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A20OO and A3000 are registered Trademarks of Commodorc-Amiga, Inc UNIX is a registered trademark ol AT&T. Inc GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. New Address: 600 Clark Ave„ King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Chief Concerns Amiga is alive and well and flourishing in Britain, and so is CDTV. IN SEPTEMBER I went to jolly old England London, to be exact in search of CDTV applications in progress. I found a whole bunch, but more importantly, I found a country where the Amiga is respected and enjoyed. It's a strange situation, really. Over here the Amiga is often shunned as a "game” machine. People are ashamed ol its great games. Every month we get letters from readers pleading with us to dump game coverage. I hey say it doesn’t belong in a "professional” magazine. Fact is, we get just as many letters begging for more games, and for quicker turnaround on the reviews we do. If people like games, we'll cover them. And if games help sell the Amiga, I’m all for it. While we’re relatively open-minded, Commodore continues to stress the machine’s professional uses, over its pure entertainment value. It's not a bad strategy, but it hasn’t totally worked. Maybe the new U.S. mass-market push will open some eyes to the machine’s purely fun side and give the pro side a boost in the process. Across the Atlantic, the machine is actually revered as a "game” machine. Many users buy Amiga 500s to play The Killing Game Show, and then graduate to video and animation applications. This strategy works. By year’s end, there are expected to be half a million Amigas in the U.K. Ride the "tube,” the London subway svstem. You'll see people reading Amiga magazines. Eavesdrop on your fellow diners in a fancy restaurant. You’ll catch some of them talking about their Amigas. Or drop by a local computer store. Amiga s are in the window. In the U.K., people take their games very seriously. Nintendo is not the force it is in the U.S., because the English don't lake kindly to wimpy, proprietary game machines. They have taste. They have Amigas. Developers in the U.K. are no slouches, either, working to push the game envelope wherever possible. It is therefore no sur prise that the U.K. houses some of the most committed, energetic, and slightly crazed CDTV developers in the wor ld. All of them may not he games, but the applications I saw were a real blast. The U.K. believes in CDTV. Users are ready. Vendors are ready. The only thing that isn’t quite ready is the software. And. As of press time, the box. Ii didn't take long to find this stuif. As soon as the plane slapped the tarmac (at six in the morning) I was off. Blearily visiting CDTV software authors. These cats are cranking, and expect to make big pounds in the Amiga and CDTV markets.

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Amiga World Vol 06 12 1990 Dec

Document sans nom Special Review Section December 199G
U. S.A. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.50 UK £2.50 1 An IDG ion O R W D L : 9. Tsi Check it Out! I Special Buyer’s Issue Software Comparison Guides ? Telecommunications B- ?Video Graphics ? MIDI Music f render it> . V. *>*v L k Llli* . U. 20 Business Programs For Amiga Artists VBBbkaadAl ww cheCk tt O”*1 > . . Software Cwnp «V0uWes IB Expanded Review Coverage Consumer Guide To Mail-Order Shopping UWVVuski ¦ Plus! E “Graphics Arsenal” e Multimedia Scripting ® 6 Amiga Games We're not saying everyone should own a Oigi-View Gold... Protozoa, tor example, have very little need.
• Uses 2 to 4096 colors (including halfhrite)
• Digitizes in 21 hits per pixel (2.1 million colors) for the highest quality images possible
• Has advanced dithering routines that give an apparent !()().()()() colors on screen simultaneously ¥
• Comes with an icon driven slideshow program for presentations using both IFF and Dynamic images
• Offers an unprecedented lifetime warranty and toll-free support line If you want the best pictures possible on your Amiga, then vou need the best selling video digitizer of all time: Digi-View Gold. Only one product lias captured the imagination of Amiga users around the world: Digi-View Gold. It's the most award winning, best-selling and most used Amiga hardware product of all time. When Amiga owners want to digitize graphics they use Digi-View Gold. Period. In fact, we’ve probably sold more Digi-Yiews than any other digitizer on any PC in history. Here's your chance to bring the world into your Amiga. Simply focus your video camera on any object or picture, and in seconds Digi-View Gold turns it into Amiga graphics that glow with vibrant color and stunning clarity. Whether von are creating graphics for desktop publishing, presentations, video, or just for fun. Digi-View Gold makes dazzling images perfectly simple. Digi-View Gold is designed specifically for the Amiga SOO and 2000, and plugs directly into the parallel port. With complete software control of color saturation, brightness, sharpness, hue, resolution, and palette, advanced image processing is as easy as adjusting the controls on your television. Only Digi-View Gold:
• Has exclusive Dynamic IliRes mode for 4096 colors in HiRes
• Digitizes in all Amiga resolution modes from 420x200 up to 768x480 (full HiRes overscan) Digi-View Gold is available now at your local Amiga dealer. Or call 1-800-843-8934 or 1-913-354-1146 wT=k Only $ 190.95 Requires standard aender changer for use with Amiaa 1000 Dvnamic HiRes requires 2 megs of , . . . RAM O.gi-V.ew Gold >s a trademark of Newtek. Lnc“ I DC Alll lgil tlleo Digitizer INCORPORATED C rde 119 on Reader Service card OBITUS You’re in the depths of your own worst nightmare . . . But this time there’s no waking up. Lost and alone in a dangerous and alien world you must discover where you are, how you got there . . . And how you’re going to get out! In a frantic search of the unfamiliar land you explore aMAZEing forests, mines and underground complexes collecting objects and interacting with indigenous creatures. Re-emerging into daylight you race along perfect parallax action scenes, dispatching enemies as you battle ever deeper into the unknown. Impelling RPG with more than a dash of hack-‘n - slash. Screen shots from the Amiga version. 15280 * 17488 u OOOOO jj ooosa 4 OOOOQ y ftcag’.i ;mf3| ARMOUR-GEDDON Post-Holocaust: A power crazed entity desires control of earth. They develop an energy beam and intend to bounce it off a custom-built satellite back to earth . All unprotected life will be wiped out. You select and control up to six diverse hi-tech vehicles at once in a race against time to seek and destroy enemy power lines and eventually knock out their beam generator. Build up your arsenal by collecting enemy resources to help develop and create your own new weapon systems. Featuring a sophisticated head-to-head serial link enabling ‘being-there’ realism between two players. Armour-Geddon: Strategy and simulation synthesized to perfection. Screen Shots from the Amiga version.
• .DCITV CXTCRHrtL jiiniair GXTGRN 1L PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary’s Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Fax: (617) 731-8379 Circle 310 on Reader Service card. CXTCRMrfL 2 17£Lc:nv
• n. T:nn Sullivan Bluth Presents VOLUME 6, NUMBER 12 DECEMBER 1990 CONTENTS’ AmigaWorld Mini Buying Guides .. 34 l iead-to-head product evaluations in three popular software categories. With comprehensive buyet’s-guide charts comparing program features, plus best-buy recommendations. Guides include: 37 43 47 VIDEO Fonts By Geoffrey Williams . . F> font collections for desktop-video work. MIDI Sequencers By Steve Quinzi. 12 sequencers for amateur and pro alike. Telecommunications By Harv Laser . 10 terminal programs commercial and ED shareware. I I A Portrait of the Artist as a Small Business By jamie Krutz 34 Whether you use your Amiga as a part- time musician, a freelance illustrator, or a professional video producer, you’ve still got to attend to business. If you choose the right software, your Amiga can help you with more than just your art. Dial M. . .For Mail Order 66 By Susan Kaniwec .. Knowing the rules of the game, and your rights as a consumer, can keep mail-order shopping from becoming a nightmare. " j “ " I j L Chief Concerns By Doug Bamey .... 6 Back from London, the editor finds the British are very avid Amigaphiles. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen. ..86 Joel forsakes paint programs this month to give you his shortlist of favorite support tools useful to the Amiga artist. POINTERS By Eugene Mortimore . . . ... 88 C programmers will find that mastering the Amiga's console device pays big dividends. Mastering Multimedia By Steve Gillmor .98 Hands-on advice about using script- based programs in this month s installment of our new multimedia column. It's a bonanza of Amiga products in our Holiday Shopper's special: Buyer's guides in music, video graphics, and communications. A double-size Review section. .-1 business software roundup. . .plus a lot more in the biggest issue of AmigaWorld ever!
1) 1 PART Mf MS Repartee .... 8 More salvos lired by .-III’ readers. Headliners . 10 News from all over the Amiga community. What s New? ... 148 Extra new-product listings this month. The PD Prospector By Tim Walsh .. lo2 Tim’s on-line excavations yield a Mother Lode ol PD shareware games this month. Help Key .. 156 Lou’s no Scrooge about delivering the technical turkey for readers in distress. Last Licks . 160 Prime parting shots pepper the posterior. RI, 1K S Power PC Board (Pulsar) . 12 IBM compatibility for A500 owners. Pixel 3D (Axiom) ..13 Easy 2-1) to 3-D conversion software. Professional Draw 2.0 (GeldDisk) . 18 Significant update of a top program. AEHD Drive (Applied Engineering). . . 23 Nifty high-densitv external floppy drive. VlDI-AMIGA (Romho Productions) 23 Inexpensive real-time frame grabber. ADAPT (Lake Forest Logic) ...26 (kSOOO-series assembler with lots of features. TV*SHOW 2 (Zuma Group) ..28 Slide-show program with effects galore. SYNTHIA II (The Other Guys) ...... 122 Flexible scaled-down version of the popular synthesizer. DEB 2000 (MicroWay) .....123 Relieves flickerFixer video-slot logjam. IR Remote Controller (Edu-Vid Research) ...125 Infrared control of A V devices. SAS C 5.10 Compiler fSAS; 128 Major update of the Lattice C compiler. AUTOPROMPT (DigiSoft) and ROLL ’Em (Designing Minds) .132 Teleprompter software for the Amiga. TITLE Page (Eschalon Development) . . 138 Video titler for snappy title screens. Back Talk . 142 The reviewers and re vie wees square off. GAMES CRIB NOTES By Peter Olafson 108 In this one-time-only installment, games- mcistcr Olafson unveils some of his “sweet cheats” for favorite Amiga games. NEUROMANCER (Interplay) .108 Ride with the cyberspace cowboys. Bandit Kings of Ancient China (Koei) . 108 Defeat the wicked Gao Qiu warriors. The PLAGUE (InnerPrise) ..110 Hack, slash, and blast those bcasties! Might and Magic II (New World) ..114 Dungeons-and-l)ragons-style adventuring. Strike Aces (Accolade) ....116 Bombing navigation competition. Blades of Steel (Konami) 118 No-frills hockey arcade action. Active Circuits Delivers Advanced Imaging Solutions A powerful image conversion and 24-bit imaeine svsiem which is t C- - both flexible and expandable. It gives the capability to convert between multiple image formats and output to high-quality, full-color video and digital film for animation and multimedia presentations. Turns the Amiga- into a professional imaging workstation. Supports the following image formats: Amiga IFF, Caligari™ (Rendition™), CompuServe GIF™. Digi-View™ RGB, Macintosh MacPaint & PICT2 bitmaps, PC’ Paintbrush1*', Sculpt™ (Raw RGB), Sun Rasterfile™, TIFF, Truevision Targa5. Turbo Silver' RGBN RGB8 Suggested Retail Price: $ 199.95 (Requires Amiga with I megabyte memory. Not copy protected Arexx compatible.! An ImageLink expansion module which allows direct control of Truevision Tania and Vista frame buffers for true-color video output. Compatible with Microlllusions Transport Controller for 24 hit color frame-hy-framc animation recording to industrial professional VTR’s. Suggested Retail Price: $ 299.95 (Requires ImageLink and Amiga XT or AT Bridgehoard.I CineLink1'1 An ImageLink expansion module which can output directly to high resolution (4000 line. 24-bii) film using digital film recorders from Lasergraphics and Presentation Technologies. Create 35mm slides and prints. Polaroid prints and transparencies. 4x5 and 8x10 film transparencies, and 16 and 35mm motion picture film for your next full-length animated feature. Exposure times as fast as 90 seconds. Suggested Retail Price: $ 299.95 iRequires Film Recorder, liii.igel.ink .mi! Compatible SCSI ctintrnller, Arew compatible, i The perfect complement for your Amiga image processing workstation. The latest in optical storage technology from SONY removes all practical limits on disk storage by providing up to 650 megabytes of storage on a secure, removable disk cartridge. Comes with complete driver support, utilities, diagnostics, cables and 1 piece ot media. Suggested Retail Price: $ 4995,00 (Require compatible SCSI controller. Additional media S250M>, Speeds as Inch a* .’55K per sctoml read. 255K scvoiu! Write. DiskSpeed benclimatks available on requeM. One year warrants included.r Professional Features Offering Outstanding Flexibility For more information or your nearest Active Circuits Dealer, call today. Tel: (201) 974-1616 Fax: (201) 974-1672 Brand and product names a?e trademarks ol their respective companies Stephen Robbins. Publisher DOUGLXS Barney, Editor-In-Chief DANIEL Sullivan, Executive Editor SWAIN Pratt. Managing Editor BARBARA GEFVERT, Senior Editor JANINE L. JaCKSON, Review Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology; Special Products Manager LlNDA Barrett LaflaMME, Editor. The AmigaWorld Tech Journal TlM WALSH, Technical Editor JOHN WOLFSKILL, Senior Writer, Technology MaRE-ANNK JaRVELA, Special Products Coordinator Gene Brawn, Da id T. McClellan, Contributing Editors Howard G. Happ.Art Director LAURA JOHNSON, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer ALAN A Korda, Production Supervisor Debra A. Davies, Typographer KENNETH BiakemaN, National Advertising Sales Manager Michael McGoldrick, Sales Representative Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Paquette, Advertising Sales Representative, Partial pages & InfoMarket, I-800-441-4403, 1-603-924-0100 Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO Salute Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales, 1-415-363-5230 2421 Broadway, Suite 200, Redwood City, CA 94063 Wf.NDIF. Haines MaRRO, Marketing Director Laura Livingston, Marketing Coordinator Margot L. Swanson, Customer Service Representative; Advertising Assistant Lisa LaFi.EUR. Business and Operations Administrator MARY McCole, Publisher’s Assistant SUSAN M. HaNSHAW, Circulation Director, 1-800-365-1364 PAM Wilder, Assistant Circulation Manager Lynn LaGASSF., Manufacturing Manager A RogerJ. Murphy, President James M. Barry, Vice President Group Publisher Paul BoULE, Vice President Group Publisher JlM McBRIAN, Vice President Group Publisher STEPHEN C, Robbins, Vice President Group Publisher DENNIS S. CHRISTENSEN, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations Bonnie WELSH-CaRROLL, Director of Corporate Circulation 6? Planning Jeffrey D. DeTraY, Director of Technology Research Linda Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director Debbie Walsh. Newsstand Promotion Manager WILLIAM M. Boyer. Director of Credit Sales & Collections DOREEN Means, Systems Coordinator miga World (ISSN 0883-2390) is an independent journal not connected with (.ommodore Badness Mat limes. Inc. Amgallbrhl i published monthly by I DU Communication's Ivtct borough. Inc., 80 Elm St.. Iticrlmrough, N'H 1)31 :">8 U.S. subscription rate is $ 29.97. one ve.ir. Slfi.00. two years: $ 04.09. three vears Canada 538.97 (U.S. funds), one seat onlv. Mexico 558.97. Foreign Surface
519. 97. L oieiguAirin.nl $ 8-1 97 (pt epavmerit is tetpitred m Foreign Surface and Air mail subscriptions in U.S. funds drawn on I S bank I. All rates ate one-year twilv. Second-class postage paid at 1‘eterboiough, NH. And at additional mailing ollites I'lione: (>03-924-0100. F iitite contents copyright 1990 by IDG Onnnumii .tiions Evterlxirougli. Inc. No part ol tliis publication may be primed oi otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address i lianges u> AnugaWorl i. Subwi lpticm Services. P( t Box 388()4. Boulder, ( t) 811322-880-1. Nationally distributed bv Kable NrnsGo. Rfmigtflliwfff makes every ellm t to assure t lie accur.ii ofattidec. Listings and circuits published m the m.ig.i me.dmgrjUhrW assumes no rcsjMiusibilitv lot damages due to ci- roixoi omissions. IMPACT A3001 UPGRADE KIT Now Available with 50Mhz 68030 Acceleration Create the fastest Amiga in the World with an A2000 and our A3001 Kit A. Interfai Optional 68030 Boot EPROMS (UNIX ", etc.) Autoboot EPROMS for Hard Disk 40MB, 80MB Of 200MB Hard Disk Drive 32-Bit 68030 Bus Interface 68030 CPU with 28,33 or 50Mhz Oscillator 68882 FPU mnning at 28, 33 or 50Mhz All A2000 Expansion Slots Free! A3001 Upgrade Kit Installed Choose the IMPACT™ 4300 Upgrade Kit from GVP to put the speed and pouter of leadmg-edge technology into your m i Enhance your productivity and create more powerful results when you choose these key features:
• Factory installed 68030 CPU running at 28 Mhz.
• Factory installed 68882 Floating Point Processor running at 28 Mhz.
• 4 or 8MB of 32-bit wide high performance 80ns NIBBLE MODE DRAM; allows full support and advantage to be taken of the 68030's BURST Mode.
• Built-in Autobooting High Performance Hard Disk Controller with data transfer rates well over 700KB sec.
• High performance 40MB, BOMB or 200MB hard disk drive with an average read access time of less than 15ms (!9ms on write) and 64KB read- ahead cache. If you already own a hard disk, this item can be optional.
• Asynchronous design allowing the 68030 to run ASYNCRONOUS to the rest of the A2000 improving GENLOCK compatibility.
• ZERO SLOT SOLUTION! With the A300I Configuration along with the bundled 40Q or 80Q Hard Disk Drive ALL A2000 EXPANSION SLOTS ARE LEFT FREE FOR FUTURE UNLIMITED EXPANSION! COMPARE: A2000 + GVP A3001 CBM A2500 3Q CBM A3000 “ 68030 CPU Y Y Y Maximum CPU Clock Speed available & shipping Today. 50MHz 25Mhz 25Mhz Factory installed 68882 Floating Point Processor Clock Speed. 28-50Mhz 25Mhz 25Mhz Hard Disk Controller on 68030 Processor Board. Y N Y Number of Open Amiga expansion slots with hard disk drive and SMB Fast memory installed. 5 3 4 Allows user to start with low-cost A2000 Amiga system and grow all the way to 50Mhz 68030 performance without sacrificing anything. Y N N Brand name vendor with solid reputation. Y Y Y Fully implements 68030 Burst Mode up to 33Mhz, Y N N When you compare, the choice becomes clear. GVP is unbeatable for price and performance. IMPACT and GVP are Trademarks of Great Valley Products, Inc Amiga. A20OO and A3000 are registered Trademarks of Commodorc-Amiga, Inc UNIX is a registered trademark ol AT&T. Inc GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. New Address: 600 Clark Ave„ King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Chief Concerns Amiga is alive and well and flourishing in Britain, and so is CDTV. IN SEPTEMBER I went to jolly old England London, to be exact in search of CDTV applications in progress. I found a whole bunch, but more importantly, I found a country where the Amiga is respected and enjoyed. It's a strange situation, really. Over here the Amiga is often shunned as a "game” machine. People are ashamed ol its great games. Every month we get letters from readers pleading with us to dump game coverage. I hey say it doesn’t belong in a "professional” magazine. Fact is, we get just as many letters begging for more games, and for quicker turnaround on the reviews we do. If people like games, we'll cover them. And if games help sell the Amiga, I’m all for it. While we’re relatively open-minded, Commodore continues to stress the machine’s professional uses, over its pure entertainment value. It's not a bad strategy, but it hasn’t totally worked. Maybe the new U.S. mass-market push will open some eyes to the machine’s purely fun side and give the pro side a boost in the process. Across the Atlantic, the machine is actually revered as a "game” machine. Many users buy Amiga 500s to play The Killing Game Show, and then graduate to video and animation applications. This strategy works. By year’s end, there are expected to be half a million Amigas in the U.K. Ride the "tube,” the London subway svstem. You'll see people reading Amiga magazines. Eavesdrop on your fellow diners in a fancy restaurant. You’ll catch some of them talking about their Amigas. Or drop by a local computer store. Amiga s are in the window. In the U.K., people take their games very seriously. Nintendo is not the force it is in the U.S., because the English don't lake kindly to wimpy, proprietary game machines. They have taste. They have Amigas. Developers in the U.K. are no slouches, either, working to push the game envelope wherever possible. It is therefore no sur prise that the U.K. houses some of the most committed, energetic, and slightly crazed CDTV developers in the wor ld. All of them may not he games, but the applications I saw were a real blast. The U.K. believes in CDTV. Users are ready. Vendors are ready. The only thing that isn’t quite ready is the software. And. As of press time, the box. Ii didn't take long to find this stuif. As soon as the plane slapped the tarmac (at six in the morning) I was off. Blearily visiting CDTV software authors. These cats are cranking, and expect to make big pounds in the Amiga and CDTV markets. I'hey have confidence, having picked a couple of truly hot systems. Compare this to the struggles some of our vendors face, and you begin to long for the land of lish & chips. After a fair night’s sleep, 1 hit the Computer Entertainment Show. Who was one ol the biggest stars? Right you are. It was Commodore, which manned one of the most impressive booths 1 have ever seen. Everywhere you walked in Commodore’s broad expanse, there were joysticks and keyboards with Amiga games already loaded. Reports in the British press suggest that the booth cost nearly $ 400,000. They do trade shows right. In the meantime, we continue here to light the stigma of "game" machine, and the attitude that says if it isn't a PC or Mac, it isn’t a real computer. I'm not readv to turn Limey. I want to keep driving on the right and spelling the word color without any extra letters. And I like my bland American accent. Blit I sure would like to import some of the U.K.'s attitude toward Amigas. Tech Update: As you may have read last month, we are launching The Amiga World Tech Journal I his coming March. Ii is an exciting integration ol disk and paper, and is sure to satisfy Amiga aficionados everywhere. It is also going to take a lot of work. In older to gel this bear out the door, we’ve made a series of promotions. Linda Barrett Laflamme will he Editor of the Journal, but will maintain responsibility for game and programming coverage in Amiga World. If you like the articles in Amiga World* you can thank Linda, because she assigns them, helps edit them, and seems to conic up with at least half of the ideas. If you don’t like the articles, then you’re a candidate for our money- hack guarantee. Plus you can always blame me. Barbara Gefvert. Our sturdy Review Editor has become Senior Editor, and will he in charge of article acquisitions. Perceptive readers will have figured out that Barbara is replac ing Linda. Then, needing someone to replace Bar bara, we tapped Janine Jackson, our feisty New Products niaven, who will now lake over as Review Editor. All of these people have done an excellent job at Amiga Whrlri over tlu* past several years, and Em sure they will he equal to the new c hallenges ahead. ¦ GVP Announces a Technological Breakthrough... SERIES tt THE NEXT GENERATION in SCSI and RAM Controllers for the A2000 GVP’s New SERIES IIA2000 SCSI and RAM Expansion Controllers provide the ultimate hard disk and RAM expansion solution for the A2000. Choose from two new models: Hard-Disk+RAM-Card Space (no components) for direct mounting of 3.5" Hard Disk Drive GVP Custom VLSI Chip Up to 8MB of FAST RAM Expansion GVP’s New FaaastROM SCSI driver and installation software is also available as an upgrade kit for GVP's original IMPACT SCSI controllers, for ONLY $ 49.95. Offers major performance increase over previous GVP AUTOBOOT EPROMs. New Seriesjl 48MB Removable media hard disk drive. GVP now also offers the NEXT GENERATION removable media hard disk drive which offers increased capacity (48MB formatted? And major technological advances in cartridge air flow filtering design and robustness. Call for details. “Let's Standardize” The Series IIA2000 SCSI “Hard-Disk + RAM-Card” State-of-the-Art integration packs a high performance SCSI controller, SMB FAST RAM Expansion and a 3.5" hard disk drive INTO A SINGLE A2000 EXPANSION SLOT!! Saves BOTH a valuable expansion slot and a peripheral bay! Incredible SCSI hard disk performance achieved through GVP's innovative new custom chip design, which provides DMA performance and unique direct dual port memory access to FAS I RAM, eliminating typical DMA side effects under heavy graphics load. Easy-to-install SIMM memory modules allow flexible mcmorv configurations from ZERO through SMB. Supports 6MB FAST RAM configuration for Bridge Board users. NEW FAAASTROM !v SCSI Driver offers optimum performance and includes such features as: y' Supports virtually any SCSI device including, CD-ROMs, Tape Drives, IOMEGA Bernoulli drives, etc. y' Fully implements SCSI Disconnect Reconnect protocol, allowing overlapping SCSI commands to be executed. Hard-Disk-Card y Fully implements Commodore's Rigid Disk Block (RDB1 standard as well as the new DIRECT SCSI interface standard. V Removable media drive support. Automatically senses cartridge changes and informs AmigaDOS, ensuring safe and reliable use ot removable media SCSI drives. V Allows Direct AUTOBOOT from Fast File System Partition. ¦ New INTUITION COMPATIBLE SCSI installation and "tuning" utility included. Major features include: v ICON and gadget based INTUITION interface. V Bad Block Remapping of hard drives. V Auto or manual hard drive partitioning and AmigaDOS formatting. Y Read and modify existing RDB parameters on hard disk, v Simplest and Easiest SCSI installation in the industry. ? Low parts count (through VLSI Integration! EQUALS: lower power, higher reliability, longer life and ultimate PRICE PERFORMANCE! See TRADE-UP offer. The Series IIA2000 SCSI “Hard-Disk-Card”
* Same as above but without the SMB FAST RAM capability.
* Specially designed lor those users who don't need memory expansion hut still need maximum hard disk performance at a budget price.
* UNBEATABLE VALUE. See $ 99 trade-up offer! The ULTIMATE Trade-Up Offer??? GVP today introduced its new Series 11 nroduct line and announced a hold new trade- L program, which is certain to further bolster GVP's dominant market share in the Amiga hard drive market. Details of GVP’s new TRADE-UP program jjt, ioliows. For SI 09 plus Sf> for shipping (USA only), end-users can trade-up to the new GVP Series 11 SCSI •'Hard-Disk-Card" (without drive) hv simply sending in their present SCSI controller (from ANY manufacturer) losielher with a money order or certified check, pavahle directly to GV P. . Ii trade-in controllers must be sent to GVP FREIGHT PREPAID. . Owners of any GVP or Commodore SCSI controllers, are eligible for an additional Sit) rebate, il they trade-in a FI ELS FUNCTIONAL and working controller. These owners need to submit a certified check monev order for S105 only. . For an additional S39. Existing controllers on be iraded-up to the new Series 11
- Hard-Disk + RAM-Card." Which includes the SMB FAST RAM expansion capability. Populated with ZERO RAM. U» Educational pricing program now available. Series II. FAAASTROM and GVP are trademarks of Great Vfclley product-; hr Amiga and A2000 are registered trademarks of Commodore-A iga. Inc GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. Lessons Learned who read this to write to Microsoft and convince the company to convert Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and other programs to the Amiga. Send vour letters to Bill Gates, President, Microsoft Corporation, 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond. WA 98052. Matt Carrell Puyallup, WA Voting Democratic? Lou Wallace’s article, “Democratic ‘Development,’ ” (Aug.,
p. IS) contains revisionist history that J could not ignore. It strongly implies that microcomputers are responsible for most of the recent and significant developments in software. This is false, although the microcomputer is responsible for bringing us tools and ameni- u O ties, such as the Amiga's windowed, icon-oriented environment, at a price we can afford. Some other points: Computer rooms were not “sterile." Technicians, not "nuclear physicists,” wired the patch panels. Dual Inline Pack (DIP) switches were never on 1950 60 vintage computers; these had toggle rockers. Large programs were not entered via front-pancl switches on regular production computers, hut via cards. Finally, video rcrmi- nals were nor common until the late 1970s. No one expects Amiga World to chronicle the history of Commodore has changed. 1 teach middle school in an Apple-dominated district and have worked in the classroom with these inferior machines. Computers, you may have heard, are supposed to make learning fun. With them, learning presumably becomes some great experience. Believe me, Apple has done a lot to squelch that belief. Most “educational” programs on the Apple Ilgs and SE are deplorable. Those that do offer some educational value run so poorly, have such poor graphics, and take so long to load that anv mistake results in havoc, not education. About two years ago. I began struggling to establish the Amiga as the computer of choice in our school district. During my crusade. I received no support from Commodore. Company representatives told me, “We are not going to buck Apple," and. "Should we give your district an Amiga, it would onlv sit on a dustv shelf somewhere.” 1 did everything I could to convince CBM otherwise. I held my own computer show and attended others. I took my Amiga 500 to school numerous times. 1 showed my colleagues as many program and video demos as 1 could and distributed all manner of magazine articles. The district remained firmly Apple oriented, however. Time passed and so did some rusty Commodore* executives. My next contact was Susan Bengough of CBM’s education division, who immediately went to work on mv j proposal. Before the end of the 1990 school year, Commodore sent our district an Amiga 2500, genlock, and monitor for free! During that week I demonstrated the A2500 to the district superintendent, and a few clays later sent him requisitions for software in excess of $ 600. He approved them all. Imagine our computer class now! We can produce a school newsletter each week, when it took weeks to make an illusion ary one with the Apple Ilgs. Who knows what will happen when our copy of Amiga Vision arrives! John H. Rice Parachute, CO Send Postcards Doug Barney’s letter-writing campaign (“Chief Concerns," Sept. and Oct. *90, p. 6) is an excellent and effective way to give the Amiga the attention and support of more software corporations. I urge all Amiga owners to write to companies about developing applications software. Even if you don t care for spreadsheets and word processors, you owe it to yourself and other users to try to increase the Amiga software base and user base in any fashion. I'm challenging all computing. You have, however, a responsibility to provide correct information when touching on any subject. John Ciena nee Hoboken, Xf ] might have been able to shrug off Eon Wallace's cutesy, pop-mystiquc nonsense about . . Entire cults of white-clad techno-priests. . . .” in his article, “Democ ratic ‘Development,’ ” but the fact that Lou so grossly distorted history has n j me irritated enough to write. Few programmers were “highly trained” prior to being employed before the mid to late '60s. External training was not available except by jobhopping. The claim that microcomputers spurred the development of". . . More powerful, sophisticated, and flexible computer languages. . .” seems ludicrous. With the possible exception of Modula IE all the languages Lou named were established well before the availability of microcomputers. He states that OOP objects are collections of data, when in fact they are collections of private data and procedures. He then concludes by flipping off the folks who started the computer revolution, claiming that they had no further vision of what they started. Hell, it was the)’ who pushed the revolution forward! Foo to Lou!
5. C. Ski nan Scottsdale, A ' . ¦ Advanced Word Processing Power For The Amiga Computer ProWrite1''. Performance That Stands Out In A Crowd. In this highly competitive world, there is always a leader. An innovator. Hie one that the competition looks up to. In the world of Amiga word processors. ProWrite is that leader. ProWrite hits the high performance features you need. A 100,000 word spelling checker that can check as you type. A thesaurus with over 300,000 cross references. Multiple columns with both snaking and parallel text flow. Multiple fonts and graphics. Powerful macros. Exceptional speed. With all this and more. Pro Write stands head and shoulders above the competition. Which is why ProWrite is the best selling Amiga word processor. And the best choice for even1 Amiga owner. Because it is always better to lead than to follow. Look To The Leader In Amiga Word Processing. Like all ol our products, ProWrite combines high performance, an intuitive environment, and easy to use commands. When it comes to powerful yet practical word processing. ProWrite is the target the competition shoots for. So whatever your word processing needs, from A V scripts, to novels, business reports. Storyboards, or letters to Aunt Agnus, go straight to the top. Discover the power of ProWrite from New Horizons. NEW HORIZONS First In Personal Productivity And Creativity New Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109 Austin. Texas 78746 (512) 328-6650 HruM rite i » registered trademark o Nr* Muruurts Software. Inc Amiga i' a registered tr ademarW irf Commodore Amiga. Inc NEWS FROM THE AMIGA COMMUNITY The Software Publishers Association reports that during the first half of 1990, domestic Amiga software sales increased by “a robust
33. 9%” over the same period last year. World recently crossed the Atlantic to check out the latest CDTV' developments in the UK. Although developers on the other side of the drink have yet to receive working units, those we visited are hard at work on innovative CDTV applications and tools. What’s on CDTV? Nothing Today; Tomorrow, Plenty UNITED KINGDOM Arniga- for CDTV, then for die standard Multimedia Corp., a spinoff of the BBC, is creating an interactive program adapted from the children's book. A Iiun for Barney. The animation is by Bill Melendez Productions in Los Angeles, and the voices are by Tom Baker, better known as Dr. Who (the popular one) of the public-television series. Ariadne, maker of the Micro- Text authoring language, is also working on a new, asynchronous multimedia authoring system. According to company officials, the language can work efficiently with slow devices such as CD-ROM drives, because it can load sounds and images while it plays and shows others. The firm is also busv developing a package called Music Maker for the UK-based software publisher. Music Sales. Music Maker allows you to select instruments, play individual notes, play music over another CD, follow die Ivrics on screen, and select songs and rhythms. Ariadne is working not only on broad-based packaged applications, but also 011 tailored interactive applications. One such custom project is for the London subway system. London Underground personnel who headed up the project wanted an interactive system, but specified use of Compaq computer equipment. Ariadne’s solution involves using CDTV as a peripheral that the Compaq can trigger. Good thinking! Another British developer. Logic Plus, is plugging away on Airways, an air-traffic-con no! Simulator that will he available first Amiga lineup. Gramma Software Expands Donation Projects To Assist Needy Ocean, a company that distributes products from a variety of affiliated vendors, has numerous items up its CDTV sleeve. CDTV versions of the games SimCily and SimEarth, scheduled for launch in mid-1991, add more levels and depth to these already well-endowed products. Virgin Mastertronic is hot on a CDTV adaptation of the interactive video, North Polar Expedition. Popular in UK schools, North Polar Expedition is a group-oriented program wherein six explorers work as a team to reach the pole. If one team member makes a mistake, the whole group is affected. Another educational package from Virgin, tentatively called Musi color, is based upon the innovative music learning system developed by Candida Tobin. This system is used widely and has been adopted by Montessori schools. Domark is readv to take the CDTV plunge with Trivial Pursuit, but because the firm does not have US rights, the product may never see America. Their Herewith the Clue, however, should make it ro the States on CDTV. We have only scratched the surface of what is to come from “over there,” and we’ll keep you apprised of exciting CDTV developments. Meanwhile, back stateside, we got in touch with Commodore’s CDTV uiaven, Gail Wellington, to get the skinny on the CD-based Amiga. According to Gail, CDTV will he test marketed in several US locations throughout the holidays. The big push, however, will come in late winter or early spring, about the time we should expect to see the CD-ROM peripheral for Amiga computers, says Wellington. Doug Barney SEATTLE, WA-With the chill of winter descending upon the Northwest, Gramma Software is once again soliciting contributions for its underwear-donation project to aid the area’s homeless. Company co-founder Michael Loyacon began the project after finding out that Seattle shelters have a pressing need for men's clean socks and underwear (see Amiga World's report on the start of the project on p. 10, Sept. ’89). Gramma s community service is expanding in other ways, too. After local ABC affiliate KOMO- TV reported the project on a program called People Helper,” show host Brook Stanford asked Loyacon about the possibility of rounding up used computers for handicapped people and nonprofit groups. “With the help of Amiga enthusiast John Willott. We contacted 100 computer users groups in the Northwest,” reported Loyacon. “The group members and Commodore and Sony Make Plans At Video Expo NEW YORK, NY The Video Expo CAMMP show, held Scpieni- her 10-14 at the Jacob Javits convention center, brought together low-end industrial video professionals and “pro-sumers" as usual. What was extraordinary about the show was the Amiga's touch, as both Commodore and NcwTek displayed their wares. With its Video Toaster, XewTek drew as much interest as Sonv, tradition- ally the Expo’s most popular exhibitor. (The Toaster, incidentally, cleared FCC hurdles and commenced shipping as of September. The firm is flooded with orders, so it may be a while before Toasters hit vour dealer's shelves.) In that ever-popular Sony booth, company representatives KOMO-TV then helped to form the Computer Bank Charity.” Now, equipment of all types is being donated by businesses and individuals. Lsers-group members assemble the systems and help the recipients to gel it 11 p and running. “In one recent case,” Loyacon said, “we were able to set up a computer-training center for underprivileged children 7-19 years old. The program is administered by the local 4H group, and training materials were provided by the University of Washington,’’ People who are interested in donating equipment or finding out more about the project can contact Michael Loyacon at Gramma Software, 17730 15th Ave. N.E., Suite
233. Seattle, WA 98155, 206 363- 041 7, You can send monetary contributions to either Gramma’s Underwear Donation Account or the Computer Bank Charity, c o Puget Sound Bank, 110 Box 55368, Seattle, WA 98155.
- BG demonstrated the EYO-9700 Desk Editor, a Hi-8 tape-editing system that retails for around $ 6000. This product has special significance for the Amiga market, for in the company of an A3000 and a Video Toaster, the EVO- 9700 makes a complete professional video system. It is rumored that Sony and Commodore will do some joint promotion for this setup a great boost for the Amiga's professional image. The new year’s first Video Expo, slated for February 11-15, 1991, will be held at the Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. For details, contact the show's producer, Knowledge Industry Publications at 800 248-KI PI or 914 328-9157,
- BG Where Do We Go From Here? WEST CHESTER, PA-In a recent Hurry of activity, four executives departed Commodore in rapid .succession: Vice President of Marketing C. Lloyd Mahaffey, Director of Marketing Communications and Consumer Marketing Tom Kilcoyne, Director of Product Marketing Wall Simpson, and Amiga Products Manager Keith Masavage. There lias been no word on replacements as yet. While we have heard that Mr. Mahafley left to join a venture- capital linn, there has been no official comment on the reasons behind the flight of the executives. Perhaps involved is the fact that Amiga sales have yet to see a dramatic rise. Regardless of the whys and wherefores, the departures are sure to put a temporal v (1 imp in the firm's promotional efforts, Doug Barney The British are coming! And the French! And the Germans! American Amiga software companies have been doing some big- game hunting in Europe, and the pelts they’ve won have started to turn up stateside. The European 16-hit game market is a crazy-house version of its US counterpart. Most games come out first for the Amiga and the Atari ST, and then maybe for the IBM PC. So it's fertile ground for US companies looking to expand their Amiga product lines without incurring development costs for wholly new projects. Indeed, a number of American de- v elopers C i n e m a w a re, Data East. Accolade, Interplay, Electronic Zoo. Electronic Arts, Microprose, Mediagenic and others have dipped into the European game pool over the last two years. For Amiga gam e-players, this is a blessing, bringing a sizeable boost in the number of games available. Moreover, to date, most import selections have been top-of-ihe-line, thoughtful, even provocative. Sometimes the games come over as released, save for imAmigas Aid House Painters Banish Guesswork MO NT VALE, NJ-The Amiga continues to show up in the darn- dest places, doing what it does best. Look closely, and you may find one at work in your local paint store. Benjamin Moore and Company makes the $ 4800 Video Color Planner system (VCP), an Amiga-based interactive display for the do-it-yourselfer, available to dealers in its nationwide chain ol paint stoics. Marketed by Colwell General, of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, the Video Color Planner employs an A500 and proprietary software. The ar- cadc-siyle display system allows Benjamin Moore customers to see the results of a prospective paint job before lifting a brush. The customer feeds a photograph of his home or room into the YCP’s flatbed color scanner, then selects one of 1800 available paint colors, from within, the Amiga 500 disproved documentation and minor reprogramming to adopt the NTSC standard. In other cases, games improve significantly in crossing the Atlantic. Accolade’s Strike Aces, for instance, is the US version of UK Activision’s Figluer- Boniber with a time-compres- sion feature added for long missions. Cinemaware’s Federation (known as Federation of Free Traders in Europe) also saw sizeable changes before the English game became the US company’s cup of tea. Beyond that, some US companies are going to European development houses to write Amiga conversions of domestic games, as with the recent conversion of SSI’s monster RPG Pool of Radiance, Origin’s Ultima V. and Microprose’s I -19 Stealth Fighter. An attendant development is the growing appetite for imports, A hot game released in Europe may turn up in a US shop ten days later and disappear from the shelves within hours of arrival. Hard-core import fans who don’t mind paying premium prices track them relentlessly. Peter Olafson plays a digitized version of the photo on a color monitor, then invites the viewer to do some "experimental painting" with the built-in trackball. When the results are satisfactory, the customer requests a list of the materials required to complete the project. Sources at Benjamin Moore say the VCP lias been an effective promotional tool, installed in over 500 of the company’s -1500 stores. Other paint-siore chains, including Pittsburgh Paints. Fuller- O’Brien, and Porter Paints also use versions of the VCP under different names. Phil Kenyon. President of the New Zealand-based Target Computers, which developed the system, predicts a large potential market for the system in other "color matching" industries such as textiles, vinyl flooring, and window replacement. John Wolf skill Green Mountain Graphics European Games Emigrate West JOHNSON. VT Cram 14 kids, dnce Amigas, and a few graphics packages into a small practice room for two and a half weeks, and what do von get? "Everything from comic-book-style stuff to some very abstract and expressionism pieces," savs Michael Hanisli, instructor for the Arts Institute of Vermont. An intensive multidiscipline arts experience for high-school students coming from all over Vermont. The Institute this year gathered together 120 teenagers, about 28 of whom participated in the three elecironic-arts (music, graphics, and video) classes. The graphics class met twice daily, although Hanish kept the Amigas Gaining Hold in BC Schools BRITISH COLUMBIA-What do you call a group of ’’Amiga- Using Educators"? Why, AmUsEd of course. With over 100 members, AmUsEd is a significant force in the British Uohmibia educational community. Every year the group meets for several days of hands- on training and interactive discussions. This year’s get-together, on Vancouver Island. Ibcused on a number of hot Amiga topics, including laser discs, genlocks, MIDI, video, sound digitizing, CD-ROM, and Amiga Vision. According to AmUsEd representative Boh H el bison, l lie Promotions in Motion San Mateo. CA Whether you want to get more for your last- minute holiday-shopping dollars, or you need an excuse to bnv some of the hoped-for software that Santa forgot to leave, you should know that Electronic Arts and Sony have teamed up for a promotion. I he deal goes like this: Buy one, two, or three featured EA programs, and receive a Sony Walkman lor $ 15, a Watchman for $ 85, or a Disentail lor $ 120, respectively. Eight Amiga titles are recognized as par t of the promotion: Deluxel’aim 111, DeluxeYideo 111, studio open almost nonstop so that the students could continue working. “Only one [of the kids in my class] had ever worked with an .Amiga before," said Hanish. He was surprised and pleased to see how quickly they took to the machines and the software. "In a day they were comfortable and working, though constantly in need ol advice and ways to get out of the bizarre situations they got themselves into.” Hanish reported that the three clectronic-arts classes worked together on a number of projects, including music videos, animations, a documentary, and a short horror video.
- BG group's goal is to promote the use of Amigas in education. ! Le reports success, as "More and more districts are getting into it.” Primary grades use Amigas with stub programs as Jmil’s The Talking Animator, and secondary schools use them in art and inedia-production clsses. Although the group’s activity is now limited to BC!, Herbison is interested in speaking with people from other provinces. You can contact him at School District 70. Resource Center, 1690 Roger St., Port Alberni, BC. Canada V9Y 3Z4, 604 723-3565. Doug Barney Populous, 688 Attack Sub, Budo- kan, Powermonger. The Immortal. And Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer. The other allowable products are ten IBM titles. The oiler is good in the I S and Canada and expires March 1. Check with your dealer or with EA (415 571-7171) lor details.
- BG REVIEWS Pulsar Power PC Board Two computers in one. By John Wolfskili NO LONGER DO Amiga 500 owners have to turn jealous eves to the A2000 and its Bridgeboards to find IBM compatibility. The Pulsar PG Power hoard, developed by kloli Gnmputer Supplies Bv. Ol Holland, brings IBM software compatibility to the A500. The card is an IBM PC XT-compatible computer (sans video, I O ports, and power supply) that fits into the expansion slot on the AoOO s underside. The auto-conlig hoard comes with a NEC V30 CPU. A battery-backed clock, and a Phoenix Technologies ROM BIOS chip set. While the board uses 512K oi its one megabyte ol RAM to run PC. Applications, it lets you assign the remainder as a virtual RAM disk. A special Amiga boot disk and an IBM disk with MS-DOS 4.01 handle the software side. When von start vour AoOO, the PG Power board reconfigures the machines internal and external drives to emulate up to four PC floppy drives, and, using the Amiga’s video hardware, provides support for a HOG (Hercules Graphic Card) display adapter or IBM’s Color Graphics Adapter (CGA). I be board s software drivers reconfigure the A500 s parallel. RS-232 serial, and joystick ports to work with PC 1 peripherals. Open and Shut Case You can install the board in a lew minutes. Simply remove the expansion slots door, slide the card in place, then replace the door. Setting up the software drivers to emulate the IBM PC. XI s hardware takes a bit more work, but is neither time-consuming nor difficult. You use the PC Preferences program on the Amiga disk to set the board’s clock, configure a virtual RAM disk, and select the wav the board will configure the AaOO's disk drives and I O ports. I’o access PC Preferences, hold down the left mouse button during the boot sequence, then make tlit* appropriate changes. 1 he program stores the new settings in a r i n i R t i r x! When I first tried the Pulsar PG Board, it would not work and immediate!) Caused a guru. I opened the case of my hard-drive interface and took the RAM offline. ‘This allowed the emulator to luiK tion, hut when I installed the cus- tom-clock program, the machine crashed again. The hoard lacks hard-drive support, and the RAM disk does not work well with DMA devices; portions of data destined for the hard drive sometimes end up in this RAM disk. Although the manual is skimpy, installing the hoard is cxtremeh easy. Software installation, however, is rigid and allows only for installation ol the custom clock and RAM driver on a Workbench floppy. This is line unless you have a hard drive. While the emulator does a lairly good job of simulating a CCA or MCA displav, text scrolling can be jumpy and hard to read. My board was labeled NTSC, but I could see only the tops of the indicators that run across the bottom of the screen. The Power PC Board ran all the productivity and telecommunications software I tried on it. Bill Gundlach Sandusky. OH 99870 configuration lilt* that loads each time you boot with this disk. To start an MS-DOS session, boot with the Amiga disk, which loads and configures the drives and I O ports. Next, the Pulsar board takes control and checks its own hardware. At this point, you replace the Amiga disk with the MS-DOS boot disk. When the MS-DOS A> prompt appears, you’re ready to begin. Although the manual claims the Pulsar board will eventually support Microsoft-compatible mice, it currently supports only the less- popular Mouse Systems model. To test the board’s compatibility with PC software, I selected such popular packages as Lotus Development's 1-2-3, Buttonware's PC-Eile (a database-man- agement program). Electronic Arts’ DeluxePaint Enhanced, and a sampling of games, word processors, and shareware applications. The results were mixed. Because the Pulsar board does not support a hard-disk drive, running some PC applications was difficult (sometimes impossible). Although more than enough RAM was available to run these applications, the lack of disk-storage space c aused problems. Eor example. DeluxePaint Enhanc ed refused to install itself on any disk with less than three megabytes of free storage space. Most applications that loaded ran without a bitch. However, during an attempt to transfer a block of files to a laptop PC using T raveling Software’s Eap- link lilc-transfer program, the A500’s serial port did not work reliably. One at a Time Unlike Commodore's PC Bi idgeboarcl for the A2000, the Pulsar board does not provide access to the Amiga environment. Once in MS-DOS mode, you must reboot to return to AmigaDOS. To transfer text files between the two formats. The company provides a copy of Consul- tron's Gross DOS, which lets you read and write MS-DOS and Atari ST disks in your Amiga’s lloppy drive. Although you leave multitasking behind when you use the Pulsar PC board. MS-DOS gains complete control of the machine. The result is excellent performance. In text mode, for example, screen updates are very rapid much faster than a real PC XT running at the same CPU clock speed. The Norton Utilities (version 5) Sysinfo program showed me just how fast: The board delivers CPU speeds equal to those of a 6 Mhz IBM PC AT, which is more than three times faster than a standard 4.77 Mhz IBM PC XT. In addition, the board makes more RAM available (up to 704K) for applications than does a standard PC XT. Is the Pulsar Power PC Board a total solution for A500 users who need to run IBM software? For most games, home applications, and programs that don’t require hard-drive installation, it works as advertised. If you use only these applications, the board’s S498 price tag may be a bargain. The appeal wears thin, however, when you consider the hoard’s lac k of support for modern PC software (such as programs that require IBM EGA VGA video adapters and a hard drive), which severely limits its usefulness. After all. For S300 to $ 400 more, you can buy the real McCoy, complete with hard drive, monitor, and mouse. Pulsar Power PC Board Pulsar Division of Oxide Industries Inc. 410 Maple Ave. Westbury, NY 11590 516 997-6707 S525 'o special requirements. Pixel 3D Enter a new dimension in color! By Harv Laser LOOK! HERE’S A new tool to help you convert flat IFF bitmap pictures into objects suitable for use with 3-1) rendering programs. Like other such software, Pixel 3D contains elaborate algorithms which analyze the structure of an IFF picture. It decides where all the edges are, discriminates foreground from background, and then creates vertices, edges, and polygons from which to build 3-D objects. Pixel 3D differs from its competition, however, in that it can also analyze the color content of an IFF picture and incorporate that information into the objects it produces. (For more information on 2-D to 3-D conversion and other such software, see “2-D or Not 2-D” in the 1990 Video and Animation Special Issue,
p. 106.) Save Me a Spot Operating Pixel 3D is quite simple. The 90K program installs easily on a floppy or hard disk; simply drag its icon over the destination-disk icon. The program manual is compact but completely adequate. When Pixel 3D loads, it displays its “Memory Allocation” requester, which requires you to specify how much RAM you want to earmark for the program to do its work. Click on the large up-and- down arrows to change two coupled values: Maximum Vertices and Maximum Edges. The former has a low value of 2500 and doubles, with each up click of the up arrow, to a ceiling that depends on how much RAM you have. (It topped out at 50,000 in my five-meg machine.) I he latter starts at 7500 and also expands with memory; in my case it went up to 150.000. The minimum settings require 126,600 bytes of RAM. The highest for five megs, 2,532,000 bytes. I his memor -allocation scheme takes some experimentation to master. .After all, how do you know whether a picture you want to convert to 3-D requires a low or high setting? If you are short on memory, you may first have to load vour picture into a bitmap-massaging program such as PIXmate (Progressive Peripherals) or The Art Department (ASI)(t) and reduce its number of colors Continued on j). 16 SupraDrive M Floppy Quiet, reliable floppy disk drive works with all Amiga computers. 1MB unformatted capacity. Pass-through port for connecting additional drives. Iflpilffp ii**i ¦ Compile Hard Disk. RAW Symlom fo« tho Amif« 500 ¦MM SupraDrive™ Removable Syquest™ removable cartridge drive for the A500 or 2000. Great for primary & back-up storage. Comes complete with SCSI interface, or as add-on drive. SupraMod etn zaoczi Makes Your Amiga Even Better SupraModem 2400 100% Hayes™-compatible 300. 1200, 2400 baud modem for virtually all computers. Compatible with all popular telecommunications software. SupraDrive™ 500XP Micro-power hard drive, SCSI interface, & RAM for the A500. Easily expands from 1 2 to SMB RAM. Includes Amiga bus pass-through, SCSI port, software. SupraRAM™ 500RX 1 2, 1, 2, 4, or 8MB of FAST RAM for the Amiga 500. Easy to expand. Zero wait states & hidden refresh. Amiga bus pass-through. SupraModem™ 2400 Plus SupraModem 2400 with MNP5 & V.42bis error correction & data compression protocols. Allows transmissions up to 9600 bps. SupraDrive™ WordSync™ Easy-to-install, autobooting hard disk card for the Amiga 2000. Uses high- performance QuantumIM hard disk & includes SCSI port, utility software. SupraRAM™ 2000 2, 4, 6, & 8MB of FAST RAM for the A2000 & 3000. Easy to expand. Zero wait states & hidden refresh. Four-layer board improves reliability. SupraModem™ 2400zi Internal half-card modem for the Amiga 2000 & 3000. Installs easily in any Amiga bus slot. Supports multiple modems on one computer. Supra Corporation Worldwide Distributors Canada Beamscope 35 Ironside Crescent Scarborough, Ontario M1X1G5 Tel: 416-291-0000 Fax: 416-291-5721 Finland Westcom Systems Oy Kirkkokatu 8, Fourth Floor SF-48100 Kotka Tel: 358-52-184-655 Fax: 358-52-184-007 Norway Atlantis Distribution Parallellen 12 8012 Bodoe Tel: 47-816-3040 Fax: 47-816-3041 Spain ABC Analog, S.A. Santa Cruz de Marcenado, 31 28015 Madrid Tel: 34-91248-8213 Fax: 34-1542-5059 Sweden AlfaSoft AB Magasingsgatan 9 S-216 13 Maimo Tel: 46-40-164150 Fax: 46-40-163915 West Germany European Software Distributors Rodderweg 8 5040 Brueh! Tel: 49-2223222-001 Fax: 49-2223222-003 United States For more product information, or the name of a dealer near you, please call Supra Corporation: 1 -800-727-8772 or 503-967-9075 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 USA FAX: 503-926-9370 Supra SupraDrive SupraRAM. WordSync, & SupraModem are trademarks of Supra Corp. Amiqa is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Syquest is a trademark of Syquest Technologies. Quantum is a trademark of Quantum Corp. Hayes is a trademark of Hayes Microcomputer Products from p. 13 and bitplanes. In fact, this is a good general tactic; complex and multicolored pictures take a lot of memory to convert and ultimately produce enormous 3-D objects that can bog down your rendering software to the point that it may not load them at all. Conversion in Particular What kinds of two-dimensional pictures can Pixel 3D take to the next dimension? ITS A BARNEY BEAR CHRISTMAS The excitement of Christmas can help your child learn with Barney Bear Meets Santa Claus. Now children ages two to six can play and learn for hours at a time without your supervision! Barney Bear Meets Santa Claus starts with an interactive story of how Barney Bear gets to travel with Santa to his Toy Factory. Using music, animation, sound effects and speech, learning becomes fun. After story time, your child can enjoy the many learning activities, such as a Which One is Different game, a mix-up-the-parts toy machine, and a full-featured coloring book program. With the Barney Bear series of products, children can explore the world of computer learning all by themselves. So help your child grow with Barney Bear today. Suggested retail price S34.95 Available at dealers everywhere. Barney Bear Barney Bear Barney Bear Goes to School Goes to the Farm Goes to Space Free Spirit Software ~58 Noble Street Sofrware Kutztown, PA 19530 ¦ = (215) 683-5609 You can convert any non-HAM IFF picture or brush, including overscan and superbitmapped images. Keep in mind, however, that it is best to start with simple pictures until you have gained some experience. Pixel 3D's control screen presents you with ten parameter fields to customize. First, choose the type of object you want to generate: Pixel 3D can make “.scene” files for the Sculpt family of programs (Byte by Byte), “.cell” files for Turbo Silver (Impulse Inc.). ".geo" files for Video- Scape 3D (Oxxi, Aegis) and “.DXF” files for AutoCAD (AuioDesk). If you want your 3-D object to inherit the IFF picture's colors and convert those colors to object polygons, click on Yes in the control screen. If you’d prefer that Pixel 3D ignore the picture's colors and distinguish only between foreground and background, choose No. 1 recoin- mend you experiment to determine which choice will yield the best results. The Line Straightening option aids in getting rid of the jagged-edge effect caused when you convert diagonal or curved lines into polygon edges. Higher values entered into this box produce smoother results. II you want your bitmapped picture to end tip as a flat object, leave Extrusion Process off. Otherwise, enter a value in tHis gadget to indicate how thick or deep the object should he. File Side Construction option toggle works in tandem with Extrusion to copv the colors from the front of the object onto its sides. Outline ? 1 INTRODUCING THE EXCITING NEW Micro-Power Drives No fans or external power required, extra rugged Autobooting SCSI Interface A2000 performance with no DMA problems Optional Dedicated External Power Fast, Micro-Power Drive Mechanisms ¦ 1 2, 1, or 2MB RAM On-Board with 256K x 4 DRAM ¦ 2, 4, or 8MB RAM with Add-On RAM Board using 1MB x 4 DRAM SCSI Port & Game Switch Amiga Bus Pass-Through ¦ External SCSI port allows up to 7 SCSI devices ¦ Game Switch lets you turn drive off and leave RAM enabled Easy-to-Access Option Switches ¦ Autoboot ON-OFF Switch ¦ SCSI ID Selector RAM Test Mode THE ULTIMATE V AMIGA®500 PERIPHERAL! With a SupraDrive 500XP™, your computing life will change forever. You’ll be able to use software that your computer simply couldn’t run before, including paint, digitizing, and animation programs that need more RAM. You'll spend more time using your computer and less time waiting for it to transfer files and load programs, because the SupraDrive 500XP transfers data up to 40 times faster than floppy disk drives. You can easily add up to 8MB RAM, additional Amiga bus peripherals (like digitizers), or SCSI peripherals (like removable media, tape backups, or addon hard drives). And if you need help, you can count on Supra’s knowledgeable, friendly technical support staff and one year warranty. SupraDrive 500XP is a trademark of Supra Corporation. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc Available at your local dealer, or call- I t | AV Supra Corporation 1-80Q'|727-8772 503-967-9075. 1133 Commercial Way. Albany. OR 97321. USA Process builds an object of line segments based on the edges detected in your picture. You can ignore the Front, Back, and Side Colors options unless you are making an object for VideoScape 3D, in which case you enter its “color table codes" for the desired values. It s Ten to Three Pixel 3D’s efficient file requester. Here, you specif)* your source picture and name your output object file; the picture loads and displays on screen in outline form. Now sit back and watch as Pixel 3D performs the conversion. A small information box lets you know what’s happening and a Stop button lets you abort. 1 he conversion can take seconds or minutes, depending on the complexity of your source picture and what you have told Pixel 3D to do with it. Once you have tailored these ten options to your liking, you have three choices: First, selecting Begin Conversion opens MacroPaint: 4096 Colors in Hi-Res! Macro Paint makes it possible to draw with 4096 colors in the Amiga’s high resolution graphics mode. You get colors without sacrificing resolution. Read in, display and manipulate Split-Ham, Dynamic Hi-res, 24 bit or any IFF image. All this with no additional hardware needed! A fully functional bi-directional AREXX port is also provided. Link MacroPaint with your presentation graphics or scanning software or add your own drawing tools, BEWARE!! This is NOT another HAM paint program! This is a Hi-Res program for professional results in 640 x 400 resolution. Adapt - The 68040 Assembler 68000-680)0-68020-680304804048881-68882-68851 Adapt is a comprehensive collection of programming tools for the assembly language programmer. It includes an optimizing 680x0 macro assembler, high speed single pass linker, execution profiler, and program module analyzer. Full MMU and FPU support Adapt supports a fully operational, AREXX port in both the linker and the assembler for your programming convenience. If you own a different assembler, take advantage of our TRADE-UP offer. Send us your old original Amiga assembler disk and a check, money order, or VISA7MC number for $ 49.95 plus snipping and handling and we will send you the latest version of Adapt. For shipping and handling within the Continental U.S. please add $ 2.00, for Canada add S5.50, and for Europe add $ 10.00. (U.S. currency only please.) Disk Mechanic Just think of Disk Mechanic as "Mr. Bytewrench" for your floppies or hard drive. Speed optimize your disks with Tune-Up, back up your drive with Doubleback or repair your Files with Workshop and Disk Repair all done with the series of tools that make up Disk Mechanic. Also included are a number of handy CLI based disk drive utilities for your convenience. What’s next from Lah z porast Logic Disk Cler -The most complete and compact file management utility to ever be available on the Amiga. For the inexperienced AmigaDOS user or for the professional user. Disk Clerk is the fast and easy way to manipulate the files on your floppy or hard drive system. Available January 1, 1991. Ami-Express BBS- The bbs program you have been waiting for is now available for shipment. Ami-Express features working DOORS to run external programs , a remote AmigaDOS shell for off-site file maintainance, and File transfers via the XPR library of protocols, and a full implementation of the Z-Modem protocol which supports resume of aborted downloads and uploads. Ami-Express BBS is the fastest file transfer BBS currently available for the Amiga. Lahc pora t Locjic, Inc. 28101 Ballard Rd. Unit E Lake Forest, II. 60045
(708) 816-6666 fax (708)680-0832 Second, choosing Default returns all ten parameter settings to the values they had when you first loaded Pixel 3D. Fi- s nally, clicking on Quit exits the program. Pixel 3D has no Arexx port, but it doesn’t really need one. It offers a way to operate it totally from your CL1 or Shell prompt without ever touching the mouse. You can choose all the possible parameter settings in Pixel 3D’s interface with command-line switches. Using Pixel 3D this way permits batch processing of many pictures into objects; you simply create text scripts to do the work. Unlike DigiWorks 3D (Access Technologies), the only program I’d name as a leal competitor, Pixel 3D eschews manual vertex and edge-manipulation tools in favor of virtually complete automatic operation. My experiences with both programs have led me to conclude that Pixel 3D is not only easier and less frustrating to use, but produces better 3-D objects more quickly and with less hassle. Its ability to include a picture's colors in the 3-D object and to output in four different formats are benefits. We have a new champion. Pixel 3D is the best 2-D to 3-D autotracing software available for the .Amiga today. Pixel 3D Axiom Software 1221 E. Center St., S.E. Rochester, MN 55904 507 289-8677 $ 89.95 No special requirements. Professional Draw 2.0 The same, only different By Chris Dickman OVER A YEAR ago, I welcomed the arrival of Professional Draw, the Amiga’s first vector-based illustration program. At the same time, I lamented its many shortcomings (see the review, June ’89,
p. 72). Developer Gold Disk seems to have listened, as Draw 2.0 answers many of my objections to the original package. Problems remain, but Draw has now- evolved into a viable production tool for desktop publishers and illustrators. Professional Draw 2.0 is basically the ? “It’s a dynamite little modem. Now there is no excuse not to go to 2400 bps. ” PC Midgazine 6 2 8 8 8 “Real bargains ... operated at least as well as higher priced competitors, and throughput ... proved identical ’ CompuServe Magazine 1 90 DYNAMITE u LITTLE MODEM. JOHN C. DVORAK PC MAGAZISE MtuInTalk 6 89 “Get one!” 0 28 88 “...it performed as well as a much more- expensive modem ’ Amiga World 10 89 “It’s inexpensive, Hayes™-oompatible, and works fine ’ Macworld 11 88 “I can highly recommend the Supra 2400 modem as providing excellent value for the price ’ ST Informer 2 88 “The SupraModcm 2400™ has the multiple benefits of Hayes compatibility, reliability, affordability, and compact physical size.” A + Magazine 7 88 “The SupraModcm 2400 remains the best buy among the low-cost modems examined hercZiuCider, The Apple 11 Magazine 1 89 “The notably small package, virtually indcstmctable case, front panel switch, and clear speaker combined with a very attractive ice ... make this modem a keeper here.” Denver PC Boardwatcb 7 88 “The SupraModcm is a fantastic deal.” ST-Log 7 88 SupraModem 2400 SupraModcm 2400 •' $ 149.95 external for virtually all computers SupraModcm 2400 Plus™ $ 199.95 external with MNP 5 & V.42bis for virtually all computers SupraModcm 2400i v $ 119.95 internal with software for IBM™ PC & compatibles SupraModcm 2400zi™ $ 179,95 internal for the Amiga® 2000 Available from your local dealer, or call; Supra Corporation 1-800-727-8772 1133 Commercial Wav, Alhanv, OR 9 321, Fax: 503-926-9370, Phone: 503-967-9075 SupraModem 2*00 SupraModem 2400*. Supra Modem 2400.'! Aid SupraMcdem 2*00 Plus are tracema-ks of Supra Corporation Hayes .s a tracemark of Hayes Microcomputer Products lr.c IBM IS a trademark g! International Business Machines Corp Amiga r$ a registered trademark of Commodore Amga Inc r i : v i e w s same as 1.0, with an interface similar to Gold Disk’s Professional Page layout program. All the original strengths are still with us, such as its ability to create color separations on a PostScript imagesetter and to output to virtually any print service. But new features, both large and small, are sprinkled throughout. Text Tour Text handling has not changed dramatically. The program still supplies just one serif and one sans-serif font, although you can also import the Compugraphic fonts Gold Disk sells for use in Pro Page. (By comparison, the PG drawing program CorelDRAW is supplied with over 40 industry-standard fonts.) Screen display of type is considerably improved, however, to the point where you can now accurately position letters. Unfortunately, you still cannot edit text once you’ve placed it on the page; instead, you are forced to delete it and I Keyboards' u nr- M $ 4 J J w I ToolBox Cltorus S Bass* Chorus N Biddle D Strings Chorus ' .Arp Chop j(. ''I* ©'SOHW't'b '“'HUE®!® ©1*1 TciT When you're inspired to transform your creativity into melody, you need a MIDI sequencer that understands music. BarsSrPipes Professional was designed by musicians who'd rather write music tlian wade through technospeak or be resmcted by some programmer’s idea of how to compose. Bars&r Pipes Professional incorporates all the features you'd expect in a package of the highest caliber: an unlimited number of tracks and notes, classical notation (display, editing and printing), System Exclusive recording, graphical editing, Control Change curves, automated mixing, event list editing, tempo mapping, SMPTE sync, expandability, and much, much more. Bars&Pipes Professional also features its unique Tools concept. Tools perform musical, technical graphical, and editing tasks so that you can spend more time as a musician, and less as a computer operator. Give your ideas a chance to sing. Buy cl copy now: BARS&PIPESPR0FES midi S:-oi:i-;v .ino for Creative musicians When Being Creative Is Your Job You Need The Right Tools start over. You also cannot specify the attributes of part of a text string. If you want just one word in bold face, for example, you must create it as a separate object. In fact, only the regular weights of the two faces are supplied; if you want to create images containing text, you need the optional fonts disk. It would have been better to provide support for all the resident fonts of PostScript printers, a standard practice of most draw programs. A much-needed ability to align text to a user-defined path has been added, and it comes with a few nice options, such as the ability to spread the text string along the length of the path. However, because Draw has no Undo command, if the wrap is not to your taste, you must delete it and start over. Also new is the ability to convert text to editable line and curve segments a great way to construct custom logoforms and type treatments. In THE BLENDER You can now select two objects and have Draw create a transition between them, in any number of steps you wish, choosing from four kinds of transformations. By assigning different colors to the objects, you can create a range of transition colors. To give a circle a shaded appearance, for example, you could draw a small circle on top of a larger one and give them different colors; Draw would then create a series of circles between them in different sizes and shades. There is still no simple way to fill an object with graduated shades. To shade text this way, for example, you must go through several steps and create an excessive number of objects: Create a box, duplicate it, fill each with a different ? Its handling of graphics is unsurpassed: Pen Pal is the only program I tested that will automatically wrap text around graphics... AmigaWorld July 1990. Number 1 best seller in Productivity Software category. Amiga Insider - From The Top - March, April, May, June, July, August 1990. V Five Stars! The best of the lot by a huge margin... Intuitive and easy to use.. Fast enough that speed isn’t even a consideration. Info Jan Feb 1990. Word Processor:
• Easy-to-learn and use.
• Import IFF pictures.
• Drawing tools for making lines & boxes.
• 100,000+ word spelling dictionary.
• Automatic form fill-in.
• Mail-Merge.
• Search and Replace.
• Automatic text wrap around graphics.
• Built-in Database. Pal by: SoftWood, Inc. 1 (800) 247-8314 $ 149.95 Database Manager:
• Keep track of names and addresses, things- to-do, recipes, tape libraries, and more.
• Merge data with word processing documents for personalized form letters and reports.
• Very fast sorting and searching.
• Print mailing labels and reports. The Pen Pal documents shown below have text placed over filled backgrounds reproduce IFF and HAM pictures in their original palettes, automatically flow text around irregular shapes of graphics, and use multiple fonts, styles, and sizes. Make no mistake about it - no other word processor can produce documents of this quality on the Amiga. For features, price, ease-of-use, quality, and customer satisfaction never settle for less than the best. Ask for Pen Pal - your best choice in a word processor
- -j- : o*; • •.. -. I ___ . M ¦9'O-jrr- r(p- ¦d '-to ..r- r r.-ver sm« A -W
o. ¦ A r.o 'iii"',*. V.**v "%** ,.,-v v-C'•* r• •«!' CO ,r,,~ .r.-i-r.o ' IT* -B avAnuA '» i • A c; * v i es x ingrny own Chtismxx :arcfe n f er Par .• c 3ng sor © :: : ' pr ¦ : ¦ 7' ' ' • : . ¦ ¦ ¦ -_: ' ¦_¦. S ._. - ¦ • Man's (and Women’s) Best Friend by CAT? Mr Joy eyM'. 5a*;t tot between his paw's, his eyes sad. But open In alert watchfulness, faithful and true even In death. Circle 3 on Reader Service card. Color, align them, use the Blend command to create the intermediary steps, make sure the edges of the boxes just touch each other, draw a box around the text, combine the pieces into one object, and, finally, drag the text onto the colored boxes. Not exactly an elegant technique. 'The limitation of this approach to blending colors is that by creating multiple objects you can easily run low on memory. One megabyte is definitely not enough to do useful work with Draw- two or more megs is more realistic. A Con Version rhe ability to automatically convert bitmapped images to vector format has been available for several years on the Mac and PC sides. Autotracing transforms a mass of bits into a collection of closed paths, resulting in smaller, fast- printing files that you can resize with no loss in print quality. These files can take advantage of higher resolution primers (such as PostScript imagesetters), and they are editable in vector-based programs. Typical applications of autotracing include the conversion of bitmapped clip art, public-domain graphics, and scanned images. Many artists draw a quick sketch freehand using conventional media, scan it. Autotrace it. And finish the image in a drawing program. The rather mundanely named Trace program, included with Pro Draw 2.0, converts IKK files (excluding MAM) up to 1008 x 1008, producing Clip files that can be imported into applications such as Pro Page. Its operation is simple enough, hut ii does not allow much control over the resulting liles. The essential Fit parameter is adjustable, so vou can produce a trace that follows the bitmap more or less doselv. Vou can also instruct Trace to lill dosed areas, and to create a separate closed, colored object for each color it encounters in the bitmap. This is fine for simple images containing onlv a few colors, but creates unworkable complex liles in many cases. I found Trace handy for converting scanned logos and images from clip art books, but I missed the controls found in PC and Mac applications. Pro Draw’s Trace lacks centerline conversion abilities, for example, which makes il awkward for converting scanned images such as technical illustrations. Without centerline tracing. Trace almost invariably converts lines as thin filled objects, making editing difliculi. Another common feature dial's missing is the ability to specify whether long lines should be converted to straight or curved segments. Without this, the slight jaggedness in a scan sometimes fools Trace into converting long lines into unwanted curves. Because vast quantities of bitmapped images are available in Mac and PCI formats, it's regrettable that Trace can only convert ITT images. The PC version of Streamline can convert MacPaint files, for example; why can’t Trace? These interplatform links are all too rare on the Amiga, a fact that helps to keep it in a desktop-publishing ghetto. While Trace is a welcome first effort, Gold Disk should not rest until il provides Amiga users with the functionality offered on competing platforms. Draw Backs Although Gold Disk claims that Draw 2.0 runs “up to ten times faster’’ than its predecessor, it still crawls through many operations, such as importing bitmaps and displaying object fills. As with the earlier version, when vou deselec t an object, holes are displayed where the nodes were. Objects with many nodes, such as letters that have been converted to curves, sometimes disappear when deselected in the fu11-page view. Why Gold Disk does not fix this is hard to imagine. Pro Draw 2.0 is great and extremely versatile. 1 use it to produce architectural, technical, and medical illustrations. And cross-hatching that looks like engraving. The be .ier curves and editable circles ate wonderful! I think the IFF-import facility was added primarily to let you trace images to create structured drawings. But you can also combine them with type, charts, logos, and so on, to produce comps for print ads, magazine covers anything! Because you can shrink and tile IFFs to create very hi-res images, you can even produce a finished product. The manual Barely tom lies on all the features. Vou must figure out strategies to apply those features to your projects. I wish CBM and Gold Disk would sponsor university programs to teach the skills necessary to use this package. 1 hope Pro Draw 2.0 gets the recognition it deserves, so that Gold Disk can continue upgrading with features such as math-coprocessor support, some means for correcting the aspect ratio of the screen image, and better control over the foreshortening aspects of perspective when using the distort and blend tools. Jim Silks Xnr York, XY You still cannot deline colors in terms of the Pantone Matching System, and the lack of an Undo command is unforgivable. They’ve also switched the manual from wire binding to a perfect-bound format that does not stay open on your desk. In addition, it is full ol typographical errors and has a terrible index. Pro Draw is now an extra hundred dollars, but the added functionality has resulted in a truly useful tool. Gold Disk still has a long way to go to catch up to similar Mac and PC draw programs, but this update indicates that the company is serious about Pro Draw. That's good news for Amiga desktop publishers and illustrators, as Draw remains the only show in town for creating freehand, vector-based images. Professional Draw 2.0 Gold Disk
P. O. Box 789 Streetsville Mississauga, ONT Canada, 1.5M 2C2 416 828-0913 $ 295 One megabyte required. AEHD Drive More mileage from a drive By Sheldon Leemon EXTERNAL FLOPPY-D1SK drives are among the most popular of Amiga peripherals. And yet you'll rarely see a review of one. That's because for the last five years, such drives have all been prettv much alike. Some have offered a pass-through connector to let you hook up additional drives, some a power switch or a design that eliminates the usual clicking sound that occurs when the drive is empty. Their main function, however leading and writing standard 880K Amiga format disks has remained unchanged. While other computer systems have switched to high-density, 3.5-inch floppies having double the capacity of standard models, the Amiga has been plugging along with its original drive, leaving frustrated owners to ask themselves, “If we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we put a high-density floppy in an Amiga?” Through Apple-Colored Glasses The first company to provide some kind of answer to this question is Applied Engineering. A company best known for its Apple II peripherals. The Apple connection is apparent in the styling of the AEHD high-density drive for the Amiga. It looks identical to the Macintosh version of the drive, right down to the Mac- platinum color. In fact, the company has not even changed the packaging, which identifies the drive as an 800K unit "compatible with all Macintosh Series, Apple 1IGS, IIC Plus, He,” and bears an endorsement from Steve Wozniak, co- founder of Apple. (I always figured the Woz was an Amiga fan at heart.) Applied Engineering’s origins seem to have given the company a different perspective on the Amiga market. This drive differs in several respects from the standard .Amiga unit. It s got a stylish plastic case (as opposed to the bent metal case of most inexpensive Amiga drives). It features a dual-color activity LED that glows green when the drive is reading, and red when it is writing which, if nothing else, tells when the drive is working instead of just hung up. More important, it features an electronic drive-eject system rather than a mechanical one. The eject button is actually a soft-touch switch that sends an electronic request to the drive, asking it ? Mohbu Boord, and Catoi no Card ore f radorrcrki of logical D« gn Works ..itered traderriorks are she propers.es of iheir respecfrvc holders about toot Internet 9ot to power to eject the disk. If the drive is busy when you press the button, the unit pol- itelv ignores your request until disk activity is safely finished. This completely eliminates the possibility of ejecting a disk before a write operation has been completed, an action that often results in the dreaded "Volume VitalWork: lias a Read Write Error” message. Although electronic ejection is easier and safer, it works only when the drive is connected to the computer and the computer is turned on. When the power is off, you must use the back-up mechanical eject system, which involves pushing the end of paper clip into a small hole on the front of the drive. Data Demon The AEHIVs most significant feature is its ability to store over 1.5MB of information on a single high-density floppy. This capability is not automatic; to take advantage of it, you must install a device driver (which patches the normal track- disk.device) and add the device to the system using the MOUNT command. The drive comes with detailed instructions for installing the needed software, as well as an installation script that takes care of it automatically. I ’his script does not alter your startup-sequence file so that it automatically mounts the high- density drive, but this is a fairly simple task to accomplish for- anyone familiar with text-file editing. T he driver- software does work on a 3000 under 2.0. Once mounted and installed, the AEHD drive acts as two drives. When you insert a standard-density floppy, the computer recognizes the drive by its usual AmigaDOS designation (elf 1: for the first external drive on a 500, df2: for the first external drive on a 2000). If, however, you insert a high-density disk (these have an extra square hole opposite the write-protect hole and the letters "HD” printed by the shutter), the system recognizes the drive hv the name under which you mounted the high-density device (usually dfo: for the first external drive on a 500 and df6: for the first on a
2000) . Applied Engineering handles more data by simply slowing the drive’s disk- rotation speed. Originally, the company had planned to double the normal disk capacity to 1.76 megabytes hv slowing the drive to half speed, but this did not work. T he final version stores onlv 19 sectors per track instead of 22, for a total of 1.52MB per disk. As a result, the drive is unable to read 1.44-meg, 1BM- fonnat disks as originally advertised (though it can read a 720K MS-DOS disk, with the help of a format-conver- I have put my AEHD drive through its paces for copying files and formatting both standard and high-density disks, and have used scores of programs to access the drive and check on its general performance. I have had virtually no problems with its operation (although the auto-eject system does spit disks out rather forcefully) or its compatibility with Workbench 1.3. The installation instructions are flawless. People should be aware that there is a big dillerence between standard (880K) and high-density disks in terms of their magnetic properties. Putting an extra hole in the shell of a standard disk and using it as a high-density one can put many holes in your data! Doug Snyder San Jose, CA sion utility such as Consultron’s CrossDOS). The Arithmetic of Reading and Writing As you might expect, slowing down the drive affects the speed at which it reads and writes data. Using the Diskspeed program to measure it, I found that the high-density drive writes at just 525 bytes per second, instead of the usual 3000 bytes per second, in actual practice. However, writing files to the high- density disk turned out to he only about 1 purchased the AEHD Drive, hut ended up exchanging it for two low-riensity drives. The reason is that in high-density mode, the drive works only with the more expensive high-density disks, High-density drives 1 have used on other machines allow you to pack twice the data onto normal disks and use them in high-density mode (although this is not a recommended practice). Rather than having to keep tabs on two different kinds of floppies, 1 opted to double my floppy capacity with the other two drives, which together cost the same as the AEHD. Al Mullen Redjord, Ml 20-25% slower than writing them to a standard floppy. On the other hand, disk reads were consistently 20-25% faster in the high- density mode. This means that under normal conditions, in which you read from disks much more frequently than you write to them, the high-density mode should he faster than standard mode. Yon will probably iind that high-density mode makes the process of hacking up a hard drive a little faster than usual because of the reduction in floppy swaps. As with most new products, the AEHD drives had some hugs to shake out. The first unit 1 tested worked unreliably (due to production problems in the initial run), and the original manual had numerous typographic errors. The second unit worked flawlessly, however, and came with a cor rected manual. All told, 1 was quite impressed. While the AEHD does not offer double the storage, it does provide more capacity than comparable IBM drives. And even in normal-density mode, the electronic-eject button is an important safeguard. Most important, however, the AEHD Drive represents a much-needed step away from the status quo, paving the way for new generations of improved floppy drives on the Amiga. AEHD Drive Applied Engineering 3210 Belt line Dallas, TX 75234 214 241-6060 $ 239 No special requirements. Vidi-Amiga Grab it live By John Wolfskill A REAL-1 IMF. Frame grabber, Vidi- Amiga lets you capture video images from a black-and-white or color video source (a camera, laser-disc player, or computer) and display them directly using your Amiga’s RGB monitor. The accompanying Vidi-Grab software allows you to replay a series of these lo-res (320x200), 16-color, gray-scale images as an animated sequence or store them as individual IFK-1LBM files for use with other programs. Vidi-Amiga s hardware consists of a 3' ...-inch square box with a pair of controls to fine-tune the contrast and brightness of the incoming video signal. Inside is a high-speed (6 Mhz), flash-type, four- bit converter chip that transforms the incoming analog video image into a stream of digital data. 1 he data is temporarily stored in a high-speed, 32K RAM buffer before being transferred to the Amiga for processing. Because Vidi-Amiga captures low-rcsolution 16-color images, it can grab 50 frames of live or recorded video per second. The Amiga, however, can process and display the information at the rate of only three frames per second because of the data bandwidth limitations of its parallel port. An A500 with one megabyte of RAM can store a sequence of approximately 22 frames, with a capacity of 32 frames for each additional megabyte. Blocked Off Installing the Vidi-Amiga system lakes only a few minutes. You attach the box to your Amiga's parallel port (A 1000s need a gender changer), plug the power cable into the Amiga’s external floppy drive port, then install the Vidi-Grab software. For input, connect your NTSC video source to the Vidi-Amiga hardware via a standard video cable with male phono connectors at both ends. Although A500 and A1000 owners won’t have a problem, many A2000 and A2500 owners will. The box blocks the A2000’s video connector, which makes attaching your RGB monitor cable impossible unless your A2000 is equipped with a video card in the video expansion slot. Also, the Vidi-Amiga hardware has no pass-through connector for parallel data and control signals, so you'll need to buy a switch box if von also want to use a parallel printer. With the hardware setup complete, load and run Vidi-Grab. 1 be program s VCR-style controls are intuitive and easy to use. Simply by clicking, you can grab and store a sequence of video frames, protect any captured frame in the sequence from being overwritten by subse-1 a-***' Ve 0, % x i. V s and 19 area. S* ¦ ¦ "A ve wiounti ¦-•Ad. IV .r.’ v. ¦ %’H 'te, fcJ- ate ’v; quent grabs, adjust the playback speed, and save frames and sequences to disk. The image-editing options include a clipboard to cut and paste portions of frames and a quantize option that permits you to copy frames to unused locations within the sequence. After you’ve captured and stored a sequence of frames, you can manipulate them using the program's editing and control options. Win is an overlay function that lets you record a video sequence as a partial screen window within an existing sequence. The Pal option allows you to reassign frames individually to one of the program's nine adjustable, 16-color palettes. Mixed Reception The first sequence of frames I captured came out ghostly. Light and dark blobs of pixels covered large areas of each frame. After checking mv Amiga and the video source for potential problems. I called American Software Distributors (the US marketers of Vidi-Amiga). The representative told me that technical support was available only from Rombo Productions, the European manufacturer. A lengthlv overseas call yielded no solution. Later, I discovered a misad- justed scan-width set screw was the culprit. Although the manual identifies the small recessed screw on the case’s side, it doesn’t explain that incorrect adjustment can cause blotching. With the Vidi-Amiga hardware up to speed, 1 began to see some value in the system. Without muss or fuss. I grabbed several live sequences, saved them as IFF-1LBM files, loaded the individual frames into DeluxePaint III (Electronic Arts), and assembled them as AN1M files. Although the frames Vidi-Amiga generates are not of sufficiently high quality for serious production work, you can enhance their sharpness and clarity considerably by converting them to hi-res in DeluxePaint. I also tested Vidi-Amiga with Vidi- Chrome, an optional S39.95 software package that lets you produce 4096- color HAM images using the Vidi-Amiga hardware. To process a color image, you point a black-and-white camera at a stationary object, then hold one of the supplied filter squares (red, green, or blue) in front of the camera lens. The Vidi- Amiga hardware grabs a single frame of information from the source and stores it in RAM. You repeal the process for each of the three color planes, and then select the Create HAM option from the program menu to build a HAM image. However, after several days of experimenting with various video cameras, lighting conditions, and a multitude of brightness, contrast. And program settings, I could not produce what I considered an acceptable image. I ended up with mixed feelings about Vidi-Amiga. Unacceptable Yidi-Chronie software aside, the system worked essentially as advertised. If vou like to experiment with video and animation, it has much potential lor a reasonable price, but if you’re looking for a dependable and easy-to-use system that lets you quickly grab and process high-quality color images, 1 suggest you dig deeper into your poc ket and look elsewhere. Vidi-Amiga Rornbo Productions Livingston, Scotland 0505-11-1631 SI 99.95 Xo special require me nt s. Distributed in the US by: American Software Distributors 502 E. Anthony Dr. Urbana, IE 61801 217 384-2050 800 225-794 I ADAPT The Rolls Royce of assemblers By Bryce Nesbitt IF FEATURES ARE what you want in a 68000 assembler, ADAPT (Amiga Developer’s Assembly Programming Toolkit) is the one to buy. It is the most featureladen of all such packages currently on the market. While most assemblers support only the original 68000 processor, ADAPT supports all current 68000-series microprocessors and coprocessors, including the 68000, 68010, (>8020, and 68030, the 68881 and 68882 floating-point coprocessors, and the (>8030 and (>8851 Memory Management Units. Developer Lake Forest Logic is even working on support for the 68040 proccssor-a chip not yet available for sale. ADAPT was written by the author of the CAPE 68K assembler package from IXOYAtionics. (CAPE and six other assemblers were reviewed on p. 16, Oct.
88. ) Not surprisingly, ADA PI starts where CAPE left off. What's Here Like the CAPE assembler, ADAPTs ? The Malibu Board "SCSI Controller and Catalina Ram expansion daughterboard.
• A mounted hard disk and up to 8MB in
o single A2000 slot
• Comprehensive installation software
• Ram in 2, 4, and 8MB combinations on the Catalina Card
• Malibu Board $ 229.95
• Catalina Card $ 99.95 Circle 41 on Reader Sendee card 1990 Logical Desgn Works. Inc All rights reserved Prices subject 10 change without notice The Bodega Bayu modular expansion console.
• 4 Amiga 2000 slots
• 3 PC XT AT slots (overlap with Amiga slots)
• 3 drive bays
• A 200W power supply with fan
• Full A2000 compatibility*
• $ 349.95 introductory price
• Video and co-processor upgrade options coming soon. Contact your local dealer for more details or call (408) 378-0340 Your Access To The Future HX68 assembler, the heart of'the package, supports a bewildering array of options and switches. Highlights include base-register addressing, direct executable generation, overloading regular instructions with macros, direct binary generation and the ability to pre-assem- ble include files for greater speed of assembly. 11X68 supports a healthy set of code optimizations, which allows the assembler to automatically choose the best way to generate your code. Hlink is a small, fast, limited-capabil- itv linker. It supports most of the features that assembly programmers need, without the overhead or speed penalty inherent in the Alink and Blink linkers that other products employ. (Although ADAP T fully supports Alink and Blink, these are not part of the package.) With Hlink. Von miss out on overlays, some Table 1, ADAPT-able vitals. The following chart gives you ADAPT S vital statistics at a glance. For those wishing to compare ADAPT to the seven assemblers covered in the Oct. 88 issue. I used the same test file to clock assembly speed and listed the same criteria used in that chart. Please note that although 68030 support is not listed (that processor was not available at the time of the '88 review), ADAPT does offer it. Base relative code? Y Linkable code? Y Direct to executable? Y Absolute code? Y 68010 processor? Y 68881 floating point? Y 68020 processor? Y Optimize backward branches? Y Optimize forward branches? N* Debugging symbols? Y Debugger at base price? N Speed (in seconds} 15 Temporary labels? Y Listing flexibility good Chip and or fast RAM control? Y Estimated compatibility** 99% Documentation fair Minimum ‘'working" size 80K
* gives a warning for non-optimal branches but does not fix them
* * with Metacomco standard map-file options, prelinking, and batching ability, hut gain the power to output in S-Record format, a standard used in PROM programming. You can control both 11X68 and Hlink via Arexx. H Prof is a run-time profiler designed to help optimize code for speed. It wakes up every few milliseconds to record the part of the code that's executing. When your program finishes, 11 Prof prints out statistics. Unfortunately, H Prof has some severe limitations. For example, only samples within the first hunk of a program are counted; large complex applications do not profile. Also, Hprof shows onlv your code; statistics lor operating- system functions are not possible. Hprof is the only part of ADAPT that does not function under Amiga DOS 2.0. PM A, the Program Module Analyzer, allows you to examine the insides of any object file or executable program. It provides options to dump CODE. DALA. And 68000 instruction timings, and to analyze the hunk structure oi files. And Whats Not Unlike the CAPE pac kage, ADAPT does not include a text editor. This should not present much of a handicap, however, as most programmers already have a favorite editor. You can control the assembler from any editor that supports Arexx. The manual has a spiral binding that allows it to lie Mat on the table. On the inside, however, ii needs work or at least an index. I found myself constantly searching, page after page, for the information I needed. One optimization feature conspicuously missing from 11X68 is the ability to automatically turn long forward branches into short forward branches. This means you must either spend a lot of time fiddling with the As" specifier on branches or live with bigger code. While 11X68 does point out which branches can he improved, it does not perform the action. All in All. .. Lake Forest Logic provides support for ADAPT on the BIX and People Link electronic networks and also on their direct- dial BBS (bulletin-board system). Although the Lake Forest BBS was busy when I tried it, response to my queries on BIX was quick and satisfying, l he documentation promises an ADAPT Extras disk, filled with examples and utilities, upon return of the registration card. The assembler performed well in all tests, never crashing, corrupting data, or assembling code incorrectly. I used O ' j ADAPT to assemble several large projects, including a large chunk of the Amiga system ROM, and detected no er-
o J rors or problems. The extended processor support works satisfactorily, too; other assemblers I have tested often assemble the more obscure extended instructions incorrectly or confuse new and old addressing modes. ADAPT is a mature and stable product. It provides everything you are likely to need in an assembler package. If you plan working heavily with assembly language, or if von have outgrown your present assembler, ADAPT is a sale choice. ADAPT Lake Forest Logic 28101 Ballard Rd., Unit E Lake Forest, IL (>0045 708 816-6666 SI 19.95 Xo special requirements. TV*Show 2 The second general ion strikes out on its own By Gary Ludwick IF THE NAME sounds familiar, it is. TV*Show was a slicle-show program included in the original TV*Text titling package. Free no more. TY*Show 2 is now a much more sophisticated program with a huge variety ol eilects and controls, and the "slide show” label doesn’t begin to do it justice. Cut to Wide Overview While slide-show programs are mostly limited to presenting graphic images in succession, TY*Show 2 goes much further. Not only can it display any IFF graphic file, hut it also handles Anim5 animations (produced by DeluxePaim III from Electronic Arts and other pro-*- exus is a unique combination of state-of-the-art hardware and software designed to meet your current and future storage needs. The Nexus features a high performance SCSI interface, 4 megabytes of memory expansion, space for a 3.5" hard drive and the most complete storage software ever assembled. The Nexus is fully compatible with Amiga 2000 and 3000 series computer systems, the PC Bridgeboard and the A-Max emulator. Easy To Install You can install Nexus in your Amiga in a matter of minutes. To make the installation completely effortless, Nexus includes intuitive configuration software. The easy to follow instructions take you step-by-step to a successful installation. 1-800 Customer Service When you need help for any reason, we are just a toll-free phone call away. When you call you will talk to a knowledgeable person who cares about you and who will go to any length to assure your satisfaction. Exclusive 5 Year Warranty Nexus is superbly engineered and uses only the finest components to give you many years of trouble free operation. We stand behind our products by offering an exclusive 5 year v arranty on parts and labor. Focus On Storage Systems By focusing our development exclusively on storage systems, v e deliver complete storage solutions and not just a hodgepodge of hardware components. Nexus Hardware A high degree of component integration allows the Nexus to combine a SCSI interface, a 3.5" hard drive and 4 megabytes of memory on a single card. Mounting your 3.5' hard drive directly on the card leaves your drive bay open for future expansion. High Performance SCSI Interface Nexus uses an innovative SCSI design, giving you the vast storage of a hard disk, while simultaneously approaching the speed of a RAM disk. Imagine reading from your hard disk the equivalent of an
880. 000 b te Amiga diskette in less than one second. Memory Expansion Nexus gives your application software more room to work by adding 2 or 4 megabytes of memory to your Amiga. You can add memory to the card using easy to install single in-line memory modules (SIMMs). Save a valuable expansion slot by avoiding the use of a dedicated memory card. Unlimit€!d Storage Options Nexus lets you make the right choice for your storage needs by supporting a variety of SCSI drives including streaming tape, removable cartridge, erasable optical, DAT and CD-ROM. Nexus Software Nexus is more than just a superb piece of hardware. Nexus includes the most complete storage software available tor the Amiga. FlashBack Protect your valuable data by performing regular backups using our convenient FlashBack software. FlashBack lets you select files for backup using the mouse and can save files to any storage device including ciskette and streaming tape. PowerBench With its intuitive user interface, PowerBench lets you take charge of your Amiga. Click on a graphics file to see it, a sound file to play it, a text file to read it and that’s only the beginning. SmartCache Intelligent caching improves performance and extends the life of your hard drive. SmartCache speeds up data access by using a specified portion of memory to store frequently used information. Spool It Any data sent to the printer is captured and saved on disk. Spoollt prints the data in the background while you continue to use your application software. DiskSurgeon Undelete a file that was accidentally deleted. Do a media analysis to locate and map out bad blocks or potentially bad blocks. Improve hard disk performance by reorganizing the disk to remove fragmentation and to make fiies contiguous. InstantFormat Our formatting and partitioning software sets a new standard for ease of use. With the click of a few buttons you can format any SCSI hard drive instantly. MemoryDoctor Memory diagnostic software verities the proper operation ot your expansion memory. The MemoryDoctor program uses a graphics display to show which components, it any, need to be replaced. Order Nexus Today The Nexus hardware software package is an outstanding value at a retail price of $ 349. Nexus is available from your local dealer or by calling 1-800-878-0010. Dealer inquiries invited. Nexus options include Sidewinder 250, HardPack 44, LaserDrive, SubSystem SCSI, Advanced Hard Drives and Advanced Accessories. A Division of Preferred Technologies, Inc. 14540 East Beltwood Parkway Dallas, Texas 75244 U.S.A. Telephone (214) 702-9191 Facsimile (214) 702-9203 Sales (800) 878-0010 Customer Sen ice (800) 878-6006 Nexus. FtashBock. PowerBench, SmartCoche, Spoollt, DiskSurgeon. InstantFormat, MemcrvDoctor. SubSystem SCSI, Sidewinder 250, HmdPack 44. LaserDrive. Advanced Hard Drives, Advanced Accessories and Advanced Storage Systems are trademarks of Preferred Technologies, inc. All other producl names aie trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective companies R E V I E N S grams) and integrates free-standing, sound-effect files. In addition, the program can harness the Amiga’s internal speech capability to provide spoken narration for your presentation. TV*Show works on the basis of a script that the program generates as you make choices in Editor mode. In simplest terms, you begin by creating an “event”: the selection of a single picture, an object (brush), an animation, color cycling, a program or animation loop, or the assignment of an action to one of the Amiga’s function keys. Once you have chosen an event, an editing window opens to let you determine how that event arrives on the screen and leaves it, how long it remains there, which sound effects or speech will accompany the event, and color cycling. You can even select delays between the events. While that description adds up to just one paragraph of words, it represents more power and flexibility than has ever been available before. Fade to Closeups The two aspects of editing that best illustrate the power of TV*Show are its Transitions menu and its sound capabilities. Looking almost identical to a televi- sion-studio switcher board, TY*Show’s Transition menu offers more choices than Brigham Young had wives. On the left third of the panel are gadgets for r YOUR TURM TV*Show 2 is a great companion to TV*Text. The two programs interface well together, and both are friendly. TY*Show 2 is fairly intuitive and nicely laid out. I had it up and running in 30 minutes, and almost didn't need the documentation to learn the software. The manual serves very well as a reference for the program’s finer details, but could benefit from greater detail and more examples. I would also like to see more transitions, including finer dissolves. For the work I do, I don't need anything tremendously powerful. TV*Show 2 suits me well. I use it all the time! Joe Rose So7i(a Maria, CA eight varieties of whole-screen pushes, reveals, rolls, and wipes, plus Cut and Fade boxes. The center section offers a choice of 25 pattern wipes from checkerboard to Venetian blinds that introduce or clear the image. Finally, 12 symbols in the upper-right third of the panel allow you to move objects from any edge of the screen to the center. That's a lot of effects, and each is completely programmable in terms of speed and duration. .Although the speech and SFX (sound- effccts) controls are not as extensive as those for visual effects, their capabilities bring a new dimension to slide-show programming. Choose the Soundtrack icon from the Edit menu, and you are taken to a soundtrack-editing facility. For spoken narration, you must import words into a speech file from a text editor or word processor in ASCII format. The soundtrack editor allows full control over playback speed and volume and, in the case of spoken text, lets you choose a male or female voice and select either expressive or robot-like delivery. As with graphic images, you can loop or repeat sound effects any number of times. Although you can synchronize sound tracks with images and animations, the Amiga’s internal priority for images over sounds can cause occasional problems, both for synchronization and for playback quality. A little care in planning, however, can overcome this hardware limitation. Playback TY*Show can handle images in any combination of resolution, overscan and screen depth, including HAM and Extra Halfbrite modes; the only limitations appear to be chip memory and taste! You can either time playback or advance the frames manually by using the mouse or function keys. In fact, you can even use function keys within the scripting process to provide an interactive video function that lets viewers decide which sections of the video show they wish to sec. With a little practice and a genlock, you can also use TV*Show in a video-editing session as a special-effects generator and video switcher. Using color 0 as a transparent background, vou can animate charts, graphs, titles, and even captions over live video with relative ease. TV*Show is not nearly as easy to use or as intuitive in its interface as Elan Performer, another very good image-display program. But while Performer lacks transitions and effects, TV*Show is teeming with them. TV*Sh nv also earns high praise for its power, flexibility, and sound capabilities. .As usual, you pay for power 1 like TV*Show 2 very much. I'm a video producer, and find it nice for the kinds of titling I do. It’s also easy to use. It tends to crash a little more than the first version, but it has so many more features that I don’t really consider that a problem. TV*Show and TV*Text, Zuma's text generator, work well together; in fact, you really need TV*Text to make effective use of TV*Show. Curtis Cox New Orleans, L Continued on p, 12 Check the fax. You’ll choose a DataLink™ 1U H H! V 0 u hi h n t s [•¦¦I t»M %**M* *3 SONY i i A .t 2000 cations by delivering unparalleled reliability and unmatched technical excellence. Combine the raw power of your Amiga with the utility of a modem and the indispensable conven ience of a fax machine - and you’ve got a DataLink Send-Fax™ modem from Applied Engineering. Send faxes directly from your Amiga’s screen* without ever printing a “hard copy” of the information. The exclusive AE Send-Fax™ software Installs itself as a printer option in “Preferences”. Faxes can then be sent as simply as printing. Or even easier with our programmable “Hot Key”. Go back to what you were doing, while AE Send-Fax operates in the background, or watch progress in an unobtrusive window. You’ll automatically receive a report when the fax is completed. Compile your own fax-number phonebook for instantaneous dialing. Preview your faxes even program AE Send-Fax to send faxes to entire distribution lists. And you can fax to lengthy distribution lists late at night, when rates are lowest. The next day a report confirms your faxes were received. Best of all, AE Send-Fax comes with the finest modems you can buy the DataLink series; 2400 bps modems that redefine the art of telecommuni- The result? Standard features like complete communications software included free, full Hayes AT compatibility, asychronous data format, auto answer, non-volatile memory, automatic tone and pulse dialing, remote access, built-in diagnostics, FCC certified designs, free tech support, five year warranties and more. And upgradeability to MNP-5 with 4800 bps throughput speeds and error-free data transfer. DataLink 2000™ (top) is an internal 2400 bps modem for A2000 3000 series machines. It can be configured with the MNP-5 Send-Fax package or either option individually. DataLink Express™ (bottom) works externally with ALL personal computers and features another AE exclusive, our “Line Engaged” indicator to show a shared phone line is in use. The MNP-5 data compression and error correction option must be present on DataLink Express in order to include AE Send-Fax. Order today! To order or for more information, see your dealer or call (214) 241-6060 today, 9 am to 11 pm, 7 days. Or send check or money order to
(214) 241-6060
P. O. Box 5100 1,1X75001 MasterCard, VISA and GOT), i, Texas residents add 8 j 4% sales tax. Add SlOoutsiieU.SA DataLink 2000 ....$ 159 w MNP-5 ..$ 189 AE Send-Fax™ option .$ 39 DataLink Express ......$ 249 w MNP-5 ... $ 299 w MNP-5 and AE Send-Fax $ 349 AE Send-Fax (field upgrade requires MNP-5) .$ 79 ?REQUIRES KICKSTART VERSION 1.3 OR LATER Quick text design changes are accomplished with Professional Page' style tagging. An unlimited number of style tags may be defined spec ifying font, style, size, line spacing, tracking, baseline shift, justification, kerning and hyphenation. Put a new angle on text, bitmaps and structured graphics with Professional Page's box rotation feature. Rotate a box at any angle either numerically or with the mouse. A tilt in the right direction can give documents added pizzazz. Customize text with greater control over letter and word spacing. And, as always. Professional Page supports AGFA Compugraphic fonts, allowing for smooth, jaggie-free output at any point size to any printer. Automatic page numbering is easy with Professional Page 2.0 because you can insert the current page number at any point you specify in the text. And this is automatically updated when the page number is changed. A built-in word processor provides for quick text writing and editing and includes a 90.000 word spell checker. Professional Page 2.0 The serious desktop publishing tool. 1 kj kc A1 c n aucosssrui bnx.hure, newsletter document, vou need 1 Mr nw w-1 desktop publishing tool whi equipped to handle ‘he pnxess from inspimtion to ppxiuotmn print. VlhG'dd Disk's Professional Page 2.U in yw oomer. You are assured of ex '.epti'Uial Ivpograplik ¦..•Mitpl. ADVANCING THE ART OF Gold Disk has a publishing program that gives you more creative control over your desktop documents: Professional Page 2.0. Designed for the serious Amiga user who is concerned with sophisticated typography, color design and separation, and production control, this powerful publishing package gives you professional results. For producing simple flyers and brochures to full four color ads and magazines, Professional Page is the desktop publishing program of choice. In fact it is used by more magazines than any other package. And to get you producing professional documents quickly, we have included a free tutorial video tape in every package. Preview multiple pages on screen simultaneously. Now you can review up to six document pages at a time. Each thumbnail print details your graphic design and text positions for an overall look at your layout. Adding a splash of color is easy because of the built-in PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM.®* Selecting a color is as easy as pointing and clicking. Plus, over 65,000 defined colors are supported. And color dithering allows up to 1,000 color to be seen on screen at once. And with Professional Page 2.0 you can color separate your documents directly to film. Import and print 24 bit color files for color separation directly from Professional Page without the need for extra utilities. New owners can get version 2.0 free. If you have purchased Professional Page on or after August 1, 1990, we will send you version 2.0 free of charge when you send in proof of purchase with your registration card. DESKTOP PUBLISHING. To find out why Professional Page 2.0 is the expert's choice, see your local Amiga Dealer or call 1-800-GOLD-DSK. If you take desktop publishing seriously, we’re the ones to work with. Professional Page is the best, and the best just got better. Gold Disk,
P. O. Box 789, Streetsville. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5M 2C2. GOLD DISK Professional Page is a registered trademark ol Gold Disk Inc, Pantone. Inc's check-standard trademark for color. ILU S I RAH.n HY CATHARINE BKNNF.T1 14 Di'Ct'mbrr 1990 Nl Buying Guides Check out some valuable buyers guidelines as we rate the leading contenders in several popula r categories of Amiga software. 'hether you're shopping for ihe right program for your favorite Amiga enthusiast or just shopping around for a good buy for yourself with some extra holiday cash, check out the Amiga World Mini Buying Guides in the following pages, f or the 1990 holiday season, we have selected three popular applications areas: Graphics Video, Music, and Communications. Within each of these broad fields, we have focused on a specific product category to evaluate and compare leading software in terms of performance, price, features, and individual program strengths. In the graphics video area, we'll examine 5 Video Fonts packages that handle a variety of titling and text-overlay tasks. In the music field, we’ve singled nut 12 MIDI Sequencers that will suit the requirements of both amateur and professional Amiga musicians. Finally, well look at 10 Telecommunications programs that meet your on-line services needs. Feedback from readers has convinced us that product comparisons like these are more useful than the previous AW Buyer's Guide, which, despite being comprehensive, was able to devote only one brief line of description to each product. Therefore, we have decided to be more selective and detailed in our coverage. You have been telling us you want more product evaluations, buying advice, and comparisons of programs in terms of features, performance, and value. We’ve been listening. In addition to the three product categories presented here, we have also cited similar comparative pieces (see the box below) that have run in Amiga World in 1990, which we hope will aid you in your software and hardware buying this holiday season. Dan Sullivan More 1990 AW Product Roundups Optical Scanners “Scanning the Competition," p. 20, 1990 V ideo & Animation Special Issue Paint Programs “Gang of Four," p. 48, Spec ial Issue Genlocks “Who’s in Sync?’’ p. 54. Special Issue Video-Titling Programs “Say It With Style.” p. 92. Special Issue Image-Processing Progra ms “Global Operations,'' p. 1 12, Special Issue MIDI Editor Librarians “Patchwork,” p. 26, Mar. ’90 Word-Processing Programs “Word Power.” p. 44. Jul. '90 Archiving Utilities “Pack It In!” p. 46. Aug, '90 Animation Utilities “That Ain't All. Folks!” p. 30, Sep. '90 Video Equipment “The Studio Builder s Relerente Guide," p. 30, Oct. '90 Networking Products "Playing Closer to the Net," p. -IS, Nov. *90 Games “Top Fen Games," p. 2f>, Nov. ’90 Legends tell of a time dKn fear ruled the land. A timewltlnno man, woman or child was safcrfrom the spread of evil. A time when a fierce Demon sent his evil minions to roam through the land and make the Kingdom his own. That time is upon us once again.. You have been summoned by the King to defend the realm, rescue the Princess, and rid the Kingdom of the evil Demon before all is lost. Your quest will lead you through caves, swamps, temples and castles before reaching your ultimate challenge... the Demon himself. Wrath of the Demon combines spectacular graphics, animation, sound aiulplayability, featuring:
• 3 Megabytes of graphics data
• 600 screens of action
• 1,400 frames of animation
• over 100 monsters, some larger than half the screen
• more than 100 colors on screen
• smooth 60 frames per second, 15- level parallax scrolling for realistic 3D effect ReadySoft Incorporated, 30 Wertheim Crt, *2 Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 1B9 Tel: (416) 731-4175 Fax: (416) 764-8867 © 1990 ReadySoft Incorporated. Wrath of the Demon is a trademark of ReadySoft Incorporated Ctrde 87 on Reader Service card Video Fonts housing a well-de- signccl font set. Is an essential consideration in the creation of almost any kind of commercial work on the Amiga. Desktop video, especially, relies on the use of good- looking fonts Jot titling and text overlavs. The descriptions of five leading Amiga font collections below an l the comparison chart that follows are designed to help von select the best font packages for your video work. Although many users generally take font packages Ibr granted, the people who design them fortunately do not. An enormous amount of work goes into the creation of a set of fonts. Each letter, both upper- and lowercase, along with all of the punctuation marks and numbers, must he carefully designed. They must all have the same style and a consistent look: even small discrepancies can be perceived with little more than a casual glance. Font design requires a great deal of skill, a keen eye, and a lot of knowledge about how type should he constructed. The results of such expertise and effort are clearly evident in the best font collect ions. Masterpiece Fonts I he largest collection of fonts for the Amiga is Masterpiece Fonts, from Arock Computer Software. There are live sets, comprising 1 10 different font styles, and, unlike many collections, most ol them are acceptable for video work. (See the sidebar “Choosing Fonts for Video" for guidelines determining whether particular font sets arc appropriate lor use with video.) At $ 190 for the complete 20-disk collection, ii is the most expensive font package on the market. You do get your money’s worth, however, because you also get 144 screens of border art and two disks of brushes. While it is possible to buy the sets individually. I would never he able to decide which parts of which sets I needed most. Instead of being designed on the Amiga, the fonts were digitized and then cleaned up. To create this many fonts By Geoffrey Williams from scratch would probably have taken a lifetime. A problem with this collection, though, is its organization. There is no separation of the fonts into categories or types, so you have to flip through all live manuals to find the font you want. For instance, font 97 (the fonts are given numbers rather than names) is a negative version of font 100, with two pages separating them in the manual; they should be side by .side. I will probably wind up disassembling the manuals and reorganizing them into various categories, something that the developer should have done. Included with the disks are six manuals (one is for the border-art collection), with a printed version of the full character set of each font and instructions on assigning and moving them. ()verall, there are a lot ol Usable fonts lor the money. Skip the (InlorFonts, however, as they are poorly executed. Professional Font Library Classic Concepts’ Professional Font Library ($ 79.95) wins hands down in the category of best manual. Besides a great deal of useful information on Amiga fonts in general, it also contains specific information on using fonts with 15 different programs and on how to use fonts in programming, video, photography, and for effective printouts. The manual is well organized and provides full character-set printouts as well as a Ibnt-referencc summary and a listing ol disk contents. There is even an index! 1 wish all manuals were this well done. While most of the fonts are more appropriate to printing, there are still many you can use for video. 1 especially like the (dlmfonts, which are well designed, attractive, and useful. Some of them, however, do use colors that are too hot for video and must be adjusted. A lot of care went into the design of these fonts. They are well kerned ("kerning" refers to the spate between individual characters), and you have pixel-width control over the kerning, which is important for- making the text look balanced and properly designed. This is much easier ? Than having to cut the letters out as a brush and stamp them down to kern them. Baselines, underscores, and line spacing are all handled properly. The Classic Concepts people know fonts. Y M I I B I V I (i (i l IDES To make life easier, they have also included some very useful font utilities. Fontpath lets you assign new font directories from the Workbench. Preview shows you all the characters of a specific font. Most useful of all is Super Font Mover. Normally, when you move fonts to another disk and delete some of the sizes, you have to run Font Fixer to update them. Super Font Mover works just like a directory utility, but it automatically fixes the font for you if you do not move j j j all of the sizes. Zuma Fonts There are five volumes of Zuma Fonts (with a sixth promised by the time this article appears in print). The first three volumes come free with the Zuma Group’s TV*Text Professional video-titling program (S 169.95), or they can be purchased as a set for S59.95. A second set (Vols IV-V1) is also available at the same price. Each font style comes in both a hi-res and a me- dium-res version, and each is available in a wide range of sizes. All styles have large, bold versions suitable for video. The fonts are attractive and professionally designed. Each set comes with a six-page pamphlet that gives von basic instructions on use, but 1 would like to see t a full character-set printout ol the fonts. There is also a Font Librarian utility that lets you view, copy, and delete fonts, as well as make customized font paths. A panel of 12 buttons allows you to select customized font libraries that you create. These libraries assign only the hints and sizes you want to use. The same font directory could be set to display sizes for desktop publishing only or sizes for video only. Kara Fonts The Mercedes-Benz of the font world, Kara Fonts comprises three Color Fonts packages, every character of which is a work of art. Not only is pixel-width kerning built in, but you can also pick up most of the fonts as a brush and drag them to create three- dimensional edges. Currently available are: Headlines ($ 79.95), Headlines 2 ($ 69.95), and Subheads ($ 69.95). Each of Kara’s fonts come in two or three large sizes specifically designed for video applications. In addition, there are also three AnimFont packages ($ 49.95 each). Each consists of one complete Color Font set along with an ANIMbrush of each character. Letters in ChromeSCRIPT appear as if they had been written across the screen. Bullion has each letter rotate towards you as a glint of light streaks across the face. Capsule is a rounded font that appears in a sparkle of glims. They are unique, beautiful, and I would not want to be without them. Gold Disk Type: Video Series Deciding what fonts to include in a package is tricky. Providing many different sizes takes up a lot of disk Choosing Fonts for Video THERE ARE A few simple rules for determining whether a font is suitable for video. Most important, it must be big enough to be easily read from a distance. Move several feet away from your monitor and see if the text is still legible. Most fonts smaller than 20 pixels in height are too tiny to be used in video work. The other rule is to avoid fonts with single- pixet-width lines. The fine detail may be lost, and the thin lines will cause annoying flicker. There are simple techniques, however, to make even unacceptable fonts work. Type in your text in DeluxePaint, pick it up as a brush, then move it down one pixel and stamp it again. As you can see on the left side of Figure 1, this fattens ABCDEF SS0'S)!A (Z ABCDEF §g = ) S}ffi2 Figure 1. Examples of fattening up certain fonts too fine to be suitable for video work. Up the horizontal lines and makes them a lot more legible. In an outline font. Such as the one on the right in Figure 1, you can pick up your text as a brush and use the o key to fatten up all of the lines. For fonts with fine detail, where these techniques will not work, you can always fatten up the thin lines by hand. It is much easier, of course, to use a font that works well with video in the first place. Certain ColorFonts may employ color settings that use illegal NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) colors, which creates problems when transferring them to video. A general rule is that all the color settings in your palette should be set to 12 or lower (except for grays). You may have to adjust the ColorFonts to get acceptable video colors. ? GW PERFORMANCE... Saxon Publisher The inevitable product of development with efficiency foremost in mind. Its quality has made it the first desktop publisher to be certified compatible under Workbench 2.0 while its advanced capabilities have attracted a loyal following of satisfied customers: "...Saxon Publisher is by far. The best desktop publishing program to use in any professional setting. Not only is it the fastest and most dependable, but it also provides the highest quality, most accurate color separations of any Amiga program...Technical support has always been excellent. " Mike Gritten, Technical Director, Visual Effects, Inc. " The combination of Saxon and ProVector™ gives the Amiga just what it needs, and though I own all of the publishing programs, I'm using Saxon almost exclusively. With an AegisDtaw or Xcad import module and more fonts, I could free up a lot of hard disk space by deleting PageStream, ProPage, and CilyDesk...Congratulations on an outstanding first effort! " Mark Needham, graphic designer, Good Idea!, Inc. " Thank you for an excellent desktop publishing product. I've used Saxon Publisher for a week now and have been very impressed with both its power and ease of use. It has many of the features I've long waited for in a DTP program on the Amiga. The use of text and style tags alone would be worth the cost of the program. ... I was especially impressed by the clarity of the Monologue and Colorlogue files. It is rare to see clear and well-commented PostScript prologues. Obviously somebody in your organization cares about this product. ” Joseph Simunac, Kansas City, Mo. Currently available is Version 1.1, a substantial improvement to an already exceptional program, incorporating such new features as Pantone and CMYK color selection, variable tabs, point and pica measurement, automatic hyphenation and an intelligent approach to manual kerning. The first quarter of 1991 will see Saxon Publisher Version 1.2, with full dot matrix and Compugraphic support, an integrated text editor and proprietary PostScript compression routines for faster output. Trade-In Offer With a host of powerful support products to be released throughout 1991, there has never been a better time to make the switch to Saxon Publisher. Until January 10, 1991, registered users of any other Amiga desktop publisher, i.e., Professional Page, Page Stream, City Desk, etc., have the opportunity to upgrade to Saxon Publisher for only $ 199 ° at less than half of the suggested list price! Please contact us directly for more information about this special, limited-time offer. For additional information about Saxon Publisher, please write to us or give us a call. Enclose $ 2.00 in your correspondence to cover shipping and handling (refundable with purchase), and we'll also send you a copy of our self-running demonstration program. Commodore AMIGA 3000 Saxon Industries 14 Rockcress Gardens, Nepean, Ontario, Canada. K2G 5A8 Phone: (613) 228-8043 Fax: (613) 563-9596 Saxon Publisher is a trademark ol Saxon Industries. All oilier products incnlions'd in this advcrliscmcnl arc I he property ol llicir respective owners. Circle 18 on Reader Service card. Mmmm Video-Titling Tips and Tricks IT IS DIFFICULT to make single-color fonts stand out when they are genlocked over a live video background. Fortunately, there are a number of simple techniques you can use in DeluxePaint III to make your text eye-catching. The simplest method is to pick up the text as a brush, select a contrasting color from the palette, and press the o key. This puts an outline around your text in the selected color. Remember that single- pixel-width lines do not show up well in video, so press the o key at least twice. You will be amazed at how much more readable your text becomes. Drop shadows and three-dimensional edges can also help. Pick up the text as a brush and press F2 (Color mode); then select the color of your choice. Stamp the colored text onto the screen and press FI to restore it to its original color. Depending upon how much you offset the original text when you stamp it down, it will appear as either a drop shadow or a 3-D extrusion. Another interesting effect is to use hollow text and give it outlines. Pick up your text as a brush and hold the Shift key down as you press the o key. This removes a single-pixel width from around the text. Do this two or three times. Press F2 and select a contrasting color. Line up the reduced text over your original so that it is centered, and stamp it down using the right mouse button. This stamps the text down in the background color, cutting out the center of the text. To create a neon effect, pick up the hollow text as a brush and outline it with light- to-dark shades of blue. Color Fonts show up much better against a busy background than monocolor fonts, but most take up the first eight colors in your palette. What do you do if you want to use two different ColorFonts with entirely different palettes? It’s easy. Load in the first eight- color font and use its palette. Exchange all of the font colors with colors in the next color row in the Palette requester. The font colors oil screen will be all messed up, but go to the Picture menu and select the Remap option under Change Color. After a second or two, your on-screen font colors will be restored, but their position in the palette will not change. This frees up the first eight palette positions. Load the next eiglu-color font, use its colors, and they will be placed in those freed-up palette positions without affecting the palette positions of your first font. ? GW space, and, while one large size that can be reduced seems a good idea, lontsdonot always resize properly. Identical letters may come out slightly dilferetu when picked up as a brush and reduced. Using the li key to reduce them ( to hall size) is the only way to ensure that proportions are properly maintained. Gold Disk may have a better solution: Conipu- graphic fonts. Two Compugraphic font sets are included with I he latest version (1.3 -2.0 is sc heduled for release by the time this appears} of the company’s Professional Page (S395). And it has recently released several collections for individual purchase. Rather ? Smooth Titling Moves: Antialiasing RESOLUTION IN VIDEO does not allow for absolutely straight, angled lines and smooth curves, so many fonts will have a jagged appearance (as in the magnified example in the top part of Figure
2) . The method used to make these jagged curves and angles look smooth is a process called antialiasing. Additional pixels of color merging from the font color to the background color are added, blurring the edges of the font into the background. It fools the eye and makes the font look smooth. You can antialias any font in Deluxe- Paint III. The simplest way is to add a range of colors between the font color and BC BC BC A8C ABC ABC Figure 2. Antialiasing smooths out fonts with jagged edges caused by poor resolution. The background color and use Dpaint's Smooth function. Phis does serve to reduce the apparent thickness of the font, and if it is used over the entire font, as you see in the middle part of Figure 2, the text tends to look blurry. Use antialiasing only on jagged lines; leave the straight, nonjagged lines alone. The bottom part of Figure 2 was done bv hand, i used two colors between black (background) and white (text). I added the lighter color (closest to the text color) on top of each jagged pixel. 1 then placed the darker color next to the lighter pixel. ?
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- . .¦ - .. .: -- . . . - ¦ * GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA T9406 • For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Deafer inquiries welcome. Dealers Circte 245 on Reader Service Card Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Consumers Cirde 127 on Reader Service Card VIDEO FONTS CojVJPARJSOjJ NAME OF SET Professional Font Library Masterpiece Fonts Zuma Fonts (l-lll and IV-VI) Kara Fonts (6 sets) Gold Disk Type: Video Series MANUFACTURER Classic Concepts Arock Zuma Kara Gold Disk PRICE $ 79.95 $ 199 $ 59.95 $ 49.95-579.95 $ 59.95 Complete set Complete set Per set ot three Per set Complete set FEATURES Total Fonts 68 120 15 28 3 Video Fonts* 17 100 15 28 3 Color Fonts 13 10 0 28 0 Sizes Per Font 2-7 1 6 2-3 Unlimited Point Size Range 7-88 78-160 12-100 55-104 Unlimited Full Sample Printouts? Yes Yes No No Yes Font Utilities? Yes No Yes No Yes Adjustable Letter Spacing? Yes No No Yes No RATINGS** Design 9 9 7 10 10 Aesthetic 9 4 8 10 10 Documentation Excellent Good Good Very Good Good NOTES:
* Fonts designed specifically for video. Some fonts, although designed for printing, serve perfectly well for use in video. Fairly simple techniques exist to make some other nonvideo fonts acceptable. For more information, see the sidebars Choosing Fonts for Video” and ‘‘Video-Titling Tips and Tricks,” as well as the individual sections on each font.
* * The “Design” and “Aesthetic” ratings are based on the evaluations of Ernie Potvin. A professional font designer for over 30 years. The Design rating is based on the percentage of fonts that follow basic rules of typographic design with 10 being best. The Aesthetic rating is based on the designer’s overall choice of fonts, execution, and variety with 10 again being best. Documentation quality was rated on the amount of useful information provided on using the fonts in general and with specific programs as well as on clarity and layout. Than bitmapped, these fonts are created from outlines that can he rescaled and rendered on screen with a minimum of jaggics. I he look well in am size. The Gold Disk Type: Video Series (Sa9.9o) is a set ol three Gomptigraphic fonts that Gold Disk suggests for video work: Fulura 11 Bold. ( Jarendon, and o Doin Casual. It also includes a utility that will scale and convert am of the fonts into bitmap Amiga fonts that can be used with DduxcPainl III (SI I9.95. Electronic Arts). Fhe advantage of this approach is I hat vou can make am size font vou need as ou need it. Any of the other C'ompugraphic font sets can be used as well. Gompugraphit fonts are more expensive than standard bitmap fonts, and consecjtientb there is a smallei selection to choose from. I'here aie no colored ot ornate louts. Ijecau.se tbe are designed primariK for print. Fven so, thev are a very useful addition to your font collection, especially as they can he used as bitmap Amiga fonts, down-loadable Post script fonts, and scalable sc reen fonts for Professional Page. 42 December I van In summarv. I would c hoose Kara fonts as the best designed and a ¦‘must-have.*’ I he* Professional font o
I. ibrarv isa good choice il'von want a well-documented variet of' professional!) Designed lonts. Including smaller si es and video lonts. Some* ol its (.olorfonts have t he design si l ength of Kara fonts, and the utilities O Ct included in the package are most useful. Fhe Masterpiece Fonts collection suffers from poor organization and too mam' similar fonts, hut vou still get a lot overall, tuna fonts includes a number ol i lassie fonts and oilers a wide varietx of sizes and versions designed lor medium-res. Its fontLibrarian in Hit alone is almost worth the cost of the disk. 1 lie ( old I )isk Video Series prov ides high-quality, scalable lotus that work well w hen vou need a variety of sizes m am i es >Iution. ¦ (,tu> n Williams is Executive Producer f or C.reatrve Business (unnnnuiicahon and head of the Amiga I idco-(>raphu's (,ui d. L 'n e In him r o Amiga World Editorial Dept., SO Elm St.. IV 1 thorough, XII 01 IS. O longer is the Amiga the orphan of the computer music field. It is now well supported by music software companies, and any Amiga user puttin g together a computer-music system has a selection of first-class software from which to choose. MIDI Sequencers The most important software item is a good MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) sequencer iliat will handle the demands you put on your own particular system. I low sophisticated or how basic your needs are will determine what features and functions you require from your sequencer. The chart that follows offers a fairly exhaustive comparison of 12 Amiga MIDI sequencers, covering a broad range of prices and capabilities from the professional-level Master Tracks Pro at $ 395 to the entrv-level MRS at $ 39. Before we go on, however, let's define exactly what we mean by a sequencer: It is basically a program with which you can record MIDI data (notes, controllers, and so forth) either in real or step time and then manipulate that data in order to realize a musical performance that utilizes MIDI-controllable sound sources. The real-time qualification knocks a few old standbys (Sonix and Deluxe Music, for instance) out of the running, because they cannot record in real time and thus cannot be considered sequencers by contemporary standards. Because sequencers deal with music, a medium that is by nature difficult to categorize, the sequencers themselves are often difficult to compare. This is evident in the drastically different approaches to the art of music making taken by the programmers of these 12 sequencers. Despite this, however, we have managed to come up with quite a number of features basic and not so basic that can be compared across the board. (See the sidebar “About the Chart” for information about some of these comparative features that may need to have further clarification.) Sequencer Hit Parade Although the chart is there to help you make up vour own mind about which sequencer is best for you, let me sum up my own findings and make some recommendations. Of the 12 sequencers, I consider Bars and Pipes (Blue Ribbon Bakery), KCS 3.0 and KCS 3.0 Level'll (Dr. Ts Music- Soft ware), Master Tracks Pro (PassPort Design), and Music-X (MicroIllusions) to be professional-level products. My co-favorites are KCS and Master Tracks, although the two are very different. Master Tracks is graphically based, very easy to use, and powerful. KCS, especially Level II, is more powerful but not as easy to use. A strong plus in KCS’s favor is its MPE (Multi-Program Environment). Any number of MPE-compatible programs can run concurrently, such as the AutoMix animated-fader program, the Copyist notation program, and a wide array of patch editor librarians. This is an important factor to consider if you want to put together a large-scale system. I also like Bars and Pipes, and it is my first choice for “fun” projects. It does most of what the others do, but in a dramatically different way. Its pipeline mechanism is enjoyable to work with, and it allows for such advanced features as nondestructive real-time editing. It would be my last choice, however, if I were under a deadline, because its open-ended design results in a kind of fragmentation that I find distracting. Although I don't like its sequencer at all, Music-X has powerful mapping and zoning features that help in a five Amiga performance. In the entry-level category, Tiger Cub (Dr, Ts) and Trax (PassPort) are both excellent programs graphically Text continued on p. 46 By Steve Quinzi About the Chart SOME OF THE categories in the chart may need clarification. Type, for example. Refers to the basic approach that each sequencer takes to recording MIDI data. Some use the drum-machine, or “Pattern” approach, in which segments of music are recorded separately and then chained together to create a song. Others use the tape-recorder, or “Linear” approach, where MIDI data is recorded beginning to end in the same way that audio signals are recorded by a conventional tape recorder. Texture is at one end of the spectrum as a completely pattern-oriented sequencer, while Master Tracks Pro is at the other as a linear sequencer. KGS. On the other hand, implements both approaches thoroughly. The Number of Tracks offered by a sequencer can be misleading; a large number of available tracks is not necessarily any more useful than a moderate number, because there are limits to how much simultaneous information the MIDI data stream can support. Resolution, the number of pulses that subdivide the quarter note, is also a black hole of sorts. Some people feel that any resolution higher that 240 pulses per quarter note (ppq) is negated by the limited speed of MIDI. I do agree that the difference made by a higher resolution is a subtle one. But if I can get a higher resolution, I prefer it. As for sequencer file types, the most versatile programs allow you to save and load entire songs or parts of songs, such as tracks or sequences. Rather than list every file type supported by every sequencer (which would take up too much space in the chart), I confined this category to whether the sequencer supports SMF (the Standard MIDI File format). The most unifying idea to come along in a while. SMF allows you to load files done on one sequencer into any other sequencer that supports the format. A sequencer that supports SMF will keep you musically compatible with the rest of the world. ? SEQUENCER Bars & Pipes KGS 3.0 KCS 3.0 II MANUFACTURER Blue Ribbon Bakery Dr. Ts Dr. Ts PRICE $ 299.00 $ 275.00 $ 375.00 Type Linear, Pattern Linear, Pattern Linear, Pattern No. Of Tracks Unlimited 48 48 Resolution (ppq) 192 Adj. To 384 Adj. To 384 Supports SMF? Yes Yes Yes IFF Samples? Yes Yes Yes SysEx Messages? No Yes Yes SYNC Ext. MIDI (SP)? Yes Yes Yes MTC? Yes No No SMPTE? No Yes6 Yes Multitask MIDI? Yes Yes Yes Keyboard Shortcuts Moderate Extensive Extensive MIDI Remote Control? Yes Yes2 Yes9 Qwerty Keyboard? No No No Multiple Meters? Yes Yes Yes Multi-Channel Record? Yes Yes Yes Rechannet? Yes Yes Yes Auto Locate 2 cue points 6 cue loops 6 cue loops Go to Meas. Go to Meas. Auto Punch? Yes Yes Yes TRACK Solo Mute? Yes Yes Yes Group? Yes No No Tempo Range (BPM) 10-250 10-999 10-999 Graphic Editing? Yes No No Event List Editing? No Yes Yes Standard Notation? No15 No No Cut & Paste? Yes Yes Yes Extract Data? Yes Yes Yes Random Variations? Yes17 No Yes'3 Edit Macros? Yes No Yes Copy Protected? No Yes Yes NOTES: ! Uses control track to trigger sequences. 2 Sequences are single-track rather than the more typical multitrack. 3 When sync’d to other devices, the maximum resolution is 96 ppq if SoundScape is the clock source, and 48 ppq if it's the slave. 4 MIDI file conversion is done by a PD utility. Problems arise when it tries to read a file originally done at a resolution other than 192 ppq. 5 With optional patch librarian. 6 Dr. T’s hardware SMPTE synchronizer. Master Tracks Pro MIDI Magic MRS Music-X SoundScape Texture 1 Texture II Tiger Cub Trax PassPort Clrcum Design Dr. T’s Microlllusions Mimetlcs Sound Guest Sound Quest Dr. Ts PassPort $ 395.00 S149.95 $ 39.00 $ 299.95 S179.95 $ 145.00 $ 230.00 $ 99.00 $ 99.95 Linear Pattern Linear Linear, Pattern4 Linear, Pattern2 Pattern Pattern Linear Linear 64 16 8 250 Unlimited 24 24 12 64 240 Adj. To 480 Adj. To 384 192 963 Adj. To 192 Adj. To 192 Adj. To 384 240 Yes No No Yes4 No No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes5 Yes Yes Yes5 No No No No Yes Yes (no SP) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes No No No No No Yes7 No No Yes0 No No Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Moderate Moderate Moderate Extensive None Extensive Extensive Moderate Moderate Yes Yes6 Yes Yes No No No No No No No Yes No Yes No No No No Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Go to Mark. Go to Meas. None 1 cue loop 4 cue points 2 cue points Go to Pat. Go to Beat 7 Go to Pat. Go to Beat 1 cue loop Go to Meas. Go to Mark. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes'0 Mute only Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No Yes Yes Yes No 12-240 28-240 10-999 10-300 1-240 16-240 16-240 20-600 10-240 Yes No No Yes’2 No Yes'3 Yes Yes No Yes14 No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes” No No No No No No No No Yes'6 No Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes’* No Yes20 No Yes20 Yes Yes21 No No Yes No Yes No No No Yes No No No No No No No No No No No No Yes No Yes No No Yes No 15 But it can display piano-roll, style-bar shapes on a grand staff. 16 QuickScore, which comes with Tiger Cub, transcribes Cub sequences in a display-only format. 17 Rhythmic variations are available from the main program. Some of the tools can also effect some melodic and harmonic variations. 18 The PVG can vary MIDI data in almost every way imaginable. 13 Rhythmic. 20 Swing factor. 21 Velocity and after-touch. AmiiiuWorUl 4 5 About the Chart, continued SysEx refers to the ability to record system-exclusive messages* Usually associated with patch librarians, such capability can prove a very handy feature to have in a sequencer, especially if you are using it for live performance. The ability to synchronize to an external MIDI timing source with song pointer [Ext. MIDI (SP)] is essential if you want to do any kind of tape lockup. For the most time-critical applications, MTC (MIDI l ime Code) and or SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture ancl Television Engineers) Time Code support are necessary. In fact, 1 do not really consider any sequencer a professional product if it does not support either MTC. Or SMPTE. With the exception of the Pass Fort products, most sequencers allow you to Multitask MIDI applications. In most instances, this involves freeing the serial port so that another program, such as a patch editor librarian, can use it. Only KCS, however, through Dr. Ts MPE mechanism, can multitask interactively so that different MPE applications can actually run at the same time. The only other feature in the chart that might need explanation is the Random Variations category. Here 1 have included everything from a simple "swing" or "humanize” factor available on some programs, to the heady stuff offered by KCS Level II. ?
- SO. Using the Step editor (top) in Master Tracks Pro, you can Individually edit up to 64 separate tracks. In Track mode (bottom), KCS 3.0 Level II uses a similar, tape-recorder- style method to record up to 48 tracks, although KCS's Open mode allows you to combine track segments In up to 128 different combinations. Telecommunications though no radially new Amiga erminal programs iave appeared in he last year or so, quite a few existing programs have been revised and updated, streamlined, bullet-proofed, and given more features than they ever had before. As Senior Chairman (Sysop) of People Link’s Amiga Zone Clubs, I look at terminal programs as the tools of my trade, and 1 am always on the prowl for any program that will help me do my job better. Modem jockeys do get religious about their favorite terminal software, though, and a program that lacks one or two features I require might he enough for me to reject a title. For the purpose of this comparative guide to Amiga telecommunications software, however, I'll try to be a bit more objective. Your needs will almost certainly be different from mine or the next guy’s. If you are a beginner at .Amiga telecomm, you have your work cut out for you in sorting through the good, the bad, and the ugly. T he descriptions of individual programs and the the more detailed comparison chart that follows are designed to help you evaluate 10 leading Amiga terminal programs to see which one best suits your needs. There are a great many more communications packages available than these, but it would be impossible to present all of them in the space allowed. An interesting point about .Amiga terminal programs is that, unlike word processors, paint programs or most other software categories where commercially sold titles dominate terminal software is split fairly evenly between commercial and freely distributable (public domain free- ware shareware) or “user-written” programs. You need not spend any money at all (or perhaps just a token shareware payment) to get perfectly usable, capable terminal software. While this article should help novices looking for an Amiga terminal program, 1 think that a lot of the detailed information in the chart will also be of real interest to more experienced telecomm users who may be searching By Harv Laser for a better alternative to their present setups. In addition, please note that program version numbers, where mentioned, indicate the latest version available at the time of writing. Commercial Programs The latest incarnation of Oxxi’s powerful A-Talk series (which is upgraded every few months) is A-Talk III (vlic). A-Talk’s forte is terminal emulation, and professionals who need to communicate with Vtnnn or Tek- tronics machines would do well to investigate this title seriously. Although its appearance is rather generic, a lot of power lurks behind the plain-looking interface. The “Talk” in A-Talk Ill’s name refers to its ability to speak, through the narrator.device, any text going to or coming from the modem most helpful for sight-impaired users. .Although not flashy or glamorous, A-Talk III is a highly useful package without serious problems. The Arexx port and script language are important pluses. The winner in the “most-bang-for-the-buck” category is Baud Bandit (vl.50) from Progressive Peripherals. This inexpensive little wonder is the successor to the public - domain program GT. Instead ofpull-down menus, Bandit employs a plethora of slide-up screens and pop-open windows for user input and program control through either mouse or keyboard. A phone book of unlimited length, an incredibly versatile Arexx port, and the ability to use almost any font are important and valuable features. The built-in script pairs are easy to program, and they speed log-ons. The program multitasks within itself, allowing you, for example, to peruse its review buffer while performing file transfers. Full of power-uscr touches, it is still easy to use. Bandit lacks any specific terminal emulations apart from ANSI, but it has the full range of file-transfer protocols, runs in different screen modes, and perforins well with high-speed modems. A peculiar program, Dr, Term Professional (v2.0), from ? Progressive Peripherals, was originally called ‘ Tele- Craft” and was written for Commodore back in 1985, before the Amiga 1000 was released. We’re talking ancient history here, and it shows. Dr. lerms user interface is cumbersome. Modern file requesters alone would make it much more friendly. In its favor. Dr. Term sports a built-in mini BBS and a powerful “command language” not unlike that of CrossTalk XVI, a program familiar to CP M and MS-DOS users. The glory days of this kind of interlace, however, are past. Programs with Arexx ports which Dr. lerin lacks are the future. Buy this one only if you are bored or prepared to suffer though its idiosyncrasies. One of the earliest commercial terminal programs for the Amiga, Micro-Systems Software’s Online! Now available as Online! Platinum Edition (v3.03) is big and capable, and has much to offer. Strange quirks of earlier versions have been corrected, although some remain, such as the slightly eccentric lile requesters with which owners of other MSS products will he familiar. One of Online! Platinum's slickest features is its powerful script mode with a “learn” feature for total automation of repetitive sessions. Spend some lime mastering the scripts, and you can have Online! Platinum dial vour favorite BBS, log you on, collect new messages, and log von ofl with just a couple of mouse clicks. Online! Platinum owners can use the unique “Sadie" protocol, which allows bidirectional file transfers with simultaneous chatting. This feature, however, is for head-to-head use only, as no BBS software vet supports Sadie, not even MSS’s own BBS-PC. The latest version of the program now sports an Arexx port for interprocess communications. Online! Platinum’s menu-driven interface is no radically new development; rather, it is reassuringly conventional and user-friendly. The version of Online! Included with The Works! Platinum, vl.l is identical except for the lack of Arexx capabilities. (The Works! Is a word processor, spreadsheet, database, and terminal collection, driven from a centralized interface, and it is available from MSS lor S 199.95.) Programs whose packaging shouts "the ultimate.” “the best,” or, in the case of MichTmn's VTX On- Line (vl.O) “the Complete Telecomm Package” are asking to be challenged. The fact that VTX On-Line does not include Windowed Xmodem (People Link's fastest protocol) and that it frequently crashed unless I ran it on my A2500 in 68000 mode were but two of many reasons why 1 was less than charmed with it. In addition, a drawer filled with enticing "demo” files led nowhere; the manual did not explain how to load or view them. One of the program’s claims to tame is its ability to let you view CompuServe RLE graphics files on line while downloading them. This is of marginal use. As RLE files are verv low-resolution. And no one creates them on Amigas, anyway. V I X On-Line s most useful feature for beginners is the built-in, context-sensitive Help facility (which even points one to the right pages in the manual). I he two-paragraph Arexx section of the manual, however, has no examples at all (nor are there any on the disk); it merely refers von to the scripting chapter another dead end. MichTron reports that VTX On-Line has not been upgraded since its release well over a year ago. Either the company thinks the program is perfect, or the programmers found something better to do. Freely Distributable Programs All of these titles are available from many different sources. You can download them from Amiga on-line information services such as People Link, Genie, BIX. And CompuServe (see the “Manufacturers’ Addresses” box on p. 52 for phone numbers), or find them on published disk collections, the Precl Fish series, uscr-group disks, and the like, [Included [or most of the programs below are the People Link AmigaZone lihran and file numbers, the Genie Amiga file numbers, and or the CompuServe Amiga User (Library 5) filenames, Eds.) Access (vl.42), bv Keith Young, is a great I v enhanced shareware rewrite of Comm 1.3-1 (see below). I am tempted to call it "a dolled-up Comm” because Access is trulv one of the prettiest-looking terminal programs in use with very colorful gadgets and requesters, and even drop-shadowed text. Last revised in 1988. However, the program shows its age. While 1 have heard conflicting reports about the author’s plans, I was not able to confirm anything by press time. If a new version does surface, it should be a winner, fP Link, Lib. «S 3990; Genie, 5 15: CompuServe, ACC 142,AEG) While it has also become a senior citizen among software. Comm (vl.34). bv Dan James, is still the perfect public-domain terminal for beginners, it is also one of the very few accompanied by its C-lan- guage source code, which allows programmers to customize and modify it to suit their own needs and manv have done exactly that. Avoiding glitz and bare in appearance. Comm is a very stable program with lots of nice tone lies, such as a pull-clown 44- number plume book, macros, and a chat window. There is no Arexx or scripting here, but you can’t beat the price, and it is a good place to start in the telecommunic ations game. (P Link, Lilt. 8, 6003; Clinic, 1921: CompuServe, IS IOCC,,1 PC) There are several variations of Comm worth mentioning. Ncomm (P Link, Ed?.S. 22882; Genie, 8219; CompuServe, XCOMM .LZH). a European version, lacks Wxmodem support, but adds other protocols and a scripting language. S.S. Patel’s AZComm Text continued on p. 52 j O O M jVJ U j I J 0A~rJ OJ'J 3 3OFT VV PROGRAM Baud Bandit A-Talk III Online! Platinum VTX On-Line MANUFACTURER Progressive Peripherals Oxxi Micro-Systems Software MichTron PRICE $ 49.95 S99.95 $ 69.95 S79.95 Protocols1 X, Wxt Y, YB, Z. B + X, XPR, WX. Y, YB, Z, K X, WX, Y, YB, Z, K, B, QB, S X, Y, K, B Scripting? Yes Yes Yes Yes Script “Learn” Mode? No Yes Yes Yes Arexx Port? Yes Yes Yes Yes FONTS Load Other Fonts? Yes Yes Yes Yes Internal Fonts? No Yes Yes No External Fonts? Yes Yes No Included Phone Book Max. Entries Unlimited 60 40 64 Queue Dialing?* Yes Yes Yes No Chat Conferencing Mode? Yes Yes Yes Yes Variable Chat Window? Yes Yes Yes No othePi shrial support Built-in Support? Yes Yes Yes3 No “Zap" Code for Support?4 No No No Yes Baud-Rate Range (bps) 300-38.400 300-57,000 300-57,000 300-19,200 No. Of Macro Keys Allowed5 30 20 20 20 Clipboard Support? Yes Yes Yes Yes Backscroll Review Buffer? Yes No Yes Yes Intelligent File Requesters6 Yes Yes Semi Semi On-Screen ClockTimer? Yes Yes Yes Yes SCREEN OPTIONS Runs on Custom Screen? Yes Yes Yes Yes Interlace Mode? Yes Yes Yes Yes Borderless Mode? Yes Yes Yes Yes Workbench Mode? No Yes Yes No Speech Options? No Yes No No Internal Multitasking6 Yes No No No ASCII Text Send-Speed Control? Yes Yes Yes Yes Creates Icons for Downloads? No Yes Yes Yes CPS Speed Counter? No No Yes No Built-in “Mini” BBS? Via Arexx via Arexx No No TERMINAL EMULATION3 DEC Vtnnn Types? No VT 52 100 102 VT 52 100 102 VT 100 220 Zenith? No H19 No No Tektronics? No 4010 4014 No 4014 IBM ANSI? Yes (w Font) Yes Yes Yes Amiga ANSI? Yes Yes Yes Yes Skypix? No No No No Runs in Workbench 2.0?9 Yes Yes Conditionally No 1 H MINI I! I V I N 1 (i y 1 I) i: s kUD ) r1 HL U M SYI n j Dr. Term Pro Comm AZComm Access JR-Comm Handshake Progressive Peripherals Dan James
S. S. Patel Keith Young Jack Radigan Eric Haberfellner $ 69.95 Free (PD) Free (PD) $ 25 (Shareware) $ 30 (Shareware) $ 25 (Shareware) X, WX, Y, K, B X, WX X, Z X, B + , Z X, WX, Y, Z, B + X, Y, YB, K, XPR Yes No No Yes No via Arexx No No No No No No No No No No No Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No Yes Included Yes (8x8 only) Unlimited 44 44 60 9999 20 Yes No No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No 110-38,400 300-9,600 300-19,200 300-19,200 300-57,000 300-19,200 40 20 20 20 40 6 No No No No No No Yes No No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes No No No No No No No No Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No Yes No Yes No Yes No No No No No VT 52 100 No No No VT 100 102 VT 52 100 102 220 No No No No No No No No No No No No Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Not Completely Yes Yes NOTES 1 Protocol Abbreviations: X = Xmodem Xmodem-CRC WX = Windowed Xmodem Y = Ymodem YB = Ymodem batch Z - Zmodem K = Kermit B = CompuServe B B+= CompuServe B + QB = CompuServe Quick-B XPR = External Protocol Libraries 5 = Sadie 7 Queue dialing allows you to click multiple phone- book entries and then have the terminal move on to the second number if the first number is busy, and so on until a connection is made. 3 Via Icon ToolType. 4 Using a Hex file editor such as NewZap, one coufd go into the actual code of the program and change Hex ASCII data to tell the program to look for a serial device or port other than the standard Amiga serial port. 5 Some terminals allow you to load a separate group of macros for each number in the phone book. The figures shown here indicate how many macro keys can be active at the same time through the use of various combinations of the function keys. 6 “Intelligent” describes a file requester that can be made fully mouse-driven so that it does not require the user to click on a text box and then enter the name of a disk, drive, directory, device, or the like. 7 Inherits interlace mode from Workbench. A Internal multitasking refers to whether you are able to do anything else (such as look at the review buffer, open a requester, or choose a menu item) inside the terminal program while uploading or downloading a file. 9 Some of these programs have already been upgraded for version 2.0 of the Amiga’s operating system. I tested them in September 1990 using the Developer’s Kickstart 2.01 then in use in the Amiga developers' community. Kickstart 2.02 (or whatever Commodore calls the actual “ROM-ed” version in the final release of 2.0) may possibly yield different results. There were some mixed results with a few of the programs, such as Access, which functioned reasonably well under
2. 01 except for the fact that the graphics were messed up, and Online! Platinum, which opened up a huge window as if it were running on an A2024 monitor. The user, however, can perform a “zap-patch” with information obtained from Micro Systems Software to solve the latter problem. Graphics, Animations, From p. 48 (R I.ink. Lib. 8. 3842; C,Lnii 5149; CompuServe. AZCOMM.ARC), which I have included in the chart, has a Zmodem protocol that is one ol the faster il not l ir fastest on the Amiga, and it gets raves from high-speed modem owners. CommPIX ( *71.ink: Lib. S, 75849), by Steve I ibbctt (of VinisX lame), incorporates proprietary ’‘backslash" commands used in People Link’s conference area to send highlighted and colored text to other CommPIX users. CardComm (R Lnik, Lib. 8, 18263), by John I loflinan. Lets Plink members play card games (with graphics) in conference. For inexpensive 1101) emulation, look no further than Handshake (v2.20B). by Kric Haberiellner. Designed as the perfect V'Fmni emulator for the Amiga, the* latest version adds an Arexx port, external protocol capabilities (via XPR libraries), and third- party serial-port communication without having to "zap" into its code. (P Link, Lib. 8. 15215: (Umfm.SVnr. IIS212A.ARCA Judging front the response of the user community, it appears that JR-COMM (vl.01). hy Jack Radigan. Has picked up where Sounds? Good Show! With TV'Show™ you can showcase your graphics and animations with just a few clicks of your mouse. Using TV-Show's mouse and menu driven Script Editor, choose from a wide variety of exciting image transition effects. Grab your audience by the ears with sound effects and computer generated speech. Experiment all you want You can play any portion of your script anytime during your editing session. Alllmage Formats
• IFF screen formats include HAM' Extra Halfbrite, & Overscan
• Use any combination of image formats in the same script Manufacturers’ Over 40 Variable Speed Transition Effects
• Fades, pushes, reveals, checkerboards, blinds, splits, zig-zags
• Use with screens, brushes, & animations
• Manual forward reverse, self-timed, looping, & hot key playback Animation & Sound
• ANIM format from DeluxePaint® III & other programs
• Fly any brush on or off over screen backgrounds
• Color cycling
• IFF sampled sounds & speech with control of playback rate & volume
• Synchronize sound with screen event or animation frame TV-Show is the complete special effects slide show for you and your Amiga®. Version 2 is at your Amiga dealer now. TV-Show is a trademark ofZuma Group. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore Business Machines, Inc. DeluxePaint is a registered trademark ol Electronic Arts. E&ZumaGroup Zuma Group, Inc. . 6733 N. Black Canyon Hwy. Phoenix, AZ 85015 TEL: 602.246.4238 FAX: 602.246.6708 American People Link 165 N. Canal St., 950 Chicago, IL (50605 800 524-0100 Arock Computer Software 1306 E. Sunshine Springfield, MO 65804 800 288-2765 417 887-7373 BIX 1 Phoenix Mill Lane Peterborough, Nil 03458 800 227-2983 603 924-9281 Blue Ribbon Bakery 1248 Clairmont Rd., Suite 31) Atlanta, CA 30030 404 377-1514 Circum Design PO Box 854 Ben Lomond, CA 95005 408 336-5716 Classic Concepts PO Box 786 Bellingham, VA 98227 206 733-8842 CompuServe 5000 Arlington Center Blvd. Columbus, OH 43260 800 848-8199 614 457-8650 Dr. T’s Music Software 100 Crescent Rd., Suite IB Needharn. MA 02192 617 455-1454 Genie 401 North Washington Rockville, MD 20850 800 638-9636 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga. Ont. Canada 1.4W 5A1 800 387-8192 416 602-4001 (i I I I) K S MINI 11 I V I (i 1 M KARA FONTS EXPAND TO UNIVERSAL DIMENSIONS! Access lcIt otl' and is now the king of the* shareware titles. I lie extensive manual alone (supplied on disk) could probably be published as a hook and sold for more than the price of the program. JK's wide arrav ol protocols and lerrninal emulations (with Skypix recenth added hv popular demand) can’t he beaten. It does lack an Arexx port and scripting capabilities, but both of these are promised in the next version. (Version 1.0 only: 0 Link, Lib. S 25 V55; Ceuie. 8722; CompuServe, JRCOM9.ZOO) Another major factor in JR's success is Radigan's support BBS and his constant presence on all four major Amiga-supporting commercial net works. The man is everywhere, providing extremely aggressive maintenance for his labor of love. JR’s high-speed modem support is also excellent. W hile I don’t care for the single- line chat mode, and I feel that the initial set-up phase could have been made easier for beginners. I think J R-COMM is still a splendid do-it-all program at a low-ball price. ¦ Haro Lowr is Chairman of People Link s AMIGA Zone Clubs and u tiles extensively about the Amiga. Write to him c o AmigaW’orld Editorial Dept., SO Elm St., Peterborough. XII Old58. Id ril H!3ISG8B3»SiaMffMM IffiSKffiilJKHESfcMflHglli i a g m & m m m m m m m si mu m ¦ i£ im, sm p-” ¦ 1 1km kr ‘fu- 8 'hi IJ . 'An mFonts and STARFlElDS are compatible with DpAlNT lit. DVIQEO 111 and other programs [hot use the AnlM frnd Anim Brush format Requires 1 REG (keyboard). 1.5 MEG (AnimFonts), 2 MEG (Slarlields), 2 Disk Drives or HD*1 Disk Drive. KARA COMPUTER GRAPHICS 2554 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 1010, Marina Del Rey, CA 90291 (213) 578-9177 Kara Computer Graphics 2554 Lincoln Blvd. Suite 1010 Marina Del Rey, CA 90291 213 578-91 77 MichT ron Microdeal 5285 Lapeer Rd. W. Auburn Hills. Ml 48326 313 377-8898 Microlllusions PO Box 3475 Granada Hills. CA 91394 818 785-7345 Micro-Systems Software 12798 Forest Hill Blvd. Suite 202 YV. Palm Beach, FL 33414 407 790-0770 Mimetics PO Box 1560 Cupertino, CA 95015 408 741-01 17 Addresses Progressive Peripherals 8c Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 Sound Quest 1573 Eglinton Ave. YV., Suite 208 Toronto, Ont. Canada MOL 2G9 800 387-8720 416 256-0466 Zuma Group Inc. 6733 North Black Canyon Phoenix, AZ 85015 602 246-4238 Oxxi Inc, PO Box 90309 Long Beach, CA 90809 213 427-1227 PassPort Designs 625 Miramontes St. Hall Moon Bay, CA 94019 415 726-0280 ’ HEADLINES "0 Hi-res. Up to S color, uppercase fonts m two sizes each (aoprox. TQ4 and 84). Font styles in CHROME MARBLE. BRICK and GRANITE are deniable for added 3-dimensionai effects. Other st les are CHISEL. WOOD. BEVEL. ChlSELsoril. CAST, and COLUMN. 3 Disk Set - Sug. Retail $ 79.95 SUBHEADS The SAME popular Hi-ReslO fonts as in HEADLINES, but in two smaller sizes each (approx. 72 and 551. Makes it possible to have Caps and Small Cans effect and use in lower resolutions at a workable size 2 Disk Set - Sug. Retail S 69.95 HEADIines2 4 NEV7. Hi-Res. 3 color fonts r. 2-3 s.zes each. GLASS- T-anspareoi upper case gothic face ChiselSCRIPT- Italic script in upper and lower case. EMBOSSED- Raised or sunken letters on a Surface. ENGRAVED Drngable. Uppercase two plane slimy font. 2 Disk Set - Sug. Retail S 69.95 STARFIELDS' NEW! Animated Hi Res ~o->~6C overscan Starfie'd backgrounds m 3 views' From. Oolique. And Side Each comes in a 2 color version for tasi loading and transferring to video AND a 16 co'or version to induce- 2 different KARA FONTS or one KARA FONT with l of the 4 included animatec objects (Asteroid. Comel Earth. Satell te). Includes a utility to install ALL Kara Fonts Packages on Ham Drives pH llliMi HEADLME3 SubHeads 19 K9fSBES9SStKaa«IBB BUBS Bi HBSlSilllllRHBBlia AnimFonts’ 3* NEW! CAPSULE *s a Hi Res. 8 color, metallic, uppercase, contemporary, rounded gothic font which "sparges on" from the middle revealing characters to the top & bottom. Then, an "X" gparVe highlights each letter towards the right A separate X" sparkle for custom effects is included. Comes m botn a keyboard anc AmmFon; with palettes of Chrome Go:d. Metallic and Silver ONE DISK - Sug. Retail S 49.95 AnimFonts"2* BULLION is a Hi Res, 8 color beveled dimensional, highlighted, uppercase gothic font and comes m a keyboard and AnimFonb The AnimFont rotates unto the screen 90 degrees on the "Y“ axis to the eft while a elm p- linht goes across the face from left to right. When used as nsfructed the glint travels coritmously across the wo?d = s). Included are palettes of Gold Metallic and Silver ONE DISK - Sug. Retail S 49.95 AnimFonts 1 * ChrcmeSCRlPT is a Hi-Res 8 color formal, scohisticated roman style script m caps and lower case and comes m a keyboard and An re Font. Each letter of the An-mFont appears to be handwritten across the screen. A variety of treatments can ce achieved with the included color palettes such as Chrome, rellective Gold, copper, bronze and other golden effects One Disk - Sug. Retail $ 49.95 mMjm J s
- f* J* J .J i I* I* sr. R :U| I : mamy Acclaimed Amiga artist Sandra Fiiippucci in her studio office. As a Small Business Choosing the right software, and using it to its potential, can make your partner in creativity your Amiga the business manager who keeps your enterprise in the black. By Jamie Krutz 'oit’t'e happily doing what you do best with your Amiga; writing, making music, producing videos, drawing, painting, or animating. Suddenly, a hurricane of invoices, statements, proposals, IRS schedules, and client addresses and phone numbers descends, swirling around you and sapping your creative energy. An ominous voice booms from the heavens, "YouYe a business!” “Help, you cry weaklv to your Amiga. W hat makes the Amiga such a good environment for business use? I he same thing that makes it so great for everything else: multitasking! While the screen redraws the last frame of vour client's animation, you can calculate the total bill for i J the project and check vour schedule to see if you have time to get the package in the mail before vour afternoon appointment. Chances arc that as a creative Amiga user, you already have the hardware necessary to take full advantage of multitasking especially if you work with sound and graphics. Hardware essentials include three or more megabytes of memory and a hard disk with at least *10 megabytes of spare. On the software side, there are many options. I choose software based on power, ease of use, and support of exciting Amiga features like Arexx and the clipboard that allow programs to work together (see the sidebar “Power to the Business” for more information on these “power features.” I have based my recommendations on a goal of set ting up the most flexible and convenient business software system possible. If you arc just starting out. You can get away with lower priced, less capable software, and you can use fewer types of softwar e to accomplish your goals. You are likely to find this type of setup limiting, however, so as vour business grows, you’ll b i s i i; s s so f t vv r i: i o k t ii i; r ti s t tamm 1 2l-Sop-9H 9:01 AM MjtxiP 1 an- 111 13.6) Menurv n Mi__ Pup Iicat 1 on Shipping Budgeting and graphing, MaxiPlan style. Wani 11> move up to 11 it* best software tools that are available. Tracking Your Cash Do vou keep a shoe box full ul receipts, checks* and deposil slips and then drop the whole bundle oil to tbe accountant every year and hope for the best? Or perhaps vou keep a notebook of earnings and expenditures, and try to wacle through the whole mess yourself at lax time? By pulling vour financial information into your Amiga, you can not only get a good estimate o! What the accounting results will be, but also produce formatted reports, which can save you or vour accountant time and therefore save you money. Beyond that, it can help you make informed decisions about when to invest in more equipment and when to borrow money. It can also tell you who your best clients are, what kind of work makes you the most money, and what months are vour most profitable. To keep track of your business, you can use a spreadsheet, a database, or a dedicated accounting package. For simple cash tracking, spreadsheets are the most flexible and the easiest to set up. While a database makes data entry easier, it is cumbersome for doing math bevoncl simple addition. A program like Service Industry Accounting (599, Brown-Wagh Publishing) requires a clear understanding of tlouble- entrv accounting. Although it provides a basic structure capable of generating IRS-ready reports, yon still must invest time setting it up to (it your business, ('.hec k with vour accountant to see il vour business can benefit from the structure ol a dedicated accounting package. A spreadsheet can total your income and expend- itures automatically. You can build 111 formulas to calculate percentages for the IRS or total your net income and taxes at auv time. One expense category I use is depreciable business equipment, which includes inv Amiga. Some spreadsheet programs let vou sort entries to extract valuable information. You can sort by client, tor instance, to gel the necessary numbers for IRS Schedule 0. MaxiPlan 3.6 (5249.95, Intuitive Technologies) is a serviceable, noncopy-prolectecl spreadsheet program with an easy-to-use interlace and Arexx control of its macros. It can generate Iff bitmapped graphs from your data, although the jagged-edged images look amateurish in prim. MaxiPlan does not support die Amiga’s clipboard, so vou cannot cut and paste information directly between it and another program. You can. However, export information in ASCII format. MaxiPlan has a reputation for being easy to use but prone to bugs. In version 3.6, some trouble- plagued features that appeared in other late-model versions ate disabled. Setting up a range of data to sort in MaxiPlan is as easv as dragging the mouse across die area to highlight it and giving the range a name, felling MaxiPlan how to sort it is a little more involved. You must specifv "sort criteria” somewhere on the spreadsheet itself (a mouse-driven requester would be easier). You can have multiple scu t criteria for any named range, and vou can sort on more than one column at a time. Superplan (5149.95. Precision), another capable spreadsheet package, offers pull-down menus and some mouse capabilities. Although it supports Arexx, it does not make use of the Amiga's clipboard. Like Maxiplan, it lets you define macros for command sequences. It can sort onlv one column at a time, however, and cannot store sort criteria. Superplan has a sluggish feel and uses IBM-style slash-key commands. With its special printer drivers, Superplan can print higher-1han-screen-resoIulion graphs. L nfortu- nately, however, it cannol save graphs as IFF-DR2D files for importing into programs that support object- oriented graphic s. Super'plan is protected with a dongle (a hardware plug that must be attached to the second mouse port in order for the software to run), but a version without a dongle is available for an extra S10. Both Superplan and MaxiPlan work well for creating bids, and both can create Gantt charts (graphic depictions of the steps required to complete a project) For job scheduling. Superplan's time-sheet and crit- ical-path analysis capabilities are a plus. Both spreadsheets claim the ability to import and export in Lotus 1-2-3 formal, and Superplan has provisions for saving in dBase II and III formats. These features allow you to exchange files with programs on other machines. Although it s not perfect, I choose MaxiPlan for its ? V * 1 ‘ * j r Jj A NEW DIMENSION TO NO. 1 • XCAD 3D is here! With speed and performance that outguns our No. 1 rated Amiga CAD software - XCAD Professional. XCAD 3D is the Amiga's only 3D wire frame construction and surface modelling CAD software. With emphasison ease of use, XCAD 3D makes the transition from 2D to 3D a fast and intuitive process. Unlike3D animation and raytracing programs, which create graphics. XCAD 3D is designed to create three dimensional models and drawings with incredible speed and accuracy * up to a millionth of a millimetre ... or inch. The flexibility of XCAD means that drawings can be quickly converted from metric to imperial measurement, resized and even recolored - giving you total control of your designs. Powerful enough to satisfy institutions such as Rolls Royce and Lucas Aerospace but priced to suit all Amiga users. XCAD 3D gives 2D designs stunning impact for visualisation, print-outs and presentations. Feature List True 3D database Z Dynamic Views - rotate design in any axis - X. Y or Z ? Instant perspective with user definable eye & vantage points Z Real time rendering n Automatic hidden line removal ? Unique command within command processing ? User definable tablet & screen menus Z User definable construction planes Z Supported surfaces: planar, tabulated cylinders, surfaces of revolution. Z Printers: Preferences supported printers. HPGL pen plotters, u 4096 Colors (Depending on available memory). R" a OT d EVIDI C AhlHl CDICKIHM Read XCAD Professional. XCAD Designer. AutoCAD DXF. Aegis Draw rMO I , rLtZAlDLC MriU rnltZNULY. Draw 2000 Write AutoCAD DXF. SCULPT format. Turbo Silver. DPAINT Dealers Only Please Call 800 362 9653 Hazlitt Mews. Hazlitl Road, London WM OJZ. Superior interface, which makes short work of project budgeting and general accounting. Listless? Try a Database! While database managers are not the perfect solution for tracking your finances, you can't beat them for storing, managing, and sorting lists of everything from shooting logs, graphics, and MIDi-svnthesizer patch descriptions to clients' names and addresses. For professional use, my favorites are Professional DataRetrieve ($ 295, Abacus), sional ($ 349.95, Precision), and Microfiche Filer Plus ($ 179, Software Visions), Superbase Profes- Professional DataRetrieve and Superbase Professional are both relational, which means that they allow multiple Files to share data Fields the Files’ basic building blocks. For instance, il you set up your inventory and sales files to share a quantity field, the stock quantity will automatically decrease when you post a sale. Also, both support files limited only by the, size of vour hard disk. Both programs let von design templates (Pro DataRetrieve calls them masks; Superbase Pro calls them forms) to see and print vour data in various configurations. With this facility, you can show only selected fields and arrange them in any order. It lets vou create attractive and colorful screen displays and design printed reports, invoices, mailing labels, and so on. Professional DataRetrieve lets vou create and save different masks for the screen and printer, and it lets you view multiple screen masks in separate windows. Masks are simple to set up (although the program does not accurately register mouse movement during mask creation), and you can make multiple masks for each database and edit them at any lime. A professional Data Retrieve screen, with masks, showing a client record and budget log. Creating templates in Superbase Professional is also easy, but it's not as convenient, because the included lorms-design utility is a separate program. I nlike Professional DataRetrieve, Superbase lets you view only one template at a time. Yon can, however, combine fields from different databases in a single template. Professional DataRetrieve supports the clipboard, but not Arexx. Superbase Professional supports Arexx, but not the clipboard. Both have their own programming languages for advanced applications. Despite its YCR-stvle buttons that let you move easily between records. Superbase Professional is less intuitive than Professional DataRetrieve. Without a template. Superbase's data display is boring and reminiscent of IBM screens. The program does not use windows, its lack of a good lilc requester is inexcusable. And its documentation is mediocre. On the other hand. Professional DataRetrieve provides keyboard commands for most functions, but sometimes forces You to use the mouse. Although both Pro DataRetrieve and Superba.se Pro can store IFF pictures in files. MicroFiche Filer Plus is the best for looking through graphics databases. It lets vou scan through vour records as il vou i O * t were using a microfiche reader, and it displays scaled- down versions of vour IFF files, which you simply click on if you want to see the full-size picture. MicroFiche Filer Plus keeps your database in RAM, which limits file size to the amount of RAM you have, but also makes for a quick response. MicroFiche Filer Plus is not relational. Abu can accomplish some relational functions bv running several copies of the program and connecting them via Arexx. But this involves some work. MicroFiche was one of the first programs to adopt Arexx as its macro language, making it a good choice for integrating with other programs. Like Superbase, it lacks a good file requester and clipboard support. There is no clear winner in the database field. All three work, well to keep track of data. They all store text and IFF graphics and have math capabilities. Superbase Pro is probably the most powerful, while MicroFiche Filer Plus’s unique metaphor lets you quickly browse visually through your records. 1 choose Professional DataRetrieve because it is the most intuitive, but 1 11 keep mv eyes on the other two. Time Savers Electronic phone books and calendars can save you time. If you have a modem, an electronic telephone book can dial calls for you automatically. A calendar program is helpful for planning your lime and reminding you of appointments and deadlines. I log m every upcoming event in my calendar program. 1 do not use the alarm feature because I’m not alwavs at my Amiga, but I do check it every day to see what's coming up. It helps me schedule ap- ? CARTHAGE Feature Packed Action and Strategy As a Carthagian hero you must not only repel Roman Invasion by successful troop strategy but also maintain your armies’ ever-waning supplies by running the gauntlet on your chariot to deliver much-needed money. Survey the detailed North African landscape and zoom in on your troops to administer strategy. Decide which of your armies needs a cash injection then grab the reins for a mind-boggling first-person-perspective 3-D chariot race to deliver the money . .. Strategy and arcade action superbly combined to give you a taste of ancient history so real you can almost smell the elephants! Screen shots from the Amiga Version AVAILABLE ON THE PSYGNOSIS LABEL AWESOME Your galaxy is about to self-destruct! You have to get out before it explodes but fuel for your ship is an incredibly rare, unaffordable commodity. You need tons of it to make your escape ... an’ you ain’t got it. From the creators of Beast and Beast II comes this awe-inspiring combination of shoot-’em-up action and trading stratagems. Featuring innovative hyperspace sections, full-screen aliens and a whole galaxy to explore: AWESOME will take you beyond the final frontier. Screen shots from the Amiga version AVAILABLE ON THE PSYGNOSIS LABEL NITRO Choose your car, grab the wheel and go! Speed through the cities, deserts, forests and wastelands competing in over 30 gruelling races day and night in a mad dash for the finishing post. Race against the computer or friends. Pop in the shop to enhance or repair your machine. Pedal - to - the - metal fun! Squeals on wheels! Lead - free frolics! Screen Shots from the Amiga version AVAILABLE ON THE PSYGNOSIS LABEL Carthage Awesome Nitro Amiga Amiga Amiga PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary’s Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Fax: (617) 731-8379 pointments and keep them from conflicting. Who! What! When! Where! (S79.95, Blue Ribbon Bakerv) is an integrated calendar and phone book that can transfer data from the phone list to the calendar. It can handle multiple schedules and it supports Arexx. Unfortunately, WWWW does not support the clipboard, which makes it impossible to cut and paste names, addresses, and phone numbers between it and vour database files. I’m currently tailoring the phone-book and calendar utilities that come with the CanDo (S 149.95, 1 NOVAtronics) authoring system to fit my own needs. CJ 4 Unfortunately, CanDo lacks clipboard support, but it does support Arexx, so you can, for example, create applications that exchange information between your CanDo phone list and your database. Words and Images Writing letters, reports, proposals, scripts, and so on demands a Iasi word processor that handles multiple type styles, color, and graphics; supports both resi- dent-printer and bitmapped fonts; supports PostScript output for presentation-level prints; and shows vou a decent approximation of printed output on screen as you write. The latest versions of excellence! (S199.95, Micro- Svstems Software) and ProWrite (SI 75, New Horizons) are fast enough to challenge the text-only word processors. Excellence! 2.0 fits the above criteria and supports the Amiga’s clipboard. It can generate an index and table of contents, can handle a document larger than RAM, and ii lets you set up your own keyboard shortcuts with an easy-to-use macro facility. Our Economic Vote It multitasks internally, so you need not close the spelling checker, lor instance, to correct something else on a document. I! It ollered script columns. Arexx support, and kept lip to speed on large documents. Excellence! Would he hard to heat. ProWrite 5.0’s speed, features, and Arexx potential make it niv pick. It is easily the fastest for entering, cutting, and pasting text. It handles parallel columns for video scripts and can give you a word count very quickly. ProWrite does not support PostScript directly, but does so via a companion program. Pro- Script ($ 49.95, New Horizons). ProSeript, however, needs to be updated to support columns. ProWrite does not support the clipboard or multitask while printing. 1 would also like to he able to search and replace bv text color and style, and to automatically reformat noncontiguous sections of text (all subheads, O ' for example) without selecting and reformatting each one individually. Part of being in business is looking good. This means that vou need professional looking invoice forms, rate sheets, business cards, brochures, and advertisements. For invoices, statements, and rate sheets, you can use a word processor, but for really professional forms with boxes and lines, vou need a desktop-publishing program. Design know-how is an additional requisite for producing your own business cards, brochures, and ads. Any of the top three pagc-layout programs, PageStream ($ 299, Solt-Logik) Professional Page ($ 595. Gold Disk), or Saxon Publisher ($ 595, Saxon Industries), can handle these jobs well. "Those who do not have PostScript printers will appreciate the AS THE AMIGA software market matures, enlightened developers will support more features that make your life easier. Here are some things to look for when deciding who will get your busi- ness-soltware dollars: monitors, including the Viking Moni- term and Commodore 2024.
• A mechanism for storing defaults, including the number of colors, color palette, font, and a path to the place where you normally store that program’s files.
• Support for outline fonts, where this is applicable.
• Support of the Amiga clipboard for culling and pasting vector graphics (using the standard Amiga IFF-DR2D format) and text between applications.
• Internal multitasking of all processes capable of running concurrently.
• Arexx support for controlling one application with another, automating information sharing, and creating large integrated applications by combining several off-the-shelf applications and then controlling them through your own front end.
• Functional, easy-to-use lile requesters akin to those of Amiga DOS 2.0.
• Compatibility with AmigaDOS 2.0.
• Thorough, easy-to-undei stand documentation with tutorials. Finally, we also need Commodore to get O behind an IFF lorniatled-lext standard (or RTF) and a standard for outline lonts. ~JK with books from Abacus C for Beginners • Introduction to learning the C language Explains the elementary concepts using many examples. Describes C library routines, how 'he compiler works, many programming examples. 284 pp ISBN 1-55755-045-X Suggested retail price $ 19.95 , -----I TS." ' U I Blrfe C for Advanced Programmers - Learn: how compilers, assemblers and linkers work, using Intuition, combining assembly language and C programs, using jump tables and dynamic arrays, designing and more. Includes complete source code for a C based text editor. 650 pp ISBN 1-55755-046-8 Suggested retail price $ 34.95 Graphics Inside & Oul - Graphic programming in C with examples of points, lines, rectangles, polygons, colors, more, Comolete description of the graphic system - View, ViewPort, RasfPort, bit-maps. Screens £ windows. 610 pp ISBN 1-55755-052-2 Suggested retail price S34.95 Amiga for Beginners • a practical guide to learning the Amiga. Helps you learn the essentials of the Amiga easily and quickly: from opening the box to your first practical application. Introduces you to Intuition, the mouse, windows, the CLI and Amiga3ASIC. Covers Workbench 13 Info 178 pp ISBN 1-55755-021-2 Suggested retail price $ 16.95 System Programmer's Guide - comprehensive guide to what goes on inside the Amiga. Includes EXEC structure. I O requests, interrupts and resource management, multitasking, IFF format, trackdisk, Console 8 Narrator devices, serial, printer and parallel devices, more. 442 po ISBN 1 55755 034-4 Suggested retail price $ 34.95 Disk Drives Inside and Out - most comprehensive book yet-all you need to know about Amiga disk drives. Speed up data transfer, how copy protection works, how viruses in!ectsystems,DOSfunctions,loadng ,saving sequential and random files, boot blocks and more. 345 pp ISBN 1-55755-042-5 Suggested retail price S29.95 Advanced System Programmer's Guide - follow-up volume with explanations to accessing facilities provided by the libraries, input and output ol Amiga programming hardware. EXEC structures, multitasking; more Covers Workbench 1.3 Info 570 pp ISBN 1-55755-047-6 Suggested retail price $ 34 95 Best of Amiga Tricks & Tips - Easy to use techniques for al! Amiga owners. Accessing libraries from BASIC, custom character sets. AmigaDOS, sound, important 68000 memo-y locations, hidden messages, disabling fast RAM. NewCon and Pipe devices much more. Replaces Tricks 8 Tips and More Tricks 8 Tips. 400 pages with companion disk. AikKxrs ISBN 1 55755 107 3 Suggested retail price. $ 29.95. AmigaDOS Inside and Oul • covers insides of AmigaDOS. Includes reference section, tasks and handling, DOS editors ED and EDIT, create and use script liles multitasking and more. 274 pp ISBN 1-55755-041-7 Suggested retail price $ 19.95 Making Music on the Amiga - Shows you how to lake advantage of the wonderful musical capabilities ot the Amiga with p-ograms anc examples including making you: own MIDI interface. Includes companion diskette containing dozens of music examples and utilities. ISBN 1-55755-094-8. Suggestc-o retail price $ 34.95 Amiga Printers Inside & Out -essential guide to getting the most usmg Eoson and compatible non-laser printers. Presentseasy to follow examples and s. mple explanations to utilize yourprmter quickly anc more effectively 270 pp. With co moan cn diskette. ISBN 1-55755-037-5 Suggested retail price $ 34.95 Amiga 3D Graphic Programming fn BASIC AlidutilSAS Inside andW 3DGraphic Programming in BASIC- details writing 3D graphic programs: ray tracing in all resolutions, light sources and shading and mere. 350 pp ISBN 1 -55755 044-1 Suggested retail price S19.95 AmigaBASIC Inside and Oul - step-by-step guide to AmigaBAS IC. Every AmigaBAS !C topic: charts, windows, pulldown menus, files, mouse 8 speech commands. Covers Workbench 12 Info 548 pp ISBN 0-915439-87-9 Suggested retail price $ 24.95 Machine Language - comprehensive introduction to 68000 assembler ML programming, covers 68000 microprocessor, speech, sound, menu programming, complete intuition program including Proportional, Boolean and Siring gadgets. 264 pp ISBN 1-55755-025-5 Suggested retail price $ 19.95 Desktop Video Guide - clearly explains now you can harness the video power ot the Amiga. Guides you through the confusing jargon and terminology to give you a practical introduction to video prod uct.on arc mere. 240 pp ISBN 1-55755-057-3 Suggested retail price 519.95 For immediate shipment Order Toll Free 1-800-451-4319 ext121 2 or FAX (616) 69850325 J Yes, please rush the following items J Yes, please rush your Amiga catalog Apply to my j Visa J Master Card J American Express J I have enclosed a check money order S4.00 Shipping 8 Handling (U.S. 8 Canada! $ 12.00 peroook (Foreign orders) Card ___Expires_ AmigaDOS Quick Reference Guide - An invaluable, easy-to-use reference tool for beginners and advanced programmers alike. You can quickly find commands by using the three handy indexes designed with the user in mind Commands in alphabetical order for easy reference Covers Workbench 1.3 Info. 128 pp ISBN 1-55755-049-2 Suggested retai price S9.95 Signature Name Address Companion Diskette - Available for all idles except Amiga for Beginners Desktop Video and AmigaDOS Quick Reference. " $ 14.95 each Circle 224 on Reader Service card Abacus See your local bookseller or Dept. L12, 5370 52nd Street SE Grand Rapids, Mi 49512 Phone 616-698-0330 Fax 616-698-0325 Order Toll Free in US & Canada Subtotal. Total 1 -800-451 -4319 “s B U 8 1 N ESS S 0 F T W V RE FOR T II E A RTIS I fact that both PageStream and Pro Page can output at the printer’s best possible resolution. Another way to print PostScript files to non- ower to the Business PostScript printers is to use PixelScript ($ 149, Pix- elations), a PostScript interpreter. PixelScript can print any Postscript file and works best with high- THANKS TO MULTITASKING, no Amiga program is an island. But while multitasking makes software integration possible, you also need other tools to tailor your system to your needs and to increase your efficiency. What can macro languages, the clipboard, Arexx, and other tools do for you? For the purposes of explaining all this, I have divided the use of computers into four levels. The longer and more demanding!)' you use your business software, the more you will ' see a need to move to the higher levels. Level One: Loneliness The first level involves using your Amiga software without custom macros and without sharing information with other applications. You can certainly get work done in this level, but even if you run multiple programs simultaneously, these applications coexist as strangers in an elevator: riding in the same box but staring up at the numbers and not talking to each other. Level Two: Muttering Programs operating on level two are also lonely, but at least they can talk to themselves. Level two brings us to macro languages, which allow you to customize specific programs by adding everything from keyboard shortcuts for often-used commands to complex database or spreadsheet applications. Macro languages vary from program to program; some are fairly easy to master, some are tougher, and for the most part, each program employs a different system. The exceptions are programs that use Arexx as a macro language. .As more programs do this, you’ll have to learn only one macro language for many programs. In addition, the doors will be opened for you to move on to level three. Level Three: Conversing With Others Two standard Amiga means for your multitasking programs to communicate are via the clipboard and Arexx. With programs that support the Amiga’s clipboard, a buffer-like device, you can cut or copy text, bitmapped brushes, or structured drawings from one program and paste them into another. The clipboard has traditionally not been well supported on the Amiga, but that is starting to change. One reason is that Commodore has made clipboard support easier with AmigaDOS 2.0. Programs that now support the clipboard use it for text, usually in the recommended IFF-FTXT (Formatted TeXT) form. I hope that developers eventually agree on an expanded FTXT format specification to allow the exchange of text between programs without loss of complex formatting. There are also IFF formats for bitmapped (IFF- ILBM) and structured (IFF-DR2D) graphics, and programs ought to support those as well, .ARexx is another standard that is getting growing support. It is a programming language (specifically, an interprocess and macro command language) with some of the simplicity of BASIC but with the added power to connect other programs and let them share data. Arexx also lets you add features to programs. For example, ProWrite comes with an Arexx macro that allows it to do math calculations, and MicroFiche Filer Plus can use Arexx to dial a client's phone number. You can build an integrated application from any combination of Arexx- compatible software. With Arexx, for example, you could set up your word processor to open a database, locate a name and address, and put these into a letter you are writing at the touch of a key. As another example, the integration of Office's word-processing and page-layout programs is die kind of feature Arexx makes possible between any Arexx-com- patible word-processing and page-layout programs. Level Four: Singing In I-Iarmony To make your Amiga really sing, you can use an authoring system such as Can Do or Amiga Vision to create your own programs. You can then tie these programs into other applications by using Arexx. Using authoring systems to build front ends for combinations of programs makes the .Amiga a modular software construction set, even for non-rocket-sci- entists. As a nonprogrammer, I used Can Do to build, in just a few hours, a replacement environment for the Workbench that lets me start any program on my hard disk from a pull-down menu or key combination. I am also modifying the calendar and phone-book example programs that come with CanDo, and plan to make them work with ProWrite via Arexx to move addresses and scheduling notes back and forth. Eventually, 1 will also program the phone book to dial, time, and log my calls and calculate my business phone bill for tax records. Getting There How do you get to stages three and four? First, buy software that supports the necessary features (see the sidebar “Your Economic Vote,” p. 60). Arexx is included with AmigaDOS 2.0, or you can purchase it separately. Then, to learn more about Arexx, check out the macros and examples that come with Arexx- compatible software. You can also find Arexx macros For a variety of programs on BBSs (electronic bulletin-board systems), Users’ groups and magazines are other good sources for new macros and advice. Finally, do not be intimidated by the idea of adding features to programs, making software work together, and creating your own customized applications using authoring systems. You will find that these powerful capabilities will benefit both your business applications and your creative work. ? ~JK et simple enougi or the novice. Ltv to create int program Onion Skin
• DonoDi anfmation prepared wi The Anima ifen Studio; DcMgtTC Rciduri Von VC'olfsl . > fWiirtc:
• ENTER THE ANIM FOR FOUR TO W. every package. Void ii if' -' ri ';’'lNKANhnAlNl' ’ nan 4u96 colors, and 1 : - *;;•* : *.; . • .... . ¦•.- . . Npo.se on background pictures! !v; c & Advanced Animation Techniques team ’techniques such as Squash arid;Stretch; Arc of Motion, Jn- betwpehing, t Learn how tc gd ftom.rough concept with color and sound! > ¦ > Available Now: Amiga*version for all Amiga machines ; 512K required. 1 mce recommended. Resolution printers like the Hewlett-Packard DeskJet or a laser device. All in One? If’ you are looking to save money, you might be tempted by the combination packages that provide multiple business functions. One such package, Pen Pal (SI49.95. SoftWood Company) combines a word processor with a nonrelational database. The database is useful for simple lists, but lacks an important feature: a form-style entry mode. The word processor offers flexible support for printing black-and-white and color bitmapped graphics and fonts or combined bitmaps and printer fonts, but does not support PostScript. It is reasonably fast and lets you include lines and boxes in documents, but does not support Arexx or the clipboard. All in all, this package is better for the home market than for business. Micro-Systems Software offers The Works! Platinum ($ 199.95), which combines five programs (spreadsheet, word processor, database manager, telecommunications program, and print utility), four of which the company also sells separately. Clipboard support lets you copy and paste between the programs, but the package does not support Arexx. The Critics’ Choice ($ ‘2-19.95, The Disc Company) is a repackaging of a word processor, database, and spreadsheet, ail from different developers. The programs included in both these systems are not up to professional level. Can Gold Disk Office ($ 295, Gold Disk), with its text-processing, database, spreadsheet, page-lavout. Anufacturer’s Addresses and graphics programs do it all? Judging from a prerelease version. Office looks to be a combination of some existing Gold Disk products. These programs are not really integrated, however, except for the fact that the text processor can share data with the page- lavout program and the spreadsheet's cell notes. Only the spreadsheet supports Arexx. Curiously, none of the programs supports the Amiga’s clipboard (the manual says the spreadsheet does; maybe the final version will), so moving data between programs means saving it to disk in one program and then loading it into another. ()flice's database program is not powerful. The text processor does not support multiple fonts and graphics, hut relies on its tie to the page-layout program for those capabilities. The spreadsheet looks adequate, and while its structured business graphics are laudable, you cannot save them in IFF-DR21) format. Although the integration of Office’s word-processing and page-layout programs is useful, a combination ol PageStream and ProWrile is a better choice. Our “portrait'' of the Amiga artist as business person may not be finished, but I hope that you can begin to see yourself in at least a rough sketch. Your creative assistant I he Amiga is a capable business assistant, loo, and, with the right software system, it will enable you to devote more energy to your most important resource your creativity. ¦ jamie Kmtz is a ire ana' writer* editor, composer, and iddet) p rod are r d i rector edilo r ph atogra phe r. Abacus 5370 52nd St. SE Grand Rapids. MI 49512 616 698-0330 Blue Ribbon Bakery 1248 Clairmont Rd., Suite 3D Atlanta, GA 30030 404 377-1514 Brown-Wagh Publishing 130-D Knowles Dr. Los Gatos, CA 95030 408 378-3838 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ont. Canada L4W 5A1 416 602-4000 INOVAtronics 8499 Greenville Ave, Suite 209B Dallas, I X 75231 214 340-4991 Intuitive Technologies distributed by MediaMaxx Mike Lehman: 408 646-9147 Media MAXX: SOI) 456-MAXX Micro-Systems Software 12798 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 202 West Palm Beach. FL 33414 407 790-0770 New Horizons 206 Wild Basin Rd., Suite 109 Austin, TX 78745 51 2 328-6650 Pixelations Inc. PO Box 547 Northboro, MA 01532 508 393-7866 Precision Inc. distributed by American Software 502 F. Anthonv Dr. Ltbana, 1L 61801 217 384-2050 Saxon Industries 14 Rockcress Gardens Nepean, ()rit. Canada K2G 5A8 613 228-8043 Soft-Logik 11131 S. Towne Sq., Suite F St. Louis, MO 63123 314 894-8608 Software Visions 12625 La Tortola San Diego. CIA 92129 800 527-7014 SoftWood Company PO Box 50178 I1 hoe nix, AZ 85076 602 431-9151 The Disc Company I 1040 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 300 Los Angeles, CA 90025 213 478-6767 If you ever wondered just how smart you were when you bought your Amiga, get AmigaVision? U inwiiji. I B'.d-v A i:-v HwffiliSSwi™ .. -A - A ¦ • m W Laser Disc sr I? Sound fx Brush Video Aniis I, f ¦ G Convnodori' j ' Remember your original reasons lor getting an Amiga? Ol course you do. Silly question. Well, fast-forward now to April 24th, 1990, the day Commodore introduced AmigaVision. Jf jj AMIGAVtoion 10 an authoring oyotem for a mere $ N9 that allow the Amiga to live up to ito full potential. The easy-to-learn, easy-to use iconsyou see up on the screen and on this page call up music, animation, text, video in whatever order or even simultaneously and i create, well, any type of presentation or courseware. Also, AmigaVision takes full advantage of Arexx, your Amiga’s hie lormat standards and its multitasking capabilities. As you might imagine, you don’t have to be a programmar to turn your abstract ideas into reality. All you have to be is you. "1 © 1990 Commodore Business Machines, Inc. Commodore and the Commodore logo are registered trademarks ot Commodore Electronics, Ltd. Amiga is a registered trademark til Commodore-Amiga, inc. AmigaVision and The Computer lor the Creative Mint! Arc trademarks ol Commodore-Amiga, inc. dBase III is a trademark ol Ashton-Tate. Inc. Can it extend the use of application software you already own? Is there multitasking interaction with other programs? Is it dBase III™ database compatible? Yes...yes...yes, to all these queries. For business people, il can create presentations that persuade. For people in education and training, it can help create interactive instructional programs. For anyone, anywhere, it can liberate the way they communicate, whether they are delivering information or entertainment. Wife. Call 1-800-66-AMIGA soon to find the location ol your closest Amiga dealer. For vou, it s another conhrma- » C i- tion ol what you knew before most people: namely how smart Amiga is and how shrewd its owners were when «w¦ they bought one. Amiga*.The computer for the creative mind. Commodore' hile Alfred Hitchcock would have chosen murder (or some lesser order of mayhem or malevolence) to he lurking on the other end oi the line in one of his is, most computer mail-order shoppers would prefer their calls to go oil without the slightest hitch, so to speak. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. While many mail-order companies are reputable, unexpected problems frequently arise. If you don't know the rules of the game and your rights and methods of recourse you may wind up an unwitting actor in a consumer nightmare worthy of a macabre Hollywood B-movie. Whether you are a veteran who has assembled a complete system without ever stepping foot through a dealer's door, or just a novice considering ailing the plunge for the first time, there are a few things you should know about the mail-order game before you pick up the receiver. Dial M . . . For Mail Order j Mail order is the most efficient and cost-effective way of purchasing merchandise, but, as in any game, there are those who excel at ordering by mail and those who do not. Knowledge, technique, and strategy are the keys to good play, along with mastering the basic formula: shopping for, purchasing and receiving merchandise, and, if necessary, returning it. With coaching and effort, you can improve your game and avoid the pitfalls. Prepare To Plunge. ,. And Watch Those Hidden Costs! The first rule of the game is to know what you want. Take stock and assess your needs, browse through magazines, read reviews and talk to other computer users. If possible, try to observe the product in action at a computer show or on a friend's system. Decide which version you want, and verify compatibility and memory requirements. When you’ve done your homework on the product, start scanning mail-order advertisements to find out who has what you need. Investigate the various companies that offer your product by calling them. While you are on the phone, take note of various clues: Do they answer the phone promptly in a professional manner, or do they leave ? The art of driving. Introducing the ultimate driving machine, the AE HD (high density) Drive, Applied Engineering’s new high density 3-5 drive (above, at right). The first and only high density drive for the Amiga, it runs circles around the competition. The FCC certified design supports both standard 880K and 1.52 MEG 3.5" disks. The new AE standard device controls both the high density mode and built-in electronic disk ejection. For running the new Amiga UNIX, the AE standard 1.52 MEG format is a virtual must.
1. 52 MEG capacity means you can stop playing diskette roulette. Simply store your large 2-disk application programs on one, high density disk and forget about fumbling for "sets" of disks. And storing files just became twice as easy too. Because you'll only need half the number of disks. We also added performance features like an exclusive 2-way LED indicator that displays green for reading, red for writing. And a smooth, quiet electronic disk ejection to replace the clunky “punch” of other drive's ejectors. Since our electronic ejection is tied to the write enable function, you can no longer accidently trash a disk by inadvertently pushing the eject button while the drive is writing. Our ejector waits until the drive completes the write and then auto-ejects the disk. Beauty AND brains. Aesthetically, the AE HD Drive is every bit as handsome as it is intelligent. We designed a high-impact ABS plastic case to protect the top quality SONY mechanism inside. For driving on a budget, we’ve designed a quick, quiet 880K standard 3-5" drive as well (above, at left ). Incorporating a reliably quiet and trouble-free design, the AE 880K Drive™ sports a tough aluminum case, custom molded cable and an on off disable switch. Both drives are compatible with all Amiga computers and feature complete daisy-chain capacity (from AE to another drive or vice-versa), MS-DOS compatibility, pass through connectors, FCC certified designs and full one-year warranties. AE High Density 3.5 Drive $ 239 AE880K Drive $ 119 For ten years, AE has forged a reputation for exciting and innovative peripherals. Built to our own exacting standards of quality and reliability, our products are backed by the best warranties and the best technical support in the business. Order today! To order or for more information, see your dealer or tall (214) 241-6060 today, 9 am to 11 pm, 7 days. Or send check or money order to Applied Engineering. MasterCard, VISA and C.O.D. welcome. Texas residents add 8' 4% sales tax. Add S10 outside USA. Dealer inquiries invited. Vpplied Engineering? The enhancement experts. A Division of AE Research Corporation
(214) 241-6060
P. O. Box 5100 Carrollton, TX 75011 USA (Df9(X>. AH Research hie I rights rtwnvtl. Prices subject to change u-ithout notice. Hr ami mid product mimes are registered trademarks of their resfnetitv ladders you hanging while mindless music assaults your eardrums? Do they have a toll-free number? Do they have a knowledgeable sales force? Do they offer technical support after you purchase, or simply give you the manufacturer's number and let you fend for yourself? If you’re shopping for hardware, ask to be patched through to technical support and question them about the use of the device. Once you are ready to buy, make sure you learn the full cost of the item. Because the primary reason for shopping by mail is to save money, you may he unwittingly lured into a purchase by an exceptionally low price. Beware of these bargains there may he hidden costs. While you have a mail-order company on the line and before you make your purchase, ask about any additional charges there may he more of those than you think. An item’s price in an advertisement may not include shipping charges, which can sometimes increase the total price substantially. Handling charges cover the merchant’s cost of processing your order whether you keep the item or not and usually are not refundable. Some merchants charge a restocking or return fee when you send back working (undamaged) merchandise. You may be charged as much as 20% of an item’s price, especially if it is a rare or high-demand item, because the merchant may be protecting himself against the expense of tying up stock that would have been sold to someone else or the extra cost of returning special orders. These expenses lurking in the background are often either buried in the ad’s fine print or mentioned by sales representatives only after you have given all your order information. Getting the Goods Every game has a payoff, so before placing your order, you should always ask when you can expect to receive vour merchandise. Some mail-order houses * can tell you if an item is in stock or back-ordered when you place your order. Some gauge the shipping date by the number of orders processed per day and the current volume of orders. All mail-order houses depend on the US Postal Service or a commercial carrier (UPS, Federal Express, etc.) to get your order to you. Many vendors offer rush service and can deliver your order in a few days for an extra charge. Mail-order merchants are required to ship your order within 30 days of receiving your check or money order and full mailing instructions. If they fail to do so, you have the option to cancel lor a lull refund or to wait for vour order.Tf you choose to j wait, you still may cancel at any time before the merchant ships. Refund is to be prompt (two weeks maximum). For complete information on mail-order regulations, von can obtain a copy of the Business (illicit' In the FTC Mail-Order Rule hv writing to Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402. Another excellent source is The Consumer's Resource Handbook, from the US Office of Consumer Affairs, available free of charge by writing the Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, CO 81009. The book contains a directory of corporate consumer departments, trade associations, third-party dispute-reso- lution programs, Better Business Bureaus, and government consumer-protection offices by city, county, and state. When von purchase with a credit card either through the mail or over the phone that 30-dav dock begins to tick from the time your card is charged not necessarily when you place your order. Any delay in charging the card or processing the order buys time for the merchant. Once your card is charged (you can call your credit-card company and ask for the exact date), your merchandise should be shipped within 30 days. You have much more leverage using a credit card rather than a personal check. Your card company can intervene, if necessary, to dispute a charge, or you can instruct them to withhold payment until you receive the goods in satisfactory condition. Call your card company to find out more about your options in such cases, Take That Back! No matter how well you have managed your strategy up to this point, the mail-order game is by no means over. For one reason or another, merchandise often must he returned. Be aware of the rules concerning refunds, exchanges, and return of damaged goods or products under warranty. Returns fall into three categories: damaged goods, manufacturer’s error, or customer dissatisfaction. The most obvious reason for return occurs when you get an unpleasant surprise instead of what you ordered. In this case, the vendor should pay lor the return trip. If the carton is damaged or opened when it arrives, you have the right to refuse it. Write “refused” on the unopened box and it will be returned by the US Postal Service lbr no extra postage. Call the company, explain what you did, and ask that your merchandise be sent again (they will wait to receive the returned package). If it was shipped UPS or Federal Express, don't sign for it if you suspect the contents may be damaged, and they will return it. If you open the package and the product is broken, smashed, melted, or otherwise mangled or inoperative, call the company. Some require a return authorization code (RAC), and it is always a good idea to get one. You should always save the original box. Instructions, and packaging in case vou actually have to return the product. W hen shipping an item back to the company, use Graphics SpectraColor, the first 4096 color paint program with animation... SpectraColor features all of the professional- level tools you've come to expect, plus much more! Now you can create top-quality animations using the rich colors and textures of the Amiga's powerful HAM mode! Offering fully automated animation features based on a point-and-click interface, SpectraColor doesn't require you to guess at coordinate positions. Just draw the path of the animation on the screen, choose and effect (wrap, bend, rotate, and stretch are just a few of the possibilities), and click “Render." Even use HAM ANIM Brushes to add another layer of impressive results! And, the number of frames is limited only by your available memory. SpectraTut © 1990 L. Markoya Developed by BazboSoft, the creators of Photon Paint, SpectraColor is the ultimate refinement of pure artistry on the Amiga, destined to become the new Amiga HAM standard. SpectraCoIor's remarkable new color manager ends the task of wandering endlessly over tiny areas of color hoping you find the one you need. Now, use the HAM Magnification window to see colors as larger blocks, allowing for quick and precise color selection. Exciting and advanced new tools such as airbrush, pixelization, pantograph, stencil, transparent and shadow effects make SpectraColor the HAM artist’s dream come to life! (Above) Kale by Cheryl A uslln. Created with SpectraColor. (Lett) SpectroColors Innovative new Color Manager. Aegis SpectraColor and SpectraRunners Logo are trademarks of Oxxl, Inc WE FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY P O BOX 90309, LONG BEACH, CA 90809-0309 USA Telephone: (213) 427-1227 FAX: (213) 427-0971 Cirde 8 on Reader Service card certified US Mail, LIPS, or Federal Express, so that you have a receipt and a vehicle lor tracing the package should it not reach the manufacturer. Returning goods because of customer dissatisfaction is a gray area. If you discover that something you ordered is not as interesting, compatible, or useful as you thought it might he, you may not be able to return it. By industry-wide policy, software cannot be returned once you have broken the seal on the envelope that holds the disk(s), so he sure to read the packaging carefully before opening. Doing your homework before you buy should help you avoid making this faux pas. In the rare instances when you and the mail-order company disagree, it is important to have accurate records, including the advertisement, your cancelled check or credit-card bill, and the company’s full name, address, and phone number, as well as the lull names of the company representatives with whom you spoke. Should you find yourself in a deadlock with the company, you may need to call upon a third party for assistance. You can contact the Better Business Bureau in the state in which the company is located, refer it> a copy of The Consumers Resource Handbook for sources of help, or call the customer-service department of the magazine where you saw the company’s advertisement. The best defense against mail-order mayhem is knowing what you want, making enquiries before you buy, and listening for tell-tale warning signs. Don't place orders with companies that do not answer vour questions satisfactorily or clearly state their policies, l ake control of the situation, ask questions, ancl compare a few companies before vou place your order. If you follow these guidelines, you will be an educated, competent mail-order player who should emerge from the game as a winner. ¦ Susan Kaniwee gained her consnmer-rights expertise from manning the eustomer-semice desk at Amiga World for two years. She has since taken her act on the road to put the arts world back in order as an administrator at the world- renowned McDowell Colony in Peterborough, Sew Hampshire. Write to her c o Amiga Wo rid. Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 0 3158. AMIGA Tool Chest BACK ISSUES! [ ]YES Vol. 1. 1 Vol. 1, 3 Exp Sigrature Address City State Zip Foragn Orders please add $ 2 50 per set for Arr Mai I delivery Subscription rate $ 84 95 Payment required in US Funds drawn on US Bank or by credit card Note that some animations require 1MB of memory. If you're new to the AmigaWorid Tool Chest, or if you’ve missed an issue, here's your chance to complete your collection of this fantastic software, including valuable productivity programs, useful utilities, entertaining games, detailed animation, professional clip art, sound effects, music, and much more! Just S14.95 per 2-disk issue, or 6 issues for $ 69.95! ORDER NOW! Please send me the issues of the AmigaWorid Tool Chest I've circled for $ 14.95 each: Vol. 1. 2 Vol. 1, 4 [ ] Check money order enclosed Charge my: [ ] MasterCard [ j VISA AmEx TCBID90 [ ] Please enter a subscription for $ 69.95, to start with the issue circled above. Total Enclosed: Acct? Iconmeister icon editor DiskSalv disk salvage utility Crystal Cavern game Tessalator pattern maker 3D Vector Objects (table settings) Clip Art (monsters) Sound Clips Alien Duels games Young Cougar animation ChartMaster chart program Speak Easy programmer's speech routines More Candy graphic hack TJ Format disk formatter Clip Art (symbols) 3D Vector Objects (space ships) Shark! Game Waiter animation I | Volume 1, 2 I Volume 1, 1 Life Cycles biorhythm plotter StrucGen data structure generator for C programmers Brots 'R Us mandelbrot generator 3D Vector Objects (lighthouse, boat, windmill, hot air balloon) Clip Art (holiday theme) HeadStepper head cleaner utility Look! CLI utility Amiga Disk Tutorial on disk structure Digitized Sound Effects Flight animation Tic Tac Toe 3D MicroMan graphic arcade game Pteronadonaball 3D animation Graph 3D to create 3D graphs AMIGA-File address book Audio Spectrograms Plus, digitized sounds, 3D vector objects (lamps) and clip art! Volume 1, 3 Volume 1, 4 AmigaWorid Tbo[Chest * 80 erto ugl M£3458] To order use (his coupon or caM 1-800-343-0728 (603-924-9471) A NEW WORLD OF POWER THE TOTAL DISK BACKUP SOLUTION!! Complete HARDWARE SOFTWARfegg> SYSTEM FOR ONLY $ 69.99 ... "It's fast, easy! To use and very, very efficient." AMIGA FORMAT THE NOW YOU CAN BACK-UP ANY DISK IN AROUND 50 SECONDS!!
• YES ITS TRUE!! SYNORO EXPRESS IS A HARDWARE SOFTWARE SYSTEM THAT WORKS WITH "DIGITAL IMAGE COPYING". THIS IS THE METHOD THAT COMMERCIAL DUPLICATORS ACTUALLY USE TO MAKE THE ORIGINAL FROM THE MASTER DISK. DATA IS TRANSFERRED AS RAW DIGITAL INFORMATION. .UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE!! It's hard to draw comparisons between Syncro Express and old fashioned Disk Copiers. Because they ,uce parameters, they are almost guaranteed NOT to copy your latest purchase since parameters are not made available until several months after the release. But with the Syncro Express image copy method you can get a backup of all the latest programs, including blockbusters and utilities, quickly & easily. Start protecting your software investment NOW!!
• Menu Drive Control Program qouldp't b»simpler!! Select Number of Tracks, and that's it!! Don't be mislead by outrageous claims fq[ "Nibbler" programs. This system can guarantee success by using the very Hardware Software techniques that made the original!! Why will Syncro Express succeed where others fail? Some programs now have very sophisticated protection including long tracks, Incryption, etc. But remenjber, whatever the programmer comes up with, the disk then has to be commercially duplicated. That's where Syncro Express beats all others - it transfers data at MFM TTL level, just like the duplicators. POWER BY DESIGN Syncro Express is designed in Europe where "Digital Image Copying” is the present sensation. This device, with it’s custom chip, goes even further by offering a complete system for under $ 70!! • C Manufactured in our European facility using the latest Surface Mopnt Techniques - Syncro Express is warranted for 6 months against manufacturing defects. THE LATEST CUSTOM LSI CHIP TECHNOLOGY Syncro Express comes fitted with it’s own on-board Custom LSI Chip giving it the power to transfer an MFM image of the original disk directly to your blank disk - quickly, simply & without user knowledge. So it doesn't matter what kind of data is there or whether the disk is "protected" - Syncro Express will make an identical "Clone" of your original without fuss. Available for A500 1000 2000 3000 please state which computer when ordering. One external drive is required (except Special A2000 Internal Version - see below). SPECIAL A2000 VERSION NOW BLE! A special version of Syncro Express hardware for the A2000 Amiga with two internal disk drives is available. Fits internally so you don't need the external drive that the Standard version requires. Very easy to fit. SPECIAL A2000 INTERNAL VERSION ONLY $ 89.00 HOW TO GET YOUR S"Y CALL TOLL FREE - 1 • 800 - 962 WE WILL PROCESS YOUR ORDER QUICKLY & EFFICIENTLY TO ENABLE YOU TO START RECEIVING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR SYNCRO EXPRESS II WITHIN DAYS, NOT WEEKS. OUR MULTI USER XENIX BASED ORDER PROCESSING SYSTEM CONTROLS YOUR ORDER FROM THE MOMENT YOU PLACE IT RIGHT THROUGH TO DESPATCH ORDERS NORMALLY DESPA1 COAST TO COAST TcCknOLOClES- Inc., 1855 S. R.434, SUITE 208, LONGWOOD, FLORIDA 32750. TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE (407) 767 - 0779
• An easy to handle Handy Scanner featuring 4" scanning width and 400 dpi resolution enables you to reproduce graphics and text on your computer screen.
• A powerful partner for Desk Top Publishing.
• Package includes GS4500 scanner, interface and ScanEdit software.
• With Geniscan you have the ability to easily scan images, text and graphics into the AMIGA. C Save images in suitable format for leading packages including D. PAINT, PHOTON PAINT, etc., etc.
• Unmatched range of edit'capture facilities not offered by other scanners at this unbeatable price. Adjustable switches for brightness and contrast.
• Powerful software allows for Cut and Paste Editing of images etc. COMPLETE WITH RAM OR IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN 414256 CHIPS WE CAN SUPPLY THE BARE BOARD NOW YOU CAN END YOUR Fully compatible MIDI Interface for the A500 1000 2000 (please state model required).
• MIDI In - MIDI Out - MIDI Thru. Fully Opto isolated. A top quality stereo sampling system at a realistic price,
o The NEW Sampler II software now incorporates faster routines, bigger displays and many new editing features such as Cut. Copy. Insert, Mix, Erase, etc. with stereo lock control for ease of use. Separate zoom windows controls for left and right channels. Adjustable trig record level and sound monitor. Separate buffer for editing waveforms and improved wave-editor with instant update and Multi-bank facilities for 1 Meg users. Save files in Raw or single, multi-octave IFF format.
• Envelope control panel for ramping up and down re-scale amplitude, noise filter and scan waveform. On screen display of filenames sample rate, length, etc.
• Inputs for microphone or line 1 4" jack and DIN connections ONLY $ 1 29.00 MICRO MIDI
• Adds an extra 1.5 Megs to your A500 (giving a total free memory of 2 Megs). • Uses the latest 1 Meg Drams resulting in extra low power consumption. • Works with Kickstart 1.3 onwards. • High grade PCB. • Complete with onboard clock calendar. • Easily fitted in the slot under your A500 - requires no soldering (your computer must be opened to plug in the GARY chip adaptor) • Easily dissabled in software. Plugs into Amiga Disk Drive Pori. Protects both internal and all external drives from virus damage. Switch to enable disable protection. Can be left permanently installed. Works with all known Boot Block Viruses. Start to protect your software investment now. Only $ 229.00 FOUR OWN 414256 i $ 79.00 ONLY $ 39.99 ONLY $ 19.99* HOW TO GET YOUR ORDER rAfT... CALL TOLL FREE ORDERS ONLY WE WILL PROCESS YOUH ORDER QUICKLY & EFFICIENTLY TO ENABLE YOU TO START RECEIVING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR PURCHASE WITHIN DAYS. NOT WEEKS. OUR MULTI-USER XENIX BASED ORDER PROCESSING SYSTEM CONTROLS YOUR ORDER FROM THE MOMENT YOU PLACE IT RIGHT THROUGH TO DESPATCH ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 43Hrs COAST TO COAST TEChnOLOGiES" IflC., 1855 S. R.434, SUITE 208, LONGWOOD, FLORIDA 32750. TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE (407) 767 • 0938 WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISA CHECKS MONEY ORDERS or COD’S (ADD $ 2) JS •
* ADD $ 4 SHIPPING AND HANDLING ($ 10.00 CANADA MEXICO) WE SHIP ALL GOODS 2nd DAY AIR UPS CCT3 * THE NEW MK II VERSION IS HERE!! ONLY AMIGA 2000 VERSION 1 $ 119.99 W SHIPPING & HANDLING $ 4.00 NOW YOU CAN FREEZE MOST ANY VSOGRAM AND MAKE A BACKUP AT THE PRESS OF A BUTTON! YES, AMIGA ACTION REPLAY PLUGS INTO THE EXPANSION PORT OF YOUR AMIGA AND WORKS BY TAKING A SNAPSHOT OF THE WHOLE PROGRAM IN MEMORY AND SAVING IT TO DISK. THE BACKUPS WILL RELOAD COMPLETELY INDEPENDENTLY OF THE CARTRIDGE EVEN MORE FEATURES INCLUDING 60 COLUMNCkR?.- . 5 U - * Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler Full Screen Editor Load Save block Wrffe string to memory Jump to specific address Show RAM as text Show frozen picture Ptay resident sample Show and edit aU CPU registers and flags Calculator search feature Unique Custom Chip Editor allows you to see and.Nb&fy M chip registers - even Write Only registers Notepad Disk handHng - show actual track, Disk Sync peitem, etc, Dynamic breakpoint handling Show memory as K£X> ASCII, Assembler. Copper assemble.disassemble ¦ | .. 1 - 800 - 962 - 0494H* COAST TO COAST TECHpOLOGEST IpC 1855 W S.R.434, SUITE 208, LONGWOOD, FLORIDA 32750.TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE (407) 767 - 0938 WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISA.CHECKS MONEY ORDERS or COD’S (ADD S2)
* ADD $ 4.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING (S10.00 CANADA MEXICO) WE SHIP ALL GOODS 2nd DAY AIR UPS Become a part of the AmigaWorld Programming Team We’re looking for quality programs to support the growth of the AmigaWorld product line, and we need your help. T GAMES ANIMATION 3D UTILITIES APPLICATIONS CLIP ART AMIGAVISION APPLICATIONS OTHER STAND-ALONE APPLICATIONS A We offer competitive payment and an opportunity for fame. Send your submissions or contact us for guidelines: Amiga Product Submissions Mare-Anne Jarvela
(800) 441-4403 (603) 924-0100 80 Elm Street Peterborough, NH 03458 The Newsletter of Creative Computers, serving the Amiga community i uteis A Message from the President... The Amiga is finally catching on. In the last year we have seen many new substantial products from Commodore which are making it lot easier for us to sell Amigas. Have you ever thought of how hard it used to be to sell an Amiga 2000 to anyone who wanted to DTP and explain why the display flickers or why they needed to shell out an extra $ 1000 for a flicker fixer and a multiscan monitor? The Amiga 3000 and current solutions for the Amiga 2000 series are state of the art technology. The Amiga 3000 is a speed-demon with its 25Mhz 68030 chip, its flicker-free display, a super-fast hard drive, a well-designed and polished user interface, and plenty of 32-bit expansion to boot for a price that won't make a dent in your checkbook. Did you know that the expansion bus in the A3000 is driven at 25Mhz while Nubus on the fastest and most expensive Mac Hfx runs at lOMhz? This is not to mention that the Amiga has been multitasking (i.e. able to run many applications at the same time) while the Mac's multitasking is still an unrealized promise. New introductions from Apple are a clear indication that Apple wanted to cost reduce the Mac to become more competitive. What they ended up with is a $ 3800 20Mhz box which has only one expansion slot and the math coprocessor is an option! They went on to discontinue some of their best selling CPUs which had more slots because they were costing them too much to build. I don't know about you, but to me the choice is clear. Now more than ever we need to stand behind Commodore and sell Amiga 3000 technology to everybody we talk to. We also need to sell Amiga 2000s with GVP accelerators and Video About the cover... At Creative Computers, our philosophy is to help bring you the tools to make your Amiga more exciting, more productive, and more fun! That's why I chose the theme featured on the cover of this issue of The Creative Edge, which in its creation is the best example I can imagine of the progress we've made over the years. Granted, we Amigans were never in the stone age, but the incredible tools that have become available to us since the inception of the Amiga almost make it look that way. The background was a scanned photograph of a cave painting, modified to introduce our figure. ASDG’s Professional ScanLab and The Art Department, along with the Sharp JX-450 color 24-bit scanner, were used for this purpose. Both the Creative Computers logo and the space age version of the figure were ray-traced in 24-bits by Impulse s Turbo Silver SV, rendered on an 25MHz Amiga 3000. The marble texture on the figure is from Microiilusions’ Photon Paint Expansion Disk. Greg Niles, Advertising Manager Toasters to anybody in video (yes, the Video Toaster is here and our price is $ 1495). The Amigas are doing well. We at Creative Computers predict that this will be the Amiga's best Christmas. We will make sure that we do everything we can to help make that happen. We support Commodore. We support our vendors. And most importantly, we give unequalled support to our customers. Like our new 30-day money-back guarantee on hardware (check out the ad for details). You can't go wrong in purchasing the item you were waiting for. If you don't like it, send it back! If you do, keep it and chances are that your productivity will increase manyfold while you would be supporting the vendors in the Amiga community. You're looking at 8 pages worth of Creative Computers space in Amigaworld. No company has ever taken that much space in any Amiga magazine, EVER. That's because none has been willing to spend the associated costs - until we did. The truth of the matter is that it's hard to justify that kind of investment in the Amiga business. But to us that doesn't matter; we are committed to bringing you information, the best service, and the best products for the best prices. And when Commodore becomes a 4 billion dollar company, we will still be your number 1 source for Amiga products.
P. S. These 8 pages are extracts from what the new revised "Creative Edge", our newsletter catalog to be released this Christmas. It's new and it's now in full color glory. Best Regards, Frank Khulusi President edition of Hard Driven we an overview of the current in Amiga hard drive first look is at the new GVP controllers for the A2000 and A500. These controllers offer good hard drive speed and up to 8MB of fast ram using either 1MB or 4MB SIMM's, as well as removable media and tape backup support. The GVP installation software is new and improved, and is once again up there with some of the best installation software available. The A500 version looks exiting, with a beautiful case and a unique "mini-slot" that could house hardware like accelerators, fax modems, and other interesting additions. Leaving GVP we move on to the Supra A500XPs, definitely the best selling line of A500 hard drives to date. Comparable to the GVP in features and value, the A500XP has also earned a very good reputation for speed and reliability. The IVS Trumpcard Pro offers extremely high speed when used in conjunction with a 68030 accelerator card, has very good removable media support, and is the first that I've seen with what they call a “shared-scsi network.” This ‘network’ allows for an single hard drive to boot and control several computers, with individual boot partitions in addition to shared partitions. It seems to me that the SCSI interface is practically setup for simple high speed networking. Hopefully this will evolve into something much greater than its current (however nice) application. The final controller discussed will be the ICD Advantage 2000. The Advantage, by virtue of it’s low price, great performance (works well in A3000 under WB2.0), clean hardware and drive bracket, very nice software, and excellent removable media support, is a best buy at Creative’s $ 139 price. All four of the above manufacturers have recently shown real time by Kelly Keith - Technical Support Manager DRIVEN... For this will just give state of the art controllers, The Series II animated movie sequences captured from real commercial movies and played back directly off the hard drive. In other words, the computer is pulling frames off the drive as fast as it can display them (or faster!). Any of these hard drives mentioned would be a good choice to purchase. In closing, I’d like to say that it's getting easier and cheaper to be hard driven, and the performance and productivity increases associated with hard drive support are becoming indispensable. U-SjOflOERSONLY;___ CUSTOMER SERVICE OR ORDER STATUS 800-872-8882 213-214-0000 Canada: 1-800-548-2512 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 - Mon-Sat 8AM-6PM PST - FAX: 213-214-0932 SAMPLER EDITOR a:basc
• 25 55 SOFTWARE a: fc”=an AC FCR7RA.N T
• 735 HUSC-X 115 X BENCHMARK SIMPLE 18R 6255 ORGANZE 525: SOMX 5155 BENCHMARK SOURCE Lvl.. 53 95 RECIPE FAX . 24 55 SyhTHA PROFESSIONAL BAPS AND P -ES RUES ... 239 00 .3555 ¦ PROSOUND GOLD .... 77 55 1 CUASARSCUW SAMPLER 7RA.X WDISTIDO .. 39 5-5 . 5255 I The Disney Animation Studio 1 PROWRITE 3.0 New Horizon's new word processor takes on all challengers with features like: u TVSHOW 23 56 9: PHOTON PAINT ExP D5 . 153: TY'TEXT PROFESSIONAL 5995 STARSHiPS 2053 SCULPT 2935 VIDEO EFFECTS 20 H5CC STARSHIPS 2050 T5HV 29 55 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D FAL .
- ’ D' 6'95 X 55 X 55 S'95 o'5: S’35 135 14-35 15
m. -
* i 4 y FAT TRACKS 3:55 MARAUDERil .... . 595 PROJECT) 37 55 Gu'ARTERSACK A’55 RAW COPY 13 34 55 REAPER CSX COPY .. 2S55 S-=E=yCKHDLTU>' 5155 :cp> '.e-scn 2 3. 25 25 PRINTER UTILITIES DESkjE - Si'SR.Dv i£ 55 DJ HELPER 195
- NS == T 3195 UURAI "STEF 22 25 =4LFTE F- MR
• 995 take stock 32 43 ¦CFVA'CN 44 25 9AG£S’F£AU2: y.
B. A.D. DISK OPTIMIZER 29.95 C-ZM DR -54-C=EDU3 WORLD ATLAS 2.0 ...32 46 - NEW
• 255 MAPS ADDED IN 2.0
M. AG.NE CA.L 3 D FR>'ESSCN4L 19: X 3 c frvesscnal FA. 209 CA.IQARI CONSUMER ¦52 y. MODELER 3D 54 55 PA3EREM3ER2D 53 55 SCJ.=T 3DXL 135 y. VISTA 56 55 VISTA PAL 53:5 BUDDY SYS0PAINT1II 29:5 CWC SETTER 5:55 DE.UXE PANT III 99 95 CGI PAINT 2 53:5 CGI PAINT 3 FAL . . 5695 GRAPHICS STUDIO. THE .
13. 95 HAMANDEL p-0 V30 ..... . . 50.95 MY PANT DATA C SK *1 1395 MY PANT DATA D=SK »2 1295 PK3T0N PANT 2 0 92 95 PIXMATE 43 95 Fy-CCICF 15 55 CE.L-R0 5295 CEDKE.LDEF5 CAD 529: CiSNEv AMUATON 9995 vTACTA. FFC 50 55 GCLDDSK DECOfiA'CRFON T 3455 GCLDD SK CES ONE R rvN* 34:5 GOLD C-5* PiaS-ERFON’ 34 9; VJPFC5 US 54 25 VY PANT 2 3 2995
* 22 CC ULTRA CtSGN 23 OC xc4d:esgn=r Z' SZ‘ XCAD PRC SSOvA. Yj :c j Sr£L. ¦ «x 11
100. 000 word Spoiling Checker
U. TiVA Id
U. TiMATE HM fT REV Visualization of Math functions and data Optimized Mandelbrot Julia set functions Sound functions Recursive Formulas ACTION STRATEGY FLIGHT SIMULATION ATTACK SUE AQUANAUT . BANDIT KINGS OF CHINA BlOCKOJT _
3. 0C0A7CH 5 r; 5>LES 'AX ci Rfs OM.r ¦Virtual tfgafitij Lahoraloric EXCELLENCE 2.0 TOUL AMIGA BOOKS MANY MANY MANY AAUGA BOOKS ARE AVALA3LE CN MANY S JB.="5 WCLUOW3 PflOGRAMW NG. Gpa hcs. And game clue bccks call Explore the Universe! S40.95 THE WYSIWYG WORD- PROCESSOR WITH VIRTUAL MEMORY AND MORE... CC1290AW MasterCard VIDEOTAPES AMIGA ViDtO MAGA£ N; DELUXE PA.NT 3 V CEO CCURCYCU XGVTDEO DxjFPZiNGFOR EFFECT VDEO GRAPHICS TECH . DRECTCfl TUTOR AL...... TURBO SLVER VIDEO. ULTIMATE VIDEO PROD 1 ..... A unique new Virtual Reality landscape explorer $ 58.95 VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, International Phone and Mail Orders, Educational, Corporate and Aerospace Purchase Orders Accepted. WIN A DIGITAL CREATIONS DCTV! (A $ 399 VALUE) Register to win a Digital Creations DCTV by tilting out this entry order form and mailing it to us. One person will be picked at random to win from forms received by December 31st, 1990! (No purchase necessary.) HOW TO ORDER USING THIS FORM:
1. Call for shipping rates.
2. Mail this order form to CREATIVE COMPUTERS at: 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 Name ___ Address ___ City_State_Zip_ Phone = )_Customer YES! I'd like to join the Creative Computers VIP Club. [~11 am ordering $ 600 or more in product for a FREE VIP membership. Q! Would like to order the following products: MAKES IT HAPPEN A SUBSET OF BASIC WTH EMPHASSS ON ¦ J STATEMENTS THAT CONTROL THE AMIGA'S SOUND AND GRAPHICS HARDWARE. 139 A UNES 0F C0DE HAS A 0PA,NT ,MAGE r MOVING ACROSS THE SCREEN. BECAUSE IS A COMPILER, THE NATIVE CODE GENERATED IS FAST AND STANDALONE PROFESSIONAL PAGE 2.0 Th esHrUJesktop Publishing |E£Efi!QB| New Lower Price! BUY PROFESSIONAL PAGE
1. 3 NOW AND GET A FREE UPGRADE TO VERSION 2.0 MISC. PRODUCTIVITY PRODUCT NAME NIPPING M.ETHQO . ? UPS Ground Federal Express Q Fedex 2-day "1 Other_ Check ? Money Order Q Visa American Express Discover METHOD OF PAYMENT CREDIT CARD USERS ONLY Credit Card Signature_ Circle 199 on Reader Service card Canada: 1-800-548-2512 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 - Mon-Sat 8AM-6PM PST- FAX: 213-214-0932, 28 Mhz $ 1449 33 Mhz $ 1649 50 Mhz $ 2499 All the above boards are in _
• Most reliable drive for the
* Slimline, attractive design
* Drive Pass-thru
• Low power consumption NEW FROM M. SUPRA A500 SUPRA 500XP 20MB 512K---- 548.00 SUPRA 500XP 40MB 512K ... 658,00 SUPRA 500XP 20MB 2MB 638.00 SUPRA 500XP 40MB 2MB .... ... 748.00 A200G SUPRA WORDSYMC 40C ... 455 00 SUPRA WORDSYNC 8GQ ..... 665.00 SUPRA WORDSYNC 105Q . 704.00 SUPRA 44R EXT W SCSI __ 979.00 SUPRA 44R EXT NO SCSI ------- 809.00 SUPRA 44R INT W SCSI ___ .....----- 609.00 GVP IMPACT HD 45 A500 . 709.00 GVP IMPACT HD 800 A500 ...1009.00 A 2000 ALL GVP HARD DRIVES ARE THE NEW BLAZING FAST SERIES II WITH NO MEMORY EXPANSION FOR 3 MB FAST RAM CAPABILITY ADD SBC GVP SERIES II HC0 .. 159.00 ALL HARD CARO ARE QUANTUM 12MS RELIABLE DRIVES GVP SERIES II HC 40Q ..... ..495.00 GVP SERIES II HC 80Q ...... 779.00 GVP SERIES II HC 100Q ....- ... 839-00 GVP SERIES II HC 170Q ......1099.00 GVP SYQUEST 44MB HDD ......699.00 GVP SYQUEST CARTRIDGE . 90 00 GVP WT-150 TAPE DRIVE ...... 639.00 GVP XC CASE W SYQUEST ..1149.00 GVP XC CASE W WT-150 989 00 GVP XC CASE NO DRIVE ... 179.00 IVS TRUMP CARO SCSI A2Q00 127.00 TRUMPCARD A200Q PROF .. -.209 00 TRUMP CARD SCSI A500 219 00 TRUMPCARD A50Q PROF . 279 00 MOUNTING BRACKET, HDD .....19 00 TRUMPCARD META 4 0 159 00 TRUMPCARD META 500 4 0 .... 249.00 INF1NIT40S EH REMOVABLE ----------------- 1049 00 INF1NTT4Q INT. REMOVABLE 999 00 INF1N1T40 DISK CARTRIDGE ... -------90.00 HARD DRIVE MADNESS SPECIALS! . UPGRADE BEYOND A3000 PERFORMANCE! With GVPs A3001 Accelerators 68030 68882 4Mb configuration. For a 40Mb Quantum HD add $ 389 - for an 80Mb Quantum add $ 699 HARDWARE SUPRWM29008M3R.AJJI =55:: ADVANTAGE 2D3Q SCSi
3. PRA 24® salONGC'M M J; SECTION 5,”.4r= ,i v;;i.r3 795 :c
3. -RA20: V VCCEV
• ¦53: SUPfiA500JF20UBrt5tiK 5-43 X UKAUOGF RACER £99 x 5-=R.A 5O0XF 2CW3 W 2V5 £33 X MONITORS i ;:g£T5a;ef »?« SUPRA 5001F 40U3 W 5t 2K £55 v S®P.A500)(P4CWBW2M3 'A: X MTSLB EM ’35'A CA_ AUDIO HARDWARE 'INYTlGEP 4;Lf£G '93 X NEC MULTISYNC 30
• :»o;
* 24 TP-LV3 CARD SCS A5CC 21? X S-KQ ’44£ ML-ITIS'iK
70. 95 ADRAM 515 INT 5ID-: 5955 CITIZEN GSXJ0O 9 PH.
9455. K FLOPPY DRIVES ADRAM 6600 2 VEG A;4.j . 22? X S'AR NX-2410 PRINTER 232 X Exr-WM- A5032WEG .. 4*9 00 S'AR NX1000 il PR MR 16900 A3X0 DISK DRVE’.V 10900 GYP ffjQ MEMORY 0OARO. 399 CC 5‘AR NX 1000 RAINBOW 19900 CA-S3D FLOPPY CRN'S
119. 00 SUPRAa.4V 2X04M8 RAM 335 90 DOVE GOLD V4 0 . . 127-00 HARD DRIVES AND CONTROLLERS SL’PRAfiAW 290GSM3 RAM 445 v DC YEV. CCU 4; sal 134 M A new lightning fast SCSI host adapter for the Amiga 2000 2500 computers. ADRAM 2080 0 8 MB BRD 145.00 ADRAM 505 INTERNAL 512K ...59.95 ADRAM 540 0 4 MEG INT ..125.00 ADVANTAGE 2000 SCSI .. 145.00 3 NEW PRODUCTS FROM ICO FLICKER FREE VIDEO HARDWARE FLICKER ELIMINATOR FOR ALL AMIGAS ADSPEED 14.3 MHZ 60000 ACCELERATOR ij A'A ADSCSI CONTROLLER (SAME AS ADVANTAGE WITH SPACE FOR 8MB RAM) Hfl ¦ 5r '' CALL FOR PRICES AND AVAILABILITY NewTek DIGI VIEW GOLD V4.0 ....129.00 DIGI PAINT 3 .... 61.00 PANASONIC WV1410 .....189.00 PANASONIC WV1500X . 319.00 COPY CAMERA STAND ...59.95 SUPER BUNDLE DIGIVIEW ...399.00 DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0. WV1410 CAMERA, COPY STAND, LENS, CABLE GVP HARO DRIVES ASM FOR NEW SERIES II A500 KARO DRIVES SEE SEPARATE BOX GVP IMPACT HD 1QOQ ..- ......1319,00 GVP IMPACT HD 20 ASM - ....- 629.00 GVP IMPACT HD 30 A500 -679.00 GVP IMPACT HD 40Q A500 ...- 749.00 BARE DRIVES (USE WITH ANY CONTROLLER) QUANTUM 40MB HARD DRV - 333 00 QUANTUM 60MB HARD DRV 543.00 QUANTUM 105MB HRD DRV 589.00 QUANTUM 170MB SCSI HD .....693 00 14" SuperFine Pitch Trinitron Resolution up to 1024 x 768 J .25mm dot pitch T3 Anti glare silica coating Works on ail Amigas, incl. A3000 mi HP PRINTERS DESKJET 500 ....569.00 LASERJET III 1699.00 LASERJET IIP 999.00 PAINTJET ...949.00 PAINTJET XL 1899.00 BEST BUYS! EXPAND YOUR A2Q00 TO A 2500 MODEL A2620 68020 68881 ACCELERATOR RUNNING AT 14MHZ WITH 2 MEGS OF 32 BIT RAM STANDARD EXPANDABLE TO 4 MEGS AT THE UNBELIEVABLE PRICE OF S700 (THIS ITEM WAS SELLING FOR S1500!) MODEL A2091 DMA HARD DRIVE CONTROLLER (BASIC SAME AS CONTROLLER IN A3000) WITH SOCKETS FOR 2 MEGS OF RAM WITH 40MB QUANTUM FOR 5399 OR WITH 80MB QUANTUM FOR 5599! OR BUY A COMPLETE A2500 UPGRADE PACK WHICH INCLUDES A2620 AND 40MB A2091 FOR ONLY S999. GET THEM WHILE THEY LAST! 2 8 MB Board nvL 's~ ONLY l~yr 5$ 219 - Supra SUPRARAM 2000 2MB RAM.....228.00 SUPRARAM 2000 4MB RAM.....335.00 SUPRARAM 2000 6MB RAM.....445.00 SUPRARAM 2000 SMB RAM.....555.00 SUPRARAM 500 1 2 MEG 61.95 SUPRARAM A500 2MB RAM ....239.00 SUPRA 2400 BAUD MODEM 99.95 SUPRA 2400 INT. MODEM 119.00 MODEM CABLE ADD ..7.00 EASYL 'SC ’A3.fi 353 K EASY. IOX • AsvET 389 OC EASY. !03 Tic cT 329 CC =LOC FS TO Gef.l0CY
37. 55 :lcker fixer 274 OC
• RAMEGRA53ERl25iG PA. . .. 7WK .ENSltNMNOlfllS 1331 .EM3 UWMWARlS £3 35 JVE110DO W90£ .IVE! 2T'X 3430: JVE150] ... .. .. XB.0C AGNWCOX GENLOCK IS950C VWGENQEM.0CK 189K VHGE'i 5AL GEN.CCK
239. 0: '.EF>3 GENLOCK 1756 s: AfCN C YiY'J'C 189 O: 3MMSGMC W ISODX 313 0: 3B0GEH GENLOCK r€3 0! SHARP JX130 SCANNER 758 OC iGPERGEN ?xgs tl£CC0 rlRERGEN GENLOCK UfX
• Cru 132 .. 7130: M A VGA FRAWEGRABR 16UX ?TECH SCANLOCK ..785.fX YIDTcCH SCM0CK PAL 114900 • SPECS 30 CALL INPUT DEVICES cover i-s coo: ID. E= L-S a:-ox.a*»o COVER L=S *303 . Safes*: n aiooo SAFES*, ’i Aj’XO S*F£SKIN A30CQ SAFES*!’! A50C POWER DEVICES
0. CK.OY llSU=P!>R3
• 255 QU CKJOY jET F GrTEF 1795
* v;
CC. == A2»Vf-R: 2 9; C0YE=.=SA2MCSYS7U . C2 ajto c=o: COWPL’ERCiEA'iEF COMPUTER C-; • T COPY CAMERA STA*JD AE High Density Drive ...$ 199.00 Operates as an 880K drive or 1.52 Meg drive and has an electronic eject button. AE Datalink 2000 Upgradeable Modem . $ 139.00 Above Upgraded with MNP-5 ..S179.00 500 Heavy Duty Power Supply S89.95 APPLIED ENGINEERING
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- * • r , T •L1* » ? ’ ‘ I J "4 ' • •' II
- ' - • *•" J Ki f'r- •** -
• The Largest Selectioi ¦V- . ; •: • v , ,, u .. r of the halls in.the wareho .. _ NOW AND THROUGH DECEMBER 31ST, 1990, WHEN YOU PURCHASE ANY ACCELERATORS, FLOPPY DRIVES, HARD DRIVES, MEMORY EXPANSIONS, HARD DRIVES AND HARD DRIVE CONTROLLERS FROM CREATIVE COMPUTERS, YOU ARE PROTECTED WITH A FULL 30 DAY, NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! ARE YOU WAITING TO BUY A HARD DRIVE THIS CHRISTMAS BUT DONT WANT TO BE STUCK WITH A LEMON? ARE YOU TIRED OF WAITING FOR YOUR AMIGA TO COMPUTE BUT DONT KNOW WHAT AN ACCELERATOR WILL MEAN IN PRACTICAL TERMS TO YOU? YOU NEED NOT WAIT ANY MORE. JUST BUY IT FROM US, AND IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, SEND IT BACK FOR A FULL REFUND!!! THE CREATIVE COMPUTERS VIP CLUB (Membership not required to order) B 5% off on all software (discounted from our already super-low prices). | Incredible SAVING on many hardware items. B A FREE subscription to our newsletter "The Creative Edge." | A FREE Creative Computers Amiga T-Shirt. T PRIORITY notification on all SPECIAL DEALS and BLOW-OUT ITEMS. CC‘MBG RULES: LIMITED TIME OFFER ONLY APPLIES TO ABOVE LISTED CATEGORIES. YOU MUST CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE TO OBTAIN AN RA NUMBER BEFORE SENDING ITEM BACK. ITEM MUST BE IN ORIGINAL CONDITION AND IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING. NO DAMAGED ITEMS WILL BE ACCEPTED. REFUNDS ISSUED WITHIN 14 DAYS OF RECEIPT OFTHE RETURN. > 11 you order from Creative Computers before Dec. 31st, 1990, any order totalling S600 or more, you will receive a free 1 year membership! Membership could save you hundreds of dollars on future orders. To enroll, call TOLL-FREE with your order or fill out and mail in the Enrollment & Order Form found elsewhere in this ad. PRESENTS ? BOSTON, MA ? January 4-5 WINTER SEMESTER 1991 ~k SEATTLE, WA * January 11-12 NOVICE CLASSES
* SAN DIEGO, CA * January 25-26 , ik DETROIT, MI ? February 8-9 7V AMIGA GRAPHICS ik ik TORONTO, ON * February 22-23 ik AMIGA VIDEO * AMIGA NOVICE CLASSES - THE PERFECT INTRODUCTION AmigaWorld Expo offers Novice classes for Amiga users just starting out. Both classes are designed to give you basic introductory information. Each class is 3 hours, costs $ 30 a person and is limited to 40 students. AMIGA MASTER CLASSES - GET THE MOST FROM YOUR AMIGA! Amiga Master Classes are designed to provide in-depth information on several professional topics of Amiga use. Each subject is offered in the morning in an introductory format and in the afternoon for more advanced users. We encourage you to attend both. Each 3 hour class costs $ 60.00 a person and is limited to 40 students. AMIGA CLASS INSTRUCTORS - YOUR KEY TO SUCCESS The quickest way to master your Amiga is to learn from a Master. Our instructors include Amiga luminaries such as: STEVE SEGAL, ORAN J. SANDS III, BRADLEY SCHENCK and GENE BRAWN. NOVICE CLASSES Basic Amiga ( oncepls NOVICE I is an total introduction for the Amiga user, covering the Amiga software and hardware configurations. Expanding your Amiga with memory, hard drives, printers, modems and other peripherals is discussed. Understanding the CLI NOVICE II gives the Command Line Interface (CLI) an in-depth look. Your Amiga is at its most flexible when you understand use of the CLI. A special look at the world of Amiga public domain software will also be included. MASTER CLASSES Working with Amiga Graphics GRAPHICS I covers all aspects of the current state of the Amiga art of illustration. The advantages and disadvantages of different Amiga resolutions will also be covered. GRAPHICS II will cover specific techniques on computer illustration. These topics include palettes, anti-aliasing, landscapes, and color- cycling. INSTRUCTOR: BRADLEY SCHENCK Circle 72 on Reader Service card The Amiga Animation Station ANIMATION I will cover the basics of animation in general and Amiga animation specifically. Different animation options will be discussed with an emphasis 011 two dimensional animation. ANIMATION II is a continuation of Animation 1 and delves more specifically into artist's technique. Three dimensional animation is the primary topic for this course. INSTRUCTOR . STEVE SEGAL The Amiga as a Pro Video Tool VIDEO I covers basic technical video concepts that concern Amiga users. Amiga graphic techniques for video and informal questions and answer sections form the basis for this class. VIDEO II is a continuation of Video I. This class will take an effect-oriented approach, demonstrating the usase and combination of var- fcr V-* ious Amiga programs. INSTRUCTOR ~ ORAN J. SANDS III or GENE BRAWN B5HWALL SOLID PRODUCTS CALL
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Street Kut lown, PA 19530 1-800-638-5757 24 flour FAX Line 1-215-6834(567 Customer Service I -215-683-5433 Technical Support 1-215-683-5699 Outside the USA (1-215-683-5661) v CALL US FOR A QUOTED SATISFACTION ' 'In-Housc Technical Support ’A No-surprises Shipping Policy 'Our FIFTH VeiiF in Business 'No Surehagc lor Charge Orders 'No Holdiim of Personal Checks 'A Fair Reiurn Rxchaime Policy 36 34 33 25 '7 39 2b 33 30 15 I" 33 Sib 17 20 15 25 15 17 8 17 T" is 17 2-S 2ii s - 17 15 21 II 21 2s 2S 33 s- 13 33 3u S " sfo 192 65 225 177 65 97 S2 65 161 52 si 259 205 140 107 33 49 1119 79 39 65 t ( 39 34 41 11 3o 23 3'i 3*i 46 34 s- 3'i 2n 7 35 II 34 30 34 65 129 I6| 39 1119 24 I Til 35 129 33 25 S9 27 33 3‘» 33 129 33 3') 27 30 1 41 3l> 3'i 3n 23 23 35 33 17 36 NEWTEK’S Dynamic Duo Algebra Plus $ 33 It Came From the Dose Vlgchra Pitts V ni2 33 Jigsaw pM li iii,iiii.h Barney Bear Goes to School 23 Kings Quest 4 Barney Bear Goes to the Farm 23 Leisure Suit l.arry 3
B. iim y Bear • iocs (¦» Space 23 Life A. 1 Km III ’ Distant Suns (Galileo 3) 46 1 1)4 hill Katie’s Farm i - Ml 1 .mk I’l.itmin 3li 5'i 34 41 3'i Barney Bear Meets Santa Claus 30 31 3'i ¦i i Am*i 4 f 5 - 30 24 30 34 1- 34 The Briwall Package -- $ 399 Digi-Vicw 4.0. Panasonic WV1410 Camera, 16mm Lens w variable iris and Copy Stand w lights If you would like Digi-Puint 3 vx ith the package, add $ 65 39 Advantage Llliet 129 Bgraphics 126 DBMAN V 209 Excellence V2.0G MU» 150 Familx Tree I Your t 35 t IflliT * IS9 Pagesellcr 11 S4 Pace Stream V 2.11 192 Pen Pal 49 Pnd'txsiiinjl Draw 2.0 139 Professional Page 1.3 189 Piidi'ssiunal Page 2.0 call Proscript for Prow rite 32 Proxx rilc V.VO 1 14 Saxon Puhlislur 279 Scribble ¦ Platinum Edition “? A J - Security Analyst 48 Sen. Ice Industry Accounting 252 Superbase Personal 53 Superbase Personal 2 99 Superbase Professional V3.0 225 Superpktn 99 Word Perfect x4.1.1 1 149 W orks - Platinum Edition 140 64 l imd.ilor $ 52 Anilrac (trackball i 68 Cables call Camera Lens 16mm - No Iris S 1 Copy Stand xxith Light Fixtures 64 Covers call DisiiViexv Adapter Gender Chare.. 16 Disks - 3.5' DSDD box nf 100 77 Flicker Master 14 Ink call Joystick ¦ Graxis 35 Marcus RR2-109 Track Ball 45 Mouse Master 29 Paper call Ribbon call Safeskin Keyboard Protectors 2o S vx itch Bov 1 ax Pimm- 129 Advanced Amiga Basic Amiga 3D Graphics Programming Amiga Basic lnsidc&;Out-»- Amiga C for Besinners+ Amiga C for Advanced Proes- Aniiga Companion 2nd Ptiiiion Amiga DOS Inside A Out- Vmiga DOS Quick Ref Manual Vmiga Desktop idee Guide Amiga Graphics Inside and OuH Vmiga Hindu arc Reference Review Amiga Machine Language* Vmiga I’ritiu t srltisidi Ai Hi! Amiga Programmer's Handbook 2 Amiga S stem Prog's Gliide Amiga Tip- & Tricks- Vmiga for Beginners C Primer Plus Dungeon Master Hint Bonk Inside the Amiga with C Making Music on tlu- Vmiga' ROM Rental Ret Exee.Lih&Dexs ROM Kem.il Refdr.cludesWAutoDoc This learning game combines the excitement” of the season vs ith sounds, music, speech, interactive stories and learning activities for the young computer user. Briwall Price - $ 23 GENERAL BUSINESS ACCESSORIES EDUCATION BOOKS luck Mali Clou n-0-M.tma t oilcn.sim : Iceman ( olninl’s lut|EHs| Dragon's Lair II Singe's Castle I Iragon I out * Dragnllsc.ipc Drakkhen Dungeon Master Dungeon Master 2 Eat I Weawt Baseball Lari Weaver St.its 'S9 Disk 1-24 Kcl.ilialnr" Falcon I loud Future Wars irngliis K liaii I iltusl Itirsli i s 11 Halls nt Monte lima Hardball U Harpoon llrai axe: t Htsliore Raring Hero's Quest Highway Patrol 2 Hoyles Book ol Games I fill lev .allies 2 lee I locke} : Wayne Gret ky Immortal Inipeiin in Ishuiu:Way nf tin Stones It Caine from the Desert 68K Attack Sub $ 34 AD&D - Champions of Krynn 35 A DAD - Dr.igim Strike 34 AD D - Pool nl Radiunu 35 Altered Beast 54 iinrchy 27 Bandit Kings uf Vih ii iiI ( litu.i 39 Bar i.iiiics 40 Battle Si|ti.ulron 24 Black (odd 1“T _ Blades nl Steel Hi Blue Angels
31) Bride nf the Robot 2n Bridge 6.0 BUCK ROGERS Cminulown In I )uoinsilav Now Ironi SSI! TSR and SSI have joined up again for this science Iiction role playing game. Complete with spaceships, combat, robots, monsters and x illians. Get ready for adventure in the 25th century. Briwall Price - S34
M. itIi Blaster 33 Max is Beacon 1 ypmg 34 Met ice 27 Mixed I p Mother Goose 2o MxP.uiU A A M Paint Data Disk 1 17 My Paint Data Disk 2 17 Rhy ming Notebool. 2‘i
F. ilking Story Rook 20 World Atlas 2 O 39 Matrix V1.ir.uidirs Midwinlii Might A Magic 2 Miitam Priestess Neuromancer NnbnngaN Vmbition Operation Spruaiice (lierruil Pielionai i Pirates' Planet of Lust Police Quest 2 Popilllis I’uner Pintiall 1*1111 eruioiiger Pro Football Simulation Projcetv ie Red Lightning ENTERTAINMENT Briwall Price - $ 34 Red Storm Rising Rings of Medusa Scrabble Second I rout .Sr I ill laics Sex Vixens from Space Shadow ol the Beast .Shadow ol tin- Beast 2 Shark Attack Sitiiiohi Sim City Sim City Terra in Editor Spherical Star I i i k Storm Across Lurope Slrecd Rod Strike tin I onois up lest Drive 2: The Duel lest Drixe 2:Luropcan Cbalenge I lie 'dIiin I he Killing I iattie Show I lie Plague Their f inest Ilour:Baitle Britain I lutit Courier Funnels "t Armageddon t luma IV ! Ureal
VV. Tei too Welti is W Fere Europe is Carmen SanDiego W here in I SA is Carmen Sail Diego W I:ere in World K Carmen SanDiego W ings W illgs ol i in v 3I> ProlVssiiiiiid 32l> 3D Prideisiiitial V ideo l‘) An i Magic 91 Animation Soundtrack 88 Art Department 59 Vit Department Prof.* 12*) Aulodroid 51) AutoScript 84 Broadcast Filler 193 Iti o.iili asl I itler 11 249 ( otnr Split tor Vntii ( aide 45 Credit Text Scroller 27 Deluxe Paint Version 3 99 Deluxe Video 3 99 Digimate 3 27 Digipaml 3 69 Digiviev. 4.(H lor 500 2000) I3‘) Digiworks 3D 84 Dueetor 49 Di'iuo Vtiiin.ilion Studio 119 Draw’20t it) 169 Genesis 97 Iir.iphies Starter Kit (>5 Imagine* 224 Interchange 33 Intro CAD Plus IDS Kara Fonts call VIDEO TITLING STARTER KIT The perfect w ay to get started in home, school, or industrial video. ( nines complete u ith:
- Genlock unit
- Titling software Video fonts All the necessary cables A comprehensive manual Briwall Price - $ 199 Power monger Nt*v from 1 lie designers ol Populous! As leader oi your tribe you seek and explore uncharted worlds. You decide whether to negotiate, battle, or offer alliances. I 'ealures multiplayer capability and hundreds of worlds to explore. AtjVITY GRAPHies Viidin M.istirill Bars A Pipes Deluxe Music Construction Dr T Key hoard C. S Level II Dr I Keyboard C. Seij V3.0 Dt T"s Filter Cub MnsiiA Jr . Music Mouse Perfect Sound A5O0 V ,V0 Phantom Sonix Svnlhia it A Falk III dapl (iNiLRi Vssemliler Am;i II - V]ac Emulator Ami....Alignment Vmiga V ision Amiga Workbench 1.3 Vmil '. Press BBS Arc x VLO A tec C Piol I’ak V 5 w Ldilor Baud Bandit Butcher 2.0 Can Do Cross DOS Y4 0 DiskMastcr 1.4 DOS-2-DOS Doctor Ami., Imagelink 2.it Janus Libraries Y2J1 Digi-Paint 3 The Ultimate Paint Program $ 69 HAM painting package lor the Amina written in 10(Kr assembly language foi' a fast, powerful, easy-to-use program. Media Line Dsktp A Video Package 24 Outline l outs 129 Palette Printer 27 Pixmate 45 Pro Video Post 224 Sculpt Animate 4D 3fx9 Showmaktr* 27 5 I urho Silxer w l eirain 139 I V Text Prolessum; I 109 L Itra Design 255 V ideo Scape 3D 2 o 129 V isia ti5 SOUND & MUSIC We maintain an enormous inventory ol software. If you don't see what you want. CALL! L ilies marked with * were not yet released when the ad was prepared, Please call for firm price availability. I tiles in ItOI.Dare new items Australian Customers can order software locally from Btivx all Australia at: (0621 SS 0131. Or FAX m2) SX 0337 Digi-Viewv Gold 4.0 Simplythe Best! $ 139 Diuiii e imanes with complete software control of color saturation, brightness, sharpness, hue. Resolution and palette. Sterling Service BBS I In friendly Vmiga hnllei in hoard si stein Sterling Service uses Amiga graphics, pull-down menus and requesters to create an intuitive interface tiiat makes setting tip and operating your BBS a breeze. Briwall Price - $ 97 Lattice C++ Lattice Y5 10 Dev P.icakjge MacroPaint Paragon BBS Project D % 1.1 Quarterback V4.it Skxline IlliS Super ( aril Vim 11 Super Lxptodi I ltr.it ard Plus I Up v
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Street Kut .town* PA 19530 S C S I C' O N I K O I. I. lv R S DRIVE PACKAGl HARD D R I E S Driv c Specv l >riv o I Vice (haulage I*Sll IK G PSII IB Nl) i Lirrirramc Kniim** Trumpcard Trmpcrl-Priif Micrn-Dyn Krunns* Trimipcard Innpcrl-Pruf Micrn-Dyn4* A2000 :m«l A20OO A2000 A2000 A2DIM A2000 5m >(M) A5 M) AIOOU $ 159 Sui‘1 S2I5 $ 172 $ |Xft SI31 $ 219 $ 73 $ 32x $ 212 S2$ 5 $ 1X5 52MB-K)m> SeaL'aie-S-? S2S2 5435 5447 S4‘)0 5450 5463 S4I2 S497 $ 357 $ 610 5492 S5 (> 1 $ 472 We Ifiivc llv tcvhrvtc-.il vik-N ¦dull .util tnurh. L t iinieiuik 40MB-1 Inis Qu.ml uni - * .5 SI! 13 S55i, NS(,S SOI ! 5571 S5X4 S5 3 3 Sts 1 s S47X S7 3 | 56 1 3 5(»S2
5. 593 In Ihdp whi uilii a kui I drive IvtcklLV puikli.ixv 44MB 25m Syqucsl-5.25 SS(i9 S722
57. U S777 S737 S750 Sft99 S7K4 S(V14 SXS7 $ 770 SS-IS 5749 llicsc [Akk.uee |>i ice-N ;uc Sycjuesi w CaseACarc SS75 SI.02s SI.(HI)
51. 0X3
51. 04 3 Sl.l)5ft Sl.tMI.5 S 1.090 $ 950 $ 1,193 SI.(1X5
51. 154 $ 1,055 complete. ;uki incluJo all ud.liliouii! Luirtlwiuv 4SMB-2.Sms Seaeaic-3.5 S319 5472 54X4 S527 S4X7 S50O S449 S534 $ 394 SM 7 $ 529 S59X 5509 rc*)uircil. A5HD AI000 |Aic‘k;igcs inekule e;ive uml 64MB-24ms .Seaeaie-5.5 S3ft9 S522 5534 5577 S537 S550 S499 S5S4 $ 444 $ 697 $ 57*) 5(>4S $ 559 . Allies It >u packages w ilh a .....voiicaii ilfiliiel SI 10 it SOMB-Hms Ouannim 3.5 Sftso SSI 2 SX.24 5X1.7 SS27 SX-IO S7S9 SX74 $ 731 $ 9X7 Snt'O So $ x 5X19 muiiIuiTi wujii llie euse ami ealtlel A2000 tiiiuiuline S4MU 24ms Seac.ite -3.5 SI 15 5 sftS S5xo Sti23 55S3 S5*>t. $ 545 $ (>3(1 $ 190 S7-13 S(>25 S(i94 SftOS Bruckels may Iv .iikidion.il, [(HIMB-I tins Ouanunn-3.5 S7I2 Ssft5 SX77 5*i2o SXXO 5X93 SS42 $ 927 $ 7X7 $ 1.1 >40 $ 922 S991 $ 902 IE iv e assembly is S15, i «r iis'x-rubleil vouisell! 2 HIMB-I 1ms QuanUim-3.5 Nl.llSS S 1.2 II SI.223 S l.22(.
51. 22ft SI.239 Sl.iSX Si.273 $ 1,153
51. 3X6 5I.26X S1.537 $ 1,245 Many other package deals available! Please call! P M A E C M k Q A R G Y F. S SC A LI iniiM 20(111 J hurl III i t- Packages These packages come complete wiili controller :unl
h. iTi! Itrne. Arc loimallcJ .mil iir.uk to use. Sit|)i.i Wnrilsync w 4IKMB Quantum 111) 5529 Supra Worchvnc w HHIMB Quantum 111) 5X27 Vmiga 9(Mill anil 51)11 '*U|>rul>rk* Packagt' These package-. I'omc complete v itli cnnlrniler. Case, power Mipplv. .ite lorriatlcJ and rc.uk [n iisc. V moo sun :iMH Svi|tkw| Supra Dttve kkj $ 1029 5909 105MB Qu.miuni Supra Drive Eke $ ‘>X9 $ 92*! Vinigu 5 MI r Il.ml Dun- Paikages - R M 2'iMB unh 512K $ 575 with 2MB Sfvft? 40MB w11h 5I2K S699 with 2MB $ 7X5 supra Corporation A ( KI.KR VI OR RO RI)S: ARKH ¦ 6SD.R1-8S2 2SMH + 4MH M5J9 Ak>I with -iuNlli Qtuntum MS')')
A. KXH with SIIMB Qu.mluiti s2I4‘) A 3033 - 6S030-SS2 33MH + 4MB SO ALL A 30511 6KD30-SS2 50M11 + 4MB S.M'P) U r earrv a JMI'I I I I lim ml (A I’ pirnlm In! Please call lor oilier pi odmls iiiui price6*. A51 Ml SLR1LS li If RI> DRIVK SYSTEMS + R V GYP IH) RI)S tlk 512k 1 Mil 2MI( 4MR SMII n S-upI 5 iMBvl 51 3S n a n a 52511 $ 370 sfttD |J Supra " IMRvI SI 19 n a ll a $ 244 $ 375 Sft29 GVPX O tMH SIMM $ 215 11 .1 ti .i $ 3(>5 $ 511 $ 791
R. ullvv orks __.Af'k-I $ 115 $ 153 $ 193 S2ft 7 $ 415 5057 Baseboanl
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A special roundup of useful support programs and relevant hardware of interest to Amiga artists. Creating more imaginative Amiga graphic’s. GRAPHICS ON A continuing series of tips, techniques. 22 and tricks for By Joel Hagen WHILE THE MAJORITY of “Accent" columns focus on tips and techniques using major Amiga paint programs, let’s shift gears for the moment and highlight some of tlie supporting cast of software and hardware providing assistance to the Amiga artist. The items in our sample all represent products that 1 have found interesting and helpful over the past couple of years. Editor's Sole: TI)e public--domain and shareware programs mentioned below are available on the People Link (P I.ink) and (iEnie networks. Both sou ires are given after the name of the program where possible. In the P Link references, the Library (Lib.) Number refers to the P Link "AmigaZone" library in which the file is located. I he file number following the Genie citations are, of course, the (iEnie “Amiga File" numbers. Contact People Link at 800 521-0100: Genie at 800 638-9636. Lovely Landscapes and “Sharing” the Wealth Mam Amiga graphics enthusiasts are frustrated by their limited rendering skills. Interesting programs exist to generate images from scratch that can either stand alone or provide a starting point for a painting. Scene Generator, a commercial program by Brett Casebolt (S49.95, Natural Graphics) creates beautiful fractal landscapes with rocks, vegetation, water, and clouds. You can adjust the level of detail, overscan, viewing angle, lighting, and other parameters prior to rendering. You can save the image as an IFF file and load it into a paint program for further work as I did in the illustration that accompanies this column. I he images also serve as great backgrounds for 3-D objects, providing welcome relief from checkerboard floors. Fracgen (P Link, Lib. 5, 1 2070), shareware hv Doug Houck, lets vou draw seed lines from which the software generates fractal forms. There is an excellent library of seed segments in its Nature library, including "beach grass,” "fiddle- head." And “evergreen." T hese produce natural forms that, again, you can save and use in paint programs. Evergreen which 1 also used in the accompanying illustration makes wonderful trees that you can stamp as brushes into your painted landscape. Other libraries include the classic geometric fractal seeds. Hermes’ Formula ((iEnie, 1279; P Link, Lib. 4, 17025), shareware by Hermes, allows you to enter simple or complex 3-D spatial functions to be graphed in color by the software. It also includes a good library of useful formulas. Beyond its direct value as a math package, Formula can also produce effective IFF images you can use in spacecraft bridge displays, fake map grids, and other fun, pseudo-scientific or artistic imagery. A really odd but addictive shareware program is RGS (GEnie, 0007; P Link, Lib. 7, 16938) by J. H. H. Lowengrad. A sonic spectrum editor, RGS allows you to paint a sonogram using specialized brushes and tools, then synthesize and play the corresponding audio waveform. 1 find it fascinating trying to paint sonograms that will synthesize as speechlike sounds, and I have managed to create interesting alien speech this way. Although RGS has extensive built-in paint capabilities, I often load RGS s screen into DeluxePaint III ($ 149.95, Electronic Arts) in order to use the latter’s Shade and Blend tools. RGS also allows vou to analyze sound files, converting them into playable visual sonograms. You can map any IFF image into the sonogram window for instance, you could synthesize the sound of your favorite Richard Nixon picture. Makeanim (GEnie, 4417; P Link, Lib. (). ] 1903) is one of several public -domain utilities that converL a list of I EE tiles into a standard Anim. This is a simple way to create HAM animations, and Makeanim is a great utility for experimental animation. Showanim (GEnie, 581 I; P Link, Lib. Fi, 17939), Gary Bonham's freely distributable Anim player, offers low memory overhead and good Anim controls. It becomes especially handy combined with Diskmaster ($ 49.95, Progressive Peripherals), which allows you to customize eight-character commands. I rename Showanim as "anim" and enter it in place of Diskmastcr’s command 1 as “anim -c” (the suffix is showanim's looping command). This configuration allows me to show Anims from Diskmaster by clicking on a series of animation files and then sequencing through them with the Escape key. While the technique works for version 1.1 of Diskmaster. I have not had the same success with later versions of the program. Image-Processing Programs and Fun Gadgetry One often finds it desirable to have several IFF images share a common palette. This allows for clean compositing of picture elements with a paint program (as in last month’s "Accent") or via such presentation software as The Director H ($ 129.95. Right Answers Group), Can Do ($ 149.95, INOVAtronics), or Deluxe- Video III ($ 149.95, Electronic Arts). Makepal, bv Keith Dovle and on 1 he Director’s Toolkit disk ($ 39.95), does a good job of automating this task. Makepal analyzes a string of IFF files and computes an optimized average palette. Through such programs as PIXmate ($ 49;95. Progressive Peripherals), The Art Department ($ 89,95. ASDG), and Digi-View's software ($ 199.95, NewTek), you can then use Makepal to remap all tlie images to a common palette. Speaking of The Art Department. I would like to emphasize that this newcomer to the image-processing arena is an excellent, high-performance piece of software. Anyone serious about Amiga graphics should take a good look at it. Bv storing all images in 24-hit format, the program can carry out all operations at the 24-hit level before rendering those images to the screen. The resulting quality is remarkable. The Art Department produces the best scaling of IFF files I have seen. Power Packer (GEnie, 5248; P I,ink. Fib. 4, 19910), by Nico Francois, is a handy shareware utility packed with features. Its main function is to compress other programs a useful bit of economy that allows the Amiga artist to put more programs onto a hard drive, RAM disk, or floppy. For instance, a program such as PIXmate can be compressed to about (>09f of its original file size. Nothing special is needed to decompress and run the programs. On the hardware side, my recommendation is more for fun than anything else. VoRecOne ($ 159.95, Impulse) is a trainable voice-recognition device. .Although its level of reliable vocabulary recognition puts it more in the experimenter's realm than in the professional's, 1 have a lot of fun with it as an interface to paint programs. By training a VoRecOne script to activate keyboard commands, 1 can turn all menu bars oil on the Amiga screen, put a microphone around my neck, and start painting away. The brush becomes a magic tool as it changes character in response to voiced commands. I use Color, Shade. Blend, Comma, Brush, Pixel, Spare, Fill, and a few other commonly used tools from among the Dpaint shortcuts. As long as f limit the vocabulary, I can attain a fairly high level of reliability, although I still find myself occasionally suckcred into fills when 1 shout "Blend.” Remember, something like this is really for experimental use, not bread-and-butter assignments. So, in the future, don't limit your choice of graphics tools to just one paint program. Look around and use anything and everything that can help you create a better, more satisfying image. ¦ joe! Hagen's credits unhide work in art. Astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 9.5 361, Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. Information and Ideas on Amiga Programming Console Device Controls By Eugene Mortimore The Amiga's console device is always working for you. From the moment you boot, it automatically cooperates with AmigaDOS, Intuition, and most other built- in devices to assure proper machine input and output behavior. Its automatic keyboard-reading and window-writing mechanism springs from a hidden set of internal communication rules. The Intuition window consolc-device linkage is managed by specific types ol control strings defined by the ANSI 3.64 terminal- definition standard. To control the console-device window linkage in a C-language program, you must learn how to represent these control strings in Alter hooking the console device to an Intuition window (see the program below), you can control the text displayed in your window with console-device, control-siring bvtc sequences. The console device’s internal routines were written to recognize these strings, which your program can both send (write) and receive (read). Write Away For writing, each complete control-hyte sequence consists of a set of control-byte subsequences. Each of these is preceded by a control-sequence “introducer” byte. The entire byte sequence ends with a “null" (0x00) byte. The usually helpful Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries and Devices presents a cryptic summary of these control strings, so I'll try to clarify its descriptions and give you some useful examples. For instance, the manual tells you to set the top offset for window text display as: 9B offset> 79 Now, how do you translate that description into a C-language programming sequence? You do it by sending strings to the console device in the form of a hex-bvte character stream, a series oi individual bvtes. These control stringsalwavs start with the 0x911 command introducer bvtc and may contain one or * more command-specific control bytes that inform the console device which command is being requested. Between these two you can include some optional command-specific “information" bytes. Be sure to terminate the whole string with a null (0x00) byte. For example, to turn the window’s text cursor oil (make it invisible), you declare and send the following null-terminated, five-byte hex string: = 0x9B, 0x30, 0x20, 0x70, 0x00} This string has three control bytes packaged between the first and fifth bytes, hut has no information bytes. Notice that each individual character byte is preceded by the "Ox" hex descriptor. Each comma-separated entry in this string is a distinct console-device byte, and the last one is the null byte. This string therefore defines precisely five byte characters that you are sending to the console device. Bv console-device, internal-routine convention, the j first bvte (the control-sequence introducer) is a 0x9B byte. This tells the console device that all subsequent bytes until the next 0x9B constitute a distinct control suing. The null bvte tells the console device where the string ends. If you later want to make the text cursor visible again, just send the following four-byte, null-terminated hex string: f 0x9B, 0x20, 0x70, 0x00} This string has two control bytes sandwiched between the introducer and null terminator bytes, but, again, includes no command-specific information bytes. To set a window’s text display to begin at the oath raster scan line, send the following null-terminated hex string to the console device: = 0x9B, 0x35, 0x35, 0x79. 0x00} Notice here that each 0x35 is the hex code for decimal ? Actual DCTV screens. SBB& «'M m Capture a videaTqme m lO ieconds fjiin any colw video (cnn . (Also resolotion images. A Animate in Min. 7 Meg. Required DCTV™(Digifal Composite Television) is a revolutionary new video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the AMIGA's chip memory as its frame buffer memory, DCTV™ creates a full color NTSC display with all the color and resolution of television. Sophisticated true color video paint digitizing and image processing software are all combined into one easy to use package included with DCTYT DCTV“also works with all popular 3D programs to create full color animations that can be played back in real time. 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1990 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Patents applied for. Circle 28 on Reade' Service card
5. (While this string tells the console device to begin displaying text at the 55th raster scan line, yon can fill in any other appropriate position.) Unlike the others, this string has two command-specific information bytes (each one 0x35) and one command- specific control byte (0x79) following the 0x9B introducer byte. Now, to accomplish both of the preceding actions with one write string, send the following: = 0x9B, 0x35, 0x35, 0x79, 0x9B, 0x20, 0x70, 0x00} Here you have two 0x9Bs, each introducing a new control string; again, the entire string has to be null- terminated to tell the console device where it ends. To both home the cursor and clear the text window to its very end, send the following: = 0x9B, 0x48, 0x9B, 0x4A, 0x00} To send a request to the console device asking for reports that tell your program when a specific window becomes active, a gadget is pressed or released, or a disk is inserted or removed, use the following string: = 0x9B, 0x33, 0x37, 0x38, 0x31, 0x35, 0x31, 0x36, 0x00} Finally, to request that the console device send your program a report of the current text cursor position, send the following: = 0x9B, 0x6E, 0x00} Character Reading The console device also creates and then sends a continuous stream of byte characters that merges all input-event bytes with all bytes that represent specifically requested window-related-event reports. Vour program continuously monitors (reads) I his byte stream in order to recognize any such byte subsequences. For example, the cursor-position write string shown above would be especially useful il you were developing a word-processing program and wanted in monitor a window's text-cursor position at all times. You would send (write) that string to the console device, and it would thereafter report the current cursor position as part of your program's consolc- device read byte stream. Then, whenever your program needed the current cursor position, it would read the (onsole-device byte stream and look for a current cursor position report. Each report entry would come to your program as a column row position. For example, the string = Qx9B, 0x34. 0x30, 0x3B, 0x31, 0x32, 0x52} indicates that the cursor is currently at column 40 (0x34. 0x30) and row 12 (0x31, 0x32). The 0x3B bvte represents the ; character, often used as a byte separator for the information bytes. Notice, once again, that each decimal digit is represented l>v a hex code. Here, the initial 0x9B byte and the later 0x3B and 0x52 bytes sandwiching the actual position-inforniadon bytes enables your program to recognize this position report in the console- device s reading of the byte stream. Automatic Rewriting In illustrate some of the above ideas, Listing 1 shows a small program that reads consolc-device-supplied keyboard characters, displays (writes) them in one window and then displays an expanded set of related characters in another window. Study this program to understand how the console-device reading and writing mechanisms are set up and used. Eugene Mortimore is an Amiga developer and the author of Sxhex's Amiga Programmer’s Handbook. Write to him at 2620 denier St., Bethel Eurk. PA 15102. Listing 1. Console read write demo program. (Tested with the Manx 3.6 and Lattice (now SAS) 5.04 compilers.) 4 include e>:ec types . H> rinciude exec memory.n> ri:ic1ude intuit ion intui tion.h> 4include stdio.h> char wReadWord[] = = "a", "b", "c”, "d", "e", "f", "g", "h", "i", "j”}; char *SubVJord[] = = "address", "byte", "character", "device", "error", "flag", "gadget", "handle", "input", "jack" }; char v riteString; char consolePrep(] = = 0x9B, 0x35, 0x35, 0x79, 0x9b, 0x30, 0x20, 0x70, 0x00}; struct IntuitionBase * IntuitionBase; struct Window *windowl, * window?; struct MsgPort *msgPortl, *msg?ort2; Struct IOStdReq *readRequestWincow1, *writeRequestWindowl, ‘w:iteRequestWindow2; struct NewWindow newWindow 1 = = 10, 10, 200, 100, 0, 1, CL0S3WIND0W, ACTIVATE, NULL, NULL, (UBYTE
* )"Windowl", NULL, NULL, 5, 5, -1, -1, N3ENCHSCREEN}; ? 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1989 Digito! Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Comodore Business Machines iwitdt iefedable ove are ionfri !???r®en2000s 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1989 Digital Creations, registered trademark of Comodore Business Machines Circle 29 on Reader Service card. :t NewWi ndov: newWindow2 = = 230, 10, 200, 100, 0, 1, CLOSEWINDOW, NULL, NULL, NULL, (UBYTE *)"Windowz", NULL, NULL, 5, 5, -1, -1, WBENCiiSCREEN); m a inn 1 char ConsoleRead(); void ConsoieWrite = );
i. nt i, j, openWindovl, open.Wir.dov2; IntuiticnBase = (struct IntuitionBase *) OpenLibrary("intuition.library”, 33L) ; window1 = (struct Window *) OpenWindov; (SnewWindowl); window2 = (struct Window *) OpenWindow(&newWindow2); msgPortl = (struct MsgPort T) CreatePort("Window 1 Console Device Message Port”, OL); msgPorc2 - (struct MsgPort *) CreatePort("Window 2 Console Device Message Port", OL); readRequestWinaowl = (struct IQStdReq *) CreateStdIO(msgPort1); writeRequestWindow1 = (struct IQStdReq *) CreateStdIO(msgPort1) ; writeReguestWindow2 = (struct TOStdReg *) CreateStdIO(msgPort2); readRequestWindowi->io_Data = (APTR) v.indowl; readRequestWinaowl->io_Length - (LONG) sizeof ('windowl) ; openWindowl - OpenDevice ( "console-device", OL, readRequestWindowl ,OL); wri t eRequ es tWi ndowI-> io_Dev i ce = r e a d Re que s t Wi ndow1-> i o_De v i ce; w rite Request W i r. d o w 1 - > i o _ j n i t = r e a d R e q u e s t W indowl->io_Unit; w riteR e q u e s t. W indow2“>io_Dar.a = (.APTR) v; i n d c w 2 ; writeRequestWindow2“>io_Length = (LONG) sizeof (*window2); oper.window2 = OpenDevice("console.device", 0L, wriceRequestWindow2 ,0L); ConsoieWrite (wrIteReguestWindov;! , consolePrep) ; ConsoieWrite (wr 1 teRequestWir.de v2, consolePrep) ; w r11 oSt r i ng [ 1] = r 0'; for = 0; i 10; i + +) 1 w rite S t r i n g [ 0 ] = Con sole Re ad (read Re cu e s t W in.de w 1) ; Cor.soleWr: te (writeRequestWinccwl, writeString) ; fo r ( j - 0; j 10; j * *) ( if (sir cinp (w riteString, Re a d Wo r d ( j ] ) = = 0 ) = ConsoieWrite(writeRequestWindow2, " "); ConsoieWrite(write Requ e s t W i n d ow 2, SubWord[j]); ) } } C1 oseW i ndow (windcw 1) ; CloseW: :.dow (v;; ndcw2) ; ei t ( C ) ; } ¦. - • ..... . . .... J char ConsoleRead(ioStdReq) struct IQStdReq rioStdRea; char readChar; i o S t ri Req - > i o_D a t a = & r ea dCha r ; ioStdReq->io Lencth = I; i o S t dReq->io_Command = CMD_READ; (void) DolO(ioStdReq}; return readChar; } void ConsoieWrite(ioStdReq, string) s t ru c t IOS t dReq * i o S t dReq; char * st ring; = ioStdReq->io_Data = (APTR) string; ioStdReq->io_Length = -1L; ioStdReq->io_Corrimand = CMD_WRITE; (void) DoZO(ioStdReq); Now *4.95 StopsThe Clock On Over 100 Genie Services. Learn from our online encyclopedia Send and receive electronic mail news Play single player games Check current stock closings Dowis of informative bulletin boards. Shop ewer 25 popular stores A ¦his with Now enjoy unlimited nonprime time usage of over 100 popular Genie Sendee features. For just $ 4.95 a month * You get everything from electronic mail to exciting games and bulletin boards. Nobody else gives you so much for so little. Plus enjoy access to software libraries, computer bulletin boards, multi-player games and more for just $ 6 per non-prime hour for all baud rates up to
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2. Dial toll free 1-800-638-8369. Upon connection, enter hhh GEInformation Services
• Applies only in US. Mon.-Fri, 6PM-8AM local lime and all day SaL, Sun., and select holidays. Prime time hourly rale SIS up to 2400 baud Some features subject to surcharge and may not be available outside US. Prices and products listed as of Oct. 1 1990 subject to change. Telecommunication surcharges mat apply. Guarantee limited to one per customer and applies only to first month of use. JO Since 1982 ft L • • AMW 12-90 800-558-0003 B00-558-0003 tloniu net J!L ecZfco iZc A Internal Track Display -AMIGA 2000 DIRECT FROM EUROPE
3. 5" Internal Drive AMIGA 2000 $ 75 GOLEM Tower Display shows actual position of stepper & heads for both internal disk drives. There’s no drop In disk speed or software required I peeu or soitwar $ 39 ComingSoon! SCSI H HD Controller & Golem Light Gun m • Fit your A200O Into the Golem Tower & clean-up your desk. Fits all your ext. Units, such as 2-3.5' & 2-5.25" hd drives. A tape streamer & much morel $ 299 VIDEO PACKAGE
• DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0* PRICE INCLUDES: 16MM LENS W . VARIABLE IRIS ONLY $ 379 | Supra 500RX 1 11 Meg - Exp. To 8 Meg I $ 135 | I goldenIMAGE I RAM 500 I $ 49 I IAMAXX II I | $ 137.95 I Frame 1 Grabber 1 | Color $ 529 | VIDEO MASTER CALL! MISCELLANEOUS HARDWARE „ GENLOCKS Super Gen ..609 Super Gen 2000S ......CALI Vidtech Scanlock ..719 Ami Gen Mini Gen ...94 189 Magni A3000 w remote ..CALL Video Master ..CALL Perfect Sound .. ...$ 69 Air Drive Inti 3.5-3000...... ......$ 09 ECE Midi Interface $ 43 Color Splitter .... .$ 109 Amtrac Trackball ......$ 69 MIDI Gold A500 .. $ 59 Flicks rMasler .... ...$ 13 Gravis Adv Je stick ... ......$ 31 MIDI Gold InelderA2000... . $ 65 Mlgraph Hand Scanner ...... .$ 319 Gravis Mouse Stick ... ......S65 LTVEI A2000 .... $ 289 Sharp JX1Q0 Clr Scan . .$ 749 Mega Mid Racer 25 mg.... ...S669 VIP Video Interlace, .... . $ 89 Cordless Moose ... ...$ 99 Safeekln 2000 500 pret ... ......$ 17 Xepece 3D .. ..$ 85 Printer Face ...... . S79 Supercard ...... $ 75 Phantom Smpte Interface , ..$ 179 Digiview Pro Write 3.o| Broadcast 1 Pro Video Gold $ 118.95 $ 91.95 | Titter $ 167.951 Post $ 189.95 Ix. Video 3 w Dlx. Photo Lab ShowMaker $ 214.95 SD PmfMi'rntl
299. 95 .. 31.95 .30 95 54 95 Cnrtemme Jccmin 37 95 Empire .... .31 95 Jones ki ihe Fail Lane . .24.95 Off Ftoad .... ..30.95 Roll 'em .. . ,8rj 95 Tiger ..... 89 95 65 3 Attack Sub .... A-10 Tank Kller .... A-Talk 3 Coroners B*ou?st 37 95 Eswp Hobol Monster Excel rce V2 0 , ... 25.95 11295 Kalb's Farm . .24 95 Omega .... .30,05 Romance Kingdoms. Sands ol Fire . .49.95 Tiger Cub . . 59.95 Comic Setter 41 95 KcytxJ, Conlrol Seq 3 0 Killing Game Sheer King's Quesl 1,2, nr 5...
159. 95 Omnlplay Baseball... ...
- 30.95 .31 95 Tlrro Machine ..... 34 95 Comic An Dbks (each). Conquest rt Camelot .... Copybt Apprentice 20 95 Eye ol Horus.. ...23.95 .23.95 Omnlplay Horse Racing On Lhe Platinum ... .30.95 Saxon PubSstxrr 244 95 Tllle Page 112 95 Arbnntanp Th*» 1 I 11495 25 95 .37 95 M 9 Stealth Fighter.... ...37.95 .50.95 ..39.95 Scene Generator . .29 95 Treasure Trap .
24. 95 Air Combat USA .76 95 F-29 RetalLilor „ .... ...31.95 King's Quest 4 .. 37.95 Operation Combat . ..30.95 Scrabbb ... .24.95 Trial by Fire .36.95 Alrbourna Ranoer .2S.e5 .. 67.95 .. 24.95 Crackdown 31 95 Faces Trfs III .24 95 King s Guest 5 ...... ., 56.95 Over Run .... __..... ,.37.95 Scrfoble Platinum ...... .57.95 Tunnels of Armageddon Turbo Out Run .25.95 AMOS . Arsarchy .... Cribbage Klr 'GIn King Cross Dos 2.0 . .25.95 Faton . ...31.95 Knights ol Legend . .. 30.95 Page Seder 2 .. ,74.95 Second Front ...... „ ..31.95 ,31.95 .24.95 Operation CounferstrlkB 16.95 Legend of FaetghaJ...... .23.95 Page Stream’,' 2.0 ..
184. 95 Sex Vlxens-Ouler Space . 22.95 TuTbo Silver 3.0 1 Meg . .73.95 Animation 61-DHney..... fir*rhrnnhrilha 10995 OR CurvyAjura Roods £6 95 Fafcon Mission II 20 95 1 eSsurp Bull 1 arrv 25 OR Business Forms .. .24 05 Sextlmales . .30 95 Timkaan... __ .24 95 Cyber Ball 25 95 Fat Tracks .. .34 95 Letsure Sull Larrv II or III 37.95 Pagefllpper Plus FX...... .87.95 Shadow ol the Bcasl... .31 05 TVTcxI .. .64 95 Anwifl AHInn FV'Vf'r Pack 75 95 Cyber Med hr .. .25.95 Federation _... ___ .31.95 Lheand Death ...... ,31.95 Pen Fal ... .84 93 Shadow ol the Beast II. .37 95 TV Text Professional ... .99.95 Arew ... ASDG Art Department .. 23 95 Cycles.,. .30 95 Fire and Forget II ... ...23.95 Loom . ..37.95 Pluwr 4 0 .. .54 95 ShrdowWafrbr
- 31.95 Typhoon o1 Steel .. .31.05 57 95 DB Man 16795 Fllgfit of tlialnbudor.. .54.95 Loop? . .31.95 Photon Paint 2.0 .... . B7.95 Shark Attack .... .24 95 Ultra Design Ultracard Plus . 219 95 PL! OR Damocles 23 95 Fllgtit Simulator II 30 95 M-1 Tank Platoon .37.95 Pirates! .23.95 Shownuler .
214. 95 .57.95 fl-rtan r. hauolnnor f% A 177 0*% Dark Century 23 95 Fool's Errand .31 95 Macro Paint... .. 73.95 Police Quest 1 ...... .. 30.95 Sim City ... .30.05 Universe 3 .. .31.95 fl7tar- C Pro V5 0
119. 95 ..31.95 ..29.95 .31.95 20 95 Davs of Th'jnder .31.95
r. Ai i Future Classics . .30.95 Magic Ffy .... .. 25.95 Police Quest 11 .37.95 Terrain Ed ... .. 14.95 Unreal .. . 31.95 8AT .. Battle Chess .. Battle Command .... Rtttln Hawks 1942 nr tv Future Wars 30 95 Magic Johnson 1 Meg .. Manhunter - NY or SF .. .31.95 Pool of Radiance ... ..31.95 Skate or Db .25 95 Untouchables . .25.95 nalimi Mink' Gnmlr 7 0 31 OR Genghis Khan .37 95 .30.95 Populous..... .32.95 Space Ace . .34 05 Video Effects 3-D ... 113 05 Deluxe Paint III 94 95 3fA Bask: 3 5 .37 05 Malh Blaster Plus .
- 50.95 Power Windows 2 5 .... .54.05 Space Guest 1 or 2 __ ..30.95 VkJeo Tlflcr V1.5 .... .02.95 Dofuxti PholoLab ,. 9-1 95 Globulus.... ... 23.95 Matrix Marauders .. ..24.95 Powcrmonger . .31.05 Space Ot»sl 3 _ .37,95 VkfeoScape 3D V2.0.....
184. 95 Battle Squadron....._..... Batbefech .24.95 1995 Dofirm Prfnt II 51 05 Gold Disk Off Ice 16Q 95 Maverick .. 24.95 Prince of Persia ... .25.95 Speclracolor ... ...CALL Viking ClilId ..... .23 95 Deluxe Produclions ...... 123 95 Golden Axe ...... ...31.95 Mavis Beacon Typing ... Me Gee Mega Paint . ..31.95 Print Master Plus .24.95 Spclfbourxl .24.95 Voice Recognition .
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04. 95 .59 95 Grand Prlx Circuit . G unship .....
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174. 95 Pro TennK Tour 25 95 Spirit ol ExcaFbur . Spot .... 30 05 War ol Ihe Lanco .. .25 95 Pro VkJoo Gold ...... 13995 .24 05 War lead ___ _ .31.95 BBM the Kid 25 95 Dlglpafnt 3 0 .58 95 Hardball It .. ...30.95 Micro! Eaguo Wrestling.. Mid Winter . .24.95 Font Packs ... .. 59.95 Star Flbht .31.05 Waterloo .37.95 Rhrk Pn!d 24 95 Dio Mow Gold 113 95 Harley Davidson .31 05 . 24.95 Pro Video Post
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112. 95 Sterling Service B & S .. Storm Accross Europe. Stunt Track .84.95 We Hit h ... 21 05 Dhk Master .. .... .. .28.95 Heart of China ...36.95 .24,95 Professional Page 12... FrofocID* Backup VI 2 ProjecMe .. 154 05 .37 95 Wild Streets ... .27.95 BluoAngeb .... RV|p Uiv .. 30.95 31 95 Dhbrrl Sun 41 95 Heat Wave ...... ... 30.95 Movie Setter ... ..41.95 .30.95 .21.95 William Tell .
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T. V. Sporls FoolbaB . Tennis Cup .. .31 95 Wrath of lhe Denrn ... CALL Dragon Lord-------------- Dragon Stthe .31 95 31 95 174 95 Night Fore* 23 95
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24. 95 Data Disks ea 15 05 ZakMcKiacken ..... .23 95 Chw? Master 2100 Clue ... .31.95 ,24,95 Pft’trlr ThHiitni1! .28.95 .36.95 Course F3 19 0 15 95 .30 95 Bnbrxcrn 2 .3 95 Test Drhe III ...
37. 05 Zoetrope ..... .30,95 ucvJ rv i i r.g j ji u j . Emra-Mlstress Dark .... Jack Nlcldaus Uniknt .. ...36.95 Obitus ---------------------- .36.95 Pocket Paraer'35 Troops31.95 Their Finest Hour: .37.95 Zork Zero .. 14 95 ODBERIMfi IkfO: Sk*sifr rrrsra. F xti* ntwy wrd tollr'* ctacx ef rcrwy erM*. I*pri;nl I cfffory cJ'tsX* tlcw 1* bvifnswdiyi to :pi- SeSxl P.O i ywtom. C O.D. ir« JJIC.in CsptfraHJ.JA hrJud* HOT ceJf** S'. Thpgrgfa htrCwf*. Rrtn'muTi ISOT. Vi»*-Cirf Vki c*3»n isduCf ttfC t. mnnCC' St:* fi ttgrilij's.Wl Tn*ir-S ptomlret'3*5S. Mtniu.Hi. AX. FP0. APOPjrta Rea ird &rt;h* c'SMt. P»*“ nlnlman t? 00. All tvrvlgnoitfan thl plng. *1* H*D0,AI Vsri •* t p* «.»»?* th» Ca*B**nH! U.SA IX •‘ifcpnl ¦'it riai |n«c*td U.S. ¦n.ri tw'Bt**. If tvtkj. IiW’C Chtrj** t“* nhl'numi'-isi't. Yau Wl tn Lkt'pnJ :m sSStyt ini.rt A’ccoCi tr* sewl'fl rclwl* etsry W« 33 ragtwn'iMeo'TpiiBlry A v A*. Oiw tsoir low pScsi it ft n iriTlfllJ.Afl Dr*c1 w wtorst nnl h«rr. * tijT. WM**. Ctrl (41a)357-A!41 ti Kuh tfl RA er yogr return wPT •« Se sets?*:. Pocna ird to of irge eAVsrl Notice. WWI'J » HiSi'ng if* rtx- rshndiN* Vi«tS'3t',»tws* xici-i:«rfcy*t3ai.'jpttitiw no*; ihrSW By nl user Sl*rtly wrfttfn rmru%ctut»r. Nat far: 'V r- CALL US TODAY! INFORMATION AMIGA 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee. Wl 53217 HOURS-C3T MON-FRi 8am-Ppm*8AT 1l8m*5pm Ocommodore* NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE pQR ALL YOUR NEEDS | Since 1982 800-558-0003 Tlonpui tbUity800-558-0003 Vlonbufnet lecttonlc*_ goldenIMAGE Hand PRINTERS Panasonic 2 Meg Ram for A2000 (Exp. To 8 meg) $ 189 1124-GREAT PRICE! $ 285
1180. ......$ 165
1624. ......$ 329 canner w Migraph Touch-Up $ 269 NX1000 Multifont 2 .$ 145 NX1DOO Rainbow .....$ 189 XB 2410 .$ 429 CALL FOR THESE NEW STAR MODELS! NX-1001 Multifont ...CALL NX-1020 Rainbow ....CALL NX-2420 Rainbow ....CALL CITIZEN MICE Opto-Mech $ 39 Fully Optical..$ 59 120D ....$ 139 180D ....$ 159 200GX ..$ 169 GSX140 ......$ 289 MASTER ‘ 3A-1D Disk Drive w LED Tracking Display $ 129 MASTER 3A-1 Disk Drive $ 89 "The Original" h _ _ 'Vn Jt vcwr lid' brother: M-1809 ......$ 339 M-1824L ....$ 389 M-1909 ......$ 439 M-1924L ....$ 499 HL-8e Laser ....$ 1299 Color Kits ..CALL F-29 Retaliator $ 31.95 Pools of Radiance
31. 95 DC TV CALL! Dragon Strike $ 31.95 Wings $ 31.95 Test Drive 3 $ 37.95 xp SupraModem MODEM Amiga CABLE 500 2000 INCLUDED! 500 XP 20 Meg W 512K ...$ 529 500 XP 20 Meg w 2 Meg .$ 559 500 XP40 Meg w 512K ...$ 629 500 XP 40 Meg w 2 Meg .$ 659 Swrnnam 2000 0 K 5112 6 MB $ 349 2 MB $ 169 SMB $ 429 4 MB $ 279 PRICED RIGHT FOR THE HOLIDAYS! DRIVES DRIVE ALONE TRUMPCARD 2000 fhliMMhb !>ho 2000 SUPRA WORDSYNC 2000 TRUMPCARD 500 500 ST 138N-1 $ 245 $ 369 $ 449 $ 359 $ 439 S499 ST 157N-1 43MBQ9M9 $ 279 $ 399 $ 469 $ 389 $ 479 $ 539 ST 177N ®Ma'20M3 $ 339 $ 449 $ 529 $ 439 $ 519 $ 589 ST 277N-1 $ 309 $ 429 $ 499 $ 419
- -- - - - ST 296N MMB7EM8 $ 329 $ 449 $ 519 $ 439
- -- ST 1096N MMB70MS $ 359 $ 479 $ 549 $ 469 $ 539 $ 609 Quantum 40 MB $ 325 $ 439 $ 515 $ 429 $ 499 $ 579 Quantum 80 MB $ 499 $ 599 $ 689 $ 589 $ 699 $ 759 Quantum 105 MB $ 539 $ 659 $ 729 $ 649 $ 739 $ 799 Quantum 170 MB $ 849 $ 959 $ 1039 $ 949 $ 1039 $ 1099 Quantum 210 MB $ 989 $ 1099 $ 1149 $ 1089 $ 1149 $ 1229 W V hy try to figure if out all bv yourself? With Amiga World Videos, it's like having a professional computer consultant at your side, 24 hours per day! AmigaWorld Videos cut your learning time dramatically...and you get hints, tips and advice that only the experts know. Watch each video, follow the step-by-step techniques, and hone your skills entirely at your own pace. Then, you can refer to then for brush ups and refreshers. Build your own video library and watch your accomplishments soar! Order your copies today. NEW! AMIGA MUSIC From simple tune to a full concert the Amiga can help you do it ail. This extraordinary video shows vou what vou need to get started and how to play music with existing software. Oil'll learn the best ways to sample sounds and manipulate sampled sound to produce dazzling special effects. And if you want to learn more about using a MIDI, this is the video that can help. It explores the uses of MIDI and gives you valuable ideas from some of the best Amiga musicians in the country. AMIGA GRAPHICS, Volume I You'll bo amazed at how fast you'll be producing excellent art. This hour-long video adventure explores the full capabilities of Amiga art. It delves into computer painting...discusses the pros and cons of the most popular paint programs...tells you when HAM is a good idea...shows you how interlace work.v.and describes smearing, washing and tinting. Plus you get three extensive sessions on fonts, clip art and even digitizing! DESKTOP VIDEO Business presentations, instructional video? And even home movies this exciting video shows how vou can use video with vour Amiga. You'll gain valuable insights into evaluating Genlocks, using vour camera with professional results, developing effective production operations, creating terrific special effects, adding animation and more. It's a video you won t want So miss' GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR AMIGA There's no easier wav to master the basics...and some of the more sophisticated operations as well, in a lively and easy-to-follow format, this video starts with assembling vour system, feeling comfortable about working with screens, icons, and windows, and becoming a iviz at Workbench. It then addresses some of the more advanced topics of working with CM, maximizing the use of your utilities and using a modem to expand your horizons, ANIMATION VIDEO When the editors of AmigaWorld canvassed the Amiga community looking tor the best in Amiga animation, the response was overwhelming! Replies poured in from Amiga master artists as well as super-talented readers. The result a mind-blowing video featuring dozens of real-world animations demonstrating what's being done and what you can do. Order your copv todav.Jt's already becoming a collector's item! For immediate ordering service call TOLL FREE 1-8003434728 or send in the coupon below. I I I I I g G 0 Exp.dale Account Signature Name Address Cilv u I F] I I I I I State Zip A .liLihle in I Is onK l’li w allow !-(’ wicks tur dcliwrv. Foreign order-, .ukl S, .30 tor airmail delivery; sis tor two or more video- l'a ment must be made in t S mod- Ur.nvn on L S. bank- lDG Peierborouph. Publi-herof AmigaWorld, is the kcen-ed North American distributor ot AnuitaWorld Video- ¦ lwS°bv K.v a Video LsA All Richl- Reserved. Arnica i> a registered trademark ot t nilimndure lui-ine-- Machines, Inc DDUO sdYES! I am eager to become an expert! Please send me the following videos: _l NEW! AMIGA MUSIC...S29.95 * _l AMIGA GRAPHICS, Volume I....S29.95 _l DESKTOP VIDEO....S29.95 J GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR AMIGA....S29.95 J ANIMATION VIDEO....S19.95 i’Yv-e include six's cor shipping jnJ hamllmg cor one video. 55.W tor two or mere. Amount Total S Check Money Order 2J Mastercard J VISA _| AmEx J Discover Make check- r.ivable to arid M.ie.izme or till in vour account information at right.
* * • ¦ * AmigaWorld Video Library ' P.O. Box S02, SO Elm Street. Peterborough, XII U34SS TT A New Dimension At last, the power of a professional titling workstation comes to the Amiga. Full 3D rotation of text, exciting new fonts, amazing effects and more make VideoTitler 3D the perfect solution for desktop video and graphic presentation needs. Using VideoTitler 3D's simple to understand 3D text handles, titles can be spun, stretched, rotated, tilted, put into perspective, and much more. Add to this the 3D extrusion capabilities, huge number of special effects, and ability to use any standard Amiga font, and you have the ultimate information presentation system VideoTitler 3D offers a large number of included fonts, such as sampler styles from Kara Fonts™ and 2uma Fonts™, even new PolyFont technology based on outline fontsl This new PolyFont format brings a number of standard type styles to the Amiga for the true professional look that you demand. But VideoTitler 3D doesn't just create still images. Bring your text to life with the incredible animation capabilities of VideoTitler 3D. Animations are created by specifying the beginning and ending frames and the number of intervening frames. VideoTitler will automatically generate the intervening frames. Save the final result in an ANIM format file which can then be edited or shown using many popular Amiga programs! Create spectacular special effects for text using VideoTitler 3D‘s powerful effect editor, or use one of the built-in effects such as star, neon, glow, embossed, and balloon. VideoTitler 3D can also mirror, skew, resize, and distort fonts from a variety of sources, control shadows and 3D effects, even use IFF picture files as backdrops and fills AUDIOMASTER III RamScan Software, has an affinity for 29 |?M- m?MZ Ztftl AE} EH L AudtoMaster III is the next generation of Amiga sound sampling software for the Amiga. Using the most advanced technique for real-time sound sampling, AudloMaster III gives you sample rates up to 56K in stereo on a standard Amigal All current sound sampling hardware is supported for sampling from sources such as a microphone, CD player, video system, or anything you can plug into your sampler. Special effect tools allow you to visually alter the waveform in a true interactive editing environment. Add echo to your sound, backmasking, low pass filtering, flanging, alter pitch and playback speed and much morel Effects such as echo, digital delay, and flange can all be accomplished in real time as well I Painting With Sound AudloMaster Ill's newest and most exciting feature is the sequencing Where most sampling packages give you the ability to repeat a single loop over and over, AudloMaster III allows you up to 999 separate loops within a single sample. What this means to you is the ability to take a 20 second sound sample and turn it into a song lasting as long as 2 hoursl Try to imagine the many possibilities for soundtracking of video, creating your own remixes,, or just playing around! AudloMaster Ill's sample length is limited only by your machine's main memory, a tremendous amount of high- quality audio is possible! Since it's fully multi-tasking, the Aegis CD Player can bring a whole afternoon of music to you while you work on other WE FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY P O BOX 90309. LONG BEACH, CA 90309-0309 USA Telephone: (21 3) -=327-1 227 FAX: (213) 427-0971 OxxiAeois a fully-simulated compact disc player. Or samples to play in the background via projects! Aegis VideoTitler 3D, Aegis AudloMaster III and Aegis CD Player are trademarks of Oxxl. Inc. Amiga Is a trademark of Commodore-Amlga. Cirde 75 on Reader Service card. Q Media Multi Scripting Suggestions MANY PROFESSIONAL programmers are already using the new wave of Amiga authoring systems to speed their prototyping and development. For the rest of us, putting windows and buttons on the screen is easy, but the underlying scripting that makes things happen is another story. Even Amiga Vision, with its iconic flow-chart metaphor, requires you to deal with variables, IF-THEN-ELSE, GOTO, and all those scary-sounding programming words that you hoped would be taken care of by some artificially intel- ligent interface. Don’t give up, for plenty of help is available. Not only are there an increasing number of example courses, decks, and stacks that you can dissect and cannibalize, but also in the case of such event-based programs as UltraCard (Intuitive Technologies, $ 50 ) and Can Do (1 NOVAti onics. S 149.95), there is a wealth of applicable HyperCard information in public-domain stacks and The Complete HyperCard Handbook by Danny Goodman (Bantam Books, S29.95). UltraCard’s script language (Ultra- Falk) is similar in syntax and power to its Macintosh counterpart, HyperTalk. Both of these and CanDo's CanDoSpeak are English-like in that they do not mask the meaning of their commands. Even if you have never used UltraCard. You can i J probably guess that the statement, “Jump to Maine 5 of Stack ‘Help’ ” tells the program to go to a collection of frames entitled Help and to put the third frame on the screen. If you can't decipher a command, you can test it by bringing np UltraCard's Chat window (press F6) and typing the lines in question. All the stacks that come with UltraCard (or the freely redistributable browser), including the Control- Room and Help, were constructed with the program and are good examples to study for techniques. You can view and edit these or design vour own bv enter- ing Modify mode from the menu (or F2) and selecting Script from the Edit menu. Let’s construct an example slack that illustrates some basic scripting strategies, and then well see how the same application would appear in Can Do. Click and React Before jumping into the code, always write down a plan of what your application will do. First, our example displays a button for each Amiga model. Depending on which the user dicks, the program jumps to a screen with buttons lbr the various types ol peripherals available lor that model. After the user picks a category, the program shows a shopping list of peripherals. .-Vs the user clicks on each item of interest, the program should accumulate and display a running total cost. By the same token, do not try to prototype the complete application from start to finish; begin by supplying the minimum frames, objects, and scripts to get the system running. Then, once you verify' the expected output, you can go back, optimize the scripts and fix problems. Irt's assume that our stack for the example will display an introductory frame with live button objects labeled A500, A1000, A2000, A2500, and A3000. Open the A500 button and enter the following script to drive it: Select.Up: global computer.type put "A500” into computer.type jump next End_Select.Up Select.Up: in UkraTalk corresponds to mouseUp in HyperTalk and Release in CanDoSpeak; all alert the program that the user just clicked and released the left mouse button and that it should perform the following commands. Vve then designate the variable computer.type as global, so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the stack. Next, we put the string “A500” into that variable, and finally jump to the next frame. The other four button scripts are identical, except for what they put in computer.type. To save time, copy and paste the A500 script to each of the buttons, substituting the appropriate model number in each. ? For the Amiga FastTrak Systems CD-ROM System Xetec brings the cutting edge of optical technology to the Amiga with the Cdx-650 SCSI drive systems. Now, unlimited access to vast amounts of information is possible with removable, non-volatile CD-ROM discs having capacities to 650 meg (750 floppies). Reads industry standard ISO 9660 High Sierra discs (same format used in Commodore’s new CDTV® ). Factory-installed software. All FastTrak, FastCard, and FastTape drive systems are now shipped with user- specified portions of the Fred Fish library installed at no charge. Please contact Xetec for additional details. Drive systems for the A-2000 FastCard Plus (bare) $ 175.00 FastCard Plus Q52 0 RAM......$ 550.00 FastCard Plus Q80 0 RAM......$ 810.00 FastCard Plus Q105 0 RAM....$ 899,00 1 Meg SIMM module $ 75.00 4 Meg SIMM module call Mini FastCard (bare) .$ 75.00 Tape systems for the Amiga FastTape 60E .....$ 475.00 FastTape 601 ......$ 400.00 FastTape 150E ...$ 575.00 FastTape 1501 ....$ 500.00 u r Take your pick. The external model, Cdx-650e, features a rugged, compact enclosure with built-in power supply, and dual SCSI connectors for daisy- chaining. Economical internal model also available. Free software. Currently available from Xetec is our Fish & Morew Vol. 1 CD-ROM which includes the Fred Fish library (up to 360) and additional PD software totalling over 400 megabytes of data. Fish & More is included free with the purchase of any Cdx system (a $ 2000 value if purchased on floppies!). Cdx-650i internal system $ 599.00 for the A-2000 2500 Cdx-650e external system.. $ 699.00 for all models Amiga and CDTV are registered trademarks of Commodore Business Machines. Inc. Drive systems for the A-500 1000 FastTrak jr 20 meg .$ 500.00 FastTrak Quantum 52 meg......$ 650.00 FastTrak Quantum 80 meg.....$ 895.00 FastTrak Quantum 105 meg....$ 985.00 Add-ons FastRam with 2 meg $ 225.00 FastRam with 4 meg $ 375.00 FastTrak, FastCard. FastTape, and FastRam are trademarks of Xetec. Inc. Circle 90 on Reader Service card Technical assistance. Through our phone support and 24 hour BBS friendly service when you need it. Order information! For orders only 800-445-0611 For information .(913) 827-0685 | FAX ....(913) 827-6023 BBS .....(913) 827-1974 Mastercard, Visa, American Express, money orders, and C.O.D. welcome. Excellence in Electronics 2804 Arnold Road Salina, Ks. 67401 Dealer inquiries welcome The "next” screen to which each button advances the user is a screen of new buttons that identify various choices of peripherals and software. Each button (Memory, Drives, Monitors, and so on) contains a script that evaluates the contents of computer.type, then jumps to the appropriate frame. The straightforward approach would be: Select.Up: if computer.type is "A500'' jump to frame “A500Memory” end If if computer.type is “A1000” jump to frame “AlOOOMemory” end if and similar IF statements for each model End_Se!ect.Up Here we evaluate the global variable com- puter.type and jump to the frame of appropriate Memory board choices. T hese If statements can begin to add up. You can direct the program’s flow more efficiently by using the concatenation operator (&&). Instead of the lo-line If statement approach, all you need is the line: jump to frame computer.type && “Memory” No longer does the program have to test each If statement. By attaching the value of the variable computer.type (“A500" for example) to the string “Memory” (the example button’s value) in the Jump command, you are telling the system to go to the frame AoOOMemory, the next in the sequence. You can test the concatenation operator (or any other command) in the Chat window. Open it and type the following line: put “A5Q0" into computer.type Press the Return key and type: showmsg computer.type && "Memory” Press RETURN again, and the computer will display (showmsg) the concatenated value: A500Memory Call Scripts from Scripts Following I his line, the program branches to the A500Memory frame, with its set of option buttons representing products. Instead of jumping to a new frame when the user clicks a button, this time I he script calls a subroutine that adds the product’s price to a grand total. Here’s the script for the A50l button: Select.Up: call Add.To.Total(149.95) - -calls user-defined function End_Select.Up The second line calls the subroutine Add.To. Iota I and passes it the price of the A50I board. 149.95. All UltraTalk subroutines are saved in the Stack script, which is shared bv all the other scripts. Subroutines are user-defined functions that allow you to conserve ineinorv and reduce development time by storing a series of commands in one place, instead of duplicating them word for word in multiple scripts. The descriptive phrase after the two dashes is a comment: it's ignored by the interpreter when the script is compiled for execution, but serves as a signpost to the programmer. Now that we’ve called it, let’s examine the Add.To.Total subroutine: Add.To.Total: global grand.total add parm(1) to grand.total put grand.total Into display.total End Add.To.Total The 149.95 in the Add.To.Total call is received by the subroutine as parm(l) or the first parameter. (A second parameter would be parm(2), and so on.) T he routine then adds parm(l)’s value (149.95) to that of the global variable grand.total. Finally, it displays the new grand.total in the display.total single-line field at the bottom of the frame. Same Words, Different Language While the syntax in CanDo is somewhat different, scripting is equally easy, as you can use the extensive interactive editing system to learn the language. Editing a button script gives you a choice of (Tick, Drag, Doubleclick, and Release options. For example, click on Release and type the first line ol the A500 button: Let CompuierType = “A500” If you leave off the Let, Gan Do’s error system tells you that statement is an unknown command and refuses to let you leave the editor until you correct the problem. You can click on Help to get information about commands, functions, and variables, and to choose from a scrolling list of icons that facilitate script generation of graphics, text, AmigaDOS, Arexx, and other commands. Following the A500 branch of the UltraCard script, the next step in the program is to display a new screen. While we used “jump next” in UltraTalk, here vou click on the Deck icon and se- led the button labeled Next to insert the following script line: NextCard Again, copy, paste, and edit the other four buttons, and you’ve finished scripting the first card. Most object names are descriptive enough that you will not need to comment your script. If you do prefer a verbose mode, set Can Do’s AUTOCOMMENT ON Tool Type in the Info requester on Workbench. In the editor, you precede your comments with a semicolon (instead of UltraCard’s two dashes). II you try to place a comment on a line with no other instruction, CanDo will strip il out when you exit the editor. To make it stick, use the NOP command at the beginning of the line: NOP ; this is a No-Operation with a comment CanDo features a concatenation operator, as well, to make your scripts for the Memory and other buttons on the second card equally efficient. The CanDo statement looks very similar to the j UltraCard line, but note the different concatenation operator: GoToCard ComputerType “Memory" As with the previous language, in CanDo you create Routines (subroutines) separately from objects and store them in a common pool, roughly analogous to UllraCard’s Stack script. To call a Routine, we embed a Release script in the A501 button on the third card, such as: 00 "AddToTotar.150 1 rounded ofl the A50l's price to compensate for Can Do’s lack of support for floating point. The AddToTotal Routine itself follows: Let GrandTotal = GrandTotal + arg1 SetText “Disp!ayTotar,GrandTotal To access the SetText command, click on the Field icon in the editor. To set up the syntax, dick on the “Set this field’s contents to. . .” gadget and type Grand-? AMIGA 3000 QUALITY IS ALREADY ON YOUR DESK WITH FLICKERFIXER New Options: Genlock Compatibility allows simultaneous use with popular genlocks; Denise Extender Our DEB 2000 board allows you to install flickerFixer without using your video slot Accolades include: Best of 1988 Award, Commodore Magazine; T Reader’s Choice Award, AMIGAWORLD. FlickerFixer is made in the USA and is FCC Class B approved. FlickerFixer fits into the Amiga video slot or the Microway Denise Extender, is fully compatible with all software, and does not modify the standard Amiga video signals. For more information, call Microway Sales at (508) 746-7341 or your Amiga Dealer. Total into the resulting requester. When you press RETURN, the editor generates the full command. You need to remove the quotes from GrandTotal, however, to make the script work, because otherwise Gan Do assumes GrandTotal is a string, not a variable. The advantages of separate subroutines are twofold: You can group related statements and modify multiple sections of your program with a single change. In this case, you can get around the lack of floating-point support. First, convert the price of each peripheral by removing the decimal point, so that the ABO! Button script reads: Do “AddToTotal", 14995 Now, change the Routine to incorporate these changes: (Type the LeiFloatGrancl Total. . . Command on one line; do not break as shown.) Let GrandTotal = GrandTotal+ arg1 Let FloatGrandTotal - lnsertChars = “.",GrandTotal, numberofchars(GrandTotal) 2) SetText “DlsplayTotar'tFloatGrandTotal A more elegant and elaborate solution is to use .ARexx to handle the floating point math and then send the result back to your deck. Arexx scripts arc another good place to mine for algorithms and AmigaDOS routines you can adapt for your authoring system needs. Whichever program you choose, remember that the scripting techniques von employ in one can be reworked and reused in the others with minimal alterations. If you need help with specific points, PeopleLink (800 826-8855) holds a hyper multimedia conference every Manufacturers’ Addresses Bantam Books 666 Fifth Ave. New York, NY 101Q3 212 765-6500 INOVAtronics 8499 Greenville Ave., Suite 209B Dallas, TX 75231 214 340-4991 Monday night at 10 PM Eastern, 9 PM Central. You will regularly find Eddie Churchill of INOVAtronics, UltraCard author Mike Lehman, and other stack- ware developers in attendance. Have your questions ready. ¦ Steve Gillmor brings his background as a film and video director and record producer to his work as a hyper multimedia developer. Write to him do Amiga World Editorial Dept., SO Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458 or look for him as MAGELLAN on P Link. Intuitive Technologies 1199 Forest Ave., Suite 264 Pacific Grove, CA 93950 408 646-9147 THE NEXT GENERATION OF AMIGA EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE YES! I want to experience rapid vocabulary expansion. Please rush me: Mr. Robot’s Speak ’n Spell @ $ 49.95 Payment by ? Check ? Money Order ? Visa ? M C ? C.O.D. Please add $ 3.00 for shipping and handling Name: EXR-ATON CABD* Brain Technologies Co.
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• Page and Ruler settings stored in document
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* up to 175 words per minute Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines • PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems. Inc. • excellence! Is a registered trademark of Micro-Svstems Sottware. Inc. &rcle 95 on Reader Service card THE WORLD’S LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF AMIGA PRODUCTS Free Send-Fax! Buy a DataLink Modem and join the fax generation for free! Externals Internal S1" ProWrite 3.0 The new standard in wordprocessing
* 99." 4 % -} s New Horizons Applied Engineering ICD Specials! Flicker Free Video For Any Amiga! Supra Corporation 2400 Baud Modem with Cable 3891 $ 1071 00 Special Prices on WordSync's and 500XP Drives! We cany all ICD Products! 00 00 Higher Sampling Rate Easier Editing New Interface Compressed Data Supports all Samplers AudioMaster 79! Top Rated Sequencer Complete MIDI Editor For Any Level Musician Total Expandability Bars & Pipes $ 169. 800-BE-AMIEA: THE AMIGA SOURCE SOFTWARE SPOTLIGHT! Co':! 0‘5k T.P-: «•• Decani! 44 ¦••! Dcs -,-ro' 44 ¦ *•' *>L.!;',Shi_'t 44 ¦••' tfeo
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• GEN Animations 37 Astra* am 25 hi,::; Arct c x*: Amo Duel ART & FONTS 279 199 .65 57
* ¦ «* •* 115 5~ 145 76 129 179 GRAPHICS AuiDSCf'Dt 35 Award Maker P.us 34 Award Maker Spohs 0.;- 20 B G'jpfsits t 26 Soa:c ’.’a1”*'' 74 Butcher 2 D 25 Ca:i grjcfer . 62 Corn:; 6? Ccrr. Setter Data C iks . 25 Design 2D . 62 D • 31 - D r c i J . 74 Digi-I.late III 3" ? Di t-Pain: 3.0 62 Digi-Vie.v Gold 4 C 129 Elan Performe* 2 0 ‘33 Fci’-Warks 67 Frame Grabber SW 74
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* ••! Pixel 31) 92 Pixmate 54 Pr nj Master An Gallery 1 or 2 20 Pr.n: Master Fantasy 22 Pr r.i Mssir Fonts Borders 24 Pr n; Master F us 33 P£S£P. . . .55 Scaniao Call Sculp! 2C-XL 130 Sculpi-Ar.imate 40 Scu pl-Ar.maw 4D Jf Ca Turbo 5 ,er terra n Disk 22 Turbo S l .er 103 Turbo S’l'.tr Ccri'.ers .on 15 Turbo $ :l.e: Video 30 Vid Gen 93 Videoscape 3D 2 0 122 ¦w'YoecScace Promoter . 56
• Wrap Sess on 59 Abacus Desktop 7 a Bcc*. Animagic Animation So until rack . ¦**'Animation Station Animation Video Tit.'er Animation...... Erojccait Title;. Caligan Consumer ir*-rGred:t Text Digi-Works 3D Director Director Toolk.l Director Video Tnional . N *i Disney Animation Sti.rl o EasyTitier Faaiavision .... Lights Camera Action Movie Setter Movie Setter Data Disks . PageFiipper F x ..... PhOlOn '7:0 Cel Anina'o: Photon Vid Transporter . Fro Video Gold Pro Video Gold Foals (eai Pm Video Post Seen? Generate;
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* ¦• F29 Rttal j!i r 35 0i,1 Run 34 F4Q Purs jit 31
P. 'iCLji't; 29 Faery Ice 29 Par arm A Cnuip e 32 : - f j.j c. . I'j Ferswi G.u1 mterra 29 I- 34 Perse:.: fj qnrrurn 23 Fast 3re2- ..... 32 Pnantasm 24
- e~me j i Let; r Phaser Gun 45 Fe-me :c-ta e 23 Flics a j Ffiud ' ¦'•' Fnctor S't -m 31
- ¦" Fr-‘ cc. 35 Fict c”.r. r fjr-ter B;m;e* 1 •
* * -t Fijri.'" p ."J.:-.1 1 " ¦w!Fighter Bcmcer ¦'•'Pague 29 M ss ; • D.s* 35 Flare: oT Lusl 29 Fir j! Missrcr 25 Piafoon 31 f re 0 Forge* 2' ri F.i . -.-jti 29 F re 6r gi-ie 33 Poco Man 31 ¦•• F re* Contact . 35 Poke: Sr.! Lane 24 36 ¦••'Pc :.e Quest i 42 Pcp-ulcus V onos D >*. 2' Poi'.e-Sfr;,gg'e 29 rc-of Pers a 22 Pr.soii 23 pr j Faott:a . 5 " VC' 2" Fro.ec: Heptane 27
* ••' P,Mmii 31 PlislT to Earth 29 C- 27 Quart; _ 35 Cues. For Time Birds 35 Questran II .... 35 ¦••IRtf’S-r 24 flam So Hi 27 flamyage . 27 Realm o‘the Tra’is 37 Realm of if •: Warlock 25 Red Heal 39 ¦•¦! Red Storm R:smg 43 Re-egace . 23 Re-Uisance . 27 ResoIlI on 10‘ . .35 Revenge ol Defence' . 27 Rrck Dangerous . 37 Rrfigsidc .29 Road Raider 27 RohO'Cop.. 35 Rock Challenge 27 Rotket Rar.gyr ... 33 Roger Rahbir 31 Hol: Out 27 RoPer Coaster Rumble 33 Romance of 3 Kingdoms 45 «•»' Rommel at E -Alameiur. 43
* >¦! Rommel at Gaaaia 43
* •¦! Rolo* ..29
P. VF Hor.Qa.... 31 Scary Mutants 27 Scenery DiS‘ 7 or 11 15 Scenery Disk 9 23
* «’Scenery Sianei 44 Sea Haven Towers 25 Seconds Out Boxing. 21 Se> Vixens Fron Space 29 Snado-v of the Beast 29 ¦••'Shadow cftheBec-Til 42 Sne-mar M 4 25 Shuftepucx Cate . 23 Side Arms .... 23 Side Show .....31 Sidewinder 2* Sidnvin 4*3 Si on: Service 24 Silicon Dreams _ 25 Sim City Terrain Editor 17 Siii.Cly .31 Sky Chase . . 23 Sky F-ghter . 19 SliDStream .....17 Snake Pit .24 Snooay .....35 Soccer f.tatch . 27 Solttier 2000. . ......35 So n er of Light 35 Solitaire Roya'C 22 Sorcerer Lord ...23 S|>aCe Ace 39 Space Carter 20 Space Harrier 2 36 Space Hamer .....35 Space Racer 21 Space Ranger 13 »••' Space Rogue .. .... .....35 Space School Simulator 24 Space Station ... 15 Spherical.. 29 Spin World 2b Spilting Image 29 Spy vs Spy 2 13 Star Goose 29 Stax Ha. . . . 31 Ste a* C-l Pe .. Ji Stock M.j-ke: Game 19 S; eet F gtte' . . 29 Strider ' . 22 »i«! Stri’.e Aces ..... 33 Stria Poker Da'a ea:hi.. 15 stria Poker II 23 St ry xi Stunt Ca; Pacer 34 Sub Bathe 34 ¦«‘Sucer Game Pack .. 23 Suoer Scramb'e 29 Synapse. . 24 T n c L . 74 Table Tennis .23 Tank Attack. 22 Targhan 35 Techno Cops 34 Teenage Mutant riiaa Turtles 31 Te c Epic 27 fe'egaines . .2*3 Te cv.ur II ... .27 Tetewar 29 Tennis Cup......3t »«¦' reman En oy......3i Test Drive II Data (each). .15 Fes! Drive ii Muscle Cars....15 Tes! Dnve JI 39 Te-tr s ....25 Theme FarV. Mystery 36 Third Courier . . ‘ .35 Three Slooges 31 Thud Ridge 34 TliunSer Slnke 36 11 me & Magsk . 31 1 r Ti'i on me Moon . .35
T. tan 31 To tne Rhine . ... 35 Terr. 5 Jen .' 2 ... .25 Tcm 5 Jerry . .23 Transputer' 24 ¦wfTreasj-e 'ran 29 Tru.j 35 Triple X 29 t r i, .1 Pursuit 29 ni*! Tu*r• C2ri 29 an The DSC 25 Ultima III 29 Ultima IV . ... 33 Under Sea Ccrraida . 34 Umverse ill ...35 ¦ni Viking Cn Id ¦••' Vir.ce* Virus Vertex Vt'can. . War in l.tidde Farm Warneae Warlcck Wa.re Greicxv Hockey ¦*•! WeC Of Ts'rc r We tris V nere Sleep nq Gods Lie White Dean ¦••I Wild Sireeis .
W. IKJS Of For Wild Walker World Championship Ebking . World Class Course Disk World Class Leader Brci. World Ol Fligh! . World Snooker Bit ards World Tmphy Soccer Xenon II Xei'opfiobe. . Zany Got I Zero Gravity Zoom EDUCATION Adv 0" S noad ... Aesop’s Fable (Unicorn) Aesoa’sFaa’e ihnor).. ¦••' Algeb jm Al: About America ¦••lAmer can Idramatc Engl: Animal Kirgcom Arabian Nights A: The Zoo Barney Bear »••! Barrey Bear 2 . Ca-dac A-rect.. Chicken Ltt'e .... »«l CLAS ConSoundTratior Oeii.»e f-eip Desigmisauras Dinosaurs A:e Foiew*: Discovery Data D.sks Discovery Mat 11 Discovery Srt 1 ?¦still Suns Easy Grace. First Letters and Words First Shapes . Fract=on Action Grade Manager Inte litype Jigsaw ... ¦••I Kalie s Farm...... Kinder.ania . . Leainrng Curve . . . .nikv.'Oni Languages Lillie Red Hen Logic Master. Magical Myths .
R. laicn It.. . ... ¦••iMaln Blaster Plus Main Wizard Maihamaticr ¦*•' T.IcGec fa.lii fax. Opposites Attract Read L Rnyrne Read-A-Rama Recipe Fan Ta k.rg Sic p. Loo*, reach Three Bears .. Three Lillie Pigs ’r p r.v AVSSr Ug . DucHing Where jn Ejrcoe Where In The USA Where In The World Word Mast-’: DATABASE DEM.nV. 199 Da (a Ret neve . 59 DstaRetrieve Prof 139 Nt«i Mai: Shot Plus . 73
M. iindex . 35 Micro Base 25 Microfiche Filer Plus 115 Mag Plus 54 Super base Personal fi 99 Superbase P ol 3 229 Who 'What Where When .67 PROGRAMMING A'C Basic (vT.3 .. A:C Fortran AtJchsoi! Wesley Manuals Am j j Machine I ang Are*. AssemPro Aztec C-D-: 1 lie . Vet1 Desci'nark C_l n*ar, Benchmark trF Library Be maik 1.1 dOlla-2 Beacf mark Simu l eg C- C 5 3 . CAFE 5-SK De-vPjc Arnica DSM Disassembler RiSot: Basic InovaTools iUe- '.'wsicr) J-Fcrtn L Debug Magellan il.ew Versicai Mccuia 2 ¦re s rT 'e A MAS 135
• Amiga Sings ..... 12 Aud-o Master 2 0 .53 3a-s t Pipes 199 3ar$ A Pioes M-j$ ic Box 45 Bars i Pipes Internals Sauna Kit 45 Bars i Pipes Rules for Tools 45 Copyist Pro 149 Dr T Raich Editors . Cali OrumSludiQ. 3a Dynamic Drums.....;9 Dynamic Sluilio. . 144 fal Sounds ......46 Fun Keys ....23 KCS ......177 Ml KCS Level 2 Version 3 0 Call M .149 MasieiSouhd .....54 Masler Tracks Pro .259 MIDI Quest 179 MIDI Recording Studio 49 MidiMagrc 93 Music Mouse 49 Music x .155 ¦*•! Performance. ..129 Pro Sound Designer 109 Quasar Sound. ... 37 Sonix. 49 Sound Oasis . ... .72 Sound Tra« 1 or 2 15 Soundpuest Patch
- ddors 10G Studio Magic .75 Syntfna 2 39 S nti; a Prclessicnal 230 Texture. .102 m*' Tra> ... 77 ¦••'Wave 139 UTILITIES AMAX 129 ¦••' AMAX 2 149 Ami Alignment 37 ¦ **'ArriifjaDOS HyperHeip 29 Amiga DOS Toolbo*... 40 Amiga Tricks & Tips. ... ...17 ArniKit ...... 29 BAD ...34
n. -'Cal (Calendar Maken!. .35 Can Dn! ...99 MlCanDo Pro Pak t.....27 Clhinte...... 25 Color Commander. , .21 Cross DOS A 0 . . 29 Disk 2 D sk (New Version) .37 Disk Mechanic '60 DiskMaster 4Q DOS 2 DOS ..... 37 Doug s Library Disk ... .11 »••!Dougs Library1 *2......19 ¦••IDougs Library «3 19 Doug's Matn Aquarium. 59 DUDE .35 Dunlap Utilities 55 Express Copy 31 E7 Backup 35 Fa! Tracks 39 »¦•! Family Tree 2 rl.e.v Verj 49 ¦••!F3ED (PtJome Dialeri 35 Heme In; Manager . 27 ¦••! Lottery Professional .. .3* Mac To Dos ......92 ¦••! Mastering CLI (New Ver). 31 Mal-h V-S'on. . .. 119 M trcla.vyer. 42 Momenium Creek 25 Norger Genealogy 7i
P. vetie Printer 25 Fixe Scop: . 104 Project D( New Version) .37 Quarterback . 45 Ra I Copy (UfeST'T .37
* «i Reaper .....36 SuperHack .54 Tatot Master. 21 Thinker......49 Total Control Diet. . 74 Virus Infection Protection 32 Virus Protection Toolkit .39 Vo Pec One ..... 129 X-Copy II 28 Our objective islo carry every product lor Ihe Amiga - and sell them al Ihe besl prices. Our policy is to be as competitive as possible on all product prices. II you lind a tower price, please give us a call. It is no longer close lo possible lor us lo list all the products we carry. II you don'l see it listed, please call. ¦•• Products are new and ia slock.
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1. 1 j!Ii Port Serial Card ...Dali ir-iScanla& ......Call CALIFORNIA ACCESS t CA-880 3.5" Dnve ...109 CITIZEN
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(577. 95, Interplay Productions, 3710 S. Susan, 00, Santa Ana, CA 9270J, 714 549-2411. One megabyte required.) Of honor, fame and. Of course, fortune. Your ultimate goal is to gather enough political and By Peter Olafson WHOEVER SAID THAT cheaters never prosper didn't own an Amiga. Fact is, people who use the cheat modes, or
• ‘backdoors," that are built into most Amiga games prosper very nicely, thank you. They are rich in memories of final screens, high and hidden levels. And. Sometimes, hidden messages. They go swiftly to places the rest of us labor mightily with joystick and mouse to reach. The idea behind this column has never been to show you how to cheat, but to give you a companion on the dark staircase or to translate a riddle into lay terms. So I haven't run any cheats until now. Maybe I'll regret this in January, but as a holiday gift, here are some cheats that I've assem- bled from a variety of sources over the last three years. I'll even admit to using one or two.
• Let s start with a fairly new one: the easily accessible Invincible mode built into Shadow of the Beast II (Psygnosis. S59.99). Rather than whacking senseless the first bloke you meet the one who challenges you just respond to him, ‘Ten pints." No one can kill you now you can t even quit the game, in fact but you still can be caught in various traps and forced to reboot. (Maybe with ten pints in you, you just think you're invincible.)
• Last month, I said I knew only of code-based cheats for Blood Money and the original Shadow of the Beast (Psygnosis, $ 39.99 and $ 49.99, respectively). Naturally, no sooner were these words set in type when word arrived of a noncode-based cheat for Shadow of the Beast that bestows unlimited lives (hold down mouse and joystick buttons during part or all of POWERMONGER'" From the designers of the award-winning Populous comes an unprecedented game of Power and Strategy. Fight, invent, bribe, spy and make alliances. Stunning 3D graphics make this game come alive! CHUCK YEAGER'S ADVANCED FLIGHT TRAINER® Experience white knuckle flying thrills. Fly 18 different aircraft with accurate aerodynamics and realistic 3-D graphics. Includes a Flying Insights audio tape by Chuck Yeager. THE IMMORTAL " Venture into a richly designed labyrinth of puzzles, traps and surprises. Save your lost master, Mordomir, in an innovative 3-D adventure of intrigue and betrayal. TEAR OUT AND SEND IN WITH CHECK, DATED RECEIPT(S) (NO COPIES) AND NAMES OF TITLES PURCHASED. CHECK THE SONY GIFT YOU WANT when you buy 3 featured titles _ WALKMAN (Model SRF-29) - S15 + $ 3.50 SHIPPING AND HANDLING" WATCHMAN (Model FD-230J - $ 85 + $ 5.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING" DISCMAN (Model D-11) - $ 120 + $ 5.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING** " Residents of the following slates must odd soles tox: CA = 7.25%, CT = 8%, IL = 6.75%, MA - 5%, TX - 6.25% Canadian orders: please add $ 1.00 to the total for extra handling charges. Name_ Address_ City_State_Zip_ Daytime Phone (_)_ Age_ SEND CHECK OR MONEY ORDER, COUPON, AND ORIGINAL RECEIPT(S) TO: Electronic Arts Sony Offer, PO Box 7530, San Mafeo, CA 94403 All orders must be postmarked by 3 1 91. Allow 3-4 weeks lor delivery. Offer good while supplies lost. For questions roll: 800-245-4525 = 8om-5pm, M-F, Pacific Time) Offer not available outside North America. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga, Inc. Walkman, Discmon, Watchmen and Sony ore all registered trademarks ol Sony ELECTRONIC ARTS® Circle 2 on Reader Service card (J A M E PR E S E R V E popular support and military power to overthrow the dastardly Gao Qiu (an iron-listed ruler who seeks to unseat the true Emperor) by 1 127, when barbarians invade China. You start the game as an exile and must quickly settle in one of the 49 provinces. As its new owner, you must cultivate and build the land to generate income, hunt or buy food to feed the people and any armies vou build. Your administra- tive duties include traveling to province towns to recruit followers, visiting markets to sell excess food and fur, and buying or building weapons and ships for the wars that will inevitably engulf your region. You must not only train ;lnd equip your troops well, but also play politician. Make alliances with other bandit heroes and ensure your followers’ loyalty, either through bribery or by swearing brotherhood with them. Can you overthrow Gao Qiu and bring peace to ancient China? You’ll soon discover that BK.AC is as much role-playing as it is strategy. Your character, as well as the other “non- playing” characters, have such attributes as strength, wisdom, integrity, mercy, dexterity, and courage. These variables influence your success (or that ol your chieftains) when hunting, making weapons, training, waging war, or forging treaties and alliances. Men also get tired and must rest, or riots, desertions, and other ills can occur as loyalties flag. Before long, you'll have the The Plague By David T. McClellan MY FINAL IMPRESSIONS first: The Plague is appropriately named. There's a plague of recent hack slash blast arcade games on the market, and The Plague is one means to expand into unsettled territories. (The color- coded map of China continually updates who controls which provinces.) You can promote followers to become chieftains with varying levels of authority. You can administrate the new territories yourself, issue orders as to how the chieftains should rule, or give them autonomy. Each rules ac- cording to his abilities. If alliances break down or you refuse to pay the exorbitant taxes demanded bv Gao j Qiu, war will come to your region. If one of your autonomous chieftains governs the territory attacked, the battle is quickly resolved and the results displayed. If you or a sworn brother is occupying the territory, or if you initiate the
* war, the scene switches to a hexagonal map, complete with terrain obstructions, castles, more of the same. The plot is familiar: Blast your way through enough plague-mutated beasties to finish a level so you can blast more beasties on the next. On a weather, and wind direction. You may take up to ten armies into battle, and your strategy must revolve around effective use of your generals' abilities. Magic, archery lire and clever use of terrain all have variable effects on the outcome ol the battle. BRAG is a easy to play, yet can only be mastered il you understand much ol the political and social philosophy that is at the heart of ancient China's culture. The game does not base its world on what you are doing; uprisings, natural disasters, and political upheavals occur independent of your actions. With astounding depth. Bandit Kings of Ancient China will challenge and delight you for hundreds of hours. (559.95, Koei, 1350 Bayshore Highway, Burlingame, CA 93010, 315 348-0500. One mega byte requ ired.) Given level, the same monsters (lizardnien, bouncing bloodshot eyeballs, acid pools) occur at roughly the same places, so there’s little surprise involved ('.ontinned on ;. 113 the intro sequence), along with a spirited bulletin-board debate over whether it works. As far as I can tell, it doesn't. I've heard, however, that it does work with the British version.
• One of the earliest Amiga cheats to emerge was for Arkanoid (which, sadly, is no longer on the market). Pause the game, type "Dsimagic' (no quotes, however; here or for any of the other quotes below) and resume the game. A capsule labeled DS heads your way. Catch it, and the B, C. D. E, L, P and S keys will trigger other capsules, each with distinctive properties. F takes you straight to the end game.
• Dust off your copy of Sword of So- dan (also vanished from dealer's shelves), get the highest score and type in "Nancy” as your name. Unlimited lives is your reward in your next game, even if you aren't Nancy.
• Another oldie: In Barbarian (Psyg- nosis. $ 39.99). type 04-08-59. The background turns from black to dark gray, and you'll be next to invincible. Careful: A couple of things like falling into pits can still wipe you out.
• Here’s one to help you sample a very difficult game. At the title screen of Batman: The Movie (Data East, $ 44.95), type "JAMMMMM.” (I've seen versions of this tip with both fewer and more M's.) You'll see a "Cheat Mode On" notice; then F10 will take you through the levels and you'll have lives to burn.
• What miniature golf course doesn't have a "19th hole”? So naturally, the nine-hole Zany Golf (Electronic Arts, $ 19,95) course has a tenth hole. On the ninth hole, if you ever get there, you'll notice a little mouse hole at which eyes occasionally appear. When the eyes turn red the mouse has perhaps been kept awake by your bad putting tap your ball into the hole and you’ll be there.
• I’ve spilled the shlft-FUND trick for SimCity (Maxis. $ 49.95) before. (It produces $ 10,000 a pop. But earthquakes if used repeatedly.) To avoid the earthquakes. Use it like mad before you start building to stock a warchest. If an ('.unlimut! Oil p. Ill oiicK up your joystick it's hot! Fight in the city slums... Arrest the captives! AMIGA ATARI ST PC CBM64 AMIGA ATARI ST PC A supercop and a black panther team together in a high risk mission "A top cia agent has been kidnapped,find him! You know that action and fighting is inevitable . You II have to visit the city slums to find him and protect you both from mobsters, punks and ritl raffs. Parked on the side ol an interstate in the arizona, you are waiting for your mission in your car. Suddenly comes an APB from your radio: "alert to all units, a fugitive killer has escaped . Use caution." Drive fast lo intercept him! Watch out for Rat tires and empty fuel tanks. You may leave the road and drive through the desert use your compass and your map or you will loose your way...Good luck to prove your nickname "the Ranger!! Ready to drive and shoot! AMIGA ATARI ST PC Discover the first arcade game designed in ray-tracing technology (synthesized pictures). You control the greatest high-tech tanks in the worid.You are on a prison planet trying to arrest some escaped convicts. Program and lead your team of tanks. Ray traced 3D universe, multitasking, one or two players. You are the pilot of THUNDER MASTER II, the ultimate fighting vehicle able to convert itself into a genuine airborne attacker, equi- ped with ionic phasers and missile launcher. You are engaged in the hot pursuit of terrorists. Go into combat and be confronted by enemies as different in their appearance as in their combat techniques. Pick up weapons, ammunitions and fuel. Destroy the leading vehicle, before the ultimate explosion! AMIGA ATARI ST Save the world from terrorists! 20432CORISCOSTREET, TUC ACTION CONCEPT
* * Df 7nJ, CarpOfMCT Lrat- ten CHATSWORTH CA 91311 1 MU I L V l V Jvl Cr I 818 709-3693 TOOL CHEST IS brought to you bv the same professional editors who publish Amiga World. Whatever your skill level may be or whatever model of Amiga you own you'll be thrilled with J how Tool Chest can help make breakthrough computing inexpensive, easy and fun. Here's some of what v you'll get with x VOLUME 2, 5 ISSUE 2: very dual-disk issue of Tool Chest is loaded with a variety of entertaining games, elaborate animation, exquisite 3D, useful utilities, original clip art, and wild sound effects to help you maximize ? Cinco. Try to get five in a row before your opponent does. V ? WaveSyn. Allows you to design instruments and waveforms for use in other programs. This program also allows you to play the Amiga keyboard like a piano. ? AlterCLl. Lets you change the CLI window in way of width, height, location, title, colors and depths in a single command. W. the value of your Amiga computer. From graphics to animation, from programming to productivity, vou can do it faster and , __ * easier with the Tool 1 Chest. If you want the 1 work you are producing j on your Amiga to be the very best, subscribe to ] Tool Chest today. , . . CnvP cio.00 and fl want to save say iber _ receive mv special subsc dual-disk issues) benefits- Enter my one year (6 subscription for only S59.9o. Send me the following AmigaWorld Tool Chest Hdition(s) for only SI4.9a each. Volume 2, Issue 2 (see above) Specify other. & “ • tfife ...... Name Address Zip State Check Money order enclosed ? AmiCrypt. A file encryption and decryption tool that works with most every file vou have on disk. Charge my: MasterCard Visa Discover Exp. Date _ American Express ? Piston Cvcle Animation. Created with Turbo Silver, this animation shows how a piston works. Foreign orders, add $ 2.30 for air mail delivery. Foreign subscript ns AM4 43 postpaid. Payment required m U.S. Funds draw n on U.S. ba • | that some animations require 1MB of memory. 1 AmigaWorld Tool Chest • 80 Elm Street • Peterborough, NH 03458 i Or Call 800-343-0728 for immediate service
- ------------------------------------------ THE ULTIMATE PC AT EMULATOR FOR YOUR AMIGA MOTOROLA 68000 CPU Each Atonce comes complete with a high quality original Motorola 68000 CPU. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price GATE ARRAY The Atonce Gate Array, the Atonce Chip-Level Emulation a nd Atonce AT-BIOS give the emulator a very high degree of AT compatibility. Atonce- ' THE 286 EMULATOR Albnce is the ultimate PC AT emulator for y our Amiga 500 or Amiga 2000 computer. Albnce gives your Amiga a complete AT emulation, that includes an AT compatible BIOS, emulation of the parallel and serial ports, sound, color graphics and hard disk support, yet while running as a task within AonigaDos! Thanks to the use of a custom made Gate Array and SMT technology the Albnce board is incredibly compact and easy to fit. Albnce plugs directly into the Amiga's 68000 CPU socket and no soldering is required. Fitting is a 10 minute operation* and full installation instructions are included in the user manual. Each Albnce is supplied with a high quality low power Motorola 68000 CPU, saving you time with the installation, providing a high degree of realibility and leaving you your original as a spare! Albnce does not affect the normal operation of your Amiga and is totally transparent when not in use.
* Your dealer will be able to fit Albnce for a small charge if required. INCREDIBLE SPECIFICATIONS
• Low Power 16 Bit 80286 CPU 7.2Mhz clock speed
• SMT (Surface Mount Ibchnology) compact circuit board with low power comsumption 0 Highly integrated CMOS Gate-Array with embedded Interrupt Controller and Memory Management Unit
• High quality Motorola 68000 CPU
• Easy 10 minute installation - NO SOLDERING 0 Albnce can be used with the Amiga 2000 by the use of a special adapter that plugs into the 86 pin processor slot of the Amiga 2000
• Norton SI rating: 6.1 MIPS Tfest: 70% 0 Full 640KB of DOS memory available on 1 MB Amiga. All memory above 1MB can be used as Extended or Expanded memory 0 Albnce will work with all autoconfigu- rating autobootable Commodore compatible hard disk systems that use an AmigaDos compatible hard disk driver. Up to 24,32 MB partitions are available under MSDOS 4.01. MSDOS can be booted directly from your hard disk 0 With Albnce the following video emulations are available: CGA, Hercules*, Olivetti* and lbshiba3100*. The Amiga 500 Blitter is fully utilized. (* these modes use interlace) 80286 CPU Atonce is based on the standard AT microprocessor. ACCESS TO 1000's OF MSDOS PROGRAMS 0 Albnce runs unrestricted as a task on the Amiga computer 0 Complete integration of the internal 3.5" disk drive as a 720KB MSDOS drive. External 3.5” and 5.25" disk drives are fully supported 0 The Amiga mouse can be used as a serial Microsoft mouse. It can be operate at COM1 as well as COM2 0 The parallel interface can be used as LPT1 under MSDOS
• Albnce supports all AT sound facilities, the AT real time clock and CMOS RAM 0 0 0 All MSDOS versions from 3.2 up to 4.01 have been succesfully tested
• Albnce is delivered complete with a detailed user manual. A 3.5” Amiga diskette is supplied that contains the installation and emulation software and other useful tools. MSDOS is not supplied
• Free software updates to all registered owners! Call CompuServe for product and technical information Mailbox 100016,2545 Atonce is State-of-the-Art technology. Developed and produced in Germany For full product information please contact your local Amiga dealer AT is a trademark of IBM. Commodore and Amiga ore trademarks of Commodore. MSDOS and Windows 3,0 are trademarks of Microsoft, Hercules, Atonce is the registered German trademark of vortex Computeraysteme GmbH. Motorola, Olivetti and Toshiba are trademarks. Circle 16 on Reader Service card, (; A W E P K I- S E K V E after vou work your wav 4 J 4 across. Your blaster-toting barbarian (whv someone who can al- ford a high-tech energy weapon waltzes around in leather diapers, I’ll never know) starts out with three lives, each with a certain amount of life-force. This gets drained as monsters bash or shoot you and you fall in add. When your life-force is gone, you get another life and start over at the beginning of the highest level you reached. Lose all your lives, and you must start over at level 0, where the same scaly blaster- bait is waiting. The big treat comes when you top the highest score on the hoard. A drawing program appears at the game's end, and you draw your signature with the mouse. 1 wish this kind of creativity had gone into better puzzles for the game. That’s what got to me, I like games where I have to think some even arcade Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World By Patrick Quaid MIGHT AND MAGIC II reminds me of adventure games from the early days of personal computers, for to he honest, it's basically the same. Modern role-playing games sport realistic graphics, digitized sounds, and complex character interaction. Might and Magic II has none of that. It still has random groups of monsters wandering through dungeons, ready to engage your party in a life or death struggle for no apparent reason. When you’ve mowed them down, their corpses transform into a treasure chest. At the outset, you can define a total of about 24 characters, of which six can go advent itr- games. In The Plague, thinking is limited to deciding when to jump and blast. Some of the graphics, such as a spring-driven metallic snake, are nifty looking. Your character and the monsters are large (about one-third the screen's height), and the animation and scrolling are smooth. These are technical leats, however, and don’t ing at a time. Character statistics and combat are based on Dungeons and Dragons, including such distinctive qualities as alignment and armor class. Available character types include knights, barbarians, and paladins for muscle; clerics and sorcerers for magic; and archers, robbers, and ninja for general skullduggery. You also have the familiar race and gender choices to go along with seven physical attributes. Your goal is. Naturally, to save your world from chaos and evil magic. During the early stages, yon wander around gathering experience, make the game more fun, just better looking. While The Plague kept me interested enough not to quit in disgust, and I worked my wav tip the levels, it wasn't good enough that I'd tell mv friends to buy it. (559.95, InnerPrise Software Inc., 128 Cockexsvdle Rd.. Hunt I alley, MD 21030, 301 785-2266. Joystick ret aired.) Skills, and magical equipment so you can effectively deal with the dangerous wilderness and dungeons. Later you might find yourself exploring the four elemental planes or even going hack in time. (Keep vour ewe on the lold-out map.) The game is based on a jumble of mythologies and traditions that could place your European paladin in a battle with a Cheek winged horse using a Japanese naginata. The main display is a 3-D view from the party’s perspective. Because it is only four squares deep, however, you frequently can’t even see the opposite wall of a large room. ? From p. 110 earthquake shakes an empty SimCity map, does anyone hear it?
• You can obtain enhanced characters in Drakkhen (Draconian, S59.95) by typing in “314159927" as the first character name and then type “supervisor” as the next one. When play starts, hit Control and go scale those dragons.
• You can make a lot of money with little experience and great benefits in Bard's Tale (Electronic Arts, S19.95). Pool your gold, remove a player from your roster and then bring him back. Repeat the procedure for the other members of your party. Turn off the computer. When you resume play, you’ll find that each member has the amount of gold the full party had before you turned sleazy.
• Type “freeride” at the outset of Ikari Warriors (Elite. $ 39.95), and that’s virtually what you'll get.
• Type ‘crash’’ as your name on the high-score table for Thunderblade (Mindscape, $ 49.95). and the Help key will take you through the levels.
• A nice one, because it facilitates play while not taking away all the challenge: The word “Pooky" entered in the high-score table for Rick Dangerous (Medalist. $ 34.95) will permit you to continue play at the level on which you died.
• There's a slew of codewords for Test Drive II (Accolade. $ 44.95). “Aerf" speeds your car up when accelerating and slows it down when braking, and adds an extra life, as well. Moreover, “gass" and "gasst” will warp you to the next gas station.
• Both of Readysoft's animated extravaganzas, Dragon’s Lair ($ 59.95) and Space Ace ($ 59.95), have a demo mode that just happens to show the proper way through each screen. For Dragon's Lair, press the Escape, r, , I, n. and 7 keys all at the same time, and use your nose to hit the firebut- ton. For Space Ace, the demo is activated by typing “Dodemodexter."
• This one's more of an “easy" mode. Pause play in Carrier Command (Med- Continned on p. 120 Your 1 European Budget Dealer! 840 N.W. 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33309 ® INFO? (305) 491-0398 FAX (305)772-0334 Amazing! $ 9.95 each 1st Person Pinball. Advanced Ski Simulator, Archipelagos, Arctic Fox, Bad Co, Battle Valley, Blasteroids, Captain Blood, Cybernoid 2, Dragon Spirit, Fallen Angel, Fast Lane, Dark Fusion, Galaxy Force, ICW Wrestling, Italy 90 Soccer, Nebulus, Operation Neptune, Powerboat Racing, Pro Tennis, Prospector, Pursuit to Earth, Rodeo Games, Rollercoaster Rumbler, SAS Combat Simulator, Shufflepuck Cafe, Skrull, Star Goose, Star Ray, Steigar, Street Gang, Summer Olympiad, Turbo Cup. Unbelievable! $ 13.95 each Action 5 in 1, After the War, Altered Beast, Ballistyx, Barbarian 2, Bard’s Tale 2, Bloodmoney, Colorado, Deluxe Paint, Deluxe Print, F18 Interceptor, Ferrari Formula One, Gauntlet 2, Grand Prix Master, Hound of the Shadows, Keef the Thief, Omega, Premier Collection Vol. 2, Return to Atlantis, Solitaire Royal, Sonic Boom, Sorcerer Lord, Space Harrier 2, Sword ol Twilight, Terrapods, Typhoon Thompson, Ultimate Darts, Vindicators, Windwalker, Zany Golf. Fantastic! $ 14.95 each Bloodwych w data disk, Carrier Command, Chambers of Shaoiin, Chronoquest, Crackdown, Cycles, Dynamite Ducks, Dynasty Wars, Grand Prix Circuit, Heavy Metel, Hot Rod, Premier Collection Vol. 2, Silent Service, Third Courier, Triad Vol. 2, Turbo Outrun. Dfi Apprentice $ 32 Atomic Robo Kid $ 35 Battle Master $ 37 Blitzkrieg 1940 $ 32 BSS Jane Seymour $ 32 Cadaver $ 37 Corporation Dragon Flight Gold of the Aztecs Gremlins 2 Magic Fly Murder $ 37 Night Breed $ 35 $ 37 Plotting $ 35 $ 35 Power Monger $ 35 $ 35 Rick Dangerous 2 $ 35 $ 35 The Final Battle $ 35 $ 35 The Spy Who Loved Me $ 35 Ace $ 5 $ 5 $ 8 $ 8 $ 8 $ 12 $ 5 $ 5 CALL Amiga Action Amiga Computing Amiga Format w Disk Amiga User International Rampage w 2 Disks Raze The One Subscriptions orders 1-800-888-9273 only C-0SStt"O t . F'SOSStreS • Circle 238 on Reader Service card SPIRIT’S EN1000 4TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! In this case, you sec through to the blue skv in the back- j ground, so walls and doors appear to materialize out of thin air as vou approach them. Despite its faults. Might and Magic II has a certain primitive appeal. It’s refreshing, after all, to slaughter countless monsters without a shred of guilt. Idle puzzles are not overlv difficult, so if vou save J i often, you won’t be stuck for long. If you are in the mood for an adventure that won’t overtax you. Might and Magic 11 could be your game. (S59.95, Xew World Computing Inc., distributed by Electronic Arts, IS20 Cateu'ay I)r,, San Mateo, CA 94404’ 415 57 -
7171. No peeial requirements.) 2MB MEMORY INSIDE A500 SIN-500 Installs inside, under the radiation shield and out ol the way expandable from OK to 2 0MB autoconlig Only SI 99ok 0 5MB $ 239 1 0MB S279 2 0MB $ 359 missions involve bombing targets that range from small terrorist sites lo airfields and bridges. Mission preparation 8MB MEMORY FOR A500 X-RAM™ External chassis, expandable from OK lo 3 MB low power consumption, autoconfig Only $ 270ok 2 0MB S398
- 10MB S526 6 0MB ses-l 3 0MB 5782 A1000 RAM MEMORY BMB MEMORY FOR A1000 Only 51 92ok
2. 0MB $ 320 4 0MB $ 446 6 0MB $ 576 BOMB $ 704 X-RAM External chassis, expandable from OK to 3 MB low power consumption, autoconlig |T¥ Only S270ok 2 0MB $ 398 4 0MB $ 526 6 0M9 $ 654 8 0MB $ 78? Only NTSC $ 569 PAL 1749 requires careful planning: You receive a briefing on the mission, reconnoiter the target site, and survey your route to the target area. There is a large selection of weapons, but how many you can carry depends on the type of aircraft vou chose. Takeoff, landing, and flying the aircraft are very easy compared to other games of this ilk, although the aircraft’s handling does depend on the model you select. Once you’re in the air, the competition begins, and you must navigate to "BYTE ‘N' BACK ONLY $ 49 fTECHNOLOGY
• Looping Video In switchable. 75 ohm Hi Z
• NTSC or PAL Encoded Video Output
• KEY Output and R-G-B Outputs
• R-G-B Level Matching for A1000 A500 A2000
• Front panel includes Amiga Graphics or Mix Control. Mix Cut Fade 0 to 100: - Fade Overlay Control Slider and LED Power Status
• Panel with Controls may be Remoted 25 ft or more ST-506 HARD DRIVE INTERFACE PACKAGES! FOR A500 and A1000 HDA-506 SYSTEM oni,$ 299 Includes interface board and ST-506 controller in chassis with passthiu plus dual case hard drive chassis with power supply LESS DRIVES Optional Autoboot Will support two ST-506 hard drives FOR A2000 SLOT MACHINE HARD CARD™ SYSTEM om,$ l99 Includes interlace board with Autoboot and ST-506 controller mounted on steel rail for 3 5 drive' Hard Card' installation in A200Q LESS DRIVE Controller will support two ST-506 hard drives NEWI... SUPER FAST HARD DRIVE BACK UP UTILITY GENLOCK ENCODER for All Amigas llTPn. M Tw GREAT PRICE... INTERL0K GREAT SPECS! The Genlock that won't crash your computer during video search editing that pays meticulous attention to artist's colors that offers professional video specs for the besl price performance m the market VISA MASTERCARD & AMERICAN EXPRESS cards accepted with no surcharge COD accepted add S3 50 Shipping ancr insurance extra All products shipped UPS 2nd day unless otherwise requested All prices US dollars Prices and specifications subject to change wiihout notice Prices ot products containing RAM memory may vary due to fluctuations m the DRAM market ALL SPIRIT PRODUCTS ARE SACKED WITH ONE YEAR WARRANTY * 4MB MEMORY INSIDE YOUR A500 FAT TRAPPER™ Only $ 1 19ok CALL FOR DETAILS PRICES 512K MEMORY (A501 clone) INSIDE A500 TRAPPER™ Only $ 44ox Installs in A50Q trapdoor expansion por! Includes battery backed time calendar, socketed, autoconfig Available tor 256Kx1 or 256Kx4 DRAMS With 5'2K memory Only 5 6 A2000 RAM MEMORY GET THE SPIRIT! ORDER AND INF0DMATI0N TOLL FREE 1-800-433-7572 Spirit Technology Corporation 220 W 2950 South, Salt Lake City UT 84115 BMB FOR A2000 0CTABYTET“ Highest quality 4-layer, plug-in boa'd expandable to 6MB low power consumption autoconlig A500 RAM MEMORIES Call lor Information and Specs TB'» bombing and navigation competition held by the Strategic .Mr Command. Strike Aces enters you in the hunt, sending you on an exacting series of missions over the badlands of Wvoming, Montana, and the O Dakotas at the controls of the F15F. Strike Eagle, the F-4E Phantom, the F-l 1 1 F Ardvark (of Libyan fame), the Tornado IDS, the Swedish AJS7 Yiggen or the MIG-27 Flagger-D. You must accomplish each of the 16 missions in sequence before vou mav advance to the
• J next stage of competition. All Strike Aces By John Ryan EVERY YEAR, AIRCRAFT from all over the world gather to compete for the coveted Curtis LeiVIav trophy in a Choose your weapons with care in this competition. Free Fall Bonb MiiMB USA Sales 800)421-6045 FAX (801) 485-6957 Phone (801) 485-4233 AMIGA is a Registered Trademark cl Commodore'Amuga Inc OcTabyte Inieilok Trapper Fat Irappet and Slot Macrune are Tracemarks ot Spmt technology Carp The wait has been worth it! Power Pinball is here and the game will never be the same. Power Pinball is a truly realistic simulation of a pinball machine. It reacts with the same snap, the same action. With Power Pinball, you can take your wizardry to a whole new level! Just look at what you can do: POWER, PINBRLL
• Construct your own one-of-a kind pinball game
• Work with pre-defined bumpers or design your own btnfc Ttittnprr
• Use your Paint Program to design your own screen
• Import Digitized Sounds
• Create an unlimited number of games
• Swap pinball designs with other program owners
• Includes professional pre-constructed pinball games . W u t b* i , 040 44V 044 4 You can do it all with Power Pinball the absolute pinball fantasy! JT-' Dealer Inquiries I Welcome id ttr-2 n*fn&3 ku.-ttrh . ¦ x KarmaSoft
P. O. Box 1034 Golden, CO 80402
(303) 277-1241 Circle 308 on Reader Service card Spotlight on Software 688 Attack Sub 37.50 A10 Tank Killer ..28.99 ACAD Translator ...125.00 AMAXII ..147.00 AMOS (Game Creator) 59.99 Ami Alignment Kit . 36.00 AmigaVislon 89.00 Anarchy ...... ,......26.00 Animation Studio 99.00 Art Department 53.50 AudoMaster III .....60.00 Award Maker Plus ..31.10 Ballistix ......24.65 Barney Bear Programs (Each) .22.00 Bars & Pipes 170.00 Bars 8c Pipes Multi-Media Kit 37.99 Bars & Pipes Music Box A or B . 37.99 Bars & Pipes Sound Kit ...37.99 Blitz BASIC ....106.00 Brain Blaster ..27.99 Broadcast Tiller (New Version!) Call Can Do .. 85.00 Can Do Pro Pak I .....25.00 CheckMate ..32.99 Applied Engineering Floppy Drive, High Density 199.00 Modem. DataLink 2000 MNP With FREE Send FAX .. 165.00 Modem. DataLink Express 2400 MNP With FREE Send FAX .189.00 Power Supply , Heavy Duty .86,00 Corporation ..30.99 Cross DOS 4.0 24.99 Deluxe Pant il! 105.Q0 Deluxe Video 111 .....105.00 Dgi Paint 3 ....61.99 DigiView Gold 130.00 Distant Suns ..42.99 Dragon Strike 35.50 Drakkhen 35.99 Duck Tales ....26.99 Excellence! ..125.00 Falcon ......33.89 Falcon Mission Disk 42 ......Call Frantic ......29.50 GIF Module for Art Department 30.50 Gold Disk Type Fonts (Each) 36.99 Heart of the Dragon ......31.10 Immortd 35.00 Imperium 29.97 Ishldo ......33.00 Wiling Game Show .28,50 Lcttice C 5,01 SAS C ....199.00 Legend of Faerghoil ......25.50 Loom .43.00 Ml Tank Ratoon .....35.00 Macro Paint (Lake Forest Logic) .... 79.00 McGee and Katy's Farm 24.99 Mega Paint 189.00 Office ....165.00 PageStream 2,0 . 167.00 Phantom SMPTE Interface .....179.00
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1. Full Features. Now your documents can look as good on paper as they do in your imagination. Our long list of features is the industry standard and makes light work of some heavy word processing chores. Chores like footnoting, endnoting, indexing, outlining, and generating tables of contents. Work moves along quickly while you create custom macros, merge files, and handle blocks of text. Accurate editing is a snap with the famous WordPerfect Speller and Thesaurus. And with WordPerfect Columns, Indents, and Fonts, page formatting is clean and simple. Plus, WordPerfect takes full advantage of the unique Amiga environment, allowing up to 32 open windows, with pull-down menus, mouse command capabilities, and multitasking.
3. Customer Support. Perhaps our reputation for quality software is surpassed only by our*reputation for expert, friendly, toll-free support. In fact, we have over 400 WordPerfect employees answering the phones, helping our users get the most out of their WordPerfect software. Your good waiting needs a good word processor. And for features, print quality, and support, there is none better than WordPerfect. Ttj So whether you’re waiting VVOrdPerreCt your novel, a proposal to the for the Amiga board, or a letter to mom, good reason says you need WordPerfect for the Amiga.
2. Print Quality. WordPerfect has designed over 250 printer drivers for all the popular (and some not so popular) planters. That means WordPerfect CORPORATION 1555 N. Technolog}- Wav • Orem IT 84057 Telephone (801) 225*50dOTelex 820618 FAX (801) 222-4477 WordPerfect is a registered trademark o: WordPerfect Corporation. At other brand and product names are trademarks and registered trademarks ol their respective companies. (; >i k p k i; s i; k v i; Checking is an integral part of the game, and fights do break out. The simple, vet effective, fighting system in Blades of Steel is arguably the best part of the game. Of course, it will get someone thrown in the penalty box. Occasionally, the game will reward From p. 114 alist, $ 44.95) and type “The best is yet to be.” Press the + key on the keypad. Your planes and amphibious vehicfes are now Invulnerable to enemy fire. (Don't go crashing 'em. Though.)
• Hitting CONTROL-X in Falcon (Spectrum Holobyte. $ 49.95) has the very interesting property of re-arming all your weapons.
• There seems to be an extra world in Populous (Electronic Arts. S49.95). It’s called "KILLUSPAL." Thanks. Don't mind if I do. You with a penalty shot, as well. The only noticeable deviation from NHL play is the overtime segment. Following the international hockey rules, ii is similar to an overtime shootout in soccer. Because overtime occurs so infrequently, you never have
• When the title screen comes up for Better Dead Than Alien (Discovery. $ 34.95), type “CHAMP". Now you can spruce up your weapons: F1 gives you scatterbolts; F2, multiple fire; F3, auto-repeat; F4, armor missiles; and F5 and F6. Stun and neutron bombs, respectively. F7 clones your ship: F8 gives you a shield: F9 skips levels; and F10 gives you extra power. Next month, we'll do it the hard way again. Merry Christmas, and don't go into any dungeons I wouldn't. COMPANIES MENTIONED: Accolade. 550 S. Winchester Blvd.. enough time to practice it, giv ing the computer a huge advantage. The graphics, sound effects, and flexibility of Blades of Steel are mediocre. Ii also doesn’t help that the game is copy-protected as to both disk and manual, and will not work Suite 200. San Jose. CA 95128. 800 245-7744. Discovery Software Int., 163 Conduit St.. Annapolis, MD 21401, 301 268-9877. Draconian, distributed by Data East, 1850 Little Orchard St., San Jose, CA 95125. 408 286-7074. Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 94404. 415 571-7171. Elite Systems Ltd., Eastern Ave., Lichfield, Staffs WS13 6RX. England, (0543) 414188. Maxis Software. 1042 Country Club on accelerated Amigas or a hard drive. It has problems with the Super Agnus chip. Unless you’re looking for a very simple hockey game, skate on by. (577.95, Kona mi Inc., 900 Deerfield Parkway, Buffalo drove, II. 60089. 708 215-5111. Joystick required.) Dr., Suite C. Moraga, CA 94556, 415, 376-6434. Medalist International, 180 Lakefront Dr., Hunt Valley. MD 21030, 3017771-
1151. Mindscape, 3444 Dundee Rd., Northbrook. IL 60062, 708 480*1948. Psygnosis. 17 St. Mary s Court. Brookline, MA 02146, 617, 731-3553. Readysoft, 30 Wertheim Court. Unit 2, Richmond Hill, Ont.. Canada L4B 1B9. 416 731-4175. Spectrum Holobyte, 2061 Challenger Dr., Alameda, CA 94501, 415-522-3584. ¦ .0 ( r,0) yv EXPLORE! Mons Olympus - Mars • Yosemite Crater Lake • Mt. St* Helens 4 Billion Fractal Landscapes 'Or ’ Explore the Universe! Recreate Real Places! VOU CONTROL “CAMERA" VIEWPOINT Virtual jRcalitt Laboratories, In 2341 GAN A DOR CT. • SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 9 3401 • 805 545-8515 PUT AN (.HfcERVATORY ANYWI = ERE ON UmiTI I ANYTIME PROM 8000 Ik ; TO 12000 AH! A PLANETAR 11JM VOL' (XYNTROL! "...it's really beautiful, especially when the lights are off. I m totally awed by what you have done!" Arthur C. Clarke Author of 2001: A Space Odyssey Have you ever deleted the wrong file (or worse yet. ALL your files) with a slip of the finger? Use QUARTERBACK to save your Data. Use QUARTERBACK TOOLS I ** to save your A Have you seen this awful message: "Error validating DHO"? Then you need QUARTERBACK TOOLS. The fastest and easiest way to recover your lost files on any AmigaDOS volume. QUARTERBACK TOOLS also optimizes the speed and reliability of your Amiga hard disks and floppy disks by:
• Repositioning your files to optimum locations on the disk, eliminating file fragmentation, and consolidating disk free space.
• Searching the entire disk for errors and marking bad areas “out of service."
• Curing validation problems; finding and fixing corrupted directories. QUARTERBACK TOOLS runs on any Amiga using either the old or new filing systems, and runs with new and old Workbench versions. QUARTERBACK TOOLS .now this is no donkey! And to close the barn door before the horse escapes, use QUARTERBACK the fastest and easiest hard disk backup program for the Amiga. Other useful products from Central Coast Software: Mac-2-Dos for transferring Macintosh files to and from the Amiga. Dos-2-Dos for transferring MS-DOS Atari files to and from the Amiga. Central Coast Software • 424 Vista Avenue. Golden, Colorado 80401
(303) 526-1030 • Fax (303) 526-0520 VISA Dealer Inquiries Welcome From p. 30 and capabilities by sacrificing dollars and ease of use. Is that a criticism of TV* Show? Not at all. It’s simply a fact oflife. TV “‘Show succeeds in its professional ambitions where Performer falls short. Yes, it takes longer to learn, but its extensive manual (well over 100 pages, rYOUR TURN! TV*.Show 2 is the only program I know of that lets you sequence a slide show by going forward with the right mouse button and backward with the left. Geoffrey Williams with a thorough, 74-page tutorial, complete reference section, and index) makes the process relatively easy and fun, if not fast. If you need a display program for casual use, and effects are not critical, Elan Performer packs as much punch as you are likely to need. But if you anticipate business use or public display of graphics, then TV*Show, with its wide range of presentation effects and controls, is the one to have. TV*Show 2 Zuma Group 6733 N, Black Canyon Hwy Phoenix, AZ 85015 602 246-4238 S99.95 No special requirements. Synthia II Patch me through so I can mix it up! By Michael Hanish IN THE BEGINNING, synthesizers were composed of hardware modules connected by patch cords. One module generated sound, then passed the signal to the other modules, which processed and mixed it along a path. The results depended upon which modules affected the signal, and at which points along the way. Synthia II, a scaled-down version of Synthia Professional (The Other Guys), emulates these modules through its software control of Amiga's internal oscillators, presenting each tone generator and effects box in a separate window. The program’s synthesizer, effects, and sampler windows all open onto the Workbench, which provides stability when multitasking with other programs, 'fhe synthesizers are the sound sources, and are similar to the sine- and square- wave generators of old. Eight kinds of synthesis are available: subtractive, additive. Pseudo-additive, plucked string, FM PM, i nterpolation, drum, and noise drum. Each is optimized for creating a particular kind of sound. Additive, for example, allows you to stack up any combination of waveform harmonics; it is especially useful for creating certain woodwind-instrument sounds. The Interpolation Synthesis window lets you change up to 32 waveforms aiqaioi DhwStoper TraKftf Table The waveform editor window. From one to another over time. Each window contains a multitude of specific yet similar gadgets and options which, though dizzying at first glance, are presented logically. From each synthesis window, you control such sound-creation parameters as waveform, envelope, modulation, mix levels, sample rate, number of samples, and looping. After you set the options, click on the Make button, wait for the program to synthesize the sample, and then try it out, using either your Amiga keyboard or a MIDI instrument. Windows to the World Once vou have established a basic sound, there are still more possibilities. Each item on the Effects menu opens a separate window for such things as amplitude, ring or angle modulation, chorus, pitch shill, phase llange, graphic equalization, distortion, filter, and echo reverb. You can apply effects in any order you wish, hut only one at a time. The win- Synthia II adheres more closely to the Amiga user interface than did the original Synthia. Menus now predominate, but lost to us are other features, including the ability to sketch across the harmonics sliders. The Load and Save requester (which serves both purposes, sensibly) is easy to use in navigating as long as your drives are entitled dll):, dliO:, and so on. When the requester opens a directory, it alphabetizes the files before allowing you any control. With 200 instrument files, this can take almost 10 seconds! Synthia II cannot load sounds created in Synthia! Also, some samples sound a noticeable click or snap as you trigger them. The Keyboard window of Synthia II lacks the enjoyable button marked ¦‘waveform" that the original offered. This allowed you to tailor a fundamental waveform and hear it right away. I do appreciate the new ability to save window environments, although this feature does have limits. Joel B. Couch Arlington, ATI dows are set up dearly and are analogous to the hardware they represent. The Graphic Equalizer module, for example, is equipped with virtual sliders for each frequency hand that you click and drag to the required cut or boost level. The Undo option takes you back to the instrument sound before processing, which is very helpful for comparing pre- and post-processing. The range of effects is adequate for just about any task. 1 especially appreciate the Echo Reverb window, with its 24 preset effects, level and mix controls, gate, and filters. Adding small amounts of reverb to the instrument gives it more body and presence. It is important to remember that, while the effects algorithms sound quite dean and realistic, in interlaced mode have long regarded Micro Way’s flickerFixer as one of the best and most useful products available for A2000. When used with a multisync monitor, this board banishes the annoying flicker of the interlaced screen display, and as a result, relieves eyestrain. Until now, however, using the flickerFixer posed a big problem for video- philes, for internal video hardware such as genlocks must use the Amiga’s video slot the same slot the flickerFixer occuSCSI INTERFACE ...the “Everything you’ve always wanted INSIDE your A500” ...board. ...fast. SCSI hard drive interface inside leaves your 86-pin expansion port free1 MATH CO-PROCESSOR 68881 Math co-processor lor programs using floating point math calculations.- PLUS 4-LAYER CMOS BOARD ...low noise, 4-layer board with low power CMOS 68000 processor and CMOS circuitry and parts NOW, with IN MATE you have the most valuable expansion peripherals on a single board... Inside your Amiga 500. IN-MATE also operates in an A2000 It'll move with you if you upgrade and Iree up scarce A2000 expansion slots SCSI FEATURES
• Hard drive may be placed up to 15 feet away from your computer
• Autoboot and Fast File System partitions
• Non-DMA with transfer rates up to 500 Kbytes
• Supports up to 7 SCSI devices including “Streaming Tape" Drives
• Implements Commodore's Rigid Disk standard GET THE SPIRIT! ORDER AND INFORMATION TOLL FREE
U. S. and CANADA - 1-800-433-7572 VISA, MASTERCARO & AMERICAN EXPRESS cards accepted with no surcharge COD accepted, add $ 3 50 Shipping and insurance extra All products shipped UPS 2nd day unless otherwise requested All prices US dollars, domestic U S sales only Prices and specifications subject to change without notice Prices of products containing FAM memory may vary due to fluctuations in the DRAM market _ _ SPIRIT H TECHNOL OG Y Phone (801) 485-4233 FAX 801} 485-6957 US A Sales: (800) 421-6045 AMIGA is a Registered Trademark ol Commodore Amiga, Inc . AmigaDOS is a Trademark of Commodore'Amiga, Inc AX-S, Octabyie Inierlok Trapper Fat Trapper. Slot .Machine MIDI-Star and IN-MATE are Trademarks ol Spirit Technology Corp ALL SPIRIT PRODUCTS ARE BACKED WITH ONE YEAR WARRANTY AND EXCEPTIONAL TECHHECAL SUPPORT. TOLL FREE TECH SUPPORT I-B00-33B-7572, _ pies. Now Micro Way has introduced a solution to the slot wars DEB (Denise Extension Board) 2000. DEB 2000 consists of a tiny device that fits between the Amiga’s motherboard and Denise chip, and a slot to hold the flickerFixer onto the motherboard. A small cable extends signals that normally terminate at the video slot to the slot that DEB adds. This frees up the video slot, vet allows flickerFixer users to maintain the same high quality of screen from SPIRIT ii i i i v;* $ 549 OK NOW. ONLY WITH FREE 68881 MATH CO-PROCESSOR AND SPIRIT SUPER DISCOUNT COUPONS! RAM FEATURES
• Up to 8MB zero wait state last RAM
• Autoconfig at bool time
• Socketed Zip configuration expandable from OK-
1. 0 & 2.0MB with 256K x 4 20-pin Zip DRAM 4 0 & 8 0MB with 1Meg x 4 20-pm Zip DRAM PLUS FEATURES
• Socketed for 68881 Math Co-Processor
• Uses less than 600 ma power with on board CMOS MC68003 microprocessor and CMOS parts and circuitry puts IN-MATE well within the power range of standard A500 power supply
• Simple, solder less plug-in installation
• Includes software support disk with test and utility programs 1 have a fully loaded A2500: With the ftridgeboard, every slot is filled. This presented a challenge for installing the DEB 2000. 1 had to tilt it slightly and wedge it between two half-size AT boards, and then cut away a section of the shield. Also, it is almost impossible to adjust the flickerFixer with DF.B installed this way. 1 learned that although it is fine to have a genlock connected while adjusting the flickerFixer. You should not try to make adjustments while video is going into the genlock. If video is going in, the overall image softens. This effect is not MicroWay’s fault; it’s inherent in the way the system works, but 1 spent a lot ol time chasing my tail because of it. Once installed, the system works as well as the flickerFixer does by itself. It is a necessary item for me, and I’m happy with it. It works fine with a genlock. The people at Micro Way are very knowledgeable and accommodating. Larry White New York, NY image they have become accustomed to. To install DEB, you must First remove just about everything in the A2000, including (loppy and hard drives, the power supply, and all expansion cards. Then you must carefully remove the Denise chip from the motherboard, plug it onto the small DEB 2000 piggyback board, and install the DEB board in the motherboard's Denise slot. The next step is to install the slot supplied for the flickerFixer onto the other end of the Amiga’s motherboard, next to the PC slots. This involves removing a couple of screws from the motherboard and mounting the DEB slot in their place. Using the ribbon cable, you then connect this slot to the piggyback board in the Demise slot. Finally, you reassemble everything, placing the flickerFixer in the DEB slot. Fine Tuning .. .Very Carefully Once the system is installed, it’s necessary to adjust the flickerFixer’s phasing in order to get a correct display. This involves turning a potentiometer on the flickerFixer hoard while the Amiga’s Spirit Technology Corporation. 220 West 2950 South, Salt Lake City. Utah 34115 power is switched on. In some ways this is the toughest part of the installation, and vou have to be very careful not to touch anything that might deliver a shock, or to drop your adjustment tool, which might damage the computer. When my system was reassembled and the flickerFixer calibrated, everything worked just fine. I installed a Video Toaster (NewTek) in the video slot and had no problems using either it or the flickerFixer. For a while, I was concerned that the DEB 2000 slot might interfere with Bridgeboard owners using the last PC! Slot. After close inspection, however, it appears that PC boards will fit snugly (unless they are very wide), but will work fine. Genlock owners should have no problems using the video slot. Unless your genlock is designed to display on a multisync monitor, however, you will need a standard Amiga monitor for the gen- locked video in addition to the multisync monitor for the flickerFixer display. DEB 2000 is a must-have for flickerFixer owners who want to use hardware designed for the A2000’s video slot. I'lie price is quite reasonable, the installation is fairly straightforward, and, most important, it works! DEB 2000 MicroWay PO Box 79 Kingston, MA 02364 308 746-7341 S75 No special requirements. IR Remote Controller Seeing red By Gene Brawn WITH MULTIMEDIA MOVING out of the rarefied air of academia and into the real world, would-be producers are applauding the arrival of software that turns their Amigas into interactive powerhouses. Both AmigaVision (Commodore) and VIVA (MichTron), for example, support laser-disc players. Compatible with Dr.T's KCS and Level II V3.0, Bars and Pipes, Presenter, Showmaker, and software from Hash Enterprises. Dedicated computer-controlled laserdisc players are way out of reach of the average consumer. As a result, multime- me back to the days of the “garage guerrilla,” whose home-brewed hardware powered the first growth of the personal computer. That era is king gone, and, rather than being nostalgic, I was disappointed with the box’s appearance: T he Amiga deserves better-looking peripherals than this. The heart of IR Remote is a small, programmable remote control. VCRs, compact-disc players, and laser-disc players are potential candidates for interac- ? Dia mavens are turning covetous eyes to the couch potato’s best friend the infrared remote control. "If only I could use my Amiga to control my VCR and laser-disc player. ..." they muse. Well, you can do so with the IR Remote (for the A2000 and A500 only) from Edu- Vid, but you will have to “roll your own" software to do it. From the Guerrilla’s Garage My first glimpse of the IR Remote swept ‘The (Phantom SMPTE Synchronizer and MIDI interface For Amiga 500, 2000, 2500, and 3000 computers Features include: ? Offset with BIT Accuracy T MIDI-IN Y 2 MIDI-OUTS ? SMPTE-IN ? SMPTE-OUT ? Serial Thru Y 24, 25, 30, 30 drop frame Y Dropout protection ? Load save configurations Y Easy installation ? FCC Approved live command by this infrared impersonator. Simply “teach” the IR Remote your devices s key codes, and connect it to your Amiga’s parallel port. Then, point the 1R Remote at the slaved machine and take control! The IR Remote can memorize the commands of four different devices. Regrettably, however, each set of stored functions must he selected manually by flipping a switch on the IR Remotes keypad. A software switch would make this feature useful for those of us trapped in the real world. Curious fingers are another potential problem; it is ridiculously easy to change or erase the key codes stored in the remote’s memory. A cover over the keypad would discourage unauthorized user experimentation. The package includes an off-the-shelf Universal Remote Control (Radio Shack catalog number 15-1902) modified to connect to a custom circuit board. Roth components are housed in a plain, gray- metal experimentor’s box. A loo-short ribbon cable from the hack of the box connects to your Amiga's parallel port. Four cables are supplied for connecting the RCA jacks on the side of the case to a VCR’s audio and video input output jacks, A fifth RCA jack provides connection to anv multiresolution monitor I have not gotten very familiar with the IR Controller yet. I plan to use it a little differently than the developer intended. As 1 am an amateur user, the package seents a little over my head; it looks like it could be very helpful for people who know what they’re doing, though. Alan J. Cook Temecula, CA whose display mode you can control from a remote location (EDU-VID recommends the Sony PVM I‘390). The only trouble I had was with the cable that connects the unit to the Amiga. Ideally, the IR Remote should face the device that it is to control. Unfortunately, however, the cable is barely ¦ j long enough to allow the box to sit on top of an A2000, and too short to let you orient it toward equipment on the same table or shelf. 1 did not appreciate having to alter my hardware setup just to accommodate this device, although once I had everything arranged I had no more problems. The hardware is well constructed and performed flawlessly with my video equipment. The Kitchen Sink Emulating a hand-held remote control is but one of IR Remote’s many functions. For example, using the supplied software, you can record touch tones (the beeps you hear when you dial your push-button telephone) at the beginning and end of each videotaped sequence in your presentation. You then command the IR Remote to scan the tape in search of the tone combination that identifies a desired sequence. Finally, you play the video until the ending tone is decoded. Similarly, vou could add a code to the* Make AMIGAs With Other Amigas. The largest group of Amiga' users in the world shares its problems and solutions online every day in CompuServes Amiga Forums. And you can join them. Whether you're an Amiga novice or a professional user in broadcasting, film special effects, animation, or music production, you'll find support from thousands of Amiga users and nearly every third-party Amiga software and hardware vendor. Looking for a solid CAD program? Want to make the most of your Amiga's multitasking capabilities? Ask somebody who's been through it all. There's no better way to get more out of your Amiga. To join CompuServe, see your computer dealer. To order direct or for more information, call 800 848-8199. If you're already a member, type CO AMIGA at any ! Prompt. CompuServe A Newtek Video Toaster? Plus 6 More Super Amiga Prizes? & sE That’s right, and here’s how to win: Send us your best Amiga animation for inclusion on The Amiga World Animation Video Volume II. Even if you don't win, we’ll give you $ 50 and a free copy of the video if we use it as part of the tape. Volume I was superb, but this one’s going to be even better. Let’s focus on entertainment value jokes, themes, plots, etc. Let’s create animations that say something. Demonstrations of technique are great, but stories are even better! And start cranking now, because we’re looking to put this baby together in time for the 1990 Holiday Season. Send your animations on floppy disks, with full instructions as to hading. Be sure to specify or include suitable playing programs. There is no limit on the size of the animation. But if your animation is particularly targe, contact us about other means of transmission (800 441 -4403, x-107). Send your animation to Lou Wallace, Animation Video Contest, AmigaWorkJ, 80 Elm $ t, Peterborough, NH 03458. Include your name, address, and telephone number. Animations must be your original work. By submitting them, you grant AmigaWoHdpermission to use and distribute them with our tape. And Don’t Forget Our Special Category Prizes!* Best 2-D Best 3-D 1st PRIZE Impact A2000-030 Great Valley Products 2nd PRIZE Imagine Impulse Inc. 1st PRIZE DCTV and Sculpt-Animate 4D Digital Creations Creative Computers 2nd PRIZE PageRender 3-D and PageFlipper Plus F X 2.0 Mindware International Best Storyline 1st PRIZE SuperGen 2000S Genlock Digital Creations 2nd PRIZE 3-D Professional Progressive Peripherals & Software
• All prizes donated by their respective manufacturers. 30 PROFESSIONAL . . . 315.50 500 POWER SUPPLY , .. 96.25 9X11 MOUSE PAD 6 95
A. M.A. S ...... 140 00 A-10 TANK KILLER 3125 A-MAX ROM CHIPS . , . 170.00 A-MAX II .... 156 50 A-TALK 3 ..... 62 50 ADAPT 75.00 ADVANTAGE 1.1 ..... 125.00 AEGIS DRAW 2000 . . . 175.00 AIR 3000 INT DRIVE . . 119 00 AIR 2000 INT DRIVE . . . 99.00 AM-TRACK TRACKBALL. 75 00 AMI ALIGNMENT KIT ... 31.25 AMIGA MONITOR STAND 28.95 ANALYZE .....65.00 AREXX REF MANUAL .. 3125 AUDIOMASTER III 62.50 AUTO SCRIPT . 50.00
B. A.D. OPTIMIZER..... 31 25 BARS A PIPES 166 75 Call For Latest Games BROADCAST TITLER . . 209.95 CALGARI CONSUMER . 151.25 CAN DOI .... 93.75 CHAMP. OF KRYNN .... 37.50 COMIC SETTER 85.95 CUTTING EDGE DRIVE . 21.95 CZAR 115.00 DBMAN V .... 187.50 DELUXE PAINT III .....91.00 DELUXE PHOTOLAB . .. 93.75 0ESIGN 3D ... 75 00 DIGI MATE III ..30.00 DIG! DROID ... 55 00 DlGI-PAINT 3.0 . 69.95 DIGIVIEW GOLD 40... 137.00 DISNEY ANIMATOR . . . 115.00 DISTANT SUNS 43.75 DOS 2 DOS ...34.25 DR. T's (all software) .. CALL DUNLAP UTILITIES 49.95 E C.E. MIDI ...56.75 pURO GAMES CALL Over 2500 items in stock FACT II ......21.95 FANCY FONTS 3D 49.95 FORMS IN FLIGHT 79.00 FRAME GRABBER 579.95 GO I ..31.25 GRAPHIC STARTER KIT 49.95 GRAVIS MOUSESTICK . . 79.00 GVP A3001 W 4 MB . . 1750,00 GVP A500 40 O DR ... 699.00 HOME BUILDERS CAD 124.95 INTERCHANGE 31.25 INTERFONT ... 74 95 KARA FONT HEADLINE . 43.75 LOOM 43.75 M (MUSIC COMPOSING) 124.50 M-1 TANK PLATOON . . . 37.50 MAC-2-DOS ... 93,75 MAVIS BEACON TYPING 37.50 MEDIA PHILE KIT 45.00 MICROBOTICS 6 UP .. 199.95 MICROFICHE FILER + . 115.00 Commodore's First Authorized Amiga Dealer in the USA !!! The AAMIGA Center 5920 Roswell Road Atlanta, GA 30328 M1GRAPH SCANNER . CALL MODELER 30 .. 65 00 MONEY MENTOR 55 00 MUSIC X .... 187 50 MUSIC BOX A .45.00 MUSIC BOX B .....45.00 OFFICE . 205.00 PAGE FUPPER PLUS FX 86.75 PAGE RENDER 99.00 PAGESTREAM FONTS . . 25.00 PAGESTREAM 2.0 187.50 PERFECT SOUND 74 95 PHASAR 4.0 ... 56 25 PHOTON PAINT II .....93.75 PIXEL SCRIPT . 99 00 PRO VIDEO POST 220.00 PRO PAGE TEMPLATES 37.50 PRO PAGE 2.0 250 00 PRO PAGE CLIP ART . . . 37.50 PROMOTION ..62.50 PROSCRIPT . 31.25 PROWRITE 3.0 110.00 I OUANTAM 80 MB DRIVE 725.00 OUANTAM 40 MB DRIVE 488.00 QUARTERBACK 4.0 43.75 OUSAR SOUND 37.50 RAGS TO RICHES 3 PAK 179.00 RULES FOR TOOLS 45 00 SAXON PU3LISHER ... 285 00 SCANLOCK , , 885.00 SCULPT ANIMATE 4 DJR 92-50 SCULPT ANIMATE 4D . 395.00 SHADOW OF THE BEAST 187.50 SOUNDSCAPE .79.00 SPIRIT INBOARD 1000" 339.00 SPIRIT INB D A500 (OK) 258.00 SUPERBASE PRO 236.25 SUPERGEN .CALL SUPERPLAN ..93.75 SUPRA RAM 500 512K .. 79.00 SUPRA 40 MB A2000 .. 560 00 SUPRA 2400 MODEM . . 123.75 SUPRA 2 MB A2000 . . . 275.00 SYNTHIA PRO_247 50 II THE ACCOUNTANT ... 187.50 THE KILLING GAME SHO 31.25 THE POOL OF RADIANCE 37.50 THE DIRECTOR 43.75 THE DIRECTOR TOOLKIT 24,95 TIGER CUB ... 75 00 TITLE PAGE .. 125 00 TOP FORM ...65.00 TRUE BASIC ..49.95 TURBO SILVER 3.0 ... 124.95 ULTRA DESIGN ...... 225.00 ULTRA CARD ..31.25 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D , ., 124.95 VIDEOSCAPE 3D 125 00 VIVA 165.00 WINGS 31.25 WORD PERFECT 161.00 X-10 SECURITY SYSTEM 58.00 X-10 AMIGA SOFTWARE 27.00 X-CAD PROFESSIONAL 343.00 ZUMA TV TEXT 61.00 k i: i videotape to cause your Amiga and genlock to superimpose a control panel over the video. You could even use touch-lone codes to program vour home VCR in Albuquerque from a phone booth in Berlin. The IK Remote also offers full Arexx support, complete with example programs illustrating its use with DeluxeYideo 111 (Electronic Arts) and Microfiche filer (Software Visions). THEAAMIGA CENTER Fcnreriy The 64 Store CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-388-2700 10 AM to 6 PM Mon - Sat To control a piay-onlv device such as a laser-disc player, you use IR Remote's video-detect circuit, which simply determines whether the device is actually displaying a picture. If the sequence you want to display is preceded by black (i.e., no video signal), you would use video detect to sense the point where the picture begins. T hen, using your Amiga to keep track of the elapsed time, notify the IR Remote to stop the VCR when the time limit expires. Details, Details The manual is, in a word, dreadful. Most of its pages are dedicated to explaining the ou-disk programming examples included with the hardware, but, regrettably, none of these programs are reproduced in the manual. Woe be unto him who misplaces his IR Remote software! More than 20 sample programs are included on disk. .Alas, none is a complete application. Instead, the programmer opted for the ‘Toolkit" approach and created BASIC programs demonstrating selected features of the IR Remote. II you can read BASIC, these programs do a better job of explaining the IR Remote than the documentation. On the hardware side, if you study the manual and software long enough you may be able to determine the hint tions of the various pins in tHe parallel connector. The nine dip switches on die end of die box, however, remain a complete mystery to me. A diagram of both would be most welcome. Both the hardware and software perform as advertised, and the developer provides a money-back guarantee, but there’s no denying that die IR Remote is a backer's dream. Incomplete and unclear documentation, unexplained switches, lightly commented software, and the I-built-it-myself design all provide a fertile field for discovery. If you are a software explorer who craves a i; w s challenge. 1 highly recommend the IR Remote Controller. IR Remote Controller Edu- Vid Research PO Box 149 Pembina, ND 58271 204 f >68-2062 S 199.95 Avj special requirements. SAS C 5.10 Compiler For AmigaDOS If iron program, so can you By David T, McClellan A PEW MONT IIS ago. Lattice sent out a Iree update disk, numbered 5.04, lor the Lattice C compiler. Now SAS, Lattices parent companv, has taken over the product and released a much larger set of improvements. Version 5,10, a $ 40 upgrade, includes features that make it easv to edit, compile, link, and test Irom the Workbench, so you are not stuck working from the CLI. T he six-disk set also oilers faster tools (SAS has sped tip the blink linker, lor instance), AmigaDOS
2. 0 include files, some 2.0-stvle tools, and Arexx support, among other additions. The package is now called SAS C, although the binders still carry the Lattice logo. Take It From the Bench T he most notable feature of this release is its support of Workbench. After you have installed the system and set up the usual Lattice ASS I ON commands, you can run the whole tiling lrom Workbench. You can edit, compile, link, test, and debug, all by double-clicking icons. Each program you work on lives in its own project drawer (directory). To create a new drawer, just drag a copy of the Lattice Siarter_Project drawer onto your disk and rename it as you wish; or. Copy the icons into an existing drawer via the CLI or by running SASCSetup program, and then go back to die Workbench. Once vou have set up the drawer, open it and double-click the LSL (Lattice Screen Editor) icon. In just a moment, the LSL will open into a Workbench window. ? ASDG's ScanLab 100 and The Art Department • Active Circuits' ImageLink and CineLink • Advanced Creations' The Engineer's Toolbox • Applied Engineering's AE 3.5 Disk Drive, DataLink Express, Data Link 2000, Ram Works 2000 and RamWorks 500 • Avatar Consulting's Heart of the Dragon * Black Beit Systems' Softpanel LED Display, RWI-1 Analog Card, HAM-E Color Adapter and Board Master • Broderbund's Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? And Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? • Brown-Wagh Publishing's Bgraphics, Easy Ledgers and Service Industry Accounting • Commodore Business Machines' AmigaVision • Consultron's CrossDOS V4.0 • Diemer Development's C-ZAR • Dr. T's Music Software's Tiger Cub, Keyboard Controlled Sequencer and Level II • Elan Design's Elan Performer 2. Electronic Arts' DeluxePaint III • Express-Way Software's ExpressCopy V1.5 • Feisina Software's A-Talk III, Rel. RHELIST
1. 3 and Fractal Flight • Focal Point Soft ware's Retail Management System • Free Spirit Software's Doctor Ami.. and Ami Alignment • Gfx Base's X Windows System • GlassCanvas Productions' Art Libraries, Enhanced Xerox 4020 Printer Driver and Enhanced Sharp JX-730 Printer Driver • Gold Disk's Show Maker, Professional Page 2. GROWING AMIGA DOS Release 4 compatible Professional Draw 2.0 and Advantage
1. 1 • Gramma Software's CalCalendar Maker, Fred Speed Dialer and NAG Plus Inovatronic's CanDo • InnoVision Technology's Broadcast Titler 2 • interactive Video Systems' IVS Trumpcard Disk Utilities and Trumpcard Disk Manager Mac Utilities • JMH Software of Minnesota's The Talking Coloring Book and The Talking Animator • KFS Software's The Accountant • Microsearch's City Desk 2.01 • Micro-Systems Software's excellence v2.0 * Migraph's Hand Scanner and Touch-Up Natural' Graphics' Scene Generator • New Horizons Software's ProWrite V3.0 • NewTek's Digi-Paint 3 • The Other Guy's Synthia Pro 2.40 and Synthia II
2. 40 • Palomax's MAX-125 Hard Disk Adapter • Passport Designs' Master Tracks PRO and TRAX • The Puzzle Factory's Resource • Radical Eye's Amiga TgX • Right Answers Group's The Director • Saxon Industries' Saxon Publisher • Seven Seas Software's MathVision • Shereff Systems' Pro Video Gold and Pro Video Post • Slide City's TV Graphics • Softwood's Pen Pal * Syndesis' TSSnet, Interfont and Interchange • Taliesin's ProVector * Vega Technology's Amikit 2.0 * Virtual Reality Laboratories' Distant Suns, Vista and Vista II • Zuma Group's TV*SHOW Version 2 and TV*TEXT Professional • Watch for the Release 2 compatibility sticker on your favorite software. C=Commodore AMIGA S 1990 Commodore Business Machines. Ire. Theproducls identified in Inis ad have been certified by their respective developers as being compatible wiih Release 20 and as being commercially available on or before July 1.1990 All questions relating to these products should be directed to their developers. Some ot the identified product names are trademarks of their respective developers. Commodore and the Commodore logo are registered trademarks ot Commodore ElectronicsLtd. Amiga isa registered trademarkof Commodore-Amiga. Inc. The computer for the creative mind and AmigaVision are trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Circle 15 on Reader Service card. LSE can load and save files and keep multiple files open simultaneously. It lets vou move the cursor and scroll via the mouse or keyboard. I.SE is not quite as rich as some other editors MicroEmacs, for instance and vou must be in 80-col- unin mode to use it, but it can perform all the cut-and-paste, block-manipulation, search, and macro functions you need. It can also invoke the compiler and, when the compilation process is finished, walk you through errors. You can add a Lattice icon onto each of your C or ASM source files, so that simply double-clicking on an icon opens LSE with the appropriate file. Handy. Playing the Links I also like the addition of Arexx support to LSE, for with it, vou can build some smart macros. Five LSE function-key combinations are set aside for invoking .ARexx macros: Alt-F6 through AU-F9 look for macro files named lse_rexx_f6 through lse_rexx_R). Respectively, while Alt-F10 prompts you to enter a name. Several important pieces of information are left out of the manuals; I found the macro-file names that correspond to the function-kev combinations only bv j • perusing the Read.ME file on Disk I. This file also details a number of other features, including use of the SASCSetup program, which sets up your project directories by moving in some standard icons and by tacking source-code icons (with which to call LSE) onto each source file. You can also now start I.MK, Lattice's Make utility, and CPR, the source-level debugger, from Workbench. When you do, LMK uses an existing Makefile if one is in the directory. II no such Makefile ex- The SAS 5.10 manual update is terrible. The new pages in one section are inserted behind the index, and the contents are not included in the index. 1 do, however, like the fact that the compiler lets you choose between 1.3 and
2. 0 header files. Donald Hunter Nashville, TN ists. LMK builds one, compiling the .C and .ASM in the directory and linking them. You can set compiler and linker options for LMK (and LSE, il you compile there) to use via a Preferences-like Options editor. Both the LMK and CPR tools work fine and almost completely save you from having to go through the Cl.I. 1 he one thing 1 did have to do via CLI was to add the directory containing the compiler, linker, and so on, to my path in the startup-sequence file. (1 then reloaded Workbench to teach il the new path.) Other 5.10 enhancements include the compiler’s ability to align variables and structs on specified n-byte boundaries. The compiler can also generate function prototypes with typedef names for parameters and return values, and automatically promote "near" data to "far" if you overflow the "near" area. It also now has larger pragma libcall limits (for registerized calls to Kernel functions) and larger define macro-expansion limits that you can set. One particularly nice addition is struct cquivalencing. If you have two structs, the larger of which differs from the shorter one only by adding fields to its end (e.g., the Kernel "Message" and "IntuiMessage" structs), the compiler considers the longer one equivalent to the short one for function calls. This saves you a lot ol warning messages and type-casting. The compiler also has some new warning messages for things like nested comments and if ifdef without endifs to help you track down typographical errors. Strides in Running The run-time environment is also a bit improved. S.AS added a feature that has long been available on the MS-DOS version of the compiler: a global variable named _stack. If you initialize this variable in your program to some numeric value, the compiler will guarantee the stack to be at least that large. This ?
P. O. BOX 3013 Gulfport, MS 39505 INFORMATION (601) 388-4935 Monday thru Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. cst DRIVES CONTROLLERS Advantage 2000 SCSI ....135.00 AIR Eiternil 0'ive 13 1 2) .119.00 Ojantun 40MB Hard Drive ..... 310.00 Qmntun tOMS Hard Drive 54!.00 Ouantua 105MB Hard Drive ....591.00 SueraOrive 3 1 2 Eiternal Drive ...100.00 IruaoCard *500 Profe»aion* 1 219.00 TruaoCard *2000 Professional ......205.00 AIR Internal Drive (3 1 2) A200C ...99.00 Cl!80 3 1 2 Eiternal Drive (Am Drive).. 105.00 Chinen 3 1 2 Eiternal Drive .92.00 Chinon 3 1 2 Internal Drive .85.00 Cutting Edge MAC Dnve 3 1 2 ......190.00 DON’T SEE IT LISTED? CALLUS WE HAVE IT! SHIPPING INFORMATION: Send all orders to COASTAl ENTERPRISES, P.O. Box 3D13, Gulfport, MS 39505. VISA MC MONEY ORDERS accepted Software shipping by UPS, minimum S3.SO. Call for hardware shipping rates. ‘Minimum SS 00 shipping, AK • HI • APO - FPO -Call or write for details. TO ORDER: 1-800-852-8731 SOFTWARE Di iFa?nt 3.0 .15.00 01ciViiv Gold (.0...125.00 Distant Sum ..41.00 Page Strna 2 0..... 245.00 Per Fat 90.00 ProWrile 3.0 ..99.00 Vista ..59.00 lordPer feet ..I5C.00 Vorks Plitinua......159.00 MODEMS tviter 1200HC ....80.00 Baud Bandit Model 105.00 Cardinal KHM0EI 99.00 Mini Hodea 2400 ...B0.00 Mini Kodea A500 A2000.. .15.00 SnarTE*M 2400 External. 125.00 SiarlEAM 9600* ..B80.00 SCANNERS Mijrio?i Hand Scanner .....345.CC Sharp JI-100 ..T5!.GC Sharp Jl-300 ..Call!! Sharp JI-4 50 ..Call!! Scailab ... 155.00 PRINTERS Citizens GSI-W0 24-Pin ..3IS.00 Citizens 200-GI ...195.00 Sharp JI-7 30 Color Printer......Call!! Sharp JI95G0 I a s«r Printer..... 1300.00 Star MI-2410 ..319.00 Star RX-1000 II ...169.00 Star MI-1000 Rainbov .....199.00 MUSIC HARDWARE AM*S MIDI Saapler 124.00 ECE MIDI Interface A500 A2000.. .50 00 ECE MI0I Interface *1000. ..... 50.00 MIDI ! Interfaca Eiternal......51.00 MIDI 1 Interface Internal......57.00 MIDI Odd *500 ...65.00 MIDI Gold Insider A20QO .65.00 VIDEO HARDWARE Aprp Draw II (12 I 12) ..S3!.00 Apro Oriv II (12 I I!) ..759.00 Calor Soliltir ...115.00 Dlci Oroad ....67.55 Flicker Flier 370.00 Flicker fuer (PAL) .....390.00 Flicker Fiier Genlock Option 35.00 FrmeGrabber 550.00 Frai»Grabber-256Graf ....615.00 FrineGrab&tr (PAL) ......700.00 Live! *2000 ..345.00 Interlock Genlock 490.00 Magm 4004 Genlock ..... 1553.00 Him Gen .....119.00 Panasonic KYI4I0 .199.00 Panasonic VYISOOI 319.00 Pro Gen ......349.00 SucerGen .....650.00 SuserGen 2000S .. 1350.00 VIDEO TOASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CALL!! Issecs 3D ’ .97.00 UM trtv'Kttwn** fe-fKxH wktWf ¦uOwrtaOon rw+cT. Mu** N prrr-M = *+•«>« m.r&mr+m .1 U rm*K«4 -*h Ik* nr+r !«««« cwnp katnr trint to cfrr inV irtnt n Why wait for Tomorrows DTP, when Tomorrow is Today? With PageStream® 2.1 Features PageStream version 2 series has extraordinary power. Major 2.0 features include: Compugraphic Intellifont, Adobe Type 1, and PageStream format fonts to the maximum resolution of any computer screen or printer; support tor Adobe Type 1 and Type 3 fonts to PostScript and dot-matrix printers; over 1,000 pages per document; change the page dimensions of any page; bleed objects off the page and use the area around the page as a pasteboard; page sizes over 1200 teet x 1200 leet with text scalable to lit the page; Bezier curves and Bezier polygons; import IBM EPS with TIFF headers that show to screen; faster printing time and much more. Version 2.1 drastically speeds up screen draw of outline fonts while typing, supports Adobe Bitmap Fonts ,ABF and imports Professional Draw Clips (edit in PageStream, unlike all other DTP programs). Ease of Use PageStream is undeniably the easiest, most intuitive DTP program for the Amiga. This stems from Soft- Logik's ambition to bring professional DTP to home users. PageStream is a 'free-form" DTP program. Graphic artists, professionals and amateurs alike, can express their layouts without constraint. Creating single page black and white ads or full color hooks doesn't get any easier. To grasp your document ideas, PageStream provides easy developmental means. For instance, you can type text directly on the page and then stretch it visually to approximate your idea. As your idea evolves, you can change the point size, orientation or placement of that text, numerically to exact specifications. This same concept encompasses the majority of PageStream's features and makes document 'production' fast and easy. Support Soft-Logik technical support is dedicated in providing PageStream owners with help and advice with their publishing needs. Soft-Logik technical support is administered through, fax, phone, mail and the Soft-Logik BBS. Not to mention a wide base of user support on Genie, CompuServe and People Link. Our support also extends with our consistant upgrades and presentations at Amiga expositions. Importation and Printing PageStream began and continues as the leader in graphics importing, text importing and printer support. Soft-Logik supports all graphic formats, text formats and printing devices and has done so since day one. Something our competitors have yet to even come close to. PageStream allows the importation of these graphic formats: IFF ILBM (includes all IFF graphics: ham, sham, dynamic hi-res, dynamic low- res Beam, 24-hit...), TIFF (any number of bit planes), Professional Draw, EPS (Mac, IBM, EPSF), GEM, IMG, Aegis Draw, Dr2d, Degas, MacPaint, Neochrome and PageStream. These formats cover all Amiga formats ind the major formats on the Macintosh, IBM, and Atari ST. Importing a wide variety of graphics allows the user flexibility in graphic selection. Don't be tonstrained hv other programs' inability to support graphics. Graphic control is the fundamental idea rehind computer DTP. Why wait years for other DTP programs to support something they should have supported with their first release? Now as far as printing zoes PageStream is the only Amiga DTP program that iddresses all printers as a priority, not just PostScript arbiters or Preference printers. Output to any PostScript or dot-matrix printer using Adobe Type 1, Tom pu graphic or PageStream format fonts at the printers maximum resolution with PageStream. M supports the users wants and You can have power Today with PageStream. To get the power of PageStream from our competitors you will have to wait til Tomorrow. Tomorrow can he a long wait c o n s i d e r i n g Pa g e St re a m 's advantages: features, graphic handling capability, printing capability, ease of use, support and prii Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation * 1-800-829-8608 means that you need not use the CLI STACK command when testing heavily recursive programs. SAS has also added some directory i o routines a la Unix (opendir, readdir, seekdir, and more) for those who need to parse AmigaDOS directories. This release comes with include files for both AmigaDOS 1.3 and 2.0 on separate disks. The manual’s User's Guide states that one disk contains the compressed include files and libraries. Not so. Three disks do this job: one holds the libraries, the second provides the uncompressed 1.3 include files, and a third contains the uncompressed 2.0 include files. Both indude-file disks offer a script called Compact, which compresses the include files into your Include directory when you install the product. I ran the script directly after looking at it; all I had to do was to assign fd: to the disk’s Compiler Headers directory, assign td: to my Compact! ! Include directory, and execute it. Version 5.10 ofSAS C should make things somewhat smoother for novices, because it supports the Workbench. You can get to all stages of development from the Workbench, so you don't have to know how to compile in order to compile, for instance. 1 am so accustomed to using the Shell, however, that I will not really use this feature. The SAS C Options program is very nice; it saves you from having to drag out the manual for reference. Lattice’s technical support has always been stellar, and SAS is continuing in this vein. When SAS first took over the compiler, the company considered using a 900 number for tech support, but got so many complaints that it decided not to. John Thywissen Houston, TX nor glitch, which the documentation and the Options program share. While the
- ck option of the LC (Lattice Compiler) command is supposed to enable the “near,” “far,” and “chip" keywords, it Other than things not mentioned in the manuals (or, as in the latter case, in the Read.ME file), I found onlv one midisables them instead. Because of this, the compiler gave funky error messages (“semicolon expected") on lines in one of my programs that uses the “chip” keyword to initialize some gadget imagery. So you've mastered TETRIS™ and WELLTRIS™ and thought you were head and shoulders above the rest... Presenting the newest challenge from the Soviet Union: FACES™, the third of the Tris line of games. You’ll recognize the concept of FACES soon enough. Stack the falling blocks of face segments of the famous and not-so- famous in the proper order to make complete faces. Swap the pieces, fl ip them, and drop them into place. Rack up the score by making perfect or mixed faces. Face up to the new Soviet craze. It's funny, it's obsessive, and you'll keep coming back for more! Spectrum HoIoByte A Division of Sphere. Inc. 2061 Challenger Dr.. Alameda, CA 94501
(415) 522-0107 Available on Macintosh Macintosh II color, IBM, and Amiga Faces s i990 and trademark of Soviet-Amsrican Joint Venture ParaGraph All rights reserve! Sublicensee! To Sphere. Inc If you want to use these extensions, vou must either remember not to check the box labeled "Allow chip near far in the Options program, or to use the -ck option with the compiler in the CLI. The rest of the books appear all right; most of the changes are documented in the User’s Guide section and in appendices to major sections. I recommend vou print the Read.ME file and keep it with the manuals. Is 5.10 an upgrade worth paying for? I think so. I’ve gotten used to hopping back and forth between the CLI and the Workbench to build and test programs, but I prefer not to. SAS has made a good start here in freeing us from such jumping. It’s about time the Workbench became sturdy enough to work on. SAS C 5.10 Compiler for AmigaDOS SAS Institute Inc. SAS Campus Dr. Cary, NC 27513 919 677-8000 S3 00 No special requirements. AutoPrompt Roll ’Em Read once, scroll often By Geoffrey Williams LONG A FIXTURE in politics, tele- prompters are used frequently in video production ancl even in large business meetings. Instead of being stuck behind a podium with his notes, the speaker can read directly off’ of the teleprompter. A small, angled piece of glass reflects an image of scrolling text from a television monitor. The glass can either be mounted directly on a camera (totally invisible to the camera lens) or on a stand that is unobtrusive. The audience can see right through the transparent glass. Now. At last, teleprompter software is available for the Amiga: AutoPrompt from DigiWorks and Roll ’Em from De- » IT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE TO BUY A MAST PRODUCT INTERNATIONAL AMIGA PERIPHERAL SUPPLIER • USA • GERMANY • AUSTRALIA • SWEDEN * UK * AUSTRIA .
* TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE - Professionally driven, 60% of our senior executives are ENGINEERS.
* PERFORMANCE QUALITY PRODUCTS - We use PREMIUM COMPONENTS (FUJITSU Drives for example). INNOVATIVE DESIGNS (who else has a SCSI INTERFACE with its own 68000 AND UP TO 2 MEG OF RAM), and some ot the most ELEGANT, not to mention smallest, external cases that you will see in the industry. Cost effective designs, efficient mass production , and our worldwide resources, bring you high performance products at budget prices. As our President answered to one customer who asked how we do it - "we're clever and we are not greedy" BLITZ BASIC FANTASTICALLY FANTABULOUS What else could describe a produduct that amazed visitors to our booth at the LA Ami Expo $ 495 COLORBURST $ 495 TRUE 24 BIT COLOR FOR ANY AMIGA YES! Every Single pixel on your amiga screen can be any of 16,8 million colors. The color is equal to or better than a Mac, Colorburst supports many video modes and allows digital fade in out. Dynamic white balance correction is possible. Real time image processing is a reality. It can be configured as a third hardware playfield allowing Amiga graphics to be overlaid ¦ great for animation. We do not use HAM or Composite Y-C mixing, this is pure 24 bit RGB - there is no blurring of colors or loss of definition with colorburst. This product generates BROADCAST QUALITY IMAGES for both PAL & NTSC systems. FURTHER INFORMATION ON THIS EXCITING PRODUCT IS A !!!! MUST MAST MUST MAST MUST MAST MUST !!!! WE CHALLENGE COMPETITORS TO MATCH OUR CLARITY, COLOR & PRICE GIVES YOU CONTROL OVER YOUR AMIGA HARDWARE CREATE YOUR OWN GAMES, GRAPHICS PRESENTATIONS, AND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS WITH MINIMAL PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE IT’S NEW, ITS ULTRAFAST, IT'S EASY TO USE Blitz Basic puts you in control of the Amigas custom sound and graphics chips. Now you can write sophisticated programs that previously needed ’C’ or Assembler. Blitz is a fully integrated programming language that puts you in control of your Amiga. Unlike s-l-o-w interpreters. Bfitz is a true compiler that generates native object code. Spectacular graphics can be generated with a minimum of commands using the custom chip specific commands included with Blitz. This Basic language enables you to produce QUALITY COMMERCIAL CODE. $ 149 FEATURES:
• Lightning Fast Compiler • Fast Optimised Object Code
• Rewrite of Amiga Graphics Libraries
• Integrated Editor Compiler
• Special Effects such as FADE IN FADE OUT
• Basic Commands to handle IFF Brushes, Anim Brushes and Sound Files
• Direct access to and control of Sprites, Blitter and Audio Hardware
• Supports Dual Playfield, HAM & EHB
• Queue system makes blits easy to use
• Number of screens only limited by memory
• Vertical Interupt command allows smooth animation ¦ Double Buffering, Page Flipping are easily achieved
• Sound Sequencer included
• Machine Language Subroutines can be added IMPORTANT NOTE - When you see the demo of VECTOR BALLS, remember that the images are being CALCULATED IN REAL TIME. This program alone should convince you of the POWER OF BLITZ. The source listing will convince you of its SIMPLICITY Demodisksareavailablefor$ 5. You may also loadthem off the MAST BBS (702)359 0132 or (702) 359 0137 FIREBALL - True DMA SCSI interface for the A2000, for sustained performance in a multitasking computer $ 149 OCTOPLUS - 8 MB RAM for A2000 With 2Mb $ 269 Extra 2mb $ 119 GREAT VALUE!. STARBLAZER 8 MB RAM & SCSI INTERFACE FOR A500 AND A1000 While many vendors want you to buy a hard drive before memory (because their memory expansions are inside the drive unit), we believe that many customers need memory first. Additionally many people don’t want a bulky hard drive right beside the computer, our customers prefer the flexibility offered by an independent external drive that can be placed at a convenient location and even plugged into a different SCSI interface on another computer. Starblazer is an 8 MB memory and SCSI interface in a miniscule case only slightly larger than our very popular Minimegs. It is available populated to 2.4.6,8 megabytes, with or without the SCSI interface installed. STARBLAZER is real zero wait state ram that lets your Amiga run at full speed. Don't be misled into buying memory that plugs into the A501 slot and is advertised as "fast ram", it is always slow old chip memory. Starblazer includes the MAST Bytemachine SCSI Interface. Starblazer Plus includes WordMASTer
- a SCSI interface that uses a 16 bit interface for high performance. When you need a hard drive, just plug Tiny Tigerinto the Bytemachine or WordMASTer interface - it autoboots, automounts and is very fast. Starblazer with 2 MB included from $ 299. Call for pricing options. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS TO BELIEVE THAT THERE IS SO MUCH POWER IN SUCH A SMALL PACKAGE Bytemachine $ 89 WordMASTer $ 119 ENHANCED UNIDRIVE The only Amiga external floppy drive in the world that includes digital track display, hardware write protect switch and inbuilt hardware virus detection system - for only $ 149 why would you want to buy any other. PS. The box looks great. _ UNIDRIVE For those on a budget who still want a great looking, reliable and quiet drive, how about the good o'l Unidrive. At a list price of $ 119, this is a very attractive deal. A2000 Internal Floppy $ 83 Fujitsu Quality Hard Drives 45 meg $ 339 90 meg $ 539 136 meg $ 669 182 meg $ 770 410 meg $ 1795 672 meg $ 2295
1. 2 GIG $ 3900 SYQUEST INTERNAL $ 519 SYQUEST EXTERNAL $ 625 CARTRIDGES $ 95 EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES: Tiny Tiger Deluxe - add $ 189 to internal drive prices Tiny Tiger Budget - add $ 129 to internal drive prices MAST MIDI INTERFACE with Integrated SM PTE to MIDI TIME CODE CONVERTER.$ 199 DEALERS WELCOME Send for our color catalogue- there is more than you see here!! MEMORY AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGY 1395 GREG ST. SPARKS NV 89431 (702) 359 0444 Australia (02) 281 7411 Germany (0221) 771 0918 Sweden (40) 190710 Austria (0)3 16-373763 CIRCLE READER NUMBER 181 signing Minds have arrived. AutoPrompt To start AutoPrompt, double-click on the icon displaying the screen resolution you want to use. Choose carefully: You cannot change the resolution after loading. Once in the Edit mode, you can load or type in text. The simple word processor lets you search and replace words and place markers in the text. For the next step, you must enter Prompt mode. AutoPrompt uses a maximum of four colors one each for the text, speed bar, message area, and background. 1 wish it supported multiple text colors so I could differentiate between lines for two different speakers or flag instructions that are not supposed to he read aloud. Although you cannot highlight, underline, or italicize text, you can load any font up to 60 pixels high from any drawer. The program provides Que, a very readable font, in three sizes. You can then save preferences that will maintain the chosen font, scroll speed, color palette, and menu-item settings. One of the basic requirements of teleprompters is that the text be reversed so that it looks normal in the glass reflection. Some monitors let you switch between normal and reversed images, but the best solution is to have the software reverse the text for you. AutoPrompt will not do this. Instead, the manufacturer recommends opening your monitor and “reversing a connector internally.” You can control the speed and direction of the text scroll, as well as start and stop it, by using the mouse, keyboard, or joystick. I like using the joystick (up or down to set the direction, right or left to adjust the speed), but the keyboard works well for a remote operator. The mouse control is silly: To set scroll speed, you must click on the speed bar to make the slider jump toward your pointer. If you click directly on the slider, the display pauses. If you click too many times in the slow direction and the slider moves all the way to the left, it then suddenly jumps to the other end, making the text scroll at its fastest speed. Along the bottom is a separate window that scrolls messages horizontally (as opposed to the vertical scroll of the main text). W hile the main text is scrolling, you can type a message or instruction at the keyboard, and it will appear in the bottom window. You cannot insert preset messages into this bottom window, however, from within the program. A way around this is to use a utility with hotkey or function-key capabilities, such as the public-domain program Mach II. What surprises me most about this package that it costs so much, yet provides so little. At $ 299 and only 20K of j program code, AutoPrompt may be the most expensive program per byte in the Amiga market. While I understand that teleprompters may have a limited market and thus require a slightly higher price, the least 1 would expect is that the program be reasonably full-featured. Roll ’Em At SI49, Roll ’Em is half the price of AutoPrompt. It also lacks the same two essentials that AutoPrompt does: reversible text and a method for differentiating sections of text. On the positive side, Roll ’Em does provide some important features that AutoPrompt does not. ? I««it it i i i mbihh i • Mil MIM I MB at I 4 I I I I I I I I I I Bill I I I I I I *Ifll ¦ii•¦¦¦liat i i** 111 it** i¦i¦¦¦¦¦
* **** ¦ ¦III I ¦ ¦fill I I ~ll I I I I • IIHH I nil i***ti¦•*« ¦ «••«« « t « t l*+ ****** « MIM Ml** Mmii* ¦ • ¦ IBB • « « I I I I Ill I fr ’••IBB i»*i*iifili ¦ i i • I 11 i flflfl I i I * I I•¦ i i I iI I¦¦¦«•
• • 41111 mm a¦¦••¦¦¦• milt Kill I I M I B • • • IIM m * • • ¦ • « * mm + **••* 4 4 4
• •••¦*•• Sttli i ! I *!
* ¦ i * i i a * ifli i i a m i ¦ iii*iiit I I 11*111 BM M I II II!*«¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ • • t a ¦ ¦ a ¦
• ¦¦•¦¦¦a¦a¦ ¦««•••MMI HIM! I • t I Mini«¦ ¦ 11 a » ::::
* * * * * 1 1 1 V 1 ¦ ¦ m w Hi: IMMI* MMIM
* 111 M I tmmm ¦ i • mu
• i « 4 I I I B I IIIIII I I I I I I«»l«f a
* Important Catalog Announcement * Call for your new 26 page catalog of specialty items for Amiga, Commodore and IBM. This free catalog contains: Low-cost replacement chips, upgrades, 34 diagnostic products, tutorial VHS tapes, interfaces, heavy- duty power supplies (for A500 and A2000) and other worldwide products you won't find anywhere else. Dealers, use your letterhead. THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC. 3 Chestnut St., Suffern, NY 10901 TOLL FREE 1 -800-292-7445 914-357-2424 • Fax 914-357-6243
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For information on selling AmigaWorld, call 1-800-343-0728 and speak with our Direct Sales Manager. Or write to AmigaWorld, Direct Sales Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Prices Subject to Change We Ship Worldwide oft ware GRAPHICS VIDEO Ait Dqxutmcnt - new release..... Broadcast I illcr ...... Del uxe Paint III . Deluxe Productions ... Deluxe Video III .. Digi-Paint 3 ..... DigiXVodcs 3D Director . Disney * I~ke Animation studio - nc FrameGrakker Enkancer 2.0 . Incision Plus ... Movie better Professional Page - new version...... ProY ideo Gold ..... ProYideo Post ..... Scene Generator - new release TV Skow 2.0 .....’ TV Text Professional ...... Videotitlcr 3D - new version Vista - new release PRODUCTIVITY SOFAV'AR. Best Business Management ..... Lon Do . PageStream 2.0 ..... Pen Pal .. PixilScript ... Will Perfect Works Platinum .... EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE Barney Bear Coes to gxkool .... Discovery Matli or Spelling ...... Distant Suns ... ...5127 ..5123 ..5129 CALL CALL ..$ 623 CALL camp-er Gold 4.0 elerators . W orld Atlas . MUSIC WARE Audiomaster III ..... Buis & Pipes ... Bars Pipes Rules, Sounds, Music B Dr.T s Cop ist DIP ..... Dr.Ts KCS 3.0 .... Dr.TsKCS Level II Y3.0 ...... Dr. Ts Tiger Cuk ... Dviianiic studio .... V iaster 4 rax Pro i rainelnilier w Laptua*...... Framegrakker .. MicroVay I dicker Fixer..... Magni Genlock v controller Migrapk Hand Scanner...... MIDI Gold ..... MiniGen .. Perfect Cound . Gainesville, GA 30c01 HARDWARE MEMORY BASEBcW4MB 0K(A500). BASEBoatJ 4MB 512K (A500) .S153 [CD AdRAM c40 4MB 0K CA500) ...Si 15 Microkxics 5tarB2 (A1000) 1MB......5329 Supra 512K RAM (A500) ..579 Supra SMB caul w 2MB ...5239 FLOPPY DISK DRIVES GYP Cliinon 3.5' Internal ...559 California Access 3.5” External ......5119 MODEMS Baud Bandit 24(X) w Software 5124 Supra 246K), internal or external ...CALL MARI)CARDS HARD DRIVES GVP Series II SCSI 84 HC .... CALL GVP Series II lie 5169 GVP A5001ID8+0 40 U 5669 Supra WordSynCSOQ .5699 Supra 500XP 20MB 512K ...5589 Supra 500XP 40N1B 512K ...5699 New! From APPLIED EXGJNEERINC; FREE Sciid-fax w MNP-C' modems CAI I AE I-Iigk Density 3.5 drive SI99 lee Your AMIGA Wisl Come True ¦$ ’ ViSA, MasterCard, Discowr, Am Express cauls accepted. No credit caul surcharge. 7 our credit caid is not cliargcd until vc ship, skipping and handling are non-refundakle. W e cannot guarantee .-9 oompalakilily. All lor our complete product. VIDEOS Getting Started Witk AMIGA .. Digitizing for Eff ect ...... Color Cycling Animation ... Video Crapkic I etdiniques . I ltimate Guide to Video Production And manv more ...... 800-634-9315 MM One key aspect of a teleprompter is text clarity. Roll ’Em comes with two easv-to- read fonts, both with four sizes from 20 to 50 pixels high. You can also import any Amiga font, lb make the characters even more legible, Roll ’Em lets you add shadows or outlines. You can also increase and decrease the size of the shadow, but at the cost of scrolling speed. Having no built-in word processor, Roll ’Em requires you to enter your text in a text editor or. Word processor and save it as an ASCI I file with a numbered file name in a special directory. Roll ’Em looks in this directory and loads the files in numerical order. For random access, use the Goto command: Pressing the Amiga-G key combination and typing a file number jumps to that text. If you break up your text into logical topics or by speaker, you can quickly bring up what you need using this feature. While there is no horizontal scroll window for the insertion of additional text, you can add text while the program is scrolling. Create your text files either in advance or on another machine and save them on a disk named Flash. To insert this text on the bottom line of the screen, press Amiga-1. When the program finishes scrolling the insertion, it returns to the point at which you interrupted the main text. Joystick speed control is easier to adjust here than in AutoPrompt, but there is no reverse- scroll option, instead, pressing up and down 011 the joystick increases or decreases the delay at the end of each line. Other nice features include an optional end-of-file marker to distinguish the different files; the ability to dynAMIGAlly change the text or background color to one of the four palette choices; and instructions on how to build a foot switch. You can change all options (font, color, shadow, and so on) while the text is scrolling, and save them. Scroll On By? If voii combined the features of both these 4 programs and added multicolor text, highlighting capabilities, text mirroring, and gliding mouse control of scrolling speed, you would have a very capable professional-quality leleprompter well worth S300. As it stands, neither one is really a professional solution, but Roll ’Em is the better value. You could, of course, save your money and retrieve the program VBHl from the public domain. While it lacks a lot of bells and whistles, it does a smooth job of scrolling text. AutoPrompt DigiSoft Queensland, Australia (>1-7-277-3255 Distributed in the US by: American Software Distributors 502 E. Anthony Dr. Urbana. 11. 61801 217 384-2050 800 225-7941 $ 295 'o special requirements. Roll ’Em Designing Minds Inc. 3006 Nor ill Main St. Logan, UT 84321 801 752-2501 $ 149.95 'o special requirements. ? TeleGraphics International, creators of exceptional instructional tapes is proud to present its latest training Series on NewTek’s remarkable Video Toaster. More than just a Hard Disk Backup Utility
VI. 5 Now with extensive Arexx support. AmigaDOS 2.0 compatible, and with support for the AE High Density Floppy Drive. Comes with a sophisticated CanDo program which takes advantage of the new Arexx features without needing either CanDo or Arexx. All these features and speed for ONLY: $ 49.95 us Order Volume One from Amiga Dealers or contact TeleGraphics International 605 Dock Street, Wilmington, NC 28401
(919) 762-8028 Check Money Order M C VIS A Add S4 S8 outside US and CAN") for shipping & handling. Missouri residents add 59c sales tax. Rctjuirrs an Amiga with at lea i 512k mm ami Version t .2 t hither of .AmigaDOS Amiga, .AmigaDOS. and Workbench are truterrjufcs of Commodore' Amiga, Inc AEHD Drive is a trade mart of Applied Engineering Mastercard &. Wsa accepted. Suggested retail: $ 49.95 Select files by their DateStamp, pattern matching. Archive Bit. And by source directory. Exclude Hies from being copied by filename pattern matching. All file attributes (DaieStamp, Protection Bus. And FilcCommeni) are retained. Options for setting the Archive bit for incremental backups, verifying the data written to floppy disk, and estimating the number of disks needed for the backup. Up to 4 copies of the backup disks can be created at a time, or disks can be pre-loaded in up to 4 disk drives. New disks arc au- tomatcially formatted and verified. Easy recovery if a bad diskette is found. Parameters to be used for backups can be saved m configuration files. Either Normal or Fast File compatible disks can be written. Specifically designed for effective multi-tasking. Restore backups using any file copy program, Directory Utility, or die ExpressCopy Restore program. Can be used from both the CLI and Workbench and has no copy protection. Fully documented with a 65 page manual which includes a 25 page section with help and ideas on how you can better organize and manage your Hard Disk. Express-Way Software, Inc. PO Box 10290 Columbia, MO 65205-4005 USA
(314) 474-2984 Hours 9AM - 5PM CST The Software Shop, Inc. Software & Hardware Special 1-800-752-0050 "Give Us the Opportunity to BEAT any advertised price" ACCESSORIES 6 outlet AC Surge ...1 6 A B C D Switchbox .39 A1000 Sa;e skin 22 A2030 Sa;e skin ... 22 A3Q00 Sa;e skin ... 22 A50Q Safe skin ...... , . 22 Amtrac Trackball 7 9 Boing ootical mouse 109 Copy Stand 59 Ece Midi 1000 .. 52 See Midi 500 2000 ... 52 Ergo Joystick .....17 Gravis Joystick ..3 7 Modem cable A1000..... 1 5 ModemcableA20 00 50015 Mouse pad 9 Printer cable 2000 5001 5 Printer caole A1000 1 5 Vtcec int. A500 a .55 CAD Draw 2000 . 1 83 Home ouilcer cad ...125 Home builder choice 5 3 Home Build' library 79 Intro cad ..51 Intro Cad Plus ...99 Pro-Board 399 Pro-Net ..399 Ultra Design ......259 X-Cad Designer II ...... 97 X-Cad desianer Pro 30- COM MU NIC ATI ON Online .4 4 Atalk III ..65 Online Platinum ....57 BBS pc ...... 96 Skyline BBS com .9 9 DATABASE Data retrieve ....51 Doman V ...." S S Super base ..52 Superbase bars II ...... 99 Suoerbase Pro. 3.0 ...219 DESKTOP PUBLISHING WORDPROCESSOR Gold spell I! 30 Pro-page template 4 2 Pro-draw clip art ..4 2 Transcript ......4 7 Text pro .50 Publisher plus .....69 Who-What-When 69 Wp library ....79 Page setter II .....89 Becker text .92 Pen Pal 102 Prowrite v3.0 .. 109 Professional Draw ....*29 Publishers choice ' 30 City Desk 2.0 ...135 Word perfect ..159 The Works Platinum .164 Professional Page ....175 Excellence1 .... 1 79 Gold Disk Office ...... 189 Professional page 1.3 ...199 Page stream 2.0 199 EDUCATION Adventure of sinbao...... 32 Aesop's fatties ..32 Ail about America ......35 Animal kingdom ..... 32 At the Zoo .27 Decimal dungeon .....32 Dmosaur Djscqv, kit ...29 Discovery came math ...2 5 Discovery game Soell 2 5 Fraction action .32 Intelli'ype .3 5 Kid talk ... 3 5 K n c e r a m a ..... 3 2 Learning curve 5 2 Letters "For vou ..2 8 Master type 2 5 Math Odyssey ...3 3 Math talk .....3 5 Math talk fraction ......3 5 Math wizard .3 5 Mavis beacon typing 3 3 Numoers Count ...2 8 Project Master ..12 9 Puzzle Story book ......2 9 Reaa & rnyme ..3 2 R e a d ¦ a • r a m a ....3 2 Rhyming note book ..3 0 Soell bounc ....2 5 Soeller bee 3 5 Tales from Arabia . 32 Talking Animator .....3 4 Where in the U S .3 5 Where m World O S ...3 2 Where inEurpe.C.Scego 3 5 W o r d m a s t e r ......32 World Atlas ..3 9 World Odyssey ..3 3 Your family tree ..32 FONTS Calligrapher ......8 5 Fancy 3d fonts ..5 2 Font set I . ..2 2 Headline Fonts ...5 4 Headlines 2 ......4 7 Inter font ....7 6 Kara Ann Ipnt 1 .....3 5 Kara Amm Font 2 .35 Kara torts color ..5 0 Kara fonts Headline 2......4 8 Kara fonts subheads 4 8 News letter fonts ..2 9 Page Stream fonts 1-15..29 Profonts I Prof 2 3 Profonts II decorative 2 3 Studio font ...2 9 Subheads ...47 GRAPHICS & VIDEO DCTV .439 3- Demon ...7 3 3d options ..35 3D Professional ..299 Amms gic 95 Animate 3-D .....99 Animation editor .3 9 Animation effects 3 2 Animation -lipper 32 Animation multiplane 58 Animation stand ..32 Animation Station 69 Animation Studio 111 Animation Titler 59 Animation wantages 8 9 Animator apprentices .. 1 85 Animotion ....65 Architectural design.. 23 59 189 ..39 159 .99 Art Department . Broadcast Tiller ...... C lien: 3o ed’tor .. Caligari Can do .... Chroma paint ___ Comicsetter . 65 29 102 102 59 106 ..67 .32 .69 131 28 89 .33 25 4 t ..89 4 2 23 23 23 32 109 49 23 64 ..29 65 95 105 97 .43 33 .83 ..8 3 220 163 .29 64 399 9 5 22 59 46 119 .20 1 1 1 ..64 ..64 121 120 .95 ..69 . 89 105 349 249 215 109 175 269 109 155 153 Credit text scroller Deluxe Paint III ... Deluxe photo lab . Deluxe print II Deluxe video 111 .. Design 3-D . Designasaums Digi oamt 3 Digr View Gold 4.0 Dig mate III Digiworks 3d Director Tape .. Director's Toolkit ...... Elan Performer .. Express oamt III ... Fantavision Future design 3-d ... Human cesrgn 3-0 . Int. Design sculpt3a Interchange .... InviSi0n .. . Lights Camera Action . Microdot design 3-c Modeler 3c ... Movie ci os .. Movie setter .. Page flipper fx .. Pagerende* 3-D Photon Pamt 2.0 ..... Pixmate Print master plus .. Pro v.deo dIus set I ... Pro viceo olus set II .. Pro V.C90 Post ... ProVideo Gold . Scene Generator .... Sculc: 3-c .... Sculbt Amm. 4D ... Sculpt-Ammate 4-Q Jr Super Clips The Art Dept ... Tne Director ..... Turoo Silver 3 0 Turoo Silver Module.. . Tv Text Prof ...... Tv-show 2.0 .. Tv-text Video effects 3d Video scape 3-d ...... Video titier ...... Visi a .. Zoetrope ... HARDWARE A3000 Internal Drive...... ADFlicker Free Video.... ADSoeed A500 Accel.. AE 3 5External Dr HD...... AE External Dnve ..... AE-Datalmk 2000 MNP5 AE-Daialink Exp.MNP5.. Air Drive External ...... Amax II Emulator.,, .. A m i o e n . Asia 3.5 External Drv......11 5 Baud Bandil level 5 1 55 Color Splitter ..120 Desktop budget 46 Easy' A1000 ... 349 Easy! A2000 379 Easy I A500 34 5 Flicker fixer 425 Flicker Free Video ..359 FramebufferW capture549 Future souna .....129 Internal 3.5dnve A2000 . 39 Mac 3 5 Drive 225 Mac Rom Chic ..149 Midi Gold (500| ...... 60 Migraph Scanner ...349 Mini Gen .....2*0 Perfect souno V 3 0 7 5 Power Supply A500 ...... 1 09 Scanlock .789 Sharp JX *00 Scanner ,739 Super Gen 695 Supergen 2000S ...1679 Supra 2400oc internal... 143 US Robotics 96Q0od HST659 WV1410 Cam.W lens ....199 LANGUAGE UTILITIES A C basic i 29 A C fortran 195 Adapt .- ....79 Arexx 3 3 Assem oro ...65 Aztec C oeveioper .195 Aztec C professional.....129
B. A.D.aisk optimizer 32 Benchmark c iio ......62 Bencnma'k C library.,.. 62 Benchmark iff lib'ary 62 Benchmark modjia * 2 ... 128 Benchmark simplif red 62 Brchmark SrcLevDebug 62
C. B Tree ....55 Cape 68k ....59 CrOSS DOS 4.0 .... 2 5 Cygnused Professional.. 65 Devpac Vrs 2 ..5 6 Disk 2 d'Sk ...3 3 Disk masier 1 4 .33 Disk mechanic ..59 Dissasenoler .....45 Dos 2 cos ..... 35 Hisoft 3asic prp ...11 8 Inovatoots 1 ...54 Lattice Dev System 5.4 22 5 Mac 2 Dos ...... 9 9 Momentum Mail 2 2 Nag Plus Schedule Assist 52 Pixel script 1 04 Power windows v2 5 5 8 Pro script . 3 2 Protect D .....3 2 Quarterback 4.1 ..4 5 Paw copy 1 3 ...3 9 Source level debugger, 6 5 Super Card A2000 ....7 9 True basic ....65 VI P ....32 W shell ...3 3 X-copy II 2 9 MONITORS NEC 3D multisync ....699 Supraram A2000 6mg 439 Supraram A2000 8mg. 539 8Up 2mg A2000 235 8Up 4mg A2000 328 8Uo Smg A2000 426 8Up 3mg A2000 521 AdRAM 2080 2mg 219 AdRAM A2060 4mg 313 AdRAM A206Q 6mg. 409 AdRAM A2080 8mg. 504 RamWorks2000 2mg 209 RamWorks20C0 4mg 299 RamWorks2000 6mg 389 RamWorks2000 8mg 499 CHIPS Dram lmg X 1 80-'100ns 9 Dram lmg Zrp -10 10 Dram 256X4 180 100ns g Sim Module 80 100ns 75 Scram 4X1 70.80ns zip 75 M a I r j x 6 ... .97 M i a i M a a i c .... ...97 M t - 3 2 ... 97 Music-X . 205 Music student...... 38 P'pmidiStud'O..... 129 Proscunddesigner ..i 25 Sorux . 51 SoundQasis . ..69 SdundQuestTexture 99 Soundsampler 78 SoundTrsckVoL 135 Studiomagic...... 85 3 y r t h i a ..55 SyrtniaPro .... .1S9 Texture 97 TicerCut 52 Utilities2(mimaiics) .....4 3 SPREADSHEET Advantage ..... ......129 Analyze‘2 0 . ...95 Easy Leccef 189 F nanc al OluS..... ..1 89 H a i c a I c .. 32 MsxiplanSOO...... 95 Maxipianplus...... ......126 Money Mentor. Db N moLS record keeoer . 9 5 Pnaser 65 Service Industry Acc'ting225 Supe'bian .... ...37 VlPProfessionai. .65 TOORDERBYFAX 1-508-799-9354 GVP-A2000 ACCEL, A2000 HARDCARDS NEW A500 DRIVES & A1OOQ HARDRIVES& MEM & HARDCARDS Hard!ramc* 2000 159 MEMORY MEMORY A3 001 - 68030-882 20 MHZ+4 MB 1469 Quantum 40mg W HF2C00 5 19 AD-IDE controler A500 1 18 Quantum 40mg W Fastrack Sys 659 A 3 001-68030-882 33MHZ+4MB 167$ Ouantum 80mg WHF2C00 689 AD-IDE-A500 W 40mg Teac 459 Quantum 80mg W FastTrack Sys84G A 3 001 -6 8 03 0 - 8B2 50MHZ +4 M B 2559 Quantum 105mg W HF2000 749 AD-IDE A500 90mg Maxtor 649 Quantum 105 W FastTrack sys 899 GVP A2O0C-HC 8 + 0 SRSII 233 Quantum 1 70mg
W. HF2000 1069 Supra 500XP 20mg W5l2k 559 Starboard II 512k. 209 GVP A2000-HC 8 + 2mg SRSII 328 209mg Conner W HF2000 1 129 Supra 500XP 20mg W 2mg 649 Starboard II lmg. 229 GVP A2000-HC 8-4 SRSl 430 Word sync Supra contoiler 129 Supra 5QQXP 40mg W5l2k 669 Starboard II 2mg 329 GVP-A200C-HC 8 f6mg SRSII 532 Quantum 4Qmg w'wordsync 479 Supra 500XP*40mg W 2mq 759 Star board OK 184 GVP-A2000-HC. 8+8mg SRSII 633 Quantum 80mg, W wo'dsync 555 Quantum 4Qmg WFTrack Sys. 659 HARDDRIVES GVP-A200Q-HC 8+0+Q-40mg 569 Quantum 105ma W'wordsync 699 Qlanium Somg W FT rack Sys 849 Quantum drive 40mg 11ms acc.359 GVP-A2Q00-HC S*0*Q-S0mg 739 Quantum 170mg W wordsync 959 Quanium 105 W Ftrack sys 399 Quantum drive 3Qmq 11ms acc 549 GVP-A2000-HC 8 -0 + Q-1 05mg 7SS 209rng Conner W'wordsync 1089 Adram 540 A500 W512k 142 Quantum drive I05mg 5B9 GVP-A2000-HC 8‘0*0-170mg1 1 19 led Advantage cantlr 139 Aeram 540 A500 W. lmg 164 Quantum 170MG llms 899 GVP-A2000 HC 8* 0‘C 209mg 1 179 Quantum 40mg W ICD Adv. 489 Adram 540 A500 W 2mg 225 209mg Conner 15ms 969 GVP A2000 HC SRSIUQ 40mg 518 Quantum Somg W ICD Adv 659 Adram 540 A500 W 4mg 319 SYQUEST 44mg W.cartridge 649 G V P-A20 00-HC-SRSl 1*0-80 mg 679 Quantum T05mg W ICD Adv 713 Base Board 512k 145 Syauest Media 44mg. 89 GVP-A2000-HC-SRSII + G-1 05mg 759 Quantum T70mg W ICD Adv. 1029 Base Board lmg. 1 79 A2000 MEMORY CARDS GVP-A20Q0-HC-SRSII-G-1 70mg1069 BaseBoara 2ng A500 225 Supraram A2000 2mg. 229 GVP-A2000-HC-SRSII + 209mgC 11 75 BaseSoard 4mg A500 329 Supraram A2000 4mg 339 GVPA2000-HC 0 SRSII 175 Panasonic C1381HI Res499 Sieko cml430 monitor, 699 Sony multi-scan Monitors35 Taxan 1000 20* Ultrasync 2899 Zenith 14' Fiat CRT 720 PRINTERS 1124PanasonicPrinter 349 AlpsAllegro24PIN 425 Citizen200GX ... 210 CitzenGSXl40PRT. Color 399 Hppaint jet .....102S NECLC890laserPS ...... 3395 Starnxrambow 259 SOUND & MUSIC 4-opceluxe ......97 Aud'iomaster ...37 Audiomasterll ..6 7 Backsongoook ... 27 Ba-s&Pipes 1 79 Cooyistl! .....1 75 D-50 ...95 Deiuxemusic ....55 Drd'ums 28 Drkeys ..28 D'T'sKeyooa'd .150 DrT sMidiRec Studio.... 47 Dxheaver ... 97 Dynamicdrums ......52 DynamicstuciO- .1 29 FuturesounbASOQ A200Q92 KcsLevelll .. 225 FOR PRODUCTS NOT LISTED CALL: 1-508-756-6452 PLEASESENDALLCORRESPONDENTSTO: THE SOFTWARE SHOP. INC. 22 FRONT ST. P.O. BOX 55 WORCESTER. MA01614 PRICES, TERMS AND AVAILABILITY SUBJECTTO CHANGEWITHOUT NOTICE. POLICIES: 1-WEACCEPTVISA,MASTERCARD 2- SHIPPING: ANY ITEM-$ 6 ANY TWO ITEMS-S7 NEXT DAY DELI VERY AVAILABLE. 3-COD CHARGE OF $ 5 4-PURCHASEORDERSMUST BE APPROVED 5-INTERNATIONAL ORDERS WELCOME. 6- RETURNS ARE SU BJECTT015% RESTOCKING FEE Title Page A new contender for the title By John Wolfskill WHETHER YOU ARE assembling a home-grown video or working the “hot chair” in a busy post-production house, you can add a finishing touch to your project with snappy title screens. The software tool of choice for this job is a video-titler, and one of the latest to hit the market is Eschalon Development’s Title Page. This program uses a process called extrusion to create multilayered graphic objects that provide 3-D-like visual effects. The package includes a graphics editor with built-in brush, pattern, effects, and display-list editors, along with several utilities that allow you to sequence and view your finished title screens. Installing Title Page on a hard disk is relatively simple, thanks to a thoughtfully designed install program. Just click on the install icon and follow the instructions; Title Page copies the programs to your hard drive and presents you with a blank drawing screen. Title Page contains nine Amiga-compatible fonts and a pair of color fonts that can be used to create the text and special graphic “brushes” that make up each title screen. You can also select a rounded, or anti-aliased, font outline. Basic title screens are composed of text strings against a colored background. You can add graphics to these screens using a limited set of drawing implements, including line, ellipse, and rectangle tools. Twisting Your Words To create a title screen, you first select a screen background color from the Tools menu. The Set Prefs option establishes the color attributes for the text foreground, background, shadow, and light source, and lets you specify justification, depth of extrusion, and so on. Next, select a font and font style (bold, italic, or other) from the Edit menu, and enter a single line of text in the dialog box. 'Title Page takes a few seconds to create a new brush, which it then displays. You can color, skew, scale, stretch, and shape your basic brush using an array of editing tools, including a special set of attributes called effects (ETX). To transform a simple brush into a more stylized one, you can load one of over 40 effects files. These files contain data to modify your current brush. Among the variations are emboss, glow, circle, outline, cross, and punch designs. Click on the Generate option to see your basic offering take on the attributes defined in the effect file you ve loaded from disk. The Title Page editor creates effects by assigning different colors and dot patterns to different layers. Title Page builds the brush from these layers, offsetting each successive one by a lew pixels in a given direction (according lo your Set Prefs specifications) so the edges of all layers are in view. The process, called extrusion, makes the brush appear to stretch, which usually creates a handsome three-dimensional appearance. You can continue to extrude the text by compounding the results of multiple generations. Under this scheme, the pro-*- commodore AMIGA AMPEX SYSTEMS, Inc. MEMORY CHIP 256K x 4-8f) DIP S8.50 256K x 4*8(1 ZfPP S9.50 256K x 4-80 (Static for A3000) SI 0.00 1 MG x 8-80 SIMM S79.00 1 MG x 4-80 (Static far A3000)
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• School purchase orders accepted. Gram adds a new copy of the effect to the current brush each time you click on the Generate option. Hence, the brush grows deeper, depending on the number of times it is regenerated. When you have produced a brush you are pleased with, you can position it and stamp it onto the screen wherever you like and as many times as you like. Changes in Effect Most of the predefined effects are quite attractive and should suffice for a variety of production situations. If none strike vour fancy, however, you can create your own using the Effects editor. Alter you define a new effect, you can use it immediately or save it to disk for later use. J 1 found the Effects editor somewhat cumbersome to use. The changes = colors, patterns, positioning, and such) you make to the various graphic layers of the effect are not applied to your current brush immediately, but to the sample word “HELLO” that appears in the Effects editor’s work area. An effect that looks great on the sample text often looks quite different when applied to your current brush. To compound the problem, the colors vou assign to the various graphic layers must be chosen from I lie Tools menu. This means you must close the Effects editor, choose Set Prefs to select the new color, and then restart the Effects editor. Mv favorite Title Page feature is the Dlisl editor. Its purpose is to create attractive backdrops for your title pages by taking advantage of the the Amiga’s graphics coprocessor (copper) chip. With the Dlist editor, you can define for both the background and foreground pal- ette-display lists that the copper then uses to assign a different color to each raster line on the Amiga's display. This allows you, for example, to create a background with a palette composed of hundreds of colors, even when the Amiga’s video is operating in two-color mode, 'fhe program’s various options allow you to select coarse or fine gradation, color cycling, or rainbow effects. The visual effects of the Dlist editor arc stunning. On Display After vour title screens are complete, you can use TPMake. Title Page’s script editor, to create a script for displaying, sequencing. And manipulating the screens. TPMake offers 15 commands for producing scripts. One command lets you choose from 45 dilferent screen transitions. Including wipes, spirals, drips, slides, randoms, checkers, docks, stretches, and slabs. The TPPlav utility allows vou to cxe- »¦ cute completed scripts. If you own the ? Coming Soon! The AmigaWorld Tech Journal, the one and only source to turn to for the hard-core technical information you crave. Look for details in next month’s January issue of Amiga World. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $ 100 Order Toll Free I WANT YOUR BUSINESS ! 9AM 10 8PM EST M-F, Sat. 10AM-5PM Video VIDEO SOFTWARE 3D Professional AmigaVision NEW $ 99 Broadcast Tiller 2 Deluxe Video III Director Photon Video E0LP Pro Fills Disney Anim. Studio Special $ 99 Pro Video Gold Pro Video Post TV Graphics TV Show V2 TV Texl Pro owm nitle Page Video Tools Vista VIDEO HARDWARE DCTV Wagni w controller MimGen Productivity Adv&ntocjG B-Graph Excellence 2.0 Kindwords 2.0 Page Stream 2.0 New $ 185 Pen PaJ S Video Genlock Bundle for A500 2000 ProVideo Gold with Super Gen $ 825.00 Super Gen 2000 Call ProGen Supergen Supergen 2000S Video Toaster New Cal! Prowrite 3.0 SPECIAL $ 94 Saxon Publisher Service Industry Acct SuperBase Personal SuperBase Pro Top Form 2 WordPerfect $ 225 S245 $ 50 SI 99 $ 56 S156 Hardware (mlsc) A200Q Internal Drive AMAX 2 Package Mega Midget Racer 25Mhz PC Power Board 500 Perfect Sound 500 3,1 Boing Optical Mouse Cordless Mouse Goldenlmage Mouse Goldenlmage Opl. Mouse Mouse Master Switch Hand Scanner w Softwaro JX100 Scanner w Software BatHandle Joystick Boss Joystick Slik Stik Joystick Tac 50 Joystick Arntrac Trackball $ 94 $ 449 S699 $ 499 $ 69 S94 $ 89 $ 37 $ 59 $ 29 $ 309 $ 749 527 $ 15 $ 7 $ 17 $ 71 MUSIC SOFTWARE Bars and Pipes Delx Music Consl. Set Dr. T's Copyist Pro Dr. Ts K C.S. levej II Getting Started w Amiga $ 24 Video Graphic Technique S34 Color Cycling Animation $ 34 Digitizing for Effect S34 Guide lo Amiga HardDrive $ 42 Ultimate Amiga Guide to Video Production $ 34 Tho World of Turbo Silver $ 24 Pro Techniques w Dpaint III $ 24 Director Tutorial $ 29 SupraRam 500(512Kw clock) SupraRam2000 2rrb SupraRam2000 4rrt> SupraRam2000 8rrta Flicker Fixer Bundia with Multi scan Color Monitor, and cable SPECIAL $ 899.00 Supra Modem 2400 W Software and cable Special $ 149 A'ftJTank Killer S31 Anarchy S25 Arachnophobia Call Arenour-Gcdden 528 Awesome S37
B. A.T. S35 Bandit Kings of Anc. China S37 Bar Games $ 28 Battle Squadron S25 Carthage 528 Chamber SciMutanl Priestess S3I Champions of Kiynn S35 Check Mate S34 Codcname; Iceman S37 Colonel's Bequest S37 Colony 535 Colorado Call Conquest of Camelot 537 Damocles 525 Day of the Viper 531 Dick Tracy Call Dino Wars S25 Double Dribble S28 Dragon Strike S35 Dragon's Lair $ 37 Dragon's Lair 2 543 Dragon's of Flame 528 Drakklien 537 Duck Talcs S28 D ungcon M aster 5 25 Dungeon Master 2 Call FI 9 Stealth Fighter 537 Falcon 531 Flood 528 Future Wars 531 Gcngis Khan S37 Globulous 519 Hardball 2 531 Heart of the Dragon 531 Hero’s Quest 537 Highway Patrol 2 S28 Hills far 535 Immortal Impcrium Ishido Killing Game Show King's Quest 4 Legend of Ficrghail Loom Ml Tank Platoon Matrix Marauders Midwinter Night Breed Niuo Nuclear War Operation Spruance Overrun Persian Gulflnfcmo Pictionary Pirates Amigaman exclusive Monitor Stand Designed ‘or the A500 of tough clear Lexan Only $ 29
J. 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Ami Dunlap Utilities $ 171 Project D $ 75 Quarterback §172 Quarterback Tools $ 219 Pool of Radiance NEW $ 35 MUSIC HARDWARE ECE Midi Midi Gold 500 Midi Gold Insider Entertainment Video Tapes Education Music D gi-View Gold 4.0 S129 HameBuilder’s CAD $ 125 Turbo Silver 3.o L SPECIAL $ 79 I Professional Draw 2.0 $ 125 Sculpt-Animate 4D S399 Sculpt-Animate 4D Jr. S99 GRAPHICS HARDWARE Pan.14l0Cam,w iens $ 199 Copy Stand S62 Digiuroid S67 AutoDroid S46 Amiga man exclusive ££¦. OCR Scanner-'®’ a fuB feafcjred page scanner inauT'i ing Opfccat Character Recognition toe readng doc. Single sheet feed $ 2399 Flat Bed $ 2599 Pmfttcx nddtcn ro an desk-top publ’sh'fy System Dakota I ablet 12x12 12x18 Summa Grphcs II Tablet Flicker Fixer DEB 2000 Color Splitter Frame Grabber GRAPHICS SOFTWARE Art Department J Deluxe Paint III J Digi-Paint 3 J ICD ADRAM OK RAM $ 115 1MB-$ 177 2MB-$ 240 Dakota Tablet w Graphic Studio Bundle Price S399 Imagine NEW S196 Graphic Arts A3050-4MB 0 S2549 A500 Harddrivea NEW A500-HD8 +0 400 $ 699 Network controllers for A5C0 $ 686 for A2C00 $ 623 Supra Corporation SupraDrives 880K Ext. 3.5 floppy $ 99 20MB*A500XPW£W $ 549 40MB-A500XPWEIV S659 40MB-A2000(Qtm) S459 80MB-A2000(Gtm) $ 649 44 R(Removablo)HD $ 699 Applied Engincerinj A 500 Ram Works 500 $ 69 Time Waster $ 43 HD Powersuppfy $ 66 A2000 Ramworks2CXX) OK S112 Rarmorks2000 512K $ 144 Ramworks 2000 1rri> $ 175 Rarrworks 2000 2rrb $ 233 Modems DataLink Express exl. $ 173 DataLink 2000 int. $ 136 IB rr.v.'j*.... .ct: IB zizz:**:: *7' r S124 A2000 Harddrives $ 187 HC 0 Series II S1 $ 62 HC 40 Series II $ 5 HC2+Q'40 Series II_S5 |60mb HD & Cntlr Now Series II S579 AMIGA 2000 | EXPANSION SET 2 MB RAM Exp & j 40 MB QuaniumHD Combo Price $ 599 After Mia Rebate Suora w* rebate $ 50 unfcl Dec. 31.90 HC2+060 Series II S659 A2000 Accelerators A3001-4 MS 0 $ 1629 A3001-4 M3 40 S1999 A3001-4MB 80 Call A3033-4MB 0 $ 1999 A3033-4MB 40 $ 2299 AMIGA 500 EXPANSION SET 512K RAM Exp. W Clock & 880K External Drive Combo Price $ 159 GVP Accelerator A3033-4MB 80Q 33mhz, 4mb RAM. Borob HD Special $ 2449 AE Drives - 3.5 Q80k external S99 1,52MB external $ 209 Hardware All the lute at tiltiea In stock Cal for those not listed All He latest UlUes In stock Can for those not listed Free Shipping on Orders Over $ 100 ooip .w*i«>mad $ 3.00 per order charged for orders under S1 CO. No surcharge for Visa. Mastercard. COD charge S3.30, (established customers only) 15% restocking fee for all returns unless exchanged for same rtemAny returns must be marked with FtAff issued you by our Customer Service Dept. Shipping & handling is not refundable, and is the responsibility of the purchaser. Arexx authoring language (included with AmigaDOS 2.0 or available from William Hawes), you can start and run TPPlay directly from the TPMake script utility using Arexx commands. Otherwise, you must dose TPMake and start TPPlay from the CL1 each time you wish to test a script in progress. I'm afraid that I found this procedure both tedious and time-consuming. Some general-purpose tools are provided to select screen modes and display sizes that are appropriate for RGB, NTSC, or PAL video monitors. Another tool is Title Page's screen-centering test pattern. A screen with standard video color bars is also available to fine-tune your video equipment for use with the program. Transmission Trouble Title Page’s manual starts out well, but quickly slides into a mire of technical terms and concepts that are difficult to grasp. After the first chapter, which discusses tile basics of using the Amiga's keyboard, and a tutorial that shows you how to create and save a simple title page, vou are on your own. Although each command and menu item is explained (in what seems like an ongoing glossary of terms), the manual never steps back to show you how you use them together. Having been already familiar with many of the terms and con- CANDID RESPONSES TO AMIGAWORLD REVIEWS J cepts presented. I still found using the package initially frustrating. Also, while the company offers free technical support for the life of the product, the documentation does not list a telephone number. T itle Page is a competent and technically rich package that produces attractive title pages ot professional caliber. The manual, however, needs a more robust tutorial to flatten the learning curve for I he inexperienced Amiga user, and the inconsistent interface may keep experienced users from quickly reaching full potential. ¦ Title Page Eschalon Development 2354 Cote Ste-Catherine Montreal. Que. Canada H3T 1A9 604 520-1543
5199. 95 Xo special requirements. TAKE YOUR TURN! We want to know what you like and don’t like about your new Amiga hardware and software. Some products we are looking at for upcoming issues are: A2024 (Commodore) A2320 (Commodore) AdSCSI 2000 with Q40S (ICD) A-Max II (ReadySoft) Draw4D (Adspec) Elan Performer 2.0 (Elan Design) Home Front (Designing Minds) Mega-Midget Racer (CSA) B A C Why was a competitor Joel Hagen, who is associated with Right Answers Croup allowed to review our product? In his review of DigiMate III (Sept. ’90, p. 77), Mr. Hagen omitted to mention that all the processes that generate animations are totally open and modifiable. In stating, “I can do this kind of animation with the pub- lic-domain program MakeAnim and a list of IFF files. Digi-Mate is more convenient, but not more powerful," he misses the point that convenience translates into time and money saved. It’s true that the Help feature is not fully implemented on the boot- able-disk version of the program, but the Help files can easily be copied to the bootable disk. We have one known bug, which is mentioned in the manual. It is the type of thing that you can easily avoid once you become aware of it. The chip RAM situation, however, is a well-known Amiga problem not a bug of Digi-Mate. Mr. Hagen criticises the fact that the screen pictured on the box does not correspond to the screen on disk or in the manual, but does not mention that the actual screen display is better than the box photo! Finally, the suggestion to wait for a “more sophisticated and better-tested version” is a stab in the back, telling potential cus- Music-X Jr. (Microlllusions) PageStream 2.0 (Soft Logik) Pro Video Post (Shereff Systems) Sketch Master (Dakota) SuperGen-2000S (Digital Creations) Top Form (Designing Minds) Trax (Passport Designs) VidControl (Integral Systems) To comment on these, write us (Your Turn, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458) or call (800 441-4403, ext. 346) by Nov. 19, 1990. K T A L K turners to avoid a utility that costs S27 mail order a big layout! In failing to do its job right, AmigaWorld is numbed to the pain it can impart to others who struggle. Bob Maludzinski Mi nduhi re n te niafio nal I was excited by Mindivare's claims about DigiMate III as an animation product, and I reviewed it as a professional artist and animator demanding quality and power. In my opinion, DigiMate is embarrassingly weak in both those respects. I searched for ways to be kind in the reinew. I do not see that my association with Right Answers Group makes me a competitor. Director 2, a language geared for interactive presentations, is in no way similar to DigiMate. It relies on using pictures, sounds, and animations created by other products. Director 2 can use animations created by DigiMate, but is not itself designed to generate or process them. Anyone using Director would find a HAM- animation generator helpful; in fact, Director sales would indirectly benefit from sales of a HAM animator. Joel Hagen Yakkity yak, . . Do talk back! Send J your comments on reviews to Back Talk, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458, Letters may be edited for space and clarity. ¦ WHEN YOU WANT MORE THAN EMPTY [MMM1S, "I consider Project D to be akin to a well equipped luxury automobile; it gives a smooth ride and lots of easy to use operations." - AmigaWorld "Project D is certainly one of the most sophisticated, yet easy to use, disk utility packages available for the Amiga." - Amiga Sentry 'The user interface is wonderful..." Info Rated: 4+ stars - Info Magazine Introducing the most complete disk utility system ever created for the Amiga. Project D includes a powerful Amiga disk copier, a special format copier, a software indexing utility and a disk editor. Project!) Also represents over three years of continuous support and enhancements. BackupTool gives you the power to protect your software investment by making backup copies of your Amiga floppy disks. It will copy both non-pro tected and protected disks, deprotecting most of your favorite copy-protected software with ease. It supports up to four disk drives and lets you copy to multiple drives at die same time. OmniTool allows you to duplicate disks that you may have for other computers. It is able to copy most protection schemes used by other computers and will even copy software that cannot be duplicated on the host machine! The OmniTool is able to duplicate the Atari ST, MS-DOS, CP M and Xenix disk formats. It will also allow you to quickly duplicate most music synthesizer disk formats including Ensoniq and Roland EditorTool will give die expert user complete control over AmigaDOS floppy disks and haid drives. You can examine and edit disks at the sector level in HEX and ASCII. Features include data and bitmap block checksumming as well as boot block checksumming, You can search through the edit buffer for vims text, hidden passwords, messages and hex values. You can also edit MFM data on floppy disks. CatalogTool will help you organize and index your software library. It can automatically read filenames from any AmigaDOS file system (DFO: HDO: etc.) or you can enter filenames manually. You can then quickly separate and scat your filenames into different categories. We iths, as low fruitful irffirf luaes snipping copy of the Project D; BackupTool Copyright 1987-98 Fuller Conputer Systefts, Inc Project D: BackupTool Version 2.0 Using "diskcode 1ihrary" Version 3.4 Using Paraneter File Nunber 1890 Now Shipping Project D Version 2.0 AmigaDOS Release 2 Compatible The Disk Copier..Plus! AVAILABLE AT FINE AMIGA DEALERS EVERYWHERE ...PROJECT D DELIVERS. Fuller Computer Systems, Inc. Post Office Box 9222 Mesa, Arizona 85214 Orders: (800) 874-DISK Tech Support: (602) 497-6070 FAX: (602) 497-6071 Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Dealer Inquiries Invited Project D is a trademark of Fuller Computer Systems, Inc. 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P. O. Box 171466 San Diego, CA 92197 [committed to value since 1985 Helpe rSGIFT SQUARES the hottest gift ideas in the Apple II holiday marketplace jjk HOW TO ORDER: & X Orders onlv: 1-800-438-2883 • FAX: 1-619-274-2440 15% ($ 15 min. restocking fee on refunded items only) vfw Price quotes & technical support: 1-619-274-1253 'Jp 8am-5pm PST Monday-Friday OUR FINE PRINT: We accept the following methods of payment: - School Purchase Orders
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* Sorry, no shipping, handling, ot insurance refunds • Not responsible for product onipalibilily • Prii es subjec t to change without notice • NO C.O.D.s Final Suspect: DR.ADRAM when questioned about Barney's disappearance answered: of the Canine: Part “I, the all powerful Adram, prefer DRAGONS instead of SCUZZI mutts!” HARDWARE BASIC CABLE Cable, Amiga 1000-Parallel Printer (8ft) $ 11 Cable, Amiga 500-Hayes Modem (gfl) $ 11 Cable, Amiga 500-Parallel Printer (811) $ 11 Dr Ts Phantom $ 179 EMCO 2-Way 1)8 25 Switi hbox $ 19 4-Way DB 25 Switchbox $ 24 EXPANSION SYSTEMS A500 Baselx>ard 512K $ 139 1 Meg $ 169 2 Meg $ 229 4 Meg $ 349 TREE SECOND DAY AIR on all EXPANSION SYSTEMS products ICD Adram 540 OK $ 109 512K $ 139 1 Meg $ 169 2 Meg $ 229 4 Meg $ 349 'FREE SECOND DAY AIR on all (CD products MICROSPEED AmTrac Tracball $ 64 WE CARRY OVER 100's ITEMS MICROWAY Dicker Fixer $ 367 M1GRAPH A OT Migraph Hand Scanner $ 319 LlblbU PLEASE NEXO Super Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker CALL Sl19 FOR " Pro COMPLETE CATALOG Passport Midi Interface $ 89 PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS Cordless Mouse $ 84 PROGRESSIVE Baud Bandit 2400 Modem $ 99 HARDWARE Baud Bandit 2400 MNP Modem $ 139 Minigen $ 187 READY SOFT AMAX II (Macintosh I mulalor) $ 139 SHARP JX-100 Scanner w Cable X Software $ 719 US ROBOTICS Courier 2400 External Modem $ 319 Courier I IS I 9600 Baud External Modem $ 619 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS A2000 Accelerator (680 i() 2BMh ) $ 759 A2000 Accelerator (68030 28Mhz+68882) $ 869 A2000 Accelerator 4 Meg Ram $ 749 A t()0I Ac c elerator (68030 28Mh +68882! 4 Meg Ram $ 1469 A3 501 Accelerator (68030 J3Mh +68882) 4 Meg Ram $ 1699 A J050 Ac c elerator (6803 0 5OMhz+68882) 4 Meg Ram $ 2399 Hard Card 2 Controller Only $ 159 40 Meg Quantium 111) $ 499 50 Meg Removable Media Drive $ 869 80 Meg HD $ 569 100 Meg HD $ 839 Hard Card 2 + RAM 40 Meg HD $ 569 80 Meg HD $ 619 f 00 Meg I tD $ B89 Impact A500 40 Meg J ID $ 597 Impact XC Ext Case w Povver Supply $ 199 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 50 Meg Removable Media Drive $ 919 I 50 Meg I ape Backup $ 799 JOYSTICKS Epxy 50()X| $ 12 Quit kjoy $ 24 SUPRA CORP. Amiga 3.5 External Drive $ 99 SCSI Interface w Cdock (Amiga 1000) $ 189 Supra 2400 Baud Exlernal Modem $ 99 Supra 2400 Plus (External Modem w MNI’l $ 155 Supra 2400 1 Internal Modem (Amiga 2000) $ 119 AMIGA SupraDrive 500 XP 20 Meg $ 549 500 XP 40 Meg $ 659 500 44 Meg Rmvble $ 919 1000 40 Meg $ 729 1 000 44 Meg Rmvble $ 1099 1000 80 Meg $ 959 2000 40 Meg S459 2000 44 Meg Rmvble $ 799 2000 80 Meg $ 659 2000 105 Meg $ 719 RC)GER S r- i 1 r j i LEU ZJ Adram 540 by ICO OK $ 109 512K $ 139 1 Meg $ 169 2 Meg $ 229 4 Meg $ 349 FREE SECOND DAY AIR willt this Specialt SUPRA CORP. AMIGA Supra Ram 500 512 Kw clock $ 64 2000 OK $ 119 2000 2 Meg $ 219 2000 4 Meg $ 349 2000 6 Meg $ 459 2000 8 Meg $ 579 WordSync SCSI Interface (Amiga 2000) $ 109
• FREE SECOND DAY AIR on all SUPRA products APPLIED ENGINEERING Timemaster 500 $ 39 ! Leavv Duty Power Supply (A500) $ 79 Amiga 3.5 I ID Floppy Drive $ 189 Ram Works 2000 $ 109 $ 169 $ 229 $ 349 $ 469 $ 589 6K 1 Meg 2 Meg 4 Meg 6 Meg 8 Meg Datalink 2000 $ 124 Datalink 2000 (w MNPS) $ 149 DISKETTES SONY: 10-Pack Boxed $ 12 10-Pack Bulk $ 9 50-Pack Bulk S42 100-Pack Bulk $ 79 Stay tuned for Part IV of 'The Case of the Kidnapped Canine Be an F.B.I.7 Special Agent at Anytime! We are now open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for orders. And there are no modems or online services requiredI So now you can be a special agent on the Find Barney immediately case by placing your order at anytime.
P. O. BOX 171466 SAN DIEGO, CA 92197 PRICE QUOTES & TECHNICAL SUPPORT 1-619-274-1253 8am. 5pm PST Monday-Friday Committed to value since 1985 WHAT’S NEW? Quips are flying like snow in this month’s triple helping of new toys and tools. Compiled by Janine Jackson and John Wolfskill Paperback Writer IS YOUR MEAGER vocabulary standing between you and a Pulitzer Prize? The Arexx- compatible Electric Thesaurus ($ 49.95) comes outfitted with a clipboard device so you can add thesaurus capabilities to your word processor. The Eiecinc Thesaurus £* 1990 by SoftWoodjnc Electric Thesaurus features over 500,000 synonyms, identifies parts of speech, and lets you choose from either frequently or less commonly used words. (SoftWood, PO Box 51209, Phoenix, AZ 85076, 800 247-8314.) RS 505. Buck Is Back BREAK OUT THE chocolate cake and candles. Buck Rogers, America’s original space hero, has just turned sixty, join the seasoned space adventurer in Countdown to Doomsday, a role-playing action game centered around life in the 25th century. Use the game’s fantasy, role-playing system to navigate the galaxy, or refer to the novel. First Power Play, included in specially marked boxes of Countdown to Doomsday to help you get into character. (Strategic Simulations, 675 Almanor Ave , Suite 201, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, 408 737-6800.) RS 512.
1. Noun A class that is defined by the common attribute or attributes possessed by all its members 4 Noun the manner in which somethir way. System method te order Nnd. Type nature sort lot, variety description mold species, cut, feather creed, persuasion, stripe, stamp, caste, ifc 2 Noun S verb To describe with a word or te call characterize, desig a distinctive way of expressing oneself style, tone, fashion, vein mode
3. Noun 6 Verb To give a name or title to can name, entitle, destc denominate. A habitual way of behaving way. Use. Practice, habit custom usage habitude, praos. Won 4 Noun jBehavior through which one reveals one's peisonafity You won't be at a loss for words with Electric Thesaurus. A Fresh Sketch in the same proportions as the finished output. Draw4D's war chest of drawing tools includes group, extrude, sweep, rotate, resize, bend, warp, and pipe. The package also comes with a font editor and supports the Amiga’s HAM and Overscan modes. (Adspcc Programming, PO Box 13, Salem, Oil 44460, 216 337-3325.) RS 50S. WHEN YOU USE Draw4D ($ 249), a 3-D drawing and animation package aimed at the desktop-publishing or video professional, intelligent algorithms allow you lo create sin- gle-frame animation or animated sequences with a specific duration. The program presents your work on screen Store More Board 1 Noun A distinctive way of stressing oneself tone, fashion. Vein, mode 2 Noun Behavior through which one rim mgnrer • 4 meanings air, manner, presence, tj( word ro be locatec 3 Noun j?PPPPilr""~ jThe current custom ¦t “ thing, fashion trend, mo CONNEC I 1BM-compatible hard-disk controllers and drives to any Amiga with a MAX-125 Autoboot Interface Adapter (AIA, from SI49.95 to SI89.95). The MAX-125 provides compatibility with many 8- or !6-bii S 1506 4 12 and ESDI hard drives. Each exteranne manner Assemble Here, Mate! DESIGNED FOR USE with M(>tc>! (>la-6800() picx'esst>r technology, Macro68 (SI50), a Macro assembler, lets you convert source files for use with the latest chips such as the MC68030, MC68882, and MC68851. Features include the ability to customize directives and runtime messages from within the assembler, and a shared-code library that allows you to use ju t-assembled include files for increased assembly speed. An Arexx innal card supports two hard drives and attaches to the A500 or A1000 with a system-bus ex- tender card. Some assembly and soldering are required, and you provide the encasement. (Palornax. Inc., 424 More- boni Rd., Hatboro, PA, 19010, 215 672-6815.) RS 510. Terface jnovides a link to your favorite text editor. Output formats include executable and linkable object, binary image, symbol table, and Motorola S records. (DigiSoft, Ltd., Brisbane, Australia, (il 7 277- 3255; distributed by The Puzzle Factory, Inc., PO Box 986, Veneta, OR 97487, 800 828-
9952. ) RS 511. ? R ii'VMbrJ L)jsJc WB12: Disk Utilities 1- This great disk is loaded with wonderful utilities lor everything including making disk labels, disk cataloging, disk optimizing, disk and fiie recovery, archiving and organizing, and all sorts off file and directory minipulation. Greatiy reduces CLI use. A real must have! New Disks FD37a & b:Taclical Garner. Empi-e (2.2w) Tms game comes highly recommend Now with a lull featured graphic i'Oni end Empire is a r.ch simulation ol international polices. Economics and war which is played over a period o' a few of months by 2 0‘ more people P ayers Can run their counjr.es from the norma Amiga keyooard, or via a modem at 300 to 2400 baud Counts as two disks. FD39a & bfToblas Star Trek Tnis is a new comp etely different version of Star Tran man that fcurc on FD12. This ere was created by the german author Tobias Excellent'" Counts as two disks Requ>res 512*. Memory a 500.2CG0 cr Pa; Amiga FD4i:Games nciudes Cap toi Ga rs an stcc* market game, Bai. A Arkno ds type cl clone with many great twists. And Desert Shield a shoo fern up with a destroy and conquer theme. WB53:Graphics- The disk contains C light The easiest to use myUacing we have seen to dale This ore start our life as a lull featured commercial product similar to Sculp!3d Also. Smovie a full featured video text titter smular to ProV deo, Broadcast Tiller Great video scrolling, wipes. Specia ejects and mere... WB54:PrirUlng This disk centals severa rout res to nep wtn the chore o' print.ng Including Gothic F naily a Banner printer tor the =D. PrintStud o a well imp'emented all-purpose printer-utility with a very comfonao e graphic T.terface arc many advanced features L a - with ease, print ASCII F es to a PostScript pr rter, anoy r:o*e WB55:Applicaiion Xcopylll ¦ a full featured disk coo er. Make backups of write crctected disk with this ere RoaaRoute - ft no the quickest route from one city to another, highway dosenpt or included. Dairy a diary program | ke "Dougy Howard M D Cal a calendar program Magman a database tailored to maintain records on articles and publications, and more WB58:PageStream ClipArt Sample images from Hi'TuchNpw s
• pro Quality Collect on" WB59:Business - contains a great, very fun featured stock market technical analysis and tracking program, also an appointment calendar, and more WB60:Animatlon This d«5k has iwo outstanding "Movie" style animations, Insect jr and Hotan rn WB61 tlntermedrele Utilities Includes programs to help to draslidy decrease f ckyr m interlace and hi res modes janMlick] an Atari-st emulator an epromm pruqramer turn your amiga into an
e. ght channe digital data analyzer cr Octl CSCOpe. And more WB62:Midi Utilities Several useful m ci utilities including O-CGrams to transte’ to and from several music programs to m.c n midi syse* handler, a mid recorder with i.meoase d splay mid mfo. Tie sequence player, and a few scores. W863:Disk Utilities 3 Several highly recommended programs to a c in removing duplicate tiles Irom your hard drive, performing file- oackups. Binary editing, fast formatting hie recovery, disk track recovery, and forced DISK VALIDATION of corrupt disks WB64:Amiga Vision Domo This well done interactive presentation walks through the entire A3000 computer Great example of the power of Amiga Vision Useiui for Amiga dealers and Am ga vision owners and programmers WB65:Educalion includes Answer me1 a question and answer authoring system, Crayon a young users paint program FastFncts a solar system educational toot, SoeHmaster a spel ng tutor DD70:Game construction parser tool - ADL (which stands to-
* Adventure Definition Language") is a programming language and run-time environment assignee for ‘he convenient imp emer.tatian of Adventure like text games Other Great Disks FD5: Tactical Games Bull Run ,i Civil war battle game Metro you play the role of a city p artner Dm d w seiy and your system wi I oe a success, but poor planning will lead 'o disaster and financial ruin Very very habit forming FD6: GAMES! This disk is chocked lull of games including Checkers. Clue Golo A new Slide tne pieces puzzle, Jeopard An enhanced vers on ol Risk, RushHour - Sirprisingiy addicting, and SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Combal-Tanks and asteroids Please sentTme theloHowmg: Enter disk id (Ex. DD17, FD5, WB3 FD7: PACMAN This disk contains several pacman type games educing PacMari87 MazMan and Zonix FD9: Moria This has great graphic controls, multiple spells, similar to Lari and Rack Play | me several weeks' FD10: HackLito fi dungeon adventure game Considered a must nave classic This is the second release of this game on the Am g.i Great Am ga qnphic interface Play time several weeks1 FD12A,FD12B: Star Trek, The Game - Th s is by far tne pest St.r Trek game ever written 'or any computer IT features mouse contra good graphics, a oozed sound effects and great gamep'ay Counts as 2 disks. Reg ‘ Mb arc two drives (or nd;- FD13: Board Games cordons muf.player Monopoly. Dommces. Paranoids and others FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games DM maps spe'ls. Item location, and hints and more, also on this disk. Hbat! An arknoid break out type game. Tux a Gu type clone FD16: Strategy Games Includes Diplomacy and Empios. Both great conquer and rule multiplayer games similar m concepl to Simoty and Popuias Also includes biackbox hearts and others Fdt7: Educational Games This disk mcuaes several games fo- the younger memwers including geography, math, science and word games, also includes Wheel of Fortune FO20: Tactical Games MecbForcei'3 72): A game that smu ates DevWare,11835 Carmel Mtn Rd., 1304-A9 San Diego, CA 92128 Orders Only! 800 879-0759 Support & Questions 619 673-0759 combat between two or mo'e g ant. 'oOot-i.ke machines. Simple words can; pegn to give you the fee1 o' piloting a 30 - 40 toot tan. F re b-eatnmc, eain shaking colossus that obeys your every whim FD26:Arcade Games Marti n si de, truly this s a commerc al quality game Similar to a Lucas game named PipeDreams excellent p'ayabl .Ily and entertainment. Mutants . A small version of the arcade game of the same name, also Super Break out a pong arkno cs type game $ 3.95* ea 25+ Disks Anti-Virus Free on all orders with 15 or more disks! Public Domain Library We are the Offical Public Domain Library of Antic Amiga Plus, we have been the Offical PD library of Amiga World. Find out why these magazines choose us! Each of our disks is packed with nothing but the best programs. The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk: DD intermediate to advanced - often contains source, WB general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench, and FD games and entertainment. Order our disk based catalog and receive a coupon for a FREE volume on your next purchase. We always use only SONY disks! FD27: Arcade Games This disk is loaded with some great games. Includes. Raceorama a great racing car game with ten different courses. MimBlasi a helicopter gunship type clone. Shark m the same class as frooer. And Sbreakout the original breakout. FD29: Shootem up’s WVVII your the p.lot of a world war II plane fly rg through enemy territory, you’ve just been spotted, good luck on you mission. SpKiller - try and penetrate enemy fmes'with inis a3me. And Retai ator - another great came FD31: Games' Air Trati c Coniroi a good ATC simulation game, Black Jac* Lao a full featured set of card games, CnessTel p ay chess with your fr end n. distant ana -emote p aces with this game and a mocem abyrnth a wei> done text adventure game (like an rdocom game and MquseTrap ¦ a 3d maze game F032: Game Cheats and Flight Simulator Includes an nstrument flight simulator for a DctO Also Cheats and H rts for the following games. Earl Weaver, Falcon. It c.f t d . SimCity, Space Ace Space Quest. Test Drive hd install, and Extract a program that gets all of the text from within a game (or other) Which neips cheating easier Also several football teams (.team files) FD33: Arcade Games Ffreddy a mano brothers fype of game. Gerbils a target practice game, Pipeline a germany interpretation of Pipe Dreams, tron a’light cycles version, and wetrcids a wonderful version of asteroids w ih a hilarious twisf FD35 Omega tv t 3) A new dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vam as hack, rouge and moria This version is considerably faster ana better that all prev cus versions Play t me seve-ai weeks or months. WB4:Teiecommumnication Tn sdsk contairs several excellent pd communication programs designed to get you on ime Qu Ckly and easily. Access t 42) - A very nqe ANSI term program oasec on Comm vi 34, but wdh ne addition of franste' arotccols Comm (' 34) • Last version ol one qf the best public domain communications P'oqrams ever made on the Amiga Handsnqke (2 12ai Hardsnake IS a Full featured VT&2 100 5 02 220 WB5 - Fonts 41 Several *onls (35} for the Amiga also included are five PaceStresm fonts .and ShowFoni a fan: display program WB7: Clip An This disk is loaded with b ack and white clip art An includes, irees watches, fools US and State maps, and more WB1Q:Virus Kiflers The latest and best Vi:usX = 4.0). Kv(2 1). And Zero Virus( 1.3). VVB13: Printer Drivers and Generator - over 70 different dnvers. And if these cor’t do It. With PftDrvGen you can make your own. WB15: Business Th s d sk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a D'o?ecE time managerren; program and financial analysis 'stocks.) V B16: Business Th s d sk contains an inventory manager a ioan analysis program a great calendar schedular a rolidex program and penny-wise a good ‘Cash 9cok" account rg for home or OhiCe V BlS- Word Text Processors Th s disk contains the oest editors that we ecu d find trciudes. WorcWr.gntivo 2) a full ‘eatu'ec word P'ocesscr witn mail merge and outlining capacity, Dmetvl 35) a great progra.me-s eo.tor with strong macro featuresTexEDlv2 8) an ennarced Emacs type editor, and a seel checker V B20: General fnierest D.skSaiv vi 42 adiSk recovery program for all Amiga file syslem, FixD sk V1 0 another file recovery program with features DiskSalv doesn’t have. 3DLook; gives a 3D appearance to your WorkBench, Clean VI 01 a program to de fragment memory. Tracer - trace any pari of 1hat image V B23: Graphics and Plotting Riot (20b) n three dimensional mat hem ,n i cal (unction ploiter Can pot any user defined function, BezSurfZ produces awesome p'.ciures of ob|ec‘s one could t jrn on a Lathe Can also mac ill image fifes onto any surface that it can draw Now compatible wdri most 3D packages and Vscreen makes a visual screen anywhere great for DTP WB25:Educational On this c«sk are two orbgrams that can generate macs of crtfering types. World Data Base uses the CIA s data base to generate detailed maps of any enter user global coordinate Also Paradox a great demonstration of A sen E ostein Genera1 Theo'y o' Relativity WB26: Disk Utilities 42 MrBackup. KwckQackup -twowe done utilities to help with hardd.sk and 'loppy d'Sk backups Fi eMast a binary file editor, Lablepr nler D sk label punter with very powerful features WB27: Nagel - 26 Patrick Nagel pictures of beautiful women. J Payment Enclosed j Please charge my ] Visa j Master charge Account Signature. Name Address City_ ST Zip WB29: Graphics and Sound This d-sk has several different Mandelbrot fype programs for generating stunning graphics. Includes. MnndeiMouniains ¦ a realistic terrain generator, Fracgen - generated recursive fractels from user input, Mandelbrot and Tmandel • two fast mandelbrot generators, also Mostra - the best IFF disp'ay program Jo dale, will display ALL IFF's including Dynamic HAM, and Sound ¦ a great IFF sound player, will play anything. Try this disk, you IJ love it! WB33:Circuii Board Design several terrific routines ter the elecironic enthusiast. Inducing PCBtool a circuit board design tool, LogicLab - circuit log c tester, and Mead (1.26) a well done new release of this PD cad program, now comes with predrawn common circuit components for insertion info schematics WB34: Uhiities Several wen done utilities some will require moderate knowledge of a CLI or Shell for setup. Chatter Box ¦ this one will play any user cefmed sound after any event (ie disk insert, mouse dick, disk removal . Artm The Amiga real time monitor gives ycu full control of the Am ga OS very powerful program. Helper • help program to make earning the CLI easier setfon! A working version that changes the system font to user specified font, and many more VVB36, Graphics On this disk are several programs to create stunning qrap-h cal images including Mpath creates swirling galaxy images, Roses - produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically similar to a rose. SimGen ¦ display those spectacular images as part of your workbench screen, and RayShade ¦ a very good raylracng program, create your own beautiful 3d graphics. V B38: Plotting and Graphics - Plotxy is die most powerful full featured plotting package Used by many colleges and universities. A welcome addition to our library1 Highly recommended Plans • a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program very full featured Tesselator - a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M.C Ecsher type p ctures WB39: Music • Intuilracker is an german offer of an exquisitely well core prog'am that allows you tc p ay Amiga music as :f from a CD like controls Lets you strip cut muse from, your favorite games or others anc include them -n your mu sc library. WB40: Music "CD on a d Sk", 90 minutes of modern music on this well Sresented collect on. _ B4i: Music MED an incredibly wen done full featured music editor Create your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga Similar to Sound Tracker but better Very powerful easy to use program OD47: Pascal - This disk conta ns everything needed to program in pascal includes. A68k (i .2) 60000 assembler, Bi.nk I nking software and PCG (1 0) a modest Pascal sub set compiler, DD49: C Compiler - contains zc(i 011 fully K&R. Zcc(t 0) front end. A68k(1 2) assembler. Blink tinker DD51: Circuit Analysis - As pice 2-3) A lull featured program for electric circuit analyse. DD54: Compression - This disk is loaded with ALL of the best Me compress on programs and aids lo» the Amiga Many of the programs can be used by fhe new user Includes Arc = 2 3). Lharcfl 0). Lhwarpi 1 03). Pka*(i 0). Pow$ rPacker(2 3a) a must have Py all, Zipil 0) Warp(2 04), and Zoo(2 0) Also iFFcrunch an excelent compression for IFF files DD55: ARP On this disk you wi I find the CompFete ArpRelS 0 release including tie full user oocs, tne full Developers guide, and Conman (1.4). ARP is the offic al AmigaDOS Resource Project (ARP) release 13 ARP makes many improvements to AmigaDOS and makes your system easier to use from the CLI. OD57: Advanced Utilities - Msh ¦ like Cross dos. Cop-es files to and from MS-DOS. Pal-NTSC - convert any pal program to NTSC and visa versa, Also several utilities that improve your startup secuence. Plus 25 more programs DDG2; Basic and Xscheme Cursor a full featured Amiga Basic compiler, sbnsic and (text - several wonderful routines Id hefp in basic programers. And Xscheme ¦ an interpreted object oriented programing language DD65 C Tutorials - Several wen cone tutorials on how to program the Amiga Includes tutorials and working examp’es on Device dnvers. IFF reads and writes. Sound implementation Arcade game design and implementation. Double Buffering and others A must have lor Amiga Programu'S SONY Blank Disks: DSDD 3 5 10 for $ 11.90 (1 19 cents ea) 25 for $ 23.25 (.93 cents ea) 50 for $ 41.50 (.83 cents ea) 100 for S77.00 (.77 cents ea) Sony QD-6150 data cartage $ 24.00 ea. No shipping charge lor ort USA blank disks orders. Canada and Mexico add S 05 each. Sorry no foreign. Anti-Virus Now Only $ 19.95 ???? , INFO Sep 89 ???? , Amiga Resource Oct89 Anti-Virus(c) is not Public Domain Foiiowirg nay snipping in nosl cases No shipping chAfges «viihiri USA Canada adB S 75 ea-efi Fcneign ad f 5 50 pp' d'SX Tof 3'r mA|J Culivorj Payner.l in US ijntsr. A in rvmum of $ 20 00 rnquiiop on crodil card *e»ns each $ Total disks x$ Exp_ Disked based catalog (add $ 2.50) $ Anti-Virus (add $ 19.95) $ CA residents add 7.25% sales tax $ Sony Blank Disks Foreiqn Shippinq Total Due U I! A T ’ S IN Fl Vi ? Facing Multiplicity Give Me Speed .. .Hold the Cheese lel-interface timer, and a dual- asvnchronous receiver trans- j mitter. (Pre’spect Technics, PO Box 670, Station H, Montreal, Que., Canada H3G 2M6, 514 954-1483.) RS 506. INCREASE YOUR I O options with MultiFaceCard ($ 349)* an external parallel- and serial- port expander. It gives your A2000 or A3000 simultaneous output from any port, a paral- YOU SAY IT took a week to render that ray tracing of Jupiter? And you routinely polish off a large pepperoni pizza while your A500 loads Workbench? Adspeed (S349), a 14.3 Mhz, 68000 accelerator card, allows applications and programs to It Is Written THE DEPTH OF the castle’s evil has gone unplumbed far too long nearly 120 years and an object capable of causing great misfortune, a pernicious pen, is still at large. In Bane of the Cosmic Forge ($ 59.95), your quest is to search the castle, assisted bv j characters you empower with special skills, until you discover a mysterious power for run up to twice their normal speed, according to I CD. Plug AdSpeed into the CPU socket and the card’s 16K static-RAM cache provides zero wait-state program execution. (1CD, Inc., 1220 Rock St., Rockford, IL 61 101, 815 968-2228.) RS 509. Good. By caring for your crew seeing that they rest and take nourishment you build their stamina as various events and encounters tax their reserves. Magic, mayhem, and unexpected help await, (Sir-tech Software, Charlestown-Ogdensburg Mall, PO Box 245, Ogdens- burg, NY 13669, 315 393-
6451. ) RS 5J3. AND then some He s Mean and Hes Mad IF YOU CAN make it through leagues of caves, swamps, temples, and castles, you can undertake to challenge the big ‘‘I)” himself in Wrath of the Demon (S49.95). restored honor for your king, but freedom for the lovelv princess, as well. (ReadySoft, 30 Wertheim Court, Unit 2, Richmond Hill, Ont., Canada L4B 1B9, 416 731-4175.) RS 507. Your success reaps not only A SUPPLE WRIST is not as important as index-finger dexterity when you play Power Pinball ($ 39.95). Just drop your simulated coins into the slots, pull back the plunger, hit the right Amiga key and launch the ball into a bell-ringing, bumper-banging soujourn around the table. Control your flippers with your left- and right-Amiga keys. Power Pinball comes with a design of its own, but you can construct your own game by importing IFF graphics and sounds. (KarmaSoft. PO Box 1034, Golden, CO 80402, 303 277-1241.) RS 514. If you use CanDo to produce your multimedia presentations. CanDo Pro Pak 1 ($ 39.95) can help you get more out of the program. The Pro Pak comes with ready-to-use applications, utilities, CanDo-generated games, and a paint program. The CanDo Intro Pak ($ 39.95). a tutorial-intensive guide to learning the ins and outs of CanDo. Includes seven applications plus a manual that walks you through step-by-step descriptions of how they were created. (INOVAtronics. 8499 Greenville Ave.. Suite 209B. Dallas. TX 75231, 214 340-4991.) RS&515. The recently refurbished pressure- sensitive graphics tablet. Easyl 1.3 (S349) offers increased speed and automatic adjustment to either NTSC or PAL modes, as well as Overscan and AmigaDOS 2.0 support. Current Easyl owners can upgrade for $ 24.95, (Anakin Research Inc., 100 Westmore Dr., Unit 11C, Rexdale, Ont. Canada M9V 5C3, 416 744-4246.) RS 516. Do you often leave your Amiga unattended? The System Integrator ($ 274) monitors system events and detects errors before they can lock up or crash your computer. If an error is found, System Integrator's hardware and software resets your Amiga and logs it in. (Pro-Tronic Systems, 720 Sixth St., Suite 227, New Westminster, B.C. Canada V3L 3C5.) RS 517. Your child can learn the alphabet by fishing for letters, "eating'' alphaoet soup, and playing beat the clock. ABCgames ($ 30) teaches letters through a five-level series of games that familiarizes children with keyboards and mice. (Parth Galen, 6281 Trotter Rd., Clarksville, MD 21029, 301 531-3527.) R$ 518. The programmers and engineers at Interactive Microsystems have been busy preparing a new line of video interface components: The MediaPhile MP2.0A Infrared Controller ($ 295) controls infrared-controlled devices and provides two Sony S-port outputs and one universal infrared output. The MediaBase Program Disk (S195) provides interactive access to presentations created with the Media- Processor Program Disk (5195), a post-production, edit-decision list pro- gram that controls video decks, camcorders, and genlocks. You can operate video equipment via C or BASIC programs with the Programmer’s Toolkit (S195), which includes linking libraries and bitmap tiles. The Arexx-compatible Media- Servers Program Disk (S195) links in- teractive-presentation and database programs with video equipment. You can bring video-tape counter information from a variety of devices with one of Interactive MicroSystem's new controllers: MediaPhile 2.OP Universal Tape Deck Interface Controller (S159), the MediaPhile 2.0M Sony 8mm Video Interface Controller (S139), and the MediaPhile 2.0S Sony CTL-L Port Interface Controller ($ 195). (Interactive MicroSystems, 9 Red Roof Lane. Salem, NH 03079, 603 898-3545.) RS&519. Do you periodically forget the names you’ve given your image files? Image- Finder (S65) lets you scan a visual index of all your images stored on disk. ImageFmder creates sort criteria to help you locate images by size and depth, color, and density. (Zardoz Software. 6114 LaSalle Ave., Suite 304, Oakland. CA 94611, 415 339-6280.) RS&520. Good things really can come in small packages: You can get a hard-disk system in the configuration of your choice, with up to 8MB of Fast RAM installed, all in one small box The 500XP hard drive with autobooting SCSI interface comes formatted and ready to use. The drive’s external SCSI port allows up to seven-SCSl devices. You also get a game switch that lets you turn the drive off without disabling RAM. Prices begin at S679 for a 20MB drive with VSMB of RAM installed. (Supra, 1133 Commercial Way. Albany, OR 97321, 503 967-9075.) AS 521. A flurry of activity at Microlllusions produced Music X 1.1 ($ 299.95), and Music X Jr. ($ 149.95), an upgrade and a consumer version of its well-known sequencer. The scaled-down version features the engine of the major package, but without the extras the professional requires. Music X 1.1 features event sculpting, velocity flattening, view controllers and channel locking, and it increases the package’s multiserial capabilities. An upgrade to the Microlllusions educational game. Discovery 2.0 ($ 39.95), features expanded question types, and five new ships explore and save. You can create scenery and then fly through it with GENESIS the Third Day (S149.95), a fractal-landscape generator with animation capabilities. GENESIS supports Arexx and lets you create geographical locations throughout the Universe. (Microlllusions, PO Box 3475, Granada Hills, CA 91394. 818 787-7345.) RS&522. For Amigas on the go. Left Hemisphere Carrying Cases let you keep your investment by your side. The A500 bag (S89.95) houses your CPU, power supply, mouse, and two siim, floppy drives or one hard-disk drive. There’s also room for paper, mouse pad, pens, floppy disks, or your favorite magazine. The monitor bag loosely holds a Commodore A1084 or more snugly, an A1950. (Left Hemisphere, N. 1825 Ash St., Spokane, WA 99205, 509 325-0115.) RS&523. Explore Australia’s national parks, minerals, climate, and wildlife without leaving home with Australian Graphic Atlas (S69.95), With it. You can watch a slide show, get population statistics with layouts of capital cities, and view single or multiple maps. Each map is IFF compatible, so you can use them in paint programs or desktop publishing. (HC Software, GPO Box 2204, Adelaide, S. Australia 5001.) RS&524. Desktop Publishers, you can stop stamping your feet and let out your breath: Pro Page 2.0 ($ 395) features style tagging, muitipage preview mode, allows 1000 colors on screen at once, supports 24-bit color files, and rotates text and graphics. Pro Page 2.0 comes with a built-in word processor and dictionary. (Gold Disk. 5155 Spectrum Way. Unit 5, Mississauga. Ont., Canada L4W 5A1, 800 387-8192 [from within the US] or 416 602-4001.) R$ 525. Here’s a prospective gem. The Sapphire A 68020 68881 Accelerator ($ 399) promises to increase operation speeds with software that enables the 68020-cpu cache capability. This 3VB x4V* x 72-inch board plugs into the cpu socket (sans 68000 chip) making it compatible with any Amiga. (TTR Development, 1120 Gammon Lane, Madison, Wl 53719, 608 277-8071.) RS&526. Would you like to add 2MB of RAM to your BASEboard? The XRAMboard ($ 139.95) daughterboard, which comes with 512K installed and sockets for up to 2MB, can do the tnck. The board's four-layer construction makes it compatible with any DRAM, according to the manufacturer. For $ 99, you can buy an autobcot SCSI interface for your A2000 that's compatible with most hard drives. The DataFlyer is non-DMA, and comes with an optional 4 or 8MB plug-on memory board. (Expansion Systems, 44862 Osgood Rd., Fremont, CA 94539, 415 656-
2890. ) RS 527, * Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation I A. Title !•( public .ilion: AmigaWorld. 1 B. Publication no.: 08832390. 2. Date of filing: Sept. 6. 1990. 3. Frequency or issue: monthly. 3A. No. Of issues published annually: 12. 3B. Annual .subscription price: $ 29.97. I. Complete mailing address ol known oHi e of publication: 81) Elm Street, Peterborough. Hillsborough Countv, New Hampshire 03-158. 5. Complete mailing address of the headquarters of general business offices of the publisher: 30 Elm Street, Peterborough, Hillsborough Coumv, New I lampshire 03 153. (>. Full names and complete mailing address of publisher, editor, and managing editor: Publisher: Stephen Robbins. 30 Elm Street, Peterborough. NH 03458, Editor: Douglas Barney, 80 Elm Street, Petei Ijorough, Nil 03458, Managing Editor: Swain Pratt, 80 Elm Street. Peterborough. NII 03458. 7. Owner: International Data Group. PO Box 1450, 5 Speeri Street, Eramingham, MA 01701. 8. Known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders ow ning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities: Bat rick J. McGovei n. PO Box 1450. 5 Speen Street. Framingham, MA 01701 9 For completion by nonprofit organizations authorized to mail at special rates: not applicable. 10. Extent and nature ofcirculation:
(X) Average no. Copies each issue during preceding 12 months; (Y) Actual no. Opies ol single issue published nearest to filing dale; A Total no. Copies (X) I 77,5 12 (Y) 169,766. B. Paid and or requested circulation:
1. Sales through dealers and carriers, street vendors and counter sales:
(X) 39.105 Y) 39.808. 2. Mail subscription: (X) 54,039 (Y) 52,488. C. Total paid and or requested circulation: (X) 93,144 (Y) 92.296, 1), Free distribution by mail, carriet or other means (samples, complimentary, and other free copies): (X) 3,770 (Y) 2.00-1. E, Iota! Distribution: (X) 96,914 (Y) 91,300. E. Copies not distributed: 1. Office use. Left over, unaccounted, spoiled after printing: ( i 3.427 (Y) 2,94 I 2, Return from news agents: ( ) 77.171 (Y) 72.525. G. Total: i ) 177,512 (Y) 169.766. AMIGA Programmers Wanted! The AmigaWorld Tool Chest has created a fantastic opportunity to publish new, uncirculated Amiga programs. If you’ve written something special for the Amiga, and would like to earn some extra money, please contact us for our Tool Chest Author Guidelines. Perhaps you'll be the next Tool Chest Star! Amiga World Tool Chest Submissions Dept, Amiga World Magazine 80 Elm St. Peterborough, NH 03458 PD PROSPECTOR Venture on down the trail to 'where THE the good games abound. Compiled by Tim Walsh This month we’ll look at some of the most popular games available on the networks, with lile numbers and library locations. People Link LOTTO-WORKS.LZH (AinigaZonc Section 10, file 24710) Lotto-Works shareware. Lottery-winning program. SPADES.LZH (AinigaZonc Section 10, lile 24689) Spades card game, where you play against three computerized opponents. Freely distributable. TOBIAS-TREK.( 1-1,1 -2,2-1,2-2)WRP (AmigaZone Section 10, file s 24631- 24634) An entirely new version of Star Trek composed of four files. Documentation in German; prompts in English. SIMPSONS-GAME.LZH (AmigaZone Section 10, file 23793) Get into trouble with Bart. Lots of action and excitement. When asked point-blank for his favorites, Plink's Amiga Zone Chairman Harv Laser seems to favor the antics of Bart in the Simpsons Game over most of the others. CompuServe SYS,LZH (Library 2. AmigaArts) Eastpaced arcade game, where you zoom around the screen chasing and killing disk viruses. SA265.LZH (Library 2. AmigaArts) Don’t let its nondescript filename fool you. It's version 2.65 of Streets & Alievs solitaire. RAPS.LZH (Library 2, AmigaArts) Opens a small window on vour Workbench, where you can play this tinv, checkers-like game. CITY.LZH (Library 2, AmigaArts) Blast away at with two guns (left and right mouse buttons) at attacking aliens. The epitome of mindless fun. CompuServe’s assistant sysop for the Amiga Forums, Betty (day, also recommends Wheel of Fortune (WHEEL.LZH) and Welltrix (WELLTR.LZH), both of which reside in AmigaArts Library 2. Genie MINIMAZEY2.ZIP (Amiga Library 9, file )I 15) Places a small, mouse-driven maze on the Workbench screen. K1DSGA ES.ZIP (Amiga Library 9, file 9098) Two golden oldies. Concentration and lowers, constitute ibis 17K file. DESERTS III ELD. LZH (Amiga Library 9, file 9083) Pilot a state-of-the-art lighter jet over the Saudi desert sands. 11 Id IWAYPAi’ROL.LZI I (Amiga Library 9, lile 104 1) A fast-paced shnot-em-up that lives up lo its name. Shoot everything that moves and everything that doesn’t. Alter hours of playing Mini Maze (MINIMAZEY2.ZIP). I found it to be one ol those rare, challenging games that can remain on the Workbench screen. Includes a nice maze editor for designing vour own. Good entertainment lor long downloads. Prospector’s Perch: The prospector looks at games. FROM SHOOT-EM-UPS TO strategy games, the networks offer plenty in the way of entertainment software. Like most computer veterans. J favor the capturing of utilities and applications as the best way to spend quality time on the networks, but I've been known to download a game or two. All in the name of broadening my editorial horizons, and I find it's usually well worth the time and trouble. Downloading public domain and shareware games certainly otters advantages. The price is right, at least when compared with paying big bucks for a commercial game. Furthermore, worries about infecting your hard disk with a troublesome virus is practically nil, since the games are reviewed and approved by experienced sysops before being made available to the public. As always, if a game is listed on one network where you don't have an account, you can use another network's keyword search to try to find it. For instance, SPADES.LZH on Plink is available in CompuServe's Amiga- Aus Library 9 as SPADES.ZOO. Eventually, nearly all of the files make Iheir way to all of the networks. If a game or other file is not on your network, check out the Fred Fish disk collection and other sources of freely distributable software. When downloading games, be aware that some of them are European imports of questionable origin. You may find the documentation in some language other than English, Some use the European PAL (Phase Alternation Line) video display, rather than the North American NTSC = National Television Standards Committee) video, thus chopping off the bottom portion of the screen, t encourage everyone with network accounts to check out at least some of these exceptional games. If you want to establish an account with any of the above networks, here are the voice numbers to call: CompuServe: 800,848-8199 614,457-8650 from within Ohio American People Link: 800 524-0100 Genie: 800 638-9636 For those without modems or network accounts, send an SASE and S1 to Fred Fish to find out the availability of the above PD programs on disk. Address correspondence to: Fred Fish 1346 W. 10th Place Tempe, AZ 85281 Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of The PD Prospector! ¦ AMI ALIGNMENT SYSTEM A memory and drive diagnostic utility for the Amiga line of personal computers. Test your speed and align your drives. DOCTOR AMI Allows you to test the integrity of system RAM (including expansion) and both floppy and hard disk media. Errors are located, identified and mapped out. Doctor AMI uses a full intuition interface and is quite simple to use. NOW Add S4 00 Shipping and Handling - Add S3 50
C. O.D. in U S A. only. Add S3 00 to all foreign shipments. VISA and MasterCard are accepted. Now with Anti-Virus
* Fits any Amiga, even the 3000! (Please specify when ordering).
* Backup any 3.5" disk (IBM, ATARI, MAC, AMIGA).
* No soldering required!
* Cross-country BBS support system (Call for nearest you).
* Backup your original - the day you buy it!
* Super Card AMI II works on NTSC (60 Hertz) and PAL (50 Hertz) systems.
* Tested world wide to be the 'one and onfy' 100% backup system. Don't wait, one original lost can cost more than this backup system! We have a full stock on hand and your system can be on its way to you fast! Remember, specify the Amiga you have when ordering. A500 1000 2000 2500 3000 using one or more external drives, or A2000 2500 3000 with two internal drives. AMI-II SOFTWARE UP-DATE Now Available 1.0 Software
* Copier files that allow 60 second backup for most programs.
* Copier construction set for creating custom copiers.
* Easy to use instructions.
* Save those programs onto the copier files for future use.
* Join our automatic up-date list, and never miss another up-date. ATTENTION AMIGA OWNERS EVERYWHERE!.1!! Now is the time to own the most powerful backup system that ever will be made. We have searched for a program that this software, hardware package can not backup, and it is yet to be found. Over 10,000 units sold!!! Please join our search. AMI SUPER TRACKER Have you ever wanted to know where problem tracks are located? Now, with super tracke AMI you can tell! This beautiful digital track display simply plugs into the last drive in your Amiga system (all Amiga computers will work). The head location (track) side (top or botton head) and where write protect position are all displayed. Never before 100% Backup... NOW ONLY
• Easy to use, mouse driven software.
• Most software backed up in 60 seconds!
• Transparent when not in use. SUPER CARD AMI II BOOT DRIVE SELECTOR Tired of that annoying “Clicking" that your drive makes when there is no disk inserted? Have you ever wanted to boot from one of your external drives? Did you know that some commercial programs (generally European games) actually require your external drives to be disconnected from your Amiga!! Introducing, BOOT DRIVE SELECTOR.... A simple to install board that fixes all of the above mentioned problems for good!! This unit installs between your CIA chip and your internal drive. Once installed, the “Clicking" ( which will eventually wear out your drive) will be a thing of fhe past. What happens if your internal drive malfunctions? You are stuck without your computer! Not if you have this unit installed! Simply select which external you want to boot from and you again have a usable system. The external drive you select and your internal (DFO) drive actually “Swap” locations, allowing the normal usage of all drives. No more removing your external drives for those programs that require that there be only one drive online. Simply flip the switch, and presto! All externa! Drives are disabled! This product will pay for itself without question! KICK BOARD When Workbench 2.0 is released, it is estimated that only 67% of the existing software will work with it. Nearly all commercial games will not run under the new Kickstart ROM. That leaves the consumer swapping their ROMs back and forth in order to run various software. This is a terrible inconvience to the consumer. Introducing, KICK-BOARD A simple to install board that replaces your ROM inside your Amiga computer. Remove your old Kickstart ROM from it's socket and place it in our board. Now, plug the KICK-BOARD'S ribbon cable into the empty ROM socket. That’s it! You can add two additional ROMs to the KICK-BOARD besides your original. Giving you the total of three possible ROMs to use in your Amiga. By simply moving the switch provided to one of the three positions, you can select one of the available ROMs. No more compatibility problems! By using a ribbon cable assemble, we have insured that this product will work with all processor accelerators, which generally cover the ROM socket completely. Introductory Price UTILITIES UNLIMITED OF OREGON, inc
P. O.Box 532 North Plains, OR 97133 ORDERS TAKEN 24 HOURS A DAY AT (503) 647-5611 FAX LINE (503) 648-8992 AMIGA 12 90 established 1967 24 HOUR FAX : 718-692-3372 TELEX: 422132MGRANT NO SURCHARGE FOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS. RUSH SERVICE AVAILABLE. TOLL-FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT. OR v MONTGOMERYGRANT; WRITE > Mail Order Department, P.O. Box 58 T0: Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230 WE INVITE CORPORATE & EDUCATIONAL CUSTOMERS. ¦pro Corporation Kj SOOXP HARD DRIVES 512K RAM EXPANDABLE TO SMB 512K, 20MB ....$ 529 512K, 40MB ...$ 629 512K, 105MB .$ 879 2MB, 20MB ....$ 599 2MB, 40MB ....$ 699 2MB, 105MB ..$ 949 AMIGA 500 B AMIGA 2000 HARD DRIVE PACKAGES SCSI CONTROLLERS WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD ON ANY OF THESE HARD DRIVE PACKAGES INCLUDES CABLES & SOFTWARE Thin, Compact, Fits into your Bus Port ot A-500, but allows other peripherals to be connected thru the Bus. 512K RAM EXPANDABLE TO BMB .$ 399 .$ 439 XETEC MINI FASTCARD (A2000) SUPRA WORD- SYNC A-2000 TRUMP CARD 2000 3 as2-2 to GVP Series II HC&'O A-2000 XETEC FASTCARD Plus A 2000 (exp. To SME) TRUMP CARD 2000 Piofessora TRUMP CARD 500 (•ip. W2UG) TRUMP CARD 530 Professional XETEC FASTTRAK A50WA1000 (exp. To 4MB} SEAGATE DRIVE DRIVE PRICE
* 89
* 105
* 125
* 155
* 205
* 175
* 204
* 209
* 269
* 299 5T-125N-1 I2DMB.26MS} s234
* 314
* 335
* 354
* 384
* 434
* 404
* 420
* 414
* 484
* 529 ST-1HN-1 (30M3.2SMS)
* 249
* 334
* 349
* 369
* 399
* 449
* 419
* 450
* 435
* 510
* 545 ST-1S7N-1 (A9MB28MS)
* 275
* 360
* 375
* 400
* 425
* 475
* 445
* 470
* 475
* 536
* 569 ST-177N (60MB, 3. S')
* 339
* 419
* 439
* 449
* 489
* 539
* 510
* 539
* 524
* 595
* 635 ST277N (60WBS.25')
* 269
* 339
* 369
* 389
* 419
* 469
* 439
* 459 - 5T-2KN I60M8)
* 329
* 409
* 429
* 454
* 479
* 529
* 499
* 525 • ST-IOKN (SOMB j,5‘>
* 359
* 439
* 459
* 489
* 509
* 559
* 529
* 559
* 539
* 615
* 655 quantum (40M3! S325
* 409
* 425
* 444
* 475
* 525 s489
* 525
* 499
* 589
* 499
* 579
* 599
* 599
* 649
* 699
* 669
* 695
* 708
* 759
* 549
* 629
* 639
* 669
* 699
* 749
* 719
* 749
* 749
* 799
* 839 QUANTUM = 170MB}
* 859
* 939
* 929
* 969
* 999
* 1049 S1024
* 1049
* 1049
* 1099
* 1129 QUANTUM (210MB)
* 999
* 1069
* 1069
* 1119
* 1129
* 1179
* 1169
* 1169
* 1179
* 1249
* 1269 SUPRA RAM 500RX cupncidis LW ue CALL ; SUPRA RAM | 2000 2,4, 6, & 8MB configurations available Easy to add memory Worxs on all Amiga® 2000 computers Reliable Four-Layer Board with Zero Wait States & Hidden Refresh Installs easily In any Amiga internal expansion slot Made in USA .$ 119 .$ 199 .$ 299 6MB. 8MB. OK... 2MB. 4MB. HARD DRIVE CARD PACKAGES AVAILABLE - CALL SUPRA RAM 500 S6500 WE WILL NOT Bl UNDERSOLD ON ANY GVP PRODUCL GVP 3033 Kit (33 Mhz.] w 68030, 4MB, 68882 .$ 1629 GVP 3033 Kit w Quantum 40MB ......$ 1969 GVP 3033 Kit w Quantum 80MB ......$ 2189 GVP 3050 Kit (5QMhz.) W,68030, 4MB, 68882 ....$ 2469 512K EXPANSION for A-500
* 92
* 105 SUPRA WORDSYNC SCSUNTERFACE Supra 44R Internal Tape w SCSI ......$ 679 Supra 44R External Tape no SCSI ....S769 SUPRA MODEM 2400 EXTERNAL w CABLE $ 105 SUPRA MODEM 2400 Zl INTERNAL S114 NO NONSENSE - NO GIMMICKS - NO PETTY DISCOUNTS ON OVER- INFLATED PRICES! IUST THE EVERYDAY LOWEST PRICING, LIFETIME TOLL FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND EXPERIENCED, COURTEOUS SERVICE! ALL YOU'VE GROWN TO EXPECT FROM MONTGOMERY GRANT! M Certified check bank check, money orders, approved P.O.'s, Visa, Mastercard, Diner's Club, Am--*, Optima, Cart Blanch e.C.O.D.'s Awretrans-Vsaccepled PteasecalibefaesckmitbngP Q.'s No additional surcharge fa aedit c d aders. Non-certified checks must wail 4-6 weeks fa cfea arce Prices and avaiabi ty sutjeci to change wtexut nolce. Not responsible la typographer eras. Return of defective merchandise musthavepfjorretimautiaizaliair.umber, a retwnswlnotbeaccepfed. Rease add 5% shipping A handing (mm. $ 6). Orders over £1200 are discounted lo 3% shipping & handing, Orders over $ 3000 are discounted to 2% (Canadian aders please call fa shippingrates). Second Day 4 Next Day Air available with ex Ta charges APO FPO orders please add 10% snippng & handing over $ 1200-8%, ewer WOOO-6%). AJ APG.'FPO orders areshipped firstdasspriaity air. All aders can be shipped Ax Express-cal fa detais. DC. A. «B00233. AMIGA 12 90 Ijlj) RETAILOUTLET: Penn Station, Main Concourse Swb (Beneath Madison Squa re Garden) ¦M New York City, NY 10001 Sfifl STORE HOURS: Mon-Wed 9:Q0am-7pm Thurs 9-8 Fri 9-2:30 CLOSED Saturday Sun 9:30-7 FOR ORDERS & INFORMATION IN USA & CANADA CALL TOLL FREE 1 rJ CANADA CALL& 718-692-0790 FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL: 718-692-1148 Monday-Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm Fridav 9:00am-3:00pm 1-
- 759-6565 m I I EXTENDED HOLIDAY SEASON ORDER ORDERS: Mon-Thurs 8:30am-8pm Fri 8:30am-2:30pm Sun 9:30-7 Closed Saturday TRADE-IN YOUR USED G0MM0D0RE OR AMIGA EQUIPMENT FOR A NEW, REITER MODEL - CALL FOR DETAILS! Commodore
* 279 1084 RGB MONITOR AMIGA COMPATIBLE PERIPHERALS 8 ACCESSORIES ICD AD-RAM 2080 (Memory Expansion for A-2000) OK $ 139 6MB ....$ 419 2MB ....$ 229 8MB .....$ 529 4MB .....$ 339 MASTER 3A-1 3.5' Disk Drive .$ 88 MASTER 3A-1D ..$ 129 MEGA-MIDGET RACER (25Mhz).$ 639 PANASONIC 1410 w Lens ....$ 199 PERFECTVISION Digitizer ...$ 199 PULSAR A-500 PC EMULATOR BOARD $ 498 SHARP JX100 Color Scanner w Software & Cables ..$ 689 SHARP JX 300 .$ 1689 SHARP JX 450 730 ...CALL VIDTECH VIDEOMASTER ..CALL PROGR P€R!PH bfOFT 512K Expansion for A-500 .....S57 MINIGEN .S189 PROGEN 5339 CITIZEN GSX-14Q . $ 265.95 GSX-200 ...$ 179.95 Color Option Kl lorGSX CALL PANASONIC KXP-1180... $ 149 95 KXP-1191... $ 22995 KXP-1124. $ 269 95 KXP-1624 $ 339 95 KXP-442G Laser .....$ 879.95 FRAME GRABBER $ 519 .$ 569 FRAMEGRABBER 256. FRAMEGRABBER 2.0 Software ......$ 75 BAUD BANDIT 2400 External Modem ....599 BAUD BANDIT 2400 Level 5 ...... $ 127 BROTHER HR-5 60 Col Thermal Primer.549 ) NEC MULTISYNC HID MONITOR. - $ 64 9 0 DISCOUNTED! AIR DRIVE Internal Drive for A-3C00 .$ 99 AMIGA 1000 Memory & Accessories .AVAILABLE AMIGA 30OC 32 Bi! Memory.,IN STOCK AMIGA Appetizer Software (Word Process, Music, Paint, Game, Tutorial Prooram) $ 39 AMIGAVISION Software ..$ 59 AMIGA 1.3 ROM (8850) $ 39 AMIGA 1MB Fatter Agnus Chip (8372A) .$ 94 AMIGA 500 Power Supply $ 66 AMIGA 2C00 Power Supply (w Trade-in) ..$ 99 A-MAX Mac Emulator tor Amiga,...$ 109 A-MAXEmufator2 .....$ 139 A-MAX ROM $ 149 CUTTING EDGE Mac Compatible Drive for A-MAX ..$ 149 AMIG-A-TOSH PLUS $ 239 APPLIEDENGINEERING
1. 52MB Hi-Density Drive $ 189 BASEBOARD Memory Expansion for A-500 = uses A-501 Expansion Slot OK $ 109 $ 219 512K ...$ 139 3MB .....$ 279 1MB .....$ 159 4MB ....$ 339 2MB Daughter Board Available CALIFORNIA ACCESS CA-680
3. 5” DISK DRIVE .. ...$ 95 CHINON Interna] Drive for A-2000...$ 79 COLOR SPLITTER ...... .$ 109 COMPUTER EYES PRO DIGITIZER (VGA) ... .$ 329 FLICKER FIXER ... .S355 DIGIFEX16Mhz Acellerator Board for A-500 a A-20C0 .$ 199 DENISE Extender for FLICKER FIXER ... .$ 119 DIGITALCREATIONS DCTV DC-10 . .5449 FLY HAND SCANNER... .$ 189 GENLOCKS AMIGEN ....$ 89 MINIGEN .. .....-$ 189 OMNIGEN701 ....$ 1369 SUPER GEN ... ......$ 599 SUPER GEN 2000S ... ...,$ 1339 MAGNI4C04 or4004S w Conlrolier .... ....$ 1449 NERIKI GENLOCK ..... ....$ 1469 NERIK! DESKTOP ..... ......$ 879 VIDTECH SCANLOCK...... ......$ 729 PRO GEN .....$ 339 MICROBOTICS Memory Upgrades for A-2000 SupOK $ 129 8upw 6MB.CALL Sup w 2MB.$ 239 8upw 8MB.CALL 8upw 4MB.$ 359 STAR NX-100011. ..$ 149.95 NX-1000 RAINBOW...$ 189.95 CANON BJ-130E......$ 599 95 EPSON LX-810......$ 199 95 FX-350......$ 349.95 LQ'510 .5269 35 ALL OTHER MODELS INSTOCK! ALL MODELS CALIFORNIA ACCESS (Bodega Bay) Expansion Console - turn your AMIGA 500 into a A-20Q0 Compatible ..$ 299 AMIGA 500 AMIGA 2000 AMIGA 2000HD AMIGA 2500 30 AMIGA 3000 PERMITTED TO PRINT THEM ALL AMIGA PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES IN STOCK PRICES SO LOW WE ARE NOT ALL MODELS IN STOCK HELP KEY Lou solves the puzzles of the CPU-hogging loop and the HD floppy drives. Pesky Pause(O) Q: 1 am a BASIC programmer and in my quest for the perfect routine to pause a program's execution and receive a keypress (via INKEYS) or a mouse click (via MOUSE), I wrote the following sub-program: ' Original Pause Routine CALL Pause(O) END SUB Pause (seconds!) STATIC SHARED ps$ IF seconds! = 0 THEN WHILE MOUSE(0)oO:WEND WHILE INKEY$ >“ ":WEND p: psS = UCASES(INKEYS) IF ps$ = “ ” AND MOUSE(O) = 0 GOTO p ELSE timeNow&= TIMER WHILE TIMER (timeNow& + seconds!);WEND END IF END SUB If I pass a positive, nonzero value with Pause, the program pauses for the specified number of seconds. Ij I call it with zero [CALL Paitse(O)], the program waits until I either press a key or click the left mouse button. I be pressed key is stored in psS and returned to the mam program. Phis routine works quite well, except for one glaring flaw. When Pause(O) is called, the p:. . . CO TO p line in the routine puts the program into a very tight loop that eats up CPU time like crazy a very bad programming practice in a multitasking environment. I have tried a number of other techniques to get around this problem, but so far with no success. Are you aware of any way to accomplish the function oj the routine without eating up the computer's CPU time? Robert Bromley Midton, Ont., Canada By Louis R. Wallace A: First let me say that I was quite impressed with vour routine. It does exactly what you want and does it welt. The problem lies in the fact that Amiga- Basic does not have an On Key command, which would have taken care ot the busy wait problem. So your loop sits there and chews lip significant amounts of the computer's power. .After thinking about it for a while, 1 had one of mv irregular bursts of brilliance and called Commodore's Amiga- Basic expert, Carolyn Scheppner, who suggested using the WaitTOF( ) function in the Graphics Library. WaitTOF stands for Wait ‘til Top Of Frame. When called, it waits until the video beam readies the top of the screen and completes the vertical blanking sequence. It also waits until any routines that execute in the j vertical blanking interval are complete. Because the vertical blank occurs 60 times a second, the WaitTOF will wait of a second. Bv placing one or more of these in vour Pause loop, vou can de- J I * crease the number of times the keyboard and mouse are polled, which will lessen the strain on the CPU during your loop. If vou call the Wait I OF function once within vour loop, your GOTO p routine can run, at most, only 60 times per second. If you call it twice in a row, the loop will run onlv 30 times. 1 made some slight modifications to your program to incorporate the WaitTOF routine. First 1 opened the graphics library using the Library command. Then 1 added a simple loop to call WaitTOF six times inside the p:. .. GO TO p loop. This causes the loop to run at most 10 times per second, greatly reducing the CPU strain. Checking once every tenth of a second should be enough, but you can alter the frequency bv increasing or decreasing ihe length of the WaitTOF For. . .Next loop. The result should not hog the CPU. Modified Pause using WaitTOF graphic function ’ to monitor ten times a second. LIBRARY “graphics.library” n = 0 CALL Pause(O) END SUB Pause (seconds!) STATIC SHARED psS IF seconds! = 0 THEN WHILE MOUSE(0)oO:WEND WHILE INKEYSo" ’:WEND P: FOR ii = 1 TO 6 CALL WaitTOF& NEXT Ii ps$ = UCASES(INKEYS) IF ps$ = “ ” AND MOUSE(O) = 0 GOTO p ELSE TimeNow& = TIMER WHILE TIMER (TlmeNow& +seconds!):WEND END IF END SUB HD Floppy as DFO:? Q: was broking at the ads for Applied engineering's High Density floppy drives and wondered if it is possible to install one as DPI): in an Amiga 2000 or 3000. If it is, could boot with the III) floppy? Shawn Wyatt Smyrna, Delaware A: Applied informs me that at this time their High Density drive is for external use only. They do plan on internal versions. Hul wouldn't commit to any .specific dale for a release. They did tell me. However, that they're now including a Workbench 2.0 driver with their HD floppy. Users of the new Amiga operating system can make use of the increased floppy storage. ¦ YOU CAN DOIT! InfoMarket HEY DIGITIZERS! YOU’VK RKA1) ABOUT IT MONTH AFTER MONTH, ih;t how can you get into thk vidko HLTSINKSS? WHAT WILL IT COST? HOW CAN I USE MY AMIGA TO IT’S FULLEST WITH VIDEO? ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED IN THIS INFO-RACK ED VIDEOTAPE CUM RILED BY A WORKING HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION COMPANY, THE TAPE LETS YOU KNOW WIIAT HARDWARE YOU NEED. WHAT SOFTWARE IS THE BEST, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY HELPS YOU CHOOSE WHICH LEVEL OF VIDEO PRODUCTION IS RIGHT FOR YOU! WE ARE CONFIDENT THAT THE HINTS, TIPS AND TRICKS WILL MAKE YOU PROFITABLE! 20 DISKS OF THK MOST BEAUTIFUL ANIMATIONS AND BORDERS EVER CREATED FOR VIDEO, ALL UTILIZING COLOR ZERO SO YOU CAN ACHIEVE BROADCAST QUALITY VIDKO EFFECTS! TURN BORING .SEGMENTS INTO THE MOST EXCITING VIDEOS YOU HAVE EVER PRODUCED! WITH 20 DISKS TO CHOOSE FROM YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A HARD TIME FINDING THE EFFECT THAT IS JUST RIGHT Fok YOUR SCENE. INCLUDES IMPORTANT VIDEO UTILITIES AND REFERENCE CHARTS. THERE IS ALSO AN IN-DEITJl MANUAL COVERING EVERY ASPECT OK EACH AND EVERY EFFECT! PLUS: A VIDEO COVERING ALL OF THE EFFECTS, FREE OF CHARGE! IMPROVE YOUR IMAGES! GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT!! MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR DIGITIZER!!! ACHIEVE PROEESSINAL RESULTS USING THE KEY TECHNIQUES NOT EVEN COVERED IN THE MANUAL! SECRET’ SOFTWARE TIPS PREVIOUSLY UNMENTIONED ARE ALL COVERED IN DETAL, GIVING YOU THE PROFESSIONAL EDGE. THIS INFO-PACKED VIDEOTAPE COVERS EVERY ASPECT OF PROFESSIONAL DIGITIZING, AND HOW TO PROFIT FROM THIS KNOWLEDGE! ONLY $ 89.95 S2.50S&H "ANY 2 OF OUR INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOTAPES FOR JUST $ 34,95" PLEASE ADD 56.00 FOR SHIPPING "IF YOU USE YOUR AMIGA WITH VIDEO. YOU CANT DO WITHOUT THIS SET OF SOFTWARE!** "ANY 2 OF OUR INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOTAPES FOR JUST $ 34.95!" Call Us: (213) 874-7404 Fax Us: (2131 874-W60 WE ACCEPT VISA MASTERCARD CIIKCK'M.O. C.O.I). OR 5F.N1> Yol K ORUFRSTO: MICH A El WGKLO I’KCJDt.C] IONS 1755 El. CKKKIK) PEACE 0403 LOS ANGKI.KS, l'. . 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* Enter competition mode, where you work your and a data disk way up as a preliminary For the Amiga 2000 or 500 (1 meg required) Send $ 25 00 US to Nick TorkOS 28 Pritchard Ave., Toronto, Ontario Canada M6N 1T3 CANADIAN MAILORDER DANDAM SOFTWARE pem CALL FOR FREE CATALOGUE mi 1-800-265-9576 (519)974-3011 Fax:(519)974-6643 AUTHORIZED: AMIGA, GVP, SUPRA DEALER 8408 WYANDOTTE ST. E, WINDSOR, ONT. N8S 1T6 InfoMarket "...AN EXCELLENT COLLECTION OF PROFESSIONAL QUALITY PATTERNS, TEXTURES AND PALETTES FOR VIDEO PRODUCTIONS." Jm Pi,1H| . EcMOr PuOI&W T.'ie A’?! Pj V Ctv' Jjrte 1990 Add variety to your Amiga video titling and desktop presentations with Pro Fills patterns, textures and palettes. Over 100 high resolution and interlace resolution IFF brushes for use with fill tools and tile functions in any IFF compatible program. Thirty custom 16 color palettes included, designed with color ranges for Instant drop shadows and highlights. All palettes are color font compatible. Available at fine Amiga dealers everywhere. To Order send $ 29.95 plus S1.50 handling to: JEK GRAPHICS 12103 S. Brookhurst Ste. E-125 Garden Grove, Ca 92642-3065 Phone (714) 530-7603 Circle 303 on Reader Service card Authorized Amiga Service Center Special offer on the Enhanced Chip set and new 2.0 Operating system software. At ad time pricing is still tentative so call for detailed information and pricing.
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A2000 System comes as steel rail hard card install with Autobool. Both support 2 ST-506 Hard Drives Use major credit cards or COD Price in US dollars ORDER TOLL FREE: 1-800-433-7572 -5R!R[T Beafl it' Dot-i'T wofiiiv, WE'll -fWE 'For. CmfcisriAivs Parts booth brought me face-to-face with Deluxe Instant Video Paint Construction Music, a do-it-yourself music-video program. Just select a musician from the menu and one or more instruments from the rather large assortment, and key in a song title. (You can even click on his foot to make his toe start tapping.) Add singers, dancers, and special effects, and you've got your finished product. After playing around with it for a while, I got a pretty decent rendition of "Panama,” by Van Flalen, performed by a screen full of little guys with bagpipes doing the moonwalk. Pretty amazing product NewSpec had a booth, and as usual it was packed. It was floating room only as they demonstrated their products. NewSpec, if you recall, brought us DlgiPhewl, the first software to stimulate your senses with its unique scratch and sniff interface. NewSpec appropriately chose this show to debut the long- awaited VideoPoster, a wafer-thin computer monitor that you can hang on the wall. People were snapping these up left and right.. .it'll sure save on desk space! Several hardware manufacturers on hand were involved in a contest to see who had the fastest accelerator board. When they booted their machines, every one of them was launched through the open cargo-bay doors with such force that they hurtled off into space. If you happen to be hit by one or more of these spacey CPUs, please try to determine how fast it was going when it struck we're still trying to figure out who won. IN AN EFFORT to spread the Amiga word to the rest of the world, a group of Amiga enthusiasts recently bought some space in the cargo bay of the space shuttle "Spitball" and launched a show. Yours truly was lucky enough to be chosen to report on this first-ever orbiting Amiga show. Appropriately enough, the first thing I saw was Really Virtual’s booth and a demo of the company's ever-popular educational program, Really Really Far Away Suns. In this version, you can click on a star and not only get its name, approximate distance, and coordinates, but also its star-tan factor rating. A company representative said that the long- awaited Pretty Close Planets and Asteroids In Your Neighborhood are currently in production, Next, a drift over to the Electronic I TOLD THLW WE WERE KI T" specially marked Spectrum 1 foloByte games. T he promotion starts November I, and the drawing will be held in early March, 1991. Prizes include a three-day course at the Jim Russell Racing Driver School at the liiguna Seta Raceway in Salinas, CA, plus a week for two in Monterev; a half-day class at the nation's only civilian Top (>nu school, Air (ajinbat USA, in Fullerton, CA, plus a seven-day trip for two to southern (ialilorma; and a ten-day tour for two to the Soviet Union. (Spectrum HoloByte, 2061 Challenger Dr., Alameda, CA 94501, 415 522-3584.) Middle East note. Ironically, a little more than a year ago, Commodore Electronics Ltd. Participated in the Peace and Friendship Games in Kuwait. Over 40 Islamic countries took part in the games, during w hich an A2500 controlled the stadium’s video scoreboard. Uh-Oh, Mac emulators... According to the September 24th issue of IriJnlVnrld, Apple Computers stopped selling Mac ROMs for general consumption since “too many were ending up in Mac emulators." Big Bad Byte. The word on the streets here in Peterborough, NIT, (where Byte Magazine is located) is that Byte is upping its Amiga coverage. Hmmmm.. . Pre-birth update. Our sources say that although some of Commodore's CDTV units will ship before the end of 1990, it’s really beginning to look like a 1991 product. Commodore only plans limited test marketing this Christmas. You could win! Commodore's AmigaVision Script Contest is your opportunity to flaunt your creativity. To enter, develop a 15- to 30-minute script in one curricular area (math, science, English, social studies history, art, music) using AmigaVision. When it’s finished, just port your script to videotape and submit it with a one-page lesson plan describing how your script would work in a classroom. Send in your entries before January 15, 1991 to Commodore Business Machines, AmigaVision Contest, Education Dept., 1200 Wilson Dr., West Chester, PA 19380. Prizes to be awarded include three A3000 25-40s as first prizes, three A20()0HDs as second pr izes, and three A500s as third prizes. Questions should be directed to Susan Ben- gough, Commodore’s education marketing specialist for grades K-12, at 215 431 9100. Or try this one. Gamesters might he interested in Spectrum HoloByte’s sweepstakes. You can find official entry forms at participating software retailers and in Golem Drives Europe’s Largest Amiga Developer || yoiem l ower Put your A2000 in the Golem Tower and clean up your desk! Fits all your external units, such as hard drives (up to 1 gigabyte), 2 3.5" floppy drives, 2
5. 25*' floppy drives, a tape streamer and much more. High quality Amiga floppy disk drives with a pass through buss, On Off switch, dust proof casing, built in LED track display. Track Display for the Amiga 2000 shows actual position of stepper and heads of both internal disk drives. There’s no drop in disk speed or software required. Golem SCSI 11 Controller
• State of the Art * High performance SCSI controller with 16 Bit SCSI II bus system, DMA Free data transfer, up to 1.42 MB sec transfer rate. Available as either an internal card tor the A2000 series or in a external case for the A500 or A1000. Inc. • 42! Hudson* M12 « New York, NY ® 10014 fel; (212) 727-0548 * Fax; (212) 627-3965 : on Reader Service card GraPh*c Demonstration 0'A smwx ctSixWW Different Brilliant Colors cviMOtA | M Jm fl Crayola SHA»P£NHR Deluxe Paint III has 32 colors* and costs $ 149.95. Digi-Paint 3 gives you 4096 colors and costs $ 99.95 Get the picture? N=wT= Which one of the artistic tools pictured here would a child choose? The answer is obvious, the more colors the better. The choice is just as easy when it conies to Amiga paint programs. Digi-Paint 3 works in the Amiga’s powerful Hold-And-Modify (HAM) mode which allows you to paint using all 4096 colors simultaneously. By comparison, Deluxe Paint III (by Electronic Arts) operates in less sophisticated modes, restricting you to a maximum of only 32 colors* What does this mean to your Amiga art? Simply put, the program with more colors makes the better pictures. But that's just one of the reasons Digi-Paint 3 is the ultimate paint program. Other advanced features found in Digi-Paint 3:
• 1-t drawing modes including colorizing, range painting, and texture mapping
• Powerful tools including: magnify, rotate, cut-and-paste, and variable transparency Digi-Paint 3 ,s a trademark of NewTek Inc CRAYOLA, chev nandse en ine designs are reg.stered trademarks ol B.nney & Smith Inc . Used with permission. Deluxerant of Electronic Arts
• In some modes an addilional 32 half-intensity shades are available.
• Anti-aliased fonts give sharp edges and a crisp television look
• Paint 011 canvases up to l()2-» x 102-4 with auto-scrolling
• Supports all Amiga display modes and resolutions
• Compatible with the Amiga 3000 and WorkBench 2.0 AmigaWorld magazine recently compared the leading paint programs in a head-to-head showdown. A dear winner emerged: “Digi-Paint 3 is the one to beat for speed, versatility and professional applications.” After six pages of detailed evaluations they concluded with. "If you are really serious about owning only one paint program, we would have to recommend Digi-Paint 3." Digi-Paint 3 is available now at your local Amiga dealer or call 1-800-843-8934 or 913-354-1146. 1 to Headliners, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458, 2 6 Record start only. 3 Microillusion’s hardware SMPTE synchronizer. 4 is graphic editing is more comprehensive, it supports Amiga samples, it loads SMI S (Simple Music Score) files (if vou are upgrading Irom one ol the old Amiga standbys), and it includes Dr. 'T's QuickScore, which offers simple yet useful transcription. On the other hand. I rax does oiler external sync making it more suitable for recording purposes as well as having mote tracks (although it does not offer controller editing). Texture I and Texture II (Sound Quest) head up the rest. These are basically the same program, although Texture II is spruced up with some interesting use of color and a graphics-based data-displav - onlv window. I recommend Texture to anyone who really likes pattern sequencing and an IBM-style environment. It is efficient, but cryptic. MRS (Dr. TV) is a solid program that might be good for someone who needs onlv eight tracks and doesn't inind the uglv look of the older Dr. T programs. MIDI Magic
(C. Ircum Design) is the weakest of the bunch sparse on features and possessing a few quirks that lead me to believe the program still needs some work. One other program that is available. SoundScape (Mi- mctics), is not one I would recommend. ’These are. Ol course, my own personal recommendations. In browsing through the comparison chart or experimenting b yourself, you may find your own favorites based on vour own special needs. Making music is a creative, highly individualistic pursuit so c hoose what suits vou best. Good luck! ¦ Slew (hunzt composes music u'ilh his AMIGA and writes about the profess. Write him c o Amiga World Editorial, SO Elm St., Peterborough. XII Oi fiS. 5 Standard keyboard shortcuts for common operations. For example. Right Amiga-S. -X. -C, -V and -Q key combinations for save, cut. Copy, paste, and quit functions, respectively.
• Both mouse and keyboard access to every command, button, and requester gadget, with listings of key combinations for commands in the pull-down menus.
• Support for both medium and high- resolution screen displays (with or without overscan), and for high-resolution 6 I’s OminnE vi tnw.*:it t SAONI.Yi. r Ri.*h Sv.k Oneludcs Evcilo Ri.it II.huiii. Ostmsphi M2.i»» * V2 '(iPl.k 11 l:M niui-i k- iiwiiw! B) 12 5’iHut i iVinriit Vlad I SA W )II i hilliJi1' AIVlTIIJi. ( jivcUAIi'i nil *i* IK). I lihti Furi'icn VI IK) Haiullitijr - Vi.iu.il Ship|WK - In-iii.iiue 7 Dunn and Bradslreet Number Upon Request * I'm keeping my eye on AdramA.K.A. Super Sleuth • *F.B.I.-Find Barney Immediately WE ACCEPT SCHOOL PURCHASE ORDERS * OVERSEAS SHIPPING IS OUR SPECIALTY * Conlinent.il U.S. only.

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Amiga World Vol 06 12 1990 Dec

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