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Consumers who want value should look to a dealer who knows and understands the Amiga and its applications, offers pre- and post-sales support, training, and information updates. I speak from experience. I had to give up my Amiga dealership because the customer was not willing to pay for value and service, and I could not make a living giving away the product at a few points above cost. Customers must pay a fair price to compensate quality dealers for the hours they put in to learn about and demonstrate hardware and software. Thomas Gilligan Scotch Plains, NJ Stayin’ Ahead About two years ago, the name Amiga could be found only in Amiga-specific publications. These days, however, many PC and business magazines see the Amiga as a leader in many applications especially multimedia. No other computer can match the Amiga for combining graphics, sound, and animation. This lead is starting to disappear, however. Apple’s Macintosh can display millions of colors in high resolution, while the Amiga is limited to 4096 in lo-res or interlace. Systems such as NeXT have 16-bit, CD-quality sound, compared to our eight-bit, four- voice output. In addition, the Amiga lacks support for CD- ROMs and technologies such as Intel’s DVI (digital-video interactive system) and Phillips’ CD-I. It’s time to enhance these features to give CBM a serious image and make the Amiga the multimedia champion. Rainey W. Shelby APO New York, AT Not My Job I was not surprised to find Doug Barney whining once again about Commodore and the Amiga’s problems, and what we as consumers should do about it. (“Chief Concerns,"p. 6, Aug. ’90.) I do not feel compelled to do Commodore’s job of properly pushing the Amiga by writing such and such an organization. As .Amiga owners, we have paid good money and have put up with the hassles that come with using this machine isn’t that enough? Joseph Luppens New York, NY Send your letters to: Repartee, ArnigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 08458. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. ¦ How Does New ProWrite 3.0 Differ From Other Amiga Word Processors?

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Amiga World Vol 06 11 1990 Nov

Document sans nom SPECIAL! Multimedia with AmigaVision p Galore Top 20 Amiga Games of 1990 10 PD Favorites I- Sneak Preview: IB 15 Picks for ’91 I Plus! Buyer’s Guide To Amiga Networking Photo-Compositing Hints & Tips ? Saxon Publisher ? 3D Professional ? Excellence 2.0 ? MIDI Quest... More! GraPto'c Demonstration Deluxe Paint III has 32 colors* and costs $ 149.95. CRAYONS Gxtant „„„tjn sharps® . BUItr-JN Digi-Paint 3 gives you 4096 colors and costs $ 99.95 Get the picture? Wtek Which one of the artistic tools pictured here would a child choose? The answer is obvious, the more colors the better. The choice is just as easy when it comes to Amiga paint programs. Digi-Paint 3 works in the Amiga's powerful Hold-And-Modify (HAM) mode which allows you to paint using all 4096 colors simultaneously. By comparison, Deluxe Paint 111 (by Electronic Arts) operates in less sophisticated modes, restricting you to a maximum of only 32 colors* What does this mean to your Amiga art? Simply put, the program with more colors makes the better pictures. But that's just one of the reasons Digi-Paint 3 is the ultimate paint program. Other advanced features found in Digi-Paint 3:
• 14 drawing modes including colorizing, range painting, and texture mapping
• Powerful tools including: magnify, rotate, cut-and-paste, ana variable transparency Digi-Paint 3 is a trademark of NewTek. Inc a trademark registered trademarks ol Binney & Sm.th Inc., used with permission, u of Electronic Arts. 'In some modes an additional 32 half-intensity shades are ava
• Anti-aliased fonts give sharp edges and a crisp television look
• Paint on canvases up to 1024 x 1024 with auto-scrolling
• Supports all Amiga display modes and resolutions
• Compatible with the Amiga 3000 and WorkBench 2.0 AmigaWorld magazine recently compared the leading paint programs in a head-to-head showdown. A clear winner emerged: “Digi-Paint 3 is the one to beat for speed, versatility and professional applications." After six pages of detailed evaluations they concluded with, “If you are really serious about owning only one paint program, we would have to recommend Digi-Paint 3.” Digi-Paint 3 is available now at your local Amiga dealer or call 1-800-843-8934 or 913-354-1146. Your galaxy is about to self-destruct! You have to get out before it explodes but fuel for your ship is an incredibly rare, unaffordable commodity. You need tons of it to make your escape ... an' you ain’t got it. Precious fuel can be procured only through undertaking missions for federation government and by swift and clever trading between the eight planets in your doomed galaxy. Fighting off waves of pirates, attacking police convoys and dicing with death to mine asteroid fields as you journey through space you then face colossal creatures and a horde of aliens before you get planetside. Make it to the surface and it's a manic dash on-foot to the planet’s underground complex. Only when safe inside can you trade, earn fuel and buy enhancements for your ship to give you more chance of surviving your next venture into space. From the creators of Beast and Beast II comes this awe-inspiring combination of shoot-’em-up action and trading stratagems. Featuring innovative hyperspace sections, full-screen aliens and a whole galaxy to explore: AWESOME will take you beyond the final frontier. Available now on the Amiga Amiga Screen Shots Circle 310 on Reader Service card Carthage As a Carthagian hero you must not only repel Roman invasion by successful troop strategy but also maintain your armies’ ever-waning supplies by running the gauntlet on your chariot to deliver much-needed money. Survey the detailed North African landscape and zoom in on your troops to administer strategy. Decide which of your armies needs a cash injection then grab the reins for a mind-boggling first-person-perspective 3-D chariot race to deliver the money . . . Strategy and arcade action superbly combined to give you a taste of ancient history so real you can almost smell the elephants! Available now on the Amiga Amiga Screen Shots PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary’s Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Fax: (617) 731-8379 Legends tell of a time whfen fear ruled the land. A time when no man, woman or child was safe from the spread of evil. A time when a fierce Demon sent his evil minions to roam through the land and make the Kingdom his own. That time is upon us once again.. You have been summoned by the King to defend the realm, rescue the Princess, and rid the Kingdom of the evil Demon before all is lost. Your quest will lead you through caves, swamps, temples and castles before reaching your ultimate challenge.. .the Demon himself. ¦© 1990 ReadySoft Incorporated. Wrath of the Demon is a trademark of ReadySoft Incorporated Wrath of the Demon combines spectacular graphics, animation, sound and playability, featuring: 1
• 3 Megabytes of graphics data
• 600 screens of action
• 1,400 frames of animation
• over 100 monsters, some larger than half the screen
• more than 100 colors on screen
• smooth 60 frames per second, 15- level parallax scrolling for realistic 3D effect ReadySoft Incorporated, 30 Wertheim Crt, s2 Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 1B9 Tel: (416)731-4175 Fax: (416) 764-8867 VOLUME 6, NUMBER 11 NOVEMBER 1990 ? E Top 10 Games . 26 Join the countdown to the best 10 Amiga games of 1990 (plus consolation winners 11-20). From arcade shoot-'em-ups to role-playing adventures, they all had one thing in common: fun! Bargain Basement Gems: The Top 10 PD Games ..32 The all-time 10 best Amiga public-do- main shareware games with information on how and where to find them. Winners in the Wings? By Linda Barrett Laflamme and Lou Wallace......36 Sneak Previews of 15 potential blockbuster games due out by the end of the year. ARTICLES Go WITH THE FLOW By Lou Wallace . 40 This step-by-step AmigaVision sample project will show you how easy it is to start using Commodore’s new authoring system to build your own multimedia applications in just hours. Playing Closer to the Net By Doug Barney .48 With recent announcements from Commodore and others of Amiga networking products, it looks like some Amigas are headed for the corporate marketplace. So move your game up from the baseline and take a lesson in Amiga networking- complete with buyer’s guide. C 0 LI M S Chief Concerns By Doug Bamey .... 6 Rumor has it that AW is going to have a baby (!)..¦ details inside . . . POINTERS By Jim Butterfield .60 An old pro shows Amiga newcomers how to adapt their styles to programming in assembly language on the Amiga. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...66 If you have a predilection for the incongruous (maybe you’d like to see your boss in a Girl Scout troop photo, or your cocker spaniel leading a team of Alaskan sled dogs), Joel has some neat photocompositing tricks you’ll be sure to enjoy. Maybe that puzzling proposition ‘The Child is father of the Man” explains why so many adults, as well as children, enjoy playing computer games. If not, the Amiga’s superior graphics, animation, and sound capabilities will provide convincing second- ary argument. In any event, you 11 get no disagreement from us in this our annual Games Special! Mastering Multimedia 68 By Geoffrey Williams . This month our new multimedia column helps you match the functions you need in your presentation with the software that can deliver the goods. Repartee .... 8 Angry mail in this month’s bag. Headliners . 10 By popular demand, our new “News” column adds an extra page. . . What’s New? ... 124 . . . And with a heavy stream of Amiga new products, make that ditto! The PD Prospector By Tim Walsh ..128 More puhlic-domain nuggets for you. Help Key .. 130 The Wallace Help requester pops up with just a simple key combo: L-O-U. Last Licks .136 Advice columnist “Agnus” is back after a stint at The National Enquirer. Saxon Publisher (Saxon Industries) . Lo An ambitious new desktop-publishing program shooting for the big time. 3D Professional (Progressive Peripherals) . ..22 An imposing 3-D modeling package that delivers a mixed bag of results. MIDI QUEST (Sound Quest) .98 Universal patch editor librarian. DR. Al (Free Spirit) .102 Memory disk-drive diagnostics. Migraph Hand Scanner (Migraph) .....106 A fast, inexpensive R&W scanner with Touch-Up drawing editing software. EXCELLENCE! 2.0 (Microsystems). . . 114 Enhancements to the popular word processor. BackTalk .120 Agreeing to disagree is the only premise! GAMES CRIB Notes By Peter Olafson .76 Top tips on the latest and greatest in Amiga games. NY WARRIORS (Virgin Mastertronic) . . 76 Realistic arcade action in the Big Apple. Knights of the Crystallion (JDC) ..84 Great sound and graphics in this collection of mini-games. Operation Spruance (Parsec) 84 Lively warship simulation with a few leaks. Wings of Fury (,Broderbund) .86 WW II air-war action in the Pacific. HERO’S Quest (Sierra On-Line) . . ...88 Be your own hero if you want to. Animation Contest II WIN! Time is running out to submit your entries for inclusion in The AmigaWorld Animation Video Volume II. .An Amiga 3000, a Video Toaster, and lots of other great prizes are waiting for you on page 16. COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY ED JUDICE SWORD COURTESY OF HIGGINS ARMORY STORF. A500 RAM MEMORIES 4MB MEMORY INSIDE YOUR A500 FAT TRAPPER™ Plugs m the A500 Trapdoor. Easy access for expansion Expandable from 512K to 4MB (in 512K increments). Includes Includes banery backed lime calendar. Only S11 9ok 0 5MB Si59 1 OMB S199 1 5MB S239 2 OMB $ 279 4 OMB $ 439 X-RAM External chassis, expandable from OK to 8 MB. Low power consumption, autoconlig ITM Only $ 270qK 2 0MB $ 398 4 OMB $ 526 6 0MB $ 654 8 0MB $ 782 GENLOCK ENCODER For All Amigas INTERLOK™ NTSC S569 The Genlock that won t crash your PAL $ 749 computer during video search editing that pays meticulous attention to artist’s colors that offers professional video specs for ihe best price perlormance in The market
• Looping video in with switch term
• NTSC or PAL encoded video out
• R-G-B and KEY outs
• A500 A1000 A2000 RGB matching
• 0 to 100:¦- fade slider on remoteable panel Only S270OK 2 OMB $ 398 4 0MB S526 5 0MB S654
8. 0MB S7B2 fTECHNOLOGY FAX (801) 485-6957
U. S A Sales (800) 421-6045 FOR A500 and A1000 HDA-506 SYSTEM cm, $ 299 Includes interface board and ST-506 controller m chassis with passthru plus dual case hard drive chassis with power supply LESS DRIVES Optional Autoboot Will support two ST-506 hard drives FOR A2000 SLOT MACHINE HARD CARD1* SYSTEM om,$ 199 Includes interface board with Autoboot and ST-506 controller mounted on steel rail for 3 5 cfrive Hard Card installation in A2000 LESS DRIVE Controller will support two ST-506 hard drives VISA. MASTERCARD 8 AMERICAN EXPRESS cards accepted with no surcharge COD accepted, add $ 3 50 Shipping and insurance extra Alt products shipped UPS 2nd day unless other wise requested Aft prices US dollars Pnct-s and specifications subject to change without notice Prices of products containing HAM memory may vary due to fluctuations in the DRAM market ALL SPIRIT PRODUCTS ARE BACKED WITH ONE YEAR WARRANTY * GET THE SPIRIT! ORDER AND INFORMATION TOLL FREE 1-800-433-7572 512K MEMORY (ASCII clone! INSIDE A500 TRAPPER'" Only S44ok Installs in A500 trapdoor" expansion port Includes battery backed time calendar, socketed, autoconfig Available for 256Kx1 or 2d6Kx4 DRAMS ote With 512K memory Only ol U 2MB MEMORY INSIDE A500 SIN-500 only SI 99ok Installs inside under the radi- 0 5MB $ 239 aiion shield and out ot the way. 1 OMB $ 279 expandable Irom OK to 2.0MB 2 0MB $ 359 autoconfig 8MB FOR A2000 OCTABYTE™ Dniy S192ok Highest quality 4-layer, plug-in 2 0MB $ 320 board expandable to 8MB. Low 4 OMB $ 448 power consumption, autoconfig 6 0MB $ 576 8 0MB S704 SPIRIT’S INIOOD 4TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! ST-506 HARD DRIVE INTERFACE PACKAGES! Spirit Technology Corporation 220 W. 2950 South. Salt Lake City. UT84115 8MB MEMORY FOR A500 X-RAM™ External chassis, expandable horn OK to 8 MB, low power consumption autoconlig A1000 RAM MEMORY A2000 RAM MEMORY 8MB MEMORY FOR A1000 Phone (801) 485-4233 AMIGA is a Registered Trademark ot Commodore Amiga Inc Qclabyie Inierlok Trappei Fat Trapper and Slot Machine ate Trademarks ot Spirit Technology Corp Stephen Robbins, Publisher Douglas Barney, Editor-In-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor Swain Pratt. Managing Editor LlNDA Barrett LaFLAMME, Acquisitions Editor Barbara Gefvert Tyson, Review Editor JANINE L, JACKSON, New Products Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology Special Products Manager TiM WALSH, Technical Editor JOHN WoLFSKILL, Senior Writer, Technology MaRE-AnNE JARVELA, Special Products Coordinator Gene Brawn, David T. McClellan Contributing Editors Howard G. HaPP, Art Director Laura Johnson, Hst'sfan Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer ALANA KORDA, Production Supervisor KENNETH Blakeman, National Advertising Sales Manager MICHAEL McGoLDRICK, Sales Representative Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative HEATHER Paquette, Advertising Sales Representative, Partial pages & InfoMarket, 1-800-441-4403, 603-924-0100 Mf.RF.DITH Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Giorgio S A LUTE Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 1-415-363-5230 2421 Broadway, Suite 200 Redwood City, CA 94063 WENDIE HAINES MaRRO, Marketing Director Laura Livingston, Marketing Coordinator MARGOT L. Swanson, Customer Service Representative; Advertising Assistant LlSA LaFlEUR, Business and Operations Administrator MARY McColf., Publisher's Assistant SUSAN M, HANSHAW, Circulation Director 1 -800-365-H64 PAM Wilder, Assistant Circulation Manager LYNN LAGASSE, Manufacturing Manager Roger J. Murphy, President PAUL BouLE. Free President Croup Publisher JlM McBrIAN, Vice President Group Publisher STEPHEN C. Robbins, Vice President Group Publisher DENNIS S. CHRISTENSEN, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations Bonnie WeLSH-CaRROLL, Director of Corporate Circulation &? Planning JEFFREY D. DeTray, Director of Technology Research Linda Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director DEBBIE Walsh, Newsstand Promotion Manager WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales is? Collections DOREEN Means, Systems Coordinator Debra A. Davies, Typographer Amiga World (ISSN' 0H83-239O) is an independent jour n.il nououncned siili Commodore Business Machines, Inc. AmiguWarht is published monthly by IDG Communication* Ivterbmough. Inc.. 80 Elm St., Jtnrbornugh. Ml 03458. U.S. subscription rati- ts $ 29.97. one year; $ 46.00. two years; $ 64.00. three sears. Canada $ 38.97 (U.S. funds), one year only. Mexico $ 38.97. Foreign Surface S49.97. Foreign Airmail $ 84.97 (prepayment is required on Foreign Surface and Airmail subscriptions in I .S. hinds drawn on I .S. hank). All rates are one-year only. Secoml-i lass postage paid at fYteiIm>iough. Nil, and at additional mailing olliccs. Phone: 603-921-0IOO. Entire contents copyright 1990 by IIX) Communications. Ivin l*n ough. Inc. No part of this publication mav be primed or otherwise reproduced without written |wi mission Irom the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes In AmigaWttrhl, Subs* liptiou Services, 1*0 Box 58804, Boulder. CO 80322-8801. Nationally distributed by kable News C !o. Amiga World makes esery eIJdi t to assure the accuracy of articles, listings and circuits published in the magazine. Amiga World assumes no res|mnsitailitv for damages due to errors or omissions. Circle 19 on Reader Service card. 'Subject to reasonable limitations THE NEW IMPACT, c Turn your A500® into a Serious and More Fun Computing Tool Today! 11 GVP’s New SERIES II A500-HD+ is The Ultimate in H Hard Drive, Memory and Expandability for your Amiga 500. 1 Major features include: Leading Edge Same high-tech custom VLSI and FaaastROM™features as GVP's new Series IIA2000 SCSI-RAM Products. Foresight Unique new "Mini-Slot"™ brings out all the A500 expansion bus signals, allowing for exciting future expansion options-the only intelligent alternative to risky "Pass-Through" functionality. Reliability Includes internal fan to keep you cool and robust power supply ensuring your A500 power supply will not be overloaded. GVP will not compromise on quality and reliability! Memory Expansion Internal RAM Expansion up to 8MB using easy-to-install SIMM memory modules. Sleek Custom injection-molded styling perfectly matches your A500 for unequaled beauty and elegance, setting a new standard for A500 peripherals. State-of-the-Art New T'-high internal hard disk drive; available from 40MB through 100MB. Performance Provides no-compromise hard disk performance which until now has never been seen on the A500. Seeing is Believing Take one for a Test "Drive" at your nearest GVP Dealer today! Take a Look under the Hood Game Switch: Enables RAM while enabling full game compatibility. External SCSI Port: Allows up to 7 SCSI devices to be attached. R-High Factory-installed Hard Disk Drive: 40MB through 100MB. K “Mini-Slot”: For future ki
* expansion options. GVP’s Custom VLSI Chip. >3 GVP's FaaaStROM SCSI Driver. Internal RAM Expansion: Up to 8MB Internal Fan: Keeps you running cool. Dedicated Universal Input Power Supply Included. Reinforced 86-PIN Card Edge Connector Call for Special End-User Trade-Up Details! Educational pricing program now available. Series II. FAASTR0M and GVP aie trademarks ot Great Valley Products. Inc. Amiga and A500 are registered trademarks ol Commodore-Amiga. Inc GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 v For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Deafer inquiries welcome Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Consumers Circle 62 on Reader Service Card CHIEF CONCERNS Open the champagne! Have a cigar! We’re celebrating a new arrival. First of all, a word of thanks: Lou’s been a hard-core laser-disc junkie ever since lie got Amiga Vision, and a couple of months ago he was poking around looking for laser discs. He managed to pick up a disc for the original Dragon’s Lair arcade game, and soon had AmigaVision controlling its every move. Then, in planning this, our Games issue, we thought those images would work perfectly on the cover. One phone call, and we had permission to use it. So, many thanks to Sullivan Bluth Interactive Media, of Burbank, CA, successor to the Bluth Group Ltd. That did the original art and design for Dragon's Lair and Escape from Singe’s Castle. Now, have I got a surprise for you! I am turning over most of this month’s column to our acquisitions editor, Linda Barrett Laflamme, who will tell you about a soon-to-be-launched new project. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending upon your taste) my full column will return next month. Heeeere’s Linda!!
- DB Since Amiga World began, we've heard the plea, “Give us more technical information.” Since Transactors demise, your pleas have escalated to clamors. So, we agreed at the annual strategy meeting to increase our programming coverage and boost the technical level of our other articles. Then someone brought in the overflowing box of letters from new users, all begging for more rudimentary articles. It turned out to be a long meeting. But you’re going to love the results. (1 do, because I'm getting a new job.) Amiga World itself will continue on its current course, offering you the best all- around Amiga coverage. For those of you who want more hard-core programming and technical information, I’ll be heading, not merely a new section, but a whole new publication The AmigaWorld Tech Journal. I’ve recruited the top technical talent of the Amiga community to share their insights, techniques, and algorithms for C, BASIC, assembly, Modula-2, and the operating system, plus advanced video, MIDI, and speech. Want to dig deeper into the OS and even write your own libraries:' Read The AmigaWorld Tech journal. Trying to get better results from your BASIC compiler? Consult The Amiga World Tech Journal. Need to set Arexx hooks and routines in your programs? Looking for public-domain programming tools? Struggling with tinie- code or converting your cable station to the Amiga? Yup, The Tech Journal will come to your rescue. In addition to a full state of tutorials (on such topics as porting your work to
2. 0, debugging, and designing databases), each bimonthly issue will offer hot tips, news, and tools from the developers and networks, plus columns devoted to graphics programming, operating system routines and conventions, and more. Of course, I’m saving plenty of room for hardware and software reviews. Rather than do cursory looks at a multitude of products, however, the authors will delve deep into a select few, giving you detailed comparisons, benchmarks, and specs. With so much to read, when will you find the time to type in all the sample listings or download the PD utilities? Never, because there’s no need. While I'm riding herd on the articles, Mare- Anne Jarvela, our special products coordinator, will be compiling The Tech Journal's companion disks. Thanks to creative packing techniques and her trusty archiving program, each disk will feature executable code, source code, and the required libraries or includes for all the example programs in the issue- plus the recommended PD utilities, demos of new commercial tools, and any other useful surprises that will fit. No, you don’t have to fill out extra order forms or say the magic word; a disk is automatically bundled with every ; journal. The first issue will hit dealer’s shelves in March. Whether you are a developer, want to improve your programming skills, or just crave meaty information about your machine, you won’t want to miss it. As soon as the circulation department catches up with the whirlwind enthusiasm here in editorial, we’ll give you all the details on bringing The Amiga- World Tech Journal directly to your mailbox. As for my mailbox, I hope it fills up soon with more of your suggestions and requests. What would you like to learn more about from the pages of The Tech Journal} From which programmers and luminaries would you like to get tips? Have I forgotten an element you'd like to see on the disk? Reader surveys help us get started in the right direction. Continued reader input will help keep The Amiga World Tech Journal fresh and interesting, as well as authoritative and informative. So, to paraphrase Doug, “Keep clamoring!” I’11 talk to you in March. ¦
- LBL GVP storage solutions keep up with you W SU-M09200E 600 shown here in veil ic a 1 position.
• Comes standard with GVP's comprehensive TAPESTORE backup and restore software package.
• TAPESTORE also sold separately. J GVP’s NewFAAASTROM,vSCSI driver P and installation software comes standard with the Series 1! “ SCSI Controllers' giving ultimate removable media drive support. When purchasing GVP mass storage removable devices, be sure to ask for a GVP Series II SCSI Controller! Ask for the complete kit, ? Impressive 25ms average access time.
• Mounts internal in Amiga 2000 " 5.25" drive bay or external with GVP's IMPACT XC (see photo below). IMPACT XC Hard-Disk+RAM-Card ? Educational pricing program now available. TAPESTORE. FAAASTPOW. Series H. and GVP aretrademarks of Great Vs’ley Products he. Amiga and Amiga ?000 are registered trademarks ot Conunodo»e Amig3. Inc Available on GSA schedule through SMS Data Products -.Group, Inc. GSA GSO0K-90-AGS-5242 1-800-331-1767 Ext. 5227 Consumers Circle 265 on Reader Service Card ;a)ers Cirde 36 on Reader Service Card GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or lor nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. Get Packing! In his article “Pack It In!" (Aug. '90, p. 46) Graham Kinsey states that Genie polices uploads and filters out .ZIP files. He also seems to say that the Starship staff is doing this, and that people should demand that we stop. Mr. Kinsey’s statements are totally erroneous. We do not do this, never have, and probably never will. There are hundreds of .ZIP-archived files in the Starship libraries right now, and furthermore, I know of no Genie roundtable that has an anti-ZIP policy. Kinsey should have checked the validity of his claim before printing such a ludicrous statement. Rick Moyer Address unknown Name Calling I take exception to Doug Barney’s branding of Robert Morris as a jerk (“Chief Concerns,"
p. 6, Aug. ’90). You and anyone else who is going to holler about the subject should know that Morris’s program created a worm, not a virus. Viruses multiply and spread; worms do not. Further, a worm is not intended to destroy information or invade anyone's privacy, which is the sole purpose of a virus. Had Morris been successful in perpetrating his prank, nobody would have noticed it. His mistake was in not testing his program properly. .Also, had he not tried this prank, the system’s vulnerability might never have been detected. Imagine what could happen if someone entered the system undetected and injected a real virus. Robert Morris was guilty of creating chaos for a day and was punished properly. .As for the estimated millions of dollars required to remove the worm, much of that work would have had to be done anyway to “close the back door” to the network. If being a jerk is a prerequisite for being sent to the slammer, there may be a cell reserved for you. Steven Duran Albuquerque, NM What Kind of Deal? Recently, ArnigaWorld has talked a lot about the quality of dealers and what they should offer the customer. Your points are well taken and any true dealer (not box mover) would agree. The problem is that your magazine makes it difficult for responsible dealers to exist. You accept advertising from anyone, whether or not they are authorized dealers. This means that although you say one thing regarding dealers, you endorse another that is, to buy from the cheapest (not least-cost, mind you) place in town. Consumers who want value should look to a dealer who knows and understands the Amiga and its applications, offers pre- and post-sales support, training, and information updates. I speak from experience. I had to give up my Amiga dealership because the customer was not willing to pay for value and service, and I could not make a living giving away the product at a few points above cost. Customers must pay a fair price to compensate quality dealers for the hours they put in to learn about and demonstrate hardware and software. Thomas Gilligan Scotch Plains, NJ Stayin’ Ahead About two years ago, the name Amiga could be found only in Amiga-specific publications. These days, however, many PC and business magazines see the Amiga as a leader in many applications especially multimedia. No other computer can match the Amiga for combining graphics, sound, and animation. This lead is starting to disappear, however. Apple’s Macintosh can display millions of colors in high resolution, while the Amiga is limited to 4096 in lo-res or interlace. Systems such as NeXT have 16-bit, CD-quality sound, compared to our eight-bit, four- voice output. In addition, the Amiga lacks support for CD- ROMs and technologies such as Intel’s DVI (digital-video interactive system) and Phillips’ CD-I. It’s time to enhance these features to give CBM a serious image and make the Amiga the multimedia champion. Rainey W. Shelby APO New York, AT Not My Job I was not surprised to find Doug Barney whining once again about Commodore and the Amiga’s problems, and what we as consumers should do about it. (“Chief Concerns,"
p. 6, Aug. ’90.) I do not feel compelled to do Commodore’s job of properly pushing the Amiga by writing such and such an organization. As .Amiga owners, we have paid good money and have put up with the hassles that come with using this machine isn’t that enough? Joseph Luppens New York, NY Send your letters to: Repartee, ArnigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 08458. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. ¦ How Does New ProWrite 3.0 Differ From Other Amiga Word Processors? You Begin To Get The Picture. Beneath Its Elegant Design Lies A Word Processing Powerhouse. Ease into the solid comfort of the ProWrite environment. Zip in your text and briskly format with intuitive menu and ruler controls. Now slip into high gear using the power of keyboard commands. Deftly cut, copy and paste on the fly, knowing the formidable l()().()()()-word spelling checker is checking ;ls you type, and the vast thesaurus is standing by with over 300,000 cross references to fine-tune your ideas. Graceful multiple columns are at your fingertips with choice of snaking or p;irallel text flow. If you Ye really into performance, vou can tackle tedious tasks with 0 the touch of an F-kcy using macros. For you power users, the AREXX port awaits you. And Pro Write’s print merge feature eagerly churns out those form letters. So Intuitive, So Responsive, You’ve Got To Experience It To Believe It. Your thoughts pour effortlessly onto the screen, then just as fluidly out to your printer, virtually unaware of anything between you and the printed page. (After all. Features Spelling checker uirti 100.000 word dictionary Spell cheek all at once or as you iype Multiple columns with snaking or parallel leu flow Thesaurus with over 300,000 cross references Prim merge Import am IB' or HIM pictures
- K rap icm around pictures ¦ J • Multiple line headers and footers wiih Tide Page option
S. 1 • Macre*. When used with AREVX Rj • AREXX port
• * • Hyphenate words with soft hyphens
• Tabs with left, center, right or decimal alignment
• Definable decimal tab alignment character
• Prints color or black and while printer-resident fonts and pictures at the same time
• Prints pnnter-rrsidenl fonts with any variety of Pica, Klfle. Condensed, and Wide fonts at die same time
• Prints on anyPreTerejKcs-ha5*d printer
• True 'Uhal you see is »tul you get" display
• Multiple fonts, sizes, styles, and colors
• AdjustaMe defauhs for program setting
• Comprehensive keyboard eifuivak-nts
• Select All command few document-wide changes
• (in to any page on command
• User-definable dictionary
• l*p to ten documents can be open at once
• Undo and Redo commands
• Adjustable page sizes
• Print sideways or across paper perforation
• Print documents back-to-fmm separate odd-even, or collated
• line spacing in single, one and one half, and double
• Prim to PostScript using optional PostScript module
• Adjust printer dot density
• Adjustable lop, bottom, left right, and binding margins
• Reduce or enlarge documents in one percent increments
• Adjust line spacing in one point increments
• Auktmatic space teforeanYor after paragraphs
• Automatic word fook up
• Automatic page numbering ssitii dioice of five different formats ? Sort paragraphs from A to Z or Z to A ? Character, word, sentence, line, paragraph, picture*, and page counts
• Six different date formats and two different time fi irmats
• Computes average word and sentence length and readability grade level
• Insert current date and time either is fixed text or as an updating marker what good arc all those features if they’re a distraction to use? ) Even your swiftest typing can’t outrun it. Wrap your text around a graphic and vou’re readv for the home stretch. Now it’s time to print and you’ve got control over your printer’s dot density, aspect ratio, and paper size.
- •. R I S ? I • * • Motorcycles trsrs !cr hair. * fttno And ProWrite can print your printer- resident fonts with graphics in Pica, Elite, Condensed, and Wide all on the same page. With ProWrite’s flexibility, you can smooth out any rough spots no matter what kind of printer you have. With all these performance features and more. ProWrite stands in a class bv itself as your power performer. And best of all, it stands on die shelf now at your favorite store. NEW HORIZONS First In Personal Productivity And Creativity New Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109, Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 328-6650 ProWriic is a rra Icmark of New Horizons Software. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark td Commodore-Amiga, Inc Circle 38 on Reader Service card Forecast: Sunny (see report of Dallas SIGGRAPH conference) DALLAS, TX Riding high on the Amiga’s sudden surge in professional respectability, Commodore Business Machines rode in to Dallas Aug. 6-10 to make an impressive showing at the National Computer Graphics Association's 1990 SIGGRAPH conference. Amiga Wows Crowds At SIGGRAPH The annual event attracts up to 30,000 of the world’s foremost computer graphics professionals for a week of seminars, technical exhibits, and film and video expositions. Amidst this mind-boggling array of state-of-the-art workstations and high resolution displays, the Amiga has traditionally been cast as an also-ran. But with Commodore packing powerful A3000s, 2500 30s, Amiga UNIX, CDTV, and Amiga Vision into its booth, conference attendees were forced to take notice. The Amiga was also represented by third-party developers whose products promise to thrust the computer into the forefront of the graphics world. Impulse, for example, demonstrated its new 24- bit display card. Firecracker 24, available in two configurations that offer resolutions up to 1024 x 482. Impulse also unveiled its follow-up to the Turbo Silver 3-D modeler Imagine. Hash Enterprises demonstrated A3000 Takes Off into Space WEST CHESTER, PA-Com- modore is conquering space with a new version of the Amiga 3000. How? By shipping upgraded machines with 25 percent more harddisk storage space. Commodore, which had been equipping the A3000 with a 40- megabyte hard disk, upped the standard equipment to 50 megs in mid-August without increasing the price of the machine. “In light of the sophisticated graphics, anAnimation Journeyman, a unique 3-D product aimed at the professional market, while Walt Disney Computer Software got things moving with The Animation Studio. Amiga Wins Virginia Tech: Move Over, Mac ASDG and Active Circuits showed off their 24-bit graphics solutions for the print and video markets, emphasizing the Amiga's ability to communicate with existing graphics hardware, such as Sharp’s color scanners and Truevision’s Targa and Vista-series display cards. Elsewhere at the show, the University of Lowell demonstrated its 256-color, high-resolution display card, which, they announced. Commodore will be shipping by year's end. In its own impressive booth, Newtek continued to wow the crowds with its amazing Video Toaster. The company startled many observers by announcing its intention to bundle Alien Hastings’ new animation program, Lightwave 3D, with the SI595 Toaster at no extra charge. At SIGGRAPH, where most animation systems begin in the $ 60,000 range, attendees like to get a glimpse of the future. After this show, many believe the future is the affordable Amiga. Rick Rodriguez imation, and video applications currently available, providing users with increased storage capacities is a priority,” explained Walt Simpson, Commodore’s Director of Product Marketing. According to Simpson, Commodore has received tremendous response to the new configuration fi om both dealers and customers. In fact, initial A3000 orders have exceeded the company's forecasts.
- BGT BLACKSBURG, VA-Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University has, for the last three years, required incoming com- putcr-science majors to purchase Apple’s Macintosh witIi A UX. Not any more. After seeing the power and capabilities of an Amiga 3000 running AT&T’s UNIX System
V. 4, university officials have switched allegiance. “Commodore’s UNIX passed every one of our tests,” said Dr. James Arthur, chairman of the Virginia Tech computer-science department's selection committee. “From the Amiga technology to
V. 4 delivery to the Amiga’s unbeatable price, Amiga UNIX was the dear choice lor our department. We’re also very pleased with Commodore's willingness to work closely with us to produce a so- CBM Machines Hold Government Posts RESTON, VA SMS Data Products Group, a Commodore distributor, was awarded a federal- government contract in August. “For years we’ve been sayng that Commodore’s product lines are ideal for government users,” said SMS President Bert Rosecan. SMS’s schedule includes both Amiga workstations and Commodore Intel 80286 386 Pcs. Randall Griffin, Director of the Reston-based Commodore Federal Systems Group, said that with this achievement, Commodore is beginning to strengthen its presence in the federal market. Griffin said that the Amiga is receiving a warm welcome from government agencies. The Navy and NASA in particular, he noted, appreciate the Amiga’s graphics prowess for engineering, graphics, and simulation applications.
- BGT lotion tailored to our needs.” “This is a significant win for Commodore,” boasted CBM Director of Education Howard Diamond. Virginia Tech’s purchase came during the A3000 UNIX beta-test phase, in the midst of preparations for the product’s worldwide launch. Virginia Tech chose UNIX as its operating-system standard because UNIX is a good environment in which to experiment. Also, because it is largely platform independent, it allows the exchange of information between diverse hardware systems an essential factor for computer science. UNIX V.4, which many expect to become the standard, integrates all the features of the various UNIX technologies.
- BGT The Show-me Dates The Amiga will be appearing at a number of consumer trade shows throughout November. For details on the following shows, call the numbers listed. Nov. 8-12 Amiga '90 Cologne. W. Germany 914 741-6500 Nov. 12-16 Comdex Las Vegas, NV 617 449-6600 Nov. 26-30 Video Expo Orlando Orlando, FL 914 328-9157 800 248-KIPI Nov. 30-Dec. 2 World of Commodore Amiga Toronto, Ont., Canada 416 595-5906 Nexus is a unique combination of state-of-the-art hardware and software designed to meet your current and future storage needs. The Nexus features a high performance SCSI interface, 4 megabytes of memory expansion, space for a 3.5" hard drive and the most complete storage software ever assembled The Nexus is fully compatible with Amiga 2000 and 3000 series computer systems, the PC Bridgeboard and the A-Max emulator. Easy To Install You can install Nexus in your Amiga in a matter of minutes. To make the installation completely effortless, Nexus includes intuitive configuration software. The easy to follow instructions take you step-by-step to a successful installation. 1-800 Customer Service When you need help for any reason, we are just a toll-free phone call away. When you call you will talk to a knowledgeable person who cares about you and who will go to any length to assure your satisfaction. Exclusive 5 Year Warranty Nexus is superbly engineered and uses only the finest components to give you many years of trouble free operation. We stand behind our products by offering an exclusive 5 year warranty on parts and labor. Focus On Storage Systems By focusing our development exclusively on storage systems, we deliver complete storage solutions and not just a hodgepodge of hardware components. Nexus Hardware A high degree of component integration allows the Nexus to combine a SCSI interlace, a 3.5' hard drive and 4 megabytes of memory on a single card. Mounting your 3.5' hard drive directly on the card leaves your drive bay open for future expansion. High Performance SCSI Interface Nexus uses an innovative SCSI design, giving you the vast storage of a hard disk, while simultaneously approaching the speed of a RAM disk. Imagine reading from your hard disk the equivalent of an 880,000 byte Amiga diskette in less than one second. Memory Expansion Nexus gives your application software more room to work by adding 2 or 4 megabytes of memory to your Amiga. You can add memory to the card using easy to install single in-line memory modules (SIMMs). Save a valuable expansion slot by avoiding the use of a dedicated memory card. Unlimited Storage Options Nexus lets you make the right choice for your storage needs by supporting a variety of SCSI drives including streaming tape, removable cartridge, erasable optical, DAT and CD-ROM Nexus Software Nexus is more than just a superb piece of hardware. Nexus includes the most complete storage software available for the Amiga. FlashBack Protect your valuable data by performing regular backups using our convenient FlashBack software. FlashBack lets you select files for backup using the mouse and can save files to any storage device including diskette and streaming tape. PowerBench With its intuitive user interlace, PowerBench lets you take charge of your Amiga. Click on a graphics file to see it, a sound file to play it, a text file to read it and that's only the beginning. SmartCache Intelligent caching improves performance and extends the life of your hard drive. SmartCache speeds up data access by using a specified portion of memory to store frequently used information. Spool It Any data sent to the printer is captured and saved on disk. Spoollt prints the data in the background while you continue to use your application software. DiskSurgeon Undelete a file that was accidentally deleted. Do a media analysis to locate and map out bad blocks or potentially bad blocks. Improve hard disk performance by reorganizing the disk to remove fragmentation and to make files contiguous. InstantFormat Our formatting and partitioning software sets a new standard for ease of use. With the click of a few buttons you can format any SCSI hard drive instantly. MemoryDoctor Memory diagnostic software verifies the proper operation of your expansion memory. The MemoryDoctor program uses a graphics display to show which components, if any, need to be replaced. Order Nexus Today The Nexus hardware software package is an outstanding value at a retail price of S349. Nexus is available from your local dealer or by calling 1-800-878-0010. Dealer inquiries invited. Nexus options include Sidewinder 250. HardPack 44, LaserDrive, SubSystem SCSI, Advanced Hard Drives and Advanced Accessories. A Division of Preferred Technologies, Inc. 14540 East Beltwood Parkway Dallas, Texas 75244 U.S.A. Telephone (214) 702-9191 Facsimile (214) 702-9203 Sales (800) 878-0010 Customer Service (800) 878-6006 Nexus. FlashBack, PowerBench. SmartCache, Spoilt, DiskSurgeon. InstantFormat. VemoryDoctor. SuOSyst em SCSI, SkteWinder 250. HarcPack 44. LaserDrive. Advanced Hard Drives. Advanced Accessories and Advanced Storage Systems a'e trademarks of Preferred Technologies, Inc All other product names are trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective companies. Circle 5 on Reader Service card. Making It Big With CHEYENNE, WY-Trained in ihe fine arts, Dean Johnson first became interested in the computer as an artistic tool when he was exposed to the Amiga. After purchasing an A500, Johnson soon realized that for his purposes, his greatest limitation wras the lack of viable hard-copy options. Instead of buying a high- end printer or plotter, he decided to build his own. Following a crash course in robotics, Johnson began to design and assemble a robotic airbrush to run from his Amiga. One year later, he had a ‘‘printer” capable of painting Amiga images on any flat surface from a mere 16x20 inches to a gigantic 6x9 feet! Dean begins his creations using
L. r ¦¦II ¦ . Ill nvf1 ,J * i IIP! ¦ , ' . IU
• Ijnl Vi 1|* "i * m - ¦ ... 7. . . '¦ Ill ¦tFvXlUnll rinAK Uuji ‘ ¦ - * • - Vft lUtT"’; P3l»v KV.i"!' . . M Ml • 1 r* t-'
- si From screen to canvas, via Dean Johnson's robotic airbrush. Amiga Graphics a bitmap paint program. Then, using software that he and his friend Ross Hilman wrote, Johnson converts the IFF file to ASCII format. Another program, written by Hilman, reads the ASCII file, controls the stepper motors and airbrush solenoid, and drives the airbrush to spray paint onto the canvas, wood panel, paper, or whatever. Because the airbrush applies paint one color at a time, it must make a number of passes to complete a multicolored image. Johnson not only creates his own works with the Amiga, but he also uses Amiga systems to teach computer-graphics courses at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne. BGT Happy Trails EASTERN EUROPE-Just like Charles Kuralt, Commodore has been hitting the road. But instead of driving around in a camper looking for human interest stories, Commodore Electronics Ltd., a division devoted exclusively to spreading the word in developing nations, has managed to stage Commodore-only consumer shows throughout the year in Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia. “We’ve been very successful,” CEL Marketing Manager Gregor)- Koler reported. He added the observation that these product-awrareness shows have sparked sales to a considerable extent. The tour showcases Amiga applications in exhibits and seminars, covering such topics as desktop publishing, video, graphic design, interactive computer training, and hyper-media. CEL is catering predominantly to private enterprises to architects for CAD applications, to artists who design fabrics, and even to medical institutions dabbling in signal processing. “The interesting thing about the Eastern bloc is that we have a whole generation that has not had an opportunity to be exposed to computers,” Koler said. From this, Commodore is building a new loyalty, he added. With the seeds CEL has planted in Eastern Europe, it plans to gradually nurture success from the ground up. J. Jackson Masters of the Airwaves TUSCON, AZ You’ll find him deep in a basement, in either of two 5 x 12-foot rooms. Is he a key character in a dungeon-escape game? No; Mike Masters is a computer-graphics specialist at TPAC, the Tuscon Public Arts Channel. He is also a self-proclaimecl cartoon fanatic and powcr-Amiga user which is fortunate, because TPAC is an all-Amiga cable station. The station started out with an A2000, sporting a 20MB hard disk and 9MB of RAM. Now there are tw-o such beasts at TPAC keeping company with a 4.5-meg A500 and a 5-meg A2500 with a 40MB hard disk. “We love our memory,” quips Mike. Since April '88, the station has used Amigas to inform the community of upcoming dance, theatre, music, gallery, and museum events. According to Masters, his mission is to add flash and color to otherwise flat, sterile images. "When I came on, I wanted to give (the station) a splashy look” he explained. His two right-hand assistants are Zuma Group’s TV* Show and Electronic Arts Deluxe- Paint III. TPAC resides at Pima Community College, w-here communications students help run the station. The students learn basic animation and titling under Mike’s supervision, What do the students think of the Amiga? “I can usually impress them very quickly,” reports the satisfied Mike. J. Jackson That’s Insurance! NEW YORK, NY-With a goal of establishing a presence in ever}' state within five years, Bowers, Schumann & Welch, one of the country's largest insurance agencies, needed help. One step toward that goal was to set up a standardized employee-training environment to quickly get new agencies up and running. It set its sights on interactive computerized training systems, and one of the firm's employees knew of Future Touch's touchscreen monitor for the Amiga, “So BS&W contacted us," beamed Ed Kalbaugh, a partner in Future Touch, Inc., a division of AMIGA Business Computers, of East Northport, NY. Because the project was so immense, AMIGA and Future Touch in turn called on Commodore for assistance. CBM responded by loaning eight systems (each comprised of an A2500 30 with a 40MB hard disk, five megs of RAM, an A2300 genlock, a Pioneer 4200 laser-disc player, and a Future Touch touch-screen monitor) and providing a beta copy of Amiga Vision, Commodore’s new, multimedia authoring software. Thus equipped, a project director, two graphics people, two Amiga- Vision programmers, and a part- time hardware specialist set to work (also using TV*Text Professional, DeluxePaint III, and Page- Render 3D) and completed the project in two months. "That's something we never could have accomplished with traditional programming,” reasoned Kalbaugh. With AmigaVision, you can easily assemble the pieces of a project that other people complete, he said. Assembling pieces of code, added Kalbaugh, is not so easy, and the overhead with code and library- maintenance is great. Another compelling reason for using AmigaVision is that, because it is so easy to use, it allows BS&W the option of updating the training program without outside help. ‘T his is the first time I have seen a company approach training from a total, corporate-w-ide perspective,” noted Kalbaugh, who also runs a management-consulting firm. “This program is geared for everyone from the boardroom to the mail room." He explained that the interface is akin to an organizational flow-chart: An employee touches a series of icons to arrive at a fiill-motion video or graphic accompanied by full-stereo sound. The system is not only helpful for- training; it also serv es as a standard reference for employees to refresh their knowledge. BS&W is currently negotiating with Commodore to purchase 1000 Amigas. “The significance of this project,” says Kalbaugh, “is that if all goes as anticipated, The Amiga will substantially penetrate a significant market." Phase 2 of BS&W’s plan is to network the machines using the existing equipment, and Phase 3 is to network the Amigas via Unix.
- BGT Headliners is compiled by Barbara Gefvert Tyson. Send your news bits to Headliners, Amiga- World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ¦ Kiamv OBITUS Post-Holocaust: A power crazed entity desires control of earth. They develop an energy beam and intend to bounce it off a custom-built satellite back to earth. All unprotected life will be wiped out. You select and control up to six diverse hi-tech vehicles at once in a race against time to seek and destroy enemy power lines and eventually knock out their beam generator. Build up your arsenal by collecting enemy resources to help develop and create your own new weapon systems. Featuring a sophisticated head-to-head serial link enabling ‘being-there’ realism between two players. Armour-fltoddoii: Strategy and simulation synthesized to perfection. Screen Shots from the Amiga version. COMING SOON ON THE PSYGNOSlS LABEL You're in the depths of your own worst nightmare . . . But this time there's no waking up. Lost and alone in a dangerous and alien world you must discover where you are, how you got there... and how you're going to get out! In a frantic search of the unfamiliar land you explore aMAZEing forests, mines and underground complexes collecting objects and interacting with indigenous creatures. Re-emerging into daylight you race along perfect parallax action scenes, dispatching enemies as you battle ever deeper into the unknown. Impelling RPG with more than a dash of hack-'n’- slash. Screen Shots from the Amiga version. COMING SOON ON THE PSYGNOSlS LABEL Choose your car, grab the wheel and go! Speed through the cities, deserts, forests and wastelands competing in over 30 gruelling races - day and night in a mad dash for the finishing post! Race against the computer or friends. Pop in the shop to enhance or repair your machine. Podal-to-tho-motal fun! Squeals on wheels! Lead - free frolics! Screen Shots from the Amiga version. AVAILABLE ON THE PSYGNOSlS LABEL PSYGNOSlS 29 Saint Mary’s Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Fax: (617) 731-8379 Armour-Geddon Obitus Nitro Amiga Amiga Amiga Circle 311 on Reader Service card SupraDrive Floppy Quiet, reliable floppy disk drive works with all Amiga® computers. 1 MB unformatted capacity. Pass-through port for connecting additional drives. SupraDriveIM Removable Syquest™ removable cartridge drive for the A500 or 2000. Great for primary & back-up storage. Comes complete with SCSI interface, or as add-on drive. SupraModem M 2400 100% Hayes™-compatible 300, 1200, 2400 baud modem for virtually all computers. Compatible with all popular telecommunications software. Mr-nVT'MMHSiksmdsi ~ ' ' ** . ' , • Supra Corporation Worldwide Distributors Canada Beamscope 35 Ironside Crescent Scarborough, Ontario M1X1G5 Tel: 416-291-0000 Fax: 416-291-5721 SupraDrive1'1 500XP Micro-power hard drive, SCSI interface, & RAM for the A500. Easily expands from f 2 to 8MB RAM. Includes Amiga bus pass-through, SCSI port, software. SupraDrive™ WordSync™ Easy-to-install, autobooting hard disk card for the Amiga 2000. Uses high- performance Quantum™ hard disk & includes SCSI port, utility software. Finland Westcom Systems Oy Kirkkokatu 8, Fourth Floor SF-48100 Kotka Tel: 358-52-184-655 Fax: 358-52-184-007 Norway Atlantis Distribution Parallellen 12 8012 Bodoe Tel: 47-816-3040 Fax: 47-816-3041 Spain ABC Analog, S.A. Santa Cruz de Marcenado, 31 28015 Madrid Tel: 34-91248-8213 Fax: 34-1542-5059 SupraRAM™ 500RX 1 2, 1, 2, 4, or 8MB of FAST RAM for the Amiga 500. Easy to expand. Zero wait states & hidden refresh. Amiga bus pass-through. SupraRAM 1 2000 Sweden AlfaSoft AB Magasingsgatan 9 S-216 13 Malmo Tel: 46-40-164150 Fax: 46-40-163915 2, 4, 6, & 8MB of FAST RAM for the A2000 & 3000. Easy to expand. Zero wait states & hidden refresh. Four-layer board improves reliability. West Germany European Software Distributors Rodderweg 8 5040 Bruehl Tel: 49-2223222-001 Fax: 49-2223222-003 For more product information, or the name of a dealer near you, please call Supra Corporation: SupraModem™ 2400 Plus SupraModem 2400 with MNP5 & V.42bis error correction & data compression protocols. Allows transmissions up to 9600 bps. SupraModem'N1 2400zi Internal half-card modem for the Amiga 2000 & 3000. Installs easily in any Amiga bus slot. Supports multiple modems on one computer. 1 -800-727-8772 or 503-967-9075 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 USA FAX: 503-926-9370 Supra. SupraDrive. SupraRAM, WordSync, & SupraModem are trademarks of Supra Corp. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Syquest is a trademark of Syquest Technologies Quantum is a trademark of Quantum Corp. Hayes is a trademark of Hayes Microcomputer Products. A NewTek Video Toaster? Plus 6 More Super Amiga Prizes? That’s right, and here’s how to win: Send us your best Amiga animation for inclusion on The Amiga World Animation Video Volume II. Even if you don’t win, we’ll give you $ 50 and a free copy of the video if we use it as part of the tape. Volume I was superb, but this one's going to be even better. Let’s focus on entertainment value-jokes, themes, plots, etc. Let's create animations that say something. Demonstrations of technique are great, but stories are even better! And start cranking now, because we're looking to put this baby together in time for the 1990 Holiday Season. Send your animations on floppy disks, with full instructions as to loading. Be sure to specify or include suitable playing programs. There is no limit on the size of the animation. But if your animation is particularly large, contact us about other means of transmission (800 441 -4403, x-107). Send your animation to Lou Wallace, Animation Video Contest, AmigaWorld, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Include your name, address, and telephone number. Animations must be your original work. By submitting them, you grant AmigaWorld permission to use and distribute them with our tape. And Don’t Forget Our Special Category Prizes!* Best 3-D 1st PRIZE Impact A2000-030 DCTV Digital Creations Great Valley Products 2nd PRIZE Imagine 2nd PRIZE PageRender 3-D and PageFlipper Plus F X 2.0 Mindware International Impulse Inc. Best 2-D 1st PRIZE and Sculpt-Animate 4D Creative Computers Best Storyline 1st PRIZE SuperGen 2000S Genlock Digital Creations 2nd PRIZE 3-D Professional Progressive Peripherals & Software
• All prizes donated by their respective manufacturers. Its handling of graphics is unsurpassed: Pen Pal is the only program I that will automatically wrap text around graphics... AmigaWorld July Number 1 best seller in Productivity Software category. Amiga Insider - From The Top - March, April, May, June, July, August 1990. Five Stars! The best of the lot by a huge margin... Intuitive and easy to use... Fast enough that speed isn't even a consideration. Info Jan Feb 1990. V V Word Processor:
• Easy-to-learn and use.
• Import IFF pictures.
• Drawing tools for making lines & boxes.
• 100,000+ word spelling dictionary.
• Automatic form fill-in.
• Mail-Merge.
• Search and Replace.
• Automatic text wrap around graphics.
• Built-in Database, Database Manager: Keep track of names and addresses, things- to-do, recipes, tape libraries, and more. Merge data with word processing documents for personalized form letters and reports. Very fast sorting and searching. Print mailing labels and reports. Iround irregular shapes or grapmcs, ana use multiple rones, styles, and sizes Make no mistake about it - no other word processor can produce documents of this quality on the Amiga. For features, price, ease-of-use, quality, and customer satisfaction never e tie for less than the best. Ask for Pen Pal - your best choice in a word processor ... and ate bettet than expected: ‘ am desxrvd my own Ordmas cards n Per -a rckrdng some : I crew ria pcxti program. I pdn to use Pen Pals mc+m&ge Recertify I saw your program Ten Par on my dealer's theft Acccrctm ic me package I thought mar I mghi fraly be n hek Although i puchased' th ? Program I was afrad that n teaty t wcxia not do everyihrg ?he package sad it woiJd ao As soon as I got home from the corrpxter stor I tired up The program on my con pjter. Wthoreven teadrg Tie manual was soon erecting documents wtit- V color and okdjes. As you ccr. See item ms lener I t have gotten pretty good cti you program's graphic capaCAhes One piecsarti supme I nod was to cisco vet trot Pen Pal
• W C'-Jhcz cbaTn dcrabase mcrioge' fhd ttar I use this dcra&ase atrxr.1 as much as the word processor I have ertered my Christmas moirg hr vdeo tape ‘retcry. And ccon coorg recipes n as databases ¦' hen' seed Qrptmcs carer: to year I wi use Pen Palo p-rtt toe matng bes retire:; erets useful farms ordeFea.veD *'?e *° aeate iJaTteOlVdo* >bog f MK3prognomwoMdowhotl Aefol ! Arr wvtrg p,s letter IJSr)Q -p p _ . Conesoona wtr, computer cental , Atofr: v ‘ do not exceptor. « npones. Fxrrrw trr>e i hoa Jo mc*.e ' ***' com use so create cdonu Dear Sc; an Jjy 22. 1090 Softwood inc
P. O Box 50176 Ffroeoy A2 85076 winds blow If only he may be near his masters side. When all csher friends desert he remains. When riches take wings and reputation fafit to pieces, be is asconscant in his low as the son In Its Journey through the heavens. And when death take* the master in to embrace, and his body is laid away in the coM ground, there by the graveside will the oobie dog be fcund, his head between his pavx his eyes sad. Hut open tai alert watchfulness, faithful and true even in death. Circle 3 on Reader Service card. Treacherous, is his dog. A man's dog stands fcy han in prosperity and poverty, in health and sickness. He sill sleep on the cold ground where the wtaitty Man's (and Women’s) Best Friend bv Off Mt Joy tor Mi fngfaft 10! The one abvotoady unselfish blend dial man can hare in dtts selfish world, the one that nem deserts him. Ae one that never proves ungrateful or oe first quarter numbers are n... ¦-••Tell • SKTvtf 'A- tCCk. Ad crtcoe d sscoo ccrcB- :¦* e respective *• • ytC. REVIEWS Saxon Publisher Ambition will get you everywh ere almost By Chris Dickman SAXON INDUSTRIES HAS a modest claim for its first application, Saxon Publisher. It’s the best desktop publishing program available for the Amiga, the company boasts, and within a year it will be superior to anything available on the Macintosh or PC platforms. Only time will prove the validity of the latter prediction, although I do not think the reputations of PageMaker, Ventura or QuarkXPress are in much danger. And while Saxon is a promising first release that in many ways exceeds the capabilities of PageStream (Soft-Logik), Professional Page (Gold Disk) is still the tool of choice for professional-quality publishing on the Amiga. Opening up to Imports Because the primary function of a page- layout program is to integrate existing text and graphics files, robust import abilities are a must. Saxon provides good support for graphics, being able to import industry-standard Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files created on the Macintosh, PC, and Amiga platforms, as well as files from Pro Vector (Taliesin), an Amiga drawing application. You can import IFF-compatible bitmap graphics with up to 4096x4096 pixels and 4096 colors for display in shades of gray. The program supports any Amiga- compatible word processor, but will retain such formatting as bolding and itali- cization only for Word Perfect files. In view of the fact that no other formatting survives the journey to a Saxon page, you must do all the text formatting in Saxon itself. As with most page-layout programs, text is contained in boxes, which are linked together both on a page and between pages. You can type text directly into boxes or import it from a file. You can move and resize boxes, and add sizing handles that let you draw irregularly sized boxes. There is also a freehand box-drawing gadget, with which you can easily draw a box of any shape. This provides an intuitive method to create boxes for wrapping text around irregular graphic shapes or enlarged initial caps. You can assign such boxes to function keys and recall them when needed. Because there is no master-page feature, you must design pages individually. Saxon Publisher does not support some of the fonts I use most like Zapf Chancery and Zapf Dingbats although 1 understand the company is working on this. I think support of downloadable fonts is critical. The program does a beautiful job on structured bitmaps far better than Professional Page. I also like being able to specify the angle of a slant. It has taken me a while to get used to Saxon’s setup, though, because it is different from the other desktop-publishing programs I have used. I still find it easier to change text styles in Pro Page. I have found occasional bugs in the software. One time, while printing a proof, the program caused a whole page to bold irrevocably, I have not yet seen the perfect Amiga desktop-publishing progrAMIGAil Simunac Kamas City, MO You can also assign entire pages to function keys for recall within a document, but the program does not keep track of the assignments. .And if you create a variety of layouts, you will soon run out of function keys. Column-guide creation is equally idiosyncratic. You specify the number of columns, draw a box on the page to indicate left and right outer columns, then drag to the left to size the columns. You must do this all by eye on the screen, with help only from the rulers. 1 he space between the columns snaps to the current grid setting while you drag, making it difficult to know the size of the space you are creating. Guides can be only one width there is no way to create asymmetrical guide layouts. Once you have created guides, von must draw boxes in them before entering text. This w'hole process seems unnecessarily labor- intensive. Imported text and graphics files are listed in Saxon’s sidebar to the left of the page. Clicking on a selection places that file in the currently selected box. You must repeat this process for each box you wish to fill with imported text; there is no provision to place a text file automatically on every page of your document. This puts a serious dent in Saxon’s claim to be suitable for long- document production. Formatting with Style Once you have some text on your page, you can perform all formatting, with the exception of minor changes such as bolding or underlining, using style tags. Simply apply these tags to paragraphs of text or embed codes into the text file. Formatting styles are grouped together in style sheets, which are independent of the current publication. You can save style sheets to disk and load them as re- XxxvK nnXT MTR Vf'jT.ion l.iB ? Yf T r b i u Stijlc SrW Color Cyan Occaze Color: E&tck s £3 7~= S ~ 9j iC ;t = It Srlkl Color Ore. Oirfir, Color. %de So& Color Oatsr. Outae. Caler Si a'Pf CaUr && Zi25 nazeoeiiafc S15jakio3£ltt 1 poire crolire. 2prazx crdirc. 3 jeetttciina 6pabaon r 31II 00 ffc Boxing in the Saxon ring. Gadgets to apply the current style to every paragraph in either the box or the entire document, moving forward or backward through the publication. This is an ingenious way to apply tags to multiple paragraphs. Unfortunately, however, there is little provision for overriding the style in a given paragraph. You cannot, for example, assign a different face to just one word in a paragraph. You can change only its bolding, underlining, or italicization a limitation 1 would like to see removed. .As with all style-based programs, changing the definition of a style automatically reformats all paragraphs attached to that style, making global formatting changes painless. Painless, but not fast; I found that Saxon slows to a crawl when working with styles. Because text always resides within a box, changing the attributes of a box alters any resident text. The Box requester quired. To define styles, just fill out the style requester. Each style has five components: Normal, which applies to an entire paragraph; Caps, applied to all capital letters; First, applied to the first letter of a paragraph; and Special 1 and Special2, which you can use for such things as mathematical characters and bullets. Although you define each of these separately, if you change the font name or size in the Normal category, the other four components will also take on these attributes. Saxon takes good advantage of PostScript printers by letting you define type in any size from 3 to 2000 points in one-point increments. Nice touches in the type requester include automatic drop-cap creation. This requester also lets you define such typographic attributes as interline and interparagraph spacing, alignment, and tracking (intercharacter spacing). Saxon places left and right indents under Spacing, and while you define values in points, you define first-line indents elsewhere in the requester using inches. This is needlessly confusing, as is Saxon’s limited tab handling, which sets tabs permanently for every half inch. This inflexibility makes Saxon unsuitable for the many documents that require accurate alignment of columns. Most unusual is a separate texture requester, with which you can define a range of effects to apply to type, boxes, vector-based drawings, and even entire pages. The effects include outlines and drop shadows of different sizes and colors, 18 PostScript linear and radial fountain fills, and three variants of the brick effect used on the Saxon box. Style Shows Styles are applied to an entire paragraph at a time. The program provides four provides some interesting abilities, such as rotation, x- and y-axis scaling, and skewing. .As you enter values for any of these, the requester provides a visual indication of the effect. Here you can also define margins, which have the welcome ability to automatically refit corresponding text when they are altered. What’s missing is the ability to perform such actions as changing margins or condensing text in several boxes simultaneously. Saxon provides the usual box- and line-drawing features, as well as the ability to draw complex Bezier curves. Drawn objects, however, must be attached to a box, and to move the object, you must move the box. In doing so, you see only the box, not the objects, which makes it very difficult to position them accurately. Worse, there is no way to resize objects. Saxon is thus very awkward for forms creation. The good news is that you can apply any of the options ? 41* EaspI E!pvj 11- si Ant Hi in the Texture Definition requester to drawn objects. But clearly, this is one aspect of' the program that needs further work. The Font Dilemma use their own crude bitmap fonts or non-standard, outline-font technology. The results were often less than profes- sional-quality type on the page, and poor screen fonts on the monitor. With the arrival of Compugraphic’s scalable outline font technology, it is at last possible to create both high-quality output on PostScript laser printers and imagesetters, and accurate type display on screen. The lack of interest on the part of traditional font vendors in supplying type in Amiga versions has for years bedeviled the creators of Amiga publishing applications. These developers were forced to TM The ‘Phantom SMPTE Synchronizer and MIDI interface For Amiga 500, 2000, 2500, and 3000 computers Features include: ? Offset with BIT Accuracy ? MIDI-IN ? 2 MIDI-OUTS Y SMPTE-IN YSMPTE-OUT Y Serial Thru Y 24, 25, 30. 30 drop frame Y Dropout protection Y Load save configurations Y Easy installation Y FCC Approved Saxon, however, has decided to go its owrn route in bringing a broad range of tvpe-manipulation effects to publishers. It currently provides access to the standard resident fonts of PostScript laser printers, with the exception of Zapf Dingbats and Zapf Chancery (although Saxon promises to develop support for these shortly). In addition, it supports a limited number of other PostScript fonts: American Typewriter, Benguiat, Garamond, Lu- balin, and Souvenir. If you can download the Adobe PostScript versions of these (with a Bridgeboard, for example) to your laser printer, you can use them. You can also output your document at a service bureau that has these fonts. There is, however, no way to add fonts to Saxon. If you want to use Futura, for example, you’re out of luck. Saxon provides two screen fonts for each font it supports: an exceedingly crude version, which displays quickly, and a detailed version that displays very slowly. Because you can assign either version to a style, you can display large headlines in the smooth version and body copy in the crude form. (Saxon promises a cleaner version of the fast screen font.) Designers need access to a wide variety of fonts, and Saxon could easily add support for a broader range of Adobe PostScript fonts. That, however, does not seem to be the company’s goal. Saxon has announced that it will develop its own downloadable fonts and a separate program to allow font creation. I wish them the best, but typography being the exacting art that it is, similar efforts have not met with success in (he past. I would prefer to have more support for Adobe ? Circle 12 on Reader Service card The art of driving. Introducing the ultimate driving machine, the AE HD (high density) Drive, Applied Engineering’s new high density 3-5 drive (above, at right). The first and only high density drive for the Amiga, it runs circles around the competition. The FCC certified design supports both standard 880K and 1.52 MEG 3-5" disks. The new AE standard device controls both the high density mode and built-in electronic disk ejection. For running the new Amiga UND(, the AF. Standard 1.52 MEG format is a virtual must.
1. 52 MEG capacity means you can stop playing diskette roulette. Simply store your large 2-disk application programs on one, high density disk and forget about fumbling for “sets" of disks. And storing files just became twice as easy too, because you'll only need half the number of disks. We also added performance features like an exclusive 2-way LED indicator that displays green for reading, red for writing. And a smooth, quiet electronic disk ejection to replace the clunky “punch" of other drive’s ejectors. Since our electronic ejection is tied to the write enable function, you can no longer accidently trash a disk by inadvertently pushing the eject button while the drive is writing. Our ejector waits until the drive completes the write and then auto-ejects the disk. Beauty AND brains. Aesthetically, the AE HD Drive is every bit as handsome as it is intelligent. We designed a high-impact ABS plastic case to protect the top quality SONY mechanism inside. For driving on a budget we’ve designed a quick, quiet 880K standard 3.5” drive as well (above, at left). Incorporating a reliably quiet and trouble-free design, the AE 880K Drive™ sports a tough aluminum case, custom molded cable and an on off disable switch. Both drives are compatible with all Amiga computers and feature complete daisy-chain capacity (from AE to another drive or vice-versa), MS-DOS compatibility, pass through connectors, FCC certified designs and full one-year warranties. AE High Density 3.5 Drive $ 239 AE880K Drive $ 119 For ten years, AE has forged a reputation for exciting and innovative peripherals. Built to our own exacting standards of quality and reliability, our products are backed by the best warranties and the best technical support in the business. Order today! To order or for more information. See your dealer or call (214) 241-6060 today, 9 am to 11 pm, 7 days. Or send check or money order to Applied Engineering. MasterCard, VISA and C.O.D. welcome. Texas residents add 8V4% sales tax. Add S10 outside USA. Dealer inquiries invited. Engineering® enhancement experts. A Division of AE Research Corporation
(214) 241-6060
P. O. Box 5100 Carrollton, TX 75011 USA ©1990. AE Research Inc. All rights reserved Prices subject to change without notice. Brand and product names are registered trademarks of their respectite holders fonts or adoption of the Compugraphic technology. Saxon prints only to PostScript printers and provides admirable control when creating positives or four-color separations on high-resolution PostScript imagesetters. You can set values for screen angle and density, and output bitmaps at double or quadruple their original resolutions, The usually terse documentation is particularly unhelpful in discussing printing issues; those unfamiliar with PostScript printers may be in for a lot of trial and error. NOW AND THE FUTURE There's no doubt that the folks at Saxon are ambitious. A version slated for November release should add automatic page numbering, template support, mas- ter-page capabilities, automatic hyphenation. And rulers in points, picas, or Programmers Wanted! The AmigaWorld Tool Chest has created a fantastic opportunity to publish new, uncirculated Amiga programs. If you've written something special for the Amiga, and would like to earn some extra money, please contact us for our Tool Chest Author Guidelines Perhaps you’ll be the next Tool Chest Star! AmigaWorld Tool Chest Submissions Dept. AmigaWorld Magazine 80 Elm St. Peterborough, NH 03458 wmmm centimeters. Also announced is a Saxon- developed PostScript interpreter, to allow output on non-PostScript devices such as dot-matrix printers. Better memory management is also being promised. This is welcome: Just over 120K of memory is left after loading Saxon on a one-meg machine, which provokes insufficient memory messages for even the simplest documents. You’ll need several megabytes to perform useful work. The first release of Saxon is a curious mix. On the one hand, it has such advanced features as extensive style-tag support, PostScript-based text manipulations and graphic support. On the other, it is weak in the fundamental areas of tabs, graphic-object manipulation, hyphenation, Adobe font support, and the formatting of text areas smaller than a paragraph. Saxon Publisher is currently appropriate for short, funky documents packed with graphics and weird text effects. Future releases may well turn it into a professional-level program for creating long, high-quality publications in a production environment. Saxon Publisher Saxon Industries 14 Rockcress Gardens Nepean, Ont. Canada K2G 5A8 613 228-8043 $ 445 One megabyte and two disk drives required. 3D Professional Watch out for the undertow! By Bradley W. Schenck OVER THREE YEARS ago, Amiga artists received the first wave of 3-D modeling software. As we experimented with those tools, we watched a new- generation emerge with Videoscape 2.0 (Oxxi Aegis), Sculpt-Animate 4D (Byte by Byte), and Turbo Silver SV (Impulse). Now, while we anticipate the third wave with Impulse’s Imagine, Hash’s Animation Journeyman, and NewTek’s Lightwave 3D 3D Professional looms out of the shadows. And it does loom in the biggest software package ever to Continued on p. 94 CD-ROM for the Amiga® ft: ¦ :- . -• . ' ' : • -Vt-: CD-ROM System Factory-installed software. All FastTrak, FastCard, and FastTape drive systems are now shipped with user- specified portions of the Fred Fish library installed at no charge. Please contact Xetec for additional details. Xetec brings the cutting edge of optical technology to the Amiga with the Cdx-650 SCSI drive systems. Now, unlimited access to vast amounts of information is possible with removable, non-volatile CD-ROM discs having capacities to 650 meg (750 floppies). Reads industry standard ISO 9660 High Sierra discs (same format used in Commodore's new CDTV"5 ). Audio compact discs. In addition, the Cdx systems include the ability to play conventional digital audio Cds with supplied software through stereo line- out or headphone jacks. Take your pick. The external model. Cdx-650c, features a rugged, compact enclosure with built-in power supply, and dual SCSI connectors for daisy- chaining. Economical internal model also available. Free software. Currently available sM from Xetec is our Fish & Morem Vol. I CD-ROM which includes the Fred Fish library (up to 360) and additional PD software total- ling over 400 megabytes of data. Fish & More is included free with the purchase of any Cdx system (a $ 2000 value if purchased on floppies!). I %£SS .'V- 1 Drive systems for the A-500 1000 FastTrak jr 20 meg .$ 500.00 FastTrak Quantum 40 meg......$ 650.00 FastTrak Quantum 80 meg.....$ 895.00 FastTrak Quantum 105 meg....$ 985.00 Add-ons FastRam with 2 meg $ 225.00 FastRam with 4 meg .....$ 375.00 FastTrak. FastCard. FastTape. And FastRam are trademarks of Xetec. Inc. C rete 90 on Reader Service card Cdx-650i internal system .$ 599.00 for the A-2000 2500 Cdx-650e external system $ 699.00 for all models Amiga and CDTV arc registered trademarks of Commodore Business Machines. Inc. FastTrak Systems Drive systems for the A-2000 FastCard Plus (bare) $ 175,00 FastCard Plus Q40 0 RAM......$ 550.00 FastCard Plus Q80 0 RAM......$ 810.00 FastCard Plus QI05 0 RAM... $ 899.00 I Meg SIMM module $ 75.00 4 Meg SIMM module call Mini FastCard (bare) .$ 75.00 Tape systems for the Amiga FastTape 60E .....$ 475.00 FastTape 601 ......$ 400.00 FastT ape 150E ...$ 575.00 FastTape 1501 ....$ 500.00 Technical assistance. Through our phone support and 24 hour BBS friendly service when you need it. Order information! For orders only ....800-445-0611 i For information .(913) 827-0685 | FAX ....(913) 827-6023 BBS ......(913) 827-1974 Mastercard, Visa, American Express, money orders, and C.O.D. welcome. Excellence in Electronics 2804 Arnold Road Salina, Ks. 67401 Dealer inquiries welcome Quick text design changes are accomplished with Professional Page’ style tagging. An unlimited number of style tags may be defined spec ifying font, style, size, line spacing, tracking, baseline shift, justification, kerning and hyphenation. Put a new angle on text, bitmaps and structured graphics with Professional Page’s box rotation feature. Rotate a box at any angle either numerically or with the mouse, A tilt in the right direction can give documents added pizzazz. Customize text with greater control over letter and word spacing. And, as always, Professional Page supports AGFA Compugraphic fonts, allowing for smooth, jaggie-free output at any point size to any printer. Automatic page numbering is easy with Pro- fessional Page 2.0 because you can insert the current page number at any point you specify in the text. And this is automatically updated when the page number is changed. A built-in word processor provides for quick text writing and editing and includes a 90,000 word spell checker. TrMiUr.t 1.1 jr] |j6] tin :----------------------... - |[] reftSfiMil (lit 2,11 TW shims dtskUy ycklisfcits t»M [0 CEAH i svcKsfal kwctoxi. Kvlitltr » siml» i&eawbt, yea and i suite* dfsiti? Pabliikinj twl *11 tqeimd t» hail? T)it yrattss Ink iaspirj'.icfi t* pftisitiM t* pfisl. Hiti tald Jisk's ftafrtsmul fast 2.1 i> yna- tew, yea ire mured »f miftiMiI tnirvkie cwtrol, luxiwn
• itpt' FmltitiM to mi pribtpr ud d-t lor sryJraliw ciyiiiiilirs.! TreftssiHUl Pur 2.1 dfiK rut ucitinr fiauxts, iteludinj styli twins. Dim I ssFpsrl fir H kit irujts, tt-tcmt text ratatiia, fjcuj y*s? Ud Uwtaul yrnie* wdes, Fmukh tele.- lutckiay, celt? Dithenni ter evrr till M-itroa cel ere, utanjii: p«jt wnkffinj, noefi wtk Add New Modify Delete Load Save Professional Page 2.0 The serious desktop publishing tool. TO CREATE a successful brochure, newsletter or similar document, you need a serious desktop publishing tool well equipped to handle the process from inspiration to production to print. With Gold Disk’s Professional Page 2.0 in your comer, you are assured of exceptional typographic control, fcrfmieml Peje 2.1 tuy ke asid u «tk IrusUrite tkreu i tkt Ki ef 4 srwiil 'Sat Luk lijktntj fjst tdititg, leit ftnuttmj, »i spfll'Ckeckitf.S ADVANCING THE ART OF Gold Disk has a publishing program that gives you more creative control over your desktop documents: Professional Page 2.0. Designed for the serious Amiga user who is concerned with sophisticated typography, color design and separation, and production control, this powerful publishing package gives you professional results. For producing simple flyers and brochures to full four color ads and magazines, Professional Page is the desktop publishing program of choice. In fact it is used by more magazines than any other package. And to get you producing professional documents quickly, we have included a free tutorial video tape in every package. Preview multiple pages on screen simultaneously. Now you can review up to six document pages at a time. Each thumbnail print details your graphic design and text positions for an overall look at your layout. Draw Preferent rofessional Page Adding a splash of color is easy because of the built-in PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM.®* Selecting a color is as easy as pointing and clicking. Plus, over 65,000 defined colors are supported, and color dithering allows up to 1,000 color to be seen on screen at once. And with Professional Page 2.0 you can color separate your documents directly to film. FviiinitJ mm I K« Import and print 24 bit color files for color separation directly from Professional Page without the need for extra utilities. New owners can get version 2,0 free. If you have purchased Professional Page on or after August 1, 1990, we will send you version 2.0 free of charge when you send in proof of purchase with your registration card. Lura output resolution to any
- color separation capabilities DESKTOP PUBLISHING. To find out why Professional Page 2.0 is the expert's choice, see your local Amiga Dealer or call 1-800-GOLD-DSK. If you take desktop publishing seriously, we're the ones to work with. Professional Page is the best, and the best just got better. Gold Disk,
P. O. Box 789, Streetsville, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5M 2C2. GOLD DISK Professional Page is a registered trademark of Gold Disk Inc.
* Pantone. Inc’s check-standard trademark for color. Circle 150 on Reader Service card. TRYING TO SIDESTEP reality? The third annual Top 10 Games has just what you need, from Spanish galleons to space ships, from terrorists to giant ants. After many hours of playing (er, research), testers rated each game for quality of presentation (Does the game have good graphics and sound?), durability (Does it hold its appeal for a long time?), and. Most important, entertainment value (Is the game fun?). To prevent repeating ourselves, we decided that only games released since the last ranking (held in July of’89 and appearing on p. 23 in the November '89 issue) were ligible. PIRATES Graphic Adventure Microprose, $ 44,95 Command a ship of go-for-broke mercenaries, visiting 50 towns in the Caribbean and living the life of a 16th- or 17th-century pirate. At the outset, you can specify your nationality, the difficulty level, your special skills, the years during which you wish to plunder (from 1560 to 1680), and whether you wish to mount your own career or re-create one of six famous excursions. While the historic expeditions are challenging, controlling the game is simple, with a mouse-and-menu interface that does not dampen the spirit of the game. You quickly become immersed in the era and the call of the sea. H Ft £ (ten 10: SajCoit at our aiifi Sjois.
• Jah 25: J cia $ tvtrntr in 5* c£ 15: r.i.t£ ct r-fcrifrrji, tr 4 MM it Ciriitsa. Ttcjth at attr irtii
- 3rr 12:5irat;i filler Cc~ rri. 26 November 1990 ILU.STRATED BY ISTVAN BANYAI David T. McClellen, Pefe Jplafson, Kevin Rohrer, John Ryan, and odson Yaple STAR COMMAND N Role-Playing Adventure Strategic Simulations, $ 49.55 Straightforward and involving, Star Command is proof you don’t need fancy graphics and sound effects to make a good game. First, you create and lead eight star-troopers on a mission to find and destroy Blackbeard and his hoard of intergalactic pirates. The self-mapping feature comes in very handy for indoor exploring. As you progress and best the enemy in hand-to-hand and ship-to-ship skirmishes, you gain experience, rank, and more potent weapons. With the pirates disposed of, prepare to repel the invasion of an alien, insectoid raft;. 0 ESCAPE FROM SINGE’S CASTLE Arcade Visionary Design, $ 69.95 Want a laser-disc game, but can’t afford1 it? Gel this look-alike, instead; you’ll have the same fun, practically the same graphics, and some cash left over. A follow-up to Dragon’s Lair, Singe’s Castle combines an intuitive interface with the original’s stunning animation style and simple do-or-die play. Not only can you now save five games in progress and specify the difficulty level, but you can also turn on a Cheat mode to point ya» in the right direction. To truly rivaLme laser-disc version, Singe’s Castle witTIir to Dragon’s Lair. You get the arfade- length game and an interfac Tor Drag oil’s Lair in one felLswpop&r- As captain of a U.S. Los Angeles-class nuclear attack sub, you race the clock or a computer-controlled enemy on ten missions, ranging from sinking three derelict destroyers while remaining hidden from a friendly sub, to escorting a convoy or searching for and sinking a Soviet missile submarine. If you’re feeling more antisocial, you can command a Russian Alfa-class sub and take the opposite role on missions, shadowing American subs or finding and sinking one before it completes its job. Each sub comes equipped with all the weapons and sensors controlled via eight displays that you’d find on its real-life counterpart. Be prepared, howrever, for pauses while the game changes displays and loads the realistic digitized sounds. BATTLE SQUADRON STUNT CAR RACER Sports Microprose, $ 49.95 Arcade Innerprise, $ 49.95 Imagine driving at 200 mph (or more) along a roller coaster. Not just another racing game that sends you in circles, Stunt Car Racer lets you roar over elevated stunt tracks full of steep hills, draw-bridges, ski jumps, and banked curves. As if the tracks themselves were not enough of a challenge, you race against a series of computer-controlled opponents who become increasingly hard to beat as you advance up the track levels. The graphics could be better, but the animation is so realistic that it will make even the strongest stomachs queasy. Stunt Car Racer is also this Just keep shooting. A beautifully rendered space blastfest, Battle Squadron never lets up its frenzied pace. You encounter four types of ships (some of which are invisible) and far too many ground installations for your health on the game’s three long and challenging levels. At least you can tailor the game to your skills by specifying the number of extra lives you start with, your initial weapon, and the enemies’ speed and maximum shots. If you need moral and fire support, you can team up with a friend, but keep in mind that you’re also fighting each other for points. The game’s most welcome feature is the quick return to action after you die; the most annoying is having to plug the mouse (or joystick) into port 2 to control the game in single-player mode. Don’t stop to ask why player 1 is in port 2 and vice versa just keep shooting. Year’s winner of the "do-not-try-this-at- home” award. Arm your rocket launcher, warm up your flamethrower, and get ready to toast some trigger-happy gangsters. Terrorists have taken over the World Trade Center, and you (and a friend, if you wish) must wipe them out before they can nuke the city with a hydrogen bomb. First you have to get to them, though. With 360 degrees of scrolling streets and slums full of obstacles, you’ll find plenty to blast. The digitized sound effects and detailed graphics are as raucous as the game. Your best weapons are lightning reflexes and a very bad temper. Strategy Electronic Arts, $ 49.95 DRAKKHEN Role-Playing Adventure Draconian, $ 59.95 While in most dungeons-and-dragons games you are at odds with the dragons, in this three-dimensional quest you’re trying to save their kingdom. With your band of three fellow adventurers, you traverse the island’s four terrains (desert, steppe, swampland, and arctic waste) to retrieve eight magic gems from the dragon princes and resurrect the great dragon. You can gain experience and power by beating up everything that crosses your path. Don’t expect much more for character interaction; you can basically just greet and question the nonplayers. The scenery, however, more than makes up for the disappointing locals. IT CAME FROM THE DESERT 3 2 Action Strategy Cinemaware, S49.95 What happens when a meteor lands in the desert? Ants mutate to B-movie proportions, Cinemaware makes a combination strategy and arcade game about them, and you become a geologist. Your job is to convince the rather thickheaded locals of the danger and to organize an army against the creatures. While the game features plenty of character interaction, you also have to be a skilled fighter. Stock up on knives, cars, pistols, grenades, dynamite, tanks, jet planes, and, of course, bug spray. The graphics, music, and speech carry on the company’s tradition of show pieces. If you win the game but crave more extermination, check out It Came from the Desert II: Antheads (S 14.95). ? Before You Play The type of game that makes one player want to continue forever may make another throw down the joystick in disgust To make it easier for you to identify the games you like and avoid those you know you’ll never win, we’ve classified the options into the following categories: Arcade You use a joystick or mouse to shoot catch, avoid, or deflect objects. Although many arcade games require strategic planning, their emphasis is on dexterity and speed. Action Strategy Trying to appeai to action iovers as well as thinkers, this category contains strategy games that have arcade or arcade-tlke elements. In the best examples, the arcade sequences are seamlessly integrated into the play of the game. In poorly- designed games, the arcade aspect seems tacked on as an afterthought Sports These games simulate the play of a particular sport such as hockey, basketball, or racing. Some sports games stress arcade skills, while others emphasize strategy. Text Adventures In these imaginary worlds, you must use your wits to explore and survive. The worlds are created by descriptions supplied by the game. To specify your actions, you type commands. Graphics Adventures Also called illustrated adventures, these games use pictures to supplement or replace text descriptions. In some graphics adventures, the images serve only as Illustration, while in others they serve as the interactive interface. You point and click to Indicate your actions. Flight Simulators Zoom into the air realistically with these games. You are at a flying machine's controls as ever- refreshed 3-D graphics simulate its movement through the skies. Rote-Playing Adventures Assemble a party of adventurers, outfit them with supplies bought from the local store, and send them on a quest to (usually) wipe out some monstrously evil being. The task is to develop characters with the attributes necessary to survive the final challenge. Strategy Games With strategy games, joystick prowess takes a back seat to cool, calculating thought The category encompasses games of logic, as weli as those based on real-life scenarios. SHADOW OF THE BEAST Arcade; Psygnosis, $ 49.95 Notorious for its difficulty, celebrated for its incredible graphics, Shadow of the Beast is the ptece-de-resistance among arcade adventures. As you jump, punch, and kick your way above and below ground through this carefully detailed world, you'll meet 132 varieties of creatures straight from your nightmares. Don’t fail to pick up the scattered items you need for the final showdown, assuming you make it that far. Some monsters shatter to reveal smaller, equally nasty creatures inside; hold your ground and punch again. Loosen your grip on the joystick or become distracted by the game’s up to 13 levels of scrolling and six music scores, and you’ll find yourself with a long wait (almost two minutes) while you’re resurrected from an untimely death. The longer wait for a sequel is over, however; Shadow of the Beast II was recently released. The Second Tier If you’ve already played all the top finishers and want to sample the rest of the best, check out these ten runners up: nDay of the Viper Graphic Adventure Accolade, $ 49.95 Guide a Viper-5 robot on a search for a sequestered cyborg and his robotic army. 1 A The Third Courier I X Graphic Adventure Accolade, $ 49.95 As the star of this espionage thriller, you must hunt on both sides of the Berlin wall for stolen U.S. defense plans. 'I Their Finest Hour I O Flight Simulator Electronic Arts, $ 59.95 Fly for either side in this re-creation of World War II’s Battle of Britain. C M Nuclear War Strategy New World Computing, $ 49.95 Bomb or be bombed in this tongue-in- cheek game of global politics. JP Space Ace I J Arcade Ready Soft, $ 59.95 Save beautiful Kimberly from evil Commander Borf in this Don Bluth arcade look-alike. 1 Indiana Jones Sc the Last Crusade I W Graphic Adventure Lucasfilm, $ 49.95 Guide Indy on his search for the Holy Grail.
* 1 "T Budokan: The Martial Spirit I Sports Electronic Arts, $ 49.95 Practice Karate, Nunchaku, Kendo, and Bo; then test your skills at the tournament in Tokyo. Q Romance of the Three Kingdoms I O Strategy Koei, $ 69.95 Try to unite ancient China under one ruler you. 1 A Clown-o-Mania I W Arcade Star Games, $ 34.95 Run a clown through multiple scrolling levels, collecting jewels and blasting monsters. Mgold of the Americas Strategy Strategic Studies Group, $ 39.95 Vie with explorers from three other countries to conquer and colonize the Americas. Manufacturers' Addresses Accolade 550 South Winchester Blvd., Suite 200 San Jose, CA 95128 408 985-1700 Cinemaware distributed by Electronic Arts Star Games 708 W, Buffalo Ave., Suite 200 Tampa, FL 33603 813 222-0006 Draconian distributed by Data East USA Inc. 1850 Little Orchard St. San Jose, CA 95125 408 286-7074 Innerprise Software 128 Cockeysville Rd. Hunt Valley, MD 21030 301 785-2266 Koei Corporation One Bay Plaza, Suite 540 1350 Bayshore Highway Burlingame, CA 94010 415 348-0500 Lucasfilm Games distributed by Electronic Arts Microprose 180 Lakeffont Dr. Hunt Valley, MD 21030 301 771-1151 New World Computing distributed by Electronic Arts Psygnosis 17 St. Mary's Court Brookline, MA 02146 617 566-1569 ReadySoft PO Box 1222 Lewiston, NY 14092 416 731-4175 Strategic Simulations distributed by Electronic Arts Strategic Studies Group distributed by Electronic Arts Virgin Mastertronic 18001 Cowan, Suites A 8c B Irvine, CA 92714 714 833-8710 Visionary Ltd. 15235 Shady Grove Rd., Suite 100 Rockville, MD 20850 301 926-8300 ¦ EXPLORE! Mons Olympus - Mars • Yosemite Crater Lake • Mt* St* Helens 4 Billion Fractal Landscapes Explore the Universe! PUT AN OBSERVATORY ANYWHERE ON EARTH ANYTIME FROM 8000 BCTO 12000 AD! A PLANETARIUM YOU CONTROL! Recreate Real Places! YOU CONTROL "CAMERA” VIEWPOINT “.. .it’s really beautiful, especially when the lights are off. I'm totally awed by what you have done!" Arthur C. Clarke Author of 2001: A Space Odyssey ‘Virtual ‘Jyeality Laboratories, Inc. 2341 ganadorct. • san luisobispo, ca 93401 • sos 545-8515 AmigaWorld 31 Circle 346 on Reader Service card. Bargain Basement Gems: ALWAYS ON THE lookout for an evening of cheap fun, we scouted the on-line networks to find the best games the public domain has to offer. For a minimal download charge (and maybe a shareware contribution), you can get plenty of games that rival the expensive commercial choices. We based the rankings on the total number of downloads for each game and the Gaming Board’s ratings for quality of presentation (Does the game have a good interface?), durability (Does it hold its appeal?), and entertainment value (Is the game fun?). To help you find the winners, we’ve listed their file Ids for the major communications networks: CompuServe (CS), Genie (GE), and PeopleLink (PL); plus their Fred Fish disk numbers (FF). © DeluxeBurger Arcade; Brian Conrad; CS: Deluxe.arc; GE: 3975; PL: 17946 If you’re not hungry when you sit down to play, you soon will be. This silly shoot- 'em-up from the programmer of SimCity offers burgers, fries, and ketchup as targets. Grab a beer and join in the greasy fast fun. O Destination Moonbase Arcade; Jimbo Barber; CS: Moon.lzh; GE: 8342; PL: 21405; FF: 312 Shareware: unspecified donation. This very classy update of Lunar Lander adds a few new twists. After picking up cargo and fuel by docking with an orbiting space station, you must deliver the load to the lunar surface. Just like a trucker, your goal is to complete all your assigned deliveries while crashing as infrequently as possible. Gorgeous graphics add to the fun. O Quattro Arcade; Karl-Erik Jenss; CS: Quattr.zoo; PL: 21237; FF: 230 One of many Tetris and Welltris clones, Quattro is a two-dimensional version with three difficulty levels. With the joystick or keypad, you must maneuver the falling puzzle pieces into complete rows, which collapse down on each other. Let the pit fill to the top and you’ve lost. To help you plan a strategy, the game previews the next piece to fall. To add to the fun, it offers sound effects and 43-color background screens. O Electric Train Strategy; Dennis Saunders; CS: Train.lzh; GE: 8155; PL: 22249 Shareware: S5. Put your Amiga on the bedroom floor or under the Christmas tree and play Electric Train for a dose of nostalgia. Lay the track or load an existing setup, then don your engineer's cap. You must control two trains By Linda Barrett Laflamme, with the Gaming Board: Graham Kinsey, Harv Laser, Peter Olafson, Kevin Rohrer, and John Ryan ILLUSTRATED BY IS’WAS BANYAI Amiga Know' with books from Abacus AmigaDO Inside & C Amiga for Beginners Amiga Graphics inside and Out Amiga System 'rqgramnw's Guide Amiga Disk Drives inside and Out Disk Drives J nside and Out - the most comprehensive book yet describing everything you need to know about Amiga disk drives. Learn how to speed up data transfer, how copy protection works, how computer viruses infect yoursystem.the ins and outs of the DOS functions.loading, saving sequential and random files and file organization, boot blocks and technical aspects of the hardware.and more. 346 pp ISBN 1-55755-C42-5 Suggested retail price S29.95 Amiga Machine Language Amiga Desktop Video Guide Amiga pf.jef Tricks&1, ST' Tricks & Tips for the Amiga ? $ 14.95 each AmigaDOS Quick Reference Guide - An invaluable, easy-to-use reference tool for beginners and advanced programmers alike. You can quickly find commands by using the three handy indexes designed with the user in mind. Commands in alphabetical order for easy reference. Covers Workbench 1.3 Info. 128 pp ISBN 1-55755-049-2 Suggested retail price $ 9.95 Graphics Inside & Out * Graphic programming in C with examples cf points, lines, rectangles, polygons, colors, more. Complete description of the graphic system - View, ViewPort, RastPort, bit maps, screens & windows. 610 pp SBN 1-55755-052-2 Suggested retail price $ 34.95 Amiga lor Beginners • a practical guide to learning the Amiga. Helps you learn the essentials of the Amiga easily and quickly; from opening the box to your first practical application. Introduces you to Intuition, the mouse, windows, the CLI and AmigaBASIC. Covers Vforkbench 1.3 Info. 178 pp ISBN 1-55755-021-2 Suggested retail price $ 16.95 C for Beginners * Introduction to learning the C language. Explains the elementary concepts using many examples. Describes C library routines, how the compiler works, many programming examples. 284 pp ISBN 1-55755-045-X Suggested retail price S 19.95 C lor Advanced Programmers - Learn: how compilers, assemblers and linkers work, using Intuition, combining assembly language and C programs, using jump tables and dynamic arrays, designing and more. Includes complete source code lor a C based text editor, 650 pp ISBN 1-55755-046-8 Suggested retail price $ 34,95 System Programmer's Guide - comprehensive guide to what goes on inside the Amiga in a single volume. Includes the EXEC structure, 10 requests, interrupts and resource management, multitasking functions, IFF format, trackdisk. Console 8 Narrator devices, serial, printer and parallel devices, more. 442 pp ISBN 1 -55755-034-4 Suggested retail price $ 34.95 Companion Diskette - Available for all titles except Amiga for Beginners, Desktop Video and AmigaDOS Quick Reference. Machine Language - comprehensive introduction to 68000 assembler ML programming, covers 68000 microprocessor, speech, sound, menu programming, complete intuition program including Proportional. Boolean and String gadgets. 264 pp ISBN 1-55755-025-5 Suggesled retail price $ 19.95 Desktop Video Guide - clearly explains how you can harness the video power of ihe Amiga. Guides you through the confusing jargon and terminology lo give you a practical introduction lo video production and more. 240 pp ISBN 1-55755-057-3 Suggested retail price $ 19.95 Making Music on the Amiga - Shows you how to take advantage of the wonderful musical capabilities of the Amiga with programs and examples including making your own MIDI interface. Includes companion diskette containing dozens of music examples and utilities. ISBN 1-55755-094-8, Suggested retail price 534.95 AmigaDOS Inside and Oul - covers insides of AmigaDOS, Includes reference section, tasks and handling, DOS editors ED and EDIT, create and use script files, multitasking and more. 274 pp ISBN 1-55755-041-7 Suggested retail price $ 19.95 More Amiga Tricks & Tips - a collection of easy to use techniques, hints lor Amiga owners, disable fas! RAM. Nev Con and Pipe devices, more. Covers Workbench 1.3 Info. 218 pp ISBN 1-55755-051-4 Suggested retail price $ 19.95 Tricks and Tips - presents dozens ol lips on accessing libraries from BAS IC, custom character sets, AmigaDOS. Sound, important 68000 memory locations and much more! 342 pp ISBN 0-916439-88-7. Suggested retail price S19.35 3DGraphic Programming in BASIC- details writing 3D graphic programs: ray tracing in all resolutions, light sources and shading and more. 360 pp ISBN 1-55755-044-1 Suggested retail price $ 19.95 AmigaBASIC Inside and Out - step-by-step guide to AmigaBASIC EveryAmigaBASlCtopic: charts, windows, pulldown menus, fifes, mouse S speech commands Covers Workbench 13 Info. 548 pp ISBN 0-916439-87-9 Suggested retail price $ 24.95 Amiga Printers Inside & Oul • essential guide logetting the mostusing Epson and compatible non-laser printe'S. Presents easy to follow examples and simple explanations to utilize your pnnter quickly and mere effectively. 270 pp. With companion diskette. ISBN 1-55755-087-5. Suggested retail price S34.95 Abacus 3pt. L11, 5370 52nd Street SE • Grand Rapids, Ml 49512 Phone 616-698-0330 • Fax 616*698-0325 Circle 224 on Reader Service card. See your local bookseller or Order Toll Free in US & Canada 1 -800-451 -4319 “i T 0 from a crawl to runaway speed and keep them from crashing into each other. The appropriate choo-choo sounds are perfectly integrated. This layout is easier to set up than the real thing, and, best of all, your cat won't attack the train. Metro Strategy; Mark A. Thomas & David R Townsend; CS: Metro.zoo; GE: 5775; PL; 16106 Picture SimCity for the public domain, with simple, serviceable graphics. In Metro, you are the director of a city’s transit system. The game builds a city for you, arranging the residential and employment areas. With the point-and-click controls, you must build transit lines and allocate resources to increase ridership. If you don’t, you may find a pink slip in your box. E Nakamoto Arcade; Tom Eshelman; CS: Nakamo.zoo; PL: 20511 An updated version of the C-64’s popular JumpMan game, Nakamoto makes you climb and jump your way up vertically and horizontally scrolling screens of ropes and ladders. You’ll need a good eye for distance and a steady joystick hand to make it to the top. At least the game gives you super sound to listen to along the way. If you master the existing screens, you can create your own with the built-in editor. MechForce (formerly Battle Force 3,61, BattleFort, and BattleMech) Action Strategy; Ralph Reed; CS: Battle.arc; GE: 7913; PL: 22234; FF: 273 Shareware: S25. Giant mechanized robots called Battle- mechs fight for territory with you at their helm. On each of the possible 12 missions, up to four computer- or human-controlled teams of seven robots each can play at once. ’Mechs come in different classes, with a variety of capabilities and weapons; choose your machine carefully. The combat area displayed on 16-color screens features varying terrains. The game also sports a full Intuition interface and is backed up by appropriate digitized sounds. Fred Fish 1346 W. 10th Place Tempe, AZ 85281 Genie General Electric Information Services 800 638-9636 voice Monopoly Strategy; Ed Musgrove; CS: Monopo.zoo; PL: 20174; FF: 251 If you want to be a high-stakes real-estate dealer, but don’t want to bother keeping P 10 P D GAM track of the money, boot up Monopoly. You and up to three friends can play this computer version of the Parker Brothers classic. No typing or counting needed; just click to roll the dice and watch your animated token move along the board. The computer monitors all the cash transactions, too. All the board-game options are supported. Moria 3,0 Role-playing Adventure; Bryan and Richard Henderson; CS: Moria3.zoo; GE: 5729-30; PL: 15421-22; FF: 194 Few commercial games can match this dun- Star Trek: The Game Action Strategy; Jimbo Barber; CS: STTGlA.wrp, SITG1 B.wrp, STTG2A.wrp, STTG2B.wrp, STTG2C.wrp; GE: 5872-73, 5875-78, 5886; PL: 16302-06 Shareware: $ 5. Why pay for shareware? To encourage programming more first-class games like this one. Based on the original Star Trek series, this game casts you in the role of Captain Kirk. After receiving your orders from Star Fleet Command, you embark on a mission, using the simple point-and- Public Domain Sources American PeopleLink 800 524-0100 voice 800 826-8855 CompuServe 800 848-8199 voice 614 457-8650 from Ohio E S geon-based fantasy’s impressive complexity. You must explore the w'orld, battle monsters, and find gold on a quest to penetrate a series of dungeons and defeat the Balrog who is lurking in their depths. You start at the town level above ground, where you load up on supplies, weapons, armor, and magic devices by bartering with shopkeepers. Complete with pull-down menus, pickup mode, continuous-move mode, real-time mode, and message-wait-time mode, Moria keeps getting bigger and better; static atmospheric graphics at appropriate moments are a notable addition for version 3.0. click controls. .As you complete each one, it reveals clues to your ultimate goal. The missions, usually involving transporting people or valuable cargo, don’t seem hard until you factor in unruly Klingons spoiling for a fight (at least you can vary the intelligence of their attack sequences) and your ever-dwindling supply of dili- theum crystals. A beauty to look at (especially its long, spectacular opener) and challenging to play, the game also boasts sound effects and digitized voices of crew members. ¦ verything I the commercials. We put in e but It’s fourth and eight. Six seconds on the clock.Your timeouts are gone and you're down by one. A field goal here and you win it all. But don’t be nervous. You’ve only got 20 million people watching you. This is ABC's Monday Night Football. With the best graphics. The best sound. And action so real. Frank Gifford even does the commentary. It just doesn't get any better than this, guys. Except that you don’t have to wait for Monday night to play. So. Let’s see if you can split those uprights... Available for IBM-PC Compatibles, Amiga, and Commodore 64. Circle 233 on Header Service card. Winners in the Wings Vou 7 find going through the looking glass easier Think you've seen it oil? Not sol Game developers still have plenty of new tricks, as this sneak peek proves. Ertantr ECAUSE GUESSING WHICH games will be hot and which will flop is a risky business at best, we’re sticking to investigative journalism and leaving the predictions to Jeanne Dixon. We ferreted out information on early versions of games that will hit the streets “real soon now” (translation from dcveloper-speak: before 1991). Rigorous hours of testing revealed the 15 most promising prospects. Now, you be the judge of which will be the biggest winners. For Tireless Trigger Fingers After the mega-hit Shadow of the Beast (see “Top 10 Games” on p. 26), we were doubtful that Psygnosis could release a sequel that was equally impressive. Shadow of the Beast II (which should already be on dealers’ shelves) proved us very wrong. .As sequels go, we think it will be a real lethal weapon, letting you make all those terrible monsters die harder, too. Not content to rest on their Beast laurels, however, Psygnosis is preparing a whole onslaught of new games. Our favorite among them is The Killing Game Show, a superbly crafted shoot-’em-up with 16 levels, I he idea is to collect keys that lower the various barriers, letting you progress upward to the ? THE BEAST IS BACK! THE SEQUEL TO THE TOP SELLING AMIGA GAME OF 1989 THE CONFLICT CONTINUES... Your deadly struggle for freedom against the dark forces of the Beast Lord is now but a painful memory. You try to forget the anguish of the past by concentrating on your prize for success in the bloody battle: the return of your humanoid body. But as you slowly adjust to your newly-won physique, the pain you thought gone is about to return . . . The Beast Mage has kidnapped your sisterl She must be rescued before she falls foul of his dark arts. You journey to a hostile alien world to face the malevolent hosts of the Beast Mage and interact with more friendly characters to learn of your unfamiliar surroundings. You must fight your way through many enemy- infested levels collecting and using weapons and objects to aid your crusade towards conflict with the Beast Mage . . . Before he makes your sister his own! Screen Shots from the Amiga version AVAILABLE ON THE PSYGNOSIS LABEL THE KILLING GAME SHOW.:.. ... WILL HAVE YOU CLIMBING THE WALLS - ITS THE ONLY WAY OUT! Suited in limited-protection armour you’re the unwilling contestant on THE KILLING GAME SHOW, In front of a TV audience of millions you must battle your way to the top of 16 Pits of Death infested with Hostile Artificial Life Forms specially created by THE KILLING GAME SHOW’S manic scientists to give you a hard time. But, . . Don’t forget the rising fluid or it's "Next contestant time”. You must give the viewers their value for money collect the awesome weapons and tools if you can! First prize is your life Don’t waste it! Screen Shots from the Amiga Version AVAILABLE ON THE PSYGNOSIS LABEL SPELLBOUND DON'T GET CAUGHT BY THE WARLOCKS!! Just as you were about to advance a grade in the school of magic your tutor goes and gets himself kidnapped. You have to rescue him or you’ll never graduate. Battling through eight diverse and dangerous lands, collecting spells and objects along the way, you use your limited magic powers to fight off deadly adversaries in a frought-filled fight to free your tutor. But it’s going to be a tough task on your own: take a friend along to increase your chances and double the fun! Screen Shots from the Atari ST version AVAILABLE ON THE PSYCLAPSE LABEL PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary’s Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Fax: (617) 731-8379 SHADOW OF THE BEAST II - Amiga THE KILLING GAME SHOW-Amiga SPELLBOUND Amiga Atari ST Orde 123 on Reader Service card. Level’s top. Succeed, and you move on to the next. Special-effect tokens are hidden throughout each level; some offer special powers or weapons, while others are red herrings. You can carry only one item at a time, so choose carefully what to pick up. Don’t stop to think, however; the deadly flood waters are always rising. Do shoot everything that moves, and blast anything that doesn’t get out of your way. A novel feature is the ability to automatically replay all or part of your last life and specify where to start over. Psyg- nosis’ signature graphics, multi-level scrolling, and excellent sound and music round out the package. When you need a break from killing monsters, try zapping aliens. Awesome is a vertically scrolling, highspeed blastfest in space. Instead of encasing you in a mechanized robot like The Killing Game Show, Awesome puts you at the helm of a spaceship. It also gives you larger targets. For a total change of pace, Psygnosis, the masters of the dark-edged and destructive, are releasing Piiggsy and CutiPoo. More like animated cartoons from Saturday morning TV than the company's usual violent arcade games, the pair still offer quite a bit of enjoyable action. In addition, they’re appropriate for young audiences. Evening Entertainment or Evening News? Rugged commandos only need apply to Taito’s arcade offering. Fresh on the heels of Operation Wolf (and just in time for the real trouble in the Persian Gulf) laito brings us Operation Thunderbolt. You must free 23 hostages from the clutches of the volatile General Kadam (no kidding!) In Northern Africa. Like Wolf, it s a kill-or-bc-killed scrolling arcade game, with eight increasingly difficult missions, digitized sound, and coming-at-you graphics. It and joystick and one or two players. We liked it a lot. For the adventurous type, Taito offers Castle Master, a real-time game of exploration. In it, your goal is to rescue your twin from the evil Castle Master who is trying to enslave your spirits. The graphics looked interesting, and the 3-D motion was well done. No I.D. Required Accolade is working on more down-to-earth themes. The first on tap is Bar Games, a tongue-in-cheek look at the singles scene. Try your hand at five “exotic” sports. Air Hockey puts you at the opposite end of the table from increasingly skilled opponents. In Wet ’n’ Wild (a do-it-yourself, wet T-shirt contest) you must dump buckets of water on the willing women walking on stage. Liar’s Dice pits you against a bluffing, buxom barmaid in a game of chance, while Last Call casts you as a bartender sliding beers to thirsty patrons. Our favorite is Pick-up Artist, in which you must use your silver tongue to charm three lovely ladies hanging around the bar. (Strangely enough, Linda was much better at this.) For a more sedate and cerebral evening s entertainment, try Accolade’s Ishido, a Shanghai-style board game. You place matching tiles on a board (instead of removing them, as in Shanghai). Scoring is based on the final number of tiles on the board. Too tame? Accolade also caters to your gruesome streak. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark combines exploration, combat, and puzzle solving in a graphically intense horror game with a sinister soundtrack. Your goal is to find the six keys that open the chest containing The Scroll of Spiritual Mastery. If you acquire it first, you can rid the castle of its evil denizens. If the evil Queen Emelda gets it in her clutches. . . Shudder the thought. (Note: This one is not for those with weak stomachs, as it contains scenes of very graphically depicted gore.) White Rabbits and Red Spots Gentler adventurers will better appreciate Virgin Mastertronic’s Wonderland. A beautifully rendered adventure game based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Wonderland has a properly baffling story line. From the little we’ve seen, this one promises to be a winner, full of puzzles and mysteries. If TV commercials are more your style than children's classics, wait for Spot, a board-like game that is vaguely reminiscent of Othello. Don’t worry, Virgin Mastertronic has spiced it up with plenty of cute animations, starring 7-Up's Spot, the wonder dot. Too small a scale? Conquer a few planets in Virgin Mastertronic’s Overlord, an involved combination of strategy and role-playing elements. You explore space, settle planets, ancl develop their populations, resources, wealth, and defenses. While helping your planets to peacefully prosper is a big job in itself, you must also build strongholds to repel the inevitable alien invaders. At least they (and all the other graphics) are nicely rendered. Ancient Strategy Capturing the king is a simpler, if not easier, goal in Battle Chess II, from Interplay. This time the contest is based on Chinese Chess and sports more detailed animation and multiple difficulty levels. If you can’t beat the computer, try playing with a friend via modem. I, rattle, andjro* _ -- Interplay supplies a whole band of friends in Lord of the Rings, Vol. I. Grab your old lantern and adventurer’s sack and immerse yourself in Middle Earth. Acting in the role of Frodo the Hobbit, you try to protect the One Ring from Sauron’s Dark Riders. While you must complete a series of tasks based on events in Tolkien’s book, your troop may include adventurers that were not in the original storv. For Those Who Want It All What holiday season would be complete without a s,udy your opponent's Chinese Chess. Carefully |n c wsj game from Electronic .Arts? This year the company is releasing the latest gem from BullFrog Productions, programmers of Populous, In PowerMonger, you are cast as the leader of a homeless tribe that arrives in unfamiliar territory. Your goal is to conquer all of the two hundred territories that make up the world. PowerMonger uses much of the simulation software technolog)’ developed for Populous, but includes more features, such as inventing, bribing, and negotiating w ith other commanders. The inhabitants of your world are also more diverse; they include fishermen, farmers, ranchers, and a variety of animal life. With so much to keep track of, the game’s simple iconic interface is extremely welcome. If you are a fan of Populous, you’ll feel right at home here. While Linda was more intrigued by this one than Lou, we did agree on one point. The hardest part of all these games is waiting for the final versions. ¦ Manufacturers’ Addresses Accolade Psygnosis 550 S. Winchester Blvd. 29 Saint Mary’s Court San Jose, CA 95128 Brookline, MA 02146 408 985-1700 617 731-3553 Electronic Arts Taito Software Inc. 1820 Gateway Dr. 267 West Esplanade San Mateo, CA 94404 North Vancouver, B.C. 415 571-7171 Canada V7M 1A5 604 984-3344 Interplay Productions 3710 S. Susan, 100 Virgin Mastertronics Santa Ana, CA 92704 18001 Cowan, Suites A Sc B 714 545-9001 Irvine, CA 92714 714 833-8710 j I THE OLD ADAGE “a picture is worth a thousand words” if'y was never more true than when it comes to working with Commodores AmigaVision (AV) multimedia authoring language (SI49.95). The system’s stylish user interface and icon- driven method of creating applications (called “courses” or “projects” in AV terminology) is a lesson in clarity and economy. Building a visual flowchart of icons that represents the logical flow of your application, you can assemble all the diverse elements of your presentation text, pictures, speech, sound, music, video, animation, and so forth and define A each of their attributes in a simple, highly intuitive manner.
- -1 1 Our “picture.. .thousand words” adage not Amiga Vision’s icon-based. Visual-flowchart approach to multimedia is so easy that you 7 be authoring projects By Lou Wallace only best describes the structure of AmigaVision, iLmn but it also points out the best way to show you how the program works. After all, if you have not yet seen AmigaVision in operation, it would be very . A difficult to convey with words alone just how such a graphics-oriented authoring language W functions in creating an application. For this article, I have constructed a relatively s*inP*e multimedia project that 1 will employ as a visual tutorial to demonstrate how to use AmigaVision in creating your own presen- 1 B1 I I tations. (If you do, however, also want a f more traditionally descriptive account of what AmigaVision is, see “Welcome to a New 5 Generation,” p. 18, June ’90.) The complete ILLUSTRATED BY RANDALL ENOS '0 Sovrniber 1990 introducing the art of memory engineering. With the Amiga’s practically unlimited potential, often the only barrier to greater productivity is a lack of memory. Adding expansion memory to your computer opens doors to new capabilities. But knowing how much to add and how to add it can be a real headache. For Amiga 2000s, 2500s and 3000s, Applied Engineering’s new Ram Works 2000™ (above, at right) is the definitive memory expansion solution. The board was engineered to incorporate 256K x 4 dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips. That’s a significant improvement over chips used on other boards because it gives you growth-path choices. You can add memory in large increments or smaller, more affordable increments of 512K at a time. And you can add these small increments all the way up to 8 MEGs. Edse of use is also important Many memory expansion boards require the user to configure tiny switches or jumpers in a trial and error fashion to suit their particular hardware. Ram Works 2000 has an intuitive on-board feature that automatically configures your setup making it much easier to install and upgrade. No switches, no jumpers just add memory and go. We also designed RamWorks 2000 to be folly compatible with the A3000, so if you decide at some future date to upgrade your computer, you can switch the card over. RamWorks 2000 carries a five year warranty. RW 2000 w 2 MEGs $ 273. Additional MEGs $ 72. For Amiga 500s with 512K, we designed the RamWorks 500™ (above, at left). Combining the functions of an internal 512K memory card and clock card, RamWorks 500 boosts the A50Q’s available RAM to 1 MEG. We incorporate 256K x 1 DRAM chips to make RamWorks 500 folly compatible with ALL A500 hardware and software, including pre-1989 machines. The built-in clock function automatically time and date stamps your files and a graphical diagnostic program checks for bad or improperly seated chips. Five year warranty. With 512K installed $ 79. For the new A500 Professional with 1 MEG built-in, Applied Engineering designed Timemaster 500™ (above, top). An easy way to add clock fontions to your files, Timemaster 500 quickly attaches to the A500-P’s expansion slot. Your files are then automatically time and date stamped for easy reference. Five year warranty. For ten years, Applied Engineering has foiged a reputation for exciting and innovative peripherals. Built to our own exacting standards of quality and reliability, our products are backed by the best warranties and the best technical support in the business. Order today! To order or for more information, see your dealer or call (214) 241-6060 today, 9 am to 11 pm, 7 days. Or send check or money order to Applied Engineering. MasterCard, VISA and C.O.D. welcome. Texas residents add 8' 4% sales tax. Add $ 10 outside USA Dealer inquiries invited. 4E Applied Engineering® The enhancement experts. A Division of AE Research Corporation
(214) 241-6060
P. O. Box 5100 Carrollton, TX 75011 USA ©1990. AE Research. Inc. All rights resened. Prices subject to change without notice. Brand and product names are registered trademarks of their respectiw holders sample program plus many of the specific menus and requesters required to put it together are included here and will be presented step-by-step. Put a Spin on That Big Red Cue Ball, Mister! In brief, our sample AV project is designed to allow the user to select an image of the planet Jupiter from a pictorial menu of the solar system. When selected, the Jupiter “hot spot” will trigger a full-motion video sequence of Jupiter spinning on its axis, accompanied by a music soundtrack. The application itself is a fully interactive multi- media presentation. It uses a variety of Amiga graphic images, digitized sounds, and full-motion video (from laser disc), and it plays an Amiga SMUS music file. Figure 1 shows the entire sample application in icon format as it appears in the AV Flow window (which is the “canvas” on which you create the application). Double-clicking any of these icons brings up a requester associated with that particular segment of the program. In effect, you use the requester to define the icon. For example, Figure 2 shows the Module Icon requester (right) that appears on screen when you click the main Module icon in the Flow window (left) for our Jupiter program (labeled here as “Sample Multi- media Program”). As with nearly all of the requesters for the icons in our program, you can define its attributes almost entirely by simply clicking on the various gadgets very little keyboard input is required. In assembling the Jupiter program, I used a CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) format video disc containing various planetary images and digitized animations from NASA’s Voyager space missions (the disc is available commercially). I then preloaded this data into memory along with some sound and music files as shown in Figure 3A. Next, I digitized individual planetary images in HAM mode using FrameGrabber (S699.95, Progressive Peripherals & Software), and then combined them into one picture Text continues on p. 46 AniS'AVision Authoring Systcn IGDIQustntuiiJ Atti&aVi si 3 «*Hu3ncdi a c 'iL - , • -o Samp, e Mul anedia ProfiTiM „ .. .... ... . __ Figure 1. The complete “course” In flowchart format for the Jupiter sample multimedia program as It appears in the AV Flow window. Video Input User Sound Video AiigaVision Authoring Systen Sample Multinedia Preload Data Initialize Video Solar Systen Icon Nane Sample Hultinedia Progran Heno Combine video, graphics & sound M'jH' . I.: -U. ? Itr Video User Input Clear Screen Find Video Control Video So ol Interr L-hta_ Module Figure 2. The Module Icon requester. Its Icon (shown at the top of the Flow window to the left of the requester) acts as the parent for all Icons In an AmlgaVlslon flowchart If you have a paint program, you need... Have you ever loaded a graphic file only to discover it wasn’t the one vou wanted? Well, now there’s ! Is a program that creates an index of your graphics files. When you want to find a particular picture, pop up the window and browse through the miniatures. BC1 I I 01 I I-
- KG1 az DOG A single click chooses the one you want. Return to your paint program and let type the name into the file requester for you! Do you have too many pictures to look through? Makes it simple by letting you sort by name, size and depth. You can also sort by primary and secondary color! Supports both ILBM and ANIM files, allows multiple index files and will even update the index as you create new pictures. Give a try and you’ll wonder how you ever found images without it! For the Amiga ASK YOUR LOCAL DEALER FOR DETAILS Zardoz Software, Inc. * 6114 LaSalle Avenue Suite 304 * Oakland, CA 94611 11 7 software Jlu Ph: 415-339-6280 Fax: 415-339-6862 ImageFinder is a trademark of Zardo Software, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. C-rcie 309 on Reader Service card. Defining Icon Requesters in the AmigaVision Jupiter Sample Application Filename Iflirectory Quantu«:A«iafaVision ILBH MixedSolap3 Icon Nane Sola1 Systen Hew j& Original Palette Hold I Modify 4896 Colors Figure 3A. The Resource icon (labeled Preload Data in our sample program) allows you to preload (and also unload) data fdes graphics, sound, animations, and musical instruments such as the DMCS music soundtrack used in our application. Once loaded via the Resource Control requester pictured here, they can be accessed by other icons. If you do not enable the Pause button, AmigaVision can be loading data while executing other tasks, allowing Amigas with limited RA Af resources to utilize large amounts of disk-based data while still generating seamless presentations. Figure 3B. The Screen icon (labeled Solar System) is used to toad and display IFF images, such as the digitized solar-system composite image I used for my main menu. All screen modes are supported, including HAM and Extra Halfbrite displays. The Screen icon affords precise control over how and where the itrnige will be displayed. Its Screen Definition requester also allows you to choose from many different transitions. In this case, I have the solar-system picture appearing as a fade from black. Transitions Fade fron Black Noraal [W | Preview [W 1 Reset | Cancel Figure 3C. Having used the Mouse icon (labeled User Input) from the AV Wait submenu, and its requester; I am now working inside the AV Object Editor. I have already added a circle “hot spot''around Jupiter, having selected Circle from one of the various pull-down menus available. Here, in addition to defining the hot spot, I have chosen a digitized feedback sound (a click) and feedback color (red with a white outline). I have also entered “Jupiter " in the Response gadget, so that each time a user clicks on this spot, the Responsef) function will return the word “Jupiter" to my program, verifying the selection. Figure 3E. The Video icon (labeled Find Video Sequence) controls the laserdisc player. Here, in its requester, I have instructed it to turn on video and play frames 33596-34115, which is the sequence where Jupiter is rotating. Fame has not been enabled, so again program execution continues during the entire time this sequence is playing. Y- V" A y- Figure 3F. Through one of the If . .'Then. . .Else icons, I am now working in the AV Expression Editor. Here, I am checking the Response!) Function to see if the user clicked on the Pause button in the Deluxe Paint control-panel screen image I genlocked over the video signal. If this expression evaluates as true, i.e., if the user clicked on the Pause button, then a?iother Video icon acting as a partner with the If. . .Then. . .Else icon will pause the laserdisc on the current video frame. From p. 42 using Digi-Paint 3 ($ 99.95, NewTek). Loading the digitized HAM picture of the solar system into the program (see Figure 3B), 1 could now use this composite image as my main menu what the user will see first upon starting the application. Using Amiga Visions' Object Editor, I defined Jupiter as a hot spot by drawing a circle around it (see Figure 3C). I assigned a digitized sound (a click) to the area, which would serve as feedback, and also selected a feedback color. When a user selects the Jupiter hot spot, a "click” sound will be played, and Jupiter will momentarily change into a solid color. Waiting on Ready for the Show To Begin .After the hot spot is clicked, program flow which has been stopped at User Input (a Mouse icon from the AV Wait submenu) continues on past that icon to Clear Screen. The screen is cleared, and we begin the music soundtrack (see Figure 3D) a standard SMUS music file, created with Deluxe Music Construction Set (DMCS) (S99.95, Electronic .Arts), using digitized musical instruments. Moving on to Find Video Sequence (see Figure 3E), we see how the program initiates the full-motion video (a sequence from the laser disc showing a close- up of Jupiter rotating). At this point via the icon just preceding this Video icon the program also displays a screen image I created in Deluxe Paint III ($ 149.95, Electronic Arts). This image, a simple control panel with buttons, allows the user to pause (freeze) the image, continue, replay, or quit. I gen- locked this image on the screen using Commodore’s A2300 Genlock Card (S399). So now we have .Amiga-generated music playing, a video image of Jupiter playing from laser disc, and the on-screen DeluxePaint image of the control panel giving the user final control over the whole multi- media extravaganza. Figure 3F demonstrates one of these user options Pause whereby the program pauses the laser disc on the current video frame. If the user selects Done (the quit button), the video disc stops, the music ends, and tiie entire presentation returns to the solar-system main menu. With not too much more time and effort, you could easily make hot spots for all the planetary images in the main menu and create a different presentation sequence for each one. (In fact, I have already done just that with very impressive results.) A full-scale interactive multimedia application like this would have taken weeks, or even months, to complete using more traditional programming methods. With intuitive, icon-driven authoring systems such as Amiga- Vision, however, you will find that in just a matter of hours or a few days, you can create sophisticated multimedia applications you never dreamed you could do. ¦ GVP Announces a . C GVP's New SERIES IIA2000 SCSI and RAM Expansion Controllers provide the ultimate hard disk and RAM expansion solution for the A2000. Choose from two new models: Thp tPriPQ II A9nnn y Fully implements Commodore's Rigid « I. Ml. O Disk Block IRDB) standard as well as SCSI Hard-Disk + RAM Card the new DIRECT SCSI interface
• State-of-the-Art integration packs a high standard. Performance SCSI controller, SMB FAST V Removable media drive support. RAM Expansion and a 3.5" hard disk drive Automatically senses cartridge changes INTO A SINGLE A2000 EXPANSION and informs AmigaDOS, ensuring safe SLOT!! Saves BOTH a valuable and reliable use of removable media expansion slot and a peripheral bay! SCSI drives.
• Incredible SCSI hard disk performance V Allows Direct AUTOBOOT from Fast achieved through GVP's innovative new File System Partition. Custom chip design, which provides DMA • New INTUITION COMPATIBLE SCSI performance and unique direct dual port installation and "tuning" utility memory access to FAST RAM, eliminating included. Major features include: typical DMA side effects under heavy * ICON and gadget based INTUITION graphicsload. Interface.
• Easy-to-install SIMM memory modules * Bad Block Remapping of hard drives, allow flexible memory configurations from * Auto or manual hard drive partitioning The ULTIMATE Trade-Up Offer??? ZERO through SMB. Supports 6MB FAST ancj AmigaDOS formatting. RAM configuration for BridgeBoard users. Read and modify existing RDB
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* Supports virtually any SCSI device . Low ts count (th h VLS, Imegr,uion) DrlVCS' EQUALS: lower power higher reliability, IOMEGA Bernoulli drives, etc. longer life and ultimate PRICE V Fully implements SCSI Disconnect PERFORMANCE! See TRADE-UP offer. Reconnect protocol, allowing overlapping SCSI commands to be The Series IIA2000 “ed- SCSI “Hard-Disk-Card” Hard-Disk+RAM-Card Hard-Disk-Card • Same as above but without the SMB FAST Space (no components) for direct mounting ¦ of 3.5" Hard Disk Drive , GVP’s New FaaastROM SCSI driver and installation software is also available as an upgrade kit for GVP's original IMPACT SCSI controllers, for ONLY $ 49.95. Offers major performance increase over previous GVP AUTOBOOT EPROMs. New Series II48MB Removable media hard disk drive. GVP now also offers the NEXT GENERATION removable media hard disk drive which offers increased capacity (48MB formatted) and major technological advances in cartridge air flow filtering design and robustness. Call for details. GVP Custom VLSI Chip Up to 8MB of FAST RAM Expansion Dealers Cirdo 145 on Reader Service Card le S Standardize 62 00 loader Service Card to the Net DESPITE ITS ADVANCED graphics, unparalleled multitasking, and sophisticated selection of software, the .Amiga drops its advantage in one crucial area of world-class computing play: networking. This weak spot in the Amiga’s game is keeping the machine off a good many corporate courts as well as limiting the possibilities for Amiga owners to share data and applications. All that, however, may be about to change, given Commodore’s recent commitment to place the Amiga squarely in the corporate marketplace. With CBM and others introducing networking equipment that supports such major hardware schemes as Ethernet and Arcnet and such popular protocols as Novell, AppleTalk, DECnet, and TCP IP networking appears destined to be a part of the Amiga’s future. Fundamentals of Net Play So what is so special about networking? On the simplest level, networks permit the sharing of equipment. Having several employees use a common printer, modem, hard drive, streaming-tape back-up system, or even a floppy-disk drive is much more cost effective than buying one of each for every individual. The ability to pass messages is another key benefit of networks. If you have ever used an E-mail system, you can understand the simple beauty of leaving a message or list of instructions for someone who is otherwise engaged without playing phone-tag or physically meeting. E-mail alone can make an office much more efficient. In addition to sharing equipment, networked co-workers can easily transfer and share files. For example, everyone can update the customer database or peruse the same documents without the usual mountain of photcopies. At a ? Recent product announcements from both Commodore and third-party developers may move the Amiga, into the forecourt of the corporate networking game. By Doug Barney You’re a war-hardened F-16 fighter pilot supplementing ground forces in an enemy- infested hot spot. Your mission: annihilate enemy tanks, trucks, MiGs, Hinds, pontoon bridges, and supply lines fast! 12 NEW MISSIONS These new heart- pounding missions are MWTiOKCOWTf-KSTKlM FIGHT FAIjCOW MISSION »» FALCON MISSION DISK II ORIGINAL FALCON™ PROGRAM REQUIRED TO RUN FALCON MISSION DISKS. Guaranteed to test the skill of even the most seasoned Falcon pilot. Wield new weapons and equipment. Air- to-air radar-guided missiles, high-speed anti-radiation missiles, and radar jammers. Achieve tank superiority, and you’ll earn the Medal of Honor. Operation: Firefight. The challenge continues... Down oncoming 'copters before destroy your tank _ Spectrum HoloByte A Division of Sphere, Inc, 2061 Challenger Drive, Alameda, CA 94501. (415)522-0107 Actual screens shown. Operation: Counterstrike © 1989, Operation: Firelight ©1990 SPHERE. INC Falcon.Falcon Mission Disk. Falcon Mission Disk II.QperationCounterstrike. Operation: Firefight. And Spectrum HoloByte are trademarks of Sphere, Inc Other products are trademarks of their respective holders AVAILABLE FOR AMIGA AND ATARI* ST™ higher level, networks can even allow users to share applications. In theory, networking is quite simple. Take a couple of computers, a bit of wire, a net- MMK . August 9, 1990 10:28 am I”-! I User GREG On File Server PCG0 Connection 1 NetWare File Server Console VI. 1 t F Broadcast Console Hessage for Clear Connection m Logical Record Locks ivi Open Files Physical Records Foij Other Infornation Senaphores Object Haner GREG Object Type! 1 Full Ha«e: Gregory Rapp Login Tine: August 9, 1998 II Network Address: 88888881:88888813 Commodore network administrator utility for Novell Network. Working protocol, and software that understands that a network exists. Choosing a network can be immensely complicated, however, because you are faced with a bewildering variety of competing hardware, conflicting protocols, and incompatible operating systems. In short, there are far too many “standards.” J To try to get a handle on this confusing situation, let’s examine individually the basic elements of the networking setup. The hardware connecting computers serves as the physical medium through which data passes. Popular hardware schemes include Arcnet (a low-cost, me* dium-performance network), Ethernet (fast and often used with Unix, DEC, and in other large-system environments), Token Ring (typically found at IBM corporate installations), and LocalTalk (for the Apple family). (For more detailed information on each of these networks and on the network protocols mentioned in the next paragraph see the “Networking Glossary” that accompanies this article.) The software comprises both the protocols which allow programs on separate computers to communicate and the programs that manage, or control, the network. Popular protocols include AppleTalk (Apple II and Macintosh systems), DECnet (usually specific to Digital Equipment Corp. computer sites), Novell NetWare (popular in corporate environments), and TCP IP (used with Unix). An Impressive Rally Commodore is taking a relatively sweeping approach Networking Glossary AppleTalk As you can imagine, AppleTalk is a scheme designed by Apple aimed primarily at the Macintosh. The system often uses the relatively slow (0.3 Mbps [megabits per second]) LocalTalk hardware, but has grown in popularity because of its low cost, ease of use and installation, and general reliability. Arcnet A middle-of-the-road hardware solution in terms of performance and price, Arcnet uses a so-called modified token-passing scheme. Under a typical scheme, a token is passed along each node. Only the node possessing the token can send a message. Under the “modified” approach, each node acknowledges receipt of the token. Arcnet automatically reconfigures as nodes change. Client Refers to the workstation's relationship to the server. Database Server Intelligent way of storing database files. The server can sort and manipulate data prior to sending to node. DECnet DECnet is a networking architecture that links Digital Equipment Corp. systems, from large minicomputers to workstations, and is based upon Ethernet hardware. Ethernet A relatively fast system, Ethernet is popular in DEC and Unix environments, Operational speeds are around 10 Mbps, or one million characters per second. FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface) An evolving standard for 10- Mbps, fiber-optic cable networks. Fiber Optic A highly advanced form of cabling that uses light to transmit data. This allows for very long distances between nodes. File Locking Protects shared files by allowing only one user at a time to make changes. File Server Nonintelligent way of storing files. Files are stored remotely, but all querying and data manipulation occur on the node. In addition, all activity is controlled by the file server. Some file servers are dedicated, which means that the system is only used as a server. Others are non dedicated and can be used as workstations. Gateway A hardware software combination that links systems with different protocols. Interoperability The ability of devices from a variety of vendors to share data and communicate effectively. ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) ISDN specification describes the replacing of an analog telephone network with a digital medium. Under ISDN, phone lines can simultaneously handle image, video, voice, and text data. LAN (Local Area Network) A group of personal computers networked together. Network Management Software that controls LAN access and network resources. NFS (Network File System) A portable (able to be moved from system to system) file-server system used mostly in Unix workstation environments. Node The physical workstation attached to a network. AMIGA PROFILE Net Worth INSTEAD OF TWIDDLING his corporate thumbs until more sophisticated Amiga connectivity tools materialize, Chris Hertel is blazing a trail. .As senior programmer and head of Pcs for the international banking firm of Credit Agricole (CA) in Chicago, Hertel is in the vanguard of enthusiasts seeking to place Amigas in the corporate world. Using a combination of TSS Net (Syndesis), Dale Luck’s XII X-Witt- dows system (GfxBase), and the A2065 Ethernet Adapter (Commodore), Hertel ties .Amigas into the bank’s mammoth network of DEC VAX minicomputers, workstations, and Pcs. Currendv, many of GA’s workstations run X-Windows, a Unix-oriented graphical interface (similar to the Amiga in that regard) that taps the power of both the workstation and larger, more powerful machines. The Amiga ties in when Hertel begins to quote figures. DEC VT 1000 workstations that can run X-Windows tend to run around $ 3000 (not including the additional cost for X-Windows). With the .Amiga, Hertel can do it for less and have the added power of a graphics-based, fully multitasking computer. According to Hertel, the Amiga running TSS Net and XI1 is only a “research vehicle." If Hertel has his way, however, .Amigas will be serving as hubs of relatively low- speed Star networks (networks where all data requests are passed through a single machine) that would then request data from the larger VAX minicomputers. If the machine clears these hurdles, Hertel wants to put Amigas on the desks of the bank’s executives. .Although generally impressed with the .Amiga products, Hertel still faces one or two difficulties. For instance, the .Amiga meets with some resistance, particularly as DEC does not officially support the product. As if this reason alone were not enough, Hertel admits he “can’t find a service contract anywhere. I have to learn to do it all myself.” ?
- DB to networking, considering the combination of hardware and software it announced earlier this year. Hardware debuts included the A2065 Ethernet Network Adapater and the A2060 Arcnet Network Adapter. On the software side, the AS22Q .Amiga client for Novell NetWare and the AS225 for TCP IP and NFS standards also made welcome appearances. Innovative third parties have also rolled up their sleeves in the networking arena. Chief among current third-party products are AppleTalk- and DECnet- compatible systems. Progessive Peripherals’ DoubleTalk and DigiFex’s Interact make up the AppleTalk contingent, while GfxBase, Interworks, ASDG, and Syndesis Text continues on p, 54 Novell A networking protocol very popular in IBM-oriented corporate environments. OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) A networking standard for interconnecting disparate computer systems strongly supported by DEC. Protocol A software method that allows programs on separate machines to communicate. Protocols define signal type, how the signals are received, and the physical arrangement of the network. Record Locking Protects shared database records by allowing only one user at a time to make changes. SNA (Systems Network Architecture) A complicated, still-evolving set of standards from IBM. The ultimate goal of SNA is to allow dissimilar systems to work together effectively on a “peer-to- peer,” or equal, basis. TCP IP (Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol) A networking protocol with broad support deriving from its ability to connect disparate hosts. Generally used with Ethernet hardware, TCP is also popular within Unix environments. The Internet Protocol (IP) originated as a US Dept, of Defense protocol developed for the ARPANET network, and was then revamped for Unix. Terminal Emulation The ability of a personal computer to act, generally via modem, as a terminal to a host system. Thick-Wire Ethernet A form of Ethernet that uses relatively thick, twistedpair wriring. Thick-wire Ethernet, which requires a transceiver at each node, is more expensive than thin-wire Ethernet. Thick-wire carries signals over a greater distance that thin-wire. Thin-Wire Ethernet Generally uses coaxial cable, a thin wiring, and can also run over twisted-pair, Thin-wire does not require a transceiver on each machine. Topology The physical layout of a LAN. There are three major topologies, Bus, Ring, and Star. With a Bus network, all computers are connected via a single linear cable. Data is sent back and forth across the bus or cable and is captured by specific machines. In a Ring network, all computers are connected by a cable that forms a ring. Data is passed along the ring until captured by the target computer. In a Star network, all computers are connected to a central computer that acts as a communications node. All communications must pass through this central computer. Wide Area Network A network in which devices are widely separated. X-Windows A graphical user interface for Unix, developed at MIT, that many firms, including DEC, have made a standard. Essentially a graphics display server, X-Windows is the opposite of most client server systems where the workstation is the client and the larger machine is the server. X-Windows depends upon the power of the server to support the interface, while the back-end or client system provides data processing and manipulation. ?
- DB HARDWARE Amiga Networking Products A560 Arcnet Network Adapter Commodore Price unavailable Provides full Arcnet bus protocols over Arcnet bus topology networks (HIT module). The A560 connects to the A500’s bus via an 86-pin connector on a female BNC connector. Allows up to 256 nodes, with a maximum distance of 2000 feet between nodes. This autoconfigured,
2. 5 Mbps Arcnet, local-area network board comes with 2KB of buffer memory, a power supply, and an internal connector for optional 1MB RAM expansion. A2060 Arcnet Network Adapter Commodore S229 Provides Arcnet bus protocols over Arc- net bus topology networks (HIT module). This 2.5 Mbps, autoconfigured card connects to the bus internally via a 100- pin connector, supports up to 256 nodes no further than 2000 feet apart, and features a socket for optional autoboot ROM. It also provides buffered memory to enhance inter-system communications. The A2060 comes with a BNC “T” connector, a BNC-to-BNC cable, and an 93 ohm network terminator, A2065 Ethernet Network Adapter Commodore S349 Provides ANSI 802.3 type Ethernet protocols over thick and thin connections and runs at 10 Mbps. A 32 K onboard RAM buffer provides shared RAM between the Am7990 processor and the A2000. The autoconfigured card connects at the 100-pin internal bus connector with a 15-pin female “D" connector for thick Ethernet Cheapernet with 100 nodes per segment, or a female BNC connector for thin Ethernet Cheapernet networking with 30 nodes per segment. The A2065 features DMA data reading and writing to shared RAM and operates at 10 Mbps. A2232 Multi-Serial Port Board Commodore $ 399 A multi-serial port board, the A2232 provides seven additional RS-232 ports for connecting devices such as terminals, laser-disc players and touch screens. The card connects internally at the 100-pin bus connector. Each eight-pin mini-DIN connector is provided with an adapter cable for conversion to standard DB-25. AIP-2000 Package GfxBase $ 795 Runs at standard 10 Mbps and utilizes 32 K of onboard buffer for incoming and outgoing data; provides thick and thin Ethernet. A-Net Great Valley Products A2000: $ 699; A500: $ 749 Ethernet (thick and thin) network controllers for the A500 and A2000. IEEE
802. 5 standard types A and B, 10 Mbps transfer rate, with 16-bit data path addressing. Supports up to 30 stations with total cable length of up to 600 feet of thin Ethernet co-axial cabling. Conies with 16KB of onboard static RAM, allowing DMA directly to or from the network A2000 controller; also has DMA sequencer allowing DMA transfers direct from or to memory. Comports 8 AMIGA Business Computers S3 79 An A2000 card with two channels connected on external male connectors, one 25-pin and one 15-pin, and six channels on two internal connectors for an 8- channel RS-232 communications interface. Fhe autoconfigured card provides the capability for up to 40 channels (with five boards) and features a baud rate selectable up to 57.6K and a buffer size up to 64K. DoubleTalk Progressive Peripherals Under $ 500 Apple Falk-compatible network for A2000, A3000 and A500, Features a highspeed mode, promising that an Amiga- only network will run at twice the speed of a standard AppleTalk network. Any Amiga can function simultaneously as a file server, printer server, or client. A dedicated system server is not required. The DoubleTalk card comes with a phone jack network adapter and provides an additional serial port with its own CPU and 512K of ROM for performing complex operations. Dual Serial Board ASDG $ 249.95 A single-slot A2000 series- and A3000- compatible board. Provides two AF-com- patible asynchronous serial ports with driver software. Dual Serial Module ASDG $ 199.95 An IEEE 959 module compatible with the Twin X board. Provides two asvn- chronous serial ports with full driver software, ENLAN Interworks $ 295 (base) Phase-IV end-node implementation of DECnet networking. Allows the exchange of files and data with DEC VAX VMS computers or other Amigas running the DECnet protocol. Comes with a VT100 terminal emulator. Supports both thick- and thin-wire Ethernet on A2000s and higher. Interact DigiFex $ 299.99 (A500), $ 329.99 (A2000) A hardware and software AppleTalk networking system that has the capability to create an Amiga-only network with up to 32 nodes and can connect your Amiga or .Amiga-only network to an AppleTalk- compatible laser printer. The A500 package comes with an external RS-422 serial expansion port peripheral with passthru. The A2000 version is a combination of Interact software (see Interact) and a stand-alone MuItiPORT board (see Multi PORT). LANRover ASDG Price not available An Ethernet board for A2000 series and A3000s, conforming to IEEE 802.3 standard and featuring DMA, a 16-bit data path, and on-card memory management. Supports both thick and thin Ethernet connectors. MCS 1000 Comspec $ 205 (Canadian) IEEE printer interface. Microshare MCS 8004 8008 Comspec $ 627 3821 (Canadian) Allows up to eight computers to share a printer. The system includes a despool feature which enables whoever is using the printer at a given time to cancel output without affecting other users, and also a top-of-form feature that helps individuals identify their own output. Comes with a built-in 256K buffer. MuItiPORT DigiFex $ 249.95 A stand-alone expansion card required for using Interact with the A2000 (see Interact in the software section, below). Provides a nine-pin RS-232, a 25-pin parallel printer, and an RS-422 serial port. Serial Solution Checkpoint Technologies $ 199 Adds 25- and 9-pin serial ports. The Serial IV + Card Expert Services $ 299.95 Adds four serial and one parallel port. The serial ports can be reconfigured for a MIDI device. Twin-X ASDG $ 329.95 General purpose I O board that serves as a dual IEEE 959 interface board. This A2000-compatible card can host any two standard or one double-wide IEEE 959 modules available on the market. Provides a standard autoconfigured interface to the Amiga, allowing its modules to autoconfigure under KickStart from
1. 2 and later. SOFTWARE AS220 Commodore $ 149 This .Amiga client goes by the official name of Amiga Networking Software for Novell NetWare. It gives the Amiga the capability of utilizing Commodore’s A2060 adapter to communicate with Novell Networks running Novell NetWare, version 2.15 or higher. The software features password security and provides the user with two interfaces: a text-oriented interface or the Amiga mouse-based interface. Users can employ the Amiga’s multitasking feature to simultaneously run other programs under AmigaDOS and or the MS-DOS with Amiga Bridgeboard options. AS225 TCP IP and NFS Software Commodore $ 199 Provides the Amiga with the ability to connect to DoD and other networks that support either TCP IP or NFS standard packet-switching protocols. Interact DigiFex $ 79.95 AppleTalk networking software that allows you to send Amiga text and graphics output to an AppleTalk-compatible laser printer. Requires DigiFex MuItiPORT Board (see hardware section). Middleman Benaiah Computers $ 59.95 A VT100 terminal emulator that supports numeric keypad graphics and baud rates from 300 to 19,200. Middleman II Benaiah Computers $ 149.95 Tekronix 4105 color terminal emulator. TSSnet Syndesis $ 395 DECnet and X-ll (X-Window implementation from GfxBase) support for the Amiga. TSSnet can communicate over both Ethernet and the serial port, and provides multiple concurrent sessions between Amiga tasks and those running on any other nodes. X-ll GfxBase S395 Implementation of X-Window System, version 11, from the MIT X-Window Consortium. Offers the capability to access host-based applications. Supports local X-based applications, AS225, and color. X-ll Programmers Toolkit GfxBase $ 250 An implementation of X-Window System client programming interface. Provides client application programming access to the network transparent and operating system. The Toolkit consists of the MIT Xlib interface libraries, including the higher-level MIT Xt intrinsics library adapted to compile native Amiga clients using the Lattice 5.0 C Compiler. ? From f). 51 provide DECnet-compatible Ethernet systems. I he reasons for AppleTalk support are fairly obvious. Despite its relatively slow operational speed in the Apple arena (owing to the LocalTalk Apple hard- ware), it is a low-cost system with a reputation for ease of use and reliability. In addition, in an Amiga- only setup with Amiga networking hardware, the AppleTalk system will function at considerably faster speeds. But why DECnet? Perhaps Commodore and others are simply following Apple’s lead. One of Apple’s first and foremost networking goals has been to connect with Digital Equipment’s VAX computers, because many DEC sites also have large installations of Macs, which are used primarily in scientific and design capacities. With at least similar and probably better-potential offered by the Amiga, it is easy to see why there is now a proliferation of Amiga-to-DECnet products. On still another route, Commodore’s AS220 software system allows the .Amiga to work with Novell- based networks. Renowned for its high performance and flexibility, Novell’s NetWare software is a huge success, and corporations flock to the Orem, UT- based firm. With a properly installed Novell network, Amiga users can take advantage of all the cost-effective networking benefits mentioned previously. In addition, software updates can occur on the server, rather than on each personal computer. Amiga users can also share data and computer resources with other personal computers on the network, including Macintosh and IBM Pcs, as well as IBM mainframes, Sun workstations, and DEC VAXes. (Keep in mind, however, that Commodore’s Novell implementation requires the installation of a nonAmiga computer generally a fast IBM PC or compatible to act as the server. The .Amiga can only access information as a client.) Commodore, however, is testing the AS220 software with Arcnet and Ethernet schemes. Picking up the Ethernet hall, Oxxi has an add-on device driver under development that, according to company representatives, will allow third-party Ethernet cards such as those from Hydra, GVP, and ASDG to run with the Commodore software. Currently, you can ? Manufacturers’ Addresses ASDG Comspec Great Valley Products Progressive Peripherals 925 Stewart St. 74 Win gold Ave. 600 Clark Ave. 464 Kalamath St. Madison, WI 53713 Toronto, Ont. King of Prussia, PA 19406 Denver, CO 80204 608 273-6585 Canada M6B 1 P5 215 337-8770 303 825-4144 416 785-3553 Benaiah Computer Products Interworks Syndesis PO Box 1147 DigiFex 195 E. Main St., Suite 230 N9353 Benson Rd. Huntsville, AL 35807 610 Main St. Milford, MA 01757 Brooklyn, WI 53521 205 536-9933 Oregon City, OR 97045 508 476-3893 608 455-1422 503 656-88 i8 Checkpoint Technologies Oxxi Inc. PO Box 2035 Expert Services PO Box 90309 Manassas, VA 22110 5912 Centennial Circle Long Beach, CA 90809 703 330-5353 Florence, KV 41042 213 427-1227 606 371-9690 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Dr. GfxBase West Chester, PA 19380 1881 Ell well Dr. 215 431-9100 Millpita, CA 95035 408 262-1469 Hie Destiny of a Nation is in %ur Hands
• Fully multi-tasking
* Two Scenarios
• Not copy protected
* Detailed historical notes, manual and poster included Ending Screen Sixteenth Centuiy Japan was controlled by feudal lords. Each ruled a single fief, each wanted to become Shogun and rule the entire nation. One man, Oda Nobunaga, came close but failed. He paid the penalty for failure, death. Take Nobunaga's place and unite Japan. On the battlefield, attack and retreat. Use the terrain to your best advantage. During times of peace, build your economy, keep your peasants happy and your soldiers loyal or risk revolt. Negotiate with other lords, or perhaps you would rather just send Ninja. Seize all the advantages you can. You’ll need them! FEATURES:
• Complete mouse support Five levels of difficulty One to Eight players Easy to use reference card included Bandit Kings of Ancient China - The evil minister Gao Qiu has usurped the command from the throne. The righteous followers of the emperor have been exiled as outlaws. Join these heroic rebels in your mission to overthrow a wicked empire, and restore the might to the throne. Available for NES, PC and Amiga. Genghis Khan - Become the greatest warrior the world has known. Through battles and allegiances, forge the mighty Mongol Horde. With armies at your command, the empires of the world are tempting targets. Fight bravely to achieve the ultimate goal of world conquest. Available for NES, PC and Amiga. Romance of the Three Kingdoms - As a Warlord of the 2nd centuiy China, you must restore a shattered Empire. Gather the bravest warriors of the land to build up your armies. Use strength and strategy to destroy your enemies and claim the power to govern all of China. Available for NES. PC and Amiga. KOEI's "HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW OUR HISTORY?" Sweepslakes Questions:
1) Genghis Khan's greatest dam to fame was?
(a) o quick temper (b)the hit single 1 Teel for you!' (c) a bad smell (d} carving out an empire stretching from China 1o Europe in the 12tfi century
2) What famous gang defected the evil mimsier Gao Qiu and restored peace to the Song Empire?
(a) Hole in the Wal Gong (b) Benefit Kings of Ancient Otino (c) Gang of four
3) What was the epic describing the power struggle at the end of China's second Hem Dynasty caled?
(a) Romance of the Three Kingdoms (b) I thing (c) Godzilla
4) Who terrorized and almost succeeded in unifying Japan 'n the 16lh Century?
(a) (owabunga (b) Nobunaga Oda (c) Godzilla
5) What type of game does KOEI make?
(o) simulation (b) historical (c) educational (d) entertaining (e) all of the above (f) none of the above
6) T0H, We_the past, you make the_!" If! It ibe blanks) Official Rules- NO PURCHASE NECESSARY Haw To E*1en On o 3x5 piece of paper, print your name, address, zip, age and the answers to the six questions fctd above, Answen to the questions may be found within the ods, on odual game boxes or from someone who is farraliar with the game. AS entries must be postmarked no krlef than Febcuory 15,19 91. Send entries Hr. KOEI CORPORATION, 1350 Bayshore Highway, Suite 540 Burlingame, CA 94010 Every month (November 1990-Febniory 1991) 40 winners wdl be randomly drawn from all entries having the rorred answers. These winners will reafre a KOEI Game flayer's T-shirt (approx. Retail value SI 21. After al entries ore received (postmarked no later than February 15) 50 more prizes will be awarded to winners randomly drawn from all entries having the coned answers. These winners wifi receive a KOEI Game, choke ol tile lapprox. Retail volue S65|. One grand prizn winner will be chosen and awarded Sony's HondCom (approx, retail value 51,000). Odds of winning depend an nurabec of vaild entries received. Judges decision is final. Not responsible for lost, late or misdirected, incomplete or illegible entries. Winners will be notified by moil. Total cpproxunale retail value of all prizes 55,000. Sweepstakes open la U.S. residents except employees and famifies of KOEI Corporation, ltd. All prizes wilt be awarded, limit one prize per household family. No substitutions or cash equivalents. Taxes, if any, are the responsibility of winners. Sweepstakes void where prohibited, taxed or restricted. Winners ogree to the use of their names and likenesses for publicity and advertising purposes without oddilionol compensation or permission (For winners list, send a SASE to some oddress. Available ofter Morch 1,1991.) KOEI Games are available in retail outlets nationwide! Your local retailer is the quickest and most convenient way to find the KOEI products you want. If you can't find the KOEI product you are looking for. Call us at (4151348-0500 (9am to 5pm PST) to charge on Visa MC. Continental U.S. shipping only. Iwe Supply The Past. You Make The History IBM & Amiga arc rcglstrrcd trademarks of International Business Machines Corp. & Commodore Amiga Inc, KOEI CORPORATION One Bay Plaza, Suite 540 1350 Bayshore Hwy. Burlingame, CA 94010 (415) 348-0500 C rde t05 on Reader Service card run AS220 only with Commodore boards. Despite what may be perceived as a broad array of’ networking products (see the “Amiga Networking Products” buyer’s guide on p. 52), Amiga developers have addressed only a small slice of available networking options. Because oflack of demand, effectively connecting the Amiga to “big iron,” such as IBM mainframes, has so far been a neglected area. Ifand when the Amiga makes major inroads into large corporations, we may see developers tackle the heavy hardware. Stuck at Deuce? As difficult as building individual networking products may sound, the real problem will be to make Amiga applications work effectively with the networks. Given the confusing multiplicity of networking systems, we’re talking about a task of considerable proportions. Commodore, however, plans to ease that burden. In an “unannounced research project” the firm is writing a so-called network adapter independence layer into the Amiga’s operating system. According to Commodore, when this project is completed, all conforming network software will work with any supported network transmission medium. As Commodore’s VP of Applications and Technical Support Jeff Scherb explains, this would allow a properly written version of DECnet to work with Ethernet, Arcnet, and other hardware adapters of the future. According to Scherb, this would, for example, let you base your hardware scheme and protocol choices upon price performance rather than compatibility. .As is stands, the number of Amiga applications currently taking advantage of networks is negligible. Seeing the light early on, however, Precision Software has included Novell network support in Superbase 4, the latest version of its popular relational database. Amigas running Superbase 4 will be able to communicate with Pcs running Superbase, provided both users share a common Novell server. Fortunately, many Amiga networking software systems provide some of the same services (file transfer, E-mail, and so forth) as the major networks. In many cases, these services can be supplied while other tasks are running although, typically, they are not fully integrated with the Amiga applications. Yet, as networks proliferate and when Commodore releases its multinetwork programming interface more .Amiga vendors may build networking capability into their packages, thus allowing users to share files and send and receive messages from within applications. Given present conditions, it may be some time before you and your Amiga start networking with the big boys. But the players at Commodore and other Amiga development firms aren’t afraid to stand at the net and volley with the heavy hitters. Stay tuned for a lot more activity on the Amiga networking front. ¦ 1490 N. Hermitage Rd.* Hermitage, PA 16148 Customer Service (412) 962-0566 9-8 M - F, 10- 5 Sat. 1-800-262-0533 Orders only Walk-ins welcome, worth the drive from Pittsburgh, Erie, or Cleveland omputer asics,. 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• ADD $ 4,00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING ($ 10.00 CANADA MEXICO] WE SHIP ALL GOODS 2nd DAY AIR UPS VISA Circle 114 on Reade' Service card. Information and Ideas on Amiga Programming First Steps in Assembly Language By Jim Butterfield IF YOU HAVE experience with assembly language on other machines, making the transition to Amiga assembly should not be a problem. Just follow these steps and you will easily adapt. Keep your first programs simple. They should be CLI driven, for you need lots of extra code for an icon start from the Workbench. They should also focus on DOS calls and involve only a few system calls. The dos.library calls do “traditional” data-pro- cessing jobs: reading the keyboard or files, outputting to a screen, file, or printer, and so on. DOS-oriented coding lets you produce useful programs quickly. Leave the more complex system calls (to the Graphics and Layers libraries for screens, windows, gadgets, and menus) until you gain some Amiga programming experience. By the same token, do not overload on reading documentation. There’s too much information to digest at once; concentrate on what you need immediately. Go easy on advanced assembler tools, such as macros and includes, as welt. They will be useful later, but at first they might mask the nature of what your code is doing. Gather Your Tools If you cannot afford a commercial assembler, linker, and debugger, check your user’s group or bulletin board for the public-domain programs A68K (by Charlie Gibbs), Blink (by John Toebes), and Debug (by Jim Thibodeau and Larry La Plume), Free assemblers do have one drawback. Unlike commercial packages, they do not include the useful sets of supplementary files called includes and libs, because the files are copyrighted by Commodore. You can, however, get along without these files. Their most important information is offset values, which tell a program how' to find a position within a data structure and the specific jump-table offset to use in calling a library function. You can find these values in several books; a good choice is Amiga ROM Kemal Manual, Includes and Autodocs ($ 57.90, Addison-Wes- Icy, Route 128, Reading, MA 01867, 617 944-3700). For further research, you’ll find no better reference for the microprocessor chips than the manufacturer: The Motorola MC68000 Programmer's Manual, catalog M68000 PM AD ($ 3.70, LDC, PO Box 20924, Phoenix, AZ 85036, 800 521-6274). For AmigaDOS calls, the official reference is The AmigaDOS Manual ($ 24.95, Bantam Computer Books, 666 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10103, 212 765-6500). A Simple Sample Let’s try a simple program that prints a message (Hello, world!) And runs from the CLI only. We’ll plan the program from the inside out, first discussing the command that does the job, then adding the extra code to perform the setups the Amiga requires. To send the message, you use the DOS call, Write( ), which sends .ASCII characters to an output stream, 'The register setup is: A6 DOSBase, the address of dos.library (jump table) D1 output handle, a value defining our output path D2 data address, a pointer to the message “Hello, world!” D3 data length, size of the message “Hello, w orld!” Invoke Write( ) with a subroutine call (JSR) to address DOSBase minus hexadecimal 30. (Note that the jump table is below the DOSBase reference pointer.) This command returns a value in register DO that could be used for error checking, but we won’t worry about that right now. You know how to set up the D2 data address; that will be the message “Hello, world!” that you will define near the end of the program. You also can define the D3 length, of course, by counting the message’s characters or having the assembler do so. ? Prepare for the ultimate first official Game Product comes alive on your computer! SSI proudly presents Pool of Radiance, the culmination of its collaboration with TSR to bring the legendary ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® fantasy role-playing system to your home computer. Pool of Radiance is set in the huge, complex world of the Forgotten Realms. Its game system adheres faithfully to AD&D® standards. Its state-of-art graphics push the x very limits of the computer's capabilities. The only way to believe it is to experience it for yourself wherever game software is sold. To order, visit your retailer or call 1-800-245-4525 to charge on VISA MC. To receive SSI's complete product catalog, send S1.00 to: SSI, 675 Almanor Avenue, Suite 201, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. VanA*, str retms mdu. 'vruijm:. Tor Thr RUICI' CM' a rvu oowuts, l will _ |ILLL VOLK rORTUMi:. * (u>uvi to vou so?) Now available for AMIGA! Also available for: IBM PC, C-64 128, Apple II Macintosh & Atari ST Look for AMIGA, MACINTOSH & ATARI ST versions of Curse of the Azure Bonds (sequel to Pool of Radiance), coming soon! I 01988 TSR, Inc. C1988 Strategic Simulation*, Inc. All right* reserved. Ri a The remaining questions are how to get the A6 pointer to DOSBase and the D1 output handle. Getting a Handle The output handle is easy. Because you are starting from CLI, the DOS call, Output( ), will give you the “current output stream’* handle. In this case, it is the CLI window, because you arc not using redirection. The register setup is: A6 DOSBase, the address of dos.library (jump table) To return the file-handle value in DO, invoke Output with a subroutine call (JSR) to address DOSBase minus hexadecimal 3C. Your working program now has two steps: call Output) ) to get the handle, then call Write) ) to send the message. Before doing so, however, you need to find the address DOSBase. The first step is to find the “jump table*’ (Library Base, in Amiga terms) that gives you access to the DOS calls. This is not always located at the same address in memory, so you have to look for it. In fact, some libraries won’t be in memory at all when you first search; they will be loaded from disk at that time. Whether you’re looking for the library base or loading it, use the Exec call, Open Library) ), which searches for a library base according to a name you supply. The register setup is; A6 ExecBase, address of the Exec Library (jump table) A1 a pointer to the library name in ASCII DO zero or a library version number To return the library address in register DO, invoke OpenLibrary) ) with a subroutine call (JSR) to address ExecBase minus hexadecimal 228. If the command returns zero, you did not find the address. The library name, like the “Hello, world!” message, will be written into your program. Be sure to take three precautions: Follow the name string by a binary zero character; spell the library name with upper- and lowercase letters exactly as specified; and, when you’re finished, remember to close all libraries you opened. .An Exec call, CloseLibrary) ), makes a note that you do not need a library any more. (When all programs accessing it close a library, the system removes it from memory.) The register setup is: A6 ExecBase, address of the Exec Library (jump table) Al a pointer to the library base You invoke CloseLibrary) ) with a subroutine call (JSR) to address ExecBase minus hexadecimal 19E. Let’s review the program flow again. First, call OpenLibrary) ) to get the DOS library base; then print, using Output) ) and Write) ). Next, free the DOS library with CloseLibrary) ). That doesn’t sound too hard, but you may seem to be running into a paradox. You need to get ExecBase (often called SysBase), the pointer to the Exec library. Are you starting to go around in circles? Nope. The base of the Exec library might be any of several places, but you have an easy way of finding it: Its address is always stored in the longword at location 4 (that’s four bytes, ranging from 4 to 7). No more calls are needed; just grab the address and start using it. One more piece of useful data: All system calls are likely to change registers DO, Dl, AO and Al; the values in the other registers (D2 to 1)7 and A2 to A7) will be preserved. If you’re smart, you’ll make your own subroutines work that way, too. Theory in Action I won’t explain the instructions or addressing modes here; check them with any reference document. You can enter the following code from an editor program, and then assemble and link it to produce a simple, working program. It’s complete in itself; no includes, linked libraries, or macro files are needed. ; Optional for some assemblers section code ; Open and set up the DOS library MOVE.L 4,A6 ; set up ExecBase in A6 LEA DosName = pc),A1; address of Dos name Into A1 MOVEQ 0,D0 ; any version JSR ~$ 228(A6) ; call OpenLibrary(“dos. Libra ry”,0) TST.L DO ; did we get the dos library? BEQ.S Exit ; nope, give up ; Find the output handle. MOVE.L D0.A6 ; set up DosBase into A6 JSR $ 3C(A6) ; Output)) MOVE.L D0.D1 ; setup output handle ; Send the message. LEA Msg(pc),AO ; address of Hello, world! MOVE.L A0,D2 ; . .into D2 MOVEQ 14,D3 ; size of Hello, world! JSR S30(A6) : Write(handle,"Hello, world!"14) ; Close the DOS library MOVE.L A6,A1 ; DosBase pointer MOVE.L
4. A6 ; using Exec library JSR
- S19E(A6) ; CloseUbrary(DosBase) MOVEQ 0,D0 ; signal ‘no error’ Exit RTS DosName
DC. B ‘dos-library’,0 Msg
DC. B ‘Hello, world!’,$ a END .All you have to do is assemble, link, and run it, and you’re on your way! ¦ Jim Butterfield is a grizzled veteran of the microcomputer wars who has been writing about Commodore machines from the Kiml to the Amiga. He is also the author of Machine Language for the Commodore 64, 128, and other Commodore Computers. Write to him at 1-f Brooklyn Ave., Toronto, Ont., Canada M-fM 2X5. Learn from our online encyclopedia Send and receive electronic mail news Check current stock closings Shop over 25 popular stores A romative bulletin boards. Dozens o. htsuhth Now enjoy unlimited nonprime time usage of over 100 popular Genie Service features. For just $ 4.95 a month* You get everything from electronic mail to exciting games and bulletin boards. Nobody else gives you so much for so little. Plus enjoy access to software libraries, computer bulletin boards, multi-player games and more for just $ 6 per non-prime hour for all baud rates up to
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• .1
* ¦ 1 Min. I Meg. Required DCTV™(Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the Amiga's chip memory as its frame buffer memory, DCTV’"creates a full color NTSC display with all the color and resolution of television. Sophisticated true color video paint, digitizing and image processing software are all combined into one easy to use package included with DCTVr." DCTV™also works with all popular 3D programs to create full color animations that can be played back in real time. 286S Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1990 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark oi Commodore Business Machines. Patents applied for. Circle 28 on Reader: GRAPHICS 21 A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen IN WOODY ALLEN’S movie “Zelig" clever compositing techniques placed Allen’s character convincingly into scenes with Adolph Hitler, Babe Ruth, and other real, historical Figures on newsreel footage. Through software such as Deluxe- Faint III (Electronic Arts), Digi-Paint 3 (NewTek), Deluxe PhotoLab (Electronic Arts), and Photon Paint 2 (Micro- Illusions), the Amiga can put similar capabilities in your hands. For this introduction to photo-compositing techniques, we will use DeluxePaint and the Amiga’s 1 (5-level gray scale. A future column will explore HAM methods for achieving the same objective. Lincoln, Lincoln, I’ve Been Thinkin1, . Compositing a photo of a person into another scene is a fun first project. You could join the crew on the bridge of the Enterprise, have your little brother body-slam Hulk Hogan, or put your mother-in-law on the surface of Mars. For the illustration accompanying this column, I started with a Matthew Brady portrait of Abe Lincoln, then searched for a suitable image to add to it. 1 chose a photo of the Mimbreno warrior, Man- gus, that matched the Lincoln lighting fairly closely. Sometimes (as I did in this case) you can even flip an image in the computer to match shadow directions. I used Digi-View (NewTek) to capture both images adjusting brightness, contrast, and sharpness, so that both pictures matched as closely as possible before saving, I had to adjust the distance from photo to camera differently for the two images to get the heads about the same size. Marking the measurements of Abe’s head on a piece of paper held to the screen, I was then able to use them as a reference for focusing the camera on the Mangus photo. You it will find that attention to detail in selecting images, sizing them, and balancing the image-processing settings in the digitizer will make compositing much easier and more effective. Loading the image of Abe into Dpaint, I worked in a 32-color palette for convenience. In order *o use the Shade and Blend modes, I remapped the shuffled Digi-View gray scale to a sequential gray scale. Referring to the palette positions as 0 through 31,1 made color 16 black, color 31 white, and color 0 near-black, with the blue slider raised one notch. I “Spread” color 16 to color 31 to get the required sequential gray scale and set it as the only Range. For menu readability, I made color 1 brown and then made all other colors nongray. It is critical that all colors be nongray except the last 16. If you have done everything correctly, the picture will be unrecognizable colored confetti. Now, however, go to the Picture menu, select submenu Change Color, and choose Remap. The computer remembers the original grays in the picture and searches your new palette for the equivalents you have provided. After several seconds, the image should pop back to its original appearance, remapped to the last 16 colors. If it fails to do so, reload the original image, select Restore Palette from the Change Color submenu to bring back your sequential palette, and then Remap again. “My Captain. , .Your Cap ’T Ain’t Right!” Saving the remapped image, I then loaded Mangus to the spare screen. Using Restore Palette and Remap, I matched it to Abe's palette. With brushes from the tool bar, I carefully “erased” the background color around Mangus with a nongray color, which allowed me to pick him up as a brush from the background. Flip- There are big kicks to be had from small tricks as these compositing techniques will clearly demonstrate. Ping to Abe on the spare screen, I positioned him to see if the composite had potential. I quickly saw lie was too light, a little too large, and outlined with a lot of dark pixels from the background of his original image. Back on his screen, I cleared the screen, stamped him clown on (lie left as a safety image in case I made mistakes, and pressed SHIFT-O. This removed a single-pixel outline from the Mangus brush, getting rid of most of the “mat line” of dark pixels. I stamped this new brush down to work on and then pressed the F5 key for the Shade mode. Positioning the brush precisely over the screen image, I clicked the appropriate mouse button once to darken him one level. Picking him up, I checked him against Abe and found the match good. I hit the “ ” key once to reduce his size, returned him to his own screen, and saved him. 1 wanted to place Mangus behind Abe, the top hat, and the table. To do so, 1 made a two-color version of Abe’s picture as a mask. Using the “ ” key to sample the values of the background, I noted that I would get a clean silhouette by making the first seven dark grays one color. In the Stencil tool, I selected the last nine grays and then Make Stencil. Selecting blue from my palette as a background color, I cleared the screen to make the seven dark grays all blue giving me a clean silhouette of all foreground objects in the photo. I cleared the stencil, selected that blue and then Make Stencil. This foreground area was now established as a mask. 1 toggled Stencil off and reloaded the image of Abe. Bringing my Mangus brush into that image, I toggled Stencil on and he popped neatly into the background. Cleanup, the final stage of compositing, will make or break the image. I began with a single-pixel brush and Magnify. Using the n key, 1 moved around the edge of [he Mangus cutout striving to eliminate hard edges by changing Edge values to ones closer to the background. The key allowed me to pick appropriate colors from the magnified screen for pixel-by- pixel changes. I frequently used a single pixel in the Shade mode to easily darken or lighten a row of pixels. Turning off magnification, I used Blend mode to nudge edges where needed and to feather the hair and headgear into the background. With a small brush, 1 used the Smooth tool sparingly to blur a few spots that were still too sharp. I cut out Man- gus’s cap, flipped it, and put it on Abe modifying it with Blend and Shade. That was about it. So we have history rewritten on the Amiga. Our little project was purely for fun, but we are also seeing increasing computer alteration of journalistic images without realizing we are being handed a modified reality. This is risky magic in a free society, and the legal and ethical bounds of such techniques are coming under closer scrutiny. Therefore, cavea t corn posit or: “So now this craft I to vou confer; Do not the wrath of the gods incur” ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oak- dale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. Editor's Note: Welcome to our new monthly column on multimedia. It will feature a variety of experts bringing you tips, techniques, or tutorials on different aspects of Amiga multimedia productions. Multi Media Picking the Right Program YOU HAVE THE perfect interactive presentation mapped out in your mind. All you need now is multimedia software to build it. Find the functions you plan to use in the list below and see which programs handle them most skillfully. Hot-Key Random Access to Stills and Animations: If you need simple page flipping only, I suggest Elan Performer
2. 0 (Elan Designs, $ 59). It lets you easily assign animations and stills to every key on the keyboard. By putting the program in Record mode you can display pictures and animations using the hot keys, and then later play back the entire sequence with the same timing. AmigaVision (Commodore, $ 149), The Director (Right Answers Group, $ 69.95), Viva (MichTron, S 199.95), and Can Do (INO- Vatronics, SI49.95) also allow you to assign an unlimited number of keys to specific actions in the presentation. Interactor (Very Vivid, $ 79) and TV* Show (Zuma Group, $ 99.95) limit you to function keys, while DeluxeVideo III (Electronic Arts, S 149.95) limits you to eight assignable keys. Text Handling: The Director and CanDo lead the pack with powerful text capabilities that let them interpret typed input, scanning for a specified set of characters. Although AmigaVision cannot do sophisticated text interpretation, it will accept keyboard entries during a By Geoffrey Williams presentation and is able to integrate them with database functions. Mouse Button Control: If you want the mouse buttons to behave like a slide projector's remote control, TV*Show is the best choice. I he left mouse button moves the presentation forward; the right button shows the previous image. If you are used to slide presentations, you’ll have no trouble adapting. While AmigaVision makes mouse control easy, it ignores the right button and, as a result, lacks TV*Show's verv useful for- ward and reverse capabilities. Hot Spots: A hot spot is a graphic element on the screen that, when clicked on, triggers an event. Interactor lets you create animated buttons that can move around the screen. CanDo lets you ere- J ate buttons that will trigger different scripts depending upon whether they are double-clicked, single-clicked, clicked and dragged, or clicked and released. AmigaVision lets you create buttons with its object editor or import brushes to use as buttons. TV*Show and Elan Performer do not use hot spots, and Viva and UltraCard (Intuitive Technologies, S50) can handle only rectangular buttons, not the free-form ones available in the other programs. Playing Back Different Formats: Elan Performer is the only interactive software 1 know of that supports multiple animation formats. You can play ANIM, Movie, and RIFF animations, as well as show RGBS, RGBN, and Commodore’s RGB 24 picture formats, which it converts and displays as 11 AM. Transitions: Fancy wipes and reveals between pictures add visual interest. DeluxeVideo III is the leader, offering 13 wipe effects (each with four adjustable patterns) and 16 variable-speed slide effects. TV*Show has 40 variable-speed transitions, and AmigaVision has 18, with a choice of three set speeds. The other programs’ transitions are either limited or nonexistent. Linking Animations: One way to create longer and more interactive animations is to sequence several short ones together. 4'his also allows you to change color palettes in between. Few programs, however, splice segments seamlessly. Viva puts a grey screen between them. RV*Show pauses for almost five seconds. AmigaVision introduces a pause of about one second, while DeluxeVideo III hesitates briefly but still perceptibly between animations. Only The Director and Elan Performer link animations together without interruption. Memory-Efficient Animation: While the ANIM compression format is efficient for cel animation, long sequences still consume large chunks of memory and disk space. Storing bits and pieces of an animated sequence in memory and moving them as needed is a more compact method. The simplest approach is to have the program move a brush around the screen, as in TV*Show. For real power, however, The Director and DeluxeVideo III are the leaders. Dvideo lets you move brushes and ANIMbrushes across the screen along straight, curved, or erratic paths. You can even move an ANIMbrush while scrolling *>¦ Reach Out And Grab It rame Grabber,. Real Time Video Image Digitizer For desktop publishing, video production, computer art or any multimedia application, nothing’s faster than FrameGrabber! Digitize live color or B&W video images from a Video Camera, VCR, or other video sources in as Little as 1160th of a second... with a single keypress. Use Fra me Grabber’s live software video switch to preview the shot on your Amiga monitor - before digitizing1! FrameGrabber captures live images in 2 to 4,096 colors, in screen resolutions ranging from 320x200 to 640x400, including overscan2. FrameGrabber’s external control knobs give you full hardware control of Intensity, Hue, and Saturation, to adjust for all types of lighting and video conditions. FrameGrabber uses its own built-in RAM to digitize, leaving the RAM in your Amiga free to run other applications. Powerful image control software (included) offers the following unique features:
• “Time Lapse” digitizing with user-selectable intervals and parameters * Captures images for desktop publishing applications with quick “Black & White” mode
• Display thousands of apparent colors in 640x400 resolution with optional dithering • Store portions of images as IFF brushes with “Save Frame” feature
• Sharp, crystal-clear digitizing of static images with multiple exposure mode * Instantly create complex VSKIP IFF animations - automatically or manually This compact, external unit comes with power supply, software, manual, and 3 foot cable for easy placement and connection to your Amiga monitor1. Available in NTSC and PAL versions. Optional advanced ‘Version 2.0” image control software also available - ask your local dealer or call the number below for more information. FrameGrabber. The 1 realtime video digitizing choice of Amiga users since 1988. Another fine video product from: Progressive Peripherals & Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver CO 80204 Telephone: (303) 825-4144 Fax: (303) 893-6938 Hvith standard Amiga 1080, 1084.1084D and 1084S monitors. Other monitors may require special cabling.
- Resolutions slightly higher in PAL version. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines Inc. M U L T I M E I) I A behind it a SuperBitMap (a picture wider than the screen). As an ANIM, this would take up a lot of memory. With Dvideo, all you have in memory is the background screen and the ANIMbrush; the program then manipulates these two elements as you wish. You can also specif)- different movements based on the way the viewer interacts with your presentation. Instead of having a separate ANIM for each response, you have a variety of scripts that describe the movement of the on-screen objects. The Director is even more efficient: You load a screen of graphics into memory and display or animate sections of that screen. While The Director is designed for users who want the most from their presentation software, it is entirely script- based and therefore the hardest to use. Interactive Animation: Being able to change the flow of an animation by interacting with it is one of the most powerful capabilities of interactive multi- media. Can Do, Dvideo, The Director, and AmigaVision all do a good job of creating interactive animation, but none Manufacturers’ Addresses Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Blvd. West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 Elan Design PO Box 31725 San Francisco, CA 94131 415 359-7212 Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 INOVAtronics 8499 Greenville Ave., Suite 209B Dallas, TX 75231 214 340-4991 Intuitive Technologies distributed by mediaMAXX 1199 Forest Ave., Suite 264 Pacific Grove, CA 93950 800 456-6299 comes close to the power of Interactor. That program lets you specify animated brushes as buttons for the viewer to click, even while those brushes are in motion. .-Ml animated objects, including buttons, can be affected by such variables as gravity, friction, and acceleration, and they can even detect collisions with other on-screen objects. If you wish, a mouse click or a collision will resequence the animation in the animated brush. Sound: Deluxe Video III gives you the most control over digitized sounds, letting you alter pitch, volume, channel, stereo separation, and the ability to pan a sound from one speaker to the other. AmigaVision and Can Do let you set the volume and channel only, while The Director and TV*Show let you set the volume and pitch. Interactor controls only pitch. All allow you to specify the number of times the sound repeats. An often vital function is to synchronize a sound effect to a particular animation frame. TV*Show makes this very easy by triggering a sound effect on a specific frame of the animation. The MichTron 3285 Lapeer Rd. West Auburn Hills, Ml 48057 313 377-8898 Right Answers Group Box 3699 Torrance, CA 90510 213 325-1311 Very Vivid 1499 Queen St. West Toronto, Ont. Canada M6R 1A3 416 246-5081 Zuraa Group 6733 N. Black Canyon Phoenix, AZ 85015 602 246-6708 Director is also frame specific. With DeluxeVideo III, you can watch the timeline and get an approximate synchronization. While CanDo plays ANIM- brushes only, it will play a sound on a specific ANIMbrush frame. Interactor uses its own brush-animation format for animation, but it does provide frame-accurate sound synchronization. Music and MIDI: Botli Dvideo and .AmigaVision can play SMUS music files, even through a MIDI instrument. While better MIDI support is planned for the next AmigaVision upgrade, Dvideo currently has the best MIDI and music support, with control over tempo and volume. AmigaVision gives you control over volume only and is limited to four MIDI channels. Scoring: Being able to keep score is especially important for educational applications. CanDo, Interactor, AmigaVision, Viva, and The Director all fit the bill with scoring and math capabilities. Laser-Disc Control: Only AmigaVision and Viva offer easy-to-use interfaces for laser-disc control. Both let you pop up a control panel with which you can search for the sequences. Programming a laser- video sequence for automatic play is a snap with both of these programs. AJRexx: Arexx is a language that lets multitasking programs communicate with and control each other. Deluxe- Video III can send Arexx messages, but cannot receive them. AmigaVision, CanDo, and Elan Performer have two- way Arexx ports, which means that they can control other programs as well as receive instructions from them. Arexx support is also promised for the next upgrade of The Director. (This column will delve deeper into scripting techniques next month.) Most multimedia producers rely on more than one program. With all that is available, you are only limited by your imagination, talent and budget. ¦ Geoffrey Williams is Executive Producer for Creative Business Communication and head of the Amiga Video-Graphics Guild. Write to him do Amiga World Editorial Dept80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ANNOUNCING THE CREATIVE COMPUTERS LOW PRICE GUARANTEE Creative Computers, the service and low-price leader, has just reduced all of its prices even more. Check out the prices in this ad, then compare them to the competition’s. If you find a lower price anywhere, we’li beat it!** COMPUTERS FREE SOFTWARE 3 Full Disks of MUSIC. ART. 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• DESIGNED TO USE A MINIMUM AMOUNT OF PRECIOUS RAM TO MAXIMIZE MULTITASKING EFFICIENCY !Y ASPECT OF THE PROGRAM USTOMIZED TO YOUR [t you order from Creative Computers before November 30th, 1990, any order totalling $ 600 or more, you will receive a free 1 year membership! Membership could save you hundreds of dollars on future orders. To enroll, call TOLL-FREE with your order or fill out and mail in the Enrollment & Order Form found elsewhere in this ad. A HARD DISK BACKUP U DISTRIBUTORS OF B.A.D. i ft man with any ot ¦ at our own e two items run out
* 596 D6W3WS 2D . 6*35 DIRECTOR THE
* 995 dougsco.gr commander 1995 FFAMEGRAB9ER V2 SFTWR 5895 GRAPHICS STARTER KIT yss MAGE LINK 21*00
- 5195 SC0€ GENERATOR...... 2955 TALESP.N - - 2695
• 100,000 word Spelling Checker
• Thesaurus w 300,000 word cross references
• Import any HAM or IFF image
• Adjustable defaults lor ALL program settings!
• Multiple fonts, sizes, styles
• A rex* Support
• Wrap text around pictures PROGRAMMING ACEASC AC FORTRAN A: FORTRAN 17 ADAPT 500 XQ AMIGA LOGO AMIGA ViSON.. AflEXX ... 129 95 195 CO CALL £365 5895 S3 CO
23. 35 MUSIC SOFTWARE MUSIC EDITOR LIBRARIAN C-ZAR 43.55 DR TS 4-OP EDI® ..... 57.55 DR 7SCZ CARTRIDGE DR TSCZRIDER .....B7.95 OR TSD-nOEDLE 8" 55 CATS 0-50 EQL£ 90.35 DRTSDX7EDU8 .3035 DR TS E MU PROTEUS 3055 OR TS ESQ-APACE I ..8735 205! .209! 205! 205! RENDERING NEW GRAPHIC PROGRAMS . CALL 293K sceoc '02K W 5! ..9331 10500 . 58.95 ..5395 . 2395 . 55 93 . 99 55 ca 95 5595 1935 . 5035 ..1355 53 35 999;
* 09! . 1695 ... 5295 . 59 95 9055
99. 95 Wings ....
29. 95
31. 35
88. 95 9695 yss 555 yss . 37 95
- . 29 55 EC.-S FRC EiSDtJL 60 95 TT&OW2.0 5695 FCNTS AM) BORDERS 22 95 7V"TEXT F93ESSCMAL 99 95 Gau£RY3-D 5195 VIDEO EFFECTS 50 . 11900 PhOTO?» PABfT EX’ OS* 1555 VCEO EFFECTS 3D FA-
139. 95 STWSMRS 230 SCULPT . 2395 DEOTTTLER . CALL ST ARSH PS 2060 TsiLV . 23 5! VtDGEJJ 10...... .,, 93 95 SUPER CUPS 1 1£55 VIOI CHROME COLOR MOD . 2935 SUPER CUPS 2 ...... 18 55 CUP ART FONTS ARCPAFT RCS ___ 3195 FANCY 30 FONTS .....
* 6 95
- 2295 PAGSSTSEAV FONTS C 2555 CES DSK. HUMAN TS. 22 55 PIC-UAGIC PACKAGE ONE W95 rfcrm ut iii*j uCS 22 55 PRQFOMTSVOLI 22 95 .ID U" 1 1VWV1 » J it as 22 95 PRO FOJTB VOL fl __ 2295 wIO U!wA. I il CTL Jur .. . DES DISK, INTER TSL . 9-9 22 95 PROF FO!JT LIBRARY _ .- 43.95 DESDtSK. INTER VSP..... ___22 95 PROP. PAGEOUTlNECG 12500 DES DiSK. MICROS SCP _ 22 95 PROF. PAGE TEMPLATES - ... 38 95 DES DISK. MICROS Tsl 2295 STORYBOOK CAPITALS . 293!
R. cc ruqc iirprE W 2235 TATE FONTS __
* 595 uCj y rvnw r DES DISK DHASAUR - .. CALL ZUMA FONTS 1-4 PACK 62 95 DES CdSK WQCClANOS _CALL 2LWA FONTS VOL; ___ 2395 ZUMA:CftT5VOL 1 ?JMA FONTS VOL 2 ZUMA FONTS VOL 3 ZWAfWTSVOlA 800-872-8882 213-214-0000 Canada: 1-800-548-2512 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 - Mon-Sat BAM-6PM PST - FAX: 213-214-0932 DEVICES ON Tl£ SCREEN . CREATE ROW CHARTS, BLOCK DIAGRAMS. TIMING DU GRAMS. AND MORE-.
• 5 5: PWOUtffl
59. 96 SKYLINE 33S VI2 7 55 SOUNDTRAXVO. L t*9£ TtLETUTOR 1695 SOUND TRAX VO. 2 1*65 CROSS DOS .. 2595 SYNTHlA l! 7395 PREMIER PD FIVE DISK 7*95 PREVIER FD SiX DISK , . 76 55 CUSTOMER SERVICE OR ORDER STATUS VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, International Phone and Mail Orders, Educational, Corporate and Aerospace Purchase Orders Accepted. DRAGONS LAIR DRAGONS LAIR B FLJMBOSCyEST FLOOD RON TRACKERS. ... 25® NY WARRIORS. 32 4? PIONEER PLAGUE ic CO PIPE DREAM . 4® PLAGUE 23® RR0JECTY1E _ .. 27 ® PUFFYS SAGA 23® SHADOW Of THE BEAST _ _ 25® SHADOW OF THE BEAST 1 _ 34® SHOOT EM UP CONSTRUE . _ 13® SPACE ACE 33® su per cars _ .. 12® TEENAGE MUTANT WUAS _ 39® TESTDHYE 8 32 4? ’ETRiS _ ... 19® 25® 1000 TREASURE TRAP 7FJANGO TUNNELSGFARMAGEDDON .... 27.® VVELLTRJS 20- 35 WHO FRAMED ROGER PASS 28® ACTION STRATEGY 683 ATTACK SUB _... 23® AQUANAUT ... ... . 25® BAMXT K.NG3 CF CHINA 39® TEWPLlOTY FOB ANALYZE .20.55 TEUPUCfTY FOR UAXIPLUi 2055 TEMPLCITY FOR SUPERPLAN 2055 ULTRXfOflMS VOLUME I .... 055 CIRCUIT DESIGN BOAFC MASTER ™ PclO .... 1S.CC PO.O-PWTD CIRCUIT SSCC PRO BOARD 2® fl PRO BOARD 'JET PACKAGE 25? CO SchEVE . 15995 32 49 CODE NAME ICEMAN 38® COLONELS BEQUEST 38® WFESTAHON.....23.® JETSQNS. . 29® D BY CENTAUR SOFTWARE SCULPT ANIMATE 4D JR ...S89.95 Create, render and animate solid object with the same easy-to-use interface as 4D (no ray tracing). SCULPT ANIMATE 4D .S350 The most sophisticated and powerlul 3D animation and ray-tracing software available on ANY PERSONAL COMPUTER! IT'S THE EASIEST USE! I Phone ( )_ Drakkon ...36.95 EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE ADULT EDUCATIONAL 27® KplSTAL
32. 49 .31® . 29.55 .29.®
24. 55 .34® .16®
39. ® 44® .25® Distant Suns ..40.95 BLOOD WYCH ..... CHAWPiONSOF KRYNN - DUNGEON MASTER DUNGEON MASTER ASST 1 DUNGEON MASTER ASST 2. OJNGECN MASTER cOTOR DUNGEON MSTR KfNTDSK FAERYTALE ADVENTURE Exp. Date I. The Best in Desktop Publishing New Lower Price! $ 159 Professional Page 1.3 «Compugraphlc Fonts
* Outputs at the maximum resolution of your printer
• Up to ten times faster than v.1.0 |
• Smoothly flow text around curves
• On screen color dithering allows a thousand colors on-screen in hi-res! 3»95 .29 95 31® ALTERED EEA57 3243 40® ARCADE ACTION PACK 12® 42_® BATMAN THE MOYlS 29® 35® 3ATT EHAWKS ..... 34 4? 3ATT.E SQUADRON 23® 1955 BIOCO MONEY 25®
25. 85
27. 55 BUBBLE GHOST ... .2255 34 55 CALIFORNIA CHALLENGE .. .14®
27. ® DOUELE DRAGON .13®
23. ® 19® ‘DOLOR CYCLING VIDEO . ... 30® ... 19.85 OOT1Z1NG FOR EFFECT
- ..30®
16. ® VDEO GRAPHICS TECH . 30® .11.® DIRECTOR TUTORIAL 29® 2S® TURBO S3. VER VC£0 20® XTMATE VDEO PflOO 1 _... 3243 WIN A MICROWAY FLICKER FIXER! (A $ 369 VALUE) RegistertowinaMicrowayFlickerFixer(or product of comparable or lesser value) by filling out this questionnaire and mailing it to us. One person will be picked at random to win from questionnaires received by October 31st, 1990! (No purchase necessary.) HOW TO ORDER USING THIS FORM:
1. Call for shipping rates.
2. Mail this order form to CREATIVE COMPUTERS at: 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 Name_ Address_ City_ QTY PRODUCT NAME Uhrr price TOTAL ! 8 H=3i S-r.SALBTM ret PIES ONLf) ]] UPS Ground rqui I Federal Express n YES! I'd like to join the Creative Computers VIP Club. FI! Am ordering S600 or more in product for a FREE VIP membership. ? I would like to order the following products: ENTRY ENROLLMENT ORDER FORM State_ Zip_ Customer _n METHOD OF PAYMENT: i i fl,,. HI.. , ¦ | j Check | I Money Order |_| Visa [_J MasterCard ? American Express ? Discover CREDIT CARD USERS ONLY: Credit Card _ Signature_
665. 00
704. 00
979. 00
809. 00
• 14" SuperFine Pitch Trinitron
• Resolution up to 1024 x 768
• .25mm dot pitch ,
• Portable, full color scanner
• 200 Dpl 24-bit color
• Includes Scanlab software JX300 & JX450 are available OUR POLICIES CUSTOMER SERVICE for tech support call 213-542-2292 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. PST. ’ >H;:: n.G INFO No surcharge for Visa MasterCard; 4% sjrcharge for American Express; 1‘. Surcharge for Discover. Call for all other shipping information. Educational, corporate aid aerospace purchase orders accepted. APPLIED ENGINEERING DIGITAL CREATIONS VISA
1. 52mb! U :.tr» Sna t X J iWCB Lrcrrsir. Nr.-i»rcutrvxcr ’-st*Amu ria -rjut SftracjrMjansur j n srotrre jnin me *.* 5* un s» *tt X sm i w r*« a* X Trti tma JrtCM nu x» *i~nx;xriwbtticanren EcnrgB T.n*ij'>mnxs WKUKt liA’H9 X1(lN Fw «swy y poor n una t nrjr war va* S«-tr* mtj ;• awi U as** K-itx :swa r«3 x tan t Stir rcusvr. 4uKtn;»e «r(V'9r wFOtaa sew rnnhrsEartraaiDcnsraa it >ir; ctki ~.t trear r«5r; ra XTWXhk, UlffE ~Qi ¦UaS h Ur* ffO. VC ¦ *r-T- rx M U X* cut* -. -irnrVZ •3 'Si*n us»Cecmr,f>,-'js:U9raisyiS?c*5cwf pj?*X 31 IPTrSMft ¦ a. ,¦Ttt-sxvsa: ¦. Evmv toafim dwnui Fm nmm L*nucD'nx-i&'ii sow DIGITAL $ uperG*p2QOO_- SUPERGEN 2000S.S1350 AE High Density Drive ...S199.00 Operates as an 880K drive or 1.52 Meg drive and has an electronic eject button. AE Datalink 2000 Upgradeable Modem . SI 39.00 Above Upgraded with MNP-5 ..S179.00 500 Heavy Duty Power Supply $ 89.95 SUPERGEN 2000SC
• •r*niC£ OiMPAVTEt U S OnV- NV*i D «3 -nvcftifdw « ty a;i avthoniM cti ri e.capt mtrctitnSM cn sal. W* mi ycu 'daiva.-ao’ px* lower pen Pe oP«f oealarj "o.ivynr prce SUPERGEN GENLOCK
649. 00 NY Warriors By Peter Olafson ONE OF A handful of shoot- ’em-ups that behave like stand-up quarter-eaters, NY Warriors explodes onto the Amiga’s screen rich with detail. While your green-suited man is burning down everyone in sight, trees blow gently in the wind. Rats run across your path. Clouds of insects hover over trash bins. People pop up from manholes and park benches, and they’re not polite at all. The concept is a bit like Warriors, the gang movie of a decade ago. Terrorists have planted a nuclear device in the World Trade Center and are holding New York hostage. They want Manhattan, Greenwich Village, and southeastern Schenectady. (I know, Greenwich Village is part of Manhattan, but this is what it says in the manual.) Scrolling is multi-directional, and as you progress through eight sections of the city, finding your way out becomes tougher and tougher. Enemies grow decidedly more intelligent not simply more numerous and trigger-happy with each of the four levels of difficulty. To help, the game permits stockpiling of resources; up to two improved weapons are accumulated and then automatically substituted when the better one is exhausted. NY Warriors has a distinctly Amiga feel, as well. A wonderful Sonix-built score kicks things along. If you like, you can toggle it off and just listen to the firestorm of explosions. Fhe detonations (and the game graphics generally) are rendered in a rich, deep palette that lends this forsaken city a kind of hyper-reality. It’s almost a shame that the pace is so frenetic, as there’s a great deal to take in. Play it once to win. Play it again to see what vou can see. It could have been perfect. I’m a little tired of two-disk games that won't recognize a second drive or support a hard disk. The high-scores screen on my copy was marred by a graphic glitch a rather tatty ending, considering the pristine quality of what preceded it. Compared with the artfulness and depth of the game, the failings are petty. NY Warriors is one great shoot-’em-up that belongs in every arcade gamer’s collection. ($ 49.99; Virgin Wastertromc Inc., 18001 Cowan, Suites A iff B, Irvine, CA 92714, 714 833-8710. One megabyte required.) Crib Notes By Peter Olafson DOCKING YOUR SHIP in Operation Spruance (Parsec, $ 49.95) Is the toughest part. Grounding is much more likely to end your mission than enemy fire. The best method of berthing the ship that I've found is analogous to parallel parking: Move it slowly (10 percent power), adopt a steep angle of approach, cut back the wheel at the last moment, and put it in reverse. You can do this in forward or reverse, but I found the rear view and reverse controls a little awkward. Getting away from the dock isn’t nearly the problem it appears. Don’t bother backing out. You can turn the ship on a dime, and without taking any timbers off the pier. Put it in reverse, crank your rudder full left, and, when the ship is at a 90-degree angle to the dock, kick it into forward and pull your rudder right. If you time it correctly, you’ll be pointed between two channel markers. The first mission isn't bad, provided you react quickly to the two Tomcats at 12 o'clock. Don’t pause for a second once you've made them. If they take out any of your systems, you might as well restart. You'll need only Sparrows against them, however, so they're expendable once the jets are down. Other craft can be easily managed if you survive their air-to-ground missiles.
• Hey, nobody said you had to fight the ores on your first mission in Times of Lore (Origin, $ 39.95), Just grab the urn it's southwest ol the clearing and get out. If you do have to fight, be sure you first get the dagger from the woodsman's house.
• Ultima V (Origin, $ 59.95) should be out for the Amiga soon, and I'll open the new year with a slew of hints for that monster adventure. In the meantime. Here are some direction signs for people stalled in the end-game of its predecessor. What’s worse than getting to the entrance to the Chamber of the Codex (that last room is a killer, isn’t ft?) And not having the answers? Nothing. You’re told most of them explicitly within the body of the game, but if you've skimmed over the philosophical stuff, which is not as question-and- answer oriented, you may find yourself all dressed up with no place to go. For one thing, you’ll need a good understanding of the virtues and the principles on which they're based. For another, there’s that three-syllable word of passage. You have the syllables. But can't figure their order. Well, think. You've been hearing about truth, love, and courage until you’re blue in the face. It's almost as though old Lord British were trying to drill something into you, isn't it? I hope you also wrote down the letters that appeared as you achieved avatarhood in each virtue. If it looks like gobbledygook, remember that the virtues, like the principles, have a certain order.
• I came across some Dungeon Master (FTL $ 39.95) arcana on one of the networks the other day. You probably think the barbarian Halk is just a bruiser. Not so. If you have him use magic objects, he'll gain a magic point or two. With two, he can cast ‘'LO,'' which doesn't mean a thing, but with repeated use wiil give him enough experience to advance a level. (The posting, by a Jason Freund, indicated Continued on p. 84 WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER FACE-OFF AGAINST? KonamK introduces two more ruthless opponents for your home computer. Whetheryou want to get crushed against the boards or have your body drained of blood, the choice is yours. In Blades of Steel; control ice-blistering speed and momentum, as you fire the puck past tenacious defenders, duck punches thrown by high-sticking enforcers or even protect the net from 100 mph penalty shots. And in Castlevania; journey through the most horrifying maze of evil ever devised, battling unearthly creatures with your mystic whip and masterful senses until you come face-to-fang with the death defying Count Dracula. So grab your hockey stick and silver cross, then go head-to-head against the kind of competition you've dreamed about. M M m m m MM * And feared. Konami Inc. (708} 215-51 f I Blades of Steel* and Castlevania-are registered trademarks of Kcnami Inc Konami* isa registered trademark of Konami Industry Co. Ltd. 1990 Konami Inc BfliWALL
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 24 Hour FAX Line 1-215-683-8567 Customer Service 1-215-683-5433 Technical Support 1-215-683-5699 SOLID CALL PRODUCTS 1-800-638-5757 Outside the USA (1-215-683-5661) CALL US FOR A QUOTE’ SATISJ&CTIOOt gUZ '-Kfl'JtTE'E'D! 39 33 41 17 30 24 39 34 34 23 27 23 36 33 27 34 33 25 27 39 26 33 13 30 15 17 33 41 27 33 27 27 33 13 33 27 41 33 27 39 34 41 23 33 33 30 34 27 S52 68 call 22 64 call 16 77 14 call 35 45 2‘J call call 20 129 In-House Technical Support A No-surprises Shipping Policy Our FIFTH Year in Business No Surchage for Charge Orders No Holding of Personal Checks A Fair Return Exchange Policy SI5 17 2(1 15 25 15 17 8 17 27 IS 17 28 20 27 17 15 21 11 21 2-5 2S 27 The Duel Kuropean Clialenge 129 126 209 150 35 159 54 192 99 129 189 32 I 14 279 72 48 252 53 99 225 99 149 140 33 33 27 34 33 NEWTEK’S Dynamic Duo Genghis Kltan 39 Mgchra Plus $ 33 Ghost Busters II 27 Mgelira Plus VoI2 $ 33 Halls id Monte uma* 311 Distant Suns (Galileo 3) 46 Hardball 11 33 Katie's Farm 27 Harpoon* 41 Math Blaster 33 Heat Wave: OtTshure Raring 30 Math Talk Fractions 30 Hero’s Quest 39 Mavis Beacon Typing 34 Highway Patrol 2 30 26 23 23 35 27 33 14 HI 39 33 39 34 41 27 27 41 30 31 The Briwall Package - $ 485 Digi-Paint 3, Digi-View 4.0, Panasonic VVVI410 Camera, 16mm Lens w variable iris and Copy Stand w lights Advanced Amiga Basic Amiga 3D Graphics Programming Amiga Basic lnsidc&Out+ Amiga C for Beginncrs+ Amiga C for Adv anced Progs+ Amiga Companion 2nd Edition Amiga DOS Inside & Out+ Amiga DOS Quick Ref Manual Amiga Desktop Video Guide Amiga Graphics Inside and Out+ Amiga Hardware Reference Review Amiga Machine Lnngunge+ niiga Prin1ers:lnsidcA:I Bit*1 Amiga Programmer's Handbook 2 Amiga System Prog's Guide-*- Amiga Tips fc Tricks-*- Amiga for Beginners C Primer Plus Dungeon Master Hint Book Inside the Amiga with C Making Music nil the Amiga ROM Kcmal RcfiExce.Lib&Dev* ROM Kcmal Reflncludcs&AutoDoc Barney Bear % Early Education Games for Children ages 3-8. Barney Bear Goes to School Barnev Bear (Joes to the Farm Ban»c Bear Goes to Space (new * These learning games combine sounds, music and speech with interactive stories and activities for the young computer user. Briwall Price -$ 23 each 64 Emulator Ainlrac 11 rack li;itl I Cables Camera Lens 16mm - No Iris Copy Stand with Light Fixtures Covers DigiVicw Adapter Gender Chang.. Disks - 3.5“ DSDD box of 100 Flicker Master Ink Joystick - Gravis Marcus RBI* 109Track Ball Mouse Master Paper Ribbon Safcskin Keyboard Protectors Snitch Box l av Phone Advantage (The) Bgraphies DllAfAN Excellence VI.O(IMB) Family Tree (Your) (HTicc* Pagesetter II Page Stream V2.ll Pen Pal I'riifessiimal Draw 2.0 Professional Page 1.3 Prescript for Prowrite Prow rile V3.0 Saxun Publisher Scribble - Platinum Edition Security Analyst Service Industry Accounting Superhase Personal Superhase Personal 2 Superhase lYofessional V3.0 Superplan Word Perfect v4.1.11 Works - Platinum Edition GENERAL BUSINESS ACCESSORIES EDUCATION BOOKS 688 Attack Sub 534 DSI) • Champions of Krynn 35 AD&D - Dragons of Flame 17 D&1) - Dragon Strike* 34 3D&D - Pool of Radiance 35 Anarchy 27 Bandit Kings of Ancient China 39 Battle Squadron 24 Black Gold 27 Blades of Steel 30 BiocKout 26 Brain Blaster 27 Bride of the Robot 26 Bridge 6.0 27 Clown-O-Mania 23 Codename: Iceman 39 ('olonel's Bequest 39
D. R.A.G.O.N. Force 34 Dragon's Lair II: Singe's Castle 46 Dragon Lord* 34 Dnigonscape 27 Drakkhen 39 Dungeon Master 26 Dungeon Master 1* 27 Earl Weaver Baseball 35 Earl Weaver Stats *89 Disk 14 The Immortal New from EA! When nightmares come to life you discover you're not immortal. You're a mighty wizard in search of your lost master in this Will 1 lar- vev action adventure masterpiece. Venture into ilie dungeon and unrav el the mysteries. Briwall Price - $ 34 F 29 Retaliator This top-selling European game is now being distributed in the US by Electronic Arts. Four battle scenarios and two aircraft offer 99 different missions. Includes air. Land and sea strikes, detailed 3D graphics and real-time cockpit displays. Briwall Price - $ 34 McGee 27 Mixed Up Mother Goose 20 My paint 33 My Paint Data Disk 1 i? Rln tiling Notebook 29 Talking Story Book 20 World Atlas 2.0 39 ENTERTAINMENT Holc-ln-One Golf Hoyles Book of Games 1 loy lex (hones 2 tee Hockey: Wayne Gret ky linperium !t Came From the Desert It Came From the Desert II Jigsaw Pu jJemania Kings Quest 4 Knights nf Legend Leisure Suit Lam 3 Life & Death* Loom Matrix Marauders Midwinter Might Magic 2 Mutant Priestess Neuromancer Falcon Flight Simulator 2 Flood Fool's Errand Future Wars Nohunga's Amhiiion* lpcr.itinn Spniancc hcrriin Pipe Dream Pirates! Planet of Lust Police Quest 2 Populus Powermungcr* Pro Football Simulation Project) It1 Pti nic* lied Sturm Rising Rings of Medusa Scrabble Second Front Scvlimates Sex Vixens front Space Shadow of the Beast Shadow of the Beast 2 Shark Attack Shinolii Shool'em Up Ku Sun City Sim City Terrain Editor Spherical Star I rek 3 Storm cross Europe St reed Rod Strike Aces Sword of Aragon Tenuis Cup Test Drive 2: Test Drive 2: The Colony The Plague Their Finest Hour:Baltic Britain Third Courier Tunnels of rmngeddon Ultima IV I ureal Waterloo Ueltris Where Europe is Carmen San Diego Where in USA is Carmen San Diego Where in World is Carmen San Diego ings Wings of Furv CR E ATI VITY GRAPHICS
31) ['i iifcssimial 320 3D I’roreesional ideo 19 Ani Magic 91 Animation Soundtrack 88 Art Department 59 rt Department Prof.* 129 Aulodroid 50 AutoScript 84 Broadcast Tiller 193 Color Splitter nto Cable 45 Credit Text Scroller 27 Deluxe Paint Version 3 99 Deluxe Video 3 99 Digimate 3 27 Digipaint 3 69 Digtvicw v4,0 (for 500 2000) 139 Digiworks 3D 84 Director 49 Disney nima(iou Studio 1 19 Draw 2000 169 Grapities Starter Kit 65 Imagine*' 224 Interchange 33 Intro CAD Plus 108 Kara Fonts call Media Line Dsktp & Video Package 24 Outline Fonts 129 Palette Primer 20 VIDEO TITLING STARTER KIT The perfect way to get started in home, school, or industrial v ideo. Comes complete with:
- •Genlock unit Titling software Video fonts All the necessary' cables A comprehensive manual Briwall Price -$ 199 Pi x mate 45 Pro Video Post 224 Scene Generator 33 Sculpt Animate 4D 389 Turbo Silver w Terrain 139 TV Text Professional 109 Ultra Design 255 Video Scape 3D 2.0 129 Video Tiller v 1,5 106 Vista 65 1 SOUND & MUSIC Mars & Pipes 192 Deluxe Music Construction 65 Dr T Keyboard C. S. Level II 225 Dr T Keyboard C. Seq. V3.0 177 Dr T’s Tiger* 97 Dr T's Tiger Cub 65 Music Mouse Perfect Sound A500 V.1,0 65 Phantom 161 Syniluu II SI Take Note 59 1 UTILITIES LANGUAGES A Talk lit $ 65 Adapt 68030 ssembler Izd A max II - Mae Emulator 161 A max - Trumpcard Utilities 7“ Ami...Alignment 39 Amiga Workbench 1.3 24 Vmil press BBS S7K A re xv V 1.0 35 Assempro 64 Aztec C Dev Pak V5 w SLDebug 195 Aztec C Prof Pak Y5 w Zedilor" 129
B. A.D Disk Optimizer 32 Baud Bandit 33 Buddy System Tor Deluxe Paint 34 Can Do 89 CrossDOS 2(1 Disk Master 1.4 33 DOS -2-DOS 39 Doctor Ami.. 33 Imagelink 2.H 177 Janus Libraries 3 2.II 27 Digi-Paint 3 The Ultimate Paint Program $ 69" HAM painting package for the Amiga written in 100% assembly language for a fast, powerful, easy-to-use program. We maintain an enormous inventory of software. If you don't see what vott want. CALL! ¦ Titles marked with * were not vet released when the ad was ¦¦ prepared. Please call for firm price availability. Titles in M()|J> are new items Australian Customers can order software locally from Briwall Australia at:
(062) 88 0131, or FAX (062) SS 0337 Digi-View Gold 4.0 Simplythe Best! $ 139 Digitize images with complete software control of color saturation, brightness, sharpness, hue. Resolution and palette. Sterling Serv ice BBS Ilie friend I Vmigu bulletin honrd si stem Sterling Service uses Amiga graphics, pull-down menus and requesters to create an intuitive interlace that makes setting up and operating your BBS a breeze. Briwall Price - $ 97 Lattice C++ 259 Lattice V5.04 Dev Paeukage 2»5 Paragon BBS 107 Project D v 1.1 1J Quarterback V4,0 49 Raw Copy VI.31: 39 Skyline BBS 1119 Super ( artl 3 mi 11 79 Super Explode 39 Lltrat arc! Plus 65 ( opy 33 BfliWALL
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 PLEASE COME VISIT US! Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM EST Saturday 9AM-12 Noon EST Outside the USA (1-215-683-5661) DRIVE PACKAGES Trumpcard Trmpcd-Prof Mlcro-Dyn A500 A500 AI (MX) $ 212 $ 285 $ 185 Trumpcard Trmpcd-Prof Micro*Dyn A2UOO A2000 A2000 $ 13! $ 219 $ 75 Kronos* A 500 $ 328 Kronus A2(XXI $ 186 Advantage GVPSHHC CVPSHHUW Hartirrame A200(1 A2000 A2000 A2000 $ 159 Si 69 $ 215 $ 172 32MB-40ms Seaaate-3.5 We low the technical sales stall and trained technicians h i help you w itl) a hard drive |t«.kigc purchase. 40MB-11ms Quamum-3.5 44N1B*25ms Svqucsi-5.25 Syqucsi w Casc&Carl These package prices are complete, ;u I include all additional Eirdware required. A500 A1000 packages include case and cables. (On packages with a " you call deduct $ 110 if you don't want live case and cable.) A200D mounting brackets may he additional. 48MB-28ms Scacatc-3.5 64MB-24ms Scagalc-3.5 80MB-1 Inis Quantum-3.5 84MB-24ms Seaeaie-3.5 IO0MB-II ms ( uantui Driv e assembly is S15. Cr assemble it y ourself! 210MB-11 ms uanUimAA BOARDS
• '-> K-up! 0 IMB.nl 0 Supra u hMB*! GVP 8 0 I Mil SIMM Ramworks _ 2 r.KxJ Baseboard 2? Okv-i ') ICD520 5 25bK 4 0 XtC Ristnuil 0 I MB SIMM Supra Corporation ACCELERATOR HOARDS! A3001 - 68030-882 28MHz + 4MB A3001 wiili 40MB Quantum A300I vvilh 80MB Quuntum miga 2IIII1I Hard Drise Packages These packages come complete wiili controller and hard drive, are formatted and ready lo use. Supra Wordsyncn 40 !BQuanlum III) $ 529 Supra WordsyncuVlOOMBQuanlum III) $ 827 Ymiga IIMKI and 509 SiiprnDnvc Packages These packages come complete wills controller, case power supply, are formatted and ready to use, AI (KMI A500 44MB Svuuest Supra Drive Pke SI029 $ 969 lO5MB 0uantum Supra Drive Pkg $ 9X9 $ 929 Smigu 51111X1' Hard Drive Packages • R W 20MB with 5I2K $ 575 with 2MB $ 665 40MB with 5I2K $ 699 w,ih 2MB S785 SI 549 SI 899 $ 2149 A3033 - 63030-882 33MHz + 4MB A3050 - 68030-882 50MHz + 4MB Mcta4+case 1 MB SIMM jThc two A500 SERIES II HARD DRIVE SYSTEMS + RAM boards next owners For Xctcc Ow twrs For Mcta4 5155 Owners PRINTERS Citizen GSX-I40 $ 369 Canon PJIOHOa Color InkJet $ 539 HP DeskJet Plus $ 795 IIP Laser Scries IIP $ 1179 HPPaim Jei $ 1150 NEC 22IHIXE $ 379 OkidaLi Ml.-182 lurlm $ 339 Qumc Cr stalPrint Pul*. II 2799 Sharp JX730 (color ink jell SI 699 Star NX-KKK1R Rainbow $ 259 Pr interface $ 82 SCSI ERASABLE OPTICAL Tahiti IGB $ 7995 Rieuli 570MB (lirivc only) $ 3499 Sony WOMB (vv l cartridge) $ 4899 SCANNERS Prof. Scanlah (Softw+Hardw ) $ 795 Hnn-D-Scan 309 Migraph Scanner $ 360 Sharp JX-300 + Prof Seanlab $ 4349 VIDEO Camera Lens 16mm w variablc iris $ 49 Camera Panasonic 15(X)X $ 309 Camera Panasonic WV1410 $ 189 Color Spinier $ 109 Ricker Fixer A2000 $ 435 Frame Buffcr+Capture 1MB $ 749 Frame Grahber - 256 Gray Scales $ 636 Frame Grabber - Progressive $ 539 HAM-E $ 299 VIP Video Interlace $ 109 MLSC HARDWARE A-Net A20IH1 $ 615 A-Net A500 $ 659 Case • Bomare Tower S2H6 CD-ROM External Drive $ 699 CD-ROM A2000 Ini. Drive $ 599 Draw Tablet - Easy] 5(8) $ 359 Draw Tablet ¦ SkelclinuLsltr 12x12 $ 399 Ether Vet A2065* $ 240 Fast Fax $ 599 Kwikstarl A1000 $ 105 Mouse Time - A1000 Clock $ 33 Multiport Board CM I .$ 179 PC Pi.werhuard $ 499 Power supply ¦ AH A5(Ml lOOW $ 89 Rejuvenutur A1000 (hare) $ 350 S 1506 RI.L In SCSI Adaptor $ 165 Tool Bus A500 or A 1000 w powcr $ 227 ACCELERATOR BOARDS DRIVES (Hard) 84MB Seagate 5.25" ST296N S39t 100MB Connor 3.5" CP3I00 $ 847 158MB Micropolis5.25" 1674-7 $ | 125 GENLOCKS Antigen $ 99 Magni 4010 & 401 OS $ 1629 Mini gen $ 215 Ncriki 1187 YCS $ 2039 Neriki Desktop VC $ 1269 SuperGen S669 SuperGen 2000s $ 1869 Vidtech ScanLock VLS-1 $ 859 MEMORY A500 50 Mype Clone S69 EXP-512 512K (501 tvpe) $ 53 EXP-S(XX) 2MB $ 479 RAM500 Supra (501 Tvpe) $ 65 SupraDrive A500 RAM 2MB $ 242 Wi RA M A500 0.0MB $ 95 MIDI SOUND A-M.A.S. $ 135 CM I External 500 2(HX) $ (>0 ECE - External A 500 1000 2000 $ 49 MODEMS Aprotck Mini A500 1000 2000 $ 79 Baud Bandit $ 110 Baud Bandit l.ex el 5 $ 139 Courier HST 14.4K $ 635 Cuurier HST Dual Sid. >1065 DataEiuk A2IIII0 int. >145 Dalai.ink Express cxl. $ 189 Supra 2400 w o cable Sill Supra Modem Plus MNP Level 5 S159 Zoom Modem (2400 Bd) S1C19 MONITORS DiaitmndScan AlIM 1381 ATS $ 569 K'M 135 Stereo >299 Monilcrm Viking t $ 1419 NEC Mulitssnc 3D $ 695 Seiko CM-144(1 $ 675 Sonv 1302 (tmillisvncl >789 Sony PVM-1390 ' $ 525 MOUSES Boing Optical $ 99 GI-1000 Optical $ 79 M4 Contriver $ 49 The Cordless Mouse $ 99 11 unicane 2800 w 03O-882 25 OK $ 737 11umcane A500 w 020-88 I I 6 I MB $ 726 MegaMidgel Racer Bare $ 585 MegaMidgel Racer 33MJ I , vv 512K $ 1495 MidRfl Racer A2000 w 03025MII . S719 CHIPS 4 MB (SIMM) for GVP Ace Bd $ 599 4MII v 8 bit SIMM >497 4MB x I bil 100ns $ 68 DRAM - 1MB x 8 hits SIMM $ 79 DRAM - 256KB x 4 hit 120ns ZIP $ 16 DRAM - 256KB x 4 hit 120ns $ 1! Math Chip 68882 - 25Mh $ 349 Micro Proc Chip 68030 - 2SMh* $ 276 SCRAM - I MB 4 bit 80ns ZIP >68 SCRAM - 256K 4 bit 80ns ZIP >13 DRIVES (FLOPPY! E High Density 3.5" evi, $ 21(1 ppltvd Engineering 3.5" c t. >109 Calif. Access 880 3.5 ' c t. $ 125 Masier 3A 3.5-inch external $ 110 Meiji 3 5-inch externa! $ 115 Supra Drive 3.5" ext. >109 SHIPPING POLICY: ALL ORDERS received before 3P. EST will normally be shipped w itliin 2 business days. All UPS shipments arc sent Signature Required No Driver Release. Add the following shipping elurees to your Total software order. UPS: Ground 54.50 (com. USA ONLY): Air Rush .(XI (includes Puerto Rico Hawaii); Ovemigb! SI 2.1X1 + 52.5(1 PER ITEM (must be received by 12 Noon.) Priority Mail: USA 5-t 50 (Includes APO FPO); Canada Mexico S7.(X>: Other Foreign 54.00 Handling + Actual Shipping + Insurance II AKD3VAKK: Shipping charges lor all hardware are VI 5H handling ? Actual shipping charge's + insurance ORDERING INS I HL C l IONS I or vour convenience, you can place a phone order 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK on our TOLL-FREE LINE I-80(8638-5757. Outside Use USA, please use (2 IS) 683-5661. Price, availability, arvi compatibility checks arc also welcome on our order Itr.e. Monday thru Friday. 9:30AM 4 30PM ELST. AFTER HOURS Orders Only Please! When placing an order, please specify your computer model, home * daytime telephone number, shipping address, charge card number, expiration date and mic of bank. ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS: We gladly accept Personal Checks (no holding). Money Orders. VISA. MASTERCARD, School Purchase Orders, or COD (54.00 additional lor established Briw all Cuslonrers ONLY). All checks must be in US Dollars and drawn on a US bonk. There is no surcharge for credit cards and your card is not charged until we ship! RETURN POLICY (for Non-F.nlerlalninent software and Accessories ONLY): We have a liberal return policy to better service your needs. If within 15 days from the lime you receive an ilcrn, you are no! Salisfied wilh il for any reason, you may rclum it to us for eilher a refund, exchange, or open credit REFUNDS ARE SUHJECTTO A 20% RESTOCKING FEE PER ITEM RETURNED (516 00 MINIMUM PER ITEM I EXCHANGES OPEN CREDITS will gladly be issued lor the full purchase price of the item DEFECTIVE items, Entcrtairment software. Hardware items and Special Order items will be repaired or replaced w ith the same item only . TECHNICAL SUPPORT Call 215) 683-5699. Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm EST. We do our very best to help you with your product selections before you order, and after you receive your product. General questions, such as price. Compatibiiily. Etc.. w ill be handled by our order staff at the time you place your order BUT, if you hav e specific, detailed questions about a product you will get the most help from ourTcchmcal Support Line. W W hy try to figure it out all by yourself? With ArnigaWorld Videos, it's like having a professional computer consultant at your side, 24 hours per day! ArnigaWorld Videos cut your learning time dramaticaily...and you get hints, tips and advice that only the experts know. Watch each video, follow the step-by-step techniques, and hone your skills entirely at your own pace. Then, you can refer to them for brush ups and refreshers. Build your own video library and watch your accomplishments soar! Order your copies today, NEW! AMIGA MUSIC From a simple tune to a full concert the Amiga can help you do it all. This extraordinary video shows you what you need to get started and how to play music with existing software. You'll learn the best ways to sample sounds and manipulate sampled sound to produce dazzling special effects. And if you want to learn more about using a MIDI, this is the video that can help. It explores the uses of MIDI and gives you valuable ideas from some of the best Amiga musicians in the county. AMIGA GRAPHICS, Volume I You'll be amazed at how fast you'll be producing excellent art. This hour-long video adventure explores the full capabilities of Amiga art. It delves into computer painting...discusses the pros and cons of the most popular paint programs...tells you when HAM is a good idea...shows you how interlace works...and describes smearing, washing and tinting. Plus you get three extensive sessions on fonts, clip art and even digitizing! DESKTOP VIDEO Business presentations, instructional videos and even home movies this exciting video shows how you can use video with your Amiga. You'll gain valuable insights into evaluating Genlocks, using your camera with professional results, developing effective production operations, creating terrific special effects, adding animation and more. It's a video you won't want to miss! GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR AMIGA There's no easier way to master the basics...and some of the more sophisticated operations as well. In a lively and easy-to-follow format, this video starts with assembling your system, feeling comfortable about working with screens, icons, and windows, and becoming a wiz at Workbench. It then addresses some of the more advanced topics of working with CLI, maximizing the use of your utilities and using a modem to expand your horizons. ANIMATION VIDEO When the editors of ArnigaWorld canvassed the Amiga community looking for the best in Amiga animation, the response was overwhelming! Replies poured in from Amiga master artists as well as super-talented readers. 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Box 8(12,80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 1-603-924-9471 1-800-343-0728
* available in September YES! I am eager to become an expert! Account Exp.date Please send me the following videos: J NEW! AMIGA MUSIC....529.95 * J AMIGA GRAPHICS, Volume I....S29.95 j DESKTOP VIDEO....529.95 J GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR AMIGA....S29.95 J ANIMATION VIDEO....$ 19.95 Please include $ 2.9? For shipping and handling for one video, $ 5.00 tor two or more. Amount Total $ _ ? AmEx If you ever wondered just how smart you were when you bought your Amiga, get AmigaVision! AnigaVjsion Authoring Systeti 0| Lfirning to Circe y r 11 ‘*-*"'* 1 ¦ ’Vs;- Laser Disc Honta vAJ Anination 7 Remember your original reasons lor getting an Amiga? Ol course you do. Silly question. Well, fast-forward now to April 24th, 1990, the day Commodore introduced AmigaVision. ? AmigaVunon io an authoring system for a mere $ I~t9 that allow the Amiga to hoe up to ito full potential. The easy-to-learn, easy-to use iconsyou see up on the screen and on this page call up music, animation, text, video -in whatever order or even simultaneously' and create, well, any type o( presentation or courseware. Also, AmigaVision takes lull advantage of Arexx, your Amiga’s hie lormat standards and its multitasking capabilities. As you might imagine, you don't have to be a programmar to turn your abstract ideas into reality. All you have to be is you. Can it extend the use ol application software you already own? Is there multitasking interaction with other programs? Is it dBase III™ database compatible? Yes...yes...yes, to all these queries. For business people, it can create presentations that persuade. For people in education and training, it can help create interactive instructional programs. For anyone, anywhere, it can liberate the wav they communi- cate, whether they are delivering information or entertainment. Call 1-800-627-9595 soon to find the location of your closest Amiga dealer. For you, its another confirmation of what you knew before most people: namely how smart Amiga is and how shrewd its owners were when they bought one. Amiga*. The computer lor the creative mind. C*Commodore* ® 1990 Commodore Business .Machines, Inc. Commodore and the Commodore logo arc registered trademarks ol Commodore Electronics. Ltd. Amiga is a registered trademark ot Commodore-Amiga. Inc. AmigaVision and The Computer lor the Creative .Mind arc trademarks ol Commodore-Amiga, Inc. dBase III is a trademark ol Ashton-late. Inc. No Dogs, Clubs or Fancy Phone Numbers TRUMPCARD PACKAGES Hard Drive PackageS'A2000 Hard Drive Packages-A500 TRUMPCARD PROFESSIONAL PACKAGES Hard Drive r Hard Drive Packages-A2000 WK Packages-A500 SEAGATE ST 138N-1 30 Mflg-28mB...... $ 489 ST157N-1 49 Meg-28mB...... $ 519 ST177N 60 Meg-SCSI $ 579 rST1096N 80Meg-24me...... $ 609 QUANTUM 40Meg..... $ 589 80 Meg..... $ 769 105 Meg ... $ 829 170 Meg... ...... .....$ 1149 SEAGATE ST138N-1 30 Meg-28me $ 409 ST157N-1 49 Meg*28mB ......$ 439 ST177N 60 Meg-SCSI ..$ 499 ST 277N-1 60 Meg-SCSI .$ 459 ST296N 80 Meg-SCSI ..$ 489 ST1096N 80 Meg-24me $ 529 AntM QUANTUM .Cno 40 Meg .. $ 509 00 Meg ..$ 689 105 Meg 170 Meg ..S749 S1059 These kite Include IVS Tmmpcard. SCSI hard drive controller, cable & software. Hard card form add $ 29 dollars for mounting frame, please specify hard drive or hard card when ordering. All Packages Include 88 Seagate ST13BN-1 .....$ 549 ST157N-1 ...$ 579 ST177N ..$ 639 ST1096N $ 669 8$ Seagate ST277N-1......S539 5TZ96N $ 559 ST1096N $ 609 ST138N-1......$ 489 ST157N-1......$ 519 ST177N $ 579 ALL PACKAGES INCLUDE FREE DELIVERY bflw QUANTUM 40 Meg ....$ 649 80 Meg .$ 839 105 Meg ..$ 899 170 Meg $ 1199 These packagee Include Tnrmpcard 500 enclosure, IVS Trumcard Pro, SCSI HD controller & software QUANTUM 40 Meg $ 579 80 Meg $ 769 105 Meg .....$ 829 170 Meg .$ 1139 These packages Include, Tmmpcard 500 enclosure, IVS Trumpcard, SCSI hard drive controller & software Can be used as hard card or hard drive FREE DELIVERY In the contiguous 48 stales I z goldenIMAGE JUST ANNOUNCED! Hand Scanner Touch-Up $ 279* goldenIMAGE 2 Meg Ram for A2000 (Exp. To 8 meg) $ 219* goldenIMAGE MICE Opto-Mechanica $ 39 Fully Optical $ 59 © MASTER 3A-ID LED Tracking Display 149* .STER 3A-1 $ 99*
• FREE DELIVER In the contiguous 48 states In the contiguous 48 states - 800-558-0003 ZonTputrfbiLt 800-558-0003 onhumet lecttonlc?> upraRam MicroBotics,lnc. Hard Drive Packages w Hard Frame 2000 If a hard card format is needed, add $ 39 for mounting frame. Please specify hard frame or hard card when ordering. SP Seagate 138N-1 30 Meg-28ms.$ 439* 157N-1 49 Meg-28ms.$ 469* 177N 60 Meg $ 529* 1096N 80 Meg $ 559* Quantum 40 Meg SCSI $ 539* 80 Meg SCSI $ 719* 105 Meg SCSI .....$ 779 170 Meg SCSI ...$ 1089 Supra Modem Amiga 500 2000 Memory Boards - A2000 O K .$ 119 Delivered* 2 MB .....$ 229 Delivered* 4 MB .....$ 349 Delivered* 6 MB .....$ 459 Delivered* 8 MB .....$ 579 Delivered* In the contiguous 48 states MODEM CARl F * ? A a vnDLt include! Tip lie it- , :RY! IAAAI FREE DELIVERY Supra WordSi nc™ Hard Drive Packages-Amiga 2000 cS? Seagate ST-125N-1 20Meg-28ms $ 369* ST-138N-1 30 Meg-28ms $ 389* ST-157N-1 49 Meg-28ms $ 419* ST-177N 60 Meg $ 479* T-1096N 80 Meg-24ms $ 509* Quantum '40 Meg ...$ 459' 80 Meg ...$ 649* 105'Meg $ 699* 170 Meg $ 999*
* AII packages include WordSync hard drive controller, all c jjle oftware, is hard card adaptable andl3':13 in the contiguous 4ft stales 500 XP 500 XP 20 Meg w 512K $ 549* 500 XP 20 Meg w 2 Meg ....$ 639* 500 XP 40 Meg W 512K $ 659* 500 XP 40 Meg w 2 Meg....$ 749* CALL UdildJimWffil TODAY! In the contiguous 48 states 8 Up! MEMORY BOARD for A2000 -OK $ 139* SunraRam 500 eshmet TREE DELIVERY in the contiguous 48 states Just Everyday Low Prices Since 1982 VIDEO PACKAGE
3. 0 $ 94.95 In the contiguous 411 itiln $ 399 Quantu Pro Drives ...299 ...339 ...469 ...639 .1019 380 320 390 391 393 GENLOCKS Super Gen ......639 * Super Gen 2000S ....1419 * Vidtech Scaniock 769 * Ami Gen 99 * Mini Gen 199 * OKIDATA brother Panasonic hbo..$ i65 1624 ..$ 349 CITIZEN 200GX 163 M-1809 ......339 M-1824L ...449 M-1809 .....439 M-1824L ...569 HL-BeLaier .1299 Color KJ1® CALL NX100Q Multifont 2 ..$ 145 NX100Q Rainbow .....$ 189 XB 2410 ..$ 429 PRINTERS
* FREE DELIVERY 1 BOD ....159 GSX 140...289 Seagate super sale ST-125N-1 20 Meg-SCSI ...245 ST-138N-1 30 Meg-28 ms 269 ST-157N 49 Meg-SCSI ..295 ST-157N-1 49 Meg-28 ms ..299 ST-177N 60 Meg-SCSI ..349 ST-225N 20 Meg-SCSI ..255 ST-277N-1 60 Meg-SCSI ...309 ST-296N 80 Meg-SCSI ..345 ST-1096N 80 Meg-24ms 389 40 Meg SCSI $ 339 80 Meg SCSI $ 549 105 Meg SCSI .....$ 599 170 Meg SCSI .....$ 899 Flicker Fixerl $ 375* ‘FREE DELIVERY JriceSF s r BASE BOARD GOLDEN IMAGE SfK $ 119* RAM 500 $ 59* Perfect Sound .$ 69 Color Splitter .$ 109 Migraph Hand Scanner ..$ 319 Sharp JX 100 Color Scanner .$ 749 Cordless Mousb .....$ 99 Printer Face ... $ 79 Gravfs Mouse Stick $ 65 Mega Midget Racer 25 mg $ 669 Supercard $ 75 Midi Interface .$ 48 In the contiguous 4B states MISCELLANEOUS HARDWARE FREE DELIVERY FREE DELIVERY AW.V.VV.'' 800-558-0003 CompvtrfkUUty. 800-558-0003 X-onbumetrfLlecttonicb 638 Attack 8ub ...... ..31.95 Check Mata . .35.95 Dungeon Master 24,95 A-Ta1k3„._ ... .64.95 Chessmssler 2100 _31.95 Earl Weaver Baseball..
31. 95 Advantage, The
114. 95 Cbw
24. 95 Corrni or MLB PA 14 95 A If bourne Ranger ___ ..28.95 Code name' Iceman ...... 37 95 Ban Performer ...34.95 Altered Beast .31.95 Coloners Bequest ....37.95 1 miniain Empire _
31. 95 AMOS ..67.95 Cnlnry .....
31. 95 EscsprVRobot Monster
- .25.95 Anarchy .... ..24.95 Colorado ..31.95 Excellence 1 Meg ...... .158.95 Anlmalbn Sl-Obney.....
109. 95 Comic Setter ... .. 59.95 Eye of Horus __ ...23.95 Arcade Actbn Fever Pack 25.95 Comte Art Dbks = each). .20.95 F-18 Combat Plot___ « 31.05 Arexx .. ..28.95 Conquest of Camefof.... ..37.95 M 9Stealth Fighter.... ...37.95 ASOG Art Department.. .57.95 Crackdown----------------
31. 95 F-29 Retails tor .... .„ 31.95 Astro Maibe Corps ...... ,31.95 Cilbbago Kbg'Gln Kino ..25 95 F-40 Pursul 81m. .„ 23.95 Aztec C Developer V5,0 177.95 Cross Dos 2.0
24. 95 Faces, ..Trislll . ...24.95 Artec C Pro V5.0 ...
119. 95 CurszVAzure Bonds ___ .26.95 Falcon ...31.95 BAD . .29.05 Cyber Ball .. .25.95 Operalbn Counlerslrike 18.95 B AT. .. .31.95 Cycles.., .30,95 Fal Tracks.... 34 95 Back to the Future II . ,.31.95 DB Man .....
167. 95 Federation _ ...31.95 Bards Tale II ... .38.95 Dark Century . .28.95 Fighter Bomber ... ...31.95 Battle Chess .. .29.95 Day of Iho Viper .... flight 8 Initiator U ...30,95 Battle Command .... .31.95 Days of Thunder ... .31.95 FLO-fborplan Const Set 30.95 Baltic Hawks 1942
20. 95 Deluxe Musb Coratr 2.0
61. 95 Foot's Errand
31. 95 Battle Squadron..... .24.95 Deluxe Pa hi 111 .....
94. 95 Future Classics .30.95 Baltics of Napoleon .31.95 Delira PtxHoLab ... __ .94.95 Future Wars __ „. 30.95 Baltiefech:TheCrHklnc. 30.95 Deluxe Print M ..... .51.95 Qaunltef 11 .. ...31.95 Baud Band!
30. 95 Deluxe Productbns
128. 95 GengNs Khan.... 41 95 BerSn 1948 .« .. .24,95 Deluxe Video III .... .94.95 GFA Basta 3.0 ___ „ 87.95 Beyond Dark Castle .22.95 Deslgnasaurus __ .30.95 Gold Disk Ortfce ...CALL BBV the Kid .25,95 DigUroid---------------- .59.95 Grand Prix Circuit ...27.95 Blick Gold ... .24.95 Dlgknile 3 __ .24.95 Gunstip ....
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58. 95 Hammerflst
* 31,05 Blades of Steel Hockey . .28.95 DkjMewGokf----------
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30. 95 Dhk Master ___ .28,95 Harpoon , , , ...... „ 37.95 Grab Blaster .25.95 nhtant Sun .41.95 Heat Wive 30 95 Bridge 6.0 .25.95 Dos 2 Dos __ .30.95 Her os Quest ... v w. A J 37 95 Broadcast Tiler _
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31. 95 Bid Rogers .31.95 Doug's Math Aqua Hum.. .48.95 Hockey League 81m.__
* 21.05 Budokan .25.95 Dr. Doom's Revenge .24.95 Hound d Shadow 25.95 Can Do __ .84,95 Dragon Force .31.95 Hoyles Book d flames ..21.95 Captain Ftzz--------- . 19.95 Dragon's Lair .33.95 Immortal ___ 31.95 Carmen Sa n0bga€«ch .30.95 Dragon's Lair FI----- .43.95 Imperbm.... „ 25.95 ChanVScf* Mut.Pfbstess .30.95 Dragon Lord--------31.95 IfrUam Jones-Aclbn ._17.95 Champbns of Krynn 31.95 Dragons of Flame ___ . 25.95 Indiana Jones-Graphfc. ..20.95 Chaos .24.95 Drakkhen ___ .36.95 frmvfsbn + _
174. 95 Island d Lost Hope 23.96 II Came From The Desert 31.95 Jack Nlddaus Golf 30.95 Kampfgruppe ...37.95 Keybd. Control Seq Kllng Same Show 23.95 King's Quest 1,2, or 3 30.95 King's Quest 4 ..37.95 Khx ...... __ 25.95 Knights ol Legend 30.95 Leisure Suit Larry 25.95 Leisure Suit Larry II or III 37.95 Lite and Death .31.95 Loom „ .37.95 Loopz ....31.95 lords ot the Rising Sun _ 31.95 Lords of War 24.95 Lost Patrol ....31,95 M-1 Tank Platoon ......37.95 M-4 Sherman Tar* ......31.95 Magic Fly ..... 25.95 Magic Johnson 1 Meg.... 31.95 Manhunler - NY or 8F ....30.95 Math Blaster Plus 30.95 Matrix Marauders 24.95 Mavb Beacon Typing 31.95 Microleague Wrestling.... 24.95 Midwinter ___24.95 Might and Magfc II 37.95 Modeler 3D „ _ 62.95 Monopoly 24.95 Movie Setter __59.95 Musk: Mouse ...... 48.95 Music X 1S9.95 Mutant Ninja Turtles 28.95 Myth ..... .... . 31.95 Nations at War _37.95 Netro mincer----------28.95 Hew York Warriors-1 Mg 30.95 Night Breed __31.95 Night Force 28 95 Night Hitter 23.95 Nuclear War _30.95 Omega ___ 30,95 Omnicron Virus 25.95 Omnlpljy Baseball 5 on 530.95 Omni play Horse Racing.. 30.95 On Lhe PtUhum __53.95 Operation Combat 30.95 Over Run ___37.95 Page Setter 2 -----.....74,95 Page Stream 119.95 PagelllpperPlus FX 87.95 Panzer Strike 29.95 Pen Pal ....84.95 Persian Qul Irrferna 24,95 Phasar4.0 .....54.95 Photon Paint 2.0 ......87.95 Pb Magic ™ .. 57.95 Pirates 1 .28.95 Polfce Quest I .„.... 30.95 Police Quest II ..37.95 Pool Of Radiance 31,95 Populous .. 32.95 Power Windows US 54.95 Powerdromo 25,95 Powwmonger 31.95 Print Master Plus .....24.95 Pro Termb Tour 25.95 ProVBeo Gold 139.95 Fort Packs .....59.95 Pro Video Post 189.95 Pro Write 3 0...... 94.95 Professional Draw .CALL Professional Page 154.95 Project D* Backup ...30.95 Projectyle .....----------25,95 Piffy-s Sagi ___25.95 Pinrie Gallery II 31.95 Puzzle Storybook 25.95 Quarter Back __42.95 Fumpage------------------24.95 Raw Copy .. 34 .95 Red Storm Rising 34.95 Resolution 101 _ 31.95 Rbk Davis Soccer 1 Meg 30.95 Rings of Medusa ......28.95 Rbk ...... 24.95 Robocop ... t 26.95 Rocket Ranger 35 Troops 31.95 Romanco 3 Kingdoms ....49.95 Sands ol Fire ...31.95 Scene Generator 24.95 Scrabble 24.95 ficrbble Pfathum 87.95 Second Front...----------- 31.95 Sex Vtxem-Outer Space .22.95 Sextlmates .30.95 Shadow of (he Beast 31.95 Shadow of the Beast II.... 37.95 Shadow Warrior 31.95 Shark Attack .24.95 Shufllepuck Cafe 24.95 Sim City .30 95 Terrain Ed ...14.95 SkaleorDle ..25.95 Smooth Talker ..25.95 Space Ace .34.95 Space Quest 1 or 2 ..30.95 Space Quest 3 ..37.05 8 pel PA-8 a ur us .29,95 Spirit ol Excallbur 30.95 Spol .. 24 95 Star Flight „ __31,05 Star Trek: The Final Front.34.95 Stellar Crusade ..... 38.95 Storm Accross Europe ....37.95 Strike Ace .....30,05 Strip Poker II ...23.95 Stunt Track ...21.95 Super Contra ...23.95 Superbase Personal 46.95 Supertwse Personal 2..... 87.95 Superbase Pro 3.0 ___ 183 95 Superbike Stmdator 31.95 Supcrplan 87.95 Sward of Aragon ...25.95 T V, Show V2.0 64.95 T V. Sports Basketball .... 31.95 T V. Sports Foolbal 31.95 Targhan 24 95 Tennis Cup _ 24.95 Teals
* »•¦» *¦ III*** ? *«»* P HI 20 95 Test Drhe 2 - The Duel... 30,95 DataDbks. Ea ___15.95 Their Finest Hour: ....37.95 Thinker 57.95 Thkd Courier ...30.95 Thud Rkjge 29.95 Tiger ----- ..89.95 Tiger Cub 59.95 Treasure Trap ....24.95 Tunnels of Armageddon .25.95 Turbo Ort Run ..31.95 Turbo Snvur 3.0 1 Meg... 73.95 Turrban 25.95 TV Texl ..64.95 TV Ted Professbnal 99.95 Typhoon of Steof .....31.95 Ultima 4 .... 38.95 Ultra Design .219.95 Ultracard Plus ...57.95 Universe 3 ....31.95 Unreal ....31.95 Untouchables ...25 95 Vklco Effects 3-D ...113.95 VtdeoTltJorVI.5 .....92.95 VkdooScape 30 ....122.95 Vbta 64.95 Vva-Amiga .12Z95 Voice Recognition 109,95 Vortex .. 24.95 War of the Lance 25.95 Warhead ...... 31.95 Waterbo ...... 37.95 Wayne Gretzky Hockey ... 30.95 Wekd Dreams ___24.95 Weltrb .. 21.95 Wild Streets 27,95 Wiliam Tell ...25.95 Wind Walter __25.95 Wfngs of Fury------------24 95 Wonderland ...... 30.95 Works Platinum, The .... 167.95 WorU Adas .....35.95 WorkJ Class Leader Bd ... 20 95 Xenomorph 31.95 Yeager's Adv. Train 2 0 ,25 95 Zak McKrackcn ...28.95 Zork Zero 38.95 INFORMATION VISA 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee, Wl 53217 H0URS»C$ T MON-Ffll 11*m-5pm NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE CALL US TODAY! AMIGA C* Commodore' FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS DMBtraq UFO: SewM* ijnM. Fcrkr, I«xl naffer * cNcxer nv ycrt»'. (VlMl ft co~w"j tJwctt«rcn 14 bos*" Cr ila cbtr. Sc V aol PJX'* vw t orm. To P.« harp** « MOO. I» Ca Rhwntil U .$ A bdut) • U CO te r i Jlxw own 5TV f h’ppi] far h»rwi i. rrtalmjm J3.00. VuerCirs • win enn pi*i*a isbud* ctrtT f •VpnlX' 0t!* t"4 *$ "tIj'*.Wl nWCt-ti phnahckid«S%«h* iu.Ht. AX, FPO. APO.Putrta Rico iX Ct.udnv opJpi*. P*um ttfcPr. Pzpchj, nlkiatm tezn.ATI ot-Wr torelqaocitrtadtf ¦>» fllDO.AI sr3 n anppKl ouktitUw CaiJntsliJ UJAli** >ppw> fitl Cui ht-jrtd U.S. rail Wur* mreb*. If itJpping ciitrgat uc*«l !fn frinJmmtrrtgat. FOV wl w cSt*p*Q tM tSJrtanilmeirt ATI ssaCe nrntinS hdudifKtary wnrlj, Wi do rot guuiiba compt* bll!y A wrti* Ai Cu* to our lowe cntl hjw L-*rv*J.Ail D*t*clw r*!om mail Nrr* ¦ ntan«thrtaloi iwtrktf. Call (41JS7-31B1 la cthVi ti R>. Or )wjp ftfcirn WH net ta Kxa K!. Pttaswd iv»lfcMlly«ut(*c1 locritrgsWlhajtratlai. Snipping S huPIlng n non- raf'jndtai. Wtifclptlw fchrt wrttora rwlkMlaat. Gbila rrat bn htncTM syend wnr Siacrty *rti Ira rrtnjltaurw. Nat wBpo«6fc lor ty pop ftp" fail row._ From p, 76 Knights of the Crystallion By Dodson Yaple A CONGLOMERATION OF several perennial favorites, Knights of the Crystallion takes place in the City of Bone, which was carved from the fossilized remains of an enormous prehistoric beast. .As the leader of one of the ossified precincts’ loosely-confederated clans, you have to juggle familial and commercial responsibilities while trying to advance your personal quest for spiritual knowledge. Like Cinemaware’s arcade adventures, Knights is a cluster of mini-games featuring detailed graphics, flashy effects, and staggering audio. While its elements are not always as seamlessly integrated as those of a classic such as Rocket Ranger, its sound and HAM graphics can compete on any level. Appropriate music accompanies each segment, running six or seven minutes before recycling, and there is also some very effective digitized speech. An included audio cassette lets you listen without booting the program. Life Is one puzzle after another in a fossil city. Main sequences a trading game and a run-around-pick- ing-things-up-while-avoiding- perils game. The latter employs a blessedly simple mouse control that lets vou concen- 1 trate on monster-zapping and object-grabbing. Similarly, the several satellite games test your brainpower more than your reflexes. You progress steadily against just enough resistance to keep things interesting, instead of getting stuck on a single obstacle for clays. Knights is a two-disk game Play revolves around two Operation Spruance By Kevin C. Rohrer example, Threat Board lets you track and identify all air, surface, and sub-surface contacts. You also direct the weapons, both offensive (ASROC, Sparrow, and Harpoon missiles, plus five-inch guns) and defensive (chaff, flares, and decoys). Unfortunately, guided missiles can’t be tracked; only Radar allows you to get a look them. Granted, a message WHEN YOU STEP onto the deck of the destroyer in Operation Spruance (OS), you assume command. Novices should practice navigating the Spruance first, but the more confident (or foolhardy) can jump right into one of the five Persian Gulf missions. You control the Spruance through nine screens, each accessed via a function key. For that loads its various segments as you select them. Fortu- nately, because it has no DOS- based copy protection, vou can minimize access time (and disk swaps) by installing the game in RAM or on a hard drive. Otherwise, there is little to complain about. Knights of the Crystallion is a solid piece of work that nearly matches the best the genre has to offer. ($ 39,95, J DC, 2539 W. Golf Rd,} Suite 500, Hoffman Estates, IL 60194, 708 882-7416. No special requirements.) States missiles are approaching and gives their direction and speed, but you cannot direct gun and missile fire against them. Even worse, the game ship lacks the high-speed, multibarrel guns, called Phalanx, that are basic to the real warship’s missile defense. .Although OS tries to be a true simulation, it has too many inaccuracies and omis- ? That Halk may lose his magical ability before he gains the level. You’ll have to keep at him.) Those in search of a really nasty scene should try going back to the dungeon entrance with the Firestaff, but without the Power Gem. The last posting was more a curiosity: Evidently a figure appears if you look back through the door into the Hall of Champions using the “look through solid objects" spell. Anybody know who he is?
• Jason Gordon of Overland Park. KS, wonders whether the rings and hooks on DATs walls are good for anything. I’ve never found any use for them too big for my fingers, too small to hang a hat on but I understand there's at least one spot where they’ll come in handy. Besides, in this game, it's a good practice not to let anything go untouched.
• More Dungeon Master. Ian Boreyko of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, writes that he’s been stuck for two weeks in a Level 6 room with a pit trap, a teleporter and a switch. (Look for my name on the wall, Ian. I've stayed at that motel, too.) The trick Is the interrelationship of those features. The switch controls the teleport field. You’ll want to put an item where the field is located. Throw the switch, and the item is whipped around the corner, which makes the trap close. Turn off the field to get the item back, and open the door to get the key.
• Kevin Bunker of South Thomaston, ME, offers a clever way to chalk up mind-numbing numbers of experience points in Bard's Tale II (Electronic Arts, S59.95). It's quite legitimate, but it capitalizes on a weakness in the game, and if you think man was born to suffer, you may want to skip it. You'll need a spellcaster who can cast “Disrupt Illusion.’’ Now, go out and find yourself a monster band that includes illusion- casting magic-users. (Kev mentions the Makers on Level 4 of Dargath's Tower as an example.) Cast the “Disrupt Illusion" spells at the opening of combat. Kill off the front men, but leave the spellcasters alone. They'll keep conjuring up illu- PRODUCTS Totally radical music software from Dr. T’s! Good music software should be as personal as a vintage guitar, and as powerful as a 300 watt amplifier stack. Our sequencers have always been able to configure themselves to the way you want to work. The V3.0 Level II and KCS revisions are even more powerful and easier to use than ever before. . Our Multi Program Environment allows dynamic data transfer, as well as standard multitasking. Transcribe directly from the sequencer.to Copyist, record your Caged Artist editor “moves” directly into the sequencer, or use AutoMix (included free with V3.0 Level II and KCS) to perform real time “|lpM iwns.,’ if pu need to sync to tape, our Phantom SMPTE synchronizer locks you up faster and cheaper than you would have dreamed! And Dr.T’sP isd Laurf Spiegel’s acclaimed Music Mouse program to our line of quality products. And if you are looking for a great place to start try TIGER Cul tiuencing and scoring for only $ 99! Fencing ant never go out Dr.T’s, software of quality and power tli i lLL.llul li ssa ¦man* aa iiHBnans rutiin i 0] CoJtputev- Lab!- ?C!2*Eillia[I31EI«Hl[Ein3EiiT*HlIElB3CaHIBl[iU] 1 coiluci P > IHTRO [25 ) BREAK pTGROOUE 2 14 Proteus3 26 $ 1060: 38 BigKick 3 « ithylhn 15 Piano 1 HU 2? Satiplfs 39 HornHit2 HU 4 Kick 16 E Bass 23 Scratch HU 49 BigBass 5 Snare 1 17 Pad 1 29 Oh yea! HU 41 Xlead 6 Snare 2 18 Hornhits HU 30 Thunpit 42 THE PHANTOM El E3 HU Ehl Start: HW.IiMiIittfrlMl Dropouts: B'IH-1 sec. 7 Tinbale h!l 19 Keaoen 31 43 >CL0SE 8 Hi-Hats 20 REC 32 JSIRIKGS 44 Xplode 9 Tons HU 21 HI: 33 Violin 1 45 HI: 10 22 Vibes 34 Viola 1 46 ProtPian 11 23 Voices 35 Cello I 47 Pad 2 12 24_36 Bass I 43 SEQUENCERS LEVEL II 3.0 w AutoMix KCS 3.0 w AutoMix TIGER Cub MRS V1.1 EDITORS LIBRARIANS CASIO VZ-1 VZ-RIDER CZ RIDER DX HEAVEN EMU Proteus ESQ’apade ESQ-1 SQ-80 4-OP DELUXE (Yamaha) KAWAI K-1 KAWAI K-5 KORG M-1 LEXICON PCM-70 OBERHEIM MATRIX 6 1000 ROLAND D-110 ROLAND D-50 ROLAND MT-32 X-ORV1.1 (UNIVERSAL EDITOR) COMPOSITION SCORING COPYIST APPRENTICE COPYIST DTP TIGER (GRAPHIC EDITOR) MISCELLANEOUS MODEL-A MIDI INTERFACE PHANTOM SMPTE SYNCHRONIZER Music Software of the Year, 1988 Commodore Magazine “Our hands-down favorite new piece of software, TIGER... is a music composition program whose elegance is simply stunning. Finally, a program that bridges the gap between cold, hard technology and the creative musician." Keyboard Magazine “The most powerful and dependable of MIDI sequencers for the Amiga is KCS..." Amiga World “(Copyist is) a composer’s delight that provides score editing, file conversion capability, and custom printing all in one package." Amiga World “(MRS)... compared to other sequencers, it is a great value.” AMIGA Times "(Level II) is a powerful collection of MIDI recording and editing tools that works well, is responsive, and is designed with the high- end user in mind." MESSAGES Amiga Sentry 100 Crescent Road, Suite 1B Needham, MA 02194
(617) 244-6954 FAX (617) 244-5243 Circle 35 on Reader Service card. Sions to claim the title. The Towed Array and a separate Sonar screen weren’t included either, and both are necessary for combatting submarines. Neither can you switch between active and passive sensors, and, worse still, Spru- ance’s two anti-submarine helicopters are absent. Full Wings of Fury By Rob Lawrence TRY TO IMAGINE watching a devastating World War II battle on a Saturday morning cartoon in particular a Pacific Theater battle featuring the
U. S. Navy’s mighty F6F Hellcat fighter with a Looney- Tunes backdrop. If you succeed, you've got a good picture of Wings of Fury. According to the story, the
U. S.S. Wasp is badly damaged and must make its way back to port. As the only pilot on the aircraft carrier (poor recruiting tactics, I guess), you must take to the skies and defend the Wasp against Japanese torpedo planes, battlecruisers, and island guns. For weapons, your Hellcat is equipped with six .50-caliber machine guns, along with your choice of bombs, rockets, or a torpedo. Control over these would have made up for all the game’s other weaknesses. Also, the ship's maximum speed is over 50 knots, which is well above the top speed of any real destroyer, and you can go in reverse just as fast! The game does, however, offer a good feel for com- While the game’s graphics do have a slightly comical and cartoonish look, they are definitely up to snuff. The waves in the water change shades of blue, the ships are detailed manding a warship. Function keys 6-9 move you from below decks to one of five Bridge positions. From them, you can pan your view 360 degrees, look up and down, and even walk forward. Although the 3-D, filled-vector graphics are good, there is one unfortunate problem: The quay is the same color as the ship, which makes differentiating between them difficult while docking and departing. OS has possibilities and, with a major refitting, could become the standard for warship simulations. A better manual, the addition of the missing weapons and sensors, and easier piloting controls would make the game an armchair sailor’s dream. As it is, however, I recommend you leave Operation Spruance in port. ($ 49.95, Par- sec Software, 2506 S. Golf View, Plant City, FL 33566. No special requirements.) And colorful, and the pixelsized deck officers direct you with semaphores. The horizontally scrolling scene zooms in when you fly at low altitudes, providing a more de- ? Sory creatures, and you’ll keep disbelieving in them and getting credit for killing 'em. This can on go on al! Night "When you get sick of racking up points and gold, simply move in and slaughter the poor fools," Kevin writes.
• Remy LaFarque of Schenectady, NY, is looking for the magic map and wand In King’s Quest III: To Heir Is Human (Sierra, $ 49.95). Both are essential items, as you can't really explore for long without the map or prepare spells without the wand. Begin in the wizard’s bedroom. A diligent search of the closet will turn up a parchment and a key. The parchment is blank.. .for now. (You’ll figure ft out soon enough.) The key fits. . .well, what could it fit? Perhaps you should study harder.
• While rating the Top 20 Games of 1990, the Games Review Board uncovered plenty of helpful tricks. For the remainder of the column, I’ll turn over the floor to my colleagues.
• Rob Lawrence suggests keeping to the right on Level 4 of NY Warriors (Virgin Mastertronics, $ 49.95) to reach the subways faster. On Level 7, you should take time to collect some weapons before you proceed. You'll drop everything if you get hit, however, so watch your step.
• Another one from Rob: In Third Courier (Accolade, $ 49.95), there are a pair of "reload" rooms in the aqueducts one north, one south that will replenish the ammo in your current weapon. Heaven only knows what they're doing down there, but don't ask questions. Just load up.
• Some rather brutal tactics for Laser Squad (Microillusions, $ 39.95): Kill one of your own troopers if that’s what it takes to get a clear shot at the enemy. "Chances are the enemy would have shot him anyway," writes Rob. "And remember, enemy units carry less armor on their backs."
• Forsake sensible starts in The Duel: Test Drive II (Accolade, $ 44.95). Practice running the RPMs deep into the red before letting out the clutch. The extra oomph could win the race. (Get pulled over for speeding much, Rob?)
• Fellow driver Graham Kinsey rec- ? ??? Best Sports Simulation of the Year! ??? Excellence in Software Award 1989 - Software Publishers' Association "...Could be the best sports simulation yet" Brit Hume, The Washington Post "The Best sports simulation on any computer for any sport." Amiga+ Magazine - December 1990 "It's great to see a game that is so true to real hockey. Once again Gretzky proves why he is The Great One." Amiga World Magazine - March 1989 "Dragon's Lair: Escape is truly state of the art with graphics and gameplay beyond description." Computer Entertainer, April 1990 "Singe's Castle is a visual delight, I highly recommend it." Lou Wallace, Amiga World, July 1990 "...nothing else can come near it in terms of its graphics ... a superb piece of software." Commodore and Amiga Review', July 1990 It's Brilliant, Buy it... We give Damocles a resounding 95% I'm I Wll KES The One, October 1989 "A superlatively polished adventure brought to life through amazing 3-D 16-brt graphics. Overall 95%" ZZAP Magazine, March 1990 "A corker of an arcade adventure with totally engrossing gameplay. Damocles is Mercenary to the power of three!" Zero Magazine, March 1990 A DIVISION OF MEDIA TECHNOLOGY LIMITED OUR SOFTWARE SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!
P. O. Box 7877, Gaithersberg, MD 20898, 301 926-8300 Circle 57 on Reader Service card. Tailed view of your plane and the ground. This is especially helpful when strafing (he little Japanese soldiers who run down the beach like madmen, jumping about six feet into the air and screaming when they’re hit. The game has no accompanying music, but terrific sound effects. Wings of Fury might sound great, but I quickly lost interest. It did not have enough variation to hold my attention After a while, each new mission seems to be the same as the last: bomb the islands, strafe the Japs, sink the ships, shoot the planes. If you are 12 or under, you might enjoy it. ($ 39,95, Broderbund Software Inc., 17 Paul Dr., San Rafael, CA 94903, 413 492-3200. Joystick required.) Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be a Hero By Graham Kinsey COMBINING FANTASY role- playing aspects with those of illustrated text adventures, Hero’s Quest: So You Want To Be a Hero sets you on a path from a correspondence course on heroes to becoming a legitimate (and famous) hero. You design your character, then guide it through the town of Spielburg and the countryside, completing quests and battling powerful opposing forces. In building your hero, you choose from three basic classes fighter, magic- user, or thief. You also have initial control over the proficiency of your character in five attributes (strength, intelligence, agility, vitality, and luck) and in various skills, including those associated with other classes. The game starts in Spielburg, where you purchase basic provisions and converse with the many townsfolk to learn about the available quests (and their rewards). Outside the town, you can find a low-paying job that covers the cost of a room at the town inn each night, thus enabling you to survive at the outset. Only quick reflexes will help you defeat the monsters, which is the only way to earn enough gold for long-term survival; combat in Hero’s Quest is strongly arcade-based. While the plot is fairly solid, presentation is weak. The graphics are pathetic, far more 8-hit than Amiga. The fantasy role-playing aspects are nothing to get excited about, either, and the text parser is rather crude. At least the digitized sounds are adequate, and you are able to install the Five-disk game on a hard drive. The game will run on accelerated Amigas, but unfortunately this doesn't help you finish it faster. Overall, Hero’s Quest was a large disappointment; avoid it. ($ 59.95, Sierra On- Line, PO Box 485, Coarse gold, CA 93614, 209 683-4468. No spec in 1 req u i re m e n ts.) Hard part. The requests I receive most frequently are for Shadow of the Beast and Blood Money (Psygnosis, $ 49.95) back doors words you type into the high-score table to become invincible, have infinite lives, or better. (Usually, it’s the name of the programmer's girlfriend’s dog.) Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I don't know of any. There are code-based cheat hacks for both games. I can’t recommend them from experience, but they're available on many bulletin boards. I’ll be happy to post them to a couple of the major ones if you want to experiment. Next issue, however, I’ll give you what you've been begging for as many back doors as I can cram into a column, ft goes against my grain, but I'll do it just this once. Call it a Christmas present. Don't spend it all in one dungeon. COMPANIES MENTIONED: Accolade, 550 South Winchester Blvd., Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95128, 408 985-1700. Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 94404, 415 571-7171. FTL Games, 6160 Lusk Blvd., C-206, San Diego. CA 92121, 619 453-5711. Microlilusions. 17408 Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, CA 91344, 818 360- 3715, 800 522-2041. MicroPlay, distributed by Microprose, 180 Lakefront Dr., Hunt Valley, MD 21030, 301 771-1151. Origin Systems, 110 Wild Basin Rd., Suite 330, Austin, TX 78746, 512 328-
0282. Parsec Software, 2506 S. Golf View, Plant City, FL 33566, 813 757-0360. Psygnosis, 17 St. Mary’s Court, Brookline, MA 02146, 617 566-1569. Sierra On-Line, PO Box 485, Coarse- gold, CA 93614, 209 683-4468. Virgin Mastertronic Inc., 18001 Cowan, Suites A & B, Irvine, CA 92714, 714 83318710. ¦ buck up your joystick it's hot! Fight in the city slums... Arrest the captives! AMIGA ATARI ST PC CBM64 AMIGA ATARI ST PC Ready to drive and shoot! Save the world from terrorists! AMIGA ATARI ST PC You are the pilot of THUNDER MASTER II, the ultimate fighting vehicle able to convert itself into a genuine airborne attacker, equi- ATARIST ped with ionic phasers and missile launcher. You are engaged in the hot pursuit of terrorists. Go into combat and be confronted by enemies as different in their appearence as in their combat techniques. Pick up weapons, ammunitions and fuel. Destroy the leading vehicle, before the ultimate explosion! TITUS Parked on the side of an interstate in the arizona, you are waiting for your mission in your car. Suddenly comes an APB from your radio: "alert to all units, a fugitive killer has escaped . Use caution." Drive fast to intercept him! Watch out for flat tires and empty fuel tanks. You may leave the road and drive through the desert, use your compass and your map or you will loose your way...Good luck to prove your nickname "the Ranger!!" A supercop and a black panfrier team together in a high risk mission .’A top cia agent has been kidnapped,find him! You know that action and fighting is inevitable*. You'll have to visit the city slums to find him and protect you both from moteters, punks and riff raffs. Discover the first arcade game designed in ray-tracing technology (synthesized pictures). You control the greatest high-tech tanks in the world.You are on a prison planet trying to arrest some escaped convicts. Program and lead your team of tanks. Ray traced 3D universe, multitasking, one or two players. 20432 CORISCO STREET CHATSWORTH CA 91311,’ 818 709-3693 THE ACTION CONCEPT C "fca 19SC, T!lj Scf*arg Cc'Tori-ar u «. Tt.1 rts •*» Tfta too at mm. ** Sswrs- 4 p»h> IIT! I wptkrM Tadenart 0r Ttui Soft**.Sc1 r» and •'tfioj! Xte* THE WORLD’S LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF AMIGA” PRODUCTS ProWrite 3 The new standard in wordprocessing |
* 109.°° 1 fw New P*lHorizons .0 !B3| i ICD Specials! Advantage Hard Disk Controller: s 149.00 AdRam 2080 (OK): $ 149.00 Adram 540 (OK-up to4MB): s135.00 Adram 560 (Expand AdRam 540 to 6MB): $ 259.00 We carry all ICD Products! Audiol Higher Sami Easier Editir 4*?** * Waster! Oling Rate '9 New Interface Compressed Supports all Samplers ; w 11-fS Data Free Upgrade! Buy Professional Page now and get a free upgrade to Version 2.0! The Best Gets Even Better! Gold Disk Office is now in slock! Supra Corporation 2400 Baud Modem with Cable
* 1071 00 A2000 Hard Drive Special: Wordsync W 48MB $ 399 Bars & Pipes Top Rated Sequencer Complete MIDI Editor For Any Level Musician Total Expandability
* •¦' Autoscript ......95 Award Maker Plus 34 Award Maker Sports Disk ..20 ¦•*’ B Graphics ......126 Board Master ...74 Butcher 2 0 . .25 Calligrapher 69 Comic Setter ....69 Comic Seller Data Disks.....25 Design 3D .. 59 Digi-Droid .74 Oigi-Mate 111 .....31 Dioi'Paint 3.0 ..62 Oiffi-Viflw Gold 4 0 129 Elan Performer 2 0 ....99 Fancy 3-D Fonts ..55 Fonl-Works ......57 Frame Grabber SW ......74
• imagine 239 Interchange ......40 Interchange Object ......15 InterFont ..32 Modeler 3D . 59 Oplicks ... Call PageRender 30 133 Fhoton Paint li 99 Photon Paint Expansion 23 Photon Video EuLP Call ¦-' Pixel 3D ....92 Fixmate ....54 Print Master Art Gallery 1 or 2 .20 Print Master Fantasy 22 Print Mastr Fonts Borders 24 Print Master Plus .33 ¦"IRESEP .56 Scanlab ..Call Sculpt 3D-XL ..130 Sculpl-Anunato 40 399 Sculpt-Animato 40 Jr......Call Turbo Silver Terrain Disk 22 Turbo Silver ...109 Turbo Silver Conversion.....15 Turbo Silver Video 30 Vid Gen .....99 Videoscape 3D 2 0 122 ¦••' VideoScape Promotion 56
• Wrap Session ...59 VIDEO Abacus Desktop Vsd Book 1B Animagic ..... 65 Animation Editor 40 Animation: Effects .35 Animation: Flipper 40 Animation: Multiplane 69 Animation RotoSCope 53 Animation Soundtrack 89 Animation Stand .....35 Animation Video Titlei 44 Animator Apprentice 225 Animotion .. 67 Broadcast Titter . 193 Caiman Consumer ..185 ¦*• Greoit Text Scroller ....30 Digi-Works 3D ... 90 Director ...45 Director Toolkit ...2B Director Video Tutorial......31 Hwi Disney Animation Studio..114 Easy filler ...... 34 Fantavrsion .39 Invision Plus .199 Lights Camera Action.....58 Movie Setter ....63 Movie Setter Data Disks.... 24 PageFlipper F X ..101 Photon Vid Cel Animator .108 Photon Vid Transporter . 215 Pro Video Gold ...199 Pro Video Gold Fonts tea) 77 Pro Video Post ...219 Scene Generator .29
• ShowMaker ....Call Super Prompt 399
• •¦¦3-D Text Animator ......36 ¦••'Title Page "29 TV Graphics ....36 TV'Show ..74 TV Text Professional 112 Video Effects 3D ..142 Video Titierv1.1 ...99 ¦••'Vista ...74 VIVA' ... -40 Zoetrope ..92 CAD (**•30 Prolessionai 299 A Cad -46 ¦••'Deck Builder s CAD ....58 Draw 2000 .....149 Home Builder's Cad ...139 Home Builder's Choice 55 Home Builder s Library 34 Home Builder's Print 79 InttoCAD ..63 InlioCAD Plus .94 ¦••! Prolessionai Draw 2 0......'34 Structured Clip Art . 38 Ultra Design . 229 X Shell Pro .....139 K-Cad Designer ..112 K-Cad Designer Pro ...339 ART & FONTS ¦.•(500 Amiga Fonts ..37 ¦••'Airships ....32 Aircraft Pics .,...,...,-...36 Aloha Fonts (each).... 15 ¦.•'Amiga SciFi 52 AmtZoo .....34 Architectural Design ....24 Ashas Fonts .64 Bud Pics ....25 Chma Pics 27 Clip An Disks 1-8 (each). .15 DesktOD Artis? 23 Baal 20 ¦"' First Contact . 36 Platoon ......31 ¦"' Turrican .... 29 InovaTaols (New Versran)..57 J-Farth .145 Rr»r1 f.nmnanv Firs' Person Pinball 36 Pocket Rockets ......29 Twilight Zone __ _29 E-CIids 74 Bart Dudes 31 Fish . 31 Poco Man 31 "••' Typhoon Thompson .23 L Debug ....76 EPS Clip Ait 26 Balance of Power 31 Flight Simulator 2 .....3? Poker Solitaire .24 Ultima ill .29 Magellan (New Version) 129 Modula 2 .... 179 Module 2 Debugger 88 ¦••' For Art’s Sake ... 16 Future Dpsrnn 24 Bailisb* .....22 RinrliT Kiifn r»f Anri nl ¦"' Flimbo s Quest 36 Fnnl'c Frr.inr 37 ¦••'Police Quest It ... 42 ® Pool of Radiance Call Ultima IV ....39 Under Sea Commando . 34
• GEM Animations 37 Heraldic Pics ... 27 Human Design .. 24 China 44
• Barbarian II ......29 Barbarian ...27 Formula One ...21 Four In One ......22 Fright Nigh! .. .28 Populous Worlds Disk 21 Power Struggle 29 Prison ....28 Universe III ......35 Vampire's Empire .17
• Vette .Call Power Windows 2 5 63 Software From Hell .....56 Source Level Debugger......82 Kara Amm Fonts 1 ......32 Kara Amm Fonts 2 32 Kara Headlines 1 or 2 53 Lon's Fonts ...24 Maps Pics ...44 Ht«i Maps Pics USA 39 Bard's Tale II ....43 Batman the Movie 31 Batman ..... 34 Battle Chess ....34 Battle Squadron ..29
P. ittlp Tli * -1 Frost Byte ..21 Galactic Invasion ..19 Ganymed ...22 Garfield's Winter Tale......36 Garfield .....36 Pro Football Simulator 27 Project Neptune 27 ¦••' Pyramax ..31 Pursuit to Eanh ..29 Qix ..27 Quart? 36 , Vigitante ..«r ¦"' Vindex.., ....24 Virus ...21 Vortex 29 Vulcan .....29 War in Middle Earth . 35 w-Shell .....36 MUSIC AMAS 135 Masterpiece Fonts ...149 Media Line Fonts 26 Microbct Design .24 ¦••! Pic-Magic .... 65 PixelScnpt Fonts 1 . 54 PixelScript Fonts 2. 3 Or 4 47 PixelScnpt Ornaments 47 PixelScnpt Sampler 47 Lulllv 1 Ikll ...... w- ' Battleship .. 20
• Beam... 23 Bermuda Proiect 31 Beyond Dark Castle ..41 Bionic Commando .....28 Black Cauldron ..29 Black Jack Academy 29 UetDtti rtit r.dn .. Gemini Wing ...29 Genius.,....-,...., ...29 Ghouls 4 Ghosts . 29 Globulus ...21 Grand Prix Circuit 30 Grand Prsx Master ......34 Guerrilla War ...31 Quest For Time Buds .36 Question II . 35 ¦••' Raider ....24 Rarnbo lit 27 Rampage .....27 Realm of the Trolls ....37 Realm of the Warlock 25 Red Heat ... 39 Warhead .36 Warlock .....28 Wayne Gretzky Hockey 34 Web of Terror ..32 Welltris .. . 29 Where Sleeping Gods Lie . 35 , White Death ...39 ¦"' Wild Streets .....33
• Amiga Smgs .....12 Audio Master 2 0 63 Bars S Pipes 199 Bars & Pipes Music Box 45 Bars & Pipes Internals Sound Kit ...45 Bars & Pipes Rules for Tools . 45 Planets 29 Pro Font Library ...54 Pro Page Outline Fonts. 129 Quick Art .27
L. U1 - r UmbvJUlT* .....fctj n**1 Black Tiger 36 »••' Blades ol Steel 32 BlftyknegArdenneS ....42 Blood Money . 25 uullol HU .... O 1 m-* Hardball 2 ..35 ¦"' Heart of the Dragon .....36 Heat Wave 33 HellRaiser .35 ¦*•' Red Storm Rising .43 Renegade .23 Rennaisance 27 ¦•• Resolution 101.... 36 Wings of Fury ...27 WmdWalker ..31 World Championship Boxing. . 31 Copy'S! Pro ..143 Or T. Patch Editors . Call Drum Studio 35 Dynamic Drums ....59 Se* Fonts 26 Starships 2C50 ...30 ¦" Space Design ......29 Blood Wych Data Disk 1B Blood Wych 36 Blijv* Ang°l 69 28
* «•' Hero s Cues' ..... 42 Heroes of the Lance 29 Hifih Steel 28 Revenge ot Defender 27 Rick Dangerous ...37 Ringside .. 29 »i Qi 1J L 355 L0lii56 UISK,,,.' J World Class Leader Brd 29 World of Flight ... 109 Dynamic biuoio---------------i*w Fat Sounds 45 fun Keys 28
* ••’ Story Bock Capitals......36
* ••' Blue Angels 36 ¦••' Hrway Patrol 32 Road Raider .....27 World Snooker Billiards.... 22 World Trophy Soccer ....., 28 Xenon II ...... 39 Xencphobe ......35 KCS ..... 177 Studio Fonts ....32 Subheads...... 55
* •! SuperClips .22 Bobo .... 24 ¦•«' Bomg the Game .31 Bomb Busters 23
* ¦«' Hockey League Simulator 31 Hole In One Courses ...15 Hole In One 25 Robo-Cop .... 35 Rock Challenge ...27 Rocket Ranger .33 ¦"’KCS Level? Version 3D. Call M .... 149 MasterSound 54
• Vermont Seasons ...29
* «*'• Woodlands ..29
• World Symbol Library 34 Bombuzal ..29 Breach 2 ....34 Breach Scenario ...19 n,.,,k nn, Hollywood Faker ..25 Holmes ...3? Hometown USA 29 Roger Rabbit ....31 Roll Out ... 27 Roller Coaster Rumble 30 Zany Golf .19 Zero Gravity .. 21 Zoom ..20 Master Tracks Pro ....259 MIDI Quest ...179 MIDI Recording Studio.....49 £.Liiii£L run 13 ¦¦¦¦•¦.•¦ >¦ .i ¦ ¦¦ i»¦¦¦!¦&3 BUSINESS Advantage .....129 ¦"' BG Calc ..106 Budgeteer .....34 Critic's Choice 178 breach .. 9 Bride ol the Robot ...31 Bridge 5 0 .27 Bubble Ghost .29 HoneyMooners .. 29 ¦"' Hot Rod .....36 Hoyles Book of Games 28 Human Killing Machine .28 nOlllJFILt UT «j rkinyUUlJlj ¦••' Rommel at El-Alameinr......43 ¦••' Rommel at Garala ......43 ¦••' Rotor .29 r> ir Ijnwrln 01 EDUCATION Adv, of Smbad .....35 MidiMagic so Music Mouse 49 , Music X .....165 Performance .129 Buffalo Bill .....36 Calculation 25 California Games ..29 Capone .....28 Hyperlorce 35 1 Ludicrous 25 Indiana Jones (Doom) 28 Infestation ...29 Hvr Honda ......or Scary Mutants ..27 Scenery Disk 7 or 11 ...18 Scenery Disk 9 .20 Aesop's Fable (Unicorn).....33 Aesop's Fab'e (Hilton) 19 Alqebram .....66 All About America 42 Pro Sound Designer ..109 Quasar Sound .37 Somx .49 Sound Oasis .... 72 Desktop Budget . . 48 Easy Ledger ...199 M*-t Gold DiskOlice .184 ¦••'Home Accounts .83 Investor’s Advantage __ 79 Money Mentor ..Call Captain Ftn ......21 Carrier Command .33 Casino Fever .....26 Centerfold Squares .....24 ¦"' Chariots of Wrath .....27 Bi»' Chinese Kamtfl 31 Insanity Fight ...29 International Soccer ....28 Iron Trackers ...31 J Nicklaus Couse Disk 2. 18 J Nicklaus Golf ...37 Japan Scenery .20 Jaws Scenery starter 44 ¦••’ Sea Haven Towers 25 Seconds Out Boxing ....21 Sex Vixens From Space . 29 Shadow ol the Beast 29 ¦•• Shadow ol the Beast 11 42 Sherman M-4 .....36 ¦'"' American Idiomatic English27 Animal Kingdom ...35 Arabian Nights ..35 At The Zoo .31 Barney Bear .. Call ¦" Barney Bear 2 ... 28 Sound Trax 1 or 2 15 Soundquest Patch Editors .....100 Studio Magic ....75 Synfhta 2 ..89 Synthta Professional......280 Nimbus 1.3 (New Version) 99 PHASAR 4 0 ...61 Project Master 130 Publisher's Choice 139 ¦••' Real One 106 Chrono Quest ....34 Circus Attractions ......29 Clown-O-Mama 28 »•*' Code Name Iceman .42 JOT* J.. ...... tJ Jelsons ..... 29 Jel 35 Jigsaw Puzdemania 25 Jinks ...21 Shuftlepuck Cafe . .29 Side Anns 29 Side Show .....31 Sidewinder .21 Cardiac Arrest ...49 Chicken Little 19 CLAS ... 99 ConSoundTration .30 Deluxe He'n Call Texture tuz ¦•• Trax 77 ¦"Wave. ...189 UTILITIES AMAX 129 Securities Analyst. ....56 Service Industry Accounting...... 274 Take Stock ...34 Tax Break (1989) ___ 57 ¦••¦Colonel s Bequest ......43 Colorado . 36 Colossus Chess .....27 Karate Kid II ....28 Kennedy Aparoach .... 30 Kid Gloves .36 Sidmon .. 4y Silent Service .24 Silicon Dreams ..25 Designasaurus ..34 Dinosaurs Are Forever ..29 Combat Course ..27 Conflict Europe .36 Corporate Raiders 31 King Arthur 37 t"1 King's Dues: IV 41 K rgdoms of England 32 Sim City Terrain Editor ___17 SimCiry .... __31 Sky Chase .28 Discovery Data Disks ..15 Discovery Math 25 Discover? Soell . .25 »" AMAX 2 ...149 Ami. Alignment 37 ¦•¦ AmigaDQS HyperHelp . 29 The Accountant ... .189 The Works! Platinum 199 x*"1 Time Waste Management 56 ¦«i Top Form II ... 62 Cosmic Bouncer ...21 Cosmic Pirate .37 ¦••* Cosmo Ranger 36 Courtroom .....36
* '•'Crackdown ..... ...36 ¦"* Klax .29 Knight force ...31
* ••' Kursk Campaign 43 Sky Fighter 19 Slipstream ..17 Snake Pit ...... ..24 Distant Suns . 51 ¦'•Easy Grade .... 4? First Letters and Words .... 29 firet 29 Amiga DOS Toolbox 40 Amiga Tricks 4 Tips _..17 AmiKH ..29 WordPerfect Library 93 WORD PROCESSING ANO DTP Lancaster .. ...ji Lancelot ...... 29 JI'UVP . R-,,. R. *-+t irr* mQ Soccer Match 27 Fraction Acton .33 Grade Manager ......69 Intetiitype 19 BAD ......34 ¦'•* CAL (Calendar Maker)1 36 Craps Academy . 26 Last Duel ...28 Soldier 2000 ...... 36 Can Do* 99 Crash Garrett . ... 27 Last Inca ...28 Soldier of Light .36 Cl Imalff 25 Crazy Cars ...27 ¦"' Last Ninja II , 36 Solitaire Royale .....22 Jigsaw ... 29 flftlrth rrtinm ndpt 21 ¦••'Crossbow: William Tell......31 Leathernecks ..29 Sorcerer Lord _28 Katie s Farm ....31 Cross DCS 4 0 .... 29 Crossword Creator ......35 Crystal Quest .....36 Cyber Complex, ...25 Legend of Djel ...36 Legend ......29 ¦"' Legend of Sir Fred 36 Space Ace ..39 Space Cutter ... ...20 Space Harrier 2 ...36 Kindsrama .33 Learning Curve .55 Linkword Languages . 24 Disk 2 Disk (New Version) 37 Disk Mechanic .60 DiSkMaster . 40 CygnusEd ..67 Excellence 0 (1MB) 159 Kind Words 2.0 ..74 Micro Text 25 Cycles .....29 Daily Dbl Horse Racing .24 Damocles .31 Danger Freak ......24 Wrw‘ Leisure Suit Larry III . ... 44 Licence to Kill 29 Leisure Suit Larry II 34 Lombard Rally 29 Space Harrier ...36 Space Racer ...21 Space Ranger ...„.t8 ¦"' Space Rogue .36 Little Red Hen ..19 Logic Master ....36 Magical Myths ..36 Match It ..29 Dos 2 Dos, .37 Doug's Library Disk ......11 Doug s Library 2 19 Doug s Libraiv 3 19 Doug's Math Aquarium .....59 DUDE ....35 Dunlap Utilities .55 Express Copy .....31 EZ Backup 36 fat Tracks ..39 Page Setter II ...79 PageSheam ..129 PageStream Fonts leach). 27 PageStteam Fonts (Mag Images! . .28
• PageStream Forms ......28 Pen Pal ...... 99 Darius ......36 Dark Century ..... ......32 DataStoim ..27 ¦"'Dayot the Viper .36 Deep Space ......21 Defenders of the Earth 36 Denans ...28 Losl Dutchman Mine ..35 Magic Cand:e ...39 Magic Johnson Hoops (1MB) ... 28 Major Moticn ...27 h»!Malta Storm .....43 Manhunter 2 - New York . ..35 Space School Simulator. ,. 24 Space Station .16 Spherical .29 Spm World ... 25 Spitting Image ....29 Spy vs. Spy 2 18 Star Goose ...29 ¦••'Math Blaster Plus ......36 Math Wizard .....35 Mathamation ...59 ¦"'McGee .. 29 Nutri Fax ...43 Opposites Attract .31 Read & Rhyme . 33 Pro Templates 38 Professional Page 13......Call ProFonts (each) ..26 ProScript ...33 ProText 139 ProWnte 75 Scannery 174 Scribble1 Platinum .99 «•¦' Ultraforms for Pagestream56 ¦• UltraForms for ProPage . 56 WordPerfect (Updated!). 179 COMMUNICATION A-Talk IlhNew Version) 70 Baud Bandit ..35 Detonator ...... 28 Devcna re .34 Distant Armies 31 Dive Bomber 37 Dominator 29 Dominoes 18 Double Dragon II ..31 ¦••'Double Onbble ..32 Or Doom s Revenge 31 Maniac Mansion ..34 Marble Madness __ ....19 ¦••(Matrix Marauder ..29 Mean 18 . 27 Menace ...24 Metropolis 31 ¦••'Microleague Wrestling 29 ¦••'Midwinter ... 36 Millenium 2 2 37 Star Ray ...31 Stellar Crusade ...41 Stock Market Game......19 Street Fighter .29 Slrider ..29 ¦"'Strike Aces ....36 Strip Poker Data (each) 15 Sinp Poker II _28 Stryx ...23 Read-A-Rama ...33 Recipe Fax 26 Talking Storybook (each). 24 Three Bears ....22 Three Little rigs ....19 Trip (w At!a>) .. 35 Ugly Duckling . 22 Where tn Europe ...... 35 11 kirrA In Tl-ft IlC * " £ t-amiiy tree . ¦"'FRED (Phome Dialer) .36 Home Inv Manager .27 ¦" Lottery Prolessionai 31 Mac To Dos 92 ¦" Mastering CLI (New Ver) 31 MicroLavryer .... 42 Momentum Check 25 Norgen Geneology __ 71 Dragon Spirit . .31 Dragon's Lair II __47 Dragon's Lair .....38 Oraqonscape 31 Mind Roll ......22 Mission ConBat 35 ¦•*Moscow Campaign ......43 MTS: Barbarossa .46 MTB: Central Germany 45 Stunt Car Racer ....34 Sub Battle 34 Super Scramble ..29 Synapse ..24 .'rfrtere in I re .jj Where In The World .. 30 Word Master ...35 DATABASE DB Man V 199 DataRetnev-’ 59 Palette Printer . 25 PixelScnpt. ___ __104 Project D (New Version) 37 Quarterback ...... 45 Orafkhen ..it TAG I .....74 ¦"'Table Tennis ..28 Tale Spm ...37 Tank Attack ..22 . Rl‘v Copy (Latest1) ......37 ¦"'Reaper ... 36 SuperBack .....54 Tarot Master ..21 Dream Zone ...31 ¦-'Duck Tails ... 32 Dungeon Master Asst . 24 New York Warriors .....35 Night Hunter 29 NightDawn 25 BBS-PC ... 105 Online1 Platinum -------66 Dungeon Master Editor . 24 Dungeon Master Hint Disk .15 Dungeon Master ..29 Ninja Mission 18
* •¦'No Excuses 16 Targhan ....36 Targis 27 DataRetricve Prof ...189 ¦*•' Mai! Rhni P us 73 Thinker .. 49
* "'Total Control Diet ..74 Skyline ..99 North & South ..34 Tecnno Cops ..34 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles .31 Tele Eprc ...27 Mailodex ....35 Virus Infection Protection .32 Virus Protection Toolkit.....39 Vo Rec One ...129 X-Copy II ..28 ie:e i uxor .& i DAMES 30 Pool .....27 4th & Inches ....30 AB 7qq 28 Dungeon Quest .34 ¦"' Dynasty'Wars ...35 ¦"'Dyter07 .....29 Obliterator 30 Off Shore Warrior .. 29 Omega 36 Micro Base ......25 Microfiche filer Plus ..115 Eliminator ..28 Emperor of the Mines ..37 Enunciator . 1 Eskimo Games .28 OmnfPlay Basketball ..37 Omni Play Horseracing 36 Operation Clean Streets......28 Operation Combat ..... 29 Telegames ......26 Telewar II ..27 Telewar . ...29 Tennis Cup ......35 J rlUS, ...... Superbase Personal II .99 Superbase Prof. 3 ..229 Who What Where When 67 Our objective is to carry every product lor Ihe Amiga-and sell them al the best prices. Our policy is to be as competitive as possible on all product prices. II you find a lower price, please give us a call. 11 is no longer close to possible lor us lo list al! The products we carry. II you don't see it listed, please call. ¦•• Products are new and in slock.
• Products had not been released at press time. Products have been marked down in price All other products are normally in slock (plus tOOs more)! Alter The War...... .36 Aubome Ranger ...36 Alien Legion .....36 European Scenery ......20 Evil Garden . ...16 Exolon ...28 Eye of Horns 29 ¦••Operation Overlord .....56 ¦••'Operation Spruance .36 Operation Wolf 28 Out Run 34 Terrorpods 28 Test Drive II Data (each)... .15 Test Dnvo II Muscle Cars 15 Test Drive II . ......30 PROGRAMMING
• VC Basic (¥1.3) .....134 All Dogs Go To Heaven 36 All Time Favorites ...42 AMC ...36 Amiga Karate ......24 UnC 7 ft "*•'829 Retaliator 36 F40 Pursuit ......31 Faery Talc ..29 Falcon Scenery .20 ROW ....28 P47 Thunderbolt 35 PacLand ....29 Paladin Scenario ......19 Tetris .25 Theme Park Mystery ...36 Third Courier .....35 Three Stooges ....31 A'C Fortran ..199 Addison Wesley Manuals Call Amiga Machine Lang... __24 Arexx... __36 ¦••AMUj .(U Anarchy ..29 Andromeda Mission ___ 28 APB ...31 Aquaventure 29 Archipelagos .....29 Faicon ......34 Famous Course Disk 17 Fast Break ......30 femme Fatale Data .....17 Femme Fatale ..23 Feud 18 Paladin .....29 Paperboy ...35 Paranoia Complex ......32 Persian Gulf intemo 29 Personal Nightmare 29 Phinmm 74 Thud Ridge 34 ¦"¦Thunder Strike .36 Time & Magik ...31 Tin Tin on the Moon ....36 Titan 31 ¦**!To the Rhme. ..... .36 AssemPro ..72 Artec C-Oev (New Ver!). .199 Benchmark C Library .71 Benchmark IFF Library 71 Benchmark Modula-2.....134 Ppfirhmark RimnlifiPri 71 Arena .15 Art 01 Chess .24 An o1 Go . 42 A reriv T6 Fiendish Freddy ...35 fighter Bomber ....44 ¦••Fighter Bomber Phaser Gun .....45 Phobia .... 37 ¦••'Photon Storm .31 Tom i Jerry 2 ...23 Tom L Jerry ...23 Transputer ....24 C++ 279 C 5.0 ....199 CAPE 58K .65 Astrarath - . 35 Aunt Arctic Adventure . 27 Auto Duel ..2B Mission Disk, ......Jo Final Mission ....25 fire & Forget ...27 Fire Brigade ......33 Pichonary ... 35 Pioneer Plague. ...... 27 ¦'•Plague .29 Planet of Lust ..29 ¦" Treasure Trap .. .29 Triad .36 Triple X ...29 Trivia Pursuit .29 DevPac Amga 67 DSM Disassembler .....44 HiSofl Basic ...115 »! Fill HOLIDAY HEADQUARTERS! 688 Attack Sub .... Action Fighter . S35 31 Afterburner Air Combat USA .... .36 31 Alien Syndrome .... Altered Beast.. .31 Anuanaut .... 29 Balance of Power 1990.36 Battle Command ....36 Rattlehawks 1942 ...35 Billy The Kid ... 31 Blockout ..... 29 Blood Relations .... 36 Blue Max ... 36 Brain Blaster .. 31 Buck Rogers . 36 Budokan ..... 99 Champions of Krynn.... Colony .35 96 Crackdown 36 Cribbage King Gin King. 29 Curse of the Azure Bonds35 CvberMedlx 31 Dark Castle Days of Thunder .. 33 36 Death Brinoer 29 Deluxe Music Deluxe Paint III .... Deluxe Photolab ... 63 99 99 Deluxe Print II ...... 55 Deluxe Video III .... 99 Dinosaur Discovery Kit .29 DRAGON Force ......35 Dragon Lord .. 36 Draoons of Flame 29 I ‘FRgOI-SiflKftt hhi mum Empire ...... Earl Weaver 1988 Stats . .35 15 1989 Stats . 15 Basbeball ... 35 Commisioner’s Disk. .15 F 16 Combat ...35 F A 18 Interceptor ..35 F-29 Retallator 36 Federation ...35 Ferrari Formula 1 ...35 Bood. ....31 Fool's Errand ...36 Golden Axe ..36 Harley Davidson .....36 Harpoon MMPVPIV* PtPIPItltlflPf 43 Hillsfar .35 Hound of Shadow ..29 Hunt For Red October..,22 Immortal .....36 Imperium ....29 Indiana Jones Action Game 29 Graphic Adventure.....35 Indianapolis 500 ....36 Iron Lord .....29 It Came From The Desert ......35 It Came II - Antheads ... 16 Keef The Thief .35 Kid Talk 29 Krista! ..35 Life and Death .35 COOTP .. -3 Loopz... 29 Lords of the Rising Sun 35 Lost Patrol ..36 Magic Fly ....31 Maniac Mansion .....33 Math Talk ....29 Math Talk Fractions 29 Mavis Beacon ..35 x II __ 43 Myth . Night Breed .....31 NightShift ...31 Nuclear War 35 Pipe Dream .29 Free Photolab with Deluxe Video III $ 95 Pool Of Radiance .35 Populous .....34 Powerdrome ...35 Power Monger 35 Pro Tennis Tour .....29 Puffy's Saga 23 Puzzle Gallery II .....36 Puzzle Storybook ...29 Rhyming Notebook 29 Rocket Ranger Stooges 36 Sands of Fire ......36 Second Front ..35 Shinobi .36 Space Harrier ......36 Speedball ....29 Speller Bee ..29 Starflight .....35 Street Rod __ SupeimSkwtator.....35 Sword of Aragon ....29 Swords of Twilight .35 Their Finest Hour ...43 Thunder Blade .36 Tunnels of Armageddon29 Turbo Out Run 35 TV Sports Football .35 TV Sports Hoops ....35 Unrest ......,35 Untouchables ..31 Vegas Gambler 29 Waterloo .....42 Wm ......-.35 YeagerAFTZO. 31 Zak McKracken ......33 Titles in are New. Titles in Red have not been released but are expected in
1990. Titles in Black are available now! Board GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 4 Megabyte Memory Board for the Amiga A500 by ex pansion New Products: 68030,28MHz: *654“ 68030,28MHz w '882 + 4MB: *1,469 Classics 68030,28MHz w '882 4MB: 68030,33MHz w '882 + 4MB: 68030,50MHz w. 1 '882 + 4MB: We will not be undersold on BVP products! Series II Controllers Now In Stock Battery-backed clock Easy plug-in Installation 6MB Upgrade Now Available Base Board OK s119.00 512K $ 151.00 4 Wef s375.00 Loom Magical Action from Lucasfilm! ELECTRONIC ARTS Pool Of Radiance At Long Last, It's Here! We Know Video! Titles Editing Animation Overlay Special Effects Call or write for our free Video- Maker brochure. We are authorized dealers for Panasonic Industrial Video and Future Video Edit Controllers. Specials! WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! BEST SERVICE AND BEST PRICE! Mm Easyl A1000.... 369 Easyl A50Q ..359 Easyl A2000 ™399 APPLIED EHGIUEERING m, - 880K Roppy ......123
K. .Ranwortcs2MB __ 249 High Density Floppy .299
- A500 Power Supply 95 Aht'S Frpducia flov ln Stock APPLIED VISIONS FutureSound (A1000) 144 FutureSound A500 2000 .95 AHIJG n„'JX-100 Scanner w SW .747 Multi Pon Serial Card Call
• j. Scanlab . Call CALIFORNIA ACCESS CA-880 3.5" Drive .....109 CITIZEN iir 24-Pin Color Printer Call DIGITAL CREATIONS SirperGen .. 639
• SuperGen SC Call SuperGen 2Q0GS ...... ..Call New products cam® soon! ECE MIDI for A5Q0 A10CHV A2000 A3000 ___ 58 EXPANSION SYSTEMS BaseBoard OK . 119 BaseBoard 512K 151 BaseBoard 4MB.... ___-375 GO AMIGA! Disk Head Cleaner 15 30 Disk Case ..... 10 ImageWriter II Cable-----------.Call Printer Cable ..... 20 Modem Cable. . 20 Mouse Pad .... 10 Sony Cables Call RickerFixer Cables .....Call Custom Cables.„ ...._ ...Call GOLD DISK «.-!Pro Scan™ ™......„.....+ ..Call G0L0FN HAWK TECHNOLOGY
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n. .!MIDI Gold Insider .72 GRAVIS
n. 'iMouseSlick ___ 89
N. .'SwitchStick ___ .37 Tfts best joystick! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 68030 Accelerators for A20QO: 28MHz.'882,4MB. ___1,479 W 4CMB Quantum 1.659 W 8CMB Quantum _.2.199 28MHz (by itself) ....719 33m H7-Available! A2000 Series 11 Hard Cards. HC8+Q 40Q 599 HC8+Q 80Q . 799 HC8+Q7100Q __ 849 Series II - No Ram Version ..174 A500 Products ..Call Streaming Tape ...... Call Removable Media _ Lowerl FAMSTROMS ..... 39 AT ROMS... ..39 200MB Connor AT Drive ...1,199 We have been the fl GVP Deakr3 Years in a Row! Gmar-teed Best Price an GVP! Mm X-Specs3D 97 Call tor product availability HEWLETT-PACKARD Deskjetf......_ ™ Cali Pamtjet ... ..Call LaserJet Series Rl _Call Deskjet prtnfer driver avail.! ICD INCORPORATED
* -AdRAM 520 (OK) __ 135 d .. Ad RAM 520 (4MB) __ 444 Ad RAM 560 (2MB) 259
• AdRAM 2080 ___ 149
- - Advantage HD Controller 149 INKWELL Light Pen . IVS Memory Boards . .99 ..Call Trump Card 500 ___ ..Call Trump Card 2000 ___ Call
H. .!Trump Card Professional ... 219 Sourcer Power Supply . Cali KUFK Command Center _ .....Sale! MAOHj Magnl 4000 Genlock . In Stock! Magni 4Q00-S ... In Stock! MAXIMUM k ' Yoke for Right Simulator.. , .78 MfCROBOllCS Starboard II (A1000) OK. 239 M501 for A500... 99 8 Up (A20QQ) OK ..159 8 Up (A2000) 2MB ..... .Call Hard Frame tor A20Q0. No Drive .~ __199 With 40MB Quantum .,579 With 80MB Quantum..™. _779 W 105MB Quantum
- -----829 ii"; niKC Fc P' l ,‘PlO !,U.i Ffcm MiV' MICROWAY
- Denise Extender Board .Call Flicker Fust .... 374 Genlock Upgrade . ...49 PAL version available! MICRODEAL MID! Interface ... 31 MICROSPEEO Amlrack Trackball, .. Call MIGIIAPH
M. .iHand Scanner ... .Call MIMEtiCS Amigen Genlock ... Call Audio Digitizer..... . 85 MIDI Interface for A5QQ and A2Q00 45 Ml fSUHISHl DiamondScan Monitors,.,™ .Call Great for video! NEC MultiSync Monitors...... Call We have all the r®ht cables i HER [XI m-'Neriki Desktop __ _ 919 ¦•-'Neriki Imagemaster __ ___Call NEWTEK DuiVtfw Gold 124 Video Toaster ...Taking Orders' PANASONIC m-iWVI 500 Camera.., ..... .Caa WVWOCameraLens _ .239 Variable Iris Lens . 79 11801 Printer .... ___Call 11911 Printer . Call 1124 Printer,™.,..™ . .Call PASSPORT DESIGN MIDI Interlace.™ ...... ___Call PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS m Cordless Mouse .. ,.99 Mouse Master .. ...31 PRO PRINT Paper for Ink Jel Printers ... ..15 PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS Frame Grabber . .Call
H. -r'MimGen .... 209 Pro Gen Genlock .. ™.™.349 QUANTUM ProDrivt 40S 389 ¦ IUWIIIV ...... ProDrive SOS ... . .WWW 599 FtoDrhre 105S ..... ..649 R0 U PRODUCTIONS
- iiA Pro Draw II . „.Jn Stock*. SAEE3KIN Clear Keyboard Covers ___19 Specify Amiga model - A3000in stock SHARP
• - JX-1QQ Scanner w SW ......849 ¦ 1 - un i vv uwibh.i ii. Wi* ....M JX-450 Scanner _ ..Call SONY 1302 MultiScan ...Can SPIRIT TECHNOLOGY OK Spirit Board A1O0Q .Call OK Spirit Board A50O ..... ...Call
1. 5MB Spirit Board for A500 429 Hard Disk Interfaces.- ...... Call STAR MICH0MICS NX 1000 Rainbow .. 239 NX1000 Black . 190 Ribbons milable! SUIIRIZE INDUSTRIES Perfect Sound .....69 Color Splitter ...
- Call SURFSIOE Master 3A3.5" ...... ...129 SUPRA 2400 Modem ___.... ™1Q7 240Qzi Internal (A20OQ)_. ...125 A2000 OK RAM Board.. .159 A20002MB RAM Board.. ...234 A2G0Q Wordsync Controller No Driv» „129 With 40MB Quantum 459 With 80MB Quantum..™...... ...549 W 105MB Quantum .... ...699 External 44MB Removable find, controller) . 1,039 Hard Dnves for At 000: 20MB.„ _ ...599 30MB .. 679 40MB ... ...789 80MB ..... 1,024 44MB Removable ... 1,249 SCSI Interface (A1Q09) .209 Hard Drives lor A500
M. XP20 with 512K . ...629 n- XP40 with 512K . ...729 Hr*'- XP20 with 2MB .. ...779
n. *f XP40 with 2MB .. 879 44MB Removable ....
1. 169 SCSI Interface (A500) ...... .,.189 2M8 RAM lor A5Q0 (Old Style) .275 512K RAM Exp (A50Q). 74 TECHIIICQVER Cover lor A5O0....
- 14 Cover lor A1000 .... ___17 Cover lor A200Q 17 IfVlVI 1 Wi MkWUU MaMU>a.mh•••¦¦ au WIC0 Trackball . .....39 VIO TECH Scanlock ...799 Scaniock Power ...69 VISUAL AURALS Miodlight? ___ ™178 XETEC FastCard Plus ..... _ ...189 With 40MB Quantum .. .569 Wilh BOMB Quantum ..... 739 With 105MB Quantum... 899 FastTrak A1000 ...329
• UVI nun ¦ 11 wuw . FastTrak A500 329 RAM Module lor A1000. 99 RAM Module for A500™.. 99 Tape CD Drives .... ....Call We stand behind lhe hardware we sell with full warranties and InJcllipent, informed support. Wc all own and use Amigas, and we can help make sure you gel the right equipment. ¦-* A R E> W R. 8E Products are new and in stock.
• Products had not been released a1 press time. Products have been marked down in price. Attention Shoppers! Don’t forget, Go AMIGA will meet or beat any legitimate deal on any Amiga product. You can have it all: s1 Products Prices. Service., and Value! D gMew40 OigiPaint3 The Ultimate Paint Program! $ CO 00 With Dynamic Hi-Res! Sm.m TM 800-BE-AMIGA ORDERS ONLY: (800-232-6442) CUSTOMER SERVICE: 415-364-9714 FACSIMILE (FAX): 415-365-2073 Send Mail Orders to: GO AMIGA 2682D Middlefieid Rd, Redwood City; CA 94063 (Money Order, Cashier's Check, or Qualified P.O. only. Ca. Residents add sales tax.) SHIPPING INFO: Software Shipping rates are S3.00 per item using UPS Ground service (max $ 9.00) or S4.50 per iiem using UPS 2nd Day Air Service (max S13.50). Nexl Day shipping via Airborne Express is available al a very low rate - often less expensive than UPS 2nd Day. Please call for complete details. Alaska. Hawaii, APO, Mail, toreign shipping extra. Call for hardware rates and other shipping info. RETURN & REFUND POLICY: All returns must have an RMAf Call Customer Service to request one. Defective merchandise under warranty will be repaired or replaced. Some returns may be subject to a restocking fee. Returned product must be returned postage prepaid with all original packaging Exchanges for same product only. OTHER POLICIES; We don'l charge your card until the product ships Purchase order customers must have credit application on file. No surcharge for VISA and MasterCard. When ordering with credit card, please include expiration date and nane of bank! San Jose Sharks - Stanley Cup 1993! Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amga. Go AMIGA is in no way associated with Amiga. Delivery subject to product availability • Prices subject to change • Circle 26 on Reader Service Card. REVIEWS From p. 22 tower over Amiga dealers' shelves like a dark horse in the 3-D race. Developed by Cryogenic Software, 3D Professional is published by Progressive Peripherals 8c Software. Inside its immense box are three manuals, a tutorial videotape, and six disks of software and data that include 68000 and floatingpoint versions of the program, object and image data, and the Animation Station program (which is also available separately from Progressive). 3D Pro boasts an impressive list of features. Among these are multiple graphics formats (including 24-bit color output and eight-bit gray scale); variable screen sizes; support of Microlllusions’ Transport Controller for single-frame video recording; an Arexx-compatible scripting language; texture mapping; automatic text extrusion; fractal landscapes and trees; lathing; extrusion; 3-D conversions of bitmapped graphics; keyframe animation; and use of 2-D IFF images as foregrounds and backgrounds. The rendering modes do not include ray tracing, so real shadows and reflections are not possible. There are ways to fake 3D Professional has the best documentation of any of the 3-D modeling programs. It is the only program I’ve ever bought that does not require you to read the manual. The instructional videotape is a good idea; it’s well done, and it’s a good supplement to the manual. The program is friendly and very powerful. It falls somewhere between Caligari, which is tremendously powerful but very expensive, and Silver, which is less powerful but affordable. I feel it is slightly overpriced, though; I would like to see it in the $ 200-300 range. 3D Pro is not great for object creation, but it is fine for texturing, fighting, and rendering imported objects. I appreciate the fact that the program supports Videoscape and Sculpt formats. The only thing I wish for is support for 3-D stereo vision; a Read_Me file in Animation Station hints at this. 3D Pro does so well in handling standard 3-D; I wish it would go the extra step. John Semper Toluca Lake, CA them, however, and a convincing argument against ray tracing is that it takes so much time. The program can import 3-D objects in a wide variety of formats, though all color and surface characteristics may not survive the translation. It can save objects in Videoscape format as well as its own file format. It outputs graphics files tfmiaul Vl.M foil HWHG :¦»*«*» FMC Gmftam Tea for 3-D Pro style as IFF, except for the IFF 24-bit format; you can save 24-bit files in the same RGB format that Sculpt-Animate 4D and Mimetics’ Frame Buffer use. In up to Your Ankles The program’s interface is wholly mouse- based except in scripting, and its screen has a large selection of icon-based tools. It’s obvious that a tremendous amount of development time went into the interface, which is consistent and workable. If you have never used 3-D software before, you may find it easy to get your feet wet with 3D Pro. Unfortunately, though, the water is not very deep. On starting the program, a requester asks you to specify values to determine the number of objects, vertices, and other elements that define a scene. If you specif)’ too few of these values, 3D Pro will eventually refuse to let you add, modify, or load objects. I found the only realistic way to deal with this was to use very high values to avoid ever running out of available space. The result was that I used virtually all of the memory in my seven-megabyte system. Memory is taken up even before you create any objects in a scene. This is a good example of the type of housekeeping that software should take care of behind the scenes. The fact that you cannot alter these values without destroying all data in memory makes the program very awkward. 3D Pro is a point-and-polygon system in which it’s not possible to move or even select points except in the lathing and extrusion modules. Objects are either constructed from primitives (cubes, spheres, and so on), or are created in those special modules from within which you cannot see other related objects you are working with. Because of the nature of 3D Pro’s solid modelling, objects sometimes appear to poke through other objects when they shouldn’t. In such cases, you must manually split the offending objects up into individual pieces. There is no Undo function in any part of the program. Update to the Rescue? Although the program contains many interesting features, they are frequently implemented in an awkward fashion. For example, the several textures available are referenced to the world’s origin rather than to the origin points of the individual objects. This means that if a tex- tured object should move in.the course of an animation, the appearance of its rYOUR TURN! 3D Professional is a wonderful program. Its intuitive interface and pulldown menus make it easy to use. I like it better than either Sculpt or Turbo Silver; the learning curve is not as great. I also like its expansivity, which allows for ray tracing, custom displays, and so on. Progressive provides wonderful support. The videotape is a big benefit, too, but with the wealth of manuals included, a three-ring binder would be helpful. Mike Lamb Pueblo, CO texture will actually change. Texture- mapped objects are therefore impractical to move, making texture mapping a feature of questionable value. You can turn IFF bitmapped images into 3-D objects, but the program creates them as flat mosaics, in which the indi- Continued on p. 98 IN 1972. AN ELITE AIR CORPS FLEW OVER VIETNAM. FLY WITH THE AND THE BOLD. Of the target zones. For continuous challenges, choose from 16 variables to determine the level of difficulty. Get Flight of the Intruder1 now and watch for the full-length motion picture coming this summer. Available for Amigaf Atari® ST™ and IBM. Phantom hghter interceptors.) Switch from the A-6 ran * to F-4 cockpit anydme. FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER PAPERBACK NOVEL INCLUDED Thirty-four different targets provide new challenges every time you take to the sky. Aerial photos provide a preview Off you go to odventure, and excitement. ’ * Zero in on the MiG, before he zeros in on you. Feel the adrenaline kick in as you scream down the earner runway. You're up! And so is your squadr ofF-4’s. Now nothing can stop you except the deadly fire from those MiG 2 Vs, SAMs and anti-aircraft flak. Experience the raw emotion and harrowing danger of intense air combat over North Vietnam in this simulation 4 Vi based on Stephen Coonts’bestselling novel, Flight of the Intruder. Authenticated by Vietnam pilots who flew in the Linebacker Campaign of 1972,you won’t find any other simulation so like the real thing. Select u from multiple missions or map out your own N using the mission creator. Control up to C eight air- Mission accomplished! Now bod C Tcllt clUF" to Yankee Station to plan your nert attack. Mg One mission (four A-6 Intruder bombers and four F-4 Cowrigh! § 1986 Stephen R Coonis. All Rights Resentd. Flignt of the Intruder and Spwtmm HdoByte ere trademarks of Sphere, I'm. Other prodiKft ere trodemorks of rheir respatrre holders. Spectrum HoloEk te TM A Division of Sphere. Inc, 2061 Challenger Dr., Alameda, CA 94501 (415) 522-0107 Circle 315 on Reader Serv*ce card TOOL muvui
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* Lehman. Tl ili% allovvs f handy MasterCard American depress You to evpr execute 111 Plants, j Account 11_ I Signature foreign orders, add SLSO ior air mall dellve %.% postpaid. V avment required in tl S. that some ammations require IMS ot men Or Call WM] K- t t Trumpcard Professional... the Frontrunner in SCSI disk controllers m State of the art users deserve state of the art hardware
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• Auto mounts all partitions up to 1 minute after RESET, slow partitions don't hold up
- : £. - autoboot. Full support for removable media built into autoboot ROM. No need for DISKCHANGE. SiSro ? Jw* fur ??' * Sfc.- J
* Full implementation of RDB’s and standard Direct SCSI 0 interface. W ..j- "v.!*; ¦'¦ v •' * V; * *=.*V tf,' w- . M Jv •v V? O*-.4” v . .-5 * 0 * User N selectable Trumpcard SCSI ID for SCSI bus arbitration allows multiple computers to share hard drives. 4> va V 7 V'SSSi e 5,5 5*3 . •• %
* ¦? H.
• Supports all drives at 1:1 interleave for fastest data trans- fers possible. Full Mac emulator support. 1 year warranty on parts and labor. Naturally, Trumpcard and Trumpcard 500 owners can upgrade with It S' Trumpcard plus $ 100 upgrade policy. Cali IVS for details. Upgrade available from factory only. Trumpcard Professional List Price: $ 279.95 TRUMPCARD PROFESSIONAL INTERACTIVE VIDEO SYSTEMS • 7245 Garden Grove Blvd.. Suite E • Garden Grove. CA 92641 • Voice: (714) 890-7040 * Fax: (714) 898-0858 Circle 54 on Reader Seivice card From p. 9* vidual pixels of the bitmap become separate objects. Even low-resolution pictures convert into very complicated 3-D objects when you use this technique. In addition, there’s no way to wrap a flat image onto a 3-D object. Although you would expect this type of solid modelling to render as fast as Videoscape, or at least as fast as the solid-model modes of Sculpt and Silver, that does not seem to be the case. Rendering is painfully slow, even on a 68030-based system, though it is still faster than ray tracing. The quality of the HAM images is not very good, and the rendering routine performs no anti-aliasing, so HAM images show stair-stepped jagged edges and HAM fringing. Better HAM images would result from rendering in 24-bit color and using another program ASDG’s The Art Department, for instance to convert those images to HAM. That, however, doesn’t help the lack of anti-aliasing. Some of these problems (space does not permit a blow-by-blow accounting of all 3D Pro’s failings) may be addressed by software updates; the basic structure of the program suggests better things to come. In fact, point editing is one example that the author mentions as a future enhancement. Reaching Out You can use an external program to render 3D Pro files, which presents a unique and interesting situation. Custom Tenderers can be created (Cryogenic is currently working on a ray-tracing module); and rendering across networks is a possibility. That means that 3D Pro, running on a networked Amiga, could potentially call a Tenderer on some other computer on the network and do all the computation on another system. The Arexx support in the scripting language is very welcome, and makes it possible for Arexx programmers to construct some sophisticated animation functions to work from within 3D Pro. The fractal object-creation tools are also interesting, even if the trees are not particularly treelike. The author does mention future possibilities for fractaliz- ing objects, which sounds intriguing. If you currently use another 3-D program, you're unlikely to want to jump ship for 3D Professional. Despite its range of features, it is far from being the First release of the new generation of 3-D software. It’s much more like the final release in the last generation. On the other hand, if you’re just about to begin working in 3-D graphics, you might want to look at 3D Pro. The author’s obvious commitment to the product indicates that we can look forward to improvements, and you may decide that you want to sign on for that ride. At the moment, though, the ride looks rather long and rocky for the inexperienced, and the destination a bit uninspiring lor the serious traveller. 3D Professional Progressive Peripherals & Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 $ 499.95 One megabyte required. MIDI Quest Total synth support By Steve Quinzi FOR THE PAST few years, musicians have relied on software editors and librarians to compensate for two major deficiencies of the typical MIDI synthesizer, namely, low on-board sound storage and cumbersome voice programming. With MIDI setups growing larger (a pro’s rig typically consists of a dozen or so modules), the concept of a single software package to manage the patches for all of your synths makes a lot more sense than the single-device approach we are accustomed to. MIDI Quest, the new universal patch editor librarian from Sound Quest, can store and edit patch data for all MIDI devices, including most current synths, that support system-exclusive (sys-ex) communication. You can group together any number of patch or sys-ex files in a single database and send it out to the various devices simultaneously. MIDI in Manifold Form Because MIDI Quest is designed for use with external MIDI hardware, you need a MIDI interface ancl at least one MIDI synthesizer or module to use it. For effective use with a setup of multiple MIDI devices, you should also have a MIDI patcher that responds to program changes. The noncopy-protected software comes on two disks. One holds the program itself. The other contains drivers that allow communication with specific MIDI devices. Table 1 shows, in alphabetical order by manufacturer, a list of the machines for which MIDI Quest provides drivers. The more contemporary of these devices are also supported by editing templates graphic editing pages for changing synth parameters that are also on the second disk. To lit all these drivers and templates on a single disk, Sound Quest uses a compressed format. Using MIDI Quest’s Install utility, you can decompress the files you want and copy them to another disk, which must be named Drivers. The install routine also creates a default setup file. Setting Up Your Gear MIDI Quest opens with a Driver List window displaying all the drivers and ? Table 1. Machines supported by MIDI Quest drivers. Casio: CzlOl, 1000, 3000, 5000 and VZ1 Digital Music Services: MX-8 Digitech: DSP 128 Emu: Proteus Ensoniq: ESQ-1, ESQ-.VI, and SQ-80 Kawai: Kl, K3, and K4 Korg: DS-8, DW 6000, DW8000, EX8000, Ml, MIR, M3R, and the T-series machines Lexicon: LXP-1 Oberheim: Matrix 6, 6R, and 1000 Roland: D-5, D-10, D-20, D-50, D-I10, E-20, GR-50, JX-8P, MT-32, U-20, and U-220 Sequential Circuits: Drum tracks, MultiTrack, Six-Track, Prophet 5, 10, 600, and T8 Yamaha: DMP7, RX11, RX17, RX21L, RX7, V50, TX81Z, DX7, 5, 11, 21, 27, 100, 711D, 7I1FD, TX7, TF01, TX802, FB0I, and SPX90 VideoMaster The Integrated Desktop Video System For Amiga Computers VideoMaster integrates in a single system all the functions necessary to transform the Amiga computer into a fully featured multimedia workstation without using the video slot. VideoMaster performs the following functions: ? Genlocks the Amiga graphics to incoming composite (PAL or NTSC) ? A built-in RGB splitter provides tor direct connection to a or S-Video source (S-VHS, HiS or ED-BETA). Digitizer including a compatible interface to Digi-View Gold 4.0. ? The genlocked video production is available in composite and S-Video ? A special effects generator produces horizontal, vertical, circle formats as well as RGB for optimum graphics. And inverted wipes-automatically timed or manually controlled. COMPOSITE RGB S-VIDEO Two Models NTSC (RS-I70A) and S-Video PAL and S-Video 625 The S-Video, Y C signal is processed independently in, through and out. “Glitch Free” Switches Cut to any Amiga Reference video combination in the next frame of your recording with no flicker or artifacts. Dissolve Control Bars Dissolve to any Amiga Reference Video combination. Also dissolve to black. Wipe Switches and Control Bar Vertical, horizontal and circle wipes timed by VideoMaster or controlled manually. Inverted or combined multiple wipes for special and unusual effects. Digitize External Images Connect vour Digi-View Gold 4.0 digitizer, set RGB splitter to Auto and VideoMaster will synchronize the digitizer to R, G and B signals. Under manual control, select RGB sequence and interface to most commercially available digitizers- no B & W camera with color-wheel required. The S-VtDEO GENLOCK for all Amigas A-500 A-1000 A-2000 A-2500 A-3000 RGB Processor VideoMaster generates RGB video and graphics for direct connection to an RGB monitor or projector. The standard Amiga monitor can display reference video and Amiga graphics optimally in RGB mode. Transcoding Create composite productions from S- Video reference source. Create S-Video productions from composite reference video. VideoMaster output is continuously available in all three formats. (Composite, S-Video, and RGB). Record with No Reference Video In No problem! VideoMaster generates internal sync to allow the Amiga artist to record his animation in either composite or S-Video. Amiga RGB Session No recabling! Set VideoMaster to Off Bypass and develop RGB graphics for your next production. Key Out Compatible with the video mixer in your studio ensemble. Leave your Amiga Video Slot Open For use with other video add-on cards that add sizzle to your productions. External Power Supply Required for A-500. Optional for all other Amigas. Dealer Demonstration Program Video dealers should contact VidTech for details. Warranty and Support VideoMaster comes with a full year ** warranty and 800 number for customer service and support. Call or write us today: VidTech Internationaljnc. 2822 NW 79th Avenue Miami. Florida 33122 800-727-2261 or 305-477-2228 Fax 305-591-1651 Price: $ 1295 Dealer inquiries invited. V VidTech R K V I E VV S templates you have installed. If you use different combinations of MIDI devices, you can create multiple setup flies. To the right of each driver in the window are six columns of data that govern communication with the corresponding MIDI device: Communication Channel (commonly known as device number), MIDI Channel, Port I O (the serial port is currently the only possible setting on the Amiga), Patch Number (specifies in- dividual patch location and, in some synths, differentiates between patch banks), and Control Number. The last field applies only if you have a MIDI patcher. It contains the program change number that is sent to the patcher to route the MIDI signal to and from the appropriate device when a particular driver is selected. Making use of this field requires some setup work on the patcher, but it is well worth it. If all is set up correctly, selecting a patch-bank driver from the driver list and clicking on the Edit button will cause the patch bank to appear on the screen. By holding the Shift key down and clicking with the mouse, you can select all of the drivers in the list; MIDI Quest will ask for a data dump of the corresponding MIDI devices and display them on screen one at a time. If you click the Disk button instead of the Edit button and follow the same procedure, the program saves the data disk. Likewise, if you click the Dbase button, the program transfers the data to a Data Base window. All the Way to the Banks- And Patches There are two types of editing available bank and patch. Bank editing lets you manipulate the makeup of patch banks in a typical librarian environment. You can audition any patch by clicking on a patch name in a bank. You can also copy patches or groups of patches to different locations in the bank or even between banks of the same device. The order of a selected group of patches can be inverted or shifted up or down. Also, three random patch-generation features are available: Mix combines parameters of two patches to produce a new bank; Mix All combines large parts of data from two patches; ancl Blend takes data from a selected group ol patches to arrive at a new bank. If you do not like the results, you can restore anv bank to its 7 4 original state. Selecting one patch driver and clicking on the Edit button causes a single patch- editing template to appear if you have installed a template for that data type. Although the templates vary by device, all of them have (where applicable) graphic displays of envelope shapes, sliders, gadgets, and alphanumeric data ar ranged in a logical fashion. You edit by dragging with the mouse. The templates are larger than a single screen, but you can get to all the parameters by using the scroll bars at the bottom and side of the screen. The Single Edit menu offers some time savers. Copy and Paste can copy a group of parameters in one patch to the same location in another. Forced Fill is supposed to copy parameters within a patch, but I found it to be very inconsistent. Randomize produces random variations in a selected group of parameters. R YOUR TURiX! MIDI Quest is a breeze to install. It does exactly what it promises, and the database function is excellent. It employs the Amiga's features well. Moving about the program is not always intuitive, however, and I would appreciate being able to start from scratch with an edit template. Also, you cannot go from some bench editors to the voice editor. All in all, MIDI Quest is fantastic one of the best MIDI packages for the Amiga. Bill Thompson Womehdorf, PA 1 found that it is best to work on one patch at a time, because the program really slows down when two or more editing templates are active. If you come up with a sound that you want to keep working on, you can save it temporarily in one of four buffer locations. After you’ve made additional changes, you can save it to a new buffer location and compare the two versions. At any time, you can restore the entire patch to its origi- IjHm - CbtrhMnHlIM Pilch The Qberheim Matrix-6 pattern-editing template. Nal state, or do the same with a group of parameters. Device Data MIDI Quest’s most prominent feature is its database capability. Select the appropriate drivers in the Driver List window and click on Dbase, and you will have a database filled with information from all the synths on line. You can create a blank database by opening a new database window and selecting Dbase from the Windows menu. A requester allows you to load disk files, but you can also load individual banks or single patches from disk, from MIDI, or by copying from other databases. You can exchange single patches between patch banks and databases through the Single Patch editor. Incidentally, the program’s requesters are very frustrating. They provide neither change-volume buttons nor any
o way to interrupt the loading of a disk directory. Better requesters would definitely speed the program’s operation. Once you have assembled a database, you can sort the file in one of five ways: by instrument type, file size, MIDI-re- ception time, or alphabetically by file name or manufacturer name. MIDI Quest offers some interesting ? The first version of excellence! Set the standards for power, features and ease of use in Amiga WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) word processors. Now, excellence! V2.0 sets the standards asain. PRESENTING THE MOST DASHING trendsetter since excellence!. 1.0 Whether you are a novice or novelist; student or professor; homemaker or executive, you'll enjoy the new, refined features an innovative pace-setter offers. Excellence! Has a personable and intuitive interface, allowing you to unlock its power in simple, understandable steps. Understandable also flourishes in the thorough reference manual that communicates with you in English, not some dialect of computerese. PRINTING
* 100% Color PostScript support
• 4 types of printer output, special HP support ¦Internal printer font support
• Mail Merge ¦Preferences printer driver compatible
• Mixed mode printing
• Landscape printing GRAPHICS ¦Mix pictures with text in paragraph ¦Graphics in headers, footers or footnotes
• WYSIWYG editing
• Picture scaling and cropping excellence! 12798 Forest Hill Boulevard, Suite 202 West Palm Beach, Florida .‘13414 407-790-0770 FAX 407-790-1341 , i DDGnUUnn Dealers and Distributors Call 1-800-327-8724 Micro-Systems Software Sec your local dealer for a demonstration. What’s new and better? First you'll notice the typing speed. It's fast! Excellence! Zooms along as fast as you can type.* The Dictionary' and Thesaurus are expanded with thousands of new words. Printing is extensively refined and features Mixed-Mode Printing to combine printer fonts with graphics. File and path names are longer allowing you to take advantage of hard drives. Excellence! Now saves User Defined Defaults, so you start a document writing creatively, instead of mechanically changing margins. Now, that’s better! What's new? Virtual Memory Management permits document lengths limited only by disk space.
- Technical Specifications- ACCESSORIES
• 140 thousand word Dictionary with legal, medical, technical, scientific, geographical, and biographical supplements
• 1.4 million word Thesaurus (with definitions I
• Spell-as-you-type
• Grammar and Style checker
• Bullet proof Hyphenation
• Glossary with Macro key support
• Macros can be assigned to almost any key
• Math
• Index and Tables of Content generation FORMATTING ¦Mouseand keyboard support
• Multiple newspaper-stytecolumns ll-4i
• Lett. Justified. Centered &. Flush paragraph
• Left. Justified. Centered & Decimal tabs
• Multiple headers, footers and footnotes (odd and even headers and footers)
• Glohal font and stvle substitutions The Thesaurus displays definitions to help you find the meaning you want. Leading values can be input directly so you can quickly change to double spacing. Alternate characters elegantly insert into text. You'll find easy-to-use Hard Drive Installation and Dictionary' Maintenance utilities included for your convenience. These are only a few of the many new features and improvements available in excellence! V2.0. So, we present to you a superb product, for your ever changing needs. From Micro-Systems Software, the leader in Amiga productivity applications. Your favorite software just keeps getting better!
• Page and Ruler sellings stored in document
• Lscr defined Page Setup and Print deFaults
• Display current date and time in document
• Numbered footnotes OTHER FEATURES
• Typing speed exceeds 171) words per minute
• IFF and ASCII file import
• Free Technical Support for registered users
• Clipboard support
• Not copy protected
• I ndo typing
• Hard drive install utility
• Project icon support
• I p to 250 fonts in a single document
• Support for Interlaced windows
• Virtual memory manager
* 2. 4. Or 8 color w indows and color priming
• Long path name support
• Insert any standard character
• Low. Medium & high resolution IFF support
* up to 175 words per minute Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines * PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc. • excellence! Is a registered trademark of Micro-Systems Soli ware, Inc. Circle 95 on Reader Service card. Ways to check sounds and data. From the MIDI controller window, you can generate any type of MIDI information using the mouse. The Sequence Player can play any Standard MIDI File (SMF) format-0 sequence, but I wish it supported format-1 SMF sequences as well. You can store lip to ten sequences at a time, and buttons numbered 1 through 10 specify which sequence is to be played. Play, Stop, and Loop buttons control the playback, while a bar beat tick display shows you your location in the sequence. You can change the tempo of the MIDI file, and a group of 16 buttons below allows you to mute any MIDI chan- nel. The benefit of having such features on an editor librarian program is that while the sequence plays, you can change sounds from the bank window or do single-patch editing from a template, and hear the changes in real time. The MIDI Monitor window can display either MIDI data generated by the Sequence Player or that coming in from an outside source. Note data appears on a grid wherein the horizontal represents MIDI notes, and the vertical represents MIDI channels. Controller, velocity, aftertouch, pitch bend, program change and sys-ex data are also displayed. The Amiga-M key sequence toggles between graphic and text displays of data. A Macro on the Line MIDI Quest offers two very advanced features. One is a facility for creating drivers for any MIDI devices not supported by the program as packaged. For this purpose, the program provides its own macro language and a window into which you plug MI Di-implementation information. The other advanced feature is a utility for converting patch files in the format of another manufacturer into Sound Quest format. Like the Driver Creator, the File Conversion utility requires you to write a macro using the macro language to convert one file format to another. Both of these features were designed for those who are thoroughly versed in system-exclusive, fluent in hex, and very patient. Those who at e not can log on to Sound Quest’s electronic bulletin-board system to see if a suitable macro has al- ready been written. If you cannot find the macro you need, just upload the file that you want to convert. Log on again in a few days, and you will find a macro to do the job. MIDI Quest is a great and comprehensive program. I would be happy with just its database aspects, but the extra features make it that much more appealing, It is easy to learn, thanks to the online help and the Fast Tips menu selections, which offer pointers on using most aspects of the program. The documentation is good, although an Amiga-specific manual would be preferable to sifting through references to the PC, Mac, and Atari versions of MIDI Quest. Are you wondering whether to clump your single-machine editor librarians in favor of MIDI Quest? My answer depends on your setup and expansion plans: If you have just one MIDI device, or if you find yourself doing a lot of patch editing on a particular device, 1 recommend you hold on to the editor you have. If, on the other hand, your MIDI setup is large or growing. MIDI Quest is your best bet. It’s an invaluable tool for totaksystem management and a cost-effective way to support a lot of gear, MIDI Quest Sound Quest 1573 Eglington Ave. W. Suite 200 Toronto, Ont. Canada M6E 2G9 416 256-0466 800 387-8720 S250 One megabyte required. Dr. Ami .. Physician, heal thyself By Sheldon Leemon WHEN YOU HAVE a health problem, an early and accurate diagnosis puts you in the best possible position to deal with it. The same principle applies when various parts of your Amiga system are not performing properly. Dr. Ami . . (Free Spirit Software) attempts to perform as diagnostician and counselor, to help you recognize and deal with hardware problems. After using this package for a while, however, I have a much better understanding of why so many people are afraid of doctors. Doc, I Seem To Be Losing My Memory Dr. Ami. . Actually consists of two separate programs. Memory Doctor is designed to test the memory chips on your computer’s motherboard and RAM expanders. When you start the program, it displays the size and type of each block of memory in the system. You choose a J J block (sliders let you limit the area to a portion of a board) and the type of test you wish to perform either Read Only, or the more thorough Read Write test. A Drop option adds a delay to test memory refresh (a process by which dynamic RAM chips are constantly updated to ensure proper data retention). As the test is performed, a bar chart shows you whether a block of memory is free or in use, and whether it passed the test or failed. By pressing the right mouse button, you can bring up a second screen showing a greatly enlarged version of this chart and a display designed to help you find the location of bad chips on your RAM board. The program also lets you send an error list to a printer or a disk file that you can use in conjunction with the included Config- Mem program to remove defective memory from the free-memory pool. Incomplete Diagnosis Even before running these tests, I had certain misgivings about Memory Doctor. For one thing, the program tests only one bank of memory at a time, and just once per test. Because some memory problems are intermittent in nature, or show up only after a certain period of time, only a Lest that can run continuously for several hours is apt to find tricky problems. Another limitation of Memory Doctor is that iL tests only free memory, and not memory that the system shows is in use. This means that it can never test the portions of RAM occupied by the operating system, the display, or even Memory Doctor itself. While it is true that nice programs don’t ordinarily intrude on memory other programs are using, an exception should be made for diagnostics. Otherwise, it’s like asking a doctor to examine a fully clothed patient. Finally, although the tests can take a fairly ? ASDG's ScanLab 100 and The Art Department • Active Circuits' ImageLink and CineLink • Applied Engineering's AE 3.5 Disk Drive, DataUnk Express, DataLink 2000, RamWorks 2000 and RamWorks 500 • Avatar Consulting's Heart of the Dragon • Black Beit Systems'Softpanel LED Display, RWI-1 Analog Card, HAM-E Color Adapter and Board Master • Braderbund's Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? And Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? • Brown-Wagh Publishing's Bgraphics, Easy Ledgers and Service Industry Accounting Commodore Business Machines' AmigaVision • Consultron's CrossDOS V4.0 • Diemer Development's C-ZAR • Dr. T's Music Software's Tiger Cub, Keyboard Controlled Sequencer and Level II • Elan Design's Elan Performer 2.0 • Felsina Software's A-Talk III, Rel. 1.3 • Gfx Base's X Windows System • GlassCanvas Productions' Art Libraries, Enhanced Xerox 4020 Printer Driver and Enhanced Sharp JX- 730 Printer Driver • Gramma Software's CalCalendar Maker, Fred Speed Dialer and NAG Plus • Hypercube Engineerings Vista and Fractal Flight Inovatronic's CanDo • InnoVision Technology's Broadcast Titler 2 THE LIST GROWING compatible
• interactive Video Systems' IVS Trumpcard Disk Utilities and Trumpcard Disk Manager Mac Utilities JMH Software of Minnesota's The Talking Coloring Book and The Talking Animator KFS Software's The Accountant • Microsearch's City Desk 2.01 • Micro-Systems Software's excellence v2.0 • Natural Graphics' Scene Generator Watch for the Release 2 compatibility sticker on your favorite software. Commodore AMIGA
• New Horizons Software's ProWrite V3.0 • NewTek's Digi-Paint 3 * The Other Guys' Synthia Pro 2.40 and Synthia II
2. 40 • Palomax's MAX-125 Hard Disk Adapter • Passport Designs' Master Tracks PRO and TRAX • The Puzzle Factory's Resource • Radical Eye's Amiga TgX • Right Answers Group's The Director • Saxon industries' Saxon Publisher * Shereff Systems' Pro Video Gold and Pro Video Post • Slide City's TV Graphics • Softwood's Pen Pal • Syndesis' TSSnet, Interfont and Interchange • Taliesin's ProVector • Vega Technology's Amikit 2.0 • Virtual Reality Laboratories' Distant Suns • Zuma Group's TV*SHOW Version 2 and TV*TEXT Professional • c 1990 Commodore &usness Machines. I nc. The procfcjds identified in this ad have been certified by their respective developers as being compatible with Release 20 and as being commerdaiEy avdlabSe on or before July 1,1990. AJI questions relating to these predicts should be directed to thes developers Some ot the identified product names are trademarks of their respectr e developers Commodore and the Commodore fogo ore registered trademarks of Commodore Electronics Lid Amiga rsa registered Irademak of Commodore Amiga Inc. the computer tor the creative mind and AmigaVision are trademarks ot Commodore-Amiga Inc. Circle 15 on Reader Service card. R E V I E YY S long time, there is no way to stop in mid-stream. With these limitations in mind, I proceeded to test the memory in my A2000. As expected, everything checked out fine. Because I wanted to test the program’s error-reporting routines, however, I decided to manufacture a problem. I removed one of the chips from the middle of a Microhotics 8-Up! Memory board, bent one of the legs out, I'm: «« 22 m Ini: 2.s ITS llctttttk Itn: air. Itr*m cwaiu, I Hi: s37x six ers Drive, Doctor, drive! And replaced the chip in the socket. When I ran Memory Doctor again, it reported no memory errors on the board. To double check, 1 ran the memory-test program that Microhotics provides with its memory boards. Not only was the test much faster than Memory Doctor, hut it spotted the error right olf the bat. I then bent out a different leg of the chip and called the Doctor back, this time using the program’s most intensive mode, Read Write with the Drop option. The results were the same. Finally, I re- moved the chip from the board altogether. Again, the Microhotics memory test had no problem spotting the trouble. Memory Doctor, however, went through the entire test showing no irregularities until it came to the end of the block of RAM, at which point the screen went blank and the program crashed. I never did get to check the error reporting. Select a Device and Say “Ah” Drive Doctor, the second program in the set, is designed to help you cope with errors on your floppy- and hard-disk drives, fts screen layout is similar to that of Memory Doctor. It displays all of the drive volumes, and once you have selected a device, you can perform one of several tests. The Boot test checks the boot block and allows you to rewrite it. The Root test checks the validity of the root block and allows you to rebuild it, restoring deleted files (as long as nothing has been written over them). The Usage test validates the Block Allocation Table, which identifies those portions of the disk that are in use. Finally, the Block test scans each track, checking for physical errors. If it finds an error, and the problem block is not in use, the program marks it as used, so that the system will not try to access the bad portion. Drive Doctor can also format disks that have physical errors, mapping out any bad blocks. As with the Memory Doctor, the Drive Doctor has some obvious limitations. First, it maps out bad blocks only if they are not in use. If it finds a bad block that is in use, it won’t try to delete the file that is using it and mark all of that file’s blocks as used it just leaves the bad block alone. In addition, if it finds damage to the root block, it tries to rebuild it on the same media. When the problem is with the media itself, this effort is not only futile, but may actually impede later attempts to rescue the data. That's why most disk-salvage programs never write to the damaged disk, but rather copy files from it to another disk. Out for a Test Drive To test Drive Doctor, 1 copied the Dr. Ami . . Disk to several blank floppies, some of which were good, some of which were damaged through use, and some of which I intentionally damaged. One of these disks, for example, would copy only to track 60. When the Workbench’s Diskcopy program terminated early, it left the disk with a boot block that identified it as an incomplete copy. Drive Doctor correctly identified this as a nonstandard boot block (which it suggested might be due to a virus), and suggested that the block be rewritten. When this was done, most of the data could be recovered. I then took one of the good copies of the disk and made a small pinhole near the last track. Although the Workbench accepted this disk, it would not let me copy files onto the bad section, and actually crashed when I tried to copy certain files. I used all of the Drive Doctor’s tests on this disk, which passed all except the Block test. Because most of the bad blocks were already in use, however, the program did nothing to de-allocate them. As a result, the Drive Doctor left the disk in the same unusable state as it found it. Using Dave Haynie’s public- domain program, Disksalv, however, 1 was able to recover as much of the disk as was left undamaged. I have not used Drive Doctor. I have used Memory Doctor many times, however, and have found that it does not work. I tested the software with a RAM board that I knew to be defective; Memory Doctor reported that the board was fine. Free Spirit’s customer service is poor. I have called the representatives for help, but they insist the program is fine. Free Spirit should take Dr. Ami . . Off the market. Gary Sullivan Fremont, CA For my next test, I placed a small magnet on the surface of one of the disks. The result was that when I inserted the disk in a drive, I got the system message ‘‘Error validating disk, Doctor Ami . . Disk is unreadable.” Again, Disksalv was able to salvage most of the data, but Drive Doctor was relatively ineffective. The disk passed the Boot and Root tests, but failed the Usage test. Drive Doctor's attempts to restore the allocation table only made things worse. When 1 tried the Block test, I got the message “Must have valid Root Block ” but when I tried the Root test again, the results wrere “Root Block is valid.’’ While trying a heavily damaged disk, I ran into another of the Doctor’s quirks. With the Auto mode switched off, the program stopped at every bad sector. Because nearly all of them were bad, I would have had to click on a requester over a thousand times to complete the test. The program, howrever, offers no Cancel option to allow' a graceful exit. I tried giving it a hint by taking the disk out, but that didn’t seem to faze the Doctor: It just kept reporting each block as bad. Finally, after ? Golem Drives High quality Amiga floppy disk drives with a pass through buss, On Off switch, dust proof casing, built in LED track display. Put y and cl exterr to I g
5. 25" Track Display for the Amiga 2000 shows actual position of stepper and heads of both internal disk drives. There’s no drop in disk speed or software required. Golem SCSI II Controller
• State of the Art • High performance SCSI controller with 16 Bit SC II bus system, DMA Fre data transfer, up to 1.42 MB sec transfer rate. Available as either an internal card for the A20 series or in a external ca: for the A500 or A1000. R E V I E W S YOUR TURN! I have an A2000 with three hard drives, two hard-drive controllers, an accelerator, and seven nicgs of RAM. I have suffered chronic problems with hard-drive errors, SyQuest cartridge failure, and mysterious software crashes. The local service center has been unable to correct these problems. I was on the verge of selling my Amiga when 1 purchased Dr. Ami . Hoping that it would help. Memory Doctor not only located my memory problems (one intermittently bad RAM chip on my accelerator), but it also removes the defective memory on system bootup, so that 1 can continue to use my Amiga until the replacement chip is installed. Drive Doctor was unable to tell me why 1 have hard-drive problems. It can, however, diagnose the cause of a hard-drive crash, recommend corrective action, and repair the drive. It was even able to format a SyQuest cartridge that previously would not format because of errors, and then remove the error sectors. This allowed me to continue using this otherwise useless $ 100 cartridge. Dr. Ami . . Has saved me hundreds of dollars and countless hours of frustration. If you own an Amiga, you should own this program. Jeff Sells Brunswick, ME a frenzy of clicking, it let me out of the test. I tried formatting the disk to map out the bad blocks, and that seemed to work (the program had noted that 17 cylinders were mapped out). When 1 tried to fill the disk with files, however, 1 got a Read Write error. Apparently the Doctor didn't catch them all. Although I'm a firm believer in preventive medicine, 1 also think it’s important to choose a doctor that you trust. After several sessions with Doctor Ami.., I don’t think that I’ll be recommending his services to my friends. Dr. Ami. . Free Spirit Software PC) Box 128 Kutztown, PA 19530 215 683-5609 $ 49.95 No special requirements. Migraph Hand Scanner And Touch-up Scan ning for just a little gold By John Wolfskill THERE ARE MANY expensive ways to transfer pictures, photos, and graphs from the printed page to vour Amiga’s memory: optical readers, digitizers, and flatbed page scanners, to name a few. For many applications, however, a hand scanner may be the most appropriate solution. For those who can benefit from high- resolution monochrome or gray-scale images, Migraph, Inc. offers the Migraph Hand Scanner with Touch-Up software, a graphics package with a host of drawing and editing features. The S399 package includes a small, circuit- board cartridge that attaches to the serial port of the A500 or A2000 (its use with the A1000 requires an interface you can get for free by calling Migraph’s toll-free support number), a 15-volt dc power transformer, a scan head with a four- inch wide LED scanning window, and the Touch-Up disk. The 5V, x 5‘ ,-inch scan head fits neatly and comfortably in the palm of your hand. On the right side you’ll find a small slide switch that allows you to se- Iect four scanning resolutions: 100, 200, 300, and 400 dots per inch (dpi). On the left are a small thumb wheel to lighten or darken the image and a four-position switch to match the scanner’s electronic output to the image type: a letter (line art) setting, and three settings for color or gray-scale photographs. Installing the hardware is easy. Turn off the power switch, attach the cartridge to the serial-port connector, plug in the ac power adapter, and then attach the scan head’s umbilical cord to the cartridge. Adding the software to your hard disk is equally simple: Insert the installation disk into any floppy drive, and drag the Touch-Up drawer from its window to the Workbench. Touch and Go The software is designed to work with an A500 and one megabyte RAM as a baseline configuration. If you plan, however, to scan 8x 10-inch photos or full pages of text, you will need two or three megs of RAM. The manual does a creditable job of explaining problems you can encounter if you try to scan more than your RAM can chew. Touch-Up is a full-featured, graphics- editing package that supports the .Ami- Create documents the size of billboards aad beyond. PageStream gives you pllkity of room to work with. Not only can you create larger size documents but your documents can now have up to 1 000 pages. You can also "bleed" objects off the page with ease. In addition, PageStream v2.0 includes the ability to draw polygons with Bezier cubic curves, load and save macros and tags separate from documents, print crop and registration marks to non-PostScript printers, move objects off or partially off the page, and save documents as templates for future works of similiar design. And more! I PageStream v2.0 contains these added features plus those you’ve grown to love and depend on! These powerful features will assist you in creating a unique and professional document! Put on your finest and don’t forget to bring those party favors. Because we are having a huge celebration! Soft-Logik is proud to be shipping the Best in desktop publishing software for the Amiga, PageStream v2.0! PageStream v2.0 is fully integrated with AGFA Compugraphic’s hinted outline fonts, as well as Adobe Type 1 IBM format (without hints). With AGFA'S hinted outlines, your output will appear crisp and clean. Combining this with an on screen display of outline fonts, PageStream brings true WYSIWYG one step closer to your Amiga. ? To access furthur typefaces, you can use any Amiga Compugraphic Intellifont package or purchase an IBM typeface library and convert the files to Amiga format. You can convert those files with ease, just use Dos-2-Dos or Cross-Dos programs! ¦I I V , Soft-Logik is also proud to be celebrating
* 211 That is 21 additional font disks that can be purchased for $ 39.95. These fonts will give you a truly diverse font library. Let the festivities begin! Join in the celebration! .You demand precision in your work, and PageStream delivers. PageStream v2.0 allows for the specification of beginning and ending angles of arcs and rotation of lobjects in 1 100th degree increments. PageStream allows the specification of font sizes, and positioning and sizing of any object in 1 100th point increments. It
• ? M
* * PageStream v2.0 requires 1 Meg of memory and 2 floppies or a hard driv Registered Owners Upgrade for only $ 75 Suggested Retail Price: $ 299.95 s Call 1-800-829-8608 to place your order today! * m Soft-Logik Publishing Corp.
P. O. Box 290070 St. Louis, MO 63129 V
• * Thislentire ad was coated with PageStream v2.(?f All trademarks are property of their respective companies. M Circle 211 on Reader Service card R E V I E VV S ga’s low- (320 x 200) or high- (640 x 400) resolution video modes. It takes advantage of virtual screen paging and scrolling to manipulate large scanned images, so the maximum image size is theoretically limited only by RAM. Touch-Up provides both icons and pull-down menus for most of its functions, so it is easy to use and understand. Scanning an image requires only a few simple steps. Click on the Scan To Page icon, and a dialog box prompts you to set the height (2-14 inches) and width (full or ha 10 of the scanned image. You now have ten seconds to start the scan process: Hold down the start button on the side of the scanner, then slowly roll the head over your image from top to bottom. If you move the scan head too fast, an LED flashes a gentle warning, and if you do not slow down, the scan automatically aborts. The scanner forgives jerky movements and compensates for small amounts (5-10 degrees) of skew that sometimes occur when the scan head is not perfectly aligned with the printed image. ZYOUR TURN 1 have an Amiga 1000, and was a little frustrated that I had to order the adapter for my computer before I could use the scanner. I was also a little annoyed that the software originally packaged with the scanner (version .90) was not the final version. Touch-Up is a really nice program, however. It has a lot of options, although it doesn’t really feel like an Amiga program. 1 like the paint program; you can use it to create files at 300 dpi even if you do not use the scanner. I use the scanner for my own desktop-publishing business and am truly satisfied with it (although 1 have not tried other scanners). Using it in conjunction with Professional Draw, 1 can produce great dip art. Migraph is responsive to customers’ suggestions. The support line is easy to get through on, and the people are very helpful. Michael Dugas Manhattan, KS Therefore, you need not acquire a polished scanning technique to produce an image that's free ol the wigglies. You can combine an image with one already in memory just restrict the scanned image to one area of the screen by using the Scan 4o Clip icon. Flip Files As a drawing program, Touch-Up excels. A wide assortment of drawing tools allow you to rotate by degree, to slant, compress, stretch, outline, embolden, and mask images. For adding to your images, there are B-spline and bezier-c urve drawing brushes, pattern fills, spray paint, circles, and more. The editor also provides a good assortment of tools, including a fat pixel editor, a cleanup tool to remove stray pixels, and an exotic lasso tool that lets you define and move irregularly shaped areas ot the screen window. Two small gripes 1 have about the editor are its lethargic page-scrolling speed when working with virtual-page images and the lack of a switch to turn off the scroll bars while editing pixels close to ? B364 Paula ....S39.95 B520ACIA 17.95 8372 Fatter Agnus chip puller instr 99.50 8373 Super Denise ’New. CALL
2. 0 Kickstart ROM ’NeW .CALL A501 512K Upgrade Ram Board 69.50 256 4 80 Ram Memory .8.45 1 Meg x 1 100 Memory 8.45 1 x 4 Meg 80 ZIP static column A3000.....57.95 A2000 Keyboard ...114.95 Amiga Diagnostician 'New“ .....10.95 6567 VIC (ceramic) ...15.95 6581 SID ..12,25 1750 Clone 512K RAM Cart .129.00 We Ship Worldwide •A
• Important Catalog Announcement • Call for your new 26 page catalog of specialty items for Amiga. Commodore and IBM. This free catalog contains: Low-cost replacement chips, upgrades, 34 diagnostic products, tutorial VHS tapes, interfaces, heavy- duty power supplies (for A500 and A2000) and other worldwide products you won't find anywhere else. Dealers, use your letterhead.
• Amiga 1000 Rejuvenator Upgrade * Tap the ultimate power of your Amiga 1000 utilize the (ECS) Enhanced Chip Set, Fatter Agnus, 2.0 Kickstart ROM, more RAM (1 MB), clock battery backup, simple solderless installation, 100% compatibility with all products software (A fantastic seller) . $ 479.00 A500 Keyboard .....109.50 A500 Heavy Duty Power Supply ...69.95 A2Q00 Heavy Duty Power Supply ......147.00 Keyboard for A1000 ... 129.95 A500 Service Manual 36.50 A1000 Service Manual ......29.95 A2000 Service Manual 39.00 68010-10 (Accelerator for Amiga) .15.95 68B81 68882 (low prices) ..CALL PLCC Agnus Chip Puller .....9.95 6526 CIA .....12.25 PUV82S100 12.95 SX 64 Keyboard (new) 44.95 AND MANY OTHERS Amiga Upgrade: New 1 Megabyte ’’Fatter Agnus” Chip 8372A. Includes Iree Agnus chip puller and ’’New" step by step instructions from Commodore (no trace cutting). $ 99.50 AMIGA - Commodore Replacement Chips, Parts and Upgrades THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC. 3 Chestnut St., Suffern, NY 10901 TOLL FREE 1-800-292-7445 914-357-2424 * Fax 914-357-6243 Prices Subject to Change Investors! Tprefers! Brokers! Analysts! J: f-xTrade Profitably Through the . J£! With MicroTrader ® The tool kit for market followers. Technical analysis on stocks, options, commodities and indices. Data base of prices volumes and updates from keyboard or automatically from the commercial data base of vour choice. Portfolio market value, % change, balance, dividends, margins, net equity, etc. Keep in touch with all major North American Stock Exchanges in Real-Time. Most active, block trades, new?s releases, etc. Graphic display of intra-day trading with Moving Average of your choice. Target prices and alarm settings. Tracks Updates portfolios and data base in real-time. Only $ 195 Demo $ 15.00 See vour local Dealer or Contact: MicroActive Inc. USA: 4460 Patrick, West Bloomfield, MI 48322 CANADA: 7831 Bodinier, Anjou, Quebec H1K 1( 2 TEL15I4) 355-8503 . FAX (5I4:.i 354-4324 A- POWERMONGER™ From the designers of the award-winning Populous comes an unprecedented game of Power and Strategy. Fight, invent, bribe, spy and make alliances. Stunning 3D graphics make this game come alivel CHUCK YEAGER'S ADVANCED FLIGHT TRAINER® Experience white knuckle flying thrills. Fly 18 different aircraft with accurate aerodynamics and realistic 3-D graphics. Includes a Flying Insights audio tape by Chuck Yeager. THE IMMORTAL™ Venture into a richly designed labyrinth of puzzles, traps and surprises. Save your lost master, Mordamir, in an innovative 3-D adventure of intrigue and betrayal. OR THESE BEST SELLERS IB DELUXEPAINT® III r: BUDOKAN " A DELUXEVIDEO0 III A POPULOUS” t, 688 ATTACK SUB” SEND FOR YOUR SONY GIFTS TODAY! TEAR OUT AND SEND IN WITH CHECK, DATED RECEIPTS) (NO COPIES) AND NAMES OF TITLES PURCHASED. CHECK THE SONY GIFT YOU WANT when you buy 3 featured titles
* *¦* 1VT ” Residents of the follow™ states must odd soles tax: CA = 7.25%, CT - 8%, IL = 6.75%, MA = 5%, TX = 6 25% Canadian orders: please add $ 1.00 la the total lor extro handling charges Name_ City_State Daytime Phone (_)_ SEND CHECK OR MONEY ORDER, COUPON, AND ORIGINAL RECEIPT(S) TO: Electronic Arts Sony Offer, PO Box 7530, San Mateo, CA 94403 All orders musl be postmarked by 3 1 91. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Offer good while supplies last. For questions tail: 800-245-4525 :3am-5pm, H-F, Pacific Time) Offer not available outside North America. Amiga is o registered trademark of Commodore Amiga, Inc. Walkman, Oiscmon, Watchman and Sony are oil registered trademarks ol Sony. REV2 E W S the edge of the screen window. While it’s only mildly annoying to accidentally hit the scroll bar and leave your work area behind, it's downright frustrating to wait 6-10 seconds before you can resume work where you left off. Touch-Up can easily exchange its image files with other programs. You can load monochrome IFF files directly into the editor, but because the program does not work directly with color images, it automatically converts Amiga standard hi-res, medium-res, HAM, and EHB (Extra_Haifbrite), and PC Paintbrush (PCX) color images to black-and-white format for display. Touch-Up saves standard IFF, EPS, IMG, MAC, PCX, and TIF file formats. In addition to monochrome output, you can select double dithering, which produces a dense, rich-looking image with up to 32 apparent gray levels. Touch-Up assumes you will use its image files with other applications; that’s why there’s no provision for printing from the image editor. I tested Touch- Up files for compatibility with Gold Disk’s Professional Page and Electronic IY0VR TllRM I think the Migraph scanner is great. I use it with an HP DeskJet printer, scanning at 300 dpi, and find the quality and output is super. I purchased the scanner quite a while ago, when it was packaged with prerelease software (version .90), and later received versions .91 and 1.0. The latter implemented a gray-scale converter which was not even mentioned in the original documentation as a bonus. In working, I found that the software sometimes mangled gray-scale files. I reported this to Migraph, and although the company did not call me back, within a week 1 received version
1. 01, which fixed the problem. Since then, I have had no trouble using the scanner on my five-meg A5Q0 with a serial-port switchbox. Some screens update slowly, but the software provides nice resizing tools. The equipment is well put together, and the support is good. Bob Fergusson Lyndhurst, ArJ Arts’ DeluxePaint III and found no problems. The Resulting Image The Migraph hand scanner produces excellent IFF image files that usually require only a small amount of cleanup. The hardware is highly forgiving of its operator and requires only limited skills. Unfortunately, it lacks a pass-through connector, so if you use other serial peripherals, you must invest in a switchbox to select the output device, or you must shut down your Amiga to swap cables each time you want to use the scanner. Although Touch-Up is intuitive for the most part, it provides no help screens or other means of troubleshooting when something goes wrong. With the exceptions noted above, however, it provides a fast and efficient way to edit images and prepare them for use in a variety of applications. If you are looking for a fast, inexpensive image-scanning and -processing solution, Migraph’s hand scanner and Touch-Up will do the job. Continued on p. 114 WHY BUY AMI-11 YOU ASK? SUPER CARD AMMI
• 100% Back-up! A(H a QC |
• Transparency Option I I (Invisible when not in use)! J
• Available for all AMIGAS!
• Quick & easy to install!
• Works on NTSC & PAL systems! KICKSTART BOARD When using KICKSTART 1.4 (WB 2.0), approximately 37% ol the existing software will not work. Some programs si ill require KICKSTART 1.21o work. This board lakes care of Ihe problem. Simply remove your existing KICKSTART ROM and plug our board into the KICKSTART ROM’s socket You can install up to three KICKSTART ROMs on our board, so you can have 1.2,1.3, & 1.4 all at the flick of a switch! Works with ALL Amiga computers and ac- cesories such as processor accelerators. Please specify which AMIGA you have when ordering: A2000 2500 3000 using two internal drives, A500 1000 2000 2500 3000 using one Internal & one or more external drives. UTILITIES UNLIMITED has them all covered. No other hardware copier can do that! BOOT DRIVE BOARD Ever warned lo bool from your 0F1 drive before? Whal are you going lo do if your DFO drive dies? Tired ol that annoying “dick" caused by unused drives? Eventually, that clicking will wear out your drive! The BOOT DRIVE BOARD installs INSIDE your Amiga computer (all models supported), and allows the disabling ol your DF1 drive. It also allows you to “swap’ the use ol your DFO and DF1 drives without removing them! You can boot your system on your DF1 drive. UTILITIES UNLIMITED OF OREGON, INC. P.O. Box 532 North Plains, OR 97133 ORDERS TAKEN BY PHONE 24 HOURS A DAY AT (503) 647-5611 • FAX: (503) 648-8992 Use QUARTERBACK to save your Data. Use QUARTERBACK TOOLS to save your A I ** Have you ever deleted the wrong tile (or worse yet, ALL your files) with a slip of the finger? Have you seen this awful message: “Error validating DHO”? Then you need QUARTERBACK TOOLS, the fastest and easiest way to recover your lost files on any AmigaDOS volume. QUARTERBACK TOOLS also optimizes the speed and reliability of your Amiga hard disks and floppy disks by:
• Repositioning your files to optimum locations on the disk, eliminating file fragmentation, and consolidating disk free space.
• Searching the entire disk for errors and marking bad areas “out of service.”
• Curing validation problems; finding and fixing corrupted directories. QUARTERBACK TOOLS runs on any Amiga using either the old or new filing systems, and runs with new and old Workbench versions. QUARTERBACK TOOLS.. now this is no donkey! And to close the barn door before the horse escapes, use QUARTERBACK the fastest and easiest hard disk backup program tor the Amiga. Other useful products from Central Coast Software: Mac-2-Dos for transferring Macintosh files to and from the Amiga. Dos-2-Dos for transferring MS-DOS Atari files to and from the Amiga. Central Coast Software • 424 Vista Avenue, Golden, Colorado 80401
(303) 526-1030 • Fax (303) 526-0520 Dealer Inquiries Welcome RE CO 30 mloer . ¦ _ December 2 Canada for Every °ne ¦SSSS ggSr JJ Mhhe Accusations “n* 64 128 o«»« Seminars, f n Co® save inoney W«th« TPC user, you" »?« f Commodore Potntnodorer tTbe Voriu CeNTKE waro'6pm F°rmOTw4l6)595-59060 Group ar m IsS l • ||| &» SiBr 1I ’ 19 ¦•:••• 3 H mm ¦B 1 Hi B w v mg fggl W EM =**. ? L« r II ¦ o 4096 colors with animation! AEGIS SPECTRACOLOR SpectraColor™ works with the Commodore Amiga's powerful HAM mode, allowing you to paint in 4096 colors using all the standard tools you’ve come to expect from a professional paint system. Use Brush Animation (the method used by Deluxe Paint lllr*) to create stunning animated movies with a simple point-and-click method. Just draw the path of the animation, then add the effects you want, including simulated 3-D, wraps, twists, and stretches. Brushes can be rotated, flipped on any axis, resized, bent, twisted, stretched and tilted in three dimensions. SpectraCofor features incredible special effects, including wrapping images on objects, pantograph tool, luminosity, and many transparent and shadow functions. Developed by the programmers of Photon Paint™, SpectraColor is the final refinement of pure artistry on the Amiga, and is destined to become the new Amiga HAM standard. Available Winter 1990. V_ A new concept in sound... AEGIS AUDIOMASTER III AudioMaster, already the leading software for making and editing sound samples, has been substantially upgraded with the new AudioMaster III. New features include "sequencing", higher sampling rates, extra programs such as a "CD Player", a Compressed Data Format, several additional utility programs, and real-time flange. "Sequencing", or "Loop Sequencing", lets you create up to 999 loops within a single waveform, and then play them in a defined sequence. With this feature, you can create incredibly complex songs which occupy little disk space and require much less memory to play. The CD Player is a bonus program for playing up to 20 AudioMaster files in sequence in the background, while you work on something else. Whatever you do with AudioMaster III, you’ll hear the difference. Retail price: $ 99.95, Available now. • ] cuod ,
- 'I ;*¦ 3 . - Jvii The AudioMaster It! CD Piayer emulates a standard compact disc player, and plays up to 20 AudioMaster-compatible sound files. Use AudioMaster III to create instruments for Sonix and Deluxe Music Construction Set”*, scientific applications, desktop video, and your other audiocreation needs. Use AudioMaster III to create instruments for Sonix and Deluxe Music Construction Set*", scientific applications, desktop video, and any other need you may have. ( Jim Sachs Signature Collection 1991 Calendar. TM The favorite works of Jim Sachs, renowned Amiga artist, appear in his Signature Collection 1991 Calendar. The calendar includes 13 pictures, spanning his early ciassic originals through recent works. Each month's calendar includes helpful hints for the aspiring computer artist, as well as full information on the picture’s origin. Suggested retail price is $ 14.95. Available now. OxxiAegis WE FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY P 0 BOX 90309, LONG BEACH, CA 90809-0309 USA Telephone: (213) 427-1227 FAX: (213) 427-0971 From p. 110 Migraph Hand Scanner with Touch-Up Migraph Inc. 200 S. 333rd, Suite 220 Federal Way, WA 98003 206 838-4677 $ 399 One megabyte required. Excellence! 2.0 Renewed interest By Geoffrey Williams WRITERS TEND TO develop very close relationships with their word processors. After spending years with Scribble!, grumbling over its inadequacies, I was wooed by Word Perfect, only to be heartbroken by its nonstandard, poorly designed interface and constant crashing. In excellence!, however, I found all the features I’d been looking for. I fell in love with the grammar checker, and also liked the fact that it is similar to Word on the Mac, a program I am well acquainted with. The romance soon soured, however. For all the things I loved about excellence!, its screen refresh was just too slow. Waiting for the screen to update every time I added a new sentence disrupted my train of thought. Also, I lost whole documents when the program unexpectedly crashed from'time to time. We parted company. With the release of version 2.0, I have renewed my friendship with excellence! The program’s speed has increased dramatically: Pasting a sentence into a paragraph is now almost instantaneous. .Also, it keeps up with me no matter how fast I type, and even does so with my wife, who uses all her fingers! Typing in new text as an insertion in a paragraph is still a little slow, but is at least acceptable. Finally, Guru visits seem to have been eradicated. Big Changes One of the most significant changes is in the area of printing. You can now save print settings in the excellence! Initialization file, and a landscape (sideways) print format lias been added. Two new options let you change printer fonts and mix graphics with your printer’s internal font. The program now supports color Postscript printers you can even translate Professional Page Postscript fonts for use in excellence! Using the public-do- main utility TOPP (To Professional Page), you can translate excellence! 2.0 files to Professional Page format as well, preserving fonts, style, subscripts, and superscripts. If both programs have the same colors defined, you can preserve the color information. .Another significant addition is the inclusion of virtual memory. This lets you use a floppy or hard disk as memory storage, although it works much more slowly. For example, if you have a hard drive and a megabyte of memory, it is possible to create documents as large as 976 pages (over 2.5 megabytes). The original excellence! Was designed to work with only 512K, which caused memory shortages and constant loading from the disk. In addition, you could ? Iittfei i » i IB I > II I I I III I ft I I I I 11¦ i • nail* • • » « •
• • • ti • «¦•*
* • »i t * * ¦ III 1 1 • 1 1 1 1 ¦ ¦ B HUB •* mlMH I l I ¦¦•••III Spotlight on Hardwarel Him i i i IB I » I I I I 1 ¦ i i I ¦ a a p¦ ¦ • i l l ¦ BI ¦ I I I I
* a m • - ¦
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• a a ft * a a a a « ft * * i a a a ¦ ft ¦ ¦ ¦ • 1 1 1 aa ¦ ¦ a 1 » 1 1 M«1 wmmm*¦¦»»•»
• a a 1111 Mil B ¦ 11 i I I I I I tIVIBB9B I I | IHIIM* i i I 11 mm ¦ I I i it tttM"
• III* ¦ • • • B • mm »¦¦a p spaas* mmmm• •* •***
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• Bill* » I * 444«¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ i i • a a a¦ftaaa I I I I• •¦Bill iiii¦¦¦ I I I I I ¦¦1099 9••I¦¦¦¦¦¦¦
• a a ¦ • ¦ ¦ • a aa a
• a ¦¦ ft ¦ a a a ¦ ¦
• • • i i laaaaa AMAX II . 147.00 AmigaVision ... 89.00 AMOS (Game Creator) 59.99 Anarchy ..26.00 Animation Studio .....99.00 Art Department Professional Call Art Department GIF Module ...30.50 Art Department TIFF Module ...34.99 Barney Bear Goes to Space ...22.00 CheckMate ..33.99 Drakkhen 36.99 Duck Tales 27.99 Gold Disk Type Fonts ......36.99 Heart of the Dragon ... 31.10 Lattice C 5.10 SAS C ....199.00 Loom ......43.00 Matrix Marauders ...26.00 Pictionary 25.00 Pixel 3D . 52.99 Pool of Radiance ...36.99 ProWrite 3.0 ..95.99 Shadow of the Beast II ..35.99 Strike Aces .... 31.10 Their Finest Hour 42.99 Unreal ......35.00 Viking Child ..24.99 Vista .59.00 Wings 36.69 Spotlight on Software Harddrive, Supra 500XP 40 512k 659.00 Harddrive, Supra 500XP 40 2meg 749.00 Memory. SupraRAM 2000 2 megs 239.00 Memory, SupraRAM 2000 4 megs 369.00 MIDI Interface, ECE ...... 52.00 Modem, DataUnk 2000 MNP ...... 165.00 Modem, HST Dual Standard . 940,00 Modem, Baud Bandit MNP Level 5 129.00 Modem.Supra2400 with Cable,. 110.00 Mouse, Jin Mouse . 50.00 Mouse, Konyo Optical .. 69.00 Power Supply, AE Heavy Duty ...... 89.00 Printer, TI MicroLaser PS35 1949.00 Scanner. Sharp JX100 ... 799.00 SCSI Controller, Word Sync ... 145.00 Accelerator. Sapphire 68020 ...... 350.00 AdRAM 540 4-Meg (500) OK 115.00 AMAX II Package ...... 459.00 Color Splitter .. 116.00 Deb 2000 Board ..... 73.99 fllckerflxer .. 375.00 Floppy Drive. Internal 2000 ..... 90,00 Floppy Drive, AE High Density .... 199.00 Floppy Drive, SupraDrive (Ext.) 99.00 FrameBufter With Capture ... 599.00 Genlock, SuperGen 2000S . 1449.00 800-544-6599 DEALERS SELL Selling AmigaWorld will make money for you. Consider the facts: Fact 1: Selling AmigaWorld increases store traffic our dealers tell us that AmigaWorld is the hottest- selling computer magazine on the newsstands. For information on selling Amiga- jjjjjjjjjjj World, call 1-800-343-0728 and speak with our Direct Sales Manager. Or write to AmigaWorld, Direct Sales Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Fact 2: There is a direct correlation between store traffic and sales increase the number of people coming through your door and you’ll in- crease sales. Fact 3: Fact 1 + Fact 2 = INCREASED SALES, which means money for you. .And that’s a fact. I I I I • I IBIM i ¦ i ¦ • a • • BM i i uni ¦¦¦¦ ...... mm utaa , Iffl 88188 a B m to S PM Mon.-Sat WZ55 N499 Grandview OUTSIDE USA&CANADA CALL
(718) 692-0790 FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Call: Mon-Thurs, 9AM-5PM Fli, 9AM-3PM (718)692-1148 1 I I l__ I I I (_ Retail Outlet, Penn Station, Main Concourse (Beneath Madison Square Garden) NYC, N.Y., 10001 Store Hours: Mon-Wed 9:00am-7pm Thurs9-8 Fri 9-3:00 Sat CLOSED Sun 9:30AM-7PM FOR ORDERS £ INFORMATION IN USA & CANADA CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-759-6565 If WORLD
- 11 90 OR WRITE TO: Montgomery Grant; Mail Order Department P.O. Box 58, Brooklyn NX, 11230 FAX NO. 7186923372 TELEX 422132 MGRANT ORDER HOURS: Mon-Thurs 9:00am-7:00pm I Fri 9:00am-4:00pm Sat CLOSED Sun 9r30am-6:00pm (ET) NO SURCHARGEFOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS WE INVITE CORPORATE AND EDUCATIONAL CUSTOMERS RUSH SERVICE AVAILABLE I TOLL-FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT $ 279 AMIGA 500 AMIGA 2000 & 2000HD AMIGA 2500 30 & AMIGA 3000 ALL IN STOCK! ALL AMIGA PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES IN STOCK PRICED SO LOW THAT WE ARE NOT PERMITTED TO PRINT THEM NX-WOO Ralt&DW. ___CALL CANON BJ-130E ....$ 599.95 EPSON LX-B10 ......$ 199.95 FX-B5Q ......$ 349.95 LQ-510 ......$ 289.95 AMIGA 500 2000 HARD DRIVE PACKAGES SCSI CONTROLLERS SwPl A500* IJM0 rr*:.;
* 229 Tryrpard A50C [atp. As 2UB]
* 219 Tn rpcrd MO Pro’eiiiana
* 269 Jcnsnc U-i n:tn’d A20CQ) 89 rjTpcard 20CO P’r'assa-s 204 2CC0 s135 SEAGATE DRIVE DRIVE PRICE ,.$ 99 .$ 109 S355 ..$ 119 .$ 519 .$ 579 ST-125N-1 (2CMB.26MS) s239
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* 479 339 455 ST1S7N I (49MB,26M5) s284
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* 619 ...$ 195 $ 1369 ...$ 599 $ 1449 $ 1449 $ 1469 ...$ 879 ..$ 729 419 539 ST277N (60MB, 5 25*)
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- Experienced & Courteous Service • All You Expect From MONTGOMERY GRANT AMIGA COMPATIBLE PERIPHERALS 8 ACCESSORIES AMIGA 1000 MEMORY & ACCESSORIES .AVAILABLE AMIGA3000 32 Bil Memory, IN STOCK AMIGA APPETIZER SOFTWARE (Word Process Music, Paint, Game, Tutorial Program) S39 AMIGAVISION SOFTWARE ..$ 79 1MB FATTER AGNUS CHIP(3372A) ..S99 AMIGA 500 POWER SUPPLY ...$ 66 AMIGA 2000 POWER SUPPLY (w Trado-in) S99 A-MAX MAC Emulator tor AMIGA ....S109 A-MAX EMULATOR 2 ..$ 133 A-MAX ROM ..$ 149 CUTTING EDGE Mac Compatible Drive tor A-MAX .....$ 165 AMIG-A-TOSH PLUS .....S239 APPLIED ENGINEERING
- BCHC5CKS MINIGEN .. OMNIGEN 701 SUPERGEN ... SUPERGEN2000S .. MAGNI4004 OR 4004S w CONTROLLER. NERIKI GENLOCK . NERIKI DESKTOP VIDTECHSCANLOCK ... OK . BASEBOARD Memory Expansion for A-500 (uses A-501 Expansion Slot} .$ 109 2MB ... ...$ 229 512K... $ 139 3MB . .....$ 269 1MB..... ...$ 169 4MB .. .$ 369 2MB Daughter Board Available MASTER 3AT 3.5' DISK DRIVE ......$ 92 MASTER 3A-1D .....$ 139 MEGA-MIDGET RACER 25 Mhz.) .$ 639 MICROBOTICS Memory Upgrades for A-200Q Sup OK .$ 129 8up W 6MB.... 8up W 2MB ......$ 273 Sup W 8MB .... 8upw 4MB ......$ 433 PULSAR A-500 PC COMPATIBLE BOARD $ 498 SHARP JX 100 Color Scanner w Software & Cables .....$ 739 SUPRA 3.5' EXTERNAL DRIVE . $ 92 SUPRA RAM 2000 2MB RAM ......$ 209 6MB RAM ......CALL 4MB RAM ......$ 319 8MB RAM ......CALL SUPRA2400 EXTERNAL IN STOCK SUPRA 2400zi INTERNAL ......5117 SUPRA RAM 500 (512K Expander for A-500...-..SS5 F U'CI'C fryi V COO (CIS S3 8VB]
* 175
* 1024
* 1169 MSA
* 499
* 510
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* 1319 nddSBO
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* 869 i629_
* 828
* 679
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* 569
* 549 Xu tie F*« T'i» A503
* 329 CJROTHER HR-5 80 Col. Thermal Printer.,$ 59 > CTNEC~MULT1SYNC HID MONITOR $ 649 ) ALL OTHER MODELS IN STOCK! ALL MODELS DISCOUNTED! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 28MHz. 68030 ACCELLERATOR FOR A-2000...S649 GVP 3001 KIT (28MHz.) W 68030,4MB, 68B82.S1429 3001 KIT w Quantum 40MB ...$ 1769 3001 KIT w Quantum 80MB ...51999 GVP 3033 KIT (33MHz.) W 68030.4MB, 68882..$ 1629 3033 KIT w Quantum 40MB .....$ 1969 3033 KIT w Quantum 80MB ....$ 2189 GVP 3050 Kit (50 Mhz.) W 68030,4MB, 68882...S2469 3050 Kit w,'Quantum 40MB ..$ 2799 3050 Kil w Quantum BOMB ....$ 3029 GVPA-600 A-2000 HARO CARDS B DRIVES A-500HD45+ ..$ 649 A-500 HD40Q+ .. $ 689 A-500 HDB0Q+ S869 A-2000HC 0 SERIES II .$ 155 A-2C00 HC 40Q SERIE Sll ....$ 499 A-2000HC 60 SERIES II ..$ 519 A-2000HC 80Q SERIES II ... $ 719 A-2000HC 100Q SERIES II .....$ 769 HEWLETT PACKARD HP DESKJET-*- .. $ 669.95 HP DESKJET 500 ...$ 569.95 HP LASERJET IIP wHorier., .....$ 989.95 HP PAINTJET ..$ 949.95 HP LASERJET III w Tonar .....$ 1639 HP PAINTJET XL ..$ 1899 CITIZEN STAR GSX' 140 $ 329.95 NX-100011 .....CALL NEW SUPRA 500XP HARD DRIVE (512K RAM Expendable to 8MB) 20 & 40MB . CALL SUPRA WORDSYNC for A-2000 IN STOCK COMMODORE 1084 RGB COLOR MONITOR GSX 200 ...$ 199.95 COLOR OPTION KIT lor GSX PrinlQr....CALL PANASONIC KXP-11E0 ..$ 149.95 KXP-1191 ..$ 229.95 KXP-1124 ..$ 289.95 KXP'1624 ..$ 339.95 FOR 8MB FAST RAM CAPABILITY ADD $ 40 TRADE-IN YOUR USB) COMMODORE OR AMEA EQUIPMENT FOR A NEW, BETTER MOOR! CALL FOR DETAILS! Certified check, bank check, money orders, approved P.O s, Visa. Master card. Diner's Club, Am-Ex, Optima, Carl Blanche. C.O.D s & wire transfers accepted. Please cak before uAmitling P.O. s. No aodifeonal surcharge for credit card orders. Non-cerlified checks must wail 4-6 weeks for clearance.. Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Not IS a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. R E V 1 E W S save only to the program disk with a single-drive system, because the data for the file requester was called from that disk. The new version requires one meg and works much better. Also, when you quit, the program frees up the memory it uses something the original version did not always do. Having Words Both the dictionary and thesaurus are from Merriam-Webster (the Proximity Linguibase) and are top of the line. The dictionary has been beefed up to 140,000 words, and the program now consults the customizable dictionary as well as the standard one to guess a word. The improved thesaurus gives you not only a definition for any word you highlight, but also lists synonyms and antonyms. 1 am disappointed, however, that you can no longer load the dictionary and thesaurus into RAM from within the program; to accomplish this, you must now run an included IconX script or load and assign them from the CLI. And you cannot load just one utility or the other, because the .Assign command affects both. This is unfortunate, because together they take up more than a megabyte of RAM. On the positive side, you can still type and edit your document while the dictionary and thesaurus are active. Strangely, the grammar checker still loads into memory from within the program. It has not changed from the original, and does a very good job of catching awkward phrasing, double words, and My experience with excellence! 2.0 has been very satisfying. I find the program stable and powerful, but still easy to use. As an excellence! 1.0 owner, I recommend it as an upgrade and also to anyone looking for a solid word processor. In the future, I would like to see better graphics handling (including support for more than eight colors), complete text-wrapping capabilities, and support For Compugraphic fonts and Arexx. Randy Payment Dover, NH punctuation errors that are easy to miss when proof reading. The powerful macro capability has been expanded, so that a macro can either execute another macro or repeatedly execute itself. You can also chain macros together. Although it is easy to assign menu functions to function keys* Attention Foreign Computer Stores Magazine Dealers i i * i • 11 ¦ hi I I I IIMIIII IMIIM !•!¦ You have a large technical audience that speaks English and is in need of the kind of microcomputer information that IDG Communications Peterborough provides. I I I !¦¦*••¦* I¦• iiiiitiiiii ¦IIIII*III! M • M M ¦ • t l • ¦ ¦Ift
• ¦a !¦ ¦ ¦ « I • * I • !?!!!!!!!11 Provide your audience with the mag- ::::::::::: azines they need and make money at the same time. For details on selling AmigaWorld, RUN, PC Games, Portable Computer Review, PC Resource and inCider contact: ¦«tl••¦¦III ¦«•»ai ¦ ¦ i ¦ i ¦¦¦aiiiii'* ¦¦*•¦ia« i i i Marjorie Rubin Boarts International 31:::!iiiii 747 3rd Avenue New York, NY 10017 Phone: (212) 688-2778
* I
* I AMIGA Programmers Wanted! The AmigaWorld Tool Chest has created a fantastic opportunity to publish new, uncirculated Amiga programs. If you’ve written something special for the Amiga, and would like to earn some extra money, please contact us for our Tool Chest Author Guidelines Perhaps you’ll be the next Tool Chest Star! AmigaWorld Tool Chest Submissions Dept. AmigaWorld Magazine 80 Elm St. Peterborough, NH 03458 si:::::; M«t ¦ ¦¦¦''¦ Mil V i MU' Mi* • I HIM VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AmExpress cards accepted. No credit card surcharge. Your credit card is not charged until we ship. HARDWARE MEMORY BASEBoard 4MB 0K (A500) ...$ 117 BASEBoard 4MB 512K (A500) ......$ 153 ICD AdRAM 540 4MB 0K (A500) ...$ 115 Microbotics StarB2 (A1000) 1MB ..$ 329 Microbotics 8 UP OK $ 172 Spirit Inboard 1.5 MB OK (A1000 500)..$ 229 Supra 512K RAM (A500) .....$ 79 Supra 8MB card w 2MB .....$ 249 Supra 8MB card w OK $ 169 FLOPPY DISK DRIVES GVP Chinon 3.5" Internal ....$ 89 California Access 3.5“ External ......$ 119 MODEMS Baud Bandit 2400 w Software $ 124 Supra 2400 .$ 107 Supra 2400zi Internal ...$ 124 HARD CARDS HARD DRIVES GVP Series II SCSI 8+ HC CALL GVP Series II HC .CALL GVP A500 HD8+0 40 II ......$ 669 ICD Advantage HD Controller .$ 145 Microbotics Hard Frame $ 239 Supra WordSync 40Q ..$ 479 Supra WordSync 80Q ..$ 699 Supra 500XP 20MB 512K ...$ 589 New! From APPLIED ENGINEERING: DataLink 2000 & Express modems CALL AE High Density 3.5 drive .$ 199 SOFTWARE GRAPHICS VIDEO Art Department - new release ......$ 56 Broadcast Titler .$ 189 Deluxe Paint III ...$ 99 Deluxe Productions ......$ 130 Deluxe Video III .. $ 105 Digi-Paint 3 ...$ 62 DigiWorks 3D $ 81 Director ...$ 45 Disney -The Animation Studio * new .$ 11 2 Defective returns must have a return authorization number. Shipping and handling are non- refundable. Returns subject to restocking fee. We cannot guarantee compatability. All sales are final and prices are subject to change without notice. All stocked items are not listed so please ask for our complete product guide. Forms in Flight II .$ 75 FrameGrabber Enhancer 2.0 ..... $ 62 Inviston Plus $ 187 Modeler 3D ...$ 63 Movie Setter ..$ 62 Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore Business Machines, INC. Opticks ...$ 75 PAGErender 3D ..$ 99 Photon Paint 2.0 ..$ 94 Photon Video $ 94 Photon Transport Controller ...$ 149 Professional Draw .$ 123 Professional Page - new version $ 184 ProPage Structured Clip Art .$ 38 ProPage Templates $ 38 Hardware Specials i Color Splitter ...... .....$ 123 DigiView Gold 4.0 .. .....$ 129 GVP Accelerators . ....CALL GVP Accel. Upgrade Kits.... ....CALL Framebuffer w Capture .....$ 623 Framegrabber ... ....CALL MicroWay Flicker Fixer . .....$ 415 Magni Genlock w controller. ...$ 1699 Migraph Hand Scanner .....$ 359 MiniGen ...... ....$ 201 Scan lock .... .....$ 869 SuperGen ... .....$ 659 SuperGen 2000s ... CALL ProVideo Gold ..$ 195 ProVideo Post ...$ 219 Scene Generator - new release ...$ 32 TV Show 2.0 ...$ 63 TV Text Professional .$ 106 Video Effects 3D ...$ 125 VideOtitler 3D - new version .$ 125 Vista - new release ...$ 63 SPECIAL VIDEO I SOFTWARE PACKAGE Turbo Silver + Video ....$ 112 VIDEOS : GettingStarted w Amigat Digitizing, The Director, Video Graphics, Deluxe Paint III Color Cycling Animation, Hard Drives Guide, Ultimate Video Production Guide ..CALL PRODUCTIVITY SOFTWARE Best Business Management ...$ 185 Sensational Service With Sprite Techno Cogy ORDERS: 800-634-9315 Customer service & order status: 404-535-8806 HOURS: 9-6 MON-FRI EST Can Do ...$ 94 Excellence ..$ 162 Pagesetter II $ 79 PageStream 2.0 $ 187 PenPal ...$ 91 PixiiScript ... $ 94 Word Perfect .....$ 149 Works Platinum .$ 184 EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE Barney Bear Goes to School $ 22 Dinosaur Discovery Kit ..$ 30 Discovery Math or Spelling ...$ 25 Distant Suns ..$ 44 Math or World Odyssey .$ 28 One to One Match ..$ 20 Tracker's Quest ..$ 22 World Atlas ...$ 38 MUSIC WARE
A. M.A.S. MIDI Sampler .....$ 127 Audiomaster II .....$ 62 Bars & Pipes .....$ 185 Bars Pipes Tools, Sounds, Music Box....$ 38 Deluxe Music S65 Dr.T’s Copyist DTP ......$ 199 Dr.T’s DX Heaven ...$ 94 Dr.T’s KCS 3.0 ..$ 172 Dr.T's KCS Level II V3.0 .....$ 219 Dr.T’s Midi Rec Studio ..$ 44 Dr.T's Tiger Cub .$ 62 Dynamic Studio .$ 124 Future Sound ...$ 93 Master Trax Pro .. $ 237 MIDI 500 1000 ECE $ 49 MIDI Gold 500 .....$ 59 MIDI Gold Insider $ 68 Music X $ 186 Mfor Amiga $ 125 Perfect Sound 3.0 .$ 68 Pro MIDI Studio .$ 126 Sonix ......$ 50 Synthia II $ 62 AMIGA LOGO ACCESSORIES Tumblers 11 oz ...4 S 16 Golf Shirt-Lor XL ..$ 18 Sweatshirt - XL ...$ 16 Sports Bag ....$ 19 NEW Holiday Gift Pack! CALL SONY High Density Diskettes $ 1.99 ea.
* ** Attention!*** Amiga 3000 Call for system info Amiga Vision ..$ 95 k E V I E W S or hot-key combinations, you still cannot assign macros to other than single keys. 1 would like to he able to set up a macro to replace the letters AW with the word Amiga World, for instance, but this is impossible. .Among the many little touchups is a facility for inserting IFF, excellence!, and .ASCII text. Line spacing is easier to adjust, and il you do not have a document open, you can change interlace and screen colors instantly. A new Go To Page requester pops up when you click on the page number at the bottom of the screen. The spelling checker can now cause the screen to flash and a beep to sound. Several utilities have been added, including a new hard-drive installation program. It gives you a full-screen requester showing all the paths, and it is very easy to use. A verify program assures that everything copies to your drive without error. Despite Imperfections. .. There arc still a few things I don’t like about excellence! The file requester, for instance, has but a single button to toggle between devices. This is annoying; it should provide buttons for each mounted device. Also, 1 would prefer a revised manual to cover the many program changes, not just an addendum. Excellence! 2.0 works under Workbench 2.0, and looks great in interlaced ZYOUR TL'RM In version 2.0 of excellence!, the typing speed has been greatly improved and the scroll gadget allows scrolling through pages without waiting. The spelling checker is also quicker, has improved guessing abilities, and provides over 140,000 words with medical, technological, geographical, legal, and other supplements. Also, the thesaurus is now very comprehensive and the printing function has been enhanced to allow both text and graphics in Near- Lctter-Quality mode. MSS’s technical support is one of the best, fhe company answers questions immediately and even replies to mail. Excellence! 2.0 is full-featured and bug free. If MSS made it still faster and allowed more than one line of text beside a graphic image, it would be the Amiga's best word processor. Bob Lockie Burlington, Ont., Canada mode on an A3000. In addition, the A3000’s extra speed makes excellence! A joy to use. For those with standard monitors, the program’s default colors do a good job of minimizing the effect of interlace flicker. How does excellence! 2.0 stack up to the competition? Of the full-featured graphics-capable word processors, 1 would give Pen Pal (Softwood Company) an edge in graphics handling, and rate ProWrite 3.0 (New Horizons) the best for script writing ancl storyboarding. If the ability to handle and manipulate words is your main concern, however, I recommned excellence! 2.0 above the others. Its spelling checker and thesaurus are unsurpassed, and it is the only one with a grammar checker. It is also the only one that has all the basic text and formatting features, including those for tables of contents, indexes, multiple columns, headers, and footers. For these reasons, excellence! 2.0 is the only graphics word processor I would use to write a book or lengthy term paper. In fact, excellence! 2.0 compares well with non-graphics word processors. It is the only graphics-oriented package that comes close to the powerful but annoying Word Perfect in terms of text handling. If it worked as well with Professional Page (Gold Disk) as Transcript (Gold Disk) does, excellence! 2.0 would become my one-and-only word processor. Excellence! 2.0 Micro-Systems Software 12798 Forest Hill Blvd. Suite 202 West Palm Beach, FL 33414 407 790-0770 SI 99.95 One megabyte required. ? INFORMATION 601-388-4935 COASTAL ENTERPRISES ORDERS ONLY 1-800-852-8731 SATURDAY 11:00 A.M. 3:00 P.M. CNT Page Stream 2 0 Penpal Pictionary __ Pools of Radience ProWfire 3 0 Shadow of the Beast ll TV Graphics II .... . Viking Child Vista Wmgs . WordPerlecl Works Platinum $ 245 00 S89 95 . $ 29 95 S39 95 . S99 95 S39 95 S39 95 $ 29 95 $ 58 95 S39 95 SI50 00 159 00 HARDWARE A-Max II ..... Air Drive Ex! 3 1 2 Air Drive Int 3 1 2 Baseboard 4 0 A500 ..... C502 Ramcaro 2 0 A500 C502 Ramcard 2M A500 . CA880 3 1 2 Ext. Drive .. Cilizen GSX-140 Printer . Citizen GSX-140 Color Kit Si 99 95 St09 75 S95 95 S109 95 $ 89 95 $ 169 95 St 19 00 S320 00 $ 45 00 MONDAY FRIDAY 1U:00 A.M. 6:00 P.M. C SOFTWARE Double Dragon II Drakken ...... ... $ 25 95 . S35 00 A-Cad Translator . Si30 00 Dunlap Utilities $ 45 95 Accountant...... .... . . $ 180.00 Emperor of the Mines . $ 30.95 Advantage ... . $ 110.00 Excellence _ .. $ 159 00 Afterburnner .... S31.95 F-40 Pursuit .. . $ 27 97 Alien Syndrome . $ 25.95 Fantavision $ 37 97 AMI Alignment System S29 95 Flight Simulator II $ 30 00 Analyze S59 95 Genghis Kahn $ 44 95 Bard's Tale II . . S40 95 Gold Font Designer $ 49 95 Ears and Pipes S170.00 Gold Fonl Decrative $ 49 95 Batman. The Movie S29 00 Gold Font Publisher $ 49 95 BattleCness S31 95 Gold Foni Video ..... $ 49 95 Blue Angles .... S29.95 Guns hip . . $ 34 95 Broadcast Tiller II ...... S339.95 Heroes Quest . $ 38 95 Calrgari Consumer ... . $ 162.00 Home BuJders CAD 2 0 . $ 159 95 Can Do1 $ 84.95 Hoyles Book ol Games $ 22 95 Check Male $ 44.95 Interfonts ...... ...... $ 67 97 Comic Setter..... $ 58.95 Jack Nicklaus Goil $ 29 95 Crystal Quest $ 30.00 Jack Nicklaus Golf Crs Disk $ 16 95 DBMan V $ 170 00 Kalies Farm $ 29 95 Design 3D . S62 00 Leisure Suil Larry III . $ 34 94 DigiPaint 3.0 .. $ 55.00 LOOM ..... $ 49 95 CigViewGoid4.0 ... $ 125.00. Mac-2-Dos . $ 84 95 Distant Suns $ 40.95 Magellan ... ...... S114.95 Cos 2 Dos . S32 49 McGee- . . $ 29 95 Easyl 500 . $ 329.00 Easvi 1000 $ 359 00 Easyl 2000 ...... ...... $ 389 00 ECE MIDI 500 1000 2000 $ 49 95 Flicker Fixer S378 00 FF Genlock Upgrade . $ 37.95 Framegrabber $ 550.00 framegrabber 256 $ 620 00 Light Pen..... $ 99 00 Live1 A2000 S259 00 Midi Gold 500 $ 54 95 Midi Gold Insider 54 95 Migraph Hand Scanner $ 349 95 Mini Gen S135 00 Multi-Serial Pon Board A2000 . 134 95 Mull-Serial Pori SCSI Option . $ 39.95 PC Power Board A500 ..... $ 519 00 Power Supply A500 S35 00 ProGen Genlock ..... $ 349.00 Sharp JX100 Scanner $ 749 00 Sharp JX300 Scanner $ 3585 00 SuperGen Genlock $ 634.95 SuperGen Genlock 2000S . . $ 1400.00 Trump Card Prol A2000 _ . . $ 204 95 Trump Card Prof A500 $ 270.00 X-Specs 3D . $ 97 00 IF YOU DON’T SEE IT, CALL. MORE ITEMS THAN SPACE ALLOWS. CALL FOR COMPLETE LIST. SHIPPING INFORMATION: Send all orders to COASTAL ENTERPRISES. P0 Box 3013. Gullpon MS 39505. VISA and MASTERCARD accepted. Orders by Cashier's Check or Money Order shipped immediately Personal or Company Checks held 3 weeks. Software shipping by UPS ground service at S3 50 per item Maximum $ 9 00 For larger order shipping rales call A minimum of S 5 00 snipping charge to all AP0, FP0, Alaska. Hawaii orders shipped 1 si Class
U. S. Postal Mail RETUR N PO LI C Y: No returns accepted without return authorization number Call before returning merchandise Postage must be prepaid Detective merchandise will be replaced with like item only We cannot guarantee compatibility. Prices subject to change and availability. Mississippi residents add 6% sales tax. SOFTWARE DESKTOP PUBLISHING WORDPROCESSING City Desk 2.0 . City desk _ Critic's Choice Gold spell II _ Kindwords_ Page setter The Software Shop> Inc. SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE SPECIALS 22 FRONT STREET WORCESTER, MA 01614 GRAPHICS & VIDEO 3-Demon _ 3d options Animagic 135 97 159 . 30 . 65 . 89 199 102 . 42 42 129 199 105 . 69 130 276 . 59 159 . 47 159 . 79 . 34 . 34 . 57 . 85 . 52 . 22 . 54 . 47 . 76 . 50 . 48 . 4B . 56 159 . 29 . 27 . 23 . 23 . 29 . 47 . 69 . 32 . 51 IB9 189 . 49 . 52 . 99 229 . 73 . 35 . 95 . 99 439 . 39 . 32 . 32 . 58 . 32 _ 69 _ 59 89 . 65 . 23 189 . 39 169 . 48 . 65 . 29 102 102 . 59 137 106 . 67 . 32 131 . 69 . 28 . 89 . 38 . 26 . 41 . 89 . 42 . 23 . 19 . 23 105
- 32 . 23 . 99
- 49 . 23 . 64 . 29 . 65 . 95 105 . 20 . 97 . 97 _ 43 . 33 . 83 . 83 220 205
- 95 _ 46 115 _ 20 111 _ 64
- 64 121 120 _ 95 _ 91 329 Animate 3-0 _ Animate 40_ Animation editor _ Animation effects _ Animation Flipper _ Animation multiplane Animation stand _ Animation Station_ Animation Titter_ Pagestream 2.0 Pen Pal _ .00; 1-800-752-0050 ;3I Orders only 8:00 am - 7:00pm EST Mon. - Fri. Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm For inquiries, international orders and customer service call:
(508) 756-6452 Fax (508) 799-9354 SIZZLING SUMMER SALE VISA Pro-draw clip art _ Pro-page template _ Professional Draw 2.0 Prolessionai Page 1.3 ProWrile 3.0 _ Publisher plus _ Publishers choice _ Saxon Publisher _ Shakespeare Animation W images Animation _ Architechtural design Broadcast Tiller _ C light 3d editor_ Calligari _ Chroma paint _ Comicsetter _ The Works Platinum Transcript _ Word perlecl _ Wp library Credit Text Scroller Deluxe Paint III _ Deluxe photo lab _ Deluxe print tl _ Deluxe production . Deluxe video III _ Design 3-D FONTS Anim Font 1 Kara _ Anim Font2 Kara _ Asha's fonts _ Calligrapher _ Fancy 3d fonts _ Font set I _ Headline Fonts_ Headlines 2 _ Inter lont _ 8 0 With: 1,294
- 907 818 606
- 850 GVP-lmpact A2000 SCSI Connor 209mg 15ms 3’ 2 drive Quantum 1Q5mg 11ms - Quantum 80mg 11ms- Quantum 40mg 11ms Memory Expansion A50G A1000 Connor 209mg 15ms 31 ? Drive Quantum 1Q5mg 11ms- Quantum Qorrig 11ms ___- Quantum 40mg 11ms - Xetec FastCardPlus With: Connor 2Q9mg 15ms 3V2 drive _ Quantum 105mg 11ms- Quantum 80mg 11ms- Quantum 40mg 11ms- SYQuest w 44mg Cartridge - Supra WordSync A2000 With: Connor 209mg 15ms 31 ? Drive 1,205 Quantum 105m. 11ms -907 Quantum 80mg 11ms -779 Quantum 40mg 11ms -729 SYQuest w 44mg. Cartridge-739 BasedSoard 2mg A500- Rs*;e»flflnArrl dmn A600 249 369 QaDCUOUdl U Hllty “JUu Vvv 179 Fn tmm Card A OO AlGOO 99 i ctsjuaiit vydi u rvjuu n i uuu J J 129 Rnirit OK 229 finiril 1 5 A50A A1000 339 Qniril Imn Hofi 299 Spirit 512K A500 A1000- " tarhnarrl PlK AmfW) 262 269 339 %t3fhnArri II Prnn A1 flOfl 439 Rtnrhnrirrl II AlOftO 29 T cni Pinnp fMIB A500 79 1 V>iqi i iwii Lit njuw ¦ ¦ " ¦ ICD ADR520 1 8ma A500 i j 299 CHIPS Dram-1 MG x 1 100ns-80ns id Dram-256 x 4 I00ns-80ns 11 Pram-256 v 1 3 Dram-256 x 4 100ns-80ns ZIP Simm Module IMG x 8 80ns-100ns 11 83 Designasaurus _ Digi View Gold 4.0 Digi-Paint 3 _ Oigimatelll _ Qigiworks 3d _ Director Tape _ Director's Toolkit . Elan Performer_ Express Painl III . Fanlavision _ Future design 3 d Graphic studio _ Human design 3-d AmigaVision- interchange Kara lonts color _ Kara lonts Headline 2 Kara lonts subheads _ Lion lonts _ Masterpiece lonts News letter lonts Page Stream fonts Profonts I Prof__ Memory Expansion A2000 A500 A1000 Harddrives Xetec Fasttrack System With Connor 209mg 15ms 3’ 2 drive Quantum 105mg 11ms- Quantum 80mg 11ms- Quantum 40mg 11ms- 1-15 8UP 2mg A2000- 8UP 4mg A2000- SUP 6mg A2000- SUP 8mg A2000- AdRAM A2000 2mg AdRAM A2000 4mg AdRAM A2000 6mg AdRAM A2000 Bmg Supraram A2000 2mg Supraram A2000 4mg Supraram A2000 6mg Supraram A200Q 8mg CAO 249 369 459 559 229 349 449 549 229 339 439 539 Profonts II decorative Sludio Ion!_ Subheads _ Zuma 1-4 _ Interior design sculpt3d Invision _ GVP-A2000-HC 0 With: Connor 209mg 15ms Viz drive - Quantum 105mg 11ms _ Quantum 80mg 11ms Quantum 40mg 11ms DATABASE MGMNT Your family tree_ Data retrieve _ Data Retrieve Prof. _ Obman V_ Organize Lights Camera Action Microbol design 3-d _ Modeler 3d ___ Movie clips _ Movie setter __ Page flipperfx _ Pagerender 3-d SYQuest w 44mg Cartridge LANGUAGES A C basic__ A C forlran _ Algebra II - Arexx _ Assem pro - Azlec C developer _ Aztec C professional _ Benchmark C library _ Benchmark ifl library _ Benchmark modula 2 _ Benchmark simplified _ Cape6Bk _ Cross Dos - Super base_ Superbase pers, II _ Superbase Pro. 3.0_ ACCESSORIES 6 outlet AC Surge_ A-B Switch cable _ A B C O Switchbox_ Boing optical mouse_ Copy Stand COMMUNICATION Atalk III _ BBS pc _ Online _ Photon expansion disk Photon Paint 2.0_ 65 96 44 67 99 Photon video cell anim. Pixmate _ 16 35 39 109 69 52 52 17 37 15 .15
- 9 99 15 15 65 _92 Prinl master plus Pro video plus set I Pro video plus set fl Pro Video Post _ ProVideo Gold 32 65 99 20 65 33 33 59 35 52 35 65 33 22 33 33 19 28 26 33 __ 58 28 99 97 22 52 104 32 _ 32 45 39 32 29 EDUCATION Adventure ol sinbad_ Aesop's fables _ All about America_ Animal kingdom_ Decimal dungeon _ Ece Midi 1000 _ Ece Midi 500 2000 Ergo Joystick 32 32 35 32 32 25 25 35 35 32 25 35 32 22 22 22 22 22 35 35 35 51 51 32 32 35 32 32 19 25 52 32 29 29 34 30 27 28 28 35 39 33 33 33 Sculpt-Animate 4-0 Jr. The Director Turbo silver 3.0_ Turbo Silver Module . Tv Text Prof _ Tv-show 2.0_ Tv-lext _ Gravis Joystick _ Modem cable A1000 _ Modem cable A2000 500 Mouse pad_ Mouse Stick_ Printer cable 2000 500 . Prinler cable Al000 _ Video int. A500 _ Oevpac Ed Assem fink debg. _ Dissasembler _ GFA basic 3.0_ Hisoft Basic professional _ Inovalools HI - Discovery game spell _ Discovery game malh _ First letters and words First shapes_ Fraction action _ Great stales _ Kid talk _ Kinderama_ Video effects 3d Video scape 3-d Video tiller _ Zoetrope Future sound A500 A2000- HARDWARE ACCESSORIES 3 l Prolessionai. MONITORS Amdek multisync 12 monitor Mitsubishi Dianion Scan NEC 3D multisync - Sieko cm 1430 monitor _ Sony multi-scan Monitor Taxan I00Q20' Ultrasync Zenith 14' Flat screen mon. Latllce development system 5.4 Link word French Link word German Link word Russian Link word Italian _ Link word Spanish Malh talk ___ Metascope debugger _ Power windows v2.5 _ Source level debugger True basic _
W. shell _ Master 3A Drive . Baud Bandit . Digi-Qroid .. Easy! AtOGO . Easyl A2000 . Easyt A500 .. Flicker lixer...... Framegrabber ...... Future sound Gen One .... Internal 3.5drive A2000 .. Live A2000 ... Live Iramegrabber AfOOO . Live Iramegrabber A500 . Midi Gold |500| . Naksha Mouse . Perfect sound A1000 .... Perfect sound A500 A20Q0 Phoenix power supply A500 Power Supply A500 Progen ..... Scanlock .... Sharp JX 100 Scanner Super Gen ... Supra 24Q0bd internal . Supra modem 2400bd .. Synergy 500 . US Robotics 9600bd HST WV1410 Panasonic Camera w lens ...... .109 .129 . 79 349 379 345 495 599 129 689 99 349 279 305 60 56 69 75 95 109 379 789 789 695 139 129 199 669 . 512 . 559 . 699 . 699 . 535 2899 . 799 Malh talk fraction Math wizard _ Perfect score _ Quiz master _ Read & rhyme _ flead-a-rama_ Speller bee _ Maxiplan 500 Maxiplan plus Super Plan VIP Prolessionai Advantage _ ACCOUNTING PRINTERS 1124 Panasonic Printer Alps Allegro23 PIN _ Citizen GSX140 Printer w color - HP Paint Jet - 195 189 . 63 . 63 . 39 . 95 129 Call Easy Ledger _ Financial plus _ Invester advantage Miamiga ledger _ Micro lawyer Kwik speak Spanish Spell bound _ Learning curve _ Where in World C.S. Dinosaur Discov. Kit Puzzle Story book _ Talking Animator _ Rhyming note book _ At the Zoo _ Nimbus record keeper Project Master NEC LC890 laser PS. Star nx rainbow _ Service Industry Acc. Lerms Wfc accept Visa and MasterCard wittiout surcharge Mass residents add 53 sales far Our Policy Prices are sibjeti to change without notice All items subject to availability All products carry manufacturers warranty Defective software will be replaced with the sarnE item only AH sales are final Vk cannot guarantee compatibility All exchanges must be pre-approved 20°- restocking lee will apply lor non-defective returns For customer service call '50fJl 756-6452 Letters For You . Numbers Count _ Where in the U.S. World Atlas _ My Paint COD's 55 00 COD charge per order $ 100000 maximum order without authorisation We accept only Cashier s Checks or Money Orders on COD's Shipping UPS Ground $ 500 Minimum per item UPS 2nd $ 8.00 Minimum per Hem UPS Neil day $ 25.00 per Hem Circle 134 on Reader Service card Math Odyssey World Odyssey
1. 243 _849
- 755
- 549
- 789 SPREAD SHEET Formation _ Haicalc _ 129 Draw 2D00 . 183 195 Home huilder cart 129 33 Home builder choice . 53 33 Intrn Cad Plus 99 65 Pro-hoard Plus 399 195 Pm-Net 399 129 Ultra Design 269 62 X-Cad Designer II 97 6? X-Tad designer Pro 304 128 62 SOUND & MUSIC 59 4-np npiuxe 97 22 Audio master 37 Audio master II 67 66 Rack songhook 27 45 Rars A Pipes 210 95 Pnpyist II 179 D-5D 99 . 118 neluxe music 69 54 fir drums 28 Dr keys 28 . 225 nr Ts Keyhoarri
161) 65 Or T's Midi recording 58 sludio 47 65 nx heaver 97 65 Dynamic drums 52 33 Dynamic sludin 129 Kcs 1 evef II 225 Midi Magic 97 47 Mi-3? 97 32 Music student 38 95 Music-X 2115 . 126 Pro sound designer 125 Q7 Prnmirfi sfuriin 129 y 1 Sonix 51 DJ 125 Sound Hasis 69 Sound samplers 78 Sound Trank Vol. 1 35 349 Sfuriin magic 65 . 424 Rynlhia 59 Synthia Prn 199 399 Texliire 97 1025 Tiger Huh 65 3395 Utilities ?|mimatics) 43 Online Platinum Skyline BBS _ Tales from Arabia Wordmasler_ 259 Id order by mail Vi accept Money Orders Centred Checks Peisona! Checks, and Company Checks Allow 10 days from date received for company and personal checks to clear 1,399
- 979
- 879
- 699 1,271
- B79
- 769
- 569
1. 293
- 869
- 799
- 559 A2000 A2500 Harddrives HardFrame 2000 With: Doug's math aquarium Dude ___ Dunlap Utilities EZ backup _ Face II Fine print Fleet check Grabbil _ Laser scripts _ Laser up: fonts _ Laser up plot _ Laser up: print _ Laser up: utilities Mac 2 Dos Matrix 6 Momentum Mail _ Nag Plus Schedule Assist. Pixel script Pro script___ Project 0 Quarterback Raw copy 1.3
VI. P. X-copy II ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE CLEARANCE We have them all! Over 300titles in Stock. Prices from $ 14 to $ 29 on all games. Call lor Deals. Minimum Order-2 games HOME ACCOUNTING Desktop budget-S46 00 Money mentor -$ 65.00 Phaser 65 00 Tax Break- 53 00 Celebrity cook book Cygnused Prolessionai Oisk 2 disk _ Qisk master _ Oisk mechanic _ Dos 2 Dos __ UTILITIES
B. A.O. disk optimizer _
C. B Tree _ . Can do Qz. Commodore AMIGA R E V 1 E W S TAKE YOUR TURN! MEMORY CHIT 256K x 4-80 DIP $ 9.00 256K x 4-80 ZIPP
59. 50 256K x 4-80 (Static for A3IXXI) $ 10.(X) 1 MG x 8-80 SIMM $ 89.(X) 1 MG x 4-80 (Static for A3000)
* $ 49.95 NEW FATTER AGNUS $ 99.95 Amiga Mouse $ 49.(X) External Hi Density 1.52 MG Dr. $ 199.00
1. 5 MG Insider Hoard for A1000 $ 299.1X1 Keyboard for A1IHX) $ 149.95 A2000 Power Supply $ 149.00 4 MG Base Board (for A500 w 2 MG) $ 249.95 4 MG Base Board (for A500 w 4 MG) $ 349.00 Amiga Janus 2.0 $ 29.95 SUPRA 2 MG Expandable to 8 MG
* $ 229,00 4 MG Expandable to 8 MG $ 399.00 40 MG Hardcard $ 549,1X1 40 MG HD (A500 w 512K) $ 699.1X1 GYP 20 MG HD for A50O $ 599.00 40 MG HD for A500 $ 699.00 40 MG Hard Card $ 599.00 100 MG Hard Card $ 899.1X1 A3001 4 0 28 Mhz SI 899.1X1 GOLD DISK Prof. Page $ 39.95 Prof. Draw $ 39.95 Design 3D $ 39.95 Moviesetter $ 39.95
* Special sale this month while supplies last. AMPEX SYSTEMS 5344 JIMMY CARTER BLVD. NORCROSS, GA 30093
(800) 962-4489 (Orders Only)
(404) 263-9190 (Information & Prices) ALF-DC-MFM or RLL BACKTALK CANDID RESPONSES TO AMIGAWORLD REVIEWS ¦ The cheapest and fastest way to connect a harddisk to the Amiga 2000, 2500, or 3000 ¦ Runs up to 2 ST-506 drives of any size, even old XT’s ¦ Power connector on the card ¦ Can be used as a FileCard ¦ 420kB Datatransfer Rate with Seagate ST-151 1 We also carry ALF3 SCSI-II controllers with 1000 kB sec when run with a Quantum. Ask for your free ALF Speed Test Software. Pre' spect Technics Inc.
P. O. Box 670, Station H Montreal, Quebec H3G 2M6 Phone: (514) 954-1483 Fax: (514) 876-2869 We want to know what yon like and don’t like about your new Amiga hardware and software. Some products we are looking at for upcoming issues are: 3D Text Animator (Mindware) A2024 (Commodore) A2232 (Commodore) A2320 (Commodore) AdSCSI 2000 with Q40S (ICD) AproDraw 2.0 (R&DL Productions) Draw4D (Adspec) Deluxe Standoff I disagree with the Back Talk letters criticizing Electronic Arts’ DeluxeVideo III (Sept. ’90, p. 98). I use an Amiga for television graphics, and do most of my work using Dvid- eo and Dpaint III. Dvideo does support true overscan 352 x 480 and larger through the View requester. My only complaints are that it is slow in 640x400 mode and that backdrops do not work with a 68030 accelerator. Otherwise, I find Dvideo to he extremely powerful and reliable. It is amazingly flexible, allowing you to create effects beyond the great many that it handles automatically. In addition, the intuitive graphic interface makes video work as simple as can he. 1 particularly like the visual control over timing and the powerful motion requesters. DeluxeVideo III is a pleasure to use and gives professional results. Morgan Adams Panama, NY Who Tops Publishing? Your review of Soft-Logik’s Page- Stream 1.8 (July ’90, p. 14) was little more than a promotion for Gold Disk’s Professional Page, When both programs can output to a PostScript printer or typesetter using Adobe fonts, how can you assert that the font quality of one program is superior? Fractal Pro (MegageM) MathVision (Seven Seas) Pro Video Post (Shereff Systems) Sketch Master (Dakota) VidControl (Integral Systems) To comment on these, write us (Your Turn, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm'St., Peterborough, N H 03458) or call (800 441-4403, ext. 346) by Oct. 20, 1990. Write or call at any time concerning other new releases. The review said that PageStream was “stable enough to use,” thereby suggesting that Pro Page is rock solid. Come on now! Pro Page in my experience is much more unstable than PageStream 1.8. You seem to dismiss the entire subject of features, which is at the heart of desktop publishing. In my opinion, PageStream wins the “features war.” To duplicate a group of components, for example, both programs require you to draw a box around the pieces. But while PageStream's clone procedure is elegant, Pro Page’s is laborious and unprofessional. .And that's not all. Your review did not do justice to PageStream. KA. Klosson Oceanside, CA A Press-idential Pardon, Please Readers of the Sept. V0 Reviews section probably noticed some problems with screen photos. Specifically, photos for JMH's The Talking Animator 2.0 and Mindware's Digi-Mate III were switched (pp. 76 and 78), and on p. 86, the two output examples of The Art Department (ASDG) were flip-flopped. We're sorry for the confusion. Another error crept into the review of Soft-Logik’s PageStream 1.8 (July V0, p,
78) . Here, we priced PageStream’s optional disk of screen fonts at $ 99.95. The disk actually goes for $ 39.95. Editors ¦ THE RISING STAR IN SOFTWARE HEAD OFFICE: 410 Maple Avenue * Westbury, New York
• 11590* USA • Tel: (516) 997-6903 • Fax (516) 334-3091 t Ijfc I Ml I1. Palette Printer Do you own a color printer? Are you jnhappy with its output? Now you can ;losely match your RGB monitor colors to our hard copy output! Palette Printer is a tolor match system for any color printer. If ou are a Professional, Illustrator. Painter, Graphic Designer or anyone who wants he best color possible, Palette Printer will optimize your color printing by producing ;olor charts with 850 colors = as an IFF tevice) to represent your printers potential utput. Works with any paint program. MSRP $ 39.95 Have you ever worried about not being able to make back ups of your software? CHILL OUT DUDES. We have a totally radical device SUPERCARD II. Fool proof and easy, you will never sweat about a disk crash again. Like most Supercard II users, you will have a back up of all of your disks in the cookie jar. Supercard II for A500 and A1000 are used external. NEW! SuperCard II for A2000 for 2 Drives, now internal. MSRP $ 99.95 This revolutionary autotracing package will convert complex, color or B&W bit-maps into Sculpt 4D. VideoScape 3D, Turbo Silver, and DXF (autocad) structured-object formats. Totally automatic. WE DO NOT INCLUDE AN EDITOR BECAUSE ONE IS NOT NEEDED. Ideal for Video production houses and those who do extensive work in rendering and 3D modelling animations. Fast and slick conversions with extrusion options and controls for superior results. Logos and IFF pictures are now easy using Pixel 3D. Supports superbitmaps and overscan, -j Meg Ram required. MSRP $ 89.95 Painter 3D is a powerful, rapid 3D design program which you create scenes, objects, and models of extreme complexity with the same ease as 2D artistic drawing software. The objects which you use to compose your scenes, are designed simply by drawing an outline, which you wilf then extrude or rotate about an axis to produce a three-dimensional shape or scene. Objects created can be saved in many various formats, and can be used to construct complex scenes, which In turn can be used as objects in other scenes, allowing the assembly of unlimited numbers of objects. MSRP $ 129.95 CLIPART MSRP Jic-Magic One - Original $ 99.95 }ic-Magic One - EPS $ 99.95 }ie-Magic Fantasy $ 29.95 }ic-Magic Business $ 29.95 3ic-Magic Weddings $ 29.95 IEW STUFF Jnseth Anim Brushes, vol. 1 $ 39.95 oe's Pro-Borders $ 39.95 Mega Midget - 68030 Accelerator Board for A500 & A2000 from 20 to 33 Mhz - Optional 68881 or 68882 - We also have 2 Ram options: Flighspeed 32 Bit 512 Kb Static Ram & 2 to 8 Mb of 32 bit Ram board all above 9 meg system limit, allowing the possibility of 19 Megs of Ram on your Amiga! Mega midget with 68030 * 20 mhz MSRP $ 795 installed... your pi from tne catalog Destgn Forms, and General Desk Top Publishing forms. Load a design as a Pagestream Document and you will be well on your way to producing quality DTP in a greatly reduced amount of production lime. MSRP $ 39.95 THIS COULD BE YOUR PRODUCT! WHATCHAMACALLIT Now you can be part of "The Winning Team". We at PULSAR are always looking for developers with new products for the Amiga. Have you tried to market your products and were unhappy with the results. With our knowledge of the worldwide Amiga market we can make it happen for you. Let us help you improve and market your product. Give us a call, and find out why we are one of the fastest growing companies in Amiga today. Rssiium:
• Fits into expansion slot
• includes Cross Dos
• On the Amiga side it gives you 512k ram, plus 512k ram disk. Clock Calendar, totally transparent.
• On PC side it gives you 704k ram, plus 192k EMS. A NEC V30 8MHZ, Phoenix Bios. CGA, Hercules video. Dos 4.01. makes use of Amiga's ports: serial, parallel, joystick, mouse and clock calendar. Uses Amiga's disk drives. Includes a spreadsheet, Database and word processor. 1 year guarantee. MSRP $ 525.00 PULSAR Power PC Board Phone or write for your free Catalog. Dealer and Distributor Inquiries Invited. Pulsar Power PC Board for the A500 Circle 259 on Reader Service card. PULSAR Germany • PULSAR Switzerland • PULSAR Belgium France PULSAR Canada »ULSAR Canada Inc. LO. Box 579, Station Z oronto, Ontario I5N 2Z6 Canada el: (416) 322-6119 ax (416) 489-1620 PULSAR Computer Vertriebs GmbH Erlanger Str 8-10 5 Koln 91 Germany Tel: (0221) 87 33 59 Fax: (0221) 87 41 89 PULSAR Schweiz Obere Fambuhlstr. 19 5010 Wohlen Schweiz Tel: (41)41 62 48 PULSAR Belgium France
K. V. Overmeirelaan, 20 2100 Antwerp Belgium Tel: (33) 26 01 44 Fax: (33) 26 01 94 ALL PULSAR OFFICES SPEAK ENGLISH AS WELL AS THE MAN J NATIVE LANGUAGES OF THE COUNTRY ll I WHICH THE OFFICE IS LOCATED. THESE & $ 27 ARTWORX Bridge 6.0 Strip Poker I $ 24 AVATAR Heart of the Dragon $ 29 CSA Mega Midget Racer 500 2000 20Mhz $ 619 25 Mhz $ 699 3S Mhz $ 829 Have you noticed the “other guys" are suddenly reducing their prices-ASK YOURSELF WHY??? It'sjiecause we, the new kid on the AMIGA block*, will ALWAYS give you the lowest price on EVERY PRODUCT WE SELL and back it up with our unsurpassed 'customer service. BRODERBUND Simcity Where in Euope is Carmen SD Where in the USA is Carmen SD Where in the World is Carmen SD $ 28 CALIFORNIA DREAMS Block Out Vegas Gambler Tunnels of Armageddon $ 25 CENTRAL COAST DOS-DOS (Read & Write IBM Disks!) $ 31 Quarterback (Backup Utility) $ 39 SOFTWARE (Additional Titles in Stock) ACCOLADE Blue Angels Hardball II Jack Nicholas Colt The Duel: Test Drive II The Cycles S29 Heat Wave: Offshore Boat Racing Day of the Viper FORA COMPLETE PRICE LIST OF OUR PRODUCTS, FILL OUT THE READER SERVICE CARD IN THIS MAGAZINE SOFTWARE MAC-DOS $ 84 DATA EAST Drakkhen Chamber of Sci-Mutanl Princess $ 34 DEVWARE AntiVirus $ 12 DR. T'S Tiger's Club $ 57 FTL Dungeon Master $ 24 GOLD DISK Professional Page 1.3 $ 157 Professional Page Templates $ 34 Professional Draw 2*0 $ 189 Pro Page Pro Draw Clip Art $ 34 Gold Disk Outline Fonts: Video Series Publisher Series Decorative Series Designer Series $ 34 INOVATRONIC5 Can Do! $ 84 LATTICE Lattice C 5.0 $ 199 Lattice C++ $ 229 MICROPOSE Pirates $ 27 NEWTEK DigiDroid $ 57 DigiPaint 3 $ 55 DigiView Cold 4,0 $ 119 COMPLETE VIDEO SYSTEM by Newtek Includes:
• Digiview Gold 4.0
• Copy Stand w Lights
• Panasonic WV 1410 Camera w Variable Lens Free UPS Blue Delivery in Continental U.S. OUR PRICE $ 399!!! FcfCrtt B.l. SOFTWARE OXXI Atalk 3 (Communications) $ 59 ANIMagic (Animation Editor) $ 59 Audiomaster II $ 59 Modeler 3D $ 59 Sonix $ 47 Video Tiller $ 91 READY SOFT Space Ace $ 34 SIERRA ON-LINE I lero's Quest King's Quest IV Leisure Suit Larry 111 Police Quest II Code Name Iceman Colonel's Bequest $ 34 SPECTRUM HOLOBYTE Tetris Welltris $ 22' WALT DISNEY SOFTWARE The Animation Studio $ 99 WORDPERFECT CORP. WordPerfect v4.1 $ 139 ELECTRONIC ARTS (Additional Titles in Stock) It Came From the Desert II F A-18 Interceptor $ 15 Hunt for Red Ocotber $ 20 Pipe Dreams $ 25 Keef The Thief $ 15 688 Attack Sub AD&D: Champions of Krynn AD&D: Pool of Radiance Fool's Errand It Came From the Desert Lords of the Rising Sun Nuclear War Populous Star Flight TV Sports Basketball TV Sports Football Unreal Wings $ 31 Cribbage King Gin King Gettysburg: The Turning Point Loom $ 37 ELECTRONIC ARTS Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain Waterloo $ 37 Deluxe Print II $ .51 Deluxe Music Construc tion Set $ 61 Deluxe Paint II! Deluxe Photo Lab Deluxe Video II! $ 93 IMTRONICS Hurricane 500 (68020 16 Mhz) $ 349 I lurricane 2000 (68020 16 Mhz) $ 289 ! Lurricane 2800 168030 28 Mhzl $ 599 Hurricane 2850 (68030 50 Mhz) $ 2249 A2000 Acc elerator Memory Board $ 289 ADVANCED by DUNGEONS ms'ZT & DRAGONS:*"5 a Pop of riBBBSi Radiance AGENT SEAN F.B.I. Catch what's on: DISKETTES IF YOU DON'T SEE Iti CALL US! SONY: 10-Pack Boxed $ 12 10-Pack Bulk $ 9 50-Pack Bulk $ 42 100-Pack Bulk $ 79 ORDERS ONLY: BARNEY'S DOG fe DAY SPECIALS J FREE DevWare "Disk of the Month" with ali orders over $ 100 1-800-438-2883 FAX: 1-619-274-2440 15% ($ 15 min.) Restocking fee on refunded items only WE ACCEPT: VISA and MasterCard • Bank Wires • School Purchase Orders • Certified Checks • Money Orders • NO PERSONAL or COMPANY CHECKS
• Sorry, no shipping, handling, or insurance refunds • Nol responsible for product compatibility • Prices subject to change without notice • NOCO.D.s Experts Since 19853 DEALS Suspect 2: MISS LATTICE when questioned about Barney's disappearance answered: "Golly, Barney kept complaining of having Complete overload of DTV Videos in his System..." of the Canine: Part GREAT VALLEY HARDWARE BASIC CABLE Cable, Amiga 1000-Parallel Printer (8ft) $ 11 Cable, Amiga 500-1 laves Modem (8ft) St 1 Cable, Amiga 500-Parallel Printer (8ft) S11 EMCO 2-Way Parallel Switchbox ST9 2-Way Serial Switchbox $ 19
3. 5 Diskette I lolder vv lock (holds 80) $ 9 4-Wav Parallel Switchbox $ 24 4-Way Serial Switc libox $ 24 EXPANSION SYSTEMS A500 Baseboard 5 I2K $ 149 1 Meg $ 179 2 Meg $ 239 4 Meg $ 359
* FREE SECOND DAY AIR on all EXPANSION SYSTEMS products I DC Ad ram 540 OK $ 109 512K $ 139 1 Meg $ 169 2 Meg $ 229 4 Meg $ 349
• FREE SECOND DAY AIK on all ICI) products MICROSPEED AmTrac Tracball $ 64 HARDWARE SUPRA CORP. PRODUCTS Impact A500 20 Meg HD S589 30 Meg I ID $ 679 40 Meg HD $ 749 45 Meg HD $ 749 80 Meg HD $ 1,119 100 Meg I1D $ 1,189 Impact XC Ext Case w Power Supply $ 229 44 Meg Removable I ID S949 1 50 MB Tape Backup S879 Supra 2400 Plus (External Modem w MNP) $ 155 Supra 2400 I Internal Modem (Amiga 2000) $ 124 AMIGA SupraDrive 500 XP 20 Meg $ 569 500 XP 40 Meg $ 679 500 44 Meg Rmvble $ 969 500 80 Meg $ 829 1000 40 Meg $ 729 1000 44 Meg Rmvble $ 1099 2000 40 Meg $ 459 2000 44 Meg Rmvble $ 819 2000 80 Meg $ 669 2000 105 Meg $ 719 AIMGA Supra Ram 500 512 K w c lock $ 64 2000 OK $ 119 2000 2 Meg $ 239 2000 4 Meg $ 349 2000 6 Meg $ 459 2000 8 Meg $ 579 Word Sync SCSI Interface (Amiga 2000) $ 109 ¦FREE SECOND DAY AIR on all SUPRA products XETEC FastCard Plus, Amiga 2000 SCSI Interface $ 179 Q40 w SCSI $ 569 Q80 w SCSI $ 799 Fast Ram UK (for Amiga 500 nr 1000 SCSI Interface) $ 79 Fast Tape, 1 Amiga Tape* Back-up 150E External $ 699 1501 Internal (2000 Only) $ 619 60E External $ 579 601 Internal (2000 Only) $ 489 Fast Trak SCSI Interface (specify 500 or 10(H)) Enclosure Only $ 319 |r, 20 meg w enc. $ 599 Q40. 40 meg w enc. $ 709 Q80, 80 meg w enc. $ 949 Mini FastCard (Amiga 2000 SCSI Interface) $ 99 SCSI Interface (Amiga 500 or 1000) $ 199 PROGRESSIVE Baud Bandit 2400 Modem $ 99 Baud Bandit 2400 MNP Modem $ 139 READY SOFT AMAX li (Macintosh Emulator) $ 139 US ROBOTICS Courier 2400 External Modem S319 Courier HS7 9600 Baud External Modem $ 619 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS A2000 Accelerator (68030 2 Bmliz) $ 739 A2000 Accelerator (68030 2 8Mhz+6888 2) $ 899 SUPRA CORP. Amiga 3.5 External Drive $ 99 XP-SCSI Interface (Amiga 500) S149 SCSI Interface vv Clock (Amiga 1000) $ 189 Supra 2400 Baud External Modem $ 99 A2000 Accelerator 4 Meg $ 749 A300I Accelerator (68030 2 8Mhz+6888 2) 4 Meg Ram $ 1469 A3501 Accelerator (68030 3 3Mhz+6888 21 4 Meg Ram $ 1699 A3050 Accelerator (6803 ) 50Mhz+68882) 4 Meg Ram $ 2499 Hard Card 2 Controller Only $ 179 20 Meg I ID $ 499 30 Meg HD $ 549 40 Meg HD $ 549 45 Meg HD $ 549 80 Meg HD $ 799 100 Meg I ID $ 829 Impact 2000 8 0 Controller Only S209 40 Meg I ID $ 579 44 Meg Rmvble $ 929 80 Meg I ID $ 829 100 Meg I ID $ 849 Ram WE CARRY OVER 100's ITEMS NOT LISTED nexo PLEASE Super Hi-Li Stereo Speaker CALL 5119 FOR PASSPORT nniuiDi ctc Master!racks Pro LrUIVIrLc 1 $ 269 CATALOG Passport Midi Interface $ 89 PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS Cordless Mouse $ 84 QEAC by Lattice Corp. C Compilers Lattice C 5.1.1 Complete Development System List $ 300 OUR PRICE $ 189 Lattice C++ Compiler List $ 300 OUR PRICE $ 229 MIGRAPH Migraph I land Scanner $ 319 Stay tuned for Part III of 'The Case of the Kidnapped Canine Bean F.B.I.* Special Agent at Anytime! We are now open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for orders. And there are no modems or online services required! So now you can be a special agent on the Find Barney Immediately case by placing your order at anytime. $ er oatj PRICE QUOTES & TECHNICAL SUPPORT 1-619-274-1253 Sam - Spm PST Monday-Friday Committed to value since 1985 *
P. O. BOX 171466 SAN DIEGO, CA 92197 Circle 248 on Reader Serv.ce card. WHAT’S NEW? When, in Sir Walter Scott’s words, “November’s sky is chill and drear,” you can warm your hands over some hot new titles. Compiled by Jan Jackson Image Makers ASDG’s HIGH-END image- processing and manipulation system shows off features above and beyond the original consumer version. Art Department Professional (S 199.95) supports Arexx, imports and saves Amiga (and non-Amiga) image formats such as Digi- View 21-bit, Sculpt, Silver, The Art of Louis Morkoy'a Pro supports several devices, including Polaroid CI-3000 and CI-5Q00 film recorders, Black Belt System's HAM-E, Sharp’s 24-bit color scanners, Digital Creations’ DCTV, Impulse’s FireCracker 24, and Mi- metics’ Frame Buffer. Other companion modules include the Art Department PresentaThe Plot Thickens FROM CADVISION International, which brought you X-CAD Designer and X-CAD Professional, come X-CAD 3D ($ 499) and X-CAD 3000, a new generation of architectural design tools. Both packages read X-GAD Designer, Professional, and Taurus-ver- sion databases and read and write new X-GAD 3D symbol files and AutoCAD DFX files. In both programs, you can manipulate the 3-D viewport, draw line, arc, and string commands, plus select Layer and Layer Colour commands. X-GAD 3000 shares the same features as Designer, with additional offerings such as multiple definable viewports, idents display manipulation commands, project and rotate commands, and extensive trim, stretch, and general editing commands. For the complete bill of fare, contact Cad vision (London, England, 071 603-3313) or .American Software Distributors (RR 1, Box 290, Bldg. 3, Urbana, IL 61801, 217 643-
2050) . RS 502, Stormy Weather THE HURRICANE 530 Storm Bringer boasts the ability to add up to 8 MB of 32- bit fast RAM to either your A2000 or A500. A Hurricane 530 including a 28-MHz 68030 processor retails at $ 1199. (Other configurations are available.) Imtronics promises the CPU and the L Markoya's work comes to you via ASDG’s Art Dept. Pro. FPU can run asynchronously from 16 to 54 Mhz. Storm Bringer lets you switch between the 68000 and 68030, and its memory is accessible from either mode. In addition, the board can use any math coprocessor. (IMtronics: 12301
S. W. 132nd Court, Miami, FL 33186.) RS 505. GIF, PCX, Deluxe-Paint II, and MacPaint formats, and supports various imaging devices. With available add-on modules, you can save, import, or render images in 24- bit color, or up to 256 colors for non-Amiga formats. Tion Graphics Pack ($ 129.95), which lets you combine business graphics with your images, and the Art Department Professional Conversion Pack which provides additional loaders and savers for Targa, TIFF, Pic2, and Rendition formats. (ASDG, 925 Stewart St., Madison, WI 53713, 608 273-6585.)
552. AND THEN SOME DRAW WITH THE whole enchilada-all 4096 colors in hi-res (640 pixels wide) with Macro Paint ($ 139.95). In displaying scanned images on screen, Macro Paint changes the 16-color palette of each horizontal line in order to match the original as closely as possible. The package lets you read in standard 24- bit scanned or digitized IFF pictures and convert thBm to Macro Paint’s 12-brt, hires format. All you need to start your own electronic bulletin board is your Amiga, a modem, a phone line, AmiExpress ($ 169.95), and a few friends. Dial up, leave messages, read bulletins, transfer files, or just converse. By attaching more modems or terminals to your Amiga, you can turn your BBS into a multiline sys- MEGA-MIDGET RACER by CSA Are you spending too much time waiting? Application programs that are irritatingly slow can now he made BLAZING fast. Accelerate your entire Amiga computer system with the ONLY 68030 accelerator that fits the Amiga A500, A1 000 and A2000. Accelerate NOW! Our Price $ 1299 25MHZ+882+2MB Dram BASEBOARD & XRAM by Expansion Systems The BASEboard provides up to 4MB of memory in the A501 slot of your A500. The XRAMboard increases the total to 6MB. 100% software and hardware compatible. Works with all A500 versions including fat and fatter agnus chips. Battery clock included. Our Price 4 Meg Baseboard $ 359 2 Meg XRAM $ 249
3. 5 EXTERNAL FDHD DRIVE by Applied Engineering Applied Engineering's new density drive for the Amiga sets the new standard for
3. 5" disk storage. The 1.52 MEG format makes running huge new applications and the new Amiga UNIX a breeze. Stop the disk swapping madness with the AE HD Drive™. Our Price $ 189 SUPRA DRIVE by Supra The Supradrive is a high- performance, autobooting hard disk card that features the acclaimed WordSync SCSI Interface and reliable Quantum hard disks. The SupraDrive lets you use up to 6 ext SCSI devices including removable media. Our Price 40MB 80MB 105MB $ 459 $ 669 $ 719 Celebrity Squares starring the hottest products in the Amiga Marketplace HOW TO ORDER: Orders onlv: 1-800-438-2883 • FAX: 1-619-274-2440 15% (S15 min. Restocking fee on refunded items only) Price quotes & technical support: 1-619-274-1253 8am-5pm PST Monday-Friday OUR FINE PRINT: We accept the following methods of payment: • School Purchase Orders
• VISA & MasterCard • Bank Wires • Certified Checks • Money Orders • NO C.O.Ds
• Not responsible for product compatibility • Sorry, no shipping, handling, or insurance refunds
* Prices subject to change without notice • We really appreciate your business!
P. O. Box 171466 San Diego, CA 92197 committed to value since 1985 (Actual Amiga Screen) A Live-Action Fantasy Adventure Graphics so real, you’ll forget it’s only a game. Dare to enter a world of magic and mystery brought to life in 4096 stunning colors. Featuring character interactions, puzzles & treasures as well as full on arcade excitement! Photorealistic graphics, HUGE animated characters, stunning music & sound effects make Heart of the Dragon one of the hottest Amiga games ever! Our Price $ 29 W H A T • S E W ? Tern. Transfer rates are limited only by hardware, and a remote shell makes maintenance easy. (Lake Forest Logic: 28101 Ballard Rd., Unit E, Lake Forest, IL 60045. 708 816-6666.) R$ 511. A-Max II is ripe for the picking, according to ReadySoft. The Macintosh- emulator upgrade supports standard SCSI devices, such as the LaserWriter IISC and scanners, via compatible Amiga hard-drive controllers. The stepped-up version also works with Amiga accelerator boards having MMUs. (ReadySoft: 30 Wertheim Court, Unit 2. Richmond Hill, Ont., Canada L4B 1B9, 416 731 -4175.) RS 514. Users of excellence!, rejoice! The latest version, 2.0, sports improved typing speed, a 140,000-word dictionary, and a comprehensive thesaurus. With excellence! 2.0, you can save your page- setup and print options as defined defaults, print graphics with text in NLQ mode, work in documents larger than available memory, and switch between portrait and landscape orientations in graphic and PostScript modes via a requester. The program also sorts highlighted paragraphs in ascending or descending order. The upgrade is available to registered users for $ 39.95. For a complete list of features, contact Micro-Systems Software (12798 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 202, W. Palm Beach, FL 33414, 407 790-0770). RS&516. Have you heard? A-Sound 2.0 ($ 29.95), a sound editor and effects generator, offers over 20 special effects. The program supports IFF, RAW, and ASF fife formats and features 16 individual tracks with drag-range highlighting, as well as an on-screen data panel that updates in real time. Each ASF sound file is executable from both Workbench and CU. And has its own buift-in sound player. (Deltaware Products, 3148 Kingston Rd., Suite 202, Box 395, Toronto, Ont., Canada M1M 1P4, BBS:416 439-
0493. ) RS&521. PageStream users: Another version just emerged. PageStream 2.0 features text tagging, batch kerning and hyphenation for a smoother text flow, as well as the ability to search and replace attributes. It supports AGFA-Compu- graphic hinted-outline fonts and Adobe Type-1 IBM-format, and specifies angles of arcs and rotation in 1 100-degree increments. Other improvements include the ability to specify font sizes to 1 100- point increments, to print crop and registration marks to non-PostScript printers, to create precise specification for bleeds, and to move objects off or partially off the page. Larger document sizes and Bezier cubic curves are also part of the upgrade. (Soft-Logik: 11131
F. S. Towne Sq., St. Louis, MO 63123, 800 829-8608.) RS S09. Your system won't get wet when it hits the beach with modular hardware hailing from the West Coast. The Bodega Bay. A self-powered, fan-cooled, A500 expansion chassis, doubles as a monitor stand. The bay holds up to four standard, 100-pin, A2000-style cards, a 3V2-inch hard disk, and a floppy disk drive* The chicly diminutive Rodeo Drive external floppy drive, measuring 7' *x 43A inches, is designed to run quietly and can be switched off to conserve power. Additional features include a passthrough connector for daisy chaining, and a one-year warranty covering parts and labor. Configure the Catalina Card, a daughterboard RAM expansion system, in 2, 4. Or 8 Mbs. The Catalina Card hangs ten on the Malibu Board, a SCSI controller that you can fit with a standard 372-inch mounted hard drive and slide into an A2000 slot. (California Access, 130 Knowles Dr., Los Gatos, CA 95030, 408 378-0340.) RS 505. Videographers, you can enjoy coloring without feeling childish with Color- boX, a color-keying device. You can replace video signals with computer-generated signals and control the transition with a fader. ColorboX features three internal slots for I O devices, adjustable- output signal saturation, a fader for color- key or genlock mode and several operating modes, such as Amiga thru, video thru, standard or invers genlocking, or standard or invers color keying. (IMtron- ics, 12301 SW 132nd Court, Miami, FL 33186, 305 255-9302.) RS&507. Don’t forget your extra memory! The BASEboard ($ 159.95) stocks your A500 with a battery-backed clock and up to 4 MB of RAM; 6 MB if you add the 2 MB XRAM daughterboard. Both boards let you add DRAMs incrementally by 512K to suit your tasks and pocketbook. The BASEboard slides into the A501 slot and features Super Agnus compatibility. (Expansion Systems, 44862 Osgood Rd., Fremont, CA 94539, 415 656-2890.) RS 508. For a bit more expansion 32-bit, that is-enter Mega Memory ($ 349 unpopulated), a RAM board designed to work with Mega-Midget Racer, CSA's 68030 accelerator. You can add 1 ($ 449), 2 ($ 499), 4 (S999), or 8 MB ($ 1999) of DRAM above the Amiga’s 9 MB address range to allow use of existing 16-bit memory. (CSA, 7564 Trade St., San Diego, CA 92121, 619 566-
3911. ) RS&509. Bars&Pipes owners, your horizons are expanding once again with the advent of two more add-ons. MuslcBox B. with oodles of tools and accessories, includes an event scrubber, velocity modifier, chord player, key filter, Fostex MTC-1 Controller, and a disk-jockey, multisong loader, to name a few. The Multi-Media Kit helps you add musical accompaniment to your graphics and animations. Kit features include Smoose. For converting Bars&Pipes files to SMUS and back again; Arexx support: Bars& Pipes MIDI Player; and Cue Card, which uses MIDI events to cue animation and graphics, both via Arexx and keystroke macros. For the full orchestration, contact Blue Ribbon Bakery (1248 Clairmont Rd., Suite 3D, Decatur, GA 30030, 404 377-1514). RS&510. Take command of your system with QPMA BASIC Programmer’s Toolkit ($ 29.95). The package provides graphics commands designed to work in Quad-Pixel Matrix Array mode, a standard developed by High Byte Software. With it, Amiga and AC-BASIC programmers can use a 320 x 200 resolution with 136 colors from a 8.39-million, pseudocolor palette. Taking advantage of the way the eye perceives colors under certain circumstances, QPMA creates an illusion of more colors. (High Byte. 91 Hillside St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702.) RS&511. If it's time to replace your system's old A501 card, the M501-S Memory Clock Expansion Unit ($ 85) can fill the void. The card’s most impressive feature, a cutoff switch, lets you deactivate the M501-S without removing the card. (MicroBotics, 1251 American Pkwy., Richardson, TX 75061, 214 437-5330.) RS&512. How would you like your A500 to change like a chameleon? By replacing your 68000 coprocessor with an SMT printed circuit board containing an 80286 16-bit, 8 Mhz CPU, your Amiga can turn into an IBM AT MS-DOS compatible. Atonce-Amiga emulates the CGA. Hercules. Toshiba T3100, and Ol- ivetti-G0317 graphic cards. With it, your Amiga mouse can function as a Microsoft mouse, and your Amiga clock as an AT clock. (Vortex, Falterstrasse 51-53, D-7101 Flein bei Heilbronn, West Germany, 0 71 31 50 88-0.) RS 513. Superbase 4 ($ 495), the next generation of power database-management software, is rolling out to the showroom floor. The latest version features networking support for Ethernet- or ArcNet- based LANs, improved processing speeds, an expanded Database Management Language, and an overhauled forms-creation tool that allows you to incorporate check boxes and various images as buttons. (Precision Software, 8404 Sterling St., Suite A, Irving, TX 75063, 214 929-4888.) RS&514. With one to four individuals, or as teams. The object of the game is to guess a word based on drawings. In team mode, you sketch clues on screen for other team members who try to guess the word. The game comes with a drawing program that includes a Practice Draw mode. Your Amiga displays an onscreen board, automatically rolls the die, and keeps track of progress. (Broder- bund Software, 17 Paul Dr., San Rafael, CA 94903. 415 492-3200.) RS 515. Desktop Video for Profit ($ 30) intends to show you how to earn money by producing and marketing videos using your Amiga. For beginners, Desktop Video and the Amiga Computer (S30), an introductory tutorial, covers setting up and using a desktop-video system to create your own video productions. (Group M Productions, 100 Bridge St., 27, Hot Springs, AR 71901, 501 321-
1845. ) RS 516. Grab your baton and step up to AudloMaster III, the latest incarnation ot Oxxi s sound-digitizing program. A new utility, modeled after a CD player, stores and plays sounds. Other features include the ability to create multiple loops within a song, increased sampler support, real-time flange, and an upgraded oscilloscope. A-Talk III, the recently refurbished telecommunications program, now boasts remote capabilities and supports the XPR protocol. For either of these upgrades, contact Oxxi (1339 E. 28th St., Long Beach. CA 90039, 213 427-
1227) . RS 517. You can use your RAM disk more efficiently, according to Marketron. The Demand File Loader ($ 50) automatically loads files from floppy to your RAM disk. The program resides in your search path, so that AmigaDOS will search the RAM disk first, then query the DFL, which looks in a special file. (Marketron Microcomputer Systems, 125 N. Allen Ave., 324, Pasadena, CA 91106.) RS 518. Integrate Pioneer LD-V2200 laserdisc player activity into your own applications with the Laserdisc Controller Software Library ($ 99.95). The library includes routines to open a serial port, initialize the player, write one of 40 player commands to the serial port, or read the player’s response, detecting errors and the player's mode and operating parameters. (ACDA. 220 Belle Meade Ave., Setauket, NY 11733, 516 689-7722.) RS 519. ¦ Quotes from a few of our buyers... Five Exciting Games in One Action-Packed Collection! Available on IBM PC and Compatibles, Tandy and Amiga. Features unique "Split Screen" when using two joysticks for simultaneous Head-To- Head Competition. Or play "Split Screen" against a dynamic computer personality. Full-screen play for the single player. Each of three methods for each game features from 12 to 50 or more levels for unlimited game play! Phenomenal graphics, original music and sound effects all combine to add more FUN to our games. Visit your retailer or call 714 661-8337 for Visa MC orders or mail credit card number and expiration date, check or money order for $ 39.95 IBM ($ 49.95 Amiga) + $ 3.00 ($ 10.00 outside the U.S.) handling to: LIVE Studios, Inc., 30151 Branding Iron Road, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. FUTURE CLASSICS COLLECTION is a trademark of LIVE Studios. Inc, ©1990 LIVE Studios, Inc. All rights reserved. All brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective holders. The PD Prospector “Yosemite Tim” has formed a posse to search the Amiga nets for them thar elusive utilities and applications. Compiled by Tim Walsh Following is a selection, culled from the major telecommunication prove helpful to the Amiga computing public. Filenames, numbers networks, of utilities, applications and informative files that should and library locations are listed for quick reference. American People Link WHOISWHO.LZH (AmigaZone Section 1, file 24164) Revised and re-uploaded listing of the .Amiga community movers and shakers who use Plink. DFC4.LZH (AmigaZone Section 4, file 24021) Disk format and copy utility. Great for making multiple copies. RRDISK.LZH (AmigaZone Section 4, file 24016) A recoverable RAM disk from the software company, The Other Guys. Supports up to 32 units and can be autobooted in Kickstart 1.3. SELECTOR1 l.LZH (AmigaZone Section 8, File 23286) Small (8K) Arexx program run in conjunction with Baud Bandit. It launches an interface that allows you to click on files to be downloaded; then it downloads them unattended. Harv Laser, Amiga sysop extraordinaire of Plink, finds DFC4.LZH a popular pick this month, it’s a great utility for quickly making multiple archival copies of files, especially at user-group meetings. CompuServe MOVSSP.LZH (AmigaTech, Library 13) Moves the system stack pointer into fast memory, speeding up the Amiga quite noticeably in many cases. ANTIFL.LZH (AmigaTech, Library 13) Reduces flicker on interlace and hi-res screens. The original German documentation was translated into English by CompuServe sysop Steve Pietrowicz. MSDOSl.LZH (AmigaTech, Library 14) Sets up your Amiga drives as MS-DOS drives. Enter DIR DFO:, and you get an AmigaDOS directory; enter DIR MFC:, and you get a directory of an MS-DOS disk from that same drive. POPUPM.LZH (AmigaTech, Library 14) Menus and sub-menus pop up at the cursor when you press the right mouse button. Popular among many CompuServe users. According to CompuServe assistant sysop Betty Clay, the anti-flicker program (ANTIFL.LZH) has been the single most popular download for the past six weeks. Genie LZHSHELL.LZH (File 8916) Relatively small (17K) Shell program for LHARC that adds a point-and-click interface. Includes documentation and BASIC source code. NOISETRACKER2.0.LZH (File 8880) Version 2.0 ol Noisetracker, a European music editor. Offers MIDI support. WB2LOOK.LZH (File 8863) Makes your current version of Workbench look like, but not work like, Workbench 2.0 ADDTOOLS.LZH (File 8847). A small (5K) program by Steve Tibbett that allows you to make lists of items to be added to your Workbench 2.0 Tools menu. The big news from Genie isn't Amiga files; rather, it’s saving money. Genie’s general manager Bill Louden announced that as of October 1, 1990, the $ 29.95 sign-up fee is eliminated. Furthermore, subscribers will be billed only $ 4.95 per month for access to Genie news, GE Mail and a host of other Star Services. So, if you haven’t joined Genie yet, wait until October. Prospector's Perch: The prospector shares some of his tips. As in October's inaugural column, I list popular downloads from one network, while not mentioning their existence on the other networks. While not all of the programs listed on one network are available on the other two, most are, and usually under a remarkably similar filename. Be forewarned that although this column is billed as a "public domain " forum, some versions of the files listed may actually be classified as shareware or freeware. In these cases, the authors expect and rightfully deserve some contribution if you find their programs useful. By supporting these creative, hard-working individuals, you’re giving them an incentive to create more software, In turn making the entire Amiga community a happier world in which to live. This column and the one in October focused mainly on utilities and applications available from the networks. We'll be covering more lively topics in future columns, along with other sources besides telecommunication networks for finding these PD gems. If you want to establish an account with any of the above networks, here are the voice numbers to call; CompuServe: BOO 848-8199 614 457-8650 from Ohio American People Link: 800 524-0100 Genie : 800 63B-9636 No modem? No problem! Send a SASE and $ 1 to Fred Fish to find out the availability of the above Amiga public domain programs on disk. Address correspondence to: Fred Fish 1346 W. 10th Place Tempe, AZ 85281 Next month: public-domain games, games, and more games! ¦ WE ARE THE 1 SOFTWARE SOURCE FOR THOUSANDS OF COMPUTER OWNERS If you’ve never shopped with us before, now is the time to find out why so many valued customers have! Software Discounters
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S988 Super Hang-On $ 9 88 DIGITEK Hole in One Mini Golf.. ..$ 25 ELECTRONIC ARTS Altered Beast .. S32 Aquanaut ..... $ 26 688 Attack Sub $ 32 Battlehnwks 19*12..... $ 32 Blockout ...... $ 26 Budokan ..... $ 26 Chessmnster 2000..... . .$ 29 Cnbbage Gin King $ 26 Deluxe Music Const ... . .$ 65 Deluxe Pamt 3 . $ 99 Deluxe Photo Lab..... $ 99 Deluxe Print 2 . $ 55 Deluxe Productions .. . .5129 Dragon Force . ..$ 32 Dungeon Master Asst I $ 21 Empire $ 3? F 16 Combat Pilot..... $ 3? FA. 18 Interceptor ..... ..$ 14 Ferrari Formula One ... $ 14 Fools Errand .. $ 32 Gold of the Americas . . $ 26 Hound ol Shadow..... $ 26 Hun! Lor Red October $ 32 Imperium S26 Indianapolis 500 Call Indiana Jones Crusade Acton Game ..$ 26 Indiana Jores Crusade Graphic Adventure .... $ 32 Iron Lord $ 26 Keel the Thief ...$ 14 Loom ...$ 39 Maniac Mansion (Hi-Res). $ 14 Marble Madness .$ 14 Might & Magic 2 .$ 32 Nuclear War .....$ 32 Pipe Dream .....$ 16 Populous $ 32 Proiectyle $ 26 Puffy s Saga .....$ 23 Star Fleet 1 ......$ 36 Star Flight ......$ 32 Street Rod ......$ 26 Swords of Twilight......$ 14 The Immortal ...Call Their Finest Hour $ 39 Tunnels of Armageddon $ 26 Turbo Oul Run ..$ 32 Vegas Gambler ..$ 26 Weaver Baseball .$ 32 Yeagers AFT 20 Call Zak McKracken ..$ 21 ELECTRONIC ZOO Legend of William Tell .. .$ 25 Tenms Cup .. ...$ 25 Treasure Trap ...$ 25 EPYX - ON SALE! 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• School purchase orders accepted. HELP KEY From lost commands to loss of sleep, Dr. Lou has the sure cure. Upgrade or Trade Q: I own an A2500 with the A2620 68020 board, and I was thinking about upgrading my system with the ECS, Workbench 2.0, and the A2630 030 882 board. * Should I buy the upgrade components or just go for the A 3000? 1 also want to add a 68040 board when they become available. I cant sleep until I decide. What should I do?
M. Manzano AEG, New York A: Buying the 68030 882 board for your A2500 will most likely be cheaper than buying an A3000. You can then sell the A2620 board to an A2000 owner to recover some of your costs. Depending on which 030 board you get, you could end up with a machine with a significantly faster CPU than the stock 25MHz A3000. Of course, you could just sell your A2500 outright. With the money from that sale and what you would have spent for a 68030 board, you could get the 25MHz A3000 already equipped with Workbench 2.0, the ECS, and a 68030. As for the 68040 board, I suspect there will he comparable boards available for both the A3000 and the A2000. Because of the A3000's full 32-bit bus, however, an accelerated A3000 will run faster than a similarly equipped A2000, un- By Louis R. Wallace less all your programs reside in 32-bit memory on the A2000 s 68040 board. (Keep in mind that the more memory you add, the higher the price.) In all cases, if the Amiga has to access chip RAM (such as for animation), the A3000 will have a decided edge. As you know, the decision isn’t simple. The A2000 is a fully expandable Amiga and will continue to have a strong upgrade path. The A3000, however, offers even more possibilities for upgrading, and with the added features of the Zorro ill bus, it will have options that won’t be available for the A2000 series. WHERE’S THE Doctor? Q: Help! When my disk beca me unreadable, a message appeared on the screen stating “Error validating Disk Disk is Unreadable.” The instruction “Disk structure corrupt use DiskDoctor to correct it" folio-wed. What is DiskDoctor?
R. Montalbano Pomona, NY A: DiskDoctor is a disk-recov- ery program that resides in your Workbench disk’s C: directory. You can access it from the Shell (or CLI) by typing: DISKDOCTOR Dfn: where n is the number of the drive with the corrupted disk. Because many users have reported problems with DiskDoctor, it should not be used on a disk unless you have exhausted every other possibility, fry public domain programs first. I recommend Fix Disk and DiskSalv, which are available on both local and major telecommunication systems, as well as in many user-group libraries. By Any Other Name Q: I keep hearing about a command called ALIAS that lets you create custom command names for CLI Shell use. Where ran I find it? Ft isn't in my C: directory or the Tools and Utilities drawers.
J. Forte Washington, DC A: The ALIAS command is indeed a very useful feature of the Shell. It isn't a command you can enter from the command line; instead, it is executed on start-up in a special text file. This file, called Shell- Startup, is in the s: directory of your boot disk. In Shell-Startup, you will see a list of ALIAS commands already defined for you: ALIAS XCOPY COPY ;r] clone ALIAS ENDSHELL ENDCLI ALIAS PRO EXECUTE S:SPAT PROTECT [ ] ALIAS SDATE EXECUTE S.SPAT SETDATE [ ] ALIAS REN EXECUTE S:DPAT RENAME [ ] ALIAS CLEAR ECHO “*E[0;0H*E[J" ALIAS REVERSE ECHO U*E[0;0H*E[41 ;30M*E[J" ALIAS NORMAL ECHO “*E[0;QH*E[40;31 M*E[J" The new commands (XCOPY, ENDSHELL, PRO, and so on) are merely shorthand for more complex, lengthy statements. They do not change the names of the files they reference; instead, they instruct the Amiga to run the standard command when you type the new name. With .ALIAS, you can create powerful commands that are unique to your needs and system. In the above list, the last three commands use escape sequences. For example, while AmigaDOS doesn’t actually have a clear-screen command, the alias CLEAR uses some fancy escape codes to emulate it. Here are a few of my favorite ALIAS commands. Just for fun, try creating some of your own. All you need is a stand- ard text editor that saves .ASCII files. ALIAS HEADER sys:SYSTEM FORMAT ALIAS HOME CD sys: ALIAS AHELP TYPE sys:s shell- startup The last one (AHELP) will display your current set of ALIAS commands, just in case you forget what they are! ¦ $ 5.95 ea $ 4.95* ea I 1-9 Disks 10-24 Disks
* Anti-Virus Free on all orders with 15 or more disks! Public Domain Library We are the Offical Public Domain Library of Antic Amiga Plus, we have been the Offical PD library of Amiga World. Find out why these magazines choose us! Each of our disks is packed with nothing but the best programs. The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk; DD intermediate to advanced - often contains source, WB general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench, and FD games and entertainment. Order our disk based catalog and receive a coupon for a FREE volume on your next purchase. We always use only SONY disks! $ 11.90 $ 23.25 $ 41.50 $ 77.00 10 25 50 100 for for for for Please senSTne thlTfoIIowing: Enter disk id (Ex. DD17, FD5, WB3 Exp_ ST Zip. DevWare(11835 Carmel Mtn Rd., 1304-A8 San Diego, CA 92128 Orders Only! 800 879-0759 Support & Questions 619 673-0759 New Disks F037b & b:Tactlcal Games - Empire (2.2w) This game comes highly recommend. Now with a lull featured graphic from end. Empire is a rich simulation of international politics, economics and war. Which is played over a period of a few of months by 2 or more people. Players can run their countries from the normal Amiga keyboard, or via a modem at 300 to 2400 baud Counts as two disks FD38:Gnmcs • Includes TinyBaii • This tiny baseball game is very big m play action, CnbbageMaster ¦ a incredible cnbbage program. Spades - a well done card came. ChineseCheckers ¦ A computer version of this classic, Puzz - a slide piece puzzle game and construction set FD39a & biToblas Star Trek - Th;s is a new completely different version of Star Trek than that found on FD12 This one was created by the german author Tobias. The game i$ in engiish. The instruction are currently in german (looking for a translation). Excellent!!! Counts as two disks Requires 5i2k memory a 500 2000 or Pal Amiga FD40:Arcade MiddleEasl - a timely arcade game o! Death an destruction set m Iraq, BackToTheFuturell a very playable demo version of this soon to be released commercial game. City ¦ a missile command clone. WB54:Prlntlng This disk contains several routines to help with the chore of printing, Including Gothic • Finally a Banner printer for the PO, PrmtStudio -a well implemented all purpose printer-utility with a very comfortable graphic interface and many advanced features, Ula • with ease, print ASCII files to a PostScript printer, and many more. W855:Appllcallon - XcopylH - a full featured disk copier, make backups of write protected disk with this one, RoadRoute lind the quickest route from one city fo anofher. Highway description included. Dairy ¦ a diary program like ‘Dougy Howard M D", Cal ¦ a calendar program, Magman - a database tailored to maintain records on articles ard publications, and more WB56:General Utilities - This disk contains FuliView. A great graphic display, text viewer, and printer = see Amiga World, Oct 90, pa. 115), plus many more. WB57:Anlmation - This disk has several 'Demo* style animations. Including, Blitter, Lolly, Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenmorph DD69:Advanced Utilities - SerNet and ParNet - Connect two Amiga s and share resources MemMomtor - Similar to Wfrag but greatly improved, Se ector - put menus on your workbench screen, and more. DD70:Game construction parser tool ADL (which stands for 'Adventure Definition Language') is a programming language and run-time environment designed for the convenient implementation of Adventure-like text games. Other Great Disks - FD5: Tactical Games - BullRun - a Civil war baffle game, Metro • you play the role of a city planner, Build wisely and your system will be a success, but poor planning will lead to disaster and financial ruin Very very habit forming FD6: GAMES! - This disk rs chocked full of games including; Checkers. Cfue, Gold - A new slide the pieces puzzle, Jeopard ¦ An enhanced version of Risk, RushHour - Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Combat-fanks and asteroids FD7: PACMAN - This disk contains several pacman type games including, PacMan87 MazMan and Zorux FD9; Moria -. This has great graphic controls, multiple spells, similar to Lam and Hack Play time several weeks' FD10: MackLlte - A dungeon adventure game Considered a must have classic. This is the second release of this game on tne Amiga Great Amiga graphic interface. Play time several weeks1 FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game - This is by far the best Star Trek game ever written for any computer. It features mouse control1, good graphics, digitized sound eflects and great gameplay Counts as 2 disks Rea iMb and two drives (or hd) FD13: Board Games • contains multiplayer Monopoly. Dominoes Paranoids, and others. FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games ¦ DM maps. Spells, ilem location, and hints and more, also on this disk, Hball - an arknoid break out type game. Trix - a Qix type clone. FD16: Strategy Games - Includes Diplomacy and Empros, both great conquer and rule multiplayer games similar in concept to Simoty and Populas Aiso includes biackbox. Heads, and others. FD17: Educational Games - This disk includes several games for the younger memebers including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel oT Fortune FD20: Tactical Games MechForce(3 72); A game that simulates combat between two or more giant, robot-1 ke machines Simple words can 1 begin to give you tne feel of piloting a 30 - 40 fool tall, tire breath ng, earth shaking colossus Ehat obeys your every whim FD2d:Strategy Games and Others - Includes Dicey, a yathzee type clone. MM a master mind type done. Flipper an oshelio type clone. China an great implementation of Shangi, CircutWars a challenging game based on electronics, and Etram a computer based model tram set construction set for the enthusiast WB53:Graphtcs- The disk contains C-light - The easiest to use raytracing we have seen to date. This one start our life as a full featured commercial product similar to Scutpt3d- Now it has been released to the PD. Our gain! Raytracing programs can generate stunning highly reflective surfaces of realist objects. Also. Smovie * a fuff featured video text titter similar lo ProVideo. Broadcast Titter. Great video scrolling, wipes, special effects, and more... FD26:Arcade Games - Marble..siide. truly this is a commercial quality game Similar to a Lucas game named PipeDreams. Excellent piayaditiy and entertainment. Mutants . A small version of the arcade game of lhe same name, also SuperBreakoul a pong arknoids type game FD29: Shool'em up's - WWH your the pilot of a world war il plane flying through enemy territory, you've |jst been spotted, good luck on you mission, SpKiMer - try and penetrate enemy lines w.fh this game, and Retaiiator - another great game. F031; Games1 - Air Traffic Control - a good ATC simulation game. Black Jack Lab - a full featured set of card games. ChessTel - play chess with your friend in distant and remote places with this game and a modem, labyrnth - a well done text adventure game (like an mlocom game), and MouseTrap - a 3d maze game FD32: Game Cheats and Flight Simulator - Includes an instrument flight simulator for a DciO Also Cheats and Hints fcr the following games, Earl Weaver, Falcon, It c.I.t.d., SimCity, SpaceAce, Space Quest, Test Drive hd install, and Extract a program that gets all of the text from within a game (or other) which helps cheating easier Also several football teams (.team files). FD33: Arcade Games Ffreddy a mano brothers type of game, Gerbils a target practice game. PipeLine a germany interpretation of Pipe Dreams, tron a light cycles version, and wetroids a wonderful version of asteroids with a hilarious twist. FD35 Omega (v 1.3) - A new dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vam as hack, rouge, and moria. This version is considerably faster and better that all previous versions. Play time several weeks cr months WB4:Telecommumnicalion This disk contains several excellent pd communication programs designed to get you on line quickly and easily. Access = 1 42) - A very nice ANSI term program based on Comm vi .34, but with the addition of translor protocols. Comm (1 34) - Last version of one of the best public domain communications programs ever made on the Amiga. Handshake (2 12a) Handshake is a Full featured VT52 100 102 220 terminal emulator. WB6: Fonts 2 • ShowFont(4.0) This program allows you to view fonts Over 30 large AmigaDos fonts (some up to 56pts) WB7: Clip Art ¦ This disk is loaded with black and white clip art An includes, trees, watches, tools. US and State maps, and more WB10:Vfrus Killers - The latest and besi Viru$ X(4 0), Kv(2 t). And ZeroVirus(1.3) WB11: Business - Clerk(4 0). Finally a lull featured business accounting PD program for the small to medium company, Includes receivables, payables, end ol month and much much more. WB12: Disk Utilities - This great disk is loaded with wonderful utilities for everything including making disk labels, disk cataloging, disk optimizing, disk and file recovery archive and organizing, and all sorts off file ninipulation A real must have! WB13: Printer Drivers and Generator over 70 d fferent drivers, and il these don't do it. With PrtDrvGen you can make your own WB15: Business - This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a proiecvtime management program and financial analysis (stocks). WB16: Business - This disk contains an inventory manager, a loan analysis program, a great caiendar scheduiar, a roiide* program, and pennywise a good ‘Cash Book* accounting (or home or once WB18: WordText Processors - This disk contains tne Pest editors that we could find. Includes. WordWnght(v6 2) a full featured word processor with mail merge and outlining capacity. Dme(vi.25) a great programed editor with strong macro !eatures.Te*ED(v2.6) an enhanced Emacs type editor, and a spell checker WB20: General Interest - DiskSaiv Vi 42 a disk recovery program lor all Amiga file system. FixDisk Vi 0 another file recovery program with features DiskSaiv doesn’t have, 3DLookt gives a 3D appearance to your WorkBench. Clean Vi 01 a program to de fragment memory, Tracer - trace any part al that image WB23: Graphics and Plotting Plot (20b) a throe dimensional mathematical function plotter Can plot any user defined (unction, BezSurf2 produces awesome pictures ol objects one could turn on a lathe. Can also map iff image files onto any surface that it can draw. Now comoatible with most 3D packages and Vscreen makes a virtual screen anywhere, great lor DTP . WB25:Educational - On this disk are two programs that can generate maps of differing types. World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate detailed maps ol any enter user global coordinate Also Paradox a great demonstration ot Albert Einstein General Theory of Relativity. WB26: Disk Utilities 2 ¦ MrBackup. KwickBackup two well done utilities ?o help with harddisk and floppy disk backups. FileMast - a binary file editor, Lapiepnnter ¦ Disk label printer with very powerful features. Payment Enclosed Please charge my Visa Master charge Account Signature" Name Address City_ WB27: Nagel - 26 Patrick Nagel pictures of beautiful women WB29: Graphics and Sound - This disk has several different Mandelbrot type programs for generating stunning graphics, includes, MandelMountains • a realistic terrain generator, Fracgen ¦ generated recursive fractels from user input. Mandelbrot and Tmandel - two fast mandelbrot generators, also Mostra • the best IFF display program to date, will display ALL IFF $ including Dynamic HAM, and Sound - a great IFF sound payer, will play anything. Try this disk, you'll love it! WB33:Clrcuit Board Design - several terrific routines for the electronic enthusiasf. Including PCBtool - a circuit board design tool, LogicLab - circuit logic tester, and Mead (1 26) a well done new release of this PD cad program, now comes with predrawn common circuit components for insertion into schematics WB36: Graphics On this disk are several programs to create stunning graphical images including. Mpath - creates swirling galaxy images, Roses ¦ produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically similar to a rose. SimGen • display those spectacular images as part of your workbenck screen, and RayShade a very good raytracing program, create your own beautiful 3d graphics. WB33; Plotting and Graphics Piotxy is the most powerful full featured plotting package. Used by many colleges and universities. A welcome addition to our library! Highly recommended. Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very full featured. Tesselator - a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M.C. Ecsher type pictures WB39: Music Intuitracker is an german offer of an exquisitely well done program that allows you lo play Amiga music as if from a CD like controls. Lets you strip out music Irom your favorite games or others and include them in your music library. WB40: Music ¦ "CD on a disk", 90 minutes of modern mus c on this well presented collection. WB4t: Music - MED an incredibly well done, full featured music ed-tor Create your own stunning music d rectly on your the Amiga. Similar to SoundTracker but better. Very powerful easy to use program DD47: Pascal - This disk contains everything needed to program in pascal Includes. A68k (1 2) 68000 assembler. Blink linking software and PCQ (1 0) a modest Pascal sub-set compiler DD49; C Compiler contains zc(l 01) fully K&R. Zcc(l 0) front end, A68k(l 2) assembler. Blink linker DD51: Ciixuil Analysis Aspice (2 3) A full featured program for electric circuif analysis DD52; Scientific - This disk contains several great programs and C source routines for the scientist anc science student. Indudes Elements
- an incredibly well done periodic table program with source. Scientific plotting - over 600k of Lattice C sou'ce FFT - fft C source. DDS4: Compression • This disk is loaded with ALL of the Dest file compression programs and aids for the Amiga Many of the programs can be used by the new user Includes Arc(2 3), Lharc(t.O), Lhwarp(1.03). Pkax(I.O), PowerPacker(2.3a) a must have by all, Zip(1.0), Warp(2.04). and Zoo(2.Q). Also IFFcrunch an excelent compression for IFF files DD55: ARP On this disk you will find the complete ArpRel3.0 release including the lull user docs, the full Developers guide, and Conman (1 4) ARP is the official AmigaDOS Resojrce Project (ARP) release 1 3. ARP makes many improvements to AmigaDOS and makes your system easier to use from the CLI. DD57: Advanced Utilities ¦ Msh - like Cross-dos, copies files to and from MS-DOS. Pal-NTSG - convert any pal program to NTSC and visa versa, IconJ ¦ a new improved fconX done. KillAgnus - disables 512k of chip ram. Also several utilities that improve your startup-sequence, plus 25 more programs. DD62: Basic and Xscheme • Cursor - a full featured Amiga Basic compiler, sbasic and (text ¦ several wonderful routines to help in basic programers. And Xscheme • an interpreted object oriented programing language DD65 C Tutorials Several well done tutorials on how to program the Amiga Includes tutorials and working examples on Device drivers. IFF reads and writes .Sound implementation, Arcade game design and implementation. Double Buffering, and others. A must have for Amiga Programers Anti-Virus Now Only $ 19.95 , INFO Sep 89 ???? , Amiga Resource Oct89 Anti-Virus(c) is not Public Domain Fallowing Cay shipping in most ca4«s No shipping charges w'ihin USA Canada add 5 25 each, foreign add 5 50 per disk 1or a>r mail delivery Payment in US turds A minimum ot $ 20 00 required on credit card oroxrrs SONY Blank Disks:
(1. 19 cents ea) (.93 cents ea) (.83 cents ea) (.77 cents ea)
- -- 03 Total disks x $ _each $ Disked based catalog (add $ 2.50) $ _ Anti-Virus (add $ 19.95) $ _ CA residents add 7.25% sales tax $ _ Sony Blank Disks $ ~ Foreign Shipping $ Total Due $ No shipping charge (or on USA blank disks orders. Canada and Mexico add $ .05 each, Sorry no foreign. AmigaWorld is a publication of International Data Group, the world’s largest publisher of computer- related information, International Data Group publishes over 130 computer publications in more than 40 countries. Nineteen million people read one or more of International Data Group’s publications each month. International Data Group’s publications include: ARGENTINA’S Compute near id Argentina-, ASIA'S Asian Computerworld; AUSTRALIA'S Computenoorld A us t ml in, PC World, Macworld; AUSTRIA’S Computenvelt Oesterreich; BRAZIL'S DataNews, PC Mundo; CANADA’S Computer Data; CHILE’S Informatica, Computacion Personal; COLUMBIA’S Computerworld Columbia; DENMARK’S CAD CAM WORLD, Computerworld Danmark, PC World, Macworld, Unix World; FINLAND’S Mikro PC, Tietoviikko; FRANCE’S Le Monde Informatique, Dis- tributique, InfoPC, Telecoms International; HUNGARY’S Computerworld SZT, Mikrovilag; INDIA’S Computers U? Communications; ISRAEL'S People iff Computers; ITALY'S Computerworld Italia, PC World Italia; JAPAN’S Computerworld Japan, Infoworld, Publish; KOREA's Hi-Tech Information Computerworld; MEXICO’S Computerworld Mexico, PC Journal; THE NETHERLANDS’ Computerworld Netherlands, PC World, Amiga World; NEW ZEALAND’S Computerworld New Zealand, PC World New Zealand; NIGERIA’S PC World Africa; NORWAY’S Computerworld Norge, PC World Norge CAD CAM, Macworld Norge; PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA’S China Computerworld, China Computerworld Monthly; POLAND'S Computers; SPAIN’S CIM World; Communicaciones World, Computerworld Espana, PC World, Amiga World; SWEDEN'S Computer Sweden, Mikradalarn, PC Ny- hethema, PC World, Macworld; SWITZERLAND'S Computerworld Schweiz; TAIWAN’s Computerworld Taiwan, PC World; UNI TED KINGDOM’S Graduate Computerworld, PC Business World, ICL Today, Lotus UK, Macworld U.K.; UNITED STATES’ Amiga World, CIO, Computerworld, Digital News, Federal Computer Week, GamePro, in Cider, Info World, International Custom Publishing, Mac World, Network World, PC Games, PC World, Portable Computing, PC Resource, Publish!, RUN, SunTech Journal; USSR’s World USSR, Manager, PC Express, Network; VENEZUELA'S Computer- world Venezuela, Micro Computerworld; WEST GERMANY’S C.omputeru'oche, Infonnation Management, PC Woche, PC Welt, A miga Well, Macwelt. Manuscripts: Contributions in the form ol manuscripts with drawings and or photographs are welcome and will be considered for possible publication. Amiga World assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any material. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with each submission. Payment for the use of any unsolicited material will be made upon publication. .All contributions and editorial correspondence (typed and double-spaced, please) should be directed to Amiga- World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458; telephone: 603-924-0100. Advertising Inquiries should be directed to Advertising Offices, IDG Communications Peterborough, Inc., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458; telephone: 800-441-
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3. 5 DS DD 79* 100 Lot Qty. Orders Only: M-F 10-8 Sat 10-6 800-433-7756 In Michigan 313-569-1190 Customer Service 10-5PM EST (M-F) FAX 313-427-77G6 313-569-4428 Michigan Residenta-Please Add 4% Sales Tax' No Surcharge far MC VISA DISCOVER Senc Mai Orders To MCS. 29305 Southfield Southfield, Ml 48075 Sorry no walk in traffic All returns must have RA«* Merchandise found detective will be repaved or retraced We do not oher refunds lor detective producls or lor products lhat do not perform sahslacloiily We make no guarantees lor producl performance Any money back quaranlce must be handled directly with ifiemanulaciurer Call for shipping 4 handling inlo Puces siibieci 10 change without nohce Shipping 4 Handling are rwl refundable Relumed products subject to a 20% restocking fee 29305 Southfield, Southfield. Ml 48076 We cannot guarantee compaitfnliiy NO REFUNDS DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED InfoMarket CANADIAN MAILORDER DANDAM SOFTWARE EST. CALL FOR FREE CATALOGUE iqst 1-800-265-9576 (519)974-3011 Fax:(519)974-6643 AUTHORIZED: AMIGA. GVP, SUPRA DEALER 8408 WYANDOTTE ST. E, WINDSOR, ONT. N8S 1T6 educational funl Speech Option, Point & Click, Science Experiments Illustrated Stories, Music, Games, Reviews, Coloring Book, Thin To Do, Space Updates, and More...
• FOR FAMILIES WITH KIDS FROM FIVE TO TWELVE - READY ROBOT CLUB DISK MAGAZINE Requires 1-MB & 2-Mvesl Every 2 months: Original package of Experiments, g Book, Things BY SUBSCRIPTION ONLY 1
U. S.A.: $ 28 6mo. $ 48 YR. Canada: $ 30 6mo. $ 50 YR. Othars: $ 33 Gmo. 554 YR, VISA, M C accepted by phone onty. DEMO $ 9.00 School license available INFO: 916-944-4282 ORDERS ONL Y: 800-634-2952 (U.S.A. & Canada) Include Phone For Database. No C.O.D. Money Orders U.S.$ Payable To: SIGNS ETC. BY D. KNOX, BOX 628, CARMICHAEL CA 95609, U.S.A. THE LOW COST SOLUTION TO HARD DRIVES lf>£C ST-506 HARD DRIVE ADAPTOR PACKAGES ONLY $ 299ForA500A100°ONLY $ 199 Save with this Spirit Factory Direct Special. , you get everything but the drive. A50Q 1000 System includes Spirit HDA-505 Hard Drive Interface and ST-506 controller, enclosed in chassis with 86-pin passthru, dual case drive chassis, power supply and cables. Optional Autoboot. A2000 System comes as steel rail hard card install with Autobooi. Both support 2 ST-506 Hard Drives. Use maior credit cards or COD. Price in US dollars eva O fT ORDER TOLL FREE: 1-800-433-7572 ' SIZZLING SOFTWARE We offer the Best In Public Domain and Adult-Oriented Software. Over 250 Disks in Stock, Prices as Low as S3 per Disk. Free Brochures. Visa, MasterCard Accepted. Our Disks are Loaded! 3-Disk Adult Sampler: Send $ 10, Signed Statement of Age (18+) to: CLEARLIGHT SOFTWARE PO BOX 1411, DEPT. A MILWAUKEE, WI 53201 Desktop Video! NEW OPPORTUNITIES Pius you f«fire i money- DJCk guarantee Buy No*' Ana g«! A surprise bonus grfi while lley Iasi
- SK shipping lo Spelling Enterprise 12542 S Menlo Ave . See «B Hawthome CA 90250 DTV 101 is a new videotape which shows how- to produce professional desktop video programs. Ttiis is the best how-to" reference available today! Features NcwTck's fabulous VIDEO TOASTER! Introductory price just $ 39.95 postpaid! Satisfaction Guaranteed! BullsEye! - Buffalo Theater * Spring St., Jasper, AR 72641 VISA - MC - check or C.O.D. Call 501 365-3055 today! A SAMPLER DISK. MORE MEMORY FOR LESS ME MicroEd Educational Software K thru Adult ALL CURRICULAR AREAS • INCLUDES RELIGIOUS PROGRAMS ALSO C.L.A.S. USES ENGLISH COMMANDS- LET YOUR AMIGA WRITE YOUR PROGRAMS FOR YOU ASK ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS FOR COMMODORE’S1'3 NEW CDTV MicroEd, Incorporated, PO Box 24750 Edina. MN 55424 612-929-2242 Only $ 20.00 w instructions 32K Buffer Chip Panasonic Printer 1124, 1524, 1624. 1180. 1191 NEW tor Amiga 3000 STATIC ZIPS 256K x 4 80 ns 1 x 4 80 $ 56.95 ea. $ 12.00 each Memory Board HP Laser Printer 1 meg $ 137, 2 meg $ 199, 4 meg $ 299 FPU Math Co-processor 68881 - 20 Mhz $ 50.00 each 215-741-6225 Fax 215-741 -6229 Add S3.00 S&H Add 56.00 2nd Day Add $ 4.00 COD VISA MC Check COD 100% Compatible statistics for EARL WEAVER BASEBALL YES, someone has finally done their homework and researched the past and present years in Baseball. Using statistics from many sources makes this a very thorough and complete, compiled statistic source. We also feature updated ballfields, a yearly schedule and a play calendar so you can play the games as they really were. We now have in stock 1919. 1949. 1952, 1959, 1961, 1969, 1975, 1976, 1978. 1985, 1987, 1988 and 1989 For more info, or to place an order, write: GMCP SOFTWARE Disks are $ 19.95 each Suite 52-217 or call Add S2.50 shipping 4095 US Route 1 (201) 329-0136 Visa MC add 4% Monmouth June., NJ 08852 -Jc. J NJ residents add 6% tax EARL WEAVER BASEBALL trademark of Electronic Arts_ AMIGA ROM SWITCHER Are you having ROM compatibility problems with your Amiga? If so, then get the KNIGHT ANGEL SYSTEMS' ROM SWITCHER! It is compatible with 99.9% of the software and hardware made for the Amiga 500 2000 including the new Super Fat Agnus. This device allows you to toggle between v1.2 & v1.3 ROMs. Easy installation, no soldering required! You can purchase the ROM SWITCHER for $ 40.00 plus $ 4.00 shipping and handling. ROMs not included. 30 day money back guarantee. SEND MONEY ORDER TO: KNIGHT ANGEL SYSTEMS Attention: Nick Angelatos 1105 Upper Paradise Road, RR 1, Ancasler. Ontario Canada L9G 3K9 ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 35mm COLOR SLIDES from your COLOR POSTSCRIPT or BITMAP Paint Files (IFF or HAM)
- Over 4000-line Resolution • NO Scanlines - NO Curvature Distortion • Brilliant Color Public Domain Software Resource Choose only the Amiga public domain programs you want using our custom ordering service. PDSResourcc offers hundreds of the best Amiga freeware and shareware programs. Send for our free catalog. Each custom disk is only $ 6.00. Remember, with PDSResourcc. . . , T»T%o-n "You have a choice!" PDSResource
* ***Special offer We will install the new ECS for free with the purchase of the chips and software ($ 75.00 value). All you have to do is pay shipping. Amiga 500 repair S124.95 + shipping * Amiga 2000 repair $ 189.95 + shipping * We also do all warranty repairs on Amiga systems bought from Authorized Dealers. Our turn around time is 1 to 3 days on ECS installation and repairs Other Specials; AmigaVision ......S 99.00 SuperGen 2000S gontock $ 1769.00 A20CQ Powor Supply .... 143.00 Supra External Drive ......119.00 8520 Chip 16-50 Supra 501 RAW Exp .85.00 Fatter Agnus Chip .90,00 Heavy Duty A500 Row Sup.....119.00 Janus Library 2.0 .27.00 All Supra 5000XP HD in stock Call A500 Keyboard ....112.00 All RAM Chips in stock Call A2000 Keyboard ....118 00 All Baseboard config in stock ....Call
1. 3 Kickstart ROM .29.00 All Quantum Drives in stock......Call Many other products In stock Including over 600 software titles. If you are In the area please stop by to see the complete line of Amiga computers. R- a 31 2534 S. Broad St. _ |n PA or for Information Philadelphia, PA 19145 can (215) 462-22sa ' call for complete ie'-ais co nese repairs arw 10 ger an aurhoraaaon number. BRIDGEBOARD USERS MEMORY FOR LESS D RAM BLOWOUT!! A low cost, simple solution that enables the PC Emulator to speak! NOW YOU CAN HAVE SOUND ON THE 2088 OR 2286 BR1DGEBOARDH! These easy-to-follow instructions allow you to build-it- yourself with less than $ 5.00 in parts and instalf-it- yourself in less than 15 minutes!!! For $ 9.95 you receive COMPLETE ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLATION DIAGRAMS OPTIONAL PARTS INFORMATION HINTS & TIPS 0K 7t meg f meg 17j meg 2 meg $ 199 $ 215 $ 230 $ 245 $ 199 $ 235 $ 270 $ 309 $ 319 $ 219 $ 339 $ 119 $ 159 S189 $ 219 S249 215-741-6225 FAX 215-741-6229 Add S3.00 S&H Add S4.00 COD VISA MC CHECK COD Send check or money order for $ 9.95 (TX res. Add 7% sales tax) to; MTE 13120 Tahoe Drive Dallas, Texas 75240 256x1 150n.s S 2.00 ea 256 x 1 120n.s .. 2.50 ea. 1 meg x 1 100n.s..... 8.00 ea 1 meg x 1 Bon.s B.75 ea. 256x4 70n.s .....11.00 ea. 256 x 4 80n.s .... 9.00 ea. 256 x 4 80n,s. Zips ...11.00 ea, 256 x 4 10On.s. zips. 10.00 ea. 64 x 4 100n.s ....30.00 ea. Paula Denise 56.50 ea. FATTER AGNUS ....95.00
1. 3 Klckstart ROM .28.00 For Amiga 3000 1 x 4 Static Zips .56.95 256x4 80n s Static Zips ...12.00 SPIRIT BOARDS IN 1000 SIN 500 X-RAM 500 1000 4 meg Trapper MEMORY WORLD 2476 CROYDEN COURT BENSALEM, PA 19020 ATTN: AMIGA DEPT. CPUs 68000 16 Mhz $ 35.00 68010 8 10 Mhz ......35.00 6B020 16 Mhz ..75.00 20 Mhz 109.00 68030 25 Mhz 289.00 Math Co's 68881 12 Mhz .69.00 16 Mhz ..75.00 20 Mhz ..69.00 68882 25 Mhz 249.00 33 Mhz 349.00 All Crystals 10,00 ea. 1megx8Simm 2 for 149.00 We ship APO FPO & Foreign Call for Fax charges. Circle 287 on Reader Service card. Circle 261 on Reader Service card. Circle 307 on Reader Service card. Y Color Paper Bright Pack: Paslel Pack: Color Certificate Paper: Color Banner Paper: i’.': 1 ul
- til i 4- "h p. jr.: Circle 267 on Reader Service card. Displays and prints all 4096 Amiga colors! $ 29.95* for HamltUp! Clip Art. Vol.l (3-disk set) $ 39.95** for HamltUp! (both Include U.S. shpg.) Call or send a check or money order to: ? Delta Graphics A 48 Dighton St. Brighton. MA 02135 A (617)254-1506 Mass, residents add: *$ 1.50 or **$ 2.00 sales tax _Dealer Inquiries welcome Ham It Up! (v. I.02) Introducing... New! HamltUp! Clip Art Backgrounds, gradients, textures created with HamllUpl’s smooth blends Asixteen 256-color charts with RGB CMY values take the guesswork out of color selection color palettes fast! Aworks with DigiPaint,M and DeluxePaint"-’ Aexoanded Blender" Ribbons: Price Each Black Color T-Shirt Ribbons Brother M1109 S4.95 S5.95 S7.00 Citizen 200 GSX 140
4. 50
5. 50
7. 50 Citizen GSX 140 4 color
25. 50 Okidata 182 192
5. 50
7. 50
6. 00 Panasonic 1190 1124
5. 75 7 75 Seikosha SP800 1600
5. 00
6. 00
7. 50 Star NX 1000
3. 75
4. 75
6. 75 Star NX 1000 4-color
6. 75
10. 00 T-Shirt (Heat Transfer Ribbons) Colors: Black. Red, Blue. Green. Brown, Purple, Yellow COLOR RIBBONS & PAPER Colors: Black. Red. Blue. Green. Brown. Purple, Yellow Min. orders: $ 25.00. Minimum S&H: $ 4.00. Call for other ribbons and supplies. Price & spec, are subject to change w out notice. RAMCO COMPUTER SUPPLIES PO Box 475, Manteno, IL 60950 U.S.A. USA 800-522-6922 or B15-468-8081 (Canada) 800-621-5444 200 shts assorted 91 2x11 S10.90 pk 91 2x11 S8.90 pk 100 sheets S9.95 pk 45 ft roll $ 8.95 roll AudioLink 16-bit Linear Stereo Audio Processor with Sound Sampling Capabilities Beta Unlimited 87 Summit St. Brooklyn, NY 11231 PHONE 718-852-8646 Circle 334 on Reader Setvice card. =kSi
U. ..... Ask Agnus The lady with all the answers is back by popular demand... with a little help from Steve Pletrowicz. Q; I have been thinking of getting a laser printer for my Amiga. My husband says they're dangerous. What do you think? Imd As kin High Bloomers, Vermont A: Dear Ima: Laser printers are pretty safe now, but at first they were risky. In one Florida case, the laser shot out the side of one ana vaporized a pink flamingo. The government, seeing great potential in this, gatnered these early models together and shot them into space as sort of an unofficial Star Wars program. If the Earth is attacked by flamingos, you can rest assured we're safe. Q: I own a hair salon and have been looking for software to help me out at work. What can you m jmmend? Burly Nails Youiesoakmginit, Arizona A: Dear Buffy: You're in luck! The makers of Scalp- Animate 3-D have just released “Wigs in Space,” a program that lets you construct any type of hair style you wish, all in 30! They even include some well- known faces and various sample hair styles. (An add-on module is planned for complexion textures.) Now you can answer the question on every hairstylist's mind: What does Ron Reagan look like with a beehive hairdo? Would You Believe ItY In a previous issue, we stated that Brown-Wagh was offering free upgrades to Pen Pal. This is incotieu. Upgrades (for a fee) may be obtained from Pen Pafs developer, Softwood, who is no longer associated with Brown-Wagh. Any questions regarding Pen Pal ma be directed to Softwood, PO Box 50178, Phoenix. AZ 85076. Also on the move. Mu robotics reports an expanded operation at a iicv% location; 1251 American Pkwv., Richardson, TX 750(31.214 437-5330. Price Slashing. Miu o-Sy:'terns Software has lowered pi ices on all its products b one-third for an undetermined amount of time, according to a company repQ: I've tried to read and write IBM 3' ?- inch disks in my Amiga drives, but they don’t work, f know that there is software available to read and write IBM disks, but why can't the Amiga handle those disks without that software? Balou Suitt Dongle, New York down is testing the springs on those little metal doors on 3.5" disks, Q: Some of the programs I use flicker like crazy. I know I can buy a special card and a multisync monitor, but before f do, I’d like to know if there is another way to stop this flicker. Please help! Dennis Drill White Knuckles, Illinois A: Dear Dennis: I've had an Amiga since it first came out, and I found a quick and easy soA: Dear Balou: That insidious code actually fools your Amiga into thinking that an IBM disk is no different from any standard Amiga- formatted disk. That code is so noxious that if your Amiga were exposed to it without some sort of protection, it would spit the disk out so hard and fast that it would be driven into the wall behind you. (Not to mention what it couid do to you.) I heard about one individual who was inadvertently exposed to this media without eye protection for a little too long, and now the only job he can hold resentative. Sale items include excellence!, from $ 299.95 down to S 199.95; The Works! Platinum, from $ 299.95 to $ 199.95; Online! Platinum, from $ 99.95 to $ 69.95; and Scribble! Platinum, from $ 149.95 to $ 99.95. Attention dealers: The Amiga World Marketing Dept, has redesigned and improved the AW Dealer Report. II you wish to receive this newsletter, call Wendic Marro or Laura Livingston at 603 924-9471, or lax your request to 603 924-4066. To Have and to Hold. VidTech extended its ScanLock initial-purchase warranty to one year. It includes support via an 800 number in the LS. Lution to your problem. I bought four Slinky springs from a toy store and connected them all between my computer chair and the ceiling. Now, when I sit in the chair and bounce, the flicker just seems to go away! Be careful, though. Once when I was playing an exciting arcade game, one of the springs broke, and I was shot through the window. Q: I just wanted to let you and everyone else know that ABCDEFG just came out with a new product for the farm: the EIEIO board. With this new board, I just set up my A3000 in the barn, interface my cow to the milking machine, and let er go. The driver software really keeps Bessy humming. Now we're really in sync! Lon Mower Hamhock, Iowa A: Dear Lon: Thanks for the information. Here's another tidbit for you: ABCDEFG just announced the SX-lQQO tanner, an Amiga- compatible tanning oooth. If you liked the EIEIO board, you'll love this! The cost is negligible; they'll just take it out of your hide later. RC - 2000 2 - 8 MB RAM with 2 MB ON-BOARD RC - 500 512 KB RAM with CLOCK CALENDAR 3A-1D ' 3 W FLOPPY with LED TRACK DISPLAY 3A-1 3Vi" FLOPPY DISK DRIVE G - 1000 FULLY OPTICAL MOUSE Gi - 500 * OPTO-MECHANICAL MOUSE JS-105- INI HAND SCANNER 400 DPI 32 GRADUATION
- _J 800r356-5178 . Inside CA 714-633-1026 Distributed by' _J KONYO International , Inc. FAX 714-633-5339 r e * is a registered tradcmak of Commodore - Amiga, Inc. * • Cvde 117 on Reader Service card AMIGA AND GOLDENlMAGE . THE PERFECT COMBINATION Dealer Inquiries Invited We're not saying everyone should own a Digi-View Gold... Protozoa, for example, have very little need. Only one product has captured the imagination of Amiga users around the world: Digi-View Gold. It's the most award winning, best-selling and most used Amiga hardware product of ail time. When Amiga owners want to digitize graphics they use Digi-View Gold. Period. In fact, we’ve probably sold more Digi-Views than any other digitizer on any PC in history. Here's your chance to bring the world into your Amiga. Simply focus your video camera on any object or picture, and in seconds Digi-View Gold turns it into Amiga graphics that glow with vibrant color and stunning clarity. Whether you are creating graphics for desktop publishing, presentations, video, or just for fun, Digi-View Gold makes dazzling images perfectly simple. Digi-View Gold is designed specifically for the .Amiga 500 and 2000, and plugs directly into the parallel port. With complete software control of color saturation, brightness, sharpness, hue, resolution, and palette, advanced image processing is as easy as adjusting the controls on your television. Only Digi-View Gold:
• Has exclusive Dynamic HiRes mode for 4090 colors in HiRes
• Digitizes in all Amiga resolution modes from 320x200 up to 768x480 (full HiRes overscan) Requires standard gender changer for use with Amiga 1000. Dynamic HiRes requires 2 megs ol RAM. Digi-Vrew Gold is a trademark of NewTek. Inc.
• Lises 2 to 4096 colors (including halfbrite)
• Digitizes in 21 bits per pixel (2.1 million colors) for the highest quality images possible
• Has advanced dithering routines that give an apparent 100,000 colors on screen simultaneously
• Comes with an icon driven slideshow program for presentations using both IFF and Dynamic images
• Offers an unprecedented lifetime warrant}1 and toll-free support line If you want the best pictures possible on your Amiga, then you need the best selling video digitizer of all time: Digi-View Gold. Only $ 199.95 Digi-View Gold is available now at your local Amiga dealer. Or call 1-800-843-8934 or 1-913-354-1146 wT=k The Amiga Video Digitizer incorporated 1 According to Dodson Yaple, in Shadow of the Beast (Psygnosis, $ 49.95), you can master the final hazard that giant club with brute force if you have three lives left. Just keep pounding on the wall. If you don't have the lives, you'll have to time your movement to the club's movement, running In to deliver a tew punches, then pulling back to safety.
• Of course, getting to the end is the 2 Copies all 3.5" software made! This Includes: MAC, ATARI, ST, IBM, MIDI KEYBOARDS, & AMIGA!
* Copies all 5.25" software made! (Requires two 1020 AMIGA Drives) This Includes: APPLE, ATARI, COMMODORE 64 128, IBM. Etc.!
- Full verify option! No more re-copying!
* Copies all of these protection schemes: WEAK BITS, STRONG BITS, LONG TRACKS, SHORT TRACKS, DATA-COMPRESSION EXPANSION, critical track lengths, etc! Nothing slips by! Hardware goes where software copiers can’t go. Why spend money on software when just one super card AMI II can Iasi you a lifetime. Version 1.0 software now ready for AMI ll. Open a file to the latest software and copy it in 60 seconds !!!!! Only $ 9.95 3 Dunn and Brudstreet Number Upon Request * Miss Lattice seems so innocent?- ?oger, A.K.A. Super Sleuth * *F.B.1,-Find Barney Immediately WE ACCEPT SCHOOL PURCHASE ORDERS • OVERSEAS SHIPPING IS OUR SPECIALTY * Continental U.S. only.

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Amiga World Vol 06 11 1990 Nov

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