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Graphics adapter, it was a system capable of impressing the most skeptical industry observers. Real-time video (supplied by a digitizer) running in one window of the display astonished many. In another part of the booth, other Commodore representatives created AmigaVision applications on AmigaDOS 2.0- equipped A3000s. Among the Amiga developers showing in Commodore’s booth was Digital Creations, which demonstrated DCTV, a low-cost, 24-bit digitizer slated to ship with a 16- million-color paint program. For the higher-end crowd, RGB Computer & Video showed off AmiLink 2. 0, a complete video-editing system that can support up to 32 video devices and control NewTek’s Video Toaster via software. In its own booth, Gold Disk demonstrated ShowMaker, a presentation program that seems to get better every time it is shown (we now hear of a January release estimate for the package). In another location, Supra prominently displayed its line of Amiga products, Precision Software was also on its own, showing off Superbase 4 for the PC and telling of an .Amiga-version release this year. Finally, NewTek impressed visitors with its Video Toaster. Among those paying careful attention to crowds at the NewTek booth was Truevision. Interestingly, one of the newer Truevision employees is a recent hire from Commodore, where he had been an Amiga product manager. LRW Where the Media Is Amiga Dons Unix and Multimedia At Fall Comdex Hoping to fulfill the promise of multimedia for the PC, Intel recently unveiled the Intel i750. Based upon Digital Video Interactive (DVI) technology, the i750 provides data compression of 160:1, allowing a CD-ROM disc to hold an hour of video. This technology is expected to be available this year in devices costing under $ 1000. Amiga third-party developers have not been sitting still, however. IVS, ICD, and GVP have demonstrated an ability to run full-motion video from hard drives. Given the drop in harddisk prices, this certainly provides a superior solution for off-line editing. Meanwhile, Tandy and Microsoft have teamed up to offer a “Multimedia PC" an IBM-compatible with a CD-ROM drive. The system will run Microsoft Windows with extensions for sound, graphics, and animation. I saw a sneak preview’ and was unimpressed w’ith its limited animation abilities and lack of video support. Microsoft, however, is working with developers and expects a range of applications this year. All the more reason to prime the CDTV pump, we’d say. DB Moving Pictures to Italy RICCIONE, ITALY-The fourth annual Bit.Movie show of computer graphics will he held April 25 28 in Riccione, Italy, and will again feature a real-time-ani- mation competition. Last year’s show attracted over 2500 guests, each of whom was given a ballot to vote for three animations from among the 30 finalists. Entrants can submit up to four works, and a commission will decide on the finalists, giving preference to works that do not include public-domain objects or backgrounds.

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Amiga World Vol 07 02 1991 Feb

Document sans nom Amiga Style! February 1991
U. S.A. S3.95 Canada $ 4.30 UK £2.50 An IDG Ctmmunicalinns Publication ? 25 Tools For Multi Media Producers * 9 Tips For Better Interactive Shows How to Avoid Gopmght Hassles RAM Supercharge 11 A500 Boards Plush ur.
• HAM Compositing
• Video Disc Mastering
• Reviews, Games & More We're not saying everyone should own a Digi-View Gold... Protozoa, lor example, have very little need. Only one product has captured the imagination of Amiga users around the world: Digi-View Gold. It’s the most award winning, best-selling and most used Amiga hardware product of all time. When Amiga owners want to digitize graphics they use Digi-View Gold. Period. In fact, we’ve probably sold more Digi-Views than any other digitizer on any PC in history. Here’s your chance to bring the world into your Amiga. Simply focus your video camera on any object or picture, and in seconds Digi-View Gold turns it into Amiga graphics that glow with vibrant color and stunning clarity'. Whether you are creating graphics for desktop publishing, presentations, video, or just for fun, Digi-View Gold makes dazzling images perfectly simple. Digi-View Gold is designed specifically for the Amiga 500 and 2000, and plugs directly into the parallel port. With complete software control of color saturation, brightness, sharpness, hue, resolution, and palette, advanced image processing is as easy as adjusting the controls on your television. Only Digi-View Gold:
• Mils exclusive Dynamic HiRes mode for 4096 colors in HiRes
• Digitizes in all Amiga resolution modes from 320x200 up to 768x 80 (full HiRes overscan) Requires standard gender changer lor use with Amiga 1000. Dynamic HiRes requires 2 megs of RAM. Digi-View Gold is a trademark of NewTek. Inc.
• Uses 2 to 4096 colors (including halfbrite)
• Digitizes in 21 bits per pixel (2.1 million colors) for the highest quality images possible
• Has advanced dithering routines that give an apparent 100,000 colors on screen simultaneously
• Comes with an icon driven slideshow program for presentations using both IFF and Dynamic images
• Offers an unprecedented lifetime warranty and toll-free support line If you want the best pictures possible on your Amiga, then you need the best selling video digitizer of all time: Digi-View Gold. Only S199.95 Digi-View Gold is available now at your local Amiga dealer. Or call 1-800-843-8934 or 1-913-354-1145 N=wI=k The Amiga Video Digitizer incorporated Circle 119 on Reader Service card. INCLUDES TUTORIAL VIDEO Gold Disk has a publishing program that gives you more creative control over your desktop documents: Professional Page"' 2.0. Designed for the serious Amiga user who is concerned with sophisticated typography, color design and separation, and production control, this powerful publishing package gives you professional results. Prnjoct Page Group Box Type Edit Draw Preferences Professional Page 2,0 The serious desktop publishing tool. TO CREATE a sitcesful brochure, newsletter or similar document, you need a serious desktop publishing tool wdl equipped to handle the process irnTTi o production 10 Id Disk’s tm If Quick text design changes are accomplished with Professional Page's style tagging. An unlimited number of style tags can be defined to specify any or all type and paragraph attributes. Put a new angle on text, bitmaps and structured graphics with Professional Page. Rotate them at any angle, either numerically or with the mouse, and add pizzazz to your documents. Customize text with greater control over letter and word spacing. And AGFA Compu- graphic fonts, allowing for smooth, jaggie-free output at any point size to any printer. M me. A built-in word processor provides for quick text writing and editing and includes a 90,000 word spell checker. Preview multiple pages on screen simultaneously. Now you can review up to six document pages at a time, easily checking your graphic design and text positions for an overall look. Automatic page numbering is easy with Professional Page 2.0. Insert the current page number at any point and it is automatically updated when the page number is changed. Adding a splash of color is easy with the built-in PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM.®* With a click you can select from up to
65. 000 user-defined colors, and color dithering can display over
1. 000 colors ot once. Import and print 24 bit color files, including color separations directly from Professional Page without the need for extra utilities. _ 1hH I* »«l» ttr Mwta Uitar InfrniMi 1m M «, (• 94 m i mill f matin*. Ml atll iWm w 111 il i mm; V*i iitk In in ¦ - rtwiil ¦s For producing simple flyers and brochures to full four color ads and magazines, Professional Page is the desktop publishing program of choice. In fact it is used by more magazines than any other package. And to get you producing professional documents quickly, vve have included a free tutorial video tape in every package. To find out why Professional Page 2.0 is the expert's choice, see your local Amiga dealer or call 1-800-GOLD- DSK. If you take desktop publishing seriously, we’re the ones to work with. Professional Page is the best, and the best just got better. ADVANCING THE ART OF DESKTOP PUBLISHING Gold Disk
P. O. Box 789. Streetsvilie Mississauga. Ontario. Canada L5M 2C2 416 602-4000 GOLD DISK Circle 150 on Reader Service card. This document produced entirely with Professional Page 2.0 Professional Page is a registered trademark of Gold Disk Inc.
* Pan tone. Inc’s check-standard trademark for color. Ask your dealer how you can win a Sony® Discman®, PriJlcesa Daphn a£l*eep spirited away.to a wtynfce m me By, the evil wizard VlordfbtTwho plans toTorce her into marriage. Only you, Dirk the Da ring, pan save iter. Tfansp'diHed-byja bubbling old time machine, you Begin the rescue mission. But y i must hurry, for oh e the Casket of Doom has opened, Mordroc wjll place the Death Ring upon Daphne’s finger in marriage and she will be lost forever in the Time Warp. Be the first to play the all new Don Bh animated adventure &regon’s Laifll:lii Warp features full-screen animation and clt Ttfzed sound with more scepe§. Than a previous aniranted adventu r "Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp" is'a trademark owned by _ Bluth Group, Ltd.; (&1990 Bluth Group, Ltd.;Tj«Sa 1 under license from Sullivan Bluth Interactive Media, 1 S&HM Inc.; Character Designs ©1983 Don Bluth; ©1990 all I SHUJ audio, visuals and concept - Sullivan Bluth Interactive | jf : a Media, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED; Programming I ©1990 ReadySoft Incorporated. R adVSoft Incorporated, 30 Wertheim Court, Unit 2, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B1B9 Tel: (416) 731-4175 Fax: (416) 764-8867 ' Circle B6 on Reader Serv.ce card. FEATURES Multidimensional Multimedia By Jamie Krutz . 26 Our “Multimedia-For-All-Occasions" guide will show you the equipment and software you’ll need for any kind of multimedia show from simple product displays to full-scale video productions. Replace That Interface! By Geoffrey Williams ..33 With interactive multimedia, you can't always get away with just a standard mouse or keyboard interface. Here are nine different alternatives for your next presentation. Copy Rights and Wrongs By Gene Brawn ..41 Sometimes von can, sometimes you can’t, and sometimes it's not very clear at all! Check out our copyright guide for multimedia producers to find out what’s yours, what’s theirs, and what's up for grabs. ARTICLES The “Ami 500” Part 1: Rewing Up With RAM By John Wolfskin .... 46 AW begins a 3-part series on upgrading and expanding your Amiga 500. Here on the first lap, an ace mechanic shows you how to overhaul your system memory with I I different RAM expanders. COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Bamey .... 6 The editor's been locked up in his office running every kind of Amiga system imaginable going full blast. He passed this editorial out under the door, and we think lie’s ready to come out now. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ... 38 Joel takes up photo-compositing techniques again this month, hut this time he applies them to HAM mode with some very striking results. POINTERS By Tim Grantham ..60 Fax a text file via CompuServe using your favorite terminal emulator? Fry this handy Arexx script to see how it’s done. Mastering Multimedia By Gene Brawn ...... 66 Don’t let video-disc mastering turn into a “voodoo-video" nightmare. Follow this dear, concise guide to producing your own interactive video discs. DEPARTMENTS Repartee ....8 At 25 cents a pop, whaddya waiting for? Headliners . 10 From Vegas to Cologne, Amigas and Amiga products are very much in the news. What’s New? ... 108 Answer: Graphics, video, animation, music, expansion hoards, and a lot more! The PD Prospector By Tim Walsh .. 114 PD shareware picks and communications tips from our man down in the mines. Help Key ..116 If like last month I.on can install an 030 hoard in Santa’s sleigh and also make the old guy’s reindeer multitask, surely he can solve your technical dilemma. Last Licks . 120 Although some of you may miss “Ask Agnus” and “booger-on-the-screen” cartoons, we think the new look to our hack page may have hit the mark. REVIEWS SUPERGEN 2000S (Digital Creations). . 14 A revolutionary genlock that could spell the end of “rackmoimt" video. TRAX (Passport Designs) and MUSIC-X JR. (MicroIUusions)...... 20 Scaled-down “junior” versions of two popular MIDI sequencers. PageStream 2.0 (Soft-Logik) 24 The often-updated DTP program may finally hit the front page. Gold Disk Office (Gold Disk) 94 A five-module integrated business package. TOP FORM (Designing Minds) 100 Bare-bones custom forms creation. BackTalk . 106 No Fat Lady sings in this space! GAMES CRIB Notes By Peter Olafson .76 The gamesmeister is up to his joystick handles with requests for advice. WlNGS (Cincmaware Electronic Arts) . . 76 This time it’s “The Great One” not “The Big One,” in a superb flight simulator. The Killing Game Show (Psygnosis) .....78 It's the "pits” that’s why you’ll love it! The IMMORTAL (Electronic Arts)..... 78 Dungeon adventures are back on the map. Power Pinball (KarmaSoft) 84 Design your ultimate dream machine. TURRICAN (Innerprise) ......86 Futuristic platform arcade adventure. IVJ1 AMIGA PROFESSIONALS Great Valley Products, the world's leading Amiga developer wants you. Our aggressive expansion plans ha ve created a n umber of immediate openings. We offer a stimulating environment utilizing the latest state-of- thc-art development tools. Positions now available include: Hardware Engineers BSEE required. Proven design experience in one or more of the following areas: 68040 68030 based systems, advanced video or audio products, ASIC development using Mentor systems, highspeed modems, Amiga peripherals in general. Software Engineers In-depth knowledge of both systems and applications level programming using C on the Amiga. Proven experience in finishing projects from concept through to the "shrink wrap" stage would be ideal. Experience with AmigaDOS and UNIX device drivers and diagnostics would be an added advantage. Technical Support Specialists Amiga enthusiasts with a good understanding of both software and hardware. Requires good verbal and written communication skills, lots of patience and strong analytical ability. Technical Writer Manual Developer Knowledge of Amiga Hardware and Software coupled with proven technical writing skills and ability to develop technical manuals from concept to printing is a must. Requires self-motivated individual with drive and initiative able to work under pressure and meet new product introduction deadlines. Packaging design experience would be an added advantage. If you are interested in any of the above positions, please send us your resume as soon as possible. Stephen Robbins, Publisher Douglas Barney, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor SWAIN Pratt, Managing Editor Barbara GeFVERT, Senior Editor JANINE L. JACKSON, Review Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology; Special Products Manager LlNDA Barrett Laflamme, Editor, The Amiga World Tech Journal TlM WaLSH, Technical Editor John WOLFSKILL, Senior Writer, Technology MaRE-ANNE JaRVELA, Special Products Coordinator Gene Brawn, David T. McClellan, Contributing Editors Howard G. Harp, Art Director LAURA Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer ALAN A Korda, Production Supervisor Debra A. Davies, Typographer KENNETH Blake MAN, National Advertising Sales Manager MICHAEL McGoldrick, Sales Representative Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative HEATHER Paquette, Advertising Sales Representative, Partial pages id InfoMarket, 1-800-441-4403, 1-603-924-0100 MEREDITH Bickford, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO SALUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales, 1-415-363-5230 2421 Broadway, Suite 200, Redwood City, CA 94063 WENDIE Haines MARRO, Marketing Director LAURA Livingston, Alarketing Coordinator Margot L. SWANSON, Customer Sendee Representative; Advertising Assistant LlSA LaFleuR, Business and Operations Administrator MARY McCole, Publishers Assistant Susan M, HaNSHAW, Circulation Director, 1-800-365-1364 PAM WILDER, Circulation Manager LYNN LAGASSE, Manufacturing Manager Roger J. Murphy, President JAMES M. Barry, Vice President Group Publisher PAUL Boule, Lice President Group Publisher JlM McBrian, Vice President Group Publisher STEPHEN C. Robbins, Vice President Group Publisher DENNIS S. Christensen, Vice President of Manufacturing OperQtions BONNIE Welsh-GaRROLL, Director of Corporate Circulation id Planning JEFFREY D. DeTraY, Director of Technology Research Linda Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director DEBBIE Walsh, Newsstand Promotion Manager WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales id Collections DOREEN Means, Systems Coordinator Amiga liar Id (ISSN 0883-2390) is an independent journal not connected with Commodore Business Machines, Inc. Amiga World is published monthly bv IDG Communications. Peterborough. Inc., 80 Elm St., fVterbornugh. NH 03458. U.S. subscription rate is $ 29.97, one year; $ 46.00, two years; $ 64.00. three years. Canada S38.97 (U.S. funds), one year only. Mexico $ 38,97. Foreign Surface $ 49.97, Foreign Airmail $ 84.97 (prepayment is required on Foreign Surface and Airmail subscriptions in I S hinds drawn on L.S. bank). All rates are one-year only. Second-class postage paid at Peterborough. NH. And at additional mailingoflicev Phone: 603-924-0100. Entire contents copyright 1990 by I DC Ccmmmtiicauonx Peterborough, Inc. Nopart of this publication may be printed or otherwise reprtrduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes indwiigfiMhrM. Subscription Services, PO Box 5H804. Boulder. CO 80322-8801. Nationally distributed by Kable News Co. Amiga World makes every elli u t to assure the accuracy ofartidcs, listings and i it (nits published m the magazine. Amiga World assumes no i csjMmsibititv lor damages due toer- tot s or omissionv GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 THE NEW IMPACT Hie Next Generation in Amiga 500 Add-On Peripherals _ •-pc ll Turn your A500u into a S $ er'ous antl More Fun Computing Tool Today! GVP’s New SERIES II A500-HD+ is The Ultimate in Hard Drive, Memory and Expandability for your Amiga 500. Major features include: Leading Edge Same high-tech custom VLSI and FaaastROMfeatures as GVP's new Series II A2000 SCSI-RAM Products. Foresight r. Unique new "Mini-Slot"™ brings out all the A500 expansion bus signals, allowing for exciting future expansion options - the on Iv i ntel 1 igent alternative to risky "Pass-Through"' functionality. Reliability Includes internal fan to keep you cool and robust power supply ensuring your A500 power supply will not be overloaded. GVP will not compromise on quality and reliability! V-
- - =- Memory Expansion Internal RAM Expansion up to 8MB using easy-to-install SIMM memory modules. 1111 rrrrr Sleek v vv ;3IS
• 'VImm Custom injection-molded styling perfectly matches your A500 for unequaled beauty and elegance, setting a new standard for A500 peripherals. State-of-the-Art New 1 "-high internal hard disk drive; available from 40MB through 100MB. Performance Provides no-compromise hard disk performance which until now has never been seen on the A500. Seeing is Believing Take one for a Test "Drive" at your nearest GVP Dealer today! Call for Special End-User Trade-Up Details! IT. . • Take a Look under the Hood Game Switch: Enables RAM while enabling full game compatibility. External SCSI Port Allows up to 7 SCSI devices to be attached, v 1rr-High Factory-installed Hard Disk ' Drive: 40MB through 100MB. “Mini-Slot": For future r expansion options. GVP's Custom VLSI Chip. GVP's FaaastROM SCSI Driver, Internal RAM Expansion: Up to SMB Internal Fan: Keeps you running cool Dedicated Universal Input Power Supply: Included. Reinforced 86-PIN Card Edge Connector Educational pricing program now available. Series II, FAASTROM and GVP are trademarks o! Great Valley Products. Inc Amiga and A5Q0 are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or lor nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 a . Cwa 127 on Reader Service Card Dealers Circle 245 on Reader Service Card CHIEF CONCERNS In between computers: the quirks, frustrations and challenges of upgrading. I’M SITTING BETWEEN two Amigas, with one monitor pointed at my face, the other at my back. They are both on, issuing enough radiation to put my unborn progeny in slight peril. The machine that is producing this month’s harangue is an old A2000 with no accelerator, no flickerFixer, and nothing else of real significance. Behind, beaming its signal into my spine, is a spanking new, 25Mhz A3000, with a 100-meg hard drive and 18 megs of RAM. And if I turn to the side to talk on the phone, the old and new monitors beam their effulgence into both temples. Friends, especially those from the PC market, sometimes ask me why 1 have 18 megs of RAM. I say it’s because someone was nice enough to buy it for me. In fact, someone was nice enough to buy the entire AmigaWorld. Staff $ 72,000 worth of Amiga equipment, which arrived in a steady stream and was conscientiously installed by a local dealer. We’ve got four new 3000s, color scanners, speakers, new gen locks, new printers of every shape and size, new 2000s, new 500s, memory, floppies, cables, and, of course, a huge pile of empty boxes. Somewhere, some sales rep in the Northeast saw a blip, and that blip was AmigaWortd. So why is this editorial being written on an aging, underpowered wimp of an Amiga that could flake out at any minute? Some of it has to do with the fact that 2.0 is not quite finished. Part of it has to do with my lack of a power strip, so the speakers aren’t set up. And some of it has to do with the fact that I’m lazy, and haven’t yet moved over all my files. So then you ask; why is the 3000 turned on if it isn’t doing any work? Maybe it’s because I’m trying to learn about the new operating system, so I toy with the applications that are already loaded. Maybe it’s to get the feel of the speed, and to get used to the cursor flying off'the screen with the slightest touch of the mouse. Maybe it’s just to show off. A lot of people are also slow to change. Upgrading software can be difficult enough. Upgrading a whole computer with a new operating system is even more involved. The A3000 is a superb machine, but it is not the easiest to switch to. With its slim form factor, some boards won’t fit. Some programs won’t run under its new operating system, forcing users to boot up 1.3. And some timing-dependent software such as copy-protected games won’t run at all with its 68030 processor. All this slows down the inevitable move to the next generation. We know Commodore is working on a program for software compliance, and God knows they are trying to polish off the operating system. We’re going to pitch in as well. In the April issue, we are planning an article on A3000 compatibility that will allow owners and potential owners of the 3000 to figure out what will and won’t work. We don’t have time to load 1,200 programs and test dozens upon dozens of boards. We’ve also got to eat lunch, get out a magazine, and talk to readers on the phone. And since the operating system is still changing, the software results would be inaccurate as soon as they’re published, anyway. What we will do is generally describe why some things work and other things don’t, A quick call to your vendor of choice should help sort out the specifics. These issues are also involved in our buying 500s and 2000s. We need total backward compatibility for some of our projects. By the way, they are also cheaper. AmigaWorld is investing heavily in the Amiga market, both current and future generations. We are buying equipment, adding editorial positions, launching new products such as the Tech Journal, and beating the Amiga drum for whoever will listen. ¦ IMPACT A3001 UPGRADE KIT Now Available with SOMhz 68030 Acceleration Create the fastest Amiga in the World with an A2000 and our A3001 Kit. T 5 z 1 B i - A • m ¦. ¦ a flk * ___ ¦Jmbm |||nu f 32-Bit 68030 Bus Interface 68030 CPU with 28,33 or 50Mhz Oscillator 68882 FPU running at 28, 33 or SOMhz mance. A2000 + GVP A3001 CBM A300IT A3001 Upgrade Kit Installed All A2000 Expansion Slots Free! SOMhz 28-50Mbz rrrr 1 Choose the IMPACT * A3001 Upgrade Kit from GVP to put the speed and power of ieading-edge technology into your Amiga1'1. Enhance your productivity and create more powerful results when you choose these key features:
• Factory installed 68030 CPU running at 28 Mhz.
• Factory installed 68882 Floating Point Processor running at 28 Mhz.
• 4 or 8MB of 32-bit wide high performance 80ns NIBBLE MODE DRAM; allows full support and advantage to be taken of the 68030's BURST Mode.
• Built-in Autobooting High Performance Hard Disk Controller with data transfer rates well over 700KB sec.
• High performance 40MB, 80MB or 200MB hard disk drive with an average read access time of less than 15ms (19ms on write] and 64KB read- ahead cache. If you already own a hard disk, this item can be optional.
• Asynchronous design allowing the 68030 to run ASYNCRONOUS to the rest of the A2000 improving GENLOCK compatibility.
• ZERO SLOT SOLUTION! With the A3001 Configuration along with the bundled 40Q or 80Q Hard Disk Drive ALL A2000 EXPANSION SLOTS ARE LEFT FREE FOR FUTURE UNLIMITED EXPANSION! When you compare, the choice GVP is unbeatable for price anc Allows user to start with low-cost A2Q00 Amiga system and grow all the way to SOMhz 68030 performance without sacrificing anything. Number ol Open Amiga expansion slots with bard disk drive and 8MB Fast memory installed. Factory installed 68882 Floating Point Processor Clock Speed._ Fully implements 68030 Burst Mode up to 33Mhz. Brand name vendor with solid reputation Hard Disk Controller on 68030 Processor Board. Maximum CPU Clock Speed available & shipping Today. COMPARE en'tfow versl_Mame CBM A2500 30 IMPACT and GVP are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc. Amiga. A2000 and A3000 are registered trademarks of CommodOre-Amiga, Inc. UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T, Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. New Address: 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 alers Circle 36 on Reader Service Card Consumers Circle 265 on Reader Service Card REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. Underdone Toast Concerning the Video Toaster article (Oct. ’90, p. 20), I approached it with interest after seeing NewTek’s Toaster in action at the recent Los Angeles Video Show. However, Lou Wallace’s article left me in the dark as to the Toaster's capabilities with other equipment. It would be very helpful in future articles to at least show a block diagram, with the precise machines and associated equipment usecL I’m sure that I’m not the only one who needs more complete information. Pierce Grant Burbank, C4 To Each His Own 1 have just received my December Amiga World and am sorely disappointed by the article “MIDI Sequencers,” penned by Steve Quinzi. 1 must say that I take exception to Mr. Quinzi’s article on several points. The statement “Bars 8c Pipes. . . .is my first choice for Tun' projects” may imply to some that Bars & Pipes may not be suitable for serious projects. For me, the choice of a sequencer is as personal as buying a musical instrument; does it fit your mu- sical ideas, your style of writing, as the instrument fits your hand? Does it get in the way of creativity? Mr. Quinzi’s implications could well steer someone away from discovering that Bars 8c Pipes is an extremely serious sequencer for those of us who have delved deeper. I invite Mr. Quinzi to hear my music and that of my crosstown colleague, Melvin Sparks, and tell us “it ain’t serious” Just because a sequencer accomplishes its objective in a “dramatically different way” does not impair its efficiency. Also, “non-destructive editing" is a very important feature that needs more thorough explanation. Mr. Quinzi further stated that Bars 8c Pipes “would be my last choice. . .if I were under a deadline, because. . .its open- ended design results in a kind of fragmentation that I find distracting." What the devil is that supposed to mean? Perhaps his article deadline was the distraction. Michael Torres ML Vernon, NY 10553 Hard Disc Wish List When will game makers realize the error of their ways? I am referring to the fact that most games are floppy disk- based only. This was the sole reason that I did not buy the game Dragon’s Lair. (Dragon’s Lair would load to hard disk, but only one brand.) I was very pleased to find that the new Dragon’s Lair would load to hard disk. 1 have quite a few games, with some of the greatest graphics and sound effects, but I do not play them much because of the extremely slow disk-access speed. In the future, I will no longer even consider any software product sold for the Amiga unless it can be loaded to a hard disk. Hubert Samm Belleville, IL Victories I am very encouraged by the recent trend 1 have noticed toward extensive coverage of the Amiga in professional trade magazines that serve the video- production and broadcast communities. Some magazines have even gone so far as to include a regular column that features the Amiga and expounds the virtues of using the system (e.g., AV Video magazine’s column, “Amiga Niches"). This trend has been quite evident since the release of Commodore’s AmigaVison authoring system for multimedia presentations, and is also reflected in a growing number of higher-end hardware and software packages specifically designed to meet the demands of discriminating video professionals. Could it be that skeptics within the industry are finally waking up and smelling the coffee? Will the Amiga finally get the kind of recognition it truly deserves? From my observations, the answer seems to be a resounding YES! In my spare time, I am an independent producer for a local cable television station. When the station manager and a director were discussing the possibility of adding some computers for animations and overlay graphics, I heard the manager make the typical Macintosh suggestion. Then, to my vast surprise, the station director actually responded with: “What about an Amiga? I hear it's quite a capable system." To make a long story short, after I put a demo tape of my work together and gave it to the station manager along with my copy of the AW Animation video, the director stopped me in the hall one day and said, "We’re ordering Amigas.” Brad E. Hobberstad Hawthorn, CA Serious Use Mike Czykun (Repartee, Oct. ’90) stated that “It was we, the game enthusiasts who put the Amiga on the map.” Get real! The Amiga was “put on the map" by people who saw its potential as a leading graphics and sound workstation. You can play PacMan all you want on your Amiga, but I’ll stay with Dpaintlll and Pro Page, thank you very much. Shawn Silva Victoria, British Columbia Send your letters to: Repartee, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters may he edited for space and clarity. ¦ Advanced Word Procfesing Power For The Amiga Computer. They Come Up Short ProWrite0! Performance That Stands Out In A Crowd. In this highly competitive world, there is always a leader. An innovator. Hie one that the competition looks up to. In the world of Amiga word processors, ProW rite is that leader. ProWrite has the high performance features you need. A 100,000 word spelling checker that can check as you type. A thesaurus with over 300,000 cross references. Multiple columns with both smiking and parallel text flow. Multiple fonts and graphics. Powerful macros. Exceptional speed. With all this and more, ProWrite stands head and shoulders above the competition. Which is why ProWrite is the best selling Amiga word processor. And the best choice for every Amiga owner. Because it is always better to lead than to follow. Look To The Leader In Amiga Word Processing. Like all of our products, ProWrite combines high performance, an intuitive environment, and easy to use commands. When it conies to powerful yet practical word processing. Pro- Write is die target the competition shoots for. So whatever your word processing needs, from A V scripts, to novels, business reports. Storyboards, or letters to Aunt Agnus, go straight to the top. Discover the power of ProWrite from New Horizons. NEW HORIZONS First In Personal Productivity And Creativity New Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109 Austin, Texas 78746 (512) 328-6650 Prui* rite o a rrpMctnl trademark of New Horizons Software. Inc Amiga is a rrgturml trademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc. Circle 38 on Reader Service card. Headliners NEWS FROM THE AMIGA COMMUNITY Commodore International Ltd. Reports that sales were up 21% in the first quarter of fiscal ’91 mainly because of strong Amiga sales and favorable exchange rates. Import Export Discussed at Amiga ’90 COLOGNE, GERMANY The German market, with some 600,000-800,000 installed Amigas, offers perhaps the largest concentration of Amigas in the world and perhaps the greatest enthusiasm for the machine. In any case, over 67,000 users gathered at the Amiga ’90 show in November. In contrast to US trade shows, where well-mannered users politely ask questions and sit patiently through demos, hordes of “crackers " roamed the Amiga *90 halls, wreaking havoc with exhibitors’ hard drives and sometimes converging for impromptu rallies. They quickly covered the walls surrounding the Commodore booth with spray paint, ink, and stickers. While some looked upon these actions with dismay, others saw this fervor as a positive. On the more serious side, many US and German companies seemed to be making deals to bring slick new products to the States. In fact, there was a tremendous turnout at the party AmigaWorld hosted for those seeking to enter the US market. Among the show’s highlights was Scala (from The Digital Vision Software Design of Norway), a well-designed package for producing interactive, self running, and mouse-triggered presentations. Scala can toad animations and produce hard copy, or it can output to a variety of monitors or TV sets. The firm has US distribution in place, and an NTSC version should be out shortlv. Another key product wras Real 3D from Activa Software in Finland. The firm claims it to be the fastest ray tracer available and is seeking US distribution. Frame buffers were alt the rage. Looking to make a go at video, American-based GVP showed off its new, high-end, 24-bit frame buffer with digitizing and gen- locking features. Amiga Centre Scotland unveiled its 32-bit frame buffer, while X-Pert Computer Services of Germany showed off a 24-bit transputer-based display adapter. Recognizing that compatibility is a problem with these devices, Amiga Centre headed up the formation of a group to create related standards.
- DB LAS VEGAS, NEVADA-Despite much talk of a recession in the computer industry', the Fall '90 Comdex show (held November 12-16} was heavily attended by manufacturers and dealers alike. Among the hordes of vendors present was none other than Commodore Business Machines. With an impressive- looking booth full of A3000s, and with several third-party companies demonstrating professional Amiga applications, show attendees got to see the “serious" side of Commodore computers. The star of CBM’s booth was the A3000UX, CBM’s low-cost, 10 MB, A3000 Unix workstation. Running a full implementation of Unix System V Release 4, along with X-Windows and Open Look operating in the 1024 X800, 256- color mode of the University of Lowel! Graphics adapter, it was a system capable of impressing the most skeptical industry observers. Real-time video (supplied by a digitizer) running in one window of the display astonished many. In another part of the booth, other Commodore representatives created AmigaVision applications on AmigaDOS 2.0- equipped A3000s. Among the Amiga developers showing in Commodore’s booth was Digital Creations, which demonstrated DCTV, a low-cost, 24-bit digitizer slated to ship with a 16- million-color paint program. For the higher-end crowd, RGB Computer & Video showed off AmiLink
2. 0, a complete video-editing system that can support up to 32 video devices and control NewTek’s Video Toaster via software. In its own booth, Gold Disk demonstrated ShowMaker, a presentation program that seems to get better every time it is shown (we now hear of a January release estimate for the package). In another location, Supra prominently displayed its line of Amiga products, Precision Software was also on its own, showing off Superbase 4 for the PC and telling of an .Amiga-version release this year. Finally, NewTek impressed visitors with its Video Toaster. Among those paying careful attention to crowds at the NewTek booth was Truevision. Interestingly, one of the newer Truevision employees is a recent hire from Commodore, where he had been an Amiga product manager. LRW Where the Media Is Amiga Dons Unix and Multimedia At Fall Comdex Hoping to fulfill the promise of multimedia for the PC, Intel recently unveiled the Intel i750. Based upon Digital Video Interactive (DVI) technology, the i750 provides data compression of 160:1, allowing a CD-ROM disc to hold an hour of video. This technology is expected to be available this year in devices costing under $ 1000. Amiga third-party developers have not been sitting still, however. IVS, ICD, and GVP have demonstrated an ability to run full-motion video from hard drives. Given the drop in harddisk prices, this certainly provides a superior solution for off-line editing. Meanwhile, Tandy and Microsoft have teamed up to offer a “Multimedia PC" an IBM-compatible with a CD-ROM drive. The system will run Microsoft Windows with extensions for sound, graphics, and animation. I saw a sneak preview’ and was unimpressed w’ith its limited animation abilities and lack of video support. Microsoft, however, is working with developers and expects a range of applications this year. All the more reason to prime the CDTV pump, we’d say. DB Moving Pictures to Italy RICCIONE, ITALY-The fourth annual Bit.Movie show of computer graphics will he held April 25 28 in Riccione, Italy, and will again feature a real-time-ani- mation competition. Last year’s show attracted over 2500 guests, each of whom was given a ballot to vote for three animations from among the 30 finalists. Entrants can submit up to four works, and a commission will decide on the finalists, giving preference to works that do not include public-domain objects or backgrounds. The deadline for entry is March 15. Two sets of prizes (each consisting of 1,500,000, 1,000,000, and 500,000 lire for first, second, and third place, respectively) will be awarded, as both the show attendees and a panel of judges will select three winners. For more information contact the Adriatic Coast Amiga Users Club, do Carlo Mainardi, Via Bologna n.13, 47036 Riccione, Italy; Telefax 0541 601962
- BG m Headliners is compiled by Barbara Gefvert Send your news bits to Headliners, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St, Peterborough, NH 03458. Mmm mmm %£fcM ' V. • ‘-r- V-ri ‘•a*' ’“'VJIikl 3WII ;* y--:‘r,; 3K83* Aworkiw DCTV "(Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new video display and digitizing system (or the Amiga. Using the Amiga's chip memory as its frame buffer memory, DCTV "creates a full color NTSC display with all the color and resolution of television. Sophisticated true color video paint, digitizing and image processing software are all combined into one easy to use package included with DCTVDCTV "also works with all popular 3D programs to create full color animations that can be played back in real time. DIGITAI C REATIONS 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1990 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Patents applied for. Ocie 29 on Reader service caret You’re in the depths of your own worst nightmare ... but this time there’s no waking up. Lost and alone in a dangerous and alien world you must discover where you are, how you got there . . . And how you’re going to get out! In a frantic search of the unfamiliar land you explore aMAZEing forests, mines and underground complexes collecting objects and interacting with indigenous creatures. Re-emerging into daylight you race along perfect parallax action scenes, dispatching enemies as you battle ever deeper into the unknown. Impelling RPG with more than a dash of hackin’- slash. Screen shots from the Amiga version. QOQOO ooosa ooooo ARMOUR-GEDDON Post-Holocaust: A power crazed entity desires control of earth. They develop an energy beam and intend to bounce it off a custom-built satellite back to earth . All unprotected life will be wiped out. You select and control up to six diverse hi-tech vehicles at once in a race against time to seek and destroy enemy power lines and eventually knock out their beam generator. Build up your arsenal by collecting enemy resources to help develop and create your own new weapon systems. Featuring a sophisticated head-to-head serial link enabling 'being-there' realism between two players. Armour-Geddon: Strategy and simulation synthesized to perfection. Screen Shots from the Amiga version. CXTCRNrfL ocirr . O cm &L1IIl’S£ GXTCRN 1L 3 PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary's Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Fax: (617) 731-8379 CXTGRNrtL 2 enacm -it. Kiw w SuperGen 2000s Changing the face of Amiga video. By Joel Tessler DIGITAL CREATIONS’ SUPERGEN 2000s Amiga genlock represents a complete redesign of computer video genlocks as we know them. This design change may well alter the way manufacturers think about computer video hardware in the future. Most computer genlocks are boxes that connect to the computer externally via the RGB port, a design approach that precludes complete integration of computers and video equipment into one system. This has had the effect of limiting most Amiga video software to little more than a collection of overlay roudnes with provisions for external video-in. With its 2000s genlock, however, Digital Creations has demonstrated that it recognizes the Amiga as the video computer engine it truly is. The Hard Side Digital Creadons supplies the SuperGen 2000s hardware in three separate parts: the main video board, a video breakout box, and a dissolve-controller console. The main video board plugs directly into the video slot of A2000-series machines and thus becomes an integral part of the system. It requires no extra RGB cables, no AC cords, and no hassle. (The 2000s does not work with the A1000, the A500, or the A3000, although Digital Creations plans to adapt it for all these models.) The back of the video board has a DB-9 connector for the dissolve controller cable and a DB-25 connector for the video breakout box. This configuration leaves the Amiga's RGB port free for use with any Commodore Amiga or compatible RGB monitor. The compact video breakout box plugs directly into the 25-pin connector on the main video board. After tightening a few screws, the box is installed securely on the rear of the Amiga. At first glance, the box looks like a maze of confusion. A closer look reveals a no-nonsense design that allows for transcoding various video formats in and out of the Amiga. The top row of switches on the top of the box are for Preview Select, Input Mode Select, NTSC Termination Select, and Y C Termination Select. Below these switches are eight male BNC connectors one each labeled Preview Chroma Output, Preview NTSC ZY0VRTURN! I am on my second Digital Creations genlock the 2000s. 1 am quite happy with it and have gotten some very nice compliments on my work because of it! Walker L. Ayres Sacramento, CA Luma (Y) Output, Fast Key Input, Key Output, NTSC Input, and NTSC Thru, and two labeled NTSC Overlay Output. There are also four S connectors: one Y C In, two Y C Out Overlayed, and . One Y C Thru. By using the selector switches in combination with any of these connectors, you can customize a configuration for any application, regardless of its complexity. The external dissolve controller allows for overlaying video with Amiga graphics in a variety of ways via two sliders. In addition, a dual-position rocker switch on top of the box lets you choose between SVHS and Composite video modes. The Soft Side Software installation is automatic, consisting mainly of clicking on an icon and answering a few yes-and-no queries. Only for customized configurations are there additional requirements. Double-clicking on the SGSetup icon opens a control panel loaded with realtime video-processing buttons and gadgets controls that, until now, were available only in hardware. Located on top of the window are the four main buttons: Dissolves, Vpos Saturadon, Chroma Phase, and Horizontal Pos. Just below' these are two horizontal knobs for adjusting various parameters and attributes. Most of the remaining videoprocessing gadgets are used in conjunction with the main buttons. These include Dissolve Enable, Auto Dissolve, Notch Filter, Internal Blanking, Auto Gain Chroma, Internal Key, Fastsync Clamp, Vertical Interval, Timing Enable, Alpha Key, Setup Adder, and RGB Termination. The pull-down menus allow for loading, saving, setting, and updating various configurations. Digital Creations has also included some neat programs, among them utilities for setting up hot keys and controlling dissolves remotely with a joystick! The SGColorBars utility is actually an IFF graphic run from an icon that outputs 75% SMPTE color bars. Exercising Your Options The SGSetup Parameter menu provides scores of options. Among these are the Auto Gain Chroma feature, which can help to correct input video that has varying or incorrect amplitude levels. In addition, you can increase chroma saturation by clicking on the Vpos Saturation gadget in this mode. By selecting the slider knobs and moving the mouse to the right, you can actually add color to incoming video. Auto Gain Chroma also corrects colorburst to RS-170A level (40 IRE). The Chroma Phase button works with the Timing Enable option, allowing you to adjust the phase (tint) on incoming video or even to phase to an entire A B roll-edit suite. If you have some video clips of the Boston Red Sox that, when played hack, look more like clips of the Boston Green Sox, you can get the original colors hack simply by selecting the Chroma Phase and Timing Enable buttons and tvveeking the slider knobs (course and line). Notcli Filter 1 Internal Blanking) The Internal Blanking button toggles between External Video In and Amiga Video so that processing can he done on each individually. It’s important to understand that the timing characteristics of the video you feed into the 2000s directly aft eel video output. If you want to use the 2000s’s internal sync generator to improve the input video, simply choose Amiga Video. Because of this built-in sync generator, the 2000s does not require an external video for output- ing Amiga graphics. Both the Horizontal and Vertical Position buttons work in conjunction with the Timing Enable button to reposition incoming live or taped video, either horizontally or vertically. You can also use them to reposition Amiga graphics by toggling the Internal Blanking button. This feature saves you the frustration of having to leave the program and blindly try to set the screen's position in Preferences. With these features, centering graphics and live video is a breeze. The Notch Filter option can significantly reduce the effects of chroma crawl and rain how ing artifacts inherent in DISSOLVES Background 6 uraymvs o Dissolve Enable | Auto Dissolve | Auto Gain Cht'ona | lining Enable | wnmml Alpha Key NTSC. Using it along with a dark drop shadow almost completely eliminates crawling and shaking font edges. High-end Posting with the 2000s I was recently contracted to install a fullblown Amiga video workstation at a large video post-production house concerned primarily with Betacam and one- inch tape. This house required perfect RS-170A broadcast specs and wanted to sync the computer with two Betacam edit decks, a one-inch recorder, a video switcher, and a 534,000 digital video-ef- fects unit. To complicate matters, these people were skeptical about the Amiga. Given all the problems associated with timing to these types of systems, I thought this would he a good opportunity to test the 2000s. After hooking up all the appropriate cables between the switcher, TBC, and 2000s, we booted the Amiga and opened the SGSetup control panel. On the program monitor, we overlayed live video with an Amiga graphic. Although the imVertical Interval Ternination m ages looked super clean, the horizontal position of the Amiga graphic and the tint (phase) of the incoming video appeared to be off. Using SGColorBars, I invoked 75% IRE color bars for the video switcher and the Amiga, at which point it became clear that both sets of bars were indeed off in both position and phase. (A waveform monitor and vectorscope confirmed this.) In just a few minutes, we were able to time the entire system without using a screwdriver, opening a box, or twisting a knob. To solve the horizontal positioning problem, I clicked on the Timing Enable button, selected the Horizontal Pos button, and lined up the two sets of bars using the slider gadgets. Then, I clicked-on both the Chroma Phase and Timing Enable buttons and adjusted the phase to perfection, again using the slider knobs. While tweeking the phase, 1 could see the colors line up in the boxes on the vectorscope until they were dead on. At the end of the session, it was obvious that my client was no longer skep- ? Tical about the Amiga. The 2000s had done an admirable job of timing a complicated NTSC composite video system and encoding super-clean Amiga graphics. The S Side Using the 2000s with SVHS, the defacto Pro-Sumer videotape format, is essentially the same as using it with standard composite tape, although SVHS provides nr a cleaner, higher resolution signal that is immune to NTSC artifacts and thus does not require use of the Notch Filter. SVHS editing with the 2000s is less complicated than composite editing, mainly because of the design of the SVHS-connector section of the breakout box. In fact, you can hook up an entire suite in just a few minutes. One feature that really comes in handy is the extra SVHS output, which can plug directly TO Track Window __- . . $ 4 ji j I Keyboards B PK ffi ¦ K 'JS Jijj IjJ i , m m When Being Creative Is Your Job, You Need The Right Tbols Bars&Pipes Professional incorporates all the features you'd expect in a package of the highest caliber: an unlimited number of tracks and notes, classical notation (display, editing and printing), System Exclusive re- BARS&PIPES PlBiQ-F E S S i O N A-L midi Sequencing for crhaiive musicians Give your ideas a chance to sing. Buy a copy now: When you're inspired to transform your creativity into melody, you need a MIDI sequencer that understands music. Bars&Pipcs Professional for the Amiga computer, was designed by musicians who d rather write music than wade through technospeak or be restricted by some programmer’s idea oi how to compose. «"i, nniii i~i i ~i i"ij~i Cu uuCn u ' ouu nn on. Uc-nn u • O Transpori Controls Fditor editing. Control Change curves, automated mixing, event list editing, tempo ma Dping, SMPTE sync, expandability, ant much, much more. Bars&Pipes Professional also features its unique Tools concept. Tools perform musical, technical, graphical and editing tasks so that you can spend more time as a musician, and less as a computer operator. THE blue Ribbon SOUNDWORKS LTD AILANTA. GA I SA Ttl 404-377-1514 FAN: 404-377-2277 Prnimikh Ctiir Ribbon fobm, Inc into an SVHS video monitor. In combination with the VCRs, I was able to use four SVHS monitors, all with proper termination. During the edit session, I was easily able to overlay Amiga titles and graphics using the dissolve controller. Afterward, some dubs were made. The .Amiga graphics had excellent color, the live-ac- tion video looked clean, and the overall signal remained quiet. The only problem we encountered was not being able to see the connector network after pushing the A2500 back into place against the wall. By placing a small mirror behind the Amiga, however, we solved this problem. The Down Side Although the 2000s documentation is accurate and solid, it would benefit from more examples of how to use all the bells and whistles; the very advanced features especially need more comprehensive coverage. In addition, graphic demos would give lirst-time users a better understanding of what genlocking with a 2000s is all about. On the hardware side, I would like to see the 2000s accommodate Y-688 dubbing and also fully support Beta component format and automatic termination. (Rumors are circulating that Digital Creations is already working on the first two.) Finally, incorporation of GPI triggering would make editing more convenient. Digital Creations has given us a glimpse of a future in which engineers no longer struggle behind racks with tiny screwdrivers and flashlights. T hanks Continued on p. 20. Circle 68 on Reader Service card 16 February 1991 PageStream Pagestrean 2.1 New features
• PostScript Type 1, PageStream and Compugraphic outline fonts on screen!
• Print PostScript Type 1 fonts to any printer, even dot matrix!
• Use a Pantone Process Color Imaging Guide (available separately from Pantone, Inc.) to add Pantone colors with CMYK definitions.
• import TIFF, DR2D, ProDraw and GIF graphics!
• New reference and tutorial manuals. PageStre Only PageStream DTP allows you to edit and color ProDraw clips! Just one more reason why PageStream is 1 : - Actual PageStream screenshot What are von looking for in a desktop publisher? If you need the quality that hinted PostScript fonts offer, only PageStream can deliver these on your Amiga. Pitts you can use any Compugraphic or PageStream outline font. Then there's graphics. Most desktop publishers import only a few picture types. PageStream can import almost every major graphic format for the Amiga, Mac, PC or Atari, as well as text. Whether you need ProDraw clips, EPS images with TIFF headers or 16 million color IFF files PageStream can import them. Soft-Logik does not deny this power to non-PostScript users like all other Amiga DTP. In fact 75% of PageStream owners have dot-matrix printers. Why? Because PageStream is the only program that supports alt printers, including dot matrix, inkjet, laser and imagesetters. Additionally, PageStream’s intuitive “noframes” interface makes creating pages easy. Why settle for less than the 01 Amiga DTP? You won't have to with PageStream. Version 2.1 is available now for your Amiga. Ask your dealer for PageStream or call us at 1-800-WtMm In Canada call 1-416-668-1468 Soft-Logik Canada Saxon Publisher 1.1 No No No No No Yes S425.00 .4,U 0.1 DOS Release compatible Feature Comparison PostScript Font Compatible Compugraphic Font Compatible Professional Draw Import Edit Outline Fonts on Screen Draw Bezier Curves Price Professional Page 2.0 No Yes Yes No Yes only Compugraphic fonts No S395.00 PageStream 2.1 Yes even to dot matrix printers' Yes Yes Yes edit ProDraw clips in PageStream! Yes Yes draw Bezier curves and Bezier polygons S299.95 Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation ZL We give you the tools to dream. PageStream is ;i registered trademark of Sofi-Logik Publishing Corporation. All other products arc trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Circle 211 on Reader Servce card. SupraDrive™ Floppy Quiet, reliable floppy disk drive works with all Amiga'computers. 1MB unformatted capacity. Pass-through port for connecting additional drives. SupraDrive'™ Removable Syquest™ removable cartridge drive for the A500 or 2000. Great for primary & back-up storage. Comes complete with SCSI interface, or as add-on drive. Makes Your Amiga Even Better SupraModemlNI 2400 100% Hayes'™-compatible 300. 1200, 2400 baud modem for virtually all computers. Compatible with all popular telecommunications software. SupraDrive™ 500XP Micro-power hard drive, SCSI interface, SRAM fortheA500. Easily expands from 1 2 to 8MB RAM. Includes Amiga bus pass-through, SCSI port, software. SupraRAM™ 500RX 1 2, 1, 2, 4, or 8MB of FAST RAM for the Amiga 500. Easy to expand. Zero wait states & hidden refresh. Amiga bus pass-through. 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Santa Cruz de Marcenado, 31 28015 Madrid Tel: 34-91248-8213 Fax: 34-1542-5059 Sweden AlfaSoft AB Magasingsgatan 9 S-216 13 Malmo Tel: 46-40-164150 Fax: 46-40-163915 West Germany European Software Distributors Rodderweg 8 5040 Bruehl Tel: 49-2223222-001 Fax: 49-2223222-003 United States For more product information, or the name of a dealer near you, please call Supra Corporation: 1 -800-727-8772 or 503-967-9075 1133 Commercial Way Albany. OR 97321 USA FAX: 503-926-9370 Supra. SupraDrive, SupraRAM. WordSync, & SupraMoaem are trademarks of Supra Corp. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Syquest is a trademark of Syquest Technologies. Quantum is a trademark of Quantum Corp. Hayes is a trademark of Hayes Microcomputer Products. From p. 16. To this company, we can look forward to true desktop video instead of rack mount video. SuperGen 2000s Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Blvd. Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916 344-4825 $ 1995 No special requirements. Trax Music-X Jr. The kids are just all right. By Michael Hanish IT HAPPENS IN the world of software as well as in the world of people and pigeons: Parents produce offspring that resemble them. Recently it happened in the Amiga music software community; Master Tracks Pro gave birth to Trax, and to Music-X was born Music-X Jr. Both “kids" are healthy, solid, and hug- free. Sadly, however, they have no personalities of their own; they are only watered-down reflections of their parents. Because sequencer preferences are largely a matter of personal style, we'll profile both programs, looking at how well they accomplish similar tasks, including their common goal of welcoming newcomers to the world of MIDI sequencing. [For a look at the parent programs, check the reviews of Master Tracks Pro 3.0 (p. 62, Jan. ’90) and Music-X (p. 18, Nov. ’89).] The Cutest Little Baby Trax Trax opens onto a four-color screen containing multiple windows for the sequencer controls, track names and assignments, tempo, and track and song editing. All are clear, readable and easy to understand. 'The sequencer's controls emulate those of a tape recorder, and include an auto-rewind button that speedily returns you to the last place the sequencer started from. A nice addition to the usual counter (which reads the current song location in measures, beats and clocks) is an elapsed-time counter. Next to the transport controls is the Conductor window, with a slider for setting tempo, beat and meter. The Conductor track can handle both abrupt and gradual changes in tempo, as well as multiple meters. The center of the work screen is usually occupied by the Track Sheet window. Wherein you can keep an eye on the 64 tracks to which the program can record. The display is clear, uncluttered, and easily readable. Trax does not support the Amiga’s internal sounds, so the window’s options are limited to control of MIDI channels, program-change messages (to tell the synthesizer which voice to play), looping (you can make each track loop independently), and a play record mute selection for each track. Recording a track is a simple process: Select a track, click in the Record Enable box in the Track Sheet window, and click on the Record button in the Transport window. The MIDI data is automatically sent back out on the channel through which it came in. One at a Time Track editing and step entry are done in the Step window. One window is used for editing all tracks; its contents are determined by which track is at the top of the list on the Track Sheet. Unfortunately, this setup prevents you from working on several tracks simultaneously. Note events are displayed on a grid of pitch (which is represented by the piano keyboard) and time. All editing is done graphically: Select a dura- don, point to a time pitch location, and click to paste the note down. You can zoom in for more precision. Although t he display is clear, it is limited to note events only. To the detriment of Trax, editing is apparently one of the main features the designers cut back on. Editing even such a simple thing as the duration of one note is a clumsy, multistep process, involving mouse clicks, menus, and requesters. Dealing with velocity or dynamics is even worse, as those values are not even displayed. Global changes are easier to accomplish: A section of notes is highlighted and changes are made by answering to a requester. Cut, copy, paste and mix features are available from the Edit menu; alterations to velocity, duration, pitch, and quantization are allowed through the Change menu. Trax supports the Clipboard, but for only one clip at a time. The Song Editor window provides graphic means for shaping the overall form and arrangement of a piece. Each measure of each track is represented by a small box, which appears open if the measure is empty and filled if it contains data. Editing is done in much the same way as in the Step Editor: You highlight areas to be edited and perform action by making selections from the Edit or Change menus. All features function as promised, but the tasks seem to take several more steps than they should. For example, moving a measure from one location to another involves cutting the data, deleting the measure, inserting a measure, and pasting the data down. You can filter selected MIDI events from the incoming data stream for recording, thus conserving large amounts of memory. Similarly, you can strip certain controller data from the selected portion of any track. Overall, 1 found Trax to be a breeze for recording and playback. The screen layout is clearlv readable from the dis- J 4 tance to your MIDI keyboard, although the program does not support remote control. It is file-compatible with both Master Tracks Pro and the standard MIDI file formats. The manual is clear and to the point, and should be more than sufficient to get the MIDI novice up and running. On the negative side are Trax’s incomplete and clumsy editing features and ? INTRODUCING THE EXCITING NEW Micro-Power Drives No fans or external power required, extra rugged Autobooting SCSI Interface A2000 performance with no DMA problems Optional Dedicated External Power Fast, Drive ¦ 1 2, 1, or 2MB RAM On-Board with 256K x 4 DRAM ¦ 2, 4, or 8MB RAM with Add-On RAM Board using 1MB x 4 DRAM Amiga Bus Pass-Through External SCSI port allows up to 7 SCSI devices Game Switch lets you turn drive off and leave RAM enabled Option S ¦ Autoboot ON-OFF Switch ¦ SCSI ID Selector RAM Test Mode THE ULTIMATE ' ,-iHI AMIGA 500 PERIPHERAL! With a SupraDrive 500XP™, your computing life will change forever. You’ll be able to use software that your computer simply couldn’t run before, including paint, digitizing, and animation programs that need more RAM. You’ll spend more time using your computer and less time waiting for it to transfer files and load programs, because the SupraDrive 500XP transfers data up to 40 times faster than floppy disk drives. You can easily add up to 8MB RAM, additional Amiga bus peripherals (like digitizers), or SCSI peripherals (like removable media, tape backups, or addon hard drives). And if you need help, you can count on Supra's knowledgeable, friendly technical support staff and one year warranty. SupraDrive 500XP is a trademark of Supra Corporation. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Available at your local dealer, or call: Supra Corporation 1 -800- 27-8772 503-967-9075, 1133 Commercial Way. Albany. OR 97321 USA methods. I think beginners will find Trax’s approach to editing confusing, and intermediate users will find it incomplete, Another drawback is die program's lack of support for any form of synchronization. A Chip off the Old X Music-X Jr. (Junior) offers a very different realization of the same basic tape-recorder metaphor, Windows are replaced by pages, or by separate screens for the major functions: Sequencer, Bar (sequence) Editor, Filters, Keymap Editor and Samples. Junior opens onto the Sequencer page, which is loaded with information. Transport controls, counter, locater buttons, and tempo information are housed in the upper-left quadrant of the screen. The lower half of the screen shows sequence information, including length, channel, name, and output assignment. In the upper-right corner is the track display (conceptually similar to Trax’s Song window), showing which sequences are playing at any given time. While many other sequencers use the terms “sequence” and “track inter- Bodega Bay, Mofcbu Boo'd and . *. 0' req. »rod*no*l changeahly, Junior makes a clear distinction. A sequence may be of any length greater than one measure, contain data for one or many instruments, and even contain events that trigger other sequences. A track, on the other hand, is used to sequence sequences, or, to quote Junior’s comprehensive manual, “A track is something that plays a sequence.” Once you get the hang of it, this duallevel approach makes for great flexibility in composing and arranging. Clicking on a sequence highlights it for editing, and selecting a button below the transport controls sends you to the Bar Editor page. Viewing this page for the first time is a bit like looking into a fireworks display. Most of the page is filled with a busy, editable graphic display of track data. Pitch, on the vertical scale, is represented by a piano keyboard; time is on the horizontal. Each individual note appears as a rectangle, the length of which depends on the note’s duration. The bottom half of the display shows any or all of the parameters of the note event, such as attack and release velocity, control changes, pitch bend, and program change. Information relating to the dynamics of a note, such as velocity, is shown in columns, whose height represents its intensity. The Display menu is used for selecting which events will be visible, so you can start by displaying only pitches, for example, to avoid visual overload. You can add or insert events using the mouse and gadgets. The procedures are consistent among all the parameters; once you arc familiar with the way it works, editing becomes a pretty smooth process. Junior supports both step-time and realtime recording. You can replay the track solo from the Bar Editor page, or return to the sequencer page to hear it in context. The Filters page can block certain types of incoming events from being recorded, change one type of event to another, or echo the events to the internal voices or to any channel(s) at MIDI Out. It works in conjunction with the Keymap editor, translating one type of event into another. Where Is That Sound Coming From? Junior supports the use of Amiga samples and MIDI instruments for playback, both of which you “manage” on the Samples page. Management consists of assigning each voice to one of 16 channels, which are not to be confused with MIDI channels. You can then assign each voice to a particular sequence from the Sequencer page. Samples in IFF and Sonix for •mat can Circle 4 on Reader Service card be loaded, used and even edited to a limited extent. A small graphic display at the bottom of the page provides access to 16 movable points on the sample’s envelope, as well as a slider to tune the sample. This feature makes Junior’s power available to those without MIDI, but at a price: Samples can consume huge amounts of memory and only four can play at a time. When Junior saves a performance file (all the data, parameters and variables associated with the piece), it also saves the samples, making for a very large file and potential problems for those without high-capacity systems. Junior can save and load files for each of the pages. It can also load and save performance files in the format it shares with Music-X as well as SMUS-format and standard MIDI files. Files of the latter type require the use of external converter programs, supplied on the Music- X disks. They work reasonably well. Timing can be either internal or external, with support for MIDI Song Position Pointers, but not SMPTE Time Code. That is one of the few features reserved for the original Music-X. The lengthy manual, complete with glossary and index, does a respectable job of explaining synchronization, timing, and all other program features. Once I was able to wade through the sometimes confusing and busy graphics display and get familiar with the abbreviations used to label buttons and sliders, working with Junior was reasonably smooth. It became difficult, however, when I had to flip between the Sequencer and Bar Editor pages, as I often lost my place in the sequence. I certainly appreciated the editing features, which are more complete than those in Trax. On the Right Track? Both Trax and Junior perform all the basic functions, but I find Trax lacking in too many editing areas. Neither program is copy-protected, and both run politely on a one-megabyte system. If your interest in MIDI music-making grows deeper, you’ll be interested to know that the developers of both programs offer upgrade paths: If you purchase the “child” program, you can upgrade to the parent for a fee. ? Before you make any decisions on which to choose, go to a friend or a dealer who has the parent program and work with it for a while. See if it meets your present and future needs and if you find the work environment comfortable and understandable. My suggestion is to save up for one of the full-featured parent programs rather than buying one of the offspring. Even novices will quickly reach the limits of Trax and Music-XJr. REVIEWS Trax Passport Designs 625 Miramontes St. Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 415 726-0280 $ 99.95 M DI Interface and synthesizer required. Music-X Jr. Microillusions PO Box 3475 Granada Hills, CA 91394 818 785-7345 $ 149.95 No special requirements, PageStream 2.0 A heavyweight contender. By Loren Lovhaug (with Frank Hudson) THE SOVIETS KNOW it; the Czechs know it; and Amiga desktop publishers know it: Competition breeds excellence. While better ideas finally prevailed in Eastern Europe and the Cold War melted away, the rivalry among Gold Disk (Pro Page), Saxon (Publisher), and Soft-Logik (PageStream) is beginning to heat up as each company feverishly upgrades its product. Successful results could raise Amiga desktop publishing to new heights even approaching the state-of-the-art as defined on the Macintosh. With PageStream 2.0’s power and flexibility, Soft-Logik has leap-frogged its Amiga competition and is poised to compete with the best on any platform. The upgrade includes all of the obligatory text and graphics manipulation tools necessary to meet this multiplatform challenge, with emphasis on features designed to reduce time-intensive tasks. Playing Tag While both PageStream and Pro Page support master pages (document elements you use to create left- and right- hand pages) and templates (reusable structures for pages or series of pages that cannot be overwritten), PageStream alone provides the equally powerful tag and style-sheet functions. A tag is a set of formatting styles that controls not only font size, style, and attributes, but also spacing, indentation, justification, border styles, and text-box fill. While the concept may sound complicated, implementing it is not. You can construct tags via an intuitive requester simply by clicking on the options you want. From then on, your saved choices will appear in a tag menu. For example, if you define a tag for subheads as “Times roman boldface centered," you can set the same subhead attributes for another piece of text by selecting this tag from the menu. If you change your mind and wish to make your subheads Palatino flush left, then altering the tag changes all the tagged subheads in the document. As you go through a document therefore, you can assemble entire style sheets by combining the various tags you have defined along the wav. PageStream’s global search-and-re- place function lets you alter font types and attributes, line spacing, indentation, and justification en masse. The program’s requesters allow you to access these features without memorizing arcane formatting codes. .Another PageStream highlight is the program’s flexible tools for manipulating graphics and text. With them, you can rotate (three-dimensionally in increments of 1 100 of a degree), group, ungroup, and align bitmapped graphics, struc- tured-drawing objects, and blocks of text in any imaginable combination. Once these elements look just right, you can lock objects in their locations so you won’t accidentally move them. .As with most full-featured page-Iayout packages, 2.0 offers tools for drawing rules and boxes on the screen page. The program’s struetured-drawing tools are so complete that they could be legitimately considered as an object-oriented drawing program. The program includes standard line, box, and circle tools, as well as the more exotic Bezier-curve and closed-polygon tools. The capability to specify the beginning and ending angles of arcs to 1 100 of a degree is particularly impressive. PageStream is capable of using graphics created in other programs, as it can recognize a number of different graphics-file formats even some from other platforms. .As shipped, PageStream 2.0 supports any kind of IFF bitmapped graphics, as well as several nonstandard bitmapped-graphics formats created in programs running on Macintosh, Atari, and MS-DOS machines. In the future, as new formats are developed, Soft-Logik plans to add modular import filters, or "drivers," that will enable PageStream to recognize the new formats and to use graphics created in programs that support them. In addition, the program supports structured graphics via both the Aegis Draw format and the popular cross-system standard EPS (Encapsulated PostScript). (You must, of course, have a PostScript printer in order to use EPS graphics.) While PageStream supports excellence!, Pro Write, and WordPerfect text formats, it strangely offers no import options for Pen Pal (Softwood Files) and Scribble! (Micro-Systems Sofhvare). The only nonAmiga word-processing formats the program supports are Atari-ST-com- patible. I strongly urge Soft-Logik to add import filters for such nonAmiga programs as WordPerfect 5.1, Microsoft Word, and MacWrite, for it is quite common for Amiga desktop publishers to re- Conlinued on p. 92. Dtqvt '"""Ml The Mafibu Board “ SCSI Controller and Catalina*" Ram expansion daughterboard.
* A mounted hard disk and up to 8MB in a single A200D slot
* Comprehensive installation software
* Ram in 2,4, and 8MB combinations on the Catalina Card
* Malibu Board
* Catalina Card © 1990 Logical Design Works, Inc All rights reserved Prices sub|ecl lo change without notice CirdB 4 00 Reader The Bodega Bay "modular expansion console.
• 4 Amiga 2000 slots
• 3 PC XT AT slots (overlap with Amiga slots)
• 3 drive bays
• A 200W power supply with fan
• Full A2000 compatibility*
* Video and co-processor upgrade options coming soon. Contact your local dealer for more details or call (408) 378-0340 Your Access To The Future Service card. MULTIDIMENSIONAL Whatever your presentation, from a simple product display to a full-scale video production with music, animation, and interactive user input, we’ll show you the equipment and programs you need. By Jamie Krutz FULL-BLOWN MULTIMEDIA presentations often start small, but like Topsy, sometimes they just keep growing: John comes in with a picture of the company’s prototype of a new product. “Can you use that new Amiga of yours to show me what this would look like in redhe asks. “Or maybe green." “No problem,”you say, ready to test your hard drive and three megabytes of memory with some real work. But where do you start? The easiest way to get the picture into your computer is to use a video camera and digitizer. For digitizing speed, I recommend Framegrabber ($ 799.95, Progressive Peripherals 8c Software), which works from a color video camera and handles overscan in all but hi-res mode. Or you can employ Digi- View ($ 199.95, NewTek), which uses a more time- consuming process with a black-and-white video camera and three color filters to create your image. Digi- View, however, can create overscan images in all resolutions, as well as create 21-bit files (for over two million colors). To its credit, Framegrabber can capture stills of moving images (digitize in real time), whereas Digi- View can handle only stationary objects and images. While this makes no difference for the project at hand, real-time digitizing could come in handy for more elaborate productions in which you need to grab an image from taped or live video. After you digitize your picture, load the result into a paint program that supports HAM (Hold and Modify mode), such as Photon Paint 2.9 ($ 149.95, ? Microillusions), Deluxe PhotoLab ($ 149.94, Electronic .Arts), or Digi-Paint 3 ($ 99.95, NewTek) and change the color. If you are comfortable with the software, the entire project should take only an hour or two. (Consult “Digital Reprise,” p. 39, Oct. ’88, for some valuable digitizing tips.) John loves the colorized products, and raises his expectations. “I'd like to show these color choices in my presentation to the marketing department,7' John says. “Can you put the pictures together into a slide show?'' With the bulk of your work (making the screens) done, this step is a breeze. The simplest program for 1 |LOAD 1 1 pro! 1 IldelJ ¦naan 1 ipiToa Typo: rtnm 1-pop: m | * Sveed: i Reverse :_oijrj A FILLS F Ri oi:pnt.-it!onc CDIrJ ftniHjUont Cdln3 Ihayas (DirJ
- ' *- ‘ ** 1 - 1 • 'T i Dr,Wffr:|DHlC2BMSJ: Fi I t* :f" 1 z f JlEB l-MJ . I | SHJ.fi 1 1 I 1 1 LLA 1 PERFORMER *. U I 1 1 1 -J the job is Elan Performer 2.0 ($ 59, Elan Design). It lets you assign each picture to a different key on your Amiga keyboard and switch among them. If your meeting room is equipped with a video monitor or projector, John can connect the Amiga via an encoder (a device that translates the computer’s RGB output into a composite-video signal) or a genlock (which translates and also syncs the computer’s signal to incoming video) and show your work directly from the computer by pressing the proper keys. If he is more comfortable with a traditional slide show, you have three options. You can send your disk of IFF files to a slide-making service and have it transfer the images to film for you. (See “ ‘Projecting’ Your Best Image,” p. 75, Dec. ’89, for a list of services and advice on slide shows.) While relatively inexpensive, service charges will add up over several projects. Photographing directly from the screen is a cheaper, but more hit-and-miss process. For best results, use a slightly long lens to minimize screen curvature and bracket your shots. An easier solution is to invest in a Polaroid Palette film recorder ($ 1495) and Imprint software ($ 495, American Liquid Light) or a high-resolution film recorder and pull the screens straight from memory onto film. PUMP UP THE PRODUCT Never satisfied, John returns after the meeting with another challenge: “Can you bring the picture in the computer to life? I want to show the product working to convince the financial guys that it will fit the market needs, but the engineers tell me the prototype won't be ready in time.7' Not only can you show the product working, you can also let John and his finance pals use it. You probably already have a digitized picture (preferably not in HAM mode) of the product’s front panel from your colorizing episode. Use an authoring system, such as CanDo ($ 149.95, INOVAtronics), Amiga- Vision ($ 149, Commodore), or DeluxeVideo III ($ 149.95, Electronic Arts), to combine it with other elements into a simulation of the product. With the front panel as a background screen, use your authoring system to specify which buttons you wish to trigger brush animations of displays (CanDo, Dvideo), panel lights, and meters, and which to calculate numbers (CanDo, AmigaVision), display text, trigger digitized sounds, and otherwise simulate what the real product does. To create brushes and brush animations for the simulation, DeluxePaint III ($ 149.95, Electronic Arts) is indispensable. To sample appropriate sounds, (key clicks, music, sound effects) you need a sound sampler, such as Perfect Sound ($ 99.95, SunRize Industries). AudioMaster III ($ 99.95, Oxxi) is a good editor for tweeking your samples. (For a comparison of samplers, see “Sizzling Sounds,” p. 48, Oct. ’89.) You don’t have to be a programming genius or sound engineer to pull this off, although programming experience will help you understand Can Do’s scripting language, and a knowledge of digital recording and sound processing will help you get the best results from your sampler. (Consult “Now Hear This!” p. 20, Mar. ’90, for sound-digitizing techniques.) AmigaVision’s icon-and-requester method makes scripting even easier. If you prefer a time- based approach to production over scripting, DeluxeVideo will be more your speed. Expect to spend from one day to over a month on the project, depending on the product’s level of complexity and your familiarity with the authoring software. John was impressed and, more importantly, so was the finance department. Now, they want him to put together a video of the product and his presentation. John, of course, turns to you to make him look good. Depending on his budget, you can take three routes. The lowr-cost approach is simply to record some of your simulation from the Amiga to a videotape. A mid-range solution is to use your Amiga to produce a more elaborate edited production. If the money’s there, you can outfit an editing studio and create a top-notch video. PENNY PINCHER If you need only one copy, you can record directly to VHS tape, or whatever format your company uses for video playback. Because you are sending the production live from the computer to the recorder, you won’t have to do any editing. For additional equipment, all you need is a video deck, a genlock or encoder, and a microphone. Connect the genlock to the Amiga, the genlock’s video output to the video input of your video deck, and the microphone into the video recorder’s microphone jack. If the video deck lacks a mic input, you will need to connect the mic to an audio mixer and hook the mixer’s line outputs to the recorder’s audio inputs. To give the video a polished look, use DeluxePaint to create some opening title screens, a closing screen, and a black screen to add to John’s original presentation. Now, start the tape recording and call up the opening screens, along with any music you may have created and digitized. While the tape is rolling, have John work with the simulation and describe what he’s doing. When he’s done, call up a closing screen for five seconds or so; then bring up the black screen and let the tape run a few minutes so John’s presentation is not rudely cut off by video noise. You should be able to wrap up this video in a day. CanDo Is one program you can use to create an Interactive simulation of the working product CALL FOR REINFORCEMENTS If you would like to include shots of John at work or the product’s intended application and setting, you need to do some video editing. If you don’t have any video experience, I highly recommend working with a professional video-production company. A full-service company can provide writing, producing, on- camera talent, directing, shooting, lighting, music, graphics, and editing. Choose what you can do, and work with professionals to do the rest. If you feel confident of your skills but are going to do only a few productions, you will get more bang for your buck by renting time in a professional editing suite than by purchasing less capable equipment. Look for a studio with an Amiga so you can easily incorporate graphics and titling created on your office Amiga into the final production. If you plan to do a lot of videos, however, you’d be better off investing in some cameras, editing decks, and edit controllers of your owrn. For industrial production,
7. | sp, Hi-8, SVHS, or V4-inch formats are adequate. (For specific model suggestions, see “The Studio Builder’s Reference Guide,” p. 30, Oct. ’90.) You will need to add a genlock to your current setup, as wre!l. For best results with SVHS or Hi-8, use a genlock that separates the luminance and chrominance signals. (For a comparison of genlocks, see “Who’s In Sync,” p. 54, Special Issue ’90.) For this and more involved projects, you should plan your video’s script, prop and personnel requirements thoroughly before setting to work shooting or creating graphics. The extra time you spend in pre- production will pay off later in dramatic ways. You can wrrite your scripts and lay out storyboards in a graphics word processor (I use ProWrite 3.0 from New’ Horizons, S175, because of its parallel column mode), track the budget in a spreadsheet, and keep tabs on your crew with a database. If you are using video, graphics, or music from outside sources, know what you are getting and who owns the rights. (For guidance as to copyrights, see “Copy Rights and Wrongs;’ p. 41.) The safest bet is to create your own or license production music from a studio. If you write music, you will find Music-X ($ 299.95, Microlllusions) and Bars and Pipes ($ 250, Blue Ribbon Soundworks) to be unique and powerful Amiga MIDI sequencers. Bars and Pipes’ real-time Arexx support and optional Multimedia Toolkit (S59.95), set it apart for multimedia use. Both programs will also synchronize with SMPTE time code. (See “MIDI and SMPTE Compatibility,” p. 76, Jan. ’91 for more information.) For the animation and still-graphics side, you al- ready have the basic tools, although a character- generator program would come in handy. Once again, use Performer, DeluxeVideo III, or Amiga- Vision to pull together all the elements. Now it’s time to assemble all the pieces onto video tape in the proper order. In addition to your decks and controllers, the Video Toaster ($ 1595, NewTek) is a valuable tool. You can use it to mix among four external video sources, its two 24-bit (16-million- color) frame buffers, and the background-color generator. The external sources must be genlocked to a common source of video sync, however, and all tape machines must have time-base correctors. Unfortunately, the Toaster does not have separate luminance and chrominance processing for SVHS and Hi-8. On the software side, the Toaster includes a moderately featured character generator with good-looking output, an impressive 3-D rendering environment with 24-bit output (but no direct support for real-time playback of animations), an adequate 24- bit paint program, real-time colorizing effects, instant 24-bit frame grabbing from video, and some spiffy digital transition effects. Take note, however, that the Toaster works only with Amiga 2000s and 2500s, and to use all of its features, 1 highly recommend a 68030 accelerator card, at least seven megabytes of RAM, and a large hard drive. (See “Amiga Video: Done to a nr,” p. 21, Oct. ’90, for a thorough description.) Once you have edited the video, you can make dubs from the master tape to the format your company uses for playback. PRACTICALLY PRO If your video needs that extra sizzle, shoot it in a higher-quality format like BetaCam or M2, and edit to one-inch or D2 tape. Sizzle costs a lot, however, so expect to spend a month or more working and several thousand dollars per finished minute. You can still use Amiga graphics and animations, and in a frame-accurate editing suite, you can take 24-bit animations rendered to a frame buffer and record them one frame at a time to videotape with Micro- Illusions’ Photon Video Transport Controller ($ 299.95) for smooth, high-quality results. To save money in the edit suite (typically $ 100 to $ 500 per hour in these tape formats), thoroughly document your camera tapes’ scenes and time code, and do an "off-line" edit using a less expensive format. Microlllusions’ TCRG 102 time-code reader generator ($ 799.95) lets you stripe tapes with time code and log SMTPE time-code numbers directly into your word processor or database, and it works with any genlock to create window dubs (superimpose the SMPTE numbers on your screen) for your rough cut. You can then make the time-consuming decisions about shot placement and timing before you spend the big bucks at the studio. You can create a standard time-code list of all the shots in your program with ? Check the fax. UIHfi VOU IS 111 H RI You’ll choose a DataLink™ I 111 V SONY ¦:: - a i iffT-i 2(HK) Combine the raw power of your Amiga with the utility of a modem and the indispensable convenience of a fax machine - and you’ve got a DataLink Send-Fax™ modem from Applied Engineering. Send taxes directly from your Amiga’s screen* without ever printing a “hard copy” of the information. The exclusive AE Send-Fax™ software installs itself as a printer option in “Preferences”. Faxes can then be sent as simply as printing. Or even easier with our programmable “Hot Key”. Go back to what you were doing, while AE Send-Fax operates in the background, or watch progress in an unobtrusive window. You’ll automatically receive a report when the fax is completed. Compile your own fax-number phonebook for instantaneous dialing. Preview your faxes even program AE Send-Fax to send faxes to entire distribution lists. And you can fax to lengthy distribution lists late at night, when rates are lowest The next day a report confirms your faxes were received. Best of all, AE Send-Fax comes with the finest modems you can buy the DataLink series. 2400 bps modems that redefine the ait of telecommunications by delivering unparalleled reliability and unmatched technical excellence. The result? Standard features like complete communications software included free, full Hayes AT compatibility, asychronous data format, auto answer, non-volatile memory, automatic tone and pulse dialing, remote access, built-in diagnostics, FCC certified designs, free tech support, five year warranties and more. And upgradeability to MNP-5 with 4800 bps throughput speeds and error-free data transfer. DataLink 2000™ (top) is an internal 2400 bps modem for A2000 3000 series machines. It can be configured with the MNP-5 Send-Fax package or either option individually. DataLink Express™ (bottom) works externally with ALL personal computers and features another AE exclusive, our “Line Engaged” indicator to show a shared phone line is in use. The MNP-5 data compression and error correction option must be present on DataLink Express in order to include AE Send-Fax. Order today! To order or for more information, see your dealer or call (214) 241-6060 today, 9 am to 11 pm, 7 days. Or send check or money' order to Applied Engineering. MasterCard, VISA and C.O.D. welcome. Texas residents add 8 Va% sales tax. Add $ 10 outside U.S A DataLink 2000 ....$ 159 w MNP-5 .$ 189 AE Send-Fax™ option $ 39 DataLink Express $ 249 w MNP-5 .$ 299 w MNP-5 and AE Send-Fax $ 349 AE Send-Fax (field upgrade requires MNP-5) $ 79 ?REQUIRES KICKSTART VERSION 1.3 OR LATER Applied Engineering9 The enhancement experts. A DivHJon of AE Research Corporation
(214) 241-6060
P. O. Box 5100 Carrollton, TX 75001 I Ml * Microillusions’ Edit Decision List Processor (S499.95) from a rough cut done on any cuts-only editing system, and take the list to a high-end facility for quick and efficient final editing. With RGB Computer & Video’s AmiLink (S1995) edit-controller software and hardware, you can create a VHS off-line system, a one-inch, on-line system, or anything in between. The West Coast is thrilled and John has the go ahead to train the sales staff. “Can you whip up some kind of interactive video?" He asks. "Vd like a sales training program that emphasizes closing skills.” A little tired of John getting all the glory while you do the work, you still say, "No problem." Although you can buy prerecorded video discs for interactive use, this situation calls for original production. .After researching the sales process, you can produce video vignettes of common sales situations and shoot alternative endings that show the likely outcome of different sales techniques. Transfer your footage to a video disc (see "Mastering Multimedia,” p. 66 in this issue, for details). Using an AmigaVision-supported video-disc player such as the Pioneer LDV-2200 (S895), create an AmigaVision user interface for your interactive training program. Show the beginning of a sales situation, let the trainee choose from a list of different closing techniques, and instruct AmigaVision to pull up the proper vignette from disc. AmigaVision can also play animations, bring up IFF graphics with built-in transitions, trigger IFF samples, and play MIDI instruments. If you do not have the budget for the video disc, you can create vignettes using text, still images, and animations, and set up the same kinds of choices for the trainee. Once all your research and video work is done, you should be able to pull the project together in under a week. The program is a success, and John gets a big raise. You get a well-deserved vacation, during which you can read up on sophisticated animation programs, 3-D modeling programs, and 24-hit graphics boards that will jump your presentations to an even more impressive level of complexity and quality. ¦ Jamie Krutz is a freelance writer, editor, composer, and multimedia producer. Write to him c o Amiga World Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Manufacturers’ Addresses American Liquid Light 2301 W. 205th St. Torrance, CA 90501 213 618-0274 Blue Ribbon Soundworks 1248 Clairmont Rd., Suite 3D Atlanta, GA 30030 404 377-1514 INOVAtronics 8499 Greenville Ave., Suite 209B Dallas, TX 75231 214 340-4992 Microlllusions PO Box 3475 Granada Hills, CA 91394 818 785-7345 Pioneer Electronics PO Box 1760 Long Beach, CA 90810 800 421-1404 Polaroid Corporation 575 Technology Square Cambridge, MA 02139 800 225-1618 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Dr. West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 New Horizons Software PO Box 43167 Austin, TX 78745 512 328-6650 Progressive Peripherals 8c Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 Elan Design PO Box 31725 San Francisco, CA 94131 415 621-8673 Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 NewTek 215 SE 8th St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 Oxxi Inc. 1339 E. 28th St. Long Beach, CA 90806 213 427-1227 RGB Computer 8c Video 3944 Florida Blvd., Suite 4 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 407 622-0138 SunRize Industries 2959 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite 204 Campbell, CA 95008 408 374-4962 MAKING MULTIMEDIA-2 Replace That Interface! When it comes to interactive multimedia, it may be better to set a trap for your mouse and give your keyboard a kick in the keester as this survey of alternative interfaces will demonstrate. ALTHOUGH MOUSE AND keyboard have become almost second nature to most Amiga users, other ways to interact with the computer often prove more effective in multimedia situations. There are many occasions where being "cord-bound” by mouse or keyboard seriously hinders the How of interactive presentations. Greater freedom of movement, longer distances, more precise control, more intuitive approaches for inexperienced users, potential damage or vandalism these are just some of the reasons for creators of multimedia presentations to explore alternative user interfaces. Mice Without Tails An infrared mouse works much like a television remote control, freeing the user from being cord- bound. Practical Solutions' Cordless Mouse ($ 129.95) sports a small infrared receiver, plugged into your mouse port, at which you then aim the mouse to operate. The three-button mouse sends both mouse movements and button clicks. While the mouse movements have a very different feel that takes a little getting used to, they do not seem sluggish or inaccurate. Although this cordless mouse allows you to move ? By Geoffrey Williams only about five feet away from the receiver, you can achieve long-range operation by obtaining a repeater that broadcasts an infrared signal to a remote location. DAK Industries’ Infrared Receiver RF Transmitter (S50) turns the infrared signal into a broadcast signal that lets you place the mouse up to 125 feet away from the computer. Moreover, unlike an infrared signal, you do not have to place the transmitter in line of sight with the receiver you can even set it up in another room. We use the infrared mouse in shows where the presenter holds it in his or her hand and uses it just like a slideshow remote control. One button advances the show, the other button goes to the previous slide or event. A cordless mouse clearly allows for much greater convenience and maneuverability. (While we're at it, maybe someone should make a wireless, handheld keyboard substitute for the Amiga they already exist for the Mac and IBM.) Conventional mice are nice, hut, while they seem pretty intuitive to regular computer users by now, it “A cordless mouse clearly allows for much greater convenience and maneuverability Practical Solutions' Cordless Mouse is amazing how many people trying them for the first time have dilliculty getting the knack. Moreover, a mouse and its mousepad area take up valuable space, and if used in a kiosk situation, the mouse is vulnerable to damage and vandalism. When your multi- media presentation warrants a different kind of interface, consider a trackball, which is like an upside- down mouse with the ball on top. For the trackball to operate, only the ball needs to move, not the whole assembly. MicroSpeed’s AmTrac Trackball (S99) has a ball that sits in the middle of the box with large buttons surrounding it 011 three sides. Easy to use and very intuitive, the trackball measures only 4x7.5 inches, and you can mount it permanently, as it does not have to move physically (a decided advantage in a stationary presentation environment). The large buttons can be labeled to explain what they do, and there is plenty of room to put a label on the box instructing users to "roll the ball to move the pointer on the screen,“ In addition, the Amtrac seems pretty durable, which is important because anything left out for unattended public use is going to take a lot of punishment. Kraft Systems, makers of trackballs for the IBM PC, has recently produced an Amiga model called Tripletrack, which combines both mouse operations and trackball joystick-type operations. In addition to the standard model ($ 99.95), the company offers a “The trackball . . . Does not have to move physically (a decided advantage in a stationary presentation environment).” MicroSpeed’s AmTrac Trackball unique Mfootpedal“ version ($ 119.95), in which a floor pedal replaces the left mouse button in mouse mode. Pedal presses substitute for finger presses in dragging operations. Look , and Do Touch The ultimate interface for a kiosk is the touch screen, which lets users touch the images 011 the screen in effect, substituting their fingers for the mouse. Touching the screen acts as a mouse click at that position. For most interactive multimedia presentations, this is the easiest and most intuitive user interface. The transparent touch screen is attached directly to the front of the monitor screen. Touch screens for the Amiga include AccuTouch (S630, Elographics), MicroTouch ($ 795-895, Micro Touch Systems), and Future Touch ($ 895 1495, AMIGA Business Computers). “The ultimate interface for a Kiosk is the touch screen, which lets users touch the images on the screen.” A1950 Monitor with Touch Screen Elographics’ 13" AccuTouch has a 3000x3000 pixel resolution and uses resistive technology. 'I'he advantage here is that unlike capacitive touch screens, you can activate resistive screens with a gloved hand or a nonmetal stylus. AccuTouch attaches to the front of the monitor with double-stick velcro. To use AccuTouch, you will need the Commodore driver that is supplied with AmigaVision. MicroTouch makes units for a variety of monitors, ? GVP Announces a Technological Breakthrough... SERIES n THE NEXT GENERATION in SCSI and RAM Controllers for the A2000 Cl PS New SERIES IIA2000 SCSI and RAM Expansion Controllers provide the ultimate hard disk and RAM expansion solution for the A2000. Choose from two new models: v Space (no component) for direct mounting of 3.5" Hard Disk Drive GVP’s New FaaastROM SCSI driver and installation software is also available as an upgrade kit for GVP's original IMPACT SCSI controllers, for ONLY $ 49.95. Offers major performance increase over previous GVP AUTOBOOT EPROMs. GVP Custom VLSI Chip New Series II 48MB Removable media hard disk drive. GVP now also offers the NEXT GENERATION removable media hard disk drive which offers increased capacity (48MB formatted) and major technological advances in cartridge air flow filtering design and robustness. Call for details. Up to 8MB of FAST RAM Expansion The Series IIA2000 SCSI “Hard-Disk + RAM-Card” State-of-the-Art integration packs a high performance SCSI controller, 8MB FAST RAM Expansion and a 3.5" hard disk drive INTO A SINGLE A2000 EXPANSION SLOT!! Saves BOTH a valuable expansion slot and a peripheral bay! Incredible SCSI hard disk performance achieved through GVP's innovative new custom chip design, which provides DMA performance and unique direct dual port memory access to FAST RAM, eliminating typical DMA side effects under heavy graphics load. Easy-to-install SIMM memory modules allow flexible memory configurations from ZERO through 8MB. Supports 6MB FAST RAM configuration for BridgeBoard users. NEW FAAASTROM ' SCSI Driver offers optimum performance and includes such features as: V Supports virtually any SCSI device including, CD-ROMs, Tape Drives, IOMEGA Bernoulli drives, etc. v7 Fully implements SCSI Disconnect Reconnect protocol, allowing overlapping SCSI commands to be executed. SCSI drives. Allows Direct AUTOBOOT from Fast File System Partition. New INTUITION COMPATIBLE SCSI installation and "tuning" utility included. Major features include: v ICON and gadget based INTUITION interface. V Bad Block Remapping of hard drives. V Auto or manual hard drive partitioning and AmigaDOS formatting. V' Read and modify existing RDB parameters on hard disk. V Simplest and Easiest SCSI installation in the industry. Low parts count (through VLSI Integration) EQUALS: lower power, higher reliability, longer life and ultimate PRICE PERFORMANCE! See TRADE-UP offer. The Series IIA2000 SCSI “Hard-Disk-Card”
* Same as above but without the SMB FAST RAM capability. Specially designed for those users who v' Fully implements Commodore's Rigid Disk Block (RDB) standard as well as the new DIRECT SCSI interface standard. Removable media drive support. Automatically senses cartridge changes and informs AmigaDOS, ensuring sate and reliable use of removable media SCSI TIMES The ULTIMATE Trade-Up Offer??? Bets Standardize ¦i i i ¦ Dealers Circle 145 on Reader Service Card Consumers Circle « on Reader Service Card GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 & Educational pricing program now available. Series II. FAAASTROM and GVP are trademarks of Great fellev Prndnefc inn Amina and A2000 are registered trademarks ot Commodore-Ami» |£ including the Commodore 1950, with prices ranging from S795 to $ 895. Its capacitive touch screens have a resolution of 1024 x 1024, and, like the AccuTouch, they have single-pixel precision. These units employ the same technology used in interactive displays at retail stores for the California Lottery, so they are very durable. They fit directly over your monitor picture tube (although you will have to open up the monitor to properly place the glass touch-screen panel); all you need do is install the supplied Amiga device driver and plug in the cable. MicroTouch also manufactures a device called the UnMouse ($ 235), a touch screen built into a flat 3- x 5-inch clear tablet. Instead of attaching to the front of the monitor, it lies flat on a table, making it possible to put a template underneath it to show users which parts of the tablet to press to create different actions. Touching the tablet allows you to move the pointer around, while pressing your finger down acts as a mouse click. This allows you to control a show withouL interfering with the on-screen action; for example, a presenter could easily run a show “Your body image appears as a single-color solid shape on the Vidi Mice set-up screen simply by touching icons or text on a template placed underneath the panel. AMIGA Business Computers offers Future Touch touch screens as part of an all-in-one package with a monitor. A 13-inch Commodore monitor with touch screen goes for $ 1195, while a 19-inch, open-frame monitor and touch screen sells for $ 1495. The company also offers under certain conditions a Future Touch kit to modify your existing monitor for S895. A light pen allows a user to interact with the screen in somewhat the same way as does a touch screen, but the costs are a lot less. By bringing the light pen up to the screen and clicking the button on the side of the pen, you can simulate a mouse click on that part of the screen. Light pens offer a low-hudget solution for kiosks where you want the users to interact directly with the screen. They do, however, represent one more piece of equipment subject to damage or vandalism. Just a little larger than a ballpoint pen, Inkwell System’s Amiga Light Pen ($ 129.95) plugs into your computer hut leaves your mouse port free so that you can use your mouse and the light pen at the same time. It also has a second button for menu choices. Although we have so far discussed only mechanical substitutes for the mouse, there are also entirely soft- ware-driven methods to move the mouse. Several public-dornain programs allow you to record both mouse movements and keystrokes and to play them back in exact sequence. Journal, Machlll, and “Light pens offer a low- hudget solution for Kiosks where you want the user to interact with the screen Inkwell's Amiga Light Pen Scriplt (all available on Fred Fish disks) provide some pretty sophisticated interaction capabilities. Machlll even has an Arexx port so that Arexx-compatible multimedia programs can send it messages to control any aspect of the computer or other multitasking software. It is possible via Arexx to send a message to Machlll from your multimedia program that could, say, bring a DeluxePaint 111 screen to the front, then call Journal to play hack the drawing of a picture, and finally return control to the multimedia program. This is an easy way to add extra capabilities to your multimedia software. And How About the User As User Interface? Still another way to interact with your computer is through your own voice, with devices such as Impulse’s voice-recognition system, VoRecOne ($ 159.95). .Although it currently has limited applications you have to teach the program to recognize the words you want it to learn, and it is possible that it may confuse words that sound similar VoRecOne is capable of getting the job done, responding instantly to the commands you taught it. You can assign individual keys or a series of keystrokes to any word you want, and you can even move the mouse and trigger mouse clicks with your voice. It does a very good job with sound effects, where confusion is much less likely than with words. You can even use it to synchronize images from a second computer based on specific sound effects. This is a very inexpensive way to synchronize two computers in a multimedia show. Another, even more offbeat interface possibility is a variation on one of the more exciting products from the early days of the Amiga: The Mandala from Very Vivid. Using A-Squared Distributions’ Live! Digitizer ($ 450 for the A2000 version) and a video camera, it tracked your body movements and responded when your body crossed over certain hit areas on the screen. That technology has been unavailable since Very ? VideoMaster The Integrated Desktop Video System For Amiga Computers
• **s' 4** In RGB Sfr> ftf - m m Cm* = a*- I Out Reference: Ml MB Ml Mi Amiga 1 C*e Ilf Proctit Output VideoMaster VideoMaster integrates in a single system all the functions necessary to transform the Amiga computer into a fully featured multimedia workstation without using the video slot. VideoMaster performs the following functions: ? Genlocks the Amiga graphics to incoming composite (PAL or NTSC) ? A built-in RGB splitter provides tor direct connection to a or S-Video source (S-VHS. Hi8 or ED-BETA). Digitizer including a compatible interface to Digi-View Gold 4.0. ? The genlockcd video production is available in composite and S-Video ? A special effects generator produces horizontal, vertical, circle formats as well as RGB for optimum graphics. And inverted wipes-automatically timed or manually controlled. Two Models NTSC (RS-I70A) and S-Video PAL and S-Video 625 The S-Video. Y C signal is processed independently in, through and out. “Glitch Free” Switches Cut to any Amina)Reference video com- bination in the next frame of your record inn with no flicker or artifacts. Dissolve Control Bars Dissolve to am Amiga Reference Video • combination. Also dissolve to black. Wipe Switches and Control Bar Vertical, horizontal and circle wipes timed by VideoMaster or controlled manually. Inverted or combined multiple wipes for special and unusual effects. Digitize External Images Connect your Digi-View Gold 4.0 digitizer, set RGB splitter to Auto and VideoMaster will synchronize the digitizer to R. G and B signals. Under manual control, select RGB sequence and interface to most commercial I v available digitizers-
• » no B V camera with eolor-wheel required. The S-VIDEO GENLOCK for all Amigas A-500 A-100D A-2000 A-2500 A-3000 RGB Processor VideoMaster generates RGB video and graphics for direct connection to an RGB monitor or projector. The standard Amiga monitor can display reference video and Amiga graphics optimally in RGB mode. Transcoding Create composite productions from S- Video reference source. Create S-Video productions from composite reference video. VideoMaster output is continuously available in all three formats. (Composite. S-Video. And RGB). Record with No Reference Video In No problem! VideoMaster generates internal sync to allow the Amiga artist to record his animation in either composite or S-Video. Amiga RGB Session No recabling! Set VideoMaster to Off Bypass and develop RGB graphics for your next production. Circle 170 on Reader Service card. Key Out Compatible with the video mixer in vour studio ensemble. Leave your Amiga Video Slot Open For use with other video add-on cards that add sizzle to your productions. External Power Supply Required for A-500, Optional for all other Amigas. Dealer Demonstration Program Video dealers should contact VidTech for details. Warranty and Support VideoMaster comes with a full vear r warranty and 800 number for customer service and support. Call or write us today: VidTech Internationaljnc. 2822 NW 70th Avenue Miami, Florida 33122 800-727-2261 or 305-477-2228 Fax 305-59 M 65 J Price: S1295 Dealer inquiries invited.
U. S. Distribution bv Micro-Pace. Inc.. Champaign, III. V VidTech VIDI-Mice ©1989 Tensor Productions SN:21085 clef aul t PIXEL SENS. SIGNAL THRESHOLD ? ? ? IB FLOOR HOT SPOT BUTTONS 0 0 POINTER RANGE VERTICAL ALIGNMENT! UPDATE FREQUENCY tizer and a video camera, but it works interactively with any software. You can establish areas on the screen that, when your video image touches them, produce the same results as pressing a specific key on the keyboard or clicking the mouse. With Vidi Mice, you are allowed more than 80 different virtual buttons on the screen. You can also have your video image touch the mouse pointer and have it follow your body or your hand. At a major multimedia conference, we used it with TV*Show 2 ($ 99.95, Zuma Group) to trigger the left (forward) and right (reverse) mouse buttons. The presenter could go forward or backward in the show merely by gesturing to the right or to the left. We also set several function keys to trigger specific images simply by having the presenter reach up and to the left or right. You can even trigger key combinations for hotkeys (such as Right Amiga-M). You can use Vidi Mice to control with your video image any operation you can perform with the mouse or keyboard. Your body image appears as a single-color solid shape on the Vidi Mice set-up screen so that you can easily see where to set up the buttons. You can invert your image or flip it horizontally or vertically. Your image is normally invisible when you go into a program to control it, but you can export your image to any bitplane of any screen you choose. If you want your live image to appear on, say, a Deluxe Faint screen, you can do it very easily. You can even paint with your image. This is really exciting stuff! .Assuming that you have a genlock and that your body image is set at color 0, you can even make your body image transparent and genlock your real image through it, thus creating a sort of pseudo chromakey. .Although you are somewhat limited by the quality of the Live! Digitizer output, this still can produce a very striking effect. You also have absolute mouse-pointer control, 16 mouse-button positions, and 16 Arexx ports for very Vivid pulled The Mandala from the general market, but, thanks to Joe Shen of Tensor Productions, it is possible to develop similar and even more advanced techniques of this kind. Tensor’s Vidi Mice ($ 85) also uses the Live! Cligi- With Vidi Mice, you can use video representations of body images (like the hand at the left) that, when they touch certain areas of the screen, produce the same results as mouse clicks. Sophisticated interaction. Believe me, you experience a tremendous feeling of power in being able to make a gesture and bring up any image, animation, or sound effect. With Vidi Mice, you could start a multimedia show simply by the action of the presenter walking on stage. Having performed as a magician for many years, this is as dose as I’ve ever come to the feeling of real magic. Music, Virtual Reality, and Beyond. .. MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) offers another option in the array of interface possibilities. Most of the presentation programs I have worked with do not offer full MIDI synchronization. Midi Mice ($ 85), also from Tensor Productions, does offer some interesting solutions to that problem. It listens for specific MIDI events to trigger keys or mouse movements. Instead of basing your multimedia presentation on time, you can have it controlled by specific notes in the music played live from your MIDI keyboard. If you have two Amigas, you can use one to produce MIDI note information (done with DeluxeVideo III and AmigaVision), which can then be sent out to Midi Mice (main screen pictured at right) lets you control multimedia presentations with music. Specific notes, played live from your MIDI keyboard, trigger keys or mouse movements. Another Amiga set up with Midi Mice and whatever software you want to control. This is an easy way to have one Amiga control another, which is an important consideration if you wish to create multi-image shows that project more than one image at a time on a wide screen. With Midi Mice, you can base pointer movement on pitch value, velocity value, pitch-wheel parameters, or control-change parameters. You can, for example, set a specific channel number to trigger keyboard events using MIDI pitch values on that channel. Remember, too, that you have Arexx ports available, which opens up still further possibilities with MIDI. Moving closer to the cutting edge, even more exciting user-interface activity centers around virtual reality (VR), which is the rage at a number of computer labs across the country. Mattel Toys brought VR to the home front with its Power Glove for the Nintendo system, which allows the user to wear a ? XTERNAL WORLD OF ROCTEC ROCTEC ELECTRONICS INC 170 Knowles Drive, Suite 202 Los Gatos, CA 95030
U. S. A. Tel: 408 379 1713 Fax: 408 379 1897 Dissolve Control Auto Video Pass-Through External Internal Power Selection RS-170A Composite Output Compact & Sturdy Metal Casing For more information or the nearest dealer, please call us now 3,5" 880 KB Compact Floppy
• Daisy Chain Function
• ON OFF Switch
• No Clicking
5. 25" 360 880 KB Switchable Floppy
3. 5" 880 KB Ultra-Slim Floppy
• 0.75" Super Slim Mechanism
• Low Power
• Extremely Quiet
* 40 80 Track Switchable
* Compatible with PC-1 Track Zero Write-Inhibit Track Location Display Disk Write Protect Function Virus Prevention leu .mil Rtv Kniftht fflrpyn n::i r.-J In v'll ill UjgflpjfhLil cv. Hfii.tlloh If.im Kl is ,».w nrdeiL 512KB RAM for A500 Computer Real Time Clock & Calendar External ON OFF Switch
1. 8 MB RAM Expansion Available glove that tracks finger and hand movements and then uses them to control games. Tensor’s Digi Mice ($ 50) is a combination of interface and software that allows you to use the Power Glove with the Amiga. Its range of capabilities is limited it acts like a joystick rather than a mouse but if you want to experiment with software that is joystick-compatible, this may be exacdy what you need. In talking with one of the designers of the Power Glove, however, 1 was told that a simple, inexpensive modification could greatly increase the resolution and accuracy of the Power Glove. Tensor may be able to offer this modification in the future so that more accurate Power Glove control is available for the Amiga. Stayed tuned. Tensor does seem to be at the forefront of alternative interfaces, and the company has announced another interesting prospect in CyberScape (scheduled to retail at S245), which has many of the neat features present in The Mandala, along with quite a number of new features of its own. It is reported to be an entirely video-triggered multimedia package. Besides support for images, brushes, and animations, it should also output MIDI, IFF sounds, and synthesized speech. It is slated to support Arexx messages and to send output through both the serial and parallel ports. For purposes of interactivity, it promises collision detection, motion control, object hold and release, and object hierarchies. It is even supposed to support scorekeeping and interactive games. If you have lusted to play Nickelodeons Fat A Bug game at home, you may soon be able to do so. There is a lot of possibility here, and CyberScape could represent a kind of interactive nirvana for clever multimedia producers. Imagine what something like this might mean if used in conjunction with NewTck’s Video Toaster. Were talking about real-time quality digitizing that could also trigger events and allow users to interact with objects on the screen, while all the time the Toaster is producing broadcast-quality video. New- Tek, take note! As we have seen, there are a great many alternatives to the old mouse and keyboard interfaces. What the future holds is hard to foresee ultrasonics, large- scale panels, and, perhaps in California, even the triggering of events based on earthquake magnitude? For now, we have plenty to play with and keep us busy for quite a while. ¦ Geoffrey Williams is Executive Producer for Creative Business Communication and head of the Amiga Video-Graphics Guild. Write to hime c o Amiga Wo rid, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Manufacturers’ Addresses A-Squared Distributions 6114 La Salle Ave. Oakland, CA 94611 415 339-0339 AMIGA Business Computers 192 Laurel Road East Northport, NY 11731 516 757-7334 DAK Industries 8200 Remmet Ave. Canoga Park, CA 91304 800 888-7808 Elographics 105 Randolph Road Oak Ridge, TN 37830 615 482-4100 Fred Fish Catalog Disk Update 1835 E. Belmont Dr. Tempe, AZ 85284 Impulse 6870 Shingle Creek Pkwy. 112 Minneapolis, MN 55435 612 566-1822 Inkwell Systems 1050 R- Pioneer Way El Cajon, CA 92020 ’ 619 440-7666 Kraft Systems 450 W. California Ave. Vista, CA 92083 619 724-7146 MicroSpeed 44000 Old Warm Springs Blvd. Fremont, CA 94538 415 490-1403 MicroTouch Systems 55 Jonspin Road Wilmington, MA 01887 508 694-9900 NewTek 215 S.E. 8th St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 Practical Solutions 1135 N. Jones Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85716 602 322-6100 Tensor Productions 280 Mathilda Drive 9 Goleta, CA 93117 805 685-6245 Zuma Group 6733 Black Canyon Hwy. Phoenix, AZ 85015 602 246-4238 MAKING MULTIMEDIA-3 And Wrongs In selecting images for multimedia production, make sure you don’t infringe on others’ copyrights. By the same token, you need to guard your own creations from unauthorized copying. IF YOU ARK a multimedia producer, the chances are that you frequently need to incorporate in your projects a variety of pre-existing sounds, photographs, music, animation, video, and text from a wide range of media sources. These may well form the core of your multimedia experiences, but tagging along in the shadows may he a host of copyright problems. Not only are you responsible for protecting your own creations, hut you must ensure that you are legally entitled to use whatever you borrow from others. The Basics 'Fhe old saw that "ideas are a dime a dozen" is certainly applicable to copyright law. According to the current rules, while ideas cannot be copyrighted, their tangible expression can. In other words, the idea to videotape your unde Jim’s wedding isn’t eligible for copyright, but a videotape of the ceremony is. Written stories, recorded songs, a sculpture, or even a simple sketch all qualify for protection, regardless of their level of sophistication a child’s drawing is as eligible for copyright as is the cover of Time magazine. Moreover, a work is automatically copyrighted at the lowest level the moment it is created. This is called protection and right "by creation,” but the protection ? By Gene Brawn against infringement at this level is actually slight. To gain the fullest protection, the author or artist should also register the work with the US Copyright Office. Using Others1 Copyrighted Works If you are a multimedia artist, it’s all too easy to use an image without first checking its copyright status. If you are employed by a TV news organization, a newspaper, or a magazine, the “fair-use” provisions (see below) of the copyright act may cover you. If, on the other hand, the copyrighted work is used commercially (even if not necessarily for profit), then its use without permission is probably an infringement of an existing copyright. Infringement can occur in many situations, including internal use such as company newsletters and video programs, “educational" multimedia productions, and even trade show demonstrations. If the copyright holder discovers and objects to your unauthorized use of his or her property, you may receive a notice to discontinue its use (although not mandatory, this is common), often followed by a lawsuit. If the suit succeeds, you can be barred from using the property in your production, fined as much as S 100,000, and required to pay the plaintiffs legal fees and share any income derived from its use. Obtaining rights to use a copyrighted work need not be complicated. A simple letter, signed by both parties, that outlines your project, explains how you plan to use the property, and states the fees to be paid (if any), is usually enough for the legal eagles. Dealing with Joint or Collective copyright holders (see discussion below) is a little more tricky. Owners of such material may not have all the rights they think they do. So you should indemnify yourself with a clause in the written agreement that relieves you of responsibility in case the owners have infringed on someone else’s copyright. Using works that you know to be in the public domain is one way to maintain your sanity in the copyright jungle. Because copyrights cover finite periods, all protected properties are eventually free for the public to use (see the sidebar “How Long Is a Copyright?” for time periods undercurrent law). You are free to use anything in the public domain without restriction. Clip-art books are a good source of copyright-free images, and used book stores are a treasure trove of public-domain images, as old picture books and magazines abound with freely usable art. Although not free, stock photo houses are a good source of more contemporary scenes; for a fee, you can secure permission for a one-time use of thousands of photographs, illustrations, and even films. Is It Infringement or Fair Use? The only significant constraint on the rights of a copyright holder is the fair-use clause of the copyright act. The intent of the rule is to balance the creator’s need to preserve his or her interests in the work and the public's reasonable right to use it. The fair use rule allows some unauthorized use without fear of infringement, including critical reviews, commentary, news, teaching, scholarship, and research. Anything else may constitute infringement and entail legal problems. The advent of electronic digital media and the tools to manipulate them has created havoc in the graphic- arts community. It has suddenly become easy to digitize an image, stretch it, bend it, and warp it until it is all but unrecognizable. Using small clips of existing artwork is commonplace, but is it legal? Did you borrow more than you’re entitled to without permission? How much do you have to change something before it becomes yours? These questions have not yet been settled for multimedia, much less for the digital graphic arts. Until they are, you will have ? How Long Is a Copyright? COPYRIGHT LAW WAS stable for many decades following its inception. The last ten years or so, however, have seen rapid changes in the rules, prompted by corresponding changes in technology. The last major revamping of the law occurred in the Copyright Act of 1976. The new law, taking effect on January 1, 1978, redefined the terms of new and old copyrights. Currently, the copyright periods are:
• For joint authorship: 50 years after the death of the last surviving author;
• For works-for-hire or anonymous works: 75 years from publication or 100 years from the date of creation, which- ever is shorter;
• For works copyrighted before January 1, 1978, the period of protection was 28 years, with renewal for another 28 years. The 1976 Act, however, provided for a longer renewal period, with the result that any work registered and with registration properly renewed prior to January 1, 1978, is copyrighted for a maximum of 75 years. This means that, as of January 1 of this year, anything copyrighted before January 1, 1916, is now in the public domain.
• Anything created before 1978, and not properly copyrighted, 7nay be in the public domain.
• Anything created by the US government is in the public domain, n GB MUSIC PRODUCTION TOOLS FOR CREATIVE MINDS KCS and Level II version 3.5 is the only music sequencing package giving you real-time graphic editing plus standard musical notation and MIDI mixing. Coupled with the Phantom SMPTE-MIDI interface, you have an unprecedented audio and video production toolbox. If you're creative, you deserve KCS! DR. T'S PRODUCTS Sequencers LEVEL II 3.5 KCS 3.5 TIGER Cub MRS Editors Librarians CASIO VZ-1 VZ RIDER CZ RIDER DX HEAVEN EMU Proteus ESQ'apade ESQ-I SQ 80 4-OP DELUXE (Yamaha) KAWAI K-l KAWAI K-5 KORG M-l LEXICON PCM-70 08ERHEIM MATRIX 6 1000 oni Ann n_i|Q 0 X-OR (UNIVERSAL EDITOR) Composition Scoring COPYIST APPRENTICE COPYIST DTP "M" ; Hardware PHANTOM MIDI.-SMPTE INTERFACE MODEL-A MIDI INTERFACE Dr, T's Lf»fl II - ms in J.5 'nllMIt I SI iPlllltn MHE~ l CclllfCI :3 ) MM 25 > EFEfl 3? 1610311 2 H Prcteas: 26 sim 39 Eisluk I 1 Rftyttn :5 tiir.fl I Ml 2? Sarplfs 39 HarnSit? HU rich 26 [ 3asr 23 Scratch HU 9 E-l53a!s 5 Snara i :? Fad i 29 Cfi sh! Nil 41 CL Ml 4 Swf 2 28 Horrhns KJ 33 Thynjit 42 ? Icnbalr HU :9 bivta 31 43 IctOSt 8 Ki-Hats ¦0 f EC 32 >sinms 41 >p3cd» t I»S HU 21 Hi: JJ Uifllir l 45 Hi: It Hibrs 34 Viola 1 46 Protfiaa It 2J Voices 35 Cello 1 41 Pad 2 12 U 36 Bass 1 48 I7K3 lie i uTH a ? ~1 ? A =3 ? A ! Jj
i. ¦¦ FIESSJ6ES KCS Play Record AiHHu - »tfsiw> >.9 twii Slim iM'l MIDI Mixing Phantom MIDI-SYMPTE Interface n-------rus5
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• - y Cations Fl I Scsrt Sinsle Track... Piay Screen Junp :c Jar, Checss Printt- Score Transcription Graphic Editing Dr.T’s MUSIC SOFTWARE 100 Crescent Road, Needham, MA 02194
(617) 455-1454 FAX (617)455-1460 Ode 35 on Reader Service card to depend on professional help to guide you through the maze of opinion, rules, and laws. Protecting Your Own Creation Copyright protection, of course, works both ways. While multimedia artists more often may find themselves in a quandary about infringing upon the copyrights of others, they should also pay attention to protecting the rights to their own creations. Although the Copyright Act of 1976 automatically protects any work created after January 1, 1978 (the date it went into effect), there are many benefits to formal registration that do not otherwise obtain. For example, it is only through registration that the copyright owner secures the right to file a lawsuit for infringement. Registration also establishes the date your work was created, makes it a matter of public record, and is also essential if you plan to sell or license your property. .Although the registration process is simple enough to do yourself, consult an attorney before selling rights to your work. The following is the procedure for registering the copyright of your creation. Place in the same envelope the appropriate application form (original only, not a photocopy), properly completed, along with a S10 check or money order stapled to the form and a deposit copy or copies of the work, and mail to The Register of Copyrights, Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20559. Write the Information and Publications Section of the Copyright Office at the same address for instructions and application forms. There are several categories of forms, grouped by creative medium. The most important document for multimedia producers is Form PA, formerly the sole province of composers, filmmakers, audio video producers, and playwrights. Form TX is used for any nondramatic literary works whether published or not such as books, pamphlets, poetry, computer programs, advertising copy, and so on, except that magazines, newspapers, journals, or any publications of a serial nature are registered with Form SE. The line artist, graphic designer, sculptor, and other practitioner of the visual arts will need Form VA, while performing musicians protect their recordings with Form SR. You can make application for registration at any time during the life of the original copyright, the right that exists immediately upon creation of the work. Vs a multimedia producer, you need to he familiar with all these copyright categories. While the ubiquitous copyright notice printed on a work is no longer mandatory under the Act of 1976, you should nevertheless consider including it on all your works. It serves to identify you as the creator i 4 and to remind potential infringers that the work is protected by law. The notice is, however, mandatory on works created before January 1, 1978, and any such properties without it run the risk of entering the public domain. The accepted form for the copyright notice includes three elements: the © symbol, the word “Copyright,” or the abbreviation “Copr”; the date of publication; and the name of the copyright owner. For example: © 1990 Gene Brawn. Do not make the mistake of assuming that your registered copyright is in effect worldwide. International rights are determined by treaty and are subject to the signatory country’s rules and regulations. Be aware that although a country is party to a treaty, that does not mean it must accept all the treaty’s provisions. Be sure to check the target country’s laws to determine your rights. Copyright Classifications The copyright application requires that you disclose whether or not the content of your property is original with you or whether its source is another, possibly copyrighted, work. You also must indicate if the property is the result of a collaboration. If vou are the
* sole creator of you r work and it is all original material, you will enjoy clear sailing through the regulatory jungle. It is true, however, that the typical multimedia project is growing so large that its creation is often beyond the capabilities of a single artist. If no agreements are made beforehand, a multimedia property with multiple contributors is known as a Joint Creation, with each creator owning 100 percent of the work. Beware! Any such joint owner can grant nonexclusive rights to reproduce the joint property to anyone, at any time, without obtaining the consent of the other creator(s). The only favorable thing 1 can say about this provision is that the partner must share the proceeds from such a sale with the cocreators. On the other hand, the sale of exclusive rights must be agreed upon by all parties to the copyright. I advise you to avoid the Joint Creation type of copyright at all costs; it is nothing but a legal can of worms. Where there are several authors, joint ownership is automatic unless agreed otherwise. By all means, take the option and “agree otherwise” Instead, use work-for-hire contracts (more on this below) or other written agreements to establish your position as the “sole creator” of the property. If your creation is something like an anthology, composed of previously copyrighted works, the property is a Collective Work for purposes of copyright. This category does not relieve you of the necessity to secure permission to use whatever you incorporate into the work. In fact, those portions of the presentation used illegally will be excluded from the copyright (and you may be sued), although, interestingly enough, any portions of the work that you create are still covered by the registration. Yet another classification is the Derivative Work. This is an original property, based on or containing parts of another copyrighted work, but different enough in form and expression to warrant a separate copyright. Both the author of the original work and the adapter share the copyright. Be sure to obtain sufficient rights from the original copyright holder to allow you to fully exploit your new creation. Work for Hire Of concern to the producer as well as the independent contractor is the nebulous and contentious subject of work for hire. The problem centers on the question of who owns a copyright for a creative work, the employee creator or the employer? The nod goes to the employer in those cases when the creator is a lull- time employee and the property is created within the scope of his or her employment. The status of the free-lancer’s rights is cloudier. The current law, although more definitive than before 1978, is still fuzzy on the exact dividing line between an employee and an independent contractor. The courts have defined some guidelines in trying to resolve this question. Among them are: the location where the work was performed; the source of the creator's tools; the tax and benefit status of the freelancer; the method of payment; the extent of the freelancer’s autonomy in choosing working hours and in engaging extra help; and the skill required to complete the job. Rather than getting caught up in a legal maze, he sure to get these questions settled in writing before work on the job begins. This article has covered, of course, only the essentials of what you may need to know to protect yourself from suit and your work from infringement. The source books in the accompanying list provide a wealth of further detail, so by all means consult them. But now, at least, you have a frame of reference out of which you can ask some intelligent questions. ¦ Gene Braum is an interactive multimedia producer and contributing editor to Amiga World. Write to him c!o Amiga World Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Resource Materials The Desktop Publishers legal Handbook by Daniel Sitarz Nova Publishing Company Carbondale, Illinois, 1989 Legal Guide for the Visual Artist by Tad Crawford All worth Press New York, New York, 1989 Make It legal by Lee Wilson All worth Press New York, New York, 1990 The Multimedia Producer’s legal Survival Guide by Stephen Ian Macintosh The Multimedia Computing Corporation Santa Clara, California, 1990 The Writer’s Legal Companion by Brad Bunnin and Peter Beren Addison-Wesley Publishing Company Reading, Massachusetts, 1988 Become a part of the AmigaWorld Programming Team We’re looking for quality programs to support the growth of the AmigaWorld product line, and we need your help. We offer competitive payment and an opportunity for fame. ¦ GAMES ¦ANIMATION «3D ¦UTILITIES ¦ CLIP ART ¦ AMIGAVISION APPLICATIONS ¦ OTHER STAND-ALONE APPLICATIONS Send your submissions Amiga Product Submissions or contact us for Mare-Anne Jarvela guidelines: (603) 924-°100 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 The “Ami 500” A THREE-PART GUIDE TO UPGRADING YOUR A500 Part 1: Revving Up With RAM To make it around this grueling course, you’ll need sound strategies for expansion. At our first pit stop here in Part 1, let’s pull in for a RAM supercharge. By John Wolfskill When the checkered flag goes down and you’re running with all you’ve got, and you Find that your current RAM supply limits your software options, it’s time to upgrade. Thanks to the abundant stock of RAM boards available for the A500, you have many avenues to explore before you part with your hard-earned cash. You can attach RAM to the AoOO’s external system bus, install it inside the system case, or fit it into the A501 expansion slot on the underside of the case. Depending on the upgrade path you choose and the expansion devices you have already added to your system, you may need to replace your A500’s tiny 35-watt power supply with a more powerful model. An A500 equipped with just 512K of RAM and one external disk drive draws about 2 amps of electrical current from the maximum 4.3 amps (at +5 volts) the stock supply can safely deliver. To avoid problems, the total current load of all further expansion devices must be less than
2. 3 amps. If a 512K card is your only add-on device, there is no need to replace your power supply. Greater-capacity upgrades are another matter. If your new board does not have its own power supply, you can use this rule of thumb to determine if you will need to spring for a new power supply before you begin: 1MB RAM = roughly .75 amps. (Some kinds of chips draw less power than others. If you want to obtain more information on types of chips, and on memory in general, see “Memory to the Max,”
p. 85, Dec. ’89. .Also refer to the sidebar “Are You Going Fast?” later in this article for a discussion of the different RAM types.) If you’re planning to install your new RAM board vouself, you should know that there are two revisions of the A500’s motherboard (5 and 6A) that may require different expansion hardware. To avoid disappointment, make sure you specify your motherboard version when you order the card. (You’ll find the revision number stamped on the bottom right corner of your motherboard.) Also, remember that when you open your AdOO’s case, you render null and void Commodore’s system warranty. ? CATCHING UP ALTHOUGH IT HAS always had the same software capabilities as the A2000, the A500s architecture makes it inherently more difficult to expand. For this reason, fewer types of hardware expansion devices have been available for the A500 than for the A2000. As a result, the Amiga's potential has often been just out of reach for A500 owners. For example, although the A500 can run CAD software, previous lack of a flicker- reduction device (such as MlcroWay's flicker- Flxer for the A2000) has made working with CAD undesirable on the 500. Lately, however, third- party developers have discovered ways around many of the A500’s design limitations. You can now do almost anything with an Amiga 500 that you can with a 2000. You can attach super high-capacity storage devices. You can show interlaced displays without flicker. You can run MS-DOS software. You can add an accelerator to speed up applications, and you can expand memory to the full 9MB that the A50G’s (and A2000's) architecture can address. Finally, with the addition of an expansion box containing Zorro-2 and IBM-compatible slots, you can add cards that were designed to work only with the A2000 and, theoretically at least, match all the capabilities of the 2000, save for those options that require the video slot. In this three-part series, we will explore the ways In which you can add on to your A500. We'll determine which are the most convenient methods for expansion and which leave you the best options for possible future additions. We'tl also expose any limitations hidden in promised end-all solutions. In the final Installment of the series, we’ll assemble the '‘ultimate” A500 hot rod a fully-expanded machine with our recommended components for high-power use. We've limited Part 1 of the series to memory- only expansion devices. Although many manufacturers now supply RAM sockets in their A500 hard-drive models, we will save discussion of those units for Part 2 of the series, In which we’ll focus on hard-dlsk systems. Finally, In Part 3, we'll evaluate accelerators that speed up operations, card cages that accommodate A2000- style cards, and some miscellaneous peripherals that provide specific enhancements. ? Barbara Gefvert 46 February 1991 * 1 tested ten A500 RAM expansion devices, rating them according to ease of installation and the quality of their documentation and assigning each one a grade (Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent, Superior) for overall value. The grade takes into consideration the retail price, soundness of design, hardware compatibility, and component quality. I tested all the boards using both revisions 5 and 6A of the A500 motherboard. Unless otherwise stated, all boards work correctly with both motherboard revisions. AdRAM 540 The AdRAM 540 provides up to 4MB of expansion RAM and a battery-backed hardware clock. With the addition of [CD’s A560D piggyback daughterboard, the 540 can provide up to six megabytes. The basic kit includes a RAM card, a small secondary board that plugs into the motherboard’s Gary chip socket, and a ten-pin ribbon cable. For the most part, the documentation is clear. Installation is simple: Open the case, relocate the A500’s Gary chip to a socket on the secondary card, and then connect the cards with the ribbon cable. Your A500 can recognize most of the new RAM, and I DC provides a program to add to your startup- sequence file that lets your system recognize the rest. The AdRAM 540 is well-designed, easy to install and works as it should. Even if you’re not thrilled by the slim 90-day warranty on the chips (the board itself is warranted for one year) you will find the Ad RAM 540 a good choice for a serious RAM upgrade. AdRAM 540 ICD Capacity: 4MB Type: A501 slot Super Agnus kit: Yes Price: $ 159.95 (unpopulated) Expansion options: 2MB A560D ($ 259.95) Warranty: One year Ease of Installation: Excellent Documentation: Good Overall value: Good Baseboard Baseboard is another device designed for those who need a muscle-beach RAM upgrade. Like the AdRAM 540, it adds a battery-backed clock and, in combination with an optional daughter card, up to 6MB of RAM. The kit comes with a small circuit board that plugs into the A500’s Gary chip socket, a 4MB RAM card, and a 20-pin cable that connects the two. You can also add Expansion Systems’ Overboard daughter card to provide an additional 2MB of RAM. Installing the Baseboard is more complex than adding other A50l cards, but no more difficult, thanks to a clearly written, detailed manual. Open your A500’s case, remove the Gary chip and replace it with the circuit board, insert the RAM card into the underside A50l connector, and then attach the 20-pin cable between the cards. Depending on which Agnus chip your A500 uses, you will also need to reset a few jumper plugs on both cards and add a program to your startup-sequence that configures the boards once your A500 boots. The Baseboard RAM card is a high-quality, four- layer card that should help eliminate problems when you attempt to mix RAM chips with different access speeds (or chips from different manufacturers) on the same card. .Although the clock battery is not rechargeable, you can replace it without soldering. If you want more than the essential 512K RAM upgrade for your A501 slot, or if you need Super Agnus support, the Baseboard system is the way to go. Baseboard Expansion Systems Capacity: 4MB Type: A501 slot Super Agnus kit: Yes Price: 5159.95 (unpopulated) Expansion options: 2MB Overboard ($ 139.95 with 512K) Warranty: One year Ease of Installation: Superior Documentation: Excellent Overall value: Superior Half-Megabyte Memory With Clock-Calendar A spitting image of Commodore’s A501 RAM card, this full-size board comes with 512K RAM on 16 (256K x 1 bit) chips and a clock, all housed in a sturdy metal case. The clock is powered by a 3-cell, 3.6-volt NiCad battery. Both the board and its components are constructed of high-quality materials that should provide years of dependable operation. Documentation consists of a small booklet with good instructions, and the two-year parts-and-labor warranty is a plus. Looks like a solid value. Half-Megabyte Memory with Clock-Calendar Skyles Electric Works Capacity: 512K Type: A501 slot Super Agnus kit: No Price: $ 79.95 Expansion options: None Warranty: Two years Ease of installation: Excellent Documentation: Excellent Overall value: Excellent ? EE NEW PRODUCTS FROM ICD Flicker Free Video™ With Flicker Free Video (FFV) and a standard VGA or multi-frequency monitor, any Amiga* 500, 1000, or 2000 computer can produce a high quality display, free of interlace flicker and visible scan lines. Installation requires no soldering or advanced technical knowledge and frees the video slot in Amiga 2000 computers for other uses. FFV is compatible with all software, works in low and high resolutions interlaced or not, and has no genlock conflicts. FFV uses a multi-layer circuit board and surface-mounted components, packing a lot of power into a very small space. Both PAL and NTSC are automatically recognized and fully supported. Full overscan is supported, not just a limited overscan. Three megabits of random access memory are used to ensure compatibility with overscan screens as large as the Amiga can produce. Ad Speed ™ ICD expands its line of innovative enhancement products for the Amiga with the introduction of AdSpeed. A full featured 14.3 Mhz 68000 accelerator for all 68000-based Amiga computers. AdSpeed differs from other accelerators by using an intelligent 16K static RAM cache to allow zero wait state execution of many operations at twice the regular speed. All programs will show improvement. Rrrrrrrrrrr ICD AdSpeed Ad Speed will make your Amiga run faster than any 68000 or 68020 accelerator without on-board RAM. Ad Speed works with all 68000 based Amiga computers, including the 500, 1000, and 2000. Installation is simple and requires no soldering. AdSpeed has a software selectable true 7.16 Mhz 68000 mode for 100% compatibility your computer will run as if the stock CPU was installed. 32K of high speed static RAM is used for 16K of data instruction cache and 16K of cache tag memory. A full read and write-through cache provides maximum speed. AdSCSI™ 2080 The fastest, most versatile SCSI host adapter (hard drive interface) available for the Amiga 2000 now comes in a new configuration. AdSCSI 2080 is nor DMA, but its clean design and advanced caching driver provide greater throughput than any available DMA interface. All the features you want are included at no additional charge: autoboot from Fast File System partitions. Commodore* SCSIDirect and Rigid Disk Block conformance for no mountlist editing and compatibility with third party SCSI devices, and the most advanced removable media support available, including automatic DiskChange and no partitioning restrictions. AdSCSI 2080 also includes sockets for adding two, four, six, or eight megabytes of RAM using 1 megabyte SIMMs. If expansion slots are in high demand, then this card could be your answer. 1220 Rock Street Rockford. IL 61101
(815) 968-2228 Information (8(H)) 373-7700 Orders only
(815) 968-6888 FAX Flicker Free Video, AdSpeed, and AdSCSI 2080 join ICD’s existing and growing line of power peripherals and enhancements for Amiga computers. Our experience and expertise allow us to give you the products and support you deserve. From beginning to end, every possible aspect of product development and production is handled in-house. We design all the hardware, lay out all the circuit boards, and write all the software. We assemble and test our products in our ow n facility, providing us with an unmatched level of control over the finished product. It is never out of our hands. These are more examples of the advantages you get from ICD. The best product. At the best price. With the best support. No compromises. Flicker Free Video, FFV, AdSpeedond AdSCSI ore trademarks of ICD, Inc. Commodore is a registered trademark of Commodore Electronics Limited. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. T H H A MI 5 ft 0 P A R T I M501-S Minimegs The M501-S provides 512K RAM expansion and a battery-backed dock. The small 4.3 x 3.5-inch hoard is similar to Commodore s A501 memory hoard, but the M501-S also provides a miniature slide switch that lets you disable the hoard for the benefit of ill-behaved games and other programs that balk at the sight of RAM expansion. The 3-volt Lithium clock battery has a life expectancy of three or more years. I found the installation instructions accurate and clearly written. Despite its low price, this hoard uses quality components throughout. A bargain for those who need a quick 512K RAM upgrade, the M501-S is available only through Amiga dealers. M501-S Microbotics Capacity: 512K Type: A501 slot Super Agnus kit: No Price: $ 80.95 Expansion options: None Warranty: One year Ease of installation: Excellent Documentation: Good Overall value: Good Micromegs Micromegs wins the prize for the most compact RAM expansion card. The tiny 2 x 3.25-inch hoard provides 512K of RAM using only four CMOS (4 hit x 256K) chips and a clock, whose 3-volt Lithium battery is soldered in place. A toggle switch allows you to disable the card without removing it from the system. Terse instructions cover the do’s and don’ts of installation, hut do not fully explain the card’s features. Consider this inexpensive, low-power hoard if you have already installed enough extras to place a strain on your A500’s power supply. Micromegs MAST Capacity: 512K Type: A501 slot Super Agnus kit: No Price: $ 69 Expansion options: None Warranty: One year Ease of installation: Good Documentation: Fair Overall value: Fair If you want to add 2MB of true fast RAM to your
* system, you won’t find a simpler solution than Minimegs. MAST provides a pure and simple solution for those who don’t mind giving up their CPU slot for memory expansion; the unit provides no passthrough bus extension. The module comes with up to 2MB of SIP (Single Inline Package) RAM chips soldered onto a metal-encased hoard. Simply remove the hoard from its wrappings, plug it into the CPU expansion slot, and turn on your A500. Considering the task at hand, the documentation is adequate. Minimegs MAST Capacity: 2MB Type: CPU slot Super Agnus kit: No Price: 5269 (sold fully populated only) Expansion options: None Warranty: One year Ease of installation: Excellent Documentation: Good Overall value: Good RamWorks 500 RamWorks 500 comes with 16 (256K.X 1 hit) RAM chips that provide 512K of RAM and a 3.6-volt NiCad battery-driven clock. The RamWorks 500 uses all high-quality components and comes with a well-written, illustrated manual that provides clear, step-by- step instructions. The company offers a whopping five-year warranty. My pick of the 512K A501 litter. RamWorks 500 Applied Engineering Capacity: 512K Type: A501 slot Super Agnus kit: No Price: $ 79 Expansion options: None Warranty: 5 years Ease of installation: Superior Documentation: Superior Overall value: Superior RC-500 The RC-500, a two-layer board, uses four (256K.X4 hit) RAM chips to supply 512K of RAM. A small toggle switch allows you to disable the board if necessary. ? It’s that time again Tax Preparation and Planning Tool Presifettial &e tro rat Si te so to this fend? [1 Yes lYes Ho
* Scrollable on screen lookalike forms and schedules
* Line by Line Data Entry Prompts
* On Screen IRS Instructions
* Prints Government Approved Lookalike Tax Forms on Plain Printer Paper.
* Prints Scanned images of Form 1040
* Automatically Calculates Deductions and Refunds
* Itemizes and creates overflow forms
* Override any cell to test "what-if" tax strategies
* Add Notes to expand information cells
* Pop up Calculator with cut & paste
* Load and save multiple tax returns
* Work with 2 tax returns at the same time V5.0 includes
* Form 1040 and 1040a, Schedules A, B, C, D, D1, ET F, R, SE, 2106, 2441, 3903, 8606, 4562, 8615, 4868
* Plus ELECTRONIC Filing support built in! No Extra modules to buy or learn. Why Wait? Get your refund in 2 to 3 weeks! Only $ 75 Annual Updates $ 29 (plus $ 5 for shipping and handling) See your Amiga dealer or call 1 -800-387-1942 Datamax Research corp 269 Portage Road, Box 1147 Lewiston NY 14092 (416) 250-7424 Tax Break users - we have changed our name to dataTAX. Call 416-250-7424 or write to order your update. Canadian Version also available $ 59 (cdn) Updates $ 29. Includes T1. Schedules 1 -7.T 1 C.RRSP ,T4tT5. Business Income.Child Care.Rental.MinTax.CapGains and more! All provinces and territories plus Quebec provincial forms. Add 4$ shipping and handling and 7% GST. DataTAX is also available for PC and compatible computers. DataTAX is a trademark of Datamax Research Clock power is provided by a rechargeable 3-volt battery. Documentation consists of a small, ten-page booklet that contains everything you need to know about the board. RC-500 Konyo International Capacity: 512K Type: A501 slot Super Agnus kit: No Price: $ 89 Expansion options: None Warranty: One year Ease of installation: Excellent Documentation: Fair Overall value: Fair SIN500-2 The SIN500-2 RAM card replaces the 68000 CPU with an internal RAM card that can add 2MB of memory to your system without tying up your CPU or A501 slots. The handsome, seven-inch-square board comes with its own 68000 CPU and 16 sockets in which you can mount up to 2MB of true fast (256Kx4 bit) RAM. The sheaf of instructions provides a good step-by-step tutorial you will need to follow in order to install and test the card although installation is relatively simple. Open the case, remove the existing CPU chip, insert the board, install a pair of nylon standoffs to hold the card in place, and then reassemble the A500. If you are concerned about the SIN500-2 overloading your A500 s power supply, the company has thoughtfully provided a way to attach an optional DC power supply that can power the board directly. Spirit Technology also provides a program to check your new RAM chips for flaws. I can attest that the program works as advertised, and that the company does not test each board before shipping it. When I ran the test program, it pointed to a pair ofbacl RAM chips. Upon investigation, I found both problems were caused by pins not properly inserted in their socket holes. Nevertheless, the SIN500-2 is a well- designed board that deserves your attention. If you prefer an internal RAM upgrade, this board offers possibilities. SIN500-2 Spirit Technology Capacity: 2MB Type: Internal Super Agnus kit: No Price: $ 199 (unpopulated) Expansion options: External power supply ($ 21) Warranty: One year Ease of installation: Excellent Documentation: Excellent Overall value: Good ? Are You Going Fast? WHEN READING ABOUT memory-ex- pansion devices, you've probably encountered the terms “fast” “slow-fast," and “slow” or “chip” RAM. Confusing? Yes. But if you care about system performance, it helps to know the difference before you invest in a new RAM card. Both the Amiga’s 68000 CPU and the custom animation chip (Agnus) can generate RAM addresses, which they use to access the memory in your system. The CPU can access all RAM in the computer, while the Agnus chip can access only a designated portion (5l2Kor 1MB) of the total RAM available. Fast RAM is memory that can operate at the same speed as the CPU. You can install this type of memory only in designated areas of the CPU’s address space that have been set aside for the CPU’s exclusive use. Slow RAM and so-called slow-fast RAM can be accessed by both the Agnus chip and the CPU. Because it would be a disaster if both chips were allowed to access the same RAM address simultaneously, there are times when performance-robbing “wait states” must be inserted in the timing cycle to keep the two chips from setting a collision course. Regardless of what some manufacturers claim, RAM chips installed in the underside A501 slot provide only slow-fast RAM for the system. The CPU cannot access it as high-speed fast RAM. If you want a true fast-RAM upgrade, you need to purchase a card that attaches to the A500’s CPU expansion connector, or an internal card that plugs directly into the CPU socket. Remembering Agnus Some RAM board manufacturers provide a kit that allows users of late-model A500s who have installed a Super Agnus chip to perform an advanced installation procedure that assigns a portion of the new memory as chip RAM. This upgrade boosts the A500’s chip RAM up to its maximum capacity of one megabyte, and, in the process of doing so, allows you to perform at top capacity with graphics- intensive applications. You know your A500 has a Super Agnus chip if the part number stamped on its ceramic case is 8372 or 8372A. If the number stamped on the chip is 8370 or 8371, you have a standard Agnus chip and need to buy and insert a Super Agnus chip before you can proceed with the advanced installation, which is no walk in the park. It involves minor soldering skills and requires cutting a trace path on your AoOO’s motherboard. If you have never tackled a job like this, have your local Amiga dealer perform the upgrade for you. N
- JW AMIGA 3000 QUALITY IS ALREADY ON YOUR DESK WITH FLICKERFIXER New Options: Genlock Compatibility allows simultaneous use with popular genlocks; Denise Extender Our DEB 2000 board allows you to install HickerFixer without using your video slot Accolades include: Best of 1988 Award, Commodore Magazine; 1 Reader’s Choice Award, AMIGAWORLD. HickerFixer is made in the USA and is FCC Class B approved. HickerFixer fits into the Amiga video slot or the Microway Denise Extender, is fully compatible with all software, and does not modify the standard Amiga video signals. For more information, call Microway Sales at (508) 746-7341 or your Amiga Dealer. The; AMI 5 0 (I - I> A R I I SupraRam 500 The SupraRam 500 board provides 512K RAM (4 bit x 256K) expansion and a battery-backed clock on a compact five-chip circuit board. A 3-volt battery provides up to three years of clock power. This bigh- qualitv board comes with a single sheet of clearly written instructions. SupraRam 500 Supra Corp. Capacity: 512K Type: A501 slot Super Agnus kit: No Price: $ 99.95 Expansion options: none Warranty: One year Ease of installation: Excellent Documentation: Excellent Overall value: Good Switchable 512K RAM Expansion Board This full-size A50I-sIot card comes with 512K RAM on 16 (256KX t bit) chips in two models, one with and one without a battery-powered clock. Phe two- laver circuit board provides a toggle switch that allows you to disable the card. Documentation consists of a single sheet of paper with installation instructions on one side and a schematic diagram of the board on the other. Although the card is reasonably priced, its overall value is offset by the slim 90-day warranty period. Switchable 512K RAM Expansion Board Rlo Datel Capacity: 512K Type: A501 slot Super Agnus krt: No Price: $ 49.99 ($ 69.99 with clock) Expansion options: None Warranty: 90 days Ease of installation: Excellent Documentation: Good Overall value: Good Consider your future expansion plans carefully before you buy a memory device for your A500. Keep in mind that when you add memory to your A50l slot, you give up the ability to use other cards (such as Pulsar’s Power PC Board) that require the A501 connector. Also, when you add an external RAM board without a pass-through connector for the bus (such as Minimegs), you may give up much more, such as adding a hard drive or a box to hold A2000- style cards (unless they have pass-through bus ports). If you don’t already own a hard disk but plan to buy one shortly, you may want to put off a RAM- only purchase and consider adding both upgrades in one box. Join us next month for our second lap around the Ami 500 course, when we will look at various hard-drive options both with and without memory. ¦ Manufacturers’ Addresses: Applied Engineering 3210 Beltline Rd. Dallas, TX 75234 214 241-6060 Expansion Systems 44862 Osgood Rd. Fremont, CA 94539 415 656-2890 ICD 1220 Rock St. Rockford, IL 61101 815 968-2228 800 373-7700 Konyo International 1073 North Batavia Suite B Orange, CA 92667 714 633-1026 800 356-5178 MAST 1395 Greg St. Sparks, NV 89431 702 359-0444 Microbotics 1251 American Pkwy. Richardson, TX 75081 214 437-5330 RIO Datel 3430 E. Tropicana Ave. Unit 65 Las Vegas, NV 89821 702 454-7700 Skyles Electric Works 231-E South Whisman Rd. Mountain View, CA 94041 415 965-1735 800 227-9998 Spirit Technology 220 West 2950 South Salt Lake City, UT84115 801 485-4233 800 433-7572 Supra Corp. 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 503 967-9075 800 727-8772 THE TOTAL DISK BACKUP SOLUTION!! COMPLETE H AR D WA R E SOFTWAr SYSTEM FOR ONLY "It's fast, easy to use and very, very efficient." AMIGAl FORMAT NOW YOU CAN BACK-UP ANY DISK IN AROUND 50 SECONDS!! ¦ YES IT'S TRUE!' SYNORO EXPRESS IS A HARDWARE SOFTWARE SYSTEM THAT WORKS WITH “DIGITAL IMAGE COPYING". THIS IS THE METHOD THAT COMMERCIAL DUPLICATORS ACTUALLY USE TO MAKE THE ORIGINAL FROM THE MASTER DISK. DATA IS TRANSFERRED AS RAW DIGITAL INFORMATION.
• ,UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE!! It’s hard to draw comparisons between Syncro Express and old fashioned Disk Copiers. Because they use parameters, they are almost guaranteed NOT to copy your latest purchase since parameters are not made available until several months after the release. But with the Syncro Express image copy method you can get a backup of all the latest programs, including bfockbusters and utilities, quickly & easily. Start protecting your software investment NOW!!
• Menu Drive Control Program qouldp't b» simpler!! Select Number of Tracks, and that's it!! Don’t be mislead by outrageous claims fqf "Nibbler" programs. This system can guarantee success by using the very Hardware Software techniques that made the original!! Why will Syncro Express succeed where others fail?
• Some programs now have very sophisticated pr tection including long tracks, Incryption, etc. But remeniber, whatever the programmer comes up with, the disk then has to be commercially duplicated. That's where Syncro Express beats all others - it transfers data al MFMTTL level, just like the duplicators. POWER BY DESIGN O Syncro Express is designed in Europe where "Digital Image Copying” is the present sensation. This device, with it’s custom chip, goes even further by offering a complete system for under 570!! *
• Manufactured in our European facility using the latest Surface Moynt Techniques - Syncro Express is warranted for 6 months against manufacturing defects. THE LATEST CUSTOM LSI CHIP TECHNOLOGY Syncro Express comes fitted with it's own on-board Custom LSI Chip giving it the power to transfer an MFM image of the original disk directly to your blank disk - quickly, simply & without user knowledge. So it doesn't matter what kind of data is there or whether the disk is "protected” - Syncro Express will make an identical "Clone" of your original without fuss. Available for A500 1000 2000 3000 please state which computer when ordering. One external drive is required (except Special A2000 Internal Version - see below). SPECIAL A2000 VERSION NOW A special version of Syncro Express hardware for the A2000 Amiga with two internal disk drives is available Fits internally so you don't need the external drive that the Standard version requires. Very easy to fit. SPECIAL A2000 INTERNAL VERSION ONLY $ 89.00 HOW TO GET YOUR CALL TOLL FREE - EE 962 - 0494 .'. i » uj i> n : fnv to inaii.i >c. *o u*ar* hecsi. Sr. T»«r otNrnir. Cr yclr syncro rxpnrr.r. ¦ .m-min ca»s hot v.fcks OUR MULTI-USER XENIX BASED ORDER P'TOC ESSING SYSTFM CON'ROLS YOUR ORDER FPOfJ THE MOMENT YOU Pi ACE IT RIGHT THROUGH to DESPATCH ORDERS NORMAL LY UESPATCriIffflrew!B8R COAST TO COAST TEChflOLOGlES" ipC., 1855 S. R.434, SUITE 208, LONGWOOD, FLORIDA 32750. TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE (407) 767 - 077
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2. 0 (Microlllusions). These techniques apply to digitized material as well as computer paintings. If you are not a skilled computer artist, you may find compositing to be of particular interest, I will emphasize methods that modify the digitized material in painterly ways. The end result is intended to be more an artistic image than an illusion of reality, as was the case in November. Choosing the Right Stuff 1 decided on a space theme for the image that would become the illustration accompanying this column. Beginning with a NASA photo of an Atlas lift-off and another of a Mercurv astronaut, I digitized both black-and-white images with Digi-View setting Sharpness down to its lowest point and turning Dither off. This softened the images, but, more importantly, it broke the detail up into solid value areas. This kind of simplification of detail is one of the stylistic strategies I frequently employ in the computer medium. I saved the Atlas picture in 16 colors to preserve all the transitions in the flame and smoke. The astronaut was to be the focus of the finished piece. 1 wanted him to stand out from the rest of the image with strong contrast in his shadow areas. My first step was to select 32-color mode from Digi-View’s Control panel and redisplay the image. Because it had been a red scan, the image now became a 16- color red picture. Switching to the Palette controls, I reduced the colors to eight, forcing a further simplification of the image. I find it most effective to do this reduction at the digitizing stage because calculations are based on original 24-bit data. Once you save the image, that depth of image information is no longer available. It is still possible to reduce the number of colors afterwards with PIXmate, DeluxePaint, or other programs, but the delineated value areas will differ from those Digi-View can calculate before the 24-bit data is lost. This can prove important with such details as eyes. I redisplayed and then saved the eight-color astronaut image. I ran both images through PIXmate to color and further process them before compositing and touch-up. Loading the astronaut, I performed a Sort Colors operation from the menu and then brought up the Palette controls, I made the high- end reds yellow-orange for a highlight effect. Wishing to simplify the detail even more, I selected an AVG averaging operation from the Image Process controls. This preserved the palette but reduced detail to make the image bolder. I saved this image and loaded the Atlas picture. Using Palette, 1 gave it a fiery range of colors, with pure saturated yellow at the high end, and orange-red at the low end. Knowing that the astronaut was on the right side of his image area, 1 went to the Display controls to perform a horizontal flip of the Atlas image to position the rocket and gantry on the left side of the screen. Saving this image. I quit PIXmate. In Digi-Paint, I loaded the Atlas image first, electing to load its palette as well. Hitting the j key to bring up the spare screen, I loaded the astronaut there, keeping the Atlas base palette. Both images loaded cleanly with few HAM artifacts, even though I had forced them to share the same base palette for the sake of clean compositing operations. I was now ready to begin experimenting with different effects. The first and most obvious choice was to try a simple merging of the two screens. (You will find Merge under the Swap submenu of the Picture menu.) Merge operates with the entire spare screen and follows the mode and transparency settings for its effect. With Normal mode and no transparency, the swap screen simply replaces the current screen. I tried 50% transparency and merged the screens. The effect was cluttered. The concentration of detail on the left side of the astronaut image became confusing when merged with the gantry detail. Back to the Drawing Board I experimented with other modes, still at 50% transparency. Colorize mode produced interesting results: The hot yellows of the Atlas image colored the shadow areas of the astronaut while preserving detail. There was no focal point, however, and again the image was too cluttered. On the other hand, the And mode worked quite well: Wonderful abstract shapes emerged on the left of a strong composition. I saved this image as reference for a future acrylic painting. For this column, however, 1 continued to experiment with the original concept for the illustration. I wanted to preserve the image of the Atlas lift-off in the final composite. I selected Digi-Painfs Filled Freehand tool and a single-pixel brush. Working on the astronaut image, I kept the Atlas on the swap screen. I set the Hotspot transparency slider all the way lip and the Edge slider at the halfway point. 1 then selected Rub-Through mode from the menu. (Rub-Through places part of the swap screen on the current image according to the tool, mode, and settings you have chosen.) I carefully drew around the front ol the helmet and pressure suit, across the bottom of the screen, up the left side, and back across the top. When the shape filled in, the Atlas had replaced the cluttered detail on the left, and the overall result looked pretty good to me. I drew quick shapes around a few areas I wanted to emphasize a bit more, bringing them more solidly into the composition. 1 then selected Darken mode and knocked the right side of the image back into shadow. In Colorize mode, I selected bright yellow and 50% transparency, and drew highlights on the helmet to pick up some yellow light. Loading the image back into PIXmate, I did a final average process on the HAM image both to get rid of the artifacts and fringing that had crept in and to soften the look. As images always print darker than they appear on screen, 1 then loaded it into Digi-View’s or Transfer 24’s 4096+ mode and raised the brightness five notches before sending it to the editors. Experiment with some of these methods as a starting point for your own illustrations. You can obtain wonderful results from any two random images you load for compositing. Remember also when using compositing techniques that after you have completed your “finished” picture, you can always load a new swap screen to continue your compositing efforts into still further realms of image exploration. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. Information and Ideas on Amiga Programming Fax It with Arexx! By Tim Grantham BECAUSE AREXX SCRIPTS can talk to several programs at once, they can act as software coordinators, enabling programs to work together to perform an automated task. An illustration of Arexx’s communication process is the example below, called fax.rexx. Fax.rexx uses Handshake V2.20, Eric Haberfell- ner’s fine shareware VT100 220 terminal emulator, and CompuServe’s fax capabilities. Besides Handshake's Arexx support, fax.rexx takes advantage of Handshake’s invisible mode: When invoked with the n switch, Handshake loads and runs, but does not open a screen. In this mode, it can sit quietly in the background, acting as a serial communications server for any program that speaks Arexx. Arexx and compatible application programs communicate through messages. When an Arexx program wishes to invoke a command or call a function in a supporting program, it must explicitly state the program with which it wants to talk. The line address 'HANDSHAKE1' for example, causes the Arexx interpreter to send all subsequent messages to the first running instance of the program Handshake. A message selecting a Handshake (or any program-specific) command does not require a reply message, but a message calling a Handshake function does need a reply. When an Arexx program calls a Handshake function, the Arexx interpreter sends a message containing the function requested to the Handshake program, plus any additional data required by Handshake to execute the function. In fax.rexx, for example, the line HS_STRING(‘+ + + ATZ’cr) causes the Arexx interpreter to send a message instructing Handshake to transmit the string + -I- +ATZ and a carriage return out of the serial port, exactly as though you had typed it from the keyboard. The line r = HS_GETSTR(‘OK') instructs Handshake to monitor the stream of characters coming over the modem for the string OK. The previously issued command HS_TIMEOUT 40 tells Handshake to look for the string for no more than 40 seconds. While Handshake is doing this, the Arexx interpreter suspends execution of the Arexx program. Without the time-out, the Arexx program might be suspended forever! II Handshake finds the string before the allotted time expires, it returns a message that contains the matched string to the Arexx interpreter, which then assigns the string to the variable r and restarts the Arexx program. II Handshake does not find the string before time runs out, it stops looking and sends a message back to the Arexx interpreter containing the string HSERR TIMEOUT. The Arexx interpreter also assigns that string to the variable r and restarts the Arexx program. It’s up to the programmer to see whether the string was found. The following lines provide an example of how an Arexx program mediates this dialog between the Arexx interpreter and Handshake: cr = ‘Od'x HS_STRING(‘ + + + ATZ’cr) r = HS_GETSTR(‘OK') if r = ‘OK’ then HS_DIAL(‘CIS (2400)’) else do say "Couldn't reset modem. Quitting." Exit 20 end The first line assigns the carriage-return character to the variable cr, so you can include the character in a string. The second line tells Handshake to send the string 4* 4- +ATZ, plus the carriage return. This causes Hayes command-compatible modems to reset, file second line tells Handshake to look for the string OK, which is issued by the modem upon completion of a reset. The next two lines instruct Handshake to dial the number for CompuServe, but only if it has ? Interplanetary ore excavation fleet commanders are a different breed. They've mastered military strategy. They're expert battle tacticians. But most of all they're cut-throat intergalactic capitalists looking fora quickbuck. And no place offers bigger rewards than FULL METAL PLANET. Rich with precious ore and teeming with danger. At your disposal is a state-of- the-art excavating armada: Attack boats, barges, tanks, transporter crabs, and the unique "Weather Hen." But you can bet your equally well equipped competitors will try to turn your mighty fleet into scrap metal the first chance they get.
• Intense strategy and military-simulation
• 1 to 4 players - human or computer
• Easy-to-use icon interface
• Ripping graphics and digitized sound
• Complete game-scenario control ©1990 Infogrames. United States and Canadian Copyright Data East USA, Inc. Made in the USA. I i a MM*** ' * sf -i **• * JSECflEI Q a I : I wo. Li ? Z Z I-----'--- ~i-' : : ' , I I IRON GUTS MQRLft T1 Now available at your local software retailer for the Amiga and IBM PC and compatibles, Or contact Data East USA, Inc., 18S0 Little Orchard St., San Jose, CA 95125. (408) 286-7074 Circle 233 on Reader Service card T E R S P 0 [ IV received the string OK before the timeout. Otherwise, the Arexx program assumes the modem couldn’t reset properly, and it therefore exits. In addition, fax.rexx uses the following Handshake functions and commands, provided specifically for Arexx programs: Functions:
• HS DIAL dials a number from the Handshake telephone list.
• HS TRANSMIT starts transmission of a file. Commands:
• HS PROTOCOL sets the file-transfer type.
• HS HANGUP tells the modem to hang up.
• HS_QUIT shuts down Handshake. Other terminal emulators that support Arexx (e.g., Online!, Atalk III, and VLT) provide similar commands. You should be able to adapt fax.rexx to work with your own program quite easily. To run fax.rexx, you must have started the Arexx resident program, Rexxmast, beforehand. Then, at the CLI, enter the following command: rx fax.rexx filename phone_number subject : name where filename is the name of the file containing the text of the message, and phone_number is the number of the destination fax machine. (Note: CompuServe requires the area code.) Subject: name consists of the message’s subject heading and the addressee’s name. You cannot use spaces in the filename or telephone number. While the subject and name argument can contain multiple words and spaces, the two elements must be separated by a colon. Ustlng 1. This fax.rexx program automates faxing a text file via CompuServe and Handshake v. 2.0. For example, if fax.rexx resides in the REXX: logical device, the invocation could be: rx fax myfax.txt 609-555-5555 Project estimate : Ms. Paula Manning, Director If you forget the format, simply enter rx fax, and fax.rexx will prompt you for the required information. This method, however, prevents you from launching the program as a separate process via AmigaDOS’s Run command. If Handshake is not already running, fax.rexx loads and runs it in invisible mode. If Handshake is running, fax.rexx leaves it running when fax.rexx exits. Fax.rexx uses the communications settings contained in file s:handshake.parms to communicate with CompuServe (baud rate, number of stop bits, telephone number, and so forth). If you wish to use other settings, then these must be loaded from a parameters file specified when you first run Handshake, either from within fax.rexx or from the CLI. If you would like to watch fax.rexx in action, run Handshake in its standard visible mode before running fax.rexx. After starting fax.rexx, switch to the Handshake screen to view the interaction among Arexx, Handshake, and CompuServe. You can use fax.rexx as a framework to begin writing your own scripts. For starters, you could try improving this program so that it could accept fax filenames with spaces in them, or so it could let you know the cost of your fax. Tim Grantham was formerly Editor of Transactor and is now a freelance writer. Write to him c o AmigaWorld Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. * fax.rexx - faxes a text file via CompuServe, using
* Handshake v2,20 rx fax.rexx filename phcne_number subject : name
* rv f x
* Be sure to insert your own CIS ID number and
* password into the source code before you run this
* program, and alter the argument to the HS_DIAL
* function to the label you use for the CompuServe
* telephone number. October 26, 1990, Copyright (c> 1990 Tim Grantham Thanks, Bill Hawes! Thanks, Eric Haberfellner! ' ctrlc = '03'x ctrlo = 'Of'x cr = '0dr x running = 1 * get the arguments from the command line * parse arg filename telephone sub_name if filename * "" then do say "Enter name of file to fax..." parse pull filename end if telephone - "" then do say "Enter phone number, with area code(s)..." parse pull telephone end if sub_name => "" then do say "Enter subject : name. As in..." 3ay "Project estimate: Ms. Lois Lane, Director" parse pull sub_name end * check to see if the fax text file exists * if -open(fax_text, filename, rR') then do say "Couldn't access fax text file." Exit 40 end * extract the subject and name * length = index(sub_name, subject = left(sub_name,length-1) name = 3ubstr(sub name,length+1) name = strip(name,"B”) * check if Handshake is running. If not, run it. * address command A NEW WIZARDRY Ten years ago. Wizardry set the standards in FRP. Now, after two million copies have been sold and 25 international awards have been won. Bane of the Cosmic Forge raises and redefines those standards. This new Wizardry, the truest i simulation ever of Fantasy Role Playing, will push your computer, your mind and your sense of adventure to their very limits. True FRP Simulation! Like a true game master. Bane of the Cosmic i Forge rolls the dice, consults its charts and applies the rules. From the 400 items of armor and weaponry researched for authenticity - right down to their weights - to the realistic combat structure - incorporating Primary and Secondary attack-everything, absolutely everything, is calculated. Full-Color, Animated Graphics! You'll see swords swinging before your eyes; creatures of all shapes and forms will move before you.- spells coming from your magician will swirl through the air. You'll walk under gargoyle-laden arches and 1 watch candles flicker in their sconces. Your PC's internal speaker will play all of these digitized sounds without any add-on hardware.. . Swards swinging, monsters venting their anger and spells letting fly. Uncompromising Variety!
• 11 Races
• 14 Professions with Ranks » Dozens of Weaponry, Physical and Academia skills
• Multiple Fighting and Parry Modes
• Ranged, Primary and Secondary Weapons
• Six spellbooks, 462 spell combinations
• Multiple Armor Classes Artificial Intelligence! Actual Screens from MS-DOS Version Find the ancient and cryptic dwellers who can aid you in your quest. Talk to them as you would your friends-in sentences. Only through the power of the latest in programming technology could the full dimensions of conversation this real be possible.
P. O. Box 245, Ogdensburg, New York 13669
(315) 393-6633 To order: Visit a Dealer or call 1 (800) 447-1230 Now Available for: MS-DOS, Amiga & Macintosh POINTERS do forever r 2= show = port s r * HANDS HAKE 1' ) if r = 1 then break running - 0 'handshake -n -p s:handshake.parms' end * begin talking to Handshake * address 'HANDSHAKE1' HS_STRING('+-+ATZ'cr) r = HS_GETSTR('OK') if r = 'OK' then HS_DIAL('CIS (2400)') else do say "Couldn't reset modem. Quitting..." if running = 0 then HS_QUIT exit 20 end HSJTIMEOUT 40 HS_STRING(ctrlc) r = HS_GETSTR('ID;') if r = 'ID:' then HS_STRING = '12345 6789 my_password'cr) else quit I("Couldn't connect to CIS properly.",) r = HS_GETSTR('CompuServe') if r = 'CompuServe' then HS_STRING = ctrlo'g mail'cr) else quitl("Connected to CIS but couldn't log on.") r = HS_GETSTR('Kail!') if r - 'Mail?' Then HS_STRING = 'upload'cr) else quit2("Logged on but couldn't get to CIS Mail.") r = HS_GE7STR('Protocol:') if r = 'Protocol:' then HS_STRIN’G (' xmodem' cr) else quit3("Couldn't initiate upload in CIS Mail.") r = HS_GETSTR = 'Type:') if r = 'Type:' then HS_STRING('ascii'cr) else cuit3("Began upload; couldn't pick protocol.") r ¦ HS_GETSTR = 'completed.') if r = 'completed.' Then do HS_PROTOCOL 'xmodem crc' HS_TRANSMIT(filename) end else quit3("Picked protocol; file type pick failed.") HS_STRING('send' cr) * If Handshake could recover from the upload quickly
* enough, the following Arexx code would be used
* instead of the line immediately preceding. *
* i f r = 'SEND!' Then
* HS_STRING = 'send'cr)
* else do say "Fax text upload bombed out." HS_STRING(ctrlc'bye'cr) HS_HANGUP if running = 0 then HS_QUIT
* exit 20
* end r * HS_GETSTR('ID):') if r - 'ID):' then HS_STRING('>fax 'telephone I Icr) else quit3("Uploaded fax text but couldn't Send it.") r - HS_GETSTR = 'Subject:') if r «* 'Subject:' then HS_STRING(subject||cr) else quit3("Uploaded fax text; couldn't address it.") r =* HS_GETSTR ('Attention:' ) if r - 'Attention:' then HS_STRING(name||cr) else quit3 = "Send started; couldn't specify subject.") r - HS_GETSTR('(Y or N)!') if r - '(Y or N)!' Then HS_STRING('y'cr) else quit3("Send started; Attention: line failed.") r » HS_GETSTR = 'Mail!') if r = 'Mail!' Then do HS_STRING('bye'cr) HS_HANGUP say "Fax transmitted!" If running = 0 then HS_QUIT exit 0 end else quit2("Maybe success; no final 'Mail!' Prompt.") quit 1: parse arg x say : HS_HANGU? If running = 0 then HS_QUIT exit 20 end quit2: parse erg x say x HS_STRING('bye'cr) HS_HANGUP if running = 0 then HS_QUIT exit 2C end qu i 13 : parse arg x say x HS_STRING(ctrlc'bye'cr) HS_HANGU? If running = 0 then HSQUIT exit 20 end A source of technical information for the serious Amiga professional. Introducing The AniigaWorld Tbch Journal, the new source to turn to for the advanced technical information you crave. Whether you're a programmer or a developer of software or hardware, you simply can't find a more useful publication than this. Each big, bimonthly issue is packed with fresh, authoritative strategies and advice to help you fuel the power of your computing. Trying to get better results from your BASIC compiler? Looking for good Public Domain programming tools on the networks and bulletin boards? Like to keep current on Commodore's new standards? Want to dig deeper into your operating system and even write your own libraries? Then The AniigaWorld Tbch Journal is for you! Our authors are programmers themselves, seasoned professionals who rank among the Amiga community's foremost experts. You'll benefit from their knowledge and insight on C, BASIC, Assembly, Modula-2, Arexx and the operating system in addition to advanced video, MIDI, speech and lots more. Sure, other programming publications may include some technical information, but none devote every single page to heavyweight techniques, hard-core tutorials, invaluable reviews, listings and utilities as we do. Every issue includes a valuable companion disk! Probing your SYSTEM s CURRENT amigados device us And only The AniigaWorld Tbch Journal boasts of a technical advisory board comprised of industry peers. Indeed, our articles undergo a scrupulous editing and screening process. So you can rest assured our contents are not only accurate, but completely up-to-date as well. Plus! Each issue comes with a valuable companion disk, including executable code, source code The AmigaWorld TECH JOURNAL and the required libraries for all our program examples-plus the recommended PD utilities, demos of new commercial tools and other helpful surprises. These disks will save you the time, money and hassle of downloading PD utilities, typing in exhaustive listings, tracking down errors or making phone calls to on-line networks. In every issue of The AniigaWorld Tech Journal, you'll find...
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• The latest in graphics programming, featuring algorithms and techniques for texture mapping, hidden-line removal and more
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P. O. Box 802, 80 Elm Streel Peterborough, NH 03458 For faster service, call toll-free 1-800-343-0728. Media Video Disc Mastering THE FIRST TIME I considered producing a video disc, I thought the project would be a cinch. After all, isn’t a video disc just a flat, round videotape? Wrong. Although the final production is assembled on videotape and then transferred to disc, the content and process are very different from the typical linear video production. As proof of this, try viewing an interactive disc from beginning to end: Scenes jump from subject to subject, scores of still frames whiz by unrecognizably, and strange sounds emerge from your speakers. Obviously, an interactive video disc is more than your average TV show. Still a black art to many would-be producers, “voodoo video" is a complex medium that incorporates both hi-tech video and computer control. The following guidelines should demystify the process and give you a pretty clear idea of some of its complications. Video Disc Formats Two formats dominate the video-disc marketplace. At 60 minutes per disc side, the popular CLV (Constant Linear Velocity) format is the consumer's choice By Gene Brawn for simple, linear fare such as theatrical films and how-to shows. The CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) format, giving you 30 minutes per side, is reserved for interactive video productions. CAV machines (and discs) come in four flavors, or “levels." In Level I, the simplest, the user navigates the video disc by entering choices from a handheld remote control. This format is limited by the simple set of controls included with consumer players. The typical Level II disc is designed for a more advanced industrial player with built-in computer control. It comes complete with a digital script embedded on the disc, and it is commonly singled out for simple educational and training tasks. Level HI units rely on external computers to provide their instructions. Your Amiga is very good at generating menus, buttons, text blocks, and sounds. With it and the Level III player, you can make room on vour video disc for more 4 important subjects. Still in its formative stages, Level IV includes all of the features of Level III, plus digital data encoded on the video disc that’s accessible to an external computer. This eliminates the floppy or hard disk required by Level III hardware, and is ideal for point-of-sale systems. Production Basics Producing an interactive video disc is normally a five-step process. First, you create the individual pieces (modules), using live and still video photography, text, and audio. Next, write the interactive script or program that controls the presentation. Third, test the program and your interface. Fourth, assemble and record the master videotape that the manufacturer will use to create the “mother” video disc. Finally, prepare a document for the mastering facility that describes the final form of your disc. Keyed to time code, your script should indicate the first and last video frames, chapters, and still frames. Regardless of the interactive level of your production, your master videotape must contain a few standardized elements. A few of the most common are listed below, hut none of these are chiseled in stone; always check with your mastering facility before you finalize your plans. (For extensive discussions of requirements and terminology definitions, call 3M, Pioneer, i A New Dimension for Titling Painting With Sound AudioMaster 111 is the next generation of Amiga sound sampling software for the Amiga. Using the most advanced technique for real-time sound sampling, AudioMaster III gives you sample rates up to 56K in stereo on a standard Amiga! All current sound sampling hardware is supported for sampling from sources such as a microphone, CD player, video system, or anything you can plug into your sampler. Special effect tools allow you to visually alter the waveform in a true interactive editing environment. Add echo to your sound, backmasking, low pass filtering, flanging, alter pitch and playback speed and much more! Effects such as echo, digital delay, and flange can all be accomplished in real time as well! At last, the power of a professional titling workstation comes to the Amiga. Full 3D rotation of text, exciting new fonts, amazing effects and more make VidaoTitler 3D the perfect solution for desktop video and graphic presentation needs. Using VideoTltler 3D's simple to understand 3D text handles, titles can be spun, stretched, rotated, tilted, put into perspective, and much more. Add to this the 3D extrusion capabilities, huge number of special effects, and ability to use any standard Amiga font, and you have the ultimate information presentation system. VideoTltler 3D offers a large number of included fonts, such as sampler styles from Kara Fonts” and Zuma Fonts”, even new PolyFont technology based on outline fonts! This new PolyFont format brings a number of standard type styles to the Amiga for the true professional look that you demand. But VideoTltler 3D doesn't just create still images. Bring your text to life with the incredible animation capabilities of VideoTltler 3D. 25 If* SKS5HS LX*CJY « a .... ¦«« iHuB Out ; tt'.l* 1 UV; * AudioMaster Ill's newest and most exciting feature is the sequencing. Where most sampling packages give you the ability to repeat a single loop over and over, AudioMaster III allows you up to 999 separate loops within a single sample. What this means to you is the ability to take a 20 second sound sample and turn it into a song lasting as long as 2 hours! Try to imagine the many possibilities for soundtracking of video, creating your own remixes, or just playing around! AudioMaster Ill's sample length is limited only by your machine's main memory, a tremendous amount of high- quality audio is possible! OxxiAeois WE FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY P O BOX 90309, LONG BEACH, CA 90609-0309 USA Telephone: (213) 427-1227 FAX: (213) 427-0971 Animations are created by specifying the beginning and ending frames and the number of intervening frames. VideoTitler will automatically generate the intervening frames. Save the final result in an ANIM format file which can then be edited or shown using many popular Amiga programs! Create spectacular special effects for text using VideoTltler 3D’s powerful effect editor, or use one of the built-in effects such as star, neon, glow, embossed, and balloon. VideoTltler 3D can also mirror, skew, resize, and distort fonts from a variety of sources, control shadows and 3D effects, even use IFF picture files as backdrops and fills. ':•* Imilrps Sum U ; 3; : ; jj I i ¦¦ : g ¦» s m ; A That's not all AudioMaster 111 has going for it! The author, Peter Norman of RamScan Software, has an affinity for compact discs. Thus we have included the Aegis CD Player Simulator for your listening pleasure. Load up to 20 songs or samples to play in the background via a fully-simulated compact disc player. Since it’s fully multi-tasking, the Aegis CD Player can bring a whole afternoon of music to you while you work on other projects! R Aegis VideoTltler 3D, Aegis AudioMaster III and Aegis CD Player are trademarks of Oxxl, Inc. Amiga Is a trademark of Commodore-Amlga. Circle 75 on Reader Service card. Or Technidisc for their manuals. They are extremely helpful.)
• Pay particular attention to your intended delivery system. Confirm with the mastering facility that what they produce will play correctly on your system. (Despite what you may think, video discs are not standardized in all their particulars.)
• Use broadcast-standard, one-inch, type C video recorders (Hi-band is recommended).
• Almost all video masters begin with two minutes of color bars and a 1000 Khz audio tone. This is followed by 40 seconds of video black with no audio, then the start of the interactive program material. Finally, the last active video is followed by 40 additional seconds of video black without audio.
• Always record in nondrop-frame mode. If vour video comes from a third- party source over which you have no control, don't worry. Most manufacturers can fix the tape for a conversion fee. (See the accompanying chart for more details.)
• Be sure that you maintain consistent field-dominance in your editing. Every video frame is made up of two fields, and editors choose which to use for a cut. Always pick one field and stick with it throughout the entire tape. To ensure consistency, re-edit any third-party video to conform to your standard.
• Submit a written description of your interactive opus, consisting of the start and end of the active video segments on your disc, keyed to SMPTE time code. R j Also use the time code to indicate the positions of any still frames or chapter stops on the disc. Many manufactures often require a written description of the first video frame on vour disc. This ensures that you both synchronize your watches and agree where the important stuff starts. Learn from Our Mistakes The following tidbits, in no particular order, are courtesy of The School of Hard Knocks. (Thanks to fellow graduates Scott Roy Smith of Media Learning Systems and Robert Edgar of Commodore for swapping tales of woe with me.)
• Because you probably don't have a one-inch video studio in your bedroom, you will have to rent time from a production house to create your master videotape. Keep this time to a minimum, or it will quickly become the most expensive part of your production. For example, don’t waste time and money putting menus, buttons, and other changing elements on the video disc. Your Amiga can easily generate and overlay these, and ? Comparison of disc-production costs. Manufacturer Mastering Fees ( 3heck Disc I Replication Fees F ormats I Special Services Notes 10 Day 5 Day 3 Day 1 Day C Quantity P rice per disc 3M Optical Recording 1425 Parkway Dr. Menomonie, Wl 54751 715 235-5567 $ 1800, 8 day max. $ 2600 $ 3100 $ 4000 $ 750 1 t 4
- 49 S 0-399 S 100-699 S 700-999 1000 + 18 3 114 12 10 S8.50 «", 1", D2 I Restriplng $ 100; same-day turnaround I $ 6000; 1 tree remastering with check I disc; storage service; Alpha Disc I $ 450; 5-day turnaround (extra copies I $ 250); 1-day turnaround $ 950. Disc Manufacturing, Inc. 1120 Cosby Way Anaheim, CA 92606 714 630-6700 $ 1800 $ 2300 $ 2550 $ 750 All amounts $ 12 3 4m, 1", D2, Restriplng tree; digital audio capabil- OMDR disc ity; glass LaserMaster disc $ 900; 6- day turnaround (additional copies | $ 600); $ 1900 same-day turnaround. Phlllps DuPont Optical Co, 1409 Foulk Rd Suite 200 Wilmington, DE 19803 800 433-DISC $ 1800 $ 2900 $ 900 1-100 101-500 501-1000 1000 + $ 17 $ 14 $ 12 S10
* *”, 1"» D2, Video services priced by hour; I OMDR disc I SECAM and PAL mastering capability. Pioneer Communications of America, Inc. Laser Optical Products Div. 600 E. Crescent Ave. Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 201 327-6400 $ 1900 $ 2600 $ 2800 $ 3800 $ 400 1-499 500-999 1000 + $ 9.50 S8.50 $ 8.00 1", D2 Variety of video production services; I digital and multiaudio capability; reor- I der service. Technidisc, Inc. 2250 Meijer Dr. Troy, Ml 48084 800 321-9610 (main) 213 459-5537 (LA) 716 223-0900 (NY) $ 1800 $ 2500 $ 3000 $ 4000 $ 300 1-99 100-499 500-999 1000 + $ 15 $ 13 $ 10 $ 8.50 I 1", D2 I Restriplng $ 100; s 4" bumped to 1" ! I $ 200; Superdisc DRAW disc, $ 750 for | 3-5 day turnaround, $ 1500 for same- | I day turnaround; storage; custom label I and jacket service. THE RISING STAR IN SOFTWARE DEALERS & DISTRIBUTORS PLEASE CALL TO JOIN OUR GROWING NETWORK The PULSAR POWER PC BOARD... Imagine the speed of an 8 MHZ Turbo XT with a NEC V30 Chip, inside your Amiga 500. We are fastest and most compatible board. Landmark tests at 6.2 MHZ! Don't settle for an imitation. Never worry about ram, The board is packed with 704K and also has an additional 192K EMS to speed you on your way with all your applications. To help you along we have included the complete Microsoft Dos 4.01 with manuals, M S Dos Shell. GW Basic and DOS HELP (Value $ 199). In PC mode we use Phoenix Bios to insure the highest level of compatibility with your software. You can also use your serial port, parallel port, joystick port and mouse in PC mode. As if that is not enough.... Hercules CGA 14 colors and Monochrome graphics support, with your choice of colors and shades. Does it have a clock? Of course! Plus, support for your internal 3.5" drive and external drives! That's right, any Amiga external drive
5. 25" or 3.5" will work in PC mode! We also include a Spreadsheet, Database and a Word Processor. In Amiga mode the Power PC Board has a clock, 512K ram expansion, and also gives you additional 512K ram drive. When in Amiga mode the PC side is totally transparent, and in no way effects it's operation. To aid you in moving your files between PC and Amiga we have included Cross Dos ($ 39 value). Installation of the POWER PC BOARD is simple. No screwdriver, no soldering iron, and no technical knowledge is necessary. Just turn over your A500, open the expansion door, slide the POWER PC BOARD into the connector, and close the door. You are now the owner of an A500 PC-TURBO XT. Installing this board does not void your warranty. No extra power supply required, thanks to the most modern engineering in CMOS and ASIC technology. We also have on screen indicators for: Num Lock, Cap Lock and Scroll Lock keys. Just look at the bottom of the screen and you can tell which k.y is . AMIGA 500 is now PC Compatible! PIXEL 3D MSRP U.S.A. $ 525.00 Canada $ 699.95 This revolutionary auto-tracing package will convert complex, color or B&W bit-maps into Sculpt 4D, VideoScape 3D, Turbo Silver, and DXF (autocad) structured-object formats. Totally automatic. WE DO NOT INCLUDE AN EDITOR BECAUSE ONE IS NOT NEEDED. Ideal for Video production houses and those who do extensive work in rendering and 3D modelling animations. Fast and slick conversions with extrusion options and controls for superior results. Object- Oriented Logos from IFF pictures are now easy using Pixel 3D. Supports super-bit-maps and overscan. What Pixel 3D does in a few minutes used to be accomplished in days using manual methods of drawing and or building objects. 1 One Meg Ram Required AUTO-TRACE COLOR BIT-MAPS MSRP U.S.A. $ 89.95 Canada $ 109.95 All Pulsar Products are supported by our Offices World-Wide PULSAR International PULSAR Computers Canada PULSAR Computer Vertriebs GmbH PULSAR Belgium France PULSAR Iberica 410 Maple Avenue ?.0. Box 579, Station Z Erlanger Str 8-10 K.V. Overmeirelaan, 20 Santa Isabell 4 Westbury, New York Toronto, Ontario 5 Koln 91 Germany 2100 Antwerp 18200 Maracena I i Tel: (33) 26 01 44 26 01 94 Fax: (416) 489-1620 Tel: (516) 997-6707 Fax: (516) 334-3091 11590 U.S.A. Tel: (416) 488-2381 I 489-1 M5N 2Z6 Canada Tel: (0221)87 33 59 "FaxT(0221) 87 41 89 Belgium (Granada) SPAIN Tel: (058) 40 40 12 ASK FOR A DEMO OF OUR PRODUCTS WHICH ARE AVAILABLE AT FINE AMIGA DEALERS EVERYWHERE. C fCle 259 on Reader Service card making the inevitable changes later will be easier and cheaper.
• Map your discs intelligently: put recurring elements, such as menu backgrounds, in the center of the disc; then you need to traverse only half of the disc to find your track. Also consider how fast the player can move the head to the next segment. In many cases this determines where you locate the video track on the disc. How you map a disc is instrumental in its success. If it is too slow, the user may lose interest.
• .Although some discs enjoy the luxury of numeric Ids recorded on the disc, many others do not. This has caused no end of confusion, because there is often no ready way to determine which side of a double-sided disc is in the player. One common solution is to put a uniquely numbered chapter stop on each side of the disc for the program or script to read and identify.
• Put pictures on inside tracks. The outside of the disc may warp, causing noise in pictures, picture loss, and other undesirable events. On the other hand, there is more band width on the outside tracks, producing a slightly better picture. The choice is yours.
• As mentioned above, many mastering facilities require, in addition to the disc layout, a description of the first video frame on the disc. If you really want to be safe, put a unique picture as the first frame. . .and be sure you can describe it in twenty-five words or less.
• If you have access to D2 (digital video) technology, most facilities can now master directly from your digital tape for the highest possible quality. John Kohan- Matlick’s Video-It D2 facility in Los Angeles offers production services for videodisc producers. Call him for details at 213 280-0505. Pressing Time The actual manufacturing cycle consists of sending the master videotape to the disc-production facility, which masters and then returns an optional check disc to you. Be sure to use this option; it will save extra costs later. After approval, the disc is duplicated to your desired quantity. Turn-around times average ten days for production discs and three for check discs. Of course, all the facilities will do rush jobs on mastering and check discs for a premium. For a quick, low-budget solution, the Optical Disc Corporation and its affiliated RLV Recording Centers can produce one-shot, DRAW (Direct Read After Write) discs in two to three days at S250 (plastic) and S550 (glass) per copy from most popular formats. .As these DRAW discs are stamped in a self-contained machine rather than pressed from a master in a factory, ODC can keep costs down. For more information on the affliliate nearest you, contact ODC at 12150 Mora Dr., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, 800 350-3500. The accompanying chart lets you compare costs for a traditionally mastered, single-sided, CAV Level 111 disc. Call the manufacturers directly for prices on double-sided discs, other levels or sizes, and specialized services. ¦ Gene Brawn is an interactive multimedia producer with several video discs to his credit. Write to him do AmigaWorld Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Continue the Winning Tradition With the SAS C’ Development System for AmigaDOS" Ever since the Amiga1 was introduced, the Lattice1 C Compiler has been the compiler of choice. Now SAS C picks up where Lattice C left off. SAS Institute adds the experience and expertise of one of the world’s largest independent software companies to the solid foundation built by Lattice, Inc. Lattice C’s proven track record provides the compiler with the following features: ? SAS C Compiler ? Macro Assembler ? Global Optimizer ? LSE Screen Editor ? Blink Overlay Linker ? Code Profiler ? Extensive Libraries ? Make Utility ? Source Level Debugger ? Programmer Utilities. SAS C surges ahead with a host of new features for the SAS C Development System for AmigaDOS, Release 5.10: ? Workbench environment for all users ? Additional library functions ? Release 2.0 support for the ? Point-and-click program to set power programmer default options ? Improved code generation ? Automated utility to set up new projects. Be the leader of the pack! Run with the SAS C Development System for AmigaDOS. For a free brochure or to order Release 5.10 of the product, call SAS Institute at 919-677-8000, extension 5042. SAS and SAS C are registered trademarks of SAS Institute Inc.. Cary. Nc. USA. M SAS Institute Inc. Other brand and product names are trademarks and registered AS trademarks of their respective holders. @ Cary, NC 2 i 513 V V hy try to figure it out all by yourself? With AmigaWorld Videos, it's like having a professional computer consultant at your side, 24 hours per day! AmigaWorld Videos cut your learning time dramatically...and you get hints, tips and advice that only the experts know. Watch each video, follow the step-by-step techniques, and hone your skills entirely at your own pace. Then, you can refer to then for brush ups and refreshers. Build your own video library and watch your accomplishments soar! Order your copies today. NEW! AMIGA MUSIC From a simple tune to a full concert the Amiga can help you do it all. This extraordinary video shows you what you need to get started and how to play music with existing software. You'll learn the best ways to sample sounds and manipulate sampled sound to produce dazzling special effects. And if you want to learn more about using a MIDI, this is the video that can help. It explores the uses of MIDI and gives you valuable ideas from some of the best Amiga musicians in the country. AMIGA GRAPHICS, Volume I You'll be amazed at how fast you'll be producing excellent art. This hour-long video adventure explores the full capabilities of Amiga art. It delves into computer painting...discusses the pros and cons of the most popular paint programs.Jells you when HAM is a good idea...shows you how interlace works,..and describes smearing, washing and tinting. Plus you get three extensive sessions on fonts, clip art and even digitizing! DESKTOP VIDEO Business presentations, instructional videos and even home movies this exciting video shows how you can use video with your Amiga. You'll gain valuable insights into evaluating Genlocks, using your camera with professional results, developing effective production operations, creating terrific special effects, adding animation and more. It's a video you won't want to miss! GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR AMIGA There's no easier way to master the basics...and some of the more sophisticated operations as well. In a lively and easy-to-follow format, this video starts with assembling your system, feeling comfortable about working with screens, icons, and windows, and becoming a wiz at Workbench. It then addresses some of the more advanced topics of working with CLI, maximizing the use of your utilities and using a modem to expand your horizons. ANIMATION VIDEO When the editors of AmigaWorld canvassed the Amiga community looking for the best in Amiga animation, the response was overwhelming! Replies poured in from Amiga master artists as well as super-talented readers. The result a mind-blowing video featuring dozens of real-world animations demonstrating what's being done and what you can do. Order your copy todav...it's already becoming a collector's item! For immediate ordering service call TOLL FREE 1-800-3434)728 or send in the coupon below. Signature. Name Address. City State Zip Available in VI IS only. Please allow 4-6 weeks lor delivery. Foreign orders, add $ 7.50 for airmail delivery; S18 for two or more videos. Payment musl be made in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. banks. IDG Peterborough, publisher of AmigaWorld, is the licensed North American distributor of Amiga World X'ideos. © 1%9 bv Razza X'ideo USA. All Rights Reserved. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Inc. V1D29I Check Money Order Q Mastercard Q VISA ? AmEx Q Discover Make checks payable to AmigaWorld Magazine or fill in your account information at right. AmigaWorld Video Library N. P.O. Box 802, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, Ni l 03458 IT 1-603-924-9471 ZT 1-800-343-0728
* available in September SlYES! I am eager to become an expert! Account _Expdnte. Please send me the following videos: J NEW! AMIGA MUSIC....S29.95 * J AMIGA GRAPHICS, Volume I....S29.95 J DESKTOP VIDEO....$ 29.95 J GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR AMIGA....$ 29.95 J ANIMATION VIDEO....$ 19.95 Please include $ 2.95 for shipping and handling for one video, 55.00 for two or more. Amount Total S CUSTOMER SERVICE OR CANADA: 1 -800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS
F. CPLOOftPUNOfiTSCT Virtual Reality Laboratories 4 . Vista ¦' ® Pro . S8795 A unique new Virtual Reality landscape Turbo Silver 3 Incredibly powerful ray- tracing at an incredibly low price SSE2EE Video Titler 3D 99.95 Digital Landscape ......73.95 Pro Vector CALL Transwrite CALL Faces (Tetris III) ..21.95 Golden Image Hand Scanner ...299.00 Golden Image Mouse 39.95 SpectraColor ..CALL Jim Sachs 1991 Calendar ..9.95 Imagine ...199.00 Imagine: A guided tour (video) CALL MAKES IT HAPPEN!!! A subset of BASIC with emphasis on statements that control tho Amiga's sound and graphics hardware. A lew lines of code has a Opalnt Image moving across the screen. Because
• Off FRONT - TELECOMMUNICATIONS ATALKW _HW The best video titling program gets even better. Full mouse support & hundreds of effects! Videos
• Visualization ol Math funct'ons and data.
• Optimized Mandelbrot Julia set functions
• Sound functions
• Recursive Formulas
• 250 Track Midi sequencer.
• Built-in editor Librarian.
• Sophisticated graphic editing capabilities. NEW LOW PRICE si 1900 The Disney Animation Studio AudioMaster lit The newest audio editing software from Oxxi Aegis. Powerful features like sequence looping make it a unique and versatile product. New Horizon's new word processor takes on all challengers with features like these: Now you can have total control i of classical
I. animation m features The WYSIWYG word processor with virtual memory and more... We carry a large number ol tutorial videos. From spccitic programs to general graphic tapes. They're a great complement to your Amiga software. The Animation Studio is the only full- featured animation and point program to use state-of-the-art cel animation techniques that are characteristic of Disney-style animation.
• 100.000 word Spoiling Checker. $ 12900 From
• Thasaurus w 300.000 word cros3 references.
• Import HAM or IFF Image.
• Adjustable defaults lor ALL program sottings
• Multiple fontw. Siiea. Siyles. Q a m qj
• Aroxx Support. WufXt K
• Wrap tent around pictures. ¦ Circle 199 on Reader Service card VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, International Phone and Mail Orders, Educational, Corporate and Aerospace Purchase Orders Accepted. CJLL S ?M£j»WfCAa»t »l§wT»lw§air MOITl MCSI KM a*5 .as* :2S Kir .aw AW£B. 2M OF FUFT .2*35
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1. Power Monger
2. Supremacy „
3. Chaos Strikes Beck 11 M> M ilti HmHM
4. Star Controf. 5 Drakken
6. Wrath of the
7. Sword of Sodon (w T’
8. Shadow of the Professional Page 2.0 The Best in Desktop Publishing f-nnrrjiioNArTxriTi New Lower Price! $ 15900 Buy Professional Page 1.3 now and gel a FREE upgrade to version 2.0
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• High Credit Limit Every Direct Advantage Gold Mastercard holder automatically receives a lino o( credit ol up to $ 15,000! Take advantage of this offer today! Call 1-800-872-8882 to apply! GTY. PRODUCT NAME UNIT PRICE TOTAL 675% SALES TAX |CA REE ONLY! METHOD OF PAYMENT: ? Check ? Money Order ? Visa ? MasterCard ? American Express D Discover CREDIT CARO USERS ONLY: Credit Card _Exp. Date_ Signature_ ANNOUNCING ANOTHER CREATIVE COMPUTERS FIRST: I I YES! I d like to join the Creative Computers VIP Club. ?> am ordering S500 or more in product lor a FREE VIP membership. ? I would like to order the following products: THE CREATIVE COMPUTERS DIRECT ADVANTAGE MASTERCARD™ | j UPS Ground Federal Express Q] Fedex 2-day Country_ Phone ( ). Address, City_ CC0291AW L
1. Call lor shipping rales.
2. Mall Ihls order lorm to CREATIVE COMPUTERS at: 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 Name_ HOW TO ORDER USING THIS FORM: "*
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: CUSTOMER SERVICE OR 800-872-8882 213-214-0000 CANADA: 1 -800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 - Mon-Sat 8-6 PST - FAX: 213-214-0932 - ___ THE 3CD ADVANTAGE I HP PRINTERS A new lightning fast SCSI host adapter for the Amiga 2000 2500 computers. DESKJET 500 569.00 LASERJET III ...1699.00 LASERJET IIP ....999.00 PAINTJET 949.00 PAINTJET XL ...1899.00 NEW FROM ICD "Flicker Free Video" Hardware flicker eliminator for all Amigas $ 329 HARDWARE NEW HARDWARE MAXI-SKETCH TABLET _CALL NEXUS HC001M3 259.00 PR0RES _339 00 ACCELERATORS UEGAIIIDGET RACER SSUhi, 699-00 MEGA MIDGET RAM 0 IsMB___319 M AUDIO HARDWARE m STEREO SPEAKERS __3355 AMAS MIDI SAMP.A1D00__12400 AMASMUX SAMPLER 1210C AMPLIFIED SPEAKERS__W55 CM 1 (EXT] 5655 ECEU3 1000_ 355 ECS 1£D PLUS_ 355 MIDI GOLD 500 _5155 MOIGOLD NSDER_5455 PERFECT SOUND 502 200 -7055 SPIRIT IflDFSTAR__13903 SONY DATA C ART WT 150 2455 SUPRA Drr E 30ME100Q 569 03 SUPRA WORD SYNC SCSI _ 103 00 SUPRADRIVE 20XP2M3 _ 536 03 SUPRADRIVE 40MB tOQO 72900 SUPRADRIVE 40XP2M3 __ 748 03 SUPRADRIVE 105XP2MB .... 1019.00 SUPRADRIVE 50QXP2CMB 54303 SUPRADRIVE 500XP4CMB __558.03 SUPRADRIVE 5D0XP1S6Q _96903 SUPRADRIVE A1003 SCSI __36500 TRUMP CARD SCSI A500 _21900 TRUMPCARD A5CC PROF 279.00 TRUMPCARD A200Q PROF_209 (0 MEMORY EXPANSION ADFAM 520_9755 ADFAM540 O4MEGINT_11900 ADFAM 5500 2 MEG A5 0_ 23303 Exr-SCCO- A3QC2 UEG_429.03 ULNEVEGS A50Q 2MB__319X0 UittUEGS A10302MS__298X0 CA-880 FLOPPY DRIVES AE B30K DISK DRIVE 109 00 AE HIGH DENSITY DRIVE-1M.00 CA-690 FLOPPY DRIVE 9955 FUJITSU MAC DRIV _1*900 A200Q REPLACEMENT DRIVE _ 95.00 UNI DRIVE 109.00 UNI DRIVE ENHANCED _149.00 HARD DRIVES AND CONTROLLERS ADVANTAGE 2000 SCSI___139.00 CS 5100 AUTOSOOT CRD_7955 GVP WT• 150 TAPE DrrVE__539 0J GVP XCCASENG DRIVE__17500 HARD DRIVE CASE_14950 QUANTUM 4CAT DRIVE_333.00 MODEMS BAUD BANDIT MODEM__105.00 BAUD BANDIT MODEM 15 ...... 159 00 GALAXY APOLLO 9500 MODEM 549.00 GALAXY PIONEER MODEM .... 243.00 SUPRA 2100 BAUD MODEM 99.95 SUPRA 2100 INT. MODEM _119.00 MONITORS NEC MULTISYNC 3D _635.00 NEC MULTISYNC ILA __65000 SEIKO 1U0 MULTISYNC __ 599.00 SONY 13M MULTISYNC __7*9.00 GVP SERIES II A500 s99 00
• Most reliable drive for the Amiqa
• Slimline, attractive design
• Drive Pass-thru
1735. 00 moo . 153 00
215. 00 QUANTUM S0AT DFJYE. .533 03 QUANTUM 3QM3 HARD DRV _ 5*500 QUANTUM 1Q5VB HRD DRV _ 539.00 QUANTUM 175UB SCSI HO 938.00 STARBOARD 2 A1000 OK_139 CO STARSOARD 2 UPPR DECK 3955 SUPRARAM 50012 MEG 5155 SUFRAHJUI2000 2M3 RAH _ 139 CO SUPRARAM 20CC- 4MB RAH279.00 SUPRARAM 2030 6M3 RAM..... 349 (0 SUPRARAM 2000 6MB RAH 429X0 TRUMPCARD META 44 ___159X0 OTHER MISC. HARDWARE A MAX II MAC EMULATOR 149.CQ A-MAXII PACKAGE 153X0 AUIVET 500 ETHERNET 19900 CMI MULTIPORT BOARD 19503 INTERACT A505 221(0 MAC EPROMS 126K__ 149X0 VIDEO HARDWARE AMIGA VIDEO TERMINAL 314 95 AMIGEN GENLOCK _97.35 COLOR SPUTTER __119.00 DENISE EXTENDER BUS ..,74.95 HGI VIEW GOLD VM___. 129 00 DIGMEW COLD 4.0 PAL „ 13*00 EASYL SCO T ABLET 329 00 EASYL 1000 TABLET 359.00 EASYL 2000 TABLET __339 CO FLICK. FIX TO GENLOCK __37 95 FLICKER FIXER __ 299 00 FUCKER FXERPAL 299X0 FRAUEGRABBER _ 569.00 FRAUEGRABfiER PAL VERS ...659X0 FRAMEGRABBER256 GRAY .. 629 X0 SyQuest 44MB Removable external hard drive complete with cartridge. Without controller.. S699 For A5Q0 w Trumpcard 500.. SB99 For A2000 or A3000 w Advantage S736 H An ] Incredible Value! ¦¦¦ HARD DRIVE SPECIALS! GVP SERIES II 170G .....1049.00 GVP SERIES II 210Q .....1149.00 SYQUEST CARTRIDGE .. 90.00 GVP WT-150 TAPE DRIVE 639.00 GVPXC CASE NO DRIVE 179.00 SUPRA A500 SUPRA 500XP 20MB 512K .....528.00 SUPRA 500XP 40MB 512K .....628.00 SUPRA 500XP 20MB 2MB ......558,00 SUPRA 50QXP 40MB 2MB ...658.00 A200G SUPRA WORDSYNC 40Q 428.00 SUPRA WORDSYNC 80Q 588.00 SUPRA WORDSYNC 105Q 648.00 IVS TRUMPCARD A2000 PROF ....209.00 TRUMP CARD SCSI A500 219.00 TRUMPCARD A5Q0 PROF ......279.00 BARE DRIVES (USE WITH ANY CONTROLLER) QUANTUM 40MB HARD DRV 324.00 QUANTUM 52MB SLIMLINE ...389.00 QUANTUM 80MB HARD DRV .498.00 QUANTUM 105MB HRD DRV ...539.00 QUANTUM 170MB SCSI HD .. 839.00 QUANTUM 210MB HARD DRV ...979.00 1 fy m mu mu W
39. 00 AE High Density Drive „,.S199.00 Buy a Datalink Modem with MNP-5 and get Send-FAX capability FREE
• Externa! $ 219.00
1. 52mb! Operates as an 880K drive or 1.52 Meg drive and has an electronic eject button. 500 Heavy Duty Power Supply S89.95 ¦ CREATIVE HARDWARE SPECIALS SUPRARAM 2000 2MB RAM 189.00 SUPRARAM 2000 4MB RAM 279.00 SUPRARAM 2000 6MB RAM 349.00 SUPRARAM 2000 SMB RAM 429.00 SUPRARAM 500 1 2 MEG 61.95 SUPRA 2400 BAUD MOOEM ,,99.95 2400 INT. MODEM ...119.00 MODEM CABLE ADD ..5,00 All for only $ 149500 Includes:
• Genlock
• Color Effects
• Frame Grabber
• Dual Frame Buffer
• Digital Video Effects
• Character Generator
• 24 bit Paint Program
• 24 bit 3D Rendering and Animation
• Work* with any A2000 cant 'Internal 200 watt power supply '4 A2000 slots, and 3 ot those are also IBM compatible *£ 'Works with any A2000 card *j 'Two 5.25- drive bays and S a 3.5" hard drive mounting area DiGI VIEW GOLD V4.0 .. DIGJ PAINT 3 ... PANASONIC WV141G ... PANASONIC WV1500X. COPY CAMERA STAND SUPER BUNDLE DIGtVIEW 399 DtGtVIEW GOLD 4.0. WV1410 CAMERA COPY STAND. LENS. CABLE NEW 14" Super Fine Pitch Trinitron > Resolution up to 1024 x 768 .25mm dot pitch Anti glare silica coating Works on all Amigas Includes a FREE cable for the A3000 High-resolution
16. 7 million colors 24-bit graphics display card Works on the Amiga 2000, 2500 and 3000 1 Meg Version s1029°° 2 Meg Version s137900 Atonce The UltimaIc PC AT Emulator for your Amiga Uura-to'rpael design Easy lOminuia Installation - NO SOLDERING FULL WOKB OF DOS MEMORY ON 1MB Amiga* Work* with all euloconligure airtobootlng Commodore compatible hard drive systems
• Emulalos CGA. Hercules and Oiher video cards • Can be used with a A2000 with
o special adapter s30900 THE r.AME PRESERVE A Wings By Peter Olafson Cinemaware’s best game yet, Wings casts you as a World War I fighter pilot. The centerpiece of this quasi-role-playing adventure is a three- dimensional environment, seen from just behind the pilot, in which dogfights and ballon-busting missions are played out. You cruise, dive, and stall above the low hills and plains of the French countryside looking for red silhouettes on the horizon. The cinematic perspective lives on in scene cuts. Sometimes that means a rear shot a mini-game in which you have to shake a German ace off your tail. If you collide with another plane in mid-air, the view shifts to an exterior shot of the two of you going down, then switches back to the cockpit to give you a chance to pull out. I could go on and on about damage, changing light conditions, and anti-aircraft fire. This part of Wings is essentially a versatile, action-filled flight simulator, with none of the burdensome learning curve of other simulators. Flying by joystick and pure instinct is hard to resist, especially with 240 missions. Lots of amenities attend Wings. It installs on and plays from hard disk. The sound effects are solid, the music is somber, and the writing (in the form of a squadron log) is alternately thoughtful and gung-ho corny. The arcade sequences for bombing (from an overhead perspective) and strafing (from the perspective of a spotter plane above and to the far left and rear of your plane) are professional and polished. Thev could easily stand alone as arcade games in their own right. Wings might have been even better, however, had these sequences been incorporated into the 3-D mode. While perfectly pleasant in themselves, they Ye far removed from the feel and mind-set of the dogfighting you can’t be killed in them, for instance and I sometimes felt as though I were playing three different games. Wings is also missing the true computer role-playing that would give it more replay value. While you set four criti- cal stats for your pilot, which improve and decline according to mission performance, the game is utterly linear. Regardless of how well you do, you’re assigned the same missions in the same order, with no discernible branches in the story. The only variation comes when you do well (winning promotions and medals) or foul up (a dishonorable discharge or a free pine box). Be aware, too, that the saved-game feature isn’t much of a parachute. If you die on a mission, your saved character is erased, and you’ll need to regularly back up the pilot.dat file on Reel 2. It’s worth it to do so, I promise. Wings’ strong points make it an essential purchase. ($ 49.95, Cine- maware, distributed Iry Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 92109, 415 571-
7171. One megabyte and joystick required.) ? Crib Notes By Peter Olafson SO MANY QUESTIONS, and so little space
• Some folks are stuck in the Mem Santi Temple maze in Keef the Thief (Electronic Arts, $ 49.95), and I can see why. This Is not a conventional labyrinth; the passages descend and climb, so when you think you're back where you started, you're actually immediately above it or below it. Add the teleports and secret and one-way doors, and you have a proper mess. Map it first without entering the doors.
• Pascal Pilon of Charlemagne, Quebec, Is having a time getting past the purple tentacle guarding the laboratory In Maniac Mansion (Lucasfllm, $ 44.95). The solution could vary a bit depending on the way you’ve played the game. If the Meteor Police have appeared, check out the dungeon floor for a useful Item. (First there’s the matter of the dungeon door combination. You'll need to wait until Dr. Fred gets in a playful mood, and then check the results.) Another item that might be useful Is the contract provided It has been edited correctly.
• Questions have been coming in, slowly but consistently, about how to deal with the elf girl by the stream in Journey (Infocom, $ 29.95). You should know a few Elvish words by now, and a couple of them happen to be the right ones. Use your connections; you have a friend whose name she might recognize. (After she cures Minar, however, don’t immediately follow her off to elf-land. Praxix has found something interesting.)
• Jeremy Brown of Carmichael. CA, wonders if there’s more to the insides of the giant robot Mog on planet Phleebut in Space Quest III (Sierra ? Most computer games are designed to spark your imagination.Theme Park Mystery™ is designed to totally fry it'. The insanity begins when your uncle mysteriously loses his mind and you inherit his Magic Canyon Theme Park. From the moment you step through the gates of your estate in search of clues to solve the maddening mystery, you'll experience a twisted journey that will take you beyond your wildest dreams. Four strange worlds make up the park. But unlike your average lands of amusement, where friendly characters make kids laugh with glee, the gremlins in Magic Canyon's Dragonland, Dreamland. Futureland and Yesterdayland will make you laugh all the way to the asylum. To enter each warped world you'll board the Monorail of Fear and travel into dimensions that will enlighten you, terrorize you, confound you and challenge you. In Dragonland, you'll be transformed into a barbaric warrior who must destroy a barrage of sinister evils, such as psycho birds, mad apes and a crazed lack in the Box. In Dreamland, you'll doze off into a world of surreal creatures engaged in a nightmarish chess game where you’re the pawn. When Futureland comes to pass, you'll find yourself strapped in the Rollercreeper, a spine tingling, ghoul infested ride more frightening than any rollercoaster ever built. KONAMI And on your return trip to Yesterdayland. You'll encounter the keeper of your destiny Zoltan. Who will dispense valuable dues, essential tickets and life saving magic. Throughout the mystery, you'll also be tested by games of chance, like Bagatelle and the Grabber. Each of these ancient gambling devices will force you to execute supreme strategy. Of course, if you fail to locate secret keys, spare parts for rides and supernatural potions which are hidden throughout the park, all the luck In the world won t save you. So add Theme Park Mystery to your agenda of must visit hot spots. But be prepared for a long stay. Because It's a game that will drive you to the brink. And from there, there's no return. Theme Park Mystery is available for MS DOS and Amiga'. Its highly detailed and complex graphics support CGA, EGA, MCGAfVGA and Tandy 16 color. Enter the Theme Park Mystery Inside every box look for a scratch card that could make you an Instant winner, reimbursing you for the price of the Theme Park Mystery game.This can
* IV A be used to partially pay your psychiatrist! No purchase necessary See package lor details All winning game cards must be received bv lanuary 11 199} Valid in USA and Canada texcept Quebec Void where prohibited Theme Park Mystery1* and InageWorks1* are trademarks ol Minorsoft Ud fonami* is a registered trademarkol Konami Industry Co Ud Amiga* is a registered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga Inc
C) 1900 Mirror soft Ud £> 1990 Konami Inc All Rights Reserved GAME PRESERVE By Graham Kinsey In the Killing Game Show (KGS), you are a criminal that’s forced to entertain a TV audience by trying to climb out of eight Pits of Death (each containing two parts). The pits are filled with HALFs (Hostile Artificial Life Forms) and all sorts of nasty traps and puzzles. If you try to pace yourself through the obstacles, you’ll not last long, because each pit also contains an ever-rising amount of DOLL (Deadly to Organic Life Liquid) that forces you to think and act fast! You can collect numerous tools and weapons along the way to use against the HALFs. Each weapon and some of the tools have a plentiful supply of ammo charges, but you can use and carry 4 * only one of each at a time. In KGS, you get five lives plus the use of an innovative Replay feature. Each time you die, the next life starts with a replay of everything you did in the last attempt, and you may take control at any point along the replay. This makes it much easier to complete the more difficult pits. The game's presentation continues the Psygnosis tradition. The main soundtrack is The Immortal By Peter Olafson It’s hard to know where to begin a review of the exquisite dungeon adventure, The Immortal. I could start with the graphics: three dimensions in exacting detail, right down to the rivets in the doors and the taut muscles in a goblin’s shoulders. The maze under outstanding, featuring many human voice samples (including one from a former president). During the game, you may choose to hear either sound effects or a soundtrack, but not both. The opening animation sequences are nicely done, but you can bypass them, if you wish, by pressing the joystick button. In addition, Psygnosis is finally starling to support various Amiga configurations. KGS runs fine on accelerated Amigas, and it even supports a second drive. The only major complaint I have is that it lacks a password system that would allow you to
• • the ruined city of Erinoch has a vivid and lively existence, and your Amiga seems like a window overlooking it. Where would the graphics be, however, without the animation? Never have I seen computer-game torches and candles flicker with such real- skip previously completed pits. While you can press the appropriate function key to skip finished pits during game play, your progress is not saved when you quit the game. No thanks to the manual, I also discovered that pressing the Help key shows you a rough preview of a pit’s layout. You will appreciate every bit of assistance. The Killing Game Show is a well-done arcade platform game that challenges even jaded game jocks. ($ 44.99, Psygnosis, 29 Saint Mary's Court, Brookline, MA 02146, 617 731-3553. Joystick required.) Ism, spells explode in such soft fireworks, or characters go down with pain so etched on their faces. All this is complemented by some of the most beautiful music ever heard in a computer game. Then again, maybe the Continued on p. 84. On-Line, $ 59.95). The ropes on the second level aren’t for climbing, Jeremy. They're one of at least three ways to knock off the assassin who's tracking you. Because you already did that elsewhere, Mog Is just for color; move on to the burger joint. (Or you may want to restore and experiment with the other deaths.) The Killing Game Show
• You can wipe out Electronic Arts' corporate headquarters In F A-18 Interceptor (Electronic Arts, S19.95). ("Another IBM port? Here’s a Sidewinder In your office window, Trip Hawkins!") It’s the northern of the twin buildings west of the San Mateo Bridge.
• A rare question on The Bard’s Tale I (Electronic Arts, $ 19.95): Shawn Taggart of El Toro, CA, asks ihe meaning of the magic mouth in Kylearan’s Tower that requests "the one of cold, foretold twofold." Oh, all right It's "stone golem." Remember, Shawn: Map every square In every dungeon, and write down everything you hear. In addition, you'll need to have explored Skara Brae to answer the riddle coming up.
• Everybody seems to want to know what to do after they’ve liberated the remote control and magnetic card from the drunk monk In Future Wars (Interplay, $ 49.95). Well, the options are pretty limited, and one spot In the monastery begs for further exploration. Have you ever seen a computer- game wine cellar that didn’t have a secret door? Tom Smith II of Poland, OH, can’t even get his foot In the front door before monks in the lobby are all over him. Well, Tom, I suspect you’re getting ahead of yourself. Notice how the monks all look and behave the same way, and become enraged at anyone who doesn't. Someone trying to sneak in might want to imitate them in order to be inconspicuous. You've taken a good first step by visiting the castle. The lord's at the mall or something, so talk to the guard and show off the pendant you've found. Also, explore the area behind the castle. Looks like a monk's robe up In that tree, doesn't it? That should get you started. Continued on p. 84. Ohck up your joystick it's hot! Fight in the city slums... Arrest the captives! AMIGA ATARI ST PC CBM64 AMIGA ATARI ST PC AdLib SOUND A supercop and a black panther team together in a high risk mission."A top cia agent has been kidnapped,find him! You know that action and fighting is inevitable". You'll have to visit the city slums to find him and protect you bolh from mobsters, punks and riff raffs. Ready to drive and shoot! Discover the first arcade game designed in ray-tracing technology (synthesized pictures). You control the greatest high-tech tanks in the world. You are on a prison planet trying to arrest some escaped convicts. Program and lead your team of tanks. Ray traced 3D universe, multitasking, one or two players. Save the world from terrorists! AMIGA ATARI ST PC Parked on the side of an interstate in the arizona, you are waiting for your mission in your car. Suddenly comes an APB from your radio: "alert to all units, a fugitive killer has escaped . Use caution." Drive fast to intercept him! Watch out for flat tires and empty fuel tanks. You may leave the road and drive through the desert, use your compass and your map or you will loose your way...Good luck to prove your nickname "the Ranger!! You are the pilot of THUNDER MASTER II, the ultimate fighting vehicle able to convert itself into a genuine airborne attacker, equi- pod with ionic phasers and missile launcher. You are engaged in the hot pursuit of terrorists. Go into combat and be confronted by enemies as different in their appearence as in their combat techniques. Pick up weapons, ammunitions and fuel. Destroy the leading vehicle, before the ultimate explosion! CBM64 TITUS 20432 CORISCO STREET CHATSWORTH CA9131T 818 709-3693 THE ACTION CONCEPT Corpo'Jtor- w Wo 5m% aim Censy Fr» 4 ?aatitWrtnwwgwi fNtrtrmrwi r* ngfe h rikt naitutcn r £, * 1 ,1 an0 wttw noJc* March 15-17 New York City
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* ; - mm T-*;-¦ . * * '• .•'* • £* Formerly AmiEXPO ¦ ..o .-vwiiw yt*¦¦¦¦•?iv ¦ ¦ . ¦¦ -v. . J, . ,i." - '•• • r computer! At AmigaWorld Expo you'll find: AmigaWorld Expo brings you the Amiga, the world's first ?k State of the Art Graphics, Animation, 3D and Business Software ik Hardware to Expand your Amiga to its Limits ik i Magazines, Value-Added Resellers, and Tutorial Videos to Assist You ik Bargains on the Hottest Amiga Software and Hardware ik Amiga Classes, Seminars and Keynote Speakers Giving You Access To the Most Complete Amiga Information Available * EXHIBIT HOURS Friday. March 15 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM Saturday. March 16 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Sunday. March 17 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM AmigaWorld Expo gives you access to Amiga leaders, will speak on a major topic of importance and interest. Each and everyone. Each meeting day. A celebrated Amiga leader Sunday, 12:00 Noon KAILISH AMBWANI President Gold Disk. Inc. Friday, 5:00 PM STEPHEN ROBBINS Publisher AmigaWorld Magazine Saturday, 9:00 PM TIM JENISON President NewTek. Inc. AmigaWorld Expo Seminars and Panels are all included and the latest that Amiga developers and users have to offer. With your admission to the Exhibits. Each day, experience the best 1:00-2:30 11:00- 12:30 4:00 - 5:30 1:30 - 3:00 AMIGA VIDEO OVERVIEW AMIGA MULTIMEDIA PANEL AMIGA TO VIDEO SEMINAR AMIGA MUSIC VIDEO SEMINAR 3:30-5:00 1:30 - 3:00 3:30 - 5:00 AMIGA CONNECTIVITY PANEL INSIDE WORKBENCH 2.0 SEMINAR NEXT GENERATION AMIGA GRAPHICS FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY AmigaWorld Expo will also announce the Winners of the 3rd Annual Art and Video Contest in our on-going Amiga Artists Theatre. To enter - and have a chance at prizes from NewTek, Inc., Gold Disk, Digital Creations, Supra Corporation, ASDG, Impulse, The Zuma Group, Dakota Corporation. Active Ciruits, Inc., AmigaWorld Magazine, and More! - call us at 1-800-32-AMIGA for the Official Rules and Regulations. ART CONTEST DEADLINE IS MARCH I ST. When you Pre-Register to AmigaWorld Expo, you can both money and time. Advance registration will save you $ 5 off the on-site fee - and time in line. Call us at 1-800-32-AMIGA with a Visa or MasterCard or return the coupon with a personal check or money order made out to AmigaWorld Expo. PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS MARCH I. 1991. ONE DAY-$ 15 TWO DAYS - S20.00 THREE DAYS - $ 25.00 These prices already reflect the S5 discount. Prices are $ 5 more at the door. No refunds or cancellations after the pre-registration deadline. Your registration to AmigaWorld Expo includes admission to the Exhibition, Keynote Sessions, Amiga Seminars, and the AmigaWorld Expo Artists Theatre. Other events may be available for free or a small admission charge. PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a confirmation of your registration. No tickets will be mailed to you. When arriving at show site, go to Advance Registration to claim your tickets. If you are registering more than one person, please use a separate coupon for each person. AmigaWorld Expo is a registered trademark of AmiEXPO. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. AmigaWorld Magazine is a registered trademark of IDG Communications. Inr Circle 72 on Reader Service card. Where the World New York Hilton and Towers at Rockefeller Center Push your Amiga to its limits. With classes for both those to the Amiga and the aspiring Master. AmigaWorld Expo gives you the creative edge. AmigaWorld Expo offers two Novice Classes for those beginning with the Amiga and computing in general. Each class is 3 hours long, costs S30 per aerson and is limited to 50 students. BASIC AMIGA CONCEPTS 10-1, Fri. and Sun.: 2-5. Sat.
• Introduction to All Amiga Models * All Peripheral Expansion
* Full Workbench Coverage • Beginning CLI UNDERSTANDING THE CLI 2-5. Fri. and Sun.; 10-1, Sal.
• Unleash your Amiga's Power • Most Essential CLI Commands
• Exploring Public Domain • The World of Telecommunications Tto efficiently get the most out of your Amiga, you need an important professional topics. There are six different topic areas, divided into person and is limited to 40 students. THE AMIGA IN VIDEO Instructor: Oran J. Sands III VI DEO 1 10-1, Friday and Saturday
• Basic Video and Amiga Relationship • Video Hardware
• S-Video vs NTSC • Video Software Overview VIDEO 11 2-5, Friday and Saturday
• Continuation of Video I • Optimizing Video Output
• Video Toaster • Pro Video Post • Genlock Comparison AMIGA GRAPHICS Instructor: Bradley Schenck GRAPHICS I 10-1, Friday and Saturday
• Basic Graphic Concepts • Anti-aliasing • HAM Painting
• Palette Selection • Brush Painting • Stencils GRAPHICS 11 2-5, Friday and Saturday
• Advanced Graphic Displays • Image Processing
• Animation Planning • Beyond Bitmaps • Going to Print AMIGA ANIMATION STATION Instructor: Steve Segal. ANIMATION I 10-1, Saturday and Sunday
• 2D Character Animation • Digitized Animation
• Storyboarding • Character Design • Recording Your Work ANIMATION II 2-5, Saturday and Sunday
• 3D Animation • Character Modelling • Frame Requirements
• Texture & Bump Mapping • Solid Modeling • Ray Tracing AMIGA 31) Instructor; Tony Dispoto | 3D 1 10-1, Saturday and Sunday
• 3D Concepts • Modeling • Rendering Engines • Lighting
• Scuplt-Animate 4D • Turbo Silver • Imagine 3D 11 2-5, Saturday and Sunday
• Continuation of 3D I • 24 Bit Rendering • Use of Paths
• Optical Disk Recording • 3D Animation * PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES Instructor: Curt Kass PRESENTATION I 10-1, Friday
• Professional Art and Design Applications
• Presenting for Education * Presentable Hardcopy PRESENTATION 11 2-5, Friday
• Finished Artwork Production • Pre-press Approval Proofs
• Package Design Mock-ups • Product Design and Presentation AMIGA MULTIMEDIA Instructor; Steve Gillmor MULTIMEDIA I 10-1, Sunday
• Multimedia Defined • Hardware Options and Requirements
• AmigaVision • Foundation • CanDo * Hypermedia MULTIMEDIA 11 2-5. Sunday
• Commercial Applications • Arexx Connectivity
• Multimedia Design • CDTV and CD-Rom Development . Amiga Master Clases are designed to provide information on Introductory (I) and Advanced (11). Each class runs 3 hours, costs S60 per AmigaWorld Expo is pleased to offer all attendees these hotel and travel arrangements. HOTEL ACCOMODATIONS: The New York Hilton & Towers is the show site and headquarters hotel and is located at 1335 Avenue of the Americas between 53rd and 54th Streets. Rooms are available for a special Amiga World Expo discount rate: Si55 Single or Double. To make a reservation, call the Hilton directly at 212-586-7000. HOTEL DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 20. 1990. AIRLINES: American Airlines, the official carrier for AmigaWorld Expo is pleased to offer a 5% discount off any fare to New York City. To qualify, just call American at (800) 433-1790 and give them this ID number, Star File 07Z14K. AmigaWorld Expo • 465 Columbus Avenue, Suite 285 •Valhalla, NY 10595 Circle 72 on Reader Service card Series II A500-HD+ from GVP Make your Amiga 500 produce dazzling performance with any of the exciting new A500 expansion products. You can add memory, storage, processing speed, or all three, installation isn’t always easy hut we’re ready to help you. Just call our toll-free TcchLinc. And since we pre-test your purchase, when you gel it. It works. The Series II A500-HD+ from GVP is an excellent choice. With it you can add as much as 8 megs of RAM and up to a 100MB hard drive to your A500. Its game switch lets you play your favorites with RAM enabled. The external SCSI port makes room for up to 7 SCSI devices. And its unique design prepares your A500 for future options. Our warranty is 2 years. Price with a 50MB drive $ 679. And California Access offers Bodega Bay. A snazzy new set-up that makes your Amiga 500 look and act like an Amiga 2000. Call for pricing. SupraDrive 500XP with 40MB hardrive and 2 megs -- $ 745 SupraRAM 500RX -- call for pricing GVP ACCELERATOR BOARDS! A3001 - 68030-882 28 Mhz+4MB $ 1549 A300I with 40MB Quantum $ 1899 A3001 with 80MB Quantum $ 2149 A3033 - 68030-882 33 M Hz+4 M B $ 1699 A3050 - 68030-882 50MHz+4MB $ 3199 A2000 SERIES II SCSI + RAM Series II with 100MB Quantum $ CALL A500 SERIES II HARD DRIVE SYSTEMS + RAM SCALE We carrv a COMPLETE line of G P products! Please call for other products and prices. Video Toaster from NewTek I'ired of knowing more about Amiga video than the people you buy it from? It's not a comforting feeling. The technology is expanding so rapidly it’s hard to keep up. So we’ve brought in some video experts. They can help you make the right selections and since all we sell has been pretested, your purchase arrives ready to run. NewTek s Video Toaster is the most exciting video development ever. Digital video effects, character"generation, color processing, dual frame buffering, and production switching are just part of all that it can do. But it takes some savvy to piece the products you’ll need together. We have compatible TBC’s and other products along with the knowledge to make it work. Price $ 1,449. The Firecracker frame buffer from Impulse is hot. It produces 16 million colors and lets you paint with ail of them in real time. Price $ 1379. Frame Buffer from Mimetics with Capture and lmeg $ 749 DigiView 4.(1 from NewTek $ 139 Exciting video creations begin with a solid genlock. But the market is changing so fast, it’s not an easy choice. The issues of signal quality, tape format, and even the basic genlock options needed are lough to resolve. A dead end choice can be costly. Yvc help you solve the mystery and offer a toll-free TcchLinc to help you get it running. And the Super(>en from Digital Creations is often the perfect solution. It touts broadcast quality RS-170A composite output, two independent dissolve controls, dual video outputs, and is software controllable. It has key output and a selectable
3. 58Mhz Notch Filter. We test it before we send it and offer a 180-day warranty. Price $ 669. The Super(Jen 2000s is one of the best you can buy. It achieves the highest quality results and if your production needs warrant it. Call for details. Briwall warranty is ISO da vs. Price $ 1,549. Courier HST modem speed is suddenly a w ise choice. With the size of I lies going up and the price-perfomumcc ratio coming dow n, slow modems just don't make sense. Raw speed is imponant but don’t forget about effective through-put. And w hat about data compression? If you have any questions, we'll be glad to help. And when you’ve made your choice, we’ll pre-test it and include the cables you need to make it work. The Courier HST is a real screamer w ith effective baud rates of up to 38.4(H)! And it’s intelligent too. It makes automatic data- rate adjustments even as phone line conditions change so that you get the file intact the first time. It offers MNP Sen ice Class 5 data compression increasing effective throughput up to 80%. It has a superset of the "AT" commands, auto dial and auto-answer. 2 phone jacks lor voice data, and 12 front-panel LED indicators. Briwall warranty is 2 years. Price $ 635.
• * Baud Bandit 2400 with MNP levels 2-5 and V.42bis S139 SupraModem 24(H) Plus with MNP levels 2-5 and V.42bis $ 190 Desktop publishing is an art form. And getting the right picture placed perfectly into your publication is an exacting talent. Make it easier by getting the scanner that makes sense for you. And you can count on us to help you get it up and running. The Sharp JX100 color scanner with ScanLab 100 from ASDG is an outstanding combination. With it you can process up to 18-bit images in sizes as large as 1280 by 800 pixels. And sizing your pictures perfectly is easy using the variable image reduction control. Six dithering techniques arc included and w ith its special A-RES mode you can display 4.096 colors in HI-RES! All IFF formats arc supported. Price $ 799. The Migraph Hand Scanner offers up to 400 dots per inch and includes excellent touch-up softw are. Price $ 360, Amiga 2000 Hard Drive Packages These packages come complete with controller and hard drive, are formatted and ready to use. Supra Yvord-sync v 40MB Quantum HD $ 475 Supra Yvordsync w 100MB Quantum III) $ 827 Amiga 1000 and 500 SupraDrive Packages These packages come complete w ith controller, case, power supply, arc formatted and ready to use. A1000 A 500 44MB Syquest Supra Drive Fkg $ 1029 5969 105MB Quantum Supra Drive Pkg $ 989 $ 929 Amiga 500XP Hard Drive Packages+R AM 20MB with 512K $ 575 with 2MB S665 40MB with 512K $ 699 with 2MB $ 745 SupraModems SupraModem 2400 $ 111 Supra Corporation Even choosing the software you need is difficult these days. Memory requirements, operating system compatibility, and version changes can confuse your purchase decision. We help you sort out the issues, ami we help you get your purchase installed and working when your order arrives. Just call our toll-free lech line if you have any problems. As always, if it’s not quite right, send it back. Imagine* development package $ 224 SAS C V5.I (formerly from Lattice) $ 295 DeluxePaint III $ 99 ProYVrite 3.1 $ 114 Entertainment and Education There’s a time to work and a lime to play and the Amiga is still the best game machine out there. We do carry the hottest entertainment and educational titles so call. Productivity Like the new Dicnnix Color 4 inkjet printer from Kodak. It produces beautiful results! And it uses plain paper to do iE. Using the black, magenta, cyan, and yellow four-color approach with a resolution of up to 192 by 192 dots per inch the results are stunning. It handles cut-sheet or tractor-feed, prints on transparencies, uses non-smearing ink. And is surprisingly quiet. It’s HP PaintJet compatible. From Briwall the warranty is 2 years. Price $ 1149. Citizen (JSX-140 24-pin with optional Colorkit $ 419 Citizen iSX-20D 9-pin with optional Colorkit $ 275 Quantum ProDrive 105 meg Floppies are a pain and you've had enough. You need the freedom and safety of a spacious hard drive. Say goodbye to disk swapping with the perfect choice from Briwall. We offer the best hard drives available with the controllers that make sense for your system and we include all the cables and mounting hardware you need. Your selection will arrise to you ready to run because we partition and format it to your specifications. Quantum's 105 meg ProDrive is the centerpiece of their fourth generation. 3 1 2-inch drives. It's quick, quiet, and tough enough to travel. It sports the proprietary DisCache buffer management system for faster access limes and the patented AiRLOCK automatic shipping lock. It has a 30,000 hour MTBF rating and it carries a full 2-year warranty. Price $ 599 Quantum's 52 mug ProDrive is the most popular from their line of fourth generation. 3 1 2-inch drives. It's got all that you see above, including the warranty, in a 52 meg package. Price 5380. Syquest 44MB Removable $ 519 Seagate 3.5-ineh, 84MB $ 415 Blistering speed is a 68030 running at 33 Mhz. But to you, it's more than just speed, it's satisfaction because when you hit return or double-click, results happen, right now. We want you to experience this satisfaction. So we ask which applications you will be using and on what system because it makes a difference. And when you receive the board, it s ready to plug in because we've fully tested and configured it. How about the GVP 3933 with its 68030 nestled next to a powerful 68882 floating point processor both running at 33 Mil ? Now that's satisfying. Add 4 or 8 megs of 32 bit w ide, high performance 80ns nibble mode DRAM and you’re really flying. And this board lets you take lull advantage of the 6S030‘s BURST mode. It's a zero slot solution and from Briwall it carries a 2-vear warranty. Price including 4MB of RAM -- $ 1,699, The GVP 3001 is hot too. It touts a speedy 28 Mhz 68030 and carries an 80MB Quantum AT drive to boot. From Briwall the warranty is 2 years. Price with drive and 4 megs -- $ 2,149. You've realized that I meg just doesn’t cut it anymore. But do you know the issues involved in adding memory? With a purchase from Briwall, you don’t have to worry because the chips of your choice are installed for you. Not only that, but your board is then tested on your Amiga model to assure that each chip is in perfect working order. Take a look at the four-layer 2 meg board from Supra. It has zero wait states with hidden refresh and is expandable from 2 megs to 4. 6. Or 8. And with 8 megs your applications have plenty of room to move! It comes with a full 180-Day warranty when you purchase it from Briwall. Price with 2 mugs is just $ 244. With 4 megs, $ 359. And with 8 megs, $ 567. Or check out the 8-Up! From Mieroboties, a zero-wait state, autoconfiguring, "fastRAM" memory hoard. It’s available fully tested with 2, 4, or 8 megs for just $ 250. $ 365, or $ 569 respectively and from Briwall it has a 240-day warranty. Applied Engineering RamWorks 2000 with 8MB $ 559 GVP RAM 2000 with 4MB $ 375 BiliWALL SOLID PRODUCTS AND SOLID SUPPORT Why buy from Briwall? . Technical expertise to help you make the right decision. Buying the right product isn’t easy. The broad selection makes it tough enough but newer versions, compatibility problems, and functionality issues make it even tougher. Now you have one more place to go for good advice.
2. Pretested products to help ensure that your purchase works. Your purchase of any of the products in this ad, or any product included in this program, will be pre-tested 011 the Amiga model you’re using to eliminate the frustration of receiving defective products. When you get it, it works.
5. Technical expertise to help get your purchase up and running. Hardware peripherals are not always easy to gel running. So we won’t abandon you after the sale. We offer a free technical installation service for all hardware items. If you need us, call us and we’ll walk you through the set-up.
4. Warranties and guarantee. Buying mail order can be intimidating but we make it easy and safe. We guarantee that if your purchase doesn't run on your system, we’ll exchange it or give you your money back. And we double the manufacturer’s warranty period up to two full years on the products mentioned. We also offer an extended warranty so call for details. Our personal services help you pick the right product and get it running on your system quickly.
1. Toll-free TechLine. We offer a free technical installation service. We include the number with your purchase.
2. Pretest Program. We set-up and pretest your hardware purchases so that when you get it, it works.
3. Briwall Warranty, You're covered for twice as long because we double the manufacturer’s warranty up to two years on the products mentioned. Call for our extended warranty.
4. PLUS, we offer loaner hard drives, we do not hold personal checks, we ship your order in packaging that keeps it safe, and we offer a formatting and partitioning service for hard drives. 1-800-638-5757! Outside USA: (215) 683-5433 Tech Support (215) 683-5699 Customer Service (215)683-5433 FAX (215) 683-8567 : ? Any Visa and MasterCard accepted with NO surcharge O Your credit card is not charged until your order is shipped SHIPPING O All orders received before 3PM will normally be shipped within 2 business days ? Software shipping charges are $ 4,50 per order via UPS ground to anywhere in continental USA ? Hardware shipping charges are $ 4.50 handling plus actual shipping and insurance charges ? All UPS shipments are sent signature required ? 2nd Day Delivery via Federal Express® is available for $ 12, Next Day Delivery only $ 15. (any order up to 20 pounds.) BRIWALL
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 Order lines are open 24 hours Store hours;Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM, Saturday 9AM~12Noon From p. 78. Game play deserves top billing. You use your joystick to direct a bearded fellow with a staff through eight levels of interlocking puzzles and brawls in his search for his wizard mentor. Combat can take some getting used to in this 3-D world, your character may be facing you as he fights but you’ll often find creative ways to use your inventor}'. The bank-camera perspective and smooth, multi-directional scrolling will put you in mind of The Faery Tale Adventure. Unlike that classic game, however, this is not a real role- playing game; character enhancement seems to be mostly a happy accident. Book, with a walk-through of Level 1 and tips on six of the other seven. The Immortal has a few infirmities. It takes ages to load its two disks. The music, while lovely, almost drowns out the sound effects. (At least you can turn it off.) Also, (here’s no retreat once combat is under way not too realistic, guys The game is actually fairly small as dungeon games go only 50+ rooms. Don’t be fooled, though; it’s hard. You will die regularly. Mercifully, the manual doubles as hint Power Pinball By Graham Kinsey Pinball addicts rejoice; Power Pinball is here. With it, you can play several ready-made pinball machines, modify them, or build your own from scratch. To create your own, design the walls in the wireframe editing mode, add bumpers from the parts screen, and edit the shapes of existing bumpers. With the parts assembled, you add graphics to your machine from a paint program. You can change not only the background image, but also the wall, bumper, scoreboard, and title-area images. For sounds, von can assign digitized effects to each bumper, special events, and such standard occurrences as the ball falling between the flippers to the out hole. Build your own pinball heaven. Much fun unless they’re complex. Power Pinball lets you implement drop targets, spinners, rollovers, holes (which Pinball machines aren’t and every fight is to the death. Although the old kill-the- dragon-save-the-vvizard theme was growing fungus two years ago, The Immortal is so vibrant it makes the genre feel new. Go out and get this one now. ($ 49.95, Fleet tonic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 92109. 415 571-7171. One megabyte and joystick required.) Events 10 A Event type Jffl Target Bank 1 Sound P . Value 118600 0 f Child = 11 0 0 iI Show buHpersI Done M = deli rm rm FANBFTLX 0| on X *rmo§pji capture the ball and shoot it back in a different direction), and one-way gates. You then assign each bumper to an ? From p. 78. Future Wars is proving a short game for Steve Preston of Richland- town, PA, who can’t get past the map In the office at the start Steve has the right idea about using the little flag on the map, but he may want to look closely at the map first, and remember that objects are often tiny.
• Some people report trouble getting into the final castle (the desert pyramid) in Drakkhen (Draconian, $ 59.95) even though they’ve done everything correctly up to that point. It’s really a simple problem. Just try coming from a different direction. A different class of Drakkhen questions comes from people who’ve left the pyramid and are wondering what to do with their lives. You’re just about done. Be sure you’ve read all four passages in castles of the four elements. (If you don’t know what I mean, then you’re not ready. Even if you do know, you may have missed one. It’s well hidden.) David Norton of Redding, CA, may be ready for the final plunge. He’s been instructed to meet a dragon lord in a ‘blind alley,” but he’s uncertain where to go. Don’t bother looking in the castles, Dave. Do you recall seeing anything that looked remotely like an alley (or path)? A couple of other Drakkhen items.. For David McLeod of New York: The ring that leads you to the Princess of Air’s castle isn’t a ‘lake- able” item. If you’ve been offered it, you already have It, and it will work without being invoked. Have you noticed the arrows on the ground that mark the roads leading away from the castles? See anything similar? Eric Bezanson of Prior Lake, MN, is a bit off track. You can’t enter the Princess of Earth’s castle; it’s just a static graphic. The castle you want is dlrectty east of the Prince’s. Make a detour north or south around the firestones and get back on the road again.
• I’d hoped to tackle a backlog of Dungeon Master (FTL, $ 39.95) mall this time, but I have room for only the promised solution to a common problem down on Level 5. Last time we Continued on p. 88. Spotlight on Software A10 Tank Kile* ..28.99 AMOS (Game Creator) 59.99 AmlgaVlslon .. 89.00 Animation Studo .....99.00 Apprentice ....19,99 Armour-Geddon .....28,99 AudoMaster Ul ..60.00 Awesome . 39.00 Barney Bear Goes to Space 22.00 Bars & Pipes .165.00 Bars & Pipes MiJtl-Meda Wt .....37.99 Bars & Pipes Music Box A or B ...37.99 Blitz BASIC ....106.00 Broadcast Tltler .....229.00 Buck Rogers ..35.99 Byte 'N Back ..41.98 Carthoge .. 26.99 Choos Strikes Back .24.99 CheckMate 32.99 Classic Board Games ....19.99 Cross DOS 4.0 24.99 Cu3e of the Azure Bonds 35.99 Deluxe Paint HI 105.00 DlglPaint 3 ....61.99 ICO, nc, AdlDE Cafl Ad RAM 2080 OK 135.00 AdRAM 540 OK ... 115.00 Ad RAM 540 2 Meg* ..... AdSpeed 249.00 Bckef Free Video ..... 319,00 DlgMev Gold . 130.00 DinoWars 2499 Disk Labeler (Mdco custom labels) 24,99 Distant Sens ..42.99 Dragon Lord ..35.00 Crogon Wars ... 31.99 Duck Tales ....26.99 Bectrlc Thesajus .. 31.99 Bvlra .35.99 Excellence! ..125.00 FI 9 Stealth Bghter .38.00 Fdcon ......33.89 Falcon Mlsdon Disk 2 Rreflgrtt 18.50 Gold Disk Type Fonts (Eoch) 36.99 Harpoon ..43.99 Heart of the Drogon ......31.10 Immortd ..35.00 hdanapolls 500 34,99 rtnadne 195.00 Jack NlckJous Uriimited Golf 34.99 Kaa Fonts; ANJM 3 .33.89 Wiling Game Show .28.50 Lattice C SAS C .199.00 Lemmings 31.99 Macro Paint (Lcke Forest Lotfc) .... 79.00 Maverick 25.99 McGee and Kcrtys Farm 24.99 Monday Nght Footbafl .35.99 Music X Junior ..89.99 Obftus w T-Shirt) .....36.00 PageStTeam 2.0 .....167.00 PogeSteam Forms; Business 24.99
P. H.A.5.A.R. 4.0 ..... 60.00 Rctlonary 25.00 Pixel 3D ...... 52.99 Power Pinbatl .... 23.99 Prince of Persla .... 25.00 Pro Vector .. 175.00 Pro Write 3.0 ..95.99 OuarterBock 43.00 QuarterBack Tools ..53.00 Shadow of the Beast I ......2400 Shadow of the Beast 1 ..35.99 Sim Cjty Planning Commission ......11,99 W255 N4S9 Grandview ¦ 204 ¦ Waukesha, Wl 53188 ¦ 9 AM to 5 PM Moa-Sat. Great Prices! Superb Service! For information or price listing: 414-548-8125 Pursuitable BBS: 414-548-8140 Star Control .31.99 Time Warp ....35.99 TransWrtte ....41.99 Ultima V .. 35.00 Vista Profesdond ...89,00 Wings .... 36.69 Wrath of the Demon ....29.99 Progressive Peripherals Modem, Baud Bandt MNP 125.00
• W Baud Bandt Software,.,.,... 155,00 Ram ©Grabber ££&&$ •£635.00 W 2.0 Software .... 685.00 QlcTape ... 495.00 DoJdo Talk 375.00 Spotlight on Hardware Accelerator, Sapphire 68020 ...... 299.00 Accelerator. GVP 68030 Board .. 789.00 Atonce .... 279.00 AutoUnk Cauto aglttdng Cable) ., 44.00 Bodega Bay .. 325.00 Color Splitter .. 106.00 Diskettes, Sony Bdk 100 Pock 65.00 Roppy Drive, Intemd 2000 ..... 90.00 Roppy Drive, AE High Density 195.00 floppy Drive, AE880K ..95.00 Roppy Drive, Master 3A ..95.00 Harddive. 40Q ..... 345.00 HardDRIVE, 105Q ... 595,00 Harddtve. Series II500 40 MB 599.00 HardDRIVE, Series II 500 100 MB ,... 975.00 Making Music on the Amiga Book 26.00 MegaChlp 2000 Board .. 235.00 Memory Board. BaseBoard OK .... 115.00 Memory Board, 68030 4-Meg 799.00 Memory Board, GVP 8 2 205.00 MIDI Interface, ECE ......52.00 Modem, DataUnk 2000 MNP ...... 165.00 Modem, DataUr* Express MNP .. 169.00 Send FAX Option 35.00 Mouse. Konyo Golden Image .45.00 Mouse, Konyo Optlcd .. 69.00 Supra Corporation floppy E>tve, SupraDrive ..99.00 Hardecrd, 400 W Word Sync .... 439.00 Hardcard, 1050 y Word Sync .. 689.00 HardDRIVE, Supra 500XP 105 2929,00 Harddive. Supra 500XP 40 2...... 689.00 Memory, SupraRAM 2000 2 Megs 209.00 Memory, ScjpraRAM 2000 4 Megs 289.00 Modem. Supra 2400 With Cable109.00 Modem, Scpra 2400 MNP 149.00 Module (2Meg) for 500 HardDRIVE 229.00 SCSI Controler, Word Sync 119.00 Perfect Sound 3.0 ...69.00 Phantom SMPTE Interface 179.00 Power Supply 500 AE Heavy Duty 86.00 Printer, T1 PostScript PS 35 ..... 1899.00 Printer, T1 PostScript PS 17 ..... 1749.00 Printer, HP PaintJet ...... 999.00 Removable HardDRIVE, Ricoh 799.00 SCSI Controller. Series II2000 . 219.00 Scper Agnus Chip 95.00 Trackbdl, AmTRAC ......69.99 Video Master. VlDTek .. 1075.00 Video Toaster ..... 1495.00 Have a sate and happy 19911 Judy, Laurie, Dale, Shannon, Dennis, Mary Orders Only Please: 800-544-6599 Visa MC CODs Make Sate Harbor YOUR Computer Port GAME event (up to a total of 99). Once the bumper is activated, you can instruct the program to add points to the main score or the bonus score, add to the bonus multiplier, award an extra ball or free game, send the ball directly to the out hole, or even randomly trigger one of several designated rewards. PRESERVE The Options screen allows you to set other variables, such as the machine’s play speed and gravity, the color of the flippers, the number of balls per game, and Tommy Mode (which allows you to emulate Tommy the Pinball Wizard by turning off the display so you can’t see the machine). Those wrho long for a true-to-life feel in a computer pinball game will love the Shake option. Don’t “push” the machine too hard to the left or right; Power Pinball has a Tilt mode, too! Version 1.02 of Power Pin- Turrican By Peter Olafson A vast, futuristic arcade adventure, Turrican has almost everything fans of the genre could want, and a few things they might not even expect. You pilot a silver-armored sprite-killer through five worlds (each with two or three large sub-levels) in search of the three-headed Morgul, whom the docs identify as the source of all mankind’s nightmares. Turrican is the Pentagon of platform games; the levels, delightfully, seem to go on forever, and they’re not as omnidirectional as in some games. There are little side trips to make into bat-filled caves, up stairways to the sky, dead ends that turn out not to be dead ends and dead ends that do. There are hidden extra lives ball is fairly stable, but not perfect (especially with accelerated Amigas). You can sometimes freeze the machine by using the Shaking feature and hitting the flippers at the same time, so be careful. Power Pinball's biggest problem is what it doesn’t do. The game's logic portion is rather crude, making it hard to add complexity when programming your own machines. Nor does Power Pinball support some basic options such as multiple-ball play and more than two flippers in a machine. The developer is committed to improving the game, however, and is already working on version 2.0. Until its release, you'll have plenty of fun with Power Pinball. . .just don’t shake the machine too much. ($ 39.95, Karma Soft, PO Box 1034, Golden, CO 80402, 303 277-1241. 1 MB of RAM recommended.)
* • and boxes invisible until shot that hold huge supplies of potent weapons. I can’t wait to go back and see wrhat I missed. Said levels are rendered in an array of hard, handsome colors, but with subtlety. (As you descend into the many canyons, the sky grows progressively darker.) By the end of your war with World One, you’ll be having trouble finding your way out. Along the way, you’re menaced by everything from stumpy robots and bazooka- wielding fat boys to lightning bolts and mashing metallic fists. All are desperate to rub up against you and run down your poor little supply of life. On your side are the usual variety of weapons with some clever methods for extending ? Your 1 European Amiga Budget Dealer! 840 N.W. 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33309 W INFO? (305) 491-0398 FAX (305) 772-0334 0 VISA NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! MORE DEALS! $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 36.00 $ 35.00 $ 35.00 $ 35.00 $ 35.00 $ 40.00 $ 40.00 $ 35.00 $ 35.00 $ 35.00 $ 37.00 $ 36.00 $ 37.00 $ 35.00 $ 35.00 $ 35.00 $ 35.00 $ 35.00 Team Yankee Tournament Golf
U. M.S. 2 DISCOUNT TITLES $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 13.95 $ 18.95 $ 18.95 $ 18.95 $ 18.95 $ 18.95 $ 23.95 $ 23.95 $ 23.95 After the War $
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9. 95
A. T.F. 2 Badlands Battle Command Cadaver Captive Chase HQ Globulous Golden Axe Lotus Turbo Esprit Action 5 in 1 Barbarian 2 Bloodmoney Colorado Crackdown Deluxe Paint Dynasty Wars Gauntlett 2 Pacland Return to Atlantis Seven Gates of Jambala Solitaire Royale Sonic Boom Space Harrier 2 Strip Poker Deluxe Thunderbirds Typhoon Thompson Vindicators Waterloo Willow Frontline Resolution 101 Thunderstrike Time Machine TV Sports Football This ad composed using PageStream DTP at 300 d.p.l. Hoyle's Book of Games $ 16.95 Shadow of the Beast $ 16.95 Stunt Car Racer $ 16.95 Pang Robocop 2 Simulcra Strider II Super Off-Road Racing B lockout Carrie Command Chambers Shaolin Chronoquest II Cloud Kingdom Cycles Defenders of the Earth Dyter 07 F-18 Interceptor Fast Break Ferrari Formula 1 Final Countdown Fourth and Inches Grand Prix Circuit Hammerfist Harmoney Heat Wave Hotrod Hound of the Shadows Infestation Keef the Thief Kid Gloves Millenium 2.2 Ninja Spirits Operation Spruance P-47 Rick Dangerous Silent Service Silkworm Star Glider 2 Swords of Twilight Super Wonder Boy Test Driver Third Courier Time of Lore Triad Vol. 2 Weird Dreams Xenon II Zany Golf Corporation Dungeon Master Torvak the Warrior Anarchy Bard's Tale II 1-800-888-9273 ORDERS ONLY Circle 238 on Reader Service card game preserve their range and the ability to turn into a gyroscope, which looked more like a buzzsaw blade to me. If you have a two-button joystick, you’ll find it is supported as well. On the down side, the Continue option is a real dog for a game this big. In arcade terms, a "continue” is the ability to resume play where you left off in your last game. In Turrican, it seems to mean you restart from scratch which you could have done anyway. Perhaps you have to complete a full world first. If so, that’s tough. This one's not that easv. M From p. 84, dealt with the three puzzle rooms off the main corridor at the start of the level. The trouble begins two doors later In the little maze on the hall's right branch. You'll quickly find a switch at the top of the maze that opens a secret room at the bottom, but how to keep it open? Find the other secret room, with two switches of its own. It's in the lower left-hand corner. If you need help with a game, you can reach me by mail at 12 W. 104th St., Apt. 3E, New York, NY 10025 (send a SASE If you want a personal reply) and by E-mail on Genie as
P. OLAFSON and on P Link as Peteroo. Nevertheless, pick this one up pronto. Turrican is one of the year's essential arcade games. ($ 39.95, Inner prise, 128 Cockeysville Rd., Hunt Valley, MD 21030, 301 785-2266. ;o special requirements.) COMPANIES MENTIONED: Draconian, distributed by Data East, 1850 Little Orchard St., San Jose, CA 95125, 408 286-7074. Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 94404, 415 571-7171. FTL Games, 6160 Lusk Blvd., C-206, San Diego, CA 92121, 619 453-5711. Infocom, 3885 Bohannon Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025, 415 329-0800. Lucasfilm, distributed by Electronic Arts. Sierra On-Line, PO Box 485, Coarse- gold, CA 93614, 209 683-4468, 800 326-6654. ¦ Templicity Home And Small Business Templates If you hate setting up spreadsheets and making up formulas, Templicity™ will save you time. Instantly calculate and analyze mortgage rates, evaluate a car loan, estimate the maximum affordable price for property, design a savings program for a child's education, etc. This package of 104 prefabricated spreadsheet templates covers everything from bookkeeping and budgets to inventory and real estate. Interactive tax templates included for 1991 (calendar year 1990) are 1040, A. B, C, D. E, F, SE, 244, AND 4562. Available in separate versions for Analyze!, MaxiPlan, Superplan, and VIP. $ 39.95 « bh mm a s. ¦ "Templicity is an excelent value and I highly recommend it." Amiga World, October 1990 "...a wealth of tutorial material..." ST Informer, Sept. 1988 "Templicity gives you ... a lot for your money." MACWORLD, August 1990 for PageStream The key to quick and easy, professional-looking forms and documents is Qwikforms-u. It's the only package of forms with over 100 different, adjustable layouts. Just choose the one you want, insert your name, logo, or text, and print. Save hours of time. Business forms include invoices, inventory control, order forms, purchase orders, budgets, real estate forms, job estimates, applications, organizers, ledgers, charts, etc. Page layouts include newsletters, letterheads, business cards, brochures, booklets, envelopes, press release, resumes, etc. Legal forms include wills, deeds, claims, bill of sale, power of attorney, etc. Persona! Forms include announcements, cards, architectural symbols for home planning, mail lists, invitations, etc. Use them "as is" or customize them to match your specific requirements. There are also guides and many other unique and unusual uses of PageStream. (Avail. 2 15 90) $ 39.95 Blank Disks US us ? A complete package of the 100 best shareware programs for word processing, spreadsheet, database, games, utilities, music, communications, etc. 13 disks! Save dozens of hours downloading. Also included are spelling checkers, accounting programs, mail list orgainzers, secuencers, ram disks, and much more. These programs are shareware or public domain and a contribution to the individual author is often requested and rewarded with additional support and upgrades. $ 39.95 L TW These are the same double-sided double-density JVC high quality disks that we use for our products. We buy disks in large quantities and pass the savings on to you. 50 3 1 2" disks--$ 39.95 Any 2 of above-$ 69,95 Any 3 of above-$ 99.95 All four-$ 119.95 We pay shipping! (Continental USA) To order by mail, send I~ri9 C9flincj Connection check or money order to: BOX 4850 (CA res. Add 61 4 %, Berkeley, CA 94704 To order by phone, call 415-655-2355. (8 am to 5 pm PST) ) Orders Only (800) 262-0533 Canada: (412) 962-0533 Art & Graphics Entertainment(com. Productivity 3D Professional $ 295 Art Department $ 56 Deluxe Paint III $ 94 Digi-Palnt 3 $ 62 Digi-View Gold 4.0 $ 129 Disney Anlm. Studio Spc&aJ HomeBuilder's CAD Dragon Lord $ 34 Dragon Strke $ 35 Dragon Wars $ 31 Dragon's Lair 2 $ 43 Drakkhen $ 37 Duck Tales $ 28 Dungeon Master 2 $ 25 Elvira: Mistress of the Dark$ 37 F-29 Retafiator $ 34 Faces: Tris3 $ 25 Falcon $ 31 Falcon Mission 2: Op. Fire.$ 19 Flight of the Intruder $ 37 Full Metal Planet S31 Globulus S19 Gunboat $ 31 Harpoon NEW $ 37 Immortal $ 34 Indy 500 S34
J. Nicklaus Unltd. Golf NEW $ 37 Killing Game Show $ 28 King's Quest 4 $ 37 Legend ol Faerghail $ 25 Loom $ 43 M1 Tank Platoon $ 37 Matrix Marauders $ 25 Midwinter $ 25 Monday Night Football NEW $ 31 Monopoly $ 25 Night Breed $ 28 Night Hunter $ 24 Nrtro $ 28 Nobunaga's Amltion $ 37 NudearWar $ 34 Ore Wars Call Obitus $ 37 Persian Gulf Infemo S25 Pirates S28 Pool ol Radiance S34 Populous $ 34 PowerMonger NEW $ 34 Power Pinbail S25 Prince of Persia S25 Search for the King S37 Second Front 535 Secret of Monkey Island Calf Shadow of the Beast 2 537 Sim City S31 Sim City Terrain Editor S12 Sorcerian 537 Spirit of Excalbur $ 31 Spiderman $ 25 Spot $ 25 Star Control $ 31 Storm Across Europe $ 43 Super Off Road $ 31 Sword of Aragon $ 34 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $ 28 Tetris $ 22 Their Finest Hour 543 Treasure Trap $ 25 Turrican $ 25 Ultima V $ 37 Vette $ 31 Vking Child $ 25 Wings $ 35 Wizard Wars $ 28 Wrath of the Demon Call Advantage B-Graph Excellence 2.0 Kindwords 2.0 Page Stream 2.0 ffirpal Prof. Page 2.0 $ ®age Outline fonts Prowrlte 3.0 S?:" 25 Imagine IntroCad Plus Professional Draw 2.0 Spectracolor $ 125 iaxon Publisher Service Industry Acct. SuperBase Personal SuperBase Pro Top Form 2 WordPerfect S245 $ 50 $ 199 $ 56 S156 Call $ 399 $ 99 Utility CiiMate Dr. Ami Dunlap Utilities Project D Quarterback Quarterback Tools $ 25 $ 31 $ 49 S31 Ui Education Memory-A500 Barney Bear Goes to Farm 522 Barney Bear Goes to School$ 22 Barney Bear Goes to Space S22 Carmen Sandiego Europe $ 31 Carmen Sandiego Time S31 Carmen Sandiego USA S31 Carmen Sandiego World $ 31 Distant Suns S44 Katie's Farm $ 25 Math Blaster Plus $ 31 McGee $ 25 Talking Animator $ 41 Talking Coloring Book $ 19 Memory-A2000 Video Applied Engineering Ram Works 500 $ 69 Golden Image RC500 512K RAM exp. $ 49 SupraRam 500(512Kw clock) $ 62 500RX(512K to BMB} Call BaseBoard OK RAM 1MB 2MB ICD ADRAM OK RAM 1MB 2MB Applied Engineering Rarmorks 2000 OK $ 112 Ramwoiks 2000 512K $ 137 Ramworks2000 1rrb $ 159 Ramworks 2000 2rrb S209 Golden Image RC2000 2MB RAM exp. $ 199 SupraRam SupraRam2000 2mb $ 209 SupraRam2000 4mb $ 309 SupraRam2000 8mb $ 509 Magni w controller $ 1599 MlniGen $ 209 ProGen $ 349 Supergen $ 649 Supergen 2000S Call Video Toaster Call Video I AmigaVialon ft?* "*’¦'* m Deluxe Video III $ 99 Director $ 44 Photon Video EDLP $ 312 Pro Fills $ 19 Pro Video Gold $ 149 Pro Video Post $ 209 Showmaker New
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• 14.3 & 7.16 Mhz 100% Compatibility
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- --
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3. 5" DRIVE $ 189 Exp* to SMB DATA LINK 2000 With all the features of the 2400 Baud External Modem w MNP 5 & Send-Fax AND... plugs Into your expansion portl (til 70 Amisa Q I J 2000 3000 SupraRam 500 RX 6135 TM 1124-GREAT PRICE! . ...$ 279 NX 1001 Multifont NEW. $ 145
1180. .. ...$ 155 NX 1020 Rainbow NEW . $ 185
1624. .. ...$ 329 NX 1500 NEW .. $ 289 4420 NEW . ...$ 779 NX 2420 Rainbow-HOTl. ......$ 319 4450i NEW . ,$ 1219 XB 2410 ......$ 409 4455 NEW .. ,$ 2029 XB 2415 ......$ 529 Color KitXB 2410 15...... .$ 42 m CITIZEN' LOW COST LASERS 200GX ...... .$ 169 OKI Laser 400 . ...$ 659 GSX140 ... .$ 289 PANASONIC 4420 . ...$ 779 Color Kit ... ...$ 49 TOSHIBA User 6 ... ...$ 789 Panasonic PRINTERS AMIGA EXTRAS AMIGA EXTRAS • AMIGA EXTRAS VIDEO TOASTER AVAILABLE NOW! Air Drive lnt3.5"-3000 $ 89 Frame Grabber*Color..... $ 529 AMAXX fl .. $ 137.95 Golden Image RAM 500 ... $ 49 Amtrac Trackball .. $ 69 Golem 3.5“ Int Drive . ..$ 75 Color Splitter . .....$ 109 Golem Internal Track Dlsp.. $ 39 CordlBS3 Mouse ... $ 99 Golem Tower .. $ 299 DC TV . .....$ 395 Gravis Adv. Joystick .. $ 31 ECE Midi IntBrface .$ 48 Gravis Mouse Stick ... $ R5 Flicker Fixer ... .....$ 285 Nvy Duty Power SuplOOW .$ 85 Flicker Master ...... $ 13 LIVE! A2000 ... $ 289 Mega Mid Racer 25Mg $ 669 MIDI Gold A500 ...$ 59 MIDI Gold Insider A2000 ...$ 65 Mlgraph Hand Scanner ....$ 319 Perfect Sound .$ 69 Phantom Smpte Interface $ 179 Printer Face ......$ 79 Safeskln 2000 500 ......$ 17 Sapphire Accelerator Card $ 309 Sharp JX 100 ClrScan $ 749 Supercard .$ 75 Time Master 500 .....$ 45 Video Master .CALL VIP Video Interface $ 89 Xspecs 3D .$ 85 GENLOCKS Ami Gen Mlnl Gen $ 94 189 Magnl A3000 w remote ... CALL j Super Gen ......$ 5991 Super Gen 2000S CALL Video Master .CALL Vldtech Scanlock $ 7191 Dragon's Lair II Dragon Lord Dragon 8trfce .... Dragon Wars , Orakfchen „ Dungeon Master ...... East vs West Berlin Ban Performer 2.0 .. Electric Thesaurus Elvira . Empire .... Escapa Robot Monster .„ Excellence V2.0 F-19 Stealth Fighter F*29 Retaltator ... Faces...Trls 111 Falcon ... Operation Counters trike Fat Tracks . Federation ..... Fire and Forgel II ----- Flight of the Intruder __ Right Slmuiator II ... Flood ¦ M~1 ?+***•* *» H Bara 4 Pipes _ .... Barney Bear each Barney Bear Meets Santa Batman the Movie Battle Chess-------------- Battle Command Battle Hawks 1942 . Baffle Squadron ...... Batfletech * »***•** HiH nil ni* Baud Band!. .... BIV the Kid _ BbckGold __ Bbek Tiger _ Bksdesdf Steel Blood RehBor5 ___ Blue Angeb .... Blue Max ...... Brato Blaster..._ .- Bridge 6.0 _ Broadcast Tmtt 2.0...... Buck Rogers .. Budokan--------- Byte N' Back ... - Can Do Pro Pack 1 __ Cardnil of the Kremlin.. 75 95
24. 95
24. 95 29 95
54. 95
41. 95 84 95
28. 95
30. 95
24. 95
19. 95
48. 95
31. 95
33. 95 Call U$ T6day! AMIGA Ocommodore' ORDEDIIB WTO • ijjwu fsthtl M«iy wh)cwhhr • ch cX of rvmy onjoi. Arwntl 4 carnaiiy tfwcfcM low 14 btwtaoa I dap tod«T. Sdioo! P.O.’* xMcarm. C0fl. H*pM •» MOO In Confront* U.SA tecfiidoMXDfec laftww enters 9KoMpcfsflfo'| Ktrcwt'i rnn'mjTi *5.00. teastsrCvs and vtet ptoet he too cam Aaxtfnton &k and tflrahira. W mBanti phaio Inekiite 5% nWi lu HI. AK PO. APO.Puorto RtoK CaflHJW enters. = 4mm i« FT. «nfc[Vng. Nlrimpm ftjOO. M oUW hnfoi gi4n i 1BH (Hoalng, mli *16 00. M ortJim atifcprt ouhH* I ha ConKnantil USA Oi* a»i*JC«d h»vnfl U.S. rxA »Aaw OwtelXa. H | !on4;n ihipcV’gcriTOBccaaJ ifiarTtrlmuraimouril, yoa «*I btchifpal lha icdllonal a-uur.t Al (oosaii* naw trd IncUda fcSwy wrrvnty. Wada nclBinnntaa compttiUlty 6 *antn ft. Dea la otir low prlcaa il aaiea ira Ihil. All Maalaa Mtena aaiknaa rrtim Bsfttrlrrfaa ramfctr. CUT (414) 35741*1 ta cCih tn RA fa your ralurn aril noTba ixtfhd. Prlcaa irriitaltainy aabkeft INFORMATION 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
P. O.BOX 17882 Milwaukee, Wl 53217 HOURS *C3T MON-FR1 Bam*9pm«4AT 11 sm-5pm un racniT PAOn QimrUADrr C " D All Vf MfD Mrrr Ccf:l1B*"fl,,wtrB,lce- WbiiliiBHiafxirnjiriaan-nrhfnditila.WaafslpeiaWailvanlanatviMktoik.BSxJdwrTwtbohiMlidbyl nu unrun oun nnnuc rV_ K MIL r‘JUk IN ttUOardu«WiI'r*ilyW.ihlharmrrficljT» HalraaconalfclafBrtyccqrvhkslaTer*, WATCH out. SCHMOOZr FAIRLAHEI 30 Protessbnal .... 299.05 638 Attack Sub __31.95 AlO Tank Klter ...... ..30.05 A-Talk 3 . 64.95 ‘Advantage, Tha 1.1" ..... 114.95 Air Strike USA 25.95 Akboumo Ranger 23.95 Al Dogs Go To Heaven ....30,95 Atom! Boast ...31.95 Alwod Destiny 36,95 AMOS ..... 67.95 Amazing Sptoermin ......24.95 Ararchy 24.95 Animation Studio -Dbney 109.95 AnlmffonlsS ...30.95 Arachnaphobla 28.95 Arcade Action Mind sea po .31.95 Arcade 8mash His ¦ EA ... 31.95 Arexx 28 95 ASDG Art Department 57,95 Audio Master 3 ...64,95 Awesome - ...36,65 Artec C Developer V5.0 .. 177.95 Artrec C Pro V5.0......_...119.95 BAD . „ .29.95 BAT .... 31.95 Back To the Futuro If 31.95 Band It Kings Arc lent China 36.95 Bane of the Cosmlo Forgo 36.95 Bar Games 28,95 .169.95 ...2195 .21.95 ... 28.95
- 28.95 ..31.95 .. 20.95 ..24.95 19 95 ... 30 95 ... 25.95
- 24.95
- 30,95
- 28.95 ...31.95 ._ 30.95 ...31.05
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224. 95 ... 31.95
- 25.95 ~ 39.95 .. B4.95
- 24.95 _ 30.95 Carmen San Dlego Each... 30.95 Chamber Set-MejL Prtess .. 30.95 Champions of Xryrm 31.95 Chaos, D urge on Mast 2 ... 24.95 Check Mate... hum ...... 34.95 Chessmasler 2100 ....31.95 Chuck Yaoger AFT 2.0......25.95 Classic Board Games 19.95 Clue ..24,95 Codename: Iceman 36.95 Coloners Bequest ......36.95 Comic Setter ..,.,.,,...41.95 Comic Art Dbks ea 20.95 Conquest of Camelot 36.95 Copybt Apprentice .....76.95 Crackdown .....31.95 Crlbbago Khr Gin King ....25.95 Cross DOS 2.0 24.95 Crossword Construct Bel .24.95 Curstf Azure Bonds 31.95 Cyber Ball 25 95 Cyber Medbc 25.95 Cycles ......30.95 Damocbs ......28.95 Dark Century 28,95 Das Bool Submarine 31.95 Day o( the Viper ...„ ....30.95 Days of Thunder „ .31.95 DC TV .. .CALL Deluxe Music Coral 61.95 Deluxe Paint 111 ...94.95 Deluxe Photo Lab 94.65 Deluxe Print II 51.95 Deluxe Productions . 128.95 Dbc Vtd 3 rO.Phfab Fwtty.. 04.95 Deslgnasaurus 30.95 Dick Tracy ...... .30.95 Dig Id raid----------- 59.95 Olgknate 3 .... 24.95 Olglpalnf 3.0...... 53.95 DlgMewgotd __118.95 Oho Wars ...... 24 95 Dkector 2.0 Toot! .... Dbk Labeler _.. Dbk Master Dbk Mechanic __ Dbtant 8un Dr. Ts M ... Dr. Ts Midi AecStudto ....; Dos 2 Dos Double Dragon II .....! Double OrfcWe Doug's Math Aquarium.... Dragon Force Dragon's Lair ___ ..43.95
- 31,95 ,,31.95
- 30.95 ..36.95
- 24.95
24. 95 .,87.95 ,..28.95
- 30.95
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109. 95
- 36.95 ..31.95 ..24.95
- 31,95 .16.95 ..34.95 ..31.95 ,.28.95 ..34.95 ,.30.95 .25.95 Ful Metal Plane! 30.95 Future Classics „ 30.95 Future Wars ..30.95 Genghis Kahn .. __.,..36 95 GFABASIC 3.5------------07,95 Gbbubus . 23.95 Gold Disk Ottte ....166.95 Golden Axb ...31.95 Grand Prtx Clrcilt .27.95 Gremlins 2 ... 32.95 Gunboat . ..30.95 GunsHp __34.95 Hardball If 30.95 Harley Davidson--------..31.95 Harmony _ 2S.e5 Harpoon .. 37.95 Battle set 2 or 3 _ ...20.95 Heart of China _36.95 Heal Wave ___28.95 Heroes Quest _36.95 Highway Patrol II ___ 28.95 HlWar 31.95 Hockey League Sim--------21.95 Holyes Book of Games 21.95 Hixit for Red October 20 95 Imagine ___194.95 Immortal .31.95 Imperkim ----25.95 I ndtanapofb 500 .....31.95 Imbkxi + ___174.95 Ishkfo - -.34.95 II Came from the Desert... 31.95 Jack Nfckhia Golf .. ...30.95 Night Force . ...28 95 Course 3 1990-.. .
- .15 65 Nigtt Hunter - ......
- .23 95 Jack Nlcklaus Unlimited 36.95 Night Shlfl .. 25.95 Jonss In Ihe Fast Lane... ...24.94 Niro ..... ....28.95 Karafonts ea .. ...44.95 Nobunga's Ambftbn.....
- 36.95 Katie s Farm .. ...24.95 Nuclear War _30 05 Keys To MaramorKe...... ...30.95 Obltus .. ...36.95 Kcybd Control Seq. 3.0 . .159.95 Ofl Road ..... ... 30,95 Kllng Game Show . ...23.95 On Line Platinum .... ...41.95 King's Quest 1,2, or 3 ... ... 30.95 Operation Combat .. ....30 95 King's Quesl 4 .... ...3695 Operation Fire Fighter... ...19 95 King's Quest 5 ___ ...36.95 Owr Run .... ....37.95 Ktax ...... ...25 95 Page Renderer 3.0
- 94.95 Knight Force - .. ...28.95 Page Setter 2 ... ...74.95 Lanct Air, Sea Compl...... ... 36.95 Page Stream V2.0 .. .J 84.95 Lattice C ... .194 95 Business Forma .... ...24,95 Legend of Faerghal ,„23 95 Postscript Font Dbks .. .,.24 95 Lebure Suit Larry., .. ... 24 95 Del Matrix Fonls ... ... 24.95 Lebure Suit Lany 2 or 3 ..36.95 PC Globe4.0 ... ..36 95 Lite and Dcalh ,,,31.95 Pen Pal . ...84 95 Loom .... ... 37.95 Phasar 4.0 ... ...54.95 loopz ... ...31.95 Photon Paint 2.0 .... ... 87.95 Lo3t Patrol .... ...31.95 Pfck N Pile------------ ...25 95 M-1 Tank Platoon .... ...36.95 Pfctlorary ... 24 95 M2 Amiga _ .147.95 Pirates 1 . ... 23.95 M2 Amiga Debugger ..77.95 Planet of Lust .. ...24 95 Macro Paint . ., 73.95 Polfce Quesl 1 ..30 95 Magic fly ..... ,25.95 Polfco Quest II . ...36 95 Magic Johnson 1 Meg.... ...31.95 Foots o( Radiance ..
- 31.95 Manhuntef tty or SF -.....
- 30.95 Popubus .... 31.95 Math Blaster Plus ..30.95 Power Windows 2.5......
- .54 95 Matrix Marauders ___ .. 24 95 Powermonger .. ...31.95 Maverick ------------
- 24.95 Prince ol Persia ...... ...24.95 Mavis Beacon Typing ..._
- 31.95 Print Master Plus .... ...24.95 Max ip tan 3 ..
147. 95 PraTeimb Tour ..... ...25.95 McGee ...... ..24,95 Pro Vweo Gold -------- ,139.95 Mean Streets-------------- .30.95 Font Packs ... 59.95 Mega Fortress .....
- 37.95 Pro video Post----------- . F 59.95 Mega Pair* ..._ .
174. 95 ProWrils3.0 ..
- Of 95 Mforoaw Black Jack .30 95 Professional Draw ... .112.95 Mforoleague Football...... .24.95 PrtXesslonal Page 12 ....
- ..CALL Mteroleagu! Wrestling .. 24.95 Structured Clip Art...... ...36.95 MkJ Winter ... ..24.95 Tetnptates...- .. ...38.95 MkS ReconSng Studfo ..39.95 Project D* Backup VI2 _ ... 30.95 Might and Magfc II 37 95 PrDjecfyk’ 25 95 Monday Night Football._ .. 30.95 Putty's Saga ...25.95 Monopoly ..24,95 Puale Gallery II .....31.95 Monty Python32.95 Puzzle Story Book--------
- 25 95 Movb Setter . .41.95 Puzrnfc .. .22.95 Must Mouse-------------- .. 49.95 Quarter Back __
- 42 95 Music X 169,95 Qujrter Back Tods .. ...52.95 Must X Jr ..67.95 Flaw Copy .... ... 34.95 Nattara al War .. 37.95 Red Baron ... ..36.95 Neuromancer ----------
- 28.95 Red Storm Rising ... ... 34.95 New York Warriors 1 Meg 30.95 Resolution 101--------- ..31.95 Wight Breed ... .25.95 Rise c4 the Dragon--- ... 36.95 Rb X ,,, , HI.. MU ..... .1,1 ..24,95 Thunderatrika------- 30.95 Robocop _ .. 26.95 Tiger _ ...89.95 Rocket Ranger 3 Stooges. 31.95 Tiger Cub __
- 59.95 Roirem . .. 86.95 Time Machine _
- 34.95 Romance ol 3 Kingdoms ..42.95 Til Id Page ... . 112.95 Sands of Fke--------------- ..3195 Transwrite . ..41,95 8axon Publisher .... 24495 Treasure Trap---------------
- 24.95 Scene Generator ......
29. 95 Trial By Fire . _ ..36.95, Scrabble ..„... .. 24.95 Tunnels of Armageddon ..25.95 Scribble Platinum - .. .57 95 Turbo Out Run
- 31.95 Search lor the King
- 36 95 Turbo silver 3.01 Meg M
- 73.95 Second Fronl .31.95 Turrfcan ..24.95 Sex Vixens-Outer Space . .. 22,95 TV Text ..64.95 Sexllmalcs _ .. 30.95 TV Text Professbrel .. 99.95 fiKirlnw nf fhn RpaaI 30 05 Utfma 4 .
36. 95 viHuun wi uiv dlcpi Sttadow of the Beast II ...
• • Crw. WJ ..36.95 Ultima 5 .
36. 95 Shark Attack ... .24 95 Ulra Design .
219. 95 Showmakw ...- .
214. 95 Ulricard Plus .- ..57,95 Sim City ....
30. 95 Universe 3 ....
- 31.95 Tcrrfan Editor M I
- 14.95 nj| wW Unreal ... llrrfnjwJiahlM
- 31.95 Sorwrian ..... Space Acc ....
34. 95 UfHOiJCn3t>l 3 .HrtfHHHIHK Votto __ §+ .. 30.95 Space Quasi 1 or 2 . .30.95 Video Effects 3*D..... ..
113. 05 Space Quests ..36.95 Video Tiller V 1.5 ......- ..92.95 Spectracofor .. .. .CALL Video Toob __ 18295 Spellbound .... .. 24.95 VkJeoScape 3D V2.0
184. 95 Spirit of Exnalbur ..- 30.95 VIMng CNW .
23. 95 Spot
24. 95 VbU -......
- 64.95 Star Control - .... .. 30.95 Vbta Protasslonaf ..... ,.86.95 Star Fields ... ..36.95 Vtta ...
122. 95 Star Flight ......- .. ..31 95 Voice Recognilon----- 109,95 Storing Service BBS
64. 95 War Game Const Set _ ..25.95 Storm Across Europe...... ..37.95 Wirof the Lance---------25.95 Stunt Track Racer __.... .24.95 Wirhead----------
- 31.95 Stratego . .30,95 Witerioo--------- 37.95 Strike Aces--------------,.30 95 Wayne Gretzky Hoc tar .30 95 Strip Poker 2 . .24.95 Weird Dreams.... .24 95 flinnr Ofl Rrurl Rirhi 30 95 Weltrta _ .21.95 vl Vl Wil I’VWIta 1 ‘•v ¦ KJ Supertusc Personal-----
• • Vn . UJ .46 95 WlidStreds .... , . 26 95 Superbase Personal 2.....
07. 95 Wiliam Tell 25 95 Superbase Pro 3.0 _
189. 95 Wind Walur------ 25,951 Superttl® SlmiJator---- .31.95 Wings __ 31 95 Siwirim 37 05 Wings of Fury ..24.951
T. V. Show V2-0-----,.-64.95 WolPak _
26. 05
T. V. Sports Basketball _
* 31.95 Wonderland--------30,951
T. V. Sports Footbal .. .31.95 Works, Plalbum __ 11295 Teenage Mut Nln|a Turtles 28.95 WorHABas ___ .35 951 Tennis Cup ..._ . .24.95 Workl Class teadertxurd 20 951 Tetris ___ _ .20.95 Wrath at the Demon 30 951 Terrain Envoy , .28.95 Wshel __ .23 951 Test Drive II ...
30. 95 X Copy v2.9..™. 34,951 Data Disks ea. .15.95 X Copy Pro less tonal.... . *7.951 TeslDrlwlll __ ..CALL Xeno morph---------
31. 951 Their RnestHour _ .37.95 Xlphos 24,951 Third Courier . .30.95 Yeager's Adv. Train 2.0 ... .25 951 Tbeslar..... _ .21.95 Zoelrope.... __ .44,951 From p, 24. Ceive data from contributors using other computers. Fonts for Scale Previous versions of PageStream utilized Soft-Logik’s own scalable-font scheme, which created very nice printed output, but produced on-screen representations that were often crude and inaccurate, detracting seriously from PageStream’s otherwise excellent WYSIWYG operating environment. Some of the program’s critics further complained that these fonts were unprofessional in appearance and did not render well in the smaller point sizes. With version 2.0 of PageStream, Soft- Logik has alleviated the on-screen problem by rendering text in the smaller point sizes directly from font outlines used for printed output, where the adjusted screen height convention helps compensate for the coarseness of smaller point sizes in the cruder screen bitmap system. The outline-rendering approach is slow, however, as it requires a great deal of computational time. As a compromise, Soft-Logik combined the older scalable system writh the outline approach in order to shorten rendering time. High-quality, on-screen rendering is most important when you zoom in on text to position objects or fine-tune your layout. While the combination of methods is a valid compromise, there are times when I would like my fonts drawn on-screen in the highest possible quality regardless of the speed penalty. Conversely, there are other times when I would sacrifice on-screen quality for speed. Perhaps Soft-Logik could provide a solution to this conflict by adding an adjustable, oudine nonoutline, on-screen height threshold, similar to the way the program lets you determine on-screen greeking (the substituting of facsimile text often merely a gray bar or line for actual text when you are working below' a certain point size). To address font-scaling shortcomings, Soft-Logik licensed AFGA, Compugraph- ic’s highly-regarded font-scaling system (also available with Professional Page), for use alongside the company’s own. In addition, Soft-Logik added support for Adobe Type 1 PostScript fonts, regardless of whether you own a PostScript ? PageStream vs. Other DTP Programs (All Platforms) PROGRAM Page Maker
3. 01 Page Maker 4 QuarkXpress 3 Page Stream
2. 0 Pro Page
1. 3 PLATFORM Mac PC Mac PC Mac Amiga Amiga LAYOUT Group Objects • • • Align Objects • • • Muftipage Spreads • • • L R Master Pages • • • Rotate Graphics .0010 1° Rotate Text 90° only 1* 1° Flow Around Graphics • • • • • Lock Graphic to Text • • • Lock Graphic to Position • • • • Step and Repeat • • • TYPOGRAPHY Point Sizes 4-127 4-650 2-720 .5-1310 4-127 Point Increments .5 .1 .001 .001 1 Kern Increments .01 em .001 em .001 em * Shift Baseline • • • Edit Kern • • Expand Condense Type • • • INTERFACE Open Multiple Files • • Pasteboard • • • • • Manually Place Coord's • • • View 50% • • • • • View 200% • • • • • Zoom View • • • View Facing Pages • • • • DOCUMENT EDITING Chapter Incl. To Book • Table of Contents • Indexing • Spell Checking • • • Search Replace • • • • S R Font Attributes • • • • Text Mode Edit • ** Maximum Pages 128 999 999 999 1000 Widow Orphan Control • • IMPORT CAPABILITIES WordPerfect • • • • • Microsoft Word • • • ProWrite • EPS • • • • • TIFF • • • • MacPaint • • • • IFF I LBM • •
• = Feature or function is available within the program. NOTES
* Tracking however to .01 em.
* * Available in concert with Transcript. True digital photography for your Amiga computer Through a special arrangement with Quintar™ Co., Liquid Light is now offering the Bell & Howell CDI-IV™ color digital film recorder for use with all Amiga computer models. The CDI-IV offers true color capability for all your Amiga images including IFF and HAM. All you add is the film and the imagination. Whether you need high quality 35mm slides, instant prints, overhead transparencies or even instant slides the CDI-IV has you covered. The CDI-IV is shipped to you complete with a 35mm camera, instant print camera, software and cables. Everything you need to produce stunning images is right in the box. It plugs into the serial port of your computer so you can install it in minutes. The manufacturers suggested retail for this system is $ 3,995, but for a limited time you can purchase the complete CDI-IV at an introductory price of only $ 1,895. Quantities are limited and this price will last for just a short while. So give us a call today, With the CDI-IV you'll see your images in a whole new light. Presentation Graphics Peripherals To order call 213 618-0274 Liquid Light Circle 32 on Reader Service card. I is Make AMIGAs With Other Amigas. The largest group of Amiga" users in the world shares its problems and solutions online every day in CompuServes Amiga Forums. And you can join them. Whether you're an Amiga novice or a professional user in broadcasting, film special effects, animation, or music production, you'll find support from thousands of Amiga users and nearly every third-party Amiga software and hardware vendor. Looking for a solid CAD program? Want to make the most of your Amigas multitasking capabilities? Ask somebody who's been through it all. There's no better way to get more out of your Amiga. To join CompuServe, see your computer dealer. To order direct or for more infoimation, call 800 848-8199. If you're already a member, type GO AMIGA at any ! Prompt. CompuServe printer or not. This means that with PageStream 2.0, Amiga desktop publishers can utilize the best of what these three scalable-font technologies have to offer, (If you wish, you can combine all th ree in the same document.) There are hundreds of Compugraphic and Adobe Type I typefaces available. While PageStream’s last release (version 1.8) proved to be more of a maintenance upgrade, PageStream 2.0 is clearly a feature-intensive offering. A couple of new problems, however, have crept into the blend. A particularly nagging one involves a false, intermittent “out-of-memory" error message when changing view modes. Although this pseudo error will not crash your system or wipe out data, you must force PageStream to redraw the screen in order to view your image again. Another problem is that while PageStream's tag operations work properly in object mode, when applied to text mode, they have a tendency to act upon entire units (blocks, articles, or documents) rather than only upon tagged items. Although you can use PageStream’s Z YOUR TURN! I have to say that I liked PageStream when it was first released. The current version is fantastic; there are a lot more features, and it's more intuitive. I really like the structured drawing tools and the features that rotate and skew text and graphics. The dictionary is a little slow when compared to those of word processors, but it works fine for the kinds of things we do. Dennis McNown Catonsnille, MD macros to automate almost any repetitive action, their usefulness is hampered by inadequate documentation. While much improved over that of the previous version, the manual devotes only two pages to explaining macros. Also, you are limited to having only ten active macros at a time, with each one linked to a function key. You can load a new set often macros at any time, however, so I was easily able to make PageStream imitate the command- function keys of WordPerfect 4.1. In closing, I believe that PageStream
2. 0’s powerful labor-saving features, advanced font- and graphic-handling capabilities, and its well-designed user interface make it the new .Amiga desktop publishing king of the hill. PageStream 2.0 Soft-Logik 11131 S. Towne Sq. Suite F St. Louis, MO 63123 314 894-8608 $ 299.95 One megabyte required. Gold Disk Office The whole enchilada. By Irene C. Kobelski NO ONE CAN resist a bargain especially if you are shopping for several programs at once. One of the more via- Continued on p. 98. A istafrro 7 $ 149.95 List y JL 3 Megs Create beautiful painting-like landscape views and animations of Earth and Mars scenery!
• Same easy-to-use "point and click" interface based on a target camera model as Vista. Scripting preview function shows the path your animation will follow through the landscape. Variable focal length "camera" lens, unlimited number of lighting positions, dithering, roughness, and blend controls all included. Vistapro can load and save colormaps. User-defined palette, night sky, tree line, sea level, snow level, waves, haze levels, lakes, rivers, and full aircraft control perspective. 24 bit images can be viewed on Toaster, DCTV, Ham-E Board, and Mimctics Frame Buffer. Inexpensive upgrade available for registered Vista owners
• NO MORE TRIANGULAR POLYGON LOOK!!! Gouraud shading, combined with high res and interlace, produces painting- quality scenes of unparalleled beauty.
• Vi stapro displays in 24 bit, high res, interlace, or HAM. Images may also be printed with a print function,
• Vistapro saves images as IFF, IFF 24, Turbo Silver objects (compatible with Imagine), and in 24 bit RGB for frame buffer output.
• Overscan may be selected in all display modes.
• Script support for 4 different animation modes: IFF, IFF 24, RGB, and Vistapro's proprietary VANIM mode. An animation player for VANIM files from hard disk in included. (Vista and Vistapro compatible) ¦ Valles Marineris Mars. Exotic "Grand Canyon" of Mars. 6 disks. 88 scapes. $ 79.95 list.
• California set 1 Visit sunny California, Big Sur, Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear and Mt. San Gorgonio above Palm Springs. 6 disks. 68 scapes. $ 79.95 list. Virtual‘Reality Laboratories Inc., 2341 Ganador Court, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 (805) 545-8515 JL =5vll Use QUARTERBACK to save your Data. Use QUARTERBACK TOOLS I to save your A ** Have you ever deleted the wrong file (or worse yet, ALL your files) with a slip of the finger? Have you seen this awful message: “Error validating DHO”? Then you need QUARTERBACK TOOLS, the fastest and easiest my to recover your lost files on any AmigaDOS volume. QUARTERBACK TOOLS also optimizes the speed and reliability of your Amiga hard disks and floppy disks by:
• Repositioning your files to optimum locations on the disk, eliminating file fragmentation, and consolidating disk free space.
• Searching the entire disk for errors and marking bad areas “out of service.”
• Curing validation problems; finding and fixing corrupted directories. QUARTERBACK TOOLS runs on any Amiga using either the old or new filing systems, and runs with new and old Workbench versions. QUARTERBACK TOOLS ..now this is no donkey! And to close the barn door before the horse escapes, use QUARTERBACK the fastest and eas 'esfhard disk backup program for the Amiga. Other useful products from Central Coast Software: Mac-2-Dos for transferring Macintosh files to and from the Amiga. Dos-2-Dos for transferring MS-DOS Atari files to and from the Amiga. Central Coast Software • 424 Vista Avenue, Golden, Colorado 80401
(303) 526-1030 • Fax (303) 526-0520 VISA Dealer Inquiries Welcome Buy Any Two AmigaWorld Tool Chest Back Issues, And Get A Third One Free! Free! AWTC11. Fix corrupted disks or recover accidently deleted files. Sit back and enjoy original animation and sound clips. Enjoy colorfully wacky, shoot ’em up Arcade fun. Create single or double image icons, in four to eight colors. Get a rich assortment of HI-RES clipart monsters. AWTC12. Save money with a utility program which enables you to format disks that AmigaDOS chokes on. Generate different types of graphs. Cut out an excellent collection of B&W clip art for your desktop publishing or graphic design needs. Generate an incredible assortment of colorful patterns. Add dazzle to your animations with detailed 3-D spaceships. AWTC13. Plot your biorythms. Make drive head cleaning easier. Create spectacular images with mandelbrots. 3-D objects perfect for ray traced animations a sailboat, hot air balloon, windmill, and a lighthouse. A CLI utility to help you find files quickly and easily. Plus holiday clipart, an AmigaFlight animation, and a technical discussion on how AmigaDOS stores information to disk. AWTC14. A 3D graphics special issue, containing vector objects, TicTacToe, a graphing program, and 3D ray traced animation.Keep names and addresses organized with a friendly database and addressbook. Perform an analysis of digitized sound and display it in a graphic manner. Get B&W clip art food images suitable for desktop publishing. AWTC15, A best selling issue! Combine great graphics with digital sounds to get an entertaining Amiga version of the classical connect-the-dot game. Insert a nice assortment of digitized animal sounds into your animations. See an instructive rendering of Cartoon Man in various stages of animation. Test your reflexes with a high-speed arcade game. Make multiple copies of custom labels. AWTC16, Generate complex 3-D vector objects of a wide variety of terrain, from flat plains to rocky mountains. Plot out mathematical equations. Format your text fields to print on both sides of paper. Plus six digitized sounds perfect for animations and multimedia presentations and a mouse driven graphic adventure game with exceflent digitized sounds. Also includes Tinyball, "The World's Smallest Baseball Arcade Game." AWTC21. Battle your computer to take over the planet Circe. Assign RGB values to printer and screen output. Get a powerful database manager suitable for home and small business. Create animated sprites by editing up to 100 frames at once. Execute CLI programs, batch files and Arexx scripts with the simple click of a gadget. AWTC22. Design instruments and waveforms for use in other programs. Play your Amiga keyboard like a piano. Change the width, height, location, title, colors and depth of the CLI window with a single command. See how a piston works with a Turbo Silver animation. Plus a slick checkbook manager and a file encryption and decryption tool. Name Address Zip City Exp. Date Signature, r ;YES, I want to buy two Tool Chest Back Issues for $ 29.90 and receive a THIRD ONE FREE! I save $ 14.95. My selections are: _ _ _ ? I am only interested in one issue at this time. Please send me the following issue for $ 14.95: __ AmigaWorld Tool Chest Back Issues • PO box 802 • Peterborough, NH 03458 Foreign orders add $ 2.50 (or delivery. Payment required in
U. S. Funds which can be drawn on a U.S. Bank. Note that some animations require 1 MB of memory. TCBI291 My check money order is enclosed Charge My: ~ MasterCard ? VISA Am Exp. Discover Card State ATTENTION SUBSCRIBERS Software Discounters We occasionally make our mailing list available to other companies or organizations with products or services which we feel might be of interest to you. If you prefer that your name be deleted from such a list, please fill out the coupon below or affix a copy of your mailing label and mail it to: IDG Communications Peterborough AmigaWorld
P. O. Box 58804 Boulder, CO 80322-8804 Please delete my name from mailing lists sent to other companies or organizations. AmigaWorld Name Address City Stale Send Money Orders or Checks to: Software Discounters Int’l., 5607 Baum Blvd. Dept. AMW Pittsburgh, PA 15206
• Fax MC VISA orders with our fax 1-412-361-4545
• SHIPPING Continental U S A Orders under $ 100 add $ 4. Free shipping on orders over $ 100 AK, HI. FP0, AP0 shipping is $ 5 on all orders. Canada and Puerto Rico shipping is $ 7 50 on all orders PA residents add 6% sales tax on the lota! Amount of orders including shipping charges
• Defective merchandise replaced within 60 days ol purchase. Other returns subject to 20% restocking charge You must call customer service for return authonzation 412-361 -5291. 9-5:30 EST. Circle 128 on Reader Service card Zip AmigaWorld
P. O. Box 58804, Boulder, CO 80322-8804 Interna NEW TITLES!!! We’re The 1 Software Source For Thousands of Computer Owners USA CANADA 1-800-225-7638 Order Line Hours: Mon.-Thur. 9:00 AM-9:00 PM Fri. 9:00 AM-7:00 PM-Sal. 10:00 AM-4:00 PM EST.
* Speedy Delivery • Free shipping on orders over S100
• Deep Discounts • No surcharge on MC VISA Incredible Selections ¦ Overnight & 2 day shipping available tional A-10 Tank Killer .$ 39' Buck Roger's Countdown $ 32 Chessmaster 2100 Call Disney Animation Studio $ 120 Dragon Wars ....$ 32 Duck Tales ......$ 29 Elvira Mistress Darn .....$ 39 Eye of Beholder Call F-19 Stealth .....S39 Flood ...S26 Golden Ax .....$ 32 Harpoon .$ 39 Jack Nick Unlimited Golf ..$ 39 Math Blaste' Plus $ 32 Midwinter S32 Nightbreed ......$ 26 Pro Tennis Tour .$ 26 Star Control .....$ 32 Untouchables ...$ 26 Wings ...$ 32 Wolfpak Call Altered Beast ....S32 Archipelagos ....$ 25 Balance of Power 1990.. .$ 32 Bar Games ......$ 29 Batman the Movie $ 29 Battle Chess ....$ 32 Battlehawks 1942 $ 32 Banietech S19 Beyond Dark Castle $ 14 Black Cauldron ..$ 25 Blockout .$ 26 Blue Angels Flight Sim .. .$ 32 Bramblaster .....$ 26 Bridge 6.0 $ 25 Budokan $ 26 Carmen S D Europe $ 32 Carmen S D Time ... .$ 32 Carmen SD - USA .. .$ 32 Carmen S D World .. .$ 32 Chamber Sci Mutant $ 32 Champions of Krynn ... .$ 32 Clue Master Detective $ 25 Codename Iceman $ 39 Colonel's Bequest $ 39 Conquest of Camelot .... $ 39 Cribbage Gin King S26 Curse of Az are Bonds ... $ 32 Cycles .$ 32 Damocles $ 29 Day ol the Viper .$ 32 Digi-Pamt 30 ....$ 65 Digi-View Gold 4 0.....$ 129 Deluxe Muse Const $ 65 Deluxe Paint 3...... $ 99 Deluxe Photo Lab S99 Deluxe Print 2 ...$ 55 Deluxe Productions .... $ 129 Designasaurus ...$ 32 Dr Doom s Revenge.....$ 25 Double Dragon 1 or 2 $ 25 Ea. Dragon Force ...$ 32 Dragon Lord .... $ 32 Dragons ol Flame S16 Dragon's Lair ....S39 Dragon's Lair 2 ..$ 44 Dragonstrike ....$ 32 Drakkhen S39 Dungeon Master 1 or 2... $ 25 Dungeon Master Asst 1 ..$ 21 Empire ..$ 32 F 16 Combat Pilot $ 32 FA 18 Interceptor S14 Falcon ..$ 32 Federation ......$ 32 Ferrari Formula One.....$ 14 Flight Simulator ..$ 32 4th & Inches Football $ 14 4th & Inches Team Cons S6 88 Future Wars .....$ 32 Ghostbusters 2 ..$ 25 Gold Rush ......$ 25 Grand Prix ......$ 16 Gretzky Hockey .$ 32 Gunship .$ 35 G Norman Shark Attack $ 25 Hardball 2 ......$ 32 Harmony $ 29 Hawaii Odyssey Scenery $ 19 Heatwave Boat Racing ... S29 Hero's Ouest ....$ 39 Hillsfar ..$ 32 Hockey League Simulator $ 25 Hoyle's Book of Games $ 23 Hunt for Red October $ 32 Impenum .....$ 26 Indi Jones Graphic Adv $ 32 Indianapolis 500 .$ 32 Iron Lord $ 26 Ishido ...$ 35 It Came From The Desert $ 32 It-Desert Scenario Disk.. .$ 14 Jack Nicklaus Golf $ 32 J N Golf 1990 Courses.. .$ 16 J N Golf Champ Courses $ 16 J N Golf Int'l Courses... .$ 16 Jet ..$ 32 Journey .$ 19 Keel the Thiet ...$ 14 King Arthur .....$ 19 King s Quest 1. 2 or 3 $ 32 Ea King's Quest 4 ...$ 39 Legend of William Tell .. .$ 25 Leisure Suit Larry $ 25 Leisure Suit Larry 2 or 3 . $ 39 Loom .. $ 39 M1 Tank Platoon .$ 39 Magic Johnson's B Ball $ 32 Manhunter NY or SF .$ 32 Ea Maniac Mansion (Hi-Res) $ 14 Marble Madness .S14 Midwinter $ 32 Electron ic Arts Fans of Populous will appreciate the complexity of this new world domination game. POWERMONGER List $ 49.95 SDI Discount Price $ 32 Might & Magic 2...... $ 39 Mother Goose . ..$ 19 Neuromancer . . . S?9 N Y Warriors .. $ 3? North & South . .,$ 29 Nuclear War ... $ 3? Omega $ 3? Omni-Ray Basketball .. . $ 32 Omni-Play Horse Race. ..$ 32 Operation Woll $ 9 88 Overrun ...... . $ 39 Pen Pal Word Processor $ 89 Pictionary ..... $ 25 Pipe Dream ... ..$ 16 Pirates $ 29 Police Quest .. $ 32 Police Ouest 2 . $ 39 Pool of Radiance...... $ 32 Populous .... $ 32 Prince of Persia .$ 25
P. M. Fonts & Borders .. . .$ 23 P M Art Gallery 1+2 $ 19 Print Master Plus...... $ 25 Projectyie .... S26 ProWnte 3 0 ... $ 118 Qix ... $ 988 Quest For Clues 2 or 3 S19 Rambo3 ..... S988 Ftampage $ 14 Fled Lightning ...$ 29 Fied Storm Rising $ 35 Ftenegade .....S968 Risk S25 Ftobocop $ 988 Scrabble .S25 Second Front ....$ 22 Shogun .$ 14 Shufflepuck Cafe .$ 25 Silent Service ....$ 14 $ I'm City .$ 32 Sim City Terrain .S16 688 Attack Sub ..$ 32 Space Ace ......$ 39 Space Guest 1 or 2......$ 32 Space Guest 3 ...$ 39 Star Flight ......$ 32 Storm Across Europe $ 39 Street Rod ......$ 26 Strike Aces ......$ 32 Strip Poker 2 ....$ 25 S P Data W1 Females ... .$ 14 S P Data m2 Female Male $ 14 S P Data m3 Females----$ 14 Superbase Personal 2 $ 95 Superbaso Protcss 3 .. .$ 189 Sword ol Aragon .$ 32 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turlies $ 29 Test Drive 2 The Duet.. .$ 32 T D 2 Calif Scenery ... .$ 13 TD 2 Europe Scenery $ 15 TD 2 Muscle Cars.....$ 15 T D 2 Super Cars......$ 15 Tetris ...$ 23 The Immortal ....$ 32 Their Finest Hour .....$ 39 Third Ccuner ....$ 32 Times of Lore ...S25 3-D Poo .S23 Treasure Trap ...$ 2a Tunnels of Armageddon .. $ 25 Turbo Out Run ..$ 32 T V. Sports Basketball $ 32 T V Spods Football.....S32 Ultima 4 .$ 39 Ultima 5 .$ 39 Vegas Gambler ..$ 26 War in Middle Earth .....$ 32 Waterloo .$ 39 Weaver Baseball .$ 32 Weltris ..$ 23 Wings of Fury ...$ 25 World Trophy Soccer IMBS32 Zak McKracken ..$ 21 ACCESSORIES Abacus Books In Stock.. Call Sony 3'.v DSDD $ 13 Bx Sony DSDD Color $ 1350 Bx Disk Case (Holds 45) .. $ 6.88 Disk Case (Holds 110)... $ 8 88 Disk Drive Cleaner $ 4 88 Mouse Pad ....$ 5 99 Winner M4 Mouse $ 29 Wico Bat Handle J Stk $ 17 Maxx Control Yoke $ 69 CALL OR WRITE TO BE ON OUR MAILING LIST AMIGA UPGRADES * AMIGA 2000 UPGRADE * MegaChip 2000 this is the Amiga upgrade Commodore never wanted to see reach the general public; Now utilize the power of the Amiga 3000 by actually putting into your A2000 the new 2MB AGNUS chip (same chip used in A3000). Take advantage of doubling your ‘'RAM" to custom chips. Utilize to the fullest Amiga multitasking, graphics and sound capabilities. Excelfent for displaying advanced animations or graphics. Upgrades your A2000 to the latest technology. Simple plug-in board, no soldering. Includes free AGNUS chip puller (very important). We will buy back your 1MB AGNUS, t year warranty. $ 339.00 before rebate. ¦ ENHANCED CHIP SET * 1 MB FATTER AGNUS (8372A) upgrade for A500 A2000. Utilize 1 MB of "Chip RAM" and notice a big difference in graphic display and run the latest software. Comes with new Commodore step-by-step instructions and free AGNUS chip puller. $ 99.50
* AMIGA 1000 REJUVENATOR BOARD * Tap the ultimate power of your A1000. Upgrade to the power of the A2000 and beyond. Utilize the new enhanced Chip set (ECS), FATTER AGNUS (8372A), 2.0 ROM, additional 1 MB RAM, clock battery backup, video slot. Solderless installation (replaces daughterboard). 100% compatibility, $ 479.00 complete (PAL or NTSC)
* A501-512K RAM UPGRADE - 512K upgrade plug-in board for your A500. Utilizes lithium battery and clock. $ 69.95 (with all RAM)
* A500 “BIG FOOT11 POWER SUPPLY « The ultimate Amiga 500 switching power supply. Fan cooled 150 watts. Built-in connectors to handle 5 additional hard or floppy disk drives. No power supply can come close to this 150 watt unit. $ 99.95
• KICK-BOARD ASSEMBLY • When Workbench 2.0 is released, it is estimated that only 67% of the existing software will work with it. That leaves the computer owner swapping their ROMs back and forth in order to run various software. KICK- BOARD. . .A simple-to-install board that replaces your ROM inside your Amiga computer. You can add two additional ROMs. You can select any one of 3 ROMs. $ 37.95 (Same as above, but keyboard controlled $ 79.95.) INSIDER II
(1. 5 MB FOR THE A1000) Simple plug-in board battery clock calendar simple, fast and compatible. No soldering 1 year warranty. $ 199.95 (OK)
* REPLACEMENT UPGRADE * CHIPS & PARTS 8372 (2MB AGNUS).....$ 119.95 68881 20 MHZ ..7900 8520A CIA
17. 95 68882 16 MHZ 129 00 8364 PAULA 29 95 256 x 4 80 DIP ....6.95 8362 DENISE 1 2 Brl 29 95 1 MG x 1 100 ... ...6 95 UL.I1IUU l t. Ul 1 •¦«> 5719 GARY . ..17.95 A500 P S 80 watts . ...6995 1 3 ROM 29 95 A500 P S 150 watts...... .99.95 2 0 ROM ..CALL A500 Service Manual.... ..29.95 1 x 4 MG 00 Zip (A3000) ..49.95 A500 Keyboard ...... .109.50 68010 8 MHZ ,.15,95 A2000 Hvy Dty P S .147.00 68020 16 MHZ 69 95 A2000 Keyboard .... .114.95 IAJU CU 1 W PVI P IX. 68030 25 MHZ
191. 00 A2000 Service Manual.. ...35.75 68881 12 MHZ 49 00 Keyboard for A1000...... .129.95 68881 16 MHZ 69 00 Amiga Diagnostician Bk ...14 95 Above does not include UPS
• Important Catalog Announcement • We have a new, FREE 30 page catalog of specialty items for Amiga, Commodore and IBM. This Free catalog contains; Low- Cost Chips, Upgrades. Diagnostics, Tutorial Video Tapes. Interfaces, IBM Upgrades. Cables. Heavy Duty Power Supplies and other super products you won't find anywhere else. (Dealers, use your letterhead.) Prices Subject to Change. Il Hi THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC. 3 CHESTNUT STREET W SUFFERN, NY 10901 1-800-292-7445 • 914-357-2424 FAX 914-357-6243 We Ship Worldwide From p. 94. Ble ideas software developers have come up with is the integrated package: You can get everything you need all in one fell swoop. Let’s take a tour through Gold Disk Office, a package of five separate and powerful business programs that are as easy to use as they are to buy. Write On! The package’s multifeatured word processor, Office Write, goes beyond the basics. It allows you to create indexes, define macros, and place “bookmarks” within a document. You can convert individual letters or even entire words to upper- or lowercase simply by highlighting the text and either executing the command from the keyboard or selecting it from the menu. In fact, all of Write’s menu commands are fully accessible from the keyboard or via the mouse now that’s flexibility. With single-keystroke operations, you can also manage multiple windows simply and effectively, allowing you to select different page and text colors to keep documents separate. Furthermore, you can assign icons to windows to make them easier to identify. Office Write even comes with a built-in spelling checker to guard against embarrassing errors. Although well designed, Write does have a few shortcomings. It provides no on-screen margins or page indicators and displays auto-hyphens only in preview mode. These omissions make formatting complex documents difficult. In addition, scrolling (controlled by a single gadget at the bottom of the screen) occurs in a way that makes it difficult to keep track of the cursor. These complaints are minor, however, in view of the extra features the program does provide. The layout program, Office Page, enables you to create professional-quality newsletters, brochures, and ad designs with relative ease. The program allows you to select a standard or interlaced work screen, as well as to choose from a variety of layout tools such as grids, rulers, and columns. Any page can be viewed at magnifications up to 200 percent. Page’s own WYSIWYG word processor is best suited for creating short blocks of text or for making quick changes. Because of the delays caused by screen refreshes and font caching, long documents should instead be prepared with Office Write. By running Write simultaneously, you can edit existing blocks of text via a pop-up window. Page displays text in a variety of fonts, sizes, and styles, and allows you to combine results within any box to achieve impressive effects. You can also incorporate graphics into your text. In addition to letting you import bitmap graphics and Professional Draw clips, the program provides tools for creating structured graphics. Text may also be wrapped around any graphic without overlapping. Page supports both dot-matrix and PostScript printers and is capable of some impressive output. Creating a flat-file database with Office File is as simple as designing a template and then adding data. You can easily manipulate records with indexes, filters, sets, and reports of your own design. Special Office File features worth noting include QuickCalc, which performs statistical calculations on a numeric field in a range of records; Formula Substitution, which changes the fields in multiple records based on a calculated mathematical expression; and Built-In Functions, which provides prewritten expressions for filters, searches, and formula substitutions. File also supports Arexx. You can use files created in other Office modules including Write, Calc (spreadsheet), and Graph (chart generation) with database files you create with Office File, making it a very useful tool. Rounding Up the Figures Office Calc, the spreadsheet program, records your home or business finances. ? Orcle 164 on Reader Service card. 98 February 1991 Project D; BackupTooI - Copyright 1987,1998 Fuller Computer Systens, Inc, £]J BACKUP CONTROL SELECTOR CHOOSE BACKUP NODE: (* Standard AnigaDOS JVERIFY JanigaDOS Mutt(Copy JINDEXSYNC J MAGIC Paraneter id AUDIO BEEP Jhanual Paraneter TRACK POSITION SELECTOR START AT CYL: 88 HEAD: 8 HEAD (3 (• Both STOP AT CYL: 79 HERD: 1 Jhead 8 _) Head 1 BEGIN Lj C DISK BACKUP ERROR LIST DRIVE CONFIGURATION SELECTOR SOURCE: (• DF0: J TARGET: JDFB: J Ft: JDF2: J IF3 (* DF2: J djjlJ Liy U jj Fuller Project D: QnniTool - Copyright 1987,1998 Fuller Conputer Systens, Inc. OhniToot v2.0 Copyright 0 1998 Fuller Conputer Systems Select Options - Then Click On Begin To Start The Best Amiga Disk Copier Just Got! Better. TRACK STATUS DISPLAY 2 rf i 1 BEGIN COPY MODE (¦ Standard J Advanced J HULTI COPY j JAUDIO BEEP DRIVE CONFIGURATION SELECTOR SOURCE: (• DF0: J JDF2: J TARGET: JDF8: J (• DF2: J Project D: Editorlool - Copyright 1987,1998 Fuller Conputer Systens, Inc, _£gj CHANGE NODE| RnigaDOS Tracks 03 DEVICE HB_2.x: (scsi.device 1) strtus: INFO II TRACK POSITION SELECTOR START AT CYL!88 HEAD:8 HEAD H (• Both TSK:88038 SEC:080 BLK:882528 [8888881 OFFSET - 6:688 W:98B L:888 (60888) , rurcvciM m tad I rithbb I nnninii’ I EditorTool: ASCII Window

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Amiga World Vol 07 02 1991 Feb

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