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The new magazine will be wek corned by the Amiga community as the long-running Amiga video magazines Video Toaster User and Lightwave Pro have ceased publi cation. However, there has been the promise of a six-month insert of Video Toaster news and infor- - mation in existing Miller Freeman video and graphics publications Already some new publications are appearing to plug the gap Visual Inspirations of Tampa. Florida has announced a new, Iree online magazine to support users of the Video Toaster Flyer system and Amiga Lightwave artists. VI is a long-standing developer of tools for Video Toaster users. More information on their upcoming publication is available at : Monline com newtek. A new player. Aurora Works Inc. has entered the Amiga games scene, dedicated to developing quality products aimed at high spec machines. ’ Aurora Works Inc. has announced two titles for 1997 The first. Zone 99. Is a strategy action genre title with 99 levels of play and head-to-head action. The goal is to explore the game- world in search of Zone 99 by completing challenges and overcoming obstacles, sometimes with the help of your opponent A shareware demo is scheduled for January, while the full commercial release is set for March The second. Betrayed, is to be an action adventure set in a dark future. Details are sketchy but the release is planned for Autumn '97 Aurora Works are aiming their titles at high-spec Amiga machines with 030 processors as a minimum. They also plan full support for the CyberGraphX video card standard and to take full advantage of the AGA chipset. More information on Aurora Works is available at www.auroraworks.com. Software Hut. A large and longtime Amiga dealer and distributor, have a significant quantity of Amiga Technologies Microvitek multisync monitors for sale After AT returned their monitors (which it was no longer able to afford). Software Hut stepped in to take a number of them off Microvitek's hands.

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Document sans nom Games: Minskies • Tommy Gun • Bograts • Fighting Spirit • Mioroprose Classics On your CD-ROM: I
• Design Works. Create connplex technical illustrations wfth ease
• Worms - The Director's Cut extr
• Even more Imagine 4.0 extras 1 Plus! I I Utilities, mods,
graphics, games, d ios... A l lo CD-ROM? Ask your Newsagent!
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£89.99 Toshiba 3701 Bit.TSprrd £175.99 NEC CDR-1410.i speed £197.99 SCSI Controllers GVP 4008* I Oktagon SCSI £99.99 s,-.A. ..... .....£45.00 75 00 (ivmL.XJ MI438S Monitor Only!! *£259.99 First Starter Pack
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• I 2 Month Warranty . ’A SCSI Controller is Hrc|.
Monitors Squirrel I face Hard Drives Disk Drives
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l. 08Gig.£l60.99 l.08Gig..£249.99 ,2.1 Gig..£229.99 2.1
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£22.99 TotaW, revampad new verwon of thli top telling CD,
New!! AmiNet 15 - Nw A.uai. £ 14.99 Stoop Purchoic Inught
Dinosaurs DaMgncd lor tha CD) IICO-TV but madia on any Amiga
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Disk With Kickstart 2.04 or above.
Ideal Xmas Gift'!
Guinness Disc of Records £17.99 CD Version of the ever-popular fact Ailed book.
Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £ 10 with every order Editorial EDITOR Tony Horgaa DEPUTY E0IT0R lisa Collins TECHNICAL EDITOR Mai Bettioson STAFF WRITER AaBiew Kara COMPANY ART E0IT0R Helen Danby DEPUTY ART EDITOR Anthony Collins CD-ROM E0IT0R Mai Bettioson CD-ROM COMPILER Neil Bothwick TECHNICAL CONSULTANT John Kennedy GAMES CONSULTANT Man Broughton CONTRIBUTORS Vantpyia. Andy Mitchell.
The latest twist in the long running saga.
The concluding part of our Design For a Living feature is also here with sound advice for all budding professional 3D animators. And don't forget our unrivalled game reviews and technical tests, along with the ever-popular Workshop section.
Anthony Brice. Mat BrNfbton Mark Forbes. Panl Nolan.
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CU Ami* MayiBoe. Phory Coon. M-W Fra.nydoa laao. Toodoa EC1R MU
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ti W» bawl Manonu Mostm H At item iiliyhm i.ater aid ilrtis
FEBRUARY 1997 • CONTENTS In with the new as they say, and in
that spirit we're kicking ofl our first issue ol 1997 with a
look to the luture: the A Box. This exciting new machine from
Phase 5 looks like it could have the same impact that the AIOOO
did when it was launched over ten years ago. Take a look at our
feature on page 18 for an insight into what it may hold for us
all. As for the fate of the official Amiga, see this month's
news for details of Editorial Cover Feature 22 Amazing A Box
Read all about the stunning new machine that looks set to
kickstart a whole new era in creative state of the art
computing. Phase 5's A Box should wipe the floor with the
current crop of Mac and PC clones. But don't just take our word
for it, find out what the big players on the Amiga scene think
of it and the impact it could have.
29 Design For a Living Part II The second and final part of our guide to getting a job in computer graphics. This month we concentrate on the world of 3D computer animation. What skills should you be honing? How can you make an impressive showreel? Where can you find out about job vacancies? Do they use Imagine in Hollywood? All these questions and more are answered on page 29.
COVER DISK PROBUMS: II m Ira I lirtf cwr dll ttei wa u nun yw dal to ait di|lc4tir DISUPRiSS. 7 WILLOW COURT. B0URT0N INDUSTRIAL PARR. BOUR- TON-ON-THE-WATER. GLOUCESTERSHIRE GISt 2WL TEL 11451II1711 ml imorv 3M7.
Desigwp I Minsfe,- j'KTs © [HAP taps Imi liyafldthB aiyinu aij hi npidoetd ii ay hra. Ifflit iKctnic v aicteiKil or ad aOM the uyrtu turn 'imam d *t ytefatet Cm data nan coyyrfhl d tot iHpKlm ayylatj ml an u hi taykaM dnktetid or aid u adnd tter ytmam A» aiimd tad yncu n Hlrrad li ho kcuko at At tna 1«ni| ro »au C8 Aagi Uiyorai miayti to amen At byhut naidordi. Hit cio.it lo ted iisymsAh ta ra mn.
Betid i* oAmM alich aiy hra aMwMtlr cnyt an tho nut Ira ol a« itmw it yiwim a iiy actiu of tta aiyarni uwlttk ynd hr or ultrmst idated lAtaiMMS ta Nil yrod- ict «tuyylai Cl Amp Uiptni a « adowteut yohhohw nd tte lynras oipnuM hrits rnimn an tteir an. Hn d iot nts* uoahnia BACK ISSUES: II IS! US M bifid lo mdibln M dih Ul ynce ES.H lac Fifl Rut d mrid fl SI CO ROM raw VI r« taipt «d Rw d wild £751 SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS: StttcifteH in miihlo hn tanar hbiibig ban Hnte Sranria Pvt luNol Skid. Maid Vatenofh lilt 111 M: I1ISI US 1M
• will ahunyM ram lac imap) 17 ram: ULVPI fSt. SURHC1 MU RM h
C0MPETTTI0RS: 0 Imp Niyinii tfw na cm"IiMm. B tittr oil id Ran wh W fw urn iid tednu u Ite hid il »w!c*d ¦ iti moon aid uid tten * ii it tfai iinI iddrss Mm Hirwi rllUdoM crayanui Cuytdtue sums no oily occifMd hr | m
• m my yo ftira ybra tad Oh tMi docraa a hid Nairn oil ta rated
hr yotf Otte nln an ho pattd bw hoc to hai.
PRINTED M THE IMITEO KINGDOM BY ST IVES PETERBOROUGH ROCHE COVER DISK AND CO-ROM DUPLICATION BY DISKXPRESS ABC Jifl-Jaae IMG 3S.IS4 8 Design Works All the power of a top structured drawing system combined with a user interface that's a piece of cake to use. Design Works is just the job for all kinds of design and illustration projects, from technical drawings to DTP clipart creation and more. It’s all here, fully featured and ready to go.
6 Minskies Furballs Drawing on the classic Tetris theme for inspiration, Minskies Furballs is one of those games you just can’t put down. An addictive arcade-puzzler of the highest calibre.
14 Super CD-ROM 7 Once again we bring you the best monthly CD-ROM on the scene, full of top shareware, Imagine extras, mods, utilities, graphics and everything from the floppy disk edition too!
CONTENTS 18 VIScorp-Amiga deal off, new sound cards imminent.
Games 47 Archer Maclean Previews 34 Alien Presence 34 Burnout Reviews 06 Bograts) $ 16 Minskies Furballs 38 Tommy Gun 40 Fighting Spirit 44 Budget Games Game Tips 45 Snip Tips 45 Vampyra Tech Scene - utilities and hardware DrawStucnd 54 Wordworth 6 - | 58 Amiga Voice Mail 60 Blitz Support Suite 01 SX32 Pro)- 62 Audio Hardware Interfao 64 Turbo Calc 4 06 PD Scene - 70 PD Utilities 2 CD-ROM Scene Workshop 76 Art Gallery 78 3D Rendering: Imagine 4.0 82 Next Month 84 Wired World 87 Net God 88 Surf of the Month 90 Subscriptions 96 Masterclass 98 QerA 100 Frequently Asked Questions 101 Sound Lab 102
Backchat 104 Points of View 106 Back Issues IF YOUR DISK CD WONT LOAD Ne go to greet trouble ta ensure that Ike CU Amiga Magazine mm disks w* wmh oa cmmn Amiga med- Ms Newemd yea da upeneeceprahlems Warn this simple gmde 1 Remove aR ecessory aggrades aad penpherals wd as pnatars aad madams Samc tapdeer tapaasmes cm aha cause problems I felaw the mstructmas m ftis aad prevmes pages u*My J: Ceetact ear 1S iach dak people IISKXPRESS. 1 WIUQW COURT. MUR I OK INOUSTIIAl PARK. BOUITOI-ON-THi- WATER. GLOUCESTERSHIRE CIS4 2NL TIL 11451I1I7M SEA Tel: I14S111I7M. TiwH17R334@ci«p«n» c H they advise
that the i tk is taalty, 611 m your detail»*¦ the le i below, mi send this tom. Aloeg with the baity covet dish aid a 2&p staaped self addressed envelope ta: CU Amiga Magazine Dish Returns. DISKXPMSS. 7 WILLOW COURT. BOURTOR INDUSTRIAL PARK. BOURTON-ON-THE- WATiR. GLOUCISIf RSHIRE GLM 7HQ. Til: 014SI I1I7II He also vigorauily virus check our caver disks on a branded vitus checker. II seme escape our attention we caueet assume responsibility lor it NAMfc______________________ ADDRESS TYPE Of AMIGA OWNED .. .....DISK NUMBER DESCRIBE EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS WHEN
YOU TRY TO LOAD THE DISK: disk struction Cover disk 151 Minskies Furballs CU Amiga Magazine are delighted to announce that we have the exclusive demo of this great Tetris clone for you to try out. Minskies Furballs from Binary Emotions is one addictive game, once you’ve tried it it just won't be able to stop Minskies works on all Amigas with 1Mb and getting the cover disk to run couldn't be simpler. All you have to do is put cover disk 151 into your Amiga turn it on. Voila: you've got two levels of Minskies to play around with.
The control is simple to get the hang of. Using either a joystick or the keyboard, the aim of the game is to get as many of the little coloured cats in groups of four or more To move the blocks around use the cursor keys or right or left on your joystick. And to spoil your fun a little and makes things a bit trickier, your opponent will lob a few fish and grey bricks at you just to make things difficult. You've also got some weapons and protection devices at your disposal. To access a weapon just press fire, up, ALT and Amiga.
We got the exclusive review of Minskies Furballs on page 36 of this issue of CU Amiga Magazine so turn there straight away if you want to find out more about this great game.
Freezes Framesp 7kJ Cool way to Grab Images on your Amiga rHECK OUT OUR NEW -.
255* Sound Samplers P,°Ia PCMCIA interface The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE I... ____Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This Compatible could be your camcorder. TV with SCART output, satellite hnth VHS X , receiver domestic VCR player or standard IV signal pasung ID®0'*.. through your VCR player the choice is yours STAGE 2... wail ProGrab! Software, select an image you I wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab Ibecause the hardware grabs in real time, there! No need lor a freeze lay on the source dewed).
Once gratttd. Sxnpty downlead view Pie ful image on yotx Amiga screen ProGiaD also Includes»Teletea viewing and capturing facility ficm IV or sate*te sources Grab images with your camcorder me ludng S-VHS or. Take a signal from a A TV with SCART output STAGE 3... Use the grattied image wxh yxx favocne word processor, DTP or graphics package.
Camcorder or, use the signal fro your satellite receiver ProGrab really does make it that simple!
Or. Grab TV or video pxtues from you VCRS wdeo output including S-VHS.
ProGrab is just Sviis £129.95... rab 24RT Plus Only £39.95 Support! All r«er« Amigjt and It M»o fuly AGA ChipiM (ompattMe Vou ProGrab is scppfced Arm just about everytfxng ycul new ?
Ft*rW ProGrab' 24RT Plus Dtgrtisor • Latest ProGrab VwWon 2.6.x Software ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable
• User Manual ¦ Input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
+ A video scute (Me t* feajred lo irvftb ycur cwn Murmer* AsI fcr details cr you fequremrrs fqu.vny pnces awtfatW on the ordet form ided OR. You'd simpy like further County (Countryl ProGrab Plus'” 9 £129.95 £ PCMCIA Interface 9 139.95 £ ProTef* Teletext Decoder 9 £44 95 £ Standard Stereo Samper 9 £19 95 £ IW. Stereo Sampler 9 £24 95 £ Standard Delivery £7 (2 3 Utortng Days) £ 7.00 or an additional £3 for Next Working Day Delivery £_._ TOTAL. £ I enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Posta! Order for £ ? ???
Daytime Phone: °ostco Jc Evening Phone: COMPUTERS Department CU* Gordon Harwood Computer! Limited New Street, Ahreton. Dc-byshire D€SS 7BP WX: 01773 831040 (HI* 100271 JS57» ompuierve tom ????????????
Vafcd From Expiry Date
v. " - TECH DISK ms don t be fooled by the simple display
into thinking aren't very many options. When you first load up
Design Works, you will see a small toolbox menu and a blank
page. Each of the eight menu icons in the toolbox brings up
its own sub-menu when selected, so there are a lot more
options than appears at first glance.
The bars running along the top and left edges of the blank page are rulers - if you have What is Design Works?
Design Works is what is known as a structured drawing package. It differs from standard paint packages such as Personal Paint and Dpaint in that instead of producing the image pixel by pixel, it produces it mathematically. What this means is that you can display or print it at any size or resolution without it losing detail and sharpness. It is ideal for making maps and diagrams, which if you've ever tried making on a standard paint program you will know can look abysmal when printed, however good they looked on the screen. It's also well suited to producing signs, symbols, banners,
technical drawings and designs up to 50 inches square. It can use standard bitmap graphics too, allowing shapes and text to be overlaid on them. Posters, invitations, presentations, tape cassette covers - the list of uses is endless.
If you experimented with X-CAD 2000 which we gave away with our November 1996 issue, you will notice that Design Works has certain similarities. Both work with objects made up of lines. The difference is that while X- Cad 2000 specialises in precision and accuracy of scale.
Design Works is all about presentation and ease of use.
You wouldn't want to design a house with Design Works, and X-CAD is not the best program for producing giant birthday cards.
Design Works' real strength is in its user-friendliness.
Almost every feature is available at a couple of mouse clicks, and none are difficult to use. If you are familiar with similar design software, or DTP software, or even if you've used our cover mounted disk or CD of Wordworth, you are half way there. The basic idea is simple; you are presented with a page on which you can draw, write, paste images to. You can then print it out on your own printer or output the page to disk as an image for a repro house to print out for you on a superior type of printer. This tutorial will introduce many of the basic features of the software.
If you would a further tutorial or have any specfic questions about Design Works, please write in and we'll do our best to answer queries through the pages of the magazine.
Mod- I ern word processors, the concept should be familiar. If not, all you really need fo know is that I they show the exact dimensions of the printed page, and by watching the small red cursors on the two bars which track the mouse pointer, you can precisel align your objects.
Getting started The first thing to do is to jump right in and try it out. Select the Drawing toolbox icon, which _ looks like a small pencil, and you* will be presented with a submenu containing eight tools.
These tools are : Line. Bounded Line. Rectangle, Ellipse, Open Polygon, Closed Polygon.
Freehand Shape, Closed Freehand shape.
These are the basic tools from which everything you draw will be made. Try each one and find out what they do (see figure 1).
Some of the options will go on drawing lines. Double-click on the final point to exit draw mode.
OK, done that? Go to the first menu in the menu bar at the top of the screen and select the first option. New, which will bring up a nice new sheet for us to work on. Draw a rectangle in the middle of the screen and then click on the Selection icon in the toolbox, which looks like an arrow. This is the option which .
Allows you to resize, move or generally mutilate anything you have drawn. Click on your rectangle at any point along the line and you will see 12 red dots appear n ! _ 1 m i[ | fo liiil lil 1 A the best way to learn what the drawing tnolboi icons do is to try around the rectangle.
Look closely and you will see that the dots on the junctions of the lines are rounded and the dots sur-' rounding the shape are square. These two different types of dot serve very different purposes.
Reshaping Click on one of the round dots on the bottom of your rectangle, and hold the mouse button down.
Now you can drag that dot, and the lines that go to it, anywhere you want. Drag it down a little way and then move it under the other round dot on the bottom line. When you release the mouse button, you will have a perfect right angle triangle. Now grab one of the square corner dots and try dragging that. These dots allow you to stretch the object in any direction, and if you move them far enough, you can make the object flip right over!
There is one more thing you can do with the selection pointer.
Click on any part of the line and hold the button down. The outline will go red. If you move the mouse pointer around, you will CoptNweh oveHetf ? ? ?
Drag the entire shape with you and can reposition it where you like.
Colours Next we are going to move into colour. Now that you have the hang of the basic functions, it's time to do a simple project. Close down any projects you no longer need and start up a new one.
Select the bottom left icon, the one which looks like a paint palette. Select the lirst icon in the sub-menu, which looks like a pen
cil. To call up the pen style requester (figure 2).
Move the line width slider along until the number 4 appears by the side - this should be about the right line width. Close the requester in the normal way, and click on the black colour square in the sub-menu to set the line colour to black Now click on the Fill Pattern toolbox icon (next to the Palette icon), and select the red square From now until you change settings. Shapes will be drawn in a black line with a width ol four and will be filled in red.
Ready to start? OK! Back to the drawing toolbox, select the closed polygon icon and start drawing a shape like in figure 3. You don't have to get the lines to join up yourself, because alter you double-click to stop drawing the shape, the last and first dots you drew will be joined.
As soon as you have finished drawing, it will automatically fill in the shape and thicken the line.
You should end up with something very like figure 4. If you are not totally happy with the way the shape has come out. Remember you can reshape it by dragging the dots about.
Adding text Click on the Text toolbox icon (a big A) and you will see a fairly self- explanatory sub menu. By clicking on the disk icon you can load in a font. The other icons allow you to align the text and select bold, underline or italic. Select a font - preferably a CGFont to avoid blockiness - in a large size. • 40 point would be about right.
Click the mouse pointer inside your shape where you want the text to start and type in a short message. The text will not wrap, so when you get to the edge of the shape, press return to continue typing on the next line. You can highlight text and select the centre aligning tool as I did for the shorter bottom line (figure 5) to improve presentation.
Select your text as an object by clicking on it with the Selection arrow pointer. Now go to the Palette and click on a colour, and the text will change to that colour.
If you select the Fill Pattern toolbox icon, it will change the background colour of your text, but in this case leave it as red.
Going further There are of course a lot more options we haven't looked at. We haven't even touched on the Transform. Zoom and Macros tools, and there are all sorts of configuration and control options you can select from the menu bar. If you want to dive in and try them, you should find them quite intuitive and easy to understand.
Hints and tips
1. Hold down shift key when drawing a line to lock it to 90 or 45
degrees. Use the Settings Gridsnap and Settings Gridsize
options from the menu for accurate alignment of objects.
2. To change screenmode, select the Settings menu. You'll find
the sub option there. Don't panic when it seems to ignore you
- you have to select Settings Save Settings, then quit the
program and restart before the screenmode changes.
3. The pen style requester allows you to choose how your lines
start and end. Click on the end icon, change it to the
arrowhead, and from now on any lines you draw will become
4. Select Project Drawing Size from the pull-down menus and you
can resize the drawing to make it fit on many pages by
dragging the page shape which appears in the requester. Make
it one page down and seven along. Select a very big font, and
type a message across the page. Print it out for an instant
5. Insure your printer is properly set up with the Project Page
Setup menu. Design Works uses the Preferences printer driver.
6. Select more then one object at a time by shift-clicking on
them or by drawing a square around them with the Selection
pointer (the arrow).
7. Multiple objects can be joined together by selecting the
objects you want linked, and then clicking on the join icon,
the fourth one down on the left of the Selection sub-menu.
Joined objects are then treated as a single object and con all
be moved, scaled or modified together.
8. Make shapes with no fill colour by selecting the null fill
icon from the Fill Pattern menu - the O with a line through
it. Alternatively, select a fill pattern and the null icon in
the Palette menu for a filled shape with no coloured outline.
9. Change a colour in the Palette menu by double-clicking on it
to bring up an edit colour requester. Change fill patterns
by double clicking on the appropriate pattern icon.
You can draw into the fill pattern with the currently selected palette colour to make your own fills.
10. Use the Project Import option to load in images in IFF, JPEG,
PCX and other image formats. These can then be reshaped and
dragged like other objects.
10. Have fun!
Importing images There is one very important feature we haven't yet dealt with: the use ol bitmap graphics. This greetings card project will introduce the subject to you.
Card whe're it will be folded. Draw a one point line down the centre.
Figure 2 Select the Project Import menu and choose a picture from the file , requester. Pictures will lend to be too big when they load in.
Because Design Works uses 72 dots per inch as default Rescale by clicking on the Transform tool- menu and then the scale button or by dragging the corner dots.
Position the pictures, remembering that when the card is folded, the right hall of the page will be the front. Pictures can be flipped horizontally or vertically Figure 3 Once the pictures are in place, it is time to apply the text Select Figure 1 First set up the size of your project. Select the Projects Page Setup option from the pull-down menu. Select a custom paper size and type in the dimensions of the card you are going to print on. I have set up the page for standard 6 by 4 inch card, which makes pocket size greetings cards.
Now click on the white square at the top left of the page (not the screen!) Where the two rulers meet. Drag it half way along the top ruler, and release. The ruler is now centred on the middle ol the T the Text tool item, click on the disk icon and select a font. Use a simple, easy to read font for the most important text, as that way you get your message across without distracting from the picture. Reserve decorative fonts for specific effects.
Position the text cursor where you want the text and type. Don't worry if it doesn't look right, after you have finished you can drag the text about just like an object, and you can highlight all or part of it to make it bold, underlined or italic, change the size or change the font. When it's all positioned to your satisfaction, print it out.
Fold it. And post it to a pal!
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Kits Important Note! 3.5‘ hard drives - oven those described as -Slim' - are usually 1725mm high and will not f« in an A1200 without significant modifications to the case and metal shielding • which itself reduces the value of your computer.
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Stokesley. N Yorks, TS9 5BB. UK Tel UK: 07000 4 AMIGA Tel Ml: +44 (0) 1642 713 185 Fax: +44(0)1642 713 634 eyetechecix.compulink.co.uk http: www.eyetech.co.uk -eyetech NEW! Apollo Accelerators for the A1200 Special introductory pricing 33MHz '030 with FPU - the seme price as a memory board* FPU! Only £89.951!I 50MHz Turbo 030 with MMU. FPU A SCSI options available Just £149.95 33MHz Turbo 040 with MMU & FPU. SCSI option available • a. wm*» Only £249.95 50MHz Turbo 060 with MMU & FPU. SCSI option available Only £449.95 SCSI adapter • £69.95 * Ring lor special memory pricing EYETECH Voted AV!
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PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET £19.99 £24.99 DISCOLOGY Discolo© IS the ultimate in dish cowing power tor the Amiga.
. ¦X 4 The pacirage composes the Discolo© Dish, manual and Discolo© cartridge lor making copies ot heavily protected
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PLEASE PHONE FOR FURTHER DETAILS AND INFORMATION SHEET £169.99 £199.99 MEDIAVISION RENO CD-ROM + SQUIRREL £114.99 Superb top quality CD ROM -- DRIVE complete with _ Squirrel for immediate e co the Amiga A1200 • o- "600. Includes CD32 NS.
Emulation, audio CD player etc. as well as its own CD power supply, cables etc. Can also be used as a personal audion ID player and includes stereo head- fair s . .. I RENO CD WITH SQUIRREL £114.99 g V .“JE!
By us are formatted, partitioned and have Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for the A1200) installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple: if you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you can plug the hard drive into the hard drive socket.
Video and Stakker disk to increase the drive's A capacity with every hard drive ordered - _ £89.99 £209.99 3 No.l FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Order NOW for immediate despatch (credit switch card sales only) for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable fo Siren Software) or credit card details to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND Access, Visa. Switch, Delta.
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We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
: -* charged at £3.50 per order (U.K.), Europe and £12.50 resi o! The world.
What's on Super You want a top quality Amiga CD packed full of the best software, and that's exactly what you get.
How to use CUCD7 As with prior cover Cds. CUCD7 can be booted on AGA Amigas with CD32 emulation or simply a straight CD32. All other CD-equipped Amigas can use the CD after booting from Workbench. The CD will not boot under any Kickstart earlier than 3.0. If boot from Workbench or a hard drive, it's important to first click on the "Init CD' icon. This sets up various assigns and makes MUI 3.6 temporarily available if it is not already installed. Please note that running software directly from CD is a touch-and-go business. While we've gone to a lot of effort to make many programs run from the
CD, others may have to be dragged to your hard drive either manually or by running an included installer 'Init CD' also runs the New Icons patch so don't be surprised if the icons change.
A word on Demos and games Demos and games are almost never coded in a so-called OS-legal way. That means that while they may work for us, they might not work for you for several reasons. Either your hardware set-up is slightly different or some third party software running on your Amiga may upset the demo or consume resources that the demo game requites. Please do not assume the CD is simply faulty' if any of this software refuses to run.
It simply isn't possible for us to ensure everything on the CD run on every possible hardware software configuration. The majority of files will be fine on the majority of systems, but the further away your system is from the norm, the more things it is likely to fall over on.
Do not be too surprised it you find some software doesn't work on your 512K Kickstart 1.2 A500 or your Power PC accelerated 4000T.
The people who wrote the software probably didn't have a machine the same as yours to test it on. , There are things you can do to make the software more likely to run. Closing down any other software, screens and so on will free up resources. It might be better to cut to the chase and copy the demo game onto your hard drive and then boot with no startup sequence. This involves resetting and holding down both mouse buttons. Then click on "boot with no startup-sequence You'll then be placed into AmigaDOS so you'll need to know enough about that aspect of your Amiga to navigate to where the
offending software is and run it. As a general rule, if the game or demo still doesn't work then it's incompatible with your machine.
Some demos will only ever work when run in this fashion. If you get a requester asking for a specific volume then the software needs 'assigns' set up and so is fairly likely it has an installer that should have been run.
Finally, if you are having problems getting anything to run. Please please make sure you have read all the documentation before you eat your CD in frustration!
Minskies Furballs This month's cover game is the excellent Tetris inspired Minskies Furballs from Binary Emotions. This addictive puzzle game demo pits you against the computer in a frenzy of fur-flying, brain-bending action.
Swing coloured cats around as they fall (on their feet, don't worry) into a surprisingly passive heap Match up rows or columns of like coloured cats to lower your own heap and raise your opponent's!
Using CUCD7 on non-Amigas.
If you don’t have a CD-ROM for your Amiga but have access to a CD-ROM on another computer, then it may still be possible for you to get a lot out of CUCD7. Files can be copied onto PC formatted 720k disks, then loaded into your Amiga using Crossdos. Which came as standard with Workbench versions 2 and higher. If you don't know how to use Crossdos, you will find it fully explained in the Workbench manual. The programs on the CD will not run on Pcs or Macs.
What's in your drawers Readers who have used a CU Amiga CD-ROM before will find everything fairly familiar. CUCD7 is set up as a Workbench disk, and can be booted from on an appropriate system.
Clicking the InitCD icon will set up your system to run from the CD properly. The first thing that you may notice as a result of clicking on this is that all the icons change - don't panic, this is the the excellent Newlcons system, not some obscure virus.
The Workbench 3.1 drawers such as Prefs. System. Utilities and Tools are in the root directory. If you haven't seen our last couple of Cds. Then be warned there isn’t a support drawer any more, and everything previously found in this drawer has been moved into Tools. System and Utilities, as appropriate. The Magazine drawer has also moved into the CUCD drawer.
In the root directory of CUCD7; Design Works This month's full application is Design Works, a highly intuitive and easy to use design package which will have you designing your own birthday cards, album covers, architectural blueprints and more in no time. This program won't run straight from the CD - it needs to be installed, simply done by clicking on the install icon. You will find a short tutorial on Design Works on page 8.
Worms - The Directors Cut Here is the ultimate upgrade for owners of the utterly brilliant Worms
- The Directors Cut. This directory is packed full of comedy
annelid action. A superior selection of custom levels
exclusively for Worms - TDC. Unique W - TDC soundtracks, and
for the enjoyment of all and sundry, multiple megabytes of
animated nematode nonsense to tickle your funny bones. Please
be warned - if you feel deeply for the well-being of our
soil-chomping brothers, steer well clear of this directory.
D-ROM 7 Utilities Multiview, Clock and some tools for working with Newlcon images can be found here.
Tools Contains the Workbench 3.1 tools drawer.
Prefs The Workbench 3.1 preferences drawer and Newlcon prefs.
System The 3.1 system drawer in addition to the Support drawer from CUCD4. The latest versions of MUI 3.6, PPShow, Visage, Flick, Parnet, Newlcons, HappyENV GMPlay, Hippoplayer, Play16, Delitracker and SuperView are all crammed here to aid access to the rest of the CD.
WWW This directory contains multiple megabytes of Internet WWW sites which be browsed directly off the CD without need of an Internet connection. Special CD Amiga versions of the premier web browsers, Aweb and Ibrowse, are provided to access the site where an improved main menu system is now included for easier navigation around this treasure trove of information and entertainment.
Inside the CUCD drawer; On-line The online section this month kicks off with the latest version of AmiTCR HotListHandler helps take away those hotlist blues with Aweb, Ibrowse and Voyager. Samba makes life a lot easier for those of you out there whose nightmares are filled with Amiga to PC networking and Anim GifAnim is just the ticket for makihg your web site more animated.
Programming Hex heads will be delighted to find thePhxAss 434 680x0 assembler in this month's programming section - if all those letters and numbers mean nothing to you, you probably won't like it anyway! Arexx users are very well supported this month with the RexxEvent commodity, Rexxlntuition and ZedRexx, an Arexx GUI front-end system.
Graphics A real bonanza awaits the graphics lover on CUCD7 with a large selection of anims in IFF and quicktime format, the latest GIF toolkit and CyberAVI, a collection of 3D objects to keep those of you who got last month's Imagine4 giveaway busy for weeks (months on a 68000! I. and a bunch of backdrops and icons for smartening up your Workbench, including the latest AES Newlcons and the full Uberbench collection.
You will also find the aMiPEG MPEG and QT quicktime animation players, with sample animations to try out.
Readers Here's the section you produce! I've been scanning through all your contributions through the month and there's some really good stuff to see and hear. There are masses of mods, plenty of pics, gaggles of games and utilities unbounded, including the funniest card pairs style game I've ever seen and a superb collection of utilities which will make life a lot easier for users of Wordworth 3+, as given away on our December 96 CD.
CD-ROM Here you will find the most up-to-date version of the excellent AmiCDFS filing system for CD-ROMs and some useful information for CD32 owners which will help them connect their machines to an Amiga and plug in A2000 style keyboards.
Demos As usual we've included all the latest top 'scene' demos. There's hours of demo viewing entertainment to be found here.
Some of these require fairly powerful computers to run. So check any accompanying text files first.
Information The latest version of the AmigaGuide to the Amiga's shared libraries. All those libraries that have been hanging around on your hard drive for years that even Mulder and Scully couldn't explain are fully documented. Also the latest updates on Team Amiga.
Utilities Power up your computer's foreign file format handling with the very latest AK datatypes for GIF. JPEG, PNG and SVG files. HFNMounter mounts virtual floppy disks on your hard drive, searchguide searches Amigaguide documents to allow you to cut to the chase.There is also a demo of Pcx, the latest and possibly greatest software PC emulator, and the newest version of ClassAct.
Sound All sorts for audio junkies this month, with a big collection of players and player utilities including BFBPIaymaster, a library based multi format modplayer; Splayer. A GUI front end for Play16; TREG realtime effects generator; Soundbox sampler converter and effects editor; MaPlay MPEG audio player; a demo of MIDICONV and much much more.
Games Entertainment central with a collection of PD and demo games. As always we can't guarantee that they'll work on your particular Amiga so do read whatever documentation is provided, checking system requirements and so on. Lots of fun to be had here.
Driving CUCDs Generally driving CUCDs is as simple as clicking on an icon of something you want to run. Play, see etc. You should find it will automatically activate a player, viewer or run the program without further ado. Of course if you access CUCD from a directory utility, then you can use your own choice of players, viewers etc. on the specific files.
We can't emphasise enough the importance of clicking on any readme or other documentation files inside each directory. There’s simply too much material for us to detail here so you'll have to explore, read the documentation and see if each program or whatever is of use or interest to you.
So have fun exploring CUCD7 and don't forget to send us any work of your own so we can include it on later Cds! Also feel free to write into the magazine and tell us what you'd like to see on future Cds or how you'd like to see them organised. Address all letters of this topic to CD Editor.
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D) VISA UK P&P: £2.25 for first manual, add £1 for each
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30 facdnks for any software toetyxr. OPTIONAL EXPANSIONS -
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COST Of OCLMKV TO MAWIAND UK AOOIfStf S OHIV: StasdirO Delieiy Q to 4 nortirg diys fiens dale of despMth) • £7 lyeess Cmwy Inert worbng day hom dati o( dnpatthl - £10 NON IK MAJMANO WsnNATlOW - pleise ul tor Urm pmn itt Dept CUA D2 New Street, Alfrcton, Derbyshire. DF.5S 7BP to SatunMy.
MO* uml or PAXa 01 773 831040 1:100271.35570compuserve.com 773 836781 What the Magazines think... Amw Shopper 9IS STAR BIT '..the Wisnnf I2U) ti drUMrtf to brcom the ultimate objnl uf dmh' fiir.AIW) owners Amina Computing 92% BUI OUPVniitf it* fastest Amiga in It* lurid grt tbit boanl' lauPa Formal Rule cm the hnteti 41 m in 'I* Huril ‘. U Sill R.iinu NEWS VIScorp-Amiga Deal Off OlScorp's contract to acquire the assets of Amiga Technologies has been cancelled.
VIScorp had been lined up to buy the technology and trademarks of Amiga Technologies primarily for use in its ED set-top box project, designed to combine Internet access with home TV viewing.
The contract was cancelled as VIScorp failed to pay the agreed US$ 20 million within the stipulated time scale, reduced from an original $ 40 million price from initial negotiations. This means the Amiga name and its technology is now open to new bidders.
However, VIScorp are by no means out of the picture. They have stated that they will continue to work towards the purchase of the Amiga technology.
VIScorp say that they no longer believe the assets are worth the agreed price. They say a major factor was the loss of Escom as a guaranteed distributor for VIScorp's set-top and Amiga products since Escom filed for bankruptcy in July. Further, VIScorp claims that a large and valuable inventory has not been secured by Escom's trustee, finally, VIScorp referred to unnamed piracies of the Amiga technology by 'small and large companies alike' reducing the value of the ownership of the technology.
VIScorp reaffirmed that they would continue to work towards the purchase of the Amiga technology. Until October 31, VIScorp directly funded the op tion of Amiga Technologies from | company resources.
It has been suggested that j QuikPak are a favourite to acquire I the Amiga rights. QuikPak are a ™ Canadian company currently producing A4000T motherboards ai selling complete A4000T systi At the time of going to press the situation has not been resolved, so the state of limbo continues.
CU will keep you updated New Sound Cards Two new 16-bit sound cards are ' soon to be released as finally the choice of 16-bit audio upgrades starts to pan out from the limited selection that's been on offer, until now. ACT in Germany are currently putting the finishing touches to their Prelude card, while an alternative. Melody is in the works from a band of German Amiga hardware developers.
Prelude is a Zorro card for all Amigas, including the A1000 and also the A500 with a forthcoming interface. At the moment it's awaiting a full suite of software.
Although it already has AHI (Audio Hardware Interface! Drivers which ensure compatibility with a number of existing audio programs, including HippoPlayer.
Play16 and DeliTracker.
Likewise, Melody is a Zorro card but it features a DSP with specific features for playing MPEG audio. Digital input and output are promised alongside analogue equivalents. Specific support for the Melody card via OctaMED SoundStudio is apparently in the works. More news as we get it.
NEWS VIScorp: All Change QtatPQiHp Canada Show Success U1 III VIU ! Am«ga Pest '96 went ahead as Perry of GPSoft. Were at the Call Sassemath, original Amiga OS designer, has resigned as Director ol Software for VIScorp. Citing intolerable management, among be* things, Mr Sassenrath has set out a broad list of goals or a future computer platform that rectify the inefficiencies of computing.
In less dramatic fashion, I med as Communications for VIScorp in mid- December David Rosen. VP of Business Development, will take over the handling of Amiga inquiries for the company. Mr. Rosen is reachable at drosentffiix.netcom.com. AM IGA] F] EST s ; Amiga Fest '96 went ahead as planned in London, Toronto, boasting exhibitors such as NewTek. Nova Design and AmiTrix. CU Amiga Magazine are glad to say that it enjoyed a large degree of success.
Amiga Fest '96. A subset of the larger, PC-dominated Computer Fest '96 in Toronto, drew a host of North American exhibitors including a strong contingent of Canadian Amiga retailers. Notable among these was National Amiga, which recently expanded its status as one ol the premier Amiga dealerships by merging with a London, Ontario highstreet dealer under the National Amiga name Phase 5 was on hand to show off the PowerUP accelerator card as seen recently at the Cologne Computer '96 show in November (see last month's news section for more details), and to promote their A Box computer,
still in early development in Germany. Directory Opus 5 developer Jonathan ; Potter and his publisher, Greg Perry of GPSoft, were at the show all the way from Australia on the last leg of their worldwide tour. Paul Nolan was also at the show to help extol the virtues of the Siamese System.
The talk of the show was QuikPak. North American manufacturers of the Amiga A4000T.
In addition to promoting their new 68060 accelerator card, the A4060, they had a pair of 'concept machines' on display: the A4060L and A5050T.
The 4060L is a development of the portable Amiga concept first introduced in August by VIScorp on behalf of QuikPak at an Atlanta user group meeting.
The A5050T is based on the Eagle Pentitrator system with seamless switching between the Amiga running 68060 and the PC side running at Pentium speeds, all in an A4000T case.
This show model had an LCD bolted into its side, allowing you to use it as a flat desktop machine (albeit a rather large one) with a built-in display, but it AMAZWG Software And tries is unclear if this innovation will make it to market.
QuikPak indicated to a number of people at the show that they were actively pursuing a bid for the Amiga assets from Escom's bankruptcy trustee. Dr. Hembach.
The organisers of Amiga Fest. Amazing Software can be reached online at www.cyg. net ~amazing. QuikPak can be reached online at www.amiga- support.com quikpak. The World of Amiga '96 show, bizarrely scheduled to take place two weeks after the November Amiga Fest at the same venue, was cancelled when it became apparent that the two shows would clash.
New Toaster Mag High Spec Games US Gets Multisync ¦ I Software Hut. A larae and A new Newtek-endorsed quarterly publication is currently in the works Details are currently sketchy, but the launch of the magazine is planned for early
1997. And it should be bi-monthly within a year.
The new magazine will be wek corned by the Amiga community as the long-running Amiga video magazines Video Toaster User and Lightwave Pro have ceased publi cation. However, there has been the promise of a six-month insert of Video Toaster news and infor- - mation in existing Miller Freeman video and graphics publications Already some new publications are appearing to plug the gap Visual Inspirations of Tampa.
Florida has announced a new, Iree online magazine to support users of the Video Toaster Flyer system and Amiga Lightwave artists. VI is a long-standing developer of tools for Video Toaster users. More information on their upcoming publication is available at : Monline com newtek.
A new player. Aurora Works Inc. has entered the Amiga games scene, dedicated to developing quality products aimed at high spec machines. ’ Aurora Works Inc. has announced two titles for 1997 The first. Zone 99. Is a strategy action genre title with 99 levels of play and head-to-head action.
The goal is to explore the game- world in search of Zone 99 by completing challenges and overcoming obstacles, sometimes with the help of your opponent A shareware demo is scheduled for January, while the full commercial release is set for March The second. Betrayed, is to be an action adventure set in a dark future. Details are sketchy but the release is planned for Autumn '97 Aurora Works are aiming their titles at high-spec Amiga machines with 030 processors as a minimum. They also plan full support for the CyberGraphX video card standard and to take full advantage of the AGA chipset.
More information on Aurora Works is available at www.auroraworks.com. Software Hut. A large and longtime Amiga dealer and distributor, have a significant quantity of Amiga Technologies Microvitek multisync monitors for sale After AT returned their monitors (which it was no longer able to afford). Software Hut stepped in to take a number of them off Microvitek's hands.
Software Hut will carry both the standard M1438 14" monitor and the high-spec M1764 17 "monitor complete with digital controls. Planned prices are USS470 for the 14" model and USS790 for the 17" model.
New Wordworth Wordworthi“ the World's most popular Amiga word processor, is now even better with the release of Wordworth 6.
Just look at these new features
• New drawing tools: polygon, regular polygon, bezier curve and
• More Arexx commands and macros.
• Password protection on documents.
• Watermarks.
• Improved RTF file support.
• Over 1000 pieces of clipart.
• 50 Compugraphic fonts.
• CDROM version.
• Plus many other minor improvements and refinements.
The Experts Applaud Since its launch in 1991, Wordworth® has grown to become the most successful and most popular word processor ever developed for the Amiga. After all, 250,000 users can't be wrong!
JL to A H.AJBI -rfui- swfttiM | AMIGA And with the launch of new Wordworth* 6, Digita’" has web site Url www.digila.com. clearly demonstrated its continued commitment to the Amiga ' -Floppy disk versions also availob community. "Plus £3 postage ond pockog Horse House Exmouth EX8 1JL ENGLAND INTERNATIONAL Telephone 01 395 270 273 Facsimile 01 395 268 893 Emailsales@digita.demon.co.uk Urlwww.digita.com An Offer You Can't Refuse Wordworth® 6 is now available on CDROM* H at an introductory price H of just £39.99** (if you B already own Wordworth,' H or any other word processor, you can upgrade for
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A Box: an Amiga-compatible super computer COVER FEATURE B with awesome ¦l specifications. CU ¦ I Amiga Magazine investigates this exciting new
- V phenomena to find I * 1 out what it A will mean for your
PHONES VOLUME How would you like one ol these sitting on your desk? It's not an Amiga, it's not a Mac, it's not a PC. It's far ahead of all those machines: it's our impression of what Phase 5's stunning A Box will look ike when it rolls off the production line later this year. What you can’t see from this picture is the absolutely awesome technical specification it boasts. Take a look at the Tech Specs panel on page 25 for a run down ol the best bits. It's a beast of computer that sets out to deliver high end professional power to the masses. Realtime video editing, mind-blowing audio
facilities, picture in picture displays and a lightning fast internal CPU and internal structure are all on the menu And the price for all this and more? Phase 5 expect to give us all ; that for the amazingly low price ol £1,300. J A’.Box isn't a cheap do-it-all home computer to sit by the TV and run a few games and the occasional paint program. It has the potential to become a complete audiovisual workstation for the price of a low end PC It’s planned to run the Amiga's operating system, which should ensure compatibility with Amiga software It's been designed from the ground up. So unlike
current Pcs. Its software won't
- aste resources trying to get around limitations set by
ancient hardware designs.
With a design like that, il it gets the software support and interest from third party hardware developers it could revolutionise a string of computer-based industries.
Working its way into TV and computer graphics production companies, music studios. Professional video systems, DTP bureaus ... the list is endless. So far that's all speculation though. Whether or not it can fulfill its potential relies to a degree on the actions of its creators, Phase 5. So where has this machine come from, and just what is the philosophy behind it all?
Phase action Phase 5's outspoken MD, Wolf Dietrich, has never made any secret of the fact that they were prepared to go it alone with a next generation computer in the spirit of the Amiga, whatever the fate of the official Amiga hardware They've been beavering away behind the scenes on their secret A Box project for some time now. Mr Dietrich summed up his commitment to the A Box: "The A Box project is the realisation of our vision of computing in the next century, which is driven by and dedicated to the vision of the Amiga itself. We do believe computers still can be real cool stuff."
To get a feel for the kind of reception it will receive, we spoke to a number of prominent players in the current Amiga scene. From our conversations with Amiga enthusiasts and software developers, the hardware specifications have certainly impressed. Almost everyone agrees that if the A Box is delivered as Phase 5 promise, they would make the move across to the new platform. Understandably there's some reservation concerning vital details such as the degree of Amiga compatibility and third party developer support.
Hopefully the machine can avoid the chicken and egg situation that other new platforms are faced with by being able to run the extensive catalogue of Amiga software at improved performance over real Amigas.
DTP designs Individuals involved in various areas of Amiga computing have expressed great enthusiasm for the hardware power directed at their particular interests. Larry Hickmott from LH Publishing had some particular thoughts about the A Box and its potential as a desktop publishing system: "The A Box should revolutionise DTP for Amiga owners. Gone will be the ever so slow AGA 8-bit screens to be replaced by a “Funny thing about the A Box is that for years I used to 'design' dream machines like it in my mind.
It is truly a dream machine ...” Carl Sassenrath - Creator of Amiga ¦Exec', Ex Software head of VIScorp (see news).
Who are Phase 5?
Phase 5 A Right the CykenlefB SS' ¦celleiaiot.
Was developed b, PhaseS Tfcis is typca!
Al Phase S‘l constaal lech aical iaaova- baa. Which hades well ftaa the hrtire al the A Bo.
DIGITAL PRODUCTS To those in the know, while the Phase 5 announcement of the A Box specification was stunning, it wasn't surprising.
The German based Oberursel firm (near Frankfurt) has plodded on with developing high-powered expansion systems all through both ot the two Amiga buyout dramas.
A relatively recent newcomer to the Amiga market. Phase 5 started out making the Amiga's first Zorro III SCSI card, the Z3 Fastlane. However they moved swiftly on to producing the first 68030 card for the A1200 with DMA- SCSI capability. They were also first to provide 68060 accelerators for the Amiga. Their Blizzard range of accelerators also didn't stop at the 030 and moved on up to the incredible 68060 with the Blizzard 1260. They also created the Amiga's first 64-bit graphics board, the CyberVision.
Statistically, Phase 5 shipped Amiga hardware products to the value of £5.5 million in 1995 and since Christmas 1995 30,000 hardware products have been delivered. Their meteoric rise from a minor developer to a major player in the Amiga market lies firmly at the hands of the two owner directors Gerald Carda and Wolf Dietrich racking up over 20 'product of the year' style awards from international Amiga journals. They've also clinched their fair share of CU Amiga Superstar ratings.
More recently and behind the scenes, Phase 5 have been working on a plan to move to the Amiga from the 680x0 CPU to the powerful RISC Power PC just like the Apple Macintosh has done.
Phase 5 are also Macintosh developers which explains some of their experience with this type of technology.
At one stage. Phase 5 had an arrangement with Amiga Technologies to provide a drop-in Power PC upgrade tor the ill-fated 'Walker'. Though Amiga Technologies wound down with the financial failure of Escom, Phase 5 continued to work on the Power PC.
Recently Phase 5 started shipping the so-called 'PowerUp' upgrades to Amiga developers. Initially an upgrade to Cyberstorm 68040 060 accelerators, even the later low-end A1200 units possess both an 680x0 CPU ot some kind in addition to the mighty Power PC. This approach allows both professional and amateur Amiga developers to port their software gradually across to Power PC.
A Right: NewTek played a hig tele ia theA a.
Saccets ¦ the USA with than Amiga-based Video leaflet.
The A Bo.
Leaks Me the ideal base lac concept flexible system where you can choose a display up to 24-bits containing video data in RGB, CMYK and YUV formats. Combine this with the processing power of such a beast, its unified memory system, and anyone involved in DTP or graphics work will at last have a machine to take care of the most demanding tasks, providing Amiga software is still available to run on it when the A Box is released. I can't wait...” The Macintosh running the industry standard DTP software, Quark Express, has entrenched the machine into a profitable niche. However the Mac hardware
is fairly primitive and the operating system is a less productive non-multitasking affair. The A Box will have video display hardware and “This is the kind of machine which I can believe in for the future. Phase 5 may not be the fastest in bringing a product to the market, but they always did what they announced.” Michael Hohmann, Ex Developer Support Manager for Amiga Technologies.
Networking capabilities lo put even the top I of the range Power Mac to shame, and for I a belter price according to Phase 5. What's I more, there'll be an Amiga style operating I system to boot, increasing productivity through multitasking and a better user interface. All that's needed then is a port ol I Quark Express or at leas! Some other DTP I package with the same level ol power. It I remains to be seen if the A Box will captF I vate the big developers in the same way as I it has Amiga enthusiasts.
Eager anticipation Things are already looking good, though, with the Amiga's major remaining develoi ers keenly interested in porting their packages initially to the PowerUp upgrades tor standard Amigas and then later to the A Box. Kermit Woodall ot Design Inc., creators of the superb ImageFX image processing software had this to say.
"The announced hardware specifics are exciting. Speaking as just another Amiga owner I think the biggest issues wit be Amiga compatibility - either true com- | patibility or design philosophies. We are considering porting ImageFX to the A 5 but it's still too early to know what move Nova Design might make."
Mr Woodall reflects many of our concerns but finishes on a positive note by going on to say: "We’re also quite interested in Phase 5's PowerUp PPC board. This addresses current Amigas quite nicely, look forward to these as well since they can provide a path for present
• Power PC CPU So what's it got then? Here are the technical
specifications Up to a theoretical 500MHz maximum, the A Box is
well poised to move with Motorola's Pentium beater. Multiple
CPUs are even possible.
• 128-bit high performance Unified Memory Architecture Memorv
access speed is a factor in CPU, disk and video animation
performance. The AXBox's 100MHz bus with SDRAM memory can
manage an incredible 1.6 Gigabytes per second.
• 64-bit processor bus Pentium Pcs get by with a processor bus
clock of 33MHz (not the CPU clock rate), the A Box starts with
100MHz for blistering access to the system.
• Two 24-bit video DMAs Not one but two video output systems, one
for extremely high true-colour resolutions and the other for
video work which may be genlocked. Onscreen windows can be
viewed from
• ither using different image types (RGB or CMYK etc).
• Four 16-bit audio outputs Each of these outputs at CD quality
44KHz 16-bit but can be real-time mixed for an infinite number
of virtual mixed channels per output. The FAME DSP-RISC can be
used to further process the audio.
• Two video input ports Full digital quality YUV 4:2:2 inputs
allow very high quality video grabs to be processed. Combined
with the FAME DSP-RISC unit, they could be mixed in real time
for Video Toaster style effects.
• Two Audio inputs Standard 16-bit audio inputs for everyday to
CD quality sampling.
• LCD (TFT) display controller As standard can drive LCD screens
like laptops pointing towards a portable A Box being
constructed with ease. Also handy for the desktop front-panel
LCD idea as per our cover concept render.
• PCI bus The high-performance card standard for the PC comes to
the ANBox allowing the bolt-on of cheap third party hardware if
any of it is needed
• Local 16-bit DMA bus Running at 66MHz, this bus can be used for
universal low-cost applications which need up to 132Mb s
transfer rates. Also known as the hacker's bus
• 'Firewire' IEEE 1394 An new extremely high speed interface
standard accepting up to 64 devices, long cable lengths and up
to 200 megabits s transfer rate. Especially useful for digital
video cameras and future devices.
• 'FAME' DsfMVSC co-processor The Flexible Area Management Engine
is custom Digital Signal Processor which can process
audio video data in real time for synthesis and effects. 3D
graphics will also benefit greatly and you could even have
circular windows.
• Fast SCSI II Phase 5 go back to their roots with a built in
fast DMA SCSI-II interface.
• ISDN For the comms nuts, A Box has a built in ISDN modem
allowing dial-up or leased line access to the Internet and such
• Amiga compatible OS Running the whole show will be Phase 5's
operating system which is already 100% AmigaOS Exec compatible,
currently in testing. Advanced features such as built-in
support for multi processors will be added.
Achieve PPC speeds withou! Sacrificing backwards compatibility."
Sharing alike With the A Box's basic compatibility with the Amiga and the existing enthusiast base, shareware authors should find it Straightforward to port and create new r software on the platform Understandably the developers we asked voiced concerns over developers tools being made available In particular Magic User Interface was I mentioned If developer's support material I such as the MUI graphical user interface I (brary is ported to the A Box then the same ! High level of Amiga shareware support is virtually guaranteed We tracked down the I author of MUI, Stefan Stuntz. To ask him 1
about a port to the A Box.
"As far as MUI goes. I do intend to port MUI to every important successor of fcWgaOS."
So will others follow suit' It's assumed that Phase 5's Amiga graphics retarg system, CyberGraphX, will form the basis of the graphics API (Application Programmers Interface) This should ensure compatibility with the Amiga's existing 24-bit software with CyberGraphX compatibility. For example. Programmers contracted to Phase 5 have already extended the AmigaOS datatypes capability to 24-bit.
The capability of the AVBox to house very fast high-end Power PC CPUs and even multiple CPUs and the incredible graphics specification land video output).
Means that Phase 5 could target the graphics workstation market the Amiga once dominated. Silicon Graphics workstations may be seen as being too expensive and with an inferior operating system, not to mention the lack of third party PD tools that Amiga compatibility brings to the task.
Even if Phase 5's Amiga compatible OS fails to gain support in this niche. Mr Dietrich told us that they were working on organising the drivers to allow a major flavour of Unix (probably Linux) to run on the A Box. Again with its networking capability and built-in 'Firewire’ high speed communications. It could find a foothold as everything from the basis of a professional 'render farm' to a stand-alone graphics workstation to an Internet server. Phase 5 appear to be hedging their bets wisely. ¦ Mat Bettinson BKEDY MOMS THE HOI TEST AROUND wmmrwmtcaHvm AMIGA CD-ROM AmiGA iai k ton iiif
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adrenalin-pumping thriller as a blast ol computer generated special effects hits the screen? Even though these cutting edge effects are often there to bolster weak plots or gloss over wooden acting, the fact that they can make such a difference to a production just goes to show how important the whole computer graphics thing has me in the movie and TV business.
Since Tron amazed us all those years with its surreal computer animated techniques and tools have advanced to such a degree that now we re never quite sure what is real and what is a bunch of cleverly arranged What could be better than turning your beloved hobby into a career? If you think you're a bit handy with 3D graphics you could do worse than to give it a shot ... graphics in movies were limited to simulations of simple machines: spaceships, robots, anything except real life animate objects or creatures All that's changed now of course. Just look at the incredibly realistic creatures
in the movie Jumanji (among others, the elephants were totally computer generated! Or of course Jurassic Park, still to be outclassed by anything Hollywood has produced since.
And then of course there’s Toy Story, the Steamboat Willy of computer animation, and the relentless march of the sci-fi epic sue!) As the Star Trek movies and Independence Day Maybe you'd like to get in on the action yourself? There's no reason why you shouldn't if you’ve got the necessary skills and talent. All you need is determinations and some pointers... You've probably already got all it takes to script, model, render and record your first video showreel, even if you don't know it. One of the Amiga's most useful aspects is its video output. Newer Amigas have a colour composite video
output and all Amigas have a higher quality RGB video out to connect to a video recorder. This means you can record animations to video from any Amiga. Utilities such as Viewtek can play animations direct from a hard drive, so you don't need a lot of RAM but it helps. Both suggested systems below will be able to output large 3D animations to video tape.
If you want to earn a living from 3D computer graphics, you should have figured this one out already. Your Amiga is of course an ideal tool on which to cut your rendering teeth. Using last month's Imagine 4.0 cover disk give away (complete with FPU version, we wouldn't hold you back with only an integer version) you can emulate just about anything you'll see on the silver screen, even if you would need a fair bit of RAM and preferably a digital video hard disk editing system to pump out lull video resolution sequences in realtime (not such a pipe dream in fact).
Imagine 4.0 can handle every part of the • *
A. t process, from wireframe modelling, through texturing with
its own procedural features and brush maps, to animating with
inverse kinematics, bones, and automated motion paths. While
we can’t claim Imagine is an industry standard with the movie
business, it's the ideal system with which to learn the
ropes and craft jaw-dropping showreels to present to the big
players in Hollywood and other leading production companies.
Even the power ot lesser Amiga set-ups can be harnessed to produce sequences that are sufficient to show oft your talents. It you're trying to get a foot in the door ol a computer animation production company, it's the underlying techniques and skills you should be displaying rather than ihe hardware you used lo make your showreel. See the 'Suggested systems' box on page 29 for some example set-ups.
Perfect combination All Ihe best 3D graphics you see in the movies (and anywhere else for that matterl are the product of a combination of the producer's knowledge and use of the software hardware and traditional animation and cinematography techniques.
Think about it: how many names do you see scrolling up the screen during the closing credits of an average movie? Lots, because no one person can be expected lo be an expert in acting, storyboarding.
Directing, producing, make up. Wardrobe, photography, editing, sound recording, scripting, catering ... However, all of these skills and more are required to put together a major league movie, and if the computer generated sequences are to lit seemlessly with the live footage, they too must be planned and 'filmed' according to the same set ol cinematic 'rules'. To this end, it's worth trying to apply many of these traditional movie making techniques to your own sequences.
Computer animation opens up loads ol new options which previously would have been too dangerous, too expensive or just plain impossible to achieve with conventional filming methods. If you’re making your own brand ol animations and 3D movies, you can do what the hell you like, but if you I want to be snappedB up by the movie • B industry you should H be careful not lo get B too unrealistic with I your lighting, camera I motion paths and so on. H Not every 3D I sequence has B to resemble a B ride car of a rollercoaster. Even so.
Be taken on such a production ci pany. It would probably be your and animating skills that would be est. Specific direction of the 3D sequences, including its photography, would not necessarily be your concern, it won't hurt to show an understanding of | the bigger picture The right skills Modelling and character animation are th two main skills to acquire and display.
Unlike 3D work for games, which forces Ihe use of very tew polygons and simp lie structures (in a game everything i be re-rendered up to 50 times every ond), 3D modelling for TV and the r gives you more freedom to develop your I objects with finer details, both in terms ( the underlying wireframe mesh, and ihe textures and bump maps that adorn the Building up a complex animated model from scratch can be a daunting prospect for the beginner. It's not easy and neither is it something you're likely to pick up overnight It can be tempting to take a nice big object from a CD-ROM and just use that
in your own animations, but if you can't model your own then you're not going to have much to offer any prospective employer. Anyone can load an object, position it and hit the render button.
However, if you want an insight into how models are built, then examining and modifying existing objects is a good place to start It's worth taking time and testing yourself to see if you can really cut when it comes to making highly realistic models It might be a painful process, especially if your Amiga is on the slow side, but there's no point presenting anyone with a bunch of half baked characters and objects that have visible seams, stray polygons and edges that don't match up. It would be better to fine tune a couple of really impressive pieces that are more likely to get people to
take notice.
Rich in texture Good texturing can make the difference between an object that looks like a. bit of computer graphics and something that's totally convincing. Procedural textures are great and can be perfect for some jobs, especially for very large scale renders of organic objects, but don't forget brush maps though.
The main problem with using brush maps is that they pixelate when viewed too close up. But they do give you the advantage of being able to scan or grab images and patterns from any sources you have available. If you're working on a Showreel project to go onto VHS video you should be able to work around these problems Brush maps are very useful, especially if you want to ‘cheat’ by making up some objects as part of the background scenery: just build a simple plane object and wallpaper it with your brush map Make sure the camera doesn't get too close or view it from the side ¦ Brush maps are
|ust as useful for those big showcase objects too. Remember that you can make your own brush maps from scratch, modify existing images or even render procedural textures to surfaces and then enhance them from within a paint package or image processor, to be re-applied to an object within your 30 software.
Realistic animation The third and possibly most important skill is animating your objects. This doesn't mean putting an object in a scene and setting a path for the camera to zoom around as it tracks the central object. This is real animation, in which the various features of the object move realistically, with convincing inertia, speed, interplay with each other and a natural fluidity.
Depending on whether you're animating fictional cartoon type characters or going for convincing monsters lor even humans), you'll need to use different animation styles. For cartoons, get some books from the library that explain the concepts of bendy, stretchy animation.
For real life creatures you're best off examining filmed footage of the real things, or at best close relatives (you might want to study lizards for example in preparation for a dinosaur animation).
If you're really confident you could have a crack at modelling and animating a human. Now that's a challenge and a half.
Beware though, if you can't pull it off.
Don't expect people to tell you "it's good, considering.. ". No-one is going to be impressed by a sequence that stars a crash test dummy playing the part of Arnold Schwartzenegger (although the 3D model's acting might be a bit of an improvement - only joking Arnie).
Originality When you're starting out. Mimicking those at the top of the trade is a natural thing to do, and can be a valuable part of learning the ropes. Flowever, it's original ideas that will get you noticed. Look at it from a prospective employer's point of view. If they get a showreel through the post and it apes all the effects and tricks seen in their latest production or uses the flavour of the month theme, why should they be interested in you? They could do that themselves.lf you can impress them with a trick or an effect they've not seen before, or do something much better than it's
been done before you'll get their attention and immediately command some respect.
Spinning corporate logos probably won't raise many eyebrows. Any rendering system worth its salt can import a font, texture it, bevel it and warp it through a set of gymnastic moves with little more than a couple of mouse clicks.
Above all. Stick with it and if you really are sure this is what you want to do.
You'll probably get there in the end Thanks to Jeff Ranasinghe and Pure Artwork for their help with this feature. ¦ Tony Horgan Jmi Your best foot forward The way you present yourself and your work is critical. Even when someone is actively recruiting new staff, the chances are that they will not have much spare time to spend to look through applicants' work. Make it easy for them. VHS video tape is the best way to present a showreel. Don't string out your showreel with long credits and introductions that fade up and down over the course of a few minutes. Cut all that out, bar a few seconds
containing all your details (don't worry, they will have a pause button on their VCR) and cut to the chase with short and snappy sequences that show off all the best points of your models and animations.
Render your showreel to full screen size if you have the time, CPU power and memory, but if not then don't be too concerned about using a smaller screen size. VHS won't make perfect copies of your animations, so using HAM or HAM-8 screenmodes will be fine, and allow for a high output frame rete and good colour depth.
Colour print-outs of your work should also accompany your showreel and covering letter. These will have an instant impact and can be especially important if you are submitting work 'cold' in a situation where the recipient may not be able to watch your showreel there and then. Remember to put your name, address, phone number and any Email details on everything you submit.
4 Ti. Intent Is on my
t. .teucs Mnstnni bffct tfc.it mi site mnr.ni ey-ii.
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• Amiga 1210
• Hard drive
• CPU aad RAM upgrade c VCR a 4.1
• Vanous PD utilities ft im iPflM Great news for games fans:
we've got the WUM exclusive cover disk and review of Minskies
Furballs for you, this issue. And Microprose make a welcome
return to the Amiga.
Interview 47 Archer Maclean speaks Previews 34 Alien Presence 34 Burnout Reviews 35 Bograts 36 Minskies Furballs 38 Tommy Gun 40 Fighting Spirit ECS 44 Budget Games Tips & Guides 50 Snip Tips 51 Vampyra PREVIEWS Dawn of the Sixth Sun Due for release: March ¦ Developer: Apex Systems Oemember Utopia - excellent strategy game? What about its much better sequel K240? Yeah, I loved those games, but we haven't seen anything as good on the Amiga tor ages now.
However, that may all change as Dave Kirk of Apex Systems has just shown me a very early demo of his new game in development, Alien Presence: Dawn of the Sixth Sun (DOSS). Even at this stage
* * ' 1 I Wu iung: DOSS looks like the game that will take over
from where its predecessors left off. The main aim of the
game (just like Utopia and K240) is for you to build, expand
and explore the far reaches of space and for your intrepid
colony to develop on one of 100 planets across more than 20
star systems. With that in mind you must be successful in
mg: imii*"' irc'ochiCK xm me tncnwz* cnin
* 'iTiuimi Tu«rriT*Tnv co-ordinating your resources by building
structures, giving your people suitable employ- ment, defending
yourself against alien onslaughts and tracking astronomical
events like comets, meteors, and wormholes, just like the
ones found in TV's Babylon 5! Most of all the hard stuff is
being done by Dave himself, but it will probably be a while
before we see it ‘in its final form', as it's a long way off
from completion. It looks like DOSS could well give Amiga games
players what they want, as this is possibly their most
ambitious project yet. CU Amiga Magazine will definitely find
out more over the next few months when we shall uncover the
rest in a full review as soon as possible. ¦ Mark Forbes
Burnout ¦ DFR: February ¦ Developer: Vulcan Software Oulcan
move away from 1Mb Amigas shock!
Vulcan Software, the company infamous for catering tor 1 Mb Amigas are choosing to see 1997 in by releasing a game that is AGA only and needs of minimum of 6Mb to run. It's a refreshing change and a welcome one and hopefully will prove exactly what Vulcan are capable of. A500 owners don't despair though. Vulcan are not abandoning you just yet, it's just that their latest game, Burnout looks like it is going to be very high spec. A futuristic car racing game it promises lot of fast paced action as well as multiplayer delights. Up to four players will be able to battle against one other in
one of the space-age race tracks. There should also be a shop facility for you to soup up your car, (incidentally Vulcan are planing to release expansion disks at a later dale with different types of cars.)
Burnout looks good, graphically, so far. We re looking forward to getting the finished version in for review very soon. In ,i game cover disk CD so you , can have a look at it yourself] And Remember: clunk, click every trip. ¦ Lisa Collins time - Lemmings has done as much for the world of games as any other puzzler you can think of (er... like Tetris. And that's it!)
Though it’s always hard to describe exactly what sort of a game Lemmings was (no simple beat 'em up or RPG-like monikers can easily be attached) the key element was the fact that you were no longer controlling the main character (or characters) on the screen but rather the environment Bograts ¦ Price: £12.99 ¦ Publisher: Vulcan Software © 01705 670269 Vulcan Software have produced some of the most addictive games for the Amiga over the last few years. Can they do it again?
Oooking back, it would seem as though - as well as becoming a classic in its own liferisking wasting your hearts on an easy level, or getting right to the end, suffering a right old cock-up, and then having to go back to the beginning of the last saved level.
Now you might think this is a good, longevity-enhancing feature, or a right nightmare. I'm not sure, but it certainly adds an element of danger to the proceedings!
Pi they lived. Sure, you ' controlled the little lems, weren't doing it in the tra- 'move joystick left to make I mem go left' way. If anything, you'd have to refer to Lemmings, and subsequent copies such as Troddlers. As protect 'em-ups simply because the purpose in each game always seemed to revolved around getting a set number of I somethings to a particular safe area on the screen.
Psygnosis themselves followed
I. Lemmings with Benefactor, a sort of cross between Lemmings and
a Lode Runner-esque platform game, and now (he said, conve
niently forgetting about a thousand other copies and linking
weakly) we find ourselves once more at the doors to the ever-
inventive Vulcan Software, ready to forget characters that say
annoying things like "it’s in my pocket" and instead welcome
the Bograts - the new Lemmings!
Bogroll Unlike Lemmings, you do have a physical character on-Screen in Bograts; taking on the role of Mummy Bagrat; charged with protecting her two offspring and (yes.
You guessed) getting them to a safe location on over 60 levels.
This involves much pulling of levers to activate ladders, moving blocks to either clear the way or neutralise hazards'such as fiery pits and spikey holes, and lots and lots of forward planning.
Exactly how the game works is quite hard, but it's down to lots of trial and error, with skills; one being able to eat baddies and the other collecting and using keys, so controlling their direction also needs to be an important part of your thinking.
You yourself have a number of bombs to blow up blocks, but often you'll (all too late) realise that you’ve destroyed a necessary piece of landscape and have to restart (d'oh!) But that's not as simple as it sounds Begin again Whereas most puzzle games will let you make as many mistakes as you like, Bograts is actually quite harsh as you can only leave a messed up level to return to the very beginning or to one of five saved game positions. However, though you may think that sounds OK. You have to earn the right to save games by collecting twenty hearts left around the platforms.
This means that you're constantly ip" • Bognuts And that's your lot! It costs £13, should last you quite a while and is actually quite a well-thought out little game. The graphics aren't particularly conducive to good visibility (with the Vulcan trademark brown and grey giving it the large one throughout!) And it's often difficult to know what's background, what's foreground, and what's an object, but other than that gripe, it's pretty user-friendly. A nice little effort, and no mistaking ¦ Matt Broughton Oetiis fans - all your birthdays have come at once. And even if you're not a Tetris
fan you will be one after a few bouts of this game Minskies Furballs is one excellent Tetris clone. Even the NMS boys (who we share an office with) seemed a little bit impressed by it and kept muttering something about Kirby's Avalanche on the SNES.
I taut I saw puddy cat, I did, I did.
Too right you did mate. You saw lots of different coloured ones in this excellent Tetris clone.
Minskies Furballs ¦ Price: £19.99 ¦ Publisher: Binary Emotions © 01722 716074 Choose your weapons It's bright, it's colourful and it's easy to play. All you've got to do is manipulate the oncoming coloured blocks (little puddy cats called gor- bils) into matching groups of four or more. Each time you do this you send a fish symbol or little grey blocks down on your opponent's side mucking up their arrangements so they've got to get rid of them.
As well as grouping your blocks together you've got a variety of weapons at your disposal.
There are three offensive weapons and three defensive ones. A red bar at the bottom increases-as you progress through the game and so does your weapon status. Weapons begin with the bomb and then go on to items such as phaser, avalanche and shield. To select one just push up and fire. Getting rid of the grey blocks is the main way to get any weapons and it will flash up on screen which one you've currently got. Bombs are handy for getting yodrself out of trouble and freeing up some space. I am disappointed though, that there isn't a way to send a bomb over to your opponent so you could mess up
their game.
That gripe aside, control is easy enough, press down on the joystick to speed up the blocks, up to select weapons and left and right to move the blocks around.
Likewise on the keyboard use left and cursor keys to move either way. Right Amiga and right alt to rotate the blocks.
Some of the weapon selection is also a bit hit and miss though.
When you select a bomb it's quite straightforward - target appears and you get a countdown of five to select the part you want to obliterate. The phaser weapon, which blitzes in straight lines, is harder to find. It seems to be - slightly off screen so a bit of guess I work is needed here. * A bit of a character There are eleven tables in all to complete and each table has its own figurehead. This doesn't real ly affect the game much but adds a bit of variety to the levels The one with the three bears is a bit strange and offputting as the litt picture of the bears keeps zoo- ing in and out
for some unexplained reason. This is a bit hard | of the eyes.
The avalanche weapon that your opponent sends your way .
Every now and then doesn't help I your eyesight either as it shakes I the screen around vigorously for a] few minutes. In addition, on !
Levels, the background graphics blurs in a bit too much with the blocks. I found myself missing connections because I couldn't A bit fruity As a bonus, at the end of every level or so you get the chance to have a go on a mini fruit machine. As well as being a bit of a novelty you can also rack up some handy extra points here. If Lady Luck is with you, you can accrue some welcome goodies: three lemons gets you two continues, three grapes 4,000 points and three bananas 20 coins. Press fire on the joystick or right Amiga on the keyboard to play. You can skip it altogether if you wish by pressing
Right alt. Buy why miss out on these lovely extra fruity points? Other ways to score extra points are the number of connections you've made in any one go and how many blocks you used up in each game.
Computers - KH Tel: (Oil5) 9444500 U‘5MB UMIMB i ;i ; 11-2 «.! ¦ I: gig 25 Both Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire
- DE7 8AH Fox: (0115) 9444501 "KT SURF THE NET!
14,400 FAX MODEM £49 99 28,800 V34 FAX MODEM £129.99 tfCLUDING CABLES & SOFTWARE Ul u m. Emotions said that that this problem will be corrected by the time of press Totally addictive Minskies is totally addictive and great fun to play. The ingame tune and the little shouts of "here we go" and "you're in trouble now" add to the overall enjoyment. The only problem I have with it was that, at times, there didn't seem to be much difference between easy, medium and hard mode. Your computer opponent's logic also seems a bit warped occasionally and behaves strangely by either not making any
connections at all or by sending down mountain loads of little grey blocks all at once totally wrecking any chance you had of make out some of the coloured blocks.
E In two-player mode.
Confusingly called mul- tiplaver, however, you only have one table to play on. There's a choice of three, five and nine bouts and you can also alter each player's skill level. The two-player game is a bit tricky as the the skill level for player two seems stuck at ultra fast mode.
However. Andrew Jollie from Binary getting any further in that level.
Despite this you can get through Minskies quite easily if you set your mind to it. But there is enough of a decent game in there to make you want to go back to it time and time again. I love it. At £19.99 it's a bargain especially when there is an ECS version included This is almost identical to the AGA version and oqly suffers a slight loss of quality in the graphics department. Once the two-player mode is sorted it'll be a worthy purchase indeed. ¦ Lisa Collins APOLLO ACCELERA1 APOLLO 1240 1260 _ The new Apollo 1240 teatures a fan cooled super-fast 68040 running at 25MHz. In-built FPU.
Battery-backed clock and 1 x 72 pin SIMM 1240 25 0MB £199.99 1260 50 0MB £479.99 1240 25 4MB £219.99 1260 50 4MB £499.99 1240 25 8MB £237.99 1260 50 8MB £517.99 1240 25 16MB £279.99 1260 50 16MB £559.99 1240 25 32MB £429.99 1260 50 32MB £629.99 APOLLO 4040 ike cheques and Postal Orders payable to ** ase allow 5 Working days for cheques to cleat BY PHONE: (.'redit Dehit card orders taken from 9.30am • 5.30pm Monduv to Saturday APOLLO 1240 25 £199.99 SUPER LOW SPECIAL OFFER PRICES 1240-4MB £219.99 1240-8MB....E237.99
9. 99 1240-32MB....£349.99 CALL (0115) 9444500 OR (0115) 9444501
TO PLACE YOUR ORDER BY POST: Please make cheques and Postal
Orders payable to "Visage Computers” Special Offers DELIVERY
Tommy Tucker, the mild mannered tomato is happily veging out
in front of the TV when his tranquil world is rocked by one
phone call. His mate, the Big Cheese phones him with some
shocking and disturbing news: aliens have invaded and
transformed their universe into one of mayhem. Tommy, enraged
by this news, vows to rid the world of these pests and sets
off to blow the troublemakers away.
The big cheese Tommy Gun ¦ Price: £14.99 ¦ Publisher: Mutation Software © 01705 672616 * Fresh fruit and vegetables are normally good for aren't they? Not in this game, they're not. Ifi And so the scene is set, your fate is in the hands of one brave tomato and his cheesy friend (who incidentally, only appears in two-player model. Armed with your trusty rifle, in this scrolling shoot 'em up, you've got to blast your way through five different worlds, blowing away all the evil creatures that are trying to kill you. To stop yourself from turning into tomato soup, position the cursor over
your intended victim and keep firing.
You've also got some bombs at your disposal for a little bit of extra backup. Just press shift and L to let rip.
And remember to keep your ammunition and health levels topped up by freeing your friends, the little heart- shaped creatures trapped in supermarket trolleys.
Another planet There are four worlds, supermarket city, paradise island, fairground attractions, the sky fortress to get through before you reach space mountain where the aliens that caused all the trouble in the first place are. Tommy Gun is linear so you've got to complete each world before moving onto the next.
Luckily, there is a password system, so you don't have to go through any previously completed levels. In a nutshell, for each world, there’s the same recurring theme: you scroll by lots of nasties and try to kill or be killed before you reach the final end of level boss. The only difference between each level is the sprites and the backdrops are different. For example, in the supermarket level you've got things like crazy carrots and gung-ho gerkins to contend with against a scrolling backdrop of stocked shelves, fridge freezers and the like.
While in the fairground attractions set up. The carrots and backdrop are swopped for ghoulish clowns, crazy ghost trains and all manner of fairground sundries.
A That oik down dowo the manhole trick |ets them e sprites in the uolleyi to |et power opt. Health baaoses and eitra bees.
Too easy It all sounds cutesy and fun so far doesn't it? Well, it is but Tommy Gun is just too easy. You can whizz through the five worlds in one sitting. There isn't enough in the game though to make you want it to go back to it. I found it incredibly easy to complete and when you do finish the game you receive a special cheat mode for infinite lives and ammunition which, to be honest, would make the game last about five minutes. The end of level bosses are laughable, who could take a huge clown or giant lemon firing ice-pops at you seriously? A few lobbed grenades finished them off
within seconds.
I did get some enjoyment out of TG. However, it was too easy in some places and stupidly hard in others, so there was no way to plan any strategy. I also didn't like the lack of a difficulty curve, it really could have done with getting more and more difficult as you progressed through. Also, in two- player mode, the scrolling nature of the game made it too restricted ir to bee at aiaai ol the little so you tend to get in each other's way. Not good.
Tommy Gun would probably suit younger players as it is quite cute. I find it bizarre that the ga is dedicated to someone who di in service. Maybe it's some kind of | statement about the futility of war.
If the levels were a bit harder and more varied then TG wouldn't be bad little game as it stands it is ti easy to last for more than couple | of hours of enjoyment. ¦ Lisa Collins AMIGA A 12 0 0,0, VLZA'JE CALL LOWEST PRICES BEST SERVICE RAPID DELIVERY SALES FREE CALL 0500 737 800 OTHER ENQUIRIES 0181 686 0973 0181 781 1551 MEMORY SIMMS QUALITY PRODUCT!
LOWEST PRICES Can be used with Viper, Apollo, Mognum, Haw and | many others.
Call for latest prices, as memory prices can change daily 72 PIN 32 BIT 4Mb £35 8Mb £50 16Mb £99 32Mb £199 30 PIN 16 BIT 1Mb £17 4Mb £60 I COMPAQ Double speed with Squirrel- UNO Double speed with Syirrai .. HP Deskjel 600 660C Block------------£2199 HP DeskJet 500C. 560C 600 660C Colour----£25.99 Canon BJ10 200 Block___________X16.99 U 10,100 Mod He ft Gfaen Project IK Colour Otizen Project IK On CANON BJC 240 COLOUR AM GA CASUS
• I, TVSc*e- f ¦) « | _ .•£ $ * , *v ¦ le.ge •» A- ;; N. » .*¦ ¦
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I. ...S.6 St ..9... ««¦ ¦ jmo" 6*«e(S»1| |Mm.- 1.04 £229.99
£349.99 .« 1J04H9 «tl ¦ *¦•*•••« ¦ •: -0'S- i A- iccmcft is
• 04.* Or.««. »•.. P.•
• •«• « lep 0. i«*»i WO-wtUOC 1SOC- AAOC AiJOC .
¦ tvMediator |2 j'5 -o.ronlYl ....
• Mouse Mot ... 11000
labels ... |j.S* Out Heod
Cleaner .. ¦ 1M Joystick .. I
CD)} le AMIGA 1100 Inc. telt-o't---- ¦ Competition Pro
Pod ...... ¦ Keiboord to. CD32 (tequire SSXI1.
.. ers| «ec:| t; }*«• I C¦ ¦ 1C I t!* ¦ E34.00 I £1.99 I
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.£339.99 . .£250.00 . .£179.99 I Amiga
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ftr«..t*w‘C7Y»*nMumr d« I *wM«R2 030 1 Ofcnx i U»UP10** C286
I tp*»io 00 *** I £230 I tjwsMQAOCLVRiWKW) £ (w. FXMLTOauaot
0«j | ro«p* w*.rax a® oWIJt'KOOTl moo
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Opus 4.12 +7 disks full of essential software 11 Gb + Full
kit......£179.99 1,2Gb + Full kit £179.99 PRINTERS HARD DRIVES
MONITORS INK JET - DESKTOP & PORTABLE £194.99 O hough our good
old chum the Amiga has always had the advantage over con
soles such as the SNES and Megadrive as far as churning out
great strategy romps. RPGs and Fighting Spirit ¦ Price: £TBA ¦
Publisher: Neo © +43 1 60 740 80 Last month we looked at the
AGA version, now the ECS and CD versions are here to prove
Adventure games goes, it's never really been a machine that's got completely to grips with the genre of the mighty beat 'em up. Shadow Fighter was perhaps one of the more memorable recent (ish!) Attempts, while the Mortal Kombat titles remain about the closest thing to an Amiga beat 'em up 'legend' we've had.
Don't give up Of course, that's not to say that various Amiga games makers haven't tried - goodness no - but though many technological breakthroughs have been achieved on the Commodore machine, finding a way of shifting Street Fighterlike sprites around at a half- decent speed with a half-decent appearance has always alluded Come get some!
Should you want to get hold of a copy of Fighting Spirit, you'll have to get in touch with Neo Software Productions, Gmbh, Business Park, Vienna Bauteil D1 Wienerbergstr.
7. 7.OG A-1100 Wien, Austria. Tel: +43 1 60 740 80 Fax: +43 1 60
740 80 6 Email: neo@info.co.uk WWW:http www.info.co.at neo
What a blinkin' palava!
The various coding geniuses!
Flowever, all is not lost, as every once in a while some unknown coder turns up with something quite cool and those of you that read CU Amiga Magazine last month will no i CHRISTMAS OFFERS Adult Sensation 1, 2 or 3D £16-99 Adult Sensation 4 ..£27-99 AGA Experience Vol 2 £14-99 Amiga Developer vl -1 .....£13-99 Amiga Utilities 2 (2CD) £9-99 Aminet 14 or 15 ...£11 -49 Aminet Subscriptions Available...£9 - 99 Aminet Box Set 1 ..£19-99 Aminet Box Set 2 ..£24-99 Aminet Box Set
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Toolkit 2 ...£6-99 Oh Yes More Worms £4-99 Photogenics 2 £89-95 Scene Storm .....£8-99 Speccy 96 (95%-AF) ..£14 -99 Special Effects Vol 1 ...£19-99 System Booster ......£17-99 Texture Gallery (2CD) .£15-99 Texture Portfolio ....£12-99 The Utilities Experience Vol 1.....£8-99 Weird Science Clipart ...£8 • 99 World Info 95 £16-99 World of Clipart Plus (2CD)......£12-99 Worms AGA (Directors Cut) £24-99
PRE-ORDER Champ Manager 2 (96-97)......£22-99 Order Price £29-95 Epic Interactive Quiz Show £23-99 Pre-Order Price kirr, £24-95 rU rr'tju L ly-t, Women of the WEB is an all new CDRom which is compatible with any AGA Amiga, PC or Apple Mac. It's an Interactive Multimedia Encyclopedia of over 500meg of images, text related info, MPEGS, WAV and MOV files for over 250 female celebrities.
Women of (he WEB is displayed in superb HTML documents which can be viewed using any WEB browser, ie AWEB, Ibrcwse, Voyager. Netscape etc. (WEB browsers included, set up for Amiga, Apple Mac and PC, ready to run)."' Out Now £24.95 I doubt have read with some inter est Lisa Collin's review, last issue, ol a European Street Fighter I wannabe going by the name of Fighting Spirit. Though it scored reasonably well, it’s proving difficult to actually get your hands thanks to a lack UK distribution ever. Direct "are may be iking it very soon, 'II let you know as soon as we find out when) and was
also only available for ' nianced machines - ah, until now this is ... Simplicity Yes the non AGA version is here, ling less presentational 'ies and loading in at one disk lighter but remaining thankfully similar. You still have your ten main characters to chose from, each bristling with special moves and various attack styles, accompanied by their various attractive backgrounds and animations.
The speed of play is pleasingly playable, and the intelligence of the CPU-controlled opponents is conducive to reasonably good competitions. The dodgy English in places is always good for laugh. The loading animations are also funny and feature a little guy firing bricks out of his bum, no prizes for guessing what that's supposed to represent.
CD-tastic action Along with the ECS version of Fighting Spirit, we've also received the CD version of the game for review this month. However, seeing as how it's identical to the AGA game (albeit with a merciful lack of the disk swopping those of us NOT installing had to endure!) We thought we'd save ourselves the trouble of using up one of the valuable games review pages by bundling the review in here. So ... er, well it’s basically the same as the AGA review from last month (and not a million miles from the ECS version being tested here). So that's that sorted then.
Sadly, as always seems lo be the case, the like of Fighting Spirit will never come anywhere near troubling the best console beat 'em up of the world, but it's certainly one of the better offerings violent Amiga owners have had over the last twelve months.
FIGHTING SPIRIT ECS I can't pretend that I'll be coming back to this time and time again, but compared to like of US Gold's heinous Street Fighter conversion, you can't help but commend the producers on a fine effort, ¦ Matt Broughton HI VULCAN SOFTWARE LIMITED IS PROUD TO PRESENT Bum.mt. it’s time to push the Amiga to its limits.
Fast fum'uv multiplayer action with impeccable production value* and in-gumc graphic* of avtunivhing quality in high revolution* Multi-Play Up To 4 Players Compatible With Parallel Port Joystick Adapters AGA Amiga*. 6 Meg Min Playable From Hard Drive Only Take control of one of 4 type* of futuri*l« cur* all rendered m superb detail, each with their own unique idcntitie* which obey Newtonian mechanics for .Hided realism.
100% Fully Rendered In Game Graphics Hires Laced 256 Cols @25fps Stereo High Quality Music 6 Channels Of High Definition Sound Effects Aura-lnlcractor Support Newtonian Mechanics Complex Artificial Intelligence for CPU Players Mechanics Shop And Weapons it out against 3 oilier player*, whether they ire human or CPU controlled you w ill need reflexes, cunning strategies and intelligent directional decision* to become the best.
The Arenas to battle on arc of the highest image quality and contain four unique surface*, solid, ¦uncing barriers, voids for plummeting anil death ones for instant destruction Humnui is only playable liom hard drive, i* totally con based and expandable beyond belief, new cars will be released as expansion file* and by simply dragging and executing all files into your Burnout rage you can instantly add another car to the game bring the total chincc up to 30. The same goes Ux the Arenas giving you a possible 99 different locations to battle your skills on. Whether it’s a full tournament chosen
by the CPU or knockout challenges that you design yourself.
Full Tournament Arenas Knockout Challenges 4 Individual Car Types 4 Individual Arenas 4 Bonus Challenges Future Car and Arena Disks Future Editor Program Burnout will also feature a future editor that will allow you m loud in an Arena of your own design making Burnout one of live most expandable games
- , ever produced on the Amiga.
WTIWPS Burned Out Earth 2045 is a very different place front the planet last century.
The scarring of the past war is evident toeveiy inhabitant although no nibble is visible, bodies or radiation lie here, for the last war was a war fought by huge media giants.
The new spectator spoit. Known as Burning provides the masses with entertainment and lines the pockets of those w ho show it.
Only the bravest can bum out.
Only the strongest, only the best.
Vulcan Software Limited. Vulcan House. 72 Queens Road. Buckland. Portsmouth. Hants PG27NA England UK Tel: +44 (0)1705 670269 Fax: +44 (0)1705 662226 Email: Paul@vul-soft.demon.co.uk World Wide Web Pages: www.vulcan.co.uk soovpp'"’' ,1c Power think!!!
®t Production One day we may see the rebirth of the Amiga with a PowerPC processor and other new features to enable it to compete again with today's systems. Sadly though, more than two years since Commodore's demise, very little of substance has happened.
We've seen prototypes and promises, but that's about it... Perhaps some can wait for the final outcome, but if you need more performance, without paying the earth - and you need it today - there's one real alternative to consider now... Only Apple can offer you both desktop and portable computers that truly match the ease of use the Amiga brought to your desktop.
Affordable Apple Macintosh systems have PowerPC RISC processors with thousands of off-the-shelf programs available in areas where the Amiga was previously so strong.
And, if you need to have the most compatible of all computers, Macintosh is currently the only system that can run MacOS, DOS and Windows applications via optional DOS Cards or SoftWindows.
• Why Macintosh?- All Macs arc PowerPC based (except PorccrBook
19(h). Even entry level systems tun at 100MHz I or 120MHz, with
200MHz powerhouses and 180 Mhz multi-processor systems at the
top of die range.
, Apple is the only mainstream computer company K, who has been able to make the transition , from the older CISC (complex instruction set MaC Ob computing) processors to ihe newer and faster RISC (reduced instniction set computing) processor technology - whilst still retaining full backward compatibility with previous software.
Remember 186, Pentium Pro & 680X0 ate filerely CISC!
Over 1,800 native software packages (written specially for PowerPC Macs) have been shipped since Power Macintoshes were launched in 1994 - plus there are thousands of existing programs which can also be used.
Industry standard programs such as Word, Pagcstream. Word Perfect, Page FileMaker Pro, Excel, Quark Xpress, Photoshop and many others have all been developed for the Mac.
The Internet & Communication: v
• All Macs are Internet ready; many include .
A 28.&00 ps modem with full send’receive fax and aaswerphone management facilities,
• Industry standard web browsers, Netscape Navigator and
Microsoft Internet Explorer, were developed for the Mac. Both
give full access to all Web sites with new Internet page layout
I features like auto-tables and on-screen movies.
• The Internet's standard format for video files, called
QuickTime (or QuickTime for Windows), was an Apple development.
Of course it comes as standard with every Mac.
Connectivity & Expandability: » All Macintoshes have networking built in as standard, so connecting systems together and adding shared printers etc. couldn't be easier.
* All Macintoshes have an external SCSI connector as standard
(except Duos) - adding external drives, cartridge drives,
scanners etc. really is Plug-and-Play.
» Low-cost digital cameras can be plugged inio the Mac for instant real image input.
» Inexpensive industry standard PCI cards can be used in all Mac systems from the 5400 upwards.
Education & Edutainment
• Many quality Macintosh titles arc widely availaWe.
Doriing Kindcrslcy offer superb titles like The Ultimate Human Body and History of the World whilst Microsoft B publish Encarta, Cinemania and Dinosaurs.
• Because Macintosh is the preferred system within many
educational establishments, high quality software is assured.
IjM' nnmi'i'wra
• Apple is the World’s No. 1 Multimedia PC vendor.
• .Ml desktop Macs have a fast CD-ROM drive ' as standard
(portables get internal CD soon t x»).
• In 1995, 42 of the top 50 selling CD-ROM titles worldwide were
developed on the Macintosh.
• Many Macintoshes have built-in TV' with teletext so TV clips
can Ix- recorded directly to disk as QuickTime movies.
• Many Macintoshes have built-in video in and out. For direct
recording to VCRs.
• Some Macintoshes have internal" digital video editing
facilities as standard, others can he upgraded to include this
facility with ease. • iMYff Recreation & Games:
* Top games like The Ultimate Drxim.
Myst, Rebel .Assault II. Dark Forces, Descent. Afterlife. Lost Eden. Legend jf Kyrandia. Full Throttle and The Dig have all been developed for Macintosh.
Output 8r Presentation » Connecting and using colour printers (from Epson. HP, Apple and others) to Macs is so easy and the results are truly outstanding.
» Many software packages arc available offering image manipulation and superb photo quality output.
All you need is 10% deposit then there's NOTHING TO PAY until 1997!2 52601'crformti U M Mil wflh *4Mh R ,pml CD. HIAt) Hud Drive IW* m _
I. Oam Uu»« »dlnW Vml Um OH Pntc 41292 ¦ FROM £1174- JUST £7.92
Deferred Payment Plan:
• h * ra.y in *kt prrn hmU to your Mac Ju* I..*, l.i* and « ntul*
availal*1 It« all |*jr and ptiy' KI7 H)AKU' frtwn 447 MACAUY
• Why Harwoods?- GK«
• Why Inexpensive?- Price Performance
• Today'' l a Must Macintoshes outperform (he fastest Pentium Pro
syacms - In a considerable margin' » Macintosh s Mums have a
far loner uai of ownership than Windows 'yXcins » Mao are much
cheaper than comparable Anngav' Price Comparison: 15*0 MkOTtwh
Perform! 5PJ) IttMIk PowerPC «iy he 4119 1 .Mb RAM he yoo
1. 6Gb lUnt Duethe i*S9 to Speed O) ROM dm c he iXb
l5,U.w.*aknhwd he 41* JMItodMvTtol wpfcair Ik W r TV lire r
twin cm «orco V«ko fcgwtanr Ik Gordon Harwood Computers was
founded as a specialist Commodore dealer in 1982 and we’re
still supporting Amiga users loday. We hegan supplying
Macintosh systems in 1991* when it became dear that Commodore
was failing to capitalise on the technological advantage it
had. *e needed to have products available that fulfilk-d the
needs i4 our customers who were demanding
• Systems with a future
• Systems with ouBtmfing performance -
• Systems with unsurpassed ease of use --
• Systems without the pnWcms and disadvantages associated with
DOS Windows, which still persist and trouble users even now.
Today nr have grown to become one of lire largest Apple Authorised Resellers in Europe. Our extensive product knowledge and solid support facilities emphasise our status as one of a select group of Appk- Authorised Service Centres and accredited Apple Higher and Further Education Alliance Resellers.
¦Please send the coupon or phone us - uvll rush mu )"ur PKFJ: U"by Macintosh' brochure pact InitiaKs): Surname: Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Postcode: Evening Phone: BUSINESS County or Country: Daytime Phone: Main usefs) of computer: EDUCATION HOME k* is lire No.l computer company Worldwide with H7% uvr* purcha'ing other Macintosh syMcms. There are over 60.000.000 Macintosh u*er» worldwide.
Isn't it time you became one?
Phase cm ml the coupon anil mum it HtEt: to... rr iumJ oh 1 prat font cod ¦urn AtkfirfuOJeU* ¦ rWyr.nAflWWu.rirt.a6 GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS* FREEPOST MID04091 Dept. CU A* NEW STREET • ALFRETON • DERBYSHIRE • DE55 9BR Tel: 01773 836781 • Fax: 01773 831040 • email: harwoodeapplelink.apple.com MicroProse re-releases from Guildhall Leisure © 01302 890000 Good news. Microprose are back on the Amiga scene. Here are four games they are currently re-releasing at knockdown prices.
Colonization Price: £14.99 Special Forces Price: £14.99 Special Forces is a shoot em 'up simulation from yesteryear. You must guide your band of merry men through a series of hair-raising missions which can range from assas- ination through to rescue or sabotage. You've got sixteen missions to complete and your strategy is up to you: you can select your team either on the basis of each man’s stats or how well he does in actual battle. Overall, it's an engaging game with functional graphics and an OK control system, however the missions tend to become tedious after as while and the game is a
bit on the slow side. It's also too easy to get wiped out by one enemy soldier. You might be better off waiting for Fields of Glory which is due for a re-release soon.
UFO Price:£14.99 Now here's game everyone loves. A strategy game with lots of action, you control a special force team, X- com, which must do battle against alien invaders from outer space. There's lots of fun to be had with this game. As well as equipping your base and engaging in a bit of one on One with the enemy you get to carry out scientific experiments for the purpose of research on the remaining corpses. In all, UFO is a great game and though it can be a bit slow during loading time it is still one of the classics and if you haven't got it already you can't afford not to get it at
this price.
When Colonization was released a lot of people mistak- ingly thought it was the sequel to Microprose's magnificent strategy sim.
Civilization. In reality, it was completely different. However, though not as good, perhaps, as Civilization, Colonization still held its own. The aim is to lead your country across the seas where you accrue land trading with other civilizations to build up your position. Once you've established a degree of affluency and self sufficiency then it's up to go it alone and look after your own people. I still prefer the war aspect in Civilization but Colonization is a worthwhile game and worth checking out at this price.
Impossible Mission- 2025 Price:£14.99 If you've never played the first game or the sequel let me explain. Impossible Mission was originally an arcade puzzle game where the aim was to infiltrate evil scientist Elvin Atombender's security headquarters and prevent him from blowing up the world. You had to race against time, picking up useful items along the way and trying to avoid beserk robot inhabitants. IMP2025 improved upon the original in terms of sound and graphics but the game still remains the same and is very easy to get through. It's still fun in places though, especially on the
futuristic monorail train. The original 8-bit classic is included here as well. What a bargl the game still m SOCCER MOUSE £19.99 Magnum 68030 68040 fr 68060 Cards OPUS w 41200 expansion Cards Magnum RAM8 Card Shed Increase oe 2.3 times - 2.88mips Avajiasie with 0,2, 4 or 8MB of 32-Bit HAM ktaued Uses Stanoaro 72-pin Sarts, Optionai PLCC Type FPU Irmtng ran ur |» Battery Bacxeo EmbCnbccr , Finger CutOut to hop Muuahcn • Trapdoor Fitrng • ooesn't HBWNDANTY • 0-4M8 - PCMCIA Speeo Increase oe up to 27 times • 68030 40 or 60 Processor running at 25 40 or 60MHz (NEW Processor Chip - NOT
OverglockedI ? MMU in ALL Processors • Up to 32mb oe RAM can be aooeo ? Kkctart Remapping • Optionai SCSI-II interface
• Can accommodate a 72-pin houstry standard SIMM
FPU (FlOATHG POHT UWT) • BATTBIY ¦mb etc.) • Zero Waite State
Design. Baceeo Ciocr Caiemier • Trapooor Fittwg - ooesn t voo j
3-T 4 i'J i .'4 PBOnjc,s SJCH *s OverDrive HD or CD Zappo
CD-ROM mjSS or Sqirrrei • Zero Waite State Design.
Qmi 4r,8 8mb 16ms 32ms RAM8 t49n £89,, £09.,, N A N A RAM8s33MHz FPU c79,, d19„ d49,, N A N A 68030 25MHz»FPU c99« £139,, £169- t209- £279- 68030 40MHz c129- e169« £199- i239- e309- 68030 40MHz s FPU £149- £189- £219- £259- £329- 68030 50MHz £169- e209- e239- e279- e349- 68040 25MHz £249- £289- (319- e359- e429- 68040 40MHz £329- £369- £399- £439- £509- 68060 50MHz £499- £539- £569- £609- £679- SCSMI Interlace lor the Magnum 68030'68040 6 68060 Cards - Warranty sate installation, supplied with software - £79.99 MICE A MATS DRIVER WSK ftr til Ami ft, t Attn ST, ¦ Awahd mwk 560opi Resolution .
90% rating n CU Amiga • Micbo Swiichto BunoNS • AmgVAtari ST SwiTCHABLE • All 3 DUTTONS CAN BE USB) WITH MAN!
PROCRAMS SUCH AS DlRfCIORY OPUS 5 BEIGE d2.99 BLACK cl 4.99 MAT c2.n OR £1 WITH A MOUSE The BEST just got BETTER! Afier 12 months* eurther (KUduum OEVEtOPMENT OPUS 5.5 IS NOW READY ANO SHPPHG. SlUWWG NEW FEATURES HCLUOE:- « ICON ACTION Mode « Workbench Replace mi hi Moos dramattcauy enhanced « OpusFTP capabuty to access Internet FTP sites with a uster « Borderless Button bams • Fretype-speobc poehip menus ? Cybergraphcs RTG supported «Inciepenofht Hotkeys ? Scmpt system to execute coamanos upon events • Multiple custom menus with sue items « Autoaaatic Faetype Creator to create ano test
- 1 (or Magic WonaeiNCH' etc , Siiicitviiy hide unwanted orivl '
IS & Listers • Resize, Iconify, ano scroll busy Listers while
busy UcpHK7*| HMHeag • ICON ANO Lister SNAPSHOTS are STORED
* 'hternal Opus CLI to quickly test commands b Arexx
- R I ~ scripts , Many new internal commands ano _ 31 _ MANY NEW
FEATURES. YOU CAN CA Wortbench 2.6 Hard 0o» Required NOW EVEN
Ccftth A1200 Htrd Pat Kfc IrOgb e179* Yes. Ai long last, a
professional way to install a high 1 f. _01Q CAPACITY HARD 0ISK
"¦» OH * OK Dill VERY 3 year Brack-It 1200 Fitting Ststim Need
the Drive Installed by a Professional Engineer?
Our collection, fitting and OELIVIRV SERVICE IS JUST -30
- CALL FOR MORE DETAILS WARRANTY lll5l,N,D 1,1 accommodate the
AI GREAT fclili¦JtW jljUWl'fa.
PutTtf M",. 'I f* dSAmya by Qualified Technicians
• Au Amiga Computers Covered , Prices from as little as £29.99
• Many repairs by Wizard reoube NO Parts ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦
• Prices include Insured Courier Couccrm ft Damn.
Labour, Fuu Diagnostics, Service, Soax Test 6 VAT.
• Fast Turnaround
• All Technicians are Trained & Fuuv Qualified « Upgrades bought
at same time fitth) FREE!
, 90 days Warranty on all Repabs ft* Suhmn Sotutm .Mm. Send Faxes to ano from your Amiga.
Even Fax directly from your application.
Amiga Format Gold Amiga Computing 9 10 __ Fax Compatible ClTB Mooem Required COLLECTION b DELIVERY X_ Ml At An. E Run PC PROGRAMS VKKTHH an Arrga weoow, use KKXJR ARICA HARD IXSK. RUN Windows 3 & MS-DOS, VERSON 4 NOW AllOWS:- 486 Emuution. CD-ROM support, CyberGrap-cs SUPPORT & MANY INTERNAL SPEFO ENHANCEMENTS. V4.0 REQLMES AN ‘020 PROCESSOR OR BETTER.
M1m Wonsrtno* 665 . 95 x 315mm r ORDER HOTLINE , 01322-527800 3orfax01322-527810H Sum CW-K TlfMEK 7 - The ONLY .AKOUNTS PACKAGE, LEOOER ) SEQ ACCOUNTS SYSTEM, Amgp Format Goto uuovrrun omi BETWEEN 9AM AND 5MONDAY TO SATURDAY, TO PAY BY CREDIt CARD. TO PAY BY CHEQUE OR POSTAL ORDER PLEASE SIND YOUR ORDER TO - WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS, PO BOX 490, DARTFORD, KENT, DAI 2UH ChbQiwt should be mode p*y»le to WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS Pncw include VAT b carnage to the UK mainland Pwese add £5 to your order lo EC dettnetioni and f 10 lor other countnei AI products are subieci to avaAabebty EfaOF AdverliMd prices
b specdication may change without notice AI sales are subject to our tiadaig conditions copy available on request UhiiiUwrHik.
HClassic Quarterback 6.1 and WhbBack Tools Deluxe are bacx iwt Cokoehed by most as THE niACKLF ANO 06X R1COWRV ¦BUMS M HAVE AVAAABLE. FOR A anaFOKXi. N« two packages Oran Products A500 5I2I RAM Expansion ;17- A500PLUS 1 mb RAM Exp ,24.n A600 1 mb RAM ExPAicnN ,74- ¦Mil £79 991 Den backup DslRecmry Optimisation are I KEY TASKS THAT JUST SHOULDN'T ffT TO INFERIOR PD ALTERNATIVES.
ETMBCSI _ _ Oil Disks iStatwUitLS ,14- i6ColourLab((s(24.m 4mb U-m SIMM 8ue U rn SIMM 1 6mb 72 pin SIMM 32mb 72-fin SIMM £ J7.94 with PowerCopy 3-TheBEST Backup Systim Insioir Gum -AI200 £14.95 Insioer Gumi -At 200 Next Steps £14.95 Insider Guide • Assembler £14.95 Insider Guide - Disks 6 Drivis £14.95 Insider Guide ¦ Workbench 3 A to Z £14.95 Total! Amiga ¦ Workblnch 3 £19.99 Total! Amiga - AmioaDOS £21.99 Total I Amiga Arixx NEW £21.99 TotaaI Ankga - Assembler £24 99 Mjstir-g Akrga Sans £19.95 Master Arrga Bigjnmrs £19.95 Mil hr , Akrga Pnntirs El 9 95 Mastm AkbgkOOS 3 Rffmncx £21 95
Masitr Ppogaamm SfcrfYs £2195 T* BEST Image Procksmg Paoac* n€K B FOR THE AhlGA. AmGA FORMAT Gold - CU Awards Bjjmu FtiBi.
F* FX. Wreless Hooks, Shu* b Straw mooes. Enhanced Ugmimnc Erects, FuMJraw AocVBemove, Ljquo Distortion, Sponge Orawmooe, Sparkle Effect 6 much more A1200 Biginmr Pack £39.95 2 OQM Ikmmn A1700 6 Nor Steps). « 60 Mimjtf V«0. 4 08Ki OF PD TO GO WITH IMF BOOC WWOS AI200 WoflnsfNCH 3 Booster Pack £39.95 2 kou Iosks 6 Orms b Wowemh 3 A to Z). A IMAGE FX 2.6 2mb b Hard Disk Rm.£ :ALLABOUT UPGRADES REPAIRS WHILE- U-WAIT 81 COMPUTERS AND MONITORS!
A promise ' for computers!! Attention Dealers A1200 Ring Fax Now for best trade prices and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, CD Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades._ FAST TURNAROUND 90 DAYS WARRANTY ON ALL REPAIRS!!
£10 EXTRA CHARGE FOR WHILE-U-WAIT SERVICE COURIER CHARGES £7 05 EACH WAY A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 £QUOTATION MODEMS BABT APPROVED + NCOMM SOFTWARE 14-4k...£59-95 28-8k...£124-95 APOLLO ACCELERATORS 1230 Lite...£99-95 1230 50.. ..£159-95 1240 25 ...£229-95 1240 40 ..£299-95 1260 50 ..£489-95 SIMMS 4Mb...... .....£29-95 8Mb...... 16Mb .... £89-95 A500, A500+ & A600 £39395 £49*95 2-5" HARD DRIVES For A600 & A1200 60Mb £5500 120Mb £7500 250Mb...£10500 540Mb...£149-95 80Mb £6500 170Mb £9000 420Mb...£129-95 1GIG £19995 All hard drives are pre-formotted, partitioned with Workbench loaded and include
2-5" IDE cable and software 2-5" IDE Cable and Software (if bousht separately) ...... £9-95 3-5" HARD DRIVES 1 08GIG ......£150 00 540Mb ......£115 00 850Mb ......£130-00 2-1GIG ......£23500 SIMPLY THE BEST AFTER-SALES SERVICE INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES A500 A500+ ..£29-95 A600 A1200 ...£34-95 MEMORY UPGRADES 1 Meg Fatter Agnus . 2 Meg Fatter Agnus . 8362 Denise .. 8373 Super Denise . 5719 Gary .. 8520 CIA A500 A500+...-. 8364 Paulo A500 A500* .. Kickstort ROM l-3
. Kickstart ROM 2-04 . Kickstort ROM 2-05 . A500 A500+ Keyboard..... 6570 Keyboard Chip . 68000 Processor ... Power Supply A500 A600 AI200... Exchange A2000 A1500 Power Supply ...
• Ail chips are availa
• Please call for any UNBEATABLE PRICES L1500.....£169-95 L2000S
..£349-95 QUAD SPEED CD ™,VES GENLOCKS Squirrel Interface
£189*95 A1200 33MHi FPU plus Crystal - £ 19-00 8520 CIA
A600 A1200 ..£14 50 £24 00 8374 Alice A1200
.....£30-0 £9 00 8364 Paula A600 A1200 ......£16-50
£18-00 Video 0ACAI200 .£19 0 ..£7 50 A600 A1200
Keybooid ..£60-00 £15-00 Lisa A1200
...£35 0 £12-00 Gayle A600 A1200
.....£25-0 £15 00 Budgie A1 200 £30-00
£22-00 Mouse (290dpi) .£15-0 £29-00 SCART lead
...£15-0 £50-00 Mouse Mpt
.....- .£4-0 £20 00 10 Boxed Bionded Disks
..£6 00 ..£8-00 Prinlei Cable ...£6-00
£35-00 Surf Squirrel £95 0 £80-00 Squirrel
SCSI Inferfoce ..£55-0 ble ex-stock chip or spare not
listed here CHIPS * SPARES * ACCESSORIES A1200 without hard
drive .....£299-95 SPECIAL . OFFER
- A1200 with 80Mb hard drive ......£349-95 A1200 with 170Mb hard
drive £379-95 A1200 with 340Mb hard drive £429-95 A1200 with
510Mb hard drive £499-95
* Call for more sood deals analog-Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd
*SSST tsST unH 6 A*hwaYCcn*re'E,m cr**«en,r Tgl* 0181 546 9575
ILOG C Kin«iston-uDon-Thames. Surrey KT9 6HH V iW ¦ 4 “ W Wt*M
4 ANALOGIC Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT9 6HH
* All prices include vat * All prices & specifications subject to
change without notice * Fixed charge for repair does not
include disk drive keyboard
* We reserve the right to refuse any repair * P&P charges £3 50
by Royal Mail or £7 05 for courier * Please allow 5 working
days for cheque clearance TBT1 INTERVIEW Reach for the stars
Here's the man who put the kapoww into karate and whose name is
synonymous with Snooker and Pool - Mr. Archer Maclean.
M m k*u CU: Horn did you first get into tt kui writing games?
¦aV AM: "Long story. Twenty years ago I P"1 used to build and program my own machines. Then I saw Asteroids. Missile Command, Defender, and I thought. I could do that too!"
CU: Your game, IK+ was an instant classic on the Amiga. How do you rate current games of this type?
AM: "Today s games are great technical achievements, let down by crap gameplay.
IK+ is still good fun to play, even now."
CU: At the time of its release, did you anticipate that Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker would be such a huge success?
AM: "No but I was confident. It just kept selling and selling. You can still buy it now. However, l‘m still haying trouble getting money for it.
“Today's games are great technical achievements, let down by crap gameplay."
CU: Dropzone has to be one of your slickest games ever but it never appeared on the Amiga, whyt AM: Publishers at the time didn't want it. Pity they were so short sighted.
Name: Archer Maclean.
Age: 34.
Born: Bayton on Sea.
Occupation: Long standing programmer.
Biggest Success: Jimmy White's Snooker, Archer Maclean's Pool, International Karate and IK+.
Publishers are now more reluctant to back an untested game idea, when they know a lesser commercial risk will be to enhance an older tried 'n' tested formula. It's also easier at retail to sell something familiar."
CU: In your opinion has the Amiga games industry in the 1990s progressed or regressed In terms of quality releases?
AM: Hmmm. It’s probably gone backwards because lots of technically nice games are the norm today where game- play has been forgotten. I think good games have to be easy to pick up but hard to master. They should draw you in within a few minutes so that you want to - do more play more discover more etc and have a random element to avoid boringly similar game flow. They must not require 500 pages of manual. The control method should be totally thought out, with immediate sonic or visual feedback, with in game help screens if required. The player should never be left wondering what to do or
what's he done wrong, and the game environment must have no holes' CU: How do you see the Amiga games industry evolving over the next few years?
AM: Struggling on, unfortunately. It really depends on how good the market is supported in hardware and software."
CU: What would you say is your greatest achievement out of the games that you have written on the Amiga?
AM: "My Archer Maclean's Pool title was the best produced game - especially on the A1200. IK+ and Snooker were not far behind though!"
CU: Is there a chance you might write games for the Amiga again?
AM: ”1 would like to go back to it because I really enjoyed it so much, but probably not - things have moved on a bit."
CU: What kind of lasting impression has the Amiga meant to you as a programmer?
AM: “Nice hardware, accessible from a programming point of view. Ordinary people could buy it, get into it and learn how to program it That's where many of today's people came from. At present, this entry point doesn't exist. I mean. Pcs cost loads and are a real total nasty pain to program. Windows '95 is not so hot and prevents you from accessing all that hardware. So where are the next batch of programmers going to come from?" ¦ Mark Forbes d Science Ud. I Rowlandson Clot*, Leicester, Leicestershire. U Tel. *44 (0)116 234 0682 Fax. *44 (0)116 235 0045 email, sales@weirdscience.co.uk or
lech@weirdsciencexo.uk hartH onn. Truetjft A If AjyJJJ r Meeting Pearls 4 Workbench ottw,„e I In Collection) £8S5 Xi-Point r. 4M 24 Hit Image Giga Graphics Four CD-ROMi Image Collection £ 19.95 International Distributor: Grenville Trading International GmbH Carl-ZdH-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen. Germany Tel. *49 7741 83040 Fax *49 7741 83WJ8 Kmail: ami| a(frgtigermany.com Asumim 'ilobal Experience Commercial Demos Software £ 24.95 i w, y . 1 WITH ALL ORDERS TOOLKIT 2 (DOUBLE CD-ROM) Hi* H,t i, all «* ( • nrW i-i i.n™ u~J L r,Uo.u Ml,.,iMl i4 I , -ol Ar « .... HWTrkrri 1 l«ll WtlhoUl Ihl
1 MrllM u *»«.. • ». -« - lUr-VW flin immpxii Ji„ .wen i 3D Cl) 2 Okfftt*
19. 9* ffcrrr u a Aunt mn n am U l tattr*4 mi «ilv am lrxrrrtr-1
• or Ur M M M
• tilil i» tmir ni iM. Hud j'JiJiAh J Ursl.
Krtro GoU emulator, £ 19.95 Jj._L J Uj J-_T J Matir Make, Sptrial FX £ 29.95 Horlrf Ida.
3D PD CD £ 19.95 ISO CD.
ADVERT IN THIS MAGAZINE WORMS Ola Amiga AMIGAs! A bit of Spanish sunshine there for no reason whatsoever. And non forgetimo, there's a free Hit Squad game to any printed tipsters. Esta completemente babido!
Team 17 Stephen Ingham from Lancashire has found a secret menu for this incredible multi-player game.
Simply press escape with the game paused and you engage Sudden Death mode (which the manual says is PC-only) as well as make the game a draw, replay the game, and quit.
This cheat can be very useful if you're in a bit of a rush as, instead of setting a timer for each round, you can simply allow as much time as you want, and then take it into Sudden Death mode. Coolio.
CIVILIZATION MicroProse John Collins from Springfield (and I bet THAT'S getting a right old laugh now that The Simpsons is on telly!) Has a smart-if-techy cheat for the excellent and down-right absorbing God-sim.
However, this cheat only seems to work for the Warlord. Prince, King and Emperor games but not the chieftain.
Anyway ... as is always the case in games like these, there’s never enough money to sort your cities out properly, giving the computer the edge but with the following cheat you're laughing. If you've built two or three cities with the power of four or more, and have opened a fair amount of land space around you, save the game to an empty disk and take note of whether it's 'civilO.sve'. 'civil2.sve'. etc. and the year.
Now examine the save file with a hex editor (Mr Collins used Newzap himself) and find position 13C in the first sector.
Now change all positions from 13C to 148 to '7's (ie type in a 7 for each position. WARNING! DO NOT do this on your hard drive, use a spare floppy.
Save your file back out to floppy and the next time you load your save file you should have an amazing 30,000 credits. Now buy everything for your cities as fast as you can to gain the advantage over your enemies and reduce your taxes to zero to get technical advances much quicker.
Ignore messages such as 'London can't support militia' because as you get stronger and richer these will disappear.
FRONTIER Gametek Ah, me old chum Frontier. We haven't had one of these for a while, but Craig Rooney from Linlithgow has such a corking cheat that I just had to tell you Once you've gained confidence using this cheat you can use it on older saved games that you may have abandoned in frustration.
Another tip is to keep going until you are able to buy diplomats, then use these to buy opposing armies or incite entire cities to revolt and come over to your side. This makes the game less frustrating and much more satisfying.
ALFRED CHICKEN Mindscape Now here's a cracking little plat- former I'd forgotten all about!
Unlike Mr S James of Kent, who'd like to remind us all that by typing HELPMARK on the title screen, keys 1-9 select the level you want. Nice one!
About it! Right, go to any planet with a docking station and buy one tonne of rubbish. Leave the planet and hyperspace to another system (this is just to avoid being fined for illegal dumping.
Now make sure that you're in free flight and move your cursor to just below the icon for jettisoning rubbish BUT DON'T CLICK ON THE ACTUAL RUBBISH ICON. By clicking here the on-board computer thinks you're jettisoning water when in fact you aren't jettisoning anything at all! As a result, your ship gets loads of extra cargo space and, when used with the various othei Frontier cheats, allows you to arm up with Large Plasma Accelerators and thousands of Shield Generators - making you virtually indestructible. The readout for your current cargo hold will go up the spout, but hey, who cares!
¦ Hello boys are you pleased lo see me? Or would you like to feast your eyes on much more of me than this tiny picture?
Adventure HelfBne KGB [ I am stuck in the stuffy room 1 with the man in denim. I have I tried to use the tap to set off the [ alarms but I keep getting killed.
Help me. I’m so sick of being I cooped up in this room.
Your kinky KGB Agent!
Kinky or not it would have been helpful if you had at least told me what chapter you are referring to!
Let's guess that we are in chapter two, the room you are talking about is the hotel room and the man is J Chapkin. In which case you must use the tape-recorder to save yourself. Set it to the 'voice-activated option and when Chapkin wakes you in the morning and tells you to to something, do as you are told.
When you are talking to him in the bathroom use a dialogue option that contains a word which activates the tape recorder. When the tape starts it will distract the bad guy for enough time for you to slug him. Take the syringe in his pocket and inject him with the contents.
Monkey Island »m stuck in part one of Monkey I’ve made it past the poo- and into the mansion. I’ve been shot out of the cannon, had a sword lesson and talked with prisoner. I don't know what I Id do now?
S. Chesterman, Winsford.
The key to your predicament is the prisoner in the cell. Give him the breallt mints and ask him if he has a file. Give him the gopher repellent and he'll give you a piece of cake with a file in it. Take the file to the Governor's mansion and walk to the gaping hole.
Flashback How do you get through the doors at the centre of the earth?
R. G. Clapton, Market Harboro.
Tor the life of me I can't remember.
However, just to prove that I do know something about this game here are the level codes which should go a long way towards making life a lot easier for you: JAGUAR, BANTHA, TOHOLD, COMBF.L, SHIVA, PICOLO, ANTIC, KASYYK, FUGV, NOLAN, SARI AC, CAPSUL, ARTHUR, MAENOC, ZZZAP, SHIRYU, SUI.UST, MANIAC, RENDER, NEPTUN, NO WAY, BELUGA.
Dreamweb I can kill Dianne Underwood but then I don't know where to go or what to do. Please give me a helping hand so that I can finish ’ the game?
J. A. Phillips. Staffs.
Once again I'm not getting much help from you lot. Assuming that you have gotten past the Boathouse section, walk to Underwood, talk to her and then use the gun. Return to the Dreamweb and talk to the keeper for the latest gossip. Go lo the bottom left corridor and use the far left corridor. Use the plinth with the key again. Return to the travel screen and go to the ruined church. Walk to the gate, examine it, then use the wire cutters on it. You're inI Kings Quest III I can't seem to get spell number
3. The Cat Spell, right. I'm on page XXV in the spell book but
the spell goes wrong at the end.
E. O. Roberts, Clwyd.
Then you are a lousy wizard! You must create the Cat Spell because you need it to get rid of the pesky wizard. In fact you will need to crumble the cat cookie into a bowl of porridge before the wizard will eat it but that's another story. All I can say, is that you must have all of the ingredients before you start and you must follow the spell directions EXACTLY or it will go wrong and you will die. It isn’t that hard, even I managed to follow the recipe and I can 'I boil water without burning it!
While I’m talking about this game, let me help out Dale McCarthy who can ’I find the magic wand that you need to create spells.
The wand is in the safe and the key to the safe is on top of the wardrobe in the Wizard’s bedroom.
Curse of Enchantia I am stuck in the ice-fields of Enchantia. I've got money, a paperclip, two snowballs, a fishing rod and a magnet on a rope.
How to I get out of the ice-fields and back to the village?
C. Lovery, Dublin.
You poor darling, wandering around in the ice-fields with two snowballs is not a lot of fun is it? You need someone to take you home and tuck you up in a warm coffin and I’m just the girl to do it.
Here is what you must do in the snow world. Pick up plank and go down to the next screen. Throw the plank, pick up the fish and go down to the next screen. Go right, pick up the deodorant, wear the deodorant.
Go right and up to the next screen.
Give the fish to the Eskimo and pick up the rod. Go to the screen with block of ice and fight with the fishing rod.
Pick up the stone. Wander around screens until you get to the Iceman.
Pick up the snowballs and fight with the snowballs. Go back to the first screen and find the sleeping sea- lion. Walk over the sea-lion to the other side and shout help. After exiting from the cave, go to the boat, and jump in it.
When you are back on the shore, throw the stone and the friendly dragon will give you a lift to the next world.
Beneath a Steel Sky I have entered the subway and been devoured by the monster in the wall. I also can’t get past the knight that protects the door when you are connected to the line. What should I do?
Stephen Branch, Barnet.
Just like me, the monster likes the dark. All those bright lights are very bad for the complexion, and when you are scaly and covered in wans, you worry about things like that. If you search the wall nearby you'll find a light switch you can use to scare him away. Don't worry about the crusader knight as you do not have the object you need to get past him just yet. What you need is the Divine Wrath. ¦ If you've got a little problem with your favourite RPG or adventure game and would like Vamp to help you out. Drop a line to: Vampyra. CU Amiga Magazine. Priory Court.
30-32 Farringdon Lane. London EC1R3AU.
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Feast your eyes on this lot.
54 Wordworth 6 Office Digita’s latest word processor offering reviewed, in and out of the Wordworth 6 Office application CD bundle.
58 AVM Modem_ Using the Sportster 33600 Vi modem we preview the shareware AVM Suite for fax and voice mail answering machine capability.
60 Blitz Support Suite The popular Blitz Basic games and application development package gets a boost from this third party upgrade. Full review here.
61 SX32 Pro No longer is the CD32 limited to a 68020. We check out the SX32 Pro expansion which includes a nippy built-in 50MHz 68030.
62 Audio H W Interface You've heard of retargetable graphics but AHI offers the same for sound. Gaining increasing support, we take a first look.
64 Turbo Calc 4.0_ The latest Turbo Calc upgrade challenges Final Calc for the throne as best spreadsheet on the Amiga. Just how does it shape up?
66 PD Scene The Amiga scene continues to buzz with activity and here's another batch of games, demos and PD oddities to prove it.
70 PD Utilities This month we check out a shareware directory utility that promises to rival the big boys. Many more choice utilities also examined.
CD-ROM Scene Inundated with high quality CD-ROM releases, this month we've special expanded coverage of what's hot on CD-ROM.
Wordwoith 6 Office ©ithout a doubt, the CD player is currently one of the hottest peripherals for Amiga owners. It seems like almost everyone has one nowadays.
Software publishers are realising this and are starting to put our favourite programs on CD. One of the first to do so. Is long time Amiga supporter, Digita International. Their CD Wordworth 6 Office is also available on floppy disk, although for this review we’ll look at at the CD version.
¦ Price: £49.99 Upgrade £34.99 ¦ Developer: Digita ¦ Supplier: Digita International £) 01395 270 273 Four quality packages on one CD at a snip of price. Are Digita taking a leaf out of CU's book? Let's see.
What's on it?
No prizes for guessing that the Office pack is based around version 6 of Wordworth, but there’s a lot more than many people’s favourite word processor on the
CD. You also get Datastore 2.
Organiser 2 and Money Matters 4 New features Regalai Polygon Drawing Tool Freehand Drawing Tool Password Protection More Areu r All this lor an upgrade price ol just under £35 seems like unbelievable value. But is it? Keep reading and you can make up your own mind.
As already mentioned, the Wordworth 6 Ollice pack comes with lour highly rated programs, most ol which have been around lor a year or two on floppy disk.
The only new upgrade on the disc is Wordworth 6. The Office CD has two versions of the same programs, one in German, the other in English, All these programs will only run from hard disk. They do not run from CD and there is no mention made of installing them onto floppy disk.
The latter isn't perhaps important because if you have a CD, the chances are, you’ll also have a hard drive.
The reason, I guess, the programs don’t run from CD is because a number of files have to be installed onto the Workbench partition of your hard drive and these flies will differ from person to person. In other words, although Digita could have partly installed the program on CD, there would still have been a substantial amount of files that needed to go onto hard drive, so it makes sense to place the whole thing on hard disk in the first place.
Then there is the question of program settings. Most people will set their versions up differently and because you can't save the settings to the CD, it would be pointless running it from there.
The reason for mentioning this is because most people will expect it to run from CD without understanding the problems involved.
Easy peasy Installation of all the-applications was dead easy. No problems whatsoever, even though I installed all the programs onto a Zip cartridge as my hard drive, all one gigabyte of it, was rather full at the time. Installing the extra fonts was just as simple, thanks to the comprehensive instructions supplied in the Wordworth help file and the InstallFonts utility supplied The fonts can stay on the CD I and be installed for use with Wordworth or better still, can be I copied onto your hard drive and I used from there. Luckily, the bonus fonts drawer is under 4Mb I so it's convenient to
keep them I on the hard drive where they'll I always be available to Wordworth.1 The same couldn't be said if the I fonts were left on CD only because you never know what CD| you might want to have in the CD: drive when you run Wordworth.
As well as the 50 outline fonts, there is also a compilation of all the bitmap clip art ever released by Digita as well as around 10% of the scalable clip art currently available in various volumes.
On-line manuals There are no printed manuals accompanying the CD, so where are they? On the CD of course!
These are ASCII text files but it is too awkward to read them on screen. You'll need to import them into Wordworth and print them out or even better, ring up Digita and ask for a manual. I believe they are charging around £5 for it.
All the programs also have online help to answer most questions about using the applications.
This AmigaGuide based file pops up on the screen of the program you are using, saving you the bother of having to swop between help and the program.
How new is it?
The only new upgrade (or new :hing from what I could seel on the Office CD is Wordworth 6 ich has had a number of new itures added. None of these ild really be classed as being but then Wordworth is a complete word processor and adding headline grab- functions would perhaps just create extra bulk which may have slowed the program down.
The most important of the new ions is the four new drawing two polygon tools and two i for doing bezier curves and md drawings. The new tools are a mixed bag though. As Digita have just released DrawStudio (a I drawing program), maybe I expected too much of Wordworth's draw- I ing tools, but they don't work quite the way I anticipated.
I The freehand tool for example.
I lets you draw freehand but points on the line cannot be edited I afterwards although you can I change the line colour and thick- I ness. Using the bezier curve is a [ bit hard to describe but imagine Kting a tool, dragging out a tri- and then watching the pro- I gram create a curved line in I between the points and you're some way to knowing what it's I like. Unlike a drawing program, the bezier curve points don't have ol points, but line length and can be adjusted, sort of.
To create shapes, you have in and regular polygon tools The polygon tool works by you drag out a line and placing a point on the page by pressing the control key. Unconventional yes. But it works well enough once you get used to it. You cannot however, unlike in Final Writer, edit the points on the polygon. The regular polygon tool is simple enough in that once you have drawn the box, the number of sides can be edited from the object's information requester.
Another very worthwhile creative addition to Wordworth is watermarks. These are simply objects that can be placed behind normal text blocks. In the example I used to review Wordworth
6. 1 wanted a bitmapped drop cap from DrawStudio to start a line
of text. With Wordworth 6. This wasn't a problem although to
be honest. I could have done it in Wordworth 5 using Text
Watermarks just makes it easier.
Support for RTF (Rich Text Format), a common cross-platform WP file format, has been boosted with files for font mapping These are ASCII text files that let you stipulate which fonts are used by Wordworth to replace those used to create the RTF document file in another application. As well as font mapping, RTF has been re-written so it’s more compatible with lots of different RTF files as well as supporting a few new formatting functions.
The other new features, file encryption and new Arexx commands, add to an otherwise already fine word processor but don’t significantly boost the program to a new level. This begs .
The question, will publishers like Softwood and Digita continue to put a lot of development time into programs like Wordworth and Final Writer, or simply adjust things to slightly enhance the program rather than radically improve them? Only time will tell us the answers.
Final thoughts Overall, the Office CD and the floppy disk pack for that matter, are great value when you consider what you get. The question on value for money will depend on whether you have any or all of the auxiliary programs aside from Wordworth 6, which is the only new upgrade on the disc. The pack almost has the feel of a closing down sale, where existing stock is cleared out at silly prices.
We may see a Wordworth 7 but I don't expect any of the other applications to be upgraded. This may change, because I hear Digita are doing very well with this package so far and they may re-invest some of it in future upgrades. I hope they do ¦ Larry Hickmott Want to know more?
Wordworth 5 and Datastore 2 were reviewed in the March 1996 issue of CU Amiga so this would be a good place to start for further details.
Organiser 2 is a PIM which isn't some fancy drink but a Personal Information Manager.
Looking like a filo-fax. This is one accessory you won't be ashamed to be seen with. The program helps you keep track of names and addresses, important events and even has a host of supplements which will provide lots of interesting reading on everything from angling to wine. A very much under rated program that is intuitive and darn useful. More than that, it's fun to use.
The fourth application is Money Matters, a home accounts program that has been around since the year dot. I started out with the first version, which at the time was called Home Accounts. This latest incarnation, has a similar look and feel to the other Digita applications, and can handle multiple accounts that work like most bank accounts on a credit and debit basis.
Money Matters also has tools like a loan calculator, insurance inventory, currency calculator and even graphs for the visually enlightened. A useful tool for watching those pennies.
CM V?rsi0n ,ofMthese hi9h|y acclaimed faxmodems was released axhS’w 9 V34+ 336°°bpS da,a speeds’,ax and a|s° voice and axback features (accessible through your Amiga with AVM shareware software).
JUST £119.99 Look out for reviews - or call us for an information sheet.
Wu. Iui leviews - or can us tor an in N fs.t 1 85 8 § «¦?!
11 CO?I Ol I » ( I I J LU h INCLUDES FREE INTERNET ACCESS AND MEMBERSHIP TO OUR BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEM, MIDNIGHT EXPRESS! C 1x600 1200 CD BOM UPGRADES 200W Power Supp Y. easier, or Upgrading your inside a high qua'lW p ’ . 0 power your Amiga tor the power SiamPSU •"««£££& CSS, and £189 99 -or Ida Six QUAD SPEED - £149.9 Quad SP r.AI I FOR INFORMATION SIX SPEED - £.69.99 PENTIUM PC SYSTEMS We aren’t ditching the Amiga!
All Pentium systems consist ot the following specifications... Pentium P75 £755 Pentium P100 £780 Pentium P120 £805 Pentium P133 £830 Pentium P150 £895 Pentium P166 £985 Desktop or mini lower case. Pentium motherboard with 256k pipeline burst mode cache, 8mb RAM, 850mb hard drive. 1_mbPCi graphics card, quad CD ROM drive, Soundblaster compatible sound card and speakers, 14" SVGA] monitor, 3.5" floppy drive, Windows 95 keyboard, mouse plus DOS and Windows 3.11. Windows 95 add £70.00 1 gig add £30.00 Extra amb RAM add £40.00 Eight Spaed CD add £40.00 Please call for details of any item(s) not
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Information on accessing the Internet with your Amiga is also included....FREE!
BBS: 01384 86-56-26 (5 LINES RINGDOWN) See u on the Ujorld Ujide Web ot: uiuiui.uioden.com -mtK AVM and Sportster Vi ¦ Price: £161.69 ¦ Developer: US Robotics ¦ Supplier: First Computer Centre © 0113 23 19444 http: www.firstcom.demon.co.uk As well as surfing the web and sending faxes, now modems can be answering machines too. All you need are the right tools for the job.
:: ©ax modems have been around a long time and. Thankfully, so has commercial software such as UPFax to enable you to use them to send faxes. Voice modems, however, are a newer invention. They combine the data capabilities of a fax modem with a digital answering machine.
Again, like faxes, you need dedicated software to make the voice capabilities work. Currently there is only one package on the Amiga that we know of that can do this: the shareware AVM (Advanced Voice Modem) Suite
2. 0. AVM doubles as fax software by using the ECFax. We checked
it out. In its embryonic stages, armed with the popular voice
modem, the USR Sportster Vi 33600.
Trial run AVM is shareware so you can check it out first before deciding to buy it. And in true always- there-to-help-the-reader style. CU Amiga Magazine has the unregistered version on this month's cover CD. You can find it in the CUCD Magazine directory all ready to install. The installer is most of the way but there are currently several things which have been left out which would have been very helpful such as showing assigns which need to be made and the option of skipping the insertion of them in user-startup.
Mr Park Digit ech ATTN: RE: Digitech, BM limited. Unit E7. Staffords Parte 4. Telford.
Shropshire, TF3 3BA Sincerely.
- Mtntaftvton - Techntfll Ediior _ Getting it on To get started
is simple enough.
The installer asks whether you have a Voice capable modem and depending on the answer, expands to the modems supported. The modems AVM supports for Voice are: ZyXEL. LineLink.
MTD Dolphin. Rockwell-based Voice modems and the USR Sportster Vi.
Po»: 0.61 if» A I A!
A With AVM AS a be Anntet Fieel Writer cee prittt .it e rioceeieel id be sen btei es e lei.
The Rockwell option actually includes a great deal of modems since they are the world's most prolific manufacturers of the chip-sets used in modems, unfortunately it's not easy to tell before buying a modem without any particular hame or brand on it.
Good for a fax If you don't own a voice modem.
AVM is still good for faxing with the following modems; generic Class 1 & 2 fax modems, AT&T DataPort Class 1 & 2 modems, the Supra 144 LC and USR modems (Class 1). If your modem has fax capability it will probably work with AVM. AVM does what the others do in that it simulates a printer. Normally you would use a word processor and the output is stashed to a file which can be faxed right away or scheduled to be delivered at a certain time. The latter function requires that the package is registered.
I printed my standard fax document from Final Writer to GP Fax and AVM. After faxing both to our office fax machine, the output quality was identical although AVM's fax was slightly narrower in dimension.
Using a computer to generate a fax produces far better results on the other end than a traditional scanning fax machine. Even the CU Amiga Magazine graphic banner at the top of my fax document was nicely dithered as Final Writer prints to AVM.
Unfortunately it's not all rosy when it comes to using voice mail. In fact it's very complicated and the documentation is - abysmal. Before going to press, I’d had numerous commu- I nications with the Canadian * author. Alberto Villarica, to resolve many of the problems that I encountered. The biggest one was that support for the Sportster Vi was only just implemented, which is a significant oversight as other voice modems I are rare in the UK.
No sounds There is no audio compression CODEC for the Sportster Vi which means that the voicemail prompts and incoming messages I can't be played by the Amiga.
OK; normally you can listen to them through the speaker on the modem. Nope, you can't do that either (unless you want a dial- tone or to unplug the modem).
The Sporster Vi also lets the show down as the external speaker output jack hardly seemed to work even on maximum volume. So it’s either use .
Headphones or plug in some kind I of amplified speaker. This is * very annoying and needs to be sorted out.
The voicemail prompts which actually need recording are only mentioned in the small 'installation' text file. All the others are for much more complex voicemail sys- | terns which really need the stupidly complex programmer' This isn't even present in the archive for some reason and it's just as well as it's just about impossible to use and totally undocumented.
The bottom line is that AVM works as a fax package for sure.
It also half works as a voice mail system on the Sportster Vi but there are crippling problems and it takes quite some time to figure out what's going on. I did manage to get a basic answering machine working, the Amiga chimed 'You have messages' in a lispy female voice. Also, having to play messages into headphones was acceptable though a nuisance.
More work Overall. AVM needs a lot more [ work. We must have a compression CODEC for the Sportster Vi for a start. Reasonable defaults must be included and the documentation needs to be vastly improved.
However, right here and now it's all that exists and since it's shareware you'd be a fool not to have a bash at It. It should shape up in the future and we'll go for a full review then I'd recommend the Sportster Vi when it is fully tidied up and the problems mentioned here are ironed out despite the silly speaker output. However, as it stands it’s a reasonable voice modem and with a free 'X2' 56K upgrade from USR, there's nothing to touch it at the price ¦ Mat Bettinson AMIGA REPAIRS FIXED PRICE ONLY £38.99 Ind. .£££¦£,
• Price Include. PARTS. LABOUR & VAT
* 90 Day Parts and Labour Warranty mfW
* 24 Hour turn-around on most repairs UL ’Includes FULL
DIAGNOSTIC, SERVICE A SOAK 'Upgiadn fitted froe with ropair IS
• If drive keyboard neods replacing ? Cl 0.00 AMIGA A°1200
Repairs eniy £48.99 Fully Inclusive 'Repairs wnile-you-wait add
£10.00* COMPONENT SPARES We are fhe largest distributor and
retailer of Amiga spares in the UK. With an inventory of some
150,000+ parts. Large uOdttsdiscounts and catalogue available
to trade.
SPECIAL OFFERS A500 Internal Drive £28.99 A500 600 I200 PSU £25.99 A600 1200 Int.Drive £28.99 Al 200 Keyboard £34.00 KickStart 2.05 £19.90 A600 Keyboard £19.00 Super-Buster 1C £15.00 A500 M Board v6 £58.00 A520 Modulator Xchg £18.00 CD-32 PSU £25.00 8520 CIA £12.00 CD-32 CDROM Drive £35.00 mu j irt tm i-flu f m I.1, n i-tc ¦ i AMIGA PC anOAB ADAPTOR (Al Aslga) £23.00 PC fryt.sd El 6.00 OAST Coaipvt.r S.rvi». SALES " 00 »«••«! (0116) 2470059 V -n DT .
M FAX (0116) 2558643 cJ AMJL., 105 London Rood LEICESTER LK2 OPF Bbe z g , coLOMronsM H , I, I ..ml", ph fo Mral fat DtluuPssl VI,|p, lllllni cfc.
Iltmtnnp. » f .Irak p. h» .nk.n (Adliifiu. I” [Onktr No G.W id-coty »tr ,vi Allnw.dl.Lt. *0.. IUO PRINT DRIVERS ( mot iti crVl pof.
Ik -Wit Pa.LjntViee.wMi ViliiduMAK A IBM 12 Ordct No. U2IM DELUXE MONOPOLY (no MICRON SufTVi Akt i »ith Spcvul fceuir.
Blitz Support Suite ¦ Price: £19.99 or £14.99 for registered Blitz Basic users ¦ Developer: Red When Excited ¦ Supplier: Guildhall Leisure Services D 01302 890 000 Now you don't have to be a BUM man anymore. A new Blitz support system is here and it's superb.
©or the majority of the Blitz Basic fans an update to the popular development system has been a long time coming. Until now most of us have relied on BUM (Blitz User Magazine - stop giggling at the back) to fix bugs and add new commands to the language. However, this system leaves a lot to be desired as it crashes regularly and doesn't have that many frequent releases. So most of the die-hard fans rely on dedicated Blitz clubs and news groups for things like new command libraries and tools. Guildhall, having seen a gap for a killer update to Blitz, called in the boys from 'Red When Excited’
- one of the biggest supporters and creators of many Blitz extensions - to do the business. The Blitz Support Suite is what they came up.
Multiple document editing from the same window and a user- definable GUI tool bar for sending Arexx commands to Ted.
There is also an updated debugger to stop your programs running amok as well as a heap of example source code files which show off the new commands in the BSS libraries. Extensive support for Arexx and Commodity commands are provided along with encryption and powerful file I O commands.
There's no doubt that these libraries will make programming your own stuff much easier. I managed to convert a simple program into a commodity with an Arexx
- port within balf an hour of installing the new suite, thanks to
the AmigaGuide online help system and the example source
The Shapes and Map Editor are both powerful tools designed to make easier the tiresome tasks of
• creating scenery like scrolling backdrops and sprite images.
Both offer extensive cut and paste routines for manipulating
IFF files and the Shape Editor will let you chop and change
palettes to your liking, as well as having a novel clone of
Tidy tools On three disks Blitz Support offers a new set of
libraries for adding to the Blitz command set and a whole host
of additional tools to help you whether you're programming a
game or a utility. To start there is a much improved version of
Ted (the Blitz default editor) which, while not letting you
compile your work stand-alone, at least heads towards a
solution by offering an Arexx port. Other new features include
fWElu Mindx!S?ndY,ButX,BulV,DefBut*,Def6jtV,XPos1 Pos
I. ChediPcrt A Blitz users ceenot afford to be without the new
Blitz Support Suite. All the new features provided will make
everybody's life much easier and programming a dream.
RWE have worked on is a bonus.
The MUI bubble help system. The Map Editor doesn't offer anything as flash but has the bonus of being designed to work for any language and not just Blitz. It’s a very powerful tool which can create maps as big as memory dictates and generate source code which you can drop into your own program. A nice touch is being able to define sizes of the individual blocks as well as the maps block dimensions. With a bit of work on small blocks some very creative maps could be defined with little trouble.
Light reading BSS falls down when it comes to documentation. Presumably to save cost everything is documented on disk. The Blitz help system, while not brilliant, will pop up the appropriate Amiga guide documentation if prompted. It's an acceptable solution but it's not as good as having a printed manual.
It's easy to use though, certain buttons will load example files and iffs for you to view although some of the links are broken.
However, the inclusion of updated guide documentation for the original commands and not just what Overall BSS excels itself as a must-have gift for any serious Blitz user. It's not expensive and worth every penny of the price, especially as you can get a dis- j count if you're a registered Blitz user. There are a couple of patches needed for the BSS system to fix minor problems with the Ted dok and debugger. However, don't worry we have included them on I this month's CD. ¦ Anthony Brice Ohe CD32 was a huge success and if it wasn't for cash flow problems and unnecessary stock dumping, it
may have kept Commodore alive. There were many thousands of them sold and CD32 software at one stage, occupied the top slots of the CD-ROM charts. Now things are a little different and CD32 software is virtually non-existent. The good news is that it’s possible to pick up one of the old 'tumbledriers' very cheaply indeed. It is still an OS 3.1, AGA, 2Mb Chip RAM machine with a CD-ROM. All it needs is a little extra encouragement to bat with the best A1200 systems.
Previously, encouragement for CD32 users included plug-in break-out boxes like the SX1. The SX1 provided the features that the CD32 doesn't come with as standard such as parallel and serial ports, RGB video output. IDE hard drive interface, disk drive port and sometimes a PC keyboard connector. One area where the SX1 fell down, though, was the measly 14MHz 68020 CPU, quite slow by today's standards.
SX32 Pro ¦ Price: 50MHz £369.95 33MHz £299.95 ¦ Developer: DCE Computer ¦ Supplier: Eyetech © 01642 713185 http: www.eyetech.co.uk ~eyetech Remember the ill-fated CD32? Now you can turn it into a high-spec Amiga with a CD-ROM drive.
50MHz 68030 The SX32 Pro is identical to its predecessor except that it sports an integral 50MHz 68030 accelerator and a buffered IDE interface.
The buffered IDE means that external IDE devices may be attached without worrying too much about the length of the cables involved. So it's a very welcome addition.
Fitting of the SX32 Pro is as problematic as its predecessors was if there’s a hard drive fitted.
Once again, the CD32 must be opened to fit the unit into the rear expansion bay no matter how small the 2.5" HD fitted. However, Eyetech have provided a nippy 720Mb IBM drive which shows that the 2.5" hard drive situation has improved greatly from the past. The lack of room for a 3.5" unit is not such a crippling problem. A cheaper faster bigger 3.5" hard drive_ could always be housed externally if it were an issue.
The disk drive, parallel and serial ports performs as per an A1200 which is no surprise as the SX32 Pro has two CSG (Commodore's chip manufacturer) 8520 ClAs to drive the whole show. An external floppy drive appears as DFO: and the SX32 seems happy to load even copy protected games. What does let it down is the RGB video output.
The video level (brightness) is quite low on the Amiga Technologies 1438 and 1764 monitors. This is not a terminal problem but is annoying just the same. Luckily, AT's 1764 monitor has a 15 pin VGA style socket so no adapter is needed.
AIOOO keyboard The omission of a PC AT keyboard socket would have been a serious problem but thankfully Eyetech have sourced some Amiga 1000 keyboards (the wonderful small ones with the old coloured tick logo) with a lead to jack straight into the CD32's PS2 style keyboard connector. At £35, for a genuine 89 key Amiga keyboard, it's fantastic, now if only I could wire one up to my 4000T!
The SX32 Pro will accept up to 64Mb of memory on a single or double sided sided SIMM.
Benchmarks showed that it was 15% slower than the leading 50MHz accelerators for the A1200. This is a shame since it's not cheap. I would have liked to have seen better performance for this sort of money. Eyetech provided an IDE EZ135 Syquest drive for testing and this worked well with an IDE ribbon trailing into the back of the CD32.
Unlike previous CD32 expansions. There's no significant money to be saved compared with an A1200 based system. You do, however, get provision for a lovely external keyboard and CD-ROM drive which are valuable in their own right. It's an expensive investment but a top notch Amiga system can be created out of an otherwise idle CD32. An A1200 system with CD- ROM makes for more desktop clutter by comparison. If the price of the SX32 Pro, hard drive, keyboard and memory doesn't put you off, I recommend it as an Amiga system to be proud of. ¦ Mat Bettinson The essentials SX32Pro 33MHi
68030 ...£293.95 SX32Pro 50MHi 68030 ...£369.85 Amiga 1000 keyboaN ..£34.95 Ext Floppy Drive ....£39.35 540Mb 2.5 " HD ..£149.95
1. 1GB 2.5" HD ....£240.05 IDE Zip
Dritra .£199.95 COMBO PACK -
New CD32, controller, SX32Pro 50MHr Floppy drive. 2+4Mb memory
21 Mb HD ..£499.95 SX32 PRO
ease of use ...94%
performance .88% value for
money 82% OVERALL 88] The ultimate CD32 expansion
Ohe chances are that we will never again see the level ot
standardisation that there was in the Amiga market of a few
years ago.
With development on the Amiga effectively having ceased since the launch of the AA chipset, people are following third-party upgrade paths to bring their Audio Hardware Interface Release: TBA ¦ Developer: Martin Bloom ¦ Supplier: various Amigas more in line with state-of- the-art technology in their own fields of interest, buying graphics cards if graphics is important to them, and sound cards if they are into music. On top of this the various companies considering bringing out Amiga-like computers don’t even agree on what CPU to base it on. The Amiga market of a few years time will
include a lot of non-standard pieces of equipment and a lot of exotic variants.
Peering into the future of Amiga sound we see AH I making an impact.
How will we avoid the kind of problem that plagues PC users such as having to reconfigure all their new software for their hardware setup, and quite often having to reconfigure the hardware setup for the software? The PC is often unfaidy vilified by Amiga users, but one very definite weakness of the PC - at least until plug and play becomes the exception rather than the rule - is its handling of sound output, as anyone who has spent ages attempting to coerce a new game to work with their sound card will attest.
What is AHI?
AHI stands for Audio Hardware Interface. It is a hardware independent audio system. AHI provides retargetable hardware support from a simple device driver which can be easily configured for standard sound cards and made to utilise on-board DSP functions in 'smart' cards. Its fast mixing routines will mix 8- or 16-bit samples of any length and with any number of loops from fast RAM and output 16-bit mono or stereo data in up to 128 channels. It supports non realtime mixing for computers with slower processors by spooling to disk.
With the AHI retargetable audio system, a game (or any other piece of software with _ sound output) can send the sound data to a device handler which already knows what hardware you have and interprets the sound data in a way which your hardware can understand. If you have the latest DSP based sound card from hell, it will play through that and pass the card any hardware specific commands it receives. If you are reliant on a bog standard Paula chip (part of the custom chipset) for audio playback, no problem. It won't sound as good, but it will do its best Buy at TRADE DIRECT PRICES!
Market developments!!
Leading British Manufacturers of RAM expansions to all major distributors and dealers are having a STOCK CLEARANCE of A500, A500+ & A600 RAM Boards ai RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICES!
MEMORY EXPANSIONS |A1200 Ram Accelerator NOW AVAILABLE AT EVEN LOWER PRICE A500 512k w o clock A500 512k with clock A5(X) Plus l Mb £11.95 £16.95
Buy any Ram board and get a
3. 5" Floppy Drive for only £36.95!
W Buy an FPU with a RA hoard for only £21.99 FREE GIFT!
030, 040 & 060’s Also Available - POA Call to find out mote board and gives your Amiga a CD -ROM.
Simple set-up. Fastest Semet yet for only £24.95 (comes complete with serial cable and Network CD2 software A6(X) 1 Mb w o clock - £16.95 A600 I Mb with clock - £24.95
3. 5" External Floppy - £39.95 CD32 S-PORT Network your CD32 and
PRICES Runs at upto 2.95 MIPS - Uses standard 72-pin simm -
Zero Wait State - Optional Floating Point Unit - Real Time
Battery Backed Clock PCMCIA Compatible (upto 4 Mb) Omb -
£44.95 4Mb - £64.95 8Mb - £84.95 Internal Real Tn 33Mhz FPU -
£24.99 Clock now only £8.
STOCK CLEARANCE STOCK CLEARANCE Market Developments. 57 & 58 Glasshouses Mill, Glasshouses, Harrogate N.Yorkshire HG3 5QH DELIVERY : Costs ji £2.50 (including VAT) fo insured delivery!
712600 712601 PAYMENT Simply call with your ACCESS VISA SWITCH or send Cheques P.O.’s made out to : fK zde i*t tea TEL: (01423 FAX: (01423 HHG1IEII3 BIHIEIHIE3I The AHI home page AHI V2 Hardware independent andio for Amiga Uhxinfrnmaban Evcntf ihis page 14 mainly for developer* who areuitogthe AHI audio system In then own products, a short Introduction ot AHI maybe aporoprlate- AHI Is for sound cards what CyberOraphX Is for graphic cards A common way of talking to sound cards, and even the interna] audio chip (Paula), makes It possible for programmers to make thdt music and audio programs
work with all supported sound cards - without even owring one FuTthertnorp. Special features of more advanced sound cards (like DSP and effect chips) wiD automaccaJy be used by AHI ag plications The system Is designed n be easy lo use fast, efficient and furore safe (atight, IH stop now).
A list of programs that works with sound cards can be found at Pauli Porkka’s support page
- - I i ¦ I IT AHI has been described as doing for audio what
CyberGraphX has done for graphics. The AHI system is a simple
addition to your Devs: drawer consisting of the AHI.DEVICE and
device drivers for whatever hardware you want to install.
When a manufacturer produces a new sound card, all they have to
do is write an AHI driver for their card and the old problem of
finding software to run on it is solved. If you have the AHI
driver, your new sound card will work with every AHI compliant
software package you use, even if they were written before the
sound card existed.
There would be no need to go through all your old software reconfiguring it either. If it is configured to output through the AHI system, then it is already configured with your new sound card.
The flip side of this is of course also true - a software author writing a new package need know nothing about the various sound cards on the market to write in compatibility for them, because instead of writing output drivers for all the sound cards they can find out about, they need only write an output driver for AHI and their program will work with every AHI compliant sound card that has ever or will ever be made.
AHI is currently in Beta - although it works and is available for developers and end users alike, it has a little way lo go before it is the finished article.
The Amiga audio scene really needs something like this, and the reception to AHI has been enthusiastic. Martin Blom is continuing development on the AHI system, but is dependent on other programmers to support AHI in their software. The list of cards and software with AHI support is continually growing as more and more developers jump onto the bandwagon. After all it makes life a lot easier for them too. ¦ Andrew Korn To find out more contact: URL: HttpV W»VW.Lysator.liy se les ahi.html URL Http: WWW.Sci.FiV~PPorVa Delfina Support html or Martin Blom: lcs@lysator.liu.se finally, the
Aminet address is: ftp: ftp.Genaany.AniiRet.org pili Ainioet riev misc ahi.lha MOD PLATERS: Oelitracker. Hippoplayet Aplayer DASModplayervA SAMPLERS SAMPLE EDITORS: SEX MIDI PLATERS: Amplay SAMPLE PLAYERS: PlaylG GAMES: Cityfauilder Almagica - Scions if a Forgotten Worid MISC:
1. 12 ii Delfina DSP Prelude TeccaM Wavetools Paula (bailt in
Amiga sound chip) COMING SOON: Hypersaand32 Plasma 32 urrently
supported sound cards I Supported Software PRINTERS
1.8 METERS 4.99 R LEAD 5 METERS 10.99 Check out the enormous
Look around our vast range of Special Reserve Interne! Site
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Address_ CREDIT CARD EXPHY DATE TurboCalc v4 = ¦ Price: £49.95
¦ Developer: Schatztruhe ¦ Supplier: Digita © 01395 270273 A
AMIGA SUPERSTAR Ohe latest salvo in the spreadsheet war is
TurboCalc v4, a significant upgrade from v3.5, which was
given away by Escom as part of the Amiga Magic pack.
Although TurboCalc doesn't conform to the Digita standard layout, it seems to conform to Digita's philosophy of attempting to one-up Softwood, and comparisons with FinalCalc are inevitable. Which is somewhat fortunate for TurboCalc, because comparisons with the top spreadsheet software on Mac or PC would be less favourable.
The latest shot fired in the Digita versus Softwood Weir lands on our shores in the shape of this German spreadsheet. Is It bye-bye FinalCalc?
A contender This latest incarnation of TurboCalc comes on CD-ROM. The program can be tun straight from the disk or installed to your hard drive, an easy process thanks to the English.
French, German and Italian language installers. An AmigaGuide conversion patch will install the help files in an OS2.x compatible form if necessary, a clever idea which will make life a lot easier for owners of older machines The most obvious difference betv. Een this and FinalCalc is that the latter has much more confusing n ienus. TurboCalc seems less .
Intimidating, with fewer nested sub-menus, but this is not because it lacks facilities. On the contrary, TurboCalc did almost everything I wanted it to, which is a welcome surprise by Amiga spreadsheet Animated graphs TurboCalc and FinalCalc are pretty similar in terms of features - often suspiciously so. FinalCalc introduced the idea of animated graphs, which are a great way of showing how data changes over time. Rather strangely, the graphs were output in a series of IFFs instead of an anim, which would have been easy to implement and saved users a lot of time. TurboCalc has introduced
animated graphs itself, but bizarrely has the same omission.
K M -H k standards. TurboCalc complements its easy to use menus with a user definable toolbar.
TurboCalc has followed FinalCalc's lead in allowing multiple sheets in a project, with connections between cells in different sheets, a facility which has been fatally lacking in Amiga spreadsheets until recently. Another feature TurboCalc followed the FinalCalc lead with is animated graphs - see the box for details.
Ups and downs TurboCalc can zoom in and out of the page in the manner of DTP packages, a feature of enormous use if you want to handle outsize sheets, which saves a lot of hammering at the cursor keys and multiple screen refreshes. Automation is also significantly improved with the addition of fills, a clever system to allow the user to paint in lists of increasing value. If, for instance, you wished to define a sheet with several hundred columns sorted by date in a four day period, you need-only set the first date, select the cells you want dates in. Inform the fill requester that you
want increments of four days, and the cells will be appropriately filled. FinalCalc's fills were never so flexible or easy to use.
Spreadsheets are traditionally for financial calculations but this is far from their only use. They can be used all sorts of data processing tasks. I know of spreadsheets being used for running Fantasy Football games, designing hi-fi loudspeakers, even designing pyramids. So the ability to import data is critical, and in this TurboCalc both hits and misses. On the plus side. TurboCalc can import from Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, and Procalc, the three most likely foreign spreadsheet formats users will want to deal with, and is far better than FinalCalc in this regard. On the down side, its text
import functions are not so good. TurboCalc imports four variants on CSV (Comma Separated Values I, which take in many of the standard ASCII outputs from databases etc., but isn't all that flexible. I occasionally need to import huge lists of raw data produced by a piece of PC based test equipment, which none of the CSV loaders in TurboCalc will handle perfectly. FinalCalc has a truly excellent user - definable text importer which can load in pretty much anything.
With v4, TurboCalc is now able to compete on equal footing with FinalCalc. Some will swear by one, some will swear by the other. I find TurboCalc a real breeze to use compared to FinalCalc. Each have their own strengths, and in the final analysis, each package will suit different people. ¦ Andrew Korn TURBOCALC V4 I l CARE QUALITY & SERVICE QUALITY INK JET & BUBBLE JET REFILLS Our refill* use only lup quality inks. You buy direct from un hence our superb quality ai sensible prices Black refills foe IIP Deskjel 500.510. 550. SOOC. 550C. SMC. 660C. 850C CANON BC-01. BIIOE EX SX. BC-02. BJ200.
BJI30. BJ300. BJ330 EPSON STYLUS 800. 1000. CITIZEN PROJET OLIVETTI JPI50. 250. 350.
6 refill (3 on high capacity cartidgcs) kil l20n»L pure black. £16.99 CANON BJ600. BJC400Q 4I00 20 refills pure black 120ml. £16.99 EPSON STYLUS 4 refills 120ml. Pure black £16.99 TRICOLOUR REFILL KITS: HP Deskjel range 10 refills of Yellow. Magenla ft Cyan IKOmL £24.99 CANON BJC2I0.6004000 4100 10 refills of Yellow. Magenla & Cyan £24.99 EPSON STYLUS Colour 1 l TIs Yellow. Magcnia & Cyan 180ml. £24.99 "Prim Head Recovery FiuhT for unblocking nozzle* NEW LARGE SIZE NEW LOW PRICE' £6.99 all kils come with full instructions Other refills available.
Important Please slate lype when ordering Special Re-Ink For Panasonic 1080 81.
1123 24. 2123 80. 2135.
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£9.95 T-Shirt printing ribbons [Citizen Swift ABC I20D 5 black reloads £9.5 u LC10 2(1 100 5 black reloads £4.99 IlSur 1X724 range 5 black reloads £9.99 Iscikmha I900 240IVSL95 5 black £9 99 ¦Epson EX80 to I.Q800 range 5 black £11.99 ir LC24-30 LC240 5 black reloads £14.99 ‘I"" reloads for above £9.99 4 colour Star LC200 9pin £12.99 4 colour Star LC 10 £10.99 reloads for above £7.99 Black Citizen Swift ABC 120D £9.99 Black Star LC 10 £9.99 Black Star LC200 9pin £9.99 Black Pan KXPI080 81 £9.99 Black Pan KXPI123 24 £9.99 ri priming is simple, just prim onto il paper & iron on. One ribbon gises
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8. 99 ALL
16. 99 ALL ISIS fit !5S fit
12. 99 A1200
14. 99 A1200
• LIEN BREEOOUACK CO 32 CD32 C032 C032 C032 CD32 C032 CD 32 CD32
CD32 CD32 .¦it;
• ’fit ALL A1200 «s iii ALL ALL ALL ALL A1200 ALL ALL ALL ALL
CD32 C032 CD32 C032 A1200 ALL A1200 ALL A500 A1200 A1200 A1200
9. 90 ALL
8. 99 ALL
14. 99 ALL
18. 99 All 22 99 A9XM12.I1
AMIGA PD Scene Two Worms clones, one Doom clone and an Orb
slideshow. That'll do nicely, for a start, for Andrew Korn's
journey into the 'scene'.
85 % V 85 Sliders 2 Puzzle game This is a nice professionally produced version of a type of game I've always found tedious but some people like. In Sliders 2 you have a jumbled grid of squares with one space in it so that by sliding the squares about you can unjumble the grid. The presentation is high quality, with with lots of options including one to load your own graphics in to be jumbled up. If you are after a sliders type game, you should look at this.
Available from: Online PD. 1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby, Liverpool L3 3PX.
Tel: 01704 834335.
Price: disk 75p plus 75p P + P. 83- Orb Albums Slideshow If you're an Orb fan and you like a bit of psychedelic art, this two-disk slideshow should be just your cup of herbal tea. What you get for your money is a string of pretty high quality scans of just about every album and single cover the Orb have ever released and a rather decent mod of one of their tracks which plays in the background. A relaxing experience.
Available from: Online PD,1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby, Liverpool L3 3PX. Tel: 01704 834335. Price: £1.50 (two disks) plus 75p P+P.
Beasties v2.9 Worms game Beasties is a simple kind of game in which you wander around various landscapes shooting at your opponents with rifles and bazookas, dropping dynamite on each other's heads and building bridges over obstacles. Sounds familiar? It is. You can even load custom Worms levels into it. PD versions of commercial games have been a regular of these pages for years. Someone thinks of a feature they wish the original game had, so they write their own version with that feature in. This one is like Worms only with a lot less features.
Most Amiga gamers have probably got Worms by now and those who haven't can pick it up for a bargain price if they hunt about. It really isn't worth the small saving of buying the licenceware version of this game instead of the vastly superior original.
Available from: Arrow PD, PO Box 7 Dover, Kent CT1 4 A P. Tel: 01304 832344. Price: Full version £3.99, demo version 75p plus 75p P + P. Shoemaker-Levy 9 Slideshow If your idea of fun is watching massive chunks of rock and ice hurtling at incredible speeds through space and then falling screaming into the atmosphere of a distant gas giant, tearing holes in its very atmosphere and staining the cloud-cover with dark, brooding wounds, then you'll probably enjoy this disk. When Shoemaker- Levy crashed into Jupiter in July of '94, the Hubble space telescope was busy taking snaps and here are some
of the results in all their Jpegged, 24-bit glory.
The images are all accessed via their Workbench icons, which is an effective if simplistic front end. The text files have to be loaded into your own file reader which seems a bit shoddy, but then they are pretty boring, so it's no great loss.
Available from: Online PD, 1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby, Liverpool L3 3PX.
Tel: 01704 834335. Price: disk 75p plus 75p P + P. Available from: Online PD, 1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby, Liverpool L3 3PX.
Tel: 01704 834335. Price: disk 75p plus 75p P + P. Available from: Online PD.1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby, Liverpool L3 3PX.
Tel: 01704 834335.
Price: disk 75p plus 75 P + P. 83 73j Ingenuous Adventure From the moment this game starts you know you are in the presence of something truly dire. Vour character, a fat mud-encrusted half- Wombte, half-slug hybrid life form, waddles across the screen like a penguin with a club foot. You are, allegedly, a prisoner in a high security prison from which you must escape. But it's all so simple. The guards just warn you off politely when you hit them and doors are never locked.
The prisoner in the cell next door has a security pass and a bloke down the corridor has a gun he doesn't mind giving you because you once talked to a mate of his.
It took me only 10 minutes to complete. At least the puzzles make sense, a rarity even in commercial games.
Not without comedy value but puzzle solvers should give it a wide berth.
Microlyte Warrior Fhgntsim plus There hasn't been a decent flight sim on the Amiga for ages but it looks like the wait may have been worth it. If you like the notion of whizzing about in a bi-plane shooting your foes out of the sky, pick up this version before it becomes a commercial release!
Not only do you get a flight sim which displays light-sourced objects, animated backgrounds and graduated horizons fast enough to be flawlessly smooth on a decent 030, but you can play multiplayer through a serial connection or split screen.
Stephen Birch, the author, promises the final game will have a strong tactical element, the opponents battling each other not only for supremacy of the sky but also of the ground, where mines, roads and oil rigs can be built to allow the upgrading of your aircraft.
If the final game is half as good as it sounds, it'll be a blinder. Even in its present state, you can still attempt that sneaky Immelman turn which takes you through the rotating blades of the windmill and onto your opponent's tail while you watch in satisfaction as he sees what you are doing on your half of the split screen!
Total Domination Game Total Domination is just a little reminiscent of an old game called K240. The idea is to challenge your rivals for domination of an asteroid belt. You can build various structures on your asteroid, and eventually build your own ships and missiles to seek out new asteroids to colonise and new civilisations to destroy. The presentation is reasonable for a PD game but nothing spectacular. The gameplay is slow and a little lacking in variation, but will amuse bored God game fans for a little while. Unfortunately the full version is licence- ware and the £5 charge places it in
competition with some pretty decent old commercial titles like Powermonger or Genesia which you can often pick up for a similar price on budget labels these days.
Available from: Online PD.1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby. Liverpool L3 3PX. Tel: 01704 834335. Price: disk 75p plus 75p P + P. How to order To order any d*k luet writ* tha tftsh titla and tha dl* code. EG Uot A gene. Some tide her. • number In () PACK kid wrote down the pec* TITLE name Mil do ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AQA Disk mean. F or A1200 A4000 only Price.
Peck price as stated A* Orders Same Day Despatches For the very latest catalogue disk please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) OVERSEAS POST A PACKAGE RATE (Europe add 25p per disk for P&P) (Worldwide add 50p per disk P&P) SOFTWARE 2000 DEPT (CU) SOFTWARE 2000 DEPT (CU) 9 Wills Street Lozells Birmingham B19 1PP TEL: 0374 678060 stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE SE MAT worth £2.99 [CHRISTMAS SPECIAL OFFER j 0 Special offer any 101 games pack i - 1, 2, or 3 for only £7 when ordered i a ¦ ¦ V with 10 or more disks ¦ 3 Valid only with
this token. This offer cannot bo I 0 "m usod with the free disk or free mouse mat offer Please tick which 10T I PRKltB SHOCK f. *Kll i PUZZLE GAMES II BOARD GAME II ARCADE GAMES II COLLECTOR Of THE VERY BEST SHOOT EM UPS MUST FOR ANY GAMES PLAYER 5 disk pack only £4.99 S1E. M0MP01V ft DOMNOES 5 disk pock only £4.99 NEW 101 GAMES PK 3 J2fflS5™5!iL new 101 pack 3 contains over 100 games, run on all Amigas only £11.99 offer buy any 2 pack together ft reclove a free £4 token for use with next order ~thi» offer cannot be used with any other offer current ft subject to condition apply t*1* RAG TO
RCHIS ae Kwl' taw homw ovon ransjemawuizchf tout . IVtrviAA: 101 GAMES 2 PRICE ONLY C10.99 GAME HINTS & CHEATS if E2.3 PctlFEUaJHSMWei ate nan* c«ict io ne t»ruCtt FACtcownb* r TUI "I I tM. R I »T.
12» SWTA W) wrw ofa 101 GAMES PRICE ONLY £9.99 Play your tavourtt. Game tor ageaT but can t get to the end of the ievet or game?
Having problam with aome gamaa?
5 dl.k pack with 1000a ol gamaa eh•» halp Wval cod. Action mptay P°»» « WE ALSO STOCK THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF LSD TOOLS 1-150 SCOPE 1-220 ZX SPECTRUM 48K Special offer C64 & 45 games pack | [Spectrum V2 & 50 games!
|Vic20 & 30 games [All 3 packs tor only C9.99 SEE LEFT FOR DESCRIPTION I SCUPABTDad. t.2.3ofS B WORLD MAP (PacK 1.2 Of 3) (TA-GRAPHlC FONT (Pack 1.2.3,4 ot laky font for WORDSWORTH o» ar SPECTRUM GAMES pack NOW ONLY £29.99 SOFTWARE2000 DOUBLE CD CONTAIN AGA A1200 & A4000 ONLY v*y«rtf *«mok.**A12CO DELUXE AOA (30) *» tw* A12COI MDTORINVADER 2 (20) Mad »WAC€R game POM Of SCALE Great A1200 wiy denwv CWCMA& FmnygxxKtam VmD Of MAAtiA (4DSK) mey*»rl pBn«e CTrK
• PrUM Japrae CM act RK YTTT«na Over 600MB per CD g* Menu
Compabbte with AN Amkjas g' No duplicate ot data g' Very Easy
lo use Menu RRP £34.99 NEW PRICE
U. UKE CHANEL NC6 trtto* iMnway B9CO pdun r to A1?» iC FACTORY I
STAR TFEK IS d») i Utl 142 (2) AGA Ol cortMUn i U»l V3 M (2)
not * abova .TIBCOT- 4 vtDa moon ASX EM) IOAL ISOHKBENCH 3
*6.1 naWMla PC too IKEIOGLAND bdtarl (Uilonr garve, HCTCN
REPLAY V5 • NEW UP DATE TO V4 IGGER TH2 very pUyatn 256 cxmur
dM) kKM Ww ) MtESTATXCN 3 AO) Tha utpvoad AGA det.
)CWOV CRAWFORD V« » (20*1 amurq Boord Gomes Pock 3 (5 disks) £4.99 Arcade Games Pack 3 (5 disks) £4.99 Puzzle Games Pack 3 (5 disks) £4.991 Card Gomes Pock 3 (5 disks) £4.99 j Non CD rom Owner Ire m i «M *r *y tap owe On fd can • CD Bat 4m M «t »gt wcut a t* *r «**n * «*w cot.
Hoc demomac AGA285 WORKBENCH BACKDRC*1 VCL 3 AGA295 K-UIXE MONOPOLY- Boon) gar* V M»» AGA29S tXJNKEY K0M3 Arc»» cMSM amwwwn AGA297 BOMB PAC Euraamly (KM 10 p«y AGA298 ROCKET 2 stt Mp urxtagard brttalgnvhc even belie. .*12 pO*.
AOA299 SCAABBUNo-tuly ru. On M Amgo AGA300 MAGC WB V2 Demo at voroon 2 AGA302 TUTAMOtAM tff) EducalDcvEgyplan MUMMY AGA303 PafcAAAfC*RS0N 2) 1*. Only BoyWaKK AGA3M BOOYSHOP V8 (3) mon t *n beauSm AGA3Q5IACZONE (2) Vgoot grt&tc whenhrw AGA307 CCNTAVKXF (Kans dtiro AGAXB NAXIS «aMy *lxm eh* AGA 9«Mc CO » AGA310 FEARS (W)- Oocrm Kro «mo AGA312 JINX C&S) Irak male puzzB AOA313 RAM JAM THE TASIE DEWD viwy «dwt Homo.
AQA315 HEX MYSTC New AGA dorr** AGASO KLONDIKE 3 (4 S«h) Hd ndjre & 21-vg.Mt a«lo rma a in al 25 cant tor Mom AGA321 HOT BABE t (2) MUST BE OVER AGA322IOTGABE2(2) 18 AGA323 HOT BABE 3 (2) BEFORE AGA324 MOT-BASE 4 (2) 0«*R ANY AGA32S MOT-BABE S £2) OF THE HDTBABE PACK HtnSM ol guoBy U»x M con & bo« dn« AGA368 DESK-TOP MAGC- 32 armMed ww MaOcr AGA380 WAR OF TK WORLDS -tu» 30 gene* AGAB0FEAR2 Bdr 30 WcgcnIM AGAB1 PSSST A TM a vertan d Sjta* »Ti »*¦»* AGA382 CHILD MURDER(4 (Honor adnnhfa AGA360FEAR I -Bntart 30gamo(taihot anOCOMcntha PC GanwSeed pou mpraB AGA383 PC EMUATOR V3- LuU PC omuUor
AGA423 DRUG STORE DEMDS Qdthl AGA424 DREAM WALKER (2) Dory* AGA42S MYSTC C€MOS® 96 oraMor* domoa AGA426 ORXdN 2 (2 DISK). Arruzng FOR MORE SOFTWARE FOR YOUR AMIGA AG4234 KNDTTY Sbnnng AGA p«*e pLtfZtm AGA240 LOTTERY WITHER tcpo My *« «nprov*y X« CftarCT ot
• Wren a tack p* GOOOUXX AQA241-2M AGA GAMEGALORE AGA 01 • 18 lot
c4 AGA251 PACKMAN AGA thoCxMpaJiwiyOt AOA252 ROCKET PO • Siper
Ihruel cttnctrtont gr«ta: to 1 cr 2 AGA2S3 REAL DEM3 tfimng
tpeOd effect AGA254 CURT AGA BrAJI 256 Ixktt MTWI AGA2M OtUGHT
EXPLORE ndfcrt dero AGA2S6KEFEREN AGA Don*, lot Coital AGA257
MTOMIS' RAVE gnat ravo am AGA258 OXYGENE FarlaUK Poms AGA2S9
Wta-OUT anofw vwy ffxO Owro AGA260 SOMEAI5TC94 Oemo olt«
monftntarl o«oa.
RECCTJWENO AGA2G2 TO TK DEATH vt»y good STREET-FIGHTER One »• .OTTERY WINNER y EXCELLENT COLLECTION ; Vif OF VARIOUS LOTTERY WIN- NER PREDICTION PROGRAM rniOMi limn highly recommend _Pock only £4.99 FO THE CLOSE ENCOUNTER S 1008 ol real We documents ol UFO sightings, nappngs & Animal muNabon and many more Very interesting read 6 Disk set onfy £5.99 G944 DELUXE GALAGA V2.6 - Ther Very Latest Gaiaga Hi Recomme IG955 LAZER RACE - Good Tron type extremely addicted to play G9S6 TRAIN-DRIVEP SIMULATION - The most realistic tram s-n 0957 MASTER-BLASTER - Kill various monster* with bombs G9S8
KNOCK-OUT - Mini destruction derby, very addictive 0959 DUNGEON HERO - 30 Graphic advonluro snvlar to DOOM G960 MORTAL KUMOUAT 3 - Woird but tun b it-em-Lp G961 CODE NAME NANO - Superb Thrust clone (NANO FLY 2) G962 MICRO MARKET V3 - Get rich by buying sharos. Great games G963 POKER-MANIA - it you hke poker then the m for you G965 LETHAL FORMULA - Adventure simdar to Monkey Island E253 BEGINNER TYPING TUTOR E254 WORD PUZZLE PRO - Create Crossword puzite or solve puzzle E255 KID DISK 7 - Another very hne educabon program E256 EARLY LEARNER (age 3-5) teach your kids how to read E257 A-Z COUNTRY
OF THE WORLD IE25B UK COUNTIES - Similar to above but this a based onhrely on ENGLAND, WALES. SCOTLAND & NORTHERN ISLAND IE259 BASIC ELECTRONIC V1.5 (2 disk) for Electronic Ian IE261 MASSIVE GUIDE TO THE INTERNET V2.3 AGA429 POWERDROtD-96.- New Astercd with bnftant graphics UIOIO WB2 INSTALLER - install A500 A600 workbench to HD U1011 TURBO-CAT PRO V1.2 (not WB 13) create catalogues UI012 TEXT-ENGINE V5 (not WB 1.3) The very latest word processor with spell checker. This is the lull version highly recommend U1013 DIARY-2000 - use |ust like the real diary UI014 TOTAL EXLIPS - Dnk Magazine 1
U101S NEW CHEAT DISK V2.1 (2 disk) include some games Fix U1016 ULTRA ACCOUNT - Another very good account program UI017 PRO LOTTERY 96 - The very latest 8 best lottery program U1018 PRO GREY HOUND - Uke ProGamble but for dog U1019 AUTO STEREO GRAM V4 - Latest Mag* eye generator U1021 ELECTRONIC ADDRESS BOOK Ul 022 PRO-FOOTBALL 1 1 (2) - Football predictor Ike ProGamble U1023 REMOATE - Remind important date U1024 SHAPE-SHIFTER V3.3 The very latest Mac emulator U1025 MESSY SID 3 - The latest PC-- AMIGA ftsk converter UI026 HD GAME INSTALLER 4 - install loads more games to HD U1027 SOFT MEMORY
Double your computers memory. This versroi does not rogurn HD or MMU Give this a try Recommend U1028 MAGIC USER-INTERFACE V3 1 update to version 23 U1029 ORIC 48K EMULATOR (Not 1.3) At last it work U1030 MSX II Emulator v2.1 (WB3-0) MSX compute, on U1031 900 AMIGA GAMES HIT & CHEAT V4 (2 disks) 032 VIRUS CHECKER V8.2 (not WB 1.3) Latest_ EXAMPLE OF DISK CAN BE FOUND ON THE DOUBLE CD SET 294 VARIOUS UTHJT1ES DISKS, 118 EDUCATIONS DISK.
92 TOP SAMPLE AND FX DISKS, 18 DEMOS (Adults only) 402 +VARIOUS GAMES DISKS - With an estimate of around 1000 Amiga games, 50 LATEST MAGIC WB A BACKDROP Versions lor all Amigas also includes 100’s of Imogino Obt 600 AMIGA font* 100’s quality B&W A L colour dip art 6 many more ALSO INDLUDED ON THE CDS ARE OVER AROOMD lOOO & 700-1000 NEW Spectrum Games NEW C64 Games Files (Ploy direct from CD) 'ek.awdon (EMUIATOR INCLUDED) Now Only Ct ONLY £24.99 +70p for P&P I NEW TITLES G938 ULTIMATE TOUR TENNIS 12 dmK) Exce nt tervVe game G939 DARK ANGEL - (not WB 1 3) Superb arcade adventure G940 RAISE THE
TITANIC • Good 3D Adventure game G941 PHANTOM - ccrHlonl shoot games (DEFENDER 96) G942 MACDONA-LAND - Bnihant game similar to ZOOL (not Available Now HARDWARE PROJECT III LITTLE OFFICE 2 Harddrivo & disk drive spnea doubler Only CA.99 Th*s pack contain* 5 *tk» WITH All AJ06A WE ALSO STOCK THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF LSD TOOLS 1-150 SCOPE 1-220 FRED FISH 1-1000 PO UTILITIES PD Utilities Nostrodamus predictions: fact or fiction? Whatever your opinion on that matter, he never predicted that he'd end up on the public domain pages of CU Amiga Magazine. Andrew Korn is your host to this month's
selection of Christmas 96, R!1QN FQN : FP09TY CuptSTWA® EIHiaCQLD IUQRV FONT «•*•**« REPTILIHN HULK® IFISSDir AriSL.
Blue Rose Graphics Collection Fonts and clip art It can be a real problem sometimes trying to find decent colour fonts and clip art.
There is quite a lot of it around but it is often pretty poor quality. So this collection from Eddie Barry is very welcome indeed. Blue Rose Graphics is a three-disk set and has a good selection of colour fonts plus cut and paste fonts designed with video work in mind. The clip art is varied and of a generally high quality although limited in range, as you might expect in a collection of this size. There is a selection of backgrounds which are all in 64 colour overscan and all miraculously look like they might actually have some use. You probably don't want to hear about the Christmassy
theme to the disks at this time of year, so be warned not to get this collection if you are still filled with the spirit of humbug. No harm in planning ahead though.
The first disk of the collection is a self booting slideshow guide to what is on the rest of the disk, which is a nice touch particularly when it comes to picking the right font. A collection on CD would give you far bigger range, but you'd be unlikely to find one with such high standards as this.
Available from: Eddie Barry, 14 Tudor Brae, Donaghcloney, Craigavon, Co. Armagh BT66 7LF. Price: £4 including P + P. Rfi % Doguet Emmanuel's challenge to Opus' supremacy of the directory utility market looks a yery strong one.
Some people think that the Opus programs took a wrong turn with v5 and Doguet is one of them. His program is based around the old twin directory list layout of Opus 4 and SID.
Although very similar to Opus 4, there are some differences and on the whole they are positive. Filequest is faster in handling directories and performing operations like moving or copying files than Opus. It is also more proficient at handling filetypes. Use of the Bgui.
Library gives it an efficient and flexible front end and the whole thing is highly configurable.
The shareware registration fee of 100 Francs gets you a slightly updated version and a keyfile to disable the shareware nagger which comes up fairly regularly. It also gets you future updates and keeps M. Emmanuel interested in developing a piece of software which is a few small updates short of brilliant.
Available from: Online PD, 1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby, Liverpool L3 3PX. Tel: 01704 834335 Price: disk 75p plus 75p P+P.
PD UTILITIES Vark14 Utilities selection Vark is back with another disk packed with archived utilities. There is a Trekkie feel to this one with a Klingon accent installer for the built-in speech handler which comes with a complete text of Hamlet in Klingon to test it out and a Workbench hack which shows stars streaking past at a speed controlled by a 'warpspeed' tooltype. The author of this masterpiece informs us that warp 9 is 1516 times the speed of light, but that warp 10 is impossible!
There is a pretty decent MUI based HTML page creator, a GUI for AmiTCP, a library which decodes expansion board Ids, a rather good diagnostics program, assorted ANSI graphics utilities and a selection of other goodies. Vark's disks resemble a lucky dip, but they are always worth dipping in to.
Available from: Roberta Smith PD.
190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE.
Tel: 0181 4551626 Price: 90p plus 50p P+P.
The third dimension 26 Disk magazine The third dimension is a disk magazine all about 3D and virtual reality applications. Although it appears to have covered Imagine in the past, the main thrust appears to be in the more realtime realms of virtual reality. Tutorials and discussions for the now rather ageing 3D Construction Kit, (on Amiga, PC and ST) make up the main body. The magazine seems to have quite a following; an inordinate amount of it seems to be given over to contributors credits and the letters page is pretty busy. The fact that it has reached issue 26 is some indication of its
If you think that a magazine about 3D Construction Kit is living in the past, you should see the design, which belongs to the blue and orange era of Workbench 1.3. Even so, it has a straightforward enough front end, and the look suits the informal tone and community atmosphere.
The main tutorial topic in this issue is about constructing a flight sim, and comes with a directory full of coder's resources to help out.
There is also a project to create a multi-author theme- park environment, the idea being that anyone can code their own ride and add it on. If you are into 3DCK you'll probably love this magazine.
_ Available from: Roberta Smith PD.
' ;190 Falloden Way,
• . Hampstead Garden v- Suburb, London % * NW11 6JE.
* l V' Tel: 0181 455 1626 T. Price: 90p plus « 50p P+P.
GamesBlaster Hints and cheats database Disks full of game cheats and hints have been knocking about for a while but few have the kind of depth of coverage that this one has.
Stuart Beatty has released this disk as infoware, which means that if you use a copy of it you have to send him a postcard with a game cheat on it for him to include in his next update.
The cheats are all listed in a useful AmigaGuide format; just look for the game that is troubling you in the alphabetical index and you are bound to find a tip to get you on your way. If you check out Alien Breed 3D2 you are in for an extra treat - there's a saved games editor which will get you through to the end like no tip ever could.
The thing that impressed me most about this disk is the wonderful bonus file. You'll only find it if you look for it, because it has no icon. It's called 'Steamed Trout' and is indeed a recipe for steamed trout. More hidden recipes on PD disks, please.
Available from: Online PD, 1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane. Formby, Liverpool L3 3PX. Tel: 01704 834335 Price: disk 75p plus 75p P + P. i Nostrodamus Disk encylopaedia From the moment this disk boots up you know you are witnessing something awful. An abysmal title page pops up with what I assume is meant to be Nostrodamus but is clearly a Portuguese barman in an MbS nylon shirt. This glorious title sequence is accompanied by a piece of flamenco music, which would hardly be appropriate even if it was any good. Then we get to the meat, a huge 18k of AmigaGuide files covering 101 of
Nostrodamus' predictions. Only of course they aren't actually his predictions, they are ’translations' of his predictions.
Translations of Nostrodamus are usually pretty dodgy, making pretty liberal interpretations of the original French. Nostrodamus wrote in a deliberately obtuse language - presumably because he was. In fact, not writing predictions but political satire, which was a dangerous occupation at the time. This makes it very easy to interpret any way you like, but I would really love to know the original French which this compiler translates as '... a cluster orbital nuclear fire weapon for light atmosphere ignition', and it's hard to give much credence to the prediction that the allies will
reconquer Spain from the Chinese in March of 1996. As a bonus there is a pointless number slider game.
The only value in this disk is the amusement of seeing anything this bad. Cut out the middlemen and buy a blank disk instead.
Available from: Classic Amiga Software, 11 Deansgate, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 9YJ. Tel: 0161 723
1638. Price: £1 plus 70 P+P.
CD-ROMS CD-ROM Scene You can get anything on CD these days, honest. Andrew Korn has the proof here.
Card Games Until reviewing this disk I had never played Klondike before.
After trying it out I feel no temptation to change my habits.
Klondike is. For all its popularity, a pretty basic patience game and in this it is inferior to any number of much smaller, more Workbench friendly options. The reason behind its popularity is the presentation - lots of colour and music and most importantly, interchangeable cardsets.
When I'm playing a card game, the most important thing about the cardset to me is that the cards should be immediately identifiable, which Klondike card sets often aren't. The emphasis is on the illustration, which seems to be an unnecessary dilution of the core purpose of a card game. I don't like to look for the little number and symbol tucked in the corner of the card, and if I want to see a picture of a Hawaiian beach. I'll get a postcard. But the popularity of alternative cardsets is amply testified to by the huge Public Domain selection collected here. There are around 250 of them,
almost all cartoons, science fiction TV shows or politically incorrect pictures of women.
Despite this, all the ones I looked at were pretty well made, the Sandman deck based on Dave McKean's cover art particularly impressed me. The detail you can get into 88 by 130 pixel images is surprising.
There is an archived collection of other games on the disk which despite the name of the CD are mostly not card games. There are lots of Chess programs including the excellent Uchess, about a million mastermind type games, and a fair assortment of Othellos. Gos, Mahjongs etc. I even found a bridge programme which works, and a half decent Monopoly game. A little user friendliness would have been good - a text file telling you how to unarchive from CLI is a little poor, but you should find enough here to keep yourself amused on a rainy day.
Available from: PD Soft, 217-219 Hamstel Road, Southend on Sea, Essex SS2 4LB.
Tel: 01702 300441 306060.
Price: £14.99 plus 75p P+P.
Amiga Repair Kit Every now and then, disks go for a walk down knackered street. One day you stick that essential disk in your drive and your computer screeches, grinds and spits it back out in disgust. If you remembered to back up, you'll be OK, otherwise it's a job for Amiga Repair Kit.
The main attraction of ARK is Disksalv4, which is an extremely powerful disk repair utility written by David Haynie. An original Commodore systems engineer who worked on the old C128.
Disksalv has been around in one form or another for almost as long as there have been Amigas.
Versions prior to v3 were shareware but its latest incarnation is a lot more powerful than those.
There are now many more options for file recovery and things like undeleting and unformatting than in the old shareware versions, muscling in on the traditional territory of programmes like QuarterBack tools.
Also on the disc are RDB- Salv1.1 and DSBackup which are Rigid Disk Block backup utilities; Upper Disk Tools, which has a very unusual file recovery program that treats damaged volumes as files in a virtual 'recovery:' device and a small and not particularly interesting selection of freely distributables.
The odd thing about this disc is that it looks like shovelware despite the fact that the disc has only 28Mb on it. Disksalv4 is accompanied by Disksalves 3 and 2 and although there is about 3Mb of Disksalves on the CD your final HD install is just 400k. RDB-Salv is 11Mb, 95% of which is documentation which is a pretty large chunk of that 28Mb even if it hadn't been put on the CD twice, and the freely distributable directory is small and uninspired.
This is not a cheap disc, and you don't get a lot of Mb for your money. Having said that, in Upper Disk Tools and Disksalv you have two very powerful pieces of software. If this was a bit cheaper or had a decent range of supplementary PD. I would.recommend it. In this pre-1 sent package I would look for the software elsewhere.
Available from: Weird Science, 1 Rowlandson Close, Leicester, Leicestershire LE4 2SE.
Tel: 0116 234 0682.
Price £49.95 plus £1 P + P. Euro CD Unsurprisingly, given the name, this CD is aimed squarely at the Amiga Euro scene. Which means all the software is so hacky it will crash your system, and the documentation is all in German or Italian.
Well OK then, not all of it. You will come across the odd program without English documentation, but English is pretty much the lingua franca, and if you can't excuse the odd Dutchman whose English is less than perfect then you don't deserve this disc anyway.
The idea behind this disc is to present the work of Amiga artists, musicians and programmers from around Europe. There are a hundred-odd Mbs of pictures. Including some really impressive work, dozens of games, masses of modules and a few hours worth of demo and animation viewing. There is an assortment of utilities, some shareware, some commercial demos, including a couple of webpage makers, an IFF to EPS converter, a demo version of Cinema4D and hundreds of smaller tools but if you want utilities you are better off looking elsewhere.
If it is graphics, demos and music you are after, you will be better served. The demos run from disc, which is nice, although be warned the combination of system crashes and boring demos which cling limpet
- like to your system resources and refuse to go away will mean
plenty of reboots as you work your way through the demos
directory. Compared to any other way of trying out this many
demos however, it is relatively painless. The pictures and mods
all similarly play direct from disc, the appropriate
viewers players set up on the CD to allow everything to be
viewed direct from their Workbench Icons. If all that
Euro-scene "my workbench is bigger than yours' stuff irritates
you. You'll hate disc. If you're willing to put up with it to
see lots of great art and demos, you'll love it.
System Booster This disc contains somewhere in the region of 2.000 assorted programs for improving your system.
There are no games, no demos, no graphics files, no mods, just pure, 100% utilities. There is everything from improved monitor drivers (handle with carel through middle mouse button commodities to caching software.
As good as the bog standard Workbench has become with WB3. There is work to be done, and the beauty of the Amiga is there is always someone willing to do it and make it available as PD, saving you the wait for the next KS WB update from whoever does eventually buy out the Amiga System Booster is a huge compilation of these programs.
Some of the programs are cosmetic such as improvements like Newlcons. An ingenious replacement icon system which works happily alongside icons with entirely different palettes.
It's time to ditch the old four- r standard and this is a very way forwards.
There is also plenty to improve the working of your computer. There is a directory packed with replacement AmigaDOS commands, a large collection of fonts, drivers to cover everything from Wacom graphics pads to Epson Flatbed scanners, and more schedulers, disc backup utilities. Arexx scripts, system patches and text editors than is entirely decent.
There is a fair amount of software which isn't the latest release - MUI is there in version
3. 3, VirusZ in VI .3 and so on. But that isn't really the point
of the
CD. If you want up-to-date, get the latest Aminet collection or
download the software yours 'If.
This disc is about giving you everything. Pretty much any little tweak or utility you are after can be found here complete with AmigaGuide documentation.
Flow useful this collection is to you depends a little on hov technical you are. Anyone who is prepared to read the instruct! Ins will find enough on this disc to give their system a real boost, but the more technical you are the more you will get out of it. If you are proficient with a soldering iron, there are even instructions for putting a 1200 in a tower case, making a PC key board connector and more.
Available from: Weird Science, 1 Rowlandson Close, Leicester, Leicestershire LE4 2SE.
Tel: 0116 234 0682.
Price £49.95 plus £1 P+P.
CD-ROMS Women of the Web Women of the Web, the appropriately named Sadeness Software inform us, is an 'Interactive Multimedia Encyclopedia of Female Celebrities'. They go on to inform us that this is NOT an adult title, and that not one nude picture can be found on this CD. Once you open the jewel case though you find a cheeky upgrade card which you can send off with a tenner to 'upgrade' to the uncut 18 certificate version.
What the 'of the Web’ bit in the title means is that the data is presented in HTML, and you will find a copy of Aweb on the disc so that you can run WOTW without installation. Well in theory, anyway. In practice this means serious interlace flicker, as the on-disc Aweb faults to a PAL interlace display, and the only way of changing the display mode is to install Aweb to your hard drive. Fortunately Sadeness have put an installer on the disc.
However. Aweb doesn't handle ANIMGifs, which the disc has plenty of. Using Ibrowse makes the presentation much better.
Once you get your browser sorted out and find your way into the index, you are faced with a simple but effective title page with an A-Z of index links. Selecting a link takes you to a list of women whose names start with that letter, each one accompanied with a little mug-shot. Select the name or mug-shot and you get to a variable number of pages covering the woman in question, these pages consisting of a few small, often rather low quality JPEGs and very occasionally a brief biography where you can learn useful things like favourite colours and pop stars.
It is a bit hard to see exactly what the point of all this is.
There’s not enough here to appeal to the baser instincts, you can't stick it on your bedroom wall, and despite the multimedia encyclopedia tag. There is little by way of encyclopedic information beyond the photos and the odd short movie clip or sample.
The disc is like a compilation of hundreds of those obsessive fan go out and get some fresh air.
Websites that every major media star seems to have - but obsessives by definition are interested in only a few people, not this many. I guess this disc must be for indecisive obsessives; the suggestion around the office is that this is a kind of mail-order catalogue for stalkers. If you really want this sort of thing, buy a copy of Loaded - the pictures are higher resolution. Alternatively, 3000 JPEG Textures Last month I reviewed Weird Science's Multimedia Backdrops CD collection. This one has 3,000 assorted backdrops and textures, including most all of the images on the last disc.
The texture images on this disc vary significantly. Some are full screen backdrops, whilst others are tessellating tile patterns ideal for background decoration on your Workbench or on HTML pages as well as the titular use as texture maps for rendering more realistic objects.
The choice of JPEG format is one some may object to. As images will have to be converted into IFFs for many Amiga applications. Personally I think it is very sensible. A filetype converter or a graphics package with a decent range of loaders such as ImageFX or Ppaint will happily turn those JPEGs into IFFs of whatever colour depth you choose, or into GIFs for faster web pages, and the advantage in file size compactness means you get a lot more data for your money.
Using the disc is pretty straightforward if you use a file manager or can get by in CLI. But try opening it on Workbench and you'll get nowhere. It's not a big point, but there's enough space on the disc for at least a little file viewer utility. The images are all reproduced in thumbnails, which is pretty essential if you want to find what you want but don't have a year to waste looking.
There are a limited number of textures in this world. The up side is that this disc has most of them; the down side is that so do a lot of other discs. If you have any other texture discs, you'll find a lot of repetition. The Imagine PD3D CD reviewed last month had about a quarter of the textures on this disc in IFF24 format, for example. But if you are short of texture files and looking for a full disc, this is a very good collection.
Available from: Weird Science, 1 Rowlandson Close, Leicester, Leicestershire LE4 2SE.
Tel: 0116 234 0682 Price £14.99 plus £1 P+P.
EU The best excuse for reading a magazine backwards, Amiga Workshop is here with more top tutorials.
78 Imagine 4.0_ How can you make your 3D graphics look more realistic? John Kennedy explains with some tips on modelling and texturing.
88 Surf of the Month_ Dipping once again into that limitless resource of the world wide web we uncover a range of useful, and not so useful web sites.
87 Net God_ News and gossip from the Net God this month include a rant about junk mail and good news in the form of widespread PNG support.
96 Masterclass_ Commodities are wonderful little tools that can transform your Workbench but what are they and how do they work?
Wrapping up the HTML series. Mat Bettinson puts all the previously examined techniques to work and produces a web shrine to the 70's.
84 Wired World 98 QftA_ Our new staff writer Andrew Korn joins forces with Mat as they wade through all your queries and do their best to answer them.
TOO FAQ We're often asked about how CU Amiga's CUCDs can be used with other computers, like Macs and Pcs. FAQ has all the answers.
101 Sound Lab A round-up of some of the best audio shareware uncovers a handful of useful and innovative music software.
ID IF 76 Art Gallery The standard of reader 's artwork just gets better and better This month's showcase includes more examples of the growing popularity of 3D graphics.
CU 102 Backchat It's a right can of worms this month as readers give out in defence of the PD scene, set the world to rights about the Mac and give VIScorp a kick up the backside.
104 Points of View Now that 1996 has finally glided into the past, the CU Amiga Magazine team give their views on the highs and lows of the past year and look forward to what 1997 may hold Art Gallery Art imitates life or life imitates art? Whatever side of the fence you're on concerning that debate, here are some great pictures. All done on the Amiga too.
4. 0 More lumps and bumps are forged and lovingly manipulated
into many realistic-looking objects with a little help from
Imagine 4, of course.
Surface attributes define the appearance of an object, by giving the impression of a particular material or finish. However, let's look at how most image rendering programs can go a stage further to aid realism by means of textures'. A texture is usually applied to an object or surface and can achieve two things: first of all. It can alter the surface appearance of an object, and secondly it can alter the shape. For example, think of an orange: the colour Is obviously orange but the surface is covered in tiny dimples. It's possible to spend months adding these tiny dimples to a sphere but a
texture will greatly simplify this process.
By wrapping an image of dots around the sphere and defining it to be a 'bumpmap'. The sphere will appear dimpled when rendered (see pic 1| Two to choose from There are two main types of texture, and which you can use depends on your rendering program. These two methods are procedural and brushmaps. A procedural texture is a special mathematical formula which is applied to the surface of an object. For example. Imagine has a procedural texture called 'bumpnoize' and this texture alters the appearance of ah object, making it appear bumpy. Like all textures, it doesn't actually change the shape
of the object, only its appearance The other type of texture is a brushmap. On ¦the Amiga that usually means an IFF image, such as a drawing saved by Personal Paint or a digitised frame of video created by ProGrab.
The IFF is loaded by the rendering program and applied to the surface of the object. Both types of texture can be classified as belonging to one or more of the following categories: Colour brushmap This type of texture applies a pattern or an IFF image to an object, as though painting it. It can be used to apply details to an object, or just to make it more interesting. For example.
The Imagine Agate texture will give an object an instant wonderful marble texture which will add life to any object.
Bump or altitude map ¦This texture makes the surface of the object appear to pop out or indent. The dimples on an orange object are a good example. A special IFF image is created consisting of dots on a plain background. Where there is a dot, the rendering program oeuses a dimple to appear.
Attribute texture This texture can affect different aspects of the object. Depending on how the rendering program works, the image or texture will influ- TUTORIAL achieve the desired effect. On the other hand, the label of a baked bean can is wrapped in only one direction.
Procedural textures have the advantage that they animate well - in fact, some can animate all by themselves by altering some set-up values between start and end frames. Procedural textures are also generated 'on the fly’ and will always contain the same amount of detail no matter the resolution of the final image. As seen in this tutorial's PC project, a brushmap can quickly become too 'blocky' when used close up. Worse, when animated there can sometimes be a shimmer due to dithering effects. Unlike Brushmaps, procedural textures take up little memory. Brushmaps do however have the advantage
of speed: they are usually quicker to render than procedural textures.
Brushmaps can also be animated. For example, a series of frames from an animation (or grabs from video created with ProGrab or VideoMaster) can be applied one frame at a time to an object in a scene. The object could be a television screen, or something mpre complicated such as a human head. As the rendered animation is created, the different frames are applied one after the other.
Ence the final appearance of the reflectivity, specularity, transparency or any other attribute.
Some rendering programs can morph between states: in an animation, an object can start with one texture and change to a second over time. A sphere could start off as smooth as glass and turn into a dimpled orange, (see pic 2) A brushmap is often used as a decal, rather than simply a way of applying a texture. For example, if you are building an aeroplane object, you will probably want to add national markings, or even windows and company names. Instead of trying to create detailed 3D objects, draw (or scan) a suitable image and make it into a brush map. Apply the map to the object and you've
saved yourself hours of work.
You can apply several maps at once to the same object and this can be used to give the impression of extra detail. Applying a brushmap of a window to a plane might look very flat and unrealistic. The same brushmap lor a slightly different onel could be re-applied as a bumpmap. The result is that the windows will all appear to have an extra depth.
It's also important how you go about applying a brushmap. If the object is curved or spherical, you need to inform the rendering program so it can make allowances. A good example is wrapping a scan of an atlas around a sphere to make a globe: you must make sure that it's wrapped in both X and Y directions to A The most importaet part of ouc object is the froet panel. In pic 4 and 5 we are adding some mote detail te it to make it look mere realistic, le pic 4 Phong shading creates a more carved surface for the casing while ia pic 5 the huttoes are givea a final polish in ray trace mode.
Build your own PC Although Imagine allows objects to be constructed from primitive shapes, such as planes, cones or spheres, this is far from the only way to create models. Every Imagine object (expect CSG sphere) is composed of various faces which are triangles constructed from three edges, drawn between three points. Imagine allows each point, edge and face to be dealt with individually and this is how it's possible to build accurate and realistic models. To illustrate we going to create an object (a mini-tower PC case) dealing with it on a point-by-point basis.
The first step in creating the PC object is to define a large box which forms the main component of the computer. This is easily done by defining a single plane of suitable dimensions, and then use the Mold Extrude tool to give it depth. This creates a three dimensional shape from our flat plane and it's the easiest way to create cubes and other solid shapes. To keep smoothing of the edges to a minimum. I've used a plane with a large number of sections as this produces a realistic curved effect at the edges. Not very exciting but it's not meant to be. The colour is a typical beige and so far
I have yet to apply any texture (see pic 3) Who made that phong?
Phong shading is an important attribute in Imagine, and one which is often overlooked.
When an object has the Phong shading attribute switched on. Imagine effectively smoothes any hard edges. This is great for creating a realistic-looking sphere but ruins your chances rendering a crisp cube. The bottom line is to remember to use Phong shading only when you want a smoothing effect.
There's slightly more to it than that though.
If you create a cube from a plane with ten sections , then the smoothly effect will be more subtle than if you used a similarly sized cube made with only two sections. In fact, as you can see from the image below, the two sectioned cube starts to look very strange indeed.
TUTORIAL Putting up a front The most important part of the case is the front panel so it's worth spending a little time on it.
I've created the panel as a separate object from the rest of the case, from a plane with multiple sections, and extruded a few units to give it depth However, this time I applied scaling to the plane as it was extruded: this made it slightly larger at the back than at the front. This is where you switch to Imagine's point editor.
Once ‘Pick Points' is selected, the front panel object is redrawn as a series of points, linked by edges. These points can be selected individually and then moved or deleted. There is no point trying to rotate or scale a point, as they don't have any real size’.
You can see from pic 4 how the front panel was altered. Using Pick Points' I, first of all.
Deleted the points which formed the back surface of the front panel, deeming them unnecessary. Then I deleted the points where the drive bays were located: this created a large hole in the front panel. The plan was to fill the gaps with another object, maybe a blanking panel or something more detailed such as a CD-ROM drive.
Then came the finishing touch.
Using the drag box' to select points. I highlighted a section in the middle and dragged all the points backwards very slightly. With Phong shading on, this causes a dimple to appear in the casing. This stops it from looking flat and adds a degree more detail. Manipulating the points which make up the object is the key. If Phong shading was turned off. The face would look too angular If more sections were used in the original front panel plane object, the smoothing would be more subtle. There is plenty of scope for experimentation, (see pic 4) Other objects such as the blanking panel, buttons
and feet are easily created from primitive objects. The buttons for example, are spheres which are cut and positioned so they are just poking out of the front panel slightly There's no need trying to hide the jagged edges as they are hidden: what the eye doesn't see, the 3D rendering artists gets away with. On closer inspection, you may see a few cracks: the solution is to use CGS spheres, and render in Ray Trace mode, (see pic 5) Now that we have the basic shape defined, we can cheat a little. Using a digital camera I photographed the front panel of a real PC and stole the display of the
clock panel, and the front of the CD-ROM drive. I converted these into 256 colour IFF images, and pasted them onto suitable plane objects. These were then positioned in the right places. Given more time (and some artistic ability) there is no reason why these couldn't be drawn from scratch in an art program of course (see pic 6) There are plenty of disadvantages to cheating and making use of bitmap images, first of all, they take more memory than a simple drawing.
Secondly they have no depth: a picture of a floppy disk drive is not the same as a modelled one. Where there will be a button projecting in the Y axis. This can result in unrealistic shadows and other weird-looking lighting effects. Thirdly, the resolution of the bitmap you're using can dictate the resolution of the final render.
Merging as one Putting the final computer together is a matter of loading all the sub-parts (the box. The front panel, the fake CD-ROM drive) and positioning them accurately in the Detail Editor. Pick one object (I used the Front Panel), select it and then select all the other objects (use Amiga-A).
Now use Group' from the States menu and the entire computer is saved out as one object. It can then be loaded into the Stage Editor and even though composed of dozens of smaller parts, can be moved around and scaled as though it were one. (see pic 7) As there are no transparent objects or need for accurate shadows, a scanline render is perfectly adequate for creating the final image. All that is needed is the addition of the ground and some background colour to make the scene complete - not forgetting a light source and some ambient lighting added in the Action editor of course.
After a few render6 experimenting with textures, I decided that the 'metals2' texture was not suitable for the case of the computer. As you can see, it introduces some unwanted reflections. Instead, the default matt material worked very well. Perhaps a slight noise or bump would give the correct power-painted finished, but overall I was quite pleased with the final image. ¦ John Kennedy Lost and found The missing projects from last issue's tutorial can be found on this month's CD in Magazine Imagine.
CD-ROM Do you have software, artwork, utilities, mods, games or any other Amiga creations that you think are worthy of inclusion on a Super CD?
If so, get them to us now and give your work a worldwide audience.
The best music module each month even gets recorded onto the CD as an audio track!
[how to send your work in I All entries, including artwerh must cane M us nn me nr more disks. Otherwise tiny can I be uploaded Is Hr FIR sits as detailed here.
Make sure yea label yeur disks dearly with year name and address, the name el I what yea are sending in and the category it is being sent into (like the one apposite).
Important: we cannet accept autohooting disk-based software let use an the CO. We require hies which can be ased er run from the CD-ROM. Please include all the relevant I details regarding system requirements aad usage instructions within aa ascii test doca- I meat with yeer submissions Please complete the lelloniag lorm and enclose it with year disks: I System requirements lor the eedosed hies:, .... I hereby acknowledge that the material eadesed is el my own creation andfer I own the copyright to the material and grant CII Amiga Magazine the rights to
pnblish this material on a forthcoming cover CD-ROM.
Send year contributions including the Iona (left) ta: Cl Ceatribotieas. CU Aaaiga Magazine 31-32 Fame,den leee. Leaden (CII 3AU.
H yen waet to seed it to as via ear FTP site or Email thee this is alsa welcome. We weald saggest that yea iudade all el the information on the postal form left in h accompanying dec ta make sure year entry is processed preperty. Our email and FTP addressas are: laternet FTP: hp.ca imige.ce.ak asets ca-amiga'iacoming OR Email (MIME only): cd-ceatrih@cu-amiga.co.uk Conditions My name:_________________ .... My address and pestcede: My phene umber: I What ton send to us most bo your own creation or you must own the copyright loo il Please indicate this in the iclevant space on the loon
2. It will be assumed that auy rntiy we receive. In the lorm we
receive it. Will bo Ireoly distributable unless otherwise
stated 3 The poblishiay rifhti lor all items sent to us marked
lor inclusion whether public domain shareware or commercially
copyrighted will be assumed assumed ta us lor the parposes ol
placement aa a CU Amiga Uaganae CO ROM led title aad atonal
copyright lur aN items remams with the creator 4 CU Am*pa
Uaganae makes no otter ol payment whatsoever lor material
marked lot me Ins too which is pohhshed on a CU Amaya Uaya me
Cl ROM 5 Because ol the anticipated aI entries we mil not he
able to i ft ate year work NEXT MONTH Next Month OctaMED
Yes, on next month's CU Amiga Magazine you'll find the amazing OctaMED SoundStudio - the full program with all features present and correctl In fact, you'll get version 1.1, which has been enhanced since the original VI .O release. Offering 64 tracks of 16-bit stereo sound, with support for just about every sound card available, SoundStudio is THE Amiga music package!
Featuring: OctaMED SoundStudio is packed full of unique features not available in any other Amiga packages ...
• Up to 64 stereo sample tracks available
• Realtime 16-bit output .with sound card
• Realtime 14-bit output on standard Amiga
• Record to disk at CD quality on standard Amiga
• Powerful MIDI sequencing and recording features
• Mix and match 1S 8-bit mono stereo samples
• Realtime stereo echo and delay effects
• Built-in sample editor with many effects
• Various dual Amiga MIDI slave options
• Loads Tracker, ScreamTracker and FastTracker mods, plus
Standard MIDI files and all OctaMED formats
• Stacks of new samples on the CUCD edition ver the last few
months, we've covered every HTML aspect that Amiga browsers
support. With this tutorial we'll say goodbye to HTML
techniques only to return once the current crop of browsers
catch up. So for our HTML finale we are going to put together
an amazing web page using as many of the techniques we have
learned from previous tutorials.
First things first: one of the most important rules of creating web pages is to know what you want beforehand. Chaotically evolved sites are often messy and difficult to follow. So. For our example we chose 70's music as our theme. Psychotic colours, lava lamps and music artists sporting bell bottomed trousers all sprang to mind Wired World Finishing up our HTML tutorial, we take a look through all the techniques that we've covered in this series and combine all that we've learnt to come up with one helluva web page.
Ft B MEW! Music lor people who haven') looked up froi Iheir turntable in the last 20 years.
Uow wouM you describe your music tastes9 eslness dldr.*' mase ft down under.
Tony! Mat' Andrewl lisa! Total Ticrc s sonic csscfitial links for seventies retro heads;
• ; Qi.een' 6 1 4 | 6 1 2 !
• m 9 M-l 0 , ?¦ M Sai, 7 MM 9 J to ot: i 71 ' 6 ¦%&r'l81 9 10
| 8 5 j That's entertainment Is there any HTML technique we
haven’t abased'* To keep anyone checking out your web site
amused it's best to use in-line pictures as headings and
illustrations so long as the page isn’t much over 64K. For our
web site, I decided to use a black background which instantly
changes the page into a more visual experience than reams of
text. To do this, here's the initial HTML code: Click here to
or here to fc f HTML HEAD TITLE Mat* s 70'B music
page TITLE HEAD) BODY BACKGROtTND=back.gif OR-" 000000"
TEXT " FFFF1F" -» LINK=" FF0FF0" VLINK=" FFOOOO" You should be
familiar with this by now.
We've also used the BACKGROUND attribute to set a background image to be tiled onto the browser. In this case it's some images put through ImageFX's liquid distort.
Tins lias been a tkwsy production Webmaster Mr Cheese - chcae@cu-aniij3.ro.uk ? The crowning glory ol the Wired World HTML tutorial, shown here ia Aweb as Ibrewse sadly has difficulty with the table.
Bad taste approach Amiga browsers have implemented support for TEXT. LINK and VLINK since we started the HTML tutorial series. Here's a quick rundown of what they do. TEXT sets the colour of the text rendered, LINK sets the colour of links which have not been visited and VLINK for links which have. As before all colours are specified in 24-bit RGB with the R, G and B as a Hex number from 0 to FF (0 to 255 in decimal). For example, pure green would be 00, FF and 00. For the purpose of our 70's site we've set the text to a bright yellow, unvisited links to pink and visited links to red. We're
going for the low on style approach.
It's extremely important to make the background image low key so it will not to conflict with the foreground. Either make sure the palettes are totally different or use an image which has been darkened considerably as we did with ImageFX and its balance control.
Next we're going to need some headers and pictures. Since CU Amiga Magazine TheG1J Amiga hall of 70'» cheesiness readers have the brilliant Imagine 4.0 3D rendering package at their disposal, why not use it for our web page?
For our banner, 70's Music, we've used the Bell Bottom postscript font from CUCD6 with the tie dye texture applied. This 24-bit image was cropped with ImageFX, converted to 64 colours (which is a good compromise) and saved as a transparent GIF. The GIF loader saver for ImageFX is on the Aminel. The result is an original and great looking header.
COMMS juJ-zJ Ml buttonbar.gif (GIF89a) __ $
k. __% m .... “ it _ resigns X ¦WB - ... ItB' -w. Tk.
R I InageFX 2.6 C22-Bpr-96 Rectangle Circle Polygon Qkay v 1 Full Balance Cod £olor Convolve £ Buffer Brush A ? Tiaras atsa a waadartd Man scnpt far luyef 1 ta craat* isaya mays a dimensions so it can be laid out before loading. It's aligned to the left so all further material should wrap to the right of it. The ALT attributes are there just in case anyone wants to drift by without loading the pictures. They don’t know what they're missing We also need to change the font to a heading size 2 as that's most appropriate here. The AnimGIF NEW pic is then slapped in followed by some nice
centred text justified to the right, hence the align-left attribute.
Next we include a form and a table. Experiments with Isrowse and Aweb 2.1 showed that it worked best to justify the table to the right and the form to the left.
The following vital bits are the table defihition; Light my fire Imagine 4 0 was also used for the 'NEW' flash at the top of our page. Using five frames of a global map with an increasing number of flames' courtesy of ImageFX did the trick Finally the image was composed into an AnimGIF via WhirlGIF. Not forgetting the -trans 0 argument to make it transparent We also reversed the order so the first frame is the brightest for browsers without AnimGIF support.
Our web site is going to kick off with a 100 x 500 picture which will be positioned by the left border using the attribute ALIGN * left. Our new Staff Writer Andrew Korn already proved his worth by finding a 3D lava lamp object for this image This piece of retro paraphernalia was rendered using a screen grab of the web page as a global map IMG width-100 height-500
• * align -left ALT-"Lava Lamp" -» src-lava-gif . TABLE WIDTH.
BORDER-5 Bordering on cheesy We've also included a table ol data rating the 'cheesiness' scores for key musical acts of the 1970's from each member of the team.
We've used a border but some nice tiny bullet point images and no border could also have done nicely To get the table in the right position we've made the The WIDTH-"50%" which makes the table 50% of the width left and AFTER makes the table fit between the lava lamp image and the right border. The 50% of that space left goes to the form.
The form example here uses InternetFCI's cgi-bins script for mailing the data to cheese@cu-amiga.co. uk; FORM align-rlght METHOD-"POST" -» ACTION-"http: www.thanet.co. •» uk cgi-bin ifci-mailform. •* "50 " ALIGN-right -» IMO width-500 height-99 ALT-" ¦* 70'a Music" arc-banner.gif BR H2 IMG width-147 height-32 align- -» left arc-animnew.gif am» - Music for people who haven't •* looked up frcn their turntable -* in the last 20 years.
H2 CENTER First we must specify the lava lamp's later we included two form elements, one is a SELECT option for the surfer to choose what they believe their musical taste to be and the other is to ask if there's any HTML tags that we haven't covered enough in this series of tutorials. For this we used the TEXTAREA command and pre-filled in some text by including text before the TEXTAREA terminator Finally we add a compact single line to reset or post the form at the end. The VAL attribute sets the text for this button B Cllck hare to INPOT TYPE- -* RESET VAL-"RESET" or hara to
-* INPUT TYPE-SUBMIT VAL-"SUBMIT" FORM No Web site is complete without links to relevant material. This is the world wide web and if you expect people to get to your page, you should be sending people to related pages too.
In our example, we’ve started an unordered list (without numbers) with the UL tag; tn,xH3*H«r«'a some essential links for seventies retro heads; H3 LIxIMO SRC=animbullet .gif * A HREF=http: www.geocities. -* com SunsetStrip 8678 Super 70's “* Rock Site I A* DL Since Aweb insists on using a listview for the form SELECT, we don't quite know how far down the table the form has come. After the UL is started, a heading size 3 is defined and the title of the list specified. Most likely this will still be far enough up to wrap between the lava lamp and the table. The LI tag speci
fies the start of a list item. I’ve seen some people terminate this with an LI but no browser I tested seemed to care. The Image on the LI is a rotating AnimGIF arrow from from www.sasg.com's excellent site.
Ideal length So far the page is about the ideal length.
Twenty-page-long home pages are most annoying. Splitting a site up into several pages is a far better idea. Normally you wouldn’t have your links on the main page and there's no cooler way of sending the surfer elsewhere within your own pages than the image map. After getting some nice 70's related pictures from one of the sites in the links, these were used to construct the background. A button bank also using a texture off the 1078 Weird Textures CD.
The button bank was framed nicely by picking up in Ppaint and stamping down in dark blue and light green either side of the mam image Since the edges were transparent there are neat looking gaps in the frame where there are gaps in the image.
We need to define the client side image map code; this can either be done by hand by moving the pointer around in a paint package and writing down the co-ords or a via neat Arexx script such as supplied with Ppaint 7.0.1 used an ImageFX script again from the Aminet.
Here's the final code; Super Seventies RockSitc!
Th«nk« for stopping by I have visited this site since October 7,1996. This site reviews ISO of my favorite clastic rock albums from what was (IMHO) the.
Any* v vjccaacsxom'SunsetStn ySci'rS'-uottM . Rabid Seventies Icon In Bine.
Mad. Rabid Seventies Icon In Blue I want to objectify you. 1 want to distance you as fas from I as is possible. 1 want to worship you in al.. hnp:filoaesnr.ra*sjie&~i)azzo sbmuck'spockJxml-tMeu y*t-»MiM SmrtanlmMi NltlinllMMnMimmii eat nM mtitifi ia Mm Mats Mtamtef
• cCENTER* IMO WIDTH=610 HEIGHT-62 SRC. -* buttonbar.gi£
alt-"70e Button -• Bank' USEMAP=" 70smap" HAP NAME="70smap"
AREA SHAPE-"RECT" COORDS '23,14,55.45' HREF="NYI.html'* AREA
SHAPE-'RECT" COORDS--* '109,15,141,46" HREF-'MYI.html" AREA
SHAPE-'RECT" COORDS '204,13,236,46' HREF-'NYX .html'* AREA
SHAPE-'RECT" COORDS--* "295,15,326,46" HREF-"NYI.html"* AREA
SHAPE-'RECT" COORDS--* "393,15,423,46" HREF-'MYI.htnl" AREA
SHAPE-'RECT" COORDS--* "473,15,504,46" HREF-"NYI.html" AREA
SHAPE-"RECT" COORDS "548,15,578,46" HREF-"MYI.htral" MAP
BR A HREF-MYI. Html Ban tha Bomb -* A | A
HREF-NYZ.html*Peace -• brothor A | A -*
HREF-NYI.html Woodstock A I A -» HREF-MYI.html*Free Love
A* | A -» HREF-NYI.html Fraa your Mind A -* | A HREF-MYI.
Html Hippy -* Politloa A | A-* HREF-NYI. Html Lava
I,ampo A CENTER* Button bank image We're finished with the
lava lamp base now so the centre tag puts the button bank in
the centre of the screen. The button bank image 1 uses the
special USEMAP attribute telling the browser that the picture
is an image map and where to get the MAP definition from. Next
the MAP code starts with AREA tags defining I rectangular
regions of co-ordinates to match the buttons. The HREFs would
normally point to other pages, obviously Just so we don’t leave
out users of lesser .
Browsers, all of the links are stated again in text underneath the button bank.
The finished effect looks cool, all we need now is to finish off the page with the webmaster details as follows: ADDRESS BR clear-all* HR H3 This has baan a chaaay - production - Webmastar A - HREF "mailto: cheese8cu-amiga . CO. -* uk* Mr Chaasa A - cheeseBcu aairja.co.uk H3 ADDRESS* BODY HTKL The BR clear=all makes sure this section doesn't wrap around anything just in case the surfer has a ridiculously wide display Next HR gives a horizontal line and then the credits for the page.
Note the mailto: link on the webmaster.
Previously we’d included the subject after the address but Ibrowse seems to stick it all on the Email line so it's best left out.
Happy HTML That’s it! We hope you like it. Remember what our site lacks in taste it makes up for in technical content. Also please note that while it's easy to lift graphics from other people's sites and this is a valuable resource, it s far more fun to roll your own. Given the Amiga's strength in graphics packages, we can easily make up for Frames and Java by creating some stonking original graphics and the solid techniques learnt here.
So where does Wired World go from here?
It's your choice, drop me an Email to mat@mats.net and give me your thoughts. Or write in to me at CU Amiga Magazine, Priory Court. 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU. Also, if you've created some amazing web site, why not let us know? We can put it .
On our CD and add to the links on CU Amiga Magazine's Web site. Until then, happy webbing to one and all! ¦ Mat Bettinson
- Please note that the symbol - means do not put a return
Surf’s up!
* NG gets the thumbs up, USR's X2 goes PNG solely digital and we
get the latest from ProDad's web site.
• , - .
• •
• • ¦tk: i 4 • •. *' "(T 0 ;
* • ? ? * • Net God speaks This month I've been totally bombarded
by snail mail from Internet companies. There doesn't seem to be
an end to it all. I now am well informed about all types of
software releases and conferences that have no interest to
me, not forgetting the mountains of stuff I've been receiving
from credit card companies. So why is my letter box and hallway
constantly stuffed full of this junk mail? Because I bought
something via the Internet that's why.
Currently, exchanging Net surfers' personal details is big business.
There are lots of companies who deal in this kind of thing and will gladly offer to buy and sell data about you. So, next time you type in your details into that web she, be wary. The company you bought a product off might happily sell on your details and there’ll be an extra couple of trees on your doorstep by Monday.
There is the data protection act but unfortunately it doesn't cover other countries outside the UK. All you can do is Email the companies concerned and demand that they do not give your details away otherwise they'll lose a sale.
PNG ratified by W3C_ W3C, the organisation responsible for WWW standards, has issued a 'first recommendation' of the new PNG format. This means that Netscape and Internet Explorer should soon support PNG.
PNG (Portable Network Graphics pronounced 'PiNG'l image format is a copyright-free system which supports from 1 to 48-bit depth images. And when used with 256 colours or less it is smaller than GIF, 24-bit and TIFF- LZW. PNG will also feature much better interlaced progressive loading, transparency, builfin platform specific gamma-correction and
• much more.
Regular readers of the Net God column will remember how much we raved about this new format a few months ago. CU Amiga Magazine saw PNG as an end to the fact that we are forced to use
• GIF to support PC browsers. PNG will put an end to that, so the
Amiga was quick off the mark with a PNG datatype.
CU Amiga Magazine's site and many others will welcome support for PNG and will change over as soon as possible to make the most of the faster loading time.
New V43 picture datatypes Andreas Kleinert. Author of the Superview system has created a new set of V43 datatypes for the V43 picture datatype replacement.
The new set are on the Aminet in the util dtypes drawer under the filenames that begin with 'ak'.
Considerably optimised, these datatypes are faster than the original ones and sport preferences settings for dithering and such forth. You can even choose to have a progress bar which appears every time a picture is decoded. So far there's GIF JPEG, SVG and PNG. And you don't have to use them with the V43 datatype system either so get them now!
Most Amiga Web browsers use datatypes to decode the inline graphics. So it's important to at least have good GIF and JPEG datatypes installed. Normally datatypes are limited to 256 colours but not so with the so- called V43 picture datatype replacement. The V43 replacement is cn Phase 5's FTP site at ftp.phase5.de pub phase5 cgx Pict DT43. Iha, though be warned it times out after a few months so you need to keep updating it.
However, the V43 compatible datatypes provided with the replacement are quite basic and slow so Mr Kelinert's new version are very welcome.
USR 56K upgrades USR's new‘X2' technology. Announced last month, which promises to bring 56Kbps download rates to the market will rely solely on a fully digital exchange to the destination. This means that it will not work for everyone) but for those with digital exchanges X2 is a very good alternative to the extortionately priced ISDN in the UK.
The current crop of V34+ 33600 bps modems from USR including the Courier and Sportster can be upgraded when the standard becomes available which should be by the time you are reading this.
What's more, a few Internet providers have lined up to support the standard including Uunet Pipex and Cable Online in the UK. With many providers dragging their feet to the V34+ 33600 standard alone (X2 uploads at 336001, X2 is going to become a selling point soon and ISPs without will lose out. We say roll on X2, yum yum.
ProDAD's site grows_ German developers ProDAD have made some significant additions to their Web site. In the English section there are now details of their new operating system P-OS.
P-OS will be cross-platform compatible and is said to be very Amiga like. In fact. Amiga programs can be re-compiled to run under P-OS in order to run on PowerPC based platforms. There are more details in the News this issue. Also Drop in to http: www.
Prodad.de eng index.html for more information. ¦ Surf of the Month It's time for our monthly surf session, highlighting some of the World Wide Web's weird, sometimes wonderful, but never boring corners.
This is a surf pun-free zone, so read on without fear of tedious references to wetsuits and all that stuff. Well that's almost true. If you'll forgive me. We start our surfing session with a bit of sound advice for anyone who's venturing out into the briney. What to do if you are attacked by a venomous sea creature turns a piece of serious education into a bit of fun as you play 'spot the fish that will sting you' and find out how to avoid dying if such a thing should happen. Granted, fish around the UK are more likely to be toxic than venomous, but it could be valuable reading if you're
planning a tropical holiday.
Talking of cheese (how's that for a link?) I thought it was time we revealed The Cheese Page This will be a haven for cheese lovers and a highly educational spot for anyone who wants to swot up on the many varieties of this popular and practical foodstuff. There are 44 JPEG images for you to download, each depicting a specific type of cheese with a particular emphasis on Italian varieties. The interesting sounding 'World of Cheese' section is still under construction but there's still more fun to be had with a transcript of the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch and links to other sites of a
fermented milk curd persuasion.
You'll probably be in need of some light entertainment after all that cheese, so how about The Worst Knock Knock Jokes Ever which actually goes under a slightly different title but that one is closer to the truth. Try this one for size.
Knock knock. Who's there? Banana. Banana who? Banana split. That gem comes from Beth Corkem aged 7. Alternatively enter the words bad', taste' and 'joke' into your preferred search engine for a more spicy selection of humour sites.
Our last silly site this month is the Breakfast Cereal Hall of Fame. Which plots the history of the North American breakfast cereal. You never know when it might come in handy.
Following up last month's Sound Lab special review of Philips Digital Compact Cassette, you can find out more from the Philips DCC web site, which we forgot to tell you about last month. Shame on us. There's loads of information on the site, including all the technical bits that we didn't have room for in the magazine.
If you think your kids need a bit of education but they want something more fun, how about some 'edutainment'? Yes, that cringeworthy buzzword from the States is quite apt in this case, as Kids Did This in Science! Is a big list of links to all kinds of science related web sites, recommended by kids. Point your kids here and they can surf around for hours (phone bill permitting) having fun and learning" at the same time. Wow!
Look at the is 'P'letPtien Ttlail 0%cCesi OF WORLD- £ 3 SO Please Send Cheques POs Made out to Premier Mail Order or CIS: 100307-1 (POSTAGE S PACKING UK -KXUOCD EUROPE - C 2.00 I REST OF WORLD-E 3.50 TEL:01268 271172 FAX:01268 271173 CIS: 100307-1544 Visa Mastercard (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept:CU01 14 ORWELL COURT, HURRICANE WAY, WICKFORD, ESSEX, SS11 8YJ Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat & Sun 10am-4pm. Please note: Some titles may not be released at the time of going to press.
Most titles are despatched same day, but can take up to 28 days. VAT is included on all titles 500 1200 CO 500 1200 CO 500 1200 CO The Light Rom 2 The Ught Works UPO Gold .24.9 Wortd Ol Opart ..... 9 99 8 99 Wortd CM GIF-------------------- 9 99 D001 Fkght Breed Wortd Ol Photo ... 9 99 D002 Iron Maiden Skdeshow______155 01 959 0003Good Moming Vietnam 1.25 Glamour Tides-Oral 8 Only Amiga Creep Show .,9.99 D005 Fraction Horror Show-------------151 .14.99 D008 Total Recall Skdeehow » 99 D007 E v Deed (1 meg)____ D0O8 Batman Cartoon .. 15* .10.99 1499 r,- n .
9 99 D009 Robocop ... .15 99 D010 Viz Slideshow _______
- 3-99 D011 Not The 9 Ockxk News ~]|g D012 Raider Of The Lost Ark
'29 99 D013 Predator Demo ----- .19 99 0014 Safe Sea_
15. 99 D015 Stealthy 2 (1 meg) .. 1|jg 0016 Jimi Hendrtx Sideshow
.12 99 D018 MoWen Pis . D019 Popeye Meets The Beach
Boys .1.25 D021 Moonwaker Dwno.
D022 Mike Tyson (1 meg) ... 0024 Terminator_________ D026 U*e Ol Bram ------------ D027 The Garfield Skdeshow ... DQ28 Teenage Tiades Skdeshow 155 D029 WWF Slideshow . .158 0030 The Gathering GFX______155 D041 Enterprise Leaving Dock. .. D042 Girts ol Sport ------------------ D043 The Run (1 metf--- D046 Mow To Skin A Cat ...... 0047 Calendar Girts------- D049 Techno Warrtor--------------- D050 Jesus Loves Acid .
0052 Rave length--------- MUSIC M028 Pmk Floyd The WM Remix 1 25 M029 UmW ..
• M030 Cybemex M031 Motrv8-----------------------155 M032 Sound
Track Sampler (4 disks) 4.99 GAMES
12. 9 9-------- Pixels ol Passion 1 or 2_________________
12. 9 9--Sexy Sensations---- 13 99----Scandinavian Cover Gala 1,2
or 3.
13. 9 9---------- Women From Lesbos 2 .. Wortd Ol
Ptrxps Vot 1___ Wortd Ol Pinups Vol 2--------------- .155 :3:
.5.50 ...1.25 ...155
59. 99--- 10 99-- SJ9- Robin Mood »*)---- Scrooge- Xmas Cam (8.)
The Three Bears (5-10) .
Wind ki The Wsows (8») Wizard 01 Oz ...
13. 99--- OYSTICKS & A*e -.i* CCESSORIES ...155 * ...155 ,
- .155 ...1.25 Ji! G014 Zafycon ‘ G015 Earth Invaders ' YS G017
Mayhem_ ' „ G018 The Fun Mouse ...... , „ G019
Amos Games----- " GO20 Games Galore--------- G021 Quadrtx (pal
only) G022 Buzzard--- ' „ G023 Break
Out ... 155 0024 D»rwlWon
Mmton ... .5. Q025 Lady Bug (not 600 or 1200).
‘ G026 Depth Charge ----------- ”(30»D*i--
• G032R«fl .. G034 Top Secret----
G035 Flagcatcher .... G036
Wizwar------------------- , „ G038Cala4usCombet----
- 1-29 G039 Blob . G040
Sector------ "S G",G-n .
G042 Smurf Hunt- ---------------- 155 0044 O'*2 4 E0®0'--- 155
G045R»rt 0,Th*Mu,affl m« G047 White Krsght.
JUPITER JOYSTICK Mouse________________ Mousemsl . Joystick Mouse Extension Cable Joystick y Spatter -..... Logic 3 Delta Ray Autofire JY156 Logic 3 Alpha Ray - Autofke . Logic 3 S*ma Ray - Auto*e...... POWER SUPPLY UNIT-------- Qulckjoy Pedals SV129 ...... Ouckjoy ¦ Tixbo SV124-------- Screenbeal 3 Speakers S8203 Screenbeat 4 Speakers SB204....
2. 50 155 125 155 .155 155 Screenbeat 25 Speakers SB 225
Scresnbest Pro 50 Speakers S8250 Screenbeat RCA Adapter Cable
Screenbeat Power Supply--------- Thrustmaster XL Joystick
(AAR) 27.99 AMIGA CDROM 3 Amiga Utilities 2 ......
AmmetSet 1 or 2------ Amrat 755.10.11 or12 Amrat
94-02 ... Amos CO____________________ Artwork
Colour .... C-64 Sensations ..... CO Boot ... CD
Write C*p Art ----------- Fonts------------
FrsshFonts 1 or 2 .... Gateway ------------- Gigs Graphics-
Gold Fish 1 or 2 . Graphics Sensation 125 .5.50 155
1. 25 250 9 99 .
U023 De-grader 500 600 1200
24. 99 U024 Extermm-8 Wus Kler-------- 14 99 U028 Action Replay
For The 800 9 » UC29 Amiga TiAOrtal .....
4 99 U030A.C.ES Database I 7 99
U038NunberPadFor600 --- .12.99 U039Calone
Base ......
• • 7W UQ40 J R Comm .
- U041 Race Raptor ... 9 99 U042 Pools Pools
V2 .. . 24.99 U043 Tramng Log---- ’4” U044
Mastie Nlbfcck ---------------- 9 1999 U047 Reko K*k
.14__________ .19.99 U048 Procad Electroid _____________ J9®9
U049 Dividends Wwrar--- "g U052 Essential Virus
Killer------------ 999 U053Soccer League--------- 32 99
- 24.
Interoffice_________________________ Inter Spread ...... Inter Tak--- Inter Wortd Meeting Pearls 3......- ......- Multimedia Toolkit 2- Network C02-------------------- Octamed 8 - Professional Fonts 4 Clipart ____ Proleasenal fF 4 PCX Ubrary .
Professional Ut*tws 1-1500...... Sound Library & GRX Library _ The Beauty Of Chaos The Colour Library ..... The Ught Rom------- 126 SM003 Napoleonic Warfare Sim v5 sea SM004 Wheel oI Fortune) not 1200) ____________155 SM005 Card Sharp ------ 155 SM006 Sub Attack...... 156 SM007 Roulette-------- 155 SM006 ActOf Ww....- ...3.75 8M009 Mcro Market--------------,. .1.25 Jimmy White s Snooker .12 99-- John Madden Football.... 10.99---- KGB---12 99- KckOR3______________________999 Kick Ofl 3 Euro Champa .---9 99 KICK OFF *98 Kogp-i------------------ 10.9912.9912.99 LEGENDS
_______________________ 8.99 8.99 Lure Ol The Temptress .12 99-- Ol Doom . ..19.99-- Midwinter - ....10.99-------- Morph___________ 7 99 8 99 Mulh Madia Experience .24 99---
7. 99 ..... Navy Moves_____ 6 99----
NECROMANTICS-------21.99 Nigel Mansells W Champ.. 8.99-------
Odyssey_________________1790--- One Day Cnckst---- 8 99--- On
Tha BaKeeoue Edition 19.99----- PGA Tour Go* ..12
99------- Prtd 0w« 4 F«ntawes1299-------- PINBALL FANTASIES.
..----12.9912.99 Pinball llkalons 12.9912.99
Pitai Mania----12.99---- PINBALL PRELUDE 19.9919.9919.99
PopuWca & Promaed Lands.. 12.99------ Populous 2...... 12
99-- 12 99--- 9 99 9.99--- FIELDS OF GLORY.... FOOTBALL
MASTERS . .. 18.99-------- Football Statistician Pro .14 99--
Formula One Masters 16 99---- Gamer Gold Collection - Burro N
Bum - Jefsfw -Ale* Faldos Bat....-------19 99 799--
GLOOM----------- 7.99 7.99 Gloom
2 ..1959 GLOOM DELUXE - 7.99---- G
Gooch- WC Test Match .... 7.99-------- G Gooch-W Cau OeMt _ 7
99-- G Gooch - 9495 D1 *k 4 99-- G Gooch - Bathe tc» Asha* .
7. 99 7.99 MardNova___ 8 99---- Sans** Soccer Euro Omw.Pusf
OmJk*lRuh.CoolSea.T* ftrasteaiSm 12.99----
14. 9914.99 Impossible Mission 2025 ..... 899 10 99--
Indianapolis 500 ......10 99------ Int One Day Olcket _
4 99---- INTOS -AMOS.. Whiles Snooker .12 99 - CHAOS ENOINE
2.. CU Footbai The Uanapr.... 7 99 7.99- CubS Country .....
7.99------ Cora A1200 Bundle SA&lefon Kiew.
Tae.Hatmda 2--- 12.99- Coemc Spacehead Oaft for AMOS . CRICKET MASTERS Deluxe Paint V ... Desari Strike DOGFIGHT _..... Duna 1 or 2 ....12.99 Dungeon Wasfar 2 Powarmongar 4 CVT ak .
Pramer Manager 3 Dekne. 13.99 - Prem Man 3 Mufti Edit Sys 10 99 - Pushover-------- 8 99- Realms _____________ 10.99 - EXILE OATA DISK...... Ettidw -...... RACING.
Extreme .12 99-- 8 99-- .. 7.99 7.99 7.99 1799-- BADLANDS PETE . 4.99-------- Body Blows------- 12991259---- Bubba nSta .. 4 99----- 4.99 BUBBLE A SQUEAK 7.99 7.99 7.99 CHAOS ENGINE 659------ CHUCK ROCK---------- 4.99 Chuck Rock 2 4.99 CkxkWtser . 9 99 9.99 9 99 COLONISATION 7Z" 12.99 ..... Cool Wortd .. 8 99-- Corporation-------- 4 99-- Denrw ... ..... 12.99 Dragonetone .. 4 99 --- 4 99 FIRE FORCE .....- »..4.99 FIRE 4 ICE .. 6.99 Football Glory--------- 8.99 8.99- GFL Oarrporehs) Foc*a*3
99- ... GLOBAL EFFECT-------------4.99 Heerdal. .... 4.99------ HeendaS 2 __ 7 99--- MYPERDOME-------4.99 Jetstnke ...... 9.99 9.99 9 99 JOHN BARNE!
LAST NINJA 3-------4.99 Marvem Marvellous Adv 4 99----- MEAN ARENAS ....459 MEDIEVAL WARRIORS 3.96------ Morph . 7.99...... MYTH---458 Naughty Ones _______12 99 NINE LIVES-----199 ... OPERATION COMBAT 2 458------ Out To Lunch ..12 99 OVER THE NET 3.99---------- PLAYER MAN 2 EXTRA Powergamas ..... ....-- 12.99 Sabre Team ......12.99 Simon The Sorcerer 1 ....12.9912 9912 99 _ 7.99 4 99 SKIDMARKS_____________ 7.98-------- SOCCER KID-------6.90 Stave Daws Snooker 4 99--- Syndicate .12.99------ Tomsk. .. 4.98---- TOTAL CARNAOC- 358--- 4.88
TRIPLE ACTION 2 - SecorxfeOuf, Hunt*.
Lancaster_ 358---------- TROLLS-----18.88 TURBO PACK 3 ...... 3.99------ Universe .. 4 99 --- 8 99 VIRTUAL KARTING VITAL LIGHT-----4.99----4.90 Wembley int Soccer.. .. 7.99 7 99 Wembley Rugby League7.98---- Road Rash ...10.99------- Rugby League Coach 19 99-- Ruffian ..13.99-- SENSIBLE GOLF 14.99--------- Sens Wrtdol Soccer 9556.. 16 99--- SBCMHDCF30CCW9W716.99 ..... Shuttle ...12 99-- Stotchm ...17 9917.9917 99 SLAMT1LT------19.99----- Sleepwalker ... 8.99 8.99--- SOCCER STARS
98 22.992259---- Soccer Team Manager 10 99---- SPECIAL FORCES ------ 8.99 . Spans Legacy--------19 9919.99 Sphencal Worlds 17.89---17.99 Star Crusader 14.99--- Star Fighter ------ 19.99---- STARLORD---8.99----- STREETFIGHTER 2-------1199 ... Strike Fleet --------10 99--- STRIP POT - 7.99 7.99 Subversion .. 4.99-------- Super League Manager 7 99 7.99 7 99 SUPER SKIOMARKS _ 759- 7.99 Steer StreetflgMer 2 Tirto.. 14.9914.99 Soper Tennis Champ ..... 7.99---~~~ Stoer Terra Charrp 2 0105.99------ Supremacy ...10.99-- Syndicate
...12.99--- Test Match Cncket 4 99-- TheChj .. 19.99--- The Games ---------------10.99------- Total Footbai_____22 99-- Touring Car Challenga .... 12 99-- Tower of Souls ..19 991959----- Treble Champions 2_ 4 99-- Turbo Trax--------------1999--- Turning Points ..12.99----- UFO-1259---- UltmateGolf------ 8 99--- Ultimate Soccer Manajer....----19.99-- VITAL LIGHT-- 4.99 Watch Tower________ 16.99---- Wing Commander 12.99-------- Wizkid ......1099--- Wortd Op Go» . 29.99 WORLD CUP YEAR-94 19.99 .... Wortd ol Footbai 19
99-- WORLD GOLF----1259--- WORLD OF SOCCER .... 4.99----------- worlds at WV .... 6 99--- WORMS . 959--- 9.99 Worms The Directors Cut-18.99...... XP8-------19.9919.99-..... Zeewod ...12 99-- Zee Wod 2 - Wad Fee 22.99----- SFTCW_ OFFERS 10 10 Dinosaurs ..12 99 1(V10 Ear* EssartMs 0-7)12 99------- CDROM 10 10 English (6-16) .12.99----AdJI Sensatons .... 10 10 Eatential Maths 0-12).. 12.99-------Asian Draem Girts 1 or 2......__ HyiOErarsd Soane* &-12) 12 99--A»an Pteasises i or 2 or 3 or 4 10 10 French
(8-16) .12.99-----Coloureds 4 Asians . 10 10 German (8-16)......12.99-------- European Dream Girts 1 or 2 or 3 l yiOJu!orEssereaa6-ii| .12.99---Hot Pie------------ 10 10 Man Algebra 0-16) .12.99----Mot Spot Woman 1 or 2 or 3 .... 10 10 Matts Geometry (6-16). 12.99-------- NAUGHTY ONES____ 10 10 Uaff* Nimbers (6-16). 12.99---Oriental Fantasws 1 or 2 or 3_.. WO Mar* Statutes 6-16) 12.99--Photo Studio 10 10 Speltng Pineuatbn 10 10 Structued Spaling Better Speftng (8-10).
Better Maths (12-16) .
Cave Maze (8-12)----10 99-- Fracbon Goblns (8-13) 10 99 - Insight Dinosaurs ...... 14.99 i Junior Typist (5-10).- 10.99---- IgdPc.--------10.99---- Magic Maths (4-5) ...13.99----- Maths Dragons (6-13)......10.99---- Maths Mane (8-12) ......13.99--- Picture Fracbons (7-10) .. 10.99------ Reascnhg Wbi TroSs (5-12).. 10 99------- Tidy The Mouse (6-10).... 10.99---- BUSINESS B001 A-Gene (1 mag) ... B004 Ami Ca* ...... B005 Ambass Pr*---- B006 600 Business Letters---- B011 A-Gragh .... 0013 Analytic ALC----- B015 Stock Analyst . 0017 Budgets VI .34_
EDUCATIONAL WSRBEBEIS SKSKz: Amitek Fusion Genlock ...94 99 E006 To*®1 Concepts ..... Analogue Joysbck Adapter .... 4 99 E007 Bar* Taft--- Automat* Joystefc Mouee Sputter.... 14.99 £008 Dunks DTP ..... CH Fbghtstick (Analogue) (AAr) 29.99 PQ09 CokKX The Alphabet External 880K Floppy Drive M LOOT Colour The Alphabet 47gg EO10TheMghwayCode. ------- A6QDA1P00 .. 49.99 E011 Junior Maths ..
- 7.99 E012 Electronic Trsm Set (1 MEG) 1?99 E013 Leam4 Play 1
..... ft ge E014 Leam & Play
4. 99 E015 Treasure Hunt--------------------
10. 99 E016 Wrarthed One Jog E017 Story
Land 2----------- jg M E018
Wotitsname .... CREATIVE 1099
C002LabelDasher ____________ 11 09 C003 Super Fonts
..... 1199 C0O5 Deluxe Pant Tutor-----
21. 99 C006 Shadow Demo Makar ...... 32 99 C009 Uknois
Labels _________ 12 0011 '¥ord Power------------- C012 Font
Farm ..... C013 Wwe Makar ...... C014
Assassins .. C016 Garden Designer----------- 24
99 CO17X0SM________ -...... ' 19 99 UTILITIES .24 99 U003 The
Workshop _ 1J J5 U006 Asteroid .....
19 99 U010 Autograph ...... .19 99
U014 Panasonic Printer Driver .... 9 99 U015 H P. Printer
DRIVEr ___________ I99® U016 Seikoeha Pmter Driver ISS ......
999 U020 Bad Fonnal--------------------------1-25 ------- 999
U021 ATHga Begnara Guaoa .155 - ’»» U022 Belte. Bancd
VI .2 ....1.25 «»'»»¦¦ . „ ut bs wizars
wars - ..
• G056 Fortress (demo) ------- , G057 Neighbours Adventure
SPORTS . SP001 Top Of The League..... ~ SP004 Lk Men Otympics-
~155 SP005Slamba«---------------- , SP006
Strikeball .. . SP007 AmosCncket---
SIMULATIONS . SM001 5 Sirrulaticn GameaWot 12001_____155 Wortd
Class Rugby 95 4 99 - WRECKERS .. 359- Zool
....8.99 - .1.25
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Now it is no longer a dream - it’s REALITY!
Over four man years of work has gone into the development of this Software!
product from B.P.M Promotions, a company involved in the AMIGA
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• in minutes with Reality by using I more that your Amiga's
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THE LIST IS ENORMOUS!!!! - Test your software In seconds to see if everything Is working the way that YOU want It to! There's no need for any alow compiling or testing like certain other packagesl REALITY can be used to create many types of different software products! It's ideal for TOP notch games!
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Just look at the screenshots in this advertisement and see just what this system is really capable of!
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Screenshots ol games created with REALITY C? :: • • ?73
• srn ¦JOI HOW TO ORDER Please send a cheque. Postal Older. '
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Overseas pfease add £2.
AI payments must be in En0sh Sterling! 24 Hour EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER - Order NOW and receive a FREE never been released before guide on HOW TO DESIGN A WINNING COMPUTER GAME' written by one cA the TOP games desrcyieis in the busness!
Essential rearing for any buddrg games makers!
TUTORIAL Masterclass Hidden away on your Workbench (or maybe still on the Extras disk) are a collection of really useful little programs called Commodities. Designed to improve upon Workbench, they were Commodore's attempt to clean up the act of the multitude of Workbench hacks' around and package them all into one consistent form.
1 What's the price of oil, B gold or pork bellies got to I 0 JJ do with Commodities on the Amiga? Nothing - they are your Workbench's unsung heroes. And they're free as well.
There are hundreds available from Public Domain libraries and from the Aminet Internet site and it's worth your time to have a look through them.
As standard The following is a list of Commodities that you'd expect to see in any set-up.
AutoPoint This Commodity will cause the Amiga to make active anything under the pointer. For example, as you move the pointer around the screen any Window which it passes over will become active.
Some people find this useful, others irritating. It can be helpful if you are swopping between different screens a lot and want to get typing straightaway instead of having to click with the mouse.
Blanker If you don't touch the mouse or press a key, this Commodity will suddenly clear the screen and move some coloured squig- gles around. It's supposed to prevent the monitor from 'burning in' or becoming damaged if the same static screen is displayed for a period of time, but practically all monitors are capable of surviving without it.
ClickToFront This is quite similar to AutoPoint but borrows a concept from the Apple or PC. On these platforms, you don't need to click on the window's depth gadget to bring it to the top: you only need to select the Window and up it pops. This gives the Amiga the same facility. Try it: you might like it.
Cross Dos Don’t confuse this with the CrossDos device:. This is a Commodity which changes the way in which the standard CrossDos device PCO: works. As you may know, by using PCO: the Amiga can read or write to PC (MSDOS) format floppy disks.
When this Commodity is running, it tries to 'filter' any files which are'being copied. This can be very useful when loading or saving text files which are sometimes filled with extra carriage returns when copied from one machine to another.
Exchange This Commodity is a special one: it manages all the other Commodities which are running.
Run it and a window appears which contains details of the Commodities and provides a short cut for bringing up or hiding the associated user interface.
N[ Blanker: Hot Key = ctrl alt b |Ej|ia| Seconds: PH Cycle Colors: flnination: Vj Fkey Ever wondered what the point is of all those Function keys on your keyboard? Wonder no more: now you can assign the functions to various Amiga operations.
Using Fkey you can cycle through Windows, run a program or execute an Arexx script. This makes it easy to customise your Amiga so you can launch all your favourite applications by pressing a function key.
MouseBlanker MouseBlanker will hide the mouse pointer when you start typing until you move the mouse.
This can be very useful when using a Word Processor for example, when you don’t want an arrow obscuring the first few letters you type.
NoCapsLock Um ... there must be a use for this program, there must be.
NoCapsLock simply stops the Caps Lock key from operating.
Perhaps if you suffer from-finger- stubbiness and keep hitting the Caps Lock key by mistake you might find it useful. Maybe you want to avoid confusing a child using the Amiga. There you are: two uses already. You can probably think of millions more, You can still get upper case using the Shift Key in the usual way.
So simple Using a Commodity is pretty easy.
The standard convention is to click on them once to start them running and a second time to stop them. Most of them will run invisibly in the background, you mightn't even know they are working.
If you are more a Shell person than a WIMP fan, it's also possible to run Commodities directly from the Shell. For example, if everything is set up properly, you should be able to enter: AUTOPOINT at the Shell and the Commodity will run. Like almost all programs run in this way, it won't automatically return control to the Shell until you quit it. If the utility is running in the background there won’t be a window Quit gadget to click: you'll have to press Control and C or Control and E to stop it. It's therefore better to run it. Like this: RUN AUTOPOINT. This will let Autopoint run
in the background, allowing the Shell to be used or even closed.
Even though the Shell which launched it is no more, the program will still run happily. You need to specifically stop a Commodity or switch off the computer to kill it. Some Commodities also have a special 'hot key' combination so when you press the right keys the Commodity's user interface will appear.
For example, the Screen Blanker commodity will wait for Control and B: press the keys together and up pops the special window from where the various settings can be adjusted. It’s usually possible to redefine the Hot Keys in case they clash.
Making a Commodity start automatically is easy too: all you need to do is drag the Commodity's icon from where it is stored into the WBStartup drawer. All programs in this drawer will be launched every time the Amiga loads its Workbench.
If you want to include the Commodities in your Startup Sequence or UserSerquence rather than in the WBStartup drawer, you’ll need to make sure you include a line like this: RUN NIL: AUTOPOINT The right tools All Commodities should support Tool Types - the information related to a program which is stored in the Icon file. There are at least three as follows: Other useful commodities There are hundreds ol Commodities written by Amiga programmers available from PD libraries from the Internet. Here are some ot the ones which I have found most useful over the years.
CycleToMenu This is a useful little program which changes the way in which cycle gadgets work. Instead of cycling through the entire list, a small window pops up making it simple to select the option you want.
MagicColours If you use Magic Workbench icons, with a Workbench set to 256 colours you may find the colours are all wonky. This utility keeps setting the colours back to normal, so your icons remain in the correct shades of grey.
NewMode This is very useful if you have a graphics card this. NewMode will intercept an application's request to open a screen display and, if necessary, force it to open up on your graphics card instead.
Dclock Once of the neatest little digital clock programs I've found.
MlddleButton If your replacement mouse has three buttons, this utility lets the third button operate as a shift key. This is handy for selecting multiple icons without having to use the keyboard.
PowerSnap One of the old faithfuls: this program allows text displayed anywhere on screen to be copied to the clipboard You can then paste it into another application. It makes it possible to snap text from an application and copy it to a Shell for example. It's surprising how useful this program is.
OpaqueMove Another program for graphics card users. With OpaqueMove running, you can drag entire windows around the Workbench, rather than mere outlines. Useless, but if like me you might want reassurance that you haven't spent all that money on a graphics card for nothing.
CXPRIORITY A commodity with a high priority will be given preference to a commodity with a lower priority when it comes to input events such as keypresses.
CX_POPUP If this is set to 'yes' then the program will start up and display its user-interface (if it has one). If it's set to no' it won't appear. If you are starting programs in the WBStartup drawer, you will probably want this set to "nq", CXPOPKEY This is the key combination which will bring the user-interface (if any) to the front. The key combination can use non-alphanumeric keys, such as Tshift' for the left shift key. 'control' for the control key and 'ralt' for the right alt key.
Commodities take up very little in the way or memory or processor power, so don't be afraid to keep them running all the time.
Several other utilities which you might not first think of as Commodities can suddenly appear in the Exchange window. An example would be a virus detection program. Don't worry - these programs are just making use of the Commodity system. However, you won't find any large applications acting as Commodities.
TUTORIAL The reason for this is linked to the way Commodities work. Any utility which wants to be a Commodity makes use of the commodities library file. This enables the program to make use of the Commodities Input Handler - part of the operating system which exists just before Intuition's own Input Handler. The Commodities Input Handler looks after any special Hot Key combinations. And makes sure there are no clashes, for key presses.
And that's if for Commodities, next month it's mergers, share flotations and the like. No seriously, we're back next issue with some more useful nuggets of information on your Workbench. ¦ John Kennedy QerA welcomes new recruit Andrew Korn to the 'brain not brawn' problem-busting team. So send in all your Amiga-related problems to QerA, CU Amiga Magazine, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
Logos, meanings and mysteries: I RAM.
F-l Plug-in hardware of any kind: scanners, disk drives etc. Oi, I am so brawny.
Once I've crushed your Amiga problems to a pulp. I'd like to see world peace.
Yes and after I've left all those puzzlers in heap. I'd like to travel the world, work with small children and help the needy.
R pieces Music, sampling, MIDI and anything that makes a loud noise.
Miscellaneous i 9 i too*s to keep your Amiga running smoothly.
Form-feeds, page-breaks, I preferences and lots, lots morel Monitors. Tvs.
Modulators, screen-modes and all that stuff.
: graphics.
I databases.
I organisers, accounts... iA Everything , you need | answering about the Internet GVP SIMMs jfgt My system consists of an tlWM 1230 M serins '¦SSy accelerator (EC30.
No FPU) with 4Mb RAM fitted. I recently tried telephoning around some companies to find extra RAM for the accelerator. Only to find that a) it isn't easy to come by, and b) it is extremely expensive. I was quoted £159 for 4Mb from the only place I found that had any.
Is there any other way of adding 72 pin industry standard SIMMs to my system without having to discard the accelerator ?
In the May 1994 issue, there was a feature on an A1291 SCSI card to add on to the A1230. Is this still available? If so. Is it still a useful and reasonable way to get SCSI access? Also what other options are available, considering my set-up?
J McDonald. Cornwall.
For some reason which no doubt seemed sensible at the time, GVP chose to use a non standard SIMM format which has lately become the bane of mans an Amiga user. Since GVP went under, these have become pretty scarce, and have gone up in SIMMs have plummeted. For example a standard 4Mb SIMM costs around £25.
No there isn't way around this, four best bet if you are serious about upgrading would be to sell your current board and buy a new one. There are plenty of Amiga users out there who would be satisfied with 6Mb RAM, see if you can find one of them to take it off your hands. Add the kind of money you've been quoted for the SIMM and you could almost afford an 8Mb '040 card.
The GVP A!291 was a great SCSI solution at the time. I other options would be the !
And the Uataflyer as they will still work if you change accelerator.
WordWorth CD OI am experiencing problems with Wordworth 3.1SE. on CUCD5 from the December issue. Am I alone in this or should I send off of enquiries to Digita? My consists of Amiga 4000 EC30 with 6Mb RAM with a Citizen Swift 90c pri nter.
When I try to install WordWorth to hard disk it follows the installation satisfactorily until it tries to install the printer then the following requester appears: Copying File Epson X To Drawer WW3.1 Install- 1iDevs Printers Volume Install-l is full: This looks like it is trying to install the printer back on the first floppy install diskl Accepting that I probably have the installation complete apart from the printer driver, when I try to open the Wordworth 3 program on my hard disk (having rebooted the system). I get "Could not open Shannon Book 14pt font" followed by "unable to initialise
document". Please help?
Brian Titchener, Winchester It sounds like you have booted u from Install disk I rather than yc hard drive. When the installer pr gram is run, it copies files to vari s on your system disk. The tk is not necessarily your t-itis whatever disk you I up from. If you boot up from , the installer has no idea that your hard drive is your normal system disk and assumes that install disk I is in fad your hard drive.
Whenever you are installing something to your hard drive, make sure you boot up from it unless you are told otherwise.
There is a readme file on install disk I. In this file there is an explanation of what to do if you are presented I not open Shannon '. If re-installing HIV r this problem, look there first.
Too many fonts I have installed WWSE3.1 onto my Ur ha,(f i'sk anl have jjA managed with the aid of Directory Opus to transfer fonts from the extrafont Drawer on the CD. When I delete them they still appear on the font list but when called respond with a statement that they cannot be openedl How do I delete from this font list?
Also how do I get WW3.1SE to read my font list like the other programmes on my hard drive?
I got my Amiga primarily for video production but cannot find much good software apart from 1 Scala to assist in producing graptv ics animationAitling. Can you help?
L. J. Mullard, Cheshire.
Wordworth uses outline bitmap fonts because bitmap fonts are of no use for large type prinlou There are hundreds of PD outline fonts, so if your collection isn’t big enough, get some more. WW3.ISF. than Q&fl generates its own internal font list. If you delete a font from the directory, it will still appear in the fontlist. The solution is to delete the fontlist file, which can be found in WWFONTS!
UFST. You then make a new one by clicking on the INSTALLOVTLINES icon in the WWTOOLS dir.
There are some good video packages available apart from Scala. Two new ones from ProDAD, Monument Designer and Animage, were reviewed in our December 96 issue.
Our March 96 issue had the excellent Video Stage Pro on the cover disks and is still available from our back issues department.
Left out ®l make quite heavy use of my RAM:TEMP directory to shift data around from archives. I leave it out on the Workbench regularly, and it occurred to me that it would be excellent to be able to do this automatically from the startup- sequence. Is this possible? I have an A1200 030 WB3.1 KS3.1. Stephen Ralph, Hampshire.
It is indeed. When Workbench starts up it checks any disk it can find for a file called '.backdrop' which tells it what to leave out. To solve your problem, when Workbench loads it would need to find a ‘.backdrop’ file in RAM:, which will need to be put there in the startup sequence. First create an ASCII file which reads: : temp and save it in your S directory as "BACKDROP". Then edit your startup sequence. Just after the line which reads something like: C:Makedir RAM:TEMP RAM:CLIPBOARDS RAM:ENV Insert the lines: C:copy sys:utilities.info to ram:temp.info This copies the utilities draw
icon for the RAM:temp directory. Then add: C:copy sys:s backdrop to RAM:.backdrop This sets up your backdrop file.
Reboot your computer and voila the TEMP drawer is on the Workbench.
Tower power I have a standard- Amiga 1200 which I am looking to expand with a Tower. Please could you answer some of my questions.
1 I recently saw an offer by HiQ for upgrading to a tower desktop option with CD-ROM. Power supply and Squirrel SCSI. With an accelerator in mind would I need to purchase the optional SCSI kit for the accelerator or purchase the HiQ offer on the SCSI kit?
2 What's the difference between a desktop and a tower conversion?
3 Do I need the maths co-processor with an accelerator and is a SIMM RAM Fast RAM?
Gareth Graham, Caerphilly.
1. The Squirrel interface should work perfectly with all modem
2. Desktop normally means a squat box you stick under your
monitor while the tower is an upright column you stick next to
your monitor.
3. If you want an accelerator to make your machine go a bit
faster you don't need a co-processor. If you plan on using
math intensive software such as Imagine the co-processor is
highly recommended. AH RAM you add to your machine is Fast
RAM. SIMM refers to the type of chip module used.
Questions about tower conversions are coming in thick and fast. A tower makes it easy to add extra storage devices and solves power supply problems in a stroke. We are thinking about doing an article on DIY tower conversions for the more technically minded reader. If you have an opinion or idea about this, please write to us.
CD-ROM DIY I was delighted by your article in the December 96 issue on httmg a CD-ROM and I would like to go ahead and 'do it myself, however I’d like a little advice first.
1 I have a Western Digital 2420 hard drive. Is this 2.5 or 3.5 inch?
2. If it is 3.5 inch I would opt for a mini tower to house both
it and the Golden Image CD-ROM kit.
The tower I. have in mind is one from a local PC outlet with a 200w power supply. Is this sufficient?
3 Is the Golden Image kit double speed or quad speed?
4. I envisage connecting the items via an adaptor consisting of a
44 pin input and two 40 pin outputs for the appropriate cables
to connect to. Is this a viable solution?
5. If I move the hard drive to a Tower, is it just a matter of
unplugging it. Unscrewing it, and refitting it in the tower?
Send your QerA problems to ... You can send your technical problems lor answers - Ed) to CU Amiga by the following means: By letter to Q&A, CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU.
Email: Q+A@cu Amiga.co.uk. NO SAES PLEASE We regret that we can't respond to readers' questions by post or over the phone. Please do not include a stamped addressed envelope with your letters as we simply don't have time to answer the thousands we receive.
Responses are only available through the pages of this magazine.
L. Kemp, York.
. The simple way of finding out is to measure it. As a rough guide, if it is small enough to stick in a cigarette box, it's a 2.5 inch.
2. 200w is more than enough.
3. We think you may he a little mixed up here. The Golden Image
kit is not a CD-ROM drive, but a cheap mounting system which
comes with all the cables you need and a metal case. The speed
depends on what drive mechanism is fitted to it.
4. That's about it, but it would be a pain to make. Golden Image
will sell you an Alfa Quatro, which is basically the same
5. Yep you're right there.
Mythical beasts I wish to purchase an HP Deskjet 870cxi but am having problems getting a printer driver.
I’ve been in touch with Hewlett Packard but didn't have much joy. Can you help?
No name or address supplied.
Hewlett Packard gave up supporting the Amiga some time ago and are unlikely to be of any help. Write to them and tell them they are losing customers. Print Studio or Turboprint may have a compatible driver; phone a stockist (check ads) and ask. It would be worth asking HP if the H70cxi is compatible with one of their other printers; an HPHSOc driver would be easier to get.
More questions ®1 I have an A1200HD magic pack. I heard that Escom used a high density drive instead of a normal Amiga drive, merely disabling the high-density mechanism! This causes a lot of games to become incompatible. Is there a solution?
2. 1 want to buy an accelerator, preferably a 68040. Bearing in
mind that I also want extra memory and cannot afford much
more than C300, what is my best option?
3. On opening the trapdoor to find out where the accelerator
should go, I could not find any kind of interface. On my A500
there was a female port but I can't find one on the A1200.
Where should I look?
4. 1 have an M 1348s monitor. The image cannot be moved
Only stretched and is not centralised. There is an annoying black gap at the top. Any solutions?
5. Despite these setback I'm still a dedicated Amiga owner and
would like to buy a CD-ROM drive in the future. I was thinking
of buying a SCSI device. If I did this would I still be able
to use other SCSI devices such as a ZIP drive? What is the
best SCSI interface to buy?
6 Could I connect an Ultra internal IDE drive? I cannot see where it would fit. If it cannot be fitted, should I buy an Alfa Quatro?
7. My guarantee is still valid.
However, is it valid with Amiga Technologies, Viscorp, Escom or the shop I bought it from?
James Greville, Mid Glamorgan.
1. Things are a bit confused here. The ‘HD’ reference in I200HD
refers to the hard drive in it. However, those machines also
have high density floppy disk drives also known as HD dri
ves. These floppy drives have been altered to act like old
Amiga double density IDII) drives, but some games with custom
file formats will not work.
Sometimes this is because the games are duplicated on high density disks, in which case you can simply cover the open notch that signifies a high density floppy. See the Info drawer on this month's CD for a hardware fix to the problem.
2. Scan the ads for the best deal, £300 should get you a cheap
‘040 with 8Mb.
3. It slides onto the edge of the circuit board inside the
4. Getting a perfect display on an MI438s is near impossible, but
by using the vertical stretch in combination with the
overscan and screenmode prefs utils, you should be able to
minimise your problem.
5. The Dataflyer and the Squirrel are the ones to consider. SCSI
interfaces are good at handling multiple devices.
6. There is no space inside an AI200 for an internal CD ROM. Our
December 96 issue had a feature on using IDE drives with the
7. Amiga guarantees are currently covered by a company called
Digitech, RM Limited, Unit E7, Staffords Park 4, Telford,
Shropshire, TF3 3BA. Tel: 01952 277 77 . ¦ ¦ Q. I don't have a
CD- ROM drive on my Amiga yet, will I still be able to use my
CU Amiga Magazine CD-ROM on a PC or Apple Mac?
With over 600 floppy disks worth of stuff, it'd be silly not to make the most of CUCDs whether you have a CD-ROM drive or not.
Q&A Frequently Asked Questions ¦ A. Yes. But in a limited way.
You will be able to access all the data on it. You'll see file directories and you will be able to view any pictures or read any text which is stored in plain or crossplatform formats.
A perfect example is HTML files: using a Web browser such as Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer you can read any HTML documents on the CU Amiga Magazine disk. This includes reading the text, viewing the pictures and using the links.
¦ Q. Can I use the programs though?
¦ A. No, you can't. Amiga programs run on Amigas and won't run on Pcs or Apple Macs.
¦ Q. Can't I get an Amiga emulator for the PC and run the programs that way? After all, I can emulate a PC and an Apple Mac on my Amiga?
¦ A. Well, yes. There is UAE. It’s not very fast though and to be honest it’s still an A500 emulator even on an P120. Although technically impressive, it’s not an ideal solution.
¦ Q. Is there a hardware based Amiga emulator for either of these machines?
¦ A. No and it is unlikely that there ever will be. At the moment the best piece of hardware for running Amiga programs remains an Amiga.
¦ Q. I don't have a CD-ROM drive on my Amiga but I have one on my PC at work. Will I be able to copy the files across to my Amiga?
¦ A. In theory yes, as the same standard is used to record data on PC and Amiga CD-ROMs.
However, you may have some problems, such as the fact that the Amiga can cope with long filenames and Jhe PC sometimes can’t.
Windows95 (or NT) solves the filename problem, as it can deal with filenames other than those in MSDOS format. However, you still can't copy those directly to floppy disk because floppies are still in MSDOS format. One solution is to use an archiving utility such as PKZIP which will pack up all the files on the PC, move the archive to the Amiga and un-ZIP it. The result is that the filenames are preserved.
¦ Q. How can I move the files from the PC to the Amiga?
¦ A. To move the files, you have two options: use a removable disk which both systems can read or link the two platforms together.
Using the Amiga’s built in CrossDos device (PCO:) it can read floppy disks formatted by the PC but only double density, not high density (unless you have an A4000 or special floppy drive).
It's also possible to use Syquest or ZIP drives if you have the necessary hardware. You cannot use parallel port versions of the Zip drive on the Amiga though.
The best way is to network the machines using Ethernet but this is overkill for file transfer, not to mention virtually impossible on the A1200 (go on, prove me wrong - please). The best way is to connect the PC and Amiga together using a Null Modem cable, run a terminal program and use Zmodem to transfer files.
If your machines are a long distance apart, you may have to resort to using modems and terminal software. If you only have one modem, it’s possible to use a Bulletin Board or Internet FTP site to temporarily store data: you can upload it from the PC and download to the Amiga.
¦ Q. Does the opposite hold true? Can I use PC CD-ROMs on my Amiga?
¦ A. You can read PC CD- ROMS but you cannot run the programs. Yes. It is possible to emulate a PC on an Amiga but it’s not very fast and so games or sophisticated Windows applications won’t work. If you see a program only available on PC CD- ROM then resist the temptation to buy it. Even if you have a CD- ROM drive and a PC emulator for your Amiga. Ask for an Amiga version instead.
¦ Q. Is it possible make a CD-ROM disc which will work on both an Amiga and a CD-ROM?
¦ A. Yes. Both platforms can read the CD-ROMs perfectly, so it’s only a matter of storing software for both machines.
For example, you could have a CD-ROM full of pictures which has viewer programs for both the I PC and the Amiga. The pictures could then be stored in a format which both viewers can read, such as JPEG or GIF.
The result is that one CD-ROM I is of use to both the Amiga and the PC.
Another example are the CD- ROMs which contain objects for 3D rendering programs. An Imagine object can be read direct- I ly by both PC and Amiga versions I of Imagine.
In any case, there are many Amiga utilities for reading PC style graphics (e.g. GIF. BMP), ani- I mation (e.g. AVI. FLC, CLI) and sound files (e.g. WAV). There is usually some way of making use of data stored on a CD-ROM.
¦ Q. Can I play any of my collection of VideoCDs on my Amiga’s CD-ROM drive?
¦ A. Yes, but apart from some very slow software, only if you have an SMD100 decoder from HiSoft and if your CD-ROM drive j is compatible.
¦ Q. I have a CD32 CDTV can I use the CD-ROM drive with my Al 200?
¦ A. Yes, it’s possible to create a limited network which links the CD32 or CDTV to the Amiga computer. The CD-ROM drive will appear on the Workbench as though it were connected directly to the A) 200.
OK now you have no excuse for using CUCDs. ¦ John Kennedy SOUND LAB 0 Sound Lab Making music on your Amiga needn't cost a fortune. Some shareware audio packages put their commercial competitors to shame.
To get them ' ul software is not available in any shops. The shareware is can be found on this month's cover CD. For those without a you’ll be able to get hold of shareware demos of these pro- from your Aminet source, or any good PD houses. Here are address for the authors of the packages mentioned here: Camouflage Author: Martin Endres, Osterfeldweg 41, 21077 Hamburg, 040 7601187, Germany. Email: endres@work.de Sample-X Author: Sheun Olatunbosun, 11 Leywick Street, Stratford, London, E15 3DD. Email: sheun@soi.city.ac.uk Digibooster Authors: Tap and Walt, ul. Poprzeczna 66 6, 51-167 Wroclaw,
Poland. Email: waldek@zakus.ita.pwr.wroc.pl iff’ ,ilPn y.-rf ranori • oom; rw.m M’m • • 001:1 Nlrl*. Im i W-fll .’ATI I MUM • • 003TJ Uhfc UflD jtf* fl'j’.
' « tai: ir n ui itaoiHttMi W!IUO 07.07SM OX: IM ‘Aft'. I • • :. H»D«i Kpil'l • I 0000*1 rmu.Yd rmoriM.-n hmcikmi vmt on*: Pitrttifto viaiSidi New trackers are appearing all the time.
One that caught our a Diyibooster ii great ,iiie alteiaatne n the bigger beaata ii attention recently was oflera eight cbaaeala with kcM gealiti miaiag nl iiai oeteet Digibooster. While PiPttf 1 • n. ib'-.'.- CftVftroi rtauerat hh-iioi** 'j*r. 1 mi ..• ijnriMS aifftnwrr .'.r.'fvna (WI"'81 a BDflTf Pim Ktcr. [OL .orr imp. MH.I BfU Kill MU I ll JtI'll HWI.r.-U f ji r.rW larvu uuu* m:.wu i :i There's loads of good new audio and music software available for your Amiga, but much of it rarely gets any press because it's shareware. This month we'll uncover some of the best examples of exciting,
interesting and plain useful audio shareware.
Leaping ahead One of the most promising bits of software to have come to our attention recently is Camouflage.
It comes in two versions, straight Camouflage and Camouflage AB.
Both versions are MIDI sequencers that use a very attractive customised GUI system that's best suited to a large screen mode, such as Productivity, interlace (if you can handle it) or a graphics card. What's brilliant about Camouflage AB is that it can pretend to be Cubase Audio by combining MIDI sequencing with 16-bit stereo hard disk recording. For this you need a Toccata or a Maestro sound card (available from MacroSystem in Germany or White Knight Technologies in the UK).
This represents a major step forward for Amiga music software.
Until now the only solution that did anything like this was a combination of Bars and Pipes and a Sunrize AD516 sound card, the pair of which would have set you back a tidy sum. For the record, while Sunrize have ditched Amiga support. Bars and Pipes is free to all CompuServe customers.
Sample-x files Music X users will be aware of the basic level of control the program offers over Amiga samples compared to MIDI instruments.
Sample-X is a clever program that solves the problem. It sits in the background while Music X is running and intercepts MIDI data internally. From within Sample-X you can set up a bank of samples, each responding to a specific MIDI channel. When Sample-X sees data transmitted on the relevant channel from Music X, it plays the samples accordingly. This means you can replay up to four Amiga samples from within your Music X sequences, applying all the normal MIDI controllers to your samples.
The MIDI data is passed through to the serial port as normal for use with MIDI instruments.
Sample-X is not limited to use with Music X. It can be set up to receive its MIDI data from the serial port via a MIDI interface, so you could set up your Amiga as a four voice sample replay module controlled by an external MIDI device, such as a keyboard or a sequencer.
Top value many have developed into impressive beasts featuring realtime DSP functions and all kinds of fancy widgets, there's still room for smaller, simpler alternatives.
Digibooster is just such a tracker, offering eight channels with very good mixing and output sound quality even on a basic AI 200. The output is 14-bit, and you can make your music from any combination of 8-bit IFFs, 16-bit IFFs or 16-bit WAV samples.
For those used to the traditional tracker layout, moving to something like SoundStudio can be a bit of a mission (although it really is much easier to use after a short while), so if you can't contemplate too much of a change from your current tracker the familiarity of Digibooster will be important. New player commands are quite rare these days so it's good to see some in Digibooster, like 'Robot' which adds a variable phase echo effect to the specified sample.
Planned future additions to Digibooster include support for 16 bit cards such as Toccata and Maestro and more available tracks.
The PD version has its save options disabled, so if you want the full version you’ll need to upgrade from the author. ¦ Tony Horgan BflCKCHflT Backchat How could you?
As usual controversy reigns in the Backchat pages. And our campaign to find the best Amiga stockist in the country continues.
Having purchased the December issue of CU Amiga. I thought I would be treating myself to a good positive Amiga read. The magazine was to its usual good standard but I found one article that completely degraded the calibre of CU Amiga Magazine. Public Domain users and Public Domain programmers.
In the article The Best of Both Worlds', the last few paragraphs by Mark Forbes of Effigy Software define the Public Domain on the Amiga as being useless. Quoting him "We also believe that demos that people create and put into Public Domain are useless and not the way forward." This is a bit of a bold statement isn't it Mr Forbes?
Was this article really a good way to boost the Amiga? I am shocked that CU Amiga Magazine who use public domain as a source for their magazine, both on the cover disk and on pages within the magazine, would agree to print such a false and inaccurate statement.
Let me point out a few FACTS:
1. If it was not for the Public Domain scene keeping the Amiga
going through its rough patches, you would not have your Amiga
in front of you right now. The Amiga would have collapsed
completely, a long time ago.
2. Public Domain is the backbone to the Amiga. It is a strong and
dedicated source of software, which is sometimes better than
what is commercially released e.g. Term and Ncomm.
3. The demo scene is what helps sell the Amiga.
Demos are the main source of graphics and sound promotion.
4. Public Domain on the Amiga has the largest following of any
other platform.
So Mr Forbes, I have a question. If Public Domain on the Amiga is so useless, why is Aminet so popular? Do I make my point? In the next paragraph, Mr Forbes goes on to explain that the Power PC chip is the way to go. Reading through the article, it sounds as if Mr Forbes is saying that because Public Domain is so useless and that there is no profit in it. The Power PC chip is required. Oh really. So a Power PC chip is going to create better quality Public Domain software, and make it profitable?
Could you just explain this to me? In Public Domain you get good quality as well as bad.
But this is the same in the commercial world.
The idea of Public Domain is public free software so it will not be profitable.
I am a dedicated Amiga follower and PC owner. I love my Amiga and would hate to see it die. Even if it did. I would never sell the machine and I don't think any other Amiga lover would do either. The Amiga is a state-of- the-art piece of kit and dumbfounded remarks made by Mr Forbes are obviously impulsive thoughts. If he looked into the Amiga, and pushed the pound sign from his eyes he might just see what a stupid remark he made. The Amiga programmers need encouragement and thanking for helping keep the Amiga alive, negative remarks like this are an insult and of no use to the Amiga at all.
Front my conclusion of Effigy Software, they are just interested in money, not the Amiga community. I understand they have to make money to survive the cut-throat market of the software industry, but they proclaim to - be dedicated Amigans ... Rubbishl!
As you can guess, you have hit a sore point this article, I believe I have possibly spoken out for MANY Amiga users and I expect I have their backing.
Matthew Tillett, Emailand First things first. Mark Forbes did not make any of the remarks you are referring loo, he was simply interviewing Ian Jenkins from Effigy Software who is responsible for Ihe statements in the article. Perhaps you could have read the article a bit more closely than you did. Just because Mark reports someone's opinions verbatim does not mean that he or CU Amiga Magazine agrees with them. CU Amiga Magazine does not have a policy of vetting people’s opinions and because we print Ihem it does noI mean that we necessarily agree with them. CU Amiga Magazine supports public
domain wholeheartedly. As we understand it, the comment Ian Jenkins made was referring lo the practice of promoting commercial games by releasing limited demos of the games into the public domain. His point seems lo be that this doesn't work as a promotional tool. He wasn't slagging off the whole PD scene.
CD oversight Concerning your excellent article telling everyone how to get CD-ROMs for next to nothing (December 961, I think there is quite a serious point which you skipped over. When connecting drives like this, there is a risk you may damage the CPU in your machine. The IDE port on the A1200 is. Unlike the A4000.
Unbuffered and connected directly to the CPU. Furthermore it was only ever designed to connect one 2.5" hard drive on a very short cable. Commodore used to supply cables around two inches long at one ; point. As you can see, loading it up with power-hungry 3.5" and 5.25” drives can cause some harm.
A better alternative is to have a buffered cable. Golden Image sell one that can reliably i take three devices and Eyetech will sell you a four-device cable (for less money!). This doesn't risk your CPU and has the advantage i that you can take your cables just about : anywhere. A friend has his ; twirling around the back of I his desk into a mini-tower I case, a distance of ; about a metre, with : no problems.
I'm not denying that you can rely on just the original port, indeed my self- built : A1200T has half a metre of unbuffered : cable going into a hard drive and a CD but people should be-aware of the risk of irreversible damage. I'm going to swop mine for a buffered device so I can use one of the now super-cheap Syquest EZ135 drives. Now there's an idea for a feature!
Chris Appleton (Pure Amiga), chris@fuchal.demon.co.uk, Pure Amiga - http: www.pureamiga.co.uk You are correct in saying that the Amiga I200's interface is unbuffered. There is some risk of devices not working with longer IDE cables.
However, the concerns of damage resulting from longer cables and 3S’ hard drives CD-ROMs have been overstated and such combinations work for Suck rt and see Upon reading Lisa Collins' points of view article (Dec issue) regarding the worth of cover disks. I was compelled by an inner force to write and agree whole heart- edly with Lisa that to cover mount any program, game or utility can only incite people to buy the full unrestricted version.
Apart from being an incentive to buy the magazine the same also applies to the program on the cover disk. I have, in the past, purchased full programs and games and the likes of Wordworth and Worms on the strength of a preview of the program on a cover disk.
I suppose it’s comparable to test driving a car prior to purchase or testing a sample of new chocolate biscuit at the supermarket before stocking your cupboards full of stuff. Sure there are certain demos of programs which get used but are never upgraded to the full version. The old 'suck it and see' principal applies here. A potential purchaser needs an idea of what a product is capable of before opening his her wallet purse. Oon’t deprive your loyal readers of a chance to sample a product on a cover disk because of some software house sceptic.
El letter of the month Mr D Johnston, Blackburn.
We couldn't agree more. Games such as Worms and AB3D II have appeared on numerous cover disks and it hasn't done their sales any harm. Quite the opposite, in fact, as Team 17 will testify.
Thousands of Amiga users. There is no doubt that a buffered interface is the better option and Eyetech's unit is indeed good value for money for the guarantee of reliability that it will bring. For those looking to connect several devices to the A1200's IDE port, it represents a good buy and offers sound peace of mind.
Amiga-Apple dilemma After reading your November Issue I found a very funny two page advert from 'Gordon Harwood Computers’ advertising Apple Machines. It's sad how companies which are selling Amiga computers and products can be so low as to use the actual Amiga situation to sell another platform but the worse bit is the advert itself. I could go on about all the incredible claims that the ad makes but I won't waste time on an ad like this.
If Amiga is dead, why do companies like Viscorp, Eagle or Phase5 want to buy it after Escom? Netscape & Microsoft are also planning to develop their Web Browsers (Explorer and Navigator) for the Amiga. Why are they are so interested?
To any undecided and worried Amiga users out there: before buying a new and expensive system, don't throw out your beloved Amiga. Wait until the PPC Amiga from Phase 5 arrives, we'll see which computer needs to make such a crap advert to gain users ... Miguel Ramos, Spain.
Everyone is free to make their own buying decisions, but we feel that CU Amiga readers are knowledgeable enough to know that an Apple Mac is certainly not an ideal replacement for an Amiga. You may be surprised to hear we use Apple Macs at the CU Amiga offices. We use them because we are part of a large publishing company which runs a totally Mac-based publishing system. Yes, for DTP they are the industry standard. However, the Mac's infuriating operating system is a million miles from that of the Amiga. Did you know a Mac won't even let you open up a CLI or Shell window or use anything
approaching a DOS shell? That's because Macs are made for people who don't like computers.
The Amiga is made for computer lovers! We could fill an entire magazine with examples of how the amiga outshines the Mac in so many areas, but that would be rather negative in itself.
There really is no comparison, so don't be fooled.
Grow up It's all very well people writing to the magazines such as CU telling users to grow up and get with the real world. I believe it is VIScorp who need to get with it. They cannot afford to play the spoilt brat any longer and continue to mess potential licensees about over whether they can have licences or not. Or whether they can put the Amiga name to their product.
A prime example is the new machine under development by Phase 5. If Viscorp keep ignoring this system and throwing hurdles in Phase 5’s way, delaying its completion. One of two things will happen. (1) They will develop the system and sell it to a competitor, Apple Mac for instance, or (2) they will produce it themselves under their own name and develop a system that is in the style of the Amiga but without the name.
One example of this is the BeBox, even if it is a bit expensive at the £2000 mark (see any Mac magazine!!)
So in short, VIScorp:
1) Do not offend the third party developers.
They keep the Amiga alive as you mess about and without their support we don’t stand a chance.
2) You must look at other systems with an open mind and remember
time is short. We NEED a new machine and fast, and if Phase 5
do get their machine off the ground for about £1000 - £1500 I
for one will buy it.
Whether it an Amiga or not.
3) STOP thinking that the Amiga is so good that people will wait
indefinitely for a new one and that the Amiga community will
put up with your behaviour. We won't as Escom know to their
Spencer Gibson, Loughborough. Leics.
Email: Gibson@Enterprise.net Steve The Nutter, Emailand.
Points of view Look back in wonder ¦ lM| by Tony Morgan You might think it rather strange to be reading a retrospective piece about 1996 when we’re already a couple of weeks into '97. The reason for this timing is because most similar articles 44 The best aspect of 96 was the ‘carry on regardless' attitude of us all, despite the Amiga's continual mismanagement. that appear in monthly mags during December will have been written around about October due to the long production and distribution times involved, so most of those are taking complete guesses at what might have happened over the two
most important months of the year, which is a bit rubbish really. Anyway, on with the teary-eyed stroll down short term memory lane.
Overall it’s been a much better year for the Amiga scene than most had envisaged. Not only did we see the continued development of some key software titles (Image FX.
OctaMED SoundStudio, Photogenics and Personal Paint to name a few) but we've actually been witness to some totally new software packages. Art Effect and Draw Studio have been notable examples.
On the hardware side there’s also been healthy development from third parties with numerous CD-ROM solutions, a stream of ever-cheaper and faster accelerators, a couple of new 16-bit sound cards, not to mention all kinds of little widgets from small developers across the globe.
Games-wise things have been more sedate, but there have certainly been some highlights along the way.
Like Worms TDC, Alien Breed 3D 2.
Chaos Engine 2 and XTReme Racing.
Phase 5's announcement of their A Box project has given new hope to all who are sceptical of any worthwhile outcome from the Amiga Technologies VIScorp deal.
Perhaps the best aspect of 96 was the carry on regardless' attitude of us all despite the Amiga’s continual mismanagement. Oh. And the increasing CD-equipped readership telling us our CU Super Cds are wonderful. That means a lot to us.
And so we come to the downers of the year. You don’t need me to tell you the Amiga’s perpetual state of limbo has cast a shadow over the whole scene, but I just did anyway. For one reason or another, sales of top Amiga games have not matched their potential this year. Xtreme Racing is one example: it should have sold by the truckload but in the end it never really did. And then of course there was the Walker, the new Amiga that never made it further than a single prototype displayed at a couple of computer shows.
But hey. Just take a look at all those uppers' and you'll see that really. 96 was a pretty good year all in all. I certainly enjoyed it. I hope you did too.B Here to stay "*“Cr 44 In the face of all the pitfalls that 1996 threw our way we still saw some great games coming out on the Amiga. If there's anything that 1996 proved, it demonstrated just how big the Amiga community is. I don’t think any other platform could have survived the past year The combination of sporadic ownership changes (which seem to be still continuing), no new machines coming out and little or no games software would
have dampened even the most dedicated computer enthusiast's ardour. But the Amiga breed are made of sterner stuff. Users as well as the remaining companies are still incredibly loyal to the platform.
Despite all the pitfalls that 1996 threw our way we still saw some great games coming out on the Amiga when others had written it off as a games platform. Worms and.
More recently. Chaos Engine 2 proved that the Amiga is very viable and capable as a games platform.
And the fact that Championship Manager 2 already has tons of prepaid orders shows that the Amiga games community is still out there waiting to snap up any decent games that are due out.
Perhaps, one drawback to 1996 was that some companies saw the departure of other bigger players in the software industry as a chance to cash in on a games-starved market.
This entrepreneurial activity would not have been such a bad thing if the games that some of these companies churned out were of any quality.
Unfortunately, 1996 saw lots of games that really shouldn't have been released onto the commercial market. Thankfully, we had some stonking good games to make up for this and Minskies Furballs came in just at the end of 1996 to prove to us that all is not lost yet.
Finally, the announcement of a new machine at the end of 1996, hopefully heralds good things for
1997. Rest assured CU Amiga Magazine will be there to chart its
progress. ¦ CD power by Mat Bettinson It's difficult to sum
up my thoughts on the last year. On one hand it represented
another major let down for the Amiga; Amiga Technologies
promised the Walker only to fall foul of the parent company
Escom's liquidation before we ever even got to see the
machine in all its finished and final glory.
We all saw machines being briefly remanufactured, only to fail at the last hurdle. More promises made and then snatched away. This seemed to be the recurring theme of '96.
Increasing numbers of commercial software developers gave up the ghost as we all sat and waited for the Amiga to enter into yet another age of darkness.
Yet amazingly I can't be gloomy about the year gone by and here's why. The shareware and comms scene kept up as it always had. We saw an explosion of Amiga users getting on-line and a resurgence of development of Internet software such as Web browsers.
The massive success of the June 1996 issue Internet book deal was more than I could have hoped for.
The Amiga and the Internet suddenly became a major part of the market, not a niche. Now my phone lies quiet on my desk (well, almost) while my Email folders absolutely bulge with incoming mail.
The Internet wasn't the only growth area for the Amiga, there was also the CD phenomenon. What we started with the Aminet CD cover- mount on our November ‘95 issue led the entire market into something nobody, least of all us, saw coming.
Monthly Cds! We started off with painstakingly hand-crafted Cds. I still laugh when reading the hidden mat.readme files. And from these humble beginnings we grew the CD side of our magazine into a thriving and booming industry. Now with monthly Cds it's a much more streamlined operation. With the help of Neil Bothwick our CD compiler, 66 For what the foolish were calling a dead market there was certainly enough to keep me busy. 55 the Amiga now has the best cover- mounts of any platform ever. For what the foolish were calling a dead market there was certainly enough to keep me busy!
Overall, in 1996, Amiga users got wired to the Internet, bought CD-ROM drives and powerful accelerators. Now we face a new year with our hot-rod Amigas - a year that looks set to promise new hope in the form of Phase 5's unbelievably powerful A BOX. This machine had me drooling over the specs just as I did when I first read about the Amiga in 1986.
So for 1997 we have to look forward to replacing the aged 680x0 with the mighty Power PC. Clock speeds in the hundreds of megahertz and the Siamese RTG system melding our machine to PC so we can again be a part of the mass market.
Yet more brilliant affordable commercial and shareware software and on the glowing horizon, the mighty A BOX looms; threatening to teleport us to a new dimension of computing ecstasy. Gosh it's enough to bring a tear to my eye. ¦ ¦ Mai Baniaian if CU Affliaa Maauiaa's Tachaical Editor The people's computer by Andrew Corn 1996 has not been good to the Amiga. More and more software companies have abandoned the machine, magazines are falling by the wayside, and support for the platform in the high-street has almost gone. There seems less and less reason for optimism as the weeks go by. But in
an odd sort of way this may be exactly why the Amiga continues to survive.
The Amiga's previous success has always s been due to its cheap entry level price. Marx would have approved of the Amiga; he would no doubt have considered it the people's computer. Want to some DTP?
DTV? Make music? Do 3D graphics?
It's all there and ready to go for an amount you can afford. Putting power in the hands of the masses and all that.
The problem is that it isn't as cheap as it used to be. Mass production in the PC market has made this the platform of cheap computing power. For the cost of an A1200 with a decent hard drive and monitor you can buy a Pentium which is comparable in speed to an '060, and they'll throw in 8Mb or so. A larger hard drive, CD-ROM, sound card etc. Escom probably had this in mind when they designed the Walker.
Amiga die-hards complained about the low specs by today's standards, but it was never meant to compete with Pcs as it was meant to sell for half the cost. People no longer expect computers to be cheap. The Amiga users of tomorrow are the people who have stuck with the machine through the last few lean years, the ones who are willing to put up with the inconvenience of 66 The A-Box might just be the machine we have been waiting for ... an Amiga for the serious Amiga user. high-street invisibility and poor software support because they know if they put in the money and effort, their Amiga will
do things for them that would be a nightmare to get another machine to do.
The A Box might just be the machine we have all been waiting for, a niche machine, an Amiga for the serious Amiga user, not for the people. It's a pity it isn't the people's computer any more, but that's the " way things go. ¦ n.SuflHriU' Back Issues Stick to those new year resolutions. Start by keeping your CU collection up to date.
Method of payment Q Visa Q Amex Q Access Q Diners Club card Q_Cheque (£ Sterling) Card no Expiry date .. Signature ...Date ...... Please make cheques payable 10 EMAP Images Ltd.
Title Initials,.™ Surname .. Address Issue date ft type (CD or disk) Quantity Price Total price Priority Order form ...Postcode. December 1996 Daytime telephone number Complete this form and send it with your payment to: CU Amiga Magazine Back Issues, Tower Publishing, Tower
House. Sovereign Park, Lathill St. Market Harborough. Leics LE161EF. Tel: 01858 435 350.
"Rates: UK: £5.99 Europe and rest of world: £6.50. Except for CD-ROM editions: UK £6.99 Europe and rest of world: £7.50 All prices include postage and packing.
Disks CDs are included with all orders. CD edition is available for the April 1996 issue, and monthly starting from the November 1996 issue.
Please allow 28 days for fulfilment upon receipt of request. All orders subject to availability.
It's Time for a Change of Gear Cinema4D Ver 3 MediaMagic Cinrm*40 3 n a nu.« upgrade- to th»» ca»v-t«»u*r and i-vtrv i~. I |«’»i iiu. GlapTi.» p». »«)i inirt-dH-1 hr lun.f».nalt'. and *:v.xl ol ih. P., l.ig, extremely high level, while the pnee remain, truly affordable Some of the feature* of Cincm*4D version 3 am
• The major internal workings of Cinrma4D have been optimised
resulting in a substantial Increase in speed - many raytractng
operation, are now up to 30 time.
• BfwfriFI**ndJ|m£P°r1 ma'" "CV' ou,Fu' hkr ,ornul* 1“hiding
• Lem ftjrv. Are implemented, the »like k«*ing at a bright light
wunr through a camera which create, realist* camera sprxial
effect. The len, flare » actually a light source nihdf which
allow* some great looking rtlects to be acturved A simple lens
glows, lens reflections, effects al margins and randomising of
• Additional ( vtvK .raphX *Upp.«i - mm allow. Lull 24-bil colour
• CincmalD require* 3Mb RAM, OS2.X, a hatd drive and is fuUv
multitasking and extremely configurable £199 Upgrade from
Version 2 Only £39.951 haMa c i* a superb new product ke
drwgnang and playing lity prx-wntahon* on your Amiga, at the
nghi price. » MediaMagic sports an interactive, usrr-fnrndlv
and _a£ J .
Intuitive interface so that building presentation* becomes a h y Fully compatible with graphic cards The MediaMagic editor uses drag-and-drop for easy, hierarchical positioning of objects and allow, the- cdi ting fTi I of several script* at once Ujxl You can use all sort* of graph* image* in your masterpiece UIH with MeduMag* * support lor al If F It BM daU termat*, including ILBM-24. Which are comrrtrd to HAM6 or HAMS automatKaOy.
You can incorporate a wide variety of music * voter samples to Isen up your presentabon MrdiaMag* supports common mu» module, such a* Sound-.
Pro-Nouetracker as wrfl a.CVtamed and (Mamed Pro (8 voice) k 8SVX files Working with animations is easy with MediaMagic * support lor IFF animations in Anim5, Anim7 and AnimS formats Business charts can be created directly In the program.
OS 2.x and OS 3.x compatible, simple controls, fully multitasking Requires 2Mb RAM. OS2.x up and hard disk recommended.
HiSoft C+ + DiskMagic 2 SMD-100 DiskMagic i* the friendliest file manager on the Amiga and new version 2 takes this fine product lo new heights of useabtlitv and functtenabty • protvaNy the Many new function* including: superfast delete command, extra filctypc option*, additional Arexx commands and internal functions New output window preference. E £169 Develop?!
To Order At long last there is a new, and extremely 'ft. J jxnverful, (' compiler foi the Amiga, at the nghi prkv HiS.it I ¦' ha* two vetston* Lvveloper and Lite; here * a bnet lot of features: The Compiler compile, at high speed in hne with the AtfcT 3.0 C? - .Undard. » Arexx controllable, integrates seamlessly with tlw edeuc mdudr* a prupxt marxagrr and gmeratr* codr for «flOOI 4fllDO and thr fcMtt 2 FPU CU vemon included
* The Fdilor u c* mult - window*. Is syntax -sentsfa.v. handle*
as many file, as you like, include* an Arexx interface and
supports full krybuaid shortcuts.
* The C C * * Debuggrr (Developer only) use* multi-window*, with
drag-and- drop technology, allow* breakpoints, variable
tracking and much more.
The Devpac 3 Assembler i included for low-level work.
• The Easy Ob|ect Library (Developer only) I* included which
ease* resource handling and use of data structures (lists. Urge
array* etc.), along with BOOPSI support, error handling with
exception* and online documentation
• The Hot Help (Developer only) system can be activated at any
tune and give* you full, expandable online help even with an
Arexx port HlSohC** reqiarrs 4Mb RAM. Oslx up and a hard duk.
The SMD-100 is a brilliant new concept tor home entertainment Using y«*ur existing SCSI CD-ROM, you can now acce*. The world of Digital Video • superb 24-t.t quality video with crystal-dear Ih-bit «*ind. Here* what you can do with the SMD-100;
• Hay any YydeuCD or CD-i Movie through your Amiga monitor or
through your home TV
• U*c thr *upp4cd rrm *e control to stop tracks instanfly. To
view your favourite scenes in sllkv-snxxXh slow motion, to grab
a frame with the nick-solid pause facility and move speedily
through the film with the last forward and rewind functions.
• Use th SMD- lit) a. pirt of your Anugi SCSI chain or take it.
Akmg with your CD DRIVE. Next to your normal Mrvisten. Lor
alMhe-famslv viewing There are many hundreds ol VidrvC D ttor*
avaitabic, al featured in our 2D-page. Full- colour catalogue
Thr SMD -100 VideoCDMPEG player • a command performance, time
after time, after time.
Hot News HiSoft TermiteTCP now £39.951 Ibrowse 1.2 Released!
CD-ROM Prices The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0)1525 718181 Fax: *44(0)1525 713716 email: sales4fhiiofl.at.uk web page: www.hiioft.at.uk £199 Slashed!
Punch those keys for free!
To order any of the products on this page, or any other HiSoft product for the Amiga (and we have over 40 titles for your computer!) Just Freecall 0500 223660 armed with your credit or debit card. Pbstage tv normally £2 - £4 within the UK or £6 for a guaranteed next day service (for goods in stock). Alternatively you can write to us or order through our web page. O HiSoft 19%.
0500 223660 SPECIAL OFFER X4 SPEED CD-ROM INC.SQUIRREL AND FREE SOFTWARE FOR THE AMIGA 600 1200 £179.95 SERIOUSLY ECONOMY ACCELERATOR BOARD ESQfEEEEXIl ALL INCLUDE 4MB RAM £99.95 68030 25MHZ INCLUDING 25MHZ FPU .£99.95 68030 33MHZ INCLUDING 33MHZ FPU .£139.95 68030 50MHZ INCLUDING 33MHZ FPU CLOCKED UP TO 50MHZ .£189.95 FALCON BOARDS FALCON 68040RC 2SMHZ£279 MEMORY SIMMS 4MB SIMM 72-PIN 8MB SIMM 72-PIN 16MB SIMM 72-PIN 32MB SIMM 72-PIN 1 x 8 30-PIN 4 x 8 30-PIN £39.95 £99.95 £199.95 The Viper 33 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping,
optional SCSI-II adaptor, on-board battery backed clock. 68882 co-processor option, instruction and data burst modes.
VIPER 33 MKII BARE £129.9S VIPER 33 MKII 4MB £159.95 VIPER 33 MKII 8M8 £179.95 VIPER 33 MKII 16MB £199.95 VIPER 33 MKII SCSI ADAP.E69.95 BLIZZARD BOARDS 68030 50MHz accelerator board with up to 128MB of RAM installable.
BLIZZARD 50 BARE £159.95 BLIZZARD 50 4MB £189.95 BLIZZARD 50 8MB £»9.95 BLIZZARD 50 16MB fi SEE DPS AD FOR ORDER F 0 F CO-PROCESSORS FPU's complete with crystal.
State for Blizzard compatibility.
20MHZ FPU PLCC 33MHZ FPU PLCC 40MHZ FPU PLCC 50MHZ FPU PLCC VIPER MKI SCSI-AOAPTOR £79.95 GVP 68060 68040 A 68060 accelerator board for the A2000 4000 running at 50MHZ and allowing up to 128mb of use installable memory and a SCSI-2 hard disk controller.
A2000 68040 25MHZ £489.95 A2000 68040 40MHZ £589.95 A2000 68060 0MB RAM £699.95 A4000 68060 0MB RAM £799.95 4MB GVP RAM ADD £159.95 A500 68020EC A 68020EC processor accelerator card for the A500 and A500+, with an option to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PLCC OR PGA). This card can fit up to 4MB FastRAM and is fully auto-config. Not compatible with GVP Hard Drive.
01234 273000 68020EC 0MB RAM £99 95 68020EC 4MB RAM £189.95 PRICES INC. VAT TURBO BOARDS Performance 10 times of a standard A600 68020 CPU clocked at 28MHZ, 68882 FPU clocked at 28MHZ, up to 8MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating.
Socket for 72-pin SIMM.
- TURBO 620 £119.95 Performance 25 times of a standard A1200.
68040 CPU with 25MHZ. Up to 32MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating,
socket for 72-pin SIMM.
TURBO 1240 25MHZ «8MB£269.95 Performance 40 times of a standard A1200. 68060 CPU with 50MHZ. Up to 32MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating.
Socket for 72-pin SIMM.
TURBO 1260 50MHZ+8MBf499.95 Performance 3 times of a standard A4000 040. 68040 CPU with 40MHZ. Up to 128MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating, 4 sockets for 72-pin SIMM. Specify desktop or tower version.
TURBO 4040 40MHZ £469.95 Performance 4-5 times of a standard A4000 040, suitable for the A3000 and A4000. 68060 CPU with 50MHZ, up to 128Mb FastRAM, autoconfigurating, 4 sockets for 72-pin SIMM.
Specify desktop or tower version.
TURBO 4060 50MHZ £699.95 I r* ( VISA I POWER COMPUTING LTD UNIT 80 SINGER WAY WOBURN ROAD IND. ESTATE KEMPSTON MK42 7PU TEL: 01234 273000 FAX:01234 352207 EMAIL: sales@powerc.
Demon.co.uk ! Ames: Minsk SPECIAL PIOUSLY A iiuaiy 1997 £5.99 USS13M-L BOARD ALL INCLUDE 4MB RAM DING 25MHZ FPU DING 33MHZ FPU . . .
£99.95 DING 33MHZ FPU CLOCKED UP TO 50MHZ £189.95 CO-PROCESSORS Performance 40 times of a standard A1200. 68060 CPU with S0MHZ. Up to 32MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating, socket for 72-pin SIMM.
FPU's complete with crystal.
State for Blizzard compatibility.
£20.95 £39.95 £60.95 £79.95 20MHZ FPU PLCC 33MHZ FPU PLCC 40MHZ FPU PLCC 50MHZ FPU PLCC 3 TURBO 1260 S0MHZ .8MB1499.95 TURBO BOARDS Performance 3 times of a standard A4000 040. 68040 CPU with 40MHZ. Up to 128MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating. 4 sockets for 72-pin SIMM. Specify desktop or tower version.
VIPER MKI SCSI-ADAPTOR Performance 10 times of a standard A600 68020 CPU clocked at 28MHZ, 68882 FPU clocked at 28MHZ, up to 8MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating.
Socket for 72-pin SIMM 6VP 68060 68040 A 68060 accelerator board for the A2000 4000 running at 50MHZ and allowing up to 128mb of use installable memory and a SCSI-2 hard disk controller.
• TURBO 620 A2000 68040 25MHZ £489.95 A2000 68040 40MHZ £589.95
A2000 68060 0MB RAM 1 699 95 A4000 68060 0MB RAM £799.95 4MB
GVP RAM ADD £159 95 Performance 4-5 times of a standard
A4000 040, suitable for the A3000 and A4000. 68060 CPU with
50MHZ, up to 128Mb FastRAM, autoconfigurating, 4 sockets for
72-pin SIMM.
Specify desktop or tower version.
3 Performance 25 times of a standard A1200. 68040 CPU with 25MHZ. Up to 32MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating, socket for 72-pin SIMM.
In lional pattery
• cessor TURBO 1240 25MHZ .8MB TURBO 4060 50MHZ A500 68020EC IS M
mm 01234 273000 A 68020EC processor accelerator card for the
A500 and A500+, with an option to fit a 68881 or 68882
co-processor (PLCC OR PGA). This card can fK up to 4MB FastRAM
and is fully auto-config Not compatible with GVP Hard Drive.
UNIT 80 SINGER WAY FFER 68020EC 0MB RAM £99.9S 68020EC 4MB RAM 1 189 95 WOBURN ROAD IND. ESTATE 1 with ¦able.
KEMPSTON MK42 7PU TEL: 01234 273000 PRICES INC. VAT FAX;01234 352207 EMAIL: sales«powerc.
Demon.co.uk No CD-ROM? Askvoi 1 lightWave 3D
• High quality S-VHS VCR 2 All the be* |»m«niim are available lor
yr«ir Mai ami CM lew than Tmylr expeti A rrv miuII M-fcsmm »
damn hekm MV51 4P InfAMAV 4CAU nir inc. ____446 (.wuras encyc
m2 ABMJU11 ZOO 445 a«n l)RAli 5(171 Jnra 4116 AIDM IN Tilt DARK
»- 440 CLARIS WORKS 4----------4111 DARK HWCTS 441 SnmnMKHS 95
_ 4295 3 All sales repairs are only as per our terms and
conditions, copy available on request._ i 4 STOCK A WIDE RANGE
LETT PACKARD, LEXMARK AND PANASONIC 5 Install software .....£15.00 Colourful Mouse Mat £5.00 Animal Jungle design and Dinosaur design ..£5.00 Optical Mouse Mat .....£5.00 2 in 1 Scanner Mouse Pad ..£9.95 Contoured Wrist Pad ..£5.50 Plain Wristrest £3.50 2Mb SIMMS ..£30.00 4Mb
SIMMS ..£30.00 CD CLEANERS -1 2 PRICE CD Rom cleaner ....£3.00 Automatic CD Rom Cleaner (battery powered).£10.00 Laser Lens Cleaner .....£4.50

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