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Commodore, think that one million is some sort of magic number, and that the moment the heavyweights (read: IBM business software and hardware developers) hear that one million figure, they will automatically start flooding the Amiga market with products. I think this is only half right. I think the heavyweights will act slowly. I don't think we will see a dozen new spreadsheets for the Amiga released in the next three months. I don’t think that the one million number alone is going to convince companies. It might convince people who were on the fence before, and I’m sure that a number of the not-so-heavy- weights will give the Amiga market a chance now. If you take a step back and look at the products that are available for the Amiga now and then look at the “heavyweight” products for other machines, there aren’t a lot of gaping holes. Yes, we could use some more serious business software, particularly business graphics and business presentation tools. And there is still room for more music, GAD, and educational software. Networking, mass-stor- age and llicker-free display hardware could be (and is now being) improved. But over all, the Amiga already has products that match or outshine the MS-DOS heavyweight equivalents. You might also consider that some of those heavyweights got to be on top because they developed programs that let you do things with a PC that the Amiga does straight out of the box. Windowing software isn’t a big deal for an Amiga. Integrated packages are great when you need to bounce around without closing one program to get to another, but with multitasking, we can already integrate almost any software from assorted companies. There are lots of DOS utilities out there to make things easier, but Amigas already have Workbench. (OK, it would be nice to have a Norton Utilities for the Amiga.) I don't think that too many graphics board people are going to be swarming over to the Amiga, and video hardware and software for other computers is far behind what we have right now. It is always nice to see new companies and products joining the Amiga group, and I think the magic million will bring in some new players, but it will still take some time. 3. Relief. There have been times when the success of the Amiga was in question. The one million mark takes the Amiga out of the “lets see how they sell” category. But I think that Commodore’s attitude in the past year, more than the number of units sold, has “legitimized” the Amiga. Commodore has showrn a real effort to support the Amiga. While we sometimes feel that they aren’t moving quickly enough or in the right direction, I think they have improved a hell of a lot. 4. Satisfaction. Now, when people ask “What is an Amiga?” or “How is the Amiga doing these days?,” we have an answer that means something to just about everyone. 5. Regret. Like seeing your child grow up. Or a pioneer seeing a village turn into a city. It was fun going through the early days of the Amiga, bad and good. If you owned an Amiga, you were part of a small, elite group of free thinkers, not afraid to be the only person on your block or even in your city to own this special computer. To go out and sell this product yourself if no one else would. The group isn’t so small anymore, but we are still elite.

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Amiga World Vol 05 06 1989 Jun

Document sans nom June 1989
U. S.A. $ 3.95 Canada S t. 50 UK £2.50 An IDGC 1 Publication For the Professional Is there a serious desktop publishing program for the Amiga? Definitely. The gold standard is Gold Disk's Professional Page. It's got features that have made it the choice of pros across the globe. Like built-in kerning, leading, and tracking. A wide variety of resizeable PostScript fonts. The ability to handle IFF bitmapped graphics and structured graphics. Built-in text and graphics editing. Even the ability to output color separations for color publishing. Professional Page is US$ 395. 1 MB required. H ow come my desktop publications just don’t have that professional “slickness”? Why not let a pro do some of the work for you? Gold Disks Professional Page Templates package gives you over 50 classic layouts for ads, newsletters and brochures prepared by a top New York designer. All the type specs arc built right into the predelined boxes, so you can just flow your copy right in. And the documentation is more than just a manual - it's a crash course in graphic design. The Templates package is USS59.95. How can I create smooth, professional-looking graphics for my desktop published documents? You need Gold Disk's Professional Draw, the first serious illustration program for the Amiga. It uses structured graphics, so curves don't have jagged edges when they're enlarged. Shrink or expand your illustrations, and they'll still look great. It has a user- definable palette of millions of colors, supports PostScript, and works with the latest update of Professional Page. There's also an optional disk of predrawn structured clip art. Professional Draw is US$ 199.95. 1 MB required. Structured Clip Art is US$ 59.95. Is there a quick and painless way to digitize drawings and photos for use in desktop published documents? There is now. Gold Disk has developed a hardware software interface for the Canon IX12 black and white scanner. It saves IFF pictures at 300. 200, 150, and 75 DPI. Simply feed a page into the scanner and about 15 seconds later, the job is done. It's that easy. Scanner and interface USS1095. Hire a team of professionals. Put Gold Disk’s Professional Page, Professional Draw and ProScan IX12 scanner to work for you. Old Disk has the products to make the Amiga a serious tool for design and pub- lishing. Compare Professional Page feature for feature with page layout programs on any computer. Its exceptional typographic control, flexible PostScript implementation, and color handling make it a clear winner. It outputs 4-color separations. Word processing functions and drawing tools are built in. Access hundreds of the highest-quality fonts. Import IFF bitmapped graphics and structured graphics. G Professional Page puts it all together. But where do you get graphics that meet the standards of this kind of publishing? The jagged curves and diagonals that often accompany bitmapped graphics are unacceptable to the true professional. Structured drawing is the way to go. And nothing does it on the Amiga like Pro- C 7 u- fessional Draw. The smoothness and precision of the images you create with it are limited only by the printer's resolution. There’s a powerful assortment of geometric and freehand drawing tools. Unlimited color. Enter type (fonts are included) and then stretch, twist, re-draw, or color it. Quickly magnify any area to check detail. Print or color separate your work on numerous printers, or bring it into Professional Page. At 300 dpi, the ProScan 1X12 captures the finest detail. We're not only bringing the Amiga into the real world, we’re bringing the real world into the Amiga. Gold Disk's new hardware software interface for the Canon 1X12 B&W, 300dpi scanner makes it easier than ever to capture images for desktop publishing or illustration. Sketches, photos, logos - feed them into the scanner and in about 15 seconds you've got an image you can use with any Amiga program supporting the IFF standard. Use them in your Professional Page layouts, color them in a paint program, or import them into Professional Draw to be traced and made into structured graphics, as we did with the illustration above. Are these tools strictly for the pro? Not at all. Gold Disk offers a package of easy-to-use templates for Professional Page. Designed by a top art director, these layouts have the type specs built in - just How in your copy. And there's a disk of structured clip art for use in Professional Page or Professional Draw. Call us now al 1-800-387-8192. If you take desktop publishing seriously, we're the ones to work with. GOLD DISK
P. O. Box 7K9. SlrecLsvillc. Mississauga. Ontario, CANADA. L5M 2C2 416-X284W13 This ad was produced and color separated using Professional Page and output as 4-color negatives on a 1270 dpi laser imagesetter. The illustration was created in Professional Draw, based on various photos that were scanned w ith the ProScan 1X12. The Macintosh® emulator for your Amiga™ A-Max features include:
• Compatible wilh (he A500. A1000, and A2G0Q
• Supports the use ot the Amiga mouse, keyboard,
3. 5' drives, serial and parallel ports during Mac1 emulation
• Reads Magic Sac1" and Spectre1- disk formats (Atari SH Mac* emulators)
• Supported video modes include: 64GX400 (interlaced), 640 X200 (with scrolling), 512x342 (Mac*' standard size, interlaced) and 1008x800 with the A2024 or Moniterm Viking monitor
• Uses all available Amiga RAM during Mac* emulation
• Built-in Apple' Imagewriter* emulation for 9 and 24 pin Epson* compatible prinlers
• Transfer software to convert files from AmigaDOS to and from A-Max and Mac!? Disk formats (Mac* external drive required to transfer to Mac* lormat)
• 68020 support with 128K ROMs
• Runs HyperCard® (requires 1Mb and I28K ROMs), MutliFindef* (requires 128K ROMs), Microsoft* Excel01 and Word01, MacPaint*, MacWrife*, MacDraw* (1 & 2), PageMaker’ (1.2), MacTerminal' all system disk versions (some system disks require 128K ROMs) and most other productivity software. A-Max may nc! Run all games and Midi software. Amiga hard drives cannot be used during Macintosh* emulation. U'elcornn f.o Mai intnrh. A-Max is a hardware and software combination that runs most of the productivity software that has made the Mac* a success. All you have to supply are Macintosh* 64K (Mac*) or 128K (Mac Plus*) ROMs. Once the ROMs are Installed, Macintosh- software will run a! Full Mac" speed on your Amiga. The A-Max cartridge plugs into the Amiga’s external disk drive port and has connectors for an Apple* external drive and additional Amiga drives. If an Apple* 800K external disk drive is connected, Yes pfease rush me A-Max: $ 199.95 CfcS; $ 249:95 CDN A-Ma* is a trademark of ReadySolt; Apple and the Apple logo, HyperCard. Imagewriier, Mac, Macintosh. MacPaint. Mac Write. MacDraw. MacTerrrinal are registered trademarks ar J MultiFinder is a trademark Of Apple Computer fnc., Atari and ST are registered irademaiks ot Atari US! Corp ; Epson s a regis tered trademark ot Seiko Epson Corporation, Mag e Sac is a trademark oi Data Pacific. Spectre ts a trademark ol Gadgets tjySmall; Amiga is a registered trademark of Comrnodare-Amiga Inc., Microsoft is a registered trademark and Excel and Word are trademarks ol MicroSoft Corporation; PageMaker is a registered trademark ol Aldus Corporation WmM . - .V - fc. . %,.S , 6 . ' v » V, % • ¦ * * 4 L3 Paymeril by ? Check -*0 Mbney'Order " ? 'Visa' - D Mastercard Country VOLUME 5, NUMBER 6 JUNE 1989 CONTENTS FEATURES Animation Odyssey By Gene Brawn.. 25 With so many different kinds of animation programs for the Amiga, finding the one that’s right for you is no easy task. To help you on your journey, a leading Amiga animator will be your Homer to guide you in this critical survey of a dozen animation offerings. Gumby Meets Godzilla By Gene Brawn ..34 Stop-motion animation the old moviemaking technique through which such Hollywood classics as King Kong, Godzilla, and Sinbad were created has found new life on the Amiga. And this hands-on guide will help fuel your imagination to conjure up your own classic animated productions. ARTICLES Okay, You Guys, Freeze! 44 By D,L. Richardson .. Polaroid’s new film recorder, the FreezeFrame, provides an ingenious way to transfer a combination of live video and .Amiga graphics to film. 50 Accent on Graphics By joeiHagen. In keeping with June’s focus on animation, this month's installment of our Amiga graphics tips-and-techniques series offers some valuable pointers on producing page- flipping animations with a trio of handy Amiga programs. COLUMNS 6 Zeitgeist ... What's in a number? The editor perks up when the number is one million and the category is Amigas sold. BASIC by the Numbers 20 By Bob Ryan ... The fourth and final part of Bob’s data- manipnlation tutorial (with complete program listing) doses out our series on Amiga Basic. INFO.PHILE By Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings 52 Concluding their mini-series on additions and improvements to the 1.3 Workbench, our Amiga DOS columnists show you how to use a host of new features and tools on 1.3’s Extras disk. No, what you see above is not a still from a movie that's been playing recently at your local theater. But it is part of an animation created on the Amiga and a lot of those have been showing in recent competitions, shorts, and amateur productions all over the country. This month, we’ll be casting a critical eye on animation packages for the Amiga. We'll also give you a hands-on tutorial on how to create animations based on an old-fashioned moviemaking technique: stop-motion photography. DEPARTMENTS Repartee .....8 Drop a piece of your mind in an envelope and send it to us! Notepad .... 12 On the news beat this month: a record- breaking crowd at AmiExpo; new Commodore announcements from Germany; and Amiga arts and crafts. What’s New? 94 New hardware, software, and games hot off the New Products shelf. Hors d’oeuvres . 102 Tips and techniques provided by fellow Arniga World readers. Help Key .. 106 If you've been listening to “Looking for Help in .All the Wrong Places,” then switch your dial over to Station WLOU. REVIEWS VIKING 1 (Moniterm) 14 A high-resolution monitor for the A2000. 4004 Genlockable Video Graph- ICS ENCODER (Magni Systems) 16 A genlock-and-encoder board plus a video-interface card make this a double- barreled threat for video pros. Professional Draw (Gold Disk) ... 72 f irst step towards a serious object-oriented illustration program for the .Amiga? ZOETROPE (Antic) .....74 A graphics combo incorporating paint, image-processing, video-titling, and animation features. X-CAD (Taurus Haitex) ....76 .An ambitious and demanding CLAD program from Great Britain. Fancy 3D Fonts (Access Technologies) ..... 78 3-D text-font sets for users of Sculpt-Ani- mate and Turbo Silver. Toshiba P341SL (Toshiba) .82 High-quality output from a 24-pin dotmatrix printer. Mastering CLI 2.0 (Graphic Expressions) ....84 A disk-based tutorial for mastering the intricacies of the .Amiga. Anti-Virus (DevWare) 88 A battery of utilities on a search-and-de- stroy mission against Amiga viruses. GAMES The Game Preserve By B.G. Hunter ... C>8
B. C. has racked up a lot of mileage this month to give you the inside track on a slew of car racing games for the Amiga. Other game reviews follow his column: FALCON (Spectrum Holobyte) . 62 Realistic fighter action in a complex simulation program. Distant Armies (Eagle Tree) 64 A hands-on history of chess offering 10 different variations of the game. The Universal Military Simulator (Rainbird) ......64 Do-it-vourself battle creations in a 3-D military strategy game. Crash Garrett (infogames i Terrific Software) 67 Help a hard-boiled, 1930s-era aviator in his pursuit of nefarious Nazi infiltrators. Reach for the Stars (Strategic Studies) 68 Interplanetary competition in a race to conquer the galaxy. COVER ILLUSTRATION BY LARRY KEENAN KING KONG Image C 1933 RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. Ren. 1960 RKO Radio Picture*, a division ol RKO General. Inc. Photo courtesy ot The Bettmann Archive THE ULTIMATE FONTS: THE NEXT GENERATION. NOW ... THERE ARE 3 EXCITING, PROFESSIONAL, COLORFONT PACKAGES TO FILL YOUR TITLING NEEDS. 10 Hi-Res, up to 8 color, uppercase fonts in two sizes each (approx. 104 & 84 pts. High) Font styles in CHROME, MARBLE, BRICK AND GRANITE are dragable for added 3 dimensional effects. Other styles are CHISEL, WOOD, BEVEL, CAST, CHISELserif and COLUMN. 3 DISK SET - Suggested Retail $ 79.95 Subheads The same popular 10 fonts as in “HEADLINES”, but In two smaller sizes each (approx. 72 & 55 pts. High). Now possible to use in lower resolutions at a workable size. _2 DISK SET - Suggested Retail $ 69.95 HEAD W2 4 new 8-color fonts in 2 - 3 sizes each. ChiselSCRIPT: Italic script in upper and lower case. GLASS: Transparent uppercase gothic face. ENGRAVED: Draaable, uppercase 2 plane shiny font. EMBOSSED: Raised or sunken letters on a surface. 2 DISK SET - Suggested Retail $ 69.95 1 MEG RAM REQUIRED TWO DISK DRIVES RECOMMENDED. KARA COMPUTER GRAPHICS 6365 Greon Valley Circle, Suito 317, Culver City, Calif. 90230 (213)670-0493 o S.j v. '- if'., Guy Wright. Editor-in-chief DAN SULLIVAN, Executive Editor SHAWN LAFLAMME. Managing Editor Linda J. BARRETT, Acquisitions Editor Barbara Gefvert Tyson, Review Editor Jan JACKSON, New Products Editor TlM WALSH, Technical Editor Bill Catchings, David T. McClellan, Mark L. Van Name, Lou Wallace, contributing Editors Howard G. HaPP, Art Director ROGER Goode, Assistant An Director Anne Dillon, Designer Laura Johnson, Designer Richard BRAYSHAW, Production KENNETH BijVKEMAN, National Advertising Sales Manager MICHAEL McGOLDRICK, Sales Representative BARBARA Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Paquette, Puli Down Menu Sales, 1-800-441-4403 LlNDA M. BUSSIERE, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO SALUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 1-415-328-3470 3350 IT. Bayshore Road, Suite 201 Palo Alto, CA 94303 SHELLEY HARMON, Sales Associate, West Coast WENDIE HAINES-MARRO. Marketing Manager Laura LIVINGSTON, Marketing Coordinator Margot L. Swanson, Secretan SUSAN MaIZEL, Customer Sendee Representative
- C * ¥ MICHAEL S. PERHS, President,CEO ROGER Murphy, Vice-President General Manager Stephen Twombly, Vice President DENNIS CHRISTENSEN, Corporate Production Director LlNDA PALMISANO, Typesetting Manager Debra A. Davies, Typographer SUSAN Gross, Corporate Production Manager LYNN LAGASSE, Manufacturing Manager FRANK S. SMITH, Corporate Circulation Director LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Manager MlKE Carroll, Direct Sales Manager 800-343-0728 Debbie Walsh, Neu’sstand Promotion Manager PAUL RUESS, Circulation Director 800-365-1364 PAM Wilder, Assistant Circulation Manager WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales (5* Collections AmigaWorl i (ISSN 088:1-2390) is an inde|>cndc-nt journal not connected with Commodore Business Machines, Inc. AmigaWmtit is published monthly hv IDC. Commuim ations Ivtcrl»orough. Inc.. 80 Kim St., Peterborough, H 03138. I S. siilmiiptinn rate is $ 29.97. one ear. $ 10.00. two yeaiv. $ 01 00, three years. Canada $ 38.97 (l .S funds), one year only. Mexico $ 38.97, Foreign Surface $ 49.97, Foreign Airmail $ 84.97 (prepayment is rrquitrdon Foreign Sutfacr and Airmail subscrip- lions in I S. funds drawn on I .S. bank). All rates are one-year only. Second class postage paid at Peterborough, Nil. And at additional mailing offices. Phone: 003-924-9471 Entire contents copv- right 1988 by IDG Communications Peterborough, Inc. No part of this public at ion mas be printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster Send address changes to AmigaWMd. Subscription Sen ices, P(> Box '>8804. Boulder, CO 80322 880 } NationalB distributed by International Circulation Distributors. AmigtiWorltl makes everv effort to assure the accuracy of articles, listings and circuits published in the maga ine mign irrld assumes no res|xmsibil its for damages due to errors or omissions. The Power of Accelerator H-Card Series SMB 32-bit Wide RAM Expansion Qrent Valley Products ... ' Multi-Function Boards Controller and RAM Expansion ' • - it.=• f* Cumin iqm* f Removable Hard Disk 44MB Removable Storage
• -.-v f •. - - - - - Up to 33Mhz 68B82 floating point math co-processor.
• 8MB state-of-the-art nibble mode DRAM design takes full advantage of the 68030 burst mode, effectively provldlogja wait-state DRAM access at 25Mhz.
• Built-in autobooting hard disk controller.
• Combines SCSI controller and a 3.5' hard drive on a single A2000 expansion card.
• Available with 30, 40, 43, 80, or 100MB 3.5" hard drive, with 11ms average access time on 40, 80 and 100MB hard disks.
• Autoboot feature comes standard. Accelerator * 25Mhz 32-blt Motorola 6B030 offers A3000 power todayl . Combines SCSI controller and 2MB fast RAM expansion on a single board. 16-bit DMA data transfers to on-board 16K disk buffer, providing high-performance not affected by any other Amiga activities. Autoboot feature comes standard. Removable cartridge media with 25ms average access time. 44MB (formatted) storage capacity per cartridge and unlimited off-line storage. Industry standard half-helght 5V*" form factor. One-year factory warranty on all products . ¦ : • >
- z IMPACT A2000-030 882 25 SW Mass Storage Solutions IMPACT H-Card Series Multi-Function Boards IMPACT SCSI RAM Controller Removable Hard Drive IMPACT SQ44 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. For more information, or for your nearest GVP dealer, call today (215) 889-9411 or FAX (215) 889-9416. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amlga, Inc. IMPACT and GVP are trademarks of Greal Valley Products, Inc. Dealers Circle 245 on Reader Service cards “ : v .¦ Consumers Circle 127 on Reader Service card. ZEITGEIST How many is a million ? MAX TOY, President of Commodore, told JAUG (Jersey Amiga Users Group) at their March 17th meeting that Commodore will have shipped their one millionth Amiga by the time you read this. I have many varied reactions to that news.
1. Great! People are buying the Amiga. Lots of people are buying the Amiga! They have seen them, liked what they can do, and have decided that the Amiga is the best computer to own. Software and hardware solutions are out there. Third- party developers are profiting from their Amiga products, and now even more companies will be looking at developing for the Amiga.
2. Well. . .lots of people, including Commodore, think that one million is some sort of magic number, and that the moment the heavyweights (read: IBM business software and hardware developers) hear that one million figure, they will automatically start flooding the Amiga market with products. I think this is only half right. I think the heavyweights will act slowly. I don't think we will see a dozen new spreadsheets for the Amiga released in the next three months. I don’t think that the one million number alone is going to convince companies. It might convince people who were on the fence before, and I’m sure that a number of the not-so-heavy- weights will give the Amiga market a chance now. If you take a step back and look at the products that are available for the Amiga now and then look at the “heavyweight” products for other machines, there aren’t a lot of gaping holes. Yes, we could use some more serious business software, particularly business graphics and business presentation tools. And there is still room for more music, GAD, and educational software. Networking, mass-stor- age and llicker-free display hardware could be (and is now being) improved. But over all, the Amiga already has products that match or outshine the MS-DOS heavyweight equivalents. You might also consider that some of those heavyweights got to be on top because they developed programs that let you do things with a PC that the Amiga does straight out of the box. Windowing software isn’t a big deal for an Amiga. Integrated packages are great when you need to bounce around without closing one program to get to another, but with multitasking, we can already integrate almost any software from assorted companies. There are lots of DOS utilities out there to make things easier, but Amigas already have Workbench. (OK, it would be nice to have a Norton Utilities for the Amiga.) I don't think that too many graphics board people are going to be swarming over to the Amiga, and video hardware and software for other computers is far behind what we have right now. It is always nice to see new companies and products joining the Amiga group, and I think the magic million will bring in some new players, but it will still take some time.
3. Relief. There have been times when the success of the Amiga was in question. The one million mark takes the Amiga out of the “lets see how they sell” category. But I think that Commodore’s attitude in the past year, more than the number of units sold, has “legitimized” the Amiga. Commodore has showrn a real effort to support the Amiga. While we sometimes feel that they aren’t moving quickly enough or in the right direction, I think they have improved a hell of a lot.
4. Satisfaction. Now, when people ask “What is an Amiga?” or “How is the Amiga doing these days?,” we have an answer that means something to just about everyone.
5. Regret. Like seeing your child grow up. Or a pioneer seeing a village turn into a city. It was fun going through the early days of the Amiga, bad and good. If you owned an Amiga, you were part of a small, elite group of free thinkers, not afraid to be the only person on your block or even in your city to own this special computer. To go out and sell this product yourself if no one else would. The group isn’t so small anymore, but we are still elite.
6. So? What’s the big deal? We always knew the Amiga was going to succeed. There was never any question in my mind. Of course they would sell a million Amigas! The Amiga is good enough to survive and thrive as long as they continue to make them. There was never a doubt about selling a million Amigas, only how long it would take. One million in three and a half years isn’t bad (Apple said that they sold their one millionth Mac only last year), but I think the two million mark will be reached a lot faster.
7. Pride. I think wre all helped the Amiga to succeed. All the developers, owners, magazines, public-domain collectors, user groups, ardsts, programmers, Commodore, engineers, show sponsors, and of course, the Amiga itself. One million is a nice milestone and there should be many others to come. I'm PAC I The Ultimate ion Tool! Incredible Value at Incredible Prices Starting As Low As $ 599.00 with Introductory Offer ACT NOW and get up to $ 150.00 Factory Discount with purchase of the Impact A500 (And coupon below) Hard Disk Drive SCSI 3'A" Hard Disk Drive, available from 20 to 102MB, capable of storing up to 118 diskettes Hard Drive Controller dma, Direct to onboard 16kb Buffer, provides Amiga 2000 Performance. 86 pin Card Edge Connector This compact snap-on unit connects directly to Amiga bus ensuring the highest possible performance and reliability. RAM Expansion & Autoboot Module internal Zero wait-state 2MB FAST RAM expansion plus boot directly from the Hard Drive. (Optional) External SCSI Connector Connects up to 6 additional SCSI devices. Internal Fan Keeps you cool. ACT TODAY! Call or Write GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 225 Plank Ave., Paoli, Pa. 19301 Tel: 215-889-9411 Fax: 215-889-9416 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. Introductory Offer! $ 150.00 OFF with this completed coupon IMPACT A500-HD • 20M • 30 • 43M * 40Q • 80Q • 100Q Na me_ Address_ City_Zip_ Phone REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. Bow to the East I WAS VERY interested in Lhe sad tale of woe by Miles A. Price [“The Five Days of Christmas," Repartee, April ’89, p. 8]. As for the IBM PC and compatibles not being subject to the same type of sabotage, I too have both Pcs and Macs where 1 work, on two separate local networks. Since the first of this year, both have been infected by viruses; one of them was a “time bomb" that waited for an extended period before becoming active. By that time, virtually every user on the net was infected, and many of them still may not realize it. 4 So far, it is questionable whether we have cleaned it up. We have been reinfected on at least one occasion, but we have put a “vaccine” into the machines to correct it. No machine is immune, and if Mr. Price lias not had a problem with his MS-DOS machines, he should bow to the East rather than condemn the Amiga! William H. Hicks, Jr. Melbourne, FI. She Loves ’Em Both I ENJOYED THE ilem about Amigas being used at Ohio State University [“Science Quizzes,” Notepad, April ’89,
p. 1 1]. I’d like to see more articles like that about serious uses for the Amiga. I bought my A1000 for use as an artist’s tool. I plan to purchase an A2500 and a Macintosh II, plus a laser printer for the Mac. I don’t get involved in those petty arguments between Amiga and Mac users because 1 love both computers. Vivian EA. McAlexander Sparks, NV The Expandable 500 1 RECENTLY scanned through your Hardware Buyer’s Guide [March ’89, p. 32]. 1 was pleasantly surprised by the amount of expansion devices available for the Amiga
500. The A2000 is generally considered to be the most expandable Amiga, and I tend to agree, but the A500 has more hardware options. First, there is a lot of third- party hardware designed specifically for the 500. Secondly, with an expansion chassis from a company such as Pacific Peripherals or Phoenix Electronics, the A500 can use virtually all A2000 cards (excluding, of course, cards designed for the A2000’s processor and video slots). I'll he the first to admit that the 500 takes up a lot of desk space and that its power supply is limited. But, with a third-party power supply and ample desk space, the A500 can rival any high-end personal computer on the market, and at a bargain price as well. Paul Hamm Brooklyn, NY r Saturday Night Amiga I HAD A moderately serious Amiga streak within me, but my enthusiasm took a nosedive recently when 1 read that the Toys-R-Us chain would soon be selling Amiga 500s. I do not hold this action, or the desire for profits, against anyone at Commodore. However, I have tried to be a non-frivolous user of my own A500, and I have been stung by software that didn't live up to the promises of its own packaging. If (and when) the Amiga goes the way of Barbie dolls and G.I. Joes, I can only imagine that the explosion of soft ware will overshadow any truly “serious” packages. Magazines are already including game sections and game reviews. I’ve owned the Commodore 64 for years and had noticed many times how the quick-buck programming artists have flooded the software gates. Someone once said that John Travolta single-handedly killed the disco and the country western recording markets with his overnight movie success some years ago. Has he now gotten hold of an Amiga 500? I would hate to see the Amiga go the way of the C-64 and the Atari ST. I, for one, am not impressed with the notion of the Amiga 500 “going public.” Mr. Grove Chicago, IL Errata IN THE PRODUCT Information section of "How to Succeed in Business Presentations" (April ’89, p. 28), the telephone number listed for Electronic Arts is incorrect. The correct number is 415 571-7171. Also, in the same section (p.
30) , the zip code given for Digital Creations’ Rancho Cordova, GA office is incorrect. The correct zip code is 95742.
* Editors Send your letters to: Repartee, Amiga War Id Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters may he edited for space and clarity. ¦ he Power to Create DeVPac Amiga: plete'y stand-alone orcarams which irc c©or iy, as much of the library as they need. ** 4 Features include: V Compatible with Microsoft QuickBASIC 3 on'5 the PC. Atari SI BASIC. Arr.ioaBASIC ana most ether BASICs. Full structured programming. Optional me numbers, lots of compiler ard run-time options allowing tremendous flexibility both a* compile & execution time. Full 'ecurslon in sub-proorams and functions b -s :ca a d global variables, arrays as parame- The Assembler of choice HiSoft Devpac Amiga Version 2 s the latest version of the acclaimed assembly iancuaae development tool for the Commodore Amiga. It combines a full 68000 macro assembler ccuoiec with a full screen editor. GenAm, and a powerful disassemble' and debugger. MonAm. Devpac is designed to give you maximum oower and flexibility, while remaining easy to use. GenAm includes a full screen editor, running under Intuition anc usincthe window- and mcuse: or-emec environment. The editor features a file requester, dynamic clock handlina (including ce- lete. Copy, save and insert from disc) a eomore- hensive 'ange of Search and Replace commands and edlt-time tab handling. It nas a powerful, fast 68000 macro assembler matcan assemble source code at a maximum speed of 75.000 lines per minute (on a standard A50Q). A stand-alone version of the assembler is supplied for use's with strong editor preferences o' who use batch files. MonAm is a comprehens vs.r chly advanced symbolic monitor, cisassemc er. Arc oebugger. It is multi-tasking, and you can set breakpoints m your code while it executes ana stoc runaway programs. To make program devefcoment fast and easy, both the assembler ana the debugger are available instantly from a thin the editor. Order today, and pay just S 99.3 5 for the cest Assembler Debuooer for me Am ca Up to 5 times faster than all other drives with the included B.A.D. software.* Features: CSI32 SilentDrive Does not click when you take the disk out. Small compact design Metal case Compatible with all Amigas Low power consumption Also available, the CS12200 Internal drive lor the Amiga 2000. This drive is so silent, you almost won’t hear it run! Low Price!
* Assumin2 the other drives are used in their standard configuration, i.e. without B.A.D. software. S **$ 39.95 A fast-paced action strategy game with an entertaining sense of humor. You're Oswald, a cold, hungry blue bear, challenged by a variety of obstacles and adversaries.
* I r ft The ultimate stereo sampling sound editing system! The QuasarSound advanced editing software gives you the best way to sample sound on the Amiga! Save real-world sounds in IFF format for use in any music program that supports IFF or 8SVX sounds, such as Deluxe Music, Sonix. Soundscape,Dr. T’s KCS 1.6A, Dynamic Drums, and many Fast paced action strategy game. Large detailed graphics. Digitized sound. A variety of interesting and humorous encounters. The cutest, most fun to playgame for the Amiga! 1*1 i || ... s l‘.*iiii ' (4 [FT Ji more: High and Low Pass filter operations Offers loop control Can play and record up to 4 tracks in memory Easy-to-use user interface with visual editing Powerful editing feature, including cut and paste operations. A foremost educational utility comes to the Amiga. Allowing direct speedy access to details of information on over 150 countries of the world. World Allas, allows the sdtudent, educator, business executive or traveler access to an incredible resource of information and history. Centaur Software, Inc. 14040 Tahiti Way. Ste. 528. Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 (213) 821-5995 Consumers Circle 200 on Reader Service card Dealers Circle 239 on Reader Service card. Easy to Understand Animated icon menus Fill Mode Various brush modes Color cycle effects No reading skills required 28 Drawings included $ 49.95 retail Kids can draw their own pictures More "coloring book" diskettes available Educator approved Sampled sounds for each picture mode Educational Paint Program & Coloring Book Centaur Software Inc Make Your Disks Fly with. 14040 Tahiti Way, suite 528 Marina Del Rcy CA 90292 The Ultimate Disk Optimizer Decrease Disk Access Time Up To 500% Restore Smooth Disk Operation Designed For Use On Floppies AND HardDrives Supports Multiple Partitions FAST CLI Directory Access Incredible Workbench[tm] Performance 100% AmigaDOS Compatible Works with FAST FILING SYSTEM
B. A.D. analyzes, restructures, and processes ANY AmigaDOS disk such that permanent speed increases will be realized. This is NOT a RAM cache based system! ~r $ 49.95 retail
M. V. Micro Menu driven. Complete set of powerful schematic capture commands. Variable logic template size that follows MIL-STD-860 Provides automatic device and section number assignment with Zone control. Automatic page reference generation and insertion through post processing. M m Weight assignments which can be hidden. Dot Matrix, Laser Printer, Plotter and Gerber Plotter support.
• PCB Library part accuracy to 0.001 inch. M 0.025 PCB grid.
• Supports 1, 2, or 4 layer PCB with Silk Screen,
• Single line auto route, 12 mil trace, 13 mil spacing.
• Provides wide traces.
• Component placement done by positioning DIP, SIP, 2'PADS and Library parts.
• Complete set of powerful PCB layout features accessible through IFK's. Centaur Software, Inc. 14040 Tahiti Way, Ste. 528. Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 (213) 821-5995 NOTEPAD Compiled by Linda Barrett Show-Off BACK IN NEW York City for a return engagement in March, AmiExpo drew a record crowd the largest yet for an Amiga show. The show's playbill, packed with details on lectures, seminars, and workshops, set the stage for excitement. AmlExpo's cast of exhibitors Included some new names In addition to many familiar ones. GRAFX Computing made Its first show appearance demonstrating X-Shetl, an Interface to help you work more productively with Taurus’ X-CAD. Another AmiExpo debutant Micro Momentum, introduced The Journeyman, a portable Amiga, as well as some software utilities. Video Toaster groupies stormed the NewTek booth to see the effects generator and Dlgl-Palnt III In action, Biz while ASDG and Gold Disk had the ears of desktop publishers. Their announcement of ASDG-RESEP, a utility capable of Inserting 24-bit color images scanned by Professional Scan- Lab (ASDG’s interface to Sharp scanners) into PostScript color separations generated in Gold Disk's Professional Page drew raves. Among the others vying to steal the show were Mindware International's PageSync, which lets you create timed interaction between Amiga graphics and professional-quality audio, and Elan Design’s Elan Performer, a multi-format presentation program. Syndesis' latest starlet, TSSnet, is an Amiga software implementation of the Digital Network Architecture (DEC- net). Syndesis also announced two new modules Gold Disk's Professional Page and Impulse's Turbo Silver 3.0 in supporting roles for the company's Interchange and InterFont packages. From the orchestra pit, Impulse sent out Harmony, a package that turns your script lines into music. Brown-Wagh put many names in lights, among them Project Master, a professional project-management tool, and the Easy Ledgers integrated accounting system. Manx Software Systems announced that Aztec C Express, the latest version of the company's software-de- velopment environment, is waiting In the wings. Great Valley Products played a key part with the Impact A2000-Hard- CardQ combination Quantum Pro- Drive hard-disk SCSI controller, and the 16 and 25MHz Impact A2000-030 asynchronous-deslgn 68030 coprocessor accelerators. Also starring in the GVP booth was the Impact A2000- SQ44 hard drive with a 44MB removable cartridge Winchester hard disk. From Progressive Peripherals came news of FrameGrabber 256, a realtime 256 gray-scale digitizer. Long before the curtain came down, the Amiga this show's leading lady- got standing ovations from attendees, manufacturers, and retailers alike. The next stop on the AmiExpo tour will be Chicago for a July 28-30 engagement For more Information, call 800 32- AMIGA. BGT All Together Now. . . IN ADDITION TO being the world's largest technology exposition, the CeBIT show in Hannover, West Germany is a showcase for Commodore Germany’s latest brainstorms. Having been criticized in the past for launching a multitude of disparate hardware products, Commodore focused on integrated solution packages for the Amiga at last March’s show. One display, aimed at the desktop-video market, combined an Amiga 500 with the new A590 Hard Drive Plus (20MB storage, DMA controller, SCSI interface, and sockets for up to two megabytes of RAM expansion) and the VideoBox, which includes a Diamond Scan digitizer, RGB splitter, and genlock. Four software packages drive the system: the Diamond paint program for digitizing and image processing, Quick Silver for 3D design and animation, Effects for special video effects, and Video-Fitler for on-screen text. Desktop publishers were drawn to the A2000 display. The desktop-publishing system featured a three-meg A2000 with a 40MB hard disk, a hi-res AOC color monitor (connected by a non-interlaced color adapter and the ASDG-IEEE interface card), a Sharp JX 300 color scanner, and an NEC LC 890 PostScript laser printer. For software the system offers Professional Rage, Professional Draw (both from Gold Disk), and Professional Scan Lab (ASDG). Activity was also heavy on the business front. The Amiga 2500 UX drew crowds of UNIX enthusiasts, while IBM PC XT lovers examined the A2286D XT Rridgeboard and enhanced Janus libraries for the A2000. To brighten up your printed documents, the company debuted the MPS 1224 C, a 24- pin color printer promising speeds up to 220 characters per second (cps) in draft mode and 72 cps in near-letter-quality mode. For German Amiga owners Commodore was showing oil their Btx Software Decoder that allows people to access the Bildschirmtext, the interactive videotex! Service of the German Federal Post authority. Commodore must forsee a profitable future for its new Amiga products. II show gossip was correct, the company will double the size of its booth next year. GW IF THE WORDS knitting, weaving, and needlepoint bring to mind little bluehaired grannies, then you’re way behind the times. During the first meeting of the Textile Computer Users Group at Computer Showcase In San Francisco last March, a savvy professional group expertly threaded their textile jargon with computerese. The Stitch Niche Margaret Copeland, a textile designer and production weaver, chaired the meeting. A former business programmer, she wrote Chromaweaver, a cotor-weave design program for the Amiga, and hopes to eventually add full-spectrum 3D-shaded thread images that accurately coordinate to commercial dyes. Her ambitious plans Include creating a disk library of weave patterns, and developing a “pick-out" scanning system to analyze the structure of fabric previously woven. Margaret Initiated the gathering with another Amiga user, Susan Lazear, out of the shared desire to encourage wider use of computers in the textile arts. Susan is the founder of Cochenille Computer Knit Products Inc. of Orinda, CA, developers of the first Amiga IBM Interface for the Brother 930 Knltklng automated knitting machine. She Is also a textile and knit- ware designer for leading California sportswear manufacturers and a virtuoso on the Amiga with DeluxePaint II (Electronic Arts). Susan mesmerized the gathering, which included several Master Weavers visiting from Germany. Taking a colorful sample design from Margaret's Chomaweaver program into DeluxePaint II, she rescaled it as a fill, and with the stencil function, laid it into a sweater body she designed on the spot. Susan prepares ail her specification sheets and graphic samples for clients on the Amiga, printing them in luscious color with a Xerox 4020 ink-jet printer. Susan Lazear’s Falrlsle sweater pattern a la Amiga. Demonstrations of Digl-Vlew (NewTek) and various color printers sparked excited discussion of specialized applications. There were reports of surface designers adhering silk to a paper backing and running unhemmed scarves directly through their printers, and experiments with food dyes In Ink-jet printers. Handwork also benefits from Amiga technology. Across the Golden Gate, Kathleen Rake creates and teaches needlepoint and needlework design at the College of Marin. All her lessons are prepared completely on the Amiga. Stitch patterns are diagramed with instructional text and printed using PageSetter (Gold Disk), Scribble (Micro-Systems Software), and DeluxePaint II. The volatile fashion business demands Innovative garment and textile design, while the mushrooming hobbyist market is hungry for novelty. The Amiga offers powerful and affordable design toots with possibilities for Interfacing to computer-automated looms, knitters, and sewing machines. Users are asking for adaptable or modular programs built with an understanding of their craft. A paint program with a few technical tucks and ruffles would send some eagerly back to their knitting. Sue Albert Wanted: Fine Art THE ABACI GALLERY of Computer Art, in association with Machlan Enterprises, is compiling a hook of Amiga computer artwork. Artists interested in submitting their work should send duplicate slides (no originals); each slide should include a title, artist's name, and copyright. All artwork should he original, preferably hand-drawn, designed and created using the Amiga by the artist(s) submitting the work. Deadline for submissions is June 30, 989. Send your submissions to ABACI Gallery of Computer Art, 312 NW 10th, Portland, OR 97209 (Attn.: Daria Barclay). For mare information, contact Daria at 5031228-8692 or Richard Machlan at 503 639-4631. SL REVIEWS Viking 1 See your big ideas life size. By Bob Ryan MUCH OF WHAT makes the Amiga great is contained in the custom chips that control graphics, animation, sound, DMA (Direct Memory Access), and more. These custom chips and the libraries that support them, however, also define the limits of the Amiga system. This has been a source of some frustration as newer computers have leapfrogged the Amiga in terms of display resolution. The Viking 1 monitor from Moniterm is an ingenious solution to the problem of expanding the Amiga’s resolution. Before you rush out and remortgage the house, though, you may want to wait for Commodore's Enhanced Chip Set to be released. Viking 1 is Moniterm’s implementation of the Commodore A2024 monitor. Like the yet-unreleased A2024, the Viking 1 is based upon the hardware design of Hedley Davis and the software engineering of Dale Luck, the author of the Amiga graphics library. It can display standard Workbench applications at a resolution of 1008 horizontal pixels by 800 vertical pixels in four shades of gray. Unlike the A2024, however, which attaches to the Amiga RGB port and contains the circuitry needed to create the enhanced display, the 19-inch Viking 1 is an Amiga 2000-only product. It comes with an interface board that creates the display, and enough memory to buffer the display before it is output to the monitor. Until AmigaDOS 1.4 ships, the Viking 1 will also come with a special Jumpstart disk. Installing the Viking 1 hardware is easy and takes no longer than ten minutes. Remove the cover from your Amiga 2000 and nudge the interface board into the video slot at the right-rear of the machine. Then close up your machine, place the monitor on top of your Amiga, and connect the monitor to the interface card using the supplied cable. Leapin’ Libraries To operate the Viking 1 your machine must have the Exec, graphics, and Intuition libraries from Kickstart 1.4. Because Kickstart 1.4 is not yet available as a replacement ROM chip, it comes to Viking 1 owners on disk. This disk contains the Jumpstart program, which loads the 1.4 libraries into RAM and then patches your system software so that your Amiga uses these libraries instead of the ones in ROM. Then, the Jumpstart program reboots your system using the 1.4 libraries. Once you have rebooted with the 1.4 libraries, run the SetMonitor program to indicate that you will be using the Viking
1. Now, you can activate the enhanced resolution mode by running Preferences and selecting an appropriate mode switch, and then loading the ResetWB program, which puts you into 1008x800 display mode. Although the software installation is uncommon, the entire process, with the exception of ResetWB, can be done automatically using script files supplied on the Jumpstart disk. Applied Ingenuity Although it can be extended a bit with software overscanning, the Amiga's high- resolution limitation of 640x400 is fundamental to the Amiga’s design. To increase resolution by normal methods, you would have to put an entirely new display system on an expansion board and write new libraries to support it. If you did that, however, the new display hardware would likely be incompatible with current software. The Viking 1 avoids such problems by creating its large display from multiple standard Amiga displays. The software sets up four or six (depending upon the option you choose from Preferences) linked .Amiga displays in chip memory, and sends each to the Viking interface 10 or 15 times per second (depending on the display mode you select). The interlace board assembles these frames in its buffer and then outputs the result to the monitor. Both of the Viking l’s extended display modes 10 Hz and 15 Hz produce a 1008x800 display. The difference is that the 10 Hz display is jerkier while the 15 Hz mode uses Chip RAM DMA and can cause bus contention (i.e., as the custom chips access chip memory to create the display, they steal cycles from the 68000, thereby slowing program processing). .Although the display does not scroll as smoothly in either mode as does a standard Amiga screen, I consider this a small price to pay for the huge, crisp, steady display that the Viking 1 provides. I’ve often gone home with sore, burning eyes after working with a standard Amiga monitor for six or eight hours. I encountered no such problems with the Viking monitor. In addition to the extended modes, Specifications Resolution: 1008 XEOOpixeb plus the standard Amis* display nodes. Co'tots: Four levels ol grey Uachln* Amiga 20CO Price- JIMS 00 Requirements: Jumpsuit dh or OS 1.4 Reccommended: Enhanced Chip Sol Chip RAW Usage: -160K Jump start Usage: -150K Restrictions: Orly applications that open onlo a Workbench nerccn are luppoctcd in Extended mode Only the first sprite (the mouse painter) la supported. Do ub!e-b uttered displays are not supported. Only system Generated COPPER lists are supported.! The Viking supports standard Amiga low-, medium-, interlaced-, and high-resolu- tion modes. As a bonus, it removes flicker from interlaced and hi-res displays as effectively as MicroWay’s flicker Fixer. Lu rTi 2f X)HD Watch Your Twos and Fours The Viking 1 converts all displays into four shades of gray, and because it supports just one sprite the pointer sprite it is not suitable for arcade games. Still, the Viking 1 will run any software in extended mode that uses a two- or four-color Workbench screen and follows Commodore’s programming guidelines. The Viking I lets you see an entire full-size 8' 2x11 sheet on screen. Because the monitor is designed with a few specific applications in mind, 1 tested a number of leading word-pro- cessing, CAD, and desktop-publishing programs with the monitor and came up with mixed results. Although the current level of support is good, I believe that the release of AmigaDOS 1.4 will spur more developers to insure that, if appropriate, their software supports the extended mode. Software that does not employ a standard Workbench screen cannot access the Viking Ts extended modes. That eliminates programs that use custom screens. ProWrite (New Horizons), for instance, uses an eight-color proprietary display. While excellence! (Micro-Systems Software) also normally opens a custom screen, you can force it into Workbench by using the CLI’s -w option. (Entering your program disks’s name followed by
- w on the command line prompts any program supporting this option to open into the Workbench screen.) When run this way, excellence! Performed beautifully in extended mode. Not so WordPerfect (WordPerfect Corp.). Using the -s option from the command line 1 was able to open a larger-than-normal window on the extended screen, but this window did not occupy the whole display. I also encountered problems operating the program in extended mode. Because most CAD programs use custom screens, not many can take advantage of the Viking 1. One that does, Aegis Draw 2000, lets you choose to open into Workbench. The test I was most interested in involved running Professional Page (Gold Disk) and PageStrearn (Soft Logik), the two Amiga desktop-publishing heavyweights. Although Pro l*age normally uses a custom screen, it does support the
- w option. When I ran the program using this option, however, a requester informed me that I had insufficient Chip RAM. I didn’t have a prototype of the new Fatter Agnus chip that provides one meg of Chip RAM, so I tried running the program with a two-color Workbench, rather than in four-color mode (an option made possible by Jumpstart’s Preferences). Pro Page worked Fine on the two-color Workbench, although it was unable to display inactive boxes, the grid, column outlines, and other things that use the upper two colors of the usual four-color Workbench. The fact that I can get an entire 8* 2 x 11 Page on screen at 100% magnification will make up for the invisible lines until I get a Fatter Agnus chip. PageStrearn was another story. Once again, 1 used the -w option to open the program onto a Workbench screen. I was encouraged by the fact that Page- Streatn loaded, opened its tools window in the upper left of the extended screen, and laid its menu across the top. When I tried to create a document, however, the program crashed. I never got Page- Stream to work in extended mode. Playing Catch-up The Viking 1 is just a little ahead of its time. Until the Enhanced Chip Set and AmigaDOS 1.4 hit the market, the monitor will be harder to use and will work with less software than it should. If you think a beautiful 19-inch four-gray-level display is just what you need for your desktop-publishing, word-processing, or CAD application, put $ 1995 into the bank until Commodore releases the new chips and operating system. I hen, use the original S1995 to buy the Viking 1 and the accumulated interest to buy the the Enhanced Chip Set and 1.4. You will not be disappointed. Viking 1 Monitorm Corp. 5740 Green Circle Dr. Minnetonka, MN 55343 612 935-4151 $ 1995 No special requirements. A collection of essential, powerful, and easy-to-use tools for your Amiga Also included at no additional cost ($ 14.95 value) Here's a new software package that every Amiga owner can use. Abacus' AmigaDOS Toolbox has the tools you need to make your Amiga computing easier and more productive. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Amiga user you'll find the AmigaDOS Toolbox to be just what you've been looking for. To order call Toll Free 1-800-451-4319 mm ffiiiliU! Abacus Dept. L5, 5370 52nd Street S.E. Grand Rapids, Ml 49508 Phone: (616) 698-0330 HMHi Some of our best tools included are:
• DeepCopy- one of the fastest FULL disk copiers: copies many different formats.
• Speeder- a data speedup utility (more than 300%) -not a disk cache. ¦ BTSnap- a screen grabber deluxe.
• Diskmon- a full-featured disk editing tool.
• Fonts- eleven new originals you can use in your Amiga text. ...and many additional tools that every Amiga owner can use. Bought individually, equivalent software could cost up to $ 200. Amga and Am gaDOS are registe'ed t'adema'ks Comnoco'e Am ga Inc 4004 Genlockable Video Graphics Encoder Now shipping Presenting... The bucks top here. By Joel Tessler FROM THE MOMENT it was introduced, the Amiga has been touted as a serious video-graphics tool. Despite its outstanding abilities, however, the AlOOO’s composite video signal is inferior. Commodore responded to criticism of the AlOOO’s built-in encoder by doing away with it on the A500 and A2000, in hopes that third-party manufacturers could do a better job. Magni Systems, a company known to video insiders for its fine test equipment, has met this challenge but at a price that excludes all but professional users. Experto Crede With the 4004 Genlockable Video Graphics Encoder for the Amiga 2000, Magni Systems demonstrates its knowledge of NTSC intricacies. (Model 4005 is the PAL version.) The 4004 consists of two cards: a 100-pin genlock-and-en- coder hoard that fits into an IBM slot, and a video-interface board that plugs into the Amiga’s video slot. Two flat cables link the genlock encoder hoard with the video interface. A nine-pin breakout cable, which extends from the rear of the encoder board, lets you attach an external video reference in, external key in, reference black out, and video out. Using the video interface’s eight DIP switches, you can configure the 4004 to one of four genlock modes: sync and hurst lock, burst lock only, sync lock only, and internal reference. The 4004 is shipped with two disks: a self-running demo and the Magni 4000 ? Got The Picture...Get The Works! Picture this: all the productivity applications you need in one easy to use “Starter Kit”. Give your Amiga power times five. Give it The Works! Platinum Edition. GajDnnGDCD Micro- Systems Software 12798 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 202 West Palm Beach, Florida 33414 407-790-0770 Fax 407-790-1341 Dealers and Distributors Call 1-800*327-8724 See your local dealer for a demonstration. We use KAO Disks. The Works! Platinum Edition is a trademark of Micro-Systems Software. Inc. All brand and product names are trademarks of registered trademarks of their respective companies. E Work PLATINUM EDITION d Programs In One Amiga Computer :• Series Control Software, which allows full mouse or keyboard control of the genlock. The demo runs flawlessly, but attempting to use the control software right out of the box is frustrating. Clicking 011 the program's icon yields no response. Only loading from the CLI offers a clue the error message “Cannot establish communication with video hardware.” Upon close inspection of the manual, I discovered that the factory configuration of the DIP switches is sync and burst lock. For the software to be enabled, you must reset three of the switches to a fifth mode. Once 1 set the switches properly, the software ran fine as both a foreground and background task. I had no trouble using the program with various combinations of graphics packages. The control software allows you to reset the genlock mode, turn keying on or off, invert keying, choose between color 0 or luminance keying, adjust the key level, mix between video and graphics, cut between video and graphics, or set auto rates for these transitions. If you want to maintain this type of control over the genlock while using single-tasking programs (like JDK Images’ Pro Video Plus or Video Effects 3D by InnoVision Technology), you must spring for the optional 4010 remote-control unit. (The 4010 an extra S300 with the genlock or S495 purchased separately is similar in design to other genlock controllers. It hooks up to the back of the video interface via a 25-pin connector,) Running the control software panel in the foreground, you can enable all functions via the mouse. When you use the genlock “live,” however, this setup is not necessarily desirable. For this type of application, you can transfer keyboard control to your graphics program by placing the Magni software in the background. At any time, you can override the dominant graphics software with the 4000-series program by pressing a key combination; then, the function keys trigger the various genlock modes. You can return authority to your graphics program at any time with another simple key combination. Squeaky Clean The Magni system delivers the cleanest video signal I have yet seen from the .Amiga. Using the 4004 in its factory-configured setting will give you graphics- only output in broadcast bandwidth while independently locking to external sync and burst. In t he absence of an external reference, the sync oscillator will lock to its own internal timing. Therefore, you need only connect the video output cable to a properly terminated destination to obtain proper NTSC graphics. The auxiliary output can also be configured to provide blackburst out. Using the public-domain program VTOT (Video Tools on Tap), I displayed SMPTE bars, full-field color bars, and a gray scale through the 4004, and measured the output on both a waveform monitor and a vectorscope. Several video engineers agreed that the signal easily conforms to broadcast tolerances. To the less trained eye, the stability of the graphics is obvious evidence that the 4004’s signal is high quality. Dot crawl is almost non-existent and the NTSC colors closely approach the RGB originals. Continued on p. 72 In Canada: In the U.S.: b.uauiS The EASYL graphics tablet, a natural extension of your pen or pencil, is the simplest and most intuitive way to put your ideas into the Amiga. Whether you are an artist, animator, designer or engineer, EASYL quickly draws your attention to its’ power, precision, ruggedness and ease of use. Once installed in your Amiga 500, 1000, or 2000, EASYL is ready to work with Deluxe Paint, Draw Plus, Photon Paint, Express Paint, Professional Draw, plus many other popular graphics programs. No matter what the job, EASYL is just a pen stroke away. EASYL also leaves your mouse active and the mouse joystick, serial, and parallel ports free for other uses. For a powerful way to express yourself on your Amiga, pick up the EASYL pressure sensitive graphics tablet. Chances are you won’t put it down. Contact your Amiga dealer for a free demonstration, or contact one of the addresses below. EASYL is also available for Commodore PC XT AT and compatible computers. EASYL technical support is available on BIX. Anakin Research Inc. Corporation 100 Westmore Drive, Unit 11C Rexdaie, 1670 S-Amphlett Blvd., 201 Ontario, Canada M9V5C3 94402
(416) 7 4-4246 (415) 571-8766 Easyl is a registered trademark ol Anakin Research Inc., Deluxe Paint is a registered trademark ot Electronic Arts, Professional Draw Is a registered trademark of Gold Disk Inc. Photon Paint is a registered trademark of Microillusions, Draw Plus is a registered trademark of Aegis Development Inc., Express Paint is a registered trademark of PAR. Inc. Circle 82 on Reader Service card. Sculpt-Animate 4D Blows the Competition Away! “I have two strikes against me in life. I’m a Canadian who can’t play hockey and I know nothing about computers. If it weren’t for Sculpt-Animate 4D, I'd be in big trouble. Thanks to this easy-to-use product, I now create animations that my friends, who struggle to use the other 3D packages, only dream about. They think I’m a hacker. So when they come around I say things like “RAM", “multi-sync” and “CPU" - for image. When they’re gone, I turn on my Amiga, turn on SA4D and turn into a 3D pro. SA4D is fast, friendly .... and doesn’t require skates." Bruce Granofsky Professional Animator, Canadian We don't want to toot ourown horn, but Sculpt-Animate 4D has no competition. No other Amiga program could create the "Jammin Clerk” image. Sure, one could render the balls, another could build the sax. But, SA4D is the only 3D program that could build, render, and animate Clerk. Compare for yourself. Study the images and animations from the other 3D programs. Only SA4D brings your creations to life with haunting reality. Join with us in changing the course of 3D history. Suggested retail price is $ 499.95. Special Sculpt-Animate 4D upgrade pricing:
U. S. Canada Overseas Sculpt 3D* $ 345 S400 Sculpt-Animate 3D* $ 195 S250
* Warranty cards and manual covers required to receive upgrade pricing.
31) Cookbook - An entertaining one hour video tape introducing Sculpt-Animate 4D, Easy, step-by-step demonstrations reveal powerful, time saving tips for creatine 3D visuals. Suggested retail price is $ 24.95. Sculpt-Animate 4D Jr. 3D Animation - For the Rest of Us Interested in making beautiful 3D visuals? Got the low budget blues? Sculpt-Animate 4D Jr. Was composed specifically for you. Learn 3D design and animation skills with a minimum of effort. At low cost. Through an easy-to-use graphical user interface, SAJr. Produces stunning wireframe and polvgonally shaded 3D animations. On an Amiga 500 no less. SAJr., the only real competition to Sculpt-Animate 4D. Suggested retail price is $ 149.95. Contact your local dealer or Byte by Byte at (512) 343-4357 for more information. Educational site licenses are available. Direct U.S. and Canadian distributor inquiries to Centaur Software, Inc. at (213) K21-5995. International resellers contact Byte by Byte. BYTE bu BYTE Arboretum Plaza II 9442 Capita! Of Texas Highway N. Suite 150 Austin, Texas 78759 (512)543-4357 Sculpt-Animate 4D. SA4D. Sculpt-Animate 4D Jr.. SAJr.. and 3D Cookbook are trademarks of Byte by Byte Corporation Amiga is a trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Inc. Dealers Circle 260 on Reader Service Card. Consumers Circle 59 on Reader Semce Card. BASIC by the Numbers In his last hurrah, our intrepid BASIC seer actually tries to do something useful. By Bob Ryan 75 The Mod Squad IN THE L ST three installments of “BASIC by the Numbers,” Eve discussed how to perform different types oj text-data manipulation specifically, how to access data files and how to sort and search data. This month, in the final appearance of this column, I put these pieces together with information from previous columns to create a nice address-book application. The whole program is printed here as Listing I. The Address Hook program consists of a short main routine and lots of subroutines. This illustrates the concept of modular programming: break large programs into small pieces, then string them together to form finished applications. Look at the main routine of Address Book. It consists o] 11 lines that initialize the array, set up the menus, turn on menu and error trapping, and then wait for you to make choices from the menus. In the Driver’s Seat 76 THE WORK OF the program is done In dedicated subroutines accessed by menus. The menus themselves are handled In tour separate routines. CheckMenu tests for the menu Item selected and calls the proper routine to handle that choice. For example, if you choose List from the Print menu, CheckMenu calls the PrlntRec routine that actually sends the contents of the address book to your printer. The three other menu-handling routines, ActivProject, ActivAII, and Activ- None, make some menu Items active or Inactive, depending upon whether a data file has been opened or whether another routine, such as the search routine or the show forms routine, is running. ActivProject activates the Project menu only and is called when you first start the program. ActivAII is called after a file has been opened, giving you access to all the menu items. ActivNone shuts down all the menus white the program is printing or waiting for keyboard input. These three routines insure that you cannot perform an action at an inappropriate time. The use of multiple windows goes hand in hand with the use of menus. Every Input and output action the program performs uses a dedicated window. This keeps the output display clean and uncluttered. Changes 77 IF YOU HAVE followed my previous discussions on file handling, sorting, and searching, you will notice that I have pretty much used the same code; I have simply repackaged it into subroutines accessed by menus. For example, the file-opening routine (OpenF) now opens a small input window and asks you for the name of a file. It then reads in the data, sorts it with a call to Fsort, and activates all the menus before returning program control to the menu- trapping loop in the main routine. The sort routine itself is identical to the routine used in earlier installments. The search routine Rec- Search has undergone the greatest transformation. The problem with the old routine is that it did not check to see whether there were multiple “hits” whether more than one data item matched the search parameter. The CheckRec portion contains the logic to check for more than one match. It uses a recursive algorithm to check records adjacent to the matching record until all matches are found. ? Introducing the Sharp JX-300 letter size color scanner. Our affordable, new JX-300 can scan the most appetizing color originals up to 8 V2" x 11" It also has a small footprint and fixed scanning bed to give you more usable desk space. This new color scanner joins our larger, widely acclaimed JX-450, which handles originals up to 11" x 17". The JX-450 also scans 35mm slides and overhead transparencies with an optional mirror unit. Both units scan at 300 d.p.i. resolution and 256 shades for Circle 250 on Reader Serv:ce card. C 1988 Sharp Electronics Simulated Picture on Monitors each element to give a range of 16.7 million colors. Not to mention 256 gray scales for monochrome systems. Both are compatible with the leading PC systems. Sharp also offers the JX-730 color inkjet printer to give you plain paper color printouts that are faithful to your originals. If you’re looking into scanners even black and white scanners don’t overlook the future. The future ibm Sun is mouth watering color. 11 ps2 Microsystems For information, call I-800-BE-SHARR Information Displays 78 THE PROGRAM LETS you display data In two ways: as forms and as a list. The forms mode displays the Information from one record and then waits for you to hit the Return key. The list mode displays ten records at once. Note that the ShowForm routine is called by the search routine as well as by the Display Form menu Item. A new addition to the program is the ability to print records In a list or as mailing labels. The printer Is treated like any other file; it must be opened and output Is directed to It by using Its file number. The labels routine prints three lines of Information and three blank lines. This assumes you are using standard one- inch mailing labels and setting your printer to six lines per Inch. Wmm The Next Step ADDRESS ROOK IS a nice little program, but space limitations made it impossible for me to incorporate all the bells and whistles I wanted. Making a virtue out of a necessity (or a feature out of a bug), I’ll leave it to you to incorporate some or all of the following improvements: The program needs an Edit menu that will allow you to edit the information in the records and to delete entire records. The Record Add routine should also be a part of this menu. The search routine should let you choose what field you want to search. It should also let you indicate a range such as “last names between F and H.M You should also be able to choose a range of records for printing. One final improvement the program needs is a file requester. This one is rather complicated and you may not want to undertake it. Luckily, Amiga World has an article on an Amiga Basic file requester in the works. Out, Out, Brief Candle! 80 THAT'S IT TOR “BASIC by the Numbers.” Before the editors get out the wooden stake, I'd like to say that I've enjoyed writing the column; I hope you've enjoyed reading it. Listing . Address Book program. REM Address Book Program REM By Bob Ryan REM May, 1989 AmigaWorld REM Main Routine DIM 1st$ (100,7) GOSUB ActivProject ON MENU GOSUB CheckMer.u MENU ON ON ERROR GOTO eHanale s = l WHILE s=l SLEEP WEND END REM Menu Handling CheckMenu: MENU OFF ON MENU(0) GOSUB ml,m2,m3,m4 RETURN ml: ON MENU(1) GOSUB NewF, OpenF, Quit MENU ON RETURN m2 : ON MENU(1) GOSUB ShowList, CheckForm MENU ON RETURN m3 : ON MENU(1) GOSU3 AddRec, GetSearch MENU ON RETURN m4: ON MENU(1) C-0SU3 PrintRec, PrintLab MENU ON RETURN REM Exit Routine Quit: MENU RESET STOP REM Get Data for Search GetSearch: GOSUB ActivNone WINDOW 2,"Search",(50,50)-(400,150) LOCATE 5,3 PRINT "Get Search Parameter" PRINT INPUT "Enter Last Name: search$ WINDOW CLOSE 2 ListiJig continued on p. 108 No Other Word Processor For Amiga® Stacks Up To Pro Write™ 2.0. Word is out Pro Write 2.0 allows you to expand your Amiga word processing to new horizons. Use it to generate proposals with impressive bar charts. Create letters and reports with snappy graphics. Generate television storyboards. Even dash out newsletters with spot illustrations. Color Graphics. Multiple Fonts. And of course. Pro Write
2. 0 has all the other features you expect: a spelling checker with 95,000 word dictionary. Mailmerge. And fast graphics printing. Best of all, it works with our font packages, ProFonts I and II, giving you a broad range of professional and decorative fonts. Spelling Checker. Mailmerge All this, plus ProWrite’s powerful editing capabilities and ease-of-use combine to make ProWrite the best word processor for the Amiga computer. Multiple Windows. ProScript: Perfection In Print For The Amiga. ProScript is the new PostScript utility from New Horizons Soft- J ware that gives you the professional look of typeset copy. ProScript reads Pro Write files and prints them on any PostScript equipped printer, giving you the same multiple font and picture capabilities you expect from ProWrite, but with the typeset quality of PostScript printing. ProWrite 2.0 and ProScript. A powerful new team that puts a nov world of word processing and printing at your fingertips. First in Personal Productivity and Creativity J P.O. Box 43167 Austin, Texas 78745 ( 512) 328-6650 Pro Write. ProForsts and ProScript arc trademarks of New Horuuns Software. Inc Amiga is a registered trademark, of Commodorc-Amiga. Inc PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems. Inc Resizable Graphics Supports stereo vision Includes large library of predefined objects, letters, and numbers while allowing the easy addition of user defined objects Generates 3D in any number of bit planes (even one bit plane 3D!) Allows exact control over motion in 3D Performs automatic light adjustment when light source re-positioned Presents choice of coordinate systems for optimum 3D generation Mindware International HO Dunlop Street, West Box 22158 Barrie,Ontario,Canada L4M5R3 For more information or the dealer nearest you: 1-705-737-5998 Amiga is a trademark ol Commodore Business Machines. Inc. PageRender 30 is a registered trademark of Mindware International. Circle 236 on Reader Service card It took Odysseus 20 years to find his way home, but "Homer" Brawn will guide you through the perilous maze of Amiga animation programs in considerably less than epic time. VENTURING THROUGH THE realm of Amiga animation was not easy. Flipping through my bitmaps, I was surprised to see that all of the roads ran in different directions. The Anim Expressway was obviously built for speed, but strangely, it was nearly empty of traffic. Antic Alley intrigued me with all its twists and turns, but it was far too narrow. The Hash route looked promising, but the directions were so vague that I never did find it. I did find the 3-D Zone, an amusement park, crowded with attractions. There the Turbo Ray Tracer had the longest lines, but the ride took so long to complete that 1 got tired of waiting. What 1 found most frustrating of all on my animation odyssey was that there weren’t any intersec- tions or interchanges to connect the different routes. I did pick up in my travels, however, a great deal of practical experience. So to help you find the finished animation you are searching for, let me guide you through the bewildering domain of Amiga animation programs by pointing out the tourist attractions and traps along the way. Road Signs To make it into the animation guidebook, a program must meet several criteria. It must multitask politely and never hog the machine’s resources. It should work in all graphics modes and support all of the IFF (Interchange File Format) graphics standards, including Anims. The user interface should be an efficient blend of icons, menus, and keyboard equivalents, while the manual should be well written and completely indexed. Finally, the program code should be small and efficient, allowing full use of system memory and resources. Unless noted all the programs require a minimum of 512K to run. .As with traditional animation, computer animation is based on the rapid sequencing of still frames to fool the brain into perceiving a single, fluid motion. What makes computer animation unique and categorizes the programs is the way in which the frames are created. The two basic types of animation software are 2-D cel animators and 3-D object modelers. The differences are simple: In the 2-D cel metaphor (derived from the individual frames of cellulose film), the artist creates all. Or most, of the frames by hand on screen. In the 3-D method, the animator takes the role of designer and director. After creating the object (or character) in a simulated three-dimensional environment, he directs the computer to display, illuminate, and move the object in its 3-D world. Bursting into the Second Dimension The most basic and essential tool for any animator, whether manipulating two or three dimensions, is a paint program. DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts) is the standard, as it has been from the start, against w hich all others are measured. In its latest incarnation, DeluxePaint 111 (S149, 1MB required) breaks the harriers of ordinary computer paint programs. By- adding the animated Brush, author Dan Silva transformed DeluxePaint III from a paint program into a powerful animation tool. With this new feature, called Anim Paint, you can store a series of cels in a brush. Then, you can animate the brush as you paint, leaving either a trail (all frames) of the animation on screen or single brush impressions (individual frames) across a series of screens. You can automate this process with the Move requester, which also provides for animated rotations, flips, and zooms over a range of frames, similar to the perspective tool in DeluxePaint II. When you are satisfied, save your animation to disk in the standard Anim format. As exciting as DeluxePaint III is, it is not without shortcomings: The program’s lack of support for Hold-and-Modify (HAM) mode, for example, continues to plague me. The third version does, however, support Overscan painting and Extra_HalfBrite (64- color) mode. Unless you absolutely need HAM, buy DeluxePaint III. I recommend it to everyone with an Amiga, even if you are not an animator. Low Standards Jim Kent, author of Aegis Animator (Aegis, $ 99.95), has incorporated several features of his (and the Amiga’s) first animation program into his latest effort, Zoetrope (Antic, $ 139.95, 1MB required). Offering both paint and animation tools, the program could have been an all-in-one animation solution for professional users, except for a single limitation. Like the outdated Animator, Zoetrope supports only lo-res (320x200, 32-color) mode. Zoetrope’s user interface isn't pretty, but it is efficient and smooth. Some features are truly wonderful: A paint program is built in for creation and touch- up. The APM (Automatic Pixel Mover) can make a brush perform just about any twist, zoom, or flip effect. The blueing feature speeds up the drawing process, while true compositing lets you mix different images into one frame and matches colors automatically. You even can use multiple palettes in a single Anim. Easy-to-edit scripts and a great frame editor facilitate fine tuning. Unfortunately, these powerful features are wasted in a lo-res world unsuitable for anything other than casual, non-professional work. Cut! Set It! A fellow sufferer of the lo-res straightjacket is MovieSetter (Gold Disk, $ 99.95). Probably the most intuitively-controlled animation program ever, MovieSetter lets you manipulate all of your characters and pieces on screen what you see is what you get. Menus are displayed down the sides of the work area, out of your way. Although your characters are limited to lo-res, backgrounds can be overscanned images, eliminating screen borders. MovieSetter accepts ILBM (InterLeaved BitMap) IFF pictures and brushes for use as background or foreground images. The program, however, lacks Anim support. Creating an animation with MovieSetter is a three- step process. You create and preview your character’s actions (a set of frames) in the Set Editor. The Scene Editor then uses the group of frames to create tracks, which when combined, form a scene. As in a film, you string together scenes to finish your animation. By running the Player you can view your creation. .Although the method sounds complicated, it is not. To jazz up your work, you can add special-effects tracks, including background wipes, sound effects, color cycling, looping, and background scrolling. While it has serious limitations for professionals, MovieSetter is great for almost everyone else. Children's Fanta sy Fantavision (Broderbund, $ 59.95) also borrows from Aegis .Animator. Like Animator, Fantavision uses two- dimensional objects and a technique called morphing for its primary character animation. With the supplied tools, you draw shapes and place your creations on the screen in their starting positions to begin the animation. Next, draw a second character shape and place it where you want the action to end. Finally, tell the program to begin the sequence. Through morphing, the character moves from the starting point to the ending point, smoothly changing its shape along the way. Although it is a lot of fun, the software has a somewhat limited application in the real world. Professionals require finer controls than the program offers, while creating and positioning morphs is quite time consuming. At least Fantavision supports all .Amiga graphics modes. You can import brushes (but not morph them) or use IFF pictures as backgrounds. You can easily add sound effects as well. Fantavision is a great program, particularly for children and grown-ups who want nothing more than to have fun with their computers. Talented Triumvirate Plus One For the creative person who can’t draw, 3-D modeling software promises Nirvana. Once you try it, though, you quickly find that there are some major limitations. Rendering in 3D takes time a long time. Designing a smooth, realistic-looking head involves defining hundreds, even thousands, of points. Even with the computer doing all of the tedious work, rendering a single frame of an image can consume many hours. Don’t get me wrong, I desperately want this technology to work; it is the future of animation. Sculpt-Animate 4D (Byte by Byte, $ 499.95, 1MB required) is arguably the most popular object-oriented animator in the Amiga universe. Unfortunately, it is not the most friendly environment in which to create. T’he major flaw in this oversized gem is its three- window user interface. Frankly, it gets in my way. Front, top, and side views are appropriate for the ancient art of drafting on vellum, but not for the computer age. Byte by Byte needs to do more work before this style of animation is ready for the masses. User interface aside, Sculpt-Animate passes my simple checklist easily. It supports all graphics modes, creates ILBM and Anim files (of a sort), and comes with a well-written and comprehensive manual. For those without a megabyte or a megabudget, Byte by Byte offers Sculpt-Animate 4D jr. (S 149.95), which does not support ray tracing. The challenger to Sculpt-Animate’s throne is Turbo Silver 3.0 (Impulse, $ 199), my favorite of the big three. Its power is a lot more accessible, it renders faster, with excellent quality, and it can map bitmapped images onto the shapes it creates. Creating animations is easy and straightforward. The program, however, suffers from the same user-interface problems as Sculpt-Animate. The manual is skimpy, but I found it to be sufficient. Last, and least, is VideoScape 3D (Aegis, S 199.95, 1MB required), the pioneer 3-D program for the Amiga. You would think that after all this time, Aegis would have all of the bugs worked out. Wrong. Even in the most recent version, objects occasionally show through supposedly solid planes. The addition of a .-buffer, which saves more points in memory, was supposed to correct flaws in the program's ability to join shapes. It does help, but it increases rendering. With the z-buffer turned on, rendering times approach or surpass those of Sculpt- Animate and Turbo Silver, without those programs’ subtle lighting effects. On the plus side, VideoScape can produce frames in any Amiga mode and save the resulting sequences as Anim files. A long-promised but recent arrival, Caligari Pro (Octree, S1995, 1MB required) has two things on its side a great user interface and speed. Caligari uses a true three-dimensional environment for nearly all of its functions. You create the object in 3-D, tweak it in 3-D, and render it in 3-D. The rendering times are phenomenally short, but only solid shading is supported. With Caligari, however, you are animating on a dead-end street; it does not support IFF, ILBM, Anim or any other Amiga format. To lop it off, be prepared for sticker shock; all this can be yours for the unmatched price of almost 52000. Sorcerers Only Out in front of the 3-D pack, but slightly lost, is AnimatoriAppmitice (Hash Enterprises, $ 295, 1MB required). Apprentice is designed to overcome the limitations of the current 3-D modeling approach by allowing you to create life-like character animation. I was excited when 1 first saw how Apprentice worked. To create an animation, define an action using a quickly drawn stick figure and add a drawing of the character’s appearance. The program does the rest: puts the body file on the bones, draws it from any aspect or view, adds lighting and shadows, and creates the final sequence of frames. It seemed too good to be true. It was. The first hurdle was the interface what there was of it. The feeble attempt at a manual did not clarify anything. Finally, faulty rendering kept forcing me to touch up my frames afterward; the front, back, and side views of my characters would not join properly. AmigaWorld 29 I like the idea and technique behind Apprentice, and I want it to work. In fairness, the manual for the latest release, 3.0, has been professionally rewritten and is somewhat more helpful. The interface is still weak, although the interfaces of subsequent Hash companion products look much better. I think that, over time, Animator;Apprentice will improve, only because this seems to be a labor of love, not a commercial enterprise. 1 am looking forward to the next version. Sticky Stuff Although it is not an animation program at all, The Director (The Right Answers Group, $ 69.95) is the most powerful animation tool I use. The program acts as the glue that binds together all of the elements of your animation. An easy-to-use graphics programming language (similar to BASIC), The Director gives you precise control of the Amiga's graphics displays, as well as many of its low-level functions. Once this power is in your hands, you will be hooked. I have built everything with it, from a simple slide show with sound to a complete hypermedia environment with clickable buttons, text screens, scrolling pictures, and even short movies. The Director supports all of the Amiga graphics modes and formats. If you have your own studio, this program is a must. Professional animators can further automate their work and save some preproduction time using Photon Video: Cel Animator (Microlllustions, 5149.95, 1MB required), a 2-D pencil-testing program. Cel Animator lets you flip through previously created frames in any order at variable speeds to test your character's motion. The program supports IFF and Anim files in all resolutions, and will decompress Anim files into IFF frames. You can even synchronize your animation and sound track. With Cel Animator’s companion program, Photon Video: Transport Controller (S299.95), you can transfer your creation to videotape through a single-frame controller. Impersonations Many of the software limitations and flaws 1 have dis- cussed are the result of decisions made by the designer of the software. We of the Amiga community should speak up and tell the programmers what we want, rather than letting them decide what is best for us. As .Andy Rooney would say, have you ever wondered why software publishers ignore the benefits of shared formats? It certainly does not help the sales of their products. How many times have you tried to play someone else’s animation only to find that you did not have the correct software? Why do programmers feel that they have to protect me from myself? I can decide which graphics format is best for a particular animation. Please, give me a choice! Most annoying 3-D programs are memory hogs. Just because the Amiga has a large memory pool, programmers should not have the exclusive right to use all of it. It’s my memory, I paid for it, lei me use some of it. The Amiga is a superb graphics engine, with some great software designers behind it. Just think what we could do if we really had access to all of its power! Of the current crop of software, MovieSetter is the best choice for those just venturing into animation. The intuitive controls and extras, such as color cycling and sound-track syncing, make it a program you can find your way around in quickly and still have room to explore. I would use it more myself, if it were not limited to lo-res. For the pro, DeluxePaint 111 and The Director are essential tools for your studio. They are the workhorses 1 reach for continually. Like a favorite vacation spot, they will never disappoint you. Still a few miles down the road, DeluxeVideo II (Electronic Arts) holds great promise for professionals. It should support all graphics modes, IFF and Anim formats, genlocks, single-frame controllers, and MIDI devices. Preliminary versions appear to address many of my standard gripes. My guidebook and I eagerly await its proposed fall release. ¦ Gene brawn is a graphics designer, television director, computer game programmer, and digital animator. In his words, "Digital animation is the wave of the present!" Write to him c o Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Previous Reviews Product issue Page Animator:Apprentice January ’89 64 The Director June ‘88 70 MovieSetter April ’89 74 Photon Video: Cel Animator March ’89 84 Photon Video: Transport January '89 68 Controller Sculpt-Anlmate 4D April ’89 13 Turbo Silver April ’89 13 VideoScape 3D November '88 78 Zoetrope June 89 74 For cel animations, you draw each screen In a paint program, then dis play them in quick succession. NOW DELUXEPAINT HAS ANIMATION Presenting AnimPaint DeluxePaint III mokes animation easy. With the AnimPaint feature, you can create animation just by pressing one key 1o record your paint strokes, and another key to play them bock. You con also use ony multi- cel animation as a brush and paint with it, even in full 3-D. 8 New Paint Features DeluxePaint III also odds sophisticated features to ihe number one Amiga paint software: Extra-halfbrite support for 64 colors; direct overscan painting fordesklop video; wrap and tint brush modesforspecial effects; better font support; improved compression; and many performance enhancements, including foster perspective. Product requires 1MB of RAM. SPECIAL UPGRADE OFFER: Upgrade Nowand Save S92.95. (Suggested Retail Price Si49.95) Send DeluxePaint I or II manual cover and S57.00 to Electronic Arts, P.O. Box 7530, San Mateo, CA 94403. If you bought DeluxePaint between 12 1 88 and 3 31 89 call 800-245-4525. Allow 2-4 weeks. CA orders add S3.50 sales tax. ELECTRONIC ARTS- Circle 2 on Reader Service card Man iithctwvrs ’ Addresses Aegis Development 2115 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405 213 392-9972 Antic Publishing 544 Second St. San Francisco, CA 94107 415 957-0886 Broderbund Software Inc. 17 Paul Dr. San Rafael. CA 94903-2101 415 492-3500 800 527-6293 Byte by Byte Arboretum Plaza II 9442 Capitol of Texas Hwy. N. Suite 150 Austin, TX 78759 Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 57 1-7171 Gold Disk PO Box 789. Streetsville Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5M 2C2 800 387-8192 (US) 416 828-0913 Hash Enterprises 2800 E. Evergreen Vancouver, WA 98661 206 693-7443 Impulse Inc. 6860 Shingle Creek Pkvvy. 110 Minneapolis, MN 55430 612 566-0221 800 328-0184 Octree Software 311 West 43rd St. Suite 904 New York, NY 10036 212 262-3116 The Right Answers Group Box 3699 Torrance, CA 90510 213 325-1311 OR HOW ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH STOP-MOTION ANIMATION ON THE AMIGA By Gene Brawn FIFTY-SIX YEARS ago, movie audiences marveled in awe as a gigantic ape clutched the lovely Fay Wray in one hand while swatting down biplanes with the other as he stood astride the top of the Empire State Building. The huge, ferocious, and utterly convincing behemoth King Kong was actually no bigger than Ms. Wray’s delicate little hand. He was a five-inch model ape created by Willis O’Brien. To bring his miniature creature to life, the young animator borrowed an old technique from the silent- film era, stop-motion photography, and spawned an interest in productions ‘‘starring” animated three- dimensional puppets that spans more than fifty years. Moviemakers and animation artists have returned to stop-motion techniques over and over again in such classics as George Pal’s Puppetoons and Ray Harry- hausen’s remarkable Sinbad sagas, and right on up to the current TV-commercial sensations, the California Raisins. The new wrinkle, however, that grabs our imaginations today involves personal computers such as the Amiga and video. While most professional stop- motion animators of the old school have shunned computers and video, still preferring to record on film, amateur animators are discovering the Amiga provides a more manageable, and sometimes more exciting, method and one that will certainly make the time-honored technique of stop-motion animation more widely available to the layman. Gearing Up Before we find out how the .Amiga fits into the picture, let’s examine stop-motion animation in a little more detail, and then discuss what other equipment we will need and consider some basic procedures to keep in mind before you start. The term “stop motion” is nearly as old as cinema itself. Long before the invention of optical printers, blue screens, or computer-controlled cameras, special effects were actually created by the film’s cameraman, not afterwards in the lab. For example, a very common visual trick was the simple “pop off,” or vanishing effect, which was accomplished by stopping the motion of the camera while the actor walked off the set. With King Kong, Willis O’Brien simply applied this technique to an inanimate object. After exposing each frame of film, he stopped the camera while he moved his puppet a fraction of an inch, repeating this process 24 times for each second of film. As you can see, traditional stop-motion animation is a slow, tedious, and exacting process. Soon after you begin your first sequence, you will probably begin muttering to yourself that there must be an easier way. This is where your Amiga will come into play. For right now, trust that with its help you will be free to concentrate on the most important aspect of the creative process bringing your ideas to life. Your perceptual and observational abilities are your most important tools. The right software, hardware, and technical proficiency are important, but don’t get hung up on them. Instead, concentrate on being an observer and an interpreter. Remember that behavior, body language, and, above all, timing are the most critical elements of the successful stop-motion animation. As far as necessary equipment goes, you may already have all of the software required to create your stop-motion masterpiece: a paint program, an image processor and an animation maker and player. My personal preferences are Electronic Arts’ recently released DeluxePaint III (SI49.99 combines paint and animation capabilities) and the same company’s Deluxe PhotoLab ($ 149.99 image processing and HAM paint), although any number of other programs will do a serviceable job. (See the Graphics Video section of “The Great Software Buyer’s Guide,” AmigaWorld, Dec. '88, p. 36 for other programs.) Hardware requirements are a little more extensive. I use Digi-View (NewTek SI99.95) for my digitizing and preliminary image processing, a Panasonic WV- D5000 CCD color camera, SunRi .e Industries’ Color Splitter ($ 99.95) and a multi-purpose copy stand called CopyGym (S250) of my own design. Again, as far as digitizers and other Amiga-specific hardware go, there is a variety of perfectly adequate equipment on the market that will do the job. (For more information, consult the Graphics Video section of “The AmigaWorld Hardware Buyer’s Guide,” p. 38, in the March '89 issue.) If you want truly professional results, pay particular attention to lighting. I strongly recommend that you invest in at least four low-cost fluorescent lights. These are ideal for establishing an even, bright base light over the entire set, and they give you excellent control of depth of field. Proper lighting is extremely important. Many times you will be shooting more than one character in the same scene. If you do not have enough light, you will not be able to maintain focus on all of them. You could shoot each figure separately and combine them later (which might be helpful for complicated scenes), but this adds another level of complexity that you do not need when you are just starting out. Normal photographic studio lights are usually too powerful (and hot) for tabletop work. Instead, 1 use high-intensity, focusing flashlights for my key (spot) lighting. With this setup you normally will not need a fill light. You will, however, i Strong spotlight with aluminum toil '‘snoot1' Background sheet must be large enough that lights aimed at model do not spill over onto background TWO WAYS TO LIGHT A BACKGROUND UNEVENLY A SETUP FOR PHOTOGRAPHING SINGLE MODELS Repe nted from How to Prioiograpn Scale Models (Kaimbocn Books) FOUR WAYS TO MAKE terrorists have taken their last hostage Some- Che has to teach the terrorists what tenor is all about. The only way to sew the hostages is to get in. Strike hard I and get out fast Terrorists be warned.. ¦ Operation Yjoff is coming. . _ mss ABE TWO HUHGFY DINO MICHTSntND THETVE Km BUBBLE r«*T " ftJ" °°*N Tl6HT **' ** ***** M GOT BUBtflt troutfe You've got 10 bettb banakonsot but lAlTg, Now you can take the world's number one arcade game home! AH the action-packed arcade thrills of this awesome hostage rescue are ready for home video play. ' tn j mythical land at death end adventum Survival is always a breath away. Slay deadly dragons. Capture hie giving magKal power signs and conquer the mighty Castle K>ng. Would V VENTOBf TO AH AHCKN Be sure Be sw-lr Be bra** You hay* the power to They've pot clubs, chatns end bledes And ft's Ihfee egamst one but they've picked the wrong one The streets___I S ere a mess and it's J t'nw to' do a I'ttle- } stfQatfleenmg ) They Smarted '!._ y you've potta YZ timsk it X__ w, lAlTP lAlTQ This is the original arcade hit. Thrill to the arcade quality graphics of this fast-paced, street- style karate brawl. Find out what real action is all about! If you want to make your Amiga explode with action you've got to give it dynamite games. These are the world famous original arcade screamers. Operation Wolf7 Bubble Bobble,' Renegade" and Rastari* will make your Amiga Computer scream with arcade quality graphics and stereo sound. Everyone knows that arcade games are the Now you can thrill to one of the biggest-ever coin-op hits on your home computer. Rastan’s mind-blowing graphics take you to a magical land of adventure and excitement. Benchmark for all other video games and Taito has been an arcade leader since 1953. Since then we've made over 1,000 classics for arcade and home play. Counton Taito to bring the heat of the arcade to your home computer. Buy Taito products at leading stores everywhere. Visa Mastercard holders can order direct anywhere in the U.S. by calling 1-800-663-8067. THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN!" Taito,9 Operation Wo!fJM Bubble Bobble,™ Renegade™andRastan™are trade- served. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Advertise- marks of Taito America Inc. Copyright © 1988. V m . Rnent by: Qually & Company, Inc. (Chicago). Iaits COMING SOON, THE CLASSIC MIND GAME. QIX Circle 56 on Reader Service card. Need a backlight to keep your puppets from blending with the background. Tell the A*D. We Start Shooting Tomorrow; We have a few more pieces of essential groundwork to cover before we start our animation namely, choosing a set, positioning the camera, and (most essentially!) Casting our characters. You will, of course, need a place to shoot your opus. This can be anything from a child’s dollhouse to an elaborate tabletop shooting stage. When you’re just starting out, though, it is a good idea to keep things simple. The set’s “floor” should be kept low enough so that you can sit in a chair while you work (you will appreciate this, 1 guarantee, several hours into the process!). An old coffee table is ideal. Be sure to leave plenty of space around the sides to give yourself room to work with the figures or to rearrange the set. You will also need a vertical board or frame at the hack of the set so you can set up scenery, backdrops, or photographer’s seamless paper. Mount your camera on a heavy-duty tripod. Get the best one you can afford; you will have enough on your mind without having to deal with a wimpy tripod that keeps sagging or bouncing around. The camera and tripod are normally placed on the floor a short distance from the front edge of the table. Be sure to leave enough room so that you can work on the set without fear of accidentally bumping the camera. This is very important! If you inadvertently change the camera position in the middle of shooting a sequence, it may be impossible to reposition it accurately and you will have to reshoot the entire series of frames. When it comes to finding their actors, traditional stop-motion animators much like modern sculptors build their own characters by carefully layering Latex or modeling clay over a metal armature. This process can be a lot of fun, but it does require a certain amount of skill and the right equipment. If you are just starting out, don't become preoccupied with the mechanics and construction of your characters. Instead, concentrate your energies on the process of storytelling and movement. A simple blob of clay endowed with a convincing personality is a lot more effective than a super-realistic puppet with jerky or unbelievable motions. An easier and more expedient approacii is to look for “ready-made” subjects. Check out your attic or basement, or raid your children’s toybuxes. Better still, go to a toy store and poke around in the section with the “action figures” those plastic replicas of characters from Saturday morning cartoons and popular movies. What you want is a poseable character. Choose one with as many joints as possible; the more i An armature of a taun-taun from The Empire Strikes Back. An animator works on a clay model of the beast (Inset left). The effect on film (Inset right). Coming To A Screen Near You. If you're ready to become your own studio producer, there's only one desktop video system that will bring NTSC and S-VHS to your Amiga's screen. The Scanlock system by VidTech. Other systems give you a genlock that's "either-or." They either support NTSC or S-VHS. But not both. Two For One With Scanlock, you get two genlocks for the price of one. So you can migrate from NTSC to the newer S-VHS format without investing in another system. We also offer a Scanlock model that is compatible with the International PAL TV format, including its new S-VHS version. Scanlock's dual-genlock system gives you broad- cast-quality video at consumer prices. And our system offers all the bells and whistles, including front-panel fingertip controls, multiple monitor connections for viewing and editing, and independent fade controls for both reference and Amiga videos. If your Amiga is supporting a load of peripherals, we provide a connection that lets you use an optional external power supply. Scanlock is a breeze to use. A "glitch-free" vertical interval switch lets you insert, reverse and remove reference video and Amiga graphics at the touch of a finger. And you can switch between NTSC, S-VHS and analog RGB formats without moving cable connectors. When you’re done editing, you can resume normal Amiga operation with the flip of a switch. Don't Get Locked Out So if you're ready to become your own producer, choose the desktop video system that doesn't lock you into one genlock the Scanlock system by VidTech. Coming to a screen near you. Call or write us today: VidTech International, Inc., 2822 NW 79th Ave., Miami, Florida 33122. Telephone 800-727-2261 or 305-477-2228. Fax 305-591-1651. Prices:NTSC-$ 995, PAL-$ 1,095. Distributed by Southern Technologies, Dallas, Texas. V VidTech Circle 170 on Reader Service card. Ways you can bend it, the more realistic the final result. Models made from rubbery plastic shaped over a wire also work well. A puppet of this type can be bent to nearly any position and will hold its pose. (I have found several “Gumby” and “Noid” figures of this type and have had a good deal of fun animating them.) If the models are available in different sizes, choose the larger ones. A small model is too hard to position and will inevitably lose its pose (hut so slowly that you may not notice it until you view the completed animation). Okay! Let’s Get “Moving!” Now that you have built your stage and auditioned your cast, it’s time to get down to the real nitty gritty of production. This is complex work and requires your undivided attention (you seriously might want to consider locking the door and unplugging the phone). There is nothing more frustrating than having to stop in the middle of a move, only to return and realize that you cannot remember whether you were moving some character’s arm up or down. You will be impatient to see what you can do, but resist the temptation to hurry. Start small, try something simple first. For example, have your character turn and wave at the camera. This move requires no more than 15 to 20 frames and is a good way to get a feel for the timing, speed, and production routines you will be using throughout. When you are ready to move on, begin by planning out what you are going to do. Draw stick figures representing the key scenes of your production. This is called a storyboard and it helps to keep you on track. With a VCR and a stopwatch, try out a variety of sequences and time them. Videotape yourself performing a move and then review it, noticing those little motions that add character to the action. If you do not have a tape deck, use a full-length mirror for your trial sequences (Walt Disney used this technique for years). If the action you are planning takes two seconds to complete, a VCR would record 60 video frames at 30 frames per second (fps).Unless the screen image of your object is very small, you will not be able to achieve this rate in your animation and still maintain good image quality. I usually try for a more reasonable 12-15 fps. If you cannot get your character to move faster than eight frames per second, the action will appear to be very jerky. Trying to minimize the jerkiness by reducing the distance your model moves between frames usually results in unnaturally slow motion. In addition, your file will be huge because you must create many more frames to complete the same action. Normally, the tradeoff is not worth the effort. The most common cause of sluggish animation performance is referred to as "shimmer,” or “noise,” an effect similar to that of looking at something through heat waves coming off a hot road, or viewing a TV picture through cellophane. It is caused by slight differences between individual frames. If you are working with Anim-format files (the popular IFF animation-file format for displaying compressed scenes of animation developed by Aegis Sparta), remember that Anim files are compressed by saving only the differences between frames. If you minimize those differences, your completed Anim file will be smaller and will run faster. There are several techniques you can use to reduce the amount of shimmer:
• Keep the image small. This reduces the size of the areas (hat can shimmer. One-quarter to one-third the size of the screen is a good rule of thumb.
• Shoot in black and white and add the color later. Color images have significantly more noise in the picture.
• Shoot the action against a black velvet cloth. Even though the background may be static, it can still shimmer; the soft, heavy, dark quality of the velvet will minimize anv shimmer here.
• Increase the contrast and reduce the sharpness of your images. This will give you smoother, more solid colors meaning fewer changes from frame to frame.
• Reorganize your color palette so that the colors you use most often are grouped in the lower registers.
• .As a last resort, you can retouch each frame by hand in a paint program, or use an image processor, such as PIXinate (Progressive Peripherals $ 49.95), to smooth the image. Obviously, this adds a lot more lime to your efforts, so do as much as you can when * you first capture the image. Getting back to the problem of jerkiness, the difficulties appear even trickier. There are, however, steps you can take to make your animations seem more natural. Even professional stop-motion animators suffer from the criticism that their efforts seem unnatural or jerky. This is not a shortcoming on their part, but an artifact of the stop-iuotion process. For example, you could duplicate, frame by frame, a baseball player swinging at a fastball. Suprisingly, when you replay the sequence at full speed it still looks jerky. This effect is called “strobing.” The problem here is that the stop-motion process is too good, too perfect, A normal television camera, film camera, or even your eye cannot capture each step of the sequence cleanly some of the frames will be blurred. This effect itself, however, suggests a solution. Load each of those f rames representing the most rapid point of the action into a paint program. Grab each one as a brush and drag it away from the The flickerFixer UNLOCK THE GRAPHICS POWER OF YOUR AMIGA 2000! FlickerFixer is an advanced graphics adaptor that eliminates your Amiga 2000’s interlace flicker and visible scan lines. The result: superior quality color or monochrome graphics and text for such demanding applications as CAD CAM, Desktop Presentation, Graphic Design, Animation, 3D Modeling, Video, and Word Processing. FlickerFixer upgrades the Amiga 2000 with a flicker free 4096 color palette, has an overscan mode that features a screen size of 704 x 470 pixels and drives most of the popular PC Multiscan and VGA monitors, including the NEC Multisync and Mitsubishi XC1429C. Accolades include: Best of 1988 Award, Commodore Magazine (12 88); 1 Reader’s Choice Award, AMIGAWORLD (12 88); “The display is fantastic... It is the best display we have ever seen on any computer system." Amiga GURU (5 88) flickerFixer fits into the Amiga video slot, is fully compatible with all software, and does not modify the standard Amiga video signals. For more information or to order, call MicroWay Sales at (508) 746-7341 or your Amiga Dealer. Priced at $ 595, flickerFixer is made in the USA and is FCC Class B approved. MicroWay... Respected throughout the industry for high quality engineering, service and technical support. Licm World Leader in PC Numerics
P. O. Box 79. Kingston, MA 02364 USA (508) 746-7341 32 High St., Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK, 01-541-5466 USA FAX 617-934-2414 Australia 02-439-8400 Circle 78 on Reader Servce card flickerFixer and MicroWay are trademarks of MicroWay. Inc, Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore. Multisync is a registered trademark of NEC. Direction of motion and smear it for a few pixels. Then, reinsert these frames into your animation for a more natural effect. Cmon, Baby, Do the RotoMotion J Nearly all traditional stop-motion animators use a tool called a Head (or Surface) gauge (available from many machinists’s supply firms for about $ 50). Simply a metal pointer on an adjustable arm, this tool is used to mark the position of the puppet during the last frame while the animator poses the model for the next. The reason for this is that, as we mentioned before, most professional stop-motion animation is still recorded on film, so there is no way for such animators to see what they have clone until the film is developed they are effectively working blind. Stop-motion animators using the Amiga, however, can make use of a wonderful alternative to the traditional procedure. Using a genlock, Amiga animators can avoid the painstaking work of using a Head guage and the hit-or-miss anxiety of working blind. As an example of how a genlock can help your animation efforts, I took an old animation process called Rotoscoping (tracing a projected photograph directly onto an animation cell to create a new char- acter) and combined it with a video process called Keying (combining two video images to create a single image). The result is something I call RotoMotion. In addition to your normal digitizing setup, you will need a genlock with fader controls, such as Digital Creations’ SuperGen ($ 749.95) or Magni Systems' Genlock Encoder System I (SI695-Sl995). Feed the output of your video camera into the "reference” input of your genlock. Set the fader controls so that only the camera input is fed to the Amiga, Digitize the first frame of your stop-motion sequence. Next, “split the bars” so that both the live and the newly digitized image appear on the screen.You can now position your puppet based on a direct comparison with the last frame. Reset the bars so that only the camera image appears. Digitize the next frame. Repeat the process for as many frames as necessary. It is amazing that such a simple procedure can save so much time, and produce such dramatic improvement in your work. Our stop-motion tutorial has barely scratched the surface of this truly exciting area of animation. Take the concepts and techniques I have presented as a foundation, not as gospel. A great deal of the fun of animation is trying new things, being an innovator. As mentioned before, most of the artists currently producing stop-motion animations have for whatever unknown reasons shunned video and computers altogether, preferring the traditional film route. This puts us the .Amiga animators, whether professional or amateur in the position ofbeing new pioneers. Think of Willis O’Brien and his mighty model midget Kong, and welcome the opportunity to push the limits! ¦ Gene Brawn is a graphics designer, television director, computer game programmer, and digital animator; who has employed stop-motion techniques in a variety of productions. In his words, "Digital animation is the wave of the present ” Write to him do AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458, Manufacturers’ Addresses Digital Creations NewTek 1 15 W. Crane St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 2865 Sunrize Blvd. Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916 344-4825 Progressive Peripherals 8c Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 Magni Systems Inc. 9500 S.W. Gemini Dr. Beaverton, OR 97005 503 626-8400 You Can’t Buy Time. You can’t buy time, but you can save it if you have the right tools. WordPerfect Corporation’s latest creation for the Amiga is WordPerfect Library, a collection of integrated programs to organize your appointments, notes and files. Whether you’re a home manager or an office manager. Library was made for you. Calendar keeps track of your daily schedule and will remind you of important appointments by sounding preset alarms. From your Calendar, you can print a daily list of appointments, notes, and things to do. Accomplishing is easier when you can chart your progress on paper, and Calendar lets you do just that. At home, you'll want to use Notebook to organize important information. Addresses, phone numbers, recipes, home fix-it instructions, even decorating ideas can be easily sorted and accessed according to your instructions. Notebook is every bit as practical in the business world. You can organize your telephone files in various ways: alphabetically, according to area code, or using any other factor you choose. Lists of clients and associates, too, are easily collected and categorized. All Notebook files are saved in WordPerfect format for easy transfer to WordPerfect documents. Calculator, as you might guess, calculates. You can choose any of its financial, programming, and scientific functions. You might, for example, create a payment plan for a home or car loan, or calculate the future value of a savings bond. The scientific calculator can also help students, since logarithms, exponents, and trigonometry are among its functions. Of course, Calculator is as valuable in the office as it is at home. You can access the Calculator without exiting your document, and then save your current state in Calculator. When you flip back to your document, your calculation remains intact for easy reference. The list of Library’s features goes on and on. File Manager helps you arrange, mark, edit, and print your files. Program Editor, with powerful features like hex edit and multiple block functions, lets you see and edit the codes behind vour documents. WordPerfect Library for the Amiga is now shipping. Save yourself some time by looking into it; you’ll be glad you did. You can learn more about Library’ by contacting your local dealer or WordPerfect COR PORATION 1555 N. Technology Way ¦ Orem, Utah. 84057 USA Tel: (801) 225-5000 • Telex: 820618 • Fax: (801) 227*4477 WordPerfect is a registered trademark and WordPerfect Library is a trademark of WordPerfect Corporation. .Ml other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Okay, You Guys, Freeze ? Capture your on-screen video and graphics in the act and hook them to film with Polaroid's FreezeFrame. ? O TRANSFER A combination of live video and Amiga graphics to film, your previous choices ranged from simply taking a photo of the monitor screen, which can result in bowed images and visible scan lines, to purchasing a $ 100,000 film recorder, which can break your budget. A more accurate and affordable option is Polaroid’s FreezeFrame ($ 1995), a film recorder that gives excellent results. Even though the FreezeFrame was not designed for the Amiga, the B y D . L . Rich ardso n BLOOD MONEY The ultimate arcade game Psygnosis Ltd. PO Box 483 Addison Illinois 60101 800-669-4912 Hold it right there. Are you REALLY ready for this one? Have you got the courage to load up the experience that makes all the other games you've played seem prehistoric? Because BLOOD MONEY is simply the best arcade game you’ve ever seen. It has a staggering 1 megabyte of bit-mapped graphics, an amazing 400K of sound effects and music and the most gripping gameplay you've ever tackled in your life. BLOOD MONEY just leaves the competition for dead and takes you into new realms of arcade action. But it’s going to be tough. From the instant you hear that driving soundtrack you’ll be plunged into a maelstrom of sheer destruction, as you plunder the four Outer Planets in a kamikaze quest for gold and glory. The aliens in BLOOD MONEY set some vicious traps, and it will take all your skills just to survive. Use your awesome firepower wisely and you'll turn those aliens into blood money that can earn you extra weapons and equipment. And you're going to need them, because there are no easy screens in BLOOD MONEY. It’s a life and death struggle that demands all your tactical genius and shoot-em-up know-how before you battle through to confront the four planetary Guardians. With its vast bit-mapped graphics, superb animation, blistering sound, devilish obstacles, awesome firepower and 1 or 2 player options. BLOOD MONEY is the greatest challenge yet faced by any games player with a passport to outer space. It's here. It’s ready and waiting for you. But are you sure you're ready for BLOOD MONEY? Two joysticks required tor two-player game Screen Shots are from the Amiga version AMIGA $ 39.95 ATARI ST COMING SHORTLY Circle 123 on Reader Service card two form a perfect partnership. Made to work with live video from a camera or VCR, the FreezeFrame differs from other recorders in that it accepts an NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) video signal, rather than a digital RGB signal. While the RGB signal is better quality than the video, the difference is not as great as you might think, especially when you consider the video signal’s versatility and simplicity of control. The first film recording system for the .Amiga, the Polaroid Palette (S1495) and Imprint interface (S495, Liquid Light), connects to the Amiga's serial port and captures only IFF graphics. By reading the video signal, the FreezeFrame can take pictures of a single frame of live video, Amiga graphics, and graphics superimposed over a live scene with a genlock. (For a direct comparison of outputs, see the sidebar “Photo Finish.’’) The Lineup Unlike the Polaroid Palette, which requires Imprint, the FreezeFrame requires no special software to take a picture of the screen. Factory fresh, the unit comes with an instant camera for Polaroid prints. For more flexibility, you can also install the optional 35mm camera (S399) to shoot slides and prints. The camera will take any daylight film with a speed of 100. Inside the FreezeFrame is a high-resolution black- and-white monitor and a color wheel. Similar to the Polariod Palette, the FreezeFrame takes a picture by making exposures of the image on the monitor ? Photo Finish ? A Comparison of Slides from the FreezeFrame and Polaroid Palette Imprint System Film Recorders. ? FreezeFrame Analog RGB cable Imprint FreezeFrame video cable Excellent No No Excellent Sometimes visible No Good No Sometimes, slightly Sharpness Scan lines Ghost images Imprint was the First film recording system made especially for the Amiga, so it is the standard by which others are judged. Imprint is based on an IBM version of the Polaroid Palette; Liquid Light adds the adapter box, cable, software, and manual for Amiga use. All pictures were taken with Ektachrome 100 film. The slight difference in color balance is due to different emulsion numbers and processing, not the film recorders. : most complete and cost effective lin xj§ oaf|||? Computed Arf||ffnore than mifesijp technology. Progressive Image sated the softwurerfo make it. All wdrfc Til systeih; In Cri6 sift Mosaics Fage Turns The VkACHEvET“ is the ultimate desktop vid«6 tobl Crea&d sp« Cortectdr with dissolve, overlay and keying systems, a* wfell as a have Included the ability to perform:
• A & r611 editing with full cross dissolve*:
• A doirtpletc PaintBox with Living Color™ software.
• Sssdiiitiofis up to !024*5li> l6 miiiioh cdiof*.
• Real Time video effects are created and modified with the Artist W&rkStetiortfM sol'tware. Mg Color™ Wmg Color™ series MoMMs Md-dn
• ¦Gen 2OO0S,K as well as professional ] Living Cdlor™ Paiftt, ffiF picture arid ANIM conversion systems Me included with the Frame Buffer. Livtaf ftid®jBC 0®f2sef option . (rejuvcs Superfkn 2000S™ aftd Frame Buffer) TM TBC DL:iii. Er ootidh gives the Frame Buffer the ability id A maze m mrni vtai® te II iftiUim colors M weU a* Mi M i video Ti«is la* r-rear tt| Timi Bili fiSSiiifif allows Ml AM rill iperGen 2GG0S™ suggested list S1595 te SuperGen 2Q00S™ U & true S-VHS cPftp&SPte &Sai©ck aM
• eriay device for the 2000 series cdinputefi. Tfic neW iperGen 2000S™ installs lftto the video slot of afiy AlOOO of A2500
- niga. Wc have retaiMd all the important features of our now dustry standard SuperGen™ including dissolve sliders (ihrbush a mote' console) &M idffwaf controllability. Siip6f S6fi lOOOS™ codes and ov6flSys ift separate luminance and chrominafise annuls thus fuarantMiftg Ml S-VHS bandwidth ahd stuftftiftg Stufi quality. Composite S.S-1?0A NTSC video is Slid supported, d with separate channel encoding, color Crawl ii virtually minuted! An expansion port provides an upgrade path to the s* v nsjaa n i hu mmmmm mputs. $ ..K¥£C inputs* 2 S-VHS outputs (can ulteisSitiS). Dissolve slider console. Software controllable. Suiitin ProeASlf)* 360* SC phase adjii&t* Mug M J&M& Mtemal Sync generator, Separate Y C ifici Gvfi0 ?i Original SuperGift . _ Still oftly |749;9f sest selling genlock. Full NTSC Brb&dc&st Quality, fliss§U Living Color Paint™ is the next generanon paint system fo: Amiga. A virtual color naint system Included with all of our Dair pMm® Miidihl the FfilM Buffer and the V_ LxCHENET?n A ¥i oI Uvilig Gelof Jitinf™ is ais© available for me Amiga fiui! Of its resolutions Safl tif&wmg mb&U m&ultiif BAM. Video Artist Workstation™ TM Viftfta Amit WdStstaridh tea Mai ififi saftwifi system for tMefeMoh of visual special ef&ets. Thi tb m 1 vil£6 §f6feiiioatl oah hiodify iftdul&Mi 6 ¦nMi and iurteslpiillliip * Rancho Cordova, CA 9S742 *(916) 344-4S25 wa> ge®S MSWly eft an Amiga using Living Color™ and Gold Disk's Profcs3;ona! Page™. Through the red filter, then the green, and then the blue. Each picture takes 18 seconds, after which the unit automatically advances the film. Connecting the FreezeFrame to the Amiga is easy. Run a common phono cable from the video output of the Amiga or a genlock to the FreezeFrame’s video input. To see what you are capturing, connect a second cable from the FreezeFrame's output to your monitor’s input. According to the manual you can also connect the FreezeFrame via analog-RGB or digital-RGB cables, but the latter are not available for the Amiga. For an analog RGB cable, you can either make one yourself or contact a custom cable supplier, such as Redmond Cable. Analog RGB output does improve the picture quality. The image will be slightly sharper, without the traces of ghost images that sometimes appear in video signals. The disadvantages of using the RGB cable are that you must disconnect the monitor to plug in the RGB cable, and you will also lose some controls. The Freeze Frame’s control panel is unique. It has buttons to select the film speed, toggle on autocolor, fill scan lines, preview, save a frame of video to memory, and print (take a picture). Sliders let you control the color saturation, tint, sharpness, contrast, and brightness of the image. When using an RGB cable, you give up the Autocolor, Memory, Color Saturation, and Tint controls. Go Ahead and Shoot To photograph a live scene or graphics superimposed over a live scene, press the Memory button to grab a single frame, Fill to hide the scan lines, then Print to take the picture. The results are less than spectacular, but your only other options for getting such a picture are buying a higher-priced recorder or snapping a picture of the screen yourself. When photographing a graphics-only screen you can greatly improve the picture quality by using some undocumented techniques. For best results use an interlaced picture, int-res or hi-res. Be sure there is no motion on the screen, such as color cycling. Do not capture a single frame with the Memory button, and do not fill the scan lines. Be sure the Film Select is set properly for your film, and that all the sliders are centered. Then press the Print button to take the picture. If you use non-interlaced, lo-res or med-res graphics, follow the same steps, except do fill the scan lines. The FreezeFrame’s automatic exposure control is great for normal-contrast pictures. Problem images, such as titles on black backgrounds, however, require special brightness and contrast settings. To keep the background pure black and make the characters stand out, turn off the Autocolor, increase Contrast a notch and decrease Brightness a notch. Line drawings on white backgrounds need special attention as well. The automatic exposure tends to make the white background look gray. To keep it white, increase Brightness. When you are finished with a roll of film, hold back the Rewind button. If the FreezeFrame sounds as if it is chopping up the film during rewinding, don't worry it always sounds that way. Lock ’Em Up In addition to slides and prints, the FreezeFrame offers some bonuses for the professional and home user alike. For the small-video producer, the FreezeFrame offers an unexpected advantage: It can substitute for a proc amp (Processing Amplifier) in a video-editing system. You can use it to correct color balance, color saturation, contrast, and brightness. Home users can take advantage of the FreezeFrame’s frame-grabbing abilities to record the frozen images on video tape, by hooking up the unit’s video output to a video recorder’s video input. Do not expect to use the frozen frame in a professional setting or to broadcast it, because it is not an interlaced signal. Whether you need slides for business presentations, art exhibitions, or to send to your Aunt Mabel, give the Polaroid FreezeFrame some serious consideration. The unit is made to order for trapping live video or graphics genlocked over video to film. Although more expensive than the Palette and Imprint, the FreezeFrame is equally hard to beat for quality of straight graphics slides. If you need a large volume of prints and slides, you will quickly make up the extra cost in the time and frustration you will save. ¦
D. L. Richardson has a Master’s Degree in Motion Picture Production and currently produces industrial videos and slide shows. You can write to him do AmigaWorld Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Manufacturers’ Addresses some Looking for sparkle and excitement in your fantasy role playing games? Then look for these colorful titles from SSI DEMON'S WINTER. The five adventurers you guide in this role-playing game are faced with the apocalyptic menace of the demon-god, Malifon. Although trapped inside a volcano, Malifon threw the entire world into a deep, frigid winter and turned the oceans into blood. In this desolate setting, his minions thrive and threaten to free Malifon! Your mission: Search this vast world for the spells needed to trap Malifon forever and undo his wintry curse. Though the Demon's Winter may chili your bodies, may courage, honor and perseverance warm your souls! II Jit, .Apple, C-64 128, IBM. Amiga, Atari ST. QUESTRON n. Travel back in time to find the way to destroy the Evil Book of Magic before it can be completed by the six Mad Sorcerors led by Mantor. The superb color graphics is nothing short of stunning. The visual presentation of the mystical world from the wilderness, towns and dungeons to the countless characters and . ..... monsters is truly breathtaking. A Fantasy Adve Questron II offers an II experience so awe-inspiring, it surpasses even its legendary predecessor! Apple, Apple IIGS, C-64 128, Atari ST, IBM, Amiga. : PkM
* STRATEGIC SI'ILLATIONS, I'KT Reader .Service card ON GRAPHICS Page-Flipping Animation 5 An occasional series of tips, teehniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen BY WAY OF incentive for getting involved in “Accent's” topic this month page-flipping animations consider this: The Bay Area Amiga Developers Group (BADGE) in California hosts an Amiga animation competition each fall, the BADGE Killer Demo Contest. Grand prize is an Amiga 2000 system from Commodore, with generous additional prizes from other .Amiga hardware and software manufacturers. Just about every computer animation style and technique is represented, from screen-hacks to math-intensive ray-traced page flipping. Last year, Brad Schenck’s beautifully illuminated “Charon” received the grand prize. In 1987, my own “RGB Hazard” animation took top honors. Both of these pieces were created with a program called The Director and make use of an interesting feature of that software called partial-screen page flipping, or BLIT. This article will discuss page flipping in general, and some specific techniques as used in these prize winners. Page flipping refers to the sequential display of a chain of successive images. When such a sequence is displayed rapidly enough, persistence of vision causes the eye to perceive that succession as smooth motion. This is what makes a series of images in a motion picture appear to move. You may also have seen “flip books,” in which a sequence of drawings can be flipped with the thumb to produce the illusion of motion. Hence the term “page flipping.” In the Amiga, page flipping is accomplished by loading a sequence of images into the computer’s memory, then rapidly displaying them to the screen, one at a time. Examples of software one can use to do full-screen page flipping are The Director (Right Answers Group, $ 69.95), Pageflipper Plus F X (Mindware Int’l, $ 159.95), and Photon Video: Cel Animator (Microillusions, $ 149.95). Images can come from any source digitizers, paint packages, math graphing software, etc. Usually, the longer you can run an Amiga animation, the better the results. There is greater freedom to tell a story. Available memory, however, becomes a constraint to which a clever animator must adapt in order to lengthen running time. Reducing the amount of memory each image occupies increases the number of images that can be loaded and displayed. Carefully controlling the rate at which images are displayed can also save valuable memory. Low-resolution images take up less memory space than high-resolution images. Reducing the number of colors can also reduce the file size. Color, however, must be reduced in certain stages. The key is the number of hitplanes involved in the display: six hitplanes are required for HAM, five hitplanes for 32-color, four for 16-color, three for 8-color, two for 4-color, and one for 2-color. Low-res- olution, two-color pictures, for example, take up relatively little space. I usually work in low resolution, full 32-color. Fhe rate at which frames are shown is also a significant memory issue. Most films are shot at a rate of 24 frames per second. Video uses 30 images per second. Many cartoons were done at 12 frames per second to reduce the amount of labor. A basic question arises: How few frames per second can you use and still convey the illusion of smooth motion to the eye? Knowing this limit, an animator can plan how much incremental movement to create between images. I find that I can sometimes get away with about eight frames per second, depending on the subject and the amount of movement between frames. If an animated character needed to raise its hand to its face in half a second, Walt Disney Perfecting' memory-conserving' techniques can enhance your page*-flipping animations... and perhaps win you some recognition in the bargain! Might have drawn 12 frames to accomplish that movement. The economy- minded Amiga animator might get away with four, saving precious RAM space. Capturing an image sequence from a VCR with a good freeze frame, one need not capture every frame. Perhaps every fifth image will suffice, with an appropriate pause for each display. Flipping Its BLIT Returning to the specific subject of this article, we find in The Director yet another opportunity for memory conservation. The Director is an Amiga-specific language designed for creating anything involving graphics, text, animation, and sound. One of its most powerful features is the BLIT command, which allows par- tial-screen page flipping. Using this feature, you can pack a single screen with many individual elements of a presentation, which you can then assemble at animation speeds on a display screen, A single screen could, for example, contain arms in 20 different positions and five different faces for a character who has six body positions stored on another screen. A third screen could contain an elaborate background. The Director’s BLIT utility allows you to pluck a body from the storage screen, put it on the background, add arms and a face from another screen, display the created image, then repeat the process with new pieces. Relatively long animations can be created using few screens. This ability to grab any part of a graphic screen and display it, wipe it, or dissolve it anywhere else is a powerful option, and one reason we see so many elegant presentations done with The Director. Using partial-screen page flips in “Charon,” Brad Schenck animated a knot tying itself and a flying bird. He also created whole screens of parchment from parts of one smaller piece on which he used BLIT repeatedly. This is real economy, letting the computer do part of the painting for you. I animated everything in “RGB Hazard,” from moving arrows to my stretching nose, using partial-screen BLIT operations. Pie of packing all the elements for an animation into a single screen. Using BLIT, we could create an elaborate display screen for a smooth looping sequence in which the flask appears to be boiling while readouts of waveforms undulate. This screen demonstrates all the points of potential memory conservation I have discussed: low resolution, reduced bitpJanes, and screen packing. So, pull up your Amiga and get an entry ready for this year’s BADGE contest. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, C.4 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The space illustration (Figure 1) is from “Emissary,” a new animation of mine involving discovery of an alien craft in our own solar system. Using partial- screen page flipping, this sequence of Mars’ moon, Phobos, appears to zoom from a blurry dot to a large, sharp image on a data screen while the section of Martian surface scans into another window of that screen. The illustration of the chemical flask (Figure 2) is an exam- PHOBOS EM-5 ZOOM SCREEN HRGEH '69 Figure 1. The moon Phobos appears to zoom Into focus using partial-screen page flipping. Smaller window, bottom left, contains detail of Martian surface. Info.pMle SPRUCING UP THE OLD BENCH-4* Extras 1.3 Our mini-series on Workbench 1.3 concludes with a guided tour through that other disk that comes with 1.3: the Extras disk. By Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings
* Editor's Note: This month. Team info.phile presents Part 4 of their latest Amiga DOS 1.3 “mini-series.” While their previous collection (“Exploring Amiga DOS 1.3,” Aug. '88-Dec. 88) focused on new or improved CIJ commands, this series explores the other side of the Amiga DOS coin: the Workbench. EXTRAS 1.3 CONTAINS some useful tools and programs, but it poses something of a problem for those of us without hard disks. After all, the Workbench
1. 3 disk is almost completely full, leaving verv little room for you to add those “extras’* that you will want to access often. In this quick tour, we’ll point out which of those extras may be the most useful, and which ones you can pass up. We'll also make some suggestions for freeing up space on that crowded Workbench disk. The BASIC Route The largest single contribution of Extras
1. 3 is Amiga Basic. If you need it, just copy its program and icon files from the main directory onto a bootable disk and you’re ready to go. Well, almost ready. You’ll probably also want, at least for a little while, the demonstration programs in the Basic - Demos directory. If you're going to be doing any serious BASIC programming, you'll also need the library description files in the FD1.3 directory. These files, which all end with the suffix .ED, unfortunately are not in the format that Amiga Basic requires. To convert them to that format, use the BASIC program ConvertFD in the BasicDemos directory but you will have to compile it first with Amiga Basic. ConvertFD reads in a .FD file and produces an equivalent .BMAP file that Amiga Basic can handle. DESTINATION: DEVS DIRECTORY Next on our tour is the Devs directory. Devs contains two subdirectories: Kevin aps and Printers. You almost certainly won’t need all of the files in either of these subdirectories, but you may well want a file or two from each. Devs Keymaps contains alternate keyboard encodings for folks outside the
U. S. If the language you need to use is one of the dozen represented here, then you’re in luck. Just copy the key map file you want into the Devs Keymaps directory on your Workbench disk, delete the standard usal key map that you’ll find already there, and you’re ready to go. If there is no key map for your country, you’ll either have to make do with the standard U.S. mapping, or find the closest other key mapping. The Devs Printers directory is one that most of us will need to get into at least once. It contains most ofAmigaDOS’ many printer drivers. Pick the drivers for the printers you use with your Amiga, and copy them into the Devs Printers directory on your Workbench disk. T here are over two dozen printer drivers from which you can choose. Another Extras 1.3 directory, Fonts, offers three additional typefaces Courier, Helvetica, and Times in several different sizes that you can use with applications like Notepad. If you decide you want one of these fonts, copy its entire directory and its corresponding .FONT file into the Font directory on your Workbench disk. (To get back some of the Workbench pnsoB You're as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore! He year is 3033. Criminals are no longer sent to jail, [hey1 re sent to a penal colony on the abandoned planet. Altrax. Vbu have been wrongfully convicted of a crime and sent there. A long life is not likely among the galaxy's worst undesirables. Your only hope for a long life is to find a rumored space pod and escape. So begins vour adventure into "error! Features...
* Superb Graphics
• Ultra-Smooth Animation » Over 300 Screens
* Total Joystick Control (no typing)
• Save and Load Games « Multiple Escapes «* Communicate and interact with Other Game Characters n Game Play and Lighting affected by Game Day-Cycle It's never too late to escape. -J ¦ I Circle 7 on Reader Service card. Actionware, Inc. 38 W 255 Deerpath Road Batavia. Illinois 60510
(312) 879-8998 FAX (312) 879-6880 Licensed from Q+RVSMJS Software Ltd. For the AM1GA7 ATARI STT IBM"* PC and Macintosh” space that these fonts consume, you can delete any of the standard Workbench fonts that you don't use.) Down an Obscure Path. .. So far this tour has been fairly routine, but now let’s take a turn into esoterica: the PCUtil directory. This directory is the home of three tools PCFormat, PCCopy, and ToPCCopy that let you copy files between Amiga 3.5-inch disks and IBM PC 360K 5.25-inch disks. There is also a short "Read Me” file that explains the basics of these utilities. These tools are useful only if you have an Amiga 1020 5.25-inch disk drive, or a third-party equivalent, and a need to read IBM-PC files. If you have a Bridge- board and run a few MS-DOS applications, or if you transfer spreadsheet or word-processing files between a PC and your Amiga, these tools could be just the ticket. Most of us, however, probably don’t need them. If you decide to use these tools, be sure to obey a few simple rules. First, turn on the 5.25-inch drive before you turn on your Amiga, so that when the Amiga boots it will be aware of the drive. Next, don’t mount the 5.25-inch drive. That advice runs contrary to most of what we’ve told you about disk drives in the past; AmigaDOS usually cannot work with a drive unless you first mount it. But because .AmigaDOS must treat this
5. 25-inch drive as a PC drive, it cannot view it as a standard, mounted .AmigaDOS drive. Finally, remember that PC disks, like .Amiga disks, aren’t ready for action until you format them. You can either format your PC disks on a PC or use the PC For- mat utility. If you use PCFormat, put a disk in the drive before you start, or you might be sorry. PCFormat is a temperamental tool that has taken us to visit the Guru more than once. When you bring it up it will let you choose the DOS version and disk format for your PC disk. Unfortunately, while most of the PC world is using DOS
3. 0 or higher and 1.2MB floppies, PCFormat limits you to DOS versions 1.0 or 2.0, and to either 160K (one side, eight sectors per track) or 360K (two sides, nine sectors per track) disks. Still, if you stick with the defaults, you’ll get 360K disks that most Pcs can read. Once you’ve got a formatted PC disk, you can copy files between it and your Amiga disks with the PCCopy and ToPCCopy tools. The two tools are basically the same, except that PCCopy copies from a PC disk to an Amiga disk, while ToPCCopy goes the other way. Tooling Along Our final stop on the Extras tour is the Tools directory. This may conjure images of opening a toolbox full of useful gadgets, but it’s more like opening Christmas presents; You find gold every now and then, but most of what you find will end up collecting dust in the back of your closet. On the useful side, we have MEMACS and KevTov2000. MEMACS is an ex- y tremely powerful, albeit hard to learn, text editor that will do just about anything. (For more information, watch for our artilce on MEMACS, scheduled to appear in a future issue o f Amiga World.) KeyTov2000 is a little program that you won’t need often, but you’ll he glad vou have it when you do need it. It dis- plays a picture of the keyboard and shows the character that each key pro- »» GEN ONE from CSL. Quality. With the commitment to match. One look and you'll see for yourself why this desktop genlocking encoder is taking the marketplace by storm. Specially designed for compatibility with all AMIGA computers, the GEN ONE is a no-nonsense interactive component for superb video graphics. So give us a call to get more information about this feature-packed accessory. For the price, it's the best composite genlocking encoder around, with Super- VHS output as an added bonus. LOCK QUALITY Remember, we back GEN ONE with the best warranty in the business.
• Separate RGB & Video Gain Controls
• H, V, Subcarrier Computer Timing
• 3 Modes of Operation
• Y C Output for Super-VHS
• 2 Composite Outputs $ 895. With 1 Year Warranty Call For More Information And A Free Brochure
(516) 273-0404 Communications Specialties, Inc. 89-A Cabot Court Hauppauge, NY 11788 Looking for some real action in home computer games? Excitement that'll have your heart pounding and palms sweating? Razzle dazzle graphics that'll drive you wild? Look no further than these incredible arcade smash hits now faithfully converted for your home computer by Tengen. Speaking of smash, Biasteroids' gives a lot of space rocks a chance to do exactly that to one wrong move and you'll bite space dust. When it comes to hits, nothing lets you give or take more than your starship. Twist, dodge and blast away at the never-ending onslaught of asteroids and enemy ships. But TEIMGEIM WE BRING THE BEST ARCADE HITS HOME. 1901 McCarthy Boulevard., Suite 210, Milpitas, CA 95035 (408} 435*2650 I lyVCB fiUn f WujfY fl Vindicators." It puts you in charge of a hyper futuristic tank that'll blow your mind fighting against enemy tanks and turrets that'll blow you away. Get Tengen's smash hits at your favorite retailer today. And experience tire best of the arcades at home! They're available now for the C-64 128, Amiga and Atari ST. Hi avi i mum: >, and €1987, Atari Games Corp. Vimik wors: TM and 01988, Atari Games Corp. Screen displays for different computers may vary. Duces. Press the Shift key, and you see the characters that the shifted version of each key produces. Ditto for the ALT key. This tool is just the ticket when you're looking for that harcl-to-find copyright symbol (.ALT e), beta (.AIT s), or other esoteric character. From here on, however, we're in the scrap heap. For example, take Palette. Please. Palette lets you change the colors of any screen. You can already do that with Preferences, but only for the Workbench screen. Of course, most Amiga applications use windows, not screens, so Palette is largely redundant with Preferences. Then there's FED. FED let’s you ere- ate and edit fonts. It’s a neat tool, and we had a nice time playing with it, but let’s face it, how many of us really need oi* even want new fonts for Workbench? Where we might want fonts is in a desktop-publishing program, but most of those already come with an ample supply. And, of course, there’s the icon-editing utilities, IconEd and IconMerge. IconEd lets you change an icon’s appearance, while IconMerge lets you split or merge icons. Again, IconEd can be fun, but how often do you need it? As for IconMerge, well, we like icons that change their appearance when you click on them as much as anyone who doesn’t get a kick out of seeing the Trashcan lid open but we don’t get the urge to change those icons very often. Developers may like these tools, but they aren’t very important for most of us. FreeMap is another tool in that same class. It shows vou how much of your 4 chip memory is free, and how much is in use. This might be nice to know when you’re trying to run a graphics program that needs a hit of chip memory, but in the end either that program runs or it doesn’t. If it does run, who cares how much chip memory you have? It if doesn’t run, you know you have to close some other tools to free up some memory, so FreeMap doesn't really help. Now, if FreeMap would tell you how much chip memory each process is using, that would be handy, because then you would know which ones to abort to gain back the most chip memory. As it is, however, FreeMap is largely a curiosity. Finally, here’s our candidate for the dumbest tool: PerfMon. PerfMon monitors the system’s performance, showing you the degree of CPU and memory utilization. That information may sound useful, but what are you really going to do with it? If you have work to do, you have to do it, regardless of whether your .Amiga is running at half capacity or full bore. Further, PerfMon presents its CPU information as a difficult-to-read graph. Why it doesn’t have a nice simple 0- 1009£ scale, or maybe a speedometer, is beyond us. End of the Road We’ve been covering 1.3 for nearly a year, and it’s time to move on to other aspects of the Amiga. Until next time, take a few minutes to experiment with the contents of the Extras disk, and see how your assessment matches up with ours, [jet us know if you want; we re al- 4 1 ways willing to be persuaded that we’re wrong. Happy touring! ¦ Mark L. Van Name and HiI! Catchings are contributing editors to Amiga World. Write to them at 10024 Sycamore Rd,t Durham, NC 27703. AC BASIC™ VI.3 - NEW TM AC FORTRAN I" A R & DL Productions Amiga computer with |-24 46th Ave 2 A minimum I Mb RAM,
L. I.C. NY 11101 Kickstarl 1.2or 1.3
(718) 392-4090 required. $ 189 Easy to use compiler is very fast with great graphics. Plus, AC BASIC is the only BASIC compiler for Amiga that is compatible with the AmigaBASIC interpreter so your existing programs can be compiled with no changes and run up to 50x faster. Easy to use documentation is indexed and includes over 200 v- examples on disk: plus a full spreadsheet written in AC BASIC and HAM graphics examples Extensions include: SELECT CASE, BLOCK IF, STATIC arrays. Recursive subprograms. Create stand-alone applications (no redistribution fee) NCP $ 195. Mainframe quality, full feature ANSI FORTRAN 77 compiler includes: Debugger, Linker, Library Manager, Runtime Library'. IEEE math, and C interface. Supports Complex numbers, Virtual arrays, Overlays and Linking. Not copy protected. $ 295. 68020 68881 version also available $ 495. Scientific Engineering Software 2781 Bond Street, Auburn Hills, Ml 48057 (313) 8534)050 Amiga trademark of Commodore Amiga. Microsoft trademark of Microsoft Corp FALCON TAKES TOP HONORS
• *'.V
• BEST TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT THE F-16 FIGHTER SIMULATION Climb into the FALCON cockpit and fly a highly realistic simulation of the F- 1GA Fighting Falcon. Perform fighter maneu vers while engaging enemy MiG's in dogfight battles OR connect two computers and go head-to-head against another plane piloted by a second person. Realism is captured by use of sound and digitized airplane images, advanced radar mechanisms, and four alternating heads-up-displays. Multiple levels and missions challenge even expert pilots. Feel the exhilaration of power, speed, and maneuverability of the F-1B as you claim the skies as FALCON territory! FALCON Available on Macinlosh (I Meg). HIM 2!»BK. Amiga 512K. And Alan ST b12K Circle 141 on Reader Service card NOW AVAILABLE FOR AMIGA AND ATARI ST It s the best flight simulator yet put on a microcomputer... a must for any Mac owner..." John Dvorak San Francisco Examiner Other flight simulators "... pate to insignificance compared to FALCON..." Jack Warner United Press International ’Flying FALCON is nothing short of exhilarating..." Howard Bornstein Computer Currents 2061 CHALLENGER DRIVE ALAMEDA, CA 04501 (415) 522-0107 FALCON and Spectrum HnloByte are trademarks ul SPHERE, Inc Macintosh anil IBM are registered trademarks nl Apple Computei. Inc and International Business Machines respectively Amiga is a trademark ol Comrimdotc Amiga. Inc Atari and ST are registered trademarks of Alan Coip Amiga & Atari ST screen urn Rubber Screeeeeeeeeech. A sleek red Ferrari with the license plate “BG” streaks off into the horizon. By B,G* Hunter IN A SEARCH for the ultimate racing game, I’ve driven almost every kind of vehicle over almost every type of terrain, all from the comfort of my Barco- lounger. I’m not too demanding; the arcade game Pole Position, with its simple controls and fast pace, has gobbled more than its share of my quarters. None of the ten Amiga games 1 tried, however, gave me that total racing thrill. On the Course lake, for instance, Ferrari Formula One (S49.95, Electronic Arts). Like many recent computer games, it’s too complex. In some respects Ferrari Formula One is a tour de force; its graphics are stunning, and it doesn’t miss a detail. Want to see what’s behind you? Check your dual side-view mirrors. Unfortunately, those same details can overwhelm you. Before you even start racing, you must pick your tires, adjust the suspension, and tune the engine and gear ratio. I might en joy these items if the driving were more fun, but it’s not. Steering with the mouse is bad enough, but then you have to shift through six gears. While you steer and shift, you also have to monitor gauges for fuel, oil pressure, RPM, turbo-boost level, and your cooling system, as well as keep an eye on how your tires are wearing. 1 always finish in last place. On the other end of the spectrum, Formula 1 Grand Prix ($ 29.95, StarSoft Development Laboratories) does not pay enough attention to details. Its racing is straightforward, if unexceptional. You still have to shift through six gears, but here you really have to get it right; over-rev the engine and your car explodes. Resume racing, and you begin in the gear ? Paused Arcade action brings the realism of the big time game home to you in this direct translation of the popular coin-op arcade game, “Magic Johnson's Fastbreak Basketball." Featuring:
• Arcade-quality animated graphics and characters larger than any before seen in a home computer basketball game, because it's NOT a home computer game, but a REAL Arcade game!
• a full-court scrolling screen
• two-on-two play, WITH OFFICIALS!
• full stats - see if you can achieve Triple Doubles like Magic! Make the "jump shot," the "alley oop," and of course Magic's famous "fastbreak" with a "slam dunk" finish. Dribble 'round your opponent to make the "lay up" that wins the game! Now you've earned the honor of playing the ultimate One-on-One ... Coming soon for: Amiga (1 mg)
- $ 49.99 ibm 5-yr
- $ 39.99 IBM 3-
- $ 39.99 Amiga (512 K)
- $ 39.99 Commodore 64
- $ 29.99 Apple IIGS
- $ 39.99 MELBOURNE HOUSE MELBOURNE HOUSE 711 West 17th St., Unit G9. Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Tel. (714) 631-1001. Mrlbouin* Hguw it ¦ memSat at !M Viryin Watlertmmc Group Circle Reader Service 104 you were using before the explosion. Starting in sixth gear is no fun. Far worse, however, was the penalty for getting a high score: the game hung. To be fair, it probably hung because I didn't use a high-score disk, but it never warned me. A The documentation, like that of so many other Amiga games, told me practically nothing. I’m being generous, actually. Its “manual” is one double-sided, photocopied page. Only one-quarter of the page is actually documentation and includes such deathless hints as “avoid collisions and overtake as many cars as possible.’’ Wish I’d thought of that. Worse, instead of springing for an extra manual page, StarSoft added an insert that, like an overgrown matchbook cover, invites you to become rich by writing for them. If this game is making anybody rich, I'm in the wrong business. It I Perhaps the most enjoyable of these Formula One racing games is Grid Start (S24.95, Anco). It has decent graphics and enough options to keep you interested. As in all of these games, you can race once or run a multiple-course season. I didn’t win often, but the ability to choose different skill levels at least made me competitive. Unfortunately, you can't save your high scores to disk. A m Like the others, Grid Start makes you wade through six gears. I ended up in fourth gear most of the time because downshifting was so hard: you have to press the joystick’s button while at the same Company Information Mastertronic Inti Inc. Accolade 550 S. Winchester Blvd. Suite 200 San Jose, CA 95128 408 296-8400 Anco Software USA Inc. PO Box 292 Burgettstown, PA 15021 412 947-9922 800 992-9198 711 W. 17th St., Unit G9 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 714 631-1001 Sega distributed by Mindscape 3444 Dundee Rd. Northbrook, IL 60062 312 480-7667 800 221-9884 time pulling back on the stick. Miss the button and you’ve just hit the brakes, so you’ve got to be careful. A faithful reproduction of the arcade version, Out Run (S49.95, Sega) brings a thankfully-simple two gears to a less realistic drive. Instead of a race track, you speed through a succession of highway landscapes as you try to beat the clock. Geography takes a back seat to speed, as Holland borders Death Valley. (You also can't save your high scores to disk. What’s wrong with these people?) Along the way you have to weave through a series of racing cars, trucks, V W Bugs, and other vehicles all the while running at as close to full throttle as you can manage. Hit a tree or another obstacle and you, and your companion, go flying out of the car. That’s right. You, the male driver, get a blond female friend, as well as your choice of three different “hot music” selections from vour car stereo. Is this 1950, or what? Let’s have some options here; my daughter may someday want to drive a race car. This game is obviouslv intended for the under-16 set, and I also 7 enjoyed it, so I don’t see why she shouldn’t as well. Off Road If you feel like getting a little closer to the wind, step out of the car and onto a dirt bike in Kikstart 2 ($ 19.99, Mastertronic). As you speed, jump, and wheelie your way to the finish line on the scrolling top of the screen, your opponent (Amiga or human) races you on the screen’s bottom half. You race on a series of five courses that you can pick from a selection of 25. .Ail have good graphics, as well as such obstacles as ramps, picnic tables, and red British telephone booths. My main frustration with Kikstart 2 is that L.G. Hunter, my four-year-old son, is better than I am. While plagued with a case of chicken pox, he got all too good at it. I eventually topped his score, but I may never live down the defeats I suffered along the way. .Another off-beat game that I enjoyed a great deal is 4x4 OfF-road Racing ($ 39.95, Epyx). Maybe it’s because I drive a pickup, but I had a great time trucking through Baja, Death Valley, and muddy Georgia. You start by selecting a course and one of four skill levels. Then you pick a truck. You must balance such factors as weight, cargo capacity, gas mileage, and durability. Then you have to get some tires, gas up, and buy tools, spare parts, and some extra gas. .All Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 Epyx 600 Galveston Dr. Redwood City, CA 94063 415 366-0606 StarSoft Development Labs. 3331 Bartlett Blvd. Orlando, FL 32811 407 423-1987 ¦* f V X «*(; m * One Good Book deserves another and another. Amiga C for Advanced Programmers
- contains a wealth ot Information from the pros: how compilers, assemblers and linkers work, designing and programming user friendly interlaces using Intuition, combining assembly language and C codes, and more. Includes complete source code for text editor. ISBN 1-55755-046-8 400 pp $ 24.95 AmigaCforBeginners
- an introduction to learning the popular C language Explains the language elements using examples specifically geared to the Amiga. Describes C library routines, how the compiler works and more. ISBN 1-55755-045-X 280 pp $ 19.95 AmigaDOS Inside & Out
- covers the insides ot AmigaDOS from the internal design up to practical applications. Includes detailed reference sec tion. Tasks and handling. DOS editors ED and EDIT, how to create and use script tiles, multitasking, and much more. ISBN 1-55755-041-7 280pp $ 19.95 Includes Workbench 1.3 Info Amiga Machine Language is a comprehensive introduction to 68000 assembler machine language programming and is THE practical guide for learning lo program the Amiga in ultra-last ML. Also covers 68000 microprocessor address modes and architecture, speech and sound from ML and much more ISBN 1-55755-025-5 264 pp $ 19.95 Amiga System Programmer's Guide
• comprehensive guide to what goes on inside the Amiga in a single volume. Only a lew of the many subjects covered include the EXEC structure, I O requests, interrupts and resource management, multitasking functions and much, much more, ISBN 1-55755-034-4 442 pp $ 34.95 AmigaDOS Quick Reference *
- an easy-to-use reference tool for beginners and advanced programmers alike. You can quickly find commands for your Amiga by using the three handy indexes designed with the user in mind. All commands are in alphabetical order lor easy reference. Includes Workbench 1.3 Info ISBN 1-55755-049-2 128 pp $ 14.95 Amiga 3-D Graphic Programming in BASIC
• shows you how to use the powerful graphic capabilities of the Amiga. Details the techniques and algorithms for writing three-dimensional graphic programs: ray tracing in all resolutions, light sources and shading, saving graphics in IFF formal and more. ISBN 1-55755-044-1 300 pp $ 19.95 Amiga Disk Drives Inside & Out
• is the most in-depth reference available covering the Amiga's disk drives. Learn how to speed up data transfer, how copy protection works, computer viruses, Workbench and the CLI DOS functions, loading, saving, sequential and random file organization, more. ISBN 1-55755-042-5 360 pp $ 29.95 Computer Viruses: a high-tech disease *
- describes what a computer virus is, how viruses work, viruses and batch files, protecting your computer, designing virus proof systems and more. ISBN 1-55755-043-3 292 pp $ 18.95 "Probably the hvxt and most citrrenr bonk a hev ofpreventive measures" PC Week fb2I-XX Amiga For Beginners *
- the first volume in our Amiga series, introduces you to Intuition (Amiga's graphic interface), the mouse, windows, the CLI, and Amiga BASIC and explains every practical aspect of the Amiga in plain English. ISBN 1-55755-021-2 184 pp $ 16.95 Includes Workbench 1.3 Info AmigaBASIC Inside & Out
- TH E definitive step by-step guide to programming the Amiga in BASIC. Every AmigaBASIC command is fully described and detailed. Topics include charts, windows, pulldown menus, files, mouse and speech commands, ISBN 0-916439-87-9 554 pp $ 24.95 Includes Workbench 1.3 Info Amiga for Beginners Save Time and Moneyl-Optional program disks are available for many of our Amiga reference books. All programs listed in the books are on each respective disk and will save you countless hours of typing! $ 14.95 (* Optional Diskette Not Available for these Titles) ? Optional Disk Amiga Tricks & Tips Amiga Tricks & Tips
- follows our tradition of other Tricks and Tips books lor CBM users. Presents dozens of tips on accessing libraries from BASIC, custom character sets, AmigaDOS, sound, important 68000 memory locations, and much more! ISBN 0-916439-88-7 348 pp $ 19.95 Abacus ?! 11 mm Dept. L3, 5370 52nd Street SE Grand Rapids, Ml 49508
(616) 698-0330 See your local Dealer or Call Toll Free 1-800-451-4319 Add S4.00 Shipping and Handling per Order Foreign add $ 12.00 per item right, so I griped about too many details earlier. That might bug me here, too, except that the driving is so much fun. There are no gears; it’s just you, the road, and a succession of obstacles and other trucks that you have to avoid. Every time you hit something, you damage your truck, and eventually it’ll break down. You can fix it, but that takes valuable time. You also have to watch your fuel. The faster you travel, the more gas you consume. While I enjoyed 4x4 and Kikstart, I am still seeking the ultimate racing game. Fortunately, so too are some of the game companies. Accolade, for example, just released The Duel; Test Drive II. I was not particularly fond of the original, but the new one promises a lot of extra features, such as new cars, optional auto-shifting, a variety of scenery, and better crashes. Maybe it will be the end of the road. Although not the type to be caged in an office, B. G. Hunter does skulk in occasionally to pick up his mail. Write to him c o AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept., SO Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. S W E V I E R M E G A Falcon By Denny Atkin A MiG-21 ON my tail, 1 bank hard right and kick in full afterburner. An explosion shakes the F-16. Warning klaxons sound as the powerless plane dives. I’ve destroyed $ 25 million worth of military hardware, but thanks to Spectrum Holobyte I can try again. One of the most realistic simulations available, Falcon lets you pilot an F-16 Fighting Falcon jet fighter on air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. Don’t expect to open the package and immediately soar away. You’ll need to read the excellent 134-page manual to survive. You can choose your rank and mission. Ranks range from First Lieutenant, where you can’t crash and the enemy won’t shoot at you, to Colonel, where surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) are attracted to you in swarms, and even putting your landing gear down at too high a speed can severely damage your aircraft. Twelve missions are available, from the Milk Run, a practice attack on target buildings in friendly territory, to the Grand Slam, in which you must shoot down four enemy MiGs. .After selecting weapons, you take to the air. Falcon presents you with a very realistic cockpit you must look to the side to view many of the instruments, just as in a real F-16. Graphics, both in- and outside of the aircraft, are excellent. You won’t have much opportunity to enjoy the view; Falcon really shines in the dogfights. Unlike many computer flight simulations where enemy planes defy the laws of physics and gravity, the MiGs in Falcon attack you using realistic maneuvers, such as the variable scissors or low G vo-vo. J While Falcon will run on a 512K Amiga, it offers a number of bonuses for larger systems, including a head-to-head mode, where you can fly against another player using Falcon on an Amiga, Macintosh, or Atari ST via a modem or special cable. My only complaint is that whether you use the mouse, keyboard, or joystick, Falcon is very hard to control. None of the controls allow vou to j change attitude and direction at the same time, preventing you from diving or climbing while turning. Also, the game is not compatible with accelerator boards. While the casual game player may find Falcon overly complex and perhaps a bit too realistic, the program is a flight simulator lover’s dream. Falcon Spectrum Holobyte 2061 Challenger Dr. Alameda, GA 94501 415 522-3584 $ 49.95 No special requirements. ? Dodge the bogles and the bridges. WITH ELAN PERFORMER AMIGA VISUALS RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS It’s a jungle out there scores of paint and animation programs, all set up to help you create great imagery. But when you're ready to display it, how do you put it all togetheri* ELAN PERFORMER™ is the only presentation system to put all of your Amiga graphics in one place, w here you can display them as quickly as you can hit a key. Whatever the format. No complex script or menu systems. No more loading all those different programs. QUICK AND EASY There is no faster or easier way to produce a presentation. Use a simple control screen to assign your images or animations to keys on the keyboard. Then, during your presentation, press any key and its image instantly displays 011 the screen. You never need to pull down menus or return to the control screen. If you wish, you can fully automate your display to follow your precise timing and sequence settings, or use the mouse like a remote control to move forwards and backwards through your imagery. W hether for business, education, creative projects, animation, or real-time editing onto videotape, ELAN PERFORMER is absolutely indispensable. I'lau Ivrfurnirr ¦ a Irailruiark uf klali Drjigli, Inc. Amiga, ItrllUr I'uihl, Digil'ainl I'liulon i’uint. Ulnnra|>r .’III. Zorlropr. Turbo Silver. Sculpt ami IN VISION irr the irarlrmark. Of Commndorr Ruiincst Machines. Electronic Art.. NrwTrk Inc.. Micrulllusions. Aegis Software. Antic Software. Impulse. Byte li» Hste and Elan Design Inc.. re.pertively. Precise automatic sequencing or direct manual display from keyboard or mouse. Bring together imagery from your paint and animation programs into a single presentation. M Powerful utilities let you cut animations into individual frames, splice any imagery into an animation, or convert animations between RIFF1 and ANIM formats. M Control frame-by-frame, forward, and reverse playback of animations with mouse movements or arrow keys. 1W Multitask with music and sound software. M Supports IFF, HAM, RIFF, ANIM, and RGB formats. Works with Amiga graphics and animation programs such as Deluxe Paint?1 DigiPaint™ Photon Paint™ Videoscape 3D™ Zoetrope™ Turbo Silver™ Sculpt™ and INVISION? Works with minimum 512K of RAM. M Handles all Amiga resolutions including severe overscan. Available in PAL or NTSC video formats. T • . RwTv List price: ONLY See your dealer or contact: ELAN ?a?ox 31725 rA J-Ji 11 ± 1 San Francisco, LA DESIGN 94131 Distant Armies By Dodson Yaple A HANDS-ON history, Distant .Armies offers you ten different precursors of chess from the original game of sixth-century India to a twelve-piece, 36- square version designed to fit the limited scope of early computers. On-screen illuminated manuscripts annotate each game, describing its rules and placing it in historical perspective. To learn the legal moves for unfamiliar pieces, press the Help key and click on the piece in question, or select Show Moves from the menu. Unfortunately, the rules occa- 7 sionallv confuse vertical and diagonal movement, but the accompanying diagrams are always correct. To ease into competition, you can select your difficulty level. J j Playing the individual games is surprisingly like playing conventional chess. T he games differ primarily in the sort of contest they tend to produce. The earlv Indian and Persian varieties, for example, encourage quiet, positional play, largely because the stronger pieces cannot get into action until the middle or end of the game. Medieval chess is a faster game, allowing privileged moves intended to enable quicker openings. Later variations like Courier and Decimal employ larger boards and high-powered killer pieces that favor a wild slash-and- burn style. In Burmese chess, you decide the initial deployment of your pieces. While you play Byzantine chess on a round board, you play Los Alamos chess without bishops, on a six-by-six layout. There’s even Chinese chess with a river running across the center of the board. Distant Armies is not copyprotected, but you will have trouble installing it on a hard disk. T he sequence of commands listed in the manual contains syntactical and typographical errors. T hough it’s unlikely to he your workhorse chess program, Distant Armies is a carefully wrought coffee-table-book of a product that historically- inclined players will delight in browsing. Distant Armies Eagle Tree Software PO Box 164 Hopewell, A 23860 804 452-0623 $ 44.95 No special requirements. The Universal Military Simulator By Patrick Quaid THE UNIVERSAL Military Simulator (UMS) from Rain- bird Software might be the best looking war game available. The battlefield is a three- dimensional wire grid viewed from the side to show elevation, with white and black flags, which symbolize the various army units, planted at its vertices. Unfortunately, the designers of UMS took a disappointingly simplistic view of combat. For example, there are only two terrain types: woods and not woods. There is only one fundamental unit type, which can lire ranged weapons to approximate artillery or travel quickly to simulate cavalry. A unit’s relative force is determined by a single number, so an effective artillery unit is necessarily a tough dose combat unit. .Although the game supports concepts like morale and efficiency, it does not consider an army's command . Structure, which makes ancient combats unrealistic. Meanwhile, the lack of any true air units and an understanding of the rock scissors paper interrelationships of modern combat units make contemporary scenarios almost impossible to simulate. Faced with this lack of realism, you must consider UMS more of a strategy game than a war game. The battles are fun to play and to watch, and the computer is a decent opponent if it’s attacking. During the command phase you can issue all the orders, or just give the critical ones and let the computer oversee the rest based on your guidelines. During the combat phase you can direct your side’s artillery fire, or again allow the computer to do it. ? §1 Your Workbench needs our Tool Chest Introducing the AmigaWorld Tool Chest! A brand- new collection of special software written for your Amiga. Now there’s no need to know how to program, draw, animate, or compose on your computer because the AmigaWorld Tool Chest gives you all the tools your Workbench needs. It’s that easy! Each bi-monthly release of the Tool Chest gives you two disks packed with high- quality Amiga programs, utilities, games, professional clip art, predefined animation objects, sound and music files, and the best of Amiga Shareware. Plus, you get an original Amiga animation complete with an animation-player program! Users of every Amiga model and at every level of skill- wili be thrilled with these top-qual- ity programs and tools. All for just $ 14.95 per issue! The Premier issue of the Amiga- World Tool Chest gives you... master of Amiga animation! R I I VT7Q1 Send me the AmigaWorldloo Chest Vol. 1, HI today. I I I I Lij! My payment for $ 14.95 is enclosed. U ? Save me $ 20. Enter my one year (6 issue) charter subscription for $ 69.95. J Name___ | Address- I Programs- WBSalv, a disc-recovery program that you can run from Workbench. Mosaic Maker, an easy way to create Escher-like graphics. City_State_Zip. | ? Check Money Order Enclosed (payable to AmigaWorld Tool Chest) I ? Charge my: ? MasterCard ? Visa ? American Express I Account _Expires_ | Signature_ [] Foreign Orders, add $ 2.50 for Air Mail Delivery. Foreign Subscriptions are S84.95. postpaid. Payment required in US Funds drawn on US Bank. Q Note that some animations require 1 MB of memory. I Amiga World Tool Chest, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 j _ 00-3 0728. _• J_603_924_947J_ awgse. Alien Duels, a lightning-fast arcade clash with an alien invasion force. Joystick required. Clip Art Monsters! Monsters! Monsters! You’ll have a great time incorporating these fantastic creatures into your graphics creations. Animation Objects The Horse, a beautifully detailed chess piece. The Rose, a delicate complex object. The Sail, a great object for your water-born animations. Sounds and Music A collection of very weird sound effects for use in your programs. PLUS a brand-new, disk-length animation from Gene Brawn, a The AmigaWorld Tool Chest. What no Workbench should be without. TRY IT! To order, use the coupon below or look for the special insert in this issue. For immediate service call 1-800-343-0728. Charter Subscription Opportunity! Save $ 20 off the single copy price and get these charter subscriber benefits:
* automatic delivery of every two-disk edition for an entire year. That’s 12 disks in all, delivered every other month.
• FREE Amiga World Public Domain Library Catalog.
• Amiga World subscription renewal discount certificate.
• Discount on AmiExpo admissions!
• Full Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the AmigaWorld Tool Chest, simply return it for an immediate refund. The combat looks impressive, with thick black arrows boldly announcing each unit’s proposed path toward the enemy and the digitized din of war punctuating the encoun- taily important issues will remain guesswork. The Universal Military Simulator is far from universal, not very military, and for that matter not much of a simula- m HE & lit.' M I ms JUT *si m *t> | BL Productions !4 46th Avc 2A lAttack | jDef end] [Haneuverl [Reserve! [Next Unit! [Las t On it] [Cancel [ |jjuiT| line 89:8$ ham's Viwi Extme Zoom Hoi'th Active: Lee (bUck) 1st Corps Artillery Strength ___558 Type Field Artillery Horde __Untried Efficiency Average Hoves Retaining 5 Speed 16.5 Hpli Status Maneuvering £j [7] (¥j q eg 0 0 0 Gettysburg July 3, 1863 AproDraw ,m Amiga Professional Drawing Tablet Circle 79 on Reader Service card, Writing long or technical documents? Tired of the jaggies? Need mathematical equations? Check this out: rzr* cos(2u>£ 20) ) dt In = AmigSLTgjK Plan your advance. Lers. Attacks designed by the computer are particularly stirring, full of the sweep and symmetry you expect from these epic battles. Who cares if it sends artillery units out in front. UMS has a facility for creating new battles, but provides virtually no useful documentation for doing so. You can use the five included scenarios as a rough guide, but several vi- tor. As long as you don’t expect much realism, you might enjoy it. The Universal Military Simulator Rainbird Software distributed by Mediagenic 3885 Bohannon Dr. Menlo Park, CA 94025 415 322-0900 $ 49.95 No special requirements. Full T X functionality On-screen preview Arexx compatibility Includes LaTgX, SliT X, and BibTWC Over 1500 previewer fonts Main package is only S200 AmigaT jX provides the highest possible quality on any printer, whether impact, ink-jet, or laser. It gives you the power to quickly typeset long, complex documents. Write for your free demo disk! Or stop by your local college bookstore and pick up a copy of The TjjXbook, by Donald Knuth, to see what this system can do. Radical Eye I Software Box 2081 • Stanford, CA 94309 • (415) 32-AMIGA Ad printed true size on a NEC P6 dot-matrix printer Tower Toppler By Neil Randall IN TOWER TOPPLER you climb and destroy a series of increasingly dangerous towers. Each tower is ringed by a series of exterior platforms, many of which terminate in elevators. Windows lead through the tower to other platforms. All the windows and platforms interact logically. Entering the top window destroys a tower. As you cruise to the next mission in your sub, you can earn bonus points and extra climbing time by catching fish, in an unsatisfying arcade shoot. The evil forces, of course, try to stop you. You can destroy block barricades and some cannonballs with your gun, but you must avoid the eyes, robots, and mutant mol- ecules. If they touch you, they knock you to a lower platform or into the poisonous sea. You begin with three lives. If you fall into the sea or use up the time allotted to reach the top of the tower, you die. For every 5000 points you earn a new life. Lose all your lives, and you must restart at the first tower, which is annoying once you’ve reached the higher levels. Even more annoying is the bug that causes obstacles to meet and stick together, forcing you to fall into the sea. Tower Toppler is graphically excellent, and is both challenging and enjoyable to play. The towers range from the fairly easy (Tower of Eyes) to the near impossible (Trap of Tricks), A good, solid arcade game, Tower Toppler is for adults and children alike. Tower Toppler
U. S. Gold distributed by Epyx PC) Box 8020 600 Galveston Drive Redwood City, CA 94063 415 368-3200 S49.95 No special requirements. ACS Software is proud to announce the release of our new STATE-OF-THE-ART FONT GENERATION AND EDITING SOFTWARE r Font-Works™ allows you to create an unlimited number of color fonts quickly and easily by either using the built-in drawing tools, by "grabbing" letters from any IFF picture, or by adding a variety of effects to existing fonts. Up to 16 colors per font from a palette of 4,096 colors. Crash Garrett By Dodson Yaple A HARD-BOILED 1930’s aviator, Crash Garrett finds himself on the trail of Nazis who are plotting to establish a mas- ter-race breeding farm in the
U. S. You play Garrett’s myste- rious inner voice, w'hich has accounted for much of the hero’s past success. The game unfolds as a series of quasi-animated comic book-style sequences, during which you are a spectator with no control over the course of the action. Only when Garrett reaches an impasse does he solicit your counsel; you decide what to do, and the next scene commences. Crash Garrett’s visual effects are the best part of an otherwise unexceptional product. While the cameos of the onstage characters and their props are not animated, their balletic motion about the screen combines w'ith a barrage of fades, wipes, flips, and i A variety of special effects can be easily added to any font by executing a macro list ot the desired effects. Font-Works automatically adds the effects to every character! HWI FEATURES INCLUDE Special Effects include Drop Shadow, 3-D, Outline, Italicize, Underline, Stencil, Flip Rotate, Box, Neon, and Shift. Resize and Scale any font up to the size limit of 1,024 x 1,024 pixels. Capture characters or custom brushes from any IFF picture. Supports color-cycling, pattern fills, and dithered gradient fills. Complete shape and line tools (including line, curve, rectangle and ellipse). Customize the color palette by changing or mixing colors at will. Stencils let you place custom brushes "behind" or "in front of" other graphics. Allows viewing, printing, and test typing of the font in any resolution and style. ATTENTION Calligrapher OWNERS! We think you will like ours better. We are so sure, that for only $ 49.95 we will send you Font-Works. Call or send your program disk and $ 49.95 plus $ 5.00 for shipping to ACS Software. From the makers of Grade Manager, Learning Curve. Music Student, and Station Manager Series. ACS Software 2135 East Sunshine, Suite 106 * Springfield, MO 65804
- Many Advanced Features
- Free Software Included 20 Meg $ 599 30 - Meg $ 659 40 Meg SB49 50 Meg S799 - 80 Meg (Quantum) $ 1,199 (TINY TIGER INCLUDES DRIVE POWER SUPPLY. SCSI INTERFACE AND SOFTWARE IN A SINGLE SMALL CASE UNIDRIVE THE FULLY FEATURED. SWITCHABLE. NON-CLiCKING S159 EXTERNAL 3 1 2" FLOPPY DRIVE AN OLD FAVORITE' dissolves to convey a sense of action, even character. Aside from the appropriately jazzy title music, ineffective sound dilutes the game’s impact. Crash Garrett’s audio comprises little more than half-hearted beeps and gunshots. Dialogue through the Amiga speech device works to limited advantage. Play is frustrating with the parser the game’s weakest aspect. Many plot lines culminate abruptly in peculiarly undramatic situations, and the scenario includes odd endings in which neither do you die nor do you achieve any of the game’s objectives. Crash Garrett is refreshingly unprotected, but its inclination to make life easier for you stops there. It does not multi- task and cannot be made to run from the RAM disk. Most of its documentation (and some of the game) is written in French. You can save only one position at a time, and there is no provision for pausing your game or starting a new one, but I’m not sure why you would want to. Crash Garrett Info games distributed by Terrific Software 544 Second St. San Francisco, CA 94107 415 957-0886 $ 39.95 No special requirements. TWO 3 1 2" FLOPPY DRIVES IN A SINGLE PACKAGE SWITCHABLE. NON-CLICKING. TWINDRIVE $ 299 MEMORY & STORAGE TECHNOLOGY INC. Australia 178 Pacific Hwy St Leonards NSW 2065
(02) 436 2600
M. A.S.T. Dealer enquiries welcome Circle our Reader Service card USA 3831 -E Benatar Way Chico CA S5926 (9161342-6278 Circle 181 on Reader Service card Points a planet can produce. If you desire, a host of options will complicate your mission. Novas make stars become unstable, forcing you to evacuate their planets. Natural disasters can strike. Xenophobes (viruses) force planets into quarantine, while solar debris makes navigation difficult. The trick to the game is to get out and explore early, constantly building up your home planet and any other planets you control. Because there are four types of planets (Primary through Hostile), five star classes, and several ways to develop your holdings, this task is much more difficult than it sounds. I recommend this gem with absolutely no hesitation. Reach for the Stars Strategic Studies Group distributed by Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 S45 No special requirements. ¦ 00
• REDMOND CABLE RGB CABLES CUSTOM RGB AMIGA TO 4 BNC SONY KV1311 23F-34F SONY MULTISYNC 23F-9M NEC MULTISYNC 23F-9M MAGNAVOX ANALOG 23F-6MDIN MITSUBISHI MULTISYNC 23F-25M NEC 3D ADAPTER 23F-HD15F Call For Quotes On Weird or Unusual Cables For The Dealer Nearest You! EAST COAST WEST COAST 615-478-5760 206-882-2009 2300 to 55 Reach for the Star; By Neil Randall .AS REACH FOR the Stars’ subtitle explains, your goal is “The Conquest of the Galaxy." You can start in possession of a home planet or in space looking for a planet. Once established, you must expand your realm into the galaxy. The more planets you possess, the more Resource Points you produce, hence the more warships, colonists, and planetary defenses you can produce. If you don't expand, other would-be colonists (up to four computer or human players) will walk all over you. You use Resource Points to construct ships, which you group in task forces to colonize or conquer other planets. You can spend Resource Points on increased navigational and industrial technology, as well. Increasing the former widens the radius the ships can move in one turn, while increasing the latter raises the number of Resource Win Over $ 10,000 Worth of Prizes in The 1989 AmigaWorld Mystery Sweepstakes ST PRIZE ND PRIZE RD PRIZE An Amiga 2000HD & y An Amiga 500 Axetec 20MB Hard Drive A Getaway Trip for 2 i* System PLUS Special Prizes for Contest Finalists AND Dozens of Other Great Prizes for Consolation Winners IT'S CONTEST TIME AGAIN AT AMIGAWORLD! And this year's prizes are better than ever. Win the Grand Prize and you will receive an Amiga 2000HD (including a 40MB hard disk drive and a color monitor). Plus, we'll fly you and one guest to AmiExpo in Santa Clara in October to collect your prize. You will be the personal guests of AmigaWorld at the No. 1 Amiga show in the country, and receive
V. I.P. treatment from AmiExpo organizers. Our Getaway Weekend includes two round-trip airline tickets and hotel accommodations (compliments of AmiExpo) for two nights. And that's not all! This year we're adding two exciting new Runner-Up Prizes an Amiga 500 (with color monitor) and a Xetec 20MB Hard Drive System-plus special Finalist Prizes and dozens of great Consolation Prizes. SO WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO? Get ready to match wits again with the AmigaWorld staff. Last year we took you on a grueling cross-country treasure hunt to San Francisco. This year it's going to be even trickier and more dangerous! Foui play is involved and you're going to have to solve a complex mystery layered with lies, deception, unreliable witnesses, and assorted red herrings. On top of that, our "Sweepstakes Drawing" is no ordinary pull-the-tickets-out-of-the-box affair. Not by a long shot! We guarantee you'll be on the edge of your seats if you're one of our Contest finalists. . .but that's part of the mystery, and we'll say no more about it until later. So put on your deerstalker and find an able Dr. Watson to assist you. Part 1 of The 1989 AmigaWorld Mystery Sweepstakes begins next Continued from p. 18 No matter how good an encoder is, however, it cannot transform overdriven video signals into broadcast quality. If you record the Workbench screen, for example, the white title bar appears to bleed and tear. This is not the fault of your encoder the white level is simply too high. Although low color values may appear dull in RGB, it is best to avoid values above 12 or 13. Out Of Sync? As impressive as it is, the Magni 4004 is not without problems. Two manuals are supplied with the unit; one covers the hardware and the other deals with software. Although the coverage in each is fairly comprehensive, locating information is not easy. Combining the two would make things easier, because, for example, the hardware manual does not mention the DIP-switch setting for the software. The text and presentation are reminiscent of a technical service manual. Video engineers will comprehend the buzz words and the discussions of sync, subcarrier, and oscillators, but most of us would rather see plain-English explanations of the system's creative aspects. The DIP switches are difficult to use, especially if your Amiga is situated with its rear to a wall. Even if your machine is rack mounted, you will tire of peering into the tiny space and hoping that you are flipping the correct switch. I find it curious that the unit was designed to tie up both the video slot and an IBM slot, especially with all the new hardware coming along for the video slot. My biggest complaint, though, is the 4004’s price. Including the 4010 remote control, the system is more than double the price of Digital Creations’ SuperGen. Is it twice as good? I think not. In The Money Clearly, the Magni is aimed at video professionals who won’t balk at spending a couple thousand dollars to sync an Amiga with the rest of their system. NTSC, however, is not the best way to get a clean videographics signal. Most professionals I have worked with run graphics output directly into a video switcher from a single encoder sync generator. Would they prefer a stand-alone encoder with S-VHS, ED-BETA, Mil, or Betacam inputs and outputs, and PRECOMBING and POST-COMBING for betler-lhan-NTSC images? Although Magni has, at press time, announced the addition of S-VHS input and output, for the kind of dollars Magni is asking for this genlock I expected more. Still, the quality of this unit sends a clear signal to the broadcast community: The Amiga can produce rock-steady video output even for big-shot broadcasters with shrinking budgets. 4004 Genlockable Video Graphics Encoder Magni Systems Inc. 9500 S.W. Gemini Dr. Beaverton, OR 97005 503 626-8400 800 237-5964 S1695 S1995 with 4010 remote-control unit No special requirements. Professional Draw The first of its kind is not the last word. By Chris Dickman WHILE THE AMIGA market has long been blessed with several quality bitrnap- graphics programs, it’s had a dearth of object-oriented programs those that deal with images not as collections of bits but as mathematical descriptions. As the first program of this type available on the Amiga, Professional Draw (which is less than half the price of similar Macintosh and 1BM-PC software) is definitely overdue. With it, you can access the capabilities of PostScript laser printers and imagesetters to output crisply at high resolution, dump to color PostScript thermal printers, and color separate into process film on Linotronic imagesetters, ready for the offset printer. Gold Disk, the program’s creator, is best known for Professional Page, long the most powerful desktop-publishing program for the Amiga. The two programs have many menus and too! Icons in common, so Professional Page users will feel at home using Draw. Because version 1.2 of Professional Page is said to be able to import Draw files, the two make a natural pair. Long And Winding Road With Professional Draw, as with all serious draw programs, you create graphics composed of lines and Bezier curves. If you opt for the Freehand tool, the program will convert the results to Bezier curves; with the Pen tool you directly create one curve or line at a time. Those familiar with bitmap-graphics programs will feel more comfortable with the former. While the latter provides more control over the creation of each line segment. Professional Draw’s lack of the usual provision to let you specify how closely the Freehand tool converts your movements to curves (the result is often an unwieldy number of curves) exaggerates the dillerence between the tools. Each curve has anchor points at either end. When you click on these points, the program displays the attached control points. You can drag the anchors to alter the length or angle of a curve. Drawings are thus made up of collections of curves, called paths, which you can close and fill. The key to productivity with a draw program is a flexible approach to working with paths. Unfortunately, Professional Draw is weak in this regard. There is, for example, no way to delete points, individual curves, or lines from a path. And you cannot select and move just one curve, but are forced to move the entire path. Even worse, you are not able to select multiple anchor points at once and move them as a group. While most draw programs change the color or shape of anchor points when you select them, Professional Draw does not, which makes it hard to know what you are editing. This problem is especially nasty at Workbench resolution, so for production work plan on using either a long-persist- ence or high-resolution monitor that can drive Professional Draw at 1008x800 pixels. The problem of clarity is exacerbated by a known bug that causes anchor points to display in white when you deselect a path, thus making it look like a bunch of unconnected lines. How the program could have been allowed to ship in this condition is baffling. Free Trade Professional Draw can import IFF bitmap files of any resolution containing any number of colors. On screen, you can combine them with Bezier curve objects. Professional Draw displays color bitmaps in four shades of gray but will output them in full hue to color bitmap printers, in 16 gray shades to PostScript printers, and, most interestingly, color separate them on PostScript imagesetters. While you may be tempted to trace over imported bitmapped images, using Professional Draw’s Freehand tool makes the process tricky. It creates more anchor points than necessary as you draw. Also, the screen does not scroll as you use the Freehand implement, making it awkward to trace when you’ve zoomed in to view just a part of the template. A feature to let you continue an existing path by clicking on an anchor point and drawing, and one to automatically trace bitmaps (both are provided on most other draw programs), would be helpful additions. Beyond Reach .Amiga software that fully taps the power of PostScript printers has yet to be written. Professional Draw really stumbles in its approach to handling type. For starters, only two faces (clones of Times Roman and Uni vers) are included. There is no provision for using resident or downloadable PostScript fonts, thus shutting Professional Draw users out of the rapidly expanding library of high-quality PostScript typefaces. Worse, the included screen fonts are rendered so poorly as outlines on the screen that they are nearly illegible. Instead of being drawn with a few well-chosen lines and curves, they consist of a ludicrous swarm of anchor points; editing the letters is virtually impossible. The manual says that the program “is not a text layout program that’s Professional Page’s forte.” I say that’s a lame excuse for unacceptable text handling. You can’t even make type bold, underlined, or italic. Shame! SM am fcsn Eld R51 Professional Draw imposes some severe color restrictions, which are especially painful given the .Amiga’s capabilities. You can create graphics in only 16 colors, nine of which are shades of gray and only seven of which are user-definable. To define colors, you use RGB sliders to mix any of the .Amiga’s available 4096. Gold Disk claims you can share Draw palettes with Professional Page 1.2. .As you create screen colors, the equivalent YMC (yellow, magenta, cyan) values are displayed. You can also enter these values directly, and Professional Draw will generate the sum when separating the graphic. Lacking is the ability to define solid colors in terms of the Pantone Matching System (PMS), which is popular in the graphic-arts industry and provided by many draw programs. Getting Out Professional Draw's ability to create color separations is a feature normally offered only by high-end draw programs. You get a similar amount of control over separations as you do with Professional Page: You can specify the angle and density in lines per inch of the three process colors’ halftones plus black. A file can be output directly to a Linotronic or printed to disk in EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) format. It is then ready for color separating with a PostScript imagesetter. You could also output this EPS file in one piece to a QMS ColorScript thermal PostScript printer. Lastly, you can output to any Preferences-supported color printer, but printing detailed draw ? HIGHER PERFORMANCE...AND CHEAPER TO BOOT! POLICY: Shipping and handling extra. Personal checks must clear before shipment. For faster serv.ee use credit card, cashier's check or bank money order. Credit cards are not charged until we ship. All prices are USA. Prices and are subject to change, and all items are subject to availability. These prices reflect a 5% cash discount For all credit card purchases there will be an additional 5% charge. COD orders add 55.00. Texas residents add sales tax. All sales are final and returned shipments are subject to a restocking fee. 'SHIPPING: FREE shipping by Federal Express Standard Air or UPS (if wtthin 1-day service zone) on orders paid by credit card, cashier's check or bank money order. In Hawaii, Alaska, and outside Continental US, call for information. Amiga* is a registered trademark of Commodore-Am ga. Inc.
• Fully 1010 Compatible
• Ultra Compact Design
• Acoustically Quiet
• Amiga* Color Coordinated • Extra Long Drive Cable
• Ultra Low Power Consumption • No Annoying “Clicking" Noise
• Daisy Chainable • Diskette ’’Dust Protection” Door 1555 1 FR E Esh ¦P Pi In 9 Vi ia Federal Express!* Toll Free Order Line: 1-800-562-3539 LEXIBLE I ATA Info & Technical Support: 214-669-3999 Systems, inc. FAX: 214-669-°D21 Fdata-10 $ 149.95 Single 3.5" External Drive Fdata-20 $ 299.95 Dual 3.5“ External Drive w Power Supply graphics on a lo-res bitmap printer doesn’t make much sense. For many us, the world of high-resolu- tion color output and separation is new and awe inspiring. Sadly, Professional Draw s documentation is rather drab. It suffers from a lack of graphic examples. The 20-page tutorial isn’t much help, either. It should be much more comprehensive particularly because Professional Draw is the program through which many Amiga users will be first exposed to using Bezier curves. The so-called ‘context-sensitive help' a few lines of general information that depends on which tool you’ve selected is embarrassing. There is no on-line help when working with requester windows, where it’s most needed. What Its Not I could go on, listing features present in Macintosh and PC draw programs but lacking in Professional Draw (such as graduated and PostScript fills, an undo command, abilities to import EPS files and to wrap text along a definable path, clipping abilities for masking and transparency effects, and more) but perhaps this is an unkind comparison. Maybe I should just take a deep breath and say that the .Amiga community still docs not have an object-oriented illustration program of power and depth. What we do have is a companion package to Professional Page that will let Pro Page owners create simple logos and graphics to incorporate with their version 1.2 publications, and output to laser printers and imagesetters at high resolution. You might think of Professional Draw as an inexpensive introduction to draw software; something to whet your appetite for the real thing. It does provide a way for novices to get their feet wet with color separations. Until Professional Draw’s bugs, text-handling abilities, and feature set are cleaned up, however, the title of this program will remain a misnomer. Professional Draw Gold Disk PC) Box 789 Streetsville Mississauga, Ont. Canada L5M 2C2 416 828-0913 $ 199.95 One megabyte required. ZOETROPE Fly high in lo-res. By Sheldon Leemon ZOETROPE COMBINES A number of the most powerful features found in stand-alone paint, image-processing, video-titling, and 3-D effects programs, and adds some tricks of its own, too. The package, from Antic Software, offers a wide assortment of drawing and 2-D animation tools that help you create cell animations frame-by-frame or touch up existing animations. Other Zoetrope implements can move and rotate two-dimensional bitmap images, perform 3-D effects on flat images, and provide scene transitions. Despite its power, however, Zoetrope has a fatal flaw. Like Cyber Paint, Antic’s Atari ST program from which it evolved. Zoetrope operates only in low-resolution mode 320 x 200 pixels with 32 colors. While this is the only choice on the ST, it is arguably the Amiga’s least-useful graphics mode. More Than A Brushful Zoetrope’s paint program is full featured. In it, you will find all of the usual drawing instruments, including freehand, dotted-freehand, and line tools, and others for drawing geometric shapes. You can use any of these with a variety of brush sizes and shapes or apply connected or concentric modes to these tools to create rays, connected lines, or a series of geometric shapes radiating from a center point. A zoom feature allows you to magnify portions of the screen for detailed work. T he paint program also lets you clip rectangular sections from pictures to use as brushes. You can manipulate these brushes in a variety of ways by rotating or stretching them on any axis, for instance, or by recoloring them to match the current palette. You can paste brushes beneath the current picture or on top of it. Step In Paint What makes Zoetrope different from other paint programs is that it does not confine you to working with one or two pictures at a time. A number of tools are capable of altering not just one picture in a sequence, but a range of frames or the entire animation at once. One such set of tools, the APM (Antic Pixel Mover), allows you to move, size, or rotate a clip or an entire picture over a sequence of frames (you are limited to moving one clip at a time in any sequence), l et’s say that you have painted a sign board that reads “Presenting" and have copied it to the clip buffer. With the APM F X menu, you can specify a starting position and rotation, plus an ending position and rotation. Then, you can have APM draw a series of twenty frames, for example, changing the orientation of the sign in each frame slightly, so that when the sequence is played, the sign appears to spin. Drawing all of the pictures can take a long time, and a mistake is not easily undone; thankfully, a preview mode gives you a wireframe representation of the effect. You can apply APM effects not only to clips, but also to an existing sequence of entire scenes. Pixel effects alter the composition of a frame or series of frames in much the same way that image-processing software does. Among these are Defocus and Antialias, both of which soften the outlines of objects. The Unres option “pixeliz.es” the picture to make it look like a mosaic. Outline draws a border around each block of color, while Edge-in outlines selected color blocks. The most unique of the Pixel effects are Ripple and Buzz, which use sine and sawtooth waves (respectively) to distort a picture, so you can “bend” objects in a curved path. The rest of the Pixel effects provide functions clumsy. The program employs several modes, each of which limits your actions. Often, you must switch between modes to perform an operation. One action can produce diverse results depending on the mode you are in even the keyboard equivalents have dissimilar meanings in different modes. By far the most serious problem, though, is Zoetrope’s exclusive use of the low-resolution graphics mode. Because of this restriction, Zoetrope’s animations wmmm DATEL CUST SERV TECH 702-454-7700 COMPUTERS BURST NIBBLER - Only $ 49.39 'THEULTiMATECOPY PROGRAM' .tM| ‘Copies almost any commercial disk, 1 or 2 sides up to 85 hacks.'Special ’Strategy Fites' cope with the most advanced protection schemes.'Decrypts many encoded programs"Works with one drive or two."Multipie copy option - many copies from one original, 'Special format parameters for non standard formats."Ful! Verify jflt optjgg pdates ® ¦ 'Slirhline extra low profile - 6r long ‘Top qualify drive mechanism "Throughport allows daisy chaining other drives "100% 1 compatible '1 a meg unfor- matted capacity per drive 99 and W1 Jh SCOPE m or continuous MIDI MUSIC MANAGER - ONLY $ 59.99 "8 realtime Midi tracks for record playback,'Works with standard IFF files."Adjustable track length - limited only by available memory.'Play sampled sounds on Amiga from any Midi track,'Full dubbing - listen to one track while recording another Perfect companion for Pro Sampler Studio or any music application, 3430 E. TROPICANA 67 LAS VEGAS. NV 89121 simitar to those Found in video-titling packages: With Tile you can repeat a pattern over the entire screen, while Shatter, Wipe, and Venetian arc transition effects for introducing and withdrawing scenes. Some of Zoetrope’s color effects also work similarly to image-processing software. For example, based on various formulas, you can invert all the colors in your palette, change them to shades of gray, or convert the picture to black and white. You can tint a whole scene with red, blue, or green, and change every occurrence of one color or multiple colors to any other hue. The Color Effects menu also provides for versatile color-cycling effects, and for fading or intensifying color over a series of frames. Cell Mates Several options facilitate the sketching of cel animations. The Blueing feature displays a blue outline of a figure drawn in the previous frame so that you can trace it, make incremental changes, and then remove the guide lines. The History function outlines the previous frame in one color and subsequent frame in another, allowing you to create smooth transitions between the two. The Get Changes function clips only new material added to a frame. Zoetrope’s load and save functions let you work with file segments, and thus manipulate animations even with limited memory. For example, you can edit just the middle 30 frames of an animation. These options also allow you to merge animation files with other sequences in a number of interesting ways: You can load an animation “under” or “over” one already in memory, or use the former as a mask. Using these options, you can then move multiple clips simultaneously in one animation. Although Zoetrope saves its animations in RIFF format (also used by A-Squared’s Live! Digitizer), it comes with utilities that let you convert Aegis Animator, Cyber Paint, and Anim-format files to RIFF, and vice versa. These programs can also convert larger format files to Zoetrope’s 320x200. Painting Yourself Into A Corner Zoetrope’s manual contains some of the longest and most tedious tutorials I have seen, and the user interface is somewhat tarns or adjust P gas'Midlln ' Midi * 3 ’Midi ru’Fulty Opto existing ones. Isolated gOMMING SOON: 400DPI SCANNER - ONLY S324.99 AND LOGfC ANALYZER - ONLY $ 179,99 CALL FOR INFORMATION ON ORDERING jg§§j
• EDS appear crude compared to those produced with other Amiga programs. Lack of support for interlaced or overscan displays makes this program a poor choice for video applications, and because it does not support HAM or hi-res modes, Zoetrope disqualifies itself for many professional graphics applications. While Cyber Paint stretched the graphics capabilities of the Atari ST, Zoetrope does little to address the Amiga’s unique abilities. If it had, it might have set a new PRINTER SblI ONLY $ 14:99 6ft. "25 pin TT lo 36 pin Centronics ‘25 pin T PRO SAMPLER STUDIO -ONLY$ 119.99 '100% machine code software tor realtime tunc- tlons HIRes sample editing ‘Realtime frequency dis- play'Realtime level meters "Fites saved in IFF format ‘Adjustable manual automatic record trig level 'Variable jack speed‘Hardware Software with other packages 'Reverse, copy, mix, clear plus other edit fa c i lilies "Microphone and line input 1 4“ Jack and Dm connections '3D shot of sound Coniinem.il U;S. ;$ 7.00- PR. VL AK, Hi. VISA MC Checks I Money Orders COD. FPO, APO: S10.9O- Canada Mcx: C O D. Accepted - Please call for return authartzaion oTdcre add $ 3.00 to above shippirrEcHufj** number - Returns subject to 2fW£ restocking fee. 800-782-9111 '¦ORDERS ONLY MON-SAT 8AM-6PM (PSTl standard for 2-D animation software on the Amiga. Zoetrope Antic Software 544 Second Street San Francisco, CA 94107 415 957-0886 800 234-7001 SI 39.95 One megabyte required. X-CAD No power to the people. By Stephen Ellerin X-CAD, from Taurus Software of Great Britian, is potentially the most powerful Computer-Aided Design (CAD) program available for the Amiga. Unfortunately, however, X-CAD is far from being the Amiga’s most useful GAD package. While the program’s muscle is solid, flexing it is a formidable challenge. X-CAD arrives with two disks Libraries (which includes an Install routine for hard-drive users) and Workbench (which noticeably lacks such essentials as DIR. MAKEDIR, INFO, and INIT). Because the program eschews Intuition, the documentation is the only place to begin. Manual Non-Transmission The Preface states that X-CAD’s manual “should be used with other reference manuals provided.” No additional references were included with my package, and the technical service representative at Haitex, Taurus’ US distributor, told me that he had never heard of them. The documentation starts at the logical beginning, and its explanatory format for commands is good each begins with an overview of the command and a list of available modifiers. On subsequent mentions of modifiers, the manual either refers you to the nearest explanation or rehashes. I also commend the manual’s treatment of X-CAD’s layers concept; it compares each of the 256 available layers and eight depth levels to a transparent sheet. You can view the sheets in total from the top, or withdraw some (turn the layers off) to reveal or conceal parts of the drawing. Organizational difficulties crop up early, however, with a proclamation that the screen is split into three areas; two paragraphs down, a fourth area is referenced. Under the guise of a tutorial comes a tedious 100-page compendium of commands. One well-written description of each command in the manual proper would effectively replace this. Some pertinent facts are buried in obscure places. For instance, virtually every phrase of each command must end with a colon, yet not until over 150 pages into the manual will you find this mentioned. Other key information does not appear at all. Dimension lines, which specify the risi«ttB__ l 1 • *J 11 j - - MmB
• G* ¦ Vt- ffu »*- SCI: [lZM ¦ ModMenu: If all of X-CAD was this easy. .. size of an object, should he accurate to at least four decimal places, yet X-CAD’s manual does not explain how to enter accurate values. I learned by trial to mark a dimension line’s starting point with a mouse click and then to use the IX (“draw a line in a stated Increment along the X-axis”) or IV command to compute the end point. While you can sometimes discover on your own how to make the program work, you should not have to. For many commands the manual offers examples instead of explanations in hopes that “these examples will become clearer the more commands you learn.” .Although examples represent the manual's strongest point, some fail to carry the full burden of explanation, and too often, cryptic wording, grammatical problems, and poor sentence structure ruin the effect. Proprietary names add another element of confusion, and the typeface that displays command syntax contains several virtually illegible letters. Well, you think, the manual may be poorly written and unorganized, but at least you can locate information via the index, right? Wrong. An index is listed in the tabic of contents (which appears in the middle of the book), but it is not actually in the manual. On To Draw The program requires a minimum of either 1.5 or 2 megabytes of memory (depending which page of the manual you believe) and at least two floppy drives, but suggests as much memory as you can afford plus a 20MB hard disk. I used both an A1000 with 1.5 megs and an A2000 with three megabytes, each with two floppy drives. X-GAD offers all the customary GAD commands but one: Its lack of an Undo command represents a serious handicap. You can draw precision lines, rectangles, circles, arcs, and ellipses, combine them into objects, and then fill these objects with hatched, patterned, or solid lines. You can also move, mirror, rotate, scale, and copy most objects. X-GAD offers several features that other Amiga GAD programs do not. One of these mirrors a scene (displaying it upside down and backwards) but duplicates any text upright. The Fillet command allows you to round corners, while Spline allows you to position points on the screen through which the program then draws a fair curve. Unlike other programs that let you change the depth of only one item at a time, X-GAD allows you to group items into a box and, with one step, reassign them all to a different layer. 4 One of X-CAD’s most powerful commands is Trim, which forces lines to either extend out or trim back to an intersection of lines or any other designated point. Unfortunately, the program often erases the part you intended to leave and leaves the section you had wanted to trim. Mousing Around X-GAD’s interface consists of a series of yellow boxes (called AutoMenus) pasted across the top third of the screen. To issue commands, you must dance your mouse through unintuitive, zig-zag box- clicking sequences. It takes as many as 30 clicks to set up a Viewport (X-CAD’s name for window), and if you skip or misplace any required element, the program rejects your entire effort and returns you to square one, usually without an error message. The only alternative to clicking boxes is to type in the command. While you can repeat part of the last command sequence by entering =, this saves you considerable time only on commands that include names or numerical values. For both clicking and typing, X-CAD insists on adherence to a verb-noun- modifier command format, and occasional surprise variations of the sequence constitute another stumbling block. Despite an ever-active Command Line Interface window at the bottom of the screen, no message ever warns which commands break the established pattern. Furthermore, the screen makes no distinction between those modifiers the program considers necessary, optional, and illegal. Still, as I read the manual I felt as if I might be mastering the complexities of the program. It is no wonder, though, that when I tried the commands without the manual, confusion reigned: The command to verify linked relationships has only three options according to the manual, yet 18 choices appear on screen. Ext. 3.5” Drive Only $ 125 Introducing the new external 3.5-inch drive, fully compatible with the Amiga 500 2000. ' 00 Compatibility you are looking for at an affordable price. KINSC 484 Sun Rockvill IN PRODUCT rise Highway e Centre, N.Y. 11 Amiga is a re ORDER ONE FOR | ® YOUR AMIGA TOD A Y! 1 1-800-433-6224 (Outside N.Y.) 516-763-1025 (In New York) S CORPORATION 570 igistered trademark of Commodore Business Machines Circle 91 on Reader Service card. I came across a number of bugs in my tests. When trying out the Array command, I copied the manual’s example verbatim six times. Four times the program refused to accept the parameters; the other two times it accepted the entries, but the resulting lines bore no resemblance to the value entered. The Haitex technical service rep confirmed that the orthogogonal (x- and y- axis) locks rarely work. This makes drawing straight lines difficult because the grid snap works only if your window is zoomed into an area small enough for the program to display the grid. Seeing Things You can draw in eight colors, but to select a color, you must enter its number. The program doesn't tell you which number represents which color, and although the manual contains one reference listing, unless you turned the corner of the page when you first saw it, good luck finding it again. The screen redraws quickly, but X-CAD’s interface slows the production pace. Most drawing programs let you work on a magnified portion of your drawing while you observe how your work affects the whole picture in another window on the same screen. X-CAD, however, requires that you zoom in and out of a single screen a process that devours time and breaks concentration. I used X-G D to render a project for a client, and found it took me twice as long as if I had drawn it by hand. Although the program’s lone sample drawing would not load into my A1000, I have produced full-size plans on it by dividing my page into sections and saving each separately. The program’s organization of projects into sheets (analogous to individual pieces of paper) forces you to break every project into several smaller files even if you have maximum memory. By experimenting, you can figure out how to layer sheets and then output one section at a time to produce a single drawing (these methods are not discussed in the manual, however). X-CAD’s plot set-up method is simple: Just click in a requester to select your plotter. Difficulties can arise, however, because the program leaves the device’s pen where the last line of your drawing file ends. I split one drawing into two disk files after I had lined up the parts for plotting, but because the pen did not start file two from the home position, the sections did not align. X-CAD lets you change the name of an existing drawing as you reload it, and thus makes it easy to create multiple templates. X-CAD does not incorporate standard Amiga requesters. The manual warns you to use the full pathname when opening and saving files and so on, as the program “does not consult the currently selected symbol directory.” That means no prompt reminds you of what is already on your disk, or even which disk the program will read from or write to. Before you CL I users smirk “No problem,” remember that Taurus “Hawaiian Odyssey” Scenery Adventure - Locating the secret jewel of the goddess Pele from the cockpit of your single-engine aircraft (or high-performance jet) isn't just as simple as spotting an object from a distance and then flying toward it No, you must find and follow an intricate set of clues scattered about the Hawaiian Islands that, with luck, will guide you to your goal. As with other mythical quests, only the proper approach can put you on the right track to finding the hidden jewel. Even if you can determine it's location, the jewel is only visible under a strictly-defined set of conditions. Make a mistake during your final approach and you may get lost so completely that you'll never be able to find your way backl Top Selling Scenery Disks This Month: (for use with Flight Simulator II and Jet)
1. Scenery Disk 9 - U.S. Midwest
2. Scenery Disk 7 - U.S. Eastern Seaboard
3. ‘'Western European Tour” Scenery Disk
4. San Francisco Scenery Disk
5. Scenery Disk 3 - U.S. South Pacific See your dealer to purchase SubLOGlC products, or call us direct to order by charge card at (800) 637-4983. Illinois residents call (217) 359-8482. SubLOGlC Corporation 501 Kenyon Road Champaign, IL 61820 Please address any feedback correspondence regarding SubLOGlC products, operations, or this 'Flight Notes' column to ATTN: Chairman's Office. Scratched query commands like DIR from the X-CAD disk. Intuitive Discovery! The last eight of the manual’s 300 pages describe how to create Screen- Menus.. .real Intuition-style screens with gadgets and icons! By creating ScreenMenus, you can rework the X-CAD interface and use the program more efficiently. To build a ScreenMenu, you click into the Modmenu program from Workbench. (While the manual promises a sample ScreenMenu on the Data disk, not only is there no menu, there is not even a Data disk.) Except for its requester, the ModMenu screen looks like it was extracted from Electronic Arts’ DeluxePaint II. A series of boxes on the screen invites you to click inside to draw lines, rectangles, circles, and arcs the building blocks for ScreenMenus. “Whereas AutoMenus require at least three selections to execute any command,” the manual proclaims, “a ScreenMenu may contain a complete command string and therefore require fewer selections to execute commands.” Say, this is such a good idea Taurus should have incorporated it into the program’s primary interface! Unfortunately, when 1 tried using the ScreenMenus I created, the program crashed frequently. A View From The Top Every program has a learning curve, but X-GAD’s is mountainous. An incline this steep slashes into productivity. X-CAD’s dongle has the potential for holding up production, too; in my opinion, no professional should have to risk not being able to save or plot a drawing because of a missing or broken dongle. Because the Data disk is missing, the promised On-Line Documentation- essential for this program does not exist. Also, not a single library of symbols is included. For a program costing $ 600, there is no excuse for such omissions. X-CAD’s speed and power are impressive. I hope that the programmers design future releases with a more intuitive interface. As it stands, the program is poorly documented, awkwardly constructed, and full of bugs. In the meantime, I am looking forward to seeing X- Shell from GRAFX Computing, a program that promises to take the hassle out of using X-CAD. X-CAD Taurus Software Guildford, Surrey, UK 0483 579399 Distributed by Haitex Resources 208 Carrollton Park, Suite 1207 Carrollton, TX 75006 214 241-8030 S599.95 Two megabytes required. Fancy 3D Fonts Extra! Read all about it! By Wayland Strickland WORDS, ACCORDING TO Rudyard Kipling, are the most powerful drug of mankind. In the realm of 3-D graphics, however, only one of the most popular programs comes with the means to readily inject three-dimensional displays with the power of text. 3-D designers who yearn to say it with style now have more choices. Fancy 3D Fonts, from Access Technologies, comes in two versions one for use with Sculpt 3D and Animate 3D (Byte by Byte), the other for use with Turbo Silver (Impulse). Each is sold separately, and except for the fact that the Turbo Silver version includes a set of chess pieces, their offerings are identical. They contain three font styles: Fane, Bold, and Ital, which emulate Clarendon Medium, Helvetica Bold, and Bookman Italic, respectively. In both versions, Fane is supplied on one disk, and the other fonts reside on a second. Speaking Up and Down The three styles offer both uppercase and lowercase characters, plus punctuation marks in separate subdirectories. While each style has a set of symbols and international characters, these offerings ? THE PRODUCTIVE AMIGA Real-world software solutions from Brown-Wagh Publishing...and Amiga PEN PAL - Your writing Partner UNPRECEDENTED PRODUCTIVITY FEATURES
• Automatically flow text around • Open 4 documents; search graphics; box & contoured replace; undo redo, boundaries; even while typing. • Access 200 B W or color fonts;
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• View full page and closeup in database. Report templates, while editing and scrolling. • Open 4 databases; 9 data types
• Resize crop images (& HAM); including calculations; 32 keeps original resolution. Fields per record; 32k rec. max.
• Create forms; fill in field by • Print mail labels & reports; field; edit & refresh. Titles, sort breaks, sub-totals.
• Spellcheck; 100K words; * Sort by multiple fields; search unlimited user dictionaries, by logical criteria; screen totals.
• Analyze writing style; statistics • Locate duplicates; delete & reading grade-levels. Multiple records; merge Give Me More!!! Call for additional product information, prices and participating dealer locations. Ask about our product demos and money-back guarantee. 1-800-451-0900 1-408-395-3838 (CA) 16795 Lark ftve. 210, Los Gaios, CA 95030 PROJECT MASTER Pro fessional project management. Helps you manage projects instead of being managed by them. PHOJECT HAS TER' i • tt Graphic flow of activities. ,_rzr Best and worst case
- sE”-. Schedules. RmsD “What if” scenarios for deadlines, resources and budgets. Critical paths. Actual vs. planned. Expense graphs, Gantt and PERT charts, resource loads. EXPRESS PAINT 3 Feature-rich graphics, B W & Color PostScript, 24-pin dot matrix, Virtual Memory, text importing, 3-D perspective, unlimited Undos & Redos, 64 color Extra Half Brite, dbl-arc curves, 6- range color cycling, large canvas. “Best of 1988” - Commodore Magazine. PAR REAL I - Professional real estate analysis for realtors or investors. Amortization tables, balloon and variable payments, depreciation, financial statements, loan evaluations, lease vs. buy, cash flow forecasts, ratios, tax benefits, rate of return, 3-D barcharts, forms, agreements. OUTLINE Organize lists for reports, meetings, appointments, recipes, etc. Cut copy paste. Import into WP. “Best of 1988” - Commodore Magazine. EASYLOANS - Amortization tables, tracks interest, principal and time payments. Speech output. Find incorrect charges. ZUMA FONTS 1-4 Professional fonts for video & graphics. Each volume contains 3 styles in 6 sizes at 2 resolutions. TV* TEXT Best selling video titling software. Fonts, colors, shadows, strobes, sizing, grids, backgrounds, special effects. TV*SHOW Create super slide show presentations. 50 transitions. Any IFF pictures. Voice; Loops. Just point & click. We acknowledge the trademarks and give many thanks to the producers of our fine productivity products: Circum Design Madrigal Designs PAR Software Softwood Company TRS Labs Zuma Group UNEQUALED PRINT QUALITY & SPEED M Print true printer fonts (NLQ) and graphic images on same page in same pass! Print multiple graphics on same page; each with its original coiors and resolution! EASY LEDGERS Fully integrated accounting system. Sales, purchases, inventory and general ledger. Extremely easy; uses familiar bookkeeping interface. No complicated codes to learn, no account numbers to remember. Just point and click. ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS - 4 sets of professional designs; IFF or Aegis Draw(tm) format; FLOOR PLANS-windows, doors, baths, etc.; INTERIOR DESIGNS - beds, tables, desks, sofas, etc.; FOUNDATIONS-framing, rafters, etc.; AUTOS- 1980’s, Mercedes, Cady, Ford, etc. MIDI MAGIC - Easiest Midi sequencer! Fabulous interface. Help text. Multitasking, 16 tracks, 26 sequences. Quantizing. Multi channel recording. “Beginning and serious amateurs will love MIDI MAGIC for its power" - Amiga World are not the same for any two fonts. For instance, the asterisk appears in Bold and Ital but not in Fane, while the £ is included in Fane and Ital but not in Bold. The circumflex, dieresis, and both acute and grave accents are included in all styles so you can build some foreign letters yourself. Finally, Bold does not provide numerals, but the other styles do. Impressively, the fonts make optimal use of the 3-D design program for which they are created. For instance, while the Turbo Silver and Sculpt 3D versions of Bold look alike, they are actually constructed differently. Neither font contains unnecessary faces or edges that would slow the rendering process and consume valuable memory. Each character in the Fancy 3D Fonts packages is stored as an individual object. To load the fonts into your modeling program, follow the same procedure you would to import any object. You place letters side by side in order; spacing characters and words is a matter of eyeballing in Sculpt 3D’s Tri-View or in Turbo Silver’s Cell Editor. The back faces of all fonts are rendered so you can view them from the rear, and the characters are extruded (you can adjust the scale of extrusion in all dimensions once you have loaded them in your 3-D program). .As with any other vector graphic, you can reduce and enlarge the fonts without a loss of resolution. Say No More The instructions are extremely brief. The 5xS1 , sheet simply lists the various fonts and subdirectories and gives you an example of how to load them. It does not provide information as to the size of the fonts and their relative proportions, and there are no tips for forming words and phrases. The Read_Me files on disk merely reiterate what is printed. Otherwise, however, because there is no program to learn per se, the documentation is adequate. The software is not copy protected, and you can install Fancy 3D Fonts on a hard disk. All of the fonts are nicely designed and well constructed. At S79.95, though. Fancy 3D Fonts is expensive. For SI 19.95, Inter Font (Syndesis) provides six type styles, automatic spacing and alignment, various textures, the ability to design your own 3-1) fonts, and comparability with multiple 3-D design programs. Fortunately, Access Technologies recognizes the importance of provisions for creating and customizing characters, too. The company has announced 21) to
31) Converter, a program supporting the Byte by Byte format that lets you alter both color and texture of Fancy 3D font faces and sides, and extrude them before transportation to your modeling package. (Fancy 3D Fonts owners can purchase Converter directly from Access for an introductory price of SI9.95.) You ? Take a Close Look at the Master-3A ¦ Fully compatible disk drive with the Amiga' ¦ 1 Year Warranty ¦ Pass through connector lets you easily add additional drives ¦ Extra long shielded cable (28”) allows easy placement on either side of computer ¦ Extremely quiet operation ¦ Double sided double density 880 KB formatted capacity r. ¦ Slimmer design (4” x 114” x 9”) ¦ Low power consumption Mail Order Line
(800) 356-5178 Outside California
(714) 633-1026 In California Dealer Line
(408) 462-9494 In California
(312) 382-5050 Computer Direct
(313) 427-7713 M.C.S.
(800) 232-6442 Go AMIGA mumu $ 159 VISA Manufactured by Oceanic Exclusively Distributed by: Konyo Int'l Inc. (CA) Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga inc. COME ABOARD A1U iEXPO and We’ll Blow You Away in The Windv Citv The Amiga Exposition Sponsored by July 28 - 30,1989 The Chicago Hyatt Regency 151 East Wacker Drive 10,000 Attendees and 120 Amiga Companies Will Be There. DON’T MISS THE FLIGHT! Admission includes the Exhibition, Seminars, Keynotes & Amiga Artists Theatre! 120 Amiga Exhibitors Featuring State of the Art Software and Hardware, at the lowest prices! Master Classes Available in Amiga Graphics, Video, Programming, Animation, Music and Publishing! Seating for Master Classes is limited; call for schedule and availability before registering. PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS JULY 14, 1989 For Hotel Reservations Call the Hyatt Regency at (312) 565-1234. Deadline for hotel reservations is June 26,1989. For discounted airfares, call American Airlines at (800) 433-1790 and give them this ID: S-83536. Register by Mail, or Bring This Coupon to the show or Call 800-32-AMIGA Nationwide (or 212-867-4663) For Your Ticket to The Amiea Event! NAME _ COMPANY ADDRESS CITY Registration is $ 5 Additional At The Door STATE Master Class(es) - List Class and Time - $ 50 Each Expiration Date Account Number Name as it appears on card: Signature_ Make Check or Money Order Payable to: AmiEXPO 211 E. 43rd St., Suite 301 New York, NY 10017 Total Amount Enclosed Yes, I want to come to AmiEXPO - Midwest Friday Saturday _ Sunday One day - $ 15 Two days - $ 20 Three days - $ 25 Bring Coupon to the door and get these Pre-Registration Prices! Will be pleased with the quality of Fancy 3D Fonts. Fancy 3D Fonts Access Technologies Inc. PO Box 202197 Austin, TX 78720 512 343-9564 $ 79.95 No special requirements. Toshiba P341SL Good, things print for those who wait. By Bob Ryan ACCESSIBLE VIA Workbench 1.3, the Toshiba P300 line of 24-pin dot-matrix printers feature built-in support for three types of printers: the Toshiba 300 series, Quine Sprint devices, and IBM Proprinters. Although the use of a standard printer device makes the three-in- one concept less valuable to an Amiga owner than to an MS-DOS devotee, the Toshiba P341SL is nonetheless useful. Down to Specifics With a footprint of 22 x 15 incites and a weight of 21 pounds, the P341SL is a Fourscore and seven y a new nation, conceived in men are created equal. Now we are engaged in any nation so conceived am great battlefield of that i as a final resting-place ft might live. It is altogeth But, in a larger sens1 The brave men, living and i above our poor power to ad remember what we say here, for us, the living, rather they who fought here have 1 here dedicated to the greal d Q ajj i.in ~t- o Irn 4 n Afl_ Address high-quality type with the P341SL mid-size unit. Its wide carriage makes it ideal for printing spreadsheets and other special documents. The P341SL has a wealth of standard features, including both parallel and serial interfaces. The unit allows friction and tractor feed it even lets you print envelopes and single sheets without removing the paper from the tractor feed. A sound baffle under the dust cover muffles noise appreciably. In native mode, the P341SL offers three type styles (draft, near-letter quality, and condensed), and two fonts (Courier and Prestige Elite). In addition, you can have up to four fonts resident on optional cartridges and two in the printer’s 32K memory bank. (Without downloadable fonts, the memory serves as a print buffer.) You can choose from five character pitches (10, 12, 15, 16.7, and 20 characters per inch) and four line-space settings (three, four, six, and eight lines per inch), and specify line spacings to 1 120th of an inch. The front panel of the Toshiba P341SL is pretty high tech. Four buttons give you access to all the features by scrolling through a series of menus, while a liquid-crystal display shows your place. You can set your own power-up values or use one of the four preset configurations. ? "If you’ve ever wanted to share objects between Sculpt 3D and VideoScape 3D, your wish has just been answered." AmigaWorld, June 1988 We couldn’t have said it better! Interchange, including Sculpt 3D and VideoScape 3D Conversion Modules just $ 49.95 Turbo Silver add-on Conversion Module $ 29.95 Forms in Flight add-on Conversion Module $ 19.95
• Copies software that no others will.
• Oeprotects many of your favorite programs.
• Supports up to four 3.5" disk drives.
• Mouse-driven user interface. Micro Systems International 1143 Monroe St. Carleton, Michigan 48117
(313) 654-8402 Free shipping and handling • Michigan residents add 4% tax • Quantity pricing available
• • • i SYNDESIS 20 West St. Wilmington, MA 01887 508-657-5585 All product names are Trademarks or Registered Trademarks of their respective companies. ABORT TARGET DRIVES DFC DFT DF2. ! DF3 Read Variables DcC Dfi DF2 DF3 Write Variables Derv. 0 Itnyi-SJWO Cr.y, 1 ¦V' le Lengtn.HOOO Cy sarCO Is- n: Worc.SJ.iei C, rc.1 OO |P‘B WliM-SOQOB E'Cc BCJICJ. Too 5yfc On kV>C On Sid? Bi laiTi lip P'Ercfjn-Cii.ria’.jn Coll lib-i $ 6Crv, HEAD TRACK WRITE TRACK Formal Conlrol MFM GCR Bit Cell 2us 4us RawCopy Vi.3 utilizes 100% assembly programming making it very efficient and ultra-FAST. RawCopy V1.3 makes use of the Amiga environment enabling it to be user- friendly through mouse-driven menus. RawCopy V1.3 is designed for the user's future expanded needs. MSI offers, to registered buyers, updates of the backup utility on a regular basis at minimal cost. This utility interprets just about every aspect of the Amiga system; from standard DOS to non-standard DOS. RawCopy VI.3 is both a standard and a parameter copier. Finally, you will be able to expand your protection to new software releases without buying a totally new back-up program. Ultra-powerful backup tool for your Amiga.™ $ 53.35 RflKlCQPY Ui.3 Products: SEQUENCERS LEVEL II KCS V1.6A MRS V1.1 “A level of excellence used to determine quality.” _ Jr .s an Amiga owner you’ve already invested in the machine that sets the highest standard of excellence for all facets of creative computer applications. You have been waiting patiently for music software that lives up to those standards. Now, at last that level of achievement has been reached. EDITOR LIBRARIANS CASIO VZ-1 VZ-RIDER CZ RIDER DX HEAVEN EMU Proteus ESQ'apade ESQ-1 SQ-80 4-OP DELUXE (Yahama) KAWAI K-1 KAWAI K-5 KORG M-1 LEXICON PCM-70 OBERHEIM MATRIX 6 1000 ROLAND D-110 ROLAND D-50 File hcde Page Sipial si 1 I ROLAND MT-32 Current Screen Current Page Current File Eeson... hp LaserJet* Pent Cellar X-OR (UNIVERSAL EDITOR) COMPOSITION SCORING TOOLS COPYIST PROFESSIONAL TIGER (GRAPHIC EDITOR) File Efllt flttlsnt Enjirawient Irecii Fur.itiBft 1 tin Bfir Snr KINlt !JS5t KbldtJ Sels t The growing Dr.T’s catalog of more than 20 titles for the Amiga including Level II. KCS, Copyist Professional, Caged Artist editor librarians, the Model-A MIDI Interface, gives you all you’ve been waiting for and more. Features such as the exclusive "Remote Control” in Level II, the incom parable laser printer output of Copyist, or the acclaimed Mouse-Play function in the Caged Artist editors make our programs the products of choice for all serious Amiga musicians. And if you take the accuracy of your sequencer seriously, how about rock-steady timing at a resolution of 240 PPQ (that translates to 960 Pulses Per Measure). We’ve solved problems other companies are still struggling with! 111* EH 5-et*srj-s Pliy Hlrrcrt Display Uidgcts tail Cut et Selection Cuslicate Pitches *P Velec ttles D-J'it Ions Control ters Pitch lends line Reverse Cutmite Selection '0 MISCELLANEOUS MODEL-A MIDI INTERFACE Music Software of the Year, 1988 Commodore Magazine “The most powerful and dependable of MIDI sequencers for the Amiga is KCS. . Amiga World “(Copyist is) A composer’s delight that provides score editing, file conversion capability, and custom printing all in one package." Amiga World DiaPRE.fl.31B D10PP.f_B.CIB Fite Edit Lltrarg Eet Seni Dpt tens _ Pertormnct__ RoUnd D-11B tone Trunpet 3 HHBIMMWro &TTT3 Roland D-UB lane a? NadSTrngt Roland C-lie Tone «S Hemcnit* Roland C’liB Rhythrt Island C-I1S Tnjr Ibl Casts U-lfiJ Woice tt edit tu IfticonPCntB Brgtster ECH3R1JS 1 flccuPlansl 1 l fantasy I Btai IHITBflWC.DII Pan I flccV i HvchPiarp 1* 4 Hoc*; j syn Plane es 5 EleC j FulloutCrg tratX
* EltC 4 Hess Crgm Phcrr J 5J« lemu I i ice i taodStrngi N8™ » EleC t Velo-Brasl B«H IB lltc j soft Brass Patch Edit II Elec; 5 Hatlvflses 'Ee* 13 Elec ij High wire Pin II Pip? 11 Rich Used 1* piPB n PtUEuiTir 5W.h 15 piP8 a inner Used ; P** 15 Beta ii Roly Synth Irlng 17 Harfl 15 e|W p1?ci tad 1 15 Clavltroid 17 Uarn Pad .iF.'M : . _ ¦ . = !"" Whether music is your job, or you do it just for fun, we have the music software tools that will help you make music faster and easier than you ever dreamed. Try us and see why thousands of Amiga users choose Dr.T’s. Call or write for our free catalog. “(MRS)... compared to other sequencers, it is a great value, AMIGA Times "... (Level II) is a powerful collection of MIDI recording and editing tools that works well, is responsive, and is designed with the high-end user in mind," Amiga SENTRY Circle 35 on Reader Service card Dr.T’s Dr.T’s MUSIC SOFTWARE 220 Boylston Street Chestnut Hill, MA. 02167
U. S.A. MUSIC SOFTWARE While I like the sophistication ancl versatility, I am dismayed at not being able to perform a simple manual line feed from the front panel; you must use the platen knob to fine position paper. Output, Please To test speed performance, I put the P341SL throught the same tests I used with five other 24-pin printers (see “Lasting Impressions,” p. 25, in the July ’88 issue of AmigaWorld for details). In draft mode, the printer scored well at 106 characters per second, while in letter-quality mode, the printer came in near the low end of the spectrum at 44 characters per second. The Toshiba fared better in terms of print quality, producing some of the best type I’ve seen from a 24-pin printer. Graphics-printing is both a strength and an Achilles' heel for the P341SL. The unit’s 360 x 360-dot resolution produces excellent quality graphics; the problem is speed. A graphics dump that look 53 seconds on an Epson LQ takes nearly five minutes on the P341SL. 1 be- j gan to suspect that the printer driver was at fault, but found that the device was nearly as slow under Epson emulation. If you need a wide carriage and high- quality output, you will be pleased with the Toshiba P341SL. If you want a fast 4 graphics printer, look elsewhere. Toshiba P341SL Toshiba America Inc. 9740 Irvine Blvd. Irvine, CA 92718 800 457-7777 $ 999 Aro special requirements. Mastering CLI 2.0 A DOS dossier on disk, By C.W. Mann A POWERFUL EDUCATIONAL tool for AmigaDOS 1.2 newcomers, Mastering CLI introduces you to the Amiga’s Command Line Interface (CLI) through interactive instruction. It can also act as your guardian angel as you shift gears and make your first attempts at using the CLI. The program disk has a pared-down version of Workbench, three executable programs, 52 text files in a special Help directory, and an MCAssist directory with small support files. Mastering CLI’s distribution disk is bootable and non copy-protected. Clicking the Tutor icon in the opening window takes you to a screen with several pull-down menus. (Tutor’s text window is designed for use in non-interlaced mode only, ancl you cannot resize it.) From the first menu, you can open a CLI window, access Preferences, or quit the program. The other menus offer general-topic presentations and 48 tutorials on specific .AmigaDOS commands, listed in alphabetical order. To begin, you must open a CLI window so you can follow the program's numerous examples as you progress through the tutorials. You can make your own lesson plan, starting with any command. Look, No Hands! Wouldn’t it have been nice if your first J bicycle had been equipped with retract- ? TK UMPCARD 500 Vffr*' IVS brings the quality and performance of TRUMPCARD to the Amiga 500 with theTRUMPCARD 500 series of hard drive systems. TRUMPCARD 500 INCLUDES: . TRUMPCARD A2()00 SCSI hard disk conlroller card
• High quality, ergonomically designed, color matched aluminum enclosure houses all electronics AND 3,5" SCSI drive!
• A500 86 pin to ZORRO 2 compatible 100 pin adapter motherboard
• Extra slot for addition of optional 2M RAM memory card
• Jumper selectable power source allows hard drive to run from A500 bus power or from optional IVS SOURCER, a premium quality, high current 40 watt switching power supply
• Upgrade path to A2000: simply remove the cards and drive from TRUMPCARD 500 chassis and plug into the A2000, SCSI controller and drive convert into an A2000 hard card!
• Sloping face of chassis follows keyboard contour to eliminate interference while typing
• Power and drive activity LED indicators monitor drive system status
• Full 1 year warranty parts and labor IVS TRUMPCARD 500 hard drive systems are available with 30Mb, 40Mb, 48Mb, 80Mb, and 100Mb hard drives. IVS pretests and preformats every TRUMPCARD 500 system; Workbench 1.3 and Autoboot ROM included with every drive. Ask vour dealer for pricing TRUMPCARD 500 15201 SANTA GERTRUDES AVF„ STE. Y102 LA MIRADA, CA. 90638 PHONE: (714) 994-4443 84 June 1989 Circle 54 on Reader Servce card. Call CMO Today For Amiga MAGNAVOX 515 14” RGB Composite TTL Color '279 MONITORS j] Magnavox 8762 14" Comp RGB $ 249 NEC Multisync 11A 529 JC1402 Multisync 589 Sony 1302 13" Multiscan 699 1310 13" RGB 339 | VIDEO 11 Anakin Research Easyl Drawing 2000 349 Easyl Drawing 500 319 Digital Creations SuperGcn Genlock 699 Communication Specialties Gen One Genlock 699 JDK Images Pro Video Plus 199 Mimeties Amigen Genlock 149 New-Tek Digi-View Gold 139 Progessive Peripherals Pro-Gen Genlock 399 Frame Grabber 579 Sunrise Industries Perfect Vision 199 Elec. Color Splitter 79 | AUDIO il ECE Research ECE Midi (A1000) 51 Eck Midi (A500, A2000) 51 Mimeties Midi (A 1000) 44 Midi (A500) 49 Pro-Studio 129 Sunrise Studio Magic 62 ! Boards il Creative Microsystems Processor Accelerator A500 1000 2000 149 j ACCESSORIES 1 Curtis Surge Protectors Diamond 49 Ruby 69 Tool Kit 22 All sop Diskfile 10 3W* 5 Diskfilc 30 3VT 9 Disktub 80 3 Vi" 10 MEMORY EXPANSION d Microbotics Star Board II vv 512K $ 459 Upperdeck 45 Spirit Technology 1 5MB Board w OK (A 1000) 289 1 5MB Board w OK (A500) 279 I 5MB Board Populated (A1000) 989 I 5MB Board Populated (A500) 1509 4m Your Source for Hardware, Software & Peripherals 800-233-8950 In Canada call: 800-233-8949 AH Other Areas call: 717-327-9575 Fax call: 717-327-1217 Educational, Governmental and Corporate Organisations Call toll-free: 1-800-221-4283 CMO, 101 Rcighard Avc., Dept. B9, Williamsport, PA 17701 Over 400,000 SATISFIED customers • MAJOR credit cards accepted POLICY: Add 3% (minimum S7.00) shipping and handling Larger shipments may require additional charges. Personal and company checks require 3 weeks to clear, l or faster delivery, use your credit card or send cashier's check or bank monev order Credit cards are not charged until we ship Pennsylvania and Maryland residents add appropriate sales tax All prices are U S A prices and are subject to change All items are subject to availability. Defective software will be replaced with the same item only. Hardware will be replaced or repaired at our discretion within the terms and limits of the manufacturer's warranty. We cannot guarantee compatibility. All sales arc final and returned shipments are subject to a restocking fee We are not responsible for typographic or photographic errors. Jjgofi MMC MICROCOMPUTER MARKETING COUNCIL erf Orrcl Mjnnnj A,u.i rflff K DISK DRIVES Great Valley Impact A500-30HD 849 Impact A2000-1 0 289 Impact A2000-2 0 319 Impact A2000-HC 40Q 919 Impact A2000-HC 80Q 1359 SUPRA 30MB Amiga 2000 '689 Supra 20MB (A500) 699 20MB (A2000) 649 30MB (A1000) 779 60MB (A500) 1499 60MB (A2000) 1 399 Miniscribe 20MB Int. 3Vi" 40MB 289 20MB Int. 3Vi" 65MS 269
C. LTD Hard Drives 33MB (A500) 869 33MB (A2000) Internal 829 44MB (A500) 869 44MB (A2000) internal 829 50MB (A500) 979 50MB (A2000) Internal 939 Megatronics Air Drive Jvi" Ext 155 Air Drive VA" Int. 125 DISKETTES V Maxell MD2-DM DS DD 5lA" 9 MED2-DDM DS DD 3W 18 Sony MD2D DS DD 5VT 9 MED-2PD DS DD 3Vi” 18 PRINTERS Brother Ml 109 lOOcps DM 179 Ml709 2400cps 50 Col. 389 Canon Canon Bubble Jet 130 799
C. LTD. Laser Xpress 2249 Epson EX850 264cps, 80 Col. Call EX 1050 264cps. 132 Col- 459 LQ850 330cps. 24-Pin Call
1. X80 1 50cps, 30 NLQ Okidata SI 69 Okimate 20 Color 1. 29 M 1.182 + 180cps, 80 Col. 239 ML320 + 300cps, 80 Col 379 Panasonic KX-P1080i 120cps, 80 Col 169 109H 194cps. 80 Col 189 Star Micronics NX 1000 144cps, 80 Col 189 NR 1000 Rainbow Color 1 79 MODEMS b Anchor i 1200 Baud External 109 2400 Baud External 189 Hayes Smart modem 300 149 Smartmodem 1200 289 Smartmodem 2400 429 Practical Peripherals 1200 Baud External 84 2400 Baud External 189 Supra S]2400 External 139 SOFTWARE 0 Aegis Videoscape 3D $ 1 39 Aegis Draw 2000 159 Byte By Byte Sculpt 3D 69 Animate 3D 1 10 Animate 41) 419 Discover) Marauder II 29 Arkanoid 20 Electronic Arts Deluxe Video 85 Deluxe Music 65 Deluxe Paint II 85 Ferrari Formula 34 FA 18 Interceptor 32 Epyx 4x4 Off Road Racing 34 California Games 32 Gold Disk Comic Setter 62 Pagesettcr 89 Professional Draw 128 Professional Page 255 Lattice Lattice C 5.0 189 Lattice Prof. C 259 Mind ware International Pagcflipper + EX 80 Oxxi Software Maxiplan Plus 129 A Talk 3 65 Psvgnosis Obi iterator 29 Terra pod 29 Chrono Quest 33 Rainbird Star Glider II 33 Black Lamp 17 Ready soft Dragons Lair 39 Scdona Software Money Mentor 55 Spectrum Ilalobytc Tetris 23 Falcon 30 WordPerfect WordPerfect 152 WordPerfect Library 82 Zuma Group TV Text 59 able training wheels? Mastering CLI offers such support in the form of two other multitasking programs: Assistant and TinyAssist. After graduating from the Tutor program, you can pedal off on the road to DOS with either help utility running in the background. Assistant is a gadget-driven, halfscreen window with 21 buttons that summon on-the-spot help for commonly used CLI commands. Tiny.Assist is an inconspicuous title bar containing help for the same 21 commands in menus. Assistant adds a quick-reference guide to the complete AmigaDOS command set, and features a Reduce gadget that lets you disable the program and shrink its window at any time. Both Assistant and TinyAssist offer high-level DOS support, and each allows you to return to the Tutor for in-depth review if you get stuck. .Although the program's text files need to be proofread, Mastering CLLs presentation is extremely thorough. The tutorials cover literally every AmigaDOS command even the potentially destructive ones. You could, for instance, wipe out a day’s worth of work by trying out the Format command. The program warns you against the consequences of rash action in every appropriate place, but it's up to you to read and follow the instructions carefully. Ironically, you need extensive CLI experience to install Mastering CLI on a hard drive, as the package does not include installation instructions. Although Tutor runs fine once properly set up, it will crash if the utility’s special directories are not assigned to the correct paths. I was unable to get either Assistant or TinyAssist to operate properly on my hard drive while some functions worked others did not. Cant Judge by the Cover .Although Mastering CLLs documentation doesn’t look like anything special it consists of one 87. X 11-inch sheet, printed on both sides it is extremely well written and contains everything you need to get started. It also includes a list of AmigaDOS 1.2 primitive CLI-editing features in quick-reference format. However you may feel about Mastering Cl.Is questionable cover design, the product inside is good. In my tests, all three program components multitasked flawlessly with a high-level word processor, four utility programs, Kickstart, and Workbench 1.3. 1 recommend the program to any Amiga beginner who wants to learn the fundamentals of AmigaDOS
1. 2. The rub, of course, is that we are already well into version 1.3, with 1.4 on the horizon. If the program’s tutorial files were appropriately proofread, and if it offered a resizable Tutor window, full harddisk compatibility, and coverage of the current AmigaDOS release, I would recommend it more heartily. Still, it is a good investment for a beginning CLI user. Editor's Note: At press time we learned that Graphics Expressions is changing the format for Mastering CLI. The reviewed program is being retitled Mastering CLI: Volume II for Intermediate Users, and will cover Amiga DOS 1.3. Shell reference and editing are reportedly being added to the help utilities, and Tutor is said to include discussions of RAD:, environment variables, and residence, among other things. Mastering CIJ: Volume I, a lower-level program with a highly visual interface, is scheduled for later release. It is designed to draw parallels between Workbench and the ? The Computer Outlet
P. O. Box 3663 Charleston, WV 25336 1-800-533-3622 AMIGA SOFTWARE AMIGA HARDWARE
• An easy to use, friendly and intuitive user interface.
• A powerful and fast disk backup tool that lets you make backups of your copy-protected Amiga software.
• A disk editing tool that lets you edit raw MF.M tracks. AmigaDOS sectors and AmigaDOS files (automatically calculating new checksums).
• A disk cataloging tool that lets you maintain lists of your personal, public domain and commercial software.
• A unique backnp tool for duplicating other disk formats including MS-DOS, PC-DOS and Atari ST.
• An easy to read, informative user manual is included.
• I his product is not copy-protected in any way. CPU’s - PRINTERS - MODEMS May-June SPECIAL H P PaintJet - $ 975.00 Supra 2400 Modem - $ 125.00 1-800-533-3622 MC Visa Amiga is a trademark of Commodorc-Amiga, Inc. INTRODUCING Project J£ mzrzz J F E A T II R I N G NOW SHIPPING! $ 49.95 „ Includes shipping and handling! Arizona residents add 6.5% sales tax. An Evolution in Disk Utilities for Amiga Personal Computers! TM TO ORDER Send check or money order to; Fuller Computer Systems, Inc.
P. O. Box 9222 Mesa. Arizona 85204-0430 Or CALL (602) 835-5018 Dealer Inquiries Invited Circle 183 on Reader Service card Perfect Sound Retail Price only $ 89.95 Brings Music to the Amiga What can I do with Perfect Sound? You can connect any audio source such as a stereo receiver. A CD player, a Video player, or just a microphone to Perfect Sound and your Amiga. Record in stereo or mono and then use Perfect Sound's editing software to modify the digitized sound. Delete, insert, play sounds backwards, play faster or slower. You can even flip sounds. Perfect Sound creates IFF instruments for Aegis’ Sonix and Electronic Art’s Deluxe Music Construction Set. It can also be used to digitize sound for Aegis'Audio Master II. Who uses Perfect Sound? Professionals including: The NASA Space Graphics Lab. Texas A&M University, "Dragon's Lair" from ReadySoft, "Arkanoid" from Discovery, "Leisure Suit Larry II" from Sierra Online, "Head Coach" from MicroSearch and a lot more. Specifications:
• Two channel stereo audio digitizer • 8 bit sample length
• Sample rate (max): 23.283 per sec. • Frequency response: 11.6KHz • Attaches easily to parallel port • Complete sound editing software • Library of pre-recorded sounds
• Supports IFF file format 8c instruments • Compatible with most popular music programs "This digitizer is fun ond quite addictive! I highly recommend the Perfect Sound digitizer.'1 Ron Battle, Amazing Computing, Vol 2, 5. ’Perfect Sound is the number 1 selling sound digitizer on the market today.” Craig Craig, American Software. Great Amiga Desktop Publishing City Desk 2.0 is Shipping!
L. ook at this example of text flow around irregular graphics. With City Desk 2.0. it's easy. Now you can give your documents a real "magazine look". Working on your First novel? City Desk's default even and odd pages make il easy to set up your page format. Anything you place on the TVAC default even page is automati- cally copied to every even page as it is used. The default odd page controls each odd numbered page as it is opened. You may save default even and odd pages to use as templates for later modification and use. Another handy feature for long documents is "Autonow". City Desk will automatically flow your entire document onto as many columns and pages as necessary. You can open as many pages on screen as your system memory will allow. 2.0 will automatically hyphenate your text as it is Ho wed. Suggested Retail Price: $ 199 Upgrade Policy: $ 35 plus the original program disk and manual. Please add $ 2.00 shipping inside the USA, $ 5.00 out of country. Texas residents should add 8 % sales tax. If you're ever in Texas, check out our retail locations. We maintain the largest inventory in Houston and have low prices every day. Houston Area: 9896 S.W. Freeway @ Bissonnet * (713) 988-2818 Clear Lake Area: 2402-F Bay Area ©Space Center Dr. • (713) 486-5630 Discover the power of macros with 2.0, With version 2.0, City Desk brings you more power than ever before. You can replace complicated, repetitive, formatting chores by defining and using macros. You can use macros for creating headers, footers, forms, your company motto, your customer’s mailing information, headlines, banners and much more. Once you have defined a macro, it may be recalled with a sim- %. Pie embedded command. Check out these graphics! This entire page was created » with City Desk 2.0 and printed on a Linotronic typesetting machine at 2400 DPI. Proofs were done on an NEC LC-890 PostScript printer. The graphics started out as 16 color, 640 X 400, IFF images. City Desk 2.0 does an incredible job gray-scaling any color IFF image with up to 64 colors. Ham images that are reduced to 64 colors look great. No matter what other DTP programs you own, you need City Desk 2.0. Check Out These Powerful Features No copy protection (works great with a hard drive!) New rewritten manual with complete index Overscan capabilities (PAL version available) Comes with 1 program disk and 3 data disks Text Features Full-screen text editor wiih cut and paste simplicity Over 50 powerful embedded typesetting commands Powerful macros to customize embedded commands Text flow around irregularly shaped graphics Supports basic WordPerfect commands Supports basic Scribble! Commands Automatic kerning of letter pairs in PostScript Widow and Orphan control Auto hyphenation routines for alignment of text Graphics Features Completely new graphics editor with brush gadget Switch between resolutions, including 640 X 400 Screened boxes 5% to 100% New gray scale support for imported graphics X & Y coordinates in graphics editor for accuracy Load, create and save brushes in the graphics editor Layout Features Coordinate display for accuracy Powerful sizing tool for speed and accuracy Copy tool which works with text and graphics Object tool outlines text or graphics easily Stamp objects to background temporarily Multiple pages on screen at one time Open as many pages as your memory allows Default even odd pages for speed and control Delete, insert and move pages easily Append to a project 10 combine two documents Supports Viking Moniterm monitor Print Features Custom HP LaserJets- printer driver for 300 DPI Laser utility to download softfonts to the HP Custom PostScript driver for 2400 DPI Supports 24-pin printers
1. 3 printer drivers for fast dot-matrix output Print multiple copies easily from within City Desk Fonts included for use with 24-pin printers Softfonts included for use with the HP LaserJet* Supports all 35 PostScript v47 fonts in any size CLI, and to explain the differences between the CLI and shell, define DOS terminology, and teach you to use the most common A mtga DOS commands. Mastering CLI 2.0 Graphic Expressions Box 1 10028 Nutley, NJ 07110 201 661-0408 S39.95 No special requirements. Anti-Virus A new recruit in the war on disk disease. By Louis R, Wallace HUT, TWO, THREE, lour! Marching in tt> join the struggle against ferocious Amiga viruses comes Anti-Virus from DevVVare. This non-copy-protectecl package contains a troop of utilities that seek out and destroy viruses. The first weapon in Anti-Virus’s arsenal is vCat, essentially a database you use to store duplicates of boot blocks from copy-protected software. To enter a boot block into the catalog, you simply select a drive, insert the disk containing the custom block into that drive, and dick on the Save gadget. If a cataloged disk later becomes infected, you can restore the boot block simply by clicking on vUat's Restore gadget. Unlike the similar database function in Discovery evme j Software’s VIP, you cannot alphabetize or otherwise organize your program entries. Suiting Up for Battle The vlnstall option comes in two forms: one within vCat and a stand-alone version you can access without entering vCat. Both overwrite the boot block of your bootable applications disk with a custom block. When you boot with a vlnstall-protected disk, the colorful, hi-res Anti-Virus logo appears on the screen instantly (within a second). If a treated disk does not display the screen when you boot, or if the graphic is altered, you can consider the disk suspect. When you detect a virus with vlnstall, vReboot will remove it from memory and initiate a warm boot from the inserted Workbench disk. The manual makes it clear that vlnstall should not be used with any software that uses a custom boot block as a part of copy protection; doing so will ruin the disk. The documentation also warns that unless you are certain a disk’s boot block is standard, you should store it in vCat before treating it with vlnstall. Another vCat feature is View, which ? Sensational Service With Sprite AMIGA HARDWARE Amiga 500 ......$ 579 Amiga 2000 ...CALL Amiga 2000HD ....CALL Amiga 2500 ...CALL Commodore PC40 CALL 1084S Monitor ......$ 309 501 Ram Card ......$ 159 Amiga 1010 Drive .$ 209
3. 5" Internal Floppy ...$ 129
3. 5" External Floppy .$ 149 2088 Bridgeboard .$ 499 2286 Bridgeboard ...$ 1125 2090A SCSI Board ...$ 325 2058 2MB RAM ..$ 679 DigiView Gold $ 149 GenOne ..$ 499 GVP 40Q Hardcard ..$ 799 GVP 25mhz 030 Accelerator CALL Microbotics Starboards .$ CALL MicroWay Flicker Fixer ....$ 489 Mimetics Framebuffer (0k) .....$ 489 MultiTech v.32 9600 Modem ..$ 699 Sony CPD-1303 Multisync $ 525 Supra 2400 Modem ..$ 149 AMIGA SOFTWARE Amax Mac Emulator $ 125 Animate 30 .....$ 94 Broadcast Titler ....$ 189 Capone $ 25 Deluxe Paint III ....CALL Deluxe Photo Lab ..$ 98 Diga! .....$ 45 Digi-Paint .$ 44 Dragon's Lair ...$ 39 Draw 2000 ..... $ 175 Dungeon Master ....$ 25 Excellence! ....$ 189 F A-18 Interceptor ..$ 33 Falcon ..$ 32 Fantavision ......$ 38 Heroes of the Lance ..$ 26 Intro CAD .$ 54 interlont $ 75 Jet ..$ 32 Lord's of the Rising Sun ...$ 32 LV Backup $ 44 Math Wizard ....$ 35 Maxiplan 500 .. $ 94 Maxiplan Plus $ 135 Modeller 3D .....$ 63 Pagestream .$ 125 Photon Paint 2.0 ....$ 94 Pixmate $ 43 Professional Draw $ 123 Professional Page $ 246 Project 'D' .$ 32 Pro Video Plus $ 195 Prowrite 2.0 .....$ 78 Rocket Ranger ... $ 32 Roger Rabbit ...$ 30 Quarterback . $ 44 Scuipt3D ..$ 72 Star Wars .$ 25 Test Drive II .....$ 28 The Works Platinum $ 156 Three Stooges ....$ 32 Turbo Silver ...$ 125 TV Sports Football .$ 32 TV Text .$ 63 Videoscape 3D ...$ 125 Videotitler .. $ 93 Word Perfect . $ 199 Workbench 1.3 Update $ 19 Zoetrope $ 88 Amiga Music Pack SHS-10 Yamaha Keyboard. MIDI interface & Cable, Deluxe Music Construction Set ...$ 169 Pack w computer buy .$ 149 Music Ware AudtoMaster II ....$ 62 Deluxe Music ......$ 65 Dr.T's Midi Rec Studio ...$ 44 Dr.T's DX Heaven ...$ 94 M for Amiga ......$ 152 Perfect Sound .....$ 64 Pro MIDI Studio $ 126 Sonix .$ 50 Texture .....$ 94 Amiga Accessories Beach Towel ...$ 16 Golf Cap - grey or white ...$ 8 Golf Shirt - L or XL .....$ 20 Golf Umbrella - 48H .....$ 22 Sweatshirt - white L or XL ....$ 16 Starter Software Kit Money Mentor, TV Text, Arkanoid, Text Craft Plus, Graphics Studio $ 196 Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. INC. Prices subject to change without notice. Please inquire about our policies & procedures. 9-6 MON-FRI
D. S.T. Gainesville, Ga. 30501 ORDERS: 800-634-9315 INQUIRIES: 404-535-8806 Sprite Technology M icrosystems 19552 SW 90TH COURT TUALATIN, OR 97062
(503) 691-2552 The Processor Accelerator is THE affordable "speed-up'' product for the Amiga. The creative engineers at CMI have designed this board incorporating a 16MHZ 68000 processor that replaces the existing 8MIIZ processor. The end result is doubled processor instruction speeds from 7.16MHZ to 14.32MHZ. What this means to the Amiga user is an increase in total system throughput of up to 40%. The Processor Accelerator comes with a Math FPU socket that is either 68881 or 68882 compatible, and works with software packages that use the IEEE libraries under Workbench 1.3 recognizing the FPU as a peripheral device. Unlike some 68020 boards, the Processor Accelerator is completely software compatible and comes with a software switch that allows you to slow the board down to standard 7.16MHZ, To allow for maximized hardware compatibility and optimal reliability, multi-layer board design is used. PA500 or PA2000 ..$ 250.00 PA 1000 .....$ 280,00*
* Additional Commodore compatible Kickstart ROM socket feature that allows Kick- start in ROM plus 256K additional memory. NOTE: When purchasing a speed-up board for your Amiga be sure to understand the REAL differences in performance among the product choices. Nor all 68020 boards will be faster for all applications. FOR EXAMPLE, the cheaper 68020 hoards (which run at 7.16MHZ) provide substantially faster increases only when used with the very few software packages specifically written for 68020 68881-ONLY after the additional purchase of an MC68881 FPU. However, all applications will run faster with a Processor Accelerator at 1432MHZ. Video Interfaces Composite, Chroma, luma $ 79.95 Composite, Chroma, Luma, RF..S99.95 internal version available MIDI 1 Musical Interface In. 2 Outs, Thru, Sync Out, Pass Thru $ 79.95 internal version available Mm i i CMInet THE MultiPort Board Amiga 2000 $ 199.95 Amiga 500 1000 $ 249.95 Optional Hard Disk SCSI Interface At the heart of the CMInet solution is the remarkably affordable CMInet-MultiPort Board. This two serial, one parallel port plug in card comes complete with built in high-speed serial networking support. FEATURES:
- DB9 RS-232 Serial port
- Apple™ Macintosh™ hardware compatible 8 pin DIN RS- 422 Serial port
- DB25 Parallel Printer port
* Optional SCSI interface with auto-boot ROM and all necessary utilities SOFTWARE:
- Serial and Parallel Device: Compatible with new Amiga multi-port standard AppleTalk and Macintosh are Trademarks of Apple - AppleTalk™-Amiga networking solution Utilities $ 79.95 The CMInet-Utilities disk gives you all you need to implement a basic networking system and then some. The enhanced device drivers allow shared access to printers, modems etc.. They also have built in print spooler compatibility, ! SOFTWARE: CMInet Device: Uses RS-422 port for networking with Apple Talk Link Access Protocol. CMInet Manager: Uses AppleTalk Protocols for high speed networking.
- serial device: Enhanced to support shared resources over CMInet
- parallel device: Enhanced to support shared resources over CMInet and print spooling
- CMInet Chat Exchange: Allows multiple users to chat and exchange files over CMInet.
- CMInet Monitor Utility that allows a CMInet node to monitor net traffic. Useful for debugging the network.
- CMInet Documentation Everything you need to write your own CMInet applications displays on screen the contents of the boot blocks in your choice of drives: dtO:, dfldf2:, or df3:. Two more functions let you compare (by bytes) a boot block you have stored in vCat with one on a loaded disk, and install the standard AmigaDOS boot block on a disk in a specified drive. A utility called vCheck runs in the background while you work, monitoring all the disks you place in your drives. If you load a disk containing a non-standard boot block other than a DevWare custom block, a warning requester appears. A Virus of a Different Color As I was finishing my review, an update of Anti-Virus arrived. The revision includes vTrojan, a specialty database that addresses so-called “trojan horse” viruses, including the IRQ virus, that attack specific programs. Vtrojan lets you store information (including file size) describing the characteristics of a file, a group of files, or an entire floppy disk or hard disk. After you have stored this information, you can later recall it and have vTrojan compare stored data with that on a disk to determine whether files have been altered. A change indicates possible viral infection. The vTrojan utility offers two levels of file inspection. The first is fast, but not thorough. The second is far more comprehensive, but is considerably slower, requiring approximately five minutes to analyze a full floppy disk. After vTrojan has analyzed the two sets of files, the j program reports, on screen, the differences found. (1 have been unable to obtain an IRQ virus, so I could not test this aspect of the utility.) Assembling Your Batallion Although Anti-Virus offers a money-back guarantee against all viruses, I am convinced that it should not be your only defense. There are shortcomings. For one, the documentation states that boot- block viruses are the only strain your Amiga is susceptible to, and as is evidenced by the addition of vTrojan, that is no longer true. Also, vCheck does not identify viruses, it simply determines whether a boot block is standard. Both VIP and the public-domain program VirusX are much more discerning, being able to recognize the specific virus (including the IRQ virus) that your disk is infected with. While vTrojan oilers protection against the newest styles of software terrorism, it is very cumbersome to use. The vInstall option is good in that it lets you know very quickly if your disk has been hit by a boot-block virus. It is, how- ever, no better in that regard or any other than VirusX. In fact, VirusX is more effective than both vInstall and vCheck combined. The best strategy for protection against viruses is still to regularly update your startup-sequence with the latest version of VirusX and to catalog your vulnerable boot blocks. Vcat addresses the latter issue; if you do not already own a boot-block database program, you should consider Anti-Virus. Anti-Virus DevWare 10474 Rancho Carmel Dr. Rancho Bernardo, GA 92128 619 673-0759 $ 39.95 .Vo special requirements. ¦ IMIS Hardware Soltware Associates, Inc. New York’s Premier COMMODORE AMIGA ' 2000 Specialists NEW! Graphic Design Systeml AMIGA A2000HD COMPUTER 1MB RAM 40 MB Hard Drive Keyboard & Mouse New Tek Color Digitizing System Panasonic WV1410 Copy Stand, Digi-Droid Unit Digitizing and Painting Software AproDraw Drawing Tablet HP PaintJet Prices from $ 5,799.95 Ask about our Video Production Systems Call or Write for Special Catalogs ¦hi (718) 956-9000 mmmmmm FAX (718) 956-9028 28-21 Astoria Blvd., Astoria, NY 11102-1933 _authorized AMIGA dealer and distributor_ AMIGA Lowest prices on all hardware Call for latest prices & availability Word Perfect only $ 185 RSISystems 1-800-752-RSIS 1-800-752-7747 20% RESTOCKING FEE ON ALL ITEMS RETURNED Which hard disks for AMIGA? Curious? Any (IBM compatible) with our A.L.F. (Amiga Loads Faster) Safer with CHECKDRIVE. Faster with FASTFILE-SYSTEM. 50% more MB with RLL-CONTROLLER. More economic - even defective hard disks can be used. For more information: Prespect Technics Inc. RO. Box 670, Station H Montreal, Quebec H3G 2M6 Fax: (514) 876-2869 HOURS: 8 AM to 7 PM Monday - Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Saturday Call on Sunday THE SOFTWARE SHOP International Showcase for Products in the AMIGA Marketplace ACCESSORIES A-S Switch cable ....S35 (X) A B C 'D Switchbox .. 63 00 Amiga mouse .....67 00 Boing optical mouse 109 00 C-Vtew Composite .... 45 00 C-View Monitor ....45 00 Copy Stand ....65 00 Disk head cleaner ......7 00 Ece M-di 1000 . 52 00 Ece Midi 500 2000 ....52 00 Epyx 500JX .. 15 00 Ergo Joystick .17 00 Freedom stick .65 00 Gender changer ... 19 00 Gender changer NT .....22 00 Gravis Joystick 37 00 Infared mouse 176.00 MD120 3 5 Disk holder 29 00 MD60 disk holder .....26 00 MD64 disk holder .....26.00 Modem cable A1000 .. 15 00 Modem cable A2000 500...... 15 00 Mous*1 holder ..6 00 Mousi' master . 2900 Mouse pad ..... 900 Multisync cable I-102M F..... 24 00 Okimete black ribbon ....5 00 Okim&te color ribbon ...8 00 Phaser gun ...49.00 Power strip 6 outlets ..17.00 Printer cable 2000 500 . 15 00 Prmter cable A1000 ...15 00 Quick shot Joysttc ... 15 00 Ribbon panasonic all to 00 Stick stick 8 00 Slick stick .. 7 00 Star NX black ribbon ...8.00 Star NX color ribbon ..12.00 Tilt and swivel stand ...21.00 Time saver . 55.00 Trackball 1 button ....39.00 Trackball 2button mause 39.00 Xeorx 4020 llued ......25.00 Xerox 4020 500 sheet ..25.00 Xerox 4020 ink 29.00 ACCOUNTING The Accountant .5183.00
B. E S.T- Acountmg ...... 230.00 Best general ledger ...77.00 Financial plus ..... 189.00 invester advantage 63 00 Miamiga ledger 63.00 Micro lawyer ..39.00 Nimbus record keeper ...95.00 CAD SYSTEM Draw 2000 ..$ 163.00 Home builder cad ......129.00 Home builder choice 53.00 Intro rad .51.00 Logic works ...65.00 Pro-Board ..,., 399 00 Pro-Net .399 00 X-Cac: system 385 00 A500 A2000 A2500 PERIPHERALS A1010 drive 3 5 extrnl $ 199.00 A1084S stereo monitor 325.00 A200C' HD 40mg28ms w cont.2299.(X) A2056 2mg 8mg ram board.. .669 00 A20620 2meg 32bit . 1449.00 A206I 0 4mg 32bit Mem.....2169 00 A209C A HD controller 310 00 A2300 Genlock ......299 00 A250C' HD40mg28ms3mgMem 63020 68881 ...3599.00 Amiga 2000 Cpu .... 1599.00 Amiga 500 CPU .....599 00 AT Budge card A2286 ......1179 00 Bridge card A2000 ... 555.00 Memory Expansion 2mg A2000 .619 00 Memory expansion 512k A500.. 165 00 COMMUNICATIONS Ataik III .. 565.00 Atredes profess BBS ..9600 BBS pc .96.00 Diga ......50.00 Online ..44 00 HAHDDRIVES AND CARDS I50mg SCSI drv 5 25’ 28ms A2000 .. 20mc 3 5' SCSI drv 65ms A2000 _ 32mc 3 5’ SCSI drv 28ms A2000 _ 32mg 3.5’ SCSI drv. 40ms A2000----- 42mg 5 25' SCSI drv. 40ms A2000.... 42mg ST506 5.25' 40ms A2Q00 48mci 3.5’ SCSI drv. 28ms A2000 _ 48mg 3.5' SCSI drv. 40ms A2000---- 65mg 5.25' SCSI drv. 40ms A2000... CLTD -Controller A1000 .... CLTD -Controller A500 ..... GVP 40mg Hardcard 19ms A2000 ,, GVP Controller 1 mg Ok GVP Controller 2mg Ok .... Hardframe 2000 Overdrive Controller A2000 . Ouaritum drive 40mg 11 ms acc..... Quantum drive 80mg 11ms acc Supra 2000 HD controller ----- Vault - 20mg .... Vault - 30mg .... EXPANSION MEMORY CARDS tmg Spirit A500 A1000 S444 l 5mg Spirit A500 A1000 ... $ 559 1 mg progressive A500 ... $ 415 8UP 2mg populated .. .... $ 499 8UP4mg populated ... $ 799 8UP 8mg populated$ 1439 L CREATIVE PRODUCTIVITY Analytic art ..$ 39.00 Gizmoz enhanced ....45.00 Intellitype .35.00 Magellan .... 129 00 Master type ... 25.00 Mavis beacon typing ..33.00 Your family tree ......32.00 DATABASE MANAGEMENT Acquisition $ 189 00 Data retrieve ... 51.00 Data Retrieve Prof ....189.00 Dbman ...... 125 00 Micro base 24 00 Micro fiche filer 64 00 Microfiche filer plus ..115.00 Organize .49 00 Softwood tile II gs .... 79 00 Super base . 52 00 Superbase pers. II ....98.00 Superbase Pro 3.0 ... 229.00 Superbase professional......139.00 DISKETTES Fuji 3.5‘ ds dd colordisks $ 19.00 Sony 3.5’ds dd 19.00 TDK 3.5' ds dd disks ..19 00 Centech 3 5' ds dd disks......19 00 Centech 5 25' ds hd disks..... 29 00 DESKTOP PUBLISHING Citydesk ..$ 97.00 Citydesk companion ..15.00 Citydesk companion II .15 00 Page stream . 129 00 Page setter 97.00 Professional Draw ... 129 00 Professional page .... 249 00 Publisher plus .69.00 Shakespeare . 129 00 EDUCATION Adventure of sinbad ..$ 32.00 Aesop's fables .32 00 All about Amenca .....35.00 Animal kingdom ......32.00 Decimal dungeon .....32.00 Discovery game math . 25 00 Discovery game spell 25 00 First letters and words .35 00 First shapes ...35.00 Fraction action 32 00 Grade manager 59.00 Great states ...25 00 Kid Talk ..35 00 Kmderama 32.00 Kwik speak Spanish ...19.00 Learning curve 52.00 Link word French ..... 22 00 Link word German ....22.00 Link word Italian ......22.00 Link word Russian ....22.00 Link word Spanish .... 22 00 Math talk .35.00 Math talk fraction .....35.00 Math wizard ...... 35.00 Perfect score ..51.00 Quiz master ...51 00 Read & rhyme .....32.00 Read-a-rama ..32 00 Spell bound ...25.00 Speller bee 35.00 Tales from Arabia .....32.00 Wordmaster ...32.00 $ 1239.00 .. 365.00 .. 609.00 .. 409.00 .. 465.00 .. 399.00 .. 629.00 .. 475.00 .. 514 00 .. 240.00 .. 240.00 .. 799.00 .. 269.00 .. 289.00 .. 245.00 .. 171.00 .. 539.00 .. 849.00 .. 222.00 .. 590 00 .. 699 00 HARDDRIVES HARDCARDS SPECIAL SAVE 40mg Quantum 11 ms w hardframe 2000 .... $ 769 80mg Quantum 11 ms w hardframe 2000 . $ 1099 Y 48mg Quantum 40ms w hardframe 2000 $ 639 63mg Seagate 40ms 5 1 4 drive .....$ 499 48mg Seagate 40ms 3 1 2 drive .....$ 419 42mg Seagate 40ms 5 1 4 drive .....$ 459 32mg Seagate 40ms 3 1 2 drive . $ 332 HARDWARES PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES A C basic ...$ 129.00 A C fortran ..195.00 Algebra ii . 33 00 Arexx .... 33 00 Assem pro 65.00 Aztec C developer ...195 00 Aztec C professional .129 00 Aziic complete devet sys 315 00 Benchmark C library ..60 00 Benchmark iff library ..62.00 Benchmark modula 2 128 00 Benchmark simplified . 62 00 Cape 68k . 59 00 Critic's Choice ......159.00 Devpac Ed Assem lmk debg _66 00 Dissasembler ..45.00 GFA basic 3.0 .95 00 Inovatools W1 .....54.00 Lattice C ...132 00 Lattice C ’ ’ .379 00 Lattice C professional 249.00 Lattice devtfopem nt system 50.... 199.00 Library's source .. 197.00 Macro assembler .....65.00 Metacomco lisp .....131.00 Metacomco pascal .... 95 00 Metacomco shell .....40 00 Metascope debugger ..65.00 Power windows v2.5 ..58.00 Pro Basic ....124.00 Publishers choice ..130.00 Source level debugger . 50.00 The power system pecan 93.00 The professional pecan 89.00 The Works Platinum .164.00 True basic 65.00
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• Corporate and volume purchases Invited. Cali Moe.
• Stock orders placed by 12:00 NOON EST shipped the same day.
• Allow 10 days for personal checks to clear.
• Wire transfer accepted.
• Minimum $ 5.00 Shipping handling charge ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE We have them all I Over 300 games In stock. Call for your favorite game, and check our low prices.
• Add $ 3.50 for COD. A Returns subject to restocking charge
• Software defects-call the Manufacturer
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C. B. Tree .65.00 Celebrity cook book ...20.00 Custom screens * .....45.00 Cygnused Professional 65.00 Disk 2 disk 33.00 Disk master ...33.00 Disk mechanic 59.00 Dos 1.3 ...... 22.00 Dos 2 dos 35.00 Doug's math aquarium 52.00 Encore 45.00 Ez backup 33.00 Face II .. 22.00 Fine pnnt .33.00 Fleet check , ..33.00 Flip side . 37 00 Gold spell 32 00 Gomt .... 27 00 Grabbit 1900 Laser scripts .. 28 00 Laser up: fonts ...----26.00 Laser up: plot ..33 00 Laser up print .58.00 Laser up: utilities ......26.00 Lex check ...33.00 Lv backup 32 00 Multi preferences .....20.00 Nag Plus Schedule Assist 52.00 Pro scnpl .32 00 Project D .32.00 Promis spelling 32.00 Quarterback ..45 00 Raw copy 1.3 ..3900 Superback 52.00 Sys font' ..22.00 Tax plan ..,, ..22.00 Tdi editor sources . 30 00 Tdi examples ..1500 Tdi gnd access 3000 Tdikermit 19.00 Text ed plus ...5200
V. I.P ...... 32 00 HOME ACCOUNTING Desktop budget .....$ 46 00 Money mentor $ 65 00 Phaser ...65 00 Tax Break 53.00 Circle 134 on Reader Service card. FONTS Asha's fonts ..S57.00 Calligrapher ...63.00 Fancy 3d fonts 52.00 Font set I .22.00 Inter font .76.00 Kara fonts color ......5000 Lion fonts .56.00 Masterpiece fonts ....159.00 News letter fonts ...29.00 Profonts I Prof .23.00 Profonts II decorative ..23.00 Studio font 29 00 GRAPHICS & VIDEO 3-Demon >oy.uu Animate 3-D ...... 99.00 Animate 40 .. 439 00 Animation editor ......39.00 Animation effects .... 32.00 Animation Flipper 32 00 Animation multiplane .. 58 00 Animation stand ...... 32 00 Animation w images ..89.00 Animator apprentices . 185 00 Animotion . 65 00 Architectural design ..23.00 Art gallery I .20.00 Art gallery II ... 20 00 Art pak I ..20.00 Art parts 1 20.00 Art parts II 20 00 Award maker plus ....32.00 Broadcast Tiller .....189.00 ..25 00 ..39 00 28 00 ..48 00 .. 79 00 ..65.00 .. 89 00
102. 00 ..55.00 102 00 Butcher . C light 3d editor . Calligrapher help Chroma Paint ... Color splitters ... Gomicsetter..... Deluxe paint II... DeluxePaint III.. Deluxe print II... Deluxe photo lab Deluxe production ...137.00 Deluxe video II 89.00 Designasaurus 32.00 Digi paint ......39,00 Digi paint help . 24 00 Digi view 131.00 Director's Toolkit .....26.00 Dpaint help .....24.00 Exprss pamt, 65.00 Express paint III 89 00 Forms in flight II ......77.00 Future design 3-d .....23.00 Graphic studio ’ ...... 35.00 Human design 3-d ....23.00 Icon Paint 59 00 Impact .... 55.00 Interchange ...32.00 Invtsion 109.00 Lights Camera Action . 49.00 Microbot design 3-d . 23.00 Modeler 3d ...64 .00 Movie setter ...65.00 Page flipper fx ......95.00 Perfect vision ..175.00 Photon expansion disk 19 00 Photon pamt ..65.00 Photon paint 2 0 ...... 97.00 Photon paint help .....23 00 Photon video cell anim .97.00 Pixmate ..43.00 Print master plus .....33 00 Prism ....43 00 Pro video plus set 1 ....83 00 Pro video plus set II ...83.00 Pro result using dpaint 35.00 Provideo plus 193.00 Sculpt 3-d 64 00 Silver turbo . 129.00 The Director ....46.00 Turbo silver .. 12900 Tv-show ..64 00 Tv-texl .64 00 Video effects 3d .....121.00 Video scape 3-d ... 120 00 Video filler 95 00 Zoetrope .9100 WORDPROCESSORS Becker text ..592 00 Excellence! 17900 Flow idea processors ..63 00 Gold spell II ...3000 Kmdwords ...65.00 LPD wnler 75 00 LPD writer unprotected 83.00 Micro text .22.00 Prowrite v2.Q . 80 00 Reason ..249.00 Text pro ..50.00 Word perfect . 15900 Wp library ....7900 Creative Computers ORDERS OUTSiDE - TjTTMjTJ SjDE UTUVL CUSTOMERSERVICE VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, International Phone and Mml Orders, Educational, Corporate and Aerospace Purchase Orders Accepted. 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 Mon.-Sat. 8 a.m.-6 p.m. PST FAX: 213-214-0932 VIDEO & AUDIO: ¦ Forms In Flight It B Photon Paint II ¦ Music X ¦ Caligari ¦ The Performer ¦ Movre Setter ¦ MidiVU ¦ C-Zar ¦ Comic Fonts ¦ Pro-Sound Deiignpr ¦ MIDI Magic ¦ Zoetrope ¦ Photon Cell Animator GAMES: ¦ Double Dragon ¦ Deiignasaurui ¦ Boat ¦ Trump Castle ¦ Operation Wolf ¦ Bubble Bobble ¦ Rastan ¦ Dragon's Lair ¦ TV Sporlt Football ¦ Lords of the Rising Sun ¦ Univerol Military Simulator ¦ Advanced Dungeons & Dragons ¦ Kingdoms of England Hostage Test Drive 2 PLEASE CALL FOR PRICES SOFTWARE 3 0 GRAPHICS 3613 3 DEMON., . 71 95
* 2 4 OFF ROAD RACING ...32 46 41H & INCHES CONSTRUCTION 9 15 4TH AND INCHES . 23 24 64 EMULATOR 2 THE ..... 43 55 A E ZOO ..... 25 55 A-TALK III ...... 64 97 AAAftGH' 23 35 AC BASIC COMPILER ..... 134 06 AC FORTRAN ... 199 00 ACCOUNTANT THE ......186 95 ADRUM .....51 38 ADVENTURES OF SINRAD ..32 46 AEGIS ANIMATOR .... 87 95 AEGIS DRAW ! 4 ..iz 95 4! Ell DM nr 2900 III 95 AES0P5 FaSLES .19 95 ALGEBRA 1 ...3* 95 ALGEBRA II .. 36 95 ALIEN FIRES . 24 95 ALIEN 5YN0R0ME . 32 46 ALL ABOUT AMERICA ..... 38 95 ALTERNATE REALITY .....27.95 MIDGET RACER
• 66020 processor.
• Optional math o-pi«enor up to 33 Mht 6B8B2!
• 50% orffogc speed increase without math co-procisior. $ 399.95 ALSO: Sculpt Animate 40 PACKAGE DEAL $ 979.00 INCLUDES: 1. SCULPT ANIMATE AD,- 2. MIDGET RACER; 3. 66662-20 CO PROCESSOR,- A. 20 OR 24 Mhi CRYSTAL 0SSC. AMIGA DOS EXPRESS .. .19 95 BETTER DEAD THAN ALIEN .. 21 95 AMIGA FONTS (NTF) ... ... 59 95 BEYOND 70RK .., 33 T6 AMIGA KARATE ...24 95 BIONIC COMMANDO .. ... 25 97 ANALYTIC ART-GRAPHlCS..... ... 37 48 BLACK CAULDRON ... ... 28 95 ANALYZE 2 Q-SPR£ADSH£ET ... ... 93 73 Blackjack academy ... 29 95 ANDROMEDA MISSION . ... 25 95 Black lamp . ... 22 00 ANIMAL KINGDOM .... 32 46 BLACK SHADOW ... 22 95 ANIVATE-3D .. ... 99 95 BLITZKRIEG 11 MEG VER > .... ... 38 95 ANIMATION ... ... 62 95 BLOCKBUSTER ...... ... 32 46 ANIMATION EDITOR ... ... 38 95 BOBO ... ... 23 36 ANIMATION EFFECTS .. ... 32 46 BOQUIRAID . ... 37 46 ANIMATION MULTIPLANE...... ... 58 45 BREACH . ... 25 95 ANIMATION STAND .... ... 32 46 BREACH SCENARIO QISK..... ... 1695 ANIMATOR'S APPRENTICE..... .. 184 95 BRIDGE 5 0 .. ... 74 10 ANNALS OF ROUE .... ... 24 95 BRUSH WORKS ...... ... 2095 ANTi VIRUS ... ... 25 95 BRUSH WORKS 2 .... ... 1995 ARAZOK S TOMB ...... 31 25 BUBBLE GHOST... 22 71 ARCADE ACTION FAC . ... 34 95 Bumper sticker maker MEU 995 Mtxi .. 37 95 C LIGHT . .38 95 ARKANOID ...1995
• C ZAR 17615 ART COMPANION ..... ...1995 CAO PARTS FOR INTRO CAO... ... 16 50 ART GALLERY FANTASY ... 23 36 CALCULUS .. ... 36 95 ART OF CHESS ... 22 95
• CJIIFOIMUI 8**11 17 IS ASHA'S FONTS ... 58 95
• CALlAtl ... DILI ASSEMPRO ... ... 71 95 CALLIGRAPHER ...... ... 84 95 ATPEDES (BBSl ... 97 45 CAPE 68K ASSEMBLER 2 0.... ... 58 47 K Downhill Challenge ¦ Rampage ¦ Evil Gnrden ¦ Artie Adventurel BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY: ¦ Page Stream ¦ Works Platinum ¦ Pen Pal ¦ Tax Brook ¦ Desktop Budget ¦ Pro-Net ¦ Pro-Board ¦ Professional DataRotrievo ¦ Professional Draw ¦ Aegis Draw 2000 fl Superbase Personal 2 ¦ Superplon EDUCATIONAL: ¦ My Paint UTILITIES: 9 BAD. (hot floppy and hard disk accelerator) HARDWARE: ¦ INTRUDER ALERT 9 AMAC Emulator [Macintosh emulator!) 9 Spirit Deluxe MIDI 9 Vault-30 We carry OVER 1100 items The best NEW products The LOWEST PRICES NEW PRODUCTS ARRIVE DAILY. CALL FOR UNLISTED ITEMS.
* ILL OMAHl* It 64 95
* it Toecft 77 90 AWARD MAKfR PLUS . . . 31 16 AWA5D MA«£fi SPOPJS...... ...19 95 AZIFC 58‘AM D .... 154 95 AZTEC C PROFESSIONAL...... .179 95
• no miopthuzei 37 45
• IJUL 77 55 BAD CAT . ... 30 2 5 BALANCE OF »OWER .. . 34 95 BALANCE OF POWER IBOOK) ... .9 51 BARBARIAN .. . .. 25 95 BARDS TALE ...... ... 35 95 BARD S TALE CLUE BOOK . . 10 95 BARDS TALE II 41 95 BARDS TALE II CLUE BOOK .... ...10 50 BARDS IALE MlNT GISK..... .13 95 BASIC GRAMH6H SERIES...... ... 19 46
• DIM 30$ | 3 i»0t«IEXCX 24 95 CetEBRlIY COOKBOOK .... 22 95 CENTERFOLD SQUARES ...19 95
• CHAHOU 5 25 96 CHESSMASTER 21X50 ...... 3 2 4 6 CHICKEN LITTLE ..19 95 CHRQN0 QUE5T .. 33 95 CITY DESK ...... 93 95 CITY DESK ART COMPANION 13 95 CITY DESK BUNDLE ...... 99 95 CLIMATE .... 24 95 Cup art dmsiea ) .....1295 COMBAT COURSE . 25 95
• CONIC fOm |»[ A NICEI 59 95
• COSMIC BOUNCEN .19 55 CRAPS ACADEMY . 25 95 CRASH GARRET .... 25 96 CRAZY CAPS . 25 95 CR05SW0RD CREATOR ....3* 95
• CliriUIiril 9 65 CUSTOMS SCREENS ...... 43 73
• Cytttt ED PACT 64 65 DARK CASTLE . 25 95 DATA RETRIEVE .. 49 95
• OflltmAUIlUl . 37 46 DESKTOP ARTIST .18 95
• MullI OWJOI 27 65 DOUG'S MATH AQUARIUM 51 95 DOUGS COLOR COMMANDER __19 46 DR rs 4-OP ED LIB .... 92 S5 BACH 50NGSQ3K ..... 17 55 CASIO V21 ED'HB 92.55 COPYIST .... ..... __ 155 38 CZ CARTRIDGE ..51 95 CZ RIDER ...92.55 0-110 EDILIB ......,..9755 D-50 EO'LIB 92 95 DR DRUMS .17 95 DR KEYS ..17 95 DX7 ED LJB . 92 95 ESQ-APAGE ESQ-1 ......92.95 KAWAI K-1 ED LIB .32.97 75 36 MICROLAWYER 25 96
* srtDiYu 29 95 43 95
• MISSlOPt CCN IAI 31 )5 54 95 MODELER 3-D . ... 65 00 9115 MOEBlUS . ... 39 95 21 95 MDNf l Mft.TOS .... ... 64 95 77%
• *0VU It 111 8 64 95 37 6 MULTI FORth .. .59 95 32 50 MULTt PREFS ...... ...1945 25 95 MURAL PRINTER . 29 95 32 46 MUSIC MOUSE , ...... ... 51 95 41 95 MUSIC STUDENT .... ... 37 95 54 95 MUSIC STUDIO 25 95
* HT PAINT 37 45 22 95 NAG PLUS 3 0 . ... 49 95 22 95 NEWSLETTER FONTS COLOR . ... 29 95 27 95 QBE ITFRATOR . . , . 75 95 18 95 OFFSHORE WARRIOR . 75 96 32 46 OGRE . ...32 46 64 95 ONLINE 2 0 ... 43 56 34 95 OPERA HON CLEAN STREETS ... . 75 95 KAWAI K-5 ED LIB . 32 95 KCS ...... 154 95 LEXICON EO UB . 97 95 MIDI RECORD STU ..... 43 50 IMVISICH MT-32 ED'LIB .. 92 95 MATRIX-6 EO.'LIB 92 95
* EY11 EA80EN . 25 95
• EXCELLENCE .. 159 CD EXPLORER ... 32 47 EXPRESS COPY ... 25 95 EXPRESS PAINT 3 0 ...... 90 95 EXTEND ..... 25 95 EACC II ..... 21 95 FAERY TALE ADVENTURE .3195 FAERY TALE GUIDEBOOK ...7 95 FALCON .....3? 46
* FAMILY IREE 32 46 FANCY 30 FONTS . 46 95 FANTAVISION ...... . 42 95 FERRARI FORMULA ONE ....33 95
* F1UL ASSAULT 32 46 FINAL MISSION ...15 95 FINE PRINT .... ...... 4155 FIRE N FORGET ... 25 95 FIRE ZONE ... 23 95 FfRE-BRIGRADE . 32 46 FIREPOWER ..16 95 FIRST LETTERS S WORDS .33CO FIRST SHAPES ...33 00 FISH 25 95 FLEET CHECK 25 96 FLIGHT PATH 737 16 95 FLIGHT SIMULATOR tl . 37 46 FLOW 62 32 FONTS AND BORDERS .... 22 95 FOOTMAN ...21 95
• EALAtT FIEHT ...9 95 GALILEO 2 0 . 45 46 GALLERY 3-D = SCULPT) ...51 95 GAMES. THE WINTER EDITION 32 46 GETTYSBURG ... 38 95
* fcf» BASIC 3 0 ...... 90 95 GIZMOZ ..... 45 95 GLOBAL COMMANDER .27 46 GOLD SPELL II ... 29 95 GOLDFN PATH 29 95 GOLDRUNNER II .. 25 55 GOMF! 3 0 (SOFTWARE ONLY) ..... 27 95 GRAEBIT .... 20 95 GRADE MANAGER . 58 95 GRAND SLAM TENNIS .....31 25 GRAPHICS STUDIO 38 95 GREAT STATES II . 25 95
• PHIOABfR [IU*| 38 95 PHANTASlE 27 47 PHANTASlE 3 ... 74 55 PHANTASM . 22 95
• PKUAR Fit I Hint (2 41
• PHOTO* CELL A6IIUITDP 99 55 PHOTON PAINT ...64 95 PHOTON PAINT EXP DSK .19 55 PHOTON PAINT TRANS CNTRL ...154 55 PHOTOSYNTHESIS .... .57 95 PINBALL 0 ..... 19 45 PIONEER PLAGUE .25 96 PlXMATE ..,,,,, 45 95 PLANET PROBE ... 19 95 PLATOON .. 29 21 POKER SOIITA RE ...... 27 95 POLICE QUEST ... 32 46 PORTS OF CALL ___ 29 SS POWER WINDOWS 2 5...... 58 47 POWERSTYX ... 22 55 PFE CALCULUS ... 36 95 PRESIDENT IS MISSING ... 25 95 PRIME TIME .. 25 95 PPINTMASTERPlUS ...... 31 23 PRO MIDI 5TUCIO 130 95
• 880 VIDEO P1U$ 164 95 PROBABILITY THEORY .... 36 95
• TRQIfStlOML DRAW 179 95
• MOIEISIOMLmi 729 00 PROJECT D ..31 95 PROMISE SPELLING CHECKER 34 55 PROSCRIPT .. 32 95 PflOWRITE 7 0 78 10 PUNCTUATION SERIES ....19 45 GRADRAUEN .19 QUARTERBACK ... 45 95 QUESTRON II . 32 46 QUICK MERGF 37 95 QUINTETTES . 29 95 QUIZ MASTER 49 96 Boing! Mouse Profeuional Optical 3-bvtton mouie for your Amiga. ¦ Optical technology elimin- atei friction and momentum coefficient! For mper- precire handling ¦ No moving part* for in- creaied reliability. ¦ Middle button moke! It the only mouse compatible with A2024 loftware and X Window* ¦ Compatible with ALL Amiga computer!. SPECIAL PRIG! LIMfTlD TIME OHIY: W* WE CAN BEAT ANY ADVERTISED PRICE! BUT WE SELDOM HAVE TO - OUR PRICES ARE THE LOWEST! (IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE ON AN ITEM, GIVE US A CALL.)
M. A.S.T. RR0BUCTS BfTUSATlOHAl FWMff SWLBERS; Ceraie .ttjy ,i.;rj-; WJ4: w. -d o v.MOO .nr:: rronw n WHAT’S NEW? You’ll need a long extension cord this summer if you want a tan these products cannot be ignored. Compiled by Jan Jackson HELLFIRE AND sidewinder missiles, folding fin aerial rockets, and a 30mm cannon round out your arsenal in Gunship, a 3-D flight-simula- tion game. You fly documented missions in Southeast .Asia, Central America, the Middle East, and Western Europe in an AH-64 Apache the
U. S. Army’s attack helicopter. For S54.95, the game offers multilevel challenges as well as commendations and promotions for successful tours. Mission headquarters is Micro- Prose, 180 Lakefront Dr., Whirlybird with a Vengeance Hunt Valley, MD 21030, 301 771-1151. Reader service number 526. Channeling WITH IDS MULTIBOARD ($ 349), you can create your own bulletin board system. Users could communicate privately or teleconference in any mix on 16 public and 16 private channels, access electronic mail and over 40 file libraries and message bases, use a word processor or share private communications on line on your BBS. You can customize your BBS’ pull-down menus with MenuMaker, a built-in tool. You can assign individual access privileges to each user for functions such as read, RrffING YOUR RH-fTOR f I-3QMM HEDP RffifO- E=3 RU-6RS FUEL*- » 1-CHAFF*- [=T1-FLARES- gii rgm- i *i tin HELLFIRE ! Ill jplTUM lUanffl mmm wmmmssm l-1
2. 75” UMM was 1200 0 l=UEL 0376 2.75”x7 CHRFF 0030 2. 7S”x19 00 FLRRES s0030 fllWOL CURRENT WEIGHT 13200 MAXIMUM WEIGHT 2001.3 write, upload and download. IDS MultiBoard provides 535 security levels, with instant carrier loss recovery, baud rate detection and an optional call-back security function. All sysop maintenance functions are integrated and performed automatically. Contact Inter- Core Development Systems, 7 Dover Hill Dr., Nesconset, NY 11767, 516 361-8628. Reader service number 505. RS-232C and the RS-411 drivers and receivers are standard DTE. The A2000 board is auto-con figured with up to eight channels per board providing 32 channels that can support IDS MultiBoard. The baud rate is selectable up to 57,6K. Contact AMIGA Business Computers, 192 Laurel Road, East Northport, NY 11731, 516 757-7234. Reader service number 506. Comports ($ 295), a multichannel serial communications board, features two channels connected on external male connectors, one 25- and one 15-pin, and six channels on two internal connectors. The Absolute Power HOW WOULD YOU like to have complete control over a municipality? With Simcity, you can build your own or choose one of eight cities on the verge of disaster. The game’s scenarios include: San Francisco, 1906, just before the great quake; Tokyo, 1957, before a monster attack; and Boston, 2010, just before a nuclear meltdown. You do the planning and zoning. If you must destroy to have a good time, wipe out your city through terrorism, financial mismanagement, or natural disaster. Simcity retails for S49.95. Take over by calling Maxis Software, 953 Mountain View Dr., Suite 113, Lafayette, CA 94549, 415 376-6434 Reader service number 501. See the Light USE LIGHTBOX (SI89) to mimic the light table used in conventional animation. You will be able to see your drawings as they progress, as though you were using translucent paper. The program writes standard IFF files and lets you work on any drawing in a sequence at any time. R 8c DL Productions has the particulars. Contact them at 11-24 46th Ave. 2A, Long Island City, NY 11101, 718 392-4090. Reader service number 519. ? OUTSIDE USA CALL (7J 8)692-0071 FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Call: Mon-Fri,9:30AM-4:30PM
(718) 692-1148 Retail Outlet, Penn Station, Main Concourse (Beneath Madison Square Garden) NYC, N.Y., 10001 Store Hours: Mon-Thurs,8:30-8 Fri, 8:30-6:30 Sat,CLOSED itn Q-'10AM-7PM FOR ORDERS & INFORMATION CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-759-6565 OR WRITE TO: Montgomery Grant Mailorder Dept.
P. O. Box 58 Brooklyn, NY, 11230 TELEX 422132 MIGRANT ORDER HOURS: Monday-Friday, 9:00am-7:00pm I Saturday - CLOSED I Sunday, 9:30am-6pm NO SURCHARGE FOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS WE INVITE CORPORATE & EDUCATIONAL CUSTOMERS CORPORATE LEASING AVAILABLE AH AMIGA x t o m « odor f7 ProaudsCome Vommodorf COMMODORt AMI!G AMIG AMIGA Complele With Commodate Amiga Arnica 500 wfil» RAM XJHEEMiy Built-in 3.5' Disk Drive Mouse COMPLETE WfTH: ?.e ' _ ... . Oun 1084S RGB COLOR leto9M8 500 500 Amiga 500 W 512K BAM Built-in 3.5" Disk Drive Mouse 2000 2000 Keyboard i MB Expc Built-in 3.5* Disk Drive 1 MB Expandable to 9MB Keyboard [pam Built-in 3.5- Disk Drive fiSSJO? W«vtv>v
* ***** MONITOR $ 799 1084S RGB COLOR MONITOR $ 1629 AMIGA 500 W 1084S & 1010 DISK DRIVE $ 949 WUGA xmiga 500 AMIGA PERIPHERALS A-I0I0 DISKDRIVE ......$ 159 A-5QI EXPANSION MODULE IN STOCK A-1084S RGB MONITOR ...$ 279 A-1680 MODEM ...$ 99.95 A-2300 GENLOCK ..$ 279 A-2088 B BRIDGE CARD ...$ 479 NEWA-2286DAT BRIDGE CARD .....$ 1029 ALL OTHER AMIGA PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES IN STOCKI AMIGA 2000 HD RGB COLOR PACKAGE Amiga 500W 512KRAM Built-in 3.5’ Disk Drive RGB Color Monitor Mouse FREE Software RGB COLOR PACKAGE A-2000 Computer w Keyboard
3. 5" Disk Drive RGB Color Monitor FREE Mouse & Software 1MB Ram Built-in 3.5" Disk Drive 40MB Hard Drive Keyboard Mouse System Software Amiga Basic $ 1999 $ 729 AMIGA SOFTWARE PRINTERS AMIGA 2500 R 'MMR dHMR Rfl riUIVI r 60MI k FORA D, OUIVID, 4UIVID, JU B, 80MB HARD DR MIGA-500 & AMIG IVES 1 2000 , IN STOCK! 3MB RAM Bult-in 3.5‘ Disk Drive 40MB Hard Drive Keyboard Mouse Amiga Basic System SolLvare STAR NX-1000 ....$ 169.95 NX-1000 RAINBOW. F219.95 NX-2400 ...$ 299.95 NX-1000C .$ 179.95 NX-1000C RAINBOW. $ 229.95 PANASONIC 10801-11 ...$ 159.95 10921 ......$ 299.95 KXP-1524......$ 499.95 KXP-1595. $ 409.95 KXP-1124......$ 314.95 KXP-11S0 $ 184.95 KXP-1191......$ 249.95
124. .$ 369.95 TRIBUTE
224. .$ 569.95 PANASONIC KXP-4450 LASER
* 1399 $ 119 EPSON FX-1050 .$ 489.95 FX-850 ...$ 339.95 LO-500 ...$ 315.95 LQ-850 ...$ 529.95 LQ-950 ...$ 569.95 LQ-1050 .$ 729.95 LO-2550 .$ 919.95 LX-BOO ...$ 189.95 OKIDATA OKIMATE 20...$ 139.95 OKIDATA 180..$ 239.95 commodore COLT IBM XT COMPATIBLE [ 64 OK 4.77-7 I6MH1 2 Floppy Disk Drives 12* Hicn Resolution Mono Monitor AJ Hook-Up Cables & Adapters MSDOSAGW Basic
* 469 $ 349 $ 459 SAME PKG.W 1902 RGB COLOR MONITOR C-1571 DISKDRIVE
* 669 $ 219
* 179 SAME PACKAGE W COLOR MONITOR C-1541 II DISK DRIVE$ -4 CQ 95 SPECIAL!! *10y. NEC P2200...... P5200...... P5300...... $ 349.95 $ 499.95 $ 669.95 PCI 0-1 C-1581 DISKDRIVE IBM XT COMPATIBLE PACKAGE 512K RAM 3G0K Floppy Drive 12* Monitor Serial & Parallel Ports Keyboard Bo* ol 10 Diskettes MS DOS GW Basic LASERJET SERIES I!
* 499 Cerlillod Check,Bank Chock, approved P.O.’*, Money Orders, Visa, Maslercard, Am-EK, Diners Club, Carle Blanche, & COO's accepted. No additional surcharge lor Credit Card orders. Non-cerlilied checks must wail 4-6 weeks lor clearance. N.Y. residents add applicable sales la*. Prices and availability subject tochange without notice. No! Responsible lor typographical errors Return ol dlecllve merchandise musl have return aulhorlzallon number or returns will not be accepted IBM PcrXT are registered trademarks ol International Business Machines Corp. Please add 5% shipping and handling (minimum $ 6 00). APO FRO orders please add 10% shipping 1 handling AIIAPO FPOare shipped lirst class priorily air All orders can be shipped Air Eipress-cail lor details. OCA. *800233 Synchroneity WITH PAGESYNC, you can create timed interaction between Amiga-based graphics and professional-quality audio. You can control both an animation based upon MIDI signals and can cause a cartoon Viva la Interactive Video ONE PICTURE IS worth a thousand words, says Mich- Tron with VIVA (Visually Interfaced Video Authoring). This program will let you set up an interactive situation for training, simulations, technical support, guided tours, or entertainment. You can get this authoring language in three versions. VIVA Presents ($ 49.95) contains 18 icons for to literally play a MIDI instrument. Get back to the drawing board with Mindware, 110 Dunlop St., Box 22158, Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4M 5R3, 705 737-5998. Reader service number 516. Creating demos and simple presentations. The next step up, VIVA (S99.95), contains all available icon scripting groups except record keeping and artificial intelligence, which are included in VIVA Professional ($ 599.95). Details are available from MichTron, 576 S. Telegraph. Pontiac, MI 48053, 313 334-5700. Reader service number 518. Positively Progressive Cure for Boredom THESE BOARDS ARE only out for one thing: speed. The Hurricane 2800 is both an au- tobooting SCSI disc controller and synchronous 28MHz memory board. The card in- eludes math coprocessor options up to 33MHz. The companion M2000 memory board is socketed for up to four megabytes of 32-bit fast memory. A complete configuration including a 68030 processor, 25MHz 68882 math coprocessor, and two megabytes of 32-bit memory retails for $ 3300. Contact Ronin Research and Development Inc., PO Box 1093, Alameda, CA 94501, 415 769-9325. Reader service number 525. Lilliputian Peripherals FOR BIG COMPUTING in a small space, try Micromegs (S199), a scaled-down alternative to Commodore's A501 internal RAM expander. The board features one-megabit DRAM technology that reduces the length of the onboard conductors, four CMOS RAM chips, and a battery- backed clock. For a ready-to-go SCSI hard-drive system, take a look at Tiny Tiger Performance Great Valley Products' 68030 coprocessors come in four flavors. Impact A2000- 030 16 with a 16MHz dock retails for $ 849; the 25MHz Impact A2000-030 25 is $ 999; Impact A2000-030 RAM 4 ($ 1999) is installed with a four-megabyte 32-bit wide DRAM daughterboard expandable for eight megs, and the Impact A2000-882 25 comes with a 25MHz 68882 math coprocessor for $ 689. The boards’ asynchronous design allows them to run independently of your system's clock. Call Great Valley Products, 225 Plank Ave., Paoli, PA 19301, 215 889-941 1. Reader service number 522. Plus. It’s available in four capacities: 45 ($ 899), 90 (SI 199), 135 (SI469), 180 ($ 1649) and features a 24K ring buffer and a 20 millisecond access time. The Tiny Tiger Budget series includes a 30-megabyte Seagate ST 138 for S659 and a 50- niegabyte Seagate ST 157 for $ 799. Race to the phone to call M.A.S.T., 3881 Benatar Way, Chico, CIA. 95928, 916 342-6278. Reader service number 512. CONNECT YOUR A2000 with your favorite telecommunication network via Su- pramodem 240Qzi, a half-card internal modem that supports asynchronous operation at 2400, 1200, and 300 baud rates. You can create custom configurations and store them in the modem’s nonvolatile memory. The unit is compatible with the Hayes AT command set as welt as Bell 103 protocols. Features include autoanswer and autodial, and an adjustable-volume speaker for monitoring call progress. For $ 179.95, you also get a telephone cable, a quick-reference card, and free on-line time for some popular services. Your connection is Supra Corp., 1133 Commercial Way, Albany, OR 97321, 503 967-
9075. Reader service number
504. PROGRESSIVE Peripherals wants you to expand your A2000. Try the Megaboard 2000 with 256K chips and one or two megabytes of fast RAM. A Megaboard 2000 with two megabytes of RAM retails for Communication from Within 212A and CCITT V.21 V,22bis S599.95. If you’re in the market for a hard drive, The Vault is available from 20 to 120 megabytes for your A500 or A2000. A 20- megabyte Vault with controller, software and cables retails for S599.95. For real-time digitizing, the FrameGrabber 256 ($ 699.95) lets you display 256 shades of gray and up to 16 images on the screen simutaneously. The Baud Bandit ($ 49.95) telecommunications program supports an unlimited number of phone books of 200 entries each. Direct your inquiries to Progressive Peripherals 8c Software, 464 Kalamath St., Denver, CO 80204, 303 825-4144. Reader service number 523. ? InterComputing Inc 2100 N. Hwy 360, Suite 2101 Grand Prairie, TX 75050-1015 hi business since 1984; Amiga support since i9H5 Member of Dallas lie tier Business Bureau We are a service oriented business offering discount prices FAX: 1-214-660-3695 Customer Service and Order Status call: 1-214-988-3500 COMPLETE PRODUCT LISTING AVAILABLE 1-800-622-9177 Call toll free: HARDWARE SOFTWARE Graphics & Video NEW PRODUCTS 179 99 56 199 21 87 66 94 144 44 39 77 29 49 52 72 99 Ob 49 i 99
69. 399 19
99. I 19. ,75 75 .75 .75 75 .75 75 .75 .75 .95 95 75 75 75 75 50 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 95 95 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 Deluxe Paint III
109. 75 Pholon Paint 2.0
109. 75 Page Stream
139. 75 Professional Draw 139,75 GFA Basic 3.0
99. 75 "M"
154. 75
B. AJ).
32. 75 The Works! Platinum Edition 169,95 KCS Level II
229. 95 Broadcast Titler
199. 95
66. 75
24. 75
29. 75
29. 75
27. 50
89. 75
239. 75
149. 75
29. 75
24. 75
179. 95
179. 95
239. 75
399. 75
599. 75
795. 00
299. 75
69. 50 IK9.75
99. 75
129. 75
112. 75
59. 75
66. 75
72. 50
57. 95
79. 75
99. 75
199. 75
54. 75
197. 75
239. 75
399. 75
599. 75 795,00
145. 75
595. 00
995. 00
1395. 00
134. 75
42. 75
219. 75 395 IH)
69. 00
79. 95
56. 75 Fdatu-10 ext. Drive Fdala-20 ext. TwinDrhe int. 3.5' Drive A2000 only AIR-Drivc Cal.Access CA-880
139. 75
249. 75
145. 75
169. 75
169. 75 Flexible Data Systems FDATA-20 Disk Drive Fully compatible with your Amiga system, the Fdata 20 is very quiet and comes with an extra long cable. It is housed in a sturdy metal case and has it's own external power supply. Twice the storage of single drive units! Only 249.75 FDATA-10 Disk Drive still the best price & performance drive for your Amiga
139. 75 TRADE UP! We will trade in your Amiga 500 or 1000 towards a new Amiga 2000 Call for details. We also have a large selection of P !j ky Write for our complete catalog. MEMORY EXPANSION Increase your Amiga's memory capacity! More and more titles are requiring 1 megabyte just to run! The new enhanced chip set from Commodore is right around the comer which will allow graphics data to access up to 1 megabyte of memory. So let's face it, 1 megabyte of memory is clearly going to become the standard in the very near future. Here are a few products that already require expanded memory in order to run on your Amiga: Deluxe Paint III Broadcast Titler Photon Paint 2.0 X-CAD Dragon's Lair Professional Draw FOR THE AMIGA 500: A501 with 512k and clock M501 with 512k and clock Starboard II Ok Starboard II 512k Starboard II Imeg Starboard II 2Meg FOR THE AMIGA 1000: Starboard II 0k Starboard II 512k Starboard II Imeg Starboard II 2Meg FOR THE AMIGA 2000: 8 UP Dip Memory Cards With 0k With 2Meg With 4Meg A Pro Draw 12x12 499,75 Amiga lave A 500
299. 75 Amiga Live A 2IKK)
329. 75 Amiga l ive A I (TOO
219. 75 Color Splitter S5.75 Digi View 3.11 NTSC
139. 75 Easyl 500
299. 75 Easyl ItKM)
349. 00 Easyl 2(XX)
349. IHI Flicker 1 ixer
499. 00 .Mitsubishi Midlisvc Monitors for use with FlickerFixer : 13" Screen size
549. 75 16" Screen size
1349. 75 211" Screen size
1895. 75 Panasonic 14 10 Kit
249. 75 Perfect Vision
175. 00 Super (ien 699,75 X-Specs 3D
97. 75 ElartfFramc SCSI Card 239.75 Starboard SCSI Module 97.75 Quantum HtlMB Drive S75.00 Supra 20MB Hdisk 649.00 Supra 30MB Hdisk 749.00 Video Graphics With 6Meg Drives Aegis Draw 2(HM> Animate 3D Animation Multiplane Animation Apprentice butcher 2.0 Calligrapher Comic Setter Deluxe Paint 2.0 Deluxe Productions Director Fantavision Forms in Flight II Interchange I turn CAD 2.0 Lights. Camera. Action Modeler 3D Pagcllippor Plus F X Photon Paint Pi mate Pro Video Plus .Sculpt 3D Sculpt 4D Terrain Di'k TV Show NTSC VTA I. TV-Text Turbo Silver Video Effects 31) Video Tiller Videoscape 3D Window Print II X-CAD 349. Zoetrope 99. Miscellaneous Sound Midi Cml Midi w Sync-Out 69.95
F. CL-Midi v 7 RS-232 thru 44.75 Future Sound Sampler 129.75 Smiildscapc- Sampler 79.50 Perfect Sound A5( >0 2000 59.75 Perfect Sound AI IKK I 59.75 Midi Cable 5ft 8.75 Midi Cable 8 ft color coded I 1.95 Midi Gold for A2000 internal 69.95 |-pyx 500XJ 17.511 Mouse Pad 6.95 Modem Cable A500 2000 9.95 Multifunction Card 69.75 Phasjir Gun 46.75 Pnteossor Accelcmior 149.50 Sony 3.5" DS DD Disks I S.75 Supra Modem 2400 baud w ith cable 149.75 Audio Master II
69. 75 Dr. Ts DX-Heaven
99. 75 Dr. Ts Kauai K 1 Li hr.
99. 75 Dr. | KCS 1.6
166. 75 D> natiiie Drums
47. 75 Dynamic Studio
129. 75 Midi Recording Studio
44. 95 Music Mouse
49. 75 Sound Quest Casio (V.
84. 75 Sound Quest D-l 10
99. 75 Sound Quest D-50
99. 75 Sound Quest DX-7
99. 75 Sound Quest DX-7 II
117. 75 Sound Quest Generic 84,75 Sound Quest M l -32
99. 75 Snundsc. Pro Midi Studio
124. 75 S_ iitbia 66 75 Texture
99. 75 Utilities Are vx
32. 75 Disk Mechanic
56. 75 DDS-2-DOS
42. 75 L Backup
32. 75 Face II
19. 75 Project l>
32. 75 Quarterback
44. 95 Programming & Languages A C Basic Compiler
129. 75 A C Fortran (AB-Stifn
179. 75 A tec C Developer
199. 75 A tee C Professional
145. 75 A tee Source Level Dehug.
59. 75 Music BEST Management System Cygmis ED Excellence MaxiPlan 500 Mavi Plan Plus Microfiche Filer I! Money Mentor 2.0 Phasar 3.0 Prow rile 2.0 Scribble 2.0 Softwood File II tGSt Super base Personal I! Super base Professional TexEd Plus Wordperfeci Comic Setter Font Set I Laserscript Newsletter Fonts PCM-Fonts Vol. |-3 Page Setter Professional Page Shakespeare Studio Fonts Zuma Fonts each Benchmark Modula-2 DSM Disassembler lailtice 5.0 Lalltcc-C ++ Lint MCC-Pascal Power Windows 2.5 Desktop Publishing Business As always we have ihe most ’customer friendly' terms; S H $ 3.95 in cent. USA; Minimum order is $ 30.00: MASTERCARD & VISA with NO credit card lee. In Texas add 1CA Sales Tax. We ship to APO addresses, RMA required on all returns. 18G restocking charge. All prices subject to change without notice. DlNOWARE WALK THROUGH THE Ju- rassic forest, Precambrian swamps and the Utah plains with your very own dinosaur. Designasaurus ($ 49.95) lets kids of all ages build a dinosaur and help him survive against starvation and danger

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