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Your Amiga, on the other hand, is a digital device; it only understands discrete occurrences of ones and zeros. To record a sound, the .Amiga needs to see it as a digital phenomenon. The answer to this problem is a device called an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The ADC listens to a sound wave, records (“samples”) its amplitude thousands of times per second and sends these measurements to the computer as individual digital numbers. These are stored and played back later to reproduce the original sound. Figure 2 shows two examples of how an ADC might sample the various points on a simple sine wave. Once a sound is sampled, the Amiga stores the sound data in a standard file format Form 8SVX, which is a part of the IFF (Interchange File Format). The upside of this is that third-party developers have a standard around which they can design software. The downside is that 8SVX sets rigid, and not always the most musical, limits to the ways you can arrange and "loop” samples. (We’ll discuss looping in greater detail later.) One developer, Mimetics Corp., has devised its own sample format for use with the company’s Sound- Scape series. Although it increases the range and flexibility of Amiga sampling, it has not gained acceptance as a standard among other third-party developers. Amiga Sound Samplers Sound samplers (digitizers) allow you to sample your own sounds into the Amiga, edit them in various ways, and play them back. They usually consist of a small box (the ADC) that plugs into the Amiga's parallel (printer) port, and some sample-editing software. Two solid performers in the field are Datel Utilities' Pro Sampler Studio and SunRize Industries’ PerfectSound. Each stores its samples in the standard, IFF format. Through its left and right inputs, Perfect- Sound will sample stereo sounds at up to a 25 kHz sampling rate. Datel’s ADC which includes a microphone pre-amp uses one of its three mono inputs (' 4-inch mic, line level, and 5-pin mic), leaving the stereo channelizing up to its software, and takes samples at rates up to the Amiga’s maximum Direct Memory Access rate of 28,867 kHz. The principal strength of Datel’s sample-editing software is its looping feature. (To conserve memory, the final portion of a sample is often “looped” played over and over to create a sustained sound. Determining the points in a sample where to begin and end a loop is an art requiring patience, skill, and good editing software.) PerfectSound, on the other hand, excels at transposing samples and arranging them across pitch ranges to create musical instruments. Both packages allow you to sample a sound, trim off any unwanted parts, and store it for later playback. Because both follow the Amiga standard IFF format, most programs using Amiga samples can access the sounds you create with either sampler. SunRize Industries also offers a separate sample- editing program, StudioMagic (S99.95), which can be substituted for the software packaged with PerfectSound or used with other samplers. It affords more sophisticated editing features, and it allows you to play IFF samples (along with MIDI-produced sounds) from the keyboard of an optional MIDI- connected synth, splitting it into secdons. FutureSound (Applied Visions) is another sound sampler wTith excellent editing software that allows you to vary sampling rates, combine and swap sections of four resident samples, and graph sound waves. Two new samplers, A.M.A.S. Advanced MIDI Amiga Sampler (Microdeal MichTron) and ProSound Design (Precision) have recently arrived on the market. Both include sample-editing softw-are and provide MIDI support. A related package, Aegis’ AudioMaster II, is actually only editing software there is no ADC included but it can be used with samplers from other manufacturers (both PerfectSound and Pro Sampler Studio work fine) or it can load already sampled files. AudioMaster II can use Amiga expansion RAM for larger samples (which allow for higher sampling rates and thus better sound quality, and for stereo sampling, which doubles the file size).

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Amiga World Vol 05 05 1989 May

Document sans nom May 7959 7 .S. 1. £5.95 Canada $ 4,50 UK £2.50 An 1DCC I Publication :!-'V r ;'if-v - • • . Wl|g [CONTROL:query] I’m getting some kind of weird noise on the NET, clarify. Null Identity Presence detected. [CONTROL:imperativej Shut down incoming data trunks, isolate intruder, hustle it NOW! Negative response on shut down request. Possible NET breach. [CONTROL:override] Activate ICE procedures, all levels, notify CORE, MAXPRI, COPE communication blocked. ICE systems down. NET breached. [CONTROL;purge] Dump CORE, it's our last chance! [CONTROL:query] Respond. Please, Respond... What's going on? STOP PLAYING GAMES...LIVE THEM "...an apocalyptic orgy of gut wrenching, mind blowing, nose shattering, bladder bursting violence, devastation and destruction. Strap yourself to that chair, oil your joystick, grit your teeth and get ready to flv, kill and die. It’s a total sensory overload, it's a totally wicked experience, it's Denaris!” m sty -k
- Computer Gamesweek. S' "...no zap addict should be without (Denaris).”
- Commodore Computing. “Denaris...the best shoot 'em up yet to appear on the Amiga.”
- AmigaUser International. “...superhyperastro top sound.. Jinks,”
- Run (Germany). "(Jinks) Graphics... 10, Sound...10, Playability... 10.'’
- Computer + Video Games. Rainbckt % A Available now for the Amiga and C64. Pick up a copy at your Dealer today, or order direct. 2171 Dunwin Drive, Unit 13 Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA L5L1X2 416-569-1212 1-800-387-8192 FLY THROi 1TH THE G The easiest and fastest database available on the Amiga, Organize, arrange, and manipulate graphics, text, and numbers and enjoy yourself doing it. S No'¦C'fashes- No Gurus GUARANTEED 7 *See yoiir Amiga dealer for legalese EASIER DONE THAN SAID Look for Designer Databases Templates pre-constructed for home and business Circle 10 on Reader Servico card JAM The Macintosh® emulator for your Amiga NTRODUCIN TM ReadySoft would like to welcome you to the Macintosh6'. Until now, the Macintosh’- was a distant world filled with high quality productivity software, inaccessible to the Amiga owner But ReadySoft has changed all that. Now, with the introduction of A-Max, you will be able to take advantage of the Macintosh* software being used in offices around the world without giving up your Amiga software. A-Max is a hardware and software combination that runs most of the productivity software that has made the Macy a success. Ail you have to supply are Macintosh*5 64K (Mac*) or 128K (Mac Plus*) ROMs. Once the ROMs are installed, Macintosh" software will run at full Mac1 speed on your Amiga. The A-Max cartridge plugs info the Amiga’s external disk drive port and has connectors for an Apple' external drive and additional Amiga drives. If an Apple 800K external disk drive is connected. Mac'- format disks may be used directly during Mac' emulation. Without an Apple drive connected, the included transfer sottware allows you to convert Mac’ disks to A-Max format which may then be used with standard Amiga drives (this option requires access lo a Macintosh ). A-Max features include;
• Compatible with the A500. A1030. And A200Q
• Supports the use ol the Amiga mouse, keyboard,
3. 5' drives, serial and parallel ports during Mac* emulation
• Reads Magic Sac1" and Spectre* disk formats (Atari SV Mac' emufators)
• Supported video modes include: 640X400 (interlaced}, 640 200 (with scro'ling). 512x342 (Mac1 standard size, interlaced) and 1008x800 with the A2024 or Moniterm Viking monitor
• Uses all available Amiga RAM during Mac emulation
• Built-in Apple1 Imagewnter1 emulation tor 9 and & pin Epson* compatible printers
• Transfer software to convert files from AmigaDOS to and from A-Max and Mac1 disk formats (Mac1 external drive required to transfer to Mac' format)
• 68020 support with 128K ROMs
• Runs HyperCard- (requires 1Mband 128K ROMs MultiFinder"* (reqjTes 128K ROMs), Microsoft1 Excel'" and Word1". MacPaint1, MacWrite MacDraw1 (t & 2), PageMaker1 (1.2), MacTermin; all system disk versions (some system disks requ 128K ROMs) and most other productivity sottware A-Max may not run all games and Midi software. Amiga hard drives cannot be used during Macintosh1 emulation. A-Ma* « a trademark of ReadySoft. Apple and tno Apple logo, HyperCard. Imaqcwrter. Mac. Macintosh. MacPa-oi. MacWrte, MacDraw. MacTerrrvna’ are registered trade marks and MuliFmder is a trademark c1 Apple Computer Inc. Atari and ST are registered trademarks of Atari US. Corp.; Ep n ts a registered trademark of Se ko Epson Corporation: Magic Sac & a trademark of Data Pacific; Spectre s a trademark of Gadgets bySmaii; Amiga s. a registered trademark of Commodnre-Am-ga Inc., M crosott s a reg stered trademark and Eircel and Word ora trademarks of WicroScf* Corporation, PageMaker 5 a mgis- lered trademark ol Aldus Corporal on. Yes please rush liie A-Max: $ 199.95'lESc 'Paymerrf by
f. - '• •" JSS*Da1e. ¦J ¦ ?-¦'f-¦ Please add $ 5.0CTfor shipfnnfland'handllngrOnt iesldiinls add,8% POT. No C.O.I ' Sendto; '
- ReadySoft Inc. 30 ,V|[ertheirn Crt, Unit 2 Ri hfTfend Hill, -Ont. CaTiaba L4B 1B9 Tel. (416) 731*4175 Fax 1416) 764*8867 Q t ;vX3;' Mastercard Name__ Address _ ¦**.. . "*"* City Towb Country VOLUME 5, NUMBER 5 MAY 1989 CONTENTS FEATURES The “Sound” of Music By Tim Tully .... 16 If you and your Amiga want to make beautiful music together, you’d better be aware of the two subjects covered in our music feature: What are the capabilities and limitations of the Amiga’s sound system? Which products on the Amiga music market capitalize on those strengths, and which improve upon those deficiencies? ARTICLES Net Results By Louis R, Wallace 30 There’s a treasure trove of free software, information, useful services, and just plain fun out there on the communications networks. Here’s the inside slant on the Big Four among Amiga networks what they offer, where to find them, and how to get yourself up, running, and on line. The Squeeze Play By Jonathan Home .41 If you want to take lull advantage of what the communications networks have to offer, we suggest you get acquainted with these four popular “archiving” utilities. Learning how to compress your files for easy dowmloading and uploading will save you time, disk space, and lots of money on your phone bills. COLUMNS Zeitgeist ... The editor is “wired for sound" this month, and he seems to be hearing music everywhere. INFO.PHILE By Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings .. 48 Continuing their hands-on examination of new and improved features in Workbench 1.3, Team info.phile springs the lock on 1.3’s Utilities drawer and discovers a bonanza of useful new goodies. NOTE: BASIC BY THE Numbers. Because of space demands, we regret we could not bring you the conclusion of Bob’s Amiga Basic data-manipulation tutorial. The final installment including the full Address Book program listing will appear next month. While Amiga music is our feature inside this month (see "The 'Sound' of Music" on p. 16), we're featuring another of the Amiga arts graphics on the outside. Our Amiga-generated Music cover was created by Amiga World Biis anf Art Director Roger Goode, who ray-traced the image using Sculpt-Ani- mate ID. Special thanks to Brian McCullough, Bruce Gran of sky, and Byte by Byte for their help in producing the image. And additional thanks to Philadelphia Video Ijib for producing the hardcopy. DEPARTMENTS 8 Repartee ... Don't just think n,send it! Notepad 10 flic news this month is on the cultural front, with Amiga graphics going postgrad in Jersey, and Amiga music stealing the show in Anaheim. Whats New? 78 Accelerators, genlocks, games, font sets, databases, mice. . .and many more Amiga new products, that's what! Hors d oeuvres ..84 More helpful hints and innovative techniques from fe How A m iga Wo rid readers. Help Key ...88 If your RAM's been repo’ed. And your files got zapped; And the Guru's laughing, While your mouse is trapped; Don’t give up, don’t feel blue: The call is out, here comes Lou! REVIEWS Professional Scan Lab iasdg) ... 12 This hardware software interface to Sharp color scanners offers high-quality, large-scale digitizing potential for serious graphics professionals. The Copyist Professional 1.5 (Dr. T's) 14 A composer’s delight that provides score editing, file-conversion capability, and custom printing all in one package. MEDIAPHILE (Interactive MicroSystems) ...68 Innovative software that can turn your Amiga into a capable low-end video recording-and-editing system,
A. M.A.S* (Microdeal f MichTron)..... 72 Sample, edit, and replay sounds from a MIDI keyboard all with the same package. GAMES The Game Preserve By b.g. Hunter .56
B. G. is off on another adventure this time to the heart of darkest myth in Electronic Arts’ Bard's Tale II. On location, and near expiration, somewhere between Oscon's Fortress and the Temple of Corinth, he sends back advice to the uninitiated. Other game reviews follow his column: HYBRIS (Discovery) ..60 Fast-paced action, dramatic firepower, and super stereo sound in this arcade adventure. Charon 5 (Rainbird) ......60 Save imprisoned space scientists from their gloomy fate. . .or don’t. Aussie Joker Poker (joker Mindscape) .....62 A five-card draw poker game you can play with up to 90 opponents? The Cincinnati Kid would have loved it! SOUND QUEST MUSIC SOLUTIONS Ml MASTER $ 190 K1 MASTER 165 D-10 20 110 MASTER 165 D-50 MASTER 165 MT-32 MASTER 165 DXII TX802 MASTER 190 DX MASTER 165 DX11 TX81Z MASTER 165 FB01 MASTER 150 SQ-80 ESQ MASTER 165 Matrix 6 1000 MASTER 165 C2 MASTER 150 Quest I: Texture 165 PLUS QUEST II: TEXTURE 250 SOON!! SAMPLE QUEST 350 SOUND QUEST INC. Dedicated To Your Music Software Needs 1573 Eglinton Ave. W., Suite 200 Toronto, Canada M6E2G9
(416) 234-0347 1 -800-387-8720 (U.S. only) Circle 96 on Reader Service card. Guy Wright, Editor-in-chief Shawn LAFLAMME, Managing Editor LlNDA J. BARRETT, Acquisitions Editor Dan Sullivan, senior Editor Barbara GEFVERT Tyson, Review Editor JAN JACKSON, New Products Editor Bill Catchings, David X McClellan, Mark L. Van Name, Lou Wallace, Contributing Editors Howard G. Happ, Art Director ROGER Goode, Assistant Art Director Anne Dillon, Designer Laura Johnson, Designer Richard BRAYSHAW, Production KENNETH BlAKEMAN, National Advertising Sales Manager Michael McGoldrick, Sales Representative Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Paquette, Puli Down Menu Sates, isoo-441-4403 LlNDA M, BuSSIERE, Advertising Coordinator GIORGIO SALUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 1-415-328-3470 3350 W. Bayshore Road, Suite 201 Palo Alto, CA 94303 Shelley Harmon, Sales Associate, West Coast WENDIE HAINES-MARRO, Marketing Manager Laura LIVINGSTON, Marketing Coordinator Margot L. Swanson, Secretary SUSAN MaIZEL, Customer Service Representative '¦O' ¥ MICHAEL S. PERLIS, President CEO Roger Murphy, Vice-President General Manager Stephen Twombly, Vice President DENNIS CHRISTENSEN, Corporate Production Director LlNDA PALMISANO, Typesetting Manager Debra A, Davies, Typographer SUSAN Gross, Corporate Production Manager LYNN LAGASSE, Manufacturing Manager FRANK S. SMITH, Corporate Circulation Director LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Manager Mike CARROLL, Direct Sales Manager 800-343-0728 DEBBIE WALSH, Newsstand Promotion Manager PAUL RUESS, Circulation Director 800-365-1364 PAM WILDER, zlsm onf Circulation Manager WILLIAM M. BOYER, Director of Credit Sales Collections AmgaMbrUl (ISSN 0883-2390) is ail independent journal not connected with Commodore Business Machines. Inc. AmigaWorUi is published monthly by IDG Communications Peterborough, Inc.. 80 Elm St.. Peterborough, Nil 03458. U.S. subscription rate is 529.97. one year. S46.00. two years; $ 64.00, three years. Canada $ 38.97 (U.S. funds), one year only. Mexico 538.97. Foreign Surface $ 49.97. Foreign Airmail 584.97 (prepayment is required on Foreign Surface and Airmail subscriptions in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank). All rates are one-year only. Second class postage paid at Peterborough, Nil. And at additional mailing offices. Phone: 603-924-9471. Entire contents copyright 1988 by IDG Communications Peterborough, Inc. No part of this publication may be printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes to AmigaW'arld. Subscription Services. PO Box 58804. Boulder. CO 80322-8804. Nationally distributed bv International Circulation Distributors. A migaWorrld makes every effort to assure the accuracy ol articles. Listings and circuits published in the magazine. AMIGAWorld assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions. DigiTek Software Six world leaders are kidnapped and only one man alive can rescue them - joe Blade! To save them Joe must penetrate the fortress and its 127 rooms, locate the keys, free the hostages, disarm and reset the bombs, and then escape in time! The detailed graphics and sound along with the great gameplav make this... “definitely one for the collection...*' - * ZZAP (silver medal award winner!) ‘Joe Blade is an exceptionally well programmed product..." Ahoy!'s AmigaUser Hole-In-One Miniature Golf is the best mini-golf game made! DigiTek Software has created a game so simple to play that the entire family can enjoy it together. Hole-In-One is pure fun! Complete with classic miniature golf holes as well as lively fantasy holes. “Hole-In-One... is definitely the best game on this popular pastime ever published for the home computer" - Video Games & Computer Entertainment “Hole-1 n-One... is quite simply the best miniature golf computer program ever designed - for home computer or arcades''
- Commodore Magazine Rated as one of the BEST of 88! By .Alloy’s .Amigalser and Video Games & Computer Entertainment. This is an arcade style game in which you must capture sections of the screen to gain points and see the mystery picture. Sound easy? It would be except for the roving lazer, the chomping skulls, ripping scissors and other equally deadly icons that pursue you. The excellent sound, animation, graphics and gameplav all contribute to making this one of our best and most popular arcade games! “Powerstyx takes the popular thinking mans arcade game QLX and embellishes it tremendously making a superior version of the original"- Commodore Magazine 8910 N. Dale Mabry Executive Center, Suite 3“ Tampa. Florida 33614
(813) 933-8023 Programmers wanted - write us!) ZEITGEIST Amiga music, like multitasking, is easy to take for granted until you try a?iother machine. THERE IS MORE music in our lives now, in 1989, than at any other time in the history of human ears. Just about everything we do involves music. Groups that are outraged about various subjects like to point out that the average American sees .* number of murders or x number of semi- sexual references or whatever on television per week, I would like to see statistics on the number of tunes we hear on television per week. If there are nine or ten commercial breaks per hour with at least two commercials per break, then that is a minimum of about 25 tunes per hour. Depending on the program you're watching, music probably plays throughout, and every show has a theme song or two. So, easily we hear hundreds (if not a thousand) tunes per week on TV. Granted, most of this “music” is not Grammy-winning material, but we hear it all the time. Beyond TV, you have elevator music, restaurant music, shopping mall music, dentist’s office music, bank music, supermarket music, being-put- on-hold music (I suppose most of these are forms of Muzak), doorbells, many of the children's toys these days, greeting cards, Christmas ornaments, fasten-your-seat- belt music (if it isn’t just a buzz), bar music, arcade games and pinball music, jukebox music, movie music, halftime music (and don’t forget the national anthem at the start, or the ubiquitous, insipid organ music at baseball games), computer game music, and all the other incidental music that we don't listen to intentionally. All this doesn’t include the music that we do actually choose to listen to. MTV, records, tapes, Cds, radios at work, in the car on the way to work, at play, Walkmen, live concerts, etc. So we are inundated with music every day. How much of it do we make ourselves? Do you sing, whistle, or hum? Do you play an instrument? And, since this is an Amiga magazine, do you use your Amiga to make music? Would you like to? Our feature this month is Amiga music and sound. What it is, how it is done, and what sorts of hardware are out there. Music software and hardware has come a long way in the past year, and whether or not you plan to be composing great rock songs and arias yourself, we all benefit. Someone out there is going to be creating music and sounds for the Amiga. Last year I asked the question: “Where is all the Amiga music?” It is half here and half yet-to-come, but Amiga music, like multitasking, is easy to take for granted until you try another machine. Take just about any Amiga game and compare the sounds and music with the same game on any other computer and you will remember. Like the high-quality graphics that have come to be the standard for Amiga products, great music and sound effects are now standard equipment, too. There is a similar situation in small video studios. Since most people are used to very high-quality television (million- dollar 30-second burger commercials, etc.), just about anything that is locally produced stands out as being amateurish. When the quality of the production reaches a certain level of excellence, then it blends in with all the other television we see. This is why some commercials use jittery, “unprofessional" techniques because we notice them. If you are good enough, you become invisible. There was a time, not Ion*- ago, when any sounds tha computer made were notew thy. Like a child’s first drawings, they were crude, but we forgave the lack of sophistication. The Amiga is more like a high-school student. What comes out is so much better than what a child can do, but it still isn’t what an adult human being could do. Fortunately, in the Amiga, we have a machine that is a good deal farther along the road than any other. As computers get closer to matching reality, the standards get tougher and the final results become invisible. Eventually, computer graphics, sound, speech, animation, video, music, and even thought will match and even surpass reality. Then we can take the technology side for granted and just criticize the creative. 6 May 1989 - A2000 USERS! Quantum ; ---¦ -1 1 1 POVtJI M3 Ifljvmiw E3 THE MOST POWERFUL HARD DISK SOLUTION FOR YOUR A2000! IMPACT TNI AMIGA 500 USERS!- NOW GET A2000 POWER!! THE WORLD’S FIRST AUTOBOOTING HARD DISK FOR THE AMIGA 500 IMPACT A500 - HD RAM SUBSYSTEM offers everything any A500 owner has ever dreamed of - in one compact, easy-to- install, add-on subsystem; provides the same high performance as our top-of-the-line A2000 controller IMPACT™ A500- HD 20 A500-HD 30 A500 - HD 40Q A500 - HD 45 A500 - HD 80Q Available with a built-in 20, 30, 40, 45 or 80 Mega Byte Hard Drive and an optional 2MB plug-in FAST expansion module. The GVP IMPACT-HC series of "Hard-Cards" for the Amiga 2000 matched with the
3. 5" Quantum ProDrive hard disk drives, provide turbo performance and unbeatable value at list prices as low as $ 18.00 per Mega Byte! The Quantum ProDrives provide average access times as low as 11 ms with their built-in 64KB read-ahead cache and offer a MTBF of 50.000 hours which is almost twice the industry average. AUTOBOOT EPROMS GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. PLANK AVENUE, PAOLI, PA 19301 TEL (215) 889-9411 FAX (215) 889-9416 REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. Good Graphics THANK YOU FOR publishing the “Accent on Graphics” series by Joel Hagen. They’re just what I’ve been looking for! The articles are very well written, helpful, and informative. I took an eight-week computer course for SI95, and I’ve gotten more use and fun out of the first two articles in this series than from the entire course. Just think of how many issues of AmigaWorld I could have bought with SI95 (heavy sigh!). Grace Overweel Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Tips & Tricks I ENJOYED THE games section in the Februarv 1989 is- j sue very much [“The Game Preserve,” p. 60]. I do have one suggestion for you, though. Please include a “Tips and Tricks” section for games! The reviews are helpful, but all serious gamists would welcome a hint or three. Douglas Chase Troy, MI Heavy Competition REGARDING THE NEW A2500s, let me say two things: IBM PS 2 80 and Macintosh Ilxt. Let me add one more: NEXT. Come on Commodore, get of! Your behind and catch up with the rest of the industry! Your A1000 was a revolutionary machine, but your A2000 was a timid side step. The A2500 is at least a couple of years behind IBM and Apple, and lagging behind NEXT by even more. When the A1000 first came out, I was instantly seduced by its incredible graphics and animation capabilities. I bought one as soon as they became available, but soon my business needs outgrew' its capabilities, and I eagerly awaited the release of the new model. The A2000 was a total disappointment. Except for expandability and IBM compatibility (although an AT clone is a much more powerful and economical alternative), it offered no significant improvements. It contained the same processor running at the same slow speed, the same resolution, the same flickering display, and (like the new A2500s) communicated with the outside world in 16-bit chunks. It simply was not powerful enough for my needs. Business realities made the Macintosh II the only logical choice for me. While it is true that the A2000 is less expensive than its competition, if I were to bring it up to the level of my Mac II, I would have to buy a 68020 coprocessor card with a math chip (over S1000), some 32-bit memory (over S1000), a flickerFixer (3595), and a high-resolution monitor ($ 2000). Suddenly the Amiga doesn’t seem so cheap, does it? I still use my Amiga for animation scripts, and Deluxe- Paint II and Sculpt Animate 3D are still my favorite programs, but when it comes to powerful and flexible desktop publishing, my Mac II and LaserWriter are unbeatable. Unless Commodore gets with it, it will continue to lose power users to Big Blue and Apple. With Sun and Apollo substantially lowering the prices of their entry-level workstations, and NEXT executing a coup in the computer industry (striking directly at the Amiga’s natural market), Commodore must develop an aggressive marketing strategy, or lose its present market niche and forget any plans of penetrating the corporate world. Gerardo Amoldo Tarango Washington, DC Gama I I’VE HEARD REPORTS that Commodore is working on an Amiga-based game machine. If this is true, I hope they will not end up calling it the Amiga 100 or such. Commodore has had to work hard to overcome its game-machine image in order to build respectability for the Amiga. Let’s not throw it all away by hanging the Amiga name on a cartridge-based game machine. One rumor I’ve heard is that the game machine will be called the Gamma One (Gama I) the letters of Amiga scrambled. That sounds a lot better, Commodore. Bob Krull Toronto, Ontario, Canada Not to worry. The word from Commodore at CES in Las Vegas last January was that the game machine project has been nixed. Nintendo's dominance in that area might have had something to do with the decision. Editors Send your letters to: Repartee, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. ¦ l-p I he year is 3033. Criminals X are no longer sent to jail, they’re sent to a penal colony on ihe abandoned planet, Altrax. You have been wrongfully convicted of a crime and sent there. A long life is not likely among the galaxy's worst undesirables. Your only hope for a long life is to find a rumored space pod and escape. So begins your adventure into terror! Features... ° Superb Graphics
• Ultra-Smooth Animation ° Over 300 Screens ® Total Joystick Control (no typing) ® Save and Load Games ® Multiple Escapes “ Communicate and Interact with Other Game Characters
- f. . iCrvK-.- : L- ® Game Play and Lighting affected by Game Day-Cycle
- - - ... ... , . -- ¦- ¦ ¦ T -
• - ?S; ' It's never too late to escape. % Circle 7 on Reader Service card. I v Actlonware, Inc. 38 W 255 Deerpath Road Batavia, Illinois 60510
(312) 879-8998 FAX (312) 879-6880 Licensed from CHRVSMIS Software Ltd. For the AMIGA? ATARI ST."* IBM”* PC and Macintosh': NOTEPAD Compiled by Linda Barrett The Rutgers University computer lab offers 30MB of animation power from six Amlgas (foreground) and two Suns (background). RUTGERS UNIVERSITY'S Camden campus is undergoing an arts revival. Basking in the glow of its new three-dimensional animation computer lab powered by two Suns and six Amigas, the Fine Arts Department is drawing students from all disciplines from business to computer science. “The students are very enthusiastic. This is the first time they've worked with animation. It’s an exciting environment to be teaching in,” says Assistant Professor Maria Palazzi, a computer graphics and animation specialist. Art on the Move As co-creator of the lab with Art Department Chairman John Giannotti, Palazzi has good reason to be excited. Using a grant from the New Jersey Department of Higher Education, Palazzi has amassed two Sun Microsystems 3 60s with 12MB of memory and a 280MB hard disk, six Amiga 2000s each with dual floppies, 3MB of memory, and an Easyl graphics tablet (Anakin Systems). The computers are networked together with NFS (Network File System). Students can use the Amigas as Individual graphics engines or as an interface to the Suns. The lab also houses an impressive collection of Amiga software, including DeluxePaint II (Electronic Arts), Digi-Paint (NewTek), Kara Fonts (Kara Computer Graphics), PageFlipper (Mindware International), the Photon Video series (Mlcrollluslons), and Sculpt-Anlmate 4D (Byte by Byte). To transform student animations into broadcast-quality videos, the lab provides a Lyon Lamb Mlni-Vas single-frame controller, a Magni 4000 encoder, and two Sony 3 4-inch video decks with an editing controller. To Giannotti, the lab represents only the beginning of a larger project. He would like the Camden campus’s lab to become southern New Jersey’s computer graphics animation center. Considering the college’s arsenal of equipment, he is well on the way to achieving his goal. LJB Singing a Different Tune LAST WINTER’S NAMM (National .Association of Music Merchants) show in Anaheim was huge, hectic, and staggeringly diverse. For a change, music software exhibitors were out in record numbers, with the Amiga well represented. Commodore led the way with its first NAMM appearance. Down the hall. Dr. T’s Music Software mnltitasked its editor librarian for the Kawai K5 synthesizer, The Copyist, and KCS
1. 6 Level II, a more powerful version of the KCS 1.6 sequencer. The company is also working on an .Amiga version of The Orches- trator. A patch organizer. Sound Quest released editor librarians for the Kawai K1 and Oberheim Matrix 6 1000 synthesizers. Music Soft debuted editor librarians for the D-110 (Roland) and its little brother, the MT-32. Passport previewed Amiga versions of its popular Master Tracks Pro 3.0 sequencer and has Master Tracks Jr. Under development. Please Fonuard to. . . Several items were listed inaccurately in the Hardware Buyer’s Guide (March ’89). Please note the correct addresses and telephone numbers that follow: Bill’s Boards is located at 9528 Miramar Rd.. Suite 181, San Diego, CA 92126, 619 486-0908. Great Valley Products can be found at 225 Plank Ave., Paoli, PA 19301. Products credited to Jaylron are actually made by Flexible Data Systems. Contact them at 10503 Forest Lane, Suite 148, Dallas, TX 75243. 214 437-5381. Supra Corporation’s telephone number is 503 967-9075. -JJ MIDI Mouse Music showed a sample generation program. Wave. The program supports FM, Additive, Subtractive, and (iranular synthesis. On the hardware end, IMG demonstrated Midia, a multi- timbral sound generator MIDI interface that sits under the monitor and connects to the serial port. It utilizes sound chips from the Yamaha FB-01 and the Roland JX to produce synthesized sounds, and ROM-resident samples for drums. In the past, the Amiga has lagged behind the Mac and Atari in the music software field, but this show was a serious turnaround. The pro music market is beginning to realize that the .Amiga is a force with which to be reckoned. Stephen Quinzi 5=3 Sri 9 * A«* T>V4>*
* * rt . ¦ , m : + +*3*5' vrV cQ>?v *sv'' e'
* *»*¦ Circle 93 on Reader Service card Available on IBM PC: Tandy- and compatibles. Commodore64 128: Apple IlGS- and Commodore-Amiga- Trademarks Owner: Ferrari Ferrari S PA . Porsche Porsche Cars, Inc. c 1989 Accolade. Inc REVIEWS urnuuummmmummmuumumumuuum Professional ScanLab Looking good in detail. By Louis R. Wallace IF YOU WANT high-quality print graphics, your choices are limited. Most Amiga video digitizers size images to fit on your monitor’s screen, and in doing so, limit image resolution to a maximum of 640 X 400 (plus overscan). While laser printers can deliver up to 300 dots per inch (dpi), printing on a dot-by-dot basis to get the highest-quality output produces a graphic of just 2x 1V4 inches at most. Some software allows you to scale graphics, but no matter how much you enlarge an image, your print will never show any more detail than was contained in the original screen display. ASDG’s Professional ScanLab, however, lets you achieve large, high-quality print output. A hardware-and-software interface to Sharp Electronics’JX-300 and JX-450 color scanners, ScanLab can create virtual IFF images far larger than the Amiga's screen display. With it, you can digitize graphics ranging in size from one inch square to 11.7 X 17 inches in resolutions of 30 to 300 dpi. (The JX- 300 has a maximum scanning area of
S. 5 x 11, according to Sharp, but the JX- 450 accommodates oversize documents and, with an optional mirror attachment, transparencies of up to 8.3 x 11.7.) Elephantine My Darling Large, high-resolution images require great amounts of memory and storage space. Just one square inch of graphics occupies 24K at 75 dpi, while at 300 dpi it requires an incredible 37IK. (An 8 x 10 picture requires 80 times the square-inch value!) It is no surprise, then, that an A2000 with at least two megabytes of RAM is the bare-bones requirement for using Professional ScanLab. ASDG states, however, you need a minimum of eight megs to make full use of the scanner, and although you can work from a floppy-based system, a 40MB hard disk should be considered standard equipment. If you plan to save pure RGB data, you will need a larger-capacity drive. The ScanLab package consists of ASDG’s Twin-X GP1B (IEEE) Input Output board and software (the scanners themselves are sold separately). The board mounts into any of the Amiga’s 100-pin expansion slots, and connects to the scanner via the supplied two-meter cable. You need a fair amount of desk space to accommodate the scanner. I tested the JX-450, which weighs 44 pounds and measures approximately 21 x 22 x 7 inches. Because the upper portion of the machine moves from side to side during the scanning process, you cannot place the unit against a wall or another piece of equipment. The ScanLab software is remarkably powerful. One utility lets you install the entire program onto any drive or directory. To start the system, simply turn on the scanner and click on the ScanLab icon. You must master each of the program’s modes Trial, Fine, and Process to fully utilize the scanner. You begin in Trial mode by clicking its gadget (a gadget for each mode appears at the bottom of the screen). The Trial mode scan gives you a rough idea of how your image will look. Place your original picture on the scanner’s glass, and select a size for the initial scan from the Trial menu. For the JX- 450, there are eight choices ranging from 8.5 X 5.5 inches to 11.7 x 17 inches. The Trial scan uses a single bitplane, which gives you a crude black-and-white display in a few seconds. Very large scanned images will not fit entirely on the display screen, but with arrow gadgets, you can scroll to see the various sections. ScanLab’s scrolling action is the fastest and smoothest I have seen on the Amiga even in HAM (Hold-And-Mod- ify) mode and it is free of the annoying flash you often see when scrolling with other programs. ZEROING In Once you have an image on screen, you can more precisely define an area by drawing a box around it with the mouse (this is accurate to about one-hundredth of an inch). If you then dick on the Accept Subrange button, the scanner will quickly digitize only that area. You can repeat this process as many times as you like. When you have defined your area satisfactorily in Trial mode, it is time to move to Fine mode, where a menu offers a variety of scan formats. In addition to the one-bit (monochrome) mode, you can scan in eight-bit gray scale (which produces a high-quality black-and-white image), a three-bit (eight-color) mode, and the 24-bit color default format wherein ScanLab processes your image using 24 bits per pixel. Because the Amiga can use a maximum of six bits per pixel (HAM) for display, the ScanLab software translates 24-bit images into HAM mode format for screen representation. Depending on image size, this can take a few seconds to a minute. By clicking on the Edge button, you can choose from several edge-emphasis options; these can heighten fine detail or soften edges. In Fine mode, the program displays the current resolution in dpi. You can alter it by clicking the Custom Resolution button and defining another, or by choosing from a menu of four options (320 x 200, 320 x 400, 640 x 200 or 640x400) and letting ScanLab calculate the dpi required for the picture. As with Trial mode, you scroll around the virtual screen using arrows. If you decide to scan a different segment of the picture you must return to Trial mode. If you are satisfied with your selection, however, you can click on the Process button and enter the third mode. The Process menu allows you to perform image processing on any 24-bit graphic in memory. For example, you can separate an image into as many as seven colors, or have the software automatically separate and save the picture to disk in either three- or four-color format. You can also convert the loaded image to different screen formats, including 16- and 32-color displays. A high-speed reduction option allows you to shrink the picture to one half, quarter, or eighth of the original size, and by selecting the Adjust button you can alter contrast and brightness. Finally, the Pscript utility converts pure RGB data into a Postscript file so you can output to a Postscript-compatible printer. Where Do We Go From Here? The images Professional ScanLab produces are very high quality, and in some cases equal to those generated by Digi- View (NewTek). ScanLab, however, can produce far larger images, and can zoom in to much smaller areas. I was able to import large graphics into Deluxe PhotoLab’s (Electronic Arts) Paint program for editing and manipulation. DeluxePaint II accepts some virtual screens (not Extra_Halfbrite or HAM). These are the only programs I know of, however, that directly accept larger-than- screen-size ScanLab output, although Gold Disk’s 2.0 release of Professional Page promises support. I am extremely impressed with the caliber of the ScanLab package and the images Sharp’s scanner produces. Considering the total-system cost (the JX-450 retails for $ 6995 and the JX-300 has a S4995 price tag), ScanLab is strictly for those with a serious ongoing need for top-of-the line graphics. If you can afford it, and if you can get by with the small amount of software that currently supports ScanLab’s unique abilities, you will be pleased with the professional- quality output the system delivers. Professional ScanLab ASDG Inc. 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-6585 $ 995 Two megabytes required. ? AmigaWorld 13 The Copyist Professional Someone is taking note of your notes. By Bob Lindstrom MANY MUSICIANS COMPOSE intuitively, working out scores on instruments rather than the printed page. Still, musiA collection of essential, powerful, and easy-to-use tools for your Amiga. Here's a new software package that every Amiga owner can use. Abacus' AmigaDOS Toolbox has the tools you need to make your Amiga computing easier and more productive. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Amiga user you'll find the AmigaDOS Toolbox to be just what you've been looking for. To order call Toll Free 1-800-451-4319 Abacus Dept. L5, 5370 52nd Street S.E. Grand Rapids, Ml 49508 Phone: (616) 698-0330 cal notation remains a preferred way to preserve canorous expressions, and the most efficient means of sharing those thoughts with other performers. While our system for writing out music is versatile, it is complex and hardly efficient. No wonder modern musicians favor playing to penciling. Dr. T’s Copyist Professional one of a series of programs that will include The Copyist Apprentice (S99) and The Copyist DTP ($ 399) provides composers and Some of our best tools included are:
• DeepCopy- one of the fastest FULL disk copiers: copies many different formats.
• Speeder- a data speedup utility (more than 300%) -not a disk cache.
• BTSnap- a screen grabber deluxe.
• Diskmon- a full-featured disk editing tool.
• Fonts- eleven new originals you can use in your Amiga text. ...and many additional tools that every Amiga owner can use. Bought individually, equivalent software could cost up to $ 200. Arrga and AmgaDOS are -egstereo tradeTia'fcs o' Conmodcre-Ar.ga ire am performers with some of the best of both worlds. Besides being a professional- quality score editor, the program converts music files from computerized sources. By importing MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) files to your Copyist software, you can automatically notate music that you have hammered out on vour synthesizer and realize true performance-to-page convenience. Playing All the Parts The Copyist Professional software consists of several programs that provide a variety of input and output options. The first module, The Copyist, is a music entry-and-notation system that displays and edits full musical scores up to 50 pages long. The Copyist’s on-screen representation of scores is the finest I have seen on the Amiga. You can view your piece in either medium or high resolution; the former is impressive, but in hi-res your score is a work of art. With the Parts module you can extract individual voices from scores edited in The Copyist. In theory, you could compose a full score in The Copyist (or import one) and then, using this module, print out parts for each member of your ensemble. Synth, a file-conversion program, transforms Copyist data files into standard MIDI files or into .ALL files for use with Dr. T’s Keyboard Controlled Sequencer (KCS). Thus, if you feel more comfortable with paper than with MIDI, you can write out your entire score with The Copyist and use Synth to convert your music into MIDI files for performance on synthesizers. Font Editor lets you customize up to ten musical symbols. This feature is particularly useful for realizing the esoteric notation sometimes required in avant- garde scores. Finally, the software provides three custom-printing programs designed to optimize output quality for Epson-compatible printers, Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Plus compatibles, and your choice of any other printer supported by an Amiga driver. The two program disks employ the same key-disk copy protection Dr. T’s uses for its other products. The 155- page, ring-bound manual includes a brief, helpful tutorial section, and a bibliography offering suggestions for those Continued, on p. 66 Got The Picture...Get The Works! Picture this: all the productivity applications you need in one easy to use “Starter Kit" Give your Amiga power times five. Give it The Works! Platinum Edition. McroSysfems Software 12798 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 202 West Palm Beach, Florida 33414 407*790*0770 Fax 407-790 1341 Dealers and Distributors Call 1-800-327-8724 See your local dealer for a demonstration. We use KAO Disks. The Works! Platinum Edition is a trademark of Micro-Systems Software, Inc. All brand and product names are trademarks of registered trademarks of their respective companies. PLATINUM EDITION d Programs In One Amiga’ Computer UALC WITH THE RIGHT hardware and software, you can use your Amiga to create a wide and varied assortment of music. The Amiga’s basic design includes some pretty sophisticated sound-generating circuitry that, together with its multitasking operating environment, enables you to make effective use of a slew of good music peripherals
- and software on the market. Understanding how the Amiga’s sound system works and what its limitations are (the first part of this article) will make you better equipped to choose and use those support products, and thus make better, more satisfying music. In the second part we will look at how MIDI the Musical Instrument Digital Interface) can enhance the Amiga’s music-making capabilities. Also, we will examine the Amiga music market digitizers, sample editing software, synthesizers, MIDI sequencers, patch editors, and so forth with an eye towards showing you what they do, how they work, and which ones best suit your music’s requirements. Knowing how the Amiga records and plays sounds can be invaluable in taking full advantage of its music-making capabilities. By Tim Tully Amiga Sound Capabilities And Limitations BUILT INTO THE Amiga's hardware are four sound channels: two connected to its left audio output and two to its right. If you connect these to a sound amplification system (like connecting your CD player to an amplifier or receiver), you can play stereo sounds from the computer. The way those sounds get into the Amiga is through digital sound sampling, a process by which a computer can “listen" to any sound, and turn it into digital information a series of bytes it can store. The computer can then feed the stored data back through a digital-to-analog converter (DAC), an amplifier, and speakers to turn it into sound again. It can also transpose the pitch of the sound, so the sound can be played like a musical instrument, and modify it in a number of other ways. This is the same technology behind compact discs and the dedicated samplers used by professional musicians. ? To a degree, the Amiga’s sampling capabilities give it the exciting potential to be a software-controlled musical instrument, capable of playing any sound that can be sampled (i.e., any sound). But, you ask, why only "to a degree?” To answer this, we need to delve a little into physical acoustic theory. Catching the Wave Physically, sounds are waves in a medium (usually air), generated by some vibrating object a guitar 11 sec Figure 2. A simple sine wave showing the points where It was sampled at a low rate (left) and at a higher rate (right). String, a drumhead, a loudspeaker diaphragm, or whatever that our ears interpret as sound. To understand sound waves better, imagine throwing a pebble into a pool of water. The vibration this creates results in ripples waves that are very similar to sound waves.'These ripples may serve as a good image for explaining two important characteristics of sound waves: amplitude and frequency. If you measure the distance, up-and-down, from the peak of one ripple in the pool to the bottom of its ad jacent trough, you will find the wave’s amplitude. Determining the amplitude of a sound wave is a measurement of the sound’s loudness. Go back to the pool and measure the time it takes for one complete cycle of the ripple wave from the tip of one peak to the tip of the next to move past a given point. This will give you the frequency of the wave. With sound waves, frequency translates into pitch: the higher the frequency of the wave, the higher the pitch of the sound you hear. A wave’s frequency is usually expressed in kiloHertz (kHz). A wave vibrating at one kHz is completing one thousand complete wave cycles per second. Shape is another important aspect of sound waves, in that the shape of a wave determines the color or timbre of a sound. Figure 1 displays two simple wave forms a square wave and a sawtooth wave and one complex wave. If we put these waves through an amplification system and a loudspeaker, the square wave would produce a sound similar to a clarinet, the sawtooth wave would sound brassy, and the complex waveform would sound like a note played on a piano (for the simple reason that it is a sampled piano note). .All sound waves are analog phenomena they occur as a continuous change. The vibrating object compresses and decompresses the air again and again to create the wave. Your Amiga, on the other hand, is a digital device; it only understands discrete occurrences of ones and zeros. To record a sound, the .Amiga needs to see it as a digital phenomenon. The answer to this problem is a device called an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The ADC listens to a sound wave, records (“samples”) its amplitude thousands of times per second and sends these measurements to the computer as individual digital numbers. These are stored and played back later to reproduce the original sound. Figure 2 shows two examples of how an ADC might sample the various points on a simple sine wave. Once a sound is sampled, the Amiga stores the sound data in a standard file format Form 8SVX, which is a part of the IFF (Interchange File Format). The upside of this is that third-party developers have a standard around which they can design software. The downside is that 8SVX sets rigid, and not always the most musical, limits to the ways you can arrange and "loop” samples. (We’ll discuss looping in greater detail later.) One developer, Mimetics Corp., has devised its own sample format for use with the company’s Sound- Scape series. Although it increases the range and flexibility of Amiga sampling, it has not gained acceptance as a standard among other third-party developers. Amiga Sound Samplers Sound samplers (digitizers) allow you to sample your own sounds into the Amiga, edit them in various ways, and play them back. They usually consist of a small box (the ADC) that plugs into the Amiga's parallel (printer) port, and some sample-editing software. Two solid performers in the field are Datel Utilities' Pro Sampler Studio and SunRize Industries’ PerfectSound. Each stores its samples in the standard, IFF format. Through its left and right inputs, Perfect- Sound will sample stereo sounds at up to a 25 kHz sampling rate. Datel’s ADC which includes a microphone pre-amp uses one of its three mono inputs (' 4-inch mic, line level, and 5-pin mic), leaving the stereo channelizing up to its software, and takes samples at rates up to the Amiga’s maximum Direct Memory Access rate of 28,867 kHz. The principal strength of Datel’s sample-editing software is its looping feature. (To conserve memory, the final portion of a sample is often “looped” played over and over to create a sustained sound. Determining the points in a sample where to begin and end a loop is an art requiring patience, skill, and good editing software.) PerfectSound, on the other hand, excels at transposing samples and arranging them across pitch ranges to create musical instruments. Both packages allow you to sample a sound, trim off any unwanted parts, and store it for later playback. Because both follow the Amiga standard IFF format, most programs using Amiga samples can access the sounds you create with either sampler. SunRize Industries also offers a separate sample- editing program, StudioMagic (S99.95), which can be substituted for the software packaged with PerfectSound or used with other samplers. It affords more sophisticated editing features, and it allows you to play IFF samples (along with MIDI-produced sounds) from the keyboard of an optional MIDI- connected synth, splitting it into secdons. FutureSound (Applied Visions) is another sound sampler wTith excellent editing software that allows you to vary sampling rates, combine and swap sections of four resident samples, and graph sound waves. Two new samplers, A.M.A.S. Advanced MIDI Amiga Sampler (Microdeal MichTron) and ProSound Design (Precision) have recently arrived on the market. Both include sample-editing softw-are and provide MIDI support. A related package, Aegis’ AudioMaster II, is actually only editing software there is no ADC included but it can be used with samplers from other manufacturers (both PerfectSound and Pro Sampler Studio work fine) or it can load already sampled files. AudioMaster II can use Amiga expansion RAM for larger samples (which allow for higher sampling rates and thus better sound quality, and for stereo sampling, which doubles the file size). It can also set sample loop points, mix samples together to get thicker, more interesting sounds, and tune your samples accurately. It allows for quite sophisticated sample editing, including copy, cut, and paste, as well as freehand drawing to reshape an existing sample. AudioMaster 11’s most intriguing function is its ability to “resample” an existing sample without changing its pitch a valuable memory-saving feature. This is a powerful program that would be highly useful in an application requiring serious manipulation of Amiga samples. In addition to sampling sounds from the outside world, the .Amiga can create and store synthesized zoon DatePs Sample Editor lets you edit a sound wave with ttie mouse. Waveforms in its IFF SMUS (pronounced "ess-mus”) format files. One particularly fascinating program offering exciting possibilities for creating IFF sounds is Synthia (The Other Guys). It offers features and ? AmigaWorld 19 capabilities often found only in expensive, professional synthesizers; it comes very- close to its stated goal of being a friendly, inexpensive, and comprehensive “real” synthesizer. It uses standard additive and subtractive methods of synthesis as well as a few other, more arcane methods to create a wide range of complex, good-sounding timbres and sophisticated effects (flanging, filtering, delay, and others). Learning to use Svnthia is like taking a good survey course in synthesis, signal processing, acoustics, audio, and the Amiga’s role in all of these areas. More practically important, however, is that once you have mastered the program, you will be able to create and modify an impressive array of IFF-format instruments that you can use in any number of other Amiga music programs. Not Quite Grammy Material While the Amiga’s sampling abilities are prodigious compared with other personal computers, they are nonetheless limited. .Although many music programs use Amiga samples both as simple musical instruments and for speech and sound effects, serious musical applications are limited by hardware factors. First, consider the size of the bit path used to sample the sound. Each sample taken and stored in RAM is a measure of the sound wave’s momentary amplitude. If there are not enough bits in an individual sample to record the larger numbers (higher amplitudes), the “dynamic range” of the sampled sound the distance between the highest and lowest playable amplitude will be limited, causing distortion in playback. 1 he Amiga uses an 8-bit format that, compared to the 12- and 16-bit schema of dedicated samplers, produces “scrunched” sounds with a relatively small dynamic range. Figure 3 demonstrates this phenomenon. The sampling rate is another factor that must be taken into account. The more samples an ADC takes per second, the more accurately it will record the sound. Earlier, in Figure 2, we noted the difference between a sound wave sampled at a low sampling rate and one sampled at a high rate. Here, Figure 4 displays the waves produced when the samples from Figure 3 are played back. You can see that at the higher sampling rate (the more samples taken per second), the recorded sound wave has a higher resolution and is more accurately reproduced. Even a sound with a specific frequency, such as a note from a musical instrument, contains a number of frequencies above the one we perceive as its main pitch. Acoustic physics tells us that when a sound is sampled, any of these frequencies higher than half the sampling rate will produce ugly sounds in the sample a phenomenon called “aliasing” (more on aliasing below). The .Amiga can sample at a maximum rate of only 28,867 kHz, limiting the highest audio frequency it can sample to about 14 kHz. That's not bad, but it does not begin to approach the 44.1 kHz rates of dedicated samplers in the compact disc field. Also, to mitigate the effects of its low sampling rate, the Amiga has a low-pass audio filter that limits the full-volume output to frequencies less than about 4,500 hertz. This is just about the note “A-above-rniddle-A." The effect of the output filter, however, is that when you go above this region, the output starts to decrease until frequencies above 7 kHz are cut out entirely. (Most adults can hear up to about 15 kHz; children often up to 20 kHz.) The filter w-as installed to reduce aliasing distortion, which occurs when the discrete sampling frequency mixes in with the highest frequency that you expect to reproduce producing a “beat” frequency you can hear. The combination of the sampling frequency and the highest frequency sampled produces both a sum of frequencies and a difference of frequencies. With the filter in place, if the sampling frequency is at least 7 kHz higher than the highest frequency to be produced, none of the beat frequencies can pass through the filter and distortion is minimized. You can disable the audio filter in the Amiga 500 and A2000, thus increasing the high frequency response of the system to nearly its maximum theoretical response of about 14,450 Hz. This, however, also allows aliasing distortion to pass through to the output. Therefore, if you hear tones or noise in the » PILOT THE MEANESTi FLYING MACHINE ON ] YOUR HOME COMPUTER! 1 Enjoy a whole new action-perspective on your PC from the arcade Hit of 1988! You'll reach for a safety belt,
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31. 25 Kilobaud. Simply explained, it allows one mi- croprocesor-based synthesizer to control another. Thus you can play one keyboard while another keyboard hooked up via a MIDI cable plays exactly the same notes over a ten-octave range. In addition, MIDI not only communicates which notes to play, but also how to play them through a variety of control features, including Note Velocity, Pitch Wheel, .Aftertouch, Polyphonic Key Pressure, Program Change, Control Change, and so forth. There are 16 channels in MIDI, each of which can send a separate set of information to its own syhthesizers and sam- piers in effect allowing 16 discrete performances to occur at one time. MIDI offers an impressive number of functions that have enabled computers such as the Amiga to become the control center of home recording studios that at their best can produce sophisticated record- quality music. Lets Hear it from the Sequencer Section Undoubtedly, the sequencer is the most familiar genre of MIDI software. Sequencers allow a musician to play one or more MIDI instruments synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, and so forth and have the computer record this performance and play it back on the same MIDI instruments, like a computer- driven player piano. The most powerful and dependable of MIDI sequencers for the Amiga is KCS, the Keyboard Controlled Sequencer, from Dr. T’s Music Software. (The company also makes a more inexpensive, less fully functioned little brother, MRS, the MIDI Recording Studio.) Long a popular item for the C-64 and Atari ST, the newer .Amiga version of KCS is a highly sophisticated musical composition tool. If you connect one or more synthesizers or other MIDI instruments to an Amiga loaded with the KCS, it will record your performances on those instruments, then play them back on request. You can assign recorded performances to any of the different intru- ments each set to play a different sound to build up an entire composition including percussion, bass, piano, strings, and so on. In the process, the sequencer will display the notes you have played, allowing you to edit them to make them more in time, correct pitch errors, add nuances, and much more. KCS is unique in many ways. For instance, you can record a track, let it play repeatedly, and then play over it, while the KCS records you in a new track for each iteration of the loop. This lets you listen to what you have done, integrate the parts you like into your composition, and discard the rest. In addition, you can have a KCS sequence “call” other sequences to create a complex interaction of parts. KCS’ Programming Variations Generator will copy a sequence you have laid in, but then change it in varying degree and frequency, according to a wide range of parameters you select in timing, note volume, note duration, and so forth. By repeating this process a number of times, you can create a series of “evolving” sequences that can help you tremendously in building up the structure of a piece. .Another sequencer, Mimetics’ SoundScape Pro MIDI Studio, was introduced as a “music environment" intended to take advantage of the .Amiga’s multitasking. It is based on a number of independent modules performing different functions, linked together by a "patch panel.” A “player piano” displays notes as they play; a sequencer (called the "tape deck”) will record and play MIDI data to sequence external MIDI instruments; a sampler will record samples in the Amiga’s memory; and so on. SoundScape can send and receive files from a number of other programs, including Intelligent Music’s M and Electronic Arts’ Deluxe Music Construction Set. .Although an exciting concept, SoundScape’s editing capabilities have been overshadowed by later sequencers. The program’s modular approach has given it the potential to be a serious audio-for-video- production program, and with improved documentation and the right development, this may be its future. Ported to the Amiga from the IBM, tlie Quest Sequencer: Texture (Sound Quest) is more simply structured than KCS, but powerful nonetheless. With Quest, you record "patterns” short sections of a piece one at a time, then string them together to form the whole fabric. Each pattern has a number of separate “tracks” each capable of playing a different instrument simultaneously, much like a multitrack tape recorder. The current version of this sequencer UNLOCK THE GRAPHICS POWER OF YOUR AMIGA 20001 flickerFixer is an advanced graphics adaptor that eliminates your Amiga 2000’s interlace flicker and visible scan lines. The result: superior quality color or monochrome graphics and text for such demanding applications as CAD CAM, Desktop Presentation, Graphic Design, Animation, 3D Modeling, Video, and Word Processing. FlickerFixer upgrades the Amiga 2000 with a flicker free 4096 color palette, has an overscan mode that features a screen size of 704 x 470 pixels and drives most of the popular PC Multiscan and VGA monitors, including the NEC Multisync and Mitsubishi XC1429C. Accolades include: Best of 1988 Award, Commodore Magazine (12 88); 1 Reader’s Choice Award, AMIGAWORLD (12 88); "The display is fantastic... It is the best display we have ever seen on any computer system.” Amiga GURU (5 88) flickerFixer fits into the Amiga video slot, is fully compatible with all software, and does not modify the standard Amiga video signals. For more information or to order, call MicroWay Sales at (508) 746-7341 or your Amiga Dealer. Priced at $ 595, flickerFixer is made in the USA and is FCC Class B approved. MicroWay.., Respected throughout the industry tor high quality engineering, service and technical support. World Leader in PC Numerics
P. O. Box 79. Kingston, MA 02364 USA (508) 746-7341 32 High St., Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK, 01-541-5466 USA FAX 617-934-2414 Australia 02-439-8400 Circle 78 on Reader Service card. FlickerFixer and MicroWay are trademarks of MicroWay. Inc Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore. Multisync is a registered trademark of NEC. (Stage I) is not entirely full-featured, but the manufacturers are working on a pro version with all the capabilities of the latest IBM offering. Although not actually a sequencer, Aegis’ Sonix is a jack of all trades combining the functions of a sequencer, sampler and on-board synthesizer. You can create and edit some of the basic, single-cycle waveforms that synthesizers use to make sounds, store them in the .Amiga’s SMIJS file format, and then load them to act as “instruments” You can load IFF- sampled sounds and sequence both samples and SMUS instruments into a composition. If the .Amiga sounds aren’t sufficient, Sonix can also record and play eight tracks of MIDI instruments and perform other basic operations, such as selecting up to 32 of a synth’s patches (most full-featured synths hold 64 or more) and MIDI channels. The Sonix manual covers the basics of music, synthesis, and sampling; the program is an interesting, hobbyist-level package. Some new MIDI sequencers worthy of note have recently arrived on the market. An updated version of Dynamic Studio (New Wave Software) builds on the original's already interesting approach of combining a sequencer with a digital drum machine. MIDI Magic's (Circum Design Brown-Wagh) Intui- tion-style design and logically consistent functions make it easy to use. Although it does not offer the speed and efficiency professional MIDI musicians might require, a handful of unique features, a reliable design, and a fairly inexpensive price tag may make it an attractive choice for beginners or even serious amateurs. Music-X, a somewhat more expensive offering from Microlllusions, is a more full-featured sequencer providing good editing features and a fully configurable librarian. Patchwork Composition Keep in mind, however, that before you even begin to record your sequence, you have to develop the sounds you want in your synthesizers. Because most synths today have only a small LCD or LED screen to communicate their many functions, a raft of synthesizer patch editor librarians has emerged. These programs use the .Amiga to edit the sounds (also called "patches,” from the days when you changed a synthesizer’s sound by connecting patch cords to the synth) in the synths and store them on disk, allowing you easy visual editing and the ability to develop libraries of sounds for all your MIDI instruments. While most of the popular computers have their share of patch editors, the multitasking .Amiga takes the concept further. Typically, the process is to tweak a patch, play a few notes, tweak, play, tweak, close the editor, boot the sequencer, listen to the patch in the context of your composition, and then probably go through the routine again. . .and again. .An altogether different procedure is to boot both programs and, while the sequencer is running and your music is playing, pop up the editor screen to work on your sounds in context. Although the Amiga’s internal Product Information
A. MAS. Microdeal distributed by MichTroti 576 S. Telegraph Pontiac, MI 48053 313 334-5700 $ 169.95 AudioMaster II Aegis Development 2210 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 277 Santa Monica, CA 90403 213 392-9972 $ 59.95 512K required. The Copyist Professional 1.5 Dr. T’s Music Software 220 Boylston St. Suite 206 Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 617 244-6954 $ 275 C-Zar Diemer Development 12814 Landalc Street Studio City, CA 91604-1351 818 762-0804 SI 95 Deluxe Music Construction Set Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 $ 99.95 512K required. Dr. T’s Caged Artist Editor Librarians Dr. T’s Music Software see address at "Copyist" 4-Op Deluxe: SI49 CZ Rider: SI49 DX Heaven: $ 149 ESQapade ESQ-1 SQ80: SI49 Kawai K-l series: $ 149 Kawai K-5 series: $ 175 Lexicon PCM-70 series: SI49 Oberheim Matrix 6 1000: $ 149 Roland D-50: SI49 Roland MT-32: $ 149 512K and MIDI interface required. Dynamic Studio New Wave Software PO Box 438 St. Clair Shore, MI 48080 313 771-4465 SI 99.95 One megalyte, MIDI keyboard, MIDI interface required. Futu reSound Applied Visions Suite 2200 1 Kendall Square Cambridge, MA 02139 617 494-5417 Ad000: SI79 A500, A2000: $ 119.95 KCS Dr. T’s Music Software see address at "Copyist" KCS 1.6A: $ 249 5I2K and MIDI interface required. KCS Level II: $ 349 One megabyte and MIDI interface required. M for the Amiga Intelligent Music 116 N. Lake Ave, .Albany, NY 12206 518 434-4110 $ 200 One megabyte recommended. MIDI Magic Brown-Wagh Publishing 16795 Lark Ave. Suite 210 Los Gatos, CA 95030 408 395-3838 S 149.95 MIDI synthesizer, MIDI interface and two MIDI cables required. MRS Dr. T’s Music Software see address at "Copyist” $ 69 512K required. Coming To A Screen Near You. If you're ready to become your own studio producer, there's only one desktop video system that will bring NTSC and S-VHS to your Amiga's screen. The Scanlock system by VidTech. Other systems give you a genlock that’s f'cither-or." They either support NTSC or S-VHS. But not both. Two For One With Scanlock, you get two genlocks for the price of one. So you can migrate from NTSC to the newer S-VHS format without investing in another system. We also offer a Scanlock model that is compatible with the International PAL TV format, including its new S-VHS version. Scanlock’s dual-genlock system gives you broad- cast-quality video at consumer prices. And our system offers all the bells and whistles, including front-panel fingertip controls, multiple monitor connections for viewing and editing, and independent fade controls for both reference and Amiga videos. If your Amiga is supporting a load of peripherals, we provide a connection that lets you use an optional external power supply. Scanlock is a breeze to use. A "ditch-free" vertical interval switch lets you insert, reverse and remove reference video and Amiga graphics at the touch of a finger. And you can switch between NTSC. S-VHS and analog RGB formats without moving cable connectors. When you're done editing, you can resume normal Amiga operation with the Ilip of a switch. Don't Get Locked Out So if you're ready to become your own producer, choose the desktop video system that doesn't lock you into one genlock the Scanlock system by VidTech. Coming to a screen near you. Call or write us today: VidTech International, Inc.. 2822 NW 79th Ave., Miami, Florida 33122. Telephone 800-727-2261 or 305-477-2228. Fax 305-591-1651. Prices:NTSC-$ 995, PAL-S 1,095. Distributed by Southern Technologies, Dallas, Texas. Product Information continued Nlusic-X Mierolllusions 17408 Chatsworth St. Granada Hills, CA 91344 818 360-3715 800 522-2041 $ 299.95 H2K required. PerfectSound SunRize Industries 3801 Old College Rd. Bryan, TX 77801 409 846-1311 $ 89.95 Pro Sampler Studio Datel Computers 3430 F. Tropicana Ave. Unit 67
I. as Vegas, NV 89121 702 454-7700 SI 19.99 ProSound Designer Precision Inc. 8404 Sterling St. Suite A Irving, TX 75063 214 929-4388 $ 159.95 Quest Sequencer Stage 1: Texture Sound Quest Inc. 5 Glenaden Ave. Last Toronto, Ontario Canada M8Y 2L2 416 234-0347 800 387-8720 (inquiries, US only) SI 65 512K and MIDI interface required. Sonix Aegis Dei'elopment see address at "AudioMaster II” $ 79.95 512K required. Sound Quest: Master Editor Librarians Sound Quest Inc. see address at "Quest" CZ Master: $ 150 D10 110 Master: $ 165
1) 50 Master Editor Librarian: $ 165 DXIITX802 Master: $ 190 DXII TX812 Master: S165 DX Master Editor: $ 165 FB-01 Master: $ 150 K-l Master: $ 165 Ml Master: $ 165 Matrix 6 1000 Master: $ 165 MT-32 Master: $ 165 SQ-80 ESQ Master: $ 165 Sound Sampler Mimetics Corp. PC) Box 1560 Cupertino, CA 95015 408 741-0117 $ 99.95 SoundScape Pro MIDI Studio 1.4 Mimetics Corp. see address at "Sound Sampler" $ 179.95 One megabyte, tu%o disk dlives recommended. StudioMagic SunRize Industries see address at "Perfect Sound" $ 99.95 Synthia The Other Guys PO Box 11 Logan, UT 84321 800 942-9402 $ 99 Synthia Professional: Release 4 89 ($ TBA) 5 2K required. Sounds may have limitations, its multitasking is a godsend in this situation. T he most prolific of the patch-editor makers are doubtless Dr. T’s and Sound Quest. Dr. T’s Caged Artist Editor Librarian series includes programs for Yamaha 4- and 6-operator synthesizers, the Casio CZ line, Roland's D-50 and other L A instruments, Ober- heim, Kawai, and Ensoniq machines, as well as for signal-processing effects modules from ART’and lexicon. Sound Quest’s Master Editor Librarian series offers a similar list and also includes a program for the popular Korg M-l. Both companies make programs that present clear, visual depictions of the often complex relationships among the parameters of a synthesizer sound. Click and drag techniques ease your editing of envelopes, filter cutoff points, and other graphically representable functions. The ability to transfer single sounds or entire banks ofsounds rapidly from synth to Amiga and back is invaluable. Perhaps less well know, but one of the most fun to use of all the patch editors, Diemer Development’s C-Zar for the Casio CZ-101 1000 has a quintessentially Amiga-like look and feel. In contrast to the businesslike screens of Sound Quest's and Dr. T’s editors, C-Zar’s screen looks like a jet fighter cockpit. Functionally, it works easily and well and takes excellent advantage of the Amiga’s graphics displaying, for example, the envelopes of all four of the CZ’s oscillators at once in different colors. T his is a great help in conceptualizing the sound von are trying to get. Some Final Notes Brief mention of a few additional programs outside the main categories of our survey is in order. Billed as an “algorithmic composition tool,” Intelligent Music’s M is a clever composer’s helper that can get budding musicians out of some jams and save lots of time and effort in the bargain. Like the Programmable Variations Generator module of Dr. T’s KCS, it uses the Amiga’s random-number generating chops to modify the music you give it in an almost infinite number of ways. With tools like these you can have the Amiga crank out unending variations of the melody you played in all modified according to constraints you specify and in dimensions you select until you hear something that speaks to you. You can transfer this to the sequencer, edit it if necessary until it fits exactly, and get your muse back on the job. Also, once your music is finished, you’ll naturally want to have a printed score. (How else will the orchestra be able to play it?) Deluxe Music Construction Set (Electronic Arts) and The Copyist Professional (Dr. T's Music Software) are the two most prominent scoring programs on the market. Both will generate notes, staves, articulation marks, and lyrics, and produce good-looking scores. With a basic understanding of Amiga sound capabilities and the ways in which MIDI can enhance them plus a familiarity with the Amiga music products on the market, you’re now ready to get out there and make some very fine music on your .Amiga. ¦ Tim Tully is an editor at Electronic Musician. He unites frequently about musical applications for computers and has reviewed many Amiga MIDI products. Write to him do Editorial Dept., Amiga World, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. NOW DELUXEPAINT HAS ANIMATION Presenting AnimPaint DeluxePaint III makes animation easy. With the AnimPaint feature, you can create animation just by pressing one key to record your paint strokes, and another key to play them back. You can also use any multi- cel animation as a brush and paint with it, even in 3-D. 8 New Paint Features DeluxePaint III alsoaddssophisticated features to the number one Amiga paint software: Extro-halfbrite support for 64 colors; direct overscan painting for desktop video; wrap and tint brush modes for special effects; better font support; improved compression; and many performance enhancements, including faster perspective. Product requires 1 MB of RAM. SPECIAL UPGRADE OFFER: Upgrade Now and Save S92.95. (Suggested Retail Price SI 49.95) Send DeluxePaint I or II manual cover and 557.00 to Electronic Arts, P.O. Box 7530, San Mateo, CA 94403. If you bought DeluxePaint between 12 1 88 and 3 31 89 coll 800-245-4525. Allow 2-4 weeks. CA orders odd S3.50 sales tax. Forms In Flight II 3D GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION SOFTWARE Win Amiga 2500 Power! (details below) he new Forms In Flight II is the missing link for your Amiga three dimensional graphics design and animation. Create fast, high quality images with fancy curves and curved surfaces. Then use the complex objects you design to create smooth animations. You can also import objects from other animation programs using Interchange by Syndesis, S urface Patches P hong (Smooth) Shading T exture Mapping E xtrusions along curved paths H ierarchical animations using paths S upports overscan and PAL systems L ow Price: Only $ 119 Special Offer: Create the best animation using Forms in Flight II, and win an Amiga 2500 upgrade kit! Animations will be judged on quality, smoothness, interest level, creativity & length. Send your submissions to us by June 30th,
1989. Call us for more information. Get $ 50 for your old animation or paint program! Upgrade to Forms in Flight II from your current animation or paint program by sending your manual cover or disk to us along with $ 70 including shipping and handling. Easy to Understand Animated icon menus Fill Mode Various brush modes Color cycle effects No reading skills required 28 Drawings included $ 49.95 retail Kids can draw their own pictures More "coloring book" diskettes available Educator approved Sampled sounds for each picture mode TH Educational Paint Program & Coloring Book Centaur Software Inc Make Your Disks Fly with, 14040 Tahiti Way, suite 528 Marina Del Rey CA 90292 The Ultimate Disk Optimizer Decrease Disk Access Time Up To 500% Restore Smooth Disk Operation Designed For Use On Floppies AND HardDrives Supports Multiple Partitions FAST CLI Directory Access Incredible Workbenchftm] Performance 100% AmigaDOS Compatible Works with the FAST FILING SYSTEM
B. A.D. analyzes, restructures, and processes ANY AmigaDOS disk such that permanent speed increases will be realized. This is NOT a RAM cache based system! $ 49.95 retail
M. V. Micro Other Centaur Software Products C-Zar Patch Editor Librarian for the CZ series of Casio Synthesizers $ 195.00 $ 39.95 $ 495.00 $ 495.00 $ 79.95 MidiVU MIDI Signal Monitor and 1 Channel Sequencer Pro-Net Schematic Capture CAD program. Pro-Board Professional PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout program. _________ CenTruR SOFTWAHb NTF Fonts Comix, Roman, Fancy, Sans Serif To order products, order direct from us by calling (213) 821 -5995, or see your nearest Amiga dealer. 0 2) NET RESUETS THE MAJOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS networks that serve the Amiga American PeopleLink (PLink), CompuServe, Genie, and BIX are like large electronic clubs. Your dues are in the form of hourly rates. When you join a network, as with all exclusive clubs, you receive a user ID and secret password. A modem (MOdulator DEModuIator) and telecommunications software coupled with your Amiga opens the club doors, or in this case, phone lines. Type your user ID and password, and you are inside to browse in the libraries of public-domain, freely distributable software, exchange messages with other members, and attend conferences. (See “The Great Software Buyer’s Guide,” Amiga World, December ’88, p. 52, for a list of telecommunications programs.) Huge libraries of public-domain software are the networks’ main drawing point. In them, you can find programs on a multitude of subjects business, educational, games, graphics, music, programming examples and source code, video, word processing, as well as the off-beat and unusual. If you have applications programs but need parts and tools, the libraries also stock animations, background scenery, clip art, fonts, pictures, sound effects, and other useful snips of information. Because public-domain software is non-copyrighted and freely distributable, you can download anything that looks interesting. If you would like to contribute a creation of your own to the public domain, the networks encourage uploading. PeopleLink, Genie, and BIX suspend on-line charges while you upload. Because uploading is often time consuming and, if you are calling long distance, expensive, many people use an archiving program ? By Louis R. Wallace 0 3) Plug into the telecomm u n ications networks, and you will find a wealth of free software and user services and make new friends in the bargain. 0 3) (such as ARC, PAR, ZOO, and WARP) to compress their files to consume less memory and transmit more quickly. To run such files, you must first decompress them using the same program; all are available in the public domain. (For a comparision of and short tutorials on these programs, see “The Squeeze Play,”
p. 41 in this issue.) The networks test the hundreds of submissions before releasing them to the libraries to be sure that the software is bug free. You will find that the four networks’ libraries are very similar. While a program or animation may debut on one network, philanthropic users quickly spread it to the other three. A good place to meet your fellow users is in the networks’ message centers. For private communication, you can send letters, programs, or data through the electronic mail. Just indicate the recipient’s user ID, and the message will be sent to his or her account. The message centers’ bulletin boards let you post questions and comments for anyone to reply to, or you can answer a question yourself. All the networks subdivide their bulletin boards by subject, making it easier for you to find postings of interest. Network members are quite helpful, so if you leave a question, someone is bound to answer it. To help you sift out items of interest from the thousands available, the networks let you selectively display postings. You can request to see everything posted on or after a specific date, since you were last on the system, or by a specific person. You can also display items by tide and category. For a faster paced exchange of ideas, the networks each offer weekly on-line conferences, the computer version of the New England town meetings. Participants are all on line simultaneously, typing their comments back and forth. When you join in, you can ask questions of the moderator, special guests (such as industry experts), and other attendees. Conferences can be arranged around a theme, such as graphics, programming, or games, or address more general concerns. As with the old town meetings, the conferences may begin with the best intentions of organization and civility, only to end in spirited “shouting" matches when opinions clash and emotions flare. They are rarely dull. Sign Me Up Joining a network is as simple as calling its office and reading your credit card number. (See the sidebar “The Cost of Connections” for a schedule of rates.) BIX and Genie will activate your account immediately if you pay by credit card, while CompuServe and Plink require a week to process the information. Paying by check increases the wait to 10 days for Plink, CompuServe, and Genie, and to two to four weeks for BIX. All four provide starter kits of instructions and on-line help to guide you through your first expeditions. To keep you abreast of the on-line news, CompuServe and Genie send monthly magazines (On-Line Today and Live Wire, respectively) to members, while Plink and BIX publish newsletters. Plink’s appears quarterly; BIX’s ranges from two to five times a year. 4 .After you log on by typing your user ID and password, each network lets you choose your mode of operations: menus or typed commands. When you are first finding your way around a network, following the menus is easier, but in the long run slower. Try to learn the shorthand-style codes as soon as possible. Using the keyboard commands will save you time, an expensive commodity when you are on line. Let’s take a closer look at the four major commercial telecommunication networks open to Amiga users. Each has a different emphasis. King of the Hill: American PeopleUnk For the Amiga, PeopleLink (PLink) is by far the largest and most active network. When you sign on, you can jump directly to the main menu of the Amiga section, the AmigaZone, by typing GO AMIGA. The Amiga- Zone consists of a collection of 15 special-interest message sections, offering something for everyone. Each AmigaZone section has several speciaMnterest areas. You will find information on rumors, utilities, hardware, animations, Workbench, programming in several languages, music, telecommunications, user groups, graphics, desktop publishing, and games. Each week, Plink hosts five major conferences. General AmigaMania discussions are on Sundays at 9pm Eastern Standard Lime (EST). MIDI and music (Mondays), developers (Tuesdays), graphics, video, ? THE PRODUCTIVE AMIGA Real-world software solutions from Brown-Wagh Publishing...and Amiga PEN PAL - Your writing Partner UNPRECEDENTED PRODUCTIVITY FEATURES Give Me Morelli Call for additional product information, prices and participating dealer locations. Ask about our product demos and money-back guarantee. _ 3 PROJECT MASTER' . :==EH“ IZZ-Z [ V _
• nu nfciii
• I'm - ” * I LuT ? ; m ---- 1-800-451-0900 1-408-395-3838 (CA) 16795 Lark Ave. 219, Los Galas, CA 95930 EXPRESS PAINT 3 Feature-rich graphics, B W & Color PostScript, 24-pin dot matrix, Virtual Memory, text importing, 3-D perspective, unlimited Undos & Redos, 64 color Extra Halt Brite, dbt-arc curves, 6- range color cycling, large canvas. “Best of 1988" - Commodore Magazine. PAR REAL I - Professional real estate analysis for realtors or investors. Amortization tables, balloon and variable payments, depreciation, financial statements, loan evaluations, lease vs. buy, cash flow forecasts, ratios, tax benefits, rate of return, 3-D barcharts, forms, agreements. EASY LOANS - Amortization tables, tracks interest, principal and time payments. Speech output. Find incorrect charges. OUTLINE- Organize lists for reports, meetings, appointments, recipes, etc. Cut copy paste. Import into WP. “Best of 1988” - Commodore Magazine. PR TMASTER Pto fessional project management. Helps you manage projects instead of being managed by them. Graphic flow of activities. Best and worst case schedules. “What if" scenarios for deadlines, resources and budgets. Critical paths. Actual vs. planned. Expense graphs, Gantt and PERT charts, resource loads. TV* TEXT Best selling video titling software. Fonts, colors, shadows, strobes, sizing, grids, backgrounds, special effects. TV*SHOW Create super slide show presentations. 50 transitions. Any IFF pictures. Voice; Loops. Just point & click. ZUMA FONTS 1-4 Professional fonts for video & graphics. Each volume contains 3 styles in 6 sizes at 2 resolutions.
• Automatically flow text around graphics; box & contoured boundaries; even while typing.
• Colored boxes, borders, shadows, lines & backgrounds.
• View full page and closeup while editing and scrolling.
• Resize crop images (& HAM); keeps original resolution.
• Create forms; fill in field by field; edit & refresh.
• Spellcheck; 100K words; unlimited user dictionaries.
• Analyze writing style; statistics & reading grade-levels.
• Open 4 documents; search replace; undo redo.
• Access 200 B W or color fonts; sorted by name and size.
• Mailmerge & copy from built- in database. Report templates.
• Open 4 databases; 9 data types including calculations; 32 fields per record; 32k rec. max.
• Print mail labels & repods; titles, sort breaks, sub-totals.
• Sort by multiple fields; search by logical criteria; screen totals.
• Locate duplicates; delete multiple records; merge We acknowledge the trademarks and give many thanks to the producers of our fine productivity products: Circum Design Madrigal Designs PAR Software Softwood Company TRS Labs Zuma Group UNEQUALED PRINT QUALITY & SPEED Print true printer fonts (NLQ) and graphic images on same page in same pass! Print multiple graphics on same page; each with its original colors and resolution! MIDI MAGIC - Easiest Midi sequencer! Fabulous interface, Help text. Multitasking, 16 tracks, 26 sequences. Quantizing. Multi channel recording. “Beginning and serious amateurs will love MIDI MAGIC for its power” - Amiga World EASY LEDGERS - Fully inte grated accounting system. Sales, purchases, inventory and general ledger. Extremely easy; uses familiar bookkeeping interface. No complicated codes to learn, no account numbers to remember. Just point and click. ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS - 4 sets of professional designs; IFF or Aegis Draw(tm) format; FLOOR PLANS - windows, doors, baths, etc.; INTERIOR DESIGNS-beds, tables, desks, sofas, etc.; FOUNDATIONS-framing, rafters, etc.; AUTOS - 1980’s, Mercedes, Cady, Ford, etc. and animation (Wednesdays), and games (Fridays) topics are discussed at 10pm EST. If you are more contemplative than gregarious, you will appreciate Plunk's pubiic-domain library, one of the best around with thousands of files ready for downloading. The library is divided into the same 15 categories as the message center. You can quickly scan the titles of all the available files or browse through their descriptions before deciding what to download. If you know the type of program you want, you can skip to the appropriate special-interest section and view only its files. Of the four networks discussed here, PeopleLink has the lowest sign-up fee and some of the lowest hourly rates. Considering its high degree of user activity and low price, the network offers a lot for your money. Old Faithful: CompuServe The oldest of the national computer services, CompuServe offers the most extensive services. In addition to computer-related discussions and libraries, the network offers airline reservation services, on-line shopping, financial investment information, news, weather, and sports, among other things. Don't worry, the Amiga section is large, active, and easy to access. Typing GO AMIGA from the main CompuServe menu (or from just about anywhere else) will take you to the main menu of the Amiga area. 'Flie menu offers three major divisions, or forums Arts, Tech, and Vendor. Type GO AMIGAARTS, GO AMIGATECH, or GO AMIGAVENDOR to access the area you are interested in. You can bypass the main Amiga menu by typing the commands from CompuServe’s main menu. The Arts Forum offers 15 message areas and 15 libraries covering the artistic (graphics, animations, desktop publishing, music, video) and entertainment aspects of the Amiga. As with the other two forums, the Arts Forum’s messages menu lists the number of subjects discussed and the number of messages in each category. Conferences are held weekly at Iopm EST' The current schedule offers software development discussions on Saturdays, open discussions on Sundays, and beginners’ conferences on T uesdays and Thurs- ? The Cost of Connections ALL THIS ON-LINE activity may sound like tun, but enjoying yourself has a price. If you live in a metropolitan area, you can reach out and touch the commercial networks without paying longdistance rates. Rural residents, however, will have to pay to call to the nearest city with CompuServe or Genie lines, Telenet or Tymnet access. To help curb the costs for heavy tele- communlcators, Telenet provides PC Pursuit, an alternate phone service for computers. For $ 30 per month (and a one-time fee of $ 30), PC Pursuit lets you connect with computers in 34 metropolitan areas without incurring long-distance charges during non-prime time (6pm to 7am weekdays, 24 hours weekends and holidays). The prime-time rate is $ 10.50 per hour. For more information, call 800 TELENET (voice). While the chart below lists network connect fees by the hour, an line the fees are prorated to the minute. Rates are higher for weekday business-time access (prime time, PT), 7am to 6pm local time, except through Tymnet where prime time is 7am to 7pm. Non-prime time (NPT) consists of non-business hours on weekdays and all hours on weekends and designated holidays. American PeopleLink 800 524-0100 voice MEMBERSHIP FEE: $ 15 (one time) AVAILABLE VIA: Telenet, PC Pursuit BAUD RATES (hourly, continental US only) NPT: S4.95 (300 1200), $ 11.95 (2400) PT: $ 11.95 (300), $ 12.95 (1200), $ 14.95 (2400) With PC Pursuit (Fee: $ 25 mo.) NPT Only: $ 3 (to 2400) With Frequent Plinkers (Fee: $ 10 mo.) 24 Hours: 25% discount (to 2400) With Both Services (Fee: $ 35 mo.) 24 Hours: $ 2.25 (to 2400) BIX Byte Information Exchange 800 227-2983 voice 603 924-9281 voice from New Hampshire MEMBERSHIP FEE: $ 39 (one time) AVAILABLE VIA: Tymnet BAUD RATES (hourly) NPT: $ 11 (300 1200), $ 12.50 (2400) PT: $ 20 (300 1200), $ 22.50 (2400) CompuServe 800 848-8199 voice 614 457-8650 from Ohio MEMBERSHIP FEE: $ 39.95 (one time, includes $ 25 of on-line time) AVAILABLE VIA: CompuServe direct lines, Telenet, Tymnet BAUD RATES (hourly) Any Time: $ 6* (300), $ 12.50* (1200 2400)
* Plus $ .30 hr. for CompuServe phone lines
* Plus S2 hr. For Telenet or Tymnet (NPT)
* Plus $ 12 hr. For Telenet or Tymnet (PT) Genie General Electric Information Services 800 638-9636 MEMBERSHIP FEE: $ 29.95 (one time, Includes two hours of free NPT) AVAILABLE VIA: Genie dedicated phone lines BAUD RATES (hourly) NPT: $ 5 (300 1200), $ 12.50*(2400) PT: $ 35* (300 1200), $ 42.50* (2400)
• Plus $ 2 hr. From some outlying areas ? Coptr> nzz V r*V rr I Ffttw1 prwrwpjr;
• Fwrrrr ELKP5C0 TIME GO : GO BAAL ? An addictive mixture of strategy and arcade action featuring: ? 8 way ultra-smooth scrolling through 3 distinctive domains containing multiple levels. ? Over 250 highly detailed screens, superb graphics and sound effects. ? More than 100 monsters and 400 traps. The future of the world I ies i n the hands of an elite squadron of men. YOU are the leader of the Time Warriors. Can you save the earth from the evil BAAL? His army of undead have stolen an awesome weapon of destruction, a War Machine. As leader of the ultimate battle fighters, your quest is to invade BAAL's domain, fighting off his monstrous demonic beasts to retrieve the War Machine . . . But . . . You must kill BAAL in the process. Can you succeed? There is no option . . . The alternative is literally 'Hell on Earth*. Screen Shots from the Atari ST version AVAILABLE NOW ON THE PSYCLAPSE LABEL CAPTAIN FIZZ Meets The Blaster-Trons The message is simple: co-operate ordiel It's double fun and double trouble all the way in Captain Fizz, the most exciting simultaneous two- pfayer game you and a friend are ever likely toplay. It's a whole new world of split-screen, high-speed action, as both of you take on the nasty Blaster- Trons infesting the planet Icarus. Yup, it's a tough missionalright, butyou might just win out with the right blend of co-operation, courage, laser-hot reflexes, tactical sense... and brains. The action is fast and furious in Captain Fizz, but if you can't workouttheright tactics you'll both be dead meat. There are 22 levels of savage and relentless action to battle through before you reach your objective, the central computer that's causing the evil infestation. You'll nevergetthere, though, unless you put your heads together and co operate; your buddy can't do it on his own. And neither can you. This is one program where even the easy games are hard. So remember united you stand, but divided you fall... Warning: this game isimpossibletobeatonyour own. Two joysticks required for two-player game. Screen shots taken from the A tari S T version A VAILABLE NOW ON THE PSYCLAPSE LABEL BALLIST1X Its a whole new ball game! Sick of silly old soccer ? Tired of pathetic pinball? Then you need a dose of Ballistix - the fastest, wackiest, toughest bail game yet to appear on a computer. Ballistix just explodes with excitement, puzzles and an amazing 130 different screens of frenetic action. The aim of the game is simple: score more goals than your opponent to win the match. Doing it is a different matter as splitters fill the screen with dozens of balls, tunnels hide them from view, bumpers bounce balls all over the show, fiendish red arrows speed them up to almost impossible velocity, magnets pull them away from your control, and much, much more. Ballistix is incredibly llexible, too. You can play against the computer or another player, set the speed if you can't stand the pace, define where the balls are fired and their velocity, rack up bonuses that will get you extra goals and then, at the end of an exhausting game, set your name in pride of place on the high- score table. And it's all played to the accompaniment of a throbbing sound-track and a crowd that applauds your every goal. Ballistix is definitely not a game for wimps. It's tough, fast, challenging and incredibly competitive - in fact, it's just the kind of game you like. Two joysticks required for two-player game Screen Shots are from the Amiga version AVAILABLE VOW ON THE PSYCLAPSE LABEL Grcle 123 on Reader Service card PSYGNOSIS LTD. PO Box 483 Addison Illinois 60101 1-800-669-4912 BAAL Amiga Atari ST $ 29.95 Coming soon for C64. P C. CAPTAIN FIZZ Amiga Atari ST $ 29.95 Coming soon for C64. P C. BALLISTIX Amiga Atari ST $ 34.95 days. The network also encourages impromptu sessions on off-nights; check the conference area at 10pm EST for someone to chat with. The Amiga Tech Forum is designed for technical users. The message bases contain questions and answers on programming in a variety of languages, as well as Amiga hardware discussions. The libraries are filled with source code for a variety of languages, executable utilities, and so on. The weekly conferences often have well-known commercial programmers as guests, ready to discuss the inner workings of the Amiga. The Amiga Vendor area is staffed by employees of commercial software companies. You can get on-line product support or new product announcements from companies such as ASDG, C Ltd, Impulse, New Horizons, Syndesis, Transactor, Gold Disk, Micro- Illusions, Avant-Garde, M2S, and MicroSmiths. The Amiga Tech area is the network’s strong point. CompuServe has been tested by time and much use, and learning your way around is not too difficult. In addition, CompuServe offers extensive non-Amiga services. Getting Bigger All the Time: Genie The Genie (General Electric) network is the new kid on the block, but is really trying hard in the Amiga area. Genie has grown tremendously over the past two years. The Amiga area now offers a wide variety of services, an extensive software library, and two divisions. The largest section, Genie Starship RoundTable, is the users area, catering to people at all levels of experience. To board the Starship, type AMIGA from the main Genie menu. This will bring you to the main Amiga menu where you can choose to enter either the Message, Library or Conference areas. The Bulletin Board features 24 message areas, while the software libraries are classified into 18 different categories. In each library, files are displayed by date, starting with the most recently received files, so you can easily identify the latest uploads. Sample topics include: applications software, graphics and video, Workbench and the CLI, hardware, products wanted for sale, user groups, tools and utilities, games, programming, and telecommunications. Star- ? Alternate Sources Of PD Software IF YOU DON'T have a modem, or just don't have the time, energy or patience to go on line and search out those software gems in the public domain, there is another method that is both easy and relatively Inexpensive. AMICUS DISKS PIM Publications Inc. PO Box 869 Fall River, MA 02722 (S7 per disk, 3 disks minimum) THE FRED FISH DISK COLLECTION PIM Publications Inc. PO Box 869 Fall River, MA 02722 ($ 7 per disk, 3 disks minimum) Public Domain Sottware Resources PO Box 7175 Loma Linda, CA 92354 ($ 6 per disk, $ 1 per catalog) The Software Bug PO Box 8302 Somerville, NJ 08876 ($ 4 per disk, free catalog) THE AMIGAWORLD PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY (Includes Software Excitement, DevWare, and Chiron Conceptions) Amiga World 80 Elm Street Peterborough, NH 03458 ($ 7 per disk, $ 5.95 per catalog disk) ? A number of companies, magazines, organizations, and individuals have compiled huge, disk-based libraries of public-domain software. You can order these disks from them for a nominal fee (which in some cases barely exceeds the cost of the disk, duplication and mailing charges). For catalogs and more information, contact: Br»e|»niJ A> yTTfc. ‘ 2 vwJ ri a - L»»* -1**40 ™Ss» Y3?$ £v '°*®W? Krj'i y, * * o iS - ¦*» FIVEMAN-YEARS i JufEMAN-YEARS-of detailed research and programming have been ensure that this is the “definitive Tolkien computer game.” Selected elements of traditional Fantasy Role Playing, War strategy, and animate*! Adventure games have been skillfully blended for a unique computer c T'T:;V- - gaming cperience. V______.
* ’f '"v-yn-'' I* -V' V
• ItriW cpgHbw in the footsteps of Frodo, Aaragom and Gandalf as they battle to get S‘ k’.s :v -the ring to the Cracks of Doom. Ranged against you are all the evil forces of command entire legions to move against the forces of evil. With the almost infinite variety and multiple layers of play, War in Middle Earth is a game you can finish in days or weeks, or savor for months. It will delight and enthrall, and ultimately become a firm favorite in any software library. May your heroii efforts be met with success, and the forces of darkness i* few". T J'X - YTTor*.mion fVv 'W uon r' NOWSHIPPltfjSB IBM PC, PS 2,Tpri IBMPC, PS 2, Tandy 1( IBM PS 2 (3-V4” MdGA) V, SUGGESTED RETAIL: 549.99 SCREEN SHOTS TAKEN FROM AMIGA, IBM, APPLE IIGS%j>f0T ATAR* ST VERSIONS. m ° u „ * (3oW by Melbourne Hotiee. Out« it a member oF Group of cornpeniei All Tolkien cHax*cirri reproduced by bind permiition of Unwin fymen. Melbourne House Circle 104 on Reader Service card Near Harad GOOD AND EVIL MELBOURNE HOUSE iriORD OR ship’s conferences take place on Mondays (music), Thursdays and Saturdays at 10PM EST. Genie’s second Amiga area, Pro Am, is for Amiga programmers of all levels. Type PRO AM from the main Genie menu and you will be whisked away to this relatively recent addition to the Genie .Amiga support system. The bulletin board area is broken down into 13 Genie Main I Starship messages | conferences X A libraries ( T r 10 developers of the Amiga all flock to BIX’s three Amiga areas. The largest is called Amiga and is the experts’ section, the hangout for hardcore programmers. The 13 subareas range from assembly language to hardware to Arexx. The .Amiga.user section has a more general set (15) of subareas, including utilities (usually programmers), flames (complaints), fishdisks (PD software), and ARP (AmigaDOS Replacement Project DOS commands). The Amiga.Dev area is the Developers Support section operated by CAPS members such as Andy Finkle and Carolyn Scheppner. Amiga areas on BIX also have their own libraries, which consist for the most part of utility programs, source code in a variety of languages, a few games, and files with complete listings of conferences and messages on a given subject. Make no mistake about BIX, it is not for the average Amiga user. It is for the serious programmer and technical user. You don’t have to be a world-class Genie has separate user (Starship) and technical (Pro Am) areas. Technical categories. Keeping the technical area separate from the standard user area works well for everyone. Techies get tired sifting through questions and comments on the latest arcade game to find a serious discussion, and casual users don't want to know anything about programming the coprocessor. The Pro Am area also has its own library where you can find 12 categories of source code and example programs. The library’s sections mirror the bulletin board’s, except Text Fragments replaces the Pro Am Reception Desk and Flames is deleted. The weekly programmers’ conference takes place on Wednesday at 10PM EST. When you consider the low price of the Genie service and its extensive libraries and message base, you can see why it is gaining strength so rapidly. The Genie software is easy to use and maneuver in, making it a great place for the new on-line user to start. Tech Talk: BIX BIX (the Byte Information Exchange) is sponsored by BYTE magazine, one of the industry’s most respected technical computer journals. T rue to its roots, BIX is essentially a haven for technical computerists. The Amiga area is no exception. No matter when you log on, you are sure to meet some of the most respected people in the Amiga technical community. Software designers from virtually every company that supports the Amiga, employees of CATS (Commodore Amiga Technical Support), and many of the original designers and programmer to take advantage of its resources, but on BIX you are quite likely to receive help from world-class experts. BIX is the most expensive of the on-line systems, but for those who needs its services, it’s well worth the price. If you are thinking of programming for profit, you should be on BIX. No matter which network you choose, you will be pleased with the results. Despite the on-line fees, you can download several programs from their libraries for the cost of one commercial program. If you cannot find a user’s group in your area, you can get your questions answered in the message centers. Attending a conference brings the experts into your computer room. Membership does have its privileges. ¦ Louis R. Wallace is a contributing editor to Amiga World. Write to him do AmigaWorld Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, A77 03-158. No wonder Aztec C is the system of choice for Amiga C programmers. Aztec C is lean, mean and built for speed. Aztec C provides all the tools you need to compile, optimize and debug your code into the tightest, fastest-running code possible. “While it was not the first C language development system for the Amiga, Aztec C quickly developed the reputation as the best. In head-to-head tests against Lattice C, Aztec C consistently took less time to produce shorter object code” Aztec C Lattice C Documentaiton
8. 8
7. 0 Flexibility
8. 6
7. 3 Advanced Features
9. 8
8. 7 Overall
9. 03
7. 67 Quotation and table reprinted with permission from I98S AmigaVVorld Reader’s Choke Awards Announcement). (outside NJ) (NJ and 1 _Of|1 91 Telex: 4995812MANX 1-800-221-0440 Outside U.S.) 1 1 1 Fax: 201 542-8386 A'rv a is a tratfemaic ot theCormods'eCorpus Corporation Arise arxj Artec C are iracamarks of Wan* Stfrwara Systems Latice a a regain'ac trademwk of Lance Inc Aziec C Development tools for eveiy need. Item Number Description Unit Price G05P Aztec C Professional System $ 199.00 G05D Aztec C Developer System $ 299.00 G05SDB Aztec Source Level Debugger -SDB $ 125.00 G05SP Aztec C Developer System +SDB $ 399.00 G05LS Aztec Amiga Library Source $ 300.00 G05K Aztec C Developer System +SDB +Library Source Special $ 474.00 All development systems include optimized C compiler, editor, 680x0 assembler, overlay linker, librarian plus extensive runtime library support. For more information about Aztec C Amiga Development Systems and Source Debugger . . . Call Today! MANX SOFTWARE SYSTEMS
P. O. Box 55. Shrewsbury, New Jersey 07702 One Good Book deserves another and another, and another, and a... Amiga System Programmer s Guide Amiga for Beginners vmv> ? Optional Disk Amiga3-DGraphic Programming in BASIC
- shows you how to use the powerful graphic capabilities of the Amiga. Details the techniques and algorithms for writing three-dimensional graphic programs: ray tracing in all resolutions, light sources and shading, saving graphics in IFF format and more. ISBN 1-55755-044-1 300 pp $ 19.95 Amiga Disk Drives Inside & Out
- is the most in-depth reference available covering the Amiga's disk drives. Learn how to speed up data transfer, how copy protection works, computer viruses, Workbench and the CL! DOS functions, loading, saving, sequential and random file organization, more, ISBN 1-55755-042-5 360 pp $ 29,95 Amiga For Beginners *
- the first volume in our Amiga series, introduces you to Intuition (Amiga's graphic interface), the mouse, windows, the CLI, and Amiga BASIC and explains every practical aspect of the Amiga in plain English. ISBN 1-55755-021-2 184 pp $ 16.95 Includes Workbench 1.3 Info AmigaBASIC Inside & Out
- THE definitive step-by-stepguide to programming the Amiga in BASIC. Every AmigaBASIC command is fully described and detailed. Topics include charts, windows, pulldown menus, files, mouse and speech commands. ISBN 0-916439-87-9 554 pp $ 24.95 Includes Workbench 1.3 Info Amiga C for Advanced Programmers 'Contains a wealth of information from the pros: how compilers. Assemblers and linkers work, designing and programming user friendly interfaces using Intuition, combining assembly language and C codes, and more. Includes complete source code for text editor. ISBN 1-55755-046-8 400 pp S24.95 AmigaCfor Beginners
- an introduction to learning the popular C language. Explains the language elements using examples specifically geared to the Amiga. Describes C library routines, how the compiler works and more. ISBN 1-55755-045-X 280 pp $ 19.95 AmigaDOS Inside & Out
- covers the insides of AmigaDOS from the internal design up to practical applications. Includes detailed reference sec tion, tasks and handling. DOS editors ED and EDIT, how to create and use script files, multitasking, and much more. ISBN 1-55755-041-7 280pp $ 19.95 Includes Workbench 1.3 Info Amiga Machine Language
- is a comprehensive introduction to 68000 assembler machine language programming and is THE practical guide for learning to program the Amiga in ultra-fast ML. Also covers 68000 microprocessor address modes and architecture, speech and sound from ML and much more ISBN 1-55755-025-5 264pp $ 19.95 Amiga System Programmer's Guide
- comprehensive guide to what goes on inside the Amiga in a single volume. Only a few ot the many subjects covered include the EXEC structure. I O requests, interrupts and resource management, multitasking functions and much, much more. ISBN 1-55755-034-4 442 pp $ 34.95 AmigaDOS Quick Reference *
• an easy-to-use reference tool for beginners and advanced programmers alike. You can quickly find commands for your Amiga by using the three handy indexes designed with the user m mind. All commands are in alphabetical order for easy reference. Includes Workbench 1.3 Info ISBN 1-55755-049-2 I28pp $ 14.95 Computer Viruses: a high-tech disease *
- describes what a computer virus is, how viruses work, viruses and batch files, protecting your computer, designing virus proof systems and more. ISBN 1-55755-043-3 292 pp $ 18.95 “Pi nimbly the In st and most urrem honk a hew nf preventive metuurts" PC Week II-2I-XH Save Time and Money!-Optional program disks are available for many of our Amiga reference books. All programs listed in the books are on each respective disk and will save you countless hours of typing! S14.95 C Optional Diskette Not Available for these Titles) Amiga Tfiicks & Tips Amiga Tricks & Tips
- follows our tradition of other Tricks and Tips books for CBM users. Presents dozens of tips on accessing libraries from BASIC, custom character sets, AmigaDOS, sound, important 68000 memory locations, and much more! ISBN 0-916439-88-7 348 pp $ 19.95 Abacus Dept. L3, 5370 52nd Street SE Grand Rapids, Ml 49508
(616) 698-0330 See your local Dealer or Call Toll Free 1-800-451-4319 Add $ 4.00 Shipping and Handling per Order Foreign add $ 12.00 per item Learning the “signals” for several popular archiving utilities will let you compress files down to manageable size for faster on-line transfers. And the only things you’ll sacrifice are big phone bills and wasted disk space. By Jonathan Horne FULL OF FREE software, the networks hold many pleasant surprises, but your subsequent telephone bills may hold a nasty shock. One way to cut costs is to shorten your uploading and downloading times by archiving files. Archiving is the process used to compress a single file, a collection of files, or even an entire disk. For example, archiving a set of five 20K files (100K total) creates a single file that could be as short as 20K. Upload- ing the original files to a network could take you ten minutes. Sending the archived version would take only two. You can download compressed files equally quickly, then decompress them when time is less costly. The extent of compression depends on the contents of the file. For example, graphics files usually compress more than text files. No matter what the percentage, the savings will be reflected in your phone bill and on-line charges. Archiving can also save you frustration caused by a clash of protocols when you try to run downloaded programs. AmigaDOS stores all its files with a checksum, a number that tells the computer how long a file is in bytes. If the checksum does not match the actual file length, then the computer will not execute the file and will display error message 121, “File not an object module.” The Xmodem protocol, for example, sends data in chunks of 128 bytes. To make the final block received contain 128 bytes, the computer generates null characters called padding. When you try to execute the padded file, the computer ? Amiga World 41 looks at the checksum, determines that the file is longer than it should be, and reports the error. By compressing files before transferring them, you will avoid the problem. When you restore the files to their original form, the archiving program discards any padding it finds. The public domain and shareware offer four popular archiving utilities ARC, PAR, ZOO, and WARP all of which run from the CLI. Each program has a unique syntax and specialty, but all of them allow you to start manipulating files by learning only a few simple commands. When you begin, be sure the program you choose is in the current directory or in an accessible place such as the C directory. If not, specify the pathname to the program in your commands. THE FOUNDER: ARC ARC (available on Fred Fish disk 70) is perhaps the most popular archiving program available. One of the oldest utilities of its kind, ARC comes in versions for most microcomputers, including the Amiga, Atari, and IBM, letting you exchange files easily among machines. For example, you can archive a set of text files on an IBM, then decompress them on an Amiga. Do not be misled by ARC’s non-Amiga origin; it is versatile, simple to use, and effective. To maintain compatibility with other operating systems, ARC limits your file names to 16 characters. The syntax is: ARC function archive.arc filename Function is one of many commands, but only four are commonly used. A adds a file to the archive. D deletes a file from the archive. L lists files in an archive. X extracts files from an archive (breaks up the compressed file into its original components). .Archive.arc is the name of the archived file you are working with, whether it already exists, or you are creating it. The name must end with the extension .arc. Filename is the path and name of the file, or files, you wish to extract from or add to the archive. ARC also supports the standard CLI wildcards and ?. If you download an .arc file called Graphics.arc, for example, you have several options for extracting and saving the image files it contains. To extract the pictures and place them in the current directory, type: .ARC X Graphics.arc If you prefer, you can extract the files and send them to a separate directory. For example: .ARC X Graphics.arc DF2: Pictures ? To extract and save a single file called Lakeside.ham, for example, type: ARC X Graphics.arc Lakeside.ham Creating an archive is no more difficult than extracting files from an existing one. Suppose you collect icons and want to .ARC them for posterity. To create an archive file, called icons.arc, of all icons on dfD: and save it on your hard drive, type: ARC A dhO:icons.arc df0: ?.info Adding icons to the archive is equally easy. While ARC will not archive an entire directory automati- cally, you can archive the directory’s contents file by file. For example, to archive Castle.info, which is in RAM:, type: ARC A dh():icons.arc RAM:Castle.info At times, you may find archiving the contents of an entire disk and then deleting unwanted files easier than naming each file you wish to archive. Perhaps you would like to archive all your icons from DFO:, with the exception of Ugly.info. First, create the archive: ARC A RAM:icons.arc dft): ?.info then delete the unwanted files: ARC I) RAM:icons.ARC Ugly.info To view the contents of an ARC file so you can decide which files to delete, type: ARC L icons.arc Easy-Open Files: PAK PAR (available on most networks) is the simplest to use of the four programs. The most interesting thing about PAR is that it creates self-extracting archives; execute a file and it will decompress itself. For example, typing icons.pak would extract all files from the archive icons.pak to the current directory. There is, however, a price to pay for self-extracting files. When you create a PAR file, the computer includes the code that will perform the automatic extraction. This extra code, in turn, increases the length of the archive, thus making PAR the least efficient for conserving space and decreasing up- and download times. The syntax is: PAR archive.pak filename .As with ARC, archive.pak is the name of the compressed file. It always has the extension .pak. Filename is the name of the file you wish to add to the archive. You can specify a path for either name. For example, to create an archive in RAM: containing an IFF viewer and its icon, type: PAR RAM:Viewer.pak Picviewer PAR RAM:Viewer.pak Picviewer.info To extract all files from a PAR archive, use the CLI SuperGen Makes It Amiga Makes It Possible... I 4 V'V* * * % v. n •I KoJ » ' ¦» Actual un-retouched photographs of composite video screens. The flower is live video, the Butterfly is created on the Amiga. SuperGen is overlaying the Butterfly onto the flower. The top sequence shows Amiga graphics fading in. The bottom sequence shows the Amiga Background fading in. Digital Creations
(916) 344-4825 Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Blvd., Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 JJJJ J I L JILLLLL Desktop Video. Studio quality video production on a desktop. The Amiga makes it possible. The SuperCen Genlock makes it happen! A Video Professionals understand the power the Amiga Computer brings to the industry and the potential it has for en- ¦! Hancing their work. With its revolutionary “ ¦ hi-resolution graphics and processing power, the Amiga represents a sophisti- I cated video production solution. The SuperGen Genlock and overlay device is the link between the Amiga’s video potential and your own video produc- i iions. SuperGen allows you to create and t y produce professional broadcast qual- ity video with special effect graphics and titles created on your Amiga. Since SuperGen does not distort incoming video, the quality of the video out equals the quality of the video in. SuperGen does not decode and then re-en- code the incoming video; it simply encodes the Amiga’s RGB signal into RS- 170A and then overlays the encoded signal onto the incoming video. Some SuperGen ™ features: True Broadcast quality video output. Real RS-170A. No its, ands, orbuts! Accurately locks to non-time base corrected signals such as VCR output. Very accurate RGB encoder for true Amiga graphic colors. I Two independent dissolve controls. SuperGen is the only genlock with dissolve capabilities built -ini Two slide pots control the mixture of external video and Amiga graphics. The first slide controls the ratio of Amiga color 0 to external video. The second slide controls the ratio of all other Amiga colors to external video. Both dissolves can be controlled remotely by Amiga software. Auto-Fade mode. The black level of the Amiga graphics determine the fade level. Dual Video outputs. Professional Key Out. Output to Video Switchers with Key In capability for special effects. Switchable Chroma Notch filter. Helps eliminate chroma artifacts. Selectable blanking. Internal or external. BNC Connectors. A500,1000, and 2000 compatible. Circle 28 on Reader Service card. “With its complete range of features and excellent video signal quality, Digital Creations’ SuperGen is the best value among Amiga Genlocks. We do not hesitate to recommend it to users of our desktop video products. Thanks for bringing such a fine product to the Amiga market place. ” John Bittner of Zuma Group, Inc. Creator of TV*TEXT™ and TV*SHOW™ “The best genlock for the Amiga under $ 1000.00!” Sheryl Jarvis of PVS Publishing Creator of Pro Video Plus™ “SuperGen’s dissolve controls gives IN VISION’s real-time video effects a whole new dimension, ” Daniel Kaye of Elan Designs, Co-designer of INVISION™, the UVE!™ video effects package “SuperGen is the only genlock I recommend. It has the best price- performance of any genlock on the market. ” Martin Hash of Hash Enterprises Author of the Animation:™ series “The ability to software control dissolves during video scripts has been important as part of my products. ” Gary Bonham of SPARTA, Inc Author of Aegis VjdeoTitler™ and Aegis Lights! Camera! Action!™ “Many video professionals playing with the Amiga had access to their own encoders, but it wasn’t until Digital Creations introduced the SuperGen that the Amiga had a real chance in this industry.” AV Video April 1988 Complete your system with: SuperGen™ $ 749.95 Professional Genlock by Progressive Image Technology command CD to set the current directory to the files' destination, then execute the file. For example, to extract all files from Viewer.pak in RAM: to DF1:, type: CD dfl: RAM:VirusKill.pak A Menagerie of Options: ZOO ZOO (available on Fred Fish disk 164) is similar to ARC, but offers more flexibility in its ability to manipulate files within the archive. Unlike ARC, ZOO does not restrict file names to 16 characters. You can also create subdirectories when extracting files, using the slash ( ) options. A unique restriction is that ZOO cannot nest archives. For example, the archive Pic- tures.zoo could not contain the file icons.zoo. The syntax is: ZOO function archive.zoo filename The essential functions are: a, which adds files to the archive; D, which deletes files from the archive; L, which lists files in the archive; x, which extracts files from an archive; and h, which displays a complete list of commands. Be careful when you type your commands. Unlike the other programs, ZOO is case sensitive; function commands perform different actions depending on whether they are upper- or lowercase. As always, archive.zoo is the name of the compressed file and must have the extension .zoo; filename is the path and name of the file to be extracted from or added to the archive. Manipulating files is easy. For example, to extract all files from the archive icons.zoo in dfD: to the directory icons, type: CD icons ZOO x dfO:icons.zoo To extract a single file, trashcan.info, from icons.zoo, type: ZOO x icons.zoo trashcan.info To add baseball.info to icons.zoo, type: ZOO a icons.zoo Trashcan.info To remove the icon dragon.info from icons.zoo, type: ZOO D icons.zoo disk.info If you can no longer remember what is in the archive, you can examine its contents by typing: ZOO L icons.zoo A faster way to decompress .zoo files is to use BOOZ (available on most networks). The syntax is: BOOZ function archive.zoo filename The function x extracts a specific file (filename) from a compressed file (archive.zoo) or an archive's entire contents; 1 lists a .zoo file’s contents. A Wrinkle in Silicon: WARP While .ARC, PAK, and ZOO will archive only individual files, WARP (available on most networks) will compress an entire disk, block by block, and output the contents to a single file. One of the advantages to this method of archiving is that when a file is decompressed, the resulting disk will be exactly the same as the original. In addition, you do not have to sort the files into the appropriate directories when you extract them or install the new disk with Workbench. To help keep your disk collection clean, WARP will not archive the SGA virus if it finds the code in a disk’s boot block. Unfortunately, it cannot identify other viruses. (Because .ARC, PAK, and ZOO archive files instead of individual disk blocks, they will not transmit viruses.) Bridgeboard owners will appreciate that WARP will archive non-Amiga disks, such as MS- DOS and Atari ST formats. The syntax for creating a WARP file is: WARP read start_track end_track archive.wrp nocomp nozero append mfm 4-text To disassemble a WARP file use the syntax: WARP write filename 1 filename2 filenames (When you create a WARP file, always insert the source disk in drive DFO:. When you extract files, the destination disk must be DFO:.) Start_track is the track number to start reading at (for an entire disk, 0) and end_track is the final track to archive (for an entire disk, 79). Archive.wrp is the name of the archive file, which must end with .wrp; you can include a pathname. The option nocomp instructs the computer to archive the disk, but not compress it. Specify nozero and mfm only for non- AmigaDOS filing systems. Specify7 append to add data to an existing WARP archive. With 4-textfile you can designate the path and name of a text file to be displayed when the file is extracted (the text file must be available when you run WARP RAM: is a good place to put it). The multitude of parameters are easier to understand with examples. To compress an entire Amiga disk in drive dfD: to a single file on dfl: type: WARP read 0 79 Dfl:Diskname,WRP or for just tracks 40 to 79 on DFO: to an existing WRP file in RAM: type: WARP read 40 79 RAM:Existingfile.wrp append To archive an entire MS-DOS disk in DF1: to an .Amiga .wrp file on dfD: type: WARP read 0 79 dfl:Filename.wrp mfm To squeeze an entire Amiga disk in dfD: into a single file on dfl: that will display a text file before disassembling, type: ? You Can’t Buy Time. You can’t buy time, but you can save it if you have the right tools. WordPerfect Corporations latest creation for the Amiga is WordPerfect Library, a collection of integrated programs to organize your appointments, notes and files. Whether you’re a home manager or an office manager, Library was made for you. Calendar keeps track of your daily schedule and will remind you of important appointments by sounding preset alarms. From your Calendar, you can print a daily list of appointments, notes, and things to do. Accomplishing is easier when you can chait your progress on paper, and Calendar lets you do just that. At home, you’ll want to use Notebook to organize important information. Addresses, phone numbers, recipes, home fix-it instructions, even decorating ideas can be easily sorted and accessed according to your instructions. Notebook is every bit as practical in the business world. You can organize your telephone files in various ways: alphabetically, according to area code, or using any other factor you choose. Lists of clients and associates, too, are easily collected and categorized. All Notebook files are saved in WordPerfect format for easy transfer to WordPerfect documents. Calculator.; as you might guess, calculates. You can choose any of its financial, programming, and scientific functions. You might, for example, create a payment plan for a home or car loan, or calculate the future value of a savings bond. The scientific calculator can also help students, since logarithms, exponents, and trigonometry' are among its functions. Of course, Calculator is as valuable in the office as it is at home. You can access the Calculator without exiting your document, and then save your current state in Calculator. When you flip back to your document, your calculation remains intact for easy reference. The list of Library’s features goes on and on. File Manager helps you arrange, mark, edit, and print your files. Program Editori with powerful features like hex edit and multiple block functions, lets you see and edit the codes behind your documents. WordPerfect Library' for the Amiga is now shipping. Save yourself some time by looking into it; you’ll be glad you did. You can learn more about Library by contacting your local dealer or WbrdPerfect COR PORATION 1555 N. Technology Way * Orem, I'tah. 84057 USA M (801) 225-5000 • Tfelex: 820618 • Fax: (801) 227-4477 WordPerfect is a regisered trademark and WbrdPerfect Library is a trademark of WordPerfec t Corporation. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. WARP read 0 79 dfl :Myfile.wrp + RAM: readme.txt To disassemble any .wrp file from RAM: to dfO: enter: WARP write RAM:File.wrp To extract three individual .wrp Files from dfl: to dfO: type: WARP write dfl Tile 1. Wrp dfl:Fi!e2.wrp dfl: File3.wrp Click It in Place If you wish to avoid the CLI totally, you have three options. ARCHA (public domain), Disk Magic Product Information Disk Magic DiskMaster DMH Technologies Progressive Peripherals Software 14873 95th Place 464 Kalamath St. Minneapolis, MN 55369 Denver, CO 80204 612 420-5572 303 825-4144 S49.95 $ 49.95 No special requirements. No special requirements. ($ 49.95, DMH Technologies), and DiskMaster ($ 49.95, Progressive Peripherals & Software) all offer niouse-control of archiving programs. .ARCHA is simply a menu-driven interface for .ARC, RAK, and ZOO, giving you point-and-click control of their functions. You must have the three programs to run ARCHA. Disk Magic's gadgets let you archive, decompress, and list files with the accompanying versions of ARC, PAK, and ZOO. DiskMaster lets you control ARC with menus, but you must supply a copy of the program. When choosing which program to use, consider the context of what you are doing. If you’re archiving a disk full of subdirectores, or a non-standard boot block, then dearly WARP would be most appropriate. If you’re merely archiving a couple of text files, then ARC or ZOO would be a better choice. Another important factor is confidence. Use the program you are most comfortable with and your results will be better. To further ease your fears, write-protect your source disk when archiving. Even the simplest of mistakes, such as having the wrong disk in the wrong drive, can easily wipe out important files. ¦ Jonathan Horne is active in telecommunications and has logged many on-line hours. Write to him do Amiga World Editorial 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ImPna PUT 5Ul« M i root WK JUTK >u riwt II MlT W* ri «*Jt rilt ii miv ri InMFf ri ttci f> it*pi M rmlwLii II tmi u> tl I Ml MCI U in m LI III* LI Hit I Irmytti PlIT i TtrarS.ii PUT I kss S*l RlilQ C«twn PUT I Uun Iir PUT I Crinjrt IIIIEB Surrtull RlllQ 111 cut PUT t u:m 1m I'm put tl PH RVKI Uirr PUT 1 IriU IlfTtl till PUT 1 PUT ‘ U tr(U IVT1I 1*11 lai IITTtl Him PUI I kiiiu Pifrct LuC.-m PUT 1 till iOBP mu ' hi I’| MTMtit l V*llM III - *1 Ilf It -III
• Atfnm ¦¦ GD QD QD UCXJ 51V PltlE PUT aid: W ill « » . Pai-.SET: 1:17. S 1:174 „ jnig ru| wirus Kawai K-5 Editor KCS Level II Maun Copyist Professional Whether music is your job, or you do it just for fun, we have the music software tools that will help you make music faster and easier than you ever dreamed. And now with the release of the Level II sequencer you can find out just how much of a partner a program can be in creating your music. T ry us and see why thousands of Amiga users choose Dr.T's. Call or write for our free catalog. Dr.T's MUSIC SOFTWARE, Inc. 220 Boylston St. 206 Chestnut Hill, MA02167
(617) 244-6954 We define MIDI music software! Can talk to the people who wrote it? RoimdTables on the Genie™ sendee are a good way to pick up expert knowledge last. "Because they’re the best way to talk to experts at the leading companies. People like Apple’s jean-Louis Gasse, Tandy s Ed Juge and Atari’s Sam Tramiel are frequent guests. Providing in-depth answers and updates mat can save you time as well as money. Genie can save you money another way, too. We bring you expert input at the very best rate. Just $ 5 an hour* So you can stay online longer for a wnole lot less. Ana with Genie signing up is as easy as one, two, three. (1) Set your modem for local echo (half duplex), either 300 or 1200 baud.
(2) Dial 1-800-638-8369. Wta connected, enter HHH. (3) At the U =prompt enter XTX.99690, Genie then RETURN. And have a major credit card or your checking account number ready. For more information in the United States or Canada, call 1-800-638-9636. We bring good things to life. ‘Applies wih in I '.S. Mon-fii 6PM-8AM hml uw and alt day SaL, Sun., and nail hottfap. Sufyct to smve mMnbh. Saw smirts may mthuir additional charts. Info.phile SPRUCING UP THE OLD BENCH-3 Utilities 1.3 The 1.3 Utilities drawer is stuffed with goodies a Calculator, Clocks, Notepad, ASCII text file browser, vegetable slicer, chef’s knives. . .well, you get the idea. By Mark L* Van Name and Bill Catchings
* Editor's Note: This month, team info.phile presents Part 3 of their latest AmigaDOS 1.3 “mini-series.” While their previous collection (“Exploring AmigaDOS 1.3,” Aug. '88-Dec. '88) focused on new or improved CLI commands, this series explores the other side of the AmigaDOS coiri: the Workbench. IF YOU HAVEN’T already taken a look inside the Utilities drawer on Workbench
1. 3, then you’re in for a few surprises. It used to house the familiar Calculator, Clock, and Notepad. Those three are still there, but you will also find that two other old-timers Say and Graphic- Dump plus five brand new utilities have been added. Not One, Not Two, But Three Clocks Let’s start with a look at the improvements to the old Clock utility. Just about everybody knows the Clock. You click on its icon, and an analog clock appears. You can use the Clock’s sizing gadget to change its size, and, if you click anywhere in it, a Clock menu takes over the Workbench menu bar. That menu now holds a few' new options that we like a lot. For example, you’re no longer stuck with the analog dock, which takes up a lot of precious screen space, unless you make it almost unreadably small. Pull down the Clock's Type menu, and you’ll find two digital clock options: Digital 1 and Digital 2. If you choose Digital 1, the analog clock disappears, and in its place a small, two-line digital clock appears. Its first line displays the time. If you’ve used the Clock's Date menu to turn the date display on, the second digital line displays the date. Otherwise, that line is blank. Our favorite Clock option, however, is the new Digital 2. It gives you a one-line digital display in the title bar of your current window. You can, of course, move this dock anywhere you want. The Digital 2 dock does have one disadvantage, though: If you’ve turned (lie date display on, the dock alternates the time and date by flashing every few seconds, which can get annoying. All of the other Clock options work with both digital displays, including display of seconds and 12- or 24-hour mode. The digital docks will not, however, let you change their size. A Digital Pointer While wre like these new Clock options, the new .Amiga 1.3 time utility, ClockPtr, looks like the work of a programmer with, shall we say, too much time on his hands. ClockPtr’s function is simple: It turns your mouse pointer into a digital dock w he never the Workbench backdrop screen is active. To accomplish this metamorphosis, you first double click on the ClockPtr icon. (You can also run it from the CLI by using the command RUN CLOCKPTR.) Then move *lhe mouse pointer out of the Utilities drawer and into the Workbench backdrop screen, click the left mouse button and, voila!, your pointer turns into a digital display. Of course, it only stays that way while your Workbench backdrop screen is active. Make another window, such as a Shell, active, and the pointer resumes its normal form. Now try this. Move the pointer to the top left corner of the Workbench screen, and the pointer will change from a clock into an interval timer that displays the minutes and seconds that have elapsed since it underwent this miraculous transformation. Move the pointer to the lower part of the left side of the screen, and it shows the date. Is this fun, or what? When you’re done, double dick again on the ClockPtr Workbench needs our T ool Chest ntroducing the Amiga- World Tool Chest! A brand- new collection of special software written for your Amiga. I Now there’s no need to know how to program, draw, animate, or compose on your computer because the Amiga- World Tool Chest gives you all the tools your Workbench needs. It’s that easy! Each bi-monthly release of the Tool Chest gives you two disks packed with high- quality Amiga programs, utilities, games, professional clip art, predefined animation objects, sound and music files, and the best of Amiga Shareware. Plus, you get an original Amiga animation complete with an animation-player program! Users of every Amiga model and at every level of skill will be thrilled with these top-qual- ity programs and tools. All for just $ 14.95 per issue! The Premier issue of the Amiga- World Tool Chest gives you... Programs WBSalv, a disc-recovery program that you can run from Workbench. Mosaic Maker, an easy way to create Escher-like graphics. Alien Duels, a lightning-fast arcade clash with an alien invasion force. Joystick required. Clip Art Monsters! Monsters! Monsters! You’ll have a great time incorporating these fantastic creatures into your graphics creations. The AmigaWorldTool Chest. What no Workbench should be without. TRY IT! To order, use the coupon below or look for the special insert in this issue. For immediate service call 1-800-343-0728. Charter Subscription Opportunity! Save $ 20 off the single copy price and get these charter subscriber benefits:
• automatic delivery of every two-disk edition for an entire year. That’s 12 disks in all, delivered every other month. Animation Objects- The Horse, a beautifully detailed chess piece. The Rose, a delicate complex object. The Sail, a great object for your water-born animations. Sounds and Music A collection of very weird sound effects for use in your programs. PLUS a brand-new, disk-length animation from Gene Brawn, a master of Amiga animation!
• FREE Amiga World Public Domain Library Catalog.
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• Full Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the Amiga World Tool Chest, simply return it for an immediate refund. J j Send me the AmigaWorld Tool Chest Vol. 1, 1 today. My payment for $ 14.95 is enclosed. ? Save me $ 20. Enter my one year (6 issue) charter subscription for $ 69.95. Name. Address. City. .Zip. .State. ? Check Money Order Enclosed (payable to AmigaWorld Tool Chest) ? Charge my: ? MasterCard ? Visa ? American Express Account . .Expires. Signature. Foreign Orders, add $ 2.50 for Air Mail Deliver}'. Foreign Subscriptions are S84.95, postpaid. Payment required in US Funds drawn on US Bank. Note that some animations require 1MB of memory. Amiga World Tool Chest, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 1-800-343-0728 • 1-603-924-9471 AW589 icon, and your mouse pointer will return to its normal form. ClockPtr may be fun, but it’s practically useless. Table 1. Commands used with MORE. Keystroke return space bar backspace %n string> . string> n q CTRL 1 h But Wait. * .There’S MORE! Much more useful is another new utility, MORE. MORE is based on a Unix utility of the same name. It is an ASCII file browser that lets you go forward and backward through ASCII files, as well as search for strings in those files. Because it only has to worry about reading files, it is faster than most editors when all you want to do is browse. You can run MORE from either the CL1 or the Workbench. To start it from the CLI, you only have to enter MORE filename> where filenarne> is the name of the file you want to display. It will show as much of fi!enarne> as it can fit in your cur- . Rent CLI window. If you omit a file name, MORE will ask you for the name of the file you want to see. Be sure to give MORE enough of the full path name of the file so that it has a chance to find it. When in doubt, use the full path ? Function Display the next line of text. Display the next screen of text. Display the previous screen of text. Display the first screen of text. Display the last screen of text. Where n is a number between 1 and 100. Display the screen of text that is approximately n% of the way into the file. Where string> is a character string for which you want to search. Perform a case-sensitive search for string> from the current spot in the file forward. Where string> is a character string for which you want to search. Perform a non-case-sensitive search for string> from the current spot in the file forward. Find the next occurrence of the string for which you last searched. Quit MORE. Refresh the screen. Display MORE’s help message, which is just a list of possible commands. Edit this file with the text editor associated with the EDITOR environment variable. The definitive series from Commodore-Amiga WE GIVE PROGRAMMERS A POWERFUL REFERENCE The Amiga® Technical Reference Series is now revised and updated! These comprehensive, definitive manuals, written by the technical staff at Commodore-Amiga, Inc., cover version 1.3 of the svstem software and all three Amiga machines - the 500, the 1000, and the 2000.
- Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Includes and Autodocs contains Amiga C and Assembly Language include fdes. Function Autodocs, and IFF documents. $ 32.95 suggested retail price, 768 pages, paperback. Reading. Massachusetts • Menlo Park, California • New York Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries and Devices describes Exec. Intuition, and Workbench, among other ROM Kernel features and functions. $ 34.95 suggested retail price, 950 pages, paperback. Amiga Hardware Reference Manual provides hardware level descriptions of the Amiga custom chips and peripheral ports, $ 24.95 suggested retail price. 325 pages, paperback. T ADDISON -WESLEY Available wherever computer hooks are sold. Don Mills, Ontario * Wokingham, England • Amsterdam • Bonn • Sydney * Singapore • Tokyo • Madrid • San Juan 29 00 00 TO $ 99.95 1248 Clairmont Road Suite 3D I Atlanta, GA 30030 m (404)377-1514 VfSA “It was a dark day. A day so dark, I needed a flashlight to put my socks on the right feet. My secretary Gladys had quit the day before, walking out with my heart and my Rolodex. I was lost. Then, a mysterious woman walked in... She had a great software package, the kind of goods you want to take home to Mother. She whispered,
* Who!What!When!Where!f then handed me the box and exited stage right. I never learned her name, but that woman changed my life. Now, I use Who!What!When!Where! To schedule appointments, to remind me of upcoming events, to dial the phone, to print address labels,and as a calendar, alarm clock, and yes, as a Rolodex, too. Of course, Gladys made better coffee, but then Wh o !What! Wh e n !Wh e re ! Doesn’t demand profit- sharing...’ Vlhet Vftiere Call For Quotes On Weird or Unusual Cables Typical Non-Standard Cable mmmm :REDMOND CABLE RGB CABLES CUSTOM RGB AMIGA TO 4 BNC SONY KV1311 23F-34F SONY MULTISYNC 23F-9M NEC MULTISYNC 23F-9M MAGNAVOX ANALOG 23F-6MDIN MITSUBISHI MULTISYNC 23F-25M ATARI ANALOG ADAPTER 23F-13F For The Dealer Nearest You! EAST COAST WEST COAST 615-478-5760 206-882-2009 39 Circle 113 on Reader Service card Circle 68 on Reader Service card. Eet Herb and Pip, our crazy heroes, as they prospect for big, blue balloons In the fiendish caves of Xor. Once our heroes have found all the balloons they must make good their escape from the caves. Enjoy the hilarious escapades of Herb and Pip as they dynamite their way through vast cave walls, send rocks falling from dizzy heights and roll giant spheres through long, dark passages. Each game comes complete with a fantastic free balloon. Prospector In the mazes of Xor is available in totally slap-bang-up-to-date 1989 style for your Commodore Amiga NOWI Game designed by Astral Software and developed by Hidden Treasures - the team that brought you StarRay AMIGA ONLY $ 39.95 IF YOU DO NOT FIND PROSPECTOR AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL DEALER CONTACT OUR U.S. REPRESENTATIVES EUROSOFT INT.. INC 70 WOODFIN PLACE ASHEVILLE. NC 2880 1-800 678 7870 LogotroN RECREATION,* Logotron Uk Ltd,- Dales Brewery, Gwydir Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LJ name, and you can’t go wrong. You can start MORE from the Workbench in either of two ways. First, you can just double click on its icon. It will then bring up a full-screen window, give you some introductory text about itself, and ask you for the name of the file that you want to display. Once again, it's best to use the full path name. The second Workbench option lets you directly display files that have Workbench icons. You have to be careful, however, because many such files already have tools attached to them, so that if you click on their icons, those tools, not MORE, will start. To start MORE on a file, first select the MORE icon. Then hold down the Shift key and double click on the file’s icon. MORE will display a full screen of that file’s text. The standard MORE display is fairly simple. It fills all but the bottom line available to it with text from the file. It uses the bottom line for messages and prompts. When MORE starts, that bottom line will show the message More ( nn>%) where nn> is the percentage of the file that you have seen so far. (When you’re at the end of the file, nn> will be 100.) Now you can browse the file. MORE offers 13 commands, each of which you trigger by pressing a single key. Each command moves you around in the file and shows you a different part of the file. Table 1 summarizes these commands; the descriptions in the table are fairly self-explanatory, but there a few additional facts worth noting about some of the commands. For one thing, some of them don’t work in certain situations. One restriction revolves around the use of AmigaDOS pipes, which we discussed in a previous column [“Handle With Flair” info.phile, Feb. ’89, p. 50]. MORE can display text from a pipe, but it can go only forward in that text. You cannot, therefore, use the previous-page or first- page commands with pipes. Also, MORE will not let you jump to the last page of text from a pipe, which makes sense when you realize that the pipe may not yet have received its last page of text. The E command gives you a nice way to invoke an editor on the file you’re browsing, but it has two restrictions. First, it works only when you start MORE from the CLI or the Shell. Second, for it to work, you must have assigned to the EDITOR environment variable the full path name of the editor that you want to invoke, such as WORK- BENCH;C ED or EXTRAS 1.3: ME- MACS. You do so with the CLI SETENV command, as in SETENV EDITOR C:ED If you try the E command without having met both of these conditions, nothing happens. If everything works and you are able to edit your file, when you finish editing and exit the editor, you will return to MORE. You should also be aware that if you accidentally hit the ESC key, MORE will appear to hang. Don’t worry it’s not really dead. Just type either q or h and you’ll be back in business. Now How Much Would You Pay? We’re still not finished with all the improvements to the Utilities drawer. Next time, we’ll look at a few more new utilities and other 1.3 goodies. ¦ The interna! Sound capabilities of the Amiga are better than that of any other personal computer. These capabilities mean nothing though, without quality digital sounds, which up till now have been scarce. Sound Oasis gives Amiga owners access to a large library of studio-tested digital samples, by using the Amiga’s built in disk drive to read disks made for the Mirage Digital Sampling Keyboard. Sounds can then be played from a MIDI keyboard, the computer keyboard, or saved as an IFF standard file. Mirage is a trademark of Ensoniq Inc Transform your Amiga into a professional-quality drum machine with this software package. Easier to use than hardware-based drum machines because everything is displayed graphically on screen. Enter drum patterns quickly and easily in real time with visual feedback and editing. Create realistic drum tracks with any of the 100 drum and percussion samples that are included or use your own unique IFF one- shot samples. Dynamic Drums also has full MIDI implementation and even becomes velocity sensitive when triggered from a MIDI keyboard. A powerful MIDI sequencer that takes full advantage of the Amiga's sound, graphics, and sophisticated user-interface. Dynamic Studio is perfect for professional applications due to its sophisticated editing capabilities and SMPTE support. It is also ideal for home studios, because in addition to sequencing MIDI instruments, Dynamic Studio has a built-in drum machine, and the ability to playback instruments translated with Sound Oasis. Perfect Sound Retail Price only $ 89.95 Brings Music to the Amiga What can I do with Perfect Sound? You can connect any audio source such as a stereo receiver, a CD player, a Video player, or just a microphone to Perfect Sound and your Amiga. Record in stereo or mono and then use Perfect Sound’s editing software to modify the digitized sound. Delete, insert, play sounds backwards, play faster or slower. You can even flip sounds. Perfect Sound creates IFF instruments for Aegis’ Sonix and Electronic Art’s Deluxe Music Construction Set. It can also be used to digitize sound for Aegis’ Audio Master II. Who uses Perfect Sound? Professionals including: The NASA Space Graphics Lab, Texas A&M University, ’’Dragon’s Lair” from ReadySoft, "Arkanoid" from Discovery, ’’Leisure Suit Larry II” from Sierra Online, "Head Coach" from MicroSearch and a lot more. Specifications:
• Two channel stereo audio digitizer • 8 bit sample length
• Sample rate (max); 23,283 per sec. • Frequency response: 11.6KHz • Attaches easily to parallel port • Complete sound editing software • Library of pre-recorded sounds
• Supports IFF file format & instruments • Compatible with most popular music programs_ "This digitizer is fun and quite addictive! I highly recommend the Perfect Sound digitizer." Ron Battle. Amazing Computing, Vol 2, 5. "Perfect Sound is the number 1 selling sound digitizer on the market today." Craig Craig, American Software. Great Amiga Desktop Publishing City Desk 2.0 is Shipping! Look at this example of text flow around irregular graphics. With City Desk 2.0, it’s easy. Now you can give your documents a real "magazine look". Working on your first novel? City Desk’s default even and odd pages make it easy to set up your page for- ; mat. Anything you place on the default even page is automati- cally copied to every even .d page as it is used, default odd page controls each odd numbered page as it is opened. You may save default even and odd pages to use as templates for later modification and use. Another handy feature for long documents is "Autoflow”. City Desk will automatically flow your entire document onto as many columns and pages as necessary. You can open as many pages on screen as your system memory will allow. 2.0 will automatically hyphenate your text as it is flowed. Suggested Retail Price: S199 Upgrade Policy: $ 35 plus the original program disk and manual. Please add $ 2.00 shipping inside the USA, $ 5.00 out of country. Texas residents should add 8% sales tax. If you're ever in Texas, check out our retail locations. We maintain the largest inventory in Houston and have low prices every day. Houston Area: 9896 S.W. Freeway @ Bissonnet • (713) 988-2818 Clear Lake Area: 2402-F Bay Area ©Space Center Dr. • (713) 486-5630 Discover the power of macros with 2.0. With version 2.0, City Desk brings you more power than ever before. You can replace complicated, repetitive, formatting chores by defining and using macros. You can use macros for creating headers, footers, forms, your company motto, your customer’s mailing information, headlines, banners and much more. Once you have defined a macro, it may be recalled with a sim- Pie embedded command. Check out these graphics! This entire page was created with City Desk 2.0 and printed on a Linotronic typesetting machine at 2400 DPI. Proofs were done on an NEC LC-890 PostScript printer. The graphics started out as 16 color. 640 X 400, IFF images. City Desk 2.0 does an incredible job gray-scaling any color IFF image with up to 64 colors. Ham images that are reduced to 64 colors look great. No matter what other DTP programs you own, you need City Desk 2.0. Check Out These Powerful Features
• No copy protection (works great with a hard drive!)
• New rewritten manual w ith complete index
• Overscan capabilities (PAL version available)
• Comes with I program disk and 3 data disks Text Features
• Full-screen text editor w ith cut and paste simplicity
• Over 50 powerful embedded typesetting commands
• Powerful macros to customize embedded commands
• Text flow around irregularly shaped graphics
• Supports basic WordPerfect commands
• Supports basic Scribble! Commands
• Automatic kerning ofletter pairs in PostScript
• Widow' and Orphan control
• Auto hyphenation routines for alignment of text Graphics Features
• Completely new graphics editor with bmsh gadget
• Switch between resolutions, including 640 X 400
• Screened boxes 5% to 100%
• New gray scale support for imported graphics
• X & Y coordinates in graphics editor for accuracy
• Load, create and save brushes in the graphics editor Layout Features
• Coordinate display for accuracy
• Powerful sizing tool for speed and accuracy
• Copy tool which works w'ith text and graphics
• Object tool outlines text or graphics easily
• Stamp objects to background temporarily
• Multiple pages on screen at one time
• Open as many pages as your memory' allows
• Default even odd pages for speed and control
• Delete, insert and move pages easily
• Append to a project to combine two documents
• Supports Viking Moniterm monitor Print Features
• Custom UP LaserJct-t- printer driver for 300 DPI
• Laser utility to download softfonts to the HP
• Custom PostScript driver for 2400 DPI
• Supports 24-pin printers
• 1.3 printer drivers for fast dot-matrix output
• Print multiple copies easily from w ithin City Desk
• Fonts included for use with 24-pin printers
• Softfonts included for use with the HP LaserJet-f-
• Supports all 35 PostScript v47 fonts in any size rs MicroSearch
v. 9H96 S.W, Freeway • Houston. Texas, 77074 (713) 988-2HI8 THE WORLD’S LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF " PRODUCTS GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS HARDWARE SPECIALS A2000Ham Cards 42 MB: 80MB: $ 1239 Other size brands models available Deluxe Paint III Introductory Special $ 99 until 4 15 89 My-T Mouse Replacement Mouse for all Amiga models TOOL SOX A2000 Chassis for your A500 or A1000 In Stock Now! Tiirbo Sliver! Hot Ray Tracing $ 109 until 4 30 89 Midget Racer B, csa 68020 Accelerator for all Amiga models. HARDWARE... HARDWARE... HARDWARE... HARDWARE ASQUARED Uve-A1000 .S259 Live - A500 .$ 345 A500 Hard Drives: 48MB ....$ 859 Black Ribbon .... $ 6 Color Ribbon s? 32MB . $ 729 PACE Carrying Bags for A1000 500 1084 Pall Live A2000 ..Call ACCESS ASSOCIATES Alegra 512K Call AMICORE Transvestor 2500 ....$ 44 AMINETICS People Meter .S53 Escort 1 3.5" Floppy......$ 149 Tool Box ..in Slock! GO AMIGA! Disk Head Cleaner ....Sl5 n 'Mvvr Vvvr ! . wall PACIFIC PERIPHERALS Overdrive Call 30 Disk Case .$ 10 ImageWriler II Cable Call Printer Cable .....S20 Subsystem 500 $ 219 Subsystem 500 w 3.5",..S365 PANASONIC WV 1410 Camera Lens...$ 239 Variable Iris Lens .....$ 79 10801 Printpr Tall ANAKIN Easyl A1000 $ 369 Modem Cable ...$ 20 Mouse Pad $ 10 Easyl - 4500...... $ 359 Sony Cables .. Call Easyl - 42000.... .5399 Custom Cables ...... Cali 10911 Primer Call APPLIED VISIONS FulureSound (A1000) .....5135 Future Sound (A500)......$ 95 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS Impact SCSI RAM. Calf A2000 Hard Cards ... Call 1124 Printer ...* Call 1 PHOENIX CPS 500 Power Supply.....$ 64 Sonic Sneakers AVATEX 1200“ Modem ....$ 85 1200HC Modem ....S115 2400 Modem $ 199 A500 Prcducts . Call HAITEX X-Specs 3D .$ 97 HYPERTEC Deluxe MIDI ..$ 74 PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS Mouse Master ...S31 C LTD. PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS Frame Grabber Pall C View 1 (NTSC) .$ 39 r Jipw o iCti cio INKWELL Pro Gen Genlock $ 349 c View £ (U (, •»-• .... Timesaver (A1000) $ 55 CALIFORNIA ACCESS CA-880 3.5" Drive ..$ 159 COMMUNICATION SPECIALTIES Gen One ..Lowest' Light Pen . $ 99 KETEK Command Center ...Sale! MAGNI Magni 4000 Genlock... In Stock' RQNIN Hurricanes! ...Best Price! SAFESKIN Clear Keyboard Covers.....$ 19 SPIRIT TECHNOLOGY 4 Clin I.. AfAOA a_h CREATIVE MICROSYSTEMS Processor Accelerator AcriA a nnrirti HAST. Unidrive $ 169
1. 5MB for AluOO ... Call Hard Disk Interlaces Call > Twin Drive ......$ 279 STAR MICRONICS NX 1000 Rainbow ....$ 264 SUNRIZE INDUSTRIES Perlecl Sound ... $ 69 Perfect Vision ....S199 (AdUU AiUUU) ...,51 4 (A 1000) ...$ 579 Video Inierlace RF (A500) ..... Call (A2000) ... Call CSA Over 30 3oard Sale! 68020 Boards Call MICROBOTICS Starboard ll (All Sizes).... Call Multifunction Module..... S75 SCSI Module $ 103 8 Up (A20Q0) .. Cat! Hard Frame ......In Stock1 Pop SIMMs . Call Color Splitter ....In Slock1 SURFS! DE Master 3A 3.5" ......S155
* ,l%’ Midget Racer ...HOT DIGITAL CREATIONS SuperGen Call We have SIM Modules for 8 Up! MICROWAY SUPRA 2400 Modem $ 154 Hard Drives . Call ECE MIDI A5Q0 S58 Flicker Fixer . S469 PAL version available! SYNERGY A500 Hard Drives .. . Call MIDI - A1000 ..S58 MIDI - A2000 ... $ 58 EPSON FX-ROf] w ffilrir CiQQ MIMIETICS ? Amigen Genlock ... $ 149 Audio Digitizer ..$ 85 New Low Prices! TECHNICOVER Cover for A500 . S14 MIDI Int. (A500 2000)......$ 45 MOTOROLA 68B81 Co-Processors...... Call Speeds from 12Mb! To 20Mb! NERIKI Neriki Genlock Call Cover for A1Q00 ......Si 7 LA OW Wf vUIJ' ......SrtJJ (Other Models Available) EPYX 500 XJ Joystick $ 17 Cover for A2000 $ 17 WICO Trackball .....$ 39 EXPANSION TECHNOLOGIES A1000 Hard Drives 48MB .....$ 879 32MB .$ 749 VISUAL AURALS Mindlighit 7. $ I7B OKIDATA Okimate 20 with Plug n' Print S199 XEROX 4020 InkJet Printer .. Call ELECTRONIC ARTS SOFTWARE Still $ 42! $ 369 from Retail Showroom Opens!
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• 2682D Middlefield Road, Redwood City, CA 94063
• Note our new Customer Service and Fax numbers
• Now available on CompuServe: 71230, 2412 Aaarch! ... $ 25 First Shapes ...... $ 34 Quizam ...... Alien Fires $ 29 Gettysburg.. ......$ 42 Reach For The Stars $ 33 Altnrnatn Rpalitv 529 Global Commander $ 29 Rebel Charge_______ Reel Fish'n .... Return To Atlantis... In Sloe' 332 .$ 35 Annals ol Rome......m Stock' Arlura ... Call Nt*1 Heroes of the Lance.. Hot A Conl iazx Dixie In Stock' $ 19 Kt* N**1 Awesome Arcade Pak... $ 38 Hunt For Red October .... $ 36 Roadwar 2000...... $ 32 Bard’s Ta'e . $ 32 Instant Music .... $ 32 Roadwar Europa. .. $ 31 Bard's Tale II_____ $ 43 Instant Music Data .....$ 19 Roadwars... $ 26 Battle Droidz . $ 26 Intelfitype ..... $ 35 Rockford . ......$ 25 Black Cauldron $ 29 T Interceptor Kampfgruppe $ 35 $ 46 Rubicon Alliance ... Call Chessmasier 2000 $ 30 Scrabble $ 29 Cbessmasler 2100. Soon! Kid Talk...... ..... $ 34 Seasons 4 Holidays Skyfox II .. .,$ 19 Commisioner's Disk..... Call Ik* Lancelot Leisure Suit Larrv $ 29 ....$ 35 ..$ 29 Cosmic Relief $ 27 Smooth Talker .....$ 36 Deluxe Music ...... ...$ 63 Mad Libs ... $ 16 Sorcerer . Call Deluxe Paint II $ 84 Marble Madness ......$ 32 Speller Bee .... .$ 34 Deluxe 3ainl III Soon' Master Detective...... Call Tnexder .. $ 26 Deluxe aholoLab . Deluxe Productions $ 104 $ 129 Master Ninja Math Talk .... $ 2i ......$ 34 Tme 4 Mjgik Wizard Wars ... '••• f-.'r.r-' Call Deluxe Video 1 2 $ 84 Math Talk Fractions... _______$ 34 Wrath ol Nicodemus ......$ 29 Dinosaur Discovery Kit..... Call Ha..Kiri ntmnn In QtnrL'1 Mavis Beacon .... Phantasie $ 33 . ..$ 31 »!.*¦ Zany Golf In Stuck1
* .L» Earl Weaver Baseball .. Empire... $ 35 ..$ 36 Police Quest Pub Games In Stock1 $ 26 This section includes products tram Fi-s! Byte, SSJ. And other companies whose products 3re distributod hy Electronic Arts! Ferrari Formula 1...... .S36 Puzzle Storybook...... .....Can First Letters and Words. ,..$ 36 Xji* Questron 11 . ... $ 38 SHOWROOM NOW OPEN! FREE SHIPPING! ABACUS AssemPro S72 Becke'Te*:. ..... Sin DitaRelncve ...... £59 » DataReirieve Professional 1149 TextPro .... £59 Amiga Macfiifie Lang $ 24 Amiga Treks 4 Tips Si’ Man after books with CrSkS ABSOn
* A C Basic (¥1.3).. £134 MC Fortran ..... £199 ACCESS SuriWAHE ¦> Echi>on Call leader Board Dual Paw £26 Heavy Meta! Land Combs; $ 31 _ Tenth Frame .$ 26 ? WvU Oass Leader Brd $ 29 ACCESS TECHNOLOGY i;i„- A Cad $ 1-6 fancy 3-0 Fonts $ 55 ACCOLADE Bustle Gncs:. $ 29 Famous Course D s« $ '7 «- Figfit Night £34 .... 4tn 4 inches .... $ 31 Graphics Studio $ 42 Hardball .$ 37 J Nxkaus Golf $ 37 Meant fl S27 » Mini Pun ..... S27 PmOil! Y aard S2S TestDrve £31 Test Dirt II . £30
* The Train .... £31 ACS w Font Works. ..... . ..... Call Grade Manage: £69 iv,' Learning Curve £55 Music Student I $ 43 ACTIONWAHE
* Capone ... £26 m¦ Creatu-e ... Cali Phaser Gun__________________£45 ? PO.W ... £26 ACTIVISION Binlehawxs 1942 * £34 Beyond Zcrk £35 turn- Fisn £31 Game star Titles . Call GeeBet Air Rally ... £28 Shanghai £29 Sherlock .. £29 ADDISON WESLEY .... Amga ManualsCTfcw wll 31 Call Puppy Love £24 AEGIS w Ammagic. . Can T Animator Images $ 67 Aratofc s Tomb. .....$ 32 Art Pat 1 £24 Audio Master 2 0 $ 63 Oiga .. $ 56 .... Ora* 2000 CHI Impact $ 54 ? Lights Camera Acton $ 58 nr Modeler 30 £64 Ports cf Call £36 Sam* ....£43
- r Sound Tran 1 or 2 Call Video Titlervl.1.. $ 99 ? Videoscape 30 2 0 . $ t22 ALOHA Aioha Fonts (each) $ 15 AMIGA BUSINESS Kickwok 1 3 (A1000 Only’}. . . Ft Stock’ ANCO
M. An Or Chess m Stock! ¦r Face Off $ 18 Flight Pam 737 . $ :9 Ha*: e? V.sson ... S’9 KifBfig Grand Pri* $ 19
- r Las Vegas...... $ 19 I;,.’ Micro Base .... In Slock' M«io Tmi ....In Slock1 Mike The Magic Dragon $ 19 .... Roo5ea-y In Stock' v Sky fighter $ 19 _- XF135 $ 19 ANTIC Bobo ... $ 24 Crash Garrett .£27 Human Design ... .£24 Future Design to Stock' Architectural Design £24 PHASAR 3 0 £61 Pioneer Plague £27 Zoetrope £92 AROCK Mastcrpece Fonts £165 ARTWORK Bridge 5 0 £27 t Centerfold Squares... £24 Lmkword Languages $ 24 ? Strip Poser... £26 .... S'rg Pee- II In Stock' Strip Pa*er Data each) STS Thai Boring . £17 ASDG Cube Master S26
* Cygnusfd Call ? FACC II £25 AVANTE GARDE Benchmark Modula-2 S13W Benchmark C Library £71 Benchmark IFF Library £71 Benchmark Simplified £71 8AU0VILLE (i .' Award Make: Plus in Slock' Award Maker Spots Disk . . £20 ‘ nr Dream Zone ...$ 31 BEST INC. ? General Ledger £55 Business Budgeter . Cali Business Mgmt. 2.0 £319 wr Business Payroll Call BETME30A nr Grsd ron In Slock' Wayne Gretsky Hockey in Stock' BUN* SOFTWARE Sound Lab Amiga .....£239 BfilTANNICA Desgnasaurus ......£34 BRODERBUND
t. i-' Downhill Challenge £24 T FantavtSicn £41 Operation Clean Streets $ 28 Sty Chase £28 .... Space Racer £21 BROWN WAOH Express Paint Aew Version). Call
1. ..' MuJiMagic $ 93 w Pen Pai Cad Softwood f Je II sg $ 74 Stehar Conte: ... £29 TV* Shew ... $ 74 TV-Text .... £59 Wordpie*.... . ... £25 Write and File ... $ 79 Zuma Fonts Call BUENA VISTA
* j* Roger Rabbit $ 31 BYTE BY BYTE Animate 30... Ciil Sculp! 3D ..... Cali T Sculp!-An:mate 40 ..... .. £419 viV Tate Fonts In Stock! C LTD Jet Set £35 Jet Set Font Sets Can CAPCOM
1. .. Bone Commando . £28 CENTRAL COAST SOFTWARE f Oisk 2 Disk New Version) $ 37
* Dos 2 Dos ...... £37 Quarterback £54 CINEMAWARE Defender of the Crown £31 King of Cncago £31
* Lords 01 The Rising Sun. Call Rpckel Ranger . . . . £33 SOI. £31
S. nbad £31 TV Sports £33 Three Stooges $ 33 COMMAND SIMULATIONS B trk ieg i Ardennes £42 CONST! UATI0N All Titles. On Silt' COSMI Defcen 5 $ 28 ¦i,* President is Missing, in Stock' Super Huey $ 17 CREATIVE SOLUTIONS ? Muli Forth £77 CHYSTAL ROSE T Anaryltc Art . £42 DATA EAST Platoon ..InStock! DATA RESEARCH Key to C (V 2 02) 525 DELTA RESEARCH J-Fomh (New Version). Ca t DESIGN UBS Fine Print ...... . £36 DIGITAL CONCEPTS Torch 2081 . £18 DIGITEK Amegas £24 Clever & Smart £24 “¦ Cyber Complex Can Drum Studio ..... £35
i. i'1 Final Mission . InStock1 ? Gunshot £24 v’ Hole In One ..... £25 Hollywood Puker . . Can ¦" Paranoia Complex Ca>i v*1 Power Stcks in Slock1
* .*¦>'Sky Blaster in Stock'
- Spin World . Cali Thunder Boy .... £26 T Vampue's Empire. £30 DISC COMPANY Crilic's Choice £178 Kind Words 2 0 ..... Call
* ¦ Publisher's Choie .... . £T39 v-' SuperBac* ---------- Cab DISCOVERY SOFTWARE Arkancnd .. £23 Better Dead Than Alien £23 firabbil .... £24 HyDf‘S £26 Marauder II . £25 ‘.i* Sword cf Sodan In Stock' Virus Inttcton Protection £32 v Zoom ... £20 DISK COJNT £W Spelling Tutor ......$ 21 Vocabulary Tutor $ 21 DQNAR Siar Wars ..In Stock' DR T Patch Edtcrs-------------- Call KCS £177 MIDI Recording Studio InStock! 4i(.' The Copyist .£149 EAGLE TREE SOFTWARE Butcher 2 0. S25 Duiant Arn.es - Call EASEWARE Home Bu lder s Cad . . £139 Home Builder s Choice In Stock' EAST WEST K,.'Take Stock £34 EIDERSOFT Amiga Karate ...... £24 Cas rvj Fever £29 I*. Pro Sound Designer Can ELAN fov&cn (Req Live' New Ver) Cat »t,-‘ Performer CaJ ELIPSYS Encore ...... £45 EMERALD INTELLIGENCE Mage'an £129 EPYX i,t. Battleship InStock' California Games in Stock' m- Devoraire ..... Can a- Dive Bomber ..... $ 37 y:,.1 four By Four £31 Games, Wmter Edition £34 Mind Roll £22 « Skate Wars Ca i St.' Space Staton tn Slock' Streel Cat Cai Sub Bane ... £34 Techno Cops In Stock> m- Under Sea Commando ...... Can ESCAPE SEQUENCE Photosynthesis. . 5136 ez son
v. ,.' EZ Backup £36 FINALLY ,,,'Anmclion InStock'
v. .1 B Pain ... £27 FIRST ROW HoneyMooners ...... Call b,,.' Prime Time. ...... InStock' V Twilight Zone ...... Ca" FREE SPIRIT
b. ,.'Medal me Foms in Slock' Secureies Anat sL £56 Sex Vixens From Space . £29 Ultimate Dos Utils $ 46 FTL
b. ,.' Dungeon Waster. Can FULLER COMPUTING Pro|Kt 0 (New Version) $ 37 GIMPEl SOFTWAHE lint .... £65 GOLD DISK Comx Setter .....£74 Come Setter Data Disks Can «- Design 30 ...... Ca« *¦ Desktop Budge! Call Font Set 1 £26 Gold Spell 2 $ 34 i„. Movie Sener ..... Msfoc*' Pjge Setter ......£94 Protessionai Draw Can Pro'essionai Page 11. Can v Transcipt .... . Call GRANDMA SW b,„ Nag Pus ...... £54 GRAPHIC EXPRESSIONS Master ng CL! £29 HAITEX A Drums . Call « Arruc Term..... Call Haica c £44 HASH ENTERPRISES Animation Editor £40 Animator! Effects.... £35 Animator Flipper £40 b;t* Animal on Multiplane . In Slock’ it«' Animator Rotoscope ... In Stock! Animat on Stand .....£35 Animator: Apprentice Can Appremce Libraries Call HILTON ANDROID Aesop s FaDes £19 Chicken Lime £19 LinleRedHen st9 Three l.rtile Pigs . £19 Ugly Duckling £22 HI SOFT Si CevPacAmiga InStock' HYPERTE* GOMF' 'Latest Version) In Stock'
1. ..1 GOMF 3 0 w Buttcri . £54 IMAGE TECHNOLOGY
1. ..' KikiiQi £70 IN C0GN1TD
1. ..1 Atretfes Prat BBS £99 t Kingdoms of Englar.a CaB Realm of the Warlock £25 1Snake Pi| ...... ft Stock I T argil .....ft Stock I IMPULSE Turbo Silver . £124 Terrain Disk .. Call INFINITY SOFTWARE Galieo? .. £49 «- G; ..- . Call Grand Slam Tennis ..... £38 t Hot Licks ... £34 ? Shakespeare vl .T ... £99 INNUVISION mr Broadcast Tiller Call Video Ettects 30 £142 INOVATROHICS CAPE 56k £65 IrovaToois £57 ? Power Windows 2 5. S63 INTELLIGENT MEMORY EmmetiC Skimmer .Call Garrison £36 Garrison II . Call TyrbcPrm: ..... . £38 INTELLIGENT MUSIC k>V M £149 INTERACTIVE SOFTWORKS t Calligrapher i 06. £69 Lion s Caiiigrafonts Call Newsletter fonts ......£32 Studio Fonts £32 INTERPLAY T Battle Chess ..... £34 IHTRACORP
1. ..' Trump Ciine ....£23 JDK IMAGES ? Pro Video Pius . $ 199 Font Libraries for PVV ea ) £79 JIIM SOFTWARE Easy Title* $ 34 KARA KaraFonts $ 54 KFS SOFTWARE The Accountant ...£189 KINGSQFT Emeratd Mmes .....513
1. .. Emerald Mines II In Stock' Fortress Underground Si 5 K Ox AMI Boot Camp £31 . Contra .. S3t ¦r Jackal . £31 «. Push'n Attack Call LAKE FOREST LOGIC ? Disk Mechanic . . £50 LAMPLIGHTER Amu ...... Can dbProfessionai in Stock* LATTICE
s. .’C++ £349 ? C 5 0 £199 Compiler Companion £78 Other Products . Cl'i LIGHTNING PUBLISHING The 9 g Picture . . $ 23 LYNN S LUNA C W0 Extras ...... £25 MAGIC BYTES Pink Panther £34 MAGNETIC IMAGES C13 An Oiks 1-6 (Each) St5 MANX Lbrary Source . . £199 Artec C-Dev . £199 Artec C Prcl ..... St49 Source Level Debugger . .557 MASTERTPONIC FeuJ £18 Kcxstan 2 ... 5*7 V- Metropolis £31 Mihja Mrssicn. STS Sidewinder in Stock' Space Ranger Si 8 vj.. War In Middle Earth. Tn Stock' MERIDIAN SOFTWARE Demonstrator $ 27 Zing'... .. £49 Zing’ Keys - $ 36 Zmg’ Speii ... $ 57 METACGMCO ISO Pascal (New Version) . . . Cali Macro Assembler . $ 79 Shell ..... $ 45 TooiKit ... $ 35 VETAD1GM MettKOpI £79 METRON T Shell $ 34 MICHTROH
1. ..' AB Zoo ... InStockr » Aiitail £28
- •Casnman .. $ 24 Karate K*l il ...... £23 MICRODEAL H,.’ AMAS .... InStock’ Hit Disk! ..InStock' Insanity Fight ..... £29 International Soccer $ ?& Leatherneokj . $ 29 Major Motion ...... £27 Ringsde ... Call Slayton ...... £29 ? TanfffWOOG ... $ 27 b y Tetri Quest £27 Time Bandits ..$ 28
• it.' Zero Gravity...... S?1 MICRO EHTERTA1NMENT Go en Pyramid Call MICHO ILLUSIONS Black Jack Academy . $ 29 ? Craps Academy .. $ 26 Discovery Data Disks InStock' Etxmstar ......S29 Faery Tale .. $ 34 Galactic Invasion £i9
- r Land of Legends Scan' m- Vusi: X $ 219 Photon Paint . $ 69 Photon Pamt Expansion .$ 23 Photon Vid.Transporter. .. . Cali i*t,' Photon Vid Cel Animator . Call "m- Planetarium ..... £51 Romanic Encounters £29 Tracers ...... £27 TurtM SIS MICRO MAGIC Forms in flight 2 0 £80 MICRO MASTER ? FamiyTree..... £34 MtCROPROSE Silent Service . £24 MICROSEARCH Cry Dts« St 10 Head Coach ..... $ 39 MICROSMITHS TxEd Plus . . $ 57 MICHO SYSTEMS SOFTWARE Analyse1 2 0 £74 BBS PC $ 106 Exceience' St&a Fhpside’ $ 31 Online*...... S42 Organtt' ...... £63 Scribble! S6i ? The Works!-. .....$ 125 Can about Ptatmm EtJivons! MIMETICS 3 Demon £72
1. .. Pattrn Sptatte* InStock> SoundScape £130 Utilities I. S40
1. .. Utilities 2 . In Stock' MlNDSCAPE Balance 01 Power ......£31
M. BalanceoiPcwer 1990 InStock1 Biockiuster..... S27 . Blocker Cai Captan Blood ... . . Call b ,. Combat Course In Stock! Deia Vu ......£32 Harrier Combat £35
1. ..'Hostage .InStock! Ice Hockey £33 Indoo- Sport5 £35 into Eagle’s Nest. Can jonerPoker .. £33 Perleel Score SAT . £52 Road Raider ..... £27 Shadcwgate ......£33 Unmvtec ... £31 V tow £28 MiHDWARE
1. .." Charon 5 . ... InStock' _¦ Holmes Can Des Cartes . £24 ? Pagefiipper fix SiOi PageFender 30 Can
- -PageSync .. Can MS! Raw Copy 5 3d £35 MV MICRO
v. 'BAQ. . In Stock 1 NEW HORIZONS SOFTWARF flow .... £69 ProWhte 2 0 $ 75 ProFonis (each) $ 26 ProScript S33 NEWTEK Digi-Paint S45
Q. gi-Dro-fl $ 74 Digi-V«w 3.0 ..... Cali Digi-Vew Goid In Stock' NEW WAVE Sound Oasis InStock' Dynamic Drums . £59 Dynamic StUfl-0 .. . . £144 OMNlTRENO Breach $ 79 Breach Scenario .....Sl9 Piiadm $ 29 Paiadir Scenario... $ 19 OPCODE SYSTEMS ? MufcC Mouse . $ 49 ORIGIN SYSTEMS i;,. Auto Duel .... in Stock' Moefcu* .... £33 Ogre ... £25 Ultima III .... . . $ 29 ? Ultima IV ..... $ 39 DIG r DSM D$ assenbief S4u QK3CI A-Tam ill ....trtSnjc*.' Ma«iP:an 500...... £99 MaxiPlan Plus ...... £127 Nimbus 1 £99 Ht«' Tax Break! .In Stock I PEACOCK SYSTEMS CS Tree ...... £79 POLYGLOT SOFTWARE Crossword Creator $ 35 Dominoes £1B Four In One.... . $ 22 PRECISION SOFTWARE 4,.'Pro Sound Designer ft Stock! Superbase Personal II £99
v. Superbase Pro'esycna 3 $ 229 PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE F«et Check £30 PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS Access 64 . Call Climate ... . £25 DskUaster $ 40 DR Term Pro $ 79 introCAD $ 63 Vathjmjtion ... . ... Call VcrcLawytr . £42 pixmate £54 PROLIFIC SOFTWARE ProASM ......Call Pro Board $ 425 Pro Net .. $ 425 PSYCHOSIS v Aouaventure Can Arena Si 5 b,t. Baai InStock!
1. .. Ballssti* ..£22 Barbarian ... £27 s,. CapiJln Fi y In Stock! Chrono Quest £34 Deep Space £2i
1. .. Fue 6> gade £33 v,,. Menace £24 Omiteritar In Stock1 «... Star Ray ... Call Terrorpods .... .. S28 OUESTREK s,.- Mission CanBat . In Stock' RAIN BIRD Black Lamp £19 Carrier Command £33 b,,.1 Corruption ......InStock' Silicon Dreams . £25 Space Cutter . £20 StarGlider .... £33 StarG ider II ...toSroc*' bUnix Mi'itary S m In Sixk' UMS Data Dsns ...Ca i ...» Virus .£21 REAOYSOFT 6-5 Emulator 2 ...... Can BoTb Busters ...... £23 b,,. Cosmc Bouncer ...InStock' Dragon sLau toStoc*' Ganymed.. .$ 22 Roc* Challenge . . .in Stock' i*,' Scary Mutants. ToSfoc*’ RG3 VIDEO CREATIONS DexjxtHeip ..... Ca Available tor Deluxe Pair.! II, DiglPaint. Pagecetter. Photon Paint, and Calligrapher' RIGHT ANSWERS GROUP The D rector £49 Director Toolkit . !n Six*' SCORPION B ack Shadow $ 25 Foundation Waste ..... $ 24 »¦ I Ludicrous Can .,.»' Phantasm $ 24 v*' Space Scnaci Simulator . . $ 24 Synapse ..ftStock! KlJ Transputer ...... £24 SEOONA SOFTWARF Money Mem or £74 SEGA %*' Alien Syndrome In Stock' b;,-' Out Run In Slock' ~ Shmotk . Can .,.»' Space Harrier ft stock» SEVEN SEAS SQFTWAR: Color Commander.. . ... .. £21 Doug s Math Aquarium ...£59 SILVER SOFTWARE ONA Music ... £15 .... Fractal Muse St7 V,..' Pronen Mute . £15 SUPPED DISK Lotto Mag c $ 19 SOFT CIRCUITS T L Debug $ 76 SOFTGANG Final Trip Si 8 Power Pjc* (3 Game*). CaT Space Fight ..... 513 Vader ..... Si a SOFTLINK MultiPrefs $ 23 .... StVffll . $ 23 SOFT VOGI* PageStream ...... In Stock' SW ADVANTAGE Investor's Advantage. $ 79 SW INTEGRATIONS Oriental A1 $ 29 SOFTWARE IIRMIHAl Teie Epic in Slock I Teiegames $ 26 Teiewar ...... $ 29 Telewar H. ft Stock! SOFTWARE VISIONS b_*. Vicrctchs Filet Plus SHE SOUND QUEST PaTCh Editors ...Cai Texture (For Real') Cai SPECTRUM IIOLOBYTE b ,,' Faiccn HOT1 ... InStock! SoMiire Royale £22 ij.' Terns $ 25 STAR SOFT Formula One £21
* Frost Byte £21 Seconds Oul Boxing ....$ 21 Stock Marker Game £19 Santa Paravia .InStock' SUBLOGIC European Scenery to Stock' Fl-ghl Simu'ator 2 $ 32 Japan Scere*y ft Sroc*1 Jet . - $ 35 Scenery D sk 7 or 11 $ 58
- Scenery Disk 9 ... Call SUNRIZE INDUSTRIES Desktop Artist .....£23 Stud a Vagc .... $ 75 SUHSMILE SOFTWARE ExTerd ..- S29 Home Inv Manager S27 SYNDESIS Interchange $ 40 Interchange Object S15 irterFom . . $ 82 TAURUS X Cad .. $ 425 AcousitKjn. ..... Can roi sonwARE Modula-2 Call THE OTHER GUYS Promise ... 539 Match It S29 Reason ..... Cali Syntfin £75 THREE 5IKTY Dark Castle $ 29 »i.,' Warlock £24 TIGRESS Q $ vw'k ....£36 TITUS Cracy Ci'S £27 Fire $ Forget . $ ?7 Off Shore Warrior ft Stock! TRUE BASIC DeveMper's Toolkit £39 Runtime Package STO True BASIC £74 Libraries each) $ 39 TSA MEDIA !, »' Bcomer-Aid In Slock' UNICORN Adv. Of Smbad ----- $ 35 Aesop's Fab'e . $ 33 All About America £42 Animjl fcngdem _________$ 35 Arabian Nights $ 35 Fract«n Actxjn $ 33 Kmdmama $ 33
- Logic Masie* Cai Magical Myths ....$ 36 Math Wizard. $ 35 Read £ Rhyme .$ 33 Read A Rama $ 33 Word Vaster $ 35 UNISON WORLD An Gallery 1 or 2 . S20 Fantasy -------- Car Fonts & Borders. Cai Print Master Plus £33 VEGA »..»’ AmiKit ... S29 VIDEO VISIONS Data Disks for Page«pc*r Cali WILLIAM HAWES Arex* £39 W-Sner £39 WORDPERFECT CoflP ? WordFe-feci ¦ ¦ 5179 WordPerfect L brary Call Our objective is Ic carry every product for the Amiga and self them at the besl prices Our policy Is lo be as competitive as possible on all product prices, it you lind a lowet price, please give us a call l| Is no longer dose to possible tor us lo list all the products we carry II you don't see il lisied. Please call
• vV Products are new and in stock. - Products had not been released at press lime. ? Produsls Nave been reduced in price All other products axe normally in stock las well as hundreds more). Orders Only: 80Q-BE-AMIGA in California: 800-843-2842 K VISA Customer Service: 415-364-9714 Facsimile (FAX): 415-365-2073 Now on CompuServe: 71230, 2412 Send Maif Orders to: GOAMEGO 2682D Middlefield Road, Redwood City, CA 94063 (Money Orcer, Cashier’s Check, or Qualified P.O. only. California residents add sales tax.)
• FREE SHIPPING on a i Software O'ders r*er $ 100. OTHER SHIPPING INFO: Sofrwa’e Sn ppmg rates art $ 2 50 tern usmg UPS Ground service (max $ 7 50)qr$ 4 50 item usmg UPS 2nd Day Air Service (max $ 13.50) Other snipping methods available. Cali tot hardware raTes APO. Mail, foreign shipping exlra Call lor more info RETURN A REFUND POLICY: AH returns must have an RMA Call CuSiamef Service to fequesi an RMA- Defective merchandise under warranty will be repaired or rep'aced Returnee product must be returned postage prepaid with ail cngnai packaging. We do rot offer refunds for defective products cr products that do no: perform satisfactorily We make ru guaranim for p-extuct performance Amy money b« guarantees must be handled C recry with me manuiacturef. OTHER POLICIES: We da not charge ycur card until m? P-ctouct actually sn.35. Pircnase order customers must nave credit appiiunon on file No surcharge tor VISA and MasterCard When ordering with crefl! Card. PlfASS include exp. Cate and name a! Bank' Cali Fridays for unannounced specials Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Go AMIGA is in no way associated with Commodore-Amiga. Delivery subject to product availability * Prices subject to change • Circle 26 on Reader Service Card On the eve of your quest, listen to one who has gone before. A w o & £ $ to %> w By B.G. Hunter A FIERCE LATE-NIGHT battle in Oscon’s Fortress has left me with only two stalwart adventurers. If I can just get to the temple in Corinth, I can resurrect my dead companions, and, finally, go to sleep. To spare you from the horrors I have endured, I must fight my fatigue and pass on the wisdom that I have gathered while playing The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight (Electronic Arts). My first piece of advice is a warning: To complete Bard’s Tale II, you must give up your life. Quit your job, dump your spouse, lay in a store of Twinkies and Jolt Cola, and don’t leave your Amiga for a fortnight or two. If you can’t afford that much time, cheat: Buy the clue book (Electronic Arts, $ 12.95). The game is huge, and you’ll be glad for the help. Even if you followed the hints step by step, developing your characters and fully exploring the six towns, seven casdes, tombs, and dungeons could still take forever. Never read the hint book completely! If you buy it, read it only when you get stuck. Think of it as that extra shot of adrenalin that you need to get out of a seemingly impossible jam at 2am. You don’t have to stay up that late. You can play an hour here and an hour there, saving your game as you go, and enjoy the game for many months. Save your game often, but only when you are at a desirable point. Each time you save a game, it replaces the one you last saved. Saving the game right before you die can be devastating. Each time you start over, you will probably die again quickly. As you play, you’ll notice Bard’s Tale II accesses the disk every time you enter an empty building or fight a bad guy. If your Amiga has more than 512K of memory, you can cut down on those incessant accesses by making AmigaDOS cache (store) in memory the information for the rooms and monsters you most recendy saw. The easiest and cheapest way is i MO Today For Amiga MEMORY EXPANSION SOFTWARE Microbotics Star Board 11 v 512K $ 459 Upperdeck 45 Spirit Technology
1. 5MB Board w OK (A1000) 289
1. 5MB Board w OK (A500) 279 1 5MB Board Populated (A 1000) 989 1 5MB Board Populated (A500) 1509 ¦ 800-233-8950 In Canada call: 800-233-8949 All Other Areas call: 717-327-9575 Fax call: 717-327-1217 Educational, Governmental and Corporate Organizations Call toll-free: 1-800-221-4283 CMQ, 101 Reighard Ave., Dept. B9, Williamsport, PA 17701 Over 400,000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS • MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED POLICY: Add 3% (minimum $ 7.00) shipping and handling Larger shipments may require additional charges, Personal and company checks require 3 weeks to clear For faster delivery, use your credit card or send cashier's check or bank money order. Credit cards are not charged until wc ship Pennsylvania and Maryland residents add appropriate sales tax. All prices are
U. S.A. prices and are subject to change. All items are subject to availability. Defective software will be replaced with the same item only Hardware will be replaced or repaired at our discretion within the terms and limits of the manufacturer s warranty. We cannot guarantee compatibility. All sales are linn! And returned shipments arc subject to a restocking fee. We are not responsible for typographic or photographic errors. DISK DRIVES Hi Great Valley Impact A5OO-30HD 849 Impact A2000-I O 289 Impact A2000-2 0 319 Impact A2000-HC 40Q 919 Impact A2000-HC 80Q 1359 SUPRA 30MB Amiga 2000
* 689 Supra 20MB (A500) 699 20MB (A2000) 649 30MB (A 1000) 779 60MB (A500) 1499 60MB (A2000) 1399 Miniscribe 20MB Iru V t" 40MB 289 20MB Int. 3W' 65MS 269
C. LTD llard Drives 33MB (A500) 869 33MB (A2000) Internal 829 44 MB (A500) 869 44MB (A2000) Internal 829 50N1B (A500) 979 50MB (A2000) Internal 939 Mcgatronics Air Drive V i" Ext. 159 Air Drive 3Vi" Int. 139 DISKETTES fl Maxell MD2-DM DS DD 5!4" 9 MFD2-DDM DS DD 31 >” 18 Sony MD2D DS DD 5W” 9 MPD-2DD DS DD V i" 18 PRINTERS ill Brother Mil09 lOOcps DM 179 Ml509 180cps 45 NLQ. 132 Col. 379 L2024 LQ Graphics 659 Canon Canon Bubble Jet 1 30 799
C. LTD. Laser Xpress 2249 Epson FX850 264cps, 80 Col Call FX1050 264cps. 132 Col. 510 LQ850 330cps, 24-Pin LX80 150cps, 30 NLQ Okidata Call S189 129 239 379 169 189 189 179 99 129 189 149 289 429 119 189 139 d Okimate 20 Color ML 182 + 180cps, 80 Col. ML320 + 300cps, 80 Col Panasonic KX-PI080i 120cps, 80 Col. 109li 194cps. 80 Col Star Micronics NX 1000 144cps, 80 Col. NR 1000 Rainbow Color MODEMS Anchor Volksmodem 12 300 1200 1200 External 2400 Baud External Hayes Stnartmodcm 300 Smart modem 1200 Smart modem 2400 Practical Peripherals 1200 Baud External 2400 Baud External Supra SJ2400 External ACCESSORIES ¦ Absoft AC Basic $ 130 Aegis Aegis Draw 2000 159 Animator & Images 87 Videoscape 3D 149 Videotitlcr 109 Lights, Camera, Action 59 A Squared Live (500) 319 Live (2000) 359 Aedon Ware
P. O.W. 25 Buena Vista Roger Rabbit 32 Cinemaware Rocket Ranger 39 TV Sports 36 Discovery Arkanoid 36 Maurader II 31 Electronic Arts Deluxe Music 76 Deluxe Paint 11 89 Mavis Beacon Typing 36 World Tour Golf 29 Earl Weaver Baseball 39 Epyx 4x4 Off Road Racing 39 California Games 35 Gold Disk Comic Setter 61 Pagesetter 89 Professional Draw- 147 Professional Page 249 Micro Systems Excellence 197 Scribble Word Pro 59 The Works Plantinum 179 Origin Autoduel 36 Mcebius 29 Rainbird Carrier Command 34 StarGlider 11 34 Ready Soft Dragons Lair 46 Spectrum Holobyte Tetris 24 Falcon 31 MlVHO IYIMC MlCBOCOMPU I EH MARKETING COUNCIL i rfif r1 with ADDRUFFERS. On your copy of The Bard’s Tale II disk named BARDSDK, edit the file s startup- sequence with a text editor, such as AmigaDOS’ ED. Right before the line that reads: bard insert the following: “Workbench 1.2:c ADDBUFFERS” dfD: 200 (If your Workbench disk is not called Workbench 1.2, use its proper name instead.) Insert your Workbench disk, and AmigaDOS will set aside 200 buffers, or 100K, of memory for a cache for your internal floppy drive. If you have more memory, you can make the cache even bigger. In addition to making your life easier, this technique also cuts down on the wear on your floppy. Does Everyone Like Khaki? In the beginning, assemble a full party of seven adventurers. Once all of your characters have progressed to level six, however, cut back to only six characters. You can fill the empty slot with one of the folks you meet in the dungeons, or have one of your magic casters create someone. Some of those dungeon characters can really help you, and some are essential. You may even want to let them lead when the clues hint at that idea. Don’t be stingy with your party; outfit them completely. It took a long time for me to find out everything that they can wear, and I wish I’d learned it earlier. .Although there are some limits on what the different classes of characters can wear, most can sport armor, a shield, a helmet, and gloves. .Along with clothes and armor, carry lots of money; the locals don’t accept American Express. 50,000 pieces of gold isn’t too much, especially when you’re exploring the Tombs. If someone offers to sell you something, even at an exorbitant price, buy it. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll need room for all the stuff you buy, so make sure that everyone can carry new inventory especially when you're in Dargoth’s Tower. Someone may have a gift that it might be deadly not to have later on. The single most important piece of gear is one that you, and not your characters, have to carry: a map. Before you even boot up the game, rush out and buy graph paper, lots of graph paper. .As you explore, draw your maps in pencil, because you will make mistakes. The easiest way to minimize your errors is to establish a consistent pattern. I like to move, then immediately draw what I see. I always keep track on the map of where I am and what direction I’m facing. I’ll give you the basic parameters to get you started. .All of the towns, dungeons, crypts, and towers are 22 units square. The wilderness outside the towns is 48 by 32 units. Unfortunately, the wilderness wraps around. The game tells you, if you ask, how many units east and north of Tangramayne (the town in which you begin) you are located. Because of the wrapping, however, if you are very far east or north you may actually be only a few squares away from the town on the west or south side. Even the dungeons sometimes wrap around, so be careful there, too. If you do get lost outside, you can always type a question mark to find out where you are, what direction you’re facing, and what time it is. Once I got horribly lost and forgot this command, and nearly everyone in my party died. In addition to maps, keep lists. Jot down everything you see written on the walls and everything you’re told. Keep track of the various monsters’ features, such as how many hit points they have and wrhether they can cast magic. It always helps to know your enemies the next time you encounter them. .As you play, explore completely and slowly. Step everywhere you can, or you might miss an important clue, or fail to encounter someone who could have helped you. Don’t try to stretch beyond the level of your characters. If you do so, you’ll die, and often quickly. Start out by thoroughly exploring Tangramayne for at least one experience level. Then, move outside the town and check out the entire area. The monsters arc not too tough to handle in either place during the day. When your characters achieve level three or higher, hit the dungeon. If your characters are getting beaten up, run away! Don’t be too embarrassed or too proud run and stay alive. Always try to make it back to the safety of the Adventurer’s Guild. Above all else, remember that it is only a game. You will need to sleep every now and then. May your encounter with the evil archmage Lagoth Zanta be a successful one! If not, restore your game and try again.. .and again.. .and again. Although not the type to be caged in an office, B. G. Hunter does skulk in occasionally to pick up his mail. Write to him do .AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. The Bard’s Tale II: The Destiny Knight Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, GA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 S59.95 (Clue book: SI2.95) No special requirements. The most creative music program for the most creative computer. Back Issues January 1989 An Amiga starter kit: hardware and software recommendations for building your first system. Programming graphics in C, Index to 1988 articles. December 1988 Software Buyer’s Guide. Programming Superbase Professional. Graphics tips on airbrush painting. AmigaDOS 1.3 overview, part 5. November 1988 Top 40 games countdown. Identifying and eradicating viruses. Introduction to Arexx. AmigaDOS 1.3 overview, part 4. October 1988 Programming languages: find the one that’s right for you. Roundup of word processors. Digitizing tips. AmigaDOS 1.3 overview, part 3. September 1988 Database roundup. Tips on video titling and special effects. Programming graphics in Modula-2. AmigaDOS 1.3 overview, part 2. August 1988 Amiga workstations: science, engineering, and graphics. Introduction to ARP. AmigaDOS 1.3 device handlers. AmigaDOS 1.3 overview, part 1. July 1988 Reviews of 24-pin and laser printers. Roundup of printer utilities. Comparative review of Modula-2 compilers. Programming video text in Amiga Basic. June 1988 Assembling and recording on a home MIDI system. Roundup of music hardware and software. Review of Superbase Professional. Programming the Extra Halfbrite mode in C. May 1988 Introduction to version 1.3 of the Operating System. Reviews of Professional Page and Animate 3D. Tips on programming WordPerfect macros, April 1988 Telecommunications: on-line services and software. Programming proportional gadgets in C and recursion in BASIC. Setting up a virtual MS-DOS disk with your Bridgeboard and hard disk. January 1988 Desktop publishing software comparative review. Public-domain software recommendations. Comparative review of Sculpt 3D and VideoScape 3D. Brain surgery and the Amiga. M is a trademark of Intelligent Computer Music Systems, I nc. Intelligent Music is a registered trademark of Intelligent Music Computer Systems, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Soundscape is a trademark of Mimetics, Inc. Each back issue costs $ 4.50 plus $ 1 for shipping and handling. On orders of 10 or more back issues, there is a flat S7.50 shipping and handling fee. Quantities are limited and we cannot guarantee that all back issues are available. Orders must be prepaid. Send your orders to AmigaY orld, Attn: Back Issue Orders. 80 Elm St.. Peterborough, NH 03458. Finally, there's an Amiga music program worthy of Amiga musicians. “M is excellent. Trained musicians and composers can get coherent results very quickly, while people who don't even know what a major scale is can see intimately the effects of pitch, meter, phrasing... This is everybody's music program.” Amiga World, April 1989 M is totally interactive. M’s intuitive graphic interface lets you shape your music as you're listening. Which means that you can make music more easily, more enjoyably, more productively, than you ever have before. M supports MIDI and Amiga sampled sounds, M reads and writes MIDI Files and installs as a Soundscape™ module. At $ 199, why wait? See M at your Amiga dealer right away. Or send a $ 10 check for an M demo package. Or call or write for further information, E M E V R I E W S G A Hybris By Denny Atkin HYBRIS IS CLOSE to the ideal execution of the vertical- scrolling blast-fest. Your mission is the old "shoot everything ’ but Hybris adds a few unique elements to the formula. As J.P. Maverick or K. Lovett, you begin by flying over a beautifully-rendered desert landscape, zapping alien spaceships and ground turrets. Your ship has two power configurations one for maximum shot power, and the other for a wide shot spread. If you shoot one of the power cubes that fly by and capture the ship part inside, you increase your ship’s firepower and missile coverage. By the time you capture the final power cube, your ship has undergone as dramatic a change as transforming a Sop- with biplane into an X-Wing fighter. You will need the extra power. Surviving the desert thrusts you into ocean combat, where submarines pop up, shoot at you, and submerge before you get a chance to get off a shot. The third and final level, a stunning and imaginative alien landscape, adds a number of ground-based opponents who not only have more firepower, but take a number of shots to destroy. Hybris is challenging but tameable. An options screen allows you to change the number of ships, frequency of alien shots, and other variables that will make the game easier for beginners. You also have three smart bombs, which destroy everything on screen. To keep your thumb out of a splint, hold down the joystick button for rapid-fire missiles. Finally, if you hit the fire button within nine seconds after the end of a game, your new- game will start at the spot where you died, rather than the beginning. The only complaint I have is the mouse. Response is sluggish, and the ship doesn’t move in exactly the same direction as you move the mouse. Use the joystick to avoid the problems. With sensational graphics, nonstop action, a super stereo sound track, and the ability to start a new game where you last left off, Hybris makes you glad that your Amiga doesn’t have a quarter slot. Hybris Discovery Software International 163 Conduit St. .Annapolis, MD 21401 301 268-9877 S39.95 No special requirements. Charon 5 By Chris Dickman TO THE ANCIENT Greeks, Charon was a lower-world deity who accompanied the souls of the dead to the infernal regions. Ironically, my experience with Charon 5 was certainly less than heavenly. First, the game failed to load on my reliable .Amiga 1000 with a Spirit memory board. A call to Mind ware International confirmed that Charon 5 was not compatible with my system’s configuration. Great. On an Amiga 500, the program did indeed load, but, in retrospect, I almost wish it hadn’t. The game’s premise is no more or less preposterous than most games on the market. You are on a mission to save a group of scientists who are imprisoned in the depths of a mysterious spacecraft. You must reassemble destroyed airlocks to descend to the level of the scientists and free them. Yawn. The playfield is a maze, not all that different from the old Pacman formula, through which you guide your digital alter ego, a H.U.M.A.N. (Highly Usable Maneuverable Android), represented by a colored disk. Dull, but Charon 5 is indeed fast; movement between screens is almost instantaneous. .As you wander the maze, swarms of buzzing little ? GFA-BASIC 3.0 for the Amiga .w>»k«C'K«mo»x*xok *k->>k-» v! v!w.wM vXvXvX vX *X*. LO . (vww vAKsW -KKsWWWs'ft IvSb§§b§§§S§ot !5i?SKv; -I'i- Boldly goes where no BASIC has gone before.
• High-Speed Interpreter for easy program development Available NOW from
• Over 300 powerful commands
• FASTI-Execution times comparable to C
• In-iine C and Assembler Commands
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• Extensive Amiga commands with submenus and built-in file requester
• Built-in Text Editor with syntax checking, procedure hiding and auto-indenting 544 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 Call today to order: 800-234-7001 or see your local Amiga dealer. Circle 218 on Reader Service card. (GF9200)
• 400-page comprehensive manual
• Includes Run-Time Interpreter GFA-BASIC 3.0 is a trademark of GFA Systemtechnik, Germany: Antic Software and Antic are trademarks of Antic Publishing, Inc.; Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga inc. The Text Editor for the Amiga",’ Plu&Za whole lot more. D Disk cache, speeds up floppy & hard digk reads up t0 2000%. TxEd PLUSn Fonts Speeds up text display, unlveys Hotkey window manipulator. . _ t rn Latest versions of the AmigaDOS Replacement Programs. Demo version of the AREXX, the macro processor used by TxEd Plus, that is changing the way people think about computing. ARP o
o 0 o • o o7 7 0 o Microsmiths, Inc PO Box 561, Cambridge MA 02140
(617) 354-1224 BIX,PLink: cheath CIS: 76004,1766 Once upon a time, a nerd put on a strange belt and became the MIGHTY NERD! For MN to conquer the evil supervillains, you must provide and use the belt's superpowers. MIGHTY NERD is an Arcade Strategy style game with action graphics and digitized sound.A hugh playing map allows you to teleport, fly, swim or, run through the adventure. A hero maker allows you to edit the superpowers of the Mighty Nerd. The editor also allows you to edit the powers of the supervillains making the game more exciting and challenging. ISM,Inc. Amiga, IIGS, MacPlus SE versions S49.95. P.O.Box 247 Macintosh II version S59.95 Phoenix, MD 21131 Plus postage and handling, (301)527-1988 Pick your path through the maze. Nasties attack you periodically. You can fire at them, but only in the direction you’re traveling, which makes effective combat impossible. 'The screens all look the same, with no surprises, no interesting challenges to overcome, no animation, and with about three sound effects. . .yawn. Complete package: $ 79.95 Supposedly, you can collect the components necessary to rebuild the destroyed airlocks, but the limited documentation doesn’t tell you how. I wandered the maze in vain. Games are supposed to be fun if I want to work I’ll use a spreadsheet. You’re told that by stopping on a diamond shape in the maze you’ll be asked if you’d like to know where the components are on your level. Wrong. You actually receive some ambiguous messages whose import is not mentioned in the documentaAussie Joker Poker By Louis R, Wallace THE FOLKS FROM down under have put a new face on five-card draw poker with Aussie Joker Poker. Besides letting the Amiga do all the work of shuffling and tion (a single sheet of paper packed with tiny type in three languages). I could go on but I’m getting so sleepy.. .yawn. While the speed of Charon 5 shows off Mindware International’s memory management techniques, it does not make for a satisfying game. It should either be completely overhauled, along with its documentation, or placed in the public domain. It's amusing that Charon 5 is copy protected. The company needn’t have bothered. Charon 5 Mindware International 110 Dunlop Street West Box 22158 Barrie, Ontario Canada L4M 5R3 705 737-5998 800 461-5441 S34.95 Joystick required. Dealing, the game changes a few of the rules of regulation poker. For example, you play for points, not money. Each poker hand is worth a number of points; a single pair carries the lowest value and a royal flush, the highest. When you receive your five cards you can keep or discard any, or all, of them. If you draw, you must improve on your previous hand or you are "busted.” If you do make an improvement, you can score the hand or try discarding and drawing once more. Again, you must im- satisfactory but not stunning. The backgrounds are colorful and the cards realistic. The sound effects are weak, but skill and chance are the important aspects, not hi-tech flash. I enjoy a good game of poker and was more than mildly interested in Joker Poker. It is no better than the many other public-domain and commercial poker games avail- AC BASIC” V1.3-NEW Easy to use compiler is very fast with great graphics. Plus, AC BASIC is the only BASIC compiler for Amiga that is compatible with the AmigaBASIC interpreter so your existing programs can be compiled with no changes and run up to 50x faster. Easy to use documentation is indexed and includes over 200 examples on disk; plus a full spreadsheet written in AC BASIC and HAM graphics examples Extensions include: SELECT CASE, BLOCK IF, STATIC arrays. Recursive subprograms. Create stand-alone applications (no redistribution fee) NCP $ 195. H va 3 players, each playing 3 hands. The deck is fron ?. Up and the bet is $ 65.88 Continue Exit __ AC FORTRAN Mainframe quality, full feature ANSI FORTRAN 77 compiler includes: Debugger, Linker, Library Manager, Runtime Library, IEEE math, and C interface. Supports Complex numbers, Virtual arrays, Overlays and Linking. Not copy protected. $ 295. 68020 68881 version also available $ 495. Ft Scientific Engineering Software 2781 Bond Street, Auburn Hills, MI 48057 (313) 853-0050 Amiga trademark cf Commodore Amiga Microsoft trademark of Microsoft Corp. Watch out for tho old ace-ln-the-buff©r trick. Circle 175 on Reader Service card. INTRODUCING Project 1-.E i rSrr TM F E A T U R prove or lose everything. The rules increase the possibilities for you to get a better hand, but every draw also increases the odds of busting. You can customize the game even further. For a chance at higher points, you can vary the number of hands each person can play per round. You control the number of cards in the playing deck by specifying which card will be the lowest card. In the gambling mode, you make wagers instead of playing for points. In reality just a different form of scoring points, it could allow' the game to be used as a real gambling tool. The game’s presentation is able, but the multiple-player (from two to 90) option should make it popular at pardes. Aussie Joker Poker Joker Software International distributed by Mindscape 3444 Dundee Rd. Northbrook, IL 60062 312 480-7667 800 221-9884 $ 49.95 No special requirements. ¦
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* MS-DOS PC-DOS and Atari ST. • An easy to read, informative user manual is included. G • This product is not copy-protected in any way. An Evolution in Disk Utilities for Amiga Personal Computers! NOW SHIPPING! $ 49.95 E, Includes shipping and handling’ Arizona residents add 6.59c sales tax. TO ORDER Send check or money order to: Fuller Computer Systems. Inc.
P. O. Box 9222 Mesa. Arizona 85204-0430 Or CALL (602) 835-5018 Dealer Inquiries Invited Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Circle 103 on Reader Service card. AmigaWorld 63 Creative Computers ORDfR$ rilTIWTC»TTTl OUTSIDE vTFwWTwTmvl INSIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE ONLY: llU'fl’ff fl'I'I1 '- CALIF. RlPH%rwfV 1 OR ORDER STATUS VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, International Phone and Mai) Orders, Educational, Corporate and Aerospace Purchase Orders Accepted. 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 Mon,-5at. 8 a.m.-6 p.m. PST FAX: 213-214-0932 VIDEO & AUDIO: ¦ Form2 In Flight II ¦ Photon Paint II ¦ Music X ¦ Caiigari ¦ The Performer ¦ Movie Setter ¦ MidiVU ¦ C-Zar ¦ Comic Fonts ¦ Pro-Sound Designer ¦ MIDI Magic ¦ Zoefrope ¦ Photon Cell Animator GAMES: ¦ Double Dragon ¦ Oettgnasaurus m Baal ¦ Trump Castle ¦ Operation Wolf ¦ Bubble Bobble ¦ Rastan ¦ Dragon's Loir TV Sports Football Lords of the Rising Sun Univeral Military Simulator Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Kingdoms of England Hostage Test Drive 2 PLEASE CALL FOR PRICES SOFTWARE 3-D GRAPHICS .. 3613 3-DEMON ..71 95 4*4 OFF ROAD RACING. .32 46 4TH i INCHES CONSTRUCTION 9 55 4TH AND INCHES ...________.... 29 24 64 EMULATOR 2. THE--------------49 95 A B 200..... 25 59 A-TALK HI . .64 97 AAARGH’ ..... 23 95 AC BASIC COMPILES ..... 134 06 AC FORTRAN .....199 00 ACCOUNTANT. THE ......1S6 95 ADRUM .....Si 98 ADVENTURES OF SlNBAD. 32 46 AEGIS ANIMATOR .17 95 AEGIS DRAW 1 4 . 52 95
• 68020 protestor.
• Optional math co-protestor up to 33 Mhi 68-8871
• 50% average speed increase without moth co-protessor. ALSO: Sculpt Animate 40 ... $ 399.95 PACKAGE DEAL $ 979.00 INCLUDES: I. SCULPT ANIMATE 40; 2. MIDGET RACER; 3. 68882-20 CO-PROCESSOR, 4. 20 01 24 Mhi CRYSTAL OSSC. AMIGA DOS EXPRESS .....19 95 AMIGA FONTS (NTF) ...... 59 95 AMIGA KARATE ...2*95 ANALYTIC AfiT-GRAPHlCS . 37 48 ANALYZE 2 0-SPREADSHEET 93 73 ANDROMEDA MISSION .... 25 95 ANIMAL KINGDOM 32 46 AnlMATE-30 . 99 95 ANIMATION .. 62 95 ANIMATION EDITOR ...... 38 95 ANIMATION EFFECTS ..... 32 46 ANIMATION MULTIPLANE .. 58 46 ANIMATION STAND 32 *6 ANIMATORS APPRENTICE 164 95 ANNALS OF ROME 24.95 ANTI-VIRUS .. 25 95 ARAZOK'S T0M3 ..31 25 ARCADE ACTION PACK .... 34 95 e A RENA .. . 9 95
• AFFIX . 32 95 ARKANOlD ...19 95 ART COMPANION 19 95 ART GALLERY FANTASY ... 23 36 ART OF CHESS ... 22 95 ASHA S FONTS ... 58 95 ASSEMPRO ..71 95 ATREDES (BBS) ... 97 46 a Downhill Challenge ¦ Rampage ¦ Evil Garden a Artie Adventurel BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY: a Page Stream ¦ Works Platinum ¦ Pen Pal ¦ Tax Break ¦ Desktop Budget ¦ Pro-Net ¦ Pro-Board ¦ Professional DataRotrieve ¦ Professional Draw ¦ Aegis Draw 2000 ¦ Superbaso Personal 2 ¦ Superplan EDUCATIONAL: ¦ My Paint UTILITIES: ¦ B.A.D. (hat floppy and hard disk accelerator! HARDWARE: ¦ INTRUDER ALERT ¦ AMAC Emulator (Macintosh emulator!] I Spirit Deluxe MIDI A Vault-30
• Jj3lO*liU» II M 95
• AatBOOU . 77 M AWARD MAKER PLUS .....31 16 AWARD MAKER SPORTS .. 19 95 AZTEC 587AM 0 .‘94 95 AZTEC C PROFESSIONAL .’29 95 We carry OVER 1100 items The best NEW products The LOWEST PRICES
• AZTEC USA CM* SUC 369 72
• 1 A D D SR. OPTIMIZER 32 4=
• UtlLE Cl ESI .. 3215 BATTLE SHIP .19 46 BBS-PC ...... 62 32 BECKER TEXT ...... 99 95 BENCHMARK C LIBRARY ... 64 95 BENCHMARK IFF LIBRARY . 64 95 BENCHMARK MODULA-2 .. 129 95 BENCHMARK SIMPLE LIBRARY 64 95 BETTER DEAD THAN ALIEN 21 95 BEYOND ZORK 33 76 BiONIC COMMANDO ...... 25 97 BLACK CAULDRON 23.95 Black jack academy .... 29 55 Black lamp .22 oo BUCK SHADOW ..22.95 BLITZKRIEG (I MEG VER ) . 38 95 BLOCKBUSTER ... 32 46 BOBO 23 36 BOOMERAIO . 32 46 BREACH .. 25 95 BREACH SCENARIO DISK .....16 95 BRIDGE 5 0 .. 24 10 BRUSH WORKS. . 20 95 BRUSH WORKS 2 19 55 BUBBLE GHOST ... 22 71 BUMFER STICKER MAKER . 37 95 BUTCHER 2 0 -23 13 C-LIGMT .... 38 95 i C-ZAR 126 95 CAD PARTS FOR INTRO CAD IS 50 CALCULUS .. 36 95 i CAUIQRH1A (AMES 32 46 i CAUSA*I CALL CALLIGRAPHER ... 64 95 CAPE 68K ASSEMBLER 2 0 . 58 47 CAPITALIZATION SERIES .....19 45 CAPONf ..... 25 95 HOT NEW PRODUCTS CAPTAIN ELOOD .. 32 46 CAPTAIN FIZZ ... 19 95 CARRIER COMMAND ...... 30 95 CASINO FEVER .. 25 95 CB TREE PLUS 64 95
• tKAtOe 5 25 96 CHESSUASTER 2000 ...... 32 46 CHICKEN LITTLE ..19 95 CHRONO QUEST ...... 33 95 CfTY DESK ... 93 95 CITY DESK ART COMPANION 19 95 CITY DESK BUNDLE ...... 99 95 CLIMATE .... 24 95 CLIPART »i *6(EA I .....12 95 COMBAT COURSE . 25 95
• COMIC IdkTS |MfW I MICE] 59 95
• CDIUMIUR 9 95 CUSTOMS SCREENS ...... 43 73
• CYSeu: £0 F«l> M95 DARK CASTLE 25 95 DATA RETRIEVE .. 49 95 e DATA RETRIEVE PMJf 211 95 DEATH SWORD ...19 95 DECIMAL DUNGEON ...... 32 46
• DOUllE DAASOK__________ 2 7 95 DOUGS MATH AQUARIUM .51 95 DOUGS COLOR COMMANDER 19 46 DR TS 4-OP EO LlB 92 95 BACHSONGBOOK 17 95 CASIO V21 EdiLIB 92 95 COPYIST . 155 38 CZ CARTRIDGE ..5195 CZ RIDER . 92 95 0-1 IQ ED7LIB ... 92 95 D-50 EO LIB ..... 92 95 DR DRUMS .. 17 95 DR KEYS ...1795 DX7 EdalB .. 92 95 ESO APADE ESQ 1 .... 92 95 KAWAI K-1 EqlLlB ...... 92 97 KAWAI K-5 EG TUB ...... 92 95 KCS .. 154 95 LEXICON EDILIB . 92 95 MID'RECORD STU ..... 43 53 MT-32 EDU.IB ...... .. 92 95 MATRIX 6 ED LIB 92 95
• FINAL ASSAULT ... 32 5 FINAL MISSION ...19 55 FINE 3RINT . 41 55 FIRE N FORGET ... 25 95 FIRE ZONE ... 23 95 FIRE BRIGRADE .... 32 46 FIREPOWER ....1695 FIRST LETTERS & WORDS . 33 00 FIRST SHAPES ... 33 00 FISH .... 29 95 FLEET CHECK 25 96 FLIGHT PATH 737 . 16 95 FLIGHT SIMULATOR II .... 37 46 FLOW 62 32 FONTS AND BORDERS .... 22 95 FOOTMAN ...21 95
• 5ALAI Y HSHI S 55 GALILEO 2 0 . 45 46 GALLERY 3-D (SCULPT) ...51 95 GAMES, THE WINTER EolTiON..... 32 46 GETTYSBURG . 38 95
• GIA (LASIC 3 0 90 95 GiZMOZ ..... 45 95 GLOBAL COMMANDER .... 27 46 GOLD SPELL II ... 29 95 GOLDEN PATH 29 95 GOLDRUNNER II .. 25 95 GOMF' 3 0 (SOFTWARE ONLY)..... 27 95 GRABBIT .. 20 95 GRADE MANAGER .. 56 95 GRAND SLAM TENNIS, ....31 25 GRAPHICS STUDIO ..... 36 95 GREAT STATES II . 25 95
• HEPCES OF IKE LARGE 27 95 HISOFT BASIC PROF .... 103 95 HIT DISK VOL I ... 32 46 HOLE IN ONE . 25 95 HOLLYWOOD POKER ...... 25 95 HOME BUILDERS CAO ....t29 95 HOSTAGE .... 29 95 HOT 8 COOL JAZZ .21 95 HUNT FOR REO OCTOBER .. 34 95
* I KYI I Id* 99 95 ITS ONLY ROCK A ROLL ..21 95 J FORTH .... 77 96 JET 37 45 JET SEI FONT SET .. 32 53 JINXTER .... 25 95
• JOKE8PGKEI 32 48 KAMPfGRUPPE ...41 55 KARA FONTS . 54 55 KARATE KIO II,,,., .... 25 95 KEY TO T ... 22 55 KICK-WORK 1 3 ... 22 95 KIDTALK ....?7 95 KIKUGI ......18 95 KINDERAMA 32*6 KINDWORDS 64 95 KING OF CHICAGO 34 55 KINGS QUEST t ... 32 95 KINGS QUEST II .. 32 95 KINGS QUEST 111 .. 37 95 KNIGHT ORC . 30 55 LANCELOT ... 27 95 LASER UP'FONTS VOL I ..31 95 LASER UP' PLOT 12 ......39 S5 USER UP’ pR!N" 12 .....71 95 USER UP1 UTIL VOL I ...31 95 lattic- no compute1 . Us.00 ' LATTICE C3 31500 LAZERSCRIPT 28 10 LEADER BOARD DUAL PACK 22 72 LEADER BOARD TORNA DISK ..... 13 95 LEADER BOARD GOLF GAME ...... 27 00 LEARNING CURVE . 51 95 LEARNING THE ALPHABET,...... 1546 LEATHER GODDESSES ....32 *6 LEATHERNECK .. 25 95 LEISURE SUIT LARRY ... 26 40 LEXCHECK 26 85 LIFE CYCLES AMIGA ......19.46 LIGHTS'CAMERA1 ACTION1 ......-59 95 UNKWORD DUTCH ...... 20 55 UNKWORD FRENCH ...... 20 55 L1NKW0R0 GERMAN ...... 20 55 IN FLIGHT II 3D GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION MICROLAWYER .. 37 95
• KIOTO ... 7995
• MI&KI* COM BAT 31 16 MODELER 3-D ... 65 00 MOEBIUS .. 39 95 MONEY MENTOR . 64 95
• MY PiilT 37 46 NAG PLUS 3 0 ... 49 95 NEWSLETTER FONTS COLOR 29 95 OBLITERATOR ... 25 95 OFFSHORE WARRIOR ..... 25 56 OGRE 32 46 ONLINE 2 0 . 43 56 OPERATION ClfAN STREETS 25 95 ORGANIZE ... 62 3? OTGDSM (DISASSEMBLER) 43 95 OUT RUN . 32 46 POW ... . 25 95 page flipper . . 31 23 page flipper plus fix...... 103 95
* PaiE STRUM 179 95 PAGESETTER ..... 93 72 PALADIN .. 25 95 PALADIN (QUEST DISK 1)...... 15 86 PCLO PPINTD CJFLCUIT LYOUT.. . 199 95 PCIO* PRNTD CURCUIT LYOUT . 399 95 PERFECT SCORE ...... 54 95
* rUfQAMf A |[LM| 1195 PHANTASIE ... . 27 47 PHANTASIE 3 . .. 74 95 PHANTASM ... 22 95
• MAUI FIB L nun 67 14
• PHOTO* CEIL ANIMATOR 99 95 PHOTON PAINT 64 96 PHOTON PAINT EXP DSK PHOTON PAINT TRANS CNTRL . . 194 96 PHOTOSYNTHESIS .... 97 96 PINBALL IQ . 19 46 PIONEER PLAGUE ..... 25% PIXMATE . 45 95 PLANET PROBE 19 95 PLATOON . .. 29 71 POKER SOLITAIRE .... .. 22 95 POLICE QUEST .. 32 46 PORTS OF CALL .. ... 29 95 POWER WINDOWS 2 5 68 4 7 POWERSTYX .. 22 95 PRE CALCULUS ...... 36 95 PRESIDENT IS MISSING . 25 95 PRIMETIME ... .. 25 95 PRINTMASTERPLUS ... . 31 23 PRO MIDI STUCIQ ..... 130 95 e FRO VIDEO PLUS III 15 PROBABILITY THEORY _______ 36 95 e PPUFEUiaiUL DRAW 171 (5 e PFOUJJItJAAL P41E 221 DO PROJECT D ... . 31 95 PROMISE SPELLING CHECKER.. .34 95 PPOSCRIPT ... ...32 95 PROWRITE 2 0 . .. 78 10 PUNCTUATION SERIES . ... 19 43 QRADRAUEN .. 19 95 QUARTERBACK . 45 95 QUESTRQN II .. ... 32 45 QUICK MERGE . ... 37 95 QUINTETTES .. .., 29 95 QUIZ MASTER . ... 49 95 r ?v A Boing! Mouse Professional Optical 3-buiton mouic for your Amiga. ¦ Optical technology eliminates friction and momentum coefficients for lupar- preciie handling. ¦ No moving parlt for increased reliability. ¦ Middle buiton makes it the only mouic compatible with A2024 software and X Windows. ¦ Compatible with ALL Amiga computers. SPEOAl pm! LIMITED TIM! 0K1Y: *99“ WE CAN BEAT ANY ADVERTISED PRICE! BUT WE SELDOM HAVE TO - OUR PRICES ARE THE LOWEST! (IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE ON AN ITEM, GIVE US A CALL.) Circle 199 on Reacer Service card. Ft Ft *£SOF'S FABLES .....19 9S RAW COPY 13 34 95 REACH FOR THE STARS ...2? 95 READ 1 RHYME ...3T 95 READ A RAUA ...33 6 REALM Of THE WARLOCK 22 «T4 REBEL CHARGE CHICKAMAfiGA 33 95 REEL FIShiN GORE F15HIN 3C8S RETURN TO ATLANTIS ....34 95 ROAD RAIDERS ...25% ROADWAR20QO ...27 U ROADWAR EUROPA 29 95 ROAOWARS .. 23 95 ROB READER UGLY DUCKLING ,,, 13 44 ROBBEARY ...16 21
• MOCK tUuEMt 25 95 ROCKET RANGER .. 32 46 ROCKEORD .. 23 95 ROMANTIC ENCOUNTER ... 25 95 SAWPLEWARE-DIGfTAL ...16 95 SAMPLEWARE-GRA3 BAG ..IE 95 SaUPlEWARE-ORShESTRal 16 95 SAMPlEWAREROCK .....16 95 SANTA PA RAVI A & FlUMACClO 19 95 SARGON 111 .. 35 95 NEW FROM CENTAUR: wlBA THE SILENT DRIVE >159 FEATURES: • C5I 3200 • Clicklest • Small comport design • Metal cat*
• Compatible with all Amiga computers * low power consumption * Hinged dust cover • Drive disoble switch • 1-yecr wcrranty, AISO AVAILABLE: CSI 2200 internal drive for AMIGA 2000-100% compatible wilh same mechanism as Commodore 2010 S149.00 SCARY MUTANT SPACE ALIENS 25 95 SCENERY DISK »11 EAST COAST ... 18 72 SCENERY DISK 17 EAST COAST ,,..1071 SCHEMATIC CAPTURE...... 199S5 SCRABBLE ...27 45 SCRIBBLE ..6232 SCULPT 3 0...... 69 95 ? SCULPT AKIttATE 4-3 ... 399 95 ? SOI CIHAMAWAPE . . 34 55 SEASONS AND HOLIDAYS 21 95 SECONDS OUT 19 46 SECURITIES ANALYST .... 49 95 SEVEN CITIES OF GCLD ...14 95 SEX VIXENS ...... 25 95 SHADOW GATE 31 55 SHAKESPEARE .. 146 95 SHANGHAISTRATEGYCAME 27 46 SHERLOCK ... 27 00 SILENT SERVICE .. 25 95 SIN BAD & FALCON 34 35 SKY BLA5TER 19 95 5KY CHASE ..... 25 95 SKYFOX II ... 27 45 t SIAYEOK 14 95 SMOOTH TALKER . 33 95 SNAKE PIT ...?4 95 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS For Amiffo 7000: IMPACT HC 4S-48 MB 28m! Hard Card . 799 00 IMPACT HC 40O-42 MB ll mi Hard Card .... 799.00 IMPACT HC 80Q-S4 MB 11 mi Hard Card ..... 1199 00 Far Amiga 500: IMPACT A500 SCSI HD20-20 MB HO 749 00 IMPACT A500-SCSI HD45 45 MB HO ...... 995 00 IMPACT A500-SCSI HD40G 42 MB 11 mi High-Spaed Hard Orivu .. 1049 00 IMPACT A500-SCSI HDBQO-B4 MB 11 mi High-Speed Hard Df>v*r . 1449 00 Quantum 80S, 84 MB 11 m. 3 5“ HD .. 995 00 Shock mounted, 64KB cache i for I Tmi ipeed , SC5f interface. Compatible with IMPACT or A 2090 bootdi. Quantum 4QS 42 MB version oF above drive .... 599.00 SOCIAL STUDIES ..19 46 SOFTWOOD FILE SG ......76 21 SOLITAIRE ROYAL . 22 71 SONIX (AEGIS) ... 49 95 SORCERER LORD .. 23 95 SOUND OASIS 64 95 SOUNOLAB . 203 95 SOUNOOUEST Cl MASTER . 92 95 D IO MASTER ... 92 95 D UO MASTER .. 92 95 D 50 MASTER ..... 92 95 DX? MASTER .. 109 95 DX7-II MASTER .109 95 ESO ESO 80MST ...... 92 95 GENERIC MASTER 77 55 K-1 MA5TER 92 55 M l MASTER 92 55 MT-32 MASTER .. 52 95 TEXTURE ..52.95 TX-802 MASTER . 92 95 TX-81Z MASTER . 92 95 SOUNDSCAPE PATTERN SPLAT ...3595 SOUNDSCAPE UTILITIES 1 . 35 95 SOUNDSCAPE UTILITIES II . 42 95 SOURCE LEVEL DEBUGGER . 49 96 SPACE CUTTER ...19 95 SPACE HARRIER . 32 46 SPACE 29 95 SPACEPORT 27 33 SPACE QUEST II .. 32 46 SPACE RACER .....19.45 SPACE SCHOOL SIMULATOR 22 95 SPACE STATION OBLIVION . 32 45 SPACEQUEST -...3300 SPELLBOUND 25 95 SPELLER BEE 3l 25 SPELLING IMPROVEMENT .. 25 95 STAR WARS EMPIRE STRIKES 30 25 STARFLEET I .... 29 95 STARGLIOER . 30 95 STAtUUOH N . . . 2995 STARRAY ....15 95 STELLAR CONFLICT ...... 23 95 STELLARYX . 25 95 16 95 27 46 12 95 1295 25 95 29 95 64 95 24 95 IS 95 El 95 STOCK MASkET-THEGAWE...... STRIP POKER ... STRIP POKER DATA 44 STRIP POKFR DATA eS .... STRIP POKER II ... sruoio FONTS VI (COLOR) STUDIO MAGIC ... SUB BATTLE . SUMMER CHALLENGE ..... SUPERBACK SUFEFtBASE .93 73 ¦ 51PM-M51 PFRS H 94 46
• supnusr Mor i mts
• SUPIRPLtN SPREADSKtEli 99 95 SUPERSTAR ICE HOCKEY . 32 46 SWORDS OF SOOAN ...... 32 46 SYMPHONY SONGS (EACH VOL) 15 95 SYNTHIA .... 59 95 SYSTEMS MONITOR ...... 29 95 T SHELL .... 32 46 TAKE STOCK . 32 46 TALES FROM ARABIAN NIGHTS .... 32 46 TALKING ANIMATOR ...... 39 00 talking coloring book 19 95 TANGLE WOOD ... 25 95 TARGIS ..... 29 95 TATE FONTS . 45 95
• IIU SHEA! 51 95 TECHNOCOP . 32 46
• TELE EPIC 25 96
• TELE WARS II 75 96 TELE&AMES . 23 95 TERAQUE5TR0N . 25 95 TERRAIN FOR TURBO SILVER 19 95 TERHDRPODS 75 95 TEST ORIVE ..... 34 95 TETflA QUEST 25 95 TETRIS ......21 60 TEXTCRAFT PLUS . 59 95 THEXCER .. 23 95 THINKER .... 36 95 THREE LITTLE PiGS ......19 95 THREE STOOGES. ..... 35 95 THUNCER30Y 27 95 TIME A MAGIK 26 95 TIME BANDITS ...71 95 TOOL CADDY . 32 46
• TCWIR Tomil 37 45 TRACERS . 22 95 TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD ... 25 95 TRANSPUTOR 22 95 TRIANGO ..... .,29 95 TflGONOMETRY ..... 36 95 TFINITY ..... 25 95 TFUE BASIC .68 95 TFUE BASIC ARITHMETIC .. 45 95 TFUE BASIC TRUE STAT ... 32 46
• JRUMP Lull! 25 35 RRBO PRINT 32 95
• TGIIO ULYFI 3 9 . Ira« TV SHOW . 64 95
• IflUtfl EFTECTJ JO 123 It VIDEO VEGAS 24 10 VIDEO VISIONS 1 ...... 12 95 VIDEO VISIONS 2 .12 55
• WKLL 32 95 X CAD ... 389 00 ZAK MCKRACKEN . 29 95 ZANY GOLF .. 27 95 ZERO GRAVITY ...19 45 ZING KEYS ...31 95 ZING' Sff LI . 57 95
• 70fIROPE 19 95 ZOOM 21 95 ZORK TRILOGY ... 47 95 ZOUND SOUNDS VOL I ....21 95 ZUMA FONTS VOLSl THRU 4.....65 95 ZYNAPS .... 23 95 HARDWARE 68020 12 CPU PROC .... 173 00 68030 16-20 CPD PROC .. 570 00 68881 CRYSTAL OSSC 16MHZ .5 00 68881-16 MATH CQPRQC .2W 00 68881-20 MATH COPROC .303 00 68882-20 MATH CQPROC . 500 DO 68882-25 MATH CQPRQC .£23 00 AlCQTINl SAMPLER 500*2000 ..... 89.95 AMAS MIDI SAMPLER .... 109 95 AMIGEN GENLOCK 149 CO AMPLIFIED SPEAKERS 2X50 W 84 95 APRO DRAW 12X1? NO CURSOR-.. 464 95 APRO DRAW 12X1? W CURSOR ... 499 95
• BOIMK! 0P1ICAI MOUSE 99 95 CA-880 FLOPPY DRIVE ...199 CO CBM A2300 INT GENLCK 2000......CALL CBM AS2Q COMPOS ADAP 500..... 43 55 « ESM DOS 1.3 RDM ......38.55 CLTD TIMEJAVER . 57 95
• EMI MIDI 1 [EIT| ______ 52 15 COLOR SPUTTER . 79 95 CPS 500 POWER SUPPLY A500..... 74 55 CSAORAGSTHIP RAM ACCEL ....773 45 CSA fASTRACK 68020 ACCEL .... 905 45 CSI 2200 INT DRIVE A2000 149 CO CSI 3200 AMIGA EXT FLOPPY .. 159 DO DELUXE MIDI INTERFACE .. 59 95 DESKJET 128K RAM CART 117 95 DESKJET PRINTER (300 DPI) 749 00
• QISI VIEW EO.D 150C A25CQ . U9 0B DIGI-VlEW .. 143 55 EASYL 500 TABLET ...... 369.00 EA5YL 1 DM TABLET ..... 369 0) EASYL 2000 TA3LET ...... 369 0) ECE MIDI 503*2000 4 3 95 ECE MIDI 1030 4 6 95 ESCORT 48 MB H RD DR A50O 879 00 ESCORT 48 MB HflO DR AIOOO .... B59 M
• FUCXtX mu |U»DY»»8!| 413 01 FRAMEGRAB3ER . 539 95 FUTURE SOL NO A5O0 ..... 93 95 FUTURE SOLND-AUDJOSAMPLER 142 2D GEN ONE GENLOCK ...... 733 OC GOMF-3 Q W BUTTON ....43.95 GVP A20CO AUTOBOOT EPROM 29 95 GVP A500 RAM I ROM MODULE ... 69 95 HURRICANE 68030 AQAP BAD 300 DC HURRICANE A10M ACCEL BRD ... 350 00 HURRICANE AlKM MEM BRD.,,, 540 00 HURFUCANF A2000 ACCEL BRD ... 50000 HURRICANE A200Q MEM BRD.... 540 00 IMPRINT ... 399 00
• ummfv ALEIT 124 Q? LASERJET IIO PRINTER . 2995 00 LASERJET SERIES 2 PRINTER.... 1743 00 LASERJET-? RAM. 1 MB .. 439 S5 LENS. 16 MM NO IRIS FI 6 21 65 LENS. 16 MM W IRISF1 6 . 66 25 LIGHT PEN ...9? 95 LIVE! 500 ... 289 00 LIVE1 1000 .. 770 00
• LJYT 14908 MAGNI 4004 GENLOCK 1595 00 MCROer 4 X PQP-SlMM BRD 74 50 MICROBE 8 UP RAM BRD. OK 145 00
M. A.S.T. PRODUCTS MINIMIGS: Expandable, externd FAST RAM (up to 2- Mbj[, low power available lor Amiga 500 or 2000
• MINIMEGS 51 7K $ 399
• MINIMEGS * Ml 54*9
• MINIMEGS 2 MB .....$ 749 TINY TIGER: law coil, high performante, SCSI hard drim far all Amigas complete nothing else la buy
• TINY TIGER 30 MB .... $ 629
• TINY TIGER 40 MB lOuanhm) .... $ 799
• TINY TIGER BO MB . $ 1129 UHIDEMVI ....$ 159 TWIN DRIVE ....$ 269 special price limited lime onlyi U CROBT HAROE»AME SCSI 239 00 MiDI GOLD ... 64 20 MIDI GOLD 2000 (INT) ..... 68 47 MiMETlCS MIDI INTERFACE 43 00 NERIKI GENLOCK 1975 M OKIMATE 20 W PLU& N PR.MT .... 243 00 OKIMATE PLUG N PRINT ... 79 95 OMEGA STR SAMPLER A10CO 79 95 PAINTJET COLOR PRINTER 1095 00 PANASONIC WV14I0 CAMERA 225 00 PANASONIC WV1500 CAMERA .... 320 00 PEOPLE METER BIO FEEDBACK ... 39 95 PERFECT SOUND DIGITIZER 67 95
• rntfECT man its 95 PRO PAM A7000 2i8 MG . 699 00
• PRO S0SX3 BEUSIFX 113 95 RROCESSOR ACCEL CMI ..159M PROGEN ... 399 00 QUANTUM 40 MB DRIVE, I IMS ... 599 00 QUANTUM 80 MB ORIVE. 11MS ... 995 00
• UlttMEX ...... 699 00
• i'JHU 740C MODIN 140 08 SUPRA DRIVE 20 MEG A500 699 00 SUPRA DRIVE 20 M-G AIOOO ____ 699 00 SUPRA DRIVE 30 MEG A500 ...... 799 DO SUPRA DRIVE 30 MEG AlOOO 799 00 TOOL BOX. ESCORT FOR A500 ... 170.00 IRU MP CARD SCSI CNTR 2000 ... . 168 96
• UKJOSIYE 15“ EXT DRIVE..... 159 00
• 'VAULT 3D KUO DRIVE JO ¦ ! CALL VI 500 VlOEO INTERFACE .. 59 95 VI 500 VIDEO RF MOD .... 69 95 VI 2000 VIDEO INTERFACE . 69 95 VI 2000 VIDEOIRF MOD ... 79 95 X-SPECS3D .. 99 95 XEROX 4020 INK j£T COLOR 1140 00 XEROX 4020 STARTER KIT 156 00 ACCESSORIES AIG84 CAHRING CASE .....51 95 A500 8 MONITOR CARRY BAGS .... 69 95 AMIGA BAG .. 29 95 AMIGA ERASS KEY RING ...... 3 95 AMIGA FASHION GO.F SHIRT 19 95 AMIGA FASHION JACKET .. 39 50 AMIGA MUG ...695 AMIGA NOTE PAO" 4 99 AMIGA PEN 4 PENCIL SET .19 95 AMIGA PINS . . ., . 4 95 amiga Plastic visofi .....195 amjga sleeve tshirt ....7 95 AMIGA TERRY CLOTH VISOR 5 50 AMIGA TOWEL 15 95 AMIGA TWILL CAP W CORD .7 95 BOSS JOYSTICK ..12 95 CABLE. 10'CAMERA ......12 95 CABLE. 500 2000 IMAGE-1 .19 95 CABLE. 500 2000 IMAGE-2 .t9 95 CABLE. 6 MIDI LINK .....9 95 CABLE. AiCOO 10 IMAGE-1 .19 95 CABLE. AIOOO TO IMAGE-2 .19 95 CABLE. AMIGA TO NEC II .. 24 95 CABLE. AMIGA TO SONY 1302 ..... 19 95 CABLE AMIGEN TO 1384 .. 19 95 CABLE DB25M 0B25F 8 FT .19 95 CABLE DBSM TO DB5f 6 FT ......16 55 CABLE. DRIVE E*T 2 FT .19 55 CABLE DRIVE EXT 3 FT .. 27 55 CABLE FlCKFIX TO NEC II 1995 CABLE FLCK FIX-SONY T302 ..... 19 9 5 CABLE. M-CENTR TO W CENTH.....2? 95 CABLf MONITOR EXT4FT .21 95 CABLE. MOUSE EXTENSION 14 95 OABLE„ PARALLEL *1)00 ..19 00 CABLE PARALLEL *530 2000.....19 00 CABLE. SCSI RIBBON, 2 FT T5 95 CABLE, SERIAL AIOOO ....19 03 CABLE, SERIAL A500 A2000 19 03 CLEANING KIT (ALLSCP) ..14 95 CLEANING KIT SM ALLSQP .6 95 CONTROL CENTRE FOR A50Q......71 95 COPY'CAMERA STAND. LIGHTS 64 95 CURTIS DIAMOND ... .. 33 95 CURTIS DIAMOND PLUS ... 46 95 CURTIS EMERALD . 40 95 CURTJS PHONE LINE SURGE 12 36 CURTIS RUBY 53 95 CURTIS SAPPHIRE $ 5 95 deskjet Black cart ....1595 DESKJET COURIER FONT CART .... 52 95 DESKJFT OUST COVER ... 29 95 DESKJET EPSON FX-80EMUL ..... 62 95 DESKJET HELV 8 4 10 Pf . 79 95 DESKJET HELV ASCII FONTS 104 95 OESKJET LANDSCAPE FONT 79 95 OESKJET LANDSCAPE UPGRADE .. 79 95 OESKJET LETTER GOTHIC .. 79 95 DESKJET PRESENTATION FONT .... 79 95 DESKJET PRESTIGE ELITE . 79 95 OESKJET RMNVHELV SOFT FNT 79 95 DESKJET STAND ORGANIZER 84 95 DESKJET TMSRMN8 8 10 PT..... 79 95 PAINTJET CUT-SHEET PAPER......1910 PAINTJET DUST COVER ...19 95 PAINTJET PAPER CATCHER 23 95 PAINTJET PRINTER 5TAN0, -...... 66 95 PAINTJET TRANSPARENCY FLM ... 54 OS PAINTJET Z-FOLD PAPER ..14 95 POWER LAYERS JOYSTICK 19 95 PRINT 4 WEAR ... 13 95 QUICKSHOT II JOYSTICK ...12 95 RAM 1 MEG X MO CHIPS . 30 00 RAM 1 MEG X 8-12 SIMMS 340 00 RAM 256KX 1-12 CHIPS ..12 00 RAM 256KX 1-15 CHIPS ....10 00 PAW 256K X 4 12 SIMMS ..88 00 DESKJET TMS RMN ASCII..,...,. 104 95 DIGI DROID .. 69 95 DISK FILE 30 ..7.95 DISK FILE 60 ..... 19 95 DUST COVER FOR A500 ..... 8.95 DUST COVER FOR A2000 ..11.95 DUST COVER. Ai»0 W MON .....13 95 EPYX 5O0XJ JOYSTICK .14 95 ERGO STICK ..17 95 FUCKER MASTER - 13 95 FLOPPY WALLET ...7 95 FOUR PLAYER ADAPTER, ..11 95 i Fuji UtlETTd 19 t5 PROGRAMMERS BOX: LATTICE C 5.0.. $ 195.00 LATTICE C++ ... $ 345.00 AREXX . $ 32-95 W-SHELl ...... $ 32.95 GFA BASIC 3.0 ..$ 90.95 GAME PLAY COMPACT DISK 12 95 GENOER BENDER (DIGI-VIEW) ..... 20 95 KEYBOARD SKIN A2000 ...... 19 95 KEYBOARD SKIN A500 ....19 95 KEYBOARK SKIN AIOOO . 19 95 KRAFT MAZEMASTEH JOYSTICK ... 9 95 LASERJET 2 TONER CART 1C4 GO LASERJET-2 8 SX H TRAY 1&S 95 LASERJET-2 COURIER FTS ...... 144 50 LASERJET 2 ENVELOPE TRAY ..... 79 95 LASERJE1-2 LASER CNTRL SW . . 11795 LASERJET 7 PLOTTER SOFTW 117 95 RUGGED W 16K0 *4 FONTS' 124 95 ¦ Soev MiXITTEJ CmOftiD 72 M SONY DISKS 10 PACK ...... 20 95 TAC-2 JOYSTICK .1C 95 TEAK-TECH 120 OlSKHOLDER 32 95 TEAK-TECH 60 DISKHOLDER ......27 95 TRACKBALL (2 BUTTON MOUSE) ... 39 95 TRANSVESTOR 1D00 ... 23 95 TRANSVESTOR 2S00 ......41 95 WINNER JOYSTICK . 1495 XEROX 4020 * PACK INK ....19 95 LASERJET 2D ENVELOPE TRAY .. 279 95 LIGHT GUN ..*8 95 MICHTRON DISK FOLDER .. 1095 MIDI MXEK .,. . 57 95 MIND LIGHT 7 ... 164 55 MOUSE COVER W GLASSES 5 95 MOUSE MATS .6 95 MOUSE WASH .6 55 paintjet black cart ..23 w PAINTJET COLOR CART ...2910 FREE SHIPPING! CREATIVE COMPUTERS is bofh a mail order company wilh o store’s support ond three store showrooms with mail order prices. Visit one of our showrooms lodcy. You'll be amaied! 3 RETAIL SHOWROOM LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU SANTA MONICA & WESTSIDE: 318 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401. Tues.-Sol. 11-7 p.m. Sun. 11-5 p.m. Phone: 213-394-7779 LAWNDALE A SOUTH BAY: 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260. Mon.-Sat. 11 -7 p.m. Phone: 213-542-2292 VENTURA, OXNARD & SANTA BARBARA: 2112 E. Thompson Dr., Venturo, CA 93001. Tues.-Sat. 11-7 p.m. Sun, 12-5 p,m. Ph0ne: 805-652-0325 C O M M O H () R E THE CREATIVE COMPUTERS ADVANTAGE:
• Aufhoriied Amiga Oealer ¦ The largest dealer of AMIGA products in the World
• Three store locations means excellent support
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• Aufhoriied service center
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I Write the Songs The Copyist's score-editing capabilities are thorough and of near-professional quality. Score-writing begins with an onscreen set of staves the computer equivalent of a blank sheet of music-manuscript paper. Manuscript layouts can be as simple as a piano grand staff with bass and treble clefs in 4 4 meter, and as complex as a multi-staff orchestral score in mixed meters with percussion parts. The program contains an impressive library of notation options. These include fundamental characters (note heads, sharps, flats, crescendo, forte, piano, and so on), other essential symbols (segno, grace note, coda, alto clef), and specialized marks (guitar tablature with symbols for closed and open strings, piano damper on and off, turn, mordant, drum note head, and closed and open diamond). In Standard editing mode, you choose a symbol from a pull-down menu or by pressing a key. To place it in the onscreen manuscript, you position your cursor with the mouse or arrow' keys. A few options left and right bar lines, brackets, note duration, numerals, and the ten definable symbols, for instance are available only from the keyboard. You can perform regional cut-and-paste operations via mouse, and a convenient pop-up menu lets you specify symbols for editing. For example, you can erase note stems from a selected area without affecting ledger lines or note heads. Other editing modes are Text mode, which allows you to enter words and numbers in six type faces (normal, bold, italic, bold italic, compressed, and double width), and Keyboard mode, with which you can enter notes from the computer keyboard. (The Copyist unfortunately cannot accept MIDI keyboard input directly.) Finally, Join mode supplies ascending and descending beams for keyboard-entered notes. The transcription process is as complicated as it sounds. The Copyist has the power and ability to notate all but the most unconventional scores, but that flexibility is keystroke intensive. Flipping pages in a score demands at least two strokes, and entering a single note requires several steps: You position the cursor, choose a note head, select a stem, determine whether the stem is ascending or descending, and decide whether it stands alone or is beamed to another note. Fortunately, a macro-recording feature lets you recall commonly used keystroke combinations and thus increase your efficiency. Because there is no way to edit macros after they have been recorded, you may want to practice before committing to disk. The Copyist's scores look even better in print than on the monitor. Draft mode gives you a credible representation, although some compromises are made for the sake of speed. The Epson print utility uses smoothing and double striking to produce elegant, high-con- trast, near professional-quality manuscripts. The program does take some time to set up the job, but print speed is very reasonable. I also tried using The Copyist’s definable print mode in this instance with a Commodore MPS 1000. While I could access the printer via other programs, however, printer-com- puter communications did not take place under The Copyist. From the Stage to the Page Most musicians, I suspect, will not use The Copyist as a musical typewriter so much as to transcribe music already “recorded” with MIDI equipment. The Copyist accepts MIDI files from HIGHER PERFORMANCE...AND CHEAPER TO BOOT! POLICY: Shipping and handling extra. Personal checks must clear before shipment. For faster service use credit card, cashier's check or bank money order Credit cards are not charged until we ship. All prices are U SA prices and are subject to change, and all items are subject to availability. These prices reflect a 5% cash discount. For all credit card purchases there will be an additional 5% charge. COD orders add $ 5 00. Texas residents add sales tax. All sales are final and returned shipments are subject to a restocking lee. ‘SHIPPING: FREE shipping by Federal Express Standard Ar or UPS (if within 1-day service zone) on orders paid by credit card, cashier's check or bank money order. In Hawaii, Alaska, and outside Continental US, call for information. Amiga* is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc.
• Fully 1010 Compatible • Amiga* Color Coordinated • Extra Long Drive Cable
• Ultra Compact Design • Ultra Low Power Consumption • No Annoying "Clicking" Noise
• Acoustically Quiet • Daisy Chainable • Diskette “Dust Protection" Door FREE Shipping Via Federal Express!* Toll Free Order Line: 1-800-562-3539 ATA Info & Technical Support: 214-669-3999 Systems, inc. FAX: 214-6B9-°021 Fdata-20 $ 299.95 Dual 3.5” External Drive w Power Supply rwj llfSESi Jl Fdata-10 $ 149.95 Single 3.5" External Drive Dr. T’s KCS, and you can import SMUS files generated with note editors (such as Aegis’ Sonix or Electronic Arts’ Deluxe Music Construction Set) as well, to fine tune the notation and take advantage of The Copyist’s high-quality printout. Importing files is a two-step process: You produce a Copyist stream file from an .ALL, SMUS, or MIDI file, and then read it into the editor. Bringing music data into The Copyist is not quite a load-and-go proposition. MIDI files created with KCS, for example, must be in the form of .ALL files. Also, you must transfer KCS song files to tracks in the KCS Track mode before importation (fortunately, KCS can do it automatically). If you have pieced together a score in KCS’s Open mode, however, you will have to cable your MIDI-Out to your MIDI-In and use loop-back recording to prepare a file for The Copyist. You must carefully quantize a score before importing, too, as inaccurate and non-metrical rhythms can prove confusing for The Copyist. 800-782-9110 ‘ORDERS ONLY MON-SAT *AM -6 PM ! PS T9 CL'SI SERV IECn 702-454-7700 IL-SA lOAM fcPM CALL US EOR LOWEST PRICES ON OTHER SOFTWARE HARDWARE Even so, the program is surprisingly intelligent about the intricacies of musical notation, and two menus of pre-import choices permit you to boost that intelligence. In many cases, you can sight read a Copyist-notated MIDI file without additional editing. If you want totally accurate notation, however, you must do a lot of massaging. I went through several trial-and-error rounds with a Sonix-com- posed SMUS file in 6 8 meter before arriving at an acceptably translated (but not perfect) Copyist file. Using Synth to export .ALL and MIDI files is less complex but more time consuming. Setting the process in motion is a matter of making a few menu selections. Depending on the length of the file, though, the program can take ten minutes or more to convert the data. The accuracy of this input output system is excellent overall. To test it, I composed a piece in KCS and imported it to The Copyist (the notation was quite accurate). Then, I printed the score, cleared the manuscript, and entered the notes into the editor by hand. I later transferred the music back to KCS and found that the result was virtually the same as the MIDI-recorded original. Facing the Music The Copyist plays just a few sour notes. Using the program effectively is sometimes agonizing, and even simple operations can require several keystrokes. Keyboard commands are complex and not intuitive, even though some matches are mnemonic. The Copyist is highly capable, but to even begin to master its DATEL COMPUTERS AMIGA BURST NIBBLER - Oni.YS49.99 ‘THE ULTIMATE COPY PROGRAM’ ‘Copres almost any commercial disk, 1 or 2 sides up to 85 tracks.’Special Strategy Fites' cope with the most advanced protection schemes.’Decrypts many encoded programs'Works with one drive or two.'Multiple copy option - many copies from one Original Special format parameters for non standard formats.’Full verify option.’Updates available - we ship the latest. ROB OTAR VI - ONLY $ 129.99 ’FULL FUNCTION - 5 AXIS MOVEMENT ’Human like dexterity so versatile, it can manipulate small objects with amazing ability.’Controtled using 2 Joysticks or connect to your Amiga with the Interface & Software supplied to give COMPUTER ROBOTIC CONTROL 'Comes with Accessories: Finger Jaws. Magnetic Attach m e nt. Shovel Scoop.and 2 Joysticks 'Uses 4 D bait, (not supplied), no computer power to power motor _ movement PRO SAMPLER STUDIO - only $ i 19.99 ‘100% machine code soltware for realtime functions.'HiRes sample editing 'Realtime frequency dis- play’flealtime level meters 'Files saved in IFF format 'Adjustable manual automatic record trig level 'Variable sample rate and playback speed "Hardware Software compatible with other packages 'Reverse, copy, mix. Clear plus other edit facilities 'Microphone and line input 1 4" Jack and Din connections '3D shot of sound waveform ‘Wave editor to design your own waveforms or adjust existing ones. Potential you must surmount a steep, grueling learning curve. While eccentricities were the exception, The Copyist sometimes locked up or crashed when I was multitasking with KCS in my three-megahyte A2000. On one occasion the Standard mode editor refused to tie notes from the end of one grand staff to the beginning of another; instead, it consistently positioned the tie in an unrelated location. If you intend to export your notated ? 'Slimline extra low profile - 6" long ‘Top quality drive mechanism 'Throughport allows daisy chaining other drives '100% compatible m meg unfor- matted capacity per drive DATA ACQUISITION UNIT- ONLY $ 179.99 'Measure a wide range of data inputs.‘Sample and display events trom microseconds to hours with amplitudes from millivolts to 50 volts.'DIGITAL SCOPE DISPLAY - 2 channel inputs, manual or continuous display, timebase 500ms div to 20 us div - accurate to 5%‘6 bit lash conversion does 5 million samples sec ‘Adjustible trigger level '5 x zoom function 'Memory scan 'Load Save (unctions, waveform enhancement, graph displays 'Hardware contains onboard RAM and Crystal dividers 'PLOTTER DISPALY '2 channel and memory recall d i s p a I y 'Timebase range 1 sec to 10 hrs per plot. MJDl MUSIC MANAGER - only $ 53,99
* B realtime Midi tracks for record playback,'Works with standard IFF files.'Adjustable track length - limited only by available memory.'Play sampled sounds on Amiga from any Midi track.'Full dubbing - listen to one track while recording another.'Perfect companion lor Pro Sampler Studio or any music application. MIDI MASTER - ONLY$ 5999 ‘Full standard Midi Interface'Compatible with leading Midi packages'Midi In - Midi Out x 3 - Midi Thru'Fully Opto Isolated COM MING SOON: 4UODPJ SCANNER - ONLY S324.99 AND LOGIC ANALYZER - ONLY 5179.99 CALL FOR INFORMATION ON ORDERING CALL US FOR THE BEST PRICES ON Al l. YOUR SOFTWARE HARDWARE NEEDS ‘ADD. $ 4.0(1 Shipping Handling in ihc Continental U.S.: S7.00- PR. VI. AK. HI, FPO. APO: SI9.00- Canada Mcx: C.O.D. orders acid $ 3.00 to atxne shipping DATEL COMPUTERS 3430 E. TROPICA NA 67 LAS VEGAS. NV 86121 SPECIFY COMPUTER MODEL WITH ORDER VISA MC Checks Money Orders C.O.D, Accepted - Please call for return authori aion number - Returns subject lit 20% restocking fee. O DU LA-2 . . . The language of the 1990's Call Now . . . 1-800-922-9049 New Release! M2Amiga Complier System $ 249
• 350 page manual with examples
• integrated programming environment
• make utility for large projects
• disk full of helpful example code
• Amiga object code converter
• supplemental linker to produce your own device drivers or Amiga libraries
• produces highly optimized code
• superb run time exception handling
• Modula-2 primer included for free Debugger $ 124
• instantly locate program errors
• analyze source level, run time code
• viewdata, call chains, and source text "Amiga Treasures " $ 119
• supplemental library for M2Amiga
• simplifies your Amiga programming
• easy menus, windows, graphics . . The Modula-2 people Intorface Technologies Corporation 3336 Richmond. Suite 323, Houston. TX 77098 Phone: 1 800-922-9049 or 1 713 523 8422 Call our 24 hour Modula-2 BBS for free demos and access to Modula-2 echomail: 1-713-523-9510 In Europe, call A +- L. Ag I'm Spaten 23 CH-8906 Bonstetien ZH Switzerland Phone: (41 111) 700 30 37 For information about other countries, contact ITC. Ail payment in US funds. Texas residents, add 8% sales tax From Canada or Mexico, add STS shipping. From outside North America, add $ 30shipp>ng Demos of most products available lor S 10 ITC has Modula-2 products for MS-DOS. Amiga. Macintosh. UNIX, and IBM 370 computer systems. Scores to MIDI files, you must vertically align notes very carefully. Synth exports rhythms according to their relative physical position, and sloppy alignment results in disaster. Finally, I wish The Copyist and Synth had the ability to export SMUS files. It would be a treat to use those programs as universal music-file translators to record MIDI sequences with KCS, bring them into The Copyist, then use Synth to turn them into SMUS files that your friends could play using other programs. The Copyist Professional is not for the casual user. Hobbyists who just want to input piano scores would be better off with Sonix or Deluxe Music Construction Set programs that are less capable but far easier to use. MIDI professionals who need to see as well as hear their compositions, however, should consider it, along with paper composers who are ready to break with their pencils and embrace the latest in music-notation technology. The Copyist is a vital tool for pros. The Copyist Professional 1.5 Dr. T’s Music Software 220 Boylston St. Suite 206 Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 617 244-6954 S275 One megabyte required. MediaPhile Make a great show for a little dough. By Bob Ryan ARE YOU CONFUSED about hardware requirements for setting up a desktop- video system? Are you put off by the five- and six-figure price tags of sophisticated editing systems? MediaPhile, from Interactive MicroSystems, answers both these concerns. In combination with a modestly priced videotape deck or two, MediaPhile turns your Amiga into a very capable low-end video-recording and editing system. A Cast of Thousands There are a range of offerings in the MediaPhile product line. Interactive MicroSystems sells everything from just the MediaPhile software and control unit (for those who own compatible decks) to entire systems that include videotape recorders and Amiga computers as well. In my review, I used the MediaPhile MP_
1. 3M Infrared Control Unit and software (S275) and MediaProcessor software (SI49) to control a Sony CCD-V9 8mm Camcorder and a Sony EV-S1 8mm tape deck from an A2000. (Because the A2000 and A500 provide video out in monochrome only, you need an RGB encoder to film in color with these Amiga models.) MediaPhile MP 1.3M connects to your .Amiga via the second mouse port and the left audio port; it provides four connections. For each videotape unit, one connector sends commands to the deck (via the Sony S Port, in my case), and the other keeps track of the recorder’s counter location. Thus, the MediaPhile software can control the decks while monitoring the position of the heads. With an infrared unit like the Sony EV-S1, you can relay commands to the decks via the MediaPhile infrared LED as well. As with all the recorders MediaPhile supports, the Sony decks I used are not manufactured with connectors to relay counts to external devices. Interactive MicroSystems will modify your deck to provide this capability for S66, and if you prefer to make the alterations yourself, the company will sell you the necessary materials for S30. (Interactive converts VHS and SVHS decks, which require further changes, for an additional S45.) Under My Thumb The MediaPhile software performs two primary functions: MediaController teaches your Amiga the infrared signals that control you decks (and then hands over the reins), and MediaRecorder lets you record single-frame animations created with VideoScape 3D (Aegis) and Sculpt-Animate 3D (Byte by Byte). Controlling a deck using MediaPhile is simple. The software displays a window containing buttons for all of the unit’s ? Protecting your valuable hard disk files is easier and faster than ever before! The FASTEST Hard Disk Backup Utility! Backup to or restore from: ? Floppy Disks ? Streaming tape (AmigaDOS-compatible) ? Cltd's Konica 10.7MB high-density floppy drive ? Inner-Connection’s Bernoulli drive ? ANY AmigaDOS-compatible device ? Fast backup - 20MB in 30 minutes or less ? Uses two floppy drives (if available) for backup restore with automatic switching ? Builds, sorts and displays catalog of files and subdirectories ? Provides FULL Subdirectory lndividual file backup restore ? I ncludes or excludes files by name (with wild cards), file date, or archive bit ? Calculates the number of floppies you'll need i before you start ? Handles files of unlimited length, unlimited subdirectories and unlimited files per subdirectory I ? Automatically formats diskettes with no delay as it writes? Sequentially numbers and date time stamps backup diskettes m ? Checks the sequence numberand date time stamp of each diskette before restoring files from % Restores original date m time stamp, file notes, and protection bits on both files and subdirectories? Runs with Workbench or CLI ? Produces f m backup restore report to disk or printer ? Beeps for floppy change ? Accepts CLI parameters and batch command files T’i% ? Detects bad disks during backup or restore ? Convenient user friendly error recovery ? Multitasking ? Runs in 512K p % ?No copy protection ? Works with all AmigaDOS compatible hard disk drives. Only $ 69.95 Plus S3.00 shipping and handling. CO residents add appropriate sales tax. QUARTERBACK TOOLS ' provides a collection of high-quality, user friendly utilities to enhance use of your Amiga. ? Optimize hard disk organization to speed file access ? Undelete deleted files safely and easily ? Map disk space usage ? Verify readability of every block on disk ? Automatically map out bad sectors ? Detect and fix disk corrupted directories ? Verify file integrity ? Edit files and disk sectors ? Search for files throughout the disk ? Compare file contents quarterback tools works with any Amiga. Mac-2-Dos" transfers Macintosh files to and from the Amiga. You can quickly and easily import those graphic images from the Mac, or output your PostScript document to a Mac disk from which you can have it prmtec using high-quality, professional typesetting equipment. Mac-2-Dos reads, writes and formats single-sided disks (flat file format) or doublesided disks (hierarchical file format). It trans- ates ASCII files and provides IFF conversion utilities to from MacPaint and other popular Mac graphics formats. Mac-2-Dos includes a custom interface and a Macintosh external 3.5-inch drive. Mac-2- Dos also includes a special driver which allows the Mac drive to read write standard Amiga diskettes. Mac-2-Dos will also be available without the Macintosh drive. This option DOES NOT include the ability to use the Mac drive to read write Amiga diskettes. , D0S-2-D0S transfers MS-DOS and Atari ST files to and from AmigaDOS! DOS-2-DOS version 3.0 permits access to any MS-DOS volume available via AmigaDOS, including MS-DOS partitions on hard disks and MS-DOS volumes on LANS or SCSI networks. ? Supports single and double sided 5.25-inch as well as 3.5-inch 720KB MS-DOS diskettes ? Reads Writes 3.5-inch Atari ST diskettes (GEM format) ? Reads a variety of 5.25-inch MS-DOS floppy formats via the CLTD Konica high-density floppy drive ? Converts ASCII file line-ending characters and translates extended ASCII character sets ? Supports full directory path names, with wild cards in the file names ? Allows selection of MS-DOS and AmigaDOS subdirectory and displays sorted directory listing ? Formats 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch MS- DOS diskettes and Atari ST diskettes ? Provides duplicate file name detection with query replace options ? Provides TYPE and DELETE commands ? Permits renaming of files where file name restrictions occur ? Remains resident to permit AmigaDOS disk swapping. Only $ 55.00 Plus S3 00 shipping and handling CO residents add appropriate sales tax Central Coast Software 424 Vista Avenue, Golden, Colorado 80401 • Phone 303 526-1030 • FAX 303 526-0520 DEALER INQUIRES WELCOME VISA
• ail. :::: ATTENTION SUBSCRIBERS We occasionally make our mailing list available to other companies or organizations with products or sjljiiiiii services which wc feel ¦•in...... might be of interest lliliiii to you. If you prefer that your name be deleted from such a list, please fill out the coupon below or affix a copy of your mailing label and mail it to: ::: IDG Communicatioiis Feterbo rough Amiga World
P. O. Box 58804 Boulder. CO 80322-8804
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• companies or organizations. Amiga World Name Address City State Zip Amina World. P.O. Bo* 5880-1, Boulder. CO 80322-8801 features, which you click on to regulate. The MediaController software directly supports many tape devices, but by using the learn mode, you can control virtually any other infrared-capable deck. The most useful feature of the basic MediaPhile system is the ability to record animations as they are rendered. Thus, your animations are not restricted by disk-storage space or by the amount of memory in your machine. The Media- Recorder software records a frame once your animation program has rendered it, advances the videotape, and records the next frame. I tested this capability with VideoScape 3D. Consumer decks are not single-stepping recorders and cannot advance precisely to a particular frame. MediaPhile gets around this limitation by introducing a backspace into the recording process. When the program detects that the animation program has finished rendering a frame, it sets the deck to record and then reverses, so that the net number of frames recorded is two. (This is the precision limit of the Sony EV-S1 I used. SVHS decks can approach this level of precision; VHS decks are much less precise.) In effect, when using the EV-SI, MediaPhile records one animation screen onto two video frames. To view or dub the animation at its intended speed, you simply use the EV-SI double-speed playback option. Because single-frame recording involves numerous starts and stops, I stretched the tape before I started, and cleaned the heads frequently during the process. The result was remarkably clean considering the fact that I was not using a production-quality editing deck. From One to Another While the MediaRecorder program uses onlv one deck, the MediaProcessor soft- ware controls two devices and lets you edit from one to the other. The editing process involves creating a database of scenes with starting and ending points on the source tape and from it, producing a list of scenes to be copied to the destination tape and the order in which they are to appear. The MediaProcessor software then does the transfer automatically. Creating a database is relatively simple. You synchronize the software with the source deck's counter, and then roll the tape. When you see a scene you want to include, stop the tape, record a name for the scene and the start count, and resume viewing. When the scene is over, stop the tape again and enter the end count. From your finished database, you create the edit list. By altering the sequence of some scenes and by excluding others, you determine the order of scenes and the content of the final tape. You can also insert IFF file names into the edit list and indicate a recording duration for them. While MediaPhile does not allow the [IfllDtofiHJklllilfJtll ‘.*‘.8 ii!.tl I i&sUJ JUJfclfl Limn until nuiiLtibt.., 9 n .hitieumiiu’uui uniti Lkitn LL'*JU1 Lilllil, Tfia alltit u'ltiJ LiBJKB .hllil.:1‘J*1 bill 111-:; II .B t-a [•¦ 1II!.1> i f n.'i ¦: ¦ >¦
iil. I. lii.iil 3UJL1 ibliil bllili SliltU -il*Hit; ;•> Iiiw• Uhlillld lit. Editing your film Is easy. Editing of two tapes into one, I got around this limitation by editing one source onto the destination tape and then, without rewinding the latter, editing a second source tape. I then used the former destination tape as my new source, in effect editing the two source tapes. Of course 1 added a generation in the process, hut this is not a great problem with 8mm decks. The results I obtained were more than satisfactory for home and light-commercial use. Be In My Show The MediaPhile system is a bit rough around the edges. The software is written in compiled BASIC and it shows in the fairly crude and sometimes-confusing interface. According to Interactive MicroSystems, a major rewrite in C is underway. The documentation is poorly written, and offers inadequate explanations. You will not get broadcast-quality results with MediaPhile, but the system delivers many of the capabilities of high- end video editing-and-production systems. It performs best with better decks ? THE SOFTWARESHOP International Showcase for Products in the AMIGA Marketplace Quantum 4Dmg 11ms .. . 5-599 00 Quantum 80mg 11ms .....939 00 32mg 3 5 SCSI 40ms A2000 415 00 20rug 3 5‘SCSl 65ms A2000 379 00 48mg 3 5 SCSI 28ms A2000 599 00 48tng 3 5 SCSI 40m!> A2000 5*19 00 42mg 5 25 SCSI 40ms A20CXJ 4G5 00 63mg 5 25 SCSI 40ms A2000 515 00 GVR Harttcard 45mg 40ms 799 00 GVP Hafdcard 40mg 11ms 799 00 GVP Hardcard SC'mg n ms . 118900 20mg Prog. Penph A500 . . 599 00 20mg Prog Penph A1000 . 599 OC GVP Controller 1 mo OK 275 00 GVP Controller 2mg OK . 299 00 MIB Hatdlrame 2000 255 00 Overdrive Controller 175 00 Supra Controller A2CXX) 219 00 209GA Controller A2000 . 325 00 CLTD Controller A2000 16500 ACCESSORIES A-B Switch cable ....S32 0Q A B C D Switchbox . 65 00 Amiga mouse . 79 00 Copy Stand ......65 00 Eco Midi 1000 . 52 00 Ece Mid. 500 2000 .... 52.00 Epyx 500JX , .18 00 Ergo Joyst ck .*8.00 Flicker Master ., 14 00 Gender changer ...... 24 00 Gravis Joystick 39 00 MD120 3 5 Disk holder 35 00 MD60 disk holder ..... 26 00 MD64 disk holder .....31 00 Modern cable AlOOO .17 00 Modem cable A2000 500...... 17.00 Monitor siano w'oullets 60 00 Mouse holder ...... 6 50 Mouse master .30.00 Mouse pad .9 00 Multisync cable I-102M F 20 00 Okimate black ribbon , 5 00 Okimate color ribbon ...7 50 Phaser gun ... 49 00 Power strip 6 outlets ..17 00 Printer cawe 2000 500 . 17 00 Printer cable AlOOO ... 17 00 Quick snot Joystic . 15 00 Slick suck ..8 00 Star NX black ribbon ...8 00 Star NX color ribbon ..12 00 Time saver 65 00 Trackball 1 button , 200 Trackball 2buttan mouse 42 00 Video mt A500 . 65 00 Xeorx 4020 lluec ...... 28 00 Xerox 4020 500 sheet .. 28 00 Xerox 4020 ink 30 00 ACCOUNTING BEST Acounting . S31000 Best general ledger ... 75 00 Financial plus ...,, 189 00 Investor advantage ....Go 00 Miarmga ledger ... 5900 Micro lawyer .40 00 Nimbus record keeper 99 00 Tne Accountant .....179 00 CAD SYSTEM Draw 2000 .Si 79 00 Home builder cad ... 129 00 Home builder choice .. 55 00 Intro cad ,52 00 Logic works ...65 00 X-Cad system ...... 385 00 A500 A2000 A2500 ACCESSORIES AlQlO drive 3 5 extrnl ..... S199 00 A1064S stereo monitor ...... 325 00 A2000 HD 40mg28ms w cont .. .call A2058 2mg 8mg ram board.. 679 00 A2062Q 2meg 32bit . 1449.00 A20G2Q,'4mg 32b.t Mem 2169 00 A2090A HD controller 325 00 A2300 Genlock ...... 325 00 A2500 HD40mg28ms3mgMem...... 68020 68881 . call Amiga 2000 Cpu call Amiga 500 CPU . call Bndge card A2000 ... 569 00 Memory expansion 512k A500. .. .175 00 Ataik III ... 69 00 w MlB Harc ame 2000 577900 w MlB Hardframe 2000 116900 wWarctrame 2000 670 00
w. HarCfiame 2000 619 00 w Hardrame 2000 799 00 w Hardtamo 2000 769 00 FONTS Calligrapher- $ 65 00 Fancy 3d fonts 57.00 Font set i . 24 00 Inter font ..79 00 Kara fonts color ...... 53 00 Lion lonts . 57 00 Masterpiece lonts .... 165 00 News letter lonts ..... 32 00 Studio font 32 00 3-Demon ..,....,....,,..,..71 00 COMMUNICATIONS Atredes proless BBS ..99 00 BBS pc ...99 00 ?iga .....49 00 Online ..... 45 00 Analytic an ...... 40 00 CREATIVE PRODUCTIVITY Gizmoz enhanced ...$ 45 00 Intellitype . 35 00 Magellan . 129 00 Master type ...30 00 Mavis beacon typing .. 35 00 Typing tutor ...30 CO Your famiy tree ...... 34 00 Acquisition ... 199 00 DATABASE MANAGEMENT Data retrieve .$ 52.00 Data Retrieve Prof ....199 00 Micro base ..... 26 00 Micro fiche liler 65 00 Microfiche filer plus .. 123 00 Organize . 55 00 Super base ..99.00 Superbase pers II .... 99 00 Superbase Pro 3 0 .. 229 00 DISKETTES Fuji 3 5 ds dd color disks S22 00 Sony 3 5' ds dd 21.00 TDK 3 5' ds dd disks ..21 00 Ceniech 35 ds dd disks 21 00 DESKTOP PUBLISHING Citydesk $ 99 00 Citydesk companion .. 20 00 Citydesk companion II . 20 00 Page sette' 9900 Professional page ... 259 00 Publisher plus . 69 00 Shakespeare .139 00 EDUCATIONS Adventure of smbad . 533.00 Aesop's fables .33.00 All about America .....38.00 Animal kingdom ......33.00 Decimal dungeon ..33.00 Discovery game math .29.00 Discovery game spell 35.00 First shapes ... 35 00 Fraction action 33.00 Grade manager 69 00 Greai states . 28 00 Kid Talk ..35 00 Kmderama 23 00 Learning curve £3 00 Lmk word French ..... 22 00 Link word German .... 22 00 Lmk word Italian ...... 22 00 Link word Russian .... 22 00 Link word Spanish ... 22 00 Malh talk . 35 00 Math talk fraction ..... 35 00 Math wizard .. 33 00 Perfect score ......53.00 Quiz master ..S3 00 Read & rhyme .33 00 Read-a-rarra . 33 00 Speller bee 35CO Tales from Arabia 33 CO WordmasfC’ ... 33 00 4th and Inches ...... 33 00 HOME ACCOUNTING HARDDRIVES AND HARDCARDS SPECIAL Money menlor 569 00 Phaser 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Print .....,. 62 00 Laser up utilises ...... 30 00 Multi preferences ...18 00 Nag Plus Schedule Assist . . 55 00 Pro senp; . 35 00 Quarterback ..... 47 00 Raw copy 13 ..4100 Superaack ...... 55 00 Text cd plus ... 52 00 VIP ...... 35 00 WORDPROCESSORS Becker lex! . $ 95 00 Excellence' ..... 189.00 Flow idea processors ..65 00 Kmdwords . 69 00 Micro text . 26 OO Prownte v2.Q .. 63 00 Text pro 55 00 Word perfect .179 00 Wp library 85 00 MAIL ORDERS: Ordering Information: Product subject to availability Price subject to change. Shipping into; C.O.D. only $ 3.50 per shipping. Weship UPS Ground. Air and Overnight shipping available. For faster delivery send Cashier Check, Money Order, or use MasterCard or Visa. Personal checks allow 20 days to clear Company purchase orders accepted Call for prior authorization Mass residents add 5% sales tax Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Circle 134 on Reader Service card. 1-800-752- D05K (Orders Only) Support (508) 756-6452 FAX (508) 799-9354 SHOWROOM: 22 Front Street, Worcester, MA 01614 RETURN POLICY: All returns must have Rafr Merchandise found defective will be repaired or replaced We do not offer refunds for defective products or for products that do not perform satisfactorily. We make no guarantees for products performance The natural beauty of Hawaii adds up to one great Scenery Disk. Our design team did an excellent job of recreating downtown Honolulu and Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu. Flying into the crater of Mauna Loa, one of Hawaii's most volatile volcanoes, is exhilarating and perfectly safe. The 400-mile long Hawaiian Island chain's distinctive visual details, airports and radio nav-aids make it a perfect complement to all SubLOGIC flight simulation programs. “Hawaiian Odyssey" also offers the very first structured SubLOGIC Scenery Disk adventure! A number of clues are scattered about the islands. They can be located only by exploring each island at low altitude (and what better way can you think of to pass the time?). These clues will guide you to a very surprising reward; don't let anyone tell you about it ahead of time! Top Selling Scenery Disks This Month: (for use with Flight Simulator II and Jet)
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4. San Francisco Scenery Disk
5. Scenery Disk 11- U.S. Northeast Border See your dealer to purchase SubLOGIC products, or call us direct to order by charge card at (800) 637-4983. Illinois residents call (217) 359-8482. SubLOGIC Corporation 501 Kenyon Road Champaign, IL 61820 Please address any feedback correspondence regarding SubLOGIC products, operations, or this "Flight Motes" column to ATTM; Chairman s Office. Such as the Sony 8mm and JVC SVHS systems. I know of no other system on any computer that offers the capabilities of MediaPhile at a comparable price. MediaPhile 1.3 Interactive MicroSystems Inc. 80 Merrimac St. Landmark Suite 20 PO Box 1446 Haverhill, MA 01830 508 372-0400 from $ 225 No special requirements.
A. M.A.S. Audio sampler? Make mine MIDI. By Stephen Quinzi LIKE MANY OTHER products of its kind, the Advanced MIDI Amiga Sampler (A.M.A.S.) package consists of a hardware sound digitizer and sample-editing software. What makes A.M.A.S. different is that it is directly addressable through MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). At last, you can sample, edit, and replay sounds from a MIDI keyboard with the same package. To make things even easier, a MIDI interface is built into the sampler. The A.M.A.S. hardware, a fbur-by-five- inch wedge-shaped box, has two ribbon cables. One connects the stereo digitizer to the Amiga’s parallel port, the other joins the MIDI interface to the serial port. For audio input, there are a pair of RCA jacks and a single mini jack. Because there are no level attenuators, it is important that your sound source be low level and volume controllable. The manual suggests you use your home stereo’s headphone output. You can attain higher quality samples, however, by taking the line out from a compact-disc or cassette player (the output that leads to an amplifier not the speaker jacks) and using an audio mixer to cut down the signal before sending it to the digitizer. Through the software, you capture and edit samples and access the MIDI features. The program runs comfortably with 512K, but as with any such memory-intensive application, more is better. Looking On The A.M.A.S. screen resembles a hardware recording device: You control the program via buttons. Stacked together at the top of the display are two waveform windows that graphically depict the right and left samples representing stereo sound. On either side of the screen, two other windows act as real-time oscilloscopes to display incoming sample data. Each of these has an overload indicator that lights up if the incoming signal is too high, a control to magnify the data, and a Freeze button that grabs a waveform for static display. Just below are sliders that govern playback volume of each of the Amiga’s four sound channels. In the center of the screen is a box with basic controls, including Play and Record buttons, gadgets that scroll the samples backward and forward, and switches that let you work in stereo, or on either the right or left sample. You will also find here a MIDI-activating control, and a slider with which you regulate sample-playback speed. Across the bottom of the screen are a number of gadgets for the various editing functions. Most of these are depicted by graphics- some more intelligible than others. On the right side of the screen is a bar-graph symbol; clicking it changes the sample-display area into a real-time frequency analyzer. This tool is akin to the spectrum analyzers sound engineers use to set equalization curves. It calculates the harmonic content of an audio signal and displays it as a set of isolated frequency ranges (100 Hz, 500 Hz, and 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5,5 Khz) represented by vertical bars on a graph. .As a signal’s harmonic content changes, the bars move up and down. The analyzer seems fairly accurate. Listening In Sampling with A.M.A.S. begins with plugging a sound source into one (or two, if you are sampling in stereo) of the digitizer’s outputs. The incoming signal is displayed in the oscilloscopes. (It is best to set the source’s volume high enough so that the wave fills the display, but not so high as to cause flat spots at its peaks.) Clicking the Record button tells A.M.A.S. to digitize the sound. The Auto Record feature-starts the sampling i Each Each Disks Each $ $ T m oi "Buy 1-4 Disks Buy 15 or more Disks So easy to Use T No Computer Experience Necessary t Instructions for each Order T FREE Phone Support So Easy to Order T FREE Membership T FREE 800- for Orders AMIG DISKS Quality User Supported Software works. WCDCCC . Ch , It FREE Same-day Shipping With all AmiQd r UPS 2nd Day Air Service when you need it Now! Systems Ir FREE Catalog T Your Satisfaction Guaranteed ? *131 PacMan ’87 - Great sound and graphics. Adds new elements to PacMan. Saves Top 10. ? *127 Wheel of Fortune - A great computer version for multiple players. It even talks ? *23 Monopoly - Enjoy great graphics and sound while playing three tough computer opponents. ? *37 Business Programs - Included are an address book, an amortization program, a talking mail manager, and a label printer. ? *27 Amoeba Invaders - A better Space Invaders! ? *140 Vims Killer - Everyone needs this! Makes it easy to detect and eliminate known viruses. C *115 Word Processor • Lots of features. G *134 Applications - Label maker printer, grocery list maker, and AMIGazer - a star viewing progiam. C *142 Q-Bert - Like the popular arcade version. C *139 Bull Run - Great Civil War strategy board game.with impressive graphics and sound. THE TOP 10 THE BEST OF THE BEST BUSINESS HOME ? *116 Business n - VC-Spreadsheet, HP-1 Oc calculator, and several diversions for when the boss isn’t looking! D *117 Business III - DataBase, a bunch oi great new fonts. RSLCIock-great clock utility. AmigaSpell. LANGUAGES ? *9 FORTH - Two versions oi the FORTH programmi ng language. ? *50 XLISP - A version of LISP, the artificial intelligence language. Includes documentation. COMMUNICATIONS ? *4 Communications - Starterm and Aterm are both included. Both run from Workbench or CLI and are comparable to communications packages selling for $ 50*. Full control of baud rates, phone directory, all protocols, auto chop of files, and many other extras. Works v ell with the Avalex 1200 modem and others. Source code included. D *90 Modem Madness! - Terminals include Starlerm. Aterm, and Kermil. Telecommunication utilities sucn as Archive are also here. Other types of programs and utilities are also included in the price of admission. UTILITIES APPLICATIONS C *60 AmigaBasic - Two programs that are truly of commercial quality, Cell-Animate and Graphit. Some Deluxe Paint picture files are also included. ? *97 Tutorial Diski - A disk full ol information and programs to instruct Amiga Programmers and users. Several C & ASM source files are included. ? *98 Tutorial Disk2 - More of the best of Amiga Information. ? *101 Utilities - Many new utilities like Timeset - a time setting utility and DirCopy-a great copier (very quick), and about a dozen more. Some new fonts are also included on this disk. ? *105 Potpourri I - This disk contains several different kinds of programs, some of the highlights are: PopCLI2-evokes a new CLI window at the press of a button; Psound-sample sound recorder and editor; 3-D Breakout; DiskCat-catalogs and organizes disk files; IconMaker-makes icons for most programs so that they can run from Workbench; Fkey-template maker. G * 129 Amiga Utilities II-Aharddiskbackup;Target-soundsa gunshot wheneverthe left mouse button is pressed; Dpaint Tutor WinSize-change window size from CLI easily, and lots more. ? *130 Videomaker Utilities - This disk is packed with utilities to make your desktop videos easier to produce and more professional looking. Name. G *133 DOS Helper - A program designed to help you with the AmigaDOS commands. Can be activated from icon of the CLI. Supports multitasking, so thatyou can refer to it when you need it. As usual, there are other good programs included or the disk. G * 135 Applications II - Long Movie-plays several IFF pictures in fast succession, creating animation. QuickBase-a mail manager Dbase. Persmait-a DataBase for keeping records of friends, family, associates, customers or employees. MORE. „ * 146 Calendar - A very good persona! Calendar for birthdays, holidays, meetings, bills and other events Excellent graphics. Calendar program also has a diary, Olher programs include some graphics and Checkbook. G *150 Textcraft- Demo - A demo of a very good word- processing program of high quality. Menu driven. Has a lot of helps to show you how. Textcraft* also has a Speller Check available. SOUND MUSIC G *18 Future Sound Demo - Another great sound demo of digitized sound Includes the wicked witch of OZ. Breaking dishes, sea gulls, car crash, ducks, others. ? *30 SuperSounds - Great cigitized sounds from movies like Star T rek, 2001, James Bond movies. Star Wars, and Starman. Is it real or is it the Amiga?!!! ? *77 Instruments - Turn your keyboard into 25 different musical instruments. SLIDE SHOWS C *1 Norman Rockwell - 17 beautiful digitized Rockwell pamtinqs in this self-runnmq slideshow presentation. You've qot to see these' G *55 EA Demo and Polyscope - More great graphics for your enjoyment. G *67 DPSlideS - Over 30 slides of all sorts on this self-running slideshow. G *94 Diga-View - This one shows the digitizing process in staqes Several qood pictures are included Other proqrams also included. C *95 DigaSlidel 1 - Another in the great series of slideshows with great artwork, Self-running with over 25 pictures. ? *I08B Juggler - Famous demo that shows the beautiful graphics of theAmiga and just how powerful this program is. It is easier to run than 1Q8A, but only has the one demo on it. GAMES G *38 Basic GrabBag2 - Around 25 programs of various types. Many of these are must-haves. At less than $ .20 each, you can't go wrong! L *44 Games3 - More great games including Life, Vegas Slot Machine, Reversi, others. Disks Ordered x ? *52 Basic Games - Tons ol Abasic games - discover some treasures' J *61 Abasic GrabBagl - Only about 100 of ai! Types"!!! ? *102 Sinking Island - Return to Sinking Island is an excellent adventure game. Well worth the price - hours of enjoyment!'! ? *114 Potpourri X - Othello. A key-shortcut program for AmigaDos. Various new tools, automatic printer-driver generator, much more. G *118 Great Graphic Games * Includes Missle Command. 2-D Triclops, Cosmo-asteroids clone, BrakeOut, Yatzee, Hack and more. G *121 Backgammon - A great game from David Addison, ? *122 Solitaire - Two versions by David Addison. ? *123 Cribbage - Take on the computer or a friend. _ *124 Milestone - A great computer version of Miles Bournes by the author of Monopoly for the Amiga, David Addison.
G. *125 Othello - A great 3-D version of this popular game. ? *128 Space Games - Cosmoroids (like asteroids) and Gravity Wars highlight this disk just full of games ? *137 Blaclgack - A full-featured game which allows pair- splitting, double-down, etc. Bandit-play the slot machines without going to Vegas!!! More. L *141 Dominoes - Dominoes game with great graphics. Also Tic Tac Toe, Drawing and Molecules programs. G *147 Jackland Graphics - Adventure clue game Also some great pictures (graphics), a useful utility called Ourckbase, and a fun program called Thingies which you will enjoy!!! L *148 Boulder Dash - Very popular game with excellent graphics and has several challenging levels. This disk is full- It has Othello, Life3 and many useful utilities. _ *151 4 in a Row - A fun, but challenging game you play agamst the computer There is an excellent Demo "MandFXP- D3", a utility or 2 and the fun TARGET - A weirdo thingy. MISCELLANEOUS ? *88 Amiga Basic Programs - Over 50. Games, utilities, applications, entertainment, and finance. Also included is a program that allows you to use IFF files in your Amiga Basic programs. G *119 mCAD - A full-featured computer-aided design program, _ *136 Graphics2 - Border Set-useful for desktop publisning and video, making cards, coupons or menus, and your own artwork. Xicon-allows you to run AmigaDOS commands or programs from Icon.
* 144 Christmas Animations - 10 beautiful scenes and graphics with sound. Great scenes include: Lit Candle. Elves, The Christmas Tree, The Manger, Season's Greetings, Holly Wreath, Chimney Smoke, Church Bells, and Walking Home J *145 Animations 3 - More Great Animations, 3 very good demos plus 3 workbench pictures and Blobs. State.
- Zip. Phone (. Visa MC. Stg, _ Exp. Date ? Send Catalog ? SHIPPING Free U.S. Canada - 25C per disk Foreign - 500 per disk ? COD S. (add $ 4 if you require COD) ? U P.S. 2nd Day Air (Add $ 3) TOTAL S_ ? Check MO ? Visa MC ? COD |M c p Associates, Inc. j New York's Premier AMIGA Specialists Exhibitors. AMI EXPO AMIGA Computer Systems for Video Production: Desktop Publishing Presentation Applications Systems - Hardware - Software Installations - Applications Disks - Blank Media - FAX Competitive Pricing - Excellent Service A: (Junliiv The New AMIGA'S A2000HD A2500
* * SPECIAL OFFER * * AMIGA 2286 AT BridgeBoard $ 1199.95 Limited Quantities in Stock - Order NOW S H: Please call wrile - also ask for
- > AMIGA Product Catalogs, k Other Listings (C~! Authorized Dealers Distributors SERVICE - PARTS - REPAIRS Competitive Pricing Excellent Service & Quality Visit Our Retail Store - Parking Available 28-21 Astoria Blvd., Dept. AW Astoria, NY 11102-1933 Tel: 1-212-221-6272 FAX: 1-718-956-9028 Tel: 1-718-956-9000 Circle 162 on Reader Service card. A A Hardware || At IVII 3o1tware | Lowest prices on all hardware Call for latest prices & availability Word Perfect only $ 185 ” RSISystems 1-800-752-RSIS 1-800-752-7747 20% RESTOCKING FEE ON ALL ITEMS RETURNED Circle 154 on Reader Service card process when the incoming signal reaches a specified level. Once you have begun to record, the waveform appears in the sample-display window and it is ready for editing. Editing must take place within boundaries defined by Pointers vertical green lines you can drag through the sample display and place at selected locations. Editing functions include Cut, Copy, Mix, Reverse, and Increase Decrease Volume, which differs from the playback volume sliders in that it actually recalcu- r lates the data. You can swap and mix portions of data between channels. A Bounce function lets you copy a mono sample to both channels and introduce some crossfade effects to emulate a stereo image. You can fade sections of data by selecting the Fade In or Fade Out buttons. Because the angle of fade is adjustable, you can also use these as envelope generators. There is a low-pass filter with two settings (* ., and ’ 2) that you can apply to areas of the sample. You can compress portions of a sample by 25%, 50%, or 75%' via the Shrink button; this makes the sample smaller, lowering its fidelity and increasing playback speed. For detailed editing, you may need to magnify an area of your sample. The Magnify button offers several degrees of enlargement. This operation lengthens the sample display, but Markers (vertical blue lines that are recalculated with each magnification) can help you keep your place. You can save samples as mono or stereo files in either raw or single-octave IFF format. (You can load IFF samples into A.M.A.S., too). Get Control of Your MIDI When you activate the MIDI button, an alternate control panel appears in place of the edit functions. To the left of this panel are ten buttons representing the Amiga’s function keys. You can assign samples or sections of samples to these keys and then trigger them from the Amiga keyboard. As a sample plays, you can press keys on the QWERTY keyboard to make it sound at different pilches, like a musical instrument. There are two options for MIDI control: stereo (one note at a time) and polyphonic mono. Both let you play samples from a MIDI keyboard. The program evidently does not recognize MIDI note-offs, as each sample plays its full duration even after you release the key. You can set the program to receive on all MIDI channels (Omni mode) or on any single MIDI channel, but you cannot assign different samples to respond exclusively to separate MIDI channels. .Although the documentation says that the program can split the MIDI keyboard into as many as ten zones and assign a different sample to each, I could not get this feature to work. Mich fron’s technical-support representative was responsive and concerned, but could not help me with this problem. The manual contains some vague explanations, and I object to the fact that it does not differentiate between sampling and audio frequency. The documentation refers to 28K samples per second as a 28 Khz frequency; the highest possible audio frequency attainable with this sample rate would be 14 Khz. Though this usage is technically correct, it can be misleading because Hertz more commonly defines audio frequency. T he program makes no provision for true looping, a major oversight in my opinion. What it calls looping is actually a repeat function that replays the sample continually. Also, except for the Shrink function’s few options, there is also no way to transpose or resample to a different frequency. Stili, A.M.A.S. has a lot going for it. The digitizer is as clean as any I have used with the Amiga, and the built-in MIDI interface is a great idea. It works with all my MIDI programs. The
A. M.A.S. stereo-recording environment is both easy to use and fun to work with, and innovative features such as the spectrum analyzer set it apart from the pack.
A. M.A.S. has great potential for a variety of applications.
A. M.A.S. Microdeal Cornwall, England 0726-68020 Distributed by MichTron 576 S. Telegraph Pontiac, MI 48053 313 334-5700 SI 59.95 No special requirements. ¦ ESTABLISHED 1968 1 OUTSIDE USA CALL L7J 8)692-0071 FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Call: Mon-Fri,9:30AM-4:30PM
(718) 692-1148 Retail Outlet, Penn Station, Main Concourse (Beneath Madison Square Garden) NYC, N.Y., 10001 Store Hours: Mon-Thurs,8:30-8 Fri, 8:30-6 Sat,CLOSED Sun,9:30AM-7PM FOR ORDERS & INFORMATION CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-759-6565 OR WRITE TO: Montgomery Grant MaiLOrder Dept.
• A-2000 Computer w Keyboard ¦ 3.5* Disk Drive ¦ RGB Color Monitor ’ FREE Mouse & Software M|GA 500 RGB COLOR PACKAGE
• Amiga 500 w 512K RAM
• Built-in 3.5" Disk Drive
• RGB Color Monitor
• Mouse
* 1MB Ram • Built-in 3.5“ Disk Drive • 44MB Hard Drive • Keyboard * Mouse * System Software • • ~ ¦ Amiga Basic $ 1999 $ 1599 AMIGA SOFTWARE PRINTERS AMIGA 2500 3MB RAM * Built-in 3.5’ Disk Drive • 40MB Hard Drive * Keyboard * Mouse * Amiga Basic • System Software 201 r 3.5" Ar i FOR AM MB, 40MB, 80f JD 5.25" DISK C IIGA-500 & AMK RIVES 1 3A2000 . IN STOCK! STAR NX-1000 ...$ 169.95 NX-1000 RAINBOW $ 219.95 NX-2400 ...$ 299.95 NX-1000C .$ 179.95 NX-1000C RAINBOW $ 229.95 OKIDATA OKI-120 ....$ 189,95 OKIMATE 20...$ 119.95 OKIDATA 180..$ 239.95 TOSHIBA 321-SL .....$ 449.95 PANASONIC I080NI ...$ 159.95 1092i ......$ 299.95 KXP-1524......$ 499.95 KXP-1595. $ 409.95 KXP-1124......$ 314.95 KXP-1180......$ 184.95 KXP-1191......$ 249.95 $ 3199 commodore C-64 C COMPUTER C-64 C DELUXE PACKAGE COMMODORE C-64 C COMPUTER COMMODORE 1541-C DISKDRIVE COMMODORE COLOR PRINTER 12* MONITOR GEOS SOFTWARE PROGRAM commodore 0128? D COMPUTER $ 399 C-128D DELUXE PACKAGE C 12CD COMPUTER W BUILT-IN DISK DRIVE COMMODORE COLOR PRINTER 12" MONITOR PANASONIC KXP-4450 LASER s1399 $ 119 EPSON FX-1050 .$ 489.95 FX-850 ...$ 339.95 LQ-500 ...$ 315.95 LQ-850 ...$ 529.95 LQ-950 ...$ 589.95 LQ-1050 .$ 729.95 LQ-2550 .$ 919,95 LX-800 ...5199.95 NEC P2200, ...$ 349.95 P5200 ....$ 49995 P53Q0 ....5669.95 K l hewl tt DICONIX 150 PRINTER FOR LAPTOPS $ 299 95 Citizen MSP-15E $ 329.95 MSP-40 .$ 289.95 MSP-45 ..5369.95 MSP-50 ..6349.95 TRIBUTE
124. ...$ 389.95 TRIBUTE
224. .$ 569.95 commodore COLT IBM XT COMPATIBLE
• 640K* 4.77-7 16MHz __• 2 Floppy Disk Drives
* 12* High Resdution
* Mono Monitor JjiggQ • AW,Hook-Up Cables S $ 469 $ 349
* 219
* 49 $ 59.95 E"rrrWI- oldtoclfw merchandise mus* have return authorization number or returns mil not be accepted. IBM PC XT are reqlsiered Iradem ksol Shipping info: Software is $ 2,50 item ($ 5 max) via UPS Ground. For UPS 2nd Day Air add $ 1.50 to the Ground rate. COD add $ 3.00. Next Day Service available Other carriers. Hardware, and Foreign rates may be extra. Other Policies: No charge to Credit Card until shipping date, and no surcharges. Exchanges only for defective items and for same item on y. We cannot guarantee k Amiga 500 .£ AH2000 Models .....&k (Rates for US Only, Alaska & Hawaii excluded) product satisfaction. ORDERS & CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-800-525-4428 MUSIC & MIDI AudioMaster U $ 69 j M for Amiga ... Dr. n Copyist Pro .... $ 165 Midi Magic..... Dr. Ts KCS VI 6a $ 169 Pro Midi Studio ... Or-T’s Level I! $ 219 Pm Sound Designer Dr TS Midi Studio $ 45 j Sonix .... ' Dr Ts Editors (ea) $ 99 j Sound Oasis..... Dynamic Studio $ 129 Texture .. GFA Basic. Phasar . . . Zoetrope .. Crash Garrett PioneerPiague Stir Crazy..... Hours: Monday-Friday 9-6 (PST) Authorized Dealer Circle 122 on Reader Service card 6335 SE 82nd, Portland, OR 97266, (503) 777-1008, FAX: (503) 777-1252 WHAT’S NEW? From programming to prospecting there’s something for everyone. Compiled by Jan Jackson Acceleration CSA CLAIMS ITS Midget Racer offers speed at a price you can afford. For $ 399, replace your 68000 processor with a 12MHz 68020 daughterboard. The board comes with a socket to support a 68881 or 68882 coprocessor. Race to your phone and call CSA, 7564 Trade St., San Diego, CA 92121, 619 566-
3911. Reader service number 520. Desktop Video CREATE STUDIO productions at home using film footage and computer graphics. Scanlock VSL-1 is available in NTSC ($ 995) and PAL ($ 1095). Scanlock lets you integrate processed reference signals, such as input from a video camera or a VCR, with your Amiga’s video signals. For details, contact VidTech International Inc., 2822 N.W. 79th Ave., Miami, FL 33122, 305 477-2228. Reader service number 521. Magnetic Gold IN GOLD OF the Realm ($ 39.95) you can explore three levels of over 300 screens of twisted corridors and dark passages. Your treasure is guarded by wizardry and mysterious foes. In the same vein, you can pan for gold in the Lost Dutchman Mine (S49.95), a graphic adventure set in the Old West. Face rattlesnakes, bandits and renegade Indians as an old prospector. Pick up either nugget from Magnetic Images, PO Box 17422, Phoenix, AZ 85011, 602 265-7849. Reader service number 523. Font Fort IF VIDEO IS vour interest, take a look at Masterpiece Professional Font Collection. The set contains 20 disks. Included are 110 different font styles specially designed for video work. You get them sands of clip art pieces including 141 hi-res DeluxePaint II (Electronic .Arts) pages, two disks of color brushes, four disks of ColorFonts, and a manual. The set is $ 199. Contact Arock Computer Software at 1306 E. Sunshine, Springfield, MO 65804, 800 288- AROK. Reader service number 532. If you lean more toward desktop publishing, try Pro- Fonts Volume I: Professional for text and ProFonts Volume II: Decorative for ornamental fonts and borders. Each volume costs $ 34.95 and is designed for use with dot-matrix printers. Your publisher is New Horizons Software, PO Box 43167, Austin, TX 78745, 512 328-6650. Reader service number 537. Pair Up and Play IT TAKES TWO heads to meet the challenge of Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons ($ 29.95), a simultaneous, two- plaver game. Plan strategy, watch your partner’s back, and maybe even sacrifice your life to promote your brother in arms through 22 levels. To get started, contact Psygnosis, Liverpool, UK (051-236 8818), or their US distributor, Computer Software Services, 2150 Executive Dr., Addison, IL 60101, 800 669-4912. Reader service number 522. Speak My Language? IF YOU HAVE Commodore’s A2088 Bridgeboard and you have access to IBM or Macintosh graphics libraries, Graphics Transformer will help you convert files for your .Amiga. You can capture text and graphics screens from CGA, EGA, Hercules, or -AT&T 6300 graphics cards. Your interpreter is I MSI, Product Support 8c Development, 1299 Fourth St., San Rafael, CA 94901, 415 454-9678. Reader service number 541. ? TrftbUity AMW-5-89 Order Toll Free Hard Drive Kits (A-2000) Fres doflvery In the Coniinantal USA Hard Drive Cards rFor A-2000 equipped with Bridgecard Tree delfveiy Intneuontinental USA r ai-ld3N 30 MEG ..499 DEL A 8T-157N 49MEG 619DEL r ST-225N 20 MEG ..469 DEL . 8T-251N 40MES„_ ..5190EL r 8T-277N 60 MEG ..689 DEL ST-125 20 MEG ....329 DEL ST-157R 50 MEG ...499 DEL these turd cards are for an Amiga-2000 with a bridoocard. These drfres wiE take up 15 IBM slots on the Armqi 2000 molhertoird E ST-296N 80 MEG .... 929 DEL these kits Include iVS Trumpcord SCSI hird drive ctrl cjble, software xn J delivery In the contiguous USA Tliks Is not xmssemby kit 1 It Is a p.ickjgn piny Tiger Hard Drives Call Modems n«tra unve v aras (A-zuuo) I Free d«Hv«iy In the Continental USA | Amiga 1600 Modem 99 Avatex 1200E 69 Avalex2400 .. 139 ST-138N 30 MEG ...519 DEL Supra 2400 Baud ...129 ST-157N 49 MEG ...639 DEL I Floppy Drives their? Cards Inckxto [VS Trumpcardetilr, mounting brkt, cbl, softwsro, and dcUwry ki the contiguous USA rnrwT*]Aj,R.Dr*(A-7OT) _____ 111 ExtonulA.lfl Dr * Comp) ___ ____t«5 VA5T Untol,* .... ...,49 Inter i«u> n .. AMIGA 500 HARD DRIVE PANASONIC Printers PACKAGES FEAJUBTNQntUMPCAfiD 600 1180 NEW NEW NEW_______________ 189 1191 NEW NEW NEW_________________________________ 239 1124 NEW 24 Pin .... ... 349
- itKjiM-oomeg oov LWHVereai ST - 167N - 49 Meg 659 Delivered! Thoso Ftactogoi Indudo Ttumpoaid GOO orv ctawjte, IVS Trumpcard .SCSI hd drivo Ctrl, Sgffywirpjfcfrep dalyerv In the conttauoui USA STAR Printers NX-1000 ... 175 NX-1000 Rainbow (cotar) .., 229 NX-2400 ......289 ES2EZ5255iE23Hl c; 0 M M O D O R r Video Toaster .... CALL Live (A-2000) ... 309 Lire (A-500) ..299 Frame Capture ....._ CALL SEN 1 (GENLOCK) 575 Ami GEN .._ .._ .,35 S r GEM ..... 669 Magni 4004 Genlock ..... 1389 Ricker Fuer 445 PerfectSound ... 69 A MAS ....no Modet-A-M Ml Interlace .. 62 Subsystem 500 CALL IMG Scan „„ ..CALL Perfect Vbtan .... _189 Color Splitter ...... 75 Supra Kart) Ditre 500 1900 CALL Mouse Master 35 Bolng Mouse -SPECIAL...,.,.... 99 Supra 2400 Baud Modem & Cable v 149 Free. Delivery to tibc 48 Contiguoui SPECIAL master 3A Disk Drive 1010 Compatible $ 139 Free DeOvary to too Contiguous States Authorized Amiga Dealer CALL US! For All Your ssmsi Needs! Special VIDEO PACKAGE PANASONIC 1410 CAMERA 16MM LENS WITH VARIABLE IRIS COPV5TAND WITH LIGHTS DIGIVIEW GOLD $ 419 DELIVERED! AMIGA SOFTWARE 1943 „ 25.95 4 x 4 Off Road Racing 14.95 4th and Inches 28.95 A-Talk 3------- 64.95 A C Basic _ ...132.95 Adrenturw ol Sinbad 28.95 Afler Burner ....31.95 Ahball „ ...... 24.95 Allen Syndrome ..24.95 Alemale Reality : City......26.95 Amiga Tax . 52.95 AmigaDOS ToolBox ......36.95 Analyra 59.65 Android Decision ______23.95 Andromeda Mission ..24,95 Anim. Editor „ ...39.95 Animate 3-D .. 98.95 Animation Multiplane .52.95 Anlmalton Rotnscop 48.95 Animator (Aegis) ..„... 81.95 Animator Apprentice 174.95 Armafe ol Rome ________23 95 Antivirus ..... 24.95 Architectural Design Disk .22.95 Arexx ...... 29.95 Arkanolds 18.95 Artfc Adverturo ...25.95 Artura . 25.95 Attack on London 22.95 Audio Master 2 .....58.95 Award Maker .. 32.95 Awsome Arcade Pack.....32 95 Axeof Rage ...... .31 95 BAD. 29.95 Baal ...... 19.95 Balance of Power 1090.....31.95 BaHsllx ......„ ...22.95 Bard’s Tale ......31.95 Hint Disc .....15.95 Bards Tale II .. 33.95 Battle Chess _......31.95 Battle Hawks 1942 31.95 Battles Wp.„ ......19.95 Battle!echJhe Cr Hk Inc. .. 31.95 Berrcrk 3 . 22.65 Bionic Commando ....24.95 Black Jack Acadenry ..24.95 Boomerald .....25.95 Broadcast TRIer ......164.95 Bubble Bobble ...,25.95 Calamus ......274.95 Californta Games .._...31.95 Calligrapher ------ . 74 95 Capone ... 24.95 Phaser Guns .44 95 Captain Blood ...... 31.95 Ev3 Garden ... Excellence ..... Express Copy______________ Express Paint 3 0 ..... F-40 Pursuit Sim. .. FA 18 Interceptor ..... Face II .... Faery Tale .... Falcon .. Fa nta vision .... Fast Break__________________ Ferrari Formula 1 . Final Assault .... Final Mission .. Rno Print ...... Fire and Forgot ... FIRE ZONE ...... Flight Simulator II .. European Scenery Disk.. Flow ..... Form In Ffght ... Frontpage ...----- Future Design Disk .... Future Sound 500 .... Galactic Conqueror „ Galileo II .. Games: Winter Ed Garrison II .. Gettysburg .. BFA Basic 3.0 Gladiator . GO ____________________ Gold Rurmer2 Gomf Burton Grabb* „ ...... Grade Manager ...... Grand Prix Circuit ...... Harpoon .. Harrier Combat Simula tor. HEAVY METAL ... Herds of the Lance .... Hole In One...... Hole In One - Course Disk. Kotywood Poker ..... Hostage ... Human Design Disk .... Hunt For Red October Hybrls ...... Hyper Dome ... I Ludicrous ... Impossible Mission 2______ Irdoor Sports .... Instant Music ... Irtdttypo________ Irtw Font .. Captain Rzz .19.95 Carrier Command .....23 95 Centerfold Squares ___13 95 Charon 5 .21 95 Chessmaslsr 2000 ..... 28 95 Cfessnuslof 2100 .....31 95 Chronoquesl ...32.95 City Desk .87.95 Clue Masler Detective 25,95 Colony 31.95 Combat Course 2S.95 Comic Art Dbks (each) 20.95 Comic Setter ... 59.95 Contra ....„ .....25 95 Cosmic Bounce .. 18.95 Crazy Cars .....24.95 Curse Buster ...19.95 Cyber Complex ..21.95 DarkCastk? .....24.95 Data Relrkrre Pro 179.95 OataStDrm ..25.95 Defender Of Tlw Crown 31.95 De|a Vu:1 or 2 31.95 Deluxe Must Inst. 6t .95 Delix® Ratal til 97.95 Deluxe PhotoLab 97.95 Deluxe Productions 128 95 Deluxe Video V1.2 .....84.95 Demon's Winter 26.95 Deslgnasaurus 30.95 Destroyer ...... 14.95 Dewm Aire Diamond Caper31 95 DigMrold ..59 95 Dlgipalrfl ..36.95 Djglpa)nt3 0 .....CALL DigivtowGoU 134.95 Dinosaur Ofscovery Kit.....25.95 Disk 2 Disk . 23.95 Disk Master 28.95 Disk Mechanic __________54.95 Dfve Bomber ......14.95 Dbc Music Const Set 2.0 .. 61.95 Dos 2 Dos .....31,95 DOUBLE CRAGON_______,.25.95 Doug 3 Math Aquirkim 46 95 Down Hill Challenge ...22.95 Dragon's Lair ..33.95 Draw A-2000 (Aegis)......159,95 Dungeon Master ......_24.95 Dynamic Drums ..46.95 Earl Weaver Basebafl .31 95 Commlssloners Disk.... 14.95 MLBPA Stats 13 95 Empire 31 95 ..25.95 Interchange ..28.95
153. 95 IrtroCad 46 95 .. 23.95 Investors Advantage ..59.95 .79.95 Invlslon ._.....134 95 .28 95 Jack Nicktaus Golf...._......3195 .31.95 JN Courses of 1989.....14.95 .20.95 Jet 31.95 ,. 30,95 Joe Blade 21.95 .31.95 Joker Poker ....31.95 . 36.95 Kamptgruppe ...33.95 .28.95 Kara Fonts_____________________49.95 .31.95 Kind Words V2.0 ._ ....64 95 .14.95 King Ot Chicago ,,..31.95 .18,95 King's Quest IV ...31.95 .32.95 Kingdoms of England ...... 31.95 .24.95 Lancelot ..,26 95 .22 95 LeatJorboard duo pack 22 95
31. 95 Leatherneck ..... ...24 95 . 17.95 Leisure Suit Larry 25.95 .59,95 Leisure Suit Larry I! .31.95 69 95 Lite and Death 31.95 ,74.95 Lights Camera Action ......48 95
22. 95 Lords ol the Rising Sun.31.95
89. 95 Magellan .....114 05
29. 95 Marble Madness 13 95
42. 95 Mavis Beacon Typing .31 95
31. 95 Maxi-Plan500 ...... 02 95 ,31.95 Maxi-Plan Pius ...123.95
38. 95 Menace ....19.95
87. 95 MicNon Hit Disk 1 ...32.95
25. 95 Micro Flche Rier Plus.....114.95
24. 95 Micro Lawyer ...„ .34 95
24. 95 Microbot Design Disk 22 95 49 95 Midi Magic ... CALL
16. 95 M»cJ Rec Studio VI.1 39.95
52. 95 Mission Con Bat .32.95
31. 95 Modeler 3D .....5 3.95
25. 95 Moeblus ..38.95
31. 95 Movie Setter ..59.65
28. 95 Murder on the Atlantic 39.95
26. 95 Music Studio 2.0 49.95
21. 95 Music X ...... 184 95
13. 95 My Paint .29.95
22. 95 Night Force________________23 95 29 95 Norelty Fonts ..43 95 22 95 Obi iterator ......25 95
31. 95 OH Shore Warrior ......24 95
24. 95 On Lino Platinum 58.95
22. 95 Operation Clean Streets ... 25.95
22. 95 Operation Wotf ... 25 95
14. 95 Outrun .....31.95
30. 95 P.O.W .....24 95
13. 95 Page RerxfciRf 3-D ....94.95 13 95 Page Setter .59.95
69. 95 Pago Stream 127.95 Pageflippcr Flus FX Pen Pa! . Phantasm ___________ Pluser ... Ploton Vwoo: Ceil Anim Photon Paint 2.0 .... Photon Paint Surface ..... Photon Video Transport. Pioneer Plague Platoon Poltae Quest 1 Or 2________ Ports of Call .. Power Styx ... Power Windows 2.5____ Precisely ..... Prime Time ...... Print Masler Plus _______ Pro Mjdrl Sindio ...... Pro Script ... Pro Sound Design ..... Pro V'xfeo ? .. Pro Write 2 0 ..... Pro-Draw ____________ Professional Page ..... Prctonh J & 2 ----------- Project D» Backup ... Pub Games ..... Publisher Plus .. Puzzle Slorvbook .. atx ...... Quarter Back .. Ouestron II . Raslan . Raw Copy .... Reach For Die Stars Realm ol ne Warlock..... REEL FISHN ...... Renegade ..... Return To Atlantis ..... Rfryming Notebook .. Ringside .. Road Flakier .. Roadwar ZOOQ . Rock Challenge...... Rocket Ranger ..... Roger Rabbit ... Roland D-50 or 0 110..... Roland MT-32 Rorrantfc Enct @ Dome... Rubicon Alliance
S. D.I ...... Savage .... Scarry M Janls Scaven r .... Scrabble ... ,.,999$ Scrtable ..46.95 ...94 95 Schlpt 4-D .....39995 ... 22 95 Securities Anafyst ......49.95 . 57 95 Sex Vixem-Onter Space .„ 25.95 ...87 95 ShadowgatB ....3195 ...94 95 Shakespoar .. 13095 ...19.95 Shinobi , .. 31,95 ,180.95 SldeArms 25 95 ...25.95 Silent Service .,,...24.95 ...23.95 Silicon Dreams ......19.95 ...3195 Sim City .. 29.95 ...28 95 Stabad ..... 31.95 ...21.95 Skate Wars ....31.95 ..5495 Sky Blaster .18.95 ,.43 95 Sky Chase ..24 95 „ 25,95 Sky Fox II .....13 95 ..26 95 Sky Shark 25,95 11995 Smooth Talker 26 95 ..2895 Snake Pit ..22 95 .99.95 Softwood File II ...62.95
177. 95 Sorcerot Lord ... 23.95 . 69.95 Space Harrier ......,31.95
112. 95 Space Quest 1 .2 or 3 31.95 22 3 95 Space Rice 19 95 .21,95 Space School Sim 22 95 , 28.95 Splrrwortd ____ 18 95 ..25.95 Star Glider II ...28.95 ..64.95 Star Ray ...29 95 ..25.95 SarWats 24 95 , 25.95 Street Fighter .. 25.95 ..42.95 Strip Poker II ,25 95 ..32.95 Studio Magic .. 59.95 .25.95 Sub Ba!t!e Sim ......14,95 ,33 95 Super Back .... 46 95 .26 95 Super siar Baskelbak CALL ,2195 S jperbase Personal .46.95 „ 29.95 Superbase Pesonal 2 87,95 . 25.95 Superbase Pro 3.0 ...139.95 .13 95 SuperPfan 87.95 . 26.95 Superstar Ice Hockey 31,95
24. 95 Swird ol Sodan ......31.95 .24 95 TV. Sports Football ...3195 . 26 95 Tangeiwood 24 95 25 95 Tax Plan Amiga ... 22 95
31. 95 Technocop ....31.95 . 26.95 Temple ol Doom ..... 31 95 .64.95 Terrorpods ......25 95 .84.95 Tetraquest ......24 95 .25,95 Tetris 20 95 .20.95 Text Ed Plus .... 43.95 1
31. 95 Text Pro ...49 95 J .24 95 Test Drire 2 - The Duet 28 95 24 95 Callfnrnla ChaB ....14 95 ..CALL Supcrcaf3 . 14 95 28 96 Thexdor ...22 95 Three Demon ...... 69.95 Ttiree Stooges .....31.95 Time and Mjglk ......26 95 Times of Lore 24 95 Titan 28 95 Tower Toppter .31.65 Transputer ......22.65 Trials ot Honor 32.95 Turbo Silver 3.0 .... 121.95 TV Show ....64 95 TV Tex! 64.95 Twilight Zone________________24 95 Twilights Ransom .....23 95 Urlrrxj 4_________ 33 95 Ultima III .....24 95 Ultra D.0.S .....,35 65 Undersea Commando 31,95 Universal Military Shnulalor31.65 Vietnam Dat UMS .14.65 CMIWar Dal .14 95 Vampire's Empire 28.95 Video Effects 3-D .....113 95 Video Fonts . 28.95 Video THJer 34 95 VidcoScape 3D 2 0 ..115 65 VIP Professional .....59.95 Virus Infection Protection . 28.95 Vlsla 3-D .87 95 WsheB .29 95 War fn Middle Earth 31.95 Warlock ..„..21 65 Wayne Gretzky Hoe krry 31.95 Western Games 21.95 W1tbw._. .25.95 WordPerfect .. 179 95 Works Platinum, The ..CALL Works, The _______.115 95 World Class Leader Board 28 95 World Tour God 13.95 X-Specs 84 95 Zak McKracken 29,95 Zany Go* .....„26 95 Zoetrope 87 95 18 95 Zork Zero ...... 38 95 Zurnmi Fonts 1,2.3 or 4 ... 22 95 Zynaps .....22 95 Special Works Ploilnum 149,95 CkuanHfM Umttodi Since 1982 , , Tl.omputrflbll.lty. .onbume.'c lact tonic!* VISA NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE Order Toll Free 800-558-0003 Wl ORDERS AND INFORMATION 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee, Wl 53217 ORDERINQ INFORMATION: spteiry tytUm. Fortx*l cteilwy und uir wr'i Of mor,*y wo*. Pafionai a->d cornpany rjiect&xilow 14 Bu»;rv««» Uyi to ilwir. School P.O.'* mtom* tXO.D. charg** «r» *4.00. ts Ck tV-witai U.S>. S3.00 lor totwar* DiUor* 5% iKppVig lor rrnrUware. Minimum so 00. MiflviCard Brd v:*j or dor* plttiu Inside card t, Bjjiiraeon Aita tfid *ldnat-.re. Wl rotldwiT* plfaik* ncluiM 5% ulai tai. HI, AK, Fro. APOPuarto R!co and Canaalm ordtrt, pl«a»xdd thlpp'ig. Minimum ££.00. All otn*r fortlgn ardirt add 15% ahlpplng, minimum 915 0. Allorrfur* ihlppod outxkdo th* Corthtrial U.S.A. x'o ihXspodhril class Insured U.S.mail. Pforeign shipping cN-vgus mwd(hamlnl-rum nmounL you wit &• oha-gws th»tonal xmount Ail good* are new andlneLdo Hdoy wanarly- r10' ouamnVte compatebaiiy & vtribn **. Out to oui tow prteet ai tales a™ rinni. All WkW, rsiumt mutl haws a ralum aulhantaiion numbar. Piaase call (Atd) 057-aiB I to obtain an R.A. * or your mturr* wtl r>ot be Accepted. Prices and evn'LnWlty subject to cnerge wtlrout nottoe. Shipping end handling are non-relundibi’a. We *Mp the taieil vettons avatable !o u*. Updibit muvl be handled by end user drecUy wth |he manutaetj*or. ONLY The BEST For AMIGA For LESS! 7VT y Authorized AMIGA Dealer CompUJNlK Computers Service Center All Work and No Play GAMES Autoduel $ 25 Arknoid 20 Balance Powcrl990 33 Bard's Talc II 40 Batlc Chess 30 Better Dead Alien 25 Black Shadow 22 Blitzkrieg 33 Bomb Busier 23 Breach 27 Bureacrocy 25 Calif. Games 30 Capone 25 Chessman ter 2000 31 Cosmic Bouncer 19 Dork Castle 25 Defender Of Crown 32 DejaVu 35 Dragon’s I .air 40 Earl Weaver Bsball 35 Emerald Mine II 30 EMI Garden 25 F A-18 Interceptor 35 Falcon 31 Fury Tale 30 Fire Power 17 Flight Simu. II 33 Gettysburg 39 Guild of Thieves 32 Gun Ship 35 Gretzky Hockey 31 Hardball! 27 Highway Hawks 25 Hitchhikers Guide 15 Hostage 30 Jet 35 Joker Poker 30 King's Quest III 33 Leader Board 25 Leisure Suit Larry 26 Lord of Rising Sun 31 Lurking Horror Marble Madness Mean 18 Off Shore Wurrior Onc-On-Onc Phan Italic Hub* PowtrStyx QucsLron II Rebd Charge Reel F ish'n Rond War 2000 Rock Challenge Rocket Ranger Roger Rabbit
P. O.W. Sex Vixens Space Sky Chase Skyfox B Shanghai Sherlock Sqcntc Service S inbod Snake Pit SowrdoTSodun Space Cutter Stellar Conflict Street Cat Starglidcr B Sub Bottle TchnoCop Tetra Quest Time & Magic Three Stooges TV Sports Football Uninvited Virus- Game Ultima TV Zero Gravity Zork Trilogy Zynapsc $ 46 465 515 133 125 330 2© 60 45 3250 239 240 187 ?? 619 135 725 1079 95 Hard Drive A5Q0 $ 025 Herd Drive ASOQ 1395 Hard Drive A1Q00 050 Hard Drive A1000 1125 Hard Drive A1000 1350 GVP40MB GVP80MB CltcL40MB CltcL 65MB Cltd 80MB GVP 40MB H.C. A2000 785 GVP 80MB H.C. A2000 1125 20 MB SCSI Hard Drive 3G9 40 MB SCSI liD Quotum 579 80 MB SCSI HD Quantum 939 65 MB SCSI HardDrK-e 595 190 MB SCSI Hard Drive 1725 A500 Power Supply 70 AIR Ext, Dr. 149 AmiGen Genlock 139 Calif. Access Dr, 149 Digi View Gold 135 Easyl A500 A1000 3G0 Easyl A2000 370 Dynamic Studio Dynumic CAD Excellence Express Paint 3.0 FACC II Fancy 3D Fonts Fantavision First Letters & Words First Shapes Flow Font Set I (Gold Disk) Fonts & Borders Forms In Flight 13 Gizmo? 20 Assembler S65 Amiga WB L3 2L5 3-Don on 68 Accountant 175 Adrum 46 Aegis Animator 80 Aegis Draw 2000 175 Aegis Images 24 Aloha fonts 15 Am iga Dos Express 2D Analytic Arts 38 Animate 3D SM Animation Effects 31 31 Animation Stand Animation Multiplane 55 Gold Spell H Animator Apprentice 170 Comf Asha's Fonts 25 33 20 25 26 27 20 24 32 42 32 25 25 31 33 25 25 25 27 28 25 25 34 24 34 19 27 16 29 25 32 25 27 33 33 33 30 38 20 33 23 “N Grubb it Grade Manager Great States II Huiculc Home Builders CAD Home Inventory Hot Cool Jazz Huge Print Impact-Graphics Intcllitype Typing Instant Music Interchange Inlro CAD Inventory Investors Advantage Invision Its Rock AroU Jet Set Font Set Kura Fonts Krndwords Kwik Speak I Kwik Speak B Lattice C 5.0 Lattice C++ Lascrscript Laserup Fonts Vol.l LuscrupPlot Laoerup Print l iscrup Util. Vol.l Lexicon PCM 70 Linkword Lang, all LlghtsCamraAction Lint Logic Works Magellan Mavis Beacon Maxiplan Plus Marauder II Microfiche Filer + 55 AtalkUl 62 Atredcs BBS 90 Audio Master II 63 AZTEC C Pro. 145 B AD. 32 Broarcast Tiller 1B5 Butcher 20 25 CAD Parts 15 Calligrapher 80 CB Tree 62 City Desk 89 City IX-nk Art Com pa. 20 CU Mate 25 Clip Arts Vols. 12 CZ Master Editor ® Comic Setter 59 Comic Setter-Funny 22 Comic Settcr-SiFL 22 Com ic Settcr-Sup. H. 22 Data Retrieve 47 Deluxe Hdp (All) 23 Deluxe Music 65 Deluxe Paint B 82 Deluxe Photo Lab 90 Deluxe Production 120 Deluxe Video 88 Design Disks 22 DIGA 47 DIGI Paint 42 Director 42 Disk Mechanic 53 Disk To Disk 32 Disk Wick 30 DOS To DOS 35 DOS Express 19 Dr.TsKCS 155 Dr. T’s M.R.S, 41 Dynamic Drums 47 OUTSIDE CA ORDERS ONLY PLEASE! For Info, Consultation, Tracing orders -v w a mm Call our Customer Service 800-225-4017 (213)854-0550 402 S. San Vicente Blvd. Los Angeles. CA 90048 Hrs. 10AM-7PM Policy: UPS ground 53.50 por item- 2nd Day Air 56.00 por lwm,( SIGNATURE REQUIRE IYNO DRIVER RELEASE). NO CODY Shipping & Handling not included and ar* non-rcfundahlo. Pomnal Check* allow 20 daya to clear. Product aubject to nvailabihty. Price* aubject to chango. Add 3% for VISA MC, K% AE. Defective merchandiae repaired or replaced with the hcia item only. Rejected or Returned product aubject to 20% re* to eking fee. No refund for product* defective or incompatible or not performing latiafactnry. No guarantee* for product performance. In CA add sale* Tax Si 35 MicroLawycr S39 290 MIDI Magic 90 155 Modder 3D 62 85 Money Mentor C 56 24 Move Setter 59 45 Multi Forth 57 40 Multi Prefs 17 32 Music Student 38 32 News Letter Font* 27 57 Micro Base 24 23 Micro Text 24 25 Outline 42 70 Page Flipper +FX 93 40 Pagcselier 83 30 Pages tr-c ran 129 25 Photon Paint 60 20 Photon Cell Anim. 88 59 Photosynthesis 90 24 Pixmnlc 42 29 Ivo Video Plus 178 118 ProVidco Font Sets 75 25 Professional Page 219 21 Professional Draw 129 30 Prowrite 2.0 70 56 Project D 30 35 Publisher Plus 115 $ 32 Qmeterbuck 42 30 Raw Copy 38 49 SAFE T NET 31 G5 Sculpt 3D 63 63 Shakespeare 135 95 Sonix 47 23 Soundquest D-50 23 34 Studio Magic 60 49 Superbusell 90 59 Superbusc Pro. 185 28 Super Plan 99 28 Synthia 58 175 Tax Break 49 350 Texture 95 28 T Shell 30 26 Tcxlcraft Plus 80 35 Tool Cady 30 65 Transport ConL 179 29 Turbo Silver 120 99 TV Show Text Ea. 57 23 Video Effects 3D 125 55 Video Scape 3D 115 65 Video TiUer 84 61 W Shell 30 115 WordPerfect 169 35 Word Perfect Lib. 80 115 Write "N File GO 26 Zoctropc 85 110 Zuma Fonts (All) 25 ECEMIDI Flicker Fixer Frame Graber Future Sound Sampler Int. Dr. A500 2000 Live A2000 p™™ Bufr«r Live A500 A1000 MIDI Gold MY-T-Mouse NEC LC890 Printer Panasonic Camera Spirit L5 MB OK Star NX1000 «« - Star2400 Print**- Supergen Genlock Supra 2400B ModiTm Supra 30MB Hard Drive Xerox 4020 color Priota- X-Specs3D Gia«« HARDWARE, SOFTWARE Wild Blue Yonder FIVE LEVELS OF difficulty in this game help you to learn to fly an F-16. Negotiate yo-yos, loops, and scissors, and face blackouts from pulling too many G’s. Falcon features 3-D graphics, digitized sound effects and a black box for recording the plane’s path so you can view instant replays. Your arsenal includes heat- seeking and Maverick missiles, bombs, and machine guns. The game retails at $ 49.95; radio in to Spectrum HoloByte, 2061 Challenger Dr., Alameda, CA 94501, 415 522-
3584. Reader service number 533. SCORPION SOFTWARE wants to save you from the doldrums with four new games. You can tangle with gladiators and lions in an ancient Roman colliseum with I Ludicrus. Or solve puzzles and fly missions to distant planets in Space School Simulator. You’ll graduate from the academy with honors after 20 J missions.Equipped with rapid- Off the Rack SPRING FASHIONS FOR your workstation from Software Visions feature templates and macros in a ready-to-use format. Designer Databases are priced at $ 39 for Home I and S59 for Business I. These applications work with Software Visions' Microfiche Filer line of database managers. Home I includes catalogs for videotape, audio recordings, stamps, and recipes, while Business I offers dailv-calen- dar, mail-merge, expense-re- port, general-ledger, and inventory-processing applications. Your tailor is Software Visions, PO Box 3319, Framingham, MA 01701, 508 875-1238 or 800 527-7014. Reader service number 524. ? Firing guns and heat-seeking missies, you and your droid blast through space in Hyperdome, while Transputor gives you three-dimensional arcade- style action through 36 levels. Each game retails for $ 34.95. Your entertainment coordinator is Scorpion, 19 Harbor Dr., Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849, 201 663-0202. Reader service number 538. T TRUMPCARD disk controllers are... 0 T * Loads DPAINT 2 in 1,4 seconds, identical spec
• Loads DPAINT 2 in 1.4 seconds, identical speed as DMA to cache type controllers costing HUNDREDS MORE! *
• Exclusive IVS SMARTBOOT autoboots ALL drives (including Seagate) from cold start
• Up to 7 SCSI drives can be daisy chained to one Trumpcard
• Full support of Logical Units with Adaptec controllers
• Supports all Quantum, Seagate and Miniscrihc drives
• User customizable driver supports virtually any SCSI hard disk drive. The list includes over 15 devices and is growing
• Half length card takes only 1 2 slot
• Optional brackets mount 3.5" drives to card ($ 24.95)
• Exclusive IVS checklist configuration software makes hard drive setup a breeze
• 2 ft. 50 pin SCSI cable included w ith every Trumpcard
• Full 1 year warranty parts and labor
* Dpaint 2 loaded from Quantum Prodrive 40 with AmigaDOS 1.3 FastFileS>stem 1JPAINT lin irjdciiurL ul Mrvlrnok Art* VmitalMIS it a Irademirt. Til l'«Mador* Kutiant Marhtnrt Ji fj t J?rv cache type controllers costing HUNDREDS IV :I0U* mmS X* •ExcIusive VS SMARTBOOT autoboots ALL c |Rl > , (including Seagate) from cold start U 7*» ' t . N» «„ *? Ivum j •_________ SHORT LIST PRICE: $ 199.95! Why Spend More?? AUTO BOOT ROM INCLUDED TR UMPCARD 13201 SANTA GERTRUDES AVE. STE. YI02 LA MIRADA, CA. 90638 PHONE: (714) 994-4443 ihte a active vioeo systems Circle 54 on Reader Service card Take a Close Look at the Master-3A ¦ Fully compatible disk drive with the Amiga0 ¦ 1 Year Warranty ¦ Pass through connector lets you easily add additional drives ¦ Extra long shielded cable (28”) allows easy placement on either side of computer ¦ Extremely quiet operation ¦ Double sided double density 880 KB formatted capacity ¦ Slimmer design (4” x 1W x 9”) ¦ Low power consumption Mail Order Line
(800) 356-5178 Outside California
(714) 633-1026 In California Oceanic Manufactured by Dealer Line
(800) 548-9669 Outside California
(800) 843-2842 In California
(312) 382-5050 Computer Direct
(313) 427-7713 M.CS.
(800) 232-6442 Go AMIGA nmsimt $ 159 Exclusively Distributed by: Konyo Int’l Inc. (CA) Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc MINIMEGS™-
• SUIT A500 0R A1000
- Many Advanced Features
- Free Software Included 20 Meg S599 30 - Meg S659 40 Meg $ 849 50 Meg $ 799 - 80 Meg (Quantum) $ 1,199 TINY TIGER INCLUDES DRIVE, POWER SUPPLY SCSI INTERFACE AND SOFTWARE IN A SINGLE SMALL CASE THE FULLY FEATURED. SWITCHABLE. NON-CLICKING EXTERNAL 3 1 2" FLOPPY DRIVE AN OLD FAVORITE' TWO 3 1 2" FLOPPY DRIVES IN A SINGLE PACKAGE SWITCHABLE, NON-CLICKING.__ TWIN DRIVE $ 299 MEMORY & STORAGE TECHNOLOGY INC. Of Mice and Men CUT THE CORD with Nu- monies Manager Mouse (SI79.95). Infrared technology frees this three-button mouse to move up to four feet from your monitor. The receiver attaches to your monitor (with Velcro) and connects to the RS-232 port. The unit comes with recharging equipment and runs up to ten hours per charge. Trap one for yourself by calling Meridian Software, All in the Family PRODUCE ANCESTRAL charts and explore your family’s history with Norgen, a menu-driven genealogy database. For a $ 79.95 investment, you can enter up to 18 generations with provisions for variant names and spellings. 9361 W. Brittany Ave., Littleton, CO 80123, 303 979-4140. Reader service number 528. Does your index finger itch for diversity? Try a three-button Boing Mouse on for size. You get a four-foot cable, a mirror pad, and an industry- standard, three-button interface for $ 125. Contact Boing, 1881 Ellwell Dr., Milpitas, CA, 408 262-1469. Reader service number 526. Norgen lets you print seven classes of reports, such as a list of birthdays for a given year. For posterity call Norris Software, 3208 W. Lake St., Suite 65, Minneapolis, MN 55416, 612 827-2766. Reader service number 529.
M. A.S.T. Australia 178 Pacific Hwy Si Leonards NSW 2065
(02) 436 2500 USA 383 i-E Beratar Way Chico CA 9592S i916) 342-6273 Dealer enquiries welcome Circle our Reader Service card Circle 181 on Reader Service card Amiga 500 100012000 Quality Products At The Lowest Prices Amiga 500 .$ 579 Arrina 2000 CALL A max Mac Emulator .$ 125 Animate 3D $ 94 Arriaa 2000HD ..CALL Broadcast Tiller .....$ 189 Amiga 2500 .....CALL PC40-III CALL Deluxe Paint III .....CALL Deluxe Photofato $ 98 1D84s Monitor ..$ 309 501 Ram Card ..$ 159 2058 2 Meg RAM ...$ 679 Amiga 1010 Drive ..$ 209 2010 3 5 Internal ..$ 160 Digal $ 45 Digi-Paint ..$ 44 Dragon's Lair .....$ 39 Dungeon Master .....$ 25 Excellencel .....$ 189 3,5“ Internal Floppy $ 129
3. 5“ External Floppy ...$ 149 2620 68020 Board ...$ 1399 2088 Bridgeboard ..$ 499 2208 Bridgeboard $ 1125 2090A SCSI Board .$ 325 2300 Genlock ...$ 299 Falcon .$ 32 Lords of the Rising Sun .....$ 32 Pagestream ....$ 125 Photon Paint .....$ 69 Printscript ...$ 57 Professional Draw .$ 123 Professional Page .$ 246 AmiGen Genlock ....$ 139 DigiView Gold ..$ 149 MicroWay Flicker Fixer .....$ 489 Mimetics Framebufler (OK) ......$ 489 GenOno Genlock ...$ 499 ProVideo Plus .$ 195 ProWrrte .....$ 78 RawCopy 1.3 ....$ 38 Sculpt3D ....$ 72 SuperBackup ...,......$ 50 GVP 400 Hardcard $ 799 Superbase ProfesionaJ ....$ 219 GVP 25mhz 030 Accelerator ..CALL Video Effeds 3D ...$ 125 Microtctcs Starboards ....CALL MultiTech v.32 9600 Baud Modem . .. $ 699 Videoiiiler ...$ 93 Word Perfect ...$ 199 Sony CPD-1303 Multisync Monitor .....$ 525 Supra 2400 Baud Modem .$ 149 Wortoench 1.3 ..$ 19 Zoelrope .....$ 88 Call For The Latest Products & Prices Mon-Fri 9-6 EST SPRITE TECHNOLOGY For Orders: All Other Inquiries:
(800) 634-9315 (404) 535-8806 Amiga is the registered trade mark of (Commodore Business Machines Electric Golf IN A BATH of flashing lights and crazy music, sink your ball in a hamburger. You're not dreaming, you’re playing Zany Golf from Sandcastle. For $ 39.95, you get fireworks, moving walls, and magic carpets as well as the traditional castle and windmill. Your caddy is Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 94404,415 571-7171. Reader service number 539. Alien Avenging YOUR FRIENDS ARE hostages, your colony is infested with hideous aliens, and you are about to be blown to bits by a time bomb in Alien Syndrome from Sega. The game retails for $ 39.95 and is distributed by Mindscape, 3444 Dundee Rd., Northbrook, IL 60062, 312 480-7667. Reader service number 525. Hard Copy EXPRESS COPY PROMISES to copy files from hard disk to floppy at a rate of one megabyte per minute. You can select files to be copied by their date stamp, name, the archive bit, and directory. Options include setting the archive bit, verifying copied data, and estimating the number of disks required for backup. You can save parameters in configuration files, make up to four copies at a time, and pre-load in four drives. New disks are formatted and verified automatically. The multitasking ExpressCopy ($ 44.95) has no copy protection and is compatible with FastFileSystem disks. Call Express-Way Software Inc., PO Box 10290, Columbia, MO 65205-4005, 314 474-2984. Reader Service number 530. ¦ InterComputing Inc. 2100 N. Hwy 360 Suite 2101 Grand Prairie. TX 75050-1015 In business since 1984; Amiga support since 1985 Member of Dallas Better business Bureau A SERVICE ORIENTED BUSINESS AT DISCOUNT PRICES Complete Product List available Call Toll Free 1-800-622-9177 Customer Service & Order Status: 1-214-988-3500 HARDWARE Memory Drives 11 8-Up Mcmorycard OK
145. 75 Fdata-10 cxL Drive
139. 75 8-Up Memory with 2MB
649. 75 Pdata-20 exL Twin Drive
249. 75 8-Up Memory with 8MB
2195. 00 inL 3.5’ Drive A2000 only
145. 75 Starboard with Ok.
239. 75 AIR-Drrve
169. 75 Starboard II with 0.5MB
399. 75 CaLAccess CA-880
169. 75 Starboard 11 with 1MB
599. 75 HardFraroe SCSI Card
239. 75 Starboard 11 with 1MB
997. 75 Starboard SCSI Module
97. 75 Starboard Upper Deck 0k
44. 75 Quantum BOMB Drive
875. 00 A1000 256k Front Pancb
199. 00 Supra 20MB Hdisk
649. 00 A501 - 512k w dock
179. 75 Supra 30MB Hdisk
749. 00 Video Graphics A-Pro Draw 12x12
499. 75 Imprint
399. 75 Amiga Live A 500
299. 75 Mitsubishi Mullisyc Monitors Amiga Live A 2000
329. 75 for use with Dicker Farr: Amiga Live A 1000
219. 75 13* Screen size
549. 75 Color Splitter
85. 75 16* Screen size
1349. 75 Digi View 3.0 NTSC
139. 75 2O’ Screen size
1895. 75 Digi Droid
64. 50 Panasonic 1410 Kit
249. 75 Easyl 500
299. 75 Perfect Vision
175. 00 Easyl 1000
349. 00 Polaroid Palette
1995. 00 Easyl 2000
349. 00 Super Gen
699. 75 Flicker Fixer
499. 00 X-Specs 3D
97. 75 Sound Midi Miscellaneous ECE-Midi w RS-232 thru
- 4-1.75 Epyx 500XJ
17. 50 Future Sound Sampler
129. 75 Mouse Pad
6. 95 Soundscape Sampler
79. 50 Modem Cable A500 2000
9. 95 Perfect Sound A500.2000
59. 75 Multifunction Card
69. 75 Perfect Sound A1000
59. 75 Phasar Gun
46. 75 Midi Cable 5ft
8. 75 Processor Accelerator
149. 50 Midi Cable 8ft color coded
11. 95 Sony 3.5’DS DD Disks 1875 Midi Gold for A2000 internal
69. 95 Supra Modem 2-100 Bd.
149. 75 flenbie Dolo Systems FDATA-10 Disk Drive This external 3.5* Drive is a very inexpensive unitto make the life with your Amiga easier. The Fdata-10 is compatible with the original Amiga-drive but is quieter, smaller and has a longer cable (27inch) to connect it to the Amiga. Ty$ 139 75 Need more than one drive? FDATA-20 Disk Drive is the answer-two drive units in one. Only$ 249.75 NEW PRODUCTS GVP Products GFA Basic 3.0
99. 75 Micro-Meg 512k Ckx±
179. 75 Pagcstrcam
139. 75 Micro-Meg Ok dock
59. 75 Fast Ttafc 20Meg A500
599. 75 Synergy 500
199. 75 Tiny Tiger 20Mcg
589. 75 Overdrive
199. 75 30Mcg
629. 75 Subsystem 500
229. 75 40Mcg
779. 75 Subsystem 1000
279. 75 50Meg
799. 75 SOM eg
1199. 75 Phoenix A500 1000 22Mcg
599. 75 Tool-Box w P caver
219. 75 32Meg
699. 75 Mini-MegA500 CL5MB
329. 75 48Meg
799. 75 1MB
489. 75 ROMeg
1299. 75 2MB
789. 75 Phoenix A2000 22Meg
549. 75 Mini-Meg A1000 a5MB
339. 75 32Mcg
749. 75 1MB
449. 75 48Meg
749. 75 2MB
789. 75 BOM eg
1249. 75 IMPACT 68030 Card Call IMPACT 2000 ImegttK
299. 75 IMPACT 2000 2MegttMB
699. 75 IMPACT 2000 0k 80M eg
1199. 75 IMPACT 2000 IMIVBOMcg
1699. 75 Trade up! We will trade in your Amiga 50C. 1000 towards a new Amiga 2000 or 2500! Please call for details. Graphics & Video Aegis Animator 82.50 Aegis Draw 2000 179.75 Animate 3D 99.75 Animation Multiplane 5&75 Animation Apprentice 199.75 Butcher 10 21.75 Calligrapher 87.75 Comic Setter 66.75 Deluxe Paint 10 94.75 Deluxe Productions 144.75 Director 44.95 Faniavision 39.95 Flipside 39.75 Forms in Flight II 77.75 Interchange 29.75 Intro CAD 10 49.75 Kara Fonts 5175 Lights, Camera, Action 5175 Modeler 3D 7150 Pageflipper Plus F X 99.75 Photon Paint 66.75 Pixmate 49.75 Pro Board 379.75 Pro Net 379.75 Pro Video Plus 199.75 Sculpt 3D 69.75 Sculpt 4D 399.75 Terrain Disk 19.75 TV' Show NTSC PAL 6195 TV-Text 6195 Turbo Silver 129.75 Video Effects 3D 129.75 Video Ti tier 99.75 Videoscape 3D 119.75 Window Print II 2175 X-CAD 319.75 Zoetrope 99.75 PROGRAMMING & LANGUAGES A C Basic Compiler
129. 75 A C Fortran (AB-Soft)
179. 75 Aztec C Developer
199. 75 Azlcc C Professional 1-15.75 Aztec Source Level Debug,
59. 75 Benchmark Amiga Library 6-1.75 Benchmark C-Library
64. 75 Benchmark IFF Library
64. 75 Benchmark Modula-2
134. 75 DSM Disassembler 4275 Lattice 5.0
219. 75 Lallicc-C + +
395. 00 Lint
69. 00 MCC-Pascal
79. 95 Power Windows 25
56. 75 SOFTWARE Music Business Audio Master II
69. 75 BEST Management System
299. 75 Dr. Ts DX-Heaven
99. 75 Cygnus ED
69. 50 Dr. Ts Kawai K1 Libr.
99. 75 Excellence
189. 75 Dr. Ts KCS 1.6
166. 75 Logistix
99. 75 Dynamic Drums
47. 75 MaxiPlan 500
99. 75 Dynamic Studio
129. 75 Maxi Plan Plus
129. 75 M
154. 75 Microfiche Filer
69. 75 Midi Recording Studio
44. 95 Microfiche Filer U 11175 Music Mouse
49. 75 Money Mentor 10
59. 75 Sound Quest Casio CZ
84. 75 Phasar 3.0
66. 75 Sound Quest D-110
99. 75 Prowrite 20 7150 Sound Quest D-50
99. 75 Scribble 10
57. 95 Sound Quest DX-7
99. 75 Softwood File 11 (GS)
79. 75 Sound Quest DX-7 II
117. 75 Supcrbasc Personal II
99. 75 Sound Quest Generic
84. 75 Supcrbasc Professional
199. 75 Sound Quest MT-32
99. 75 TexEd Plus
54. 75 Soundsc. Pro Midi Studio
124. 75 Word Perfect Library
79. 95 Synlhia
66. 75 Wordperfect
197. 75 Yamaha Synthesizer WIN complete with MIDI Interface & Cables All orders placed between January 1st 1989 and May 31st 1989 are automatically entered in our drawing. No purchase is necessary; to enter, send a postcard with your Name, Address. Phone number and type of Amiga to: InterComputing, Inc. - Yamaha Drawing 2100 N. Hwy 360. 2101 Grand Prairie, TX 75050 4th and Inches Andromeda Mission Arazok’s Tomb Arkanoid Balance of Power Barbarian Battle Chess Capone Carrier Command Centerfold Squares Defender of the Crown Destroyer Ebonstar Faery Tale Adventure Ferrari Final Assault Flightsimulator Foundation Waste Guild of Thieves Heroes of the Lance Hollywood Poker Hybris Interceptor Into the Eagles Nest Jet Knight Ore Major Motion Mindwalker Obliterator Offshore Warrior Pioneer Plague Games
29. 75 Portal
34. 75
27. 75 Ports of Call
29. 75
24. 75 POW
25. 75
19. 75 Q-Ball
19. 75
33. 75 Realm of the Warlock
24. 75
24. 75 Return to Atlantis
34. 75
31. 75 Road Raider
27. 75
29. 75 Roger Rabbit
29. 95
29. 95 Scenery Disk 7 11
19. 75 2150 Scenery Disk Europe
19. 75
35. 75 Scenery Disk Japan
19. 75
27. 75 Shanghai
27. 75
29. 75 Silent Service
27. 75
29. 75 Sindbad
33. 75 3175 Skychase
27. 75
31. 75 Space Cutler
19. 95
39. 75 Space Quest 3175
27. 75 Starglider
29. 75
29. 75 Starglidcr II
29. 75
29. 75 Street Sports
14. 95
24. 75 Strip Poker
27. 75
27. 75 Strip Poker Data 4 or 5
14. 95
34. 75 Surgeon
29. 75
24. 75 Terror Pods
29. 75 3175 Three Stooges 34,75
29. 75 Torch 2081
19. 75
27. 75 Vampires Empires
29. 75
27. 50 Winlcrgamcs
14. 95
29. 75 World Class Leaderboard
29. 95 2&75 World Games
27. 75
27. 95 Zoom
21. 75 Desktop Publishing Utilities 3175
56. 75 4175 3175
19. 75 3175 3175
44. 95
39. 95 Comic Setter
66. 75 Arexx Font Set I
24. 75 Disk Mechanic Laserscript
29. 75 DOS-2-DOS Newsletter Fonts
29. 75 EZ- Backup PCM-Fonts Vol.1-3
27. 50 Face 11 Page Setter
89. 75 Fine-Print Professional Page
239. 75 Project D Shakespeare
149. 75 Quarterback Studio Fonts
29. 75 Raw Copy Zuma Fonts 1,2,3,4 each
24. 75 As always we have the most 'customer friendly' terms: S H $ 3.95 in corn. USA; Minimum order is $ 30,00; MASTERCARD & VISA with NO credit card fee; in Texas add 7% Sales Tax. We ship to APO addresses, RMA required on all returns. 18% restocking charge. All prices subject to change without notice. HORS D OEUVRES Hints, tips and techniques from your fellow Amiga users. Single-Drive Fonts HERE’S A TIP for single-drive users who want to use fonts with a program other than the ones already on the disk. Ijet’s say you want to use a number of new fonts with Dpaint, but you don't want to copy these fonts permanently onto your Dpaint disk. If these fonts were in the FONTS directory of a disk called MYDISK, you would type: MOUNT RAD: COPY MYDISK:FONTS ALL TO RAD: After everything is copied, rename RAD as FONTS. Then insert your Dpaint disk and reboot the system. Dpaint will now access these new fonts and simply ignore the ones on its own disk. If you put the command REMRAD in your Dpaint disk’s C directory, you can remove the fonts from RAD and regain access to the fonts on the Dpaint disk by simply typing REMRAD from the CLI, or you can rename RAD again as RAD if you don’t want to lose them permanently. Argyris Kotoulas Berkeley, CA Light Plot FLAEBED PLOTTERS, such as the Roland series, use a pen to draw an image onto paper. What if you replaced the pen with a tiny “grain-of-wheat” light bulb? (Crazy idea, but it gets worse.) First, create a suitable drawing in the computer, ready for plotting. Next, mount a 35mm camera on a tripod directly over the top of your plotter, aiming down onto the drawing area. Darken the room completely. Open the camera shutter completely, switch on the light bulb (you can get “grain-of-wheat” bulbs at most hobby stores where model trains are sold), then start the plotter. If everything worked correctly, you should have a “light tracing” of your drawing on film. The one obvious problem with this technique is that as a plotter draws, its pen arm travels hack and forth at different speeds, depending on the amount of drawing that it has to do at any given spot. So, if your drawing is a mixture of simple and complicated shapes, the resulting exposure on film will vary considerably. I’m not sure what practical applications this technique may have, but I’m sure that someone can think of something. Dennis Nicholson Melbourne, Australia Amiga Graphics To MS-DOS I WAS DELIGHTED to see information regarding graphic transfer on the .Amiga. However, Mr. Lynn’s tip [“IBM- Amiga Graphics Transfer,” Hors d’oeuvres, Feb. ’89, p. 12] using GIF for the transfer is not by any means free. CompuServe is not free, and the GIF file-conversion application from Amiga to a usable format (.TIF, HALO, or .PCX) is not an easy task. I have been using two programs to transfer graphics to MS-DOS. I convert all my IFF images on my PC AT by following some easy steps, and the results are perfect. I create the IFF file in hi-res 16-color or black-and-white mode using Digi- View. I then transfer the image using DOS-2-DOS. I have a 3.5-inch drive on my PC-40. After transfer, the DOS-2- DOS file is perfectly readable on my PC AT. I convert the IFF file into any format I want using Hijaak by Inset Systems. 'I’lie many special extensions used by MS-DOS systems include .GIF, HPC, PIX, MAC, TIF, PCX, and many others. The Hijaak conversion reports the highest possible resolution based upon the hardware setup. I use VGA and am allowed hi-res file transfer to and from the Am iga-AT I also use DeluxePaint II on my PC AT to check file integrity. Regarding Mr. Lynn’s tip, I transfer graphic files from the Amiga only. I have no use for MS-DOS files on my Amiga! Terry A. Churchfield Pittsburgh, PA Digital Monitors I NEEDED A way to interface my Amiga 500 with an ordinary digital monitor (Commodore 1902), but I lacked the add-on that makes this possible. However, with a little improvising I was able to hook the 500 up to the monitor with a regular RCA phono plug cable and an RF adapter from a Commodore 64. You simply attach the cable from the monochrome port to the 40-column (non- RGB I) video input on the monitor. The picture is in black and white, but it will suffice as a readable display and a low- cost alternative to an analog monitor. Robert C. Fematt Bomont, WV If you have an idea you'd like to share with our readers, send it to Hors d’oeuvres, Amiga- World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. If your idea gets published, you'll receive an Amiga World surprise gift. ¦ VISA MASTERCARD DISCOVER NO SURCHARGE COMPUTER MART 800-443-8236 INFORMATION 409-560-2826 SOFTWARE 3 DEMON 68 00 3D FANCY FONTS 48 00 AAARGH 2100 AC BASIC 135.00 AC FORTRAN 198.00 AEGIS DRAW 2000 168 00 ALTERNATE REALITY 25.00 ANALYTIC ART 38.00 ANALYZE 2 0 62.00 ANDROMEDA MISSION 25 00 ANIMATE 3D 95 00 ANIMATOR APPRENTICE 187.00 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN 22 00 AREXX 3000 ARKANOID 25.00 ASS6MPRO 69.00 ATALK III 60.00 ATREDES BBS PRO 90.00 ATREDES TERMINAL 30 00 AUTO DUEL 34 00 AWARD MAKER 32 00 AWE. ARCADE VOL 1 35 00 B A D 30 OO BARO'S TALE II 37 00 BATTLE CHESS 30.00 High Speed A2000 HardCards 40 MEG 11ms $ 799 80 MEG 11ms $ 1199 BBS-PC 9200 BENCHMARK MODULA 2 138 00 BENCHMARK LIBRARIES 59.00 BLITZ ONTHEARDENNE 37 00 BREACH 28 00 BRIDGE 5 0 22.00 BUBBLE BOBBLE 26 00 BUBBLE GHOST 25 00 BUTCHER 2.0 23.00 CALIFORNIA GAMES 27 00 CALLIGRAPHER 74 00 CAPE 63K ASSEMBLER 59 00 CAPONE 35 00 CAPTAIN BLOOD 31.00 CARRIER COMMAND 28 00 CENTERFOLD SQUARES 20.00 CHESSMASTER 2000 3100 CHRONOOUEST 24.00 CITYDESK 95 00 COMICS ETTER 65.00 COMICSETTER DATA DISKS 22 CO CRITICS CHOICE 150.00 CYBER COMPLEX 2100 CYGNUS ED PRO 50 00 DARK CASTLES 2B 00 DATARETRIEVE 53 00 DECIMAL DUNGEON 32 00 DEFCON 5 23 00 DELUXE HELP DISKS 22.00 DELUXE MUSIC 2 0 59 00 DELUXE PAINT 1! 36.00 DELUXE PHOTO LAB 98 00 DELUXE PRINT II 57.00 DELUXE PRODUCTIONS 133 00 DELUXE VIDEO 1 2 86 00 DESIGN 3D 60.00 DESTROYER 27 00 DETONATOR 25.00 DEVPAK ASSEMBLER 60.00 DIGA 51.00 DIGI PA NT 41,00 DIRECTOR 44.00 DIRECTOR TOOLKIT 28 00 DISCOVERY DATA DISKS 14 00 DISCOVERY MATH 28.00 DISC SPELL 28 00 DISC. TRIVIA 28.00 DISK MASTER 48.00 DISK MECHANIC 55.00 DOS TO DOS 32.00 DOUGS MATH AQUARl UM 51 00 DR T S SOFTWARE CALL DRAGON S LAIR 39 03 DRUM STUDIO 30 03 DUNGEON MASTER 24 03 DYNAMIC DRUMS 51.03 DYNAMIC STUDIO 138 03 EARL WEAVER BASEBALL 35.03 EMERALD VINES 13.03 EMERALD VINES II 28.03 EMPIRE 35 03 EMPIRE STRIKES BACK 24 03 ENCHANTER 21.03 EUROPEAN SCENERY DISK 18 03 EXCELLENCE 174 00 EXPRESS PAINT 3 0 78 03 FA INTERCEPTOR 35.03 FACC II 24.03 FAERY TALE ADVENTURE 35 09 FAERY TALE HINT BOOK 10.0-3 FALCON 30.00 FAMILY TREE 30 0C FANTAVISION 38 00 FERRARI FORMULA I 35 00 FINE PRINT 30 00 FIRE POWER 16.00 FIRST LETTERS & WORDS 35 00 FIRST SHAPES 35.00 FLIGHT PATH 737 19,00 FLIGHT SIMULATOR II 36-00 FLIPSIDE 33.00 FLOW 65 00 FORMS IN FLIGHT II 72.00 FORTRESS UNDERGROUND 19.00 FRACTION ACTION 32 00 GALILEO 2.0 44 00 GETTISBURG 42.00 GIZMOS 2.0 44 00 GNOME RANGER 14 00 GOLD RUNNER 28.00 GOLD SPELL II 29 00 GOLDEN PATH 32 00 GOMF 3 0 24 00 GOMF 3 0 W BUTTON 51 OO GRABSIT 21 00 GRADE MANAGER 52 00 GRAPHIC STUDIO 38 00 GREAT STATES II 25 00 GRID START 19.00 HACKER II 23 00 HALLEY PROJECT 31-00 HARDBALL 28.00 HARRIER COMBAT SIM 35 00 HARRIER MISSION 19 00 HEAD COACH 35.00 HEROES OF THE LANCE 26.00 HITCHHIKERS GUIDE 21.00 HOLE-IN-ONE MIN. GOLF 22.00 HOLLYWOOD POKER 22.00 HOLMES! 35.00 HONEYMOONERS 25 00 HOT LICKS 32 00 New Low Price SUPRA 2400 MODEM $ 129.00 HAYES COMPATIBLE 300 1200 2400 BAUD HUMAN DESIGN 22 00 HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER 35.00 HYBRIS 24.00 INDOOR SPORTS 35.00 INOVA TOOLS 41 55.00 INSANITY FIGHT 28.00 INTELLITYPE 35.00 INTERCHANGE 32.00 JNTERFONT 72.00 INTERNATIONAL SOCCER 24 00 INTROCAD 5100 INVESTOR'S ADVANTAGE 66.00 JACK NICHOLAS GOLF 30.00 JET 36.00 JET SET UTILITIES 24 00 JEWELS OF DARKNESS 21 00 JINXTER 28.00 JOE BLADE 21 00 KAMPFGRUPPE 39.00 KARATE KID II 28.00 KARATE KING 19.00 KARTING GRAND PRIX 19 00 KINDERAMA 32.00 KINDWORDS 53.00 KING OF CHICAGO 35 00 KINGDOMS OF ENGLAND 30.00 LANCELOT 26.00 LAS VEGAS 19 00 LATTICE C 5 0 204 00 LAZERSCRIPT 29 00 LEADER BOARD DUAL PACK 21.00 PRO VIDEO PLUS 179 00 PRO. DATARETRIEVE
240. 00 PROJECT D
32. 00 TXED PLUS
51. 00 PROMISE
34. 00 ULTIMA IV
41. 00 PROWRITE 2 0
78. 00 UNINVITED 35 00 QBALL
18. 00 VI P
127. 00 ROADWAR 2000
28. 00 WARLOCK
18. 00 WSHELL 30 00 SCRIBBLE 2.0
63. 00 X-CAD
414. 00 SCULPT 3D
28. 00 SCULPT 4D
54. 00 31 00 18 00 28 00
155. 00
117. 00 19 00
35. 00
28. 00
28. 00
35. 00
35. 00 32 00
35. 00
94. 00
126. 00
28. 00
23. 00
81. 00
22. 00
108. 00 38 00 92 00
16. 00
40. 00
24. 00
29. 00
32. 00
88. 00
41. 00 61 00 21 00 63 00 56 00 5000
35. 00
35. 00 2800
24. 00
69. 00 CM 65 MEG A500 A1000
879. 00 TARGlS 24 00 CM 65 MEG A2000 799 00 TAX BREAK 4800 CM 85 MEG A500 A1000 966 00 TECNOCOP
29. 00 CS-1 COPY STAND
22. 00 CVIEW 1
28. 00 CVIEW 2
62. 00 TEXTPRO 53 00 DlGl-VlEW 3.0 139 00 THAI BOXING
18. 00 THEXDER
12. 00 TRACER
399. 00 8 UP W 2 MEG 65500 8 UP W 4 MEG CALL SUP W,8 MEG CALL ADAPTEC 4000
126. 00 ADAFTEC 4070
170. 00 AIR DRIVE EXT.
159. 95 AIR DRIVE INT.
148. 00 C LTD A500 512K OK
156. 00 C LTD SCSI 1000
180. 00 C LTD SCSI 2000
119. 00 CM 20 MEG A500 A1000
639. 00 CM 20 MEG A2000 539 00 CM 40 MEG A5QQ AlOOO 799 00 CM 40 MEG A2000
749. 00 GO 54 36.00 GO 64 INTERFACE CABLE 15 00 GVP 20 MEG HARDCARD 575.00 GVP 30 MEG HARDCARD 698 00 GVP 45 MEG HARDCARD 816 00 GVP AUTOBOOT EPROM KIT 29 00 GVP FD2010 FLOPPY 135 00 GVP IMPACT A500 CALL GVP A500 RAM MODULE 66.00 GVP SCSI RAM A2000 OK 1M 294.00 GVP SCSI RAM A2000 OK 2M 324.00 GVP SCSI'RAM A2OQ0 2M 750 00 HARDFRAME 2000 257.00 HO-6A HARD DRIVE CASE 125 00 INBOARD OK A1000 216 00 INBOARD 512K AlOOO 386.00 INBOARD 1 MEG A1000 556 00 INBOARD 1.5 MEG A1000 726 00 INBOARD OK A500 239.00 INBOARD 1 MEG A500 546.00 INBOARD 2 MEG A500 853 00 KiCKSTART ELIMINATOR 120 00 M501 512K A500 EXP OK 65.00 MIDI GOLD A500 58.00 MIDI INSIDER A2000 65.00 MIDI STAR 216.00 MODEM CABLE A1000 15 00 MODEM CABLE A500 A2000 15.00 MOUSE MASTER 27.00 MOUSE PADS 9 03 NEC PINV RITER 2200 432 00 PERFECT SOUND 65.00 PERFECT VISION 189.00 PRO GEN GENLOCK 384 00 PROCESSOR ACC 149 00 PRORAM 2 MEG A2000 599 00 PRORAM 8 MEG W 2 MEG 675 00 SCSI CABLES 25.00 SEAGATE ST157N 48 MEG 510.00 SEAGATE ST225N 20 MEG 345.00 SEAGATE ST251N 40 M EG 440.00 SEAGATE SI277N 65 MEG 510.00 SEAGATE ST138N 30 MEG 394.00 SEAGATE ST296N 85 MEG 635 00 STARDRIVE SCSI CONT 102 00 SI COLOR SPLITTER 74 00 STARBOARD II OK 260.00 STARBOARD 11512K 435.00 STARBOARD II 1 MEG 605.00 STARBOARD II 2 MEG 944.00 SUPER GEN GENLOCK 599.00 SUPRA 2400 MODEM 129.00 BRICK A50Q POWER 102 00 TIMESAVER 5500 TOOLBOX A1000 3 AMP 214 00 TOOLBOX A1000 144.00 TOOLBOX A500 1 AMP 152 00 TRUMPCARD CONT 165 00 VI-2000RF 78.00 VI-500RF 78.00 WV-1410 W LENS.CABLE 233.00 X-SPECS 3D 94 00 e*' Standard Air Available on Request Computer Mart 105 Lynn St. Nacogdoches, TX 75961 SHIPPING INFO Siiliw.ire rules are $ 2.II) itcm (Masfi.tXl) UPS Ground or S4.O0 tIem (Mu*. 14 1Kb HI'S 2nd Day Air Call for Hardware sJrrppin inlo KEFUND& RETL’HN l*UI ICY: Defective mercliamlive under warranty will be repaired or replaced. Reiurtwd product must Ik- iii nripin.il packaging. We do net offer refunds for defective products or for product' th.il do not perform vititfactorily. We make no guarantees for product performance. Money back guarantees must be handled directly with the manufacturer. All returns must base an KA ». Call 4(N-?W>-2S2fi for an RA. Returned products are subject to a 2(K-f restocking fee. Prices subject to change without notice Delivery suhject to availability. BhiWALL SOLID PRODUCTS & SOLID SUPPORT SATISFACTION GUARANTEED No Surcharge On Charge Orders Friendly Service Customer Service Business Hours M-F, 9-5 EST Our Fourth Year In Business! We Know How To Service Our Customers!
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7. 5” „ 4,5"
9. 0" Amiga 500 SCSI Controller & Case S219 Amiga 2000 SCSI Controller $ 159 TRUMPCARD INCLUDES: Utilities Program Disk 2 Foot 50 Pin SCSI Connector Autoboot, Eprom, Complete Manual & One Year Warranty on Parts & Labor Trumpcard with 32MB 3V?" 5499 Trumpcard with 48MB 3W 5619 Trumpcard with 62MB 5V*" 5649 Trumpcard 500 with 32MB 3W . $ 559 Trumpcard 500 with 48MB 3' i" $ 679 Trumpcard Hardcard 40MB S799 Trumpcard Hardcard 10QMB $ 1159 introduction to the Workbench and CLI. Tf You:
- are having trouble using the Workbench
- are discouraged because a CLI doesn't obey you
- are running programs only from the Workbench
• are not able to run a program without an ICON
• have not tried multitasking
• have not used ED
• have not modified your startup-sequence
• have not used your RAM disk
• are unfamiliar with the "Know Your Path” rule Then the AmiKit is for you! It includes an informative 160 page book to help you start using the Workbench, the CLI, and a modem; two disks containing powerful public domain programs such as wordprocessor, a communications program, a spreadsheet, a database, disk utilities; a third disk contains the latest, official version of the Workbench. OUR PRICE $ 34.00 The Best Deal in Town! MAST presents the MATCHBOX Collection Superslimline External Drives 880K External Hoppy Disk Drives, just one and two inches high respectively. Compatible with ALL Amiga Computers; Switch deselectable to disable drive(s); No Click; 3 Msec Step Time; Quality Fujitsu Drive; Special Circuitry which draws minimal power from your Amiga permits cool and reliable operation; Pass Thru on the Twindrive; Complete with a Twelve Month Warranty! OUR BEST SELLING EXTERNAL DRIVES!! 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Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM EST = Saturday 9AM - 12 Noon EST , i_ ™ Write or Call for our 1 GREAT AMIGA OR C64 C128 CATALOG ACCESSORIES WE CARRY A FULL LINE OF Covers Printer Ribbons Printer Ink Modem Cables Printer Cables Video Cables Joysticks and more! CALL FOR PRICES ECE Midi 1000 or 500 2000 .... $ 49 Copy Stand with Lights .. 59 Flicker Master .... 14 Inkwell Lightpen 89 MiniModem I A1000 79 MiniModem A500 . 79 Phoenix A500 Power Supply ..... 85 Supra 2400 Modem 139 SHIPPING POLICY All ORDERS received before 3PM EST will normally be shipped same or next business day. Out Of Stock items will be shipped by the same shipping method as original order, normally within 3 or 4 business days. All UPS shipments are sent SIGNATURE REQUIRED NO DRIVER RELEASE. 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ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS: We welcome payment by PREPAID (by Personal Check or Money Order); MASTERCARD; VISA; SCHOOL PURCHASE ORDERS. COD orders are welcome tor established Briwall Customers Only ($ 4.00 additional). Alt payment must be in USA DOLLARS. There is no Surcharge for Credit Cards and your card is NOT charged until we ship! RETURN POLICY (for software and accessories ONLY) We have a liberal return policy to better service your needs. If within 15 days from the time you receive an item, you are not satisfied with it for any reason, you may return it to us lor either a relund, exchange or open credit. REFUNDS ARE SUBJECT TO A 10% RESTOCKING FEE PER ITEM RETURNED ($ 5.00 MINIMUM PER ITEM). EXCHANGES OPEN CREDITS will gladly be issued for the Full Purchase Price of the Item. DEFECTIVE Items. Hardware Items and Special Order Items will be replaced with the same item only. TECHNICAL SUPPORT We do our very best to help you with your product selections, before you order and after you receive your product. General questions, price, compatibility with your computer, etc. will be handled by our order staff at the time you place your order. BUT, it you have specific, detailed questions about a product, printer, compatibility questions etc., you will get the most help from our TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE at 215-683-5699. Call Monday thru Friday. 9:30AM 4:30PM EST. And our trained tech staff will be happy to help you. A , Circle 132 on Reader Service card. HELP KEY No one had a clue what to do about the dreaded Guru. Then came Lou. Executable Batch Files Q: To make life with my A500 easier, I have written a lot of batch files that I can run from the CLI with the command EXECUTE FILENAME, where FILENAME is the name of the hatch file. Is there any sort of Amiga DOS compiler that will let me compile my hatch files into executable commands that I can run from both the CLI and Workbench ? Jay Freidmann New York, AT A: There isn’t (as of yet, anyway) an AmigaDOS compiler, but if you have upgraded to the 1.3 version of AmigaDOS, then you don't need one. There are provisions for handling batch files in exactly the wav you want for both Work- bench and the CLI. To make batch files directly executable under the CLI, you use one of the new options of the version 1.3 PROTECT command. To demonstrate, let's make a hatch file that creates a background task that activates the small digital clock, then make it an executable file under the CLI. First, using ED (or any text editor you want), create a text By Louis R. Wallace file called TIME with the following line: RUN SYS:UTILITIES CLOCK DIGITAL2 SECONDS (Be sure to enter this all on one line.) What this will do is create a task that will put a small digital clock in the upper border of your CLI window. Normally, to execute it you would type EX ECU TE TIME, But, by setting the S (Script) flag (along with the Read Write Edit Delete flags), there is no longer any need to use the EXECUTE command to start the file. Here’s the syn- tax you should use: PROTECT TIME RWEDS flic file is now a directly executable batch file than can be started by simply entering the statement TIME, either in direct mode or even from another batch file. To run a script file from the Workbench, use the new command IconX. IconX allows you to start a batch file by * clicking on a Workbench icon, just as you would a program. Again, be sure to start with a batch file that contains one or more commands, and the example above (TIME) will work just fine. Once the batch file has been created and is on your disk, you will need to make an icon for the file. To do this, open the Workbench TOOLS directory and double click on the ICONED tool. After the icon editor loads, you will need to load a preexisting project icon, alter its appearance and then save it back with a new name. I suggest you load the CLI or SHELL icon, as they are the correct type (PROJECT). Once the icon has been loaded, clear the frame ancl draw an image that pictorially represents the functionality of your new batch file, then save it back with the exact same name as the batch file (in this case TIME). Remember that you do not need to add the .INFO suffix as the icon editor does that automatically. Then exit the icon editor and go back to the Workbench. Close your disk icon and then reopen it and you will find that the new icon you i have created will be in the window. Click on it once, and then select INFO from the Workbench menu. The INFO screen will appear, displaying a variety of information about the file. Click in the Default 'fool field and (using the Delete and Backspace keys) clear any existing contents of the field. Then enter the following information: C:XIcon and click on the save button at the bottom of the INFO window. Once the disk activity is finished you can exit the INFO display and go back to the Workbench. At this point your new icon is fully active, and double clicking on it will activate the batch file as if it were a program and not merely a document containing instructions. Game Backups Q: I find it strange that when I open the window on a game disk, there usually isn't an icon dis- played for the game. What I want to do is place several different games on a single dish when I make backups. This would save me both time and disks when I want to play several games in one sitting. Where are the icons? Erskine Headley Barbados, West Indies A: Not all programs have icons. Unless they are made to be executed from the Workbench, there isn't any need for them. .And in the case of a commercial game, most are not meant to be started from the Workbench. Some contain CLI commands in their startup-sequence that autostart the game on boot up, while others may completely bypass the standard AmigaDOS ? Software Di of America USA Canada Orders 1-800-225-7638 PA Orders 1-800-223-7784 Customer Service 412-361-5291 Customer Service 412-361-5291 • Your Card is not charged until we ship ORDER LINE HOURS: Mon.-Thurs. 9:00 AM-9:00 PM Fri. 9:00 AM-7:00 PM Sat. 10:00 AM-4:00 PM Eastern Time.
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3. 5 DS DDS0NY-FUJ!-MAXEIL-3M-TDK. . . 1o GENERIC 5.25 OS DD S 25(200} GENERIC 3.5 color S1 50(30) AMIGA 1084S .....$ 300 MAGNAVQX 515 .268 MULTISYNC'S ..CALL DISK DRIVES BO ARDS CONTROLLE RS HARD DRIVES Seagate SCSI 20mg 3 5 330 Seagate SCSI 30mg 3 5 420 Seagate SCSI 4Smg 3 5 570 Seagate SCSI 65mg 5 25 515 Exp Tech 32mg 500 1000 Irom 725 Exp Tech 48mg 500 1000 Irom 850 Supra 20 mg 500 1000 2000 Irom 699 Supra 30 mg 500 1000 2000 Irom 729 Supra 60 mg 500 1000 2000 from 1299 CLTD 33mg 500 1000 2000 from 819 CUD 44mg 500 1000 2000 from 819 CLTD 50mg 500 1000 2000 from 929 GVP 2000 40mg 11ms 780 GVP 2000 80mg 1250 Impact 30mg 550 Overdrive 30 mg 640 Overdrive 50mg 780 Phoenix Subsystems Call The Vault Super prices' Phoenix 22 mg!5Q0 10Q0> $ 570 Phoenix 32 mg(500 1000) Scalf Phoenix 48 mg(500 1000} S825 SUPRA 2400 ....$ 138° FLEX DATA-3.5 EXT..... . $ 138 AVATEX 2400 .. HSMASTER 3A 3 5 EXT .. ...159 ANCHOR 2400 . US* PHOENIX 3 5 EXT .. ... 159 AMIGA 1680 . 100
3. 5 DUAL DRIVE ..... ...Call AVATEX 1200E ... 70* AMIGA 1010 . 200 AVATEX 1200HC .... 90* PRO DRIVE .. 180 ANCHOR 1200 90* PR0DRIVE 200 ..... 148
* t P * %»* 1 > 1* ¦ V* *** » ¦*««-. -"1 ‘ . . J MINI MODEM .. .90 PHOENIX 3.5 INT. 130 1 'W Cable Purchase Add S10 Alone 1541-1 .. ... 170 FSD II .. 150
1581. ..... ...180 MA ST. Dual 3.5 ..... .... Call RAM EXPANSION 1 | 512K0K..... S60 EXP1000 lmg POPULATED 4 79 5I2K POPULATED ...Irom 1B0 PR0RAM 2000 8MG 0K 248 256K CHIPS(lmg)..... 350 BYTE BOX OK . 248 1 MG CHIPS! 1 mg) ..... 320 AMIGA 2058 8MG 2MG 678 HARDFRAME .. 238 INSIDER 1000 OK .... 180 SUBSYSTEM 500 .. 210 INBOARD 500 1000 OK 248 SUBSYSTEM w 3.5 Drive .. 360 INBOARD 500 1000 512K..... .. . Call STARBOARD 2 500 1000 OK 235 INBOARD 500 1000 1mg Call STARBOARD 2 w 512K Call INBOARD 500 1000 1 5mg Call STARBOARD 2w lmg ... Call C LTD AMEGA OK 248 STARBOARD SB2000 ADAPTER 45 Mega Board 2000 (2mg) 545 STARBOARD 2 UPPER DECK 78 Mega Board 2000 (1 mg) 455 256K BOARD A1000 148 Proram 2000 l2mg) 640 ASDG MG OK ... 398 Inboard (2 mg) . .. Call EIGHT-UP BOARD 2000 ...... Call Minimeg (500 1000)51 2k to 2 mg Call | EXP 1000 1mg OK 209 Bus Expander(500 1000)6 s'ots. Call PRINTERS OKIMATE 20w PNP ....IBO* PAN ASON 1C 1091 l-ii 179- PAN ASON 1C 10921 300* PAN ASON tC 11 24 319* PANASONIC LASER $ 1500*
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* Zoetrope $ 64 Vampires Empire 427 Math Talk S26 MELBOURNE HOUSE Elcir Color Splitter S79 1 50 30 Lot Crash Garrett S24 Western Games $ 21 Math Talk Fractions $ 26 War m Middle Earth Scall OMNITREND Perlect Vision.. $ 170 Bobc...... . . S21 Hollywood Poker Scall Smoothtalker $ 26 Breach $ 24 Studio Magic $ 60 Speller Bee S26 METACOMCO Paledin $ 24 AMIGAWORLD AROCK COMPUTER DISCOVERY Macro Assembler $ 60 Sceneno Disk $ 15 TAITO BACK ISSUES SOFTWARE
* Arkanod S20 FIRST ROW Pascal 2 0 S78 Bubble Bobbie S24 $ 3.00 Masterpiece Pro Fonts S15G Belter Dead Alien S21 Prime Time Cali Shell $ 42 ORIGIN SYSTEMS Operation Wolf S24 Grabbit SIB Twilight Zone Can Toolkit $ 30 Auloduel $ 24 Qix $ 24 ea:h ARTWORX Hybris S24 Honemooners Cal: Moebius $ 36 Renegade S24 Limited Oly Bridge 5 0 S21
* Marauder II B hie 10 $ 24 MICRO DEAL Ogre $ 10 Raslan S24 Centerfold Squares $ 18
* Sword ol Sodan $ 30 FREE SPIRIT Major Motion $ 24 Ultima ill S24 EXTENDED Linkword Languages SIB VIP $ 30 Securities Analyst S48 international Soccer $ 24 Ultima IV $ 36 TAURUS HARDWARE Strip Poker 2 $ 24 Zoom S18 Sex Vixonsfrom Space 524 Tetra Quest 524 Acquisition $ 180 WARRANTY Strip Pkr Data-4 Si 2 Zero Gravity Scal: OTG X-Cad Designer $ 360 AVAILABLE $ Call Strip Pkr Data * 5 Si 2 DISK CO. FTL DSM Disassembler Scall Critics Choice $ 150
* Dungeon Master $ 24 MICROILLUSIONS THE OTHER GUYS ASDG Publishers Choice SI 20 Black Jack Academy 524 OXXI Synthia $ 60 FACC II S21 Super back S48 FULLER COMPUTER Craps Academy $ 24 A-iaik 3 SCO Synthia Prol N A Cygnus Ed S60 Kind Words 2 0 S60
* Proiect D S30 Data Disks St 2 Miix plan 500 $ 90 nil [jiiKjuu 11bitu may nui Pageselter 1 2 Scall Discovery Malh o’SpeH $ 24
* Maxiplan Plus $ 120 THREE SIXTY INC. S27 to released to dale Please AVANTE GARDE Headline Font Pack Scall GOLD DISK Dungeon Construction $ 24 Nimbus 590 Dark Caslle tall tor availability and Benchmark Module 2 S120 Artists Choice Scall Color Separalor Call Fairy Tale Call
* Tax Break $ 48 Harpoon $ 27 prrCing Desgn 30 S60 Wain Frame $ 24 Thunder Ridge 524 School Orders BAUDVILLE OR. T MUSIC SOFTWARE Comic Setter S60 Photo Vid Cel Animalor Can POLYGLOT SOFTWARE Warlock S21 ? Award Maker Plus $ 30 Copyist 1 S60 Font Set 1 $ 26 Photo VkJ Trans Conf Call Crossword Creator 530 TIGRESS ACCEPTED Copyist 2. Si 50 Funny Data $ 21 Romantic Encounter Call S30 Call lor Pricing and Terms Copyist 3. $ 24 0 Goldspell 2 S27 Shrine Demon Soul S24 DiSkwik 2 0 Orders Only: M-F 10-8 Sat 10-6 800-433-7756 In Michigan: 313-427-7713 Customer Service:9AM-5PM EST(M-F) FAX 31 3-427-0267 31 3-427-7766 Circle 44 on Reader Service card. No Surcharge for MC VISA DISCOVER ¦C.S. MICROCOMPUTER SERVICES Send Mail Orders To MCS. 12868 Fatmingior RQ. Livonia. Ml 48150 Sorry no walk tn traffic All returns must have RA Merchandise found defective will be repaired or replaced We do not offer refunds lor defective products or lor products that do not perform satisfactorily We make oo gua'antees for product performance Any money back guarantee must be handled directly wilh the manufacturer Call lor shipping & handling mlo Pnces subject to change without notice. Shipping & Handling are not refundable Returned products subject to a 20% restocking fee 12864 FARMINGTON RQAO. LIVONIA. Ml 48150 We cannot guarantee compatibility__ DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Sponsored by AmiFORUM May 6th & 7th THE AMIGA EVENT IN THE LONE STAR STATE! AmiEXPO. The Amiga Event, and AmigaWorld are pleased to announce AmiFORUM - Texas, an exhibition, conference and meeting designed to lull ill the needs of the regional Amiga spc- cific marketplace. AmiFORUM - Texas offers many of the same elements as our national Amiga expo’s, but at a reduced cost to both attendees and exhibitors. Over 40 companies are expected to exhibit at AmiFORUM - Texas. Our Master Class Series will give users a chance to meet and learn from true professionals in the held. AmiFORUM will be a great place to see the latest Amiga products, get discounts from retailers, meet Amiga VIP's and take a class with a Master. AmiFORUM - Texas, May 6th - 7th, 1989 Amiga Graphics and Artist's Techniques. Renown Amiga Artist Jim Sachs (Defender of the Crown. Ports of Call) will teach beginners from 10:00 A.M.-1:00
P. M. on Saturday and advanced students trom 2:00-5:00
P. M. on Saturday and 10:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M. and 2:00-5:00
P. M. Sunday. Mr. Sachs will hold a "critique" session after hours both days for students of his classes. Amiga Animation Steve (Donee of the Stitmhlers) Segal, award winning Amiga animator and educator will teach two-dimensional techniques for beginner animators from 10:00 A.M.-1:00
P. M. and three-dimensional techniques tor advanced animators from 2:00-5:00 P.M. both Saturday and Sunday. Programming the Amiga in "(" This class in "C” programming on the Amiga will concentrate on using the Exec in Programming I ( 10:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.) and on Graphics programming for advanced students in Programming II (2:00-5:00 P.M.) both Saturday and Sunday. Instructor to be announced. Amiga Video Cal Vomberger. Independent producer and art director, will teach an overview of video techniques and discuss broadcast video terminology for beginners from 10:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M. and advanced video users from 2:00- 5:00 P.M. both Saturday and Sunday. AmiFORUM Master Classes The Amiga Education 1 TIIE EXHIBIT THE COST 1 Over 40 Amiga developers will display the latest and most Admission to the Exhibition and the Exhibitor Demonstra1 advanced Amiga technology on the market today. Included tion area is as follows: I will be software publishers, hardware manufactures, local One Day - SI 0.00 Two Da vs - SI 5.00 m 1 area retailers, magazines and user groups. Saturday .Mav 6 Sunday May 7 THE REGISTRATION 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. 12:00 Noon to 6:00 P.M. Master Class attendees mav register in advance by calling Ami Headquarters at XOO-32-AM1GA. You must have a valid THE CLASSES
• i >:' MasterCard or Visa credit card to register on the phone. Master Classses are limited to 35 people per class. AdmisDeadline for Master Class Pre-Registration is May 3, 1989. Sion is S50 per person. Please call 800-32-AMIGA for class Exhibit Only attendees may register at the door only. Onavailability and to pre-register. Site registration is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. both days. THE PLACE THE AIRLINE ¦ V • AmiFORUM-Texas is being held at DFW Hilton Executive Call American Airlines at 800-433-1790 with ID 83536 for a Conference Center. 1800 Highway 26E in Grapevine. Texas. Special 5c c discount on all flights to the Dallas-Fort Worth Call 817-481-8444 for Hotefreservations. Airport for AmiFORUM-Texas. I ...._ . InfoMarket Print PostScript files on your non-PostScript printer! Audio Master II Copyist 2 Dynamic Drums Dynamic Studio Esq'apade Future Sound KCS 1.6a MIDI Gold MIDI Recording Studio Music Student Perfect Sound Pro Sound Designer Sonix Sound Oasis SoundScape Util II Studio Magic And More , Alien Syndrome Arrugen BAD. The PostScript interpreter for the Amiga Make the most of your advertising investment! Reserve your space in the AmigaWorld InfoMarket today! Call Heather Paquette at 1-800-441-4403. PostScript is a trademark of Adobe Systems. Inc. Bomg! Mouse 11000 W CA-880 Floppy 155 00 Color Splitter 8000 Designasaurus DeskTop Budget 33 89 7 46 59 Director Tool Kit
27. 28 Double Dragon
29. 98 Dragon’s Lair
36. 69 $ 59.10 Evil Garden
25. 50
159. 10 Express Paint 3.0
81. 50
47. 90 Floppy Drive (2000)
120. 00
125. 00 Freedom Stick
65. 00
86. 50 Lattice 5.0
190. 00
135. 00 Ughts! Camera! Action! 47,90
145. 00 rive! 2000
315. 00
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155. 00
42. 21 MegaBoard 2000 (1Meg)
365. 00
40. 05 MmiMegs 512K
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31. 00
111. 00 My-T-Mouse
46. 77 4790 Out Run 34 00 59 09 PageStream
131. 00
39. 50 Pro Draw
130. 00
59. 10 SCSI Supra (500) 17660 SCSI Supra (2000) 205 00
34. 00 SuperPlan
99. 97
145. 00 Supra Modem 2400
140. 00 33 00 War in Middle Earth
34. 45 Info: 414-544-2066 Visa MC CODs BBS: 414-544-6567 M-F 9-5 CST 2414 Pendleton. Waukesha. Wl 53188 800-544-6599 Circle 275 on Reader Service card. Circle 284 on Reader Service card. Skyles Electric Works is pleased to announce ~ - TiTCTB ’ The AMIGA Specialists AMIGA Software AMGIA Peripherals AMIGA Computers 3826 Woodland Park Av*. N.. Seattle. WA 96103 1-415-965-1735 206-547-6664 WE SHIP AROUND THE WORLD Known internationally for exceptional service.
U. S. overseas personnel We specialize in APO & FPO shipping! Ask for our Overseas Military Special Pricing! Fast delivery, charged when shipped AX. Discover, VISA, MC, M O. Certified check Magni Genlock Distributors 1 Authorized AMIGA Dealer In the Pacific NW! Fm 206-547-6012 206-S47-OMN! Atalogue Being the FOURTEENTH EDITION of the first catalogue devoted exclusively to Commodore Owners Everywhere Skyles For a free Copy Electric Call!! Or Write!! Works 231 -E South Whisman Rd. Mountain V ew. CA 94041 1-800-227-9998 PELICAN WARE PO Box 680, South Street Plattekill, NY 12568 1 -800-637-4286, in New York (914) 566-0633 Software and Hardware Products for the Amiga call or write for free catalog Associates, Inc. The DISK SPECIALISTS Featuring C.ftoh, Precision, Sony, Be: DISTRIBUTORS
3. 5", 100% Csrtffled, Lifetime Guarantee DSDD Rainbow
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1. 29 JHBfiv Sony, Precision, other brands available. CaJI Wrile for Disk Pricing & Amiga Product Listings. Prices subject to change w oul notice. S H $ 5.50 min.; CODs add $ 3.00. Educational, Corporate & Dealer inquiries invited. P.O. Accepted. WINTER SALE SPECIAL! Limited Time Offer! MCP Associates, Inc., PO Box 6260, Dept AW1, LLC., NY 11106-1933 Tel: (718) 956-9000 Exceptional s vk* 6 Quatty Fax: (718) 956-9028 20 DISK SET MASTERPIECE PROFESSIONAL FONT COLLECTION® The Largest Collection Of Fonts And Clip An Available Jn A Single Package For The AMIGA. 100 DIFFERENT FONT STYLES This doesn'L mean 10 sizes of ] 1 fonts. It means 110 DIFFERENT Fonts. LARGES SIZES • HI-RES Specially Designed For Video Work. 95% of the fonts are over 1(X) pi, tall. Easily resized smaller. PATTERN CLIP ART 141 hi-res Dpaint II pages. There are thousands of objects and examples. BRUSHES 2 Disks Full Of Color Brushes COLORFONTS 4 Disks Full Of Colorfonts 100 PAGE MANUAL Full Size Font Printouts 20 DISK SET - ONLY S 199.00 VISA MC • COD • Company Check Contact your local AMIGA dealer or order direct from AROCK Computer Software 1306 H. Sunshine. Springfield. MO 65804 I-HOO-288-AROK 35mm COLOR SLIDES from your IFF or HAM files Brilliant Color • No Curvature Distortion as low as $ 1 slide Call or Write for order form, price list & sample ’OND 11280 Washington Place TT ajVEVK PHOTOG photographic pul er Cit7. Ca. 90230 services (213) 390-3010 Dr. T’s "M” Texture Midi Magic Music X Make just one call for music software & midi products THOUGHTFUL DISTRIBUTION OF MUSIC SOFTWARE & MIDI PRODUCTS Only $ 6.00 per Disk. Roland MT32 Midi Interfaces Midi Cables Music Mouse Wholesale distribution The ONE-CALL source EditoraUbrarians Newest Releases ¦ Best Selection Competitive Prices * Knowledgeable, Friendly Sales Staff „ . . CAU FOR FREEDEAIER PACK For the dealer nearest you call: (800) 248-0403 thinKware Public Domain Software Resource' The New Amiga Public Domain Service that lets you Choose only the programs you want! Hundreds of programs available. Send now for our free catalog! PDSResource PO Box 7175, Loma Linda, CA 92354 "FI TH n InfoMarket 1988 STATISTICS FOR EARL WEAVER J3ASEBALL™ as well as. . .1919. 1952. 1959. 1961, 1978, 1986. 1987. And more1 YES. Someone has finally done their homework and researched the present and past years in baseball. Compiling statistics from the American League, the National League, as well as other sources, allows us to say this may very well be as complete as possible Now you can play all your favorite teams and years over to enjoy them once again. We also include a yearly schedule, so you can play the games as they really were, right on the disk! Included are all the American and National League teams as well as updated ballfields All teams have been play-tested tor accuracy Disks are available for Amiga & IBM computers and cost only $ 19.95 per year *52.50 shipping Ploaso so no orOor lo GMCP or call: NJ ios add 6 salos la* Suite C2 193 (201) 938-6399 Visa & MasiorCard add 4% ____162 Hwy 34. Maiawan. Nj Q7747 COOs, checks & monoy orders acceploa AMIGA ? AMIGA HARDWARE & SOFTWARE CPU's - PRINTERS - MODEMS 1-50 0-533-3622 visa MC The Computer Outlet P0 BOX 366 3, CHAS., VV 25336 Your Amiga Source Universal m V- Systems AMIGA Hardware & Software Over 700 Titles In Stock For The Best in Amiga Products Call US Now!! We Ship Anywhere UPS RED & BLUE Available Visa, MC. Discover. Certit iedCI1L.&COD Open Sundays, NOON lo 5pm PST 1-800-624-3554 _7004J75th St_SW. Edmonds, W 98020 _ _FAX_ 206-672-2442 (Distant (Armies A Playing History of Chess Journey to distant times and distant places. Survey the evolution of chess since the invention of chaturanga over a thousand years ago in India. Features include both and 3D views, several levels of difficulty, and extensive online descriptions of the rules and history of each game in the set. Play and learn ten historic forms of chess for $ 44.95: Chaturanga. Shatranj. Burmese. Chinese. Byzantine. Mediaeval. Courier. Turkish, Decimal, and Los Alamos Eagle Tree Software. P.O. Box 164, Hopewell, VA 23860 (8041 452-0623 Tin BEFORE YOU BUY! Best selling games, utilities, and classics plus new releases! 100's of titles Low prices Same day shipping Free brochure releases! RENT-A-DISC Frederick Bldg. 220 Huntington, WV 25701
(304) 529-3232 Schedule Assistant Hypertext for the Amiga Tilinkpr Combines: Outline Processing, Hypertext, Word 111111IVC1 Processing, Hypermedia, Picture Displays. $ 80““ G Few W Oww CraJ 17730 15th Avenue N.E. Suite 223 Seattle, Washington 98155
(206) 363-6417 A complete ‘Idea Procenor* u*ing the I*tc*t technology. Hypertext combines writing concepts with database concepts, and Thinker extends tills to indude links to applications, Gick on a link in the text to jump to a new text node or launch and 30 day guarantee use an application in multitasking mode. Write books, artidca, documentation and No credit cards programs. Organize pictures, reference materials, diem lists and appointments. Poor Person Software, Dept 10, 3721 Starr King Circle Palo Alto, CA 94306 (415) 493-7234 COD D All Pictures High Quality HAM IFF Each Disk has Slide Show or Individual ‘Point & Click’ Viewer Now Available Disk 's 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 MS MicroEd Educational Software K thru ADULT ALL CURRICULAR AREAS*INCLUDES RELIGIOUS PROGRAMS SEND FOR A LIST OF OUR SOFTWARE MicroEd, Incorporated
P. O, Box 24750 Edina, MN 55424 612-929-2242 ADULT PD !! BitQud b9s per as* Send To:
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M. 9 I..! I.*. 1 111 UAG TDWYCS d*c ~j5» ]n«:~Df j Wr.ii ki iMMi D Ac 14 ,rf" ¦ I'm. 'cTwt X ' ''¦7iVw1W3 3ft«is ?SCk"iV ??? QUESTION ??? Does High Res Screen Flicker Bother You III Flicker Master tm Works With ALL AMIGA Models A-500 , A-1000 , A-2000, A-2500 Only 517.95 aug list price Greatly reduces interlace flicker. Works with all AMIGA Monitors. Ask your Dealer or order Direct. Dealer Inquires Invited
T. S.R. Hutchinson Co. 110 W. Arrowdale Houston, Texas 77037-3801 (713) - 448 - 6143 P 5, OVW-; qii (Lrj" U W«L1i ?RAC* RI 13 TftACA foe mu ConjnjJ MFM Gcd 8*t 2j* 4Uj Now Shipping $ 59.95 Free shipping and handling Michigan residents add 4% tax Quantity pricing available 9-1 May 1989 ¦* King's Quest Trilogy Sale! Buy ’em in a bundle! Buy King's Quest 1,11 and til together for only $ 60! We also offer them separately for $ 28 each. Leisure Suit Larry
27. 82 Empire
34. 32 Police QueBt I
34. 78 Zany Golf
27. 46 Space Quest II
34. 78 Hero a of the Lance
27. 46 Black Cauldron
22. 00 F A-18 Interceptor
34. 32 Double Dragon
27. 46 Ferrari Formula One 34.32 Pi rezone
24. 36 Add 3% Shipping (Min. $ 3) Call us for the lowest prices on Amiga and Commodore hardware & software I SUPERIOR BUSINESS CENTER, Ltd. 1-800-362-7167 1310 GRATIOT SAGINAW, MI 4 602 01517 799-2775 NUDES THE ULTIMATE AMIGA GRAPHICS DEMO Public domain collection of 12 beautiful female nudes fill each 880K disk: It's like the swimsuit issue, without the swimsuits! Order PD NUDES disk 1, 2, or 3 for 510 each or all 3 for $ 25. You must be 18 or over to order. Send check (cash money order NOT accepted) to: a Foundations, Dept 100B, 2208 Meloy Rd,, Kent, OH 44240 Dat Free: Amiga Demo Programs Have you ever wished you could see a program running before you bought it? We will send you actual manufacturers demos of programs we offer, for free, for you to try on your computer. Send us your name and address, we'll send you a demo program, free: Forethought
P. O. Box 1221 Lewiston, NY 14092 We ship anywhere in the world! The InfoMarket AMIGAWORLD’S InfoMarket is a great opportunity for those with AMIGA products to reach over 95,000 Amiga owners. Amiga World is the only publication with a subscription offer reaching every new Amiga owner, national newsstand distribution by ICD Hearst, and single copy sales in computer stores carrying the AMIGA as well as large bookstores such as B. Dalton and Walden Books. Please send me the following disks for $ 7.00 each (plus $ 1 handling charge per disk). Disk ID (Ex. SE 134) To reserve your 1 12 or 1 9 page display ad call Heather Paquette at 1-800-441-
4403. We accept checks, money orders, MasterCard or VISA. Total Disks Shipping Handling @ $ 1 disk $ Total Due $ Expires_ This month’s selections From Software Excitement: SE 37 Business Programs 1. Lots of useful programs including an address book, amortization program, label printer, and more. SE 131 Packman ’87. You haven’t played Pac-Man until you’ve played Packman ’87. SE 134 Applications I. A nice mix of home applications including a label maker and a grocery-list maker. SE 148 Boulder Dash. This popular arcade game features outstanding graphics. The disk also includes many other games and utilities. SE 155 Battleship. Computer graphics and digitized sounds bring this old favorite into the computer age. From DevWare: DW 17 DBWRender. A package of tools for creating ray-traced images. DW 26 StructBowser. This valuable learning tool lets you explore Intuition structures. Also included is Spooll.2, a print-spooling program. DW 30 MRBackup. Back up all or some of the data on your hard disk with this outstanding utility. Also on the disk are an Amiga version of LOGO and more. DW 32 Tag-BBS version 1.03. A stand-alone bulletin-board for the Amiga. From SystemEyes: (Fred Fish Disks) FF 58 Big View. Displays larger-than- screen IFF pictures using scrolling. [ ] Payment Enclosed [ ] Please charge my [ ] American Express [ ] Master Card [ ] Visa @ $ 7.00 each $ Account _ Signature_ Name_ Featured Disk: DW 1F Fun Disk 1. Features 3D Breakout, a superb breakout game that requires 3D glasses. Aiso included is the Juggler Demo, a fast Mandelbrot generator, an Othello-type game, and more. Also included are utilities to play Simple MUSic (SMUS) files, a database program, and more. FF 97 Juggler. Every Amiga user should have this HAM animation by Eric Graham. FF 110 A68K. This disk features an assembler for the MC68000 and an implementation of C. FF 142 FracGen. Generate images based upon fractal geometry. Also included are Diff and SciSubr. FF 164 DiskSalv. An updated version of the most popular Amiga file- recovery program. Note that the entire Fred Fish collection is available from SystemEyes and the AmigaWorld Public Domain Library. From Chiron Conceptions: CC 304 Graphics Utilities 1. Featuring MacView, a program that lets you view MacPaint files and convert them to Amiga IFF. CC 307 Directory Utility Disk. Over a dozen different programs that give you the power of the CLI. CC 644 Graphic Magic Utilities. Create slideshows using wipes, scrolls, and fades, capture screens to disk, show animation files and more with this excellent compilation of graphics utilities. CC 709 Ami Arcade 3. Features BattleMech, an action strategy game for two players. CC 801 Telecommunications 1. Why buy commercial when you can choose from five full-featured telecommunications packages? Address City_ State Zip Please allow four to six weeks for delivery. Foreign Orders, please add $ 2 per disk for Air Mail delivery. Payment in US Funds drawn on US Bank. AA 589 AmigaWorld Public Domain Library, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458 Amiga World is a publication of IDG Communications, the world's largest publisher of computer- related information. IDG Communications publishes over 90 computer publications in 33 countries. Fourteen million people read one or more IDG Communications publications each month. IDG Communications publications contribute to the IDG News Service offering the latest 011 domestic and international computer news. IDG Communications publications include: ARGENTINA'S Computerworld Argentina; ASIA'S Communications World, Computerworld Hong Kong, Computenvorld Malaysia, Computerworld Singapore, Computenvorld Southeast Asia, PC Review; AUSTRALIA'S Computerworld Australia, Communications World, Australian PC World, Australian Macworld-, AUSTRIA’S Computeru'elt Oester- reich; BRAZIL'S Data News, PC Mundo, Micro Mundo; CANADA'S Computer Data; CHILE’S Infonnatka, Computation Personal; DENMARK’S Computenvorld Danmark, PC World Danmark; FINLAND'S Mikro, Tie- toviikko; FRANCE'S Le Monde Infonnatique, Distrib- utique, InfoPC, Telecoms International; GREECE’S Micro and Computer Age; HUNGARY’S Computerworld SZT, PC Mikrovilage; INDIA’S Dataquest; ISRAEL’S People & Computers Weekly, People fc? 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Computer Currents, Computenvorld, Digital News, Federal Computer Week, FOCUS Publications, inCider, Info World, Macintosh Today, Mac World, Computer + Software News, (Micro MarketworldlLebhar- Friedman), Network World, PC World, Portable Computer Review, Publish!, PC Resource, PCCames, RUN, Windows; VENEZUELA’S Computenvorld Venezuela; WEST GERMANY’S Computerwoche, Information Management, PC Welt, Run, PC Woche, RUN. Manuscripts: Contributions in the form of manu- sct’ipH with drawings and or photographs are welcome and will he considered lor possible publication. AmigaWorld assumes 110 responsibility for loss or damage to any material. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with each submission. Payment for the use ol any unsolicited material will he made upon publication. All contributions and editorial correspondence (is ped and double-spaced, please) should be directed to Amiga World Editorial. SO Elm St.. Peterborough. NH
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M. A.S.T., 82 162 MCP Associates, Inc., 74 104 Melbourne House, 37 140 MichTron, Inc., CIII 44 Micro Computer Services, 90, 91 27 MicroSearch, 53 186 Microsmiths, Inc., 62 129 Micro-Systems Software Inc., 15 78 Microway, 23 * Mindscape, Inc., 21 * Montgomery Grant, 75 102 NewTek, Inc., CIV 34 New Wave Software, 52 284 Pixelations, 93 123 Psygnosis CSS, 35 87 ReadySoft, Inc., 2 113 Redmond Cable Corp., 51 154 RSISystems, 74 275 Safe Harbor, 93 128 Software Discounters of America, 8 194 Software Excitement, 73 10 Software Visions, Inc., 1 96 Sound Quest, Inc., 4 206 Sprite Technology, 82 228 SubLOGIC Corporation, 72 134 The Software Shop, 71 170 VidTech International, Inc., 25 64 Word Perfect Corp., 45
* This advctiisri prefers to be contacted directly This index is provided as an additional service. The publisher does not assume liability for errors or omissions. TO RECEIVE MORE INFORMATION TEAR CIRCLE the numbers on the card that correspond to the reader service numbers on the advertisements that interest you. ORDER a one year subscription to AmigaWorld by circling 500 on the card, LOOK FOR your subscription in 10 to 12 weeks. Out the perforated card. Please print or type your name and address where indicated. REMEMBER to put the proper postage on the card. READER SERVICE the card with your check, money order or U.S. currency lo: AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department
P. O Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 Or, you may request billing MAIL May card valid until July 31, 1989. LU O CL LU CO ? 2A CAD CAM ? 25 Other C 2 No CL LU O LU cr ? 32 Gen Lock or Frame Grander ? 33 Muse Hardware ? 34 Coor Printer ? 35 Laser Pnr.ter 8 |l no will you purchase one of [he fallowing? ? 3 Amga 500 ? 6 Other (please specify) ? A Amga 2000 _ D 5 Amga 2500 ? 7 I Currently nave no purchasing plans C WouU you purchase an Amiga magazine which had a pourd-m disk of demo prog'ams. Tutorials etc.? ? 8 Yes ? 9 No D Which software packages wii you purchase in the next 12 months7 (Please choose all that apply) ? 10 Entertainment ? 17 Database Manage ? It Word Processing mem ? 12 Communications ? 18 Financial Manage? 13 Spreadsheets ment G 14 Home ProductvTy ? 19 Grapn.cs G 15 Programming ? 20 Education n is Vdeo ? 21 Muse A Do you own an Amiga'7 ? 1 Yes D Mr. ? Mrs. ? Ms. City State Zip Telephone_ Address Title F II you are ret a subscriber please orcie 499 on this card G H you woud kko a one year suosenpton to AmgaWohd (12 issues), please carcie 500 on this card Each su& script ion is $ 29 97 Canada and Mexico $ 38 97. Foreign Surface $ 49 97, Foreign Airmail $ 84 97 (US Funds Drawn on US Bank) Oroers from ouiside of North America must be prepaid Please a tow *0-12 weeks tor delivery E When peripherals will you purchase m the next months'7 (Please choose all that apply) ? 26 Monitor ? 27 Dct Matrix Primer D 28 Modem ? 29 Memory Expansion ? 30 3V?" Floppy Drve ? 31 Hard D:sk Dove ? 22 An>mat cn ? 23 SoundSpeech i 6 11 16 21 201 206 2ii 216 221
* 01 406 411 416 421 ? 7 12 ir 22 202 207 212 217 222 402 407 412 417 422 3 6 13 16 23 203 208 213 218 223 403 408 413 418 423 4 9 14 19 24 204 209 21* 219 22*
* 04 409 41* 419 424 5 10 15 20 25 205 210 215 220 225
* 05 410 415 420 425 26 31 36 41 46 226 231 236 2*1 2*6
* 26
* 31
* 36 441 4*6 27 32 37 42 47 227 232 237 2*2 2*7
* 27
* 32
* 37 442
* 47 26 33 38 43 46 226 233 236 2*3 248 428
* 33
* 38 4*3 448 29 34 39 44 49 229 234 239 2*4 249
* 29
* 34 09
* *4 449 30 35 40 *5 50 230 235 2*0 2*5 250 4X 435
* 40
* 45 450 51 56 61 66 71 251 256 261 266 271 451
* 56
* 6!
* 66 471 52 57 62 67 72 252 257 262 267 27 2
* 52
* 57
* 62 467
* 72 S3 56 63 68 73 2S3 258 263 268 273
* 53
* 58
* 63 468
* 73 54 58 84 69 74 254 259 264 269 274 454
* 50 46*
* 60 474 55 SO 85 70 75 255 260 265 270 275 455 460 465 470 475 76 91 66 9i 96 276 261 286 291 296 476 48! 486 491 496 77 82 07 92 97 277 262 287 292 297 477 4a? 487 432 497 7a 83 68 93 98 276 263 268 293 290 47B 483 486 493 498 79 84 89 9* 99 279 284 289 294 293 479 484 489 494 499 eo 85 9C 95 IK) 260 285 290 295 300
* ao 485
* 90
* 95 500 101 106 111 116 121 XI 306 311 316 321 501 506 511 516 521 102 107 112 117 122 302 X7 312 317 322 502 507 512 517 522 toa 106 113 116 123 303 3* 313 310 323 503 506 513 51S 523 104 109 114 119 124 304 309 314 319 324 50* 500 Si* 519 524 106 110 115 120 125 305 310 315 320 325 505 510 515 520 525 126 131 136 141 146 326 331 336 341 346 526 531 536 541 546 127 132 137 142 1*7 327 332 337 342 3*7 527 532 537 542 547 ]?9 133 136 143 148 328 333 33e 3*3 3*8 529 533 538 543 548 129 134 139 144 149 329 334 339 3*4 3*9 529 534 539 5*4 5*9 130 135 1*0 145 150 330 335 3*0 3*5 350 530 535 5*0 5*5 550 151 156 161 I'm 171 351 356 361 366 371 551 558 561 566 571 152 157 162 167 172 352 357 362 367 372 552 557 562 1*1 572 153 158 183 166 173 353 358 363 368 373 553 558 563 568 573 15* 1» 18* 169 174 354 359 364 369 37* 554 559 564 569 574 155 160 185 170 175 355 360 385 370 375 555 560 565 570 575 176 181 166 19l 196 376 381 386 391 396 576 581 536 591 596 S77 182 IB" 192 197 377 382 387 392 397 577 582 587 532 507 178 183 183 193 196 378 383 383 393 396 578 583 568 533 59* 179 184 189 194 199 379 38* 389 34* 3» 579 5*4 589 594 599 190 IBS 190 196 200 VC 385 390 395
* 00 580 585 500 595 COO May card valid until July 31, 1989. LU o CL LU CO ? 2 No CL LU Q LU cr ? 10 Entertainment ? 11 Wbrd Processing ? 12 Communicator's C 13 Spreadsheets ? 14 Home Productivity ? 15 Programming ? 16 Voeo B 11 no will you purchase one ol the fallowing? C 3 Amiga 500 ? 6 Other (ptoase specify) ? 4 Amiga 2000 -- ? 5 Amiga 2500 ? 7 I currently nave no purchasing plans C Would you purchase an Amiga magazine which had a Coudd-m disk o( oemo programs, tutorials, etc 7 ? 8 Yes ? 9 No D Whch software packages win you purchase in the nerd 12 months-7 (Please chc»so a'l faa: app*y ] ? 17 Database Management ? 16 Financial Management ? 19 Grapncs ? 20 Education ? 21 Muse City State Zip. Telephone - A Do you own an Amiga7 ? 1 Yes ? Mr. ? Mrs. ? Ms. Address Title ? 22 Animation ? 24 DAD CAM ? 23 SoundSpeech ? 25 Other E Whch peripherals will you purchase m the next 12 months? (Please choose all that apply) ? 26 Monster ? 32 Gen Lock or Frame ? 27 Dot Matnx Printer GrabOer ? 28 Modem ? 33 Muse Hardware ? 29 Memory Expans on ? 34 Color Printer G 30 31 " Poppy Drrve ? 35 Laser Punter ? 3i Ha-d Disk Drive F i! You are nos a subscriber, please orcie 499 on fats card G it you would Ike a one year subscription lo ArmgaWond (12 issues), please orcto 500 on tnrs card Each subscription rs $ 29 97 Canada and Mexico $ 38 97, Foreign Surface $ 49 97. Foreign Airmail $ 34 97 (US Funds Drawn on U S Bank) Orders from outside of North America must be prepaid Please aBdw 10-12 weeks far delivery i 6 11 16 21 XI 206 2ii 216 221
* 01
* 06 411 416
* 21 2 7 12 17 22 202 207 2l2 217 222
* 02
* 07 412 417 422 3 a 13 ifl 23 703 206 213 218 223
* 03
* 06 413 418
* 23 4 9 14 19 24 204 209 214 219 22*
* 04
* 09 414 419
* 2* 5 10 15 20 25 205 210 215 220 225
* 05 410 415 420 4X 26 31 X 41 48 228 231 236 241 246 4X 431 436 441 446 27 32 37 42 *7 227 232 237 242 247
* 27
* 32 437 442 447 28 33 38 *3 *8 228 233 238 243 248 *X
* 33
* 38 4*3 448 29 3* 39 *4 *9 229 23* 239 2*4 2*9
* 29
* 3*
* 39
* 44
* 49 X 35 40 45 SO 230 235 240 2*5 250 4X
* 35
* 40 445 45C 51 56 61 66 71 XI 256 XI 266 271 451 456
* 61 466 471 52 57 62 67 72 252 X7 262 XI 272
* 52 457
* 62 467 472 53 56 X 68 73 253 258 2X 266 273
* 53
* 56
* 63 408
* 73 5* 50 64 69 7* 254 259 264 269 27*
* 54 459 464 469
* 74 55 X 05 70 75 255 260 265 270 275 455 460
* 65 470
* 75 76 81 86 91 96 276 Xl 266 291 290
* 76
* 81
* ae 491 496 77 82 87 92 97 277 282 XT 292 297
* 77
* 82
* 87 492
* 97 78 83 68 93 X 276 283 288 293 296
* 78
* 63
* 68 493 490 79 84 X 94 99 779 20* 289 29* 299
* 79
* 3* 489 49* 499 X 85 X 95 100 2*0 235 290 296 300
* 80 485
* 90
* 96 500 101 106 111 116 121 XI 300 311 316 321 XI 506 5M 516 521 102 107 112 117 122 302 X7 312 317 372 502 507 512 517 522 103 106 113 118 123 303 306 313 318 323 503 506 513 518 523 10* 100 11* 119 124 304 309 31* 310 32* 5X 509 514 519 524 105 110 115 IX IX 306 310 315 320 325 505 510 515 520 5X 126 131 IX 141 1*6 326 XI 336 3*1 3*8 526 XI 536 541 5*6 127 132 137 i*2 147 327 332 337 3*2 347 527 532 537 542 547 128 IX IX i*3 148 326 333 336 343 348 526 533 536 5*3 5*6 129 134 139 1*4 149 329 33* 330 344 3*9 529 534 539 544 5*9 IX 135 140 145 IX IX 335 340 345 350 530 535 540 545 550 151 156 181 186 171 351 356 XI 366 371 551 556 XI 5*5 571 152 157 IX 167 172 352 357 362 X? 372 652 SB- 562 567 572 153 156 IX IX 173 353 358 3*3 368 373 553 see 563 566 573 154 150 184 169 17* 35* 350 364 369 37* 55* 559 564 sea 574 155 IX 165 170 175 355 360 365 370 375 555 sec 565 570 575 176 161 106 191 196 376 Xi 386 391 396 576 581 586 501 536 177 182 187 192 197 377 382 367 392 397 577 583 587 502 507 178 IX IX 193 196 378 3X 366 393 396 578 SX 568 503 596 179 18* IX 19* 199 379 36* 389 394 3» 579 504 509 554 599 IX 1« 190 1*5 200 360 385 390 395
* 00 MO 505 580 505 eco TO RECEIVE MORE INFORMATION LOOK FOR your subscription in 10 to 12 weeks. ORDER a one year subscription to AmigaWorld by circling 500 on the card. CIRCLE the numbers on the card that correspond to the reader service numbers on the advertisements that interest you. TEAR out the perforated card. Please print or type your name and address where indicated. REMEMBER to put the proper postage on the card READER SERVICE the card with your check, money order or U.S. currency to: AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department PO. Box 5170 Pittsfield. MA 01203-5170 Dr vrvi mav reouest billma MAIL PLEASE USE FIRST CLASS LETTER POSTAGE AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department
P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 1111 111 ii mi 111111 111111 ii i iini.i AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department
P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 PLEASE USE FIRST CLASS LETTER POSTAGE Subscribe Now And Save 37% ¦ | want to save 37% off the newsstand rate. Enter my 12 issue subscription Ytw! To AmigaWorld for the low subscription price of $ 29 97. If I'm not satisfied at any time, I will receive a full refund no questions asked! ? Bill Me ? Payment Enclosed Name Address__ 2p State City- Pease make checks payatte to AmgaWorid Canada & Mewco S3897 Fo?e gn Surface S4997 Rxcgn A*rman SSA97 ;US Funds drawn or US Bank) Prepayment >s feourea on a For&gn Solace am Rye r A ~a-i cycle's Ail prices are t year orvy Pease acv, 6-8 weeks ‘cx oeivery AMIGA 4A5D1 Subscribe Now And Save 37% | I want to save 37% off the newsstand rate Enter my 12 issue subscription I It! To AmigaWorld for the low subscription price of $ 29.97. If Inn not satisfied at any time, I will receive a full refund-no questions asked! ? Bill Me ? Payment Enclosed Name Address Z-P State City Please make checks payaWe to Qraca £ Mexcc S38 97 For&gn Surface $ 4997 foreign Airman id* 97 (U S Fynos or US Bank) Prepayment is required on ai> Foreigr Surface and Rye n Amna orders A,! O'ees are 1 yea- orty Pease aiiow 6 8 weeks ‘y delivery AMIGA 4A5D1 BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST-CLASS PERMIT NO. 1247 BOULDER. CO NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES POSTAGE will BE PA'O by ADDRESSEE IDG Communications Peterborough AmigaWorld
P. O. Box 50365 Boulder, CO 80321-0365 Save $ 17.43 Off the Cover Price on ‘SEXE.ktmJe.kJ AM) M- SAVINGS AMT.
* 17. H3 DOLLARS TO THE NAME ORDER OF ADDRESS CITY ZIP Canada & Mexico JJ8.97, foreign Surface $ 49.97, foreign Airmail $ 84.97 (UJ. Fundi drawn on U.5. Bank). Prepayment is required on all Foriegn Surface and Foreign Airmail orders. AJI prkm are 1 year only. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. 4A5A7 )rder Today! Mail the attached card or Call Toll-Free i I -800-258-5473 ? YES, I want to save $ 17.43 on my AMIGAWORLD subscription. Please send me 12 issues for $ 29.97
P. O. Box 50365 Boulder, CO 80321-0365 OFF THE COVER PRICE ON ORDER TODAY! Mail the Attached Card or Call Toll-Free 1 -800-258-547: 12 ISSUES FOR $ 47.40 Sf*ci*£. 31 Get your own subscription to AmigaWorld for one year (12 issues) and SAVE $ 17.43 off the newsstand rate. Plus your money back on all unmailed issues if not satisfied. Act now! ? Payment enclosed ? Bill me later Name___ Address City state_Zip_ Canada & Mexico $ 38.97, Foreign Surface S49.97, Foreign Airmail $ 84 97 (U S Funds drawn on U.S. Bank). Prepaymeni is required on all Foriegn Surface and Foreign Armail orders A! Prices are l year only Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery 4A5J7 AMIGA BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST'CLASS PERMIT NO. 1247 BOULDER, CO NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRE5SEE IDG Communications Peterborough AmigaWorld
P. O. Box 50365 Boulder, CO 80321-0365 Power to Create ¦k*rv . HiSoft BASIC Professional is afuMy-rntegrated pletely stand-alone programs which include-only compiler and editor that makes it easy to convert as much of the library as they qeed. •v all your AmigaBASIC programs into fast-running Features include: all your AmigatJAbiu programs into tast-runnmg machine code; in fact, it is so simple and quick to Compatible with Microsoft QuickBASIC 3 on use that you will soon find that you no longer need the PC. Atari ST BASIC. AmigaBASIC and most the AmigaBASIC interpreter. You can do every- other BASICS, thinq you want with HiSoft SASIC Professional. , rllU Full support of the Amiga is included as stan- s ruc ured programming, dard, with extensive window, screen and graphics Optional line numbers, lots of compiler and commands. Amiga libraries can also be accessed run-time options allowing tremendous flexibility as if they were built-in statements allowing com- both at compile & execution time, Pl HiS BAScffissionalincludeslulI MENU ' support, with event trappina and powerful sprite ft® local and 9lobal vanables- array£ as P1 routines, using the OBJECT keywords. Iers>t Compiled programs can execute in their own HiSoft BASIC Professional - now BASIC pro* window(s) or use the CLI window for minimum gramming on the Amiga has come of age. Size. For larger programs and for those with strong Order your Copy Today at $ 1£ Order your Copy Today at $ 159.95, and take a look at Devpac Amiga, the best Assembler available for the Amiga. Together they make an unbeatable pro- editor preferences we also supply an editor-less and take a look at Devpac Amigt compiler for traditional disk-to-dlsk compilation best Assembler available for the A methods. 1 Together they make an unbeatabh HiSoft BASIC Professional is a no-limits Ian- gramming team! Guage: string variables may be up to 16Mbytes in length and there are no limits on array sizes ei- ther (subject to available AC BASIC™ HiSoft Professional memory). Code generated is fully 68010 020 030 compatible. Compiled programs have no run-time overhead. Compiled programs muifi-task. Of course, but as they all share the same library, memory usage and disk space is kept to a minimum. There is also an option to produce com- SIEVE Compile time (secs) 7 20 Fite size (bytes) 868 2228 Run time (secs)
1. 0
2. 7 CALC Run time
1. 6
4. 9 BSPREAI) Compile time 55 80 File Size 35816 56036 ’ . DevPac Artiga: The Assembler of choice HiSoft Devpac Amiga Version 2 is the latest version of the acclaimed assembly language development tool for the Commodore Amiga. It combines a full 68000 macro assembler coupled with a full screen editor. GenAm, and a powerful disassembler and debugger. MonAm. Devpac is designed to give you maximum power and flexibility, while remaining easy to use. GenAm includes a full screen editor, running under Intuition and using the window- and mouse- oriented environment. The editor features a file requester, dynamic block handling (including delete. Copy, save and insert from disc) a comprehensive range of Search and Replace commands and edit-time tab handling. It has a powerful, fast 68000 macro assembler that can assemble source code at a maximum speed of 75,000 lines per minute (on a standard A500). A stand-alone version of the assembler is supplied for users with strong editor preferences or who use batch files. MonAm is a comprehensive, highly advanced symbolic monitor, disassembler, and debugger. It is multi-tasking, and you can set breakpoints in your code while it executes and stop runaway programs. To make program development fast and easy, both the assembler and the debugger are available instantly from within the editor. Order today, and pay just $ 99.95 for the best Assembler Debugger for the Amiga! 1.
3. Simply the Best, The all new Digi-View Gold is the best video digitizer for the Amiga. Period. Nothing else even comes close. Why? The secret is that Digi-View Gold captures 2.1 million colors in memory, giving you an incredible 100,000 apparent colors on screen simultaneously. And it’s easy to use. Just focus your video camera on any object or picture, and in seconds Digi-View Gold turns it into Amiga graphics that glow with vibrant color and clarity. Whether you are creating graphics for desktop publishing, presentations, video, or just for fun, Digi-View Gold gives you dazzling images with amazing simplicity. Digi-View Gold is designed specifically for the Amiga 500 and 2000, and plugs directly into the parallel port. Digi-View Gold’s powerful image capture and manipulation software (version 3.0) now has complete control of color and sharpness, full overscan, extra halfbrite, and a special line art mode for desktop publishing. Circle 102 on Reader Service card ¦Requires standard gender changer for use with Amiga 1000. Video camera required: not included. NewTek sells a video camera, copy stand, and the Digi-Oroid automated filter wheel for Digi-View Gold If ycur local retailer doesn't carry these products, call us at 913-354-1146. Digi-View Gold is a trademark of NewTek. Inc. Amiga is a Irademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Be seeing you1! Only Digi-View Gold:
• Can digitize in all Amiga resolution modes from 320x200 up to 768x480 (full hi-res overscan)
• Uses 2 to 4096 colors (including extra halfbrite)
• Uses exclusive Enhanced HAM for super fine detail
• Is 100% IFF compatible and works with any graphics software
• Can digitize 21 bits per pixel (2.1 million colors) for the highest quality images possible
• Has advanced dithering routines that give an apparent 100,000 colors on screen simultaneously
• Has powerful Image processing controls for complete IFF picture manipulation If you want the highest quality graphics for your Amiga, as easy as 1, 2, 3; then you need the new version of the best selling video digitizer of all time: Digi-View Gold. Only $ 199.95 wTsk Digi-View Gold is available now at your local Amiga dealer. Or call 1-800-843-8934 NCORPORATED 1 439 2 M IKTElllliRT MU1IC 143 48 3 e MAGELLAN 119 00 MAGICAL MYTHS .3? 46 MAJOR MOTION .. 25 96 MANIAX .....15 95 MARAUDER II DUPLICATION 27 47 MARBLE MADNESS 33 00 MASTER NINJA ... 30 95 MASTERING CU .. 25 95 MASTERPIECE FONT, 20 0SKS ... 167 95 MATCH IT 25 95 MATH MAGICIAN .. 27 43 MATH TALK ..31 95 MATH TALK FRACTIONS ... 25 96 MATH WIZARD ... 32 46 MATH AMAIION .. 64 95 MAVIS BEACON TYPING .. 30 89 MAXIPLAN 600 ... 93 95 MAXIPLAN PLUS . 124 95 MEAN 18 COURSE DISK ... 1495 MEAN 18 COURSE DISK II ..14 95 MEAh 18 GOLF ... 28 95 MEDIALINE FONTS 22 95 MENACE ....19 93 METACOMCO ASSEMBLER 68 95 METACOMOO PASCAL VER 2 0 ..... 92 95 METACOMCO SHELL ...... 39 95 METACOMCO TOOLKIT .... 34 95 METASCOPE DEBUGGER ... 69 95 MICROFICHE FILER 69 95 MICROFICHE FILER PLUS .116 95

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