "cr SCSI moonaad CO Horn rcniAar and packmq on i same
VI-041 ORAF® l*HI« MANAGER Runya* own Grand Mam Mk *v «cumicl
mill 5mm PRICE (344 FI 04* BLACKBOARD *J I’nAeaaonM mage
prooetaor n4« AttOuIll MOMMRB OUIOE TO AMOS VI
• Tow OpC ON FIRS STORM (U**n Barat PRICt " POWIRBASf .1 10 r
8707 704 13 DISKS) ORIENTAL LADIES SLIDES 1 O-et IB* on* 8205
Amoe MM I AMINE T 4 Tha label Ilia* Ire*" arc I AMINE T 4 PO
Software alaghl ufl HOTTEST 4 llama, ulla 4r.maM HOTTEST » urta
-m j-aal (.0 AMIGA HAYTRACrn I *"aj|.« I OOLO FISH OOUOll CO
Fred F. LOCK AND LOAD I i» o4en.ro P( PRO CLIPART QIFS Carncw
ADULT SENSATIONS 7 ’II H CU* LIGHT ROM M dwelt r-ago. S LIOHTROM 2 M*e luMaave Ua.
2XAM 7 06 f . •ar*on ol Ihe Sped-ur" .rUaU AQA i OOECTORY OPUS S.O. SOI »111 UPDATER ' I-Iala , SHAPE SHIFTER The aoltaara Meontoeh (-Miff Mac.
REVISED EDITION V1.5 updated to aaptambar 1996 Loads mors «of1- uWudng Tha Active Software OrS. Packs and ZOOM Cdvt.5 ROM ONLY £19.99 + PSP.
N««jur44 WB ? O. B fVEi r«Brfac«
• Hundreds ol megabytes ol royalty Iree specially selected
photographic textures and backgrounds lor raytracmg. Colour DTP
and video.
"Comptetefy original images compiled over a 5 ISO COMPENDIUM dm der-ba hum coda ad C'M MEETING PEARLS 2(9 94 17 BfT 5TH ONMNSKM 7«W (1444 SPECCY SENSATION 1 «-• Spac*vr« jamat (16 49 C64 SENSATION C**"p«»*-« Ccrmon* 64 ?amet • « Pottage and Packing on CD ROMS 7Se maatt r naga anfl tmfflng mm POST YOUR ORDERS TO GROUND ZERO SOFTWARE (DEPT CU 6) 4 CHANDOS ROAD.
TELEPHONE FAX 0117 9741462 (9am-6.00pm MON TO FRI) RrmH: taroeflround.damon co.ul '•ROUND Z£RO PRICE PER PD DISK CATALOGUE DISK VOL.1 CATALOGUE DISK VOL.2 POSTAGE & PACKING .... ALL TITLES ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AIBGA'S UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE pnee- Offer only applies tc software at £1.00 per GROUND ZERO SOFTWARE Firm layers of beefy code, sprinkled with sound and music, graphics with a cheesy tang and games with a definitely fruity tomato flavour.
This is the public domain.
Anxiety AGA demo If you're anxious to see lots of fancy graphics routines then look no further! A texture-mapped spinning landscape greets you, plus a head object and this quickly cuts into a tunnel which zooms up the screen at speed. Morphing Gouraud vector objects then appear, some of which are extremely complex (and hence slow), followed by enlarging, rotating and wibbling graphics. This is just a taster of what goes on as the music picks up, slows down and generally fits the action well. Abyss have always been handy with their graphics (see their slideshow elsewhere in this review) but
this time they've made them just plain sexy.
Coin Mania game It's leaping action ahoy in this game where you've got to jump around the tiled area to collect coins within a set time limit. It’s not all that simple though, as some of the tiles have a nasty habit of disappearing. You've got to be careful not to fall through gaps in the floor and plan your route carefully to avoid the obstacles and nasties which delay and try to kill you.
An enjoyable little game to play, but the difficulty level is set quite low so it doesn't really get the adrenaline going, mainly because it seems so slow. The two biggest criticisms I have are that there’s Available from: Freestyle PD, 108 Woodside Way, Short Heath, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV12 5IMH.
Phone: 01922 710985. HD required. Price: £2.00 plus 50p P&P.
LO Amiga Doom Clones AGA pack It’s no great secret that the one thing Pcs can do which Amigas have trouble with is Doom. So for months now we've had attempts to replicate that game on our fave machine. This pack contains 10 disks, each of which houses a Doom clone or variant.
The first is Fears. There are three versions of this alone, all of which pretty much resemble each other, with improvements being made through the series. You can move freely around one or two levels, shooting oncoming foes and solving little puzzles.
A more gory version is the Gloom preview; the whole thing is unnervingly bloody, with the sound effects to match. The last in this type of vein, pardon the pun, is Team 17‘s Alien Breed 3D demo which is absolutely superb.
On a different tack is Speed in which the object is to race around the Doom-like maze, crouching and jumping through and over obstacles to complete a race course in the least time possible. This isn't all that easy to play as you bounce off objects and you seem to wobble about a lot. But it's exhilarating fun! To pad out the pack are four disks showing how good certain Doom clone routines are. Interesting as they may be. They're not particularly entertaining.
This is a fair pack to obtain if you're into this kind of game, or you want to shut up some idiot who believes Microsoft can save the world. Others should look elsewhere.
Funhouse 3 games Wooglies game The objective here is to trap the wooglies in the squares which you can move around the screen. However, they move fairly quickly and can squeeze out of pretty tight spots, so you've got to box them in. The concept is simple enough, as all good games are, but in practice it's totally frustrating. You think you’ve one of the things trapped and it squeezes out! It's a really well put together production though, with some good music and graphics, and the gameplay is set at about the right level. Anyone can play this game and enjoy it or, indeed, get angry at it.
Available from: Freestyle PD, 108 Woodside Way, Short Heath.
Willenhall, West Midlands WV12 5NH.
Phone: 01922 710985. Price: £1.00 plus 50p PftP.
Buying the average PD disk which is usually only 20% full is a complete annoyance. Which is why this disk is such good value because it's packed. There are three games on here, the first of which is Vectortraps. You must guide your bug- buster around a maze of circuits to set traps which kill off the virii that have infected your system. You can transport to other parts of the maze and the action gets really frantic at times, especially on AGA machines as AMOS speeds up! It's immense fun! The second game is Greeniz and here you have to shoot the bogeylike critters before they reach the
left hand side of the screen. It's unplayable on AGA machines because it's way too fast but any ECS system should be fine.
Next up is Boing, in which you play the part of a bouncy thing which, you have to keep powering up otherwise it will lose its bounce! So, being careful not to lose your spring, you've got to collect the stars that litter each playing area and then make your escape.
Finally, as a bonus, you get Cos, a funky little utility which makes pictures into strange and wonderful patterns; worth a look, if only for a bit of a giggle. A good Skid Racer game There are certain games which some people love and other people either despise or have trouble fathoming their appeal.
Skid Racer is one such game. Tony Horgan absolutely adores this. Personally, however, I think it's about as sexy as Ernie Wise's underpants.
Unsurprisingly, the idea is to race against two computer-controlled opponents around various circuits. It's as easy as that. The game simply isn’t polished enough to be all that playable though.
For example, part of the second course is lined with old cars (some of which are more appealing than the one you're forced to control, but enough of my bitchiness) and, if you hit them slightly wrong, you get stuck in between and that's the rest of the game up the spout.
I'm not going to rubbish Skid Racers any more, because it is enjoyable, in a crap kind of way, but do be warned: unlike good PD, with Skid Racer you definitely get what you pay for.
Available from: Software 2000, 9 Wills Street, Lozells, Available from: Freestyle PD. 108 Woodside Way, Short Heath. Willenhall. West Midlands. WV12 5NH. Phone: 01922 710985. Price: 1.00 plus 50p PbP.
Birmingham, B19 1PP.
Tel: 0374 678068.
Price: 99p plus 70p PfrP.
Aerial Disk Magazines Sauce'N'Code 2 AGA demo A strange affair, this demo. It includes a Doom section, with a man alien bounding around in a strange, psychedelic effect with the room spinning and blurring. More madness follows with 'bio plasma', where shapes appear suddenly and then disappear through clouds of colour. The nuttiness continues as a creature (?) Holding a violin becomes covered with strange images whilst twisting and spinning in the air. The soundtrack is also bizarre and alternates between being awful and quite good.
Available from: Freestyle PD, 108 Woodside Way. Short Heath, Willenhall, West Midlands WV12 5NH.
Tel: 01922 710985.
Price: £1.00 plus 50p PfaP.
Hilt game All the usual RPG stuff is here including spells, weapons, monster slaying.
Most of the game takes place inside a dungeon that contains 50 levels, so it's up to you, with your team of four characters, to explore all these levels, find treasure and slay any baddies that you come across. Sadly, Hilt doesn't quite reach the standards of other RPG PD games around. A poor effort.
Jlutely ut as
o com- lits. It's ed g than my ou get ie up re.
Ut do j defi- This disk conlains anything any AMOS coder would want, including source, explanations and executables. Topics covered include sound (VU bars, specifically), word wrap routines, a font bank maker, ways to do rotating circles, fading pictures, plasma, and intuition and system operations. There are also a few AMOS extensions.
It's all presented in a disk magazine format, so you can view alt the text required, read the accompanying instructions. Then extract the actual code for implementation into your own AMOS productions. Very well done.
Available from: Freestyle PD, 108 Woodside Way, Short Heath. Willenhall.
West Midlands WV12 5NH. Tel: 01922 710985.
Price: £1.00 plus 50p POP.
The Ultimate Manager game If you don't already have a shelf full of football management games, you may like to try your hand at this. The PD version reviewed here allows you to play through two full seasons of Premier League and European action. The excitement of the matchday is represented by a list of fixtures and a speeded up clock, with the scores for teams updating as goals are scored. The game is text based with a few small graphic touches here and there to brighten things up. The registered version offers unlimited game time. One for management fanatics.
Available from: Network PD, 22 Walden Road, Sheffield S2 3PJ.
Tel: 0114 281
9103. Disk no, G499. Price: 75p plus 50p P + P. Out of Space 1
Yet another NFA production, this is the first in a series
of compilations | of articles all concerned with I the
supernatur- f al, aliens and all that kind of spooky stuff.
There’s a huge range of material, including some fascinat
ing writing about alleged US government cover-ups of UFO
sightings, landings and investigations, not to mention the
inevitable conspiracy theories which surround this subject.
If you're in any way inclined to find out more about what
may be going on 'out there' then this is a great place to
Available from: Saddletramps PD, 1 Lower Mill Close, Goldthorpe, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S63 9BY. Tel: 01709 888127. Disk No: MC172.
Price: 95p including PfiP.
Movie Zone 2 Philip Swales isn't happy with us. He was upset with our review of Movie Zone 1 and so has challenged us to criticise this, the next issue. All right then you’re on ... It's a damn fine read actually. If you're a bit of a movie buff there's plenty to get your teeth into here including a profile Quentin Tarantinos' films, pictures from various productions (including a bunch from the ubiquitous Reservoir Dogs), movie news, quizzes, and opinion on the state of the business. There are also reviews of lots of flicks too. Unfortunately, some of these are a little dated now but that's
the nature of these semi-periodic productions. The digitised pictures are also of fairly low quality, which is a shame, but understandable.
If issue two is anything to judge by I hope to see more. There needs to be more substance put into it, but that will doubtless arrive as Phil receives more third party contributions - so get to it. People!
Available from: Philip C Swales, 28 Campbell Road, Hartlepool, 81 Cleveland TS25 3BB. Price: £2.20 including PerP.
Each PuWc Domain Dsi Postage On A) Orders Vockfcer.
Mrimu Haatrts o.'.'job UK OJ r C O «* (0% » Dept CU10, P.O. Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT r=H ra F=n °1325 352260 'Jl sik. R*l sales@active2.demon.co.uk atalogje Disk 5Cfc fOGO] Minbum P**es w*»« Ft cos «k [KOI Hard Dro® Mean BUY lO PD DISKS GET 1 FREEII Mf*tB al ChecjuesirxJ RetaJ Odo»s Paya e 10 J674 ZXAM SFECTHOX EMXA1CR v281 U677 EASY CatC v2B wwt U679 AFEXX OJDE .2A «t o ran *»*? V• uea: »«sac ba »-«* uimi- ¦¦¦ .
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0609 M lOTTERY V2 »xa tauy cavan U59* AM6AFAXV1 42 U6C6 ESSENTIAL AMNfcT Snort a™* i"-* U607 ESSENTW. AkWT 4™w w«kio: U61 7 f© GAMES INSTALL 3 0 » nrx tun » U620 CCNAN v2 91 8tce« *eA«ai ***»• l***c U634 FRCOO vl 5 Ita dm C64 run *» itg a-»jb n U635CCFUSUTlS2Lo*ii «ufc»yC*x«oyCt«4n Unn US« TVPN3 CGA 4 uan k» « *» wr oxm*’ IJ638 ESSENDAt AMNET 7 mivm 0&I8 H) GafcCS lh6TAa0 4 m. - « n*** a w i« » garrML CdMMur Pro*, ••; ••'•' U648anOCKUc»e«owiio « M(Mvr ..i UE60 BCXKE BEATER Bsa r« toHs » n» ow; & • I U663 S»00» W KS 2 CAPS*untomlCAftowfl ueee scpeb cms v2 a «»ta» •• j.6 U668 COWS
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GM132 SAMXW 90A0MN t* hi 00001*0*1 GMI36CYTO«W««««:Oc-mra™ GMI30*JTOfW.CCMBX TCNi»» »-w o-n iirggm GMI41 MA1XXJSE « nmtM GM147 CtLLftE GAIAGA .261 -**»»- d FD-aA.
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GM 178 OOC*.«I11 »x» t» GM I«) CARSATf ion GMI63 PSSST AGAanan.
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0. 1166 Q1AFD GAMES X*»: a so non g*.. r»- GM187 FEARS 2
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GM 168 CA*0 GAMES DELUXE A (K tvH 1*7-0 wo »o.
GMI 94 BATTLE 0L8. AGA ua. » GMI 96 BATTLE OLG. ECS FCS«D.c4r*«M GM226 CLCCM a daro »» tatwrm Ctam 1
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M. j -.'AflF.lrasvcA e-l fi 0»a| Mage v»e E na8 v* r« 10 |209o|
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|2C»tA8| M gc IAB Extras vcMto 13 |2DbW) vowne
laccoahsnaviecceurcoBftTMi crte We stock 10OO's of other
disks smd as Fred Fish, Assassins etc. Cal 4 ?or titles you
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We welcome submissions frow 4 coders from all over the globe - afl tools, games. Magic WB stuff etc. I FI -31 PCAVERBASE .33 E3.99anesM F1 -33FCVXPHMTtik EJ ‘Gi*ur*ovm* FI-41 GfWNDPftXMANAGER C399. «. - Fl-WGUDET0AMXv2 C4.Wo.»i m t«c F1 -66 GCCY 2 C3.8BSmHD Mly F1-E2XNC** ARTIST C3 99 uon w. n *».
F1«7EU«FTRlfiftf £4.90 FI 68ACXAWWJTA £399*o« gara F1-74A AGAAS3ST C3 99 to re*.
F1-76CBSTOOE £3.££uabpMbmonr FI-8’ AolWKCNACiA (&99An.a.(tar. n F1-83AWXCCkrHESSC« C3S0K.MC6 FT-64 ACFOFUjS.FTOvl.3 £4.90YAnc F1-66IKXHSCF0AWN £4 99 » « Itagw • CtaadaraltnmmiaiMBthwaa F1 -67IKJCHS O 0A1N1 £4.90 nnv. W. FI-102AJ_HGA €4 99ar,0acai.8»oa.(ta» GRAC vl.10 BLACKBOARD 4 '* SO A .W«ri 2 4 Ovi 4U«I »»Sa .Hi ruoOKUn an 'Vtvji COS Vmcri :v oHarad Mtat) iFWW nv VT*-. « » !. N Ail r. Ar-« a ;? : : » W lc oW yta VnoS T*w * (*»» * (h»f «4 l«U vdri«»i w«i lojrxUa ocbita. Tie eccy a » ( 9B JJ C* BIOX WdOBrtJ.
MAGIC PAINT BOX ‘ Ogc Parrl 8c n a ttxxifl '*» 0&* tiffwi t& & « TO) al ana. Iota 0 nr, cl t« a aM*a itr a* iVmonurdfe le 9o c'Wrtn ill «ir(4c(v yot cnad Kr*rt Vr.1 *t 6A iXV«X* iv»(iq Wt HI ™ «A»
* 0 (Ora tac1 orn 9* irxra" O an cdu (xrta NEW - UPDATED
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DISK FOR 10+ DISK, ArtiTaK AmiTCOHUper. ArrlWalch; Contra
Panel; GUIF; Onlne O Meier 2138 - ESSENTIAL AMINET 7 8(1) Image
FX ft mage Stole ou&Wtthes LHAConW; LMBcost; MaaertSO. Mreko
Preferences Prqecl Md: UNO 64 XCM 2439- FROOOV1.5*(i) Commpdore
64 emulator 2*40-ROM 4 DISK MAG 4(2) Al wu reed to incw abcxl
to? Deno scene 2452-STAR TREK GUIDE8(6) Al you warned to tram
about SiarTrek 2458 - DR WHO ANMVERSARYI (5) Do you know who
the Dabks were’ 2166 • FINDING THE TRUTH 2 8 (2) 2468 - FINDING
THE TRUTH 31 (1) 2489-DOS MAN (1) Ref book lor beginners and
2470- IMAGE STUDO 2.1 (2) Latest version ol this excellent program 2472-THE WORD68'(t) NFA Disk‘scene’magazne 2473 • AMIGA E V35A 8 (2) Latest E Ccrrprler (ha fcrmat) 2475 -PICTURE BOOK 8* (4) Stumrn AGA Oemo - wwlh a lock 2480-Scout 8(1) 2481 -TRANSITION 8(1) Image conversion p&kage 2482 • SUN 8* (2) Excetent Fantasy Demo 24W -MASTER BLASTER 8(1) Excelert Dynabtasler dene 2485-SKIDMARKS 2 CARS (2) More cars tot Skid narks 2 game 2487 - DELUXE PACMAN V1.6 8* (1) Super Pacman game 2488 • JAPANESE VOCABULARY (1) This is only a very small selection ol PD titles in our collection.
If you cannot see what you are looking for then PLEASE ASK.
964 SID 2(1) Dtector Utlity 1200 KICK VI 31(1) G®l liwse Od *500 proas wortong!
1261 NCOMM V3(1) Cttssc ojrrms package 1318 PRINTER DRIVERS (1) Canon BJ; HP Deskiet; Ricoh elc.
From toe author ol Aural Mu* Modular synthesiser des provides
the most versaMe s-- generation program on tr platlorm Samples
saved OctaMED V6 £35.00 95% - Amiga Shopper 94% - CU Amiga
91%-Amiga User 9 10 - Amiga Computing 2412 - DISK HELPER 10
*(1) OSX MR. XPK. Knghf Dek Saver; WBX Virus List Ftrd Crunch;
Aqa Lms Resftor.
SetMoose 2413-AUDIO MAGIC 14 *(1) Sample Scanner (AM to srrp; MtoPlay Imerp*av2 COTV Plan* 2414-Audiomagic is (i) Hnnn Bauer CD pByer. Skt2Md; Pro: Play16 Pla»«v6 la Xray; W •it'i nteresorg toas LESHIPSd) AMPLER UTILS 41 Varous converter*, rippers « 2402 - BANK MANAGER I* (1) 2403 • WAC AMOS SPECIAL ** (1) Amos dsk mag - a iasi kr arna users 2404 -ZONE REA0ER 8‘ (1) A utliTy lor Amo* pnwamrpm 2405 • EMOTIONAL CONFLICT I Qjalfty scaling proa (or young k«s 1989 Midi umsim 1990 MIDI UTILS 2(1) 1991 MUSIC X LTHLS 1 (2) 1993 MUSIC X UTILS 2 (3) 1997 FINAL WRITER PATCH (1) Speed up FW3 by ix to
400% 2009 HARD DRIVE UTKS 2) AC»* Up: Fa Disk: VC; Clck Dos 2; ReOrg;; TcoS Daemon; Mr Back Up etc. 2082 DOPUS COMANION (I) 2121 A-Z PAINT PAD (1) f(1 WAVE. MAUD samples (mono ft stereo) Save mods as executable lites Supports Aura sampler and Toccata sound board.
(Requires Kickstart 2 or greater and 1.5 Meg Ram) Amga Diary. Ouck F4e. FHS S( LW Boost Mmprirt HP4L. Control DUE FOR RELEASE * NOVEMBER 96 CALL FOR FURTHER DET* PWSHAREWARE PRICES 1 disk - f1.50.210 4 asks - £1.25.510 9 disks - E1.00, 1010 19 disks - 80p, 20. Disks - 75o Pnees per diw - Nuntoer ol dsW shown m Crackots ss marked • wihrvoc work on A5O0 (VI 2 VI 31; * wfl rxrt work on A50O. A* _IX) ara sutaDIo (or over 16a only_ MIDICRAFT Mi FolOwing on (rom where toe successful AM FM toll off. Tos aisk based mag (rom the Ca Brcihers is a must (or all musicians £2.50 per issue (Issue 7 now
T. 1.12 - £2.50 Latest issue ol the MED Users Group Disk mag.
Essential reading tor all OctaMED users (Iss 6 to 11 also available) ILYSER • (1) Wra216.
2416 • PAMELA ANDERSON (X) 8" (2) 10 excOtent pet r* tinxus rroM 2418 ¦ CLAUDIA SCHFFER (X) 8" (3) S&nnng pics ol toB beautiful woman 2522 - TERM V4.4 I (3) 2525 -TERM V4.4 0308* (3) 2428 - HO GAMES INSTALLER 4(1) 2429 - ABYSS DRUGSTORE 8* (2) 2431 - FREEZER LECH $ ' (1) 2432 • BOSNISK METALl 8* (1) Three c toe very latest AGA Demos 2433-KIDS 7 *(1) Do you know yourself?
2268 BIG GIRLS 2 *’ (3) 5 Eicelenl OMMED (AiWes 2408-MULTIVISION 91(1) ArtPto DPI* Cnpfcp. GhCcn 2409 - MulTTVtSION 101 (1) AgracCon. If FXAga Rck 1.4; JV 2410-MULTIPRINT 5 1 Lalesl PC emulalcr 2332 TEMPLE OF DECREASE *• (1) TradMnal AGA Dema 2331 NIBBLE 8(1) CoourtU BoUderOash ckxw . .
2335 EXCELLENT CARD GAMES III *' (1) 550Cfonts. LJ4 Boast P *er. Czama. Cokers. Scollsh 4 Napooan 2411 • DISK HELPER 9 8 (1) Mnconl; Neat MserP'ri TapeCo.Br Pnmera Primers; Epscn FX ft IX LOOM-£10.00 LOOM is an exerting departure trom the normal methods ol Amiga music production, it is a hybrid between a simple, yet powerful visual programming language and a composition system.
Simple music OBJECTS (notes, chords, phrases or songs) are assembled together and modified with various tools & mathematical lunctons including data from Chaos Theory & Fractals. Non Linear Systems etc. (Needs 4 Meg ot RAM) AURAL ILLUSION.
£20.00 8 16 BIT SAMPLE PROCESSOR 32 bit processing 55 manipulations 30 Eflects including Tn» Stretch. Graphic Eq. Mue- Resonanl Filter Compatible with most pop- 8'16 bit file formats incluor IFF. AIFF. WAV. VOC dc Improved Synthesised So- Editor (needs Kickstart 2 or grease- Meg of RAM) kxnmage; EasyWB; FufBerxh; Watt*) Time; Toot'Alas Oea-Ram HO S*ep MakeFast CatOoc*. StefOxrf. Chunk* Al* Cyoemelc Asomey; DroprC 2336 COARSE ANGLER 8 (2) Exoelen! Coarse fishng game smxiato’ 2338 MANDALA (1) Fracia Generate* 2340 DOPUS UTILS VOL 2(1) Vvous unities foe use with Dopus 2341 CHANEQUES 8(2)
Excellent game - waKh out lemmns!
23*3 MUI DEVELOPERS KIT (1) 2344 PAGESTREAM 3H UPOATE (2) 2360 IMAGINE OBJECTS 8(1) Drceaurs ejects lor use wilh Imagine 2 3 2374 - MAGIC WB EXTRAS 11 8* (2) 2376 • MAGIC WB EXTRAS 12 *' |2| Various extras tor Mwe Workbench including Icons. B*kdrops elc.
2378 - STEREOPTICON (1) Prcdxe true stereoscopic pxfures 2379 -NOTEBOOK (1) Flexbie al pcrpose crgarvser 2380 - DOWNLOADED (1) 26 new loots lor use wth 24 pin rW! Matra pnrvers or ampaOble pnrters.
2381 - BALLS (1) Well presented Shareware Lottery Cat based on previous numbers - osl l have seen lo dale 2382 • SEVERE0 HEADS 8* (X) (2) Graph* achenture game, axlull only 238*-AMIGA DOS GUIDE (1) Comprehensrie Amga Dcs aide 2385-DEVILS ABODE (X)8(1) Excellent programs lor young k» 2437-INTERNET UTTLS 2 (1) kOs LATEST CD-ROM s free postage S packing (UK only!
2491-MESSYSC 3(1) Don't have Crces Dcs! Toen get tos 2492-DUCK DODGERS 8(1) AddcBve platfcrm game 2493 • SHAPCSHFITER V3.1 8 (1) Apple Mac etnJatot (needs rom) 2494 -CHEATS V2.1 (1) Loads and toads ol game cheats 2496-THREE DIMENSIONS 17(1) A mustier 3D Con Kil users 2497 - ALTERNATIVELY MUSICKED 8 (1) Ol of ths work) • OctaMED Mcds 2498-MUSICFIRST8(1) CtosaMED mods ol Eric Clapttn 2499-TEXTENGINE 58(1) The very latest and best WP lext edtcr 2500 • AEVOLUTION 8 (3) Quaky OctaMED Mcds 2503-TARGET 8(1) Great game • shoot toe targets!
2504 • UFO AMM I* (1 ( 2506-THE WORD 7 (2) NFA dsk mag of toe Demo Scene 2507 - SURFING THE JAZZ WAVES 8 (1) Excelert Jan Music Demo 25C8 • VWUS CHECKER 7.17 8 (1) Latest and test virus checker anxnd 25C8-C64 EMULATOR V3 (3) £17.50 £9.00 £20.00 C17.50 £17.50 £13.50 £25.00 £17.50 £13.50 £9.00 £17.50 £17.50 £9.00 £17.50 £25.00 £17.50 £17.50 £9.00 £22.50 £13.50 £17.50 £17.50 £17.50 £17.50 £17.50 £25.00 £17.50 £17.50 17-BIT FIFTH DIMENSION A DROP IN THE OCEAN (Audio CD) AGA EXPERIENCE ADULT SENSATIONS ADULT SENSATIONS 2 (over 18* only) AMINET 8 AMINET SE AMOS PD Vei ARCADE CLASSICS ASSASSINS
MUSIC MAKER. WORD SEARCH, PAIRS Each colourful activity has various skrtl levels making this title for kids of all ages, (demo version PD disk 2282) MIDI MODULES High quality Music-X a Amiga'PC MIDI files 0 format required) produced a arranged by Kevan & C Craft Volume 1 -£15.00 Vol 2 for Keys - £10.00 Volume 3 - £20.00 Dynamite Drums 1 - £10.
Dynamite Drums 2 - £15.
Call for futiher details cl pan of you lavcorne rharacWs WORDS V2J 8(1) A God Ed (ha form* B, 2387 TECHNOSOUND TURBO 2 - Pro Latest version of this popular 8-bit sampler £29.99 MIOI INTER FAC: 1 IN. 1 THRU & 3 OUT with pair of leads £22.50 2388-MR Excelenc Story toot 2389-CMS TRAX 6 8* (1) 5 excel lent Oclaned Modules 2390 - ALIENS CONFIDENTIAL MULTIMEDIA 8* (9) 2514-HATE 2-FRANTIC 8* (2) 2516 • THRILLEO • EMBASSY 8* (2) 2518 • Z1F 8* (2) The latest AGA demos, al rea HD MEW TITLES ARRIVE DAIL Y orycuighds SPECIAL VALUE PD PACKS ONLY £7.50 PER 10 DISK PACK PACK 7 ZX SPECTRUM The latest Speccy
emulator and masses of games - Take a trip down memory lane (A 1200 only).
PACK 8 OchMEB Hundreds of the Mod Usors collection.
10 packs avail (8a to ¦" PACK 6 KIOXHKE BLACKJACK t mo MOKER Excellent AGA card games & extra card sets (or your A1200HD PACK EBUCATIOH The best Public Domain Educational programs arouvd for young children PACK 2 (a & b) MAGIC WB EXTRAS Packed fun of backgrounds, icons etc for Magic WB PACK 3 (a & b) ASSASSIHS GAMES PACK I (b & b) IMICIHC OBJECTS Packed with a wide range of quality samples (or your favourite music package I Please slate RAW or IFF Fu* of quality Imagme objects covering many subjects.
3a - No 220-209 3b • No 210-219 3c • No. 220-229 PACK 16
M. U.G. SET PACK 17 LOTTERY FEVER A collection of some of Ihe
latest and best lottery programs around.
(A1200 only) PACK 15 PAGESTREAM FONTS PACK 9 (a & b) ce fobts Loads of quality Compugraphic fonts for WB 2 43. Wordworth 2-+.
Page setter 3 etc. 2 2 packs available (9a ft 9b) PACK 10 (a ft c) BITS 8, PIECES PACK 11 CART00H CLIPART Mono ft Colour IFF clipart of your favourite characters from Porky Pig fo the Lion King.
Full of interesting rr from around Ihe won: sighlmgs. Encounien abductions ole samples together with seme of the lamous tnOnds of Paula modules.
Omit smimut packs (Prices as marked) MIDI (b) ft Atari'PC MIDI (c) formats, b ft C are 9 disk packs) PACK 13-£11.50 GLAMOUR PACK 15 disks packed with AGA beauties from the famous Body Shop collection.
(A1200 only - not suitable for anyone under 16).
PACK 14-£4 50 OFFICE PACK 5 essential tools for the home*maft oftice. Word Processor. Database Forms Designer. Accounts and Spreadsheet PACK 12 - £5.00 OcltMEO 4 6 disks with the full version of this A500 compatible music program, disk based manual and a selection of mods ft samples to get you started_ PACK 19-£5.00 SAMPLE ILLUSIONS A 6 disk collection of unique sounds created wit- Aural dkision sample processing package and sa as 8-brt IFF samples.
HORIZON A NEW NAME IN LICENCEWARE DISTRIBUTION Quality - all titles are of a professional standard Value - from only £3.50 Choice - over 25 Titles by appointment only please Please remember lo add Ihe following Postage & Packing charges: 50p to orders lor P.D. Licenceware only (£1.50 Europe. £3.00 R.O. W.) or £1.00 il your order includes other items (Europe & R.O.W. at cost).
Please make cheques postal orders payable to SEASOFT COMPUTING and send to: Seasoft Computing. (Dept CU), Unit 3, Martello Enterprise Centre, Courtwick Lane, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 7PA or telephone (01903)850378 n-Fri (to 5pm Sat). Callers by ap
10. 00am to 7.00pm Mon-Fri (to 5pm Sat).
Utilities The latest edition of Vark is a good utility collection, first of all there's AlgoMusic. Which creates amazing random music, an interesting sample compressor that sounds like Darth Vader. A brilliant Commodore Installer script generator and a neat public screen grabber. There's also some rubbish, like MemSucker.
Which is designed to temporarily disable a specified amount of RAM. It asks if you want to reset, but if you type No it resets anyway! Vark 9 is definitely worth tracking down for the better stuff, though.
Available from; Roberta Smith DTP, 190 Falloden Way.
Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW1 6JE. Tel: 0181 455- 1626 Price: 90p + 50p P&P.
Till Initially put off by the German installer and documents, I soon realised that Multi Icons isn't just another boring icon package. It has much the same sort of installer as Magic Workbench so it's easy enough to use though unfortunately it doesn’t have a de-installer in case the icons aren't to your taste. This is not a real problem though, since it didn't install the icons over my old ones automatically.
After installation, the end result is something that looked impressive and quite different from your average Workbench or Magic Workbench set-up. If you're one of those people who likes strange icon packs for your Workbench or want your machine to look original, then I highly recommend this effort. There's no shortage of icons to pick from and they're both colourful and clear.
A full set of different picture drawers are provided so your hard drive's root directories can be picturesque as well as your applications drawers. There's replacement icons for all the standard Workbench programs including preferences etc. Oh yes.
They seem to be designed for non interlaced screens too. Which is good news for many. Maybe Amiga Technologies could include one of these packs with new Amigas in the future.
Vark CU Utilities 9 Utility compilation Multi Icons 2 Replacement icon pack Make your Amiga sound like Darth Vader, read up on the latest arms news or generally make your Amiga more efficient with this month's selection of chosen utilities from the Public Domain AmmoGuide Ammunition database 'FAC 3 OUT ads Available from: Pixel Digital PD, Unit 6, Laurel Business Centre, 15 Laurel Road, Liverpool. Tel: 0151 259 4017 Price: £1.00 + 50p P&P.
Available from; Roberta Smith DTP, 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW1 6JE. Tel: 0181 4551626 Price: 90p + 50p P£»P.
E PD UTILITIES Digital Utils Utility compilation Digital Utils is a collection of four utilities one of which.
Magic Clock, is the mother of all clock utilities. It's totally configurable down to each hand and time format, and I like its standard analogue view. Disk Squeeze is a DMS clone that really uses a host of other utilities to generate a file image of a disk. It uses LZX for the compression which means it gets pretty good results but is a little complex for common use. Big Brother is a 'non-system' monitor (basically a hacker's monitor). It just crashed whenever I tried it. Lastly, Associate makes icons for any files. You just drop them on its dock icon and tell it whether the file is a sam
ple, picture document or whatever and it'll fetch an icon and plug in the viewer player into the tooltypes - potentially very useful. Overall a 50% hit rate on this pack but the good stuff is worth it.
Available from: Pixel Digital PD. Unit 6.
Laurel Business Centre, 15 Laurel Road, Liverpool. Tel: 0151 259 4017 Price: £1.00 + 50p PfrP.
LazyBench 1.2 Application launcher Lazybench is a simple launcher commodity Once run, a user definable hot-key brings up a list of your favourite applications. A further click will run the selected application, upon which LazyBench automatically vanishes. All it needs is the paths saved to a configuration file which is edited with your choice of text editor. Small, simple and unobtrusive, it’s definitely worthwhile if you have no applications launcher at all. This kind of utility is very useful for hard drive owners since actually finding the program you want to run, can take a while.
Here at CU Amiga, we use ToolsDaemon but that's a fair bit more complex and you may not like your Workbench menus cluttered with oodles of programs. Just dragging LazyBench into your WBStartup drawer is all that's required and it consumes practically no memory.
You will need to know how to use a text editor though since it's a shame that new applications can't be added by dragging and dropping as with ToolsDaemon If you've nothing like it, get it now.
GFXLab-24 Image processor This French image processor certainly isn't lacking in features.
However what is missing includes an on screen preview and a resizable GUI. GFXLab-24's GUI is NTSC size and it won’t change for anything. Not that it matters since the mam view window is only a text log of each operation performed. On the right is a list view with a selection of processes. As usual it has a convolve function which thoughtfully comes with loads of matrixes but they must each be loaded by hand. Overall, the approach is like a hacker's image processor, with operations that are slower than Image Studio (ridiculously so at times). Its internal picture viewer is liable to
crash but thankfully you can drop in a third party viewer. Image Studio is still a far better option, but this could be useful if you only occasionally use image processing tools Available from: Pixel Digital PD, Unit 6 Laurel Business Centre. 15 Laurel Road, Liverpool. Tel: 0151 2594017 Price: £1.00 + 50p PttP.
RAF Fast Jets Aircraft database Taking a departure from utilities, RAF Fastjets is an encyclopaedia of various aircraft the RAF has used at some time. Much more than a simple collection of images, there's diagrams, technical specifications and the history of each particular machine. I found the disk quite informative and entertaining having a passing interest in the subject myself. All the files are Powerpacked but luckily the tooltypes of the icons do point to the correct viewers readers on the disk that understand the format.
The collection conveys the author's enthusiasm for the topic and it's easy to access it all from floppy. HD installation however, would be a pain due to the icon tooltypes etc. You could, of course, use your own tools to view the information on the disk. Previously from the CLR license- ware range, this disk and a collection of other aircraft database disks are now available as shareware from SeaSoft. Definitely worth a look if the topic is of interest.
Available from: SeaSoft Computing. I Unit 3, Martello Enterprise Centre. I Courtwick Lane, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 I 7PA. Tel: 01903- 850378 Price: £1.00 + 50p PfrP I 85 j W'wscoureiWR i Qll A1JTY AMU ro NtWKXlMIXTtAS n+11* mi*m* ¦ (40CW I LOTTER Y MA ClCwn ONLY £4.99 srw B.i. Tin I. OontoiiMr.
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• IIMmH-I ec.th.n-.wwyOHB ______ SanyoCDRH94A.2Sp~d £125.99
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£2179.99 £2469.99 Single Case£49.99 Dual Case£8».t9 Full range
of SCSI cable* always In stock, from £9.99 Peripherals Monitors
Disk Drives Hard Drives NEW!! NEW!! NEW!! NEW!!
BB3 Zip Drive I A £189.99
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TOSHIBA only £274.99
• 4(JOTl •- )N»I»£4.44 Amitek 1084 S £199.99 14- C~. C04 U H-mm.
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ONLY!! 439.99 We would be happy to quote you on any make or moddl of Bulk DSDD 10 ¦ 3.49 104¦ 29.99 301 9.99 200 a 34.99 SO 13.99 300.£11194 Branded DSDD 10 4.99 100 31.99 30 12.99 200 4) 99 | 30 23.99 300 142.99 Bulk DSHD 10 3.99 IOOaO).99 30 l 1.99 200 39 99 30 17.99 300 1)4.99 Branded DSHD It 3.99 10* 47 99 30 £13.99 200i 04 99 50 £25.99 3*0. £190 94 Disk labels x500 tt h Disk labels x 1000 £9.94 Proiet II Colour Ro-mtSemy for mono rWton. £1144 We stock a wide range of consumables for all printers Lasers, Dot Matrix and Inkjets old and new.
PREMIER-INK Cartridge Refills Saw • larun* Vi 1 *••*• MR In.
M- m CompaaM.~ MR i~. HP D *M IJC600* Colour Star LC 90«r»« Star 1C 240: HEWLETT- PACKARD Printer rep WORKSHOP 14+ 131- “ J- k 0 BUYERS GUIDE lOO _ Bathroom tiles and Christmas cards star in our final Image FX tutorial. And as we say goodbye to Image FX we say hello to the first tutorial on AudioMaster IV, our November cover disk. Then it's on to embroidery and compliment slips with PageStream and DpaintV.
Finally as well as the usual helping of questions and readers letters there's the revelation that Windows '95 is good for the Amiga. Well, Andy Leaning thinks so ... Cbmpetition in the world of Amiga 3D ray tracing is really hotting up. Find out which is the best 3D graphics system for you in our no-nonsense buyers guide.
OCTAMED 5.04 102 • Sample waveforms are pulled and poked at to create some cracking good sounds with OctaMED.
IMAGE FX 104 • In our final Image FX tutorial. Tony Horgan gets into the festive spirit and reveals a host of new tricks and effects. I PAGE STREAM 2.2 106 • t s time for compliments. Compliment slips that is. As we continue to build up our PageStream stationery set.
DPAINT V 108 Peter Lee tries his hand at some nifty needlework in Dpamt V as he shows us how to recreate the effect of the ancient craft of embroidery.
WIRED WORLD 110 6 More of the mystery concerning the wonderful world of the Internet is kindly dispelled for us by our resident Comms expert.
AUDIOMASTER IV 114 • i Having already detailed November's cover disk AudioMaster's basic set-up we now " Ch* take a look at the effects that make it so special.
I»ng» Volm» SUBSCRIPTIONS 128 • Save £17. Take out a subscription, then you're guaranteed to get a copy of the best Amiga Magazine around every month.
MW III Cwttll FAQ 121 Creating animations and the problems you encounter are covered for you in this month's common question and answer session.
Q£rA MASTERCLASS 122 What are datatypes? They appear every now and then on cover disks and BBSs. What can you use them for? Find out in Masterclass.
Q+A 124 Tony and Mat sit down, once again, to put their thinking caps on as they peruse this month s selection of reader's questions.
BACKCHAT 126 Heated debate and differing opinions are bandied about in the pages which are dedicated to your points of view.
03 DC POINTS OF VIEW 130 Windows '95: good for the Amiga? We jest? No. Andy Leaning technical editor of PC Review explains why he thinks the Amiga will benefit from the hype around Windows '95 fimrs Guide OD graphics is one area ol the Amiga scene that's really kicking off at the moment. All of the major 3D rendering packages are constantly being upgraded in the race to become the Amiga's top 3D graphics system. While this fierce competition means plenty of hard work for the software developers, it's good news for the rest of us who reap the benefits of the ever more powerful software 3D
Rendering software Amiga 3D rendering software can produce incredibly lifelike images and animations. Which package is right for you? Take your pick from the main contenders.
Why would you want to use a 3D rendering package? Apart from the obvious fun element, there are plenty of useful and lucrative uses for the software on these pages.
At the lucrative end. There's pots of cash to be made from creating animations and sequences for TV programmes and adverts. All the big action movies make extensive use of LightWave and similar systems. CD-ROM games are also plastered with 3D animations and you can always generate sequences and images to spruce up your own computer and video productions. If you want a job in movie special effects, you could do a lot worse than send Steven Spielberg a video CV. Get the idea?
The basics All of these packages work along similar lines. Objects are created in a 3D environment or with a combination of side, plan and front views and initially viewed as wire frame constructions. At this stage the objects have no surface colour information, so they need to be coloured, or for maximum realism, covered with 'texture maps' which are image files that are wrapped onto the surface of the objects. Once a few light sources have been placed around the scene it's ready to render into full colour 3D. This is sometimes called ray tracing, as rays from the light sources are bounced
off the surfaces of the objects and traced around the entire scene to produce realistic highlights, shading and reflections.
Animations are created in the same fashion, but movement paths are defined before the rendering begins. Rendering even the simplest scenes can take a while, so small test renders are commonly used to check that everything is in place before the real rendering begins.
Requirements A hard drive is essential, along with plenty of RAM Plenty' can be anything from 2Mb to 100Mb or more, depending on the scale of your projects and the software you use An AGA Amiga is preferable for decent results Perhaps surprisingly. 256 colour AGA screens are often sharper and more defined than 4096 colour HAM-6 screens (the best output offered by non-AGA Amigas).
AGA's HAM-8 mode is the best of the lot and can be indistinguishable from full 24-bit colour.
We've compiled this guide to the prominent Amiga 3D rendering packages to help you decide which is best for you.
Take your pick ... Cinema 4D 2.1 ir: HiSoft Tel: 01525 718 181 Price: £199.95 Cinema 4D is causing quite a buzz at the moment. Reviewed in the November 1995 issue of CU Amiga Magazine, this German developed ray tracer has just received its first translation to English, giving the rest of the world the chance to enioy the Amiga's most intuitive 3D graphics system.
Cinema 4D manages to offer a wide range of advanced modelling and rendering features without demanding too much from your Amiga. It's possible to use the system in as little as 2Mb of RAM, although serious projects will require more memory. This is partly due to its modular approach and the way it uses separate interlocking programs for various different tasks. Many of its competitors call for four or five times the amount of RAM just to get started' Everything about the system has been designed for quick and easy use, to the degree that simple scenes can be created before you've even looked
at the manual. Although it may not have all the advanced features of some of its rivals. Cinema 4D is still powerful enough to create some excellent scenes and animations. For anyone new to the world of 3D rendering. Cinema 4D is an ideal entry point and should also be considered by more seasoned artists.
TOO L Imagine 3 Real 3D 3.0 Supplier: a: j Supplier: Emerald Creative Tel: 0181 402 5770 lei: 0181 715 f Price: £99.95 £399.95
- firm favourite among many long-serving Amiga users, | imagine
is regarded by many
* s the best all-rounder, taking nto account system require- .
Ments, features, speed and
- esults. Its main failing is in
* s user-friendliness, which doesn’t score too highly.
However, once you get used to its workings, it can be the fastest way to generate Animation is one area in which Imagine shines particularly brightly. Features such as morphing and tweemng take a lot of the nard work out of setting up movement paths, while the Bones feature allows objects to be joined together and moved as they would in real life. If value for money is a priority. Imagine should rank highly on your shopping list, as it offers a heck of a lot for just £99.95 which is a bit of a bargain in the 3D rendering market As the name suggests, realism is the key point here. Although
it's not immediately obvious. Real 3D works in a slightly different way to most 3D rendering software Real 3D objects are 'solid' models, rather than empty shells made from lots of flat surfaces. Real 3D can also render objects with curved edges (referred to as ’B- splines’). Rival systems would have to use many smaller surfaces in conjunction with smoothing algorithms in order to simulate curves.
Bags of other tricks are employed to make Real 3D scenes and animations more realistic than the rest. For example, simulations of glass and other see-through materials are accurately created, while there's lots of help in generating living objects including a skeleton 'kinematics' system and shrink-wrap texturing for clothes and skin effects. Hardcore power users can even make use of the in-built programming language. Mainly due to the solid modelling techniques. Rendering times can be long and for the same reason general operation speed is low. Wireframe screens can take quite a while to
draw when working with complex objects. To use Rea! 3D practically you will need a fast Amiga. We recommend a 68040- based Amiga or better. However, the resulting images and animations are often streets ahead of those of its rivals.
LightWave 4 Supplie r: Premier Vision_ Tel: 0171 721 7050_ Price: £816.13 The cinematographer's choice: LightWave could be held responsible for getting Amigas installed in countless TV, video and film production studios, particularly in the USA. Its creators NewTek. Who should be thanked for turning the world onto the Amiga 1000 its early days, used to sell Lightwave with their Amiga-based VideoToaster (an NTSC-only video effects system). LightWave was later released as standalone software for all Amigas and has now just reached version 3.5. While it requires a big Amiga to run (stacks of
memory and hard drive space) it really does the business. No doubt you've heard of the many big-buck productions that have used LightWave: Babylon 5, SeaQuest DSV, Michael Jackson's videos and more. Its animation and modelling features are second to none, and if you have an Amiga that's big enough and fast enough to do it justice, you won't want to use anything else.
Caligari 24 Broadcast Supplier: Emerald Creative Tel: 0181 715 8866 Price: £89.95 £249.99 Caligari is available in two editions: 24 and Broadcast. Neither version offers full ray traced rendering, opting instead for ’scanline' rendering. The advantage of this is that rendering times are much shorter than with the other packages covered here. The other main selling point of Caligari is its user-friendly interface and fast 3D wireframe scene previews. Unfortunately the rest of the Amiga's system is temporarily disabled while running Caligari so you can't multi-task it with other programs.
Caligari Broadcast is the big brother of the pair, and offers extra animation tools and 24-bit output (unlike Caligari 24 strangely). If rendering speed is your top priority, then Caligari is well worth a look.
Innocent sample waveforms are totally destructed in the name of creative expressionism.
End it.
© | stretch it.
| shape it.
There's no end to the amount of fiddling about you can do with a waveform in OctaMED. To let you try it out for yourself there's yet another sample on this month's cover disk
- TimeForBed in directory CU_l21:Samp!es - so load it in. Even
better, add it to your sample list first (see last month).
Click Edit Sample (top-right) to open this month's focus window, the sample editor. The black squiggle in the window is TimeForBed's 'waveform', the sample in picture form. The thrust of the sample editor is manipulating this waveform: move this bit to there, change the volume of that bit and so on. By the time you've finished the sample can be completely mangled! The white line along the waveform's centre marks zero volume: the further a particular point is from this line, the louder the point's volume.
The speech sample we'll be studying is a good example because you can see seven separate bits of speech (distinct squig- gles). Try 'marking a range' over each of the bits, see box-out (marking ranges) for a guide, and play them by clicking play (bottom-left). Notice the marker moving across the range as it's played. See the pitch box near the bottom- right? This is why the ranges sound a bit low: the playing pitch is set to C-2. Set the correct pitch (C-3) by holding the left mouse button on the box containing C-2 and pressing I (the C-3 key). Should be better now. Try setting other pitches
too. I recommend G 3 but put it back to C-3 when you’re done.
Now it's time to thoroughly mess up the sample: we'll rearrange and remove waveform bits until we have 'goats for bed’ instead. Firstly we'll take out the first waveform bit, 'time'. Its exact positions are 0 to 4829, so type these Range Start: [TTBl Range End: [4829 numbers into range start and end (see the marking ranges boxout out). Play the range (play button) - is it time? - then click erase (bottom-middle). Play the newly-edited sample using the keyboard. Next we'll remove 'for Lebanese', the middle two waveform bits. Roughly mark a range over them (by dragging), then referring to
the same box-out. Adjust the left side (range start) to 6751 and the right side to 18908. It'll take practice but you can always type in the positions if your mouse hand's a bit shaky! Once marked, play the range, click erase and play the new sample.
Display? Use zoom in and zoom out (bottom left). Notice the display box value halving with zoom in and doubling with zoom out. Another way of zooming in is by marking a range, then magnifying this range to fill the display by Now all you need to do is cut and paste 'goats' to the start. The range start is already at the start of ’goats', so adjust the right side of the range to the far right of the sample (range end should be 15109) and play the range as a check. Click cut (next to erase) to cut 'goats’ to the copy buffer. Finally, set both range start and end to 0 using the box-out’s ctrFx
technique and click on paste (bottom-right). Play the whole sample: hopefully it's turned into goats for bed'.
Marking Ranges A range is an area of sample waveform highlighted in white. Only one range may be marked at once.
A Mark a range by dragging the mouse over the waveform while holding the left mouse button, a To adjust the left side of the range (range start), hold the shift key while holding the left mouse button on anywhere to the left of the range.
Then move the mouse. Similarly for the right side (range end), a To mark more precisely, zoom in before marking. Alternatively, type exact positions into the range start end boxes (top-right) - click inside the appropriate box, type a umber, press Return. To quickly set box to zero, press Ctrl-X instead of ping a number.
Zooming in The more-than-slightly astute among you may have noticed that, as a result of the last pasting, the waveform has been magnified. See the black scroll bar just below the waveform? That shows you which bit of the waveform is being displayed, roughly the left half. Drag the scroll bar (to the right initially) to move around the waveform, or use the left right arrow keys. On the top row. The buffsize box shows the length (in bytes) of the entire sample, the display box the length of the bit currently displayed.
But how do you magnify and reduce the ¦dung show (bottom-left). Click play display Ifeeside zoom in) to play the current display taren you've (inished, dick Show All (under- seeth play display) to show the entire sample.
Echoes of my mind rhaps at this point you'd like to save the
• octored sample. Use any save item in the pro- ect menu,
although raw s the most compact.
AFF and MAUD are really for Aura 16-bit sam- 96S. And 'save sample as' saves as IFF 8SVX
• 1»ch also stores sample loop information (see ater) but we
haven't set a loop, so ... Special effects time! We'll make the
'bed' at Te end of the sample echo away to nothing,
- rst we have to add extra space after the ‘bed’ x accommodate
the echoes. So extend the sample to. Say, 40000 bytes by typing
40000 buffsize (just like typing into Range
- remember to press Return). Clear wipe the sample out. So dick
retain in the ter that appears. See the extra space?
Next we mark a range over both the bed’ the space by typing in 11044 to 39999 open the echo window (effects menu), j'll see there are three settings to Set.
Igh we'll ignore volume decrease. Echo
• ate is the distance in bytes between each echo; change it from
400 to 4500. Set number of echoes to 5 and finally click Do
Echo. Some ome later if you have a slow Amiga like mine,
OclaMED's number crunching will be complete and you're free
to play the newly-echoing nstrument after closing the echo
Now. You'll notice that there's a bit of unused extra space at the end. Usually I'd advise selecting Edit Menu - Remove Unused space, but this removes a little too much "extra Space' this time (i.e. the final echo!) So mark and erase the range 37605 to 39999 Working with special effects involves a lot of trial-and-error and luckily OctaMED provides a 'snapshot' feature to save you grief if those Retain existing sanple?
Clear I Cancel Do Anything Just For Effect? Take Your Pick CHANGE PITCH retunes the sample. For example, to play note G-2 when you press the C-2 key, set the source and destination notes to C-2 and G-2 respectively, then dick Change Pitch. Raising the pitch shortens the sample and vice-versa.
E MIX mixes the current sample (source) with the copy buffer (destination). The sliders adjust the relative volumes.
A FILTER BOOST reduces noise or brightens the range. Averaging controls the strength.
Distance controls the number of bytes that will be averaged. Averaging controls the severity of the averaging.
A CREATE NOISE adds hiss to the range, seemingly useless but use your imagination!
A CREATE CHORD creates two to lour-note chords out of the sample; just enter the notes and click Create Chord. Saves tracks when you're composing.. [Effects Change Volune,, . GO Change Pitch,.. OP Hix..._ OH Echo... OK Create Noise,., OH Create Chord,, OH settings you thought were perfect turn out to ruin your creation. So before our next effect (change volume), dick buffer (bottom-middle) This copies the whole sample to the copy buffer for later retneval.
Most effects, induding change volume, affect the marked range rather than the whole sample. So to affect the entire sample, you have to mark a range over the entire sample (if you get me). There's a quick way to do this - dick range display (above buffer) now. Next, open the Change Volume window (effects menu! And gaze at its myriad of features. The start and end sliders are the range start and end’s percentage volume changes; for example. 50% and 200% would slide the range's volume up from half-volume to double-volume.
However, we’ll stick to the four easy presets underneath the Change Volume button.
Click the halve preset and play the newly- half-volumed sample. Click double to reverse the change, then dick double again. Notice the ugly distortion? You can only change the volume so far before the maximum limits are exceed- Display SanplK ed (although Don't Clip prevents this). Close the Change Volume window and recall the copy buffer by clicking sample . ¦ Ed Wiles Sample Some Of These Editing Tips
• Use monitor and 'hgiTZl together with a sound sampler to do
your sampang Tyne the required sample size into buffsoe fvst
(maximum 131072 bytes), then cftcfc more- tor to open a window
that shows what's coming through your sampler Adjust the input
signal's volume level until there’s no distortion, then close
the window and click digitize to start sampling (interrupt with
the right mouse button). The sampling rate is controlled by
the pitch boxes e A 'sample loop’ sustains instruments by
constantly repeating a certain part of the sample. To set it.
Switch loop on (bottom- left); two loop pointers' appear at
either end of the waveform, marking the repeated sample part.
Adjust these pointers by dragging their small black triangles
across the display, or by using the loop point gadgets. The
gadgets move one of the pointers left or right (select which
one iJECaCEEC!
FX i In this, the last of our Image FX cover disk tutorials, we'll be covering a range of ideas and techniques to inspire you to previously unsealed artistic heights.
Siisaaics More than your bikini ... Why not use Image FX to further your enviro-political cause? This picture started life as a postcard from the tropics. It was then put through a solarise effect to give the sky and sea an unreal quality.
Image FX offers a few colour changing options, all available from the Colour button. If none of them seem to fit the bill, try using the Custom selection for interesting results.
The shadow of the radiation symbol was initially drawn in Dpaint (for the sake of speed as with the tiles in the previous example). This was then loaded I'SfA You'll need more than your MktnL last month, using a grey pattern as an alpha channel.
The alpha channel is just a normal picture, created with Dpainl. It could have been created with Image FX but Dpaint is quicker for simple images like this. To keep things simple, you should set up a palette ranging from black through grey to white.
The black parts will make the main image darker, the white Oave you ever wondered what your bathroom would look like with a picture printed on the wall tiles? No, neither had I until I came up with this effect. It s quite simple to create and the theory can be used to add other textures to any pictures you may have. It works along the lines of the Break the Sound Barrier picture we created
• e U smetbei your imaps ia affects. Sometimes sabtfe tfcat's
aeetfte te «et the aMtsaye acrass ? Yea teeth Image parts will
make the main image lighter and the middle grey tones will
leave the picture as it was Bearing this in mind you can set
about creating your alpha channel picture.
For the tile effect used here, set up a grid of around 16x16 pixel squares. With grid mode switched on. Draw the top and left sides of one square in black with a fairly thick pen size. Now draw the right and bottom sides in white, then fill the middle of the square with grey. Pick up the square as a brush, click the fill icon with the right button to enter the options and select Fill From Brush. Now you can click anywhere on the screen to fill it with tiles. Save this screen out to disk and quit Dpaint.
From within Image FX, load your main picture into both the main and swop buffers and load the alpha channel using the Alpha button from the main control panel Select a filled rectangle from the drawing tools, and double click it to access the options Switch the Mode button to Rub Through, Blend to 50% and Alpha to Use as Texture Now drag a rectangle from the top left of the screen to the bottom right. The alpha channel will affect the main picture and turn it into a set of bathroom tiles.
- A This hMotiai mage was •*-» simple la create. The ongiaal
image was a desa ep el aa aye takee with a caaicodai aed
PreGiab 2ART. This was thee Hipped bsruoatally and pasted hack
hesida tha anginal into Image FX along with the postcard
picture in the swop buffer. The symbol was cut out and pasted
down onto the solarised postcard using a 40% Blend setting.
Finally the text was added using the standard text tool.
Camcorder and a video digitiser, or alternatively a scanner, you can take pride of place on all your friends' mantelpieces over the festive season by slapping your mugshot on all your cards!
The background was made with a combination of effects.
First of all a small portion of a picture was cut out, then expanded far beyond its original size using the Smooth scaling mode.
This avoids jagged pixelated edges by blurring the edges.
Parts of it were then warped with the Wave tool and various other tweaks were made. Finally it was twisted with the Twirl function.
Next up was the foreground mugshot. This was scanned from a colour transparency, cut out from the background and pasted onto the swirly red backdrop, with anti-alias turned on to smooth out the edges’.
The wave effect was simply applied using the Wave option from the Effect menu. The text That's your lot!
And so we find ourselves at the end of the Image FX tutorial series. I hope you've enjoyed our monthly jaunts into visual trickery as much as I have.
See you around.
Had to be legible, so this was put on after the wave affect using the text tool.
Experiment To finish off with the greatest tutorial cliche of them all. Experimentation is the key with Image FX. Some of the best results are often created by accident and curiosity. Use your imagination and dig deep into the menus, combine multiple effects and generally mess around. It’s also fun to take inspiration from the media The chances are, anything you see on a poster, on TV or in a magazine can be recreated with Image FX and your Amiga. Send us your best work for inclusion in our Art Gallery section. ¦ Tony Morgan Pagestream 2.2 With compliments ... This month we expand your
Pagestream stationery set with some compliment slips.
UawvTIT 1 ©ver ihe last few months I have had many people writing to me and asking how they can add new fonts to use with PageStream 2.
Their question and many more will be answered in this month's tutorial showing you how to make a stationery set without really trying.
Last month we looked at several subjects, including creating pages for our stationery set as well as adding guides, those ever so useful non-printing lines which make the placing of elements on a page such a breeze.
We are now going to take the publishing process a stage further ¦¦¦¦¦ by creating some of the textual « elements for your compliment | nZZZu slips. The design of these should I wjj-fc be very similar to the one used for T the letterhead last month, with I only slight changes being neces- I sary so all the elements can fit _ * onto a different shape page. I Most compliments slips are made by splitting an A4 sheet of paper into three horizontal strips (one for each slip). Before you go ahead and create the first compliment slip, you will need ito make a note of the margin required at the bottom
of the page. This margin is the one dictated to you by the printer (or printer driver) and the area on the page it can print to.
This amount will vary depending on what printer and printer driver you are using. If [you can only print to within an inch of the bottom of your page, then the bottom margin !on all the compliment slips should be at least one inch while if it is only half an inch, you can use this amount as your minimum bottom margin.
To begin the tutorial, start by loading or creating an A4 page. As with last month and
• in common with the government's wishes. I am going to continue
to work in a metric unit called millimetres. For three
compliment B slips, the page has to be divided into three
horizontal sections.
This can be achieved by placing a guide 99mm down the page and another at 198mm. This gives you a visual idea of how the page is to be divided. Zoom into the top half of the page by choosing 'Show Full Width’ from the View menu. We can now work on the first compliment slip.
Transfer that bottom margin to your first compliment slip by adding a guide above the first dividing line (one of two that divides the page into three). It's also a good idea to use more guides to mark out your top. Left and right margins as well. For continuity with last month’s rM „e l0 letterhead, import the same picture for your compliment slip.
Managing fonts Now we can add some fonts. Place a disk containing your fonts in any disk drive. If you are working on a floppy disk based system, this would probably be an external disk drive so you can leave your program disk in DFO.
However, the west place for these fonts is in a drawer on your hard drive if you have one.
The name of the disk I'm using for this tutorial is a highly original: MyFonts'.
Click on the text tool and choose Fonts Points from the Style menu. A panel will appear, at the bottom of which is a button called Font Manager. Click on it using the left mouse button. A new panel appears.
Click on Add and a requester actually will show itself.
The type of requester will depend on your system. Running PageStream from the floppy Jargon Points POINTS: Text and other publishing attributes are measured in a unit called points. These are very small (there are around 72 of them to an inch).
TEXT OBJECT A piece of text that can be stretched both horizontally and vertically.
TEXT COLUMN: Text that is placed in a frame. Frames can be linked and resized without distorting the text within them.
I disks you'll probably get the PageSlream requester. If an ASL.Iibrary is present in your Workbench Libs drawer (like it would be if you are using a hard drive), a normal Workbench requester will be used Concentrating on those with floppy disk drives. I will presume your PageSlream disks are the same as mine. If so. The requester will have a button on it called Drive. Click on it and keep on clicking on it until you see the name of the disk containing your fonts in the Text gadget at the top of the panel Your fonts should also appear in the listview under the disk name. You don't need to
choose a I file or a specific font to add - just tell PageSlream the disk name or drawer (plus path) of whore the fonts are and it will add the fonts automatically. Providing that is, the fonts are the correct type like PostScript Type 1 for example. If you only want a single font to be added, you would need to place it in a drawer of its own and then choose that drawer.
Those looking at normal Amiga requesters should have no trouble finding their way to where they have stored their fonts they want to add. Click on OK when you have found your new fonts and then to save this configuration for ever and a day. Click on the Save Default button on Font Manager's panel. Your fonts should now be ready to use.
Text crazy With your fonts in place, the next step is to cook up some text. To do this, click on the Text tool and then press Ctl-F or choose Fonts Points from the Style menu. Choose the Font required, the and click OK.
Ters or at most a small number of words.
Once the text has been finished, choose the Pointer tool and then grab one of the handles on the text object. If you hold the left mouse button down and drt [(using the mouse of course), yo notice that you can make the te smaller. Now size the text to su compliment slip.
Playing in the you will you can make the text bigger or Now size the text to suit your A SUV A. un IM i ~ A. MS* mi n* M » nit Ita cum i Mil •Met SM.il IM A- M ....1 ttifMt.is.1 ,M A.. chMse FmA FmA hw Ac Stria mm. Im act am I'M la aft At attnfealai lac (oat lait.
The example here, where I am placing the an image, a custom drop shadow is picture, sure the text object is still this is that its handles will Object Duplicate Click OK text over an image, a custom drop shadow needed to separate the text from the pictui To do this, make sure the text object is still selected (a clue to this is that its handles w be visible) and choose the Object Duplicat menu item or press Right Amiga-0 Click O for one duplicate. Drag the duplicate away from the other text, choose the Text tool ar tool and click on the text. Press Right Amiga-A or choose Edit Select All.
With the text selected, choose click on a This text Object Fill Style and click on a colour lor your text. This text should now be a different colour to the other text and can be placed over the top or behind the old text to create a shadow. Just make sure Ihe picture is behind both pieces of text.
The last bit of text we are going to create is a text column. This is text that is contained in a frame or box. These boxes are called Text Columns in PageStream and are different to Text Objects which we have just flirted with a minute or so ago.
To make a text column, choose the Text Column tool and draw a the other text and can be behind the text to create a shadow. Just These boxes are called Columns in PageStream and different to Text Objects have just flirted with a so ago.
Make a text column, choose Text Column tool and draw a box underneath the main text heading. Click on the text tool and stamp it down inside the text box. Type out some text such as a name and address for your compliment slip. If the text is in the wrong font and or the wrong size, select the text by pressing Right Amiga-A (the equivalent of choosing Edit Select All) and then choose Fonts Points from the Style menu You can now choose some new attributes for your text.
A Ta ciaata a caataai flap akaSaw. Aapikalf Aa lait tkftct hr PA1I*I Saifl Right ¦in AM Alt ¦ Aflaiaal eaiMi hr HiKIWg faaA a calaoi aaf atfA ¦ Stria gaff I (ga-R aad Aaa gin II a Aa Objectrtll Style All that's needed now to finish the job is to group the objects, duplicate them twice and place one duplicate on each of the other two compliment slips.
As usual, there is never enough space to cover everything, but you can be sure we’ll be back next month with part three and some more hints and tips on working with PageStream 2. ¦ Larry Hickmott.
Mail Bag Since the release of PageStream 2.2 on the October issue of CU Amiga, I have had quite a number of people writing to me asking for advice. Due to the fact I have so little time these days, I apologise for not having written back with detailed answers to these people but you can be sure that the subjects brought up in these letters will be addressed in CU Amiga's tutorials over the coming months.
Dpaint V Simulating embroidery and stone carving on your Amiga may seem far-fetched, but you can bring these ancient skills up to date with hardly a pricked finger or flattened thumb in sight ... Ohe much anticipated awaited additions to Deluxe Paint5 aren't as comprehensive as many people were expecting, however, they do expand the program’s useful life and offer some nice neat touches to help improve any Amiga artist’s techniques.
A Ik. Hoi.tr On ten aMtl t.jhl limes its Urn use tint, till Hipped and rotated te nuke it appeal different tveiy time. The needle is a simple grey line aad the thread a freehand yellow swirl.
Over the next few issues we'll be brushing up on any new features which should speed up your artistic endeavours.
We'll kick off this series with a simple project which produces great results without having to expend too much effort.
New textures Texture, one of version five's new features, allows you to paint onto a screen which already has a pattern imposed on it. You can't see the pattern until you either paste down a brush, or apply colour with any of the painting tools but it affects everything you do.
There are plenty of textures to load in and you can save ones you have created yourself The fabrics and canvas effects are the most useful for general purpose work, as they simulate real-life media.
The golden rule is to experiment with them all, judging for yourself which work for you. It was during just such a session that I found a neat way to mimic embroidery stitchwork. Follow this tutorial and you'll soon be a Embroidery Here's how it is done ... Use lo-res, 256 colour mode, and from the effects menu, select texture load and load in canvas- small. Use the filled rectangle tool with a mid-range blue and draw out a rectangle. You will see the texture applied to the colour - a kind of rough weave.
Switch to the spare page key j), and select a large font (anything i mi II 1 EY ifeS t mmt i A Simple fellow te«t. Edged with a red outline gives all the appearance el hand-embrmdefed stitching when placed on the teitwed hack gionod around 60 or 70 point) from the font requester Type in your text in a bright colour.
Now clip out the text as a brush and outline it in red. To do this, select red as the drawing colour once you have the text as a brush and press the 'o’ key twice. This will produce a nice edging effect on the letter 's' and will make it look as if the words have been carefully hand-stitched. Cut out the text as a brush.
Go back to the main drawing screen Ij again) and paint down your brush. The bright colour you chose will dim as it is painted, one of the effect's the minor drawbacks, but you should see it texturise and it will appear as if it has been sewn onto the blue backing. Note how the red edges give a nice finish to the effect.
Often you find this kind of embroidered 'primer', as it was called, would also have delicate ornamentation; that's a doddle in Dpaint. Move back to the spare page, clear it and draw a rough outline of a flower, five round yellow blobs for the petals, an orange blob for the centre and a thin green stem will do.
The reason for this carelessness is because once the flower has been cut as a brush and painted onto the fabric, the texture degrades it and makes a nonsense of any fancy detail you might have used under normal circumstances. Once you have your flower, paste it down as many times as you like on the embroidery. Flip it occasionally with the x and y keys to give different looks to the same object.
The final touch roughens up the edges of the blue material, giving it a frayed and realistic look. You could achieve this effect manually with a freehand brush, but try the automatic way first if you want to save time and hassle: call up the line spacing requester (right click on the line tool), and click on N total, and type 20 in the total box, Using The Ins And Outs of Effects The basis of any texture is a brush. You can load any item from the textures directory as a brush and examine it to see how it was constructed, and which colours were used to add light and dark areas to the image
overlaid on it. If you're not happy with a particular texture, or want something more personalised you can create your own. Save it as a brush and load it in via the normal texture load option.
Another useful tip is to check out the inverse texture effect: this switches the image and background ot a texture and in our example you can see how different your artwork can look. The textures with plenty of black in them are particularly striking, in effect doubling the number of looks' you can give an image.
The second smallest brush with the background colour chosen as paint colour, draw out a line along each edge. The brush will be painted just 20 times throughout the length of the line, giving the blue fabric a ragged appearance.
Finally, the white cross-stitching was added by drawing one x- shaped brush, and using the same line drawing technique, with N total equalling 20.
The sewing needle and thread is an optional extra, made up ot a grey line tor the steel and a freehand line for the thread.
Plobal issues Our second tutorial takes us further into the workings of Dpaint5. Again using texture in a novel way and incorporating a really great piece of miniature animation. If you want, just follow the steps for the static image and leave the animation for another day: the picture itself is striking, though pretty easy to do and can work alone without the movement.
The effect resembles a marble plaque, lit from above. In the past, creating a surface such as stone required a lot of patience and some skill.
However, Dpaint simplifies this a great deal. To create the marble effect, load in paper- rough as the texture, and with brown as the painting colour draw a rectangle on screen.
Watch in amazement as the underlying texture creates a realistic marble effect.
Forget rough paper - this is realistic stone work.
The highlighted bevelled edges, which give the block substance, are done in the same way, but using light and dark greys and the freehand filled polygon tool. Use light greys for the top and right edges, darker ones for the bottom and left. The text been anti-aliased (select High from the effects anti-afcas me before typing) to smooth the jagged edges in this low resc tion mode, and a drop shado effect added by initially paint the red text down as black ( F2 with black as the drawing colour) then painting down as its original colour (key FI), offsetting the two images slightly.
That's all there is to it for the main image. But if you feel confident enough, we can go much further... ftp.
‘"jM Rotating Ht; ht; globe A Jnl tor intuit Innkll tilli bn lit |Mt ininbmb It itttttce hn»| bn IpiM bat etch tut it uii M MCCtllHa cirdtt tim amenta The globe at bottom right of the picture in the bottom right- hand corner actually revolves, showing the continents spinning realistically. Here's how to achieve this superb effect which can be used in many ways to suit your needs.
All the world The map image was really handy, it's one supplied with Dpaint'.
Having saved your plague, load in the map from the DpaintVI Pictures directory. It fills almost the whole of a PAL screen, but don’t worry, size is irrelevant here (ho, ho).
We need to animate the image now, but not in the normal, boring way; we're going to use DpaintVs special camera move option. This is a useful addition to the normal animation techniques, but doesn't replace them.
Go to the spare page (key j) and make sure it's clear. Call up the camera move option from the animation menu. We intend making the flat map scroll horizontally across screen and this is simply achieved. In the X distance box, type in 320 (the width in pixels of the screen mode, incidentally).
Click the wrap box to activate it with a tick - this will render the image as a continuous stream, joining the leading edge to the trailing edge as it's drawn. Select 10 as the number of frames, and click on new, and off Dpaint goes, creating a 10 frame sequence of the scrolling map from the alternate page.
Cut out the sequence as a 15- cell animbrush (animation anim- brush pickup) and save it. Clear the animation sequence (right click on the clear tool, and select all frames).
Using the filled circle tool, draw a blue circle in the middle of the frame 1 of the blank animation, around 4cm in diameter. From the animation frames menu, copy this frame to all frames.
Call up the fill requester (right click on the fill tool) and select wrap as the fill type. This tells Dpaint to use the current brush as the fill object and to constrain the image to fit the shape being filled; in our case this is the circle, and by contorting the flat map image projection in this way it will be re-instated to look like a 3D sphere.
A Thro.ii] • litna light on Mi nbjecl... Mi nmgi lui ml bin liMimd; Mi ligbt l cniltd b| (uling a whin biaahsbapid pilignn anla nach haw al Ma aaiaiatiaa. With tiamlacmcr let al »IV Anim painting With the animbrush of the scrolling map active, click on the fill tool and, holding the Alt key down, click inside the filled circle on frame 1; this will do two vital things: fill the circle with cell 1 of the animbrush, then move on to the next frames in turn and use subsequent cells to fill the circles on each frame throughout the animation. This is called anim painting, and saves a lot of time
and effort.
Frame count says 10, then click on draw.
The program cleverly paints down each animbrush cell of the spinning globe in sequence throughout the animation, so that when you play it back is revolves as before, only this time it’s part of a much more sophisticated image.
The finishing touch, an illuminated section, is done with a light-beam shaped filled white polygon painted on each frame with translucency set to 60% The lamp holder I leave to your own design, mine's simply a green rectangular reading room light held by brass brackets. ¦ Peter Lee Net God speaks Surf's up Our undercover reporter on the 'Net is here with tales of a new comms book. Term update, BeBox's latest developments and Arexx stirrings in the Spot Fidonet.
I ¦ Amiga 1 200s have been on sale for a little while now, however, Amiga Technologies haven't seen fit to supply them with any form of comms software, not even Term. This makes me worry that a new wave of Amiga owners are starting to trickle in who won't see the value of having a modem. What with monitors, extra RAM and hard drives to consider, the modem won't seem like an essential purchase at all. So It's up to us to make sure that they know just how groovy that little box of flashing lights really is.
We've got to stress how can they can surf the world's Amiga resources at will on the Internet and pick up lots of invaluable software for next to nothing. They need a friendly helping hand into the wired world.
So when you meet a new Amiga owner, let your first statement be: "Have you got a modem yet?" Let's hope AT address this major shortcoming in the A1200 pack soon.
Then again, you never know, maybe someone could program their own comms software from this month's Amiga E cover disk and that would solve all our worries.
News Connecting your Amiga booh 'Connect your Amiga!’ is an excellent comms book written by Dale Larson of former Commodore fame and the author of the Envoy networking software. Having been edited for UK relevant material, it's been released in the UK by Fourth Level Development for £11.99. Subjects covered included local networking to full Internet software usage and technicalities.
Contact Fourth Level on 0117 984 04455 for more information.
CU Amiga file echos_ After being bombarded by requests for more information from Amiga BBS SysOps around the UK, we've decided to implement two PD 'file-echos'. All the PD, except Licenseware, reviewed in CU Amiga Magazine will be 'hatched' into two Fidonet domain file-echos called 'CU-PD UTILS' and 'CU-PD_SCENE'. These will then be passed to London BBSes who are free to pass them on further afield. Most of the PD reviewed can then be obtained from special file areas set-up on participating BBSes. We'll list them each month if we can.
Mailing list mix-up In the October Surf's Up page, we printed details of the CU Amiga mailing lists. Response has been positive with many readers subscribing, however, we printed the wrong name for one of the lists ('cu-list' instead of 'cu-amiga').
So here are the entire details again. To join the CU Amiga Magazine mailing lists, send an E-mail to emailurl@cu-amiga.demon.co.uk. In the body of the message include either of the following lines; SUBSCRIBE cu-announce E-Mail address or SUBSCRIBE cu-amiga E-Mail address Note that the ' ' and the ' ' are not to be typed in. They are included to indicate that the E-Mail address is optional. If it is not included, the address of your current mail will be used to subscribe to the list. Again the first list, cu-announce, is a low noise one-way list which has such things as our new
contents page periodically posted to it.
The second list is a discussion list where readers can get involved directly and talk to the staff at CU Amiga Magazine. E-mails to go onto the 'cu-amiga' list should be send to cu-list@cu-amiga.demon.co.uk. Watch out for the Fidonet AMIGA_MAGS echo for details of the current BBSes involved.
BeBox Invasion_ Anyone browsing the comp.sys.amiga.misc newsgroup or hanging out in the Amiga IRC channel, couldn't fail to notice talk of a new computer platform. The strangely named BeBox machine sports an amazing hardware specification at a low price which prompted many Amiga users to ask why Amiga Technologies couldn't emulate the formula. This speculation was later followed by rumours that Amiga Technologies were 'talking' to Be Inc. about running AmigaOS on the hardware.
Since the Amiga has the software base but the BeBox has the hardware we've been screaming for, it has inspired great hope that something will become of it.
Interestingly, the boss of Be Inc. was heard to shout in a PowerPC newsgroup that the BeBox wasn't a Macintosh clone but rather an Amiga '96.
Aminet flooded with 'Spot' script*_ One long time Fidonetter and Backyard BBS Sysop, Anthony Brice, has finally got himself Internet access. Discovering the Amiga channel 'Bot, Mama, he's seen fit to upload his entire collection of Arexx scripts for the 'Spot' Fidonet technology mail browser via Mama's helpful Aminet upload function. These scripts range in quality from excellent to bizarre and can all be found in the Aminet comm fido directory.
Term 4.5 released_ The famous long standing and much updated PD terminal software Term, has been updated again by the German author, Olaf Barthel. Featuring oodles of bug- fixes and minor enhancements, some other areas have had a serious revamp such as the phone- book section of the package.
Term 4.5 comes in several archives that reside in the comm term directory of the Aminet including one optimised for the 68030 CPU. Term is a large package and really needs an A1200 minimum to run happily. All the file names start simply with ’term'. Internet users can also obtain Term 4.5 from the Darkside BBS on 0181 7719100 and Backyard on 0181 4242065. ¦ B There's lots of interesting oddities to be had from the internet. Here's a selection to choose from ... COMMS Alynx - text only web browser In Wired World part III. We looked at setting up the Amosaic graphical World Wide Web browser.
One of the criticisms laid at the feet of the WWW is that downloading all the pictures can be a slow process. There is, however, a little known browser that solves this problem by ignoring the graphics altogether. Known as Alynx, the Amiga version is a Unix port and runs entirely from the CLI with a text only output.
To get a copy of Alynx, drop into your local Aminet FTP mirror site like, 'sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk' for example and once in the Aminet route directory, FTP 'comm net Alynx.lha'. Unfortunately there isn't a custom installer but thankfully it's relatively easy to set up and comes with comprehensive documentation. Extract the archive to somewhere on your hard drive. A small DOS script to launch Alynx is now needed. Type the following into your text editor: liscovfr ah»t up have released with this conplft* lean 1?
SetENV CURSESTYPE SCREEN SetENV HOME USR:Mat CD Path to Alynx} Run oNILi Alynx The first line tells Alynx that we want it to run on its own screen rather than in a Shell window. The second will need the 'Mat' replaced by your user name. Eg: If you are fred@bloggs.demon.co.uk then put USR:fred. The next line will need Path the Alynx} replaced with the full path of where you extracted Alynx to on your hard drive. Eg: HD1 :Comms ALynx. Save this script as AmiTCP:bin ALynx and then enter'Protect AmiTCPtBin ALynx flags rweds*.
The next order ot business is the Alynx.cfg file. To set it up correctly, load Alynx.cfg into your text editor and read through the comprehensive commenting present in the file. Two lines need to be present (overwriting the examples); MAILCOMMAND: SendMai 1 -f SUSER DOWNLOADDIR: Path to Alynx) Again Path to Al_ynx}needs to be the full path to the location of Alynx on your hard drive.
Note that there is no space between theand the path. Also or 7 must be present as the last character. Eg; 'downloaddir: Hdl: Comms ALynx ¦ With luck, you should just need to link up and enter ‘ALynx’ in the shell. Alynx should arrive on its own screen with green text on a black background. Type ‘G’ for go to page and enter a WWW address. Alyrx should oblige. If not, read the AmigaGuide documentation that comes with the package. Alynx handles the more complex functions such as Forms with relative ease and isn't prone to crashing in the same way as Amosaic. Its non-reliance on MUI is also
regarded as a positive point by many users. Lastly, the in-line data such as pictures and sound can be sent to applications to view and listen to the data. Given a bit of work with the Alynx.cfg file, Stay up to Sato with the nmis with the latest Editk Stunning Tean 1? Flniga 9*ie dwos v»u ran dcwnload and play... A Mol«, pretty ai Mosaic. Alyns is. Baveavec very last iad«ai and may be jast the shat far brotvsini Ihe WWW while keeping the phone bill fan to a minimum.
And if not, it's entertaining at any rate.
You need a standard parallel port sound sampler to be able to send but anyone can receive.
The archive contains an installer, so it’s best to extract the archive to a temporary location, run the installer and then delete the installer data. The Installer does all the work for you by inserting lines in a few of your AmiTCP config files. When it's finished, you'll need to re-start AmiTCP to get it working. You'll need the address of another AmiPhone user before starting.
Link up and enter 'AmiPhone' in the Shell. Select TCP Connect from the menu and enter the address of the other AmiPhone user. All being well, super compressed ADPCM audio should be transferred via the net and you should hear each other if you both have sound samplers. Because of the high CPU load needed for both the sound sampling and the extensive audio compression routines, AmiPhone works best on machines with faster CPUs.
An A1200 with fast RAM is about the minimum system requirement. Lowering the sample rate and using the 'push to talk’ function will help lower its CPU needs and bandwidth usage. If someone calls your system. A requester will appears asking you if you want to connect etc. Wonderful stuff, have a go with a friend today.
SOCKETCONFIG Error Last month's tutorial on the Internet Relay Chat or IRC helped many users get onto the Amiga channel. Most of which used t-e ArvRC client mainly due to one point unfortunately omitted from lest months Wired World. The socket library, required to enable the Grapevine IRC client to function with AmiTCR needs a tiny one kne config file. This resides in ENV: and an example of which is: UID=200 GID=200 USER=mat DOMAIN=cu- Amiga.demon.co.uk UMASK=0 Enter this line in your text editor making sure to change the user and domain values to your own. Then save as SOCKETCONFIG in the
ENV: and ENVARC: assigns. Your socket.library should now function correctly and Grapevine should work as stated. Apologies for the oversight.
ACUSeeMe - internet videophone Fancy a video phone on your Amiga? How about ACUSeeMe?
Once again on the Aminet, its full path IS coam Ccp bcuimhI _02. Lh». It has a basic installer which just copies the relevant CPU version to its final resting place complete with a phone book of CUSeeMe sites known as reflectors. No extra configuration is required. CUSeeMe can receive video as well as audio but unfortunately this Amiga version doesn't support sending as yet.
However there are plenty of interesting sites in the phone book to look up. Everything from universities around the world to the control room at NASA. You can drop in and get an animation in a window complete with sound. The frames per second value is displayed as the video phone functions. It's very heavy on bandwidth so if your link is slow, it won't work well It also needs to run on a Workbench with 256 colours. It also requires MUI to be installed before you can run it.
Viewers could be made to open on the Alynx screen to provide pretty much the ideal turbo WWW browser.
AmiPhone - internet telephone Also residing in the comm net directory of the Aminet is a brand new program called AmiPhone.
The full path is ' comm nat AmiPhone
0. SB. Lha ¦ and first of all you'll need to FTP this to get
AmiPhone is a program that simulates a telephone conversation over an Internet connection.
The mam advantage to this is that you can talk to any other AmiPhone user on the Internet for the cost of a local call to your Internet service provider. The disadvantage is that audio requires a constant relatively fast rate and that's difficult to achieve across the Internet However, if you have some friends on the same provider, it may just be practical AmiTCPs config files It's possible to use AmiS ate without connecting to another AmiSlale over the Internet so you can try this first. Open it as a window on the Workbench or a fresh screen, to get the available pallete and some painting
tools. If you want to connect to another machine select the tcp connect menu and enter the address of another machine with AmiSlate installed. That other machine will have a requester appear, announcing the AmiSlale call in much the same was as AmiPhone. Once connected, both users can paint on the same picture and type in small chat boxes at the bottom of the screen.
AmiSlale's comprehensive Arexx port is definitely its best feature. With this it's possible to design a multitude of toys, games and applications that two connected AmiSlates can engage in over the Internet.
A variety of example Arexx scripts are provided including Chess and TicTacToe. Armed with some knowledge of Arexx and a print out of the AmiSlale documentation, it would be possible to create your own scripts that could be run on both connected AmiSlates.
Definitely worth haying a look at.
The uses need not only be novelty based but also serious applications. Here's hoping that plenty of excellent AmiSlale scripts appear on the Aminet before too long. ¦ Mat Bettinson remote paint package SOUND LAB Audn Master IV 0 AudioMaster IV's excellent effects and editing features come under the spotlight this month, along with a look at the sequencer mode.
Oast month we looked at the basic operating functions of AudioMaster IV our cover disk from the November issue. However, over the coming tutorials we ll be concentrating its more specialist editing options that make it stand out from the crowd. This month we'll concentrate on the the effects menu.
To begin, load AudioMaster and then load in a sample. If you bought the CD edition of CU Amiga last month you'll find plenty to choose from in the samples directory.
Many of the following effects will be most evident when used on longer samples that contain a range of different frequencies, such as drum and rhythm loops.
Tune waveform Tune Waveform alters the default plavback speed and pitch of the sample. When you save the sound as an IFF 8SVX sample (the Amiga’s standard sample format) these settings are embedded into the file. The pitch can be defined in one of three ways: sample rate, period or note. The upsample button Tim BTBTI J7Q O TIMING I0M[| UPSWlEj Jkj decimal places. Now that's precise! Taken to extremes it can also be used for special effects. Sample rate, pitch and duration can all be set independently, either from the sliders or the value boxes. Click the resample data button to go ahead
with the change.
Change volume You can change the volume of either the whole sample or just a part of it. Select the required area as a range, and then adjust the start volume and end volume sliders. For a blanket volume change across the whole range, make sure that both sliders are set echoes fade away, with lower values leading to longer decay times. Number of echoes lets you specify a maximum number of echoes. This is initially set to an infinite amount, although this is limited by the amount of ’workspace’ you currently have.
Mix flange The contents of the copy buffer can be mixed with the currently edited sample using this option. This is useful for combining instrument samples to make richer sounds.
For example, a piano note could be mixed with a synthesiser sound and saved out as a compresses the sample so that it plays twice as fast and uses half the original amount of memory.
Duration pitch This is the timestretch and pitch shift section which lets you change the pitch without altering the length of the sample or the length without the pitch. This is thanks to some clever maths that inserts or removes lots of tiny portions of the sample. It’s especially useful if you have a melodic sample loop that needs to fit into a song that's tuned differently to the loop. You could first get the tuning to match with the previous menu option and then alter its length by entering its duration in seconds right down to seven identically. For a smooth fade set them at different
levels. Click the ’ramp it' button when you're happy with the settings.
Backwards Either the range or the copy buffer can be reversed with the backwards option. Select either range or copy buffer to decide which.
Echo Echoes can be added to the ranged area with this option. There are three parameters that can be set: echo rate, decay rate and number of echoes. Echo rate governs the time delay between each echo - smaller values lead to more closely packed echoes.
Decay rate refers to the speed at which the single instrument. Rhythm loops can also be combined to save memory and to free up one of the audio channels. Try using the alter pitch functions to get two rhythm loops to exactly the same length and then combine the using the mix option.
The second part of this feature is the flange setting. This offsets the copy buffer from the sample being edited by the amount controlled by the slider. In other words, one sample is stretched or compressed as it is mixed. When the copy buffer and the sample in the edit window are identical, adjusting the flange setting and mixing the two leads to a phasing effect that's most notable on founds with a lot of high frequency content.
If you want the phase to move 'up' rather Now onto those buttons Boost will boost the frequencies between the sliders. Cut will remove the frequencies between the sliders.
Than 'down', first reverse the sample, copy it.
Flange it and then reverse it back again.
Digital filter One of AudioMaster's most powerful features Is its filtering section. It looks a bit confusing at first but it's quite simple to use once you understand the principals behind it.
The top 2 sliders are used to set a range of frequencies, specified in Khz. Logically enough the upper frequency cannot be set to a lesser value than the lower frequency.
Pass will allow only the frequencies between the sliders to pass through the filter, removing everything above and below the selected frequency range. The Filter Effect slider controls the amount of cut or boost applied by the filter. If for example you wanted to remove all of the bass frequencies from a sample, you would set the Lower Frequency to one and the upper frequency to 184 or thereabouts and then click on Cut Experiment with some samples that contain a range of frequencies and you’ll soon get the hang of it. Once you do you’ll find it an incredibly useful tool for cleaning up and
enhancing your samples.
Realtime effects AudioMaster can also be used as a realtime effects processor. You’ll need a sampler cartridge to use these features, beqCencer The best way to make music with your AudioMaster samples is to load them into tracker or dedicated sequencing software, but AudioMaster also comes with its own sequencing functions which can be handy at times.
The sequencer controls are arranged in a cluster on the left of the control panel You can also create sequences using the SEQ menu options. The SEQ button switches sequence mode on and off. Sequences are created by setting up a series of loops within a single sample. These loops are then played back to form a longer piece of music. There's an example sequence file on the AudioMaster disk called BackToBasics, which you'll find in ffi fif ’ i itip : I i*i: 1
- IF li* TELE 1 ... ' 1 fw-m M3 Tli Jim 1 mi mil mill These i
irel :he sequencer controls the Examples drawer. This one plays
back at 10KHz. So the sound quality isn’t that hot but it’s a
good demonstration of the sequence functions.
To make your own, load in a fairly long sample (a rhythm loop or something similar will dol and click on the SEQ button. Move the loop markers by dragging their handles with the mouse. Drop them to form a loop somewhere between the peaks in the sample wave Click on the Add button to add another loop. If you want this section to be played again straight away, leave the loop markers where they are and click the Add button once more. Continue this process until you want to add a different loop You’ll notice the number changing in the box on the far left. This is the number of the current loop,
and can be changed by clicking the Up and Dn buttons. To hear the sequence at any time click the Sequence button Sections of the sequence can be deleted with the DEL button. There’s also a feature that automatically fades out the last part of the sequence Select Set Fade Start from the Seq menu and enter the number of the sequence position from which you want the fade out to start. When you play the sequence you'll notice the volume fades smoothly from this section to the end The repeat button makes the sequence loop over until you press stop. Sequences can be saved out using the Save
Waveform option from the Project menu. If you are still in sequence mode, the sample and sequence data will be saved out as one file.
JL III ADD DEL m REPEAT as they work by altering the sound coming in through the cartridge then playing the results out through the audio ports. Try plugging in a microphone (via the microphone socket of a hi-fi and then into your sampler if necessary) or just use a normal cassette or CD sound source.
The echo is self explanatory. There are two sliders that can be used to change the effect. Echo rate sets the time delay between each echo, while Decay rate defines the speed at which the echoes fade away.
The two buttons lead to slightly different results. Echo will generate an almost endless string of echoes with the right settings, while Delay simple adds a single echo Flange puts a phasing effect on the incoming sound. Try playing percussion or drum tracks through it for interesting results.
By altering the length and depth settings to maximum you can create a long smooth phase slide.
Finally there’s pitchbend. Which changes the pitch up or down according to the slider setting. Set this to minimum for deep booming sounds, or maximum for squeaky results. ¦ Tony Horgan Did You Miss Out?
AudioMaster IV was given away free with the November 199 issue of CU Amiga Magazine. If you missed out you may still be able to get hold of it from our back issues department. Call them on 01858 468 888 now, as stocks are limited.
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ON CD: 31 programs including playable demos off AIV Networks, Hexen, Wing Commander IV, Alien Odyssey, Baryion, and Threat. PLUS Apollo 13 what really happened on the ill-fated mission? PLUS four fantastic utility demos, including Picture Publisher 5.0. J jfjjjijyjjUy asked questions ¦ CL How do I prevent running out o* memory when creating animations on my Amiga with Deluxe Paint?
¦ A. First of all. Keep the total number of colours In your animation to a minimum. If you can, keep to 16 or less. If you are dealing with images with lots of colours, ie ray traced or digitised, use HAM mode as dithering (using special pixel patterns to give the illusion of more colours) uses up memory.
Secondly, use Ihe lowest resolution screen mode you can get away with. With HAM mode it is surprising how good low resolution PAL appears. If you are going to record your animation, use a video overscan mode. Intedaced modes record well to tape but doubles the amount of memory actually required.
Secondly, buy more memory. If you have an A1200. You should fill your trapdoor with as much RAM as possible: a total of 6Mb is a minimum useful amount. Also, keep movement to a minimum.
Remember that it is the difference between successive frames that will be stored: two identical frames one after the other will only need enough memory for the first frame, the second will be 'free'.
Finally, if using a paint program for creating your animation, remember that the Amiga will also need to keep the paint program itself in memory
Q. . Can I render animations with Imagine or Real3D?
¦ A. Yes. Both these programs and all other 30 rendering packages allow animations to be made automatically. Once you build your objects you can control their movements in the 30 'space' and decide how an imaginary camera can track their movements.
The rendering software will then either generate a series of still frames or create a single Anim file. Some software, like Read3D v3. Will allow objects to 'collide' and can alter movements according to the laws of physics.
I Q. How can I make an animation of digitised images?
¦ A. Animations of 'real' video (people or television for example) is difficult, as a single frame of colour TV can consume about 1 Mb of memory. Only storing the differences between successive frames doesn't work very well with video either but that's not to say it isn't possible You will need extra hardware and the cheapest is probably the VideoMaster from HiSoft, (tel: 01525 718 181, price: £69.95) which will grab low resolution monochrome video and sound simultaneously. The quality makes it strictly for fun but It's very impressive.
The ProGrab digitiser can grab frames quite quickly (especially the PCMCIA version) and like the VlAB Y C system it will take several runs through a video tape to make sure all pictures have been digitised.
The best solution is undoubtedly the VLAB Motion card, which captures video and compresses it with JPEG compression in real time to store it on disk and play it back. This card costs £1,000 and requires a very fast hard drive.
Lights, camera, action! Everything you needed to know about animation on the Amiga is here, frame by frame.
The MPEG format is designed for video playback and Amiga systems do exists. However, they are rare and encoding is expensive and slow.
¦ Q. I want to play back and record a long animation onto video tape, how do I do it?
¦ A. Physically connecting the Amiga to the video recorder depends on your hardware and the quality you require. An A1200 has a colour composite output which can be connected to the AUX Video In connector on a video recorder, or via a suitable lead, through the Scart input socket. Remember to switch your video to AUX IN rather than a TV station.
Some graphics cards (such as the Picasso fitted with Pablo card or the Power Computing Flicker Fixer) will also provide a high quality video signal.
Other models of Amiga may require an external modulator (the A5Q0 or A2000 lor example) or a genlock (which although primarily designed to mix Amiga graphics and ’live’ video also provides a good video signal from the standard RGB monitor port).
Recording lengthy animations can be done in three ways:
1. Buy about 32Mb of RAM and store the entire animation in memory
(not always feasible, unfortunately given the price of memory)
2. Play back the animation in sections, pausing the video
recorder between each. This technique will take practice and
good timing.
3. Store the animation on hard drive and use a program like
Viewtek to play it back in one go.
For this to work, you may need to take all the individual frames which make up your animation and turn them into one big Anim file. The best software for this is The An Depanment Professional.
Which uses a utility called FRED to combine and edit all the frames. In this way you can easily create an animation many megabytes in size, even if you only have a little RAM.
Viewtek comes with a utility called MakeAnim7 which con* verts a standard Anim file (such as that created with AdPro PREDI into a new Anim7 format.
Ipersonal Paint also supports Anim7|. Files stored in Anim7 mode play back a lot more smoothly from disk.
¦ Q. I have lots of different enimatione and titles which I would like to combine with Amiga sound effects and music files. What software do I need?
¦ A. You can make simple animations and sound productions using little more than Arexx (see last month's Amiga Masterclass for details) but dedicated software is required for the desired effects.
Software like MainActor is designed to playback animations and synchronise sound effects, but you can also achieve a lot with Multimedia Software such as CanDo or Scala These systems require a little more work, but will definitely provide the best results ¦ Q. Will an FPU make any difference to animation speeds?
¦ A. No. A Floating Point Unit will make no difference to animation playback rates or even to a paint program like Deluxe Paint or Personal Paint. An FPU will, however, speed up any image rendering or image processing jobs by a considerable amount and unless you know for certain you won't need these applications you should buy an FPU at the same time you get an accelerator card. ¦ John Kennedy Masterclass routines which have been programmed into it: these will usually be faster and more flexible. If the application can't load the file in this way, it asks the system if a datatype is
available. If so, the datatype loads the file and passes the data different file formats let it know about datatypes instead. The specific datatype knows how to decode an image in IFF, GIF or JPEG format - the application program only needs to know that it can ask the datatype to do the conversion on its behalf.
This technique works very well, especially as when a new file format comes along it is only a matter of writing a new datatype If we happened to invented a new file format with built-in compression called PlopCrunch, then all we need to do is create a PlopCrunch datatype for all the existing programs which support datatypes so it can read the files.
Normally what happens is that the application program will first of all try to use the loading n*.
Fr ty C So* to Okay CU) Okay CLP OP Okay CLP Okay OP Okay Okay OtP Okay rw VI.Mfaults Ran Disk.
Qm iphsris.Mp £
i. iK.datktypvs Mf' ruhtrn Dap Ran Disk: dstslyw
i. this ii msSt ctntcttk b* aktaf a IMP kalalrpc to the
application program.
You can see this happening below in a grab of the Viewtek (VT) image viewing program in action. I have used the excellent SnoopDos utility to see what is going on behind the scenes.
In figure 1 you can see the VT program load, look for some defaults (unsuccessfully) and then load the image file spheres.gif. The VT program already 'knows' how to load GIF files and doesn't need to use a Datatype.
In figure 2, the image is stored in BMP format - the BitMaP format which Windows uses. BMP is pretty sloppy in that it doesn't compress data, but if you deal with Pcs you may come across it.
VT loads the file a few times but clearly doesn't have a clue how to deal with a BMP file, so it uses the BMP datatype. The datatype opens and then it loads the BMP file on VT's behalf.
Another program which makes extensive use of datatypes is Multiview: the viewing program which comes as standard with the system standard Multiview doesn't know anything but 5s s*?: rj -I Here's what some readers did with their WB Since the last plea, several generous readers have sent their workbench backdrop into the office. Examining other people's screen shots is a great way to get ideas to smarten up your own system: remember even with no additional software you can still use the Preferences tools to give your system a totally unique Workbench display.
The images this month are provided by Mick Pilgrim from Worksop see left) and Wayne Oldham (see bottom right) from the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society (details of which can be obtained from 426 Romford Road, Forest Gate, London E7 8DF).
Mick's display uses a coloured backdrop picture (rather than a tiled pattern) in bold colours. He has used a very 1960's OCR-style font for the Icon names and a Menu utility for a 3D appearance.
Wayne has also used a single image for the backdrop (this time in more subtle colours) and pretty obviously he is a bit of a fan of Scala. Notice also the various utilities scattered around the display: a clock, calender, trashcan program and very sensibly a virus checker.
If you want the world to see what your Workbench looks like, send a grab on disk to Workbench pieces of creativity c o John Kennedy. CU Amiga Magazine. Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
Remember to include details of any special utilities you have running, as well as how many colours your display takes up.
A new datatype pops up on a cover disk or BBS every few weeks. What the heck they are and what could mean for you? We reveal all.
Over wondered what happens when an Amiga application doesn't know what to do? It doesn't |ust give up: it asks a datatype for help. Datatypes were one of the few obvious improvements which came along with Workbench 3: you won't be able to use them on Workbench 2.04 or older systems and therefore you'll need to buy a Workbench 3.1 upgrade kit (try Blittersoft 01908 261477 or Brian Fowler Computers 01392 499 7551 which consists of new Kickstart ROMS and system software.
What are they?
The idea behind datatypes is to divorce application programs from data formats. Rather than have an application, a paint program for example, worry about all the datatypes not to work on OS2 or 1.3 then I'm afraid you won't get much sympathy. If you had a PC you would be falling over yourself to cough up the money for Windows 95. So do yourself a favour and get OS3.1 as soon as Installing datatypes datatypes which have been installed on my system. One of my favourites is the CDXL datatype, which I can use to play snip- pits of video from old CDTV CD-ROMs. Now there was a file format which we
should all have heard more about. ¦ John Kennedy datatypes, which makes it extremely flexible. Not only will Multiview load and display any image you have a datatype for. But it will also load and play animations, sounds, text files and even AmigaGuide documents.
Multiview is a well kept secret and it pays to experiment with it, as it is a very powerful tool.
Besides simple viewing programs likes Viewtek. Some art programs such as Personal Paint also support datatypes. Hopefully, with the Amiga's future looking bright thanks to Escom's marketing and pricing policies, more applications will be updated to make use of datatypes and other OS3 specific features. If you feel tike complaining that it is unfair of An 'out of the box' system includes only a few liugefknuu. Datatypes: text, AmigaGuide, sound and some image formats are provided in order to give Multiview something to play with.
Adding some new datatypes is therefore a good idea and only needs a few seconds work. There is no configuration to do: it's only a matter of copying some files.
Each datatype consists of two parts. The first with have a name ending in .datatype, for example.
JPEG.datatype. This file must be copied into the Sys:classes datatypes directory.
The second file will be the one with an icon and it will be simply called JPEG or GIF or BMP or whatever. This file must be copied to the devs:datatypes directory.
The screenshot of Directory Opus at work, top right, lists the Where can I get datatypes?
N9 'e* VT) ction. I opDos in Where do all the datatypes come from? Most of them are written by Amiga users because they need them for a particular project and then decide to make them public domain.
There is a great spirit of healthy competition to create the fastest and best quality datatypes, especially for image formats and especially for JPEG and GIF types, so it pays to keep a lookout for more up-to-date versions.
You'll also be able to find datatypes on many Bulletin Boards, as well as magazine cover disks. At least now you know what they are actually for... The best place to find them is on the Aminet, either a CD-ROM or the Internet site. Look in the Aminet util dtype directory for the latest list. Here is the current contents of the Aminet archive at the time of writing.
He VT e id then
• gif.
Lows' oesn't AIFF AIFC datatype, v1.11 Sun audio (.au) and X-Bitmap datatypes.
Loads pics on American World Vista Atlas Displays any binary file Bmp picture datatype v40.4 for = OS 3.0 Highlights c c++ keywords V39.1 displays standard out of a cli-command Loads debox images from CDTV CD32 titles Datatype for DFA Executable datatype v39.4 for = OS3.0 Datatype for Amiga fonts Datatype for Amiga fonts A datatype for MaxonMagic's .HSN samples Simply the best VOC datatype around!
Simply the best WAV datatype around!
GIF datatype for OS 3.0 and up Icon datatype v39.4 for = OS3.0 DataType for Amiga .info files New JFIF JPEG datatype (OS 3.0+) Bugfix for JFIF JPEG datatype (AGA) A JPEG datatype, 3.0+ and '020+ required .lha M_Raw_dt40.2.lha arydt_39.ll.lha stored ’ for- BMPis n't eal ross it.
S but iow to ses the a BMP BMPdt404.lha cdt.lha .2.lha lha
94. lha
l. lha 1 - lha
0. 2.lha
40. 2.lha type-39.lha makes is gram ivith the
4. Lha ifif_dtc.lha DataType.lha MacSND-dtc-107.lha
mandt_v39.4.lha maudDTrl.lha MREKO-1.0.lha MultiPrint.lha
picdt_42_l.lha png_dt.lha PostScriptDT.lha QRT_DT.lha
REKOdt392.lha smpDTrl.lha SUNdt396.lha TargaDType.lha
textdtpatch.lha ™Thrlha TPD.lha txl6wDTr2.lha WPGdtype.lha
ZGIFDT39.16.lha Datatype subclass for Mac sound resource Unix
manual page datatype v39.4 Sound datatype: MAUD IFF Format
32Bit OS3 Datatypes for KlondikeAGA cardsets Datatype based
printer driver V39.0beta PCX datatype V39.2 for Amiga OS 3.0
and C= Datatypes for Windows Icons, BMR Mac PNG Datatype v1.0
PostScript Datatype V39.0 Datatype for PovRay dump format
(QRT) Datatype for REKO cardsets, needs WB 3.0 Sound datatype:
Samplevision 32Bit OS3.0 V 39.6 of datatype for Sun Raster
images Datatype for Targa or TGA images, V 39.2 Patches
datatype to support searching TIFF datatype. Convert 24-bit
images V40.3 to read TIFF files Tron's PCX DataType 39.7 Sound
datatype: Yamaha TX16W 32Bit OS3.0 Datatype for wpg images, V
39.0 The fastest gif.datatype there is Logos, meanings and
mysteries: Got a problem? Our Amiga experts are on hand to
resolve your Amiga queries.
Address your technical queries to Q+A, CU Amiga Magazine, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU. Alternatively email us at Q-t-A@cuamiga.demon.co.uk. : also likes to get stuck into r Amiga-related problems, m we can finally tear him ly from the 'net that its.
Thrash about ®When I get a guru error due to program crashing and I reset the computer (soft boot) the hard drive starts going absolutely nuts trying to boot up. While this is going on messages appear saying 'disk not validated’ and ’ram:t not found’, or it boots all the way through to Workbench and still continues to access. Even when I cold boot after switching off for 30 seconds the hard drive still constantly accesses. Sometimes the accessing stops of its own accord, and other times I need to prompt some disk access from the Workbench which then stops it.
Ben Perry via E-Mail sbv4@aberystwyth.ac.uk
• 's nothing wrong with your drive. This process is quite normal.
If your machine was writing to the hard drive and an errant program caused your machine to crash, the The Music bugs?
I've just turned 18 and my friends tjf bought me the September ssue of CU Amiga as a birthday present.
As I am a computer musician. I was delighted to notice that disk 115 included with the issue contained OctaMED 5.04. I started to make a song with it. However, after using it for some hours I found many major bugs in it. The speed commands (Fxx) aren't working and the speed sliders don’t have any effect jwell.
Sometimes they do). Also the 9xx command (sample offset) makes the block scroll slower (it's like the Fxx command). The program has also gurued three times for no reason. And when I enter the 8ch mode, samples won't play any more, they just say tick. Tick, tick (snap, crackle, pop).
Also the guide which was on the disk doesn't work. Some sections of it work perfectly but most of them don’t. The article in the magazine didn't tell much either.
Where can I get full documents from? And... where could I get a working copy of OctaMED 5.04 from? I am disappointed. The program has great potential. Is the CU Amiga version the only one with those serious bugs? I really wish you were able to help me.
Mikko Tuomela via E-Mail ravel@sci.fi It’s important to remember that all of OctaMED's commands are made up of two hexadecimal digits, although the first digit of most of them is zero.
The sample offset command is 19 rather than 9. 9 on its own will change the tempo in OctaMED but is used to change the sample offset in ProTracker. The OF" command is used to change the tempo in OctaMED and also to perform a few miscellaneous tricks, such as triggering notes a number of times on a single line or delaying notes slightly.
It's also worth remembering that if you load a Soundtracker module into OctaMED, some of OctaMED's commands are temporarily changed for compatibility with Soundtracker commands.
As for the messed up 8 channel sound, we couldn 't get our copy to do it, so we're stumped on that one. Our guess is that you are setting some of the options in the wrong order.
OctaMED 6 is highly recommended, as it comes with a printed manual and loads of new features. It's available for £36 in the UK, £39 in the rest of the EC, and £41 in the rest of the world. Payment from overseas
• in the form of a banker’s , payable to Bigger A500 HD I have an
ancient Amiga set-up that is great for my needs but needs a
slight tuning for perfection. Any help with the following
questions would be most useful; $
1. 1 have an A500+ with an A590 20Mb hard drive. I desperately
need a larger hard drive. Is the best solution an external
SCSI drive linked to the A590 or to dump the 20Mb XT drive and
fit a larger drive in the A590 case?
2. The existing drive in the A590 is very slow (230K S). Is this
the drive itself or the controller? If I add a 1Gb drive, will
I get 2Mb s transfer and 9ms seek?
3. 1 find ImageFX (off your cov«f disk) a fantastic time saver
when compiling Imagine renders into animations using the IMP
processor. Unfortunately you have not done a tutorial on
this powerful tool. Is there any way to find out the commands?
4. If you send me the ImageFX manual. I will write a tutorial for
publication in your excellent magazine. How about it?
5. 1 am about to upgrade my processor to the MC68010 WHI have
problems with software compatibility? Surely if programs work
on the 68020 based Amigas the will work on a 68010?
6. I want to split the output from the RGB port between the
modulator (for a composite out to a video deck) and an RGB
more- tor. If I split the output w* I xitro- duce noise to the
final output? If so what would be the best way to reduce this
Simon Hortop, County Durham.
1. Both these options ore rioble and we know both to have been
successfully performed in the past. Which one is best
depends on the size of the new drive. If you've bought a cheap
540Mb SCSI drive, there would be little point in the expense
of housing it externally just to keep the I slow) 20Mb unit.
2. Unfortunately the A590 SCSI controller isn’t very fast either.
However with a proper drive mechanism you should get about double that transfer rate. Seek rates will be identical.
Another factor is that the 68000 isn ’I capable of shifting the data at the highest rate modern drives can handle.
3. Check out this month’s ImageFX tutorial which this month
covers the IMP batch processor.
4. Nice try.
5. You 'll have no problems. Any A1200 compatible material will
run on the 60010 (so long as it doesn't need the AGA chipset).
This will reduce your rendering times slightly, but perhaps
one of the 60020 boards for the A500 might be a worthwhile
investment, such as that offered by Power Computing (see their
advert in this issue).
6. This isn’t really possible on the A500. The problem is not
noise but rather that video signals can't simply be ’split’
into multiple outputs. They need to be ’buffered’ with special
circuitry, otherwise the brightness level will drop as it’s
shared between both devices. This is not acceptable for
driving either an KGB monitor or a video recorder. You could
connect yam monitor to the video output of the video recorder
for one possible solution. Since you’ve shown a keen interest
in expanding your A 500 based system, we won ’I recommend
outright that you upgrade to an A1200 (considering the spec of
your A500 already) but unfortunately the AI200 and A600 are
the only Amigas having both buffered RGB and composite
Dodgy supply ®l have an A1200 fitted with an 80Mb hard drive that keeps resetting itself periodically for no apparent reason. This is very annoying, particularly if it happens to do it whilst writing something onto the hard drive. What do you think is wrong with it?
Does it sound expensive?
Mr I Williams.
This could be one of several faults but it’s probably down to your power supply. Commodore provided a measly 25 watt unit in the last Amiga batch and these couldn't power their way out of a soggy paper bag. The solution is to purchase a more capable unit from one of our advertisers. Hotel's Goliath at £44.99 is a healthy option. You can reach Date! On 01782 744707.
However, to find out if this is the problem, you might like to try and swop your power supply with that of an old A500 or even remove the hard drive for a time to see if that helps. If it does, the power supply is almost certainly to blame.
A1200 Tower I would like some advice before I splurge out on some serious expansion. I have spent more than a reasonable amount of time drooling over the Ramiga Z5 Tower for the A1200. With a view to purchasing a Picasso II board amongst other bits.
1. If I was to install a secondhand motherboard from a CD32
instead of my 1200s. Would I gainyiose anything other than the
AKIKO chip?
2. Could I Install a SCSI2 hard drive and a Blizzard 1260
accelerator with SCSI controller?
3. Does PageStream 3.1 have EPS support? If not it’s emulator
4. ShapeShifter and Emplant: can they be used together to capi
talise on ShapeShifter s ability to read recent Mac ROM chips
& Emplant’s ports for AppleTalk?
5. If used with a Picasso II board, would these emulators run the
Mac version of Dark Forces?
Unknown, West Sussex Fitting the Amiga in a Tower case is an excellent idea. A machine of A4000 spec could be created at much lower cost. However Ramiga have gone bust so their 7.5 Tower is no longer an option. There are other developers reportedly working on their own and we at CU Amiga know there’s a massive market so it’s just a question of who comes out with the goods first.
1. Well, you could put a CD32 in a tower but you still wouldn't
be able to connect a keyboard or any A1200 trapdoor expansion
devices. The CD32 doesn’t have those facilities.
2. If you fitted an A1200 motherboard to a tower, yes indeed
you could. However, you would have to plug the Zorro slot
break-out board into the trapdoor expansion slot in which case
your trapdoor is used making it full so you couldn’t use an
Hopefully, some enterprising developer will create an A1200 Zorro break-out board with a passthrough for accelerators. If you mean with the CD32 motherboard, the answer is definitely no.
3. Yes it does.
4. You could use Fmplant to capture the ROM images but the
AppleTalk pons won’t work with ShapeShifter.
Of course if you had an Emplant board you have no need of ShapeShifter at all and can use its Mac emulation which supports AppleTalk. ShapeShifter does, however, support AppleTalk via any SAN A-I I driver which comes with any Ethernet Zorro card. Perhaps it’ll work via the PUP parallel SANA driver to another Macintosh emulator on another Amiga. Any readers who have tried this, please lei us know.
5. Yes indeed you can. In fact we played this and other
doom-a-like games on our A4000 running ShapeShifter - and they
said the Amiga couldn't do such things!
A right mix up rt I use an A1200 with an 80Mb HD and 6Mb of RAM.
I When I saw your UT J October cover disk for desktop publishing I thought 'that is for me'. Desktop Dreams eh? Dream on. Your cover disks as a rule are very good but I think that this one got away Having worked out a fly poster for an imaginary club. I went to print it.
Now correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that publishing programs were for printing. Not so this one. All I got from the printer was a load of garbage No nice little sketches I had made, nor was there any of the headlines or text. NOTHING OF THE SORT. My God the printers given up on me' I thought. Out with Protext again. Everything worked A O.K. Conclusion, the fault must lie with Desktop Dreams.
Oh dear. Hr think you might have a slight observational problem. The fact that you missed that the package Is called PageStream 2.2 1 written in a 97 point font at the top of the cover disk instructions) indicates you might also have missed the fad that you have to set up your printer in PageStream as indeed you have to do in any other DTP package on the planet. Protect has either got your printer driver set-up correctly or is using your Workbench preferences.
We recommend that you purchase the manual from Soft-Logik or follow the tutorial closely.
Wrong images Using your excellent Image FX cover disk (CU Amiga June '961.
When I go to save out a picture. I am offered a number of file formats. If I choose ILBM I usually end up with very large files.
However, if I select JPEG the files are drastically reduced in size.
If JPEG files are so much smaller, surely the other formats are useless? Help?
Nick Speaker Oxford.
The reason that the JPEG files are smaller is because the use a 'lossy' compression technique, so called because some of the definition is lost in the process, defined by the quality setting. ILBM files include all the original data for each pixel. ¦ NO SAES PLEASE Wt ffQirt that we cannot respond to readers Queoes by Welcome to the pages of the magazine that are dedicated solely to your views and thoughts on all things Amiga.
Want to join the party? Write to: Backchat, CU Amiga Magazine. Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
Letter of the month More power to Escom, they have an impossible job ahead of them. They have to create an Amiga that will keep its head above water against increasingly powerful Pcs.
However, the average Amiga user is part of the problem. Joe Amiga seems to be convinced that that it is possible to create an Amiga that blows away Pcs, MACs and consoles, has endless memory and hard drive space, for about $ 500. Please try to understand that killer' technology costs and having a top of the line computer means laying down some dinero.
When the Amiga 1000 was born, it was miles ahead of the competition, with its graphics, sound and price. Your A500 has been around for a decade now and it might be time to upgrade. Don't get me wrong - my souped up A1200 will still do things my Pentium won't and I'll take Workbench over Windows anyday but in many respects Pcs have passed over the Amiga. What would you rather write a cool new game on? An Amiga, where the standard is still 1-2Mb of memory and no hard drive, or a PC, where the standard is at least 486 33 with 4-8Mb of memory and at least a 300Mb HD! I would be more than happy to
spend $ 1500-$ 2000+ on a good, powered up Amiga but the existing market won't support it. If you love the Amiga, spend some money, for heaven's sake.
I'm not saying we should go overboard, but we re going to have to try harder if we expect the Amiga to, once again, surpass the clones. Either that, or it is time for the Amiga to redefine itself as a low-cost alternative to power computing - ie. The 'almost as good' computer.
You can't expect the current crowd of A500. A600 and A1200s to push those pixels fast enough. I really don't like to sound this bitter, I love the Amiga but it is quickly losing ground and we Amigans are to blame. Stop treating the Amiga like a toy and then whining when it doesn't put the other computers to shame.
Norman MacDonald. Spokane.
Washington USA Not Just a games machine I feel that people are unduly distressed about the contents and price of the new A1200 pack.
Those who only want an Amiga to play games on are probably right in saying it is overpriced, but they must understand that the Amiga is a computer not just a games machine.
With the inclusion of programs such as Wordworth4 and Photogenics. The £400 price tag is justified when you consider that you're getting hundreds of pounds worth of software as well as a top machine.
However, the general rule seems to be to compare the price of the Amiga with the price of the Saturn or the Playstation. This is completely absurd to compare games consoles with computers. I mean, when will you ever see .
Lightwave or Image FX or the many other excellent programs on any of these ’next generation consoles'?!
Another bone of contention is the lack of games such as Ridge Racer on the Amiga but we already have Pole Position and Virtual Karting. When Doom came out nobody ¦ thought it could be done on the Amiga but look at Fears, Alien Breed and Gloom.
Someone like Team 17 will bring out games like Ridge Racer and Virtua Fighting eventually, So what are you all moaning about?
Name and address witheld Beginner's dilemma In order to survive, the new Amiga A1200 must have top of the range software like Scala and Wordworth to help sell it. But what about new users? I remember when I first got my Amiga I didn't have a clue how to use it and, in all fairness. Not even your magazine could help me.
It's all very well having modern, complicated software but for the Amiga to succeed they need to put in some simple-to-use stuff too. To make new and unfamiliar users feel comfortable. No computer is very easy to use from scratch but the Amiga has this potential. Who really wants to wade through those manuals?
Eamon Mac Anna, Belfast.
There is a certain element of truth in what you say, but there is also a limited amount that Amiga Technologies can supply with the Amiga. Simple software would quickly become useless because, as you said, the Amiga is easier to use than most so Poor man's Doom Thankfully, after the previous months of uncertainty the Amiga is still here ready and waiting to receive the supposed influx of 'great' titles queuing up to get a look in.
These titles include Gloom, Fears and Alien Breed 3D and have been heralded as ground breaking Doom beaters. Well ground breaking they might be. Doom beaters they certainly are not. I may just be nit picking but in these types of games a rocket should explode on impact, and the bad guys should have more life.
Instead they hover about aimlessly until they are eliminated in a blaze of anticlimax in an unimpressive two frame animation, as is the case in Fears.
Alien Breed 3D, however, is a lot better than Fears, though. It has well animated and varying enemies, unfortunately the graphics are too blocky and the gameplay view is confined to that small window. I haven't played Gloom so I can't comment on that although it was reported to have no save option, forcing the player to finish the game in on session or start from scratch. This is ridiculous. I’ve played the Doom series and Dark Forces on the PC. They are something to behold and sadly the Amiga's batch barely scratch the surface.
It's not just Doom clones that have wound me up, I've been waiting for TFX for two years now and have just read that Frontier II is to be put on hold. It’s sickening, Amiga owners have to put up with a lot of rubbish from these people and it's becoming very boring. Fade to Black, the 3D sequel to Flashback is now available for the PC and it looks stunning. Will it be available for the Amiga? Fat chance, Why? If decent software is there then people will pay for it, even upgrade their machine in order to play it. I whole heartedly agree with Mat Bettinson who wrote an article (welcome to
tomorrow, CU Amiga Oct 95 pg 130) stating people will upgrade if they're given a incentive and its true. It doesn't cost that much to improve an A1200 considerably, if I can afford to do it anyone can.
I hope that Amiga technologies get their act together and really try to make the Amiga work, restoring the faith of the consumer and publisher in a machine which is being left at the back of the class due to ignorance and laziness.
The quality of software has to improve and potential buyers have to know of the Amiga’s existence through advertising and shop demos.
I PH it m 9 m I 9 are es M nan ing
o I rted fin- torn id irs De ive 30- ail- be ; •y 0 THE FAR SIDE
HELEN DANBY I ive rd acl rork.
Ilish- ick nd i's nos.
We've been saying this for years. It would be a crying shame if the Amiga finally fails after all its been through, after so many have worked hard, only for it to be superseded by the current toy consoles.
Jon Mills, Manchester.
Er what???
My company is currently developing a networked marine training simulator based on an Amiga. Could you please advise on possible contacts for companies or individuals, preferably in this area, who could manufacture custom input devices such as azimuth controls for ships' headings etc. Michael Maccy, Nutec, Unit 3 Southern Deemouth Centre, South Esplanade East, Torry, Aberdeen AB1 3PB. Tel: 01224 248 481.
Eh? Azimuth controls? Ships' headings? Maybe our readers could help? Contact the above address if you can.
Crossed wires?
Surely Escom have got their wires crossed somewhere? As a business user, I use my Amiga for a variety of uses, including video and multimedia work and during last year, it seems that every time I walked into a shop or telephoned a computer company, I was told that the Amiga was dead and that I was throwing my money ’down the drain'. I decided to ignore the comments and put my faith back into the only machine capable of performing miracles on a small budget.
Since the Amiga has been out of the picture, the competition have been working on their own ’multimedia systems', effectively moving in on one of the Amiga's strongest markets. Sure, the Amiga still has a few aces up its sleeve but even these are looking shaky There was a time, not so long ago when the Amiga was the only small budget computer capable of handling multitasking and multimedia marvels. Light Wave showed the industry just how serious a machine it was. Today, there are Multimedia By GARY LARSON
- ,| , ,,.u machines everywhere, running their own hastily
written, Sca a-type programs and their own versions of
The Amiga's strongest asset was its ability to perform miracles at a fraction of the cost of similar systems. However, at over £2000 for an A4000T and no low-cost A4000 desktops, the Amiga is being priced at at a rate that makes it out of the reach for most individuals and a cost that might steer business users to the competition. Come on Escom, don’t let us down, on the one thing that may destroy the Amiga's long term future.
David McLaughlin, Scotland.
Attention Matt, Loughton Desperately seeking Matt from Loughton.
Yes you. Matt Barlow from Loughton, A chap called Neil Adams form Norfolk has kindly sent in a copy of the BBC emulator that you were asking about in Backchat October 95.
Please send in your full address or contact us here at the office, so we can send it out to you, Upgrade, why don't you I totally agree with Mat Bettinson's ‘Welcome to tomorrow' points of view in the October issue. The reason the PC is so successful at the moment is that PC owners are willing to buy the latest upgrades in order to play Doom, Doom II, Bioforge, Dark Forces etc. When Quake, which is Doom III, appears it looks like nothing short of a Pentium will do. I have a PC 486 DX2 80M Hz 12Mb RAM CD Rom at the moment and that is quite adequate to play 99% of PC games.
In total it has cost me £500 to upgrade from a 286 to present. I got the 286 for free.
It really upset me when Amiga owners moan about paying for more RAMetc just to be able to play moderately enhanced games. PC hardware costs a lot more than Amiga stuff and does just the same job. Yet PC owners buy extra hardware in their droves!
Here's a small tip, 72 pin Simms advertised for the PC also work 100% okay with Amiga RAM expansions, yet are much cheaper. You can pick up a 4Mb SIMM for only £85 pounds inc VAT and P&R yet some Amiga suppliers charge £139!
Julian.smith@drugnet.co.uk Here's another small tip. Make sure you know whether your expansion board takes single or double sided SIMMS. If you buy the wrong type it simply won't fit, regardless of how cheap it is.
Fears cover disk Unfortunately there teem to have been some difficulties with last month's Fears cover disk If you've had problems loading the full three level demo return your disk to Disk Express 7 Willow Court, Bourton Industrial Park, Bourtori on the Water, Gloucester GLS4 2HO WARNING please make sure to create your Citadel disk first and keep it before you send this disk back as you will only receive a three level demo of Fears in return for your disk TEAM TALK November 5th, the annual celebration of Guy Fawkes' hot demise, saw the team abandoning their Amigas and heading down to a local
hostelry for some liquid tenance and stories ... ALAN DYKES TONY HORGAN | When I was a kid we used te create I what were known as smettyworks. This I involved finding a large dog turd, stick• ing a fvewoih in it and setting it of. It I once knew a bloke called Gay favAos He was small, had moesy blond hair md walked with a limp. He said he was related 10 Hie original Guy Fawkes bat we (Ha l baieee bin eati he Died te blew ear school up end die coys caught him and homed lain at the stake. This is genuine. Iree Honest USA COLUNS HOW TO ORDER Simply tick which offer applies to you, fill in the
form and send it along with payment to CU Amiga Magazine subscriptions department, EMAP Consumer Magazines, FREEPOST (LE5981) Leicester LE87 4AB. (Free postage within the UK only) CU AMIGA SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM RATES -12 issues including postage ? £34.00 UK 12 ISSUES FOR PRICE OF EIGHT (*UK only, source code: lAli) ? £55 REST OF WORLD SURFACE MAIL ? £60 EUROPE EIRE AIR MAIL ? £90 REST OF WORLD AIR MAIL ZONE 1 ? £96 REST OF WORLD AIR MAIL ZONE 2 Or call the subscriptions Hotline on 0858 468888
(9. 00am to 5.30pm)
Address: ....
IMPORTANT: 12 issues for the price of 8 offer available to UK
residents only. Please allow 28 days for fulfilment from
receipt of order.
? Tick this box if you do not wish to receive any direct mail that EMAP Images Ltd feels may be of interest to you.
Offer closes 19th December 1995 Offer source code:IA1i Note: Zone 1: Middle East, Africa, USA. South America, Hong Kong. Singapore, Pakistan, Indonesia; Zone 2: Australia, China. Japan. Pacific.
Premier 'TttaiC Order Please Send Cheques PO's (made out to Premier Mail Order) or Access Visa (Switch ? Issue No| & Eipt't Z- De|)t CU 12 9-10 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE CRANES FARM ROAD BASILDON. ESSEX SS14 JJJ Telephone orders: 01268-271172 Fax your order on: 01268-271173 Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sal&Sun 10am-4pm. We are open 364 days a P&P and VAT included lor all UK orders Please add per ilem £2 P&P lor Europe and £3 50 lor Ihe rest ol Ihe norld Next day service available UK only At £- Please nole Some lilies may nol be released al Ihe lime ol going lo press Most lilies arc despalched same day bul can
lake up lo 28 days POINTS OF VIEW Windows 95 Good for Ihe Amiga?
Andy Leaning, ex-technical editor of CU Amiga Magazine and current technical editor of our sister PC magazine PC Review argues that Windows '95 is good for the Amiga.
The opinions express held by CU AMIGA Mi CUAMIGA@cu-Anligr Ohere can be few people in the world who missed the launch of the latest operating system tor Pcs. Windows ’95.
Microsoft are spending a reported $ 700million on the launch and subsequent marketing Every major country was subjected to a barrage of marketing stunts such as painting fields around airports with the Windows '95 logo.
Out - the result will naturally be thousands and thousands of eager people flooding through the doors of dealers, like Escom and Silica.
Invariably such people will have a play with the PC first dragging icons around, clicking on the infamous Start What has this got to do with you? Surely such an onslaught will attract more users to the PC market, away from Amiga technologies' home computer. Well yes and no. Yes, the mass advertising behind Windows '95 will help the PC cause but I also believe it will considerably help the Amiga.
A better option There are two main reasons why I think Windows will help the Amiga. First. Windows ’95 will initially drive up prices of hard drives and RAM, making the Amiga look an even more attractive cost option. How? As Windows needs more RAM, 8Mb at least, and swallows drive space millions of Windows '95 users around the world will be upgrading.
However, for the immediate future at least, there aren’t enough Simms and hard drives to meet demand thus forcing the price up. It's expected that single Simms will raise in price by almost 30% in the next six months, making new Pcs and PC upgrades more expensive.
The Amiga, however, with its low overheads, doesn't need huge hard drives and memory and will be cheaper by comparison.
People wandering into dealers showrooms looking for Pcs will be faced with having to pay more than they expected for a PC and then see a cheaper Amiga doing pretty similar stuff for much less.
'Pretty similar stuff': there lies been doing hi tea years.
The second reason why I suspect Windows '95 will help the Amiga.
Take a look at the features list of Windows '95: multitasking, plug 'n' play, easier configuration for games, no more MS-DOS (cough!), icons that can dragged around the desktop.
Heard this before? Of course you have, approximately ten years ago to be precise, just about the same time the Amiga was launched,the reason - because these are just some of the technical advantages that the original Amiga had and it had them ten years agol But in the last ten years the Amiga operating system hasn't stood still, it's undergone numerous improvements. Today's models are fine tuned. Their multitasking is highly efficient, the plug-and-play equivalent in AmigaDos near perfect (compared to the first PC version in Windows 95) and works on every Amiga - rather than just the
more recent models, games almost always work first time and, well you get the idea.
The end result is that the Amiga operating system and hardware will appear to do a much better job of these 'new' features than the PC and anyone (even those without computing experience) will recognise this.
Now think of all that expensive marketing Microsoft is pumping keys. The two representative stores I named earlier were chosen because they are two of the larger retailers, with stores in most towns. But these two chains also happen to carry both the Amiga and PC. As do many other dealers, so there's more than a good chance that new users going into such stores will see the Amiga, sitting there strutting it's stuff, doing it better, and doing it for hundreds of pounds less.
Easily swayed Of course millions of people around the world will still go for the PC, there are plenty of reasons to do so. I'm not for one minute suggesting that the Amiga is a better computer, or worse for that matter. However there will be many people who will be swayed, by the cheaper Amiga option.
These new users will want the same kind of software that they could get for the PC and will bring valuable extra spending power to the Amiga market, encouraging software houses like Softwood.
Softlogik, Digita etc to spend more on R8D and produce better titles.
Of course this could all be a pipe dream, but I for one don't think so, and neither do several of the larger dealers now stocking the Amiga again after its recent sabbatical. See you in the stores. ¦ Andy Leaning Superior performance. Full on speed. Yours when you add the new Falcon 68040 060 accelerator to your Amiga 1200. It’s like never hitting the brakes. State- of-the-art-technology for the ultimate rush. Seriously faster than a 4000 040 at a fraction of the cost. Fit the Falcon, feel the speed. If you dare.
1. 5 Times more powerful than the Amiga 4000 040* RAM Access 3.5
times quicker than the Amiga 4000 040* Easily upgradable to
the 68060 Processor** 68060 Processor socket built-in Can host
up to 128MB of Local Burst RAM Fast SCSI-II III SMA Hard Disk
Controller (lOMB Sec) PCMCIA Compatible and fully
* Speed based on the 68040 2SMHz CFU
• • Upgrade 68060 price programme e.eJaoie soon Amiga cate needs
to be opened and trapdoor modified £429 £499 £549 £649 £139
£279 £29 68040 or 68060 CPU SCSI-Connector SIMM-Connector
£119.95 £199.95 £259.95 £399.95 £569.95 £59.95 £ 89.95 £129.95
£189.95 £329.95 £199.95 £279.95 £349.95 £479.95 £649.95 POWER @
VIPER starting from £119.95 The Viper 28 can have up to 128MB
RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping, optional SCSI-II
adaptor, on-board battery barked dock. 68882 coprocessor.
Instruction and data burst modes.
The Viper SO can have up to 128MB RAM installed, and the same features as the Vipec 28.
VIPER SO 8MB VIPER 50 16MB FPU's complete with crystal. Please state lor Bli22ard compatibility.
20MH2 FPU PICC......£20.95 33MHZ FPU PICC £39.95 40MHZ FPU PICC £60.95 S0MHZ FPU PGA £89.95 SCSI-II INTERFACE ivi»i » only) £69.95 4MB SIMM £139.95 8MB SIMM .....£279.95 A1200 8MB RAM card which uses 1 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
PC1208 BARE PC 1208 1MB .
PC1208 2MB PC1208 4MB .
PC1208 8MB WARP ENGINES 01234 273000 power computing ltd 44A B STANLEY STREET 1234 352207 Bedford MK41 7RW TEL FACSIMILE .power At last a game that unleashes Relea,„ date: the power of the Amiga 12001 Player Manager 2 Extra - The Chase for Glory is the Amiga 1200 version of the chart topping Player Manager 2.
Graphically enhanced throughout, Player Manager 2 Extra boasts a multitude of thrilling new features, exciting options and great sound effects.
Player Manager 2 Extra remains the only game that allows you to play for the team you manage giving action on and off the pitch.
A choice of four playing views Detailed Management Tools tr Extra Gameplay New for the Amiga 1 jO 0 Real Teams - Real Players - Real Slats Winning Features 0 Tactics Designer with powerful ray trace facility Q Active transfer and loan markets 0 Train players from schoolboys to multi million pound stars 0 All the domestic and European cup competitions 0 A choice of four playing views. Play as a team or in position 0 1-4 Players © Thrilling match reports Alan Hansen predicts ©Greatest games, greatest goals, champions, disasters and scandals - READ ALL ABOUT IT.
Registered users buy this great new version for only £10.00 (Includes P&P). Contact Anco for details.
Published by Anco Software Ltd. Unit 7 Millside Industrial Estate. Lawson Road, Dartford Kent DA1 5BH Tel: 01322 292513 Fax: 01322 293422.
Screenshots are illustrative of gameplay only and may vary from format to format. Requires a joystick.
©Unique (kill, coach and management aues(ment tools to pick your beat team 0 Three skill levels 0 Animated scoreboard style predict and after match highlights ® Challenge round. Use bonus points won to secure a management position with a big name club A*. Manager and player awards. Will you be named Manager of w the Month?
0 Enlarged coaching section 0 Endure the dreaded press conference after the Mg games.
© Comprehensive manager assessment throughout the year.
G Player Manager World - Up to 8 players compete to see who really has created the ultimate team.
Stunning New Graphics X T R XK £§ase for v a game that unleashes ver of the Amiga 12001 :ed throughout, Player Manager litude of thrilling new features, great sound effects.
Extra remains the only game that r the team you manage giving pitch.
F four playing views Extra Gameplay New for the Amiga 1 ©Unique skill, coach and pick your best team 1 Animated scoreboard style prv nit 7 Miliside industrial Estate, Lawson Road. Darttord, Kent DA l 5BH Tel: 01322 292513 Fax 01322 eplay only and may vary from tormat to format Requires a joystick Extra • The Chase for Glory is the of the chart topping Player 1 INVERT turns the range upside-down.
Find a use for it and I'll be gobsmacked.
CHOP erases the whole sample except the ranged part (like Audiomaster's Keep).
COPY TO SYNTH EDITOR copies the first 128 ranged bytes to the synthetic sound editor, our tutorial subject in a few months' time.
PLAY BUFFER CONTENTS and DISCARD COPY BUFFER act as a memory jogger and a memory saver (clever eh?).

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