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Quantel Paintbox for the Amiga. The Vmachine, or “Toaster Killer,” will provide time-base correction and real-time video effects. Other video developments included Micro I Hustons’ Edit Decision List Processor software that, when combined with the company's Time-Code Reader Generator hardware, creates a complete MS-DOS-compatible video-editing station. Mind ware International unveiled a new twist for animators. The package, still under development, makes it possible to run animations while simultaneously loading new segments from your hard drive. With this software, an animator can create continuously running animations whose length is limited only by the size of available hard-disk memory. Gone With the Wind here we come! In the is-it-real-or-is-it-a-gimmick category, 3-D images (both X-Specs and red-blue examples), were scattered about the show. If this isn't a general trend with users, it certainly is popular with exibitors as a crowd stopper. Besides, you can put your company logo on all those nifty cardboard goggles, Gene Brawn Not Military. Not Mercenary. And You're Definitely No Tourist. .. SOVIET COMMANDER: "Who are You?" RAMBO: "I'M YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE." Remember that line? Now YOU can deliver it to the enemy in person. Thirty miles over 4 the Afghanistan border. Soviet forces are torturing your friend and mentor, Colonel Trautman. You’re the only man alive with enough guts, Amiga game screens. Brawn, and resourcefulness to single- handedly rescue the man who taught you how to fight. Every Soviet commando, tank, and attack chopper in the sector is on your tail. It’s the ultimate contest for the ultimate fighter. Ft takes more than muscle to de-aclitale electronic gates, cross treacherous mine fields, and find the keys to Traut- maris cell. It’s just you and your hijacked tank against anti-tank missiles and choppers. Sight in and rearrange that balance of power! TAITO If you cannot find this product at your local retailer, Visa Mastercard holders can order direct anywhere in the United States by calling toll free 1-800-663-8067. Game Design. ©1988 Ocean Software Ltd. RAMBO is a registered trademark of Carolco. ©1989 CAROLCO. Ocean is a trademark of Ocean Software Limited. Taito is a registered trademark of Taito America Corporation. ©1989 Taito America Corporation. All rights reserved. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. REVIEWS HiSoft basic Professional GFA BASIC 3.0 A tale of two (more) BASICs. By Louis R. Wallace THE AMIGA'S EARLY days marked the best of times for Amiga Basic. Then, it was the fastest and most advanced interpreted BASIC available on microcomputers. Many programmers today, however, find .Amiga Basic programs too slow. Worse vet, even with its extendabililv via libraries, many of the Amiga's abilities are difficult for Amiga Basic to accessor completely out of its reach. A number of Amiga Basic accessories and replacements have been developed to counter these limitations, the most successful of which was Absoffs A C Basic compiler. Now we have before us two new entries: the full-featured HiSoft BASIC Professional compiler, and GFA-B.ASIC 3.0, a highly acclaimed interpreter first published on the Atari ST.

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Amiga World Vol 05 08 1989 Aug

Document sans nom August 1989
U. S.A. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.50 UK £2.50 An IDGC I Publication 0 7447065948 'a “...an apocalyptic orgy of gut wrenching, mind blowing, nose shattering, bladder bursting violence, devastation and destruction. Strap yourself to that chair, oil your joystick, grit your teeth and get ready to fly, kill and die. It’s a total sensory overload, it’s a totally wicked experience, it’s Denaris!” - Computer Gamesweek. “...no zap addict should be without (Denaris).” - Commodore Computing. Available Now for the Amiga and C64 A GOLD DISK COMPANY 2171 Dun win Drive, Unit 13 Mississauga, Ontario CANADA L5L1X2
(416) 569-1212 or 1-800-387-8192 Call to order, or watch the Hardwired video at your nearest Amiga Dealer. STOP PLAYING GAMES ...LIVE THEM “Denaris...the best shoot ‘em up to appear on the Amiga.” - AmigaUser International. Circle 150 on Reader Service card. MovieSetter A mover and shaker. Bv Gary Luriwick fc ft BILLED AS THE first WYSIWYG (what-you-see- i s-w hat - you -get) an i mat i on package, MovieSetter combines tradition with innovation. This program integrates classic animation elements into a formal that differentiates it from its predecessors. Your building blocks are faces (commonly called cells), backgrounds, sets, and tracks. A face is a single image of an animated object; a set is a series of faces that portrays animated action by following a logical sequence. The set editor... contains most of the drawing tools found in paint programs, plus some animation specific ones, such as rotation, flipping, and resizing tools. MovieSetter allows complete flexibility of face placement and order. Once you have assembled a set, you can define an object's horizontal and lateral movement on the screen with a track. You load your back- ground and set, and the first face appears on the screen attached to the cursor arrow. Simply position the cursor where you want the action to begin. Clicking the left mouse button places the first face, advances one frame and brings up the second face. Repeat this process to lay the entire track. A group of track-editing tools allows you to move tracks after you have laid them down, place them in front or in back of others, insert new elements, and copy, cut, and paste tracks via keyboard or mouse. Best of all, you can see the results of your editing at once. MovieSetter offers full palette control for up to 32 colors, color cycling, an interlace ful 1-scan option for video transfer, speeds up to 60 frames per second, plus clipboard and storyboard functions. Syncing digitized C c stereo sound with the video is again as easy as clicking a mouse button. MovieSetter provides not only stereo output for your soundtrack, but also channel-to-channcl panning and the ability to change pitch as well. This is the animation program to have. Gold Disk has successfully combined important elements - IFF compatible liles, real-time previews. Stereo sound, and a superb manual - into a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use package. GOLD DISK INC. As they did with desktop publishing. Gold Disk Inc. has set a standard for Amiga animation. AM1GOT1MES 1.4 REVIEW “Design 3D is a feature-laden program.” 4 ‘Design 3D is a feature-laden program...The interface is well thought out... You need not ever leave your mouse...Best of all is the inclusion of automatic 3D text generation...a fully featured 3D font editor that allows you to alter the 3D font included or to create your own." AMIGAWORLD REVIEW, APRIL 1989. “MovieSetter...the animation program to have... Gold Disk has set a standard for Amiga animation.”
• Color wire-frames & objects.
• Auto 3D text & font editor. Read write VideoScape.
• Built-in animation facilities. Output to HPGL plotters. Output to Professional Page.
• 6 measures & 4 light sources. HOME STUDIO SERIES MovieSetter, Design 3D and ComicSetter are $ 99,95 each. Additional MovieClips and ComicArt available for US$ 34.95. Call to order; 800-387-8192 or 416-828-0913. The above article is excerpts f rom AmigaWorUTs April. 1989. MovieSetter review. This ad was created with Professional Page. Santa am Better watch out! After a test ride on Pocket Rockets, th high-speed motorcycle simulation gamt Santa picked up a new sleigh that will nr this year's rounds faster than ever. And whether you've been naughty or nice, y could win this Suzuki 600 Katana durini "Santa's Sleigh Giveaway” in January. Vsm» WOOS an: mferai O “ Meanwhile, experience all the thrills spills of high-speed racing with machin that take you from zero to 60 in under i seconds. Already gaining critical acclair Pocket Rockets lets you choose from four of the quickest, most exotic bikes on the planet. The action's as real as the adrenaline you'll feel. LIFT: try your skill ogokst ft* dod with a
• tfpfe of hps mmmi tin tot tmL RIGHT: Drag racfog demands a firicfc wrist «d to sferfting. Just don't blow the engine Then, enter "Santa’sSleigh Giveaway" from Capcom U.SA. Besides the chance to win a new Suzuki motorcycle, you could get a Bell full coverage helmet, or Capcom computer game software. Look to enter in all Capcom computer game packages or visit your favorite computer game retailer for more information. Capcom's belated Christmas giveaway is just around the bend so don't miss out on your chance to win! Circle 86 on Reader Service card SWEEPSTAKES RULES How to Enter: 1 NO PURCHASE NECESSARY fill out and mail official entry found in package or you can enter by hard printing your name, address and zip code on a 3" * S' piece ot pape' and mailing it to CAPCOM Santa’s Sleigh G vea ay. 3303 Scott Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95054. Enter as often as you wish Each entry must be mai ed separately by JANUARY
15. 1990 No mechanical tep’oduchons of entry will be accepted and all mail-m entries must be received at the above address by JANUARY
31. 1990 No responsibility is assumed for lost. Late, misdirected, or damaged entries 2 Prize winners w II be determined by means of a random drawing tc be conducted by an independent |udgmg organization whose decision shall be foal Ail prizes listed wll be awarded, but there can be only one prize Winner per household, group or organization Odds of winning depend on the number ol entnes received Approximate grand pnze retail value is as follows Suzuki Katana S4 495 00 Winners wili be notified by mail by FEBRUARY 15.1S9C and may be required to execute affidavits and advertising release Taies on prize winnings are solely the responsibility of the winners 3 Sweepstakes is open to U S residents eicept employees of CAPCOM USA and their immediate families, its subsidiaries and affiliates, its advertising and promotional agencies, and the judging firm Prizes won by minors mjy be awarded to parent ot legal guardian Voidwhm prohibited or restricted by law All Federal. State and local regulations .apply For a list of major prize winners send a stamped, self addressed envelope to CAPCOM Santa's Sleigh Giveaway Winners List. 3303 Scott Blvd.. Santa Clara. CA 95054 by MARCH 31,1990 CAPCOM* CONTENTS FEATURES Take it from the Top: A Guide to the System Software By Sheldon Leemon ... 18 This clear, concise guide to the Amiga's layered, pyramid-structured operating system will prove an invaluable aid to novice and expert programmers alike. Arexx: The Missing Link 30 By Gene Brawn .. Find out how this revolutionary new command language can integrate and simplify everyday computing chores while also providing the basis for a true Amiga hypermedia system anti why leading developers are beginning to include Arexx interfaces in their software. ARTICLES Informed Choices: A Guide to Evaluating and Selecting Amiga Educational 38 SOFTWARE By Margaret Morabito . . . , To know which educational programs are best lor your kids you need to know what qualities and features make lor good educational software, A computer- learning expert gives you her criteria and her selections for the top 15 Amiga programs. COLUMNS 6 Zeitgeist .... The editor discovers that a little creative agility in programming startup-sequences can counteract a lot of chaos and confusion. Accent on Graphics 30 By Joel Hagen . , . Our popular series on graphics tips and techniques becomes a regular monthly column with this issue. This month: “Tricks with Text." INFO.PHILE By Mark L, Van Name and Bill Catchings .. 58 Team info.phile begins a two-part survey of .AmigaDOS utilities to evaluate how and why they can make your operating system and its CLI easier to use. DEPARTMENTS Repartee .....8 Keep those letters coming. Notepad .... 10 Amiga developments at LA’s World of Commodore show and a touch of Amiga Weird in Texas top the Amiga newsline this month. WHAT'S NEW? 86 No summer slowdown in the Amiga new products market. Hors d oeuvres ...... 90 Choice tips and techniques from your fellow readers. Help Key ...92 Donning his artist smock and beret this month. Wallace plays Tou-Lou Lautrec to readers with graphics animation troubles. REVIEWS HiSoft BASIC Professional (MichTron) and GFA BASIC 12
3. 0 (Antic) .... The latest compiler from Mich I ron and a brand-new interpreter from Antic in a head-to-head comparison that also features benchmark tests against other popular BASICs for the Amiga. 16 SUPERPLAN (Precision) .... Another powerful productivity tool from Precision that combines a spreadsheet with database, statistical-charting, and project-management capabilities. 73 Disk Magic (DMH) ...... A comprehensive DOS utility for continued rodent-philes looking to bypass the CLI. 76 3-D Design Disks (Antic) . Four separate 3-D clip-art libraries available in versions for use with VideoScape 3-D, Sculpt-Animate AD, or Turbo Silver. Tool Box EEC-2520 EEC-2120 (Expansion Tech) and PHOENIX PEC 2500 (Phoenix) .78 Nifty solutions to the dilemma A500 and A1000 owners face when A2000-style peripheral cards just don't seem to function in the smaller systems. X-SHELL (GrafX) ...80 A convenient mouse-driven interface to help users of X-CAD (Taurus Haitex) get a better grip on a powerful, but cl i HI - cult-io-use program. GAMES The Game Preserve By B.C. Hunter ..64
B. C. set out in the Land Rover this month to bring back the best free games roaming wild in the Amiga public domain. Game reviews follow his column: Alien Syndrome (Mindscape) 67 A sci-ii shoot-’em-up on a hostile space station. STAR WARS (Broderbund) ....67 A fast-paced 3-D flight simulation as much fun as the arcade original. BALLISTIX (Psyclapse) ......68 Apocalyptical arcade athletics with top- notch graphics and sound. Combat Course (Mindscape) 69 All the grueling, masochistic fun of Special Forces training without having to go to Paris Island. Heroes of the Lance (strategic Simulations) . 70 An action arcade variation of Advanced Dungeons-and-Dragons adventuring. Fire-Brigade (panther) ....71 Replay the seesaw VVW 11 battle for Kiev- bet ween the Soviets and Germans. $ 25,000 Mystery Sweepstakes! Get ready for the second-and-final part of The 1989 AmigaWorld Mystery Sweepstakes, which begins on page 54. If you can solve our horse-racing whodunit, you can win from over $ 25,000 worth of prizes being offered. We’ve got a fabulous Grand Prize (an Amiga 2000H1) and a Getaway Weekend!), two exciting Runner-Up Prizes, nine special Finalist Prizes, and over 150 valuable Consolation Prizes. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth get sleuthing! PUT ALL OF YOUR AMIGA VISUALS RIGHT AT YOUR fingertips WITH ELAN PERFORMER ELAN PERFORMER™ is the only presentation system to put all of vour Amiga graphics in one place, where you can display them as quickly as you can hit a key. Whatever the format. No complex script or menu systems. No more loading all those different programs. There is no faster or easier way to produce a presentation. Wb Precise automatic sequencing or direct manual display from keyboard or mouse. I* Bring together imagery from your paint and animation programs into a single presentation. M Handles all Amiga resolutions including severe overscan. Available in PAL or NTSC video formats. M Supports IFF, HAM, RIFF, ANIM, and RGB formats. Works with Amiga graphics and animation programs such as Deluxe Paint™ DigiPaint™ Photon Paint™ Videoscape 3D™ Zoetrope™ TurboSilver™ Sculpt™ and INVISION™ Whether for business, education, creative projects, animation, or real-time editing onto videotape, ELAN PERFORMER is absolutely indispensable. See your dealer or contact: List price: ONLY ELAN P.O. Box 31725
* 59. DESIGN San Francisco, CA 94131 Elan Performer i* » trademark ™f Klan lV*im Inc i i . U - .. _ Zortrop* Turbo Silver. Sculpt and 1NVISICIN are the tr WkTof i n Vifcompr 51) NewTrk Inc.. Mien. Ilu.tion*. .Wi* Softwarr iui - Wi„ , Buvinr» M .chines. Electronic Arts. RrspecTiiely. Antle ****"• Impulse. U>le by B>le Kun Deop, Inc.. Stephen Robbins, Publisher Guy Wright, Editor-in-chief Dan Sullivan, Executive Editor SHAWN LAFLAMME, Managing Editor LlNDA J. BARRETT, Acquisitions Editor Barbara Gefvf.rt Tyson, Review Editor JAN JACKSON, New Products Editor TlM WALSH, Technical Editor Gene Brawn, Bill Catchings, David T. McClellan, Mark L. Van Name, Lou Wallace, Contributing Editors Howard G. HaPP, Art Director ROGER Goode, Assistant Art Director Anne Dillon, Designer Laura Johnson, Designer ALAN A Korda, Production Superi’isor KENNETH BLAKEMAN, National Advertising Sales Manager Michael McGoldrick, Sales Representative BARBARA Hoy, Sales Representative HEATHER PAQUETTE, Associate Sales Representative, InfoMarket Sales, 1-800-441-4403 LlNDA M. BUSSIERE, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO SALUTE Associate Publisher. West Coast Sales 1-415-328-3470 3350 W. Rayshore Road. Suite 201 Palo Alto, C4 94303 SHELLEY Harmon, Associate Sales Representative. West Coast WENDIE HAINES-MARRO, Marketing Manager LAURA LIVINGSTON, Marketing Coordinator Margot L. Swanson, Secretary SUSAN MAIZEL, Customer Seriice Representative i * Roger J. Murphy, President STEPHEN D, TWOMBLY, Executive Vice President Publishing Director DENNIS S. CHRISTENSEN, Fire President of Manufacturing Operations LlNDA PALMISANO, Typesetting Manager Debra A. Davies, Typographer SUSAN Gross, Corporate Production Manager LYNN LAGASSE, Manufacturing Manager LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director MICHAEL P, Carroll, Marketing Manager Single Copy Sales, 800-343-0728 Debbie Walsh, Newsstand Promotion Manager Paul RUESS, Circulation Director 800-365-1364 PAM WILDER, Assistant Circulation Manager WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales fcf Collections AmigaWorUI (ISSN 0883-2390) is an independent journal not connected with Comtmxlore Business Machines. Inc. migaWorld is published monthly In IDG Communications Peterborough. Inc.. 8(1
F. lm St.. Peterborough. N'U (>34>S I S. subscription rate is 529.97. one scar. S-tfi.(M). two sears: §(14,00. Tbrer scars. Canada 538,97 (U.S. funds), one year only. Mexico 538.97, Foreign Surface §19.97, Foreign Airmail §84.97 = pi cpayment is reijuit ed on Foreign Sin I.ti e .ithI Airmail subscriptions in I S. funds drawn on I’.S bank). All rates are one year only. Second class postage paid at Peterborough, Ml, and at additional mailing nltices. Phone: (>03-924-9471. Entire contents tops- right 1988 In IDG Communications Peterborough, Inc No part ol this publication mas be printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher Postmaster: Send address changes to AmigaWbrld, Subscription Services. P(> Box ">8804, Boulder. CO 80322-8804 Nationally distributed by International Calculation Distributor s. ArnigoWurUl makes every effort to assure the accuracy nl articles, listings and tin nits published in the magazine AmigaWorld assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions. The Power of 25Mhz 68030 Accelerator H-Card Series wort Valley Products irPJssia Multi-Function Boards Controller and RAM Expansion J06-4 jy * M M I - t- Uti I “ Removable Hard Disk 44MB Removable Storage Hard Disk Drives , 40, 43, 45,80,100MB Floppy Drive
- - ' . " ' -?¦:. '
• "t 25Mhz 32-bit Motorola 68030 offers A3000 power today! Up to 33Mhz 68882 floating point math co-processor. SMB state-of-the-art nibble mode DRAM design takes full advantage of the 68030 burst mode, effectively providing a zero wait-state DRAM access at 25Mhz. Built-in autobooting hard disk controller. Autoboot Eprom optional.
• Combines SCSI controller and a 3.5" hard drive on a single A2000 expansion card.
• Available with 30, 40, 43, 80, or 100MB 3.5" hard drive, with 11ms average access time on 40, 80 and 100MB hard disks.
- Autoboot feature comes standard.
• Combines SCSI controller and 2MB fast RAM expansion on a single board!
• 16-bit DMA data transfers to on-board 16K disk buffer, providing high-performance not affected by any other Amiga DMA activities. ¦ Autoboot feature comes standard. 25Mhz 68030 Accelerator IMPACT A2I 188225 Mass Storage Solutions IMPACT H-Card Series Multi-Function Boards IMPACT SCSI RAM Controller Removable cartridge media with 25ms average access time. Removable Hard Drive IMPACT SQ44 44MB storage capacity per cartridge offering unlimited off-line storage. Industry standard half-height 5W' form factor. One-year factory warranty on all products GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. For more information, or for yoor nearest GVP dealer, call today (215) 889-9411 or FAX (215) 889-9416. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. IMPACT and GVP are trademarks of Great Valley Products, Inc Dealers Circle 245 on Reader Service card. Consumers Circle 127 on Reader Service card. ZEITGEIST A clean, well-oiled machine. I TRY A lot of programs and occasionally review them for the magazine, I think it is only fair to the developers that the Amiga I use to test products be a “stock" machine. We have a number of “stock" Amigas in the office to test products on. Mv home svstem is a straight- 4 4 O out-of-the-box A1000 with one meg and an external 3.5-inch drive. No fancy accelerator boards, flicker fixers, nonstandard hard-disk controllers, etc. But the A2000 on mv desk i has gone through a lot, I am not a verv neat and orderlv 4 4 person, as you would see if you were to boot up my office 2000 and watch my startup-se- quence. I have played with the colors, pointers, icons, startup- sequences, assigns, directories, fonts, drivers, commands. RAM: disks, boot disks, FAST: disks, anti-virus disks, autoboot scripts, filter batch routines, and on and on. I bounce around from Workbench to Shell to ED to excellence!, and I don’t always clean up after myself or leave Mv hard disk is a lot like mv 4 4 desk. Covered with papers, old newsletters, software I don't use anymore, cryptic notes to myself, and generally a mess, I like to trv the new products when they come in to the office, and some of them have their own Workbench or hard-disk installation routines or RATH commands or .ASSIGNS that must be added. So I make the changes or run the install routines. Later, when I finish with the product, I usually just leave it on the hard disk or remind myself that I should go back and clean up the startup-sequence again. Sometime, I had four or five word processors on my hard disk. Many, many games. Drawers full of PD software that I hadn’t opened in months. A handful of what I call “black- hole’’ programs and demos things that don’t quite work the wav I want them to. Things j ’ o that I have modified to the point where they are so hopelessly screwed up that merely clicking on the icon gives me guru numbers that no human being should see. (I had one black-hole demo that was so explosive that my Amiga wouldn’t even bother with a guru; it would just go straight to nuclear meltdown. Amiga_ Fireworks_Mode I believe is the official term for it.) Anywav, there were so manv 4 4' 4 changes made to my startup- sequence and so many unused things on my hard disk that I decided to clean up everything. Now. I don’t know enough about how mv Amiga O i o works to change vital information and be comfortable: I only know enough to be trulv c? D dangerous. So the first step was to back up everything I might want to see again. I dug out a hard-disk backup utility and an armful of floppies. It was going to take almost 20
3. 5-inch disks. I thought that was a bit excessive, but I went ahead anywav. When I noticed that it was taking four disks just to back up the Trash can drawer. I realized that I hadn't emptied the trash for a long, long time. There were also dozens of sound and screen files for my black-hole programs and PD stuff. So I went back and spent a few hours cleaning up and tried the backup utility again. This time onlv 14 3.5-inch 4 disks were needed. Another round of cleaning and I eventually got it down to nine disks. The backup finished and it was time to roll up my sleeves and get into my startup scripts. After an hour of poking about, I gave up and called in a couple of hired guns, Lou Wallace and Tim Walsh. While I had been casually tinkering about with mv svstem on one 4 level, dark and mvsterious 4 changes had taken place on a deeper level Changes that I didn’t know enough to undo. It onlv took Lou another hour to dean things up for me. And while I watched, I learned a lot. I learned that it is almost impossible for one person to keep up with ail aspects of the Amiga. I have worked with them even- day for the past four vears and there are entire 4 areas that I have only brushed against, I learned that, like playing a musical instrument, there will always be people out there who can spend five minutes with a program and produce unbelievable results that would take me weeks to approximate. That there are people who don't just play with startup-sequences, they reallv understand them. That 4 there are programmers out there who can code circles around me in their sleep, and that I could spend the rest of my life learning about this machine. So mv hard disk is a bit i more tidy now. My startup- sequence is about eight times faster than it used to be, and I have a few new things I want to try now that I have a bit more dangerous information and a backup of my startup disk. Amiga 500 Users impact ODUC' Ultimate Expansion Tool! Incredible Value at Incredible Prices Starting As Low As $ 599.00 with Introductory Offer ACT NOW and get up to $ 150.00 Factory iscount with purchase of the Impact A500 (And coupon below) Hard Disk Drive SCSI 3V>" Hard Disk Drive, available from 20 to 102MB, capable of storing up to 118 diskettes Hard Drive Controller DMA, Direct to onboard 16kb Buffer, provides Amiga 2000 Performance. 86 pin Card Edge Connector This compact snap-on unit connects directly to Amiga bus ensuring the highest possible performance and reliability. RAM Expansion & Autoboot Module internal Zero wait-state 2MB FAST RAM expansion plus boot directly from the Hard Drive. (Optional) External SCSI Connector Connects up to 6 additional SCSI devices. Internal Fan Keeps you cool. ACT TODAY! Call or Write GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 225 Plank Ave., Paoli, Pa. 19301 Tel: 215-889-9411 Fax: 215-889-9416 Includes: External Dedicated Power Supply (220 12V), detailed Manual and installation software. One year Factory Warranty. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. Introductory Offer! $ 150.00 OFF with this completed coupon IMPACT A500-HD * 20M * 30 • 43M * 40Q * 80Q « 100Q [circle one) SHIP TO: Name (Please Priml Street Address City, Stale, Zip Code ? My check nr money order is enclosed. Telephone Number ? Please charge my: VISA MasterCard Account No. Expiration Date Signature : i prtnti'J on can! Consumers Circle 62 on Reader Service card. Dealers Circle 145 on Reader Service card REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. Scientific Graphics AS A RESEARCH scientist, I see a major application missing from I he Amiga’s roster of programs simple data display and scientific graphics. In the rush to produce sophisticated solids modeling and animation programs, simple point and line graphs in two and three dimensions have been left behind. I would like to otter a few suggestions for a program that would fill this need. Graphs divide naturally into two and three dimensional types: Two-dimensional graphs. Plot points or lines using linear, log or time axes. Use a variety of point symbols and line types, plain or “graph-paper” background, and optional curve fitting and splining. Three-dimensional graphs. Plot points, lines or wire-frame objects. There are two different objectives here. One is to produce a finished graph with axes and perhaps in perspective view or with hidden line removal. The other objective is to interactively and smoothlv spin the data or 3-D object to view it from different angles. For speed, this is best done as a simple rotation of the object without perspective and without hidden line removal. I he program should read data from ASCII files in either column, mail merge or free format so it could be used with any database program. Links to drawing and CAD programs are also desirable. The program should not render surfaces but should optionally read and write Videoscape 3D ancl Sculpt 3D object files. The users of this program would not only be scientists, but also business users plotting investments, animators looking for the best angle to view their object, CAD designers using data in their drawings, or anyone wanting to visualize numbers. The philosophy of this program should be akin to that of DehixePaint: provide general tools without imposing a simplified and inflexible procedure. Script file capability with some graphics primitives is a must. I’d like to see a programmer and publisher produce this program, and I’d be glad to consult or test the result. Fred Klein, Ph.D. Menlo Park, CA 1000 Loyalist f BOUGHT ONE of the first 20 Amiga 1000s that were shipped to mv home state, Michigan. Now, close to three years later, 1 look back and question that purchase. Since the release of the Amiga 500 and 2000, and soon the 2000HD and 2500, support for the Amiga 1000 has dropped to almost zero. Just a few months ago, 1 went shopping for a hard drive, and what I saw almost made me sick. There were absolutely no hard drives for the Amiga 1000. After searching long and hard, 1 managed to locate one. I took one look at the price tag and set it back down. A good-sized A1000 hard drive was priced close to S1500! Why, then, can companies sell an Amiga 500 hard drive for close to S900 less? 1 realize that there are quite a few differences between the 500 and the 1000, but nine- h undred-dollars worth ? I think that companies should put at least a little effort into putting out some hardware for us poor people who cannot afford to upgrade to a 2000. And for those, like me, who are loyal to the old
1000. Eric S. Cruzen Brighton, Ml Kudos for Mr. Kent I KEEP READING reviews of Jim Kent’s Zoetrope [Antic Software; see review in June ’89 issue oi' Amiga World, p. 74] that refer to it the way a maiden aunt would refer to a cousin of loose morals: “Well, she's very nice, very pretty, but well. . .you know!” The first thing an artist takes into account in planning a work of art is the medium in which fie or she is working: Oils do not work like water- color, markers do not work like ink, and so on. Shouldn’t the same apply to computer art? Zoetrope’s lo-res stigma need not necessarily be a drawback to the artist willing to consider the confines of lo-res and use its characteristics to his advantage. Zoe- trope’s outrageously easy user interface does everything but tell me what to animate, leaving me free to consider the animation itself, which is the whole point, after all, isn't it? And its anti-aliasing feature ameliorates a world of sins. .All the super-bitmaps in the world mean nothing to me if I have to spend eight hours of precious production time figuring out how to perform one simple function. I have a shelf full of fancy animation programs gathering dust, hut I haven’t put Zoe- trope down since 1 got it. .And my clients have been delighted with the results. My kudos to Mr. Kent and his team! Kathleen Sontag Deja View Video Productions Massapequa Park, NY Send your letters to: Repartee, Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters may be edited for j space and clarity. ¦ ,, • K*V .-jv- «1
- j w .: k- > Can You Kick The Qdf Addiction? COMPUTER VIRUS" G -4 Af £ TAITO ARCADE SERIES thoui warning is possible to ii ther deadly en lental dexterit sir bili for 1 su int BxSjiw nputer, attacking ions of configura “ and SPRITZ™ an gh-tech infection ival. The practice e! Get your QIX t 'Mas Ifre annot find this produi direct anvwhere in tli m3 Compiled by Linda Barrett Roadside conversations. Talk of the Town SLUGGISH MORNING COMMUTERS in Abilene, Texas were startled into full wakefulness last fall when confronted by five, elght-foot-tall, fiberglass heads flanking the main thoroughfare. Those driving east saw children's faces In bright primary colors who asked the questions: Can you talk?, Can you move?, Can you breath?, Can you feel?, Can you think? Motorists driving west could contemplate the gray robot-1 Ike faces on the reverse side asking: Where is my mouth?, Where is my leg?, Where is my nose?, Where is my pulse?, Where is my brain? Created by nationally-exhibited artist and Texan Emily Jennings, the sculptures were selected by the Abilene Cultural Affairs Council for exhibit. Emily created the pixeled robotic images for the pieces with her Amiga 500 using OeluxePaint II (Electronic Arts) and Butcher (Eagle Tree Software). To test the placement of the proposed sculptures, she captured photographs of the outdoor sites with Digl-Vlew (NewTek) and overlaid them with scaled drawings of the figures in DeluxePaint II. The sculptures had been peacefully displayed the previous summer in California as part of a larger on-site installation called “Blind Mans Bluff.” A busy member of the art faculty for Har- din-Simmons University in Abilene, Emily was taken by surprise when her artwork became the center of a civic debate. For months, letters to the editor in the Abilene Reporter-News seesawed between support from citizens who thought the “Talking Heads” an exciting cultural kick, to the extreme disapproval of a fringe that hinted at satanic inspiration. Emily met the issues in a guest editorial where she explained: “The content of my art is social commentary on human behavior, how we learn, and how we are conditioned as children by games and toys. I want my work to be amusing and thought provoking." Besides attention, her work brought Emily a $ 5000 grant from the 1989 Mid-American Alliance in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Arts. Her "conversational" heads are going for a stroll around Texas next year as part of the touring exhibit "One Hundred Years of Texas Sculpture” sponsored by the Huntington Art Museum, University of Texas, Austin. Sue Albert Bow Wow? WHILE THE DOG clays are supposed to be a summertime phenomenon, they descended in May on the World of Commodore Show. Most of the more than 50 exibitors who trekked to the Los .Angeles show acted as if they were on valium, and many cited sluggish hardware sales as the prime cause. Add the dearth of any significant new products and you can easily understand the low excitement level. As usual, NewTek had the biggest, flashiest booth and tantalized attendees with demos of the still-out-of-reach Video Toaster and the still-unavailable Digi-Paint III. NewTek’s strategy is risky with the appearance of a new contender in the video effects sweepstakes. Digital Creations and Progressive Image Technology, the folks who brought you SuperGen, introduced three new products: Living Color, The Vmachine, and the 2000S, an upgraded SuperGen that includes Super VHS inputs and outputs. Living Color is touted as a Quantel Paintbox for the Amiga. The Vmachine, or “Toaster Killer,” will provide time-base correction and real-time video effects. Other video developments included Micro I Hustons’ Edit Decision List Processor software that, when combined with the company's Time-Code Reader Generator hardware, creates a complete MS-DOS-compatible video-editing station. Mind ware International unveiled a new twist for animators. The package, still under development, makes it possible to run animations while simultaneously loading new segments from your hard drive. With this software, an animator can create continuously running animations whose length is limited only by the size of available hard-disk memory. Gone With the Wind here we come! In the is-it-real-or-is-it-a-gimmick category, 3-D images (both X-Specs and red-blue examples), were scattered about the show. If this isn't a general trend with users, it certainly is popular with exibitors as a crowd stopper. Besides, you can put your company logo on all those nifty cardboard goggles, Gene Brawn Not Military. Not Mercenary. And You're Definitely No Tourist. .. SOVIET COMMANDER: "Who are You?" RAMBO: "I'M YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE." Remember that line? Now YOU can deliver it to the enemy in person. Thirty miles over 4 the Afghanistan border. Soviet forces are torturing your friend and mentor, Colonel Trautman. You’re the only man alive with enough guts, Amiga game screens. Brawn, and resourcefulness to single- handedly rescue the man who taught you how to fight. Every Soviet commando, tank, and attack chopper in the sector is on your tail. It’s the ultimate contest for the ultimate fighter. Ft takes more than muscle to de-aclitale electronic gates, cross treacherous mine fields, and find the keys to Traut- maris cell. It’s just you and your hijacked tank against anti-tank missiles and choppers. Sight in and rearrange that balance of power! TAITO If you cannot find this product at your local retailer, Visa Mastercard holders can order direct anywhere in the United States by calling toll free 1-800-663-8067. Game Design. ©1988 Ocean Software Ltd. RAMBO is a registered trademark of Carolco. ©1989 CAROLCO. Ocean is a trademark of Ocean Software Limited. Taito is a registered trademark of Taito America Corporation. ©1989 Taito America Corporation. All rights reserved. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. REVIEWS HiSoft basic Professional GFA BASIC 3.0 A tale of two (more) BASICs. By Louis R. Wallace THE AMIGA'S EARLY days marked the best of times for Amiga Basic. Then, it was the fastest and most advanced interpreted BASIC available on microcomputers. Many programmers today, however, find .Amiga Basic programs too slow. Worse vet, even with its extendabililv via libraries, many of the Amiga's abilities are difficult for Amiga Basic to accessor completely out of its reach. A number of Amiga Basic accessories and replacements have been developed to counter these limitations, the most successful of which was Absoffs A C Basic compiler. Now we have before us two new entries: the full-featured HiSoft BASIC Professional compiler, and GFA-B.ASIC 3.0, a highly acclaimed interpreter first published on the Atari ST. Besides looking at command options and the degree of Amiga Basic compatibility these packages offer, I used some benchmark programs to test their speeds (see the accompanying chart for results). HiSoft BASIC Professional HiSoft B.ASIC is much like Microsoft's Quick B.ASIC compiler: Both are complete development systems consisting of compiler and text editor, a combination that offers flexibility, power, and an efficient means of creating and testing software. With HiSoft, you can edit a program, compile it to memory, execute it. And then return to the editor when you exit your program. Should the compiler discover syntax errors, a memory feature in 4 the editor lets you quickly jump to the flawed lines. The full-screen HiSoft editor allows you to change locations using the cursor keys or the mouse, and insert new lines by pressing the Return key. Other standard features, such as cut and paste, search and replace, and text printing are also supported, as are an autoindentation option and the ability to insert disk files into program listings. Because HiSoft supports ASCII format, you can import ASCII programs written with another text editor into HiSoft for compilation. The Game Made HiSoffs compiler offers a number of options. You can check your code for undeclared variables, stack overflows, and processing runtime events, and check arrays for proper dimensioning. More importantly, you can compile your results as either a stand-alone program or as one that uses the Shared Library. The difference is one of size and portability. Shared Library programs are very small, but require the presence of the HiSoft libraries to run. Using the REM SOP- TION statement within a program lets you override the compiler dialog-box options and thus gain more control. With stand-alone programs the required compiler library is built in. You pay a price, however, in terms of program size. For instance, a 77-byte Amiga Basic sample program consumed over 14200 bytes when compiled in HiSoft stand-alone formal. This overhead is not so great, though, in comparison with the 44700 bytes required For the same program compiled as a stand-alone with A C Basic. These size differentials held true in all my tests. More to the Tale In addition to several new options, HiSoft BASIC Professional supports virtually all .Amiga Basic commands and syntax. New commands include REDIM j [APPEND] (which allows you to redimension arrays), COMMANDS (which lets you run compiled programs from the CLI and pass parameters as it executes), BLOAD, and BSAVE. Improved looping and decision structures (such as DO LOOPs, REPEAT UNTIL, and SELECT CASE) afford greater flexibility. Some commands access AmigaDOS: MKDIR and RMD1R create and remove directories, while FEXISTS verifies the existence of files. The PCOPY command dumps the current screen to the printer using Preferences parameters. Both the WINDOW and SCREEN commands are enhanced in HiSoft BASIC: Both allow larger displays to accommodate the PAL standard, and SCREEN allows you to define more TYPES (unfortunately, though the manual refers you to the Amiga ROM Kernel Manual instead of defining screen types). In all, HiSoft offers 36 new commands and reserved words. It supports most interpreter statements (except COMMON!, RESUME NEXT, LOAD, and SAVE). Beyond these, one of HiSoft BASIC’s most important features is its ability to create object code that you can link with object code generated by C compilers and 68000 assemblers to produce stand-alone executable programs. The Golden Thread My experience indicates a high degree of compatibility between HiSoft and Amiga Basic, although given the almost infinite number of command combinations possible, it was not feasible to test them all. I put the HiSoft compiler through its paces with several Amiga Basic programs; while most required little or no modification, 1 found that a couple did not work properly after being compiled. (These programs ran without a hitch when compiled with VC] Basic.) GFA BASIC 3.0 They may not be worth losing your head over, but both packages are definitely worth using. Although it contains a runtime library to enable you to distribute programs, GFA BASIC is not a compiler, and thus is not capable of creating stand-alone programs as is HiSoft BASIC, And although it is (like Amiga Basic) an interpreter, using Amiga Basic programs in GFA BASIC requires considerable rewriting; the two are not very compatible. GFA BASIC is an entirely new BASIC language. It consists of over 300 commands with which you can create programs to access almost every aspect of the Amiga. GFA BASIC provides options traditionally available only through C, Modula 2, and assembly. Most importantly, though, GFA BASIC is fast. Not only does the language outpace Amiga Basic, but amazingly, GFA tied or beat both the HiSoft and A C Basic compilers in almost everv benchmark test. J The package includes a unique editor-one with extra options and requirements designed especially for GFA BASIC. Unlike Amiga Basic and its compilers, GFA BASIC allows only one statement per program line, and offers no option for separating statements. When you press the Return key after completing an entry, GFA checks that line for syntax errors; if a problem is found, the screen flashes and the cursor remains in place. While this method can be somewhat irritating, it saves time in the long run. You can add blank lines wherever you please, but the GFA text editor does not insert them automatically when vou press Return. It does, however, indent program lines for you. Some mouse and menu support is provided, but for many operations, you must memorize Ctrl-key commands. One option works much like an outline processor; it lets you hide subroutines by condensing them to just a name. GFA BASIC saves files as tokens in a manner similar to Amiga Basic. To run your program, select the Run menu option or press the shift and F10 keys. You can load a program or subroutine written by another editor and saved in .ASCI I using the editor's MERGE option. Knitting Patterns in BASIC Most Amiga Basic commands have equivalents in GFA BASIC, but commands with similar functions differ in syntax from their Amiga Basic counterparts. GFA offers some of the best BASIC commands 1 have seen for variable and data manipulation. Among the 40 or so commands available for manipulating variables are INSER T and DELETE, which admit or erase array elements, automatically shifting the rest of the array’s contents. ARRAY FILL enters a value into any specified array. To simplify sorting array elements, QSOR I and SSORT offer built-in Quicksort and Shellsort functions. DUMP lets you print values for single variables or specified ranges. .Assembly and C programmers will recognize GFA’s bit-manipulation commands. BCLR allows you to clear a designated bit, BSFT sets it, BCHG either sets or unsets the bit (depending on its start position), and BTST returns a true or false value to indicate whether a bit was on or off. SHL(x,y), SHR(x.y), ROL(x.y), and ROR(x.y) all shift bits in a variable. Among input and output commands is FORM INPUT, which allows you to enter a specified number of characters for assembly into a string. Also, in addition to Amiga Basic's PRINT and LOCATE commands, GFA provides PRINT AT(x,y) plus options for horizontal and vertical tabs via HTAB and VTAB. GFA offers all of Amiga Basic’s disk I O support for sequential and relative data files, but here again there are powerful extras. DIRS(n) returns the current AmigaDOS pathname, and DFREE(n) returns the total bytes left free on the disk. EXIST(nameS) indicates whether a specified file exists in the current path. BLOAD and BSAVE allow you to load or save whole chunks of the Amiga’s memory, while STORE and RECALL read text files from and write them to string arrays. Perhaps the most significant command is FILESELECT; it lets you define a complete file selector for filename entry, and place it on screen. The MOUSE command and its variations have simplified mouse programming. MOUSE returns the X and Y coordinates and the current mouse-but- ton status, while MOUSEX, MOUSEY, and MOUSEK return single values. The screen-print function, called HARDCOPY, uses Preference values by default, but ten options let you create custom screen dumps. GFA’s subroutines, called PROCEDURES, must be preceeded with either PROCEDURE or SUB. Variables can be local or global. Control statements are in abundance; they include IF. , , THEN, ELSE . . . ELSEIF. . . END IF, SELECT CASE, FOR . . . NEXT. . . DOWNTO, REPEAT. . .UNTIL, WHILE. . .WEND, DO . . . LOOP, DO . . . WHILE, DO . . . UNTIL, LOOP. . . UNTIL, and EXIT IF among others. Event programming is supported via ON BREAK, ON ERROR, and ON MENU. You can program time-related events using AFTER TICKS GOSUB and EVERY TICKS GOSUB (ticks are measured in 1 200 of a second). Interestingly, the ON COLLSION command is supported while COLLISION ON is not. Still Knitting Among GFA's graphics commands are SETCOLOR, with which you can create palettes by defining red, green, and blue values. GRAPH MODE allows you to set the graphic output modes JAM 1, JAM2, COMPLEMENT, and INVERSID. DEF- LINE enables you to define the drawing pattern for the rendering commands using either set patterns or custom definitions, while DEFFILL lets you create custom patterns for filling drawn objects. The bitmap rendering commands PLOT, LINE, BOX, CIRCLE, ELLIPSE, and POLYLINE can be used to create outlined objects. Adding PBOX, PCIR- CLE, PELLIPSE, and POLY FILL causes the ilefined area to fill with a solid or pattern. You can use the GET and PUT commands to stamp images onto the bitmap, just as in Amiga Basic. DRAW and SETDRAW are curious commands. DRAW is followed with vardows in a big way. The OPENS (Open Screen) command opens almost any type of screen the .Amiga can display, including interlaced, HAM (Hold-and-Modify), and Extra_HalfBrite. The OPENW (open window) command lets you set options that heretofore were accessible only via higher level languages. These include SIZEVERIFY, MOUSEBUTTONS, MOUSEMOVE, GADGETUP and GADGETDOWN, RAW KEY, VAN 1L- LAKEY, NEWPREFS, DISKREMOVED ? Two by Two: BASIC Benchmark Results ious string expressions that are similar to LOGO; in fact, it wouldn’t take much to emulate LOGO with GEA BASIC. Through VSYNC, GEA offers a means common to assembly and C of minimizing the flicker that results from placing bitmap data with PUT. VSYNC accomplishes this by waiting for a vertical blanking interrupt to occur (i.e., until the electron beam enters the bottom border of the screen. GFA BASIC supports screens and win1 tested each package for speed on both a standard A2000 (the result in seconds is the first value on each line) and on an A2000 equipped with Commodore’s A2620 accelerator (the value also In seconds in parentheses). I performed these tests on the Amiga Basic Interpreter and the A C Basic compiler as well, for points of reference. To give you an idea of how HiSoft's standalone compilation fares, the size of each file is listed under the clocked times. BENCHMARK Amiga Basic A C BASIC HISoft BASIC GFA BASIC 3.0 FileWrlte*
174. 6 (89.9) 330 bytes
210. 6 (91.6) 45480 bytes
89. 8 (47.7) 17604 bytes
89. 6 (47.9) 432 bytes FileRead*
188. 5 (93,8) 254 bytes
105. 3 (51.9) 45240 bytes 44,6 (27.4) 17316 bytes
42. 8 (26.8) 376 bytes Math*
16. 5 (7.12) 302 bytes
5. 8 (1.9) 45336 bytes
3. 6 (1.5) 17380 bytes
5. 6 (2.2) 454 bytes Sieve*
64. 3 (28.2) 506 bytes
14. 3 (5.0) 45748 bytes
10. 5 (4.6) 18920 bytes
10. 2 (4.4) 381 bytes Print String
132. 5 (99.4) 214 bytes
85. 6 (73.6) 45104 bytes
87. 2 (75,5) 17120 bytes
28. 9 (25.3) 420 bytes String Fx’s
73. 2 (31.7) 365 bytes
23. 7 (10.1) 45588 bytes
10. 5 (4.2) 17728 bytes
11. 2 (4.5) 582 bytes DrawLine
38. 1 (22.9) 173 bytes
26. 4 (17.6) 45024 bytes
26. 8 (17.1) 17200 bytes
13. 9 (10.4) 251 bytes ABOUT THE TESTS: FileWrlte writes a 1280000-byte file to a FFS-formatted hard disk. (All program times are based on the default buffersize in the OPEN statement.) FileRead reads the file created by FileWrlte. Math measures 5000 Iterations of the standard math operators. Sieve calculates the time required to find all primes from 0 to 7000. The A C Basic and HiSoft options that disable event checking (which generates faster results) were not used. Print String prints a character string 1000 times. String Fx’s uses LEFTS, MID$ , and RIGHTS to extract character data 10000 times. DrawLine plots a line from 0,0 to 639,199 5000 times on a standard Workbench screen.
* These tests are based on Byte magazine benchmarks. ON A COMPUTER NEAR YOU IBM APPLE II MAC C64 AMIGA ATARI ST SCRABBLE $ 39.99 $ 39.99 $ 39.99 $ 29.99 $ 39.99 $ 39.99 MONOPOLY $ 39.99 DEC $ 29.99 $ 39.99 $ 39.99 RISK $ 39.99 $ 39.99 $ 39.99 $ 29.99 $ 39.99 $ 39.99 CLUE MASTER DETECTIVE $ 39.99 $ 39.99 $ 29.99 $ 39.99 $ 39.99 Monopofy*® Produced undor license from Parker Brothers, division of Tonka Corporation Risk'** Used under license from Parker Brothers Clue* Master Detective *cProduced under liconso from Parker Brothers, division of Tonka Corporation and Waddmgtons Games Limited. Scrabble* Licensed by SrHchow and Richter Company, a subsidiary of ( Co,oco Industries, Inc Scrabble board design® 1948 Solchow and Richter Company." Ff a a »»*. Leisure «enius Telephone (714) 631-1001 Telefax (714) 631-1004 Distributed by:- VIRGIN MASTERTRONIC INTERNATIONAL Inc. 711 West 17th Street, Suite G9, Costa Mesa, California 92627 U.S.A. and DISKINSERTED, SUPERBITMAP, and BACKDROP. Experienced C programmers will recognize these as flags for the IDCMP (Intuition Direct Communications Message Port) facility. Given the language’s overall sophistication, I was disappointed to find that GFA’s commands for manipulating objects (BOBs) are virtually the same as those in Amiga Basic and other compilers. On the other hand, a set of commands for using hardware sprites is included. Sound options, too, are sparse; the SOUND and WAVE commands are again reminiscent of Amiga Basic. You can start new CLI processes from within GFA BASIC using the EXEC COMMANDS option, read joysticks with the STICK and STRIG functions even call EXEC, GRAPHICS, WORKBENCH, INTUITION, LAYERS and DOS library commands directly from GFA BASIC. These examples demonstrate just how far GFA went in creating this language; I have not even mentioned most of the commands, functions and statements available. Thankfully, GFA did not sacrifice speed for features; the interpreter holds its own against other BASIC compilers, and blows away Amiga Basic. My only reservation is the editor; while it is powerful, it is also very rigid. I SEE... HiSoft BASIC and GFA BASIC have very different abilities, but both represent a Presenting... Now : Shipping Protect your Amiga computer system with this coliection of essential and valuable tools! Includes 120 page guide to Computer Viruses! Some of our best tools included are: The Vim Protection Tooibox describes how computer viruses work; what problems viruses cause; how viruses invade the Libraries, Handler and Devices of the operating system; preventive maintenance; how to cure infected programs and disks. Works with Workbench 1.2 and 1.3!
• Boot Check- to prevent startup viruses. «Recover- to restore the system information to disk.
• Change Control Checker- to record modifications to important files. &mmin
• Check New- to identify new program and data files, Dept. L7, 5370 52nd Street S.E. Grand Rapids, Ml 49512 Available at your local dealer or Order now or call for your Free pamphlet "What you should know about Computer Viruses" (while supplies last) Order Toll Free 1-800-451-4319 AMIGA Is a registered trademark of Commoriom-Arijgn Inc Our AmigaDOS Toolbox slill $ 59.95! Step forward in BASIC programming on tlie Amiga. HiSoft BASIC Professional generates more compact and faster code than does A C Basic. Its integrated environment is friendly, flexible, and efficient.. These features, when combined with its extended command set, make HiSoft BASIC Professional worthy of serious consideration. GFA BASIC is the most complete BASIC programming language available for the Amiga. While beginners might find the massive array of options staggering, intermediate and advanced BASIC programmers are in lor a treat. These are far, far better BASIC packages than Amiga Basic programmers have ever known. HiSoft BASIC Professional MichTron 576 Telegraph Pontiac, Ml 48053 313 334-5700 SI 59.95 No special requirements. GFA BASIC 3.0 Antic Publishing 544 Second St. San Francisco, CA 94107 SI 39.95 No special requirements. Superplan Three-part organizational harmony. By Loren Lovhaug MORE THAN AN electronic equivalent of the old green bar ledger and adding ('A)vlinued on p. 74 No Other Word Processor For Amiga® Stacks Up To Pro Write™ 2.0. Word is out ProWrite 2.0 allows you to expand your Amiga word processing to new horizons. Use it to generate proposals with impressive bar charts. Create letters and reports with snappy graphics. Generate television storvboards. Even dash out newsletters with spot illustrations. Color Graphics. Multiple Fonts And of course, ProWrite
2. 0 has all die odier features you expect: a spelling checker with 95,000 w ord dictionary. Mailmerge. And fast graphics printing. Best of all, it w'orks with our font packages, ProFonts I and II, giving you a broad range of professional and decorative fonts. Spelling Checker. Mailmerge All dais, plus ProWrite's pow'crtul editing capabilities and east:-of-u.se combine to make ProWrite the best word processor for the Amiga computer. Multiple W indows, Resizable Graphics ProScript: Perfection In Print For The Amiga. ProScript is the new' PostScript utility' from New Horizons Software that gives you die professional kx)k of typeset copy. ProScript reads ProWrite files and prints them on any PostScript equipped printer, giving you the same multiple font and picture capabilities you expect from ProWrite, but with the typeset quality of PostScript printing. Fast ProWrite 2.0 and ProScript. A powerful new' team that puts a new' world of word processing and printing at your fingertips. New Horizons First in Personal Productivity and Creativity
P. O. Box 43167 Austin, Texas "78745 (512) 328-6650 ProWrite. ProFonts and PmScripi are trademarks of New Horizons Software Inc Amiga is a registered trademark of t’nmnxxlorr-Amiga Inc PostScript is a registered trademark cf Adobe Systems. Inc. TAKE IT FROM THE A Guide to the System Software Learn how the Amiga's native software stacks up, and make your programming less frustrating and the results more powerful. IN THE SUPERMARKET, if you pul! The wrong can out of a pyramidal display of soup, the whole thing can come tumbling down around you. Programmers face the same type of crashing mess if they extract information from the wrong spot in the Amiga’s layered and interdependent operating system. If you attempt to use a function without working your way to it through the layers of the system software’s pyramid, your program may not always run. If you understand how the system software is structured and the capabilities of its components (such as libraries of ROM Kernel routines, include files, and devices), you can avoid disaster and program more efficiently. I The Ground Work On relatively simple computers, such as the Commodore 64, everything is at a fixed location within a small address space. You soon learn that if you want to print a character to the screen, you either call an Operating System routine at location 65490 or store the character value directly into screen memory, which starts at location 1024. The Amiga, however, does not even have a default text screen, let alone a system routine at a fixed location to print text to that screen. Most of the time, you must create your own writing surface by opening a window, then choose a text font to use including its size, color, and style- before you can put text on the screen. The reason for the Amiga’s complexity is flexibility. Simple systems limit the ways that you can change or expand the system without changing your application software. For example, the C64 uses a fixed- sized jump table for entering ROM Kerne! Routines, so there is no compatible way to add more such routines. Because the majority of programs must load at a fixed memory location, you cannot load and run more than one program at a time. Even simple hard- By Sheldon Leemon ware changes, such as increasing the memory to 128K or switching the text screen from 40 to 80 columns, can prevent the machine from running existing software. Commodore designed the Amiga Operating System to avoid such limitations. It makes almost no r assumptions about how much memory the computer has, where that memory is addressed, or where programs (including operating-system routines) are stored in memory. As a result, correctly written programs can take advantage of hardware changes such as more memory, new storage devices, different input devices, and faster processors without any changes to the software. One way the Amiga avoids fixed sizes and locations is by using a type of data structure called a linked list. Each member of a linked list (called a node) contains a pointer to the address of the next node in the list, as well as its portion of the information stored in the list. Once you know where one node is located, you can find all of the others by simply tracing the chain of pointers. The Amiga uses linked lists to store the system libraries, which provide access to the ROM Kernel routines, and devices, which allow individual tasks to communicate with input and output devices. Because linked lists have no fixed size, you can easily expand them; programmers can easily add more libraries of functions to the system's existing set. To anchor these lists of pointers, the operating system must resort to one fixed location as a reference point. Location 4, also known as AbsExecBase, always contains the base address of the Exec library, which is always open. The system knows that base address, so it can find the entry points to the Open Library and Open Device functions, which in turn can locate the base addresses of any library or device. Libraries ALL OPERATING SYSTEM routines are grouped by purpose into libraries, the most important and frequently-used of which are located in the Kickstart ROM. Because the 256K of ROM space could not hold all the libraries, the less important routines are stored in the libs directory of the Workbench disk; the system loads them into RAM as needed. (For a descriptive list of libraries, see the chart “Libraries.”) Each library consists of the library node (pointer) that ties it into the system, a collection of jump instructions that are used as entry points into the various system functions, and a data segment that is used for private storage of information required by the ROM routines. To use a function in one of the libraries, you must first open the library. Doing this notifies the system that the library is in use, ancl gives you the base address of (the pointer to) the library. Once you know the base address of a library, you can call a function in that library by using its entry in the library’s jump table. When you are through using a library, always remember to dose it using the CloseLibrary call. The lowest level vou can make a library call on is in assembly language, which requires you to keep track of the pointers yourself. You must find the Exec library base address, call the OpenLibrary function entry point (which sits at a known offset from library base) to get the other library’s base address, and then call the library routine at its offset from the library base. The code might look like something like this: move.I 4,a6 ;get address of Exec library base movea.I LibraryName,a1 ;address of library name text movea.I 0,d0 ;set version num to 0 (don’t care) jsr 552(a6) ;JSR through OpenLibrary offset move.i d0,a6 ;get library base address jsrOFFSET(a6) ;JSR through function offset The example assumes that the label LibraryNanie points to an ASCII text string that names the library you want to open (such as intuition.library), and that the label OFFSET contains the offset value of the routine that you want to call. It also assumes that the call to OpenLibrary returns a valid base address in dO. In your own programs, you should add an error trap to check for a value of 0, which indicates that Exec could not find and open the library. Higher-level languages, such as C, take care of a lot of these details transparently, making the process much simpler. Calling an Amiga library function from C is similar to calling any other C function. To open a window in C, for example, you could use this code: InturtionBase = OpenUbrary(‘‘intuition.library’ LIBRARY_ VERSION): Window = OpenWindow(&NewWindow); In the first statement, intuition.library is the library name, El BRARY VERSION is a variable containing the version number of the library (a value ofO returns any version, while running the VERSION command from the Shell will give you the current version number of any library), and IntuitionBase becomes the pointer value to (base address of) the Intuition library. The second statement calls the Open Window function; &*NewWindow is a pointer to your program’s New Window data structure, and Window is a pointer to the Window structure that the function returns. You need to open each library only once per program (the Exec library is always open, and the C compiler usually opens the Dos library for you). Once your program knows the base address of a library, it can determine the offset for each function the library contains. (Again, note that this simplified example omits error-checking.) Include Files Many of the ROM Kernel function calls require a lot of data. For example, when you open a window, you must specify the starting size and position of the window, minimum and maximum sizes, the colors used to draw the window border and title bar, the standard and custom window gadgets to include, the Libraries Libraries listed in italics are found in the Libs directory on Workbench 1.3. All others are located in ROM. Description Name diskfont dos Contains routines used to load and manage disk-based text fonts. Contains routines to manage processes, the disk filing system, and AmigaDOS devices. Contains routines for managing tasks, messages, interrupts, and I O, plus routines to access libraries, devices, and resources. The backbone of the operating system. Exec Houses routines to configure expansion devices and to integrate them into the system. Expansion Contains low-levei graphics functions (such as those used to draw points, lines, filled shapes, and graphics text), higher-level animation routines, and support for sprites and BOBs. Graphics Provides support functions for Workbench icons. Icon The most heavily-used library for programs that take advantage of the Amiga interface, it contains the routines used for creating and managing screens, windows, menus, gadgets, and requesters, as well as routines for managing Preferences, intuition layers Builds on the functions in graphics library to provide the clipping needed to divide a physical screen into logical ‘ windows.” Although the beginning user isn’t likely to call these functions directly, they are used heavily by Intuition in window management. Mathffp Provides single-precision Fast Floating Point math routines. These functions operate quickly, but are not very precise. C programs don't normally call these routines directly, because compilers use their own floating point math interface. Mathieeedoubbas Implements the double-precision IEEE floating point math routines. These functions operate more slowly, but are more precise than the FFP routines. With version 1 3t these functions make use of a math coprocessor if one is available, greatly increasing the speed at which they operate. As with the FFP routines, C programs don’t normally call these routines directly, because compilers use their own floating point math interface. Mathieeedoubtrans Provides double-precision IEEE transcendental math functions to go with the routines in mathieeedoubbas. Mathtrans Provides single-precision transcendental math functions to go with the routines in mathffp. Translator Contains a function to convert a plain English text string into the phonetic text required by the narrator device. Menu to attach, the type of check mark to use with menus, the window title, the screen on which to place the window, and so on. When the window is open, Intuition keeps track of even more data, including the actual screen memory used for its display, the text font used to write into that window, and more. The system stores this information in data structures, whose composition is defined in the include files that come with your compiler or assembler. You can create data structures (for example, the NewWindow structure used to create a window) and the operating system can create them (such as the Window structure that Intuition creates when you open a window). Whatever their origin, however, a familiarity with these data structures is crucial to understanding how to program the Amiga. You can learn the contents of these structures by reading the include iiles that come with your compiler or assembler (the C versions have names such as intuition.h. while assembly language includes are called intuition.i and the like). These files contain descriptions of the data blocks that tel! The compiler or assembler the amount ol storage space to allocate for each one. With the rest of your definition state- ments, you must alert your program to the include files the library functions you use will need. In C, these statements lake the lhnn: include intuition intuition.h> Include files also provide comments to explain how the system routines use these blocks of data and how they relate to each other. For example, the intuition.h file offers the following definition of the IntuiText data structure: * IntuiText is a series of strings that start with a screen location
* = always relative to the upper-left corner of something) and
* then the text of the string.
* The text is null-terminated. * struct IntuiText = UBYTE FrontPen, BackPen; * the pen numbers for the rendering * * the mode for rendering the text * UBYTE DrawMode; SHORT LeftEdge; SHORT TopEdge; * relative start location for the text * * relative start location for the text * struct TextAttr *ITextFont; * if NULL, you accept the default font * UBYTE *IText; * pointer to null-terminated text * struct IntuiText *NextText; * continuation to TxWrite another text * }; Knowing what information is required for an IntuiText structure helps you to understand such routines as PrintIText, which uses IntuiText structures as part of its input. Notice the IntuiText structure contains pointers to the addresses of other data structures, just as in linked lists. Such linking occurs quite frequently in the Amiga operating system. Study your include files; you will need a knowledge of how data structures relate to one another to thoroughly understand how pieces of the operating system fit together. For a complete list of include files and their contents, see the b i gw ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Includes & Autodocs ($ 32.95, Addison-Wesley). Devices DEVICES ARE A variation of the library structure that let you communicate with input output devices, such as a printer, a modem, or the clipboard. (For a descriptive list of devices, see the chart “Devices”) As with libraries, some are contained within the Kickstart ROM, while others are housed in the devs directory of the Workbench disk. Although you open and close devices just as you would a library, communicating with devices is much different. To use a device, you must first set up a data block called an IO Request, containing a pointer to a message port, which programs use to communicate with the device; a device ID, unit number, command and flag fields; and an error-return field. The standard Amiga function library included with most C compilers (amiga.lib or
c. lib) provides the support functions CreatePort and CreateExtIO, which will create the required data structures for you. With the IO Request block set lip, you can open the device with the Exec function OpenDevice. A simplified version of the C commands to open the serial device is: SerMPort = CreatePort(“serial’,0); SerRequest = CreateExtlO(SerMPort, sizeof(structlOExtSer) ); error = OpenDevice("serial.device",0, SerRequest, 0); where SerMPort is the message port used for the IO Request, and SerRequest is the IO request block used for the OpenDevice call. The command number von place into the command field of the IO Request determines t he type of action the device takes. Every device is expected to respond to eight standard commands, if only to return an error number indicating that the command is not supported. Some, such as the audio device, support nonstandard commands that take advantage of their unique features. The standard commands, whose numbers are defined in the file exec io.h, are: CMD_RESET aborts all pending I O and resets the device CMD READ reads x bytes into a data buffer CMD WRITE writes x bytes from a data buffer CMD__UPDATE flushes internal device buffers, writing data CMD CLEAR clears internal device buffers, losing data CMD STOP stops the device, usually for user intervention CMD_START resumes I O after a CMD_STOP CMD FLUSH aborts all pending I O requests ? BLOOD MONEY The ultimate arcade game Psygnosis Ltd. PO Box 483 Addison Illinois 60101 800-669-4912 Hold it right there. Are you REALLY ready for this one? Have you got the courage to load up the experience that makes all the other games you've played seem prehistoric? Because BLOOD MONEY is simply the best arcade game you've ever seen, it has a staggering 1 megabyte of bit-mapped graphics, an amazing 40QK of sound ejects and music and the most gripping gameptay you’ve ever tackled in your life. 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The device translates ANSI escape sequences into cursor movements and other text controls. Controls the mouse joystick ports, plus provides routines to set the controller type and the reporting frequency. Gameport Input The primary provider of information about mouse and keyboard input, it merges reports from both the keyboard and gameport devices into a single input stream. Functions are provided for intercepting input (for ‘ hot-key" applications), for creating an input event under software control, and for setting the key repeat rate. Handles raw information from the keyboard, and converts it into input events. Most of the time, you’ll use the input device for keyboard input, rather than this device. Keyboard narrator parallel printer Produces synthesized speech from phonetic text input, using the audio channels, Communicates with the parallel port. Its commands allow you to configure the port, and read or write to it. Communicates with a printer, connected to either the serial or parallel port. Handles translation of Amiga printer command codes to printer-specific codes, using the Preferences printer drivers. Commands to print text characters and a graphics screen are included. Controls communications with the serial port. Its commands allow you to set the serial communications parameters (speed, handshaking, parity, and so on), as well as reading or writing to the port. Serial timer trackdisk Permits you to use the CIA timer hardware or screen display vertical blank to initiate task signals or interrupts at specified intervals. Provides a low-level interface to the floppy-disk drives. Includes functions to read, write, or format a sector. This device is more likely to be used indirectly by AmigaDOS than directly by the programmer. Note that some commands require additional information to be placed into the IO Request structure, such as the address of a data buffer. After you set up the IO Request and open the device, you initiate I O with a call to the Exec function DoIO or SendlO. DoIO calls are synchronous, which means that they wait for the I O task to complete before returning control to the task that made the function call. Use DoIO if the program must have the requested information to continue the task at hand. SendlO calls are asynchronous, meaning they queue up the request and return control immediately. If your program does not need the device’s information right away, use SendlO. Continuing with the serial-? Professional Desktop Video Amiga Makes it Possible... ...Digital Creations and Progressive Image Technology make it happen. This Summer, Digital Creations and Progressive Image Technology will introduce the most complete and cost effective line of Professional Desktop Video, Professional Paint, Titling and Animation products available on any computer. 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Video Artist Workstation™ The Video Artist Workstation is a real time, interactive software system for the creation of visual special effects. Through the use of the Video Artist Workstation™, included with the VMACHINE™, the video professional can create and modify thousands of special effects. The System Software Blueprint THE MOST ACCESSIBLE portion of the operating system pyramid is the top the Workbench and the CLI interlaces. Workbench uses the Intuition library to create its displays* while the CLI requires the Console device for its and both use Amiga DOS to execute commands. Holding up Amiga DOS is the Exec library (the manager of tasks, task switching, input and output, and message passing) and the Track device, which communicates with the floppy drives. The Intuition library relies on the Input device for input (as does the Console device), plus the Layers and Graphics libraries for output. The next level down are the devices that control the most basic components of the system the machine’s hardware. ? Port example used above, a command to read a single bvte might look like this: SerRequest->IOSER.io_Data = &Buffer; * set buffer address * SerRequest->IOSER.io_Length = 1; * set read length * SerRequest*>IOSER.io_Command = * set command num- CMD READ; ber * DolO(SerRequest); * perform synchronous 10 * Some additional functions are available to assist in asynchronous I O. The ChecklO function will check if the request was completed, while the Wait It) I unction pauses your program until the specified I O is finished. When all I O is finished, you should close the device, and de-all ocate all It) Request blocks and message ports, using the CloseDevice, DeletePort, and DeleteExtIO calls. For a discussion of devices, see thedmfgY ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries and Devices (S34.95, Addison-Wesley). Resources FOR POWERFUL CONTROL on a low level, the Exec maintains a linked list of functions called resources. (For a descriptive list of resources, see the chart “Resources.”) Resources provide protocols for sharing hardware in a way that is consistent with multitasking. Though a beginning programmer probably will not need to resort to taking over the hardware, it may be necessary in certain high-performance applications (such as MIDI programs that need accurate control over musical devices). To access resource functions, you first must open the resource with the Exec call OpenResource. You? 26 A ugu.sl 1989 imiga Inforr more than 400 Amiga For Beginners' the f rst volume in our Amiga series introduces you to Intuition (Amiga's graphic interface), the mouse, windows theCLI and AmgaBASlC Explains every practical aspect of the Amiga m plain English. 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(616) 698-0330 AmigaDOS Quick Reference*
• an easy-to-use reference tool for beginners and advanced pro- grammersal ke. Youcan quickly find commands for your Amiga by usmg the three handy indexes designed with the user in mind. All commands are in alphabetical order for easy reference. ISBN 1-55755-049-2 Covers Workbench f.3 info $ 14.95 See your local dealer or Order Toll Free 1-800-451-4319 System Resources Name Description cia Provides access to bits and interrupts from the two 8520 CIA (Complex Interface Adapter) chips. Disk Contains routines that can be used to gain exclusive control over floppy disks. Misc Used to gam exclusive access to the serial or parallel ports. Potgo Allocates the POTGO registers that control the mouse joystick lightpen paadle ports. May then use the resource functions to allocate or de-allocate specific hardware resources. For more information, see the Amiga Hardware Reference Manual (S24.95, Addison-Wesley). Programming the Amiga may seem confusing at first, but it’s a lot easier once you understand the design philosophy behind the machine. The Amiga’s multitasking operating system is built in layers, starting with modules with direct control over the hardware, and working up to the sophisticated routines that build the graphics interface. The best place for the beginner to start is at the top of this pyramid, with the functions provided by Intuition and AmigaDOS. As you gain more experience, you can begin to investigate the more mysterious areas. But always try to obey the rules do not jump directly into operating-system routines, don’t modify the system’s private data structures, and do not depend on any specific hardware configuration. That way, your programs will work not only on this generation of Amiga computers, but on the next as well. ¦ Sheldon Leemon is the author of Inside Amiga Graphics and other books, and he is a frequent contributor to many computer publications. Write to him do Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Do Your Homework If you want to program with the Amiga’s system functions and devices, an hour with a good book can Amiga Technical Reference Set: Amiga Hardware Reference Manual (S24.95) Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Includes and Autodocs (S32.95) Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries and Devices ($ 34.95) Addison-Wesley Publishing Company Inc. Jacob Way Reading, MA 01867 617 944-3700 800 447-2226 The Programmer's Guide to the Amiga ($ 24.95, C and Modula-2 source code disks: $ 7 each) Datapath Inc. PO Box 1828 Los Gatos, CA 95031-1828 Amiga Programmer's Guide (SI6.95) Computel Publications 324 West Wendover Ave. Suite 200 Greensboro, NC 27408 919 275-9809 The Amiga Programmer's Handbook Volumes I and II (S24.95 each) Sybex Books 2021 Challenger Dr. Suite 100 .Alameda, CA 94501 415 523-8233 800 227-2346 Amiga System Programmer's Guide ($ 34.95) Abacus 5370 52nd St. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508 616 698-0330 800 451-4319 often prevent an all-night debugging session. Here are some we find helpful: Can’t isn’t in our CanDo® vocabulary. With CanDo you can do just about anything. It’s one of those “Gee-I-wish-I-could" programs that comes along once in a blue moon... maybe not even that often. CanDo is going to change the way you work with your computer. For the first time one program will harness the tremendous power already built into the Amiga™. It’s hard to put a label on all the things CanDo can do. 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R r -% • 1 , The Missing Link You don't need the vision of Darwin or the skills of a "power programmer” to make practical use of this new interprocess command language that takes Amiga multitasking to its next evolutionary stage of development. By Gene Brawn FOR SEVERAL YEARS, Apple has been touting its HyperCard system as a revolutionary breakthrough in technology that unites a graphical interface with animation, sound, text, data, video, telecommunications, and control of external devices. Amiga’s answer to the HyperCard is found in Arexx, a programming and DOS command language, macro processor, and interprocess controller, all rolled into one easy-to-use command language. As a command language, Arexx allows such niceties as automatic insertion of spreadsheet-generated figures into word-processing documents, the import of artwork into databases, and the performance of genlock operations from animation programs all under total program control. Best of all, the initiation into the world of Arexx is painless, the fee small. If you frequently write AmigaDOS batch commands, Arexx can streamline the process. If you define "macro,” or single-key commands within applications, you can use Arexx to tie those commands to the outside world. If you want to write programs to perform low-level computer-control chores, Arexx puts the power you need at your fingertips. Arexx was developed by William Hawes, the renowned author of ConMan. Interestingly, Arexx is considered simultaneously one of the most significant as well as the most unappreciated pieces of software ever developed for the .Amiga. In this article I will explain the features and signifigance of the language and how it can help Amiga computerists with everyday computing chores. In addition, I will show how Arexx compares with HyperCard and why it offers the potential of establishing Amiga presence on the multimedia map. What is Arexx? Arexx began life as REXX, an interprocess command language for IBM mainframe computers. Arexx represents the Amiga version of REXX. As an interprocess control language, REXX controls any number of applications programs in a multitasking environment. For example, a REXX script program can receive output from a database, send it to a spreadsheet for inclusion in the latest sales figures, then route the updated spreadsheet figures to the national sales force via the telecommunications software, all under program control without any human intervention. This type of power did not long go unnoticed and the language soon spread to other computer systems and eventually to the Amiga. Lndoubtably, Arexx has been slow to enjoy widespread acceptance in the Amiga community only because it is fairly new to this environment. As a command language, Arexx’s power is fully realized when it is used to communicate with and control applications software. To permit this, the application must first recognize the existence of Arexx via some form of an Arexx interface, and then allow it program control. The interface within the applications software usually consists of a minor amount ? I of code that communicates with Arexx. This does not pose much of a problem with newly developed software, but existing applications are another story. Although software manufacturers may plan to include the Arexx recognition code in a future update of an existing application, there is typically a time lag involved between updates. Nearly 20 major applications already offer an Arexx interface (see the list accompanying this article for individual titles), with more promised, but it could be a year or more before we see a substantial base of software packages supporting Arcxx. Commodore could score points with end users and programmers by licensing the program and bundling it with every new Amiga sold. What Does Arexx Offer the Amiga? To gain perspective on the signifigance of Arexx in an Amiga environment, let’s examine some methods the Amiga can use to share data between applications without Arexx. When you put the Amiga’s multitasking capabilities to use, there are often times you probably wish that data could be shared between two or more processes or applications. One way to do this is to create a RAM: File, which we will call “RAM :f lie stuff.” Now program A can save data to “RAMdile stuff’ and program B can load that file when the data is needed. You sacrificed efficiency in the above process because read and write commands must be issued manually from within the respective procedures. The new PIPE: device provided with Workbench 1.3 appears to be the ideal solution to automating data transfers. Passing data to another program works like this: Program A saves its files with each file name prefaced with the word PIPE: instead of the usual DF1: or RAM:. In the above example, the file name would be PI PE:DATA STUFF. Similarly, the receiving program loads its data using the same file name, PIPE:DATA STUFF. .As long as the target program continues to accept data, anything saved to PIPE:DATA STUFF will be sent or “piped” directly to the receiving application without any user intervention. The PIPE: device is a great time-saver, but to make interprocess communications truly useful, you need a way to send not onlv data, but also commands to another program. The ability to include commands is what differentiates using a command language such as Arexx from using a single PIPE: command. How Does It Work? Arexx bears resemblance to many other languages available for the Amiga. Like BASIC and FORTH, it is an interpreted language. This means that each time you run a program, Arexx reads your script and translates it into machine-language instructions ”011 the fly.” This is the functional opposite of a compiled language, such as C, which must transform your program script into a machine-language file before it executes the program. The advantage to the interpreted method is that program development is much faster. The disadvantage is that interpreted- language programs generally do not operate as fast as compiled programs. Like Modula 11, Arexx provides the tools necessary for structured programming, including procedures (referred to as functions in Arexx) and both local and global variables. Not surprisingly, Arexx does not use GOTO statements. Powerful string operators similar to those found in SNOBOL (a text-processing language) also exist in Arexx. More importantly, Arexx can perform anything the AmigaDOS EXECUTE command does, only better. The language gives you complete control of the .Amiga’s low-level I O functions and a complete set of looping, decision and input tools. You can easily create Arexx programs with your favorite text editor or word processor. Simply write the script, save it as an .ASCII file and invoke the Arexx interpreter, “rx,” to execute it. For debugging, a tracing feature within Arexx allows you to watch or interact with the program during execution. Some Examples The well-known ‘'Hello” program would be written as follows to be executed in Arexx: * Tell the folks hello, Rexx * say 'Hello, Rexx’ The first line is a comment, which is required in Arexx. I he second line consists of an instruction symbol, “say.” and a string. “Say” tells the program to display the string on the output device, usually the screen. Like most high-level languages, Arexx has a complete set of functions, tokens, symbols, operators, commands, and expressions. Variables in Arexx follow a simple format. Unlike BASIC or Modula II, no typing of data is needed. All data is initially treated as a string and, if this fails, successively tested until a suitable type is found. * Variables are flexible... * A-1 ; B = 2 * More than one statement per line OK * C-A + B * these variables have numeric data * say A ' + ' B * = * C * prints 1 +2 = 3 * * change data to text strings... * A = ’Amiga’ ; B =’World’ say A | j B * prints "AmlgaWorld" * * .. .but, don't try to fool Arexx! * B = 1 * B is numeric, A is still alpha * C = A * B * ...and Arexx will return an error * I hankfully, error checking within Arcxx prevents illegal operations on incompatible data types. In the above example, for instance, you cannot multiply the non-numeric string AMIGA by the numeric variable B. The following example is a little more advanced, THIS SEASON'S MV.P.s
* (Most Valuable Programs) Qxxi Do Bttsniess, Not Accountinj* wiI li DATA COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM IV>iI»idI' 1 i-rnitn.il 1 inul.-ilwKn Vdlnwn ti«phtc Sori(>l Irfnaii.ic Iih I Mil I twin I Operation ¦v i if I B L « '• & i m
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* Bus, signal Ue'scr™ HaW”' «T and Telebit System Clipboard support with Cirt rn«u .. r. Taklnml* 4™0 4imjBM PC AnsJco”’ T*' H19, ANS[’
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• Capsule statement available at bottom ol each invoice if desired
• Utilizes Hard Disk and separate Data Disk for unlimited invoicing and payables.
• Plain paper or pre-printed Invoices and Statements Requires 512K, 1 Meg of Memory Recommended Critics' Pra se
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P. O. Box 90309, Long Beach, CA 90809
(213) 427-1227 B-Tafc-UI. Aniga. Tttorgmi. Hay«* IBM and Nlnkus art ttia raptclin trademark! A( Fatima Sottwir* Commcdort-Bmiga: TaUranii. Inc: Hay** Mieracomputar ProdKta Inc IBMandNimfest Copp'CH 5 1SB9 Oxxi. Inc. • If you understand the fundamentals of programming, this routine is easy to follow. II you are a confirmed non-programmer, don’t panic, because 1 have kept the code simple. The first instruction after the required comment line, the trace option, prints the results of any calculation performed by the program. If you want to display, say, the entire text of the line being executed, you can substitute ALL for the RESULTS statement. There are eight tracing options, which can appear in the same window as the output data or in a custom window for improved clarity. The next line contains the control structure, or DO LOOP, which executes the lines between it and END five times. The following line is the heart of the program. As before, the SAY instruction prints any strings, contents of variables, or results of a calculation that follow it on the same line. This program prints two numbers, consisting of the current value of the loop counter and its square, for each pass through the loop. A SQUARE function does not exist in Arexx, so the interpreter scans the rest of the program for the text string “square:." The colon after the string indicates that this is the beginning of a function. The "arg” command retrieves the value to he squared, which was passed here as the “i" in square(i), and assigns it to the variable "x." The final line instructs the program to “return" to the calling program segment with the result of x squared (x**2). This admittedly simple example cannot begin to display the full scope of .ARexx, but it does present some of the flavor of the language. You can see that Arexx syntax and program structure differs little from other, more mainstream programming languages. What most distinguishes Arexx from the others is its ability to perform interprocess communications. Talk to Me Rexx Arexx tasks are regular AmigaDOS "processes,” with all their multitasking advantages. Therefore, you can run as many tasks as desired with each one fully controlled and coordinated from within the same Arexx program. The standard Amiga operating system contains Message Ports that are used for system communications. Any task running on the Amiga can open one or more of these ports and "speak” to the operating system, to an external device, or to other processes. Arexx uses the capabilities of these ports to implement its most powerful feature interprocess communication and control. What this term means is that Arexx can control a given application using that application s own command set. This process is handled rather elegantly. A program communicating with Arexx is called the host application. Both the host and Arexx communicate through a standard EXEC message port using just two data structures, the most common of which is illustrated in Figure 1. (The other is used for passing strings to and from Arexx.) All that is required of because it illustrates Arexx’s control and function (subroutine) structures. Figure 1: The basic Arexx message packet structure. MN_SIZE ; global pointer ; library pointer ; command code ; primary result ; secondary result ; arguments (argO thru arg15) ; the extension area ; forwarding port ; host address ; file extension ; input stream ; output stream ; reserved ; 128 bytes is that it understand how to send STRUCTURE RexxMsg, APTR rm_TaskBlock APTR rm_LibBase LONG rm_Action LONG rm_Result1 LONG rm_Result2 STRUCT rm_Args 16*4 APTR rm_PassPort APTR rm_CommAddr APTR rm_FileExt LONG rm_Stdin LONG rm_Stdout LONG rm_avail LABEL rm_SIZEOF the host application and receive messages via ill is structure. Arexx even provides library routines that the host program uses to create and maintain this structure. A typical exchange might appear as follows:
1. Using the structure in Figure 1, the host program puts a name in the rm Args slot. Normally, this is simply the name of a disk-based Arexx program, which generates a macro (a string representing one or more commands) recognized by the host. If the string is enclosed with quotes, however, Arexx assumes that this string is stand-alone program code requiring priority execution. This eliminates the need to load the program from a file.
2. The host then sends the message packet to the Arexx port using the EXEC function PutMsg( ).
3. Arexx locates the named file requested by the host, spawns a new DOS process, and runs the program.
4. Arexx fills in any other pertinent information in the structure, then passes the commands back to the host, using the same port and structure it received initially. It then waits for the host to respond that the ? Call CMO Today For Amiga b $ 169 229 $ 34 34 34 26 20 19 26 23 65 99 32 34 29 21 32 21 21 29 32 26 32 26 19 94 62 179 32 32 20 25 22 38 138 55 23 30 b 19 29 69 5 9 d 159 139 49 269 299 349 24 26 26 69 429 105 419 Q SI 09 149 149 289 429 84 189 139 MONITORS 679 629 759 929 859 289 269 769 659 899 799 149 125 D Your Source for Hardware, Software & Peripherals 800-233-8950 In Canada call: 800-233-8949 All Other Areas call: 717-327-9575 Fax call: 717-327-1217 Educational, Governmental and Corporate Organizations Call toll-free: 1-800-221-4283 CMO, 101 Reighard Ave,, Dept. B9, Williamsport, PA 17701 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS * MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED MMC MICROCOMPUTER MflHKt TING COUNCIL ' i> [Vri *»>.. •**T' r* POLICY: Add 3% (minimum $ 7.00) shipping and handling Larger shipments may require additional charges Personal and company checks require 3 weeks to clear For faster delivery, use your credit card or send cashiers check or bank money order Credit cards are not charged until we ship. Pennsylvania and Maryland residents add appropriate sales tax All prices are U S A prices and are subject to change All items are subject to availability Defective software will be replaced with the same item only Hardware will he replaced or repaired at our discretion within the terms and limits of the manufacturers warranty We cannot guarantee compatibility. All sales are final and returned shipments are subject to a restocking fee We are not responsible for typographic or photographic errors B908 JDK Images Pro Video Plus 199 Mimedcs Amigen Genlock 149 New-Tek Digi-View Gold 139 Progessivc Peripherals Pro-Gen Genlock 399 Frame Grabber 579 Sunrise Industries Perfect Vision 199 Elec Color Splitter 99 | AUDIO || i- ___ ECE Research -1
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4. Now you can write the Arexx program(s) that controls and coordinates the system. You might want to approach this task in steps or in modules. By writing small, self-contained modules, each can lie dedicated to a specific aspect of the system. For example, one module might handle only text displays, another graphics, and a third could handle the presentation of animations.
5. If you take the modular approach, create another Arexx module that is responsible for the routing and scheduling of user requests from the interface module. The modular approach gives you a lot of flexibility in the construction of your hypermedia system. You will be able to add new functions and applications as they become available, or to update those that have changed. The Beginning This article is only an introduction to Arexx, designed to explain what it is and how everyone who uses an Amiga can benefit by its existence. It's up to you to make this vision of what Arexx can do a reality. Use those software-registration cards, and tell the software manufacturers to include the Arexx interface in all of their programs. !.'¦ ;; i L -i i. P e l T'- i. i: 1 ;; T V f. ' t i U w J.t ululwj X'-j'Cb) Superbase Professional Nag 3.0 Super plan A-Talk III Microfiche Filer Plus YLT (terminal emulator) At redes BBS CAPE 68K Magellan CygnusEd Professional TxEd Plus Mediaphile Amiga'Tex Digi-Paint II MicroGnuemacs DeluxeVideo III Arexx is a powerful tool that has the potential to improve the way you compute on your Amiga. But getting this power in your hands is a two-way street; you, the user, must do your part by letting the software publishers know that you want it. They, in turn, have to provide you with an easy way to use that power. ¦ Gene Brawn is a computer-game programmer, graphics designer, television director, and digital animator. Write to him do Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, A7Y 03458. HOURS: 8 AM to 7 PM Monday - Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Saturday Call on Sunday Visa and MasterCard Accepted 1 flTl Has Marketplace The Software , Inc. Your AMIGA Software and Hardware Mark Hardware Spectacular! Sensational Savings! Compare1. 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W. shell ..3300 UTILITIES B A D disk optimizer ..$ 32 00 C B. Tree .65 00 Celebrity cook book ...20 00 Custom screens * .....45 00 Cygnused Professional 65 00 D-.sk 2 disk 33 00 Disk masler ...33 00 Disk mechanic 59 00 Dos 1.3 ...22 00 Dos2dos 3500 Doug's math aquarium 52 00 Encore ...45 00 Ez backup ... 33 00 Face II ...22 00 Fine print .33 00 Fleet check ...33 00 Flip side ..... 37 00 Gold spell 32 00 Gomf .... 27 00 Grabbit ...19 00 Laser scripts .. 28 00 Laser up fonts 26 00 Laser up. Plot .33 00 Laser up. Pnnt .58 00 Laser up. Utilities. 26 00 Lex check 33 00 Lv backup 32 00 Multi prelerences .... 20 00 Nag Plus Schedule Assist. .... 52 00 Pro script .32 00 Project D .32 00 Promts spelling ...... 32 00 Quarterback 45 00 Raw copy 1.3 .. 39 00 Superback 52.00 Sys lonl ‘ . 22 00 Tax plan .. 22 00 Tdi editor sources ....30 00 Tdi examples ..1500 Tdi grid access 30 00 Tdi kermit 19 00 Text ed plus ... 52 00 VIP ......32 00 A500 A2000 A2500 PERIPHERALS I1064S Stereo monitor CALL £000 HO 40mg28ms w conL.. CALL £058 2mg 8mg ram board .. CALL £0620 2meg 32bH ..CALL £06:?0 4mg 32bit Mem CALL £090A HD controller CALL £300 Genlock ......CALL £500 HD40mg28ms3mgMem 68020'68881 ....CALL imiga 2000 Cpu .....CALL imiga 500 CPU .....CALL iT 8'idge card A2286 CALL IncJge card A2000 ... CALL COMMUNICATIONS italk III ..$ 65 00 Hreces proless BBS .96 00 IBS pc ... 96 00 Jiga ..... 50 00 Jnline Platinum ...... 69 00 FONTS Asha's fonts ...57 00 Calligrapher ..$ 63 00 Fancy 3d fonts 52 00 Font set I .22 00 Inter font 76 00 Kara fonts color ...... 50 00 Lion fonts .56 00 Masterpiece fonls .... 159 00 News letter fonts ......29 00 Profonts I Prof ......23 00 Profonts II decorative ..23 00 Studio font 29 0Q 1-800-752-0050 In Mass. Call.... 1-508-756-6452 SALES AND QUOTES (outside Mass.): 1-800-752-0050 HARDWARES 8Up Memory Exp A2000 ... $ 165 00 Accelerator .. 15200 Amigen . 153 00 Easyl A1000 ... 349 00 Easyl A2000 .. 379 00 Easyl A500 ... 345 00 Expan 512K A500 ... 159 00 Expansion 1 mg A50Q ... _409 00 Flicker fixer ..495 00 Framegrabber 579 00 Future sound .. 12900 Light pen .99 00 Live A2000 ... 349 00 Live Iramegrabber A1000.. .245 00 Live framegrabber A500 305 00 MC68881 MathCo-p'Ocessor.. .179 00 Multifunction card .... 75 00 My-T-Mouse ..39 00 Perfect sound A1000 .. 69 00 Perfect sound A5CO A2000.. .69 00 Phoenix power supply A500 ... 95 00 Progen ..37900 Super Gen ...695 00 Supra modem 2400bd 14900 WV1410 Panasonic Camera w lens ... 199 00 SPREADSHEETS Analyze! 2 0 . $ 95 00 Haicalc ...32 00 Maxiplan 500 .. 95 00 Maxiplan plus ... 126 00 Super plan .... 97 00 VIP Professional ..... 65 00 SHIPPING AND TECHNICAL SERVICE: 1-508-756-6452 QUOTE-A-FAX: 1-508-799-9354 CREATIVE PRODUCTIVITY analytic art ..$ 39 Od • iizmoz enhanced 45 00 itell type .35 00 Magellan 129 00 Aaster type ...25 00 tevis beacon typing ..33 00 our family tree ......32 00
• Corporate and volume purchases invited. Call Moe. Stock orders placed by 12:00 NOON EST shipped the same day. Allow 10 days for personal checks to clear. DISKETTES HOME ACCOUNTING JAVABASE MANAGEMENT acquisition ..$ 189 00 )ata retrieve ..51 00 Jala Retrieve Prol ... 189 00 Jbrr an .125 00 rficro base 24 00 AtCtO liche filer 64 00 Microfiche liler plus ..115 00 Jrganize .... 49 00 Softwood lile II gs ....79.00 toper base ... 52 00 toperbase pers II ... 98 00 iuperbase Pro 30 ... 229 00 kiperbase prolessonal ..... 189 00 Fuji 3 5' ds dd color disks......$ 19 00 Sony 3.5' ds dd ......-1900 TDK 3 5‘ dS dd disks ..19 00 Cenlech 3 5‘ ds dd disks......19 00 Centech 5 25' ds hd disks ..... 29 00 Desktop budget .....$ 4600 Money mentor $ 65 00 Phaser .... 65 00 Tax Break 53 00 ¦ Wire transfer accepted.
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* For faster delivery send cashiers check ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE We have them all! Over 300 games In stock. Call for your favorite game, and check our lowprices. Circle 134 on Reader Service card. 22 Front Street, Worcester, MA 01614 SHOWROOM: A Guide to Evaluating and Selecting Amiga Educational Software A computer-learning expert shares her opinions on what distinguishes good educational software from mediocre, and which Amiga packages best deliver the goods. CHANCES ARE. YOUR child shares Winston Churchill’s view on education. "Tin always ready to learn,” Churchill said, “although I do not always like being taught ” All of us, from statesmen to small fries, learn most effectively when we are actively involved. Involvement makes the process more enjoyable makes us want to be taught. Your Amiga can put your children on this active level, and the right software can keep them coming back for more. But how can a parent find out which packages encourage learning, and which are academically worthwhile? What Makes a Program Make the Grade? After looking at scores of educational software packages, I have determined a number of criteria to help you judge their various aspects. No matter what types of programs you choose, you can use these yardsticks to measure their quality. Keep in mind that what is good for one age group may not be appropriate for another. At least three program characteristics skill levels. By Margaret Morabito T* subjects, and approaches work best in multiples. Programs that provide multiple skill levels can not C only accommodate your childrens’ progress and help them grow further, but can be ideal for parents who f have more than one child. In either case, they provide 5, extra mileage. Another way to get more out of a yf program is to choose one that covers two or more subjects. Finally, giving the student a chance to work £ with the material from different angles keeps interest g, high. There can be no doubt that people generally learn better when a subject is presented in a variety £ of ways. P Programs that are too difficult to use and control discourage learning. The best programs present in- structions clearly, thoroughly, and appropriately for the age level, and incorporate a help feature to J prompt students who forget how something works, yi Input devices are an important consideration, too. V Most preschool programs are mouse-driven and some employ icons rather than words. While the i'%' mouse is easy to use, it does not allow a child practice in developing keyboard skills. Ideally, a program will ? Provide options for input via mouse or keyboard. A choice of control methods is helpful especially for disabled students. Another turn-off is inappropriate composition. I found several programs that require advanced reading abilities but are geared for preshcoolers in terms of content and packaging. Conversely, some programs tagged for grades six and higher combine appropriate academic exercises with immature composition. Look for programs that strike a balance in content and design. Sight and Sound r K. v w One of the Amiga's strongest suits is its graphics capability! Programs that take advantage of this by adding color, pictures, and animation have a better chance of capturing and keeping a child’s attention especially with the younger child. More advanced .1
i. - y r f, V ? Students quickly tire of visuals that are childish, though, and in the upper grades, graphics are best incorporated into the program rather than serving only as peripherals. $ i *? T Speech, music, and sound effects are highly effective in providing rewards for correct answers and reinforcement for incorrect answers. The Amiga is capable of producing quality sound, and most Amiga education programs have an option for vocalizing on-screen directions. Several companies (most notably Aloha Fonts and learners Image) have gone the extra step to fine-tune their programs' phonetic speech routines. Other companies (Hilton Android, for example) employ sometimes-incomprehensible monotonic speech and their programs suffer. 1 his robotic speech is especially problematic in early childhood and second-language programs. Still, even this is better than no sound at all. I am surprised to see companies such as Queue completely ignoring sound and graphics two features that can add so much to a program. V r 1 K s £ * ¦-* i*. -€ .-5 * .V r t Young children can learn shapes and colors in this mouse-driven program. Match-lt employs multiple approaches: two tutorials, matching activities, and a Special Order Some programs benefit from a modification option. Spellbound bv learners Image, for instance. Lets parents add words to the program and adjust the Amiga's pronunciation of all words. This is noteworthy because it not only lets you expand the program but also accommodates accents and dialects. Programs that involve decision making in any form can be very valuable. Many programs require students to make simple decisions, such as choosing a level for the problems they will work with. In other programs, children can see the effects of their decisions carried out; role-playing programs in particular allow children to make choices that affect the flow of the story. Creative involvement whether through poetry or music composition, scene construction, or something else gets high grades in my book. Creativity packages encourage students to think, experiment, and enjoy. When selecting such a program, look for save and print features so you can share your child’s (or your own) creations with others. Finally, in situations that require students to perform tasks and answer questions, participants usually like to know how they are doing. Programs that take this kind of approach should offer some kind of score- keeping capability. The Honor Roll With these criteria in mind and the help of two children (aged 10 and 6), I set out to find “a few good educational programs.” I reviewed, tested, and analyzed 65 packages aimed at students of all levels preschool through adult. The following listed alphabetically according to the ages they serve are my top picks. !s?5Ljfr Learning the Alphabet TM 1® MicroEd Inc. $ 29.95 Preschool Ages 3-4 Alphabet skills from recognition of letters (both uppercase and lowercase), to their correct sequencing in the alphabet are the subject of this package. Two activities require the child to unscramble four letters and place them into a given sequence. Computerized speech is an integral part ol ibis mouse-driven program. | Each Buy 15 I or mure Disks Each I Buy 14 Disks Each $ 6 $
* 7 fBuy 1-4 Disks So easy to Use v No Computer Experience Necessary V Instructions for each Order V FREE Phone Support So Cosy to Order r FREE Membership r FREE 800-1 for Orders r FREE Same-day Shipping r UPS 2nd Day Air Service when you need it Now! T FREE Catalog ? Your Satisfaction Guaranteed THE BEST OF THE REST E
* 145 Animations 3 - More Great Animations. 3 very good demos plus 3 workbench pictures and Blobs. Phone (. Visa MC Sig__ ORDER TODAY 00-444-5457 Exp. Date BUSINESS HOME ? *116 Business n - VC-Spreadsheet, HP-10c calculator, and more ? *117 Business IH - DataBase, a bunch of great new forts, RSLCIock-great clock utility, AmigaSpell. ? *152 Mail Manager - Store names and addresses of friends, clients, members, etc. Has sorting and printing functions. LANGUAGES COMMUNICATIONS ? *9FORTH - Two versions of the FORTH programming language. ? 90 Modem Madness! - Terminals include StarTerm.ATerm, and Kermit. Telecommunication utilities such as Archive are also here. Other types of programs and utilities are also included in the price of admission. UTILITIES L_ 60 AmigaBasic - Two programs that are truly of commercial quality, Cell-Animate and Graphit. Some Deluxe Paint picture files are also included. ? *97 Tutorial Diskl - A disk full of information and programs to instruct Amiga Programmers and users. Several C & ASM source files are included. ? *98 Tutorial Disk2 - More of the best of Amiga Information. ? *129 Amiga Utilities £1 - A hard disk backup; Target-sounds a gunshot whenever the left mouse button is pressed; Dpaint Tutor, WinSize-change window size from CLI easily, and lots more. ? * 132 Videomaker Utilities - This disk is packed with utilities to make your desktop videos easier to produce and more professional looking. ? *133 DOS Helper - Designed to help you with the AmigaDOS commands. Supports multitasking. APPLICATIONS ? *135 Applications n - Long Movie-plays several Iff pictures, creating animation. QuickBase-a mail manager Dbase, Persmait- a DataBase for keeping records. SOUNO MUSIC ? *18 Future Sound Demo - Another great sound demo of digitized sound, Includes the wicked witch of 0Z, breaking dishes, sea gulls, car crash, ducks, others. SLIDESHOWS D *1 Norman Rockwell -17 beautiful digitized Rockwell paintings in this self-running slideshow presentation. ? *108B Juggler - Famous demo that shows the beautiful raphics ol the Amiga
* 120 Pictures6 - Great Iff and Ham pictures that can be displayed from Workbench with their own icons. AMIG DISKS Quality User Supported Software works with all Amiga systems Name. State ? Send Catalog GAMES ? *38 Basic GrabBag2 - Arou nd 25 programs of various types. Many of these are must-haves. At less than $ 20 each, you can't go wrong! L *44 GamesS * More great games including Life, Vegas Slot Machine, Reversi, others. ? *52 Basic Games - Tons of Abasic games - discover some treasures! ? *61 Abasic GrabBag - Only about 100 of all types!!!!! ? *102 Sinking laland - Return to Sinking Island is an excellent adventure game. Well worth the price - hours of enjoyment!!! (By Terry Fike) ? *114 Potpourri X - Othello, A key-shortcut program lor AmigaDos. Various new tools, automatic printer-driver generalor, much more. G *118 Great Graphic Games - Includes Missle Command, 3-D Triclops, Cosmo-asteroids clone, BrakeOut. Yatzee, Hack and more. ? *121 Backgammon - A great game from David Addison. ? *122 Solitaire - Two versions by David Addison. ? *123 Cribbage - Take on the computer. ? *124 Milestone- A great computer version of Miles Bournes by the author of Monopoly for the Amiga, David Addison. ? *125 Othello - A great 3-D version of this popular game. C *127 Wheel of Fortune - Everythingbut Vanna! Great graphics and sound (even speech). ? *137 Blackjack - A full-featured game which allows pair- splitting, double-down, etc. ? *148 Boulder Dash - Very popular game with excellent graphics and has several challenging levels. ? *153 Tunnel Vision - A fantastic 3-D game with excellent sound, speech, and graphics. ? *154 MAXIT - A fun strategy game that you can play against a human or computer opponent ? 155 Battleship * Play against the computer. Has great sounds like missiles and explosions. GRAPHICS ? *119 mGAD - Afull-featured computer-aided design program. ? *136 Graphics2 - Border Set-useful for desktop publishing and video, making cards, coupons or menus, and your own artwork. ANIMATIONS ? *144 Christmas Animations - 10 beautiful scenes and with Fantastic sound, ? SHIPPING Free U.S. Canada - 25C per disk Foreign * 50c per disk ? COD (U.S. ONLY) (add S4 if you require COD) ? U.P.S. 2nd Day Air (Add S3) TOTAL ? Check MO ? Visa MC ? COD Disks Ordered graphics ? *145, ? *158 Sinking Island Q (TWO Disk Set!) By Terry Fike - Great text graphic adventure. 4 map scenes, underground chambers and much more. D *160 Pilot - Learn all you reed to know about Alaska with this pilot demo. ? *161 Sorry - Like the board game. Also includes bully and amazing. ? *162 Video Poker - All the fun of Vegas wifhout the risk! ? *163 Money&Trix - Grab the money, avoid the tax collector. Also Trix, an arcade like game. ? *164 Bank'in - By Hal Carter, Keep your account in perfect balance. ? *165 Wheel with Vanna - Play against two computer opponents. The game with everything, including Vanna. ? *166 Hedit- A text editor. Try this one. You'll never use Ed again. ? *167 Public Domain Catalog - By Hal Carter, Keep track of all your disks. ? *168 Grocery LiBt - Complete itemized printout ot all your grocery items. ? *169 Ledger - Track income and expenditures. Great for small businesses and clubs. ? *171 Escape from Jovi - Escape from underground cave system of Jupiter. ? *173 Mastermind - Break the hidden code. A game for people who like a challange, ? *1741 or 5 Stay Alive - A dice game for the daring, Don't get too greedy or you’ll lose it all. ? *175 ART - Another great graphic disk. Volcano with burning lava. Ocean scene (sunrise to sunset) C *176 Galactic Worm - Great arcade maze like game. Also super BrickouL C *177 Kamikazi Chess - Lose all your pieces to win! ? *23 Monopoly - Excellent color and graphics in this adaption of the famous board game. Play against computer opponents. This program is detinitely of _ commercial quality - a must! Requires 512K. ? *27 Amoeba Invaders - This fantastic game plays just like the original arcade classic, Space Invaders, but with enhanced color and digitized sound. You'll find more great games on this disk, ? *128 Space Games - Cosmoroids (like asteroids) and Gravity Wars highlight this disk just full of games. ? *131 PacMan ’87 • Better than the original. Great graphics, soundrand options. Keeps a top-10 list. Maybe our most popular disk. ? *139 Bull Run - Great Civil War strategy game, Disk also includes a small Data Base, Reminder, Grocery _ Construction Set Will Kit, Label Maker programs. ? *142 9-Bert - Fashioned from the popular G-Bert game. Good graphics. Other Programs include MakeLabel, Nutty 9 game, Softball Status program, Hustle! ? *77 Instruments - Turn your keyboard into 25 different musical instruments. ? *37 Business Programs 1 - The programs include an address book, an amortization program, talking mail _ manager, label printer, and much more. D *140 Virus Killer - End the worry of having the virus on your disks. Excellent utility program. ? *146 Calendar - A very good personal calendar! For special events, bill-tracking, etc. For SUPPPORT or INFORMATION call (503) 826-7679 NEW ADDITIONS jr V f
- f" v, * t 1 ‘t- i €% 4 in i- t. i & ? ¦4 r • r ' 1'he Talking Coloring Book uses multiple approaches to leach colors, as well as recognition and reading of color names. This program is fun to use, incorporates good graphics and speech, and gives your child a nice tool with which to draw, color, and print pictures. It requires little reading ability. Kinderama '7 Unicorn Software ’ $ 49.95 Preschool-K Ages 5-6 Using speech, graphics, and animation, Kinderama instructs young children in basic math, keyboarding, and some reading. Single-digit counting, addition, subtraction, letter location, and reading are incorporated into five different activities all based on the robot theme. Unfortunately, because this is the only Unicorn product that appropriately matches its content and design with the cognitive level of the child, it is the only one I can recommend. The Robot Readers series is noteworthy in its traditional approach to reading instruction, but it suffers from poor-quality speech. Each program presents story classics complemented by fine graphics. The story text is displayed on screen, and as the computer “reads” to the child, the individual words are highlighted. The programs are easy to use, and more importantIv, they offer several effective learning ac- concentration game. Reading abilitiy is not required, as the program “speaks” clearly to the child in easy- to-understand language. TfrfSs The Talking Coloring Book Britannica Software makes science a participative sport by teaching about dinosaurs through creative discovery. In its animated simulation mode, students take the role of one of three dinosaurs to learn about survival in five different ecosystems. In another mode, children can build replicas of six dinosaurs (while learning the animals' biological classifications) or design their own. Finally, kids can print their masterpieces to conventional paper or to transfer paper (included in the package) that you can use to iron the design onto a T-shirt. Graphics and sound contribute to this quality program. Discovery series r Microlllusions $ 39.95 per subject K-12 This is the best educational game I’ve seen so far. Excellent graphics, animation, music, sound effects, and speech are used throughout and are tied directly to the programs’ content. Each disk in the series uses the same storyline and format: You (the student) are aboard a spaceship, and are lost somewhere in the universe. Earning your way hack home involves overcoming various obstacles (by answering questions) to find energy crystals hidden on the ship. The student sets the difficulty of the questions at the beginning of the game. Discovery topics include: spelling tivities. For example, the child can click on any object in the picture to find out what it is, or on any word to hear its pronunciation. Beginning Reading series MicroEd Inc. HS $ 89.95 K-Grade 2 The four-disk Beginning Reading series tutors children in word skills. The mouse-driven program incorporates quality speech. The computer reads a sentence aloud, then asks the child to order the component words, which are scattered on a grid, into the correct sequence. As children progress, they are presented with longer and more difficult sentences. Over 1000 words are included. La n 12 bsd Ed 1H1 Ed EE3 ted «' i> M HI JH s nnssa. Li'-uJ I£1
1. I ¦¦ 1 11 u 1 »• 1 u u LJ u
I. -I :*¦ ;• T¥>t1 too: A 1 I Te - t
l. iii LkHfpr J1"pi 'Yr- - . ).-*«• titxi LI ¦ W 1 IMP__. J So if you consider your time to be a valuable commodity, give us a call. It won’t take much of your time and it might save you a whole lot more. And by the way, none of our products will set you back a thousand bucks. MUSIC so
- _ ,|[»1 down. With today’s modern computers it’s not your hardware that’s slowing you down, its your software! All that loading and unloading programs, installing alternative operating systems, or just the time it takes the software to re-draw the screen. Those lost minutes can easily cost you lost hours! Time is money” istheoid saying. But musicians know that time is often more valuable than money. Wasted time can mean lost inspiration! You bought a computer to save you time, but now you’re feeling all bogged Sort ty lane Seri tv tala Attribute Filter FiniJ Attribute Finfl Test Find Similarity n I INTTBPW.Die 1 Instrurr INIIiBW.ClB 1 Inst tlirufic
l. lTiew hio 1 B node 1 1 Si's Pie 1 Lexicon 2 Tea dost 2 D151 CS 1 Generic 1 Ersoniq 4 Synclavier 4 Yamaha r 5 Tiger 5 Roland r 1 1 (. HidiPxe 1 e SPX-3B - ¦ - _L 1 1 Hlr.l 111 |lkj| L I 1 w Step Flat Petard *R Stea fine Paste Pitch: HldlPxt « Ert Stnd UlrdDMi EDITOR LIBRARIANS CASIO VZ-1 VZ-RIDER CZ RIDER DX HEAVEN EMU Proteus ESQ apade ESQ-1 SQ-80 4-OP DELUXE (Yahama) KAWAI K*1 KAWAI K-5 KORG M-1 LEXICON PCM-70 OBERHEJM MATRIX 6 1000 ROLAND D-110 ROLAND D-50 ROLAND MT-32 X-OR (UNIVERSAL EDITOR) )) Music Software of the Year 1988 ( Commodore Magazine “Whtle the KCS was powerful before, its newest additions, the PVG and Master Editor, are something to shout about. Prepare yourself for a new dimension in editing power." Mark Vail, Keyboard Magazine "(Copyist is} A composer's delight that provides score editing, file conversion capability, and custom printing all in one package Amiga World “The most powerful and dependable of MIDI sequencers for the Amiga is KCS. , Amiga World COMPOSITION SCORING TOOLS COPYIST PROFESSIONAL TIGER (GRAPHIC EDITOR) Nominated for 1989 Mix Tech Award in Music. Software MISCELLANEOUS MODEL-A MIDI INTERFACE PRODUCTS: SEQUENCERS LEVEL II KCS V 1.7 MRS V1.1 Dr. T’s MUSIC SOFTWARE 220 Boylston Street £> Suite 206 Chestnut Hill* MA 02167
U. S.A.
(617) 244-6954 FAX (617) 244-5243 Circle 35 on Reader Service card * V - * r v V f V J I G ji i m 4 i
p. . O
* * r" • * V r j * % i*
P. } V 6- p‘ Even though ConSOUNDtration is recommended for childen over the age of five, everyone from preschoolers to adults can sharpen his or her memory while learning and having fun with this concentration game. Superb speech and sound effects complement the program. The base package challenges students to identify letters of the alphabet, numbers, common objects, and more on lour learning levels. An expansion disk (S24.95) for upper-level students teaches geography, states and capitals, and so on. Math-A-Magician ® The Other Guys $ 39.99 Grades 1-8 A drill-and-practice program with four levels of difficulty, Math-A-Magician allows students to select While The Talking Animator can be fun for all age groups, it is most appropriate for K.-8 pupils. With it, students can create narrated animations. You begin by drawing a scene, then copy it to other screens where you can modify it. To add sound, the student * simply types in words. Page flipping is accomplished by repeatedly pressing a key to advance, and while the speech is robotic, it is acceptable. Adults can use the program for presentations and video projects. The Talking Animator is easy enough for a kindergartener to use. And offers a save feature. Uncle D's ConSOUNDtration ft ® Aloha Fonts (grades 1-10), math (grades 1-7), math concepts (grades 9-12). Geography (grades 9-12). And science (grades 9-12). The Discovery series is challenging and fun and keeps children coming back for more. $ 39.95 K-Adult This educational game, built around a circus setting, uses a drill-and-practice approach and employs excellent speech. Three activities help the child to learn words: unscrambling, matching, and typing words that the computer speaks. The package provides a number of word lists, but also lets parents add words and modify the computer’s pronunciation. Image Spinning Micro Ed Inc. i $ 59.95 Grades 4-8 V, Image Spinning provides structure and suggestions to help students get started writing and illustrating their own poems. Students can begin by enhancing and modifying starter sentences. Once a poem is complete, students can choose a background from among eight digitized pictures, and select a font, too. Unfortunately, this valuable program has no save or print options. Other MicroEd programs noteworthy for making effective use of digitized photos are Across the Plains, a study of westward migration, and Introducing Maps; both cater to the same age group. The types of math questions they will answer: addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division of fractions or whole numbers. Math tables are provided for quick reference. After the student has answered a group of questions, the program introduces a magician who rattles oft comical expressions after your answers. Math-A-Magician is fun. Although Queue is prolific in Amiga educational software, many of its offerings are substandard. Its Adventure titles are good, however, in supplementing formal schooling. The Reading (I, II, and 111 address different age groups). World I listory, Amer- TWO THUMBS UP! PRODUCED BY: Cache Systems association with Tandberg Data cVup lor the Future PEATUniNQj. 6QW 0 and 150MB Tape Back-ups COMING ATTRACTION: 300MB Tape Back-up Tandberg Data, a subsidiary 0f Siemens Corporation, has maintained its technological leadership since introducing the first VA" cartridge tape in 1973. Now Cache Systems brings that technology to your Amiga Computer. Our tape subsystems include the following features:
• Fast 5.4MB per minute back-up
• Embedded SCSI controller
• Ability to read lower capacity tapes
• Mirror image or file by file back-up and restore
• Extensive internal diagnostics
• Full one year warranty
• Optional extended warranty ?f course, Cache Systems also carries a complete line of Hard Disc Subsystems with capacities from 20MB to 6B0MB. It's no wonder we’ve left the competition behind. -5> iii Mlil ejs = ifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuniiiiiiiiiiriEii For more information, contact your local dealer or give us a call for a dealer in your area. CACHE SYSTEMS LTD. L.P. Your Storage Solution 917-A Disc Drive Scotts Valley, California 95066 C800) 525-6465 C408) 438-7535 Circle 71 on Reader Service card. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Computer Corporation. Ican History, Vocabulary (I, II, and III address different age groups), and World Geography (I-IV cover distinct areas) Adventure series are all text adventures based on real events and locations. To move through a story, students must answer multiple- choice questions relating to subjects they have studied in school. None of these programs are enhanced by graphics or sound. Galileo provides thorough instruction in astronomy via an on-screen planetarium. The student can define a geographical location, direction, and time of year from which to view the sky, and the program provides the appropriate display. A telescope feature lets you zoom in to any object or area and move through space to get different angles. To get information on a star or planet, simply click on it. Galileo is very thorough and requires concentration. .0 s if . » k: 'H :i i' t • A & I S- .'•C m f -* Si t ¦ » s J * rv‘ % '•vt * ¦A A * ** 4- s A* & Vs & $ V' T i £ 4 ¦> £ ¦VI % Subject to Testing Providing your child with various types of educational software helps ward off the boredom that is sure to encroach when only one learning method is employed. Some programs work best in certain situations. For instance, the Micro Ed and Queue offerings provide a palatable means for reviewing classroom instruction and preparing for standardized tests. Creativity packages and educational games, on the other hand, encourage productive breaks from academics. ? The Student Body SEVERAL TYPES OF programs answer to roll call in the Amiga educational market. 1 have identified six categories. Regardless of the subject matter, all learning programs belong to at least one group, and many combine characteristics of two or more. Drill and Practice: Despite its objectionable name, the drill-and-practice (i.e., repetitive demonstration and rehearsal) method can be effective. Many edu- cational programs especially elementary-level programs rely on practice to make perfect. T he best of this bunch are enhanced by creative graphics, animation, speech, and sound. Games: Probably the best programs for motivating students, educational games downplay traditional study, yet place great value on the child’s ability to answer questions correctly. Games make a child want to learn in order to win or get better scores. Many educational games have a drill-and-practice format, while others require decision making, problem solving, and reading comprehension. Tutorials: Tutorials teach concepts and skills in various ways. Some present material and then quiz students on the facts; not surprisingly, these types of programs are often boring. Another type of tutorial is the discovery method, whereby students learn as they advance through a sequence of steps. Simulations: Role-playing software provides a setting and circumstances, often enhanced by graphics and sound, with which the student must interact. Simulations can be tutorial in nature, introducing new concepts and honing skills as the student makes decisions and tries to solve problems in the new environment. Role playing emphasizes learning by doing, an excellent method of teaching. Interactive Adventures: Similar to simulations, interactive adventures are text based rather than graphics oriented. Such software requires that the pupil study a particular subject (in a classroom or from a book) before entering the program. After such preparation, the student can answer questions successfully to progress through the adventure. Tools: Programs you would not normally think of as part of the educational category word processors, database managers, spreadsheets, and graphics and music programs can serve as educators by easing the hardship of getting involved in new activities. This type of program is becoming popular as a means of learning to compose music, for instance, without having to play an instrument, ?
- MM Since 1982 SI 1 t "™M* Order Toll Free C ompui(ftbilltu Order Toll Free 800-558-0003 800-558-0003 S ST-138N 30 M£G ....479 DEL IVS Trumpcard and Seagate I Trumpcard 500 and Seagate Hard Drive Packages I Hard Drive Packages for for A2000 Series I Amiga 500 E ST-157N 49ME9 ...529DEL A ST-177N 60MEG ....759 DEL G ST-225N 20MES ....469 DEL A 8T-251N 40MEG ...539DEL 1 ST-277N 60MEG __ -...619DEL E 8T-296N 80MEQ „ „_„7MDEL these Wl* Inrludp IVS Trumpcjrd SCSI hard drive ctrf, ca We. Software >nd delivery inihe contiguous USA ThH Is ml arwiswmWy HI III Is a package Hard Drive Cards (A-2000) ST-138N 30MEG .....499DEL ST-157N 49MEG .....549DEL ST-I77N GO MEG .....759 DEL theso cards Inclurio IVS Trumpcard ctrlr, mounting bikL cW, sollwarc. And delivery In lie contiguous USA Hard Drive Cards For A-2000 equipped with Brtdgecard ST-138R 30 MEG ..349 DEL ST-157R 50 MEG .... 419 DEL these hard cards ire lor an Amiga-2000 with a brldpecartf. These drives win take up t .5 IBM slots on [he Amiga 2000 mrjlherboard Frea delivery In Ihe Contiguous States Modems Amiga 1680 Modem .99 Avatsx 1200E . 69 Avatex 2400 .139 ST-138N-30 Meg ST-157N-49 Meg ST-177N-450 Meg 549 Dellveredl 579 Dellveredl 799 Dellveredl Th Ppclqq Hcfcid»TnjiTpcnid600wncta>OT.l Inunpccsd ,SC3hdiiN»CM.Suft»xj» aii de ery h tw conHgutM USA Seaaate SUPER SALE ST-125N 20Meg-SCSI ......329 ST-138N 30 Meg - SCSI 315 ST-157N 49 Meg - SCSI ......349 ST-177N 60Meg-SCSI ......569 ST-225N 20 Meg - SCSI ......279 ST-251 N 40Meg-SCSI ......375 ST-277N 60Meg-SCSI ......429 ST-296N 80 Meg - SCSI ......539 Supra 2400 Baud Modem & Cable
• SPECIAL $ 139 • Free Delivery to the 48 Contiguous Statu XETEC Fast Card Systenr w Seagate HardDrfvo Packogma for Amiga2000 ST-138N-30 Meg ....469 Del ST-157N-49 Meg ....509 Del ST-138N-30 Meg .....659 Del MASTER 3A Disk Drive 1010 Compatible $ 139 Free Delivery to the Contiguous States Special VIDEO PACKAGE PANASONIC 1410 CAMERA 16MM LENS WITH VARIABLE IRIS COPYSTAND WITH LIGHTS DIGIV1EW GOLD $ 419 DELIVERED! Authorized Amiga Dealer CALL US! For Alt Your MISC. HARDWARE Ami GEN ......„ .. 135 Super SEN .... .669 Magni 4004 Genlock 1389 Ricker Fixer ..455 Pertecl Sound ... 69 Chinon FB 354 Inlemat Driw 69 Period Vision .... 175 Color Splitter 89 ASDG Dual Serial Port .....199 PANASONIC Printers 1180 NEW NEW NEW ....„,..,1S9 119! NEW NEW NEW ... 229 1124 NEW 24 Pin ..... 329 STAR Printers NX-1000 165 NX-1000 Rainbow (color) .. 229 jJ>NX-24Q0 » ....299 AMIGA SOFTWARE
1943. ..25.96 3 Demon .69.95 3D Options ......31.95 A-talk 3 .... -.64 95 A C Bosk: . 124.95 Advantage. Tho 46.95 Ajior Burner „......31.96 Allen Syndromo 24.95 Amiga DOS ToolPox ... 38.95 Anlmnglc .64.95 Anlrn 4 D Jr ...87.95 Animator Approntlco 174.95 An nab ol Homo 23.95 Afoxx ..29.95 AikanokJs ...18.95 Aunl AjIIc Adven. 25.95 Arturo .... 25.95 Attack on London 22.95 Audio Master 2 ...58.95 Award Ma kot .32.95 Awosomo Arc a do FV 32-95 Axo at tAsgo .31 %
B. A.D ..29.95 Bool ...19.95 Bal of Power 1990......31.95 Bard s lalo ...31.95 Hint Dbk ..15.% Bards Tole II ..38.95 Batman ....28.95 Batlto CI*oss .31.95 Battlo Hawks 1942 .....31.95 BatllolochrCf Hklnc. 31.95 Bor ork 3 ....« ..22.95 BkJstoroHs ..CAJl Bfcxxl Money 25.95 Bootnerald ...25.95 Brtdo ol the Robot 24.95 Broadcast IHIor 184.95 Bubble Babble 25.95 Bubble GhosI ......22.95 Calamus .274.95 Ca&omta Games 31.95 Caltgrophor .74.95 Captain Blood 31.95 Captain flu .19.95 Carrn. SonDbgoAMd 28.95 Canlor Command .... 28.95 Centerfold Squares... 18.95 Chessmaster 2000 ..... 28.95 Chossmas1or2l00 31.95 Chrorrapaht 48.95 City Desk 2.0 114.95 Clue Moslor Dolocf .. 25.95 Colony ......31.95 Corrfc Setter 69.95 Corrfc Art Dbks (oa) . 20.95 Contra .. 25.95 Curse Busier .19.95 Cyber Complex 21.95 Dark Side 24.% Data Storm .24.95 Doathbrlnger ......24.95 Defender Crown ......31.95 Doja Vu; I or 2 ...... 3 1.95 Deluxe Musk: Cnst 2.061.95 Deluxe Paint III 97.95 Deluxe PhotoLab 97,95 Doluxo Print II ......51.95 Deluxe Productions. 128.95 Deluxe Video VI.2 ....84.95 Demons Winter 26.95 Design 3D .59.95 Deskgnasaurus ....30.95 Devon Ajro Dla Capor3 1.95 Dlgldrold .. 59.95 Dig Spa Inf ...38.95 Dlglpatnt3.0 ..64.95 DlgMewGold 124.95 DlgNvork 3D ......82.95 Dkiosaur Dbcovery Kl 25.95 Dbk Master ...28.95 Dbk Mechanic 54,95 Dos 2 Dos .31.95 DOUBLE DRAGON ...25.95 Doug's Malh Aquar.. 46.95 Dragon Forco 32.95 Dragon's lalf ......33.95 Draw A-2000 .....169.95 Dungeon Master 24.95 Dungeon Guest 31.95 Dynamic Drums .46.95 Farl Weaver Baseball 31.95 Ccxnmbsloners Dbk 14.95 MLBPA Slats ... 14.95 Elan Performer 35.95 Pbrnlnolor ..24.95 Effto ....28.95 Empire ......31.95 Excellence I Meg ... 158.95 Exolon 24.95 F-40 Pursuit Sim 28 95 FA 18 Interceptor 31.95 Face II .20.95 Faery Tale Advon 30.95 Falcon . ...31.95 Fantavbton, ..38.95 East Break .. 28.95 Federation ...31.95 Torrarl Formula I .31.95 Fiend Freddy Big lop 31.95 Floe Print ...32 95 riPTZONE .22.95 I light Simulator II 31,95 European Seen Oskl 9,95 Form In Flight 69.95 Formation ......44.95 Irani Pago ...74.95 Fulure Doslgn Dbk ..... 22-95 Gollloo tl 42.95 Gauntlet 1 ex II .31.96 Gettysburg ...38.95 GFA Basic 3.0 ......87.95 Gladiator ..25.95 GO .....24.95 Gold of the Realm .... 24.95 Gold Rush .24.95 Gaml Button 46% Grabbfl ...18.95 Grand Pit* Circuit 31.95 Gtinshlp ...35.95 Harley Davidson 31.96 Hash Enterprises CALL Harpoon ...25,95 HE AW METAL .....28.95 Hero; c* Ihe Lance ...26.95 Halo In One ..21.95 Hole In One-Crse Disk 13.95 Hollywood Poker 22.96 Hostage ....29.95 Hunt For Red Oc!obor31.95 Hybife .24 95 Hyper Dome 22.95 Indiana Jcnos Tp'Dm 24.95 Indoor Spods ......30.95 Innova toe b 2 ......48.95 Instant Music 13.95 Inter Font ..69.96 InlroCad ...46.95 Investors Advantage 59.95 Jack Nlckfcrus Golf .... 31.95 JN Courses cf 198914.95 Jot ......31.95 Journey ....31.95 Jug ... 24.95 Karat cats ..49.95 Kind Words V2.0 .64.95 King's Quest IV .31.95 Kingdoms d England 31.95 Knlghls at legend 31.95 Krbtol.lho 31.05 lancolol ...26.05 Last Inc a !ho .....24.95 I oadorbd duo pack 22.95 loathomock -,.24.95 Loburo Sutl lorry 25.95 Lebure Sort lorry II 3 1.95 Life and Death 31.95 Lights Camera Act.... 48.95 ! Eg k: works 184,95 lords Phlng Sun 31.95 MagoBan 1,1 ....114.05 Magic Johnson 512 ...24,95 Moglc Jcbnson I Mg 31.95 Manhvmlor ¦ N,Y 31.95 Marblo Madness 13.95 Mavb Boocon Typing 31.95 Maxl-Ptan 500 ....-------92-95 Max I-Plan Plus 123.95 ModtaHnoCRp Art ....21.95 Monaco . 19.95 Mlchfon Hit Dbk 41 ...32.95 Micro Flclvo Filer Plus I 14.95 Micro lawyer ......34.95 Mlcrcbaf Doslgn Dbk 22.95 Midi Magic ...CALL Midi Pec Studio VI.I 39.95 Midi View .23.95 Mighty Nerds .31.95 Mlndroll ...19.95 Mission Con Bat 32.% Mixed Up Mother Gs© 19.% Modolor 3D ..56% Moots kn ...38.% Movlo Soltor .59.% Murder on Ihe Allan . 39.% Musk: Studio 2.0 ..49.95 Music X 184.95 Netherworld .39.% Night Forco ..28.95 Novelty Fonts ..48,% Oblttorator 25.% Off Shore Warrior 24.95 On tine Platinum 58 % Oper Clean Sheets ... 25.% Oporallon Wo* 25.95 Optics .....114.95 Oswald .....23.% Outrun .31.95 Pago Ponderer 3 D ...94.% Page Softer ..59.% Ftago Slroam .....127.95 Pago Innkor ......59.% Pagefltppei Plus rx ...87.% Ron Pal .....94.% Phaser 57.% Pholcn Palrrf 2.0 .94 % Pholcn Fkslnl Surface 19.% Pholcn VldrCol An. ..87.% Photon Video Frans. 180.95 Pinball Wbcrd 22.% F4cne©r Plague 25.% Planel c Lusl ......24 % Platoon .....28% Pocket Rockols ..25.% Police Quest I 02 2 ...31,95 Populous ..32.% Ports of Cal 28.% Power Windows 2.5... 54.% Powerdiomo 26% Preebely ...48.% Print Master Pkjs 28 % Pro Script ..28.% Pro Sound Design 99.% Pro Video Gold 177.95 Pro Wrlto 2.0 .69.% Pr&Draw ...112.95 Professional Pago ... 228.95 Slructurod C»p Ad.. 36.% Templates ...36.% Prcfonls I & 2 ......21.% Project 0+ Backup .... 30.% Project Master 129,95 Prospoc I Maros Xor. 25.% Pub Games ..25 % Publslxu's Choice .. 114.95 Faiblsfxor Pfcis 64 % Puizto Slorvtxx* 25.% Gutk Sbvor ..41.% Qtx .22.% Quarter Back ,,...42.% Questrcn I! 32.% Rarrbo ill .,22.% Rarrpogo .24.% Raslcn ...,„?5% Raw Copy 36,% Realm of the Warlock? I.% Reel Fbh'n 29.% Renegade ?5.% Rolum lo Afksntb ...... 13.% Rhymfng Notebook... 26,% Ping Side ..24.95 Rood Raider .24 % Roacfwar 2000 ....26% Poboe op ..28 % Rock Challenge 25 % Rockel Ranger ,.,,......31,95 Roger Rabbit 26.95 Romantic EclODomo 25 95 Rubicon AlBance 20 % Sovago ..24,95 Scavonger ...CALL Scrabble ...26 96 Scribble* ....4695 Scribble Platinum......87.95 Securities Analyst ......49,95 Sox Vkens-OulGr Sp .. 25.95 Stiadcwgato 31% Shakespooro 74.95 Shlnobl ......31.95 Shogun . 31.% SldeArrrB . 25v95 Silent Service ....24.95 Sim City .....28.% Skate Wars ...31.% Sky Blaster 18.% Sky Chase ...24 % Sky Fox II ...13 % Sky Shark ..22.% Slipped Stream 17.% Softwood Flk> II 62.% Sorceror Lord 23.95 Spaco Harrier ......31.% Space Quest 1 or 2 ...31.% Space Quest 3 CALL Space F?acer 19.% Speedball 24.% Splnworld .J8.% Star Gldor II ..28.% Star Ray ....29,% Star Irek: Final Front. . 36.% Star Wars .24 % Street Fighter,,.,,, 25% Strip Poker B ..25.% Studio Mcglc ......59.% Sub Battle S»m 14.% Super Back ...48.% Superbase Personal.. 46.% Suporbaso Persona 12 87.% SuporBaso F}ro3.0 ... 189.% Superplan 8 7.95 Superstar Ice Hockey 31.95 Sword c* Sodan 31,%
T. V. Sports Foolbal.... 31.95 Tanglewood 24.% Technoccp ..3 l.% Temple of Doom 31.95 Totraquesl .„.24.% Totrb ...20.% loxl Ed Plus .....48 % Tost Drt e 2 - Iho Duel28.% CaWomki Cbal. ... 14.% Srjporcars 14,% Ihoxdor ....22.95 Thinker .... 38.% Thunder Blade 31.95 llrno and Maglk .26.% limes cl Lcre 24,% Ilian ..28.% lower Topplor 31.% transcripts 41.% Iriah at Honor 32.95 turbo Silver 3.0 t Mg 114.95 TV Show ....64.% IV Text .....,64.% Twflght Zone 24.% Unlmo 4 38.% Uhlrna 111 ....24.% Undersea Comando 31.95 Universal Mltlary Sim. 31.95 Vampire's Empke 28.% Vfcjoo Ettocls 3-D .... 113.95 VkJoaFonls ..„..„.,_..,,28.% Video 1 tiler ..84.% VkJoaScape 3D 2.0. 115.95 Interior Doslgn 22.% Virdlea tors .- CALL VF Professional 59.% Virus Infection Protec 28.95 Vhla 3-D ...87.% Wshol ......29.% War In Middle Forth ..31.%
W. Grotrky Hockey ..31.95 Who, What. When 64 % Wlow .-....25% Wind Waker 25.% Wings Of Fury 25.95 WordPerfect ..- 134.95 Works Platinum. The ..CALL WkJ Class Leader Bd. 28.% World lour Got 13.% X Spocs ....84 95 Zak McKracken 29.% Zany Gall .26.% Zootrope .8Z.% Zork Zero 38.95 Zyiraps ......2Z% IF YOU DON-T SEE IT CALL! Order Toll Free Since 1982 £o iiamet jf ec o i c5 NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE 800-558-0003 Wl ORDERS AND INFORMATION 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee, Wl 53217 ORDERING INFORMATION: &p*c*y *r*Wm. Nv (at! O»'lwwy >« || niha er-ueXof mOA y o’Omr. Tr-xcx* 14 bu»ln*u cnyi !o C*wr. Gchool t*.0:» w»lco’n* C.O.D. ch«rj«« mrm HOQ |fi Co lx U (J.S A. incut* S3.00 To'
• olw.it. ord*r*b% tn ppxifl tcx urMtri. Nin'murn J6.00 tAu1*rC*tf *"d Vt*n cdvi piwa* wd *.*¦» ¦¦ Bon MiMtlgubr*. Wl r»iU*n!i p-Mi» riclod* 5% uitilit. HI. AK, FPO. APO.r’u*m Rico *rd C*nad*n pi-. «dd 8%. Imppinfl. JxXntmi
* 6.00. Allothar *of»lan »dd SIW •hipping, minimum *19.00 All onl»'i tMppwd oiiBld* m*Contr*nt*l U.6.A. «'• in*pp*cl 'Xxt c««i lr»jr»dU.S. m*il. I! Shipping ch«rgB» nuad = h*tnlnlmum *moont you wll P* «mocn! AH gcod* ¦'• nra »n«J Ineljda »at!o*y w*"AnTy. W* do no! Gja-an»» Oornpnaatlty & »nb' *1. »3 &jr XJW pHc«l *al«i • ¦• Hn*l. All Oalaclln ralurrva flu* I H«v* ¦ ml urn auThorltwllon Mjmbxr. N**!* e»ll (X 357-61*1 to f*l»ln •" I* A * or jmyi r«*u'n wll fXST ¦ cc*p1*d flnd .i 'i.ibii-Y tjbwc! To change wfpout nolle*. Snipping *n 5 rtr t'rg ¦¦¦ nor-r*Tur«taP»*. We »*i'o (*>• xoiton w to Wl. Wpdalai muii bn b*n )l*dby »nd u«»r f**c!*y wth Tha Your child is ready to learn and your Amiga is an T* able instructor. Make the most of this potential with if the right software. Keep the selection criteria in mind, do some comparison shopping, and have fun! ¦ £ t. Margaret I ora bit o is president of the Computer-Assisted r. Learning Center (CALC) and founder and director of the >; tutoring and continuing education centers on PC-Link, AppleLink, and Q-Link.A former college English instructor, she has used computers for teaching since 1981 and is the author of many articles on education via computers. You can reach her on line (PC-Link: PCLearning, AppleLink: Lcrnter, Q-Link: Tcenter) or by mail at PO Box 73d, E. Rochester, AT 14445. Manufacturers’ Addresses AiohaFonts PO Box 2661 Fair Oaks, CA 95628-2661 Britannica Software 345 Fourth St, San Francisco, CIA 94107 415 546-1866 Hilton Android Corp. PO Box 7437 Huntington Beach, CA 92615 714 963-4584 Infinity Software 1144 65th St. Suite C Emeryville, CA 94608 415 420-1551 JMH Software 7200 Hemlock Lane Maple Grove, MN 55369 612 424-5464 Learners Image 560 600 North Logan, UT 84321 801 752-5608 800 255-8791 MicroEd PO Box 24750 Edina, MN 55424 612 929-2242 Microlllusions 17408 Chatsworth St. Granada Hills, CA 91344 818 360-3715 800 522-2041 The Other Guys PO Box 8 Logan, UT 84321 800 942-9402 Queue Software 562 Boston Ave. Bridgeport, CT 06610 203 335-0908 800 232-2224 Unicorn Software 2950 E. Flamingo Rd. Greenview Park, Suite B Las Vegas, NV 89121 702 737-8862 . Travel the globe with the best in simulation software; Flight Simulator™ and Jet™, Discover the world with Flight Controls I and Scenery Disk supplements to our integrated flight line! |t Call 800) 637-4983 for our new l* brochure. Right Simulator, Jet, and Right Controls I are trademarks of SubLOGIC Corp. IBM screens shown. Other computer versions may vary. EmjOGIC Software Discounters Cr'T*'? OF AMERICA [ .. . . 'Jx
• Free snipping on orders USA Canada Orders 1-800-225-7638 over $ 100 in continental USA PA Orders 1-800-223-7784 • No Surcharge for VISA MasterCard Customer Service 412-361-5291 • Your Card is not charged until we ship ORDER LINE HOURS: Mon.-Thurs. 9:00 AM-9:00 PM Fri. 9:00 AM-7:00 PM Sat. 10:00 AM-4:00 PM Eastern Time. 2 Dynamite INTRACORP Titles Low SDA Prices! EPYX As a hired thief, you'll search thru a maze-like mansion with many rooms, puzzles & passageways seeking precious hidden jewels. Devon Aire List $ 49.95 SDA Discount Price $ 32 NOW $ 9.88 Each Business Card Murder On Maker The Atlantic Ask your salesperson: "What's on Sale this Month?" T iine Bandit ..$ 25 . .$ 19 - Jourrtuy into the world of invincible knights & incredible seizes, battles, combats & victories. For the stout of heart & strategic of mind. Kingdoms of England List $ 49.95 SDA Discount Price $ 32 The new, critically acclaimed spotlight line of software brought to you by Cinemaware is taking the country by storm. Death Bringer List $ 39.95 SDA Discount Price $ 25 AC HON WARE Capone ...... $ 25 Phaser Gun ... $ 1*1 Prison ...... $ 25 ACTIVISION Arthur; The Quest ... $ 12 Battle Chess .. $ 12 Katlleliawks 1*142 .... $ 12 Neurumam er . $ 2*1 Rampage ..... $ 25 Shanghai .... $ 14 Zak MiKracken ...... $ 29 AEGIS Antmagit .... $ 65 Audio Master 2 ...... $ 59 Draw 201)11 .. $ 109 I ighls, I .tmera, At lion! $ 49 Ports ni Call .. $ 12 Videos* ape ID $ 129 Video Tiller .. $ 89 ACCESS
W. C. I eader Hoard. ... $ 29 ACC Ol ADI Bulihle Glt-isl $ 2 1 f asl Break . $ 29
- 41h is In* lies I ofilball $ 29 4lh X In. Team Const. $ *1.88 Grand Pri $ 12 Hardball $ 25 I .ii- k Nil klaus Golf .... $ 12 |.N, Goll Champ CoursexSl4 Test Drive .... $ 25 Test Drive 2: I he Duel $ 29 abac us Assent Pro $ -19 He* ker 1 ext .... $ 89 1‘rnlev.ional Data RetrieveC .ill 1 ext Pro Word Pro* essor $ 49 ‘Aha*us Hooks in Stock! C.ifl
T. Drive 2 Calif. Scenery $ 14
1. Drive 2 Super Cars . $ 14 ANTIC Bo Hu $ 2 1 Crash Carrel I $ 2 5 GfA Basil 3.U $ 95 ARCADIA Double Dragon .$ 26 ARTWORX bridge 5.0 .....$ 21 Cenlerfnld Squares ... $ 1*1 Daily Double Horse R.u irigSl'l ligsaw Pii lcriiain.i $ |9 I ink vs ord Languages Call Strip Poker 2 .$ 25
S. P. Data Disk 4 or 5$ 14 Ea. Tank Altack ...$ 19 World Snooker $ 16 BAUUVIUI Video Vegas ..$ 2 1 HI 1 HI St)A Gretzky Hotkey . . , . $ .12 Gridiron ..... $ 1*1 HRODERBUND Carmen San Diego World .....$ 29 Eanlasision ....$ 19 Operation: Clean Streets $ 25 Sim City .....$ 29 Sky Chase .....$ 2 5 Spat e Rater ...$ 19 Star Wars .....$ 2 5 BYTE BY BYTE Animate 3-D ...$ 99 Sculpt 3-D ....$ 65 CENTAUR
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AMW BLAWNOX, PA 15238 Circle 128 on Reader Service card ’Please Read the Following Ordering Terms & Conditions Carefully Before Placing Your Order; Orders with cashiers check or money order shipped immediately on in sto* k items! Personal X Company thetk>, allow 5 weeks i learance. No C.O.D.V Shipping: Continental U.S.A.*Orders under $ 1(10 add S3; free shipping on order* over $ 1(10. AK, HI, FPO, APO-adtl $ 5 on all orders. Canada & Puerto Rii o-adtl $ 7.5(1 on ail orders. Sorry, no other International orders accepted! PA residents add 6'!.. sales tax on the total amounl of order inc hiding shipping c hargev. CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS; Mon.-fri. 9 AM-5: II) PM Eastern rime, REASONS FOR CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE 4 12-161-5291 ( Dstatus of order or hat k order (2)il any merchandise purchased within 60 days from S.D.ol A. is defective, please call lor a return aulhori jiion number. We will not process a return without .1 return auth, s'! Defective merchandise will be replaced with the same merchandise only. Other returns subject to a 20"'. Restocking charge! After 60 days from your purchase date, please refer to the warranty included with the product purchased & return directly to the manufacturer. Customer service will not accept collect calls or calls on S.D.ol A s 800- order lines! Prices & availability are subject to change! New titles are arriving daily! Please call for more information. MODEM OWNERS: You can order from our Amiga Shop via the CompuServe, Genie and Q-Link electronic malls. ON GRAPHICS Tricks With Text 6 An occasional series of lips, techniques and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. Bv Joel Hagen YOU MAY BE surprised to discover that your favorite paint program is a highly versatile tool with which you can create a wide range of display effects with text. Many of the features we have discussed in this series in relation to painting and drawing techniques can also be used with text in strikingly effective ways. Text manipulation capabilities are not limited to only one or two specialized paint packages, either. All the effects presented in this article have been done with Deluxe- Faint 11 (Electronic Arts S 129.95), but most could also be produced with other programs, such as Photon Paint (Micro- Illusions S99.95), Deluxe PhotoLab (Electronic Arts S 149.95), and The Director (Right Answers Group S69.95), or in conjunction with PIXmate (Progressive Peripherals $ 49.95). If you are new to the Amiga, be aware that von can customize the font directory j j in your paint package with your own favorite louts. Font sets are available both commercially and through public domain disks. You can also create vour own j using font editors, such as the one on your Extras disk, - First, make a subdirectory in your font directory and copy the different point sizes into that directory. Remember to also copy the .font file for that style into your main font directory. These new fonts will appear in the paint package when you load the font directory from the menu option. If you have several disks full of fonts vou like to use, you * can name each disk Fonts and load it in dll: when you run Dpaint. Dpainfs priority will look to that disk instead of the usual font directory. If you change to another Fonts disk, pull up the screen format requester and click OK. Dpaint will reread the new Fonts disk. A large number of font styles in the directory, however, will cause problems in Dpaint II, although not in Dpaint 111. “Brushing” Up Your Text The two illustrations accompanying this article show several examples of text manipulation. I work on a spare screen for these operations, typing out the text, then treating it as a brush. The palette has been set up with four to six values of the background color ranging from dark to light, the background itself falling mid-range. Be sure the background is transparent when you cut out the text (or, if you are using Dpaint III, make sure auto transparency is on). You may find it handy to go to the Brush menu and select Handle at corner rather than the default center position. This lets you cut a brush and have it remain in place rather than jump as you complete the cut. With the text as a brush, you are ready to try some effects. Clear your work screen to the background color, and choose a foreground color that contrasts with it, or is a lighter or darker value of the background color. Fhe first example in Figure 1 is Outline. Set Prefs to Fast FB (fast feedback) and use the circle tool. Draw a small circle a lew pixels in diameter using the text as a brush. This makes a blob of foreground color on the screen that may not look legible at all. Select another color from the palette for visibility and hit F2 to make the text brush become that color. Position the text in the center of the "circle” you just made and click the left mouse button to lay it down in the new color. Clicking the right button stamps out the text in the background color, leaving a hollow outline. The first Your paint program is lull of features that can also be used to ereate a wide variety of unique, distinctive-looking display effeets with text. Outline example shows this simple stage, while the second shows the result of doing a vertical gradient fill in each letter, The right mouse button in die Fill tool brings up the Fill requester. You must establish a Range of colors in the palette that the gradient Fill can use. Below the Outline examples is Highlight. The text brush in F2 Mode, Color, is stamped down first in a bright highlight color, then shifted straight down a few pixels and stamped again in the desired text color. Below that is a variation on this operation, the Embossed look. The text brush is stamped down in a bright value of the background color, then moved two pixels over and two pixels down and stamped down in a dark value. The brush is then centered and stamped in the background color. For the Pressed effect, cut out a rectangle big enough to completely cover the text. From the Mode menu, select Smooth and stamp the rectangle over the text. This softens it as shown in the example. Me and My Shadows The next example in Figure 1 is an old standby, the Drop Shadow. Text is stamped down first as shadow color, then offset and stamped again as foreground color. Usually a shadow looks best offset to the lower right. Extrude is a variation on Drop Shadow. Select the straight-line tool and draw a short line at a 45-degree angle in a shadow color. Now stamp the text down in a highlight color. The actual example shown is a bit more complex. Set up a Range of colors from dark to light, and set Mode to F7, Cycle. The brush cycles through the range as it draws the line. At the upper right of Figure 1, you will see a text brush that lias been vertically bent using the Bend option in the Brush menu. Below that, there is a block letter created using gradient fill with a drop shadow to give it a look of dimension. If you are using The Director, Highlight, Embossed, Outline, Extrude, and Drop Shadow effects can be done in any font directly from the script without using IFF screens full of prepared text. This is a great memory saver. Simply specify font, color, and location before giving the text command, and repeat those commands with die color changes and offsets suggested here. For animation, this is also a powerful way to put text directly into any Atiim if you run it with The Director. Figure 2 shows the wor d “shadow” in several variations, illustrating a favorite effect of mine. The technique relies on using the Smooth mode, which we discussed previously in relation to the Pressed effect. Smoothing is done to a dark value of the text to soften the shadow edges into the background, giving a more natural diffuse look. Repeating the operation softens it further. (You can achieve the same effect with PIX- mate using the Average operation in Image Process.) Compare these drop shadow variations with those in Figure 1. The hard, jagged edges of the shadowing in Figure 1 are gone, giving us quite a distinctive look, not often used in Amiga displays. These are only a few of the many in- teresting ways you can manipulate text in your paint program. Explorer the paint tools yourself with a text brush to discover the countless possibilities available to you. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. He will be happy to answer questions concerning “Accent on Graphics“ if you include a S.A.S.E. when writing to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale> CA 95361. Creative Computers mm ; [l |> !j!t!Mr5)j*!.' V&¥ j oiohkrstatus VISA, MasterCard!, Amerkon Express, Discover, International Phone and Mail Orders, Educational, Corporate and Aerospace Purchase Orders Accepted. 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 Mon.-Sat. 8 a.m.-6 p.m. PST FAX: 213-214-0932 SOFTWARE 3-DEMON ....95 4*4 OFF ROAD RACING ....32 16 4TH 4 IMCHE5 CONSTRUCTION ... 9 95 4TH AND INCHES .29 ?i 64 EMULATOR 2 49 96 A B ZOO .....25 99 A TALA III 64 97 AAARGH1 ... 23 95 AC EASlC-COMPILE A .. . '34 06 AC FORTRAN 210 95 ACCOUNTANT ......136 95 f
- - Iff Dragon s lair ($ 39.95)
* XDJOtSlTtO* 13 *9 95 ACTION FIGHTER . 25 95 AORUM .....51 98 ADVENTURES OF SIN3AD . 32 *6 AEGIS ANIMATOR . 37 55 AFGI5 DRAW 1 4 ... 52 55
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• AMIGA LISP LAKDAIt 59 95 ANALYTIC ART GRAPHICS 36 95 ANDROMEDA MISSION . 2b 95 AN MAL KINGDOM .....32 46 AN MATE 3Q .... 99 95 AN MOTION . 62 95 AN MATSON EDITOR ...... 36 95 AN MATlON EFFECTS ..... 32 46 ANI MATION FLIPPER .....36 95 AN WATION MULTIPLANE ...... 56 46 AN MATlON ROTQSCOPE ..51 95 AN MATlON STANQ 32 46 ANIMATORS APPRENTICE 184 95 ANNALS OF ROME . 24 55 ANTI-VIRUS ..... 25 55 ARA20ICS TOMB ..31 25 ARCADE ACTION PACK .. 34 95 AREXX .... 32 95 ARTHUETIC 32 *6 ARKANGID ..19 95 ART GALLERY 15 2 ..... 25 95 ART GALLERY FANTASY .. 23 36 ART OF CHES5 .. 22 95 ASHA S FONTS ..5! 95 ASSEMPRO ...... 71 95 ATREDES (BBS). 9? 46 AUBIOUASTfR II 54 95 AUNT ARCTIC ADVENTURE ...... 75 95 AUTOCAD TRANSLATOR 139 95 AUTOCUE! 27 00 NEW FROM CENTAUR: *| A THE SILENT DRIVE*169 WffTH B.A.D ACCELERATOR SOFTWARE up-te-500% SP«D INCREASE)) FUTURES: * CSI 3200 * Clkklut • Small tompad design • Metal case
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* PAINTJET PAPEP CATCPEX 73 95 XEROX 4020 4 PACK INK 19 95 MOM (RIMl PROMOTIONS! ¦ 2 MB RAM (AID $ 549.00 (For A2000-Fxpandable to 8 MB,) m Amiga Live! 2000 $ 349.00 ¦ Flicker Fixer $ 479.00 (Eliminate all flicker and scanline gaps 100% optional multisync monitor A2000 only.) ¦ SCULPT-ANIMATE JR. $ 99.95 1 ff A FREE SHIPPING! IF YOU DECIPHERED our little numbers games at the end of Part I last month, you now know who the murder victim is. And you have the answer to the first question of the Mystery Solution: WHAT HAPPENED? If you didn’t get the answer, you may still be able to deduce It from this month’s clues, which begin on page 56. In any event, when working on this month’s clues, remember to keep a copy of last month’s story and list of characters at hand. You will need them for reference and to piece together all the elements of the entire Mystery Solution. MURDER AT SARATOGA Part II This month you will be getting some help from one of the characters. We pick up the story the morning after the Travers Stakes, the Silverspoon Ball, and, of course, the murder. About 6 am the Saratoga police discovered the victim, who was found with numerous stab wounds that reveal a recurring pattern of three curved incisions in each group, all approximately four Inches apart. Around 7 am the police called all of last night’s patrons at Madigan’s and all the guests at the Silverspoons’ party, summoning them to an inquest this afternoon at 2 pm in the Grand Ballroom of the Gideon Putnam Hotel. One such person, newspaper columnist and computer handicapper Andy Axfeld, was already suspicious of yesterday’s events. If you remember from last month, Andy couldn’t believe that longshot Hope's Last Chance was capable of winning the Travers and that Rambling Boy would finish a dismal last. After all, Andy has been doing his computerized race form figures for over 10 years and results like yesterday's almost never happen. Andy has been on the phone and out about town all morning talking to people concerning the murder. Now, at noon back in his room, he has put together all his information in the form of a chronology of yesterday’s events. He knows that somewhere within it lies the key to solving the murder, and that he and you will find It in the two hours remaining before the inquest. All of the facts Andy has gathered are true, but only some will be relevant, while others will prove to be red herrings. When you have sifted through all of them (along with the elements of the story presented last month), and deduced the connecting links between the relevant ones, you will know the Mystery Solution: WHAT? WHO? WHERE? WHEN? HOW? And WHY? When you do, fill out the Mystery Coupon (or a facsimile) at the bottom of page 55. All entries must be received by Tuesday, August 15, 1989. In order to give everyone an equal chance of winning and to discourage anyone from “stuffing the ballot box" with multiple submissions you may enter only once. Also, only one entry per return address will be accepted. Please remember that prizes are not transferable. Send your entry to AmigaWorld Mystery Sweepstakes, 80 Elm St, Peterborough, NH 03458. The 12 Finalists will be selected from a random drawing of all correct entries held on Thursday, August 17, 1989. Listen for your telephone notification that day. Confirmation will follow by mail. Which of the 12 Finalists will win the Grand Prize is something we cannot reveal right now. (This Is a mystery, after all, and you know there’s always going to be a final twist or two.) All 12 Finalists, however, will be made aware of how the Grand Prize winner will be selected when they are notified on August 17. A separate Consolation Drawing from the remaining correct entries will be held immediately after the Finalists have been drawn. Consolation Prize Winners will be notified by mail within two weeks. The complete solution to the mystery, plus the names of the Grand Prize Winner, Runner-up Winners, and other Finalists, will appear in the October issue. A complete list of prizes will appear in November. The odds of winning will depend on the number of correct entries received. If the prize is not claimed, a second drawing will be held to award It Taxes and duties on all prizes are the sole responsibility of the winner. Prizes are not transferrable, nor are they redeemable for cash value. No purchase necessary. All federal, state and local laws apply. Void wherever prohibited by law. Anyone of any age may enter. Minors must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian to claim the prize. If the winner resides outside the US or Canada, the Amiga 2000HD prize will be shipped to the winner at our expense. There will be no Getaway Weekend in this case. Employees of IDG Communications Inc., Its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, and their families are not eligible to enter. Entry constitutes permission to use the winner's name, photograph, or other likenesses for promotional purposes without further compensation to the winner. Submissions become the property of AmigaWorld and cannot be returned. AmigaWorld is not responsible for lost, misdirected, N or iate mail. All entries received after August 15 are void and ineligible for the drawing. The winner and his or her companion assume all risks and dangers Incidental to traveling to and from the site of the Getaway Weekend, and agree that AmigaWorld, IDG Communications Inc. and its affiliates, and the organizers of AmlEXPO, are not liable for any Injuries, loss, or other mishaps suffered during the period specified for the Getaway Weekend. Fourth Prize CONTRIBUTORS* flickerFixer (MicroWay) Precision Inc. $ 3899 Fifth Prize Sound Quest Inc. $ 3725 The Productivity Power Pack ReadySoft Inc. $ 1019 Superbase Personal 11 (Precision) Communications Specialties Inc. $ 895 Superplan (Precision) Dr. Ts Music Software Inc. $ 848 A-Talk III (Oxxi) Talto Software Inc. $ 700 SupraModem 2400 (Supra) MicroWay Inc. $ 595 Oxxi inc. $ 573 Sixth Prize Supra Corporation $ 540 The Vital Video Pack Blue Ribbon Bakery $ 500 GEN ONE Genlocking Encoder (CommunicaAnakin Research Inc. $ 499 tions Specialties) Software Visions Inc. $ 495 Desktop Video Graphics Tape Series (Cape intelligent Music $ 398 Fear Teleproductions) Soft-Link Inc. $ 350 DigiTek Software $ 340 Seventh Prize Pre’spect Technics Inc. $ 334 Dr. T’s Starter Studio (Dr. T’s Music Software) Xetec Inc. $ 300 Level 11 Sequencer Spectrum HoloByte $ 290 Copyist Professional Antic Software $ 290 Editor Librarian of your choice Strategic Simulations Inc. $ 260 Model-A MIDI Interface Pacific Peripherals $ 250 Magnetic Images Co. $ 250 Eighth Prize Abacus $ 242 The Gorgeous Graphics Pack The Computer Outlet $ 200 Easyl (Anakin) Visual Aural Animation $ 198 36 35mm Color Slides of IFF or HAM images Moonlight Development $ 160 (Hammond Photographic Services) Poor Person Software $ 160 DMH Technologies $ 150 Ninth Prize Hammond Photographic Services $ 144 The Helpful Home Management Pack Electronic Arts $ 110 PHASAR (Antic) Psygnosis Ltd. $ 105 Tax Break (Oxxi) Cape Fear Teleproductions Inc. $ 100 Microfiche Filer (Software Visions) Public Domain Software Resource $ 72 Graphic Expressions $ 65 Tenth Prize Super Seven Game Pack-I Seven different Amiga game favorites
* This list does not include the sponsors GO AMIGA!, LightSpeed Distribution, and The Software Shop of the three top Prizes outlined above, nor the dollar values of those prizes. Nor does It Include the value of the Getaway Weekend, which cannot be determined until the winner's location is known. However, using the manufacturers' suggested retail prices for the Grand Prize and the Runner- up Prizes, and an estimated value of ST500 for the Getaway Weekend, the total value of the Contest is $ 25,951 when these are added to the total of the list above. An Amiga 2000HD Plus A Getaway Weekend For Two Your Amiga 2000HD Includes a 40-megabyte hard-disk drive, one megabyte of RAM, and a color monitor. And well fly you and one guest to collect your prize at AmlEXPO in Santa Clara, CA, at a special presentation ceremony to be held Saturday, October 21, 1989. You’ll be the personal guests of Amiga World at the No, 1 Amiga show In the country and receive
V. I.P. treatment from AmlEXPO organizers. Our Getaway Weekend includes two round-trip airline tickets = depart 10 20 89, return 10 22 89) and hotel accommodations (compliments of AmiEXPO) for two nights. The Amiga 2000HD with monitor has been generously donated by GO AMIGA! Of Redwood City, CA. Runner-Up Prizes Second Prize An Amiga 500 Your Amiga 500 includes 512K RAM, one disk drive, and a color monitor. This prize has been generously donated by LjghtSpeed Distribution of Portland, OR. Third Prize A Xetec Hard Drive System This 20-megabyte hard-drive system will be made available to you in whichever configuration is required by your system Amiga 500, A1000, or A2000. This prize has been generously donated by The Software Shop of Worcester, MA. Eleventh Prize Super Seven Game Pack-ll Seven more Amiga favorites Twelfth Prize Super Seven Game Pack-Ill And still a third selection of seven! MYSTERY COUPON WHAT? (victim) WHERE?___ WHO? (murderer) WHEN? (be specific) WHY? (be brief) HOW? (weapon) Address: AmigaWorld Mystery Sweepstakes AmlgaWorld 00 Elm St, Peterborough. NH 03458 Entries must be received by August 15, I939. Day Phone: Name: .-- THE 19 8 9 AMIGAWORLD MYSTE Chronology of Events Saturday EPSTAKES 6:30 am Preparatory to leaving for his stable and while his wife slept upstairs, Bulord Langtry breakfasted alone in the dining room of the Gideon Putnam Hotel, 10 minutes' drive west of the racetrack. The Langtrys, residents of Louisville, KY, have taken a suite two bedrooms, living room, and terrace for the August season. Miranda Langtry is an accomplished actress in Louisville's famous regional repertory theater. 6:40 am Mindy Lee Silverspoon was up early and in the kitchen of the Canfield Casino, where she went over the party's food preparations with her young caterer, Preston Green. Green is the Illegitimate son of Willy McDermott. 6:50 am A bright-colored sports car was seen pulling up in the Gideon Putnam parking lot outside the dining room window. 7:00 am Jeremiah Stone breakfasted on the verandah of his elegant residence across the road trom the racetrack with Clara Gilsum. The two were discussing details of Clara's long-cherished Spa City Development scheme in which Stone is the major investor. Marjorie MacKenzie’s Three Legs Farm is situated in the middle of the parcel of land earmarked for development. 8:00 am Everett Whitley, Jeremiah Stone, and Bill Walker were at Whitley's stable going over Rambling Boy's strategy for the race. Young Whitley, age 28, has worked for Stone since he was 15 and became head trainer at 21 upon the death of his father = Stone’s trainer for 25 years). Jockey Walker, who weighs 112 lbs. And is left-handed, was about to take Rambling Boy out for his morning gallop when Harry Stone came to a screeching halt outside the stable in his red Maserati, nearly puncturing his front tire on a pitchfork on the ground nearby. His father was furious that Harry could have spooked Rambling Boy, but Harry laughed it off. Stone had spoken only yesterday about his son's carelessness and loose living, threatening once again to disinherit him. At the stable of Syl Vestry, directly adjacent to Whitley's, the trainer was engaged in similar preparations with Marjorie MacKenzie and ‘‘Kid" Russell concerning Hope's Last Chance. Russell is right-handed and also weighs 112 lbs. In the stable next to Vestry's, which belongs to Buford Langtry, jockey "Juice" Johnson waited for Langtry. The trainer had last night left him written instructions to meet him at 7:30 am. Langtry goes to his stable every night at 11 pm for a brief check on his horses. Whitley performs a similar check every night at 12 midnight, while Vestry does likewise at 1 am. Johnson got tired of waiting for Langtry, and left at 8:15 am. Johnson was once suspended by the Racing Commission for six months for consorting with known gamblers. 9:00 am At the opening of the Adirondack Trust Bank, which is five minutes' drive north of the racetrack, Jeremiah Stone, Buford Langtry, Harry Stone, Big Joey D., and D.B. Silverspoon were all in various lines at the tellers' windows. Jeremiah withdrew $ 50,000, Buford: $ 5000, D.B.: $ 10,000, Harry: $ 10,000 against his trust fund, and Joey D. cashed a $ 50,000 bank check. 9:10 am Marjorie Mackenzie arrived at Madigan's and met Davis Longfellow for breakfast. The widow confided that if Hope's Last Chance didn't win the race,'she didn't think she could meet nexl month’s mortgage payment on Three Legs Farm. Longfellow is a frequent dinner guest at Marjorie's although he rarely stays past 8 pm. Andy Axfeld himself was also at Madigan’s talking with Jimmy "The Satchel" Mikaros. Jimmy has been denied entry to the racetrack’s grounds because of his bookmaking activities. 9:20 am Big Joey D. and Cherry Flowers were seen driving by the Casino, Cherry got out of the car to take some pictures. 9:25 am Buford Langtry arrived at Madigan’s and ordered a double bourbon, and engaged the proprietor in conversation. Jake Madigan was a bos’n’s mate in the Navy during the Vietnam War. 9:35 am Cherry Flowers arrived at Madigan’s to seek out Jimmy "The Satchel," and in a not-very- discreet voice placed a $ 10,000 bet against Rambling Boy. Cherry was seen at Madigan's the previous night where she introduced herself to Everett Whitley and engaged him in quite intimate conversation for over an hour. 9:45 am Cherry Flowers left Madigan’s just as Marjorie MacKenzie got up to leave. Langtry headed over in the direction of the bookmaker, but spotted his old friend Davis Longfellow. The two men quickly became locked in deep conversation. Longfellow worked on The Louisville Cour- ier-Journal before moving to Saratoga. 10:30 am Harry Stone returned to the bank and withdrew another $ 10,000 against his trust fund. 11:00 am Buford Langtry arrived at the Racing Secretary's office to withdraw his charge Dervish from the Travers Stakes. He explained that he had conferred with the horse’s octogenarian owner, who is in Kentucky, and they both felt Rambling Boy was unbeatable. Seven years ago Langtry lost a $ 25,000 bet to Jeremiah Stone in a match race between their best horses. 12:00 Noon Buford Langtry returned to his stable, walked next door to Syl Vestry's stable, where Davis Longfellow was talking with Syl, but then returned to his own stable. 1:00 pm Jeremiah Stone, carrying an attache case, was seen arriving at Clara Grlsum's real estate office. After Stone left, Davis Longfellow, who had just come from the Mayor’s office, was seen driving up to the front entrance, picking up Clara, and driving off to the Gideon Putnam for lunch. 1:30 pm Big Joey D. and Cherry Flowers arrived at the Terrace Dining Room at the racetrack. Cherry was wearing "Trouble" perfume. 2:00 pm Buford and Miranda Langtry also arrived at the Terrace, brushing past Big Joey D. and Cherry on the way to their own table. Miranda was wearing "Obsession" perfume. 2:15 pm Cherry Flowers told Joey she was going to the "powder room," went downstairs to the public bar, and met Harry Stone. Harry gave her a hug while slipping a brown envelope into her open purse. Harry once had a one-night fiing with Cherry a couple of years ago when she was "performing" in Albany. Meanwhile, Willy McDermott was seen stopping at Joey’s table carrying an open briefcase. 2:30 pm Jeremiah Stone and Everett Whitley arrived at their table at the Terrace after a final check on Rambling Boy. Stone had two quick martinis and then began a somewhat sentimental monologue addressed at Whitley to the effect that "it was seven years ago today that Everett's daddy had died" in that terrible training accident when he [Stone] had demanded that Whitley's father reshoe the stable's Travers hopeful because he had been kicking up such a terrible storm in his stall. 3:00 pm Miranda Langtry excused herself from her table to walk back to the stables. While walking by Everett Whitley’s bam, she met Harry Stone, who said he had just fed Rambling Boy a couple of his favorite treats carrots. On their way back to the Terrace, they met Whitley who headed toward the stable to check on some last-minute preparations. 3:30 pm "Kid" Russell stopped by Syl Vestry’s stable to pick up his tack for the big race. As he approached the tack room, however, he heard Syl talking out loud about something that sounded like "Hope's Last Chance, indeed!" But no one besides Vestry was present and the trainer was sipping steadily at his hip flask of scotch. 4:00 pm Jimmy "The Satchel” Mikaros picked up the phone at Madigan’s and called in his action on the big race to the syndicate: “550,000 to win on Rambling Boy, $ 10,000 the entire field against Rambling Boy, and $ 5000 to win on Hope’s Last Chance." Madigan, trying to listen at the end of the bar, scowled and walked out the back door. 4:30 pm Jockeys and trainers assembled at the paddock where the horses were being saddled for the big race. Bill Walker, with his perennial pocketful of carrots, offered Rambling Boy one but the horse turned his head away. 5:00 pm Marjorie MacKenzie, on her way to the paddock, met Davis Longfellow, who was seen putting his arm around her, leading her back to her box seat, and saying, "Don't worry, my dear, Syl's got him ready and it's all in God's hands now." 5:15 pm The gates opened, the horses were off, and in a swift two minutes Hope’s Last Chance shocked the crowd with a 100-1 upset victory, while Rambling Boy trailed in last. 5:25 pm The ceremony In the Winner's Circle to present the Travers trophy to Marjorie MacKenzie was a totally chaotic affair because nearly everyone connected to both the winner and the losing favorite was in a state of shock. Davis Longfellow led Marjorie quickly away from the crowd after the presentation. Syl Vestry spirited Hope's Last Chance away from the photographers and back to his stable, meeting Buford Langtry who appeared to offer his congratulations. From here on, the principals in our story retired to various pubs, hotel rooms, or wherever reappearing at either Madigan's or the Silverspoon party later in the evening, as described In Part I. Andy Axfeld has no further information about their activities beyond what we already know, except for these two facts: Cherry Flowers was seen at the railroad station alone boarding the 1:30 am train out of town, and a red Maserati was seen speeding away from the Gideon Putnam Hotel parking lot at 2 am. ¦ LET'S FACE IT-MAIL ORDER HOUSES ARE NOT ALL THE SAME! 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(206) 695-9648.9am*5pm Pacilic lime. Monday-Friday. Orders Outside USA call (206) 695-1393. Circle 226 on Reader Service card. DEALERS - WE HAVE THE SUPPORT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! INTERNATIONAL Trying to make
L. Van 1> MOST OF THE time in info.phile we examine the tool? That come as part of Amiga DOS’ standard equipment. In this column we begin a two-part look at some of the products on the market that try to make AmigaDOS in general, and the CLI in particular, easier to use. One of the biggest problems with the CLI is that it’s so large that it can be tough to remember everything you need to know to use it. .AmigaDOS Express aims to simplify that task with an on-line CLI manual. Bantam Electronic Publishing, a sister group to the division of Bantam Books that publishes the AmigaDOS Manual, markets this program, and its text is very similar to the text in the you don't have to wade through ail that text in one hie. Instead, you get to it via three pull-down menus that AmigaDOS Express installs. Sort a new .... JIHt$ tool. Unfortunately, that last option does not work with AmigaDOS 1.3, It counts on- being in the root directory s it was in iiigavyo 1,2), but in 1,5? Preferences is in the new* Profs directory. Your inch screen and get. Express menu. Of course, you have to ask vourseif Sadly, AmigaDOS Express is not alone in its assumption of 1.2. All the products we cover in this month's column are * to work with 1.2. We realize
• » * that its difficult and expensive for soft? Ware vendors to keep up with new versions of AmigaDOS. But if they want to sell utilities, they ought to make that The other two AmigaDOS Express ‘v * menus, DOS Help and Command, contain choices that cover general topics and individual commands, respectively. The options on the DOS Help menu discuss the basics of using the CLI. Devices, di- : c. rectories, command rormats, error messages. And the standard Amiga text editors. The Command menu covers all $ 29 95 w
s. -& - & -J on-line help, or whether you d rather sit at your Amiga with the standard AmigaDOS manual and a stack of old recom? IVAUi' ire's System Monitor tries to give Amiga users a different kind of Install it by running a program InterComputing Inc 2100 N. Huy 360, Suite 2101 Grand Prairie, TX 75050-1015 hi business since 19H4; Arnica support since 19X5 Member of Dallas Belter Business Bureau We are a service oriented business offering discount prices FAX: 1-214-660-3695 Customer Service and Order Status call: 1-214-988-3500 COMPLETE PRODUCT LISTING AVAILABLE Call toll free: 1-800-622-9177 95 .95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 699 239 599 549 699
749. 799,
749. 1299 1249 699 fNEK.£TP«,NTEBS lNK 799.00 Hp_Deskjet 900 pjp_paintjet 20 DBIVE 3 5" drives u'l’el. Two 3 design’ 4 a gre PrfC6$ 249.95 fdata $ 139-95
134. 95 r i rr? -. ' - -a::-: ' 1
183. 95 Offer expires 5-31-59 N150I I 512 K with C 'lock
159. 95 Mini Meg A1000 w ith (i. .5 MB
359. 95 Mini Meg A1000 w ith 1. 0 MB
499. 95 Mini Meg A1000 w ith 2. 0 MB
789. 95 Amiga i 2000 & 2500 8-UP Memorycard DIP OK
159. 95 8-UP Memorycard DIP 2 MB
595. 00 8-UP Memorvcard DIP 4 MB
995. 00 8-UP Memorycard DIP 6 MB
1335. 00 8-UP Memorvcard DIP 8 MB
1795. 00 Amiga 500 & 1000 Starboard 0 K A1000 230.05 Starboard i MB A1000 400.05 Starboard 2 MB A1000 705.00 Starboard 512 K A1000 300.05 Starboard Multifunction Card 74.05 Starboard SCSI Module 00.05 Starboard Upper Deck 44.05 M501 0 K So OS A-MAX The ‘MAC* Emulator for the Amiga works with all Amiga models ROM-Set For use with A-MAX
3. 5" Drive MEMORY EXPANSION MAC-eompatible; for use with A-MAX for a0 A"11*45' FDATA DrlyE
199. 95 04r.Ssc‘0ffliSledriVe Artistic t: prcssions Vol. 1 & II each Broadcast Tiller Comic Setter Deluxe Paint 3.0 Deluxe Productions Director Director Toolkit f:ania ision Imivision Intro CAD 2.0 Mo ie Setter Page flipper Plus PX Pagerendcr 3 1) Pagestrcam Paeestrearn Fonts I -5 each Photon Paint 2.0 Professional Page Sculpt 3D Sculpt 4D TV Show. NTSC PA TV-Text Turbo Print Turbo Silver oelrope Inovatools. A Pro Draw 9x6 A Pro Draw 12x12 Amiga Live A 1000 Amiga Live A 2000 Amiga Live A 500 Color Splitter DigiDroid Digi View 3.0 Digi View Gold Easy 1 500 Easyl 101 HI Easyl 2000 Flicker Fixer Panasonic 1410 Camera kit Perfect Vision Polaroid Palette Super Gen -Specs 3D R E MUSIC & AUDIO Audiomaster II
69. 95
39. 95 CMI Midi Interlace
69. 95
199. 95 Dr. TX4-OP Deluxe
99. 95
66. 95 Dr. Ts Copy isi
199. 95
109. 95 Dr. T’s DX Heaven
99. 95
144. 95 Dr. T s KCS 1 6
166. 95
44. 95 Dr. T’s Kawai K 1 Lib . 99.95
27. 95 Dr T s Midi
39. 95 Recording Studio
44. 95
169. 95 ECE Midi-A 500 2000
44. 95
49. 95 ECE Midi-A1 (KM)
44. 95
69. 95 "M"
154. 95
99. 95 Midi Cable 5' black
8. 95
109. 95 Midi Cable S' color
11. 95
139. 95 Midi (Jold external
69. 95 Midi (Jold internal
69. 95
29. 95 Music Mouse
49. 95
99. 95 Perfect Sound
64. 95
239. 95 Souiulscape
69. 95 Audiodigiii er
79. 95
399. 95 Pro Midi Sludio
124. 95 . 62.95 Utilities 1
39. 95
62. 95 Studio Magic
69. 95
32. 95 Sy rithia
129. 95 ’Fextyjii,---- 99 95- PROGRAMMING A C Basic Compiler 1 29.95 'WAR FI A C Forlran-AB Soft
179. 95
399. 95 A .iee C Developer
219. 95
499. 95 A tec C Professional
159. 95
219. 95 A lec Source Level
329. 9.5 Debugger 59 95
299. 95 GI A Basic 3 D 99,95
89. 95 Lattice (’ 5.0
219. 95
64. 95 Lattice C ++
399. 95
159. 95 Lint
69. 95 1 39.95 Power Windows 2.5
56. 95 3 19.95 MISCELLANEOUS 339 95 A re xx
32. 95
349. 95 BAD
32. 95
499. 95 CLI Mate
27. 95 DOS-2-DOS
42. 95
239. 95 Disk Mechanic
56. 95
175. 95 HZ-Backup
32. 95
2199. 95 Face II
22. 95
699. 95 Project 1)
32. 95 99 9s Quarterback
44. 95 BUSINESS Analyze 2.0 62.95 BEST Management System 2.0 299.95 Critic’s Choice 159.95 Cygnus Ed Prof. 69.95 Excellence 179.95 Financial Plus 199.95 Kindwords 66.95 Maxi Plan 500 99.95 Maxi Plan Plus 129.95 Microfiche Filer 69.95 Microfiche Filer Plus 112.95 Money Mentor 2.0 59.95 Pen Pal 109.95 Phasar 3.0 66.95 Prow rite 2.0 72.95 Super Base Personal II 99.95 Super Base Prof. 3.0 199.95 Superplan 109.95 Tex Ed Plus 54.95 The W'orks-Platinum 169.95 Wordpcrfect DISK DRIVES A2010 Internal 3.5" 149.95 AIK Drive External 169.95 AIK Drive Internal 134.95 California Access Drive CA-XH0 169.95 F-DATA 10 139.95 F-13 AT A 20 249.95 Drive Extension Cable 19.95 MODEMS Supra 24(H) baud ext. 149.95 Supra 2400 baud int. 149.95 HARD DRIVES CA P Impact Drives: UMB-KOmeg Quantum 1 199 OMU-No Drive 299 2MB'K0meg Quantum 1699 2MB No Drive Hardframc DMA SCSI Controller Phoenix Drives: 22Meg A-1000 22Meg A-2000 32 Meg A-1000 32Meg A-2000 48Meg A-1 (XX) 48 Meg A-21XX) SDMeg A-1000 SOMeg A-2IMXI Quantum Pro-80Mcg S75 Supra 30MB Drive “ 699 Supra 30MB IIDisk Miniscribe AMIGA 500 Starter Pack A500 wilh I Meg 2 Drives Monochrome Monitor
949. 95 Prepay with check or monev order and uel free
• * w UPS-ground shipping anil a FREE GAME! Lit U>l III*! We will trade in your Amiga 500 or 1000 towards a new Amiga 2000 or
2500. Call for details! As always most 'customer friendly' terms: SH $ j J 5 m cant. USA: Minimum order is $ ().()(): MASTERCARD 6 VISA with NO credit card fee: in
e. as at t c Sales Tax. U e ship io ABO addresses. RMAU required on all returns. Irc c restocking charge. All prices subject to change without notice. Government, corporate & institutional Purchase Orders are welcome! V -1 r I J from the CLI. Don’t try to install it by clicking on its program icon, by the way, or you'll get the infamous “Software error task held" message, followed promptly by a visit from the guru. Once you’ve installed the System Monitor, its System Window appears. That window shows the current CPU usage, as well as how much chip, fast, and total RAM you’re using, all in four little bar graphs. This display is Fine, but you can get the same information, in windows that are not quite as pretty, in the FreeMap and PerfMon tools that are standard parts of your 1.5 Extras disk. The System Monitor does, however, offer a second monitor window the Task Window. This window lists the tasks that are currently running in your Amiga, asks you to pick one of those tasks, and then displays information about that task. That information includes such exciting goodies as the task’s current state, signal flags, address, and so on. Let's face it, who cares about that stuff? Most of us are trying to get work done with existing Amiga applications, not writing new ones, and the Task Window's data does us virtually no good. Now, if you’re trying to develop a multitasking application, then this information could be priceless. For most of us, however, it’s not very useful, and we certainly don’t think it’s worth the $ 49.95 that Zen wants for the package. Disk Magic Disk Magic (DMH Technologies) tries to act as a CLI replacement, cramming all of its capabilities into one very busy window. That window has two major areas. The top half is split vertically into two directory displays. One side is the source directory, and the other is the destination. Most file operations are based around these source and destination directories. You can change which is the source and which the destination, and you can also choose which directories you display in each side. The lower half of the Disk Magic window displays a very large collection of gadgets. Each of these gadgets triggers an operation and brings up the requester window for that operation. Most of these operations can work on several files or directories at once. For example, you can select, with mouse clicks, a group of files and directories from your source directory, and then click on the Copy gadget to copy those files and directories to your destination directory. ¦ * • There are gadgets for all the major 1.2 commands, as well as for a few shareware file-archival and compression programs that come on the Disk Magic disk. Disk Magic’s biggest weakness is that it is sometimes just too clever. The manual warns you that practically everything you can touch in its extremely busy window will trigger some function, and that’s the truth. To learn it) use Disk Magic to its fullest potential, you really have to log some serious time experimenting with it. It retails for only $ 49.95, but we have to give it a qualified recommendation. Disk Magic is interesting, and you might find it easier to learn than the CLI, hut you should definitely insist on a trial run before you consider buying it. Metacomco s Shell Remember Metacomco? That’s right it’s the company that, in conjunction with Cominodore-Amiga, wrote the original ? Mors than just a Disk Copier! Project D is the most powerful Amiga disk copier ever created. It allows you to protect your software investment by making backup copies of your personal, public domain, and commercial software (it even copies copy-protected software!). No other copier allows you to copy to all four disk drives at the same time. No other copier keeps a list of the errors that happened during the last backup. No other copier lets you set the starting and ending tracks of a backup. No other copier has been continuously supported for the past two years. Project D was designed with the future in mind. We offer registered owners inexpensive, frequent upgrades to our parameter file so you can backup your latest software without having to wart months for new ’Brain Files’. Project D includes three other useful utilities as an added bonus! The OmniCopy Tool can be used to make backups of software that you have for other computers (like MS-DOS or Atari ST). EdltorTool albws you to examine and edit AmigaDOS disks ail the way down to the MFM level. CatalogTool is a powerful automatic disk cataloging utility that lets you maintain detailed lists of your software library. Compare the features of Project D to the competition and you will see that Project D is quite simply the best disk copier package money can buy! A N these great features for only $ 49.95 and that indudes shipping and handling! Order Today! To order, send check or money order (US Funds on US Bank) to: Fuller Computer Systems, Inc.
P. O. Box 9222 Mesa, AZ 85214 or call (602) 497-6070 for more information. Project D: The Disk Copier... Plus! See How Project D Stacks Up Against The Competition Project D RawCopy Duplication Speed 80 Sec. 100 Sec Easy To Understand User Interface YES NO Upgradable With Parameter Files YES NO Catalog Utility Included YES NO Copies other formats YES NO Copies Itself YES NO Copies RawCopy V1.3 YES NO Price $ 49.95 $ 59.95 "Project D is by far the most comprehensive disk-utility package available for the Amiga today." Mitchell Lopes - Editor, Robo City News 7 consider Project D to be akin to a well equipped luxury automobile; it gives a smooth ride and lots of easy to use operations." Denny Atkin - AmigaWorld (Feb. 1989, pp. 92-94) The user interface is wonderful..." Info Rated: 4+ stars David Martin - Info Magazine (Sept Oct 88, p. 16) Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Dealer Inquiries Invited Arizona residents please add 6 5% sates tax. AmigaDOS operating system. Well, the folks at Metacomco took a look at the AmigaDOS 1.2 CLI and decided that what we needed was not a window- driven CLI alternative, but rather a new, improved CLI. Enter the Shell. For $ 69.95 it lets you edit your command line, recall previous commands, create aliases for text strings, make commands resident, create Shell variables, and even customize its opera- Manufacturers' Addresses Bantam Electronic Publishing 666 Fifth Ave. New York, NY 10103 212 765-6500 800 223-6834, ext. 9479 DMH Technologies 14873 95th Place Minneapolis, MN 55369 612 420-5572 tion courtesy of a special Shell startup file. Sounds pretty good, right? It should. You gel all those features at no extra charge in AmigaDOS L3’s Shell. Even if you have to buy 1.3 at full retail price, it’s over S40 cheaper than the Metacomco Shell. To be fair, there are some differences. Metacomco’s Shell has a different history mechanism; it works like the one in Unix Metacomco 5353 E. Scot is Valley Drive Scotts Valley, (1A 95066 Zen Software 815 East 7th Ave. Olympia, WA 98501 206 352-0766 and is a bit more powerful than the one in
1. 3. Its commands for handling variables are also a little more robust than 1.3’s. It has Push and Pop commands that let you easily return to a directory that you just left. And, you can assign macro strings to any of your ten function keys. But are those few improvements worth S69.95? No, we don’t think so, especially when you consider that you really have to buy 1.3 anyway, if for no other reason than its FastFileSystem and fewer bugs. Hang onto Your Wallet Are any of these utilities really worth the price? That really is the key question for all these products. Utilities are nice to have around, but, like all oilier programs, they must justify their costs. On that basis, we can’t wholeheartedly recommend any of these utilities. In our next column, we’ll look at another batch of utilities. Maybe we’ll have better luck then. ¦ Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings are contributing editors to Amiga World. Write to them at 1002J Sycamore RdDurham. NC 27703. Elcome to a spectacular world of Commodore computing a world devoted to the Amiga, C-64, C-128 and Commodore Pcs. You'll discover the software you've always wanted to try. Plus amazing, new programs. You'll find printers and plotters. Modems and monitors. Disk drives and joy sticks. Lasers and light pens. MIDI and mice. All the big and little stuff that make computing more productive, more creative more fun! W :::: ? I And some of the best bargains you'll find anywhere! It s all in one place at ihe 2nd annual North- Eastern World of Commodore. Whether you compute for business or fun, at home or school, you can't miss this computer show! The World of Commodore September 22, 23 and 24,1989 Fri. noon-8pm Sat.&Sun. I0am-5pm Admission $ 10 Students Seniors $ 8 Includes seminars & stage demonstrations Exhibitors contact: The Hunter Group
(416) 595-5906 Fax (416) 595-5093. Produced in association with Commodore Business Machines. PRODUCTIVITY jM ENTERTAINMENT j ELECTRON CARTS The Accountant $ 189 Action Fighter .$ 32 Impossible Mission I I.. $ 15 Aaargh! .....$ 25 FREE SHIPPING ON SOFTWARE ORDERS OVER $ 100! Fanalyze!2.0 ..$ 69 jAlrball .....$ 27 Journey ..$ 32 AD&DHeroes $ 25, ' Data Retrieve ..$ 59 Aunt Arctic Adventure . . $ 27 J King of Chicago $ 32 j Annals of Rome $ 23 Data Retrieve Pro $ 199 Baal .$ 21 j Kybos ......$ 23 Artura $ 25 Via UPS 2nd Day A ir. US Only (Alaska & Hawaii excluded). 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DESKTOP PUBLISHING Vortex ...$ 27 UTILITIES Award Maker Pius $ 32 j PageStream ..$ 129 j War in Middle Earth ... $ 32 B.A.D .....$ 32 J Quarterback ..$ 45 City Desk 2.0 $ 129 Professional Draw $ 129 Wayne Gretzky Hockey . $ 32 j Cygnus Ed Professional . $ 69 I RawCopy ....$ 39 Comic Setter ..$ 69 j Professional Page ... $ 225 Zak McKracken«...... $ 29 Disk Master ...$ 45 TxEdPfus ....$ 55 Fine Print ....$ 32 Pro Fonts 1 &2(ea) ... $ 25 Zoom1 .....$ 21 COMF1 ......$ 25 Workbench Extras.....$ 27 JetSet Laser Utility $ 29 Pro Script ....$ 32 j Zork Zero .$ 42 Project D $ 32 i Wsheft ......$ 32 ORDERS & CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-800-525-4428 ' ORDERS & CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-800-525-4428 f) Hours: Monday-Friday 9-6 (PS T) Notice: We aid Law Enforcement agencies in the prosecution of Credit Card fraud! 6335 SE 82nd, Portland, OR 97266, (503) 777-1008, FAX(503) 777-1252 Circle 122 on Reader Service card. A Division ofDoxsis Systems, Inc. THE GAME PRESERVE A Cheap Thrills Double your fun for half the money with public-domain games. By B,G. Hunter YOU’VE SHELLED OUT about a zillion simoleons to buy your Amiga and a killer joystick, and you don't have much left for games, right? Don’t worry: check out public-domain software. Disks cost about seven bucks a pop, and many contain several games. While some of these games are as good as any you can buy, some are pretty rough, and some just plain don’t work. They include no printed documentation, customer support, or guarantees. The lack of a guarantee coupled with wide distribution leaves the disks susceptible to viruses. I’ve had Burnside SKR HEN:3000 3890 no problems with the leading disk distributors, but to play safe, you should follow three rules:
1. Make a new copy of your Workbench disk to be used only for playing public-domain games.
2. Make a copy of each public-domain disk before you use it.
3. When you finish playing, turn your Amiga off and reboot with your standard Workbench disk. The procedure insures the worst a virus could do is to infect your “gaming” Workbench disk and public- domain disks, which are all backed up. While in the public domain, some of the games are “shareware.” The idea behind shareware is that, if you like the software, you send a modest payment to the author. If you like a game, donate the few bucks; your payment might encourage the author to write more good games. PD Playground Here are a few of my favorite games from the stack of over 40 disks that 1 examined. While often vou can find a game on more than one disk and the networks, I’ll mention only the disk from which I ran it. Many of these programs are versions of popular board or card games such as Sheldon Leemon’s ? Your Workbench needs ,ss« our Tool Chest [ I rpCT Send me the A miga World Tool Chest Vol. 1, 2 today. I I 1 LjD ? My payment for $ 14.95 is enclosed. ? Save me $ 20. Enter my one year (6 issue) charter subscription for $ 69.95. N ame_ ___ Address_ City- .Zip. .State. ? Check Money Order Enclosed (payable to Amiga World Tool Chest) ? Charge my: ? MasterCard ? Visa ? American Express _Expires_ Account _ Signature_ Foreign Orders, add $ 2.50 for Air Mail Delivery. Foreign Subscriptions are S84.95. postpaid. Payment required in US Funds drawn on US Bank. Note that some animations require 1 MB of memory. AmigaWorldTool Chest, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 1-800-343-0728 • 1-603-924-9471 AW889 Introducing the Amiga- World Tool Chest! A brand- new collection of special software written for your Amiga. Now there’s no need to know how to program, draw, animate, or compose on your computer because the Amiga- World Tool Chest gives you all the tools your Workbench needs. It’s that easy! Each bi-monthly release of the Tool Chest gives you two disks packed with high- quality Amiga programs, utilities, games, professional clip art, predefined animation objects, sound and music files, and the best of Amiga Shareware. Plus, you get an original Amiga animation complete with an animation-player program! Users of every Amiga model and at every level of skill- wili be thrilled with these top-qual- ity programs and tools. All for just $ 14.95 per issue! The Premier issue of the Amiga- World Tool Chest gives you... Programs WBSalv, a disc-recovery program that you can run from Workbench. Mosaic Maker, an easy way to create Escher-like graphics. Alien Duels, a lightning-fast arcade clash with an alien invasion force, joystick required. Clip Art- Monsters! Monsters! Monsters! You’ 11 have a great time incorporating these fantastic creatures into your graphics creations. Animation Objects The Horse, a beautifully detailed chess piece. The Rose, a delicate complex object. The Sail, a great object for your water-born animations. Sounds and Music A collection of very weird sound effects for use in your programs. PLUS a brand-new, disk-iength animation from Gene Brawn, a master of Amiga animation! The AmigaWorld Tool Chest. What no Workbench should be without. TRY IT! To order, use the coupon below or look for the special insert in this issue. For immediate service call 1-800-343-0728. Charter Subscription Opportunity! Save $ 20 off the single copy price and get these charter subscriber benefits:
• automatic delivery of every two-disk edition for an entire year. That’s 12 disks in all, delivered every other month.
• FREE Amiga World Public Domain Library Catalog.
• Amiga World subscription renewal discount certificate. ¦ Discount on AmiExpo admissions!
• Full Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the Amiga World Tool Chest, simply return it for an immediate refund. YachtC (Fred Fish 10). Yup, this is good old Yahtzee for one to four players. The graphics aren’t great, but the game works and it’s fun. Another new twist on an old game is David Addison’s Monopoly (Software Excitement 23). (You’ll see Addison’s name on a lot of these games.) While this version is faithful to the original, it also adds a few cute touches, such as a little train that chugs across the screen when you draw the "Ride the Reading” Chance card. You play against three computer opponents. One of them, Betty, thinks that railroads are “icky” and won't buy them. My only objection to playing with this bunch is that they are downright uncooperative when it comes to trading properties. Addison seems to like card games particularly. His Cribbage program (Software Excitement 123) plays well, although I was able to stay even with it generally. Addison’s two versions of solitaire, Klondike and Can- held (Chiron Conceptions Entertainment 6), are also enjoyable. Klondike adds scoring to standard solitaire: You pay $ 52 per hand, and you get back $ 5 for each card you play on the foundation. (I'm glad it’s not real money.) Be careful how you use the mouse: Click too long and Klondike will flip over two cards. While Canfield does not offer scoring, it adds a few new elements to traditional solitaire, such as building on cards other than Aces. The one problem with Addison's card games is that his four “10” cards have a T on them, not a 10. 1 want my cards to look like cards, whether they’re on the screen or in my hand. If you're a Hearts fan. Try playing against the three computer opponents in Mark Slone’s Hearts game (Chiron Conceptions Ami Arcade 3). 1 thought 1 was hot stuff until 1 tried its expert mode. Then my opponents ganged up and creamed me. The same disk holds Bull Run by David Townsend. PD Suppliers’ Addresses Amicus Disks PiM Publications Inc. Public Domain Software Resources PO Box 7175 Loma Linda, CA 92354 The Software Bug PO Box 8302 Somerville, NJ 08876 Software Excitement PO Box 5069 Central Point, OR 97502 PO Box 869 Fall River, MA 02722 Chiron Conceptions PO Box 19474 Jacksonville, FL 32245-9474 Dev Ware PC) Box 215 La Jolla, CA 92038-0215 The Fred Fish Disk Collection PiM Publications Inc. PO Box 869 Fall River, MA 02722 Bull Run is a Civil War battle re-creation similar to those hexagonal-tiled Avalon Hill war games that I could never get anyone to play. As either the Union or the Confederacy, you try to capture the town held by the opposition. The graphics are very good, the game is entertaining, and you can finish it in only 20 minutes. Mazes, Black Holes, and Monsters If arcade games are more your style, try PacMan 87 by Steve Jacobs and Jim Boyd (Software Excitement 131). An improvement on the basic PacMan concepts, the game offers three skill levels and five game- board levels. You use your joystick to avoid such stationary obstacles as stabbing knives, electric arcs, and flamethrowers, as well as the usual moving ghosts. You move among the game-board levels by using stairs. This game is better than many that have claimed my money. Get this disk! Another interesting disk is Chiron Conceptions Ami Arcade 4. Its many games include Hari Wi- guna's Wheel of Fortune, a version of Adventure, and weak renditions of Checkers and Backgammon. The real treat, however, is Orbit 3D by Richard Horne. Who can resist sitting in front of an .Amiga wearing 3-D glasses? 1 certainly can’t. Orbit 3D $ basic play is not spectacular. Your goal is to keep your ship alive as long as you can. You have a limited amount of fuel, oxygen, and torpedoes, but you can replenish those supplies by docking with the mother ship. Sound easy so far? The problem (no problem, no plot) is that you’re orbiting a black hole. I never got very good 1 kept shooting the mother ship instead of the asteroid but 1 still had a great time. A simpler but equally enjoyable 3-D game is 3D Breakout by Tim Kemp (DevWare FunDisk 0001). You bounce a ball against squares on the ceiling and walls. If the ball falls through the floor, you lose it. Sure, it's easy to play, but 1 just love watching the ball zoom at me and bounce off the front of the screen. .As usual, I’ve saved my favorite for last. Hack, bv 4 4 John Toebes and the Software Distillery (Fred Fish 62), is a version of the Unix adventure game of the same name. I've spent days lighting monsters and exploring the manv floors of its 40-level dungeon. You play a character on a quest for the Amulet of Vendor (Rodney spelled backwards). You can gain and increase attributes, such as strength and longevity, by defeating monsters. You’ll die without the proper equipment, such as armor and weapons. Keep your eyes open for wands, potions, and scrolls with which to experiment. To complete the game, plan to invest manv hours, especially because I lack generates its levels and the functions of its objects dynAMIGAlly. The game changes every lime you play it. This version of Hack is very well done. While most versions represent monsters with letters, here they're small pictures in a special font. Just be sure to set your Amiga to 60 characters per line rather than 80. 1 also tried versions oi Missile Command, Asteroids, Space Invaders, and other early arcade favorites. None were big winners, but all rekindled fond memories and were worth an evening or two. At these prices, you can afford to check out a lot of them. Buy a pile and have a good time. Although not the type to he caged in an office, B. G. Hunter does skulk in occasionally to pick up his mail. Write to him do AmigaWorld, Editorial I)ept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. M E S R E V I E VV G A Alien Syndrome By Peter Olafson ALIEN SYNDROME is an arcade shoot-’em-up with a sci-fi theme, ported to the Amiga by Sega (via Mindscape). Aside from a couple of rough edges, it’s a very creditable job. Your task is to collect hostages from four levels of an alien-occupied space station before a time bomb detonates, You choose either a male or female character; both are well-muscled Stallone types, indistinguishable but for the colors of their jumpsuits and the pitches of their death screams. This is not an easy game; in fact, it's so difficult that 1 would have appreciated the ability to resume play on the level where 1 last died. You’re not just shooting creatures; as you make your way through the space station, you must figure out the most efficient course to travel for collecting the hostages, and then hightail it to the exit, all within a stingy time limit. T here are maps on the walls, with the hostages highlighted, to help you out (nice of the aliens to post ’em, eh?), and an array of increasingly savage weapons available for the taking. Even then, within that same time limit, you have to go one- on-one against a "super-alien.” Hope you brought the right weapon. Hope you know how to use it. Hope you have the presence of mind not to he repulsed by the alien’s boyish good looks and to concentrate on annihilating him. (Him: The laser works well against the first one; just don't take anything for granted!) There’s a problem or two with details, but nothing hair- tearing. On the first level, for example, characters have difficulty turning corners if they walk too close to the walls the kind of thing that can cost you when the enemy is in hot pursuit. After dying, I’d like to get back into the game a wee bit faster before my alien- slaugluering lust ebbs; there are no fewer than five screens between death and rebirth. And once a few aliens start meandering around the screen, there’s a noticeable drop in scrolling speed. T his is a challenging, colorful game, though difficult enough to test your mettle, but not so tough that you’ll quit in frustration. ($ 49.95, Sega, distributed by Mindscape, 3444 Dundee RdNorthbrook, IE 60062, 312 480-7667, 800 221-9884. Joystick required.) Star Wars By Louis R. Wallace EACH STAGE OF Star Wars is a high-speed, 3-D flight simulation that is every bit as fun as the arcade original. The imagery even rivals the lightening-fasl vector graphics of the stand-up version. As Luke Skywalker. You have 4 a three-part mission. First, dodge fireballs and destroy the Imperial T IE fighters in a space-based dogfight. Darth Vader’s personal ship is in the fray, and while you can score extra points by blasting him, you can never destroy him. In phase two of the Death- star attack, vou flv over the surface of the Battle Station, trying to shoot the laser towers while avoiding fireballs from the towers and ground ? ONLY The BEST For AMIGA For LESS! ~ T* I* Authorized AMIGA Dealer K OmpUi in Computers Service Center This Months Specials: Aegis AniMagic $ 50 Panasonic Camera $ 239 Frame Grabber 519 Supra 30 MB HD 649 Supra 45 MB HD 729 Supra 80 MB HC 1079 Supra 2400B Mod. 129 SuperGen Genlock 649 Star NX1000 Prt. 185 Star NX CoL Prt. 285 Live 2000 329 20 MB Drive iimiiiuikaiiiv $ 369 40MB Quantum 549 65 MB Drive iimuiihmir 520 80MB Quantum 939 AIR Exter. 3.5' Dr. 149 Ami gen Genlock 139 Avatax 1200B Modem 79 Digi View Gold 135 GVP 40MB HD ass 789 GVP40MBHD 899 GVP 80MB HD on 1099 Hard Card A2000 699 Inter. Dr 500 2000 125 Live A500 1000 255 My-T-Mouse 45 Xerox 4020 Col. 1079 SOFTWARE ACCESSORIES Assembler S65 Dynamic Studio Si35 Microlowycr $ 39 2 Way Switch box 30 Amiga WB 1.3 23 Dynamic CAD 290 MIDI Magic 90 15" Monitor stand 55 3- Don cm 68 Excellence 155 Modeler 3D 62 1084 Curring case 49 Accountant 175 Express Paint 3.0 85 Money Mentor C 56 A500 Cnrring Case 57 A drum 46 FACCn 24 Move Setter 59 Mouse Pad 7 Aegis Animator 80 Fancy 3D Fonts 45 Multi Forth 57 Phaser Gun 55 Aegis Draw 2000 175 Fan lav Ls ion 40 Multi Profs 17 Ergo Stick Joystick 23 Aegis Images 24 First Letters & Words 32 Music Student 36 Disk Holder 50 24 Aloha fonts 15 First Shapes 32 News Letter Fonts 27 Sony 3S' (10) 20 Am iga Dos Express 20 Flow 57 Micro Base 24 BASF 3.5" (10) 18 Analytic Arts 38 Font Set I (Gold Disk) 23 Micro Text 24 Transvcstor 2500 39 Animate 3D W Fonts & Borders 25 Outline 42 Tilt & swivel Salnd 39 Animation Effects 31 Forms In Flight 11 70 Page Flipper +FX 93 X-Speca 3D 95 Animation Stand 31 Gizmos 2.0 40 PagcacUcr 83 Track Ball 37 Animation Multiplane 55 Gold Spell II 30 Pugestrcam 129 Amigcn to 1084 CbL 20 Animator Apprentice 170 Gomf 25 Photon Paint II 95 A1000 Parallel CbL 20 Asha’s Fonts 55 Oubbit 20 Photon Cell Anim. 86 A500 2000 Par. CbL 20 Atalk ni 62 Grade Manager 59 I*hoCo«yntht»is 90 Modem Cable 2(1 Atredes BBS 00 Greut States II 24 Pixmutc 42 Serial Cable 20 Audio Muster H 63 Haiculc 29 lVo Video Plus 176 Monitor Extcn.Cbl 4* 20 AZTEC C Pro. 145 Home Builders CAD 118 Ivo Video Font Sets 75 Disk Dr. Extcn. Cbl 20 BAJ). 32 Home Inventory 25 Ivofessional Page 219 A500 I'm age writer cbl 20 Broarcast Tiller 185 Hot Cool Jazz 21 Professional Draw 129 Butcher 2.0 25 Huge Print 30 I*rowrile2.0 70 GAMES CAD Parts 15 ImpacbGraphics 56 Project D Calligrapher 80 Intcllilype Taping 35 Publisher Plus 115 Autoduel S25 CBTree 62 Instant Music S32 Quarterback 42 Balance Powcrl990 33 City Desk 89 Interchange 30 Raw Copy 38 Bade Chess 30 City Desk Art Com pa. 20 Intro CAD 49 SAFE T NET 31 Bureacrwcy 25 CLI Mate 25 Inventory 65 Sculpt 3D 63 Calif. Gomes 30 Clip Arts Vols. 12 Investors Advantage 63 Shakespeare 135 Cosmic Bouncer IB CZ Master Editor 69 Invisicm 129 Sonix 47 Dark Castle 25 Comic Setter 59 Ilk Rock & Roll 23 Soundquest D-50 23 Defender Of Crown 32 Comic Setter-Funny 22 Jet Set Font Set 34 Studio Magic 60 DejaVu 35 Comic Sotter-SiFL 22 Kara Fonts 49 Superbase II 90 Dragon’s Lair 40 Com ic SeUer-Sup. H. 22 Kind words 59 Superbase Pro. 185 Earl Weaver Ilwball 35 Data Retrieve 47 KwikSpcakI 26 Super I*lan 99 Emerald Mine II 30 Deluxe Help (All) 23 Kwik Speak II 28 Synthia 58 F A-18 Interceptor 35 Deluxe Music 65 Lattice C 5D 175 Tux Break 49 Fulcon 31 Deluxe Paint ID 95 Lattice C++ 350 Texture 95 Flight Srmu. II 33 Deluxe Photo Lab 00 Lascrscript 28 T Shell 30 Hitchhikers Guide 15 Deluxe Production 120 Laserup Fonts Vol.l 26 Textcraft Plus 60 Lord of Rising Sun 31 Deluxe Video 88 Laserup Plot 35 Tool Cady 30 RoodWar 2000 25 Design Disks 22 Laserup Print 65 Transport ConL 179 Roger Rabbit 33 DIGA 47 Laserup Util. Vol.l 29 Turbo Silver 120 Sdcntc Service 25 DIGI Paint 42 Lexicon PCM 70 99 TV Show Text Ea. 57 Sinbud 34 Director 42 Linkword Long, all 23 Video EfTecta 3D 125 Snake Pit 24 Disk Mechanic 53 LlghtsCamruAction 55 Video Scape 3D 115 SowrdofSodan 34 Disk To Disk 32 Ijnt 65 Video Titlcr 84 Starglider II 29 Disk Wick 30 Logic Works 61 W Shell 30 Sub Baltic 25 DOS To DOS 35 Magellan 115 Word Perfect 169 TchnoCop 32 DOS Express 19 Mavis Beacon 35 Word Perfect Lib. 80 Three Stooges 33 Dr.TsKCS 155 Mux ipi an Plus 115 Write IS Fuc 60 TV Sports Football 33 Dr. Ts MRS. 41 Marauder II 26 Zoetrope 85 Uninvited 33 Dynamic Drums 47 Microfiche Filer + 110 Zumu Fonts (All) 25 Ultima IV 38 For Info, Consultation, Tracing orders Call our Customer Service OUTSIDE CA OilDEIiS ONLY PLEASE! W m mgm v au our customer ocrvice 800-225-4017 (2i3>854-0550 402 S. San Vicente Blvd. Los Angeles. CA 90048 Hrs. 10AM-7PM Policy; UPS ground $ 3.50 pnr iUitn- 2nd Day Air J6.00 per SIGNATURE RE QUIREOVO DRIVER RELEASE). NO COD'*. Shipping A Handling not included and arp non-rofunilAblo. Pnrtonal Chncka allow 20 day* to clour. Ivoduct subject to availability. Pnto* subject to change. Add 3* for VISA MC, 5% AE. Defective morchandUo repaired or replaced with Lhn ismo item only. Rejected or Returned product habject to 20% rculocking fee. No refund for product* defective or incompatible or not performing aati»factory, no guarantees for product performance. In CA add aalra Tax. £ installations. If you destroy all the laser towers, you get a bonus of 50,000 points and are lucky to be alive. For the climactic sequence, Trench warfare. You fly through the trench leading to the Deathstar’s only vulnerable spot, the exhaust port. This is the toughest part vet: You must shoot and avoid t fireballs as you go over and under an assortment of walls. If you manage to get a well- timed blast into the exhaust hole, vou are rewarded with the sight of the Battle Station exploding. Miss, and you BALLIS FIX By Denny Atkin MIX SOCCER, PINBALL, air hockey, and fast-paced arcade action and you get the apocalyptic ball game Ballistix. Each player tries to guide a puck to the enemy goal by blasting balls against it, causing it to ricochet across the field. Playing in an arena resembling the Boston Garden after a minor nuclear holocaust, Ballistix athletes have to contend with hyperspace tunnels, bumpers, pools of acid on the playing surface, magnets, red arrows must start at the beginning of the trench again. Once you have defeated the Deathstar, you begin again at a new level (there are 99 in all), this one a little tougher, with more ships and obstacles in vour wav. To make the
* J game more challenging, you can start at level 1, 3, or 5. Star Wars is an excellent port of the arcade favorite. It s fun, and I like it. (559.95, Broderhund Software Inc., 17 Paul Dr., San Rafael, CA 9-1903-2101, 800 521-6263. No special requirements.) That speed up the ball, and splitters, which fill the screen with dozens of balls, causing the puck to careen wildly about the arena. Winning offers no respite, only another level with new obstacles. If you want incredibly fast head-to- head action, Ballistix is your game. While this is primarily a two-player game, you can play solo in a tilted arena where This ad was prepared in PageSlream, importing the bit-mapped image and the EPS logos & shears, printed with PixetScripl 1.1 at 2X this size on the HP LaserJet, then reduced by hall. The ball has a natural tendency j to head directly toward your J 4 goal. Battling gravity, however, lacks the challenge and strategy involved with a real opponent. Ballistix isn’t one of those games you’ll master in a few days and toss onto a shelf. II you manage to conquer all 80 levels in the two-player competition (and the 50 in the solo game), you can customize the game with the two options screens. Just changing a single Combat Course By Net! Randall BECAUSE YOU’VE PROVEN your ability, you’ve been admitted into Combat Course for Special Forces training. You take the role of a top-notch setting to make the game balls fire from your goal rather than from your player’s ar- row-cursor makes Ballistix almost a new game. Behind Ballistix’s outstanding graphics, great sound effects, and excellent techno-pop soundtrack, the game is well thought out and just plain fun. It’s a standout in the flooded arcade-game market. (S34.95, Psy elapse, PO Box 483, Addison, IL 60101, 800 669-
4912. Joystick required.) Walls, crawl through drain pipes and under barbed wire, leap out of the way of guard dogs, avoid simulated enemy fire, and do ten push-ups All product names and symbols are the trademarks of their respective companies. Atm O
vl. L The PostScript interpreter for the Amiga PixelScript (formerly PrintScript) enables you to print PostScript files on your Preferences printer, giving you its very finest output. PixelScript vl.l includes:
• A full Intuition interface- run PixelScript from either the Workbench or the CLI. You can choose your file with point- and-click requesters.
• More graphics support- rotate halftone images and print Encapsulated PostScript clip art.
• Support for all major PostSaipt- generating word processing and desktop publishing packages, including the new releases.
• An AREXX port, and more! PixelScript vl.l also runs faster now, and in less memory, lijtrodueii ... tije poeljeript nes: Fonts, Clip An. And Utilities AC BASIC™ V1.3 - NEW AO 17609 Easy to use compiler is very fast with great graphics. Plus, AC BASIC is the only BASIC compiler for Amiga that is compatible with the AmigaBASIC interpreter so your existing programs can be compiled with no changes and run up to 50x faster. Easy to use documentation is indexed and includes over 200 examples on disk: plus a full spreadsheet written in AC BASIC and HAM graphics examples Extensions include: SELECT CASE, BLOCK IF, STATIC arrays. Recursive subprograms. Create stand-alone applications (no redistribution fee) NCPS195. Beyond basic training. Soldier who must run five training courses of increasing difficulty. The drill sergeant watches, shouting orders and deducting points for incorrect procedures. Complete the series, and you go back to the beginning to run them more efficiently. You’d better be in good shape. First up is the Physical course, in which you jump over obstacles, climb over whenever the drill sergeant commands. Next, in the Risk course, you must plant dynamite, jump over mines, learn to throw a grenade, glide along on pulleys, and avoid enemy machine-gun lire. The third basic course is Combat, where you engage in hand-to- hand combat, fire your SMG, sneak up on enemy guards, ? AC FORTRAN Mainframe quality, full feature ANSI FORTRAN 77 compiler includes: Debugger, Linker, Library Manager, Runtime Library, IEEE math, and C interface. Supports Complex numbers, Virtual arrays, Overlays and Linking. Not copy protected. $ 29*5. 68020 68881 version also available $ 495. . Telephone orders welcome Scientific Engineering Software 2781 Bond Street, Auburn Hills, MI 48057 (313) 853-0050 Amiga trademark of Commodore Amiga, Microsoft trademark of Microsoft Corp. Sit I I • Illl M M !••• II I « »••••¦
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P. O. Box 58804 Boulder, CO 80322-8804 By Patrick Quaid HEROES OF THE Lance is an official Advanced Dungeons and Dragons product published by SSI, but, contrary to what you might expect, it is not a role-playing game. It is, instead, an arcade game (or, as the manual defines it, an "action” game). Your band of adventurers delve into some ruins in the hope of retrieving something called the Disks of Mishakal. If you run into anything or anyone on the way, kill it. Don’t bother trying to reason with it or interrogate it being alive in this.game is a capital crime. This simpleminded approach is even more tedious in practice than you would think. Combat, by far the most important aspect of Heroes of the Lance, is not as interesting as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons combat or even the combat of other adventure games. You control only one of the eight pre-defmed characters in your party at a time; and avoid enemies approaching from behind. The fourth course, called Combined, takes you through Physical, Risk, and Combat in turn, while the fifth, the Cobra Construction Set, links all types of obstacles in a random order. You control your actions with a joystick or the keyboard; the keyboard is the best choice. The interface is frustrating and illogical, allowing you to do things, such as fire your SMG when you don’t want to (at great cost in points) or let go of the pole you’re hanging from, merely because you released the joystick button inadvertently. When you've mastered all i v • t for the most part, the only character that will fight is the one that you are controlling at any given time. The other seven just watch helplessly as the first guy either prevails or gets clobbered. The one character you control simply chops away at his or her foe using one of three swings. You can’t surround your enemy, fire volleys of arrows, or otherwise gang up on it. The party moves left and right in response to your joystick or keyboard commands. Although the graphics are not up to the level we expect from Amiga games, they are the strength of this game, which tells you something about the rest of it. The game also has several bugs. Every now and then it will have problems with the graphics of the character you control and draw garbage on the screen. This makes the Five courses, you can construct your own with the course editor. Building a course is time consuming but relatively easy. Combat Course has an appeal, albeit a limited one. Its graphics and sound are excellent, and its perspective forces you to act quickly and intuitively. Unfortunately, running through course after course gets tedious, and mastering the interface takes longer than it should. Still, the subject matter is brand new a fact that alone merits praise. Try before you buy. ($ 39.95, Mindscape Inc., 3444 Dundee Road, Northbrook, IL 60062, 312 480- 1667, 800 221-9884. No special requireme?its.) Graphical interface unusable until you switch lead characters. There are other graphical anomalies that don’t have much of an effect on the game, but detract somewhat from its limited appeal. If you want a good adventure game, you can do much better than Heroes of the Lance. If action is what you want, get one of the Kung-Fu fighting games. They have similar story lines, and normally have more worthwhile combat. ($ 39.95, Strategic Sim- ulations, 1046 N. Rengstorff Ave.t Mountain View, CA 94043, 415 964-1353. No special requirements.) ARTISTIC EXPRESSIONS Over 150 borders & on each disk Gray scale Fire-Brigade By Patrick Quaid IN FIRE-BRIGADE, A reenactment of the 1943 battle for Kiev, you command the Soviet 1st Ukrainian Front or the German 4th Panzer Army. The computer or another person, either present or via modem, controls the enemy. You can begin at any of the battle’s three major phases, and handicap the players according to their experience. You control as much of the battle as you like, and your staff handles the rest. Because the game allows you to determine logistics, air support, frontages, objectives, pace of advance and withdrawal and several other factors, this administrative help is certainly welcome. As further assistance, the game is unprotected and comes w-ith a well-written manual, three order-of-battle diagrams, and a map of the area around Kiev. Fire-Brigade’s realism compliments its flexibility. Combat takes into effect not only the type and current strength of the units involved, but also their morale, fatigue, and contact with their command and supply lines. The game also considers the quality of the field commander, whose inability to carry out your orders can be just as exasperating for you as it was for the historical generals. This frustration stems from the fact that you issue orders to the Soviet Armies or German Korps, not to the individual divisions they command. You give the orders with the mouse at the beginning of the day-long turn, then passively watch the results. You must think of the battle in the same terms as the actual commanders did. Fire-Brigade’s realism and flexibility make it fun to play, but Panther Games could have come up with a more interesting battle. Of the battle’s three major phases, the first is lopsided in favor of the Soviets. The second is almost as bad in favor of the Germans. These positions are fairly common in war, however, and the last part of the battle is fought on relatively even ground. Victory conditions based on the actual battle give both sides a reasonable goal, even though the eventual outcome is, after all, history. ($ 49.95, Panther Gaines, distributed in the U.S. by Computer Software Service, 2150 Executive Dr., Addison, IL 60101, 312 620-4444. No special requirements.) ¦ All in high resolution Example files on each disk QUALITY, AFFORDABLE CLIPART Vol. 1 ¦ Holidays, Cowboys, Business, Old English Monograms Vol. 2 - Home, Teddies, Music, Flowers ,E egant Monograms Available Now! Only $ 49.95 each A
P. O. Box 5772 Arlington, TX 76005 Circle 158 on Reader Service card. Hdutil The complete Hard Disk utility US$ 69-95 Fast backup mode * 20 Meg. In under 50 minutes ® Indude exclude files by wild card - date - archive bit * list - globally - or by point and click ® Auto configures to multi hard drive or partition systems ® Works with all AmigaDos compatible hard drives ® Multi tasking - designed to run in the background ® 3 backup restore modes - Dos backup mode allows you to access your backup disks with standard Dos tools ® Formats disks as required ® Catalog of files ® Builds,sorts and manipulate all files and directories subdirectories ® Runs from Wbench or CLI ® Works equally well with dual floppies ® Full intuition interface for ease of use 0 Many additional features allow you to - copy files * delete move rename files or directories - make new directories - copy or format floppy disks - interface with other programs to Type or Edit text files, View picture files and more.® Written in 68000 Assembler code ® Minimum 512k Amiga required ® NOT COPY PROTECTED AutoKick Modify 1000 KickStart disks US$ 29-95 (or for the 500 2000 with additional equipment, burn new Eproms) Software autoconfig contiguous blocks of fastmem - increase available chipram ® Perform internal addmem of another block of faslmem to speed reboots ® Install a font of your choice inplace of Topaz-8 font provided on KickStart ® Install code into KickStart to prevent the spread of any of the known viruses ® Reduce the annoying click from empty drives ® Speed up floppy operation ® Modify KickStart to use any floppy to boot from ® Full intuition interface - all operations selectable from gadgets ® Runs from CLI or WB ® coded in 68000 Assembler ® NOT COPY PROTECTED ‘DiaiSoft 12 Dinmore Street. Moorooka, Brisbane, Queensland. AUSTRALIA 4105 Telephone (617) 277-3255 214-660-4780 YES WE ACCEPT Visacard Mastercard Bankcard All orders shipped promptly All orders include AirMail THE WORLD’S LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF AMIGA' PRODUCTS HARDWARE... HARDWARE... HARDWARE... HARDWARE SPECIALS... SPECIALS... SPECIALS... SPECIALS... Escort 1 3.5' Floppy Tool Box GO AMIGAI Disk Head Cleaner 30 Disk Case JmageWnier Printer Cable . Modem Cable Mouse Pao Sony Cables.... Cuslom Cables. GET IT TOMORROW WITH FEDERAL EXPRESS!
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S6 Color Ribbon $ 7 PACE Carrying Bags lor A1000 500 108-1 Call PACIFIC PERIPHERALS Overdrive..... Call Subsystem 500 $ 219 Subsystem 500 w 3 5". $ 365 PANASONIC WV 1410 Camera Lens. S239 Variable Iris Lens S79 1180! Printer Call 11911 Printer .. Call 1124 Printer Call PHOENIX CPS 500 Power Supply S84 PHACTICAL SOLUTIONS Mouse Master..... $ 31 PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS Frame Grabber . Call Pro Gen Genlock $ 349 QUANTUM SCSI Drives (The Best) Lowest! HON IN Hurricanes' Seat Price1 SAFESXIN Clear Keyboard Covers $ 19 SOUTHERN TECH My-T Mouse $ 42 Internal Drive A2000 $ 119 SPIRIT TECHNOLOGY 15MB tor A1000 Call Hard Disk Interlaces Call STAR MICRQNICS NX 1000 Rainbow . $ 259 SUNRIZE INDUSTRIES Perleci Sound $ 69 Perfect Vision $ 199 Color Spliller . In Stock1 SUHFSIDE Master 3A 3 5' $ 149 SUPRA 2400 Modem ... $ 144 2400zi Internal (A2000) $ 149 Hard Drives . Call SYNERGY A500 Hard Drives Call New Low Prices* TECHNICOVER Cover lor A500 $ 14 R Still $ 42! $ 369 from ATTENTION SHOPPERS! DON’T FORGET. GO AMIGA HAS THE BEST PRICES AS WELL IS THE BEST SERVICE. WE WILL MEET OR BEAT ANY LEGITIMATE DEAL ON ANY AMIGA PRODUCT. Aaargh1 $ 25 Fust Letters and Words $ 36 Hn1 QuesUon li $ 38 Alen Fires S29 First Shapes $ 34 Qutzam $ 25 Reality S29 Geltysburg $ 42 Reach For The Stars $ 33 HmI Annals of Rome in Global Commander S29 Hw' Reoei Charge ¦; Stcc-1 Artura . . .. Call HeroesoftheLan.ee in StOCk! Hw' Reei Fish'n $ 32 Awesome Arcade Pak .. S36 Hot £ Cool Jazz Disk S19 ** Return To Atlantis $ 19 Bard s Tale $ 32 Hun! For Red October $ 36 Roadwar 2000 S32 Bard s Tale II $ 43 Inslant Music . $ 32 Road war Europa S31 ¦ - Battle Droid S26 Instant Music Data $ 19 Roadwars ... $ 26 Black Cauldron ... $ 29 inteilitype $ 19 Rocklord $ 26 Chessmasler 2000 ...... S30 Interceptor . .. $ 35 1T4 Rubicon Alliance . Call t Chessmasler 2100 Soon! 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In Stock' Cal! 524 S10T 5108 CaG 539 In Stock ’ $ 45 h Stock' 525 524 Cali $ 24 $ 24 in Stock' 524 539 Cali $ 28 in StOCk ’ Can $ 36 $ 21 $ 11 $ 59 $ 76 $ 18 Can $ :e $ 18 $ 45 $ 74 $ 131 $ 131 In Stock' $ 59 $ 144 $ 34 S29 $ 19 $ 29 $ 19 $ 73 $ 28 $ 129 CaH If StOCk:' $ 79 . In Stock' $ 25 $ 29 In Stock ' . In Stock $ 28 $ 24 $ ?8 ABACUS kn1. Amiga DOS To&lbOx $ -0 AssemPro $ 7 2 BeckerTeit $ M4 DataAelneve $ 59 DataRemeve Professional $ 149 TeilPfo $ 59 Arrnga Macnne Lang $ 24 Amiga Tucks 1 Tips.. $ i7
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• w (He* Version'I Cad Macro Assented $ 79 Shed ... $ 45 TooiKit $ 35 jpssa s* MlCHinOH Hut +00 T, Air bail .. Cashniari Karate K d II HI SOF! Lua* DevPac Amiga Ml HiSoTt Bas c HYPERTIK GOMF' ia?rsf Version') m>' GOMF 3 0 * 'Button IMAGE 1ECHNOLOGY «m' Dungeon Guest KlkUQi IN COGNITO Hm'. At-edes Pro! 3BS ..... . Kingdoms oi England ... ii Optcks Realm ot the Warlock H»*. Snake Prt KmA Targis IMPULSE Turbo Silver H» Terra n Disk INFINITY SOFTWARE Galileo 2 Grand Siam Tennis Hot L'CkS ¦ • Shakespeare vt 1
• V h ( Tne; LdSl' INNQVTSION Broadcast Titter Video Etfetts 3D IH0VA1R0NJCS CAPE 68K inovaToots cVtnv version'! ' Power Windows 2 5 . INTELLIGENT MEMORY .. Emmetic Skimmer . Garrison Garrison II Turbo Pnn; INTELLIGENT MUSIC W V INTERACTIVE SOHWORKS
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- Newsletter Fonts StudiQ Fonts INTERPLAY
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M. ' Easy Tiber KARA
* ¦ Headlines 1 or 2 Hr.1, Subheads. KFS SDFTWARE Tfi? Acco jnlant KOHAMI i ( Bi>i)l Camp . .• Cord i a ii Jackjl ,. Rush'n Aitacv LAKE FOREST LOGIC », Disk Mechanic LATTICE
• » C++
• - cso Compile: Camoar-ron Other Producls LIGHTNING PUBLISHING Ihe Bag Picture LYNNS LUNA C WB t Hus MICRODtAL
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• WordPerlecl $ 179 WordPerfect Library Call Our objecttn It la carry every product tor the Amiga - and sell them at the bed prices Our policy is to be at competitive as possible on all product prices II you find a lower price, please give us a cail II Is no hnger dose to possible Tor us to kit all the products we carry II you donl see It listed, please cafl.
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(i. E., call on cells from other spreadsheets). Superplan also allows you to divide the display either horizontally or vertically so that you can easily compare two spreadsheets or two areas of a single spreadsheet that are separated by many rows or columns. Superplan shines in terms of control options. You can navigate the program via pull-down menus, Lotus-like slash commands, or command options and screen gadgets. You can specify individual cells and cell ranges in formulae and operations either by typing their names or by clicking on them with the mouse. The price for this flexibility is limited display space for data; only 16 rows of cells are accommodated on non-interlaced screens and 41 rows on an interlaced display. A nice option would be to forgo all gadgets and command lines in favor of extra rows. Superplan serves up a data-crunching smorgasbord to appease the huge appetites of calculation-intensive applications. The program includes a complete spread of mathematical, financial, logical, and temporal functions 74 in all. The only area in which I found Superplan deficient was statistical functions. While count, average, maximum, and minimum are all included, standard deviation, variance, and median are noticeably absent. These are easy enough to derive, however, and through all my tests I found Superplan to be a fast and accurate calculator. As a boon to those who work with data from multiple environments, Superplan can read from and write to such industry-standard file formats as .wks (Lotus 1-2-3), .CSV, .DIF, and the dBase II and III formats. Query to and Fro Superplan can sort items within tables on the basis of single or multiple cells within a row, conduct criteria-based text and numeric queries on ranges of cells, and copy or delete cells that meet a specified criterion. Additionally, several arithmetic functions perform calculations based on related data within tables. These features, in concert with Super- plan's programmability, allow the program to function quite ably for small database applications. I would not rec- i".** 11 a .H* Plcture this: object-oriented graphs. Ommend using Superplan to manage a database of more than a few’ hundred items with a limited number of fields, however, because its cellular nature is not conducive to speedy queries or data entry flexibility. Time in a Bottle Superplan addresses the hot new theme of project management by combining the data-managemenl and -analysis abilities of a traditional spreadsheet with facilities for doing time studies, projections, and scheduling. In linking these two concepts, the program helps you do detailed "what if analyses on both time and resource aspects, and thus gauge the global effects of such events as a crucial staff member's illness or an overrun of cost or time in any area. Superplan’s approach to project management is both logical and comprehensive. Central to its time-study and
- forecast portion is an ability to automatically construct a planning calendar or timesheet based on the smallest significant unit of time. Within the timesheet, human and capital resources are visually linked (by w ay of markers) to individual tasks according to the amount of time assigned them. From there, Superplan can calculate a “critical path" a sequence of tasks that are dependent upon each other and report numerous statistics. For procrastinators, a float function lets you to build in anticipated extensions to deadlines. Finally, Superplan's Gantt chart represents your project graphically in terms of time, resources, and tasks. Pleasing to the Eye Superplan exploits the Amiga’s graphics prowess by allowing you to create stunning graphic representations of your data in nine forms, including variations of the traditional line, bar, and pie charts. In all cases you have complete control over text and title placement and sizing, element cross hatching, color, axis scaling and increments, grid, and footnotes. Superplan uses a plotter-like object-oriented system for rendering its graphics into a window separate from your data. This makes it possible to resize text and graphics precisely, and move them quickly and easily even push them to the rear of the spreadsheet display. The object-oriented system precludes the usage of standard-bitmapped Amiga fonts in graphs, but because Superplan saves graphs in IFF format, you can easily add them via a paint program. To create the graphs themselves, you use Superplan's graphics-command language to imbed directives into cells containing the data you want to represent graphically. While this system gives you tremendous control, it makes the graph- creation process time consuming, tedious, and difficult to master. A better approach would be an additional option for creating graphs through a menu- driven dialogue process that would imbed the commands automatically. Building further on its graphic strengths, Superplan gives you a number of print options. You can output spreadsheets to a disk or a printer formatted or unformatted, oriented vertically or horizontally, and with or without row and column designations. There are controls for changing fonts, pitch, page size, and line spacing, printing the date, page numbers, and more. These options save you from having to run Preferences every time you alter your print configuration. Another bit of insight on the part of Superplan’s designers was their inclusion of an alternative print mechanism. This is particularly nice as Superplan’s object- oriented graphics facility allows your graphs to be scaled mathematically to your printer’s best resolution and to your size requirements. Using this option I got great results on both an Epson-compatible dot-matrix and a Hewlett-Packard-compatible laser printer. Automation Closing out Superplan’s litany of features is its three-way programmability. The Autos facility, which allows you to assign as many as 254 keystrokes to each ALT-, CTRL-, or function-key combination, works with all of your spreadsheets. Macros, on the other hand, reside in one or more cells and allow you to automate operations within a specific spreadsheet. They, too, can access any of Superplan’s facilities, but provide more sophistication. You can set up Macros to start automatically once the host spreadsheet loads, use them to call autos or other macros, even create entire turnkey-type applications in which Superplan itself is transparent. Superplan’s Arexx port allows the program to control other Arexx-compatible applications or be controlled by them. Using this facility, you could use Superplan to create invoices or graphs based upon data (or calculations from data) in your database package. (For more examples and a list of Arexx-compatible programs, see the article entitled “ARexx The Missing Link” on p. 30 of this issue.) All This Fortunately, Superplan’s extensive functions are eloquently documented in its 337-page spiral-bound, indexed manual. The book is divided logically according to topic and includes a number of illustrations and examples. A reference guide and a disk full of examples are also included in the package. Although it is designed primarily for advanced productivity users, Superplan is accessible on all levels. The program’s abilities are limited only by your imagination and ingenuity, and you will likely never outgrow Superplan’s capacity. With some effort, you can even construct Superplan systems that rival mainframe applications in terms of power, and surpass them in terms of consistency and ease of use. Superplan Precision Inc. Surrey, UK 01-330-7166 8404 Sterling St. Suite A Irving, TX 75063 214 929-4888 SI 49.95 One megabyte required. Disk Magic Pull a mouse o ut of your hat and make it perf oun CLI tricks, By C.W. Mann AT FIRST GLANCE, Disk Magic looks no different than the many other utilities that allow mouse-controlled access to CLI functions. This program, however, consitutes the most comprehensive effort I have seen to make the Amiga fully operable via mouse. What sets Disk Magic apart are its definable features, among them 14 definable directory gadgets and 108 definable menu functions. Engaging these options requires CLI literacy, though. Unlike most CLI eliminators, Disk Magic is geared not toward those who do not know how to use the CLI, but toward those who would rather not. It is a generalized DOS utility, file-man- agement tool, and system-automation program all in one. Disk Magic has 35 ready-to-use functions, including a disk-and-directory catalog feature, and the ability to dump files to screen or printer in Hex and ASCII formats. It supports ARC, ZOO, and PAK (the package includes these CLI- based public-domain archiving utilities and documentation for them) directly; the command strings these programs call on most often are resident in Disk Magic’s code structure. You can run and execute binary and script files with a mouse click, as well, and Disk Magic offers wildcard capability for both moving files and copying files and directories en masse. Two other features that are nice but not novel are disk-format and -copy functions with safety options that you can set by editing the configuration file. You can work on your choice of an eight- or four-color screen, which features two windows side by side, one for your source device and the other for destination. Watch Carefully, Now Disk Magic’s differential is its extraordinary flexibility. With your own text editor, you can configure the program’s data file of over 3100 bytes and thus perform almost any operation by simply clicking a gadget or selecting a menu 3j Lliia Lill lLLci| Make the mouse pari of your CLI act item. Setting lag time between successive ARC, ZOO, and PAK functions is easy. So is specifying the interval between frames in a slide show (one setting allows you to click the mouse to change frames), and turning the sound on and off. Customizing the program beyond this point, though, can be tricky. Programming a gadget requires that you assign it a name and set up a default path. Let’s say that you do a lot of work on a pardtion of your hard drive called Waterfalls, and would like to be able to access that partition via a gadget. If Wa- ? Terfalls is a division of a subdirectory called Pictures which is in turn a subset of the Paint directory, you must edit the third line of the Gadget sub-table within the Disk.Magic.data iile to read Paint (this names the third button under the Disk Magic file windows Paint), then change the third line of the Gadget Path grouping in the same file to read DH2:Paint Pictures Waterfalls. The same applies to each item in Disk Magic’s seven pull-down menus. Once you decide how a menu item will be and what it is to do, you must edit the corresponding command sequence in the appropriate line of the default-lile section. You can launch up to 108 lull commercial applications (or DOS commands or other functions) from Disk Magic's pulldown menus in this manner. You have full control over literally every pull-down menu function (linked operations), but you must know how to manipulate Amiga DOS to succeed. . .and the manual offers no help in this regard. If you get it wrong, the system will do the wrong thing or fail to respond. Don’t buy this program unless you know how to troubleshoot! The Opening Act Disk Magic installed easily on my hard disk from its non-bootable floppy (the manual promises that future releases will boot from DFO:). It worked fine with a hard drive, floppies, RAM:, and Workbench 1.3’s RAD:, and it multitasked perfectly with every system enhancement program I own. Every function I tried performed just as the documentation promised. I met with the guru only once while I was exiting my test run with over 300K free. Disk Magic runs from its own non-interlaced screen, independent of Workbench. This is fine for most purposes, but the results of issuing a Run command (to start another program) from Disk Magic's CLI vary. While some programs open in front of the Disk Magic screen as they should, others stay glued to the Workbench screen sending Disk Magic’s screen to the back. This is not Disk Magic s fault, but you should be aware that some of your experiments may fail. Maneuvering to Maneuver The 5x 8stapled manual is fairly thorough in scope, but the phraseology is almost impenetrable, and misspellings and poor grammar are distracting. Reading the program is far easier than reading the manual, so I suggest that you keep the manual for reference and play with the program to unlock its secrets. Disk Magic is helpful for those who need to manipulate lots of compressed downloaded files quickly, and programmers will find it useful for automating the entry oi commonly used command lines. On the other hand, Disk Magic does not display entire trees of files and directories for quick viewing, and there is no direct way to manipulate the AmigaDOS protection bits from the program. People who configure Amiga systems for offices or industrial applications will find Disk Magic useful; my only reservation regarding this application is that Disk Magic provides no means for disabling .AmigaDOS function gadgets and directory windows, and as long as they stay active, the system is vulnerable to curious mouse-button pushers. Disk Magic is not perfect, but its impressive performance and flexibility lend hope for the future. It is an effective, high-level tool. Its base functions are as easy to use as those of other CLI utilities, and thus, while it is beyond I lie scope of most mouse-bound Amiga users, it offers a path for growth. Disk Magic DMH Technologies 14873 95th Place Minneapolis, MN 55369 612 420-5572 S49.95 No special requirements. 3-D Design Disks Like a good cake mix, these disks can help you achieve great results in a snap. By Wayland Strickland CREATING A DETAILED three-dimensional object is not a quick or easy task, no matter which design program you use. Antic Software can save you time and effort with its Design Disks, a library of 3-D “clip art" pieces you can assemble together or combine with your own creations. The four-part series gives you a variety of subjects to include in your scenes, from futuristic spacecraft and robotic models to architectural components and the human skeleton. All disks are available in three versions: one for use with VideoScape 3D and Modeler 3-D (both by Aegis), an- I have seen the Future disk, and it contains a Rlngshlp model. Other for Sculpt 3D, Sculpt-Animate 4D, and Sculpt-Animate 4D Jr. (from Byte by Byte), and a third for use with Turbo Silver (Impulse). I tested the VideoScape Modeler version of each single-disk package. The disks are non-copy-protected. And each includes a Read_Me file containing directory assignments, animation tips, and so on. Because the objects are saved in text format, you can transfer them to other programs using Interchange by Syndesis. All objects are composed of triangles, which makes for fast rendering and permits easy conversion to programs (such as Turbo Silver) that employ this type of polygon, but slows down the process in VideoScape and Modeler, which use complex polygons. All of the design packages come with a set of blueprints -hardcopy diagrams of the individual pieces and, in some cases, assembled models with listings of the parts that make them up. An Eye Toward the Future The Future Design Disk is a collection of parts you can combine to form complex space-age objects and vehicles. The disk’s directories group together similar types of pieces. They are: Crewmods (main bodies of space ships), Engines (engine parts), Wheels (wheels and tread sets), Wings (airfoils and solar panels), Tanks (fuel tanks), Frames (whose purpose is to connect pieces to the main body), and Ringdisc (circular airfoils). The root directory contains several impressive space ships and robotic vehicles k V constructed from the various parts on the disk. A complete android is also in the root directory, although its components are not available separately. Strangely, the space station pictured on the Future Disk package is not included in complete form, and its axis, an extruded hexagon, is not provided in any of the directories. Nevertheless, a diagram of the space station is included in the blueprints. In addition to detailing all available components, the Future Design Disk blueprints provide various sub-assemblies to demonstrate possible combinations of the individual pieces. In a related vein, the Nlicrobot Design Disk contains robot parts numerous heads, bodies, claws, hands, legs, feet, treads, and so on plus five intricate robot models. You can interchange parts for almost unlimited possibilites, or start from scratch and build your own automatons. The Microbot blueprints contain detailed drawings of the sample robots and a breakdown of the files they derive from. Also on the blueprints, you will find the number of vertices, faces, and component objects listed for each individual part and each assembled model. From the Ground Up The Architectural Design Disk is full of walls, doors (with frames and without), roofs, arches, columns, skylights, and staircases. Like the Future Disk, each category has its own directory. There are 11 arches including circular, gothic, par- agothic, and one called shell. Roofing includes domed, extruded, and four square styles. There are also four types of towers and six varieties of columns. Wall frames allow you to create skeletal structures. Walls, with and without openings for doors and windows, are included. There are also eight kinds of doorways and doors, and nine types of windows including round, square, triangular, half, and full. Skylights come in three shapes: Two are square, one is rectangular, and one is hexadecimal. Probably the most impressive object of this package is the spiral staircase; a four- step standard staircase is also provided. The Architectural blueprints are very well drawn, although they do not include any mention of the objects’ relative size a feature that would make it easier to use them with homemade objects. There is only one demonstration object included in this package, however on Page 'Three of the blueprints. There are several completed structures, a deck house, a plaza, and an ordinary house. Here too, it would have been useful for the manufacturer to include these completed models on the disk, providing an Narly Drive, Dude. Stevie “Surfs-up” Sherman - Malibu, California Satisfied CA-880 owner Here at California Access™ we believe “Surfs-up” said it best. But don't take his word. Purchase your own CA-880 disk drive and let us know what you think of this narly drive. Narly Features;
• Passthrough California Access’- Mi rights reserved 7SO Montague f px v. MiB.San Jiwe; CA Tel (408) 435-1445, Fax. (40S) 4tf-7'55. Rfgfe* Stevie "Surfs-urC Sherman is a ficticious chSraruT, however. Malibu, California docs exist •
• Power Disable Switch
• Low Power Consumption [SfmSS
• 880K Capacity - Atuss ~ " T '- Amiga World 77 Circle 73 on Reader Service card example of how a complex, finished object may be accomplished. Dem Bones The Human Design Disk provides skeletons for both genders separated into three main object files. The first file, HeadTorso, contains the skull and upper thorax. ArmsHands includes left and right arms and hands, while Hipsljegs is composed of the pelvis and both legs. A joint file identifies the locations of joints within the human body. There is also a right hand, which is well-represented except for the carpals; while the wrist is actually made up of 6-8 individual bones (carpals), the 3-D object represents them as a single bone. Finally, the two files called Watch Man and Watch - Woman are very simple geometric block figures. These are useful for projects that do not require great detail, as they save you from waiting for the computer to render each bone. The skeletons do a good job of representing the largest bones and their placement within the body. They do not, however, show such details as the smaller joints, bone processes, foramina, and so on even though these are labeled on the blueprints in some cases. While the vertebrae look good, the ribs are a bit squareish, and the feet are positively without definition they look like shoes! The blueprints contain Latin terminology that is both common (humerus) and not as well-known (os coxae). This can result in confusion, especially if this package is being used to teach basic anatomy terminology: The humerus is a specific bone, while the os coxae is a region or area of bones. In addition, the blueprints attempt to label hones that are indistinguishable, at least for these drawings. All Together, Now T he process of assembling pieces to create complex objects is much easier in Modeler 3D (which is an especially adept object editor) than with VideoScape (whose forte is rendering). In addition to more completed objects, I would like to see further animation tips included on the disks. My complaints are minor, though; 1 think a lot of people will find .Antic's Design Disks helpful. Future Design Disk Microbot Design Disk Architectural Design Disk Human Design Disk Antic Software 544 Second St. San Francisco, CIA 94107 415 957-0886 800 234-7001 S34.95 each Compatible 3-D software required. Tool Box EEC-2120, EEC-2520 Phoenix PEC-2500 Two slots are belter than none. By Morton A. Kevelson No matter how hard you try, you just cannot get Amiga-2000 style peripheral cards to function inside an A500 or A1000. There's no need to despair, though; Expansion Technologies and Phoenix Electronics both offer boxes that hook up to your expansion bus and accommodate Zorro 2 peripherals. I recently tested Expansion Tech's Tool Box models EEC-2520 and EEC-2120, which let you use two 100-pin boards with the Amiga 1000 and A500 respectively, and t he Phoenix PEC 2500, which is identical to the Tool Box 2520 except for the logo. There is a good reason for the similarity: All three boxes are manufactured by Phoenix Electronics (Phoenix makes a model PEC-2100 for the A1000, as well, and offers the option of a buffered 86- pin coprocessor slot on both units). Measured Up .All the cases are smaller than the average bread box 7V2 inches wide and 14' ., inches deep and rest on four rubber feet. The A500 style measures fi' i inches in height while the A1000 box stands 7'A inches. Installed on the Amiga 1000, the box extends about 6 inches beyond the hack of the computer, while the front of the Amiga 500 unit protrudes 1inches forward of the expansion slot. Inside each box’s sturdy aluminum housing, a double-sided circuit board holds a pair of gold-plated 100-pin slots. In addition, each chassis contains one 86-pin connector to the computer’s expansion bus (also gold plated) and a wave-soldered pass-through port, which allows you to connect other peripherals to the outside of the expansion box. The fine, lightly-insulated wires that run across the bottom of the case call for you to take care while inserting expansion cards. A power connector for a hard disk (which makes it easier to join the drive with a controller) was installed on the circuit hoards of both the PEC 2500 and EEC-2120, but not on the EEC-2520. (According to Expansion Technologies, however, all boxes are now shipped with internal power connectors.) The only way to lit a hard drive in any of the boxes is to configure it as a hard card. Inside the A1000 chassis, a hard card should be installed in the slot furthest from the inis; in the first slot, a hard card blocks half of the second slot. In the 500 version, a hard card fit fine in either position. Back of the Box The box’s rear panel looks a bit like the back of the Amiga 2000's expansion section: Two cutouts (on the A2000 there are seven) allow you access to the installed cards so that you can connect a 5' 4-inch drive with a Bridgeboard, for instance. While the A2000 comes with metal plates to cover each slot, however, the Phoenix box arrived with just one, and neither Expansion Tech package included any such covers. Normally, when you buy an expansion card that requires connection with something outside the chassis, you get a plate complete with connector. For boards that require no such connection, however, a metal strip may or may not be supplied. None of the units came with covers for the passthrough connector, either. Leaving these ports exposed not only allows leakage of radio-frequency radiation (which can interfere with other electronic devices nearby), but leaves the box and the cards inside vulnerable to damage by stray paper clips and the like. Also on the rear panel of each box is an AC fuse holder. Labels on the EEC- 2120 and PEC 2500 holders indicate that the fuse is one-half amp, while the EEC-2520's label calls for a five-amp fuse. 1 pulled the fuses out and found two were five amps and one was a half amp. I am disappointed by the apparent lack of quality control, and suggest that you verify the fuse amperage on your unit, should you buy one. Juice it Up The 18-gauge power cord is seven feet long, and terminates in a standard three-prong, grounded plug. An LED (light-emitting diode) on the unit’s lower left corner glows green to indicate that the power is on. There is no power switch and none of the instruction manuals mention a preferred power-up sequence for computer and expansion box. While the Expansion Technologies boxes come with internal power supplies, Phoenix sells the units with and without power supplies. A power supply of some kind is essential given that the Amiga 500 has no reserve power capacity and the A1000 has very little. Al-
* t though the manuals discuss various alternatives for hooking up your own supply, I recommend buying the system complete. You would have to mount a third-party power unit externally (there is little extra room inside the case) a makeshift setup. According to Expansion Technologies, the power supplies built in to the units I tested put out both five and 12 volts (but not 12), and are rated at four amperes for live volts and two amperes for 12. This is the equivalent of 44 watts, which should be adequate for powering a pair of Zoito-II cards aticl a hard drive plus one or two boards on the pass-through connector. To be safe, you should check of the chassis while both slots are empty. Compatibility with third-party expansion cards is an open question, as there are subtle design differences between the Amiga 2000*5 expansion bus and the unbuffered expansion chassis. These differences are, according to Expansion Technologies, less problematic on the A500 than on the A1000; the company has found no problems with any memory boards or hard-drive interfaces in the A500, although Microbotics recommends that their HardFrame not be used in either box. For the A1000, Expansion Technologies’ spokesperson mentioned that the Amiga 2000 version of LIVE! (A-Squared) would not work with the Tool Box, and I had no luck running the LIVE! 1000 version on the pass-through connector either. T he Tool Box manual lists several products that have been found to be compatible with the EEC-2120: Expansion Technologies’ Flash!Card, the Phoenix HCA SCSI hard-disk controller, the Microbotics two-meg RAM card and 8-UP! Board (B version), and the Commodore A2090A controller and A2058 card. 1 tested the A1000 Tool Box with a Micron two-meg ? The power requirements of your cards with their manufacturers. The power supply is based on two low- power, MCI723, adjustable-voltage regulator, integrated circuits. Each circuit is boosted by a pair of 2N3055 bypass transistors encased in metal and mounted on aluminum heat sinks. While short-circuit protection, current limiting, and thermal sensing are incorporated in the MCI723s, 1 would like to see fuses on both outputs to further guard against component failures. In the unlikely event of a short circuit in the transistors (their usual failure mode), excessive voltage would be applied to your installed expansion cards, and could render them useless. One Size Fits Some The box’s unbuffered design allows it to support only one DMA device. Lack of buffering also means that configuring information must pass from one board to the next. Thankfully, the circuit board has a jumper block you can set to allow use of the second slot while the first is unoccupied. A second jumper lets you run peripherals connected to the outside Ext. 3.5 Drive Introducing the new external 3.5-inch drive, fully compatible with the Amiga 500 2000. Only $ 125. 00 Compatibility you are looking for at an affordable price. ORDER ONE FOR YOUR AMIGA TODAY! 1-800-433-6224 (Outside N.Y.) 516-763-1025 (In New York) KINSON PRODUCTS CORPORATION 484 Sunrise Highway Rockville Centre, N.Y. 11570 Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines board and had no problem most of the time, but occasionally got a guru message while booting up. The Expansion Technologies manual stresses the importance of grounding your Amiga 1000’s PAL chips, as they have found this affects the expansion port (although I have used other peripherals and expansion devices before on my A1000 without problem). I suggest that you test the expansion box with any peripheral cards you own or intend to buy before committing yourself to a final purchase. If your chosen cards work, the flexibility the expansion boxes provide will be worth the price. Tool Box EEC-2520 and EEC-2120 Expansion Technologies 46127 Landing Parkway Fremont, CA 94538 415 656-2890 $ 259.95 (with power supply) No special requirements. Phoenix PEC 2500 Phoenix Electronics PO Box 156 Clay Center, KS 67432 913 632-2159 $ 179.95 S254 (with power supply) No special requirements. X-Shell Hang on, X-CAD, it’s X-Shell to the rescue! By Stephen Ellerin AS THE SHELL of an egg allows us to handle the stuff inside without getting a fistful of yolk, a "shelf’ program helps us to handle its base application more easily. GrafX Computing's X-Shel! Provides a convenient, mouse-driven interface for the user of X-CAD (Taurus), serving as an efficient command console for a powerful, but very difficult-to-use CAD program that left this reviewer with very sticky hands when evaluating it as a stand-alone product. [For the author’s review of X-CAD, see the June ’89 issue of .AmigaWorld, p. 76.] X-Shell begins its iife-support assistance to X-CAD long before you ever boot it up on your Amiga. The effect of the confusing documentation that made X-CAD so hard to work with is largely negated by X-Shelfs exemplary manual a well-written, logically organized booklet in tabbed, loose-leaf format complete with an index. Unfathomable X- CADese is here translated into readily comprehensible English. You will still need the X-CAD documentation to fully implement the base program; but now you have able-bodied reference assistance to make that job more manageable. If you've already been using X-CAD, jump directly into the X-Shell manual for clarification of X-CAD material and instructions for putting X-Shell to use. If you’re new to X-CAD, start by briefly perusing the X-Shell manual to gain some familiarity with terms and capabilities. Then skim X-CAD’s documentation. Finally, go back and read X-Shelfs manual in depth, especially the explanation of the command sequence. Although each X-Shell command icon represents an entire X-CAD sequence, you may need to refer often to X-Shell s manual until vou have comfortably buttoned down each X-CAD clicking sequence. The initial learning process here may be a bit time- consuming, but it will save you a lot more time later when you are using the program under actual working conditions. Install and Load Because GrafX cannot sell X-CAD, you must install the latter on your X-Shell disk. The manual coaches both floppy- and hard-disk users through a simple installation routine. Allow 20 to 30 minutes for each installation. You can safely ignore the “Error 205" message after copying the last X-CAD file: “xcdocs” is an empty file in the initial release of' X-CAD. X-Shell and X-CAD make a memoryintensive combination. GrafX recommends at least 2.5 megabytes of memory, although I have used them together in a
1. 5-mcg system by limiting each drawing file to what I would plot on a single page. Once installed, start your system with a warm boot. X-Shell employs a battery of public-dotnain software, which comes with the program. Using Runback, it loads Conman, changes the default font, loads Workbench, and then loads X- CAD. The entire process took six to seven minutes on my dual-floppy system. As it loads, you can channel much of the program into RAM via a recoverable- RAM disk (such as ASDG’s or the RAD: option on AmigaDOS 1.3). If your system has less than the recommended 2.5 megs of memory, however, skip this option. When I tried it with a 1.5-meg system, X-CAD would not load. If your system has the extra memory, X-Shell rewards you by providing faster, smoother operation with minimal disk access although GrafX still suggests adding a disk-caching program. .As X-CAD loads, watch X-Shell swing into action. Through X-CAD’s Command window, you will see X-Shell rapidly execute strings of instructions, including those for creating “viewports" (the X- CAD name for windows). This is no mean feat: Setting up a viewport in X- CAD alone can take over 30 keystrokes. X-Shell Menus Once you’re in X-Shell, brightly colored, well-designed screen menus control each major group of program functions and drawing commands. Each X-Shell icon replaces a score of X-CAD commands. Although GrafX succeeded in its overall attempt to make each icon represent both your desired task (such as drawing one line perpendicular to another) and the sequence required for execution, be prepared to refer to the manual frequently at first. In future revisions, GrafX has promised to simplify the learning process through selective use of colors in its task icons. A tutorial in this area is also in the works. The program offers four main menus. ? La 'ness the power of your Amiga Learn to use AmigaDOS and the CLI Become an Amiga Power User with... The Amiga Companion Second Edition "1 YES! Send me Cily.
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* Second Edition, for just 519.95 each plus 52.50 per copy for first class delivery. Copies of the AMIGA COMPANION, .Exp. date. .State. Name. R Address. Use the Display menu, which controls the viewport, to set your grid and select your layer, depth, and colon The Drawing menu accelerates the drawing process by replacing X-CAD’s command strings with a single button. The Symbols menu allows you to create text in Standard, Times, or Helvetica fonts in either single-stroke or outline format. You can place text vertically, horizontally, or at any angle, and adjust slant and spacing, too. You can also import text files. Place a “TextNode” on any object drawn, and the corresponding text will follow that object anywhere you wish to move it. Also from this menu you can create dimension lines for measuring distances, lines, angles, or radii. Still other buttons allow you to merge objects into “symbols" (parts). Although X-CAD did not provide any samples, GrafX includes a few basics to get you started. The Manage menu, as its name might suggest, lets you manage the other menus. Here, for instance, you can load or save your drawings and find out which files are contained 011 your disk. Other screen buttons from the Manage menu include Rotate, Move, Copy, Delete, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Scroll, and Change Viewports. A Good Egg or Just an Empty Shell? Any useful evaluation of X-Shell must consider both programs. The creation of a shell that brings the power of X-CAD to the designer who is not a programmer is a significant achievement. For the first time, 1 enjoyed working with X- GAD and felt truly able to capitalize on its speed and unique features. X-Shell may not have taken all the hassles out of using X-CAD, but it minimizes them considerably. For instance, I still have to zoom in to an incredibly tiny area to fully utilize a one-inch grid (the minimum degree of accuracy that I want my drawing to display), and then zoom back out to view my results, but at least these operations now take only a moment to execute. Although X-Shell provides gadgets for the most commonly used X-CAD commands, it does not cover them all. In fact, 1 think that GrafX missed one of the most powerful features of X-CAD bv skipping over the Window command (which lets you draw a rectangle around any group of objects and then act on them cn masse). Fortunately, you can easily access commands not supported. To use Window, for instance, type in W and tap the space bar when the X-CAD display prompts you for 1 .PC (location) or EXT (entity). Next, when the X-CAD Command window responds with :LOC, dick in two diagonal corners to define your rectangular window. Then finish the command in X-Shell. X-Shell handles well, and although you occasionally must refer to X-CAD's dreary manual to clarify points, it makes X-CAD accessible. In tandem, X-Shell and X-CAD provide a sophisticated CAD solution for $ 800 considerably less than comparable packages on oilier systems. X-Shell GrafX Computing 35 Newell Place Fairfield, CT 06430 203 255-5166 S199 X-CAD required: 2.5 megabytes recommended. ¦ Sensational Service With Sprite Technology AMIGA HARDWARE Amiga 500 ......$ 579 Amiga 2000 ...CALL Amiga 2Q00HD ....CALL Amiga 2500 ...CALL Amiga 20M 500 ....$ 649 Commodore PC40 ...CALL 1084S Monitor ......$ 309 501 Ram Card $ 159 Amiga 1010 Drive .$ 209 Amiga 1680 Modem (1200) ....$ 108
3. 5" Internal Floppy ..$ 119
3. 5" External Floppy .$ 149 2088 Bridgeboard .$ 499 2286 Bridgeboard ...$ 1125 2090A SCSI Board $ 299 2058 2MB RAM ....$ 679 DigiView Gold $ 149 GenOne ......CALL GVP 40Q Hardcard ..$ 799 GVP 30 Hardcard .$ 686 GVP 25mhz 030 Accelerator. CALL Microbotics Starboards ...CALL MicroWay Flicker Fixer ....$ 489 20 MEG HD 500 ..CALL of Commodore Business Machines. INC. Prices subject to change without notice. Please inquire about our policies & procedures. Am'qa is a registered trademark Sprite ‘Technology ORDERS: 800-634-9315 INQUIRIES: 404-535-8806 Supra 2400 Modem ...... ..$ 149 Lords of the Rising Sun . ...$ 32 Supra internal Modem .. ..$ 149 LV Backup .... ...$ 44 Supra 2MB 2000 ..$ 565 Math Wizard . ...$ 35 Maxiplan 500 ...$ 94 AMIGA SOFTWARE Maxiplan Plus ... .$ 135 Amax Mac Emulator ..... ..$ 125 Modeller 3D .. ...$ 63 Animate 3D ....$ 94 On Line Platinum .... ...$ 97 Broadcast Tltier .. ..$ 189 Pagestream .. .$ 125 Capone ....$ 25 Photon Paint 2.0 ..... ...$ 94 Deluxe Paint III .. ..CALL Professional Draw ... .$ 123 Deluxe Photo Lab . ...,$ 98 Professional Page ... .$ 246 Digi-Paint ... ,...$ 44 Project 'D' ..... ...$ 32 Dragon's Lair ..... ....$ 39 Pro Video Gold .$ 195 Draw 2000 .. ..$ 175 Prowrite 2.0 .. ...$ 78 Dungeon Master...... ....$ 25 Rocket Ranger . ...$ 32 Excellence .. ..$ 189 Quarterback . ...$ 44 F A-18 Interceptor . ....$ 33 Sculpt 3D ..... ...$ 72 Falcon ..... ....$ 32 Star Wars ..... ...$ 25 Fantavision . ....$ 38 Test Drive II .. ...$ 28 Gunship ...... ....$ 34 The Works Platinum ...... .$ 156 Heroes of the Lance .... ....$ 26 Turbo Silver .. .$ 125 intro CAD . ....$ 54 Videoscape 3D .$ 125 Interfont ...... ....$ 75 Videotitler ..... ...$ 93 Jet ... ..,,$ 32 Word Perfect .$ 199 Lattice C 5.0 ...... ..$ 204 Workbench 1.3 Update .. ...$ 19 Amiga Music Pack SHS-10 Yamaha Keyboard, MIDI Interface & Cable, Deluxe Music Construction Set ...$ 169 Pack w computer buy ...$ 149 Music Ware AudioMaster II ....$ 62 Deluxe Music .$ 65 Dr.T's Midi Rec Studio ...$ 44 Dr.T's DX Heaven ...$ 94 M for Amiga ......$ 152 Perfect Sound .....$ 64 Pro MIDI Studio ......$ 126 Sonix .$ 50 Texture ..$ 94 Amiga Accessories Beach Towel $ 16 Golf Cap - grey or white ...$ 8 Golf Shirt - L or XL ..$ 20 Golf Umbrella - 48“ .$ 22 Sweatshirt - white L or XL ....$ 16 Starter Software Kit Money Mentor, TV Text, Arkanoid, Text Craft Plus, Graphics Studio $ 196 9-6 MON-FRI
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Please call for firm price and availability. HARDWARE A Pro Draw 12x12 w cursor $ 499 Case 13.5" Hhw pwr& Fan 85 Case 2-5.25" HH w pwr & Fan 79 Chmon A2000 Intrnl 3.5” Floppy 99 DRAM 256K0x1 1£0ns 8 DRAM 256KPx4 100ns 25 DRAM 256Kbx4 120ns ZIP 28 DRAM 1Mbx1 100ns 21 Flexidata FD 10 149 Flexidata FD 20 259 32MB Seagate 3.5" 40ms 340 4BMB Seagate 3.5" 28ms 370 64MB Seagate 5 25" 40ms call 82MB Seagate 5 25” 28ms call 40MB Quantum 3.5“ 19 12ms 575 BOMB Ouantum 3.5'219 12ms 939 100MB Ouantum 3 5” 19 12ms call 40MB Syquest 5 25” 25ms Remvpi call GENLOCKS AmiGen $ 149 Gen One 625 ProGen 369 Magnl 4004 1389 Scanlock 895 SuperGen 669 MOWTORS Mitsubishi DiamondScan 14 $ 549 Momterm Viking call NEC 30 749 PRINTERS Abaton Quickstep Postscript Laser3495 Canon PJ1080A Color Ink Jet 519 Canon Bubble Jet 360dpi l 32clmn 799 Fujitsu LED Postscript call Laser Express 2199 Okimale 20 155 Star NX-1000 Rainbow Color 259 Xerox 4020 Color Ink Jet 1139 VIDEO Flicker Fixer $ 479 Panasonic WV 1410 Camera 189 Rainbow 16mm Lens w variabte ms 49 AMIGA 1084S Stereo Monitor call 2058 Mem Board w 2MB(8MB max) call Amiga 68020 6881 w 2MB Amiga 500 A5Q1 512KB w clock 520 Video Adapter Amiga 2000, 2000HDor 250Q 2088 XT Bndgeboard 2266 AT Bridgeboard call call call call can can call A SQUARED $ 249 Live! 1000 Live! 500 Live! 2000 285 319 CACHE SYSTEMS Hard Drives call COMPUTER SYSTEM ASSOCIATES Widget Racer w 68020 $ 349 Midget Racer W 68020&68881 16 519 DIGIT RONICS RC4 Ramcard 2000 (OK) $ 199 RC4 w case, pwr & A500 adpt (OK) 280 GREAT VALLEY A2000SQ44 call A2000 68030 16 or 25MHz call A2000 SCSI Hrd Dsk Cntr 2MB OK 299 A2000 2 0 SCSI Cntr w BQMB Ont 1249 A2000 40MB SCSI Hrd CrdQntm 799 A2000 80MB SCSI Hrd Crd Qntm 1159 A500 30MB SCSi Hard Drive 759 A500 40MB SCSI Hard Drive 1020 A500 BOMB SCSI Hard Dr ve 1429 MAST MicroMegs (A501 Substitute) Si 59 MimMegs 512KB A500 or A1000 315 MimMeqS 1MB A500 ot A1000 449 MmiMegs 2MB A500 or A1000 749 Iny Tgr 30MB A500 2000 or 1000 629 TnyTgr40MB Ont 500 2000,1000 799 Try Tgr 48MB 500 2000 or 1000 769 TnyTgr80MB 0nl500 2000.100011 29 Try Tgr Plus call Twin Drive 259 UniDrivc 149 MICHOBOTICS HardFrame $ 249 8 Up (OK) 185 StarBoard li 269 MIMEDCS Frame Buffer (OK) $ 489 Frame Capture 159 PACIFIC PERIPHERALS Overdrive $ 199 Synergy 500 219 Subsystem 500 249 PHOENIX Exp Chassis A50Q or A1000 $ 159 Exp Chassis w pwr A500 or A1000 239 Hard Drives can PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS ProRAM 2000 OK (BMB max) S249 ProRAM 2000 2MB (8VB max) 629 FrameGraPDer 539 SPIRIT Inboard A1000 or A500 $ 229 SIN A500 269 SUPRA A2000 Internal Modem $ 145 Hard Drives call XETEC Fast Card $ 159 Fast Track (0MB) call Hard Drives call PACKAGES FasiTrack w case and 64MB call Fast Track w case and 8 2MB call Frame Butler w 1 MB RAM 699 8 Up w 2VB (8MB max) 515 RC4 2000 w 512KB 295 RC4 500 W 512KB 375 Starboard II w 512KB 395 Spirit Inboard w 512KB 375 Trump or FastCard w 32MB 499 Trump or FastCard w 4BMB 529 Trump or FastCard w 64MB 649 Trump or FastCard w 158MB 1359 Trumpcard 500 w 32MB 559 Trumpcard 500 w 48MB 28ms 589 Lei us put a custom package deaf together for you! Please Call M-F, 9-5EST Actual shipping costs on hardware ADULT FUN ADVENTURE Ami...Alignment ttll. .A $ |U» 11 1) r' LIQMBTT Catirtli J 1 M 1 | it in fa [a 1 ¦ |on> Sciit i | JL.iL Ql
v. [bmJ jL m VI $ 32 Battle Tech $ 36 29 Lords of Rising Sun 36 32 War & Middle Earth 36 34 Falcon 35 29 Battlehawks 1942 36 38 (Otter expires 8 30 89) a a a a a ?ji$ ! Lipefc Fff 1'. IrtMl TtaHHI 'lie mm km a Hct J lot as hclor n tr > I- neic» Treat your drives with respect' A full featured diagnostic & alignment system OUR PRICE $ 39 Purchase any 3 of the following titles and we will give you either “Clever & Smart" or “Gunshoot" absolutely FREE! Batman Deathbringer Sim City Test Drive 2 Planet of Lust Gunship 75" BhiWALL SOLID PRODUCTS & SOLID SUPPORT PO Box 129 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 Toll Free 24 Hour Order Line 1-800 638 5757 24-Hour Order Line Outside USA 1 215 683 5433 24-Hour FAX Line - 1-215 683 8567 Customer Service - 1-215-683-5433 Technical Support ¦ 1-215-683-5699 . PLEASE COME VISIT US! Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM EST Saturday 9AM *12 Noon EST wsa ! Uronin JNTER ACTIVE VIDEO SYSTEMS Research and Development. Inc. 6B030 28MHz 0 wait state w 65ns RAM (uses same memory board as -020) SCSI interface on board. 68030 28Hz 1-4 MB or 6-16 MB 68020 call call call call Memory Board Chinon Scanner 300dpi SHIPPING POLICV: All ORDERS received before 3PM EST will normally be shipped within 2 business days. Out ol stock items will be shipped by the same shipping method as original order, normally within 3 or 4 business days. All UPS shipments are sent SIGNATURE REQUIRED NO DRIVER RELEASE. ADD the following shipping charges to your TOTAL software order: UPS: Ground S4.00 (cont USA ONLY); Air Rush $ 7.00 (includes Puerto Rico Hawaii); Overnight $ 12.00 +
52. 50 per item (must be received by 12 NOON). PRIORITY MAIL: USA 54.00 (includes APO FPQ); Canada Mexico $ 6.00; Other Foreign $ 4 00 Handling -f Actual Shipping + Insurance, ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: For your convenience, you can place a phone order 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK on our TOLL-FREE LINE 1-800 638 5757. Outside the USA. Please use (215) 683 5433. Price, availability and compatibility checks are also welcome on our order line, Monday Ihru Friday. 9:30AM 4:30PM EST. AFTER HOURS. Orders Only, Please! When placing an order, please specily your computer model, nome & daytime phone number, shipping address, charge card number, expiration date 4 name ol bank. ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS: We welcome payment by PREPAID (by Pcisonal Check or Money Order). MASTERCARD: VISA: SCHOOL PURCHASE ORDERS, COD orders arc welcome lor established 0rrwalJ Customers Only ($ 4.00 additional). All payments must be in USA DOLLARS There is no Surcharge for Credit Cards and your card is NOT charged until we ship! RETURN POUCY (tor software and accessories ONLY): We have a liberal retu-n policy to better service your needs. II within 15 days from the time you receive an item, you are not satisfied with it tor any reason, you may return it to us for either a refund, exchange or open credit. REFUNDS ARE SUBJECT TO A 10°e RESTOCKING FEE PER ITEM RETURNED (S5.00 MINIMUM PER ITEM). EXCHANGES OPEN CREDITS will gladly be issued for the full purchase price of the item. DEFECTIVE Items, Hardware items and Special Order items will be replaced with me same item only. TECHNICAL SUPPORT (M*F ¦ 9:30AM-5PM EST) We do our very best to help you with your product selections, belore you order and alter you receive your product General questions, price, compatibility with your computer, etc. will be handled by our order stall at the time you place your order. BUT. Il you have speeilc. Detailed questions about a product, printer, compatibility questions, etc.. you will get the most help from our TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE 215 683 5699. WHAT’S NEW? This month’s delights require a hammock and an iced drink for the full effect. Compiled by Jan Jackson Untitled Passion each person into various groups for cross-referencing. Your social director is Blue Ribbon Bakery, 1248 Clair- mont Rd., Suite 3-D, Atlanta, GA 30030, 404 377-
1514. Reader service number
550. WITH VIDEO PAGE (S 199.95), Microshuki’s professional video-titling system, you can mix fonts of various sizes and colors on each line, let the program space them, and reenter the picture by defining effects. Large requesters provide for easy viewing at a distance. I he US distributor is Impulse Inc., 6870 Shingle Creek Pkwy., Minneapolis, MX 55430, 612 566-0221. Render sendee number 557. Back to Forth ENTER THE WORLD of commercial programming with Jforth Professional 2.0. an interactive language. The latest version includes an updated interface to graphics and menus, hashing for faster compilation, precompiled Include files, command-line history, a source-level debugger with breakpoints, IFF support, plus an animation system and an improved store of development tools. The package the current Turbo Silver converter, you can upgrade for S15. The second package, Inter- Font 3-D Object Font Designer, supports Gold Disk’s Professional Draw and Professional Page via InterFont, Interchange’s companion character-design program. (SI79.95) includes two assemblers and a disassembler. Key in with Delta Research, PO Box 1051, San Rafael. CA 94915, 415 485-6867. Reader sendee number 55- . And Sometimes Why IF YOUR LIFE doesn’t fit on your calendar, try Who! What! When! Where! (S99.95). The program, which supports Arexx, is designed to help you keep track of names, addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays. You can categorize Nane: Hager, Nornan Address: 773 Fiddlefaddle Blvd. Harrv s House o Citv: Oldfield State: HS Zip: 98284 Lister, Phillip McFarland, Trac Northern Aneric Ooodleboodle So Birthday: Sat Jan 14 1967 __ Groups: hair dresser, seanstress otes: husband: Theodore Lesternanl i]jfl Sun Hon i 1 She! 7 CO 14 Hary Hi 15 21 22 28 29 Zinz Hone: 514-744-6284 Work: 514-836-5522 Something from the oven at Blue Ribbon Bakery. Common Karma INTERCHANGE, the pro- gram that lets you share files between otherwise-incompatible 3-D graphics programs, has extended its reach. A new Interchange Conversion Module writes and reads objects to and from the latest version 3.0 of Turbo Silver (Impulse). Interchange retails for $ 49.95, the new turbo converter costs S29.95. If you own Charged Letters GENERATE WORD POWER with Font-Works (S99.95). The program lets you design your own electrifying alphabets, capture letters from IFF pictures, or add a variety of effects to the fonts provided. You can enlarge characters to 1024 x 1024 pixels, and customize the palette by changing or mixing colors. Plug in by calling ACS Software, 2135 E. Sunshine, Suite 106, Springfield, MO 65804. Reader sendee number 555. The Lons Fonts collection is designed for use with Inter- Font (Syndesis), making it compatible with all packages Interfont supports. Each set (S29.95) is rendered proportional by Interfont’s corner- sion module. Connect with Micro Momentum Inc., 100 Brown Ave., Johnston, RI 02919, 401 949-5310. Reader service number 556. VISA MASTERCARD DISCOVER NO SURCHARGE COMPUTER MART 800-443-8236 INFORMATION 409-560-2826 HOT LICKS 32.00 HUMAN DESIGN 22 00 HUNT FOR RED GCTOBER 35 00 HYBRIS 24 00 INDOOR SPORTS 35 00 INOVATOOLS S1 55 00 INSANITY FIGHT 23 00 INTELLITYPE 35 00 INTERCHANGE 32 00 INTERFONT 72 00 INTERNATIONAL SOCCER 24 00 INTROCAD 51.00 INVESTOR S ADVANTAGE 66 00 JACK NICHOLAS GOLF 30.00 JET 36.00 JET SET UTILITIES 24 00 JEWELS OF DARKNESS 21.00 JINXTER 23 00 JOE BLADE 2i 00 KAMPFGRUPPE 39 00 KARATE KID II 28.00 KARATE KING 19 00 KARTING GRAND PrlX 19 00 KINDERAMA 32.00 KINDWORDS 63 00 KING OF CHICAGO 35 00 KINGDOMS OF ENGLAND 30 00 LANCELOT 26 00 LAS VEGAS 19 00 LATTICE C 5 0 204 00 LAZERSCRIPT 29 00 LEADER BOARD DUAL PACK 21 00 LEATHER GODDESSES 26 00 LEXCHECK 27 00 LIGHTS. CAMERA ACTION 51 00 LINKWORD LANGUAGES 19 00 69 00 CM 65MEGA500 A1000 879 00 24 00 CM 65 MEG A2000 799 00
48. 00 CM 85 MEG A500'A1000 96600
29. 00 CS-1 COPY STAND 51.00 22 00 CVIEW 1 35.00
28. 00 CVIEW 2 35 00
28. 00 DELUXE MIDJ INTFCE 63.00 3300 DIGI-DROID 62.00 53 00 DIGI-VIEW 3 0 139.00
14. 00 DIGI-VIEW GOLD 139 00 190 00 ECE MIDI 50.00 35 00 EPYX 500XJ JOYSTK 14.00
178. 00 ERGOSTlCK JOYSTK 18 00
26. 00 EXP TECH HARD DRIVE KIT286.00 2100 FLASH CARD A2000 SCSI 186 00
26. 00 FLICKER FIXER 510.00 28 00 FLICKER MASTER 12.00 22 00 FRAMEGRABBER 529 00 115 00 FUTURE SOUND 136 00 29 00 GEN ONE GENLOCK 699.00 New Low Price SUPRA 2400 MODEM $ 129.00 HAYES COMPATIBLE 300 1200 2400 BAUD DRAGON S LAIR
28. 00 EMPIRE
149. 00 High Speed A2000 HardCards 40 MEG 11ms $ 799 80 MEG nms $ 1199 54 00
31. 00
18. 00
28. 00 155 00 11700 1900
35. 00 28 00 28 00
35. 00 35 00 32 00 35 00 94 00 126 00 28 00
28. 00
81. 00
22. 00 108 00 38 00 9200 16 00 40 00
24. 00
29. 00
32. 00 88 00
41. 00
61. 00 21 00 63 00 56 00
50. 00
35. 00
35. 00 28 00
24. 00
14. 00 169 00 399 00 655 00 CALL CALL
126. 00
170. 00 159 95 139 95
147. 00 480 00 485 00
98. 00 CALL
149. 00 30 00 call 156 00 180 00 11900
639. 00 539 00
799. 00 749 00 944 00 699 00 129 00 102 00 55 00 214 00 144 00 152 00 165 00 78 00
78. 00 238 00 94 00 Expansion Technology ToolBox 2 Slot Expansion uses A2000 Cards for your A500 or A1000 Starting as low as $ 144 SHIPPING INFO; Software rales are SZ.IO iiem iMa.x8.IXJ> UPS Ground or S4.0(l item (Max I4.0O) UPS 2ml Day Air. Call for Hardware shipping info. REFUND At RETURN POLICY: Ueleetive mciehandixe under warranty u ill he repaired or replaced Relumed producl muss he m original packaging. We do no! Offer refunds for defeinvc prmJucis or lor products Dial do not perform saiisruinrily. We nuke no guarantees for producl performance. Money hack guarantees must he handled directly with the manufacturer All returns must luxe an K, * Call 409-560-2826 for an KA. Returned products are subject to a 2W restocking lee Prices subject 10 change without notice. Delivery subject id availability. Computer Mart 105 Lynn St. Nacogdoches, TX 75961 Standard Air Available on Request 3-DEMON
58. 00 3D FANCY FONTS 48 00 AAARGH 21 00 AC BASIC
135. 00 AC FORTRAN
198. 00 AEGIS DRAW 2000
35. 00 BAD.
26. 00 BUBBLE GHOST 25 00 BUTCHER 2.0
59. 00 CAPONE
20. 00 CHESSMASTER 2000
22. 00 DELUXE MUSIC 2.0
138. 00 DELUXE VIDEO 1 2 86 00 DESIGN 3D 60 00 DESTROYER 27 00 DETONATOR
60. 00 DIGA
51. 00 DlGI PAINT
55. 00 DOS TO DOS
51. 00 ULTIMA IV
41. 00 UNINVITED 35 00 UNIV MILITARY SIM. 30 00 V 1 P 30 00 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D 130 00 VIDEO TlTLER 88 00 VIDEO WIZARD 42 00 VIDEOSCAPE 3D 127 00 WARLOCK 21 00 WAYNE GRETZKY HOCKEY 30 €0 WILLOW 24 00 WINTER GAMES 1400 WITCHCRAFT 28 00 WORDPERFECT 145 00 WORLD CLASS LEADER BD 28 00 WSHELL 3000 X CAD 414 00 ZAK MCKRACKEN 28 00 ZOETROPE 04 00 0 UP OK 8 UP W l MEG 8 UP W 2 MEG 8 UP W A MEG 8 UP W 8 MEG ADAPTEC 4000 ADAPTEC 4070 AIR DRIVE EXT AIR DRIVE INT AMIGEN GENLOCK APRODRAW 12X12 BUS EXPANDER C LTD REPLACEMENT KY8D C LTD HARD DRIVES CALIFORNIA ACCESS C LTD A500 512K OK C LTD CORONA SCSI C LTD SCSI 500 C LTD SCSI 1000 C LTD SCSI 2000 CM 20 MEG A500 A1000 CM 20 MEG A2000 CM 40 MEG A500 A1000 CM 40 MEG A2000 SYNTHIA TARGIS TAX BREAK TECNOCOP TELEGAMES TELEWARS TERRORPODS TEST DRIVE TEXTPRO THAI BOXING THE ACCOUNTANT THE THREE STOOGES the works platinum THEXDER THUNDER BOY TIME AND MAGIK TIME BANDITS TRACER TURBO SILVER TV SPORTS FOOTBALL HARDWARE GO 64 36 00 GO 64 INTERFACE CABLE 15.00 GVP 20 MEG HARDCARD 575 00 GVP 30 MEG HARDCARD 698 00 GVP 45 MEG HARDCARD 816 00 GVP AUTOBOOT EPROM KIT 29 00 GVP FD2C10 FLOPPY 135.00 GVP IMPACT A500 CALL GVP A500 RAM MODULE 66 00 GVP SCSI RAP,* A2000 OK 1M 294 00 GVP SCSI RAM A2000 OK 2M324 00 GVP SCSI RAM A2000 2M 750 00 HARDFRAME 2000 257.00 HD 6A HARD DRIVE CASE 125.00 INBOARD OK Al 000 216 00 INBOARD 512K A1000 386 00 INBOARD 1 MEG A1000 556 00 INBOARD 1 5 MEG AlOOO 726 00 INBOARD OK A500 239 00 INBOARD 1 MEG A500 546 00 INBOARD 2 MEG A500 853 00 KICKSTART ELIMINATOR 120.00 M501 512KA500EXP OK 65 00 MIDI GOLD A500 58 00 MIDI INSIDER A2000 65 00 MIDI STAR 216 00 MODEM CABLE A1000 1500 MODEM CABLE A500 A2000 15 00 MOUSE MASTER 27 00 MOUSE PADS 9 00 NEC PJNWRITER 2200 432 00 PERFECT SOUND 66 00 PERFECT VISION 109 00 PRO GEN GENLOCK 384 00 PROCESSOR ACC 149 00 PRORAM 2 MEG A2000 599 00 PRORAM B MEG W.'2 MEG 675 00 SCSI CABLES 25 00 SEAGATE ST157N 48 MEG 51000 SEAGATE ST225N 20 MEG 345 00 SEAGATE ST251N 40 MEG 440 00 SEAGATE ST277N 65 MEG 510 00 SEAGATE ST 138N 30 MEG 394 00 SEAGATE ST296N 85 MEG 635 00 STARDRIVE SCSI CONT 102 00 SI COLOR SPLITTER 74 00 STARBOARD II OK 260 00 STARBOARD II 512K 435 00 STARBOARD 111 MEG 605 00 STARBOARD II 2 MEG SUPER GEN GENLOCK SUPRA 2400 MODEM BRICK A5Q0 POWER TIMESAVER TOOLBOX A1000 3 AMP TOOLBOX A1000 TOOLBOX A500 l AMP TRUMPCARD CONT VI 2000RF VI-500PF WV-1410 WLENS.CABLE X-SPECS 3D YOUR A2000 WILL have no secrets when it’s housed in an ACD 2000 Plexi-glass Case ($ 400). This clear case replaces the Amiga’s stock housing to let vou see the manchine’s in- ternal mechanisms in action. The main board, power supply, storage media, and port connectors are all visible. Each case is made to order by Advanced Computer Design, Carl-Schurz-Str. 11, D-2800 Bremen 1, West Germany, 49 421 3499517. Reader sendee number 577. Desktop Fellini LEARN MORE ABOUT the how, why, and when of computer video graphics with Cape Fear Teleproductions’ three-part series of instructional videotapes. Video Graphics Techniques provides an introduction to signal theory, hardware requirements, font selection, text backgrounds, genlocking and keying, and effects, while Color Cycling Animation explains how to use color cycling for text and object animation, cartooning, background manipulation, and flow diagrams. Finally, Digitizing For Effect shows you how to transform photos and drawings and black-and-white video film into full-color digital images. To begin filming, contact Cape Fear Teleproductions Inc., 605 Dock St., Wilmington, NC 28401, 919 762-8028. Reader service number 553. I Can See Clearly Now C Here! PUT YOUR C programs on the inside track with Aztec C Express (ACE). The newest version of Manx’s software development environment allows you to make direct connections from edit to compile to test. Without leaving the ACE environment, you can automatically return from compiler to editor, and target errors for immediate correction and recompilation. The program includes a fully integrated “poinl-and-shool" project manager, a source-level debugger, and assorted development tools including non- Aztec editors and implements. Choose either the developer’s ($ 299) or the professional ($ 199) package. Manx Software Systems has your ticket: PO Box 55, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702, 800 221-0440 or 201 542-2121. Reader service number 560. AMIGA HARDWARE Lowest prices on all hardware Call for latest prices & availability RSISystems 1-800-752-RSIS 1-800-752-7747 20% RESTOCKING FEE ON ALL ITEMS RETURNED Circle 154 on Reader Service card Which hard disks for AMIGA? Curious? Any (IBM compatible) with our A.L.F.! (Amiga Loads Faster) Safer with CHECKDRIVE. Faster with FASTFILE-SYSTEM. 50% more MB with RLL-CONTROLLER. More economic - even defective hard disks can be used. For more information: Prospect Technics Inc. RO. Box 670, Station H Montreal, Quebec H3G 2M6 Phone: (514) 954-1483 Fax: (514) 876-2869 BSC Biiroautomatlon GmbH Postfach 400368 8000 Munchen 40 W-Germany Phone: (89) 308-4152 Fax: (89) 307-1714 |M c p Associates, Inc. Sew York's Premier AMIGA Specialists | Exhibitors. AMI EXPO SPECIAL COMMODORE-AMIGA EDUCATIONAL PROMOTION Package A: The AMIGA A500 Educator System Advanced graphics sound capabilities A500 CPU AMIGA A501 Memory Expansion AMIGA A1084S RGB Color Monitor PRICE: from $ 999.95 PLUS THE WORKS! Platinum Edition* CLImate Disk Utility AMIGADOS Quick Reference (Retail Value S350.00 FREE w purchase) Other Paekagcs Systems Available Eligibility: Any school employee, school district, college, university or other educational institution, including museums, business &c technical sdumls &- intermediate units. Write Call for special forms lor submission. Oiler valid till 12 31 89.
* Includes Word Prticrssor, DataBase. Spreadsheet & Telecommu nicatiotis Authorized Education Dealers Distributors SERVICE - PARTS REPAIRS Competitive Pricing Excellent Service 8c Quality Visit Our Retail Store Parking Available 28*21 Astoria Blvd., Dept AW _Astoria, NY 11102-1933_ Tat 1-212-221-6272 FAX: 1-718-956-9028 Tel: 1-718-956-9000 Musically Inclined DO YOU FIND it tedious to write repeating refrains when composing? T he OPUS-1 MCL music-composition language lets you define chunks of music to insert as needed. You can generate very small music files in IFF and SMUS format that will repeat for an extended time. The program allows import of standard Amiga IFF-Instrument files and supports external MIDI synthesizers. Your conductor is Ariadne Software Ltd., 273 Kensal Rd., London, LK, W10 5DB, 01 960 0203. Reader service number 551. Link your Amiga with a Korg DW-8000 or EX-8000 via a MIDI interface to perform real-time editing with DWEL. The program lets you transmit up to 64 instruments to your synthesizer’s bank and load from single instruments or entire banks on .Amiga disks. For would-be guitarists, Guitar Chord Tutor will help you learn finger positions and read music through a graphics interface. Both DWEL (S79) and Guitar Chord Tutor ($ 39) are available from Synthetic Reality Software, PO Box 360, Albany, MN 56307, 612 845-
4755. Reader sendee number 552. Get a firm grip on your scores with MIDI Sample Wrench. Lse this professional sound-editing package (S279) to download 16-bit sounds from MIDI samplers or disk files, modify them with editing and digital signal processing, and upload them to other MIDI samplers (sampler support is provided through libraries). Tune up with dissidents, 730 Dawes Ave., Utica, NY 13502, 315 797-
0343. Reader sendee number 575. A Little This, a Little That ABACUS HAS ADDED six new titles to its Amiga Reference Library Series. More Tricks Cl Tips for the Amiga
(519. 95) offers techniques and hints for programmers. Read about ray tracing (in all screen resolutions), light sources, and shading in 3D Graphics Programming in BASIC (Si9.95). Graphics Inside & Out
(534. 95) covers both simple operations (drawing points, lines, and rudimentary patterns) and complex (such as using your .Amiga's bitmap graphics and animation features). Or, design and program interfaces with Intutition, use jump tables and dynamic arrays, and learn to combine assembly and C programs with Advanced C for the Amiga (524,95). Advanced System Programming on the Amiga ($ 34.95) offers insight on AmigDOS 1.3. Finally, learn how to protect your disks from viruses with Amiga Virus Protection Toolbox ($ 59,95), a book-and-disk combination. The software includes Boot Check to prevent startup viruses, Recover to restore information to disk, and Check New to identify new data files. Hit the books by calling Abacus, 5370 52nd St. S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49508, 616 698-
0330. Reader sendee number
558. T he AmigaDOS 1.3 Reference Book ($ 3.50) is a 12-page guide offering standard-de- vices and assignments lists, CLI and Shell error codes, and ED editor commands. Your librarian is the Computer Club Company, 13013 Lee Jackson Highway, Suite 142, Fairfax, VA 22033, 703 968-
7588. Reader service number 559. M The Computer Outlet COMM O I) (I R ) Authorized Dealer
P. O. Box 3663 Charleston, WV 25336 1-800-533-3622 Amiga Hardware & Software CPU’s - Printers - MODEMS Amiga Software Comic Setter Comic Art Super Heroes $ 59.00 $ 20.00 Fire & Forget Flight Simulator II $ 24.00 $ 34.00 $ 255.00 Software Starter Kit - TV Text, Money Mentor, Comic Art Funny Figures $ 20.00 Fourth & Inches $ 27.00 $ 113.00 Arkanlod, Text Craft Plus, Graphics Studio Comic Art Science Fiction $ 20.00 Fraction Action £28.00 $ 139.00 $ 79.00 Cube master $ 21.00 Graphics Studio £34.00 $ 16.00 A Talk III $ 56.00 Deluxe Help Dig! Pa nt $ 21.00 Gygnused Professional £62.00 $ 12.00 Adventure of Sin bad £28.00 Deluxe Help Photon Painl $ 21.00 Hole in One S24.00 $ 75.00 Animal Kingdom £28.00 Diga $ 45.00 Human Design Disk $ 21.00 $ 16.00 Animator £56.00 Digi Paint $ 36.00 The Hunt for Red October $ 32.00 $ 11.00 Animate 3D $ 100.00 Digi View Gold $ 128.00 Hybris $ 24.00 £559.00 Animate 3D (PAL) £100.00 Digidroid $ 60.00 Images $ 22.50 $ 262.00 Arazoks Tomb $ 22.50 Disk Master $ 33.00 Intellitype $ 31.00 $ 125.00 Architectural Design Disk $ 21.00 OOS-2-DOS $ 31.00 Joker Poker $ 31.00 Art Pack 1 $ 21.00 Oouble Dragon $ 25.00 Kinderama $ 28.00 Audiomaster 2 $ 57.00 Craw $ 45.00 Lights Camera Action $ 45.00 $ 1.20 Aunt Artica Adventure $ 22.50 Draw 2000 S 157.00 Logic Works $ 57.00 $ .31
B. A.D. $ 27.00 Dungeon Master S25.00 Logic Works 2.0 $ 168.00 $ 5.00 Battle Chess $ 30.00 Emerald Mines S 13.00 Magellan $ 131.00 $ 5.00 Betler Dead than Alien $ 21.00 Emerald Mines II S25.00 Marble Madness $ 28.0 0 $ 5.00 Blackjack £24.00 Excellence $ 168.00 Math Wizard $ 28.00 $ 9.00 Blood Money $ 24.00 FACC Floppy Accelerator S21.00 Menace $ 18.00 $ 16.00 Bridge 5.0 $ 20.00 Faery Tales $ 30.00 Modeler 3D $ 56.00 $ 6.00 Captain Blood $ 24.00 Falcon $ 30.00 Movie Setter $ 56.00 Casino Fever $ 24.00 Fantavision S 36.00
M. Beacom Teaches Typing $ 29.00 Chess Master 2000 $ 29.00 FA-18 Intercepter $ 32.00 Page Flipper $ 90.00 Chrono Quest S24.00 Ferrari Formula I $ 31.00 Page Stream $ 121.00 Amiga Accessories AMAX with Mac ROMs Air Drive Internal 3.5 Air Drive External 3.5 Amiga Serial Cable 25 - 25 pin Amiga Monitor Cable 9 * 23 pin Color Splitter Epyx Joystick Flicker Master Screen Filler Frame Grabber Panasonic Wvt 410 Kit Supra 2400 baud Modem Miscellaneous
3. 5 Bulk Disks each
5. 25 Bulk Disks each Disk Holder 3.5 Disk Holder 5.25 Inland Disk Holder 3.5 (40) Inland Disk Holder 3,5 (80) Rolltop Disk Holder 3.5 Mouse Pads HORS D OEUVRES Hints, tips and techniques from your fellow Amiga users. These tidbits from our readers are not always going to be to everyone's liking. In fact, some of them may not go down well at all. We can’t test everything to the last detail, so be sure to work with backup copies of your disks when experimenting with any of these tips. I] you find that one of these tips is, shall we say, unpalatable, then see if you can determine how it should have been prepared and then let us know. Every programmer knows there is more than one way to skin a mouse, and we hope that this will be a springboard for discussion of the best, fastest, strangest, and most useful hints and tips for everyone.
1. 3 Crashes WHEN I FIRST started using the 1.3 version of AmigaDOS, I was getting some pretty serious crashes, requiring me to turn off the computer and reinsert Kickstart. This only happened with Kick- start 1.3 and certain programs. I was never able to determine what was causing the deep crashes. I checked these disks for viruses and they were clean. The solution turned out to be supris- ingly simple: Just boot with Kickstart 1.3 and a good 1.3 Workbench disk and INSTALL the disk in question. Alan Stanley Prince Edward Island, Canada PD Doc Files with ProWrite THE EASIEST WAY to review the documentation that comes with PD software is to read the doc file into a good word processor. If you use ProWrite (New Horizons Software) you have to create a dummy file first and then rename the icon so that it is the same as the doc iile, or ProWrite won’t read it (e.g., save a blank page as dummyfile, then go to the CL1 and RENAME DUMMYFILE.INFO DOC.INFO). It will then load properly and you can reformat it to suit your own needs. You can use the word processor's built-in capabilities to search, print, toggle through pages, and print only those portions that you need for hard copy. You can do the same thing with your capture file when you've been online. You can format your downloaded text, easily get rid of menus, etc. that you have captured but don't want, and then format what you wish to keep and save, and or print what’s left either as a single large file or multiple smaller files. Alan Stanley Prince Edward Island, Canada Grid Pointer HERE’S A LITTLE trick I discovered white waiting for my mouse to be repaired. Just about everyone knows that you can move the mouse pointer with the keyboard; just hold down one of the two Amiga keys while using the cursor arrow keys, and you will have control of the pointer. Now try this. Hold down an Amiga key and the Shift key, and then press the cursor arrow keys. The pointer will move through an invisible grid, somewhat similar to the DeluxePaint Grid option. Santiago Badano Monteindeo, Uruguay Invincible Knights HERE'S A TIP for Defender of the Crown enthusiasts. You can get 1024 invincible knights for your campaign army and an equal amount for your home army! You can also become a super expert swordsman when raiding or rescuing. To get the invincible knights, type in “k" simultaneously as you are building the army’s soldiers with the left mouse button. Press “continue” and you will find you have been given 1024 knights in each army. This sure helps when playing tlie game to win. Treiror C. Blount Wasilla, AK Dithering and Okimate 20 IF YOU HAVE an Okimate 20 printer, go ahead and try the Halftone Dithering mode (in the Graphic 2 window of Preferences). The manual says that Halftone only works well on printers with a resolution greater than 150 dpi, but it works fine on the Okimate and gives greater detail in color printouts. Don’t bother trying F-S (Floyd-Steinberg) Dithering; it only makes the picture darker and can’t he used with Smoothing. Nick Radov Watsonville, CA If you have an idea you'd like to share with our readers, send it to Hors d'oeuvres, Amiga- World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. If your idea gets published, you’ll receive an Amiga World surprise gift. ¦ OR WRITE TO: Montgomery Grant MalFOrder Dept.
P. O. Box 58 Brooklyn, NY, 11230 ?AXn6.7T86923372 TELEX 422132 MGRANT Retail Outlet, Penn Station, Main Concourse (Beneath Madison Square Garden) NYC, N.Y., 10001 Store Hours: Mon-Th'urs,8:30-8 Fri, 8:30-6:00 Sat,CLOSED Sun,9:30AM-7PM FOR ORDERS E INFORMATION CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-759-6565 OUTSIDE USA CALL
1718) 692-0790 FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Call: Mon-Fri,9:30AM-4:30PM
(718) 692-1148 ORDER HOURS: Monday-Friday, 9:00a'H-7:00pm I Saturday • CLOSED I Sunday, 9:30am-6pm NO SURCHARGE FOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS WE INVITE CORPORATE & EDUCATIONAL CUSTOMERS CORPORATE LEASING & PERSONAL FINANCING AVAILABLE RUSH SERVICE AVAILABLE-CALL FOR DETAILS 500 Amiga 500 W 512K RAM Quilt-in 3 5* Disk Drive Mouse COMPLETE WITH: 1084S RGB COLOR MONITOR $ 799 Keyboard xpan Built-in 3.5" Disk Drive (ey M Amiga 500 W 512K RAM Built-in 3.5" Disk Drive Mouse 1MB Expandable to 9MB 1 'v.W? ¦» II™
• • ¦ % ¦ I
• ••.• v •. -yy.y -.yy.y. v5v
• vw www wwly! > . >aM *>.*-¦ • nMM ¦- Keyboard IMBExpandat Built-in 3.5" Disk Drive COMPLETE WITH: 1084S RGB COLOR MONITOR $ 1699 Expandable to 9MB $ 529 AMIGA 500 W 1084S « & 1010 DISK DRIVE - $ 949 $ 1429 AMIGA AMIGA - m ' 2500 3MB RAM Built-in 3.5" Disk Drive 40MB Hard Drive Keyboard Mouse Amiga Basic System Software $ 3199 2000 RGB COLOR PACKAGE A-2000 Computer w Keyboard
3. 5" Disk Drive RGB Color Monitor FREE Mouse & Software $ 1559 AMIGAjioo RGB COLOR PACKAGE Amiga 500 W 512K RAM Built-in 3.5" Disk Drive RGB Color Monitor Mouse FREE Software $ 729 AMIGA 2000 HD 1MB Ram Buill-in 3.5" Disk Drive 40M8 Hard Drive Keyboard Mouse System Software Amiga Basic $ 1999
- CUSTOMER BEWARE- Many of our competitors, unable to match our discount prices, quality.service 8 support, are tellina our customers that we sell [toy are aiso saying that bur orodudts do not come with a COMMODORE AMIGA U.S.A. Warranty. DONTBE FOOLED! K J,?. I? • jo onJy bra?d Pew. Factory fresh merchandise complete with a Commodore USA warranty that can be serviced coast-to-coast thru nunareos oi authorized Commodore Amiaa service centers. Buv with confidence from an established dealer like ourselves with over vears exoerienne MIGA HARD DRIVES FOR AMIGA 500 Sea ci ate == =“ =-==’¦ XETEC FASTTRAK JR(20MB) S579 XETEC Q 80. XETEC FASTTRAK Q 40(42MB) $ 863 M150..IN STOCK TRUMPCARD 500 external chassis-enables any SCSI Hard Drive to operate with AMIGA 500 TRUMPCARD 500 & SEAGATE ST-T39N 30MB) S529 Hard Drive PACKAGES lor ST-157N 49MB $ 679 Amiqa 500 ST-177N60MB) $ 749 Same PKG. As above win XETEC Fast Trak external chassis fcan be expanded to 8MB RAM>add ..Si 49
3. 5" & 5.25" HARD DRIVES FOR AMIGA 2000 THESE SEAGATE HARD DRIVE PACKAGES COME COMPLETE WITH XETEC HARD DRIVE CONTROLLER CARDS ST-125N(20MB) $ 439 ST-225N = 20MB) $ 439 ST-138N(30MB) $ 459 ST-251 N(40MB) $ 499 ST*157N(40MB) $ 519 ST-277N(60MB) $ 569 ST-177 N (60 MB) $ 699 ST-296N(80MB) $ 659 VyUGA PERIPHERALS 1159 GENLOCK $ 269 A-2088-D $ l CQ m Q BRIDGE BOARifH 05 3R1 new $ -( fY7Q A-2286D AT I U f BRIDGE BOARD ¦dm i 5 A-1680 $ 9995 A-1010 DISK DRIVE A-501 EXPANSIO MODULE commodore owe COMPUTER A-1084S RGB commodore c= 128' D COMPUTER commodore COLT IBM XT COMP AT ABLE PKG. 64QK 4.77-7.16 Mhz Jsk, 1 Floppy Drive 12‘ High Resolution Mono Monitor MS DOS $ >100 and GW Base SAME PKG. W 2Flopoies $ 549 SAME P-KG, w One Floppy and One 20MB Hard Drive ......$ 749 COLT w 1084-S Monitor ..$ 729 A-1680 MODEM ALL OTHER AMIGA PERIPHERALS & ACCESSOR!E5-IN STOCK! AMIGA COMPATABLE ACCESSORIES FLICKER FIXER ....$ 439 GEN ONE ...$ 499 SUPRA 2400 21 Internal Modem $ 129 A-MAX MAC Emulator for Amiga ....$ 149.95 G0-64 64 Emulator for Amiga ...$ 49.95 Great Valley Products ...... CALL $ 119 $ 409 C-64 C DELUXE PACKAGE COMMODORE C-64.C COMPUTER COMMODORE 1541-C DISK DRIVE COMMODORE COLOR PRINTER *** M 12* MONITOR $ *2 0 GEOS SOFTY ARE PROGRAM w SAME PKG w COLOR MONITOR $ 449 C-1541II DISK DRIVESPECIALI! $ 159.95 C-12BD DELUXE PACKAGE C 126D COMPUTER W BUILT- DISKDRIVE COMMODORE COLOR PRINTER 12* MONITOR 469 SAME PKG. W 1902RGB Color Meritor .... $ 629 C-1571 Disc Dri e CALL C-1531 Disc Drive .S179 STAR NX-WOO..... NX-1000 RAINBOW.. NX-1000C.. NX-1C00C RAINBOW.. NX-2400.....
- PRINTERS- Who% HEWLETT ml'rM PACKARD $ 1629 PANASONIC KXP-1180......$ 177.95 KXP-1191......$ 229.95 10921 .....$ 289.95 KXP-3131......$ 319.95 KXP-1124......$ 329.95 KXP-1595......5409.95 KXP-1524......$ 519.95 KXP 1450-Laser $ 1349.95 EPSON LX-810 ...$ 179.95 LQ-500 ...$ 279.95 FX-850 ...5339.95 LO-510 ..$ 329.95 LO-950 ...5569.95 LQ-1050 .$ 729.95 LO-2550 .$ 899.95 CITIZEN 120D $ 134.95 180D $ 149.95 MSP-40 ...$ 269.95 MSP-50 ...$ 299.95 MSP-15E $ 315.95 MSP-45 ..$ 359.95 MSP-50 $ 299.95 COLOR OPTION KIT for MSP-50 ....549.95 OKIDATA OKIMATE 20...$ 139.95 OKIDATA 1B0+S219.95 OKIDATA 183. $ 269.95 OKIDATA 320..$ 329.95 OKIDATA 390..S454.95 OKIDATA 321..$ 459.95 TRIBUTE
124. .$ 359.95 COLOR OPTION KIT FOR T-124......$ 49.95 NEC P2200 ....$ 339.95 P5200 ....$ 499.95 P53D0 ....$ 649.95 .$ 164.95 .$ 219.95 ..$ 164.95 1 MB EXPANDER ...$ 299 2MB EXPANDER ....$ 499 HP DESKJET PRINTER .....$ 589 HP LASERJET IID $ 2829 DESKJET* ..$ 689 LASERJET SERIES II .$ 224.95 .$ 294.95 SANYO PR-3000 DAISYWHEEL
559. 95 PRINTER TOSHIBA 301..$ 329.95 TOSHIBA 311..$ 359.95 CtrtHM Check,Bank Check. Money OrdMS. A proved P.O.*, Vfca, Mastercatd. AmCi, Dmw'j Club. Carte Blanche, A C.OJJ.S accepted Please call bolmo submarine P C* No addrttonal surcharge toi Cicdii Card o»dcis Noivcertihed checks mustwaiit* weeks tor clearance. N.Y. residents add applicable sates tai Prices and a variability subfact lo change without notice Hoi lesporvsibte tor typographical errors Return ol deleclive merchandise musl have pior return aulhorizaion number or returns will not be accepted IBU xt ai ac lugislered tiademarksol Inlernational Business Machines Corp. Please add 5% shipping & handling APOFPO orders please add 10‘3 shippnn ¦ J h.indhno rill APOFPO orders are shipped tirst class priority aif. All orders can be shipped Air Eipress Call tor details OCA £000713 HELP KEY Cool Dude Lou gets your pictures a movin ’ and a groovin. IFF-y Standards Q: Wher e can I acquire documentation on the IFF standards, especially graphics at id SMI'S under the 1.3 operating system?
S. Browning Ran ton , II. A: Originally available to registered developers from CATS (Commodore Amiga Technical Service), all this inlormaiion can now be found in the latest release of the Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual; Includes & Autodocs ($ 32.95, Addison- Wesley). Documenting the 1.3 system software, this volume has about 160 pages of information on the IFF standards, including 1LBM, SMUS, FTXT, 8SVS, and several forms registered by third- party companies. Two additional volumes in the series are scheduled for release by summer: Amiga Hardware Reference Manual ($ 24.05) and Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries and Devices (S34.95). Check your local bookstore for availability, or call Addison-Weslcy lor information at 617 944-3700. Spritely Editor Q: am trying to write some game programs using Amiga Basic„ and I have some questions about sprites. First, I can t stand the sprite editor that comes with By Louis R. Wallace the Extras disk. I cannot draw accurately with it, and d has crashed several times. Are there any other sprite editors available for use with Amiga Basic? Second. Is it possible to define a sprite image with Amiga Basic using POKE and DA'FA statements as you can ¦r on the C-64, so that you don’t have to load the objects from disk?
M. Lawrimore Slackbridge. GA A: I have seen several public- domain sprite-editor programs over the years, so you should be able to find one by looking in a catalog from a public-do- tnain disk service. II you need to make BOBs, you can use a good paint program such as Deluxe Paint III (Electronic Arts) to draw them, then use one of the public-domain conversion programs to convert the brush to an Amiga Basic BOB File. Yes, you can convert Amiga Basic Objects to DATA statements. And you don’t need to use POKE to put them in memory. Because Amiga Basic saves sprites and BOBs essentially as special string variables, you can use some BASIC commands to convert the string to data. To demonstrate, here is a simple example of converting an Amiga Basic object called bobS to data statements: I = LEN(bob$ ) PRINT “data ";L datalines = INT(l 10) lo I (datalines*10) FOR i = 0 TO datalines-1 PRINT “data FOR j = 0 TO 9 a = ASC(MIDS(bob$ ,i*10 + j +1,1)) PRINT a; IF j 9 THEN PRINT “,”;:ELSE PRINT NEXT j NEXT i PRINT “data FOR j = 0 TO lo-1 a = ASC(MIDS(bob$ .i*10 + j +1,1)) PRINT a; IF j (lo 1) THEN PRINT ‘7’; ELSE PRINT ENDIF NEXT j PRINT END With a little work you could write this data to a disk file, where it could be saved to disk and merged with one of your programs. Then, to re-create the object, you would just read the data back: READ n FOR i = 1 TO n READ a nbobS = nbobS + CHRS(a) NEXT i Now you have the image back into a string variable in memory where it can be used in your program. For a good book on the subject of Amiga Basic programming, take a look at Advanced Amiga Basic by Tom Halfhill and Charles Brannon (SI8.95, COMPUTEl Publications, 912 275-9809). While several years old, it is still full ol’great tricks, and ii does have a complete listing for an object datamaker. Class Motion Q: Help! I want to create animations for my classroom demonstrations on an Amiga 500. Besides graphics and motion, I want to add digitiml sounds and user interaction to the animations. I fried using Deluxe Video, It is very clumsy and veiy limited, but at least it offers what I need. Are there any other commercial animation tools I could use that would be suitable for an entry-level animator, plus offer sound and keyboard support?
S. Connell Los Angeles, GA A: It sounds like you need The Director ($ 69.95, The Right Answers Group, 213 325-1311), which lets you combine graphics, animations, sounds, mouse and keyboard, fancy display wipes, and a simple programming language into a multimedia Amiga event. Photon Video: Cel Animator ($ 149.95, Micro Illusions, 800 522-204 1) also allows you to combine sounds with your animation. The program was designed to he a companion tool to the traditional cel animator, and allows yon to load an animation into RAM, then synchronize sound playback to individual frames of the animation. ¦ WE DON’T CLAIM TO HAVE WE PROVE IT!
• Avatex 1200E 68* ?Avalex 1200 HC 89* ?Avatex 2400 . 138' W Cabte Purchase-Add SiO Aionc
3. 5 oc EXTERNAL DRIVE 1 FROM 3 5 Internal 98 138 245 135 135
• Flex Data 3 5 ext
• 3 5 Dual Drive
• Master 3A
• Uni Drive 512K RAM s 149
• Minimegs ...... New Low Price
s. c.s.i.$ 139 Controllers from STAR $ 219 RAINBOW
• NX1000 170-
• Okimatc 20 190*
• Panasonic 1180 179*
• Panasonic 1124 319*
• Panasonic Laser 1399 ‘W 2 ribbon purch.
- Add S10 alone 20 MG SEAGATE
H. D.s249 W Controller 299 349 399 499 559
• 30 MG
• 40 MG
• 65 MG
• 80 MG
• 40 MG Quantum PHOENIX 20MG HD $ 519 ¦Supra 60MG *C Ltd ¦Vault 30MG *Xetec ¦Many More! Call! 2 MG RAM $ FROM
• 8-Up Board ......Call
• Starboard 2 OK .235
• Inboard 1 5 MG OK . . 235
• Megaboard 2000 (1 mg). . . 375
• Megaboard 2000 (2mg) 449
• Pro Ram 2000 599
• Subsystem 500
• 1MG 2MG Boards
• Hard Cards
• 68030 Accelerator MISC. RCA Camera ...... 99 Panasonic 1410 185 Super Gen .. 670 CSA Midget racer...... Call Sony 3 5 DS DD......15(10) Subsystem50Q 100Q 200 Hardframe ......238 Digiview 3D ...128 Digidroid 62 Copystand 55 Pro Gen 349 Amigen 149 Amiga Genlock 130G .... 99 Frame Grabber ..520 Bomg Bouse ... 100 My-T Mouse .42 C-View 36 VI500 Video Interlace 59 Easyl 500 1000 2000 from299 Flicker Fixer 440 Perfect Vision 168 Ejec.Color Spliter 90 Live 500 1000 2000 Call ABACUS 536 ARTWORX ? JGITEK Kid Talk 526 Lathee C oius Scan MSI A-Max $ 120 Amiga Dos Tool Bo* Br.dqe 5 0 S21 Drum Studio 530 Math Talk 526 MANX
* Raw Copy 536
* Dragon s Lair $ 36 Assempto 560 Centerfold Squares S18 Extra Courses 512 Malh Talk Fractions 526 Aztec C Developers $ T95
M. S.S. RGB Becker Text S90 Lmkwoid Languages 518
* Hole l Mm Goii 52-J Smonthtalker $ 26
A. MeC C Pro 5130 Excellence 5160 Deluxe Help bom $ 21 Oaia Retrieve 548 Strip Pcker 2 52-1 Vampires Empire 527 Speller Bee 526 Library Sources $ 180 Scribble Plat mum Ed $ 60 RIGHT ANSWERS GROUP Tent Pro S4B Strip Pkt Data 4 or 5 SI? Hollywood Poker Scafi FREE SPIRIT Sajrce Level OebMKjer $ 49 Works Platmum Ed 5177 Director $ 4? Bisk Drives inside.Cu! S?7 ASDG DISCOVERY Securities Analyst 548 MELBOURNE HOUSE NEW HORIZONS Director Tool Kit Scal Amiga Tricks & Tips S1& FACC II S2I
* - Arkanoid 520 Sex Vixons from Space $ 24 War in Middle Earth $ 30 Flow 560 SEDONA SOFTWARE Amiga C S23 Cygnus Ed S60 Grabbil 513 FTL Magic Johnson B-ball 530 Postscript S30 Money Mentor $ 60 Amiga Dos Instde Ou! S*8 AVANTE GARDE Hybns $ 24
* Dungeon Master S?4 MICRO DEAL Pro Fonts 1 521 SOFTLOG1C Amiga Machine Lang STB Benchmark Module 2 S120
* Marauder II B file to 524 FULLER COMPUTER Frrqht Night $ ?4 Pro Fonts ? S31 ? Page Stream $ 120 Amiga C for Beginners St 5 BAUDVILLE
* Sword ol Sodau $ 30
* Project D S30 Airbaiis 524
* Pro Write 2 0 575 Page Stream Fonts S?4 Amiga Sys prog Guide S33
* Award Maker Plus 530 VI P 530 GOLD DISK 4 Player Adapt Scan NEWTEK SOFTWARE VISIONS Amiga Base Inside.1 Out S23 Sports Library 518 Zoom 518 Transcript $ 4? Major Motion $ 24 Diq Paini ill 560 Business Desgner 536 Amiga lor Beginners 5” 5 BETHESDA DISK CO. Pro Page Templates 536 international Soccer $ 24 A500 Adapter S30 Home Designer 524 Amiga 3D Graphics S'8 ? Wayne Gretzky Hockey 530 Publishers Choice S120 Pro Draw Clip Art $ 36 MICROILLUSIONS Digidroid $ 62 MicroFiche Filer 560 Were Tucks & Tips S* 8 BRITANNICA Supertack 548 Desk Top Budget 54 2 Biack Jack Academy 524 Digivtew 3 0 $ 128 McroFiche Filer Plus S10S ABSQFT Si 17 Designasaurus S30 Kmd Words 2 0 S60 Design 3D 560 Craps Academy 524 Oigrviivw 3 0 Upgrade SI2 SPECTRUM HOLOBITE ? AC Basic i 3 BRODERBUND DR. T MUSIC SOFTWARE Comic Setter 560 Dala Disks SI 2 ? DiQivtew Gold $ 128 Solitaire Ftoyaf S21 AC Fortran S180 Ultrma Trilogy S36 KCS Level II 5210 Funny Figures 521 Discovery Mather Spell S24 NEW WAVE SOFTWARE ? Falcon S30 ACCESS S?t Carmen San Diego World 527 CopyiSI Pro 2 $ 168 Movie Setter 560 Fairy Tate 530 Dynamic Drums $ 4 8 Telris S?i Leader Board Dual Pk Sim City Scaii KCS 5150 Page Setter 590 Ftvoto VcCel An motor S90 Dynamic Studio $ 120 SSI World Cis Lar Board 527 Downhill Chailange 518 Midi Recording Studc 542 Pg Setter Pro* I 2 $ 24 0 Music X S160 Sound Uasrs $ 60 Gettysburg S3 8 ACTION WARE 524 Fanlavision 536 EASEWARE ? Prof Draw 5120 Photon Pami II 590 OMNITREND Heroes of the Lance S26 Prison Slat Wars $ 24 Home Builders Cad $ 120 Super Hereos 52 T MICRDMASTER Breach 524 Kumpfqrutfe S38 Capone S?4 BROWN WAGH Home Builders Ch 54 9 GRAMMA SOFTWARE
* Your Famly tree 530 Paledirv 524 Qucsiron 2 S32 Phaser Gun 546 Easyledqers SC all ELAN DESIGN NAG S4B MICROPROSE Sceneno Disks 518 Wrath of kUpodemus 526 P0 W S24
* Express'Pamt 3 0 584 Invision 5120 HARDWIRED Gunship S36 ORIGIN SYSTEMS SUBLOGIC ACCOLADE Publisher Plus SCO Performer 535 Denar >s 524 Silent Service £24 uinma iv 536 Flight Simulator H 532 California Challenge 512 TV Show 560 ELECTRONIC ARTS Jmks S18 MICRDSEARCH OXXI Jet $ 32 Bubble Gnosi 521 TV Tex! 560 AAARGH 523 HASH City DeSK 2 0 5120 A-ialk 3 560 Scenery Disks bom S2C Famous Courses Vof 2 St 2 Word Ptex 524 Alternate Rltylcilyl 326 Animator Apren 3 2 5177 Head Coach 2 0 530 Max«plan 500 590 SUNRIZE INDUSTIES 4fh and Inches 527 Zuma Fonts (1-4. 521 Awesome Arcade Fk 532 Animator Jr 548 MIMETICS
* Maxrpian Pius 5120 Eictf Coter Splitter 594 Hard Ball 527 Pen Pal Special Bard s Tale 53? Many More Can 3 Demon 568 PRECISION SOFTWARE Perfect Wsicn St 70 Jack Nicholas Goff 530 Midi Magic 590
* ChessMaster 2000 529 HYPTERTEC Pro Midi Studio 1 4 5125 SuperBase Personal 548 TatTO Mean IB 527 BUENA VISTA Commissioners Disk 514 GO Ml 3 0 524 Utilities t or 2 534 SuoetUase Personal n S90 Rampage 524 Team Construction disk 59
* Roger Rabbit $ 27 Deluxe Music 362 GOMl Button S53 Midi tmeduce 548 SuperBase Pro 3 0 5210 Bubble Bobble $ 21 Tesl Drive 52 BYTE BY BYTE
* Deluxe Pairn III 592 IMPLUSE Sound Sampler 580 Super Plan 590 Operation Wq!I 521 Test Drive ti 527 Sojlpt Animale 4() jr S90
* Deluxe Photo Lab 592 TurtX) Silver 5120 MINDSCAPE Pro Sound Designer 596 Renegade S2I ACTIVISION 530 ? Arumaie 3-D 595 Deluxe Productions S122 INFINITY Thundefblade 530 PROGRESSIVE THREE SIXTY INC. Banie Hawks 1942
* Sculpt 3-D 565 Deluxe wdeo 1 2 530
* Galileo if 54 2 Action Fighter 524 Cll-mate $ 24 Dark Castte $ 27 ADO ISON-WESLEY Can Sculpt'Ammate 40 5390
* Double Dragon 526 Shakespear 578 !nd>ana Janes 524 Disk Master 530 Harpoon 527 Includes 5 Auto Docs CAPCOM
* ¦ tan Weaver 532 INFOCOM Balance Power 1990 530 infroCad 2 0 543 Thunder Ridge $ 24 AEGIS 550 Bionic Commando 524 Fa. 18 Interceptor S32 Journey 530 Caoiam Blood 530 Mathamabon 543 TRUE BASIC Am Magic CENTAUR SOFTWARE Ferrari Formula 1 532 Shogun 536 Combai Course $ 24 Pixmate 542 True Basic $ 60 Audiomaster 2 0 550 Forms In Flight I S72 Marble Madness 53? Zork Zero 536 Hostage 27 PSYGNOSIS 9 Libraries leachi 530 Draw 2000 5168 BAD 530 Master Nuqa 526
B. dfleiech 530 Indoor Sports 530 Blood Money 524 UNICORN Lights Camera Action $ 48 CENTRAL COAST Mavis Beacon S32 INNOVISION Outrun 530 Aquaventure 521 All About America S36 Modeler 3D 560 DISK la DISK 530 Wizard Wars S26 Broadcast Tdier 5180 Stndowgjle 530 Baal $ 18 AH olher lilies $ 30 Ports of Can 530 ? DOS 2 DOS S3 3 Zany Golf 326 Video Efleets 3D SI 20 Space Harriet 530 Balbsb* S21 UNISON WORLD Sent* 548 ? Quartemack 542 EMERALD INTELLIGENCE INTERPLAY Superstar Ice Hockey 530 Barbarian 524 Art Glry 1 8 2 Combo $ 24 Wdeoscape 3D 2 0 5120 CINEMAWARE
* Magellan 5117
* Bauie Chess 530 Uninvited 530 Caplam Fizz 518 An Gallery 142 ea 518 Video Toler 590 Oeathbrmger 524 EPYX Neuromancer 524 Alien Syndrome 524 Chrono-Ouesl 530 Fantasy 518 AMIGA 520 Federation S3G California Games 530 JOK IMAGES RoadRaider 530
* Menace 518 Fonts 5 Borders 521 ? I 3 Enhancer King of Chicago S30 Battleship 324 Pro Video Gold $ 180 Deja Vu S30
* Obliterate 524
* ¦ Pnmmaster Plus 530 ANTIC Stall Lords of Rising Sun 530 Dive Bomber 524 Font Library 1 578 M1NDWARE Terror Pods S24 VISIONARY DESIGN Tu’bo Silver Osgn Dsk
* Rocket Ranger 530 Games Winter Edition 530 Font Library 2 578 Aunt-Arti: Adventure 524 RAINBIRD Datasiorm 524 Design Disks S2I SOI 518 Impossible Mission ? 516 KARA Charon 5 521 Carrier Command 527 WILLIAM HAWES Pioneer Plaque $ 24 Sinbad 518 Technocop 530 Subhead:. 54? Descartes 524 Stargiidei 2 527
* Are*x 530 ? Pliasar 3 0 560 3 Stooges $ 30 4x4 Road Racing 515 Headlines 2 54? Page Flipper S30 Universal Mild Simu 530
* W-Shell $ 30 ? Zoebope 584 Delender of The Crown 530 FIRST BYTE Kara Fonts 54 8 Pg Flipper Plus F X 596 UMS Vietnam SI 5 WORD PERFECT INC. AROCK COMPUTER
* T V Sports Football $ 30 Fust Leffers & Words 526 LATTICE Page Sync 560 UMS Civil War 515
* Library
* Word Perfect $ 78 SOFTWARE Fust Shapes 526
* Lattice 5 0 5180 PAGE render 3D 596 READY SOFT 5150 Masterpiece Pro Fonts S150

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Les cookies sont des petits fichiers qui sont stockés sur le disque dur de l'utilisateur par votre explorateur lorsque vous vous connectez à un site internet. Les cookies peuvent être utilisés pour stocker des informations relavtives à votre navigation et ne sont pas supposés persister.

Il y a plusieurs types de cookies:

  • Cookies système qui facilitent la navigation de l'utilisateur, ainsi que l'utilisation de diverses options ou services proposés par internet tels que l'identification de la session, l'autorisation d'accès à certaines zones réservées, l'optimisation des commandes, le remplissage des formulaires, l'enregistrement, la sécurité ainsi que l'utilisation de certaines fonctions (videos, rés;seaux sociaux, etc..).
  • Cookies de service qui permettent à l'utilisateur d'accéder aux service en fonction de ses préférences(langue, explorateur, configuration, etc..).
  • Cookies d'analyse qui permettent l'analyse anonyme du comportement de l'utilisateur du site et de mesurer son activité afin de développer un profil de navigation amélioré sur le site.

Ainsi, lorsque vous accédez à notre site, conformément au Réglement Général sur la Protection des Données no 2016/679 du 27 avril 2016 (RGPD), entré en viguer le 25 mai 2018, nous devons vous demander l'autorisation d'utiliser ces cookies, afin d'améliorer notre offre de services. Nous utilisons Google Analytics afin de collecter des informations de statistiques anonymes telles que le nombre de visiteurs de notre site. Les cookies ajoutés par Google Analytics respectent la politique de confidentialités de Google Analytics. Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez désactiver les cookies de Google Analytics.

Cependant, veuillez noter que vous pouvez activer ou non les cookies en suivant les instructions données par votre explorateur internet.


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